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File: 1653083279809.jpg (1.84 MB, 1741x2047, poo poo.jpg)

No. 1534475

Thread about pick-me women and gays, primarily from Twitter and Youtube, who claim to be practicing Socialism or Marxism. Commonly known as The Dirtbag Left, many associated with the scene are not leftists at all.
Twitter e-girl uwu smol beans are on-topic in that they all follow and interact with the cows.
>Media associated with this scene:
Podcasts like Red Scare, Chapo Trap House, True Anon, The Antifada, The Perfume Nationalist, The Bruenigs, Cumtown, Bad Faith, and What’s Left

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No. 1534486

File: 1653083978136.png (890.98 KB, 1086x1368, poopoo pirate nick.png)

in spite of a serious infection in his eye Nick is posting to promote his shows because they're not selling. if his eye get worse they will be obviously be cancelled which is kinda funny

No. 1534490

File: 1653084275042.jpg (1.27 MB, 1698x1000, NAD bar dasha matthew.jpg)

Dasha went to an IV bar with her prematurely aged zoomer bf. she just can't stop burning her money on dumb shit.

No. 1534512

File: 1653085731255.jpg (126.71 KB, 1125x2000, 8765434567654.jpg)

Anna at Cannes

No. 1534523

File: 1653086430424.png (2.54 MB, 938x1678, on a boat 2.png)

I wonder if she got the jab or used a recovery certificate – I'm not really up to date on France covid restrictions, not sure you need anything but a test anymore

No. 1534536

File: 1653087494588.jpg (2.55 MB, 1182x3407, milady 3.jpg)

the milady shilling continues. this time dasha can blame it on her agency. incredible timing to align yourself with this just as crypto takes a huge crash. why?

some NYC crypto guy wrote an incredibly weird yahoonews article about red scare and fan tokens back in January (not sure if it came up here before: https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/financialization-fandom-184545989.html ) maybe dasha is inching towards that lol

No. 1534544

File: 1653087861892.png (230.74 KB, 1186x440, nfts.png)

oh nvmnd it did come up, totally forgot that article is what she was replying to when she said this. still.

No. 1534557

thank you for making the new thread i usually make them and i'm taking exams

No. 1534560

traveled to france recently, you don't even need a test (if you're going by train)

No. 1534573

>IV bar
what ungodly horror has new york come up with this time

No. 1534585

nick will die before stav out of pure spite

No. 1534613

dasha's boyfriend is one of the ugliest jew yorkers I've ever seen. he's even more of an anti-semitic caricature then her old fling stephen/sean penn guy. but he's apparently catholic?? i don't get it

No. 1534623

File: 1653094361698.jpeg (218.69 KB, 1600x900, milady.jpeg)

>>1534536 this is coinciding with the recent Coinbase article about the background of the Milady creators and screenshots posted from the recent Hot Pot group chat showing continued eating disorder grooming, bmi policing, doxxing, collecting objectionable things people said to use for blackmail, racism, self harm encouragement, harassment, pretty much every bad thing you can think of: https://twitter.com/cuteness333/status/1527636588527702017 (thread of recent screenshots from the group chat)

there are conversations on twitter and the Remilia discord with Kurabbu harassing and soliciting photos from an underage girl annd posting photos of other girls on other sites in this e-girl thread: >>>/snow/1514324 and shared in this album (scroll to the end to see the screen recording of this: https://archive.ph/20220419124804/https://imgur.com/a/FXAKUBK

all of these people are batshit crazy.

No. 1534625

It started in LA like ten years ago. Basically rehydrating thirsty, hungover people and charging big money to do it with a touch of woo woo nonsense.
They have them in London and Paris and probably other places as well as LA/New York/most other large cities in US and Canada.

No. 1534627

Jewish dad, Catholic mum, super common in NY

No. 1534628

File: 1653094704833.png (90.68 KB, 1186x406, miladyshills.png)

Honor and Walt hosed a milady "tea party" today, Brock is the New York Mag party reporter so stay tuned.

No. 1534677

Anna looks like a value version of trinity from the matrix here

No. 1534697

Who knows Aimee's new account?

No. 1534715

@animeterese, it’s listed in the What’s Left pod bio

No. 1534764

Kendall Jenner promoted it on the Kardashians two episodes ago, Dasha probably got the idea from that.

No. 1534791


so it's not even ketamine?

No. 1534798

these guys and some of the other anti-woke podcasters need their own art-right thread

No. 1534806

agreed. the milk for here is dasha refusing nfts with one hand and promoting them with the other (presumably because it's the cool thing to say they're lame, but also she loves the attention they're lavishing on her and also money). But the specifics on milady founders is a cesspit that seems like its own thing.

No. 1534807

File: 1653109299119.png (336.82 KB, 601x445, milady.png)

Shkreli's already got one. This cult isn't going away anytime soon.

No. 1534816

oh shit he's out of prison? lmao I forgot about him

No. 1534829

File: 1653112979966.png (1.41 MB, 640x1136, 21FEDC57-57F0-4402-AC07-032181…)

No you don't.

No. 1534919

Could be a self-hating Jew

No. 1534954

kaliacc cult stuff is 100% its own thread, the milk here related to dasha is that these stupid miladies are like the iv bar and the realreal clothes thousands of dollars a piece.

No. 1535192

File: 1653154064250.jpg (175.33 KB, 1173x1576, rs.jpg)

exactly. newest pod guest spent 1/2 mil $ on an urbit galaxy and made a point of saying milady's are woman-owned. but I don't need to know who yarvin or remilia is to know this shit is stupid

No. 1535198

File: 1653154472606.png (114.75 KB, 459x493, willmenaker.png)

What did he mean by this?

No. 1535202

he was on wet brain too, it’s all shills and creeps gaming desperate young people while anna and dasha pretend they’re not playing too

No. 1535205

File: 1653155068950.png (239.58 KB, 1194x544, Screen Shot 2022-05-21 at 10.4…)

checking in on his girls this morning
(hesse's twitter is suddenly gone?)

No. 1535207

I mean, this has moved well beyond annoying cypherpunk shilling. The urbit/milady party downtown last night had like hundreds of cool scenesters in attendance. Yarvin/Thiel ethos has completely taken over alt-NY.

No. 1535241

>made a point of saying milady's are woman-owned
Is he wrong? Milady rave is the only crypto event I've ever gone to where it wasn't a sea of white dudes from prestigious universities. Milady has been the only project with an actually diverse community and it didn’t even have to try to do so. All these spurious allegations of grooming and crypto bro racism, and yet milady seems to consist of mostly beautiful girlies living their best lives, if a little autistically. I don't get the hate.

No. 1535250

Much like NXIVM and the Manson girls were just beautiful ladies making money together? I'm sure you'll all just be making loads of cash, very empowering for young female entrepreneurs. Any interesting tidbits from these utopian feminist events?

No. 1535286

lmaooooo oh my god my sides

No. 1535292

File: 1653159486622.jpeg (67.44 KB, 510x680, will menaker gun.jpeg)

He is the ringleader. All roads lead to Menaker.

No. 1535294

Girlies? Like the ugly trannies of the wet brain discord server, honor levy whose rapidly starting to age like Hannah Arendt into a Jewish caricature, or soph, whose surprisingly wide shouldered and not that slender when you see her in the Justin Murphy interview?

No. 1535299

the e-girls shilling milady are the crypto equivalent of booth babes or girls who hand out samples of snus. "woman-owned," meaning that a few (probably trans)women have bought miladys. okay, you can say that about every product. this dude has been face doxxed already in another thread.

No. 1535305

name names, please diagram out the art-right

No. 1535338

File: 1653161577013.png (173.96 KB, 1306x518, 65748932348392.png)

The guy Sam Frank humiliates himself and sounds really stupid, weak willed, and brainwashed. The girls are bad copping him except when defending moldbug and Thiel but they know it's all publicity. It sounds like it was recorded in person before Dasha got her nft and maybe before the crypto crash. The guest admits he's the unnamed former journalist in the Vanity Fair piece.

No. 1535342

Zero mention of the fact that urbit planets and stars are speculative assets and that mr. “just paid 1.5 mil to the IRS” would benefit financially from mass adoption. The way he speaks about the Web 3.0 project you’d think he was doing all of this out of the goodness of his heart. Also apparently Walter and honor spoke at an urbit event like a year ago and were compensated with an urbit star that’s allegedly worth 10k lmao. He tries to make it sound like Walter and honor actually spent 10k on a star and fwiw Anna and Dasha do call bullshit on that at least

No. 1535386

diversify pyramid schemes yaass kween

No. 1535400

bossbabe time is over

No. 1535402

the milady is indeed "property" of dasha's agent (noagencynyc)
enjoy ur 1000$ to 5000$ for a blurry anime icon

No. 1535470

lol yeah ok your stupid NFT project has women involved, urbit is still the male made, male run techno-feudal wet dream of steve bannon

No. 1535473

literally kill yourself

No. 1535520

File: 1653171523675.png (749.83 KB, 1730x402, 5748399485493.png)

Doesn't he get that no one wants to look at these people? Pathetic view numbers.

No. 1535667

betting that mullen kills himself within the next two years

No. 1535675

some inside joke from a gc that only trustfund media layabouts will laugh at

No. 1535711

File: 1653185357289.jpg (280.88 KB, 1632x1296, miya.jpg)

No. 1535713

>woman owned
Miladys are made by a group consisting of a self-hating fat Indian man and a Russian guy who have spent the past few years pretending to be anorexic Asian women to groom 14 year old girls. You are part of a pyramid scheme and these sick fuck Milady dudes have you where they want you. They're literally exploiting your desire for clout and trendiness.

No. 1535751

Samefag but I just remembered that even scum rapist stalkers have Miladys, like Matt Mondanile (of Ducktails and Real Estate, stalked Julia Holter and has assaulted countless women, currently dating a teenager). From the top to the bottom and vice versa, Miladys are engineered to appeal to rich yuppie freaks who will shell any amount of money forward as long as relevance and feeling like they're part of the "in-group" is promised. That's all this is, and two insane, race-obsessed pedophiles are making bank off of it.

Assuming your tacky raves and blogposts ripping off alt lit hasbeens really are are mostly women instead of white crypto bros, why does that matter when those women are of the same class (both socially and monetarily) and are in bed with those guys (in every sense of the term) at the end of the day anyway? You're all fucked.

No. 1535786

he's in his douglas kenney era

No. 1535796

File: 1653189304913.jpeg (70.76 KB, 275x258, 1652418130662.jpeg)

>e-girls starving themselves for a dude with no hair

No. 1535800

did nick koenig spring for a race change so he could continue abusing teenage girls?

No. 1535920

My god, imagine being among so many arts and cultural elites and your craft is that you’re a podcaster. Barely ever published a piece of writing. Just a podcaster and Twitter poster. Culture really is going to shit

No. 1536078

>this isn't just a scam, it's a GENDER DIVERSE scam!!!!!
You have negative braincells and a greasy forehead. When the whole thing collapses because no one wants to pay 1000s for a shitty anime avi, at least the good memories will keep the rent paid

No. 1536202

can anyone who hates themselves enough to watch it tell us what soph says in this? i was mutuals with her for a while and the girl has a brain the size of a pea, i can't imagine her speaking an entire coherent sentence

No. 1536583

File: 1653263339862.jpeg (227.18 KB, 750x896, E04FBE1C-D790-4A29-8B69-976A24…)


No. 1536645

File: 1653268386703.jpg (120.18 KB, 828x1472, 89480155049166602.jpg)

from red scare's urbit shill guest's ig (@swfrank), him and Kaitlin were posting hanging out and getting drinks together with "anti-fascist" substacker John Ganz
>>1535198 nice to see everyone is friendly behind closed doors

No. 1536649

Idk but there is a song called Eat Y'self Fitter

No. 1536656

lol aimee attacks other women unprovoked constantly

No. 1536686

The movie Leia and Adam are working on is The Sweet East, directed by SPW from a script by Nick Pinkerton
> “It's a little like Terry Southern's Candy—[which was] a fun book, a bad movie. It's about a high school girl, her journey up the East Coast of America encountering one bozo after another… It's a great script, Nick Pinkerton wrote it.”

No. 1536689

Does Kaitlin have a planet?

No. 1536699

File: 1653272935365.jpg (57.22 KB, 750x559, FTTAHb0WYAA2i1F.jpg)

dunno, but she's got something else cooking

No. 1536946

>beautiful girlies living their best lives

bruh really thought Miya was a chick

No. 1536948

even with the NRx diaspora / Urbit crowd ascendant this dweeb is putting up pitiful numbers. something for him to do I suppose

No. 1536951

File: 1653306666639.jpeg (330.55 KB, 828x809, 30997D7F-BFD2-41C5-AFE5-697859…)

She mocks Ben Burgis appearance every week.

No. 1537028

Omg fuck off Miya/Soniya/Pajeet/whomever you're larping as today

No. 1537046

I can't stop laughing at the fact that one of the most pathetic online grooming cults is now being shilled by NYC "cool scenesters", as if we needed any more proof these people are absolute brainless lemmings. Enjoy getting scammed by Vlad & Pajeet kek

No. 1537183

was the remillia discord cult apart of reiko's trap harem or just inspired by?

No. 1537219

File: 1653328526842.png (57.5 KB, 730x383, f.png)

It's astonishing how everyone involved in this pyramid scheme blindly believes Miya the Pajeet when he says he was never a groomer racist pedo. Anyone who used twitter in 2019 can tell you this is all a load of shit, but people don't want to believe they're being scammed by pedo nazi cult leaders who groomed 14 year olds into being anorexic wrist-cutters.

>noooo we have trannies with milady NFT avis, we couldnt possibly be nazi groomers, we LOVE EVERYONE and everything else is hearsay

I'm not sure if this is a full archive of Miya's tweets, but a ton of them can be found here: https://twitter.com/MiyaRepostBot
Plenty of bullshit that immediately discredits all his claims, it's as if he thinks everyone has the memory of a goldish and archives don't exist. Some tweets of his:
>Negative eating disorders do not exist. But also the women with negative eating disorders don’t fast, anyway, they eat with restrictions and/or expulsion. Their material addictions would never allow them to truly fast.
>And all things relate to the question of aryan blood and spirit. Aryan character is most acute at the high castes, and least so at the lower castes where commonality to the lesser races is strongest. The tr*nny phenomenon is specifically weaponized to target the aryan high caste.
>Woman don’t exist. Only daughters and mothers. And whores, the female corrupted.
>Homosexuals reproduce through pedophilia.
>Woman are designed to be subdued, and spoil without proper subjugation. It is obvious why the male's mental and physical superiority is a basic prerequisite to a functional relationship.
>Managing harem requires high sensitivity to female mind, close observation of own feminine essence. Noble-blooded women, too, flirt with masculine pursuits, eg writing, to maintain rule in court and harem.
>“Cheating”, like “virginity”, is a concept that sensibly applies only to women.
>As virgin does not apply to men, friendship does not apply to women. There are no female friendships, only mothership and competition. Women also experience no romance, but they do obsession and sublimation.
>Don’t let your woman become rotten. Despite anything they will tell you, women are built to serve: they flourish when given the opportunity, and sour when it’s stolen from them.
>women are but mere mortals […] girls are gods
>Everyone a self-proclaimed eugenicist until they actually start doing it. Bullysuiciding is eugenics praxis. […] Radical RW Bullying is the answer.
>Poorfags will never learn. Their poverty stains not just their wallet, but also their head, blood, and soul.
>Bring back the racial caste system.
>I do now confess plans to form a hyperborean reconstructivist settlement founded on a set of experimental cross-racial nu-ethnic castes (seeded by yours truly)
>Good wives consider their husband to replace their father figure.
>True hyperborean gender dynamics must be understood under the assumption of the high caste's polygynous harem - disproportionate reproduction is a natural reality. Excess of men is a non-problem; even in the absence of war, there is always need for slave labor.
>Trads and righties focus too strongly on basic racial purity, but not the blood quality of castes within them. The damage of miscegenation applies to intercaste marriage as it does interracial. Leads them to focus too strongly on political systems, when it all derives from blood.
>Worker's Rights mindset is of inflated perception of one's own value. Illuminating situation, increasing transparency, removing regulations and hindrances, will only ever result in better understanding of their worthlessness
Especially funny one:
>No content creators based, not even one. Petty greed and gentrifying hubris leads them to blaspheme the network in the ultimate sin of monetization. Make no mistake, their time will come, history will not be on their side, and they will be excised without quarter.

This thread does a good job at providing proof and breaking down some of the lies Miya has told about how there was no full affiliation between Milady and Kaliacc/Remilia: https://twitter.com/0xZuwu/status/1508074105744113668

No. 1537233

uhh when tf did this entire thread become dedicated to miladys/miya/idek who the fuck all these people are, or how everyone here suddenly knows lmao. this thread feels extremely astroturfed, like whoever's behind this shit is self-posting to get people talking. is there a crypto scammer thread where this shit can go instead?

No. 1537236

Considering the fact it's all anyone in this scene talks about online anymore, it seems apt. The entire last episode of Red Scare was one big urbit advertisement. They mention how cool and based Thiel is every episode now.

No. 1537240

Literally almost everyone in the crowd this thread is dedicated to has been shilling miladies and going to Milady raves. These guys have been involved in these scenes for years as well. It's not about crypto, it never has been lmao. They're pedophile schizos who grifted the entire NYC trustfund former leftoid crowd into funding their cult bullshit.

No. 1537258

brown racism and sexism is unreal.

No. 1537272

File: 1653331373671.png (260.27 KB, 1178x870, 5675843923829.png)

walt doubling down and these people coping hard, reading the bible in upstate isn't going to save your souls if you keep letting greed and desperation for relevancy guide you

No. 1537299

>>1537272 The co-host of Wet Brain (Walter Pearce) is associated with Midland Talent Agency which has questionable human trafficking allegations:

Disregard the Q shit, these people have Epstein connections and there are very notable ties (LITERALLY IN THE FLORIDA COURT DOCUMENTS) between Midland, Rachel Handler (Walter Pearce’s Midland founding partner) and her work with MC2 which is in these less schizo articles:


“In those court documents, one alleged victim accused the billionaire of “deliberately engag[ing] in a pattern of racketeering that involved luring minor children through MC2, mostly girls under the age of 17, to engage in sexual play for money.”


At the very least, these people are absolute scumbags

No. 1537302

lmao at them equating mass-grooming and abuse to being un-PC. the same groups hating to hate pedophiles, calling everyone in their path satanic, are the same ones ultimately defending them. every time man. if milady were made by leftoids you just know they’d be decried as pure evil instead of worshipped as an uncancelable egregore defying all laws of nature or whatever. unforeseen levels of cope going on.

when “charlotte fang” admitted to being miya he claimed it’s unfair everyone is upset about “people shitposting during the pandemic.” the kicker is that kaliacc started in 2018-2019, and he believed everything he wrote. at this point i’m not sure if the brooklynites are even aware of the mass grooming and abuse and nazism, totally believing the claims that the only reason people are upset is “old shitposting,” or if they just don’t care.

No. 1537306

bro you don’t get it they’re channeling the holy spirit and you’re just not whitepilled enough to truly understand the divine beauty of sex trafficking, groomer crypto scams, and living off your parents money. it’s only evil when jews like epstein do it!!!1!

No. 1537308

It's funny you say that, when Miya was Sonya Qafi, he literally used to go on about having an "Epstein Mindset" kek. He posted about how Epstein would have all "his girls" on a calorie restricted diet to keep them from developing

No. 1537312

Wow what a coincidence, so do Anna & Dasha. These people shilled for pedo groomers long before they started shilling for NFTs created by pedo groomers.

No. 1537313

This is just the next stage of Dasha's tradcath LARP, there's nothing more Catholic than giving your money to a shady pedophile cult.

No. 1537317

Imagine forming your identity around a vaguely pedophilic jpeg of a poorly drawn anime girl. Demonic, braindead community.

No. 1537318

let's not get our boroughs mixed up, this particular cancer is endemic to manhattan

No. 1537333

They're definitely selfposting, I remember looking at some milady-related tweet that was linked in an earlier thread and they were literally discussing lolcow in the replies lol. These retards think that lc aligns with their wannabe laincore aesthetic solely because it's an imageboard. It's what happens when you try to be edgy but are in fact too normie to leave your twitter playpen.

No. 1537345

File: 1653336822993.jpg (49.94 KB, 695x720, 6bbd63d33640ed6ba9e1521a7e1b9a…)

This, it's very telling that this shit was never discussed here until 2 weeks ago and now all of a sudden every fucking post is about these literal whos. This is a very obvious brigade by people trying to meme themselves into relevance. Reminder to REPORT suspected self-posts nonnies and to the shills, you'll never be rich or famous and you're all boring losers with flyaways and white tongues

No. 1537359

I was having fun watching dasha get sucked into a NFT scam but it's just highjacking the thread now

this is copy/pasted from last thread >>1516723

>links to boredape/ETHtard tweets and a bot account
uh huh

No. 1537370

People have been calling out miladies as being the creation of a pedo groomer for a couple threads now. The creator finally admitted his identity a day ago, that’s why there’s been an uptick in milady related hysteria. Not a very good self posting tactic to call yourselves pedophiles who groomed anorexic teenagers lol.

No. 1537386

sage but even within crypto milady has a pretty shady reputation. Laughed out loud when I heard them shilling it.(learn2sage)

No. 1537414

as somebody who always thought the KaliAcc shit was deeply insidious, and never once bought the idea that the grooming allegations were "self cancelling performance art" (this was likely a failed attempt at deflecting Remilia's association w Miya and co), I'm only too happy to see the brief reign of the Mifaggots come to an ignominious end

No. 1537418

Yeah, it seems like everyone ITT wasn’t there to witness Miya at work first hand in 2019. If you followed anyone in these circles on twitter their replies were filled with Kaliacc freaks pretending to be 14 with 180 IQs and BPD combined with autism, spewing their vedic nonsense while grooming kids on the daily. It was very obviously evil, even without the grooming all they did was parrot nazi shit with an esoteric tilt. How anyone could defend these or claim they’re self-posting is beyond me. They refuse to actually own up to anything they did and said, it would kill their current brand of whitepilled bullshit even further if Charlotte/Miya said anything more than “it was just shitposting bro.”

Miladies are evil and make money for pedophiles and self hating Indians who get off on making teen girls starve themselves, and naturally they’re gonna get discussed in a thread where almost everyone involved owns one or is surrounded by people who own them. Dasha having one is truly just the cherry on top at this point. It’s so pathetic and proves everything already said a million times in these threads. They only care about clout and posturing. Even their most intense stances are thrown out the window if clout is involved.

No. 1537465

afaict their current cope is that it was all an "artistic performance" and the accusers were all "in on it", which just might work and save them some face because it was actually part of their strategy to have inner circle members report horrible things about him in order to make it all sound edgy and dangerous. it's just that a lot of actual abuse did also happen. i imagine a lot of people will side with them to feel superior for "getting it" and not being woke squares

i thought it was astroturfed selfposting as well (and it probably was at first, see above) but welp, now there's an actual shitstorm going on all over twitter

>or claim they’re self-posting
they wanted to be seen as scary 4chan hyperstitioners creating an online egregore terrorizing the normies, selfposting to le female imageboard about how spooky their little cult is is perfectly in line with that. they only distanced themselves from that (and only barely) to make money off the NFT grift

No. 1537538


I don't care particularly about Rachel Chandler but what connection does she have with Mc2 exactly? The only thing that comes up AT ALL is an W article from years ago where she picked two girls from their main board as "to watch", it doesn't even say if she took the polaroids or not. Mc2 was one of the biggest agency in the WORLD for many, many years and had hundreds of models of their boards; they probably directly and indirectly employed thousands of photographers, stylists, casting directors, MUAs, ect in NYC. I could understand if she actually worked there as an employee, in office, but if you think a freelancer taking some photos or casting a model from an agency means that person has any contact with that agency outside of a few emails with the model name and address I'm sorry, you have no what you are talking about.

OT but the RC/Midlands tinfoil is the most retarded of all Qanon tinfoils because 90% of it is just "these pictures look weird and the girls look underaged" as someone who was born outside of US and has spent most of their whole life in the US, white burgers think any woman who is smaller then a size 6-8 by their mid 20s is either anorexic or a very badly aging/ugly teen

No. 1537548

>high school girl

No. 1537566

File: 1653354677490.png (726.74 KB, 1212x1190, justin murphy.png)

twitter is having a little freakout but the only leftcows involved are Dasha and Justin Murphy, and dasha has had one foot out the door the whole time ("it's my management agency's milady!")

No. 1537582

this cope is beautiful. has justin murphy done anything even slightly noteworthy in years? i don’t even see him mentioned anymore. he’s spiraling so hard in the cap you posted scrambling to defend pedo pngs, jesus christ. truly pathetic

No. 1537595

File: 1653356473243.png (129.27 KB, 1208x610, murphy.png)

>>1537582 this is exactly what he's noteworthy for and nothing more

No. 1537621

The cope is hilarious. The Dimes Square idiots jumped on an astroturfed trend without doing any research and now look like clowns. Anyone with half a brain cell could’ve seen the connection with those sick fucks from Kaliacc. I have to thank that fat Indian pedo retard for exposing all these soulless clout chasers for what they are.

No. 1538035

Is this Miya/Charlotte Fang? What’s their real name?

No. 1538085

File: 1653373644637.jpg (5.16 MB, 3186x2558, urbitting.jpg)

he really posted through it. he had a dozen more tweets like that

>has justin murphy done anything even slightly noteworthy in years?

did he ever?
I didn't notice until now but he's mainly been working on and talking about urbit for the last 2+ years. he wants hang out in his "imperceptible town" outside an "imperceptible city" in his "imperceptible country". he might send you a FREE PLANET (omg!!1!) if you download his "imperceptible computer" (a $50 value for zero dollars!) lol. not sure I follow that but it sounds like paying him to enter a chatroom so he can sell you some shitty NFTs and something something free speech internet vitalism indie thinkers etc – everything he does looks like a scam.

No. 1538114

File: 1653375350943.jpg (813.76 KB, 1222x1214, foreshadowing.jpg)

justin in 2020 foreshadowing tradcath/urbit connection

No. 1538123

It's in one of the old threads, can't be bothered to find it, but Murphy was talking with the contain guy (I think?) on a podcast a while ago about how ever since he hosted a Moldbug talk in LA they've been collaborating behind the scenes to introduce his ideas and philosophy into the culture at large, their first step being to get all the artsy types and influencers in LA and NYC into urbit. Basically the same cultural hijacking shit Sam Frank was openly admitting to on the last Red Scare.

No. 1538269

Losing my shit imagining some man posting this thinking "Yeah, I've got this in the bag. We're winning bros, these foids don't even realize" lmaoo

No. 1538358

File: 1653388645366.png (127.53 KB, 614x589, dasha loves her simps.png)

this was cute lol

No. 1538382

File: 1653390493224.jpg (72.77 KB, 490x300, buddypoke.jpg)

These NFTs are so fucking unoriginal. They remind me of the BuddyPoke avatars that were popular on Myspace and FB 10-15 years ago.

No. 1538395

Matt in the latest chapo when discussing hedge fund managers said “they’re sickos these people are sick” which is The Fedpost’s tagline and on the April fools episode with all their gfs Matt’s fiancé said she caught him listening to What’s Left with Aimee

Is he gonna go full post left and fraction chapo even more?

No. 1538432

its a reference to a song by a band called the fall where the lyrics are whats a computer and eat yourself fitter

No. 1538463

so a common phrase and a joke said on an april fools episode? you’ve cracked the case he’s going full aimee terese, going to move to australia and marry her

No. 1538471

>they’re sickos these people are sick
this is literally a Trump line, nonnie

No. 1538562

File: 1653405423497.png (293.64 KB, 1230x560, leija watching teens.png)

actually you are not supposed to photograph teenagers, especially when ask you not to

No. 1538608

Ok groomer

No. 1538626

File: 1653410910685.png (526.83 KB, 640x993, ijvdzacxdvz81.png)

LizB complaining about porn brained morons in between posting feet pics, you love to see it

No. 1538629

>Muh death row prisoners

No. 1538631

>death row inmates have impeccable sexual boundaries!
some men are on death row for literally raping and killing women, Liz. hard to believe but they're not better men than twitter pervs because they raped other women instead of specifically you you narcissistic twat

No. 1538643

I hate myself for thinking this, but she really has been asking for it all these years. She openly flirted with BAP and his crew for like two years; every time he horny-posted at her she'd play along. That's how the uwu trad mommy identity was first cultivated, it was even before the incessant mommy blogging and breastfeeding pics showing her full boobs! She brought this on herself.

No. 1538650

File: 1653412689863.png (1.29 MB, 796x1574, tee hee so vewwy smol.png)

uh no you're right. like to some extent any woman on the internet is subject to harassment, but liz absolutely panders to the "incel who wants tradwife" demo because she knows she's the sort of cute-enough plain jane type that doesn't trigger their insecure rage (unlike hotter women with options). her constant references to her uwu child-resembling teeny-tininess, her body count of 1, implying she's in constant danger from dangerously lustful males, it's all a feint toward exactly the pornbrained men she bitches about. and Liz "accidentally" posting full-titty breastfeeding photos not once BUT TWICE lmfao bitch please, show me a woman on earth who has made that mistake twice

No. 1538657

last time I checked in on Liz B she was just posting about food cravings and what kind of gross desserts she was planning on making. is she pregnant again or is she always like that?

No. 1538701

No. 1538711

>If Anna and Dasha said it on Red Scare then it must be true, even though one of them plays a lackey for the rich on prestige television. It’s the year of the tiger, but it is also the age of the reactionary. We can all be the smartest, hottest, most original person in the room. We can all make our podcast with God (at the cost of identifying him with Peter Thiel).
omg lol

No. 1538804

and maybe said death row prisoners are cool and chill because they're uhhh gunning for a pardon? try to imagine how they'd behave unshackled and on the outside, having just spent 20+ years in a filthy concrete cell

No. 1538812

>“angelicism seemed to really resent him for actually living in ny/being effectively 40/having a public position in the art world/effortless relationship to dimes square youngins irl and online,” is how one anonymous poster put it on a forum called lolcow.farm.
why do journalists keep namechecking lolcow

No. 1538813

File: 1653426201977.png (4.34 MB, 2496x1008, Screen Shot 2022-05-24 at 4.59…)

you're welcome for helping you write your pointless magniloquent Baffler article about being sad you lost your job at Metrograph and being jealous of dimes square arthoes, now gtfo scrote

No. 1538820

lmao i just reread that thread yesterday and giggled myself stupid, seeing this place rip bluecheck assholes open warmed my heart
for any anons who don't know about what happens when journos come to the notorious femcel TERF cuntcave known as lolcow: >>>/ot/1151094

No. 1538869

File: 1653430133381.png (570.67 KB, 1284x756, E606F882-9E70-4743-801B-AC7206…)

Bodies not even cold and girl's already at it. "How do I make this all about my pet politucal agenda"

No. 1538961

How many leftcows are going to blame the new Texas shooting on how scrotes aren't supported in America? lmao

No. 1539006

Liz is a stupid cunt, but being against the mass murder of children is hardly a “pet political agenda”

No. 1539022

one of the worst things i've ever read. crumps substack-style diarrhoea. message to all the mouth-breathing post-post-left NERDS who lurk here, fuck off and stop plagiarising this thread. we see right thru you. you're just dasha/anna reply guys of a different flavor, trying to neg your way into the same shitty scene.

No. 1539126

i was surprised to read
>To be clear, I don’t hate everything about life in New York, about life on the internet.
bitch it doesn't sound anywhere near hate, every word of this makes it very clear that you can't get enough of your own farts

No. 1539152

I mean framing it with the "increase the millennial birthrates" angle

No. 1539186

File: 1653457172971.jpeg (156.69 KB, 549x322, 38160BF7-A9D7-4E3C-B043-7FB959…)

Leave them kids alone!

No. 1539194

File: 1653457755251.jpg (238.08 KB, 625x588, lol (2).jpg)


Why lorenz care about everything adjacent to redscare, this bitch has to be posting here?

No. 1539204

>culturally irrelevant
Delusional. They're the tastemakers of the moment, it's impossible to deny. That's why they're so dangerous.

No. 1539207

File: 1653462694878.jpg (1.04 MB, 1198x1326, gender based violence.jpg)

>gender based violence is when my twitter gets suspended for the 500th time

she baits and engages with people who will report her on purpose so she can cry about being cyber bullied

No. 1539210

No. 1539211

If he’s listening to what’s left he likely pays for the patreon cuz they don’t post free episodes like that and if he’s into that he’s likely aware of the fedpost and that whole scene

Rlly not much of a stretch he’s been getting more and more blackpilled he even snapped at will during the thiel article episode

No. 1539213

>free episodes like that

No. 1539226

Go look at their feed it’s all previews maybe like two free episodes out of the last 10 the rest are behind a paywall

No. 1539268

File: 1653479126902.jpeg (357.93 KB, 828x989, 37E84354-CF6B-4927-914C-265042…)

What’s Left pod has been struggling for subs since Trump lost. They’ve tried to juice it a couple of times with Anna Khachiyan. Good Ol Boyz have surpassed them, which is why everything is behind a paywall nowadays. They even introduced a $3 tier recently.

No. 1539271

Aimee is appealing to her fans to climb back up the twitter ladder. Her main gripe is her 32k account got nuked. It’s all about followers/influence for her.

No. 1539279

>big naturals
Girl where? Aimee looks like the Babadook's sister.

No. 1539319

File: 1653485488654.png (99.47 KB, 527x481, logo.png)

Christian Lorentzen reviewed Bronze Age Mindset and Selfie, Suicide for the new urbit literary journal. Anna mentioned that he consulted her while writing.


No. 1539326

File: 1653486625335.png (54.04 KB, 614x289, liz bruenig follows paul town.…)

>She openly flirted with BAP and his crew for like two years
It's been completely memoryholed. She flirted with mena, TVA KWA, kantbot, and logo too, and even became Paul Town's "mentor." He was the unnamed alt-right figure she used to reference in interviews as an example of her "reaching out and trying to understand" the online right.

No. 1539355

Guess he was too embarrassed to tweet this out. The Dimes square play he's in was also part of the urbit week the last rs guest was plugging.

No. 1539356

File: 1653489404205.png (68.87 KB, 592x371, Leia.png)


No. 1539404

>maybe i can help you turn your life around
uh like helping me be 3rd camera on 2 episodes of the John Wilson show and be a hanger-on on the fringes of this tired scene? i'll pass but thanks

No. 1539421

>big naturals
this is just a cope for being fat and misshapen

she's so desperate for moid attention if she had anything worth showing we'd all have seen it already

No. 1539452

this thread has really become infested with cows and their delulu calves

No. 1539454

Taking a page from Anna's book I see kek

No. 1539489

File: 1653498809643.png (241.6 KB, 2068x654, Screen Shot 2022-05-25 at 7.02…)

This post makes me seethe for some reason. Like idk why but scarethots are always complaining about how society is screwing men over. Newsflash, the CCC still exists because there are tons of federal/state groups that do the exact same shit. And I've heard it's overwhelmingly women too.


Nobody is stopping scrotes from joining the CCC they just choose not to and want to be NEETs for some reason. Most people interested in conservation and volunteering in my experience are women as well. Fuck that shit.

No. 1539497

She does look like she had big boobs for her size from that pic of her outside in a dress

No. 1539498

Those scrotes would just go back to NEETing after their mandatory service, or try to dodge it all together by faking disability like they do for their NEETbux

No. 1539500

Because they want to stay home jerk off and circlejerk online. They would need to ban men from the internet for this to be possible

No. 1539516

yes my point is that she's probably just overweight or strangely proportioned

i've never once seen a pic that shows her waist/hips/etc and there's probably a very good reason for that

she's probably just a squat gremlin

No. 1539521

yes clearly the problem is not enough jobs for men
meanwhile every construction company and contractor is showing up in the Home Depot parking lot at 4 am hoping there will be enough convicts and illegals there for day labor
moms need to stop working extra shifts at Lane Bryant to buy their precious failsons tendies and vidya

No. 1539532

File: 1653501941596.jpg (175.19 KB, 1170x2080, patient0s.jpg)

shoutout to the monkeypox positive person who allegedly was at this urbit hat party

No. 1539535

Delusional utopian fantasist bullshit.
>Americans are more similar than they are different
Imagine still believing you can cobble together a cohesive national identity out of this sclerotic, degenerative empire. As if there ever was one outside of the fantasies of elite white landowners, that briefly let a fleeting middle class in on the project for a bit after WWII. Scrote's hopped up on some noxious hopepunk fumes from thirteen years ago.

No. 1539537

if you're talking to someone and they start saying young folks need to be cutting trail to build character you can just walk away. I can't really explain it but it's part of some magical thinking process people fall victim too where conscription labor will cure society's ills. I think it's a symptom of spending too much time inside.

John Roderick (aka bean dad) goes on about it in his podcasts lmao but in his version it's mandatory from 11 to 14 years of age. he's only like 1/4 joking. probably he feels guilty about all the pipe bombs he made growing up in alaska and also he's a bit out of touch.

No. 1539563

I think doing things like trail building can build character. I had friends who did conservation corps and they loved it. I'm sure the experience changed them in a positive manner. I've also done minor trail building as a volunteer for a few hours.

The thing is, my friends and I did these things because we wanted to and cared about the oudoors. If you make rando NEETs do it, I don't really see the point.

No. 1539569


I'm sorry for adding to the brigade of kali acc/milady posts but i think it's interesting how in my experience kali acc always kind of pandered to retards. on the original sonya and kali accounts, they had the profile pic of the asian woman who got arrested for shooting up art basel (or at least her crime was something alone those lines). an idiot would look at the accounts and think it's a 15 year old asian girl in california. or if not an idiot, a minor. anyone with a semblance of experience in niche online subculture would immediately smell something sus. a lot of times the kali acc "leaders" would get replies from confused randoms that stumbled in being like "why is a 15 year old girl saying these things on twitter?" and the kali accs would reply "oh, it's just a fake profile, they're not really a teenage girl." basically, back in 2019 they were pretty transparent on twitter about not being what their profile said they were. they 100% fed on insecure, young "lemmings" as another user said. I remember they would constantly refer how you were fat if you didn't fit into "Brandy Mel" like it was some niche teen haute-couture brand and not made in China crap that anyone under 150lbs can fit in. that's why the manhattan edgelord crowd is into it, because it's a group that's not based on talent, hard work or conformity, just follow the leader and be skinniiii. so cringe. anyways blog over, i'm curious if people have screenshots of sunny/mia's replies.

No. 1539571

I think forcing them to do this could actually backfire and make them resent participating in society even more.

No. 1539591

File: 1653506074155.png (416.78 KB, 750x432, 454354326436342edt443.png)

excess men are already being taken care of by big pharma. we will be rid of the chris chans in a single generation.

No. 1539592

she's notoriously anorexic???

No. 1539603

These losers ironically have a lot in common with the wokies they rage about. Obesity, dead end job, no friends, a "deep spiritual sickness", and a complete refusal to admit that most young able-bodied adults can solve their own problems.

No. 1539619

exactly, you WANTED to. but the people who think it's is a cure all can't even imagine wanting to so they make up weird cultural-revolution schemes for it lol

No. 1539678

File: 1653511641173.jpeg (525.05 KB, 1083x945, 8477082B-6D64-4679-A79F-4746A9…)

I heard a podcast where Brace Belden bragged about escaping a youth detention center and lived in the wilderness at 14. This faggot has to be fucking openly lying for attention, right? He’s a scrawny 5’2 nerd raised by spoiled Marin County Jewish tech sector people. anyone else think that sounds completely made up

No. 1539698

the "troubled teen" places he was talking about are real. if I recall Maddie also says she got sent to one. it's actually more likely to be a real story if someone's parents have money, the programs cost thousands of dollars.

did he really escape? I don't know.

No. 1539700

I can believe it if he went to one of the bad ones. Those places abuse the kids so many try to run away

No. 1539702

hate to say anything that makes brace seem even slightly tougher than he is but it’s true. he was a heroin junkie for a long time and was off and on homeless until kinda recently in his life. i don’t have any on hand but there are a lot of insane pics of him from when he was an older teen and in his 20s. some of which include dasha in them

No. 1539709

Brace fucking sucks and is CIA, and he may be lying for clout but it's hard to tell because rich people genuinely have the most fucked up kids. i knew plenty of rich kids who went thru phases of rebellion/drug use/degeneracy that my working class friends would never consider or be able to afford. remember the "American Taliban," he was a scrawny rich white boy from Marin County too - the tech elite ain't right, something something "the sins of the father," etc.

No. 1539711

I don’t believe it lol his parents are filthy rich. He’s a complete poseur. There’s no records that he fought or killed anyone in Syria either. He just went there for a photo op. Why is he smoking cigars with sunglasses on and holding polished unfired rifles in every single picture of him there? No, I don’t believe a Marin county kid was able to survive in the snowy wilderness for an entire month and killing and eating animals, fuck off.

No. 1539713

Oh and the best part of his story is he says he escaped two detention camps in the wilderness TWICE. At 14.

No. 1539715

File: 1653513604638.jpeg (570.3 KB, 1242x1174, 3B26483A-93DE-415C-9700-E5C2B9…)

Samememe got posted on that bad medical takes account doing his autism bit but with Tourette’s

No. 1539717

File: 1653513805852.png (2.2 MB, 1024x2090, 5FD58032-1C4A-49A0-A534-A4A3FF…)

Do you not think it’s suspicious his dad worked near the Presidio? Or that Dasha was raised near Nevada’s Psychological operations family of military army brat town? Why would Dasha be in a San Francisco ironic nazi punk band with this guy as teenagers then never mention it when they weren’t from the same state? And then they both relocate to Brooklyn at the same time? All these people have handlers.

No. 1539718

iirc he got sent to one of those schools, got out and had friends pick him up or something and got his family to not send him back, was a part of a band and the local music scene, got worse into drugs until his mid 20s

No. 1539719

they're literally just hipster retards, it's not that deep.

No. 1539720

BB trying to be hot in a leather jacket is so embarrassing

No. 1539722

uh i think all that is extremely sus, trust me i am very woke to the children of MIC/spooks being groomed as celebs, musicians, journalists and "media personalities" of all types, i don't trust a single one of these freaks

No. 1539726

these phots are from when dasha was in san francisco for college in about 2009, i don’t think brace ever lived in brooklyn and dasha moved there to freeload off of adam in 2018. dasha and brace both posted on those music boards when they were teens so they might have met there.

No. 1539755

File: 1653515377215.png (129 KB, 188x296, eyeemoji.png)

Brace has always been wildly sus to me from the get go, and speaking of Brace where's that movie that was supposed to come out where Jake Gyllenhaal was going to play him?

No. 1539758

what are we supposed to be seeing in picrelated anon?

No. 1539769

File: 1653516026241.jpg (2.58 MB, 1214x3576, nick jake.jpg)

nick's going off

(I thought you were staying offline nick…)

No. 1539777

good. honestly as much as i bitch about these cows, if nick, dasha, anna etc were in one cage above a pool of sharks, and jake flores, taylor lorenz, crumps, the author of that baffler piece, all the journalists who lurk lolcows etc. were in the other, i would lower the flores cage immediately. they're 100 times worse and why these cows become popular to begin with.

No. 1539789

Right. Dasha’s parents were and still are working class immigrants who owned a small entertainment company in Vegas. Some anon tried to say she was from money in a previous thread. Laughable. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was Dasha self posting to make her background seem more interesting

No. 1539796

the conspiracy/thiel/"these cows are DANGEROUS!" farmers are always the worst posters in every thread, always trying to add some glamor to what would be considered basic american apparel bitches in like 2009-2011

No. 1539810

I don’t think any of them are ops except Brace

No. 1539829

They give off Gwen Snyder energy

No. 1539833

If Aimee channels all her crazy into hurting autogynephile feelings that might be kind of good, actually. Not for her or her mental health, but it would be more fun

Deep spiritual illness is just the dissident version of how woke tiktokfags always claim to have chronic pain

No. 1539863

"cia" lmao. wow, irrefutable proof!

No. 1539865

dollpariah is such a kissass pickme obsessed with male approval. ironic she posts that while looking like a man herself, i sense jealousy that there are autistic women who are more attractive than her while she’s just an uggo fighting for male attention on twitter.

No. 1539876

weren't coulter and bannon aspiring cool kids in their youth as well? guess it's just the aging hipster to political pundit pipeline.

No. 1539888

a candleman ribbon dancing beside an arched pergola

No. 1539897

File: 1653520765235.jpg (101.47 KB, 660x660, tin-foil-cats5.jpg)

oh hell yeah, a fellow Vigilant Citizen reader, love u schizochan >>1539755

No. 1539932

“She” is a he, the “acceptable” token tranny friend of red scare reply gays because he’s a self loathing trad Cath. even though he spends every night on Grindr and posting Grindr screenshots like a basic cum guzzling monkey pox riden faggot

No. 1539939

oh nonny, dollpariah is a wealthy mentally ill detrans gay man who refuses to go off estrogen bc that’s what distinguishes him from the other perfume nationalist types. samememe alienated his female pickmes two accounts ago.

No. 1539941

Paris Hilton got sent to one of those abusive schools, for fuck’s sake
the idea that rich parents don’t warehouse their difficult kids in crap environments
also “escape” from some shithole staffed by minimum-wage deadbeats who don’t care if the kids live or die is hardly Alcatraz

No. 1539951

Right. People think rich parents only send their kids away to like top of the line boarding schools where they get their ass wiped for them and it’s not true. Cat marnell’s sister was sent to one of those shithole abusive boarding schools with trash employees. A lot of them are in Utah

No. 1539983

he won't go off estrogen cause he knows he'll end up looking like todd solondz instead of heather matarazzo. another obvious jew yorker larping as a catholic for internet points. sad!

No. 1539988

judging by his recent blog posts, nick can't write unless he's laying into someone else.

No. 1539993

File: 1653524410794.jpeg (175.56 KB, 750x755, 1E3E78CF-689D-4AAB-AC90-7B1592…)

Is he not the gay male version of this

No. 1540038

samememe has the same jew larping as a catholic brain disorder and it explains so many of his neuroses

No. 1540087

File: 1653527695296.png (284.63 KB, 1009x367, durrr.png)

Retard interviews pedophile (prod. by absolute "retard")

No. 1540157

one of the NYC monkeypox cases is linked to this scene?

No. 1540162

Hilarious that any defense of Miya as art largely focuses on the form (performance) rather than the content (idiotic Pajeet bad readings of nick land). Note how Miya repeatedly says things like cancelization and malattribution and really seems conceptually bound to simple occult notions like “egregore” rather than any kind of “theoretical” description of art… behold, the aryan genius! Admittedly good at knowing what to say to certain communities online. Baretts mopey bit at the beginning is great. Also, listen to any of the emmalea Russo episodes or the Nina power bits of the angelicism one, Barrett seems like an idiot as he blurts the same shit he always says over the point his female guest is trying to make. Open intelligence indeed.

No. 1540175

>say that to my face!!!
>I am kind
I really think she wants to fuck the tiktok boys she is obsessed with. I would just make a mean joke about it to her face though, wouldn't be telling her something she didn't know anyway.

No. 1540188

ngl kinda missed this kingdom hearts gay. did him and asukahomo have a falling out already?

No. 1540201

if you say "egregore," "heterodox" or "promethean," i am stealing something from your house.

No. 1540265

File: 1653532597944.png (2.13 MB, 820x1454, insta.png)

Will, Adam and Hesse at live event with Girl God (April Clark/@autogynephiles + Grace Freud)

No. 1540268

hesse really doesn't pass at all, looks like a drag queen impersonating caitlyn jenner. I wonder if will sucked his girldick. is hesse too old for him?

No. 1540294

File: 1653533742040.png (1.74 MB, 1386x930, dylan gelula broti gupta.png)

hesitate to bring it up lest I be called a shill but the other two girls at that Girl God show tonight literally made me think "new red scare just dropped" lol

No. 1540317

File: 1653534226801.jpg (156.38 KB, 900x1161, 76f3e4f341b697e52980544dd74ca4…)

let me guess, the one in the middle used to jerk off to Brooke Shields constantly as a teen, and thinks no one notices his neanderthal brow ridge

No. 1540353

fucking stop with the “larping as a Catholic” shit
everyone who converts to Catholicism is equally as Catholic as anybody whose family was Catholic for thousands of years
if you were actually an observant Catholic instead of larping as one, you would understand that(no1curr papist)

No. 1540354

File: 1653535466763.jpeg (25.93 KB, 220x250, B80D940B-E090-4A76-9DB1-1316D3…)

Saint Edith Stein is very very disappointed in you right now

No. 1540358

nobody cares about Catholicism go back

No. 1540359

catholic converts seething

No. 1540361

File: 1653535805560.png (182.9 KB, 550x290, hesse double chin.png)

love to see the real hesse looking clocky and nothing like her selfies, keep them coming https://twitter.com/SSDERANGEMENTSS/status/1522651101551550464

No. 1540363

File: 1653535936852.webm (1.69 MB, 1920x1080, 1652284071931.webm)


I hate this monkeypox tranny so much, it's unreal.

No. 1540367

you don't need to do that here

No. 1540369

File: 1653536172370.jpg (199.01 KB, 900x1200, Ex39QroVgAQthvj.jpg)

never heard of this uggo before but looked up some selfies, the 5 o'clock shadow plus AGP smirk is delicious

No. 1540384

is this the same troon as the pink pantsuit monstrosity above? his skin got so crepey.

No. 1540388

File: 1653537028052.png (52.26 KB, 884x144, npd.png)

Has Dasha not gotten the memo that she's the second person Nick shits on the most after Jake.

No. 1540398

Christianity isn’t real retard kill yourself(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1540404

Will Menaker seems like a nice guy but I hope he is publicly humiliated for being such a disgusting man

No. 1540412

damn lol ben mora is so ugly and off putting

No. 1540491

File: 1653538941661.jpeg (489.55 KB, 1125x638, 1288249D-C76C-478F-9244-756038…)

>t. Le Reddit atheist
God is real, Christ is Lord, and they both love you even though you’re retarded(derailing)

No. 1540584

Lmfao you will never earnestly believe in god
You’re a consumer trying to rebel against Gen xers and millennials being secular
It’s time to eat a bullet(infighting)

No. 1540596

Go back, Faggot

No. 1540603

File: 1653541402218.jpeg (707.65 KB, 1125x762, 92B8F7C2-4D45-4EAC-B210-3936FB…)

this is u lol

No. 1540617

>assuming anyone who calls out your trendhopping recuperation of god is an atheist
nice try, but people born into religion think your crowd is the worst around for good reason. it’s all posturing and aesthetics. youre projecting because you guys were all reddit atheists in 2012!(enough already)

No. 1540624

the thiel thing was literally confirmed, retard. but otherwise agreed

No. 1540647


Wasn't, why would Anna lie about it said multiple times it's not truth, she is not even "leftist", she doesn't care about breadtube trannies, why would she want to convert them into (((new right))).

No. 1540657

there was a viral tweet joking about a monkeypox outbreak at the no agency/urbit hat party. just a joke though.

No. 1540705

File: 1653563103180.jpeg (908.1 KB, 1242x1460, 6332ACC6-9F2E-4BBB-B711-A451AA…)

What does the follow up tweet even mean? Is Jack de trans or something

No. 1540739

no just retarded and pandering to nerds

No. 1540758

god hates trendhopping converts, go back to twitter

No. 1540774

it's not a dig at organized religion to point out that people like dasha and samememe don't attend religious services regularly or actually practice what they preach.

No. 1540794

i'm not a convert, rageanon just made that up and started sperging for no reason lol but it's derailing so let's stfu about it shall we love?

kek anon

if dasha was in a hardcore band it'd be called Negative Attention

No. 1540796

Why do farmers keep trying to rope Leia into these threads? How is any of this milk? Half-convinced some twitter rose emojis are revenge-posting here because they're jealous or something. Leia doesn't deserve the hate, she really is a kind person if you actually look beyond the out-of-context tweets and pics spammed here.

No. 1540800

kind… and cool, as well!

No. 1540803

maybe she can help me turn my life around! >>1539356

No. 1540808

No. 1540812

Make it stop!
Nonnies, you know they only keep writing these articles because we're all clicking on them. Resist.

No. 1540822

File: 1653577383591.png (1.05 MB, 1742x1068, fuck anna and dasha.png)

oops i already cligged, gonna read it but shake my head the whole time so my cat knows i hate these hoes

update and picrelated - article is so boring i namesearched Red Scare. how convenient that the show funded by Peter Thiel is promoting that rule by oligarchs is inevitable, couldn't at all be shilling for his transhuman technocrat agenda that will immiserate all of humanity. and to think they sell us out for the low low price of some sweaty old Brock Collection dresses on the real real (hate these hoes x a million)

No. 1540831

>"Tension is simmering between the two scenes, pitting left-wing Brooklyn against reactionary Manhattan."
The only tension is among the online fans and observers of both camps of these freaks who playact ideological wars across twitter, reddit, lolcow, etc.
It has to be stressed: the Brooklyn leftist media figures and the Manhattan nu-right media figures ARE ALL FRIENDS WITH EACH OTHER. There is no actual "civil war" happening here except between the glorified reply guys who live vicariously through these cretins and have probably never even been to NYC.

No. 1540940

Kaitlin Philips truly the hardest working publicist in the country these days

No. 1540964

File: 1653586118525.jpeg (281.78 KB, 1600x900, 16BCDA37-7AD0-4A8C-A472-5370AB…)

>>1540087 this is one of the spicedao main idiots too. they even have some twitter fans cheering "her" on. the followers profiles and the whole ecosystem surrounding it is something to behold. I never seem anything like it. one moron has a youtube link in the bio that leads to a theory that the moon is a reflection of the earth. very disingenuous tweet coming from scorched earth policy/michael dragovic the “community manager” (the Eternal Bartender—not an artist but a hack mentally ill loser with a youtube channel) of spicedao after the spicedao founders used their $spice to vote for the dao funds to be used to pay them and their friends (yojimbo) a salary

a scam. nothing more. time will ravage him into a has been joke with a failed project. i wonder what it's like being a shameless liar.

No. 1540970

>reactionary concepts such as […] Catholicism

No. 1540988

dear god you people are so insufferable please shut the fuck up and leave

No. 1540995

yeah it is cope christ tranny

No. 1541003

At least they didn’t name drop Lolcow this time.

No. 1541025

no objections, shits gay. just thought it was funny since catholicism usually gets the "they're backwards, but the poor things can't help it" treatment

No. 1541036

the photos she took of doss were cool

No. 1541045

>acknowledging broader submission.
takes the air out of my lungs.

No. 1541051

Nobody in this scene is a banned topic itt regardless of if you think she is nice or not. If you're the same anon who posts almost this same thing verbatim every time someone posts one of her tweets (which are usually not kind, btw) then you just need to calm down and stop getting mad at the jealous rosetwitterfags you made up

No. 1541052

because she's gross in a glaringly obvious way and it's funny

No. 1541139

File: 1653597816078.jpg (1.62 MB, 534x562, alicetwitter.jpg)

absolute twitter brainrot

and then they claim they're just waiting for all the facts, not shitposting for attention

No. 1541148

cease this popery at once!

No. 1541151

go back

No. 1541225

this and only this

none of this is real outside of the minds of terminally online losers (like me)

No. 1541265

Anna and Dasha are hot n rich(sage your shit)

No. 1541315

selfies doing a ton of work for an e-girl/e-troon who’s totally underwhelming irl. it never fails

No. 1541323

They looked off in the selfie too. People just gas up their selfies because they don’t want to be transphobic

No. 1541325

I live in raleigh and i'm seriously confused as to why nick is coming here and doing 5 shows. I didn't even know he had enough of a fanbase here to do one. If I wasn't going to be out of town that weekend I'd almost be tempted to go to see what sort of degens live in my city.

No. 1541398

File: 1653622349410.png (19.25 KB, 587x285, AFQ.PNG)

An extremely female thing to say, as always. Surprised she couldn't find a way to insert anal sex into this

No. 1541431

Who's the random girl in the profile picture Alice is using this time?

No. 1541441

anna karina lmao

No. 1541474

Lookin like Marianne Won'tiamson

No. 1541486

File: 1653629889331.jpeg (80.79 KB, 305x486, 7DA7EE86-3731-4713-A754-82FBB3…)

This has been on sale for an hour in an edition of 100 and 40 people have already bought one…why?? Dasha simps are deranged.

No. 1541563

File: 1653650366952.jpeg (123 KB, 750x845, 9CF6534F-DA57-4E85-A523-04F30D…)

Aimee can’t stop getting banned.

No. 1541566

aimee couldn't get enough followers under the trad rachel persona, pivoted to her original name then got hammered for ban evasion kek

No. 1541567

She'll have to give up eventually, right? Right?

No. 1541569

was her best username so far imo

No. 1541641

Her self worth is tied to twitter follower counts so unlikely.

No. 1541653

File: 1653665548770.png (141.92 KB, 1214x656, anna delusons.png)

Does Anna not realize people see and hear her defending rapists and abusers every chance she gets?

No. 1541684

File: 1653669255770.png (461.82 KB, 1562x656, Screen Shot 2022-05-27 at 12.2…)

saw this old Reddit comment of Anna's and it made her pickmeism make much more sense. crazy abusive mom, dad is remote and autistic but at least he doesn't hit you, so you loathe your mom and all women by extension and become an ego-stroking people pleaser to men instead, even psychotic woman-hating freaks online - they're actually the MOST important men to please, because winning them over means you're truly lovable after all (take that, mom!). unironically - many such cases.
also love Anna claiming "of course i forgive my mom, unlike those godless neolibs!!" when her entire personality is one big cope and rebellion against her big bad narc mama. sorry to psychfag but she's so textbook i couldn't resist

No. 1541690

Why are there all these clout chasing young lawyers on twitter? Don’t talk about your cases on podcasts lol you know potential clients will google your name and see that right?

No. 1541781

He's some kind of MRA weirdo, halfway don't even believe he's a real lawyer honestly. he described basically throwing a domestic abuse case (sorry – he "crushed it" but then told the defendant he wouldn't prosecute for a serious punishment) because he didn't believe the guy was guilty; I bet he actually got disbarred and this is just a schtick.

No. 1541783

File: 1653676920988.png (Spoiler Image, 1.01 MB, 889x895, df89saf87d9safyas.png)

ryder and murphy are having a retard brawl on the bird app

No. 1541789

really didn't need to see this nonnie

No. 1541791

does he have a tattoo of a book lmao

No. 1541815

Not all of them are young kek. A lot of them are approaching middle age, some of them are well into it, allahliker is around 50 and divorced with a kid

No. 1541820

File: 1653679704902.jpeg (235.35 KB, 1600x900, doncancerbabykubbu.jpeg)

>>1541783 counter-cancellation thread driven by fake engagement posted by alt account of person who has had cancer_baby69, mechababy777, himichan, tinyangel777 alts listed in bio which is the same kurabbu harassing and soliciting photos from an underage girl and posting photos of other girls on other sites in this e-girl thread: >>>/snow/1514324 and shared in this album (scroll to the end to see the screen recording of this): https://archive.ph/20220419124804/https://imgur.com/a/FXAKUBK

No. 1541823

I have no idea what's going on here and I don't want to, but this needed a spoiler lmao

No. 1541849

File: 1653681861108.jpeg (366.81 KB, 2048x1536, murph.jpeg)

No. 1541851

File: 1653681888827.png (3.01 MB, 1540x1514, tattoo.png)

No. 1541921

File: 1653685428036.png (78.18 KB, 599x333, supersimp.png)

She's really like a vulture with this tragedy. Two op-eds in two days, all filtered through the lens of how she personally feels about it and how we should reflect our empathy through hers. Obnoxious in the extreme.

No. 1541945


He kinda looks good with the beard, why are they beefing?

No. 1541967

What the fuck lmfao no women likes pube beards gtfo moid

No. 1542140

You (the person reading this) have a really stinky pussy. Like, really bad. And there’s nothing you can do about it. You have a stinking open wound between your legs that will emanate the most pungent stench for the rest of your natural life.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1542152

nah that's you and your neopussy but nice try

No. 1542172


Woman right next to him clearly likes it, no one cares about your stinky pucci ugly femcel.(moid)

No. 1542184

You are clearly the guy in that picture because most women like twinks

No. 1542190

File: 1653705266751.png (223.74 KB, 802x1166, 76543u2o3u43io23u43i2o.png)

Alice's grandiose lies are worse than usual. Born in 1993 hot real girl Alice is running into so many people in Vermont who can't stop talking about her twitter account. And despite having met every single freelancer with more than 1,000 followers irl she has not seen any of her many friends in the city since 2020.

No. 1542211

what cluster personality disorder is indicated by lena dunham-tier tattoos on a moid?

No. 1542264

dear god this is actually embarrassing. i literally never even see her on twitter, and vermont is such a nobody state. literally who else on twitter associated with these people is in vermont and going to the same parties?

No. 1542266

not sure how much of this is new info if any but Adam went on a mens fashion podcast recently and gossiped for a couple hours. he's going to launch a line of shirts with his paintings on them. he also said he makes music (guitar singer/songwriter stuff) but it can never see the light of day.

he talked about how he met his girlfriend through his friend Honor and how he went on wetbrain in exchange for Walter (a really nice guy) getting his gf into that Vaquera NY fashion week show. we already knew that but there you go. told a story about Alexander Skarsgård trying to pick up his girlfriend at a halloween party; adam was not at the party, he heard about this later from his gf.

he revealed the location of the cabin which I'm not sure any of them have done before? I assume they will be killed by a fanboy next time they go. lots more talk about how much the boys hate doing ctown and it's gonna end any day now.

No. 1542297

File: 1653719847836.png (3.52 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_5412.PNG)


crumps writes about an urbit party, walter pearce, honor levy, justin murphy, remilia collective/miya/milady cult "cancellation", and more on this scene in today's substack:


"As I got in, Justin Murphy, author of the seminal theoretical text Based Deleuze, was reading a short story about Martin Shkreli and rare “Treblinka Miladys” and Effective Altruists, and I was overcome with a profound disgust with myself for being there. Justin is a promoter of the Remilia/Milady NFT project even through its collapse as it’s revealed to be a groomer suicide cult whose own cultists make fun of him and call him a fraud."

what a freak show

No. 1542305

File: 1653720623705.png (1.43 MB, 1208x836, trueanon.png)

is Brace pretending to be in the philippines?

No. 1542334

File: 1653724357437.png (337.08 KB, 599x571, ihatenyc.png)

twitter is promoting the dimes square new statesman article kek

No. 1542339

He was actually there unless you think he photoshopped all those pics? The sus thing is that he was tagging along with an international election observer team. "It all comes back to solidarity."

No. 1542346

I was genuinely asking because half of them look like google street view pictures. I thought he was doing a bit.

No. 1542387

That’s cute how they have the same body. Not

No. 1542409

He's the only journalist writing about this scene actually taking his subjects seriously, kudos. He's also developing incredible prose style, as if Mark Kozelek was a party reporter.

No. 1542471

>One of the most profound moral voices in America
Holy shit Liz simps are fucking delusional

No. 1542476

The A24ification of Vinegar Syndrome, you hate to see it.

No. 1542518

It’s funny how this crowd is obsessed with calling things “godless” when this is legitimately some of the most godless shit I’ve read in my life

No. 1542569

File: 1653753193095.jpeg (328.4 KB, 1170x1215, 033A09FB-B2A9-4A33-A2EA-454A6A…)

Worth noting that Lolcow’s favorite journalist, kaitlyn tiffany, is featured in this article.

No. 1542673

ty nonnie, love when ppl actually listen and recap here. 1) can you pls tell us where the cabin is, i don't wanna stalk i just wanna know which poor little upstate hamlet is currently getting ruined and 2) dasha absolutely seething that Adam's new gf is so hot Alexander Skarsgård tried to smash

No. 1542681

File: 1653760411539.jpeg (7.52 KB, 318x159, download.jpeg)

He literally looks like a trans man

No. 1542772

File: 1653765465406.jpeg (64.67 KB, 500x500, D28EDEFE-D8B1-4B9D-8E4E-8901FB…)

>”it all comes back to solidarity”
Based fellow Aimee terese enjoyer, fuck this dysgenic CIA freak and his harelip too

No. 1542780

File: 1653766575713.png (46.48 KB, 455x525, rivertheracist.png)

Least deranged Compact writer.

No. 1542815

The way he wrote this thread feels purposefully inflammatory and designed to strike up controversy with twitter libs, but he’s right in the sense that the homeless problem in America massively overlaps with mental healthcare issues and there shouldn’t be so many schizos talking to themselves on the street.

No. 1542817

He doesn't care about the mentally ill in the least. They're just a stepping stone for him to get attention online.

No. 1542820

shutting down the mental hospitals was legitimately a horrible decision and resulted in the patients just winding up on the streets with no help but this guy writes in such an annoying way and includes a bunch of unrelated shit and starts from a braindead angle (walkable cities) and makes sure to mention the only legitimate if overblown issue with medical hospitals that he's somehow making beds and help for the most vulnerable population in society sound bad.

these attention whore writers have got to stop.

No. 1542821


You eventually have to respect the artful ways in which they dress up their falsehoods.

No. 1542843

>Honor started barking like a dog and Duncan gestured as if to say that she’s just being her crazy self and that he has everything under control.
quirked up princess

No. 1542855

File: 1653771525258.png (702.27 KB, 1508x796, lol.png)

thought you were dick riding but the writing was actually good. I'm surprised since most of the articles about this scene & urbit are either incredibly boring or schizophrenic gibberish. I actually laughed at some parts.

No. 1542891

somebody just leaked a DM of this guy where he beat off onto his own face. I’m assuming this is just average behavior for the Twink Rev faggots.

No. 1542912

File: 1653774417681.png (161.55 KB, 980x368, Screen Shot 2022-05-28 at 5.38…)

"if mark kozelek was a party reporter" actually interested me enough to click so thanks nonnie, was an interesting read that i'll be chewing on a while. i liked how he drew the character sketches of Kaitlyn the journalist (cringe) and Max the writer (based), and the way he laid bare his own careerist motivations and petty rivalries and jockeying for position within the group.
also loved corny old Alice showing up in the comments giving compliments from her standard imaginary place of expertise (such a male ego on that Real News-Loving Millennial Girl(tm)!) and being put in her place by angelicism lmao, you know she's seething she's an old irrelevant moid moldering away in vermont and can't infiltrate this scene (not that they'd have her)

No. 1542927

Can somebody give me a quick rundown on the Milady story?

No. 1542929

>being put in her place by angelicism
the only thing "angelicism" can put in place is his old shrunken testicles, and even that's pushing it

No. 1542937

File: 1653775267217.png (178.38 KB, 602x738, lmfao.png)

river's a suburban florida internet columnist for compact and newsweek yukking it with unapologetic nazis like samememe. he's dumb as bricks too. the idea that everyone who rides public transit is homeless, really? also a pervert, but what did you expect from a twink revolution contributor.

No. 1542965


When they released Shkreli milady trannies groomed him to do the twitter space thing. Invited him to urbit party, most generic questions, and nobody asked why he didn't get ripped while locked up…I was so angry the tranny would not give me speaker permission.

No. 1542969

what are you even talking about?? I don't care that Shkreli did a twitter spaces thing & you weren't allowed to talk during it. your post is a good example of the type of schizophrenic gibberish I was talking about lol

No. 1542972

Sorry u were offended Alice, by the way how are your old shrunken testicles doing?

No. 1542978

File: 1653777649535.jpeg (153.93 KB, 1242x523, 760F75DC-E74E-47DD-82FB-6A79A1…)

Oh is that what this was about?

No. 1542982

File: 1653777809027.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 44.91 KB, 477x829, 4D55DC63-175E-4BB1-8B87-0D61E4…)

No. 1543103

already proven to be fake

No. 1543270

It's not fake. It may be shopped but it's still real in a metaphysical sense.

You're really gonna look at him and tell me that he doesn't cum on his own face?

No. 1543288

How Mullen got eye herpes

No. 1543501

Eugene and Pter shittalking Matthew (Dasha's zoomer bf) a bit on the latest Director's Commentary…Eugene jokes about him being an obnoxious proselytizer, Peter jokes about him being the most Jewish Catholic person he's ever met. They both later make fun of his horrible Scrooge-like posture and how he refuses to do yoga because it's pagan.

No. 1543510

Also Dasha's going to star in Peter's new sci-fi movie, set to shoot after she acts in another project in July.

No. 1543587

Lmao thanks anon

No. 1543603

nta but he said the cabin was in the berkshires

No. 1543621


It's Will Menaker's family cabin, somewhere in Western Mass, likely Great Barrington.

No. 1543742

New Marlborough, Mass (this is easy to find because Menaker dad was well known in literary circles)

No. 1544524

wait what fashion podcast?

No. 1544580

File: 1653955594385.png (989.91 KB, 1170x1132, shade.png)

its funny how its always making fun of Doll Pariah to his face but the low IQ, SSRI-fried troon still doesn't get it

No. 1544586

Doll Pariah feels like another Ashley/christlover2000 to me. same dynamics, a gender confused broken Victorian doll the perfume gays will play around with before throwing away once he comes out with the wrong take on the Current Thing

No. 1544587

p sure this is about christlover2000

No. 1544590

lol River actually got a refollow from Jack for this. iirc during the Kyle Rittenhouse post-left civil war Jack had a melt down and blocked River for not having the right take at the time

No. 1544611

Throwing Fits

No. 1544624


No. 1544628

what even happened to her? Last I heard of her was when maryhailer committed suicide after ashley was hoarding the podcast money all while also calling maryhailer satanic or whatever. maybe she blames it on brain damage now. i saw she had a short lived podcast or two after girls chat then totally disappeared.

No. 1544738

Near the beginning of the paywalled red scare Anna casually mentions she got covid a second time but it was like having a three-day cold.

They're both drinking raw milk. Dasha just started, for extra calories and because she read a book that said "your coat gets nice and shiny and your nails get strong and you can be super fertile". She tried to explain raw milk and seed oils to her nutritionist who basically told her she was crazy. Her nutritionist directed her to eat a meal in the middle of the day too (outrageous), and recommended eating peanut butter to boost calorie intake.

They say they don't believe in the seed oils thing but they do believe in it / drink the right-wing kool-aid about it. ???

At the end of the ep dasha says she spends over $1,000/month on her personal trainer. She says she's talking to a nutritionist because she's too skinny and she's "so bad at eating"; the exercising isn't increasing her appetite much; she wants to gain "5 pounds"; she jokes(?) she has "low executive-function" not anorexia.

Anna: "Do you feel like you have a mild eating disorder?"
Dasha: "I have an eating disorder for sure but it's not like anorexia or bulimia or one of those."
Anna: "ok."
Dasha: "cause it's not really– it's not about– it's not a body image thing. I just have a hard time eating."

No. 1544739

Dasha briefly recapped the urbit party but not in detail. Dasha said she was swarmed by "urbit guys" including one dressed like a groyper; apparently she yelled about machavelian ethics and "how if they don't accrue cultural capital pronto they will not be a successful venture".

anna remembers she is mad that sam frank said urbit is a newer better computer because computers today suck; anna says computers don't suck, they're miraculous/powerful/strong.

They joke about ending the pod because it's a net negative on the culture and isn't that just the saddest part of it all, but not really. Dasha: "all will be revealed". Anna: "we will be vindicated". Anna says something about how Dasha goes into things very green/innocent/naive and with the best of intentions (dasha interjection: "making money") and then wakes up and realizes it had a net negative effect. I do not know what this is in reference to but maybe I just wasn't paying attention. followed by pregnant pauses and comments about how it's nice when your ethical and self-interests dovetail, like when you can make money while preaching the gospel, chatting with a friend. (not trying to make this sound nefarious just don't know what the fuck they're talking about)

there was an anecdote about running into Walter Pearce while walking around with Eli's mom and she thought he was a panhandler but they started talking and Walter is so nice and sweet to the baby.

episode is peppered with comments on the various dime-square pieces and monkeypox.

Anna comments that cumtown is never mentioned in the dime square pieces, it's always red scare. Anna said the Jake Flores thread Nick made ( >>1539769 ) was "viscerally painful" to read – it's tragic to romanticize being a drunk slob in your early 20's and never grow out of it.

anna said the baffler piece seemed like like a failed art experiment but at least he tried; they say the writer was aping the schizo writing style of the anglicism substack. dasha calls schizo-posting a societal ill, but also says she likes it personally. anna agrees with angelicism on the idea that unplugging from the internet is delusional, "the worst of the trad arguments". anna is also old and hates the internet-core aesthetic as well as glitchy post-internet art and vaporwave. dasha ties herself in knots agreeing with anna but also saying she likes the aesthetic, but a different cooler fetishy anime version.

they were offended that valeri solonas was mentioned in a positive light at a warhol show even though she tried to kill him. anna says she knows a guy who knows a guy who slept with Kathy Acker and "she tried to bite his dick and her pussy really smelled" which is how anna pictures valeri solonas being.

anna complaining about hardworking white males becoming woke, brainwashed normies in spite of woke-culture hating them. pandering to her audience.

anna tried to compliment Justin EH SMith's writing in Harper's but gets sidetracked repeating that the indigenous children mass graves were fake news according to the NY Post and there's not that many bodies and they probably died of the spanish flu. dasha chimes in they were probably buried there because they are orphans. (in the past that would be the type of Anna-interpretation of the news that Dasha would counter with a woke take. times really change.)

Dasha is out of the k-hole (meaning the last time she did it was January lol) and basicallllllly off drugs. Anna suddenly says she's gonna do toad with Mike Cernovich's friend, who is in town and texted dasha but dasha is too scared to do toad. they then start talking about how Mike Cernovich is smart and funny and his beautiful wife and family prove he's a good person. Anna later says she can't actually allow herself to do drugs with a child.

they talk about the redscare/blackscare subreddits briefly, throwing them a bone.

Dasha is shooting something in New Zealand next month.

Moldbug agreed to come on the pod. They might go to Nevada to talk to him because they will be at a Morrissey show in July anyway.

No. 1544770

No. 1544778

Good to know the it-girl actress shaped hole in her heart has been filled with excessive spending and orthorexia professionals

No. 1544795

No. 1544810

>i saw she had a short lived podcast or two after girls chat then totally disappeared.
I remember she did an episode with a simpering Chapo Felix that basically confirmed that he's a chaser.

No. 1544811

>including one dressed like a groyper
What does this mean lol, was he wearing an "I'm with groyper" t-shirt?

No. 1544832

>Dasha: "there was one guy who was like dressed like a groyper. but i asked him if he was a groyper & he said he was the last wasp. um, you know kinda like young. he said he was part of the moldbug youth." [laugh]

based on the WASP comment I'm guessing he was a homosexual-christian-conservative looking guy. I'm imagining Nick Fuentes.

No. 1544848

not a christlover2000 expert but afaik she deleted almost all her podcasts in April 2021. she left one up - "Stations of the Cross with Trans Regret Snoopy".

Girls Talk/ Nice People Show/ and the little flower emoji one are saved on google drives
it's always interesting to me the guests she got. was she paying them? some of the conversations are so awkward it's impressive. like i remember ianmilescheong admitting he became right-wing because his gamer friends hurt his feelings and he sounds like he's crying lmao

last I heard she was on Wet Brain in nov 2021 by the name "Dianna" - no idea what they talked about

No. 1544919

The shooter also looks a lot like Dasha's Catholic larping boyfriend

No. 1544933

No. 1544939

> she jokes(?) she has "low executive-function" not anorexia.
She sounds unironically autistic. I just watched a video of a high-functioning autistic girl on YouTube who has problems remembering to eat and to urinate so she has to set alarms for everything. Some autistic people apparently struggle so much with self awareness they aren’t even aware of basic things like thirst, hunger, temperature, etc.

No. 1544951

She’s not. It’s a lie to feel like she’s ~naturally skinny~ forgetting that she used to openly talk about dieting and starving herself, bragging about how she finally got down to 115lbs.

No. 1544956

Nick Fuentes is neither white, anglo-saxon, nor protestant. He’s a white-passing mestizo who has less faith than an atheist. He’s technically gay, but only because he is analloerotic due to narcissism-induced misdirection of the erotic target location. He only does what he does for the money and the erections.

No. 1544958

Idk anon. She might have had an ED in the past. However, given the amount of drugs and alcohol she consumes, brain damage is not out of the question.

No. 1544967

File: 1654009212864.png (736.57 KB, 1482x1226, Screen Shot 2022-05-31 at 10.5…)

agree with the other anon that Dasha's retconning her entire, well-documented faux-anorexia phase bc she found a newer cooler diagnosis she'd rather have. she does this every few months - remember last year she kept mentioning her histrionic personality disorder (which tbh is bullseye for dasha).
anyway "executive function disorder" is just clinician speak for being a fucked-up, disorganized mess. may have some overlap with autism symptoms, but probably even more overlap with ADHD, childhood trauma/child of addicts, being a drug user or alcoholic – basically anything that makes you a low-functioning adult who can't manage their life, pay bills on time, etc.

No. 1544969

>they talk about the redscare/blackscare subreddits briefly, throwing them a bone.
why is dasha kissing the sub's ass all of a sudden? "it's so well moderated" give me a break.

No. 1544970

I'm really not buying "executive dysfunction disorder" from someone who was able to direct a whole feature-length film. You need dictatorial levels of control and self-discipline to pull that off successfully. Even directors with reputations for erratic behavior eventually pull themselves together when it gets down to the wire. There's so many moving parts to a production! I think what Dasha has is simply bouts of laziness combined with periodic depression.

No. 1544977

File: 1654010097867.gif (3.38 MB, 640x576, winona.gif)

>115 pounds at 5'4"
the way Dasha made anorexia her entire brand and only ever got down to a 19.7 BMI…about as anorexic as Tess Holliday

No. 1544979

File: 1654010161836.gif (1.76 MB, 408x225, ok.gif)

nonnie, did you see Scary?

No. 1544985

I haven’t listened to cumtown much so maybe I’m misreading it but “snob who romanticises being a drunk loser” is how Nick has always come off to me

No. 1544995

Nick been sober for like a decade and very obviously knows how much of a loser he was back then. He probably sees Flores as what he would've turned out as if he hadn't've quit drinking.

No. 1545071

yeah, i have no idea what that other anon is on about, "i just naturally forget to eat teehee i'm not trying it's effortless" it's the most basic "ana" move

No. 1545076

sober from alcohol but Nick absolutely does drugs kek. I agree that Flores is a much bigger loser though, at least Nick is often pretty funny and generally more self aware.

No. 1545094

damage control. they hated urbit.

No. 1545103

nick hates him because he knows that could have easily been him if he was less lucky

No. 1545107

That doesn't make any sense. She doesn't need the redditors on her side, the podcast's fan community extends well beyond that site. If there was a binary choice between urbit money/prestige and greasy redditors' approval, she'd pick the former if she were sane.

No. 1545108

File: 1654018462907.png (437.78 KB, 1304x1080, Screen Shot 2022-05-31 at 10.2…)

she got lower than that and started to talk about "gaining weight" but her solution was to go to the gym which is very funny.

maybe if she stopped taking off-scrip adderall on top of her wellbutrin rx she would have an appetite but I'm not a doctor

No. 1545111

Dasha romanticizes disordered eating but is obviously just a relatively slim woman who diets off and on. She just puts on this schtick to NLOG, when tbh, we all basically do what she does to varying degrees. It's just dieting.

No. 1545115

Is she actually on Wellbutrin?

No. 1545119

this, and it's telling that dasha is only a ~*~thinspo icon~*~ to dumb zoomer girls who don't realize Dasha would be considered normal to even slightly big by standards a few decades ago. my aunties used to brag that they bullied each other for getting over 95 pounds at Dasha's height lol, toxic as fuck but was normal until obesity and the fat acceptance movement took off. as usual Dasha's NLOG in her mind only

No. 1545123

yeah, she talks about it pretty frequently

No. 1545139

stav said the same thing

No. 1545159

File: 1654021438474.png (2.61 MB, 906x1610, adam shirts.png)

adam previewing the aforementioned shirts with his paintings on them

No. 1545164

wow that is retarded AND ugly, the only ones who will buy them are cumtown fans. Should've rethought shutting that gravy train down.

No. 1545172

this feels vaguely racist

No. 1545200

File: 1654023377532.jpeg (109.7 KB, 1200x510, groyper.jpeg)

ok didn't meant to trigger you by calling him a closet-gay christian. just talking about the clothes/style. ben shapiro kinda has the same look.

No. 1545202

she’s not even close to underweight. even if she was 5’7” (lol) the BMI would be 18, which is just on the edge of underweight. according to the DSM-V, moderate anorexia is between 16-16.99.

No. 1545207

File: 1654023980753.png (148.85 KB, 704x472, bmi.png)

well she says she's not anorexic so I guess you agree with her

the last weight she posted was 106 and she looked like a ghoul next to chloe sevigny (for multiple reasons, weight being one of them)

No. 1545278

go watch "Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmaker's Apocalypse" and tell me that a drug addicted neurotic can't direct a movie

No. 1545282

why tf are you posting reaction gifs like it's 2010?

assimilate or fuck off

No. 1545285

File: 1654028083393.png (301.21 KB, 661x750, wannabe modfag.png)

>yikes, did you just poast an image on an imageboard, my guy??!11!

No. 1545288

File: 1654028406705.png (5.19 MB, 2376x1366, annak.png)

Anna 2018 vs. 2022. wow the wonders of "tret"

No. 1545291

fillers, botox

No. 1545316

Technically gay? He’s a full faggot. Let’s not complicate it

No. 1545338

She always has. They both lurk a lot. Anna pretends she doesn’t and is above it now

No. 1545376

There is no way she doesnt lie about her weight given that she lies about her height. She was gaunt next to Cloe but not 16 kg/m^2 gaunt.

No. 1545395

maybe a brow lift, or just really overarched eyebrows? the increased asymmetry and extra lid space makes it seem like a lift.

No. 1545403

it's very likely that they have never, and will never, actually use urbit

it doesn't even have a mobile app, and i don't think the girls are able to use desktop computers

btw to learn this i had to visit the urbit website and it doesn't even scale to 1080, complete half-done failure of a website

No. 1545420

hm, I don't know. sure, she would lie about her numbers but I kinda disagree she couldn't be that thin. for a second there I thought she looked <105, especially if she's shorter than 5'7". I'm not complimenting her, she looks rough lately.

but whatever, this is starting to feel medfaggy.

No. 1545427

Botox brow lift and fillers here and there

No. 1545449

File: 1654038644362.jpeg (131.66 KB, 1174x817, gettyimages-1370248773-2048x20…)

i still can't get over this pic from fashion week. the greasy zoomer bf isn't even this greasy.

No. 1545475

thank you for the recap anon!
i don't think she's autistic but i would believe she fried her brain from drug use. she absolutely is lying about her numbers, she's never been anything other than reasonably slim

No. 1545531

the wonders of facetune, she does not look like the pic on the right irl kek

No. 1545538

The fact that she half-assed her armpits by only trimming the hair rather than full shave or let it fly is hilarious. Woman fucks up in everything she does

No. 1545539

Her current bangs are so sad looking

No. 1545551

She’s definitely not autistic. Autism and BPD are frequently mistakenly diagnosed as each other in women though. Many autistic women get diagnosed with BPD as a catch-all diagnosis despite not meeting the criteria. She actually does seem to a classic case of BPD, or some kind of Cluster B, which would explain her inability to function like a mature adult and constant need to lie for attention.
Don’t know why she’s denying having an ED now (or at least wanting ppl to think she has one) when there’s so much evidence of her doing fasts, abusing stimulants, and literally referring to herself as anorexic.

No. 1545555

I feel like I saw her leave a comment somewhere recently saying she conceded the mullet was bad but now I can't find it…

No. 1545556

Peter did not sound enthused when they brought up Dasha’s acting chops, I wonder what happened bts that lead to him casting her.

No. 1545563

Sci-fi seems like a really absurd genre for Dasha, like imagine her trying to pull off something like scarjo’s performance in Under the Skin.

No. 1545650

Anna straight up defensively responds to people on the subreddit on a semi-regular basis when they speculate about her living arrangements with Eli and her upbringing; sometimes about completely minor and innocuous things which clearly struck some histrionic phantom nerve. She’s not coy about it at all, Dasha actually has far more reserve and tact about interacting with them nowadays (which is really funny).

No. 1545740

File: 1654068584750.jpeg (885.16 KB, 2304x3509, A18B4158-79FA-4149-B3FA-24464E…)

These dolls remind me of someone, not quite sure who.

No. 1545805

Stop being so gullible, that's exactly why she said it. Saying women can't have autism and being proana didnt make A&D unique enough in their little bubble for long, so now she's going to pretend to be an autist for some ~aspergian artist~ aesthetic who just can't eat because of executive dysfunction/sensory issues

No. 1545888

It’s likely COVID hair loss

No. 1545891

it's a normal antidepressant, probably only helps with weight if you have BED

No. 1545895

christ, those armpits look so itchy, i didn't notice when the pic was first posted here. bitch probably chose that bizarre shirt so she could scratch them all night

No. 1546145

cumtown was making some little jokes about virgil texas behind the paywall. pondering where he went and "what did he even do?". "he helped a girl with her homework"/"texted a 19-year-old" type jokes, that sort of thing. not milky, just rarely even hear anyone say his name anymore. would love to know how much money he makes off of bad faith or if he still gets chapo money without being on the show (like amber does).

No. 1546151

Definitely not getting Chapo money. They put out a statement when he started Bad Faith that he was no longer associated with the pod.

No. 1546330

File: 1654121791516.png (941.1 KB, 640x1136, 1CAF94D6-5915-4384-A93A-4B63A3…)

Dasha is trying to get to a healthier weight because she is preparing to have a child lol it's so obvious. Her confirmation is coming up soon and she'll get married to Matthew immediately afterwards (they're already engaged) and then boom, it's baby-making-time.

No. 1546335

praying for that child, surely to be the most molested child of all time

No. 1546342

Jesus christ, looks like some ancient book about parenting. Suppose it will say to put babies to sleep on their stomachs too. no doubt she would risk her infant to continue some weird trad LARP.

No. 1546343

He isn’t going to stay with her and even of she does have a child i give it a year at most before she gives the baby to her parents and disappear from the fave of the earth like the witten girl

No. 1546385

lol. it wasn’t just my imagination that she was dropping hints lately? thought they were just jokes. maybe not

No. 1546422

lmao wtf. poor child. i feel like she doesn't really want a kid, she just wants to keep up her tradwife catholic larp. it's such a bizarre choice for her to make too because her acting "career" will probably come to a halt when she gets pregnant or has to spend time actually being a parent instead of working.

No. 1546425

She's in the bind that all tradthots end up in. Now that she's 30, she's at risk of her audience turning on her as she increasingly resembles the aging childless ewhores that these people love to dunk on. At the same time, she knows that her male fans have zero actual interest in mature women and will abandon her if she stops larping as a teenager. Hopefully she'll just stall and pretend to have bmi-related fertility problems instead of actually trying for a clout baby.

No. 1546434

Not sure why I thought she was like 35

No. 1546435

emotionally damaged narcissistic addict rushes to reproduce while teeming with unaddressed mental illness: how original. this genuinely bums me out, hope her kid turns out okay but kids of cluster b moms suffer and her stupid zoomer boyfriend is visibly depressed, damaged and unfit for fatherhood too. dasha doesn't need "6 months of nutritionally dense superfoods" she needs about 6 years of therapy or she might as well start the kid an only fans now

No. 1546436

it’s Nourishing Traditions, a completely weirdass book from 1995, written by the founder of the Weston A. Price Foundation
it’s one of those horseshoe theory things that is popular with way out hippies but also with super fundamentalist Christians

No. 1546437

File: 1654129092394.jpeg (26.39 KB, 234x350, C5425B86-B0F2-4FBB-8E22-978FF5…)

double post to say that the lady who wrote this dumbass book wrote a book last year arguing that viruses don’t cause disease

No. 1546490

Mullen’s eye stye has had me scrubbing under my nails with a toothbrush more than several times a day because that will never fucking happen to me, absolutely not.

No. 1546492

File: 1654131834536.png (1.68 MB, 1025x871, ijytmes85v191[1].png)

wonder how being pregnant is going to fit in with her acting/directing life. Both are big timesinks with a lot of travel involved…maybe she expects her zoomer bf who she's known for a year to seriously step up as a single caretaker for weeks/months at a time? or maybe she'll dump the kid on leia like anna did with her cat
also did you guys see that pic of christman's fiance + amber

No. 1546496

what's wild is dasha has never been the least bit maternal, never talked about wanting kids, seemed perfectly happy living her drunk downtown dilettante life. this 100% comes from her boyfriend (who Honor said was controlling af, and Peter Vack said is the most relentless, exhausting proselytizer he's ever met). Dasha's really planning a whole ass kid to appease her pushy Jewish fake Catholic boyfriend - honey i don't even like you but please don't do it lol, it's so obviously a bad idea. what an unstable sense of self does to a motherfucker.

No. 1546506

File: 1654132590945.jpg (26.04 KB, 852x480, b1fef4b3-04fb-4d76-bec6-915ac7…)

amber rollo's flat white ass, filthy feet and gummy smile are not nearly as adorable as she thinks they are. she always reminds me of the "desert trash" woman Dennis bangs in the Wade Boggs episode of sunny, like she's constantly sunburnt and has gecko tattoos we can't see

No. 1546536

Amber… :(

No. 1546596

She is 31.

No. 1546599

She looks exactly like Christman.

No. 1546621

maybe she's going to transition into a stage mom

No. 1546627

That’s a dark thought

No. 1546636

File: 1654142237978.jpeg (353.19 KB, 750x752, 505C116D-51D5-4E87-9471-A7EC25…)

I recall her parents are both circus performers, or rather, teachers of some kind of circus performance, in Vegas. Already primed for stage mom era, it’s likely in her blood. Her mom’s linkedin, picrel.

No. 1546648

File: 1654143220627.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 193.7 KB, 1080x1868, A0963DF2-FCA7-4867-BDB6-A46247…)

looks like someone’s tired of the trans allegations

No. 1546667

Lmfao these Avatar proportions. Looks like Maddie went to the Anna Khachiyan “bitch you tried it” school of body editing, ironically when a tall girl adds 8 inches and shaves off 20 pounds it only makes her look more trans

No. 1546677

multi-night stops are how stand-up tours work. It's not like it's 5 nights of "nick mullen in concert." There are standups you've never heard of who are making a living doing 3 nights at Chucklebutts in Des Moines and then 4 nights at McSilly's Haha Hut, and then 4 nights at Hee-Hoo's etc etc. It's like how bands used to tour in like the 60s or whatever, little residencies basically.

No. 1546702

good god amber rollo is disgusting. I feel so sorry for christman's ex wife kate, i hope she's doing ok.

No. 1546707

20 pounds? It looks like she’s adding weight with favourable “womanly” proportions to me. in scary she looks as shapely as a meter stick.

No. 1546708

Can’t wait for thin, delicate lips to become cool again and all these trashy trendhopping girls will finally realize how ugly and fake their distended hot dog lips look flopping around their faces

No. 1546927

nonnie u sound lizard lipped

No. 1546938


Chapo Amber looks exactly like Amy Slaton lmfao(emoji)

No. 1546967

I’m Latina lol, sorry you had to pay for yours and they still look like shit

No. 1546970

t. leia

No. 1546979

I’m latina too which is why i’m defensive, i suspect you’re not actually and that’s why you’re wanting a eurocentric beauty trend to come back

No. 1546985

white latinas (which i am) are up to 80% European blood, so it's silly to be triggered about "eurocentric beauty trends." and having no lips ala leia is obviously not cute but thin lips can look great on many women. it's the fakeness i hate, the black and latina girls i know have nothing but scorn for white girls emulating our features with their trashy medspa fillers, fine if you disagree but don't give me that "i'm the only latina on lolcow" bullshit lol

No. 1547025

so you’re like anya taylor joy lmao. newsflash bitch: just bc your ancestors relocated doesnt mean you’re ethnically one of us. you’re giving leia style cope

No. 1547031

you seem too dumb to argue with lmfao have a good day nonnie, stay triggered

No. 1547065

So Christman's wife:

>supporting husband who, instead of getting a job, plays online with his twitter friends

>by some fluke, he thankfully falls ass backwards into a pretty lucrative job
>pick up whole life and relocate to NYC because of NEET husband's sudden success
>get dropped like a hot potato in favor of some dying-to-please UCB LA comedy girl
>after uprooting life for him, he skips out for LA, using the steady stream of dork money

Imagine supporting your husband financially only to be ditched for an LA comedy dumbass the second he's got enough money to safely run from you.

During lockdown he was doing some manic livestreaming and I felt strongly repelled. Now I know why: coked-up nerd divorced guy energy

No. 1547073

They were married for like a long time too weren't they?

No. 1547090

File: 1654184851300.jpeg (535.65 KB, 1125x615, F71991E2-6BAB-4AC1-9494-8F23FC…)

Nta but yeah, I think like 10 years. I hope she got a great settlement after supporting and probably dressing Christman’s obese toddler ass for years.
Don’t think it’s been mentioned here but early in lockdown Amber Rollo was heavily promoting her cringe podcast about being quarantined with her “recent ex-fiancé” a fellow comedian Gabe Pacheco. Of course Amber finally dropped him like a hot potato as soon as the Christman gravy train rolled around.

No. 1547098

good idea here

No. 1547113


No. 1547214

Why is every single person involved in this scene, including the random hangers-on, so disheveled looking? Bad skin, yellow teeth, sallow complexions, patchy facial hair, hideously chopped mullets etc. For people who chatter on so pretentiously about aesthetics they are all U G L Y

No. 1547297

What’s his first wife’s name?

No. 1547299

File: 1654200718133.jpeg (130.62 KB, 351x461, 1E98FDA7-82BB-4C0A-9C55-592FE7…)

Amber no

No. 1547305

File: 1654201099507.jpg (353.34 KB, 2035x969, sad.jpg)

Whats Left has sunk so low that Oliver had to take their earnings off their Patreon page so people don't see his rolling failure to juice the pod. They are back to about as low as where it was when Oliver joined the pod 2 years ago. And now with Aimee banned from Twitter again, the engagement is only going down since she can't start Twitter beef with big troon accounts anymore. Sad.

No. 1547322

File: 1654202348742.jpeg (634.83 KB, 828x1121, EE28DFBB-8F21-4D67-8EF5-918142…)

Dasha got to model for Tory Burch and they made her shave her pits

No. 1547367

highly doubt tory sport would ever hire dasha, p. sure she's just doing the age-old thing of buying a brand's clothes and @ tagging to make it look like they're collabbing, or hoping to get reposted. either way, she looks like a deformed leif garret from this angle

No. 1547375

File: 1654206097207.png (4.04 MB, 2290x1608, Screen Shot 2022-06-02 at 14.3…)

nah it's a real thing. they've got her on their page with at least one other noagencyny "talent" (anajah/icecreameaterrr)

No. 1547377

Awful angle, she looks like a pre-ffs trans woman

No. 1547383

kate laegeler christman

No. 1547385

File: 1654206472679.png (4.93 MB, 1720x1536, Screen Shot 2022-06-02 at 5.46…)

wow i'm surprised but thx for the info anon. she looks so odd next to the other models, angel vs. witch skull is real

No. 1547400

File: 1654207512209.png (3.51 MB, 2620x1616, Curtis Everett Pawley - KJ Rot…)

No. 1547402

File: 1654207818410.png (3.45 MB, 2452x1514, Curtis Everett Pawley and KJ R…)

>The group also shared a moment of appreciation for the actress-director Dasha Nekrasova, who had a recurring role on last season’s “Succession” and, with Anna Khachiyan, hosts the “Red Scare” podcast. “She scares me,” Mr. Hill said. To the Ion Pack, she’s a friend of the pod.

how is it that red scare always gets mentioned in these articles

No. 1547404

so we were right, one of them is maddy's boyfriend right?

No. 1547407

same reason the article on another d-list podcast, How Long Gone, the same “journalist” wrote had Dasha in it. same pr agent.

No. 1547413

maintenance was part of the marital settlement agreement, which makes sense considering the length of the marriage plus the years she spent supporting him. i can pull and post the marital settlement agreement if ppl want

No. 1547414

how does she manage to look unwashed even in a professional photoshoot

No. 1547415

please do

No. 1547416

she looks dirty like she smells or something

No. 1547417

yep, the one on the right

No. 1547436

Guess what there are white women with lips naturally as full as maddy’s filler lips. Get over it

No. 1547438

Where does it come from that she was supporting him financially? Isn’t Christman from money?

No. 1547443

Do itt

No. 1547446

nta but I believe Will is the trust-fund baby in chapo, not Matt

No. 1547455

Checks out that her parents would be cringey steampunk freaks straight out a Jeunet movie.

No. 1547464

Didnt someone already post who they were like 3 threads ago?

No. 1547483

Is it a professional photoshoot though? It looks like a selfie with a grainy black and white filter

No. 1547488

identified one of them like 10 months ago yeah >>1279374 and the fact that he was maddie's boyfriend came up several times but it's officially confirmed now I guess. someone with a better memory or more time to check past threads feel free to correct me

No. 1547498

wrong matt christman/wife. chapo christman was married to a woman by the name of carolyn hansen.

No. 1547542

File: 1654218194895.jpg (161.4 KB, 828x1146, FUR4AG8WUAAEZuE.jpg)

Who is bankrolling their distribution and producing ventures? They've basically admitted in the article that their patreon doesn't make much. The patreon discord has 800 members and doubtful all are paying members. Their posts average less than 1,000 likes and their NYT article has little engagement. Not very popular.

No. 1547546

stop counting other people's money

No. 1547550

this is a gossip site, are you completely lost?
counting other people’s shit and laughing at it is what people do while gossiping

No. 1547554

you're laughing at other people having a lot of money?

No. 1547556

KJ Rothweiler’s dad is a big-money medical malpractice attorney in Philadelphia, and his mom is a fancy dentist in a Main Line suburb
he graduated from Sarah Lawrence in 2013 and tried to make a living as a musician for years
parent-funded failson

No. 1547557

laughing at people’s rich parents funding their businesses, yeah
because it’s funny as hell, you see

No. 1547561

it's funny when it's not really their money and they would have to get a real job if they weren't coasting by on family wealth because they have no talent or taste, yeah. what's your view?

No. 1547565

talent and taste aren't rewarded at all in america money is

No. 1547575

Then why are everyone in this scene calling themselves tastemakers?

No. 1547582

because they're trying to use their money to convince people they are. nothing happens organically

No. 1547611

right, that’s the hilarious part
it’s very Pia Zadora of them

No. 1547614

Who did this, ragtag production? You can tell it’s not a professional shoot because the skirt is gaping. At real shoots they have people to clip or pin the clothes to look fitted and crisp

No. 1547627

Two of the most homosexual faces I’ve ever laid my eyes upon

No. 1547672

At this rate Anna's fucking cat is going to get a NYT profile lol

No. 1547706

The other models are actually featured on the website and in the s/s campaign, Dasha wasn’t part of the shoot she just sent in some photos. You can see the photographer she tags is not affiliated with Tory Sport

No. 1547724

Her abs look great here.

No. 1547725

I mean… I just used google but it looks like morgan maher has been taking pictures for Tory Burch for a few years. but I don't see how it would be illegit even if that wasn't the case… presumably noagencyny made tory sport pay to use their talent's photos even if it's just on social media?

the model I see on the website is mathide henning (the brunette); she's a professional danish model represented by big agencies. the noagency girls are goblins by comparison; it's kind of weird they're in the same slideshow as her but there you have it.

No. 1547806

File: 1654248678985.jpeg (507.91 KB, 1284x1104, 65DCE8CB-81F9-47A2-A106-016DCD…)

Was this him? We’re they dating back then or was this some guy she fucked to get her movie made?

No. 1547822

that's him, I recognize those abs

No. 1547883

are you lost?

No. 1547956

File: 1654265745701.png (98.08 KB, 598x468, giving birth is like stopping …)

Kind of an insane thing to say, particularly because she always loves to mention how she got an epidural both times.

No. 1547989

File: 1654268495440.jpeg (813.34 KB, 1078x1481, 43690950-7BE4-43FE-A5A0-9B9C29…)

he was also the one modeling the red scare sweatpants that someone posted in an older thread

No. 1547998

>I already did MY equivalent of running into gunfire by….pushing during labor!!!
I actually think Liz is the biggest narcissist in these threads, something about her constant self-aggrandizement of her meagre life accomplishments, her need to wildly overdramatize everything, and her obvious excitement over death (she’s constantly writing about the blood and guts that spilled out of her during birth - yeah welcome to being a woman bitch - or describing prisoners’ deaths in morbid detail and bragging about her bravery for watching them die) really chills me. And it bothers me people can’t see how obviously fucked up in the head she is.

No. 1548001

Not saying he looks gross but hilarious that this is what passes for an Adonis in this scene. Maddie, if you have to constantly turn ya man 45 degrees to the camera to see his abs….ya man is 20% body fat and needs to cut

No. 1548011

File: 1654270137129.png (84.01 KB, 612x441, her majesty.png)

She's been doing this cutesy "these men have no honor, if we lived in medieval times we'd handle them cowards right proper" thing for days. It's so weird lol, why does she see every thing through some masculinist fantasy lens.

No. 1548039

>biden make me queen
it's the way she's not even remotely joking for me. and yeah her "masculinist fantasy" worldview is the perfect way to describe it. i think she dreams of being a "real reporter" like a macho war correspondent - but bc she's a compliant rich girl debate squad nerd she's stuck writing hand-wringy opinion columns for the lowest rung of the elite rags…but she still wants her Pulitzer, dammit, so jamming every article and tweet with blood guts and bizarre self-insert drama it is.

No. 1548042

idk nonnie, the guy is pretty fit in every pic i see. I think there’s many more offensive qualities to mention, like the quality of the podcast for example

No. 1548070

File: 1654274747889.png (202.67 KB, 314x491, nolips.png)

Jesus fucking christ

No. 1548073

File: 1654274801544.png (74.75 KB, 603x412, itsover.png)

It is so over.

No. 1548075

File: 1654274909442.png (67.14 KB, 616x350, taylorlorenz.png)


No. 1548076

> > screenshot from 1 minute ago, first comment 11 seconds ago…

No. 1548081

didn't realize she was so fat

No. 1548087

obviously a creston post, one of their most dedicated followers, an obese retard who posts unsaged on her. he was the one posting npcc bs here during all that time.

No. 1548089

I have one thing to say for this scene of perpetual also-rans: they spend money on publicist(s)

No. 1548090


This gave me aids, and monkeypox at the same time, thanks.

No. 1548095

you gotta hand it to leia, that is one of the hardest 30s i've ever seen. she looks like a 46 y.o. divorced mom who put on her best "going out top" from kohls and had a professional take her Plenty of Fish pics

No. 1548097

yeppp, leia's been self-posting here since the earliest threads, any old heads remember the anon who signed off her posts with "namaste" just like leia used to on twitter?

lmao feel better nonna

No. 1548115

exactly, like, girl, you know what’s going on and so does everyone else
you’re marketing yourselves harder than Pepsi, enjoy

No. 1548162

File: 1654282144009.jpg (1.39 MB, 4096x4096, the many faces of amber frost.…)

crazy how Amber Frost is on at least her 4th face now, from overweight white trash girl, to overweight girl with comically overfilled lips, to skinny girl with comically overfilled lips, to this version with dissolved fillers, what seems to be a fox eye lift, and some unfortunate skin situation. it's gotta be drugs right?

No. 1548184

is it internalized classism to transition into an ambiguous biracial to escape your trailer park roots?

No. 1548186

it’s just aging + no makeup + a really bad pic, plastic-chan. she’s always looked pretty busted in most candids, but at least she had makeup on in them. “fox eye lift” lol. she just has slanted narrow eyes and always has. those aren’t fillers either, she’s always had those lips but pouts really hard with overlined lips in selfies.
plastic projecting is almost as bad as armchairing at this point

No. 1548208

I agree it's dumb when people attribute every little face change to surgery but it's just as weird when people deny very obvious cosmetic work. Amber had some of the most wild and obvious lip fillers I've ever seen - pouting and overlining? Thought that excuse died with Kylie in 2014

No. 1548224

she looks like an uglier version of Emily Browning in the 4th pic

No. 1548229

creston is cool and lost all the weight btw. don't really get people's beef with ion outside of their affiliation with other less savory characters. everything I've heard from them has been pretty reasonable.

No. 1548231


This is probably the most depressing thing I've ever seen on this thread. She barely knows this loser and 100% chance he will bail asap after birth like Alexandra Marzella's Baby daddy and other art thots/burn out it girls of eras past like Io Tillet Wright's mother. Also maybe this is just me but I see the pod lasting 1-2 more years max at this current rate of subs before the trend passes and their monthly take collapses back from to 10-20k.

I'm also waiting for the atomic bomb to drop on Anna when her kid turns 5 and she has to choose between sending him to inner city public school full of woke propaganda/kids beating each other up on the 1960s era concrete play yard, paying 50k a year for private school, committing to the the 7-hour daily timesink that is homeschooling and never having any free time ever again, or moving back into some shitty little town in north Jersey where public schools are decent but losing 90% of her friends and social engagements

No. 1548242

File: 1654285784381.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1284x1532, 92D64043-167F-4957-8633-58246D…)

I don’t know, looks like a twink to me. Could stand to gain a few

No. 1548246

>why does she see every thing through some masculinist fantasy lens
because that's what her simps do. these pathetic larpers love to talk big about how virtuous, healthy, sane and well-adjusted they would be if only libs weren't in charge, and as their aspiring qween liz reaffirms them

No. 1548260

his bod looks good but maddie girl please stop posting thirsty pic after pic of your man at this exact same angle lmfao, it inflates their ego and makes it obvious you've never had a fit bf before

No. 1548263

I think Anna will probably just be lazy and send her kids to public school. I know a lot of kids who went to NYC public schools and they came out fine. Also most private schools are not 50 grand a year for K-12

No. 1548272

Bold of you to assume he's not the one asking to be posted. Men just casually showing off their abs at all times.

No. 1548275

I think it'll be private school all the way, don't forget Eli comes from money too and in my experience with wealthy lib types (as in, what the Keszlers probably are) the "we're all equal" mask really comes off when it comes to getting their kids out of the pool with the local riffraff and onto a more elite track. Anna probably wants him in Montessori or whatever artsy bougie baby schools Eli went to lol

No. 1548283

This is deranged even by Liz B standards. Who the fuck turns a SCHOOL SHOOTING into an opportunity for an unrelated humblebrag about having kids??

No. 1548305

I don't know but I've been around some gated-community suburbanite swinger types and there is always something very nauseating in the air… like things will get hypersexualized or there will be some weird silent vibe-shift like an argument is happening or is about to happen…

upper class parents will put a lot of pressure on kids for very narrow options about their life path. It's probably much more miserable & anxious to be the smart, compliant, high-achiever daughter than the dirtbag son who can't manage law school or whatever. Rich-girl overachiever parent-pleasers… She always needs approval.

And christians have a fetishized obsession with gore and violence. Think about how sexy and contorted Christ is on some of those crucifixes and paintings and shit. They're also kind of alienated because the violence sits in a fantasy place about suffering, so it gets absorbed into their religious worldview rather than being something awful that happened to real people. Suffering and dying is Christly and virtuous.

sage for freud-posting or something

No. 1548339

he's hot honestly. I would fuck maddy's man right in front of her cause she's too retarded to do anything and wouldn't fight back

No. 1548343

holy fuck she's ugly and going to age worse than all those hoes

No. 1548344

"30"? more than 50

No. 1548346

she's absolutely the worst, and any poster who thinks she's not I'm skeptical of, bruenig haters are the best posters in the thread period

No. 1548347

that flat greasy hair i can't

No. 1548350

i hate that troon she's interacting with. tries to do the manic pixie thing when she's too busy tweeting to do her fucking job and clocky as all hell

No. 1548352

still hate taylor lorenz more than any of those hoes. of fucking course fame whore social climber laya will be friendly towards her even though she subtweets all her friends daily

No. 1548371

i dunno, seems like those long ape limbs juiced with tism-tard strength could inflict some serious damage on whoever's in their way (herself included)

No. 1548383

She posts gym selfies a lot, i bet she’s pretty strong like the dyke she is

No. 1548398

If anything he’s a male butterface. Butthisface

No. 1548415

why am i laughing so hard at this

No. 1548424

Idk anon, I thought she had a unique ethnic background or something that gave her those big lips. She’s “white” but phenotypes are crazy.

Amber deserves some credit for the path she’s taken imo. Sure the book thing seems like a big failure but check her out in the pool pic, she looks ripped, she looks great in that bikini and you know what? She’s logged off. Living irl. Not logging on to post braindead misogynist takes every day because she’s addicted to cheap hits of attention like A&D are.

No. 1548439

eww she looks like she has crohns

No. 1548475

That's a man, baby

No. 1548477

I have a theory her and dasha probably do the No 'poo thing and forgo washing their hair. nothing else explains the outrageous grease. one of those horseshoe hippie/rightoid things they believe like fearing seed oils. unfortunately it doesn't actually work.

No. 1548528

File: 1654311927948.png (263.25 KB, 598x1014, Screenshot 2022-06-03 230446.p…)

I'm fucking howling rn this crossover is too good

No. 1548542

they'll do a segment for Tucker Carlson by the end of the year

No. 1548552

wow wonder if Anna will harass Megyn for participating in #metoo

No. 1548571

so all these people are just riding a wave that Nick Mullen started? Be 1998-style edgy, present autistic tendencies, appear in mainstream-proximate Fox programming (Red Eye for mullen, Megyn Kelly for rs). Mullen actually strikes me as a fairly "normal" person (he's obviously got issues) but he seems to have always been doing what he's doing and he's still doing it… the others are just all over the fucking map.

If these people had moved to LA in 2006, they'd all be Cobra Snake and Diva Dompe clones (that crowd tolerated rapists and took a reactionary dive into outdated mysticism too… just in the case of the pre-2010 LA people it was toward 70s new age, not theosophism)

No. 1548577

Roommate Leia is unironically trying to become the next gen Cobra Snake lol. She's the official photographer for this Thiel-funded NPCC event/rave/film fest thing in LA coming up.

No. 1548599

File: 1654319066090.png (528.81 KB, 1184x1280, meltdown.png)

The post-left's token looney troon in meltdown mode.

No. 1548603

Dasha looks more busted than usual in that pic

No. 1548613

that pic of her is so unflattering. it's giving FAS. tbh i wonder if she actually has it

No. 1548614

>she looks great in that bikini

No. 1548618

kek wouldn’t surprise me if she did

No. 1548620

dasha looks so retarded here

No. 1548765

This will be a great opportunity for them to talk about the importance of universal healthcare and workers rights and convince the right to vote for Bern–oh wait, nobody buys that shit anymore. Why anyone ever bought it is anyone's guess.

No. 1548826

Oliver may bail if it continues to sink. They have nothing interesting to say since 2020.

No. 1548914

File: 1654357478033.jpeg (1.2 MB, 2542x2186, 7444C7B1-5D18-42FD-887E-D1CC31…)

Caro promoting Crumpstack

No. 1549003

Ew, none of these people even like you Caroline. Reaching Alice in Queens levels of non New Yorkers desperately sucking up to the Dimes square scene

No. 1549013

God she needs to lay off the tranqs

No. 1549025

File: 1654363727690.png (882.07 KB, 1071x1186, precashew.png)

Huh, I actually thought she looked much better than usual in that pic. She looks better at a higher weight so that she actually has some fat in her face and it doesn't look so hollowed out and weird (helps hide the asymmetry too). I think she could actually look cute if she put on a little more weight and dyed her hair dark instead of the dishwater blonde she has now that just blends in with her sallow skin. Picrel is the prettiest I've ever seen her. I know that's not totally fair bc it's a very old pic and she's a lot younger here but 31 is still young. She only looks so old now bc of her unhealthy lifestyle.
And yes that's her dad standing standing next to her. And yes…I would

No. 1549057

You're gonna piss off the failed coquettes lmao

No. 1549197

Hot dad

No. 1549236

she actually looks slavic here

No. 1549237

Picrel is hotter to men but not hot enough to capture a giant audience of straight guys and make it her thing. She knows this. It’s why she leaned into the dishwater blonde Etsy dress/LA apparel, as the girls and gays prefer

No. 1549256

Okay I'm sorry I'm trying to find the problem here? This is like when people got mad Bernie went on Joe Rogan and Fox News…like exposing a conservative audience to leftists ideas in a non-ideologically extreme way is not a bad thing. It's frustrating to see this pattern among leftists who will not talk to anybody who isn't a hardcore Marxist. It's extremely detrimental to our movement.

No. 1549288

anna and dasha are not Bernie, they're not even leftists. they are conservatives.
take your dicksucking down a notch.
>our movement

No. 1549333

not to uptalk aimee or oliver or any of that embarrassing crew, but i don't think this person qualifies as a member of the post-left. not a podcast guest. no aimee retweets.

No. 1549538

the reason anna and dasha exist is to pretend to be influential leftists who spend all their time saying "the left is always wrong" and "this conservative position is actually correct"

they're not espousing left wing ideas, they're media wreckers whose only agenda is self aggrandizement

No. 1549547

her dad has the same "cashew" jaw asymmetry

No. 1549583

Lmao, “our movement”? Clearly you haven’t listened to the podcast in a few years, maybe try to catch up with recent events before running your mouth?

No. 1549598

Isn't Leia J actually like 36 and not 30 like this article claims?

No. 1549640

i've heard this too, she looks seriously old for 36. i'll never forget the nona on here that said she looks like she sleeps to close to a microwave kek(learn2sage)

No. 1549648

Wonder if anything ever happened between him and Dasha

No. 1549901

File: 1654433985155.jpg (110 KB, 1024x768, media_FUY19BHXsAI6YQV.jpg name…)

the closeted gay podcaster crew + perfume jack in chicago. samememe's buddy berto on the left. jack in the middle. and a bunch of flop podcasters in between.

No. 1550092

No. 1550097

Jack incapable of eye contact like a true autist.

No. 1550140

I think the value of the show was listening to Aimee have drug addled psychotic breaks whilst railing against garbage ape or whatever. But Oliver tried to turn it into a bog standard American conservative podcast and hide everything behind a paywall. Nobody is gonna pay to listen to boring boomer interviews with impotent catholic 60 year olds complaining about mortgage prices. I honestly hate to say it, but let Aimee be Aimee. Give us free 4 hour episodes about the time Carl beijer stole her critique of Elizabeth Warren. That is at least entertaining. In a car crash kind of way. Lol

No. 1550211

File: 1654458000756.png (206.44 KB, 292x386, shrunken cashew.png)

positively skeletal

No. 1550219

She's aging so poorly, she looks a decade older than she actually is. She looks jaundiced and sick

No. 1550222

File: 1654458625076.png (4.26 MB, 750x1334, 78699131-8464-46AA-B7E1-B71CB9…)

kek she is so tryhard

No. 1550224

File: 1654458706299.png (3.9 MB, 750x1334, 2A91B2A2-0A42-4815-B4F1-85A112…)

as if she’s actually going to eat the cake

No. 1550227

The WRINKLES on that dress wtf

No. 1550237

File: 1654459343447.jpg (71.58 KB, 600x800, happy bithday loser.jpg)

No. 1550241

Did she choose Eastern catholicism or have icons become common place in Roman catholic churches too?

No. 1550252

imagine being forced to pose awkwardly by a podcaster lazy to iron her dress for instagram clout

No. 1550258

how many layers of irony deep is this? we've blown past new new sincerity into shizzed out chopped up cynicism.

No. 1550262

She joined the Byzantine rite because it's as close as you can get to Orthodox (and away from that icky liberal false pope) while still technically being Catholic.

No. 1550263

can’t wait for her inevitable turn and subsequent conversion to Islam

No. 1550266

It's Byzantium Catholicism. She says it's because of her Belarusian roots but I think she chose it because the regular Roman Catholic Church process takes usually 8 months or longer. They have you commit to more than a month of chats with a priest, you have to do weekly classes and volunteering.

No. 1550267

File: 1654460706508.jpeg (247.21 KB, 1125x1652, 10ED3969-6EB5-4761-8ED1-9A2073…)

Stav is having the time of his life

No. 1550271

Inshallah, Anna been planting the seeds from day one.

No. 1550272

No. 1550273

too much effort for dasha. the bar to entry to patreon boosting discourse ratio is the important part.

No. 1550295

Okay so yes Eastern catholicism. Why not just become Orthodox at that point? Because it doesn't have a meme name like tradcath?
Most Belarusians are Orthodox, why pick catholicism? Though to become Orthodox you have to go to almost all services for months (not just on Sunday), chats with priest and deacons, go on (mini) retreats, read a lot of books etc. Not as drastic as Roman catholic catechism, but still, probably too much effort for her.

No. 1550305

An uglier Sarah Paulson

No. 1550312

I think it was Anna who once attacked rich jewel tones and said they look bad on white women but they’re worn on camera for a reason. Better than this pale green puke monstrosity

No. 1550326

rumor has it jack and his bf blew filthy armenian's back out that night

No. 1550342

This is so fucking annoying

No. 1550348

i don't get the appeal of ironically hanging out in a church basement

No. 1550350

Dudes (men who’ll die of obesity at 42) rock (are surrounded by dime a dozen Brooklyn hoes who’d rather be fucking Nick)

No. 1550367

File: 1654466497422.jpg (358.99 KB, 1006x762, Screenshot_20220605-180030_Chr…)

she looks like that blackrock executive's wife who told off the kids that came to protest at her house lmao

No. 1550473

That hairline my god it’s giving little green men

No. 1550476

Do you think she offered the priest a slice of her blasphemy cake

No. 1550497

did she really get the masseter botox thing done? her jaw is hanging off her head.
someone here claimed she admitted to it but I don't remember when

No. 1550518

Isn't there a name for the "fake pope" stuff she's into? There's some fringe youtuber she watches about this stuff, right?

No. 1550542

Literally who are these people

No. 1550553

File: 1654479576722.png (32.49 KB, 601x301, riversmoke.png)

His takes are all 2005 South Park libertarianism.

No. 1550561

Stavros Halkias, a stand-up comedian who co-hosts the Cum Town podcast, and what appears to be some mid-20s to early-mid-30s women tattoos. Hope this helps.

No. 1550582

>more or less
Enjoy your microplastics or whatever else you’re unknowingly inhaling

No. 1550707

A lot of people think vaping is just smoking minus the cancer. Very confusing since even if the vapor was harmless the nicotine by itself is definitely not….

Some of the harm smoking causes is literally from the heat of the smoke which is the same for vape (or so a dentist told me— makes your teeth looser over time). For god’s sake, nicotine is what ages your skin visibly! It doesn’t matter how you’re getting the nicotine in you. lol the vape lobby is real

No. 1550799


No. 1550838

People against vaping aren’t out to save grad school dropouts like River lmfao. Juul was sued to oblivion for targeting minors and hooking them on “unicorn flavor” nicotine.

No. 1550892

File: 1654519560077.png (243.82 KB, 550x746, image_2022-06-06_154551726.png)

Does anyone have any milk on her? She's a recent personal cow of mine. She had a bunch of failed leftist podcasts. 'gay' autistic Bpd sex worker mess

No. 1550948

File: 1654525333317.png (31.59 KB, 595x650, bye aimiee.png)

ur welcome for my service

not a cop caller in general but this bit is way too funny to abstain on principle(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1550951

Her father is Orthodox, however her mother's side of the family is Catholic and her grandmother baptized her in the Catholic church as an infant. She mentioned that there was tension between her grandmother and mother and I don't believe she was raised in the Catholic Church.

Orthodoxy is really the natural choice given her background and skepticism of the Pope but pride got in the way. She is not like those other Belarussian girls, she is Catholic which means her family had links to the Polish aristocracy.

(The real No. 1 reason she's decided to confirm in the Catholic Church is that her boyfriend is Catholic and set in his Papist ways.)

No. 1550958


Well, according to this clip she used to fuck Virgil Texas, saw him as recently as January, and can report that he's just been in a drug hole in his apartment in Brooklyn.


No. 1550975

yea like other anon said, sedevecantism is the belief that the current pope isn't legitimate and therefore "the throne is empty" - there was an episode of the pod i recapped in one of the last threads where dasha did a cracked-out rant about this topic for literally an hour straight, but said she wasn't a sedevecantist herself. as for:
>There's some fringe youtuber she watches about this stuff, right?
you're bang on, it was very telling when anna asked her for details or clarification dasha couldn't give any, was very clear she was just regurgitating information she hoovered up on an adderall binge, i assume it's all straight from her psycho boyfriend matthew. imagine letting your entire life be taken over by a droopy faced fake catholic jew, new low even for dasha

No. 1550976

File: 1654527706767.jpg (19.04 KB, 862x480, 1118e053-8d03-4a45-b9f2-c20cad…)

orthodox jew from the sopranos voice and you are bragging this?

No. 1550980

kys fatty

No. 1550983

i've personally mocked aimee in these threads many times but tattling to twitter about hAtEfUl CoNdUcT is loser behavior nonnie. try getting a groomer or a pedo banned instead, bet you'll find twitter's not so quick to play cop on your behalf then

No. 1550986

newsflash: everyone who ever reported her account got one of those notifications, your report wasn't the sole inciting incident.

No. 1550990

no shit, i obviously didn't personally get her bant

she's just gunna come back in 2 days more deranged than ever, so again, you're welcome


same/learn2sage/cry moar

No. 1550998

Damn, she was fucking him even after the grooming allegations. Thats pathetic

No. 1550999

the vape smoke is a lot less hot than cigarette smoke because vapes usually don't combust and burn tobacco, just heat up glycerin mixed with nicotine, which is also why vape smoke is a lot thicker - it's made of glycerin. i don't know how safe it is to inhale glycerin vapor itself but at least heat-wise it should be less damaging

No. 1551000

probably findomming him

No. 1551020

Up to 80% white? There is no limit. It's a completely fake and gay term. I am a "white Latina" too with 100% northern spanish ancestry (so inbred that I came out as Irish on DNA test, though I do have full lips). There is nothing that unites us outside of the fact we were born (or are somehow tangentially related to someone born) south of the Tropic of Cancer and speak a Romance language as our mother tongue.
Go to a Hispanic/Latino professional society or scholarship event and it will be literally filled with blue eyed girls with English surnames. If that's cringe even to 2nd-generation-in-the-Americas me, imagine actual brown "Latinos" with native blood. Extremely triggering census question.

No. 1551022

really enjoying learning about mean girl race science from yall

No. 1551071

File: 1654534542557.jpg (54.5 KB, 731x566, sedevacantist.jpg)

>said she wasn't a sedevecantist herself
but she tweets stuff like this? She's so fucking incoherent in her beliefs with everything.
There's something sad about picking a denomination based on what your boyfriend likes. I assume the actual tradcaths don't even want to associate with her, considering uh everything about her and the podcast?

No. 1551082

how many services do you think dasha will attend now that she’s gotten her instagram photos?

No. 1551086

Nick said on the latest Cum Town that Abby cheated on him and dumped him. I always assumed she just moved out and he didn’t notice for like two weeks.

No. 1551098

File: 1654536683493.png (3.97 MB, 1552x1550, dasha.png)

dasha when she's attending award shows vs when she's confirmed in her faith. pretty obvious which one is her lifelong dream and which one's a larp.

No. 1551150

File: 1654538922597.png (359.91 KB, 1246x504, dasha credit card fraud.png)

It's already been posted here, but someone posted about Dasha stealing Lauren Avery's credit card and getting run out of LA on r/redscarepod. the post is acting fucky and already says [deleted]. people on the sub have been complaining mods delete any post critical of Dasha so wonder if they're in the process of deleting it.
that would make it clear why dasha lick the mods' ass on twitter ("the sub is so well moderated!") lol she's such a scumbag

No. 1551157

File: 1654539261689.png (792.32 KB, 1310x1408, Screen Shot 2022-06-06 at 1.50…)

samefag, had to share the comments. "ummm sory sweetie but stealing from your friends is fine bc isn't lauren like really rich and also a bitch??" bet they all hang out on r/antiwork lmao these losers are so unwell

No. 1551161

File: 1654539466738.jpeg (413.99 KB, 1170x1983, 86CDF80F-C873-4629-A741-99620A…)

All this just because some women posted a short video from their work trip

No. 1551163

She was run out of northern california too, she talked about it on an old "Open up and Bleed" which was Eugene's radio show

No. 1551169

don't know about this - details nonnie pls?!

No. 1551187

There's an archive here but they aren't labeled with who the guests are. Do you remember when this was? https://www.kchungradio.org/archive?search=open-up-and-bleed

No. 1551188

It was a few years ago but I'm pretty sure it was something to do with fucking a bunch of peoples boyfriends

No. 1551190

She would post on instagram when she was on so if you want to look at her old posts and match up the dates, it was 2016 or 17

No. 1551195

found it nonnies, enjoy, i'm already 23 mins in and recapping it for the thread


No. 1551200

I believe it's actually this one but I'll have to relisten http://archive.kchungradio.org/2017-10-09/Open_Up_and_Bleed-10.09.2017.mp3

No. 1551209

Probably just the big feasts, because other wise it would look too sus, if she actually cares to keep up the larp. They are also more elaborate so probably more instagram photo opportunities.

No. 1551238

sorry so long nonnas but here's the recap so u don't have to listen. TLDR - she doesn't give any deets but it's heavily implied she burned bridges in Oakland and had to leave, relevant part at 38 min

-2:50 - Dasha just returned from visiting long-distance bf in New York (Adam already?), she’s “making life changes” doing no-fap, not drinking or taking Ubers for October - love her constant life makeovers coinciding with every new boyfriend, classic BPD vibe

-5 min - says she’s “numb” to Mandalay Bay massacre - not as in she’s so upset, more like she doesn’t care because she’s “inundated with other worldly suffering” lol ok

-male cohost spergs about conspiracies for 10 mins, Dasha has zero to add, same dynamic as her and Anna now

17:45 - dasha says out of fucking nowhere “I was fantasizing this morning about stabbing an acquaintance with a knife, like a shallow shanking, just 4 quick stabs to teach him a lesson.” Male cohost asks why, she says “because I felt exploited by him - it’s a normal fantasy”

19 min - Dasha then “jokes” that she’d demand his money after stabbing him - male cohost basically asks wtf, Dasha says “mostly I think about robbing people” in a nonjoking tone lmfao what a psycho

19:30 - Dasha talks about recently getting caught shoplifting a $90 Baby Facial facemask at Sephora “where stealing is really the only option” because the products are “prohibitively expensive” and talks about how she’s the victim because the “evil beauty industry” made her want it, and she’s “doubly victimized” because she doesn’t have the means to legally procure it (get a job loser)

-Dasha gives her personal phone number at 26 min lol hope she’s changed it by now

-more political sperging by male caller and cohost, dasha really leans into the cliche radio show sidekick role, making dumb little quips rather than engaging with the topics cohost brings up - ie when he mentions Antifa’s plan to mass protest and demand removing trump and pence from office, Dasha says, “thank god I’ll be drinking again by then, that’s all I have to say!” lol you corny bitch

-38:50 - cohost asks dasha “weren’t you homeless by the end of your time in Oakland?” Dasha says “noooooo?” in a cutesy voice and seems embarrassed by the question. “I thought you were a bit of a street person” male cohost presses on hilariously. “Towards the end…I got pushed out of Oakland by the technocrats, that’s why I moved to sunny LA” Dasha says, she's clearly trying to move past the topic.

Cohost says “I thought it was because you burned so many bridges, you had to leave” lmao king shit - Dasha says “come onnnnnn, that’s not who I am” in the same cutesy voice that makes it clear there’s truth in what he’s saying and she’s a little proud like the psycho she is. Guy says “yeah sure, not who you are” and Dasha cackles and changes the topic quickly

They talk about fetishes for 5 min, no1curr, even listening to this on 2x is making me retarded

45 - talks about her nofap - “I’ll probably write a book, make a movie, all my problems will be solved by nofap and not drinking” yeah sure dasha. She also says “if I don’t stop drinking I’ll have to become sober” - bitch whet

No1curr about the rest of the convo except I love at 50 mins when the guy needles dasha yet again about how “in a few years you’ll leave Hollywood, because it’s been a total bust for you….” dasha immediately says go fuck yourself lol but dasha he was right!

No. 1551245

tysm nona! i'm listening to this podcast rn. she's such a bpd psycho
>dasha shoplifting from sephora
pretty funny along with stealing her friend's card to do sephora hauls >>1551150 kek overpriced sephora products must be really important to her

No. 1551254

File: 1654544208956.png (802.32 KB, 1208x610, a d.png)

No. 1551261

the last thing you see before you and 40 others are laid off on downsizing day

No. 1551265

First clip, Megyn straight-up asks them if they see Bernie Sanders-style democratic socialism/leftism as a viable politics, Dasha shakes her head no as the question is being asked, then goes into her usual spiel about how she's no longer a leftist and how Bernie betrayed her. Anna implies (Thiel-funded) JD Vance and Blake Masters' "right-wing populism" is the only politics with anything to offer at the moment, but laments that the left-liberal culture is still too dominant for them to succeed on a national level. Megyn calls that a "bummer."

No. 1551286

Sooo are they even still leftcows then? When do they need to be moved to the tradthot thread?

No. 1551289

Well the whole focus of these threads was originally figures in or adjacent to the dirtbag left sphere who were really crypto-right-wingers. The post-left phenomenon was the first public break, and now it's just completely out in the open for the queen bees (Anna and Dash) of this whole milieu.

No. 1551293

>i can pull and post the marital settlement agreement if ppl want
nonnie pls

No. 1551294

So painful to watch, could not make it past the 1st clip. Dasha looks like she’s on drugs and incredibly bored…zoning in and out, eyes darting around, making different random facial expressions every 2 seconds. Anna seemed coherent enough though!

No. 1551322

> eyes darting around, making different random facial expressions
I'm 100% sure it's because she can see herself on the monitor and it's distracting her. lol

No. 1551326

File: 1654547337514.jpeg (224.24 KB, 1125x2204, 9BF65096-E994-4D60-9DFF-31BCEB…)

Remember when Dasha called Taylor Swift fat for wearing a size 6

No. 1551328

Dasha continues to wear puke green arguably the worst possible color on camera. At least Anna went for a rich color. Their faces are looking pretty uhh done

No. 1551329

same, was so dry and cringe i couldn't finish one clip. dasha constantly eyefucks herself and adjusts her facial expressions to make xanax eyes and kissyface at herself every two seconds. at one point meghan talked for almost a minute about the left response to covid lockdowns and in reply dasha just goes "mm-hmm, yahhhhh…" in her baby voice twirling her hair and trailing off lmao. meghan had to quickly switch to another question and it's awkward af. dasha baby this is not the podcast, you have to actually try.


No. 1551337

Men go on business trips and go
golfing and lay around. How is this different?

No. 1551342

File: 1654548225172.png (33.55 KB, 1394x220, Screen Shot 2022-06-06 at 13.4…)

I like the comments "can't find their podcast" and the simp

No. 1551365

File: 1654549085353.png (82.97 KB, 1388x374, Screen Shot 2022-06-06 at 4.50…)

i can believe this, someone posted dasha's old vines once and one of them was just her standing in her bedroom looking depressed and unwashed saying in a mock-whiny voice "dasha's crazyyy, dasha's meannn, dasha stole from meee, dasha fucked my boyfriend…" like those aren't good reasons not to like dasha lmao. like every sociopath, she pretends she has "haters" instead of victims.

picrel is a redditor comment from today so yeah she really is that girl lol >>1551150

No. 1551368


She and megyn kelly literally look the same age. The anon that said she looks ten years older than her real age was spot on. I don't understand how you destroy your health so badly with just shitty food choices and alcoholism. Even Zoe Lund who was a literal crackhead for most of her adult life looked better than this in her 30

No. 1551379

File: 1654549773915.png (5.49 MB, 2694x1536, Screen Shot 2022-06-06 at 5.06…)

love the moment when Dasha reaches her index finger inside her ear canal and digs around for a full 10 seconds with a drooling mongloid expression on her face, then realizes what she's doing and yanks it out. i'd bet $10,000 she was the pee girl in her class


No. 1551386

Pretty sure it was Lauren Avery’s grandma’s card iirc

No. 1551391

File: 1654550575186.jpeg (222 KB, 580x696, 9F833799-F6A4-40D6-B17F-F25468…)

Dasha denies it

No. 1551415

Dasha is following Lauren on insta but Lauren doesn’t follow Dasha that’s all the evidence you need honestly

No. 1551419

how does she ooze so much repulsive energy with every movement?

the way she has to look away from herself on the screen just to listen or respond to a direct question…. what the fuck

No. 1551441

This is hilarious sleuthing, lmao. Favorite post in awhile

No. 1551463

nofap and alcoholism remain her go-to talking points even now, comes up multiple times in the latest loveline ep

No. 1551511

File: 1654555886847.jpeg (258.21 KB, 750x909, D239447C-C49C-432F-B9D6-FB6AA7…)

dasha reposted this still from the live on insta and she genuinely looks retarded here lmao. i feel like now that she’s not larping as anorexic anymore she’s trying to larp as an actual autist with her weird sperg expressions and how she was going on about her “low executive function” and “sensory issues” the other day

No. 1551515

Why is being a sperg becoming popular? Fucking why would anyone ever want to be that way?

No. 1551518

her, maddy, honor levy and walter pearce are all now larping as autists and retards (after mocking "autistic" female tiktokers for years), its a pathetic and transparent way to try and get a co-sign from angelicism

No. 1551526

they're just stuck in dead-end service jobs and coping hard, it's kinda sad

No. 1551527

doing the lords work nonnie
is she… is she a porn addict too?

No. 1551529

File: 1654557220838.jpg (85.81 KB, 467x750, 3a2.jpg)

No. 1551532

people actually care about this balding saddo? 2022, and these smart sexy cool industrious independent women of online are pining for approval from some potbellied blog dude who can't even post face?

No. 1551541

yeah, dasha's said on the pod that she was addicted to porn for "over 10 years" and it honestly shows, her entire persona is just acting porny and making it clear to coomers that she doesn't mind being degraded. dasha's a true degenerate in every sense of the word

No. 1551546

female coomers are pathetic

No. 1551619

the YouTube comments are really funny. The boomers who listen to megyn Kelly hate D+A, complaining they are meandering, boring, sound like they are on drugs, use big words with nothing to say, etc.

No. 1551623

If she didn’t steal her CC then Dasha for sure stole everything else from LAA. Dasha’s affect and style are straight plagiarism.

No. 1551634

File: 1654565299736.jpg (422.68 KB, 1284x1180, 1345.jpg)

lmao jon/princecoochie deleted his quote tweet after bibo posted this. anyone have any further details on what she's saying

No. 1551636

She looks fine.

No. 1551801

It's weird that TrueAnon hasn't said anything about the southern baptist convention story.

Not that they're real journalists or anything but it's kind of a big miss on their part. now that I'm looking the story broke when Brace was on his "vacation" in the Philippines.

He went on the Brigham Young Money podcast to talk about the David Leavitt/Utah county thing (I listened to it and brace only agreed that "something funky" was going on and spent most of the episode speculating that it was all a political move; not once did they mention Leavitt disbanded SVU lol.)

No. 1551829

Is this in response to the Dave Weigel drama? How the hell did that guy ever ingratiate himself with the professional dirtbag left in the first place lol he was a diehard Iraq War supporter (supposed to be a scarlet letter for that crowd, and rightly so), literally organized pro-Iraq War counter-protests, and was one of those racist IQ-obsessed libertarian Sailer reply-guys for years. And of course a misogynist to boot.

No. 1551833

I don't think they've ever touched religious sex abuse tbh

No. 1551843

100% has fucked friend’s boyfriends or exes and brags about it and people are only forgiving of her slutty fucked up ways because they know she does it out of insecurity from being mid/fucked up looking

No. 1551844

off topic but vincent bevins might be the only person who has worked at WaPo that isn't terrible, and I'm still kinda not sure about him because… he worked at wapo.

that's really weird now that you point it out

No. 1551852

I thought Jon was gay..

No. 1551913

File: 1654601478026.jpeg (170.35 KB, 1600x800, 48A80BE5-AD41-4C75-8AD9-8205E4…)

Remember Lauren Avery? Here’s what she looks like now

No. 1551946

I’ll do it when I have hearings in Waukesha later this week

No. 1551947

We have Lauren Avery at home // Lauren Avery at home
What you order on Wish // What arrives, etc.

No. 1551949

Genuinely jarring anytime you see Dasha next to a normal, well-formed hot woman. Her true goblin nature really jumps out.

No. 1551957

i thought jon was dating samelpan

No. 1551984

When Megyn introduced Anna and Dasha on her show, she described them as "smart, interesting thinkers," and then added "but in addition to being smart, it's almost better to be an interesting thinker" lmfao this is so camp

No. 1551995

Not for nothing, but ever since she's been with Matthew, Dasha's seemed more dour, more detached, more morose than usual in photos. Just a little observation.

No. 1552029

near the end and Megyn's complaining about how she saw Macbeth on Broadway with Daniel Craig and there were too many black actors in the play, while Anna and Dasha are just squirming uncomfortably lol

No. 1552042

KEK, good find

No. 1552066


No. 1552074

Imagine destroying your mind and body with anorexia and still being a size 10 at your most skeletal

No. 1552093

Heard Dasha is dating this guy “Tully” now. Some Catholic guy but also a wizard??? I guess she’s more into mystical stuff now as an Eastern Cath

No. 1552130

this is an imageboard

No. 1552154

File: 1654618610786.png (1.54 MB, 2018x1548, trr.png)

hilarious find nonnie. in case anyone was wondering dasha paid $325 for this dress that she didn't even bother to steam (and by the measurements you can see it's smaller than a US size 10 in the bust and hip but let's not let that spoil the fun). i tried looking for her brock collection and Dolce and Gabbana SAG dresses to no avail sadly.

No. 1552173

File: 1654619326423.jpeg (228.62 KB, 828x1131, 1589493327971.jpeg)

He's allegedly dating samelpan and dated this pick me for a short time. Probably claims to be bi or whatever just so he has a pass to say faggot

No. 1552176

Can we get the people who are dedicated to zapping Aimee's new accounts to get on this guy

No. 1552179

File: 1654619455471.png (1.13 MB, 1194x650, Screen Shot 2022-06-07 at 12.2…)

funny take from the sub. anna and dasha's beta energy was very apparent next to a true Bergdorf blonde bitch like megyn kelly. they both seemed meek and terrified of her lmao, bet they're relieved to be back in their bubble where they're the cool ones

No. 1552187

kek as awful as I find Megyn Kelly she really is the blueprint for current day faketrad Dasha, but with a far more well obscured prescription drug addiction. I give Anna credit for at least keeping her hair dark and her features vaguely ethnic. I bet it galls Dasha at some level that Anna transformed herself into a pretty conventionally attractive woman with "tretonin" while Dasha at best looks like a Long Island housewife who's claim to fame is that she stayed thin.

No. 1552196

essentially calling them stupid in her introduction >>1551984 and then mispronouncing both of their names was such alpha bitch behavior haha

No. 1552227

It's the equivalent to a US size 6, which is what they said they were surprised Taylor Swift didn't want to kill herself over lmao

No. 1552259


He's a 24 year old programmer who works at a hedge fund and loves Taleb and Cernovich and Catholicism. I guarantee he's insufferable, and she's convinced herself this is the only way she's gonna get a man with any $$$ at all who will knock her up soon.

No. 1552278

i just watched bc of this comment and you're totally right megyn asserts dominance from the start lol, then i think she actually switches into "nice alpha" mode where she's flattering them trying to get them to come out of their shells (esp. talking up dasha as someone everyone was so enchanted with as sailor socialism, on succession, etc). by the middle point it's clear it's a dry interview and megyn pointedly negs them about how "unlike ME, you two don't feel the need to fill awkward silences, i guess your thing is just…sitting there?" which should have been their cue to sit up and act lively but dasha just gives a meek little shrug and a "…yah…."

it weirdly gave me some respect for megyn kelly as an interviewer, she carried both these boring b's on her back for 90 mins and gave them every opportunity to look good, they just didn't take it. she's like the popular girl who invited the losers to lunch telling her friends "i swear they're cool" and they just blow it lol


No. 1552429

I have never seen so much bad plastic surgery in one image.

No. 1552433

they're all botoxed to the gills, 0 out of 6 eyebrows moved in the entire hour and a half.

No. 1552531

She obviously doesn't have abdominal obesity, you fucking weirdo

No. 1552532

Such a smol bean waif

No. 1552549

Somebody explain to me how anyone could engage in pickme behaviors for an ugly man. There are zero lookers in this entire community. Where does the motivational energy even come from?

No. 1552556

she looks like a pug or snub-nosed monkey someone dressed up in a bonnet

No. 1552572

thank you, i'm a certified dasha hater but mocking her for buying a size 6 or 10 dress is ridiculous when she's obviously a size 2 at most. these threads are full of better reasons to mock her than some made up "dasha the fattie" arc

lol case in point

No. 1552602

File: 1654642981176.jpeg (449.67 KB, 750x1090, 4A7C5738-4B5C-43BA-B8A3-562784…)

Well, she’s unbanned again. This shtick is beyond played out

No. 1552603

Anna and Dasha were never beauties. I don’t think they have much to lose by messing with their faces

No. 1552608

File: 1654643734273.jpeg (409.73 KB, 750x940, BE6D8BD2-56F3-4307-8F01-094D48…)

Sounds familiar

No. 1552615

She’s not even ugly

No. 1552618

>“I thought you were a bit of a street person” male cohost presses on hilariously. “Towards the end…I got pushed out of Oakland by the technocrats, that’s why I moved to sunny LA” Dasha says, she's clearly trying to move past the topic.
Imagine failing at being a hobosexual. If she was more attractive it would be a piece of cake

No. 1552627

He’s a type. Greasy spindly big nose. He’ll look bettering when he’s older but he will still be a controlling freak so not a great trade off.

No. 1552628

*Better. Sorry autocorrect

No. 1552629

It’s the medical term for “skinny fat” which she is

No. 1552640

Dasha and Anna said autistic women are faking it to hide the fact that they’re narcissistic sociopaths who would fail at motherhood or something. Maddie is actually diagnosed with autism and has been since childhood. All their orbiters ate it up and it was literally just them sucking Samememe’s dick at the time because he was under fire for saying autistic women didn’t exist.
Years later they realize autism is trendy and chic to rightoids and that the groyper x angelicism crossover types are obsessed with autistic e girls a decade or two younger than them. Perfect time to grift and larp as autistic after years of accusing others of doing the same, or worse, saying they were just hiding the inability to care for children. You just know Dasha would neglect any baby that popped out of her. Only someone as histrionic as her would have a baby as part of an aesthetic lifestyle decision.

No. 1552651

Her abs are kind of revealed as of late despite looking like a boy.

No. 1552683

If that isn’t an ugly woman then what is it? Strange eyelids, dull expression, ugly bulbous nose

No. 1552696

Was she actually diagnosed during childhood? I thought her parents sent her to one of those provo canyon schools that’s not typically the kind of parent that gets their kid autism testing

No. 1552711

Autism is completely different between men and women, and the severity of female socialization can force awareness. Autism doesn’t affect empathy in women in the same way, and can actually make them more sensitive to their children’s needs (… empathy). I know a couple of autistic women with children who are the best parents, estrogen creates empathy that men are not capable of and it’s uncommon for men without autism to be raised with any restriction or understanding of themselves, autistic men get even less taught empathy or boundaries. It doesn’t mean some don’t actually care, but socialization is so polarized between genders.

But everything they seem to say is comically misogynistic so whatever. Just really sucks how autistic women are treated and misrepresented, and how other women participate.

No. 1552720

Other anons tried to make the same points here years ago and everyone told them to go back to their autism cages to smear shit on the floor, saying that autistic women were narcissistic retards incapable of functioning or liars. It’s really funny the first few threads were entirely people still kissing Anna and Dasha’s asses and parroting whatever they said.

No. 1552726

if you’ve ever had the misfortune to witness maddie IRL candidly she’s very loud and always seems “on.” she kind of strikes me as a failed theater kid, the autism affect she put on in scary feels like a rebrand cope for being a failed performer.

No. 1552758


or, you know, she's autistic

No. 1552800

I think it’s been a while since he dated samelpan given he’s been in the replies of various single mom e-thots and other backwash for a while. not sure whether he’s actually begged any of them to demean him but he is a fucked up person who is desperate for attention so who knows what he’s into. he’s not gay, pretty doubtful he’s bi. just ~edgy~ and needs a mommy

No. 1552857

So she definitely is friendly with someone working at twitter, right? How else do you get your main account unsuspended twice?

No. 1552879

because the reasons for the suspensions were completely stupid. aimee's a retard but losing her account over saying "tacky hoes" is a fucking dumb, her appeal was always going to go through

No. 1552929

99% of people I've ever heard of losing an account lost it for a totally stupid reasons and virtually none of them ever win any kind of appeal.

No. 1552951

File: 1654692241931.png (254.76 KB, 341x650, oops claremont plant.png)

does the claremont institute exist to pay extremely online neocons to podcast at this point? aimee is not dodging the claremont accusations with every other guest oliver finds being a think tank employee

No. 1552953

That’s not why she was suspended. She was suspended for calling that death row inmate a retard one time, and another time for referring to a train as “it”. She lies about why she was suspended so she can play the victim.

No. 1552957


No. 1552975

Aimee has a twitter connection. Many of her enemies have lost accounts with arbitrary twitter bans, but when it happens to her it’s censorship. Honestly she should have been banned for racist stuff a long time ago. Beating Liz Warren and tacky hoes is mild.

No. 1553038

File: 1654698679960.jpeg (223.63 KB, 547x548, FF90DF4C-7120-447D-9AAE-6444CD…)

Dasha screaming into her pillow

No. 1553054

Dasha takes yet another L

No. 1553062

Interestingly, Dasha is playing the role in Peter Vack's new film that Julia Garner played in the short it's based on.

No. 1553064

if dasha can’t show up to the megyn kelley show sober and washed i doubt she comes off any better in auditions kek

No. 1553090

No. 1553104

Who in their right mind would cast Dasha as Madonna

No. 1553123

yeah idek why Dasha would even go out for the part honestly, setting herself up for failure. early Madonna was intensely charismatic and hot as fuck, Dasha just projects a kind of bitter meekness and her sexuality is all wrong, the passive "fuck me daddy" vibes whereas madonna was blatantly sexually domineering to all men in her sphere, even the gay ones. Julia Garner will be great, she has the offbeat feminine yet angular beauty of early madonna and can portray intensity

thanks for the link anon, was interesting and i was happy it didn't go where i thought it was going. hard to imagine dasha bringing much to this role for the reasons above

No. 1553134

julia would be perfect. how on earth did dasha think she could portray madonna? just because you're publicly snarky doesn't mean people view you as sassy confident. besides, there's a certain star quality that she lacks ngl. maybe because shes trying too hard? too self-aware and conscious maybe. she just gives the vibe of "i'm trying to be an actress" as opposed to "I AM an actress".

No. 1553169

100% agree, she tries so hard to make it seem like she’s effortlessly a part of the scene but to everyone else it looks like a wannabe trying to force her way in

No. 1553213

dasha knew she wouldn't be cast as madonna. she never even implied she thought she would get the role. old gossip and a dry topic at this point

No. 1553218

File: 1654709294031.png (569.28 KB, 1348x622, vitamin shoppe.png)

nick is spiraling, he's writing about death and his mom and lithium


No. 1553219

We have no idea if she auditioned at all

No. 1553220

Old gossip? She literally auditioned for the role. Saying afterwards that she knew she was never going to get the part was just cope on her end after what was probably a disaster of an audition.

No. 1553222

girl what? going to an audition literally implies you think you might get the role. if you think you can't get the role you stay your ass at home lol. what an odd comment

No. 1553235

it was months ago. shut the fuck up about it. are you dasha's agent or something? I swear some posters are desperate to make dasha the main character in these threads. yawn.

auditioning is a way of putting your face in front of the people in charge of casting. actors frequently go to auditions for roles they don't expect to get. it's a kind of networking and it's part of the "job".

No. 1553237

She did audition, she said herself on the pod but she didn't bother to learn the dance moves or something like that so she knew there was zero chance. Probably was hoping for a smaller role in the movie.
>>1553218 The part about his mom is actually sweet.

No. 1553239

Vitamins send you to the hospital? What? Maybe I’m misunderstanding but my mom’s been taking vitamins for like 15 years at least and she’s fine kek

No. 1553240

Ok but she lies sometimes. If people like Julia Garner were auditioning why would bother to call on much lesser knowns like Dasha

No. 1553241

not the anon you replied to but snapping "stfu about it!!1" and accusing people of being dashas agent on a gossip thread makes you seem suspiciously overinvested in the topic of dasha's busted acting career.
and as always, if you don't like what's being discussed, bring better milk. the thread always returns to dasha hate when things are slow

No. 1553244

i can, unironically and unequivocally, save him.

No. 1553245

Maybe she auditioned for a smaller role but said on the pod it was for Madonna

No. 1553247

kek I think his mom took vitamins but was also into more woo-woo shit like collodial silver or something. One doesn't always follow the other. He never talks about his family from what I remember, but you know they must be fucked up to raise a Nick.

No. 1553248

Many don’t bother to submit an appeal, to be fair

No. 1553253

Ok I kinda love her now

No. 1553264

Dasha was asked to audition for Zazie Beetz's role in Joker. She isn't some unknown, the studios are aware of her.

No. 1553267

She’s talked about the most because she consistently is the most mentally ill out of any cow in these threads. Naturally she will be discussed more

No. 1553269

So she says. Zazie had a lead role on Atlanta on FX before she got the joker role. What breakout role did Dasha have?

No. 1553288

>the studios are aware of dasha
sure, kaitlin

No. 1553290

sounds like she has the irish madness too

No. 1553322

then why hasn’t she been cast in anything major besides succession? annie hamilton is doing bigger shit than dasha rn

No. 1553358

there are some vitamins you can fuck yourself up with if you take ridiculous megadoses, especially vitamins A and E

No. 1553361

i'm kinda digging his writing from the excerpts posted here tbh it's a lot better than most other people from this scene and it doesn't even feel like he's trying to do anything but document his spiraling

No. 1553377

File: 1654716221404.png (162.89 KB, 1330x224, Screen Shot 2022-06-08 at 3.22…)

same nonna, i can't stand cumtown for more than 30 seconds but really like nick's writing here. i'm sure i'm supposed to hate him for some reason or another but seems like he's an essentially decent person who got majorly fucked up by crazy/addicted parents. he has good insight into his own bullshit, which of course heightens the tragedy that he can't overcome it, but he's surprisingly less cynical than i expected, it's like he's a disappointed moralist/humanist when he talks about the world vs the copout of just being blackpilled on humanity. tbh i find him relatable and his writing very compelling. he should do it more and ffs just try therapy and medication nick, god knows you can afford it and i need to believe someone like him can be happy (lolsob)

No. 1553424

nick can be genuinely funny sometimes but i think at this point he's playing a character which is insufferable. there is no room for sincerity on the pod. also CT fans are equally if not more insufferable, and they have to pander to them now because the patreon generates a huge chunk of their income. plus they're the only ones who come to their show. nobody outside of the internet knows who nick mullen is or any of the CT boys. stav is the closest they'll ever get to mainstream. he's probably the richest too and then adam.

No. 1553465

I wonder. I always thought Nick had the most money because the original patreon split was 50% Nick, 25% Stav, 25% Adam. Not sure if it's still that way… and Nick once lost tens of thousands of dollars daytrading crypto (sounds like maybe he still is, reading the blog) so who knows. Stav is definitely the most serious about being a professional comedian, and he actually bought a house with his money so maybe he is better off than the other two.

No. 1553467

File: 1654720161262.png (586.71 KB, 1502x1494, is liz bruenig a narcissist?.p…)

every time a liz bruenig tweet is posted here i laugh bc her entire twitter feed is just her constantly failing an "are you a narcissist?" quiz, over and over in public for years, yet somehow her simps buy her uwu teensy tiny tradwife routine.
liz, constantly mentioning your super speshul, better than anyone else accomplishments and nominating yourself as president/queen/ruler of the world who'll make everything better instantly is what we call "delusions of grandeur" sweetie, get help!

No. 1553478

I think his moroseness is kind of an act, he seems like a decent guy. Too bad about the mommy issues

No. 1553480

File: 1654721166428.jpeg (336.31 KB, 1125x1022, 8DDB2891-2CE2-476B-A37B-E3A970…)

No. 1553492

can't wait for "highbrow thinker + lowbrow noun" mashup handles to die out. they're the most dated shit imaginable. i'm glad zoomers are too retarded for them

No. 1553514

File: 1654722963768.jpg (105.66 KB, 1152x648, aimee lore.jpg)

Aimee Terese addresses her head injury

No. 1553527

He is trying so hard to be a "serious" writer and it comes across as awkward & pathetic. Come on nick, just be yourself, there's no need to force poetic phrases like "my words fade out like the heartbeat of an embryo."

No. 1553530

Let him grow beyond just being the guy who jokes about almost saying the n word.

No. 1553531

File: 1654724436612.jpeg (162.68 KB, 750x245, 26C8F0FA-D800-446D-92BE-9E8B07…)


>> anti-feminist

>> married to a chinless, soy boy slob because she couldn’t get better despite pandering

Many such cases!

No. 1553565

he's regressed so much in his ability as a writer

No. 1553575

republican women love dominating these little worms.

No. 1553614

File: 1654728640132.png (2.97 MB, 1012x1810, adam shirts and leija.png)

No. 1553655

File: 1654730706658.jpeg (75.38 KB, 1080x1007, 05B802EC-1F31-473D-95DD-4C149A…)

His writing is underwhelming but this photo is the Migrant Mother of our generation

No. 1553689

> i was in a coma for a week
> no brain damage


No. 1553745

because if you cast them you can pay them less

No. 1553759

File: 1654737889689.gif (3.79 MB, 500x391, wig.gif)

this makes a lot of sense and probably why she wears wigs, i'm imagining a kimberly from melrose place situtation

No. 1553772

oh shit that does make a lot of sense.

No. 1553816

I remember first hearing about mullen and cumtown as this lewd, awful, racist thing. Then ironically I listened and was like "oh this is actually pretty funny." Now, after being a semi-casual listener for like 3 or 4 years, nick mullen is clearly the most normal person in these threads lol

Apologies for more crushing-on-mullen posts, but it's funny that the supposedly most fucked up problematic guy in this scene is secretly the most sympathetic and respectable. I'm low-key enjoying his blog lol

No. 1553818

But movies pull in more money when a known actress is the lead. It’s why they tried to use Scarlet J to play a trans man rather than a lesser known troon

No. 1553819

great now mullen's agent is poasting

No. 1553822

I hope he gets a book deal i'm a big fan and would pre-order dont my fellow women agree

No. 1553825

File: 1654740168270.jpg (73.09 KB, 826x891, p9fqmahbxs581.jpg)

nta but Mullen was fired by his agent after the agent panicked when Shane Gillis got fired from SNL. This agent might be Dasha's current agent because they had the same one when she moved to NYC, he's guest in the picture.

No. 1553836

but if you audition lesser knowns you can claim to have done due diligence in looking for the best person for the part.

hell maybe someone booked dasha for lulz, if "people in the industry" know about dasha it's as an insane grifter 30-something trying to worm her way into hollywood.

No. 1553840

he is going to end up choosing between eating a bullet and taking pity writers room gigs from comics again before long when he realizes the pinnacle of his artistic achievement was creating a show that helped give the culture Dasha and Stavros

No. 1553846

I dunno. I think I could see one of the Manhattan film bros casting him in some indie or something.

No. 1553849

Sorry nonnies, Nick always gets a little morose when I don’t give him enough pussy, give me a couple days, he’ll be chipper as a jaybird again soon

No. 1553851

and send the apple box budget thru the roof? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EHeU_ZSo8vg

No. 1553860

maybe if it's a coffee table collection of all his little manly-man cosplays

No. 1553863

paul rust got thicc

No. 1553897

I don’t think they would book a shitty actress with little to no sex appeal to play Madonna for lulz kek. I understand what you’re saying but with biopics seems they are more careful about casting and who will bring in more money. These threads give a biased view of how many people know or care who Dasha is too

No. 1553905

File: 1654743200902.jpg (106.39 KB, 500x666, tumblr_be562426bbb6eed05bd58b8…)

sounds kind of good tbh

No. 1553985

No. 1554080

special needs.

No. 1554192

the mullen dickriding is out of control. keep it together nonnies! unless some dot org scrote is having a laff…

No. 1554230

Varg looks rough these days

No. 1554357

File: 1654780168488.jpg (11.39 KB, 400x267, 6ty6s2yp1rj61.jpg)

Same vibe

No. 1554519

They're literally just saying Nick is the most normal person who shows up in these threads, which is objectively true. No need to sperg out about it.

No. 1554528

File: 1654789376956.png (139.02 KB, 305x555, liz vs dasha.png)

Gonna have to give this round to Dasha kek

No. 1554569

LMAO did she lurk and got her feelings hurt over the post about her own waist to hip ratio?

No. 1554613

File: 1654794172021.png (1.58 MB, 1128x1556, incel liz.png)

best part was the girl who said perhaps the reason liz bruenig doesn't understand Christina Hendricks' appeal is bc she's a "mousy 4" (mean but accurate) and liz's reply was absolutely unhinged and ironically much more sexist than Jordan Peterson saying he doesn't find obese women attractive.
"tick tock, empty egg carton, your man wants a 20 year old, better pop out some kids bc only they can truly love you babe!!" - these are 100% misogynist incel talking points, liz you absolute fucked in the head twat

No. 1554619

File: 1654794386005.png (675.63 KB, 1952x754, liz bruenig baleeted.png)

as usual liz deletes her meanest tweets within 10 mins, just long enough to sic her simps on this lowbie nobody account while maintaining her "uwu sweetie pie" rep. she's the actual worst person itt

No. 1554629

File: 1654794645665.jpeg (231.87 KB, 750x647, C7F9CF43-C47A-4B12-8E36-8ACB77…)

No. 1554633

File: 1654794710888.jpeg (191.28 KB, 750x562, B95589E2-4A8B-4530-BB83-79EFFF…)


A few of Liz’s white knights are replying to her.

No. 1554636

>you'll lose ALL YOUR BEAUTY sooner than you think!!!1!
Ugly chicks and incels love saying shit like this lol, if you've ever been around a truly hot 8.5+ woman you know they still get a hell of a lot of male attention well into their 40s. this imaginary moment where you "hit the wall" at 32 and you're suddenly a dessicated old crone is pure cope for ugly chicks and incels, sorry liz!

No. 1554643

Never heard Anna sound so out of touch as she does on the last Dial Dan. There were a few times I thought she was joking (she was not).

No. 1554646

She didn't even call Liz a 4 as in "4 out of 10 attractive," she's saying she's 4 foot 11 and mousy, in other words the same thing Liz is constantly cutsily saying about herself. Absolutely unhinged reply to an innocuous, barely-snarky tweet.

No. 1554651

Holy fucking shit Liz

No. 1554658

File: 1654795500921.jpeg (86.39 KB, 1200x900, 48F57B9B-CD39-4EE5-9CA7-720AB5…)

Has Liz never been around men in her life? Imagine being such a dork that you can’t see the obvious difference between these women. Hint it’s related to her chest

No. 1554660

go on…

No. 1554667

She and her husband literally think childless people (especially women) are worthless drains on society. Just watch how deranged the potato gets whenever anyone criticizes his shitty welfare state design graphs that purposefully make it look like single-person households are having benefits explicitly diverted from them to nuclear family unit households.

No. 1554668

This would be a drag if anyone ever actually found breastfeeding to be sexy

No. 1554678

File: 1654796000815.jpeg (24.64 KB, 340x246, 237833FC-FA5E-43EC-B526-E0DF50…)

Liz never recovered from looking like a hillbilly in her formative years

No. 1554683

She just finally has like rich lady brain and it’s even more obvious she’s only talking to ultra-conservatives. She’s shopping for a house in Connecticut (she went there recently) and complained about being asked if you have black friends like it was something people actually get asked in real life and not some imaginary thing she’s afraid of, then sincerely said that no white person actually has black friends then told the story about Eli’s last black friend stealing his CD player.

That’s in the first 30 minutes I haven’t even listen to the rest. It’s two fucking hours long

No. 1554688

I would sew my fucking mouth shut if my teeth looked like this. And I’m British.

No. 1554690

He’s a piece of shit just because he wrote a sad blog post doesn’t mean he’s suddenly such a “good guy”. The revisionism is crazy

No. 1554691

can't tell if you're kidding or if you're blissfully unaware of the degenerate nature of Liz Bruenig's simps, who definitely do find her breastfeeding pics hot (especially the two times she "accidentally" posted her full naked tit). also very fun when her simps "jokingly" ask for more pics of her toddler daughters' feet and Liz "jokingly" obliges. Liz always accommodates her coomers.

kek. definitely the face most likely to seethe over mild criticism from a hot girl

No. 1554693

> daughter feet pics
Ew. disgusting. that actually happened?

No. 1554695

I just want him to come out of the closet

No. 1554699

yes it really did. caps are in one of the old threads but i'm too lazy and close to barfing to go look.

No. 1554701

File: 1654796738071.png (199.69 KB, 295x529, wtf.png)

nta, but this happened once…

No. 1554710

File: 1654796973027.png (42.9 KB, 1250x214, wine mom.png)

anna being stuck in CT alone with baby and nanny while eli is "working" era incoming

No. 1554713

What the actual fuck is wrong with this woman??? Honestly want to know what went through her mind when posting that.

No. 1554752

oh yeah that too. the addiction thing was in the first 30 minutes also. delusional.
Dan himself did dry january or something and had a big long self-suck episode about it. was so proud of himself for proving he wasn't an alcoholic and was especially sure he'd never give himself a hangover again. jump to future eps he starts by saying he has such a hangover like it's cute again.

No. 1554774

If she’s willing to go mask off like this in public just imagine what she’s saying to her daughters behind closed doors.

No. 1554879

File: 1654803767577.png (419.37 KB, 600x437, 2r.png)

No. 1554912

She is more pathologically insecure than Anna and Dasha and all their hanger-ons combined.

No. 1554924

feel better nonnie hope you're not pregnant

was she drunk or high? this is insane

No. 1554930

File: 1654806146944.png (86.1 KB, 640x471, mommy to criminals.png)

>my usual criminals

No. 1555025

File: 1654811080578.png (431.08 KB, 1178x1492, leftist jack.png)

Jack has gone full "log off and touch grass" Christman style dirtbag leftist now. how long before he and aimee finally turn on each other? she's been tweeting about drag queens all day

No. 1555031

it's being a stay at home mom to old money in Connecticut the good ending? why does it feel so bad

No. 1555117

File: 1654816081737.png (2.08 MB, 1460x1096, Liz Bruenigs hobby.png)

No. 1555182

Does she relate to having busted teeth like most lowlife criminals?

No. 1555185

>calls someone bitchy mean girl
>proceeds to be huge bitch
This type of moral indignation plus bitchiness is so much worse than just being a bitch

No. 1555199

The pod will be once a month at best now or over soon, I’m calling it. Dasha is trying to lock down the Jewish Catholic with a baby as we speak

No. 1555280

It could fit a non-vanity size 10 nonnie, notice that the fabric is 3% elastane and requires a zip up at the back. She just bought a dress that doesn't fit as intended.

No. 1555292

it does feel especially directionless lately. it doesn't help they sometimes spend half the ep talking about some random article literally no one but them has read. I think they're gonna do a movie ep next because that's pretty low-effort. all the pseudo-pundits are flailing like this until the next presidential election though.

on the last ep they remembered they should bank episodes for the time dasha is in NZ but I bet they won't lol

No. 1555295

it also doesn't really fit her but that's an ongoing issue with her wardrobe

No. 1555357

this is so deeply pathetic even for her. glad you got the receipts before she deleted. abject cowardice.

No. 1555388

File: 1654828947491.png (123.76 KB, 782x798, butyourelikerlypretty.png)

Don't forget about her 22 in waist!

No. 1555391

The highest profile credit on his IMDB is as a writer on Comedy Central's Problematic and it will probably remain that way for the rest of his brief, miserable life.

No. 1555396

File: 1654829333493.jpg (208.92 KB, 1170x2080, 286372235_34854246.jpg)

Dasha not the lead of the Vack movie

No. 1555430

is 22 even impressive if your ribcage is like 28 inches? christina hendricks has an almost 40 inch bust, making her 30 inch waist look snatched from the 10(!) inch difference.

No. 1555457

hahaha oh my god what is wrong with her? that's so good.

No. 1555499

>conveniently not mentioning she’s 4’9 and Hendricks is 5’9

No. 1555579

Dasha being a total bitch in past explains why she's leaning so hard into the "trad" Catholicism. Same reason why slimy, rich guys get into Buddhism. Maybe a trip in the K-hole made her realize she has a lot of guilt to catch up with. At least I hope that was the case.

No. 1555601

Anyone skeptical of Dasha's body count being in the triple digits? She's too brazen and proud of it. There are only so many relationships you can homewreck with retard eyes and simian snout like that.

No. 1555612

it's just a new community of rubes to grift

No. 1555645

One of the most insane takes I have seen from Liz. Absolute measurements mean nothing without height. Christina is a cartoonish hourglass w/ >40 in bust in AND she's tall, so her bone structure would literally never allow for a 24 inch waist even if she lost a significant amount of weight. Idk how Liz thinks a 22 in waist is impressive when her skeleton is that of a 4th grader.

No. 1555682

I think she’s for real. She lived in large cities with a drinking problem. A disturbing number of scrotes will fuck any woman once and keep in mind Tinder came out in 2012

No. 1555697

Classic projection. Mind the incel language, but Liz knows she's nothing more than the looksmatch of her husband.

Yeah you're right, I almost forgot about her age. She would only have to average about 7 guys per year, certainly doable. It was just her attitude that threw me off.

No. 1555740

honor levy wore a gopro to Jordan Castro's book party


No. 1555749

File: 1654861677769.jpeg (157.95 KB, 628x601, 3069844C-5EF2-4E00-92D9-F30F82…)

Let's go!

No. 1555755

File: 1654862516604.png (75.74 KB, 230x232, dashas bf.png)

Well well well look who it is

No. 1555789

It's really funny how he is so obsessed with being contrarian to everyone and everything and being the only one with unique opinions because it causes him to constantly shoot himself in the foot and burn bridges with the people who make it possible for him to make any money or have visibility for his podcast

No. 1555790

Yeah, she pretty obviously lies about it to play up the "bad girl" image.

It's the equivalent of redneck girls becoming born again Christians in their 30s. Dasha is just a Slav instead of a Holy Roller from the holler, so she goes with her people's cult.

No. 1555814

File: 1654867932198.png (48.95 KB, 609x260, ok.png)

you don't understand! it's not a larp, they really are God's chosen warriors

No. 1555841

i don't understand why people doubt this suddenly, Dasha banging over 100 guys is very believable. all it takes is banging 6 guys a year - that's one boyfriend, the guy dasha cheats on him with, and a one-night stand every 3 months….extremely doable, especially considering Dasha's a classic clusterbee type who uses sex for attention, plus the heavy drinking, living in big cities, fucking for roles, the apps etc. 100 is probably on the conservative side for her honestly

No. 1555866

>low t beard, hook nose, dead shark eyes, extremely soy features
this is the cretin who wants to knock up dasha? wild that she's the one sperging about her fertility diet - psst dasha, ya mans got higher estrogen than you do

No. 1555891

Having a triple digit body count isn’t bad girl shit, it’s sad. She did it for validation to feel more desirable

No. 1555896

These people are newfags or don’t pay attention

No. 1555902

File: 1654873663050.png (176.61 KB, 1434x310, Screen Shot 2022-06-10 at 11.0…)

ew a redditor posted my comment verbatim to the rs sub, i see you lurking u/plumone1

No. 1555910

They also reposted this image >>1555117 on the sub and then deleted it

No. 1555914

File: 1654874046326.png (157.52 KB, 718x482, lol.png)

they got called on lurking lolcow and denied it lol. half the subreddits probably in here, explains a lot actually

No. 1555921

The comments I saw are surprisingly level headed for rsp

No. 1555931

Look at all of the attractive nyc people they’re always chirping about. A stunning display

No. 1555937

got a link to the thread?

No. 1555959

The recent groomer discourse really broke him. Telling. He's been flailing around desperately ever since. Even Paglia the NAMBLA supporter knows not to piss off the marks who pay her bills.

No. 1556031

I'm not very good at spotting alt accounts but that could literally be Liz except for the "roommate". addicted to people in crisis, christian, a huge bitch lol

No. 1556048

LMAO when does she start writing for Commentary?

No. 1556185

narcs on the verge of collapse becoming religious nuts in middle age to hang on to the delusion that they are special and better than everyone else despite not having any achievements, it is so tired and predictable.

No. 1556245

I’m a hard 6 but I got to triple digits easily in a big city being a total mess it’s really not difficult honestly, this isn’t a brag because I was a drunk and I know it.

No. 1556265

File: 1654888056328.jpg (198.12 KB, 750x1334, 286_1883517754766975020.jpg)

glamorous voices of a generation

No. 1556268

File: 1654888185321.jpg (131.49 KB, 560x896, 1654353517680.jpg)

truly riveting stuff

No. 1556283

Lol yes she was the chick that fucked the singer of PWR BTTM and cancelled him in an anonymous Jezebel article, hilarious that she eventually moved on to Virgil. Wonder who's next!

No. 1556303

they should consult each other and at least do the same version of the 90s, you can't have walt doing 1993 Jeff Foxworthy fan while Honor does doughy frizzy-haired hippie barista named serenity circa 1999, it's jarring but then again zoomers are terminally stupid

No. 1556344

there is nothing more satisfying than seeing her sanctimonious ass slip up and reveal what she actually thinks.

No. 1556351

I listened nonnie and that’s not what she said. It was in the context of the Ziwe show (a satirical comedy show) where she asks white people if they have black friends. Anna said she doesn’t have any and wouldn’t know how to answer without looking like a white supremacist. Dan says his last black friend slammed him on a trampoline and “he’s done with that now” then Anna said Eli had a black friend who stole from him

No. 1556355

found the rsp lurker

No. 1556369

Horse girl or the bimbo, bimbo still wins

No. 1556371

Found the person who thinks providing context to what someone said on a podcast doesn’t matter

No. 1556378

File: 1654893719002.png (107.93 KB, 546x527, integralism.png)

Um hello based department?

No. 1556381

>wants to knock up dasha
Dasha's definitely the one initiating it. No 25 yr old neurotic half-Jewish moid, no matter what trad larp he's caught up in, wants to knock up an alcoholic 6 years older than himself. If he wanted that, they would actually be fucking already. Dasha is 31, her best friend just had a baby and the baby fever is kicking in, many such cases. If I recall correctly, she had baby fever during the pandemic too and that was years before she met her current bf.

No. 1556391

Walt’s not even a zoomer he’s like 27

No. 1556399

>Blasé. Cool. Droll. Glim YUK!
>What even is going on here. I have to stop the vid just before 3min in, because I've not heard one interesting thing and they are making my skin crawl.
Tfw even braindead boomercons can see right through you.

No. 1556445

KEK what is this garbage?

No. 1556485

the opening paragraph of Jordan Castro's flaccid Bernhardian autofiction novel, The Novelist

No. 1556488

get out

No. 1556502

get this out

No. 1556509

is this supposed to be a parody of MFA fiction? Because these agonized micro-observations are very MFA tryhard. They make everything hyperspecific because they can't separate evocative details from cluttered nanowrimo prose.

"Wiping the tears from her left eye with the index and middle fingers of her right hand, Julie gripped the steering wheel of the car at 10 and 2. She took a deep, shuddering breath in the drivers seat of her 2009 toyota camry that was parked on the wharf. God damn you, Bryan! she thought, shakily."

No. 1556516

Damn well observed, perfectly articulates why this type of writing enrages me. More posts from you pls

No. 1556521

File: 1654901054069.png (1020.13 KB, 1204x2432, jack meltdown.png)

he needs to take his own advice and listen to the dms and LOG OFF, his feed right now is an embarrassing mess. he even turned on john dios, that's like the 100th former perfume nationalist guest/co-host he's had falling out with over a Current Thing (including his own brother). he's so dysfunctional and low EI he can't wait until the MAGAtards move from the drag queens onto the next target, no he has to burn it all down for the 10 fags in his group chat (who he'll inevitably turn on for having a different take to his in a future hot topic of the week) all while screaming that everyone ELSE is too emotionally impacted by the Current Thing

No. 1556526

The red scare imageboard is back online. rschan.co

No. 1556540

All their spinoff sites fail

No. 1556575

ehh Ziwe topic started it but that is what she said.

timestamp 27:32

Anna: "Real housewives is really a show about how men are trash, which is a phrase that I use very seldom, you know"
Dan: "Men are a garbage fire"
Anna: "Yeah–"
Dan: "This is the Ziwe show."
Anna: "What?"
Dan: "Well just cause like that's something she would say"
Anna: "Oh, yeah. It's funny cause Ziwe- everybody's always like 'Oh she's so woke', and 'She's so politically correct' but I actually think that she's doing like high-level satire"
Dan: "Didn't she ask you to be on her instagram live once?"
Anna: "Yeah this was before she had this showtime show and she like DM'd me and was like 'hey gurl wanna come on my show?' and I was like 'yeah sure' because I never do diligence– DO due diligence."
Dan: "uh huh"
Anna: "I'm like so stupid and naive and I just like say yes to everything because I'm like afraid to say no, y'know"
Dan: "Yeah at least stuff's coming across the desk, y'know"
Anna: "Yeah"
Dan "Say yes to everything"
Anna: "I just like don't like letting people down. and I was like 'yeah sure', and then I like–"
Dan: "That's why we're here tonight!"
[both laugh]
Anna: "and then I like–"
Dan: "It'd kill me if you'd said no!"
Anna: "I like can't, like No is not in my vocabulary"
Dan: "M hm"
Anna: "Yeah"
Dan: "But then you like–" [gets talked over] "did some googling"
Anna: [talks over dan] "The other N-word that's not in my vocabulary."
[both laugh]
Dan: "There's only one word that is [unintelligible], and it's not 'No'."
Anna: "No but then I saw– I didn't even do due-diligence, I just randomly saw clips of like her like roasting other girls on instagram and I was like 'Okaaay, I'm not gonna do this"
Dan: "I kinda would love to have seen it though"
Anna "I think I would do it now and I would just react Chet Hanks style"
[anna does a low-effort chet hanks impression "yo yo uyghur genocide yo" etc. + Dan repeats some lines from Chet Hanks on Ziwe show]
Anna: "But she always asks the question like 'Do you have any black friends?' and it's like well how is anybody supposed to answer that without looking like a total boob and, like, retard?"
Dan: "Yeah cause then you either look like a list-maker which is a nazi trait as I've learned on the redscare podcast"
[Anna makes a callback reference to something earlier in the ep where dan talked at length with a 311 representative who was maybe black, joke tangent I don't want to transcribe]
Dan: "Yeah. I mean like that is… that is like a horrifying question for a white person to answer"
Anna: "Yeah. Like you either say, um 'Yeah of course I have black friends' and you seem like a liar and a compensator, or you say 'No' and you seem like a real horrible racist"
Dan: "Yahhh" [gay vocal fry]
Anna: "Let's be real. None of us have any black friends. The last time I had black friends was in like grade school"
Dan: [laugh] "Yeah my last close black friend body-slammed me on a trampoline and almost broke my neck, and then after that I was done"
[both laugh]
Anna: "Yeah. Eli's last close black friend stole his CD player but threw out the CD that was in it and left it on his porch. Which was a The Police, like the Sting group." (the CD was by the rock band The Police)

–Then they go back to talking about the kardashians or real housewives or whatever.

You could argue that it started by saying Anna was afraid of being asked that by Ziwe in the theoretical event Anna went on her show, but they broadened it to being asked the question in general.

No. 1556597

sorry for the tangent but Ziwe’s persona being a satire of wokeness is not hidden subtext.
Anna’s doing her dumbass thing of saying something everyone knows and is intentional while acting like she’s the only one smart enough to figure it out. And she would not be able to come off well. Everyone in these circles flop when talking to any non autists.

No. 1556600

yeah I noticed that too. like I said, Anna sounded super out-of-touch the whole episode

No. 1556684

I feel like that happens a lot even just on Twitter with that group where 90% of the posts that blow up where they all have to make some identical outraged QT about it are almost always very obviously jokes

No. 1556754

>Ziwe’s persona being a satire of wokeness is not hidden subtext.
back to twitter

No. 1556784

thank fucking god the Milady shit is over once and for all.

No. 1556797

Kek no shit she’s out of touch shes a rich 40 year old mom now

No. 1556945

File: 1654928341082.jpeg (391.7 KB, 640x880, CCE9E51E-5B54-42C7-8ED5-B0AC4E…)


No. 1556946

How so?

No. 1556956

it's about a couple of hours in the life of a guy who can't write his novel because he's distracted by the internet. the minutiae is intentional. castro and tao lin jerk each other off in the latest paris review and it's the most twee, eye roll-inducing millennial bullshit – cat pictures, ruminations on "poop", chat transcripts. steve roggenbuck looms large; beneath the irony and detachment they're all him

to steer this back on topic, jordan must've used the last of his trust fund monies to buy the wet brain endorsement. otherwise i can see no reason why they (honor) would latch onto these saggy old alt lit creeps

No. 1556975

I’m more interested in the childhood drawings Anna is posting that make it look like she was being molested (or maybe it’s normal for kids to draw people fucking - I don’t remember being 10 anymore)

No. 1556990

I'm waiting for when he falls out with the Filthy Armenian.

No. 1557048

It's "normal" today because 7 year olds are watching porn and degenerate cartoons but I don't think that was the case in 1995. Didn't she say she was trafficked?

No. 1557058

she did say that but she was extremely vague about it and it was hard to tell if she meant it literally or if she was just exploring a new way to be NLOG because she would never exploit her life story by actually telling it or whatever.

one of the things she drew was a fake Playgirl mag so obviously she had porn around. like, it's probably nothing. I'm just saying what it looks like. kids drawing porn is one of the classic red flags (along with making dolls have sex, "playing" sex, etc) so it came to mind.

No. 1557059

File: 1654944157687.jpeg (91.55 KB, 1280x720, E4BFCE26-5895-43BA-83D8-9D304A…)

>This is a local shop for local people

No. 1557088

File: 1654950924821.png (4.55 MB, 2490x1560, Screen Shot 2022-06-11 at 8.31…)

>making me steak, telling me which supplements to take
yeah pretty sure this "knock dasha up" arc is his project, not hers. also his tiny feminine hands give me the ick along with the rest of his face. is it just me or does he have a….cashewish bent to his face too? two cretins in love

No. 1557089

see the thing that confuses me about ms. anna khachiyan is she used to openly talk about her wigger phase and her history of fucking (many, she used to say) black men. now all of a sudden she switched her tune to "what? i mean WHO even has black friends, definitely not me, nor did i let multiple black friends nut in me!!"
either this phase no longer jibes with Anna's fox news ambitions, or she doesn't want her new Bronze Age Pervert crowd friends to know, or Eli had a mental breakdown about his midget dick one night lmao and she was forced to disavow it. either way, these bitches were so much more interesting back when they were open BPD messes, watching Dasha pretend not to be a little degenerate goblin slut and go to church/try to get pregnant, while Anna deletes entire well-documented portions of her backstory to get ready for life in Darien, Connecticut is depressing as fuck

No. 1557100

File: 1654953159055.jpeg (34.18 KB, 640x143, A5AD3AF2-4631-4301-AFE2-2EE335…)

Praying that this movie, currently filming in Wellington, is the one Dasha's working on haha

No. 1557149

all the e-celebs jumped ship after the expose and i haven't seen a single milady avi in weeks, i'm sure theyre still going strong in their little circlejerk echochamber but its irrelevant to everyone else now

No. 1557202

File: 1654964359538.png (448.96 KB, 1190x936, 45678909876545.png)

No. 1557301

a lesbian's beard is called a merkin

No. 1557326

how much ivermectin is dasha taking? I thought her covid phase was with another bf

No. 1557403

the worm infestation runs deep, they're proving tricky to flush out of the small intestine.

No. 1557417

File: 1654973612647.png (1.47 MB, 1600x900, pajeetpedo.png)


Miya/Charlotte Fang has self-doxxed in this post today: https://goldenlight.mirror.xyz/AOaPt55Uz0X4PEOPWtL7Iv6djVD7bq-GYDF-_lq_iGA

Cavemen used their own blood or berries or whatever, carved into rock and made simple yet understandable pictures. Michaelangelo made almost realistic giants out of marble. Miya/Charlotte Fang is a mediocre weirdo pajeet pedophile sociopath fakecel schizo with a receding hairline who thinks art is sending little girls text messages.

No. 1557434

>she used to openly talk about her wigger phase and her history of fucking (many, she used to say) black men

No. 1557435

what makes a person this way lol

just listen to the old episodes

No. 1557436

> what makes a person this way lol
internet addiction from an early age, neglectful parents, no social life

No. 1557443

and yet you're posting about it in a thread where no one gave a shit about it and called out your selfposting multiple times

No. 1557508

File: 1654978658435.jpeg (275.46 KB, 946x1485, 1651442887496.jpeg)

>>1557417 "I have low tolerance for perversions, ugliness, bitterness and general ignobility."

men like Charlotte Fang will be evil freaks online and call it performance art and be recreant and disingenuous sociopaths when it comes to owning up to it, e.g., recently obsessing over this girl and leaving this deranged tweet up for weeks until the "cancellation." a dishonest coward and street merchant. love & beauty have been abandoned by people like this.

No. 1557511

I doubt they paid him. No one in that scene is a particularly great writer and WB’s thing was having like 5 guests and calling them at random. I listened to one and it sucked kek. It’s a funny idea ig but didn’t pan out very well. On the topic anyone remember Megan Boyle? Is she married to Tao Lin or is it some other guy?

No. 1557518

^i meant I doubt he paid them. Won’t let me delete

No. 1557523

I could be wrong but I don’t think this means he wants to knock her up. I think Dasha knows the pod is ending or slowing down so she’s latching onto something else. Bpd gonna bpd