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File: 1596753014476.png (599.35 KB, 759x554, leftthots3.png)

No. 1018643

In light of recent popularity of socialism, there is now a distinct breed of pickmes who flirt with leftist politics due to not meeting the looks/purity bar for overt tradthottery. Common examples include Anna Khachiyan, Dasha Nekrasova, Amber A'Lee Frost, Aimee Terese, and lately Jack the Fragrance Fascist

Topics of discussion:
>The Red Scare Podcast Extended Universe
>Chapo Trap House is bleeding patrons
>Anna Khachiyan’s autistic meltdown and inability to take critique
>Jack The Perfume Nationalist’s inevitable mental breakdown
>Aimee Terese banned yet again
>Trust-Fund Anon with Liz Franczak & Brace Belden
>Assorted pyscho tankies & twitter anarchists
>The Alt-Lit to Alt-Left pipeline
>Failed neoliberals with $180,000 in student debt
>Every late 2000s alt-girl indie queen is now a philosopher
>Jake Flores humiliation porno leaked
>Will Cum Town be removed from Patreon

Old Threads:

Thread #1: >>>/snow/949693
Thread #2: >>>/snow/1002060

No. 1018648

File: 1596753613072.png (473.12 KB, 598x614, Screenshot_2020-08-06 fooly on…)

Looks like we have a stalker

No. 1018650

What an autist

No. 1018651

think this guy is a stupidpol mod

No. 1018653

imagine admitting you read lolcow

No. 1018654

File: 1596754169072.png (132.91 KB, 485x501, cringe.png)

No. 1018655

File: 1596754278615.png (55.88 KB, 597x386, oh word.png)

No. 1018657

File: 1596754658605.png (38.99 KB, 608x231, no.png)

(no1curr, rando twitterfags)

No. 1018658

stop giving them attention idiot

No. 1018661

bless, finally a comprehensive OP

No. 1018662

this is so embarrassing lmao, livetweeting a thread is one of the most pathetic things i can think of and yet multiple people have done it so far

No. 1018663

Hey, Fooly. Why don't you come post here like a real man? Too scared to talk to "femcels"?

No. 1018665

>Too scared to talk to "femcels"?


No. 1018667

If this is really you prove it on your twitter and start namefagging

No. 1018668

ew attention seeking scrotes

No. 1018670

File: 1596755783426.png (457.77 KB, 598x532, ultimate simp.png)

this guy just learned about OP images and he's not taking it well

No. 1018672

"beautiful saints" even if you're in this crowd there's no way you think this

No. 1018673

>beautiful saints

Imagine being this much of a white knight.

No. 1018674

this guy is going to ruin these threads

No. 1018676

imagine orbiting rich podcasters

No. 1018678

Oh, this Dustin guy is one of the most pathetic Red Scare orbiters. Like, he pretty much grovels at their feet for approval.

No. 1018679

which mod is he?

No. 1018682

File: 1596756597157.jpeg (188.64 KB, 436x727, 57F270A9-0E5B-4A46-B283-CBBD1C…)

>beautiful saints

No. 1018683

anna would literally think the pic is funny and probably retweeted it if someone she knows posted it. it's literally just pics of them all orbiting her

No. 1018684

File: 1596756997091.png (173.98 KB, 546x878, firefox_2020-08-07_00-30-06.pn…)

I'm not a mod on there. I've never been a mod on there.

I was a mod on the stupidpol discord for about a couple months, up until an incident where Peter Soeller (who I saw got mentioned in the last thread) tried accusing Felix from Chapo of being in the discord server, doing an AMA where he said a bunch of transphobic shit.

As mentioned in the screenshot, he was never actually in there. Other users found out Soeller was lurking in there and did a bunch of shit to fuck with him.

Never been a mod on the subreddit. Had the mod role on the discord, but never did any "moderation work". Wasn't even involved in the fake Felix stunt. I just thought it was funny to use the opportunity to piss on his parade at the time. Almost a year and a half later I'm still being described as a "stupidpol mod" lmao(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1018687

>I'm not transphobic, I'm friends with Virgil

No. 1018688

File: 1596757132386.png (607.22 KB, 550x639, m.png)

No. 1018689

Great, so this is now a place for literal whos to get their fifteen minutes by just screenshoting the thread? Christ, just self post all your twitter handles so the mods can lock this thread. This is why we can't have nice things.

No. 1018690

i think anna is pretty but my god, she looks the same age as camille paglia here

No. 1018692

Why do you

redditors and twitter users

write like this?

do you not know how to properly indent and write paragraphs? Also learn to sage your post or fucking leave.

No. 1018693

File: 1596757429233.jpeg (87.6 KB, 597x604, ABF3CF3D-F9C1-48CA-BE61-DEDFB4…)

No. 1018696

mods should just nuke everyone who does it along with everyone doesn't know basic sage etiquette

No. 1018698

File: 1596757727410.png (350.75 KB, 591x633, dasha2.png)

Agreed, stop giving these people attention and keep it to actual milk.

No. 1018699

File: 1596757768562.jpeg (463.2 KB, 1191x986, F097F5A3-86A9-47C5-B296-5BD077…)

No. 1018700

cow on cow violence

No. 1018701

for someone who claims to be a woman now, sam has gotten more ballsy since coming out. ba dum tss. but seriously, he's been so much more insane and mean to people, and sexual, ever since he declared himself to be ~female~.

No. 1018702

Everyone on that side of twitter is obsessed with dunking on one another

No. 1018703

lmao. i made the pic. i don't even "hate" most of the people in it. it's just funny to make pics like that. they're public figures, not your friends. as much as i do dislike jack, he's right that so many people have parasocial relationships with podcasters

No. 1018704

it's true, that's literally all that side of twitter does. If you go through their feeds it's 80% screenshots of tweets, topped with a stupid one-liner they wrote to dunk on the tweet.

No. 1018705

Making fun of celebrities is a moral duty.

No. 1018706

File: 1596758443386.jpeg (912.02 KB, 1195x1740, EA2CB1FA-D14C-4606-B459-9F05F3…)

Every interaction from that part of Twitter is cow on cow violence.

No. 1018707

File: 1596758480736.jpeg (129.58 KB, 828x542, FBFF816F-C56F-47E7-B772-75F19A…)

No. 1018709

jack hit my venmo to compensate me for the emotional labor it took to make this please & ty

No. 1018710

Imagine thinking Anna hasn't had you muted on twitter for days at a time because you're just that desperate and needy.

No. 1018712

File: 1596758926385.jpeg (198.86 KB, 1201x626, 17A0485E-EB1C-4BC7-82B6-54A867…)

His idols are a bunch of fatties, neckbeards, and resentful self-hating cows? Checks out.

No. 1018714

File: 1596759428583.png (26.44 KB, 599x245, a.png)

Ashley is a confirmed lurker now.

No. 1018716

File: 1596759590548.jpg (57.64 KB, 659x439, OB-RA985_thatch_H_201112161843…)

Edgescold leftists are the ultimate cows, even tumler leftists have more sense than this holy shit lmao
>And you even used to have a fiance!

No. 1018717

that scary drawing of aimee terese someone did probably took half an hour, the op pic took 10 minutes max and they're acting like some psychotic femcel in a basement frothing at the mouth made it, and not someone they think is normal and on their side who wanted to laugh

No. 1018718

Wasn't her "uglier than me" quote in reference to Jack making fun of her trans name tho

No. 1018720

Every one of these freaks follows the same formula:

>says dumb shit for attention

>people make fun of them for saying dumb shit
>haha why are my haters so obsessed with me

No. 1018721

they're making fun of others constantly, you'd think they can handle some criticism. but nope, anyone that makes fun of them is immediately "obsessed," and "psychotic"

No. 1018722

exactly! it's so absurd. like we're not doing anything horrible we're just shitting on them on a little-known anonymous image board. they're the ones who decided to talk about it and spread it around

No. 1018723

We’re hardly worse than their group DMs where they link tweets and laugh at people

No. 1018729

>I'm going to place him in the ranks of many of his idols
Or maybe you were added because just your sweaty pig face makes your crushes look worse by association. In fact, if they're really your idols you may as well apologize to them for dragging them down with your thrice-divorced diabetic trucker appearance

No. 1018730

Even before quarantine most of these people would log on for 10 hours a day to snipe at others in tweets or gossip in their group DMs. The main difference is that we publicly laugh at the cows that they are delusional enough to think are smart or cool or interesting. It offends them to realize that impartial observers might find them as pathetic as the Sam Pritchards and Wasbappins of the world.

No. 1018733

unfuckable soycel white knights and pickme forevergirlfriends coping like lolcow isn't a board for the very bored housewives they idolize

maybe if anyone with a job actually wanted to marry them they'd have enough leisure to post here instead of chasing clout for patreon nickels and dimes

No. 1018737

File: 1596761686600.png (384.53 KB, 716x712, wikifeet.png)

Accidentally found through google images. Dasha has one too. Guess they've really made it.

No. 1018738

ascended incel

No. 1018742

File: 1596761946440.jpeg (142.18 KB, 900x635, 32957D30-47CD-455D-AB25-4DAF7D…)

Anna’s feet are so big she could probably kickbox a kangaroo with those clawhoppers.

No. 1018744

File: 1596762033589.jpg (206.94 KB, 1080x797, IMG_20200806_210057.jpg)

Remember when something possessed neoliberalismkills and she thought that her incel replyguys would be in awe

No. 1018748

File: 1596762835714.jpeg (589.19 KB, 1242x1230, fatty.jpeg)

I like how he thinks this is out of the question lol, everyone pretending to like you but hating you behind your back is only unrealistic if you have real friends and a normal life, when you're a rotund social climber incapable of a genuine interaction that's actually pretty fucking realistic and likely to be the case. Why would anybody like you, Jack? You certainly don't like them…

No. 1018750

laughed hard anon, thanks

No. 1018752

File: 1596763244342.jpg (31.38 KB, 601x508, 1458710301595.jpg)

Why are scarethots suddenly so bad at pulling this cumtown tier "you can't own me, my entire existence is a self own" cope? Is this because they're sensitive wehmen? Guess they should STFU and breed instead of trying to fool around in the men's world of internet autism.

No. 1018756

Anna could legitimately benefit from bootleg HRT in the form of birth control. It might reduce her mental and physical resemblance to a homeless man who runs around a 7/11 and screams "the end is nigh"

No. 1018761

Yeah, I think it’s become obvious that the detached ironic persona so many of these Twitter addicts cultivate is a massive cope. Virgil Texas spent years pretending to be aloof and unaffected by anything only to have a mental breakdown shortly after Bernie lost this year. No one will look at him the same way if he ever returns.

On right-wing Twitter, there was a guy named PaulTown who made “above it all” detachment his brand and sniped at the leftist ironycels all day until he had a nervous breakdown and drove a truck off a cliff. I think he’s still on Twitter, but no one outside of his small circle jerk takes him seriously.

No. 1018770

i don't follow the chapos very closely, what happened with virgil after bernie was dropped? has he been away from twitter and the podcast since?

No. 1018774

File: 1596765242616.jpg (79.01 KB, 1300x1055, 21-53-25-woman-pointing-laughi…)

Yes Jack, everyone including us and that girl who said she liked you in middle school and then laughed about it with her friends actually loves and admires you. Please keep posting your brilliant and extremely needed content so we can continue making you and your friends more popular. We all mean well.

No. 1018777

Fucked up if that story is true. Twitter really is the new mental asylum of the internet. I don't feel bad for anyone who chooses to participate though.

No. 1018783

virgil disappeared and there was a lot of gossip that his drug use and mental health spun out of control during the big multi-state Chapo tour for the primaries. He's been away from twitter ever since but he's back on the podcast. he wasn't talking to anyone for a couple months, including the chapo hosts. no one knows what was doing in those months.

No. 1018788

File: 1596766613978.jpeg (359.49 KB, 744x1097, aimeeamren.jpeg)

Tbt to when Aimee was so woke she was featured on white nationalist website American Renaissance


No. 1018790

big fed energy

No. 1018797

Isn't she rich?

No. 1018799

The ultimate incel bait - huwite male identitarianism but also Marxist neetbux tendiecoddling and removal of any adult responsibilities from white males. The master race and the gender of logic need their student loans forgiven so they can afford rent AND platonic hookers with podcasts.

No. 1018803

There’s a girl with the handle @counterboud who dated Virgil Texas circa 2013 and she would always complain that he wasn’t interested in sex and that he had erectile dysfunction or something. It was a long distance relationship and he flew her out all the way from Oregon so that he could show his friends that he had a girlfriend.

No. 1018808

god I cant imagine how exhausting it is for these people to simply be alive with all of these layers of irony, seething at literally everything all the time lmfao. like their whole personality is just… being ironic and being angry?

No. 1018811

Being ironic, angry, and having a twitter addiction

No. 1018818

File: 1596769774794.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1536x1842, 07CE4BCB-D63D-4AD7-A6B6-4C3923…)

One of her old Tumblr posts about Virgil as they were breaking up.

No. 1018820

Jesus how old were the both of them?

No. 1018821

This thread has been giving me an incredible amount of lols for the past few days. I used to listen to old episodes of redscare and Anna and Dasha are the two most pathetic, retarded, cope pick-mes I've had the pleasure to monitor in six years of being a lolcow user who's seen it all from every cow possible. They don't even realise they're basically shuddercows and a lot of their listeners were listening to them just to laugh and mock at how retarded they are. Highlights include Dasha being butthurt about Florence Pugh actually being a good actress and making it in Hollywood (b-but I'm sk-skinnier!) while remaining entirely unsuccessful and irrelevant as an 'actress'. Dasha is really out here blaming neoliberalism's impact on film industry as the reason she hasn't broken out as an actress yet, instead of the fact that she's uncharismatic, boring and looks like a retarded chihuahua. Don't even know where to begin with Anna, it must kill her every night to know dropping the word 'pathologies' every five minutes will never be enough to give her the academic clout she craves as a drop-out. To be fair to them, some of their purely pop culture commentary is funny, like mocking celebrities and their weird autoimmune disorders. But all of their political and academic commentary falls completely flat, me and my friends regularly laugh at their retarded takes together. I've stopped listening entirely now so as to not give them any revenue, I can get the same kicks in this thread now kek thanks anons.

No. 1018826

Damn i thought thered at least be some good gossip on this thread but you guys are beyond losers to turn snarking about irrelevant Twitter eccentrics into a lifestyle. Having jargon to talk about people you like to laugh at…. really bleak shit here.(nobody cares)

No. 1018827

based and blessed
i haven't listened to the pod since early 2019. they were appealing at first because i was fed up with radlibs pretending to care about socialism, which they critique, but quickly realized these girls don't care about socialism either lol. they can be funny and sometimes they're right, but ultimately they are clout chasing champagne "socialists" that like namedropping lacan to feel smart.

No. 1018828

sage your post and leave then

No. 1018829

What constitutes “good” gossip? Gossip about people you don’t like?

No. 1018830

you have to go back

No. 1018831

Every trailer Dasha’s been in has a really bad like to dislike ratio. You can see how bad her acting is within the first 10 seconds.

No. 1018834

Gimpgirl is dat you blink if you need help

No. 1018836

She was dating the director of this at the time and I can't believe how ghoulish he let her look in it. And she's shockingly bad at acting, even her two lines in the Emily Dickinson show stood out as awful. Can't wait for her disastrous Epstein movie.

No. 1018838

i'm eating pasta and working on a paper, i check this thread every so often to laugh.
you'd be surprised to learn that most people here have jobs or go to school and just come here for fun just like you probably go on the red scare sub.

lmaoo, i know it's been said but she really is the american leftist version of gimpgirl. did anna ever try to copepost about buzzcuts somehow being more feminine and brave than long hair?

No. 1018840

Does anyone know when that movie is coming out? The title was so retarded.

No. 1018842

File: 1596772278936.jpeg (996.29 KB, 1242x1472, anna.jpeg)

No. 1018843

File: 1596772282948.png (1.58 MB, 640x1136, 53423834-5E6D-4DA4-98A8-618673…)

No. 1018845

My friend just got blocked by Jack literally for liking a reply to Jack's tweet without liking his original tweet. Amazing levels of insecurity.

No. 1018847

File: 1596772665458.jpeg (102.64 KB, 1812x1018, 8672D2A1-85E3-480D-8F5D-8EC9EE…)

That’s hilarious

No. 1018855

Who the fuck has time for that? These people's entire lives are Twitter.

No. 1018857

The way both she and gimpgirl are Russian kind of sends me. Is there an entire archetype of strange, haggard pick-me women with sinewy bodies who get buzzcuts and think they're better than other women?
It's almost like some sort of generational curse cast by a Russian faerie both their ancestors offended way back in the past.
>May your daughters' beauty and sweetness dissolve to ash. They will kiss the feet of men, but only attract swine. Liquor will taint their minds and bodies, and turn them scornful. They will fear full stomachs, and reject all joy in life. Confusion and bitterness will follow them wherever they go, and they will mistake this for intellect

No. 1018860

File: 1596775563723.jpg (48.32 KB, 604x494, 00-36-57-zf9z-TMSyHA.jpg)

I am Russian and the answer is yes.

Психологически, Анна - типичный Михуил Драу, у них даже псевдофилософкие высеры почти идентичны. Особенно про баб, "правильные" традиционные отношения, как быть "настоящим мужчиной" и прочую местечковую хуиту. Жаль, что трудно ознакомить наших Американских друзей с другими ебанутыми Аннами и Дашами из русских интернетов - очень много надо переводить.

No. 1018873


>butthurt redscare hangers not realizing that half of us here are redscare "fans" aka people who follow the pod to laugh at the hosts, which is probably a third of their fanbase

>rest are drive-by proper marxists, proper trads and normie libs

These autistic hoes have no idea what a good chunk of their followers actually thinks of them, do they?

No. 1018876

File: 1596778419706.png (542.15 KB, 828x1792, 96F5A180-147C-47E4-BF76-D7D172…)

For the person in the previous thread who wanted a screenshot of the girls and gays subreddit. Here’s a pretty exemplary selection of thread titles lol it’s mostly just a bunch of lonely people asking for lifestyle advice. A lot of people there seem to look up to A + D as role models

No. 1018878

Doesn't seem as bad compared to the main subreddit which is a cesspool. Pretty sad to have those two as role models though.

No. 1018881


jesus how are these 37 year old scarecels somehow more embarrassing than, like, normal incels

No. 1018884

i recommend looking at their post histories too, they always have posts on r/BPD and r/alcoholism lol

No. 1018887

Anna's mom's twitter, she recently retweeted from her

No. 1018888

samefag but i like her way more than anna lmao, her mother is like all the good parts of her from what i can tell

No. 1018889

the 2nd post is anti-turk racism, classic russian woman

No. 1018890

File: 1596781357320.jpeg (158.38 KB, 750x359, 698A31EF-F751-4BE0-AD44-092352…)

he retweeted this right after you posted that. panties in a twist all because someone didn't like his tweet

No. 1018892

Anna needs to retire from the internet until she’s old enough to be a good poster like her mother

No. 1018894

Imagine getting mad at this deliberately rorchach artwork

No. 1018895

File: 1596781762237.jpeg (568.12 KB, 750x1112, 1CCE3333-A1C3-4A0E-B5D5-F91FAC…)

we made it to the sub ladies

No. 1018896

wtf Anna's mom is based, it must suck to have such a humorless nag of a daughter

No. 1018897

File: 1596782171516.png (56.28 KB, 1206x234, mrs khachiyan.png)

Anna's mom is better at posting, has better politics, and is funnier than Anna. I could read her tweets all night, these are great

No. 1018898

This is what actual Joan Rivers style comedy looks like, Anna. Not butthurt preaching and textwalls in response to being gossiped about.

No. 1018899

File: 1596782565161.png (56.52 KB, 492x450, ovrlp.png)

I've noticed a lot of them post in femcels and their spinoff communities. People who participate this "community" aren't mentally well.

No. 1018900

dang, imagine being outposted by your mom in her 60s

wow, is that the male listeners? i'm assuming that sub bans women or mass downvotes them

No. 1018902

File: 1596782713837.png (778.48 KB, 1202x722, steve bannon.png)

I wonder how disappointed Mrs. Khachiyan is whenever Anna gets horny for Steve Bannon

No. 1018903


No. 1018912

for real that sub has the least wook energy it makes no sense

No. 1018915

>Trust-Fund Anon
I dare any farmer to go to a warzone and fight for w/e you believe in like Brace Belden did tbh. Call me a simp but that in and of itself makes him cooler than any shitposter on sites like this.

No. 1018917

File: 1596785019534.png (86.43 KB, 893x281, one big us military base.png)

This is what he was fighting for. Joined one US proxy to fight another.

No. 1018920

Makes sense considering she's Armenian

No. 1018923

They are also by far the best faction in Syria. I doubt you care btw-it's just a parody of ultraleftist Ben Norton "everything is about resource imperialism" posting to own the lefties.

No. 1018926

Who care

No. 1018927

>They are also by far the best faction in Syria
Not even Brace would agree with you.

No. 1018929

Jesus CHRIST this is bad. It's like she's not even trying.

No. 1018939

idc about the syria thing but i'm pretty sure brace isn't a trust fund kid anyway, his mom killed herself when he was a little kid and apparently he was on the streets doing meth as a teenager and struggled to make money from a job at.. a flower shop

No. 1018944

File: 1596789935268.jpeg (127.46 KB, 989x960, B1415FCC-B873-41D5-BB07-92454A…)

guess women are now doing what scrotes have been doing for years

No. 1018948

Looks like Heather aka Rachel deleted her discord account. Only one remaining is the reddit account (u/ca_autonomous_oblast) which she's probably keeping around because she's an r/redscarepod mod who deletes every thread or comment making fun of her.

No. 1018950

the trust fund accusations against Brace come from him having the same last name as an historically prominent San Francisco business family, but they aren't related, at last according to him.

No. 1018953

>umma boet

No. 1018955

this is why anna needs to actually take shit back instead of just backpedaling and saying "umm it was a rorschach." she claims it wasn't meant to be taken seriously, but even if that were true, retards like this eat it up and regurgitate it to their equally retarded sycophant followers who repeat it too.
women used to not even be considered as able to be autistic at all, then there was a period of all kinds of dumb "girl autism is liking makeup" posts, soon they'll be back at square one and have to beg for visibility all over again.

No. 1018956

btw almost every girl that mindlessly agreed with anna's autism tweet used to call themselves autistic as a quirky qt thing, saying they had "hot girl autism," now they're all pretending that never happened lmao.
see here: https://twitter.com/search?q=%22hot%20girl%20autism%22&src=typed_query
i've scrolled for 10 seconds and already i've seen 2 anna orbiters mentioning it.

No. 1018957

File: 1596792456252.png (15.78 KB, 479x203, a1.png)

this girl was literally in the replies of anna's autism tweet complaining about how women joke about autism as a quirky personality trait! lmao!
they all conveniently develop amnesia and throw away everything just to be able to agree with her.

No. 1018959

I think he’s one of those guys, like Justin Murphy, who just says provocative shit to boost his Twitter engagement stats.

No. 1018960

File: 1596792795156.png (17.81 KB, 471x187, a2.png)

all to please mistress anna

No. 1018961

It started off with one cringey tiktok video and now apparently no women ever can have a mental illness/developmental disorder or have any interests of their own.

No. 1018962

File: 1596792969988.png (20.79 KB, 537x232, autism.png)

this bitch tweets like 50 times a day and all of it is kissing asses of more popular people and changing her opinions every few minutes

No. 1018964

I’m honestly surprised by that. Jack also seemed horrified by this notion during his meltdown, but I thought people in general and the hosts themselves would be aware a large portion of their listeners are people like ‘hate listening’ I guess - out of the podcasts mentioned in this thread I’ve only heard red scare and I genuinely thought that was the point, that they deliberately lean into trying to cultivate an outrage following, I did not think they were under the impression most of their listeners are people who earnestly agree with them

No. 1018965

I’m hearing rumors that Heather and a couple other women in the edgy girls group DM are traumatized over these threads, lmfao

No. 1018968

who else is in the group DM?

No. 1018969

Names I’ve heard mentioned thus far are Anna, Dasha, Liz Franczak, Caroline as a woman, Liz Bruenig, AliceFromQueens, Lily Lynch, Eponawest, and Heather. I think the Annie Asian waif girl too. I might be forgetting some.

No. 1018970

if you could get screens somehow that would be like milkmas

No. 1018971

File: 1596795697480.png (63.09 KB, 596x393, need a peek.png)

the most fabled group chat on twitter

No. 1018972

interesting to hear. Im not from SanFran so I wouldn't know. Sounds a bit stereotypical to assume a jewish guy has a trust fund because of a name shared w/ some rich family.

No. 1018974

isn't that alice in the replies the girl who threw a molotov at a cop and got arrested, and her mugshot looked nothing like her avi

No. 1018975

File: 1596795918153.jpeg (22.64 KB, 434x292, lmao.jpeg)

here it is

No. 1018976

she's not actually the molotov girl, just uses the pic as her avi

also I think the cute girl was actually the mugshot girl's sister

No. 1018977

Yeah, the girl in her avi is Darian Hope Shader.

No. 1018978

honestly a relief to learn because i didn't want to accept that someone could catfish with a selfie so hard

No. 1018979

How do you know her Discord?

No. 1018980

she was on the red scare subreddit's discord

No. 1018981

I still want to know if Aimee is wearing a wig or not, we never got an answer. It’d be funny if she has trichotillomania aka the Shoe0nhead disease.

No. 1018982

that is 100% a wig in that pic

No. 1018985

gonna press a phat ed for (extreme doubt) on this one until theres any kind of evidence

No. 1018987

I mean, Heather's scrubbed her entire personal internet presence and got that tumblr post of her writing taken down and Caroline as_a_woman deleted her vsco page as soon as it was posted here and sicced her boytoy on us in the last thread

No. 1018991

Do they follow Jack? If so they must at least be aware of the thread since he tweeted about it non stop for like 3 days

No. 1018993

The character is literally herself, how did she manage to fuck THAT up?

No. 1018997

if these cows lurk the thread this much imagine how often they must search their own names on twitter

No. 1019006

if anything i dont believe dasha and anna are part of it, if theyre aware of the threads they seem to be smart enough to just ignore them instead of having shart attacks

No. 1019013

Oh Russia has a lot of these. There's entire forums dedicated to each of them. Sometimes anons there talk about bringing the food to the outside world, but there's just too much to translate. You guys would have a field day with purebred Russian cows lmao.

Lolcow would fucking tear her apart, I wish I could witness it.

No. 1019025

I hope mods identify these people's posts and tag them so they can all really see what they think of each other when they come to lurk here.

Oh, so she really can't turn that retarded inflection off when she's not on the podcast? That's a little sad, actually.

No. 1019026

What the actual fuck? Lmao did she get work done recently?

No. 1019027

Yeah, Jack should know since he is creepily obsessed with Anna and Dasha and thinks they are BFF's. Also, I am suspicious that you're Jack because this meme not only puts him on the dirtbag left, away from the nazi camp he actually belongs to, but right near the people he admires the most. Very suspect.

No. 1019031

Jack went on a huge campaign to harass a girl he was threatened by on twitter, went after her in an insane way and then threatened all his mutuals that if they ever interacted with her or followed her, he will block them. He is….not well.

No. 1019032

File: 1596805810620.jpeg (314.3 KB, 1242x755, 510236E0-D0E5-4B0D-8E75-D38D1B…)

Imo I think she looks so much better recently

No. 1019034

File: 1596805940857.jpeg (463.25 KB, 1242x994, 9A1FC4AD-773C-4AEF-A8E4-9BF4CC…)

He seems obsessed with his online image. Apparently he used to do the follow/unfollow thing and he used to selfpost in the red scare sub then compliment himself using a bunch of alts.

No. 1019036

She knows who the guy is and what he believes and she agrees with him 100%, said she was so glad to follow him this year. She only backpeddals because she's a coward.

No. 1019037

The girl who reccd Anna the tret is the same girl who Jack was harassing and trying to dox. She said they called her work and everything and kept posting her pictures on the red scare sub. She left because they started to harass her father at work.

No. 1019039

and he has the audacity to call US psychopaths

No. 1019040

File: 1596806719554.jpg (36.52 KB, 850x560, piscatella.jpg)

I've never seen a bigger psychopath than Jack. Have you guys ever watched Orange is the New Black? In once season they had this gay CO that was psycho and hated women and it literally is Jack lmao His name was Piscatella and he also had some sort of faggy hobby he was obsessed with

No. 1019043

The worst thing to me about the Annie girl is how she constantly talks about being petite and so tiny when she’s literally average height. She’s even taller than average for Asian women. Idk why she posts her stomach so much when it’s so soft and flabby. she talks about being “skinny fat” it’s so embarrassing. The warmtoned girl talks about how small she is too but at least she actually is. Either way, isn’t it basically just bragging about being the result of
generations of malnutrition?

No. 1019046

they’re pandering to the lowest denominator of men—weeaboos, pedophiles, weak men who think they’re strong because they only target women weaker than them, etc.
warmtoned even goes out of her way to say “omg my 30 year old bf is so out of touch hehe i have to school him on youth culture,” stuff like that. these women fetishize their own submissiveness and naturally it attracts the worst kinds of men. look at their replyguys

and she’s calmed down with it but annie used to post every single day about her ex. he was a weeb obsessed with league of legends, never paid for her dates, didn’t clean himself, ignored her, etc.
she’s basically just a pickme for incels who want an anime waifu

No. 1019051

The only compliments he's ever going to get are coming from inside the house so it makes sense.

No. 1019055

she posts about gaming everyday, I think she's trying to attract incel gamer attention.

No. 1019058

Idt he’s a trust fund kid but he’s also not Rambo. The YPG just wanted white faces for PR lol

No. 1019062

Shasti is worse than both of them because she almost exclusively refers to herself in third person, “That is so Shasti, Shasti post!”, and calls herself a steppe girl. She also somehow got away with skinwalking

No. 1019063

I think she only gets away with it because of how beta and pathetic most twitter men are, they don’t want to call it out and they’re more than happy to have another pickme to coom over in the replies and make fun of in their boys chats.

No. 1019064

ot but I would love to see a thread about this. the Develv thread had some rusanons translating posts on it a long time ago and it was fascinating

No. 1019065

And it’s not even her real name. She loves her fake name. It’s like she’s trying to instruct her mufos to act like Annie’s orbiters (“say my name you guys.. come on.. call things Shasti”) but they’re not catching on, they’re probably like “this is weird, but she’s nice so whatever”

No. 1019068

wait, I thought these two were the same person

No. 1019071

Nope. Annie came first, then after maybe a year or so Shaista rebranded as Shasti and started skinwalking. This happened around the time Annie’s PULL thread bothered her enough to where she stopped posting on her main account as much and created a private that she charged access too.

No. 1019072

imagine having the audacity to charge for a twitter account

No. 1019074

File: 1596811065605.jpeg (122.01 KB, 815x504, 0D69C150-728A-4A2E-99E7-A80404…)

$25 too

No. 1019076

It’s so strange to see reply guys who follow and engage with both of them. Almost like cheating

No. 1019077

Especially since Shasti was active on Annie’s PULL thread

No. 1019079

I remember a few times seeing warmtoned say that she has her own “brown face skin walker”. Does anyone know who it is that she thinks is copying her?

No. 1019084

Anons should pool the money and post here kek, I'm surprised no one has done that yet, her orbiters/friends must be be very loyal, which is surprising for this crowd or maybe she's just boring

No. 1019087

File: 1596812145880.jpeg (73.11 KB, 828x524, E9E9DF03-C7C9-4152-8273-812209…)

No. 1019088

When it comes to her paying fans, they probably don’t want her to freak out and delete because they like having access to candid posts and more selfies

No. 1019090

it's probably the latter point.
she could log off or choose to not view these threads, no one is forcing you to log in to twitter everyday. that tyler the creator cyberbullying quote lol

No. 1019091

I don't think anna and dasha are in this little group, these people are orbiters who are way too convinced that they're intellectual and hilarious when they're mostly just mediocre. Liz F was freaking out about people on reddit googling her family history and was whining about it on those streams for weeks until she stopped doing the streams altogether because of the trans n+1 article and nazi perfume podcast double fuck up.

No. 1019093

Jack spends his entire day creating fictional people in his head to get mad at online. Maybe he has too much of a rich inner world?

No. 1019095

These people love that they're being talked about, whenever everyone forgets about them is when their feelings will really be hurt.

No. 1019102

If its weird to make fun of strangers, it’s weird to genuinely care about them and listen to them talk for an hour every single week. Hmm.

No. 1019103

Says the brain damaged thot who talks about beauty and art all the time with no artistic creations of herself. Truly putting your rich inner world to work by tweeting nonstop and checking this thread, right Ashley?

No. 1019104

>get mad at strangers

All I see here is people finding losers hilarious, and some of us are their acquaintances.

No. 1019105

File: 1596814023123.jpg (15.91 KB, 178x313, 29243_119760841383518_4640731_…)

Let's never forget "Jugs" aka Christina Murgo, who is the house (literal house) fag hag of the Perfume Nationalist podcast. Serial harasser and stalker of women online, neo nazi, supposed hottest girl in the New Jersey area, a woman so hot that other women cannot stand to be around her, and what Jack calls "a Russ Meyer femme fatale"

No. 1019107

isn't she an actual Nazi who goes on rants about Jews? Everyone who has ever appeared on Perfume Nationalist pod is really going to regret it in a few years.

No. 1019108

She’s so cringe…she’s like a rupi kaur type diaspora poet but for the ussr: “my thick soviet immigrant skin” lmao as if boring non-exotic irish people dont commonly have thick skin too

No. 1019109

File: 1596814218998.jpg (30.51 KB, 750x744, 107098329_10222032597431530_23…)

The femme fatale is so desirable that the only guy who finally picked her is an ex con neo nazi tattoo artist

No. 1019110


She is a neo nazi, she recorded podcasts withe Joe Joseph aka Eric Striker. She went private and is being a coward when she was doxed, despite previously claiming she was such a baaad bitch lmao Her boyfriend's twitter is @blestnbeheaded,you can see what his views are.

No. 1019111

Typical fat alt girl cope with the bad heavy winged eyeliner. Give it a few years and her trailer will start filling up with Betty Boop themed garbage

No. 1019112

She still sounds sharp, well spoken and quick to respond. Does she ever explain her brain damage on the her pod?

No. 1019117

File: 1596814976061.jpg (365.38 KB, 1966x1311, christinamurgo~2.jpg)

The best and funnies doxing ever was of this pig, her online persona was that of this amazingly gorgeous woman, A Cool Girl x1000000, a woman every man desires and every woman loathes. Turns out she is obese, heavily into the alt witch aesthetic, 30+ lives with her parents and works retail.

No. 1019118

for a second I thought this was bloobird

No. 1019121


That was the rumor based on how vicious Jugs was on twitter to other women and how much she bragged about her "curves" but bloobird was much funnier and a lot less nazi than this beast.

No. 1019124

Anna defends psycho Aimee in this thread and the psycho Aimee stans come out full force

No. 1019126

To Anna, someone is a good person as long as they’re nice to her. She’s too into herself to give an objective answer.

No. 1019129

File: 1596815873725.jpeg (188.93 KB, 828x1222, E94B120B-A964-4929-99AA-AE5260…)


No. 1019132


Yet she accuses others of not being objective.

No. 1019134

File: 1596816347562.jpeg (35.3 KB, 576x324, D_9-N25XkAARivS (1).jpeg)


She went private but goes by @a_nausea, she got banned on her first account @aintsorrie for being a pest and harassing various women.

No. 1019135

And why is she so obsessed with grouping people? “Total nice Lebanese girl”, Aimee’s half Lebanese and lives in Australia, and she’s described her Leb father as the poster child of assimilation. Anna is the corniest person alive.

No. 1019136

idpol for me, not for three

No. 1019137

File: 1596816680183.png (266.45 KB, 712x912, jugggggs.png)

At least Chris Murgo aka Jugs has a ex con aka @blestnbeheaded to drool over her now. Funny that she had to settle for this dude when she brags that all her exes pay her extravagant amounts of money for non nude photographs of her. It's also sad because if you look at their fb profiles, they have POC "friends" and a black dude with a white wife and mixed kids liked this post while Jugs has ranted and raved about interracial couples and calls race mixing an "abomination." If you check out her bf's twitter, he jokes about how his co workers think he's a lefty but "haven't yet figured out that I'm a racist"

No. 1019138

Don't you know? Only "culturless" dumb Americans don't do idpol! Her mother can guess a person's heritage in a second! This is very cool and admirable!

No joke, she's said this.

No. 1019140

File: 1596817231318.jpeg (160.13 KB, 828x911, 0EAD7245-C455-4039-BC7B-E95E6A…)

No. 1019142

File: 1596817787890.png (88.55 KB, 689x667, nazi.png)

Jugs's old curious cat from last year. A reminder that both Anna and Liz went on their podcast and that Dasha currently follows her lmao.

No. 1019143

File: 1596817892235.png (41.14 KB, 685x355, hate4minorities.png)

Seems like a nice gal to make friends with

No. 1019144

When people drool over her selfies that look zero like her candids, she credits tretnoin, a cream she's applied for a very short amount of time, it can't work that fast nor it is a miracle worker, it can't transform you. But she says that instead of admitting she takes 100 selfies and picks the best one, like a normal person.

No. 1019145

File: 1596818919224.jpeg (310.16 KB, 2048x1536, candid.jpeg)

she looks much better than she used to just a few years ago. this is a recent candid during the Tulsi interview. still nothing like her selfies but most people don't look like their selfies

No. 1019148

She looks absolutely nothing like her selfies or videos and you're right, most people don't, but she pretends to that a cream that takes 6 months to show any results transformed her into a hot spinner with a smaller nose.

No. 1019157

no way he didn't have a lot of money, he lived in Marin. It has been the wealthy enclave of Northern California since at least the 80s. Trust fund may be a bit much but he had a privileged life, no doubt. Working in a flower shop as a young man with a drug addiction just tells me dad stopped supporting his habits at some point.

No. 1019167

How on earth do these people manage to inflate themselves enough to call themselves saints, angels, lambs, femme fatales, etc.? How are they not embarrassed by how clearly delusional their self images are?

Even without the buzzcut she gives off massive gimpgirl vibes here, maybe it's just that they have the same perpetual look of misery and pickmeism

No. 1019169

Someone on the red scare sub pointed out that Jack has horizontal forehead lines and Jugs has skin that looks like rotting meat and they both look older for their age & they freaked tf out, Jack couldn't stop tweeting about it. Both of them act like skin care experts and highly recc Clinique dramatically different moisturizer lmao and SEA BREEZE and talk about how young and fresh they look. Truly, truly delusional people.

No. 1019170

Who is this gimp girl?

No. 1019171

look at that schnoze

No. 1019173

how old is Jack supposed to be and how old do you think he is?

No. 1019174

File: 1596823830712.png (464.12 KB, 500x761, 66AE99A6-DBFA-46D2-806E-462E45…)

>Foolish program. if you are finding yourself thrown off by the three-part word salad I’m serving re: the legitimacy of mental disorders in females if those females take birth control pills, you should know that your utterly perplexed reaction means I’m actually being very clever because I actually was trying to get you to react like that, confused and not understanding what I mean, which of course is making you angry Америкос. These are Rorscarchs. They are not meant to be understood at first, and so there’s no way you’d get it. The concepts of “words,” “meaning,” etc., the components needed to make a cohesive point, are irrelevant here. My point will make itself fucking clear only when you look at it through a few more retweeted lenses. Yes, you are outrageous and confused about the fact that I so smartly anticipated your outrage and confusion following my outrageous and confusing posts… as I expected. I win no matter what, don’t you get it? This game of intellectual oneupmanship will always belong to me, program. You should probably just stop, I don’t know, obsessing about this? Like… you seriously have the time to question the clunky multi-part diatribe that I wrote in my own free time and of my own free will? I think it would be best if your size medium ass either blocks me and returns to your kind amongst the denizens of AOC’s replies, or just like, starts investing in a nicotine addiction to shed off that dead weight. Maybe if you’re skinny, you’ll start to get what I’m saying.

No. 1019175

File: 1596823972615.png (781.86 KB, 720x745, Screenshot_20200807-140850~2.p…)

I think he just turned 31? He looks about 40 or so imo. Clearly sea breeze, outdated Clinique moisturizer, shit diet, cigarettes and hate in his heart have done this to him

No. 1019176


No. 1019177

Gimpgirl555 on reddit, she's a Russian pickme who has a thread on snow

No. 1019180

lol too good
and they say women can't have autism

No. 1019181

Its not even an exaggeration lmao

No. 1019182

>Also-I'm actually pretty
And then she has the nerve to look like >>1019117, kek.

No. 1019183

File: 1596824337405.jpeg (30.85 KB, 275x268, 1580001931293.jpeg)

No. 1019186

Accurate, lmao.

No. 1019187

The kind of wrinkles you get when you crinkle your brow in concentration each day as you ree about women taking birth control while they fuck the men you want to be with

No. 1019191

This hag makes individualistic appeals all the time, tf

No. 1019192

File: 1596824728402.jpeg (418.5 KB, 1242x864, 970E9407-F4A3-4705-B894-FB8D19…)

Are you sure you don’t perhaps just have a psychosexual obsession with her?

No. 1019194

Imagine the skin he'd have if he was, idk, non ironically Living, Loving and Laughing like he pretends to instead of being a creepy fat nerd who wishes he was a woman who gets to fuck the men he could never, ever have and stalking & harassing women online! Also, slapping some SPF on once in a while.

No. 1019195

What the fuck, this woman is insane and a true narcissist. She's out of her mind lmao

No. 1019197

anyone who doesn't think I'm beautiful is a puritanical bumpkin.

Anna has never understood that she's not an avant garde, "strange" beauty like Beatrice Dalle, she just looks like Nathan Fielder. If she put more effort into her appearance (and I don't just mean becoming skinnier and skinnier) she'd look a lot better. She's not ugly but she's also not what she thinks she is, some androgynous undefined European beauty.

That is a rough 31. Sea Breeze? What a skincare dilettante.

No. 1019198

Her obsession with AOC is the definition of psychosexual.

No. 1019200

She once admitted that she thinks Léa Seydoux was the most beautiful woman, which is the opposite of what she says she finds attractive. Eli must think Seydoux is hot so she had to say it through gritted teeth. Also, she can rest assured that she's not considered attractive anywhere, except maybe Armenia. It's got nothing to do with Americans but she keeps coping hard.

No. 1019201

Aside from letting her hair grow out, what can she do besides plastic surgery?

No. 1019202

If you disagree with him about his skincare, he will make 48 twitter posts about how a disgusting greasy faced Glossier bitch you are who understands nothing about anything, hole.

No. 1019204

She once posted the women whom she's "jealous of" and they were cloying lingerie models. Her "unconventional art hoe" cosplay is a tremendous cope.

The Julia Fox tweet was probably the best example of how she really feels, which she of course promptly projected onto the "liberal women" in her head. Poor hag.

No. 1019205

You already hit the nail on the head with the main one, better haircut and styling. The picture where she looks less gaunt with longer hair from the last thread was a decent start.

She needs some concealer under her eyes, a bit of blush, eyebrow shaping (her leaning to masculine face doesn't suit this generation's wild eyebrows) and more mascara. She needs to put on weight so her cheeks don't look so sunken, and she can work out to attain an athletic but not gaunt frame. And for god's sakes smile more. That's my advice.

No. 1019208

Every fugly Russian immigrant blames "Americans" and "liberals" for everything pertaining to their personal unlikeability, it's par for the course.
Anna kind of reminds me of Russian male immigrants who become psychotic incels in the US because of how unattainable American women are to them, and how easily impressed Russian women are by comparison. They rarely just leave the country, however.

No. 1019210

I think her permanent scolding, pained grimace with empty beady eyes doesn't go well with smiling anymore. Maybe Botox and SSRIs would help.

No. 1019211

Why was Franczak freaking out? What is she hiding?

No. 1019213

anna would be happier if she were attracted to women i think

No. 1019215

Just went through the last thread and this one, what the actual fuck. Anna is the cringiest out of this whole lot but the perfume guy is certifiably insane. He has constructed some Amy Dunne character that is obsessed with him and stalks him and I guess it's to deflect? How is it possible that Anna and Aimee and all these people went on his podcast and nobody has called them out for it?

No. 1019216

File: 1596826094457.jpg (271.08 KB, 1532x2048, anna.jpg)

this was a good look for her.
someone in the last thread mentioned she might be AGP

No. 1019217

File: 1596826251410.png (277.86 KB, 374x429, garret-photo.png)

they're just racist fat goths lmao

No. 1019218

File: 1596826282097.jpg (3.04 MB, 2832x4256, Lea_Seydoux.jpg)

Wait, she said this person is the one she finds most attractive? So literally the opposite of what she always preaches wow I feel bad for her now

No. 1019219

I agree, I thought she seemed closeted for the longest time

No. 1019220

What a catch!!!!! Vom

No. 1019223

But this looks nothing like her face wise, if she had long hair with that snoz it would make her look like a witch lol

No. 1019224

h-h-how'd she get to be so famous anyway Dasha is thinner than her!!

No. 1019226

Yeah I thought the same thing. I thought maybe he just started acting this unhinged recently but anons who followed him before said he was always like that so idk. As big a cow many of them are themselves I’m still not sure why they would associate with him considering he’s so transparent about his social climbing and derangedness.

No. 1019229

Because some women have a strange, self defeating compulsion to be worshipped and adored by gay men and Jack gives these chicks that in spades.

No. 1019233


Caroline as a woman doing cointelpro-style disruption of an anti islam event

No. 1019234

The women who look like her who she pretends to find attractive + the nose job viral tweet are all just her coping. It’s really sad.

No. 1019235

I think their egos are hurt that most "cool" people they would have sucked up to or who would tweet with them a few years ago ditched them for their awful takes, even the unwoke irony guys are making fun of red scare now. So that's why Anna is sucking up to right wing people and Aimee, Dasha is sucking up to random teens who call her a hag, and both welcome jack's attention. Red Scare as a brand has been losing steam since the protests if not before that.

No. 1019236

wow that really is her. her politics are the opposite of that now

No. 1019238

Wait wait wait waittttt…..I thought Caroline was this super edgy girl who would surley cackle at this? The grift is real!!

No. 1019239

Don't they realize that Jack flatters and gasses up only one type of woman? Lmao He haaaates beautiful women, loathes them. If he ever gave me a compliment I'd jump off the nearest cliff

No. 1019240

I would bet good money that she's suffering from BPD. Truly, out of everyone, she has to be the worst pick me of them all.

No. 1019241

If I wanted to get really mean I'd say any scrap of male attention, gay or otherwise, is ambrosial to women as invisible and forgettable as Anna and Dasha.

No. 1019242

File: 1596827577612.jpg (785.45 KB, 2048x1365, gettyimages-1129440715-2048x20…)

No. 1019243

But he’s so clearly only doing it to bleed as many fans from them as he can, I feel like that’s below even them

No. 1019245

Anna has pretty provincial tastes which she's deeply ashamed of in the context of fitting in with the NYC art scene, hence the whole "trying to make trad cool" shit. She's probably secretly into Christina Hendricks types, Lea is still too refined.

No. 1019246


Any man who is in the vicinity of Caroline needs to run, run the fuck away dude!

No. 1019247

she's not wrong!

No. 1019249

I remember her saying that Christina Hendricks is hideous lmao and only guys who secretly want to fuck their mothers find her attractive

No. 1019252

She's not wrong but to go from this to "lol kill all Jews" "feminists are losers who can't get laid" in like a couple of years is clearly indicative of her being insane.

No. 1019253

Exactly. Dasha is permanently on thin ice with him while Anna can do no wrong.

No. 1019254

She’s definitely from an extremely wealthy background and that’s probably enough for her to be embarrassed about but maybe there’s also feds in her family or something lol

No. 1019255

They are desperado for validation and praise, that's how pathetic they are.

No. 1019256

Dasha said once she prefers some twitter 4chan jack adjacent guy called "Guppy" to him. lmao. I think that's what started that

No. 1019257

He IS Piscatella! A deranged homosexual who loathes women and enjoys torturing them.

No. 1019258

Someone posted screenshots of him going nuts on Dasha about it in the last thread and she never unfollowed him of anything. Maybe she likes being treated like shit by psychos

No. 1019259

At least Caroline seemed human back then. Now she just comes across as a bitter nasty hag trying to imitate Anna and Dasha. Red Scare really is cancer.

No. 1019261

What's the deal with Heather Hapsburg? Is she really Serbian? There are tons of Serbs in Cali who got rich somehow, wouldn't surprise me if she was.

No. 1019263

Red Scare was a mistake but how do we know that Caroline wasn't doing this back then to get the attention of some nerd? It feels like she's the type of girl who does everything for male attention. Jack told her she looks like Elizabeth Taylor btw

No. 1019265

She just seems so void of any identity and desperate to be liked. Her tweets read like a AI mashup of all left thot accounts like she doesn’t seem like a real person.

No. 1019267

sorry to nitpick, but how old is caroline? i feel like she could be anywhere from 25 to 32

No. 1019269

in the last thread someone mentioned Dasha jokingly flirted with her and then made fun of her behind her back, which is why she nuked her accounts. If that's true Dasha is an actual psychopath

No. 1019271

One thing stuck out to me when I listened to Red Scare a while ago, both Anna and Dasha hated the movie Lady Bird? And they talk tons of shit about Greta Gerwig. These bitches WISH they were in Gerwig's shoes, they're seething with jealousy. Same with Dasha's hate for Florance Pugh.

No. 1019276

who could hate that movie? they must have so much internalized self-hate

No. 1019277

Dasha is def a psychopath but it's also pretty sad to care so much about what someone like Dasha thinks anyway. Do you guys know Annie Hamilton? She's uh really kooky lol but has a good heart and never takes herself seriously. She's really pretty and one of Dasha's friends but Dasha talks behind her back all the time and makes fun of her.

No. 1019279

I know, right? That movie was really good and the way they talked about it told me all I needed to know what they think of themselves. Jack also loathed it but he hates women so that as expected.

No. 1019283

no, she is an equally annoying attention whore

No. 1019287

she looks great here. like a beautiful idf soldier

No. 1019289

Confirmed for wanting to be Christina Hendricks then. Anna never seethes about women she isn't envious of.

No. 1019292

File: 1596830760735.png (74.38 KB, 879x570, 2xd6KTB.png)

No. 1019295

shitting on brie larson to appeal to the incels

No. 1019296

Wasn't Caroline fucking the Mulldog and looking to move to NYC?

No. 1019297

She has really ugly eyes. Steve buscemi type eyes. Honestly really unfortunate bc even a lot of the most unattractive people still have nice eyes

No. 1019298

If she thinks Christina Hendricks, Penelope Cruz and Brie Larson are ugly…..then what the actual fuck does she think she looks like? What does she honestly think of Dasha? Even the Kendrick girl, who I personally do not find hot, would get 9 out of 10 guys who were given a choice between her and Anna. I believe even Anna's boyfriend would prefer the other Anna.

No. 1019299

Tbh I think this was one of the most true things she’s ever said. All those women should be pretty but I agree they aren’t for some reason.

No. 1019300

there is so much projection here.But there is always a lot of weird apg projection in what she post and also this post reminds me of a weird recurring theme were she post about guys wanting to fuck there mothers.you dont think that?

No. 1019301

The only one that anybody actually ever finds "hot" these days is Christina Hendricks, and even then, it is usually more in the context of hot for a chubby girl unless you're particularly into that body type. Its hardly controversial to say Brie Larsen and Chloe Grace Moretz aren't "hot", they're not really held up as hot celebs so much as they are just general actresses. They're also both generally conventionally attractive in the sense they aren't disturbing to the eye. Penelope Cruz just seems like a waste of time even critiquing, she hasn't been A list for at least a decade.

No. 1019302


What is he talking about? These women only exist in his diseased head. Also rich coming from someone who admits to dousing himself in Aromatics Elixir and Lush's Karma. I exclusively use method and my house smells of grapefruit, you fat bitch.

No. 1019303

File: 1596831862372.png (15.22 KB, 603x151, thepaintchipswellatwok.PNG)

Did anyone catch this on Dasha's ED twitter in response to being called pronana, probably on here?

No. 1019304

"Creepy cooked food" instead of the pounds of cold cuts he eats by the fridge and chugging 1l bottles of coca cola, like he admits to doing? Imagine eating healthy cooked foods and using cleaning products that don't smell of chemical toxic waste?

No. 1019305

women cooking is…. bad now?

No. 1019307

These are the people who wail about being called ugly or fat online kek

No. 1019309

Feel like caroline made this up to seem hot and relevant

No. 1019312

File: 1596833002057.jpeg (359.82 KB, 1316x2048, 9089296D-E8B1-4752-9A69-67B8FF…)

wow she’s so emaciated and frail

No. 1019313

im dead anon

No. 1019316

File: 1596833162338.jpeg (94.86 KB, 800x800, 233937E5-A8E4-4A46-9A2E-CAAD36…)

To clarify, she is likely extremely upset that the kind of man she wants to be desired by will always be into Christina Hendricks or Kate Upton types. Alpha provider men just aren't into old, nagging Gileadean Aunts even though their domineering nagging is about how women need to be more submissive.

Pickmes generally don't understand how actually emasculating their proselytizing is, whereas attractive feminine women can easily get away with saying that all men are subhuman good for nothing degenerates.

It's the "hot thin girl pigging out on a burger" effect. It will always be more cute than a hamplanet daintily plucking a salad.

No. 1019317

Her jawline is way too masculine.

No. 1019318

I can't imagine what that obese fag's house smells like. He must sweat a lot in that Texas heat, the bad processed food, outdated and reformulated perfumes and the bleach he uses to clean. Lovely.

No. 1019319

then there's the cock

No. 1019322

Didn't this fag say that "creepy" is a female buzzword that doesn't mean anything
He throws it around more than "neoliberal"

No. 1019324

She is a surrogate internet mommy to assorted beta males, except they don't even want to fuck her. It's a position she resents, since she clearly wants to be a femme fatale and an object of male rage-desire (aka the psychosexual obsession she really wants to be a thing).

No. 1019327

File: 1596834242815.jpeg (378.12 KB, 1198x1651, 2EDE7194-1952-40B6-B202-A1CC5B…)

Jake Flores may eat his own cum but never forget how badly he wrecked Dasha’s pussy.


No. 1019329

i don’t get the joke?

No. 1019330

Yes, some words are just used by bad people except when he uses the same words then it's ok. He also rants against "cowards" who hide behind online anonymity but it's ok when his co host does it because reasons. The dude is a total psycho.

No. 1019331

If he was attacking a woman that's actually brave and pure Dasha would be cheering on him.

No. 1019332

Or just attacking a woman period.

No. 1019334

File: 1596834857341.jpg (66.92 KB, 669x359, projection?.JPG)

No. 1019337

File: 1596835327149.jpeg (130.71 KB, 640x955, EC777368-6BF6-4501-9BCE-AA0B7E…)

Great fiancé

No. 1019341

File: 1596835499558.jpeg (38.12 KB, 635x420, 485EF5BE-9DED-4832-BDFF-AC2CC5…)

If Heather’s family does have money, it’s a shame they couldn’t make her look better than this.

No. 1019342

She actually looks better there. Post nose job she looks off, like she has a disease.

No. 1019343

fucking lol she looks like the cursed *~ size medium *~ here

No. 1019346

File: 1596835904995.jpeg (146.87 KB, 1024x768, E9760CAB-E1B9-49D9-B98F-BE0445…)

Yeah, at least she wasn’t going bald back then.

No. 1019351

Looking like Shay's cousin with fetal alcohol syndrome. I really can't believe she thinks she's hot shit.

No. 1019358

File: 1596836628391.jpeg (50.72 KB, 340x406, DB3D4CBA-18D6-4CB8-B6FA-78A7F9…)

No. 1019359

Yeah, Dasha is really at best kind of pretty. I almost feel bad for her, because at least Anna has some understanding that she is at the very least not pretty in a normal sense. I think Dasha genuinely looks at movie star tier women and thinks she's at that level, when in reality she was just the prettiest of the Cumtown hosts girlfriends. She wasn't even the prettiest on Red Scare back when Meg was around haha. That body dysmorphia is a bitch…

No. 1019362

Not to cape for Dasha but she’s definitely better looking then meg

No. 1019363

She has a face that looks good in selfies but unremarkable everywhere else

No. 1019365

When you factor in body type I've got to give it to Meg still, but that might be down to personal taste. Dasha is slim, but not thin AND tall enough to be visually interesting because of it. Meg has an hourglass figure that I find more attractive.

No. 1019370

Like many people, the first time I saw Dasha was in the viral InfoWars video with Ashton Whitty and I kept thinking while watching it that Ashton was way more attractive and that they both sounded retarded.

No. 1019372

File: 1596837238173.jpeg (97.57 KB, 640x439, 9925274F-4B36-4B2D-AE11-7F59A1…)

No. 1019374

Dasha is built like a fridge and has a shitty posture. She's mediocre whether she's ana or size M.

No. 1019377

Yeah, I think she's one of those women who realized she doesn't have a great shape and instead pushes hard to just look small. I get it, play to what strengths you have, but maybe also disabuse yourself of any delusions of Hollywood by age 30 if you are neither a buxom sexpot or a waifish ingenue. At best she is a sub Chloe Grace Moretz and she got her start as a cute child star, she wouldn't be making it at 30. Dasha, for your own good just be content being an edgy podcast host & Twitter personality.

No. 1019383

Why won't Dasha and Anna just get habibi husbands and move to like Saudi Arabia or UAE? Or are they enjoying the prosperity and freedom of neoliberalism too much?

No. 1019386


Did anyone catch this? Anna is, like, totally for the working class you guise.(imageboard)

No. 1019391

ive kept up with these threads but im not like everyone else here who has watched them and kept up with them outside of lolcow. im a little confused about something they seem to hate neoliberalism but i see tons of post like this that suggest they are neoliberals. is this one of those things like how 14 yearolds have a new type of communism specific to them? or do they have there own brand of left wing politics the identify as?

No. 1019392

>because of the trans n+1 article and nazi perfume podcast double fuck up.
Their stated reason for stopping the streams was because Jack Posobiac had started posting about how YPG vets, including Brace, should be designated as terrorists in the wake of the George Floyd protests. Probably all of the above factored into their decision to stop streaming though.

No. 1019393

File: 1596839771732.jpg (66.68 KB, 600x600, 85063058.jpg)

Liberal femcel pickmes love deluding themselves that they virtue signal for men for any reason other than being undesirable.

No. 1019399

>She's not wrong but to go from this to "lol kill all Jews" "feminists are losers who can't get laid" in like a couple of years is clearly indicative of her being insane.
It's impossible to prove now because her original twitter account is long-gone, but Aimee used to be a stereotypical punch-the-nazis pussy-hat-wearing lib, think she started going horseshoe insane after the Charlottesville rally lol

No. 1019401

File: 1596840948859.jpeg (78.81 KB, 1080x859, B9B57E51-4CA3-4FEC-9567-66BAF2…)


No. 1019402

screencap the tweets, this is an imageboard

No. 1019405

If you remember her og handle, you can find other people addressing her at that time.

No. 1019408

Many of them were like that before. Caroline and Annie (w0a0i0f) seem like the biggest grifters though. It's not that people can't change their opinions overtime but they don't seem to genuinely be interested or believe in what they say. They're just doing it because it's kind of popular right now like how social justice and tumblr used to be. They'll change all their opinions again once the next ""cool"" thing comes around.

No. 1019410

File: 1596841428730.png (111.59 KB, 257x193, hryk.PNG)

Regardless of whether or not she does that exact thing, she's right. It's usually the most out-spoken anti-male "feminists" (that term means anything these days) who are incredibly hyper-focused on men's perception of other women as well as men's perception of themselves, despite claiming to hate men and posting mantras like "i'm a misandrist lul" "men r so disgusting rite girlz?" all day.

No. 1019411

If they're like scarethots and their anti-maleness mostly revolves around some Kyle not texting them back and not the empirical fact that males are the vast majority of world's degenerates and criminals, sure.

In any case, it sound alike she's subtweeting the likes of Caroline.

No. 1019414

File: 1596841932303.jpeg (531.54 KB, 1185x1484, D9927B96-B120-4569-9E35-71E1D5…)

Of the four names there, Graeber is possibly the only one who is not an embarrassment.

No. 1019422

File: 1596842994456.jpeg (24.28 KB, 230x230, C8F6AD95-01BD-40FB-8801-5F297A…)

Does anyone know what happened to the green haired thot known as Internet Tara? She used to be friendly with lots of left and right edgelords. I think her nudes got leaked but I may be confusing her with someone else.

No. 1019423

>Starfucking some flabby unwashed autist e-celeb means I'm hot and relevant

The absolute state of lefthots

No. 1019424

File: 1596843073704.png (86.79 KB, 720x687, Screenshot_20200807-191114~2.p…)

For whatever reason, wignats like Eric Striker (@Aarick20) started to follow and fawn all over Aimee and she changed her tune. She also had (has?) an online affair with a neo nazi wignat named Hoob lol he was talking to her all day and night and ignoring his newborn daughter and fiance, fantastic sounding dude, best example to his race and all. Aimee also went on TPN because Eric Striker is good friends with Jugs. Striker always promotes Aimee's pod as well

No. 1019427

oh man, she was dating (maybe just e-dating? I barely remember this) some dirtbag left writer, then he was forced to denounce her after she started posting unironic nazi shit.

No. 1019429

File: 1596843382438.png (188.17 KB, 600x459, high iq.png)

good company you're keeping there, Aimee!

No. 1019430

Warmtoned looks like every vaguely brown kardashit instathot ever but of course everyone is copying her groundbreaking style.

No. 1019441


Not just Aimee but Dasha follows Striker's bff Jugs on twitter and Anna and Liz Franczak had a fun chat with Jugs on TPN too, Anna even calling it the best podcast she's been on. Jugs did a podcast with Striker and the links were posted on the red scare sub, they were both told and decided to just go ahead and befriend these people anyway.

No. 1019442

Really? IIRC Tara had a child out of wedlock which she mostly ignored to post 24/7 on the Internet and she was trying to get the baby daddy to marry her. What Nazi shit did she post?

No. 1019444

File: 1596844115414.jpeg (48.7 KB, 828x456, C47506F6-7F52-4C42-BF01-83FA36…)

Her nudes leaked during an “e girl tournament” held by a schizophrenic who used to go by @weebuwobble (now @jizzlordsupreme). Troon/catfish @bpd_god took credit for the leak and won the ~competition~, which was just a series of twitter polls. Tara came back months later and her current @ is ASYMPTOMATLC

No. 1019447

File: 1596844284679.jpg (20.24 KB, 213x300, IMG_20200807_194442.jpg)

Ikr? Fucking uncanny. Marina also had this Anna-esque thing in which she deliberately destroyed her moderately fuckable appearance because she wanted to be lusted after by masculine STRAIGHT men, but ONLY as an androgyne, which caused her to troon out completely. She has a fantasy about "converting" tradmasc men into liking butch art hoes, but they still have to remain masculine, hetero and chauvinistic somehow. Ray Blanchard would have a field day with this shit.

This has to be some Russian female genetic disease.

No. 1019448

I remember hearing about that ethot tournament but it’s hard to find much information about it. Apparently there was lots of milk because the ethots started leaking each other’s nudes. Anyone have the tournament brackets and a rundown of all the milk?

No. 1019451

So they had an entire competition over leaking nudes and these girls still want to hang out around those guys? Pretty pathetic

No. 1019460

copypasta saved
a multifaceted own

No. 1019485

after reading through their twitters can someone explain to me why anna and dasha seem so pro-classism? or is it just them being "ironic"

No. 1019487

Bc they’re just literally not communists

No. 1019488

I'm dead because for all her flexing about being skinny and pro-ana, she has both the size medium body any non-ana normie would have, and the aged, slightly haggard skin one might associate with a stressed out single mom who can't get enough sleep, and doesn't have time to eat/drink anything except her kid's leftovers and a bottle of whatever alcohol she can sneak.
She didn't get any of the upsides.

No. 1019503

That description perfectly matches most of ~food twitter~, side accounts people make solely to log food (inspired by dasha’s food alt). There’s an especially haggard looking user who is balding and looks sick, yet she still has a mom bod and she shills soylent like anyone would ever want similar results

No. 1019504

File: 1596851473894.png (263.86 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2020-08-08-11-50-32…)

I can't imagine being such a pathetic pickme like Anna.

No. 1019507

im new too these cows and i tried to read threw there twitters to learn about there politics but now im even more confused. like wtf do they identify as i know they say are liberal even though their only consistent opinions are right wing ones but do they believe they are communist,socialist neoliberal or what?thats what im trying to figure out, but its hard because there is so much contradictions and back peddling on there twitters. is there anyone who is more familiar with these cows who can tell me?

No. 1019508

What is your first language?

No. 1019509


No. 1019510

Reminds me of red pill

They're leftists who don't agree with the social justice stuff and claim to be "against identity politics" and focus more on economic issues. However for them being "against identity politics" frequently just means going right back to being misogynistic and saying other incredibly stupid things in an attempt to be contrarian.

No. 1019513

>This tweet is the opposite of pickme if anything.
>implying anons here ever use the term "pickme" correctly

No. 1019516

Lmao fuck. She's so pathetic lol.

No. 1019523

>My ideal relationship is a pathetic LARP
So anti-idpol!

No. 1019524

File: 1596853516430.jpg (42.29 KB, 414x352, IMG_20200807_222307.jpg)

Perfect little angel pure tsundere irl

No. 1019525

She thinks Eli "pretends" not to respect her LUL

No. 1019529

She'd be perfect for weird looking antagonist

No. 1019532

Because they're failed corporate girlbosses.

No. 1019533

File: 1596854474065.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 111.69 KB, 480x768, F763538C-A608-46DF-9D8D-897C14…)

No. 1019539

File: 1596855133384.png (828.87 KB, 1032x580, mello.png)

Same energy.

No. 1019542

Omg she looks like a teen here! We stan our tradcath nymphet queen! -u/lilangelgirl69

No. 1019550

@bpd_god is part of a larger twitter "cult" of wannabe-kabbalists who worship kali and chaos, i think they call it "kaliacc." they're usually failed trad alt-right men who were more drawn to evola than hitler, or trannies that pretend to be 14 year old girls.
troons are insane

No. 1019552

they are social democrats ("bernie bros"), not socialists basically.

No. 1019556

Why does she always look so fucking unwashed?

No. 1019557

>mostly "redpilled" scrotes and troons worshipping kali
uuuh is someone going to tell them?

No. 1019558

god she is so unfortunate looking. Not even grotesquely ugly or anything, all of her facial features are just a bit off.

No. 1019561

They think the original Indians were white, very "wewuzkangz".

No. 1019563

ooh that's even more wierd.but I was more thinking about how Kali is the goddess of motherhood and femininity (also death and rebirth). worshipping her is like if a bunch of redpilled scrotes started doing witchcraft

No. 1019564

Her face is asymmetrical and it's very noticeable, how she thought she could be an actress is beyond me

No. 1019565

the way she overlines her lips physically repulses me. I don't rlly mind her so smol thing but I had to block her so I wouldn't have to see her awful lip ever again.

No. 1019566

She could be a character actress but she can't act at all. I'm baffled as to how she even managed to land any roles at all? Does she fuck the right people or?

No. 1019568

literally yes, she's talked openly about it

No. 1019570

she absolutely is, she's bpd, i wish i had screens of some of the texts she sent my ex when he broke things off with her. she's been orbiting red scare for so long, i can't believe she managed to get in with them.

No. 1019571

yeah she was dating the directors for a couple of gigs

No. 1019573

sounds milky, what were the texts like?

No. 1019574

File: 1596857751667.png (384.51 KB, 528x472, sailor socialism soy.png)

some vintage dasha

No. 1019576

File: 1596858288753.jpg (110.17 KB, 600x398, cow.jpg)

Truly a cow

No. 1019579

she's just incredibly average, maybe 7 out of 10

No. 1019580

Looking like Kristen Stewart with a man's hairline

No. 1019581

She probably started hanging out with Anna because she realized it was a rare chance for Dasha to be the “more attractive one” of the pair.

No. 1019582

She actually looks cute here. She really should've just made her whole thing being a plain, humble hipster/prairie girl instead of trying to cosplay as "Stacy, but smart".

No. 1019584

That's not what she cosplays as lol. She cosplays as either a school girl or "angelcore" moodboards 16 year olds make on tumblr.

No. 1019586

File: 1596859404048.jpg (26.9 KB, 680x578, 6f0.jpg)

No wonder that this fictional scenario of women sleeping their way to the top and then #metooing is something they obsess over all day. They all wish they could actually do this, especially Dasha and Aimee.

No. 1019587

Yeah you're right. I was thinking too much of her failed acting attempts, and forgot her equally failed nymphet attempt, lmao.

No. 1019589

didn’t caroline mention this on her twitter at one point?

No. 1019590

Lookin straight MtF

No. 1019591

im surprised she still can keep her incel fanbase when she admits stuff like that

No. 1019596

My thoughts exactly, Dasha kind of looks like she got hit in the face with a mallet but she shoots up to cheerleader tier in comparison to her gloomy, boner-kryptonite friend.

No. 1019604

File: 1596863560799.png (414.98 KB, 460x714, heather.png)

She put this on her story. Either she just likes that painting or it's a nod to Heather since that was her icon.

No. 1019605

File: 1596863646984.png (63.35 KB, 596x360, megan.png)

everyone's posting about heather tonight!

No. 1019606

File: 1596863924035.jpg (30.52 KB, 360x640, megan bitchell bathtime.jpg)

oh an bitchell posted this tonight as well

No. 1019616

Someone with an account ask them what happened to Heather, why did she leave, etc.

No. 1019619

I’m pretty sure it was because someone leaked her facebook, real name, IG, and dumped a few unseen photos. Within an hour or so of her fb being linked on the last thread she deleted it.

No. 1019622

It’s one of the most famous portraits in the world, she probably just likes the painting.

No. 1019624

No she’s definitely referencing Heather

No. 1019625

Someone should create a Twitter bot that replies to all of her edgy tweets with this video, lmao

No. 1019626

Someone told me all the kaliacc accounts are just bpd_god. As in he is running hundreds of alt accounts at once

No. 1019627

wouldn’t surprise me, before he got suspended his most loyal followers always gave off a vibe they were actually just his alts

No. 1019628

it always seemed like a strategy to build up a following to start some grift, a podcast, etc.

No. 1019630

I think the grift was just having BPD and asking underage girls to write his name on their body and send him photos of it. A truly disturbing person, he should be in prison.

No. 1019634

File: 1596868555168.jpeg (829.86 KB, 1241x1540, 41A06EFF-2F3E-4F1C-816D-628330…)

>Code Pink protester Caroline Debnam said members of Congress should not support what she called anti-religious hate espoused by those like English Defence League founder Tommy Robinson.

>“Shame on all of you for supporting this person,” Debnam yelled at Gosar during the protest. “He’s a racist.”

No. 1019636

This pic is from February 2019, kek

When did she officially become a scarethot? A few months later?


No. 1019637

File: 1596868879203.webm (602.33 KB, 607x1080, Caroline as a woman has offici…)


how do you go from that…to this…in just two years?

No. 1019638

just checked the red scare discord for the first time in ages, some of them lurk here apparently and almost everyone in the server was pissed off at anna and dasha about the autism tweets

they're losing fans at a rapid pace, even before the autism tweets they were losing fans. i wonder when the red scare ship will finally sink

No. 1019640

>some of them lurk here apparently

What’d they say about this place?

No. 1019641

they've mostly just mentioned it in passing, i guess they're being careful since the server is so big and they're not really anonymous and they usually post their twitter accounts.

stuff like "sometimes i use lolcow for fun," and "you guys see that lolcow thread about anna?" and (direct quote) "my favorite thing rn is going on lolcow and forcing people to be into my fucked up fetishes"
there are definitely at least 10-15 regular lolcow lurkers in the server

No. 1019648

This explains a lot about the userbase

No. 1019649

File: 1596873393028.png (46.35 KB, 531x497, aug1.png)

On August 1st they lost 200 patrons, which was the same day the autism tweet happened. I wonder if it tends to drop after every controversy.

No. 1019655

anna's constant backpedaling makes sense when you remember she's running business.

No. 1019659

I don't get why this exactly caused so much backlash. Do people really identify so much with that autism label? I always thought it was meme shit

No. 1019661

Autism aside, it was yet another hot take sorry I mean rorschach that you know will be followed by furious backpedaling. The routine has been stale a while. It's probably worse when you're paying for it.

No. 1019662

But it really works, their growth >>1019649
is crazy imo. I don't see it slowing down too.
Also don't get why you would pay when it so easy (for such a big podcast) to find the rss to get the episodes for free, or even have them provided on reddit etc

No. 1019664

>Do people really identify so much with that autism label?
i mean, if someone is diagnosed with autism, they probably have autism, and struggle with the symptoms. so to be told "actually ur not autistic ur just a wammin who wants attention," is a kick in the face, all because edgy pseudo-leftists want to be edgy. even if you reject the autism label as an autistic person you get called a retarded aspie anyway just for being yourself.

i was surprised to see how many red scare fans are diagnosed with autism though, i remember months ago on the sub there was a post where people were discussing their experiences as women with actual autism diagnoses.
even lolcow has a decent amount of "aspergirls."

No. 1019665

inb4 "they weren't saying autism is fake they were saying women fake autism a lot"
not even true, only internet addicts obsessing over twitter and tiktok would ever think there are a "lot" of women faking autism.

even so, none of them were criticizing the girl as an individual, they all claimed every woman that was self-aware and sociable and attractive was only faking autism for clout, attention, and an excuse to not have babies lmao

No. 1019673

File: 1596882295162.png (103.4 KB, 744x625, 1BC93F78-E10A-48F3-9740-114FBC…)

No. 1019674

File: 1596882358336.png (458.14 KB, 1056x771, 6A70AAFD-9779-4EA9-A717-8649BB…)

These were the brackets.

No. 1019679

I think another reason is that she replied to that guy who, if you look at his profile, is a nazi and good friends with obese perfume faggot. He once facedoxxed and, of course, is disgusting. No wonder he's single, childless and rants about women 24/7 on twitter. The people Anna chooses to interact with is baffling. Bitch went back to 2016.

No. 1019680

File: 1596885788749.png (130.86 KB, 711x677, Screenshot_20200808-071915~2.p…)

Don't know who this Judge freak is but Anna saying she's had the same views since she was 14 so literally no growth or development for 21 years? Lmao Also big cope about the pregnancy thing. Why the hold up, Anna?

No. 1019681

She's a 5 in these pics, when she spruces up she's a 6 at the most.

No. 1019683

Do say more?

No. 1019684

This sounds really fake. According to people who aren't orbiters, Miya/"bpd_god" is actually some typical white weeaboo guy IRL. His companion (vedic_cybergod) is the same, he used to post YT videos that had like 54 views and has admitted to being such on his account.
He's the sort of person who likes to have random girls hold up timestamps for him, and catfish in general. "It's actually a cute girl….with a dick" is exactly how he'd want to be known, because real life is boring.

No. 1019687

File: 1596887063423.jpeg (639.35 KB, 1176x1581, 38E3A364-5D83-44C6-8E13-6E1C3F…)

No. 1019688

there's no way she's going to have children within the next few years

No. 1019690

i honestly feel bad for her even though i dont like her, its annoying seeing scrotes try to humiliate a woman over sexual things she did years ago

No. 1019691

File: 1596887306466.jpeg (715.42 KB, 1196x1503, 242B9F30-A017-48FA-9AAD-4D596F…)

I don’t think Custardloaf is known for anything else besides sticking a brush up her ass.

No. 1019693

I don't even find it funny, but at the end of the day she's a pickme who mingles with misogynistic scrotes so to be fair she should have seen this coming. Associate with scrotes, maybe get picked, ultimately get screwed over, and of course the rest of them take the side of the guy who hurt you.

No. 1019694

Nah, he's even going by another name now, he's into pro-ana and telling women that they need to be submissive. Seems like the whole kaliacc thing was just a ruse for his real hobby, being jealous of women.

No. 1019695

>but at the end of the day she's a pickme who mingles with misogynistic scrotes
she still does this lmao, retweeting BAP, Frank Hassle, some esoteric Hitlerist larper in the past 24 hours

No. 1019698

It's so weird. there are a slew of women who get obsessively posted and "orbited" on r9k, even if they've never posted there in their lives. Custardloaf is one of them, but even if she never posted herself onto r9k, she's made an entire persona around pandering to the exact kind of man that would want to ruin a woman's life.
There are girls who get the exact same treatment as Custardloaf that did absolutely nothing to warrant it, but in her case, it's like, this is literally what was meant to happen.

No. 1019699

She's a racist pick-me, so I find it hard to feel too bad for her. Pander to stupid men, win stupid prizes. Thought you'd be exempt from the bullshit? Lmao, sorry.

No. 1019700

such is the nature of the cow

No. 1019701

Custardloaf is a classist pig and that's probably the truest thing about her. She has no ideology, no morals and no personality. She'll go with whatever and whoever is popular, if it's nazis one day and Antifa the next, doesn't matter.

No. 1019704

based actual communist

No. 1019705

File: 1596889458399.jpg (193.82 KB, 752x521, groyper.jpg)

was googling custardloaf and stumbled upon this autism

No. 1019706

These trad dipshits have such moronic ideas about fertility. She's acting like she's some fecund Armenian goddess

No. 1019707

>She's acting like she's some fecund Armenian goddess
I mean, she's allegedly had numerous abortions of unplanned pregnancies lol

No. 1019708

Oh, I forgot all about MINECRAFTMILF and her Cracker Barrel obsession. Didn't she suffer an injury, drop out of uni, and move back in with her parents? She was always associated with Tara and Samara/samelpan

On a side note, surprised to see vivisection here, had no idea she was in that tournament or circle

Oh so that's what happened to kulpie

No. 1019709

File: 1596890529420.jpg (18.38 KB, 493x408, Eeg-z4ZVoAAuQDG.jpg)

>that image
>that website

God, I hate men. Custard is a retard for sure tho.

No. 1019710

File: 1596890540166.png (18.51 KB, 490x204, sydsostale.PNG)

No. 1019711

File: 1596890560040.jpeg (329.77 KB, 1177x923, 1DF7DF00-EF4B-4B17-BA72-7F2525…)


Boo/IDIOT_TEEN/Minecraftmilf is also a fatty which is why she’s reluctant to post pics of herself.

No. 1019712

Love being wokely prolife for others but treat abortions like dentist appointments myself!

No. 1019714

MINECRAFTMILF was one of the girls harassed by Jugs from the perfume fag's pod. She kept tweeting at her that she must be ugly, over and over. BOO never responded but once posted something about how gross super long acrylics are (Jug's signature lewk) and Jugs and Jack went nuts, saying this was targeted harassment lmao! Truly insane people.

No. 1019715

Didn't boo also larp as some kind of classical woman and obsess over having Merida hair? It makes sense why she didn't post herself much if she's bigger

No. 1019716

That is the hilarious part, Jugs kept saying "I bet you're a fatty" and then Jugs got doxed and turns out she's obese herself

No. 1019717

Yeah she was/is part of Trad Twitter and would whine about abortion a lot. She’s very insecure about her weight.

No. 1019718

Yeah, I don't get it at all. She said she was in an 8 year long relationship with a Pakistani muslim and had numerous abortions. If they couldn't figure out how not to get pregnant, maybe she should have considered some BC?

No. 1019719

Holy shit really? That's nuts. I feel bad for anyone who has to interact with Jack in any capacity

No. 1019724

lmao i had no idea boo was relevant at all. some old friends of mine are in her friend group and they all use this site so i'd bet money that boo has or will post itt

No. 1019726

Once they focus on you, it's hard to shake them off. Ask anyone from the red scare sub, they kept making new accounts to harass and post pictures of some girl they hated, they called her work and then started calling her father. Jug's fiance also wrote this very long and detailed threat to her on there, about what he was going to do to her. I guess it started on twitter, Jugs just found a skinny blonde Bernie girl she hated and became obsessed with. She had to delete all her socials. When he talks about being harassed across multiple platforms, he's literally just projecting what they did to someone else.

No. 1019728

File: 1596891586653.png (85.17 KB, 1182x346, newrule.png)

BC is neoliberal!

No. 1019730

File: 1596891719915.png (14.92 KB, 481x214, j.png)

this is just a phil greaves tweet put through a 90 iq filter

No. 1019731

File: 1596891818812.jpeg (837.56 KB, 1187x1673, FD347C9B-67CE-4DC7-AD71-C9E0F1…)

He was ranting earlier about how his shitty podcast is the new punk.

No. 1019732

Does she just intentionally avoid BC so she can get off to feeling like a trad fertility goddess who can get knocked up until she's 40? It just seems too convenient that they would find a reason to object to condoms. At least the hormonal BC excuse holds up a bit better cause it can have real negative side effects.

No. 1019736

I have zero sympathy for pickmes and women who trash talk other women for doing the same shit they did just for male attention. They got their female wake-up call. I refuse to feel bad for them like I refuse to feel bad for Shoe. They will never learn until they face backlash.

No. 1019737

true i think im just a pansy

No. 1019738

He thinks his boring podcast is this revolutionary thing, something so original and ART lmao He also refers to himself as "The new Oscar Wilde" so you know he's batshit insane and his swamp creature looking followers just gas him up 24/7. He can't even handle any critisism at all, as seen by his complete meltdown. He also always says that the hate he gets is performative, he can't even face the fact that people actually dislike him.

No. 1019739

he's super insecure about the meltdown too, it's funny. basically every day since he discovered this thread he's been trying to make jokes about how we used the word "meltdown," as if it wasn't completely accurate

No. 1019740

Anna is the type of woman who thinks because a man is willing to fuck her= she is a powerful sexual goddess. The fact that he won't wear a condom to her means that he thinks she's so hot and not dirty, like the other girls. Whenever she feels insecure about her looks, she'll throw in how many guys she's fucked lol

No. 1019741

Oscar Wilde was handsome, educated, witty, dashing, artistically talented, and well-travelled, whereas Jack is just a fat neckbearded slob podcasting from his basement.

No. 1019742

Lol he cannot let it go, he becomes obsessed to the point of insanity. He still reads this thread, and if he's not, that obese cow Jugs is def doing it for him.

No. 1019743

That's another thing with Jack. He keeps talking about how much he hates traveling, traveling is for losers, he had like two full days tweeting about it. Then he posted some pics of him going to Salem, Massachusetts lmao he then clarified that he meant traveling out of the country is neoliberal and only for the worst type of losers. Gee, it couldn't be because he is insecure of never having been outside of the country or anything.

No. 1019744

It's like comparing a beautiful diamond to a piece of shit.

No. 1019755

I remember that a girl's pic kept getting posted on the RS subreddit but it was funny because she was hot, some rich skinny hot blonde. I'm not sure what the point of that was but she had some major drama with the Perfume Nationalist crew. Haven't seen her post in a while now.

No. 1019756

Oscar Wilde was a depraved rich boy who also looked like a foot. I agree with the message though, I'm sure he's hardly resemblant of a foot next to this pretentious scrote.

No. 1019760

Red scare straight male fans love them because they’re unwoke girls who don’t seem uptight and are obtainably attractive (not very pretty) but down to get pounded bc of their low self esteem. Red scare girl fans just want to be indie “famous“ and worshipped by men, like Anna and dasha, without really putting in much effort either. It’s pathetic

No. 1019766

i have normie male coworkers who tried talking to me about anna once because she appeared on some math guy's podcast, i think it's that eric weinstein guy's show. anyway, they were weirdly into dasha after they googled red scare. i was very surprised because these are the same kinds of guys who drool over 2000s megan fox for example.
i've even known guys who thought anna was genuinely super hot.
men just don't have standards and want to fuck any woman that's not deformed

No. 1019767

Tbh I think Anna is attractive in her own way. Like an attractive Gru from despicable me with lipstick.

No. 1019771

i do too, i actually like how she looks far more than i like dasha.
but i should add, just because desperate men would want to have sex with them doesn't mean they're prizes in the way they seem to think! if anything scrote attention like that is just insulting, yet they both cling to it as "proof" that they're desirable and undeserving of insults

throwing in this classic dasha moment

No. 1019775

Her stint with codepink is listed on her linkedin. It was all part of her cringy effort to obtain an NGO career. I don’t think she’s capable of being genuine about anything

No. 1019778

>>1019771 she sounds like a vapid slut which I guess was her intention

No. 1019785

She's so gross lol imagine the men she's had sex with. Adam was probably the best out of the lot.

No. 1019790

File: 1596900088153.jpeg (97.23 KB, 828x453, F740ABF5-1C27-48B0-823C-DF014C…)

She’s actually worse than Dasha. Here’s Anna in a short film:

No. 1019794

what a shame cause she looks really good here

No. 1019799

She looks like an Armenian woman who's had six kids and is supporting them all by working 3 jobs and gets 4 hours of sleep at night. I wouldn't usually be this mean about anyone's looks but this bitch is so critical of other women's beauty so whatever. Hope she can take it as well as she can dish it out.

No. 1019807

Anna has a more realistic handle on how attractive she is and isn't as deluded. Dasha is deeply delusional and really does think that just because she can rack up sexual partners or that when she runs around in a school girl skirt men look at her it must mean she's especially beautiful and alluring. Part of the reason she was so miserable with Adam is that she had to live in Bed-Stuy and she literally said she hated how little attention she got from people on the street there. Also she thought she would be worshipped in Japan for some reason.

No. 1019810

>I don’t think Custardloaf is known for anything else besides sticking a brush up her ass
Well that's kinda true, If you google @custardloaf "custardloaf hairbrush" pops up as a suggestion lmao

No. 1019812

I mean this is kinda funny if you ignore the fact that she is anti any form of contraception lmao

No. 1019821

This thread and the previous became very popular over a short period of time.
Has the reverse cow-tipping allowed their sycophants to come here and gossip without fear?
I can't imagine everyone in this thread is purely a farmer.

No. 1019822

was thinking the same thing, hoping the prediction of imminent cows being exposed itt is true. its def not just farmers here

No. 1019824

Anna think she has big tits and has the same body shape as Pamela Anderson.

No. 1019826

anna is delusional and thinks women hate her because they envy the male attention she receives, not making the connection that people dislike her because she’s a cruel and unsympathetic moron.

No. 1019827

I lurked on here occasionally until I saw the first left thot thread. It’s great to talk shit and gossip anonymously, group chats leak too much

No. 1019828

File: 1596906701780.gif (23.35 KB, 220x167, tenor.gif)

tell me more about these group chats queen..

No. 1019830

any interesting stuff in those group chats?

No. 1019837


I def saw her say this in the sub and when people made fun of this she explained even further how her and Pam have a lot of similarities. I think that is why she is attracted to somebody like Jack, he gasses her up and feeds her delusions.

No. 1019842

we talk shit about the same people in these threads but sometimes people get added who end up leaking screenshots. it’s impossible to keep up with the different factions so i’ve just learned to keep my mouth shut about anyone except the universally disliked cows, low hanging fruit like aimee or heather. less milky people like annie or dasha have enough clout that anyone would suck up to them if they had the chance

No. 1019843

ellas son criptofascistas

No. 1019859

>Oscar Wilde
He was a pedophile, anon, lmao.

No. 1019860

No. 1019861

nta but iirc he would go to his pedo fag friend's house and have sex with little boys, i forgot his friends name though

No. 1019865

File: 1596911005911.jpeg (99.77 KB, 828x383, 6F40C112-73DD-4C7E-ABBB-4A63D6…)

This is the second post of this sort in that subreddit. It’s a bunch of people with bpd complaining that everyone else has bpd

No. 1019868

there was a post in the main red scare subreddit of a guy seeking advice because he had been falsely accused of rape

No. 1019869

lmao disgusting. got a link? i'm guessing he just says "she wanted it bro i know she did i swear!!"

No. 1019871

He used to have a thing for rent boys, traveled to different countries specifically to molest boys, etc. He was often with Lord Alfred Douglas. A letter from him to Robert Ross:
>“There is a great deal of beauty here [in Morocco]. The Kabyle [Berber ethnic group] boys are quite lovely… the mountains of Kabylia [are] full of villages peopled by fauns… We were followed by lovely brown things from forest to forest.”
Also, he wrote a poem literally dedicated to pederasty, "The Love That Dares Not Speak Its Name".
Here's some link
(I don't know/care about this source's political leanings, just the information)

No. 1019872

No. 1019875

Been wondering the same thing, I was happy to see this thread since I do know some of these people but seems like many here aren't farmers at all and it's really obvious sometimes (like all the posting of twitter links without screenshots)

No. 1019876

Consistent lack of courtesy sage when not adding anything to the discussion is the easiest tell. Same with not knowing how to reply.

No. 1019877

The most interesting thing is these patterns have started to show up in the Tradthot thread as well. I wonder if the people who came here for this thread are also visiting that one to discuss the other side of the aisle.

No. 1019879

>The culture of supporting survivors has been weaponized to the point lifelong friends are forced to excommunicate each other because they don’t want to be rape apologists or seen as complicit through their association.
yeah, good, you nasty scrote

No. 1019882

i see this guy write disgusting comments on almost every post in the sub, his post history looks straight up like he's from braincels

No. 1019884

File: 1596914015688.jpg (62.73 KB, 625x754, c0yny16odye41.jpg)

Why do scarethots see everything including medical diagnoses in terms of labels and fake internet identities? I guess it kind of makes sense when half of you are wannarexic tumlrs with a million self diagnosed mental illnesses, particularly SCHIZOIDLUL.

I honestly don't understand why you love Anna so much when everything she says is a direct jab at people like you.

No. 1019885

Considering their content and the fact that it's reddit it's not surprising that they attract tons of incels. I think the women who used to post there have even complained about it multiple times. What did you honestly expect?

No. 1019887

No. 1019889

this is completely pathetic and grotesque. dare i say perverse

No. 1019897

That's why you're happily married with kids after being rawed so much, right? Because those men were just really into you.

No. 1019899

If this hamplanet could actually afford to travel overseas without the risk of dying of heart attacks, he wouldn't shut up about how supremely cultured it makes him.

No. 1019900

They're the definition of "agreeable butterface that will do until I find someone I actually like".

No. 1019903

If you looks at the first two threads, they were full of obvious caping scarethots. They are susceptible to trends, so I suspect that now they're all dragging their former idols.

No. 1019904

For being such unfazed free thinkers, they sure do care a lot about being "cancelled".

No. 1019905

Why can't I be good friends with a rapist without people thinking that I don't think that rape is a big deal? :^( btw here's a list of liberal wemen who are bad and hypocrites because they had their pictures taken with Jeffrey Epstein

No. 1019907

Oh for sure, if he ever makes enough money to travel overseas instead of hoarding a billion perfumes and 10 copies of one book, he will talk about it incessantly.

No. 1019912

File: 1596919213143.png (2.14 MB, 1878x1022, Screen Shot 2020-08-08 at 4.40…)

No. 1019914

that nonce is still more relevant to society than jack will ever be, not sure whats the point here

No. 1019918

Custards boyfriend's Paul Town too. Main reason she's relevant and the hairbrush became a thing

No. 1019919

Not defending Jack, just found it kind of sad to see someone gushing over Wilde.

No. 1019926

Yeah, Oscar Wilde was an incredible writer with great charisma and wit and Jack comparing himself to him is laughable. No need to interject with pedophilia claims, the man is dead.

No. 1019927

File: 1596921187593.jpg (423.1 KB, 1688x2500, thinspoooo.jpg)

Does Dasha really want people to think she's ana? Because she's doesn't look it at all, she looks healthy. Lily Rose Depp is the figure she's looking for, the ana boards would tear Dasha apart lol

No. 1019928

It's already long been known, but this is OT so I'll stop, kek.

No. 1019931

I genuinely think she believes she looks like a mix of Lily Rose Depp and Chloe Moretz, or Florence Pugh (but skinny).
I don't know if it's just pretending and hoping people will go with it, or if she has some sort of reverse dysmorphia.

No. 1019936

She's like a reverse Chloe Sevigny, who looks kind of bad in photos but really pretty in movies, Dasha can take a nice picture but looks way worse and distractedly different and unattractive in her movies.

No. 1019938

Is it because she uses filters in her pics?

No. 1019940

She looks nothing like any of those actresses and I mean, at all.

No. 1019942

so are these people actually what american leftists on the internet look up to or just some fucking loons?

No. 1019945

B-but anon, she wears ballet slippers so clearly that makes her delicate and small!

No. 1019949

File: 1596922646118.jpg (121 KB, 1001x510, elle-fanning-1592236394.jpg)

She always struck me as a more busted Elle Fanning.

No. 1019950

File: 1596922825755.png (118.93 KB, 718x743, laurenkathrine.png)

With people like Anna and Anna's mom around her, who tell her she's like Kathrine Hepburn and Lauren Bacall (!!!!!!!!) no wonder she's delusional

No. 1019951

File: 1596923143811.jpg (52.52 KB, 564x705, 37293787f370fbd5ac59e40cd4388b…)

Nah, I don't see it at all. Dasha tries for the Elle vibe but to me, Dasha looks like she smells bad or something. Something's off.

No. 1019952

Even after they have their shit handed to them like with the hairbrush incident they still want to continue being a pickme for the same men. They are so stupid and deserve everything that happens.

No. 1019959

the same side you mean lol

No. 1019967

File: 1596925713370.jpg (50.8 KB, 828x530, 1585525316173.jpg)

I find it very amusing how lefthots shriek that every woman who mocks them is a "femcel" as though a woman's sexual success is defined by body count and not by how much men are willing to provide for her just to get a chance. Meanwhile Anna and Dasha get rawed by betas who won't do as little as buy them dinner, and even fugly omegas like Adam Friedland won't marry them.

If we follow this logic further, the closest thing to an actual female incel is a pickme.

No. 1019969

>Dasha looks like she smells bad or something
She seriously does. In that old sailor socialist clip, the second you see her in her aliexpress shirt with that limp hair she just seems like she would smell musty.

No. 1019972

Yeah, the idea of taking any prurient scrote's attention as proof of your sexual value is pathetic. If any woman debases herself enough, she can sleep with countless men and get a rather pitiful 'lifestyle' paid for by betas. Or, you could find someone you are attracted to, fall in love, and have a happy conventional life. Not tradthotting, just saying it takes zero effort or beauty to just get fucked by some guys. If you build an OF, they will come. Who cares?

No. 1019979

I've met so many grown ass women who think that just because some dudes will fuck them, that it means they're hot. How do they not understand that men will literally fuck anything? When Dasha talked about how many dudes she's been with, she did it with pride lol

No. 1019985

Pickmes are so profoundly undesirable they take pride in something most attractive women need to be paid to endure. Getting a million men willing to fuck you is something a 400 lb quadruple amputee with Downs can accomplish within 5 minutes of posting a Craigslist ad.

To quote neoliberalismkills, they're delighted that someone even contemplated ejaculating on their faces.

No. 1020000

File: 1596930742879.jpeg (79.16 KB, 750x396, B8788574-41E0-40C3-9108-F4AC32…)

they banned the red scare dating subreddit

No. 1020004

there's speculation that anyone with a history of posting on the leftist subreddits that got banned in the last big banwave have any new subreddit they create automatically taken down within 24 hours of creation

No. 1020006

did she? she has me blocked.

No. 1020007

That's pretty strange but maybe since Chapo and Cumtown got banned the admins want to keep track of Red Scare too.

No. 1020008

File: 1596931637375.jpg (73.97 KB, 778x390, 30974616-8540579-image-a-21_15…)

i thought this would be the mascot

No. 1020018

EDL is a /pol/ tier joke

No. 1020022

File: 1596933927981.png (83.11 KB, 684x412, Screenshot_20200808-204056~2.p…)

This bitch just don't stop lmao! Yes, it's not like Angelina Jolie isn't worshipped as a bombshell in the US or anything and ScarJo is just a regular girl next door type now lololol Didn't she admit that blonde French actress who resembles Scarlett was the hottest girl in the world? I bet she's drinking wine right now, tweeting this cope. Eli, come get your woman!!!!

No. 1020026

File: 1596934834519.jpeg (122.22 KB, 828x540, D40401EC-BF09-4431-B33E-D75454…)

He was suggested on twitter because he’s followed by some of the cows here. Will he ever get his own thread?

No. 1020028

boring racist incel groyper #2380, they're a diamond dozen

No. 1020030

Didn’t he have teenage girls carve his name into their skin

No. 1020033

He's not just some random user but has a band called Negative XP that makes songs with misogynistic undertones and seems influenced by chan culture. Honestly him and his fans creep me out. Not sure he needs a thread though.

No. 1020034

Yeah definitely retarded. Angelina is STILL seen as being one of the sexiest and most iconic women in all of the entertainment industry. Of all time. Im not a fan as I think she's crazy and unstable and probably horrid to be in a relationship with once you remove the sex. But ScarJo is nowhere near that level. She had moments where she was heralded as being attractive. Particularly when she hadnt showed her bare tits yet and wasnt apart of a dying overrated franchise. Now shes just one of those >oh shes over 35 now meh there are a hundred new, hotter, younger women in the industry> actresses. According to the average male movie viewer at least.

No. 1020036

Puritanical Ashley follows that creep

No. 1020041

PREACH our femme fatale unconventional avant-garde KWUEEN!! maybe u should go back to based and uncucked Eastern Europe where your amazing aesthetics will be appreciated!!!!

No. 1020042

The guy behind the "Scott Pilgrim Ruined A Whole Generation of Women" song? Yeah, always thought he seemed like a faggot.
He probably has untreated BPD, and definitely has a porn addiction. All his fans are either similarly defective, broken /r9k/ rejects, or "clout"-obsessed pick-mes, like that "yungcynical" girl from Tik Tok.

No. 1020052

they're loons. go to any org meeting and no one knows or cares about these people

No. 1020054

Lmao imagine the hot takes once she moves to LA. Bitch is gonna be seething

No. 1020055

It really is just completely retarded, Anna is legit a retard. Top 10 worst take of hers.

No. 1020056

Idiots cosplaying leftists for clout. The actual left can’t be bothered with this nonsense, they’re organizing protests and bail funds and mutual aid initiatives.

No. 1020057

File: 1596938396989.jpeg (259.45 KB, 828x1209, 4A533FAF-A109-4AF4-95E2-7A6948…)

this is like how deluded incels think the average woman would prefer an exaggerated gigachad over someone normally handsome

No. 1020061

That looks like a tranny on the left? That account is unhinged, fighting with people over the casting of Wonder Woman lol and drunk sloppy Anna walks by "Yea, this is why I can't get an American Chad. They don't have the sophistication to understand my intense beauty!" Is she even considered attractive for an Armenian?

No. 1020063

File: 1596938955994.jpeg (553.52 KB, 1201x832, aslisameera_26868526_196046717…)


I wonder why she thinks the first pic looks better hmmmmmmm

No. 1020066

File: 1596939145895.jpeg (114.82 KB, 1024x1024, CEC26165-8E80-4470-BBC1-937136…)

she and anna are having a nice cope fest

No. 1020068


Chicks that look like they have dicks cope together!(emojis)

No. 1020075

I think a small minority but most of the American left online tends to be way more PC

No. 1020076

File: 1596940211571.jpeg (309.8 KB, 1439x2568, 3B3A047F-3904-4C7B-B521-CAD3B8…)

Anna is the only lefthot that ever had any real natural beauty. Unfortunately she didn’t do anything to preserve it and got also got that dumb gender studies haircut. Idk why she clearly worships Eastern European bimbo aesthetics and she technically has the look to pull it off, or at least did at one point, but instead she chooses to dress like Camille Paglia

No. 1020077

File: 1596940211808.jpeg (243.93 KB, 488x1200, E9B511A6-6C02-4A9F-B1C3-918FD6…)

I am suspicious of the posts claiming that “Anna is hot/pretty in her own way” and so on. Most likely they are from recovering simps and scarethots who haven’t shed all of their attachment yet. I mean goddamn have some standards. Almost every photo of Anna provokes my gag reflex.

No. 1020078

File: 1596940384824.png (60.49 KB, 537x544, j.png)

love how every time i check twitter i inevitably see multiple slam dunks on jack
must feel bad to be unable to rely on the "my haters are just anonymous trolls" cope

No. 1020081

She didn’t look as ghoulish back then but come on even here she looks downright average at best. She wouldn’t stand out at all walking around NYC, which is probably why no one heard of her until her media buddies promoted her shitty podcast.

No. 1020083

There are definitely a lot of newfags who just came here to gossip about them. Learn to sage and post screenshots of the links you're posting, this is an imageboard.

No. 1020084

File: 1596941422474.png (501.2 KB, 421x582, 120.png)

it's always funny when the fags who go on about how high-class and into fashion they are look like frumpy middle aged lesbians from the neck down

No. 1020085

samefag but he looks like a down syndrome baby with a beard

No. 1020091

someone up thread said samememe got facedoxxed. does anyone have the picture?

No. 1020096

I am begging you not to fucking do this

No. 1020097

Let it die. Please.

No. 1020098

Lmao the slayer poster AND the shorts…..listen to another fucking band

No. 1020099

Well now I’m curious

No. 1020104

lol are you samememe or something? why don't you want his facedox shared?

No. 1020107

File: 1596943165015.jpeg (123.01 KB, 828x849, E42D8263-2876-4DCE-AE2D-F95652…)

No. 1020109

>not saged
>defending a cow
would love to see your post history.

>implying anyone posted ITT is a leftist
>implying the women posted ITT aren't even worse to women than any of we are

No. 1020110

definitely samememe

No. 1020111

None of these people understand what this website is.

No. 1020112

File: 1596943534970.png (78.26 KB, 654x311, lurk.png)

Samefag but looks like she lurks here too. So Jack, Caroline, and Ashley are known to monitor this thread.

No. 1020113


No. 1020115

She tweeted she felt raped right after someone mentioned she used to go by Dianna Dragonetti on the last thread >>1015949

No. 1020116

File: 1596943726473.png (52.09 KB, 484x522, tw.png)

Considering how many twitterfags have posted caps of this thread with hundreds of likes I'm amazed we don't have more white knights.
Everyone really does despise these people, even if only secretly.

It's especially funny that Samememe immediately appeared when he was mentioned, and begged like a pathetic beta faggot. He's probably been here lurking and posting for hours.

No. 1020118

>implying we're feminists

Post it, if anons are screeching not to it must be good shit

No. 1020119

tbf lolcow is probably at least half radfem

No. 1020120

you can be transphobic without being a radical feminist

No. 1020121

that's true but there was even an entire hidden radfem/gender critical board for a while

No. 1020127

That HTMLMencken weirdo is friends with a bunch of the thots mentioned in this thread, so you can be certain that they’re having a Category 5 meltdown in their DMs over us, kek

With that said, HTMLMencken looks as if someone put a Kurt Cobain wig on Quasimodo. I don’t know why he thought it was a good idea to post his selfies.

No. 1020128

File: 1596945632593.png (6.41 KB, 472x160, lmao.png)

Samememe was notorious on Badgame (SA spinoff for gamers) for being a manpurse-carrying racist that ate pizza with a fork. He'd ragequit games if he learned women were present. He made the rounds on a few SA offshoots and is still clowned on by people from these sites.

If you search "samememe" on twitter, reddit, or google, you can find a ton of people talking about how they knew him from Badgame and how much of an insufferable faggot he was.

No. 1020130

>Implying lc radfems actually care about any of this shit when really they just want all men to die

No. 1020131

File: 1596945826132.jpeg (33.91 KB, 597x213, 1F0EB6C4-CF7D-4D37-805D-A473B2…)

im in a group dm with ashley and a few weird twitter retirees

No. 1020132

how can she write this with a straight face, she acts like her life is a movie about a dying little girl when in reality she's glued to twitter and has a manface

No. 1020133

no self-awareness.

No. 1020134

i mean she’s clearly joking but unfortunately it’s not funny and just kind of a Freudian slip

No. 1020136

why do all these women have reverse body dysmorphia lmao

No. 1020137

Is this that fat asshole? He looks like a fucking creepy priest that works at a summer camp. Dasha and Boris/Anna literally look like babushkas and goblins. How can people be so ugly, but be so stupidly confident? Are they retarded? Are they on drugs? I can't understand this shit.

No. 1020139

File: 1596946358479.jpg (70.56 KB, 332x916, image_widget_rypgnndesi551.jpg)

Lmao these pathetic women

No. 1020147

File: 1596946989582.jpeg (181.96 KB, 828x848, BA343AEB-83AE-49FB-942B-149BB1…)

No. 1020150

File: 1596947745078.jpeg (595.55 KB, 1176x1146, F09A36A9-AFEE-4B62-BE75-FF83DD…)

I thought the entire point of the “Dirtbag Left” was to use slurs and reject shallow civility politics? This guy’s pinned tweet even makes fun of the “niceness” police.

I guess all the Dirtbag shit gets tossed out the window when it’s directed towards people he likes. Then it’s time to “scold” an anonymous image board for using slurs and not being nice to his precious cows.

I wonder if any fence-sitters lurking here will start to reconsider what all the Dirtbag rants about “wokescolds” are really about.

No. 1020151

What happened between 2013-2014?

No. 1020154

for real. i found these cows appealing at first just because i was sick of "wokescold" types but i quickly realized that all these dirtbag left grifters are losers and want money, want attention, want to get laid, and want to cause controversy. and most of all, they're bitter that sjw types are more successful than they are.

No. 1020157

also it goes without saying that none are actually socialist, i think the only one that's even slightly sincere about socialism is brace. i know it's a meme to throw the word fascist around but these people identify as "fiscally progressive, socially conservative" which is extremely close to what fascism in its truest sense was

No. 1020159

Calling them “fascist” is hyperbole and makes them sound edgier than they are. They are much ideologically closer to IDW “centrists” and this proximity is easily demonstrated by the affection Anna K and others in her circle have for Joe Rogan, Eric Weinstein, etc as well as all the hand-wringing they do about “cancel culture” not unlike Sam Harris complaining about the “regressive left” and the ease with which former anti-SJWs like Shoe0nhead and The Amazing Atheist were able to shift towards “Dirtbag” rhetoric. Anna probably wouldn’t be out of place as a Quillette columnist. It’s basically fishhook theory but with fake “socialists” overlapping a lot with centrist liberals.

No. 1020161

people like samememe are extremely close to actual fascism, but you're right that anna and dasha and liz and caroline are just social democrats who will support capitalism as long as it promises healthcare. literally just edgy socdems who appropriated the socialist label

No. 1020162

Why do you think they all moved to New York city? They want to be famous more than anything.

No. 1020166

Being called "edgy" is not a badge of honor, I know it's lc but if someone slaps the edgy label on them it doesn't make them better.

No. 1020176

don't forget Heather/Rachel

No. 1020180

I think because they're really small time so they aren't used to people talking about them online. Secretly they love it, except maybe some of the stuff they don't want out there, because they crave attention and relish having "haters". And want to bet that now they themselves are posting here about other people or that people they think are their friends are now posting about them. I doubt that if or when Anna and Dasha find this they'll care as much because they have people tweet mean things to them all day or on their reddit.

No. 1020181

His tweets are just about as awkward as his DXL Big + Tall summer leisure shorts.

No. 1020186

ok, we have to see it now.

No. 1020187

File: 1596954519777.jpeg (956.79 KB, 1536x2048, 03510065-0C1F-4380-8DFC-7CCB55…)

You’re not gonna see my face, but here’s a little something to quench your thirst

No. 1020188

i don't have any pics saved but does anyone else wonder why anna didn't become an artist? she sometimes posts drawings she made when she was like, 7 years old, of pin-up girls and stuff. they were very surprisingly well-drawn to the point i would have guessed a teenager drew them. i just wonder why she didn't keep at it and she decided to only focus on being an art consumer instead of an artist, with an art history degree to boot

No. 1020189

lmao you attention whore, you're STILL monitoring the thread constantly? that anon replied to a post from 3 hours ago and you immediately were here to post a pic of your chubby wrist beside your dirty ass patio

No. 1020190

she wishes she had a manface, the pics and video in the last thread just reveal a common doughy face. Ashley's irrelevant overall though. Her account might as well be a self-pitying bot.

No. 1020191

so excited for mods to eventually expose all the podcasters' post histories

No. 1020192

File: 1596955274470.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 192.49 KB, 506x899, 056C40F0-4286-466D-A769-0355AB…)

Alright I’m bored here

No. 1020195

Isn't he like 37? In his 30s at least.

No. 1020196

This is the most pathetic thing I’ve ever seen

No. 1020197

very ugly, wrinkled, and dry dick to go with a flabby discolored stomach. congrats.

No. 1020198

Yuck, I've never seen monorchidism in the wild before

No. 1020199

>doesn't reach the belly button
it's over

No. 1020200

lmao laughably tiny dick, why would you self own this hard

No. 1020202

wait why do you only have one nut LMAOOOO

No. 1020203

So, he has the nerve to be fat and a dicklet? Miserable.

No. 1020204

you could have atleast used a spoiler

No. 1020205


No. 1020206

This is Samememe, right? Stomach isn’t fat enough to be Jack.

No. 1020208

yep it's samememe

No. 1020209


No. 1020210

>small dick
>one testicle
>unspoilered NSFW
>scroteposting (literally)
>initially begging and pleading to not be posted
Like…Pick a struggle. This is not leftist white excellence at all.

No. 1020211

File: 1596956359456.jpg (76.6 KB, 600x536, girlslaughing.jpg)

why do men think exposing their ugly shriveled dicks and tiny hairless nutsacks is anything but a self-own

No. 1020214

I don't think he's a leftist he's some sort of right-winger. Not very trad to be a 30-something sitting and monitoring a gossip forum for women all day and attention whoring with his nudes.

No. 1020215

File: 1596957395490.jpg (154.58 KB, 367x451, 1402143281950.jpg)

>dicklets exposing themselves

No. 1020217

Wow, that's even more pathetic. Right-wingers just love taking Ls.

No. 1020219

Brie Larson got old

No. 1020228

File: 1596960447337.jpeg (167.29 KB, 750x587, 5C26B804-0857-49EA-A144-8B6C10…)

No. 1020229

File: 1596960471923.jpeg (482.31 KB, 750x1058, 425EEE15-2AA7-4E67-AA3B-94DFF5…)

No. 1020235

why do all of these people sound like old men

No. 1020244

Meltdown #45894954 incoming

Because they are. I think most of these cows are at least 25+ and a lot of them are over 30.

No. 1020248

yeah but 30 is not old, and their spergy rants about how women are evil narcissists for using birth control sound like something an alcoholic 70 year old widower would say, just with the word 'neoliberal' sprinkled in

No. 1020249

it's old compared to most cows but i agree, they really do all sound like old men in rocking chairs shaking their canes at people

No. 1020253

this is the hardest ive laughed at something today thank you and keep trucking on dicklet

No. 1020258

File: 1596968167166.jpeg (488.5 KB, 723x1373, F49340B1-96AC-4EF7-B6FD-F852B7…)

otakundead is one of the most embarassing of the reddit dasha simps

(also scrambling for the attention of a washed-up wannabe socialite doesn’t seem very '''schizoid'''' of him)

No. 1020264

genuinely unsettling

No. 1020277

File: 1596974231241.png (120.13 KB, 698x651, Screenshot_20200809-002810~2.p…)

Jack went on another pathetic rant last night, dude is way to obsessed with women for a faggot. I almost feel bad for him but then I remember just how extremely cruel he is and surrounds himself exclusively with other cruel people. Look at this obese liar, throwing in the "anti-semites" thing, when he used to openly rant against jews, 99% of his orbiters are anti semites and his own co host denies the Holocaust ever happened and does podcasts with Eric Striker. He's so manipulative and a gaslights, it's insane.

No. 1020278

I can guarantee that this rant was out of rage for this thread and not inspired by some letter of his grandfather's that he found. He's a compulsive liar. Imagine finding a sweet letter that a student wrote to your grandfather 40 years ago and then immidiatley going on a bizzare tirade against women on twitter lmao Nah bitch, you're raging because everyone is laughing at you.

No. 1020281

File: 1596975054252.jpeg (874.41 KB, 1187x1568, 26C296B0-3644-4A34-ACBF-A61BF4…)

These two cows are bonding some more. I guess Anna K and Sydney are among the ethots dumb enough to find Jack compelling.

No. 1020286

I love how it's obviously not sex work he's talking about, it's about how mean people are to him on the internet! Lmao Meanwhile he stalks and harasses girls 10 years younger than him and drives them off the internet because they said they didn't like his podcast once.

No. 1020287

Samememe is not close to the far right, that's his ideology and he doesn't hide it at all. Anna and the rest are stuck in 2016, trying to be edgy with really outdated and stale stuff. It's like your mom trying to be cool with your friends and emberassing you lmao Considering that Dasha was posting about how she's from a country that nazis took over and how she's freaking out the day Donny got elected, it's funny that she now embraces all of it. Imagine thinking Pepe is cool in 2020.

No. 1020288

And joking about FBI crime statistics or da joos to your audience of frogtwitter incels totally isn't antisocial behavior, right, Sydney?

No. 1020291

File: 1596977197055.png (358.84 KB, 720x883, Screenshot_20200809-084325~2.p…)

Lmao! How times have changed.

No. 1020292

Sticking a hair brush in you and posting it on the internet is really normal and not totally anti social at all, either!

No. 1020294

this is hilarious! she's since claimed that she voted for trump lmfao, anything for clout

No. 1020298

So they really think this site is full of liberal feminists huh? Like he thinks if he could see us we would all have pussy hats on?

I feel like probably less than half now, since 2X got nuked. If anything most users here probably just don't identify with feminism at all.

Is it her brain injury that makes her think she's beautiful?

No. 1020299

I saw a girl facedox him on twitter Last week but it looks like it’s deleted. He is fat and bald, and yes, ugly. That overgrown toddler wrist is totally his.

No. 1020302

No, he's skinny. Looks mid late 30's and not attractive at all, he gave me Buffalo Bill vibes. Unless he got fat in the last couple of month, I don't think it's him. Or, the pic he posted on twitter was fake.

No. 1020303

He’s not Jack fat but definitely doughy. sentient Cadbury egg shit.

No. 1020304

File: 1596979944927.jpeg (137.62 KB, 1242x898, FullSizeRender-17~2.jpeg)

The cope lmao

No. 1020305

when MtFs talk about living life on easy mode as girls, they're talking about dumb dumbs like Dasha and Custardloaf. Frogtwitter scrotes obsess over them for spitting back up whatever banal opinion is currently cool. Imagine if the bald fat freaks like ssmememe got the same adulation for parroting crime statistics and tired old zionist conspiracies? No wonder so many of them troon out, in their circles it really is easy to be a woman…until they turn against you, inevitably, of course. None of these retards see that coming though.

I really think Anna and Dasha aren't as stupid as some of the pickmes on twitter elsewhere in this thread, but the fact that they're being compared to them should be setting off alarms in their rapidly decaying minds. Be better than TPN and tummy pic posting asian pickmes.

No. 1020312

File: 1596980167332.jpeg (287.67 KB, 1200x1826, FullSizeRender-13~2.jpeg)

Imagine being so hot and desirable that your exes and hot Australian men will pay you for non nude photos.

No. 1020314

what thread is she talking about?

No. 1020315

File: 1596980375800.jpg (322.83 KB, 2048x1297, 12356884_1662759790607270_7079…)

Meanwhile, reality looks like this

No. 1020316

I think she's talking about when this pic was posted on the sub

No. 1020322

So she's against other scarethots being anti-porn because MFC guys used to throw her pennies for smokes and cheeseburgers before OnlyFans existed? Grim.

No. 1020323

she put concealer on her cleavage acne. what a beast

No. 1020331

This made me spit out my coffee, thank you

No. 1020340

File: 1596985146811.jpeg (426.7 KB, 1242x938, 511FB47C-043D-49C7-B4E7-F42564…)

His tweets make me feel like I’m living in a parallel universe, they seem entirely detached from reality. Sorry if this is blogposty, but so many students male and female still give you letters like this at the end of the year. He had another tweet recently about how ‘people hate music now’ which I don’t feel like is true at all? I feel like people are more interested in and passionate about music than ever. If you feel inappropriate putting music on around your friends maybe that’s just an issue with you and your friends. I think so many of the things he says are just personal problems that he is trying to project some meaning of ‘societal decay’ onto when it isn’t really there. I know people joke about him having schizophrenia but I genuinely think he comes off like a paranoid schizophrenic.

No. 1020343

File: 1596986014885.jpeg (556.96 KB, 1242x1390, 9948C1E9-0633-4EF0-AAC0-9C492D…)

Does anyone have a link to a pdf of Dasha’s poetry book? I feel like it would be funny

No. 1020349

>actress piped ream mention
>namedropping bands her ex bfs got her into

it reads like a parody of dasha by someone who hates her

No. 1020350

this sounds like a shitty and uninspired ldr song

No. 1020351

File: 1596987388821.jpeg (227.13 KB, 827x1368, 07D624D3-BDEE-4DD4-8CDE-20FBBE…)

That was made through some website that would autogenerate a poem “by” a person using their tweets
I’m looking for it, so far no dice but here’s a picture of one of the covers for anyone who hasn’t seen it. I remember the book being available as a pdf somewhere.

No. 1020352

ngl would suck and swallow

No. 1020354

Why would this self-indulgent garbage have a rare japanese edition…

No. 1020356

love yourself

No. 1020357

Already deleted? I can't open it

No. 1020364

it was self published so idk why either, she was trying to break into alt lit or something at that time and was calling herself a poet

No. 1020365

Luna Slater has more genuine depth and intrigue. C- 1.5/5 privileged White Girl drivel

No. 1020366

No. 1020372

File: 1596990419818.jpg (54.25 KB, 473x1024, D_OIEI6U4AAm1T0.jpg)

No. 1020375

Lmao what… Avant garde hangover????

No. 1020376

File: 1596990992489.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1242x2203, 8EBF4308-A204-4E90-85F3-D9E6EA…)

The audacity for these two to talk about ‘unfuckable men’

No. 1020377

Jesus is King, His Word is Law. posts fist and dick pics in a public forum to own the haters

No. 1020379

Off topic, but Dasha reminds me of that 22 song from lily Allen. I almost feel bad for her

No. 1020422

>Men want to fuck me! Men want to fuck me! Even my dad knows it! I'm desirable I swear!

inb4 Jack decides we are all trannies once he accepts that we aren't a bunch of queer yasss kween libfems

No. 1020423

she’s been sucking and fucking since she was 14, anon, that’s why her body account is approximately 75. it’s not like she announced that with a perverse sense of smug pride.

No. 1020430

Posts misogynistic tweets to his feed all day and then wonders why some women might be upset with men

No. 1020434

File: 1597003579328.jpg (63.67 KB, 442x650, 1533886611996.jpg)

>Implying male resource monopolization isn't "capitalism", or the actual root of it according to Engels
>Implying there's any meaningful distinction between whatever pre-industrial trad fairytale horseshit you're into and "capitalism"
>Implying that it's objectively more ethical than "capitalism"
>Implying its only appeal isn't the fact that you can coerce someone into fucking you, everything else be damned
>Still seeing mammalian nature in brainlet terms like "capitalism" or "feminism" without even knowing proper marxist theory
>A system I've been cultivating for millenia is suddenly bad now because women have adapted to it
>Time to change my rhetoric from "might is right" to pity seeking!

The natural world is inherently unequal. You only don't like "capitalism" when it doesn't serve your one and only purpose - reproducing at all costs. No wonder so many of you are suddenly commies now even though it was never the case back when this bad, unequal, exploitative "capitalism" could at least ensure that you'd find a wife - back then feminism was "commie", of course.

You are not anti-capitalist or a socialist, you're more akin to a classcel - someone who'd abandon his beta appeals to charity the moment this "capitalism" gives you a chance, even though this chance is by definition built upon the backs of the less fortunate.

No. 1020437

Ginger male market failure theory in action

No. 1020451

File: 1597005440697.jpeg (891.05 KB, 1242x1778, 9D59DF43-D2B7-40E0-8A04-F8499B…)


NTA. I just looked this up on twitter lmfao. Someone should pay for the archives

No. 1020452

gay fash kevin james

No. 1020455

holy shit he's a legit jailhouse gay incel

No. 1020456

File: 1597005798221.jpeg (117.92 KB, 261x385, 50F77C04-2D5F-4EBF-8FEB-A5DAEF…)

No. 1020458

Kevin's hairline isn't as mortified by its host body as poor flabby Jack's.

No. 1020460

>they don't view women as people, but as operatives in a vast conspiracy to make men personally unhappy

There, that's literally all his tweets. Does he ever post anything that isn't a projection? He hates women because they're mean and out to get precious men that he would totally treat right, if he were in their place. He's a pickme on megasteroids, forever seething.

No. 1020462

Imagine being a cryptofash pseudocommie who mewls about "neoliberalism" 24/7 and trying to make fun of someone for believing in vast conspiracies lmak

No. 1020463

File: 1597006933559.jpeg (114.73 KB, 640x679, F5E3FD0F-DDAA-4A41-9CC2-6266D8…)

A lot of what passes for politics online seems to be people who are very divorced from reality dressing up their own narcissism or personal grievances in the language of marxism. That actually sums up this thread nicely.

No. 1020485

>cryptofash pseudocommie
Do you know what those words mean because they certainly don't describe someone who identifies as a reactionary

No. 1020489

File: 1597010882124.jpg (55.5 KB, 640x853, 1591281391404.jpg)

Isn't @viperwave the incel who kept trying to turn dasha into a weeb and telling her to watch NGE and other anime? When simps collide

No. 1020490

@viperwave lives in Australia and used to simp hard for Aimee Terese in the hopes they might meet up someday.

No. 1020492

She mostly started watching because her new bf OPN likes Evangelion and hentai shit so she wants to impress him. Dasha always liked to pretend to watch anime (her figurines and phone case) but she finally watched a single series and now she's completely insufferable.

No. 1020497

No. 1020498

File: 1597011818736.jpeg (38.82 KB, 750x421, 7FCF42AD-2517-4899-9F82-DE0672…)

You will never know what it means to please a woman. End it scrotlette.

No. 1020502

poop-covered hairbrush detected

No. 1020509

File: 1597013576651.jpeg (58.65 KB, 640x386, 0F6C5E2A-13C3-4622-9237-534D21…)

Delete your account

No. 1020516

The cashew shaped head is really prominent here

No. 1020518

she also has a cashew coloring to her skin

No. 1020520

i actually like this guy sorta if only because he actually managed to create a schism in his circle by being openly disillusioned with most of the anti-wokes he used to engage with and actually being brave enough to call Aimee a completely unhinged retard, but him admitting to masturbating to instagram photos of his students and trying to pass off any concern as "woke puritanism" from a while back when an ex tried to cancel him was so psychotically hilarious lol

No. 1020523

File: 1597017411132.jpg (92.8 KB, 1080x782, EGt8q2RX0AEBbxk.jpg)


that guy is straight up unhinged. there is so much milk here that it would be irresponsible to dredge it up because it would take up the entire thread. lost count of how many times this freak has been called out for everything from being a dm pest to extortion, physical violence and stalking. he changes his username every time new allegations come out (cognitarians, frednietzky, thecentipede2, capitlsmdislikr, probably more)

No. 1020524

File: 1597017597452.jpeg (37.86 KB, 750x641, EYpVtT4WsAUM1wc.jpeg)

He allegedly abused and stalked his ex girlfriend

No. 1020525

I dunno what to call a Nazi who whines about capitalism, sorry

No. 1020528

File: 1597018113835.png (79.82 KB, 602x664, non stop crazy.PNG)

why is it every time i go through one of these guys twitter they legitimately need meds and should be put in a padded cell.

No. 1020539

File: 1597018751189.jpg (114.05 KB, 675x1200, D6pZxq6W0AAyMWt.jpg)


just found this screenshot from googling his usernames, he blames all of this on "muh ocd" and makes sock puppet accounts to harass people behind blocks when they call him out

No. 1020540

at nearly 30 you'd think Dasha would be able to critique her pictures beyond just whether or not she looks thin in them. Never concerned with her expression, or her hair, or even her unfortunate chest placement inside that swimsuit. Just look in the viewfinder, "could someone, somewhere justify being slightly concerned about my weight in this picture?" and if the answer is yes, she posts it. This is just not a flattering image to post online. Anna does the same shit. They're in a folie a deux that centers around being just below average weight. Pretty empty.

No. 1020541

File: 1597018856993.jpg (134.84 KB, 1140x613, EVwXjOSXYAASuLh.jpg)

samefag. also worth mentioning these astonishingly pathetic posts

No. 1020544

File: 1597018984169.png (34.97 KB, 612x327, more crazy.PNG)

thanks for show me this i cant stop going through his twitter post, they are non-stop schizo post.

No. 1020549

File: 1597019753270.png (79.17 KB, 372x400, your-brain-on-twitter.png)

Just stand up and look at the toilet?

No. 1020551

File: 1597020363713.png (12.92 KB, 650x120, gross.PNG)

how messy do you think his house is

No. 1020553

File: 1597020586464.png (338.66 KB, 600x387, incel.png)

To me he looks like this guy who is the king of incels

No. 1020568

File: 1597022414791.jpg (401.24 KB, 1080x1766, Screenshot_20200809_211915.jpg)

Imagine being a simp for this

No. 1020573

You “actually like him” ? Christ you’re a fucking retard. You’re either a scrote or a retarded pick me.

No. 1020574

File: 1597023198995.jpeg (175.28 KB, 809x1647, Theodore:Ted Metrakas abuser.j…)

Ted Metrakas chooses to attach his full name to all these tweets. Not really doxxing here since he links his personal blog to his cancerous twitter.

No. 1020576

This guy definitely wants to wear someone’s skin.

No. 1020577

I have never seen a picture where her hair looks good.

No. 1020579

File: 1597024124335.png (60.18 KB, 595x347, miss heather.png)


No. 1020581

File: 1597024424923.jpeg (390.6 KB, 750x1055, 22C59A30-CEAF-4964-BF69-2BBFD2…)

here, samememe discovers what an elementary school teacher’s job is. but he wouldn’t know, he doesn’t have any children

No. 1020589

tl;dr mentally ill bubonic fagcel is still mad at mommy

No. 1020590

File: 1597025579548.jpeg (216.53 KB, 828x1183, FFAF035D-CDBD-458E-8C6E-921740…)

Shame on that teacher for such a degrading, anxiety inducing practice. I wonder what samememe has to say about Santa?

No. 1020595

The only good thing FredNietzky has written is his perceptive review of Bronze Age Mindset. Other than that he’s a cow and probably belongs in a padded room.


>So his ideal is to combine the adventurism of piracy with the personal discipline of a soldier from classical antiquity—making for the perfect corporate mercenary. The private military contractor Executive Outcomes is mentioned by name in the book, in association with Neall Ellis, a star mercenary, as a good example of a man who bucks the modern trend of smallness and fear. Bronze Age Mindset is ultimately about how the Private Military Contractor lifestyle is the antidote to the smallness and fear of modern life—PMC Mindset.

>The focus on the self is extreme—Bronze Age Mindset is just garden variety narcissism, don’t flatter yourself. BAP cautions against having a family, saying that it is usually the end of a man. Instead, focus on building your body and mind—worship nature, which is the same as power, in others and yourself.

>In a telling passage, BAP gushes about a young Mitt Romney, but one who “is worthy of his looks,” as the ideal modern right-wing leader. In addition to exemplifying the latent homosexuality that pulses through the entire book, this remark also shows the fundamentally conservative, institutional Washington, D.C. core of Bronze Age Mindset—it is for all intents and purposes propaganda devised by a neocon think tank to deliver young men into military and eventually corporate mercenary service, but with a gloss of “weird” internet speak, memes, and bogus pirate and Spartan soldier tie-ins.

>BAM leads nowhere except to helping global capitalists continue lining their pockets by producing mercenaries for them. Even the very language he uses is cramped, clipped, terse, ugly—nothing about it soars or celebrates itself, it is just basic and functional, and what could be less Nietzschean than that?

This was written before BAP was doxed as an effete Straussian academic so yeah I have to give it to Fred for nailing him here.

No. 1020600

broken hysterical psychotic clocks or whatever

No. 1020602

File: 1597027501601.jpg (1.33 MB, 2048x2027, panopticon.jpg)

That's literally a panopticon, anon. I know he's unhinged, but let's not be brainlets here. Although to say that this is in any way particular to women is fucking retarded, isn't he a literal nazi? Why the fuck is he complaining about conformity-demanding rule enforcement systems? If such systems forced women to marry disgusting men like him he'd be cheering for them.

No. 1020605

You were brainlets when you all fell for the wrist and dick pictures, that ship has sailed.

No. 1020607

yeah not too nitpick but that wrist was way too thick to be samememe’s. also the porch was too dumpy

No. 1020610

File: 1597028656141.png (96.19 KB, 1269x593, 7289BFB4-BD22-431A-BADF-876F6F…)


trying to think of any other man we’ve dragged into this thread. maybe the retard that caroline houses

No. 1020616

Nah that guy's pics were posted and he's not a ginger.
Still really funny that Caroline is 180k in debt and still mommying a homeless male.

No. 1020621

File: 1597029824835.jpeg (57.54 KB, 441x581, EI9CjtkXkAEy3dm.jpeg)

Looks like Jack or the other Twitter fatty RacismFactory. Could be anyone.

No. 1020624

File: 1597030008361.jpeg (132.17 KB, 357x975, CB59F555-E02F-4041-88CA-5EB478…)

No. 1020625

I hardly know who samememe is, but how are people sure it's not him? I'm just assuming people saying otherwise are not him or his defenders backpedaling (like is samememe known for not having fat wrists or a dumpy porch)?
In my mind he is a fat ginger until proven otherwise.

No. 1020627

Well you just said you hardly know who he is, so it’s easier for you to believe he’d randomly post his wrist and penis on a lolcow thread. He doesn’t even post his face on his twitter account, the likelihood of those pictures actually being him is very low.

No. 1020628

samememe has posted videos of himself playing guitar (but never shows his face) and looked quite slim. also his apartment looks well kept and so it would be unlikely his porch would be in that bad of shape

No. 1020630

File: 1597030532480.png (1.85 MB, 1634x838, Screen Shot 2020-08-09 at 11.3…)

When Dasha tries to pretend she knows anything about Belorussia or European politics and "accidentally" posts a symbol used by the Nazis.

No. 1020631

File: 1597030594690.png (856.63 KB, 2024x936, Screen Shot 2020-08-09 at 11.3…)

No. 1020632

File: 1597030664226.jpeg (311.71 KB, 828x1310, 9BBB02B1-8647-4721-855F-BBE6A6…)


No. 1020635

fathers would allow strangers to fuck their daughters as "hospitality" but go off retard

No. 1020637

better question is, why does he collect pictures of tiny ginger penises

inb4 it's a reverse psychology trick to convince everyone that his dick isn't tiny

No. 1020645

>tfw even the alt-right thinks you're retarded
kek, 0hp is a rightist but his views actually have decent backing, he's miles ahead most of the people posted ITT who literally use "muh neolibuhrlism" as synonymous with "the devil"

also kek at her response, "p-please reconsider, i'm on your side, i'm conservative and religious and against porn too, p-please give me a crumb of validation", imagine being this pathetic

No. 1020650

nooo why did you delete?

No. 1020651

>his views actually have decent backing
Not seeing it from that screencap

No. 1020652

I think this girl seems like a freak for spending her time larping as tiny Tim from a Christmas Carol on Twitter all day but it kind of seems more like he doesn’t know what those words mean. Or they both just have a very shallow understanding of them.

No. 1020653

File: 1597033031737.jpg (175.22 KB, 900x675, cowmmunist.JPG)

stupid and early but #4 is coming any day now

No. 1020654

File: 1597033065315.jpeg (234.21 KB, 828x1246, E5BA0A9C-62C9-4FAC-B427-58774D…)

No. 1020656

What was it?

No. 1020657

No. 1020658

it was this, they posted it again >>1020653

No. 1020660

An ugly one, too. If he was some hot chad it’d be a little less pathetic
She’s the less stupid one here

No. 1020663

Holy shit, kek. That one is a keeper.

No. 1020664

God this is such a humiliating exchange. >Pwease stop quote-tweeting me, I'm based!

The guy's tweet was stupid as fuck, she could easily argue back even with her mangled diseased brain, but instead she does this.
At least say you hate fags so Jack can seethe a bit.

No. 1020665

That’s Darth AKA MuslimDarthVader. He’s a troll but a harmless one, kind of like GayLittleQueer and Feufillet.

No. 1020666

>She’s the less stupid one here
Well yeah, the point is how pathetic the interaction was
She’s gay herself

No. 1020667

This is sad and embarrassing. Why are they always so desperate to be liked by right-wingers, what’s to gain from being a pick me for a political ideology…

Isn’t she gay herself?

No. 1020674

>She’s gay herself
Wow, her attempts at courting this guy's favor make even less sense. They don't want her to exist, why would her groveling change their mind lmao

No. 1020677

isn't ashley/diana bisexual? not that it matters to the nrx and tradchristians she performs for

No. 1020679

I don’t know, she only ever talks about women. Is she?

No. 1020684

She took back her #MeToo accusation on a pedo author just because Anna criticized it. She's a sad, insecure individual.

No. 1020693

File: 1597037189227.jpeg (339.47 KB, 1192x789, EFACD66F-1BD3-4D76-8FD3-B50872…)

I wondered if we’d ever see an exchange in which Dasha is the less retarded person. Leave it to Ben Norton, supreme retard and sex creep, to provide that exchange.

No. 1020694

he's not wrong about the color revolution though, that's exactly what's happening right now.

No. 1020706

Heather's now a mod on the TrueAnon sub too, how'd that happen?

No. 1020709

omg perfect anon

No. 1020710

so much for being a Real Leftist! imagine dancing for a random right winger's validation. this is genuinely embarrassing and she's going to cringe so hard in a few years looking back at herself if she has any conscience

all these so-called "leftists" and "communists" will change their politics at the flip of the switch as long as they can feel cool, but they were never communists in the first place

No. 1020711

yeah she's bi but used to call herself a lesbian for Woke points. she used to sext all kinds of guys

No. 1020712

did you even edit the jack one lmaoo

No. 1020714

this is that app that generates poems from your tweets though

No. 1020723

Because commie men are all either betas, pedos or trannies. Unfortunately right wing men are sexier even though they’re both subhuman.

No. 1020725

Sis have you seen the /pol/ meet ups or the meet and greets with tradthots? The men are no catch as a whole, though media personalities will always trend attractive.

I’m starting to think humans are just unbearably ugly as a species.

No. 1020726

Seeking validation from a right-winger would be embarrassing under any circumstances, but Zero HP Lovecraft is such a retarded pseud blowhard that it reflects poorly on one’s judgement to treat him with anything but contempt. The same goes for these cows like Anna K who are impressed by the likes of Bronze Age Pervert and Logo Daedalus.

No. 1020727

You're both partially right, yeah. The more extreme the views, the more extreme the autism and general social ineptitude. People who are conventionally attractive or "average" typically hold pretty standard, expected political views, whereas we see what happens when people start representing themselves with their political compass square…

No. 1020730

File: 1597049075499.png (40.61 KB, 591x402, c.png)

Dasha is a replygirl for a literal 15 year old boy, and she basically flirts with him so often that it's an inside joke on this side of twitter that she's going to groom him. He's made it abundantly clear that he finds her annoying and she keeps trying.

This is the same kid that called her "someone in their 30s" and she flipped out and went"noooooo i'm 29 can't you tell i'm 29 guys."

No. 1020732

>Because commie men are all either betas, pedos or trannies

None of these people are communists. But really, you just gonna ignore Che, young Stalin, and young Gaddafi? (admittedly gaddafi was only socialist)
The "soy" meme for leftist men only applies to the most deathly online DSA fags and autistic ML larpers. The majority of communists in the world still see transgenderism as bourgeois decadence.

No. 1020733

File: 1597049467214.jpeg (19.62 KB, 195x259, 65EEA706-B0B3-464C-A259-9BD878…)

Is this a picture of @AlicefromQueens? She deleted the tweet it was attached to.

No. 1020738

Unless you count the CCP and Juche, there are hardly any Communists outside of some Third World movements, and even many of those have become fringe or ineffectual.

No. 1020739

“Go away you Russian hag”
Hahahaha what a little savage. She’s a disgusting simp.

No. 1020752

ostensibly. every photo she posts of herself uses that weird filter, which initially led many to believe she was either a dude larping as a girl or an advanced AI

No. 1020770

I don't think he's as annoyed by her as you make it seem, he started the "I want Dasha to groom me" joke and all his replies to her are very tongue in cheek. That said, it makes sense for him to joke about this because he's a teenage boy. Dasha is almost 30, though, and reply girling to a teenage boy to get that sweet sweet validation is pathetic even for her.

No. 1020788

One thing that radical feminists have observed is that anti-female rhetoric changes depending on male convenience. Women are simultaneously dangerous agents of chaos and boring agents of conformity.

No. 1020810

>The focus on the self is extreme—Bronze Age Mindset is just garden variety narcissism, don’t flatter yourself.
Amazing, like a carbon copy of Anna, who in turn is probably an NPC programmed by that Lasch book.

Have any of you anons read it? I think I'm going to, I want to know what retarded memetic demon is possessing these people

No. 1020815

even in the bible the guy living in sodoma offered his own daughters to be gang raped so that the angels wouldn't get assfucked by the crowd

No. 1020816

I’m confused about the robust perfume faggot—so he’s a women-hating teapot trying to get the attention of women who hate themselves…? He looks like Paul Blart

No. 1020817

he is obviously jokingly referencing anna khachiyan's twitter bio.
he is anti redscare podcast iirc

No. 1020826

File: 1597080979839.png (24.59 KB, 610x284, fn.png)

He doesn't seem to be anti-red scare, he just has the same relationship to it that everyone ITT does to everyone else

But yeah, he doesn't seem to shriek about it, that's just Anna and Caroline's boyfriend (who'll apparently do anything, even read a book, for any woman that is not Caroline)

No. 1020837

give me ideas for who to put in the top right because Shasti is irrelevant lmfao. amber has been too quiet lately

No. 1020841

one of the cumtown guys

No. 1020843

Custardloaf with hairbrush

No. 1020868

Florence Pugh

No. 1020873

File: 1597086216416.png (689.26 KB, 1186x1136, muhneoliberalism.png)

Remember when Heather caped hard for men even though she's a lesbian?

No. 1020886

I think this guy is actually funny…

No. 1020907

He’s not funny, he’s a dodgy looking retarded 12% Neanderthal DNA beta piece of shit without the cash to make it worthwhile. You’re either him or a retarded Pick me female who needs to fuck the hell off back to twitter

No. 1020925


No. 1020936

Every so often they go viral like this. Just shows that most people outside their little online bubble think they’re retarded.

No. 1020938

really sad and odd. reminds me of the whole betty draper/glen bishop dynamic from mad men which was supposed to showcase a mentally ill womanchild who was so hooked on male validation she even chased after it from a little boy. seems to be the case here as well.

No. 1020941

yep, he's another whining-about-SJWs Bernie-stan freak but anime and gamer style

No. 1020965

seconding this

No. 1020974

this comparison is astonishingly accurate

No. 1021028

File: 1597109288563.jpeg (214.03 KB, 1114x624, 57BCBCEA-6523-411F-A73D-9BC577…)

Seems Anna agrees with you

No. 1021048

File: 1597114165458.jpeg (886.27 KB, 1242x2144, 26164D67-7B76-4969-AFF5-0ED73B…)

looks like a subreddit mutiny is brewing

No. 1021062

lmao at anna being owned and downvoted to oblivion on her own sub
id hope this would serve as an ego diminisher but we all know better

No. 1021068

Sage for unrelated milk, but my friend's ex runs a kaliacc account and pretends to be a 16 year old girl on twitter. Wouldn't be surprised if he runs more considering he's an actual schizophrenic.

No. 1021089

Nick made fun of Anna and Dasha really hard in the new episode, Adam is clearly uncomfortable the entire time as Stav laughs his ass off.

>"A bunch of anemic gay men on ketamine trying to fight us."

>"Gwen Snyder was right the entire time."
>"Anna's new clothes look like shit. Let's just turn the podcast into a review of Anna's outfits. Just two hours of being like, [vocal fry] 'those shoes are aawfuuul.' Canceled, let's cancel Anna's top."
>"He's just using his mind to make Anna to do bad tweets." "Use the word neoliberalism."

Look at the comment section too for a good time.

No. 1021097

Love how beta scrots always instantly turn on their own beta cumgargler pickmes the moment mocking them becomes more fashionable. Also, is it time for Adam's long awaited scrot catharsis yet? It seems like he's itching to gamergate the shit out of Dasha.
The redscare sub is probably at least 50% people who have been eagerly anticipating a cow chimpout from either Dasha or Anna since the very beginning.
abs or GTFO moid

No. 1021102

This is why all pickmes are fools. Alliances with misogynists always fail.

No. 1021105

That was really annoying. Don’t know who can stand listening to it for 1-2 hours. This was always going to happen once they lost their favour so I don’t feel bad for Anna or Dasha.

No. 1021108

File: 1597124766676.png (39.76 KB, 360x161, hsOD8mN.png)

Why do scarethots think that being a gold digger or marrying rich is somehow more difficult today than it was before feminism? If anything, you have more bargaining power because you have your own resources to fall back onto, which is a fact frequently lamented over even by MRA faggots. Are they really the omegas of women, completely unable to get hitched on easymode that is >current year? Pic unrelated.

No. 1021115

Any idea what provoked this? Is there more drama we don’t know about?

No. 1021121

they've had to have seen this thread by now

No. 1021125

I doubt any of that had anything to do with an image board

No. 1021128

So many people on Twitter are afraid to even mention this place by name, kek. They usually refer to it as “the female image board” or something like that.

No. 1021132

i think it was a combination of this thread getting attention along with anna's shitty tweets going viral by getting made fun of. they've definitely seen this thread or caps of it though at least

No. 1021133

he's obviously joking

No. 1021134

It’s so cringey. Probably because they just discovered this place from this thread and think this site is some “the great hacker known as 4chan” thing.

No. 1021138

File: 1597131718709.jpeg (412.85 KB, 750x1098, 19C6EE64-9921-430B-9522-41A5CE…)

Gwen liked the tweet, so she's seen the thread as well.

No. 1021160

They're more making fun of the idea that any of them are leftists than Anna and Dasha

No. 1021216

File: 1597153577515.png (601.88 KB, 691x875, Screenshot_20200810-180405~2.p…)

This Jugs fag hag cow has the exact look and personality her obese co host and his minions always make fun of others for having. She thinks she's a witch, heavily into astrology, 30+ no kids and has admitted she doesn't want any, proudly talks about her years of being an addict and a sex worker, still supposedly does "cam shows" for her exes and hot Australians lol what makes her so different that they accept/ignore it but rail on twitter 24/7 against people just like her? Oh that's right. She's a neo nazi just like them so they overlook it all

No. 1021222

Not sure where to start with how gross this picture is. Her pants suffocating her ham hock legs, her nails, granny’s spare room, holding up drakkar noir lol

No. 1021228

Before she was doxed, she claimed to only ever wearing skirts and dresses because pants weren't feminine but I guess that was another lie, just like when she said she looked just like Ava Gardner

No. 1021230

is "rockabilly face" a thing? either way, she has it

No. 1021232

that’s what I’m saying, she’s so Betty boopcore

No. 1021239

The creepy thing is that Jugs's look was that black metal witch thing until she and the rest of the TPN goons started to harass that girl from the red scare sub, who was dressing a bit rockabilly but she was really cute and really thin so it didn't look bad on her. They called her twink constantly, Jack posted about her at least 20 times a day for months. He was especially mad that she mentioned buying an expensive hair perfume, that really really made him angry for some reason, he's such a freak. Anyway, ever since then, Jugs has been trying to go rockabilly which shows what her obsession with that girl was all about.

No. 1021243

It’s so obvious these losers hate women who are more attractive than them, and the gay ones just resent them for having wombs

No. 1021246

File: 1597157690865.png (82.98 KB, 720x552, Screenshot_20200811-104500~2.p…)

Samefag but this is a response to Jugs lmao yes because she and her ghoul friends are the epitome of style and taste. Delusional. FYI, as recent as 2016, Jugs was accusing various men of rape and leaving reviews for businesses that went "Good to know this place employs RAPISTS!" She was also dating black men exclusively, in fact, I think her transition from SJW to neo nazi is based on some relationships with black men that went wrong.

No. 1021256

The “sexy nazi” thing is so kitschy and cringy lmao people love to say that fascists have better aesthetics but can literally only point to hugo boss nazi uniforms (goofy! cringe shit for mallgoths!)

No. 1021276

It's always been normal imageboard etiquette not to refer to it by name you absolute newfags

>do NOT talk about /b/

No. 1021277

File: 1597163179446.png (104.91 KB, 695x548, Screenshot_20200811-122005~2.p…)

If my boyfriend ever said this, much less tweeted it, I'd be mortified lmao "I'm coping over the fact that I'm dating a lunatic by saying lunatics are good in bed but also all the nice pretty girls wouldn't date me anyway" What a catch for "Jugs" the gorgeous femme fatale!

No. 1021281

good comparison, horse poop suits him

No. 1021282

of course jugs can give decent head, she’s clearly used to shoving shit in her mouth

No. 1021290

of course she gives good head! she had so many black cocks to practice on

No. 1021298

File: 1597166529985.jpg (693.12 KB, 1079x1195, SmartSelect_20200113-235631_Ga…)

>They're posting the kind of shit dirtbag leftist berncels like me say on reddit in a dirtbag leftist thread!

No. 1021301

File: 1597167101505.jpg (186.74 KB, 1080x1159, IMG_20200811_133144.jpg)

She is literally this

No. 1021316

Jack doesn’t seem to be taking the thread very well. He tweeted about how he hadn’t killed himself due to bullying and that he ‘loves’ us and then privated everything again. I don’t get why someone would do everything possible to get a following, creepily kissing up to people, constantly posting antagonising things for impressions, constantly starting fights etc if they’re this sensitive to criticism

No. 1021318

File: 1597169252763.png (61.34 KB, 697x508, Screenshot_20200811-140026~2.p…)

She's everything her fags rail against and make fun of every day during their witter meltdowns. She loathes other women and constantly puts them down plus neo nazi so they let it slide. Coincidentally, a week before she came on TPN, she was on Eric Striker's show saying how nasty gay men are and how jealous of women they are lmao This person had her pegged, she is a childless fag hag and has a bunch of dogs. That fantasy turned out to be spot on!

No. 1021341

File: 1597170838122.png (353.76 KB, 715x739, Screenshot_20200811-142701~2.p…)

He's just not mentally well. He talks about how he's been told that he takes things too personally his entire life, he blows up at people constantly and ends friendships but somehow he is never to blame, it' s always everyone else's fault. Same thing with his twitter persona, he was an open neo nazi at first but as soon as his fellow neo nazis dunked on him just a bit, he flipped out and pretends they're lame and he was always just a Trump supporting normie. He was praising Bronze Age Pervert constantly and as soon as there was a disagreement, BAP became an enemy. Right now he's railing against…uh….girls saying Brigitte Bardot is ugly? Nobody is saying that, this is not an issue lmao but Jack is frothing at the mouth, defending Brigitte Bardot from imagined foes

No. 1021342

I love how this jersey bitch tossed a “y’all” in there. Do folx next time Jugs!!!!

No. 1021371

I think almost every cow mentioned has had a meltdown over this thread except Anna, who had a meltdown for unrelated reasons.

I don’t have a Twitter account so I can’t see Jack’s tweets when he locks it. What’s he foaming at the mouth about now?

No. 1021373


i talked to a guy who would read chapters of BAM to me on the phone

No. 1021380

In the entire history of lolcow I’ve never seen essentially a whole subculture sperg out simultaneously over their thread publicly. I only recently heard about these people and I do not get how they have a following, like I can’t tell if people genuinely think they’re intelligent or if it’s a following to point and laugh kind of thing. Literally every time a new person would get posted itt who I hadn’t heard of some anon would post about some completely deranged thing they had said or done. They all seem completely unhinged.

How long do you think the appeal of these people will last? Idk how long people can listen to the same 5 people interview each other for their podcasts and tweet the same 5 takes. Do you think any of them will progress beyond being twitter personalities/ podcast hosts?

No. 1021404

File: 1597179884101.jpg (142.65 KB, 1181x919, fQ4LUEddYnk55stVUyzv_2UZoe6LJD…)

One of the funniest things and example # 400009 of Jack kissing up to Anna was when he told her that she looked just like Aimee Anouk and she was like, oh wow really?! I have always loved her, how did you know?! Tee hee forgetting that she's prattled about Anouk being a beauty inspiration to her on numerous occasions. She legit thinks she resembles her, that's why she loved when people in LA told her she looked French

No. 1021427

more than any other platform, twitter rewards you for abusing joke formats and making milquetoast “edgy” political takes. the bar is lower yet for women, especially cis women who are >5s

No. 1021436

Condolences. Also, why, but people do weird things for sex.

No. 1021438

Anouk Aimée, not the other way around. Eh, I can kind of see it, but that’s a common Eastern European look (Anouk Aimée, still alive at like 90, is Jewish).

No. 1021459

either he deleted a bunch of tweets or he hasn't tweeted in over 24 hours lol

No. 1021460

I realized I had it the other way around as soon as I posted it. And no way in hell does Anna even slightly resemble her, maybe a sewer rat version. Anouk is half Jewish and this is not a common Eastern Euro look.

No. 1021476

I understand the appeal of following these cows to laugh at them and yes it’s extra funny that so many of them herd together, but I would never give them any money, especially when they provide so much milk for free.

I’ve noticed a tendency among some of them to shift to masturbatory essays on Substack. Like that Mike Crumps guy just published a dull, self-absorbed essay about his political trajectory along with some terrible “poetry”. I don’t know why he thought this was worth publishing but I can’t expect much else from someone who thinks Sam Kriss is worth emulating:


Among the gleaming auras of relics
In the art gallery—spies meet their handlers
Whispering the secrets of a conceptual atom bomb
CIA man strokes babysmooth chin in highbrow
Appreciation of a massive solid grey block
He is soothed by the familiar concrete
Now painted glooping mudpaint spaghettihair
And greenbile cotton candy on sickyellow skin
A device that will suck God out of the world
With a great
Antiform conceptdeath bioeschatological warfare unit
Composed its resulting
Glazed melting glazed donut
Ceramic slop
Man talking to girl who works at the art gallery
He has captured her, she is his hostage
In conversation, she must explain the art to him
Among the other intrigues
Of the spies in the walls.

No. 1021488

That's hilarious, good on you for getting that experience, hope you dumped him

No. 1021514

literally why I quit using it. It's a cult recruitment tool and nothing more at this point.

No. 1021524

File: 1597191012447.jpeg (67.2 KB, 750x257, 5D32C56F-C437-46F6-BC58-FEB19C…)

should be more concerned about her $180k+ in student debt

No. 1021529

What did she major in and how old is she?

No. 1021531

No. 1021537

lmao what a pathetic resume

No. 1021545

lmao @ Bernie simps realizing that he'll be buying another lake house

No. 1021594

File: 1597202439552.png (114.56 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200811-231801.png)

guess somebody's keeping an eye out, huh
any anons who saw it wanna summarize?

No. 1021600

pretty sure there's a screencap in the previous thread

No. 1021606


just so you know LinkedIn makes profile views public so she could easily see people who click this, lol. maybe that's why it's private now…

No. 1021613

File: 1597203668203.jpeg (14.86 KB, 225x225, 82188F4B-8BDC-41BF-A492-1AF6BB…)

I assume this is @AlicefromQueens as well.

No. 1021614

Does she change her hair color in an app? And yeah that looks like the pictures she posts, they all look weird and don't really help making her account not look suspicious. I'm sure if someone knows her irl they could id her from these so why keep posting them if she wants to be anonymous?

No. 1021623

Undergrad global studies at a no name north carolina school, masters in “peacebuilding” from american university. Seems like shes been gearing up for a career as a fed. People with huge amounts of debt like her can’t get security clearances so that’s probably why she works as a waitress or insurance salesperson or whatever the fuck.

No. 1021642


No. 1021650

>Why the fuck is he complaining about conformity-demanding rule enforcement systems?
arent you anti-fascist why would support indoctrination?

No. 1021658

Isn't he a fascist, why does he not support indoctrination?

No. 1021659

File: 1597216464434.jpeg (163.02 KB, 828x785, BC6BBCE2-C62F-43D0-8FEF-54E0FD…)

No. 1021669

File: 1597222264992.png (63.29 KB, 593x366, heather habsburg new alt.png)

Heather Habsburg's back on twitter, changed the alt from @HvH_2 to @59234543b

No. 1021673

damn an insider, does she think you're her friend?

No. 1021678

Kek, even her portrait avi has a receding hairline. Be sure to share Rachel Olson’s tweets with us.

No. 1021691

Is there a coomer with twitter?
>>aah i've got to tweeet

No. 1021741

File: 1597239340653.png (231.09 KB, 706x878, Screenshot_20200812-092246~2.p…)

These brave warriors for the white race must be revolting IRL for stooping so low to simp for a cow like Jugs. She got doxed because she was extremely aggressive and a bully on twitter, plus her constant "I am sooooo hot, I just wish I could post my picture so y'all can see!" Every day. Well bitch, we sure can see now lmao But not only that, even after being the epitome of a fag hag, having her Lord and Master Jack make fun of these people, this wignat loser Borzoi here (right hand man to Eric Striker) still thinks that she's the victim. What are these people even about, they preach about degeneracy but it's ok to talk about how you let dudes fuck you up the ass on the TL?

No. 1021746


I can't get over her saying she's attractive. Absolutely delusional. I mean at least the other women in this thread are slim despite their mediocre looks.

No. 1021759

is that her? if I remember correctly the girl in her profile looks like someone I saw at DSA meetings who I didn't peg as being this unhinged

No. 1021830

She's deleted this account now as well? Idgi, why is she freaking out so bad?

No. 1021835

probably because the person who posted this >>1021669 was one of the few followers so it's clearly someone she trusted.

No. 1021836

also everyone ITT needs to stop cowtipping, it's ruining the fun.

No. 1021845

i'm not sure it's farmers doing it but i agree

No. 1021877

File: 1597254812009.png (16.32 KB, 759x452, 9mxD41n.png)

caroline deleted too

No. 1021879

she deleted her alt account too

No. 1021888

what does >5s mean? just curious

No. 1021894

not op but i’m assuming greater than 5/10 on the looks scale

No. 1021897


ashley/christlover/dianadragonetti is a transbian leftover from the alt lit days

No. 1021919

she’s not a transbian she’s a detransitioned gay ftm

No. 1021930

Was she ever in the process of transitioning?

No. 1021947

File: 1597264964611.png (89 KB, 720x598, Screenshot_20200812-161402~2.p…)

For such a sophisticated woman and true intellectual, Anna doesn't seem to know anyone or anything beyond her NYC neighborhood. Has she been to Western Europe? This is not just an American woman thing or even a thing for most American women. Plus her angry immigrant kid shtick is so lame, she's what? 40? Should have grown out of her resentment by now

No. 1021951

what was caroline's alt?

No. 1021955

Does she genuinely think this is some hidden secret knowledge. Every woman in the world including ~brainwashed western neolib feminists~ or whatever knows you can get things you want from men by playing dumb (and I’m pretty sure these kinds of people often accuse those women of doing this?) Women aren’t not doing it because they’re just not clued in to Anna’s galaxy brain intellect, it’s that A) whatever you can get from ‘playing dumb with men’ is not what women want B) women know they shouldn’t have to ‘play dumb’

No. 1021956

She’s the pickme version of the fedora wearing big brain athiest

No. 1021957

Hot takes from 1962 here. Of course Anna doesn’t have to “play” to be dumb.

No. 1021972

Posts like this drive all her neckbeards away. I'm not sure who this post is for.

No. 1021973


No. 1021978

Heather Habsburg aka Rachel Olson furiously ripping out what little remains of her hair as she checks her Lolcow thread and tries to figure out which of her friends is betraying her.

Caroline likewise screeching at her live-in moid about the Lolcow thread and demanding that he defend her honor.

No. 1021981

File: 1597269391924.jpeg (64.79 KB, 629x327, 4A618AD8-88A8-49B9-A7CE-BE9865…)

The people in the comments of her posts who actually take it seriously make me cringe. Twitter “intellectuals” are a disease.

No. 1021982

The way smart and masculine is used as interchangeable here lmao

No. 1022048

File: 1597277188682.jpeg (512.09 KB, 1475x1127, B34DA5D1-E829-4AB9-B09C-45E7FC…)

This is such a perfect summation of Jack, lmao

No. 1022049

No. 1022078

File: 1597280375518.png (109.12 KB, 701x509, Screenshot_20200812-205405~2.p…)

It's like this obese faggot wants us all to forget his past twitter accounts where he was openly a self described fascist, the entire first season of TPN and the fact that he chose a literal neo nazi as a co host!

No. 1022091

File: 1597282202389.jpeg (280.18 KB, 1462x1170, EFA2EC52-ECE3-4E86-AC0B-64BE73…)

Do not slander the Potato President. Do not slander Kermit the Frog. This is punk in 2020.

No. 1022093

>for that he was chemically lobotomized

Other people are to blame for Peterson's choice to pop benzos like it's candy! Other people are to blame for Peterson's choice to go to Russia and quit cold turkey instead of getting normal treatment! This is what jack and samememe understand as "exerting power over their own lives" - anything that works out well is their own merit, anything that goes poorly is the fault of someone else.

>I decided to name my podcast "Perfume Nationalist" and be a literal fascist but it's other people's faults that they think I'm a fascist, not mine

No. 1022096

File: 1597283147254.png (100.45 KB, 596x520, lol.png)


No. 1022098

so right…JP's not the worst out there, but these people including Anna like to now pretend he's just some nice self-help guy and not a media savvy operator who drama queened over pronouns so much he became famous

No. 1022149


His biggest regret in life is that McDonalds stopped serving chicken wings but his second biggest regret is that he's too old for stan twitter.

No. 1022157

Rage With The Machine

No. 1022174

>Omega pickme discovers something every non-autistic female knows how to do, thinks it's breaking news

No. 1022175

>Glorifying corny self-help horseshit when it's for neckbeards

These are the people straining their sphincters trying to shit out another stale joke about femininity and internet witches?

No. 1022189

Just making sure everyone knows that Aimee Terese, Anna Khachiyan and that bug eyed bitch from TrueAnon went on to have a kiki with this Jugs nazi cow, who is openly expressing her views here. This is August of last year, same time she joined The Perfume Nationalist, just so we're clear why Jack asked her to join


No. 1022190

Samefag, I apologize for not embedding but this is really a v interesting episode. Jugs asked Striker to scrub it all from the web but he missed this one lmao someone save it

No. 1022202

looks like it was last archived a week ago, which is interesting

No. 1022205

There were rumors that AliceFromQueens posted in this thread. Anyone know more about that?

No. 1022217

File: 1597311500007.jpeg (128.07 KB, 1242x763, FullSizeRender-4~2.jpeg)


No. 1022222

if you feel the need to broadcast how Totally Fine you are with gaining weight, you're definitely not totally fine with it. premium cope. she's fat simple as

No. 1022227

File: 1597313630821.jpeg (171.13 KB, 800x1200, B9072747-F39F-4F6A-9261-5014CF…)

Tfw your extra weight goes straight to your wrists

No. 1022234

File: 1597314351932.jpg (343.34 KB, 1916x1214, 12356952_1662759797273936_1136…)

Aryan Femme Fatale, looks just like Ava Gardner, only has male friends because woman loathe her for her beauty but also all her male friends want to fuck her

No. 1022242

Must be the wrists because it ain't the tits. I wonder who gave her the nickname "Jugs" hmm

No. 1022244

File: 1597315343843.jpg (333.29 KB, 1991x1276, 12375272_1662760130607236_2731…)

Samefag, meant to add the pic lol

No. 1022249

Her wrists look like my grandma's with lymphoedema.

No. 1022271

File: 1597319041339.jpeg (810.94 KB, 1536x1870, 1D2AA36C-33D3-4584-8481-A0B455…)

One Heather’s last tweets before deletion got posted on the Red Scare sub and the response below has her nailed.

No. 1022273

File: 1597319085612.jpeg (247.43 KB, 1430x507, C1539126-F13F-4DA7-A4CC-E88C80…)

As does this one. Ouch.

No. 1022275

hope she takes her own grillpill advice and logs off, twitter fame has clearly worsened her derangement and manic disorder.

No. 1022283

As a Marxist feminist who's actually attractive, these women are such a joke to me.(nobody cares)

No. 1022289

This is the coolest of cool stories, bro

No. 1022294

>rich white trash
It doesn't make sense.

No. 1022300

I love watching ugly fat trash scramble to convince themselves they are gorgeous so they don’t have to go to fall asleep at night acknowledging how disgusting they are. Their delusions are really fun

No. 1022301

if you have to be fat at least be funny instead of trying to cope like this

No. 1022309

This reminds me of how many of the cows mentioned in this thread have taking a liking to Ross Douthat columns because he copy/pastes shit he read while browsing Left Twitter and then adds some asinine social conservative spin to it. These broads are so easy to impress.

No. 1022315

You can be rich but trashy. Think of Donald Trump. Though he isn't quite white trash.

No. 1022343

He was a guest on redscare like 6 month ago or so

No. 1022383

cool story bro

No. 1022402

File: 1597335160474.png (1.96 MB, 1196x1200, Screen Shot 2020-08-13 at 12.1…)

Dasha loves to pretend that her parents are struggling acrobats still but they've been running some trashy rent-a-ribbon-dancer for the last two decades, pole dancing for corporate events that don't want to hire strippers.

No. 1022415

File: 1597336274449.jpeg (370.17 KB, 1179x792, CFAF5B39-E2BF-47BE-9B24-BCC462…)

This bug-eyed, social climbing bitch is worried she’s losing clout so lately she’s been sticking to pandering shit like this that her braindead audience gobbles up.

>h-hey you guys still like the fat guy from Cumtown and the Catholic mommy, right? well here they are in a single tweet. give me your likes and RTs and please keep donating to my patreon

No. 1022420

File: 1597336883065.jpeg (424.4 KB, 1242x880, 4D0A4F4E-6493-4C85-B2E6-5B4A42…)

Do any of you know what the allegations against Dahlia @saintknives are? People talk about a google doc about her abusive behavior but I don’t know where to find it

No. 1022428

it's linked in that very same thread https://docs.google.com/document/u/0/d/1-tEwG2zcB4bjwU3Xpm-90WfOs9apSPalnY-SceemPm4/mobilebasic
btw dykesweating is friends with multiple abusers too so she should maybe sit this one out

No. 1022439

isn't she a tranny?

No. 1022443

just read through the google doc and all of the people in it, including the victims, are mentally ill and should be banned from the internet for their own wellbeing

No. 1022483

File: 1597344821695.png (310.54 KB, 697x1161, Screenshot_20200813-144214~2.p…)

This is unbelievable, Jack is some kind of total and complete psychopath. Look at the review he wrote for the perfume he claims is his signature scent to this day and the perfume he makes all his dumb followers buy. He gets some sick satisfaction out of it, he probably laughs at all the suckers buying into his grift. He always rants about how frag heads who complain about reformulation are idiots, yet here he admits that reformulations do change fragrances. He also mentions how he doesn't wear Angel anymore or Estee Lauder frags perfumes he tells his sheep to go buy, all the "old lady" stuff he swears is the absolute best. Notable:

Then one day I just grew out of it. I'd been wearing "old lady" perfumes that repelled men for so many years and had such a schizophrenic fragrance identity that I thought it was time to wear things that might make me more approachable and wouldn't make me feel vaguely ill. I pared down my collection to essentials and shockingly kept no Lauders, almost all of which I had owned and worn for years. I also had to finally admit that Aromatics had been destroyed by reformulation."

This dude is mental, I'm lol'ing at the suckers who go out and buy this stuff. Perfume is so personal, there is no way that everyone is gonna be into the exact same stuff but alas, these freaks keep buying and insisting it smells amazing, all to please an obese, mentally ill faggot.

No. 1022484

File: 1597344936509.png (293.34 KB, 714x1091, Screenshot_20200813-144305~2.p…)

Samefag, cont.

Dude's reviews are all a bunch of stuff he copied from perfume books too, I bet he reads these out loud to himself and beams with pride.

No. 1022496

I never thought to look and see if he had a Fragrantica account but of course he does. I'm sure there are other obtuse, long-winded screeds there. kinda OT but I notice most men into fragrance are annoying as shit, and write extremely long "cute" reviews whereas women who enjoy fragrance are more capable of cutting to the chase and not making it about them, and their trip to Paris, and how much women who wear Angel stink like hippie pussy.

No. 1022510

They're all like this, he's such a freak lol He also insists that fragnatica people secretly listen to his podcast and steal all his ideas, just like he insists Chapo guys rip him off too, as well as the entire red scare subreddit. He also has delusions that the owners of luckyscent know of him and owe him a thank you for all the business he's brought them, supposedly. Dude has delusions of grandeur off the charts.

No. 1022513

I love his writing style

No. 1022528

He's always on the quest to find a perfume that smells like the one thing he so badly wants and obsesses over, pussy. So yeah, he'll try and wear mostly women's stuff but he seems to wear men's stuff as well.

No. 1022534

This is like a fat, retarded, modern retelling of Perfume: The Story of a Murderer.

No. 1022538

almost all of his reviews and everything on his old blog seems to indicate that he just likes these "old lady" scents and wearing massive amounts of sprays (10+ sprays of aromatics, really?) because it upsets people, lmao

No. 1022546

File: 1597353733360.jpeg (152.03 KB, 620x974, 9E44976B-C484-4E5A-A9F0-CA29CD…)

here is ex intercept cow naomi lachance texting a 12 year old boy about joe biden’s rape accusations

No. 1022554

LMAO yes.

No. 1022558

Yet he insists his dumb podcast that he calls ART is all about beauty, glamour and love, he's trying to bring BEAUTY back, ok? Meanwhile it's all about his petty grievances, hatred he seems to have for everything and everyone and making people smell repellant to everyone around them.

No. 1022578

File: 1597356630394.jpg (77.93 KB, 643x820, 0a1.jpg)

He's delulu.

No. 1022581

Things that make you want to say "Shut up, faggot".

No. 1022604

she barely tweets anymore lmao, too scared of alienating her fans

No. 1022617

No, just Italian. Claims her schnoz is a ode to her jewishness when I’m pretty sure she was openly a convert on tumblr.

No. 1022621

I'm talking about saint knives, not the accuser

No. 1022627

yes saint knives is a trans woman

No. 1022632

File: 1597363073587.png (102.05 KB, 701x649, Screenshot_20200813-194013~2.p…)

What is his art? The podcast he hosts with his brother and an obese Jersey cow? What "unspeakable truths" is talking about? Because I remember him saying some uh truly edgy stuff regarding Jews and blacks and Mexicans but he seems to have changed his tune because it's easier to pretend to be a simple MAGA retard. Very cowardly. He doesn't care what people think of him? Yeah we haven't seen the meltdowns or anything lol I think the person he's describing is who he really wants to be but reality is quiet different.

No. 1022664

File: 1597372074358.jpeg (463.3 KB, 1186x1609, 228E464D-D1DC-406F-8E06-E2BEDA…)

>Yo Crumps you spent years promoting BAP. Kantbot, Logo Daedalus, and Jacobite/Social Matter writers as fascinating essential thinkers, at least until the Chapo guys started following you and you decided to clean up your act…. why are there fascists in your replies?

No. 1022669

Sure. If you didn't already know he was a community college drop out from the rambling paragraphs, he flat out tells you.

No. 1022673

hasn't he always been a critical interlocutor in the frog twitter circles though? i remember he wrote a couple pieces outlining how justin murphy was an unaware fascist a long time ago, before he blew up.

No. 1022680

File: 1597373709375.jpeg (889.51 KB, 1198x1593, AE80E6E6-27BE-4162-B080-80C56B…)

He’s definitely become more critical of them lately but he was not so critical early on, if not out of overt sympathy than at least out of dilettantish naïvete. For example here he is as recently as October 2019 declaring a BAP piece “interesting” without any further criticism. Even his replies say the piece isn’t that impressive:


No. 1022713

Palins are a more extreme example. That said, rich Orange County whites mostly aren't "white trash".

No. 1022715

File: 1597378082797.jpeg (180.23 KB, 1188x465, 8E3D2D49-2FEA-4663-97A2-D19DFF…)

Sounds like a typical day for Jack.

No. 1022720

funny how Liz doubled down to deflect those ~*TERF*~ accusations but has said fuck all about appearing on anthropomorphic pumbaa’s podcast

No. 1022726

File: 1597381924819.png (69.9 KB, 1200x304, gross.png)

we all know why he asked this

No. 1022754

File: 1597387374368.jpeg (102.05 KB, 792x1147, 185EE3CC-2692-45E0-B6D6-8F6CB9…)

Adam has a new gf. Skinnier than Dasha

No. 1022757

absolute king

No. 1022759

why does he have a pedostache?

No. 1022763

What’s @broccolihouse refer to? It doesn’t look like his girlfriend’s account.

No. 1022764

His male friend who he has gay sex with

No. 1022774

I've never seen such an utterly defeated pair of pants before. They're just hanging lifelessly until someone ends it all.

No. 1022780

File: 1597399011982.jpeg (767.48 KB, 1536x2048, jackkk.jpeg)

Jack's been posting all night, deranged tweets about pussy and hating women but what else is new lmao imagine looking at this dude's twitter and thinking it's a good idea having anything to do with him

No. 1022783

This picture smells like expired lunchmeat.

No. 1022787

oh my god that's such a disgusting beer gut. he has a barrel belly. fat gays really grow beards just so they can try to get away with calling themselves bea