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File: 1478208050127.png (395.88 KB, 905x882, cd42aaae8b84954910796429658580…)

No. 193176

Previous thread: 142402

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/ChaoticMonki
Twitter: https://twitter.com/CryWasTaken
Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/cryaotic
Deviantart: http://cryplayfan.deviantart.com/
Tumblr: cryaotic.tumblr.com

And his gf, Cheyenne
Twitter: https://twitter.com/_daaes
Tumblr: daaes.tumblr.com
Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/weskersglasses

Check out the previous thread for all of the drama so far. Most of it, almost all really, is centered around his manipulative and abusive girlfriend, Cheyenne.

The last thread was full, so I made a new one. Sorry if I fucked it up!

No. 193178

Also, I went to watch the VOD and just noticed that D&D didn't happen yesterday. Does anyone know why?

No. 193181

Wow, another thread already. tbh I didn't think there'd be very much milk when the first thread started, but color me surprised. They're bigger fuckheads then I imagined.

No. 193190

His girlfriend is a cow that can be milked for a long time since she's left unattended in the pasture constantly.

No. 193727

lol, TGIVG was cancelled last minute, with a short tweet from Russ.. nothing from Cry.. but Cheyenne has a video up of her messing with penguins?
I'm guessing they planned on going to an aquarium but didn't tell Russ or fans? Pretty fucked up.

No. 193736

She has man hands.

No. 193855

Hah I wouldn't be surprised if that were the case. Or maybe Cry was reluctant at first, then Cheyone (misspelling intended) pressured him or guilt tripped him or something so our softie little Cry decided to finally go at the last minute.

No. 193864

Good theory, but I prefer to call her cayenne.

No. 193866

Lol why not? I'm actually irritated at people calling her "Chey" at the previous thread. Like they were talking about their bestie or something, idk. Maybe it's just me.

No. 193895

I honestly only refer to her as Chey because it's faster to type lol.

No. 193957

I'm with you, actually. I never call her "Chey" because it's too cutesy for someone that's such a raging cunt of a person.
But I totally get being lazy too haha

No. 194096

Any word on whether or not there's a stream tonight?

No. 194112

Lol jk just saw the announcement.

No. 194204

I like how he doesn't know what games they're playing again.
It's like none of them actually talk anymore. He doesn't tell anyone they were even going to the zoo or whatever, doesn't talk to anyone to schedule.
D&D didn't happen and no one said anything.
Things are obviously a-ok and everyone is super close.

No. 194238

Meh, he also has his "girl"friend that he hardly sees in person, so I doubt he's spending time in calls with the others now.

No. 194300

Probably still should communicate with people since it's their jobs/business, though, lol.

No. 194359

Anything interesting going on tonight

No. 194362

Cheyenne is sleeping so people are having fun for once LUL

No. 194373

God, it's so much more enjoyable when she's not around fucking up the mood. I wish they would wise up and just AT LEAST remove her from the stream.

No. 194376


Agree. I wish someone would just notice how better it is when she isn't there.

No. 194417


Easy link to get to the previous thread

No. 194502

Russ unintentionally gave us info on Cry's appearance.

While he was streaming until dawn, someone asked him if him, Cry, Jund and Snake were trapped in a mine, who they would eat first.

He said Snake because Snake is the "meatiest" of all of them, aka has the most meat.

And Snake is not even that big of a guy, not that much bigger than Russ himself.

So Cry is either build like them, or skinnier.

The shirts that Chey showed us prove that aswell. But Russ just confirmed.

No. 194639

I guess you could say they're the…
snake eaters.

No. 194679

I mean, picking Snake because he's "meatier" doesn't mean that Cry isn't chubby, lol. I would choose someone who had more of a muscular build over someone who has more of a pudgy body.

.. but.. we are talking about eating people here.

All I'm trying to say is, Cry doesn't have to be skinny. He could still be chubby. Russ just doesn't want to fucking eat him, lol.

No. 194694

Especially after getting his gallbladder removed, which typically causes weight gain. No one ever said Cry wasn't heavy.

No. 194984

When the fuck is Cheyenne leaving?

No. 194988


That's why I said Cry could be like Russ and Snake, who are both chubby (or normal depending on the person).

No. 194990


She's never leaving.

No. 195023

Maybe the idiot will get suckered into putting a ring on it.

No. 195046

Oh god, don't say such things. Besides they've been together now for.. 3 years? And she still isn't living with him. He's obviously smart enough to keep her at bay. If he knew he'd be happy with her and really wanted to be with her… They'd be together by now. They've been long distance forever.

No. 195057

She's probably hoping she ends up pregnant so he can't leave

No. 195060

Yeah, I could totally see this happening.

No. 195063

I think the only reason they're not living together is because Cry's family is living with him and it would be awkward for everybody.

Cry will probably buy his sister a house (maybe saving up for it now) and once she is out of the house he will invite Chey to live with him.

Maybe they are not sure where to live, because Cry might not want to live far away from his family and Chey might have the same problem, so maybe they are figuring that out.

No. 195064

Maybe? But she's also an abusive cunt. So, who fucking knows. I just have hope he's not completely blind to it all, but he might be. Seems like everyone keeps letting everything happen anyways.
Cheyenne runs their world.

No. 195085

She leaves Wednesday, I believe.

Adding on to that: There was one time during wind down Cheyenne had asked Cry if he wanted to come visit her at her house since her dad was going on vacation or something. And he just straight up just said "No thank you". After that she was quiet for a bit. It was the best thing to witness.

No. 195104

Sometimes i miss watching the streams for shit like that.

No. 195126

See, stuff like this gives me hope. If you were happy and wanted to be together.. Why wouldn't you jump at that? There's so much that we don't know.
Especially since they would rather lie to us about everything, like why that TGIVG worth Angel ended so abruptly and the next Late Night was canceled.

Snake said on Angel's D&D stream that they're doing Iso on Wednesday. 10 bucks says Cheyenne quit.

No. 195140

She won't quit, but she won't show bc she's too tired or something.

No. 195261

I found it. I messed up some words though, but he still turned her down. Which is still hilarious.

No. 195286

Do you have a timestamp for it?

No. 195298

I found it. It's 25:45.
It's just so weird to me that he does turn her down. If I were in a long distance relationship, I would be doing everything I could to be with the one I love. They've been together 3 YEARS? And he doesn't care to visit her? That's more telling than anything.

No. 195305

Damn, I thought I put the timestamp there. Sorry about that.. But I agree. And I think this was like two weeks after she had visited before too.

I feel like despite her visiting right now, they might still be having problems. Like usually they post a bit more when together, especially her. I honestly bet she got pissed at Cry for not waking her up for the LNC stream. I could see her doing that.

No. 195377


I feel like Cry said no because she really did put him in an awkward spot. She probably asked him "hey u wanna come over while my dads away ;);)" as an attempt to show off how much Cry loves her and that THEY HAVE SEX GUYS if he were to say yes. But Cry doesn't seem the type to show PDA to that extent so it backfired on her.

No. 195380

Maybe? But, if he wanted to visit her then, regardless of PDA, why didn't he just go visit her when her dad was out of town? lol

No. 195391

File: 1478583907127.png (481.77 KB, 747x696, IMG_5008.PNG)

I could be reaching but… Hmm?

She deleted this from her blog though. Which tbh kinda makes me feel bad for posting it if she didn't want it shown on her blog.

No. 195417

She obviously really wants to talk about what happened.. I feel bad for her, she must feel so conflicted.

No. 195577

Its strange how quiet they've been.

No. 195584


For some reason that part of the video is muted. Anyone else having that issue?

No. 195617

Yeah that'll happen when they play copywrited music, twitch will mute the vod, so it transfers to YouTube when it's uploaded there.

No. 195653


Do they mute the entire thing or just the sections that play the copyrighted music? I can hear them talking before the muting starts.

No. 195685

Depends whatever twitch's algorithm picks up, really.

No. 195798

File: 1478646379474.png (23.02 KB, 579x98, Screen Shot 2016-11-08 at 4.05…)

So she went home a day early. Hmm..

No. 195815

File: 1478649139167.png (128.88 KB, 1440x414, Screenshot_2016-11-08-18-50-32…)

This guy knows.

No. 195893

Doesn't Cry always reply to her goodbye tweets? Whether its saying it back or just a heart? Seems weird. I wonder if something happened or I'm reaching way too far.

No. 195900

I've never seen him not reply to her.. but maybe he hasn't seen it yet? I dunno, hard to believe though. I'm sure she texted it IMMEDIATELY, since after that she tweeted from the plane, so I doubt he like immediately went to bed or something. I guess it's a possibility.

No. 195974

How is his solo stream going?

No. 196042

File: 1478707487556.png (26.18 KB, 567x107, Screen Shot 2016-11-09 at 9.03…)

Welp. She pretty much just told us.

No. 196047


I'm pretty sure she said that in regards to Trump becoming president x)

No. 196049

Cry tweeted this about Trump winning: ''Fuck politics, I'm a let's player, not a politician.''

Good to know you care about the future of your country and therefor the rest of the world.

I remember him saying something similar about politics like a year or two years ago. And I was kinda disappointed in his disinterest.

Why is he such a pussy that doesn't take responsibility or has an opinion.

Did he even vote? I wouldn't be surprised if he's one of those people that think it's too much work to vote.

No. 196051

I prefer that to the hypocrisy of youtuber pretending to get more views. Not everybody is an expert in politic or interested by it. It's not a shame to admit it.

No. 196053


I don't need complete essays on his opinion, but I feel like he makes it seem as if it's not important at all.

No. 196056

Oh I know that, but the way she worded it seems telling too.

No. 196058

To be honest, I prefer Cry's opinion rather than Scott's. It sucks because I like Scott a lot, but he was a dick about it.

No. 196059


Yeah, could be about both situations.

No. 196060

So what? Let's face it, he's right, he's an uneducated guy who earn money by entertaining people while playing video game. Who really cares about his political (or lack of) opinion. It's not like you can't read highly informed content on any news sites if you want.

No. 196063


Scott has a fetish for having the unpopular opinion.

No. 196068


Actually it can't be the unpopular opinion when half of us citizens think the same. Nevermind.

No. 196069


I meant United States citizens btw, goddamnit!

No. 196072

I definitely feel like that's what she's saying. That she only sees bullies win, and we know Cheyenne definitely got her way just based on everything that has happened.

Obviously that tweet was about Trump, but it does have a lot inbetween the lines too.

No. 196074

Yeah, honestly a lot of the time Scott rubs me the wrong way. I appreciate his straight-forwardness but sometimes he's not just straight-forward, he's just an asshole. He can still be a funny guy, but I dunno. He's just not my cup of tea.

No. 196234

Wasn't D&D suppose to happen tonight?

No. 196238

yeah, Angle has been telling people that it's at 10 Eastern now, that Mash had some school stuff to take care of.

No. 196245

Oh nice. Thank you!

No. 196258

Cry and Cheyenne left the campaign, so Snake is streaming it on his channel now..

No. 196259

Did they just suddenly leave, or? Context please

No. 196260

They didn't give much information beyond "There was a conflict." But, at least they acknowledged that. They haven't done Iso since the TGIVG Chey/Late Night Skipped issues, so I'm guessing that's when Chey and Cry left.

No. 196262

he's so fucking pussy whipped its disgusting

No. 196268

Theory: Cheyenne got upset because Cry went over time on the last TGIVG stream, making him end it knowing that if he didn't pay attention to her she'd throw a fit in chat like last time. They argue afterwards, her trying to guilt him saying things like how she just wanted to "spend time with him" or "Go ahead and ditch me for them." to which Cry tries to calm her down, and then she starts threatening anything she can, to leave the D&D campaign (or LNC even) as another way to guilt him, then Cry says he'll leave the campaign too for her, that if it isn't making her happy then it isn't making him happy (despite how fucking excited he was when they started D&D again.) Saturday rolls around, Cry explains to the crew about them not continuing D&D (maybe Cheyenne mentions something about if Angel left then maybe she'd stay in) to which Russ finally stands up for Angel and tells Cry how much of a dumbass he's being, ending in a loss as Cheyenne has Cry wrapped around so tightly around her finger that he's apart of her skin now.

Shit I feel like this sounded better in my head. I'm bad at putting my ideas in writing.

No. 196269

Nah, that makes perfect sense actually.

No. 196271

I agree with some of it, but from the posting Angel has done, I think there has been some ziegs-level bullying again. There was obviously an issue about Angel being on TGIVG. Not going over on time, Cry and Russ have gone over before with no issue. This had to have been because it was Cry, Russ AND Angel, and she wasn't there.
Maybe not even made aware that Angel was going to be there.
I think Angel being around has really upset Chey, and she wanted her out. Probably said something to Angel? Then Russ stood up for her about it to Cry, which is why Saturday was skipped.

Just my theory. I did see Cry pop into Angel's chat earlier when she was streaming today. I honestly just think this is Chey hating Angel and having kicked her out of things. Maybe that's why Cry/Chey left Iso, because it was either them or Angel?

Just a theory.

No. 196274

Honestly I wanted to put that into it, I just didn't know how to word it. So I definitely see that happening.

No. 196281

What did Cry say in Angel's chat?

No. 196284

He was just making silly comments about the game, nothing seemed hostile.

No. 196305

Did Angel reply to or somehow acknowledge his comments? I hope that wasn't just a pathetic attempt from Cry to make it seem that everything's fine

No. 196434

She read it out and replied to one, but that was it. I'm sure it was an attempt at that, especially since their d&d was that day.
It's just so obvious now that Cheyenne kicked her out or bullied her away and Angel is struggling with that and wanting to speak out against her. Probably doesn't because of Russ.

No. 196497

the other night when Chey was sleeping, Angel visited Cry's chat, so I think it's just Cheyenne

No. 196500

This was in response to the Election, but honestly I wouldn't doubt if this was his mindset for Cheyenne. I'm getting tired of this honestly.


No. 196513

DUDE. This has to exactly be how he feels about Cheyenne. That's why he doesn't fight against her. That's why he doesn't stand up for his friends. That's why he lets her hurt everyone.

No. 196542

What a pussy whipped asshole. Russ, Snake, and Angel should just leave his shitty friendship on the ground and do their own saturday streams.

No. 196544

He sounds seriously depressed tbh. Makes sense why he sticks with Chey and lets everything fall apart.

No. 196632

He does. Which DOES make me feel bad for him, but at the same time…
NOTHING will change unless he fucking does something about it.
He'll forever just have to "adjust" and lose friends, loved ones, opportunities, all because he's too fucking sad to do anything. Maybe once he should think about seeking help, reaching out, and actually fucking making things right for himself and those around him. Sucks to be depressed, but come on, it will NEVER get better with that attitude.

No. 196793

I sent her a ask on tumblr and she replied, and it's pretty well implied!

No. 196796

to angle that is

No. 196800

>…hopefully you'll be able to beat your demons. Both him and her.
Nice touch there my friend

On another note, it's been three days since Chay's "I'll miss you" tweet. However, all we've got from Cry was his insightful political opinion and a butt. kek

No. 196841

>… However, all we've got from Cry was his insightful political opinion and a butt.

This made me laugh a ton. Maybe he's too busy adjusting to say anything to her.

No. 196850

Sounds like Cheyenne thought Angel was a little bit too risky to keep around her property that is Cry.

Ofcourse she wouldn't have a problem with Mash, since she's with Snake and same with Sage, since she is with Scott.

Cheyenne knows how much better Cry can do, so she just bullies away every single girl that gets to know Cry.

No. 196865

what a thrill……

No. 196878

Well if her intention was to keep her away from Cry, that seems like a bust. They still follow each other on Twitter and like it said a few posts ago, Cry was in her chat.

Maybe she just wants all the attention so she can be the only girl in LNC. Whenever Angel has been on the stream, or even in chat, the response to her is so positive. So, instead of improving herself as a person she just bullied away the competition.

No. 196906

I feel like we're trying to piece together a mystery!

No. 196972

Lmao yup! I honestly just wish someone would expose Cheyenne though. I mean, I get being loyal to friends.. But is it just me or does anyone else feel like Angel is just letting Cheyenne, AKA the bully, win?

No. 197009

Yeah.. She is. But it's hard when you're the victim and feel like you can't speak out until you have the support to do so. Plus, Russ may have asked her not to? It is his job being involved. Still fucked up either way

No. 197092

That's sadlly true. I should've thought of it that way.. I think it's just that I hate seeing how much this is affecting Angel and Russ.

No. 197175

File: 1478955124433.png (6.46 KB, 320x88, d3f7cdfc832835eb46c6b6d85284a2…)

No. 197184

Cry is so wise. He knows that you have to be in -Politics- to care about things that will affect you and your country. And he knows that video game players are not allowed to vote.

No. 197200

File: 1478966221266.gif (732.08 KB, 500x231, what..gif)

PFFT. Is he seriously using his "job" as a video game player as his argument?
Um… what.

No. 197260

I get that he just doesn't like addressing anything outside of his comfort zone but it just sounds like "I will make money no matter what I do or where I live so I don't care what happens to everyone else in my country, suck it losers."

This is true. I play video games and when I tried to fill out my ballot it called me a lame nerd and caught on fire. It's a hard life we live :\

No. 197262


no actually, I agree with him. The fuck does his opinion on politics really matter for, why are people mad he isn't commenting on it? I get more mad at youtubers/celebs who don't know shit about politics yet give everyone their holier than thou speeches on candidates.

Not saying you aren't allowed to speak publicly about who you support or not if you're in the public eye, but you don't have to say anything of you don't want to either.

No. 197271

Exactly! He knows he doesn't know much about politics.
the logic behind that is: why do people care about his opinion on these major things since he's just some guy playing video games.

His views shouldn't matter to you, he's here to do lets plays.

No. 197282

Sage for OT. I really dislike how people need to rely on any type of celebrity for an opinion or needing a celeb to justify their own opinion.

No. 197293

I think it's less that he isn't giving his opinion and more that he didn't vote. Complaceny in this fucked up system is a big reason we're in the situation we're in… But man we're also WAY off topic haha

No. 197294

I meant complacency, but it don't matter.

No. 197296


it's his choice to vote too. If he didn't believe in either candidate he shouldn't just go vote because big scary trump might (already did) win the election.

this is very off topic but I'm tired of people getting mad at others for not voting (for hilary)

No. 197297

Yeah, Boo Cheyenne, get booted ya bitch!

No. 197318

I honestly think that if registered it matters, but I highly doubt he did. So let's move on to other stuff now.

No. 197320

Well yeah. There's a stream to possibly milk coming up

No. 197350

I'm actually interested in seeing how tonight goes. Cry seems like in a mood. Plus him and Cheyenne haven't been very active on twitter so.

No. 197376

Since they are talking about Cheyenne's dad, I wonder if he knows anything about what she's done. It's a weird thought but oh well.

No. 197378

what do you mean when you say "what she's done" ?

No. 197380

Spill the milk anon

No. 197383

I'm assuming anon means all the bullying, manipulation and abuse?

No. 197384

Is it just me or does tonight feel super awkward?

No. 197385

Yeah I was meaning her bullying and drama that she's started, my bad lol

Agreed. It feels super like.. fake. At least more than usual.

No. 197618

I quite enjoy the night with the lack of Cheyenne

No. 197719

I stopped watching kinda early on, did she end up leaving? She seems to not be around as much now that she's bullied away Angel.

No. 197931

File: 1479088381781.png (664.56 KB, 632x852, lul.PNG)

cough tryhard cough

No. 197955

Is this bitch serious?

I actually really like Felix. He is a genuine person who does a lot of charity work. (Also, I find his girlfriend adorable.)

Seriously though, Chey sounds mad and envious as hell.

No. 197967

I'm sure she's "joking," she's just really reaching for attention.

No. 197990

Yeah it's just an attention grab. I'm sure Felix knows who she is and she wants to show everyone "LOOK I'M NOT JUST DATING A POPULAR YOUTUBER I'M "FRIENDS" WITH OTHER POPULAR YOUTUBERS AS WELL."

No. 198011

It started to get more crazy as they switch to the next game. It was enjoyable. She leaves about after the first third of racing game.

I think she's lowkey scared of witwix downing her the way he does lol.

Is she really considered a crew member at this point? She doesn't really attended majority of the games and goes off and plays something else. She never showed up to twitchcon not once and didn't participate much in the anniversary.


No. 198012

I bet Russ really hates her now. I wouldn't show up as much anymore either.

No. 198047

OMG she's so thirsty for fame… she tries so hard to be "one of the popular kidz" god she's annoying as fuck

She didn't attend 'cause she wasn't invited LOL best decision they've ever made

No. 198543

File: 1479179407518.jpg (242.91 KB, 944x530, wellthen.jpg)

No. 198594

I feel so fucking bad for her.

No. 198612

I hate this. I hate what the LNC has become. Basically a "play nice or you're out." I wish Russ could leave (and still be able to make money) so Cry could see how stupid he is for letting a child run his life.

No. 198651

I don't get it. Why doesn't she just come out and expose them? Not like she has anything to lose at this point if she's already out right?

No. 198663

She does still have friends in there. Maybe Russ/Snake are her "unique situation"

No. 198670

Maybe she feels like there's no point. I mean, Cheyenne was able to bounce back from the whole Ziegs situation relatively unscathed. I'd feel very, very vindictive if I were in Angel's situation but I can't blame her for feeling helpless.

No. 198672

I didn't think about that, but you're completely right. Last time someone stood up against Cheyenne, really nothing came of it. She doesn't really have a good reason to step forward.
She has posted about being bitter and upset, though, so I think she definitely would still like to.

No. 198680

It's not like people are afraid to stand up to her, it's more so Cry. He'll have you totally excommunicated from everyone. And everyone in the crew and associated are scared to do that. I think that last person that stood up to Cheyenne was EE from the smash community and he hasn't been on the streams in forever.

No. 198689

I had no idea, what happened between EE and Cheyenne?

No. 198721

He just chewed out Cheyenne on stream and I don't which vod it was, probably deleted the same night.

No. 198776

Are you talking about TKBreezy or did I totally miss a thing between Cheyenne and EE?

No. 198978

The only thing I could remember with TKBreezy is he called her "cats" because that was her battle.net name and she demanded that he call her Cheyenne. It was really awkward the rest of the night.
But, TKBreezy apologized the next stream saying he didn't mean to call her by cats which is really gross that he felt or was told to apologize for calling her by her on-screen name when I'm sure he isn't even a little bit close to her.

No. 199068

wtf that's so petty lol. Did he keep calling her cats even after she asked or something? I don't get why it would be such a big deal. Cry needs to bring down Cheyenne 10 notches.

No. 199097

Oh yeah I remember that! I don't think he realized it was cheyenne because he kept calling her cats during the game. But I remember her streaming it too, and she got real pissy and hardly talked during her stream.

No. 199103

Also found the video about the name thing. Go to 22:39

No. 199139

Hhhnnngggg it's so awkward. Good find! She's such a cunt!

No. 199205

Russ said they're doing sellout station tomorrow, which was Cry, Angel and Alex typically… But Angel said they're doing it on Russ's channel.
Every other time it's been on Cry's. Hmmm interesting!

No. 199255

They are literally telling us that this was Cheyennes doing by making everything different, him and her leaving the D&D, sellout station being on a different channel, etc. I fucking hate Cheyenne. How the hell is she happy knowing that she's bullied away people?

No. 199273

I'm sure she's super pleased she has that much power.

No. 199291

Just watch her unhost Russ' stream when she starts streaming and hosts herself.

No. 199768

Who wants to bet that Cheyenne is gonna make Cry cancel so she can stream. She was suppose to start like an hour or two ago, so I have no doubt she's upset and arguing with him.

No. 199777

Gross. Cheyenne literally is going to be Cry's downfall.

No. 199875

Well Angel says they'll be streaming 9 Eastern.. so we'll see what happens. Maybe Cheyenne is waiting for it to be closer to time for that so she can force them to cancel :)

No. 200020

"Cry is doing WoW things." So he isn't joining Sellout Station. Mash is though.

No. 200068

I'm not surprised he ditched them. That Sellout Station was seriously so good, though. Fuck Cry.

No. 200071

What is the sellout station thing?

No. 200072

It originally was an improv D&D with Russ DMing and Cry, Angel and Alex playing. Tonight was just Angel and Mash playing, and they said that Alex is in Japan and Cry was too busy playing WoW.

No. 200076

I bet Cry just wasn't allowed to play.

No. 200085

I honestly wish that everyone would collectively come together and kick both cry and his psycho bitch of a gf out of LNC and any other streams they do together. I used to love Cry so much. I haven't watched any of his content since his undertale gameplay. It's just not good anymore. He and Cheyenne honestly ruin every stream with their dumb ass couple drama and I feel like the only way Cry will "get" it is if his friends all drop him and exclude him just like Cheyenne has made his friend group exclude people she doesn't like.

No. 200094

It would be great if a significant number of people could boycott the streams where Cheyenne is present. That way, we could get the message across. But NOOO. Majority of Cry's fans are apparently bind as fuck and/or asslickers. This is why they (Mr. Crayotik and Choyene) think their disgusting behavior is okay, since the fans don't say anything about it.

No. 200095

dammit I meant *blind, not bind.

No. 200247

Cheyenne didn't stream at all today, or even tweeted that they were switching days, so something must've went down.

No. 200459

Isn't it weird they don't communicate with us AT ALL? I mean, Cheyenne said they'd stream, at a specific time, and then nothing else. Not even to tell us something came up. They must really not care about their "careers"

No. 200460

Does she go to college, or have a real job or do anything other than leech?

No. 200480

I know she Went to college but I think she dropped out? Or just stopped talking about it all together.

No. 200514

She posted about going on twitter, but then removed it (i think?) when the rumour about Cry dating her as a minor came up.

No. 200534


They don't care. Cry makes enough money. Even if he stopped, as long as youtube keeps existing, his old vids will be watched and he'll get paid.

She is with him, so she's good. He wouldn't make her get a job. They'll probably keep doing what they're doing, until they get kids and then Chey will be fulltime mother.

That's what I predict atleast.

No. 200599

watch tgivg get cancelled now too

No. 200637

I predict if things fall apart, which they look like they're headed that way, everything that happened will finally come out and Cry will disappear from at least Twitch, maybe Twitter. He already left Tumblr because people aren't scared to say shit there.

No. 200958

I bet it won't be canceled. It wasn't last week. It just seems anything with Angel is canceled or moved.

No. 201069

I can't believe I just realized that Cheyenne's apology to Ziegs was most likely fake. If she really did bully off Angel, then she actually purposely did to Ziegs too. I never doubted Ziegs, but I just didn't want to believe that Cheyenne was that horrible. I'm sorry I just found these thread(s) and added up all the things so I just got mind fucked and decided to share.

No. 201110

It was absolutely fake. If she actually cared, she would have altered her behavior.. even a little. She didn't. She continued to shit all over everyone and now she's bullied another person away.
She's so terrible.

No. 201112

Is there anything going on with TGI? Whos there?

No. 201133

Nah. Just Russ and Cry.

No. 201168

we already know what he looks like. google it silly

No. 201315

I am officially all caught up on Cheyenne's drama and holy fucking shit, Cry is going to let this harpy ruin everything.

No. 201358

Welcome to the sinking ship! It's insane how bad Cry let things get.

No. 201367


It explains why his uploads have been less frequent and low quality. Also explains why his friends are pretty much all gone. Poor Cry.

So, is he just going to let her control everything or is someone going to confront him about it?

No. 201377

I mean, they've had a lot of "discussions," including canceling a stream for one. Cheyenne is still around so it seems like that doesn't go anywhere. Cry is too scared to stand up to her or do anything about all this shit, so it looks like he's content with everything just falling apart.

No. 201391

I really think Cry is severely depressed at this point and letting things fall apart because he doesn't care and/or doesn't have the energy to maintain it. He has his sister and her kid leeching off of him and his abusive gf is pretty much all he has. He's just letting things fall apart because that's the state of mind he's in. A good therapist could probably turn things around for him, but who knows if he'll even see one, or if he will before it's too late.

Also, I ran a group on WoW with someone from a guild called <LNC>. Can't remember the server, I think the character was named Docmort or something. Is that one of those guys? Do they have a guild?

No. 201393

I think their guild is called Video Game Gang, I don't remember what server. I think his rogue's name is subforsub or something, I'm sure it's easily looked up.

Cry is definitely depressed. It's pretty obvious after that clip of him saying that he "doesn't care and will just adjust." which is too bad, because I'm sure the other guys have likely talked to him about things. He should absolutely see a therapist but I doubt he ever would.

No. 201616

Anything happened tonight?

No. 201631

Cheyenne has hardly talked at all. Or even played anything.

No. 201670


so, everything went nicely then.

No. 201691

https://clips.twitch.tv/cryaotic/DifficultNightingaleUleetBackup Cry in this just sounds so.. I don't know. Like so down. And then there was another part where Riskem asks where Cheyenne went, like as in she left teamspeak. So I think they might've had a tough week or something. Plus, Cry was drinking a bit during stream.

No. 201697

Oh wow, yeah, things are obviously not going okay.

No. 201877


Yeah. I feel bad for the guy.
I'm hoping he's going to come to his senses and break up with the girl, for his own good.

No. 201914


Ugh. I know people are blaming Cry and I get it, but jfc, he just sounds so fucking depressed. It's almost impossible to see things clearly when you're that deep in the hole, and I almost guarantee that in his mind, Chey is "all he has" and that's why he can't let her go, even though he can kind of see what she's doing. It's a fucking shame though. She's such a fucking hosebeast, I can't even.

I mean, the simple fact is that we don't know what Cry is like in real life - but he has never come off as being a shitty enough to person to deserve Chey, imo. I really hope he eventually loses her and gets some help.

No. 201922

Yeah, I would never say Cry 'deserves' it, from what I have seen. It is so sad, though. She has hurt so many people and he just tolerates it, and tolerates all her abuse. What WE see of what she says and has done is pretty bad, I can only imagine what she's like behind closed doors.

No. 201924

Cry needs some damn self confidence. It's going to hard to cut her off but if he waits more…she might actually destroy him.

No. 201925


He does need some damn confidence. I think that goes hand in hand with the depression… but if she would just GTFO, he would probably feel significantly better and have a shot at rebuilding friendships. All of them are just hanging on for his sake, IMO, so I can't imagine that they wouldn't be happy to help him recover after kicking Chey to the curb.

She's just the fucking worst.

No. 201969

is it the blurry picture of him wearing sunglasses? or a different picture?

No. 201971

That's the one that's been passed around as him, yeah. It most likely is.

No. 201972


I googled "cryaotic face" and I got a picture of a dude with brown hair and glasses, and Cry stated that he wears glasses and has brown hair, but I'm not sure if it is Cry because he said he has blue eyes and it looked like this guy had brown eyes. I googled "cryaotic", his supposed full name, and "face" and got the same picture again.

I don't think the picture of the fat dude with the sunglasses is Cry, in my opinion.

No. 201974

File: 1479697932967.jpg (15 KB, 480x270, th.jpg)

Are you talking about this guy? This is what comes up when I google "Cryaotic Face"
Because he's a youtuber.
And I don't think he's Cry: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NwGocrgzpRk

No. 201975

Same I don't think so either. Also Cheyenne has said that he doesn't have brown hair, so idk.

>>201974 Yeah, that's definitely not him lol.

No. 201979

The picture of the guy with sunglasses is him, not that kid lmfao.

No. 201990

fangirls talking themselves out of the truth. don't mind them.

No. 202005

Honestly, I would believe it if it was him.

No. 202009

There's nothing wrong with people thinking it's not him though lol. There's no right or wrong, it's all opinion. We won't know unless Cry were to show himself or if Cheyenne leaked shit.

No. 202077

Let's be real he's either super fat like the guy in sunglasses pic or possibly skinny/chubby but real ugly, if he had been cute or handsome there wouldve been no reason to hide his looks?
kinda like how hi im gosu always hid his looks & voice until recently bc he's not attractive at all lol

No. 202101

I never understood why Cry never showed his face, he doesn't seem shy at all. And I think he owes it to his fans, and the rest of the crew has shown what they look like, so why not him? Like that privacy spiel is so bullshit, no one is gonna stalk him.

No. 202104

pretty sure he got super private and shit when a fangirl found his house and all of his family names once. it was pretty bad. plus he seems super protective over his niece, so i doubt he'd wanna deal with people stalking him if they did.

No. 202153


I was around for this when it happened and I remember him being so off put and upset. The whole debacle was actually kind of terrifying because the person went through so much creepy effort to find him and his family and where he had lived/used to live.

No. 202209

He's definitely an uggo. Look at theRPGMinx. She is obviously fat and doesn't show her face. People still love her, but we all know she's not a looker.

No. 202230


LOL what? He doesn't "owe it" to anyone. He plays video games and provides audio commentary - that doesn't obligate him to open up his appearance for the amusement and dissection of idiots online. No one is entitled to someone's privacy just because they're a "fan", and the rest of his crew can do whatever they want because they're not Cry.

If he wants to be private, he can be private.

TBH, this sense of entitlement just screams "crazy fan girl who has no sense of boundaries".

No. 202363


Ok…Cheyenne. Whatever you say.

No. 202375

I'm a different Anon, but I thought this was funny. Do we call anyone who disagrees with us Cry or Cheyenne? Because that's dumb.
If it were Cheyenne, I doubt they would be responding civilly. There wasn't enough expletives or general cruelty she exudes for it to be her.

I do agree though. He doesn't "owe us" anything. He provides free entertainment to those who watch his streams and YouTube videos.
But it's he hiding his looks for safety reasons? No. It's absolutely a self confidence issue. He probably is super average, or just plain unattractive. Oh well. If you watch because you think he's probably hot, or you hope he is, I'm 99% sure you're dead wrong, so you might as well watch someone else.

But nah, he doesn't owe us anything.

No. 202503

Whatever you say, Cry.

Kidding. I agree. I also think that the mystery is one of the main draws of his channel for a lot of people. They can imagine him as looking any way they want and mold him into their perfect husbando. If he revealed what he looked like I genuinely think a lot of his fans, especially the younger ones, would move on to a different channel.

No. 202554

Cheyenne has been awfully quiet on social media

No. 202615

For real though! The last thing she tweeted was almost a week ago and for a stream that never happened.

No. 202620

Maybe Cry finally snapped and killed her.

No. 202635

Id bet on Scott or Russ doing it first.

No. 202682

I know right? Today is their usual couples therapy so if they do that, I wonder what her excuse will be for not doing it last week.

No. 202713

Isn't it weird she hasn't streamed in 21 days considering she's a partner? Kinda fucked up.

No. 202722

I feel bad for any fans she has. I feel like she just streams for money at this point.

No. 202744

Still no announcement of a stream?

No. 202755

Nah. I take it as good news, honestly, if they aren't streaming together anymore.

No. 202769

If she doesn't stream tomorrow too, then it's definitely good news.

No. 203003


No. 203203

Maybe he finally came to his senses?

No. 203219

I don't want to get my hopes that far up. I feel like she'd say something. Maybe she fucked up.. More than bullying multiple people away, because Cry didn't care about that. Maybe she did something though.

No. 203258

When it comes to situations like this I'd like to really, really hope for Cry. But, knowing his relationship with abuse; it's highly unlikely that they have split. I mean, fingers crossed though.

No. 203259

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VwDAF0ETu-c he just uploaded this a few hours ago on youtube if anyone missed that

No. 203343

Could someone TLDR this video?

No. 203353

He's stopping long let's plays on his channel and making them shorter so they can stop consuming so much of his time
Because you know, being a no life cuck is already very time consuming in its own right

No. 203356

You obviously didn't watch til the end cause the interesting part was at 14:38
(I'll just embed the video here for quick access)

No. 203364

I had to skim through it. His monotonous voice makes me want to shoot myself

No. 203385

I've never understood why people think his voice is sexy. I always thought he legitimately sounded like a chubby nerd trying to sound cool (and apparently I was right). Also his general cadence is annoying.

Hopefully he ACTUALLY tries to communicate more.

No. 203390

"Because you know, being a no life cuck is already very time consuming in its own right"
Hooooly fuck.

No. 203570

hahahah oh shit get her cry

No. 203578

he sounds like a faggoty todd glass. that is not a sexy voice at all.

No. 203587


I like how he said he prefers the immediate response in chat

uh huh, I thought he stopped youtube because his network fucked him over with copyrights and monetisation so he started streaming more in response….

but sure, instant response

less editing

more money

do you literally do anything else than stay up all night and stream

No. 203591

I genuinely don't think he leaves his house.

No. 203597

Let's stop making assumptions and try to get more milk.

No. 203612

He sleeps all day and plays videogames all night. He said he doesn't go out because of his anxiety, its more than an assumption hahaha

No. 203650

Both Cry's and Chey's thanksgiving posts are interesting…

No. 203652

Interesting how?

No. 203653

Cry's jeans lmao

No. 203656

File: 1480034489576.jpg (320.45 KB, 2048x2048, 735E4B37-24F3-4B93-B306-2B910F…)

I dunno, Chey just sounds so passive aggressive and Cry is, well, being himself here so I guess it's not really strange but. To think that this is the first thing she posts since the 15th is just interesting to me.

No. 203658

She's playin a game if you would look at the tweet picture.

No. 203663

Also the fact that he's getting drunk too and saying he's a "mad lad". And yeah Cheyenne is playing a game, but I agree she sounds passive aggressive.

No. 203691

Yeah I saw the picture, but even then.

No. 203693

That's a bit of a stretch, man. Msot people drink on the holidaus.

No. 203706

Oh I definitely know that. It's kind of different with Cry though. He's just been drinking more than normal. Plus apparently Cheyenne hates when he's drunk, so you'd think he wouldn't. But it might be a stretch too lol

No. 203709

I dunno, I feel like things HAVE been super rocky lately.

No. 203711

I didn't know she hated him drinking. If that's the case, then I could see how this spineless cuck blatantly stating that he's drinking on social media might be a clue in.

Then again, that could just be wishful thinking ;;

No. 203715

I remember he ate and drank a lot last thanksgiving.

No. 203766

Making assumptions of people whom you haven't met yet is sick guys. I feel like….. you guys is happy when things went wrong with them :/ I just hope they are happy with their life

No. 203820

Shit, I'm not even a fan of them any more and even I can tell they're not happy with their lives together.

No. 203846


Yeah, because anyone who doesn't agree with your stupid as fuck comment MUST be Cheyanne.

You must be new to her, btw, because the thought that she would actually defend Cry instead of bitch at everyone calling her terrible is laughable.

No. 203848


LOL, welcome to lolcow? Why are you even here?

FWIW, I am a fan of Cry. I find a lot of his LPs really entertaining, and feel like he's probably a nice guy overall. With that said, this shit with Chey has been a trainwreck for a long time. It's interesting to see how it plays out.

No. 203939

Why do you have to meet someone to know that a situation is seriously fucked up? It's very obvious that Cheyenne is an extremely abusive person. She's bullied away multiple people and treats Cry like absolute garbage.
No one is HAPPY when Cheyenne is hurting people. We're angry.
We're HAPPY if there are signs he's finally escaping a relationship he should have gotten out of ages ago. She's a sick person and should absolutely seek help.

But, yeah, like the Anon before me said.. why the fuck are you here lol

No. 203999

File: 1480125294820.jpg (61.39 KB, 583x99, soupcup.jpg)

lol, TGI is canceled again and it sounds like Cry is STILL drinking? There's no way he'd still be drunk/hungover so late the next day without drinking a shit ton.

No. 204067

File: 1480137156894.png (138.87 KB, 1394x877, 20161125_211129.png)

Maybe it's finally happened?

No. 204086

hmm. Maybe cry finally showed her how she really is and shes finally realizing it? I'd really hope so.

No. 204174

I don't think she's saying that she's not okay because she's not a good person. No, no. She's sad and wants your pity. Poor, sad Cheyenne.

No. 204187

I've been lurking a while on this drama since i used to be a cry fan from way back, and holy shit, i knew she was toxic, but not to this extent.
I was kinda iffy of the relationship, but i kept quiet because if you talk bad about her, there comes an army of bat-wielding cave trolls to defend her every breath.
It's kinda pathetic how fangirls shield her being abusive as hell to cry just to get goody points with him, when they should be trying to snap him out of this. As someone who was friends with somone very similar to Cheyenne, i really feel for the guy. These people will consume you and hide they are doing so very well, and unless you snap out of it it'll drain you to zero and it will leave you isolated and miserable, just so you have to cling harder to them.
At this point i believe Cry might end up losing all the LNC, and eventually, his viewers, if he keeps letting her get away with everything she does. She is slowly kicking out everyone from the stream, and it's really sad to see people who contributed greatly go away to let a boring, annoying, petty babby complain for 99% of the stream. If she did bully Angel out like she did Ziegs, and Cry still defends her, the dude's gone fucking mad.
I haven't been keeping up with him as of recently but the last time any of his streams were kinda enjoyable, was the skyrim stream he did. Most of his content right now seems a half-assed snore fest, it's quite obvious he does not enjoy what he does as much as he did, and it's very coincidental that it all started going downhill when he started going out with this thing.
I hope he snaps out of it or has someone help him get through this, the dude obviously has issues, and being in a, quite obviously, abusive relationship with no one snapping their fingers at him to wake up out of fear is not gonna improve that.
I used to be such a huge fan of his, it makes me really sad seeing him fuck what he has build up over the years for a girl like this.
Hope the signs are true and they are in the end stages of this mess. But i wouldn't put it past her to use the info she has on him to blackmail him to keep up with her. :/

No. 204202

Does anyone else think this sounds like the aftermath of Ziegs, though? She tried to gain pity after she bullied Ziegs away by saying she was depressed and had BPD.. And that she was "trying" and this sounds very similar. Like she's preparing for Angel to finally just say the words and not just hint like she has.
Maybe she's trying to get the pity train rolling BEFORE it happens. Probably trying to use the "look how sad I am" angle on Cry so he doesn't leave.

No. 204205


honestly yes- whenever she makes a pity post you can bet that something happens soon that has her involved too.

No. 204419

I wonder if she'll be around tonight ??

No. 204483

Someone asked "is Cheyenne gonna join for cat president?" And Cry said "I don't know. She might be sleeping I think. Girls, amirite?" Plus he sounds like he's having some fun and like actually laughing.

No. 204539

Cry needs to man up and dump her sorry ass.

No. 204629

He's too much of a pussy.

No. 204855

That was a pretty great stream, I enjoyed it a lot. Like.. How does Cry not realize how much happier he is (or what it seems like) without her there? Usually there's this tension in the air you can feel. Like everyone just knows she'll be going off any minute. Even Russ sounded 10x more happier.

No. 204892

I'm positive after everything Russ, and I'm sure everyone else, would love if Cheyenne was just removed. It would make everyone, including viewers, so much happier.

No. 204935

I feel like there's more than just him not realizing it. Probs more behind the scenes like blackmail, like threatening to give out his address or something

No. 205604

I think there's something bigger than that he's hiding.

No. 205611

Any theories?

No. 205613

He's super ugly in RL and she's the only girl he's dated?

No. 205636

>>205613 he's dated other people before

No. 205679

I mean she could say anything to try to ruin him if he left. "he cheated multiple times" "he dated me when I was too young and took advantage of me" she could say whatever she wants and it would suck for him because he GAVE her a platform.

No. 205798

Exactly. I'm thinking she could play up "oh he went after minors" considering that is something that's been rumoured before.

No. 205919

File: 1480387347092.png (60.29 KB, 750x448, IMG_0174.PNG)

This was on Mash's (snakes girlfriend and like best friend of angels, for those who don't know) Tumblr.

No. 205947

It's good to see she at least has support from her friends, even if she feels like she can't say anything about it :(
I feel like nothing will change because NO ONE says anything about it though.

No. 205999

Agreed. I mean, I get that it would be horrifying standing up to your bully, plus dealing with Cheyenne's fans who are exactly like her (those who told Ziegs she should've gone through with her thoughts which Cheyenne said nothing about), but I would hate knowing that I could've maybe stopped a person from hurting anyone else. If Angel doesn't say anything else, then I feel bad for the next female to come onto stream..

No. 206046

I actually doubt they'll bring any other girls around, honestly. I don't think any of the guys would want to after this.

No. 206212

File: 1480441141761.png (10.2 KB, 342x90, snake.png)

No. 206240


huh and snake is one of the most peaceful and diplomatic dudes there, he's the most chill

even though I feel like he could step up more, or maybe we just never see it publically

No. 206244

This is so vague but I feel like if he could give context, he would. I thought it could be about LNC stuff/Cheyenne too.
He's been the most candid so far, with even saying that so many people left Iso because of a conflict.
He's so chill though.. I can only assume that something behind the scenes happened.

No. 206298

So happy i found this forum. I stopped watching LNC ages ago when Cheyenne' s attitude ruined everything. She's so manipulative. Like if you have a mental illness, don't use it as a fucking excuse. It makes me sad now that i've caught up with all the drama that she hasn't changed. Doesn't surprise me unfortunately.

I don't think Snake would openly say something if it was about Cheyenne tho. I don't think he'd want to add more fuel to the fire.

No. 206308

The girls (Sage,Mash and Angel) haven't been on a late night stream anymore right?

Plus Mash and Angel and Russ and Snake started their own dnd.

How was it with the late night dnd, are Chey and Cry still in, or was it Scott and Sage that left?

Either way this all obviously proves that it was something between the girls, most likely between Chey and Angel, but also maybe Chey and Sage vs Mash and Angel.

If the girls were all getting along, everyone would still be part of dnd and the girls would still be joining the sunday streams like they were before.

No. 206330


No, none of them have appeared on Cry's channel since the TGIVG that Cheyenne shut down that Angel was on.

My personal opinion? I think it's Cheyenne & Sage vs Mash & Angel. It may have definitely been Cheyenne vs Angel in the beginning, but that's what it's ended up being, I believe.

I'm kinda grouping Sage in with the people that suck up to Cheyenne to get more popular, or maybe even get accepted into LNC. Seems super fake. It was a huuuge red flag when she called Cheyenne "nothing but kind." I mean, please.

Plus, I didn't take a screenshot of it because I didn't think much of it at the time, she had said in Cry's chat that she thought Angel was annoying, more or less. This was after she left Shards of Iso, but before the TGIVG thing. I also see her scolding people in chat all the time. When Iso was being posted on Cry's channel, if anything was said that was negative towards Cheyenne, she always fought for her. Kinda gross tbh

No. 206927

File: 1480554393642.png (85.9 KB, 750x698, IMG_0182.PNG)

sad about what I wonder

No. 206970

Sad about the fact that people are starting to get so pissed about her ruining pretty much fucking everything, probably.

I'm glad she's sad. She should be. Seeing everyone else be so depressed because of her actions has been pretty sad. I hope she feels miserable, considering what she's done to Ziegs, and most likely Angel.

No. 207017

I think the best thing we can do here is keep supporting the ones that are being so negatively affected by this ie. Angel and Mash. My guess is they got pulled into this fucking mess unwillingly. They just wanted to play some games with their friends and the emotionally unstable psychotic hurricane that is Cheyenne swept them up in it.

My best friend was once in a very similarly horrible fucking relationship. With a girlfriend that threatened suicide if he ever broke up with her, cheated on him a fuck ton, got into some pretty serious drugs, and even lied to him about being raped once, just to get attention from him. It was fucking hard to watch, and all of us (his friends) told him how much he had to get out. After years, he finally did. It took him getting deployed to Iraq to do it, but he did it. Unfortunately he was living with her for most of it, so I'm sure that added some difficulty but as soon as he wasn't he got out. Now he is happily married to someone who isn't a fucking psycho. So there is hope for Cry, as dismal as it may seem.

P.S. I love you guys.

No. 207024

agreed. There is still some hope. <333

No. 207047

Gdi riskem

No. 207051

What'd he do now

No. 207125


either what >>206970 said

or maybe Cry finally stood up for himself and his friends and dumped her ass finally or at least called her out on her domineering bullshit and isn't talking to her.

what did he do?

No. 207145

Unrelated to Cry but why is this thread so hard to find? The first thread is on page 3 of google and it doesn't direct to this one. I don't even remember how I found it the first time. But now I literally have to google ''cryaotic lolcow thread two'' before this bitch pops up.


No. 207147

File: 1480619240913.png (31.11 KB, 583x228, gdiriskem.png)

No. 207155

Riskem is just dumb, though.

No. 207165

The ass kissing from Riskem to Cheyenne is so fucking annoying. Sometimes i wonder why he's always so active to sucking up to her.
Also top kek at the "community missing her".

No. 207166

Like, he's such a nice guy but he's just clueless sometimes.

No. 207225

Yeah, I feel like he knows that most of the community DISLIKES her, but I feel his intentions are good but dumb. The only reason I feel Cheyenne is friends with him is because he plays csgo with her.

No. 207446

lowkey thinks he's putting up a front and know what's up

No. 207658

Does anything about Cry seem off?

No. 207781

File: 1480733165596.png (83.32 KB, 750x495, IMG_0203.PNG)

I hate Cheyenne. This is from Angels Tumblr.

No. 207809

Man, this sucks.

I feel like everything is just coming apart as far as the LNC goes. They don't even seem to have fun now, everyone is miserable. Cheyenne is such a terrible fucking person, I can't believe Cry let it get this fucking bad.

No. 207890

He's too much of a pussy to do anything, it shouldn't be surprising at this point.

No. 207965

Which is so stupid. If he left Cheyenne and apologized and brought back Angel and Mash, things would be fine!

No. 207967

Cheyenne: when ugly bitches are ugly on the inside too.

No. 208039

I'm not saying that what he is doing is right, it's not. But you have to think that if Cheyenne is this much of a crazy bitch, I've no doubt she has threatened him if he ever were to break up with her. He really REALLY values his privacy. She could (and I have no doubt, would) destroy that privacy he's worked so hard to keep. Would that be the end of the world though? No. Is it worth letting her destroy his friendships and life? No. But dude has got to be so overwhelmed at this point, he probably feels like an apology wouldn't be enough at this point. He's gotta know though that if Cheyenne did do that shit, it would blow up in her face and just prove everything. It'd be nice if he could just get over the idea of his face being known. He himself has created this obsession with it by being so secretive. But I have confidence that it would blow over in a couple weeks and it'd just be no big deal eventually.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not making excuses for him. There is no excuse for this. After it reached a certain point, the fault became not only Cheyennes, but his too. He really just needs to pull the plug. If he was just transparent about everything for once, I think he would have an outpouring of support.

No. 208056

File: 1480804200034.jpg (350.62 KB, 1379x1032, tmp_28653-Screenshot_20161203-…)

Mash and Angel both reblogged this on their Tumblr's.

And guess who blamed her shitty behavior on her mental illness multiple times?

No. 208083

I just really want them to say "fuck it" and do what Ziegs did. Get all the support they need, and tell everyone the truth. For once.

No. 208114

I think it's interesting that there's a lot of Mash and Angel obviously hinting towards Cheyenne being a huge cunt, but there's nothing from Sage.
I think the theories from a few posts ago are right and that it really is Cheyenne & Sage vs Mash and Angel. Really makes me uncomfortable about Sage… and it's really weird, wasn't Jund someone who often spoke out against Cheyenne? Now his girlfriend is latched onto her in hopes to.. what.. be a part of the LNC?
All of it seems so shady. I feel really bad for Angel and Mash, but they really SHOULD just join together and just speak out.

No. 208165

I thought maybe it was a bit of a reach but I thought it was fishy how Sage stayed in chat so long the day of the Angel/stream cancellation as if she was relishing the drama.

No. 208170

Hmm. That's kinda interestng. That sucks honestly, since I liked Sage at first. But I did find it weird how she literally argued with Scott on her stream.

Also Cheyenne is back… Yay.

No. 208182

File: 1480827467774.png (7.62 KB, 418x74, SONOF.PNG)

I'm like, 99% sure he jacks off to her 24/7. Just saying.

No. 208187

he probably sucks the shit out of her ass as well.

No. 208206

I wasn't around for that. I have seen that whenever Angel comes around in chat, Sage leaves shortly after.
I also notice that Sage is in Cry's chat A LOT more now that Angel/Mash aren't around.

I'm thinking she joined in on the bullying, myself.

Oh goody. As soon as I hear her, I closed out. I can't fucking stand that bitch. I just get pissed any time I hear her annoying ass voice now.

No. 208208

This pissed me off so badly but I like that Russ and Cry were telling her to chill.


No. 208212

Uhh can you please explain? I didn't get it…

No. 208214

When they got in a lobby a fan was excited and said "Hey guys! Hey Cry!" and Cheyenne said "Shut the fuck up, no one gives a shit about you."

Because she's a fucking cunt.
But Cry and Russ told her not say that and to calm down.

No. 208218

She says this shit to excited FANS.
Fans that said 4 words. I can't imagine what she says off-stream. What a terrible fucking person.

No. 208223

She just has to assert her dominance over them because she got the guy.

No. 208224


No. 208243

Did she leave?

No. 208252

HOOOOO BOYYY. Most of the other cows on /snow/ just come off as stupid and petty but this fucking cunt is beyond help. "Look guys I'm not like all the other halfway-decent internet famous people, I treat my fans and coworkers like garbage and then 'laugh it off' anytime anyone has the balls to call me out in order to trick people into thinking THEY'RE the unreasonable ones!"

I get so mad at both her and Cry (although I know he's probably depressed and just coping) because it pisses me the fuck off when people are so obviously staying with shitty people in order to not "rock the boat". The boat NEEDS rocking Cry!!! The boat's on fucking fire at this point for fuck's sake, getting a little water on deck could ONLY HELP YOU.

No. 208257

I feel like there's more to it than worrying about rocking the boat, but I could be wrong?

No. 208274

Honestly you're probably right. I wouldn't doubt the commonly held belief that she's blackmailing him (or he's at least afraid she'll resort to blackmail).

No. 208300

Have they been ending streams earlier lately? I went to check in on it and its already off…

No. 208313

I know they had to skip the sonic racing game because Scott didn't have it, so maybe that's why?

No. 208315

Too bad she ended up just laughing and probably happy at the attention it got her.

No. 208329

Or trying to laugh at the awkward moment of 2 people scolding her to diffuse the situation and act like she wasn't serious.

Scott didn't have it? I remember them playing that game several times before and I'm positive he was there… Also it was on the schedule, why wouldn't he? Seems like an excuse.

No. 208368

You're able to remove games from your steam list by request, it isn't always by refund.

No. 208387

But there's no real reason to remove it??

No. 208388

Exactly. Plus, I can't imagine they don't discuss the schedule between themselves. I dunno. Scott never sticks around anyways, they just seem to be ending early a whole lot lately.

No. 208440

Cry's final fantasy streams have been great though, he always seems pretty excited to play it.

No. 208454

Maybe because he doesn't have to deal with his bitch of a girlfriend. They are better. He seems more at ease. Same with TGIVG streams with Russ, but I miss Angel being on those occasionally. And Alex. That Mario Party and Sellout Station stream were so great and made me laugh a ton.
I miss them!

No. 209175

How is the solo stream?

No. 209537

Normal streams. Nothing happens when Cheyenne isn't around, go figure.

No. 209745

Cry just quoted a tweet of Cheyenne so he's acknowledging her existence again. This makes me mad.

No. 209764

Yeah, back to shitty couples therapy. It's her birthday tomorrow so it's prime time to milk his fans for money.

No. 209792

Apparently tomorrow is the cunts birthday.

No. 209801

HOLY SHIT I FUCKING CALLED THIS. I was literally thinking this today. Wow…

No. 209810

I remember hearing Cry once say in a LP "never stick your dick in crazy" ironic huh?

No. 209878

I like how I just started the VOD and the part where the stream becomes unmuted, she's talking about how donations aren't showing up. It's great.

No. 209880

"Donate 2 me and my rich bf to fund our once a year visits and my abusive tendencies (((:"

No. 209898

>>209878 >>209880
pretty much her just being like "im so sad :(((( pls donate to me since im sad"

No. 209927

File: 1481108263075.png (62.26 KB, 605x463, lol.PNG)

I bet she's fucking dying inside though.

No. 209946

Is she trying to be funny or…? Like with her it's impossible to tell if she's having another spastic bitchfit or if she's just playing around with her boyfriend.

No. 210055

You know, probably both. She pretends she's joking but she means the shut she says. If she didn't, she'd prove it in her actions, but time and time again she just hurts everyone around her.

She's a psychotic bully so I just assume all her mean shit is serious.

She's probably just trying to say "hey look guys we are totally fine even if it seems like my boyfriend is avoiding me and I disappeared for a bit."

No. 210125

LOL I just looked at the replies to her message. "I want a relationship like this." Yikes.

No. 210136

her stream was so boring. Both of them have such monotonous voices AND personalities.

No. 210148

When they're together, yeah. I feel like Cry at least has energy when he isn't around her. Has more inflection and isn't as boring.
When they're together they don't talk much and they just sound like robots when they do.

They are obviously unhappy together.

No. 210161

I agreed. They just sound like they are forcing it at this point. Especially if you look at her past broadcasts she's saved.

No. 210217

Scott tweeted her happy birthday?

No. 210246

I still stand by the theory that Scott flip-flopped on Cheyenne because Sage started using her to try to be popular (which is so stupid)

He was such a big force against her but since Sage said she was "nothing but kind" he's been better towards her.. and things have been rocky/non-existent with Russ & Snake + Angel & Mash.

I wish I had the full story but so much seems so fucked up.

No. 210275

I've noticed Mash hasn't be buddy-buddy with Cheyenne in a while.. Thank god.

No. 210468

No. 210511

Haha, aww. Now is this about Cheyenne is the question?

No. 210561

I don't wanna be a dick, but is it just me or does anyone else find it funny how whenever someone draws Cheyenne, they don't draw her nose how it is? It's usually just like a small nose or no nose at all.

No. 210570

Of course they'll draw her more flatteringly, lol. They want senpai to notice them.

They don't draw her lazy eye and mole as big as it should be either.

No. 210868

So if she was super hot, would it not matter if she was still an asshole? Just asking bc some of ya'll are harsh on her looks.

No. 210869

Around the 6:41 mark, Cry's asked why Cheyenne's sticking her vagina in him if he's crazy (lol the irony), and he says something about Stockholm Syndrome.

No. 210875

Aw, that's sad. :(

No. 210882

Yeah but he was talking about HER having Stockholm Syndrome. I guess that's more irony.
I still think Cry is super aware how fucked up his relationship with Cheyenne is.

Nah it'd still matter. She's IS ugly, though, inside and out so why not make fun of her looks? She's a shitty person. No one cares about her fee-fees. :(

No. 210964

Every time I hear him talk, I just imagine that one fat guy photo that was posted here and I cringe when he tries to talk like a badass or ghetto.

No. 210969

Even if hes not that guy, hes still some little white boy who spends the entirety of his life on the internet.

No. 211068

>>210969 at this point I feel like you just don't like Cry for any particular reason, and should stop making comments if you don't have anything of substance to provide.

No. 211256

It would definitely still matter. I actually use to think she was really pretty..

No. 211355

No TGI tonight. Apparently Cry has 'the sleepy's'. Can they all just ditch Cheyenne already, I don't want this whole friend group to fall apart because of one person.

No. 211378

It seems to already be falling apart, though. Everything is pointing that way.

No. 211388

Most definitely

No. 211391

Well to be fair, he already said that he was sleep deprived and then proceeded to stream FFVX. So likely he'd be dead tired haha. But maybe it's a giant ruse thought up hours ahead. WHO KNOWS ANYMORE

No. 211399

Yeah, who knows. Just seems like there's a clear divide in the group and a lot of people are miserable.

No. 211407

Is it Cry/Chey and Jund/Sage Vs Russ/Angel and Snake/Mash? or do I have the order mixed up?

No. 211418

That's what it looks like, at least. Cry and Cheyenne have been really distant to each other, and Cheyenne to viewers. Cry has been better with his solo streams, and when he does actually do TGIVG with Russ.

Jund and Sage only seem friendly towards Cry/Cheyenne. Distant towards everyone else.

Russ, Snake, Angel and Mash have all seemed very tight knit. They do 2 D&D streams together (one on Snake's channel, one on Angel's) and are always interacting on twitter with each other.

I think Cry/Russ still are friends, but things seem super strained. Otherwise, I think you're pretty much right now.

No. 211657

Not really surprised to see that Cry started streaming ffxv last night after TGI was cancelled due to him 'being sleepy'. Would be nice if they could sort out their issues and stop constantly lying to their audience and fans.

No. 211660

They don't really owe us anything, it's free content and we're not their parents.

No. 211676

>free content

They have a fuckton of people subscribed to them on twitch, ie paying them money, as well as all the donations they receive as well. They've turned this into their job, so yes it is a bit shitty to see them blatantly lie about why streams aren't going ahead.

No. 211677

I agree. Transparency would be nice. Be straight up at least. All this shit is so tiring.

No. 211789

File: 1481424026983.png (228.76 KB, 750x1183, IMG_0281.PNG)

Holy shit.

No. 211792

File: 1481424185400.png (42.72 KB, 750x352, IMG_0280.PNG)

And Sage just posted this about an hour or so earlier..

No. 211795

File: 1481424338501.png (268.13 KB, 750x1248, IMG_0282.PNG)

Here's Mash's reply to Angel too.

No. 211796

File: 1481424378977.jpg (14.93 KB, 537x142, Capture.JPG)

No. 211800

Oh wow. Literally just a few minutes after Angels post. Guess it is the Sage/Cheyenne team after all.

No. 211801

Yeah, the fact they use "they" definitely confirms it's more than one person. I 100% believe it's Cheyenne/Sage now.

No. 211805

File: 1481425166493.jpg (17.27 KB, 519x146, Capture.JPG)

She deleted and posted a different follow up reply.

No. 211806

Fuck Sage. Looks like Cry isn't the only person who's got a shitty girlfriend.

No. 211816

lol, Angel writes out such a long, sad post, and Mash replies with so much love and support and Sage just calls them "shitters on the internet."

Is she Cheyenne 2? My god.

No. 211821

Jesus rollerblading christ these poor girls.

No. 211832

Man I got excited for LNC and then Cheyenne opened her mouth and I"m probably not going to bother watching.

No. 211843

There's a possibility that she'll leave in the middle again, but it seems she's back now sadly.

No. 211861

File: 1481436395045.png (115.92 KB, 750x851, IMG_0290.PNG)

i wonder what she did that was horrible or makes people "think" she's horrible.

No. 211862

I dunno but I found this part of Angel's post:
>Maybe, they think I’m uninformed? Like, there hasn’t been several people who have come to me, showing me what was said? Things they’ve done?
pretty interesting. Especially since she bolded showing. Like, maybe she has proof of stuff and that's why Sage is trying to garner sympathy with the "bunch of fans they can sick on you at their whim."

Also, what fans? Aren't Mash and Angel kinda on the smaller side? I feel like they don't even stream beyond playing D&D, or am I wrong?

No. 211864

I know someone that's closer that might've said stuff.

No. 211870

No. 211871

You'll see when things arise, they told me to kept it a secret for now.

No. 211876

Why? what's the point in keeping it secret?

No. 211877

lmao, ive been saying this for years. none of the shit ever blows up like i hope it would.

No. 211885


No. 211888

File: 1481444039897.png (268.19 KB, 1440x1631, Screenshot_2016-12-11-03-12-18…)

Lmao. Wat.

No. 211889

Ah, jesus, is one of us enacting VIGILANTE JUSTICE?!

No. 211891

Dear fucking God i hope not. Reading that made me cringe.

No. 211894

"Hop off anon, pussy" Sage is starting to sound more and more like Cheyenne everyday.

No. 211897


I went to look at that post and that was missing, so I guess she already edited that out, haha.
Maybe she knows about us!

No. 211902

Nah. She probably just doesnt want anyone knowing shes hiding anything.

No. 211903

Lmao she did?? That's hilarious. I screenshot it just in case she erased it or something, too.

No. 211905

File: 1481446042309.png (5.28 KB, 328x48, 641fbe42df7cac4537c7760a34baa9…)

Cracked me the fuck up.

No. 211906

Yeah, definitely this. She let it slip that she thinks that person has something. Guess there's something to have.

No. 211907


But no, that is not them.

No. 211908

That meme tho lol

No. 211914

It still shows on her blog for me?

No. 211917

I believe she edited the post, the only reply I'm seeing is the copy pasta version.

No. 211921

Wait, so what did it say originally then?

No. 211930

It said basically what it said now. But at the end of that, she also put "hop off anon, pussy"

No. 211936

File: 1481450486449.jpg (63.59 KB, 527x497, Clipboard01.jpg)

No. 211945


I don't get it. Are they both trolling or is Sage actually angry?

No. 211951

I don't think the anon is trolling. Sage is trolling at first, probably trying to seem like she isn't "worried" or "angry".

No. 211955

If I'd be any good at art I'd draw Cry sitting on a throne with a three headed dog at his feet. One head is Chey, one head is Scott, one head is Sage.

"Ye who wishes to die, approach".

No. 211957

NOP. switches Cry and Chey's position There, more accurate.

No. 211960


I thought that at first too, but Cry is the one who needs to decide to get rid of the dog yknow? But he's created a monster so vile, he himself is too afraid to do anything about it.

No. 211964

Actually scratch that.

Cry is king Theoden from lord of the rings.

And Cheyenne and the "fans that pretend nothing's wrong" are Grima and Saruman. Not sure who is who.

No. 211968

Anons you're a bit too wild tonight lol

No. 211970

Personally, I think it's a bluff to see if they can get anything out of her. If not, they're just a fucking crazy anon, a wildcard like they said.

No. 211974

I hate to say this but I agree with sage. That anon should just come out and spill. Otherwise, it's just an empty threat, or maybe even a bluff, a pathetic one at that.

No. 211988

Is probably one of us honestly. From Angel's post, though, I think she actually HAS something, and that's probably why Sage got worried. Thinking someone not in her control might have it as well.

No. 212010

I'm so so happy that anon said that to Sage, it's fucking hilarious seeing her immediately blow up hahah.

Honestly I'm surprised now that Sage's true colors slowly unveil. If you listen to her in early DnD streams she seems really "innocent". Nothing like how she is right now. That girl played some games yo.

I hope she slips and falls on her face tho. I'll be laughing.

No. 212015

Same, dude! I'm actually a bit surprised those anons called it about her. She really does try to pretend to be the nice girl. In her twitter description she says she tries to "positively impact someone every day."

Seems to be a real snake in mouse's clothing.

No. 212026


Snake in mouse clothing, Ive never heard anyone say that, but I like it haha

No. 212054

It's actually kind of brilliant. Sage played the sweet, quiet girl and knew that if shit got out, everyone would be looking at Chey first. Because it's expected of her…

No. 212123


Btw not brilliant in an admiring kind of way but in a twofaced kind of way.

No. 212197

File: 1481497213638.jpg (54.16 KB, 614x596, Capture.JPG)

No. 212198

What I think is gonna happen is that Angel is gonna wait till she isn't scared of Cheyenne or what she will do, get as much people as possible to support her, and find the best time to really show people how horrible Cheyenne/Sage has been.

No. 212199

File: 1481497321224.jpg (33.53 KB, 586x270, Capture.JPG)

somehow I don't think Sage retweeting this is some coinkydink.

No. 212213

I don't think she's scared for herself but more for Russ?

No. 212220

File: 1481499540420.png (115.65 KB, 554x792, same.png)

Not sure if this is relevant anymore.

No. 212222

File: 1481499569859.png (109.36 KB, 632x651, same2.png)

No. 212224

Lol, why would Sage even feel it necessary to reply to that if Angel and Russ did already? Just to be in their face?

No. 212225

Lowkey thinks Sage stalks them, and is like a sadist.

No. 212227

Of course she does, she posts 'vague' shit in response to stuff they say literally minutes after they post.

No. 212239

Sage is one of those girls that pretends to be the bigger person but tries to start shit all the time.

No. 212245

I'm lowkey loving this slow, unwinding spiral of madness

I'm honestly wondering though, what does Angel lose by talking? I mean, is she worried that Sage/Chey would hack her or find her family? Because yes there is a fanbase behind Cryenne but honestly the numbers of people around these days is so small that it's not that important anymore. It's not the first time that Chey's name is mud with another female, either. What is so important to her that covering up the truth is worth suffering in silence?

No. 212248

I imagine she's more worried about the impact it could potentially have on Russ & Snake. Streaming is their livelihood (I believe?) so she's probably scared of this drama hurting their financial situation in some way.

No. 212250

She said in her post that protecting people she cared about was the most important thing to her, so I honestly think it's Russ & Snake. She's worried that by speaking out, things might crumble and end.

No. 212297

File: 1481505767003.png (2.23 MB, 800x2000, Untitled-1.png)

No. 212303


No. 212391

I never loved something so much before, oh my god.

No. 212464

That's pretty great, but I honestly believe that Scott is only putting up with Cheyenne now because of Sage. He still seems to not like her, like how on Saturday's stream Cheyenne called him dad/daddy in some message she sent him and he sounded so uncomfortable and tried to play it off. Of course, that could've been just because her fucking boyfriend was in the stream and that's a little odd to say, especially when Cry had tried to call her first and she replied to Jund on Steam instead. Cry sounded so confused on what to say after that lol

No. 212479

Oh my fucking god. Can someone get the timestamp for this?

No. 212481

Yeah this was awkward af.
To make it worse Cry didn't even really react. If Cheyenne found out Cry messaged a girl referring to them as "babygirl" or "mama" there would of been a shitstorm the size of Hurricane Katrina headed his way.

No. 212487

I found the thing mentioned at like 3:40, but I personally don't think that Jund or Cry had too much of a reaction. I just find it very hypocritical because, like someone else mentioned, she would have a bitchfit if Cry even jokingly said something like that to another girl. Of course, Cry could just know that even if he mentioned it, she wouldn't care what he said

No. 212489

This reminds me of when someone in chat called Cry "bb". She might've been joking, but I don't doubt she didn't actually like it. It's at 11:13

No. 212492

She's the queen of hypocrites. If Cry said something to her, he would be "overreacting" or "couldn't take a joke" but if he even thought about saying the same thing she'd get super pissed

No. 212506

She's obviously protecting Russ and Snake and if those were your friends you'd do the same.

Think about it. Russ and Snake's streams are relatively small compared to the Late Night. They probably wouldn't be able to live off of only that.

Would you want to be responsible for taking away the biggest part of your friends' income?

So all we can hope for is that either there really is an anon or are multiple anons with info on Sage that they will post and Sage and Scott piss off on their own.

Because Cry probably doesn't want to kick Scott off of Late Night for something that is between the girls in the first place.

And if the world were perfect Cry'd dump Cheyenne aswell.

But what's probably going to happen is that Late night is going to continue with the original members incl Cheyenne and we wait for the next victim of bullying.

No. 212508

And btw I don't think Sage would have started anything if Cheyenne wasn't on her side because what is more safe than having the boss' girlfriend on your team?

Team bullies be bullies.

No. 212581

I agree with this. Sage started playing WoW with Cheyenne and Cry, she was on their WoW streams a couple times with them, and I think that's when she wormed her way in.

I'm sure they saw it beneficial for both of them.

Once Sage had Cheyenne as a "friend" it was time to get rid of the other girls. I used to like Sage. I had watched a bunch of her streams and she used to complain about views and how other people are liked but not really her and she would wonder why. I think she was really upset about Angel being around and possibly stealing the spotlight from her?

No. 212591

I think Cheyenne was probably trying to get rid of the other girls long before Sage started riding her coat tails. My timeline of when they played shit is screwy because I stopped watching pretty much as soon as I realized things were fucked but I think the big move to get rid of Angel started with The third Phoenix Wright game. I remember Angel was real excited she was gonna be involved in it and voice acting. I even recall someone bringing it up to Cry in chat one night during a solo stream and he was all "Yeah, if she wants to that'd be cool!" I think Russ mentioned it too at some point. What happens when PW finally comes around? No Angel. There were even people in the chat ASKING where she was because it wasn't a secret that she was gonna be involved or anything. I think she may have even been asked on Twitter (Don't quote me on this) what happened and she replied with a "Don't know." Which, y'know, pretty fucking sure it's Cheyenne that happened.

No. 212613

Oh! I remember this! At least on stream. When they started it up, Cheyenne is throwing a fit because she's "hungry" and doesn't want to do it. Russ then brings up he told Angel she could join in and Cry says that he's down. Cheyenne just shuts it all down saying she doesn't have anywhere to go get food or make so to just start. So, no Angel.

I need to go through V2, because I'm sure it's easy to find.

No. 212625


Yep, here it is. 3:00 mark.


No. 212637

Goddamn these bitches. I said this before in the other thread but ima say it again.

I bet Sage didn't like that Scott's and Angel's characters in DnD were "having a thing", which was basically Angel's character in a kind off rumble with Scott's. (I don't know the english term but I mean fighting that is not that serious).

I liked Angel's roleplaying bc I thought she was one of the few who actually wasn't scared to actually roleplay and be out of her comfort zone, which couldn't be said of either Cheyenne or Sage.

No. 212638

And they don't go after Mash bc she's already with Snake.

No. 212713

I don't think that's completely untrue. Think of it this way, if Angel didn't show up than Mash would be the next likely to be bullied off stream. Sage would still backstab and try to rid of Mash. Just being real here.

No. 212738

Plus, I feel like Mash was bullied too. The last episode of Iso that Cry put up, Mash left sounding like she was in tears and Sage left a little later. I feel like they had been figuring behind the scenes there.

No. 212741

Fucking autocorrect, figuring should be fighting.

No. 212745

Yeah, they both left so suddenly and didn't really explain at all, especially not Sage. She was just sort of like "Gotta go" and left

No. 212774

File: 1481582167363.png (54.15 KB, 604x467, stop.png)

Liberty ass kissing again.

No. 212787

Why is Scott so fucked health-wise?

No. 212788

He's not as he makes it out to be. He's just complains about things more than he should be and no one stops him and he becomes a fucking whining monster.

No. 212806

I think he's said before that each of his family has something wrong health-wise, and that he just got them all. It sucks, actually.

No. 212811

Is Liberty a mod in Scott's chat? I can't remember. I know he isn't (I think) in Russ' chat.

No. 212834

I dunno. He goes to the doctor so often and never gets better. I feel like he's a hypochondriac.

No. 212882

Hahahaha. At least someone knows

No. 213021

File: 1481621766186.png (13.37 KB, 294x73, sage.png)

What's she on about?

No. 213036


Probably anon messages she gets? Or she's on here… ;)

No. 213039

File: 1481626068296.jpg (166.52 KB, 1420x789, tmp_19264-Screenshot_20161213-…)

From Angel's tumblr.

Let's keep it up boyyyys!

No. 213040

File: 1481626180211.jpg (259.38 KB, 1264x651, tmp_19264-Screenshot_20161213-…)

Meanwhile from Sage..

Plus a "I'm so tired of living in fear" on her Tumblr.

Do you really have to be afraid tho if you've done nothing wrong?

No. 213078

good, I hope she suffers. I can't imagine the amount of stress she and Chey's caused Angel but I hope it matches hers.

No. 213081

I wonder why Angel isn't coming forward with what happend tho. If it's really about Cheyenne it just proves that the Ziegs thing was real too. Also who is she trying to "protect" as she says in her tumblr posts? Sounds a bit melodramatic to be honest and it doesn't seem to make a lot of sense.
Cry is a dumbass for everything he has build crumble to pieces just because of Cheyenne.
Sorry had to vent

No. 213083

She probably doesn't want it to cause problems for Russ and probably Snake too, since they seem to be the closest to her from the crew. I still think it would be better to say something though…

No. 213094

Yeah I don't get it either. How would it negatively impact Russ & Snake? It's not like Cry would kick them? The stream is called Late Night with Cry and Russ, after all.

No. 213099

Maybe they're afraid that people will stop watching cause of drama? Or she doesn't want Russ and Snake to feel obligated to leave…

No. 213104

I feel like it's fairly obvious, right? If enough drama happens the whole stream could fall apart, since it all relies on them at the very least being able to be around each other. And since LNC is probably the main source of income for Russ and Snake, she doesn't want to go public.

No. 213113

"I'm so tired of living in fear" but I'm such a good person guys, I've totally done nothing wrong.

She's so fake.

But yeah, I think it's pretty obvious Angel doesn't come forward to protect them. It would completely change things, especially since it looks to involve Cheyenne AND Sage, so Cry and Jund would be in it. I doubt they'd be able to be around each other anymore.

No. 213116

If drama was such an issue, they should have gotten Cheyenne kicked from the stream

No. 213139


It is an issue which is why they tell the people involved to keep it to themselves.

Look at it like this guys, if your friends prefered you to handle it a certain way, and by friends I mean Russ and Snake, would you be like well fuck you guys, I'm gonna start something anyway.

Let's just hope that there really are anons out there with some good stuff that are willing to fight for a good cause.

No. 213140

Plus by purposefully trying to break up Late night JUST to fuck those over that deserve it you are also hurting the ones that don't deserve to be hurt.

I don't know about you guys but I don't neccesarily want Late Night to be over, I just want Cheyenne and Sage to be gone, Scott too while we're at it.

But if that means leaving Russ and Snake without jobs then just leave it as is and let them decide for themselves if they are happy with what they have.

No. 213143

Yeah I agree completely. Let them fake a friendship with Cheyenne and Jund of it allows them to support themselves. It's just one time a week that they have to

No. 213176

I don't think it would break up the stream. Ziegs has been a part of the Late Night Crew longer and what she went through was probably worse. There was some negative press but they still have a large following.

They really should just get Cheyenne off the Late Night Crew because she brings nothing but negativity to the stream. She already has a partnership and streams with Cry, no need to force her on people who according to Jund, "has virtually no chemistry with us."

No. 213200

Cheyenne is living proof that even if someone throws the truth to world, that'll it be swept under the rug. That's what sucks the most about all this. Maybe she realizes that because of what happened to Ziegs. Plus, I feel like there's more to it than just Snake and Russ, way more behind the scenes.

No. 213203

In terms of friendship during that time, no one was really close to Ziegs. But this time around Angel and Russ and even Snake are super close to her. I know Russ will definitely leave over how bullshit everything has gotten for her. And we know how Snake is, at least his front that he knows what's morally wrong and just leave on his own terms.

No. 213243

The general consensus seems to be that if it all came out Late Night would crumble, but honestly I don't think it would. Viewership would probably take a hit but I really don't think that's the reason she doesn't speak up. Let's take a moment to think that what if Cry WOULD be willing to kick them off the stream if shit came out from their side? This is just conjecture, but it was really weird back in the day with the Ziegs thing how Scott just went quiet about Cheyenne all of a sudden. What if Cry threatened to fire him? I always thought it was weird, back when I watched Scott, he always refereed to Cry as his boss, rather than his friend. I feel like that didn't really start until after the Ziegs thing.

If that is the case, if Cry would really fucking fire his best friend over breaking up with his abusive girlfriend? He's fucking horrible. He's a selfish prick that cares way more about himself and his privacy than he does about his friends.

If that is the case then, man, I just feel so bad for Russ and Snake. They clearly care way more about Cry than he does about them. If he really gave a damn, he would never have let his retarded relationship strain his friendships so much.

No. 213271

I thought it was weird too how he suddenly stopped having problems with Cheyenne. Like, they used to constantly have problems or arguments, but they suddenly stopped. I think the last thing he said of that nature was after Ziegs left and he said something like "it's a shame the bullied party felt the need to leave" and that "another outburst is expected" or something along those lines. I really think she threatened to get him off the stream or something if he didn't stop

No. 213276

File: 1481656850288.png (2.68 KB, 481x35, Capture.PNG)

Found it

No. 213280

File: 1481657162050.png (34.23 KB, 594x543, Capture.PNG)

I always found this one really telling. Jund actually let it slip that she's insulted him quite a bit and of course that's when Cry stepped in to shut him up

No. 213282

Yeah Scott is a fucking hypocrite.

What is it with these boys that once they've gotten themselves some pussy, all of the sudden it's ok to avert eyes whenever people are being trashy?

Like, I just found out that Immortalhd's girlfriend is also a psycho and literal trash.

Cry and Aleks (+cowchop) were my favorite youtubers/channels, but they both keep horrible people as partners and friends, like what does that say about them?

Are there any youtubers out there that are actually decent people?

No. 213295

Scott is spineless and has no fucking integrity at all. He act's all hoity toity and like he is never wrong, when in reality he's either deluded himself or he's just a shit bag. If his job was threatened, of all the people that could have easily been okay if they had to leave Late Night, it would have been him. His Twitch following is the least connected to Cry's just from being in his chat in the past. He would have been fine. But I guess money talks, huh?

No. 213318

File: 1481659122083.png (35.52 KB, 737x365, cmv.png)

No. 213330


What does Coyotemation know that we don't? Hmmmmmmmmmmm

No. 213338

sage for somewhat off-topic but I agree, youtubers I like keep dating really awful women (idubbbz, aleks, etc) and it's pathetic. That's why I love pewdiepie. I'm not even really a fan of his content, it's just incredibly comforting to know that the #1 youtuber of all time is really humble and has a close/healthy relationship with a chill, normal woman.

No. 213340

File: 1481660273931.jpg (36.01 KB, 839x128, fuck.jpg)

Coyote knows a lot of shit about Cry and Cheyenne. I think he's mentioned before that it's because he's friends with Ziegs or someone else that was close to the crew

No. 213346

Maybe the "half a bingo" means she has proof he cheated and would go public with it if he broke up with her? That's a pretty stupid reason though. I don't think it would be a big deal, especially with how most people feel about Cheyenne

No. 213350

Yeah, it's not a big deal to us, but maybe it is to Cry. Who knows, she could have beaten into him that people would hate him and think he's a scumbag and he'd lose everything.

No. 213376


Cheating is shit, yeah, and if he did it then that's shitty. He'd get flak for it, sure. But people fuck up. What he's doing now through his inaction is a hundred times worse and much more deserving of hate.

If he'd just be a fucking man and fess up, be transparent, I doubt people would even fucking BELIEVE Cheyenne after all the shit she's done.

But, if he actually had a conscience he would have done it by now. But it'd be better if he did, because I imagine if this shit get's out there through a different channel it'll be a lot fucking worse for him than if he'd just spoke up.

No. 213395

Eh, posting his pics would be bad, but if he's ugly his fans might not believe that its really him. I wonder if she has 100% proofs of his identity, like videos or something.
Also she might have his nudes, which if posted with said 100% proofs would be very bad for him.

No. 213400

I don't see how releasing photos of Cry would reflect badly on him in the view of his fans though. Doing that would just shit on Cheyenne even more, by completely disrespecting his privacy.

Idk I'd like to think people aren't completely shit.

No. 213415

Sadly, he might lose a lot of fans just because teenage girls dont like ugly guys

No. 213437

No offense to Russ, but he isn't considered the most hottest person, yet people call him cute all the time, especially during the Twitchcon stream. There was no negativity towards his appearance. Hell, there's people who possibly suck up to Cheyenne and call her amazing and beautiful. I hardly believe that a large amount of people would leave just because of that.

No. 213479

There was inner circle drama with Cry vs Chey vs Mods a while ago. It was kept on the DL, but I know a few girl mods were involved in it, us guys stayed out of it.

No. 213482

Well, Russ is not hot, but he still is kinda cute, in a little nerdy puppy way. That fat guy from the pic in the 1st thread though…not even cute.

No. 213484


None of the crew knows about the forum, and only a handful of mods do.

No. 213490

Wait, really? Mods know about this?

No. 213493

Spill, anon

No. 213501

Nothing to spill really because i dont want to get demodded if chey finds out. Myself and 4 others know about it. All of us have a pretty deep hatred for queen bitch.

No. 213515

I mean, this is all anonymous. Of course, if only a few of you know about it, then it wouldn't be too hard to figure it out I guess. Still, now I'm super curious and would love if you spilled

No. 213521

Could you tell us a bit about the situation vaguely?

No. 213542

All i really know is that a few of my friends got demodded or just disappeared, all of them being female mods. When a few of us asked in chat or in the Skype group we got flat out ignored by cry. The whole situation was just off.

No. 213547

I can believe that. Cheyenne hates literally any girl that could pose even a minute threat to her relationship with Cry and has never been very nice to female mods even if they don't. I remember the porn thing of Magenta's that Cry accidentally showed and the first thing Cheyenne said was "can we finally demod her now?" or something like that. She probably had some fake or minor excuse to get your friends demodded

No. 213554

Agreed, and if i remember she posted on tumblr about trust in a relationship right after. It might have not been related, but im not sure and my friends would never give a reason why they disassociated themselves so quickly.

No. 213560

I can't find the post but someone who spoke with Red said that Chey did some things to try to get rid of Red and how some of the crew say crude things once the mic is off about their fans and mods.

Hope the mods keep some receipts because none of your positions are safe.

No. 213566

I really don't care that much if i got unloaded, but yeah, we keep screencaps and whatnot. I think the drama was a little over 2 years ago, pretty early into their relationship.

No. 213580

Ah, so she was a cunt from the start.

No. 213591

Does anyone have screenshots of the loyalty post? Im really curious since I never saw it.

No. 213592

As far as i know! I played games with them a few times and she wouldnt stop bitching and whining.

No. 213605

I just tried to find it and the closest I got was when someone asked if Cheyenne was worried because Cry has dated/is attracted to men and women and she said that she wasn't worried at all because he shouldn't even be looking at anyone else, whether he's straight or not. I think that's bull. Seeing how she acts around other girls, she is the most jealous person around and constantly worries about Cry cheating. That, and she basically wants to be the alpha female in the crew and can't stand the thought of another girl being more popular than she is

No. 213608

Oh, and I forgot to put that she said you should end the relationship if you ARE paranoid about your boyfriend being attracted to someone else. Well, I don't think someone takes her own advice

No. 213611

I think the post im referring to is from Oct/Nov 2014, if that helps.
Forgot to mention that she also sent a "stay the Fuck away from my boyfriend." to one of the ex mods.

No. 213623

File: 1481676342593.png (6.63 KB, 510x85, lol.PNG)

Okay, I was looking for the loyalty thing and I found this and just found the last line so funny. Like, damn right you trapped him

No. 213634

What a bitch. I get jealous over my boyfriend (I think most people do) but mods are fans of the stream and she shouldn't be so rude to someone that probably didn't even have a chance of taking him anyways

No. 213639

Pretty sure the girl was young as hell, too. So if cheyenne is afraid of losing him to a teenager, its pretty pathetic.

No. 213645

File: 1481678815694.png (23.93 KB, 702x202, pppppp.png)

No. 213646

If she's afraid he'll leave her for any woman who treats him nicely then maybe she should treat him nicely lol. Such logically sound conclusions appear to be beyond her grasp.

No. 213648

Aw man, too bad Jund has gone to the dark side now too. Too many crazy bitches.

No. 213656

I really wish Cry would just get his shit together and not let Cheyenne keep him in a relationship he probably doesn't want (especially if the cheating is true, which I think it probably is). What ever she has on him can't be bad enough to stay in an unhealthy relationship that is ruining his friendships/future relationships. Does she really think she can force him to stay forever? Unless she convinces him to put a ring on it or "accidentally" gets pregnant, he's going to eventually have to leave her. I hope he realizes that soon or someone comes forth with evidence of either her shittyness or his cheating and it just ends this toxic relationship

No. 213657

Damn Sage is fug tho. No wonder her and Chey pal around, both ugly bitches that get off to being cunts.

No. 213677

I actually think Sage is cute, when she isn't trying super hard. Those recent "model" pictures she did, she had 10lbs of makeup on and was just screaming for any kind of attention.

Her personality is ugly as fuck though and her streams are fucking boring.

No. 213679

Well, you should've seen her when she was more sheltered and before she dated Jund. Looked like okay.

No. 213680

Hes too much of a baby to ever leave her. Hes probably too scared of being alone

No. 213681

He probably cheated on her hoping she would leave him over it, and now hes stuck lol

No. 213687

I don't know why being alone would be the issue, considering the billion other reasons he probably hasn't left because of

No. 213688

Are all the mods that know just guys?

No. 213693

File: 1481682428766.jpg (148.89 KB, 1200x1130, CxOylQUXUAACZNH.jpg)

She's pretty meh and the teeth don't help. Knowing she's a cunt makes her worse.

No. 213698

Put a spoiler on it next time so we don't have to all suffer.

No. 213699

I know one of the ex mid girls does. But i think only guy mods know. Son of Kissass is not one of them obviously.

No. 213701

Okay, I've been tempted to message one of them on my steam. But I rather not risk unneeded people from knowing.

No. 213705

I wouldnt recommend stirring the pot if they dont know, but hey, your decision.

No. 213708

I am not, don't worry.
I'm somewhat close to them too.

No. 213712

Can't help thinking that it would be funny if you were talking with me.

No. 213713


No. 213716


No. 213719



No. 213726

No. 213820

These were the posts I was referring to from Nov 2014. http://imgur.com/a/7K9f6

No. 213827

Then maybe she should have left him. But that money and popularity though.

No. 213830

Even if he did cheat, the way she's acting is uncalled for. I wouldn't be surprised if he's done it again because she's acting so awfully to everyone. I know I would if my boyfriend started acting the way Cheyenne has. Or, you know, I'd actually grow a pair and break up because nothing could be worse than a toxic relationship

No. 213869

well we all know shes a psycho bitch.

No. 213879

So does that mean that the whole crying thing she did for when he was in the hospital fake?

No. 213881

Or at least for attention

No. 213882

Oh, now you've done it anons! Sage seems to have shut down her tumblr.

No. 213884

Damn, 52 new posts on here when I was sleeping, mods coming out of the shadows to join our army and Sage running away.

What a day, what a day.

No. 213885

what do you mean?

No. 213886

hahah, ive been commenting for a while, i just never gave out the information that im a mod.

No. 213902

I wonder if Coyotemation has been in here aswell.

No. 213907

Nah. He doesnt know about this, unless one od the others showed him, but i dont think so

No. 213949

Damn, late to the party again. Anyway…
Hmm, so "half a bingo" means that the person got a part of it right, and a part of it wrong. I think the "right" part is that Cry is still going out with Chey because of something that Chey will do (or won't do) if they ever break up. The "wrong" part is exposing his face. It's probably deeper than that. This is just speculation but maybe Cry is lying about a certain aspect of his life and Chey will surely expose him when they break up.

No. 213978

Did sage delete her tumblr?

No. 213979

appears so

No. 214032

Think it's funny how she acts as if she has done nothing wrong, but as soon as people start analyzing what she's done, she just tries to delete it. Doesn't exactly scream innocent

No. 214035

File: 1481729588964.png (647.69 KB, 582x544, Capture.PNG)

Ah, Sage as classy as ever. Still trying to act like an angel

No. 214044

using a picture from six years ago in highschool as current evidence, classy anon. what are you stalking her facebook or some shit

No. 214045

Yeah, doesn't really work for current stuff. I do think it's hilarious that she ran away though. I wonder if she knows about us?

No. 214046

Yeah, not exactly relevant. But I'm sure if she doesn't know about this, then she probably knows of another thread like this that's trying to piece things together. Hiding doesn't exactly help what we think of her

No. 214047

As the creator of the first thread I'm morbidly thrilled that it's working out this way. I just made the thread to vent about Chey because there was no other space to be open enough about her and sure enough we've attracted people who also dislike her and we have screenshots and mods and evidence all over about how shitty these people are.

Sage either found out about this place and thinks deleting her tumblr will prevent people who don't know to "forget" things she's said/done, or there's some shit going on behind the scenes that we don't know about

No. 214048

All hail thread god.

No. 214049

Probably a little bit of both. I bet at least one member of the crew knows about these threads and now they're trying to prevent anymore things for us to analyze

No. 214051

I don't think so. Normally if theres drama circulating, Cry finds out about it and mentions it at some point, which he hasnt.

No. 214052

I think that Chey will just expose him full out, especially if hes cheated on her.

No. 214053

Maybe he hasn't mentioned it because we ARE still hidden away and he doesn't want more people knowing about us.

I bet you anything at least one of the crew knows though. Or Sage or something.

No. 214058

holy shit you guys are misinformed. from what i've seen from screenshots in sage's discord, mash and angel have bullied her out of D&D, late night, and basically the internet at this point. the only thing you're grasping at straws at is the fact she used to play wow with cheyenne and cheyenne is a shithead, so by some multiplicative property, sage is now a shithead. ive never even seen them hang out at all outside of when they used to play wow

she probably deleted her tumblr because of violent threats like the one she got that kept coming

No. 214059

Lol yeah okay Sage

No. 214061

It might actually be Sage, there's definitely a new person defending her in this thread.

No. 214062

Okay, while I'm willing to agree that people thinking Sage is some sort of evil henchman for Cheyenne is a bit far fetched, where on Earth do you get that Mash and Angel have been bullying? Angel has repeatedly mentioned SOMETHING she wanted to speak out against, but can't because she doesn't want repercussions. Mash has apparently been wanting her to speak out or at least has just been there for Angel and all Sage has done is make cryptic comments and delete things. We (or at least I) haven't seen any forms of bullying from Mash or Angel and the main culprit seems to be Cheyenne, with Sage being a sort of sideline. If we're so "misinformed", show some evidence to the contrary.

No. 214063

That's why Sage was the only one left in chat after everything went down. Because SHE was the bullied one. That's why Angel has been so depressed, Mash supportive and Sage calling them "shitters on Internet" .. Because she's the bullied one.

I know for a fact that Sage complains and attacks Angel, because I've seen it. I've never seen Angel attack her before. So, if you have screenshots of that, please do share.

No. 214065

Honestly I've seen both sides sling shade at each other with passive aggressive bullshit Tweets etc. I feel like they probably both did something fucked up.

No. 214067

Sure, Sage

No. 214068

Totally Sage trying to save face. Probably not the best place to do it.

No. 214070

I mean, this could be a good place to do it if she had actual evidence. But I'm not seeing any…

No. 214073

It's sad how obvious she is.

Girl, why don't you go make some money to fix your rat teeth instead? You're wasting your time here.

No. 214074

yeah i dont buy Sage is the epic le angel innocent victim in all of this whatsoever. i also don't really see anything specifically against her either. i feel like we've circlejerked away from the main cheyenne concern

No. 214075


good to see these are the types of people defending angel

No. 214077

I feel like Sage was more of a bystander. Like, you know in movies that have "mean girls", there's always the leader and then like the friend that just goes along with it? I feel like Sage is just going with the flow. That doesn't make her innocent, but I feel like Cheyenne is definitely a bigger concern because she's what initiated the bullying

No. 214080


probably something like that. the only weird thing I see about the situation that supports possibleSage up a few posts is why did she leave D&D before everyone else? didn't jund say she didn't actually want to leave?

No. 214081

just stop sage

No. 214082

Too bad you can't bully us away.

No. 214083

File: 1481735856357.png (88.29 KB, 713x618, soinnocent.png)

You know what's one thing innocent people don't do? Make fake tumblr accounts to make others shut up or bully further.

The top was a response on Angel and Mash's recent post that caused all this.
The bottom is Sage's post she made and deleted.

Of course, everything is deleted now. Curiously they sound like the same person.

No. 214088

What, doing the exact same thing you do?

No. 214091


wait so an anon dude can send violent threats https://lolcow.farm/snow/src/1481450486449.jpg to one girl but we can't prove it was anyone specifically, but now this is evidence against another person? yall some biased motherfuckers lol

No. 214093

Did he? I thought he said that she wasn't having fun but I could be wrong. But I always found it weird that after Mash left that one session, Sage left really soon after and didn't even give an explanation before signing off

No. 214094

I clearly remember her saying she wasn't having fun but didn't want to spoil it for Jund, right before Jund quit too.

No. 214095

Ah, the same "Angel and Mash are bullies, Sage is their victim" we've seen in >>214058

Keep digging, Sage

No. 214096

Threatening to release proof isn't "violent" but honestly it just looks like one of us got carried away. If that Anon had anything, it'd probably be on here in the least.

No. 214099

That anon was probably bluffing, but apparently they've been successful at it lol

No. 214100

You guys are wrong about Sage just being on the sideline or not being the instigator. It's both Chey and Sage, but MOSTLY Sage.

Told to me by someone on the inside, no i'm not telling who.

No. 214101


You guys are wrong about Angel just being on the sideline or not being the instigator. It's both Angel and Mash, but MOSTLY Angel.

Told to me by someone on the inside, no i'm not telling who.

tl;dr - this forum

No. 214102

for the record i agree its probably sage but fuck if i want to actually see hard evidence of what happened with D&D, everyone's just guessing shit

No. 214103

Well logically we think it's mostly Cheyenne because she's never been very nice to any girl (or guy really) around Cry and there seems to be more evidence of how big an asshole she is

No. 214104

Come on, that bitch even looks like a bad person, does someone really believe that she's on the sideline?

So where is Sage from? Maybe if we ask nicely some farmhand will check this anon's IP? lol

No. 214107

Ah, the "I know you are but what am I?" approach. Nice.

No. 214109

I want to know the D&D story so badly! Someone mentioned that maybe Sage didn't like that Angel and Scott's characters were having a thing but that's literally all we've got

No. 214111


Wait what they were having a thing in-game? when did that happen

No. 214114

Did anyone else notice how they've called lolcow a "forum" btw

No. 214116

It wasn't much. Their characters were just always interacting. I think Jund had more conversations/fights with her than anyone

No. 214117


I watched most of their sessions and didn't see that really. Gotta be something else, that's barely tangible.

No. 214119

I think there was just one thing where Angel's character bit Jund's but that's not a lot to go off.

No. 214122


Wasn't she like a Spider character or something? That's what people are basing shit off of? that's some weak ass evidence gimme the good shit. doesnt make sense Sage would leave first if she's the cunt

No. 214124

That's why we're so curious. It doesn't make sense why they left

No. 214125

Mash did leave in tears on that last session, with Sage shortly behind. Maybe she was asked to leave by Snake and they, at first, tried to be civil about it?

No. 214130

Yeah, she sounds upset but not crying. But, Snake was distracted right before that. It could still be that he asked her to leave.

No. 214131



She sounded completely fine. I don't think that's it. SOMETHING happened but it still makes no sense Sage would leave D&D first if she was the one who started shit>>214125

No. 214139

File: 1481739436656.png (10.14 KB, 648x98, Capture.PNG)

Mash sounded fine when she left. I'm not trying to say Sage is chill, but I just don't know why she left. That session, she literally just said "I have to go, bye" and signed off. Mash at least tried to give an explanation while Sage just ditched. I believe her when she said she left because they don't get along, I'm just unsure who initiated the problems.

No. 214141


i just listened to both of them leaving and sage sounded way more panicked / rushed to leave than mash did, you're right. no idea what that actually means though, all i know is this story has a bunch of layers we clearly don't know.

No. 214142

Alright. I'm not going to post evidence, but I'm going to break it down real simple for you guys. Sage was being a bitch, like Cheyenne, but the other members weren't willing to take her shit. So she left.
Some of you acting like Sage is the victim here, dude, Cheyenne practically dismantled Iso. It only continued because the members were willing to do it on Snake's channel, and Snake was willing to do the leg work to get rid of Jund, Cry & Cheyenne's characters. But Cheyenne tried to stop the whole campaign, so really, the remaining members of Iso are the victims.
As for the tumblr "drama". After Angel and Mash got permabanned from the LNC, Sage goes around boasting on twitter and tumblr about how happy she is. Trying to rub salt in the wounds.

Sage is not the victim here, she just didn't win as cleanly as Cheyenne normally does.

No. 214143


How exactly do you know all of these intimate details? are you actually angel or mash

No. 214144

No I'm not. I'm not going to post evidence, because there's none. But you can fucking see it.
Angel and Mash are nice people, who haven't tried to start shit. They've vented, that's it. Sage has tried to start shit - after getting Angel and Mash removed from LNC (notice how neither one of them even takes part in chat anymore) she then starts boasting about how good her life is. How she feels "safe now". Fuck yeah, anyone would vent about that.
As for Cheyenne dismantling Iso, hell that's practically public knowledge.

No. 214147

This thread was 100% supporting Mash and Angel, and the moment Sage's tumblr is deleted, pro Sage comments start appearing.

Coincidence? I think not.

No. 214148


Just sayin as a neutral party here, you sure mentioned a lot of very specific unprovable things. Kinda seems like you know more than you're letting on and theres only one way you would know that…

No. 214150


tbf all we do is guess and connect dots here.

No. 214151


This does line up with
Angel's post. Especially the end part.

No. 214152


I don't even see people defending sage other than one clearly butthurt person above us. people are just asking what happened with D&D

No. 214155


holy shit that's totally angel. there was so much personal hurt in that post, esp about the happiness part like you said


No. 214156

I'm just a fan theorising, but to me it's clear as day.
Cheyenne never seemed to enjoy D&D, or maybe it's just her monotone tricking me, but Cry was so excited for it. It's clear that he didn't want it to end.
Why'd Jund leave? Because he's on Sage's side, naturally.
We've spent like the last two days talking about how Sage has been acting like a bitch, and the rest is/was on tumblr. The timing of the posts from Sage, Angel and Mash makes it pretty obvious.
As I said, it's just a theory.

No. 214157

I meant more that they know what they're talking about, but maybe!

No. 214162

honestly I wish Angel or Mash would come here to at least know there's a whole thread of people who are aware of the bullshit; a lot of fans posting on her tumblr are probably just innocently supportive and aren't full of screenshots and history of the horrible people

like if I was either of them I'd feel fucking relieved that there's a ton of people who can see part of the truth or are aware who is really the one getting hurt in this situation

No. 214163


Apparently they already do.

No. 214168

File: 1481741972115.png (127.27 KB, 759x567, waybackmachine.png)

Decided to go back in the way back machine. Not sure if it's relevant

No. 214170


looks like that was before any of them really met. we gotta dig, but not so far back it doesn't matter

No. 214171

Sage also has two different tumblrs.

lakotabear and sagerooart, go ham

No. 214181


idk after seeing that post I'm beginning to think angel posts here too which would make things super biased. then again sage could post here too after recent support. point is there is no "truth." honestly we're going on next to nothing here.

No. 214191

Lol, that's not true. There's plenty of screenshots. Speculation is just speculation though.

No. 214195


if you post a picture of a guy shooting someone with a gun you can call him a murderer, but what if there's an earlier picture where the other guy shot him first? i personally think sage is a bitch but posting a screenshot with no real context especially when one of the involved (or all of them for all we know) parties are actually here, shit doesnt hold up too well

No. 214200

I like how it changed from "Angel and Mash are bullies!!!!" to "BUT WE DONT KNOW ANYTHING AND IT TOTALLY WAS ANGEL HERE GUYS SO LETS DROP THE SUBJECT OK", it seems a little bit more believable now. Still sounds like Sage's bullshit tho.

No. 214201

Then what's the point of discussing then if we don't believe anything. What are we looking for? In my opinion, I think both Cheyenne and Sage are at fault. From what I've seen, that's what it adds up to.
But we can all believe what we want, really.

No. 214203


That was one clear butthurt fanboy though (or sage), no one else is claiming they're bullies at all. We just want to know the truth because probably both sides think the other is a bitch

No. 214204


We should be trying to figure out what actually happened, probably starting with D&D since that's where shit started right? or did it start before

No. 214209

I bet it's the same anon (probably Sage). They are still trying to make us think that Sage might be innocent but they are being way too obvious.

No. 214210

Well, Cheyenne and Jund got into an argument about the other girls being invited to play Quiplash while she was gone and that started her problems with the girls I think, but D&D probably led to the Angel/Mash/Sage thing

No. 214212


to be fair angel just did that too, or at least its as heavily implied as sage posting here too. idfk can we just go back to our time honored tradition of hating cheyenne, least we actually have solid proof for that shit

No. 214213

You do realize that anyone with half a brain can see that you're exactly that anon who's trying to drop the subject, right?

No. 214215

Or is it a coincidence that the only anon who has implied that Angel posts here too (with no proofs at all btw) also completely ignores capital letters? Like that "other" anon who was all about "SAGE IS A VICTIM"? All those anons also coincidentally have a very distinctive style.

No. 214216


The person who noticed the similarity actually used normal punctuation


David Caruso over here analyzing punctuation for evidence

No. 214217

They didn't say that it was TOTALLY ANGEL HERE GUYS
It was another anon >>214155

No. 214218


True but they're the one that presented the original evidence.

No. 214220

I fail to see how that's an evidence of Angel posting here, but that doesn't even matter.
I do see that one anon who's trying to get us to drop the "Is Sage a bitch?" subject and they are really bad at it.

>>214058 is my favorite part of this thread so far

No. 214223

I mean honestly, I doubt even one would post here if they truly wanted to keep things private. And if they didn't, they'd probably be more public about it.
IMO both the supposed Angel and Sage posters here were just white knighting fanboys

No. 214225


You seem to be informed, be it because you're close with them or you are one of them or whatever, doesn't matter. I see Sage saying shady shit now, but how was she being such a bitch that she was basically kicked off D&D? gib screenshots

No. 214226


Fanboys on lolcow, how dare you make such an accusation

No. 214227

This thread was like a nice road trip, now it's like we hit a deer on the road and the car is spinning out of control, doing flips in the air.

Just a bit before we land in the ditch and the road trip is OVAH!

No. 214228

That Sage fanboy seems a little bit too informed about Sage's life and Chey/Sage relationship tho, but whatever

I love it

No. 214230

Sage is a complete cunt and it's obvious. But at the end of the day, she doesn't matter, she wants to REAL bad but still doesn't really matter. And if Sage knows about it, Scott probably does. And some of the above posts defending Sage sound a whole like his pretentious know-it-all writing. Nice try though.

The real focus here should be Cheyenne. She is the root of all evil and that's more than simple to prove.

Last thing we should do is give up on this thread. I'm sure that's exactly what they'd want. I say we just keep on posting the evidence of their shitlery.

No. 214240

File: 1481748922247.png (433.84 KB, 1200x521, ScottBeingAnAsshat.png)

You know all the real proof I need that Angel and Mash are the victims here? Who they're friends with. Snake (obviously more than friends but I digress) and Russ. Two people who are genuinely good people.

Who is on the other side? Scott and Cry. Two people who are not good people. I've seen Scott harass both Angel and Mash on Twitter for no fucking reason (pics included) and it's just like "What? Why? Why did you feel the need to post that?" Which sort of speaks volumes about him and who he's defending. In fairness though, he was tagged in the one on the left.

No. 214241

I highly doubt Sage or Scott know about this. Scott w his loud mouth wouldve already started bitching publicly most likely.

No. 214242


You know, you have a point.

No. 214252

I personally like how blunt Jund is, but he definitely needs to learn when to not stick his nose in things, especially if he doesn't exactly know what someone is talking about

No. 214278


It looks like Mash directed that at Sage and Jund just defended his girlfriend. Hardly would call that him being a "bad person."

No. 214284


I've been watching him stream for the past couple of hours. I really highly doubt he's posting here, unless he's really damn good at multitasking.

No. 214305


Except she wasn't directing it at Sage? It's pretty obvious he was jumping to that conclusion or he just wanted to start shit.

And nah, just because it's his girlfriend doesn't suddenly make him right for doing it. Don't have to look any further than his new found support for Cheyenne to know he's a shit.

No. 214308

Why would he think such a blanket statement was directed at Sage, unless he knows that she's complete shit.

No. 214310


Because passive aggression is like breathing to women lul

No. 214319

Even if she was directing it at Sage, Mash is still right. A bad past doesn't give you the right to treat other people like shit.

No. 214323


Yeah that's whatever I'm just saying idk how that makes Jund a bad person. He can be a shit but I don't think he'd intentionally "start shit" with the girlfriends of his co-workers, that makes zero sense even if only viewed businesswise.

No. 214325

Except he did? By aggressively responding to a non-specific tweet for no reason.

No. 214334

Oh I wasn't saying he was a bad person. I must've read your comment differently. I just think it's Jund being a dick for no reason. But then again he might've assumed she was directing Sage.

No. 214336


Honestly why wouldn't he assume that. He's there to protect his girlfriend and all three of them post passive aggressive bullshit clearly-referencing each-other posts all the time.

No. 214347

All I've seen from Angel and Mash is them defending themselves and calling out being bullied. Then Sage almost immediately responding, either being passive aggressive or playing victim. I bet half the time Angel is referring to Cheyenne but then Sage makes it about herself. She seems very badly to want to be involved.

Her deleting her Tumblr is just another nail in her coffin. Maybe she was threatened more through anon, which really isn't right. I hope no one here is actually threatening violence against her because bullying the bully really isn't the answer. (Is it sad to say I wouldn't feel that way if it was Cheyenne?) I don't know why she wouldn't just disable anon. That said, maybe that anon made good on their "threat" and sent her a message detailing exactly what they knew, or maybe it was just bullshit. Either way, she sort of shed her innocent victim skin with her response to that. Realistically she should have either not acknowledged it or played the "Oh please just leave me alone I am so sad ;;;-;;;". What happened was she showed her true colors. "hop off anon, pussy" isn't much, but it's enough to make her seem guilty. Now here's my theory on why she deleted her tumblr. I will back it up with anecdotal evidence and I realize that doesn't mean much but fuck it. She deleted her tumblr for attention. That's all. It's just another step in the whole playing victim game. And hey it gets rid of all her posts of her being shitty at the same time so it's a win-win in her eyes.

Why do I think that? Because I was a shitty fucking teenager once. (I don't know how old Sage is, I'm guessing kinda young, if not, ooooh boy) I did things like that for attention all the fucking time. If something bad happened, a girlfriend breaking up with me for instance, I'd post some sad shit on my Facebook and then delete my account a day later. For attention. To make people worry about me, because it felt good. Thank fuck I grew out of that, but my point is people like that do exist and just going off what I've seen Sage is a prime candidate for shit like that.

And going off the whole "Having a hard life isn't an excuse" It isn't. Like it really fucking isn't. I've known and do know people who have been through fucked up shit. Emotional abuse, physical, rape. Y'know, some real fucked things. Are they assholes? Nah. Have they ever been assholes to me? Yes. But here's the thing, they apologized. I remember one night my friend told me she hated me, I don't remember the specifics of what was going on but I didn't exactly do anything to warrant that. I think my friend (her boyfriend) and I were taking a really long time fixing a car and she really wanted him home. I didn't respond, because I knew that it wasn't real. An hour or so later she apologized to me profusely. She didn't blame it on anything. She didn't blame it on what she's been through. She just said she was sorry. And that was enough. Just an apology was enough. It's really fucked that some people with issues or mental disorders decide to use it as an excuse, instead of recognizing in the moment that it is said issue that is making them act the way they are and doing something to change it.

I have obsessive compulsive disorder and it's unpleasant. At a young age I had the whole "ritual" thing drove out of my head because I was made aware that what I was doing was wrong. I still have symptoms, like the violent daydreams and stuff like that. But I've never used it as an excuse for being shitty. And I have been shitty, sure. Everybody has. But fuck all if I'm gonna blame it on a condition I have instead of owning that shit and apologizing.

No. 214348


I agree with most of what you are saying but Angel is pretty much worse in terms of attention seeking with every other Tweet or Tumblr post basically boiling down to "my life is a black abyss help me".

They're all acting like retarded girls

No. 214356

That's just females in general, especially if they have people willing to listen. They're all trying to get more people to be on their side. And I agree with the previous post about not using a "hard life" as an excuse. Most people have had some sort of hardship, but that doesn't give you an excuse to act shitty. I think what pissed me off the most after the whole Ziegs incident was Cheyenne basically trying to say that having Bipolar Disorder was her excuse. I have an uncle with that and yes, he goes fucking nuts sometimes and has even gone to jail, but that does not excuse anything. Get medication/therapy if you have a serious problem and try to better yourself because a shitty life does not have to translate to a shitty personality. All the people involved are grown adults that should know better.

No. 214363

It should have ended with the Ziegs thing. Cheyenne should have been out the fucking door. Instead it got brushed under the rug because people would sooner believe Cry than Ziegs. None of this highschool level bullshit would ever have happened if Cry would have just ended it.

Cheyenne is the real problem and Cry has let it go too long to be a victim himself anymore. The blame belongs to them.

No. 214372

I definitely believe that Cheyenne is the core problem and the whole crew would be relatively drama free if she wasn't there, but I feel like Cry is afraid of leaving her. We talked about this earlier and it seems like most of us think she's sort of blackmailing him. Between what Coyotemation has said and other things, it just seems logical. Whether it's the cheating thing or exposing his face (which I really believe/hope she wouldn't do that), he seems not to want to stand up to her in any way

No. 214377

I think its a mixture of the cheating thing and exposing his face / personal info. With how he acts I'm pretty damn sure he only tolerates her at this point.

No. 214378

Oh I'm sure she definitely has threatened to do shit like that if he ever broke up with her. If that is the case I still think it's fucked up that he values his privacy over his friends and their general quality of life. If his face got out there, he'd get over it, as would everyone else in a week. And if Cheyenne did that? There would be no coming back from that. Most of the community respects his privacy and doesn't give a shit. It's just the occasional teen girl in chat going "OMG I WONDER WUT HE LOOKS LIKE!!!11! XD" that is more noticeable than the people that don't give a flying fuck.

Maybe that's just me, but fuck I would be willing to sacrifice my own comfort for the sake of my friends.

No. 214382

I want to see someone or several people ask Cry if Cheyenne is blackmailing him during one of their livestreams. At this point, I don't care if their group breaks apart, it would be healthier for everyone.

No. 214385

Honestly, does he think he can keep up this relationship forever? If he just broke up with her now and she did expose his face, it would be a thing for a little while and then it would die down. Snake showing his face was a big surprise and there are still occasionally people that are "OMG Snake is black?!", but it's fine. Of course, Cry has a much larger fan base and it would probably be a bigger impact, but it would eventually die down. I don't think he's thought about the fact that he and Cheyenne have visited each other and we know what she looks like. If his fan base continues to grow, someone is bound to recognize her and consequently him because they always announce when one or the other is visiting. And if it's the cheating thing, there are plenty of people that have cheated and we don't really care. With how most of us feel about Cheyenne, we'd probably commend him for staying faithful for any amount of time. I don't think he's thinking everything out completely.

No. 214391

Cry mentioned on a LNC stream once that people have messaged him before about him "being in a abusive relationship" before and Cheyenne was like "What the fuck?" I think it was the same stream where Cry said no to visiting Cheyenne too.

No. 214392

We need someone like Randall to drop a shitload of bits and ask him that. That way, he can't ignore it.

No. 214396

Who the Fuck is Randall lmao

No. 214397

No. 214398

Yeah, I don't know. He isn't thinking it through at all. If he is so damn sure that she'd do that, then just do it before her. If he cheated, admit it. Then just fucking post a picture of himself. If he took control and just threw it all out there, there isn't shit she could do to him. Unfortunately she could easily post his address which would be fucked and it wouldn't surprise me if a retarded fan or two decided to show up at his door. But you know, he could easily move. I am sure he makes enough money to where that wouldn't be a huge issue. Then it's over. He would take his life back and everything would be so much fucking better.

Some rich (more than likely) guy that gives a shit ton of bits.

No. 214399

skimmed that and immediately heard chey. gross.

No. 214400

Could it be possible that she's holding the classic "I'm mentally ill so if you leave me who knows WHAT I'll do!" card over him, and that's why he won't leave?

No. 214401

easily, since she uses her bpd as her excuse for everything

No. 214403

Oh yeah and man do I hope he was smart enough to keep logs of that shit because that my friends is what restraining orders are for.

No. 214406

I think the blackmail is more likely, but that's possible. Like someone else said, she uses it as an excuse for everything so why not use it to keep her personal cash cow?

No. 214421

File: 1481773248080.png (2 KB, 167x33, aszdfxcgvhbnjkl.PNG)

Guys, what if it's the age thing? Like, she's always been cryptic about her age when they started dating and even on her tumblr, this is what it says. Maybe she has proof of him dating her when she wasn't actually legal and maybe he's afraid of getting in trouble? Just throwing out ideas at this point.

No. 214422

that makes sense with what the mod said last night about one of his freinds getting attacked by cheyene, even though she was underage

No. 214426

That's what made me think of it. That's definitely something that he would be afraid of and it would explain why Cheyenne is afraid of literally any girl no matter the age.

No. 214432

I didn't really think of that, but it's possible I guess. I don't really care either way, but it could definitely be a reason for him to worry, especially if Cheyenne has any sort of evidence.

No. 214434

I would be surprised if she didn't have a personal file called, "How to ruin Cry's life".

No. 214440

I've seen Randall show his disdain for Cheyenne in YouTube comments before btw

No. 214441

Disdain wasn't what I wanted to say but he has shown his dislike for her lmao

No. 214446

so, whos gonna spend the bits and ask why hes letting himself be abused?

No. 214453

you'd either have to be really stupid to think he'd answer via stream lmfao

No. 214454

or brave*

No. 214456

i know he wouldnt, but seeing their reaction to it might almost be worth it

No. 214459

I would honestly love to see their reactions so badly, but it would probably just be Cheyenne yelling/bitching and Cry trying to give some half-assed excuse. Still though, someone please do it

No. 214460

Let's not, I feel like that'd just lead to more trouble for more than just Cry and more so the rest of the crew.

No. 214462

File: 1481778175628.png (10.08 KB, 615x141, 1469314123414.png)

Okay, a bit off topic but I had to post this. My first reaction was, "damn, we can't get lucky enough for you to leave again?" I just feel like it would be better for everyone in the long run, even Cheyenne

No. 214463

Speculation, but I wonder if Cheyenne even told Cry her actual age to begin with?

No. 214465

He's either the stupidest motherfucker on this earth or she straight up said "If you don't want such and such out, then you take me back right now. Cunt."

No. 214466

Actually sounds like something she would say lmao. I'm willing to bet that's how it went

No. 214468

Does anyone have the screenshot of him kissing her ass in some skype log from her tumblr?

No. 214471

File: 1481779111840.png (65.32 KB, 558x440, skype.PNG)

This one? >>214468

No. 214472

File: 1481779158296.jpg (100.13 KB, 502x945, My8wDAE.jpg)

all of these questions on her blog are amusing to me

No. 214473

yeah hahah, do you have the timestamp for the post by chance? I'm wondering if it lines up with when she was posting all the cheating stuff on tumblr.

No. 214474

Okay, she obviously knows how much Cry hates people calling him by his real name, but if you look on her tumblr she literally has things tagged as "me and ry". It's not a typo because its on multiple different pictures. It just seems rude and hypocritical.
Speaking of hypocritical, look at the second one lol. "If anyone tries to pull this bs abuse on you, don't stand for it. Delete that person from your life." Holy shit, she literally says things so much worse to Cry and the others. Guess she needs to delete herself from their lives.

No. 214477

she's said before that he's fine with HER using it, but not people he doesn't know. which means he probably doesn't like it plastered on her blog, but eh.

No. 214478

It wouldn't surprise me if they lined up. He mentioned wanting to make things up to her and I personally have never dated a guy that would just send me things like that out of the blue unless he knew he fucked up. Also, it mentioned her being gone. It could've been after she left him one of those times mentioned in the earlier post. Her leaving could've been because of cheating but who knows

No. 214480

File: 1481779963725.png (3.13 KB, 165x96, QbErouz.png)

speaking of it lining up, check this out.

No. 214486

I really feel like 70-80% sure he cheated and now she's going to make him pay for it for the rest of his life (if they stay together). It could also be the underage thing, but the cheating seems realistic and honestly I wouldn't blame him. I just hope he finds a way out before he loses all of his friends and she finds some magical evidence that could ruin him (even though it seems like he thinks that she already has something like that).

No. 214487

All it said was that it was posted a year ago, so I don't know if that helps.

>>214480 She means she already answered that question. I searched it since there's an answer for it.

Cry has always never said what city he's lived in, yet if you look at her twitter pictures, she posted what airport she was at including the city name. It's hilarious.

No. 214555

File: 1481795513161.jpg (102.41 KB, 557x185, 3586423.jpg)

Starting to look like they may have come forward.

No. 214569

I'm going to blame that one on the stupid anon that sent Sage that message.

No. 214576


Not the most uncalled for reaction if people are actually being vigilante dickbags and threatening her, regardless of what she did/didn't do.

No. 214595

I think this could've been avoided if one of the anons didn't act like a edge lord and literally threaten her.

No. 214596

Our jobs aren't suppose to be interfering with the flow of how things are going, but to observe and discuss it. This is for the newer people that do not understand that.

No. 214606

I doubt one message made her delete it

She probably got more she never mentioned/answered, or she's laying it on thick to seem like she got ~soooo harassed~

No. 214610

I don't know why you would delete ALL your accounts. If there were anons sending her messages from here, like
said, we just watch. We aren't vigilantes.

Who knows, though. Maybe she found out they have a bunch of stuff proving her actions so she just got rid of everything.

No. 214611


I'm pretty sure it's in the website rules.. to not go cow tipping

No. 214613


how many accounts did she have? tumblr deleted, twitter kept, did she delete instagram or something?

No. 214615

Actually her tumblr is back. Looks like she did get more anon messages, but honestly… Just turn off anon then. Her Instagram is there. Her twitch is gone though?
So as of right now it just looks like she took down her twitch unless you can rename that too.

No. 214635

Angel shows up in chat all the time. From what I've heard all 3 of the girls were kicked for causing too much drama. I don't think any of them are innocent.

No. 214638

File: 1481815454795.jpg (350.51 KB, 1430x1153, tmp_3469-Screenshot_20161215-1…)

"Fix your rat teeth", daaamnnnn, I'm not a fan of sending things like this. Doesn't actually make you sound like an intelligent person.

No. 214639

If people are really digging into her private life like she said in her tweet, I can't really blame her for panicking. For all we know someone could have dug up her address or something in some of these "threats" she's mentioned.

Either that or she's full of shit.

No. 214643


Yeah it hurts but damn just turn off anon or get that fake anon box code so that if there IS someone with an account sending her hate it'll expose them. There's a reason there are methods to counteract that sort of abuse.

No. 214648

They may not all be innocent, true, but Angel hasn't been in chat for a long while. At least not Cry's.

No. 214651

I saw her in the LNC chat like two weeks ago.

No. 214668

…So it seems that she just took my post >>214073
rephrased it and sent it to herself to look like a victim. Nice.

No. 214674

And here is a reply to >>214073 which was clearly NOT posted by a farmer >>214075
Someone got offended, I wonder why.

Just another trick she tries to use to clear her name and present herself as a victim, nothing new. She still sucks at it though, because all those >>214638 look like they have been sent by the same person.

No. 214677

Oh and also I decided to look through the thread to see how many "ya'll"s we have here, just because I'm not a native english speaker and I've never seen this one a lot before, so it felt a bit weird that I've seen it before in the same thread…
But anyway…


No. 214678

I still think if Sage or Scott knew about here, we'd either hear him bitching all over twitter or we'd be seeing a lot more white knights defending them.

My guess is someone decided to play vigilante.

No. 214680

I like this anon's version more >>214053
Too many proofs of rat girl being here by herself for me.
Although my theory of it being only Sage seems to be wrong, I think there is at least one more person defending her.

No. 214686

Haha holy shit some of you guys reach so hard its hilarious and i dont even like the cunt

No. 214690

I don't doubt that Sagepoo was here and that she sent herself those asks. We don't have to act like vigilantes for the milk, she's milky just by being here to defend herself. Let the cow do her thing.

Before I forget, hi rat teeth!

No. 214691

She likely victimizes herself in every situation she's given, like world is out to get her. And those anon posts don't seem like they're enough to push over the edge. How is that part of her personal life? She's just being a baby for no reason

No. 214695

It triggers me so hard that the second someone comes here to defend the cow it's automatically Chey or Sage.

Please, there are a lot of people on this planet and not everyone is going to agree with you.

No. 214703

Whatever you say Cheyenne

No. 214711

Does anyone else here feel that all of the involved are huge fucking crybabies?

Like they all expend so much energy feeling sorry for themselves etc.

I'm loving reading this drama but how the fuck can they care for this long? Like shit. How long can some ouchie words hurt your feefees for? These people are all legal adults, right….?

No. 214718

I lol'd

No. 214720

I could just pretend to be someone from Late Night and some of you would actually believe me.

evil thought occurs

No. 214722

hey it's me cry ask me anything

No. 214727

For a second I almost fell for it because he answers his emails this simply.

No. 214728

File: 1481832710047.jpg (155.52 KB, 500x389, tumblr_inline_nijc18WdsP1rvoh2…)

No. 214736

This is Scott and you can all go suck my balls.

No. 214739

Ahaha you just outed yourself sage

No. 214821


Pretty obvious they were just trolling the post above them. I'm pretty sure no one actually involved gives a fuck about what we do here

No. 215021

It's gotten quiet since Scott and Cry announced they were here ;)

No. 215024

File: 1481884566691.png (33.89 KB, 750x258, IMG_0340.PNG)

Lul. Funny how she stopped streaming again when it isn't her birthday week anymore.

No. 215026

When did they say that?

But if so:
Hi Cry, at the very least some of us here are genuinely worried about you. Know that help is always there and all you need to do is reach out, ok?

No. 215027

They are talking about their pathethic attempt at trolling us, which almost everyone ignored

No. 215036

I haven't been this excited for a meltdown or shit hitting the fan since Venus escaped from Margo. Cry is now my Venus.

No. 215077

Why don't we have a nice tumblr for Chey with all our findings put together? I found one about Immortalhd's girlfriend which is very neatly made. This thread is relatively hidden, so if you really want things to change, maybe take it somewhere more public.

I don't know if links work here, but here is it anyway.


If it doesn't work you can just google "getvindictive real name" and click the second link.

No. 215091

Why would we need that when have this already? It would just make it public. Would that count in a way of cow tipping? Did you not read the whole thing with just observing???

No. 215092


No. 215118

If it was a private tumblr it might work, but i think just using a pastebin or the like for compiling evidence would be easier.

No. 215141

That's true, but how do we trust everyone with the password? There's a possibility we'll have a rat.

No. 215152

I say with the posts that have been on here that's pretty much a guarantee.

No. 215154

That wasn't all one anon, I was the fake cry. It was a dumb joke lol.

Sage for OT but I was going through that persons tumblr and it gives me a good laugh seeing people get offended enough at Cow Chop that they stop watching. Is there a CC thread? I might make one if not. Funnily enough I actually discovered them via lolcow (someone posted a vid of their's in the Momokun thread).

I second the Pastebin thing.

No. 215214

Private account w pass to even look at it, that way only we can see it? And onr of the submission boxes to add new info.

No. 215704

You guys need lives. Go read a book or be helpful to someone

No. 215705

And yeah Cry has seen this

No. 215707

OMG I just saw the evidence. I know who did it!

No. 215708

It was Professor Plum and he used a candlestick

No. 215709

You know this, how?

No. 215728


No. 215741

I think they're joking

No. 215743

I bet this is DanielBPC.

No. 215757

Why would it be him?

No. 215761

cause hes a kiss ass. also, his spelling/grammar would've been much worse.

No. 215842

how do you know him?

No. 215843

Hey Cheyenne and Sage are both sad right now, does that mean Angel and Mash are the bad guys? I don't really think so. I personally think they're trying to buy sympathy from the people. Just like Cheyenne tried to use depression as a excuse to push the Ziegs thing aside. And to be perfectly honest, we need to step it up if that ever happens again.

No. 215859


We are helping someone, Mash and Angel.

No. 215860


We are helping someone, Mash and Angel.

No. 215896


We are helping someone, Mash and Angel.

No. 215926

The opposite can be easily said as well. All parties haven't shut the hell up about how sad they are for months now. Except for maybe Mashtar.

No. 215948

In my opinion, there's a lot of proof that Cheyenne and Sage are not good people.
And yeah, Angel has just been sad. But, that's all that's been on her side. That's she's super sad.
I don't blame her for being sad if she was bullied, which it looks like she was.
You seem like one of those people that told Ziegs it was her fault for not stepping forward sooner, or going and facing Cheyenne about it.

No. 215955


I get Cheyenne but until we find out what happened with D&D we're not gonna know who started shit between those three. All I've seen here is one person claiming Sage was a bitch on D&D when I watched pretty much every session and she was just completely quiet almost every time. Honestly she was boring as shit but where did she actually bully people?

No. 215963


They probably don't even know about this and we've done pretty much nothing constructive other than apparently send threats to a girl anonymously. We're true heroes.

No. 215970

I was saying us as a community SHOUDLVE stepped up.

No. 215973

Apparently Sage has her twitch again lol.

No. 215974

Honestly I didn't think Sage was apart of it until she started posting about "shitters on the internet" literally minutes after Angel tried to discreetly explain what happened to her. Plus I've seen her start drama before, so it just kinda adds up. But at least we can all agree that Cheyenne IS the main issue.

No. 215979

She has everything again. It was just to get sympathy. I'm not even sure if anyone from her sent her those messages, other than the first one. The 3 really simple ones I think she sent herself, especially when that one anon said that their message about rat teeth was rephrased and sent.
I'm not sure. I do agree we should wait until someone comes out with what happened at D&D, but with what has been seen so far, and us already knowing that Cheyenne is NOT an innocent person, that things are starting to add up a bit.

No. 215993


Is there really that much a difference between someone calling someone "a horrible person" and calling someone "a shitter on the internet?" They're both shit talking each other, why is one of them being completely ignored because she used more mature language?

No. 215995

Yes, there is a difference. Especially with context.

No. 215997


I feel like calling someone a little shit is way less severe than straight "horrible person." Regardless, none of them are innocent and the bias is retarded here because everyone hates Cheyenne and because they played WoW for a week together months ago or some shit she's evil too now. Why is no one actually trying to find out what happened before they pick a side

No. 215999

File: 1482001325667.jpg (35.67 KB, 480x480, 13556740_239454366447599_16729…)

I can't believe how pussy whipped Cry is for this bitch. I could understand if she had a good personality to make up for her looks, but she doesn't. She is ugly inside and out.

No. 216003

Okay, how do we find out what happened in D&D, then?

No. 216007


I don't know, but that's what we should actually be focusing our energy on

No. 216008


Watching past D&D sessions, listening if anyone is a bitch, cross-referencing it with social media posts and finding what started it and when.

No. 216010

Honestly, they were all quiet on d&d, and the only kinda fight was the last episode that Cry uploaded, and that seemed to be Mash and Sage.

I think it was all behind the scenes.

No. 216011


How was the one person claiming Sage was being a bitch then, unless it was Angel or Mash posting it? There is zero way to know that if it was behind the scenes.

No. 216013

I have no idea, unless maybe.. They talk to people? Like normal people? And have friends and vent their problems and concerns?
Everything seems convoluted as fuck and maybe we should just go back to the obvious villain, Cheyenne.

No. 216014


Doesn't that just pretty much confirm a huge bias though? Anyway I agree with your last part though, this is going nowhere.

No. 216029

Her hair looks like a dried out fur rug that's been next to an open fire.

No. 216037

Looks like she over processes the shit of our it and doesn't take care of it.

No. 216061

So, Sage got anon hate on Tumblr. However, there's a time-honored tradition of sending yourself "anon hate" there and she's apparently a sneaky cunt (contrasted to Chey who is straight-forward nasty cunt). How likely is it that she send hate to herself? Was she just getting into negative spotlight and therefore in need of more support and sympathy?

No. 216068

That's what i'm thinking, I know someone that knew Sage a bit more personally but I don't know if they're willing to spill the beans. They don't know about this thread yet.

No. 216075

I was the only one who called her teeth "rat teeth" before she posted those messages and I didn't send those.
Her teeth don't even look like rat teeth (also rats are cute, she's not), but I can't think of another animal they remind me of lol. The most important part here is that HER TEETH ARE UGLY AS HELL.

She looks exactly like a sneaky cunt and a coward btw, which in my book is way worse than a "straight-forward nasty cunt".

No. 216097


Deleting posts after you realize they're unnecessarily mean makes you a sneaky cunt instead of someone who was pissed off and regretted what they said, got it.


Dude you gotta be Angel lol, you have such a personal hatred for her its borderline weird

No. 216104

It's time to stop, Sage. Please.

No. 216106

Oh forget it I'm done posting here. Some of you are bigger bullies than the girls you're shitting on, its pathetic. Not every farmer is fucking Sage you lunatic, god forbid someone disagree with you.

No. 216107


No. 216109

Not every farmer is Angel lol.

No. 216112

What personal hatred?

Listen to that anon pls >>216104

No. 216115


Should probably stop replying to yourself.

No. 216117

What are you talking about? Are you ok there Sage?

No. 216118


Idk this sure seems like you're personally pissed off about the situation to me :^)

No. 216119

Nobody likes mean sneaky cunts with rat teeth, deal with it.

No. 216120


I've been better Angel. I'd ask how you've been but you let everyone know how sad you are every 40 seconds.

No. 216123

Do you really think that Angel is here? Why are you trying to bully her even on an anonymous imageboard? Are you that stupid?

No. 216125


Thank you for proving my point. You've been fun to make an idiot out of. Alright now I'm gone. Hopefully people will actually try to get to the bottom of things here instead of whatever sad shit is going on now.

No. 216129

Ah, you're that pathetic anon who tries to "troll" here. Okay then, good luck to you! Hope you'll get better at trolling and provoking people soon.

No. 216133

How about we all cool it on the dumb fucking impersonations going on. They clearly dont know about the forum considering it doesnt come up until like the 6th page of google and none of them have mentioned it publically.

No. 216137

But anon, it's fun. Might as well enjoy the chaos for a bit until we get some delicious milk.
And judging by those messages Sage posted, she does know about us.

No. 216141

I really /really/ doubt she actually knows.

No. 216142


oh look not stopping dumb fucking impersonations

No. 216145

What are you talking about, Sage?

No. 216146

Cute to see you jacking yourself off, anon. Cross dressing as a woman just doesn't cut it anymore, huh?

No. 216147

No. 216148

Eh, I'm sure you can come up with something better than this one.
This is fun, but we're getting a bit too far away from the thread theme, so let's just stick to bitching about Chey, Sage and everyone else, okay Sage?

No. 216151

I could've, but it worked. And agreed, back to hating Cheyenne.

No. 216157

It was kinda "meh" to me though, sorry lol

But yeah, back to hating Chey AND Sage

No. 216163

I feel like Sage isn't the victim based on her association with Cheyenne, and the fact that Cheyenne deliberately forces people away. Mash/Angel might not be innocent, sure, but i dont think theyre the main culprits here.

No. 216167


Why do you try to turn every single post into shitting on Sage? Not saying shes innocent whatsoever but literally every single thing you say tries to redirect everything back to her like she killed your family.

No. 216172

File: 1482020727701.png (101.41 KB, 759x426, 0c7e4dab844f16fc7492ced57159f3…)

Angel just tweeted

img from http://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1speslu

No. 216173


I really don't like all those attempts to kill this subject.
Also apparently I'm causing some major butthurts by mentioning her, which is nice!

And I'm not even shitting on her, I just mention her A LOT, but it gets the same results as shitting lol.

No. 216186


I fucking KNEW it. I had a feeling Sage both raped and killed Angel's family five Christmas's ago, and the fact that she's sad because of the Holidays only cements this fact.

Rly though that sucks, I also have friends with shithead families that make this time of the year fucking miserable.

No. 216190

So are we sure she didn't lose somebody close to her or something? It seems way bigger and worse than some bullying or something.

No. 216194

It's probably a combo of things, but I saw from Tumblr that her dad died last year. I remember seeing her reblog a thing she wrote about it on Father's Day.

No. 216197

Oh shit, that's bad.
If he died around this time last year then I can completely understand her depression and everything, especially if someone said anything mean when she tried to share her feelings or something.

No. 216262

I find it hilarious that both Cheyenne and Suzy have similar hair. Birds of a feather.

No. 216378

They've played WoW together a few times. How else are they even associated with each other? I haven't seen anything outside of that.

No. 216387

Angel's dad recently passed away, no family left.

No. 216391

cry, your girlfriend… WOOF

No. 216402

Remember when this thread was more productive?

No. 216404

Yeah, it's sad. But I believe it will get productive again once something happens.

Also Cheyenne seems to not be on Late Night so go enjoy while you can!

No. 216483

Probably just laying lower since the whole TGIFG I assume?

No. 216504

How much you wanna bet someone said something horrible to Angel about her dad being dead and/or her having no family left?

No. 216546

chey is hideous oh my god
how awful must cry look if that's the best he can do?

No. 216628

I don't think people would resort to that low, that'd be too personal and involving people outside the crew. If it got that bad I think the crew members would actually leave that toxicity.

No. 216632

Can we really say that Chey (for example) would never do something like that though?

No. 216637

Seeing as how the granny told someone to shut the fuck up cause no one cares about them, nah I wouldn't put it past her.

No. 216647

She would tell Zeigs to kill her pets if they were being noisy. It would be different if they had been close and it was a joke, but that wasn't the case with Cheyenne. She has no limits and I don't doubt she said something awful to Angel and was like "oh my god just take a joke!"

No. 216652

And as we don't know anything about Sage, we can't really say that she won't do it either, right?
Honestly thats exactly what I'd expect from someone with BPD, and if I'm right and they really did say or do something that horrible, then I don't think that Angel is being too dramatic, losing parents suck, and people being complete assholes about it suck even more.

No. 216663


Seriously about Sage, that's some scary logic you're treading on. You're saying "We don't know anything about this person, so let's assume she did the worst possible thing imaginable because we…don't know anything about her. Come on now.

No. 216673

We don't know she did anything like that, and it's unfair to assume she went that far. It is pretty obvious she took part in bullying, though. Just to what extent, who knows.

No. 216676

I'm not saying she did it, but if she is as vile as Chey is, then she could have.
I hope she's not though.

No. 216696


I'm pretty sure its as simple as two girls being catty to each other. People like to overthink shit a LOT here.

I don't even think either of them care about the other anymore and Angel seems sad solely due to family reasons, which is obviously fair.

No. 216697

To be fair we don't have any proof of her bullying people either. We're kind of really grasping at straws here. And from what I've heard the Mashtar/Angel camp were bullying people too. Let's just stick to the evidence and quit theory crafting. It's stupid.

No. 216714

From what is on here, I'd say it's clear Sage had bullied people. Do you have screenshots of something that looks like Angel/Mash are guilty too? I haven't seen anything except what seems to be a single anon saying they did.

I agree, there is a ton of speculation and overthinking, but that one post from Angel that says she can't talk about what happened but it still hurts her says there's more to it than just family things.

I think it's really weird that whenever Sage is brought up, there seems to be someone who tries to completely shut the discussion down.

No. 216717

I'm so happy I'm not the only one who thinks its suspicious as hell

No. 216744


my question is why people keep bringing her up to begin with. nothing new has happened, we're just circlejerking on old shit

No. 216745


Can you link me actual bullying shit? All I've seen is her calling someone a shitter here.

No. 216979


We don't need proof.

No. 217491

Its kind of shitty to jump the gun and call her a cunt with no real proof. All we have is her association w Chey and passive aggressive tweets.

No. 217507

Not really but okay, sure.

No. 217521

What other proof is there? I never said she was innocent but I havent really seen anything?

No. 217530

If you took each individual thing that's been on here from Sage, Angel and Mash and said "this doesn't prove anything," I would agree with you. If you look at everything as a whole, I believe it does. That's just me though. Constantly, it's been argued that this -one- thing doesn't mean anything, and ok, it doesn't. Everything together does though.

We're arguing in circles, though, and it's pretty boring.

No. 217544

Im not trying to argue at all, it just seems like this is all overspeculation at best.

No. 217572

Everything can be argued as speculation. It's the conclusions you make with the information you're presented with. If you don't want to think that Cheyenne or Sage bullied people, don't.
No one cares and we're not here to convince you, anon who suspiciously protects Sage at every opportunity. We observe, share, and come to our own conclusions.

No. 217584

Has cheyenne posted anything anywhere as of late? All I've seen in weeks is the Snapchat someone posted here

No. 217591


What kind of fucked up place is this where defending a person that has pretty much no evidence against them is "suspicious?" Not even the person you're responding to though I can't wait for you to say I am.

No. 217592


Its not a problem until some cringeworthy vigilante starts sending death threats.

No. 217596

Im not the anon that was defending her viciously, either. I just suggested that we should tone it down since we have nothing REAL against her.

No. 217598

As far as I can see, it has been "toned down." so who cares? She's obviously a bitch, maybe stop bringing her up if you don't want her brought up so much?
There's plenty of evidence on here. I'm not going to hold your hand and walk you through it all.

She has seemed to be missing again. Nothing on twitter, hasn't been on LNC in a while (except for a couple games maybe.) Maybe we're nearing the end of her reign of terror.

No. 217602

All thats been shown or mentioned is the DND incident where her and Angel both left simultaneously, the passive aggressive tweets, and her friendship with Cheyenne. Thats nothing that warrants her getting DEATH THREATS.

No. 217605

1 person may have allegedly said "kill yourself." You're being dramatic. I'm not even sure she didn't send those to herself, considering one on there was the rat teeth one, and the anon from here that had said she has rat teeth said they didn't send it.

The only message I believe she actually got was the anon that said they would release logs and screenshots.

She CAN just turn off anon. It just seemed like she wanted to prove a point with saying that Mash and Angel have a bunch of fans they can sick on her.

No. 217649

That Snapchat was from when she visited Cry like a year or so ago. But as the other anon said, there's been nothing really.

No. 217668

Whatever happened to Minx?

No. 217673

I don't really know but she's a lesbian so Cheyenne shouldn't have felt threatened enough to drive her away, unless she realized that everyone liked her more as the girl in the group

No. 217678

I think she just.. does her own stuff, lol

No. 217679

And she's married to Krism.

No. 217689

No. 217919

I was laughing so hard when I saw someone asked whether chey threaten cry or not in the chat during his latest FF stream xD

No. 217955

I asked him three times if Chey was blackmailing him, before I had to go, but it's kinda hard to predict when he's looking at chat since he doesn't have a cam.

No. 218019

I bet he saw them, there's just no way he'd respond.

No. 218020


I never saw the proposal, that's for this anon

No. 218178

No problem!

No. 218210

Too bad we can't ask him to "blink three times" or something

No. 218229

I think his latest tweet could be about the walking dead

No. 218230

Its like marina joyce all over

No. 218264

With Russ' response, I don't think so. I think it's a personal thing.

No. 218685

I tried talking to my friend that used to be friends with Sage but he wouldn't spill the beans.

No. 218704

how do you know they're actually her friend?

No. 218708

This is slightly off topic to what's being discussed at the moment but I just found the last thread (and this one) this past week and have been reading it and thought this might be the best place to express something that's been bothering me for a long time about Cry. I'll ask first though - does anyone know about what happened with him and a Youtuber called Morfar back in 2013?

No. 218727

All I know is that Morfar was just some crazy guy who hung around, i think he faked his death or something

No. 218737

That's definitely possible, I'm not 100% sure how sane the guy was/is, reason why it bothered me is because Cry accused the guy of something without a lick of evidence and then basically willed his fans to bully the guy, and after he died (whether real or not), he just laughed about it. Laughing and mocking a death or supposed death has never sit well with me. So that was already weighing on me and Cheyenne as well as his response to Ziegs were the nails in the coffin.

No. 218755

Well they streamed together before back some time before she started dating.

No. 218772

Didn't Morfar like scam a bunch of people out of money? Like he said he would give all the money he got from donations to a certain charity but kept it all to himself. And I didn't even hear that from Cry.

No. 218832

I'm honestly not sure whether or not that was true, I looked so heavily into it and couldn't find a shred of evidence against him aside from Cry just throwing an accusation. I was skeptical of both sides so I looked into it but honestly, I never found anything proving he did scam people. Maybe I missed something and please tell me if I did, but at the moment I'm inclined to think people were just theorizing something without giving solid proof.

While I don't condone what he did if it is true, I'm not happy with what Cry did either. Regardless of what he's done, Cry basically sending his fans to bully this guy with a passive aggressive tweet and then a hashtag "#FuckMorfar" just comes off as vindictive and cowardly to me. And then months later, he jokes about the guy's death without even making it clear he thought the death was fake. He just said something about the guy being dead during a stream, and started laughing really hard.

It just didn't sit well with me at all.

No. 218871

Ancient history being excavated, my god.

No. 218873

Oh no I meant I looked into it back when it was actually happening. I haven't really thought about it for a while but Cheyenne creating issues with Ziegs last year and now Angel and the way Cry "responds" to it just made me think of it again.

No. 219868

Is there a Molly here that tried to contact me? If so, try again.

No. 219882


Also kinda off-topic, but I remember in his Life is Strange playthrough he was talking to a character who was about to jump and told them "suicide is a sin". Made me wince because of all the choices he picked the worst thing to say to someone in the middle of committing suicide and the character died. Normally whatever, it's a game, but given his attitude towards Zeigs and other stuff I'm inclined to say it's a reflection of his character.

No. 219900

Is this Tumblr

No. 219966

It's the more rational and tamed tumblr.

No. 219976

Jeez, that's probably around the time I stopped watching then because I definitely didn't see that. I don't think he's as nightmarish as Cheyenne, but he's definitely said things that make me more inclined to agree with the people here that say he ain't super innocent either.

Tumblr would attack you for saying that, so nah lol :P

No. 220247

We shouldn't let his choices in video games validate what he'd really say in real life.

No. 220258

They can reflect a bit of how someone is. Cry isnt charming nor is he innocent.

No. 220259

While I do think it should be taken with a grain of salt because ya know, video games, I do think it has some weight to it as they are still moral choices. I'm sure he wouldn't be quite so harsh IRL but making that type of choice doesn't exactly make him look too great either.

No. 220316


have you ever been outside? people are pretty divided on topics like suicide, abortion, religion, etc. Even if he was serious (he wasn't, he was just trying to make a boring playthrough funny) that's just his opinion on that. you act as if he got caught saying a really racist thing or something, but lots of people IRL actually believe in what he said.

No. 220317

I'm pretty sure he said that because the girl in the game, Kate, was religious and that could've made her rethink things. It's not like he was using his own opinion.

No. 220340

Yeah he was saying it in context of Kate's beliefs. He was trying to figure out what Kate would want to hear so he said "suicide is a sin". (Which was also very obviously the wrong thing to say in that moment of the game. He's an idiot.) He wasn't necessarily stating his own beliefs.

No. 220402

I seriously can't believe you guys are trying to compare real life choices to video games. stop.

No. 220408

File: 1482499869982.png (15.17 KB, 572x113, 0a7108a0ad769ecf25799cf26423fa…)

His recent tweet is hilariously relevant

No. 220438


Yeah this is why I asked if this place was Tumblr. Sure as shit seems like it with all the SJW level of over-analyzing.

No. 220440

Most of these comments are made by non-regulars on winter break.

No. 220455

Nah Cry, people lost their respect for you for different reasons.

No. 220461

Absolutely, but we're talking about the current topic of people judging him via video games lol.

No. 220526


Yeah and people will judge you more when they don't respect you.

No. 220576

The fictional shit doesn't matter, but it's not shocking people would over-analyze that given what's happened, don't you think? I used to love him and his videos but the nonsense with Ziegs last year and how he blatantly tries to hide things from his fans is what made me think way less of him.

No. 220580

SJWs would be complaining about every little thing that's being said here though.

No. 220620



No. 220621

I feel like there's enough to be upset about without equating his video game decisions to real life ones.
Though he sucks at real ones, bringing up his video game ones just makes us look stupid.

No. 220622

A B S O L U T E L Y.

It's just over-analyzing and not concrete evidence to anything.

We're going to lose actual people who want to provide info and make em leave.

No. 220632

Then just drop it about the video games. The person who brought up Morfar had a point, even if the guy had been a dick.

No. 220981

Merry Christmas Eve! Tomorrow is the LNC Christmas stream so please keep me updated if there's any milk farmers.

No. 221020

I thought the stream was today?

No. 221021

Yeah I thought they usually did it on Christmas Eve? I haven't really been in a few years though so I dunno.

No. 221030

Considering today is Saturday anyways, I'd say it's today lol

No. 221122

Didya guys see the thing russ rted?

No. 221151

The gif? Did i miss something about it lol

No. 221208

Something about that video weird a me out, one of the lines and the context?

No. 221210

Oh, video. What specifically was weird?

No. 221215

The conversation between Cry and the girl, there was a line that flashed by…

No. 221230

It looked like it was just "delusional late night crew fan" saying they would let others know that Cry would be late and then 'cry' thanks her, and she says "no problem fam(lotsofextraletters) and runs off

No. 221240

File: 1482641305032.png (245.32 KB, 1496x131, 712d987e6dc29d254f701bedbc4ff1…)

No. 221272

What did it say? And also, is Cheyenne around tonight?

No. 221281

File: 1482643864359.png (16.61 KB, 127x83, 830f14b86bded44972a930c5423d90…)


No. 221290

She is not.

No. 221306

I miss Angel being on LNC.

Cheyenne isn't even there, I don't get why they can't just invite her. Obviously Cheyenne doesn't even care to be on anymore anyways.

No. 221315

I just think she's laying low so there's no public drama?

No. 221450

Merry Christmas / whatever holidays you bastards celebrate.

No. 221458


She was never really there to begin with, you're probably thinking of TGI Video Games (other than maybe once a month for a game or two)

No. 221459

Are you implying this is about Sage? lol

No. 221460

I miss Livestream Tonight videos, apparently from what someone told me was because Cry said they weren't getting enough views.

No. 221563

Yeah it was mostly TGI. There was a few month period where she was there every other week or so, but it was a majority TGI that she was on.

Which I don't know why they don't just invite her for that considering Cheyenne isn't even on that ever.

No. 221564

I feel like that's a stretch just because it says roo, haha. I have seen her complain in discord about not being on LNC though.

No. 221607

Should we ask him about it? His DMs are open.

No. 221608

File: 1482710750168.jpeg (116.57 KB, 750x884, image.jpeg)

No. 221628

Do it and report back lol

No. 221658

File: 1482720393315.png (13.16 KB, 689x192, interesting.png)

Deleted the account afterwards.

No. 221660

Totally FAKE LOL

No. 221682

Wait, how is it fake?

No. 221701

It could be since you could easily just change your profile picture and dm yourself. I'm too chicken too message himself lol!!!

No. 221703


He still uploads them though? They don't have schedules anymore so its always a silly video now

No. 221711

But it's not a surprise as much as before! Like you'd never know what you were getting each video, and now it's just an audio drama

No. 221716

What does he mean "wants to be" ?

No. 221741

Just speculating, but it sounds like he's saying it's a one-sided friendship. Like maybe she only uses him to vent but doesn't talk to him unless she needs something.

No. 221746

wonder what kinda spicy dirt he has on her!

No. 221749

After playing a few Telltale games, some choices are just a few words that end up turning into sentences/attitudes which are not what I had in mind at all, lmao. I hope his tween fans have some grasp of that. And some outcomes are inevitable.

No. 221751

I went on to his channel and looked up her name and last time they streamed together was in 2014 October? Was she even dating Jund at that time? Dang, he's known her for a long time.

No. 221758

Can someone explain to my friend what's going on with the screenshot?

No. 221759

Which specific one?

No. 221781


No. 221834

The one of the dm on twitter

No. 221851

Well we're still determining whether if it's fake or real. And someone already did explain that.

No. 221887


Does it even matter? Nothing was even revealed.

No. 221900

He didn't reply about the video so there leaves a bit of doubt?

No. 221911

It sounds like they're not getting along anymore, it's too bad anon didn't ask more. I'm sure he probably thinks it's weird someone asked about Sage and immediately deleted their account

No. 221914

FeelsSadMan. Someone else should ask him? I'm too shy to myself… I don't know how you other anons do it…

No. 222042


What was there to reply about? That the letters r, o, and o were used consecutively in a random garble meant for humor? Maybe Australia is in on this drama too with kangaroos.

No. 222043

I think he was making fun of Sage because she puts roo at the end of everything.

No. 222049

Lots of people do that, though. It sounds like maybe they're not getting along but it still might be a stretch considering that word was just miles long.

No. 222065

Well think of the whole idea of the video, a red headed girl is trying to get into the late night crew and she gets in. Remind you of anyone?

No. 222084

LOL good point, when put that way..

No. 222164


Oh it must be about Russ's ex girlfriend then!

No. 222178

Red was IN the LNC lol.. I don't know if that qualifies as "delusional"

No. 222412

Did anyone else message him yet??????

No. 222437

Message who?

No. 222458

I think they mean ZGUnlimited, the creator of that video he made for the LNC. About whether or not Sage was what he was suggesting for the girl in it.

No. 223190

Are you trying to bump this anon lol?

No. 223214

If i remember correctly, threads on here close after 3 days of inactivity, so I was preventing that.

No. 223222

Are you retarded? Read the rules, faggot

No. 223255

Jesus, I was the one calling him out too. Chill dude.

No. 223263

File: 1482964504380.png (16.49 KB, 568x103, Sageroo1.png)

It looks like she's trying to find another avenue to exploit her viewers for again.

No. 223265

File: 1482964560472.png (20.48 KB, 581x222, Sageroo2.png)

She did also did something similar in that fashion when she "deleted" her channel.

No. 223267

File: 1482964631845.png (111.99 KB, 839x395, Sageroo3.png)

She made this account and what's the first thing you see in her bio? A donation link to guilt people into donating. How petty.

No. 223283

They're barely her viewers. She probably got most of them by leaching off the LNC. It's not that I don't like her, but it bothers me.

No. 223355


TIL having a donation button is "guilting viewers." Guess just about every streamer on Twitch and most major charities are guilty assholes then.

No. 223359


Why are you trying so hard dude.

No. 223388

I think it's more that she had to have one immediately up in her all account. Not to mention she had a donation goal up as well.

She's crazy similar to Cheyenne, it seems. Sees viewers as cash cows.

No. 223397


Gonna put $100 on you not ever actually watching her.

No. 223404

kind of hard to watch considering how fucking dull she is.

No. 223419

Her streams are almost as bad as league of legend streams where all you hear is right clicking. She's so boring, she has someone else in the stream so it kills the dead air and she'll make a single comment every ten minutes. It's pretty fucking bad.

No. 223421

It's not trying hard because it's something she'd actually do.

No. 223422

You realize I said this because she's using sympathy of her viewers for PERSONAL gain.

No. 223437

I think Sage is actually on here. She said she "regretted checking something" while on stream and the times line up with some responses on here. She also ended her stream after saying that.

No. 223438


Oh i'm not saying they aren't, I just fail to see any begging or w/e everyone is claiming

No. 223634

No. 223691

It was so boring but I did it for you, anon.

So at about 1:30:00 she's looking at something and says that she wishes she could go back in time and tell herself to stay away from "that community" because they're evil.
Then at 1:33:40ish she says it was a bad idea to check something on stream. Bunch more silence follows and she ends it, saying she's not in the mood.

So, heeeeeyyyy girl!

No. 223711


Pretty sure she's talking about the LNC community. This isn't a community so much as it is four or five people throwing shit at each other like monkeys.

No. 223730

Okay, Sage

No. 223731

I'm sure she considers us part of the LNC community. Why would the normal LNC community be evil, she got all her viewers from there.

No. 223735


lmao right apart from the few random accusations we had going on earlier all of us have been cry fans and this place is currently the only space to be totally open about them so yeah I consider this a sort of community

regardless if it's one person posting or 100 the fact that not only people actually talk in here but we also get lurkers or new people coming from google search results means that there is demand for a place like this

and that speaks volumes about the state of the lnc in general

No. 223757

If we weren't part of the LNC community, we wouldn't really bother about complaining about someone we barely should care about right? Why are you here? Do you understand what lolcow is about? It's about speculation and how it's possible for it to be true.

No. 223758

I definitely think Sage is here and trying to defend herself, and she's making it way too obvious. There was never much arguing (we more discussed about the possibilities and moved on) until Sage was brought up. Anyone with a brain could figure that out. So it's kind of hard to remain unbiased if someone here is actually trying to changes everyone's opinion. Discussion is nice, but it seems like every time we're about to get close to something, look, someone steps in and tries to divert the conversation. Hello Sage.

No. 223774


It speaks volumes about how most of the LNC fanbase are 14 year old girls lol

No. 223776


tbh if I was Sage I wouldn't defend myself to any farmers who literally said "We don't need proof" to bully her here. Shit is pathetic. Hi its me Sage, blah blah, etc.

No. 223782

Now that guy was just dumb.

No. 223792

I mean there's proof of Sage bullying Angel, I have it, but to post it would definitely give away who I am and at the moment it's not worth it, especially if Sage is here.
But Sage knows what she's said and done, no matter how much she tries to pretend.

No. 223822


Everyone seems to know something, without ever actually saying anything, don't they.

No. 223825

Well some peoples hands are actually tied. They don't want a giant domino effect of terrible things to happen to the crew.

No. 223834

File: 1483048553593.png (37.13 KB, 744x336, jundchanged.png)

What happened to the real Jund? Now people just let him get away with being a whiny piss baby. He used to use actually use logic and reasoning when arguing. Now he just starts witchhunts because he won't get his way. Example being that reddit thing he was being upset about a month or so a go. Saw a lot of people I know talk and reply to him.

No. 223842

Everyone who wants to watch this, make sure you just download the VOD from a third party application so you don't give away your username if she hangs around in the chat. She does btw.

No. 223943


What Witchhunts? I only saw one thing about Reddit and the only thing he said was "feel free to give them shit for running their subreddit badly"

No. 224037

Even if she's here, don't let her presence stop you from posting because honestly she can't really do anything to us. What's she going to do, bully us away? Stay well farmers.

No. 224047

Very true. Who cares if she's here. It just gets annoying with the arguments of her trying to defend herself with lame comebacks.

On a side note, Cheyenne sure has been staying out of the spotlight lately.

No. 224049

It seems like every time Cheyenne is mentioned and Cry reads it, he just starts panicking for no reason. "yeah SHES JUST SLEEPING AND WONT WAKE UP AND STUFF"

No. 224053

Chey has turned into the mother in pet sematary

No. 224144

No. 224242

That instant mood change. Kinda crazy that she had to check while streaming. Couldn't even make a stream without checking something seems a bit obsessive, but from the responses we've seen on here, I guess it makes sense lol

No. 224243

God she's ugly. She looks like a very mean person to me.
And also those mood changes, people don't go from laughing to poker face then back to laughing in a second. She's so fake.

No. 224252

I actually think she's pretty, but she definitely seemed fake. And like another person said, who checks stuff on stream? It doesn't make sense, especially if it's going to cause your mood to change.

No. 224254

I don't think she's ugly, but she looked better with longer hair. Short hair makes her face look super wide. At least she didn't cake on the makeup here like in her "photoshoot" (which was such an annoying cry for attention lol)

But if she's talking about this community, then we agree. Wish she had stayed away. I'm sure so do the people she's bullied.

No. 224259

Eh, to me she wouldnt be ugly if she was a better person. Her face is kinda pretty(except her teeth, go fix that shit Sage), but her personality makes her super ugly to me.

No. 224265

I can agree, her ugly personality makes her uglier.

No. 224306

It's so gross hearing Cheyenne practically orgasm when people donate big amounts. Normally she's a cunt, but as soon as viewers have bitwars she's all "thank you so much guys!"

Money hungry bitch, disgusting.

No. 224309

Can you show us examples, I just don't want to go on her streams

No. 224317


I don't watch her streams either, it happens on Late Night. Here's the one I was watching, hope the link works.

No. 224336

Is definitely gross how into it she is, considering she doesn't deserve a cent. But in the opposite end, complaining about someone being so generous seems super ungrateful and gross. I don't know if Cry feels like he's being modest but it comes off as super rude.

No. 224345

It makes me sad that people donate thousands if dollars because they think it's going to people who deserve it, even though those people talk shit about their viewers when the stream ends or when it's break time.

That's why I hope Late Night ends. Russ and Snake will just have to go down with the ship, it's the only way they'll ever start over on their own. After all they also turn a blind eye to everything that happens, so they are part of the problem.

Late Night doesn't fucking care about their viewers.

No. 224384

He was overreacting a bit IMO and not in a good way, but most streamers I watch get pretty embarrassed and humbled when they get a large donation and usually offer to send it back lol, I think he's just shitty at expressing emotions.

No. 224395

I wouldn't say that's completely untrue, but I they do care in a way. It's kind of hard to get Cheyenne off the streams when their leader is a manchild. That'd be a favour to us all and the crew.

No. 224401

It's not that he's ungrateful, it's just that he's telling the viewer that if he has all this money, just spend it on themselves or charity. They greatly appreciate if you give them a small cut rather than THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS. Wouldn't you feel shitty if people gave you thousands of dollars for free? He originally did the bit cup as a joke for one night and realized he can't turn it off. He said that he felt scummy taking money when he's more well off than most people, yknow like how people who are big YTers/streamers still have patreons? It's one of the reasons why he never had a donation link. But hey, it feeds the rest of the crew.

No. 224537

Well still, then. Throw back to the other crew members (not Cheyenne not Cheyenne) since they don't make as much as him.
You can't control how much someone donates to you. Just be grateful. Don't be a whiny baby.

No. 224539

You know what irks me about Cheyenne? That she used Cry being sick as an excuse to make money. They had a gofundme already set up but for some reason she had people donate to her personal PayPal…. Hmmmmm

No. 224540

Everytime we get a bit closer to Sage, someone decides to change topics.

No. 224543

Thank you! I thought that was super sketchy. Why have people donate to you personally when there's an actual legitimate way to donate to Cry? You KNOW she used some of that on herself.

I kinda changed the subject this time, by mentioning that Cheyenne has been not around lately. This time wasn't Sage!
I think because she was caught checking lolcow on stream and talking about it that she may lay low a bit, lol. Then she can jump back in on how she thinks there's no actual proof of her being a terrible person when our guards are down.

No. 224549

>Late Night doesn't fucking care about their viewers.

iirc the Late Night chat was always 14 year old girl spam and cringey bs. Considering that fans get bitchy if the streamers ignore the chat & that they have chat-related going-ons, they can't exactly ignore it either. I would reach my breaking point too and talk shit about how annoying they are, and money doesn't change how fucking annoying the fanbase is.

No. 224551


Because no one ever fucking has anything, there's no topic to change from.

No. 224553

Well it's because we don't get to talk about it in greater detail. We can with Cheyenne just fine, but someone tries to divert it whenever we start working on Sage. Strange hmmmmmmmm????

No. 224573

Sure, rat girl, sure.

No. 224576

And you guys thought I was reaching when I was talking about Sage definitely being here lol

And yep, she's trying to change the topic every damn time someone mentions her

No. 224583

Its hilarious if shes throwing chey under the bus just to get herself out of the spotlight.

No. 224585

Sure, Sage.

No. 224590

She seems like the person who'd do that, especially if she thinks she won't get caught. What a venomous snake.

No. 224667


Nah Angel is much worse. I of course base this off of absolutely nothing as well.

No. 224678

Sure Sage

No. 224682

Why do you not like Angel? Explain anon and we'll give you our run down.

No. 224688


I've seen proof of her being evil. I'm not going to show you because it could like, jeopardize stuff or something.

No. 224689

Haha. No.

No. 224690

Sure, Sage

No. 224698

"She gets invited to the LNC and Scott won't invite me unless he feels like he has to"
"She laughs too much and her laugh is SO annoying"
"She's so obnoxious"
"Why do people even like her? They like her for no reason. Why not me?"
"Russ just keeps her around because he wants to bone her."
-Actual reasons Sage has given in the past, to a handful of people.

No. 224715

hand chin emoji.

No. 224746


Oh well you put it in quotes so obviously its true, case closed boys. Jfc this place is worse than Tumblr

No. 224747

Ok, Sage

No. 224748


She apparently apologized for saying anything mean to her months ago according to her Discord, as did Angel. I'm pretty sure they don't give a shit about each other anymore and the only people left caring are here.

No. 224749



No. 224750

I mean, it would help if there were sources. I don't really like taking people's words for it.

No. 224751

that's why all this happened. Because, nothing happened and they don't care.

No. 224753


Nah bro we're farmers, we view someone as a bitch for bullying someone when we know pretty much nothing about the situation, so then we bully that person because we're hypocrites, its great.

No. 224756


I mean that was almost a month ago, none of them have said anything since. Pretty sure its dead dude.

No. 224757

Nice one, Sage.

No. 224758


hurrrrrrr autism

No. 224759

LOL, if it walks like Sage and talks like Sage…

No. 224761

Just going to throw this out there, what if the reason why they're not saying anything is because they all found it?

No. 224762

Ask the ZG guy for us.

No. 224763

What if they're not saying anything because they were yelled at for taking it public. Kinda like Ziegs/Cheyenne.

No. 224766

That's actually a good point.

No. 224769

Why anyone thinks it's not as simple as girls just being catty to each other just baffles me.

No. 224771

This shit is gross. It honestly just sounds like Sage/her friends are all up in the board.

It doesn't sound like "girls being catty" because the only one who has sounded catty at all was Sage… and continues to sound catty.
This is stupid as fuck since this board just argues in circles now when it never did before.

No. 224772


Where is she continuing to be catty, unless you actually think she's actively posting here. You act like you're a white Knight defending the honor of fair maiden Angel, but all you idiots have done so far is gotten a girl to receive death threats, whether she's guilty or not.

No. 224774

It's because now, instead of just throwing around ideas/examples/evidence, people are trying to push their own opinions down everyone's throats. I don't know if Sage or anyone related to the crew is on here (and I'm not saying I'm on any side), but we're just going in circles. This whole thing has just become an argument with people not willing to budge in their own opinions on whether Sage or Angel is in the wrong (even though it seems to be far fewer people defending Sage).

No. 224775

"kill yourself" isn't a death threat. There were no death threats made, if that was actually an anon she got.
Weird she hasn't gotten anymore, even though she still left anon on.

No. 224777

How did we get her to receive death threats? I didn't see any and even if I did, all we do is throw around ideas based on things we observe. How people take those ideas is on them.

No. 224780

You realize that she sent those to herself right? She used this to make people sympathetic towards her by closing her twitch down. It's not like her boyfriend isn't super duper close to the people of twitch or anything.

We never had evidence that Sage replied with "get off anon pussy". Why didn't that anon go off and take a picture when they saw it? Because it never happened. She's just here to start trouble and make us fight among one another.

You don't have to choose sides.

I just want to honestly discuss these things without someone jumping at someone's throats and changing topics. Please, please for the love of god don't lolxdrandom here.

No. 224781

There's no proof of us being involved in that anon incident. There's even a possibility it's a person that isn't even involved with us or it could be Sage sending these to herself. There's a bunch of possibilities and another thing is that why hasn't she shared more on this? If she's getting threaten with information on her, why did she even reveal this to us? She's just trying to use the people while she still can before everything blows over. She knows she's nothing without the LNC community.

No. 224814

I noticed that whenever the arguing stops, is around that anon's bedtime. 3/4AM EST. So go ham around that time.

No. 224839

I wonder who could be so emotionally involved in all that Sage shit to have such a major butthurt here~

Did anyone already message Chey to let her know that SOMEONE is throwing her under the bus to change the topic from Sage? If not then maybe we should do it even if it's against the rules to poke cows? I'd love to see how that will end for Sage!

No. 224874

Too bad Sage is too much of an obsessive psycho to not fight every anon that talks about her.

No. 224876

Nice try Sage haha.

No. 224877

Haven't you heard? We are all Sage here.

No. 224878


You know what let's assume people are right and Sage is actually here defending herself because no one is posting an ounce of proof. That makes her an obsessive psycho? Seems like you're obsessed in the other direction anon

No. 224879


Hi Sage, I'm Sage.

No. 224880

File: 1483193207749.png (193.7 KB, 932x284, Sage Doesn't Plan Her Timing.p…)

Literal proof. Check her steam via websearch and see when she was last on when she posted that other thing.

No. 224881

No. 224882

If she locks her profile, then she just proves it more to us that she's here. As Sage would say "¯\_(ツ)_/¯"

No. 224884


Actually I was one of the ones defending her. AM I OFFLINE OH MAN I WAS SAGE THE WHOLE TIME

No. 224885

I'm sure it's Sage and a friend or 2 anyways. We won't get anywhere because of that and that's how they want it, lol.

No. 224886

Oh shut up Sage.

No. 224888


You wish you could not require sleep like me, peasant.

No. 224889

Anyways, there's your proof that she's really here.

No. 224891

Jokes on you, im a real gamer and dont need sleep. /chugs monster(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 224950


Detective, how did you know he was the murderer?!

..heh kid, dusts fedora. It was a simple matter of finding out that she was awake roughly the same time the murder took place. Got em'.

No. 224953


No. 224958

Could you guys not act like children? There's literally a rule there that can get you banned for speaking in this manner.

No. 224959


But sir, she was also offline while more murders took place!

..heh lights a cigar kid, sh..shut up.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 224963

Well here's what we know from basic knowledge.

Sage is not following Mash or Angel or Snake.

Snake/Mash/Angel/Russ are not following Sage.

Snake had used to follow Sage and I doubt she's on his friends list on steam anymore either. And that's hard to get on.

They used to be on decent terms so something must've happened.

Angel/Mash do not follow Jund.

Jund follows Mash and Snake
He does not follow Angel.

No. 224971

I just checked, and Sage is not on Snakes friends list on steam.

No. 224974

And Cheyenne isn't either.

No. 224975

Okay, so from just looking at this, it seems like something definitely happened between Angel and Sage, and probably Cheyenne too. That led to Mash, and in turn Snake, to take Angel's side and of course Jund is going to take Sage's side. Since Jund is still following Mash, I think it's safe to say that she probably wasn't really involved in the actual argument and was just supporting Angel, as I'm sure he either would've stopped following her or Sage could've gotten him to stop. This is all speculation though and I have no actual proof beyond what we've already stated.

No. 224976

I think that says a lot lol. They play together every week (or did until Cheyenne decided to stay mostly absent from Late Night) and Snake doesn't even want her in his friends list.

No. 224977

Does anyone know what Angels name is on steam? I want to see if shes on Snakes list while I'm at it.

No. 224978


Last I saw it was xombino

No. 224980

Yeah, shes still on snakes list.

No. 224983

Either you're friends with Snake or Angel because they're both private.

No. 224984

Honestly, I think that says a ton. I have a hard time believing that Snake would be friends with Angel, but not Sage, if nothing happened and Sage was innocent. Especially after what he wrote when Ziegs left.

And it says a lot that he's not friends with Cheyenne as well.

No. 224985

I said a couple times i was looking at Snakes list, which would imply i was friends with him lol

No. 224986

My bad haha.

No. 224987

You can find out that Sage isn't friends with Angel and Snake via looking at Sage's steam friend's list.

No. 224988

I don't have sage on steam, so I didn't check her account.

No. 224989

You don't need to, it's a public steam.

No. 224990

No. 224991

I wasnt saying that, i was saying I checked Snakes because his was more available to me, since I have him added

No. 224992

Don't worry

No. 224993

And also, checking Sages profile wouldn't have told me that snake was still friends with angel

No. 224994

I understand, let's move on now.

No. 225002

I agree. Snake doesn't seem like the type to unfriend someone for no reason. I also don't think he's really liked Cheyenne since the Ziegs incident judging from what he said about it. It just sucks that it seems like the same thing is happening again, just with Angel.

No. 225004

Do youhave a link to his post about Zieg?

No. 225007

No. 225009

I see what Snake is trying to say, but it doesn't seem like they really learned from the whole situation. It seems like everything is happening in the same way.

No. 225010

I think he's learned from it, but they're more hidden with this stuff than before. Solely because of this incident.