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File: 1627696965867.png (1.16 MB, 1290x812, it's glenn.png)

No. 1287716

Thread about pick-me women and gays, primarily from Twitter and Youtube, who claim to be practicing Socialism or Marxism. Commonly known as The Dirtbag Left, many associated with the scene are not leftists at all.
Twitter e-girl uwu smol beans are on-topic in that they all follow and interact with the cows.
>Media associated with this scene:
Podcasts like Red Scare, Chapo Trap House, True Anon, The Antifada, The Perfume Nationalist, The Bruenigs, Cumtown, and What’s Left

Recap of past thread:
>More discussion of Dasha's vapid movie and bad acting >>>/snow/1258037
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>More Aimee schizophrenia >>>/snow/1258627, >>>/snow/1261359
>Red Scare and their proto-pro-ana twitter wannabe ingenues >>>/snow/1259680
>Dasha's movie leaks, gratuitous sex scenes and all >>>/snow/1260453; gets great reviews >>>/snow/1261950, especially the scene where Anna is Ghislaine >>>/snow/1263739, arguably the best scene in the movie
>Speculation if Anna reads these threads >>>/snow/1261119, more pseudobabble from her Twitter >>>/snow/1264222 and other mediums >>>/snow/1270882
>Dasha in Italy with her Succession co-stars, explains her more boring than usual presence on the podcast >>>/snow/1261824 (that even the fans notice)
>Dasha goes into damage control mode once a scene from her movie gets clipped on twitter, starts trying to get it taken down under the guise of copyright (such a serious and committed auteur!) >>>/snow/1264969 >>>/snow/1265182; her friends and orbiters come to her defense >>>/snow/1265034
>More did-Dasha-cheat-or-not-cheat speculating on the subreddit >>>/snow/1265792
>Is Anna actually 40? Jury is out, but somewhat believable >>>/snow/1268370; debate over whether she has had work done >>>/snow/1274002
>No Shasti/Annie skinwalking milk, mainly since Annie barely tweets anymore >>>/snow/1268618
>More Bruenig insufferability >>>/snow/1269447
>New suspiciously young girlfriend of Adam Friedland >>>/snow/1270461
>True encounters or delusional slashfic about Brooklyn podcasters? Anon claims to have had a threesome with 2 of the cumtown hosts >>>/snow/1274020
>In his only worthwhile contribution to cumtown, Adam shits himself during an episode >>>/snow/1276001
>Possible milk in a reality show about the dimes' square milieu and scarethots >>>/snow/1279708
>Anna and Dasha might have inspired two characters on a HBO show >>>/snow/1280814

Old threads:
Thread #1: >>>/snow/949693
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Apologies if I left anything out, and apologies for the late thread

No. 1287720

File: 1627697526384.png (33.9 KB, 592x266, usweekly.png)

No. 1287723

File: 1627698145785.jpeg (Spoiler Image,254.23 KB, 1536x2048, E7XEHkQWQAEn7Ig.jpeg)

balding faggot Kyle (who broke up Dasha and Adam) flopped his dick out on the timeline

No. 1287727

File: 1627698262267.png (Spoiler Image,242.18 KB, 1176x986, alice thirsting.png)

broke bitch Roommate Leia and 45 year old Alice got horny for it

No. 1287730

File: 1627698461144.jpeg (59.11 KB, 640x1139, maddieispsycho.jpeg)

None of these people have room to talk about haters online. Why would you send this to someone? For context this is Caroline Calloway who's dad had recently died and the person sending the message is Dasha's friend and writing partner. It was also the day before Caroline did a live show with Red Scare.
Alice is disgusting.

No. 1287731

I wonder why Maddie was cheated on

No. 1287738

>self-important tweeting
>from a literal who

No. 1287746

honor levy & walter pearce's new podcast wet brain where they call their friends and whine about shit,

No. 1287749

If that person had just pointed out that Caroline talks inappropriately about her father’s suicide, I think that would be acceptable. I don’t think you should judge how people grieve, but I don’t think that what Caroline does is grieving. but being snide is not only cruel, but it gives Caroline more reason to keep bringing it up. saged bc I know she has her own thread

No. 1287756

File: 1627705499434.jpg (147.89 KB, 1125x1359, E7k3gvpWQAURFP7.jpg)


Is Felix about to be canceled? I am seeing a ton of online leftist throw a shit fit about this. Including by people who the hosts and Chris follow.

No. 1287761

He seems fairly impervious to canceling, tbh

No. 1287762

maddie was the cheater

No. 1287770

hope so. I hate that annoying unfunny motherfucker

No. 1287824

idk he's constantly doing like 4 bits at the same time on twitter, it's hard to take what he says seriously

No. 1287841

File: 1627724157236.png (826.57 KB, 640x1136, 58BA08ED-75E4-4EBD-9A44-4E2431…)

Dasha received some complementary swag from The White Lotus a few days ago. Mike White's probably going to be on the next ep.

No. 1288093

File: 1627752258281.png (154.15 KB, 1190x582, dashavax.png)

No. 1288188

that’s cute

No. 1288190

Who cares

No. 1288191

people thought they were delusional for thinking white lotus was influenced by them. in reality mike white listens to the pod and they know that

No. 1288222

File: 1627761267116.png (113.94 KB, 1292x345, Screen Shot 2021-07-31 at 3.53…)

No. 1288285

“Mike White thinks we’re good examples of how terrible people can be” is a weird fucking flex though

No. 1288326

she should go back and stay there for maybe a year or more

No. 1288329

They were forced to apologize for the Bill Cosby thing, they aren't immune.

I agree, but I see many leftists on twitter bitching about this and claiming that this shows Chapo/Truanon true colors.

No. 1288332

File: 1627769970439.png (168.94 KB, 322x312, tired of your shit.png)

Is Glenn Greenwald the most narcistic journalist on the planet? He literally goes after everyone that bitches about him. Is his entire twitter account is him just whining about everyone calling him a conservative or whatever. I know Taibbi is similar to him but he tends to leave more lesser known journalist out of his shitty tirades and doesn't punch down as much as this freak.

No. 1288335

greenwald is a complete ass and was never a leftist
he was at best a free speech absolutist libertarian, which was why he defended white supremacists
now he sucks bolsonaro’s and putin’s cocks because he loves strongmen autocrats

No. 1288341

I thought it was Putin and Trump. If I recall, he constantly calls Bolsonaro a fascist. Or did he recently change that?

No. 1288346

Can Aimee terese get her own thread? I don't find her interesting in the least but she's always flooding leftcows.

No. 1288348

To be fair, much of the postleft and dirtbag left is obsessed with her. The antifada's discord server has a channel called internet drama and it's predominantly 80% about Aimee.

No. 1288359

I thought it was a writer on the show who listens to rs? If it was from Dasha’s mouth that she knows the show’s creator I’d take it with a grain of salt

No. 1288365

Pretty sure the episode before last she said towards the end that she knows Mike White is a fan of the pod.

No. 1288376

But no explanation of how she knows this? Anyone could say that, doesn’t mean it’s true

No. 1288385

Dasha claims to have connections to big name Hollywood players but her and Anna continue to guest on irrelevant podcasts

No. 1288411

File: 1627779554434.jpeg (314.16 KB, 483x534, 8D1F867B-9A26-4394-9F38-5C1C69…)

The robe is from a PR package that other people got too. Did she say Mike White personally sent it? Kek

No. 1288412

he was defending bolsonaro recently about covid shit
it’s almost like he doesn’t actually have principles or something

No. 1288416

If Mike White was a fan of anything I did, I would seriously consider stopping doing that, because his entire life is mining the world for horrorshows

No. 1288509

File: 1627787729444.png (636 KB, 1260x508, liz happy merchant.png)


No. 1288603

Nobody cares what you find interesting. You want milk, bring it.

No. 1288634

it is funny that these threads died for days when there’s finally some interesting left twitter adjacent drama with the duckalertsnow girls, instead of the usual dumb shit posted in here about aimee or some nationalist right wing dude that has no relevance to left twitter

No. 1288638

who is the guy on the right? he has a very nice dick

No. 1288639

Girl what the fuck.

No. 1288644

>don't get it
>see filename
oh no

No. 1288647

Lmao considering it’s unsaged, it’s probably the guy himself self posting

No. 1288649


No. 1288657

I'm not too proud to admit that Luka Magnotta looking fruitcake has a nice dick.

No. 1288665

i'm not wrong babes!!

No. 1288699

You could have just made the thread or posted the milk yourself though

No. 1288712

why don't you post the old drama yourself like >>1287720

No. 1288741

File: 1627824765771.jpg (533.69 KB, 2876x2840, IMG_5356.JPG)

@reaghhan who was raped by connor golden posted the top left post a few days ago, then irony twitter wonder boy faggot ethnic steve replied to her. she seemed annoyed by his reply and posted the two bottom screenshots then quickly deleted them. him and all his friends love to make fun of connor and how much of scumbag he was, but as always it's 100% clear that they don't actually give a shit about the terrible things he did and instead just look for an opportunity to shit on someone they disliked. in the 02/2020 dm (not sure who he's talking to) he's making fun of reaghhan, then in the dm on the right (present day) he's apparently mad at her for talking shit about him on her alt. truly a little bitch of high magnitude.

No. 1288749

That steve guy has a gf but doesn’t post or talk openly ablut her so he can keep being in the dms of every leftist ethot. I feel bad for the poor girl

No. 1288752

It's just a general rule of thumb at this point that every single irony account is a sex pest waiting to be exposed.

No. 1288757

can someone explain this? ik what the happy merchant meme is but idk how it relates to this

No. 1288769

the triangles are an abstract happy merchant, it's a /pol/tard anti-semitic meme.

No. 1288780

File: 1627830702047.png (68.29 KB, 657x394, lie.png)

speaking of Liz, that article she wrote in the Atlantic last week defending Amy Chua of all people was utterly baffling. On her pod she said that writing the piece was simply about exposing the fake-woke elites from a socialist lens or some nonsense, but all that really comes across from it is that Amy Chua specifically did nothing wrong (incorrect, she broke the agreement she made with the university not to have sutdents over at her house after her husband was disciplined for sexually harassing them). Why does Amy fucking Chua, IQ-obsessed law school elitist mentor to Brett Kavanaugh, JD Vance and tons of other conservative legal ghouls, need a "socialist" defense? And she's still straight-up lying about days later.

No. 1288783

Amy Chua excused having students over her house because she was helping poc students, if anyone was using woke idpol it was Chua. Bruenig left out that the student she called a tattle tale was also poc and a first gen college student while going into the background of the other two students so readers would assume he was a waspy "elite" trying to bring down poc. The students Chua had at her house also texted that Chua lied to them and they were scared of her retaliating against them if they didn't protect her.

No. 1288788

File: 1627832285765.jpg (152.41 KB, 1080x1257, Screenshot_20210801-173708.jpg)

To lighten the mood a little, here's a pic of Dasha looking like a American housewife with three kids

No. 1288848

File: 1627837094953.png (2.05 MB, 1049x1967, 9614FF69-3934-45B5-ABF2-6B8DFE…)

Merrick Deville @eldritchmother is having a meltdown because people are calling her boyfriend and her wedgie shorts ugly

No. 1288968

>evolution can you give me pattern-seeking brain?
>to avoid predators
>actually finds the patterns of zionist-occupied government like a boss

No. 1288987

File: 1627845172993.png (279.09 KB, 596x490, 2.5k.png)

Why do all these people hate him again? This is so boring.

No. 1288988

Is her eye makeup hiding her wrinkly old lady eyelids or did she have normal eyelids 10 years ago?

No. 1288991

File: 1627845373644.jpeg (132.49 KB, 1286x1340, 56CDF32E-7363-4A26-8E9B-105F2B…)

He got cancelled a while back after a bunch of screenshots of him saying racist shit on a discord server leaked, picrel

No. 1288994

File: 1627845528927.jpg (31.08 KB, 440x492, Dasha_Nekrasova_in__Cotton__pi…)

She's probably a teenager in that picture. Her face looked more symmetrical because of the baby fat or something until the last few years. This is from 2014.

No. 1288996

Looks like an obvious joke with no context

No. 1289004

Isn't irony allowed on their side of twitter?

No. 1289011

isn't this the girl the geohell guy cheated on with tara the nazi single mom or am i mixing annoying twittter girls up

No. 1289013

the "irony" from these scrotes who felate felix and nick mullen is anything but ironic

No. 1289021

tara was the other woman? then got bored and went back to her child's father?

No. 1289022

Look closely and you can see her deformed eyelids here because she isn’t wearing top lid liner and dark eyeshadow

No. 1289057

isn't coochiebone sleeping with the alt lite

No. 1289059

File: 1627850393488.png (612.6 KB, 1322x1184, Screen Shot 2021-08-01 at 4.35…)


Do you think Liz actually pieced that together? The OP is acting like he didn't know - guess silly accidents like this just happen when you hang out with 100s of far right posters on Twitter

No. 1289060

If you're talking about samelpan, then yeah

No. 1289066

The OP is one of the original frog twitter guys, he absolutely knows what that meme is and was just playing dumb for the keks

No. 1289074

File: 1627852725154.png (269.04 KB, 834x1202, bruenig.png)

Bruenig being weaselly about her article. Maybe don't write anything if you can't decide one way or the other about the most important part, the sexual harassment allegations, instead of ignoring the husband's part in the ban and fawning over Chua.

No. 1289123

Dasha was right about the publicity-pill, there has to be some wheeling-dealing influence-peddling going on behind the scenes here.

No. 1289173

File: 1627862260889.png (616.5 KB, 1466x1248, love me love me.png)

aimee showing off the engagement she gets from right wingers. noor bin laden, helen roy a claremont employee. many of these "dissident" friends like david reaboi, helen roy work for natsec agencies. and the obama thread is of course insane bc aimee immediately derails to talk about how "the whole left attacked me from day one" whole meaning two people from jacobin.

No. 1289193

so I guess that Hollywood breakthrough ain't happening huh

No. 1289195

>Implying you're not hospitalized for your BPD every other month

cool story, Frog Interrupted

No. 1289203

that's the hottest i've seen her

No. 1289244

File: 1627876193340.png (562.27 KB, 640x1136, 361EF181-8ED3-482D-8142-504B59…)

In case there was any remaining doubt:

No. 1289301

Someone listening to your podcast isn’t the same as knowing them personally. Lena Dunham tweeted about listening to red scare and Dasha tried to play the friend card with no evidence of them ever hanging out. Anna doesn’t embellish knowing Hollywood big dogs because she doesn’t care about social climbing and she’s a smidge less mentally ill than Dasha

No. 1289317


No. 1289342


For what?

No. 1289355

Didn’t Caroline Calloway reveal Dasha stayed at Lena Dunham’s apartment when she broke up with Adam?

No. 1289360

what???? when did she say this?

No. 1289381

File: 1627908297343.jpeg (105.75 KB, 828x662, FA0D8287-DBA5-4459-9D92-2B7BE9…)

from deuxmoi

No. 1289430

Lmfao u missed the more juicy part a few stories before where someone said they had “def a morning after vibe”. Does he have a gf?

No. 1289434

She's playing his publicist/lover(?) in season 3, them hooking up irl was an inevitability. One can only hope she broke things off with OPN beforehand beforehand, he doesn't seem like the kind of guy who would handle this well if they were still together.

No. 1289440

I went back to look and that tip says it was a brunette he dropped off at a bus stop. ew. i’m not convinced that pic is dasha though.

No. 1289441

She was posting I love You birthday stuff for 0pn a few days ago. Is there a time given? The Bowery is also a bar.

No. 1289442

The slouch confirms it's 99% her.

No. 1289443

Most definitely Dasha but I agree not particularly incriminating considering they are colleagues and its the day time

No. 1289452

also the shoes

No. 1289453

i actually feel bad for her if they're hooking up bc she 100% has chlamydia now, he's known for fucking anything that moves. to be fair there are hundreds of girls here that dress in dasha cosplay so it could be anyone

No. 1289487

Caroline Calloway is a huge liar, so that’s not evidence of anything.

No. 1289569

yeah, the Bowery Hotel has a decent restaurant and a comfy lobby bar

No. 1289575

>she 100% has chlamydia now
“Now”? Kek

>he’s known for fucking anything that moves

So they have something in common then

No. 1289583

bit thin to be her

No. 1289611

Kek. People underestimate how Dasha mentally ill is. Imagine believing something out of her mouth about knowing some high profile person without any evidence behind it. I bet cope anon is her or her batshit friend Maddie

No. 1289630

File: 1627936255498.jpg (93.74 KB, 782x535, cringe.jpg)

hard to believe that lehrer's wife – and red scare/forbes magazine/lena dunham's parents – ever put up with him.

No. 1289632

The imdb Succession s3 episode list has been updated. 7 so far. Dasha is only in 2

No. 1289646

File: 1627937718283.jpeg (415.99 KB, 640x765, EBC5D3BB-E3A6-4EFD-9543-F16931…)

lmfao they're going to get so much shit for this

No. 1289659

yes, because the rest of the episodes are obviously incompletely filled out. most of them after the first two don’t even have the main cast attributed.

No. 1289680

Yes anon you’re so right she has a very large role in season 3. Explains why her face isn’t even visible in the season trailer

No. 1289703

teenage wigger facial hair lmao

No. 1289723

No. 1289764

i cant believe some of you fell for that fake nick mullen hookup story
anyway, does anyone have a tpn or pseudodoxology patreon rss link?(sage your shit)

No. 1289783

She looks good here.

No. 1289793

Requesting the clip of dasha “it’s Glenn” image

No. 1289794

I mean video clip

No. 1289800

No. 1289839

i saw screenshots of texts with him from a girl saying she hooked up with him that lined up with the anon here on twitter but now I cant find them

No. 1289841

do you remember the @? it could've been delusional swarthy "dasha"

No. 1289863

lol the guy from podcast about list went on this. kind of a weird look tho not that surprising i guess. they seem like kind of social climbers but not bad people by any means

No. 1289869

lol at 'ZeroSuitCamus' commenting on someone elses appearance

No. 1289872

Walter has had pedo accusations thrown against him and Honor honestly gives off demon-possession vibes. They're weird.

No. 1289876

lmao the extreme dasha-hating people on here are so weird, literally who gives a fuck if some guy based a character from a show on her. she can still be annoying and stupid lmao. anytime some minor thing happens in her favor there's the same like 3 people on here start coming up with bizarre conspiracies about why it's actually fake

No. 1289879

oh when i said they seem like social climbers but not bad people i was talking about the podcast about list guys

No. 1289885

Thankyou its very weird and it happens literally every time she’s mentioned. Does she have a lot of underaged fans or something? They either react to some minor thing in her favor by posting those bizarre conspiracies about how it’s fake or they make those unhinged bait posts posts that are like “ugh I’m literally killing myself because of this, I’m just so overcome with seething jealousy”

No. 1289886

Let me ask you a question. Do you think it’s weird when anon(s) claim she has a large role on Succession, when she is not even in the trailer? Think about it long and hard

No. 1289887

Why would a fan be hating on her?

No. 1289889

i really don't get what it is about her that attracts these peoplle but it's been going on for like at least 10 of these threads. the reactions she gets are just noticeably different than any other cows.

No. 1289892

Maybe because she is different than other cows. Imagine that

No. 1289895

Cuz she’s the most successful?

No. 1289896

With her admitted body count I would be shocked if she was a stranger to std’s

No. 1289898

No because she’s an incredibly mentally ill failed social climber

No. 1289899

Lol she just won a prestigious award for her first feature and is on a critically acclaimed HBO show

No. 1289901

Are you Dasha? Her movie sucked horribly and she’s a side character on the show

No. 1289902

So successful, some might say she’s in line to become the next Florence Pugh

No. 1289903


Yeah but she’s still pretty successful regardless of what anybody thinks about the quality of her work

No. 1289904

ok please i wasn't trying to start this stupid fucking argument again. yes dasha is evil and is actually lying about everything and anything good that happened to her is actually fake, whatever makes you feel good, can you please just not ruin another thread with this shit

No. 1289907

You’re the one ruining the thread. If you want to blow smoke up her ass like she’s this amazing human being then become a Twitter reply guy and stop coming here

No. 1289909

>comes to gossip thread
>shocked when mean things are said about someone

No. 1289911

Are you stupid? Really? A big part of being successful is being talented

No. 1289923

what is podcast about list

No. 1289924

did anybody listen to honor on ion pack

No. 1289928

Is there another link to watch Scary of Sixty-First?

No. 1289945

what’s he look like

No. 1289949

Bruenig is my favorite cow because she's peak pseud and can't write for shit. I get the impression that the other cows are at least somewhat aware that they're just larping as intellectuals. Bruenig really thinks it, which makes it even funnier. Her article reads like a high schooler wrote it

No. 1289958

She definitely dated Geohell guy but I didn’t know about the Tara thing.

No. 1289964

Not too surprising. Liz Bruenig recently wrote that anti-porn article and it’s a popular meme on the far right that Jews control the porn industry and use it to undermine Christianity. She used to be friends with Bronze Age Pervert and Curtis Yarvin as well.

No. 1290005

>there are gossip boards about CWC where people post about sonichu as if they're writing for Us Weekly

Imagine thinking being a pathetic lolcow people laugh at is some celeb status kek

No. 1290056

File: 1627999337548.png (539.77 KB, 740x749, pseud off.png)

aimee name 3 cities in china challenge

No. 1290057

In an old episode of RS Dasha mentioned that she has a close male friend who sleeps almost exclusively with teenagers…any idea who that could be? I place my money on Eugene K's fishmouthed ass

No. 1290076

File: 1628001880421.png (799.5 KB, 822x1090, woof.png)

what proportion of their fanbase is teenage anorexics with self diagnosed bpd and no impulse control?

No. 1290097

Holy shit the fake Russian made me cringe so hard.

No. 1290115

what's the milk on that one? is it just some troon? they seem like they're in the replies of ever big poster on that side of twitter.

No. 1290135

I want to give Bruenig the benefit of the doubt but that meme makes no sense at all unless you recognize the Happy Merchant shape in the fourth panel.

No. 1290137

The opening of Liz's most recent half baked article really shows the "write what you know" cliche in action. She'll just get constant praise from her higher ups because she was born to it, at least until she oozes over the line again.

No. 1290140

Speaking of which, how is AliceFromQueens’s Substack faring?

No. 1290142

Ik this observation has been made before, but the way Felix has identified literally every vaguely lefist, somewhat attractive (especially MENA) girl on Twitter and follows and interacts with them is so fucking weird/funny. I don't get how he isn't made fun of more for it (or do people just not notice?). Just seems very obvious it fulfils some kind of need for him which is fine I guess it's not hurting anyone, but for someone who makes fun of everyone else and who seems so obsessed with shielding himself from being made fun of in any way it's just surprising how obvious he is about it

No. 1290143

A couple of threads back there was talk of Felix being a chaser and it matches what I’ve observed from him.

No. 1290166


No. 1290168

it's going to blow up for him soon the way it did for virgil texas

No. 1290169

File: 1628013158426.jpg (327.29 KB, 1593x2048, E7u6016WYAI0rEP.jpg)

No. 1290173

Honestly looks better in that picture than all the other ones I've seen lol.

and maybe, but I don't know of him actually doing anything creepy more just seems kind of pathetic

No. 1290176

Because Felix likes grown ethot's instagram pics? That's not the same as what Virgil allegedly did. The worst I see happening to Felix is some chick flipping out that he emotionally led her on or some other bpd fake accusation.

No. 1290186

What’s the point of spending as much time at the gym as Felix does and boasting about it if you’re just simping for ethots like the average /r9k/ poster.

No. 1290189

I'm surprised Felix's obvious anger issues haven't got him in bigger trouble yet

No. 1290192

Is he on roids? Would explain a lot: anger issues, reportedly underperforming in bed, etc.

No. 1290193

File: 1628014456623.jpeg (199.01 KB, 900x1200, Ex39QroVgAQthvj.jpeg)

why do all leftist mtfs look the same?

No. 1290196

Most of them look like Sam Pritchard.

No. 1290198

If he is, he doesn't have the results to show it lol

No. 1290201

File: 1628014982471.jpeg (663.09 KB, 828x1259, C53C93EB-24DD-4E45-AD23-AFF56D…)

there are a few >25 red scare truthers out there

No. 1290208


No. 1290219

and that's why I love them, cause I unironically agree with them but I will still make fun of them

No. 1290224

>prestigious award
kek how old are you

No. 1290226

File: 1628016768703.png (316.38 KB, 1172x928, rapefans.png)

I don't know what's more pathetic, Honor Levy and the Drunken Canal crew latching on to Lin because loving rapists is the only thing they have that makes them feel special or the nyt and mainstream literary places doing it too so it's not even edgy of the former.

No. 1290243

maybe, i think honor was around 19 when they got together?

No. 1290289

lol love the filename. since I'm not on twitter and thinking about alt lit circa 2013-14 makes me want to kms, is anyone in… this sphere of online lefties actually calling him out for being a rapist?

No. 1290296

dead-eyed autist. porn is a psyop. men are demonic.

No. 1290298

tao lin has the brain capacity of chris chan while being a more prestigious fameball to milk. it's like elder abuse at this point.

No. 1290313

no, because they’re all misogynists who believe women deserve abuse

No. 1290328

Do troons know that this sideways smirk thing isn’t how most women smile?

No. 1290332

I remember she even posted something about an ex-boyfriend being "in an internet nazi single mom's dms" herself but I've also seen her interact with Tara a few times

No. 1290337

They know that smiling like women makes them look like Patrick Bateman or Cockmongler. Male facial structure and beady male eyes will do that.

No. 1290350

mf got that dreamworks smirk

No. 1290353

After seeing this, I’m glad Aimee tore into Liz and I hope she does it more often. Lol

She seemed to really dislike Tara but I didn’t follow the drama with Geohell bf

No. 1290363

rocky/viperwave (the thirstiest, most desperate chaser on twitter) is constantly in her menchies trying to suck her girldick. don't troons find it offensive that rocky identifies as gay/not into "women" but only simps for every fulgy troon/femboy on twitter?? guess he doesn't think they're really women? how problematic :)

No. 1290365


I initially thought it had something to do with the meme that boys can rotate shapes/images in their mind, but who knows. it's hard to imagine someone who seems acutely self-conscious of their own online image (to the point that it's a frequent criticism of her) publicly liking an anti-semitic meme on their main account.

No. 1290393

Have you read these threads?

No. 1290409

Someone doesn’t know what a self post or trolling is

No. 1290414

But what would shapes have to do with “identifying predators”? Again, it makes no sense unless you realize the antisemitic content. And Liz is heavily plugged into meme culture (she wrote an article about it years ago) and has always followed a bunch of far right accounts like the Alex train dude who posted the meme, so she definitely would’ve encountered the Happy Merchant image more than a few times. It’s absurd to think she is naive about this.

No. 1290416

Do you not understand the concept of hate following? it’s why lolcow exists in the first place. You must be new here

No. 1290420

Someone know what happened to Bebe Zeva, whos had a moment on hipster runoff? Tao made a doc about her, she hasn't been the same since and kinda faded away on purpose.

No. 1290424

I guess this reflects more my own naivete about the happy merchant meme, I'll take your word for it. still shocking that someone as online as her would slip up like that.

No. 1290432

> rocky identifies as gay/not into "women"
most obvious case of prison gay since jack the perfume fag. he's got plenty of frog twitter-tier posts about desperately thirsting over women who chose Chads over him.
i also remember a long while ago there was this twitter troon called camera_angel or something similar and he was constantly in the mentions saying "you taught me trans people could be chill and normal" and stuff like that. might have been his chaser awakening.

No. 1290433

>might have been his chaser awakening.
seems like it was that acid trip he went on last year that tipped him over the edge from incel to full blown chaser

No. 1290490

What's the drama with duckalertsnow

No. 1290568

he was very embarassingly simping for that iranian layla girl on twitter until it turned out she was a catfish using a porn star's pictures lol

No. 1290602

that sounds familiar, what was her username?

No. 1290629

Her last one was haramgirlfriend

No. 1290631

She got fat.

No. 1290638

i can't believe this one flew under the radar for so long, literally every single man in this sphere was openly and embarrassingly simping for her and i'm pretty sure most still don't know and just think she randomly deactivated. she claimed to have dated elijah wood and one of the members of rammstein too lol.

No. 1290645

Yeah, I haven't seen like anyone comment on it publicly. It's like no one wants to even acknowledge it

No. 1290651

File: 1628083055833.png (160.73 KB, 1312x600, duckalertsnow.png)

I really want a list of all of the scrotes who fell for her shit lmao, a lot of them probably deserved it

No. 1290652

OPN doesn't follow Dasha on Insta anymore

No. 1290653

Cucked by Cousin Greg, big oof

No. 1290654

if she actually cheated on him with cousin greg the walking std then fucking lmao

No. 1290655

did he ever follow her?

No. 1290658

He was posting some lovey-dovey stuff with her in his stories just two weeks ago when it was his birthday, too.

No. 1290659

His ig and twitter just follow a few accounts that aren't real people. Don't know if he ever followed Dasha.

No. 1290660

he literally only follows 7 people, i wouldn't be surprised if he didn't

No. 1290668

File: 1628085581621.png (21.51 KB, 600x447, E78lL14XMAE7niv.png)

anna and aimee's favorite yalie just got suspended

No. 1290669

He just liked a post of hers, I don’t think he ever followed on insta or twitter

No. 1290671

He's been on borrowed time with that account for several years. @bronzeagemantis was his second @ after the original @bronzeageperv was suspended.

No. 1290698

Yes, and I know this because he was still following her on Insta last time there were rumors about their breakup

No. 1290699

coochiebone is probably one

No. 1290723

she’s doing the lord’s work

No. 1290725

lol right after the birthday posts

No. 1290726

he liked her recent post from yesterday tho, doesn't seem like he'd do that if they had broken up? I checked a few days ago if he followed her when anon posted a pic with nick braun and he didn't then either

No. 1290737

100% was, he used to simp ridiculously hard for her behind his gay epic irony shit. haha look at me guys i retweeted gay porn xddddd

No. 1290746

lol, I just know he was one of the first ones to start talking shit and he seemed pretty bothered

No. 1290754

how does samara snag all the best men?

No. 1290757

I wonder how she feels about him jerking off on Annie's picture and posting it for everyone to see

No. 1290765

yeah he was most vocally angry about it. basically he thought he was one of the special ones when it came to her. her irony friends all knew she did that shit to men they didn’t like on twitter, and they really loved hearing the gossip and embarrassing info that she’d mine from the guys they didn’t like. meanwhile she was doing it to the irony guys like jon too and they were too retarded to realize it.

No. 1290769

It's cute that she didn't think they would turn on her

No. 1290792

It’s also cute that they didn’t think she would turn on them kek. They’re all retarded

No. 1290802

lmao, true. I wonder if this all came out only because she allegedly cheated on some well regarded podcaster

No. 1290821

File: 1628097249933.jpeg (214.95 KB, 750x1009, 3890D93C-F10C-4CB6-90B3-16DD9F…)

No. 1290829

File: 1628097755216.jpeg (324.8 KB, 750x1294, 5B64900B-FEA3-4E36-95B0-73FAE8…)


Claremont and FREDDIE MAC

These people are all such hypocrites

No. 1290832

File: 1628097969808.jpeg (170.02 KB, 750x1064, 8B1B86B6-3829-43EE-BEEE-B57287…)


When you take a break from criticizing Woke Capital to congratulate your Twitter buddy for her new role as a PR girlboss for Fortune 500 companies

No. 1290836

No. 1290844

all of these "post left" people say "capitalism is inherently evil overthrow the class system we live in a society" until they manage to get a real job and then it's "what am I supposed to do work for a company that doesn't advise conservative organizations and megacorps???? do you want me to starve??? nothing is ethical anyway so i might as well plan events for the mormon church ur just jealous." like just say you only hold your "values" and "beliefs" for attention from doughy white men on twitter lmao. I don't even blame her for taking that job but it really reflects how all of these twitter leftists really are

No. 1290879

File: 1628102458429.jpg (42.22 KB, 640x561, 799396c489ced8ddcfc3df5b3f4e6b…)

The "identifying predators" bit is part of the meme, anon. It doesn't have anything to do with the final panel.

No. 1290882

>seethe about girlbosses until you are one
leftism truly is an ideology of envy and sour grapes

No. 1290909

File: 1628106041165.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1395x1588, 034D9ECF-396C-4C98-A943-6EB03B…)

BAP was so dumb and vain that he inadvertently confirmed the Costin Alamariu dox when he reposted tweets of leftcows calling him attractive in the picture of him which was circulating.

No. 1290912

File: 1628106125594.jpeg (766.5 KB, 1536x1598, 2AF047F9-A5DC-4508-95B6-E78320…)

This is the Heather Habsburg tweet he shared. It wouldn’t make any sense for BAP to save or repost this unless the guy (Costin) in the pic were really him.

No. 1290924

The trash can wasn’t in the fourth panel in the version Alex Forrest posted, dummy, it was a happy merchant image.

No. 1290955

nothing says blue blood like the name 'heather'

No. 1290981

File: 1628107826199.png (76.3 KB, 752x518, habsburg.png)


Heather wasn't her real name. It's Rachel Olson.


No. 1290989

“femael” is even more snowflakey than “wombyn”, Jesus Christ

No. 1290990

It's still funny to combine a name like Heather with Habsburg, as if Habsburg is an esoteric and exotic family. At least choose an obscure nobility. It's very petty-bourgeoisie and American lel

No. 1290996

Of the people who got posted in early leftcow threads, I think Rachel has been the most improved. She became much more likable and pleasant since abandoning the Red Scare orbiter scene. I hope it’s genuine, and the Heather Habsburg account was just a brief phase of hers, but you never know with people involved in this crowd.

No. 1291017

At least aimee is holding out. Still begging for podcast subs.

No. 1291062

File: 1628113053058.png (74.17 KB, 605x459, g.png)

No. 1291064

Wow, I cannot believe the grifter who got her big break from selfposting to lolcow was just a grifter piggybacking right-wing rage for her career, what a shock

No. 1291067

Are you retarded?
>what would shapes have to do with “identifying predators”
The "identifying predators" part has nothing to do with whatever bullshit is on the last panel. I don't even have an opinion on whether or not liz knew what the post she liked was about, I'm just pointing out >>1290414 is fucking retarded

No. 1291079

default_friend deactivated after getting into a spat with Carl over this

No. 1291093

God, she's so boring

No. 1291095

Carl is also a craven media whore desperate to climb the ladder like the rest of them, just blue team working up for a CNN gig instead of red team working up for a Fox gig. They are all retards and none of them have coherent ideologies, especially now that Biden is no different to Trump on policy so Republicans can only complain about culture war shit and the Squad are fully absorbed in the machine so Socdems sound stupid still simping for them.

Dasha and Anna even admitted it in their last episode, they've got their money and don't give a fuck about politics or being leftists anymore. I wish Chapo and TrueAnon would just be honest abut it too. everyone is just trying to secure a bag.

No. 1291097

whoa wait where are these pics

No. 1291104

File: 1628116583543.png (13.73 KB, 1095x108, SCREENSHOT.png)

geoff schullenberger has a phd from brown and a job at nyu and chooses to spend his time fawing over egirls or larping as a post-left genius. no wonder he's pushing 40 but never made it to adjunct status kek

No. 1291117

>Dasha and Anna even admitted it in their last episode, they've got their money and don't give a fuck about politics or being leftists anymore.

Can someone post a clip? I’m interested in hearing them admit this but I don’t want to listen to an entire episode of their bullshit.

I also want to know more about this.

Is there a renewed girlboss discourse on Twitter lately?

No. 1291118

I just briefly looked at her feed and it's pretty inoffensive. I'm surprised because I found the old 'Heather Habsburg' account more intensely grating than any other account posted in these threads by a wide margin. Still seems like she's probably annoying and slightly desperate, and like I said I only looked briefly, but still pretty surprising

No. 1291122

It honestly seems like the "Heather Habsburg" persona was a semi-ironic experiment that spiraled out of control. By the end, in the final weeks of that account when details about her started getting posted here and she ultimately deactivated, she was starting to post just openly racist shit about the George Floyd riots, sucking up to BAP, firing off shock-value reactionary takes. The fintwit tolstoybb persona is far more mellow and even Biden-pilled, probably closer to what she's actually like IRL.

No. 1291125

god that self posting was so blatant and gay. a literal who suddenly dominating a whole thread, makes sense

No. 1291126

There aren't any besides a couple posted on r/redscareforcishetmen. Also, sage.

No. 1291132

Right? Grifters gonna grift. It was funny when that one leftist guy outed her as trying to get into socialism for money at first, even though he's a loser too it shows how transparent all this shit is. Just doing the old Shoe0nhead, switch political stances until the simpbuxx pay off

No. 1291138

What's the back story on default friend? I don't get what gives her any following or audience for her shitty boring newsletter. Like who did she fuck to gain notoriety?

No. 1291144

Lexa bout to incur inhuman amounts of seethe from all the unpicked ones kek

No. 1291153

It definitely wasn't ironic. She's clearly a fucking idiot, but a malleable one who is no longer consuming psychotic, post-left Twitter shit all day, and trying to impress Anna and whoever else. Maybe she also genuinely realized how stupid the whole thing was too, I'm not ruling that out, but clearly she didn't feel that way in the past.

No. 1291155

no milk except occasionally simps for redscare obiters

No. 1291158

File: 1628123952864.png (250.33 KB, 940x1080, leavetheearth.png)

Sheila Heti, Christina Smallwood in the New York Times, Melissa Broder, Mira Gonzalez, Tommy Orange, most of the Tryant book clique, Christian Lorentzen, Brad Listi, Lauren Oyler maybe is just for a partial list of people who still support him that I've seen in the past few days or who gave blurbs for his book. How do they not already feel humiliated to still ass kiss him? What Tao's done is well documented and all these interviews and reviews look stupid and cowardly ignoring it.

No. 1291163

It'd at least be more honest if they were offering "separate the art from the artist" positive reviews from their twitter accounts or substacks or whatever. But official endorsements/blurbs that implicitly back the artist itself? Not a good look.

No. 1291165

File: 1628125023417.png (195.96 KB, 1080x1098, Screenshot_20210804-195521~2.p…)

Is she really homeless?

No. 1291166

File: 1628125239021.jpeg (482.02 KB, 1188x1233, 21FF619C-A1C4-4BAA-AA74-3EF836…)

Kantbot doing a victory lap, or victory waddle in his case. Most of the replies are calling him fat.

No. 1291169


I think his accuser was largely discredited.

No. 1291170

@KBULTRA0 is like his fourth or fifth account; this one can be suspended at anytime for ban evasion, he's only still around at the discretion of someone friendly at twitter like BAP was on the @bronzeagemantis account for so long.

No. 1291172


same poster here, had to go check a bit

the accuser literally deleted all their tweets about lin and asked jezebel to take down their story about the accusation, which they refused to do (for the traffic)

No. 1291173

No, his lawyers alleged got involved and the accuser went silent. Nothing discredited. Years before Tao wrote his own version of that time, Richard Yates, and it matches up with everything the ex said.

No. 1291175

File: 1628126214231.png (67.83 KB, 1360x224, taoapology.png)

No. 1291180

He’s right, that isn’t statutory rape. There are Romeo and Juliet laws in Pennsylvania.

No. 1291185

this isn't twitter, you're not getting followers for that

No. 1291189

romeo and juliet laws apply to 18 and under, not 22. tao would track ellen kennedy's weight in a spreadsheet and dog her about it. she went ftm after the experience.

No. 1291206

Kennedy withdrew the statements but never recanted them.
Legal or not it is creepy as fuck for a 22-year-old to be with a 16-year-old.
If the book Richard Yates is accurate as autofiction, Tao Lin is an asshole misogynist.
Also an anti-vax loon to boot, check his Twitter.

No. 1291216


I’ve combed through Geoff’s work and history quite a bit. Personally, I think he’s brilliant and doing interesting work - which is why I’m so baffled as to why he would choose to hang with these braindead losers online. Perhaps it’s because he’s in the middle of a divorce right now

No. 1291231

File: 1628133273218.jpeg (248.77 KB, 1284x1242, 5540176C-EBB3-4418-B7C4-E69842…)

no irony twitter just really hates people like bibo. she made a pretty innocuous post this morning and they’ve been making fun of her since. samara doing pick me shit with her tiny mutant retard brain as always

No. 1291233

whoops sorry forgot to sage

No. 1291235

File: 1628133640501.jpeg (58.34 KB, 1237x825, United-States-Age-of-Consent-M…)

The age of consent in PA is 16, still creepy though. Can't imagine being 22 and wanting to be in a relationship with a high schooler.

No. 1291237

File: 1628133754270.png (65.32 KB, 612x390, mehmet.png)

Did Brace post about Tao Lin? He apparently said something inflammatory about alt lit but deleted it.

No. 1291249

TrueAnon correct for once

No. 1291271

File: 1628137482788.jpeg (810.97 KB, 1045x875, E0673616-062D-40E9-A66E-41A9A7…)

This is actually real

No. 1291283

sure but tbf bibo is extremely gross and cringe and deserves to be made fun of like this

No. 1291292

Jesus fucking christ. Though it's been kind of nice to see that even Red Scare's online fandom has largely been able to see through the trust-fund bullshit with those two.

No. 1291298

tao lin is simply not worth caring about.

No. 1291314

> I’m interested in hearing them admit this but I don’t want to listen to an entire episode of their bullshit.
It was in the last half-hour or so when they were talking about Amanda Knox. Anna said she resents being constantly associated with the left because she used to be friends with Adam Friedland and Amber Frost, but says she never identified as "on the left" in any way whatsoever. Dasha then says she's still thinking about her personal politics but is transitioning into just being an entertainer so politics doesn't interest her anymore. Anna asks Dasha if she's bullish on capitalism, Dasha says she, like Zizek apparently said off the record in their interview with him last year, that's she's a small-time capitalist now with the redscaremerch store but doesn't have aspirations to be exorbitantly wealthy. Finally, Anna says that people waiting for her to go mask-off far-right are going to be disappointed because her politics are ultimately idiosyncratic.

No. 1291324

>her politics are ultimately idiosyncratic

Not all that idiosyncratic. She's a middle class white woman who is past her peak years and has had her fun and finally managed to settle down, so now she's suddenly pivoted to being a full-fledged social conservative who thinks "family means everything".

Economically, she's maybe okay with a somewhat expanded welfare state, at best, but I'm also sure the pretense of that will fade away the further into upper middle class live she gets.

The cloying "your small brain can't even grasp my crazy politics" is just art retard narcissism.

No. 1291335

Important to note that she has only barely settled down; Eli is still a baby daddy with his own apartment, not a husband.

No. 1291336

Dont they both make like six figures off the patreon alone???? am i missing something

No. 1291342

Anna should embrace the Right. It would make her more interesting and do wonders for her career. She clearly has a fascistic persuasion. So many people in the USA embrace 'leftism' because America has a puritanical culture where things need to be 'good' or 'bad'. People become Marxists there because you have to channel this dominating energy into some brand that is 'still' good. So you can want to kill people while pretending it's about le people's liberation (obvious bullshit). You can tell it's larp. This need is an intellectual straitjacket for Anna imo. Once she abandons the lefty nonsense because she feels she needs to be on the 'right side of history' she'll be able to follow her instincts and manage to be in-synch with her fate. Nobody wants to hear bougie lefty grifter #741 but there's definitely a niche for a fash-flavored woman in America

No. 1291352

They earn low six figures, more or less middle class in NYC after taxes

No. 1291355

last 10 min
>I feel butthurt because I’m still associated with the online left which is a movement I had nothing to do with I was merely friends with Adam Friedland and Amber frost l

No. 1291356

Dasha says
>I think I’m aging out of dabbling in leftism and as well as feeling pretty ostracized by that community of primarily mentally ill bitter losers

No. 1291380

File: 1628162572397.png (454.12 KB, 724x758, default friend.png)

default_friend does have some milk. She uses the Katherine Dee alias to get away from articles she posted under her real name.

Her podcast co-host, Ann Manov aka The Personality Girl, is a bigger cow. She in the first video here: https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2018/09/24/protester-resist-kavanaugh-or-youre-voting-for-subjugation-of-womens-bodies-exploitation-through-rape/

TPG's boyfriend is a lunatic who made a bizarre reality show on youtube that cost him his marriage. She thinks he's some kind of genius though.

No. 1291383

Being a midwit blogger isn’t milk

No. 1291417

Why doesn’t she just join the military >>1288994
Jesus Christ she is aging so poorly, amazing that Anna puts on weight and gets asked if she’s had work done then Dasha posts a picture of herself when she was younger and chubbier and everyone says how amazing she looked completely disproving everything they say about how being anorexic is enviable

No. 1291437

She's been selfposting desperately (but also kinda hesitantly? if you're gonna do it you might as well do it right and get the attention, girl, learn from your friend bimbo) to these threads since at least 6 threads ago, but went ignored every single time. The first few times she tried posting here and to the tradthots thread about how she was /ourgirl/ owning the post-left and the trads, and when her posts went completely ignored she started orbiting them hardcore.

Try sending nudes to some discord server

No. 1291440

Most of this comes down to they're hurt that twitter accounts associated with the left make fun of them. They can't handle not being worshipped and considered perfect geniuses and are shocked no matter how many times it happens. They can also never attribute being disliked to anything stupid that they say or them being obnoxious, it's always everyone else is "mentally ill". Notice how Dasha hasn't mentioned or done any press for her movie since that clip went around. This is why Anna isn't going to be publishing a book or anything longer than a tweet in the near future.

No. 1291449

I recognized the post she was mocking but I didn't know if that particular part might be true lol

No. 1291450


"Dabbling in leftism" makes it sound like a music phase in high school. Either you really care about alleviating poverty and a more just and equitable world or it was also just a song and dance because you were downwardly mobile 20-something who didn't like being mildly broke.


No. 1291461

she was for a couple months after moving to nyc

No. 1291476

lol, dasha realizing that if she ever wants a real acting career she needs to cool it with the left wing does right wing bit.

with the state of hollywood these days it's probably too late for her to avoid cancellation if she ever gets a mainstream role

No. 1291479

I know her and she deactivates the minute there’s tension. She wouldn’t self post because the comments would make her cry. I have seen her apologize for hurting random trolls feelings.

She’s genuinely a nice person but midwit blogger is true.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1291481

why is she gross

No. 1291493

she’s making a movie

No. 1291567

File: 1628181386339.jpeg (279.84 KB, 750x907, 86DFE69E-74B6-4519-B19F-7AEBD0…)

Literally the first thing any Hungarian with more than 10 Magyar bucks to their name does is move to Britain
The city with the second largest Hungarian population after Budapest is London

No. 1291600

anna k only follows/likes people who are fake fascists. i say fake because none of these people believe anything they just move from movement to movement whatever has the coolest branding

No. 1291608

lol what a fucking liar. The country's entire zeitgeist is about being assblasted over 100-year-old events, worshipping national heroes, and sperging over imaginary threats to their identity.

No. 1291617

David is full of shit but idk about calling the UK a police state. I've never been, but it'll likely be just as normal as anywhere else. I've seen tiktoks of British people screaming all sorts of nonsense up there.

No. 1291624

Yeah I wouldn’t care about this groups opinions about Britain they were all up in arms awhile ago because the NHS put in a new law that nurses could chose not to treat you if you were racist which they thought meant that you would be left to die if you were wearing an England football jersey or something when it actually means you’re not allowed to repeatedly scream the word nigger

No. 1291631

File: 1628185681440.jpeg (910.25 KB, 1536x1182, 777D450F-CE4B-4316-A073-190F8C…)

Never forget Anna K, Greenwald, and all the other retards in this sphere who tried to sell Tucker Carlson as a “socialist” or “populist” when anyone with a brain could see his true colors.

No. 1291639

lol at the wording, is she no longer an adult

also lol @ them posting pictures of budapest as if it proves that the entire country is the peak of civilization - outside of nice areas for tourists, the rest of the country is a shithole

No. 1291664

File: 1628187876233.jpg (34.45 KB, 800x450, sknpth.jpg)

Yes, the hesitant selfposting and the initial attempt to get on farmers' good side is very on brand
>the comments would make her cry
If fear of mean comments were enough to keep her from doing retarded shit for relevance she wouldn't have started orbiting the people ITT to begin with. But don't worry, she's not gonna get any mean comments, not because she's a "genuinely nice person" (she certainly loves to say she is) but because she's too boring and irrelevant for us to care

No. 1291677

File: 1628189134675.png (90.49 KB, 1056x314, truelovedead.png)

No. 1291690

and yet people keep bringing her up every 4 posts to talk about how irrelevant she is
just don't look at her shit simple as
posting you go girl on every bimbo ubermensch post IS boring and pathetic, caring about it is worse

No. 1291717

Meanwhile, Eugene passes the time by googling reviews of Scary of 61st Street and nodding smugly.
>I made her she's nothing without me

No. 1291726

do you think he's actually like that?

No. 1291728

yes, he had a spergfest when someone here criticized his shitty Spree movie. he has about as much talent as he has hair.

No. 1291789

> Nobody wants to hear bougie lefty grifter #741 but there's definitely a niche for a fash-flavored woman in America

Lmao stop bullshitting anon, that niche has already been filled by an army of Fox News blonde bimbos. Just ask all the wannabe tradthots who tried, failed and got eaten alive by their own fanbase ca. 2015-2017. There is zero market for aging bitter single mom NYC art hoes with bad haircuts and incoherent takes in the American Right.

No. 1291793

she could follow in the footsteps of kaschuta and be an intellectual RW

No. 1291802


>>I won

>>twitter banning causes Russia Today and Breitbart articles that catapult Bap's book back into the top 100 on Amazon

No. 1291816

Hell yes, that's why he refuses to date anyone his age–he can't handle people calling him on his shit. Sidenote: did he and D fuck?

No. 1291850

It’s not even in the Top 100 for Politics much less the Top 100 overall.


That said, I didn’t realize how many shitty Ben Shapiro, Jordan Peterson, and Mark Levin books were on there. Yeesh.

No. 1291856

anyone know anything about annie hamilton?
she overshares a ton on twitter, but i’m more curious how she’s friends with all these hollywood nepotism girls (margaret qualley, lily-rose depp, bruce & demi’s kids). what’s her in?

No. 1291857

On an old red scare Dasha talked about Eugene (she referred to him as her 30something guy friend) who was dating a younger woman. She said he’s not the most emotionally mature person but he has other good qualities. It was in an episode where they were defending men dating younger women. Anyway according to Honor on Ion Pack they broke up and she’s dating another guy, wonder if he’s older or not

No. 1291869

pretty sure they were together and then broke up while writing Wobble Palace

No. 1291876

Most people on roids don't know how to use them properly. I know this because my brother-in-law used to be a dealer.

No. 1291878

being thin blonde and wealthy will get you places

No. 1291884

File: 1628210688841.png (602.54 KB, 644x964, screenshot.png)

They both know so many children of famous people. Dasha was posting about eating with Ronee Blakley from Nashville's daughter today. Also whatever happened to that kickstarter movie she made with David Lynch's son years ago?

No. 1291896

any onlyfans skank is bound to be cringe and gross. it’s extra funny in her case because she is objectively unattractive and dumber than a brick, just like fatty Merrick. in any case trying to marry leftism with sex work to satisfy your need for attention is peak retard behavior

No. 1291919

her new boyfriend is the same age as her.

No. 1291924

What is up with Rachel Rabbit White and Nico Walker? I know this was discussed a few threads back but she genuinely looks so pornsick now and he looks…definitely not sober. Is she still escorting or are they living fancifully with his book money?

No. 1291950

They’ve moved or are moving to some “legendary literary” town in Alabama or something to write or stare in the mirror or something. RRW has been supposedly leaving NYC for the past month, honoring this occasion with casual porn pics. I don’t know if Nico is still on probation or not but that might be a factor into their relocation.

No. 1291975

they finally got married (after like a year of referring to each other as wife and husband) i believe late last month. they live in a shitty hovel and only post the bedroom which kind of makes me think they have roommates or RRW is deeply embarrassed about whatever thir living situation is. maybe they're living with his parents - but yes he is stranded in mississippi for like ten years (i believe they live in oxford, which isn't far from memphis, TN) so she takes solo trips to NYC a lot. he's allowed to leave the state - i believe he's been to LA and NYC with RRW this summer - but has to get permission from his parole officer. theyre constantly fucked on pills and whippets (fucking tacky) and are probably drinking too. nico looks like a huge fag, and RRW seems to love that and think it's cute but probably doesn't realize it's genuine and he's not just metro. i kind of feel bad for her because nico's whole shit seems shady as hell and i wouldn't wish any part of mississippi on anyone. also think they're buying a house riht now

No. 1291995

dasha and opn broke up

No. 1292004

do you not understand how this website works?

No. 1292017

yeah i'd also like to know! i think she's gorgeous but she is…bizarre…have you seen her acting vids on insta? you'd think someone with a much more conventionally attractive face like her's would have a higher chance of being casted but i guess her online persona is kind of a bit lol.

No. 1292018

What criminal trouble did nico get into. I only found out about these two a few months ago when their publisher killed himself or something and they both gave me bad vibes.

No. 1292021

robbing banks lmao. and shes like a twice-divorced former prostitute. it's all very family dollar lana del rey. that was fucked when their publisher died RRW just published a bunch of pics of…herself? accompanying a little note to gian or whatever his name is. RRW strikes me as someone who has never actually thought of anyone but herself

No. 1292023

wait that guy gian from nytyrant actually killed himself?

No. 1292025

i think he died of accidental OD though his cause of death was never revealed

No. 1292029

i always assume undisclosed death means suicide but you're right, accidental OD sounds likely as well.

No. 1292033

the media coverage that RRW and Nico get is also so strange. like, the people writing these pieces about how glamorous and whirlwind their romance is has to be just her NYC friends who have somehow failed upwards.

also here's a vid of virgil and RRW's ex making out lol. https://youtu.be/WjYsvMm7q1I?t=34

No. 1292039

File: 1628234116553.png (131.75 KB, 1184x532, Screenshot 2021-08-06 at 3.13.…)

lol @biboofficial seems annoying but the way these bitches can't handle her just saying that she got to quit her job is so funny.

No. 1292055

Any actual confirmation of this outside of opn unfollowing her

No. 1292068

he was literally on the last episode but (off mike) and they sounded happy??

No. 1292073

That was Eli in the background

No. 1292074

Did this girl make an OF and it didn’t do well? Because that’s how it’s coming off here

No. 1292088

Alex Kaschuta's internet fame is still fairly new though, there's no way to tell yet if it'll implode like it does for most tradthots later on

No. 1292109

I hate how the “irony” anti woke or whatever people always do this whenever they don’t like someone, like this would have been a reach even on Tumblr during it’s prime. Why can they never just dislike someone for being annoying or something, they always have to then have some made up sjw reason for it which is one thing when tenderqueers do it but worse when your whole thing is complaining about wokescolds

No. 1292119

Alex isn’t a thot though. She will probably end up with mainstream right wing success(sage your shit)

No. 1292133

File: 1628256055911.jpeg (116.94 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpeg)

i've never heard of this woman so I looked her up and I can't believe the difference between her twitter pfp and how she actually looks. she seems a bit old for mainstream right wing success at this point, especially when that typically means going on network news and she … looks like this without angles and facetune

No. 1292158

woof, honestly thought she another young model type like bimboubermensch based on the pfp but it turns out she's a bloated cat lady…she's going to lose much of her clout among the horny frogs if she keeps showing her face like this.

No. 1292163

File: 1628259785490.png (12.8 KB, 463x163, Screenshot_1.png)

Kaschuta is a thot tho, the only reason isn't more of a thot is because she's too ugly to thot around with pictures kek, don't make me tap the sign >>1058347

No. 1292185

Anna K is also a dog though so

No. 1292215

Lol it's #232 across all books, #1 in Greek history, and #13 in Humor.

It had been declining for a while.

This is such a self-own for psywar central command that I'm starting to suspect the whole BAP-Cantbot beef is kayfabe.

No. 1292278

you sound like such a libfem
it's an open secret that OF is basically a pyramid scheme with only the top of the top creators making anything worthwhile. that person is annoying but she's right this time.

No. 1292296

I don't think she's a "thot" in the general sense but she was particularly eager, kind of desperate, to monetize her twitter in some way. Then she tried to wave off anyone noticing this obvious trad grift as just being angry about the success of someone they dislike when she jumped on the natural wife politics train due to social media like every other etrad

No. 1292392

why does she get away with it? She is respected

No. 1292406

A genuinely incredible thing for someone who wrote and starred in a sexploitation movie about Jeffrey Epstein to be saying
The lack of self awareness!

No. 1292432

Yeah, but being respected by twitter intellectuals does not necessarily = longterm career success. Also, learn to sage.

No. 1292458

She's respected because she repeats everything they say word by word, the day she dares have a thought of her own she'll have the same fate as the other tradthots

No. 1292469

it's funny that these threads about left thots are 75% explicitly about right wing twitter people

No. 1292471

she’s also not original she rips people off

No. 1292472

They all end up pandering to that audience sooner or later.

No. 1292478

It’s no secret that left thots make up reasons for why they can’t succeed. I don’t even support OF, but that tweet does come off like jealousy disguised as sjw activism

No. 1292482

she's not tho because the original girl wasn't 'flaunting' anything she literally just said she had been doing it and got to quit her job it was the most inoffensive thing, she didn't even so much as suggest that other people should do it or that its good,

No. 1292509

File: 1628286506656.png (70.56 KB, 756x705, df on lolcow.png)

Reply-girling alone doesn't make you a cow, but crying about lolcow on the timeline doesn't do you any favours. Claiming to be apolitical while trying to befriend "racialists" who'd hate you if you were more openly Jewish is a choice.

No. 1292620

None of these people care or understand about politics. It's all a game to get clout, and pandering to smug, rightwing outrage addicts is $$$

No. 1292645

File: 1628305647520.png (160.95 KB, 1611x852, ooooops.png)

she tried and failed to launch an arranged marriage website with libertarian justin "age of consent" murphy. when it flopped she deleted the tweet that advertised it. her politics is whatever will get her latest mediocre project attention on twitter.

No. 1292668

File: 1628308458465.png (95.78 KB, 1481x1032, 8bt70kgizrf71.png)

From Annie's substack. It's from reddit so only have these. Don't know what podcast she's talking about.

No. 1292669

File: 1628308515603.png (59.33 KB, 1452x596, do65v00jzrf71.png)

I think Dasha just didn't want anyone stealing attention away from her.

No. 1292673

The arranged marriages project is still happening. She nukes her tweets.

No. 1292699

this is getting sad, all these unsaged posts defending the same person are really obvious

post link, anon

No. 1292705

File: 1628311256483.png (285.94 KB, 458x456, tard face.png)

dasha is completely right. annie hamilton is a fucking psychopath and total nightmare to be around. she makes caroline calloway seem likeable and down to earth in comparison.

No. 1292711

No. 1292740

she sounds like she’s writing for rookie mag, how is her voice so boringly sentimental here compared to her crack pot tweets

No. 1292746

Does Annie have a podcast?

No. 1292766

Dasha calling someone a pathological liar is pretty funny

No. 1292773

Dasha likes to surround herself with ugly women like Anna and Madeline to make herself feel better. Annie is very flirty and outgoing too so there was probably some weird contention over that. I’m not buying that Annie was the main problem when Dasha is a fucking psycho herself

No. 1293023

Why does this scene have so many wannabe matchmakers when most people in it have questionable relationship histories at best? Understanding "aesthetics" can only take you so far

Or unprofessional

No. 1293044

File: 1628334358447.png (1.62 MB, 1966x2048, Screenshot_20210807-054737.png)

Aimee whoring herself for the multi millionaire private beach owners of America. Yet another thing she doesn't understand since in aus all beaches are publicly owned and accessable.

No. 1293134

File: 1628345093127.jpeg (249.79 KB, 640x808, 63EEC445-11DD-436B-83F1-D38954…)


No. 1293141

File: 1628345389720.jpeg (206.48 KB, 640x600, 3FBE0870-D9FC-42A3-AD5E-12A2FA…)

It's August 2021 and the press is still calling Red Scare a "socialist" podcast despite both hosts insisting they don't identify as such.

No. 1293152

why they lyin

No. 1293161

Shaad D’Souza should probably tag his reddit account, but it's nice to monetize your fandom I guess.

No. 1293168

they just that they dissect it, not that they are it

No. 1293202

Ea sports

It's in the name

No. 1293240

File: 1628357414879.jpeg (342.1 KB, 1284x2058, 745B4383-6C22-4444-B46D-4BCC89…)

Fat activists are getting mad as fuck at that buff manlet guy kek

No. 1293241

File: 1628357481313.jpeg (280.82 KB, 1284x1695, 00337CC4-81E6-4F03-B4DC-FB2022…)

Oops cropped badly

No. 1293252

Who the fuck is Annie

No. 1293253

These just seem like random accounts that don't really have anything to do with the thread topic.

No. 1293255

Those guys have prominent left accounts, especially the manlet. Last 100 posts have been about explicitly right wing people. This thread is called #leftcows.

No. 1293256

Forgot to mention but I've seen him mentioned in these threads and assume there's some mild amount of milk related to him.

No. 1293279

i think he’s one of the 300+ guys duckalertsnow talked to. i remember being in a group dm and seeing a funny screenshot of their messages. all i’ve got though

No. 1293342

File: 1628366831581.png (41.83 KB, 752x486, arranged marriages.png)

Annie Hamilton, a failed actress who was friends with Dasha.

Right on cue, as soon as lolcow makes fun of them, Katya and Justin claim to have set up a marriage.

No. 1293370

This is how all right wing women look. They all have this exact facial bone structure.

No. 1293397

File: 1628370343585.png (54.11 KB, 1080x730, Screenshot_20210807-160411~2.p…)

Another one bites the dust

No. 1293409

File: 1628370569380.jpg (42.79 KB, 400x400, CUY12nxq_400x400.jpg)

>w-we totally got a couple together guise, i-it's just up to them to get married
I'll believe it when the parties come forward. Betting they never will, or will be sockpuppet anon accounts with 25 followers created this week.

DF closed her account and is using this as pfp to prove that she totally would never selfpost, she's too much of a delicate flower, breaking down in tears at the sight of her name here. Boohoo. Is anyone buying this? If people were posting her here to bully her they wouldn't have tried to get farmers to like her and it wouldn't be banal, they would be calling her an ugly femcel with horrible nasolabial folds. She wanted to be relevant like the trad and post-left idiots she started to orbit, there's no way ending up here is a surprise to her

No. 1293503

They both look pregnant here but only one of them is.

No. 1293551

i think its pretty common around the world for all coastlines to be off-limits for private ownership, this bitch is crazy lol

No. 1293554

Who even was this? This thread is so rampant with literal whos now

No. 1293587

that's coochiebone on i think his 9th or 10th account in the past year. very foul man. also i recognize everyone in this thread. it's just a slow time for milk.

No. 1293603

I think it was Jon's latest account.

No. 1293662

pretty sure all this scrote has done is fucked a few edgy egirls and thirst-followed all the rest. he’s just lonely and desperate for validation like most of the terminally online freaks. garden variety misogynist with clout fever, not very milky. I bet a couple of his so-called friends have been the ones reporting all his accounts kek

No. 1293682

There were some groypers reporting him and some other accounts in the same circle around the same time as the duckalertsnow stuff. I don't know what finally did it this time

No. 1293892

This insectoid fossil is correct, except her marxist sperging about the working class is pure ressentiment as well.

No. 1293976

what’s the deal with duckalertsnow? i have her blocked because her tweets are incredibly annoying and not funny or leftist related except for being an orbiter to old heads

No. 1294018

File: 1628420528164.jpeg (432.83 KB, 1000x1958, 1986415A-74F5-4744-8C90-B16F2E…)

No idea bc I didn’t know about her before she was mentioned here but I found this weird account devoted to it. Apparently she lead men on or something? Idk seems stupid and I feel like everyone involved is probably too old for it.

No. 1294027

File: 1628421367447.png (135.8 KB, 590x500, ifonlyyouknewhowbadthingsreall…)

Fucking lmao, I thought you were joking but she really did. She should have done that one Tokyo Ghoul pfp and put "nowhere" as her location for maximum effect

No. 1294040

lmfao please omg I thought they were joking too. shes seconds away from posting like “no one hit me up real ones know” with a video called “sad bart simpson lofi beats (SAD EMOTIONAL 2021)”

No. 1294072

File: 1628426756884.png (327.56 KB, 454x530, pureshit.PNG)

default_friend rn

No. 1294119

No. 1294135

facetune was doing her some favors in her icon

No. 1294154

File: 1628433089983.png (393.65 KB, 680x400, df.png)

Reminds me of when custardloaf got exposed on Twitch

No. 1294203

luckily her podcast is her bitching about being an ugly femcel with different z-list internet celebrities

No. 1294281


No. 1294318

Lmfao. Dumb unattractive men delusional enough to think some hot girl liked them and immediately divulge a bunch of personal information to the first person with tits who speaks to them don’t deserve sympathy and honestly should be treated like the tinderdistrict type women who post those tweets that about how disgusting the “cis het”
men they fuck are and get 15,000 QT of these exact same men being like “lol dumb can’t maybe you should pick better people” they should take their own advice! Most of them are like 35. It’s on them if they’re this bad of a judge of character!

No. 1294425

Not saying this in favor of the duckalerts person bc I didn’t know of her before this thread and she seems as embarrassing as the rest of them but like, from what I can tell these people also only had a problem with these supposed unsolicited hole pics after it was found out she was talking to multiple men. They were all perfectly fine with it before. Like come on, it’s just so painfully obvious that their real problem is clearly just bitterness that their relationship with the quirky bpd e-girl wasn’t really “special” like they thought or whatever so then after they tried to spin this sex pest thing to make it seem like it had more weight. Idk, it’s just extremely funny to see a bunch of post left irony guys literally ‘Weaponizing Their Trauma’ as they say.

No. 1294702

So did Felix's original account get suspended? I'm pretty sure that tweet about refusing to wear masks at the gym got him in trouble with Jack.

No. 1294804

@ByYourLogic is still there, what are you talking about?

No. 1294829

File: 1628459036083.jpeg (909.49 KB, 1242x1804, ADED31A7-D46D-4ADC-8148-E5D6D8…)

No. 1294833

probably >>1293397
or another twitter friend

No. 1294835

Yeah, that's coochiebone again

No. 1294874

What's it going to take for this guy to fuck off forever?

No. 1294922

lol you guys

No. 1294930

does anyone actually know anything about him? he supposedly fucked samelpan right? and i've seen people saying he has like a 'fucked up past' or something but nothign more specific than that. I literally don't get who he is

No. 1294933

How many people have Amanda Todd-ed because of this website? Shame on you all.(get out)

No. 1295026

I love how every single post these anti woke irony smol beans have made itt genuinely sounds like it’s coming from a 14 year old girl who time traveled here from 2012. There truly has never been a more sensitive group of people talked about on this site.

No. 1295064

I’d venture to say no one, they prob just get a little emo about it on their private accounts and all their “friends” pat their backs then continue to talk shit about each other in DMs

No. 1295065

File: 1628462881996.png (158.64 KB, 704x712, thx mom.png)

His dad was a liberal lawyer and his mom wrote for The Chicago Tribune but appears to be a Yoga teacher now. Basically Menaker light.

No. 1295175

You're talking about Felix and we're talking about this Jon guy

No. 1295187

Do you think that Felix's faux-ironic fitness obsession comes from being an obese potato chip child?

No. 1295190

Someone said he and samelpan are dating, but I don't know where they got that from. He also dated another irony thot for a short time, @niceandsincere. This is like the 10th account he's made in just the past year. Somewhat notorious for this: >>1161922. People know he did this and still associate with him

No. 1295203

Jon is Brooklyn visiting Eamon this week.

No. 1295219

boohoo. the irony leftists posted ITT are mostly maladjusted losers who attempt to compensate for their pathetic state of affairs by being twitter bullies. granted the people they target are pretty annoying and deserve to be ridiculed to some extent, but it’s pot kettle black when clearly they all have the same need for attention. if you live like that it’s totally ridiculous to be surprised when someone you thought was your friend turns out to be a liar or you get milked for approaching the age of 30 and still having little to no self awareness. it’s even more ridiculous to try to play the morality card about it.

just based on what he overshares on twitter i think his “dark past” is just that he did a bunch of drugs. yawn.

could it be that two twitter addicts are dating each other because no one else will have them? shocking

No. 1295233

clearly not enough

No. 1295238

I responded to >>1294930 who responded to >>1294874 citing >>1294829 >>1294804

Either way, totally worth it thanks to >>1295187

No. 1295241

it’s weird that he’s bffs with an 18 year old doomer until you realize he’s just remained at that maturity level for the last ten or so years. actually no it’s still weird

No. 1295357

Dasha looks like a Who from Whoville in this pic

No. 1295364

who's Eamon? i've heard of him but don't know much.

No. 1295419

lmao, he's 18?

No. 1295421

Epic irony guy who thinks being edgy is a personality

No. 1295432

File: 1628477842597.png (763.32 KB, 1260x562, liz sperg.png)

Imagine if Ross just left this on read lmfao

No. 1295476

File: 1628481083896.png (206.64 KB, 1243x380, liz tv 1.png)

this sounded exactly like some fanfic I read on /tv/ a couple years ago and what do you know…

No. 1295478

File: 1628481107496.png (210.65 KB, 1213x466, liz tv 2.png)

No. 1295482

File: 1628481178157.png (150.48 KB, 1228x370, liz tv 3.png)

No. 1295599

I think Eamon has posted some selfies and he looked about 35. If he’s really 18…

No. 1295718

File: 1628496649506.png (128.94 KB, 1180x540, spectralrape.png)

Jack has spent every night this week drunk on Twitter begging for nudes from his followers

No. 1296185

File: 1628533653305.png (98.47 KB, 786x464, thinkofthechildren.png)

Anna's new catchphrase after empathy politics didn't take off. Children under 12 are not banned from going places in NYC, these hysteric cows can't read. Suspect Anna is lying about being unvaxxed anyway. Eli is doing shows. Unless they have fake papers no way they're going to be giving up work and travel opportunities.

No. 1296224

Do we know if Jack has ever actually had sex with anyone besides his brother?

No. 1296253

There was a meth addict who claimed to have had sex with him once, and a Brazilian furry apparently exchanged nudes with him

No. 1296268

File: 1628538756571.png (337.59 KB, 749x784, kickstarter.png)

default_friend offers to whore herself out to help with her co-host's boyfriend's crowdfunder.

https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2284816/the-show-about-the-show?ref=project_link(no1curr about your shitty movie)

No. 1296283

nice job removing the time stamp this time ;)(emoticon use)

No. 1296394

Didn’t they just admit to not caring about politics anymore on their pod?

No. 1296511

the whole imaginary girlfriend who is as socially retarded as yourself thing makes me wish shotguns were distributed to everyone from age 16 just in case they end up like that and need a way out.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1296527

File: 1628553391568.png (94.54 KB, 1496x500, fat.png)

jack's latest schizo thread goes from railing against modernity to complaining about the lack of "24 hour restaurants." must have been asked to stop gorging at the 7-11.

No. 1296546

That thread is so bizarre he goes from masks to the “open call for the extinction of men” to how cancel culture is a sexual act to birth of a nation to interracial relationships and ends it basically with the tragedy of how he can’t get a hot dog 24/7? He says nothing and it just sound as if someone put all his tweets through some ai fake tweet generator yet you have all the usual spergs in the replies like “w-whoa. This thread is so Essential and Important you’re so brave.”

No. 1296586

if a man got gifts and nudes from tons of women by telling them he was single and in love with them and then it came out that he was actually married and doing this to everyone you know that leftists would be filling their diapers about it(sage and integrate)

No. 1296592

no if a man did that and then a bunch of emotionally unstable, unlikeable mid 30s women tried to do some transparent disingenuous “me too” of him I don’t think the men on this side of twitter would be even remotely sympathetic

No. 1296602

this. at the end of the day irony twitter is a boys club and the pickme girls are kept around for only as long as they are useful. ofc the bros are not beyond selling each other down the river for clout or pussy, but misogyny always unites them in the end

No. 1297269

File: 1628620799033.png (10.48 KB, 470x330, Untitled.png)

I wonder what they deactivated for

No. 1297359

File: 1628624636574.png (344.55 KB, 741x767, aimeejack.png)

What's with Aimee's grudge with Brooks still going? He basically kissed her ass and told people to lay off her through her brainrot meltdown and she decided she hated him when he died?

No. 1297426

The wrong people (her enemies) showered him with eulogies when he died, therefore he was actually an evil agent of the Democrats the whole time.

No. 1297455

File: 1628632983286.png (1.17 MB, 1080x1320, Screenshot_20210810-170148~2.p…)

Jesus, you weren't kidding

No. 1297461

probably trying to escape rocky's thirsty ass

No. 1297473

Dasha was laughing really hard at Anna making fun of Leo men and says she's despondent.

No. 1297479

File: 1628635054658.jpeg (172.62 KB, 1220x877, B9BA621B-B2C2-4EF5-AE26-41C073…)

No. 1297783

File: 1628685262577.png (62.76 KB, 751x547, pseud on pseud violence.png)

aimee ragequit the debate with logo_daedalus and hasn't tweeted since.

No. 1297836

His rant's getting shitted on a lot now. I feel like one day one of his schizo rants will go really viral similar to samememe's autism tweet.

No. 1297994

Logo went down the Malcom path of calling Aimee out for her lack of politics. Endless critique and calling everything bourgeois.

No. 1298028

But anon, critique is all she can do! Tweets are just it! Clearly anyone who expects her to have real politics, alternatives to anything she rages about, or ideas of her own is just being intentionally obtuse and is a big meanie who will tell her to touch grass for the growth of the Democrat machine later

No. 1298049

No. 1298157

that's funny because she burnt a few bridges defending him in the past. I think she even attacked some of her most loyal reply guys like gayestepdad and gmork for shitting on him. dumb bitch.

No. 1298250

File: 1628729233598.png (1.26 MB, 1172x1564, bye alice.png)

AliceFromQueens suspended lol. is this true? what was her previous account?? did she finally get doxxed?

No. 1298255

She, Logo, Kantbot, Jack, and to a slightly lesser extent Anna all follow the same model of cultivate an audience-> alienate them -> replace them with a new audience who are impressed with you for alienating the old one-> alienate them; wash, rinse, repeat.

No. 1298258

That account is a #KHIVE-er and that corner of twitter has been speculating (baselessly) that Alice was Virgil Texas for the last few weeks. But Virgil isn't even suspended, so that theory doesn't make sense.

No. 1298267

Are any “leftists” still dumb enough to treat Kantbot and Logo as anything but jokes? The smart leftists (i.e. not the cows) always saw through their act.

No. 1298333

File: 1628739296772.jpeg (352.89 KB, 1125x1079, 8041EAD3-B916-40B4-A49E-B940EB…)

This guys taking credit for it. Apparently they were arguing back and forth (like Alice does constantly with anyone who criticizes her) and she threatened him “I could get you kicked off Twitter in 5 minutes.” So he reported her for targeted harassment and got her suspended kek. She’s already reinstated, her bluecheck simps probably complained. The quote tweet in picrelated is the best summary of AFQ I’ve seen, bitch is truly a midwit who can’t write for shit.

Also, guy who got her suspended called her “a dude from Brooklyn posing as a woman from queens” and Alice has been sperging about being “misgendered” ever since.

No. 1298342

File: 1628740679930.jpeg (381.9 KB, 1125x1031, 9AE5CAFB-8A3C-4B4C-A25B-C4A30D…)

Is AFQ really this stupid that she thinks guessing the identity of an anon account = misgendering? Honestly the more I read her substack the more I think she’s legit a dummy vs. chronically intellectually dishonest

No. 1298343

File: 1628741005052.png (139.1 KB, 1519x773, kek.png)

jack and aimee's most braindead reply guy (gayestepdad) bragging about being beaten up by black children again. but like as a middle-aged adult this time.

No. 1298381

File: 1628748122355.png (692.93 KB, 640x1136, C81009C8-FFE0-443B-BC49-5FECEB…)

Welp, so much for the "Dasha and OPN broke up" (she's wearing his merch) and "Dasha and Annie aren't friends anymore" narratives

No. 1298382

>based phone snatching kids
Hope they take his wallet too next time.

No. 1298383

youre not wrong to post and say this but it could all also still be true in a hilarious way if that makes sense

No. 1298411

All of these people seem insufferable, Alice included.

No. 1298442

File: 1628756180059.png (66.71 KB, 631x361, cry4help.png)


No. 1298452

god what a self-own

No. 1298597

Probably went to new york to hang out with his freak nazi-loving gf samelpan

No. 1298603

Lefthots posting Ls

No. 1298605

Annie said ex best friend not ex friend in her blog.
This is her thinking she's funny or is going to defeat random accounts by beating them at their own logic. She's the most tiresome account on twitter.

No. 1298688

This guy being serially robbed and beaten by black teens is one of the funniest developments among this group of people.

No. 1298689

isn't this like the sixth time?

No. 1298763

File: 1628796817036.jpeg (113.23 KB, 750x409, 256FB180-C91B-4079-AC97-36F9E6…)

Very on brand for Anna to have a retarded baby

No. 1298775

Holy shit this is bleak. I feel bad for all the actual working mothers.

No. 1298778

File: 1628798809563.png (1.06 MB, 1700x994, pivot to video.png)

glenn greenwald is adding another 500k income stream by starting a youtu–rumble channel. Shant MM and Tulsi Gabbard are also making the move. the post left answer to breadtube? will anna and dasha join in? @thiel conspiracy people cranks yes rumble recently received funding from jd vance and peter thiel.

No. 1298793

how and why would someone try to measure the IQ of an infant

No. 1298802

To be fair, the poor little tyke would have turned out retarded even without the pandemic with a mother like that.

No. 1298870

Was stanwarecook really samememe? I heard a lot of people sying he was and when he tried to defend Jack in Sean McCarthy's mentions, Sean QTed him calling him a rapist and his account immediately disappeared.

No. 1298888

Yes it’s him, he’s been doing this immediately locking his account thing whenever someone says it for a few weeks now

No. 1298972

only a matter of time before Anna + Dasha sign an exclusive content agreement with them to premiere Red Scare episodes through that platform

No. 1299008

File: 1628822466535.png (27.14 KB, 842x49, whats_the_point_then.png)

So much for being a "maximum free-speech" platform lol, this is basically going to end up having the same content moderation regime as YouTube except they allow anti-vaxx stuff. Glenn is always going on about how even the most die-hard Nazis deserve to have their views heard unmoderated in the public sphere, but the Rumble TOS disagrees.

No. 1299011

Holy shit, it's going to be tumblr but for postleft grifters.

No. 1299013

File: 1628823191765.jpg (90.88 KB, 596x470, dogtreats.jpg)

No. 1299015

Is this from today? Because if so, holy shit, no one cares about that anymore you doddering Aussie cunt. Get some new material.

No. 1299017

lol, just came here to post this. Unreal that she's now co-opting the gun-grabber narrative when Australia probably has strict gun control to begin with and she's definitely never touched one in her life

No. 1299019

File: 1628823834713.jpg (85.28 KB, 474x565, whitegenocide.jpg)

she's on a roll today

No. 1299021

File: 1628824100286.jpg (67.92 KB, 640x480, kurata laughing.jpg)

>he's a sicko
Well Aimee does have a lot of experience in this field so I think this is a good topic for her to tackle.

No. 1299022

She is literally anti-white herself with how barren that womb of hers is.

No. 1299026

"""Domestic violence"""? Why would based Aimee promote a parasocial neoliberal girlboss psyop to metoo straight white men?

No. 1299041

>asked me for a smoke and while I was getting it for him he pocketed my phone
This guy is just real life Mr. Bean.

No. 1299042

here’s the “bourgeois” you forgot!

No. 1299100

He does it within the minute that someone brings it up here or on twitter every time. He has to be on twitter/this thread literally 24/7.

No. 1299119

File: 1628842152652.jpeg (413.22 KB, 1242x716, 4CA17B8C-C4FB-4872-9FAA-6140A1…)

The face he makes when he wants cuddles, food or sex ♥

No. 1299120

File: 1628842259674.jpeg (771.63 KB, 1242x1646, 1236E873-B7EC-47CE-8F61-0ADDB4…)

No. 1299150

I just find Aimee sad now.
The thing is, when she had Studebaker to actually focus her thoughts, she legitimately was one of the best commentators in the left with analysis that was far more based on Marxism and Materialism than 99.9% of the rest of the "Socialist" left. Her politics today though seems to just be filtered through her resentment for the left for not accepting her and She's been entirely consumed by BPD abandonment resentment.
I don't know what she expected though, almost all Leftcoms are despised and rejected by Radlibs and the twitter left because most Radlib/Twitter "Socialism" is based on petty moralism rather than materialism.
If you see fucking Peter Coffin and Angie get shit on relentlessly by the rest of the radlib/twitter left for their pretty leftcom-lite takes, why in fuck would you expect to be accepted?

No. 1299154

simping for a gay thumb. femcel behavior

No. 1299192

I want a clear answer on this once and for all. Is Aimee, an Arab woman, white? I’ve always said yes but some have disputed this.

No. 1299193

Half Lebanese

No. 1299214

She's referring to something that happened to her in her childhood where she had to call the cops on her mom for domestic abuse or something. she talks about it in this old podcast that was posted here

the thing with aimee is that she's always going on about how emotions & personal history/trauma shouldnt inform politics but her own political logic is pure emotion & past trauma.

No. 1299224

I thought before she hated TERFs. Guess she changed her mind.

No. 1299238

File: 1628865317714.jpeg (273.3 KB, 626x853, DD294C15-1174-4D52-8691-1B4D02…)

Will she ever look back at this period of her life and think, "what the fuck went wrong where I was reduced to this," or is she condemned to continuously spiral further down the rabbit hole of mental insanity and femceldom?

No. 1299519

File: 1628892658534.png (163.16 KB, 468x556, aimee v liz dawn of justice.pn…)

Liz fires back at Aimee for dismissing her epilepsy as weaponized fake-trauma

No. 1299521

I can get why Aimee would have qualms with NJR and Brace Belden, but why Liz Bruenig? She's hardly a cog in the machine of socdem politics

No. 1299524

>She's hardly a cog in the machine of socdem politics
Literally the most prominent self-described socialist in the media. Also almost single-handedly took down Ted McCarrick; had the president discuss one of her op-eds in a press briefing; husband basically wrote most of Bernie's platform for the 2020 election; has intimated that she's going to run for political office in the future; and has by far the largest, most devoted, and most influential army of sycophants of any online leftist media figure. She's the most powerful non-politician on the Anglophone left, so she's a target for Aimee.

No. 1299528

No, that's just the justification. The reason is Bruenigs didn't give her enough attention and are friends with people Aimee decided are enemies, after kissing their asses, for disagreeing with her or sometimes not even that. Average cluster b black white thinking.

No. 1299532

there is so much to dislike about the bruenigs, but aimee's takedown tactic of the day is to … attempt to disprove the existence of epilepsy.

No. 1299540

>had the president discuss one of her op-eds in a press briefing

Which one?

No. 1299555

Trump ranted about an op-ed she wrote last fall for the NYT about Amy Coney Barrett being a tradcath. Her thesis was that Catholicism is fundamentally illiberal and thus any true-to-the-faith practicing Catholic must necessarily be at odds with the foundational ethos of the American project. Trump said it was an anti-Catholic attack from the paper of record against his Supreme Court nominee, but it was actually anti-American because obviously Liz's first loyalty is to the Church.

No. 1299565

you've got to be kidding me. she's one of the biggest cogs in the machine (if not the biggest?) and far more influential than NJR and especially Brace. I actually don't really get her qualms with Brace.
THIS. Aimee always goes too personal and the "Liz is the heiress to the military industrial complex" is retarded but she absolutely nails the Bruenigs in all other aspects, especially how they manipulate and mystify Blackrock-friendly talking points and then sell it as leftist positions. All that garbage about small businesses "are bad actually", being anti-monopoly is "wrong actually", cancel culture, antinatal leftism and critical race theory don't exist but are "good actually", don't be mean to the junkie shooting up on the train etc. etc. but then pepper through some staged shots of you praying by the Christmas tree so godless psychos like Sady Doyle can get mad at you and you can pretend you're the victim and all your critics are "deranged actually".

No. 1299585

How does he seem to gain 20 pounds with each photo he takes?

No. 1299588

It's the universal remote for his nana's guest room tv that keeps getting trapped in his somnolent folds for me.

No. 1299611

File: 1628903653603.png (1.69 MB, 1559x1217, FINEART2.png)

grifter artist fabricates an angle of jack that conceals his chins, the doilies, and the flab and tries to sell it for 500 dollars

No. 1299627

literally nobody is scared of paul blart
we just find him disgusting, like a cockroach

No. 1299628

Why doesn’t Aimee shut up about US politics and actually exist in Australia? I literally don’t understand why anyone fucks with her nonsense.

No. 1299630

So essentially "rapefugee" according to her fellow white displacement cohorts. Well it's not like we didn't know Aimee is a schizo, so not surprised she loves yapping for her enemies as if they are her friends.

No. 1299668


He looks malnourished and sickly. No color in his face. Just eating junk food, existing sedentarily indoors, and seething

No. 1299678

No one is scared everybody is just laughing at him kek

No. 1299686

It looks like a hotel though. Could this be at the condo where he works?

No. 1299842

Exactly. And the way she wrote it, imagine anyone saying that out loud. Brings to mind someone who would accost you on the corner about the end times

No. 1299900

how did Simone Biles weaponise her trauma?
She won all those Golds in Rio before the allegations

No. 1299909

File: 1628951772094.png (1.12 MB, 1606x1432, lol.png)

No. 1300077

File: 1628972277716.png (293.32 KB, 1893x686, dashaburnsinhell.png)

No. 1300129

I'm gonna an hero because of this website(seek a therapist)

No. 1300334

>not born in america
she's already made it.

No. 1300385

Who is Sean talking about?

No. 1300386

No. 1300752

File: 1629062301893.jpeg (50.93 KB, 640x172, 8D348126-3D68-47D5-84D1-6A5E8B…)

lol, trouble in paradise?

No. 1300761

File: 1629064173333.png (207.55 KB, 1182x892, podcasters please save us.png)

LMAO Marianne is really the original leftcow. insane post that reminds me of Jack's infamous Bill Kezos meltdown. remember that Dasha wanted this woman to become President

No. 1300771

this has got to be the best tweet since the Jennifer Rubin spaghetti and meatballs lmfao

No. 1300954

File: 1629090424670.jpeg (578.38 KB, 750x1149, F3ECD759-06E6-48B3-8A52-D2ACF0…)

Now we know why social climber Dasha is friends with Annie again

No. 1300985

File: 1629093667828.jpeg (320.61 KB, 640x636, AFE8F930-0239-4815-939B-9E705D…)

Anna Khachiyan and Mencius Moldbug linked up, need it or keep it?

No. 1301259

>Hey, did you guys know that I listen to Cum Town?
God, shut the fuck up

No. 1301269

File: 1629127207976.png (317.65 KB, 474x616, aimee.png)


No. 1301313

That guy is a fag

No. 1301435

File: 1629146469375.png (85.16 KB, 1202x334, kek.png)

i have no clue who he is, someone I follow liked this and it popped up on my timeline

some people in his replies don't get the joke though which is hilarious

No. 1301500

Sean is beefing with Bruenig? Why?

No. 1301512

don't think it's beef, just shitposting

No. 1301555

you’re not wrong but annie and lily have been friends for years, there’s pap photos of them from 2019

No. 1301767

File: 1629192508729.png (959.4 KB, 1000x562, intro-1597251766.png)

>Liz Bruenig is the most powerful, influential, important, ultimate left politician ever, the history of America

Bruenig Enslavement Syndrome is real. Are we really acting like that retard Trump sperging over some op-ed to gain religious nut points is somehow proves Liz is gonna singlehandedly decide the future of left politics for the next 100 years?

No. 1301768

A tradcath monarchist being the standard-bearer of the American left is a grave indictment of the vanishingly irrelevant American left, but it's true nonetheless.

No. 1302187

Maybe for the US left by itself, but there's weird Liz B stans in this thread acting like she's way more influential to Murican politics than she really is

No. 1302197

File: 1629232901128.jpg (87.43 KB, 828x1472, dashaburqa.jpg)

dasha fan ig telling on her again

No. 1302207

Telling on her how?

No. 1302216

She's wearing a burka while supposedly "cleaning up her image" to make it big in the film industry. Some may see the donning of something attributed to the Islamic faith as an allusion to the fear of sharia being implemented in the states now that the Taliban has taken over Afghanistan.

No. 1302346

Take your meds, schizo

No. 1302418

File: 1629254475811.png (358.37 KB, 640x1136, 59C5CCC5-3D78-421D-80DB-0346CB…)

Honor and her coterie of nu-alt lit scrotes going through the hyper-puritan phase of their post-ironic post-/pol/ ecstatic-esoteric tradcath larp. Or is it all a show for the gram? They've disappeared so far up their own assholes.

No. 1302433

Those sad fridge hips

No. 1302630

Anyone else see the post left irony bros unironically saying that the Taliban is good because “dudes rock” these people i s2g

No. 1302639

File: 1629285639709.jpeg (288.78 KB, 1242x517, 97024923-E759-4BF7-AA75-0FCA0F…)

Who do you mean? Most of the irony accounts I saw doing the “dudes rock” thing were trying to be ironic but they just aren’t very funny. But there was a lot of just genuinely stupid takes, this is one of the most deranged lofi republican posts ever imo.

No. 1302642

They’re all over the red scare sub, truly deranged people

No. 1302749

someone on the RS girls and gays subreddit brought this up earlier; since the r/cumtown got nuked most of the cumtown fans went to the redscare sub (god knows why) and now that sub is filled with penile dudes rock humor

No. 1302849

File: 1629306710654.png (43.21 KB, 726x375, angieocasiocortez.png)

Imagine an American obsessing over a specific British MP to this degree.

No. 1302865

if she wanted to clean up her image for hollywood she'd distance herself from a podcast that routinely calls things gay and retarded and her widely hated co-host. at 20k a month each i'm not sure that's gonna happen

No. 1302887

that guy is a donoghue skinwalker though

No. 1302987

I like Honor and her writing but this is just sad. She could be doing this as a joke, in which case she's terribly late to the punch. NYC girls going Catholic was a novelty a couple of years ago, it's just tired now. Alternatively you can take her word for it that this is all sincere, but that makes it clear she's in a weird controlling relationship. The arrogance to interject one's self into extremely complicated theological arguments less than a year after joining a religion is humorous.

No. 1303004

File: 1629318460317.jpeg (168.95 KB, 750x605, E8EE0ED8-79ED-424A-B78B-3F14EA…)

This is a truly insane take, there are no hookup apps in Afghanistan, there are people there who had to take a job as a child just to afford to go to school and learn how to read

It’s the same with this one, being violently occupied by a foreign superpower is not experiencing liberal democracy and if they loved the Taliban’s “interpretation” of Sharia law why are so many trying to leave

Anna also posting about how handsome her father was and how Afghani he looked (he didn’t he looked 100% Armenian)

No. 1303011

She recently tweeted that Eli looks like Daniel Craig.
Anna was saying she quit therapy and has major doubts on the validity of psychoanalysis and talk therapy. This is the same person who can't stop herself from posting side by sides of her dad young and her boyfriend.

No. 1303031

If anything's consistent with her, it's being half a decade late to trends that were lame to begin with.

No. 1303053

this thread is for milk, not lib takes on how left cows are so weirdddd cause they don't want to invade afghanistan again and continue a 20 year war. we really need a purge. you don't understand the point of this site, this isn't a safe space for libs and neo-cons to argue about politics

No. 1303056

File: 1629322640959.png (74.18 KB, 1700x2200, E9FRA2bWYAAQgzT.png)

you've also too busy bitching about angie speaks (a literal who?) to post about nathan j robinson firing his entire staff because they attempted to unionise? lmao this thread has really fallen off

No. 1303057

File: 1629322701655.png (78.98 KB, 1700x2200, E9FRElzWQAQBsLd.png)

part 2

No. 1303088

A real quick glance at fucking Afghanistan on their wikipedia article would show you they are (well were) an Islamic Republic, far cry from a fucking secular liberal government in the West.

No. 1303108

Did anyone not see this coming? Rich British kid who dresses as a Southern planter with the most obnoxious aristocratic accent you've ever heard is a fake socialist…shocker.

No. 1303111

I wonder how long the leftthots will stand this. Some tradthots have already re-invented feminism because they got fed up with the treatment they received in their circles. I think a lot of these leftthot pickmes will become feminists again too.

No. 1303113

The accent is fake too lol

No. 1303115

"i am not good at running an organisation, i freely admit this" is some of the funniest shit i've read on this website.

No. 1303140

shit magazine created by shit people for shit people
nothing of value was lost
also, how hilarious Dasha is dressing up in a burqa, logical next step from their Islamic State-referencing tees
the oppression of women is frisky and fun
people who don’t want forcible marriages of children are just boring neoliberal scolds

No. 1303158

leftist men are entitled misogynists, they can make jokes about it because they never have to fear losing their rights. they're going to look really bad when the taliban starts beheading people, but of course we won't talk about that. the right wing guys are even worse, people on cumtown.org are bragging about compiling lists of afghan onlyfans girls to deliver to the taliban.

No. 1303159

and the mods allow it because the purpose of that sub is just to create buzz and interest for the podcast. it never was for girls and gays, now that they can pander and grift from the larger demographic, men and their views.

No. 1303174

Anna continues to come up with the fucking stupidest takes possible. Now she’s railing against therapy. How the fuck are they making 20k a month???

No. 1303227

File: 1629343083532.jpeg (294.5 KB, 750x1072, B1F9DFA0-CD7B-41CF-9ED1-21F826…)

Anyone have a link?

No. 1303241

No. 1303258

i coulda sworn she was always against cbt

No. 1303266

Not to mention that the American occupation was propping up an inept puppet government full of drug traffickers and pedophiles and other criminals. It’s not a mystery why such a government would not enjoy popular support.

No. 1303273


Tyvm anon

No. 1303410

Just from this first minute you can sense Bateman’s growing hatred of Aimee

No. 1303502

I still don't know what was even the point of the Afghan war. Why did the US invade them in the first place? After 20 years it doesn't seem conditions have improved in any substantial way for afghans, and the Taliban are still there.

No. 1303509

Oil reserves.

No. 1303568

the taliban was helping hide osama bin laden after 9/11

No. 1303590

The Taliban were willingly to hand him over and do some lib reforms, Bush and friends said fuck that.

No. 1303748

It’s incredible Bateman has struck with aimee.

No. 1303757

Afghanistan doesn't have any oil resources you moron, you critique US imperialism without doing the tired "le oil" meme

No. 1303763

dumb fucking bitch shut up. It was always about oil and resources

No. 1303798

what does this have to do with leftcows? try google

No. 1303804

none of that Oil was ever extracted though, neither was the Trillion worth of Minerals in Afghanistan

No. 1303839

america invaded afghanistan to liberate the women and homos over there, now stfu.

No. 1304077

Cock n' ball torture?

No. 1304112

lmao i'm not sure you're joking, but it's Cognitive Behavior Therapy.

It's not about oil, it's about heroin and it's not a secret nor a tinfoil theory.
Just do a quick search using keywords like "US military, CIA, poppy fields, Afghanistan", there's plenty of mainstream news articles and academic papers about it.

No. 1304114

File: 1629421659846.png (60.34 KB, 497x342, liz_genius.png)

"The genius of me"

(Note: the rule does not apply to non-gold medalists who criticize Simone Biles or uncredentialed plebs who question Liz's political and theological theories)

No. 1304183

File: 1629427617774.png (673.18 KB, 1080x1261, Screenshot_20210819-214406~2.p…)

How many women do you think Jon's assaulted

No. 1304214

Bitchell retweeted it; she's either being a classic pickme or it's just jokes

No. 1304245

this is a pretty well-known meme

No. 1304257

Honestly none. He gives me more the impression of someone who would struggle to like even make eye contact with women irl.

No. 1304271

File: 1629436109817.jpeg (135.41 KB, 750x373, 6825BBAC-BC59-48BE-9CDC-4CFAB3…)

Who is this guy Joel? He’s been orbiting many of our cows for a long time

No. 1304326

He seems surprisingly woke for someone who orbits this crowd, use of anti black(ness) is a dead giveaway

No. 1304361

I think he has been mentioned in past threads a couple of times. He doesn’t really seem that milky he just seems like yet another of the “anti woke” irony accounts which are all kind of indistinguishable from each other. Looking at that tweet and the rest of his page I feel like he seems maybe slightly less bad than some of the other people in that crowd who have been posted here, he kind of just looks like someone who can’t move on from 2014 for some reason and is still overly obsessed with “owning” tumblr sjws.

No. 1304377

There are many countries where women and homos are oppressed and tormented but the US doesn’t send soldiers there. It’s about the Afghani access to resources and how they could benefit the US in the future. The US government didn’t spend billions over there only to help save foreign citizens. There is always an ulterior motive that is how the world and politics works

No. 1304388

they are very obviously joking and this thread is for gossip please take the political derails to reddit

No. 1304420

he’s not serious

No. 1304512

pretty sure the joke is he thinks she’s disgusting, and she is, but this is coming from a dude who looks like he doesn’t wash with soap.

he’s a chaser

No. 1304520

Aren't we the ones obsessed with owning tumblr sjws?

No. 1304528

Liz B sounds high as shit on the latest episode of the Weeds podcast with Matt Yglesias, she affects this weird voice at different points throughout.

No. 1304587

A rape joke is a meme?

No. 1304619

The thing about him being a chaser is a joke

No. 1304683

File: 1629481202657.png (1.88 MB, 1060x1402, Screen Shot 2021-08-20 at 1.38…)


No. 1304692

She's definitely a pickme, but even if it's a joke, what's funny about a guy joking about raping you?

No. 1304730

File: 1629483282903.jpeg (Spoiler Image,181.92 KB, 950x1044, 88d6094086af4b4ae1e6e36baf69ff…)

it's a shitty meme for scrotes to express their desire to rape someone. she clearly has very low self esteem so she probably takes it as a compliment

No. 1304893

File: 1629490832120.png (50.06 KB, 587x269, wm.png)

No. 1304939

He used to be a generic "garbage Twitter" poster but something happened to break his brain and turn him into an anti-idpol irony guy

No. 1305327

it's so funny that he'll say this out loud considering the hog that he's dating

No. 1305330

imagine your father has connections out of the wazoo and the best you could do is kath fucking krueger lmao

No. 1305452

File: 1629561018434.png (62.76 KB, 1114x274, Screen Shot 2021-08-21 at 11.4…)

No. 1305636

Joel is an ex-terf turned chaser through an insatiable appetite for neopoon. He is a highly unusual breed of chaser in that he pursues both MtF troons and FtMtF detroons. While he not trans himself (he is "gender nonconforming" [likes purses]), he is the honorary king of antiwoke troon edgelords on Twitter. He has repeatedly made clear that he follows this thread in constant fear that someone on here will catch wind of him and his motley crew of tawny-scrawny trickmes.

No. 1305681

I’m pretty sure the chaser thing is just a joke that came from him being excessively invested in various trans culture war things/ talking about it a lot, also I doubt he’s in “constant fear people will catch wind of it” because that whole group jokes about it constantly

No. 1305684

Why do all the post left/irony/anti woke/whatever people hate that biboofficial person suddenly? Because of the quitting her job post?

No. 1305716

File: 1629587066223.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1165x4260, 3E44B975-C731-4518-A006-A3D89B…)

No. 1305732

At least there's some level of self awareness in that final tweet. At most too, though.

No. 1305733

Why does Jack simp so hard for trad white men who would find him repulsive? At least the libs he hates would be forced to be somewhat cordial to his fat gay ass

No. 1305742

he doesn't want to belong to any group that would have him as a member

No. 1305747

He puts himself into that category (trad white men) and has explained before when talking about “women/minority privilege” or whatever that it doesn’t apply to white gay men and they are also being targeted by the gynocentric genocide

No. 1305749

File: 1629590850843.jpg (88.62 KB, 734x453, ct.JPG)

shoutout in that forgettable Cut column

No. 1305754

it’s not sudden they always hated her. why do you care?

No. 1305757

not sure exactly what breed of pervert he is or whether he cares that people know about it, but it seems like he does follow this thread given the fact he’s locked his twitter within the past day or so.

No. 1305762

All of them do but he’s tweeted about reading the thread many times it’s not like it’s a secret

No. 1305766

Don't get me wrong, biboofficial is annoying, but they hate any woman that isn't sufficiently pickme like samelpan

No. 1305771

Yeah I don’t disagree she’s annoying it just seems kind of out of nowhere and excessive because imo she’s not even annoying in a funny or unusual way she’s the most generic possible annoying twitter user imaginable, so I just find it hard to understand why she would evoke any kind of reaction to that extent positive or negative

No. 1305775

they think she’s particularly ugly and gross so they find it funny that she’s making her living off OF. ironic given so many of them are casually trying to monetize their twitter following through uninteresting cumtown-derivative podcasts that they do not have the charisma or intelligence to pull off successfully

No. 1305777

Please read what you wrote, then take a step back and and look at where you are posting. Get some self-awareness, how is a bunch of people hating a women for being ugly and annoying and dating a rapist any different to the psychotic bile you retards spew up on here?

No. 1305783

lol cope more. most of the people ITT built their following off bullying randoms online. they deserve more than a little bile from a gossip site and should be glad this is all they’re getting.

No. 1305785

We need to start doxxing, to show we're serious(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1305786

Where did I say it was different or even make any like, moral condemnation of what they were doing at all? I was just asking if something happened that sparked it because she seems boring to me. I think there’s obviously a difference between the tweets biboofficial makes vs the kind of threads someone like Jack posts that makes him more interesting to talk about.

No. 1305788

No. 1305789

You said the the hatred "came out of nowhere" when they've always been pretty open about her being an annoying retard. You're probably right though, the two things aren't comparable at all, I mean they at least use their own twitter accounts to talk shit about her instead of being pathetic little high school gossip queens posting this stuff on a separate, anonymous website. Great way to spend a Saturday night

No. 1305790

No. 1305792

You’re a man with BPD. You have bigger problems you need to be focusing on instead of wasting your time throwing tantrums on a girls gossip board.

No. 1305793

she IS boring. it’s been explained again and again that they just don’t like her because she’s ugly and cringe and not one of their chosen e-girls. some retard in here just keeps bringing her up to ask why they don’t like her because they can’t understand this

No. 1305794

You're projecting

No. 1305795

Dating a rapist? Also please save if you're not posting milk, people

No. 1305796

Save what? And you don't know? Wow, thought you lot would be all over it. Do some digging

No. 1305798

Lmao “their own twitter accounts” they are barely any less anonymous doing it on twitter. oh how very brave of them!

No. 1305800

They think she’s dating kimpossiblefacts who they think is Connor Golden

No. 1305801

*Sage. Okay so say it or stop wasting our time

No. 1305802

Your time isn't valuable enough to waste

No. 1305803

No. 1305804

Okay, then do it on there pussy.

No. 1305806

Both facts

No. 1305807

>Great way to spend a Saturday night
and yet you are here, you were probably just lurking spending your saturday night here until you saw that post that set you off.

No. 1305810

why are you wasting your time getting on here and crying? log off and get your life together and you won’t be mentioned here.

No. 1305833

Who is this psycho that doesn't know how to sage their posts? Coochiebone or someone else in their clique?

No. 1305878

Not a fact without proof

No. 1305879

where are the mods? this thread's been off the rails the past few days, first the absolutely retarded afghanistan discussion, and now coochiebone's unemployed and broke ass sperging out all over the thread

No. 1305880

Felix said on a Kemonofriendzone stream that he know for a fact that kimpossiblefacts is not Connor Golden. He could always be lying though.

No. 1306086

This thread is absolutely infested with cringe non-saging tourists.

No. 1306242

File: 1629658630615.png (23.36 KB, 390x230, Untitled.png)


No. 1306243

worst part is that it probably will

No. 1306322

>unsaged like >>1305777
shit attempt to make LC look bad, newfag

No. 1306347

Honestly I think he's just gay and in denial

No. 1306548

god, serena shahidi is also such a cow idk if she counts as a leftcow or would be better suited to the tiktok general

No. 1306591

Does she even post lefty shit at all? I think tiktok general would be better for milk on her

No. 1306600

I would say she's left-adjacent; she will occasionally post some hot take that aligns with leftism but I don't think she's explicitly leftist

No. 1306605

Someone needs to archive these threads just in case the site goes down.

No. 1306668

File: 1629696776930.png (15.31 KB, 741x151, deaduncle.png)


No. 1306774

Why would it get shut down?

No. 1306779

Basically admin is retiring and said if she doesn’t get a replacement by the end of the year she might pull the plug

No. 1306808

No. 1306914

File: 1629736568434.jpeg (53.01 KB, 639x839, x3m119t9x0i71.jpeg)

Good god, Liz Bruenig is only 30 and looks like this?

No. 1306918

Jesus Christ, log off.

No. 1306920

File: 1629737162683.jpeg (69.56 KB, 640x640, km5sc0gsie371.jpeg)

Not until Liz teaches me her editing skills

No. 1306958

She abuses the brightness and exposure to hide her skin texture more than teenagers did on instagram in 2012 lmao

No. 1306963

You have to admit it really brings out her soulless dead eyes though.

No. 1306983

i'm the OP for the past three or so threads and i've archived them. >>>/meta/25695 explains it all, and there's a donation link (https://ko-fi.com/lolcowfarm) to cover server costs if anyone is interested

No. 1307042

damn wtf, is this normal? i know 30 year olds who look nothing like this

No. 1307045

Its called a filter there is no skill

No. 1307156

actual bulldog jowls

No. 1307239

we've been over this in detail, over 20 and not asian? you have no chance with felix.

No. 1307259

No 0pn with Dasha at Anna's birthday party.

No. 1307262

He might be working in the studio with Kanye rn; Yesterday on her stories, Dasha had a screencap of a Kanye post with 0pn's album artwork for his R Plus Seven record

No. 1307277

Pls learn to recognize sarcasm, anon

No. 1307366

I noticed Nate from 0PN which seems like a random choice unless Eli insisted on him being there. 0PN himself is in LA in the studio judging by his stories from a few days ago.

No. 1307380

she does look pretty bad for 30. having two kids probably prematurely aged her

No. 1307604

If they did break up I’m guessing he initiated it and it’s why she is posting his music and wearing the merch

No. 1307608


it seems mutual, they’re both still friendly online

No. 1307636

File: 1629830432439.jpeg (80.51 KB, 960x720, brnrblxfxyi71.jpeg)

On the last ep Anna mentioned not reading threads where people psychoanalyze her and call her cruel and dishonest after having the baby. Insists she's an honest person and that the haters don't see the real her. Dasha has some self-awareness that she makes her money being a bitch so people aren't going to like them. Both keep bringing up fillers and plastic surgery like a tic while saying they'll have it in the future but suggesting they haven't had any yet, but have been walking that back. Last year Dasha said she got jaw botox but only for teeth grinding then said she had it in other places too. Anna has obviously had some work done. Dasha had botox and probably lip fillers for her movie and since. Don't get why they just don't keep quiet on the topic if they're sensitive about people knowing.

No. 1307809

Is that screenshot from that serial killer Netflix show she did?

No. 1307839

File: 1629845778912.jpeg (84.9 KB, 800x600, E3in61PVEAMlOFB.jpeg)

Ashley update: she's apparently moved back to LA, living with zoomer troons and hanging out with Sam Pritchtard

No. 1307841

File: 1629845930285.png (727.21 KB, 1192x2024, ashley now hates jack.png)

as usual she seems to have burnt bridges on her way out, here's a tweet she liked shading jack

No. 1307933

dasha looks botoxed to the gills in Anna’s bday photos

No. 1308075

Yeah, it's from The Serpent

No. 1308085

cringe, so ugly. can't wait for this gender bullshit trend to die.

No. 1308152

Wait is this (Ashley) the girl who used to go by the @Christlover3000 and was a TIF? I thought she killed herself?

No. 1308230

It was her ex who committed suicide, rather than Ashley herself

No. 1308271

No. 1308698

File: 1629947865385.png (291.6 KB, 609x514, obese_fruitcake.png)

No. 1308743

He lost Liz, Rocky, Sean, Kantbot, Logo, and now Ashley. 100% it's gonna be Anna or Dasha next.

No. 1308855

File: 1629978197657.png (698.03 KB, 2048x1389, Screenshot_20210826-063916.png)

Is she so stupid that she doesn't understand the complete hypocrisy of being a rich private school kid saying this, or is she just a fucking dishonest piece of shit?

No. 1308877

Lol is Liz following him?

No. 1308899

The latter, she's well aware of the hypocrisy of it all and just wants to promote her podcast

No. 1308925

File: 1629989353979.png (1.23 MB, 636x1428, pillowface anna.png)

I miss Anna K's pre-Patreon hagface lol. She was aging kinda rough but had character and was actually the jolie laide beauty she pretends to be now. That face also better matched her persona - beautiful people don't spend their days attention seeking/edgelording on Twitter.

Picrelated are podcast thumbnails from 2020 and 2021 - looks like she let her fillers fade while pregnant and is overdoing it now. Her "I appreciate ~edgy beauties" thing is just a LARP, she just wants the bland, pillowfaced everystarlet look. The aesthetic equivalent of "soon as I get a little money this socialism shit over"

No. 1308969

yeah, I think when you have overly strong features you just need to lean into it
but she’s a dope

No. 1309000

honor levy is on the fast-track to becoming schizophrenic lol

No. 1309006

I know thinking about this stuff never ends well, but I still want to know: I often read that men find Dasha “ugly but somehow also extremely attractive”. What’s her “secret”?

No. 1309016

She wants them to like her and she's neither obese nor underweight and thus fuckable to most moids.

No. 1309027

They're responding to her heavily filtered selfies.
She has a shrill theater kid voice. Honor sounds like a total nutcase but none of it seems genuine except the desperation.

No. 1309037

I mean she's youngish and slim - that's literally all it takes for 99% of men. Men don't care much about facial aesthetics so they don't notice her wonky face or heavy filters - just look at the RS subreddit for all the dudes asking "so hot, but why does Dasha look different in every photo?" lmao

As for Dasha obsessees - they're crank misfits who she totally panders to. Sexy selfies + antipathy for feminism + sympathy for scum like Roman Polanski + relatable fuckup persona. This all is catnip to your typical underachieving ironybros who hate themselves + thus need women who signal "low standards and-or mental illness."

No. 1309132

She looks like a twink.

No. 1309209

Leaving a trail of dead troons wherever she goes only for them to flock back to her
Doing the Lords work

No. 1309249

File: 1630015545469.png (1.15 MB, 1190x1110, edtwtter.png)

Dasha has been a hot topic on ed twitter. 2/3rds of the quote tweets are calling her average or ugly.

No. 1309429

In a recent RS ep Dasha says her endocrine system is fucked because of Chernobyl. Could that be why she looks so alien? Maybe people can't stop talking about her appearance because it's fascinatingly bizarre.

A nuclear explosion doesn't explain why Amber A'Lee Frost looks the way she does, though.

No. 1309473

In those images she looks fine but most of the time it looks like her cashew face is melting off

No. 1309493

all she does is beg people to take her seriously… it's the most obvious "i'm a pathological liar" feature of all time
try "sincerity poisoned"
and walt is just a retarded hasbeen who happened to get lucky for five minutes

No. 1309494

She's just being edgy you retard

No. 1309855

Considering how little information we have about Dasha's history and background, does the possibility that she really is an extraterrestrial exist?

No. 1309870

I listened to honor's podcast with dasha and it was awful. just endless buzzwords and empty "takes". she's also calling herself "right-wing" lol even though nothing she is says is coherent or even political really. she just sounds retarded, like a spoilt bitch who has never had anyone call her on her shit.

honestly dasha and anna seem sane and chill compared to their orbiters now, they're admittedly just making a buck and dgaf about politics anymore, but everyone around them is either still pushing the dated socdem line as if 2020 never happened or calling themselves "conservative" (even they're drug fucked porn addicts who take 5 dicks a week), its repulsive

No. 1309911

Dasha is calling herself right-wing? Or is it Honor? If the latter, that's not exactly news lol

No. 1310007

File: 1630113655876.png (88.82 KB, 632x456, again.png)

No. 1310098

Love that a millionairess who went to a public school in the richest neighborhood in town, who converted to Catholicism bc she thinks it’s more socialist, is dunking on dusty Catholic school kids whose parents can’t afford to move out of a failing district. You toootally made the poor kids cry, very cool Liz, here’s one (1) head pat and gold star

No. 1310155

I think kate bowman/kateofficial goes into this thread probably, leftist tangent dimes square hanger around. her ex alec has a restraining order against her because she broke into his house. she moves every so often and it seems like there’s some sinister funding going on.

No. 1310355

This is so vague it makes me wonder if you’re in the friend group and just don’t like her. Which is fine lol but if you wanna intro a new cow, you gotta give us something to discuss - screenshots/details/proof?

No. 1310841

>honestly dasha and anna seem sane and chill compared to their orbiters now
people always complain about RS, but then you listen to the competition…

No. 1310966

>but everyone around them is either still pushing the dated socdem line as if 2020 never happened or calling themselves "conservative"

I’m a bit out of the loop with the Twitter leftcow scene, can you give examples of these people? I’m interested in who is pushing what now.

No. 1311392

First part I'm referring to is both the Jacobin nerds and Squad fanboys who spend all day in Jimmy Dore and Greenwald's replies "fighting fascism" online, and the supposed dirtbag left dissidents (Bruenigs, Chapo, TrueAnon, Sean, Carl, Klippenstein etc.) who are pushing the same Covid takes as you can find on CNN or MSNBC (lol horse dewormer meds, take the vaccine and wear the mask chud).

2nd part I'm referring to Red Scare and Perfume Nationalist reply girls and gays who are now openly conversative and "Catholic" post-Bernie but are literally posting all day from bars while drunk/drug-fucked, taking selfies to and from grindr hook ups (and posting every detail), swapping or begging for nudes, and talking about their piss kinks.

No. 1311405

wtf is going on between caroline calloway and kyle brown right now? is anyone else seeing this????

No. 1311406

pics or it didn't happen, this is an imageboard

No. 1311408

File: 1630277682956.jpg (224.07 KB, 1242x2208, cc757478382_n.jpg)

Is the second guy in this him?

No. 1311415

File: 1630277976707.jpeg (120.78 KB, 828x1689, gwCLcJ7.jpeg)

Embarrassing that he's a worse writer than CC.

No. 1311418

I just heard it too holy shit. Honor is objectively so bad to listen to, she kept interrupting everyone, everything she says is so desperate like she's trying to create a super edgy hot take or catchphrase, it's trying so hard but nothing is original. Judging from her conversation with her mom and her IG, she's incredibly vapid and spoiled. She's almost skinwalking Dasha who seems to be flattered by this? Not sure why, I would respect RS so much more if they didn't entertain people like Caroline Calloway and Honor, but I guess it's good press for them.

No. 1311427

No. 1311432

his writing is pretty cringe… and that statement, well, is more embarrassing than the way caroline handled it

No. 1311451

Now if Caroline can bring that same critical energy to RS and stop kissing Anna and Dasha’s asses I might actually gain an ounce of respect for her. It’s not like they actually consider her a friend anyway.

No. 1311465

Is he delusional enough to think anyone actually likes his writing? People just want to try to get to Dasha through him.

No. 1311479

File: 1630283519656.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1195x1735, 3FBD373A-4C8E-4CC4-BC40-740D00…)

Just another dumb day on Left Twitter. This guy is probably one of the few living Marxist academics with genuine rigor and insight and even he’s fed up with dirtbag drama.

No. 1311480

I mean, the BruCrew are being assholes about it, but Noah does work for a pedo org…

No. 1311496

>and the supposed dirtbag left dissidents (Bruenigs, Chapo, TrueAnon, Sean, Carl, Klippenstein etc.) who are pushing the same Covid takes as you can find on CNN or MSNBC (lol horse dewormer meds, take the vaccine and wear the mask chud).

I’m pleasantly surprised by this. I would’ve thought in the case of someone like Sean McCarthy the edgy contrarian temptation would’ve been too much, so I’m glad these people can still call a spade a spade when necessary. I mean, it is fucking funny that Covid took out four conservative talk radio hosts in the last month alone and yes the mindless resistance to vaccines and masks is a much bigger problem among conservatives right now. While there are possible side effects which require further investigation, the statistics consistently show that vaccines drastically reduce the risk of hospitalization and death. I’m not sure what else you expect them to say on this matter.

No. 1311499

yes Bruenigs are frauds but defending Noah is not the hill to die on. Berlatsky is one of most repulsive people on twitter and his org is extremely sus

No. 1311505

I love to see two talentless users slugging it out like this

No. 1311509

File: 1630287903661.png (170.43 KB, 1180x744, meetalicethefag.png)

Alice's assassination rants today prove 100% she's some gen x man. No one under 40 is this smug about this stuff.

No. 1311529

File: 1630289887928.jpeg (176.54 KB, 671x1884, E9lHTZMXsA0SDKr.jpeg)

don't want to derail the thread on covid talk but there's much more going on than mask/vaccine hesitancy from rightoids, and there's plenty of ways you could approach these issues "from the left". the level of discourse policing and tech censorship alone has zero push back from these people. they package themselves as critics of authoritarianism and the liberal media establishment, however they either completely ignore what's going on, or dog pile like a good TikTok lib wine mom whenever anyone mildly deviates from the acceptable narrative. see related tweet of Klippenstein doxing a random girl's DUI record from 10 years ago.

just saying that its all very revealing of who these people are, and at the end of the day they're happy to have a boot on their neck if its the "good team". if the roles were revered and trump had won, the libs would become the antivax resistance and Ken would be slathering on the horse paste with glee

No. 1311540

Alice writes in the same condescending tone middle aged normie Twitter libs use to make themselves feel edgy for their CNN opinions. “Support for Israel was… support for Israel, DUHH” and “Americans are dumb babies” are total tells. She’s probably a “Brooklyn Dad Defiant” alt lmao

Love that her and Elizabeth Bruenig are besties bc they’re the exact same type - grade grubbing midwit good girls trying to act “sassy” and not realizing they’re pure cringe

No. 1311542

Jesus, that is so fucked up. Ken is one of the slimiest leftist journalists around.

No. 1311545

Have no idea who Ken Klipperstein is, but he’s a piece of fucking shit for that. And yeah it should not surprise anyone at this point that many prominent “lefties” like the Bruenigs Jacobin Chapo etc are in fact 100% down with government-corporate authoritarianism and their job is to shove it down your throat as “good for the left ackshually.” More people should call this out from the left, it can’t just be Aimee Terese’s crazy ass doing it lol but I am happy to see it here

No. 1311591

men really are all the same no matter what ideology or aesthetic group they belong to.

No. 1311599

This balding short retard is in no position to call anyone a barnyard animal with miserable tits

No. 1311600

If Dasha is so cool why does she hang
out with losers like that though?

No. 1311619

File: 1630307352182.png (110.87 KB, 1184x520, alice from queens is a man.png)

is alice Jesse Singal? I thought she was Wes Yang's 40 something wife?

No. 1311673

bertlansky is the dude who hates jesse singal and transes kids

No. 1311674

the org in question in case any one was curious.

No. 1311677

File: 1630320642719.png (93.27 KB, 625x463, yasmin_1.png)

Yasmin Nair, editor at Current Affairs and long-time LGBT leftist activist (she was the most prominent voice on the LGBT left arguing against gay marriage when that was still a live debate; her argument was that marriage was an inherently conservative institution, and that if gay people were allowed to practice it, they would become deradicalized against neoliberalism, etc.) is working on an anti-Bruenig exposé to be published next year. Should set off a nuclear shitstorm in the discourse. She was also one of the academics who thought it would be a good use of their time yesterday to spend hours defending Noah Berlatsky's honor, fwiw.

No. 1311679

File: 1630320812178.png (67.7 KB, 629x347, yasmin_2.png)

No. 1311680

File: 1630321117523.png (257.96 KB, 489x547, yasmin_3.png)

And then there's this…

No. 1311682

I can't believe this thing that happens every single time has happened yet again.

No. 1311685

File: 1630322646660.png (159.54 KB, 806x510, virgil_texas_tattoo.png)


No. 1311689

this lady is a whackadoo anarchist TRA, her only good work was calling out leftist sexism. she's also a leisure class hypocrite.

No. 1311692

She's absolutely disgusting. Narcissistic pedophiles taking over the left and destroying it yet again.

No. 1311697

yep, another slippery slope argument to children have autonomy and can consent. hope he encounters some fent in minecraft

No. 1311728

The mid '00s were a really openly pedo-tastic time. Greer's pedo book of boys was released, the grooming gangs were allowed free reign in the UK, etc.

No. 1311741

File: 1630333651677.jpeg (215.4 KB, 1420x679, 1AB765A2-2347-43A1-9702-8BD062…)

Dasha didn't make the triple-gatefold cover for New York Magazine's Succession feature

No. 1311743

File: 1630333711560.jpeg (100 KB, 640x430, 3DAF32FA-8A6D-465E-B9F3-7EF3CE…)

But there's an amusing anecdote in the article where Ferris Bueller's friend helps her with an audition (wonder what it was for?)

No. 1311745

File: 1630333776856.jpeg (275.98 KB, 640x940, 868C4464-759B-44B5-81A9-66F07C…)

Also, this totally innocent dalliance

No. 1311746

this makes me feel like it's a fake PR relationship

No. 1311754

who said she's cool? people want access to dasha because she's on the up and opens doors for them, not because she's anything special lol

No. 1311755

I can't screencap because she's gone private since, but Alice was replying to every person making fun of her RFK tweets with "moron" "the cia doesn't kill people" "I've read all the material on this" copy and pasted dozens of times. She then cried in Sean Mccarthy's reply to her about not wanting people yelling at her and flooding her mentions.

No. 1311757

it's crazy how many rich kids annie hamilton knows but can't catch a break. i really like her but she must be far more erratic and fucked up than she lets on that none of them ever push to get her into projects, dasha dropped her from Scary so there's got to be a reason

No. 1311760

the cia doesn’t kill people? topkek

No. 1311775

File: 1630337158770.png (763.09 KB, 760x735, DF5C1F17-4F97-4699-96E9-8C5039…)

The contrast between the lives these two women are leading is staggering, almost podtic in a way. Aimee's just constantly femcelposting her seethe into the void now. She "lost," her screeds fall on deaf ears.

No. 1311792

that person isnt a "random girl", shes a political youtuber involved in the force the vote/movement for a people's party scam.

No. 1311808

Aimee’s batshit but she gets a lot right about the Bruenigs, who mask a brutal neoliberal agenda in sunny happy faux-socialism and Catholic mom aesthetics. Of course Liz’s cute kid pics don’t exemplify this — a more honest comparison would be Liz’s tweet that people have no right to be upset when junkies shoot up on the train next to your kids because “they’re not hurting anyone.” Or her recent article defending the sex educator who showed graphic sexual cartoons to first graders without their parents consent, and who teaches 16 year old girls how to market their OnlyFans.

A lot of shit Liz says is deranged too, the difference is Liz actually has power and a huge media platform while Aimee is unheard of outside a very narrow band of Twitter lefties who mostly hate her.

No. 1311812

i wonder how she would feel if it was her daughter seeing a junkie shoot up or getting groomed in elementary school.

No. 1311817

Yep, watching junkies nod out and “porn education” for 6 year olds is for YOUR kids, not Liz’s precious bbs.

I’ve heard it called “luxury politics” — the sort of blatantly dangerous opinions rich shitlibs advocate for because they’ll never experience the consequences.

No. 1311870

That junkie subway tweet was one of the most appalling things I've seen that she's tweeted, next to her saying she wouldn't care if a male coworker was masturbating on zoom (in fact she'd think it was hilarious!) in response to the Toobin thing. There doesn't need to be anymore proof that she has no actual real foot in an average american's reality. People are so fucking alienated and so online that they think simply saying you're catholic means you're trad. When in reality "trad" is more about living a average, barely scraping-by, mediocre off-line life in Tulsa/El Paso/etc regardless of how religious you claim to be. It has less to do with how we judge social morality (left to right) and more to do with class. Which is what these people claim to care about and yet seem to conveniently forget because they never actually have to worry about it.

No. 1311873

I'm not angie, but unfortunately the rest of the world is constantly exposed to your amerilard political bullshit, so we will comment on it. I know who aoc is and that she was literally shaking because of a bunch of maga boomers, but I don't know any female bong mp.

No. 1311893

That's the whole Bruenig MO. I will never feel sorry for the Bruenigs over Aimee's heckling of them, even a broken clock is right twice a day

No. 1311908

File: 1630349174750.jpg (129.37 KB, 1200x943, EEC6JTlXYAAhuE8.jpg)

Reminder that this is @notbenfish

No. 1311910

I heard a rumor that AlicefromQueens is Freddie de Boer, which makes a little more sense since she is tight with the same people Freddie was and she appeared not too long after Freddie “retired” from social media. In addition, Freddie was notorious for getting into protracted Twitter squabbles and would reply to any and all criticism he received. Their behavior is very similar.

No. 1311939

>if the roles were revered and trump had won, the libs would become the antivax resistance and Ken would be slathering on the horse paste with glee
the vaccine was developed and authorized for distribution under trump so i'm not sure what you're trying to get at here. republicans are also historically anti-science, so i'm having a hard time seeing any sort of role reversal happening. also not sure that clowning on people for using livestock dewormer makes you a pro-authoritarianism bootlicker, chill

No. 1311956

“Republicans are traditionally anti-science” - lol what a meaningless statement. Please leave the birdbrained #resistance talking points on Twitter, this board is to talk about cows, not debate other anons. Frankly your post reads like it’s written by a shill.

No. 1311960

idk why and its so cliche but the bruenigs always give me handmaids tale vibes. i feel like liz and her weirdo husband would be like the head family in that book/show. because they are so sheltered from reality as it is…

No. 1312014

You really don't belong here, do you.

No. 1312018

wtf kek that's one disturbing looking little moid

No. 1312049

Literally no one comes to this board to learn your personal political opinions. We’re here to laugh at self-impressed podcasters, r/politics is that way

No. 1312076

On the new Dan podcast Dasha describes her her crab walk nonironically as a "nonlinear way to navigate space and it mirrored the way my mind was working at the time because I was on ketamine". She's working on a script set post Civil War about two "feral Southern Belles" who think the Civil War is still going on who are waiting for one of their husbands to come back but someone comes back and messes with them. She has zero acting jobs lined up right now.

No. 1312084

His parents follow him and presumably see the rampant misogyny and just allow it

No. 1312086

File: 1630360031881.png (210.18 KB, 640x1136, 894C43E2-6060-43DE-9666-E831EA…)

Who is this "famous actress client"???

No. 1312090

LMAO at "radical in their socialism and activism" where??

This makeup artist is mostly associated with Margot Robbie, could it be her? its funny because I think they've made fun of her on the show before

No. 1312114

man, its funny how cocky kids get online when they think they're witty because in real life normal adults hate when teens try to be smart-funny. its not cute at all. I remember when I was younger and thought regurgitating air america Al Franken or Bill Maher was cool and the grown ups around were like "leave us alone and go climb a tree".
either way alice is so fucking sensitive and pedantic in that reddit reply style…has to be a guy

that movie was done already, The Beguiled. In no way could D or any of her friends do it better than Coppola

No. 1312116

Kyle and Caroline are both on the new episode of Wet Brain that just dropped

No. 1312132

Wet brain is so insufferable it put me off podcasts for a few days last time I listened, can someone summarise?

No. 1312138

The movie was done twice, Coppola's Beguiled was a remake of the Clint Eastwood/Don Siegel original!

No. 1312142

it also sounds like Dasha and OPN have broke up. she's moved into a new apartment alone in a building where Jeremy Strong used to live for 8 years

No. 1312143

She said she started writing it 4 years ago, what a coincidence.

No. 1312145

Now that you mention it, I'm like 75% sure that she talked about it a long time ago on one of the early episodes, I'm getting deja vu.

No. 1312157

also Dasha reveals that Azealia has blocked her since their photoshoot and Dan says he knows guys who have had sex with Kanye and had to sign an NDA

No. 1312196

File: 1630369657410.png (229.87 KB, 1208x956, aliceretard2.png)

Alice is still tweeting nonstop about this. I can't tell if she's doing her 00s message board troll thing or she's this stupid. She's making a huge fuss and crying about a high schooler "dogpiling" her and acting like it's sexism for people to notice she's a liar and a man.

No. 1312197

File: 1630369695468.png (248.52 KB, 1190x974, aliceretard1.png)

Bonus weirdness.

No. 1312200

>We both know better than to talk about 9/11

TrueAnon did, what, a 5(?)-part series on 9/11 where each episode was 2 hours long? Liz F is as conspiracy-pilled as you can get, she even guested on a pod to discuss how the moon landing was faked.

No. 1312204

"MOONPILLED w/ Jade Hoye on Count The Dings" from Nov 8 2019

No. 1312207

I misread and thought she meant Liz Bruenig. Either Alice is creepily exaggerating a casual internet friendship like she tends to or Liz F is extremely stupid. Why would someone concerned about her privacy and who's paranoid enough to be a conspiracy theorist be "close friends" with twitter's most obvious catfish? Alice is an obnoxious lib who dick sucks all the journalists Liz F hates.

No. 1312219

No. 1312229

Charlie Kirk had a kid already?

No. 1312320

File: 1630379167460.png (146.28 KB, 404x559, BruAnon.png)

Liz Bruenig is teaming up with the FBI to take down the pedos

No. 1312351

This isn’t milk.

No. 1312384

Can someone please spill what super scandalous thing happened at Nate Freeman’s wedding this weekend and who was involved?

No. 1312396

Kaitlin Phillips tweeted something about loving a "mean wedding speech" but gave no details, but said there were a lot of normies on acid there

No. 1312408

No. 1312474

File: 1630405584895.jpeg (289.18 KB, 640x704, 233DE8C1-820F-49C7-BD48-8A5CC5…)

Aimee caping for Nazis again

No. 1312539

Fuentes is not even white, he's hispanic. He's not a nazi.

No. 1312552

does anyone still buy this shtick? go back to gab

No. 1312621

File: 1630425512961.jpg (193.69 KB, 1125x2000, 240945880_563499478175892_3445…)


No. 1312702

What’s the context of the “Fuentes disavowal”?

No. 1312790

They are definitely dating. It’s why she’s so obsessed with Donda and Kanye out of seemingly nowhere.

No. 1312848

I agree her donda obsession is out of nowhere but don’t see how that has anything to do with nicholas braun

No. 1312856

she literally does this with every kanye release, how long have you been following her? she did this with ye and jesus is king too

also isn't nick braun openly gay? i guess that hasn't stopped her before

No. 1312964

The thing with aimee is whatever valid criticisms she has of Bruenigs is they get lost in her crying about she was destroyed, doxxed, her life ruined by obscure twitter media personalities. She’s a fail daughter, rich kid that couldn’t hack it in law school. She should move to America or log off.

No. 1312998

braun is not gay he’s notorious on deuxmoi for being a manwhore

No. 1313009

There's literally only two journal articles supporting this, and one of them is suspicious as fuck because it was made by a group of scientists paid by pro Ivermectin group. My sister as a second year PhD microbiologist has produced double the journal articles than these fucks and her PI still treats her like a child. Dore is an idiot, just like his gay daddy dom, Glenn Greenwald.

No. 1313021

neither did the other supporting characters dumbass

No. 1313026

dating would be a strong word, he leaves his bar with a different girl almost every night. it was posted on deuxmoi the other day that he left with a brunette and he also tried to pick up my friend via instagram about a week ago kek

No. 1313070

Wait until you find out about this country called "Japan".

No. 1313185

You have a poor understanding of history

No. 1313282

are you retarded

No. 1313290

File: 1630511722798.png (231.04 KB, 640x1136, A89E5C98-64D7-443E-9B4B-C12147…)


No. 1313643

File: 1630549044269.jpeg (211.89 KB, 529x748, E292F506-3171-4E79-A614-252615…)

No. 1313708

File: 1630558085659.jpeg (216.04 KB, 922x2048, E7179891-F06A-40D1-B074-61917F…)

Just dropping in to confirm that Liz Bruenig is still retarded. This one got deleted in less than a couple of hours. I’m shocked that an adult who thinks prayer is effective would also say something like this.

No. 1313718

she was just trying to stir shit up to distract the discourse from the Texas abortion ban, she always puts out dumb bait like this every time reproductive rights are in the news.

No. 1313726

what's wrong with being 45 years old? can't we trash talk people without attacking them for, idk.. being alive for a little longer than we have?

No. 1313729

Age was brought up because Alice pretends to be in "her" late 20s.

No. 1313730

This stupid useless cunt Bruenig is one of the main reasons a large chunk of the American Left became wishy-washy about abortion rights, and what did we get in return for it? I know some leftists try to rationalize a softer abortion stance by mentioning the growing Hispanic population but 1) Hispanics become increasingly secular by the second and especially the third generation and 2) all the polling data indicate that the vast majority of religious Hispanics don’t care enough about abortion to base their vote on the issue. There is absolutely no good reason for the American Left to become soft on abortion rights.

No. 1313763

File: 1630566857911.png (45.01 KB, 600x314, Screenshot 2021-09-02 at 09.13…)

felix posting about how often he gets tested and doesn't use condoms. i'm sure all of the leftist middle eastern 20 yo twitter girls are happy to hear it!

No. 1313799

omg EXACTLY. Back when she was more upfront and confrontational about her abortion views on twitter, she always used to do the "so what, you're just going to write off Latin America from your leftist project? You DO know they're Catholic, don't you?" bit when people would question her leftist credentials. But like: this is America, honey. Not Paraguay. And abortion is legalized in Catholic Communist Cuba, but I guess that doesn't compute for her.

No. 1313866

File: 1630580112350.png (73.69 KB, 611x438, thulean_perspective.png)

Varg is now an Aimee reply guy

No. 1313867

File: 1630580240828.png (222.07 KB, 477x551, varg.png)

No. 1313901

She has almost no other leftist women supporters, but I even see gay men fall for her act of sweet kind innocent Liz vs. evil demonic bitches who want to kill children. If anyone else had written that Amy Chua article or acted like she does on twitter they'd be torn to shreds. She and men's over the top protectiveness of her have turned off probably thousands of women with actual leftist politics from these circles.

No. 1313937

Cut to Aimee trying to charge a bunch of Burzum import CDs to her father's credit card.

No. 1313975

Yea Liz is 100% that bitch who converted to Catholicism because she likes the church’s hardline stance on abortion, while the Pope Francis era’s liberation theology is extremely in line with modern shitlib values.

What dummy Liz doesn’t realize is: a) Catholic women have always had a difference of opinion with the church over reproductive matters and often outright defied the church’s edicts, especially in poor countries/communities, and b) many Catholics consider Pope Francis’ teachings to be somewhere between Protestant and downright sacrilege. That Liz is the most prominent Catholic in media, yet is clearly a rich Methodist convert who gets the shit exactly backwards is honestly enraging. But then her whole role is to launder the ruling class’ reprehensible opinions thru a shallow “moral” lens. Doesn’t matter to the Atlantic or New York Times if she’s at all correct, just that people buy her schtick

No. 1313977

Why is your trust being asked to cover a $1,013 charge at NRxtunes.com?

No. 1314013

File: 1630599114021.jpeg (295.71 KB, 1125x939, 7E5DB0BC-FB3D-42DD-AC2A-95C51D…)

Imagine being so cynical that your reaction to half (half!!) your family being homeless is to exploit their pain on Twitter to deflect criticism from your shitty reactionary opinions - yet not actually caring enough to give them a spare room in your large townhome or cut them a check.

No. 1314014

I long for the day she answers the question, "so what happens after you get the welfare state you desire and the abortion rate declines but obviously doesn't cease to exist?" We all know what her answer is, but she will never explicitly type the words "abortion should be illegal" because that would finally force her deluded defenders on the left in an impossible bind.

No. 1314061

I would bet anything that her “homeless” family members are staying in a nice air BnB
not that losing a house doesn’t suck even if you’re rich, but she is such a fake grifter

No. 1314063

Yeah 1000% she is stealing valor from actual impoverished people and what she actually means is “several members of my family were displaced by storms and the insurance check hasn’t come thru yet.” Liz is a millionaire red diaper baby and propagandist extraordinaire. Her only talent is twisting facts to fit her bourgeoisie politics/ further her career

No. 1314113

I normally can’t stand Aimee, but she’s the only person with the balls to publicly call out Liz’s fake poor Catholic mommy persona.

No. 1314122

i don't think you know what "red diaper baby" means. liz's parents are republians, not communists.

No. 1314126

File: 1630607927180.png (327.73 KB, 1488x1280, screenshot.png)

Posting the whole conversation she had afterwards. The user she's talking with is annoying in ways but the whole thing just highlights how terminally online she is.

No. 1314188

File: 1630612853389.jpeg (735.01 KB, 1199x1302, A396C2E9-F1CA-4AD6-97EC-2ACF53…)


Didn’t Fidel Castro stomp the shit out of the Catholic Church once he was in power?

No. 1314192

Anyone want to inform Liz that Christian Democratic parties in Italy, Germany, Chile, and Portugal were the favorite parties of the CIA and often received CIA funding?

No. 1314227

An impressively dim take on the Texas abortion situation. Yes, a new flavor-of-the-week abortion ban passed by partisan voting in the heavily Republican Texas state senate is totally a sign that women all over the country are secretly aching to give up their reproductive rights. I swear, these retards will read anything but the news.

No. 1314238

File: 1630617476336.jpg (52.98 KB, 400x619, aimee.jpg)

I wonder if nordicist Varg knows what Aimee looks like

No. 1314258

anyone have a pirate link to this? glenn on what's left https://www.patreon.com/posts/mad-libs-w-glenn-55672830

No. 1314321

File: 1630625609588.jpeg (82.53 KB, 742x1024, E-UAFhzWYAEy47T.jpeg)

Azealia coming for her former gal pal Julia Fox (she also posted a photo of Julia shooting up heroin on her IG stories)

No. 1314334

>outright admitting she's a christian democrat
She could easily clear up 90% of the hate she gets on twitter if she stopped falsely branding herself as "on the left" and just embraced what she admits here: if the US was a multi-party system like most European countries she wouldn't belong to any of the socialist or left parties, but instead a welfarist right party.

No. 1314359

No. 1314369

File: 1630630428982.jpeg (458.57 KB, 1189x784, 48DE4D31-9636-4616-857D-112508…)

Speaking of Glenn

No. 1314386

File: 1630633175127.png (78.8 KB, 598x309, reactionary.png)

Only time this ever happens in European politics is when the "socialist" party is one of the neoliberal, hollowed-out SocDem ones. Don't think it's ever happened in any of the Nordics. Just pull out this screenshot next time some simp tries to convince you she's a socialist.

No. 1314400

File: 1630634185406.jpg (38.01 KB, 343x610, Heavenly.jpg)

Do you guys know her?

She is a part of what is known in some circles as the "dirtbag left".

As you can tell from her style she is pretty "counter cultural".(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1314402

is this an old pic of shayna kek?

No. 1314425

>im terrified of you and everything you do
It's not a secret that Glenn is a libertarian weirdo that changes stance whenever it's convenient ($$$), but what exactly did he do? Manning's wording made it seem like GG put a price on his head or some shit.

No. 1314429


The exchange between these two was truly entertaining

No. 1314431

>but what exactly did he do?
Runs cover for and promotes the American far right. And for his Brazilian audience, he's also been shitting on PT lately while promoting centrist Ciro Gomes for the next election. An insurgent Gomes siphoning moderate votes away from Lula would be the only way for Bolsonaro to win a fair election.

No. 1314432

File: 1630637598739.png (240.8 KB, 790x1150, lizhatesfags.png)

Liz is such a slime ball. This guy has one tweet about Berlatsky and it was back in May, nothing to do with defending him from the current revelations. She knows people are going to do their retarded "mother Liz knows" thing because she was right one time and assume this random gay professor is like Berlatsky. She's still melting down and tweeting at him hours later. She's moved on to a I'm just a poor little writer who doesn't hurt anyone the left eats their own rant.

No. 1314433

File: 1630637678410.png (101.21 KB, 619x452, all_my_critics_are_pedos.png)

and of course it ended with her calling him a pedophile and then blocking him lol

No. 1314435

File: 1630638007019.png (270.75 KB, 898x1168, smollizbean1.png)

Liz rant part 1

No. 1314437

File: 1630638067746.png (243.42 KB, 898x890, smollizbean2.png)

No. 1314442

File: 1630639049179.jpeg (170.58 KB, 640x531, 38A2EB61-E08E-470D-A3F4-9C31D2…)


No. 1314445

Oh, that. I thought it was some personal shit. I noticed both of these actions and I think he's running out of moves… it's not like the far-right won't pick on him as well.
When it comes to his bullshit career in Brazil, he's doing what almost every brazilian journo does: making a name for themselves among the upper classes by shitting on PT. Besides, Ciro is still an unlikable cunt who can't reason with people and didn't even make 13% of votes in the last election. He couldn't sway moderates back then, doubt he can do it by 2022.
Meanwhile, Lula is clearing his name throughout the country, no one can use the "evil PT did this" excuse for the state of misery Brazil currently is and there's not a damn thing grifters like Greenwald can do about it.

Sage for sperg.

No. 1314452

So Liz Bruenig has roughly the same politics as Angela Merkel? This is what American “Leftists” like Carl the cuck Beijer spent years caping for? Amazing.

No. 1314507


Screenshots of Julia Fox doing heroin?

No. 1314526

Bruenig is being dishonest here and hoping everyone forgot how chummy she was with outright fascists like Bronze Age Pervert a few years ago.

No. 1314536

File: 1630649790649.png (1.08 MB, 640x1136, CDAEBFD1-9681-494E-89CF-5F28F8…)

No. 1314546

File: 1630652002145.jpeg (73.59 KB, 727x877, Ezi2o_6X0AQ9C1X.jpeg)

Liz and Angela Merkel are WORKERS Anon. just like Sam Seder :) https://twitter.com/deeperama/status/1375689339208790023

No. 1314578

File: 1630659672158.jpeg (743.16 KB, 1188x1722, ED50E1EF-D04D-4CCA-98A3-7A4689…)

Bruenig’s latest article at The Atlantic got ratioed.

No. 1314642

Beijer is by far the most retarded person attached to this whole thing

No. 1314778

File: 1630684148827.png (41.96 KB, 748x401, millionaire socialism.png)

twinkrev is just millionaires gassing up other millionaires at this point. lol @ using idpol to praise greenwald.

No. 1314796

Fuck Liz. Anti vaxxers should absolutely be mocked

No. 1314805

His husband is part of the party that was actively trying to dethrone Dilma and imprison her and Lula. They can suck some hairy balls.

Also our little girl Aimee was noticed by Glenn. She is famous y'all, Aimee has made it to the big times.

No. 1315056

Azealia has a falling out with almost every person she hangs out with, no idea why is she acting holier than thou about someone doing heroin in their past

No. 1315116

can’t wait til she drags Dasha lol

No. 1315134

I hope so, it would be a funny feud, but I don’t see Dasha provoking as much jealousy in her. She isn’t dating a billionaire (Grimes) and hasn’t gotten insane amount of male attention for her body (Julia)

No. 1315140

On her latest guest appearance on Dial Dan she said that Azealia blocked her immediately after that impromptu photoshoot and that she's terrified of her but still thinks she's an amazing artist. Dasha would probably welcome being publicly dragged by her, she'd view it as an honor.

No. 1315150

I don’t get why girls continue to befriend her/ tell her personal info after they must have seen her do this to like 50 people by now though. Like what do you think is going to happen?

No. 1315196

Because an Azealia feud would get her more followers and attention

No. 1315233

I was talking more about Julia and I don’t really feel like this heroin thing is going to help her, but I could see an Azealia feud boosting Dasha’s following maybe.

No. 1315249

The people who still read Bruenig's writing at this point have to be legitimately retarded. She has the same take on everything - everyone should be more like empathetic super-mommy Liz and lovingly nurture all flavors of right wing moron (this courtesy is of course not to be extended to libdem morons, who in her eyes are scaly and incapable of love despite having views closer to her own).

No. 1315270

Julia used to be an artist and photographed herself shooting up. Azealia isn’t exposing anything

No. 1315286

File: 1630726169302.png (38.49 KB, 671x89, the awkward of 61st street.png)

apparently the Q&A for the first public screening of Scary in the US tonight didn't go well

No. 1315317

File: 1630732342458.jpeg (38.4 KB, 221x320, EDEE252E-DA5F-49D3-B06D-C5C283…)

No. 1315353

File: 1630735709172.png (3.52 MB, 1228x1444, dasha telethon.png)

Dasha (and the Ion Pack) are participating in a Zoom telethon fundraiser on 9/11 with a bunch of indie film bigwigs

No. 1315354

No. 1315387

File: 1630739172518.png (74.19 KB, 896x222, please clap.png)

No. 1315402

File: 1630740944018.png (2.19 MB, 3264x3264, A5C81761-AFCF-4488-88C4-D0D5C9…)

lmao just noticed they added “comedy” to the genre tags on IMDb since the “it’s a camp classic!” cope reviews came out

No. 1315486

they got rid of "thriller" because it's boring

No. 1315515

File: 1630752626179.jpeg (873.69 KB, 1194x1723, 1C31410B-8473-45FA-8872-6FEB5A…)

Farmers, are we too soft on the moids?

No. 1315516

File: 1630752680355.jpeg (933.78 KB, 1201x1708, B8121BA2-EC1F-4D94-98F0-B84033…)

“Emotionally sophisticated bullying”

No. 1315527

This starts to make sense when you remember that Liz’s politics revolve around trying to win the approval of her conservative Textron father.

No. 1315549

do you get really excited when you see this place mentioned on other websites

No. 1315616

So are we all lifelong sociopaths capable of emotionally sophisticated bullying, or are we all uncultured and secretly seething Jezebel writers? I wish someone could make up their mind on that one

No. 1315713

the more I see from this Joel person the more retarded and narcissistic I think he is. this egirl he’s interacting with on there is also dumb as a plank and has a thinly veiled desire to get posted on the red scare for cis hets subreddit kek

No. 1315723

File: 1630776533231.png (874.63 KB, 608x1340, eyesdeadskintight.png)

for anon asking what botoxed to the gills looks like

No. 1315740

File: 1630777411065.png (105.88 KB, 1182x358, makesyouthink.png)

No. 1315743

This Joel person just seems genuinely stupid. This same idea has been said multiple times and it’s so strange they seem to think the concept of a lolcow is a femme thing lol. ED, kiwifarms, /cow/ are all majority men. There are much more men overall following lolcows. Also just weird for him to say this when he is someone who has spent like all day, every day, on twitter for years at this point making bitchy remarks and trying to pick fights. I don’t really think any of the post left/irony men mentioned itt who spend all day getting in pointless twitter drama have any place to talk about “female histrionics”.

No. 1315753

this is siddak ahuja of the 70k per year high school btw. forget trust funds, he’s an oil baron kiddie larping as an indian nationalist. no shit that jeff bezos and peter thiel are both bad.

No. 1315758

File: 1630779848757.jpeg (81.17 KB, 800x800, CD1FD5D8-C6F1-447F-BF73-B44CCD…)

Separated at birth

No. 1315899

the weirdest part of this forum and the RS subreddit is how every time someone mentions D&A’s cosmetic tweaks people reply “nooo she just gained weight/lost weight/used a filter/learned makeup!!” Anna’s work is more obvious but Dasha has the tight, shiny, frozen look of every boss I’ve ever had in media kek

No. 1315958

all that work and she still looks like a damn groyper

No. 1315973

I think people who have never had or looked into any kind of cosmetic work are generally pretty delusional about it and really over estimate how much it can help someone, so when they see someone who still looks bad their mind doesn’t go to cosmetic procedures/surgery even if it’s obvious

No. 1316051

Yea very true, I also think people outside NYC, LA etc don’t realize how ubiquitous cosmetic work is for striver/girlboss types of a certain class. Used to work in fashion and all the girls and gays start Botox like clockwork at age 27, waiting til 30 is considered gauche. So shouldn’t surprise anyone that a wannabe actress gets a little work done. Imo it’s improved her a ton, smoothed out her bad angles and she actually looks cute in candids now. She just needs to watch for the frozen look and not follow Anna down the path to pillowface

No. 1316072

Praying for Wayne Newton Dasha

No. 1316076

File: 1630812371474.jpeg (535.94 KB, 1125x1825, 787EE4F6-09D0-49DB-8E00-46C6C1…)

The cool thing about Alice from Queens is even when she’s busy writing her horrible substack, she still takes time to flirt with 66 year old Walmart shoppers in her mentions who can’t stop talking about “attractive women.” So nice of Alice to assure horny gramps that those are, in fact, her feet in her banner pic. Now Alice can rest easy knowing no crumb of male attention has gone unvalidated on her watch

No. 1316123

this Highly Sensitive Person irony guy thing is so fucking gay. i don’t get why every guy in that whole sphere is just exactly like this now. being a grown man in your 30s who makes your whole thing being anti-scold/anti woke or whatever crying about being the victim of “emotionally sophisticated bullying” because of like, 2 posts making fun of one of your tweets is beyond pathetic.

No. 1316126

I’ve always felt like the reason they’re so autistically fixated on 2010s tumblr type sjws is out of some kind of bitterness bc back then they probably wanted to be part of that scene, because most of them are that same exact kind of person (self-pitying, self righteous, hysterical, sadistic etc), but they were pushed out or felt targeted by all the negative focus on “white straight men” lmao. Most “anti-wokes”are also ex-wokes and I don’t think they’ve really changed that much.

No. 1316147

File: 1630822504474.jpeg (863.34 KB, 1200x800, AL-TAMRA-JUDGE-COMP-1.jpeg)

Dasha's transforming into one of the Real Housewives. Can't decide if she's more Brandi or Tamra. Serving second prettiest mom at the middle school pick-up realness.

No. 1316193

yeah that tracks and it’s especially funny when you notice how a lot of them farmed their main interests from Tumblr. Twin Peaks, Kate Bush, all that quirky shit that got thousands of notes back in the day.

No. 1316207

File: 1630831250546.jpg (89.83 KB, 590x350, msemail_Ozark-season-3-2102642…)

No. 1316214

I was literally just thinking the other day that at this point the way these guys bitch and moan about “””white””” women is indistinguishable from the way the worst kind of white tumblr girls used to with white men, it’s maybe even more excessive tbh. Just 10 years straight of white people trying to frame their weird personal issues with the other white people they date as like, social commentary.

No. 1316215

>her argument was that marriage was an inherently conservative institution, and that if gay people were allowed to practice it, they would become deradicalized against neoliberalism, etc.)
Where do people get these opinions? All so painfully midwit

No. 1316219

yeah I think a lot of people are beginning to realize that and have started to find it annoying. that thing about woke “I hate white men” wocs always having a white bf is also universally true for all the “lol white women” guys.

No. 1316221

It was aa very common position within the gay community until the 90s

No. 1316271

File: 1630840998150.jpg (53.97 KB, 750x643, tvu1jaiqv8b31.jpg)

I don't thing its the same thing though, a lot of those "I hate white men" wocs who date/marry white men tend to go for normie liberal-ish white guys, even those white girls who bitched white men on Tumblr all day never even considered dating a non-white man IRL and all their crushes were all white guys
These white guys who make fun of white women are just plain misogynists who found the key to use the current neoliberal system to be openly misogynist without getting in trouble, just adding "white-" at the beginning of all their misogynistic takes and jokes and its not just white men who do this, a lot MOC do the same thing, they are simply misogynists who make jokes/offensive comments about "white women"(which is meant for all women) and disguise it as social commentary and if you get offended then your an insecure white woman, and its many MOC do the same thing, they are pure

No. 1316277

Yeah I completely agree. I was meaning more in the sense of like, a lot of times with those white tumblr girls bitching about white men on tumblr all day, if anyone had ever actually asked them what part of whatever they were bitching about even had anything to do with “whiteness” 9/10 they wouldn’t have been able to answer. The same is true when these guys talk about “””white””” women, because it isn’t actually about white women like you said. I agree that they both do it performitavely for different reasons, but imo it’s essentially for the same reason like just for the sake of their own social status. The white girls wanted to pander to the tumblr crowd so were just repeating whatever they thought would make them sound the most woke, these irony guys want to be seen as these free thinking, le epic irony edgelords or whatever but are ultimately huge cowards who are painfully afraid of any kind of pushback or criticism (as we see every time one of them receives even like, a single post here lightly making fun of them) so they throw “white” in there to try and avoid any negative reaction.

No. 1316294

I think it’s both tbh like there’s irony posters adding “white” to their /r9k/ incel tier ‘jokes’ and woke women grifter types adding in “white” just trying to hit as many idpol buzzwords as possible for the obvious clout chasing/social status reasons but I feel like there’s another common type of post you see by both those same groups that is some petty highly specific personal grievance they then attempt to generalize into a supposed phenomenon of ‘white men/women be like’.
Agreed and it’s annoying that these are pretty much the two main groups of people popular online now. Everyone is trying to be either the most ethical person on earth or just doing like “Welcome To My Twisted Mind”, and they both seem to attract the same kind of personality.

No. 1316295

File: 1630846178815.png (1.57 MB, 1910x629, afq.PNG)

Every word of this is so slimy and uncomfortable to read. Picrel is the header btw, the layers of cringe run deep.

No. 1316296

File: 1630846544107.jpg (27.78 KB, 640x627, 1629402427445.jpg)

Yeah but the as noted the phenomenon of these women(most funnily the WOC) always being in relationships with white men assures people that in the end the day its a joke, even people on twitter are aware that if a woman is sperging about white men all day, its only conforming that she only dates white guys
meanwhile these white men who make fun of white women, usually doing it cause its far as their misogyny is allowed in left wing spaces, they know if they go after other women they'll be in real trouble

No. 1316303

I agree but
>they know if they go after other women they'll be in real trouble
Is this even true? I feel like they do go after other women all the time just in a very thinly veiled way, and a lot of them don’t even bother with the white part and just say what they actually mean and they dont even get any major pushback. This is partly why I think it’s so cowardly, because realistically making fun of women is literally the safest thing you can do on twitter, no one in their circle would even care, but they still have to add some cynical woke framing from the sjws they supposedly hate because they’re that scared of the almost non existent chance they might get called out

No. 1316318

>meanwhile these white men who make fun of white women, usually doing it cause its far as their misogyny is allowed in left wing spaces, they know if they go after other women they'll be in real trouble
Actually those white men do go after nonwhite women but only if they're radfems, then they'll be misogynistic and racist towards them.

No. 1316329

Why do you people always have to drag this radfem thing into everything. This isn’t even true, the majority of the non white women they harass are like annoying liberal second generation immigrant types. If anything there’s somewhat of an overlap between this group and the radfem hitler circle.

No. 1316333

Also its the exact opposite, liberal white men(and some liberal white women) show their true colors when its a black conservative on the plate, I don't like Candance Owens or Abby Shapiro but I've seen awful comments and horribly racially charged comments against them

No. 1316339

Yeah I feel like this is obviously true, I think it just transcends political ideology at least online. A lot of men will respond to some female political figure they disagree with in a completely dehumanizing way like not even just that they’re mean or make fun of them which I don’t really care about but just genuinely insanely overtly misogynistic or racist and people will generally be accepting of it or at least just turn a blind eye.

No. 1316340

Or also liberal white women with Candace Owen type figures like you said. I guess that’s more specific to liberals/leftists though.

No. 1316357

This is so real and it’s always so jarring because I feel it happens most with the ones who seemed more normal and don’t act like that typically, like its always the most inoffensive seeming lib/leftist guys that will just randomly post something about Abby Shapiro or whatever where they sound like they’re a week away from becoming the next Ted Bundy

No. 1316374

Oh you’re right, she changed it from her old header of skinny whyte girl legs and feet in the bathtub. She constantly claimed that was her too, but it looked like a pic you’d find on every ~aesthetic Tumblr circa 2013.

Honestly my theory about Alice is that she’s exactly who she says she is, a boring Vermont nobody, only she’s ugly kek. There’s no reason for her to be anon since she doesn’t have a job and her opinions are blue check friendly, besides her not looking like she claims to. No one hot screams “I PROMISE I’M HOT!!” on social media all day, they post actual pics and get tons more followers

No. 1316477

Does anyone have brace belden's private twitter? can any anons redpill me on if he's a freak/phoney or not? I just started listening to true anon and he seems genuine and funny

No. 1316480

>No one hot screams “I PROMISE I’M HOT!!” on social media all day, they post actual pics and get tons more followers

I’m not a fan of this Alice person and don’t know enough to endorse what she’s said, but at this point the internet has been flooded with attractive women posting pics (many edit or use their good angles but still) I think people online are kind of bored of them? A hot Twitter chick posting pics doesn’t have the same draw as it did in earlier Twitter. There are loads of political hot girls doing that gig already so I can see staying anon is more intriguing to people. I think most women who follow any genre of political Twitter know women get harassed more so that’s another issue with not staying anon

No. 1316516

@nopoweradeinusa used to be a Tumblrite before he found Twitter. You may be on to something.

No. 1316530

File: 1630870194136.jpeg (252.18 KB, 1336x1233, AA8A4D22-3E4A-45F7-8699-47227B…)

as retarded as ever

No. 1316532

What have the Red Scare girls said about the abortion laws? Haven’t one or both of them gotten abortions in the past?

No. 1316534

Anna has, one in the last 3 years if she can be believed. Anna ids as pro-choice but considers women selfish whores if they don't keep their pregnancies and aren't homeless or teens and so on. Dasha was pro-choice even after her catholic phase but started glibly calling herself pro-life last year. Wonder if that will change with her new Hollywood Dasha persona.

No. 1316541

in 2018 it was the same a paglia "i'm not pro choice, i'm pro abortion and i take no pleasure in saying it."

No. 1316614

Point well taken, but Alice isn’t the type to be demure or use intrigue at all. She’s plainly desperate for male attention, flirts with all comers, and does that tragic thing where she just occasionally mentions sex, blow jobs, wrestling other women, etc just to bask in the simp attention. Her first substack post was a 5,000 word paen to how hot men supposedly find her. I understand why normal women might want to remain anon but Alice is a complete narcissist, if she had the looks she’d be flaunting them for sure

No. 1316632

no new pod in 2 weeks, is red scare over?

weird that anna took a vacation to cape cod the week of dasha's first in-person screening. are the girls fighting?

No. 1316658

iirc Dasha gave some serious pushback to Liz B on the "abortion special" episode way back in 2018; but of course now she's performatively but stridently anti-abortion.

No. 1316758

>I think people online are kind of bored of them?

there's something to be said for the interest that remaining anonymous can generate but in the end only the most depraved individuals can be bothered to use their imagination like that. and I don't think coomer moids will ever tire of egirls. they'll all be in their 40s, maybe even married and god forbid with children and still trawling through Twitter's 20 year old egirls.

of course they're always going to hate women and shit on egirls but at the same time they can't resist them.

No. 1316823

TrueAnon's last two episodes have covered 9/11 and the RFK assassination…AliceFromLangley must be in a tizzy; what is her good friend Liz Franczak doing, spreading all these insane conspiracy theories!?

No. 1316876

Watch there be a new episode tomorrow but this is longer than they took off after Anna had her baby.

No. 1316999

Didn't she just call herself pro life again within the last couple of episodes?

No. 1317064

Pretty sure that was Meg. Dasha seemed mostly aligned with Liz and identified herself as Catholic

No. 1317094

File: 1630940953257.png (1.42 MB, 1280x697, Gene McHugh.png)

Watching an Agnes Varda doc (Beaches of Agnes, 2008) and Eugene Kotlyarenko shows up out of nowhere; apparently he was her assistant while she was filming in LA

No. 1317107

With Dasha trying to transition into Hollywood and Anna doing her “I’m a mom now I don’t care about politics” thing I feel like it’s inevitable the podcast will probably end soon tbh. Idk what Anna will do after, did she ever give any update on that l collaboration she was supposed to be doing with Paglia?

No. 1317134

what collaboration? i only remember anna k saying that she talks to paglia via email (not that paglia wants to come on the podcast or anything)
yeah, dasha has called immoral and horrific

No. 1317136

samefag sorry, dasha has called it immoral and horrific

No. 1317145

she said Paglia told her in an email that she liked what they do and they were working on something together with Aimee lol

No. 1317186

File: 1630947688184.jpeg (635.7 KB, 1189x1593, D91131CE-4164-4422-B6F5-D504C2…)

Aimee just posted an old Amber Frost tweet about abortion and she didn’t even cross out Amber’s name well.

No. 1317187

File: 1630947792651.jpeg (327.52 KB, 1198x872, DC352E87-7DF7-425A-97AF-28881E…)

Aimee’s abortion tweets sure are attracting some interesting followers.

No. 1317193

File: 1630948275165.png (88.43 KB, 1040x348, redscareabortionhautetakes.png)

Throwback to when the girls came out as pro-infantcide. No clue how Anna is pearl clutching about the language people use about abortion after that. Are they going to bring up again the "abortion is rad" shirt some irrelevant man made 5 years ago?

No. 1317205

Watching everyone in this sphere pivot from being contrarian edgelords to contrarian new sincerity types has been a weird experience. I think a lot of them have correctly intuited that they’re aging out of their bad girl schtick, so they’ve started clinging to this mommy tenderheart thing.

No. 1317215

inb4 dasha and anna continue badgering now 74yo paglia with emails like a contrarian deity into her 80s the way lefties keep trying to get senile/retired chomsky to weigh in on contemporary issues.

No. 1317217

it's so boring it actually makes me kind of miss the contrarian edgelord thing by comparison, which seemed forced a lot of the time but this comes off even more insincere and it seems like they enjoy it way less now, at least before it sometimes sounded like they were having fun. It was one thing when it was just Dasha but if now both of them are just going to be doing this 'mommy tenderheart' thing like you said I can't imagine that's going to be very interesting to listen to. Although tbh even when they were doing the contrarian edgelord thing they seem to have always had a lot of like, 'sweetiepilled' divine feminine waif type followers like how @chaoticitgirl used to be, so maybe it'll work out for them to pander more to that crowd.

No. 1317226

File: 1630951395186.jpeg (446.92 KB, 828x1465, EEF6FEB1-F8ED-45CE-90B8-6B6815…)

AFQ’s apology letterfor those who cancelled her Substack after the first month

No. 1317239

this almost has the energy of like, an apology from a 15 year old who just got cancelled for acephobia (especially the last paragraph). How old does 'Alice' claim to be or has she not said? This and the tweets that were posted itt when she was responding to anyone who criticised her substack make her sound like a teenager or something. I feel like if what you're going for is 'serious accredited journalist' then this overly personal and emotional type of communication is the wrong way to go about it, I don't think you can really do both.

No. 1317254

File: 1630953202515.png (97.33 KB, 1174x506, alice.png)

This from someone who writes 50 pages of tweets a day.
"She" claims she's 28 now.

No. 1317272

The people her tweets bring in have been schizo off the charts lately, and not in the usual way

No. 1317289

the real question is whether she'll keep up her manic posting once she loses her remaining ironybro engagement and is left with the crazies. Maybe she can start making based fren edits about drinking apple cider vinegar.

No. 1317332

Like clockwork Dasha now says she's pro-choice but would never personally get an abortion. Conveniently, she's likely infertile.

No. 1317356

that joel guy is one of the biggest freaks out of those irony posters. wish these threads looked into them more.

No. 1317359

File: 1630965099813.jpeg (374.42 KB, 1536x2048, E-iQpS_XMAIp-c9.jpeg)

yaaaass comrade ken! the revolution will happen any day now!

No. 1317385

File: 1630968075664.png (504.92 KB, 1080x1053, Screenshot_20210906-173747~2.p…)

It's because he's rich, right? That's the only reason I can think of why these irony thots keep thirsting over this scrote

No. 1317389

Does she really? God, what a poseur. Take an honest position for once in your life, Dasha. Either you're Catholic or not; abortion is one of the fundamental issues to the Church.

No. 1317394

the RS girls are getting boring so I’d more than welcome this. the boys tend to react hilariously, too. pretty sure we had one of them charge in here and shit his diaper a couple weeks back. they don’t know what to do when they can’t rally the retard gang and flood someone’s mentions with abuse kek

No. 1317428

File: 1630971595541.png (115 KB, 621x523, pedo hunter liz.png)

Not Liz B baselessly accusing some rando making a rude comment in the replies to a baking tweet of being a pedophile…

Not Liz B defending the feds' dubious methods of entrapment that result in the federal government hosting the largest collection of cp in the world…

No. 1317435

File: 1630972205661.png (39.09 KB, 614x327, lol.png)

and like the coward she is, she deletes the first tweet of the thread and doesn't offer an apology after the OP explains that no, not every critic of hers is a pedo

No. 1317437

File: 1630972590334.jpg (45.93 KB, 640x412, 918s75ushc971.jpg)

Liz's boss to the left, owner of The Atlantic. Not to mention the adult Catholic convert thing. Maybe Liz is projecting her own guilt about her choices to devote her life only a few degrees away from massive abusive cabals, plural? Just kidding, she's a cynical careerist and doesn't care.

No. 1317449

File: 1630974730761.png (145.79 KB, 1080x637, Screenshot_20210906-192924~2.p…)

Felix's alt, 'journalistshoota.' What a badass kek

No. 1317465


No. 1317471

File: 1630976775169.png (70.64 KB, 617x374, felix.png)

nta but:

also Will Menaker, Kath K, Matt Christman, lowenaffchen, and other big Chapo orbiter accounts all interact with it

No. 1317511


fwiw many American Catholics basically hold this view

No. 1317543


amber is based for this

No. 1317588

>with Aimee
well that's definitely happening

No. 1317622

File: 1631001106276.jpeg (295.02 KB, 1181x573, 8D335BDF-044E-4F4F-8FA0-5D3381…)

So these two retards found each other.

No. 1317632

is he trying to rehabilitate monarchism for burned-out commie larpers now? what is he ev