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File: 1665193327417.jpg (482.8 KB, 1536x2049, brainworms.jpg)

No. 1669967

Dworkin excerpt on scarethot pathology

Rumors that Dasha met with major LA director

HIV medication commercial faced gay liberals called Dasha out on being a hypocrite regarding the Martha's Vineyard Migrant situation

Dasha needs professional color analysis

Scarethots attributing their newfound preference for adult grown men (more likely than not simply due to maturing) to stopping birth control and cutting out seed oils

Anna and Dasha pander to BAPists and act as token women for right-wing moids but date arguably "emotionally sensitive jews" (BAP is allegedly also half jewish, also a Zionist shill)

Anna comes from a long line of Ethno-LARPers and her mother is the quintessential scarethot

Anna fraternizing with the proana groomer art collective (Remilia) again

Anna was supposed to speak at the Urbit conference but didn't, they still sold these pathetic shirts

Reminder that Tao Lin groomed and raped a 16 year old
Dasha RTing his new autistic essay about "curing" autism

Proana shilling on RS seems to be negatively influencing young girls with eating disorders

Rollo and Matt Christman got married at LitteSecrets

Moldbug got left by his fiance
Rumors that it's because he fucked Pariah the Troon, probably coming from the troon himself

Dasha comparing herself to Kate Moss and framing hygiene as a lib thing, framing her professor's warnings about drugs and smoking as an "attack on beauty"

Elizabeth Bruenig looking extra emaciated and liking comments pointing this out

Jack defending Lizzo in an act of obesity solidarity

Dasha tweeting "feds" about Thiel's dating app that is possibly a honeypot

"How Red Scare Podcast earns $50,000 per month"

Unforeseen levels of pandering to terminally online r9k incels

New bizarre Anna racism on the podcast

Newest episode features Dr. Drew, Dasha fetishizing molestation, and Anna scoring 26 on Drew’s Narcissism test, a whopping 14 points above Dasha

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No. 1669973

Redpill me on Anna and Dasha. Why do people care about them? I tried listening to one of their podcasts and it seemed really boring.(Spoonfeeding )

No. 1669979

The video linked in the OP is a good place to start: >>1665331

No. 1670046

Would you be kind as to post a link to the Emily Youcis Dissident Housewives episode? If the site doesn't let you, please replace "." with "(dot)" in the URL.

No. 1670052

File: 1665200806976.jpg (45.67 KB, 320x568, z0hwgit81ds91.jpg)

maddie no

No. 1670056

Thanks for the uhh…viscerally disgusting threadpic OP

No. 1670059

Where did the whole "maddy is trans" come from? There's no way that's a troon.

No. 1670068

can she actually contract prion disease from eating cow brains i see some comments saying that

No. 1670116

What's this, some actual effort put into the OP for once? Much appreciated, nonnie.

No. 1670117

Ok even by the lax Manhattan sluttinesss standards I don't think I've ever seen anyone wearing that

No. 1670124

File: 1665209273805.png (68.78 KB, 740x590, masc.png)

Kinda old, but I've been thinking about this tweet for some reason. Mainly
1) Pariah seems to think that Elizabethan actors were the pinnacle of "jock" masculinity, despite half of them playing women and the fact that standards of masculinity were very different back then
2) The original point of the tweet had nothing to do with masculinity, it was just some anecdote about how this kid was a genius actor but never acted again

It does feel like he just goes through the motions of what he thinks a "based redpilled trad eunuch" should say even if it makes no sense in context.

No. 1670148

Did you see Scary of 61st? She had a crazy troon voice and mannerisms. Scene of her in a bra looking troonish that I can’t locate thanks to the rs porn sub being shut down. She’s gotten her lips done since and maybe other tweaks. I don’t recall her having boobs before either

No. 1670151

File: 1665214357388.jpeg (378.51 KB, 750x997, CF5330E5-1713-4671-91E6-32180C…)

The troon comments got to her

No. 1670155

Liam Gallagher's son in the replies on her cropped insta post of this pic

No. 1670270


what’s her fucking deal? Utah upbringing, mid boobs, homo bf, only job on her resume is scissoring dasha’s manic drug project. are we right to assume trust fund but not from a mormon family bc they would be horribly embarrassed by her sperg antics?

No. 1670280

I think Clown Bar is in Paris, Maddie’s look is even tackier there than in Manhattan, French people hate the fake lip Ameribrit slut aesthetic. If Maddie understands French she might have her feelings hurt

Crazy how much she’s yassified herself since then but still wears this expression of extreme awkwardness and discomfort at all times.

Also thank you to OP for the best recap and thread pic in a long time!

No. 1670283

Unsaged bump for bad shit below

No. 1670291

I don’t know if they grew up in Utah but they went to one of those Utah boarding schools for misfit teens like brace belden. Some trust fund kids try to brag about going to a boarding school as if it’s a status symbol when really their parents just can’t stand them

No. 1670295

i feel bad saying this but this is how autistic girls dress themselves when trying to be sexy and stacy

No. 1670299

Lol nta OT and not the person you're talking about but I went to one of those boarding schools. Its actually sad because the troubled teen industry is extremely exploitative. So many people i knew in there were put in wilderness programs that abused them and had them freezing during the winter or had eating disorders and spent a lot of time in treatment facilities and hospitals, and were constantly going in and out of them. It's definitely not a brag but it says more about the parents and the school systems than the kids themselves because there's a lot of different kinds of cases. In my case I was skipping a lot of school and living at school was what my parents figured would force me to go. Also some kids I knew had truancy problems too and the state itself paid for them to go there because it was extremely expensive. Of course some teens were spoiled shitbags but a lot of parents simply didn't know how to handle having children with behavioral issues and did what they were encouraged to do by school counselors. Look up the troubled teen industry on tiktok and listen to their stories about being kidnapped in the middle of the night, it's insane the level of abuse some of the teens I met were subjected to in the name of teaching them a lesson, a lot of them were just caught smoking weed a few times or something and it made them so much worse. I always feared what you're saying too but the amount of times my parents visited and called I knew they loved me and just wanted me to graduate and were willing to pay more to make that happen when I was struggling, so what you're saying is sort of stigmatizing because a lot of people who went to these schools are traumatized by them

No. 1670372

She has the aspergers stare…her face kind of reminds me of this retarded girl who was the daughter of my dads ex girlfriend kek
However I really don’t see where the troon accusations came from? Being a woman and not looking good doesn’t immediately mean that you look like a man

No. 1670373

Sorry I didn’t mean that every kid at a boarding school has parents who dislike them, but there’s a type that brags as if it sets them apart as uniquely elite or something lame. It’s like they’re trying to rebrand it as cool meanwhile their parents were just assholes who threw up their hands. Maddie is the annoying type to brag about something like that

No. 1670375

Maddie never bragged about it that I've heard. Dasha revealed it to Red Scare listeners around the time Paris Hilton was making noise about the places being abusive. Now everyone knows Maddie was sent to one.

No. 1670383

>Maddie is the annoying type to brag about something like that
Yeah but did she or are you just imagining she would? Getting sent to a provo-type place is like the one unquestionably sad and unfortunate thing we know about her history so spinning it like it's something bad she did is a little messed up. If she did brag about it that would be an obvious cope and also a little sad (but very annoying, sure).

No. 1670407

I wrote the long post about the boarding school and I don't doubt what she's saying because I've met that type to brag about it too. My school was like >100k a year? So I can see why people think it's a status symbol thing. But it's nevertheless either a traumatizing experience or part of an overall traumatizing experience with the troubled teen industry, wilderness and other treatment programs because oftentimes parents try to exhaust other options before sending their kid away until graduation and sometimes those are extremely abusive, as is the case of wilderness programs. I personally know like 5 people who died who were in my school and went to these sorts of places since graduating from drug abuse or negligence or health problems, it's called the troubled teen industry because people who get sent to these places legitimately range from just very troubled to actually batshit insane to just a little rebellious or even relatively normal and just had extremely strict parents, and there's no one size fits all. I can't help but empathize with other people who've been sent there for that reason but yes the specific kind of person that anon is speaking about does exist. Idk where specifically she was sent though.

No. 1670408

There's a sharp distinction between normal boarding schools and troubled teens programs jfyi.

No. 1670418

File: 1665252779597.png (91.61 KB, 659x190, 05378cfef9565e0769dbbf3c03b843…)

Nta but Utah is notorious for having these troubled teens type of boarding schools. Paris Hilton also went to one to give you an idea

No. 1670453

Is there any truth to the rumor Moldbug's fiancee broke up with him because he cheated with a tranny? Or is it all a fake and gay omegacringe larp

No. 1670465

she's ugly and has the mannerisms of someone who doesn't leave their dimly lit, mildew-ridden basement

No. 1670526

Do you know what episode/where she talks about going there anon?

No. 1670548

fake rumor started by pariah-hon

No. 1670579

File: 1665270871492.png (619.74 KB, 1410x793, annas twitter.png)

I did not make this image but it sums up what's happening on Anna's twitter timeline right now

No. 1670587

File: 1665271568223.png (21 KB, 528x255, 456465.png)

"Proana shilling on RS seems to be negatively influencing young girls with eating disorders"
sounds about right

No. 1670594

kek as if the average rs listener isn’t a tubby woman making desperate posts on r/vindictarateme

No. 1670597

the op anna’s arguing with is a white supremacist blogger she is struggling for a market

No. 1670605

I'm not 100% sure but probably 193 the Simp Life which is a paywall episode; that's the one where they review the Paris Hilton doc. Don't have it in me to relisten to make sure.

No. 1670609

Check the last thread. It was a joke from someone from Twitter. An anon did comment about seeing Yarvin leave with Pariah and Ivy Wolk

No. 1670630

when red scare released merch, the first sizes to sell out were large and XL

No. 1670647

does he think this transparent pandering is going to work out any differently for him than it did for fat jack?

No. 1670653

i like when she leans into plain jane core, she looks like an algebra teacher in pete and pete.

No. 1670687


see also: cat marnell’s bpd divorcee sister. she loves blaming that provo shit for her #trauma 25+ years later, she also loves black dick

No. 1670731

>I never would have seen otherwise
I envy this zoomer. Everything Ana posts is the most dated manosphere discourse that everyone, including the manosphere guys, has already seen and gotten tired of ten years go

No. 1670777

Given how large their following is, pun intended, regression to the mean is inevitable. Their fans are average looking Americans, i.e., overweight. The ED talk is hitting some anorexics, but most of it is for the insecure fat majority.

No. 1670886

I like how she specified women, like she’s saying the male listeners are fat kek

No. 1670890

Their woman listeners are goofy faced anachans and cute chubby girls who would barely qualify as hot even if they lost weight, much like Anna and dasha themselves. Not much in between. The male listeners are fat dudes and homely twinks

No. 1670896

Like other anon said she’s a weird autistic girl trying to be Stacey and it doesn’t work. Some men like these types because they’re more attainable than real bimbos

No. 1671108

alt culture used to have an element of rejecting chad /stacy dichotomy and having a different, less superficial set of values focused on ideas and creation, even for women and not just men. what happened?

No. 1671129

really can’t tell if this is satire. did you ever watch daria

No. 1671134

like values people held irl in the social scene and not on a television show??

No. 1671154

File: 1665345698193.jpg (Spoiler Image,309.48 KB, 1536x2048, a0xq1o87x3o61[1].jpg)

Not the pic you're referring to but she's shown her boobs before

No. 1671157

File: 1665346198615.png (412.14 KB, 550x761, annaxbap.png)

Found some tweets saying the same thing this anon was saying few threads back that they were asked to elaborate on but didn't, if BAP said they know each other personally then this is probably where that rumor is coming from

No. 1671159

File: 1665346405343.png (5.43 MB, 1624x3641, bapsazionistshill.png)


Archiving some more of these in case that account gets suspended, backing the statement in the OP that BAP is a zionist shill

No. 1671164

Can't take this tuboautism seriously, sorry

No. 1671168

spoiler this shit, u sped

No. 1671170

>Seeing one widdle nipple makes me twiggered

No. 1671173

File: 1665347753380.png (Spoiler Image,1.43 MB, 1200x1425, The-Scary-of-Sixty-First.png)

No. 1671177

if scary of 61st was instead clerks for weird girls plus comical ghost-hunting, that'd be cool

No. 1671213

Who did roun_sa_ville have to blow to get unsuspended

No. 1671220

is musk mass pardoning?

No. 1671221

Anna must be elated someone is taking her jew-larp so seriously, it's all she's ever wanted.
Being some king of spooky, exotic, oppressed non white

No. 1671222

She literally could know someone at twitter, they have an office in NYC

No. 1671251

She's from central New Jersey and now lives in Arizona lol, I don't think she knows someone at twitter hq. Most likely she just appealed, someone who hates incels got the case, and it went through.

No. 1671289

You know troons can take estrogen and grow boobs right? Hunter Schafer has them and it’s a man, baby. I do think it’s funny how Maddie Defense Anon activates whenever the troon allegation is brought up

No. 1671294

the lizard eye tumors troons grown don't look anything like natural breasts. honter has breast implants, dummkopf

No. 1671297

Ok so how do you explain the horrifying troon voice, the teen boy mannerisms, the build, the ugly boyish face? If it’s a natural born woman, holy hell, she’s gotta have some hormonal problem

No. 1671317

All of this can be explained by the fact that she's an autist

No. 1671324

File: 1665366602337.png (19.85 KB, 575x195, Untitled.png)

Can you appeal more than once?

No. 1671328

Is that the Punk Revolution Now guy?

No. 1671330

ngl, I can see Dasha in a Randall role

No. 1671336

I mean women can have lower registers, the teen boy mannerisms is pure autism and being lanky, the build and boyish face are unfortunate genetics.

No. 1671346

yeah i guess maybe for straights

No. 1671369

literally all traits associated with female autism. takes a lot of effort to circumvent it but it can be done

No. 1671375

No. 1671391

File: 1665371851179.png (1.16 MB, 942x1080, 1662391704606[1].png)

Yes, troon moobs, at best, look like a disgusting wall of flesh like picrel

No. 1671495

damn that's one cute titty ngl

No. 1671555

It isn’t only a lower register, it’s that croaking frog quality like so many other troons. Why are you so invested in defending this creep?

No. 1671585

so much moid posting. at least try to intergrade

No. 1671595

Touch grass. Some women are weird and ugly get a grip.

No. 1671676

File: 1665414054362.png (283.95 KB, 1898x894, Screen Shot 2022-10-10 at 10.5…)

Why do scarethots act like this? Just wondering. I feel like it's not because of phones/COVID that no one wants to hang with you. You're just annoying

No. 1671692

Lmao what kind of parties are these losers going to? I can see people in their scene acting like that, but where I'm from people are very much talking to each other and acting pretty normal at bars and shows. I will give him that I do seem to run into more weirdos on dating apps post covid, but even then it's not the norm

No. 1671701

Calm down nonnie, you're the one invested in claiming she's a troon based on circumstantial shit. Just cause you face opposition doesn't mean they're WK'ing.

No. 1671704

Troons must stick together I guess

No. 1671723

File: 1665418556313.jpeg (Spoiler Image,304.82 KB, 750x691, A087F084-A333-4855-B90C-0BB761…)

Cherry picked photo. Troobs can look natural. That is why the tells are seen on full video or in person like the build, mannerisms and voice. Bitch could be a troon sorry if it hurts your feelings(stop derailing)

No. 1671726

Not going to screenshot it because it's weird but there's childhood photos on her instagram. She's not a dude. You can focus on anything else about her.

No. 1671765

Someone must be really obsessed. I mean if he has anything beyond just "Well I don't have proof that she is a troon but you don't have proof she isn't either" then I might be inclined to indulge it but as for now its borderline vendettaposting

No. 1671770

Anyone know what Dasha and Maddie are doing in Paris?

No. 1671782

There’s no vendetta posting conspiracy. They looked like a troon in the movie and several people commented in it when the movie first came out and now because of the recent photo. That’s it

No. 1671789

Exactly, anything to not be a white woman with immigrant parents like a million other American girls in NYC.

No. 1671816

File: 1665426152885.jpeg (437.94 KB, 1242x910, 73D6080B-0F1F-4377-9E06-3DFEB1…)

I’m also curious after the glorified prostitution comments and party-posting, although mostly dasha seems to be shitposting about fast food on her eating disorder account and fighting with randoms like every time she travels

No. 1671851

Eye of the beholder I guess

No. 1671865

Maybe it was sarcasm? lol They both look fine in terms of body shape so whatever I don’t get the hate but we love to bend the nitpicking rule here

No. 1671871

men aren't allowed on this site

No. 1671887

the outie bellybutton vomit

No. 1671889

>"ur cherry picking!!"
>angled shooped pic.

you will never have cooper's ligaments, you will never be a woman.

No. 1671896

why are there so many scrotes itt lately what the fuck, is this literally just because their disgusting coomer sub got banned?

No. 1671898

File: 1665434695208.jpeg (525.7 KB, 1242x1623, 0C554D5B-47B3-4A6A-9F81-B43B9D…)

kek nonnie im js idc if she's jewish and there are white jews too, just curious if she has any connection to bap at all. pretty sure the episode where they review his book where she essentially calls it a masterpiece she says she has no idea who the author is (his real identity) and this was a few months ago yet his dox has been out for years, she may be lying.

that account from the previous posts calling her jewish is a nick fuentes shill (also pedophilic and advocates for loweing aoc) so i dont agree with their agenda but look at the kind of stuff bap has been rting and promoting on his account and draw your own conclusions. i find it dubious that anna didnt know whose book she was reviewing when their episode on bap came out if he said he knows her, as others have been saying red scare are late and only now reading books and talking about topics that peaked like 3-4 years ago. the post in the middle was lolicon shit a video with drawings of naked children too graphic to screenshot and was deleted.

they interact with this freak way too often

No. 1671901

Your deranged posting style is so fucking obvious kek

No. 1671906

The Maddie nip pic was hosted there* so yeah seems likely. Every time a related sub or site is nuked we get flooded with new posters.
*which I know for totally normal reasons I guess as if I’m not just as bad as the scrotes for having looked there. it was basically an archive of leaked nudes, glad it’s gone.

No. 1671916

yeah i'm curious why she would lie about knowing bap what's ur point? there was an episode on him a few months back, he's talked about knowing anna in his podcast too and this wasn't previously discussed. my posts are targeted at other anons who have also posted about this topic which ive seen several, not you. if you want to talk about tranny boobs or something else why don't you do that instead of continuously focusing on posts that don't concern your puny little brain?

No. 1671948

Post bap podcast clip. Anna’s always telling weird lies for no reason I like to see them disproven occasionally.

Just my opinion as someone who has been tempted to do the same thing: if you find yourself making a collage of twitter screen caps to post here, stop. it’s visually messy and annoying to zoom in and pan around; you can look at it when you’re done and see that no one is really gonna read it. We can’t archive every accounts retweets, we get it we know who bap is unfortunately and we know his Twitter is a mess. And I’m with the other nona to some degree, it feels like a calling card which goes against the anonymous format

No. 1671955

If I knew the specific podcast clip I would've posted it, I don't watch his podcasts so I'd have to ask around to find it and so far I haven't, therefore it has not been posted, no shit sherlock that would've been my first choice if I had it. I've posted more than just that kek and i'm still anonymous, couldn't give less of a shit who has a problem with it if it's no more off topic than anything else and has been posted about before by other anons. Just because you don't want to or find it too much effort to read doesn't mean those i'm replying to and others who've posted here about this won't, tagged them below. There are few tweets about this and I posted the ones I could find, I'm obviously not trying to archive the whole website. What I tend to do when someone talks about something I don't care to read that is nevertheless still relevant to the thread I'm perusing is I avoid the post. It's simple, it's easy, it's saged, and I will continue to speak freely, you can ask mods to ban people who are posting things you don't like as other retarded anons have attempted or learn to avoid their posts.

(tagged here >>1671157 and here:

No. 1671981

This is an anonymous imageboard, you're turning into a cow yourself by posting in a highly recognizable format and then whining "b-but others interact with my posts!" whenever someone identifies you as the same sperg as always. It came up every single time you posted like this and you still insist on doing it, which suggests it's intentional

Anna probably does have some off the record tie to BAP related to the Thiel shit, but I think claiming not to know who he is is just the regular pretending his doxx isn't out that all his orbiters do

No. 1671982

is that twitter user talking about this? he doesn't say they're childhood friends here but he said they met. they start talking about her at 11:30

No. 1671986

LMAO I wrote the OP and you didn't recognize that did you, it is an anon imageboard if i'm a cow why don't you make a thread on me retarded cunt? Please i'd love for you to try. The only cows in here are the people who admitted to buying a pedo NFT and the people accusing anons of being a pajeet and mods of being in cahoots with said pajeet. Always someone complaining when you post about their interactions with pedophiles, keep seething.

Ty anon it might be just that. He sounds like he could be joking but the location and parents professions idk. There may be more to it

No. 1671987

Not that it matter much at this point but I'm pretty sure the maddy nip pic was posted in an old leftcows thread before the scrotes got their grubby hands on it

No. 1671992

Whoever said anyone about "a pajeet", sperg? Stop identifying yourself, it's pretty fucking simple

No. 1671993

thats the only episode i found but don't bother the milady faggots will always complain when you bring them up just ignore

No. 1671995

oh my god you're the same OP again? lmao

whatever I guess some obsessive bullheadedness isn't so bad. but stop pointing out you're the OP when you're arguing, it's weird. I think you need to dial it way way way back and not take replies so personally. cortisone is bad for the body and you must be overflowing with it nonny, no hate I'm being kinda serious

No. 1671997

i didn't write the last OP so not again, and it's cortisol not cortisone.

you're right nonna but i expected it with them not BAP lol

No. 1671998

he said he knew her in december 2019 and she said she didnt know who bap is in july 2022. there was no need for him to add that so either he's lying or she is and i think it's her she sounds too giddy

No. 1672006

She posted it herself on her twitter, that's where it originally comes from lol

No. 1672028

File: 1665449613282.webm (712.63 KB, 856x312, 76363.webm)

She called him "The Great Genius Writer of our age" in 2020

No. 1672046

Huh wtf? I could've sworn I was listening to her say how she doesn't know who he is like yesterday in their episode on his book but now I cba to listen to it all over again and find that, oh well. I didn't know she was hyping him years ago, other anons were saying it's a fairly recent thing and I figured it was

No. 1672054

ntayrt but iirc the official "origin story" of Anna encountering BAP was her retweeting some dumb take of his in 2018, a ton of Red Scare fans and reply guys giving her shit for it (this was in the early era of the pod when their fanbase was still mostly dirtbags), she plead ignorance as to his being a fascist and denounced him, but still kept liking his posts and then eventually read his book.

No. 1672067

there was def leaked nudes there but it was also a place for self-posting scarethots to simp farm.

No. 1672071

File: 1665454401721.png (47.72 KB, 1253x272, byebye.png)

r/redscareforcishetmen2 banned earlier today, press S to spit

No. 1672073

huge S. pornsick coomer genocide when

No. 1672111

That sub was even more coomer-ish than the original. It was set up in mutiny by coomers angered that the original sub was doing "no fap (and no nudes) November"

No. 1672121

Get ready for a second wave of invasion

No. 1672160

File: 1665465498412.jpeg (235.06 KB, 828x1469, 352A913D-42E7-43CF-B1C2-9E8DAB…)

Soph is being turned into a feedee by her feeder husband

No. 1672162

i prefer someone enjoying food to promoting anachan ed shit.

No. 1672164

same. the remilia fags were in one of the last threads doxing her "husband" who they called a groomer and who was their friend the entire time while he groomed her but not after she wanted to sue. grown ass fugly indian and his gross orbiters cyberbullying a girl who doesnt even care about them anymore just for getting fat like anyone else cares that she's fat while they support a groomer who she said took advantage of her. gross!

No. 1672173

File: 1665467346556.jpeg (825.06 KB, 1242x1361, 6FD16040-CD53-4363-A2C3-24C9E0…)

Some reporting on the ~fake reviews~ from the last thread

No. 1672177

I read this and they reported that the reviews exist on the App Store. Good job, NYPost.

No. 1672224

she's vanderbilt like a fridge

No. 1672291

That’s funny. We know she stalks this thread because she namedrops LC on Twitter. nip selfie maybe a little selfpost

No. 1672368

no, it's just as bad as being anachan. the fetish comes from the same place. destroying and controlling another person.

No. 1672415

File: 1665495020177.jpeg (23 KB, 268x300, 0720ECDA-DD74-4995-8102-7238EE…)

She isn't built like a fridge. That means high WHR which correlates but doesn't equate to a "fridge body", it depends on where you store fat. You can be underweight and built like a fridge/have your hips not be much wider than your waist like her other milady friend just as you can be overweight and not but she has gotten to a point where she's pretty overweight so her shape has changed and she's expanding outwards. Hopefully she doesn't keep gaining because when you get to a certain point you can't lose it without having excess loose skin. I still think she's beautiful, even being overweight, her facial features are very soft and feminine. Hope she leaves her groomer husband with the feeder fetish or whatever if that's even what's actually happening and not just a rumor the miladyfags are spreading out of spite because she's gaining weight. I'd much rather look like her and lose some weight than any of the mid to ugly anorexic bitches in her ex friend group.

No. 1672434

you have to be as retarded as a capitol tourist to think these reviews or nypost's reporting is ~~real~~

No. 1672452

As other anon said they're only reporting on the reviews existing they didn't dig into them any further but I don't think they're all fake.
Many reviews saying that questions were suspicious and the app name itself is too someone said it's the name of a nazi podcast. If you give Thiel your personal information and admit to crimes on public platforms you deserve what happens to you though

No. 1672616

>the app name itself is too someone said it's the name of a nazi podcast.
Yeah, The Right Stuff is the site that invented the (((echoes))) meme. Their admin literally lives on the Upper East Side of NYC and married a Jewish woman in a Jewish ceremony kek.
And it's hard to get too worked up over someone saying they went into the capitol building on jan 6 getting a call from the feds. that's not even a left/right thing that's just a "don't be retarded" thing.

No. 1672656

thank you, trans boob connoisseur. we're all very grateful for your expertise and extensive collection, your family and community are certainly proud.

a well-earned vacation away from the hustle n grind

No. 1672661

they're all fake. the government already knows every single person who was at the capitol riot. if they actually needed this app to find people then america has fallen lol. this is publicity and clickbait

No. 1672688

File: 1665513650407.png (1.42 MB, 968x1724, lawyer.png)


No. 1672689

already in the throwing-oneself-onto-hoods phase of her career?

No. 1672693

this is a weeb thing to say but Dasha should get more shit for posting sailor moon aesthetic images all the time when she has admitted to not really watching anime and the only show she watched all the way through is Evangelion reeeee

No. 1672703

and she only watched EoE because she has bpd and her ex loves eva

No. 1672724

Don't really see how this is milk. Someone she knows in LA needs an accident lawyer? Ok, what's the big deal?

No. 1672726

She said (half-jokingly?) a long time ago on the sub that the only reason she hadn't an heroed was she waiting to watch the final Eva rebuild. But it's been out now for over a year and she hasn't given any indication she watched it!

No. 1672744

her and opn probably split up before it came out

No. 1672762

perfume fat is on bret easton ellis' podcast (how tf did he get that booking?), anyone got a link? he's barely promoting it so I wonder if he embarrassed himself

No. 1672886

EoE is a perfect scarethot movie because only women like dasha want to be choked to death by shinji ikari

No. 1672918

There's a long, long list of things Dasha should get shit for pretending to be into, but most of her haters are themselves massive posers with zero interests beyond social media

No. 1672938

Its not in the pirate feed yet, will let you know

No. 1673005

Go back

No. 1673081

File: 1665540650025.png (1.34 MB, 950x1560, on her wizard shit.png)

not milk but whoever commented saying all of amber rollo's dresses have wizard sleeves this is for you, you were very right

No. 1673219

File: 1665548476457.jpg (503.01 KB, 2413x1416, image.jpg)

dasha is eating some foul looking jar of foie gras and retweeting animal-rights pages. assuming she did it on purpose, kind of a nasty "joke". shouldn't eat foie gras in the first place but especially not if you're gonna have some old shit out of a jar.

No. 1673279

as always, theres a political agenda bent to dashas tweeting. that bap post is ironic and the SCOTUS is about to rescind CA's bigger cages for pregnant pigs law

No. 1673393

File: 1665572145146.jpeg (243.3 KB, 640x769, 7F19D68A-E105-4145-A866-BC0C3C…)

I wonder what role she was just rejected for

No. 1673413

Can she not look at most working actresses and see they’re both better looking and more talented than her? She keeps spinning her wheels like it must be her social media holding her back and nothing else

No. 1673542

God, even such an innocuous post and its already annoying me with just how its written. She really understands that her only skill is annoying people on the internet.

No. 1673575

remember dasha’s multiple failed vegan eras i where she’d always post fish days after scolding everyone about animal products

No. 1673665

File: 1665596414750.jpeg (305.83 KB, 1535x2048, Fe3qIjBXwAAdLXE.jpeg)

lmao wait is this supposed to be dasha? what did she do to herself this doesn't even look like her

No. 1673671

She looks cuter than usual but can't wipe that smug expression off her face which is probably her least attractive physical quality and shows up in every picture.

No. 1673682

she looks like an AI generated image, her forearm is practically clipping through the wall

No. 1673699

she's gotten a lot of work done which ironically has aged her. all these hoes have gotten lip fillers

No. 1673701

File: 1665598070435.png (3.17 MB, 1870x1032, dash.png)

can't decide who's more yassified at this point, dasha or anna but there's definitely lots of patreon money in their faces

No. 1673711

No. 1673733

she deleted it lol I guess she realized she overdid the yassifying

No. 1673762

kek that was me, thanks for staying on the case anon. amber remains peak millennial cringe, the vibe is very r/witchesvspatriarchy

No. 1673773

What the fuck kind of getup is she in

No. 1673788

Her and Anna use some kind of skin touchup filter. Facetune? I don’t know. Even with thee work they’ve had done they never look like this in other people’s pics

No. 1673797

guessing this is wardrobe for something she's filming, looks like she's in a hair + makeup room and this rollerboogie/mermaid wave pink hair thing is so different from her usual style. i actually like this look on her, beats her tired old tumblr aging schoolgirl schtick

No. 1673845

>Dasha's career is over! Nobody wants to work with her! She's such a terrible actress
>[proceeds to book at least four acting gigs over the span on just one summer]

No. 1673865

why did her eyelids literally quadruple in size

No. 1673906


In the first pic she is looking up, in the second she is looking down


cmon, anon. Better to looked older then like a lipless crack rat with hollowed out saggy eye sockets like that old photo from LA that went viral in the last thread

No. 1673929

Not the roles she wants if she thinks her Twitter is stopping her from greatness

No. 1673941

supporting role in another peter vack siscon film doesn't count. that's barely a job, it's a friend's family movie.

what happened to the civil war flick?

No. 1673943

File: 1665612739807.jpeg (579.2 KB, 750x1087, 2A3E92EC-34A5-4735-BF5A-F8B643…)

Ill take a wild guess and say it’s for this Peter Hack shit movie

No. 1673953

Is this the movie they filmed the Crumps thing for?

No. 1673955

The civil war movie halted production because her makeup-free face broke the camera lens. That picture of her in the bonnet was haunting

No. 1673959

No. 1673968

I think whoever here said it was gonna be some Lost Cause shit will be proven correct. am waiting for that.

No. 1673974

Whatever it is it will suck anyway. She’s like the opposite of Midas everything she touches turns to shit

No. 1674011

You’d think she was dating Walter Pearce the way she apes his Twitter

No. 1674029

File: 1665617504389.png (374.27 KB, 1236x590, Screen Shot 2022-10-12 at 16.2…)

a&d supposedly lost an ep to technical difficulties. presumably code for episode way too racist and got axed.

No. 1674038

File: 1665618087517.jpg (94.6 KB, 1376x887, lippies.jpg)


No. 1674140

I think she probably did just overline them. I can see the shaded edge of her natural lip on the center left of the upper lip.

No. 1674158

File: 1665629153993.jpeg (634.93 KB, 1170x1320, 4577A4F6-DB62-4BE9-910F-6FD4A9…)

she shouldn’t have worn the coat over the top, that’s my biggest peeve. it’s a jacquemus cropped sweater, i bet she got it during the sale. i got it in tan though

No. 1674163

he likes all her photos and his brother follows as well. british guys have ugly taste in women though

No. 1674167

She’s right about the lip liner. You can literally see where her lips stop before the overdrawing begins. The eyeshadow just brought her eyelids (skin flaps) forward giving the illusion of lid space. Otherwise she’s just using her typical skin smoothing filter to make her look younger.

No. 1674179

nonna, no.

No. 1674225

File: 1665636647265.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1242x1818, 1665512948023[1].jpeg)

I just saw this in the "Grimes & Elon Musk" thread and did a double take that I thought this was Dasha. Do you think Dasha wanted this role? Seems like the weeb gamer shit would be right up her alley.

No. 1674238

lol in what universe would she even be in the running for this?

No. 1674251

Elle is so much hotter than you, stop selfposting

No. 1674272

i think even dasha is aware that she's not fit to do work that requires the crazy suspension of disbelief levels kojima fare usually demands

No. 1674285

sure, yes. the makeup is not what's making her look weird though.

No. 1674356

I think it’s lip liner but it’s funny how their fans are ready to scold them whenever they look more attractive. You know many of their fans are kind of busted so naturally they relate to that about a&d. Chill out scarehoes, she still looks pretty weird compared to any actual attractive woman kek

No. 1674402

are you nonnies retarded? she's had lip filler for a while now regardless of what she says kek

No. 1674429

Yeah Dasha to her credit admits to lip fillers, on an RS episode around the SAG awards she credited a fan with inspiring her to not get her filler re-upped before the awards. Also it’s just obvious that she had that lipless lizard mouth in her younger pics and doesn’t anymore.
Tbh I find Anna more annoying with her refusal to admit her obvious work >>1674038 “check my baby pics” lol ok Anna and we’ll just forget about how droopy and deflated your whole face was 3 years ago I guess

No. 1674435

It’s funny she will admit to being a chain smoking drunk who feels faint from not eating enough but somehow won’t admit to work. Like bitch almost no one with that lifestyle ages well give me a break

No. 1674444

I can't think of anything less up Dasha's alley than a Hideo Kojima game. As noted above, the bitch has no hobbies or interests, the only thing up her alley is some scumbag director's dick on the casting couch

No. 1674468

File: 1665672744832.png (32.2 KB, 534x218, anna.png)

totally, that's anna's narcissism talking, she's super vain and started getting work the second RS made some money, even before dasha i think. i'm sure she'd love us to forget how homely and aged she looked a couple years ago and will die insisting her total face makeover is "just tret!!"
don't think it was discussed here but Anna scored 26 on Dr. Drew's narcissism quiz, Dasha scored a 12. just a silly little pop-psy quiz but even trying to answer it as evilly as possible i think most people would struggle to get higher than like 15. check the questions and imagine how insufferable a person has to be to score that high - or don't imagine it, just picture anna lol


No. 1674482

File: 1665674221144.png (39.9 KB, 1104x325, bCVXr8z.png)

I can't believe someone who has an internal world like this would score highly on a narcissism test…

No. 1674495

How someone reaches adulthood without having this degree of insufferable nerd beaten out of them I'll never know

No. 1674503

File: 1665676747273.png (297.88 KB, 1264x1230, reddit.png)

Is this actually Dasha's bf's reddit account? Is he upset because it's 99% certain she's cheating on him in France?

No. 1674517

File: 1665677370894.png (164.79 KB, 1072x690, matthew davis reddit2.png)

He should hook up with Aimee Terese when Dasha dumps him.

No. 1674521

how thick are you? that’s just some simp’s account

No. 1674569

she was really insufferable on the episode it was honestly funny considering the topic. I started to wonder if she was doing it on purpose or if she just couldn't stop herself.

No. 1674674

>word salad
>I have 300 confirmed kills typing style
>Literally unable to not le debate every perceived slight

Yep, sounds like average clusterbee to me

No. 1674727

File: 1665697327308.png (106.81 KB, 460x550, tworetardsfighting.png)

Dasha and logo currently going at it over whether or not the Catholic Church is pagan

No. 1674738

Nerds pretending to actually care about the Catholic church with their poorly LARPed "scalding debate and emotional investment!!" like we haven't seen them react to things that actually matter to them

No. 1674749

File: 1665699501283.jpeg (697.46 KB, 1242x1433, 97681844-835C-4C88-A68E-9F3621…)

Missed what this was about. Are they saying he wanted to have sex with a fat woman or complaining about him doing the exact same thing they do re: fat woman discourse (all complaining about being “forced” to consider it beautiful) or are they literally saying it’s fine when they do it but not when men do it. Help me out nonas, their contrarianism is making me lose my mind

No. 1674750

File: 1665699565718.jpeg (771.57 KB, 1242x1844, FCF1FDA1-AC91-4F19-8AA9-F571DE…)

Further context kind of

No. 1674751

hilarious from the side that wants women to be attracted to their muh skulinity, humor, aging, obesity and hair loss

No. 1674784

Could it have to do with Jordan Peterson and the magazine model

No. 1674785

a lot of people are trying to spin yarns like this though because of the tribalism the current culture is creating, so it doesn't surprise me that striving nycers are concocting elevator pitches about their personal ethnography so they don't get lumped into karen label.

No. 1674791

if you didn't lie to the priest during your first confession as a teenager you are not catholic.

No. 1674798

Something in that vein. Without knowing what this guy did/said I’m not really sure. Lately Anna and crew have been lukewarmly defending “fat” women (maybe they’re trying to work on their popularity with women since their following became even more scrotey and started repelling people) but Anna especially keeps admonishing men by saying it’s womanly/female-behavior to comment on a woman’s weight. I guess it’s her job to call women fat and these guys are encroaching on her turf. I don’t know, just trying to figure out where they’re coming from because all I see is hypocrisy from Anna etc and a lot of annoying men I don’t want to learn anything about.

No. 1674815

Hasn't it been all about the woman in the Thiel dating app ad for like three weeks now?

No. 1674847

Beyonce is apparently borderline retarded or something and flunked out of every school she's ever been in probably that lol. It would actually be hilarious if her fans found that and started attacking anna on twitter over it

No. 1674857

I don't think this is just some random given what he's posting and not been banned yet.
The sub is notoriously ban happy with those that don't 'fit the brand'.

No. 1674870

He might have just been banned though. Apparently one of the mods went on a banning spree against everyone with something positive to say about Alex Jones in that thread.

No. 1674873

You’re making shit up

No. 1674891

What did they say?

No. 1674893

She would get eaten alive lol

No. 1674909

What is Peter Thiel's endgame? He's gay, so why is he funding a bunch of right wing weirdos like Moldbug?(learn2sage)

No. 1674912

he wants a technomonarchy with himself as king
he could just King James it and turn his husband into a duke

No. 1674915

Neocameral technofeudalism with him and other Silicon Valley ghouls serving as ceos/monarchs of patchwork city-states. Culture war bullshit is just the carrot to get the plebs to back deregulation, decentralization, the crippling of the administrative state.

No. 1674919

I don't get how after all this time the RS sub hasn't splintered into two subs as what normally happens in these cases.
When a subreddit gets infected with an power mad, spiteful, hall monitor nerd jannie(s), or ban culture, a bunch of people leave and set up a rival chill sub where you can say what you like.
The RS sub has been like this since late 2020 or so, I assume they're all too technically inept to try and do this and just keep resigning up new accounts.

Even dasha's commented on how bad the mods are on there.

No. 1674923

catholicism is just marvel for dirtbag left ppl i guess

No. 1674925

I haven't checked in on either sub in awhile but the RS private sub exists, though it's a lot more lowkey. The mods do suck shit on the public sub, especially that lunatic womenontheverge or whatever.

No. 1674928

Is womenontheverge not alexandrawallace69?

If you use reveddit you can see just how over modded the place is, they delete more than half of new posts, even if it's getting upvotes and lots of comments


No. 1674937

There's also the girls and gays sub, which is quite small but still very active and with a distinct bent from (and antipathy towards) the main sub.

No. 1674984

womenontheverge98v2 is a self described fat jewish woman.
She goes berserk at any jokes about jewish people and dishes out bans like there's no tomorrow.
She's also very pro troon and deletes any criticism of trannies no matter how mild.

She's basically some shut in, tubby, lib activist woman, who somehow became mod on there. I'd be interested to know how.

No. 1674997

She claimed it was "just lip liner" on the sub, fucking kek. Both of them have more plastic floating around in them than the Pacific Ocean.

No. 1675006

She’s been literal schizo posting for awhile now

No. 1675010

Passing reminder that men start going bald in their mid-20s and start getting erectile dysfunction at 40, on top of letting themselves go and getting ugly skinnyfat in their late 20s/early 30s. And they expect women to be more attracted to them as they age kek

Weird rift going on, maybe? 0HP's new shtick is telling women they need to lose weight to make them mad, would be funny for Anna to be counter-signaling this if she's aware. I don't know what they think of each other, if anything

No. 1675015

this was from like three years ago

No. 1675028

what brand is that exactly? he seems right on-course with muh mOdErNiTy screeching and complaining about black people

No. 1675162

File: 1665751488826.png (139.58 KB, 1186x668, muh based subreddit.png)

and yet r/redscarepod loves circle jerking about how they're in some based free speech zone. kek, NGMI etc.
i have some very schizo thoughts about how it is that every Reddit mod, despite their political and aesthetic differences, is rabidly pro-troon and won't accept even the tiniest deviation from the "heckin valid" narrative but i won't bore you with it here

No. 1675172

the irony of that this post being a circlejerk itself. KEK.

No. 1675205

lol, it's easily one of the most overly 'jannied' subs on reddit
and that's saying something

No. 1675225

>no real strict topic rules heavily enforced by autistic moids
Ah yes, the early internet forum days, widely known for their laid-back neurotypical population

No. 1675235

They will defend fat women but won’t defend women like Taylor Swift or anyone normal sized and attractive. I smell jealousy

No. 1675247

That post must be a mod’s alt trying to do damage control. They ban tons of people for arbitrary reasons

No. 1675255

>offshoot sub and try to get it banned
The coomer stolen nudes sub got itself banned.

No. 1675257

>If you use reveddit you can see just how over modded the place is, they delete more than half of new posts, even if it's getting upvotes and lots of comments
They’re weirdly spiteful to anyone or any post that gets a lot of attention on the sub. It’s really pathetic lol. Taking their “job” way too seriously

No. 1675259

I wasn’t talking about a coomer sub, I meant if anyone made a normal offshoot sub and didn’t private it, one of the creepy main mods would 100% report it and try to get it banned out of spite

No. 1675260

It's not that the mods are pro-troon but they're faced with the Hobson's choice of either removing the anti-troon stuff or having their sub spammed with CP by the AHS troons.

No. 1675265

File: 1665761720742.jpeg (689.39 KB, 1170x1434, AC4FBAD0-54FD-444D-94AD-9D46ED…)

the same people who literally hate impressionists and think they were libtard pansies who didn’t understand art are now bemoaning the fact that two girls threw soup onto a plastic case protecting an impressionist painting lmao. yeah, death penalty for putting liquid on a plastic casing.

how much do you wanna bet they’d be over the moon and lauding them if the girls were two men with some manifesto about needing to “retvrn to beauty”

No. 1675269

File: 1665762121478.png (108.15 KB, 1080x162, Screen Shot 2022-10-14 at 11.3…)

when ur culture war edgeposting conflicts with your catholic attention whoring. is there anything dasha actually agrees with the catholic church on lol, like call me crazy but wouldn't one normally choose to convert to a religion whose tenets and ethics one roughly believes is correct

No. 1675286

god I wish liz bruenig was still on twitter to start a spat over this

No. 1675288

File: 1665763765418.jpg (94.65 KB, 906x392, pseud.jpg)

They're also quite cowish themselves and have zero self awareness.

No. 1675326

File: 1665767124104.png (87.39 KB, 888x430, 7548392384783.png)

Anna was asking Dasha for some of her pills on the pod at least once. Why the compulsion to lie and exaggerate to randoms?

No. 1675345

recently or in the past?

No. 1675352

My sides. All of her complaints about ethno-narcissists rings so hollow.

No. 1675372

nta but does that make any difference when anna is denying ever having interest in it lol

No. 1675400

No it doesn’t matter for that reason; I vaguely remember something like that recently and I’m trying to figure out if I’m giving myself deja vu by reading their comment or if it really happened lol

No. 1675433

Every single person who posts "this place feels like the old internet" is a fucking zoomer or a hipster millenial who barely touched the internet until smartphones came

No. 1675448

to me old internet is, like, IRC. I don't know what they're talking about. I think genX was the last group that really saw old internet without trying. when dasha talks about it she mentions cybering in chat rooms but I'm pretty sure you can still do that today and it wasn't unique to "old internet"

No. 1675450

File: 1665776881152.png (2.4 MB, 1474x1512, average red scare fans.png)

i noticed Anna's been walking back her bitchier thoughts about BMI and waist-hip-ratio for a while now since it became clear that Red Scare fans aren't exactly the svelte, cosmopolitan type

No. 1675466

that woman with the filler question got ripped apart but underneath the bad bleach job and overplucked brows she's perfectly cute. you can tell her skin is congested and she picks at it too. she literally just needs to do less. I just want to shake the scarethots and say please, sisters, for the love of god stop looking to podcasters for beauty advice! lol

No. 1675471

kek nonnie this is genius… how did i not see it before… the way they collect idols like funko pops…

No. 1675504

File: 1665782273617.png (584.08 KB, 1084x924, Screen Shot 2022-10-14 at 14.1…)

Did anyone listen to this? https://www.callin.com/room/woke-narcissism-oEadhIRoBk
she's not actually listed as a speaker – did she flake or does she just not have a callin account for them to list?

No. 1675512

oh nevermind she shared it herself like an hour ago. might listen and report back. I hate callin because you can't rip audio, you have to stream (plus it's another stupid thiel-funded thing.)

No. 1675549

probably an actual troon from AHS

No. 1675556

because every subreddit is modded by a very small troon cabal who polices the site through againsthatesubreddits. they think they can control the dominant culture and write the narrative by controlling large swathes of social media. look up bardfinn and chtorr, drewiepoodle, Aimee Challenor, mirai01 on the kiwi site




No. 1675558

the old internet was nothing like these freaks like to LARP about. there was NONE of the culture war bullshit they spend 14 hrs/day on, and random links had a 70% chance of installing a keylogger/causing your fan to break from overheating your CPU

No. 1675595

I'm sure to most of the zoomers on the sub, old internet means like, tumblr.

No. 1675678

Dasha's jealous that someone actually has the balls to enact their beliefs instead of just posturing online.

No. 1675722

also there were viruses for fun/just to destroy you, not for money or stealing your data kek

No. 1675754

It's hilarious they say there were no strict rules enforced by mods. Probably never heard the term "eternal september".

No. 1675764

File: 1665809472032.jpeg (135.3 KB, 750x1133, 5D87B5E5-CBC7-4737-941A-EA566E…)

This line-up is tragic

No. 1675784

So depressing that a supposedly fashion and glamor minded magazine would pay any respect to the thoughts or opinions of somebody of Jack's BMI.

No. 1675803

File: 1665813881679.png (1.07 MB, 640x1136, 7E072164-2C0C-48F5-A8E4-6CF71C…)

He just got re-married. These people are freaks!

No. 1675856

who is that with matt?

No. 1675872

Alex Press, writer for Jacobin who he was alleged to have had an affair with towards the tail end of his first marriage.

No. 1675889

She's got the dead, lifeless, autism eyes of Maddie

No. 1675954

She has no real beliefs. You can tell because her views change with whatever her current station in life is

No. 1676143

Please do. I'd only listen if I was able to DL in some way, and it's probably not worth my time to learn how to for this

No. 1676316

File: 1665870919938.jpeg (306.82 KB, 1536x2048, FfHrKcVXEAAxUKr.jpeg)

someone posted this as a reply to Dasha asking people to change her wikipedia picture. I have never seen this picture of Brace and her. It's horrible.

No. 1676350

Her wiki pic was just posted in this thread kek, hi Dasha >>1673701

No. 1676399

Typically I think we overdo the criticism of their appearance but this is without a doubt the worst pic of Dasha I have ever seen, she looks trans. Brace looks like shit too but he always looks like shit.

No. 1676447

you could could make a fry up from the amount of grease in this photo

No. 1676454

What are you talking about, she looks incredible here. The smouldering squint is killing me tbh. Dasha would be so much happier if she just embraced her inner sapphic waif

No. 1676457

it looks like she's holding in a shit

No. 1676485

brace is literally her height kek

No. 1676514

To be fair, that sub is better than the troon soyboy autist paradise that is the rest of reddit.

No. 1676515

damn even his brows are receding

No. 1676538

File: 1665893592923.png (208.18 KB, 1092x1156, AFQ.png)

The theory that this is a man is still convincing

No. 1676570

Yeah this and the heji shin pic are like the only good pics of her ever lol. She looks alive and like she has a soul and personality

No. 1676579

his life is a lie. he pretends to be a conservative catholic with a tradwife when he’s just a jew dating an aging slut with fertility issues. of course he spends his days alone seething at plebbiters.

No. 1676606

It sounds like a joke that fell flat, but there is no doubt Anna would sit on his face if the opportunity arose.
And kek at the half-Jewish line. Anna is barely a second degree mischling by Nazi standards, she might even be third degree which would make her aryan.

No. 1676609

>will die insisting her total face makeover is "just tret!!"
last episode she was claiming that her glow up was primary from her plucking her eyebrows more. she thinks we are that retarded.

No. 1676718

She looks trans period. Any pic where she doesn’t look trans is edited or posed strategically

No. 1676877

Woman, or "woman"? It sounds like a troon to me.

No. 1676905

I got permabanned from /r/redscarepod for innocuous comment
mods so touchy

No. 1676906

what did u say about troons and why are you such a literally violent TERF nonna?

No. 1676920

Please tell me you were just investigating the mod rumors and you are not a salty redditor who has come here now that you’re banned there.

No. 1676922

That was such a low effort lie. She was halfway to doing a ditzy baby voice because she couldn’t say it seriously. “Like, I looked and I, like, reeaaalized oh em gee! the reason ppl thing I got work done is I shaped my eeeeyebrowsss different! Like duh!” (Paraphrasing)

No. 1676923

I stopped lurking months ago but it was becoming more generically reddit every week.

No. 1676934

File: 1665948277507.jpeg (264.41 KB, 750x894, 70F071F2-5231-4EE2-BAEF-23608F…)

Still annoying

No. 1676980

File: 1665951548605.jpeg (797.07 KB, 1242x1504, 6D5FCAA3-1CAD-4AF2-A240-ED49D6…)

Context as I understand it: On the pod they were talking about anonymity because there was an anonymous interviewee in the Tucker Carlson documentary (blurred face, garbled voice, anonymous-for-his-own-safety type I think but I didn’t watch the doc) and I believe their general take was if a man is gonna be in a documentary about masculinity he should have to face-fag. this tweet might be referencing a broader range of anonymous individuals but originally it was about people who hide their identity for “safety” because they think someone or something is out to get them, feel free to interpret differently yourselves though. Not sure what Jack is referencing re. self-defeating anonymity, don’t care since he never says anything insightful he didn’t steal from someone else.

No. 1676981

File: 1665951787940.jpeg (511.6 KB, 1242x1177, C3D83EF3-0A13-4978-B3C5-4BB6FC…)

She followed up with this which is very funny because she got is so wrong. The whole world hasn’t changed and come around to her way of thinking, Anna has surrounded herself with people who believe what she believes and retreated into that online space. She is kind of a narcissist for real huh. She really thinks she’s a brave trailblazer and others simply don’t have the guts to say what they think until it’s safe?

No. 1677110

they couldn’t even be in proximity to being on trend if their lives depended on it

No. 1677216

File: 1665971644557.png (271.04 KB, 602x1180, hpd.png)


anna khachiyan and dasha nekrasova are both clusterbees. anna clearly has narcissistic personality disorder while dasha has histrionic personality disorder. she even tweeted about it and it makes sense with her shallow shifting beliefs.


No. 1677228

Doing it in a baby voice would have at least made it funny

No. 1677273

dasha wants to be histrionic because she wishes she had theatrical ability and exaggerated emotions when her affect is completely flat and dissociated.

No. 1677300

did you get an immediate "muted from talking to moderators" with it too?
Seems to be their sop since alexandrawallace handed to sub over to those two british losers in late 2020

No. 1677304

It's Freddie 100%.

No. 1677326

Who is freddie

No. 1677334

that hamplanet could make some real salad instead of word salad for once

No. 1677336

they both are very average borderlines aktually, they just cope differently

No. 1677471

Armenians are rarely aryan. There are way more nordic looking Jews than there are Armenians anyway.

No. 1677511

File: 1666009637139.jpg (297.45 KB, 1080x1152, Screenshot_20221017-082605.jpg)

do you understand what Aryan even means? it's a Nazi term & as unscientific as you can get

No. 1677524

Language origins mean nothing…whiteness does when it comes to nazis.

No. 1677525

you’re saying “Nazi” like you think this person thinks that’s a bad thing

No. 1677534

Dasha is textbook bpd. She’s ashamed and rebrands it as histrionic because the symptoms seem more glamorous

No. 1677535

There's a lot of brown people who want to be white so bad its funny, they'll say the word kike yet they look so obviously brown its not even funny. Then they get sad they're not in the whites only club.(racebait)

No. 1677569

hilarious that every two tweets from anna one is her accusing someone of self-flattery or narcissism, the projection kek

No. 1677605

i went to listen to this and found the way anna worded it very telling: "people always say 'anna had work done, what did she do?' and i can't believe people don't notice the most obvious thing i did, which is pluck my eyebrows" - so not denying cosmetic work, in fact she lowkey admits to it, just says she's shocked we didn't notice the "most obvious" part of it. actually girl the most obvious part is how you don't look 55 anymore but keep telling yourself it's the brows lol. all said in the stupid baby voice to maintain plausible deniability. i'll give anna one thing, she's decent at doublespeak, she talks around her cosmetic work like she talks around her equally obvious role as a Peter Thiel shill and scarethots are the only ones buying it

No. 1677644

File: 1666022311023.jpeg (666.17 KB, 1242x2004, 61E34F4C-1BE3-4916-B4FD-31E46C…)

Does "all blatant falsehoods" not mean she's saying the last tweets in this thread where the OP corrects herself are also false?

Brett did describe how the girls his pedophile friends saw at Epstein's island felt "privileged" to be there, referring to the fact they now characterize what they experienced at age 14-15 as "grooming" like it's shocking. Dasha laughed along while talking about molestation which isn't the first time (in the recent Dr. Drew episode she did it too).

No. 1677674

File: 1666024834270.png (3.81 MB, 1542x1552, dasha cares.png)

>"i said from the start all these people were turned on by the Epstein thing"
this is a flawless read of dasha and dasha knows it. her involvement with the Epstein thing has always been about her desperation for attention, desire to be proximal to fame and media spectacle, and her delusional fantasies of being hot young and glamorous enough to be one of his victims.
dasha imagines epstein victims as lucky, her mockery of the actresses who metoo'd harvey weinstein and saying "being raped by a director is not like regular rape" re: woody allen and roman polanki's rape of a 13 year old girl make it clear that dasha wishes she had the chance to be abused for fame, and is enraged at women who reject the "opportunity"

No. 1677733

Face reveal?

No. 1677754

kek underrated comment, fragranced fascist stays losing everything but 10 lbs

No. 1677789

File: 1666034664131.png (220.08 KB, 1306x228, betsey in scary.png)

It was billed as a horror movie centered around the Epstein case, which she fairly close contact with considering her friend was a victim and she helped her write her statement for court. But in the end it was a supernatural Eyes Wide Shut homage and not a movie that was actually about sex trafficking or exploitation. It failed to even show how someone might be lured in by how wealthy/powerful Epstein was, if that was an angle she wanted to illustrate (she mentions that on the Bret Easton Ellis pod but it's not a theme in her movie). It was honestly kinda fucked to turn a real life horror into a masturbatory buddy ghost story where the only representation of an actual victim (betsey brown's possessed character) was inhuman and inexplicably horny; she was written like a mind-broken hentai trope where being sexually abused by Prince Andrew and Jeffrey Epstein had turned her constantly horny and obsessed with them. What the fuck, Dasha? The plot was extremely porn-brained and shallow.

It does make it look like Dasha was horny for the epstein story, and it's not really unreasonable to criticize to film in that way.

No. 1677798


LOL anna's writing style is so embarrassing without fail. love when she tries to do this mature detached adult voice like she's above all the other desperate shit-slingers on twitter. "Oh my, I'm just so SAD for this young woman. To regularly provide commentary on the same salacious public figures for years on end? My aristocratic Slavic blood simply curdles at the idea"(Sage)

No. 1677807

File: 1666036630331.png (451.77 KB, 1088x758, Screen Shot 2022-10-17 at 12.2…)

@moltopopulare showed up in a previous thread for doing a whole podcast ep on Liz Bruenig. >>1615127 I don't know if she's too obsessed or on her way to becoming a cow herself but she does make some points. people were trying to tell her dasha did push back against bret on his pod but… honestly if Dasha was bothered she could have shown it.

Dasha gets audibly upset over easy access to birth control – she raises her voice for that! But this man just told her he heard the Epstein victims were happy to be there and apparently that elicits a civil response from her. Ok.

No. 1677819

File: 1666037844207.jpeg (335.19 KB, 640x803, D8865B7C-9EA1-4AE5-B3C5-F40A0A…)

Why is Dasha wearing merch for white nationalist Darren Beattie's Drudge ripoff?

No. 1677829

File: 1666038524782.png (146.26 KB, 1294x618, Screen Shot 2022-10-17 at 4.24…)

anna now switches between her tryhard verbose "rational adult" voice and trying to be short sweet 'n' sassy like picrelated and i truly don't know which one is more cringe.
>you bitter little bitch!
what a bizarre overreaction to a completely correct comment lmao, seethe harder you hag

No. 1677845

File: 1666039604754.jpg (84.39 KB, 1192x685, jbSJPPu.jpg)

Wouldn't be the first time she's alluded to white nationalism. She's worn both a Fred Perry black and yellow stripe polo shirt during the Caroline Calloway RS live and most famously a "Male Fantasies" shirt.

No. 1677847

you just know that every bitch that types like some le logic and reason redditor is a seething bpd-chan

No. 1677851

File: 1666040005060.jpeg (177.68 KB, 1080x1323, 96814C39-FE8E-4571-8A09-C35F57…)

Sage incase this is stupid but what’s so bad about the Male Fantasies shirt? I thought it was a reference to the famous Margaret Atwood quote and she was wearing it as a kind of ironic statement because she’s so open about being a pickme.

No. 1677855

Volume 2 of Male Fantasies by Klaus Theweleit has been used in WN circles to validate their belief in genetic purity.

No. 1677865

that moltopopulare is an australian troon with a failed MMT podcast (Modern Monetary Theory, the dumbest, most childish/tumblr-brained shit on earth) who has posted about dasha and anna daily for four years now and constantly plagiarises this thread, he is not and will never be one of us.

No. 1677868

I don’t know if that’s the intention of the shirt, the book isn’t pro-Nazi. The maker of the t-shirtt, Maggie Dunlap, was on Fat Jack’s podcast last year. Her art is knock off Laura Avery with Ana Mendieta.

No. 1677872

Where are you getting that she’s trans? Don’t think she is.

No. 1677873

File: 1666041496131.png (621.74 KB, 642x484, Screen-Shot-2018-09-11-at-5.33…)

moltopopulare/charlotte in action

No. 1677881

lol wtf she isn't a troon, you're mixing her up with hayleyglyphs

No. 1677898

File: 1666043262534.jpeg (259.89 KB, 750x739, 3036A28F-C48A-4DC6-87F8-8B1251…)

“Not pretentious”

No. 1677900

who is this and why is she tweeting about posts from an entire year ago

No. 1677914

File: 1666044376764.jpeg (158.12 KB, 565x600, 2F62E58D-3B47-4500-85AF-1AA70D…)

No. 1677951

I hate these people already just skimming this

No. 1677953

I didn't know it was possible to write descriptions of people that end up sounding this loathsome. this makes american psycho feel like amateur hour lmao

No. 1677961

She used to post selfies on her twitter already anyway

No. 1677965

>word is anna's actually 42
anna age truther vindicated

even fans at the subreddit are regularly commenting how drunk and Adderalled out Anna seems on recent episodes. something's going on, i don't think being idle rich agrees with her.

very good resources anon. the article on infiltrating and taking over "terf" organizations was especially illuminating, and chilling: "Tactics to Make Women Only Spaces Include All Women" ugh. thank you for posting. (this link for any anons who want to read it: https://archive.ph/K2IQ1#selection-167.0-168.0

No. 1677970

>I’m getting strongerr guyz!!
>looks skinny-fat as ever

No. 1677980

I am pretty sure Moldbug is back with the dominatrix. I am happy for the baby, that way it won't grow up with a single parent.("i am pretty sure" is not good enough. post proof or stop tinfoiling)

No. 1677982

File: 1666048798306.png (1.86 MB, 1614x1614, c2842e9e-adb1-403a-8bd4-af3e6d…)

Why does googling that name bring up a lot of picture of a gross white tranny instead of a cute Indian girl? Who is this nigga.

No. 1677990

File: 1666049096578.jpg (3.48 MB, 2857x4000, BC_BLACK_TREE.jpg)

why do they look like that

No. 1677992

if i had to take a guess i'd say a combination of chronic dehydration, smoking, and testosterone

No. 1677997

File: 1666049604312.png (2.83 KB, 374x50, Screenshot_1742.png)

damn according this they're only 25, that's fucking rough. why does everyone in this scene age so prematurely, is it the nyc pollutants they're constantly taking in or what lmao. i swear they all look like some form of goblin.

No. 1678001

Being a massive hater ages you.

No. 1678004

I think us hobbits just can't appreciate High Elven beauty

No. 1678005

File: 1666050028587.jpg (81.77 KB, 562x984, 853c340f-519b-421c-9d24-25050c…)

I think he's using the Indian girl profile picture because everyone would call him a man if they saw his real face.

No. 1678009

ew he's giving overturned stick insect

No. 1678014

>indian girl
Do zoomers really not know who Audrey Tautou is?

No. 1678015

File: 1666051253249.jpg (94.95 KB, 1080x337, monroe.jpg)

No. 1678017

Only a man could have such endless confidence while looking like a goblin with polio

No. 1678019

File: 1666051660577.jpg (131.73 KB, 567x850, 6-Meetka-Otto-SS17-024.jpg)

No. 1678022

that's a tranny, no doubt

No. 1678030

utterly hideous. looks straight out of an r/incels rate me post with no upvotes and like 2 comments that say 1 and 2 out of 10.

No. 1678032

NTA but I'm a hag who grew up with Amelie Poulain and I didn't recognize her there

Good god what the fuck is this, why is the foundation on his face so dark, why is his farmer's tan so pronounced? His face and lower arms are a good 3 shades darker than his shoulders and upper arms, does this moid believe conspiracy theories about sunscreen or something, no wonder he's so aged >>1677990

No. 1678036

Jesus Christ that is one of the worst attempts at passing I've ever seen

No. 1678037

I thought his extremities looked red from being underweight and having bad circulation that results in blood pooling in them.

No. 1678041

She's not trans, lol

No. 1678045

Oh, I don't follow so I have no idea

No. 1678050

this busted model era needs to end it’s been almost a decade at this point and the fashion world can’t stop shoving these genetic aberrations down our throats

No. 1678065

God I remember when NYC hipsters used to be hot, why is everyone in this scene such a troglodyte

No. 1678100

men are truly not the same species as women.

No. 1678141

File: 1666060268031.jpeg (197.44 KB, 1280x853, 4C312599-F0CC-4A3B-96FA-21948B…)


No. 1678149

Not interesting enough to post caps but Anna & Dasha are qt’ing Logo_Daedalus again. The more they interact with him the more I want them to use their clout to destroy him. Do some good in the world. He needs his internet taken away

No. 1678157

No. 1678170

What is that supposed to be referencing?

No. 1678182

File: 1666062171571.jpg (62.39 KB, 500x500, sailor socialism heil.jpg)

The inciting incident for this whole wretched scene.

No. 1678210

Who is deo I'm gonna vomit

No. 1678217

Sailor socialism, the video that made Dasha "famous"

No. 1678273

….i can’t be sorry, put it down

No. 1678297

Oh no I didn’t recognize her without the Amelie haircut

No. 1678311

it’s weird you don’t know that if you’re here. You are better off not knowing honestly. Walk away. You must be on lolcur for some other thread, don’t worry about this one.

No. 1678314

File: 1666075492333.jpeg (987.68 KB, 1242x1827, A6D8D3CB-81E9-4174-9BF3-1B2B95…)

Nonnies, you can’t save him he’s not interested

No. 1678501

ew….. absolutely repulsive. idgi why nonnies are into him. because he's a heckin feminist or some shit?

No. 1678560

Is he? Do people think that? Lol for fucking what?

No. 1678567

no one thinks that. the people into mullen are twitterfags

No. 1678568

Strange that the video that started it all, probably the only thing normies know about Dasha, the only reason Red Scare took off, comes up blank to some people here.

No. 1678569

Lol, absolutely not. Everyone in that podcast hates women but have varying levels in how good they hide it.

No. 1678572

i'm sure she'll get over this phase when some guy she's obsessed with has different interests that don't match the image of a gym rat

No. 1678573

You're thinking of Horse Pleasurer's nephew nona, he's the """"feminist""".

No. 1678586

Mulldog because he literally looks like a smiling dog here

No. 1678698

File: 1666119265509.png (243.98 KB, 950x1138, bella.png)

She saw credenzaclear2 doing her failed trad girlfriend act and wanted back in. Got too cocky when a "nurses are the mean girls from hs" tweet went viral.

No. 1678702

File: 1666119520428.png (217.88 KB, 940x1104, bella2.png)

Worse replyguys than any of the other scarethots.

No. 1678705

she always has that loser that runs the 'women posting Ls' account creepily sniffing around her in the replies

No. 1678716

Liz Bruenig alt confirmed

No. 1678733

File: 1666122750895.jpeg (912.75 KB, 1196x1695, 9BBEEB5F-4043-43D8-B521-BCE3E7…)

The groomer corp rep Anna was tweeting at in the last thread changed his profile picture, account aesthetic and location from Remilia after getting called out for tweeting like a pederast

No. 1678734

She reeks of resentment and entitlement, no wonder she can't hold down a man.

No. 1678738

remember when it looked like she had logged off and tried to be normal

No. 1678739

File: 1666122956439.webm (2.66 MB, 720x1280, 814BC40D0B0BA3705F82B602BB6C34…)

wonder if she got these clothes for free in exchange for posting. it's so low effort it feels like something posted by accident

No. 1678758

>sucking in her heavily filtered cheeks >taking off the jacket and just dropping it on her dirty floor with a thud
>trying and failing to find an angle that doesn't make the top look ill-fitting and emphasizing her stumpy waist
not one ounce of femininity or sexiness in this woman lol, any brand desperate enough to send anna free clothes deserves what it gets

No. 1678774

File: 1666126940099.png (4.04 MB, 1244x1680, Paris Georgia The Florian Dres…)

It's a girlboss brand from New Zealand that repackages stuff from China and pretends it's high end designer clothing. Nothing they sell fits quite right (this corset top Anna is wearing in the vid looks like shit even on their models and the dress with the piping she wore to that colorado wedding doesn't fit her bust). I really wonder how much they actually "design" and how much is picked out of a catalog from the factory that actually makes the clothes. I bet they ship straight from a warehouse in Asia. Dita Von Teese's lingerie line is run similarly (although I actually like her bras, but it's not like she designs them).

Sorry to derail about clothes, I barely know what I'm talking about just seems like a gross brand.

No. 1678788

File: 1666127858617.png (3.49 MB, 1970x966, Screen Shot 2022-10-18 at 5.08…)

thanks for the info anon, yeah the black is mostly a cute dress but the flattening at her bust hurts the look. looked at the brands website and the clothes are very "khaite/peter do/vetements 2016" ripoffs in crappy fabrications like you say. everything sleeveless has the same odd armpit gapping as anna's black top >>1678739 and the orange dress costs $600 and isn't even lined. will never fail to amaze me that people have this kind of money to spend on clothes but no clue about basic principles of fit and quality. $600 polyester dresses for instathots and new money jersey hoes like anna lol

No. 1678805

he's trying really hard to get that BAP RT

No. 1678832

you only hate living for yourself because you have bpd and feel hollow without having someone to be completely defined by

No. 1678835

autistic horse girl holding in a turd mid meltdown body language

No. 1678855

File: 1666133585903.png (758.02 KB, 718x659, 1629572446976.png)

fashion gays on tv are a lie, this is what average homosexuals are actually like.

No. 1678856

this picture is hilarious

No. 1678858

wow already unironically bacha bazi posting. i wonder when discussion will be allowed on the connection between virulent misogynistic societies and boy-specific pederasty.

No. 1678859

why are so many millennials outspoken pedophiles?

No. 1678867

File: 1666134619184.jpeg (146.09 KB, 750x503, D6E20020-FBD9-463F-A709-32CAF3…)

why is she always obnoxious

No. 1678890

my sides, holy shit

No. 1678967

greeks wouldn’t even have sex with either party lying down because it would reduce them to the role of a woman

No. 1678977

How is Tim the only one there that looks straight?

No. 1678982

Underrated cow

No. 1679005

File: 1666148188789.png (1.53 MB, 1122x1376, Screen Shot 2022-10-18 at 19.5…)

why are they treating this man like he has a real opinion worth anything

No. 1679006

File: 1666148225366.png (1.83 MB, 1092x1698, Screen Shot 2022-10-18 at 19.5…)

No. 1679018

>naturally attractive women are often afflicted with anxiety, cluster B personality disorders, etc
she graduated from unsubtly complimenting herself on here to openly complimenting herself in third person from her own profile

No. 1679024

brain damage from anorexia

No. 1679040

he-man woman-haters club of men who were molested.

No. 1679043

the greeks and romans both loved having catamites.

No. 1679049

File: 1666152475437.jpeg (3.76 MB, 4096x4096, F93700D0-1AA5-4891-894C-0BE81C…)

>naturally attractive woman (wasted in mugshot):
>dasha (sober, in professional hair, makeup, expensive clothes and flattering lighting)

No. 1679057

You’ll never guess which one of these women goes by the handle perfectangelicgirl

No. 1679061

lifting some weights would do most people some good but anna can stay skinny fat, and stubby regardless

No. 1679062

File: 1666153673866.png (353.46 KB, 411x511, 64a4a19d79459ca11ebfe299213652…)

the left literally looks like some maria orsic lookalike or something out of nazi propaganda and the right doesn't even look like dasha lol what. her eyes look super off in that picture she doesn't even look like herself. even other pictures from the same event look like her. and they're clearly talking about bodies, not that looking anorexic is something anyone should aspire to

No. 1679064

nitpick but it is really annoying seeing women wearing bra-like details/quasi corsets and not knowing better which parts should actually sit on the torso and fit to the bust. are they scared of their boobs properly being supported and propped up or what?

No. 1679068

The pic you posted is very obviously shopped to make Dasha look less cretinous, lolcow user who’s definitely not Dasha, who admits she whiteknights herself in these threads when anons bust on her looks

No. 1679069

two retards. these people are online all days cosplaying and whining at each other yet are so disconnected.

No. 1679070

he retweeted a bunch of stuff about porn that is too brain dead to dissect rn right, now. there’s no way this man actually has a healthy looking appearance.

No. 1679071

something about how feminists are evil in being anti-porn because they’re about making non conventionally attractive women “fuckable” and not about how it makes men weak, and not all the rape and child abuse hosting n stuff

No. 1679074

I don't even think Dasha's attractive the picture you chose just isn't representative of what she looks like. You can't even see her misaligned jaw and asymmetry in the pic you posted. It isn't shopped, found here:
> https://theimpression.com/rachel-comey-fall-2019-fashion-show/
> https://www.thecut.com/2019/02/red-scare-podcast-hosts-walk-first-fashion-show.html
Comparing the faces of women who look to be a decade apart in age when the tweet is about bodies and you can't even see either of theirs seems disingenuous and irrelevant

No. 1679075

Is the girl on the left someone famous?

No. 1679078

She's from that mugshawtys page

No. 1679079

File: 1666155208374.png (630.43 KB, 544x888, 9e1a43dd87f631e4740e6166e511dd…)

No she was posted on the @mugshawtys account and the coomers in the comments were already asking to see porn of her when she looks like a teen

No. 1679083

kinda sick she could legally do p-rn if 18 but not drink til 21

No. 1679085

>censoring the word porn
integrate or go back to twitter, newfag

No. 1679087

Can you believe she’s 37….

No. 1679093

Ok coomer

No. 1679099

Thank you

No. 1679100

File: 1666157782230.jpeg (188.17 KB, 436x727, BE17CBCF-4161-4D55-A582-A0F2DC…)

Between this and shit like Anna’s short waisted self being like “it’s not the boob size that matters it’s about the comparison to rib cage” (yes we get it your rack is great), these grown ass women have moments of feeling attractive but have no real self esteem and confidence. (largely in part bc self esteem is based on competence/skills and having a value oriented life). They have to make passive statements about why their specific traits are much sexier and more beautiful than other women. While they work against nature eating 1100 calories a day and pumping their face with fillers.

No. 1679110

pretty sure Anna wanted to shut down the fat woman discourse because all the men calling fat women hot was threatening to her. goes against the body aesthetic she promotes and worked so hard to fit into.

No. 1679112

Idk why ur censoring I dont particularly care but true, it's disgusting. People will leave the perviest of comments and then the account will follow up with she's "18-20" to excuse it. I know so many people who also looked around 15 at those ages and only started looking more mature and adult into their 20s, I used to tell grown men hitting on me when I was 18-20 who looked old enough to have graduated college that I was a minor to make them uncomfortable because I always felt like they should feel grossed out with themselves for even looking at me in that way. Coomers are pedophilic and need to be shot

No. 1679154

Didn't she just say that men gossiping about womens bodies is gay?

No. 1679187

File: 1666177054241.jpg (757.43 KB, 2048x1536, FfMwl5hWAAIh540.jpg)

the state of it…

No. 1679188

File: 1666177120809.png (1.03 MB, 720x1015, Screenshot 2022-10-19 at 11-56…)

No. 1679190

File: 1666177297978.jpg (702.68 KB, 1536x2048, FfMzrHxXwAEwBQv.jpg)

No. 1679191

Has anyone else noticed that the Thiel-right is full of ugly, socially maladjusted weirdos who repel normal people from embracing the ideology? Not a single normal presenting person almost as if he wants the right wing to be associated with ugly homosexuals. All power to him, might as well crash that ship with no survivors.

No. 1679246

File: 1666185670750.png (73.17 KB, 864x422, chaotictitgurl.png)

This one from about a month ago blew up featuring some trademark scarethot pandering to moids

No. 1679255

The only thing they have successfully accelerated is normal people's exit from any bar they're meeting up at. If you're a healthy, well-adjusted person you sort of make up your mind about your life's philosophy when you're young, whatever it is, and you don't feel the need to find new ways of twisting your worldview to be counterculture or avant garde. Weirdo troons, pickmes, and men with no inner core are the only audience of people who could stand each other's presence so yeah, it's just them. Them and some grifters.

No. 1679262

is that moche12321 and emo_garfield420 on the right? kek, thiel really can only capture the rich manhattan/brooklyn fag market

No. 1679281

looking like an 87 year old jewish grandpa. these are the people that act like authorities on beauty and try to get everyone to listen to their gay ray peat diet advice lmao.

No. 1679283

tbh it’s the fault of contemporary designers. they don’t actually know how corsets are meant to function and frame the body so they usually just end up flattening boobs

No. 1679296

who the hell is that looking like the bloated corpse of chrissy teigen

No. 1679333

Thiel went from backing those LessWrong autists, who actually did something and had positions in Silicon Valley. Now he's funding these inbred dorks who just fuck around with self referencing podcasts.

No. 1679334

Censoring yourself is basically telling the world you come from twitter. Literally any normal person doesn't need to censor some dumb word

No. 1679345

Eliezer Yudkowsky himself has no formal education and only writes about what he thinks AI is. You’re not wrong but the LessWrong community is similarly retarded to dimes square they just wrap their ideas up in a redditor’s conception of “rationalism” and reheated Silicon Valley tech Utopianism

No. 1679347

The leather jacket is still funny to see. Moldbug continues to spiral through his grief-induced midlife crisis, not that I really feel bad for him since he thinks he's a little lord elf.

No. 1679353

Salome, no one cares about you stop self-posting and curdling the milk.

No. 1679398

jaws and cosmetic tinkering so awfully constructed it hurts to look at. get some headgear pariah, you look like an inbred 10 year old boy anyway

No. 1679400

File: 1666203016674.png (515.95 KB, 1102x824, sibling rivalry.png)

for any of you interested in the indie film part of this scene: edgy trans director reviews Actors on letterboxd. (Betsey shared this and called it an epic nuanced punk rock essay on neo-transgressive cinema.) https://letterboxd.com/weardjupiter/film/actors-2021/

jupiter seems to be a big fan of Eugene and there's a little dig at Scary in here too.

honestly I read this to see if anyone was going to address the incestuous obsession the Brown's have with eachother which was the most fucked up thing in the film but nope.

No. 1679417

File: 1666204223685.jpeg (276.48 KB, 996x2047, 86665876-05AC-4F26-8AA4-350A14…)

The same guy also likes women who look like this, so that’s funny

No. 1679430

Nothing sadder than Dasha responding "thank you" and explaining herself to a complete loser on Twitter who just said she is a good example of one of the two acceptable female body types. Hardly a compliment. and naturally slender kek yes that's why you have a Twitter account dedicating to taking note of your restricted calories. Naturally slender means not making a big production out of drinking black coffee for the aesthetic.

No. 1679438

Her body is bland and shapeless, there is a reason only ugly nebbish losers like her

No. 1679439

Come to think of it, it's surprising that they don't have their own kiwifarms thread, considering the amount of fucked up shit that happens routinely. There's sneerclub but that's literally reddit and they're pro-troon.

No. 1679440

this almost seems like a parody account run by a woman

No. 1679445

File: 1666205625371.jpeg (686.5 KB, 839x1125, 35F4929F-E3EE-4CC3-9FF9-7AFAEE…)

No. 1679446

How many levels of ironic aestheticism must you be playing at to turn yourself into a retired Bunny Ranch receptionist?

No. 1679456

You must be unfamiliar with this tweet genre. It’s an attempt to normalize being a coomer with “jokes”, maybe to feel less pathetic about never touching a woman or something

No. 1679460

>the )
a single parenthesis is how russian-speakers do smiley faces, they don’t add the : for eyes like english speakers do
give up the larp dasha kek. no one is seeing you as a cultured russian girl, you’re just an american english speaker. it doesn’t even make sense for her to do the smiley face the russian way, they do it like that because it’s more inconvenient to type a colon on a russian keyboard and she’s… not typing in russian.

No. 1679484

>Comparing the faces of women who look to be a decade apart in age
I don’t know what age has to do with it, Dasha was not as pretty as that blonde girl a decade ago either. Being thin doesn’t matter much if your face isn’t beautiful, hard pill for homely anachans to swallow

No. 1679493

No. 1679497

I love how her apartment is so barren of any charm or style whatsoever. The exciting NYC life of renting a 3k a month sock drawer

No. 1679532

dasha looks like an oblivion NPC

No. 1679553

“naturally slender” has dasha ever been able to be normal person healthy, ever

No. 1679573

wow thank you for a wiki screenshot of the definition of aryan to let us know its problematic! holy fuck this thread has fallen into the abyss

No. 1679584

I love that emo_garfield420 has to wear that same tired black tank top everywhere to show off his pasty arms

No. 1679590

File: 1666213876462.jpeg (343.13 KB, 1536x2048, Fe-YCJEaYAACTm_.jpeg)

jesus, the agp who wrote that is terrifying. like a troon serial killer in an 80s movie

No. 1679600

I actually have a soft spot for ethnic women who try to be the all-American bombshell and fail miserably, like pretending they don't have to wax their lip and monobrow weekly to resemble "jayne mansfield melted in a microwave"

No. 1679612

>>1679100 1100 calories? no way. They would def be insulted by that assessment.

No. 1679622

has there ever been an agp with hunters eyes? swear to god they always have the most FAS downturned eyes ever

No. 1679636

Both Anna and Dasha have invested an enormous amount of time and effort into looking the way they do. Anna white knuckled her way into the low end of a healthy BMI in spite of her natural state probably being closer to 130lbs which she now pretends is practically obese for a woman of her height, like it was literally a danger to her health. Dasha acts like she accidentally became thinner in the last two years in spite of constantly talking about magic diets, her increasing number of strange supplements, starting barre/pilates/equinox routines, and reveling conversations between her and her nutritionist where she doesn't take the advice that she has an eating disorder and needs to eat more. They're obsessed with their looks and every time they talk about how natural they are it sounds like a Jenna Maroney bit about water and lots of sleep which I wish it was because that would be funny.

No. 1679637

They used to be a regular in letterboxd generals on /tv/ along with everyones favorite gimmick account runner james healey

No. 1679638

hunter scafer, one of the many blond actors doing okay in mainstream projects brought up in anon’s spergs about dasha

No. 1679643

my philosophy is that if your gonna do all that at least be quiet about it, or less weird. especially if you aren’t making some great transformation or simply aren’t genetically blessed, which you can’t do anything about but at least not project it by trashing any other woman’s looks as an excuse

No. 1679776

For real

No. 1679790

Kek, poor Thiel, thinks he's some Medici backing this century's Leonardo or Michelangelo when its just a bunch weird and autistic kids larping.

No. 1679791

why is always the people that look like racist nazi caricatures hanging out with wannabe nazis

No. 1679831

File: 1666234766799.png (75.1 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault-4237053876.png)

"i'm not like all the other hons, i'm a cool hon!"

No. 1679834

they're low status men with undesirable characteristics trying to gain status in the most shameless way possible by "changing sex," of course they look like that. even the shreks and fionas of the world comport themselves with more dignity and look down on these trancels.

No. 1679860

File: 1666238755677.jpeg (530.14 KB, 750x1241, EA114F7E-7289-497C-83DE-4C71B0…)

Dasha and this tiktok famous troon should team up and shriek about how they love being flat and built like a fridge

No. 1679866

I like to think that it takes her a full hour to find the right light, angle of her body, angle of her face, positioning of her arm, etc to take just one mediocre selfie. her proportions are just so off that the only way for her to look acceptable is to contort herself in a way like this which would take her at least minimum 40 minutes.

No. 1679877

Jesus those herniated fat pads under her eyes

No. 1679883

How can a photo be a typo what is this retard even saying

No. 1679889

? Are you incapable of keeping your special interest contained to one thread

No. 1679893

It’s funny that dashew thinks she is a naturally attractive woman.(learn2sage)

No. 1679899

forever mogged by fl*rence pugh

No. 1679905

so who is this ray peat retard and why are scarethots obsessed with him?

No. 1679923

he's a biologist who wrote some books one of which was "Nutrition for Women" which dasha read. he's really interested in what he thinks estrogen and progesterone do. a bunch of woo woo self-help types are into him because people like the idea that eating the "correct" types of food is going to make you fertile or keep you from getting cancer or whatever the goal is.

No. 1679939

They think by drinking orange juice and taking Peat’s progest-e supplement they’ll be fertile forever. A lot of eating disordered women credit fertility focused diets for their recovery (a baby being the only justifiable reason to eat). They’re still disordered though.

No. 1680036

I think she has a “obtainable” cute attractiveness to her. Yes she’s a bit asymmetrical but she’s at least a way above average, I wouldn’t call her ugly or “homely”. Just cute but not show stopping.

I definitely see why she clings onto thinness though. Someone like her being thin is a make or break for your look. Imagine if she was overweight, she wouldn’t have the natural looks to carry her appeal. A lot of overweight women that are obviously beautiful would be 9/10 showstoppers thin.

Like thin she’s a 7/10 and fat she would probably be like a 4 or less.

No. 1680070

someone please post the habsburg jaw pic to shut this moid up >>1680036

No. 1680107

File: 1666275531147.jpg (163.62 KB, 771x1041, tumblr_p8hqg107XP1vc2mizo1_128…)

>like a troon serial killer in an 80s movie
ha, not too far off. picrel is the first thing i thought of

No. 1680161

go back to whatever thinspo discord you crawled out of.

you sound mentally ill.

No. 1680178

File: 1666282622095.jpg (442.88 KB, 2000x3000, MV5BN2Y3NTc3ZjMtMmNlNi00ZDY1LW…)

>the incestuous obsession the Brown's have with eachother which was the most fucked up thing in the film
I enjoyed the film but I have to admit this was the most fucked up thing about it. It was more than just an incestuous obsession, it was like the siblings wanted to merge into one hermaphroditic being

No. 1680184

a literal retard who thinks hyperthyroidism doesn’t exist and that the cure to every issue a human can have is to make the thyroid even more active

No. 1680195

File: 1666284392955.jpeg (178 KB, 584x376, 0A3C5F5F-8F35-4C70-8A61-24BF66…)

7/10 in the scale of normal everyday, but Hollywood? Soft 5. So plain faced, awful stage presence. Tinfoil is she suffered brain damage at some point in her life that gave her the unwavering confidence of a 9

No. 1680201

so basically an extreme amerifat doctor who will literally poison himself just to quit being fat

No. 1680216

y’all ar being far to generous in what a 7/10 is. the red scare girls are homely haggard bitches and don’t do themselves any favors, what’s new?

No. 1680217

File: 1666286661501.png (22.28 KB, 732x464, Elsie Langley Soryu.png)

>ranking a woman's attractiveness on a number scale

No. 1680231

Oh please. This is a gossip site and Dasha is in a career path where beauty matters a lot and the red scare girls are hypercritical of women’s looks so it’s well deserved. I don’t condone ranking innocent women but the red scare girls are far from innocent

No. 1680250

ranking is scrote behavior, even more so when they call a woman "obtainable" and pair that with advice for beautiful women to become thin if they want to be really beautiful (that's an anachan fetishist grooming line honestly). come on.

No. 1680256

anna, dasha, and everyone itt should all just admit they want to larp as the mean girls they could never be in high school
>b-b-but when we do it to anna and dasha it's deserved and virtuous
it's the same all the way down lol just admit it and drop the self righteous act it's gotten old and at its worst it's indistinguishable from scroteposting

No. 1680263

No one talks like this you’re a cow or a scarethot. again this is a gossip site go back to Twitter

No. 1680264

Men don’t factor in thinness that much to beauty. If you’re going to accuse people of being scrotes at least get better at it

No. 1680265

nta but who died and made you mod. this is a gossip site, moralfagging on lolcow is just silly

No. 1680266

>moralfagging on lolcow is just silly
that is exactly my point

No. 1680284

you're really dumb lol

No. 1680289

who said it's virtuous? critiquing women's looks is hardly something that doesn't go on here every single day but I agree the numerical ratings out of 10 come off a bit scrotey but when you read those post it's pretty obvious female hands typed them, these chicks and their wks need to grow thicker skin

No. 1680293

ftm and mtf

No. 1680396

Paid a thot to pose like that so that he could make a race sciencey tweet about it?

No. 1680398

File: 1666307506823.jpeg (518.99 KB, 1242x1189, 94634DC5-DAC1-4FCE-8BE1-B3E0FE…)

The lost racism ep came out and aside from all the “black voice” they do and Anna saying the African nation from the Woman King movie must have a low IQ while they’re going through the list of countries average IQ rankings it wasn’t super racist I guess. They are drunk, probably one of the drunkest eps.
Anna sounds like she’s losing her grip a little when Dasha finds out Belarus has a very high average IQ. Armenia has a low average which is what kicked it off — Anna talking about how she’s low IQ. Anna makes them look up Iran and jewish averages which are also below Belarus (unless you filter out the Palestinians which brings down the Ashkenazi Jew average or something according to Matthew, which… Jesus Christ). Dasha starts telling Anna that IQ measurements are basically not important and like what do they even mean which to me sounded like Dasha trying to make her feel better because Anna is taking this kinda hard, but Anna doesn’t let her and insists they mean something. It’s like she got threatened by the Belarus average, very weird energy. Anna is obsessed with race. I thought these girls grew up in American, they should be looking up NJ and Las Vegas average IQ. I don’t even remember if they look up Russian IQ.

If Anna said something about Beyoncé I didn’t catch it. But apparently somewhere in the ep it comes up that Matthew has abstained from drugs and alcohol his whole life? (Saw someone mention that online.) So I think I checked out a couple times.

No. 1680409

File: 1666308519903.png (84 KB, 1228x394, Screen Shot 2022-10-20 at 7.21…)

>I thought these girls grew up in American, they should be looking up NJ and Las Vegas average IQ.
kek, thanks for the recap anon. anna's got such hypercompetitive nerd energy, i'm not surprised she'd spiral finding out muh genetic IQ isn't genius level like she'd hoped. she's been mainlining so much BAP/racist bodybuilder manosphere Twitter shit i'm sure this information actually affected her self esteem.

in other news, r/redscarepod continues to comment on the duo's drunkenness. i don't listen to RS much but remember being pretty shocked by how wasted Anna got during the Lent episode where Dasha sperged about Catholicism the whole time. Anna was completely shitfaced and incoherent by the end. she's commented before on her father dying of alcoholism, hope she gets it together for Lenny's sake

No. 1680412

wonder if she has an epic inferiority complex about never finishing her rutgers (lmao) phd despite majoring in underwater basket weaving. oh who am i kidding, she does

No. 1680418

>gossiping about Z-list rotten podcasters is the same thing as being a high school mean girl bullying preteen kids who are just trying to get through their classes
bitch shut up. no one is deluded about the nature of what we do here, but these are very obviously different

did you miss >>1679006 ? scrotes do factor thinness to beauty, a lot, especially now that they're paranoid media is out to force them to fuck fat girls

No. 1680420

anna's undergrad was Rutgers, phd was NYU but yeah i think you nailed it. when people call her a failed art historian her go-to line is "so what, i failed at making $30,000 a year" which is incredibly obnoxious and still cope. in more honest moments in interviews she admits to feeling like an intellectual midget compared to her learned father and her mother who she calls the true "underrecognized genius" of the family.

No. 1680422

Oh forgot to mention in this episode Anna made some weird comments about Matthew and how they have bonded (over race science) and are always texting each other and how she stole some french fries from his plate at the Alamo where they all watched the movie together. Dasha is laughing along but it was very mean-girl and bitchy like she was talking about flirting with him to get back at dasha for having a higher genetic IQ or something fucked up like that

No. 1680439

anna babbling as a way to try to put down dasha will always be the main schitck huh

No. 1680440

great now the brave artists management rapists are in here shilling.

No. 1680454

File: 1666311687840.jpeg (1.41 MB, 1242x2151, 5E773B6D-353F-4C61-B408-8D2B0F…)

Are you talking about noagency? Because apparently they’re representing Maddie now which would explain why she popped up again with her tits out

No. 1680463

>race science
>genetic IQ

Anna and Dasha are open race realists now? How does that not alienate most of the podcast listeners?

No. 1680471

Lmfao who’s gonna book this mid bitch?

No. 1680473

Their obsession with their looks is so weird. Everyone in this scene is going for a diseased "heroin chic" look and none of them looks classically beautiful because of that. Like, there's nothing to compete over. Everyone just looks sick and depressed all the time because of their aesthetic choices.

No. 1680481

Right, their aesthetics are completely dated and out of touch, plus they don’t have any charm which makes them even more abrasive and ugly

No. 1680492

File: 1666318430087.jpg (153.86 KB, 1080x834, dasha buffalo zine 1.jpg)

>heroin chic
Speaking of which, here's Dasha in the latest Buffalo Zine

No. 1680493

File: 1666318458058.jpg (147.09 KB, 1080x834, dasha buffalo zine 2.jpg)

No. 1680503

Yeah, moids will literally stick their dicks in anything.

No. 1680505

yeah, men degrading women they see is "fat" (which is real) is very different from what lots of women, not even talking ana-chans, wind up seeing as desirably "thin" (which a lot of men don't even care, or even care for)

No. 1680523

Isn't reheated Silicon Valley tech utopianism basically just Moldbug's entire philosophy?

No. 1680527

Does anyone actually think “Claire penis” is funny

No. 1680533

Anna's always been heavily into race science, her entire personality is based around it. It seems she's used it as a crutch her whole life to convince herself (and others) how she's so much better, and more interesting, than everyone around her, especially those white American suburban types she grew up with.

Funny her getting upset about Armenia's low IQ score, her Armenian 'claim' is extremely vague and distant, it's about as tenuous as her outrageous claim to being Jewish.

No. 1680543

No, but I can believe she's 42…

No. 1680545

All the chasers trying to fuck him i guess.

No. 1680551

> “I hate how much I am not a small teenager in this photo.”

No. 1680552

No she wasn’t upset about the Armenian IQ, she already knew that. she was upset Belarusian IQ was high and she was upset none of the countries she could think to lay claim to had as high of an IQ as Dasha’s

No. 1680554

>emulating the scene from leon the professional
dasha not even trying to be subtle about being an autopedophile at this point

No. 1680559

excspt they are not fucking these women they’re talking about how attractive they are

No. 1680563

The name alone is something even the average Cum Town fan would turn their noses on.

No. 1680564

Yeah but its about if they would. Most guys are simple cavemen who would settle for even a vaguely feminine form, shit like skinniness doesn't factor into what's deemed pretty or hot as much as you'd think. You just have to be kinda in shape.

No. 1680566

Like the face n hair of a hippie boy on the body of a 40 year old. Nitpick ig but so uncanny when a face and body don’t match

No. 1680593

File: 1666334299702.jpeg (Spoiler Image,11.56 KB, 464x279, 1655741770837.jpeg)

No. I would not waste one moment of my life time trying find out what men want.

reminder if you are a man please do like pic related and do not post here.

No. 1680595

It’s me who posted the ratings and I’m not a man, just a autistic woman and couldn’t figure out to convey what I was saying without using the numbers, yes I don’t like ratings either.

I’m just saying, her appeal and “beauty” is very one aesthetic based. I agree men don’t really care about weight in my experience as long as your fall into a “normal” or “acceptably overweight category” although I feel when I’ve got chunkier than this me my male attention has dwindled, but again I think it’s because I possess the same kind of appeal as Dasha.

Some women carry their weight well, especially in their faces but for some less “naturally blessed”, unique features or with weird weight distribution weight can really make or break or look.

That’s all I meant! Not to objectify.

No. 1680601

Spot on, the face doesn't match the outfit in that she continually dresses too young for her actual age..

No. 1680605

File: 1666336765552.png (182.9 KB, 550x290, 1653535805560.png)

only his attempts at passing as a woman

No. 1680606

File: 1666336867804.jpeg (61.32 KB, 679x510, male behavior.jpeg)

Girl. You fell into the same trap Dasha has. Do not waste your time caring about what men find attractive or gauging your beauty based off the level of male attention you get. Men are stupid, trash, weak. Dick is abundant and low quality, twisting your self-image up over it is beneath you as a woman. (Especially don't listen to men online, the ones who would comment on women's pictures are braindead porn addicts who think they know something about what makes their pee pees hard but their pee pee can't tell photoshop from real life and it most certainly can't please a woman so you can just disregard them entirely no question.)

No. 1680607

File: 1666337123564.png (3.22 MB, 1682x1474, fat will menaker.png)

its funny how the ugliest irony bros are now all open chasers now, its just so surprising i mean who wouldn't want to fuck this?

No. 1680612

disgusting image, good lord

No. 1680618

File: 1666341307409.png (1.72 MB, 638x1726, hair vertical.png)

>hair by mikey_tubolino
that one isn't the worst but combined with the rest when you look through his portfolio… oof, what a butcher. he shouldn't be allowed to touch hair. I don't care if dasha's locks are limp and greasy, if you're the person whose job it is to do hair it should look better than this. wash her scalp if you have to.

>I spent christmas with them [Betsey and Peter Vack]
wasn't it Thanksgiving last time she said it? she had a whole story about all feeling like they had covid but testing negative and spending Thanksgiving with them because they're her friends, freaks they are.

>sometimes I feel paranoid and like I'm on some unofficial blacklist

she said she was literally on blacklists in the last free episode of the pod

No. 1680638

seldom mentioned but true

No. 1680644

Another fake IQ science bit Anna dropped this episode is claiming that pregnancy causes IQ to drop. The opposite is true. If she didn't literally get top marks on the narcissism test I would think she had low self-esteem the way she drunkenly picked apart the things that seem important to her (her heritage, her motherhood, her friendship with dasha, etc). Left me wondering if Anna going through a crisis.

No. 1680646

don't pretend like you care that slavs and armenians weren't considered aryan.
I am talking about the differences between a 2nd and 3rd degree mischling. they're both fucking white. definition are not just based on "whiteness", you know how germans are with their autistic legalism. my point is that anna would not have been thrown into the oven.

No. 1680647

Narcissism and poor self-esteem go hand-in-hand, nonie. She even admitted that he was driven by a low self-esteem on the Dr. Drew episode.

No. 1680653

and narcs can go through a crisis, collapse or whatever you want to call it. Usually happens when the grandiose delusions are shattered, it's like an existential crisis, but a lot more extreme due to the heights you fall from. It can be accompanied with an increase in impulsive behavior, drinking, doing drugs or with rage, anxiety, suddenly become more sensitive or start to withdraw from their friends (which isn't necessarily automatically a manipulation tactic, it can actually come from a moment of painful self awareness) and others who do ramp up vindictive manipulation as a form of self defense.

No. 1680655

Oh, yeah. Sure I guess that makes sense. I'm not really interested in narcissism and its many facets like Anna is.

No. 1680658

NTA but it’s a classic: narcissism is driven by a desire to overcompensate for a lack of certain materialities. Poor self-esteem is usually a requirement.

No. 1680660

no, yeah I believe you. just saying I hadn't gotten into that and the narcissism thing just wasn't/isn't part of me thinking she has low self-esteem.

No. 1680697

despite her outward disdain for girlbosses anna very obviously despises tardwifery and sees it as a cope for achieving nothing outside the home. this is just her latest excuse for not getting anywhere in life kek

No. 1680701

Lol she’s larping as Natalie Portman in Leon the Professional, so cliche. Also pedo pandering when you’re a shriveled, prematurely aged anachan is just sad.

No. 1680707

Are there any biological women in this photo at all? Normally I’m good at clocking but everyone here looks so unfortunate I’m lost.

No. 1680718

Three easily observable types of guy in "new right" twitter
>Gay in denial BAPfags who spend all day staring at other men's physique pictures
>Gay troonchasers who cope that they aren't gay because of aesthetics and irony
>Woman-obsessed jailhouse types who remind you that they are gay actually in between their hyperfocused screeds about vaginas

No. 1680742

File: 1666363136280.jpeg (346.62 KB, 750x675, 50776639-AB49-4295-95D8-3FE3CF…)

No. 1680751

who is this? Is this recent or old? I thought we left this shitty aesthetic ten years ago in the bushwick warehouse scene, dont tell me seapunk is coming back with zoomers already. I feel so old

No. 1680756

Girl this is Hari Nef in Dis magazine from many years ago

No. 1680759


lol didn't recognize him after all the plastic surgeries, my bad

No. 1680761

Lol nonna I didn’t mean to come off as bitchy <3(<3)

No. 1680779

You are the same anon who referred to that guy’s tweet about women’s bodies correct? So you will listen to Twitter incels but not normal attractive men who women actually want to fuck? Ok then

No. 1680810

nonna how many more delete and reposts of this are you going to do?

No. 1680823

She’s not important enough to get blacklisted

No. 1680829

is there a big market for mousy beta girls with Groupon lips

they photoshopped dasha's face so hard she looks like Tavi Gevinson here

with a limited retouching budget, the art director had to get resourceful - hey dasha wear this blindfold, it's to make you look….sexy…yeah that's it

also Dasha's regret at sacrificing her glam acting dreams for the cheap attention she gets from podcasting/shitposting contrarianism is very palpable here. feel like Anna is undergoing a similar crisis - i remember her giving interviews in 2020 where she was excitedly writing book proposals, what happened to that? seems like other opportunities are drying up for the girls and they're slipping back into their former lives of idle drunkenness. with more money this time but it doesn't seem to help their moods, the existential despair drips off them both lately

No. 1680830

I think shes unironically autistic
When she was in London for Dasha's film screening she had a very autistic demeanor on stage(sage)

No. 1680838

The bap fans are also creeps who retweet anime porn sometimes meant to depict children. I don’t know how he isn’t grossed out by those guys following him. Must be a disgusting pedo himself

No. 1680839

how many london screenings were there? coz i was at the rio one and she was acting like an annoying drunken theatre kid

No. 1680842

I went to the same one
I'm just thinking of her repeatedly saying "hunna p" multiple times throughout the Q&A

No. 1680848

that was one of the things i found to be theatre kid cringe, that she said so smugly “we can speak with confusing colloquialisms too”

i didn’t mind her initially but i found it quite off putting when she said something like “sorry that i’m a little drunk, i’ve been drinking the way you people over here do” just felt rather rude to say to a group of britons that are gathered around to support your stupid film…

No. 1680850

Clearly was a joke

No. 1680870

You're right, I think they both realize that they've hit the top end of their career paths and they're feeling unsatisfied. There really is nowhere else to go but flatlining or down, because they've cultivated such a niche audience. I'll admit I liked the idea of Red Scare about what, 5 years ago when they started? Listened to a few, wasn't really for me, but I respected what I felt at the time to be brutal honesty from two urbanite women. Now…well, Dasha is a Catholic convert & Anna seems desperate to get on the good side of shitty Twitter fags. The 'culture' grew away from them imo, what seemed like fun contrarian riffs in the early Trump administration just seem like pissy rants nowadays. They don't have anything new to say and haven't for a long time, and they're not talented enough to move away from the podcast and do anything else that profitable. Granted I haven't seen Dasha's movie but it didn't really take the world by storm, and her acting stint in Succession was unremarkable. Anna hasn't changed her schtick, and nobody's buying anymore except the same intellectual darkweb Twitter users from ten years ago.

No. 1680872

The use of italics here is hilarious

No. 1680885

I mean Dasha has liked loli stuff since forever, it isn't exactly new to the scene

No. 1680889

File: 1666379569967.png (20.21 KB, 598x257, K7n49u4.png)

gone back to middle eastern larping now

No. 1680894

So depressing. Somebody page Lauren Alice Avery to revive the culture

No. 1680896

no. male = opinion discarded

even if a man has pretty lips I don't want to hear his annoying words come out of them

No. 1680919

File: 1666381625523.png (150.51 KB, 1144x632, wellbutrin.png)

why dasha stopped taking wellbutrin stories so far
1.) it's godless and a sin
2.) it made me insane
3.) I mixed it with alcohol and blacked out too much in spite of the warnings

She's getting closer to the truth each time. She's been more reasonable about it lately instead of just calling it evil. She even talked it up to Anna on the last free pod ep as something Anna might consider, but added that it gives you the feeling you can go out and do things (it's an upper) which may include killing yourself if you're so inclined. Said she distinctly remembered looking in front of a train and thinking yeah, I could jump

No. 1680951

>the scene
Physiognomy is real

No. 1680956

Anna is lazy and I can’t really blame her for not caring more about academia and writing because it’s a lot of bullshit and politics nowadays. Liz bruenig writes a lot of contrarian bullshit and did not seem fulfilled in her life either. Either way, their opportunities aren’t drying up because of anything they’re doing online. Don’t think Dasha would be getting the roles she wants if she wasn’t a shitposter. I’ve known actresses and at most casting calls there a lot of charismatic and attractive women, and even many of those women don’t get great roles. Tough industry to crack

No. 1680970


found this on an old phone. this is red scare's effect on the youth

No. 1680976

I'm not clicking that, what is it nona?

No. 1680978

A little girl saying "no no no" while being filmed by Dasha.

No. 1680980

Aww I think she's scared of the dog filter lol

No. 1680984

Yeah, I don't believe for a second Dasha would be a big Hollywood star by now if it weren't for her shitposting. LA is full of people more beautiful & talented than her driving Uber and waiting tables. It's an insanely competitive industry, and she has neither the looks nor the acting range to stand out from the crowd. If anything, her niche microcelebrity status as an edgelord podcaster has probably gotten her more acting gigs than she would've gotten otherwise. She hasn't been "blackballed", she's just not that marketable. This whole interview is just her coping with the fact that her "fame" peaked with a dumb viral video in 2018, and she failed to parlay it into any form of mainstream longevity despite sucking miles of industry dick.

No. 1680989

Do you think men refrain from shit-talking women's looks just because they'd stick their dick in them if they were given the chance?
>men who aren’t ugly fags like Dasha’s bf, or twitter incels
Yes, normal men do that too. Mediocre men shitting on good-looking women for the tiniest imperfections was and continues to be an entire feminist talking point, because it's normal moid behavior. Especially among "Chad" scumbags who actually fuck lots of women.
I thought the anon who initially called you a scrote was off base but this "ackshually men notice other things about women, sweaty…." as if the only thing that should matter is that they'd have sex with you makes me think she was right

No. 1680995

Elizabeth Warren moment. She hasn't shared the last 13% that's maybe Jewish.
There's nothing stopping her from making more small movies with Maddie or someone "co"writing another script instead of waiting around to make her higher budget Civil War movie. If nothing else she's proved she can sell out Q+As.

No. 1681010

i thought part of BAP's whole shtick was romanticizing greco-roman pederasty

No. 1681031

Agree to disagree ig, we have had different experiences. From what I’ve seen and heard attractive guys dont talk shit about women that much, and the type of guys who will “put their dick in anything” are often not attractive men, and they’re just as bad looking as the women they’re fucking/shit talking

No. 1681067

>chad scumbags

what do you mean by chad? if it's a naturally attractive male who's naturally interesting to women, i can tell you now that they're usually the least fucking gay and nitpicky about anything, and most don't even know wtf incel buzzwords like chad even mean nor pay attention to them. if by chad you mean some lookism dot com r/moreplatesmoredates incel who hit the gym, started caring about his looks and somehow ended up getting tinder swipes from some cougars that actually dig gymcel aesthetics, then yes

No. 1681074

>they both realize that they've hit the top end of their career paths
Dasha's literally going to walking the Cannes red carpet with Jennifer Connelly and Ben Whishaw next May, she has nowhere to go but up.

No. 1681106

Thanks Kaitlin

No. 1681110

NTA but you are absolutely tripping if you think “attractive men don’t shit talk women that much”, lmaooo I can’t tell if you’re a moid or an especially brainrotted pickme

No. 1681113

Not true my dear

No. 1681129

a ben whishaw name drop lmao?? It’s not really so hard to walk at a film festival, only being able to “go up” isn’t a good thing in this case

No. 1681130

they do but the kind of "2/10 pointy elbows wouldn't bang reee muh fertility" or whatever other redditor shit is almost exclusively the domain of males who have some obvious or hidden deficiency and resentment. yes, this can apply to men you think are "chads" on the internet, or what some women think is a "chad" (example - twink dead manlet johnny depp who did fuck a lot of women but is a garden variety incel). actual chads in their prime do not partake in most if not all of the sour grapes cope autism and tend to be less vicious overall (that happens when they start balding kek)

No. 1681131

being a successful or good actress, let alone an employed actress isnt dasha’s career though

No. 1681132

when the peak of your career is walking in the close proximity to a hasbeen and a literallywho

No. 1681133

not who you are replying too but attractive is more than looks, a mentally stable man who doesn't whine is pretty attractive to me. a truly attractive man shouldn't be bitter.

No. 1681134

It is. He's a women hit the wall at 15 kind of guy (ironically but also not).

No. 1681139

When your career is so redhot you walk a red carpet roughly once every 1.5 years

No. 1681147

Dasha scaring little children the same way a ghoul would

No. 1681167

troons & chasers, which is most of twitter dot com (and the whole internet)

No. 1681187

part 5000 of these people being greasy freaks, it’s not even a “think of the children fear monger” they’re all just admitted pedos or defenders

No. 1681215

File: 1666411045698.gif (131.55 KB, 795x93, 69C8A011-0C0D-4782-9839-633E9F…)

If the scrote isn’t literally attached to them they’re absolutely gargling it.

No. 1681448

You are fucking bonkers, I went to a private university full of “Chads in their prime” and all they do is talk shit about women. They just do it in their frat houses and elite men’s clubs instead of writing autistic screeds on Reddit. They also regularly abuse, drug & rape women and call daddy’s lawyers to make it all go away, so spare me the “less vicious” bullshit. Scrotes are gonna scrote regardless of their superficial looks or social status, and I can’t tell if you’re naive or just mentally damaged to type this much unsubstantiated nonsense defending them.

No. 1681452

so do you ladies have any weekend plans or are you gonna continue this offtopic sperging about men all weekend

No. 1681475

File: 1666454011518.png (893.22 KB, 750x1334, 7CA0292B-B654-44FF-AA25-506A00…)

Anna got a DNA test

No. 1681482

I want to remind everyone that DNA tests are awful at approximating the ancestry of anyone who isn’t well represented in the reference population. If you are mixed ethnically like Anna they are completely useless in my experience.

No. 1681498

You’re talking about mid to ugly frat guys not chads

No. 1681508

I will die on this hill the hottest men don’t whine about the way women look as much. They have the naturally delusional self confidence of a male, combined with having gotten what they want from women their entire lives. The men I have met who critiqued women’s looks by far the most were a fat guy and another guy who looked like a younger version of the Bagel boss meme. The guys whining about how fat women are and obsessing over body types on Twitter are either short or fat guys 100%

No. 1681512

Bad bitches do not stoop themselves to bottom feeder behavior unless they are severely mentally ill. A bad bitch is not going to spend her time obsessing over phenotypes and all of this cringe autistic shit.

No. 1681518

Women don’t function like men, women literally bond through gossip and shit talking. Men bond through shared activity. Men have zero reason to congregate online or in real life to gossip about a woman being fat or having pointy elbows. The only reason they do it is insecurity in their own appearance combined with bitterness of not being able to get women

No. 1681523

>private university

that's a beta with money luv

No. 1681533

No such thing as chad

No. 1681549

You don’t blend in at all. And here you are, trying to force a counter narrative instead of “out doing shit.” Men are the worst gossips because when they do it they think they are doing “real talk.” Develop a personality not formed by online male culture and maybe you’ll have a chance at being self-actualized and desirable to women.

No. 1681556

I’m not a man, not sure why you need to believe that just because we disagree? A man would be getting more defensive about himself because you called him undesirable kek

No. 1681558

>naturally attractive male who's naturally interesting to women
A lot of them aren't, but a lot are. Frat bros? "Jocks"? Hipsters who play the guitar? Sensitive uwu writers? Online incels are not the only existing flavor of shitty moid

No. 1681559

Okay I've just been watching and have no dog in this fight but bitch, I gotta say something, if you're not a man you are dumb as fuck.

>Women don’t function like men, women literally bond through gossip and shit talking. Men bond through shared activity.

Then get more female friends, I've met them through work, yoga, school, shopping, clubbing, hiking, working out. All shared activity, some of them gossip but the majority don't, and if I told any of them I spend some of my time gossiping about people online they'd look at me like I have 3 heads.

>Men have zero reason to congregate online or in real life to gossip about a woman being fat or having pointy elbows.

4chan? Male dominated image boards are 10 times larger than female ones and all they fucking do is shit talk women. Eavesdrop on any conversation between a group of men and you'll hear them shit talk women. Maybe men in their 50's and up do it a bit less, but if you seriously think it's something only insecure men do you don't know very many men. Get some life experience and stop watching red scare, you sound like Anna and this is just sad.

No. 1681560

stop white knighting for MALES, have some self-respect!

most men are ugly fucks so you're probably right about the annoying men being unattractive, but the part where the men you think are hot are actually good people is pure cope. it's starting to sound like correlation not causation. I'm glad for you if you found some tolerable ones who mostly keep their mouths shut lmao, lucky.

but no woman here is going to be convinced that it's worth hearing what a man has to say if he's hot which is I think where we went off the rails with this?? let's stop.

No. 1681561

>some of them gossip but the majority don’t
Yeah and the ones who don’t gossip you are not as close to, for a reason. Don’t NLOG and act like some women are just above gossiping. We all bond this way and get closer to one another by gossiping and venting about others

No. 1681563

The one on the right is Matt Christman's new wife lol

No. 1681564

File: 1666461635547.png (239.06 KB, 950x1164, fgjbghfjk.png)

Anna new levels of open racism, pseudoscience, and woman hating unlocked.

Please everyone stop.

No. 1681565

Yeah so much bonding going on ITT lol

No. 1681567

I never said they’re good people, only that they gossip about women far less. That’s it. They still cheat and do other bad things ofc

No. 1681570

>4chan? Male dominated image boards are 10 times larger than female ones and all they fucking do is shit talk women.
Yes and they’re undesirable men. You aren’t saying anything to disprove my point here and

No. 1681573

jesus, Anna, you're a mother now. Enough with the worst of the worst scrote worship. the "cult" of empathy? What a hoary old idea that macho males like "Mommy Milkers" are better suited to positions of power because of their ~logic and reason~, isn't this the same woman who would rail against the cult of scientism and just believing what educated males say without question? Didn't these bitches support Marianne Williamson, or was that irony? Or is this irony? Or is it that Anna, Dasha, and every other dime square clinger-on has absolutely zero core values beyond their own self aggrandizement? How Thiel managed to find so many people with chasms where their souls should be is beyond me, but he did it, and their sucking black holes of non-beliefs are as pukeworthy as ever.

No. 1681578

The pandering is so hollow and depressing lately. Keep drinking and getting wasted Anna, it’s the only logical response to stooping this low.

No. 1681581

This thread smells like stale ball sweat again

No. 1681582

File: 1666462934075.jpeg (268.56 KB, 750x847, 1D7E5912-CFE4-42A0-A91E-30C810…)

Reality tv stars go to Cannes now. It’s not exclusive the way it was decades ago

No. 1681591

Kek oh no anon, you don’t understand, petit ingenue Dasha is walking in proximity to Ben Whishaw! This isnt some simple invitation from a friend of a friend, she’s going to catch her big break now at 30 like so many starlets before her!

No. 1681619

File: 1666465959880.png (916.88 KB, 1154x1034, Screen Shot 2022-10-22 at 12.0…)

I think Anna is actually trying to dunk on him. Took a quick scroll through his timeline and yes he's stupid, tweeting shit takes all day everyday, but he seems anti-Israel and made fun of reactionaries who want an elite monarchy which are two things Anna doesn't exactly entertain on her twitter. Kind of a two retards fighting situation if you ask me.

No. 1681623

File: 1666466475173.png (541.4 KB, 1098x1006, female therapist.png)

I enjoy dasha's bullying men moments

on a recent ep she bullied Matthew into going to the gym after he made a comment about what she was eating. but she was disappointed because she didn't really want him to go to the gym she just wanted to take him down a peg. I guess she likes her men soft & he shouldn't get too buff.

I am fine with objectifying men so the whole anecdote was a breath of fresh air.

No. 1681628

dasha larps as a gym bunny so she is worried he will meet a real one with stamina and a great body. I think he is too geeky and lame to upgrade even if he managed to get jacked though

No. 1681634

I'm not nlogging, I'm saying most women are not like that. I didn't say I am the only outlier, I'm saying she has a misogynistic view of women because the majority are not hobbiless losers who only bond through gossip. Read it again faggot

No. 1681646

Or you are just not close enough with these women to vent and gossip. That’s always a possibility. You sound judgmental and like you would judge a woman for venting, maybe that’s why

No. 1681650

Then that reconfirms my point, women don't solely bond through gossip if 3/4 of my friends and I don't. You sound like a pseudo intellectual know it all trying to make baseless assumptions that aren't correct. Literally feels like I'm arguing with Anna rn, you give off major cunt vibes. Sorry that the only way you can get along with women is through shit talking and not actually doing any fun activities, that would make me a bitter bitch too.

No. 1681656

Ok you want to live under some lie that you’re closer with your friends, go ahead. Going to yoga or shopping doesn’t make someone a close friend and confidante. Sorry

No. 1681657

32 in February

No. 1681659

That's why I said friends and not close friends, again sorry you don't know how female friendships work. Maybe that'll change once you mature a little and get some real hobbies.

No. 1681660

File: 1666470574004.webm (17.39 MB, 720x720, Jinx dasha wifey.webm)

this is old but is there any milk on the person who made this dasha edit? people were losing it over the don't step on me flag which if I recall was just something her LA roommate made. jinx/crackconnoisseur/uponmeth/schiz0land/jinxpr0duction etc etc (crack00n13/avil00p might be their new name, have not really checked a lot of people just reupload the videos each time the account is suspended). I've heard they're canadian (true), maybe a man (I'm not convinced), 35-45 years old. Is it a "normal" person who like to make conspiracy edits and spends too much time online or a secret right wing campaigning account that's gonna be shilling trump (even more) in 2024?

sometime in the summer dasha was retweeting jinx and anna was retweeting 0ddette and I thought they were going to fully go into a conspiracy rabbithole for a change of pace but then they just went right back to manosphere shit which was too bad

No. 1681661

Many people have solo hobbies. You have acquaintances who will cease to exist once you stop going to the same yoga class or if you move a town away

No. 1681666

>you give off major cunt vibes. Sorry that the only way you can get along with women is through shit
Very nice to say to someone

No. 1681673

i can't believe you stupid reddit migrant cunts are arguing that no female friendship can exist without gossip GO BACK WE DON'T WANT YOU HERE(infighting)

No. 1681679

I’m not a migrant. Stop calling women cunts just because you disagree with them maybe

No. 1681688

>chads don’t talk badly about women
>if a man talks badly about women he’s not a chad
>all women talk shit about each other with their friends
>if a woman doesn’t talk shit about other women to you, she isn’t your friend

Some real No True Scrotesman happening itt today

No. 1681697

call a cop

No. 1681705

What this shows is she has Azeri ancestry, not Persian. And hasn't she said her Armenian forefathers were from Karabakh? Anyway.

No. 1681710

Autists don't lack emotional empathy or emotions you dumb thot, they lack cognitive empathy and emotional self-regulation. You understand it about as well as you understand narcissism and which gender is more likely to have it.

This view of autism, ironically, is a product of autistic male lack of self awareness (which seething women with BPD internalize because they'd love to not feel the fee-fees for once). Male autists like to think they're titans of logic and reason mid malding meltdown over tendie temperature and texture, or imagining themselves as some sort of a pillar of western civilization while drawing anthro pony airplane porn. Is it really any surprise that this type of cope is popular with someone named Mommy Milkers?

No. 1681717

I must be autistic too because I don’t really follow you. Mommy milkers is a woman fyi, pictured here >>1679445

No. 1681723

Mommy milkers is a bpd thot engaging in "what if I wasn't internally chimping out 24/7" fantasies then, like Anna.

I am referring to a common idea that autism is when no feelings only logic. This is false. Autism is when too many feelings but too retarded to understand what those feelings are.

No. 1681725

There's very little difference in Armenian vs Azeri vs Persian DNA which is why these tests are very lame. They probably default to Armenian because they have more Armenian customers.

No. 1681772

>autism has a natural immunity to emotional terrorism
does she not know what autistic meltdowns are?holy shit i hate this dumb fucking bitch and all their fag and bpd thot paypigs. stop listening to their pod on apps like google podcasts or apple podcasts, nonnies, since i know some of you still do that for some ungodly reason.

No. 1681786

Who will post recaps for milk if no one listens? I can’t stand scraping reactions/context from the reddit.

No. 1681791

someone posted a link to a site where someone uploads episodes before. or hey, one of you can rip the episodes and share a link here.

No. 1681794

Autistic women score the highest on empathy and sympathy measurement tests out of every demographic.

No. 1681800

here's an episode recap in the styling of that one recap nonnie
>anna said something racist and crazy
>dasha attempted to change the conversation
>anna shut her down and began to belittle dasha
cool stuff

No. 1681801

And for the record, autistic people don’t lack cognitive empathy unless you mean actual retards who get lumped in as “low functioning autists.” The tests which concluded autistic / aspegers people have no cognitive empathy had completely bullshit questions that even average people would have been confused by, and the same goes for the “tests” that falsely concluded autistic people lack theory of mind. If everyone here including Anna looked at the actual DSM criteria for autism, these stupid conversations would be a lot less bad. The symptoms are open ended and vague, and all amount to basically being shy or socially anxious, awkward in some non specific ways, and passionate about things deemed weird by society. If anything it’s a miracle everyone isn’t diagnosed by now. Ultimately it’s a stupid diagnostic category, but not one that has anything to do with being emotionless whatsoever.
>inb4 the weird undx’d autists in denial from past threads come in to reee about how autism is actually clinical retardation and autistic people smear shit on the walls and scream 24/7
Don’t care, drink some ensure or something.

No. 1681802

I already get it from the kingdex torrent what more do you want from me lmao. Most people get it from the blackscare feed because they have an rss link you can put in a podcast app. Anna and dasha know about the black scare feed and don’t seem to mind so maybe they use those numbers to benefit themselves as well somehow, don’t know anything about that but it’s supposed to just be a pirate feed

No. 1681805

>what more do you want from me
nothing? i just said nonnies should stop indirectly supporting the pod is all which you already do…so…

No. 1681807

I’ve always wondered if they’d still be “friends” without the podcast. Surely not, right? They seem completely obsessed with one upping the other in passive aggressive ways, it put me off from originally listening years ago when I gave it a shot. Neither of them have been able to maintain friendships outside of this gig ever, except maybe Dasha and Maddy but clearly there’s some weird freudian codependency stuff going on there.

No. 1681809

annoys me that im so popular and thot topics aren't relevant enough for kingdex wah i need my faggy bullshit

No. 1681826

I know you mean well nona, but what's currently defined as ASD does have a sky high rate of learning disabilities. The imaginary based male autism that Anna is talking about sounds more like schizoid personality disorder.

No. 1681832

File: 1666484019552.png (268.67 KB, 1550x1050, annaonreddit.png)

No. 1681836

You’re right, but is it any wonder people who are awkward, maladjusted, and prone to sensory overload would do poorly in school and lag behind? Lots if not most of comorbid learning disorders are just the result of the students needing different environments to learn in or having so many other issues that they can’t focus.

No. 1681837

holy fuck lmao. anna please..

No. 1681840

They still have paypigs either way. It’s not like the pod would cease to exist just because nonnies itt stopped pirating and listening

No. 1681841

That one is a good take to be tbh

No. 1681846

Lmao! They really got to her

No. 1681852

NTA but
>muh man bond thru ACT no thru frivolous talk like woman
You're either a scrote who's completely delulu about your own gender (or friendless, kek) or a pickme. Men do absofuckinglutely gossip and talk shit about others, constantly, and bond over it. And it really is not required for close female friendship either. Go back.

No. 1681869

Emotionless male brained cluster A goddess of fax and logic moment

No. 1681874

According to her and her buddies female autism doesn't exist, so why even specify male autism.

No. 1681878

File: 1666488850504.jpg (191.62 KB, 1169x1534, Fft26YFXgAAu9KV.jpg)

the average scarethot

No. 1681881

retarded post

No. 1681894

litearlly who

No. 1681895

all these people on average probably have worse ideas about social interactions then the "autistic" caricatures they make up to circlejerk and feel better about themselves

No. 1681899

anna's perfect male society exists it's called the muslim world, she should fuck off there

No. 1681902

the point is that the vast majority of men are shit even the mythical chad that only exists in your head

No. 1681908

you are on here gossiping right now or at least on here to scold gossiping like some scrote or ball-gargling handmaiden. go be self-righteous somewhere else.

No. 1681910

File: 1666492453949.jpg (235.77 KB, 1080x1080, wormmiya.jpg)

are these pedophiles still going at it? yawn

find a new low-esteem girl to obsess and stalk weirdos

No. 1681955

File: 1666499008466.jpeg (365.26 KB, 1242x804, BA6371EC-3DBE-4330-AC3C-786645…)

ugly pedo still talking shit about the girl who got groomed by their friend worm who they only stopped being friends with after she stopped affiliating with them, not because he was grooming her which they already knew. now they resort to posting about her on here when they have faded into irrelevancy. nobody fucking cares that this girl is fat post the video of rohit stuttering with the bodyguards or gtfo midlady orbiter

No. 1681962

oh wow angelicism the 40 year old larper is part of this crew? what a surprise

No. 1681964

You’re the one labeling it frivolous not me. Don’t assume and put words in people’s mouths. Venting and gossip is important, why do you think therapists make 200 an hour? Fuckin retard

No. 1681970

Basically their whole gang is just a bunch of old, rejected scrotes in their 30s or more who pretend to be younger in order to hype up low self esteem teenage girls to goon over with a thinly veiled attempt to hide it as being "a form of art actually". Really weird and cringe.

No. 1681995

Lying about your age is always a good sign of aging like fine wine

No. 1682032

File: 1666516086210.png (1.01 MB, 1174x1736, Screen Shot 2022-10-23 at 02.0…)

jesus christ just looking at the comment thread this was part of and seeing the part where it was a black person asking Anna if she thinks all black people are dumb when she replied that based on the question they individually aren't as bright as they think. woooooo doggie Anna what are you doing??

No. 1682065

Showing the world what kind of girls you spank your meat to is less artsy and more embarrassing than you think, moid.

No. 1682098

>half my bit is mocking my own ethnic inferiority???
So anna obviously read everyone’s jokes about her lengthy narcissistic spergs in her own defense, and is now trying to adopt Dasha’s typing style instead. Only she still comes off as tryhard and cringe, because her soul is tryhard and cringe and there is no disguising it

Also I been saying this bitch is racist lol, I posted a year ago about Anna suddenly adopting terms like chimping out and saying “we need to secure a future…” in relation to her kid lmao, any scarethots just figuring out that Anna’s been doing her best impression of a racist Twitter bro as her new pickme personality are dumber than Anna thinks black ppl are

No. 1682133

>Anna suddenly adopting terms like chimping out
Adam starting dropping it on cum town too around the same time. It caught me off guard because I've only ever seen people use it on /pol/.

No. 1682137

all these faggots do is adopt old internet shit to sound edgy to their normie newfag listeners because they can't talk about what someone said about bernie on twitter anymore

No. 1682161

Jinx is a white middle aged man living with his parents in Canada. He is a known abuser and pathetic loser who has had to beg for PayPal donations to buy burner phones to keep making new accounts.

No. 1682173


one of the pedo moids rapist spider/earth spider has a Very Tasteful are.na board of Chinese girls that isn't at all very creepy https://www.are.na/earth-spider/the-collection-hu7cnnrkjfy

he used to have one channel with the pictures the girls would share in #Hot_Pot too. weird guy.

No. 1682220

Yeah I'm not clicking that

No. 1682235

so he's literally just a kpop stan but for chinese girls?

No. 1682237

You need a burner phone to make a twitter account?

No. 1682240

OT but usually yes lately you do, they have become much more strict
T. banned for posting terfy stuff repeatedly

No. 1682273

File: 1666545693589.jpeg (760.45 KB, 1242x2454, 8AF8C343-27F3-4D9E-B327-F579CF…)

>is now trying to adopt Dasha’s typing style
Funny you say that, thought the same thing when I saw her post this yesterday

No. 1682293


some texts leaked of jnx harassing a woman he was edating (femb0t) and another woman outed him as being mid-40s, balding and living with his parents. typical moid stuff. the degree of fascination anyone (especially that old) has with mass shootings and 9/11 should have them committed.

No. 1682362

Are we ever going to get a remilia/kaliacc thread, because I can't follow whatever the fuck is going on there. I get the loose connections to the scarethots but I'd rather have them be posted elsewhere so I can just laugh at my dogwhistling podcasters in peace.

No. 1682367

We’ve been through this before, make one yourself if you want one. It’s old milk and most anons clearly don’t care about them no matter how hard they spam this thread looking for attention.

No. 1682384

My point is less that I want to make one and have them discussed because I don’t care about weird pedophile NFT creators, and more that whoever it is who wants to actually discuss them should make it. And stop talking about them here.

No. 1682398

Seconded. It somehow manages to feel even less organic than even the pariah posting.

No. 1682446

do you not know how imageboards work? make it yourself if you want it, newfag. you and your ilk have been told this a hundred times already. if no one else makes a thread its because they dont want to or dont feel like it, if you want one so badly, do it yourself, this is a thread for postleft cows and their associates, and that crowd youre talking about is entirely separate even if theres the smallest overlap with people like sophie or whatever her name is. dasha being paid to have a milady for a week doesnt make them worthy of posting about here

No. 1682452

they would literally like that. i asked the anon who was making claims slandering people who arent even a part of remilia or involved with milady to make one because they seem to actually have members doxes but they never did, because it's probably just fake rumors they made up to cover up rohit being a pedophile by deflecting the blame onto someone else. if you give them a thread they will just infest it with misinformation so we don't actually get anywhere. and they're the ones posting that fat girl soph ITT btw i suggest just ignoring, we all know rohit is a pedophile and the ugly-mid egirls orbiting him have been exposed already in the egirl thread, if they do anything notable feel free to start one yourself but im telling you they're fading into irrelevancy as they should and you'll be doing them a favor.

No. 1682454

great, now angelicism is showing his ass here. fuck off, you creepy middle aged coomer loser. you are not welcome here and need to castrate yourself. all of your bullshit e-philosophy boils down to whatever gets your rocks off. kill yourself

No. 1682456

The reading comprehension here is really lacking, I don't want to derail the thread even further but my point wasn't that I was desperate for a place to discuss no-names from Twitter, but my point was in fact, the same as yours. They don't belong in THIS thread. Those who wish to discuss them (which isn't me, and I guess isn't you) in fact should make a thread. I can't understand half the shit these randoms here are discussing wrt kaliacc, or else I'd make a containment thread for them to all talk in. It's not my interest though, so I'm not going to research this just to make a thread just so we can all talk about how Dasha's head is shaped like a cashew in peace. the kaliacc fags should do it.

No. 1682463

>I-I'm not retarded, it's just lacano-derridean-foucaultian post irony. Heh… You walked right into my trap!

No. 1682466

there's nothing to understand besides they're clout-chasing pedophiles. the problem is that they're already in this thread and occasionally bring themselves up and if the people who had milk wanted one they'd make one. instead of ignoring the posts or making one you're just arguing about it and further bringing them up. like all that was done was someone posted a picture of them and the reply said gtfo and stop talking shit about the egirl no one cares that shes fat, and there is your reply asking for a thread again when you can just ignore and move on.

No. 1682489

File: 1666555153734.jpg (685.51 KB, 804x3550, Screenshot_20221023-215723.jpg)

I-is this that anglecism boomer guy's porn collection? What the fuck

No. 1682490

so retarded how these moids are trying to make being attracted to slim white women into a lifestyle

No. 1682527

literally looks 12 years old. not even hyperbole.

No. 1682540

yeah that’s anna shcherbakova at 17, she certainly doesn’t have “a regular” body

No. 1682541

What you should have gotten from all of this is that literally no one wants to discuss them other than themselves. The only question is why they haven't been permabanned yet when they keep derailing and openly self-identify >>1681989

No. 1682581

Ugh, how many times must we repeat this shit for you newfags? Everyone comprehends what you wrote. We’re trying to tell you they self-post here, and that’s why everyone ignores them and no one cares enough to make them a separate thread. And all you’re doing is drawing more attention to their attention-whoring nonsense posts. If you want to discuss leftcows, just ignore them and discuss leftcows ffs.

No. 1682591

stop fighting ladies jeez

No. 1682597

File: 1666564534606.webm (1.11 MB, 720x1280, maddie kanye albums.webm)

Maddie is not beating the autism allegations, I fear

No. 1682601

She's comfortable being online friends with racists like Jack and BAP. For BAP she downplays it saying that "it's a European form of racism not American so it's not as bad". She recently was on the Russians with Attitude podcast where she rated the various ethnicities in the Soviet Union as A,B,C,D,F. I don't believe she's a racist but she likes to be a contrarian and shock people while also trying to fit in with a crowd and perhaps engage in pickme behavior, in this case with frog twitter. We shouldn't probably throw stones as this is an imageboard and there have been plenty of race science posts here as well lol

No. 1682608

> We shouldn't probably throw stones as this is an imageboard and there have been plenty of race science posts here as well lol
Speak for yourself the most I’ve said about race here was that dudes who are into certain racial features for “breeding” are some of the most disgusting men you’ll ever meet, and the ones into aryan features might be the worst. That’s not even race science, the guys come in all colors and sizes.
Anna is not even being funny, she’s just up her own ass and a racist.

No. 1682691

You need a phone number. Pretty much every ex-FYAD irony scrote has gone through multiple accounts and has to scrounge around/beg for a Google Voice number to reregister 5x a year. Even Felix has, he was @swarthyvillain before he reregged as @ByYourLogic.
Twitter doesn't really ban for ban evading though, there's not even a report option for it. Usually only seems to happen when troons make a lot of noise, like with the keffals drama.

No. 1682693

>We shouldn't probably throw stones as this is an imageboard and there have been plenty of race science posts here
>there have been plenty of race science posts here
You have to go back.

No. 1682721

That’s not true that’s all aimee gets banned for

No. 1682760

Aimee loves going after troons though? Plus she's literally incapable of not stirring shit and getting mass reported. Which makes her disappearance even weirder.

No. 1682784

oh my god wait please post them

No. 1682858

File: 1666580524654.png (1.54 MB, 1170x2532, 0C300F02-3B76-4A67-9BC9-EECB94…)

How is this not exactly what Glenn Greenwald does

No. 1682946

bitching about irrelevant celebrities or venting about your troubles isn’t “gossip” in the same way as calling women you actually know unfuckable fatasses. if you were not a braindead reddit moid with zero friends, you’d understand that venting to bond or talking neutrally about mutual acquaintances, as many women do, is different than the kind of ruthless round tables dudes will have about the desirability of random women they know.
ive been present for some of these because i’m too pussy to shut them down so it’s not like i’m a moral paragon either, but ive never heard a girl friend speak half as cruelly about another girl’s looks as men will for no reason. moids are not human, go back etc etc

No. 1683056

did you happen to save any of those? kinda regret not screenshotting or keeping the edit he made about it and everyone deleted pretty fast or got suspended as usual

No. 1683061

File: 1666598627507.webm (2.98 MB, 720x1280, 5046C61ACD7572BF042F8F4582B7B7…)

dasha posted this in her insta stories
>thick-tongue moid voice (Matthew probably): glycine really helps with body dysmorphia disorder
>dasha: ohh good.

sage for I'm not really sure what's going on here but it's weird

No. 1683072

Get out girl, GET OUT!

No. 1683077

>Morrissey poster on otherwise bare wall
>still using a fidget spinner in 2022
>both sounding some kind of strung out
living the dream

No. 1683196

jobless losers

No. 1683458

File: 1666634054966.jpeg (527.9 KB, 1284x2502, 38F3ECF6-0471-4CA7-9BFC-FFDF10…)

My sides. I would NOT come to work the next day after being read this thoroughly.

No. 1683474

File: 1666634671240.jpeg (546.55 KB, 1282x2510, F7518DED-E4A5-4C16-B39F-CB88D0…)


Although…this is probably closer to the truth. Anna’s lack of actions/accomplishments make it hard for her to make her distinct from those she criticizes (which must gall her since she always touts her immigrant mindset lmao). Her and Fat Jack are just lazy narcissists like everyone else in the lmedia commentary class.

No. 1683479

Can we please stop posting about these losers. I thought there was another thread for them

No. 1683488

File: 1666635389046.png (456.53 KB, 1550x646, Screen Shot 2022-10-24 at 2.09…)

kek thanks for posting nonnie, seeing the RS fanbase turn on them is satisfying. tangential but this line:
>someone so into sticking by their family no matter what / never cut off a family member

is something i think a lot about in relation to Anna. she obviously considers this a big part of her "brand" because being quick to cut off family is so American and neolib or whatever she's defining herself against this week. yet she's obviously damaged from childhood shit, she can't stop talking about it a fake "unbothered" way like picrelated and she's an obvious and self-admitted alcoholic perpetual underachiever. like girl stop thinking of yourself as terminally unique and get some therapy already. normal people who "totally forgive" their abusive moms don't turn into self-hating alcoholic pickmes who work their childhood trauma into random reddit comments…

No. 1683509

She started doing it literal years before she shacked up with Eli: >>>/snow/1611180

No. 1683514

This is very amusing seeing the RS sub like this, a few years ago you would be insta banned for questioning her delusional ethno larps, especially the jewish one.
Even the simps have had enough its seems.

No. 1683526

File: 1666637919887.jpg (184.73 KB, 1024x721, 1666605233583071.jpg)

A reminder Anna wouldn't just be seen as not jewish under the jew's own matrilinial rules, she wouldn't even be seen as jewish under the third reich's racial laws.
She'd be banging on the doors of the camps begging to be let in, she's that desperate to be a victim/different and better than you.
Her claims of 'Judaism' are laughable.

No. 1683548

File: 1666640045823.png (82.04 KB, 1328x410, Screen Shot 2022-10-24 at 12.3…)

the post it's all under with anna fighting and people dunking on her was removed from the sub by a mod pretty fast actually

cringe post, nona. do better.

No. 1683583

File: 1666644094633.png (3.51 MB, 1032x1842, at the library.png)

anna is at the library reading about borderline & narcissism. (is this one of the books dr drew told her to read?) more self-diagnosis incoming

No. 1683589

did anyone actually listen to this / how was it?

No. 1683597

it was actually quite funny, just two fags being bitchy. jack was clearly nervous and on his best behavior which was good as he didn't act too obnoxious. honestly since the rightoids turned on him and he turned into a libtard he's been tolerable

No. 1683607

Normal people also love and forgive their abusive moms while cutting them off. A fatal amount of ambiguity for Anna's low Armenian IQ.

No. 1683610

>Eruption of impulse to gratify instinctual needs

Sounds like literally normal average moid behavior

No. 1683643

assuming you have it, can you post the next page of the interview? I’m curious what she says to the anorexia question kek

No. 1683672

File: 1666648644991.jpeg (479.29 KB, 2048x2048, E079FA4B-24D5-4207-A860-EE919F…)

They still pander to them kek it wasnt just Dasha getting an NFT months ago

No. 1683677

File: 1666649109120.png (398.33 KB, 1294x632, Screen Shot 2022-10-24 at 15.0…)

ok nonna(s) here you go but now I think it's fair that you have to listen to this and report back / contribute to the thread. everyone has to help out on this farm come on pitch in it's almost 2 hours long I can't

No. 1683689

It's not out yet, these were just two excerpts that were posted on instagram.

No. 1683713

File: 1666651838094.png (3.67 MB, 1038x1840, stavvy problems.png)

sorry for stavposting but I have to laugh at this because he probably just got 800 voicemails that say "fuck you for leaving cumtown" "why did you leave cumtown" "good riddance" etc

weird that he's going back to his pandemic boredom project but I guess he needs something besides crowd work clips and his brother's "gym" to post on youtube

No. 1683751

glycine is just an amino acid…it interacts with your body on a low level and thus affects the functioning of many different processes of your body. to tie it specifically to something that exists on a higher level like BDD is just some real pseud shit and mostly placebo, he probably just saw a reddit post about it lmao

No. 1683754

Don't say that, she'll take it as a compliment

No. 1683819

>actually believing psychology is anything more than a glorified cult of folklore

No. 1683881

File: 1666664047908.jpg (129.32 KB, 640x1385, 213hlf0e3tv91.jpg)

Is this just a cry for attention?

No. 1683885

No. 1683889

there goes what little was left of dasha's showbiz career

No. 1683891

lmao imagine posting this when one of the biggest rappers out there is getting eaten alive for antisemitism and thinking that >>1683889 is not going to be the outcome for some Belorussian waif that nobody has ever heard of

No. 1683894

File: 1666665638387.png (2.08 MB, 1028x1600, (jewishlivesmatter) .png)

did she just delete that? I saw it earlier and it's gone now. dasha stop lurking

It had something to do with Kanye doing something antisemitic (maybe the celebricows thread has more, I'm not following anything he does). Several of Dasha's stories right now are from jewishlivesmatter which looks like an insta account for calling out antisemitism and posts a lot about Kanye lately; I'm looking and it feels like they really overshoot and wind up just posting antisemitic shit themselves without much context but I think it's a serious account and not a shitposting account. Saw some "Israelis are being terrorized and murdered by arabs" type posts and stoped looking, someone can fact check me.

No. 1683900

File: 1666666735575.jpg (149.74 KB, 1080x1154, jl.jpg)

Dasha says her post was meant to support Jews.

No. 1683910

Apparently Andrea Dworkin comes up.
The account she's reposting from is sincere but she's posting it ironically. She does the wink wink I'm anti-Semitic just kidding but you know who runs Hollywood but wait I only date Jewish guys thing all the time.

No. 1683915

the thots really be mining these threads for content

No. 1683936

the account is insane. I actually couldn't stop scrolling. like wtf. kind of laughed when I saw that they were using kanye music in an anti-iran video a month ago

what a little shit lol

No. 1684060

anna attempts to do her classic "im such an empath actually, these women have clearly been molested" shtick

No. 1684101

philosemitism and antisemitism are two sides of the same coin, she alternates between the two. kinda like how hitler was literally a zionist and how people who obsess over the JQ often end up concluding that jews are the ubermensch because le higher iq. you can point out jewish people being overrepresented in media and banking and basically running the entire porn industry without going oh but im jewish and i love jewish men so i can say it. just say it, you'll still be called an antisemite regardless but people would respect you more if you did.

No. 1684201

The episode where they talk to the doctor guy about narcissism is so funny because she describes to him how she likes to talk about narcissism on the show in a very bare bones way, he tells her she understands the disorder so well and that people with narcissism just want to shut down her speaking the truth about it essentially (aka all the haters are narcs!!1) and then at the end of the episode they go over what they scored on his narc test and Anna got "substantially higher than average" which they try to walk back and say she only got because she has an intuitive sense of psychoanalytics from growing up in a difficult environment.

No. 1684259

File: 1666709461532.png (220.43 KB, 1468x664, zoomerbf.png)

No. 1684293

>matthew's nefarious influence in the downtown ideology is probably tough to understate

pfft sure. how many cryptocoins did matthew give him to write that?

No. 1684297

Damn what a fucking cope.

No. 1684344

it's funny because annas molested energy is completely off the charts while dasha wishes it was her

No. 1684420

>andrea dworkin comes up
knowing they’re reading the dworkinposter essays is killing me

No. 1684452

File: 1666720932903.png (375.67 KB, 1000x543, mooo.png)

thought the same thing.

around 35 minutes in, they get into feminism and Anna does a play on that liberal/conservative saying and declares if you don't believe in the Patriarchy at 15 you have no heart, if you still believe in the Patriarchy at 25 you have no brain. Dasha says feminist frameworks and concepts are very compelling, like one she was taught at her liberal art college which is that "all heterosexual sex is rape" – that gets them onto Dworkin. Anna says she loves and respects Dworkin. Dasha says Dworkin does the same thing Paglia does which is take something to it's logical extreme conclusion, which is something Dasha likes even if it's outlandish or far-fetched or contrarian. Anna says dworkin's polemic is "so obviously rooted in insecurity and lack" and a lot of other word-salad I'm not going to transcribe but it's slightly critical. They make fun of Dworkin's appearance, Dasha says Dworkin was never a victim of male desire, Anna adds "yeah that's why she so mad", dasha says "but she was a lesbian" and then Anna says she was only a lesbian because she sensed herself to be very acutely and urgently not an object of male desire.

I'm being trolled by these bitches

No. 1684470

anna just copy and pasted her opinion from fat jack. she truly has nothing interesting or original to say.

No. 1684472

sa dasha too

No. 1684499

nta but they clearly read dworkins perfect description of the scarethot on here and got mad at its accuracy. their entire MO is to rant about things they saw online that made them angry and speak on it in a cool disaffected tone that everyone can see through besides their fans.

No. 1684543

This is a self drag/projection “not being object of male desire” as Young Dworkin kinda favors pre-filler Anna, except with 100x Anna’s intelligence, heart, and competency.

No. 1684579

File: 1666727046783.png (289.46 KB, 501x674, Screen Shot 2022-10-25 at 3.42…)

holy shit nonnie you were NOT lying. Easily would've been an object of male desire also, tbh. These scarethots think way too highly of moid standards. As if women are LESS look conscious than men. Straight women just have to be because men are all so ugly. See Dasha's boyfriend for a perfect example.

No. 1684608

I do not understand dasha. She’s fucked hundreds of men and the zoomer is the one she wants a baby with? Is he tall or something, I don’t get the appeal at all??

No. 1684613


No. 1684630

dead on, young Andrea Dworkin absolutely mogs Anna and Dasha's homely asses in the looks department and it's not even close, more importantly she was a furiously original and prolific writer and brilliant intellect like A+D could only dream of being. I don't agree with Andrea on everything and many of her ideas are clearly extreme and shaped by her trauma but reading her work is so thrilling because she unapologetically says all the quiet stuff loud about the misogyny that shapes every woman's experience of the world, and she was the first person to say much of it at a time when feminism was considered a total joke. her anti-porn writing and legislation with Catherine McKinnon is also unfathomably based and i wish we all lived in a world where it had been enacted. instead we have literal 10 year old porn addicts.

Anna and Dasha are absolute mental midgets who clearly don't even understand her ideas. Dasha in particular makes it clear she spent her years at Mills college too busy sucking Brace Belden's dick to pay attention in class, that Andrea Dworkin never said "all hetero sex is rape" is literally the most basic radfem 101 factoid, and they should both also know that Andrea Dworkin suffered physical and sexual abuse from the men in her life, and worked as a prostitute after leaving her abusive first husband. so she has absolutely been a victim of male desire and her "crazy" ideas are grounded in cold, hard, on the ground experience in abuse and objectification at the hands of males. it's easy for men or women who have not experienced this to write her off as a psycho, those of us who have, and managed not to come out of it completely self-hating, understand her completely.

Sorry 2 sperg, can't let Dworkin's good name be slandered by these braindead selfhating hoes. also thank you for the recap anon even tho i'm seething now kek >>1684452

No. 1684631

File: 1666728923532.png (39.7 KB, 1284x156, 65748392.png)

This somewhat poignant unrelated comment on their patreon seems like an answer.

No. 1684646

I love you anon. Tired of dumbasses like A+D and that one sperg from like months ago who kept spamming every thread going on about Andrea Dworkin being fat/ugly and radfems being mean boolies, kek.

No. 1684649

She’s a 3rd degree mischling (1 Jewish great-grandparent) but her husband and kid are Jewish so she’s effectively is a Jew.

No. 1684656

Imagine basing your entire worldview and self worth in the how fuckable moids view you.

Ngl, genuinely thought this was some old unseen pic of Anna as I've never seen a young pic of Dworkin before. They look so much alike it's almost bizarre. lmao

No. 1684677

>Dasha says Dworkin was never a victim of male desire
Oh god, how could be this dumb? Is it that much effort to skim through a Wikipedia page?

No. 1684710

>she sensed herself to be very acutely and urgently not an object of male desire

spectacular projection from scarethots (particularly anna with her perpetual homely femdora femcel syndrome)

No. 1684727

Very gross how very impressed about the whole thing he sounds. Dude really wants to fit in there huh kek

No. 1684745

next thread pic please

No. 1684752

File: 1666734991466.png (68.56 KB, 615x313, bella.png)

The pick-meism is off the charts with this one lol

No. 1684762

Isn’t this girl rich like….. her dad’s a doctor or surgeon?

But anyways, the way these young women think marriage is a shield from life crises like determining a career and committing to education/training etc. Good luck, bc even good men get resentful about you spending $300 on perfumes and don’t get it. I know she refutes this by claiming to be ok with being poor in S Dakota (pick me, please!) but I don’t believe that shit from a doctor’s daughter

It’s sad that someone so well positioned to try out any possible career in the world would just rather do nothing. Not even pursue a passion or something

No. 1684763

Samefag but I forgot, I think Bella’s parents are landlords (OF COURSE)

No. 1684775

scarethots continue trying to meme other women into worshiping obese 50 year old liches while they hog all the twinks
no wonder anna projects her eternal coping jewish becky mindset onto dworkin kek

No. 1684778

the after one date bit isn’t sticking out to her…? i always wonder what the calculated gold diggers/high-end escorts out and about think of shit like this

No. 1684783

File: 1666738713489.jpg (297.11 KB, 1026x2281, image.jpg)

>ten copies
>$81 for a newsletter
the fuck?

No. 1684863

It’s priced that high because No Agency makes no money from its busted models

No. 1684880

it's truly pathetic how little they read

No. 1684881

Threadly reminder that moids start balding mid-twenties, get fat mid-to-late twenties, and start going limp-dicked in their late thirties. Not in old age like they pretend to - late thirties to early forties. The meme that older women trying to protect young women are actually engaging in intrassexual competition is pure projection - that's actually what old moids trying to dissuade young men from dating are doing ("the girls your age will be into you when you're hideous and decrepit like me, i swear! ").

No. 1684895

I guess having a decent amount of followers helps, but she has the most inane tweets go viral like every other day

No. 1684897

Yeah, she/her family is rich, but it's different because they're not obscenely wealthy

No. 1684900

It was the early 90’s, different time easier to take care of a woman on one salary

No. 1684910

I ripped off cat memer nonna, credit to her >>>/ot/1342351 almost feel like I dirtied her pure creation lol
just noticing my recap post has stupid typos, oops too late to fix.

No. 1684914

there's plenty of stuff about her in ancient threads. I think it's in threads 13-14 or thereabouts, early 2021.
If memory serves, she's claimed both that she spent COVID in her family's second house and that they wrote her out of the will, so I'm inclined to believe she's from real wealth, after all, 2 houses in the Bay Area?

No. 1684937

No. 1684939

Black and white is cheating this woman is not good looking

No. 1684942

File: 1666751833575.png (287.65 KB, 1168x438, gutes guterman.png)

>gutes guterman
this can't be a real person's name lol

No. 1684950

her first name is Michelle lol
"Web3 marketing" So her job is to help shill NFTs? There has to be something better for a trustfund girl to do.

No. 1684955

File: 1666753055785.png (1.21 MB, 1146x1028, wet cupping.png)

absolute nobody literal whos but seeing this tryhard hispter revival shit from the rich adult babies gave me a good lol, thank you nonna

No. 1684956

File: 1666753209784.png (373.26 KB, 1208x596, Screen Shot 2022-10-25 at 19.5…)

I would kill myself if someone published this admission from me in the NYT

No. 1684960

Loling at the “wet cupping.png”

No. 1684987

the midlife crisis is palpable

No. 1685013

weirdo. she was attractive and she’s made it intentionally difficult to find pictures of her before she was 30, the only reason the pic you’re replying to exists is because it was when she got arrested and subsequently violently molested by cops which was when she started writing. “black and white is cheating” just kill yourself moid.

No. 1685022

>”all heterosexual sex is rape" – that gets them onto Dworkin.
dworkin never said this or wrote this in any way shape or form. anyone who says she did is immediately signaling never having read her work. ez but sad they’re so obviously retarded and refuse to read anything.

>Anna says dworkin's polemic is "so obviously rooted in insecurity and lack"

>They make fun of Dworkin's appearance, Dasha says Dworkin was never a victim of male desire, Anna adds "yeah that's why she so mad"
like i said in my post above, dworkin was radicalized by the violence of male desire forcibly imposed on her, from being preyed on by her high school teachers and fucked by her corrupt college professors, cops molesting her to her own husband violently raping her on a daily basis at some points and bashing her skull against the wall. if they bothered reading her work, or even shitty secondary sources, all of this would be made very clear; but they don’t give a shit, they just get off on parroting reactionary moral panic rhetoric over dworkin from decades ago. anyone who has even a slight amount of respect for a&d at this point needs to be euthanized as far as i’m concerned. if anything dasha envies dworkin’s position as an actual victim of male desire at its most abject and violent, because she’s internalized male violence as a fetish. fucking pathetic excuse for a woman and a human being that cashew is.

No. 1685033

They didn't say Dworkin wrote that, they said that was taught in lib arts college.

No. 1685044

Given they both said Dworkin is just ~mad about sex and men~ because she’s uglee, it’s obvious they also believe that lol.

No. 1685048


art anybody cares about to Rohit is Yet Another Memex Statically Generated Site hosted on GitHub pages/Netlify using plugins somebody else wrote for VS Code and owning Woke Leftist Big Tech companies by grooming young girls on Discord/Minecraft

they really out here pumping out thousands of DIY at home python code camp zoomers just to exclusively shit out glorified hello world() tutorials, install XMPP servers and register cool domains for their self-hosted simulacrum of a personal website that unironically exists as +

No. 1685049

all three of these people are sub-IQ retards who should comment on any thing(bait)

No. 1685052

the mid to ugly anorexic bitches are actually resentful mentally unstable chubby yaaaaas girls who are jealous that she has an actual career in modeling and art and they grovel to pedophiles in a group chat for money while they are virgins who can't drive and work at starbucks or whatever.

No. 1685103

The funny part is that Anna's behavior is blatantly that of a woman who literally has no clue what it's like to be deluged with dick 24/7 since puberty, let alone being tired of it. She can't fathom taking issue with even the most grotesque expressions of male sexual desire because any of it is very obviously an alien, luxurious experience to her even though it's entirely mundane for every normal woman. I wouldn't be surprised if on some level she's jealous of what Andrea went through because pickmes are so deprived of positive male attention they think shit like rape and abuse is aktually because you're such a 10/10 irresistible gigastacy the man can't help himself. The fact that Andrea threw it all away and had the gall to be openly disgusted with something Anna desires the most really is the cherry on top.

The pickme state of mind is probably similar to how anachans cannot imagine having good metabolism and not gaining 50 lbs from merely imagining cake or inhaling burger fumes. The Dworkin situation probably evokes much of the same visceral seething as watching someone pigging out every day in an attempt to deliberately gain weight, yet remaining skinny. Women like Anna, Shayna, gimpgirl and other abnormally ugly 2/10 omegabeckies don't know what it's like to be courted or properly simped for because they've literally never experienced this, and never will. They have to cope by telling themselves that true desirability is when a man nuts in you without a condom, tells you he'd fuck you if you paper bagged it or fapped to your onlyfans/podcast instead of fucking his wife. Bleak.

watch her casually try to flex how much men do for her after this kek

No. 1685127

Doesn’t he mean overstate? It really says something that the incisive “outsiders” to this scene are as dogshit and untalented as the people they follow around incessantly lol

No. 1685214

File: 1666790390424.png (905.5 KB, 640x1733, 48ED46C7-197D-4C97-A8AC-18445B…)

Was Dasha in some incel twitter space earlier? Who is Incel Freak?

No. 1685232

NYC is so cooked lol. with both hollywood and online media decentralized, their only real cultural exports have been priced out of the city a decade ago. so now NYC is left with dork hedge fund partners paying the new york times and vanity fair for puffpieces for their unaccomplished, aging mid-30s failchildren. the glamor and "appeal" to NYC is fully gone, and everything else is extreme cope over paying $3000 for a 800-sq ft studio apartment

No. 1685248

I don't think her tweets are even egregiously pickme enough to warrant posting here or going viral, I don't get why she always gets so many seething moid replies

No. 1685256

very accurate

No. 1685257

I don’t know why you’re so invested in trying to paint this woman as good looking

No. 1685258

Is she going to really delete her Twitter

No. 1685261

The people who live there are ugly and think they’re hot because they wear therealreal

No. 1685269

I listened to the episode last night and enjoyed it as well. As a long time Jack hater in these threads I must admit he was more engaging than Ellis. Ellis just talked about how nostalgic he was about 80s LA without ever giving you a feeling for why. Jack managed to have amusing takes without the annoying dollar store Paglia pose he's had in the past.

I agree that Fatie Noire is much better after the MAGAts drummed him out. How he got to his mid 30s as a gay man in the south without knowing exactly what was in store for him is beyond me. Nevertheless I will always cherish the laughs he and his drag queen friend gave me during that sensitive time.

No. 1685274

I don't really even care about the Dworkin thing but this is such an ironic thread to say this in

No. 1685293

kek. dworkin was prettier at dashas age than dasha ever has been

No. 1685296

The way I almost jumped down your throat screeching COPE!! before I took a breath and realized you’re absolutely right lol, and I say this as a longtime resident who’s paying nowhere near the ridiculous rents newcomers pay. New York 85% sucks but the Stockholm syndrome is real

Ha I still think New York edges out smaller towns/cities in terms of attractive people. There is a very noticeable uptick in obesity among trendy 20somethings though, like the type of girl to be 300 pounds and wearing a Lisa Says Gah crop top. Way more dysgenic male troons and sinister they/thems than ever before too, you often see these two types out together. The 2020s feel like some kind of tipping point and not the good kind

Best read of Anna in this thread and it’s not even close

No. 1685302

so fucking true nonnie. thank you. the gimpgirl comparison is so sad but true too, that would be anna without the pod and publicity

No. 1685306

> pickmes are so deprived of positive male attention they think shit like rape and abuse is aktually because you're such a 10/10 irresistible gigastacy the man can't help himself. The fact that Andrea threw it all away and had the gall to be openly disgusted with something Anna desires the most really is the cherry on top.
Exactly. They’re so obsessed with male attention without realizing men fuck anyone and anything, that it’s not actually any indication of your worth besides as a non human sex object. By calling Dworkin fat and ugly they show not only how obsessed they are with men, but how obsessed they are with men being obsessed with them. Their lives revolve around it because, despite all their claims of otherwise, they’re completely unfulfilled, especially “spiritually.” Dworkin understood how worthless and banal male sexual desire is. She had an excess of it in her youth and it nearly killed her. She very, very intentionally made herself less attractive and gave up all sexual relationships with men on purpose. Her lesbianism was political. Every single part of this is completely nonsensical to Anna and Dasha because, well, they are narcissists who think a man scowling at them on the street says something nice about who they are.

No. 1685350

they kinda are though, her mom owns a luxury purse brand and a Napa vineyard and is a landlord and her dad is a surgeon who also owns a lot of investment properties. It’s so funny for someone who’s never worked a day in their life to be like “muhhhh i want a man who can save me from the spoils of labor 🥺🥺”

No. 1685419

OT but I think post-gentrification ATL has a higher beauty standard than NYC right now. Especially in the richer areas (Midtown, Virginia Highlands etc.) everyone is ridiculously hot and has lots of plastic surgery.

No. 1685428

Please use your brain it was a tweet generated by an AI everyone's been using

No. 1685437

does anyone else share the idea that honor levy is an extremely smart and just nice seeming person and her and matthew breaking up is prob the best thing that could’ve happened to her. i don’t know what she’s doing but i hope she’s ok(unsaged wk-ing)

No. 1685443

dunno about "extremely smart" kek, but she does seem much more kindhearted than most people in this scene and i hope shes still on the path to undoing the damage thats been done to her by being surrounded by these freaks. agree that breaking up with matthew was the best decision shell make at this point in her life, dasha should take a hint

No. 1685455

Idk about all that but he was clearly awful and drove her insane and is now sucking the life out of Dasha. If one of them wrote a fictional version of him it'd be called over the top and unbelievable.

No. 1685456

File: 1666812817088.jpg (78.62 KB, 607x611, honor hands typed this.jpg)

No. 1685462

kek yeah mb extremely smart was a bit of a reach, but in the ny scene , i’d say she’s def smarter than many. at the least just has some sense of integrity and common sense that many lack and that that i hope brings her to better things

No. 1685465

That must be an old photo, she only has one chin.

No. 1685466

ok mb i’m reaching i just have high hopes for the girl i’m sorry

No. 1685471

Such a hot incisive contrarian take for Anna and Jack to have on Dworkin, totally not the same tired shit every socon has ever said about her.

I agree with all the Dworkinposting and am very grateful her books are available for free online. Supposedly none of her friends ever remembered her dating a woman despite her avowed lesbianism. It's a shame that she ended up with that troon-supporting homo who betrayed her after she died, but we're all damaged in some way

No. 1685503

I find amusement in the fact that Dworkin deliberately made herself fat and ugly to stop being a sex object, whereas natural stubby fatty Anna is starving herself to finally qualify as an okayish cumdumpster. Anna really chose the wrong smart Jewish girl to project her becky ressentiment upon.

No. 1685520

saw him recently shopping in uniqlo. even more hideous and shlubby irl

No. 1685523

even honor knows how to sage i think haha

No. 1685524

No. 1685526

nonnie dworkin is objectively ugly. it doesn't make the scarethots right about her but like please be real

No. 1685529

matthew is so fucking ugly it actually makes me physically sick when his photo is posted here

No. 1685530

the last hurrah for new york was def the late 90s early 2000s meet me in the bathroom stuff.

They even made a documentary about it now

No. 1685537

I agree

No. 1685547

For sure. If I was better at shooping I would have made it a gif with “sage” being deleted from the email field intentionally lol

No. 1685557

The more I think about Anna's Dworkin chimpout, the funnier it gets. Dworkin is in many ways similar in appearance to Anna, in a sense that she's a Jewish woman with "warm" features. They're the same type, even though Anna looks like a bad taxidermy of younger Andrea.

If Andrea was uglier, had Anna's Armenian low IQ and cowardly obsession with being liked (which she's deeply ashamed of), she'd probably end up being a slightly more pathetic version of Camille Paglia. I wonder if she'd try to have a cope mullet to sell herself on the idea that she's just too naturally beautiful for "cheap tricks" like makeup and hair (and therefore can afford ugly art hoe fashion), only to try to yassify herself into a Shein Kardashian as soon as people pointed it out.

No. 1685572

>low iq
>jew jew jew
this is such a weird, disgusting, flat out wrong moid-think post. not saying you're a moid, but my god youre infected by them. andrea is the antithesis of pedophile paglia and no change in appearance would make her anything like her, or anna. as other anons said, andrea's life was her politics, and she rejected male desire under patriarchy after being so victimized by it. anna's politics are the result of being an obsessive pickme who wishes she were in the position andrea was.

No. 1685573

yeah she was notorious for selfposting on 4/lit/ if you look in the archives

No. 1685575

>Supposedly none of her friends ever remembered her dating a woman despite her avowed lesbianism.
She fucked women a lot in college (she went to Bennington, lol) but only had relationships with men. she definitely wasnt a lesbian except through her eventually refusing to have sex with men at all

No. 1685579

Appearance wouldn't change much about her. She'd just have to be a) as dumb and b) as weak willed as Anna to default to the same copes she brilliantly described in Right Wing Women. Anna is ultimately a weak individual, both spiritually and intellectually, trying and failing to sell her lifetime of quietly taking Ls as some sort of "stoicism" because she wouldn't be able to revolt against them anyway. That's all there is to it.

No. 1685640

>Dworkin is in many ways similar in appearance to Anna, in a sense that she's a Jewish woman with "warm" features. They're the same type, even though Anna looks like a bad taxidermy of younger Andrea.
She might even have sexual trauma similar to Dworkin. Anna gives major molested vibes and claims to have been a teen prostitute. They're also both from New Jersey.

No. 1685646

her gay male bestie betraying her and her legacy was a sign of things to come. as soon as straight men stopped beating them gay men betrayed women to pander to straight dick ala fat jack. i hope gay men continue to encroach on and attempt to ingratiate themselves into straight men's world, would love to see a female culture flourish by and for women without them pulling all the strings. women collectively need to break up with the toxic gay bestie.

No. 1685649

>claims to have been a teen prostitute
not prostitution. she said she was technically sex trafficked by some older men when she was a teen. someone transported her somewhere across state lines for the purpose of sex and no one stopped them or looked out for her (dad dead, mom apparently not paying attention). this story usually comes up when she is shitting on other women for talking about their personal traumas, like she'll be on some tip about how you don't hear her crying about it all day.

No. 1685652


It's been firmly established over and over agian that she isn't even remotely jewish. I don't know why people bringing this up, you're playing right into her narccisstic fantasy identity she's created for herself.
Also the Armenian thing she's shown to be very distant and completely irrelevant to her, like most of her other play acting identity/victimization "claims".


>Anna gives major molested vibes and claims to have been a teen prostitute. They're also both from New Jersey.

Again, the claims of being 'sex trafficked' turned out to be complete BS. She went to a party outside of NJ and had sex with a friend of her BFs. She then decided this constituted 'interstate sex trafficking', alluded to it once on the pod, and then coyly danced around it without ever elaborating again, allowing her to play the victim.
It came out much later on ther sub what actually happened and she tried to play it down like she hadn't got away with pretending to be a literal victim of sex trafficking for years.

No. 1685653

> They're also both from New Jersey.
this made me lose it lmao

No. 1685657

her dad hadn't even died yet i don't think. she loves excusing herself from having any empathy for others. i imagine she probably learned this behavior from her mother not showing her any. my hunch is that she had the type of mother who was her first rival which is why her pickmeism is so terminal. doesn't she have a normal sister who's scapegoat status helped her evade becoming a narc like anna and her mother?

No. 1685660

>i would NEVER publicly discuss my sexual traumas! what kind of vapid hooah could even imagine such a thing?
>anyway, here is the story of my sexual trauma. subscribe red scare dot patreon dot com

No. 1685663

So what I'm gathering here is that Anna is a the "fucked a bunch of men, regretted it and manufactured victimhood" type she herself spoke against. Why am I even expecting anything but projection to come out of her mouth?
Moids believe that might makes right. Your comment about gay moids actually reminded me that homophobia is nothing but a way for men to act as though all men are rapists, but keep women from following suit. If you assume that all men who are interested in men are predators, you can protect your straight bussy with impunity by beating and killing any fag while also making it about gayness, not maleness.

No. 1685664

I'm guessing there's a good dose of "dad wanted a boy" there. Anna said that she'd be a pooner if she were younger kek

No. 1685666

her dad died when she was already of age (college sophomore). yeah i wasn’t sure if the "trafficked across state lines" bit was the same as her claim of prostitution. i swear she claimed to be an actual whore at one point in her life on some episode. knowing that she is officially a narc, i would not put it past her to just make shit up.

No. 1685672

if she was an actual whore her beliefs about men would be very different kek

No. 1685674

so there wasn't anything weird or bad about the situation at all beyond what she personally decided to do? i get why she'd feel wronged if the guy who fucked her was a grown man or something, but if it's just a story about how she cheated on her boyfriend with a different teenager, that's the most melodramatic way to describe it i can imagine lmao

No. 1685677

the trafficking claims were first made after she had pissed off a bunch of "indie" porn stars. can't recall the details but it's in this episode.

No. 1685686

what about all the fucked up drawings she made as an 8 yr old? was she molested? was she precocious? was it childhood narc behavior? apparently, 8 yrs old is around the time when narcissism starts to emerge.

narc really is the best way to explain the pathological lying, grandiose sense of self, the insanely bold claims she makes on matters she knows nothing about, and the haircut of course.

No. 1685692

I always found nonnies' reaction to her drawings super exaggerated kek I made a few drawings like those and made my barbie dolls fuck around the same age and I was never abused, I just had friends, some of whom were older (around 9-11 yo, not teenagers), who knew of and told us about sex

No. 1685740

i'm both completely unsurprised yet profoundly disappointed that cobra snake even has a shred of relevancy going into the 2020s. Fucking hell Mark Fisher was so right.

No. 1685746

you need to lose weight Honor

No. 1685750

if there's lots of plastic surgery it's full of ugly fucks that have purchasing power, not "hot" people

No. 1685759

so fucking based and true. gay men are some of the biggest misogynists around. men are men regardless of sexuality, and they all absorb the same filth from the same society that hates women.

No. 1685760

she reminds me of a lot of girls with eating disorders who had a mom who also had one and turned it into a competition

No. 1685766

if you can see the plastic surgery it's not good and probably doesn't make anyone "hot" lmao

No. 1685787

This is true, and unfortunately I think we've reached the point where people think even shoddily done plastic surgery looks "good" simply because it functions as a (retarded) status symbol, combined with unrealistic and just plain bizarrely exaggerated beauty standards from filters/photoshop/etc.

No. 1685806

i can only imagine what surged up ATL "hot" looks like. inb4 wisdom tooth physique

No. 1685811


OT another lifelong NYC resident chiming in. I agree in one sense that I hate just about every single thing about Downtown Manhattan/North and Central Brooklyn at this point in my life and think NYC arts&culture is just absolutely fucking dead, full of boring ass horrible people and retarded overpriced standards of living, but the upper half of Manhattan (Midtown and up) is still very charming and oldschool NYC, and I would love to live in little walk up on the UES if I could afford it and was plugged into some kind of Columbia educated, upper east side social set. Also east/central queens is very affordable and some areas you can rent a massive multiple bedroom tudor style apartment with original 1920s features for like 2k but that isn't of value to transplants although I know of scarethots who have begun to colonize ridgewood/jackson heights which makes me nervous.

I have to disagree with the statement about attractive women tho; NYC is still home to the largest amount model agencies in the world and public transportation/walkable makes it the least fat city in the US, cause people don't just sit in their cars all day.

No. 1685831

File: 1666842205879.jpeg (148.21 KB, 827x956, A56B2512-8BAE-444B-8E53-589D3C…)

I swear they all make the same tweets. Like being an unemployed “writer”/wannabe influencer sucking up to the likes of asukahomo and whining on your phone all day is a job

No. 1685832

says the man who went on about people who thought blonde was a bad movie being wrong

No. 1685841

Parasitic moids seething about women getting the prestigious jobs moids always had (now they're fake jobs of course, a perfect mirror of programming becoming high status the second men start getting into it) will never not be funny. Go lay some bricks like the blue collar workers your type loves to glorify, you useless nutsack

No. 1685856

today in moids scraping the barrel for perceived slights from women:

No. 1685875

This was largely what drove me from twitter. The basic MO is taking tiktok videos from women in the tech professional space and SEETHING that they arent working real jobs. Only, "River" and many of the other snarling moids dont have a real job themselves. So they rely on twitter bots to drown out any responses that they should just kill themselves

No. 1685889

For men who believe women shouldn’t work and should stay at home, a comfortable well paid job with great benefits and flexibility disturbs them so much.

Men casting a light on women’s fake jobs is cope for the emasculation they feel at their own desk jobs. Throw stones at techie women, yet the men feel malaise for being an e-mail slave. Every tiktok start up manager woman is grateful and content while moids have existential angst for doing their own fake work. Stop tweeting about tiktok girls and go get a plumbing apprenticeship

As for a gay male commenting on women in simultaneous spite and envy, old news

No. 1685890

I can’t believe he’s still making tired ass tweets like this

No. 1685907

wasn't the story that her boyfriend pimped her out to his friend

No. 1685908

last time his twitter showed up was months ago and a double take, literally the exact same genre of schitck on the exact same subjects

No. 1685915

once again we take the bait. I don't know if he's actually as stupid as he seems and enjoys sharing that for attention, or if he says stupid shit on purpose to get reactions out of people, or both those things at once, but it's definitely some kind of bait.

No. 1685945

Wasn’t this the guy who had that embarrassing “Twink Revolution” podcast

No. 1685967

Those tiktoks usually show nothing about the actual tasks they're doing, it's all about how pretty their offices are and what they're eating at lunch.
For all you know they might be trust-fund interns trying to be influencers.
I don't see the point of getting emotionally attached to any of this social media crap.

No. 1686029

don’t murder me for asking to be spoon
fed but is there any milk on peter vack and betsey brown? their whole family seems to have insane milky potential

No. 1686074

For all we know they are actually working, it's a fucking laptop job, you can't really document that. The poolside project manager girl tiktok described perfectly and succinctly what a PM does. These are only fake jobs in the sense that/to the extent that management consulting is a grift and tech/silicon valley loves funding parasites so long as they can speak their language, but the main beneficiaries of that are men. The wework cult shitlord just got a bazillion dollars in VC money to burn on weed and private jet trips, Elon Musk is literally just a marketer who doesn't know shit about the technology his companies build that he claims credit for, but you don't see these fuckwits complaining about them because men pulling that shit is just another tuesday

No. 1686108

are these scrotes who spend all day on twitter any different? even if they had a ""real job"", they're clearly not working it - with timestamped evidence from their tweets.
wework completely FAILED. executives grossly misused funds, and adam just recently received another multibillion angel round for a new scam company. there are former wework employees who are financially ruined from their stock options becoming worthless overnight. its appalling to see this level of fraud and then see men who dont work ""real jobs"" criticize women in tech

No. 1686120

Yes, that's him

No. 1686135

they seethe because financially comfortable women = moids dying alone

No. 1686140

>Men casting a light on women’s fake jobs is cope for the emasculation they feel at their own desk jobs
yup. and jealousy. ask any of them and they literally all admit that they wish they had these "fake cushy jobs" lol. not only is it self-deluding (those women are doing just as much work as any first world desk worker in some tech job), it's pure spite for seeing women happy in what's obviously an extremely curated and edited video meant to be consumed in seconds and advertise the company. i dont know how angry and bitter you have to be to see someone enjoying their job with great benefits and a gay salad bar and conclude from it that women are evil capitalists and everything is hopeless and doomed.

No. 1686148

It's really that simple. These are the women who would've been oppressed housewives of these pathetic failmales 100 years ago.

No. 1686166

moids loved useless capitalism and made it part of muh skulinity until it turned out that it lifts women out of poverty sometimes. now they're all anticapitalist retvrn homesteaders or soy leftoids, how incelesting!

really shows that everything about moids is defined in relation to women and access to them, even if these moids are gay

No. 1686209

He is very stupid and there is no hidden intellect with him

No. 1686213

He is very stupid and there is no hidden intellect with him

No. 1686257

File: 1666896970781.jpeg (841.46 KB, 1284x1365, A0AF2ACA-D0AC-4827-A466-1F2ED6…)

Was Oliver Bateman her most recent co-host?

No. 1686262

Yes they did the What's Left podcast together for quite a while.

I need more context. Is Oliver complimenting her here or mocking her and calling her crazy like we all suspected he thought of her?

No. 1686269

File: 1666897586902.jpeg (655.89 KB, 1284x1531, 4AD688C2-CFE2-4B09-AB9B-F7BB20…)

It’s a response to this exchange. The Marty guy used to be her #1 Simp but even he changed his tune

No. 1686270

File: 1666897739998.png (930.74 KB, 1104x1152, aimee as lizard queen.png)

I see. went to look for myself. we were right about him.

No. 1686273

File: 1666897850412.png (146 KB, 1122x550, the male is useless.png)

oh shut up. he knows he didn't even have a show without her.

No. 1686288

>walkable makes it the least fat city in the US
Lol there is no way that's true

No. 1686296

it's not kek

No. 1686298

Not gonna google it but I think I’ve read it’s Denver

No. 1686313

File: 1666901907576.jpeg (224.9 KB, 606x661, 8A393E62-66CF-4B9B-939D-EEC0A4…)

Woah, I guess u/dashasbf really was Matthew after all..!

No. 1686315

my sarcasm/irony detector is broken, I can't tell who's saying what about what here.

No. 1686318

Okay it might not be the very least fat, I will say for a fact Ive never seen a deathfat irl in my whole life in NYC. It's def less fat than most parts of america and that probably has a lot to do with not being so reliant on cars. Gross anachans tho, I've seen about a million

No. 1686319

lol wasn't dash recently talking about 'how well moderated' the sub was with it's insanely ban happy mods

No. 1686320

Anna and Dasha have watched porn from a very young age and still continue to do so? How common is this? I get seeing it young on the playground, but actively seeking it? As a woman? I don’t get it anons.

No. 1686323

I’ve never seen a deathfat and I live in the south. Deathfats don’t leave their homes/cars, they are always a rare sight.

No. 1686328

it's very common, nonnie… most women aren't radfems nor do they want to be. videos of hot men jerking off are all over twitter getting tens of thousands of likes and they're not mostly from gay men.

No. 1686345

Ikr? I like Dworkin, despite my disagreements with her, but she was very homely looking and fat—even young. Not that that probably stopped any sexual assault/harassment since being unattractive doesn’t spare anyone from abuse.

No. 1686373

moid turns on a pickme, love this for her

No. 1686376

moidlets expose you to it eventually, dashka isn't old enough to not experience the minimoids playing porn clips on their flip phones at school phenomenon

No. 1686398

Aimee is crazy but Oliver is a huge pos for this honestly. He had no problem egging her on despite her obviously being deeply mentally unwell, and was fine with it until the stuff she said eventually stopped it from being financially advantageous for him. If he were still making money off of her downward spiral, he would be on the podcast not saying shit about it.

No. 1686402

From what I remember, one of her Armenian friends gave her as a "gift" to one of his friends before his wedding when she was 16/17. She says she learned to forgive them and that it was a cultural thing.

No. 1686405

she definitely implied that she was pimped out at one point and that it was her boyfriend, not her friend

No. 1686428

"armenian" being a white American guy from NJ just like she is.

No. 1686435

In that 2019 podcast episode Anna says she had sex for money after Dasha flat out asked her. “I don’t talk about my personal life on here” going on about that then “I have been a literal whore in the past and I have done it against my will as a teenager. And that’s a true story friends, I’m not merely a hostess I’m also a whore. This has happened to me like Epstein style in suburban New Jersey.” (dasha gasps and says oh my god) “I’m serious I’m serious scouts honor. I know what sex work is and my personal feeling about it is that most people go into it out of economic necessity and or against their will.”

No. 1686442

File: 1666913170051.jpg (117.83 KB, 960x956, anna.jpg)

Now it's 'prostitute/abused sex trafficking survivor'
there is no maligned culture/situation/tragedy she won't co-opt, hollow out, and skinwalk as part of her grubby grief mongering larping.

This just reminded me of the time on IG she claimed she was a survivor of both the holocaust and the Armenian genocide in the same sentence.

No. 1686463

Gotta say that it is so satisfying to see Anna outed as the cluster bee fraud that she is. It has always been obvious that Dasha is a crazy bitch but even Anna is unraveling now

No. 1686464

In my anecdotal experience it's moids that introduce it to women, but that is the extent of it, women don't become active watchers. Dash claims she enjoys watching porn and that she's too high IQ to ever get porn sick (lol).

No. 1686489

Listening to the Pariah/Dasha space from last week, and the hon says he hasn't looked at lolcow since Dasha warned him against it. Doubt.

No. 1686497

This is the exact the quote I was referring to. It’s unclear if her prostitution story was the same as her being "gifted" to another man barbaric mountain-people style.

No. 1686500

thanks for the recap nona! i'm listening to the same episode rn. she says the quote u posted verbatim at 8:15 or so, then at 9:25 "a lot of people accuse me of whorephobia, but how can you accuse a whore of that?"
she said "as a teenager" multiple times in the part i listened to lol
right after she talks about how she was a "whore against her will", she also went on quite a bit about how the majority of women in sex work do it against their will due to desperation and that economic sustenance would go a long way to stop women from becoming prostitutes. she never comes out and says "i was a child prostitute because i desperately needed money" or whatever but that was like very clearly her implication that she had gone through poverty or some situation forcing her to whore. didn't she grow up upper-middle class? seems very disingenuous of an implication. all this because she cheated on her boyfriend at a party and regretted it kek

No. 1686511

she did grow up upper middle and she says it happened in suburban NJ, so she can’t be talking about the "trafficked across state lines" story. the "epstein style" comment is really interesting to me as a lot of the epstein victims where also upper middle class from respectable families.

No. 1686512

Dasha was a joke but Anna has always been seen as the crazy one.

No. 1686514

I mean he isn't wrong though kek

No. 1686517

I'm not seeing how this exchange proves that nonna

No. 1686520

I must be a radfem supreme then, because nothing interests me less than watching a moid jerk off. I'd be more aroused by watching paint dry.

No. 1686531

fondle balls, pay the toll

No. 1686532

That sure sounds like sex trafficking to me. Which makes Anna's refusal to read Dworkin in good faith even dumber, because she could learn something relevant.

Boys were making girls look at their dad's porn magazines behind the schools before flip phones, so age is irrelevant

No. 1686533

Go without porn for long enough and you will never want to see it again. I’m serious.

No. 1686535

I think whatever happened when she was younger is separate from what she’s alluding to in the more recent past with her I’m not just a hostess line. Sounds like she’s saying she was a “whore” not long before the podcast, or wants to round up something she did in her broke hostess days to hooking.

No. 1686539

Also Dasha is auditioning for a Russian prostitute role in a "shitty" TV show.

No. 1686540

And she definitively confirms Succession didn't invite her back

No. 1686542

File: 1666918820576.png (65.81 KB, 1047x459, Screen Shot 2022-10-27 at 7.59…)

No. 1686544


No. 1686547

the entire ecosystem of moidlets and their fathers is so fucking inbred and icky

No. 1686558

Thank you for summarizing nonnie, I know this sort of shit happens but I can't help but doubt Anna on this. If you've known a narcissist you know that no matter what you say, they miraculously have some story about how something similar BUT SO MUCH WORSE happened to them. You have a cold? That's nothing, the narc has walking pneumonia, scurvy and a broken foot. Easy to imagine Anna got in some Twitter spat with sex workers, and suddenly not only has she been an oppressed sex worker too, but she was totally human trafficked, AND it was across state lines so it was a federal crime so she actually had it worse! Narcs have to compulsively one-up you, especially if it grants them glory or advantageous victim status. Anna plays the same identity politics as everyone she critiques.

>"a lot of people accuse me of whorephobia, but how can you accuse a whore of that?"
lmao see, very telling. pretending to be a prostitute to shield herself from criticism from something she said about prostitutes. typical self-dramatizing cluster B

No. 1686559

>videos of hot men jerking off are all over twitter getting tens of thousands of likes
>and they're not mostly from gay men
Only true if the "they" that "aren't mostly from gay men" here is the hot men in the videos kek women watch porn but not of dudes jacking off, wtf are you smoking

Extremely cool thing to say about a show you're trying to be in, Dasha! I'm sure they will be impressed by what a cool don't-give-a-fuck edgelord you are and drop to their knees begging you to be in it

No. 1686581

Pariah has a book deal with Matt Forney and is doing a reading of his novel in November.

No. 1686584

File: 1666922301902.png (56.75 KB, 1256x266, Screen Shot 2022-10-27 at 9.55…)