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File: 1612118152412.jpg (114.71 KB, 473x605, anna k.jpg)

No. 1147474

Thread about pickme women and gays, primarily from Twitter and Youtube, who claim to be practicing Socialism or Marxism. Commonly known as The Dirtbag Left, many associated with the scene are not leftists at all.
Twitter e-girl uwu smol beans are on-topic in that they all follow and interact with the cows.
>Media associated with this scene:
Podcasts like Red Scare, Chapo Trap House, True Anon, The Antifada, The Perfume Nationalist, What’s Left, and The Nice People Show

The Rundown:
>viperwave went from tranny chaser to full homo. >>>/snow/1133077
>Aimee and Matt Bruenig fight over Matt filing complaints to protect workers illegally exploited by the likes of Ben Shapiro and Dave Portnoy >>>/snow/1133517
>anon provides mind-melting summary of the Jan 15 red scare episode that reads more like parody than reality >>>/snow/1133657
>Red Scare reference in Dasha’s direct-to-video movie Spree >>>/snow/1133900
>Dasha buys pedophilic hentai figurine illegal in many countries, has a history of autopedophelia >>>/snow/1134639
>@Junker_jo calls lolcow “the page six of my generation”
>Dasha owns hard-copy lolicon pedo manga to jerk off to >>>/snow/1134665
>Bronze Age Pervert goes after Anna Khachiyan, who for years has called him the best writer of our time >>>/snow/1135108
>Jack has a hysterical meltdown, afraid Biden supporters will put him in a gulag >>>/snow/1137175
>Leia Jospe gets dumped >>>/snow/1138405
>Estée Fatass compares himself to Yukio Mishima >>>/snow/1138537
>Deanna Havas is back on twitter, calls murder victim Heather Hayer ‘a fat girl that threw herself in front of a car’
>victim @Queasy_f_bby promoting anorexia >>>/snow/1138886
>Aimee’s new podcast friend is a millionaire accountant and son of a Democratic congressman >>>/snow/1139087
>Dasha and Maddie smiling and posing in front of Jeffrey Epstein’s townhouse >>>/snow/1139477
>Bimbo Ubeermensch claims makeup is “discouraged” among Liberal Elite in Washington DC >>>/snow/1139840
>Deanna Havas has meltdown after finding lolcow >>>/snow/1140440
>photo of Deanna >>>snow/1140493
>anon provides another mind melting summary of the latest episode of Red Scare >>>/snow/1140697
>Anna and Dasha claim that Carey Mulligan is haggard, fat, and average looking at best >>>/snow/1140789
>photos and rundown of dirtbag e-girl @beefytopdog >>>/snow/1141294
>Heather Habsburg inspired a character in Lauren Oyler’s novel >>>/snow/1142249
>Bimbo Übermensch sounding like your annoying creepy uncle >>>/snow/1143011
>wealthy Marin County femcel e-girl cow blames feminism and capitalism for her inability to keep a guy >>>/snow/1143243
>photos from Caroline as_a_woman’s college days >>>/snow/1143362
>@queasy_f_bby referencing this thread again. likely posting milk on all her “friends” >>>/snow/1143645
>Aimee Terese has thoughts on the Gamestop saga >>>/snow/1143900
>Anna K, who has a degree in economics, thinks buying GameStop stock is praxis >>>/snow/1143902
>Felix hornyposting about Elizabeth Hurley >>>/snow/1143920
>@christlover2000 cut a cross into her face >>>/snow/1143956
>List of Liz Franczak’s political donations. Includes a donation to Tulsi Gabbard >>>/snow/1144299
>All the cows get butthurt about IMG signing Kamala’s stepdaughter Ella Emhoff >>>/snow/1144690
>Aimee Terese suspended (again) >>>/snow/1145006
>Tao Lin writing 5k word short story on gay porn and childhood masturbation >>>/snow/1145467
>anons debate or whether or not Anna K has any work done on her face. Will likely be a continuing discussion topic >>>/snow/1145626
>@AliceFromQueens is blocked by John Ganz for obsessively harassing him >>>/snow/1146500

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No. 1147492

File: 1612119473398.jpg (336.93 KB, 1080x935, Screenshot_20210131-105347_Chr…)

what a stoic type-a direct person and rational thinker

No. 1147513

I dunno, you can be Antifascist and say Anna Khachiyan is a filthy nazi cunt. Doesn’t seem so hard.

No. 1147596

Wonder how long she'll keep this "fascism is cool, actually. Wait, but I'm just being ironic, lol!" bit going. She sounded a little too enthusiastic on the last ep when she said that since leftism is "over," fascism should take its place in the zeitgeist.

No. 1147610

File: 1612132621495.png (387.89 KB, 432x522, chapo msnbc.png)

What did CNN mean by this

No. 1147617

I think the point is that CNN, Washington Post and NYT let alone AP, Reuters and other establishment news agencies are not Progressive or Social Democratic media companies.

However, that still doesn’t make anything they listed “Left” or, more importantly, Socialist. It’s just that America has nearly no Left, so this is the garbage that passes for a Left, especially when Brie Brie is all about her girl Angie Nagle, besides Amber Frost just being straight up StupIdPol.

And, aside from Chapo and Bad Faith not really being left, the real odd ball inclusion is MSNBC, which has done as much as possible in the last several years to shorn any even slightly progressive voices on air.

Most of all, none of this would even be remotely controversial where it not for Roger Ailes’ half a century long campaign, and still running to this day, of painting anything that isn’t as far right as Fox News and such as being Liberal or Left Wing Media.

Lastly, I know that’s Dave Wiegel, but who’s that white bitch next to Brian Stelter.

No. 1147621

File: 1612133951384.png (403.5 KB, 583x433, b4.png)

No. 1147637

I looked up the actual episode and, uh, well I guess I now know what Liz Bruenig looks like. Also, really glad that not a single socialist was on that panel to represent the “Left,” and instead a couple Ivy League bitches—plus David Wiegel—were brought on. Wicked.

No. 1147680

Aimee would be three hours deep into an irate twitter tirade about this right now if she wasn't suspended lmao

No. 1147683

File: 1612140935931.png (54.02 KB, 314x316, drumpf.png)

Think this might be Aimee's new account, all the usual suspects are following

No. 1147696

File: 1612142700615.png (7.85 KB, 607x175, nap.PNG)

If thats Aimee she was replying to herself before she got suspended. From google cache.

No. 1147698

hmm maybe not her then but an alt of someone else in that crew

No. 1147712

anytime i see a @intrnetdaughter she is bitching about something. how can someone be this miserable

No. 1147718

she's literally a prostitute (or call girl, whatever) so i assume it takes a toll

No. 1147725

A NazBol whore is a unique angle. She’s probably doing more to deal with the InCel menace than any of these femcel scarethots ever have.

No. 1147742

reminds me when she had a meltdown when r/redscarepod called her fat lol. she probably posts here

No. 1147745

File: 1612147946076.jpg (81.43 KB, 640x1210, 2p8d2hnu8va41.jpg)

she's fucking disgusting and more degenerate that any of the cows in this thread

No. 1147747

she's a mod on r/r/redscareforcishetmen what an absolute fucking loser! lmao

No. 1147756

File: 1612149088670.png (182.91 KB, 651x845, fedpostdiscordnsfw.PNG)

No. 1147769

Are they trans? They used have she/her pronouns in their twitter bio. I checked and they took it off. If they’re trans the yeast pills would make sense because trans vaginas get infected a lot

No. 1147786

LMFAO she posted that in the fedpost podcast discord server? What a fucking loser kek she must deeply hate herself

No. 1147801

The actual pictures [and videos?] are posted in Drewcord/Egirls server wherever that is

No. 1147802

She posted the pics and vids in this guy's server: https://twitter.com/AOCummies

No. 1147804

this is 10,000 steps below even girls trying to suck up to felix and nick mullen, what is wrong with them

No. 1147816

i've noticed ash is close with this guy too. i mean this is bottom of the barrel shit, might as well go for any of the sub 300 follower epic irony guys.

No. 1147823

File: 1612155045331.png (687.74 KB, 1381x1160, cringe.png)

aimee terese and angie speaks are now podcasting with a very online 2.5k subscriber contrapoints knock-off with exactly one personality trait: hates trans people

No. 1147836

is the whole thing about alice from queens being a man/in her 40's just based on the way she tweets, or is there some actual proof?

bc i get a weird vibe from her account too but it seems more likely she's just a bit 'off'/weird. tho i do really want it to be true that she's a man.

No. 1147837

That seems pretty par for the course. Angie Speaks is just as trashy as her pals Peter and Ash Coffin, and Kelly is second rate Red Kahina, so this all fits.

No. 1147838

honestly more horrified that this Kelly person is fat than the fact that she's a "terf" or whatever

No. 1147843

What’s more funny is that, though there aren’t a lot of photos of her, those pics that do exist of her don’t exactly make her not look trans… while she’s all up in being a transphobe. Fabulous.

No. 1147855


she’s owning the trans women who don’t know she exists by having shittier bone structure, shittier makeup, and presenting like a swamp hag in a badly lit room on a yt channel too tiny to generate ad revenue. but she clearly aspires to be the twentysomething aimee terese based on their interactions.

No. 1147863

I don't even think you could call this chick a terf because seeing how she is trying to be an amiee clone it's not like she is feminist or leftist she just really hates troons, I think that's just her gimmic to make her stand out or she just really hates troons.

No. 1147874

Why do these e-girls like her and Felina share such disgusting stuff all the time? I think they have no one else to talk to or anything to keep them occupied so they become addicted to posting stuff like this on twitter. Delete the app and sort your personal life out.

No. 1147878

I know she’s messy and bpd but if she has chrons that’s probably why, even some batshit crazy bitches still have friends or a trusted partner. A chronic health problem can make it hard to keep close friends, hard to maintain and foster friendships when you feel ill a lot and healthy people tend to see you as a burden so they don’t get too close to you

No. 1147921

File: 1612175013631.png (13.2 KB, 587x107, sure.PNG)

No. 1147922

mmmm okay, so?

No. 1147952

it is true most don't think twaw, at least some people aren't delusional. terf out queen

No. 1148001

she knows ppl are posting about her here so either 1. she does read 2. one of her friends is enough of an asshole to mention it to her kek

No. 1148011

File: 1612191236516.png (5.22 MB, 1440x2048, alopeciavictimchimesin.png)

heres a chaoticmillionaireheiress reply guy

No. 1148014

That definitely looks like a future mass shooter. I hope Bella’s happy having smoke blown up her ass by a bonehead.

No. 1148032

I don't see it

No. 1148043

Must have deleted it

No. 1148044

The Dirtbag Left are the titty streamers of left-wing politics.

No. 1148070

> The Dirtbag Left are the titty streamers of right-wing politics.
Fixed That For You

No. 1148203

this looks awesome

No. 1148298

File: 1612208847765.png (236.55 KB, 708x745, normalreaction.PNG)

In spite of being supposedly so done with twitter and wanting to move to an alternative site anyway, Aimee seems to have had a lot to say about her most recent twitter ban

No. 1148302

did you listen to it? someone post a summary if you did

No. 1148315

File: 1612209797983.jpeg (56.28 KB, 1122x932, 380109B5-0585-461E-A0ED-5A4ABD…)

dasha and opn lmao how could anyone post this 2014 teenager daddy dom shit especially when she looks so bad in it

No. 1148318

The sheer level of grime on that mirror

No. 1148324

is this from her instagram stories? she turns 30 years old in a few days pathetic

No. 1148330

I think this is an older pic but why would she ever post it at any point. Keeping her cross on at all times too.

No. 1148339

The only thing they're sold out of on their store are all the red thong and lighter sets. Did they only make a few isis shirts or did they way over order this set.

No. 1148346

She literally looks bald

No. 1148352

File: 1612211253000.jpg (45.41 KB, 640x1127, cvfdwv3yw0g41.jpg)

Full version is even worse. Was she fucking this guy to try to get alex ross perry to cast her? And how is Dasha going from saying I love you about this guy then settled down and moving in with OPN a month later?

No. 1148357

Oh my god clean your bathroom mirror, that’s disgusting.

No. 1148359

She also looks dead. Alas.

No. 1148371

The sean penn looking guy is gay fwiw

No. 1148391

What a pathetic fag hag, is she wearing black lipstick?

No. 1148393

Lmao troonery is not compatible with actual leftist politics, it's pure liberalism. And intersectionality isn't about putting male needs center in feminism, it's about black women's intersectional racial and sex based interests. These idiots never even know the actual politics they pretend to support.(derailing)

No. 1148394

If he’s gay then the I love you combined with the bdsm pose is such bpd energy lmao, almost like she’s using him as a prop to make someone jealous or maybe is trying to “turn” him, either way pretty dark when you think about it

No. 1148432

fucking lul literally a discord moderator. daddy's angry kitten.

No. 1148468

File: 1612216082956.png (355.11 KB, 584x575, tb.png)

No. 1148561

I Am Sam

No. 1148575

File: 1612221463874.jpeg (825.63 KB, 828x1344, A1A0E449-4331-4F0B-B62B-9A759E…)

No. 1148578

It basically devolved into an insane discussion on public school, Maarek took an extreme libertarian approach and said parents should do whatever they want with their kids, even cut their limbs off if it was their personal prerogative, everyone clowned on him but Aimee ended up half-agreeing with his nihilism by the end of it.

No. 1148588

Dasha lookin even more retarded and inbred than usual.

No. 1148609

Almost certainly her bestie Felina who lurks here and recently had her own meltdown because of being posted here.

No. 1148621

File: 1612223372440.png (1.09 MB, 1080x1047, Screenshot_2021-02-01-17-47-04…)

Women who use tretinoin and have elaborate skincare routines but smoke and drink are so funny. They remind me of girls who do hard drugs while they are on juice cleanses lol.

No. 1148639

File: 1612223954211.png (496.5 KB, 1080x1021, Screenshot_2021-02-01-17-58-23…)

Imagine being incredibly rich and privileged- over almost the entire global population, and seriously using the words "demonized" and "punished" in relation to people shit talking you online. It's how you can tell she hasn't ever known real suffering lmao.

No. 1148652

God, this is worse than tumblr tier 80 pound guy whipping the bed with his belt stuff. She's so jealous of Armie Hammer's "kittens".

No. 1148662

This is so fucking pathetic. Lmao imagine being an elitist child brat and still telling yourself you’re intellectually superior to anyone, and YOURE actually the one who has it rough. Dumb libshit mindset. Also with all that money she could at least afford to fix those jowls

No. 1148664

for someone who supposedly doesn't care, it sure like it's the only thing she ever thinks or talks about

No. 1148666

File: 1612225534671.png (178.46 KB, 1080x707, Screenshot_2021-02-01-18-22-14…)

Omg but is she ok tho?

No. 1148670

She's definitely looked

No. 1148675

She changed her avi to Anna Karina the fave actress of every "tragic" e-girl, immediately after the jowls comment.

No. 1148687

File: 1612227120078.png (24.07 KB, 590x239, Saw.PNG)

No. 1148690

Yikes, how bad must her relationship with her parents be to be frozen out of the inheritance?? Maybe daddy didn't take too kindly to his little girl posting nudes for leftoid coomers on discord

No. 1148691

she posted that trump tweet about the haters and losers. this one is going to completely fall apart if yall go after her for more than two days lmao

No. 1148698

I mean she just posted about watching Camille Paglia vids with papa, so doesn't seem that bad. Living in daddy's guesthouse with no job or responsibilities to speak of is what most of the world can only dream of though. Most people are too poor to leave their kids anything even if they wanted to. Larping as some kind of capitalist critic is just offensive lmao. We know all about it because she won't shut up about her "rich people problems" like mommy urging her to get a second house. Maybe she should log off. She missed the whole other thread lol.

No. 1148702

File: 1612228118319.png (1.58 KB, 189x27, Lock.PNG)

No. 1148704

File: 1612228160349.png (240.4 KB, 336x428, big schnozz.png)

She radiates toxic, rotten personality. No wonder she can't find love. A black heart filled with nothing but contempt for her peers; narcissistic personality disorder, solipsistic superiority complex.

No. 1148705

File: 1612228200533.png (295.29 KB, 1036x1038, Screenshot_2021-02-01-19-08-40…)

Lmao. Sensitive, aren't we?

No. 1148706

lmao where is this from?

No. 1148708

idk if most of this is Bella selfposting but she's profoundly dull. The lack of personality shrieks at you from her twitter feed.

No. 1148711

File: 1612228339723.png (28.43 KB, 624x424, buh bye.png)


No. 1148713

I’m not sure leftoids post picture of “animal cruelty” alongside their porn, so I’m gunna guess that chaoticshitgurl was exposing herself to more wanna be school shooters like the skinhead above.

Though, on the subject of “animal cruelty,” I wonder if that meant just plain ol animal abuse or if she was posting nudes in the same channel as bestiality. Kek.

Oh, cool, so she’s hopeless.

No. 1148718

IIRC it was a video of a cat falling off a ledge or something that was posted on the Fedpost server.

It was @AOCummies server where she posted the nudes

No. 1148725

She actually has a job working for her dad (?) https://www.linkedin.com/in/annabella-bazalgette-013184146

No. 1148729

Lmfao, that's not a real job. And she had the audacity to screech about the nepotism of Kamala's step daughter being hired by IMG? Rich people are a different breed.

No. 1148730

Post caps for those of us who don't have accounts.

No. 1148735

File: 1612229625045.png (64.26 KB, 425x480, Untitled.png)

No. 1148736

Doubt it. Filthy rich girls who call themselves "tragic" and talk about how eye opening it was working at Starbucks and Sephora with the proles really annoy people. Especially when they larp as some kind of anti-capitalist down with the system type from daddy's guest house. Samefagging comments from the former thread but if she just enjoyed her privileged life she would be a lot less annoying. Major Chrissy Teigen watching Parasite vibes going on here.

No. 1148754

Found chaoticitgirls instagram, it’s @annabellalatache. Followed by Matt Christman of course

No. 1148756

File: 1612231025918.jpeg (846.13 KB, 1170x1007, 48932708-FAB9-4488-A681-959CF0…)

No. 1148758

not even an hour lol

No. 1148763

File: 1612231553860.jpeg (504.65 KB, 640x902, 71B58DCF-F891-4DCF-8AF1-AE4BBE…)

Is there a term for rich girl larping as proles for clout? Working class safari?

No. 1148767

Damn, she does not look like her twitter selfies. Major nose job vibes.

No. 1148769

>Followed by Matt Christman of course
That's weird, he's never even interacted with her on twitter. Is he a coomer and/or groomer?

No. 1148778

Like those rich people who do ghetto cycling tours of South Africa to feel alive. Also lol at working AND going to uni being a special accomplishment. She locked her insta now too.

No. 1148779

File: 1612232608385.png (785.12 KB, 750x1334, 3A52919C-3B98-410C-92A8-DDEB87…)

No. 1148780

your avatar is in the picture if you care

No. 1148783

>>114877 another cow? or chaoticrichbitch friend?

No. 1148785

His poor wife. If he was a real commie he would support us bullying rich girls.

No. 1148786

File: 1612233434042.png (65.42 KB, 1080x189, Screenshot_2021-02-01-20-36-42…)

Good question buddy.

No. 1148792

I don’t know how Mrs. Christman didn’t know what she was signing up for, but I wish her great strength and protection should she make the wise choice to get free of that insane maniac.

No. 1148796

File: 1612233785695.png (Spoiler Image, 851.31 KB, 1080x1187, Screenshot_2021-02-01-20-41-07…)

Repulsive OnlyFans cow. Friend of Felina and chaoticritchbitch. Claims to have the 'rexia.

No. 1148802

I don't want to post her family's personal information but property records show her dad might be a landlord and a doctor. Her mom owns her own handbag line kek

No. 1148808

>exactly one personality trait: hates trans people

No. 1148810

File: 1612234328709.jpeg (769.62 KB, 1000x1443, 9BB8FDCC-2ECF-4403-B41C-103D57…)

plenty of the people talked about are ugly men but they’re so desperate to frame it as femcels attacking pretty women or something. I guess because they seem to think it’s meant to be a female 4chan for some reason.

No. 1148811

File: 1612234373813.png (56.69 KB, 753x547, jackrape.png)

of course

No. 1148816

These reply guys get so mad when their favourite e-girls get shit talked.

No. 1148821

File: 1612234892562.png (96.93 KB, 1080x347, Screenshot_2021-02-01-20-59-23…)

Imagine typing this out. Have some dignity. The perfect victim narrative is so tiring. Even r/redscarepod is mostly on the side of Manson obviously being a rapist abuser freak.

No. 1148827

File: 1612235243102.png (520.21 KB, 741x799, jackseethe.png)

still seething lol

No. 1148828

File: 1612235265508.png (373.9 KB, 623x1359, possiblealt.png)

No. 1148829

that toy isn't even real it's photoshop or something, and there's a trump funk pop

No. 1148830

File: 1612235428087.png (198.34 KB, 375x250, sad.png)

does this retard care that Trump had a funko pop too (even a limited-edition all-gold one) or what

No. 1148831

I can see why Jack would like Trump’s morbidly obese, oily, ass sweat style.

No. 1148836

damn i love being a fucking faggot ass retard and posting on here. glad theres a website for people like me(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1148837

Hope she sees this

No. 1148838

whats ur problem bro ?

No. 1148840

I feel like this is going to be juicepet 2.0. Every time some egirl gets talked about the thread gets flooded with the least funny posts possible from their reply guys.

No. 1148843

go back to twitter where you can pretend to get laid retard

No. 1148844

Either their fellow twitter thot bestie got insulted or the e-girl they want to fuck did (she's not gonna fuck you bro).

No. 1148845

File: 1612236072131.png (125.06 KB, 593x550, jackisgross.png)

This man is fucking disgusting and deranged.

No. 1148847

his vagina envy is showing, add this to the jack wishes he was born a woman pile

No. 1148848

Damn, an insider. Hope she sees this and goes crazy trying to figure out which one of her friends is posting here lol

No. 1148849

Grandma Honeycutt really needs to take his corpulent ass off the family phone plan.

No. 1148851

>1 following 1 follower
Is this a glitch?

No. 1148852

These people hear "imageboard" and think saying faggot and retard is gonna make them blend in

No. 1148854

If these peoples 'friends' didn't post them, no one would even know they exist.
Prolly same 'friends' then tell them 'omg did u see cows r posting bout u'

No. 1148859

No. 1148861

Have a hard time believing Jack is gay when this reads like it was written by a sadistic straight man. He's sitting around fantasizing in detail about Evan Rachel Wood weeping and her vagina. He's odious. His misogyny has made him really dumb too. There is a mountain of evidence against Manson aside from Wood's testimony. Wouldn't be surprised if he thinks the concept of rape is a conspiracy.

No. 1148863

File: 1612236915877.png (55.6 KB, 248x323, jack.png)

Made a Jack funko pop

No. 1148864

it actually brings me great pleasure knowing that jack will never know true joy, he'll live life with his pathetic little podcast where he worships the very actresses he is decrying.

he's destined to sit alone in dark theaters, reeking and knowing he's always alienating those around him, paying money to watch and line the pockets of the very same actresses who make him seethe and feel such self-loathing that he mindlessly shovels nachos and coke in his face while he's transported into what will always be merely a fantasy for him. pathetic.

No. 1148867

File: 1612236987906.png (108.07 KB, 1080x604, Screenshot_2021-02-01-21-35-45…)

Evan Rachel Wood is threatening America on an existential level by discussing her rape.

No. 1148868

File: 1612237046969.png (45.83 KB, 618x476, possibleconfirmation.PNG)

And it disappeared not long after

No. 1148869

you're threatening jack on an existential level by posting screenshots

No. 1148874

hates when women offer him cookies
hates when women report crimes

No. 1148876

"I am going to have sex with you" - words never read or seen by any of the fat fucks in this thread(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1148877

File: 1612237445948.png (28.89 KB, 590x359, Untitled.png)


No. 1148883

perfect description of Jack

No. 1148887

good god is she in her 50s? what's she doing hanging out with these college girls/faildaughters

No. 1148888

"I am going to have sex with you" - words never said by chaoticitgirl to her simps

No. 1148893

Is Fascist Faggot Jack saying that Evan Rachel Wood’s career is failing?

I think that would be news to HBO.

Not fat enough for our Kapo Jack.

No. 1148895

oooh she wants us to talk about her soo bad

No. 1148896

It was the fattest setting they had, the options are limited lol

No. 1148906

Oh shit, how’d he find that photo of me?

No. 1148914

27 or under, apparently. She's worse than Felina. All her tweeting is sexual degeneracy, quirky blood/gore fixation, crying selfies, misogynistic jokes, eating disorder shit. They could be bot accounts at this point. So formulaic.

No. 1148915

File: 1612239713813.png (67.11 KB, 535x593, Newserver.PNG)

No. 1148920

File: 1612240386097.jpeg (204.03 KB, 750x417, 84A1AE8C-342D-416C-8F5F-BD016D…)

No. 1148923

why do they bring attention to the board kek. how many of us found this site because a cow posted about it?

No. 1148924

23 according to her Twitter bio but she looks 45, probably all the drugs

No. 1148929

In what world are the majority of the women talked about itt pretty…

No. 1148930

File: 1612241269671.png (52.55 KB, 1080x281, Screenshot_2021-02-01-22-46-05…)

I'm blind, if it's in her bio. 23, holy shit. Don't do drugs and "sex work". Lmfao her sexually depraved tweet storm right now. Desperate to get on here.

No. 1148933

Right like they keep complaining about it but they’re literally doing everything they can to draw attention to it and get themselves posted. I’ve never seen a group of cows talk about their own thread to anywhere near the extent it happens with this one, cows itt start like mass tweeting about lolcow after they’ve been mentioned literally two or three times.

No. 1148934

>failing career

yeah a starring role on HBO's westworld (which has won her two emmy nominations) and her recently praised performance in kajillionare were definitely all somehow retroactively given to her by coming forward about her abuse in 2021. the hbo executives were like "we are gonna hire you because you'll accuse marylin manson of rape and it'll launch you to stardom!"

if anything its her relationship to manson which stalled her career, but that would require jack to have empathy, knowledge and a soul

the stuff about her vagina is so disturbing, hes so gross he really wants to be a woman so bad

No. 1148935

File: 1612241636337.jpg (24.84 KB, 704x396, 641.jpg)

all yall femcels need some dick lol why are you so egg-sucking obsessed with random people when you can just do anything else and get on with your barren, near-menopausal lives(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1148936

File: 1612241735166.jpeg (968.55 KB, 2880x3840, 20210201_225326.jpeg)

Pretty is all quite subjective. But people were agreeing that chaoticritchbitch was the best looking post-left e-girl last thread. Her insta getting revealed is funny though. Angles and filters can do a lot.

No. 1148944

A cow talking about "empathy?" Ironic

No. 1148946

Jack is enraged that he wasn't born in Evan Rachel Wood's body. Getting major Ed Gein vibes from his graphic rant about her vagina. She was just cast in a movie with Dakota Fanning, Zoë Kravitz, and Jon Bernthal. She's doing absolutely fine.

No. 1148949

File: 1612242706263.png (899.51 KB, 680x1277, 04f.png)

wow you sure told us

No. 1148950

the amount of of post a day jack makes about envying women's bodies makes me think he is going to troon out.

No. 1148952

File: 1612242887572.png (149.22 KB, 1188x474, Screen Shot 2021-02-02 at 12.1…)

Dasha fuming with jealousy that AOC is getting attention. Don't even want to know how happy Anna will be when she watches AOC's livestream video from tonight.

No. 1148954

And, nobody would care either, Dasha.

No. 1148955

File: 1612243226070.gif (5.56 MB, 640x532, erw.gif)

Probably. He was crying over how Sophie was a goddess when he fell and died while intoxicated. His rampant mental derangement probably has him thinking he could look like this, or hotter even!

No. 1148958

Dasha spews her every dumb thought and feeling into a mic to the tune of 30k+ a month. What is she even on about?

No. 1148961

Gimme an invite to novatard’s discord I’m tryna see something(no)

No. 1148962

Probably her many, many traumatic sexual encounters, which by her and Anna’s logic are totally her fault and she should take personal responsibility for that.

And, for sure, Brace Belden and Adam Friedland likely date raped her, but, again, personal responsibility, sweetie.

No. 1148963

They'll just instantly ban you

No. 1148965

She literally wrote and self published an embarrassing Rupi Kaur style confessional poetry book all about her various “traumas”

No. 1148967

Dasha has talked about buying animal tail butt plugs, her anal sex practices, a guy needing to look at porn to get hard while she was naked in front of him, getting groped on the subway in Japan, liking hentai, having sex at a porn theatre while looking at a real life lemon party. Trust us Dasha we don't need any more details of your humiliations.

No. 1148968

is there a thread of here where we can make fun of AOC's absolutely ridiculous Instagram Live performance, she really is the final boss of leftcows and we need to admit it

No. 1148974

the aoc are actually successful and not losers who are online all day unlike the rest of these cows

No. 1148976

this coming from someone with a faux ED food diary twitter account?

No. 1148980

And in the early days that account was also about how she was a messy out of control alcoholic. She has never had any boundaries. And now she is pretending to be what? Some kind of close to the chest stoic? Lmao.

No. 1148984

I don't like AOC at all. But the hilarity of the post-left cows acting like she is a literal demon succubus who clawed her way up out of the depths of hell surpasses my annoyance with her.

No. 1148985

Twitter's probably a better place for it. Just @ Anna or Dasha and here's a pro-tip from me to you: mention you thought AOC looked puffy, it's better than a rent stabilized unit to those two.

No. 1148989


Honestly at this rate with how much jack talks about how he abhors the #MeToo movement, cancel culture, and was good buddies with samememe, I have to wonder how long it will be until there are some accusations against him. a man of that stature doesn’t seem like he’s too lucky with the ladies

No. 1148993

or highway rest stop meth heads for that matter because he's admittedly a homosexual.
A man of that stature also isn't too lucky with waistbands but that's a different struggle.

No. 1149006

File: 1612248772652.jpeg (278.27 KB, 828x834, D2DB9330-43A8-4F9C-A291-74F810…)

does he think this is passable as ironic humor or is he aware of how insane and gross he sounds

No. 1149007

he can barely disguise his AGP lol

No. 1149009

He’s one tweet shy of coming out but I think this does all the work for him

No. 1149011

I want aoc on the podcast so bad

No. 1149012

he was born too early and is too aware of the cringe involved to troon out sadly, 5 years later and hed be a blair white type neurotic hsts

No. 1149014

File: 1612249844433.png (358.91 KB, 719x1149, classreduxloser.png)

How is he legitimately this fucking stupid?

No. 1149026

who is this? Have they been brought up in the past threads.

No. 1149036

Another of the reactionary simpletons you will find interacting with aimee, anna etc.

No. 1149038

Man With Reference To Fetish Porn Site In His URL Ashamed Of Past Support For Bernie Sanders

No. 1149039

She has heavily implied several times that she has done sexual favors to get acting roles before, but feels zero shame or regret over it.

No. 1149041

From what I’ve seen of this person he comes off as having some kind of genuine intellectual disability like it feels mean to make fun of him

No. 1149042

File: 1612254726131.png (668.26 KB, 1080x1661, Screenshot_2021-02-02-02-29-44…)

Dime a dozen memeing on the libtards guy. Interacts with Anna K sometimes. Used to be a standard Bernie/Chapocel guy but Trump broke his brain and now he pretends that the only bad people in America are democrats. I find him boring. Acts very superior for someone who genuinely thought Bernie would become pres and usher in a socialist utopia. Dumbass.

No. 1149044

His original Av had no head, so there was a clue

No. 1149045

Dude was a desperate Chapo reply guy for like two years, just endless thirstposting for a reply back in Matt and Felix's mentions; then he rebranded as a post-left Trumplet in the lead-up to the general election last year.

No. 1149078

File: 1612259314421.jpeg (134.91 KB, 749x791, 8D6A6DEE-F369-4717-B3B6-CC26B2…)

ew she’s basically Ella Emhoff but with sloppy mom tits

No. 1149088

File: 1612260860297.png (81.6 KB, 1080x432, Screenshot_2021-02-02-04-12-39…)

Offensive to Ella Emhoff tbh. Ella is much more attractive and there is no indication that she is a disgusting degenerate who wants men to beat her up. Just that she has generally off-putting taste in fashion and boring tattoos.

No. 1149093

Just realized the numbers in her name are supposed to be her body measurements? If so 25in waist is 100% a lie lmao are you kidding

No. 1149111

She claims to be anorexic and weigh 127. And judging from her very skimpy, nearly naked pics, I'm going to press doubt on that one as well.

No. 1149128

She has the body of a middle aged barmaid surely she’s not pretending to be in the same age bracket as the other thots

No. 1149155


femicides (killing of women by men, especially men they're related to by marriage or blood, especially after longstanding physical and psychological abuse) are horrifyingly common in Turkey. the men who commit femicides often do so despite women's complaints and demands of police protection, which were of course ignored because "it's all in the family". there are blood-curdling cases where women are killed in front of their daughters, in front of useless cops and inside courthouses after placing complaints, or where their dead bodies are found with dozens of rejected protection demands in their bags. most perpetrators definitely get of relatively scot free. it's also very easy for a turkish man to beat, torture and rape his wife, his female relatives or any woman really. it's very easy to rape and kill a young woman and not be punished for it just by implying that she was drinking and having extramarital sex with the murderer, therefore labeling her "a loose, immoral woman" who "deserved" what happened. just a few weeks ago, a man who raped his niece for years was released and his family celebrated his release with dancing and live instruments in front of the jail. if this dumb bint finds this "hot", she can have all rotten, ugly, violent turkish men she wants and hopefully be raped and murdered by them in a "hot way" very soon. sorry for the a-log but as a turkeyfag this boils my blood in an indescribable way.

No. 1149158

podcast is thefedpost

No. 1149178

So first screenshots are spectral rape and now they're a doxx? Fascinating

This was more mild than I expected for their reaction to the AOC thing, wonder what Anna will do

No. 1149190

Poor wife? They’re married so she’s now rich because of him

No. 1149192

I mean, she was the breadwinner of the family for 15 years. He literally never had a steady job until Chapo.

No. 1149193

No wonder she’s so verbose and arrogant, most doctors are next level narcissists

No. 1149198

Listen to 5 minutes of his podcast, he is very clearly not straight. He’s just jealous and wants to be a famous desirable woman

No. 1149199

How do you know that? He could’ve been relying on family money or something

No. 1149201

>How do you know that?
He's talked about it many, many times? He's very open about being an absolute deadbeat for most of his life; he talked about it on his most recent twitch stream if you want the details.

No. 1149203

>>animepedofag has entered the chat

No. 1149204

Ok, I don’t listen to chapo so I didn’t know. I assumed he came from money

No. 1149205

Will and Virgil are the rich ones, Felix and Matt were middle class, Amber grew up poor.

No. 1149208

She is online all the time though

No. 1149217

Sloppy mom tits? Give me a break, those are great tits judging off that pic. Her ugly aesthetic and personality are more what’s gross about her

No. 1149219

Rape probably turns him on because in his mind he’d be practically begging for any old man he would see at a truck stop to buttfuck him

No. 1149229

She has insanely saggy tits, no point in lying about it. she just holds them up for every picture lmao why you cryin about it

No. 1149232

File: 1612279118445.png (139.83 KB, 1182x528, Screen Shot 2021-02-02 at 10.1…)

She deleted the quote tweet but then doubled down. 90% chance she cries about some scary situation because she's getting heat, like Anna confessed her "sordid hooker past" when the indie porn stars got mad at her.

No. 1149238

I agree, though she’s also proof that the more actually attractive a scarethot is the more bpd they are assured to be.

Also, she’s a shanda.

No. 1149241

I don’t think you’ve ever seen saggy boobs, hers are pretty perky and nicely shaped

No. 1149247

she’s wearing a too small bikini top that isn’t supporting her underbust. if she was saggy, it would show. for comparison, go look at any of momokun’s bikini selfies. that’s some saggy mom tits.

No. 1149264


unlike anna and dasha, prominent politicians have social media managers to write their tweets for them. dasha’s sloppy persona might benefit from better management though.

No. 1149268

Don't be fooled, her manager is very hands-on with her social media presence. The Dasha we see on instagram and her twitter main is curated.

No. 1149269

Who is her manager, then? Anna?

No. 1149273

Kind of freaky. Is this why she never posts jokes anymore or anything interesting.

No. 1149274

Can confirm, I follow her alt and she has saggy tits. Really deflated without a bra

No. 1149296

I forgot, who are the legit socialists?

No. 1149306

literally none of them

No. 1149318

every podcaster and egirl

No. 1149322

Answer the question, coward

No. 1149323

File: 1612288559713.jpeg (279.64 KB, 827x1410, 95E33A11-43E0-454F-8E42-00166C…)


Nice tits are about the only positive thing you can say about her. She posted this on the day of the capitol riot and got ratio’d to hell

No. 1149324

There's no way she's only 23

No. 1149326

Red Kahina

No. 1149327

Link? For research purposes.


No. 1149329

File: 1612288763812.png (510.95 KB, 596x499, autism.png)

No. 1149330

Enough of this shit, who are the real feminists, the real liberals, conservatives, honest people, the real parasites (you)

No. 1149332

unironically she seems like shed be pretty without the makeup

No. 1149334

I dunno. Rania Khalek and the rest of the idiots who run this black face account are retards. It’s probably some shit to own the Libs.

Go back to /pol/.

No. 1149336

ITT the only person I’d say is a socialist is Liz Bruenig and that is still controversial

No. 1149338

Indeed, if she got clean and had a better self image than being a kapo whore, she’d be quite attractive.

No. 1149340

Liz is barely a Social Democrat. She has no desire to see a collective organization of society, just to give free stuff to some—namely straight white Christian—people.

No. 1149341

Wtf is wrong with her face? She looks like she was swatted by a novelty sized spatula

No. 1149347

cool it with the antisemitism

No. 1149349

>unsaged again
I did answer the question new fag literally none of these people

No. 1149351

No. 1149353

File: 1612290346615.jpg (96.09 KB, 675x900, Es8cDPAVoAAJBMm.jpg)

No. 1149355

Alice and a bunch of other attention whores were mad they weren't in the joke draft of twitter wrestlemania.

No. 1149357

Pritchard is the biggest lolcow on left twitter. It's not even fun to make fun of her.

I'm not going to cast aspersions on the validity of her transition but her openly saying she did it to join "hot e girl nudes chats" is fucking creepy even if it was a joke. It's also funny that she is taken more seriously now than when she was just constantly dunked on pre transition.

No. 1149364


Carl Beijer account is fucking hilarious in that the entire shtick is going to war with the post-left but he has never once gone after Anna K, who is literally the scenes leader. They are clearly completely brain fried by gamification of twitter + social cowardice of getting dunked on by Anna. I'm surprised no one ever mentions this. Also I'm fairly sure they have to browse these threads given how obscenely obsessed the account is with Aimee.

No. 1149367

File: 1612291054538.png (230.19 KB, 602x491, sam1.png)

he got really butthurt by this reply in particular for some reason

No. 1149368

File: 1612291085985.png (53.42 KB, 600x505, sam2.png)

No. 1149370

not to defend this cow but that was a tweet from an irony guy impersonating sam

No. 1149372

File: 1612291288690.png (24.29 KB, 597x228, sam3.png)

No. 1149375

No. 1149377


I saw the original tweet in real time kek. It was Pritchard.

No. 1149379

It looks like he cleans up his tweets because there's only 300. I'm almost positive he's made comments about Anna and Red Scare before.
"who is literally the scenes leader" "obscenely obsessed" ok Anna…

No. 1149380

Sorry for spoonfeeding but does someone have the screenshot?

No. 1149383

Kek hey Rania or whoever.

Your site is written at a fifth grade reading level and has never once engaged in Marxist analysis. It's literally para social gossip written to buttress the accounts takes on Twitter. And yeah tweeting about Aimee every single day to an audience that already hates her is obscene obsession. She doesn't even get 1/20th of the attention on threads here because it's not interesting.(hi cow)

No. 1149384

File: 1612292082443.jpeg (251.19 KB, 1242x1151, CDC23C94-7155-4E83-A91B-9C531F…)


Carl Beijer is a “collectively” owned, black face Twitter account run by Rania Khalek and some other red brown retards.


No. 1149386

How is Anna being called the "scene leader" sliding by. Who cares about Carl or Rania it's not 2015.

No. 1149387

one of the most retarded things ive ever seen wow

No. 1149389

Kek cause Anna literally is the most popular post leftist? Also Beijer is a total lolcow. Some ten years unemployed manlet who obsessively tweets about leftist scene drama all day every day on a collective account accessible to other weirdos. Weirdly never seems to go after more popular people and is fixated on easy targets.

No. 1149390

extreme coke bloat

No. 1149402

File: 1612293478203.jpeg (115.43 KB, 750x417, 0311483E-6DC1-4B5A-B0C2-CF4964…)

This cow is back to appease the men she desperately wants approval of. She has an eating disorder she’s very proud of and made a tweet earlier about popping vyvanse but I’m sure she’s very mentally strong and stable. Noticed she’s getting buddy buddy with Fat Jack so this isn’t a surprise.

No. 1149418

File: 1612294235364.png (392.76 KB, 607x655, glenn.PNG)

its funny how people think this guy has anything interesting to say. this was over the wallstreetbets shit right? neither Ted Cruz or AOC would actually do anything about it, especially Ted Cruz…these guys look so retarded thinking they're making a point.

No. 1149426

Glenn is my favorite attention hungry Trotskyite gay jew

No. 1149428

Glenn just shot past full kapo straight into full retard territory. You love to see it.

No. 1149429

Nah, Glenn hates Marxists, and would be very upset to find out you called him one.

No. 1149431

He was involved in the ISO which was a trot org.

No. 1149435

Also ironic how much of a brocialist Glenn is considering the ISO folded in shame for covering up rape

No. 1149440

I've been a bit out of the loop but how long has it been where anything other than full on right-wing value acceptance is called "being a radlib"?

No. 1149446

her own replies are mostly roasting her, its pretty funny

No. 1149453

It's meant that for as long as they've been using it. Aimee called Evo Morales a radlib kek

No. 1149454

File: 1612295687595.png (3.43 MB, 2048x1536, D3CE31AD-3806-4D41-8B5E-FF5B86…)

No. 1149459

Kapo Greenwald and Weev, BFFs.

No. 1149462

holy shit thats what greenwald looks like? lmaooooooooooooooooooo

No. 1149488

It's slightly better than he looked before his free speech grift afforded him hair plugs.

No. 1149489

File: 1612297990225.png (110.75 KB, 601x635, Untitled.png)

Jack is a satanic pedo confirmed

No. 1149494

I understand why he blocked the aoc because he hates women, but why did he block pedo and grooming?

No. 1149496

earlier he had a freakout bc of evan rachel wood sharing her experience w marilyn manson

No. 1149499

File: 1612298510159.png (102.74 KB, 1180x342, Screen Shot 2021-02-02.png)

Why does Dasha always like things the opposite of what she's said (answer, she's too stupid to parse them?) and by libs. Or is this her manager's doing.

No. 1149512

File: 1612298965231.png (201.89 KB, 1174x996, Screen Shot 2021-02-02 at 3.46…)

Do Dasha and Anna not get that they are parasites on top of the parasitic media? Their job is talking about libfem media and branding themselves as different. They would have nothing to talk about if they didn't talk about their own personal traumas, which they do non stop, or other women's. There's hours of podcasts of them laughing at women being abused and raped.

No. 1149518

Self awareness would deflate their grift, tho.

No. 1149519

is there actually evidence dasha has a manager? because I refuse to belive an actual manager would let her act as horribly as she does on social media unless they are the shittiest manager ever. and even on her personal pro-ana dasha eats account she act just as bad. like there no way any normal person reads dashas tweets and okays them.

No. 1149524

If Dasha has a manager, it’s probably just Anna.

No. 1149525

She definitely has an agent. I'm sure she gets advice to tone her general stench down or delete certain things but a PR rep would be handling her social media, and I'm not sure she has one.

No. 1149528

Hasn’t she talked once about her agent begging her to stop saying retard?

No. 1149572

No. 1149600

whoever said she looked like a middle aged bar maid is spot on

No. 1149625

She's saying this as if we don't have more than enough proof that she uses this account for her eating disorder thoughts, lol. Maybe she should take the thousands she makes from mumbling into a shitty microphone and check herself into an inpatient facility. It doesn't take a genius to look at her skeletal figures and realize she's simultaneously abusing ketamine whilst starving herself

No. 1149629

lol girl delete your avi is showing

No. 1149631

Holy shit, Ashely Reese confirmed Lolcow poster. Dasha sucks but why would Ashley even feel the need to post this here when she's getting more than enough support on Twitter?

No. 1149635

No. 1149638

did you screenshot

No. 1149641

File: 1612303366140.jpg (Spoiler Image, 20.03 KB, 219x230, anorexia.jpg)

seems like some people need a refresher on what anorexia really looks like.(derail)

No. 1149644

Gotta be a setup, anyone could take her avi pic, add it to their account and make this screenshot.
Why else would they include it

No. 1149645

File: 1612303482721.jpeg (445.54 KB, 1242x2533, 20275A25-4D1C-49AF-B998-DAF43F…)

No. 1149646

No. 1149652

more likely just incompetence lol

No. 1149655

who is Ashely Reese I looked up there twitter and they just seem to reblog stuff non-stop.

No. 1149656

or someone in the group dms used a screenshot shared there

No. 1149657

agreed, i don't think anyone is out to get "Ashley Reese". also the immediate deletion of the image was sus

No. 1149659

jezebel writer black ethno narcissism grifter.(Racebait)

No. 1149660

I looked at the tweet and a quote of the 106 lb tweet is one of the top responses underneath it. It's more likely that she just found it through her top replies

No. 1149664

File: 1612304190237.jpeg (535.36 KB, 1242x1814, BC4ADB1A-24D2-434D-8C07-63CC8E…)

No. 1149665

File: 1612304197194.jpeg (498.82 KB, 1172x1878, B517AFA8-4D7B-4E0B-9F84-FEF152…)

also genuinely not surprised that she posted here because she has a very public and obvious hate-boner for dasha. at least we keep our bitching contained to a forum and not on our public social medias attached to our faces and careers(samefagging)

No. 1149669

File: 1612304249564.jpeg (496.48 KB, 1242x1363, 53AD9F12-C54B-4E86-A950-4BA624…)

No. 1149670

File: 1612304252108.png (82.59 KB, 600x459, Laya.png)

Hello Leia

No. 1149672

dasha admitting she noticed this within five minutes is more embarrassing

No. 1149674

did anyone even post that to twitter yet? its so fast it makes me think dasha is lurking right now.

No. 1149675

How did Dasha see it so fast though? Is it possible Dasha or one of her friends is trying to set her up?

No. 1149677

Dash and Leia both immediately confirming they are online in this thread in real time when someone posts a possibly fabricated screenshot used to discredit a tweet Dash obvs. doesn't like
Not stupid dumb bitch cows confirmed

No. 1149678

how many cows are lurking here at the same time this is so funny

No. 1149680

Hey, if Dasha, Leia, or any other Nazi pickme is reading this, I just want you to know that you’ll never have kids, your life will have no impact on the world, and you will be readily forgotten when you die.

No. 1149681

Of course Dasha is lurking. We already know that she comes on here. She was probably checking it because of the Twitter drama that just happened. She's not exactly secretive about it

No. 1149682

These bitches are way too smart for their own good

No. 1149685

> These bitches are way too retarded and degenerate for their own good

No. 1149686

20 min later is hardly immediately, especially considering they're tethered to their phones. I would've been sus if it was like 5 min later but the delay makes me think otherwise

No. 1149687

grifter on grifter crime

No. 1149689

Also people attacking Dasha / her friends on Twitter is hardly anything new. I don't understand why this is the one she'd 'target' out of all of them. If anything, she likes being called anorexic

No. 1149690

Your right , case closed

No. 1149692

thread that keeps on giving

No. 1149693

this is what i thought too. this is also probably the least interesting controversy she's had in a while. i just wanna see what Ashley says lol

No. 1149694

dasha: you are a terrible actress and writer. you will make no contribution to the world, and only remembered for being a marginal and annoying internet personality. looks wise you remind me of oatmeal.

I don't think shes framing this jezebel girl, but if shes lurking shes posting too.

No. 1149695

Dasha made the tweet 2 mins after this post >>1149645 (which is the one she screenshot in the tweet)

No. 1149697

Was wondering why these threads were getting worse and why there so many unsaged posts. Kindly fuck off “feminist journalists”/bloggers/grifters we hate u just as much as these hoes if not more. Ps you’re fucking fat, dress like shit and only date gay looking white men lol

No. 1149700

oop my bad. still don't think it's her though given the fact that internet drama is nothing new to her. if this was a repeated occurrence I'd suspect framing but I'll give her the benefit of the doubt. Ashley has also just disappeared off of twitter after she got called out lol

No. 1149701

people confirmed to have read lolcow:
a jezebel writer
that junker jo person
samememe and his penis

am i missing anyone?

No. 1149702

Ashley making an unsaged post with her icon visible to alert everyone that she's just as braindead as her Twitter makes her appear.

No. 1149703

I like the screenshot from group dms theory but framing a jezebel writer is absolutely the sort of petty shit Dasha and her friends would do. The timing of the whole thing is suspicious, it was right after that Dasha and Leia tweeted about it.

No. 1149707

yeah why are so many anons surprised anna and dasha have literally liked a re-tweeted stuff in direct reference to this thread like we know they have been lurking 24/7 like five threads ago and have literally made rants like 5 minutes after some post something about them here.

No. 1149711

File: 1612305220709.png (150.29 KB, 598x739, Screen Shot 2021-02-03 at 8.31…)

Leia has the level of advanced technical ability to do it, adn possibly the motivation too

No. 1149713

I agree. I don’t think Dasha herself did but probably someone she was in a group DM with. It would be funny if it was real but idk the fact it all happened within 2 minutes is just too suspicious to me.

No. 1149714

Leia defending her friend who makes fun of women who are her size and would kill herself if they switched bodies is I guess a show of loyalty.

No. 1149715

i mean the jezebel writer's latest is the manson story scraped from here

No. 1149717

That bimbo girl and probably Anna considering she replied to her tweets about it

No. 1149719

my tinfoil is that roommate laya and dasha are scheming to poison the well against this lady

No. 1149720

File: 1612305429288.jpg (54.51 KB, 413x532, Screenshot_20210202_173543.jpg)

Dasha thinking she looks like a cute anime girl when she looks like pic related. How very trans of her.

No. 1149722

uh what's more likely, that someone's using photoshop tricks to frame a jezebel writer that no one knows or cares about or that some blogger would be dumb enough to forget to crop her screencap

No. 1149723

idk what Norman Reedus has to do with anything

No. 1149727

wheres the butthole eyes anal sex pasta when you need it

No. 1149728

Why don'y you tell us, unsaged newfag? I bet you would know

No. 1149729

thats silly. its not like it was published before the statement from evan Rachal wood. theres no information from lolcow here? https://jezebel.com/evan-rachel-wood-accused-marilyn-manson-of-horrific-abu-1846172190

No. 1149730

The former

No. 1149732

Usually the latter but it wasn't some random, it was someone Dasha has been fighting with on twitter all day.

No. 1149733

I feel like both are equally likely in regards to the kind of people being discussed itt

No. 1149735

What kills me about all these post-left "omg I'm so online" faggots is that they have ZERO knowledge about anything truly online. Fucking fags. They think because they repeat old 4chan memes and post "rare pepes" they're cutting edge.

No. 1149736

We had the exact same situation with Felina and Shasti a couple of thread ago

No. 1149738

File: 1612305737767.png (Spoiler Image, 1.21 MB, 1080x1396, S2N2ouJE9.png)

No. 1149740

>unsaged and does not know how to reply to people
hi jezebel, just admit you got caught dumbass

No. 1149743

ok cow

No. 1149744

File: 1612305894222.jpeg (515.86 KB, 1242x1007, 41F3A288-8DA0-4DB2-95C0-8A7533…)

Dasha suddenly claiming to not have an ED

No. 1149745

Maybe Dasha is saying she doesn’t have Erectile Disfunction, because she has a rock hard tranny cock.

No. 1149746

This was 100% Dasha. Notice how the time stamp is literally the only thing cropped out, bc it would be a dead giveaway???? Just checked and Ashley lives in LA now

No. 1149747

Dasha you fucking faggot. We're not even Jezebel readers here. Reading all these cows' acknowledgement of anon boards is like a boomer trying to text.

No. 1149748

Caroline, she deleted her old vsco account minutes after somebody posted it here.

No. 1149749

wow you finally learned the basics of lolcow good job only took 13 threads
Lol what happened to all her UwU I don't eat stuff

No. 1149751

why would they photoshop it and then delete it and also accompany it with a diatribe only an obsessed blogger would write. Ashley you got caught, admit it. Oh and to all the cows reading this this place is for screencaps, gossip and quick digs. Long ass rambling posts where you medfag the cows immediately out you as a Twitter journo fishing for content. Fuck off with this lame conspiracy angle and let us clown on this cows in peace

No. 1149752

File: 1612306128779.jpeg (243.67 KB, 2048x2048, BB83999D-AF58-41D8-A891-413AE6…)

neither my circus nor my monkeys but was curious if there would be any tells in the language of >>1149625

(red bold text tinfoil)

No. 1149754


No. 1149757

Heather Habsburg, Aimee's Nazi e-bf Hoocho

No. 1149759

are you fucking stupid? It’s exactly something they’d do, because they’re petty and retarded and would cream their pants imagining a “scandal” like this happening. literally no one gives a fuck about Ashley. this about dasha being a petty, extremely retarded little bitch once again

No. 1149760

no its not. if it was dasha there would be "view tweet activity" between the time stamp and the retweets/likes.

No. 1149761

these posts are gonna be vindicated

dasha has two accounts. I think it was Leia with Kasha's blessing

No. 1149764

could have just taken the screenshot from another account
dasha is petty and developmentally stunted, she would absolutely do this

No. 1149765

Wrong again, if she was logged into an alt she could view all those tweets like normal and it wouldn’t say “show tweet activity”. Get help for your stupidity

No. 1149769

The long rant was about calling Dasha too skinny, something people here rarely do because she's fake ana until recently. This is a plus for the jezebel writer column and the friend of Dasha column.

No. 1149770

Aimee Terese has referenced this thread multiple times. Foster Kamer reads this too, even if he's never mentioned it on twitter. I live in New York and all the local cows are obsessed with this place. Not just the fascist leftcows, the lib media people too. The Drunken Canal could never.

No. 1149771

File: 1612306777958.png (13.5 KB, 594x108, Screenshot (325).png)

Jezebel sucks, but lol why does Dasha have cold feet all of a sudden? She should have the balls to stand by her shitty posts. She has been proud of her anorexia for years.

No. 1149772

im stupid but you can't figure out how to sage? dasha was tweeting from the "dasha eats" account when this went down. I'm supposed to believe she's clever enough to notice all this? quickly and effectively frame this jezebel girl? ill be agonistic on a friend of dasha doing it but dasha is too stupid to pull it off.

No. 1149774

I was wondering when someone would post proof of the actual nudes/videos.

No. 1149776

I don't follow Anna or Dasha or their reddit myself but I'll check out any of the links people post here or other places and I just think its funny how it seems that their replies are full of people making of fun of them. On r/redscarepod it seems like most people don't really like them that much…or at least they just use it as their joke board more than anything. This might only be the stuff that happens to get linked. I'm not sure.

I have a few friends that are subscribed to their podcast and they always make of them in conversation.

No. 1149779

File: 1612306979076.png (212.19 KB, 1182x852, 1.png)

No. 1149781

Tbh I dont think Dasha is stupid or at least not in this sense, she comes off very conniving and calculated

No. 1149782

Absolutely kek the only people who would call dasha "skeletal" are people trying to gas her up. if anons ITT hadn't scrutinized the "Ashley" post this much then dasha would've posted screenshot of this >>1149625
caption "thank you to my haters"

No. 1149784

File: 1612307025069.png (230.78 KB, 1192x860, 2.png)

Ashley replying about lolcow

No. 1149785

it's funny to imagine this being a plot but forgetting to crop your screen shot is classic internet idiot mistake. plus this girl isn't bothering denying it was her

No. 1149788

The time stamp is cropped out because they wanted to show the full text of what she posted. Also they replied to the thread literally minutes after she deleted. No one needs the fucking time stamp

No. 1149789

File: 1612307079206.png (274.06 KB, 892x1032, 3.png)

Last one then I'm out of here.

No. 1149792

she literally has twitter screenshots posted in darkmode

No. 1149793

Lol are these cows still clinging onto the whole "women don't use image boards" thing

No. 1149796

File: 1612307203926.png (47.28 KB, 593x366, Screenshot (329).png)

Her whole account is full of anorexia and starvation references and she gets pissed off when she's called out on it. That's a tell. Jezebel writers might be dumb as hell but it's pretty easy to read the word anorexia and anorexic. Posting older caps because a lot of the newer ones about her being a "glamourous anorexic" and a "starving angel" have been posted in old threads.

No. 1149797

post caps retard

No. 1149798

ok i was in the middle before but the fact that she has the worst damage control makes me think it was genuinely a stupid mistake on her end. she's probably hoping that the dasha hate train will be enough to cover her mistake. like she clearly doesn't care about defending herself but what do i know

No. 1149800

Yeah sorry, just no way I believe this random lowbie Jezebel writer knows about this site or what we even talk about. I’m not saying it was Dasha who framed her, but someone definitely did.

No. 1149801

the thought of this place being a thing postleft internet celebs are obsessed with is always so weird to me like half of the time i cringe at the posters here, we arent cool or edgy comparatively its literally just gossiping… and then the fifth thread subject turns out to be a reader
how long till lolcow can start complaining of cows forming parasocial relationships with us
you posted this at the wrong time f, everyones busy w the jezebel drama rn

No. 1149802

I think she thinks this is Kiwifarms kek

No. 1149804

this thread is now ruined forever but I'm glad it happened this way. Dasha you're pathetic and your publicist needs to steal your phone from you.

No. 1149805

File: 1612307354390.png (1.23 MB, 1507x1967, Screenshot 2021-02-02 180921.p…)

they look like screenshots other people have taken.
this one is definitely from her phone. https://twitter.com/offbeatorbit/status/1351367362885414913

No. 1149809

Yeah, looking through her media tab, the Twitter screenshots that were clearly taken by her are in day mode
The night mode ones seem to be only images of popular tweets that get passed around all the time
Also she genuinely doesn't seem like the kind of person who would go here lol

No. 1149811

File: 1612307639306.png (30.56 KB, 937x193, oop.png)

Leia sure knows a thing or two about "stanning" politicians

No. 1149812

hot take but i don't think it was either dasha or Ashley, but i do think dasha genuinely believes she did it

No. 1149813

File: 1612307706600.png (36.4 KB, 661x501, nightmode.png)

No. 1149816

Agree, it could literally just be some random farmer trying to stir up drama. Maybe mods could look into the post history?

No. 1149818

these cows already hate each other and gossip in twitter DMs. there's hardly any farmers in these threads because all of lefttwitter uses lolcow for their gossip now.
you're right it was probably Dasha's sperg friend Maddie.

No. 1149820

File: 1612307850494.png (27.78 KB, 657x269, darkmode.png)

Just documenting this here

No. 1149822

File: 1612307919596.png (16.17 KB, 592x127, Screenshot (328).png)

The point isn't really whether or not Dasha is actually anorexic the point is Dasha trying to pass off her alt as a normie food log. It isn't.

No. 1149824

File: 1612307945413.png (180.36 KB, 892x1084, leia.png)

Leia uses dark mode

No. 1149825

it was lol now im waiting for my permaban. next time i try to start drama I'll do more research. Namaste

No. 1149827

File: 1612308369139.png (172.58 KB, 896x626, namaste.png)


No. 1149830

File: 1612308444643.jpeg (127.85 KB, 828x1792, carl beijer liz bruenig party.…)

That was just a troll. Carl is one (1) person.

No. 1149831

why does every single heterosexual leftist scrote look like this

No. 1149832

File: 1612308544585.png (315.7 KB, 1080x1385, Screenshot_2021-02-02-17-27-20…)

Dasha getting called out for being a lying hypocrite in her comments.

No. 1149834

File: 1612308675346.png (265.98 KB, 1080x1213, Screenshot_2021-02-02-17-22-40…)

No. 1149839

the briesslewis dude is a very dedicated replyguy for multiple cows in this thread

No. 1149841

he interacts a lot with Berto

No. 1149842

That’s just one piece of evidence, but I don’t really see how it’s any better that Jacobin was publishing material by one white neckbeard, red brown retard in digital black face.

No. 1149844

she's a woman, a really retarded one

No. 1149845

Lmao bad time to post this but great job anon

No. 1149846

I like Carl because he triggers people like Aimee and the other post left retards more than anyone else can, and it’s hilarious

No. 1149847

File: 1612309260411.png (68.75 KB, 747x769, postingban.png)

women are going make congress ban posting

No. 1149848

What the fuck

No. 1149849

It’s a great time, really, since everyone’s attention is focused elsewhere.

No. 1149850

File: 1612309339975.png (459.49 KB, 1080x1043, Screenshot_2021-02-02-17-40-49…)

Fat boys getting in on the action.

No. 1149851

Does anyone have a picture of the metalgearobama person? I’m curious just how ugly he actually is

No. 1149852

File: 1612309441666.png (216.65 KB, 1080x907, Screenshot_2021-02-02-17-41-01…)


No. 1149854

I wonder if Jack is still in touch with his white supremacist pal Rapememe, or if he’s even still alive. Someone should call in a wellness check on these two.

No. 1149856

File: 1612309566684.png (Spoiler Image, 1.44 MB, 1080x2160, Gc8.png)

No. 1149858

Odds on metalgearobama being the one who started this whole thing and framed the Jezebel girl?

No. 1149859

You probably like Carl cause you are also an unemployed neckbeard whose entire life revolves around leftist Twitter drama

No. 1149861

very uwu tradwife to post all this porn of yourself in a discord for leftoid coomers!

No. 1149863

wartorn after her selfposting hasnt led to attention: “that place is so insane :(“

No. 1149864

File: 1612309780121.jpg (78.74 KB, 833x1078, healyscript.jpg)

I don't know if it exactly fits here, but an ex-friend of James Healey leaked a few pages of one of his movie scripts.

No. 1149865

despite the degeneracy that's the most flattering photo i've seen of her. anon gives us the really bad ones

No. 1149866

How are we doing that though? You can still post racist and especially misogynistic “jokes” everywhere online and be celebrated for it by other men. The reality is that more women are getting harassed off the internet by men.

No. 1149867

This idiot who was shitting up the thread earlier seems like the type to cook up a scheme like this.

No. 1149870

Either a friend is putting these up or one of her coomers got fed up.

No. 1149871

File: 1612309871400.jpg (105.48 KB, 833x1079, healyscript2.jpg)

No. 1149872

File: 1612309897337.png (148.13 KB, 1080x731, Screenshot_2021-02-02-17-41-12…)

Jezebel is as anti-radfem as you can get. These people getting so bent out of shape over anonymous shit talking of their e-girls is so funny. Psychopaths lmao. From someone who voluntarily associates with Estee Lardass.

No. 1149874

Wow, that’s fucking terrible and utterly unbelievable.

No. 1149877

this reads like if john green wrote sex

No. 1149879

Lea Michele really trying to shed that Glee image.

No. 1149880

File: 1612310260488.png (92.42 KB, 656x806, trans.png)

The radfem stuff is easily disprovable, this is looking more and more like a coordinated smear from some group DM
And no one who argues with J.K. Rowling about trans people on twitter would be able to handle the banter here

No. 1149885

File: 1612310438643.png (73.33 KB, 654x606, terfs.png)

What exactly is supposed to be "radfem" about this typical lib pop feminist?

No. 1149887

File: 1612310714661.png (421.65 KB, 757x479, jacknazi.png)

Jack retweeting actual "America was on the wrong side" Nazi propaganda

No. 1149889

Not milk.

No. 1149890

No one tell Jack about the tradition of cross-dressing in the Wehrmact.

No. 1149891

every soldier on every side of the war would have considered jack a fat faggot who they would have bullied to death within a month at boot camp

No. 1149892

LOL i used to follow that angel girl on insta until she started pro-ana posting. makes perfect sense that she's whiteknighting this fucking clown

No. 1149893

File: 1612311127121.jpeg (281.27 KB, 1125x992, 0E4B3B24-5CA1-43D0-B6EE-2550A6…)

Fat Assad’s take on the matters

No. 1149894

File: 1612311290738.png (84.33 KB, 1080x511, Screenshot_2021-02-02-18-12-27…)

Anyone watching the Michael Tracey saga? He's being attacked for going after AOC, including her recounting of her sexual assault. Anna K is fucking loving it. Once again proving that she will stan fat men but wants the women put in gulags.

No. 1149898

File: 1612311521207.png (124 KB, 1080x627, IMG_20210203_011826.png)

No. 1149899

File: 1612311639053.jpeg (105.75 KB, 763x855, EesFWyoWAAUC--O~2.jpeg)

One of the freakiest and botched looking troons I have seen. Dasha loves him.

No. 1149904

sleep paralysis demon

No. 1149906

File: 1612311872480.png (74.57 KB, 1080x449, Screenshot_2021-02-02-18-23-25…)

Okay @racismfactory, so sorry for being rude to your fave e-girl.

No. 1149907

Foster leak the Alice reveal if you get it
I think I remember her from tumblr.

No. 1149912

File: 1612312055913.png (316.11 KB, 1080x1336, Screenshot_2021-02-02-18-19-05…)

Walked right into that one.

No. 1149914

File: 1612312078124.png (847.65 KB, 1059x765, Screen Shot 2021-02-03 at 10.2…)

There were a lot of people who were 100% sure it was the Jezebel writer and completely certain there could be no other possibility, despite any evidence presented.
Also many extremely sympathetic to dasha on a board not normally inclined that way, and dash and her pals all on it instantaneously.

No. 1149915

this guy is deeply uninteresting

No. 1149925

File: 1612312591603.png (56.97 KB, 567x258, 1dFGH7328.png)

Jack, not only is that true about men, but YOU are exacting about how women should look ALL THE TIME. Is this man legitimately stupid? Also seems to just be making people up in his head to be mad at.

No. 1149926

All of these fat male irony posters are. Desperate to be a Chapo but hopelessly posting lame jokes about Abby Shapiro's boobs instead.

No. 1149928

File: 1612312753351.png (92.38 KB, 589x559, 1f463HShs.png)

No. 1149933

Schizo moment

No. 1149934

I think he genuinely has a disorder. He contradicts himself so often it's psychotic. Yesterday he was ranting with his gays about how they are experts on what hetero men find appealing in strip clubs and strip teases. He goes on about breasts and vaginas constantly. Derangement.

No. 1149935

He literally described /ot/ idc.

No. 1149936

yeah very good points. all signs point to fabricated. the nightmode is frankly a smoking gun. if jezebel was careless enough to leave her pic in the cap she's certainly not changing to nightmode for the first time ~just in case~

dont play us like we're fucking stupid, dasha and her pathetic orbiters. we do not fucking like you

No. 1149938

>He goes on about breasts and vaginas constantly.
because he wants to have them lol

No. 1149940

File: 1612313345813.png (2.34 MB, 1924x2048, Screenshot_20210202-184426.png)

No. 1149941

File: 1612313471050.jpg (Spoiler Image, 23.7 KB, 448x300, Izabel-Karo.jpg)

Oh, okay. So he's retarded. There are many recorded deaths from anorexia. Jack is such a a narc he thinks a world outside of his personal experience doesn't exist.
Picrel Isabelle Caro, a French model who died of anorexia.

No. 1149947

i love how they're implying it would take PHOTOSHOP to put that woman's avi in that screenshot. literally a ms paint job or simply using her avi on an alt.

No. 1149948

File: 1612314032121.jpg (331.57 KB, 800x500, 1431391896546.jpg)

No. 1149954

File: 1612314331284.jpg (244.7 KB, 1536x2048, wwwanxr9beg41.jpg)

Caroline as_a_woman used to hang out around the stupidpol sub and was a mod on their discord, she went by the name "Babygirl". I think someone in an old thread already posted about this but I will add that she was also in a smaller stupidpol splinter server (yeah she went that deep) and one time she watched Gayniggers from Outer Space with us for movie night.

Michael Tracey also once hopped in the stupidpol discord and she was simping hard for him at the time.

No. 1149955

Oh and Meg Bitchell was in there too, a lot of the lewd shit she posts now is stuff she had already posted in the stupidpol discord

No. 1149957

Jack and his affiliates always talking about "beauty and art" as if they could ever bring something that isnt a pithy contrarian tweet into the world

No. 1149959

Jack wishes he had the impulse control to be anorexic, besides his autogynophilia.

No. 1149961

Don’t inbreed, folks.

No. 1149963

File: 1612314657904.png (401.31 KB, 1080x1030, Screenshot_20210202-190705~2.p…)

Literally no one said this

No. 1149965

File: 1612314693608.jpg (86.9 KB, 1000x667, jack attack.jpg)

Excuse me, I think you'll find the Perfume Natalist is ~surrealist performance art~ followed by tens of Patrons and furthermore

No. 1149967

Kek retard Dasha thought her Ashley scheme would work and tweeted about this thread. she corralled a hoard of new people who know these cows and have dirt on them

No. 1149969

Uh oh, a whole bunch of her friends do. Should she really be calling him out like that lol.

No. 1149970

If that doesn't make sense, it's because she's been saving "Women's version of men being stock market dicks is…" for literally weeks.

No. 1149971

Are you implying Dasha looks like a real life anime girl here? Lol

No. 1149972

anal violence anon pasta modified for Dasha because I'm bored

No. She does anal that's why she has ugly eyes like that. Bags around and under the eyes are evidence of anal penetration mostly through sticking cat girl tails up there ass. The additional pressure introduced to the body by insertion of the penis into the anus for movie rolls causes an increase in the body's internal hydraulic pressure.
The increase in pressure causes tissue to bulge through and damage weaker areas, like the eye sockets,brain and mouth causing eye bags, inconsistent speech, shitty political opinions and severe darkness. Just eyes of a sodomite pick-me anon.

No. 1149973

Shame that a bitch that fine is a Nazi pickme.

Hope she’s sterile at least, then.

No. 1149977

Wait where is she getting that from?

No. 1149978

What possesses all these women to post lewds and nudes for weirdo degenerates in discord servers? Will never understand pickmeism, these people have zero sense of self-worth.

No. 1149980

No. 1149982

Zero sense of self worth and respect is a foundational element of all these monsters.

No. 1149987

He literally does this though. Every like two months he posts a 50 tweet thread live tweeting some breakdown he’s having for being fat and addicted to food for pity and attention.

No. 1149988

what's the story on this one?

I've been wondering for awhile now.(this is an imageboard)

No. 1149993

Jack should start watching HRH collection

No. 1149994

Still convinced stupidpol was an op of some kind
>inb4 conspiracy brain
The core mods took legitimate grievances with the increasing rad-libbery of the chapo sub, but their rival sub combined that with bappin-tier neo-con foreign policy takes. A very weird combination that doesn't exist anywhere else on the internet (except for Sean McCarthy ca. 2018-2019).

No. 1149998

Actually Caroline used to post anti-radlib proto-post-left semi-neo-con stuff too. Wasn't she vehemently against BDS, despite being ostensibly anti-Israel? (Who can forget the "kikes" joke.) Also she went to American University and studied foreign affairs or some shit, a university and profession that have glow written all over them.

No. 1149999

File: 1612316399979.png (94.15 KB, 1080x387, Screenshot_2021-02-02-19-37-13…)

Lol, her two friends think she's a fatass and said they would kill themselves if they were as huge as her. No way she isn't jealous.

No. 1150002

Leia knows who actually posted the screenshots

No. 1150004

You can’t have ever used lolcow before and genuinely walk away with the opinion that the majority of farmers are Jezebel writers. These people claim to be extremely online but the way they interact with/everything they say about the site and this corner of the internet is so off.

No. 1150005

Can't have been her, she's too busy planning her next GoFundMe for a dimebag and Uber Eats.

No. 1150008

They literally think that having a twitter account is being ‘extremely online’

No. 1150010

Yeah, ‘cause it came from her computer!

No. 1150017

File: 1612317196642.jpg (32.03 KB, 400x400, 20210202_195111.jpg)

It doesn't surprise me that the average seething no-lifer who sits on this garbage all day is a Jezebel """writer""" who makes minimum wage to publish gross out vagina jokes that get stolen for open-mic material by 3rd rate Amy Schumers

No. 1150018

No just adding on lol

No. 1150020

Hi Leia

No. 1150023

Nobody is jealous of Leia. Anyone can get fat and take pictures of trash on the street

No. 1150024

Wow rude, the technical term is selfie.

No. 1150026

Why are you so passionate about defending Dasha over her weird embarrassing anorexia account

No. 1150028

I'm not Leia, I'm a middle aged man who hates libtards and comes here to laugh at them(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1150029

lol when you left cows come in here with your shcizo cia theories it will never stop being the dumbest and funniest shit
>these online losers who shitposted all day had alot of inconsistent opinions, it must be the cia.

No. 1150030

File: 1612317640029.png (86.51 KB, 539x464, mod.png)

Most reliable simp and mod of sub seems very certain

No. 1150031

nice try anon no one believes ashley posted that. Truthfully she seems extremely normal and much more mentally put together than dash and her fags, not sure why you’re so deadset on defending the biggest idiot in here

No. 1150032

Eccentric, borderline incoherent conspiracy theorist who got a considerable following on Twitter for having nominal similarities with left people's criticism of CIA etc. She started to veer into Qanon territory and people started dunking on her after finding out she's a dyed in the wool conservative and lifelong Republican voter.

No. 1150038

lmao even RSpod sub posters said you seem insufferable and Anna dodged a bullet

No. 1150039

I don't even really care at all, I just hate journalists and especially for that disgusting feminist filth. So what's bad for them is good for me. For the record, I think Dasha is a diseased man-bodied pincushion for cock.

No. 1150040

She’s handled the situation way more gracefully than any of the cows do when they get mentioned itt. Even if she did it (doubt) she seems likeable.

No. 1150043

The fact that this is edited and it looks way worse in reality

Jack Gein

No. 1150044

I agree, it’s obviously not her but she still reacted better to it than the rest of the cows itt have to people literally just posting screenshots of their own tweets

No. 1150046

Go back.

No. 1150047

That menopausal corpse bride anna merlan is all over this thread today. her and ashley must sit on lolcow all day together at the jezebel office stinking up their chairs. don't get comfortable. we despise journalist lurkers

No. 1150049

Why did you use that poor girls icon on your alt account to post those screenshots because you really, desperately wanted to make a huge “reveal” to use the fact that random twitter mami is a jezebel writer? Creepy

No. 1150051


No. 1150052

Interesting. I unfollowed her after a couple weeks because the way she wrote about things gave me secret evangelical conservative and sort of anti-semitic energy. I've seen her in Aimee and "post left" people's replies so thought she was just another disaffected lib turned bernie supporter.

No. 1150055

this is shit that lolcow needs more of. you go back.

No. 1150060

>posting on a girl's only site about hating feminism and then telling people to go back
lmfao this is your brain on scrote

No. 1150062

lolcow isn’t your army.

No. 1150063

Brace allegedly tried to get her to go on TrueAnon multiple times but she never responded to his DMs (he talked about this on the twitch streams last year)

No. 1150065

Yep, it’s hard to admit but she seems nice and normal and like the kind of person wouldn’t care about this drama at all, or is even aware of it. I feel bad someone decided to rope her in, she clearly had no idea what this site is

No. 1150066

Thankyou I hate when people talk about people here as if there’s some collective ideology “we” all hold. It’s just a drama board.

No. 1150067

shitleft posters who lurk and selfpost on here use terminology like this to make it seem like they’re OnE oF uS, as if that even existed lol

No. 1150071


No. 1150076

Dasha and her minions really turned this thread to shit.

No. 1150078

i thought i was the only gay on here!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1150079

>teehee im an egirl im sooo online ftw epic lolz
>wait what there are anonymous boards on the internet? i thought those were only for nazi anime pedos!!

No. 1150080

File: 1612319269548.png (168.73 KB, 584x497, new aimee.PNG)

a new aimee just dropped. she has a less manic persona for now, but the same weird grudge against michael brooks, sean mccarthy, and a marx quote as her first tweet. edwin aponte, who's been desperate for aimee to write coherent articles she never will for the bellows, was her first follower/followee. her american simps are probably setting up new accounts on her behalf. american time zones as opposed to the sydney time zone on shoe_sticky.

No. 1150082

Yeah this sucks now

No. 1150083

Doesn’t surprise me that that Kapo would want an evangelical neocon on to kibbitz about their preferred blood libels.

Shame then that Belden and Franczak stopped kissing Aimee’s ass, or did have they stopped with their play fighting?

No. 1150085

It’s like >>1149967 said. The threads will be fine.

No. 1150086

File: 1612319485626.png (327.69 KB, 604x404, shin aimee.png)

Yup, that's definitely her. How long before this one gets the boot?

No. 1150087


No. 1150089

True, hopefully this will lead to more people releasing milk lol. Just not looking forward to the people who will inevitably make it their life goal to fuck the threads up forever

No. 1150090

They’ll spam for a few hours, get bored, and then come back to talk shit on someone else two months later

No. 1150092

File: 1612319734488.png (16.31 KB, 388x69, rm.png)

Kjbert mod tried dragging Anna M on sub without much success, over NYE party stuff
Someone posted on here about exactly the same thing immediately after, in exactly the same way.
Now your here bringing up Anna M again, the only time since the last time you brought her up,
I don't know if Anna M is in this thread, I have no connection to her

No. 1150095

File: 1612319836062.png (600.87 KB, 756x1744, trauma.png)

She's already chosen her new bit!

No. 1150096

what kind of insight would that insane dumb bitch have anyway lmao

No. 1150097

What’s funny is that Michael Brooks was on the down low constantly trying to suppress criticism of Aimee. But I guess she’s still just too jealous of his fame, and that he took attention away from her beloved Adolph Reed, David Slavick and Heidi Matthews. And, that’s besides the fact that Brooks loved the Bellows but Aponte really did not reciprocate.

More importantly, let the rest of those death cultists fight over his miserable legacy. The more they show their asses on their red brown retardation, the more they prove what Brooks’ anti-woke and StupIdPol lite positioning would have become.

And, one last thing, I still think Ben Burgis didn’t even get a single nude let alone a little suck from Dasha for letting her on his show. It may, though, have been an idea that came from Douglas Lain.

No. 1150098

>dyed in the wool conservative and lifelong Republican voter
ok wow this makes a lot of sense now.
thanks for responding.
I was curious about it because before her weird conspiracy shit she actually seemed genuinely intelligent and didn't have the 'failed e-girl' vibes the others have had.

No. 1150100

She did a lot of amateur research into Epstein stuff in 2019.

No. 1150105


she's already burned bridges with adolph reed and has publicly denounced him because he dissed angela nagle. heidi seems to have quietly stopped interacting with her in the past year. who aimee will burn next? jeff jr? edwin? her newest cohost?

No. 1150107


nigga you gay?? i'm gay!!!!

No. 1150109

File: 1612320429917.png (96.99 KB, 1080x669, Screenshot_20210202-204627~2.p…)

Who got a selfie?

No. 1150110

She's lost what like 2 cohosts so far?

No. 1150113

Only a matter of time until Bateman moves on too.

No. 1150114

Yeah, but is that just an act of hers? Can we really be sure she isn’t maintaining those relationships quietly, privately?


Sounds like Edwin is losing his patience, and she could wind up burning what good will she’s got at Sp!ked and Zer0 Books.

But, it would be wild if somehow Tucker Carlson or even Donald Trump had to denounce her. “Look, I’m an elite, fascist pig, but that Aussie cunt is psycho.”

No. 1150116


three malcolm kyeyune, adam proctor, benjamin studebaker

No. 1150117

We gunna get you fiiiirrrreeeeddd.(cowtipping)

No. 1150119

fucking reddit spacing newfag. you have to go back.

No. 1150120

File: 1612321057777.jpeg (20.17 KB, 249x249, ED1828D5-57F9-4363-A016-4BAAC0…)

Good evening “ladies”(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1150121

File: 1612321124187.jpg (191.22 KB, 1400x700, 1_fFcW3EqzFAAj1Y7GqCkF4Q.jpg)

No. 1150122


No. 1150125

damn who's this handsome homosexual….

No. 1150126

post-left fags have the same sense of humor as an 11 year old on 9gag

No. 1150127

File: 1612321516437.png (194.33 KB, 1080x979, Screenshot_20210202-210157~2.p…)

The pick-mes are seething

No. 1150128

the funniest part about this tweet is how multiple cows have had legit mental break downs when they found this thread.

No. 1150129

Yes, because the average scarethot isn’t a badly repressed pickme. Sure, Eloise.

No. 1150131


No. 1150133

File: 1612321893832.jpg (391.25 KB, 1800x2700, bd562c99c6b0a5e2eda9289bac2ff5…)

I heard Dasha recently revealed her body count was 70.

I mean, I used to think she was occasionally funny, albeit Anna was the actual smart one. But learning that she's basically been this cum dump who was "fucking and sucking since she was 14" (her words) makes me feel disgusted, repulsed and sad for her.

She needs to have a baby or some shit, to learn to take care of someone other than herself and focus her attention on something other than violent sex.

No. 1150134

how are all these supposedly "extremely online" cows completely unaware of lolcow? you'd think they'd have at least been tipped off after the zoe ligon meltdown in 2016, they would have been in the same twitter circles at around that time.

No. 1150135

trying to settle something with a friend….
did any of these dirtbag podcasters go a BLM march? I mean I know armchair doomer shit is their bag but I assume at least one of the chapos and maybe like Brace did…?

No. 1150136

File: 1612322016856.png (390.61 KB, 1000x871, a7a5ca8237fa8ad49b7128aad42884…)

For the record, I think Anna and Dasha's takes on modern feminism are good a lot of the time. Anna especially is good. And I think hating on Dash for her looks is harsh, she's obviously pretty. Or at least, prettier than that ugly black bitch who writes for Jezebel.

No. 1150137

Literally like how can you call yourself an egirl and know nothing about cgl/lolcow

No. 1150138

File: 1612322120141.jpeg (724.96 KB, 1536x2048, dasha brace belden throwback.j…)

Dasha x Brace. It's hilarious how all the dirtbag celebrities know each other going years back.

No. 1150139

matt, will, brace, and liz did, the true anon producer was arrested one night

No. 1150141

Can you incels please go back to twitter. No one cares about your unsaged musings on Dashas body count.

No. 1150142

Can you at least fucking sage your pathetic white knighting and derailing?

No. 1150143

Ew lmao leave fag

No. 1150144

File: 1612322209318.jpeg (77.66 KB, 689x405, E03999D5-F0D8-463C-9379-EA8D75…)

This is her writing

No. 1150145

>posts a selfie that's been meitu'd
>she's obviously pretty
you sure? >>1149720

No. 1150146

Will and his dominatrix Kath Krueger were part of the crowd that was trapped on that bridge by the cops for a whole night lol

No. 1150147


No. 1150148

any anons got that habsburg jaw dasha pic?

No. 1150149

aimee will be in her 6th ban soon. She’s attacking twitter personalities already. Despite calling AOC a narcissist, this unaware, aussie loon won’t be able to lay low. She craves the attention before the next ban.

No. 1150151

File: 1612322586605.jpg (47.74 KB, 1000x700, ESkisInU4AE4vG0.jpg)

>this thread actually likes AoC

No. 1150152

No, we just hate Nazi pickmes more.

No. 1150153

lolcow has a lot of tumblr feminist refugees thanks to those retarded "pink pill" threads

No. 1150154

It’s such a small scene. Really sends home how meaningless it all is.

No. 1150155

How is Anna a Nazi? She's a Jew lol.

Yeah, my boyfriend was joking the other day about how he could probably pretend to be a milquetoast succdem and fuck all the girls in the scene within the space of six months.

No. 1150156

File: 1612322772897.png (1.05 MB, 700x871, 1598838117939.png)

don't have the original.

No. 1150157

If the jezebel chick was framed then what was the motive? I mean, why did they choose her specifically to frame? Does she have some connection to the cows previously? Ive read the last several threads but I don't remember her being mentioned.

No. 1150158

Maybe don’t write a paragraph about how some girls body count is too high for your liking and how she needs to have a baby, how a 6/10 like Dasha is pretty, how you think Anna Khachiyan is smart and how much you dislike (((modern feminism))) if you don’t want to be immediately clocked as an incel

No. 1150159

honestly such a fucking classic lmao

No. 1150160

File: 1612322864824.jpeg (20.52 KB, 276x238, clip.jpeg)

>How is Anna a Nazi? She's a Jew lol.
haven't you heard of kapos?

No. 1150161

she got thousands of likes making fun of dasha earlier today

No. 1150162

Then she’s a Kapo.

No. 1150163

She quote tweeted Dasha and got a bunch of likes for it

No. 1150165

What did he pretend to be for you ?

No. 1150166

Oh I got you. I had the timeline wrong, I thought she only started posting about her on twitter after stuff happened here

No. 1150168

I'm failing to see how Anna is a Nazi. She's an orthodox socialist who occasionally posts some anti-Zionist stuff right? How does this make her a Nazi? This is sounding suspiciously New York Times/WaPo-adjacent… ("People doing things I don't like makes them Nazis")

No. 1150169

File: 1612323151427.png (22.75 KB, 1042x62, the serpent.png)

This was by far Dasha's biggest exposure to date.

No. 1150170

Anna doesn't identify as Jewish, she identifies as Russian. She's never stepped inside a synagogue. When she claims to be Jewish she only does it to deflect from accusations that she's a Nazi.
> She's an orthodox socialist
she told people to vote for Trump and goes on podcasts hosted by white supremacists that "name the Jew"

No. 1150171

I mean I'm pretty sure Dasha herself has admitted having 70 sexual partners is a sign of deep mental illness and unhappiness but ok.

Also, Anna is smart and modern feminism is just pro-porn, pro-degradation trash. Deal with it.

No. 1150173

>orthodox socialist
Are you retarded? She's denounced leftism many, many times. Explicitly on the latest ep. Nazi is a stretch; reactionary is more apt.

No. 1150174

>Anna doesn't identify as Jewish, she identifies as Russian.
She has called herself Jewish on multiple occasions. Listen to the show. And this has never stopped Jews from claiming irreligious half-Jews as Jews in the past (thinking of any number of scientists here). So why does Anna suddenly become persona non grata?

She denounced American leftism, which is merely liberalism in disguise.

No. 1150175

>So why does Anna suddenly become persona non grata?
>goes on podcasts hosted by white supremacists that "name the Jew"

No. 1150176

No. 1150177

>reactionary is more apt.
Yes, from the same school of thought that said Angela Nagle was a racist for not agreeing with liberal immigration policies.

People who believe in global capitalism and support a party that wants to create giant, continent-wide free trade zones don't get to define what leftism means, sorry.

No. 1150179

She is a useful idiot.
Have a look at her twitter.
The exchanges and rt's aren't too bad, but if you look at he accounts she's interacting with and rting, then you start to get the nazi stuff.
She's an enabler and spreader of hate.
She doesn't realize this and of course will deny it

No. 1150180

Seconded. Reeks of Aimee-style derangement

No. 1150181

>She denounced American leftism
Give me a fucking break, you've obviously never listened to a single episode of the pod. She thinks Eastern Communism or whatever you want to call it was a massive failure too.

No. 1150182

>all that non-sageing and reddit spacing
do not engage with a newfag

No. 1150183

>goes on podcasts hosted by white supremacists that "name the Jew"
She went on The Right Stuff?

Again, she's at best illiberal. If being illiberal was all it took to make someone a Nazi then shit, Mao and Stalin were also nazis. Add in the Bourbon Kings, the Holy Roman Empire, the Russian Empire, Arab Caliphates… Hell just about anyone. Do you see how unworkable a standard such as "illiberal = nazi" is now?

No. 1150184

But better than western "leftism", she's stated this before. E.g. Their comments on how Eastern European socialists don't tend to buy into mass immigration and LGBTranny.

No. 1150186

this dumb bitch only gets any attention when she posts screenshots of other people and complains about something really dumb. then she gets mad the person or friends of the person get upset at her. just an annoying pick me dumb bitch

No. 1150187

Ain’t no one trying to move to Eastern Europe…but they sure do love to move to other countries.

No. 1150189

repost it

No. 1150190

Paging the jannies. What a clusterfuck. So may twitter reply guys flipping the fuck out over their e-girls.

No. 1150191

lmfao at this thread full of women posting about prettier more popular women that they're jealous of and trying to cover themselves by being like Umm Ummm it's actually because they're nazis that we're obsessively talking about them!! get some bfs ladies(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1150192

>ain't no one
Use proper English please.
>but they sure do love to move to other countries.
Good. They're better immigrants than non-western origin ones, integrate better and don't form giant industrial-sized grooming gang networks.

Also: America fucked Russia and turned it into a diseased shithole throughout the 1990s, supporting Yeltsin's armed invasion of the legislature (remind you of anything) and killing 250 people in the process. Own it. America is hated for a very good reason.

No. 1150193

These people don’t believe in anything except for wanting free trips to the ER after a really bad binge and not looking sjw-style cringe. That’s literally it.

No. 1150194

Exactly my thoughts. Didn't know the Female Dating Strategy contingent had spread to /snow/. Sad!

No. 1150195

people should just report and ignore them instead of giving them what they want. This is a drama board not /pol/ and all the unsaged political spergs need to go back to twitter.

No. 1150196

It seems completely plausible that Ashley either sent this to someone who ended up posting it on the board or has an alt where she posted this screenshot and someone used it here. I would be surprised if this girl actually used an imageboard to talk shit on dasha since she seems entirely comfortable doing that openly on twitter

No. 1150197

>Use proper English please.
she's just an aave retard from twitter, what can you expect

No. 1150198

Eastern Europe and Eastern European communites in Western Countries are gigantic hubs of human trafficking. But your racist ass doesn't care because they're white.

No. 1150199

man shut up

No. 1150200

File: 1612324012170.jpg (139.7 KB, 670x1024, 1610441127969.jpg)

Dasha = White Lady.
Black woman = All the seething women ITT.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1150201

im mutuals with a couple of the girls in this thread and i just wanted to say this thread is so fucking hilarious lmao (in a good way)

No. 1150203

No one asked

No. 1150204

>Ayo hol up
We speak English in European countries, not AAVE.

No. 1150205

nick mullen will never fuck you

No. 1150206

File: 1612324115457.jpeg (59.28 KB, 473x1024, 66510ABB-3602-49ED-935B-570A2F…)

No. 1150207

They’re just “classier” and more pop-culturally accepted than MS13. Wow this guy is legit retarded.

No. 1150208

>You will never comfort Dasha and be a part of her healing process
Why live.

No. 1150209

go back

No. 1150210


im not gay or a woman! you guys are meanies(male)

No. 1150211

Ukrainian organized crime is 100% Jewish, and the main destination for these girls is Israel because Jews are obsessed with "shiksas". The other main hubs are Romania (non-white gypsies) and Analbania (Muslims).

No. 1150212

Wait I thought grooming didn’t exist???

No. 1150214

go back to twitter

No. 1150216

go back to twitter you reddit spacing FAGGOT

No. 1150217

>uh we're totally not nazis, how dare you!!!
>oh and by the way it's always the jews, whites dindu nuffin
just lmao

No. 1150218

FDSers call 22 year old men having relationships with 17 year old women "grooming". Most of the victims in the Rochdale/Rotherham cases were younger than 14 when it started.

No. 1150219


I will! meanies.

you guys seen this sean mccarthy guy he blows so bad(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1150220

Yes, the Jews did wreck Ukraine and continue to wreck it today. That's why its ruled by a Jew and Jews control every major industry and media outlet there.

No. 1150223

Admittedly, some of the influx of scarethots and other assorted filth can Sage, but they’re still outing themselves as NazBol degenerates, all the same.

No. 1150224

>17 year old
Lol pick one. A kid is a kid.

No. 1150226

do the retarded board newfags know that brigading is pointless? new threads get made all the fucking time. you're not going to get this thread "banned" like a fucking subreddit. go back.

No. 1150227

>I'm not a /pol/ tard but the jews are controlling society
this has to he a troll

No. 1150228

yes you moron. stop engaging.

No. 1150229

Weird how Anna and Aimee and all the rest cry all the time at being unfairly labeled as Nazis, but then whenever their reply guys pop up to defend them they turn out to be vile racists 100% of the time.

No. 1150230

Sorry Deborah, it's time to take responsibility for the behavior of the tribe.

No. 1150231

I do think immigrants integrate much better in America than say England or Germany. But this has more to do with the adoptive countries than the home countries.

No. 1150233

they're trolling in attempt to get this thread banned because their internet experience comes from reddit. you guys are so easily baited. embarrassing.

No. 1150235

It’s probably Glenn Greenwald or Heidi Matthews.

No. 1150236

File: 1612324840464.jpg (2.86 MB, 2140x2832, 1393841715883.jpg)

America is the most racially divided society on earth and has yearly nationwide riots costing trillions of dollars worth of damage over racial issues.

There is no national identity in America (hell you can't even get along with your families), which is why you all want to be Japanese/Korean, and the sooner this disgusting, deranged, warmongering mutt golem nation is wiped out the better.

No. 1150239

>mad about race mixing
> (((golem)))

That’s bait.

No. 1150240

then stop replying… ignore…

No. 1150241

File: 1612325076444.jpg (102.9 KB, 992x558, police-rt-er-200604_hpMain_16x…)

Imagine having race riots in every major and mid-sized city in your country that cost trillions and drive up insurance premiums for everyone and then claiming you are "good at integrating immigrants". And that's just the tip of the iceberg, no need to mention minor details that dumb burgers are unaware of like 90% of their Indian immigrants being ardent Hindu Nationalists lol.

Burgers look at this picture and think we envy it. Remember China put down the CIA protests in Hong Kong without taking a single life. Russia put down the CIA protests in Moscow recently in a similarly fair way, and the glowniggers were unable to cause much damage either.

No. 1150242

Sorry to break it to you but shitty American mono culture is an identity and 99.9% of the population follows along even if they don’t actually get along some/most of the time. It only takes like half a generation to filter down. Western Europe has cultural divides lasting generations, you can be 4th generation English citizen but you’ll always be a paki who isn’t welcome in a pub.

No. 1150244

File: 1612325224461.jpg (136.08 KB, 1280x720, bc42472d5dcd45198bf5e0cf296654…)

In this picture, white cops and civilians wash black protestors feet. Why are White Americans so pathetic?

>People in the country generally watch the same TV shows
>This means we are a real group

lol, China is going to make such short work of you that I almost feel sorry for you.

No. 1150245

File: 1612325305486.png (430.73 KB, 1064x1065, 1602695997018.png)

>some obvious troll is posting shit to troll
>retards on here:
>omg this is bait! you can't be serious! paragraph on why anon is wrong
fucking lol

No. 1150246

>you can be 4th generation English citizen but you’ll always be a paki who isn’t welcome in a pub.

There's no such thing as an "English citizen", moron. And yes, pakis out. English is an ethnicity, not a civic identity. If you burgers love your gay corporate identity so much, why are so many of you on here obsessed with Japanese/Korean culture (ethnostates) and obsessed with finding Japanese/Korean husbands? LOL.(derailing)

No. 1150247


No. 1150248

These scrotes and redditfags are starved for attention. They haven't gotten this much attention from women and it shows. Just ignore and report.

No. 1150249

Oh he’s a fat, retarded football hooligan. I get it now.

No. 1150250

Fuck I missed it by 23 min can you post it again

No. 1150251

File: 1612325601788.png (626.92 KB, 650x925, 1492288432272.png)

American cities are like third world zones with tribal gang warfare, highest rates of murder and violence in OECD group. What planet do you live on, burger?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1150253

judging by how these posters are posting slurs and race statistics at each other I don't think many lolcow posters are even replying to them, they just started arguing with themselves.

No. 1150254

Imagine caring about multiculturalism when you never leave your house. Literally who gives a shit but sad tards sperging over the purity of a “culture” they’d never matter to(derailing)

No. 1150259

ugh guys stop derailing!! this thread isn't for discussion it's for psychotically poring over the latest dasha and anna selfies for any traces of plastic surgery or facetuning

No. 1150260


No. 1150261

What is happening right now? Did we ever figure out who tried to frame that jezebel lib?

No. 1150262

No. 1150264

lmao at their reply guys getting into fights on here over racial wars

No. 1150265

It’s sad when they try to be funny and it falls flat.(learn 2 imageboard)

No. 1150267

I don’t buy it. Sounds like a psychotic twitterfag who was angry they’re discussed itt framed a random woman on the premise that she’s a writer for jezebel. Try as hard as you want, we aren’t writers for near-defunct cybermags that nobody cares about.

No. 1150269

Confirms it was Leia self posting about her short term marriage in the previous thread when someone called her a femcel lol

No. 1150270

How old is this guy? He somehow has a bunch of girls in their early 20's sending him their amateur porno vids and nudes? That's sad.

No. 1150272

He’s like 35 and has never had a good take about anything

No. 1150276

Our podcast girls aren't nazis! Then they proceed to try to out nazi each other.

No. 1150279

I've seen Drew's shitty takes but was wondering how decrepit he is. So Felina and chaoticritchbitch were sending nudes and porno to some 35 year old man? Rancid. Anyone have pics of this guy?

No. 1150285

Hard sell that anyone from Jezebel would hang out here when we're allowed to be so hard on their beloved transwomen and sex workers.

No. 1150286

True. It’s funny though, if leia had the exact same body but with a prettier face, Dasha would’ve never even befriended her. She only hangs out with ugly bitches so she can feel hot

No. 1150287

He's 25. Hasn't posted any selfies afaik

No. 1150292

File: 1612328051254.jpeg (410.61 KB, 1536x2048, lj.jpeg)

I can see why Dasha would feel very comfortable around her.

No. 1150293

Nta but a body count over 50 is insanely high, you don’t need to be conservative or prude to see this, anyone who says differently is probably bpd and trying to justify their own irresponsible and impulsive sexual behavior

No. 1150297

her face looks like a flesh version of the NPC meme

No. 1150299

File: 1612328293050.png (69.83 KB, 1080x394, Screenshot_2021-02-02-22-55-51…)

Pretty sure this psycho set the rando Jezebel writer up. And for what? Dasha is so proud of being ana-chan.

No. 1150302

File: 1612328485134.png (13.49 KB, 1288x725, HQGr.png)

No. 1150303

It was obviously Leia who did this. She needed a new hobby after getting dumped

No. 1150304

yea she handled all this with grace. fuck verifieds or whatever but ashley didn't deserve to be piled on by a bunch of inbred drug addled white people with roaches.

No. 1150305

ariel pink! hell yea!

No. 1150307

that white assad freak annoyed me the most. go raise your fucking family dude lmao

No. 1150308

File: 1612328756474.jpeg (119.53 KB, 750x891, B474BBFE-D5FA-4668-9CAA-AF9977…)

no surprise this cow literally engaged in piss play

No. 1150309

You're very very weird

No. 1150310

Leia probably has that haircut to emulate dasha

No. 1150311

Framing a random writer because she accurately called out your "friend" (who we all know thinks you're an ugly porker) for having a pro-ana twitter is so pathetic. Take up bird watching or knitting or something.

No. 1150312

File: 1612328949226.jpeg (331.89 KB, 1209x1071, B7954E88-773D-437A-9156-5117FB…)

Why are they all piling on this woman so hard just pointing out the fact that Dasha has an ED twitter account and brings up being anorexic every other sentence

No. 1150313

He has kids? What the fuck?

No. 1150314

It’s cause she’s black, not simply cause she writes for Jezebel.

No. 1150316

She used to have SJW-style pink hair, then switched to blonde shortly after Anna and Dasha met and Red Scare started…you're probably right kek

No. 1150317

Dasha always does this she admits to something then when she’s confronted about it she gaslights and denies. Literal retard behavior

No. 1150319

Yeah, that tweet is explicitly referencing a Kyle Kulinski tweet with a racial slur; she's essentially calling her a nigger by proxy

No. 1150322

Why are all of these people so unfunny

No. 1150324

File: 1612329303402.png (126.16 KB, 733x1036, jackrapistsimp.png)

more Manson simping from Jack

No. 1150325

isn't that bimbo girl also black, that makes it even more sad and pathetic. every time she tweets something it seems like she legitimately hates herself

No. 1150326

File: 1612329344648.png (437.16 KB, 1080x1036, Screenshot_2021-02-02-23-15-00…)

That's what's so funny about Dasha. She yells about her anorexia every chance she gets but when someone says "that's kind of fucked up" she gets all pissy. She's done this before.

No. 1150327

Middle Eastern but either way she seems like she hates herself

No. 1150328

this is what happens when your over the age of 16 and use twitter and 4chan humor

No. 1150329

Egyptian Sephardic Jewish

No. 1150330

Dasha is such a piece of shit that she has anons supporting a jezelbel writer kek

No. 1150331

File: 1612329577380.png (514.31 KB, 1080x1429, Screenshot_2021-02-02-23-18-08…)

Grow a spine bitch.

No. 1150332

well that's because Dasha and friends had the most retarded idea ever. They tried to frame her for posting on lolcow to get her canceled because they actually think lolcow is that important and influential.

No. 1150334

Ashley Reese 1000% posts here

No. 1150335

File: 1612329912693.png (174.27 KB, 1080x786, Screenshot_2021-02-02-23-23-04…)

She's had this "don't blame me for literally promoting my anorexia" tantrum at least three times now, lmao. At least stand by it.

No. 1150337

no one's buying your bs Dasha reply guy no.14

No. 1150339

I find the fact that these cows think that the people posting on this board are lonely when they too have no boyfriends or romantic partners

No. 1150340

Also calling the writer in question, and the rest of the Jezebel crew fat, because of course. And obese Jack having a laugh despite being so sensitive about his weight.

No. 1150341

On top of their hours long spergout itt if you search lolcow on twitter like every single reply guy on this earth has made a post about it today. I’m so shocked that 1. These “extremely online” freaks are this astounded girls use imageboards even though lolcow is an offshoot of an offshoot and itself like 7 years old 2. People are this passionate about chaoticitgirl

No. 1150344

She's earned their temporary loyalty by supplying them with copious nudes and pornos of herself. But at the end of the day, der coomer is loyal only to his dick and they'll turn on bella too when they stop getting a rush from her liking and responding to their replies.

No. 1150345

They all jerked off to chaoticitgirls nudes and amateur porno vids so they're very devoted.

No. 1150346

I'm tired of this dime a dozen lightskin bitch and her forced 4chan humor (lol). She's the "trad" equivalent of those white girls that are like "Tea sis finna popped a wig chile"

No. 1150348

File: 1612331048474.jpeg (79.88 KB, 750x245, 7EE2E00A-ED31-42CD-8B05-657A45…)

No. 1150350

i have a feeling she'd kill herself if she had to work any kind of job

No. 1150351

Lol I loathe Jezebel and this writer seems like an annoying libfem generally but she did nothing wrong here. She just pointed out something Dasha herself has said proudly at least 3 dozen times lmao. Now she has to deal with all of these shithead scarethots and reply guys. I feel bad for her.

No. 1150352

because they post on reddit they think theyre from the underground of the internet

No. 1150353

as if he wouldn't kill to be a 120 lb. c-level television actress with a perfect pussy.

No. 1150356

ugh wtf she’s worse than felina, posts such disgusting gore literotica

No. 1150357

They really do kek.

No. 1150358

Looks Mizrahi tbh.(no1curr)

No. 1150359

Last tweet I saw from Kendra was her implying that her Dad's friends molested or raped her when she was 6. Anyways, Jack thinks starring in a top HBO show is C list? God, he is jealous of ERW. Like skin her and wear her flesh levels of jealous.

No. 1150362

not to derail but wasn’t it confirmed that ERW was beat up in a unlisted manson video

No. 1150363

Yeah, she says she is, but it’s ‘complicated’
Sure I saw her saying she was Sephardi but could be wrong
Definitely Egyptian Jewish tho

No. 1150365

Lot of overlap between these eating disorder bitches and being molested as a kid. Dasha has hinted at being molested too

No. 1150366

File: 1612332274524.png (88.71 KB, 1080x427, Screenshot_2021-02-03-00-01-46…)

Genuinely terrified for them. Their dad calls himself @RacismFactory and sits on twitter all day saying butthole and talking about Abby Shapiro in the grossest possible ways.

No. 1150372

They’ve got excellent chances of becoming future school shooters.

No. 1150373

because these faggots are desperately trying to sound like theyre from 4chan to brand themselves as edgy to other faggots. they should stick to their own culture (facebook)

No. 1150374

can someone post his face again pls

No. 1150376

File: 1612333374078.jpg (104.12 KB, 763x1024, shesakeeper.jpg)

No. 1150377

No words.

No. 1150378

File: 1612333444347.jpeg (513.01 KB, 828x1105, 2C1A1C81-5DA4-4C4C-B0C1-939718…)

I’ve never seen anyone use the word “libtard” more than this guy. Is it still 2016?

No. 1150379

No. 1150380

he became a 2015 Trump guy in 2020 after he couldn't find a way to get himself on Chapo or Cum Town

No. 1150381

File: 1612333745449.jpeg (103.75 KB, 750x320, 7CBF741D-F4E5-47D8-9D2C-AC7012…)

One of the comments LOL. Does this person think Anna and Dasha aren’t vicious? We’re merely mirroring their attitude, nothing more

No. 1150382

A portly adult man who wears Harry Potter t-shirts in public and posts about dicks and buttholes on twitter obsessively? Wow.

No. 1150383

Former TMBS fan and NazBol who went full TrumpTard.

No. 1150384

these girls need to go back. maybe the internet isn't for them.

No. 1150385

Have all these people never been on an imageboard or something? How is it “shocking”? And honestly lolcow is a lot less harsh than literally every other chan.

No. 1150387

File: 1612334171320.jpeg (398.13 KB, 1242x1041, 11353DB4-BBDD-46B4-B9E0-1D329F…)

No. 1150388

They find it shocking because the userbase is women. That’s literally it. Nothing itt is exceptionally cruel and the subjects of the thread are horrible people who are much more viscous.

No. 1150390

What even is the demographic of The Perfume Fatfuck's listeners and followers

No. 1150391

god i hate these tryhard fags

No. 1150393

Chloe Sevigny during her deepest adderall moment

No. 1150394

Gay men and incels who really really hate women. Like a lot. Also Jews and immigrants probably.

No. 1150395

Lol, I mean people who hate Jews and immigrants. To be clear.

No. 1150397

File: 1612334818367.jpg (42.54 KB, 747x331, lollmao.jpg)

Maybe this is one of the "fans" that never actually listens? Brute viciousness that's almost shocking describes A & D's schtick really well. Saying a woman who recovered from an eating disorder looked better sick and should lose the weight again, saying 35 is haggard, putting on a nasally "stupid bitch" voice to read domestic violence testimony. Come the fuck on.

No. 1150398

twitter users who want to be based and find "frens" but never got popular among frog twitter no matter how many people they replyguy. desperate clinging onto whatever will get them popular.

No. 1150399

File: 1612334917220.png (36.64 KB, 691x209, dlt.png)

Deleted by poster but still available by link, not much to see

No. 1150401


>based nazbol e-girls

This might be forgivable if this dipshit was 13 or something.

No. 1150403

File: 1612335282765.jpg (70.42 KB, 960x547, fellowkids.jpg)

No. 1150415

the eternal redditor

No. 1150416

the idea that a jezebel writer would be able to stomach browsing terfchan dot pasture is laughable

No. 1150419

File: 1612338004578.png (425 KB, 1080x600, IMG_20210203_083829.png)

sam prick adjacent twitter is dumping on jack

No. 1150424

Sick ‘im, bois! Maybe he’ll delete all his posts again but somehow not deactivate his account, just like when Rapememe was finally torn down.

No. 1150425

Anna’s a nazi? With that nose? Honey..

No. 1150426

If this means he has another freak out, I'm game. It's extremely funny that lexaprofessional called him a degenerate today, considering her friends are pals with him.

No. 1150427

that's the new Bill Kezos account

No. 1150430

It’s so annoying that to this day so many people say samememe was ‘deplatformed’

No. 1150431

She just lacks the self respect not to pal around with fascist freaks who toy with anti-Semitism like BAP, Logo, and fat Jack.

No. 1150436

They’re psychotically cruel

No. 1150439

If we redefine "deplatforming" as freaking out and deleting your own social media because you got caught being a disgusting rapist, then sure. Maybe Jack is sheltering him at his place. Brotherhood of misogynist freaks.

No. 1150441

Did we ever find out anything more about Jack and the meth sex guy?

No. 1150444

File: 1612339804279.png (72.42 KB, 1080x359, Screenshot_2021-02-03-02-07-17…)

They act like this place is without precedent but twitter is one of the worst, most hostile places on the internet. Wonder if she got backlash for rightfully calling Jack a degenerate?

No. 1150445

Jack's already in the guest bedroom. There's no more room at the inn.

No. 1150447

4 cha*n

No. 1150451

File: 1612340474336.png (30.58 KB, 843x81, ak.png)

No. 1150454

She definitely does realise this

No. 1150462

Hmm idk it could be the fact that your whole part of twitter is obsessed with regurgitating old 4chan memes. Remember when Dasha said in 2019/2018 "I'm really into posting rare pepes", the fact that every post-left funnyman is a Redditor/tumblr guy trying to larp as what he thinks is a 4chan anon. He doesn't use 4chan because he doesn't like that it's anonymous and all these people care about is attention.

No. 1150466

a fun revelation of this whole thing is that the majority of the “extremely online post left” have never ventured further than reddit and in fact find a girls gossip imageboard very shocking and upsetting

No. 1150467

They have to go back

No. 1150468

Having to screw Jack for room and board should be his penance.

No. 1150470

Should I delete it? I don't want to sic Dasha's psycho reply guys and girls on her.

No. 1150472

Yeah maybe honestly. This person doesn’t seem remotely involved in the drama and appears pretty harmless.

No. 1150475

Big pearl clutching energy coming from the contrarian, anti-woke, anti-censorship crowd. They wouldn't care if we were all guys being dudes.

No. 1150481

Deleted. Clueless about lolcow, but harmless. I feel for a fellow red scare hater. And Dasha stans are so annoying. Would hate to help them find her.

No. 1150483

File: 1612342753679.png (251.93 KB, 1080x1089, Screenshot_2021-02-03-02-55-20…)

This hoe thinks he's so funny. When your body starts to eat your muscles and organs as a last resort lmao

No. 1150484

File: 1612342815462.jpg (99.86 KB, 506x506, IMG_20210203_040019.jpg)

>Dudes rock

No. 1150485

Remember when red scare fags tried to make that crabwalking video into a viral meme and it never took off in any capacity Sad!

No. 1150486

File: 1612343195318.jpeg (282.75 KB, 1356x2048, EreLrVpWMAE47hd.jpeg)

Probably because Dasha humping the air in a wrinkled maid costume was gross and not smoking hot and sexy like they thought. Why do they always look like they have some kind of congenital disorder?

No. 1150488

Him and Jack should hook up, they look like cousins lol

No. 1150489

File: 1612343291094.jpeg (46.21 KB, 1080x821, received_405724107196493.jpeg)

No. 1150491

Both insufferable too. Everytime I see his face I get the urge to dump his beloved pistachio latte on his head and stuff him in a locker.

No. 1150495

one of tweddits instant death phrases, “transmisogyny“ tier

No. 1150516

Haha Dasha playing the “can I live??” card. It’s not even about the ana shit, it’s just that she’s a hypocrite about “never telling her story”…or whatever is what she said. Completely brought all this on herself. No one here likes AOC but this ana attention whore can’t even coherently make a critique that doesn’t make her look like an idiot, lol.

No. 1150527

File: 1612349354955.jpeg (37.64 KB, 828x218, 2A1B93E0-4E2F-4942-9108-69DF02…)

No. 1150528

How did people find that out?

No. 1150542

I can't help but feel a lot of the hatred of dasha is rooted in jealousy of her. She's not beautiful by Russian/Belarusian standards but she's stunning compared to the average mixed-race looking American tbh.

Anna obviously has a thing for BAP and simps for him. Lots of the dirtbag left girls have a thing for right wing guys. I don't blame them. Left wing guys are even worse.(Racebait)

No. 1150548

Dasha is ugly, see >>1149940. Even Anna is more attractive than her. Nobody is jealous of 30-year old failed actress wannarexics.

No. 1150550

Clearly some people are very jealous of here ITT. It's very obvious.

I like dasha and I hope she gets help for her issues. She deserves to be loved.

No. 1150551

Learn to sage. People primarily hate Dasha because she co-hosts a podcast that viciously shits on victims of domestic violence and rape. She gleefully calls beautiful actresses and singers ugly and fat on a regular basis. You're probably one of the red scare defenders from twitter. If you spent any time here you would know that the women here gush over beautiful women all of the time. But unlike Dasha they aren't soulless cretins with pro-ana twitter accounts.

No. 1150552

By "beautiful women" I'm guessing you mean garbage tier women who are hyped by the media for political reasons like Beyonce right?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1150553

unsaged racebait, it’s obviously someone who found the thread from twitter. Just report and ignore.

No. 1150556

here we go again, /pol/ baiting from Dasha stans hour, what is it 5? 6?

No. 1150557

Lol yeah. These people are so transparent.

No. 1150558

It’s like day two of it

No. 1150564

File: 1612353987746.jpg (33.27 KB, 473x540, sj_product_image_65_6_1599_797…)

I can see what they are all going nuts for. Goddess-tier woman with a golden personality.

No. 1150565

The way Twitterspergs talk about lolcow has such "Anonymous hacker 4chan, the internet hate machine" vibes
The funniest part is, as is always pointed out, that this thread in particular has very little to do with the rest of lolcow. Like half of the posters here don't even know how to properly reply or quote. It's not "lolcow femcels" posting here, it's the same people they sit in group DMs with who just got tired of their shit.

No. 1150569

wow, major yikes :/(:/)

No. 1150572

That's what pisses their personality disordered brains off so much. The paranoia gets to them. Look how quickly chaoticitgirl snapped (like less than two hours?) after pretending to be totally nonplussed. It could be their friends for all they know. And as much as they fall back on fat/get some dick/ugly/jealous they have no idea because it's all anonymous. On twitter they can gather ammo and here they can't. The irony of Red Scare fans, a mean spirited edgy gossip podcast for pro-ana girls and catty fags, being so outraged is especially funny though.

No. 1150576

honestly I kind of hope no one posts his pic because he’s obviously trying to bait people to do it and I feel like that’s clearly what he wants. When men do this excessive ‘oh I’m soooo ugly uwu’ thing like they want you to agree. I feel like he wants people to post him and talk about how ugly he is because he gets off on it lmao he seems like that exact type.

No. 1150579

omg twitterfags gtfo of our bullying online whores website ohmygoooooood

No. 1150583

Lmao probably. He's lexaprofessional's #1 reply guy from what I recall. I remember this guy on tumblr going into every girl's inbox trying to get them to call him a disgusting piece of shit because it was a huge turn on. He would probably save the caps as fap fodder if he were to be posted here.

No. 1150585

its sad bc unlike the women the male postleftists dont have any distinguishing personality traits, theyre just a big amalgamation of stale cumtown jokes, kind of edgy takes and 2015 recycled pepes as fed to them through the 4chan-reddit-twitter pipeline. every one of them a factoryperfected clone of the next one. i have no clout and i must post

No. 1150586

wait really!? Lmao, I was just going off how often he tweets about being ugly and women sleeping with ugly men, and just his overall general pathetic energy. The tumblr thing is news to me, was he big on tumblr?

No. 1150595

I agree, someone already said it itt but the only good thing about this group is how much it's done to destroy the idea men are funnier lmao. Every day it's just endless variations of the same exact tweet by 50 completely indistinguishable, completely unfunny guys. What I don't get is how they are all so un-self aware about it because every single one of them seems to think they're the funniest person ever.

No. 1150597

Sorry, sorry. I wasn't clear enough. It was a totally different guy (as far as I know). Just had the same vibes. Would come crawling in to every young woman's inbox about how fat and ugly he was and when he expectedly got the "ew wtf?" reaction you could tell he was loving it. Eventually girls caught on and his grift ran out.

No. 1150599

This but unironically.

No. 1150602

lmao they can never just be subtle about it! I feel like there's probably a lot of that type among reply guys because of how just inherently pathetic it is to be a reply guy in the first place.

No. 1150604

Yikes!!! go back or read the rules

No. 1150605

Exactly, I swear they are all created by the same bot algorithm. Stale as all hell. They wonder why they don't get posted here. Some of the schizo ones like Jack get discussed but most of the others are so boring my eyes glaze over after scrolling for 5 seconds.

No. 1150610

File: 1612357309755.jpeg (270.85 KB, 1242x560, E41DB1AC-DE2A-49F1-A1F7-0F5BCE…)

I searched his account before I saw your follow up and he’s tweeted about tumble so much. weird coincidence I guess but it seems he actually did have a relatively big tumble account he would use for nudes/porn/meeting people to hook up with lmao

No. 1150626

Lmfao, maybe he really was harrassing my friends for nudes and conversations. Wish I saved the creepy messages I got. He's making it sound like he was drowning in pussy pics though which I doubt. Unless we are talking about the deranged queer alternative scene, which okay, I can buy that.

No. 1150666

are there any milky left dudes right now? talking about jack or the usuals has gotten pretty boring

No. 1150670

Does anyone know anything about @acczibit? He seems kind of milky. Anna retweets him a lot and I know his demented Wall Street Chad thread was posted in one of the old threads.

No. 1150671

File: 1612363674700.png (74.56 KB, 235x285, Untitled.png)

I feel like there has to be some milk on this freak

No. 1150677

probably one of the more annoying lol so epic xd edgy guys. don’t have anything on him but he’s awful and the exact type of guy you think of when someone mentions the how all these guys are the same and make the same shitty boring jokes every day to impress guys who do the exact same in hopes they become nick mullen or felix one day

No. 1150678

Genuinely funny to me that Dasha’s friend’s attempt to ‘nail’ some dorky jezebel writer failed spectacularly. And then all the reply bros just outed themselves as lamer than we already knew. Kek

No. 1150681

It is actually kind of weird that there’s so few interesting men in this group? Why do they all have the exact same personality type. It’s like they all either become some kind of trad larper or a Nick Mullen tribute act. Or sometimes a weird hybrid of the two.

No. 1150683

the only interesting ones are really more in normie/edgy adjacent left twitter. and they’re not even milky necessarily because they’re not brain damaged from alcoholism

No. 1150685

Do you guys think dasha will ever get married and have kids?

No. 1150688

The Shasti post with her icon showing before

No. 1150691

Is the women posting l’s guy a “leftist”? Idk his backstory but he seems to interact with some people in this group and from what people have posted about him here he seems milky.

No. 1150694

File: 1612365130123.png (518.25 KB, 1089x1118, fartboy.png)

"cultural marxist" and desperate aimee and red scare fanman adam lehrer is even more of a peee eem cee freeloader than usual for the post-left. simmons is lena dunham's millionaire mother.

No. 1150696

not a leftist, full blown fascist. very very milky but doesn’t belong in this thread and is better served elsewhere

No. 1150705

he's actually gay…are the aimee simps just going to post people who make fun of them on twitter now to fish for dirt, not for the first time

No. 1150706

he’s not gay lmao. jon is annoying and unfunny no matter how many times he spams epic gay memes

No. 1150707

if she's had that many partners and hates protection and has never had a pregnancy scare…that womb is not generating life ever

No. 1150709


sorry aimee, he seems normal

No. 1150712

lmfao it’s actually hilarious how pathetic these guys are when they don’t have their faggot friends to come back them up. very few people outside your group dm actually like jon, dude. they just put up with him because you guys insist on being his friend

No. 1150718

I'm not a twitter guy I don't even know his first name like you do (you get kicked out of this group dm?). I've only seen his tweets because he makes fun of jack, samerapist, and aimee and that's enough for him to be ok for me.

No. 1150720

I just think it's funny how he goes after the low hanging fruit while being a incel himself. I don't know where they're getting that it's about Aimee

No. 1150725

there’s no coherence to it. he dislikes them because they were mean to his friends. that’s it. this is the type of guy who makes rape jokes and makes fun of rape victims all day in awfully unfunny ways but when it’s convenient to shit on some guy he doesn’t like, suddenly he’s talking about how this guy is a rapist or shitty person

No. 1150726

That was fake

No. 1150727

Pretty horrible thing to say about another woman but ok.

No. 1150728

Yeah, he basically ignored the "Women Posting Ls" guy until he made fun of lexaprofessional

No. 1150732

File: 1612366828574.jpeg (144.51 KB, 826x786, 8084569D-8D1F-430B-B9E0-45E409…)

He @‘d waif0000 with a cum tribute on one of his old accounts and has a creepy sense of humor. Does anyone have caps?

No. 1150736

my favorite thing about the whole dasha anorexia saga is when anna and dasha got posted on skinnygossip the anons there tore them a new one. nobody on earth (not even the lowest of the low in the red scare sub) wants to emulate anything about dasha

No. 1150740

File: 1612367778794.png (41.68 KB, 1176x248, Screen Shot 2021-02-03 at 10.5…)

Dasha went private, she couldn't take the heat.

No. 1150742

File: 1612367851354.jpg (98.02 KB, 1438x963, EtQ-4UBXAAE7rSe.jpg)

the real reasons she hates AOC

No. 1150758

Oh that guy used to date ambienvalent, they broke up after she got caught dm sliding other dudes

No. 1150764

No wonder he hates women

No. 1150765

Sage for spoonfeed request but did any personal information about Jack come out in earlier threads? Does anyone know what state he lives in? someone has to know something about this guy unless he’s as schizoid as his persona makes him seem

No. 1150768

He lives in Austin and works at the front desk in an expensive apartment building. Before that he used to edit erotica for Walmart or something.

No. 1150772

no bitch

No. 1150775

Funny since he's always going off about how people don't have "real jobs," or says their job is just "email." Mid 30's being a doorman is not exactly a shining career.

No. 1150805

it's always funny how these dirtbag leftcels always make fun of people's jobs or say "X" is not a real job when there all 30 years old and there main source of income is podcasting or daddy's trust fund. It is always comes of as such obvious protection.

No. 1150815

Are there any “prominent” anti woke dirtbags who have actually been not been bitter upper middle class/trust fund babies?
If they actually had a better chance at accruing their parents wealth they would have been milquetoast Republicans for sure.

No. 1150824

Is it true that both of his parents died of cancer(no1curr)

No. 1150831

They are the upper middle class/trust fund babies.

No. 1150849

since we know lexaprofessional lurks could she confirm if that dick pic was samememe kek >>>/snow/1020192

No. 1150863

Aimee got about 75 new followers last night then went private

No. 1150877

the constant ban evasion saga is funny but i wish people stopped getting her banned its so hard to keep track of her

No. 1150886

the wealthier they are, the milkier they come. the thing is even the woke types are just as wealthy. it's just a slapfight between the two.

tbh she's considered a celebrity now that she's on twitch but i seriously want a thread just for public official cows too

No. 1150940


that's definitely his new acc. saged cause i don't have links but his sperging out over the rapememe drama all but confirms it

No. 1150948

we have celebricows

No. 1150951

>the thing is even the woke types are just as wealthy. it's just a slapfight between the two.
totally true. no one wants to admit regular people don't give a shit about any of this. There are a few of us really online proles that laugh at anyone and dont fall for this post-left bullshit but besides that…

No. 1150952

File: 1612378447462.png (187.56 KB, 1080x937, IMG_20210203_195253.png)

Whoever this is he seems to get us

No. 1150953

man, stupidpol is really shit now huh?

No. 1150962

bill is cool. he's 100% correct there too. bella person is a recent but classic example. way over her head with wanting to associate with edgelords and getting super deep with it, trying to act superior when posted on lolcow and then deleting her account within two hours because she couldn't handle it. it's very easy to not be posted on here. just don't be fucking stupid.

No. 1150970

bill we know you self post here your never going to convince us your cool when your political opinions are just as retarded as the rest of them

No. 1150971

He’s right and tbh I feel like these people must know that and are just looking for any excuse to get themselves talked about. like there will literally be one post with zero replies screenshotting someone’s tweet and that will be all it takes to provoke like a 7 tweet monologue about it.

No. 1150977

I think anons just like him because he’s the only one who reacted normally to the thread and because he was the one who caused Jack’s meltdown and got samememe to delete. Also objectively his opinions are not the same as most of the people itt.

No. 1150984

Exactly like how are you going sincerely brand yourself as a ‘nazbol e-girl’ and then be that shaken when people don’t like you or make fun of you? What did she think was going to happen

No. 1150986

Bill is literally fine, he’s just boring to talk about in here

No. 1150988

Ironic that the post left (I hate that word) rejects "being online" yet their personas end and begin on Twitter

No. 1150989

he literally believes in some dumb meme philosophy and is on twitter all day posting about these cows he just as dumb as the rest of them.

No. 1151011

they have rendered "the working class" as a distinction absolutely meaningless (for themselves anyway). if any of these people had to associate with a normie wage pleb beyond signing for a package or ordering a coffee they'd be rendered speechless. they are on twitter all fucking day every day if that isnt a big enough giveaway. its funny because most "working class" (who live in big cities btw) are, if anything, vague libs who watch chris cuomo and probably like AOC a least a bit.

No. 1151013

holy shit I know lc can exaggerate people's appearances but she literally looks 60 years old. Gross

No. 1151014

Okay but that in itself isn’t milk otherwise like half of twitter would be considered cows.

No. 1151019

File: 1612380645725.jpg (106.2 KB, 670x838, 119042399_240538143987907_7393…)


She is bottom of the barrel by russian standards and below average even by american standards. Literally single moms who did prison time that I see on trashy russian reality shows (pic related) somehow look more presentable, sweeter and feminine then she does. Leaving this up for dasha and her weird skinwalker/simp army to seethe

No. 1151021

yeah but when I see 3 post within the same minute talking about how some scrote is cool and just like us it sets of my self posting alarms especially since he admitted to doing it and every time some massive drama happens between these cows someone post his twitter takes and says he is cool and just like us.

No. 1151029

yeah lol, whenever he gets mentioned some anon pops in and is like "wow, this bill kezos" guy is pretty cool actually," come on

No. 1151032

He has literally never said he posts her just that he lurks. I think anons just have to accept that opinion is divided on Bill Kezos lmao but it seems stupid to repeat the exact same debate about whether he’s based or cringe every time he’s posted. I just don’t think he’s milky.

No. 1151039

man relax i just said he’s cool in the sense that he’s not a cow

No. 1151047

but how is that suspicious when people have posted pretty much all the twitter takes and reactions about lolcow from yesterday itt, the reaction is different because he didn’t go on some massive spergout about it like the rest of the people itt

No. 1151050

and there is always atleast 3 or 4 replie defending him when an anons makes fun of him even though he is no where near as known as the rest of these cows. like maybe you should take your own advice and stop caring about we say here

No. 1151057

“Defending” him for what lmao? What has he even done to defend. Everyone isn’t going to have the same opinion and he just hasn’t really done anything milky. He literally just said the exact same thing we always say the cows should do when they get posted here.

No. 1151062

so your telling me all these post right after each other that don't know how to properly reply to a post don't seem the least bit weird to you? >>1151057(derail)

No. 1151071

No because I don’t really find it surprising for anons not to dislike him as much as other people in the thread, because he isn’t really milky imo. But if you do and you really think he’s self posting you can just report them instead of starting a ‘hi cow’ derail.

No. 1151072

why does it look like you're the only person who keeps raging about it in this thread

No. 1151075

I posted the original screenshot idk who bill kezos is i just saw him being retweeted by sam blanchard and thought it was a fun dunk on jack
Stop this autism lol

No. 1151078

please find a boyfriend or hobby or anything at all that gets you off the internet and spending your time like this(ban evasion)

No. 1151079

File: 1612382718003.jpeg (130.28 KB, 1440x1799, received_242504020803383.jpeg)

So is Anna pregnant (pic related)

No. 1151080

yeah palma from seeking derangements is another one of those. huge felix reply guy on twitter, very "edgy" online, always chasing after chapo haters and dunking on them to impress them, retweeting hardcore fisting porn on the timeline to shock his str8 followers etc.

but then when you hear him on the podcast with ben, he's basically dead air for the most part but occasionally butting in with generic lib takes. just absolutely no personality or point of view of his own at all

No. 1151082

lol obvious cow reply

No. 1151083

find a hobby that's not white knighting internet personas on an anonymous board

People say yes. The fact that it's been months of her not posting thirst pics with her waist visible proves it to me.

No. 1151086

who is that?

No. 1151087

its bill kezos who constantly self posts here. bill fuck off and stop trying to get more followers to your new account. you're a cow just like the others(hi cow)

No. 1151092

Seems so but also how is the pic related. What is that?

No. 1151096

is that arca with a filter on?

No. 1151097

Anna Khachiyan is a Russian-American cultural critic, writer, and co-host of the podcast Red Scare based in New York City

No. 1151098

Bill is literally some unemployed blackcel who regularly hangs out with Pritchard. If your social life at all involves a literal tranny lolcow it's over. He spends his entire life creating advanced level call out posts about how everyone on planet Earth is a cringe racist and inventing guys in his head.

He's only considered based because this roughly describes half this thread.

No. 1151102

Didn't Angel from Girls Chat live with (and possibly get murderer by) Pritchard?(tinfoil)

No. 1151107

Nobody has posted anything funny or entertaining about him ergo he is not a cow. All you have to do is post milk

No. 1151109

No. It was Ashley who claimed there was a murder suicide plot against her and as far as I remember what she was insinuating was Angel was trying to murder her

No. 1151110

palma is definitely that type. he’s painfully unfunny. nice bit retweeting shock videos man, never seen that before. he also has weird feuds with random on twitter and it’s really sad to watch.

No. 1151111

>advanced level call out posts
Why don’t you post one of the advanced level call out posts then. Posting screenshots of Jacks insectoid tweet isn’t a call out post.

No. 1151112

one of the funniest possible ideas in these threads and we barely discussed it, for shame

No. 1151114

Yeah the dad died when he was a kid, and his mom passed away when he was a teenager

No. 1151138


whoever derails any thread Bill kezos is mentioned in with the same sperg rant because he "believes in some meme philosophy and is just as dumb as the rest of these cows" needs to show us some actual milk or shut up. being an unemployed cringe anarchist isn't enough. at least on twitter I can mute kezos

No. 1151139

File: 1612385941569.png (317.41 KB, 597x562, Untitled.png)

Aimee's new twitter account

No. 1151141

aimee’s already on a block spree even before going private. The Tracey/AOC stuff happened so she couldn’t contain herself.

No. 1151144

Its funny when people defend cows and have no idea what they’re talking about. She insults blonde actresses she sees as competition and calls them fat, like Jennifer Lawrence and Florence Pugh. Neither of those actresses are known for being political. Anna does the same, her and Dasha are just two ugly women with a platform who hate conventionally attractive women.

No. 1151146

File: 1612386846276.jpeg (612.32 KB, 1242x1542, 196B279F-8C58-44A3-BAAC-1CB78A…)

No. 1151147

lmao what do you think is going to be dasha and friends next dumb scheme against her

No. 1151152

Notice how he says fuckable but can’t bring himself to say beautiful or attractive? Yeah..

No. 1151153

Sounds exactly like everyone who was in the thread yesterday

No. 1151162

sorry but this is hilarious. Dasha is going to lose her shit lmao

No. 1151166

She’s a lying cheater with a body count of 100. She does not deserve to be loved until she goes through years of intense therapy, and she will be like 45 by then, so god bless

No. 1151169

I swear Pritchard's name was thrown in there as well. Ashley wasn't terribly coherent at the time, if she's ever.

No. 1151171

iirc angel insinuated smth about ashley leaving him alone to go on a camping trip (?) with pritchard shortly before he killed himself

No. 1151177

How do you know this stuff?

No. 1151182

File: 1612389935039.png (444.2 KB, 1262x1366, derek putin.png)

This guy in their circle is constantly posting about how he's a genius tech millionaire who works at Google or Facebook or something. He does a podcast a podcast with a couple other guys in that circle (they've had Felix and Palma on), where his role is basically just screaming antisemitic shit, despite admitting to being a Russian Jew. I've been waiting for someone to share screenshots of him drunkenly offering to fly out some girl featured in this thread to NYC so he can badger them into sex.

No. 1151198

This isn’t exactly true, it’s a fair mix of middle class and upper middle class, and being upper middle class doesn’t always mean you have a trust fund.

No. 1151202


Seems more like he’s trying to distance himself from the libertarian Silicon Valley tech crowd by framing himself as an ironic cool guy who happens to work in the NYC tech industry. Not that one urban tech bro is less of a yuppie leech than another.

No. 1151221

Because he’s posted about it before? I would post caps but his old account got deleted

No. 1151250

File: 1612394305982.jpeg (132.76 KB, 750x533, 6DB57F25-B970-4BC2-903A-18A92B…)

another confirmed lurker. btw she went out on a date with the Women Posting L’s guy

No. 1151263

File: 1612395316734.png (140.67 KB, 1178x504, kezos incel.png)

What was that about this Bill Kezos guy being too cool and above it all for this thread?

No. 1151281

lmfao. bad bunny and them both kind of stole her look tbh

No. 1151284

kek fair enough but that's still not milky

No. 1151291

I feel like they screenshot lolcow because they think it makes them look unbothered but it does the exact opposite.

No. 1151295

Poor form, Bill. No one here is going to defend you now.

No. 1151299

If you get posted here, you'll come out unscathed if you never mention it publicly kek. you'd think these terminally online retards would've heard "don't feed the trolls" but they're just starved for attention

No. 1151305

>can't fuck nick mullen so has to settle for a wannabe nick mullen

No. 1151308

>"Pretty horrible thing to say about another woman but ok"-any normal person reacting to anything Dasha says about another woman

If a guy wants to wife her up who cares. Anyways there is plan b and abortion so it's not out of the question with kids. Really hope she doesn't have a girl though. A misogynist, pro-ana mother, who fears and despises female aging, is a recipe for lifelong self-hatred.

No. 1151310

That loser uggo? Yuck. Maybe that's why lexaprofessional was so sad yesterday and talking about mean people. Kendra is a Jack associate.

No. 1151312

>which is why you all want to be Japanese/Korean

No. 1151317

Statement of fact. Dasha obviously wouldn't have a child because she's going to cling to her hollywood dreams for another ten years. Being slutty and not using protection is her brand not slander I'm making up. If no one she's been with had strong enough swimmers to get her pregnant I don't think it'll be happening.

No. 1151323

File: 1612398300462.jpeg (764.1 KB, 2776x3734, literallythesame.jpeg)

Just a couple eps ago Anna and Dasha said they both wanted to be Japanese. And remember Dasha's weeb phase? Loli hentai and figure collecting included.

No. 1151328

That’s one of the greatest Ls a woman could take

No. 1151339

doubt this hag has ever completed a single anime series, dubbed or not

No. 1151350

Who's the wannabe Nick Mullen?

No. 1151353

she watched evangelion and that's it. STOLEN VALOR
women posting l's guy. he's a cumtownfag

No. 1151354

I know who he is, what are the details?

No. 1151357

what do you mean?

No. 1151359

Nevermind, I don't know how to read

No. 1151360

File: 1612400002539.jpg (148.17 KB, 675x1200, EnYurLhW8AQ7nHt.jpg)

internetkendra is GENUINELY homely wtf it actually shocked me

No. 1151362

Major stolen weeb valor. She's an Asuka not a Rei, so I doubt she even watched the entire canon.

No. 1151363

Excuse you, she's a skinny legend who looks identical to a young Nicole Kidman.

No. 1151364

whatever. anyone who knows anything about opn knows that he's a hentai eva freak so she's only pretending to like it to impress him.

No. 1151368

barf, i can smell the patchouli poorly masking the BO through the screen

No. 1151370

I hate kinnies.

No. 1151371

No, her hentai/loli obsession goes way back. She is a sick diseased pervert at heart

No. 1151372

we're talking about her sudden "im a diehard evangelion fan" phase. much like her previous catholic phase.

No. 1151375

I'm joking obviously. It's just funny that she chose to very poorly cosplay the tragic quiet dolly character she is the least like.

No. 1151378

Starting to think rapememe k worded himself and that’s why he hasn’t come back.

No. 1151384

File: 1612401494492.jpg (52.39 KB, 768x1024, 6f6.jpg)


No. 1151386

She’s annoying but its not like it takes any effort or intellect to watch tv. She could finish Eva in a weekend. It’s a relatively popular show with normies who think other anime is too dorky

No. 1151390

lmao does this dude think anyone buys this
>I don't get laid because I choose not to, it has nothing to do with me being online 24/7 and having no job

No. 1151394

EVA is a show and 4 movies. We're making fun of her reply guy/girl who thought it was a dunk to come in here and accuse everyone of being weebs when Dasha is one. Eh, kind of doubtful with Dasha. She picks things up for her latest man. Just like she's apparently vegan because her man is but will like pictures of sexy fur coats and post pics of suspiciously non-vegan looking food.

No. 1151396

File: 1612402345212.png (44.43 KB, 583x181, NV.png)

Def not vegan

No. 1151409

the fuck does this tweet even mean? am i stupid? I genuinely don't understand the point.

No. 1151416

You're not stupid, she is

No. 1151421

ok but that’s a man tho

No. 1151422

they do look very trans. the shitty eyeliner really adds to that look as well.

No. 1151423

Lol she can't stick with anything. She was going on about how she was so vegan. Liking tweets about being a cute vegan who doesn't hurt any animals a couple of days ago lmfao

No. 1151424

thank you
>psychological trauma is an affliction of the powerless
…i tried again, still nothing. ok i give up now for real

No. 1151428

she tries really hard to come off smart and poetic but she’s just another airhead like the rest of them. she just has to try to fit in with the boys

No. 1151430

these bitches need to find some nicer boys. they're out there, just not THIS online tho.

No. 1151431

holy shit, that fucking hairline

No. 1151432

She appears to be saying that since AOC is in government now she is super powerful and therefore it is impossible to traumatize her. Apparently this even works retroactively. Bad things that happened to AOC in the past have now been erased due to her super powerful government status. Only proles can be traumatized. But her buddies like Jack, Anna, and Dasha also think the trauma of regular normie women is fake and gay, so honestly who really knows?

No. 1151437

Do you think he cosplays as Gendo while they have sex? I'm going to vom.

No. 1151438

that's what I figured she was getting at, just chose the most retarded faux intellectual way to say it. its such a vague nothing statement too…it sounds exactly like the "lived experience of intersectional trans lives matter" etc etc language the post-leftists like to mock

No. 1151440

Nta but I thought that she just called her a loser.

No. 1151444

Very intersectional socjus of her. Like something out of a lame sociology 101 course.

No. 1151445

Dasha briefly going private makes me think she’s the next cow to snap. I don’t get how Succession even took her on given her crazy bad press

No. 1151446

No way, he's a submissive cuck. If anything he's Shinji and Dasha's Asuka throwing out anta baka's left and right.

No. 1151448

Lmao didn't Dasha brag about beating up her bf's before? No wonder she only dates sickly looking guys.

No. 1151449

I think not on purpose but Anna is subconsciously trying to ruin her Secession gig. It's her brain thing where if someone tells her not to do something she has to do it. On the last ep Anna trashed an Adam McKay movie and did asian voice.

No. 1151450

how does everyone know so much banal shit about a girl who's said she'll never tell her story or reveal trauma? haha

No. 1151451

I don't get it either. Did they think the edgy rep would be cool? Let's hire the lady who says retard a lot and calls much more famous actresses ugly and fat in a very public way. Seems poorly thought out.

No. 1151453

Sometimes I think my family is embarrassed by me being an uneducated prole retard but damn they'd be mortified if this is how I made a living.(blog)

No. 1151458

She’s already in her (mid?) 30s so the window for her “breakthrough” is severely limited. I do like that she did Anna a solid by being the retard of the week

No. 1151459

honestly with how bad dashas rep is I would not be surprised if she just had like a line which is HBO did not background check her. but she is just playing up how big her roll is for clout.

No. 1151461

She's admitted to sleeping with people to get roles.
Please stop with the "she's a fake anime girl" posting, it's cringe even if it's true

No. 1151470

Incredible that someone who looks like that compares herself to Nicole Kidman in her prime

No. 1151474

File: 1612407049807.png (139.34 KB, 1104x768, Screen Shot 2021-02-04 at 12.4…)

They have to talk about something for about an hour each week.
They don't research or prepare so are left trying to fill dead air, have to say something.
Typically anna will be be at 'ugh, um, I just, like, ah um, eh I, I' and dasha will say something

No. 1151476

File: 1612407264725.jpg (146.65 KB, 960x1306, 960x0.jpg)

I like how she said "prime" as if she can hold a candle to Kidman now lmao. At least use some sunscreen, damn. These post-left thots all have the same brain damage that causes them to think skinny automatically equals smoking hot.

No. 1151482

Well the idiot dick-brain over at HBO who hired Dasha just to get sucked should be fired. Hiring a woman with no filter who has not one but two shit for brains twitter accounts? Great job buddy.

No. 1151484

Lmfao what a larp.

No. 1151490

Dasha should probably be more careful about the directors and actors she trashes or allows Anna to trash in her presence if she is serious about being in the industry. Very stupid thing to do. She's not even remotely established. But who am I kidding? Lmao. What was the context for the Asian voice?

No. 1151520

File: 1612410333140.png (159.81 KB, 595x582, dashacrawler.PNG)

Debated for a while whether or not to post because these RS hanger-ons are so desperate to be relevant, but what the hell - chubby smol bean "cumtown gf" juicepet's alt is a dasha copy. They're all total skincrawlers.

No. 1151545

I think any dirftleft bro who follows @juicepet should be immediately deemed a pedophile, because she’s literally 17

No. 1151548

Wow she really took that cumtown joke about all scarethots having/wanting eating disorders to heart. Also, no she doesn't look like someone who chews each bite of food 50 times. Eating disorder larping is so pathetic.

No. 1151562

File: 1612413033295.png (55.66 KB, 737x617, pathetic.png)

He's like 40.

No. 1151578

Gay self-appointed icon of style and culture who can't dress or do laundry properly. Very chic! Bet grandma does it for him.

No. 1151580

File: 1612414039675.png (225.79 KB, 1356x1062, Screen Shot 2021-02-03 at 11.4…)

No. 1151582

Judging by how viciously the sub went after Lauren Oyler's book and how poorly every single one of Dasha's acting role has been received by them, their trashing of Scary is going to be sooo petty lol

No. 1151583

It's actually tragic, getting deep into this cynical eating disorder worshipping crap before you're even 20. Imagine idolizing Dasha out of all the women on this earth. Volunteer at an animal shelter or something. What a waste.

No. 1151593

As if normal looking men would date her

No. 1151594

Because she fucked some guy who had the ability to cast her. It’s pretty obvious

No. 1151602

I don't think people understand how many guys listen to cumtown. the cumtown to thinking-dasha-is-hot pipeline is real. it'd be easy to find someone in casting that would want to fuck her because "omg gay nick! cool adam"

No. 1151603

File: 1612415943018.jpg (277.7 KB, 944x801, 20210204_001900.jpg)

Hu hu hu hu

No. 1151606

Still seems insanely dumb on the part of the desperate casting couch loser. Surely he could find a more normal woman to exploit (not that I'd wish that on another woman). Someone with a filter, willing to play nice with potential colleagues.

No. 1151607

Them all locking down or deleting the second they get even the slightest pushback (this guy has barely been talked about) is funny just because of how much these people marketed themselves as like unbothered, edgy, extremely online types. The average tumblr sjw genuinely reacts better than these ‘dirtbag left’ people to being called out or made fun of.

No. 1151612

His tweet about how the feds should monitor us because we must be constructing bombs was probably the hottest of all takes on lolcow tho.

No. 1151616

honestly since I don't have a twitter account I have only been able to view these cows accounts with limited access so I have never been able to accurately gage how popular these people are, so I don't doubt your wrong but I refuse to believe it. Like all all there humor is all the worse parts of 4chan humor from 10 years ago which makes sense since there all 30, there podcast is like the edgy loser equivalent of your mom showing you bad luck brian.

No. 1151623

Very unsurprising that ‘unbothered irony bro’ types are the most painfully insecure people

No. 1151635

File: 1612418906932.jpeg (103.06 KB, 1242x359, B9CD9457-B69E-4AEA-A570-3F6E8C…)

he’s posted about how he actually lives in new jersey like 12 times since he got mentioned here. also begged women with small tits to DM him.

No. 1151648

File: 1612420244939.png (547.1 KB, 1080x1275, IMG_20210204_073021.png)

No. 1151650

It's absurd that stores don't stock a size that shouldn't exist.

No. 1151667

doesn't he make fun of women for posting the same shit?

No. 1151672

So funny that he is basically a HAES activist but for men.

No. 1151675

Yes! He hates fat positivity stuff for women. It's what we love about our boy Jack. He hates fat women, but denies that anorexia is real, sometimes defends Lena Dunham, is a fat activist for men, cries over cupcakes in his workplace, says thin people are all unhealthy. Total schizo mindset.

No. 1151685

File: 1612423109154.png (254.08 KB, 1080x1433, Screenshot_2021-02-04-01-15-34…)

Lmao, he is so contradictory.

>deeply affected my life

How about he just loses some weight then and stops projecting his bitterness and self-loathing onto women?

No. 1151697

File: 1612423677906.jpeg (215.25 KB, 1121x642, 78D2EEC7-1D53-418F-AFA0-59139B…)

Yeah that’s why you aren’t profitable

No. 1151703

Right, because a 370 lb. swollen testicle suffers no humiliation when he's blasted with some vintage Spectacular by Joan Collins that sat in a hot attic since 1989.

No. 1151711

I’m confused, I thought “cumtown gf” was a different person

No. 1151717

They are. I think they’re saying “cumtown gf” as like a general archetype.

No. 1151736

File: 1612427941645.png (231.65 KB, 1080x992, Screenshot_2021-02-04-02-33-06…)

Ah yes, Target. The pinnacle of women's fashion. Try walking into any Aritzia or Michael Kors and then tell us about the horrifying porker size 0 models.

No. 1151738

File: 1612428471670.png (412.72 KB, 1080x1147, Screenshot_2021-02-04-02-44-03…)

Jack, you imbecile, this is literally the first thing on the target.com men's section. Does it not count because he's black and pleasant looking?

No. 1151739

File: 1612428597967.png (730.37 KB, 1080x715, Screenshot_2021-02-04-02-44-15…)

One of the other main features on the site right now. Lmao. He's allergic to the truth.

No. 1151755

Why would an oh so classy fashionista like him shop at Target. Sell your scents and diffusers and go shop at high street retard

No. 1151769

If he's bigger than XL he can't fit into anything high street.

No. 1151784

File: 1612432034943.png (270.38 KB, 1080x1112, IMG_20210204_104650.png)

literally half a day after he said its stupid to engage, congrats to kezosfag for the shoutout

No. 1151785

File: 1612432079409.png (256.4 KB, 1080x1250, IMG_20210204_104704.png)

Part 2

No. 1151790

I feel like this going to become like what Anisa is to the twitch thread or corpse husband to the YouTube one lmao

No. 1151802

File: 1612433257032.jpeg (147.12 KB, 1242x288, 14325991-C127-44C1-B83C-1487F3…)

Men get called a sub on lolcow one time and start tweeting like this

No. 1151804

I feel the exact same way about men, coincidentally. All of the online sex crimes investigative units would be greatly reduced.

No. 1151807

we need like a leftthot replyguy thread or smth, these dudes are boring as hell

No. 1151813

they're too boring for a thread, even though I'm sure they'd love that. They're only vaguely interesting in relation to their interactions with the leftthots or the thread and even then not really.

No. 1151814

they aren't worth posting anywhere tbh

No. 1151815

File: 1612434041255.jpeg (601.62 KB, 750x1083, 8B97A659-8C2F-4A41-9B86-F38876…)

not sure if she realizes the irony in her posting this

No. 1151819

this is like almost word for word Anna's rorschach monologue

No. 1151821

LOL, no it wasn't. There was no proof it was fake, just some anon saying "this is fake" over and over again. Shasti posts here about Annie.

No. 1151822

thought that was unfiltered shoeonhead for a sec

No. 1151823

I mean there's no proof it's real either. I would believe Shasti posts here about Annie but I find as believable Felina would fake it to get back at Annie.

No. 1151825

oh no no no no Bill
you were doing so well until now
I suppose everyone even loosely related to this "scene" is addicted to attention even if it requires making a fool of themselves

No. 1151826

*to get back at Shasti

No. 1151828

All of these "ironic' misogynists should be forced to read their tweets to their female relatives and colleagues. This particular guy would probably just get off on it though.

No. 1151830

>orthodox socialist
lel. shes a social democrat. a jaded Bernie voter. free health care isn't socialism. anna will go full neocon with nice characteristics one day

No. 1151831

they never even try to make it something original or funny either

No. 1151832

File: 1612435403375.png (85.55 KB, 1080x411, Screenshot_2021-02-04-04-41-54…)

He probably freaked out because his "based nazbol" girl Anna retweeted this.

No. 1151833

Nvm he's back and retweeting our fave bed pooper Felina.

No. 1151834

File: 1612435655662.png (831.3 KB, 1080x1428, IMG_20210204_114745.png)

No. 1151836


He doesn’t even realize he’s using the same language and expressing the same emotional baggage as the body positive movement.

What an absolute retard.

No. 1151843

This is that account that's trying to make Dasha memes happen right? Got suspended I think, lmao. @cocainehitler

No. 1151845