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File: 1605015701694.jpg (537.06 KB, 1242x804, columgrime.jpg)

No. 1079281

Thread about pickme women and gays, primarily from Twitter and Youtube, who claim to be practicing Socialism or Marxism while simply being aging childless narcissists. Commonly known as The Dirtbag Left, many associated with the scene are not leftists at all. Many have drifted to outright support of Donald Trump since the end of Bernie Sanders’ run.
>Media associated with this scene:
Podcasts like Red Scare, Chapo Trap House, True Anon, The Antifada, The Perfume Nationalist, What’s Left, and The Nice People Show

The Rundown:
>Aimee Terese (@shoe_sticky) comes out against the Bolivian socialists who won a fair election >>>/snow/1061988
>Samememe (@s_amememe___) has a tragic combination of gayface and soyface >>>/snow/1063054
>Liz Bruenig (@ebruenig) is a pick-me, says she’d be fine if Jeffrey Toobin jacked off in front of her >>>/snow/1062510
>Anna Khachiyan’s (@annakhachiyan) boyfriend lusting over other women on IG >>>/snow/1062552
>pic of Dasha’s frequent creative collaborator Maddy Quinn (ig: @madelimequinn) >>>/snow/1062576
>Maddy Quinn being a psycho, likely in these threads spilling milk about all her friends >>>/snow/1062599
>Samememe deletes all his tweets minutes after farmers find his face pic >>>/snow/1063114
>Felina (@p1nkpr1ncesa) posts caps from the leftcows thread, Annie (@w0a0i0f) joins in on dunking Shasti >>>/snow/1063172
>old photo from Dasha’s Tumblr, before she was pretending to be an it-girl >>>/snow/1065647
>cows collide! Anna goes on Ashley’s (@christlover2000) podcast for a 3-hour self indulgent borefest >>>/snow/1066453
>Ashley claims she was the target of a murder-suicide by her former (and now deceased) cohost. Provides no evidence. >>>/snow/1066610
>Red Scare guest @weed_slut_420’s nudes have been found on Hunter Biden’s leaked laptop >>>/snow/1067511
>pic of Anna’s ugly busted roommate Leia Jospe. Now runs a private Instagram she charges $60 a year for >>>/snow/1067550
>BreadTube star Peter Coffin goes on Fedpost, a pro-Trump Aimee Terese-adjacent podcast >>>/snow/1068388
>Dasha’s Boyfriend (@0PN) is still married and his wife cheated on him with artist Jordon Wolfson >>>/snow/1069016
>Discussion about what plastic surgery Anna K had >>>/snow/1069936
>Caroline (@as_a_woman) is back on twitter, shading the post-left >>>/snow/1070777
>@mcrumps had old photos leak >>>/snow/1071910
>is Cum Town’s Nick Mullen attractive? >>>/snow/1072017
>Slavoj Zizek’s appearance on Red Scare >>>/snow/1072752
>New short film co-written by Dasha and Maddy Quinn >>>/snow/1073767
>creepy femcel from r/redscarepod buys a full-size cutout of Dasha >>>/snow/1076111
>Dasha’s boyfriend appears on Jimmy Kimmel, with video shot by Leia Jospe >>>/snow/1077321
>Aimee Terese is sad that Donald Trump lost the US Presidential Election >>>/snow/1077469
>cows spotted picnicking in Brooklyn. Including @as_a_woman and @queasy_f_bby (who slept with Adam Friedland) >>>/snow/1077533
>Anna Khachiyan is possibly pregnant >>>/snow/1077674
>Estée Lardass’s disgusting fat body splayed on the ground >>>/snow/1077811
>millionaire podcaster Matt Christman of Chapo Trap House is against student loan relief >>>/snow/1078597

Old threads:
Thread #1: >>>/snow/949693
Thread #2: >>>/snow/1002060
Thread #3: >>>/snow/1020452
Thread #4: >>>/snow/1030945
Thread #5: >>>/snow/1031222
Thread #6: >>>/snow/1045687
Thread #7: >>>/snow/1061969

No. 1079363

File: 1605026089538.png (715.16 KB, 640x1505, b5SriJV.png)

No. 1079374

Liz Bruenig, child of Hutu Power extremists

No. 1079387

How was Liz B ridiculing Aimee?

No. 1079390

it's the quote tweet in the screenshot, she was making fun of Aimee for crying about trump losing at 4am in Australia

No. 1079403

What an unhinged, completely over the top reaction

No. 1079415

this reminds me of one thing that's always pissed me off about aimee and anna. they talk endless shit but then also talk about how good and loyal and nice they are. i mean if you really have those qualities then you don't have to advertise them, you know? and neither of them have those qualities. you're a wall of needlessly aggressive negative energy.

No. 1079416

Is aimee so delusional that she thinks she’s been living in Australia with absolutely no thanks to war criminals as well? LOL pot calling the kettle black

No. 1079423

File: 1605033513797.jpeg (120.84 KB, 643x900, EmYvE6GXcAAH6fB.jpeg)

No. 1079428


No. 1079451

Liz spent a bunch of the past 12 hours having a meltdown on Twitter because people were poking her for bringing a philosophy debate club into a discussion about a sitting senator's call to send in the troops. That's funny.

No. 1079453

How is everything even remotely concerning Bruening so boring? Idk if she just has a very meh face or what, but I can't bring myself to care about anything she does, she's so fucking bland. Also


No. 1079470

It's Nylon lmao why would you expect anything other than boring influencer shit

No. 1079473

Uploading a philosophy PDF during an argument seems a bit pretentious to me.

No. 1079488

Sophie's World-tier pollyannish bullshit. What does that quote of hers even mean? Why does everything she say have to be so annoying and precious?

No. 1079507

lmao every tweet about liz bruenig is people saying "why is everyone going after liz bruenig again?" and no one actually going after liz bruenig. it's almost like she creates an air of persecution around her so that a bunch of pathetic strangers start defending the poor young virginal momma from nonexistent criticism

No. 1079522

File: 1605042928584.jpg (312.95 KB, 717x1311, Screenshot_20201110_161516.jpg)

Truly disgusting aesthetically

No. 1079528

I respect it tbh. The hideous beard is like a monk’s tonsure.

No. 1079529

ya'll are just jelly. liz bruenig is adorkable.

No. 1079531


That looks so unhygienic. Actually disgusting.

No. 1079549


No. 1079553

what? she's like the edgy leftist catholic Zooey Deschanel

No. 1079559

Anon, are you lost? Or are you just a scrote?

Who the fuck is this now?

No. 1079562

She seems to be much more concerned talking about the coverup of sexual abuse by the Catholic hierarchy.

No. 1079573

nick mullen from cumtown.

why do all of these cows look like david koresh or one of the manson girls?

No. 1079601

He's not even recognizable anymore, damn. Good job unsexualizing himself I guess.

No. 1079660

>it's almost like she creates an air of persecution around her
The Bruenigs have built up this persecution complex for years, it goes all the way back to Roosh and the PUA community bullying Liz when she first started on twitter, that saga brought in the initial simp army, which Liz then used in turn to bully anyone who disagreed with her, culminating in Jacobinghazi and eventually Bruenighazi two years later. Not that the radlibs on the other side of the two 'ghazis weren't cows themselves, but Liz and Matt gained a reputation for having a fiercely loyal simp army that would harrass all who crossed their idols.

No. 1079736

File: 1605060606120.jpeg (107.38 KB, 567x557, 47673E2C-DF65-4B9B-AF27-9CF9A3…)

glenn and alice comment on the latest election news

No. 1079737


Dasha gets hate because she’s narcissistic and her personal life is messy. She purposely tries to befriend heirs (Lauren Avery) and steals from them or tries to get clout. Her life is just kind of sad at this point. Her podcast blew up and she cheated on fiancé Adam Friedland (scarethots love to downplay cheating for some reason and some encourage it. Gross) then played the victim. She’s a social climbing snake who only cares about attention and fame

No. 1079739

>Roosh and the PUA community bullying Liz
Why'd they go after her?

No. 1079742

He's not wrong

No. 1079745

What an idiot, the point of filing these lawsuits is to enact a "coup," for lack of a better word. Trump admin wants to win these lawsuits and retake the presidency counter to the will of the American people. Just because he might not succeed doesn't mean you can't call it an attempted coup. Greenwald would agree that even though Guaido failed in Venezuela, he had still attempted a coup.

No. 1079770

Glenn Greenwald's awkward and pedantic twitter flirtation with a catfish isn't even peak 2020.

No. 1079806

File: 1605068174552.png (42.72 KB, 603x228, hideokojima onlyfans.png)

Pritch received a week-long ban on twitter

No. 1079824

File: 1605070458918.jpeg (47.75 KB, 567x425, ECB3E6F4-9158-4E72-8D4A-BEBBB1…)

is this really brace?

No. 1079842

Liz Bruenig is actually a bad person. The whole forgiving, Catholic girl persona is an act. She is incredibly calculating and cruel to anyone who doesn't fall for her bullshit. She's also corrupt and uses connections to make things go her way. "Goodness" is her vanity. It's gross.

No. 1079851

Glenn is a trained lawyer so I get the correction he's making and will let it slide. Alice on the other hand sounds like Bari Weiss. It's like she's in debate club and tries to repackage conservative commentary in the most palatable way for non-conservative consumption. She's boring as hell, no wonder she's friends with Liz Bruenig.

No. 1079854

did brace and gwen snyder have a baby

No. 1079862

Aimee always appeals to pity when she gets the slightest pushback. When she began gaining notoriety, her favorite defense was to mewl about bluechecks attacking an Australian girl with less than 10k followers and "a small patreon." That part always made me snort. "A small patreon."

No. 1079872

exactly. the fact that people donated money to the bruenigs when matt got fired, while conveniently failing to mention that he was gainfully employed elsewhere through liz's shady connections, that she comes from a family whose wealth involves killing innocent people oversees (who aren't really people to her at all, i guess her catholic sense of duty and charity extends only to the east coast media elite), and has continuously gotten herself and matt jobs through nepotism and depicting herself as ~the only~ capable, stable young journalist out there today, reveals all you need to know about her character

No. 1079876

lol she really should run for office as a democrat. she'd fit right in.

No. 1079891

File: 1605080915330.png (144.46 KB, 768x488, aimeeT.png)

Aimee interview

No. 1079892


No. 1079898

No. 1079901

She can't sound sane and grounded for more than 5 words at a time jfc, nice (((poison))) the well reference aimee. Call chapo lame all you want but aimee is just furious that they didn't invite her on their show. If the chapos are so evil why did she only start attacking them when they stopped humoring her?
Does anyone know how she came to the attention of the Dead Pundits guy who made her co-host on his chapo inspired cash in podcast in 2017 before she bdp'd out? Did she already have a twitter following or where did she come from, facebook?

No. 1079904

Aimee's politics are abhorrent but she nailed Chapo here.

No. 1079909

Aimee's "politics" are just whoever she's mad at in the moment.

No. 1079912

She's right about the daily show part but they admit that, why do people want them to say they're more than an entertainment podcast when they're not. The only way she would see them as not part of the DNC is if they had told people to vote for Trump instead of what they actually did which is to not vote or vote third party/write in like they all personally did.

Anna is putting this on her stories, not the chapo part, she promotes Aimee like she's paid to do it. And posting a picture of her waist from a few months ago. Very preg behavior.

No. 1079915

Because they're not just an entertainment podcast; they're consent manufacturers for the DNC. They campaigned for a democratic candidate and one of them co-hosts a new show with said candidate's spokesperson.

Screenshot of Anna's stories?

No. 1079980

Yes, I would also like to know what she did before the dp podcast, only knew her from there

No. 1079995

Name one other heir Dasha has befriended

No. 1080000

No. 1080005

Ok so one heir, real gotcha moment. Doesn’t matter point is she tried to weasel her way into social groups for the sole purpose of becoming famous. She harmed people along the way only to end up where she is. Pathetic to simp for someone like Dasha, go back to the k hole you crawled out of

No. 1080008

File: 1605102569823.png (237.59 KB, 597x401, substacked.png)

gee i wonder why aimee calls liz "the child of war criminals" here. could it be because she gave an interview bashing chapo to an actual, proud war criminal?

No. 1080009

Aimee needs to give up the sweet lil leftist girl uwu act and just admit she's a materialist right winger at this point. if you're doing interviews with Salo people and telling people to vote for trump you're not a communist

No. 1080011

he's not a war criminal, he's the founder of an online politics/philosophy forum called Salo that's pretty much all right wingers (lots of fascists) it's Bronze Age Pervent adjacent types

No. 1080013

i'm pretty sure he is a war criminal. there's serbo-croatian in the comments

No. 1080017

if you mean the comments of the article, the commentator is "rapegroyper88". it's google translate for sure

No. 1080018

salo forum is the red scare subreddit but for men

No. 1080019

He's a gay guy who lives in Canada. Sooo based and redpilled.

No. 1080036

File: 1605104946100.jpg (170.25 KB, 1200x900, yeCh0OL.jpg)

"Chapo isn't political"

No. 1080063

Your point? Chapo is a political entertainment, analysis and interview show like the daily show was. As was said the only way Aimee would call them not shills of the DNC is if they became fash adjacent like her or if they suddenly wanted to support Trump or Tucker Carlson for president which isn't happening. Or if the least unlikely thing now happens and they invite her on the show. Are you having fun being manipulated by an iced out harpy?

No. 1080073

File: 1605110721298.jpeg (278.83 KB, 1125x721, 1EDEE54B-B4A0-4919-B07E-B9D7BA…)

This cow is always complaining about how she has no money and then tweets about her private high school & how she wishes her mom didn't sell their NYC apartment and then she tweets sum jokes & goes back to how she has no money and needs to leech money from her roommates fans in exchange for looking at her iPhone pictures. Shes so lazy she doesnt even stick to faking the narrative of being poor

No. 1080088

who care

No. 1080096

chapo isn't gonna fuck you

No. 1080150

File: 1605118168712.png (50.2 KB, 799x315, AFqCbTT.png)

Might as well bring this up since he was mentioned last thread. Peter Coffin went on a blocking rampage last night and blocked everyone from Breatube for some reason (hbomberbuy, Big Joel, Philosophy Tube, etc.)

No. 1080156

File: 1605118485208.jpeg (222.54 KB, 1242x545, ECA4FE62-DBE2-4B57-AA58-CA7764…)

Samememe allegedly has a fiancé

No. 1080165

Its very funny actually

No. 1080168

a number of red scare friends seem to have money but no jobs or not the sort of jobs you can live in ny on, dasha's ex roommate kyle for example, current roommate maddie

No. 1080169

Yeah it's Google Translate. "Блеибург" is supposed to be "Блајбург"

No. 1080175

File: 1605119650255.png (118.19 KB, 1278x336, Screen Shot 2020-11-11 at 1.33…)

about fatso jack

No. 1080178

crazy that there’s a woman out there stupid enough to marry him

No. 1080182

samememe confirmed lurker because this tweet has been deleted

No. 1080184

Does anyone have the picture of samememe’s purse I really want to see it

No. 1080187

File: 1605120328016.jpeg (213.17 KB, 793x553, CCE74BA7-194A-48D5-B308-31C560…)

What the fuck is this sentence

No. 1080188

Does anyone follow Jack? Has he posted anything interesting while his accounts been locked?

No. 1080192

why do half her "observations" sound like dasha subtweets

No. 1080195

Do you think he’s genuine or is he like a parody account? So much of what he says is just so stupid I feel like it has to be an act

No. 1080199

File: 1605121048817.jpeg (303.8 KB, 750x796, 70E8B5A5-5427-482E-B651-7851D1…)

samememe subtweeting jack

No. 1080215

File: 1605122026242.jpeg (86.99 KB, 750x261, 6198E264-6097-4476-83A9-8D30CD…)

apparently samememe and his fiancé are expecting…

No. 1080217

She thinks the current “culture” is what she sees on her social media feeds.

Hopefully he’ll get a life and stop complaining about women online all day. Feel bad for that kid though.

No. 1080220

That’s honestly really sad

No. 1080221

i hope this is a joke

No. 1080223

No I genuinely find the idea of samememe being responsible for a child sad

No. 1080227

he’ll continue to tweet about hating AWFLs and teachers all day while his wife takes care of the kid

No. 1080231

Pathetic for her to gripe about how culture isn’t sophisticated enough when her prose is this ugly

No. 1080233

Does the salo guy have any connection to switzerland?

No. 1080244

lmao. the funniest part about jack is he has a perfume podcast and doesn't understand shit about what actually smells good, it's all theoretical to him…like /r/malefashionadvice but for perfumes

No. 1080245

I hope for the idea of that child’s sake this is a lie

No. 1080252

File: 1605125860007.jpeg (282.88 KB, 750x765, 78F4C5AF-E16B-43FC-8C09-D1A07E…)

Just in case you didn’t know, this entire tweet is word salad, sold as “coherent thought”

No. 1080276

my recollection is no, he's from some irrelevant balkans country.
it's so hypocritical for these mouthbreathers to hate on liberalism and then use liberal ontology (the idea that everyone has a right to life) to justify their pro-choice position. infanticide has historically been a thing because feudalism and earlier economic systems didn't afford a right to life from conception or birth, it was literally up to your mom and dad if you were allowed to make it to adulthood.

No. 1080277

No, he's an ethnic Croat from Hamilton, Ontario

No. 1080278

sorry for double post, I meant justify their pro life position. actually coherent anti-liberals will just say "yes abortion is eugenics and that's good" and be done with it instead of twisting themselves into a pretzel for a cheap dunk on """liberalism"""

No. 1080279

File: 1605127769179.png (1.17 MB, 1212x880, Screen Shot 2020-11-11 at 3.48…)

really fascinating how he amassed 7k followers for the exact same tweet repeated over and over with one or two word changes

No. 1080306

Bronze Age Pervert got his start posting on Salo.

No. 1080309

File: 1605130839827.jpeg (65.48 KB, 591x813, D8FA76CE-FF34-40A9-A85C-AF75EF…)

Adam looks even worse

No. 1080312

this take is so shitty i refuse to believe she's not trolling

No. 1080320

I doubt samememe’s fiancée or their unborn baby even exist tbh

No. 1080324

he really looks like jd samson

No. 1080327

he looks bad and kind of old but I feel like 'worse' than Nick is pushing it. I would genuinely cross the street if I saw Nick.

No. 1080343

File: 1605134848617.jpeg (894.81 KB, 1242x1659, 83CC8BC1-9F14-408B-AAEA-F351F9…)

No. 1080353

it’s doesn’t make any sense for biden to have rigged the election. they wouldn’t get anything out of it because trump would just send them to jail. but anna’s obviously right wing so common sense doesn’t matter

No. 1080361

he's mid sentence and having a bad hair day in a candid shot. nick has a gnarly gray beard like a forum wizard. he looks like he has long yellow toe nails and black teeth

No. 1080399

maddie is open about being a trustafarian from what i’ve gathered

No. 1080414

"lol im just meme-ing guys" worked really well for her friends on the right. Chuds like Cernovich retweeted her first post, not her second.

No. 1080416

File: 1605139817251.png (295.75 KB, 522x936, verynormaldayofannatweeting.PN…)

No. 1080417

> They campaigned for a democratic candidate

… who is Bernie Sanders, the same person Aimee "campaigned for" …

> and one of them co-hosts a new show with said candidate's spokesperson.

… who is Briahna Joy Gray, who was notable among her peers for refusing to endorse or campaign for Biden after Bernie dropped out of the race.

I have zero interest in Chapotards but you don't need to lie about this.

No. 1080424

Ambien abuse.

No. 1080428

"You Americans just don't get it. My tweet is a rorschach. Why are you taking this so seriously? I was just joking around. Any man who criticizes my post is being sexist."

No. 1080441

Lmao. Matt was planning to quit his main job and focus on the paid blogging when that whole affair occurred. You make it sound like Liz's parents are Boston Brahmins not some generic upper middle class family not to mention that Liz herself has repeatedly said that her dad is an abusive piece of shit.

No. 1080443

It’s a miracle that samememe managed to impregnate someone with his tiny pecker

No. 1080489

A miracle or highly unlikely? His tweets always give big impotence energy, something he's always had in common with Big Jack.

No. 1080504

She’s claims to hate democrats and she’s anti abortion anyway.

No. 1080505

File: 1605145685824.jpeg (77.68 KB, 629x680, 154AD553-2071-4C54-B6BF-22A0F3…)

Glenn will throw around words like “coup” loosely when it’s convenient.

Btw, I strongly suspect @AliceFromQueens is Wesley Yang’s wife but she lies about being single to throw potential doxxers off her scent. Pay attention to how they interact on Twitter.

No. 1080521

Niccolo Salo was openly sympathetic to Hitler and Mussolini and the Croatian Ustase back when he posted on ThePhora and Salo.

No. 1080563

What.. does that mean?

No. 1080582

don't play retarded. you know what she meant

No. 1080584

"-ghazi" is the new "-gate," as in Benghazi / Watergate

No. 1080591

What do you think samememe’s fiancée likes the most about him? His unhinged tweets, his lack of hair, or his minuscule dick?

No. 1080599

I don’t think he actually has a fiancee, I think he’s just making shit up like kantbot. No woman alive would tolerate this ugly little man unless he faked a different personality and kept all evidence of his online life from her. I’ll believe it when he posts proof

No. 1080601


Agreed, there is no fiancee.

No. 1080602

>she promotes Aimee like she's paid to do it
I think she admires Aimee because she's an insaner, uglier version of her that actually knows more or less what she's talking about despite being unhinged and incapable of maintaining a coherent position for more than 5 minutes

No. 1080614

no. its because she will always defend the most hated position. anna always backs the underdog to a fault

No. 1080618

File: 1605156087732.jpeg (256.67 KB, 711x790, 712CD09C-43CB-4483-A3EA-3E3728…)

Սատանան ձեր ճիրաններում կպահի ձեր հոգին, նա ձեզ կմղի դեպի հավերժական խավար, կզգաք դժոխքի կրակոտ փոսերը, կայրեք, մինչ մենք ծիծաղենք(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1080627

inb4 samememe posting about his haters being a bunch of baby-hating libfems for thinking garbage people like him shouldn't procreate

No. 1080631

I didn't, why would someone pretend to be retarded about a normal word?

Thanks anon, I was aware of -gate but not -ghaze

No. 1080639

File: 1605159072332.jpeg (322.85 KB, 1199x754, 9A8932F3-C7CF-4657-B779-69ACDB…)


No. 1080661

yeah pretty sure they're joking, anon

No. 1080668

lol you're white knighting for liz bruenig who is rich and has a track record of lying to get money from people of poorer backgrounds than she, has benefited from wars overseas, and has stood accused of abusing people who dare criticize her. stop simping here and go back to the red scare subreddit.

No. 1080669

File: 1605163249014.jpeg (219.93 KB, 1197x570, 57D74CD6-FE8B-49A8-90B7-20143E…)

It’s not that he’s serious about breaking up with his wife because she got “owned” on Twitter, but the fact that he keeps hinting that his wife is on Twitter without ever identifying who she is. One of the few details he’s divulged about his wife is that she’s Jewish, which is also one of the few personal details Alice has mentioned about herself. I’m pretty sure both of them live in New York City as well. Then when you look at all the innuendo in their online interactions, which are strange if Wesley were married to another woman.

No. 1080672

Interesting theory, Yang lives at least part time in Vermont and has a Jewish wife but I looked her up and she's a brunette and doesn't seem like Alice at all.

No. 1080681

File: 1605164496045.jpeg (834.79 KB, 1193x1585, A11B5D3C-9188-43F5-9CB2-1903C2…)

I didn’t know Yang spends time in Vermont, but that nearly clinches it for me since Alice also takes trips to Vermont. Way too many coincidences are adding up.

The attached exchange also makes sense if you assume Alice is married to an Asian and has Asian in-laws.

No. 1080690

I can’t go back and post them because he deleted all his tweets recently but he has a lot of alarming views on how to raise children. I really hope he’s just making it up or if he’s being honest I at least hope he doesn’t have a daughter.

No. 1080692

fake news she flirts with other guys constantly

No. 1080708

jfc. listen to aimee just 2.5 years ago (she starts talking around 3.25). she sounds completely coherent, measured, even her voice sounds better. what happened? https://revolutionaryleftradio.libsyn.com/deconstructing-liberal-intellectuals-peterson-harris-and-pinker

No. 1080709

File: 1605168813322.jpeg (402.78 KB, 1182x915, FEE43377-1483-40F7-B42F-2DC04E…)

It really is just an aesthetic to people like Leila: “MAGA is the coolest brand”

No. 1080712

File: 1605169818089.jpeg (448.9 KB, 978x1910, 769A5334-BC10-46E7-BB3B-069084…)

No. 1080713

The “MAGA brand” makes me think of middle aged men with beer bellies and fat bleach-blonde women who refuse to wear face masks in public. So cool!!!

No. 1080714

I always think this when people say things like that. They’re desperate to make supporting the US president some kind of subversive, ‘cool’ thing that it just isn’t.

No. 1080716

I love it when more informed people point out that Anna is completely clueless when it comes to history, politics, or cultural criticism beyond the same five authors she rehashes constantly, then she immediately hide behind the “I don’t claim to be a serious political thinker, I’m just here to discuss fashion and pop culture” excuse. But if you take a quick glance at her Twitter account, it’s at least 90% political commentary or attempts at such. I just take pity on anyone dumb enough it think Anna has anything to offer.

No. 1080718

I really don’t get why she constantly claims to “not follow” politics

No. 1080719

File: 1605171020677.jpeg (107.75 KB, 1024x538, A088DC04-66DB-4C55-8412-9EFAD0…)

This is basically MAGA now. Even much of 4chan is sick of them yet Twitter “leftists” are so behind the curve that they think it’s still cool. It’s like when Anna discovered Frog Twitter four years after it was relevant.

No. 1080720

false the election outcome was fake and the dems are trying to steal it. thanks fed

No. 1080721

Anna K is right the election was stolen. You're a culturally and technologically illiterate liberal if you think otherwise.

No. 1080722

File: 1605171778980.jpeg (143.46 KB, 679x971, 9718BDEF-A40E-44D1-B0BD-A5897B…)

Based and redpilled!

No. 1080727

Funny how they put "suburban" on both sides. Is suburban good or bad? Pick one.

No. 1080728

File: 1605172107928.png (113.6 KB, 1126x1318, 0D31BE8A-F38D-4649-9D9D-38A791…)

Seethe some more

No. 1080731

god i love trumpsters for providing all the memey content. bless them dimwits

No. 1080733

>disliking trump means.. uh.. that you’re a cheney supporter!

No. 1080734

File: 1605172357307.jpeg (Spoiler Image,104.84 KB, 579x1024, 66403914-5BE9-4E44-B79B-F64DE8…)

You're probably a scrote so here’s a hot nude MAGA girl for you

No. 1080737

how cute. the deep state knows how to sage.

No. 1080738

omg whos that fill me in

No. 1080739

cheney is going to be head of the national security council in biden's administration, fag. i hope you enjoy turning the middle east into glass again

No. 1080742

>hope you enjoy turning the middle east into glass again
Can’t WAIT. Voted for Biden 10 times!

No. 1080743

yawn, i voted 20 times

No. 1080744

Not a Biden fan, but no one has hinted or confirmed that Cheney will be serving in the Biden admin. This rumor got started by a Twitter rando doing a prank.

No. 1080745

but little uwu tradwife mommy gf liz bruenig's daddy will make money killing those brown people, and war hero brace belden will get to hold the decapitated heads of arabs in a photoshoot, so i'm happy! whatever keeps my podcast friends rich and poor brown people dead(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1080749

File: 1605173074286.png (151.08 KB, 812x484, 732AA6BF-F879-4CF4-9737-D3FE47…)

My grandpa voted for Biden 30 times from the grave.

No. 1080751

i can't wait to buy her tweet-collection book

No. 1080752

File: 1605173347861.jpeg (237.22 KB, 1198x593, 55DAC8D2-8759-439F-A168-B6F5C3…)

Speaking of MAGA cope, everyone’s favorite PUA turned Trad is taking defeat well.

No. 1080754

Simping for Trump for free

No. 1080755

Trump appointed John Bolton lmao

No. 1080781

tankie faggot

No. 1080789

this is such a boomer thing to say

No. 1080794

classic armenian bullshit tbh

Ülkü Ocakları

No. 1080801

>the innuendo in their online interactions

There's innuendo in the interactions between 'alice' and at least three different people I follow, I wouldn't read too much into it

No. 1080805


No. 1080807

File: 1605180597680.jpg (96.39 KB, 700x648, stillwithher.jpg)

all of the anti-post-left posters and aimee/anna haters in this thread

No. 1080808

Not even a fan of liz but this particular list of grievances is very tumblr

No. 1080809

>le (insert minority) drone pilots reddit meme

Literally the leftist version of "that one joke". Also it's strange being called a liberal for once lol. American leftists are truly retarded

No. 1080812

File: 1605181166442.jpeg (63.55 KB, 680x584, 772634FB-3659-4FB5-A163-454A51…)

A real crusader for truth, making personal sacrifices for all of our sakes

No. 1080815

File: 1605181400083.png (424.88 KB, 1200x635, 2555B70A-A5CC-4A61-AE4C-52360A…)

Oh noo, he called us “liberals” lmao who cares

No. 1080817

>if you don't like aimee or anna you're a libfem

No. 1080822

File: 1605182189320.jpeg (108.31 KB, 714x554, 652C6AB6-C97E-4116-A94D-82D628…)

This is what the young MAGA generation looks like, btw. It’s not only the boomers who are embarrassing.

No. 1080826

I have no issues with Aimee, she looked great in her title role in The Babadook!

No. 1080827

No. 1080828

No lie, I think the tallest guy in this pic is 5’7. The median height among them is probably 5’4.

No. 1080835

that little "rally" Fuentes and co. held at the Michigan State Capitol yesterday was absolutely pathetic, unfiltered soy.

No. 1080838

File: 1605184663169.jpeg (116.61 KB, 617x808, 77BA1C34-C15F-4E27-AE8C-078CD3…)

Fuentes and Anna K favorite Bronze Age Pervert really do have the politics of generic Republicans and are unsurprisingly melting down about the election results.

No. 1080843

no there won't, Biden will happily work with Trump appointees and the libs will have completely whitewashed the last four years by the end of the decade like they did with Dubya

No. 1080845

where are the chads

No. 1080866

Anna absolutely thrives on negative attention. No one who name searches as much as her and Dasha can deny it, they probably feel worse when they can't find anyone talking about them.
Speaking of which Dasha is bragging about directing 0PN's music video when all the footage is shot by Laya from working on that tv show and Dasha did absolutely nothing except maybe pick out the karaoke font. Good luck on that pivot to writing/directing!

No. 1080872

File: 1605190324471.jpeg (572.21 KB, 1564x1466, 5861816D-B799-40B1-8062-8E7DB2…)

No. 1080882

I love this song.

No. 1080885

cheney isnt advising biden you terminally online retard, that was made up in a single tweet and you believed it

No. 1080886

Reminder that "post-left" isn't shit like Aimee or Anna but people like anarcho primitivist and anti work egoists. Aimee and Anna use the term "post-left" to avoid saying they aren't left.

No. 1080887

She’s beyond delusional if she genuinely views herself as some self sacrificing, altruistic bearer of important hidden truths instead of just an internet lolcow operating under the exact same business model as like Trisha Paytas.

No. 1080889

No one cares Aimee

No. 1080891

Thats hunter biden baby

No. 1080898

Idk if I can think of an example of that in practice but maybe in theory, but in that case garnering negative attention is self serving and deliberate, not just an unfortunate “occupational hazard” as she portrays it. I don’t believe Anna’s driving force is anything beyond what will be the most beneficial to her socially and financially.

No. 1080913

>when the "post-left" reply guy group chat finds the thread
any of you get the bux or is that just for red scare and aimee?

No. 1080937

>most insightful
to wage slave autists, yeah. sorry you're not a girlboss, parasocial-chan.

No. 1080962

go back

No. 1080986

someone said he was gay in this thread

No. 1081000

true, and tbf the gay guy/ugly girl pairing is a classic

No. 1081008

File: 1605206414571.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1000x2629, C8B0724C-BBEE-4A00-A542-B6A537…)

No. 1081009

it's funny if the rumors that she is pregnant are true and she's just being a gotcha bitch and trying to get sympathy

No. 1081011

I hope she doesn’t have a daughter. I think Anna may want to be a good mother but any daughter she raises would end up with major self esteem issues

No. 1081012

File: 1605207226327.jpeg (940.29 KB, 1220x2168, E1C9564E-110C-4932-8E77-6CD74B…)

The replies to this are awful

No. 1081020

File: 1605207770488.png (426.66 KB, 1204x1396, Screen Shot 2020-11-12 at 1.00…)

tinfoil but i bet i'm not the only one who thinks this. she didn't come up with this phrase but she accuses people of exactly this every day

No. 1081021

what kind of person see's someone suggest they're experiencing infertility and immediately feels the need to bring up poor lonely incels disenfranchised by the sexual revolution

No. 1081023

you're definitely not the only one who thinks it

No. 1081024

they think young men not getting laid is the most pressing issue in the world

No. 1081027

File: 1605208323326.jpeg (399.55 KB, 1242x964, 00B22FD0-4819-4A6C-883F-5456E4…)

No. 1081030

she 100% is pregnant, I've been convinced since she took her reddit maternity leave

No. 1081036

Stop replying to the obvious ban evading poltard going on about their grand conspiracies of "soros deepstate". Just report them.

No. 1081042

this is crazy. the way she talks about "eliminating space for actual disagreement" & good faith vs bad faith arguments is the polar opposite of the way she operates now.

No. 1081061

Complete with a nice man face. Probably end up transitioning

No. 1081063

Reddittards have been saying she’s pregnant for a year. Believe it when you see it

No. 1081097

Tinfoil Time: It's an unplanned pregnancy with someone who only saw him casually so he decided to wife her up in order to make his dream of the all American nuclear family real. That's why we've never heard of her and why she's already nearly half way through the pregnancy because we all know Jack would never voluntarily keep his mouth shut this long about it had he known around the time she first got pregnant.

In the unlikely event he isn't just making it up for attention, she's in for a wild ride when she realizes how much of a pedantic, small minded loser he is.

No. 1081109

That’s what I think too considering she got pregnant before they got married despite his obsession with being trad and not having sex before marriage

No. 1081131

if that’s the case, let’s pray for her and the baby. they’ve got a big storm coming

No. 1081148


No, I'd bet that Anna's mother has the same temperament and attitude as she does and Anna would totally emulate the parenting style she experienced. Well and confidence wise she certainly came out fine.

No. 1081157

Acting like a shithead online has nothing to do with confidence lmao. She clearly has a complex about her looks and her intelligence.

No. 1081181

File: 1605225900131.png (455.9 KB, 707x824, F43D85F7-8A96-4E07-A020-F08532…)

I know Movie Blob is a trainwreck, but I forget what Lindsay Ellis’s deal is.

No. 1081186

Can't remember specifics, but didn't he continually message her and kept trying to get her attention on YouTube? To the point where it was creepy and threatening

No. 1081216

File: 1605230019917.png (222.92 KB, 697x781, muck.png)

You can add gay porn actor Matt Muck to the list of Aimee sycophants.

No. 1081251


From one turk to another, stop your xenophobic nationalist shit.

No. 1081256

The Weeknd is confirmed performing at the Super Bowl Halftime Show, probably going to bring along 0PN, there's a nonzero chance Dasha gets to dance on stage

No. 1081323

We get it, you really wish you could nut into a crazy rich asian and promptly cash in on her inability to opt out, yawn.
One of the funniest things about scrotomarxism is thinking class struggle is when girls find you rightfully repulsive.
Peter Coffin v.2

No. 1081326

>no sage
Go tweet

No. 1081328

Hope she sees this

No. 1081332

File: 1605244343617.jpeg (133.15 KB, 1469x290, public intoxication.jpeg)


>I forget what Lindsay Ellis’s deal is.

drinky drinky.

No. 1081393

File: 1605254246737.jpeg (3.86 MB, 3500x3500, 956C57B3-C694-4967-9F24-6AD78C…)

Million MAGA March is today. It might be amusing to see how Leftcows and Post-Leftists comment on it.

No. 1081397

Wait no, the march is tomorrow. I thought today was Saturday for a moment.

No. 1081404

He has heavy body dysmorphia. Very common in people like him who were abused as kids.

No. 1081416

File: 1605260950572.jpeg (1023.87 KB, 1183x1668, E4D62164-61B8-4D96-9BF2-FB36E3…)

Aimee and Brace are going at it. I think Brace is the more reasonable one in this exchange but YMMV.

No. 1081418

File: 1605261246455.jpeg (939.64 KB, 1194x1706, 1F9D5209-53EF-4C88-9943-408E1C…)

I think she’s mad that she lost her bet that Trump would win.

No. 1081421

loving this milk, they're finally going at it, explicitly. the inevitable back-and-forth between cushbomb and aimee will be delicious

No. 1081429

Yeah I bet his fiancee goes to a different school… in Canada!
You Reddit and Twitter fucks really don't understand where you are or the culture here.
Ellis in a 30-something basic lib with SJW tendencies and a drinking problem. I'd be creeped out if Moviebob was obsessed with making us look like pals too though.

No. 1081449

Maybe they can worm themselves in somehow but no way the superbowl people don't have them have only real dancers.
Aimee must get off humiliating herself. She doesn't even try to make a coherent point here.

No. 1081454

Ok aimee (if this isn't her it has the same tone as the one person obsessively posting about brace with her exact talking points), and being called a pro-war biden supporter for saying trump's admin isn't anti-war is not a minor criticism anyone would want to defend themselves from her insane accusations.

But who cares let's get to the real juice, why did Aimee turn on Liz F? I thought they and Heather and Lydia Lynch were all besties in their special girl's chat? Does Aimee think Liz is an evil Biden shill now too?

No. 1081463

Speaking of Jack, how is his fatass handling the election outcome? His Twitter is locked but I’m pretty sure some farmers follow him.

No. 1081467

it's very funny that aimee gets up in arms about misogyny ONLY when someone criticizes her. outside of that, it doesn't exist. misogyny is exclusively when you call aimee terese whiny

No. 1081469

lmao what was the post you replied to? i've seen multiple posts in the past 2 days that got "hi aimeed"'d get deleted, they must actually be her

No. 1081475


She comes here like once a week whiteknighting herself responding to week old posts

No. 1081490

tbf i was an ugly teen too

No. 1081502

File: 1605278687187.png (48.12 KB, 2618x138, Screen Shot 2020-11-13 at 8.26…)

No. 1081505

Yeah, but you probably weren't a war tourist as well.

No. 1081507

Selective empathy

No. 1081527

You have a weird standard for confidence if you think Anna lacks it. Perhaps you think confidence entails the absence of self-loath, which it doesn't.

No. 1081529

If farmers are wondering why there are so many deleted posts in this thread, it is due to the poster mentioned in

Due to the constant ban evasion, farmhands are just deleting everything the sperg posts.

No. 1081537

Thank u based mod

No. 1081554

Self loath ie low self esteem

No. 1081564

But I thought it's normal for men to be sexist, Aimee? You're not one of those screeching hags who won't let men be masculine, right?

No. 1081584

and when you say that Ashley Coffin isn't hot

No. 1081608

>the soros "post-left" poster is also aimeeposter
definitely aimee, no tinfoil about it at this point

No. 1081609

Is Brace secretly a Judah Friedlander character?

No. 1081614

I think the soros poster is the same poltard that’s been shitting up these threads since day one, saying shit like “muh leftoids”.
This post, however, reeks of australian

No. 1081658

File: 1605296318645.png (111.76 KB, 1182x464, Screen Shot 2020-11-13 at 2.20…)

yeah I think it's telling that she never mentions Liz in any of this. it does kinda look like she's calling her a rich lib here whether it's on purpose or not lol

No. 1081674

File: 1605297784858.jpeg (73.71 KB, 750x573, 7FD19648-2DB3-41FB-A7B7-AA73BB…)

How long until Anna or Aimee start following Esha?

No. 1081700

Dasha finally took on Aimee… showing more loyalty to her ex Brace than Liz F ever did.

Aimee vs Anna is coming

No. 1081710

post screens

No. 1081743

File: 1605305436451.jpeg (958.16 KB, 1242x1885, 83AD06F9-988F-4B8E-8ECC-60E106…)

No. 1081748

wtf i love dasha now

No. 1081753

i can’t believe that these post left dumbasses actually think that trump has “good foreign policy”. are they forgetting that he had soleimani assassinated earlier this year. he just doesn’t publicize drone strikes like obama did

No. 1081765

Their impulse to be contrarian supersedes all logic. Whatever uncool libs believe MUST be wrong, and MUST be challenged. "Pwning libs" is the height of their political belief, that is why they get along so well with /pol/ types. We have 90s talk radio to thank for all of this.

No. 1081784

File: 1605308107689.png (43.45 KB, 595x420, 23973.PNG)

Dasha also quoted to say this

No. 1081787

File: 1605308395636.png (452.96 KB, 942x1456, aoc.png)

No. 1081791

i want dasha to elaborate on kamala’s “ruthless and frightening psychology”

No. 1081815

of course anna defends aoc when she’s acting her most unhinged

No. 1081817

File: 1605310290456.jpeg (782.01 KB, 1195x1725, DC496A7B-6FAD-4E19-A28F-4A7DD3…)

Why did Caroline move to New York? Her life doesn’t seem any different.

No. 1081818

i mean dashas right but she literally cant read she doesnt even understand aimees intial argument here
to take full advantage of her status as a red scare hanger on bc thats literally all she has going for her

No. 1081826

File: 1605311374834.jpeg (244.41 KB, 790x685, 3CCF9369-6E25-467D-9072-6432D8…)

she simply cannot resist going for a misogynistic “dunk” like this. the quoted tweet is just a hypothetical but caroline literally cant help but make the “look at this broad with trash pussy” qt.

No. 1081830

hope he sees this, caroline

No. 1081832

did she dump the loser who came here to whiteknight for her a few months ago?

No. 1081833

What's the point of her having twitter if she's only going to post to complain about it? Just delete it and move on with your life already because nobody cares.

No. 1081837

In the last Red Scare Dasha says she thought of tweeting something like this but decided it was immature.

Out of nowhere when Anna was bitching about a playwright's meetoo assault allegations being put in his obit headlines she brings up Julia Fox years ago speaking to a reporter about being sexually harassed when she was working for Chuck Close. Anna calls girls who speak up craven careerists, Dasha agrees, and apparently thinks that if someone's in a wheelchair they aren't a human being so you can't get mad at them for sexual harassment. Looking up the article about it some of the other girls didn't want to be named in the article so not sure how they're helping their career or seeking fame that way.

No. 1081847

I'm sorry your rich lib friends won't speak to you anymore despite your wealth, Aimee. Have you tried not being a busted ass horse girl?

No. 1081851

idk probably because unlike you she doesn't have a giant "i'll pay your rent and be your forever girlfriend" sign on her forehead

No. 1081858

Yeah, because women don’t gossip. It will spread in their social circles and thus receive victim staus. These women gain social capital as victims. The current accepted narritve is to believe women, so their is no losing.

No. 1081868

File: 1605314692947.jpeg (362.45 KB, 1194x1498, 17609E15-9A12-4083-8867-D885DE…)

Aimee’s replyguys would be cows themselves if they had more of an online presence. This one has to be a joke, right? No one could write this in 100% sincerity.

No. 1081869

I know literally every reply to her and Anna’s tweets are like this. I always think about how there must be women out their who are/will end up dating these reply guys and feel sad for them.

No. 1081877

File: 1605316254494.jpeg (421.35 KB, 1194x1699, 83733255-65AB-4506-B654-07FF17…)

What exactly did Liz Bruenig do to piss off Aimee Terese so much? I don’t recall them ever interacting much but all of a sudden Aimee can’t stop referring to Bruenig as the daughter of a war criminal.

No. 1081881

Bitch simps for anna

No. 1081883

If I had to guess, it probably has something to do with making fun of her wig on lolcow.
Aimee's methy energy needs a focus though, it's not even personal.

No. 1081926

You're still simping for that football chad who left you for a more well adjusted girlboss

No. 1081935

The Bruenig hate from Aimee is just to get attention from them, she's still subscribed to their patreon, she's a fan https://www.patreon.com/user/creators?u=6558208

No. 1081972

File: 1605325589598.jpeg (910.29 KB, 1196x1723, B63C728E-A9D4-445C-9B75-410BE9…)

Now Aimee is also accusing Daniel Tutt, Mcrumps’s cohost, of trying to deplatform her to protect the interests of the military industrial complex.

No. 1081975

File: 1605326038881.jpeg (467.62 KB, 1193x934, 83845A9D-CBEE-45ED-8CDA-8138C2…)

>right-wing men don’t destroy women

Lmao she might want to ask all the Tradthots who were attacked by right-wing men for perceived crimes such as supporting abortion or gay rights, dating nonwhite men, having premarital sex, not wanting to be a meek and submissive housewife, and so on.

No. 1081977

this site constantly "dunks" on undesirable people like fatties, uglies, transsexuals, the physically and/or mentally disabled, etc. weird to draw the line here, especially since the quoted tweet is retarded

>Mcrumps’s cohost
he has a podcast? also have we decided if crumps is a cow or not

No. 1081984

grease-witch Aimee has clearly concocted an accelerated class of amphetamine in her cauldron. I can almost see her mouth frothing

No. 1081985

crumps has some cow moments but he’s not that bad overall. he interacts a lot with this crowd though so it’s expected he’ll make some appearances now and then.

No. 1081986

Nobody’s “drawing a line” and cancelling her for being ~problematic~ lmao, just pointing out desperate pickme behavior

No. 1081988

It’s clearly just a joke in response to a idiotic tweet I think it’s over the top to act like she’s being a pick me or misogynistic

No. 1081989

Aimee is truly the ur-leftthot cow, all roads inevitably lead to her

No. 1081993

It’s a pattern of behavior from her

No. 1082000

>cancelling her for being ~problematic~ lmao
not sure how you got that from my post

if heather had a thread and someone captioned the tweet with caroline's qt we wouldn't care

No. 1082005

At least she's calling the leftist ones out now though instead of the other pickmes with no spine. I guess there's a limit to how much these women can endure.

No. 1082009

What else does “drawing the line” mean here? Why are you expecting moral consistency from an anonymous gossip forum?

No. 1082019

in terms of what's worth caring about. didn't mention morality, but our "gossip" is often moral judgement

No. 1082030

File: 1605332188656.png (1.21 MB, 1258x1820, Screen Shot 2020-11-14 at 4.32…)

Aimee coming for Liz Franczak directly now

No. 1082033

We're accelerating–first weeks of going after Matt Christman, Liz Bruenig and Sean McCarthy on-and-off then a couple days of going at Brace, then hitting Dasha last night and now Liz F…is the final showdown between Aimee vs. Anna imminent within a few hours???

No. 1082036

Honestly I think all of Aimee's wacked out rants about Michael Brooks, Bolivia and Brace in recent months were all attempts to bait Liz F, I think that was the main goal.

Aimee's got this psychotic need to keep testing the limits of the people who have publicly supported her to make sure they're "loyal" to her. She'll do the same thing to Dasha, attacking her to test Anna's loyalty again under the pretence of "its politics, not personal"

btw what is Angela's anonymous Twitter account?

No. 1082046

That tweet looks more like agreement than an attack, tbh

No. 1082048

Angela Nagle? Wasn’t aware she had a secret Twitter account.

While I’m posting this, any updates from @DonnaMillsFan1 or @TolstoyBB from farmers who have access to their locked tweets?

No. 1082057

i've seen Liz defend aimee at least twice and Aimee still goes after both her co-host and her podcast. why would anyone be friends with Aimee, she's the least loyal person on left-twitter.

No. 1082061

Jack hasn't posted anything in 5 days

No. 1082063


searching for a tweet from Oct 2019 and then quote tweeting it after spending days attacking their co-host seems incredibly passive-aggressive

No. 1082064

this anon is correct, no one digs up old tweets in good faith

No. 1082067

File: 1605342255688.png (332.21 KB, 599x409, gone with the wind.png)

Jack just unlocked

No. 1082068

Didn't one of Aimee's old co-hosts remark on how much of a bpd sociopath she is?

No. 1082069

did he unlock just for us? 5 days locked and then the first mention he gets here in a few days, he unlucks

No. 1082070

First it was liberal men, now it's leftist men. Pickmes really out there pretzeling their brains around the fact that this is universal male behavior and all of their "complex ideology" is basically their ballsacks talking.

No. 1082075

her most recent ex-cohost Benjamin Studebaker was talking shit about her in group DMs, is that the one you're talking about?

No. 1082076

a) Every woman who was able to do it back then finds it even easier to pull off today.

b) There's a reason why most are choosing to have their own assets as opposed to being chattel in exchange for trinkets.

c) No one except a few 80 IQ tradthots actually believe that relying on table scraps from a man from your own economic class yields more than partaking in wage labor directly, or that women didn't have to work before sexual revolution.

d) These arrangements are entirety to men's benefit. You've exhausted your means of resource monopolization, you're not selling this to anyone, and you're most certainly dying alone.

No. 1082078

Yeah, didn't she split on him for no reason? Wonder if he rejected her advances or something.

No. 1082082

File: 1605345366138.png (840.77 KB, 2204x1008, Ben Studebaker.png)

>Wonder if he rejected her advances or something.
he doesn't seem like her type.

No. 1082084

I’ve seen that Indian Bronson guy gleefully fantasize about America dissolving into violent race war. Psychotic Turner Diaries shit.

No. 1082175

I don’t think he’s ever even interacted with a woman

No. 1082176

She fits the description she’s critiquing more than anything else

No. 1082230

File: 1605377476822.jpg (209.27 KB, 1170x2532, zmurapbd76z51.jpg)

No. 1082238

going to law school and not passing the bar is absolutely the greatest self own possible

No. 1082247

in male leftist, "revolution" = "beta uprising"

No. 1082248

File: 1605379949367.jpg (25.95 KB, 800x450, e02e5ffb5f980cd8262cf7f0ae00a4…)

No. 1082287

File: 1605384474828.png (1.05 MB, 1118x836, myqh2jn0nj931.png)

What was that "corporate" that you worked "a few years back" then, o failed girlboss?

No. 1082292

i've seen her post about her corporate job before on her old account, this is an outright lie. No self respecting law student would ever admit to never taking the Bar, I don't care what country you're from (t. lawyer). something doesn't add up here.

No. 1082295

she probably had an entry level job at whatever passes for big law in Australia. She is very mentally ill and I can imagine her failing out of law school and never taking the bar. Even in Australia I'm sure its high stress.

No. 1082316

She probably just lied about her job often to sound more important

No. 1082328

Richard Spencer and (former) Deanna Havas reply guy… no surprise there

No. 1082343

I don't get why most terminally online New Yorkers live in New York, to be honest. What's the point in paying high rent only for your life to take place on Twitter

No. 1082375

it's just so they can put "NYC" or "Brookklyn" in their twitter bio so other people in New York know to pay attention to them.

No. 1082384

File: 1605393995828.jpeg (45.79 KB, 827x449, 80962B26-9310-42E0-8FA8-46C7DB…)

No. 1082402

humans are indeed animals, congratulations for knowing basic biology

No. 1082457

i dont understand how this moron has so many followers. is it just women-hating incels?

No. 1082469

File: 1605400129111.jpeg (942.02 KB, 1242x1603, 21556ECE-48BA-4B86-864B-06742F…)

Kek is this supposed to be a thirst trap

No. 1082473

File: 1605400603516.jpeg (938.74 KB, 1190x1286, F759F5F0-466E-4C03-A24F-45EAC4…)

Not sure if true but

No. 1082474

File: 1605400878212.png (916.8 KB, 1178x714, alicefromqueens.png)

she used to post pics like that all the time, edited to make sure you can't reverse image search. it's probably Wes Yang's wife or a 45 year old cancelled media man that runs her account.
she claims to be in her 20s but the memes she posts look like an older person made them. if you go through her media tab you'll see what i mean

No. 1082475

It’s baffling how she got popular in the first place since all of her posts are generic Bernie Twitter takes you can get from thousands of other accounts and her contributions don’t stand out in terms of her humor or intelligence and she has the personality of a stale loaf of bread. She must have some connections. She’s a good friend of Liz Bruenig, for one.

No. 1082477

File: 1605401492299.png (52.85 KB, 795x353, YG3nYbQ.png)

she might be too young for that. she claims to be in her mid 20s or so.

No. 1082478

>She’s a good friend of Liz Bruenig, for one
I think that's how she got popular, all of the elite girls group dm accounts (Liz B, Liz F, Caroline, Alison Balsam) who already hold cultural cache with NYC media cliques promoted "her" account when it started out

No. 1082480

>she claims to be in her mid 20s or so.
you're not that gullible, right anon? Aimee is at least 35. it's easy to tell how old someone is based on their cultural tastes and references. her avi is very 2002 adbusters

No. 1082488

Is she still complaining about this thread? Or is there some other drama going on?

No. 1082491

her opinions challenge liberal media orthodoxy and everything she tweets about is on topic. topicality, targeting, and volume is the easiest way to get a bunch of followers in that world. i wonder what magazine she writes for

No. 1082493

She, Jack and samememe are the three people in this thread whose drama-going-on tweets are indistinguishable from their regular everyday tweets because of how dramatic they make everything out to be, bitch probably just saw a woman doing some inane thing and had a meltdown same way jack has meltdowns over his coworkers bringing food to the office and samememe has over women being outside the kitchen

No. 1082498

Alison was @foolinthelotus, right? What happened to her?

No. 1082502

I'm not sold on her being Yang's wife, but the angle of her being some (cancelled?) media person's wife or girlfriend is interesting. I did see a tweet reply to Alice mentioning the Yang theory so she and other media people or her orbiters are monitoring this thread too.
I forgot about that Alison account, she deleted right? I think she was older and also never posted herself. All these accounts hyped themselves up with their not like the other rose emoji girls shit.

No. 1082505

File: 1605403356498.png (213.3 KB, 1318x964, Screen Shot 2020-11-14 at 8.22…)

No. 1082506

alison deleted after the floyd protests in minnesota

No. 1082507

File: 1605403436025.png (1.72 MB, 1362x1476, Screen Shot 2020-11-14 at 7.22…)

her sister has a photo album from 2009 called "Aimee's 21st"

No. 1082509

do you remember the reason she gave for deleting?

No. 1082512

that would make her 31 or 32

No. 1082514

This doesn’t look like the same person

No. 1082521

I love when these people talk crap on “flyover states” then they move to New York only to be terminally online while whining about how broke they are

No. 1082554

File: 1605408352994.png (1.57 MB, 1330x1298, Screen Shot 2020-11-14 at 8.41…)


it is the same person


No. 1082568

the left truly can't meme

No. 1082572

File: 1605409218472.jpeg (82.62 KB, 1002x352, 41D6D563-DBCC-4496-BC0D-ACD67F…)

Third pic here is of Anna Khachiyan, lol. The rest are Aimee though.

No. 1082575

File: 1605409481928.jpeg (145.96 KB, 640x1440, 74C3E1FE-4AAC-4CA4-98A5-462D94…)

same energy

No. 1082581

What the fuck is that media tab… it all reads like a 40 year old man. Who the hell is her icon then??

No. 1082585

Are you kidding me lmao thats not anna. Even in full gremlin mode aimee looks better than anna

No. 1082587

I know it’s been discussed to death but I really just can not understand the wig. Wig technology has come such a long way, it would be so easy to get a better wig. Like I feel like you would have to go out of your way to make it look this bad. Is it a deliberate style choice? And she said this was when she worked at corporate, why would she wear a wig that looks like part of a Halloween costume?

No. 1082590

File: 1605410878026.jpeg (146.74 KB, 675x1200, 0A0B90EE-AC33-43C2-9AF7-3D5145…)

lol everyone forgets the girl in her avi is Darian Shader, who was arrested this summer during the BLM protests. It’s not really Alice.


No. 1082595

it’s especially funny because she hadn’t posted any recent pictures of herself besides the Red Bull avi, then when she finally uploads a new one it’s a bathroom selfie where she looks like a noonwraith straight out of the The Witcher.

No. 1082602

File: 1605411703978.jpeg (338.87 KB, 1191x826, 958E4D75-8393-413B-9156-590438…)

She really needs psychiatric help. This kind of callous behavior even makes some of her admirers uneasy.

No. 1082607

he's talking about his dad going braindead and dying, she's a sociopath. Roman isn't even a politician or a journalist, he makes a podcast about architecture

No. 1082612

it's creepy how she photoshopped glasses and bangs on this girl's pic for her avi

No. 1082617

This, the way she types is very "older millennial"

No. 1082618

Wish she would talk about her personal life more like why did her hair fall out to begin with? Drugs, eating disorder? I think talking about her issues would endear more people to her. Maybe she has the issue of not wanting to be seen as a victim though

No. 1082624

what's the sister's name

No. 1082627

>pathological lying
Lmao Aimee 100% has raging Girl Interrupted tier BPD

No. 1082645

this is so sad, she was actually prettier than dasha/anna. where did the flower crown pic come from? that looks like a freeze frame from a video?

her sister's name is michaela, they aren't friends on fb anymore tho

No. 1082647

that's so cruel, roman mars 99 percent invisible podcast is so fucking good and talks way more about the nuances of class and life than anything her podcast could ever fucking do

No. 1082783

File: 1605429229090.jpeg (319.28 KB, 1183x900, B47413CE-2BAE-4034-9102-5B15D0…)

No. 1082790


if it turns out he is just catering to our requests I’m going to have a hard time not a-logging

No. 1082796


Too lazy to find it but in a previous thread someone posted credits with her name in from the student newspaper at Sydney, I think from around 08-09. I noticed the editor was Mark Di Stefano who’s become pretty well established in the UK (was politics editor for Buzzfeed before they folded their UK politics, now works for the FT I think). I think at least some of her absolutely insane levels of hatred for anyone with a larger media platform than her comes from seething over a more successful peer at university, as it definitely seems like she peaked around then.

No. 1082832

confirmed lurker now

No. 1083021

File: 1605469806964.jpeg (603.7 KB, 981x2598, 74CBE1E3-5961-4AB1-A1E5-04BAB4…)

No. 1083031

Hopefully with his time away from the internet he can lose weight and get help for his schizophrenia.

No. 1083036

Umm the third pic is not Anna it is literally Aimee. I believe someone on the Red Scare subreddit uncovered it and said it was her profile picture on her Google account, which checks out because you can see that same icon in this video where she's being interviewed via Google Talk or whatever

No. 1083044

File: 1605471932740.jpeg (165.42 KB, 828x1160, 10EEC765-A835-435B-A147-71E492…)

No. 1083068

I always knew we'd have to move Aimee from the leftthots to the tradthots thread, though it's happening sooner than expected.

Possible or likely but there are also rando twitter accounts that take info and caps from here and tweet them at her.

It's amazing that someone whose mental illness is so obvious just seamlessly slipped into this garbage clique.

No. 1083076

it's always the soyfaced ones who say this

No. 1083079

tbh in the previous thread a lot of posters sounded like her

No. 1083193

He went private again like the minute this was posted

No. 1083321

noo…stop…come back…


No. 1083334

He’ll be back. People who write these kind of melodramatic online farewells never manage to stay away forever. Plus he won’t be able to resist shilling for his podcast.

No. 1083346

Would love to know what he thinks the “cultural ramifications” of the perfume nationalist have been

No. 1083347

he got chloe sevigny to follow him on instagram and anna and dasha to guest star? that's about it.

No. 1083361

File: 1605489006003.jpeg (127.57 KB, 1189x710, 5E0FC042-63B1-4DC1-AAE4-9778BA…)

Liz Franczak’s first tweet after days of silence while Aimee Terese attacked Brace and it’s an apolitical joke she probably had in her backlog. Dasha displayed more backbone coming to Brace’s defense than Franczak did. Is Liz afraid of Aimee?

No. 1083376

Maybe she figures her attention is what Aimee is after so she's withholding it? Or maybe she doesn't want Aimee to leak their dms and group chats? Aimee would have lost access to those I think with her account ban and if she hasn't she'll end up doing it anyway if there's anything embarrassing, there's obviously no limit for her. Will be pathetic if Liz doesn't show any backbone next time Aimee attacks her podcast or cohost, which will be in the next 72 hours.

No. 1083406

Yeah you’re right it is Aimee. I mistakenly thought someone in the first thread identified it as Anna but I went back and checked and it’s an Aimee pic. Goddamn the increasingly deranged shift in her appearance is noticeable.

No. 1083497

I don’t think Liz cares that much about Brace. I watched when they were livestreaming on twitch and half the time she seemed annoyed with him kek

No. 1083555

haven’t listened to TrueAnon in a long time but I recall thinking they should fuck and get it over with

No. 1083566

Idk. They’ve known each other a long time. Could see them having hooked up at some point and Liz friendzoning him. She seems cocky, like she thinks she’s too good for him

No. 1083570

She's also five years older than him, and they've known each other since he was a teen, so there's definitely a more "big sister" thing going on there than any romantic aspersions.

No. 1083598

File: 1605508148704.png (164.4 KB, 1306x522, Screen Shot 2020-11-16 at 1.27…)

okay should have said within the next 5 hours…yawn is this all she has, aimee if you're reading this step it up

No. 1083601

The only correct response to poor craizee Aimee is none at all
She's literally a Freddy Krueger type character, only in your dreams if you let her
Aimee Krueger, Nightmare in your tweets

No. 1083611

funny how his ex-girlfriend who he hasn't seen in person in a decade is coming to his defense but his own co-host won't

No. 1083628

Sensible choice

No. 1083631

lol this isn’t even a good own…who forced Trump to hire Bolton in the first place?

No. 1083633

Not to mention the fact that Pompeo and Abrams are still around…only reason Trump fired Bolton was because he wouldn't kiss the ring. His worldview is 90% the same as Pompeo's.

No. 1083652

Maybe because Dasha still holds a flame for him? Brace alluded to her cheating on him (like she does all her boyfriends)

No. 1083659

How old is Franczak? Has she ever talked about her romantic life?

No. 1083661

She's 35. She's talked about having bad luck with boyfriends in the past. The last guy she dated before her current boyfriend was on steroids lol

No. 1083676

35 is rapidly approaching middle age… has she said anything about wanting to have children? I wonder how much of the Leftthot dalliance with social conservatism is rooted in fears they’re getting too old to settle down and have children.

No. 1083693

File: 1605530332504.jpeg (50.79 KB, 668x445, 16F31335-90A8-42DE-B9DD-92EECD…)

Caroline back when she still cared about life

No. 1083712

exactly this, anna and liz and some of the others seem like they didn't want kids or thought they had all the time in the world until reality hit them in the last few years and it's turned into resentment towards women who thought like they did in the recent past

No. 1083715

Of all the cows I don’t think Liz is that bad. Don’t see how she’s that similar to Anna

No. 1083720

So what? Women are having kids now up until 40. Better to have a planned kid in your 30s than an unplanned one in your early 20s

No. 1083722

she's nowhere near as bad as Anna, but has had some weird tweets about other women and overreactions, it's similar psychological drives that make her and anna both like samememe and perfume fatso is what I guess

No. 1083724

Liz definitely thrives on her own "what, little old me?" hot takes. They drive her engagement up and make the NYT think she's an asset.

No. 1083729

I meant liz f, bruenig has kids obviously and isn't angry at other women in the way other cows are, still does do weird pearl clutching

No. 1083730

If you’re talking about Liz’s tweets about AOC, maybe it’s not because she hates women, but more that Aoc is an annoying libtard

No. 1083797

Aimee schtick is as pathetic as Trump’s post-election tweets. Oliver is the only interesting cohost on What’s Left. He has been producing interviews with actual workers and has broad interests. Normie takes instead of weird twitter beefs.

No. 1083806

I think they did want kids all along, they just were libfem about it and thought that they could uwu have it all. Or maybe they thought they'd land providers and never did. The most likely scenario is that they fully anticipated both children and a killer career, but neither have happened. Now they act like they've been lied to by m-muh feminism.

Their worldview is very much "coping infertile auntie", not "cool childfree aunt who travels and enjoys her wealth".

No. 1083821

They see one another from time to time I’m pretty sure

No. 1083841

It seems like a recurring theme in all lefthots is them betting on the wrong thing because it seemed "cool" at the time, inevitably failing and then coping via pretending that they were "deceived" into making poor choices by some nebulous outside force like muh joos or neobiberalism. The lefthot then proceeds to waste what's left of her life to make these choices illegal, because obviously it's not that the lefthot herself is a gullible retard, it's that every other woman is in the same boat. It's no coincidence that most of them have a pseudolibfem past and palpable BPD.

Take Caroline, for instance. She took out enormous loans for a PMC girlboss degree, thinking that she will be guaranteed a glamorous career in which she won't have to do much except argue for causes she doesn't really believe in. Instead of admitting that she is a weak willed, social contagion prone cunt who has no talent for this sort of work, she defends her ego by pretending that she was cruelly scammed and in reality there are literally no women who enjoy their careers. Neoliberalismkills must have thought the same thing, and it's made worse by the fact that she obviously peaked in HS/undergrad. Anna and Dasha weren't hot, interesting or well connected enough to mean something in NYC elite circles. They probably thought that periodically uttering "yas kwueen pussy hat" would make them it girls. Obviously it's not their poor marketing skills, absence of real convictions and surface level understanding of what's really valued in those circles, it's that they're all stupid posers actually!

They would be much less miserable if they just got married and had kids early instead of denying themselves to fit in with city Stacies. But that would require self awareness and humility, wouldn't it?

No. 1083854

Anna admitted to being a femcel before she met her current guy. They’ve been dating a few years and don’t live together. Not sure why a woman her age would continue dating a man who won’t just live with her. Something’s not right there.

All we know about Liz is she ended up in relationships that didn’t work out. Hard to analyze it much further when we lack milk.

I don’t think feminism was the issue for either of them, more just poor dating choices. IMO Anna would’ve been happier if she picked an ugly guy. Sure, Eli isn’t an Adonis but he’s a little better looking than her. Relationships where the man is better looking rarely last or work well. The happiest couples are either matched in looks, or the woman is better looking than the man.

No. 1083872

File: 1605547876539.png (1.85 MB, 954x1002, Screen Shot 2020-11-16 at 12.3…)

one of Anna's boyfriends from her 20s posted on the red scare sub to defend her and is pretty hot, they're friends still and he married another girl and Anna went to his wedding with Eli in a red dress, because she's oblivious not as a statement I think but still lol

No. 1083885

She said her ex was a techno bro who wouldn’t commit. Is this the same guy? Why would he post on the sub? Strange.

Any case, I would bet good money the wifey is more attractive than Anna. Maybe responsible for Anna’s tweets about women with cocker spaniel curls and her distaste for basic women kek. Most highly attractive men prefer basic women because they’re more feminine and classically attractive than avant- grade fuglies like her

No. 1083892

no married ex was a normie jersey guy, I think she's said her last ex before Eli was an academic art critic or maybe techbro who sucked but I don't think anyone knows what he looks like

No. 1083945

Her skin is so shitty and dull wtf, and not just on her face. Fucking eat vegetables Anna

No. 1083966

File: 1605553571953.jpeg (578.5 KB, 1242x1268, 0915DAAD-5996-4BCF-9A55-62CF5E…)

No. 1083968

File: 1605553670766.jpeg (183.69 KB, 472x1317, D4DA4B57-7CFF-4CE2-9B4A-1ADC96…)

I think this is mostly correct, though it’s funny how even Liz Bruenig, who IS married with children, is also clearly coping with some regrets over how she spent her time in college.

No. 1083975

Can Kantbot spill more details? What is Franczak in on?

No. 1083977

interesting he says she when everyone loves to call brace the spook, I assume he's talking about Bronze Pervert, but who else?

No. 1084001

Bloobird kept bullying Anna over how her embracing her MENA features was just cope because she could never get a tall, blond Chad until Anna responded and said her ex was a blond Chad … idk if she's telling the truth nor which ex this would've been, but ya

No. 1084028

its really cliche for people with competing conspiracy podcasts to accuse each other of being CIA. this is just kantbot trying to distinguish himself in a growing market, Liz Franczak is an CIA asset, listen to my 12+ hour podcast for the truth!

what disinfo is Liz Franczak selling if she's an asset

No. 1084031

its like the talk about Anna K being funded by Peter Thiel, how does it work? he sends her some talking points to recite on the pod and tweet and then sends her a check?

i followed her pre-pod and her pov / twitter brand hasn't changed significantly

No. 1084034

not much difference between this and a samememe tweet honestly

No. 1084094

Samememe Jack and Ashley or something, who knows, Kantbot is insane

No. 1084110

Honestly that's exactly what happened to samememe as well.

No. 1084125

no, she hunts and pecks for what peter thiel wants her to say so she can have her place in whatever unorthodox billionaire funded journalism outlet is coming down the pipeline. the substack/patreon economy is perfect for this kind of new economy - fart out takes till you find what niche you fill that can take you to the big leagues.

greenwald pioneered this with intercept, Omidyar gave him a blank check for brave advisoral journalism. intercept parroted Omidyar's brand of NGO/state department liberalism (and let the snowden leaks conveniently dry up). Now Omidyar's bored of intercept and Greenwald has founded a new niche of heterodox right wing talking points.

No. 1084139

Kinda looks like an IRL racist cartoon tbh

> Hey guys lets write a big expose starring the incel movie guy

lol do these people have no self-awareness?

Also, I saved a bunch of podcasts with him on it from the NRX days, including the Charlottesville one which has like a 5 minute diversion of him stutteringly trying to explain why Nazism is "really interesting, actually." He's too autistic to actually "renounce" that, asking him about it will undoubtedly get him to describe how Nazism is "really interesting, actually."

No. 1084147

of course she's in on it, anyone who sucks up to glow-in-the-dark glenn greenwald is either a spook or spook-adjacent

No. 1084152

>including the Charlottesville one which has like a 5 minute diversion of him stutteringly trying to explain why Nazism is "really interesting, actually."
Liz Bruenig was peddling the same shtick in 2017 during her brief stint trying to pivot from the 2016 Bernie-left to some alt-right frogtwitter crossover sphere. At one point in this panel discussion from March 2017 she mentions how she was in regular communication with a bunch of alt-right twitter figures, clearly sympathetic to their worldview. Also, like Kantbot, she defended the NRx side of the LD50 fiasco.

No. 1084224

>I'm such a good little pickme girl, I did everything right, why am I so miserable? The neoliberal girlbosses will pay!

No. 1084225

honesty leftist cringelords thinking they're important enough to be a target for the feds or corporate shills will never not be funny

No. 1084230

Exactly, I thought people were joking at first but I guess they truly are that delusional

No. 1084231

you're forgetting kantbot was actually visited and interviewed by the FBI a couple years ago, his gangstalking paranoia is somewhat justified

No. 1084233

Thank you for saving me from ever having to read one of her mealy-mouthed op-eds ever again

No. 1084237

Aimee's podcaster partners really do work with conservative think tanks, I saw a post about how certain right wing billionaire funded a college magazine that I doubt anyone reads. Not that crazy to think they would try to rope in personalities or the bigger patreon podcasts the same way a company sends influencers things to shill for them. They're all just businesses. That said kantbot might just be acting like things everyone knows already is a bombshell and might not have anything hot to share.

No. 1084246

File: 1605573372465.png (215.82 KB, 1832x530, Annotation 2020-06-23 085942.p…)

Also represents Katie Herzog, Michael Tracey, Aimee's podcast cohost Oliver Bateman, among others.
kantbot is annoying but he's right about claremont fingers being all over so many of this new breed of talking heads.

No. 1084263

File: 1605574991145.jpeg (238.41 KB, 750x960, 902308CD-8700-49C1-904E-B0DDD6…)

liz calls on her simps to go after centrist twitter icon, agraybee, after he claims the family fun pack is quiverfull propaganda

No. 1084264

File: 1605575222765.jpeg (52.02 KB, 567x657, 0A989947-E561-49A0-A7D0-E96477…)

here’s the full image

No. 1084268

I believe all this and a lot of these people couldn't be more blatant, only thing I'm unsure about is if he has more on Liz than her not inviting him on to true anon to expose BAP (who has been doxxed, who knows how much more there is). Like does he get that he's not the most reliable narrator and people have reasons to not trust him even though he's right about this, also if the figure he's talking about is involved that person is known for suing people into life ruin-people want to be careful

No. 1084283

File: 1605576683807.jpeg (418.19 KB, 750x965, 6C0344D1-57B6-4E4C-B94E-CC5F51…)

looks like he cracked the code

No. 1084284

File: 1605576948105.jpeg (704.71 KB, 1190x1723, 4E3BD0C3-F629-4A7B-9A34-0705E2…)

>March 2017 she mentions how she was in regular communication with a bunch of alt-right twitter figures, clearly sympathetic to their worldview. Also, like Kantbot, she defended the NRx side of the LD50 fiasco.

Can confirm. Around the same time Bruenig was interviewing Mencius Moldbug, Bronze Age Pervert, Menaquinones and others for an article that eventually got rejected by her editor for being too sympathetic. She started deleting her tweets constantly to cover up such embarrassing interactions, but you can still find some of BAP’s interactions with her on Twitter.


No. 1084285

He literally tweets this exact same take every single day, usually more than once. He needs to stop spending all day on twitter and go spend time with his pregnant fiancé who definitely exists.

No. 1084289

File: 1605577409220.png (101.42 KB, 634x479, liz bruenig moldbug.png)

>interviewing Mencius Moldbug, Bronze Age Pervert, Menaquinones and others for an article that eventually got rejected by her editor for being too sympathetic
that unpublished article is truly the holy grail of this whole sphere, hopefully one day it'll see the light of day

No. 1084292

File: 1605577485516.jpeg (433.04 KB, 750x936, 162E14BE-B36F-4569-9774-626C3F…)

from samememe’s likes. expect a lot of tweets on parenting in their future paired with bitching about awfls

No. 1084297

File: 1605577740565.png (94.36 KB, 483x509, liz bruenig kantbot 380kmh com…)

No. 1084298

Matt Bruenig wrote out a wonkified version of flds's bleeding the beast, incredible

No. 1084299

File: 1605577827637.jpeg (246.75 KB, 1242x648, D26A340B-1702-43D8-886F-235DD0…)

Yeah he also tweeted this in response to a tiktok some woman made about loving her kid but missing being able to hang out with friends and stuff, I feel sorry for his girlfriend. Also semi unrelated but I can’t believe he’s nearly 40. When he first got posted here I thought he was just like an edgy 17 year old with how much he would sperg about tiktok and how dumb his takes were.

No. 1084300

File: 1605577846496.png (46.88 KB, 581x232, liz bruenig kantbot.png)

from the curiouscat, long since deleted

No. 1084308

Lol at the richer family having the girlboss pantsuit mom giving money to the loser neet father

No. 1084313

File: 1605578184740.jpeg (181.58 KB, 750x531, BEDECEA3-8A08-4006-8B15-404BC1…)

he’s going to be insufferable. this is him talking about how moms fake their children’s peanut allergies, autism

No. 1084318

Who runs that twitter? Their tweets are in between art ho and right wing and I cannot get a grasp of their persona

No. 1084322

Samememe’s new avi is even funnier now that we know what his soyface looks like.

No. 1084326

Some random art hoe who sucks up to and parrots the likes of samememe and Jack for clout, same as Anna but not as relevant. Lots of those around these parts

No. 1084328

I know I shouldn’t let their stupidity piss me off but there are plenty of women who can’t produce milk for reasons other than wanting a girlboss career.

No. 1084330

I won’t believe he’s having a kid or getting married until there’s proof. He never mentioned it until people on here started
talking about him being a loser and the possible facedox. It sounds like a lie.

No. 1084331

File: 1605579597209.jpeg (441.38 KB, 750x1096, 2EF6B8B8-93C9-4B18-9046-64BFE1…)

these two are always interacting with samememe. little do they know

No. 1084337

File: 1605580115277.jpeg (209.73 KB, 1242x528, E08F96AF-9222-4F44-95F7-A68FAE…)

No. 1084343

@Originalretard is InternetTara who is yet another single mother who neglects her child to post on Twitter all day. She also had her nudes leak last year.

No. 1084352

Tara has a child? I feel so bad for the kid.

No. 1084356

I don't get these accounts. They're like trad but also feminist? Very strange.


No. 1084357

I don’t recognize @kubrickfan but Tara is one of those accounts that likes to pander to both edgy right-wing men and jaded left-wing men. I’m not sure how interested they are after finding out she has a kid.

No. 1084375


LOL proof Anna follows this thread? or has Kantbot come for her in the dms? he didn't name her outright in his rants from what i can see

No. 1084376

I thought the same, was this being discussed elsewhere today? Kantbot didn’t mention her in his tweets.

No. 1084377

she still reads the sub and someone ends up mentioning the Thiel accusations every other day, so it's just floating in the ether

No. 1084386

File: 1605587000368.jpeg (158.04 KB, 673x975, 509FCF6C-6A2D-42AD-AA98-F4B4A7…)


No. 1084390

Liz Franczak was RTing/interacting with Jo for a while before she backed off on that crowd.

No. 1084391

Jo was one of the people running that short-lived NYC Epstein Meet-up thing that was a semi-sort-of offshoot of TrueAnon and that Dasha attended the first meeting of back in 2019.

No. 1084393

Adorable projection from a bitter soycel who wants a nuclear family and an unfireable tenure position that pays him to do nothing.

It's too bad the world doesn't need another useless male "philosopher".

No. 1084397

I was thinking the same thing. My sister had to use formula because she had a breast reduction when she was 19.

No. 1084398

Love this almost visceral awareness that fatherhood is a meme.

No. 1084405

that article is about how he doesn't believe he can relate to Jews and the time he made a pilgrimmage to Adolf Hitler's eagles nest in Germany. he also has sex assault allegations, stay classy Liz

No. 1084406

That’s nice except Anna is a noted liar. I’m sure she could get a guy like that to be a friends with benefits but I doubt he was fully committed. She’s dating a small, dark guy who won’t even move in with her. What does that say?

No. 1084414

File: 1605591010765.png (536.89 KB, 1198x1226, aimeeterese.png)

Aimee is against student loan forgiveness. easy to do when you don't live in America

No. 1084418


I cannot fucking stand this puta–does she not understand the amount of working class people who put themselves in prestigious schools/programs against all odds only to be met with a crumbling workforce?

not everyone who went to college is a rich liberal coastal elite or whatever the fuck she pretends she hates which, had her parents immigrated to america instead of australia, she would clearly fucking be.

No. 1084422

she went to law school in Australia and didn't take the bar exam. she either has rich parents who paid for her schooling or Peter Thiel and the Claremont Institute paid off her debt for her. calling her a hypocrite over and over gets boring but its true

No. 1084425

Of course Anna reads them. She actively posts on a her podcast subreddit and “claps back” to haters kek

No. 1084432

I think she is more worthy of pity than of scorn cos she is unwell.
That said she lies about herself, in her state in Australia you only do the Bar exam after you are already a lawyer, in order to become a Barrister.
And her student debt under the HECS scheme there doesn't have to be paid at all unless your taxable income reaches a threshold, and only increases at the rate of inflation

No. 1084440


This is so autistic lmao. The "husband" in the richer family is wearing a tie while the "wife" is holding a briefcase, its clearly meant to show they are white-collar workers. Also agraybee is a generic retard who thinks a European style social program is far-right clerical fascism.

No. 1084442

File: 1605595070504.jpeg (523.82 KB, 1196x1266, 9E3B9DDA-C51E-4E86-B3DC-F098C9…)

I think her and Matt Christman etc are opposed to Biden cancelling student debt because if he goes through with it, a large percentage of millennials will lose interest in “socialism” and many of these pod people will have to get real jobs. I think Biden will offer some debt relief, though the real question is whether he means tests it to the point that it doesn’t alleviate much.


No. 1084444

I think a lot of them can't accept that Biden might end up pushed leftward by broader social forces, which actually is exactly what happened to FDR. They were upset at Warren in the primaries bc her college debt relief would be means tested while Bernie's wasn't. That said, "socialism" (really social democracy) won't disappear bc Biden does some basic debt relief.

No. 1084448

Most contemporary American “socialists” mainly care about universal healthcare and student debt relief without means testing. If those two things were implemented, roughly 70% of those people would drift away and become normie Dems or apolitical.

However, I doubt either of those things will occur under Biden, and his transition team is so stacked with corporate ghouls who will be pulling the strings that the “push him left” idea sounds naive to me. Kamala Harris is even worse and less trustworthy.

No. 1084452

lmfao @ the pivot on student loans when 99% of these edgescolds were berncels

No. 1084457

i mean i'm sure literally every person on earth would spend their 20s differently and has at least 1 regret

No. 1084458

how is being against book-banning "right wing"?

No. 1084512

That take is very random. I doubt that Anna tries to copy Greenwald's path and land a gig at a "big league"-outlet as she clearly either can't write or hates writing (inferred from grad school drop out). Do they not just aspire to be the next Joe Rogan and continue their minimal effort thing but with more reach and money?

Does anon have more insight into the economy of the thielbux, inkwell etc.?

No. 1084515

Many infants struggle to breast feed too. Even if the mother's milk comes in and the baby connects and latches, working class mothers in America have no maternity leave or rights to stay home so they might have to leave their baby with a grandmother or sitter while they work 2 jobs to pay bills. Middle class men don't think about shit like that though.

No. 1084524

well no one asked them to have kids

No. 1084538

>breast reduction
Well anon that's even worse than being a girlboss, she ruined her mommy milkers, deprived the world of a set of badonkers, because of her there is one fewer pair of bazookers. Your sister is a criminal.

They're usually on the 'esoteric' part of twitter, the people who like weird ancient religions and such, there's a lot of goddess worship pagan stuff and valuing of female-specific areas of life. They're usually lumped with the trads because they share their retvrn sentiments.

No. 1084557

lol 99pi is very much left liberal!
anyhow she's mental

No. 1084565

No. 1084578

If you’re a working mother who wants to breast feed you just pump and save the milk..

No. 1084640

Pumping isn’t as efficient at stimulating milk production as feeding the baby directly so mothers who pump a lot might find their supply dwindling before the baby is ready to wean.

No. 1084673

That's not exactly true, a lot of things factor in but pumping too frequently too early on can actually cause overproduction problems. If you pump on the schedule you had been feeding the baby, you should get about the same supply. If you pump more, your body thinks your baby needs more…pump less than you were breastfeeding (which a lot of women accidentally do) and your supply dries up.

No. 1084741

I don’t want to blog but I’m speaking from personal experience and what I’ve been told by multiple lactation consultants. Sometimes the body just doesn’t cooperate and you need help from an alternative. It’s easy and unfortunately common for men like samememe to judge women for this because he knows it’s not an issue he will ever personally have to face in his life.

No. 1084850

the retard probably hasn't heard of rh incompatibility which is expected since he's like 35 and still mad at mommy for ceasing to exist by leaving the room

No. 1084937

File: 1605649767410.jpeg (660.39 KB, 1194x1468, D6055ABE-C9B3-41EF-9896-C02EFC…)

I thought fatty was leaving Twitter?

No. 1084941

Samememe is a huge prick and I definitely wasn't trying to agree with him, you're 100% right that sometimes women can't lactate and any reason is fine. My personal experience wasn't the same as yours wrt lactation and pumping but I agree fuck samememe and any man who thinks he knows jack shit about breastfeeding.

No. 1084952

File: 1605651387726.jpeg (77.13 KB, 567x549, AC3DDA56-785B-4850-B5E5-04D4F1…)

lmfao samememe thinks this describes him

No. 1084956

File: 1605651676592.jpeg (233.24 KB, 750x871, FB50487F-9DA9-4055-9C41-4D5E53…)

samememe on the latest perfume nationalist

No. 1084969

I bet samememe sounds like a major lisping faggot

No. 1084987

These people love talking about the backbiting/social climbing within the left but the alternative they display is performatively fawning over eachother on twitter for a few months before abruptly dissolving one friendship after another over some petty bullshit.

All these shallow paeans to “beauty”, “art” and “honor” but all they’re doing with their lives is squabbling over inconsequential shit online

No. 1085007

God dammit this post is so funny to me since he used anons wrong, like how are you anonymous when you have a public Twitter with your face on it? These people really just use 4chan speak because they think it makes them sound different and smart. Also why do these people think 4chan terms make them sound different and smart when every 16 year old uses it?

No. 1085016

Why do middle aged men who never grew out of their 4chan phase all have these same kind of delusions of grandeur about their “intellect”? It’s so consistent across all these accounts. I don’t get how the most stunted losers imaginable like samememe have all convinced themselves they’re actually tortured geniuses. Where does the confidence come from

No. 1085027

It’s worse for samememe because he wasted much of his life whining about women and Black people on an obscure video games forum.

No. 1085056

I'm the anon who posted the screenshots from badgame a few threads back. i want to state for the record not only did samememe whine about women and black people on an obscure video game forum, he also never posted about video games and he was generally mocked, for years. he finally left after his avatar was permantently changed to the Hilary Clinton campaign "H" symbol. he is a sad pathetic little person.

No. 1085057

he never even posted about video games? how fucking pathetic lmao. why didn’t he just complain about women and minorities on a criterion collection forum or something he’s actually interested in

No. 1085065

I can't recall him ever posting about games. most badgame posts aren't about games, but he seems exceptional in that i don't think he was ever particularly interested in any game or genre of games except to complain about how women and minorities are ruining something. Just boring gamergate shit.

No. 1085068

If I remember correctly, somebody claimed the badgame forum was created by members of another forum who were upset that being racist and sexist was against the rules. He probably was attracted to the forum just because of that.

No. 1085071

No, badgame was created because something awful shut down all the shitposting subforums. and i wouldn't call it racist or sexist, most posters argued and mocked samememe. its just a small forum so people aren't banned unless they're doing something particularly disruptive.

No. 1085196

I'm starting to really think all these Twitter personalities, especially the ones with a more flowery writing style or absolute vitriol in everything they say, are for SURE funded by The Claremont Institute. If you go to their website and read their articles on American Mind, you'll see they type exactly like these Twitter personalities, down to the same references.

No. 1085211

testosterone impairs self reflection

No. 1085214

lmao what a dumb thing to fund honestly

No. 1085619

File: 1605732698604.jpg (225.38 KB, 1170x2080, 125923651_784924538906644_3227…)


No. 1085640

File: 1605734271490.jpeg (383.52 KB, 750x978, 5110ECB4-6A71-4814-B953-EAD114…)

samememe getting mad about women. must be a day that ends in y. he should go fuck his fiancée (who may or may not exist) and maybe he’ll calm down a little

No. 1085653

I don’t think the fiancé exists. It’s sus a fiancé and a baby was suddenly brought her up after he was talked about on here.

No. 1085711

Never forget he's statistically likely to be your height or shorter, anon.

No. 1085790

why is she his fiancée? its not very trad to be having sex outside of marriage, but if you do and get pregnant shouldn't you just get married right away? he's okay with his child born out of wedlock? is he so cucked by his fiancée that they are waiting for corona to be over to have a big expensive storybook wedding?

No. 1085832


someone needs to post his photo again so he can double down on his lies and we can see the cope for being an ugly obsessive neocon creep even higher

No. 1085836


It's not legal to marry your sex doll yet

No. 1085919

Oh no, they're gonna tweet about us!

No. 1085922

File: 1605757094208.jpeg (Spoiler Image,420.06 KB, 1667x2048, Ea-SUozWoAInBmh.jpeg)

>I don’t recognize @kubrickfan

No. 1085935

File: 1605757878323.jpeg (819.82 KB, 1242x1582, 27AE939D-9471-4B5D-82E2-9AC9DC…)

No. 1085938

File: 1605757978090.jpeg (437.91 KB, 1242x1300, 5C79C5DF-D933-42FC-8988-ADA882…)

No. 1085939

File: 1605758037004.jpeg (253.87 KB, 1242x407, C8BA2A2F-39A4-49B3-ABBF-1ED12B…)

No. 1085949

File: 1605759359097.jpeg (352.01 KB, 1242x793, 92451780-3226-47AD-9322-9076EA…)

I thought he was leaving twitter

No. 1085950

I still don’t recognize her. Was she a Twitter

Of course Tara would say that considering she pretended to be childless to attract simps until her child was discovered and she denied taking nudes until her nudes were leaked.

No. 1085960

this is fucking weird if you go on her profile it’s really obviously about a personal friend that isn’t on twitter, she’s been posting photos and drawings of her. wtf

No. 1085963

Aaaand we're back to parasocial. Fat Jack must have fatigue from sockpuppeting those glowing podcast reviews.

No. 1085966

male femcel covered in cat hair

No. 1085978

Is this not what people knew from his badgame posts? Someone confirm.

Glad to know we're still living rent-free in his schizo mind.

What was this?

No. 1085983

Yes lmao idk why he’s trying to portray it as something we just randomly came up with “based on nothing other than things we made up in our deranged minds” when it’s based off the endless posts he used to make complaining about his “Brooklyn feminist girlfriend”

No. 1085986

Why is he pretending he doesn’t read the thread…there have been like maybe 2 anons who have asked if he’s gay and absolutely no one thinks he’s a leftist

No. 1086002

There were rumors that Tara has terrible hygiene and her living quarters are a pigsty which is why she couldn’t get her baby daddy to marry her

No. 1086022

He's posted so much fictitious bullshit that it's understandable he doesn't remember half of it.

No. 1086069

Aren't there anons here who know him IRL? And there's nothing wrong with being gay, it's so sad how he hides it. I hope he comes out soon.

No. 1086075

File: 1605782753941.jpeg (130.61 KB, 945x600, EnIPBTAXIAA7Nf_.jpeg)

No. 1086195

He should really take a break from refreshing this thread instead of from twitter

No. 1086387

>Was she a Twitter eceleb?
no it's just that bri girl. frogtwitter orbiter but "not trad im friends with duckfan and have tattoos" (see tara.) was fucking that domer guy last year but something happened (he kept texting custardloaf?) so she left and got knocked up by a 5'7 jarhead.

No. 1086601

This side of twitter are all cows. Wish I had saved some milk from domer. He is late 30s, would tweet all day, liked to call women “Fuckholes”. He got suspended countless times, same with bri. Some dms leaked between domer and a sissy catboy and domer said something about wanting to “suck their girlcock”. Might’ve been why him and bri split kekkkk

No. 1086617

It's very sad that both of them need to inflate even the bad things said about them just so they can feel a little relevant. If it wasn't for Anna and Dasha we wouldn't even know who they are.

No. 1086763

File: 1605839883934.png (172.27 KB, 591x547, potcallskettleblack.PNG)

Anna's newest hot twitter take

No. 1086806

What was Domer’s Twitter handle? Also is there any milk on Annika @subtleferret?

No. 1086811

No Annika is a queen. a tall goddess and perfect leftist

No. 1086818

didn’t she “date” that Hunwald trad weirdo?

No. 1086819

Will she also call out all the men who spam social media with their MRA crap on International Women's Day and Mother's Day every year?

No. 1086823

while were on the topic, any milk on boo? besides being a hamplanet? her and her ebf seem to have gone dark.

>Might’ve been why him and bri split kekkkk
she was posting about how he liked girls with the opposite body type of her. which i just figured meant flat jb, but i forgot about the catboy stuff and that makes more sense kek

pardon_frege was the longest held one this year i believe

>is there any milk on Annika @subtleferret?
she seems to be able to log off and make irl connections so maybe not. but this: >>1086818 is interesting.

No. 1086830

>Men are so much better than women amiright hehehe somebody please put a fucking ring on me please. please. please

No. 1086833

go back to twitter, retard

No. 1086849

What’s Boo and her bf’s Twitter now? I haven’t paid attention to Boo since she was @MINECRAFTMILF or whatever.

No. 1086863

File: 1605844677838.png (89.33 KB, 1186x280, Screen Shot 2020-11-19 at 7.56…)

hi domer!

max is deactivated and boo got suspended in summer and hasnt remade

No. 1086866

anna going after that mra coin

No. 1086867

File: 1605845149286.jpg (26.48 KB, 478x344, 66c.jpg)

How the fuck do these people find their thread and react this quickly? Is everybody from twitter constantly monitoring this thread? I'm convinced that Anna and Dasha must be reading this by now because all the other cows are here.

No. 1086876

lmao I think he deleted this tweet the moment it got posted here. It’s not showing up using a Twitter search.

No. 1086881

It is weird, I think people are probably self posting. It seems like a lot of them want to be posted here for some reason and tweet things solely so we will post it and talk about them like samememe and Jack last night.

No. 1086882

My guess is that they have friends who lurk here and alert them if they get mentioned.

No. 1086891

any attention is good to these people

No. 1086916

The OP was shitty, but this is just low hanging fruit. Anna saw the chance to insult women and took it.

No. 1086942

File: 1605867472590.jpeg (646.08 KB, 1252x1127, 595147C9-03AC-425B-9665-31F154…)

Proud Conservative cow posting same thing whether stolen, inspired by or coincidence, says a lot

No. 1086947

they talked about "thielbux" in the latest episode of red scare, so yes, they either read the thread or have someone update them on it like >>1086882 said

No. 1086978

Some of the main tradthots that get posted in their thread liked and rt'd Anna's tweet, too

No. 1087776

Is there a chance Caroline will finally go naked soon?

No. 1087813

File: 1605966259476.jpg (357.05 KB, 1080x1080, dasha.jpg)

Something doesn't look right

No. 1087828

there's a nice russian saying, "either take off the cross or put on the panties"

No. 1088132

eyes tuned

No. 1088136

File: 1605992819706.jpg (9.04 KB, 200x200, Oh_My_Sides!.jpg)

someone needs to redraw this but with a girlboss crying in front of her home and luxury car/somewhere in Paris surrounded by designer clothing saying "I wish I could one day marry a soyfaced Twitter philosopher"

No. 1088142

No. 1088150

This thread is kind of shit, wouldn't be surprised if you anons are fat and childless yourselves. Yikes…. I always come to Lolcow for milk, but leave with water from fat fuck 30 year olds that can't be bothered to comment on legitimate drama.


No. 1088156

hope she texts back bro

No. 1088171

File: 1605995741637.gif (48.41 KB, 384x203, 1502923919271.gif)

No. 1088175

>how do you do fellow farmers, please stop talking about me here, look over th-there, it's milkier!

honestly kinda cute, they even saged and all

No. 1088294

File: 1606005964354.png (37.3 KB, 855x332, EnXlY0bXcAUIa2R.png)

No. 1088308

File: 1606006828244.png (91.92 KB, 1190x430, crookedaimee.png)

Aimee possibly sold fake Chanel bags on eBay in her normie years

No. 1088350

alright fine, she's done one cool thing

No. 1088358

File: 1606008825708.png (165.01 KB, 587x671, EnXfEBNW8AcGQAQ.png)

she quickly deleted it

No. 1088460

There has to be multiple people running that account, right? I'm sure she's one of them but that seems like almost humanly impossible. Someone else pointed out that's between 130 - 200 posts a day depending on when in September she joined.

No. 1088462

she's literally just on speed, it's actually that simple

No. 1088530

File: 1606029829266.png (184.04 KB, 791x610, AFqbOK8.png)

No. 1088539

File: 1606031795274.png (84.21 KB, 597x304, anime terese.png)

Funny how every time some edgy internet personality tries to "foster a non-partisan space" and "engage with people across the political spectrum" they Poe's Law themselves into becoming a Nazi

No. 1088583

I have to ask. What is it with leftthot(or gimp) women who:

- Hint that women with milder features are ugly compared to "classicaly strong featureed" women such as themselves. (Wonderwoman comparison tweet)

- Long hair is a cope for plain women, short hair is for hot women only. (Anna and gimpgirl)

- Insinuating that they are more attractive than others bc they have "unique" or "french" looks- or just in general are not plain looking.

It's like they have disain for most women, perhaps the type of women who get male attention? The type of women who get married? Or just the type who lead normal happy lives?

No. 1088585

Bitch what. Almost everything she posts is needless cruelty towards other people.

No. 1088586

Eh I think they're basically saying that ~twu beauty~ doesn't need decorations and some women do things to cover up for bad genetics.

No. 1088620


Sp basically humblebragging in case of Anna.

No. 1088622


That looks unhygienic

No. 1088623


Everybody shames women only when if comes to parenting. Like in this case he shits on overworked mothers instead of lazy fathers. Classic.

No. 1088624

>I might be overtly skitzo, but actually every woman is like this! Especially ones I'm seething about!


No. 1088626

By "balancing out" he means "being another useless slob to take care of", doesn't he?

No. 1088630


It seems like when you read between the lines he implies that it's the woman's fault for "picking the wrong one" or that she's too overbearing for the poor poor mens to contribute.

No. 1088631

Anna has said she has some hormone problem and that's why she looks so masculine (her sister and mother look much prettier and more feminine). She's said she thinks of herself as not female and as someone who would have been a trans or nb man if she was a zoomer. Anna and other thots are just obsessed with bragging about themselves and getting likes on tweets they can read as covert compliments to themselves and insults to others who hurt their ego just by existing.
Even people on speed have to sleep eventually and there are rarely more then 4-6 hours gaps in her tweets but maybe I don't actually pay enough attention to notice. Much like Anna's obsession with calling people narcissists, Aimee's fixation on calling people cruel is just her telling on herself. Aimee's recent infantile "frens", myspace teen avi, and other recent even more immature than usual turns are also creepy.

No. 1088810

gimpgirl should go on red scare

No. 1088822

No. 1088838

lol maybe thats how she knows Liz F, wasn't she a chanel expert for a vintage shop or something like that

No. 1088843

They're always seething about women not picking them. Everything a man says is motivated by resentful intrassexual competition, especially the shaming of women: "how dare you choose this man who's several orders of magnitude more attractive than me?" They will criticize everything women do simply because these women are with men who are not them.

No. 1088851

File: 1606074261509.jpeg (148.64 KB, 1242x328, F289DA46-DF25-4592-BA93-822ADC…)

No. 1088853

Holy shit lol!

No. 1088856

File: 1606074695206.jpeg (95.3 KB, 686x561, 9DDB8BCB-F53A-4E58-8AF9-A5FE9D…)

what a fucking liar

No. 1088860

this is why we’ve never seen a picture of his fiancée, who definitely exists btw

No. 1088866

Wtf i love posting pictures of myself for likes now

No. 1088870

I really hate the way every hideous looking male always has some made up moral or philosophical reason for why they’re against selfies. They always pretend like they’re against it because of some stance they have against narcissism or vanity or loyalty or whatever and act like it’s some deliberate choice they’re making because of their superior values instead of just acknowledging the reality that they can’t post selfie’s because they would be ridiculed and they’re insecure.

No. 1088881

He only thinks that because whiny emotionally vulnerable little bitch is his default, samememe can't even imagine what it must be like to be actually able to put his emotions aside for a second, so he idealizes that state as universally desirable.

No. 1088914

these two tweets being posted one after the other is so funny. men will genuinely be like 'taking pictures of your self is literally cheating on me' and then describe themselves as a stoic rational thinker who 'puts aside emotions'

No. 1088917

he immediately deleted this after it was posted here lmao

No. 1088920

But obsessing over porn stars and e-thots is healthy male sexuality.

No. 1088925

Few males will plainly state "I have cuckoldry anxiety". Gotta maintain that masculine false self.

No. 1088930

Also known as "every adolescent male who just discovered Linkin Park and Nietzsche".

No. 1088940

Stopped working ? lol
She won't ever say what she was doing cos
-It's a lie, no job at all
-Job not compatible within the rigid ideological confines she's constructed
When asked by David Klion (who she was attacking) why she was tweeting all night till 6 in the morning she claimed she was working night shift lfmao
What possible occupation exists that she could do that has a night shift and would allow her to be on twitter constantly ?

No. 1088943

File: 1606079935768.png (999.06 KB, 1297x1393, The duality of man.png)

Testosterone impairs self reflection and impulse control on a biological level, and a lonely man like him has no women in his life to serve as a buffer for penile chimpouts. A normal man is passed on from his mother to his wife, an incel like him has nothing waiting ahead but lunacy.

I must admit though, few things are as classically male as publicly losing your shit online for a decade whilst simultaneously seeing yourself as a stoic, dispassionate ubermensch. Puberty (and the corresponding terrifying loss of sexual agency) hits them hard, which is why most of them are viscerally obsessed with the idea of ultimate self control that none of them are equipped to perform. The average man's ideal society is a hyper-safe playground in which all women are your personal doting oedipal mommies and none of them can cheat on you because they're all forever yours.

No. 1088973

She looks like Britney Spears does on Instagram

No. 1088979

Woah you found the spokes person for all men. That’s so cool

No. 1088984

Thanks, I owe samememe a finder's fee tho.

No. 1089025

File: 1606084973189.jpg (731.92 KB, 3260x2028, aimee1.jpg)

okay then

No. 1089034

I wonder what Dasha thinks of Kenosha

No. 1089050

Nitpicking but bitch can’t even spell Kenosha right

No. 1089057

Oh I know these types. NYPD had been arresting them over the past two weeks for vandalism and larceny. They cause problems for use out in they sticks.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1089058

A very stoic rational thinker… who'll delete the very rational and deep wisdom she decided to tweet just because a few girls made fun of it. Oof.

No. 1089061

don't you have a thread on here

No. 1089064

Lol anon beautifully put!

No. 1089080

Isn't the girl he's quotetweeting a pickme? Just goes to show that being a pickme doesn't work and they'll never choose you or exempt you from their misogyny.

No. 1089098

god I can't see that profile pic without thinking of redpillchick

No. 1089102

No. 1089181

For beta males, trad pickmes will never be anything except safe and available receptacles for incel rage stemming from rejection by PMC girlbosses. The best case scenario for a pickme is to be a live-in punching-bag-fleshlight-therapist for a male who will never get over some "exciting" commitment averse chick he beta orbited at some point.

He is correct in a sense that despite her pitiful attempts at appeasement, she miscalculated what men want. What he's omitting is the fact that her only mistake is caring what men want. Male wants are inherently absurd and largely unknown to males themselves.

Amusing that he had to turn it into "had a libfem gf" as opposed to "wanted one and failed". The sheer wishful thinking only confirms the theory he's desperately trying to deny.

Ditto. Pretty sure no one here called him anything gay except jailhouse gay. But that chaps his ass a bit too much to include in his laughably self aggrandizing narrative of how he's really perceived by the "haterz".

Also, Jack, you're still too fat for heaven.

No. 1089291

File: 1606116583667.jpg (4.36 KB, 148x216, MV5BMGM2ODhjZTctYWVhZi00MTViLT…)

Anna has a sister? I'd love to see some pics. Apparently, gimpgirl is in the same boat with the whole "alpha sibling" situation.

Also, pic related is Karen Straughan, another has-been scrotumhugging mullethead patiently waiting for another gamergate so she can get some shekels and attention. This is Anna's future, also physiognomy is real.

No. 1089303


she probably loves living in australia because she never has to deal with her clear anti blackness

No. 1089304

File: 1606122902575.png (734.83 KB, 589x673, Screen Shot 2020-11-23 at 7.05…)

No. 1089308

Same with her 'I'm not racist' bit, she's told you she's not so that's it, case closed.
No need to consider or examine the extent to which she might hold racist inclinations or bias, no need to 'Do the work'
She also said she doesn't believe in being racist because what difference could melanin make ? she said there could be cultural differences tho…

No. 1089310

I love the way the irony boys lose their shit over Hasan or any other hot guy on left twitter. Always turning into the reddit incels they love to make fun of.

No. 1089313


Oh this is that female MRA clown, yeah, this is what happens when you are addicted to male attention but ugly

No. 1089315


Ewww wtf is that pickme tweet hes responding to

No. 1089316

Any examples? I thought that instead they would be using them for their "dudes rock" crap. Kind of funny of how they stereotype women as catty and jealous and then do this.

No. 1089318

They go after Hasan and that Mohammad guy. I’ve seen Posadist Trapgod, Yung Chomsky and even Felix too which I thought they all liked.

No. 1089319

The Mohammad guy being @WongKarWax? Isn't he a sex pest?

No. 1089320

File: 1606126898739.png (389.6 KB, 591x738, Screen Shot 2020-11-23 at 4.09…)

Dumb and Dumber remake 2020 all female cast

No. 1089322

Not as far as I know. Doesn’t seem to really get into any drama.

No. 1089351

Wow, Karen Straughan is still managing to cling to her platform?

Oh no, this really is so embarrassing on both Anna and Aimee's parts. They're so desperate for likes and rts from frog twitter.

No. 1089388

File: 1606137915176.png (210.4 KB, 701x384, stinkymrapussy.PNG)

she's really not making content anymore - the last FB she has up is from May & pic related is her youtube channel

No. 1089574

Like most contrarians, she has an expiration date stamped on her. Most of them are phased out when their particular pet issue is no longer relevant. Look at Christina Hoff Sommers and her 15 minutes of fame that ran out the moment "muh vidya tiddy" discourse became cringe. Most of these irrelevant hags basically live from -gate to -gate.

The truth is, no one listens to red scare for "pop culture commentary" and it won't survive on it. People only subscribe to hear dumb political takes, or as a "girl agrees with my psychotic autism" simulator. When everyone gets tired of zizekian whining about neoliberalism, Anna will meet the exact same fate as Karen unless she finds some other dumb culture war shit to be alarmist about. Its understandable why her and Aimee are so sad about Trump's loss, because they'll both need a new meal ticket pronto.

My advice is: put gimpgirl on redscare, Anna. If you do, I promise to become a paypig.

No. 1089575

>female drone bilots xD
the left has like 3 jokes

No. 1089584

Moids are organically incapable of any sort of social cohesion or solidarity because their nature is to compete to reproduce. The "bros before hos" shit they pretend to be into only briefly exists when betas band together against women as a means of collective sexual bargaining, which is generally the point of monogamous patriarchal societies (every male gets a wife vs alphas hoard all the wives).

When there are no women, intra-male relations become similar to what you see in prisons or single sex military schools. They absolutely fucking loathe each other, but hating women briefly lets them forget that and use women as a buffer for violence they would otherwise be directing at each other.

No. 1089630

Men in these online political spheres are so catty with each other, they are constantly calling each other soyboys or betas or cucks or whatever whenever they see someone not be ‘masculine’ in the way they approve of or deviate from the norm at all or express any kind of sincerity about anything. It feels very high school and like they’re just coming from a place of insecurity and trying to drag other men down to their level of misery.

No. 1089838


Not a huge fan of Anna but I think Red Scare is one of the few podcasts that wouldn’t be that affected by Trump not being president

No. 1089843

I agree, honestly I would start listening if they started doing exclusively pop culture commentary, they're way better at it than when they talk about politics

No. 1089925

agreed, I'm not tuning in to learn anything I'm listening to hear two chicks with intense vocal fry talk shit/about nothing

No. 1089941

that might be an okay podcast

they could call it Bitch Session

No. 1090009

File: 1606182504275.png (166.22 KB, 599x455, 400 lb hacker.png)

okay this aimee burn is pretty funny

No. 1090176

File: 1606205858312.png (256.03 KB, 588x363, Screen Shot 2020-11-24 at 6.15…)

The message here is pretty clear, you got somethin to say, tell her direct.
No doubt she will respond in good faith to any fair critique

No. 1090233

Kek, did you make this anon?

No. 1090454

File: 1606241217951.png (473.65 KB, 799x777, OrcsSeh.png)

No. 1090603

File: 1606250242941.jpg (335.23 KB, 2048x1538, EnnPCOKVcAEshls.jpg)

No. 1090605

File: 1606250285844.png (75.85 KB, 440x682, aimee.png)

No. 1090610

File: 1606250428633.png (78.09 KB, 801x468, aimee2.png)

No. 1090614

File: 1606250532265.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1242x1927, AFAA1456-11F4-49ED-8C51-CF7B48…)

No. 1090620


No. 1090639

>that arm

No. 1090640

It must be, unless she has cancer or something which could explain the hair loss

No. 1090703

Anorexia explains the hair loss too, I said this before but I really doubt she would pass up the chance to milk sympathy points if she had cancer, not to mention that if she was on chemo she wouldn't have the energy to post as rabidly and as often as she does. Bitch is probably anorexic on huge amounts of stims.

No. 1090735

Plus meth

No. 1090770

Why is she acting like it's an own on anyone but her if they make fun of that picture, it's very weird to have set that as your profile pic when there's more normal pictures or just not posting yourself. I don't think anyone even found it until after she posted that freaky bathroom picture. that up her cosplay as a hot girl.
Have zero doubt she wouldn't actually invite anyone on to converse or debate, she can't tolerate dissent.

No. 1090775

messed up her cosplay as the hot girl in her red bull avi
Can wig experts weigh in?

No. 1090809

It gives me second hand embarrassment when people do this. Jack did the exact same thing with that photo of him looking hideous in his grandmas bedroom where he was like “how cruel of people to make fun of my appearance when I was actually going to visit my dying grandma in this photo” like ok? That doesn’t change that you look fat and ugly and obviously random strangers on twitter have no way of knowing about the context of your picture. They obviously decided to post it publicly because they thought they looked good and when it doesn’t get the reaction they want they come out with some embarrassing sob story about it.

No. 1090864

She looks like a female Anna.

No. 1090865

>Everyone wants white men
>Is white and incel

No. 1090877

File: 1606262942466.png (16.98 KB, 594x148, okanna.PNG)

No. 1090878

I hate this lie people always say. Obviously there are a bunch of Asian incels but the majority are still white guys.

No. 1090897

people say she looks insane and scary in that pic, people say she looks insane, scary, and ugly in the more recent pics

No. 1090923


so much cope. aimee looks haggard as always. she totally has an ED

No. 1090971

I am a literal wig stylist and her wigs have too much hair. Wigs come with a lot of hair so that they can be tailored down to fit each individual. If you don’t thin them to fit the persons frame they look unnatural and “wiggy” … it’s hard to tell from the photo but it also looks like she might be wearing the wig too far down past her hairline which also makes it look wiggy and off. Otherwise the wig looks actually looks nice quality it just needs to be worked with so that she doesn’t look like Cousin It.

No. 1091146

These are the two most embarrassing posts I've seen in leftthot threads.

No. 1091172


That's not really true - maybe the gross majority are white guys. But I'd reckon that proportionally asians blacks and latinos are overrepresented.

We live in a society with very white beauty ideals it's probably much harder to get laid as a POC.

No. 1091191

“Read a photo” lol her reading and writing chops are terrible so this is her best shot at signalling intelligence. Being able to recognize that someone has cheekbones makes you a visual genius I guess

No. 1091194

File: 1606297660824.jpeg (181.42 KB, 776x477, EDC00A97-465D-462D-B0D4-A99EB9…)

The official incel wiki has kindly documented this for us kek

No. 1091209


Underappreciated post.

No. 1091439

lmao imagine your idea of the "left" being len0killer

No. 1091486


I kind of don't get the negative judgments about that particular pic either tho, she looks haggard, but apart from that I think it's one of the more decent pics of her? She looks better on the picture than the person next to her imo f.e.

No. 1091503

Samememe acting like "scrotes come in different colors" is some grand ass revelation reminds me of Anna thinking that her "dae have to play dumb to get men to do what you want" is some kind of eldritch knowledge from a secret Stacy manual that only she had the honor to behold, or Ash Coffin acting like discovering hair dye and facetune makes her a bombshell completely unlike other autistic too-online girls with a layman's interest in politics. Maladjusted fuggos are so shook by common normie knowledge it's almost endearing. I feel like being 30+ and still trying to qualify for that one popular high-school clique that told them "you can't sit with us" once is a requirement for leftthottery.

No. 1091507

I bet thinking that she's mogging the other girl was the reason why she willingly took that fairly clear post-meth selfie kek

No. 1091580

He was excommunicated from ironybro circles for being a massive retard

No. 1091639

idk him but people i like follow him

No. 1091727

File: 1606350362007.png (469.73 KB, 1080x791, 20201125_192428.png)

No. 1091740

10/10 post

No. 1091856

File: 1606361821392.jpeg (1.58 MB, 1000x3170, 7D0F9330-E958-455C-B04D-AD2C36…)

No. 1091860

File: 1606362116433.jpeg (1.39 MB, 1000x2777, 4A56CE8F-EE98-442C-ADEC-C7816A…)

it like the 3rd time they’ve complained about this

No. 1091890

jesus yes
next thread pic tbh

No. 1091900

this fag needs an ssri. does he ever read his own timeline and realize how miserable he sounds every day? "i hate desiring food" than lose some weight FAGGOT

No. 1091901

kek, they should date

No. 1091909

i don't get it

No. 1091915

honestly ship jack x samememe as a jailhouse gay yaoi couple

No. 1091926

This is fucking pathological. See a psychiatrist fatass.

No. 1091962

File: 1606370730698.png (8.19 KB, 276x183, download.j.png)

No. 1091992

I've heard of overweight people being ashamed to eat in public before, but not to this extent. He needs help, not more time sitting on twitter writing about how women are the cause of all his problems. I thought he was supposed to be quitting anyways.

No. 1091998

So he’s just confirming what we’ve all been saying, that he’s a fat loser that cries and binges in his nanna’s spare room?

No. 1092074

Why does he have such an unhealthy relationship with food lol just fucking stop eating so much

No. 1092076

>When I ordered Cheesecake Factory the other day I point blank lied to the man delivering it because the thought of him knowing I'd ever eaten food in my life was that mortifying
He could tell, kek. Why can't he stop these Twitter rants and just eat less? He's literally worse than a teenage girl with this shit.

No. 1092081

Holy fucking shit lol I never had that much of an opinion on Jack but the sheer dimensions of this incredibly dumb performative cope is almost too much for me to take! I'm sure it's vastly exahgerated too, he tries to make his laziness /lack of discipline seem to be a very complicated, interesting neurosis of a deep person that understands the myriad facettes of human suffering whereas his desiring food is just a garden variety addiction at best (laziness/lack of discipline at its most probable)

No. 1092158

File: 1606406160493.png (107.42 KB, 1314x336, Screen Shot 2020-11-26 at 10.5…)

you can ever be too stupid or too repellent to be anna's internet friend (unless you're a normal woman), anna's seething hatred of internet leftists and womnen is so pathological, it's the only thing she tweets about

No. 1092164

File: 1606406564488.png (266.5 KB, 1304x1018, Screen Shot 2020-11-26 at 11.0…)

Continuing the "post-left" slide to just being neocons, of course this is the direction they're going. Has this Adam Lehrer been posted before? He's one of the most pathetic Aimee and Anna simps and is dumb as a rock, guy is married which makes it worse.

No. 1092167

File: 1606406719008.jpg (134.71 KB, 826x1110, EnwfV8YXcAgscOW.jpg)

No. 1092172

He sounds bpd, like this looks like something you would read on a 15 year olds traumacore tumblr blog.

No. 1092174

I find her appreciation of samememe strange not even from a moral sense in that he seems like a horrible person but just the fact that he comes off like such a stunted pathetic loser. He is the exact kind of man you would expect her to look down on based off what traits she claims to value in men.

No. 1092251

like literally it is possible not to eat foods you don’t like

these fuckers have the nerve to bang on about personal responsibility for others and then claim oppression by cookie

just don’t eat the cookie, jack

No. 1092262

Literally what the hell is wrong with these dudes? Holy fuck I have never witnessed such pathetic faggotry before; they're just cookies you're allowed to say "no thanks" and move forward with your day.

No. 1092284

Hahahahahahahaha How The Fuck Is Being Fat Real Hahahaha Nigga Just Walk Away From The Cookie Tray Like Nigga Say No Thanks Haha

No. 1092292

When has he ever portrayed himself as ‘boisterous and joyful’, he has never come off as anything other than unwell and miserable

No. 1092306

how weak willed are these men that they can’t say no to a fucking cookie

No. 1092458

im choking 10/10

No. 1092463

Is he the dude who originally co-hosted a podcast with Aimee before he fired her and then she started What's Left, or am I thinking of someone else?

No. 1092548

chud actions are leftist as long as you're "ironically detached and disaffected " about it, also anything I don't like is a war criminal

No. 1092551

whining about capitalism is literally that exact 19th century economic theory you vapid cockfag, and so are your nocturnal emissions about mvh retvrn to tradition. you're literally the most retarded things about marxism and capitalism combined

No. 1092590


I generally like his art world takes and writing but he’s too good to simp to Aimee

No. 1092659

File: 1606473484316.png (102.04 KB, 1247x631, 2838u3u3.PNG)

what's anon's take on sean mccarthy's interview with the salo guy? I actually liked sean's online presence, like his podcast, and I agree with a lot of the views he puts forward, but the level of misogyny he performed in that interview gave me the creeps. Branding yourself with that picrel pseudo-joke in the salo-sphere seems really fucking sinister. I kind of can't wrap my head around the fact that he would chose to tell specifically that as a joke, since it even formally hardly qualifies as one.

No. 1092684

He's sent unsolicited dick pics to women on Twitter.

No. 1092725

god, why would he even want to be associated with that guy. sean's always seemed sketch.

No. 1092726

Who is the guy doing these interview, last one was with Aimee, is he a right wing guy, a racist guy? Sean tries too hard to be edgy and embarrasses himself a lot by getting mad at stupid things or being smug over being correct on very basic points about woke culture. He thinks playing into the sexist bernie bro stereotype is a bit but he's just alienating women for no reason, just to anti-virtue signal.

No. 1092731

I'd love to know more about him too. Anons in a previous thread gave info that he's from ex yugoslavia, living in canada. But in this interview series, he claims to be in zurich, switzerland.

No. 1092753

For revenge they should leak them

No. 1092828

a "squaw" is a slur for a indian woman. literally everyone knows that, how does sean not know that?

No. 1092881

Kek he just looks like a complete dumbass. Shitty "joke" and he can't even use slurs correctly.

No. 1092889

File: 1606501727862.png (319.68 KB, 1500x1165, wallstreetjokebook.png)

I think I found the origin of his version of this joke. Very ironically from a book called "The Wall Street Joke Book: Raunchy Humor From Fast-Lane Financiers".

No. 1092906

Omg anon, wonderful milk, what an embarassing source to disgracefully steal from, and he mistook squaw for sioux

No. 1092944

When men need a manual for jokes but they're still unfunny

No. 1092968

>But in this interview series, he claims to be in zurich, switzerland.

No. 1092976

Does zurich have some sort of significance for terminally online rightoid degenerates? Idgi anon, please help me out

No. 1093052

Switzerland is neutral aka you can’t trace his politics to anything if he’s Swiss

No. 1093132

Anon I still don't get it, I don't think that's how the neutrality of Switzerland works, its citizens still can have any kind of political affiliation?

No. 1093145

I'm from Ex-YU as well so I've been aware of Soldo via some of my Twitter mutuals following and retweeting him for some time. All I know is that he's a Croat from the Toronto area and has a degree in international relations but I don't know what he does for a living, maybe works for a think tank?

Also I think the only reason why he's making his blog ~European themed~ to set the impression to readers that he in fact lives there just to get right wing Twitter users from the UK and US who give him flack for criticizing the Anglosphere while living there himself off his back

No. 1093208

That makes sense, thank you for the info anon

No. 1093564

He was born in Croatia, went to Canada as a refugee when he was a baby and moved back to Croatia a couple of years ago. He works in the energy industry. He's a never-married man in his mid 40s who runs an internet forum populated by zoomers and constructed an entire persona around hating evil Anglos because he got bullied by the hockey team at high school in Toronto.

No. 1093655

I’ve only heard an ironybro say that so I’m going to assume it’s a lie.

No. 1093671


nayrt, but it's a dumb history meme. In the second world war Switzerland played no active part, siding neither with the Communists nor the Fascists. In other words, Salo is claiming to be like Switzerland, (pretending to be?) neither a red nor a black.
tbh I have no idea if what the other anon is right, and that Salo is actually making this joke, because it seems like a real stretch, but it's dumb nonetheless if he is.

No. 1093680

File: 1606579271434.jpeg (389.48 KB, 828x1186, C5EE2C93-0413-4C44-B22E-4FEB81…)

Aimee deleted this tweet but shows exactly why she isn’t liked. Ross is affiliated with another podcast = bad. It’s not personal, it’s political.

No. 1093684

File: 1606579591717.png (1.28 MB, 1286x960, Screen Shot 2020-11-28 at 11.0…)

she's not doing well

No. 1093695

>reading marx is classist
aimee is so retarded

No. 1093779

shoutout to all the anons from the first thread who insta-clocked all these cows as giga femcels

No. 1093781

File: 1606591142479.jpeg (130.18 KB, 952x784, EE4E69E2-EBA1-463E-958F-B88153…)

Speaking of femcels.
This chick is the milkiest. I'm amazed no one has posted her yet, she got kind of popular a couple of months ago because she made a Chad Yes meme of.. herself. She drew one of herself along with Marx saying that pronouns are bourgeois so she got a lot of flack and now she's known as a "terf" despite just being an edgy femcel pandering to edgy male lefties. I don't care about the meme but holy shit, her entire feed is completely like this.

No. 1093782

File: 1606591173709.jpeg (121.53 KB, 952x1142, 6F302BAD-F151-429E-A725-059598…)

No. 1093784

File: 1606591281623.jpeg (89.82 KB, 952x600, 7350EC97-A250-451C-9248-1EF3A7…)

No. 1093786

Another thing about YesThatAnna is that if a man makes fun of her in any way at all she spins it as them wanting to have sex with her kek

No. 1093796

>she made a Chad Yes meme of.. herself
could you post it?

No. 1093798

god this "joke" reads like shit dialogue from a shit scriptwriter who wants to show off how cool and irreverent his protagonist is

No. 1093810

File: 1606595229106.jpeg (268.66 KB, 1176x1388, 6EA06727-2EC2-4584-8272-EB2C2A…)

No. 1093814

Oh god, the ""marxist"" Rebel News chick. I follow her for the milk, she's unreal. You can tell all her colleagues must hate her because they're boomery conservatives who would shit themselves over women posting things exactly like >>1093782

No. 1093816

File: 1606595559264.jpeg (94.14 KB, 1200x776, F5222238-66C5-493B-8066-096CC2…)

She literally looks and acts exactly like the people she hates

No. 1093829

Putting herself on the twitter pedo flag, so edgy. She reminds me of an uglier Lindsay Souvannarath.

No. 1093836

Energy industry makes sense. You sure he's back in Croatia though? Again I think he's just lying about that to evade the "you complain about Anglos and yet you live in an Anglo country" criticism

No. 1093918

Is Edwin Aponte available ?

No. 1093924

how old is this person? they look simultaneously 13 and 60

No. 1093985

She's in her early 20's

No. 1094040

File: 1606612914682.png (183.03 KB, 625x596, c.png)

Kek, Dash and Clarence found us. How hard is it for cows to see themselves posted on an imageboard and NOT post screencaps? The least they could do is try harder to pretend they don't secretly love being talked about.

No. 1094041

File: 1606613070659.png (79.06 KB, 858x418, c2.png)

The person actually lurking these threads and sending everyone screencaps is the cow @juicepet, a pickme who does everything she can to get male attention while LARPing as a uwu innocent angel babie. I actually had to block her months ago because her tweets about being so waifish and frail and smol kept spamming my feed even though I've never followed her.
Can't even handle not getting attention for screencapping lolcow for boys, kek, hi Bea.

No. 1094049

File: 1606614100923.png (157.97 KB, 630x431, lmao.png)


No. 1094053

File: 1606614272962.png (26.12 KB, 656x313, juice.png)

I swear to god all these twitter people are robots running off a script.

No. 1094063

do they make these girls in a factory how is there a seemingly endless supply of this exact person. They all look and talk exactly the same way, there have been literally hundreds of reincarnations of this exact girl each with zero distinguishing features. How has the novelty of 6/10 uwu innocent angel who also uses imageboards still not worn off by now.

No. 1094072

All I can say is, any girl openly claiming to be pure and innocent and angelic WHILE also posting lolcow caps is a massively manipulative bitchy liar who probably has an addiction to shit talking her own friends. You don't lurk lolcow for months without posting. Would love to see her post history!

No. 1094092

Sorry the truth hurts and he's your friend. May the truth come out sooner or later ☕(emoji)

No. 1094093

Do you know something about it? Why not just say it, why would you want to protect someone like that?

No. 1094096

Please read the rules.

Also anyone who is on lolcow isn’t a nice person. It’s a joke some people try to portray being sweet, then admit coming here

No. 1094098

the amount of filters/photoshop/facetune on all of juicepet's photos is absolutely laughable. she's trans right?

No. 1094123

File: 1606620841797.png (181.99 KB, 680x358, dashtard.png)

Dasha is so pathetic, I'm sure Clarence and Juicepet agree. If they actually respected Dasha they wouldn't be posting screencaps of them being BTFO'd by farmers.

No. 1094127

>It’s a joke some people try to portray being sweet, then admit coming here
Do people do this? I only post in these threads because I think these people are legit evil grifters, and I've never seen anyone online casually bring up that they use lolcow except Juicepet. I forget this place exists for weeks at a time sometimes so it's funny to imagine some people coming every day and pretending they never use it just to save face

No. 1094135

Idk about you but I only post in these threads and used to post in Onision threads. This is chaotic good and keeping awful wannabe celebs in check

No. 1094137

he seems pretty cool

No. 1094139

I can’t believe Dasha is 30 - she still looks so young! It’s strange to think that 90% of her eggs are already gone - 97% by the time she turns 40 - so I hope she thinks about having kids before it’s too late! She’d be a fun mom. :)

No. 1094141

File: 1606622079390.jpg (46.24 KB, 768x512, 2-siamang.jpg)


No. 1094144

he look cool

No. 1094145

>not saging
>promoting some random moids twitter
Go back.

No. 1094146

do you think it's that faggot Clarence and his friends

No. 1094147

Probably. Or juicepet orbiters kek

No. 1094154

i heard that he read all of "infinite jest"

No. 1094159

what do you guys think of that James guy (@fearing420)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1094163

his pictures give me pedo vibes

No. 1094168

god i fucking hate that guy total neckbeard anime freak and he needs a haircut

No. 1094169

it is, >>1094166 is one of her reply guys

No. 1094175

you are not alone theres bugs

No. 1094179

They're all hoping for a crumb of pussy by acting like Redditors. This is making her look even worse, lmao, all the men she's in group DMs with are all just talking to her because she's a girl who gives them attention, and when she needs them to defend her on an imageboard they just self-promote.

No. 1094183

You know you're just bringing more attention to the thread by constantly replying and bumping it to the top of the front page, right?

No. 1094185

@newashcamp inspired me to write a novel

No. 1094187

literally what is she annoyed at, she begged that guy to credit her publicly? why is she now pretending she didn't want to be posted

No. 1094193

Exactly. She posted lolcow caps for weeks straight and told him to give her credit for showing him a Dasha hate post. She got what she wanted.


If you looked at the other threads on this site you'd see most people here are in relationships and have active social lives, come here to laugh at retards like Dasha and Juicepet, not staying glued to twitter and obsessing over Bernie's loss half a year later.

No. 1094198

Yeah, that's why you're here sucking up to an underage thot you're in a group DM with on a Saturday night. Right?

No. 1094202

literally this guy is a fucking creep

No. 1094212

File: 1606627127158.jpeg (120.43 KB, 665x1227, BB01069F-66D1-4F97-BD57-10BB42…)

“Waifish and frail and smol”

No. 1094215

What is it with this trend of chubbies larping as anorexic. Is it like Anna with her ‘big naturals’ where they think if they just keep saying it people will accept it as reality.

No. 1094216

File: 1606627502696.png (374.85 KB, 537x645, 1585783960317.png)

but you're BIG

No. 1094220

sounds like dasha, do you think she comes here and talks shit about her because juicepet is the one only smol, pure and frail waif

No. 1094225

@subtleferret is another one like this, she's like 6 feet tall, got that autism build

No. 1094226

File: 1606628267239.jpeg (162.84 KB, 1052x1563, 771951BA-7A89-4278-A0A8-06424A…)

Probably. Dasha is like a pretty normal weight but compared to juicepet who is objectively kind of fat Dashas is waiflike I guess so it would make sense for her to be jealous. I would be embarrassed to post pics like this if I had been sperging about thinspo and pro ana for moths.

No. 1094227

File: 1606628307618.jpeg (805.38 KB, 765x2071, 64D11EB5-3A89-470E-8D3E-93741F…)

No. 1094230

sneeds feed and seed (formerly chucks)

No. 1094231


No. 1094234

>I would be embarrassed to post pics like this if I had been sperging about thinspo and pro ana for moths.
KEK what a cow, literally.

No. 1094238

the classic "i wish i were skinny" pose, forcing ankles as far apart as possible with toes together. legit sad

No. 1094239

linebacker shoulders and babushka legs

No. 1094247

Speaking of that type of person does anyone else remember that Kulpie girl? Did she ever remake?

No. 1094261

This is probably the place to get an actual answer to the following question.

Why did Dasha and Adam break up? Did she cheat on him?

No. 1094262

Neither have ever officially said why. A lot of people say she did, and apparently Adam claimed she did to some girl he slept with (but it was an anonymous source so take it with a grain of salt), but she insists that she didn't.

No. 1094263

File: 1606631220922.jpg (216.59 KB, 900x1200, EMqs71yUEAAQtxe.jpg)

Why did she do it?


No. 1094266

Thanks. I'd be pretty surprised if she didn't cheat on him, tbh.

No. 1094267

I think Dasha decided she didn't want to marry him and told him some things she had done while they were together.

No. 1094271

it's embarrassing how transparent and desperate it is. She should just embrace being thick and not humiliate herself by trying to come off as some anorexic waif that she clearly isn't.

No. 1094277

File: 1606632590750.jpeg (574.91 KB, 1242x1073, ABEAE5A8-C298-4B9E-BEA9-265E36…)

No. 1094283

Replying to Assfuck after retweeting Aimee

No. 1094290

Things like that don’t stay under the radar anymore with big accounts. If you actually know something, say it.

No. 1094303

Literally every one of the “cool, aloof scene libs” in the latter category considers themselves and their friends to be part of the former.

No. 1094314

File: 1606638385034.jpeg (154 KB, 1242x461, B9864520-8835-4A11-B0BC-74C3DF…)

No. 1094338

I'm sure someone somewhere considers this dude fascinating.

No. 1094376

File: 1606651342737.png (53.26 KB, 425x308, notfunnydidntlaugh.png)

This girl's twitter feed reminds me so much of Annie except even more contrived. Why do these women have zero originality? Do something more productive with your time instead of trying to collect bottom-of-the-barrel male attention online.

No. 1094422

She kinda looks like a bootleg Soren

No. 1094478

>parasitic socialite is a perfectly acceptable gig
I thought she was a leftist?

No. 1094489

Can't help but laugh at the absolute failed normies that make up the entirety of "irony twitter", imagine being such a failure your best shot at popularity is LARPing as an /r9k/ loser but you're too lazy and addicted to huffing your own farts to achieve even that

No. 1094522

no one cares about this faggot

No. 1094526

Worse and fatter than annie, probably comes here to talk shit about her too.

No. 1094533

Very very high chance she cheated and he kicked her out. You don’t get that many cheating rumors for no reason

No. 1094534

Annie is ugly, at least this girl has a pretty face

No. 1094547

Nah, shes definitely stockier and uglier than Annie. Something inbred about her.

No. 1094548

The non-sage is very telling.

No. 1094550

>WKing the new literal who that basically begged to be posted
>if not posted it herself

Yawn, go away fatty-chan. Either that or pull some crazy shit to make us laugh.

No. 1094563

Classic female jealousy. I’m not that girl, just have working eyes. Annie has a beady-eyed moon face on top of a 12 year old body. Juicechan is more attractive. Seethe more

No. 1094564

>Seethe more
Oh, go back to twitter faggot, juicepet's fat ass doesn't care about your whiteknighting.

No. 1094566

You are either a pedo scrote or a jealous woman

No. 1094572

Skinny women are always better than fatties, nothing to do with being a scrote.

No. 1094573

Bea looks like a professional wrestler. So dainty.

No. 1094574

Ok Annie. Go get eyelid surgery and fix your horse mouth(hi cow)

No. 1094575

I like how you losers make fun of pedobaiting e-thots and anachans then say shit like this. Pick a side already.

No. 1094577

kek juicepet fans.

No. 1094578

What? You can be skinny and not be anorexic or act like a pedobaiting ethot

No. 1094582

>not liking fat women makes you pedo
>no sage
>"or youre a woman"
Please go back to twitter.

No. 1094584

Sure, but if you have a fucked face like Annie’s, then it doesn’t matter how skinny you are. No men except for 4chan creeps and incels will want you. What’s not clicking?

No. 1094585

Everyone would've forgotten about a literallywho like Juicepet if her orbiters hadn't swarmed and bumped the thread a dozen times and brought more attention to her.

No. 1094590

Yeah but juicepet doesn’t have a pretty face? Neither of them are pretty

No. 1094594

Imagine getting this butthurt over Annie being prettier and skinnier than juicepet

No. 1094595

You want women to be like Annie, a 90 pounder with no chest? What do you think that is?

No. 1094596

Queen, it's okay you're fat, just go back to twitter or read the rules and learn to sage.

No. 1094600

Imagine defending Annie or anyone who looks like her. Go back to your anime loli trash

No. 1094601

As opposed to if you look like juicepet and only twitter creeps and incels want you?

No. 1094603

Jealous juicepet is overweight and Annie is skinny?

No. 1094605

stop replying to the unsaged retard

No. 1094606

juicepet is like 15 or something, how is it more pedophilic to prefer an adult woman who happens to also be petite

No. 1094609

Annie is a failed normie/hotgirl who goes out to bars and socializes. Her horsefaced self still can’t attract any guy above incel no matter how hard she tries. If juicebitch wasn’t a shut-in she could get a normal guy easily

No. 1094611

idk what the deleted post said but whenever i go on /ot/ i dont exactly get the impression that its posters have the best social lives

No. 1094613

File: 1606680138328.png (46.21 KB, 721x393, samememepandemic.png)

What the fuck is this take.

No. 1094615

File: 1606680223854.jpg (207.01 KB, 718x718, 20201129_140158.jpg)

Do you think juicepet is jealous of Annie simply because she's asian and petite and juicepet is not?

No. 1094616

All of these girls are into the most basic 2012 tumblr pastel aesthetic. Zero taste whatsoever.

No. 1094625

Isn’t Annie the one who charges neckbeards for access to her priv? Looks like she couldn’t find some STEMgeek to take care of her so she has to milk the bottom feeders online

No. 1094633

File: 1606681412639.jpg (23.45 KB, 396x562, 1314070_450_450_80446_0_fit_0_…)

i find anna to be a big time people-pleaser

No. 1094634

she has a bf and a job, idk why she's charging simps…maybe so she can afford chanel face powder

No. 1094637

>Isn’t Annie the one who charges neckbeards for access to her priv
Juicepet wishes she would skinny enough to do something like that I bet.

No. 1094638

File: 1606681679708.jpeg (207.19 KB, 1242x455, 58E681BD-91D5-45F8-90D2-98E8F8…)

No. 1094639

As if you need to be skinny to get pathetic losers online to pay you a few bucks a month

No. 1094640

Exactly the most she got out of pandering to them is them shilling themselves itt in a half hearted attempt to white knight her

No. 1094643

>a loser with nothing in your soul besides bitterness and evil

perfect description of samememe

No. 1094648

KEK juicepet can't even get these losers to give her money, at least annie is getting money out of the men she panders to.

No. 1094653

If she has orbiters defending her then why wouldn’t she be able to get dummies to pay her for tweeting nonsense

No. 1094654

>encourage weight loss
Jack on suicide watch

No. 1094655

Because she’s fat

No. 1094656

she literally deletes or changes any takes that aren't well received lmao, "principled" my ass

No. 1094673

File: 1606684022344.png (32.9 KB, 544x152, Screen Shot 2020-11-30 at 7.05…)

No. 1094686

Only men willing to pay for fatties are bottom of barrel men with a fat fetish.

No. 1094687

Keep calling this girl fat. Makes you seem very not jealous(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1094690

Juicepet is overweight.

No. 1094693

No one cares. Go back to skinnygossip and seethe over women who are fatter (hotter) than you

No. 1094695

People wouldn’t be pointing out how fat she is if she wasn’t constantly larping as some anorexic waif. People wouldn’t be talking about her at all if she didn’t repeatedly post about lolcow on twitter, beg for public ‘credit’ for showing that guy the thread, then send her reply guys here to keep bumping the thread.

No. 1094698

You do obviously, or else you wouldn't be here defending her.

No. 1094704

>silly boys, i HATE sex, im PURE, but i LOVE bdsm "art" ;) wink wink

No. 1094705

When did she larp as an anorexic waif? Seems like losers are just making that up out of jealousy

No. 1094706

>unsaged, again
I can't wait for your post history to be revealed.

No. 1094708

she has dozens of tweets from the past month or two alone about being so smol and tiny and uwu young and pure lol

No. 1094709

can you all stop racebaiting itt

No. 1094711

When will it stop being trendy to "ironically" post about hating sex? Swear to god every twitter thot in this circle does this.
>oh me? hehe i'm just a lil ole schoolgirl sir, could you teach me how to torrent? i'm so young, and innocent, and ingenue.. sex is disgusting!
Every other tweet by this crowd is like this. No self-awareness.

No. 1094714

Not the same as larping as anorexic. Keep reaching

No. 1094716

lmao, just lock your account already and take the L.

No. 1094717

File: 1606686749586.jpeg (87.6 KB, 597x604, witch.jpeg)

can we please stop talking about this literal who. i am begging. it’s so fucking boring to watch you all sperg over whether a size 6/8 is fat or not. pic unrelated.

No. 1094718

I also find it very funny how the person (juicepet) saying it's pedophilia to prefer Annie to Juicepet doesn't think it's pedophilia to prefer the actual teenager to a grown woman. It's literally just juicepet here to defend herself and self-viralize.

No. 1094719

On top of that, Juicepet is intentionally pedobaiting by constantly calling herself an innocent schoolgirl and shit.

No. 1094725

You really have to give Bea a break here. She's being crushed under the massive debt on her Torrid card.

No. 1094729

Rope already scrote/pickme

No. 1094731

No. 1094732

Can't wait for her to end up more miserable than women she and her degenerate scrote fanbase hate on, like shoe did

No. 1094734

easy to do when you don't leave the house and your country registered only 8 covid cases yesterday.

No. 1094737

File: 1606689157271.jpg (321.81 KB, 720x1049, 20201129_163039.jpg)

Uwu look at how smol this pure and frail school girl

No. 1094741

File: 1606689253948.png (48.27 KB, 662x620, juicepet.PNG)

she had a (now deleted) tweet about constantly reverse searching her selfies to see if she was posted on lolcow, as well as a tweet about wanting a thread made about her kek

No. 1094748

File: 1606689632954.jpg (9.1 KB, 244x206, 74a1f77b722107c3e66acf484ec0b0…)

The entirety of "post left" online presence is about larping cool detached irony at the expense of getting anything done or holding any real convictions because your greatest fear is to be branded as "cringe". Pic related, the face of the post left.

No. 1094750

The funniest part of her acting like a victim isn't just that she was begging to get posted, it's that she's one of us and was posting here every day for like a month if not longer.

No. 1094754

All of these smol uwu fragile lolitas who look 35 practically piss their aliexpress skirts whenever they get mentioned here. Kind of reminds me of uwu steppe waifu warmtoned and her Twitter chimpout from a few threads ago.

No. 1094755

It was strange when her orbiters immediately went to saying we were all friendless femcels. That line of argument doesn't really work when the person you're white knighting is themselves a poster here, to the point they felt the need to repeatedly tweet about using the site for months.

No. 1094768

Of course size 6 isn’t fat, unless the girl has a prettier face than me, then I will call her a giant whale

No. 1094775

She is small compared to a good sized man. Losers like you and anahorse Annie date 135 pound geeks so you think you need to be size 00 to be considered small

No. 1094776

>good sized man
You mean a fat guy

No. 1094777

the only man who came here to white knight her is 5'8”

No. 1094783

Are you a lesbian or something? 135 is pretty underweight for a man of normal height

No. 1094786

Imagine being so obsessed with Annie you mention her every time someone calls you fat. No one here likes Annie either. Take your meds.

No. 1094787

You must have a reading disability. That anon didn't say that.

No. 1094789

You’re the one with the reading disability. The right weight for the average man is like 160 pounds. They are implying a guy over 135 pounds is fat. Pathetic lesbians

No. 1094790

Imagine thinking Anna has a hot body to anyone other than mouth breathers and pedos

No. 1094792

Ok we get it, juicepet hates Annie because Annie is thinner than her, move on already, If juicepet hates her fat self she can lose weight.

No. 1094793

They’re right. You are femcels

No. 1094795

Ok we get it, you hate Juicepet because she’s prettier in the face than you and weighs 2 pounds more

No. 1094798

kill yourself already you dumb fucking scrote kek shes never gonna fuck you

No. 1094802

Keep screeching femcel. You’ll lose steam soon enough(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1094803

Despite making up 50% of human population…

No. 1094804


No. 1094806

No. 1094811

This is what makes us femcels. We turn our backs on our own girls just because they’re prettier than us(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1094815

No. 1094816

Do you hope someone will drop their @ to prove you wrong so you can dox them, scrote?

No. 1094840

i haven't lol'd so hard in a while, much love anon

No. 1094843

You femcels are fatter than her though

No. 1094848

Femcels is a naughty word in lolcow world. Don’t say it anon

No. 1094854

File: 1606696925193.jpeg (105.02 KB, 933x1263, 45CBC046-C96B-4DF1-809F-FB81FB…)

Bow down to yah au natural beauty queen(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1094857

The torrent thing is so stupid. Somebody joked about it once and now all these girls are adopting the same exact stupid shtick. Bunch of braindead sheep who only know how to copy each other.

No. 1094861

Why would anyone find her attractive? She’s at least 200 pounds. I’m a size 000. PICK ME!!111!

No. 1094862

Exactly like this could be from Annie, Felina, custardloaf, Caroline etc. It’s not even just the girls it’s the same with >>1094314 and the people who were self posting, they’re all so repetitive and sound like the exact same person.

No. 1094868

>fecal connoisseur debates over which lefthot fuggo is fuglier

Kek never change lc

No. 1094876

God loves the fat lesbians and pencil necked anachans of lc <33

No. 1094882

"Au natural" with the face that's blurred to hell and back because of the filters she used

No. 1094883

File: 1606699564424.jpeg (131.51 KB, 666x500, C14CCA03-0FA3-4F23-B221-1D66DC…)

Annie let’s brush those chompers they’re looking rough(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1094895

File: 1606701026188.jpeg (39.1 KB, 370x500, 351713F6-4CB6-4FF0-9680-60AA32…)

Why are farmhands caping for Annie all of a sudden? Did she use her sugar baby money to extort lc?(autism)

No. 1094900

you're being banned for being one of three whiteknighting twitterfags who refuse to integrate

No. 1094907

Ah yes, the ultimate prize, a normal guy. Can you make it any more obvious that you're a scrote?

I think it's stupid to make any sweeping statements about the "people who go on this site" in general because people come here for various reasons and not everyone visits all boards, but there's also the fact that people who have issues will often talk about them whereas normal people will just act normal and not stand out. General rule is that crazies are more visible

No. 1094910

>if the pandemic was real, elites would halt trade and hurt their profits to save a handful of peasants

Bitch doesn't even have 1k followers, she's a knockoff Shasti, like we can see from posts like this >>1094376

She's probably shamelessly selfposting here to gain relevance. Too bad she's plain, chubby, boring, and too lazy to put effort into skinwalking Annie. She'll never be relevant.

No. 1094950

Why did he take "the pandemic is fake" from this and not "the elites don't care if we all die so long as profit grows"

No. 1094956

I don't think these people realize that the posters in this thread aren't their caricature of a channer femcel but people from their own social circles that they probably even follow on twitter and are in group chats with. You can tell this thread is majority people who don't regularly use lolcow and come here for this thread only. People in your own circle can't stand you and use this as an outlet.

No. 1094959

One would think that Aimee of all people would welcome an excuse to cover her face in public.

No. 1094960

Bold of you to assume Aimee leaves her bedroom and goes out in public

No. 1094978

File: 1606714419792.jpg (195.41 KB, 1200x1200, bea nice i have dysphoria.jpg)

No. 1094982

I see it

No. 1094992

I think pet should just own that she’s big boned and embrace thiccness. I’m aware that sounds rude but I mean it seriously, thicc is in

No. 1094993

I agree, she would probably look better if she styled herself in a way that was actually flattering to her instead of wearing things suited to people half her size

No. 1094994

she’s flabby and out of shape with very little to speak of in terms of hip to waist ratio, so definitely not “thicc” but keep dreaming kek

No. 1094997

name three of your friends

No. 1095004

Why did Meg leave Red Scare?

No. 1095007

It's already been discussed in the previous threads. According to Anna she was a "diva and a grifter" who cheated them out of money and betrayed them in some way but we've never heard Meg's side.

No. 1095008

she stole patreon money kek

No. 1095011


I remember Anna alluding to Meg's fat ass on the pod. Has anyone on here found a good pic? Cuz I went through her insta a couple of years ago but couldn't find any.

No. 1095017

Enjoying this cope that you have to be fat and friendless to enjoy gossip, very cute of you.

No. 1095022

what cope bitch

No. 1095025

Can ADHD medication be the reason for the deterioration of Aimee's looks?

Like she may have gone way overboard with it at some point and fucked up her hormones and shit. What are the side effects?

Anyway, I think if she put on a few pounds she'd look much better still.

No. 1095033

Only if she was abusing it. They dont fuck with your hormones necessarily but they can kill your appetite, which leads to weight loss. Its more likely shes on like, meth considering the way she looks

No. 1095036

this wouldn't explain the hair loss though, unless the hair loss and weight loss have an unrelated cause

No. 1095068

These photos are aimee's younger sister and not really fair to post them, even tho aimee did just essentially dox her and her own adhd meds use.
Aimee is physically and mentally unwell.
It has to be remembered that the conditions that cause her to post like she does also allow her to lie and who knows what else.
Best thing for everyone, including myself, is to ignore her and her provocations.
Of course she'd look better if she actually ate and slept properly

No. 1095082

adhd drugs like desoxyn are methamphetamine hydrochloride and can have side effects like hallucinations and paranoia.

No. 1095084

what do you guys think of @chaoticitgirl

No. 1095086

Maybe Annie or one of her ugly friends became a farmhand

No. 1095087

It’s cute that this place is filled with friendless femcels who think they know what’s attractive despite never having been around normal men for any period of time

No. 1095088

Yes you dumb ratchet bitch, a normal guy is a prize if you like men. You’re either a disgusting femcel or a lesbian. I’m thinking the former(ban evasion)

No. 1095090

File: 1606733527715.jpeg (32.05 KB, 693x442, FA663041-341A-4CCF-8E7E-BC2419…)

Found a pic of Annie and Juicepet. Awww

No. 1095096

all the women who post here have dyke tendencies and use ten year old imageboard lingo "kek" 90% of this thread is men

No. 1095098

scrotes mad!

No. 1095099

Hard to tell if men or women. Def 90% ugly femcels and incels who’ve never had a normal life. They think number of followers on twitter matters. Pathetic

No. 1095102

File: 1606735208018.png (16.88 KB, 599x131, hvjkhv.png)

new forcefeeder office lore from jack

No. 1095177

hi anna

No. 1095181

She didn't seem like a diva at all though lol

I do think it was money related though, prob a disagreement over how much of a share of the Patreon bucks she should get

No. 1095187

File: 1606748090266.jpg (52.46 KB, 1016x432, Louise-shoots.jpg)

No. 1095197

Awwwww fatty is having such a hard time at the office

No. 1095201

Oh Juicepet's butthurt orbiters are still here.

No. 1095202

Fat ass Ed Gein motherfucker

No. 1095246

Yea..I think Anna’s explanation of their fallout was tainted by bitterness. She envies Meg because she lives with her long term boyfriend in a roomy loft while Anna’s manlet boyfriend refuses to cohabitat with her. It’s why she is living with female roommates at the ripe age of 35

No. 1095253

File: 1606753232137.jpg (129.87 KB, 720x1074, LOL.jpg)

@yesthatanna is now having a scientology arc and getting defensive and mad at anyone who tries to talk her out of it

No. 1095256

My bad, just realized this is from two years ago, lmao, the screencap was reposted in my feed but a cow remains a cow.

No. 1095271

throwing tantrums and calling women femcels or dykes won't stop this thread from existing.

No. 1095275

they are literally on day 3 of this spergout just because a handful of random anonymous people said their favourite ethot was chubby. like do they not have jobs

No. 1095276

Including the girl you’re coming here to white knight? Because she spent the past month tweeting about posting here.

No. 1095285

File: 1606755723042.jpg (277.74 KB, 1920x1080, a96f05bca4c45c91ead70313f8a0de…)

>A normal guy is a prize

So you're not normal?

No. 1095326

File: 1606757811363.jpeg (598.15 KB, 828x1432, E874BA4B-E506-411E-A529-971BD2…)

shasti must be so excited to be living her steppe uwu larp so happy for her

if only now she could be annie

No. 1095331

It's honestly pretty disturbing how these women frame everything as being part of a packaged 'gf' thing.
They get groceries? They take a picture of their reflection in the shop window and caption it "Grocery gf."
They get a new plaid dress? They post it and caption it "Schoolgirl gf."
They do literally anything and try to make it about their non-existent but potential relation to their orbiters.
I know it's just twitter narcissism but it's creepy to me how far they take it, every time.

No. 1095343

what makes this even more sad is that knowing shasti she probably takes it very seriously and she has a bf

i wonder if he knows about her online persona it must be comforting to know he isn’t the only one who can splooge to a fucked up face like shastis or maybe he fantasizes about annie instead

No. 1095347

Imagine hating on based samememe. Couldn't be me!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1095360

Nice sage, retard. Samememe is an eggheaded faggot

No. 1095376

Imagine calling anyone a sperg when you mod an imgboard

No. 1095425

what i love about these left cows is that someone like "juicepet" would've been included in a screenshot one time and nobody would've ever spoken about her again, but her white knights have made her the center of attention. these twitter fags have no self control

No. 1095450

Tbh that's probably what she wanted. 'Any attention is good attention' seems to be a consistent theme with these people.

No. 1095517

File: 1606772077541.png (190.98 KB, 1312x820, normal.png)

No. 1095537

File: 1606773174318.png (168.13 KB, 826x830, 67404652_370673600307041_41821…)

samememe's future

No. 1095542

Does anyone know what happened to Victoria?

No. 1095543

File: 1606773450291.jpeg (396.08 KB, 1536x2048, En9A-kJXUAAHIZh.jpeg)

Is she surprised that he's actually racist or something? Thought she would have figured that out after the pro-segregation tweets. Also what is this picture she shared on there.

No. 1095549

she loves sharing selfies taken just after a bout of crying, it builds on the waifish 30-year-old-loli brand

No. 1095552

Pete Davidson butthole eyes

No. 1095570

in that interview she says she puts brown eye shadow under her eyes for some reason

No. 1095592

Why does everyone think manlet eli is the reason that they do not live together? Not that I think this is unlikely, but I also think Anna has extreme krämergeist shopkeeper mentality, it wouldn't surprise me if her juvenile college dorm tier place is too cheap for NYC for her to ever let go of it, regardless of how much money she earns.

No. 1095606

She’s 30 and still trying to be heroin chic. She thinks drawing on dark circles makes her look ~waifish~

No. 1095617

Jack and samememe love this mental gymnastic, they cry about being isolated and having no friends and how it's all neoliberalism and leftoids' faults while simultaneously saying that it's the leftoids who are isolated friendless losers. Everything they accuse others of are the things they hate about themselves, samememe hates girlbosses and parasitic woke academics because they're getting the things he most desperately wants but can never achieve

Jack would be skinny by now if he put half as much effort into real gymnastics

No. 1095623

I don’t understand her reaction, has she never heard the great replacement thing before or is it like breaking news to her that samememe is racist

No. 1095637

Weight loss explains the hair loss, anorexics get thinning hair, ashley isaacs is always wearing wigs for example

No. 1095703

Absolutely this. That’s why I think so many of these friendships are unbelievably false

No. 1095742

You sound like Anna on twitter when she tries to backpedal or defend yourself

No. 1095780

had the same thought but didn't wanna pull a 'hi cow' lmao

No. 1095789

File: 1606792517093.jpeg (840.81 KB, 1242x1348, 6AFA6660-D9AA-4048-B66B-7EA62E…)

This is such a weird thing to say completely unprompted

No. 1095802

Strange thing to bring up, almost like that’s his fetish.

No. 1095804

What’s the story with samememe and Adam? Why does he hate him?

No. 1095829

She said her and Eli were going to move to LA together, dunno what happened with that

No. 1095831

Plans for that were probably put on kibosh due to covid

No. 1095843

i love how these retards always demonstrate they think about black dudes railing white chicks more than anyone else on earth

No. 1095872

File: 1606803413616.png (97.71 KB, 968x561, lel.png)

Found yet another Annie/Shasti/Juicepet clone. Nonstop tweets about replyguys, gamers, being frail, and you know the rest.
It's kind of fascinating how barren these people's minds and souls are.

No. 1095880

File: 1606804494678.png (125.06 KB, 1080x720, Screenshot_20201201-143108.png)

samememe's totally real fiance is illiterate

No. 1095887

Allegedly Adam hooked up with samememe’s Brooklyn feminist ex but I’m not sure if it’s a joke

No. 1095922

These glorified orbiters don’t deserve to be posted here, they’d relish in the only actual attention they’ll ever get

No. 1095935

here's me wanting to chastise myself for my bad written english in posts and then there's anons repeatedly mistaking me for a native, thanks m'ladies.
I'm an eurofag and I don't even want to whiteknight anna (I also wouldn't know how saying of someone they're cheap can be flattering/defending), but I do find the tendency annoying to explain the behaviour of a woman by reference to a man, and not to her own depravity.

No. 1095936

I agree, these individuals are offensively boring, don't count as leftthots, and have no business ITT, please stop discussing them.

No. 1095955

sorry for replying to a 3 days old post, but I think this anon nailed it, the interpretation is on point. Switzerland as a symbol for siding neither with communists nor fascists (although of course irl they have always been siding with the western block) seems to match the concept of Soldos interview series, given his choice of interviewees so far, from post-left Aimee and Sean to white supremacist neckbeard Weev.

No. 1095963

Yeah, they just end up looking like self posts

No. 1095981

it's fucking VRANAK

No. 1096002

does samepeen even count as dirtbag left anymore? hes literally just a bargain bin online conservative "now"

No. 1096004

He’s never been considered left but tbh a lot of the people itt aren’t, it’s more just that they’re all part of the same social circle. It says in the OP a lot of them aren’t even leftists, just associated in some way with the ‘Dirtbag Left’ scene.

No. 1096016

Right… I'm the anon you're accusing of being Anna and I had to google that to get whether it's a name or an acronym.

No. 1096108

which adam? friedland?

No. 1096114

or is she just saying what to the censorship part and she's fine with the rest? has samefagmeme been more overtly racist lately or has he always just been spewing stormfront ravings? Anna and Dasha are so fucking stupid at best or just racist, at least Liz F realized it was a bad look for her.

No. 1096117

File: 1606838446129.png (1.23 MB, 1178x1180, Screen Shot 2020-12-01 at 8.00…)

twitter outrage over red scare's merch line

No. 1096119

File: 1606838475395.png (368.15 KB, 1188x1368, Screen Shot 2020-12-01 at 8.01…)

No. 1096121

File: 1606838617186.png (275.04 KB, 1192x1222, Screen Shot 2020-12-01 at 8.02…)

No. 1096124

Am I retarded? Is it because the writing looks Slavic or something? I'm so sorry for spoonfeeding but I really don't think I get it, even from reply context.

No. 1096126

The quote tweets are 100 more than in this screenshot less than 10 minutes ago, red scare gets all that attention they crave at last!

No. 1096128

File: 1606839210596.png (90.05 KB, 704x408, Screen Shot 2020-12-01 at 11.1…)

The ISIS logo is at the bottom, I think.

No. 1096131

File: 1606839487383.png (165.18 KB, 588x448, 811.png)

If you google the isis flag you'll see, the original design was based on something Larry the Cable guy did. The artist boyfriend of one of their friends designed it, not sure if they even had much to do with the design. Love that Red Scare gets cancelled because they were too lazy to commission another design while fans have been at best tepid over the isis shirts the whole time.

No. 1096139

Oh, gotcha. I guess I never realized I've never seen/paid close enough attention to the ISIS flag, so that's my own dumbass fault. Thanks anons.
It's very obvious that it's not pro-ISIS, I think anyone who thinks otherwise is full blown retarded, but that doesn't mean the design is a good idea at all. Like other replies have said, it's a legitimate easy trigger for people who have been affected by ISIS or their ideologies. Bad taste. Irony isn't a catch all, they're really stupid and short-sighted for this one.