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File: 1609800425529.jpeg (85.27 KB, 640x851, bedframe.jpeg)

No. 1122110

Thread about pickme women and gays, primarily from Twitter and Youtube, who claim to be practicing Socialism or Marxism. Commonly known as The Dirtbag Left, many associated with the scene are not leftists at all. twitter e-girl uwu smol beans are on-topic in that they all follow and interact with the cows.
>Media associated with this scene:
Podcasts like Red Scare, Chapo Trap House, True Anon, The Antifada, The Perfume Nationalist, What’s Left, and The Nice People Show

The Rundown:
>boring aspiring Anna-adjacent cow @bimboubermensch comes to the thread to post about herself, plans to start podcast >>>/snow/1110986
>@KBULTRA0 comes after Anna, Dasha comes to defend her and calls herself a legitimate artist >>>/snow/1111052
>Aimee Terese goes after Liz Bruenig again, despite subscribing to the Bruenig’s Patreon. >>>snow/1111826
>Dasha’s new film, The Scary of 61st Street, will be premiering at the Berlin International Film Festival in March >>>/snow/1111849
>Anna K claims her Manhattan apartment ‘is a dump’ >>>/snow/1112076
>Lead singer from one hit wonder Eve 6 simps for @christlover2000 on IG >>>/snow/1112455
>music video for Eve 6 heart in a blender song for context >>>/snow/1113980
>Anna supportive of article from right-wing pro-Trump magazine about how the Republican Party is actually populist and working class >>>/snow/1113323
>anon provides milk on J. Arthur Bloom doxxing circle on right-wing twitter >>>/snow/1113571
>Aimee does show with Neo-Nazi @DarrenJBeattie, who was fired by the Trump administration for being associated with white nationalists. Anna K expresses her support >>>/snow/1114523
>Aimee photoshops her groyper head onto another woman’s body for a schizophrenic Christmas card >>>/snow/1114558
>lexaprofessional (@queasy_f_bby) says she reads the leftcows threads >>>/snow/1115160
>Dasha blocks Kantbot >>>/snow/1115161
>twitter uwu bean drama: Libertad (@moldygreensalsa) and @warmtoned fight over shoes on Christmas >>>/snow/1115628
>picture of @internetkendra, who compares herself to Nicole Kidman in her prime >>>/snow/1115665
>pic of @warmtoned, who LARPs as a 16 year old e-girl in well into her late 20s >>>/snow/1115791
>Liz Bruenig says America isn’t a nation because it’s not an ethnostate >>>/snow/1116253
>@warmtoned’s cheap older boyfriend bought her a candle for Christmas >>>/snow/1116443
>Sameplan is joining the Brooklyn crowd >>>/snow/1116601
>disgraced former New York Times opinion writer Bari Weiss picks up Lasch and gives a shoutout to Anna K >>>/snow/1116647
>podcast Dead Posters Society has two rapist co-hosts, @ghouldisco and @citizen_ugly >>>/snow/1116982
>Deanna Havas (@DEEMAXXXXXX) subtweets Aimee for not being pro-Trump enough >>>/snow/1117057
>Briahna Joy Gray, ex-Bernie Sanders campaign press secretary, claims her opponents are CIA agents trying to exhaust her >>>/snow/1118363
>screencap from Dasha’s new movie about a gross threesome >>>/snow/1118583
>boring pick-me @bimboubermensch calls women “femoids” >>>/snow/1118680
>Aimee Terese picks fight with @alicefromqueens >>>/snow/1119292
>Nick Mullen creates a tiktok, posts racist jokes about Chinese people >>>/snow/1119371
>anons speculate over whether or not Anna K is pregnant and hiding a baby bump >>>/snow/1119554
>Nick Mullen spotted at Leia Jospe’s NYE party with Anna and Dasha >>>/snow/1119728
>Anna K gets a bed frame >>>/snow/1120182
>Aimee Terese (@shoe_sticky) suspended from twitter again after going after emrazz >>>/snow/1120427
>new Aimee Terese account (@suspendedaimee) >>>/snow/1121761

Old threads:
Thread #1: >>>/snow/949693
Thread #2: >>>/snow/1002060
Thread #3: >>>/snow/1020452
Thread #4: >>>/snow/1030945
Thread #5: >>>/snow/1031222
Thread #6: >>>/snow/1045687
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Thread #8: >>>/snow/1079281
Thread #9: >>>/snow/1097567
Thread #10: >>>/snow/1110930

No. 1122162

how did you include all this really boring autistic research in the OP and miss the rapememe saga?

No. 1122164

The person making these just summarizes the previous thread. They put the rapememe thing in the last OP.

No. 1122167

the rapememe stuff was in thread #9. the recap of it is linked in the OP of thread #10. he's been offline..

No. 1122168

What actually did KBs doxx on BAP contain that was discussed in the last thead?

No. 1122177

>disgraced former New York Times opinion writer Bari Weiss picks up Lasch and gives a shoutout to Anna K
I love how Lasch somehow became this based radical purveyor of secret knowledge for scarethots when he was literally an advisor to Jimmy Carter and one of Hillary Cinton's favorite authors

No. 1122182

File: 1609805626622.png (197.56 KB, 395x393, bap.png)

>Costin Vlad Alamariu
>doctorate at Yale
>mentored by David Sidorsky
>funded by the Jewish Institute for National Security of America
>brother (name unknown) is an exec at a major international bank

No. 1122189

I thought his dox has been public information for like two years? I knew his name before the leaked Kantbot DM from the last thread

No. 1122191

the unique thing about kantbot's dox might have been his brother being a banker? don't know for sure. but yeah, his real identity has long been known, but it didn't become common knowledge until the kantbot spat.

No. 1122194

According to people who pay for his podcast everyone had this for years because the charge comes in his brother's name, I don't even keep up with the RW part of twitter much and I had this info before KB tried to doxx him. I don't understand where KB was trying to go with this, did he think it was new info? How? He's been around these people for years.

No. 1122199

kanbot is a shcizo who thinks the cia cares about his shitposting. don't try and apply to much logic to his dumb actions because there is none.

No. 1122200

His brother is an international banker named Dan

No. 1122204


He's romanian? cackling lol

No. 1122214

File: 1609808874222.png (622.74 KB, 680x425, yYdnOgi.png)

Someone posted an Imgur album with his high school yearbook photos too


No. 1122248

File: 1609812097062.png (695.73 KB, 767x775, garbagegroyp.png)

Aimme isn't even a good shitposter. Her sensibilities never strayed from 2014 /pol/yp baby talk. This is indistinguishable from your average anime Catholic groomer over half a decade ago.

No. 1122270

lol at unfunny Chapo (redundant) Felix posting an anti-cancel culture screed yesterday because of Bean Dad and then getting dunked on by a teenager with a Garfield av

No. 1122275

File: 1609815145528.png (207.22 KB, 595x492, Screen Shot 2021-01-05 at 12.4…)

Better at that than seriouspost, about herself

No. 1122282

File: 1609816147949.png (210.58 KB, 592x744, Screen Shot 2021-01-05 at 1.08…)

This ?

No. 1122322


She really lacks all self awareness and must present herself as the perpetual victim, as opposed to all the bugpeople she’d like to gas.


Got ‘im.

No. 1122354

File: 1609823245971.png (1.61 MB, 1552x2448, kbberto.png)

Berto has been melting down about Kantbot for days now.

No. 1122367

He’s tweeted about this so much even before these tweets. Why is he so hurt kantbot thinks he’s a loser.

No. 1122383

File: 1609826234089.png (666.68 KB, 1200x1062, Screen Shot 2021-01-05 at 12.5…)

Aimee may as well just come out as a right winger at this point

No. 1122398


No. 1122407


Is that what KB actually looks like? ‘Cause that looks like a living troll doll.


Only the utterly dense or the disingenuous don’t recognize that Aimee Terese is a National Socialist.

No. 1122453

Arent the people that write here supposed to be less losers than their monomaniacal targets? Liars too lol, twisted

No. 1122459

Anyone can post, greater or lesser losers, even the subjects of discussion and their friends and adversaries.
Which of these are you ?
More importantly, what are the lies ?

No. 1122524


Says the cow who can't even figure out how to sage.


Holy fuck this guy looks like a serial killer or a pedo. Or a serial killer pedo. Legit one of the creepiest looking dudes I've seen in a while. So of course the red scare sub thinks he's "hot."

No. 1122601

File: 1609861203052.png (56.51 KB, 589x563, tfwpsychosis.PNG)

Aimee is getting into some twitter scraps, she tweets so much so rapidly that it's hard to even keep track of half the wild shit she spouts

No. 1122606

Aimee's two co hosts and half her reply guys are openly writing for right wing think tanks, yeah people are so crazy to accuse you Aimee.

No. 1122609

File: 1609861549965.png (59.54 KB, 594x561, flabby.PNG)

If you disagree with her, you are apparently not only nonintellectual, but flabby

No. 1122612

Aimee Terese is such an ugly, twisted, cretinous cunt that she is absolutely obsessed with how much more feminine and fuckable some transwomen are in comparison to her totally ghoulish body.

And, BAP one hundred percent looks like some kind of sexual predator and murderer, but that’s also kinda to be expected of this scene. It’s not like anyone from RedScare, Chapo, TruAnon, or CumTown don’t similarly look like either basement dwelling scum or just genuine freaks.

No. 1122642

Lol put more effort in your refutal if you want to convince someone, you lazy cow or cow associate

No. 1122645

I don't know which one of these cows you are but the cia does not care about you or your shit posting. get a real job.

No. 1122667

Are you sure that is not a parody account?

No. 1122709

>bad lady get money from bad man
That's the entirety of your criticism of "girlbosses", you aliexpress Ms. Fuchi cosplay.

No. 1122741

I can't tell if he's being ironic or not about the "first person to turn on the scene he himself created"

No. 1122780

File: 1609872554367.png (30.37 KB, 588x320, nothin' bappin but the rain.pn…)

F or whatever

No. 1122923

Unless her co-host is in on the joke (he follows and has been replying to this account) then no, I don't think it's a parody account

No. 1122947

BAPPIN has a bazillion sockpuppet accounts. He'll be haunting Twitter forever, just like Aimee.

No. 1122984

Of course cows here are jared holt dominated racists, like race war types that get doxxed and fired and try to join antifa next, fucking gross losers(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1123041

File: 1609883160477.jpeg (641.28 KB, 1344x1330, B74C1FAD-D560-4868-A1B4-FF28DB…)

Nothing to show from 10+ years of “college “, known as university in Australia, where Wendy’s doesn’t exist

No. 1123075

File: 1609884609924.png (57.65 KB, 507x728, literallynazis.png)

all the screechers crying about ryder's fake cia logo are giving me life.

No. 1123083


Shut up, fascist.

No. 1123106

File: 1609885845553.png (165.58 KB, 781x544, Murdok.png)

2nd in charge at Murdok while studying, based prole

No. 1123114

File: 1609886419256.png (103.71 KB, 1184x530, Screen Shot 2021-01-05 at 5.40…)

she was hustling

No. 1123125

File: 1609887009823.png (1.32 MB, 1184x2066, Screen Shot 2021-01-06 at 9.49…)

roommate leia got a viral tweet from screen capping an Azealia Banks instagram story. she immediately starts plugging her shitty substack and begging for money in the mentions like the basic bitch she is. now she's complaining that people are attacking her lol

No. 1123128

File: 1609887197778.png (244.49 KB, 1178x1048, Screen Shot 2021-01-06 at 9.52…)

Leia also seems mad that people (including Dasha fyi) are attacking Ryder Ripps for the CIA rebrand?

No. 1123131

ryder didn't actually do it. turns out there's tons of people way dumber than ryder

No. 1123147

of course twitter pundits only frame of reference is the intercept. the website looks more like a direct rip off of https://blacksocialists.us/ probably because of who their trying to recruit

No. 1123148

File: 1609888078010.jpeg (202.05 KB, 828x1028, Eq_IBMYXYAMvHO9.jpeg)

when Adolph Reed said that Angela got "got" in the interview with Katie Halper, this is the email he sent Aimee when she confronted him about it (FredNietzky got a copy of it and is sharing it on his twitter)

No. 1123149

i guess you might as well sign up for the cia salary instead of just sowing racial divisions for free

No. 1123169

File: 1609888777056.png (299.56 KB, 1125x2001, 4F380F5D-59E4-413E-A5A5-F57CC9…)

Speaking of roommate Leia I saved this screenshot last year when she was taking questions from people and I don’t think it’s ever been posted anywhere.This is the story behind the Meg/red scare fall out, basically it was just over dumb high school shit, pretty disappointing tbh

No. 1123176

She's paranoid and schizophrenic but she's not wrong here lol

No. 1123210

“People” in journalism should get real jobs

No. 1123221


> Let’s be best.

How about you go fuck yourself?


I can really see Michael Brooks thought Adolph Reed was such a wicked cool dude.

No. 1123222

tbh there's an ice cream parlor chain in Australia named Wendy's

No. 1123224

holy shit, the palpable desperation in these tweets

No. 1123233

Why are leftists and "leftists" like this?

No. 1123247

File: 1609893321210.png (61.65 KB, 597x331, jbkjG7.png)

No. 1123262

idk who is more uninteresting between her and Caroline in the RS extended universe

No. 1123301

File: 1609897526865.png (126.46 KB, 748x1248, jackclapton.png)

Jack is in SJW mode over people making jokes about Eric Clapton's son dying almost 30 years ago.

No. 1123305

File: 1609897621330.png (181.12 KB, 1080x981, Screenshot_2021-01-05-19-35-54…)

Their own reddit seems to hate on the Red Scare duo more than anywhere else lmao. They are currently crapping on one of Dasha's selfies.

No. 1123307

He only pretends to care about this because of Clapton's reputation as a racist (therefore, he based!). Doubt he's ever listened to any of his music.

No. 1123318

that photo is really shopped, and the red scare for cis het men sub are even more dismissive

No. 1123320

File: 1609898319848.jpg (51.84 KB, 640x1138, true.jpg)

He might also be mad at Mullen because he made fun of bap recently.

No. 1123324

seriously can someone explain to me why all these cows think the Cia cares about them? most of these people are so mentally ill they can barely function on there own let alone change society.

No. 1123325

File: 1609898701301.png (151.1 KB, 1080x823, Screenshot_2021-01-05-19-35-40…)

Haven't been on that one. Don't their gay fans pride themselves on being even meaner? If this is what your fans have to say about you…

No. 1123350

jack hates bap and all the weightlifting nazis cause they fat shame him. hence his previous friendship with kb.

No. 1123354

I think either just actually paranoid schizophrenic or wanting to seem schizophrenic for some reason

No. 1123357

nta but they sincerely think they're on watch lists

No. 1123372

File: 1609901179928.png (15.66 KB, 188x134, Wendy's.png)

True, unlikely that's what she's referring to.
Main point of course being that it is outrageous to think that she or Angela would be so hideously debased as to have to work at an actual real job so far beneath both their dignity and intellectual brilliance.

No. 1123374

Does Aimee have a job outside of podcasting? She doesn't really write outside of Twitter or anything.

No. 1123376

I think she said she lost her job due to covid

No. 1123390

The CIA is legitimately evil and it makes them hard to think they are important enough for this evil entity to be interested in. As if the CIA gives a shit about inane contrarian podcasters and twitter shitheads who talk about how size sixes should kill themselves or how consent is neoliberalism or whatever.

No. 1123394

She did say that, but wouldn't say what the job was, and she lies

No. 1123403

Who the hell even is this person? So many random people got added to this thread I swear to god anons are making some of them up lmao

No. 1123405

What, really? I remember seeing him thirstposting about them

No. 1123477

File: 1609908093915.png (244.24 KB, 1200x1072, Screen Shot 2021-01-06 at 3.41…)

dasha hurt ryder ripps' feelings :(

No. 1123486

Lol Dasha plays bit parts in Showcase(? I think, who cares) and HBO productions, walked a runway show, advertises for big pharma, and shills her fave beauty products in NYLON magazine. Who is she kidding with this anti-corporate act?

No. 1123506

File: 1609909707164.jpeg (1.19 MB, 978x2048, 785A6EB8-90D9-4621-A7E7-3C5DF0…)

L spilled tea on herself here lol

No. 1123532

File: 1609914159369.png (121.57 KB, 1194x648, Screen Shot 2021-01-06 at 5.22…)

No. 1123536

File: 1609914895579.png (161.75 KB, 1182x806, Screen Shot 2021-01-06 at 5.31…)

Patrik still constantly making these bitchy little digs at Ben Mora, i hope Ben never takes the bait and just keeps Patrik seething

No. 1123538

File: 1609914997033.png (154.83 KB, 1168x490, Screen Shot 2021-01-06 at 5.35…)

remember this little meltdown because Ben made fun of gays who use the word "tea"

No. 1123541

Does she think he works for the CIA? Dasha, you aren't that cool. The CIA aren't bored enough to follow the mentally ill twitter antics of a wannarexic NYC podcaster. Stop trying to analyze politics and go back to seething over how you are totally hotter and more talented than Florence Pugh.

No. 1123581

It started out ironic (self-deprecating humor based on lefties being accused of blaming every political thing on the CIA, e.g. "I stubbed my toe, damn CIA!") but like everything else ironic on the internet became unironic after a few days since twitter personalities are too narcissistic and mentally ill to not huff the free copium of the CIA being behind people being mean to them online and not just that they're annoying losers.

No. 1123599

Does this >>1122182 look like a weightlifter to you?

No. 1123605

File: 1609924558673.png (591.86 KB, 862x736, Physique.png)

Contemplating this poast

No. 1123633

File: 1609928844958.jpg (23.33 KB, 400x400, 56785324.jpg)

is it me or have kantbot and logo just turned into angry replyguys for mcrumps posts

No. 1123639

So irony poisoned by Chapo Trap House that you think CIA field agents are stalking your moronic leftist twitter slap fights on behalf of the U.S. government.

No. 1123777

Mcrumps barely even tweets anymore. These thread has been overtaken by these people making up kantbot cia rumors and posting their boring boy drama, no real milk.

No. 1123892

ryder made dump so he will forever be based imo

No. 1123921

post the photos of what he actually looks like lol

No. 1123934

File: 1609956799663.png (234.69 KB, 652x615, ab6.png)

>care about this because of Clapton's reputation as a racist (therefore, he based!)

No. 1124050

So the rough timeline: Anna and Meg were good friends, started podcast, Leia became Anna’s roommate then Meg and Leia became friends? Leia is unstable, possibly jealous of Meg being third mic? My guess is she purposely inflamed the situation and caused issues between Anna and Meg. Meg lived with her boyfriend in a huge loft too, so Anna might’ve been secretly envious of that too

No. 1124084

File: 1609969039493.jpg (69.04 KB, 640x1138, uy8k30aeto961.jpg)

This is so uncomfortable.

No. 1124085

those aliexpress bottoms look like a diaper on her

No. 1124086

File: 1609969269452.jpg (43.19 KB, 640x589, x974wu33uq961.jpg)

What is with these people and Greta. Also keep the tweet up, coward.

No. 1124091

Aimee's new account already banned. RIP.

No. 1124107

Adam is known to have a penchant for very young girls, at the cusp of being legal. It was a funny joke, he shouldn't have deleted it.

No. 1124111

did she pop off any takes on the magatard riots before she got banned again?

No. 1124115

File: 1609972739958.jpeg (114.16 KB, 612x356, B474EF5B-02D6-47B2-85BE-EC91DF…)

No. 1124129

why do these people always think that someone is also some spoiled NYC rich kid (I use the term rich kid because that's how they act even though these cows are between 30-40) like them.

No. 1124130

Yeah, I've heard he's gross. Doesn't that pod consider themselves the pedo/creep hunters? They run in the same circles as him and probably don't want to make their friends mad though. They can be awfully sensitive for being anti-woke.

No. 1124131

>>1124107 >>1124130
Hooking up with 20-22 year old New School girls is gross but not exactly cusp of illegal. Not that I'd put worse past him.

No. 1124134

Major projection. The whole world must be privileged assholes getting art degrees in Brooklyn, with shitty podcasts, just like them. Most people are just here for a laugh and aren't necessarily even Americans. Also 90% of Anna and Dasha's airtime is dedicated to how other women are too fat, gauche, whorish, dumb, neoliberal, or whatever, to be successful- and they should be successful instead. Major cope.

No. 1124138


If they were such pedo hunters, Liz Franczak and Brace Belden would invite their good pals Heidi Matthews and, Michael Brooks’ employee, David Slavick on to explain why they think age of consent laws should be abolished.

No. 1124140

This is one of the worst descriptions of the lolcow userbase I've come across. This description sounds more like the people who actually listen to Red Scare.

No. 1124142

This person has said multiple things trashing lolcow and they don’t seem accurate. This one is especially dumb, why would everyone on here be living in Brooklyn, or even NY. I bet most are just scattered throughout the us, then the rest are in the U.K. and Europe

No. 1124143

Oh absolutely, they're massive fraudsters. Leftism is infested with pedos and pedo apologists but they completely ignore it like the brave crusaders they are. But that's how they brand themselves, deep in the trenches of investigative journalism lol.

No. 1124154

Exactly. Everyone in the sub and their fanbase in general is painfully obsessed with social signaling (What perfume would Dasha wear? What novels should I read? What’s the least neoliberal brand of laundry detergent?) and it’s clearly all cope and compensation.

No. 1124160

File: 1609977445465.png (782.09 KB, 1170x2532, CD23401A-F6A6-4FBA-A8B8-B7425F…)

Jack turns on Michael Tracey and Anna (she retweeted this) and then takes a dig at Glenn Greenwald

For someone who hates triggered libs and team sport politics, he’s very sensitive whenever anyone mildly makes fun of republicans

No. 1124161

Purchasing this 420 USD flimsy blouse made by Malaysian women in a sweatshop is socialism because Dasha says so.

No. 1124162

its hilarious the way these Capital Hill flash mobs are revealing so much about these grifters

"anti-fascist" Vaush, the Gravel teens and all the tiktok tankies/anarchists are demanding the state slaughter as many Trumpers as possible and that "there is no room for these people in our world"

CityBureaucrat and all the BAP-style right-wingers who mock conspiracy podcasts/CIA-obsessed leftists have descended into paranoia, claiming the rioters are Canadian “commies", not real Trump supporters lol

Jack, Deanna Havas etc. turning on Red scare/anti-woke journos like Tracey and Glenn for not taking the protestors seriously and deluding themselves that this will work

the Chapo fans/irony bros/ACABs having meltdowns begging for cops to come in cause they’re "so scared right now" and screaming fascist coup when we all know this is just more theatre and nothing will fundamentally change other than we now have some amazing photos of rednecks in viking gear taking selfies in Pelosi's office

No. 1124167

this is the worst time for Aimee to be suspended, she must be going insane

No. 1124173

Love the ACAB in bio people calling for mass slaughter because MAGA hats are pushing cops and trashing Nancy Pelosi's office lol. Really flexible ethics. Some MAGA goofs chased a lone cop up some stairs in the capital building (they were unarmed as far as I can tell) and leftist-anarchist types suddenly are all about blue lives and wanton state violence. Apparently a female protester was shot and killed so I'm sure they will be happy about that.

No. 1124187

File: 1609979191789.png (355.12 KB, 592x430, Dirty.png)

Bad enough she brings her filthy outside slides into her own bed.
Dirty streetwalking shoes on hotel cushions and couch shamelessly ? yuck

No. 1124193

Ugh shoes on furniture. Even worse on public furniture. I think it's really funny that constantly flaunting her body on the internet doesn't qualify as the narcissism she apparently loathes so much.

No. 1124196

why does she always go to hotels again?

No. 1124202

Not only is the shoes on furniture thing very gross, but its also a very ~cultureless American~ thing. You’d think such a proud Slavic woman would be more trad.
If I didn’t know I’d guess those were the legs of a 50 year old.

No. 1124212

safer than an outcall

No. 1124213


No. 1124224

>le yes meme xD
Back to twitter, newfag

No. 1124228

It's pure, unadulterated projection. A perfect reflection of their sub, literally no trace of anything even remotely connected to this place - beside the name

No. 1124244

She doesn't but Dasha does because she describes her living conditions as "abject"

No. 1124284

ryder is talented and cool. it's cool that he's stupid but can make all the right people mad

No. 1124286

File: 1609983897727.png (553.52 KB, 1170x2532, 48999B1A-DE2D-4FF8-9E81-1B7219…)

He’s so racist and vile

No. 1124287

File: 1609983937169.png (88.16 KB, 369x340, thats the joke.png)

Mock BAP poast

No. 1124295

it's not that deep, meg didn't fit in with the brand of the pod. they're all mean girls who hate each other.

No. 1124301

There's no way she doesn't already have a new account as is posting on it. If she doesn't then she must be having a major hangover from whatever her drug of choice is

No. 1124302

but the pad thai!

No. 1124333

First he was misogynist because the nice women at work were gifting him cake and forcing him to binge. Now he is racist because his food couriers aren't bringing his obese ass his meals fast enough. Funny that Dasha and Anna won't associate with any women over a size 0 but they will pal around with the fattest men with the most hideous fashion sense. He might actually be the grossest Red Scare orbiter.

No. 1124343

The entire nation of Thailand is responsible for making Jack obese. Also the disabled, immigrant, wage-slave, Uber Eats drivers. They should know better. Poor Jack can't help himself.

No. 1124346

Read this out of context, thought "Does this person have brain damage?", scrolled up, read "Leftcows" and it all made sense. They're all so painfully unfunny and dry.

No. 1124348

I think what he's actually upset about is his idea that well-off liberal white women are apparently ordering pad thai to their apartments every single day and exploiting poor food delivery people. He allegedly works as a doorman so he probably sees a lot of delivery drivers. Considering his size though I don't think it's his place to lecture anyone on take out and junk food.

No. 1124359


Jesus, what adult woman goes around dressed like this? It's like a cheap French maid costume from party city.

No. 1124365

That makes more sense but describing the delivery guys like something out of a freakshow or groutesquerie seems almost comically racist. And yeah I have a hard time believing Jack isn't utilizing delivery apps on the regular. Kind of a hollow critique coming from him. "No ethical consumption under capitalism" and all that. Isn't this a guy who spends an inordinate sum on luxury perfume? One of the most frivolous products imaginable.

No. 1124380

File: 1609990076312.png (69.47 KB, 578x395, s.png)

No. 1124425

File: 1609995078441.png (323.78 KB, 1077x1961, Screenshot_2021-01-06-22-46-40…)

r/redscarepod once again ruthlessly dunking on the people they are supposed to like.

No. 1124433

redscarepod is literally the only "dirtbag left" podcast sub left after chapo/cumtown got banned so its been flooded with garden variety libs and gen z wokescolds for months now (you could tell by the reaction to the propaganda episode weeks back)

No. 1124457

you think? because from today's top post it seems like retarded edgelords and rightoids are making the top posts and the more rational side of the post left is saying this shit sucks.

No. 1124462

File: 1610000667059.png (Spoiler Image, 925.81 KB, 1190x770, Screen Shot 2021-01-07 at 5.23…)


No. 1124469

They definitely seem to be loving the MAGAtard chaos unleashed on Capitol Hill today (not going to lie- some of those pictures had me rolling too) but they seem to crap on the Red Scare ladies and all of their twatter and podcaster orbiters more than they actually compliment them. People frequently say they are idiotic self important contrarian types but their purposely offensive hot takes are what keep them coming back. To laugh at, not for insight or whatever. One guy keeps saying Dasha isn't that thin for example, and if anyone has earned that karma it's her. It really got under her skin, she even tweeted about it lol.

No. 1124477

What? Is she saying she'd illegally fuck her clients? Anyways, aren't these the same people who call women with OnlyFans accounts degenerate? How is posting this kind of trash on your Twitter any better.

No. 1124483

imagine flashing your pasty flat ass to your 4k followers and getting less than 100 likes

No. 1124494

To be fair, a lot of this thread is red scare refugees. It ain't farmers who want to fuck Nick Mullen.

No. 1124495

wearing outside shoes inside the house is one and only evidence that she isn't a trve kvlt slav with the Soul™

No. 1124496

File: 1610004931454.png (12.23 KB, 521x103, felina.png)

Who is this girl?

No. 1124497

someone who self posts here a lot

No. 1124504

Real cutting edge misogyny. She retweeted another hilarious joke from another beloved dirtbag leftist about the female protester who got shot in the neck and killed by police today. Because not only is police brutality good when it is done to a woman it is also prime "comedy" material. Otherwise all cops should die tho.

No. 1124512

File: 1610006994971.jpeg (267.66 KB, 1125x959, 849D7E1E-E6B0-49DF-B24C-167FE3…)

She replied directly to you.

No. 1124515

She posted that well before? Look at the timestamp.

No. 1124544

I really don’t think that’s all it is. People on reddit questioned Anna what happened to Meg and she said that Meg was a “diva”. She thinks any woman who is more conventionally attractive and lives in a huge loft with their boyfriend (rather than femcel Leia in a tiny dump) is a “diva”, because she’s jealous of women like that. And, for anyone who doesn’t know, after the Cut article came out people were calling Meg “the hot one”. Anna being jealous would make perfect sense

No. 1124546

>femcel Leia
Speaking of which, anyone know exactly when she got divorced? Scroll back on her instagram and you'll see she got married a few years back lol

No. 1124547

This is an imgboard, post screenshots dum dum

No. 1124548

File: 1610020494923.jpeg (335.57 KB, 640x839, B2FA978D-5135-419D-9C0F-2B7841…)

No. 1124551

oh wow…

No. 1124553

Wow. Not quite femcel then if she was married, but not for long? She has such strong femcel energy, you can see from her twitter/Instagram she’s one of those free spirit art hoes who just wants to do drugs and travel but not hot enough so resorts to begging people on twitter for money

No. 1124566

Wasn't he just posting about getting Cheesecake Factory delivered and lying about it being for someone else? How does he twist that around in his head to be intellectually superior to getting thai food delivered?

No. 1124596

File: 1610027700299.jpg (78.01 KB, 584x727, Screenshot 2021-01-08 005505.j…)

No. 1124600

kuntbot will fap to this

No. 1124610

the attention got to her head so much she felt the need to post a bodycheck on main…….. smh

No. 1124643


No. 1124653

that's not a girl that's a tranny lmao

No. 1124692


That’s kinda hot, but then I remembered what her face looks like, let alone her mind.

No. 1124704

>traveling the world and doing drugs

No. 1124705

Lexa, spill the tea on samerape's obsession with asian women.

No. 1124744

twitter currently imploding because ariel pink and john maus went to the capitol with alex lee moyer

No. 1124751

File: 1610042927278.png (96.38 KB, 1190x456, Screen Shot 2021-01-07 at 1.08…)


No. 1124766

Good god, Chapo are so washed up. Felix was the “edgy” one and even he can’t muster enough clout against a Garfield account these days.

No. 1124767

File: 1610044603820.jpeg (990.66 KB, 1170x1921, BC58C878-0B94-4014-A163-CD858E…)

eye roll

No. 1124773

Imploding is being a bit dramatic, it took Stereogum readers a good 30 minutes to remember what an Ariel Pink was.

No. 1124808

File: 1610046779085.jpeg (278.83 KB, 750x709, 77487A2F-044E-4CFB-9CA0-6897AC…)

Red Scare fave Em Rata shares her take on yesterday’s MAGA Capitol takeover

No. 1124813

File: 1610046891884.jpeg (168.11 KB, 828x665, 0BF9F1E8-41F0-456B-965A-59D782…)

does alex lee moyer count as a left cow?

No. 1124816

"geniusguy69", for those keeping track of unfunny Something Awful refugees, is unfunny racist pr0spector88 (as in the Nazi number! LOL!) who is also beloved of waif0000 Annie

No. 1124838


No, she’s an AntiLeftCow, and just another CryptoNazi, so… actually maybe.

No. 1124840

How do you be a tranny and anti-left

No. 1124847

File: 1610049134770.png (1.32 MB, 800x1414, Screen Shot 2021-01-07 at 11.5…)

he's not going to fuck you, anna

No. 1124861

anna is queen of not bothering to rationalize her contradictions

No. 1124862

Big nosed wahmen gotta stick together I guess

No. 1124870


That absurdly inauthentic account gives me the creeps so much

No. 1124894

Shouldn't she be busy scamming affordable housing programs in NYC

No. 1124900

Trans women vote more conservative than any other LGBT people. There's even a meme about how a lot of discord trannies are nazis.

No. 1124909

>she even tweeted about it lol
this is an imageboard, post caps

No. 1124931

File: 1610054053064.png (475.73 KB, 1194x1428, Screen Shot 2021-01-08 at 8.14…)

Alex Lee Moyer has Dasha blocked for some reason lol jealousy over kantbot?

No. 1124934

Didn’t Alice make a post last month with a different avi that she claimed filtered her real face through some anonymizing app and encouraging people to use it? Why is she back to catfishing as Darian Shader?

No. 1124935

File: 1610054396800.jpeg (99.46 KB, 471x600, ADDFA31F-9901-45E7-94C4-B4E7CD…)

This is Darian Shader btw

No. 1124942

File: 1610054784456.jpeg (77.72 KB, 658x900, ErJtFiUUUAAA21a.jpeg)

No. 1124957


QAnus Qunt got popped while exploring the limits of her white privilege by climbing into the broken window of a barricaded door during the Retards’ Putsch.

What is it these people say?

“Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.”


As if they even pretended to wear their “Leftist” masks.

No. 1124984

>everything is muh big tech conspiracies!!!!1
these people are permanently stuck in 2013 libertarian/Snowden mindset

No. 1124992

Nah, pretty sure the government is just incompetent as usual. A lot of people who don't smear their titties with spaghetti for a living have been saying this for years though- but thanks for the insight Em. It's pretty funny that Red Scare likes her since she's such a sickly sweet, super woke, libfem, faux body positivity type. I guess the fact that so many men jack off to her, and Anna probably wants to skinwalk her makes her appealing.

No. 1124997

Does red scare like her? Everything I remember them saying about her was very passive aggressive, more Dasha than Anna though.

>Anna probably wants to skinwalk her

I think on the pod Anna did say once that if she could look like anyone she’d want to look like her

No. 1125008

Their boyfriends know her husband. Anna said she met her briefly and she was nice.

No. 1125020

Not surprised at the level of sycophants screeching about how John Maus is "left of left of left, he was just there doing an irony, doesn't matter that Ariel is a diehard Trumptard and ALM a fascist apologist!"
This "separate the art from the artist" schtick is getting old.

No. 1125022

I get the sense that Dasha is only capable of being "nice" to women she perceives as being uglier than her. Very unpleasant personality trait. Lol of course. Ethnically Eastern European-Jewish model/actress desired by men the world over? It's Anna's dream. Also not to be harsh but Emily strikes me as uh, intellectually quite dull and we all know Anna thinks women should be hot and dumb in their ideal state.

No. 1125025

…that's not Alex Lee Moyer's account

No. 1125043

File: 1610062686090.png (106.4 KB, 591x562, Oof.png)

Deanna Havas

No. 1125046

File: 1610062715753.png (71.85 KB, 479x296, j.png)

What? Are you implying that John Maus must be a fascist just because his buddy Ariel Pink is a Trump supporter? John Maus is a communist. Idk what to tell you. People in my friend group have met him and hung out with him and he's been like this for ages. On Twitter someone asked him if he was a fascist earlier today and he linked a text that condemned nationalism and racism in all forms.

No. 1125049

John Maus is as much a "communist" as Nina Power at this point. All his friends are fascists, he hangs out at fascist riots, his fascist friend described him last month as "100% Trump."

No. 1125050

>ariel pink
>"fascist friend"

No. 1125051

maybe im retarded because tbf i dont know much about ariel pink, but when i look at his twitter it genuinely just looks like he's shitposting and taking the piss and everyone is too autistic to realize he isn't serious. either way john maus isnt a fascist lmao

No. 1125052

Everyone upset about ariel pink must not have known who he was ten years ago. Hes always done shit like this. His entire thing is upsetting people especially liberals on purpose. Its retarded but it works every time and people somehow get collective amnesia about it and get shocked every single time he does this

No. 1125054

John Maus going to the Stop the Steal rally then posting Mit brennender Sorge sans comment a day later presents in summarised form the recent trajectory of pro-trump catholic intellectuals: crypto-fascist sabre rattling one day, retreat into GOP dad both-sides mindset the next

And yes, Ariel Pink is a fascist who's explicitly defended police violence for years, unironically thinks America should rule the world, and believes Trump is the best thing since sliced bread.

No. 1125055

It's a sad ploy for attention. This is the most he's gotten since he called grimes "retarded".

No. 1125057

jfl these two hags

No. 1125058

ariel has called for the deaths of every cop and said every single one of them is guilty of police brutality as well. does that make him a communist? he exists to provoke and youre falling for it. he has no real politics. and you clearly know nothing about john maus if you think he's an evol fashisht

No. 1125059

File: 1610063300836.png (64.46 KB, 520x588, cap.png)

Lmao shut up

No. 1125061

>attend the fascist riot in support of trump
>it's just ironic guise!!!1
not fooling anyone. maus is just discount wyndham lewis anyways.

>antifa are the real fascists!
alex lee moyer is a nazi

No. 1125062

Very cringe liberal arts student from twitter detected

No. 1125064

>ariel has called for the deaths of every cop and said every single one of them is guilty of police brutality as well
His buddy Sam Hyde said the same kind of stuff in 2013, back when they were Ron Paul-ite lolberts. Now, they jack off to police killing black people. because like the rest of their ilk they slipped down the alt-right rabbit hole over the last 5 years. If it's all an "act," it sure is a retarded one that actually compels you to attend and support a fascist riot at the Capitol.

No. 1125067

File: 1610063654371.png (64.61 KB, 590x282, Screen Shot 2021-01-08 at 9.47…)

literally do not know or care about contemporary art or music

No. 1125069

Don't know why the irony-fash post-leftist hipsters insist on keeping up the facade at this point, even the AmNats finally dropped the "optics" bullshit after yesterday's events.

No. 1125070

Is she a compulsive liar on top of everything else? Most of her podcast is drawling on about contemporary media with intense vocal fry.

No. 1125080

Dasha talked about competing with Emrat for roles before. Both of them are mediocre actresses and are uncastable in their own way (emrat for looking too botched and plastic to play anyone but a bimbo/high end escort and dasha for being too boring to play anyone but herself) but emrat probably gets the leg up because she brings her modeling visibility and that makes Dasha seethe.

No. 1125087

why is everyone surprised by john maus? he didnt sign the disavow letter all the other musicians featured on world peace signed after it got cancelled.

No. 1125089

Cop Killer became a meme on left twitter over the last few years, he picked up a lot of new leftist fans since World Peace who got hooked in with the "stoic, intellectual" gimmick. And then there's the Leia's and Deanna's and Anna's of the world who think literally everyone who gets called a fascist is actually just pretending and/or being edgy.

No. 1125090

the only people who are surprised are the chapo/scare-cels. Because they all just act like racist incels "ironically" and are totally not actually like that.

No. 1125093

File: 1610066053829.jpg (65.5 KB, 618x927, _methode_times_prod_web_bin_65…)

How could Dasha possibly compete with Emrat? She's 30 now and can't realistically do the schoolgirl thing anymore. Emrat has the runway body but with the addition of abs and boobs. Plus people actually know her. The only people who know Dasha are people who laugh at her, and mentally ill gays and girls with eating disorders who sadly idolize the pod. Oh and the irony poisoned bros who know her as "sailor socialism" and wank off to her sad eating disorder twitter, lol.

No. 1125095

File: 1610066106771.jpeg (242.58 KB, 663x875, 2E885B2F-FF47-4F01-A13E-DF564F…)

No. 1125098

He did condemn MDE, not publicly, just in private with fans then eventually like two or three years ago he finally publicly said he was disappointed to learn they were "nazis" and said anyone who takes pride in seeing a trans person getting their shit kicked in by a cop is evil and not someone he wants anything to do with.

>What sort of imbecile is going to pay alms, as I keep saying, to some race or something like that? To me, that's beneath contempt. It's taken for granted that such a thing as that is beneath contempt.

>If you would stand by and watch a pig smash the head of a trans person because they're trans, fuck you. If you would watch a pig shoot a toddler in a park and not try to stop him, then yes, fuck you. Finally it comes down to, if you don't have a sort of indignance when you see atrocities committed, you're not communing with the same humanity that I am.

>After Auschwitz, [German philosopher Theodor] Adorno's over here, having escaped, and his friends, [Walter] Benjamin included, died in this disaster, and he's like, "Look, Auschwitz gives us a new categorical imperative, and that's that Auschwitz never happen again"—and anybody who would argue with it, they've already lost on the face that they're showing themselves to be barbarous. Anything—any action—that seems to go in that direction is precisely ethically what ought to be avoided.

>You can't do that. I used to think for a super long time when I saw YouTube comments and Yahoo comments, like, "I can't believe this." Then I only found out a couple years ago, way behind the curve, that these were all 15-year-old kids or whatever, just trying to say the most scandalous, outrageous, horrifying thing they could say, for shock value or whatever. No, you can't do that. You can't do that.

>I saw it certainly in the election. It's so complicated. I don't want to do one of the easy positions on it, because it's all the vulgarity of biopolitics, as it's called. It's already much deeper than the clowns that don't want the statue of the Confederate general torn down. I get why that is obscene. I understand that, but where the conditions of possibility for that sort of obscenity finally lie is in a much broader… I don't even like touching this with a stick. They exist, yeah. Help me out here. What am I trying to say?

No. 1125101

>Then a few months later or whatever, one of the people from the label was like, "Yo, did you see this? You gotta say something." "They're Nazis," or something like that.
>Shit. A cult of a race and blood—that's an absolute obscenity. That's nothing other than disaster. That's just inarguably obscene, that sort of ideology.
>If the question too is why not just throw in your two cents about it or whatever, it's just so insanely complicated the way the biopolitics and the cults of race and blood, the residues of that, are rearing their ugly faces again in our situation. That's too complicated a thing to try to touch with [140] characters without running the risk of just turning the screw.

No. 1125117

File: 1610067312577.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1341x1895, C0CC8CF4-8E35-444E-843F-606E12…)

No. 1125118

ariel pink is literally jewish

No. 1125120

there are tons of minorities and non-wasp that are for some reason /pol/ tards. It does not make them any less dumb or embarrassing.

No. 1125122

File: 1610067721860.png (167.1 KB, 1190x740, Screen Shot 2021-01-07 at 5.00…)

Interesting, I was under the impression they literally lived with him while filming the show. And that he still hangs out with Charls Carrol. But I was also under the impression that Charls split with Sam Hyde over politics so I guess that kind of checks.

No. 1125127

Yeah he's still on speaking terms with Charls as far as I know to this day but has no ties with Sam Hyde.

No. 1125135

>bibi netanyahu literally says european jews had it coming for not moving to israel when they had the chance
>"y-you can't be a fascist and a jew, it doesn't make sense!"
Zionism = Nazism, keep up.

No. 1125141

File: 1610069166810.jpeg (185.17 KB, 1242x349, DC39CB3E-5260-4F1B-BA6A-A0BFFE…)

No. 1125142

Could you post the original .jpg? For research, of course :)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1125145

Maybe that's why she thinks shitty pepe and wojak memes are cutting-edge culture, as she's expressed multiple times.

No. 1125148

File: 1610069660688.jpg (89.06 KB, 399x600, emily rat2--z.jpg)


each to their own anon, I think they both look rekt in their own ways, emrat's withered drug addict body and weird rat-like face literally could only appeal to an undercover anorexic and bimbo fetishist like Anna. Anytime she stands next any other models it really shows. She was attractive looking ten years ago or whenever that blurred lines video came out but repeated plastic surgeries and starvation have not been kind. I'm really not surprised somehow that anna wants to skinwalk her of all people, as she is legitimately fugly in her own backwards way that is still marketable as hot, so they kind of have that in common.

No. 1125150

File: 1610069698503.jpg (282.21 KB, 426x480, 20210108_093201.jpg)

I never want to hear or see the words "comrade" and "mutual aid" from an American ever again. Words mean nothing in your infidel country

No. 1125158

lol if anything emrat looks more healthy that that girl next to her, less ana and less sweaty too. leave your seethe for your therapist, anon.

No. 1125161

File: 1610070383537.png (57.33 KB, 138x248, a.png)

No. 1125163

Is she being satirical or is she a leftthot too? It's a shame because I thought she was one of the more well-adjusted breadtubers.

No. 1125165

Lol I 100% agree with you, she has no appeal for me personally, I think she's insufferable. I just think she fits the Hollywood mold, which I think is detestable by the way. I think she has much greater appeal to the average beer swilling heterosexual scrote and women who read People magazine than Dasha does. Dasha appeals to a much more depraved niche type of person I guess. Plastic surgery anorexic bimbo posting dumb hollow life affirming shit on insta is probably more palatable to the general public than some drug addled thot with a pro ana twitter account humping the air in an anime maid costume at fucking 30.

No. 1125166

Apologies. I couldn't see her teeth so I assumed she was American based on how retarded she is

No. 1125170

File: 1610070972649.jpeg (221.22 KB, 1201x972, 744F0F57-DE31-4B96-8B4D-954B71…)

Post-left analyst here. The fat nerd from Jeopardy whose wife divorced him because he kept breaking the toilet is a threat to democracy and the next Hitler. Words are violence.

No. 1125172

Aimee was frending her before suspension, despite previously going on at length about refusing to take anyone with visible breast seriously at all ever

No. 1125185

Everyone’s replying saying congrats and she hasn’t corrected anyone. It’s very weird at this point if she isn’t pregnant to keep hinting at it but I’m not sure why she’s being so cryptic.

No. 1125195

Arthur Chu couldn't log off long enough to kill the terfs and Qanon-Nazi ladies he hates so much. Also doesn't have the upper body strength. God is he gross though.

No. 1125200

Well, she is a troll at heart. I'm just wondering how her vain psyche could manage the weight gain, stretch marks, hair loss, etc.

No. 1125201

people unironically and hysterically calling ariel pink and john maus fascists here lmao. coldest, blandest take possible. why even be anon on a gossip board when you can just go back to twitter under your real name and join the cancellation circle jerk with everyone else?

No. 1125203

File: 1610073249822.png (137.46 KB, 1190x648, Screen Shot 2021-01-08 at 1.34…)

i honestly think anna must have had a miscarriage at some point and this is her second/third pregnancy because the timeline is strange, she would definitely be showing by now. she also keeps hinting at auto-immune diseases, not sure what that's about

No. 1125205

yes we know they just say things alt righters say and showed up to an alt right rally "ironically" just like how chapo and scare-cels are "ironic". sorry for thinking what people say and do are a reflection of what they belive in and who they are.

No. 1125206

Sounds like it's you who needs to go back to twitter or r/redscarepod

No. 1125209

then go and write an instagram slideshow about it like all the other basic bitches are doing, we don't particularly care here anon

No. 1125212

you leftcels can say you just do it all ironically or for a joke or whatever the fuck but no one here buys it.how about instead of "ironically" acting like an asshole just be a normal person.

No. 1125215

I thought she said that was a fake disease (like autism in women).

No. 1125216

File: 1610073927909.jpeg (70.84 KB, 795x596, D5F1AED1-F7B9-407F-A551-65E8E1…)

No. 1125219

she knows that she needs fillers, but has found an excuse to not get them

No. 1125222

she's probably not 'left' but a lot of the people in these threads aren't. she weirds me out tho, i feel like there's something up with her but i don't know what. anyone have anything on her?

No. 1125229


There’s a word for that: Kapo.


Speaking of trans conservatives, earlier, and kapos…


Angie Speaks is on the same retard wavelength of sucking up to the Alt Right that her pals Peter and Ash Coffin are on.

No. 1125230

Got you now you fucking troon
You people will never help anyone, the only revolution is between your colon and your pants(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1125233

Hot damn, call me a zoophile cuz I just jerked off to a cow!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1125237


Go back to Telegram.

No. 1125242

leak boo and max breakup milk pepe

No. 1125247

saw this on the homepage and i’m not even going to consider looking at the quoted context. I feel this energy

No. 1125252

Wait so is Therese not her real name?

No. 1125253

File: 1610077109598.jpg (120.48 KB, 1080x741, Screenshot_20210107-210318_Chr…)

lmao wasn't she in an abysmally expensive private girls' catholic school at that age

No. 1125254

middle name, presumably

No. 1125260

reddit/twitter bernie socialism is basically a rehash of ron paul lolberts, so

No. 1125265

Anna would literally be a libfem, faux body positive, faux woke me too girlboss if she looked even half as good as emrata. Her performative opposition to all of this ideology is nothing but femcel resentment, because she associates it with attractive, well adjusted women. For most of these types "neoliberal" effectively stands for "normie" or "Chad".

No. 1125273

They only cause immune responses when they're purchased from eBay and injected by Svetlana from Brighton, Anna. Your haggard mug isn't really the right thing to be thrifty about.

No. 1125274

File: 1610078355445.jpg (742.62 KB, 1452x1346, lel.jpg)

No. 1125277

Gender ideology is inherently right wing and reactionary in regards to labor and the rights of women, so it makes sense that people who buy into it will buy into other right wing ideas.

No. 1125287

Wrong site, scrote.

No. 1125289

>transporting pad thai via horse and buggy as alahu akbar music plays over a red sun

His racism is so weird, it's not like "indians are rapists" or "blacks do crimes" which a racist person might have precedent to believe in the real world, instead it's this absurd fantasy racism like he's a character in the Simpsons

also jack ur fat and diabetic and your stretchmarks are the reason no one will ever love u

No. 1125292

Also the reason he will never get into heaven

No. 1125296

File: 1610079645663.png (61.28 KB, 733x587, jacktrump.png)

Nothing more counterculture than being the multimillionaire president of the United States of America.

No. 1125302

if Trump isn't forgotten, it will be only if dems parade him in front of the republicans forever as proof that they should never have an iota of power again, and dems won't do it. tldr in a year no one will remember or care about your "counter culture", fatty

No. 1125304

Trump just called his own supporters terrorists and called for their arrest. Anyone still supporting that man is cucked beyond belief.

No. 1125305

File: 1610080673422.png (52.69 KB, 596x309, radorth.png)

Post-Trump & post-Bernie, Liz is finally free to begin the pivot to explicit Blue Labour-style ideology

No. 1125308

Not a trumpet, (I swear) but he was breaking the comfy established system by speaking out against China, big pharma and tech. He wasn’t a career politician. all the bullshit aside, he wanted America to thrive. For everyone. The media turning on him was no accident once those forces realized he was a threat to the system. He didn’t want to send the majority of the recent stimulus package to countries that hate us, so they can pad their pockets. He acted in the interest of the people, he didn’t get richer by being prez. He wasn’t perfect at all, but he didn’t take a salary as prez, just sayin’(derail)

No. 1125309

Wouldn't be surprised if she earnestly mapped out her career goals using the archetypal Hero's Journey cycle as a teen, she certainly views herself as a world-historical figure.

No. 1125312

this reads like Jack wrote it. sure mr. millionaire was such an establishment breaker.

No. 1125315

are you the loser who dm'd this or is this a screenshot from twitter?

No. 1125319

File: 1610082286496.jpeg (48.86 KB, 828x624, 7D7E41D8-3691-425B-BBD8-EBBB10…)


No. 1125329

Literally all he did for his entire presidency was expand Obama-era neocon policies.

No. 1125333

File: 1610083292512.png (62.42 KB, 814x410, fs.png)

She claims she was on a half scholarship, but also tried to claim it was not an expensive school, which it very obviously is

No. 1125339

He did whatever he thought was good for him, sometimes that turned out ok for others

No. 1125341

Seriously. I'm rolling at that Trump defending screed. He wanted America to be better for everyone? What are you huffing? He didn't need the paltry salary because he and his awful family were making major bank on the side. Did anon forget about his awful tax breaks for the mega rich and his crushing of already flimsy environmental protections? His pardoning of psychopathic child murdering literal war criminals? In the last couple of days he trashed protections for endangered birds. Trump might be funny sometimes but he's a major piece of shit through and through.

No. 1125357

b-but he owned the libs

No. 1125358


Faulty premise and an utter non sequitur.

Plus, you didn’t Sage.


> Not a Trumpet

This was a lie, and the first of many, for everything they said was a lie.


They just came here to cope.

No. 1125366

why do you

Type like


No. 1125368

whoops post glitched >>1125366 was meant for >>1125358

No. 1125369

Looks like reddit spacing. Guessing they're new.

No. 1125372

le reddit spacing

No. 1125380

File: 1610086763453.png (192.59 KB, 1202x1034, Screen Shot 2021-01-08 at 5.17…)

so now the Trump speech where he threw all his supporters under the bus was a "deep fake" lmao

No. 1125389

Not even joking since alot of these dirt bag left guys like to fake having a mental illness to be cool like they are 16 year olds on tumblr.But I thought Jack was really fat and insecure but is he an actual shcizo?

No. 1125392

well, he also thought that everyone posting in these threads was the same person

No. 1125393

Look, if evil wahmen hadn't left fucking cookies all around the Quality Inn front desk, Jack could have been in DC blowing out a flip flop before the riot.

No. 1125402

File: 1610088894401.jpeg (575.19 KB, 1184x824, A773B8F7-C2F2-4343-AF2B-68843F…)

I don’t take BAP’s bullshit seriously but

No. 1125415

Silicone in breast implants and other foreign substance based fillers (most of which have fallen out of favor in the usa years ago) HAVE been know to cause autoimmune responses so I don't know if she is just being retarded and mixing the two up. I think she knows she's haggard and wants badly to get work done but has some weird aversion because she thinks it will cause her to have a miscarriage, not that being anorexic, chain smoking and eating a poor diet are known causes of miscarriages or anything.

No. 1125433

>son of apollo
whats with people taking others' brands on twitter then countersignalling them

No. 1125435

Trump could personally take a shit on their chests and these pea-brains would still be screeching "Trust the plan!"
Beyond salvation.

No. 1125451

Didn’t @AlicefromQueens spend the last two months arguing on Twitter that all the concern about Trump riling up his base with election fraud claims was overblown and nothing would happen?

No. 1125456

don’t want to engage on the retarded le reddit spacing infighting but kek at scolding another farmer for formatting and not even replying properly while doing so

No. 1125464

Yes, lol. Although I'm amazed that all they really managed to do was shove cops, break windows, trash offices, and take selfies. I was expecting bombs going off and bullets spraying everywhere when I woke up to news alerts about "coups" and "insurrections". Pretty lame all things considered. More embarassing than anything else.

No. 1125469

i've read about implants and fillers causing autoimmune reactions too. also not often talked about is chronic pain from aggressive nose jobs and scar tissue that forms around the silicone implant in breast augmentation. i wish she would just say she's proud of her heritage and content with the way she looks. with gen z fully embracing "ironic" bimbo, we need some anti-bimbo takes

No. 1125485

Lmao is is the most cucked shit I've ever seen on this board. You think a billionaire pedo gives a fuck about the US?

Aimee, is that you?

No. 1125596

File: 1610117505798.png (57.17 KB, 591x347, kv$%&.png)

No. 1125615

this is the shit a markov chain bot would write drawing from these people's limited register

No. 1125686

File: 1610126082524.jpeg (79.45 KB, 1182x336, 11B3011C-D3C5-4333-9FD5-9FA924…)

Two month old tweets that haven’t aged well

No. 1125697

File: 1610126936401.jpeg (101.8 KB, 750x640, A413E854-9832-43FC-9CA1-E86CFE…)

Her body doesn’t actually look like this anon, it’s obvious she’s posing and flexing. Also no offense but her face is clearly a little uglier in person than her instagram pics

No. 1125700

No. 1125705

Yes, total cope. Totally has curvy hips and abs when she’s not flexing or posing

No. 1125712

File: 1610127449386.jpeg (13.94 KB, 211x177, 22BB0267-1382-456C-A92D-B1119F…)

Her stomach looks like shit for a supposed “hot model”, she has an outie w/ no ab definition or hips and a pooch

No. 1125725


Her face looks better here than the pic you were linking back to, and I’m not sure that’s just the angle and the blur.

No. 1125739

File: 1610128906527.jpeg (48.92 KB, 337x574, AF2FD321-1345-4761-9850-A5C77C…)

KEK why do women defend her “beauty” so much? She looks like a rat mixed with ostrich. At least dudes can admit she’s a butterface

No. 1125741

File: 1610128953110.jpg (185.9 KB, 1080x661, Screenshot_20210108-095501_Chr…)

every time I browser her Twitter I wonder if she knows what the words she says mean. Like when has she ever been avant-garde she has only acted in generic movies by D-list directors.

No. 1125749

They didn't even shove cops, cops let them in


No. 1125754

A 2015/16 tweet actually made in 2020. This, along with the other 35 yr old leftthots just getting into Pepe memes, shows how behind the times these losers are.

No. 1125757

Or complaining that her child will be a white male when she married and knocked up by a white male? Possibly the dumbest article I’ve ever skimmed. I think most of her life choices are based in stupidity rather than malice

No. 1125759

I mean yeah, the ancient bovine collagen, free silicone or shit tier slavic HA fillers, definitely. Those are only offered by Svetlanas from Brooklyn. Normal stuff like legally purchased Restylane or Juvederm may cause problems, but immune reaction ain't it.

No. 1125761

>Building your entire existence around not being cringe to online losers
That always ends well

No. 1125801

They were complimentary to em rata from what I’ve heard but maybe I missed something. They have talked trash more about “thick” blondes like Jennifer Lawrence, Taylor Swift, Scarlett and Florence Pugh. I think they get pissy whenever any woman who isn’t underweight is hot. I’m sure they’ve talked trash about Meg “and her Ohio booty” in private

No. 1125807

It seems like she’s talked about getting pregnant for like 2 years now

No. 1125812

Maybe an unpopular opinion but Dasha could get fat injected into her tits and be just as sexually appealing, but we know she won’t do that because she is brain damaged and loves her uwu schoolgirl crap that she doesn’t even pull off well

No. 1125813

True. If you think the left can't meme, wait til you see the post-left.

No. 1125817

I noticed that anons get supremely triggered whenever someone suggests that a ~rEaL mOdeL~ does not in fact look as good as their posed, heavily edited pictures. "Y-you're just jealous!", exactly the same as scrotes whenever someone suggests their insta thots are shooped. Newsflash, models aren't models because they're conventionally attractive, it's because they're interesting and striking. And Rata isn't even that, she just looks plain as fuck

No. 1125819

It’s weird how she wants people to believe she’s pregnant if she’s not. She must enjoy toying with her reply guys

No. 1125825

Ultimately,yes. But first there were a lot of tear gas and scuffles from guys actually trying to do their jobs. There was definitely a lot of shoving and slapping. It's all on film. It was mostly like something out of a Benny Hill skit. However one cop is dead of indeterminate causes and one woman was shot in the neck so it wasn't all fun and games. I think they backed down because they didn't want to escalate to lethality on a massive crowd of jacked up Qanon boomers, also just pure bog standard incompetence. To your point though- there were some meathead officers taking pics with people committing felony crimes like complete imbeciles.

No. 1125833

Rata is just a proto-nepomodel like the Hadids or Kendall Jenner. Yeah, she can do the job, but she's too cloying/surged up/instathotty to be truly "high feshun". She is attractive, but she's definitely a substandard model and nothing truly special or gorgeous.

That being said, I can't even imagine what scarethots would act like if they had even half of emrata's attractiveness.

No. 1125852

I think they are anachans who refuse to believe their skinny legend is anything less than perfect. Guess what, any busty porngirl is just as hot as her, if not more if they have an ass

No. 1125860


Dasha could be at a healthy body weight—or even a smidge THICC—and let her tits grow in, and she’d still look like an unbearable, miserable, joyless bitch.

No. 1125866

Personally I have never been impressed by fake boobs. I think they look really off when uncovered by carefully placed clothing, but yeah I agree. Oh she would never. Would never workout to gain muscle tone or definition either. She's obsessed with the super weak and frail loli anime school girl act at the age of 30 lol. She loves talking about her weak wrists and doing her makeup to emphasize her frailty.

No. 1125870

That’s why you get fat put in them. It’s called a fat transfer looks 100% real. Boobs would balance out her blocky waist and make her more attractive

No. 1125875

She would have to gain weight to do that but tbh I don’t think boobs would really improve her attractiveness I feel like her problem is more her face. The contrast of the prominent jowl area/underbite and lack of any cheekbones or volume in the upper part of her face is probably her biggest problem.

No. 1125876

Wouldn't the very thought of concentrated fat being injected into her body trigger her like nothing else?

No. 1125881

File: 1610140745073.jpeg (334.97 KB, 1536x2048, BAC89F24-3701-44EE-95DC-EE6A57…)

Agreed. She looks cute and young from far away or if you squint, but close examination reveals that her face looks like it’s caving in on itself. She’s one of the very few people whose looks might actually be improved with cheek filler.

No. 1125886

I wonder if this picture is edited, it looks so strange the longer you look at it. The middle part of her face looks so long and concave?

No. 1125888

Does Dasha have a jaw misalignment? Has she ever talked about it on Red Scare?

No. 1125889

File: 1610141279253.png (584.6 KB, 1184x2190, Screen Shot 2021-01-09 at 8.27…)

Logo & Kantbot vs Brace

No. 1125891

Straight from her twitter. If she edited herself uglier that’d be some crazy 3d chess lol

No. 1125892

gay nerds fighting

No. 1125896

One of the most awkward moments on the show was when they were talking about Brandy Melville and Meg was like I probably am not that size and they were like I'm sure you could fit some things!
How much those two, Dasha, and other lefthots care about memes is pathetic.

No. 1125898

The right cheek edge looks edited to me.

No. 1125901

File: 1610142254926.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1185x1723, A71EE06B-0685-4023-A8F8-40AC84…)

Never forget that this is what Logo looks like. His awful novel and poetry would make even the most pretentious freshman creative writing students blush out of embarrassment.

No. 1125903

Classic mouthbreather physiognomy

No. 1125904

File: 1610142407683.png (163.01 KB, 682x688, m.png)

Discussion of Dasha meme post removed by mod

No. 1125908

Oh I'm cringing. Poor Meg. Isn't Brandy Melville a one size fits all mall brand for size 0 teens? 30+ year old women are gushing about it?

No. 1125911

File: 1610142859489.jpeg (49.75 KB, 362x715, EF740F63-3641-428A-AFCE-7095E3…)

No. 1125915

It's kind of true, do these leftthots even have any memes? They just steal dead memes from 2015 and they can't even make those ones funny.

No. 1125916

good move by those mods, what a loser to get triggered by an (accurate) meme

No. 1125918

Is this like the reverse virgin vs chad meme?

No. 1125921

Subhuman incel chin

No. 1125926

>I don't listen to the pod but I'm offended
lol great post. Should've banned him

No. 1125929

Was this the post under which one of his followers called him an 8/10 lmao

No. 1125937

Thought the Kekistani phenomenon put this opinion to bed in 2017, but grifters gonna grift

No. 1125938

Conservative is the new punk xd

No. 1125939

lmao that first response from brace makes it seem like he mixed up fatbot and ana_daedalus

No. 1125941

File: 1610144330675.jpg (21.86 KB, 471x397, logo_daedalus.jpg)

reminder dude has literally no chin

No. 1125955

Anna looks 50 so looks pathetic when she wears it

No. 1125956

File: 1610145345757.png (902.92 KB, 1176x886, Screen Shot 2021-01-09 at 9.29…)

BAP is obsessively posting Pietro Boselli all day. he and his folllowers know he's a gay escort who gets fucked by Saudi businessmen right?? has BAP hired him?

No. 1125957

Christ, that's the most basic fashion "brand" I've seen in my life

No. 1125961

File: 1610145701829.png (35.93 KB, 648x129, BM.png)

No. 1125967

When exactly did logo shift from "Q people are based, they're the last political contingent left in America with a sense of hope beyond capitalist realism" to "Q people are deranged psychos and I'll laugh when they're all locked up"? Not necessarily contradictory I guess, but like a year ago he was spinning 50-tweet threads on how Q was the intellectual esoteric avant-garde lol

No. 1125971

Oh God, is that where they get their homely housekeeper/schoolgirl looks?

No. 1125976

late spring last year, he got into all the blackwater/qanon conspiracy stuff

No. 1125978

Yes anon, but only size 0's and 00's can wear it so therefore it's exclusive and cool. Keeps it out of the grubby paws of all of those awful size 6's. Totally not pathetic for 30+ year old edgy contrarian fashionistas to be stanning it.

No. 1125985

File: 1610147239239.png (411.2 KB, 605x493, A D.png)

No. 1125988

Is it true that Dasha used to be a camgirl? She's joked about it before I think and she was a "consultant" on that Netflix movie Cam.

No. 1125989

Never knew this. Wouldn't shock me. She used to go on some website where she'd go on dinner dates, nothing sexual according to her, with foreign businessmen.

No. 1125992

File: 1610148184960.png (29.17 KB, 493x220, d.png)

Sugar dating maybe

No. 1126001

In Wobble Palace her character has a scene where she breaks the 4th wall and lists all the jobs she's had in her life–and they're all the exact same jobs Dasha's said she had IRL, with the addition of camgirl

No. 1126003

File: 1610148427488.jpg (134.24 KB, 1080x1349, 280510acccfa3fe02a2c6250cb33ff…)

She has posted multiple vids flashing her bare chest. Maybe she means that, lol? Now she's allegedly a tradcath. She has friends take pics of her in churches, pretending to be deep in prayer while also gazing into the cam. Absolute clusterfuck of a person.

No. 1126004

File: 1610148489961.png (447.6 KB, 1616x572, Screen Shot 2021-01-08 at 3.20…)

Very likely, but not like chaturbate. Her old tumblr gamesforslaves had some stuff on it that was scrapped when the subreddit found it. Still some hints i guess?

No. 1126012

WhatsYourPrice dot come is the name of the site she mentioned, looking it up it actually is for dates but I'm sure like with all of those things the men offer you more for sex.
>>1126001 >>1126004
She changed her twitter handle and restarted her instagram 4 or 5 years ago for some reason.

No. 1126013

Brandy Melville is bland thinspo mall fashion with a subsidiary called John Galt. Of course they'd wear it

No. 1126017

File: 1610149755182.png (49.51 KB, 603x263, happening.png)

It's happening

No. 1126019

File: 1610150014728.png (1.74 MB, 1842x852, suredasha.png)

wonder if this is true

No. 1126020

He's probably way outside the price range of a shut-in self published author, anon.

No. 1126021


Which one of you deleted it ?

No. 1126025

File: 1610150352260.jpg (57.65 KB, 338x904, 664p2fqiwm961.jpg)

Self-proclaimed neoliberals make funnier memes than the Brooklyn vanguard.

No. 1126038

Logo has no real principles and he’s too dumb to have strong or informed opinions about anything. He just throws random shit at the wall to see what sticks.

No. 1126115

File: 1610157167601.png (309.17 KB, 605x401, aimee.png)

Season 5 has commenced

No. 1126117

File: 1610157333617.png (105.06 KB, 748x1248, jacktacos.png)

Jack sperging over Delicious Tacos not supporting Trump.

No. 1126143

File: 1610158865032.png (783.16 KB, 1196x1746, Screen Shot 2021-01-09 at 1.20…)

he also hopes all "contrarian libs" in New York drown to death (including presumably his beloved Anna/Dasha)

No. 1126157

jack on suicide watch

No. 1126166

Twitter just nuked a Trump account for the third time (@TeamTrump), expect the freakouts to continue all night lol

No. 1126186

How are the leftcows responding to this?

No. 1126204

File: 1610164364015.jpg (400.4 KB, 1040x1352, Screenshot_20210108-194735_Chr…)

Anna and tons of other leftcels are talking about how this is fascism and censorship she has been retweeting stuff like this. oh no how will mr.billionaire communicate with people if his twitter does not exist, its not like he is the president and can do a press release literally whenever he wants.

No. 1126228

the media just wouldnt show it

No. 1126243

go back. The media is not censoring the president take your scarecel hot takes back to twitter. he could hold a press release in the middle of the desert and people would come.

No. 1126253

Nta but they are absolutely censoring him

No. 1126257

The media is not censoring him. after all the events in the capital he could hold a press conference at 3am and every single major media outlet would be there to report on it.

No. 1126275

File: 1610168152949.png (129.7 KB, 752x1370, holocaustpoem.png)

Very cool and not at all cringe!

No. 1126287

It’s 2021 not 1998. Our lives are enmeshed with the Internet. Blocking someone from using the biggest social media outlet is censorship

No. 1126294

are you left cows on Twitter so much you consider being blocked on it censorship? if all major media outlets refused to report on Trump that would be actual censorship. maybe you should watch the news sometimes.

No. 1126308

Most people are on twitter a lot and it’s the biggest social media platform solely for communication. Totally not censorship tho(infighting)

No. 1126315

it's not because he has access to literally every major media outlet in america.

No. 1126318

>Most people are on twitter
lmao no, twitter is not real life

No. 1126326

They have done it before, they just flat out refused to air his rallies because "it was too dangerous" if he held a press conference or did a press release, they would just refuse to report on it and claim it was for safety reasons

No. 1126335

Anything he says gets 24/7 coverage on American news media, get over yourself.

No. 1126343

File: 1610169684592.png (55.21 KB, 620x540, PDL_04.24.19_twitter_users-00-…)

lol you left cows need to learn that Twitter is not the world. Reminder only 10% of Americans have Twitter and 10% of that 10% does 80% of all tweets.

No. 1126344

Twitter is a private business and it can do what the fuck it wants, same as ever.

And, perhaps, private businesses don’t want to make themselves into (further) accessories to incitement to violence and other criminality by giving the Oompa Loompa more air time.

No. 1126351

This is exactly like when Nazi death squads shot Jews, communists, political prisoners, and other undesirables- into mass graves, all across Eastern Europe. His takes are nuclear.

No. 1126360

Le orange dorito oompa loopma man is literally hitler and covid 19 is his holocaust and

No. 1126363


No. 1126365

go back.

No. 1126367

le irony le everyone equally as bad le neoliberalism killed my dog le im writing in tulsi

No. 1126372

Sounds kind of like Jack. Can we offer you some cake?

No. 1126376

post the bit where they all start going into the different types of jews lol

No. 1126379

first time as tragedy, second time as farce

No. 1126387

>Most people are on twitter a lot

Lmao this explains so much about leftcows and the contemporary left in general.

No. 1126409

you forgot to mention the best part of that study. Of that one percentage of those americans that do almost all the tweets there is an extremely high rate of mental illness among them. And i think that perfectly sums up these leftcows, tons of dumb mentally ill people in an echo chamber just spewing non-stop shit takes.

No. 1126438

twitter is publicly traded, its not a private company

No. 1126443

File: 1610172389956.jpeg (191.7 KB, 1121x934, 1604822530463.jpeg)

Stretchmark Jack right before the women in his building literally throat rape him with cake and cookies

No. 1126447

Those so affordable they're sheer Ross Dress for Less shorts are an atrocity.

No. 1126448

After Biden won he spent like two weeks tweeting things like that, having daily public meltdowns and then begging for nudes or people to hook up with on twitter. I wonder if current events will cause a similar spiral?

No. 1126450

File: 1610172606172.jpg (322.35 KB, 1080x922, Screenshot_20210108-220739_Chr…)

they are publicly traded but not a government sponsored or affiliated company they can have whoever they want on there platform

No. 1126454

He is so so gross in every way.

No. 1126458

File: 1610172935945.jpeg (336.36 KB, 1186x821, 75FD2D87-0436-49EA-A5E8-24A79B…)

This guy’s a Leninist but he still has better takes than most of this crowd.

No. 1126465

that would be because it's not possible to draw a clear line between "class only" and "idpol" & the entire system is retarded, but go off boy

No. 1126467

>literal who that's never been brought up in these threads
no one cares about your self post. Post milk or leave.

No. 1126468

File: 1610173292496.png (24.27 KB, 723x287, jacknudes.png)

He's been doing it again.

No. 1126482

ah yes the classic male "have sex with me or I will kill myself". but seriously this schizo need to realize no one is out to get him.

No. 1126490

who is Jack's boyfriend? any pics? I want to see how ugly he is

No. 1126493

probably just a body pillow with some of jack's oily back hair crudely taped on the chest and groin areas

No. 1126494

Are they even still together if every time there’s some kind of political upheaval he’s looking for randoms on twitter to hook up with

No. 1126499

it’s samememe

No. 1126506

Was samememe’s supposed fiancé ever confirmed?

No. 1126514

no but he would get really mad whenever anyone would suggest she was not real and never posted and evidence of her existence. So I'm personally leaning towards not real especially after his face reveal.

No. 1126518

Has he ever mentioned if he's dating someone?

No. 1126525

Yes when he was responding to the earlier threads he was trying to brag about having a boyfriend who is skinnier than him and he claims throughout his life he is consistently always in a relationship and is never single

No. 1126530

File: 1610175555759.jpeg (959.38 KB, 1242x2183, DA8F66B1-FF55-476C-BFF4-3453E9…)

No. 1126535

>always dated guys thinner than myself
that's not hard

No. 1126539

the whole thing doesn’t add up. so he raped lexaprofessional in nyc in mid 2019 but less than two years later he’s in st louis with a pregnant fiancée. unless he proposed to the first woman who didn’t recoil in disgust at him i think it’s bullshit

No. 1126554

File: 1610176552159.jpeg (185.83 KB, 828x1147, 16E0309A-C753-47EF-BFE8-5B1D33…)

I was just looking through the old threads and does anyone remember if this samememe tweet was real? Seems weird to tweet in retrospect knowing he has a fiancé or girlfriend especially considering his belief that women posting pictures of themselves is cheating

No. 1126574

I think it might be real, that file has a phone filename and I think it'd be hard to fake/edit tweets on a phone. Not very trad to be engaged and publicly thirsting over other women now is it?

No. 1126595

It is I remember him tweeting it shortly after the autism thing

No. 1126610

File: 1610179112039.png (75.29 KB, 1198x278, Screen Shot 2021-01-09 at 2.49…)

There's just no point in Anna (and Aimee, though she has nothing to do with this screenshot) hiding the fact that they're right wing at this point. They disparage leftists, reject being labelled as such and share the same opinions as right wingers, so, like…

No. 1126612

File: 1610179624474.png (47.03 KB, 603x264, anna khachiyan crypto reaction…)

I don't think Anna has ever publicly identified as a leftist, she just gets that label sometimes for poorly formed anti-neoliberalism takes and co-hosting a pod with Dasha "Sailor Socialism".

No. 1126615

Someone claimed BCryptofash was Angela Nagle but ehh…other than being anti-woke it doesn’t feel like her style.

No. 1126618

she did call herself "anti woke left" in a vice article

No. 1126620

It doesn't really matter if she never identified as a leftist, she cries all the time about how people accuse her of being right wing when she basically is

No. 1126624

Hilarious that either of them are considered leftists. Because they seem to kind of support universal healthcare? Like barely. I frequently see them called feminist too. My eyes get lodged in the back of me head from rolling so hard. They couldn't hate women more if they tried. I almost pissed myself listening to one episode when Anna started blathering on " It's like Camille Paglia said 'There was no female Jack the Ripper so there could be no female Mozart'". You see us women are so retarded we can't even excel at hacking off the breasts of prostitutes so how could we write great music? Whenever Anna cracks out NAMBLA defender Paglia quotes you know shit is about to get truly retarded. Oh and we also can't do a good mass shooting because Anna's metric for a good mass shooting is the body count. Very very cool stuff going on in her mind.

No. 1126628

I think moids and pickmes get really toasty every time they read the news or just casually observe that the female population is producing more and more brilliant people without a corresponding increase in pedophiles, mass shooters and sexual degenerates. Camille Paglia herself, as a profoundly mediocre woman, has been desperately trying to cosplay "the brilliant male" only to end up resembling the vastly more common degenerate one.

No. 1126653

sage for offtopic ig but paglia admitting she wouldve been trans if shed been born later bc she never felt like a woman explains literally her whole hangup with and written output about women
theres nothing academic about being geriatric kalvin garrah

No. 1126703

There’s something quite pathetic about getting banned 4 times in less than a year and still creating an account.

No. 1126716


I always new Paglia was weird, but I never knew she was this retarded. I remember around the peak of Gamergate, Christine Sommers and all were calling her “Based Goddess”.

And this whole time she was having trans issues.

No. 1126737

>geriatric kalvin garrah

No. 1126761


You are all really dumb and internet brained and obviously must have learned about leftism and feminism from twitter rainbow-flag bluechecks only. There is a variety of leftism, also a more conservative type, with what Anna f.e. could be labeled as (she does imo have internalized misogyny, too). To ponder whether Dasha is leftist is even more absurd to me, given the fact she was a major Bernie supporter and donater in both of his runs.

No. 1126774

You are all really dumb and internet brained and obviously must have learned about leftism and feminism from twitter post-left accounts only.

I haven't listened to all that much of the podcast, but I didn't get the sense that either of them have well thought out, coherent political views.

No. 1126787


Strasserism isn’t Left.

No. 1126792

Is this post real

No. 1126809

Bernie is hardly left. He supports maintenance of capitalism. So does Dasha. So does Anna. So does Aimee. Healthcare isn't "leftist."

No. 1126811

why do you cows come in here and assume everyone has a Twitter? You know most people don't have one right?

No. 1126820

File: 1610209789372.jpg (48.76 KB, 488x786, ECtP8XiWsAA2X1h.jpg)


lol I wonder if the "Malcolm X Marxist" was a specific dig at KB, since he once mentioned he used to have a posted of this picture of Malcolm, and posts about his dog a lot?

No. 1126823

File: 1610210062083.jpg (231.98 KB, 1080x974, Screenshot_20210109-082816_Chr…)

speaking of how "liberal" anna is, she has been dickriding trump on her twitter again.

No. 1126836


>Dasha is leftist

So much so that in her "Sailor Socialism" interview she could barely express anything other than meme shit about "eating the rich".
I mean, I get that most people can be caught off guard when a mic and a camera are pushed into your face, but you should be able to hold forth a little better on your convictions than just "bernie = based socialist".
Then again, it was for Infowars, so maybe she just treated it with the contempt it deserved?

No. 1126844

File: 1610212692155.png (772.49 KB, 1600x1000, HATE15.png)

do you think Kantbot is privately worried about a coming crackdown? less than a year ago he was still hosting a podcast that had on guests like richard spencer and patrick casey and is closely linked with figures like cody wilson and alex lee moyer (who was at the capitol the other day). he even maintained a "hatreon" with the likes of andrew anglin when it still existed

No. 1126877

Sorry, but who the fuck is the twitter brain rot dummy here? I can't stand blue check woke sex work is empowerment, transwomen are women, insufferable third wave feminism. But what alternate school of feminism are you talking about because it certainly isn't second wave? The secret school of feminism where you openly hate feminism and call women retarded and inferior to men at every level like Anna and Dasha constantly do? She likes a politician, so what? Does she have any coherent ideological stances? I know Trumpers who like Bernie. Are they leftists too? She's all over the map. The latest pod episode was basically Dasha and Anna bragging about being totally politically illiterate.

No. 1126889

File: 1610216691117.jpg (187.77 KB, 1080x501, Screenshot_20210109-102307_Chr…)

>Reeeee stop saying I'm not a leftist because I have a ton of right wing views and support Trump.
you know instead of bragging about being politically illiterate all the time she should read a book.

No. 1126936

File: 1610219866530.png (8.93 KB, 594x440, deactivated.PNG)

No. 1126939

File: 1610220132215.png (307.04 KB, 589x397, 1001.PNG)

No. 1126942

File: 1610220189076.jpg (15.38 KB, 680x468, redscare.jpg)

No. 1126945

Hope she knows people can see the difference between a deactivation and a suspension.

No. 1126946

wait so did the red scare twitter get suspended so anna decided to deactivate her Twitter to make it look like there getting censored. I'm actually on the floor.

No. 1126951

did they use the account? i dont remember. it probably got suspended for not putting in a phone number.

brace belden will probably get true anon suspended. or maybe not, since he could probably call up his old CIA handlers and get them to tell jack to back off.

No. 1126954

>it does no good to pay them mind
That’s all you do!

No. 1126959

can you leftcows not shit up the thread with your shcizo cia theories. no one in the cia gives half a shit about these people.

No. 1126960


Military Intelligence handlers. I think Brace Belden trained at Fort Bragg, and in the same unit as Mike Prysner, no less.

No. 1126961

Obviously.. that is why he did a complete 180 pivot
That lazy fat fuck doesn’t want to work a actual job when he can sit at home collecting internet welfare and eating

No. 1126991

File: 1610223266019.jpeg (439.65 KB, 1242x1093, E2C015ED-390B-47BE-958A-60D745…)

Lexa got posted on that women posting their L’s account even though I don’t see how this is an L even by their standards

No. 1127005

Does Kantbot think he produces original research? lol

No. 1127013

No. 1127015

I remember this account getting blasted by his own followers because he posted a 17 year old girl getting told to fuck off by her loser father on Christmas over text. Apparently the Dad didn't want his new family to find out about the teenage daughter he abandoned. What Lexa posted isn't even an L. The account owner is just a loser scrote who hates women.

No. 1127018

And nothing of value was lost.

I saw one of these L accounts laughing at a teenage girl who was upset about text messages from her deadbeat dad telling her to stop contacting him. At this point women simply breathing/existing triggers these men.

No. 1127032

File: 1610226395708.png (46.94 KB, 743x533, timjack.png)

Damn he really can't stomach any criticism of Trump lol.

No. 1127039

Honestly him and Patrik Sandberg just hate any gay man with more of a "straight" following ala Tim Dillon, Ben Mora, Glenn Greenwald etc.

No. 1127046

File: 1610226999286.jpeg (44.95 KB, 670x716, ErUPRFIXcAEvqz0.jpeg)

he's another dumbass misogynist cumtown groupie

No. 1127050

File: 1610227264067.jpeg (293.2 KB, 1242x665, E3AA6725-EC45-4103-87AD-408FBD…)

Not sure if this is just a joke. Has Jack ever talked about doing meth?

No. 1127052

looking like a macklemore impersonator

No. 1127054

I feel ill looking at his face. He's even uglier than rapememe.

No. 1127055

He just steals dave emory’s old material

No. 1127057

He directed this awful short film and shamelessly shilled for it on Letterboxd and other movie-related sites.

No. 1127058

they want to be victims so bad. doing the same shit they accuse feminists of doing

No. 1127066

File: 1610227800860.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1000x1960, 622E9EA6-DFA0-42B6-8D81-A67205…)

Were these pictures of his already out or was he dming Lexa this

No. 1127069

wtf??? is that what the women posting their L's guy looks like now??? good god

No. 1127071

File: 1610228228771.jpeg (376.06 KB, 1242x1134, AB2BDA36-7169-45CD-AD73-35D8B6…)

No. 1127072

Of course it's real kek, and rapememe doesn't have a fiancée but it's not particularly weird for males to thirst after women online despite having beautiful wives by their side

No. 1127075

Lmao no wonder he's so bitter

No. 1127076

I feel like it is weird to QT some other woman to say that if you have a fiancé but I guess you’re right it’s not that uncommon. I feel like the kinds of men who do that generally don’t also make a huge daily thing of talking about how trad they are though.

No. 1127077

I think this guy has potential to be a lolcow

No. 1127088

File: 1610229850025.png (438.09 KB, 660x711, PostLs.png)

No. 1127090

My gaydar goes off at that smile, that hairstyle, those fingers, the way he holds his phone. That explains his bizarre account, his takes seem so different from the typical straight man who hates women because he's a gay man who hates women.

No. 1127091

ooh fatty wants us to talk about him so bad

No. 1127092

What do yall have against gay and trans people? You keep talking like there is something wrong if people are gay

No. 1127094

What exactly do Kantbot and Logo do for a living? KB’s niche podcast can’t make that much money unless he’s getting money from Thiel and Moldbug’s other Silicon Valley buddies.

No. 1127095

these are the same anons who hate dasha/anna for being "crypto-fascists" but cheer on mindless purges from tech companies, don't expect any political consistency or coherency here, its a gossip board

No. 1127097

this is a gossip site where people talk and speculate about people. why are you so offended by some suggesting he is gay?

No. 1127098

No one likes misogynists or trannys here. Learn how to sage your dumb questions.(infighting)

No. 1127100

you need to be dumb and internet brained to be any kind of leftist

No. 1127101

getting banned on Twitter is not censorship or fascism go outside and get a real job

No. 1127102

Nta but stop trying to act like this is some gc imageboard. It’s a gossip imageboard that has locked every single radfem/gc thread and has banned all discussion relating to it.(infighting)

No. 1127105

File: 1610230702698.jpg (116.68 KB, 640x1348, vorl3rxypda61.jpg)

Anna wants us to believe she deleted her Twitter so she could gift us with a misogynist novel.

No. 1127107

Oh god, that might be even worse than Logo’s and BAP’s book if she completes it.

No. 1127108

Nothing wrong with pointing out that someone might be gay. Gay men like Jack have a different kind of misogyny compared to straight men and it's not homophobic to talk about it.

No. 1127109

a tumblr aiden posting his "3 weeks on T" selfie

No. 1127111

Men Posting Their Ls

No. 1127113

Honestly even if he didn’t look like that running that account or following it is a bigger L than any of the supposed L’s he posts. The fact he’s also hideous is just like the cherry on top.

No. 1127118

if you're gonna run a cope account, at least make an effort to hide the fact that you're a doughy chinless soyjak, good God

No. 1127120

Based pickme hustle, gotta afford Eli somehow

No. 1127127

File: 1610232097548.jpeg (728.25 KB, 1194x1398, 8AEA38D4-9095-4A70-97D7-15E53D…)

No. 1127132

honestly this is so funny to me that these people are such twitter addicts that they consider not posting on it a violation of free speech. Like lmao these people really need to go outside.

No. 1127133

File: 1610232508467.jpeg (73.28 KB, 749x348, ErT3R3YUcAIVlVz.jpeg)

are you sharing this because you think its actually a good take??? lol yeah that's all that's happened

No. 1127137

Wrong. Begone ugly troon(infighting)

No. 1127138

Riiight… All I ever see is tranny love and support on LC. You don't have to be GC to hate on trans. Leave weirdo.(infighting)

No. 1127153

File: 1610233947352.jpg (217.83 KB, 1080x612, Screenshot_20210109-150717_Chr…)

oh no the lefts greatest thinkers the two girls who admit to reading no leftist literature and do nothing but agree with right winger on 90% of all issues are being censored. Seriously simps blowing non-stop smoke up there ass made them think there smart and influential when no one outside there right wing circles even know who they are.

No. 1127156

oh my god he fucking ballooned, this is delicious!

No. 1127159

supposedly he works IT somewhere in Brooklyn

No. 1127160

kantbot, that is

No. 1127167

File: 1610234724633.jpeg (747.95 KB, 1242x1655, 4EE1F257-67A4-4BF8-BAF1-A077FC…)

Bill_kezos tweeted this about Jack and he immediately deleted all of his tweets?

No. 1127168

File: 1610234772030.jpeg (684.83 KB, 1242x1547, 45C2727B-0409-4FA2-96F3-16723E…)

No. 1127169

this is so funny to me that they are trying to fake being censored because they are just that smart and revolutionary. when anna literally deactivated her own account and they have not used there redscare account in a year so it probably got suspended because they did not updated it with Twitter new terms of service. do they think anyone is buying this shit and anyone will think that they are important enough to actually get censored.

No. 1127170

Jack is a tremendous coward, nothing new

No. 1127172

dasha and most of those accounts unfollowed Kezos when Jack asked so don't know why he thinks its a win

No. 1127174

I think it’s less he thinks it’s a win for him and more he thinks begging for help and being ignored is an L for Jack

No. 1127176

Also I'm pretty sure Meg was the one in charge of the redscarepod account (which like you said hadn't tweeted in a year and Anna says was suspended due to inactivity), so Anna also insinuating that she deactivated her own account to avoid parallel suspension is so cynical lol

No. 1127178

yes the begging was pathetic but the fact that those most of the people tagged in that pathetic display STILL sided with Jack over Bill Kezos and mass unfollowed him is basically a L for everyone including Bill

No. 1127179

Idk I don’t feel like losing followers from the kind of people who would side with the way Jack acted over the rapememe situation is an L

No. 1127182

QRD on Bill Kezos?

No. 1127184

Is he gay? Why would a man listen to Red Scare? A vocal fry pro-ana celeb gossip cast. Let alone call it his favourite podcast. Calling Anna the greatest intellectual and brilliant thinker on the "left", lol. Fetch me my smelling salts because I am floored. Also she deleted, you histrionic fanboy.

No. 1127185

File: 1610236183523.jpg (209.76 KB, 1080x832, no one is out to get you shciz…)

Dasha using anna deactivating her own Twitter account as an excuse to seethe about the aoc again for some reason.

No. 1127187

File: 1610236274205.png (89.2 KB, 489x469, catfight.png)

lmao everyone's so bitchy today

No. 1127189

He got into a fight with default friend

No. 1127190

File: 1610236452285.png (101.19 KB, 544x484, catfight_2.png)

No. 1127191

What was it about? Did anyone screenshot it?

No. 1127192

Honestly surprised twatter hasn't deleted Dasha's sad pro-ana alt account yet. They hand out bans like candy and I thought that was clearly against the terms of service?

No. 1127194

File: 1610236723906.png (144.74 KB, 396x496, default vs jack.png)

No. 1127195

This “praying for u, bless ur heart” shit from them is so nasty. Especially from Anna in >>1126889 assuming some weird merciful Christian affectation solely to own the libs

No. 1127196

I think the only men who listen are gay or very perverted straight men

No. 1127205

that Jack tweet tagging 30 people for help is one of the funniest posts I’ve seen from any cow on this site ever. I really thought after that meltdown he was going to stick to only posting about the podcast and avoid drama but I guess he can’t resist.

No. 1127207

why are the fags in the redscare reddit crying about the sub possibly getting banned? why & what tf is happening?

No. 1127209

it will never stop being funny to me how these people talk about how there polical podcast where they just say something they found twitter/4chan/reddit or some online article is art or when they try and convince people that they are important with there shit takes they stole from teenagers. I feel like they always talk about there podcasts being important and influential because they subconsciously realize they are leaches.

No. 1127211

honestly his rants always sound like they are made during a drinking/food/meth binge, he probably doesn't remember half what he tweets

No. 1127213

they think because the redscare twitter account got suspended (due to prolonged inactivity), they're next. there's a lot of unintentionally funny content there though, it'd be a shame for it to go.

No. 1127214

I think you are forgetting redscare fans are dumb and are actually buying anna and dashas "big tech is out to get me" shit. ooh no anna deactivated her own twitter this is the end of the red scare.

No. 1127216

Does Jack actually do meth? Has he talked about doing drugs before?

No. 1127219

He's friends with ALM who's a known crack- and methhead. Also M&M is a thing with gays of his type.

No. 1127222


The other thing is that it had some overlap with other subreddits like Cumtown and Chapo which actually were banned, so they usually fear that the banhammer is never far away from them, either lol.

No. 1127223

The tell is someone admitting to having sex with Jack. It's a cruel fabrication Jack finds more depressing than the McRib being a seasonal menu item.

No. 1127224

Yeah, no one knew what “neoliberalism” and the Dutch East India Company and the Mont Pelerin Society were until Kantblimp came along. Lol these losers really think they’re profound.

No. 1127225

not to sound conspirational, but i think r/redscarepod and r/stupidpol have some fans among the higher-up mods at reddit to have avoided suspension when all the other leftist subs were purged last year.

No. 1127227

I think it's just that those subs fly under the radar of the reddit admins. Chapo was the most popular so they banned it as a "both sides" thing to make right-wingers be quiet. Cumtown was basically /pol/-lite at the end, plus they were doxxing people and it was obviously a ban evasion subreddit for MDE and O&A people who are the worst ban-evaders on reddit ever, so much so that the reddit admins had to develop to multiple new tools to prevent them from making new accounts.

No. 1127228

the funniest r/redscarepod moment was when tradwyfe deleted her account after she got called out due to her essay about how immigrants were ruining the uk (she wasn’t even british)

No. 1127229

Why are all the anons ITT so hateful lately? The history episodes of KBs pod with logo are great.

No. 1127230

I hope it gets banned just so the chapo trannies and annoying incels feel uprooted

No. 1127231

you left cows can keep self posting in these threads trying to convince us your shitty podcast are good all you want but none of us are buying it.

No. 1127239

File: 1610240226071.jpg (13.85 KB, 256x256, profileIcon_mjbux1n8w9y51.jpg)

No. 1127242

which podcel is this?

No. 1127243

They already created a backup http://redscare.cafe

No. 1127246


Not really sure we can call them a left cow if they were on Hatreon. Then again, literally nobody discussed in here is at all “Left.”

No. 1127248

Looks like shit

No. 1127249

Are you 16 years old? It’s embarrassing for anyone above that age to treat Kantblimp or Logo as anything other than cows.

No. 1127252

Kantbot pretends to be leftist now after he’s been disavowed by the right for being too much of a whiny bitch and a fat loser.

No. 1127253

I see "RapistExtraordinaire" is already extolling the virtues of Sam Hyde comedy lol. Site's just going to turn into a mini-/pol/ like the dot org

No. 1127255

>The obvious filter making her lips look plumper

No. 1127256

Jack has deleted all his tweets except for a Barbara Streisand video and a bad selfie.

No. 1127278

File: 1610244853412.png (51.02 KB, 679x265, pol.png)

First post in their politics forum

No. 1127279

>>1127050 I know this guy, it's real. he struggled with addiction

No. 1127280

what's he look like? fat and white like jack? any instagram? i want to see the type of guy jack pulls

No. 1127283

File: 1610245213840.jpeg (136.88 KB, 750x1334, Eo11COyXUAEv4dh.jpeg)

skinny actually, not bad

No. 1127284


No. 1127294

The way logo defends fatbot everyday is extremely weird

No. 1127296

File: 1610248138926.jpeg (34.85 KB, 357x279, A00E5BE8-188E-4914-BCF9-0C8CB4…)

Yeah, this has become my mental image of Logo and Fatbot.

No. 1127297

actually fairly principled communist who enjoys dunking on some of this thread’s favorite targets. also he’s a Black dude so Jack et al hate his ass so much more than they would if he weren’t

No. 1127298

I'm pretty sure he isn't even a communist but he definitely does do a better job arguing for it than most of the 'leftists' mentioned itt

No. 1127300

File: 1610248742115.jpeg (126.65 KB, 1080x1081, A5D3F5D4-8FF3-43D5-A629-9E78FC…)

Lol uncanny

No. 1127301

Jack did or the guy in the tweet?

No. 1127303

No fat boys allowed, go for a jog or something. Your stretch mark gut is repulsive.

No. 1127304

I hope mods eventually reveal the post history of some of the self posters in these threads

No. 1127305

File: 1610249265034.jpg (75.86 KB, 796x768, 8078c8c9f1bd88b0b0f0a3a3831441…)


>tfw u complete the system of German idealism and 18th century maritime law

No. 1127307

File: 1610249570720.jpg (448.38 KB, 1079x1295, Screenshot_20210109-192936_Chr…)

is this a self post? I just went through his Twitter he does the whole "I'm not like these libs I'm so much smarter" post leftist thing all these other cows do. he seems just about as dumb and cringy as the rest of them.

No. 1127309

I’m not that anon but based on those tweets it looks like he’s mocking the quote in the Simpsons image as the pseudointellectual twaddle it is. not agreeing with it.

No. 1127310

File: 1610249834533.jpeg (400.45 KB, 1242x781, 830E1392-D228-40D8-9A1A-8C7284…)

Also nta but he is and he was responding to this other tweet with it

No. 1127311

going through the rest of his Twitter he always mock all these other cows but seem pretty much exactly the same.

No. 1127313

File: 1610249867923.jpeg (126 KB, 500x1000, 6BA300B2-8184-4A64-B4BB-5CAD3C…)

No. 1127314

not a self-post. I actually found the dude through an old one of these threads where he was shitting on rapememe lol. in the cap you posted he’s making fun of the predictable dumbass shit le epic “post-left” is always saying, not co-signing it

No. 1127316

In what way? Genuinely asking bc from what I’ve seen he doesn’t seem to have the same views as any of the cows posted here on pretty much anything

No. 1127319

when going through other leftcels twitter I kept seeing this guy on twitter "dunking" on them. he is just like all these other leftcels were he thinks he is so much smarter than the rest of them even though all he does is shitpost dumbest meme all day.

No. 1127320

My man looking hella #based.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1127326

File: 1610250816026.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1196x1719, C89A0131-1852-4742-894C-B58342…)

looks like “poshlost” is the term to describe the Red Scare aesthetic. that Paglia/Pepe image ranks down there with the Christine Hoff Summers memes from 2014 as an offense against good taste.

No. 1127328

Есть ещё более уместный термин - "хуита"

No. 1127330

>Paglia making that "I am very smug and intellectual and an INTJ" grimace that makes her even uglier

Every gimpgirl ever, Anna especially

No. 1127336

Logo depends on fatbot for the supply of chins.

No. 1127337

shoe's ex too

No. 1127339

slightly ot but what is going on in that picture of paglia. is she surrounded by sexy women to own the anti porn feminists

No. 1127344

Paglia literally has the same kind of BPD Anna has. I remember when she criticized the hypersexualization of women by Taylor Swift's "girl squad", but couldn't restrain herself from blurting out that it bothers her because Taylor reminds her of "high school nazi blondes who wouldn't let her hang out with them".

No. 1127347

He's a Reason Magazine libertarian think tank weirdo.

No. 1127351

File: 1610253816789.jpeg (355.08 KB, 1193x649, 43DC00CB-B2FC-4A5C-9556-0DB60A…)

Caroline trying to be an intellectual again but most of the replies are calling her an idiot:


No. 1127352

File: 1610253914975.png (998.55 KB, 1202x1258, Screen Shot 2021-01-10 at 3.43…)

yes he definitely self posts here. in a previous thread we were making fun of him for his corny anarcho "anti-civ" posts and then there were a smattering of comments like "i think he's being quite reasonable…". he's basically just a Carl/Garbage Ape/"not like the other leftists" type but obsessed with Jack/Samememe instead of Anna/Aimee. a dime a dozen really, same navel gazing word salad as the "problematic" people he criticises

No. 1127353

File: 1610253963096.png (405.84 KB, 1196x1698, Screen Shot 2021-01-10 at 3.46…)


No. 1127360

Anti-hypersexualization (because Taylor Swift triggers her teenage trauma) but so pro-porn that she endorses child porn. God she's such a dumb schizo cow.

No. 1127361

how is this word salad

No. 1127366

I'm pretty sure this follow up post >>1127353 was to make fun of his schizo word salads where he says nothing but buzz words. the first post anon made about him was clearly to make fun of him for being a dumb anarchist.

No. 1127367

But in the follow up post he’s clearly making fun of the way people just throw those buzzwords around? Maybe I’m just being paranoid but some of these posts seem vendetta like especially so shortly after this >>1126360 post which sounds exactly like something Jack would say

No. 1127373

nah this dudes a total cow he is a dumb anarchist who shit post memes all day and thinks he is so much smarter than all these other leftist and then spends all day taking about them. honestly this might be Jack 2.0

No. 1127382

I’m not sure why people are so eager to make him into a cow. The only drama he’s involved in is the shit that he himself stirs up with other cows (and he usually just says the same kinds of things we do). He’s a loser who’s online 24/7 but that’s not milk on its own

No. 1127385

I agree unless I’m missing something he hasn’t been involved in anything milky other than the Jack and samememe thing. Especially not anything to the level that would make him Jack 2.0 who is imo one of the biggest cows from the board ever.

No. 1127388

honestly I think you just pointed out why people think he is a cow. He is literally online 24/7 stirring up shit with these cows acting like he is so much smarter when he is just as dumb as them. I'm honestly surprised he has barley been brought up in these threads since he interacts with all these other cows so much.

No. 1127390

Because he just says the same shit we do, lol. It’s not like he’s shilling a podcast or trying to build a personal brand

No. 1127397

>lol this scrote who shit post 24/7 is just like us
lol this reads like a self post trying to defend him. he is a grown ass man who believes in some dumb 4chan meme philosophy like all these other leftcows. I don't get why people get so picky when other anons make fun of him.

No. 1127409

he's honestly worse than almost anyone else in these threads. genuinely thinks he's an absolute genius and his stupidity protects him from ever realizing how much of an embarrassing dipshit he is. also applies to kantbot, m crumps, etc. maybe just because of my particular interests but those people annoy me so much more than someone like Aimee Therese who is obviously just severely brain-damaged.

No. 1127411

His delusions about how many people care about or pay attention to his "books" are very funny.

No. 1127412

This bitch also once said pedophilia is the hallmark of the progress of civilization. A firm believer of biological differences but now identifies as a troon for some reason. Truly a bpd schizo hag, idk why this thread hasn't talked shit about her yet

No. 1127414

Yes! She said the Greeks were the height of civilization and the Greeks loved doing pedophilia therefore pedophilia must be perfection. Literally retarded. She's been sperging about how raping kids is healthy for decades now and getting away with it somehow. She's so repulsive.

No. 1127416

what's really funny is how offended he gets when people make fun of them for being shitty self published books. I think he subconsciously knows that any editor would tear them apart.

No. 1127418


Camille Paglia has been brought up in this and other threads before, as well as her original pickme clone, Heidi Matthews.

No. 1127419

Yeah, agreed, tbh you need to have the same niche interests that they do to fully appreciate just how clueless and ridiculous Kantbot, Logo, Crumps, etc are, and what a bunch of rubes their fans are, but if you do then they are a lot worse than Aimee or Dasha. OTOH Anna combines the worst elements of all these idiots so she’s the top cow for me, even though Jack and Samememe are probably worse people overall.

No. 1127421

Within Camille and other somewhat literate beta females rages a battle between resenting their subhuman status and wanting to punish more successful/attractive women by weaponizing it. Camille, (just like Anna) fully understands that women are oppressed, hence her occasional screeching about muh sojiny, but only when she's on the receiving end. The other part of her understands that of the world ceases to be sexist, she will lose her only means of competing with other women. Low grade females thus continue forging what they perceive as "allyships" with low status males to attack high grade females, but it doesn't mean that they aren't upset when it naturally backfires. The result is batshit insanity, split personality and gender identity disorder.

No. 1127424

File: 1610262785922.jpg (112.78 KB, 1011x1006, camille-paglia-layout~2.jpg)

Are you her psychiatrist? Because I think you nailed her particular brand of psycho bitter resentment towards all of womankind pretty succinctly. She would body swap evil Nazi barbie Taylor Swift in a heartbeat. Has Anna taken credit for her ugly ass "avant-garde" haircut yet?

No. 1127429


Why do his fingers look like they belong to a 1200 pound man?

No. 1127430

She looks like a monster from the X-Files in this pic.

No. 1127432

I dont know how you manage to listen to it, between all of kantbot's tangents that never lead anywhere, logo's constant "like"… use of "like", the effeminate uncertainty in their voices, the inability to explain things properly, the inability to bring any sort of appeal to the pod

No. 1127438

Erm logo and kantbot are the top researchers on twitter right now. Academia is 25 years behind them. Every cutting edge movement filtered through them before become mainstream. Remember esoteric hitlerism? They started that. Reading Guenon and Evola they did it first. Oh yeah logo also currently knows more than anyone in the world about the Elizabethan Era and they are both married to extremely hot, beautiful women.

No. 1127442


That’s very funny, but not entirely worth not sageing.

No. 1127450

I find it extra amusing that Anna used to write cringe fics about casual anal sex, and Camille gushed over ancient pederasty. They both seem to suffer from some twisted form of fujoshit glorification of male homosexual behavior, even though Anna, who admits that she'd be a genderspecial if she was a zoomer, likes to reee against gay men.

No. 1127462

you will never be a woman sweaty(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1127481

it's already compromised by cumtown.org posters

No. 1127488

Wonder if the misogynist who runs that account is in samememe’s circles

No. 1127493

Not trying to wk for Camille but she’s literally a butch lesbian. They usually get along with men more, naturally

No. 1127497

Are you kidding, she is obsessed with men

No. 1127499

Google is your friend

No. 1127511

Nothing in the post you replied to precludes her being a lesbian. Attraction to women does not automatically make you not a misogynist or obsessed with male approval

No. 1127516

Nta but see >>1127450
>Camille gushed over ancient pederasty
She's bi

No. 1127519

Lesbians are more masculine than straight women so they relate to men more. That anon talked about how Paglia teams up with low value betas, read again

If you’d only met fake lesbians then I’d understand why you’re confused and think they are exactly the same as straight women(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1127521

NTA, but this post has to be bait, kek.

No. 1127532

Sounds more like a lesbian fujoshi

No. 1127535

logo uses his nyu philosophy ba to wait tables

No. 1127550

Definitely a self post

No. 1127554

Odds on it's him and fatso jack talking back and forth here? The bill account isn't milky, give it a rest until he is.

No. 1127557

lol wtf

No. 1127575

if you’re going to do this shit at least sage

No. 1127576

yeah whenever anons would make fun of him there would instantly be an "he is just like us 1!1!!1" post defending him. when will these cows learn we won't like any of them. Like the amount of self posting in here is of the charts.

No. 1127579


Malignant Narcissism is the lifeblood of the Dirtbag AntiLeft.

No. 1127620

File: 1610299404498.jpg (525.15 KB, 1079x1285, I say a month.jpg)

how long do you think it will be until anna and dasha come out as right wing. like half the time you go through there twitter it is indistinguishable from an own the libs account.

No. 1127637

Why would they? Their current stated position is more lucrative.

No. 1127652

lol when have these two ever been financially responsible or made smart decisions.

No. 1127663

Her sexuality is called borderline personality disorder, she really doesn't have one because she doesn't know who she is. Just because she settled down with a woman doesn't mean she's not a cumgargler.

If anything, gushing about men for years only to find out that none of them are worth starting a family with is pretty on brand here. Maybe that's what Anna will do when her crazy reaches critical mass.

No. 1127664

They won't, because then they'd have to compete with actual right wing women. Where they are now, slurred lukewarm takes and a biweekly pilates reformer class is enough to get attention. They'd struggle within the larger right sphere though; their naughty so-controversial tweets would be completely unremarkable, and I can't see them surviving the personal trainer/teeth whitening/three hour hair appointment complement.

No. 1127695

File: 1610305665749.jpg (655.26 KB, 1037x1760, rent free.jpg)

can someone explain to me why anna and dasha are always passive aggressively seething about the aoc?

No. 1127699

She gets more attention than them.

No. 1127701


It's not just her it's the whole Squad (though for some reason it's AOC that's often singled out).
I don't know much about AOC, but she seems popular (especially with males lel), and at least appears to have principles and to give a shit about the state the US is in, rather than just sniping from the sidelines and coping like fuck about how nothing can really change because something something neoliberalism something something capitalist realism.

No. 1127724

I've seen anons in this thread describe all these anti-woke left cows as just alt-righters with extra steps once you apply that to them it's pretty easy to understand there thought process. anna and dasha like all alt-righters hate women, women who are more attractive than them, women who are smarter and better educated than them, women who are more popular and influential than them, women who don't spend all day online and actually do things, women again, academia(which is code for anyone better educated than them) and minorities.

No. 1127742

Alexandria and Ilhan are also skinny legends or whatever so that probably contributes to the seethe. Plus they unironically hate women doing things much more than men so if the squad were dudes the hate would be reduced by 80% or so at least.

No. 1127745

To put it simply: AOC is a successful lefthot.

In more deets: AOC is an unconventionally attractive girlboss with strong, obnoxious opinions and "striking" features, who simultaneously has popular appeal and political credibility, and is desired by men on both left and right. She is the idealized Anna, hence the scarethot (mostly Anna) seethe. Just like with Dasha and Florence Pugh, Anna looks at AOC and thinks "What does she have that I don't? I also have an offensive looking, mildly mannish, vaguely brown looking face, and I'm a polisperg. Why is she in congress, adored by all, while I'm a shitty podcel? Maybe I should get a law degree"

No. 1127746

Anna and Dasha should want Wintour in jail for running an exploitation factory for impoverished slavic girl models for decades, driving them to insanity and self-harm. But they think that lifestyle is the most glamorous and desirable thing on earth so they'd rather screech about Kamala ruining Vogue's prestige with her thigh width or neoliberalism or whatever the fuck.

No. 1127749

Anna and Dasha would throw 200 puppies in a meat grinder for the "honor" of being an emaciated slavic model who gets paid in photoshoot props and shares a bunk bed in Manhattan with 50 other slavic models.

No. 1127759

Anna would sacrifice her beloved cat to Satan. Dasha would eat her boyfriend's entire body in one go in a dark ritual (the calories!).

No. 1127769

Damn, go off obscure art gallery

No. 1127795

Aoc is just an easy target of someone politically topical that people can name drop. Being a young woman in politics is for go-getter types, dasha is just not that so I don’t see her as jealous necessarily. She is far more jealous of billionaire children or famous heirs like ex-friend Lauren Avery she continues to skinwalk

No. 1127798

File: 1610315085025.jpeg (440.45 KB, 1242x2217, A28CC071-137F-4AB5-BD16-629EEB…)

No. 1127803


jesus christ that is some dumbass shit. imagine being a grown woman and pretending this is a sincere defense of the fact that you're jealous of a politician

No. 1127804

I'm rolling imagine being so jaded and bitter you hate empathy, happiness, hope and wanting to help people. anna is just eternally seething because people have hope and actually try and change the world instead of being online all day.

No. 1127810

how is politicians appealing to empathy a 'new' thing

No. 1127812


>tfw you distance yourself from the left so much you accidentally end up leaning towards Randian "Altruism is evil" Objectivism

No. 1127813

I know right, this sounds like one of those anime villan rants on why you don't need emotions. I'm now waiting for anna's rant on why she hates puppies and rainbows.

No. 1127815

File: 1610316691518.jpg (31.41 KB, 375x500, mha shiggy.jpg)

god damn it once you pointed out how this sounded like an anime villan rant I instantly thought about how this is totally something pick related would say

No. 1127819

oh wow this actually was posted moments after anon hit a nerve she's seething

No. 1127829

Yeah I wonder who else she could be responding to? She doesn't have twitter anymore so there's nobody asking her about it on there.

No. 1127830

this is the hag that condemns everyone for "lacking empathy". also confirmed for jealous kek

No. 1127831

File: 1610317753518.jpg (184.29 KB, 1080x627, no one is out to get you.jpg)

lol it looks like they are still trying to pushed the "we are being censored" thing even though anna deactivated her own account and the main redscare account got suspended due to inactivity.

No. 1127834

fwiw she's never going to stop name searching on there, her unknown alt is probably still up. like she also said she would quit the sub a whole ago, and did stop posting, but she's referenced threads on the podcast and instagram lol

No. 1127835

bitch is preparing for her "I'm totally not cluster B, I'm a stoic cluster A INTJ titan of logic and reason" cosplay

No. 1127837

Make no mistake, all these hoes are in this thread 24/7.

No. 1127844

File: 1610318218256.jpeg (35.75 KB, 600x606, 088FE043-F881-4168-9A50-5607B2…)

Lol such transparent bullshit on Anna’s part. Stay mad, hag.

No. 1127845

File: 1610318302506.png (474.72 KB, 1182x1828, Screen Shot 2021-01-11 at 9.26…)

Aimee is going to turn on Dasha for this, just like she started targeting Brace when he went on The Antifada. Ben Burgis is one of her biggest enemies. its also funny to see Biden-voting-libs-larping-as-anarchos like Burgis and Nathan Robinson change their tone on Red Scare once their numbers start dwindling and they need to pivot to a new audience. anons hoping for a typical cancellation don't realise that this will be the end of Dasha and Anna, when they get accepted by the Pod Save Americas and tank their contrarian branding

No. 1127846

Lol, the insufferable logic debate guy interviewing a moron who just a few weeks ago cackled about a woman getting terrorized by her psycho boyfriend and said women crave abuse. Also runs a pro-ana twitter. Great look for the "intelligent left".

No. 1127849

File: 1610318574793.jpg (29.19 KB, 748x404, 6hi5wfzfeon31.jpg)

You almost sound convinced! To paraphrase you, "denial of reality is inherent in whemen (you)".

Also, this is an almost perfect mirror of Paglia's verbose rationalization on why she's triggered by Taylor Swift. Salty hags staying on brand.

No. 1127853

i swear to god a few threads ago she was talking about how nice and empathetic she is and how she just has so much empathy. now empathy is bad?

No. 1127854

Shes going through her "I'm literally a Vulcan" stage of BPD.

No. 1127855

What’s going on with The Antifada? That @as_a_worker guy was making fun of Red Scare and the antiwoke crowd a few months ago but now he’s defending the MAGA rioters as righteous working class union members. Jamie Peck strikes me as much more hostile to anything with a whiff of MAGA or conservatism so I wonder how long their partnership will hold up.

No. 1127856

She literally wrote maybe 30 essay length posts about how everyone in this cruel world is just so evil to her and constantly misinterprets her altruism and empathy but she always interprets everyone else (apart from like samememe types I guess) in the absolute worst possible light possible and never gives anyone the benefit of the doubt

No. 1127859

This is the only time I will ever be Anna defense force but I don’t think she’s totally wrong on this one. It sucks when politicians pretend to be your friend so that you’ll feel bad about disagreeing with them. She’s not saying empathy is bad so much as politicians’ cynical appeals to empathy. It’s all just post facto justification for her bitter AOC hatred though

No. 1127863

literally the entirety of "pro worker" thought is an appeal to empathy, just like pretty much any political opinion apart from technocratic neoliberalism

No. 1127868

Also on last week's pod Anna and Dasha said they just found out that the White House is different from where "like Congress is and stuff". Also the protesters were crisis actors apparently. Rife with facts and logic and knowledge. Ben Burgis is a dumbass too or he wants to fuck Dasha. Dream on fat boy.

No. 1127878

it will never stop being funny to me that all these cows are such massive narcs they legitimately belive that the cia, big tech companies, the global elite, the government, and girls that are prettier than them are all out to get them.

No. 1127891


None of this is surprising. Michael Brooks, David Slavick and Adolph Reed were always running interference for Aimee Terese. This is only a surprise if you bought into their bullshit.

No. 1127892

…because AOC is more accomplished, more attractive* and pioritizes getting shit done over leftist theatrics.

I know some farmers will disagree and call her horse face. Let's say more people find her attractive.

This reminds me… how has the Brooklyn left handled Ossoff's win? I still remember when they used his 2017 special election loss to dunk on dumb horny wine moms.

No. 1127898

A hot girl lesbian throuple consisting of a CIA agent, a Twitter board member, and a Citigroup advisor are conspiring against them. All of them are skinnier and younger than Anna and Dasha.

No. 1127900


Sean KB is also tight with Sean McCarthy, an Aimee Terese Reply Ghoul, and Liz Franczak and Brace Belden’s favorite Chapo, Matt Christman.

But, indeed, Jamie Peck does not suffer the Red/Brown types like Sean and Andy do.


Anna hates AOC because she’s more attractive and more successful than she is, and I admit that’s a low bar.

But, when it comes to policy, the only difference is that Anna loathes that AOC isn’t a Male Chauvinist and a White Supremacist like her.

No. 1127911

Kek is this what you think AOC stands for?

This thread has been going down the drain recently, takes of anons ITT becoming dumber and more cringe than those of the leftcows they critize. Is this due to an influx of twitter idiots after the dsa racist showcase or did anons from other despicable threads on snow enter? The sort of recent gossip itt is of the type of dumb hateful scorn seen in threads about random instagram cows

No. 1127912

The usual cope, "th-they BARELY won"

No. 1127913

And all of them are female drone pilots.

No. 1127915

lol back to reddit, no one's falling for your "y-youre more cow than cows actually" bleating

No. 1127916

You should just say ~based Anna~ or whatever you really mean.

No. 1127917

No, labour movements ground in solidarity, not empathy. Anna is right with this one, empathy is manipulative and wrong for politicians to use. I'm very glad politicians in my country don't use this gross strategy (yet) and it is still seen as inappropriate to make politics so much about oneself as AOC does for the brainwashed masses of burgerland.

No. 1127925

Here we go again a random anon trying to muddle the fact that some leftcows are being funded by dubious sources

No. 1127932


>solidarity, not empathy

What? Empathy is a basis for solidarity. Solidarity emerges from recognising that you have common experiences and goals with others, and working together to achieve those ends, because you ultimately don't want you or anyone else to be fucked over, and would hope that others would do the same for you.
Rubbing shoulders with the actual working class and not just with other aloof, cynical art hoes would show you that.

No. 1127933

Dasha acts like a 15 yo on 4chan and it's embarrassing. She's like an uglier version of shoe0nhead.

No. 1127934


Wow edgy.

Thank god Anna would never fall for manipulative tactics and populist appeals to raw emotion.

No. 1127938

>This is the only time I will ever be Anna defense force
sksks sure ok but why pick a time when she's saying stuff that's wrong and acting like a complete dumbass???? saying appealing to empathy is bad is like saying giving voters stuff they enjoy is bribery…it's literally how politics works

No. 1127939

burger newfag detected

No. 1127940

Yes,yes we know. The Cia, big tech companies or whatever the fuck you cows are sperging about this week is totally funding your shitpost to spread there political opinions or whatever even though 90% of Americans don't even know who you are.

No. 1127943

Anons like this would earnestly profit from reading a book about the history of counterculture influencing during the cold war era, or from listening to KBs pod kek

No. 1127944

How are you going to get rustled about the use of “burgerland” on an imageboard?

Bc swathes of anons were misreading it as “Anna thinks that empathy in general is bad” lol

No. 1127945

please take it to the tinfoil thread

No. 1127946

you can plug your podcast all you want kb but no one here is going to like it.

No. 1127953

anna literally talks about how she is a super rational stoic type-a it's not a misread she is just legitimately that dumb.

No. 1127955

File: 1610325239960.jpg (320.4 KB, 1080x1639, Screenshot_20210110-193158_Twi…)

in case anyone wasn't already aware, avina warmtoned wants you to know she is a perfect sweetie!!!!!

No. 1127958


She literally says
>Empathy is the most manipulative and dangerous political instrument because it's designed to appear unassailable
She starts off her post mentioning "appeals to empathy", but then switches to talk about just "empathy".
It reads not like she is saying "appeals to empathy are bad" but "empathy is bad because it is manipulative, and people use it for this exact end".

No. 1127968

so many of these ladies are obsessed with people thinking they the sweetest, kindest, most innocent little girls out there. women who do that shit tend to be the biggest bitches you’ll ever meet

No. 1127969

She says “empathy is…[the worst]…political instrument” - ie speaking of it in terms of its political use. Not gonna go into this any further bc she is ultimately very stupid and a bad writer. I just think that roasts are funnier and more cutting when they’re accurate.

No. 1127971

anna hates empathy because she’s a 5w4 on the enneagram

No. 1127975

Sean McCarthy is hated by Aimee now. He made the mistake of saying Michael Brooks was a real life friend.

No. 1127978

why the fuck should I not exploit the proles unless I feel bad for them lmao
it's that one ballistic gigasucc who says shit like "no russian would ever call the ussr third world"

No. 1127979

>political empathy bad
>loves populists

No. 1127980

Its about class interest, not empathy lmao

No. 1127983

Yeah no shit there are socially conservative leftists but they're not making that central to their cause like Anna and co. do

No. 1127985


Bless your heart, but that’s just Kayfabe, sweetie. But, behind the scenes, Michael Brooks was constantly running interference for Aimee Terese and telling other Dirtbags to lay off of her. Maybe Aimee’s still jealous of his success, and that he took up Adolph Reed’s precious time every so often. Or, maybe she can’t drop the bit. But, I wouldn’t believe anything these people say.

No. 1127986

>it's that one ballistic gigasucc who says shit like "no russian would ever call the ussr third world"
That's because they wouldn't… are you retarded?

No. 1127987

Didn't that happen ages ago? After her days-long psycho twitter sperg out after his sudden death? Seemed cruel even for her. Michael doesn't seem as harmless now that I'm learning he associated with perverts and worse. Not that Aimee cared about that.

No. 1127990

why should anyone give a fuck about your class interest unless they feel empathy for you. are you an autist or just a commie who doesn't understand how human groups work

No. 1127994

Do you think that communism is about making rich people feel bad for poor people

No. 1127998

Норм вброс.

No. 1127999

Do you think all poor people support communism or even believe in Marxist class warfare lmao

No. 1128006

Marxists hold to the article of faith that if they could just speak directly to the working class and get them to realize that it’s in their rational and material self-interest to band together with the rest of the global proletariat to overthrow capitalism and seize the means of production, the workers would agree with the unassailable logic of Marxism and partake in the communist rapture. Marxists cannot accept the possibility that workers might have a very different understanding of their self-interest which does not align with Marxist goals, even though the history of the twentieth century strongly suggests that the workers do not share the same faith in Marxist utopias that liberal arts college students and academics do.(no1curr commie chan)

No. 1128009

Are you auditioning to be Anna’s understudy

No. 1128017

File: 1610329349886.png (118.75 KB, 545x684, a585q8wz6la61.png)

Created by fans but such a self drag. Needs more vocal fry, alcoholic glass clinking, and pro-ana tho.

No. 1128023

umm sweaty the ones who disagree with marxism are kulaks and they deserved it btw

No. 1128030

Needs more "psychosexual" or "parasocial"

No. 1128035

That last reply, he is so horny. Odds are he does most of the talking in the interview and think she's smart because she goes tootally uh huh to whatever he says and thinks she's funny because she laughs at his lame jokes. If someone with basically any type of beliefs recorded with her they'd think they 97% agree too.

No. 1128042

don’t forget cigarette lighting

No. 1128049

You forgot precarious

No. 1128058

very likely tinfoil. the real reason anna deactivated her twitter account is not because they are being censored (also why did they think anyone would by that) its because these threads are getting to her and she was probably about to have a massive bpd-chan meltdown on it.

No. 1128062

Wow, very cool that 97% percent of leftists think women's sports should be abolished (it makes their legs fat apparently), women are worse at everything than men, anorexia is good and glam (maybe Ben should try it?), and all women have a psychosexual desire to be beaten by their romantic partner. I mean who could possibly disagree with any of that? Ben is thirsty as hell for Dasha but sadly for him she loathes fatties. I would like to hear Ben and his logic brain try to justify a single thing said on the pod by the two imbeciles.

No. 1128063


That's old news anon. They bickered about it a lot a couple months back

No. 1128064

Yeah aimee blocked Sean McCarthy ages ago, two accounts ago. It was over Michael Brooks. You can’t have real friends on twitter according to aimee. Sean made reference to her endless Nagle eulogizing. In the end, aimee blocked Sean as some kind of DNC op for accurately predicting a Biden win.

No. 1128069

I buy it. Could also just be from criticism on Twitter itself.

No. 1128074

Man, Anna chose a difficult false self to LARP for someone with her levels of BPD. She's way too sensitive for this "dispassionate post-ironic unbothered anti-PC cynical babe" image. Every time she gets read she just can't resist responding with a butthurt textwall within 5 minutes.

No. 1128087

do you think in the end game of communism rich people who don't concede will be allowed to live
this is about as ridiculous as anna and dasha's delusions of it girl grandeur, anna's said so much contrarian bullshit she herself probably can't figure out if she's said anything banworthy

No. 1128090

Nobody cares about your cringe prageru clapbacks(derail)

No. 1128091

I agree, I don’t think that’s why she deactivated or that she cares anywhere near as much about the threads as a lot of the other cows mentioned. I do think maybe this >>1127798 was in reference to the threads just because of the timing and she probably is at least aware of them because she responded to that femoid 4chan bimbo tweet

No. 1128094

Nta but you responded instantly lmfao

No. 1128096

File: 1610335895892.jpg (53 KB, 640x640, 5e14wqbxrsf51.jpg)

The ever unsmiling uber-detatched enjoy nothing cool girl schtick seems really forced. One of the only pictures I have ever seen her look happy in was baking a lasagna- before her mirthless size 00 art hoe transformation.

No. 1128097

She says this was one of the lowest points of her life

No. 1128098

>being a wholesome tradwaifu is the lowest point
Ah yes, that's for other women™

No. 1128100

I know hi cows are frowned upon but who else would reply this quickly

No. 1128102

Literally anyone watching this thread

No. 1128109

Eating food?

No. 1128115

Idk why but this picture makes me root for her lol. I want her to leave everything behind and just go off the grid. Live a normie life with a normie husband and raise some normie kids. Between Anna and Dasha she seems to be the one who could still be happy if she logged off and let everything go.

No. 1128118

Pickmes don't attract these types of men. They usually get 50/50 effetes with art careers at best, and aspiring twitch streamer neckbeards at worst.

No. 1128119

Ironic, she explained the context of this photo on reddit and said the guy she was cooking for wouldn’t commit

No. 1128127

File: 1610339132873.jpeg (134.46 KB, 750x920, Era1awqW4AQY3Qp.jpeg)


No. 1128130

literally fake news, that account was suspended a year and a half ago

No. 1128131

this was suspended years ago is he trying to act like it was suspended today?

No. 1128135

ot but why does she look three feet tall in this picture

No. 1128136

She's 5'4" irl

No. 1128140

A couple days late but this has me reeling

How do you have an impactful rhinoplasty and still look like a babushka

No. 1128144

I could actually root for Anna if she went normie and got a grip on her misogyny and personality disorders(s). I find her way less stupid and repugnant than Dasha overall. I think she's too deep into the attention and easy money at this point though. I can't imagine making 10's of thousands a month spewing poorly thought out purposefully offensive babble into a mic a few times a month. Sweet gig.

No. 1128161

File: 1610346487346.png (1.2 MB, 1050x1807, Screenshot_2021-01-11-00-25-53…)

What kind of brain damage is this?

No. 1128166

porn induced brain damage

No. 1128167

The sub needs to be closed for their own good.

No. 1128180

>Reading Guenon and Evola they did it first.
I almost replied to this in earnest before I got to the married part, this is literally what their fans believe. Also true of every single twitter wannabe intellectual, the books they shill are more meme and branding than anything else

No. 1128190

Back to tiktok, retard

>saying appealing to empathy is bad is like saying giving voters stuff they enjoy is bribery

It's literally bribery, anyone with a brain opposes populism. The issue is that politicians make themselves relatable in order to create a "parasocial relationship" with voters - they make themselves seem like a personal friend to discourage voters from criticizing or opposing them, at the expense of voters' own interests. While politicians have always curated their own images to appear likable, social network empathy for powerful people goes a step further, gets more intimate, and its only goal is to disarm the public so they smile as they get fucked over.

>empathy is literally always good why else would people care about proles uwu

I swear to god most of you are be several orders of magnitude more politically illiterate than the fucking cows

No. 1128200

Based anon

No coincidence that the niveau of posts itt increases as soon as it's bed time everywhere in burgerland.

No. 1128206

>empathy is always good
You must be the empathy = "feeling bad for people" retard.

No. 1128208

Anon please don't say you don't know that greentext means citation/paraphrase

No. 1128210

File: 1610354477920.jpeg (255.38 KB, 828x1289, E8DD8B52-D25D-4325-A5A2-752640…)

found a warmtoned clone kek white socks and all

No. 1128225

>I swear to god most of you are be several orders of magnitude more politically illiterate than the fucking cows
you couldnt be more right lmao
this site is absymal when it comes to both theoretical and practical discussions of real-world political/social issues. (sometimes worse than the cows; for example, i highly doubt any farms regular is more well-read than kb or logo, and theyre both pretentious retards.) not a lot can be done about this so either find a community that isnt composed of subliterate gossip addicts or keep your head down and just enjoy the milk

No. 1128270

File: 1610363939025.jpg (86.77 KB, 675x900, ErcWIIgW8AECHjo.jpg)

new paul blart selfie dropped

No. 1128294


absolutely hilarious to see how letting emotionally fragile troons mod leftist spaces results in the worst stalinist excesses, endless purges, rampant narcissism, & cry-bullying. if i wanted to neutralize the left i would definitely deploy trans identity politics at every possible turn.

No. 1128307

TransComrade69 is such a cow

No. 1128311

Ignoring the morons you're replying to, the problem is that there's no good reason to single AOC out for it. She didn't pioneer it, she's not the only one, and she couldn't even change tack if she wanted to. This is the game now. Look at Trump v Clinton and tell me this kind of tactic wasn't hugely relevant.

Before they were faking relatability and empathy, they were faking respectability. People will get cynical towards the relatability thing soon just like they did respectability and they'll just move on to the next grift. Maybe people will decide that true genius is always mentally ill and Kanye will be president.

Anna is only mad about it because she has a hateboner for AOC. She's not above any of it.

No. 1128325

Nobody itt is disagreeing with this, though. Anna’s AOC jealousy is common knowledge

No. 1128340

Can someone write a king of queens parody song about him?

No. 1128344

More like 5 ft nothing

No. 1128345

She’s too ugly to be a normie

No. 1128356

It is a citation. Anon is defining empathy as "feeling bad for people", or "making yourself relatable to them", and arguing against that.

No. 1128360

File: 1610375792046.jpeg (359.56 KB, 640x941, E04EA983-4D25-43CA-BE19-40F29B…)

They are really milking this for cancellation clout. Dasha and Anna obviously know better, but do their idiot bluecheck simps even know that account hadn't posted in ages? They're all acting like Red Scare won't be able to promote itself anymore lol

No. 1128363

Jesse Singal has turned his whole career into whining about being silenced despite writing cover stories for the Atlantic and having a book deal. He's trying to worm his way into Red Scare's graces for awhile, is a total thielbux guy if you believe that. He is also the ugliest person every brought up in these threads.

No. 1128366

reddit containment breach

No. 1128436

File: 1610380558391.png (75.18 KB, 1190x274, Screen Shot 2021-01-11 at 10.5…)

Of course this podcast with no social media followers and no patreon followers has already had jack, alex lee moyer, and ariel pink on as guests. Seems like some cringe /mu/ 4chan esoteric nazi thing.

No. 1128450

I wanted to like their podcast but it seems poorly researched and shallow. Nitpick but I also dislike Jessie's voice because it sounds like he always needs to drink some water.

No. 1128460


I’m not surprised the EuroTrash ScareThots have absolutely zero recollection of Ronald “The Gipper” Reagan or George “I’d Like to Have a Beer (and a Bump of Blow) with Him” Bush, because that would defy their “everything bad is the ‘Left’s’ fault,” even though we can hardly call even Bernie and the Squad ‘Left.’ America just doesn’t have a Left.

No. 1128473

Eventually someone's going to notice how amazingly unsuccessful Greenwald's legal practice was for everyone but Glenn Greenwald.
Even a losing case for the client can be a publicity win.

No. 1128488

He needs to sell all his body care products and pay for lipo/bariatric surgery since he obviously can't lose weight normally thanks to all the evil women who literally forcefeed him at gunpoint

No. 1128531

File: 1610384912177.jpeg (60.95 KB, 562x369, BqMkoNRCYAERIh1.jpeg)

Glenn's the king of bad faith and logical contortion. He thinks Jack Dorsey is more powerful than the president of the United States.

I bet the anons complaining about everyone but them being dumb and shallow still think Glenn's a serious person.

No. 1128539

it's pretty transparent this is what's happening. install trans mods, get wreckers to post transphobic messages until they can't handle anymore, make a dramatic exit with long commentary about how the userbase are a bunch of transphobic bros rather than the wreckers. Repeat.

No. 1128540

grüner wald scared changes in latin america might impact his chances to get more child brides kek

No. 1128554

he's tall at least so he has that going for him

No. 1128623

File: 1610391052311.jpg (158.82 KB, 1080x481, Screenshot_20210111.jpg)

lmao just went through her twitter they are still trying to push the we are being censored thing.

No. 1128632

Is this Twiter purge actually happening? All they've done is ban Trump and some crazies from QAnon which was already banned for a long time on other social media platforms. I can still find tons of conservatives and white supremacist accounts, even Richard Spencer still has his account. Also they claimed their account was banned for inactivity so not sure why they think they're being targeted.

No. 1128635

hoes whining about metoo and professional victims desperately want to be victims, more at 5

No. 1128638

File: 1610392199253.jpeg (267.39 KB, 807x734, E6918297-9519-47A4-AA60-5AB5D0…)

Lmao imagine if she achieved any degree of actual fame. She’d be having these kinds of meltdowns daily

No. 1128641

What is this in response to? Who is trying to cancel her for being an actress?

No. 1128643

I think she’s just mad about gossip from here and the sub and her replies

No. 1128645

It's going around twitter again that she's cast in the next season of Succession.

No. 1128647

amazing that she managed to land that since each of her film projects have sucked and she's a horrible actress

No. 1128657

I wonder if she’s gonna have more than two lines lmfao

No. 1128690

File: 1610394694504.jpeg (502.6 KB, 1146x1270, 9910F390-0888-4C9C-996A-47E480…)

No. 1128721

File: 1610396324003.png (94.92 KB, 1192x530, Screen Shot 2021-01-11 at 3.18…)

literally what is she ever talking about

No. 1128727

File: 1610396600013.jpeg (75.66 KB, 713x600, 35D7988C-4763-44A0-A68A-8ECC5C…)

This guy thinks he has a chance with Dasha.

No. 1128728

File: 1610396704620.png (2.54 MB, 2410x1310, Screen Shot 2021-01-11 at 12.2…)

amazed at how her and the other leftthot adjacent girls (i.e. annie) manage to afford expensive designer clothes (even if they're bought second-hand, it's still pricey) while having middling office jobs. dasha frequently mentions online shopping at neimans or whatever, but the podcast probably gives her a stable income. this isn't even a "hurr durr you like bernie sanders and yet you partake in capitalism???" critique– it comes off like they are either failchildren that live off of their parents or are the same trust fund kids they love making fun of online

No. 1128729

opn kind of looked like him when he was still fat

No. 1128731

dasha def makes enough from the pod to be able to afford designer shit, and im pretty sure before it really took off she was just buying bullshit off of aliexpress. warmtoned doesn't really make sense though, she probably just has rich parents (child of desi immigrants and she's from new jersey iirc, wouldn't be surprised if her family was loaded)

No. 1128733

I'm pretty sure Annie's dad is rich

No. 1128736

>being an 18 year old
Why does she always do this?

No. 1128740

yeah, dasha and anna joke about the patreon financing their waxing appointments or new mary janes from saks which isn't surprising. ik annie refers to herself as a "developer", idk if that means she's an underachieving chinese-canadian with just a BA from some shitty mid-tier regional university or if she works for a prominent company. warmtoned's linkedin got leaked somewhere (dont know if it was on here or somewhere else) and she has a graduate degree from some whatever uni. occam's razor is that she just lives off of her parents. i know STEM is more lucrative than getting a humanities degree, but i doubt your average software developer has enough money to feed a designer clothes habit.

No. 1128751


Yeah idk I wouldn't be surprised if Annie makes enough to buy stuff, if she's a software dev she is probably making close to 6 figures no? I'm going off the software devs I know irl who all make 6 figures and are a couple years younger than her. But then again I'm talking about the US, and I think wages are a little lower in Canada where she's from, so I'm not sure. Annie also seems to buy mostly Aritzia and other like…"slightly higher than Zara" tier stuff

Warmtoned is way more sus, she lives in LA where rent is crazy and afaik she is still unemployed and buying secondhand Miu Miu and shit. Definitely buxed by her parents if I had to guess

No. 1128753

hurr durr unironically partaking in the excesses and waste of luxury commodities while whining about capitalism is dumb tho

No. 1128755

For sure we can rule out being buxed by her boyfriend kek

No. 1128762

oh for sure. i can tell he's broke from looking at him

No. 1128766

Post his pic

No. 1128789

Why should Bernie not count as left?

No. 1128791

File: 1610399662401.png (1.83 MB, 1068x1058, Screen Shot 2021-01-11 at 1.12…)

nothing special, and certainly nothing special enough to warrant all of her tweets about how amazing he is. reminds me of how in 2018 dasha would talk about her "amazing, sexy boyfriend" for people to find out that she was talking about her 120 pound brooklynite beta

No. 1128810

alot of ppl buy designer goods used from poshmark, depop and therealreal. brands like mnz and all the popular “egirl designers” don’t carry value over from retail price

No. 1128828


Bernie’s just a SocDem, too.(stop the political derailing)

No. 1128837

Plus she won't stop talking about her tech job so I'm sure she makes decent money herself

No. 1128839

A balding and greying soyjak with a patchy beard, stunning

No. 1128843

i remember annie had a pull thread and they had linked to some r9k posts where they mentioned that one of them spotted her in public with some plain looking white dude where she basically acted like his egirl baby-brained gf. maybe she just depends on him for money?
she resells old gucci/tom ford/celine/rick owens stuff and even has a pair of tabis. it's not exactly nastygal tier. i followed her tumblr for a while prior to following this thread and as annoying as she is, i like the minimalist/earth tones/90s style (even if it's not the most original thing in the world).

No. 1128854

knowing red scare fans, he depends on her for money while telling her to act retarded around him so he's not e-muhskulated

No. 1128858

imagine buying this ugly, mousy, nondescript, goodwill $1 bin looking garbage just because it's "designer" for hundreds of dollars (even though they're all basics so literally no one can tell), and it's not even brand new lmfao

No. 1128872

Most stuff on TheRealReal goes for big dollars though. 500$- over 1000$ USD, at bare minimum. Even t shirts and scarves can run for 350-500 used, lol. Not cheap. And these girls talk about "abject poverty".

No. 1128873

I agree with the anons critizing the recent influx of hateful low-level trash anons. They don't understand what lulzy milk and scandalous tea is, and neither do they have any clue about the politics the cows vaguely claim for themselves. They just come here to hate on leftthots and hope that they can influence them negatively by their mean-spirited scorn, a thing only pathetic losers hope for.

No. 1128882

Even weight loss, major plastic surgery, and dealing with that unfortunate facial and head hair situation probably couldn't save him. And that nasally pedant voice, like nails on a chalkboard. Maybe if she was particularly starving, and drunk, and high on benzos that day… Unlikely tho.

No. 1128885


All she owns is basics, and she’s a very small size on top of that (like a 5 in shoes, which she never stops mentioning). The labels and aesthetics that these types focus on are big with “archive” fashion people because almost all of them are brands whose original designers have left - stuff from their eras is hard to find, but generally won’t cost that much on TRR unless they’re very identifiable as “original” or a distinct runway piece (or have had their hype boosted by certain celebrities/stylists/boutiques). If you look on eBay and Poshmark you will find that a lot of basics or older pieces by these designers, especially when it comes to things like Tom Ford era Gucci (really highly coveted by “fashion people” right now) can be had for less than $100 if you do your research and are a small Italian size/XS to XXS. Older Miu Miu/Prada basics, like a simple pair of square toed heels, show up on eBay for ~40 dollars all the time, I’ve seen small sizes go for $25 or so. A lot of this stuff is pretty good quality, even used, and isn’t really faked because there’s not huge demand for it if it’s from a more “avant garde” designer and not visibly branded.

I do wonder where she got her Philo era Celine boots, though - those never go for under $700 secondhand and were definitely over 1k retail

No. 1128890

"Actress" is a bit of a stretch. Unless she got a major role in Succession that she's hiding, she has only worked as an extra or in her friends Z list indie productions. Her income comes from the pod. This is very disingenuous of her. People aren't even upset over normal adult political disagreements which would be stupid. At least 98% of the stuff she says would get any actual working actress blacklisted or forced to apologize profusely: saying retard constantly, running a pro-ana twitter, saying women are inferior to men, making gleeful fun of the domestic abuse of other women in the industry, calling actresses fat/ugly untalented, and a whole bunch of other shit that I probably missed because her voice legitimately triggers my misophonia. The pedo stuff is totally fine with Hollywood though.

No. 1128897

He looks so old and poor, lol. Must be fun being a “dutiful” gf to this loser.

No. 1128898

File: 1610406627027.png (379.14 KB, 1670x1008, Screen Shot 2021-01-11 at 3.10…)

No. 1128918

What politics they claim for themselves? If you listened to the most recent Coupvid-19 pod episode is was completely incoherent to the point of near insanity. I felt like I was listening to schizophrenics. Qanon forums are more logically sound.

No. 1128920

if you want to sperg about politics make a containment thread for yourself and other spergs. those of us who didn't come from reddit 2 days ago are here to laugh at cows.

No. 1128927

People complaining about her Succession role and that ramen girl account in particular has been melting down about it all day…hate to say it but Dasha’s right actors politics shouldn’t be of consequence and @ing HBO to recast her just makes you seem like a vicious hater. Hope she does get work so she can stop doing her stupid podcast.

No. 1128944

also all those things anon listed are not even political opinions those are just terrible things Dasha has done.

No. 1128948

Pro-anorexia and all women are retards aren't really political views. Why is Dasha so special that she is exempt from the standard that basically all other women in tv and movies are held to? Anyways your comment wasn't really revelatory enough to go unsaged.

No. 1128953

Who did she blow for that role

No. 1128955

Charles Sobhraj

No. 1128959

They’re probably all in credit card debt

No. 1128965

File: 1610411377279.jpg (255.17 KB, 1536x2047, morefemmedasha.jpg)

why is one of the hosts cosplaying as balding dasha with this hair and cross

No. 1128970

god, I can smell this selfie

No. 1128977

Maybe they wear an item a few times and resell? I imagine you get most of your money back if the item is in good shape

No. 1128986

>reddit spacing
>It's literally bribery, anyone with a brain opposes populism.
The best politicians are the ones act completely inhuman and give a big Fuck You to everyone who voted for them (but still manage to get voted back in next election, bc voters love being dommed)
why does anyone give a shit about this podcast I swear we are literally the only ones who talk about it and if the 5 ppl in this thread stopped hate-listening there'd be no listeners at all

No. 1128995

You are so bad at reading
He has much nicer hair than dasha

No. 1128999

If she wants to have a fair shot at stopping her podcast and making it as an actress she should seriously just bimbo out. Tasteful lip injections, small nose job, hair extensions for thickness. She is never going to be Angelina Jolie but being conventionally hotter always helps as an actress. I think she is too scared to alter her appearance though, and she would get a lot of hate from anti-plastic surgery scarethots who would be jealous that she got hotter

No. 1129014

Think I heard somewhere that The Scary of 61st Street is going to premiere on Shudder lol

No. 1129019

Go back to r/stupidpol, your autism isn’t welcome here

No. 1129020

File: 1610415272549.jpeg (314.04 KB, 1125x1584, 8A4DC2A8-6BD4-4CDF-9015-C9CD52…)

No. 1129021

File: 1610415319578.jpeg (353.23 KB, 1125x1939, 0DD503C2-C990-4F3B-9183-558531…)

stupid bitch literally steals from her family and then cries about it on twitter, lol. she deserve everything she gets from her brother.

No. 1129028

Lol he's probably flipping out because she has done it a million times before. Living with someone like that is hell. Also, a weed addiction? Sure.

No. 1129035

pls anon go back to school

No. 1129043

they still lose value. go look at the cost on used celine, margiela, rick owens and it’s not that expensive

No. 1129047

I’ve never seen her philo boots. do you have a pic

No. 1129051

i don’t think so. some others said in a different thread it will be at berlin film festival

No. 1129054

no, like that's where it'll premiere on VOD, after Berlin

No. 1129057

i work in film and that’s not how a fest like berlin works. shudder would have to buy it.

No. 1129077

AYRT, you're right, and it's good to remember that people eventually get wise to these tactics. People like Anna, whose entire political thought boils down to calling these out, have very short-lived careers in political commentary. Girlfriend needs a broader hateboner if she wants to stay relevant

No. 1129078

It’s COVID so there are obviously different rules now

No. 1129085

To be fair, Annie lives with her grandparents and she’s a “developer” in Ottawa. She definitely doesn’t make enough to splurge on designer clothes, but I guess having to not pay rent well into your 20s helps.

No. 1129094

how do you know she lives with her grandparents?

No. 1129126

Ottawa? She's definitely tweeted about living in Toronto

I don't know about grandparents but her selfies look like they're taken in a house and not a condo so, it's either her parents or grandparents she's living with

No. 1129190

I just know with all the overexposure to chemicals from perfume (vintage perfumes especially) that he wheezes and struggles to breathe like an 80 year old man with COPD

No. 1129237

He sounds like a shit but who wouldn't be enraged at someone doing this and blaming it on their mental illness while going on about how good they are at taking responsibility for their actions.

No. 1129253

>nothing special, and certainly nothing special enough to warrant all of her tweets about how amazing he is

how can you tell by a picture? have you never loved a person?

No. 1129259

File: 1610449736281.png (139.28 KB, 869x626, x3twta5v8ta61.png)

The deranged anorexia fanclub over at Skinny Gossip are quite accurately calling Anna and Dasha out on their bullshit and it's kind of hilarious. They may be evil but you kind of love to see it.

No. 1129262

File: 1610451838772.jpg (82.32 KB, 561x842, lugubrious.jpg)

when is logo releasing his new book? he's been talking about it for a while

No. 1129289

anyone know what happened to anna slatz? her cringe pepe edits of herself were my fav

No. 1129296

She got banned for heinous crimes against the transwomen community but she's back here https://mobile.twitter.com/Slatzism

No. 1129299

thank you anon i genuinely missed following her bullshit

No. 1129407

t. avina

No. 1129417

Speaking of, does anyone have one of Logo's poems about quarantine? He posted it when he did that thing about "post sonnet is a better test than post physique", but the poem was just worthless doggerel.

No. 1129440

starting to think this thread is full of middle-age hags thatre pissed that they're dasha's age but don't get as much attention as her
she lived in ottawa for school, then graduated and lives in toronto with her boyfie for work

No. 1129459

Keep telling yourself that

No. 1129470

Starting to think you look or act like Dasha and are upset at what you’re reading

No. 1129472

Could just be that your terrible reading comprehension is shitting up the thread

No. 1129491

File: 1610472344491.jpeg (146.34 KB, 551x880, D0523462-7B43-4369-8546-9BC5AC…)

Was it this one? The average Tumblr teen had more poetic talent than this cow.


No. 1129510

kek, the fact that she calls herself an actress and on top of that has a podcast says more about her than anything else. dasha is so unrelatable to everybody except for her circle of friends. she's a literal who unless you're obsessively online and passively into politics but more interested in political slapfights.

No. 1129516

Is this a joke? High schoolers in English class can write something better than this.

No. 1129525

every time the "you're the real cows who don't understand the intricacies of internet leftism" and "you're just jealous burger hags" posts emerge you can be sure it's r/redscare containment breach

No. 1129551

File: 1610477540416.png (254.15 KB, 593x589, 6H87UZ.png)

Could the American left be any more self-obsessed? The capitol is the most disgusting place on earth. Not Uyghur concentration camps, not Sednaya prison, not Bhashan Char. Reverse American exceptionalism.

No. 1129567

uyghur concentration camps are cia propaganda you lib

No. 1129584

Not a joke. What I saw from his novel was just as badly written.

No. 1129602

File: 1610480460215.png (47.35 KB, 741x549, lardass.png)


No. 1129607

he is mentally unstable and i fear what’s going to happen when he really loses it

No. 1129608

looking forward to jack’s episode on my 600 lb life

No. 1129620

File: 1610482382307.png (39.02 KB, 594x418, 5423343434.png)

he had to let everyone know that he wasn't trying and was literally taking a shit whilst writing that poem

No. 1129631

honestly i think he's ok. not my preferred facial features but at least he actually has the body of a man and not a 120 lb woman (adam)

No. 1129637

this post reeks of ‘lefthot who has been lurking since the early threads and is now mad their Twitter got posted’ kek

No. 1129641


>Women made me fat

>Capitalism made me fat
>It's black people's fault I have no friends

Can you please shut the fuck up and do coke like all the other commies

No. 1129647

>white beard podcast bro goes on rant
Wow incredible let's all talk about it

No. 1129649


I miss so bad when these threads were just regular imageboard autists and not overrun by redditors and twitter thots

No. 1129661

>everyone laughs at me because I have a piece of soiled toilet paper stuck on my head
>haha looks like you’re all mad

I wonder if they realize that this kind of nihilism only further limits their reach to fellow Twitter-addicted creeps. I guess they’ve given up on socialism as any kind of popular movement, kek.

No. 1129664

File: 1610484835425.png (14.64 KB, 582x126, okcumtowngf.PNG)

No. 1129668

That post kinda sounded like custardloaf. Same retarded grammar and I’m sure she would defend most of these cows because she relates to them

No. 1129672


Is Matt Christman still married? If so, whoever she is needs to get free real soon, especially since I doubt he signed a prenup.

No. 1129752

File: 1610489222884.jpg (39.04 KB, 640x480, matt christman wife facebook.j…)

yeah, there's been a couple of his streams where you can hear her in the background. his wife is real sweet, she used to have a twitter account with like 200 followers and only posted about her dog, knitting, and books but she deactivated about a year ago

No. 1129777

File: 1610490545277.png (26.83 KB, 691x339, jackbeg.png)

jack literally begging to get booked

No. 1129792

Funny how he's the only one in that sphere who's in a happy relationship with a normal woman and it's because he married her before the pod and before moving to NYC. For the rest of them it's just gonna be one dysfunctional miserable pairing after another. The guy Amber's dating apparently yells at her a lot, but I guess anything's better than being single

No. 1129793


She deserves better than an alcoholic Sasquatch with delusions of grandeur and humor. And, I’d be highly surprised if Matt Christman isn’t a violent drunk. So, I really hope she fleeces that fuckboi in divorce court.

No. 1129801

It is so funny watching you midwits seethe about these people because they are smarter, more well adjusted, and well read while never attending the shitty liberal arts your parents made you go to. Gossiping about nobodies is the most you use your brain on daily basis.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1129806

if you think him or kantbot or any of these cows are smart I have some bad news for you

No. 1129808


Go back.

No. 1129809

sry for replying to 3 days old posts but what's the milk on crumps? ive never seen him do something objectionable

No. 1129811

Lmao this is so cringe. It reminds me of something Benjamin Boyce would write.

No. 1129812

On a scale from sadistic haircut to receding chin, how terrified are you of a literary editor?

No. 1129813


That’s really the kinda partner that Amber Frost deserves: one as hateful and abusive as she is.

No. 1129816

He's annoying but that's it. His dad works for the Dod or something.

No. 1129820

Okay, we'll just insult you for being a fatty then

No. 1129834

hes not unstable. hes just epic ranty guy and the patreon simps love it. its an act no different than being a standup. chapo really embarrassed themselves when bernie lost, so now the gimmick is being really pessimistic about everything.

No. 1129836

Which cow is well-adjusted in these threads? We have people using politics to cope for being ugly, 30-year old fake anorexics, a schizophrenic neonazi who thinks women who bring treats to his office are out to get him, a rapist, skinwalkers, a twitter addict who posts 200 times a day, a woman who stuck a hairbrush up her ass, and a lot more. The whole "dirtbag left" is a circus.

No. 1129838

legit before this thread I thought that woke trans furry anarchocommunists from tumlr were peak leftist cows, but they ain't got shit on the "dirt bag left"

No. 1129845

Is he saying he's throwing a temper tantrum and self harming by making himself obese because he has to have a job? See a doctor Jack. I think it's more likely he just likes fast food and wants pity for being fat though.

No. 1129849

I listened to the first few minutes of this dogshit podcast dasha was on and the hosts mentions lolcow right away.

https://www.reddit.com/r/redscarepod/comments/kw1f3l/request_dasha_on_contain_pod_whos_got_a_link/ link here

No. 1129857

kek that explains the influx of redditfags

No. 1129858

The host mentioned reading it at the start. Did they mention it again after that? I can't continue to listen because they all have really annoying voices.

No. 1129859

It's even funnier when they collide. Some of the Chapo boys are big tranny defenders and attracted a swarm of them to their hell sub before it got banned. You could shit on everyone but the gender diverse crowd there. I remember when Jamie Peck would derail Sam and Michael on the Majority Report with her wokè nonsense. It was hilarious. One time they were talking about women's healthcare and abortion and she interrupted to be like "um I just think it's suuuuper important for us to acknowledge that men and non-binary people can become pregnant as well…" The air just went dead and they stared at her awkwardly like she just morphed into a gremlin. She would do it with "sex work" too.

No. 1129860

Why are you here defending smart, well adjusted, nobodies? Anyways, anyone who has an actual job is a better adjusted person than a public addict and podcaster who is also like 40+.

No. 1129861

She literally said she still lives in Ottawa. Her bf dashiel lives in Toronto, but the most she does is visit.

No. 1129864

Yeah, it happens at around the 3:14 mark. I guess it’s confirmed that Dasha knows about this place.


Kek, Sam Seder isn’t even an Internet edgelord either. He’s just a normal Gen X progressive.

No. 1129869

the dsa amazing atheist

No. 1129871

File: 1610496490289.jpg (98.34 KB, 1199x647, chad logo.jpg)

>"well adjusted"
>"well read"
hi logo, glad to see you read this thread

No. 1129885


lol, fuck Michael Brooks. He was constantly running interference for Aimee Terese on the down low, he was always puffing up the Bellows—and look at where Aimee found her new copilot, and, besides blowing smoke up Aimee and Anna and Dasha’s asses, his employee and that employee’s wife, David Slavick and Heidi Matthews—the original Paglia clone, think pedophilia should be legalized.

No. 1129905

I only heard about that recently. I shouldn't have the slightest bit of faith in any of these public leftists, especially the men, because they always turn out to be assholes, or perverts/pervert enablers. It was all for naught too because Aimee crapped all over him after he died. His criticism of the Red Scare interview of Bannon was super mild, he was covering for them hard. Got any more details on the shitty stuff he got up to? I want to read up.

No. 1129915


Several references to Brooks "running interference" for Aimee in these threads, can you explain?

No. 1129936

It’s weird aimee is mentioned in the same breath as Brooks when you consider how little aimee does. She doesn’t produce anything, even her podcast is largely Oliver. Brooks worked his ass off building an audience and seemed destined for higher places. aimee clings to Anna for relevance.

No. 1129946


I’ve heard from a general confirmation on this from one of his editors, but the one specific and public incidence I know of is that Cole James Cash stated some time after his passing that Michael told him to lay off of Aimee. I would tend to trust Cole on that because he was, like so many others, awe struck of Michael Brooks, so I don’t know why he would lie about that. And, if Brooks took the time to tell some utterly minor streamer to shush, you can bet he was a lot louder with more prominent people.

And this is also all besides the fact that Aimee and Michael were fighting over who would be the most apt pupil of Adolph Reed, let alone David Slavick and Heidi Matthews. And, now seeing Ben Burgis lick Dasha’s boot for even a grainy .png of her dry, crusty pussy is just par for the course, in addition to Ben’s forthcoming screed on why “canceling comedians is the real threat to the left.”

No. 1129947

If you don't think the userbase here consists of coping weirdos though you're deluding yourself.
People enjoying life don't congregate on places like this lol.

No. 1129953


People enjoying life also don't cape for mentally ill losers they follow on Twitter.
Go back.

No. 1129954

Sage your shitty non-contributions.

No. 1129972

She sounds way too nice and normal for a raging cynical alcoholic and his equally cynical addict friends.

No. 1129974

Probably why she keeps out of the spotlight compared to the other Chapos' friends and family, she's too normal.

No. 1130034

Even if that’s the case, gossiping online is a lot more preferable to the more destructive ways some people cope

No. 1130083

File: 1610510620579.png (48.72 KB, 741x437, simp.png)


No. 1130094

truth and goodness=reheated paglia that boosts men's egos to hear a woman say
Smart and ethical are the last things the red scare girls are, it almost sounds like he's trying to be mean.

No. 1130095

Liz "I don't publicly talk about abortion anymore, it doesn't interest me" Bruenig made sure to mention how she was faithfully pro-life in her interview on Cardinal Dolan's radio show today lmao

No. 1130096

>willingly chooses to call herself "cumtown gf"
>not even @, just screen name
>continues to call herself "cumtown gf"
>y-you guys have no sense of humor

ok cumtown gf

No. 1130099

As soon as the interview concludes, Dolan and his co-host blame the violence at the Capitol on the culture created by legalized contraception and abortion lmfaooo

No. 1130112

Damn, if you didn't know who Anna K was you'd think he was talking about a philosopher who volunteers her spare time on a palliative ward, and not a vapid podcaster who referred to a teenaged girl's chest as "mommy milkers".

No. 1130117

It seems like Poe’s Law at work.

Did Liz Bruenig ask Cardinal Dolan if he is gunna get back on the case of prosecuting pedophile priests or is he still saying victims are phonies?

No. 1130119

Gay Stepdad is an OG post-left weirdo. It's definitely meant to be serious.

No. 1130139

Sorry I struck a nerve, I don't have any particular emotional investment in any of these losers.

No. 1130148

You lie, and you don’t Sage.

No. 1130153

It's more that you refuse to sage and are shitting up the thread by not even saying anything funny or interesting in your defense of these cows.

No. 1130157

What exactly has Anna K said that wasn’t already said by Paglia or the Intellectual Dark Web people and many others?

No. 1130158

that short bald guys are hot… actually

No. 1130163

Repulsive Ghislaine ass bitch.

No. 1130164

File: 1610521616864.png (1.26 MB, 1080x1594, Screenshot_2021-01-13-01-02-12…)

That's just a bit that she does that only short bald men who love her want to believe is true.

No. 1130171

you make this same post every other day nobody knows who david slavic is

No. 1130177

Exactly. Just like many other e-thots before her, she publicly simps for unattractive loser men because that’s her main client base. It’s literally a paid performance piece.

No. 1130192

>implying engaging in no-stakes anonymous banter and practicing the ancient custom of gossip and intrigue isn't enjoyable
It's the exact same as all the group chats the cows ITT are in, you're only butthurt because anonymity means you don't get to be a manipulative little bitch

They all know, the times when a chan could still be a sekrit club are long gone

No. 1130212

File: 1610531796676.png (80.13 KB, 1080x339, IMG_20210113_105541.png)

jack thinks sasha baron cohen is hot
Also these threads have been straight ass for a while do we have no jannies left

No. 1130224

File: 1610533061651.jpg (213.77 KB, 1920x2652, 2.25524415.jpg)

I don't think he's smoking but hardly ugly either. Especially in non-comedic roles. He's quite tall and skinny, so maybe that equates to hot for him? He's a skinny chaser. The Red Scare gals do this too. Anna had the audacity to call Anne Coulter hot because she's a lanky boney skeletor. They think thinness equals hot always, which is incredibly dumb.(derail)

No. 1130329

>Ann Coulter
That reminds me, I have to post on the “women you’re ashamed to say you’d fuck” thread(no1curr)

No. 1130336

Aimee, and Anna, and Dasha sure do, since he and his wife have been blowing smoke up their asses for years.(post caps)

No. 1130452

Report posts more. A lot of the offending posts are made by the same user/s

No. 1130469

Go back

No. 1130486

anon meant user or users not sarcasm. a lot of newfags ITT think that everything is worth being expanded upon and it's getting boring. just report posts instead of engaging with them please

No. 1130656

derp, so many redditfags i hallucinated

No. 1130684

File: 1610575404928.jpeg (120.22 KB, 598x874, D6205D40-8C12-4C42-A576-DB2F49…)

No. 1130792

Nick trimmed his beard a bit. I bet he has a new gf.

No. 1130806

File: 1610580825500.jpg (54.8 KB, 750x581, 4n518jfcg6b61.jpg)

No. 1130810

lmao you think she actually got a reprimand from HBO producers or something? hilarious if true

No. 1130817

Post caps

No. 1130821

Would be incredibly funny if this succeeded in getting Dasha into trouble, but unlikely. Her nasty history was splashed all over the web for HBO to see before the casting. Dasha loves insulting and then using the almighty block button on people, brags about it infact like it's a special skill, but suddenly it's audacious when turned against her. I can't find the aforementioned @ramen_girl_ account, I want more drama.

No. 1130830

she's locked rn due to harassment from dasha stans, and there's two underscores after "girl" – @ramen_girl__

No. 1130840

If she had I doubt she’d be posting about it lol they probably cast her for being an “enfant terrible” because they sure didn’t cast her for being a good actress

No. 1130841

The guy who never goes outside and shrinks from human interaction and is 5'6 and only gets hit on by clout-chasers does NOT have a gf!

No. 1130843

File: 1610582138841.jpg (161.58 KB, 1437x1185, 20210113-131534.jpg)

Nick cheated on his ex
>I'm post-horny hehehe volcel

No. 1130846

you've come to the wrong place if you think we're gonna think she's milky for saying "retard". hasn't she said some really disturbing things re: workplace sexual harassment? I'd post caps but she has me blocked kek

No. 1130850

why are dasha stans mad at her I tried to go on the ramen girls account and it was private

No. 1130851

File: 1610582345645.jpg (80.81 KB, 499x895, aX4iC1x.jpg)

No. 1130856

cope bitch look at this >>1130843

No. 1130857

Thanks. Sending her vicious fan army after one girl is not very tradcath of her. Funny that she's posting these attack tweets from her pro-ana account while feigning innocence as to why anyone might think she's heinous.

No. 1130858

Well at least she dodged a bullet not being attached to that piece of trash and his annoying fanbase anymore.

No. 1130868

If I remember correctly she's married to her former professor and constantly defends student/professor relationships and talks about how MeToo is bad

No. 1130869

Yea, Heidi Matthews is virulently AntiMeToo. I don’t have caps of her worst shit, though: she thinks pedophilia should be legalized because it’s used to predominantly prosecute queer people.

No. 1130870

Yeah, I'm hoping this isn't his impress a date look. It looks like he got his beard caught in a bicycle chain or something and had to blunt cut himself to freedom.

No. 1130872

I don't really feel bad for her. She was likely dating him to raise her profile. She should try to cash out and write an essay about dating him.
Worse he was her replyguy.

No. 1130884

She had one line on Mr. Robot and played some druggie at a party and on the bbc show she played a druggie hippie type according to the sub. I smell a typecast

No. 1130891

She’s in comedy and was doing podcasts for a while so I think you’re right

No. 1130901

you do realize red scare makes like almost $40k a month right, so they're easily making near $150k a year each and dasha also makes money doing "acting" on top of that. its not really hard to understand why they can afford clothes since they don't have any other expenses or responsibilities

No. 1130908

learn to read loser

No. 1130914

I think that post wasn’t criticizing Dasha, but instead was wondering how other orbiters afford their wardrobes.

No. 1130929

it takes three minutes to open their patreon page and see how much they make off of that alone- you don't have to theorize that the podcast "probably" gives them money, it obviously does. what a useless statement

No. 1130934

The man is a weirdo. I had a Twitter where I wasn't even associated w/ any leftists but he followed me. I looked at his account and saw he was following a bunch of my mutuals who were women in their 20s- none of whom posted anything political. He would go and like all of my tweets about once a month. This was before I knew anything about leftism (or at least online figures for it) so I had no clue. Genuinely wonder why he has a penchant for following young women online

No. 1131054

File: 1610597219238.png (401.96 KB, 1182x796, 442hpK9kHfU9h56RHzhGyh66h8.png)

god what a vindictive little brat. she deleted those but now needs applause for her good behavior like a toddler. no grace at all!

No. 1131071

Could never side with that ramen girl chick just to own the leftthots, if you were following her tweets before she locked were completely psychotic. she was obsessively posting about it for weeks and seems to be some kind of uncle greg fangirl? a cow of her own. and yes its obvious this succession gig is stunt casting and she'll play a "problematic podcaster" for 1 scene or something so who cares

No. 1131086

File: 1610600572213.jpeg (609.15 KB, 1534x1327, AAAA4970-59A6-45C8-A1C4-92C612…)

Ramen @‘ing a bunch of people who could care less and followed by 391 who probably don’t care either.
TL rt’ing with 👀 was the greatest extent of it, that I could see, other than dash tweets

No. 1131095

Do you have the tweet that was replied to here? I think it's the one that got Dasha mad

No. 1131105

Part of her angelic tradcath uwu larp. She's a troll at heart though, notice the quote author. She and Anna attacked Mia Farrow, called her a mentally ill psycho, accused her of brainwashing her daughter with false sexual abuse accusations against their beloved Woody Allen.

No. 1131108

>>1128690 that's it, that's the tweet.
If anything more came of it anywhere other than Dasha's own tweets I couldn't find it.

No. 1131111

File: 1610602683070.png (265.51 KB, 592x648, r.png)

No. 1131148

Jesus lmao that's it? Dasha made it out to be far worse than that

No. 1131160