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File: 1637064091516.jpeg (87.44 KB, 699x810, 1634851861409.jpeg)

No. 1369813

Thread about pick-me women and gays, primarily from Twitter and Youtube, who claim to be practicing Socialism or Marxism. Commonly known as The Dirtbag Left, many associated with the scene are not leftists at all.
Twitter e-girl uwu smol beans are on-topic in that they all follow and interact with the cows.
>Media associated with this scene:
Podcasts like Red Scare, Chapo Trap House, True Anon, The Antifada, The Perfume Nationalist, The Bruenigs, Cumtown, Bad Faith, and What’s Left

Recap of past thread:
>NPCfest debacle >>>/snow/1351605 Dasha's cultural immortality and iconic status is cemented in an eleven-like tweet. Later revealed that one of the NPC fest directors killed himself >>>/snow/1357609
>Weekly Dasha-bashing on Sundays due to the misery of seeing her shitty acting on Succession >>>/snow/1352189 Someone also found her old live journal >>>/snow/1360223 and posts on old internet forums >>>/snow/1360294
>Anna and Dasha host a live podcast with John Waters >>>/snow/1352460
>More speculation about the Red Scare Thielbux >>>/snow/1352655 >>>/snow/1353190
>More schizoposting from our favorite failed male anorexic >>>/snow/1353683
>Aimee Terese is still a schizo and still Australian. >>>/snow/1357981 Also gets into twitter drama with wignats
>Chapo host making fun of another terminally online podcast host (Briahna Joy Gray) >>>/snow/1369140

Apologies if I've left anything out

Read updates about the site >>>/meta/25695

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No. 1369830

File: 1637073140772.jpg (542.53 KB, 1577x1543, 111.jpg)

Does Syriangir/Partisangirl belong here ?
She's a Syrian Australian and an actual legit political commentator who defends the actions of the Assad regime but explicitly mentions that she's not an Assadist, No she is a Syrian Social Nationalist who unironically advocates for greater Syria
she's a shill for the Russians and Iranians as well and has appeared on both David Duke's and Richard Spender's podcast and Info wars and thinks that Antifa is controlled by Zionist Jews
Her twitter take's are also insane and would be hilarious if they were meant to be ironic


No. 1369888

Syrian girl doesn’t claim to be a leftist. She is pretty openly right-wing, nationalist and is a frequent guest on just about every conspiracy show.

No. 1369892

nta, but I still connect to the dumb twitter leftist scene.

No. 1369895

that's the thing, she does claim to be "left wing" cause in her view right wingers are the Islamists and as anon pointed out here >>1369892 she is connected to the twitter leftist scene.

No. 1370119

Is there any new milk with her, is the thing. Like, hasn't she just been rehashing the same talking points, going on the same shows, doing the same tired act for 6 years straight?

No. 1370149

nah, still a stretch
people can call themselves all kinds of shit but it doesn’t mean they are
maybe a politics Twitter thread instead

No. 1370152

well she's recently defending Kyle Rittenhouse on twitter

No. 1370165

File: 1637120531693.jpeg (630.42 KB, 1242x1240, 24CD1E5A-E71D-44B7-AFD7-A8A825…)

this is all so retarded and pointless

No. 1370179

File: 1637121903945.png (853.45 KB, 1198x1602, jack thirsting for blasian dic…)

post-left civil war is heating up, Jack, Filthy Armenian and that deranged "Mommy Milkers" fed have been ranting about CRK, GayeStepDad, River etc. for hours and hours. CRK is now leaking Jack's thirsty 4am dms in retribution. absolutely embarrassing all round

No. 1370183

File: 1637122201322.png (1016.84 KB, 1178x2338, fattie rambling.png)

is jack drunk at his desk job or back on meth? what no IRL friends does to a mf

No. 1370184

File: 1637122342542.png (545.15 KB, 1156x2060, faggots.png)

when your whole life revolves around "the group chat"

No. 1370204

Anyone else remember when people found screenshots of GayeStepdad on reddit saying a 17 year old shouldn't be ashamed of his appearance and the usual bitches went into a pearl-clutching meltdown

No. 1370215

pretty funny how all these retards' refutations of CRK's assertion that American right-wing politics are fundamentally fueled by white Christian nationalism boil down to "you're right, but it's bad optics to play the bad guy when the libs control the media so STOP TALKING LIKE THAT!!!"

No. 1370222

File: 1637126930536.png (1.18 MB, 1196x1882, stockholm syndrome.png)

No. 1370241

File: 1637132918356.png (596.63 KB, 1172x1846, jack gets metood.png)

jack gets metoo'd

No. 1370242

File: 1637132967020.png (491.77 KB, 1200x1748, wig vs old fag.png)

gaye stepdad is 47 years old fyi

No. 1370244

File: 1637133234991.png (113 KB, 1166x480, victim spills more milk.png)


No. 1370252


lmfao, who could have predicted that the fat racist who constantly rants about degeneracy would be a freak!

No. 1370255

I mean he's gay so he was always gonna be a degenerate to some degree

No. 1370263

anyway i stan kyle rittenhouse(sage your shit)

No. 1370274

Everyone is doing that these days though, and it’s not really cow behavior for a rightoids, it’s completely inline with their philosophy.

I’ve personally never seen Syrian girl associate with leftcows, I guess it’s possible since there is some overlap with the conspiracy crowd. I follow Syrian girl along with a ton of “dissident right”, “tradcath”, “nazbol”, etc. Twitters and that is where most of her interactions are. For example, I always see her in Keith Woods’s reply’s.

No. 1370279

learn to sage newfaggot

No. 1370283

so weird seeing these threads cause half these accounts follow me, didn’t realise the retardation they engage in was lolcow worthy lol

No. 1370303

asukahomo’s podcast is a perfume nationalist spinoff so he cant acknowledge that jack was too stupid to dm one of the hundreds of out gay men who worship him instead

No. 1370309

his all-encompassing ass
Fucking KEK you know being called fat here is the thing that's going to rile him the most

"nazbol" twitter are always posted in these threads though, I don't get why every thread has someone implying we should just be crossposting people from the breadtube thread or something. Yes, the title is "leftcows," but the original subjects have largely become post-left or whatever other subcategory since then. Would it be better to just change the thread name next time? Surely that makes more sense than having to verify the leftist status of every cow itt all the time

No. 1370314

>I don't get why
Sure you do, that anon has been trying to steer discussion for this thread and several prior. Anything too close to their personal fetid politics is off limits.

No. 1370336

He has become kantbot. Breaking off friendships for political disagreements. BPD behaviour.

No. 1370338

ayrt and yeah you're probably right, but at the same time there were/are anons who seem pissed we aren't talking about Merrick and random reddit tankies when they refuse to post any caps themselves

No. 1370355

Dasha is so beautiful(No1curr)

No. 1370357

yes, the thread should just be called something like “political fuckwits on Twitter”
there are mostly right wingers posted here now, it’s retarded to call the thread “leftcows”

No. 1370371

red scare and friends

No. 1370376

performative anti-degenerate turns out to be a degenerate…many cases such as this one

delusional DMV paul blart slathering himself in so much perfume it makes people think he shit himself (and he thinks it's a compliment)

No. 1370391

What is it with these edgy gays in Chi Chi and Jack's milieu that they cry about sexual degeneracy AND make out the sexual nature of gay men to be a v noble thing. How about these losers pick one narrative and stick with it

No. 1370400

That's not really a bad suggestion, or Political Grifters General

No. 1370411

>You're out of work, and I know that's tough…but enough is enough
Gay male Nicki stans are always deranged

No. 1370416

The Bruenigs are in DC rn; Liz covering some congressional hearing on sexual harrassment, but what's Matt up to…more lobbying?

No. 1370468

it's not really a good idea to change the title of the threads after using leftcows for twenty-odd threads. people would search for leftcows in the catalog. the most prolific thread subjects have always been reactionary while winkingly calling themselves leftists as a plausible deniability thing. it was always "post-left" grifters and gay reactionary death in june orbiters.
we've had more twitter trad (lol) groomers and rapists than the one ex-chapo scandal. dirtbag leftism was dead as dirt a long time ago and those types only get posted for their proximity to post-left drama.
some of these people campaigned for bernie before becoming schizophrenic online and jack voted for obama… that's about as far as the "left" in leftcows goes.
we all know which types of people are posted here and what their various ideological neuroses and theatrics are. no need to get pedantic about it and disrupt the archival or catalog searching convenience of having the threads maintain the same title imo

No. 1370484

agree with this, it's not really worthwhile trying to capture the cows' politics in the thread title when their politics are largely incoherent anyway. like you said, many people itt still call themselves leftists/socialists (like Aimee, the Bruenigs, Chapo types), or they're left-center with anti-idpol leanings, or former Berniestans riding the current rightward trend for the grift. if this thread lasts long enough the wind will change directions again and all these hoes will be disavowing their current reactionary period. just leave the title as-is so people can find it and discover the hypocrisy, obesity and asymmetrical faces within

No. 1370529

File: 1637179754108.png (861.51 KB, 614x1075, fat.png)

perfume jack wrote a magazine article about how society needs to retvrn to the 80s as portrayed in fast food advertisements. they must have started shooing him out of the mcdonalds for his awful stench.

No. 1370555

the layers of alienation with jack are so deep. his analysis is so shallow he can only talk about stupid culture war surface shit like a Fox News boomer - derrr, if ad show family value then ad good! when actually these ads were always anti-family. like what's more anti-family than training a generation of people to outsource feeding their kids to a soulless corporation serving industrial seed oil slop - something 70s and 80s parents correctly considered a total abdication of their parental responsibilities, but which is now so normalized that sad fatties like Jack dare rebrand it as "aspirational."

what is wrong with these idiots, they can't even conservative right when the obvious take is right there lmao

No. 1370559

File: 1637182276856.png (438.01 KB, 1244x875, fqweupoiufqpewo.png)

anna k liking the blm tweet of a wealthy canadian tech employee who posted his 23&me to impress crk, the epitome of the post-left red scare fan. we need to hear what the canadian staff software engineers at companies like amazon have to say about the american underclass.

No. 1370560

File: 1637182328284.png (290.06 KB, 1190x1182, rightoids want jack in a camp.…)

because in the end they are the "temporarily embarrassed liberals" they accuse everyone else of. which is why they focused so much this week on purging their circle of disillusioned bernie voters while ignoring their rightoid friends openly calling for their demise, its pure self-loathing

No. 1370574

File: 1637183452419.png (3.32 MB, 1806x1318, the 2 types of Irish.png)

Oi got the pure Celtic blood oi does, not this gammy Oirish-Italian-Brooklyn mudblood and oi got the 23andme to prove it ya feckin fuck

No. 1370577

File: 1637183877066.png (200.87 KB, 1186x788, jack is closeted dirtbag lefti…)

never forget every time Jack whines about the "dirtbag left" riding the coattails of "real conservatives" like him:
1) that he voted for obama twice
2) apparently at some point "threw a vote to Bernie"
3) actively spent 3 years in the mentions of big dirtbag left/conspiracy accounts attempting to recruit their audience
4) clearly has a drinking problem and has gay sex with strangers on meth while allegedly being in a long term relationship
5) sends thirsty dms to blasians and hornily obsesses over arabs/latinos like gremlin
6) scolds, lectures, censors and blocks anyone with a dissenting opinion, and sicks his followers onto every "heretic"

by his own standards, he's a leftist!

No. 1370614

I am fairly knew the these threads and just came to post my Dasha memes, I didn’t intend to sound like I was gatekeeping rightist. Anon asked if Syrian girl belonged here. Syrian girl is a well established far-right nut. I love all the left- and right-cow crossovers, but I was just not aware of how entrenched she was with the post-left types. Post away, the online right is fellow breed of retarded.

The mainstays in these the threads are unsurprisingly associating more with people explicitly further right, not just Thiel backed dog-whistlers in the IDW and rationalist-sphere. It’s the expected progression of these people (I think one anon had a point when they said this was all eerily similar to how Milo was funded by billionaires to push the less informed normie-conservatives further right, and subsequently into nihilism).

No. 1370625

Jfc I can’t proofread

No. 1370631

Wait where did he say he voted for Obama and Bernie? He talks as if he’s always been a republican.

No. 1370659

He admitted the Obama thing on Twitter it’s in an old thread, the Bernie thing is new to me

No. 1370718

that side of twitter including jack's claim of what right wing means is way more loose than actual right twitter with old idiots like BAP & 0HPLC. to him it's all a cultural thing which depends on the aesthetics of media and art, and all politics is secondary at best. so its not inconsistent for him to be a gay degenerate voting for obama and still be "right wing", because he thinks what makes someone "right wing" is just advocating for the right art and zeitgeist over others (hence that retarded mcdonalds ad article posted earlier here). real politics doesnt matter to these people and never has, no idea why people in these threads still think anyone involved in the leftcow circle actually cares about politics(sage)

No. 1370734

This one is a massive Aimee orbiter as well, he was replying to almost all of her tweets for a while

Saying that acting gay is the normal signalling of same sex friendship makes him sound so deep in the closet that he's shitting mothballs

No. 1370753

Dunno I'd say it is pretty inconsistent insofar that by identifying as a "conservative" he's putting himself in the same boat as trailer trash Republicans who would find everything about him to be detestable

No. 1370772

File: 1637202295930.jpeg (473.47 KB, 1512x2016, matt bruenig memphis noodles.j…)

now they're in Memphis…look at those dead eyes and crow's feet…why does he suddenly look 45?

No. 1370777

Really struggling to understand what Liz Franczak ever saw in that lardass.

No. 1370780

File: 1637203109313.jpeg (158.48 KB, 1500x1000, hbo-succession-season-3-red-ca…)

Hatred of women, or sorry, hatred of liberal women.

No. 1370783

He was just a reply guy who badgered her relentlessly until she a greed to go on his pod. He went through a phase to replying to absolutely anything she tweeted. It was pretty clear that he was desperate to be a part of the dirtbag scene at the beginning.

No. 1370787

Yeah that account is an avid aimee simp. Dumb as a rock too. He just parrots the post-left pmc thesis while pretending to be a marxist. They all hashtags being deranged like aimee.

No. 1370788

i have no opinion on what the threads should be called/who should be posted (seems easies tto just keep it the same) but i do wish there was more milk on the more obviously left guys like the chapos/franczak/etc., there also used to be so many more good minor characters like as_a_woman lol.

honor levy obviously isn't left but i feel confident that some shit will turn up on her (besides what already has), especially now that she has a podcast and shit

No. 1370793

At the end of the day all the post-left accounts are failed Bernie bros that are stuck in Super Tuesday forever. Bernie will be dead and they will still cry about Bhaskar Sunkara not doing enough to help Bernie win.(learn2sage)

No. 1370802

No. 1370810

Well excuse me for forgetting sometimes. It's not like saging every post is common imageboard practice(lolcow.farm/rules)

No. 1370815

very much agree with this post entirely. even the minor characters were much more fun to gossip about than some fatass nazi.

No. 1370818

Someone needs to sneak their way into felix's alt account. There's gotta be some good stuff in there.

No. 1370834

I miss chaoticitgirl

No. 1370873

yeah. i understand that some people have played more of a bit role (because they are boring or decided to keep the milk offline) but i miss the patchwork revolving cast of misfits in earlier threads. didn't even know these people existed until thread #1 and it was fun to learn the lore.
lindsay souvannarath and luka magnotta would have gotten the anna k seal of approval if they were on twitter in 2019-2020 with the same pathologies, rather than doing what they did.

No. 1370894

a lot of leftcows are staying quiet or have deactivated since then, even the minor ones. its natural when that happens that this thread will focus on people like aimee, jack and their orbiters, who have no IRL friends or offline life and literally air out all their embarrassing drama for any passerby

No. 1370895

yeah this thread needs more insiders, people with access to alts and all the 60+ group chats, well is running dry

No. 1370897

File: 1637221798498.png (846.08 KB, 1156x1814, methhead aimee weighs in.png)

river must have a death wish, why is he still engaging with these people and trying to reason with them. they have no lives outside twitter drama, not that complicated, block and delete!

No. 1370912

could always just post more FAS jokes… desperate times call for desperate measures

No. 1370966

She Is so beautiful

No. 1370988

File: 1637244527617.png (135.21 KB, 1290x808, sdafadsfasdf.png)

the post left work so hard at their grueling jobs. (kek at youngestwoman and sanrio_pilled both having communications degrees, a major for students too dumb to hack an actual academic subject)

No. 1371015

File: 1637249296825.png (96.82 KB, 610x476, hypocrite.png)

Stitt is stridently pro-life and working to make abortion illegal in Oklahoma. At the same time he is one of the most pro-death penalty governors in the nation, lifting the state's brief moratorium last year.

Meanwhile, Biden is pro-choice and campaigned on removing the Hyde Amendment from the annual budget, which would open up federal funding of abortion. He also paused federal executions.

Anti-abortion is coded as a Republican issue, anti-death penalty is coded as a Democrat issue.

As_a_Catholic, Liz believes that abortion and the death penalty both constitute murder.

17 death row inmates were executed last year. Over 600,000 abortions were carried out last year. According to Liz, that's over 35,000 times more souls snuffed out due to abortion than capital punishment.

So why does she spend so much time attacking the death penalty and so little time attacking abortion while claiming to be despise and loathe the Democrats? This is the mindset that Aimee correctly refers to as the "bratty sub."

No. 1371017

>lindsay souvannarath
Now that's a cow crossover with this circle I would pay to see

No. 1371023

File: 1637250155041.jpeg (76.07 KB, 750x1334, C9152458-7379-4C8D-8837-E71A21…)

No. 1371024

this faggot is this horny at 7:00 AM lmfao

No. 1371025

>35,000 times more souls snuffed out due to abortion than capital punishment
>So why does Liz spend so much time attacking death penalty and so little time attacking abortion?

Good poast. The answer of course is that Liz doesn't want to alienate any of her current simps who are largely milquetoast boomer libs, or future voters, since she's clearly grooming herself for an eventual run for some cursed political office as a "compassionate Catholic Democrat" since Dems are most likely to be sympathetic to her and Matt's creepy stated dream of a "welfare state for all" (that means AI took your job and you'll like it, and total compliance to the government is now a precondition to you and your family surviving, enjoy your 43rd booster!).

>This is the mindset that Aimee correctly refers to as the "bratty sub."

Fuckin a. She's not wrong about everything, esp when it comes to the Bruenigs. They're sinister and certainly don't intend that their precious family will be a part of the welfare hordes they advocate creating.

No. 1371028


Depends whose screenshot it is, given time zones, though Jack is in Texas. The tweet is from a guy in the same time zone, but Jack calls the person Steve, and that guy's handle is Charlie.

No. 1371029

>"Would you bet your soul on repealing the Hyde Amendment, promoting abortion access as a fundamental component of M4A, and being a Jew who rejects the universal objective truth of the one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church Bernie Sanders?"
Things Liz would never say because she's a hypocrite who only cares about advancing her own boutique politics and gaining power.

No. 1371035

File: 1637251466280.png (137.25 KB, 1186x242, Screen Shot 2021-11-18 at 10.5…)

dudes really gonna act shocked jack's a degenerate sex pest when he's been posting psychotic misogynist shit like picrel about women daily for years huh.

No. 1371048

is jack begging for money via twitter tips in that tweet?

No. 1371069

I've lived in Utah long enough to recognize a the prozac stare of a man who was predestined to spend his entire life with family matters

No. 1371101


A bit interesting that the story features this advertisement given JFN's (Jack the Fat Nazi) views on black people.

No. 1371117

Colour me unsurprised that Fashy Fatty has been making disgusting remarks about women’s vaginas for years and no one cared, but he’s finally getting dragged & cancelled for his remarks about men’s dicks.

No. 1371121

File: 1637262117041.png (452.39 KB, 1011x698, tara.png)

Tara, samememe, etc. getting ratioed for their weird obsession with single/childfree women


No. 1371123

File: 1637262288127.jpeg (21.12 KB, 652x413, E0B3B981-C306-4DFA-AAB0-21BFCA…)

Vile homosexual filth

No. 1371128

yep. takes a special kind of psycho to mock a politician by invoking female genital mutilation that 200 million women have been subjected to – but it's asking about a moid's pubes that we're collectively very outraged about!

No. 1371132

File: 1637262884819.jpeg (282.2 KB, 1125x714, 561E17AE-0682-4A4B-BDF6-89A792…)

Lmao @ the seething that this dumb attempt at a roast isn’t going over well. I’m married with kids and this lady’s life seems chill. These dumb scarethots are projecting their own bitterness and fear of being alone with themselves onto strangers.

No. 1371139

Idk, it seems kind of depressing watching that lady sit there in her big empty apartment "feeling herself" to Adele. At least it was coffee and not a glass of wine. I assume she will have that later tho.

No. 1371141

File: 1637264331120.png (798.93 KB, 508x900, Untitled.png)

#childfree #slaying #yaaaasqueen
She is a dogmom of two tho!

No. 1371142

Doubt it’s real outrage. Just low hanging fruit to dunk on the repugnant Estee Lardass

No. 1371149

If a man posted this shit leftthots and rightthots would all be calling him based & redpilled and saying dudes rock

No. 1371151

Giving him too much credit. The man is legitimately autistic, no way he feels this.

No. 1371155

Go do nigel's laundry and wipe his ass

No. 1371163

File: 1637266100865.png (2.29 MB, 2144x1576, the bruenig bailout.png)

>The Bruenigs don't intend to be part of the welfare hordes they advocate creating

This reminds me of the time Matt Bruenig started a GoFundMe for himself when he got fired from his job at a lib thinktank for calling his bosses "old" on Twitter - gee who woulda guessed that was a firable offense. What he didn't tell people is that was a freelance position and he also had a full-time job as a lawyer at the time, while Liz was assistant ed at WashPo….not to mention their millionaire families. The Bruenigs happily cashed a check for $25k despite being richer than most donating - perfect Bernie dems and future members of the socialist welfare state politburo


No. 1371164

shut the fuck up, lol.

No. 1371171

you're genuinely retarded

No. 1371174


Single girlbosses spotted lmao(moid)

No. 1371179

File: 1637267534942.png (627.32 KB, 1190x1232, thin milk.png)

Anna, Lena Dunham's number one fan, liking a tweet that sounds like it's about Dasha's real life.

No. 1371182

Omg, women with j-jobs who don't need to fuck disgusting moids to survive? I'm triggered! Burn the witch!

No. 1371184

not the anon but why are ppl so mad about this? it's a cheesy TikTok version of one of those "indulge urself guurrrrl" ads for Dove chocolate/Activia yogurt or any other cheap shit they sell to women, not some kino to be defended at all costs lmao

No. 1371189

maybe its Ethnic Steve? seems to follow Jack's "alt right" mentality of dm'ing minorities he apparently wants to deport

No. 1371195

Has the New York hipster/art community always had a strong right-wing contingent or is this new? It's funny because 99% of normal conservatives would he disgusted with these people even as they suck them off.

No. 1371196

Also NTAYRT but I don't think people are "defending it at all costs", just mocking the scarethots claiming to be uwu triggered and depressed by it. 95% of these people are unmarried and childless themselves, they're just pickmes mad that this woman has a big apartment and doesn't give a fuck while they live in rat-infested Brooklyn hovels with roommates and tweet about how "trad" they are between ketamine bumps.

No. 1371203

Why do middle aged women get so triggered when they learn that another middle aged woman is single?

No. 1371204

They're in it solely for the edgy AeStHeTiC and to trigger the libs, most of them avoid real right wingers like the plague. And the leftthot disdain for "single girlbosses" is equally performative, just failed PMCs projecting their rage at more successful PMCs. Most of them moved to NYC from flyover states to become girlbosses dancing to Adele in airy lofts themselves, and instead ended up broke with shitty podcasts.

No. 1371205


Has always been there but I think there is much greater sensitivity to the matter now. Gavin McInnes was writing Do's and Don'ts that relied upon the same ethnic/sexual stereotypes as Cum Town, covering Skrewdriver with 80s Hardcore before founding the Proud Boys. Not much pushback. Probably are other examples too but he's the easiest to point out. Fwiw I think the increased sensitivity means that many now see an opportunity to be even more crude in an effort to gain attention

No. 1371206

Yeah, the brand of ironic "hipster racism" they tried to push went mask-off as actual reactionary racism around 2016, and now they can't hide behind that facade anymore and have to shit or get off the pot.

No. 1371263

If you go back further, the magazine Answer Me was basically the template for Vice and had a lot of notoriety among art people in the 90s and is probably where a lot of this comes from.

No. 1371281

>Has the New York hipster/art community always had a strong right-wing contingent or is this new
I actually think what's new is the strong presence of politics of any kind, but especially lefty/prog politics as we know them now, in hipster art/music circles in NYC and elsewhere. (Source: I'm fucking old.) In the 90s-00s most people in these scenes identified as Dems or liberals (or anarchist if they're punk), but being strident or even passionate about politics was strictly for the embarrassing ISO student lefties and Take Back the Night types at Oberlin or whatever. Cool kids didn't really care about politics, and idpol in particular was openly laughed at. Your average 90s-aughts hipster art damaged kid was way edgier than any cows like Anna, people like Jim Goad and Boyd Rice were considered cool, lots of casual racism and shit. I remember bringing up among super hipster friends how sexist Vice was and people just laughed in my face men and women alike lol, literally no1curred. Twitter/the 2008 election/2010s Tumblr culture and everything that came from it made politics way more of a presence in everyday life, arty kids suddenly became stridently left/prog, and then the douchebags in this thread became the reactionaries all in pretty quick succession.

Fuck I forgot about Answer Me. It was always a good rule of thumb not to fuck any man who owned the book bc he was reliably psychotic.
Sage 4 blogpost.

No. 1371304

Interesting to know. Thanks for the insight

No. 1371312

libs are so constrained in art making by identity politics they inadvertently center these people by "researching" them.

No. 1371340

File: 1637280164708.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1242x1756, D6AD25B7-3280-40F2-8895-2C1329…)

Idk if she’s considered a lefthot but holy shit the coping. The tiktok video posted is a normal child free woman having her coffee besides isn’t miss autistic wife literally a mother? Her being this chronically online with 30k+ tweets is way more grim and pathetic lol go care for your child

No. 1371361

i've never lived in NYC so I wouldn't know that much about the finer nuances of it's culture but art scenes in the USA have long had completely insufferable bubbles of right wingers. Prominent example I'd give were beatniks like Jack Kerouac who, despite these people rarely talking about him, would have fit in very well with the 'post left'
I don't say this to defend right wingers as artistic savants of course. The beatniks were shitty poets and some of them were literal pedophiles (thinking of Allen Ginsberg's "Sweet Boy, Gimme Yr Ass"). I'm just mentioning this to say that mentally unwell fail children becoming right wing "artists" is a well established tradition in america.

No. 1371366

A lot of the NYC art community is spoiled rich kids, so yes there's always been a narcissistic right-wing contingent.

Deanna Havas is a good example because she very clearly comes from a family well off enough that she could spend time living in Europe while having a vanity career in NYC at the same time that she didn't suffer too much from losing when she flushed it down the toilet for her right to post /pol/ shit.

No. 1371373

Those early threads were brilliant. Laugh out loud funny and occasionally insightful. They should be preserved for future generations.

No. 1371383

File: 1637285550202.png (1.05 MB, 640x1136, F66DC4AA-5661-4F2D-B80E-BE8B3E…)

Is this Maddie's boyfriend? Wow…

No. 1371390

eli seems like a better guess

No. 1371391

She looks like a more normie version of Phoebe Tickner

No. 1371393

Lol Tara is such a fucking loser

No. 1371399

Always has been

No. 1371406

The merch site says modeled by KJ, if that's his initials.

No. 1371409

File: 1637287406941.png (33.72 KB, 628x214, kj.png)

yup, that's him then.

No. 1371431

She interacts a lot with Joel and Delany a lot so she probably counts.

No. 1371439

I thought Anna hated Lena Dunham due to her appearance

No. 1371442

Could that be roommate Kyle? Dunno his last initial tho

No. 1371450

no, it's maddie's bf, kj. his account >>1371409 is private, but she always tags him in her stories

No. 1371491

A man with a v-cut and a Love bracelet sets off my less than straight meter, but good for Maddie. Kek at Dasha the “hot one” who can only pull floppy necked beta boys

No. 1371514

Have you seen her face and heard her voice? I don’t think straight guys are that interested

No. 1371518

roommate Kyle’s last name is Brown

No. 1371584

you’re so fucking gay

No. 1371586

I’ve begun to realise the maddie troll is always the same person

No. 1371651

abs but no arms or ass…well good for her, the pickings are slim

No. 1371679

File: 1637333272987.png (1.42 MB, 1002x2020, Screen Shot 2021-11-19 at 9.41…)

his arms seem fine but he skips leg day

No. 1371682

File: 1637333428923.png (1.65 MB, 1192x1426, Screen Shot 2021-11-19 at 9.47…)

Unsurprisingly, they didn't touch on the John Waters movie at all because Aimee just proceeded to air out her political grievances

No. 1371692

File: 1637334453318.png (1.52 MB, 640x1136, DC4687A0-C07B-4453-B6F6-2179E4…)

pickme 'til the end, this one

No. 1371694

>Jim Goad was considered cool
Really? I read a little of his stuff when I was younger, and I guess it was kinda funny but it had no intelligence or art in it. It was like something a smelly teenager would make. You can just shit your pants and say stupid stuff and these people will worship you.

No. 1371699

Constantly hating women while embodying the bitchiest most annoying parts of femininity just makes it so that neither gender will like you. You can try to find a misogynist man but he will always choose the shy demure girl over the raging female misogynist

No. 1371701

File: 1637335482835.png (67.01 KB, 597x360, dishonest.png)

Who would win: 2,000 years of rigorously developed Church doctrine which upheld the death penalty as moral and licit, or the "evolving thought" of the last three popes?

Anti-death penalty Catholics are doing themselves a huge disservice talking like this, all it takes is a quick Google and any interlocutor will know you're full of shit and not being honest, and then your argumentative position is weakened.

No. 1371703

It does feel a bit comforting to know that accountability culture hasn't completely died out and there are still lots of normies out there who will emphatically call this shit out when they see it. Social progress has slowed down so much since last year I just feel glad to know that making sure shitheads face the consequences of their actions isn't completely out of style.

No. 1371712

the bruenigs have done exactly one good deed: samememe locked after he qted liz and she qted him back. they both have demented, self-serving versions of christianity, but at least liz's isn't based on fear of black women.

No. 1371713

File: 1637337335088.png (Spoiler Image, 286.75 KB, 603x471, gross.png)

Carl Beijer posts feet. Warning: NSFW

No. 1371715

samememe's a coward who can't finish a fight, he does this all the time. he'll be unlocked within a few hours.

No. 1371730

File: 1637339091347.jpeg (151.05 KB, 1125x1033, dead eyed dork.jpeg)

>look at those dead eyes and crow's feet…why does he suddenly look 45?
Liz spent all night listening to "you go girl" affirmations and she has now summoned the sass to tell you her and Matt's eyes are eerie black and soulless bc they smoke WEED, don't u DORK??

No. 1371735

File: 1637339597423.png (52.01 KB, 571x302, ratio.png)

Ratio at 127k likes now and Tara locked.

No. 1371736

File: 1637339724253.png (2.92 MB, 2786x994, dumb dumb liz bruenig.png)

>my sister in law was brutally MURDERED, dumb dumb
definitely the tone of someone deeply affected by their sister in law's murder and not using it to own people on twitter

No. 1371739

I think Twitter normies are finally waking up to these dipshit conservatives running around unchecked on their platform since the start of this year when they checked out of politics. Time to put the foot on their necks again so they stop feeling so comfortable spreading hateful lies and propaganda.

No. 1371742

File: 1637340295798.png (1.02 MB, 992x1026, psychotic.png)

also where liz bruenig says
>i have worked extensively with rape and sex assault victims
what she means is she's exploited rape victims' stories for her career - and if she contacts you and you tell her you don't want to be interviewed, she'll call you an "asshole" on twitter, tell you "you don't have a choice what you're subjected to in life," and you're a victim of cruel circumstance "until time unceremoniously dumps you in your grave" so you better "nut up" and save the drama for your chaplain bc Liz Bruenig needs a pulitzer you stupid raped bitch!!

No. 1371744

It's crazy that more people didn't see this mask off moment for what it was.

No. 1371746

truly a mask-off moment, she really is just a craven careerist.

No. 1371748

the self-importance, the entitlement, the rage toward crime victims and witnesses who don't want to relive their trauma so liz can post their ~chilling quotes when she pimps her article on twitter. truly deranged.

No. 1371749

Every single Aimee appearance after she got suspended has just been her complaining about people online who ignore her. It's a remarkable achievement in pettiness for which she deserves an award.

No. 1371751

Yeah, Jim Goad was hugely influential in the NY hipster scene (mainly due to his friendship with Gavin McInnes, since he was an underground fringe weirdo before then) and you could even see all the Vice writers affecting Goad's edgy writing style when he came on board. But I agree with >>1371281
that it goes back way further than that. I think the association of that scene with mainstream liberal Democrat politics is actually a lot newer than its association with obscure right wing fringe elements and fascist aesthetics.

No. 1371757

They do it because Nigel and the screaming brats are driving them up the fucking wall and they have to pretend women who chose a different lifestyle have it sooo much worse than them to cope with the exhaustion and silent questioning of their own life choices in the middle of the night. And fwiw I believe people can be happy and fulfilled in any living situation they choose, but people who make unsolicited attacks on other people's choices usually aren't.

Oh and there's a second type of woman who participates in this performative outrage: younger pickmes who hope a Nigel will notice how based & trad they are by shitting on other women and pick them. They usually transition smoothly into the older group of pickmes, and even keep the same snarky Twitter tone (i.e. Liz Breunig.)

No. 1371760

Do you think she ever reads her Tweets before hitting post and thinks "God, I type like such a fucking asshole"?

No. 1371761

>a Nigel

No. 1371763

No. 1371779

File: 1637343391423.jpeg (159.08 KB, 1080x720, gray sweatshirt gang.jpeg)

i think she thinks her assholeness is tough and cool, her pretentiousness is smart, her overwroughtness is depth, her treacly sentimentality is compassion, her brattiness is strength and that everything she does is just brilliant and important and cute as a button (but know u weren't really asking so enjoy this pic of Liz in her trusty gray sweatshirt)

No. 1371782

Not a fan of Liz but this does say "bit players" which means people who could corroborate evidence of the sex crimes but weren't the victims of it.

No. 1371796

It's still self serving bullshit, no one is morally obligated to speak to a pushy careerist journalist looking to profit off someone's misfortune.

No. 1371803

yeah i know but if liz feels this entitled to speak to witnesses of crimes how do you think she feels about the actual crime victims she also interviews? one can only assume she heaps the same guilt tripping and moral imperatives on them than the so-called bit players - she's just smart enough not to admit it publicly.
and even if you believe Liz somehow feels differently about actual crime victims - who cares, she's still demanding witnesses speak to her and berating them at length for choosing not to do something that could credibly get them hurt or killed

No. 1371806

Yup, America has notoriously weak witness protection laws and underfunded programs for supporting criminal witnesses, so there are tons of legit reasons someone might feel uncomfortable going public in the media as a witness. That doesn't mean they aren't cooperating with criminal investigations or helping the victim behind the scenes. Liz is a naive self-righteous idiot, puffed up on ego and blind to her own privilege. She's the perfect candidate for a career in US politics.

No. 1371820

my fav part is where the child of millionaires who went to every elite school and sailed into a cushy prestige journalism career that leaves her 12 hours a day to tweet and bake cakes tells people who witnessed a shooting to "nut up and navigate adversity instead of trying to hide FOR ONCE IN YOUR LIFE"

No. 1371823

File: 1637345266402.png (1.39 MB, 1268x1020, friendofthepod.png)

The Stephen guy all these people are friends with has a bit part in the new Abel Ferrara movie acting as a character with his real name. It's not on the imdb but he's listed as an editor? He also edited the Alex Ross Perry doc on Paul Schrader so that might be why Dasha got an invite to the last Schrader premiere party. Sean Price Williams did the cinematography for the Ferrara and worked on Wobble Palace and Eugene's other movies. Guess this explains how the Ion Pack got Abel to do stuff with them. Shame for Dasha all these famous directors she's one degree of separation from only hire really beautiful actresses.

No. 1371825

He's been in that NYC mumblecore-ish scene with Alex Ross Perry and Sean Price Williams for years, Dasha's the newcomer here.

No. 1371840

One of the things I find saddest about Dasha's career is she's aggressively advertised her willingness to engage in casting couch antics, and it's still gotten her nothing more than a bit background role on a TV show.

No. 1371844

File: 1637346267965.png (783.43 KB, 640x1136, 9D995C6F-E49A-4606-9184-12FDE0…)

The two LA Scary showings with a Q&A from Dasha afterwards just sold out in a matter of minutes

No. 1371847

I wonder how the ones where she isn't doing a q+a at are going to sell. The box office will be public soon since it's going into regular not festival release.

No. 1371877

Not even licking balls can help ugly and untalented, plus she’s old in Hollywood years.

No. 1371883

File: 1637347921717.png (3.46 MB, 2508x1268, dasha instagram.png)

>be dasha
>willingly offer your body for fame
>find out your body is worth one (1) starring role in wobble palace

>be a successful podcaster
>pivot to acting, no1curr
>pivot to filmmaking, very few people curr
>painstakingly sell 70 tix at a time by personally showing up and pimping your film
>audience full of your dumb zoomer podcast fans
I don't understand why Dasha's flailing at this outdated concept of "real Hollywood fame" when she already lucked into the best possible fame/income scenario given her looks and talent. Idk what's more delusional, her thinking she'll turn into Emma Stone or Sofia Coppola overnight

No. 1371889

Exactly. The success of red scare enviable, why push your luck? Eventually they will decide to “amicably” end the show so dasha can die of suicide after her millionth rejection and Anna continues to pretend she’s writing a book.

No. 1371978

>Alex Ross Perry doc on Paul Schrader
This sounds insufferable

No. 1371996

More like NSFL, what the fuck?

You hit the nail on the head with all of this lmao

No. 1372017

Sounds like a more coherent Laur Truman.

No. 1372036

what a evil fucking cunt. truly the worst person in these threads by a long shot

No. 1372067

File: 1637366494998.png (307.45 KB, 1170x1148, lindsay.png)

as predicted in a previous thread, perfume twitter's token diversity hire has been kicked out of the group chat for wrong think. she was literally on the perfume nationalist just 2 or 3 month ago. is jack on good terms with any of his guests?

No. 1372096

>is jack on good terms with any of his guests?
He'll probably always have Anna and Aimee on his side

No. 1372098

How many more times does she need to go to LA to promote her movie? Enough's enough girly

No. 1372107

Eh, it’s kind of Tommy Wiseau of her and for once I respect the hustle

No. 1372136

which one are you

No. 1372178

Tara is married and has a son with another kid on the way

No. 1372197

Blessed ancientfag

No. 1372204

Are you the same "liz should care more about abortion!!" anon? I really can't tell you how out of place you are here

No. 1372214

File: 1637388552571.jpeg (366.68 KB, 1536x2048, FEnTvoNXIAI1jas.jpeg)

lmao. wait anna is in austin??? that's jack's boyfriend apparently btw

No. 1372216

these people legitimately exude evil vibes

No. 1372228

File: 1637393157304.png (52.1 KB, 601x286, somebody_stop_her.png)

Translation: Anna sounded a litte psycho about it on the last episode and alienated some listeners, I don't want to rock the discourse boat any further or damage any future prospects in showbiz so I'll just say my ill-defined, both-sides-were-acting-stupid milquetoast take is the correct one and leave it at that.

No. 1372277

how much of anna ks babys life is spent with a nanny do you suppose

No. 1372327

What a psycho lmao. Somebody needs to remind her she's a mediocre clout-grubbing journalist, not a lawyer working pro bono

No. 1372330

Leftcows thread final boss tbqh

No. 1372351


What an absolutely vile cunt. I’m happy her and her husband got into financial dire straits. I’m sorry for the kids, especially the daughter. Can you imagine if anything were to happen to her? You bet she will use her daughter’s trauma for online asspats. (Sorry for being MATI).

No. 1372360

I wish she was too polite to talk politics when they had Steve bannon on their show. What useless idiot.

No. 1372375

File: 1637426687650.jpeg (168.1 KB, 1137x735, 7012988E-3A5A-48A2-9FF8-3AD9AF…)

“Us” and “our” They sound like they’re in a cult

No. 1372382

Curious abt what the inciting incident was here, anyone feel like spoonfeeding an anon? Lindsay's acct is now locked and searching her name and Perfume Fationalist in the last few threads turns up nothing

No. 1372384

She deleted most of her tweets. I think it came from her going against the whole “he’s a hero!!” thing that side of twitter is pushing.

No. 1372396

File: 1637428985734.png (98.68 KB, 393x491, orbsofpassion.png)

more context

No. 1372399

How long until Estee Lardass turns on Zach and the Thot Topics fags? I should reword that. How long until Zach and the Thot Topics fags stop asskissing Estee Lardass in exchange for him posting snippets of their podcast on twitter?

No. 1372404

wtf is this degeneracy and why isn't it spoiler tagged

No. 1372406

Because it’s a spam bot

No. 1372417

File: 1637431827217.jpg (56.02 KB, 702x546, 86263472.jpg)

Thank u child, ancientfag reporting for duty, AMA about life before the patriot act when everyone smoked in bars, kept teetering stacks of Vice mags on the toilet tank, showed GG Allin videos as light party entertainment, and Dasha and Anna would have been considered both fat and thuddingly boring and Jack would have been murdered for crimes against aesthetics

No. 1372425

What was opinion regarding Henry Rollins back then ?

No. 1372458

didn't expect anyone to take me up on this lmao but happy to oblige - Liar-era Rollins Band was current when I was in high school, their fans were spotty Woodstock 94 boys rattling the rage cage who also loved Ministry, Tool, Offspring, first-album Marilyn Manson and other shit from the moment "alternative" ossified into "modern rock.” Liking Black Flag was still considered cool by most and I knew several boys with Black Flag tatts, "Get in the Van" was on every cool kid's shelf next to like the Psychotronic Video Guide.

but Henry himself was super divisive, the 2 cool 4 life hipster contingent was basically against anyone with muscles and sneered that he was too old, embarrassing and aggro, "selling out" his legacy status with his spoken word stuff. these were the "woke" people of the day, they considered LA and NY hardcore too reactionary and bro-y, but loved Minor Threat and other assorted DC hardcore and ignored or explained away "Guilty of Being White" lmao. He def felt like a dude thing, i and many female friends were super into 70s punk/riot grrrl but hardcore felt like "boy music" and i used to doze off when someone put on Decline of Western Civ for the 100th time. I remember seeing “Lost Highway” in the theatre and when the scene with Henry as a security guard came on, there was an excited murmur of male voices telling their dates “that’s Henry Rollins!” And an exasperated female voice says loudly “we KNOW”

Ty for this trip down memory lane, gonna finish my werthers and nap now

No. 1372511

Thank you one last question for when you wake up, My Husband's uncle was in the punk scene in SoCal, he's mellowed out right now but he used to pretty violent in his youth and was even involved with some WhitePower Groups but as of now he regularly goes to Church, has a black wife and mixed race children and according to him the hardcore punk scene was never about politics, it was just an are to be violent
he also claimed that riotgrrl was filled mostly with upper middle class university educated girls who we might call proto-libfems 3rd wavers

how right is he ?

No. 1372525

even older anon here, saw Henry Rollins in Black Flag as an index
riotgrrrl was a very inclusive scene, your brother-in-law just has a hateon because they were the absolute core of anti-white power music

No. 1372529

husband’s uncle, not brother-in-law, sorry
the og riotgrrls who did go to college were almost all working their own way through

No. 1372559

i mean i'm a Latina who grew up on welfare and i lived for riot grrrl, that said i never met another fan until i got a scholarship to a fancy private school and my best friend would sit around playing Heavens to Betsy 7 inches while scheming abt whether to go to Wellesley or Barnard lol so there's something to the stereotype. but the riot grrrl scene was tiny, short-lived, and while its politics def veered toward the annoying excesses of wokeness/3rd wave, it was also not really taken seriously by anyone and in general feminists took a ton of shit in the 90s-2000s so it was a necessary movement and a very different context from today's mandatory libfem sex work is real work mmkay sweaty?! vibe.

and yeah violence and racism was a huge strain in hardcore, one of the reasons it didn't appeal to me and other girls. there was general violence, like actual organized brawls between nazi punks and SHARP types at matinee punk shows at CBGB and Coney Island high - they'd show up with their chains out at like 2pm lol - but also gender-based violence where men would straight up target girls in the pit. it was one reason i liked riot grrrl, it was a scene where violence against women was not tolerated which was sadly rare in the 90s and yeah like other anon said, it wasn't quite as white bread as it's painted, knew many working class and poc punx.

what up even olderfag

No. 1372570

File: 1637442058064.png (5.62 MB, 2874x1578, Screen Shot 2021-11-20 at 3.49…)

anyone remember early threads when she'd get brought up and anons whined "nooooo liz is different, liz is not a cow, liz is cool socialist mommy, leave her alooone!!!" i remember.

>how much of anna ks babys life is spent with a nanny do you suppose
i'm usually down for an anna pileon but honestly i'm guessing not much. seems like she keeps a pretty low profile since the baby was born, she's brought him to dinners and art openings and you can hear him in the background of the pod sometimes so i'm not sure if she has regular childcare help.
also in general she and dasha seem weirdly slow to upgrade their lifestyles despite making good money for 2 years now. picrel is Anna on Alex Kaschuta's podcast last month - she finally bought 2 bookcases to deal with that fetid pile of books anons were busting on her for in a prev thread >>1337531 - never say lolcow doesn't help these heauxs

No. 1372571

>showed GG Allin videos as light party entertainment

kek! bless you, wise nonnie

No. 1372583

there's def male simps in here trying to "control the narrative"

No. 1372585

File: 1637442819536.png (1.37 MB, 1396x1148, anna leo.png)

did u watch this interview, the baby started crying a few mins in and she did the rest of the interview wearing him so it's another point in the "possibly no nanny" column. it was very sweet seeing him fall asleep on her chest. motherhood looks good on anna, too bad it's not giving her perspective on her compulsive edgelordism but guess that's what's paying for Leo's college fund

No. 1372586

toasting in an epic bread

No. 1372645

This, rare to see such good posts. Some of the people who frequent these threads could start their own podcasts and they'd be more interesting than the cows' lol

No. 1372696

Right? Who would’ve thought we’d get a music history lesson in a thread about making fun of cows?

No. 1372760

Yeah, even though she has still been active in some things she definitely seems like the type of mom who just brings her kid with her regardless, they always seem to be together so if she's in Austin the baby probably is as well. In general this is probably good for most kids if the mother's lifestyle allows for it like hers does, to just be a normal part of the parent's life and not lose out on that early bonding time. But I do feel bad that he has to have Uncle Paul Blart, at least the friends she actually lives around aren't quite as fucked as he is.

No. 1372775

who cares? he's probably normal in person. all he has is his stupid dick sucking podcast fetishism. it's more sad than it is funny or worthy of contempt. he's a pathetic little man.

No. 1372784

>Violent racist Skinhead
>But it's cool now cause he's married to a black women
You know that doesn't absolve him of his previous racism, he could still be very prejudiced even with his POC partner

No. 1372789

>he's probably normal in person
just don't catch him when he finds donuts in the office break room kek

No. 1372803


this is so interesting keep posting this stuff

No. 1372805

Anna and now Dasha are in Austin right now. Scarethots speculating that they're going to be on Rogan.

No. 1372811

oh my god lmao cannot wait for the meltdowns on twitter about it

No. 1372818

Their patreon subs are going to be doubled this time next week

No. 1372836

were we aware that Freddie deboer is a cringey redscarepod sub poster??? https://www.reddit.com/user/freddie7

No. 1372850

Lol constantly self-promoting his substack. I think he’s bipolar, fits right in on the sub.

No. 1372852

File: 1637476548176.png (154.32 KB, 1261x460, joe rogan dashaanna.png)

someone posted this rumor on 4chinz

No. 1372908

its just rocky horror at this point right

No. 1372953

If that’s true it will be funny to see the reaction from his usual listeners

No. 1372991

well golly, if 4chan said it, it must be true!

No. 1373011

you guys know that plenty of other podcasters like perfume jack, barrett avner con_tain, and jack's circle of libertarians all live in the austin area right

No. 1373014

They may also be meeting with Alex Lee Moyer. NPCC is part of a company that Hadrian Belove founded, he’s trying to give all those people careers

No. 1373022

Why would they both fly out there for something as trivial as the fragrance fascist pod that a thousand people max will listen to? They'd only be there for Rogan or Dillon, and the latter's in the process of moving out, if he hasn't already.

No. 1373024

Alex Lee Moyer is in upstate new york fucking paul town right now

No. 1373025

Was she always a frog sympathizer, or was she stockholm syndrome'd while working on that alt-right documentary?

No. 1373035

File: 1637509614318.png (910.03 KB, 640x1136, F232BB88-76A1-47D5-9200-781ABC…)

The gang's all here

No. 1373037

she dated pedophile and libertarian cody wilson

No. 1373039

lol right. Maybe a 4chan post would mean something if it were posted before anyone knew that Anna and Dasha would be in Austin, this is just reiterating speculations that were already made

No. 1373094

File: 1637516910548.jpeg (72.17 KB, 640x538, 936B6151-F94E-4FAC-9000-F7FB6C…)

lol ok mr. podcaster

No. 1373151

File: 1637521104741.png (98.47 KB, 1174x410, leiaisthebadvibes.png)

Spot the lie. Why does does Leia show up in the mentions of every single tweet about downtown.

No. 1373172

as if it's not out of the realm of possibility given their Tim Dillon connection & the fact that the universe sees fit to keep giving the girls win after win

No. 1373182

If “the girls” get this win it’ll be because Joe Rogan gets paid to shill all of Peter Thiel’s IDW ghouls lol do people not understand how this works yet

No. 1373219

Is it that much if a win?

No. 1373223

Lmao it hasn't even confirmed and the coping has already begun

No. 1373227

the only ones coping will be dasha’s reps if anna starts screeching about vaccines, trans people, and how racism doesn’t exist or her other pet topics, pray for them

No. 1373241

Totally normal behavior for a father or a newborn

No. 1373242

>cope and seethe haturz red scare rulz ok!!!!11!
I’m not proud of it but my meanest thought when Scarethots invade this thread is “how ugly do you have to be to idolize Anna and Dasha” lmao

>is it that much of a win
YES BITCH don’t you know everyone aspires to be a middle aged edgeposter glued to outrage Twitter 24/7 for 5 years until one sweet day Rogan notices you??!!!?

No. 1373255

Austin is Peter Thiel's biodome EPCOT petri dish city.

No. 1373259

This has officially become the lib version of Fox News conservatives posting about Soros.

No. 1373270

uh huh so which part of "billionaires spend money to influence politics" do you not understand or agree with?

No. 1373305

its just that same thiel-obsessed loser mod (alexandrawallace69) who everyone on the red scare sub hates and who is constantly plagiarising from this thread. imagine being such a pathetic FAN to the extent that you post about dasha and anna all day for three years AND you're a mod on their sub, but you still think the pod is "bad" and "dangerous" cause its funded by "liTeRaL fAsCiStSS"!!

I have more respect for schizo gwen snyder types then haters who still manage to make red scare their entire identity. LongjumpingRow9 is another one of these, claims to hate the girls but has not stopped posting on the sub nearly every hour for like 4 YEARS

No. 1373310

longjumpingrow9 is a tranny janny power user who keeps AHS away so they can have their mean girl larp fantasy zone.

No. 1373311

Ohhh that makes sense. All of their posts on the sub about Anna allegedly getting Thiel money have this implied "so where's my cut?" tone. Too bad janny, you do it for free!

No. 1373319

File: 1637540095410.jpeg (690.44 KB, 1000x1500, model.jpeg)

I thought all the conspiracy posting was Kantbot personally doing it? Post about other things if you want to drown it out instead of starting another derail. Go back to the reddit.
American horror story?
She used to be an amateur model for friends in LA ten years ago.

No. 1373321

>She used to be an amateur model for friends in LA ten years ago.
and she's busted af so you've gotta admire the makeup + photoshop team because they clearly had their work cut out for them

No. 1373322

File: 1637540845286.jpg (97.37 KB, 960x720, bardfinn.jpg)

Against Hate Subreddits

No. 1373341

File: 1637545644586.png (426.27 KB, 640x1136, 5FCEB5B9-78E0-43B2-8850-FCB91D…)


No. 1373342

Maybe Dasha's in Texas filming extra scenes for Succession? Why else would she post this

No. 1373349

File: 1637547443035.png (92.58 KB, 489x495, terminal coomer.png)

Irony is dead (that's a mirror, "Carl")

No. 1373356

File: 1637548014864.png (93.92 KB, 503x480, resume.png)

the most interesting part of LB's public presence is her very obvious ambition, which is fundamentally at odds with the way she styles herself despite her attempts to brush it off breezily

No. 1373359

maybe HBO booked the Rogan appearance as promo? i did a quick glance at everyone's igs and no one else from the cast is in austin (greg still in ny for a zola screening, jerri in chicago etc.)

No. 1373362

Damn, Jigsaw is looking like shit in the new Saw

Is there a reason stuff about her being part of/doing things related to the show she's been on for ages by now always has to be posted with retarded captions like this? Like we get it already, you think it's an own to the thread, give it a rest

No. 1373373

when does Rogan usually post his episodes so we can get over this speculative bs?

No. 1373399

Why would Anna and Eli accompany her for such a thing lol

No. 1373400

Never listened to him but taking a quick look at Spotify it seems that he releases 3 episodes per week on weekdays

No. 1373425

File: 1637554796668.png (1.31 MB, 1160x1042, sucksession.png)

only 3 eps of the season left and all she's done is gawk in the background of every episode. what happened bros? will she even get to fuck greg?

No. 1373428

My god she literally posts "I was Pulitzer finalist" or some insufferable pretentious credential brag every single day, it's incredible. Like, can she hear herself. Lmao

No. 1373429

Exactly why she posted >>1373341 to remind everyone that she’s on the show, if only for 12 seconds per episode

No. 1373431

They show her for a few blink and you'll miss it shots in the next episode's preview. If anything with Greg happens guessing it will be at Ken's birthday party.

No. 1373432

shout out to all the dashafags rending their brandy melville garments and trying to get a good crying vid for tiktok

No. 1373440

File: 1637556271249.png (548.19 KB, 1438x972, Screen Shot 2021-11-21 at 11.3…)

From a redscarepod post about "what ever happened to Liz Bruenig's dog" - comment claims the creepy guy nonnies posted about here >>1359791 was her sugar daddy and paid for her and Matt's DC apartment. Anyone know deets? I wouldn't put it past a guy who laid it on so thick, he was clearly into Liz - sorry, "God's most perfect creation"

No. 1373445

>she's literally going to be president in 7 years
do these simps honestly believe this, or is it just performance?

No. 1373446

so matt bruenig is a literal cuck lol. this milk makes carl look even more retarded and tone-deaf here >>1373349

No. 1373447

Extremely cringe clip of Liz Bruenig's "jokes" at her recent Yale lecture. Poor dear, her simps really have her thinking she's funny.


No. 1373448

I honestly can't decipher Beijer's pure word salad but "egirl taking whatever attention she can get from creeps and teenagers bc she doesn't love herself" describes liz bruenig to an absolute t

No. 1373449

Anyone else notice how Dasha’s jowls suddenly disappear in closeup shots? It’s like they’re digitally de-aging her or something. Her skin also lacks texture and is weirdly shiny compared to the other actors

No. 1373452

i think they're trying to meme it into existence, we have to rebuke it every time they say it, the future is in our hands

ohh good eye nona, my reaction to this screen (after noting her gormless expression) was "hm, her jaw's looking tighter tho"

No. 1373461

Background Dasha and foreground Dasha look like completely different people.

No. 1373462

>she’s literally going to be president in 7 years
I mean it’s not completely insane, she’s obviously very ambitious and little psycho. I can see a Pete Buttigieg/Liz Bruenig scenario. One is a Rhodes scholar while the other is a Marshall scholar and both are Catholic or Catholic-adjacent, appeal to Midwestern whites in swing states, and are short queens. Liz is into autistic guys too, so they would get along. I ship.

No. 1373464

No. 1373466

File: 1637559104422.png (586.26 KB, 1788x438, Screen Shot 2021-11-22 at 12.3…)

makes last month's tweets about all the reasons Matt loves her funnier. "no no Matt, you stay home, i'll be…developing relationships with the neighbors"

No. 1373472

File: 1637559691746.jpeg (348.22 KB, 640x764, 5C071484-702B-421F-B919-69C1E4…)

Let's goooo

No. 1373483

nothing special, all the chapo guys completely ditched virgil a long while ago. matt is just the cattiest one online so he likes those kinds of posts. i almost feel bad for virgil considering how long he's collaborated with felix at least.

No. 1373569

what's the context of this? it's just a picture of him

No. 1373592

Agent 47 in the background about to assassinate him

No. 1373604

File: 1637574667155.jpeg (572.67 KB, 1125x1083, 0B4C2E0F-AA52-41D0-A150-689B55…)

Alice from Queens changed her profile pic to Margaret Qualley. As usual she doesn’t respond to the slew of “omg is this you??” maintaining plausible deniability like when people called her out on her antifa girl catfish. She’s been bitching about losing followers, maybe catfishing as a Chanel model will help!

No. 1373607

File: 1637576465556.png (96.62 KB, 475x475, dashasinfluence.png)

Dasha's influence

No. 1373612

File: 1637577322909.png (194.05 KB, 465x488, mecha 1.png)

These people suck so much. Leftcaths were a mistake, don't care if they all deeply regret their past fascism flirtations now, they're directly responsible for the integralist meme taking off. They started it, not the post-Trump race-realist tradcaths that are more ubiquitous.

No. 1373613

File: 1637577363860.png (63.76 KB, 607x303, mecha 2.png)

No. 1373617

File: 1637578397461.png (69.88 KB, 605x317, dashas tradcath buddy.png)

No. 1373618

File: 1637578451035.jpeg (67.01 KB, 510x680, bernie dsa pro life caucus cat…)

the tard in question

No. 1373663

this is barely worth kicking a fuss about, especially since the phrase was attributed to red scare proponent deneen in an article here. the succession writers know leftcaths are dumb losers, and op's photo proves the point.


No. 1373668

Will Arbery was a consultant on this season, so if it didn't come from Dasha it came from him.

No. 1373670

they may be dumb losers, but their kept-at-a-distance figurehead is the most influential non-politician leftist in the country.

No. 1373672


No. 1373679

TrueAnon does VR chat. Pretty funny, they're accosted by a pair of 7-year-old Narutos

No. 1373818


Don’t. I met him and he doesn’t deserve anyones sympathy

No. 1373851


No. 1373852

Are you talking about Matt or Virgil?

No. 1373855

File: 1637607584972.jpeg (56.85 KB, 405x540, 54356543.jpeg)

No. 1373858

>I had a part in inventing integralism
Do these people actually believe they are that special for copying a right-wing trend?

No. 1373862

So this was the real reason they were in Austin. Full circle moment for sailor socialism.

No. 1373869

I've lost respect for Alex Jones

No. 1373891

Wow the wildest possible scenario. Have to admit this is quite the coup. The ladies’ opioid drawled half-remembered 4chan conspiracies are truly no match for Alex’s gakked out bigbrain schizo power, this will be fun to watch for stans and haters alike

No. 1373917

lmao jack loses again. an interview with a member of the "dirtbag leftist vegetable drawer" that he was ranting about a few months ago, plus dasha doesn't even bother to visit him in person while she's there

No. 1373918

dasha and opn officially broke up, anna confirms dasha is single on latest pod

No. 1373955

from sailor socialism to cozying up with a menagerie of minor rw millionaires. it's like they have no actual beliefs.

No. 1373960

sailor socialism on infowars looking more and more like a contrived bit(learn2sage)

No. 1373973

>an interview with a member of the "dirtbag leftist vegetable drawer" that he was ranting about a few months ago
I mean, it's not like this turn of events makes that tweet any more retarded. Anna & Dasha were already either fans of those people or interviewed them. They fit neatly in that "vegetable drawer" and yet he still simps A&D

No. 1373975

it’s almost like Anna and Dasha are dumb attention-seekers with no moral principles
they’re probably talking about Honey BreuBreu, which is sad as hell, as she’s neither a leftist nor half as influential as people on this thread think she is

No. 1374011

anna is more right wing than dasha, judging by her twitter likes. But together they are basically anti woke social democrats. But the whole bernie thing is out of style now.(sage)

No. 1374015

Anna’s eyes look like they’re falling off her face and Dasha has no eyes

No. 1374100

takes me back to the vrchat hayday kermit suicide videos. why are podcasters / the downtown scene always mining cultural trends 10 years too late?

No. 1374107

who is this bitch anyway, i recognized her avi/handle but don't really know anything about her. seems awful

No. 1374108

How tall are Anna and Dasha? I always thought they were small (5’4”-ish) but they look so tall there next to him

No. 1374139

the og leftcaths did indeed start the current integralism trend with the tradinista manifesto.

No. 1374142

Alex is short. His "official" height is 5'10" but he's closer to 5'8".

No. 1374146

I would peg him shorter, maybe 5 foot 6. He’s got that manlet rage

No. 1374152


Some funny responses, red scare stans invading to defend their faves

No. 1374154

It's amusing to me that some of them took the Sailor Socialism bit seriously and still believe it represents her true views, and she really hates Alex Jones and is pulling a 4D chess move by having a good time with him and talking to him uncritically. What else does she need to do to get through to them that she's abandoned their dying dipshit political movement now that the well has run dry?

No. 1374157

File: 1637635430761.jpeg (108.13 KB, 625x592, A01519A7-AEEC-4F2E-B2A7-44FF67…)

Nobody tell them Naomi Pierce is in the comments on Dasha's IG post with flame emojis

No. 1374161

File: 1637635524012.png (92.73 KB, 475x534, opps.png)

"All my opps are possessed by the devil" - Liz Bruenig

No. 1374163

File: 1637635773579.jpg (243.91 KB, 750x928, F0RqlGt.jpg)

Why is that New York Mag writer always up Dasha's ass? Speaking of, scarethots found this profile of her that's in the next print issue of NY Mag but isn't online. Wonder if they're holding it because of the Jones interview? It's by their party reporter who keep covering people in their circle. Article pasted at the link. The reporter got some maybe on purpose digs in. Dasha is vapid and giving the same boring answers. https://www.reddit.com/r/redscarepod/comments/r02556/80_minutes_with_dasha_nekrasova_for_new_york/

No. 1374164

>You guys are fucking pathetic, maybe do some research instead of talking shit about someone and spreading lies like the OP. Dasha has a podcast and is open about her politics, she got famous for shitting on alex jones and said everyone at infowars had brainworms.
There are so many anons posting like this on reddit, twitter, chans, wherever. Are they trolling? Have they been in a coma since 2018? Or have they never actually listened to the pod?

No. 1374187

File: 1637638024584.png (111.86 KB, 1216x550, huh.png)

No. 1374190

If Dasha and Liz B's continued success in spite of everything doesn't prove God is real, I don't know what does.

No. 1374215

Anyone listen to the whole Alex Jones ep? What did they talk about?

No. 1374242


they asked him prepared questions. they really wanted him to like them and they cooed and giggled at his jokes, especially when he said dasha could come on infowars but only if she wore the sailor outfit. but most of the content was him talking about his theories and experiences. especially getting sued.

No. 1374252

I did it was good. 2 hours 7 min, 99% Alex Jones talking, almost no Dasha, Anna, or the Alex Lee Moyer woman who made the upcoming doc about him which the episode was ostensibly promoting.
He said the woman with the infowars mic in the Sailor Socialism video was not an Infowars employee, just someone green who wanted to work at Infowars.

No. 1374254

Anna is 5'3" and Dasha is is 5'7" or 5'8"

No. 1374256

it was kinda weird when Dasha was lamenting with Jones on the pod that the clip of him pronouncing her name wrong is lost due to him being deplatformed, like she wanted to watch it again but couldn't, when it's been on the highlights top of her instagram since it aired. maybe she forgot or maybe she was being disingenuous.

No. 1374258

I followed Dasha for like 5 years before the whole Infowars thing happened in 2018 and it definitely wasn't staged

No. 1374259

How is that possible? In the pic of the 3 of them they look the same height.

No. 1374262

Ashton's got a long history with the alt-right, she got her start shilling her knockoff-Lauren Southern YouTube channel on /pol/ and she was with Baked Alaska for a while.

No. 1374263

how did you discover her? tumblr? vine? you never really hear about pre-Sailor Socialism Dasha stans, but I guess they must exist since she did have a minor internet presence before then.

No. 1374264

Wasn't there a picture of an old id that said Dasha is 5'4".
She might just be dumb. She still has a highlight of her romantic trip to Japan with Adam up there.
Why? Just wondering. I don't think it was staged and it going semi-viral wasn't fake.
Perfect timing. "the delicately beautiful, brutally intelligent 30-year-old Nekrasova, already niche famous (or niche outrageous) as co-host of the button-pushing podcast Red Scare, might find her way to a more mainstream fame. Last year, Interview called her a “Dimes Square socialite,” and the cool-kid lockdown newspaper The Drunken Canal predicted, “DASHA will become the new and better Chloë Sevigny.” It’s time, as her PR-strategist Succession character might put it, to take Dasha to scale."

No. 1374266

She isn't going to receive any industry pushback from the Jones interview whatsoever lol. Alex has tons of fans in Hollywood, even Brad Pitt watches InfoWars.

No. 1374267

Chapo just put out an Oliver Stone interview, it's a big day for the dirtbag left meeting their idols.

No. 1374270

Just her reaction when the video came out, at that time she was basically a bernie bro, this whole shift to the right is very recent
Instagram, its very strange to see her get somewhat popular because she had like 4,000 followers or so at the time I started following her, then when she started dating Adam thats when she got real traction

No. 1374280

According to the pod Anna is 5’4” and Dash is 5’7” so it’s only a 3 inch difference

No. 1374329

File: 1637662224968.jpg (109.95 KB, 960x714, red scare tumblr mood board 1.…)

complete crystallization of dashacore as evidenced by tumblr moodboards - what comes next?

No. 1374330

File: 1637662300939.jpg (53.67 KB, 640x550, red scare tumblr mood board 2.…)

No. 1374331

File: 1637662406642.jpg (96.73 KB, 640x629, red scare tumblr mood board 3.…)

No. 1374338

File: 1637662610383.jpg (72.25 KB, 640x640, red scare tumblr mood board 4.…)

No. 1374341

File: 1637662805365.jpg (69.9 KB, 640x678, red scare tumblr mood board 5.…)

No. 1374353

>trans flag
You know an aesthetic is played out and over when trannies get in on it

No. 1374365

Anna is wearing boots. Alex is a manlet

No. 1374374

Nah bro Dasha larps as 5’7” to make 120 lb seem skinny, she’s 5’4” per government ID, dead average. Anna is a few inches shorter than her so prob 5 foot or 5’1” - she has the bizarre proportions of all the womanlets I know but copes about her short waist bc pErFeCt rAtiO

No. 1374376

>"delicately beautiful, brutally intelligent 30-year-old Nekrasova”
Once again I am asking how ugly and stupid do you have to be to believe this about Dasha lmao. Then again, google the author

No. 1374380

Right on anon. What is this trend of people saying they are 3 inches taller than they are? I’ve seen it happening with classmates for years, like people shorter than me would say they’re my height? You wouldn’t think women would be so insecure about their height, but alas

No. 1374395

File: 1637676367903.jpeg (141.52 KB, 640x868, 986406C6-BF6C-48D5-A2A3-BA2EA1…)

Fat Jack struggling to cope now that his right-wing child prodigy said he supports BLM

No. 1374421

It’s not a trend, men and women have been doing it for centuries and high heels exist for a reason. There are lots of reasearch-supported social and even financial advantages to being perceived as taller, especially in places like NYC where tall + skinny + rich is the beauty norm. It’s kind of a dumb LARP when people know your real height and have functioning eyes, but Anna & Dasha love dumb LARPs.

No. 1374422

Lol watching the schadenfreude when right wing boomer Amerifats realize their latest “conservative hero” is actually just a dumb 17-year-old zoomer with a Rambo fantasy is going to be DELIGHTFUL

No. 1374433

what are you talking about 17 year olds are famous for having very well rounded political views

No. 1374444

>it's a libtard conspiracy
>idiot kid's beliefs are all over the map because he's an idiot kid

Pick one fatty

No. 1374472

>it was good
>Alex Jones talking
pick one

No. 1374481

>not continuously tying themselves in hypocritical knots to justify their ill-defined feelings-based politics and not caring because that's the human condition
pick one

No. 1374482

The girls barely said anything, which my default puts this episode on top for me. And Alex is a skilled entertainer, he’s been at this for decades. It was funny when Dasha asked him if some of the conspiracy theories that float around were CIA psyops and he says he’s never taken orders from them, but then a few minutes later he’s talking about all his buddies in a the CIA.

Baked and Birdie are unironically sub-90 IQ and would have been gassed in Nazi Germany.

No. 1374487

File: 1637689754835.png (5.33 MB, 2500x1244, Screen Shot 2021-11-23 at 12.4…)

Dasha's entire outfit is from Brandy Melville so now we know she was prob panic shopping the day she was posted on Twitter. if u read here Dasha, you need a size up in that skirt, knife pleats should lay flat when standing.

something going on around Anna's eyes lately makes her look like a zombie. the skin around her eyes and temples is so thin and her face is blown up with fillers elsewhere. odd effect. also love when women go shooting and spend the whole time taking le epic gun selfies, i'm ~NLOG, i hold GUNZ ok

No. 1374498

File: 1637690921532.png (3.88 MB, 1994x1114, brain worms.png)

where da pirate feed anons? i listened to the preview and it was funny to hear the girls alive and engaged for once. they're such pickmes they don't bother trying when it's just each other, but throw a man in the room and suddenly they're all perked up, engaged and flirty. they're such transparent hags giggling at Jones' every utterance but i'm curious to hear an episode where they make some effort.

Dasha's delusion was also on full display re: Sailor Socialism. to Jones: "you weren't mean, you just made fun of my vocal register." lmao Alex roasted her mercilessly, called her a "dumb moron" and said: "i feel sorry for this woman, she's so stupid"

No. 1374502

Wearing head-to-toe teenage fast fashion trends doesn't make you a loli, Dasha. If anything it draws more attention to your wrinkles and rapidly aging appearance. Minus the hideous 2007 hipster mullet, at least Anna knows how to dress and present herself as a functioning adult.

No. 1374506


No. 1374535

Bless anon

No. 1374546


Absolutely in awe of Anna's ability to pick the fucking ugliest haircuts time after time. Also, her clothes are horrendous

No. 1374594

honestly iconic, cant wait.

No. 1374596

>better than chloe

umm no lol

No. 1374600

she's not wearing fast fashion though

No. 1374605

let's be real, Alex is incredibly (whether intentionally or not) funny. I'd laugh at anything he'd say too. Esp in that low cookie monster voice.

there's a good handful of episodes where there is effort, including anna's appearance on other pods.

No. 1374608

You don't think Brandy is fast fashion?

No. 1374616

is that actually brandy though?
dasha always mentions on the pod going on etsy or ebay finding vintage pieces though?

No. 1374617

yet, she pulls it off, and you probably couldn't lol!

No. 1374619

Aww look, an unsaged scarethot defending her fast fashion kweens

No. 1374622

you're probably incredibly fat, it's ok!

No. 1374630

How obese do you have to be to worship a jowly size 4 as a thinspo kween lol. You sound porky.

No. 1374634

Right? Scarethots love calling other people fat, yet their "thinspo" is two short squat homely looking women. It really tells you everything about their looks.

No. 1374635

https://twitter.com/stanwarecook samememe new account btw.

No. 1374636

A shitload of her clothes are from Brandy, and most of those tennis skirts are from LA Apparel (which, while not conventional fast fashion, is not vintage thrifting)

No. 1374677

Jesus Christ, nothing more white trash than smoking cigarettes in the year 20 fucking 21. I bet she smokes in the house with her newborn too. She really looks like pure garbage here.

No. 1374682

No. 1374683


it's so easy to bait you ugly retards lol, stay mad and fat! ;)(infighting )

No. 1374690

in episodes where they have a guest who shit talked them or guest for someone who they shit on everyone just feigns amnesia or says it wasn't that bad or just moves past it quickly. it's not like any of it is particularly genuine, "it's a living" for them to shit talk eachother so logically it's not that weird but it is a little irritating to listen to and makes everyone seem fake and dumb.

I can't think of anyone who handles past beef artfully or in a funny way… maybe it just doesn't happen in the little podcast business sphere.

No. 1374744

Having seen the selfies posted in the private scarethot subreddit, you're absolutely right. It's entirely homely reddit wives and chunky twenty-somethings with unfortunate facial features trying to convince themselves that they're not ugly but rather "european". There's a surprising amount of overlap with the vindicta subreddit, which makes sense because both subs are essentially just male-free safe spaces for uglies to practice their stacy larping in.

No. 1374746

they're always up to date if you check the rss

No. 1374834

File: 1637710192881.png (3.29 MB, 1128x1869, NLOG.png)

this group of cows really love taking stupid posed gun photos

No. 1374837

Hollywood is one of the fucking hearts of aggressive capitalism and conservative power structures in the world. It's always been an extremely conservative business, all the "Hollywood liberal" stuff is just a marketing campaign.
>the delicately beautiful, brutally intelligent 30-year-old Nekrasova
I'm gonna vomit
Dasha really has the best PR agent

No. 1374845

File: 1637711006892.jpeg (30.82 KB, 400x400, F27C5BD1-A69D-4E30-B4DD-EF9783…)

Agree on the vom but not on the PR agent. Idek if Dasha has representation, if so they should be getting her better press than a web-only NYmag column known for profiling cowish microcelebs and that high school level photographers blog last month where she showed feet and made fuckme eyes in a dirty bathtub and Macy’s clothes.

Picrel is the author of the NYmag profile btw. Suspect he reached out to Dasha since he’s mentioned her in multiple previous columns and is just sucking up with these cringe lines about her Chernobyl face and 100 IQ

No. 1374846

It wasn't staged, but it wasn't random either. Dasha was there promoting a shitty indie movie.
The Channel 5/All Gas No Brakes guy once mentioned that when he shows up somewhere with his camera crew, he doesn't have to seek out people to interview. Crazy people just tend to make a beeline for him because they want to be on camera, they want the attention. So I'm guessing Dasha and her friends were just lurking around the cameras on purpose hoping to get interviewed.
tl;dr she's an attention whore

No. 1374849

Pics please, I wanna see lmao

No. 1374850

Lol these girls really are embarrassing. Nothing says gen-u-ine gun lover like a millennial in a margiela hoodie doing her best toughface in the foyer of her parents tastefully decorated suburban home

No. 1374851

Second this, please humor us nonna!! Have long suspected the primary RS fan base to be sad flyover girls and gays who dream of visiting New York someday and don’t know you pass 10 women hotter and more fashionable than Anna and Dasha walking to the bus stop

No. 1374860

does she still have the same agent that couldn't save Nick from the More Like 5AM shit?

No. 1374873

Every one of these people wouldbe FTM if they were born a decade later.

No. 1374894

I swear leia and Maddie are mtf

No. 1374905

File: 1637719218168.jpg (1.18 MB, 1236x1490, girlsngays.jpg)

I haven't used reddit in a long time so I can't offer anything as funny/sad as the girl with the life-sized dasha cutout, but here's the first eight selfies I saw scrolling through the subreddit rn. I'd say it's pretty representative - as you can tell, these are some seriously sophisticated and ethereal waifs lol

Flyover girls and gays is basically right on the mark. Looking through, what stands out is how utterly mundane these people are. It's basically a completely average group of redditors (complete with bad hair and weak jawlines) who've convinced themselves that they're more worldly and tasteful than the rest of their ilk. They pretend to like music, but all they talk about is lana del rey and taylor swift. They pretend to like film, but all they post is ~aesthetic~ photosets of sissy spacek. They're supposedly into fashion, but they're happy to wear a jersey skater skirt. They post pictures of their gluten free cakes and blog about their normal white collar jobs, but always makes sure to sprinkle in words like "derelict" and "retarded". Absolutely none of them are underweight.

No. 1374916

jack's obsession with chypres because they contain a banned ingredient that is proven to cause allergies is so strange, he's more likely to cause an allergic reaction on himself than anyone else

I actually had no idea who jack was when I listened to his podcast but I like film and perfume so I gave it a go and I have no idea how people listen to this his voice is so unsuitable for podcast, not only is it gay sounding in a very unattractive way he's constantly out of breath in a very fat way too

No. 1374924

I know red scare fans irl and they are good looking fashionable went to a prestigious art school etc, etc. they all have eating disorders though and probably see the podcast as like having a DUFF who's willing to say things you aren't
this is just a sample of people who would willing post a photo of themselves on reddit

No. 1374926

Fucking dead at everything, you're so on the money with every single point, thank ya nonny!

No. 1374927

I'm not saying that's impossible, but
>good looking fashionable went to a prestigious art school etc, etc. they all have eating disorders though
doesn't even apply to the rs hosts themselves lol

No. 1374950

File: 1637724160058.jpeg (2.92 MB, 4032x3024, liz bruenig mississippi news e…)

Liz Bruenig looking absolutely emaciated on local Mississippi news

No. 1374975

Damn this is disturbing. Her thinness is very apparent in her shoulders and hands and it’s aging her face. So pale too. Feel like she does the classic ED thing of showily making and “mentioning” food constantly but not eating it. While publicly humblebragging about her “tiny insect arms” and weighing twice as much as her toddler. I hope she gets help, that’s no way to raise daughters and competing with them on weight already is not a good sign

No. 1374976

Bless you nonna. These are the people who call us fat lmao. Bigtime Stacy larp

No. 1374977

god trannies make art and culture so lame

No. 1374979

Benjamin Button syndrome

No. 1374980

The twunk is kinda cute. Why even throw him in this collage

No. 1374981

His hair is pretty bad and his face is very retarded looking

No. 1374982

These were just the first selfies I saw, I wanted to provide a relatively unbiased sample. I don't think he's particularly unattractive, but you have to admit that his look is very abercrombie-core flyover gay.

No. 1374983

wow her hair is thinning as bad as carl's

No. 1374984

File: 1637728060278.png (49.64 KB, 612x286, kek.png)

No. 1374985

This looks like an interview at a halfway house, she needs to start licking the beaters or something

No. 1374986

The top row all look like they could live in nyc. Contrary to popular belief, there isn’t a shortage of overweight women in nyc

No. 1375001

for real, so tired of them always praising themselves while being the most self-absorbed mentally ill freaks I had the displeasure of seeing

No. 1375014

he’s not trans, he’s a queeny gay dude trying to be Billy Porter
shit writer though, and he just writes about the same boring Dimes Square people over and over

No. 1375111

looks and sounds like a dying animal

No. 1375128

Oh my god so ugly just like matt, Carl etc

No. 1375129

File: 1637753836273.jpeg (158.84 KB, 782x1024, A40A8EE0-86B7-417F-86E2-FF74A6…)


This is the saddest picture I’ve ever seen of them. Look how dirty and sketchy they look next to Alex Lee Moyer, who is by far the oldest at 43-45? and was never a supermodel either but looks presentable, stylish and washed her hair before going out that day. Dasha looks even more like a mtf then usual with that awkward dark academia vest/spinny skirt and Anna looks like she’s taking her fashion and hair styling now from victor tsoi , which would be a cool look if she actually tried to adapted it to her body type and gender

No. 1375172

File: 1637762979395.png (348.65 KB, 592x489, shameful.png)

>"I just witnessed an execution. Let's make it all about me. Don't I look so tired uwu? Being a journalist sure is tough."

No. 1375177

File: 1637763417957.jpeg (613.07 KB, 1170x1304, 49270800-D88D-4313-856B-1D56D7…)

Aimee doesn't even believe in free healthcare anymore

No. 1375179

>The GOP needs to adopt a universal healthcare platform already
lmfao "the GOP needs to do a thing that not a single Republican politician advocates for and not a single Republican donor wants" good luck buddy

No. 1375180

Aimee's taking the orthodox socialist position here. Welfarism placates the workers and strengthens capital's grip over the state over the long run, particularly in the absence of a strong labor movement. This has always been the left critique of the Berniecrats: you were never going to win, and even if you did you'd merely allow your movement to be absorbed into the system you're supposedly fighting against.

No. 1375193

russiancosmist, like aimee, doesn't even live in the united states

No. 1375215


The thread was about how prep for gays and gastric bypass is making peoples premiums unaffordable, the insect that posted it has no idea apparently that giving deathfats gastric bypass is CHEAPER then covering a lifetime of obesity and diabetes related care which should be self evident for anyone that has more then two brain cells to rub against each other

No. 1375221

File: 1637768182254.jpeg (391.1 KB, 1284x2203, 24BB221D-67FF-43B1-9CC7-775B4A…)

Dasha’s sweater is 100% this Aritzia sweater. At least it’s not Brandy, but it’s still fast fashion bullshit at a slightly higher price. You too nonnie can look this bad for 61 USD.

No. 1375235

File: 1637777506671.png (334.68 KB, 980x1258, updatedprofile.png)

The Cut profile of Dasha was posted online with this added to it.

No. 1375254

File: 1637780475216.jpeg (483.2 KB, 1170x1179, 2B93334F-012C-4F6E-8B9E-73839E…)

He finally wrote something good, i take back my kyle brown slander

No. 1375273

girls at 14 write more engaging love shit than this on ao3 and arent even pretentious about it. since forever. men are so predictable i swear ive read this shit before cause they all cant write about women for shit. LAZY.

No. 1375279

This blows. It's truly embarrassing to watch a bunch of 30-year-olds larp as woody allen characters, this might be one of the worst hipster personas yet.

No. 1375282

File: 1637783066275.png (Spoiler Image, 974.54 KB, 720x811, B6D50891-F79A-4FEC-B1FA-0196D2…)

i was waiting for someone to mention the tumblr/pinterest/whatever RSP orbiters because they’re completely unhinged. it’s really entertaining to go through their tags on tumblr and see them all post the same proana-adjacent, “read the bell jar and girl interrupted and sees herself as a superior academic now”, ballet/“nymphette”/supermodel “aesthetic”, and regurgitate the same word salads over and over. picrel is a particularly disturbing image i found on red scare fan tumblr

No. 1375283

File: 1637783168525.png (Spoiler Image, 463.86 KB, 400x588, B854119D-02FC-445E-BED8-A2F778…)

another. i see these stupid little lists pretty often and they’re all virtually the same

No. 1375284

File: 1637783222640.png (379.19 KB, 400x493, E45A4F0A-8E26-47E9-AC89-91FB47…)

they’re posting this without a shred of self-awareness unfortunately

No. 1375286

File: 1637783399779.png (148.3 KB, 1196x482, Screen Shot 2021-11-24 at 2.48…)

You're not wrong, but it's interesting to see how many of these "class-only leftists" abandoned even this issue and are on the same side as the GOP on it

See above. Aimee supported Sanders and one of her qualms with Warren was that her calls for M4A and other welfare benefits weren't sincere enough. That got boring so now the new edgy thing is to just deny the need for M4A

No. 1375289

File: 1637783797509.png (310.71 KB, 696x1474, Screen Shot 2021-11-24 at 2.54…)

Jesus christ this is unhinged. Romanticizing the ways of the Amish is just the icing on the cake, none of these terminally online rightoids could last a day in their shoes

No. 1375290

I don’t buy it. This guy has all the signs of being gay on the down low

No. 1375291

File: 1637783936546.png (77.99 KB, 1242x334, madatfreddiepart1.png)

Anna and Dasha are mad at Freddie's substack that uses them as an example. Anna's writing is way more tortured than his so not sure what the deal is.

No. 1375295

File: 1637784122431.png (1.01 MB, 1068x1334, part2.png)

Aimee finally turns on him.

No. 1375305

I mean its a pretty pathetic and creepy piece, especially when he posts every day on the redscarepod sub while pretending that he's morally superior to them. they also know from amber that he used to stalk and harass her, they are probably afraid of him showing up to their door in one of his manic episodes

No. 1375306

File: 1637785803713.jpeg (317 KB, 1399x729, E67D8D82-A0DE-43AC-9533-A56EB9…)

In earlier threads her connection to M Schmitz was noted
Only listened to first couple of minutes of this, she claims to freelance writing marketing copy, which, if true, indicates an ability to write

No. 1375307

It's kinda shameless of him to shill his substack on a podcast's subreddit while trying to pick a fight with the hosts at the same time.

No. 1375313

Was that really him she was talking about? Never heard that before. Don't think he said anything in his substack that they wouldn't say about themselves or very insulting but I couldn't read the entire thing. He's just saying they're part of the anti-woke wave? Didn't see the parts I read that directly mentioned them as trying to pick a fight. Maybe I'm missing something.
I don't think Aimee can neurologically write more than 25 coherent words at this point. Believe it when I see it.

No. 1375326

>they also know from amber that he used to stalk and harass her, they are probably afraid of him showing up to their door in one of his manic episodes
More information on this please? All I remember is that Amber said someone who was writing for Current Affairs was stalking her and that it was an ex-boyfriend. I don't believe that these two dated but I could be very wrong

No. 1375381

What's with these women and describing themselves as "sweet", "nurturing", "possessing a generosity of spirit", etc? They're a pair of sour harridans with a catty podcast, that's like the opposite of sweet.

No. 1375388

Principled, sweet, caring, right wing

No. 1375465

File: 1637801675025.jpeg (197.67 KB, 629x788, 1FFB40DB-FF55-4D00-BE9E-D3752C…)


No. 1375473

nice poem, bald and vermin-pilled.

No. 1375492

Freddie turned on her like a year ago

No. 1375495

please be sarcasm

No. 1375496

He is literally gay, he's been trying to mindfuck himself straight for a minute now.

No. 1375508

If Aimee Laba is taking the orthodox socialist position here, it’s an accident. She is no Marxist - she herself admits that she does not read - she is a simple resentful racist.

No. 1375527

She likes it cos its an unflattering picture of a fat black woman
Unlike the wignats who she differs from with their calipers and 'science' based racism she is just deeply actually racist

No. 1375550

She’s a weird Australian who is making money posting about American politics, nothing more really going on

No. 1375578

File: 1637818372952.jpeg (239.56 KB, 354x780, D2F87890-DD4B-4F5C-B291-DECF56…)

…was Aimee ever considered "cool"?

No. 1375581

This reads like low-key shade.

Absolutely hideous. Dasha never saw a cheap polyester fast fashion zoomer trend she could pass up.

I love how Aimee's only real interaction lately is with mask-off white nationalists4. Couldn't have happened to a nicer Twitter sperg.

Idk who this person is, but their post is pure mental illness.

No. 1375583

No but I guess it’s a living. She is entirely an internet product, totally insane to anyone introduced to her now

No. 1375598

No it was good. This is nearly my only exposure to him. He went off. He reminds me of the old guys in my family, even went into Quiverfull bullshit. Crazy, fun to listen to. Sorry lol

No. 1375604

Is she aware that there are many people “on the left” that are not public internet narcissists? More than 5, certainly.

No. 1375849

so fucking embarassing lol

No. 1375852

yeah this guy sucks as much as them honestly and i don't knwo where he got the idea he's some kind of talented literary artist or somethign lol, people in the comments to his substack comparing him to Yeats. please kill me

No. 1375913

File: 1637878999233.png (1.35 MB, 640x1136, BA9A59C3-1BCF-40EA-BEE7-D2AF76…)

Yeah, they're fucking.

No. 1375994

No. 1376044

Is it true that Sean McCarthy's wife left him?

No. 1376119

Think that’s Liz B and the old benefactor guy she talked about in that article where she alludes to her abusive parents

No. 1376185

Liz B and her sugar daddy

No. 1376199

File: 1637938651854.png (231.71 KB, 405x546, L.png)

Some think tank goblin really wrote a whole NYT op-ed about how liberals would be happier if they imitated Liz Bruenig. Stay simpin

No. 1376216

>eating disordered
>Twitter addict
>attends executions for fun
>wears same depression sweatshirt daily
>smokes weed daily
>daddy issues visible from outer orbit
>melts down over mild criticism
>is sold as barometer of happiness to be exalted and imitated

No. 1376252

Watching Twitter users forget in real-time that people exist outside of twittter is always funny

No. 1376292

File: 1637953328846.png (121.87 KB, 1180x550, bitter.png)

The quotes from Dasha in the profile are exactly the same as the ones written by fangirls so don't get what her issue is. Maybe she should try being interesting? Was being called "delicately beautiful, brutally intelligent" not enough flattery?

No. 1376396

File: 1637963134999.png (618.43 KB, 1180x2330, fuck alice from queens.png)

anon blocks alice from queens and immediately spills tea on their group chats, all of this makes sense when you observe chapo and their reply guys (horse dewormer, the "treats" discourse etc.)

No. 1376397

honestly i'd hop on the next old rich dick i could if I had to spend every night under matt's doughy soy body (while carl jerks off in the corner)

No. 1376399

wouldn't you? imagine having to hear about JFK and 9/11 for the 100th time that day in between pfizer booster shots and voting democrat

No. 1376400

File: 1637963443650.png (391.16 KB, 1186x1442, more gc.png)

more on group chats from gayestepdad

No. 1376421

File: 1637965003927.png (71.24 KB, 1176x198, 675435654354.png)

Who is this account? What accounts besides Alice was he associated with?
This tweet is absolutely true. You see people change their entire beliefs and personalities in a few months.

No. 1376430

The "treats" shit was so funny, they clearly wanted it to take off and be the big defining take on inflation that would be used to shut down anyone complaining about rising prices. They expected everyone from 14 year old white girls to Black Twitter to be like "ay fr these conservatives do be wanting they treats doe" and dropped it out of embarrassment when it didn't catch on. Their sheer impotence and inability to control the narrative these days is pretty amusing to me.

No. 1376447

File: 1637966755507.png (332.73 KB, 880x1168, kjhgdfvbvcxcv.png)

This guy admitting he only had 400 followers until he started getting into "covid skepticism" sours his valid point about behind the scenes discourse. Classic move to denounce people and say you're revealing the truth about them when you're moving on to feeding off of an opposing audience. Looks like he's jumped to the FedPost anti-irony left type crowd and followed the same path Anna has. He's suddenly decided Anna is smart after calling Red Scare idiots and calling Dasha's infowars interview an op a few years ago?

No. 1376525

Sorry maybe I’m retarded but isn’t he criticizing Anna here?

No. 1376537

The screenshot was an example of how the account used to be.

No. 1376576

File: 1637976635370.png (447.59 KB, 599x693, Proudboyscout.png)

No. 1376674

you'd think being favorably juxtapositioned with Kanye at the end of the piece would leave her satisfied despite the more critical late-addition paragraphs about the Alex Jones interview, but.

No. 1376764

the PPP slack is also like this. Matt Bruenig workshops all his takes there. He even crowdsources all his op-eds and articles; he once admitted on his pod that a piece attributed to him in the NYT was written entirely by a couple other guys in the slack.

No. 1376871

it goes beyond political "takes" too. You ever wonder how the perry lawyer guy came from and how he got so much attention so quick? there are gcs of twitter influencers who arbitrarily decide what's going to be big/funny that month

the orb pondering? two guys looking out the window of the bus? Not organic.

it's a conspiracy on the smallest imaginable scale, but big accts will literally blow up low follow egirls in the hope that they'll get nudes/sex..just look at who felix is replying to that week and you'll see them explode to 20k

No. 1376872

i hate culture

No. 1376880

Who is this?

No. 1376884

Some post left guy who mostly posts very mild takes about inflation and the COVID vaccine, left Twitter has been very upset with him for the past month for reasons that aren't exactly clear considering he isn't particularly inflammatory and his political opinions are a dime a dozen. It comes across like they're just bitter that their clique doesn't have the sway it used to and are taking it out on a random 6k follower account, but I really can't tell you exactly what is going on there.(learn2sage)

No. 1376903

Dasha once again has about 5 seconds or less of screen time on latest Succession ep

No. 1376953

File: 1638007868522.jpeg (221.87 KB, 620x699, 2DFB5290-9E06-4D99-A63C-432E52…)

This mf said Notre Damn

No. 1376989

op is an umemployed trust fund NEET who went on road trips during the pandemic and admits going to nyc private schools his whole life. that’s why he never once mentions his own job or going to work when ranting about covid conspiracies. no better than anna k.

No. 1377074

File: 1638036246300.jpeg (422.62 KB, 1170x1426, F9561EF3-28BE-404D-BCE5-307FEA…)

Funniest part of the Dasha article is her thinking that she’s any model for “femininity”. Kek why yes Dasha we should encourage all young women to wear pleated skirts and hair ribbons into their thirties, think 12 year old pre pubescent girls have the ideal bodies and form a Wellbutrin addiction. Genuinely confused about what anyone would want to aspire to from her fucked up life.

No. 1377121

File: 1638041411663.png (30.31 KB, 540x336, FE59uFyWQAQDIgY.png)

List of all the dozens of times "Alice" has tweeted about semen by one of the Russiangate Libs. https://twitter.com/UrSchoolBonds/status/1463244773050007559
"Alice" has probably never been sexually harassed for what she really looks like so makes sense she like all the other cows supports fellow men in these situations.

No. 1377163

File: 1638046503440.jpeg (128.17 KB, 1080x1049, FFJG758XIAELWJv.jpeg)

yeah he's completely inoffensive but has the most deranged people melting down in his mentions at any given time. mostly chapocels and "irony" accounts but also the occasional bluecheck/woman beater/race grifter (pic related)

No. 1377165

File: 1638046904001.png (1.28 MB, 1178x2292, mental illness.png)

anti-anti-woketards are becoming more retarded than anti-woketards. who do we think is behind these dms? that chiwee account?

No. 1377171

is it true Alice is virgil's alt?

No. 1377175

You know, Quasimodo predicted all this

No. 1377217

does anyone know what happen to his podcast lol?

No. 1377220

lol at talking about twitter like this

No. 1377223

nah i mean he's not as bad as like aimee but he's definitely really annoying and stupid lol

No. 1377229

File: 1638058486741.png (195.65 KB, 382x394, Screenshot 2021-11-28 at 12.13…)

any milk on this fucker? feel like he 's been getting more and more right wing but i never really followed him too closely…something weird about him though lol

No. 1377230

If you're a passionate leftist maybe, but even then I can't really see how his boring ass tweets about how shoplifting is bad can inspire much hatred. I think it says a lot about yourself if you actually give a shit about stuff like that.

No. 1377236

he's a harmless shitposter using twitter to get pussy. just going about it in a different way instead of larping as a socialist and joining the DSA like the other irony bros

No. 1377237

no one cares
Been seeing that guess around but don’t know why he would have made the account years ago and spent so much time on it. They don’t seem that much alike to me.

No. 1377268

sounds like carl beijer tbh

No. 1377391

File: 1638088402862.png (899.07 KB, 1184x936, rafman.png)

crossover event between jon rafman, accused by several women of a history of abuse, sexual misconduct and predatory behavior, and kaliacc/remilia cultists with a history of abuse, pedophilia, and predatory behavior

No. 1377394

damn didn’t know that about rafman

No. 1377448

he’s a “class reductionist” aimee worshipper with wealthy parents who own an in-ground pool and a fancy patio.

No. 1377456

Red Scare did an episode defending him last year, Dasha likely was a former groupie at some point. He did stuff for Scary and has worked with OPN. On the podcast they of course ignored the multiple accounts of him being one of those cowardly sadists who increase the violence in a normal hookup because they like abusing unsuspecting naive girls.

No. 1377459

didn't Honor Levy also write a purposely hyperbolic and implausible anonymous accusation again him to muddy the waters and make his accusers seem hysterical?

No. 1377516


she did (https://twitter.com/derridarling/status/1285276802634649600) and has since had Rafman on her podcast with Walter Pearce

No. 1377521

Glad they did this, anons have been talking about this here for months, it’s one of the surest signs Alice’s account is not a woman imo, even the most desperate for male attention pickme won’t typically stoop to making constant cum on my face jokes like Alice does

No. 1377538

damn that lip flip is atrocious, why is every nyc art/podcast/twitter thot suddenly getting lip flips?

No. 1377585

File: 1638126851440.png (5.02 MB, 2754x1140, 3 faces of maddie quinn.png)

i noticed it too, looks terrible and like they overfilled the right side. i always suspected she got a nose job too, her tip has the overshaved look of bad rhinoplasty. just searched pics and it's very obvious. these girls are so boring they all get the same tacky fuckdoll work done like your typical Instaho, Anna K is well on her way to pillowface.

L-R: pre-surgery Plain Jane Maddie, Maddie plus eyelash extensions and lip fillers, current Maddie with hot dog lips and bad nose job.

No. 1377590

lol I'm not a 'passionate' anything, he's a kid who looks like this >>1376576 and talks about what the 'working class' wants. he rts like, Aimee Terese and BLCKD_COM_PILLED, he's obviously a retard. I'm not saying he's the worst person in the world but the fact that you're so offended that people here would make fun of him when like all his twitter friends are regular cows is just weird lol.

No. 1377594

File: 1638127610553.png (4.41 MB, 1870x1482, Screen Shot 2021-11-28 at 2.21…)

either maddie's Zovirax script ran out or her aesthetician just jams the filler in the right side and doesn't even bother massaging it over lmao. know these cows read here so maddie, let that shit dissolve or at least stop going to Groupon doctors on Bayard Street ok??

No. 1377604

Why do people get surgery to look exactly the same but worse? A lot of these American plastic surgeons are such hacks.

No. 1377607

Also meant to sage don’t come for me

No. 1377648

100% sounds like chiweetheunstablelunatic

No. 1377652

lol im the anon youre replying to and i didnt even realize how bad it was until you posted the pic. she unironically looked cutest as a plain jane. wouldve swept the floor of any 2000s alt girl scene but those days are gone i guess in part because injections are so accessible and shameless now. everyone wants to look the same! im not even totally anti surgery and im not hating on anyone who gets it, but for the life of me i cant understand why, like you said, they all just go straight for the fuckdoll look instead of enhancing the features they already have.

i havent looked at these threads in almost a year btw, but did dasha get fillers or a flip too? looks like it in her latest pics + obvious dermafillers. she definitely looks way better than she did a couple years ago, so does anna but neither will ever own up to anything but topical treatments
>its tret honey!

No. 1377662

nope, she looks fucking ugly in the first pic too lmao

No. 1377663

File: 1638131500891.png (84.87 KB, 1380x204, Screen Shot 2021-11-28 at 3.28…)

No. 1377665

File: 1638131918665.jpg (3.59 MB, 1707x2560, picturefromwhenfilmingscary.jp…)

Anna got her face done last year before she got pregnant. Dasha has what look like lip fillers in her movie, filmed early 2020, and more subtle ones since. She's been looking pulled back tight and shiny all year since the Berlin awards. Noticed she looked less haggard in the limo scene of Succession than her other scenes and that was filmed last.

No. 1377691

what's his deal, any milk on him? i know he's a typical chapo orbiter.

No. 1377715

Literally just looks older and different lighting dude

No. 1377734

This guy is annoying but his friend “Brendan” in that group is the one who really bothers me. Horrible podcast and way too many perfumes for one man to own

No. 1377738

I don't know why everyone's losing their shit over the picture they look pretty middle class to me.

No. 1377742

imo Maddie was mousy in the first pic but she was young there, she would have been naturally very pretty once she lost some baby fat. and i am hating on surgery lmao, i understand if you're 40+ and trying to regain lost youth or if a feature truly detracts from your beauty, but so many women do it when there's no discernable reason to. there's no aesthetic difference anymore between the supposedly "artsy" kids and the basic Instahos and wannabes. Anna K and this whole crowd prattle on about "character" but first chance they get they all run to the surgeon with a pic of Kim K's android forehead and Emma Watson's nose.

i can't wait until some stunning TikTok girl makes, like, Pre-Raphaelite aesthetics a thing and all of a sudden big noses and delicate lips are hot shit and all these girls are ringing their surgeon for a prosthetic and blubbering through their Barbie noses

learn2sage, makes your whiteknighting less obvious

No. 1377750

She’s not naturally pretty. She has the same mousy face but with different lips

No. 1377797

in what world could she have ever been naturally pretty, rural Indiana? she looks totally ordinary in the first pic and gradually becomes grotesque as she ages and experiments with fillers over time. agree that she would be better off letting it all dissolve…at least she would get some symmetry back

No. 1377855

does anyone know the @'s of the technical people who actually make rafman's work, would love to follow them

No. 1377870

Has her nose always looked this fucked up? It looks like a pig’s snout.

No. 1377915

File: 1638154185708.jpg (64.28 KB, 598x476, thisargument.JPG)

why is he arguing with a year old joke about pad thai

No. 1377926

looks like cousin greg + dasha is revving up in tonite's succession!

No. 1377927

post caps

No. 1377933

File: 1638155662472.png (2.25 MB, 2454x1374, futureemmywinner.png)

No. 1377934

i hope this freak gets doxxed some day, extremely bad vibes from that account

No. 1377936


No. 1377960

File: 1638157649453.png (3.09 MB, 2460x1378, comfry.png)

It's hard to actually cap it because the editors jump away from her face really fast every time it's in closeup. They don't kiss or anything just stand there and flirt for two minutes and she agrees to go out with him on a date.

No. 1377962

File: 1638157836512.png (1.21 MB, 640x1136, dasha opn wedding.png)

happy for her tbh, braun is a big step up from that coomer sadsack lopatin

No. 1377966

she looks like shit!

No. 1377967

Holy shit she looks old there

No. 1377971

dasha was cute but was that a semi-subtle dig at her shitty hair at the start or am i just going insane

No. 1377972

looking really rat-faced here lmfao

No. 1377987

File: 1638160297109.png (189.47 KB, 1150x618, 4526789049382.png)

love dasha stans

No. 1377992

She looked less haggard because they’re editing out her jowls in post

No. 1378005

File: 1638163826741.jpeg (209.26 KB, 640x352, 82130F3D-DDDF-4675-8997-45CD10…)

Honestly, work.

No. 1378017

dasha definitely is just involved in everything for the fame. yeah, she probably does have her own opinions, but no doubt the years before this, she didn't wanna step on some eggshells.

No. 1378026

I thought this was Isabelle huppert lmao

No. 1378027

conveniently fail to mention the multiple lines referring to her as a beautiful goddess that is out of nicholas braun’s league.

and before someone accuses me of r/redscarepod soyface hyperbole, they call her a goddess verbatim in the ep.

No. 1378034

is it supposed to be played for ironic laughs? like the person saying she's a goddess is so blinded by puppy-love or whatever that he can't see the sagging babushka in front of him?

No. 1378035

it comes from tom and kendall trying to convince gregg that she’s out of his league

No. 1378047

It’s the dynamic between Tom and Greg. Tom likes to fuck with Greg and jab at him. Greg tells Tom that Shiv is out of his league in the same scene and asks him how he got her

No. 1378079

File: 1638177818987.jpg (449.49 KB, 434x664, bw0aZ3O.jpg)

Something about Alice screams tranny to me, esp those MANds and those tranny angles that hide her seemingly broad shoulders… She also talks about her body and obsesses over her "growing" boobs like an agp moid and no woman who's just gaining weight like I've ever met in my life. I might just be a paranoid t3rf but sharing evidence for my theory: https://imgur.com/a/mEtuotK

No. 1378092

tom is a repressed homosexual who is in love with greg and pouts when greg gets a date.

No. 1378102

Funny you say that because for some reason I’d always thought Maddie was English and from the Midlands (similar to America’s Midwest in some ways) When I saw that atrocious film which won’t be named, I even assumed it was her trying her hand at an American accent. Turns out her voice is just completely retarded. I’ve an intense interest in accents and I still am unable to place it.

No. 1378189

Well done nona. I don’t know how anyone could see Alice’s linebacker shoulders, giant man hands and feet, and total inability to speak or think like a girl and not see what we see. Her use of “girlfriends,” self-describing as a “bimbo,” claiming women post pussy pics in the group chat, and lulzy claims like “I have sex with women sometimes!” and “I made out with a fellow 8th grader at camp!” just scream pornsick coomer/Minor Attracted AGP larping as a hot girl and I want her outed so bad

No. 1378193

File: 1638201047917.png (1.88 MB, 2880x1800, r2bkob0iak771.png)

wow be nice guys, you shoulda seen what Dasha looked like before postproduction worked its magic

No. 1378198

Did this zoomer just say Dasha's acting goes toe to toe with Brian Cox….like the legend of Shakespearean theatre…..and "omigod [loud swallow] it's Glenn" lmfao Scarethots continue to be the most uncultured dummies in the game

No. 1378210

incredibly unflattering angle, her nasolabials are looking extra droopy, the DOP must hate her lol

No. 1378212

File: 1638203538718.png (3.27 MB, 2468x1384, cumfry.png)

This is the only flattering angle she's shot at for the whole show that's not from 50 feet away. They love showing her in profile.

No. 1378213

she looks perfectly fine here. not even a dasha stan. the overwrought bitching about her appearance is very weird.

No. 1378216

She literally stole her mannerisms from Jess, Kendalls assistant.

No. 1378218

Maddie has this weird wobbly austist way of speaking that suits managing directors & union reps. It's unbearable hearing that kind of voice in Zoom meetings let alone a movie.

No. 1378220

File: 1638204623374.png (5.39 MB, 2022x1520, Screen Shot 2021-11-29 at 11.3…)

Dasha mouthbreathed her way thru another week of Succession. The party scenes were rough. She needs very specific lighting to not look like when you purposely warp your face in Facetune for laughs.

No. 1378222

nice job taking this pic at an angle to make her look pinheaded and fat-necked, nonnie

No. 1378228

Overwrought how? Every single person who gets brought up here gets called old and disgusting. Only dasha simps are thin skinned enough to hyperventilate about it though.

No. 1378232

I actually deleted my first pic because the angle was too exaggerated. This was my attempt at a neutral one. Idk if you've seen this episode but this scene was genuinely not kind to her, weird to blame me for Dasha looking bad

No. 1378253

She really looks like she and Liz Bruenig could be sisters from some angles

No. 1378279

Not that big a deal it’s disappointing when an artists shows work there but this is like saying an artist who’s shown work in a museum the sacklers donate to has ties to big pharma

No. 1378287

it’s all meltdown cope over acknowledgements of her attractiveness being written into the show

No. 1378288

File: 1638212427393.jpg (444.01 KB, 1502x1368, laba.jpg)

No. 1378325

The original tweet tries to say racism is imagined and then Laba likes actual racism in the responses.

No. 1378360

File: 1638218216072.jpeg (110.39 KB, 750x624, D3930EAE-5543-41FF-BAD1-12887E…)

Did Asukahomo make an appearance in one of those huge Black Twitter spaces about racism? I heard them reference “Zachary the Drag Queen” in one of them, he’s locked now and these are some recent replies

No. 1378394

Omg she’s literally an adult mouth breather, that explains why she only has two expressions, open mouth and open mouth with pursed lips when she’s trying to look “sultry.”

No. 1378434

she’s literally just thin and Greg isn’t exactly written as being a big suave catch lmao

No. 1378437

File: 1638223153374.png (1.85 MB, 1484x1224, fallout girl.png)

she mostly avoids the worst angles but yeah it's always been like this, picrelated was her fashion show appearance from 2019

>you used angles to make her look pinheaded and fat-necked
once again, picrelated. that's just how Dasha looks.

No. 1378448

doubt the nonnie who posted this is the cinematographer for Succession, dingus. Blame them for not spending thousands to make Dasha look like an ethereal waif.

No. 1378518

File: 1638232512887.jpg (61.84 KB, 596x480, 20211129_163507.jpg)

Reminds me of yung lean and greta thurnberg

No. 1378520

It fits the character than Greg would see a woman with a normal BMI + blonde hair and automatically think she’s a goddess.

No. 1378533

It is a line in a show. Not that deep. If you think she’s more attractive than Greg you’re kidding yourself

No. 1378543

literally anyone would look like a monster from that angle and and facial expression. try harder(sage your wk-ing)

No. 1378631

File: 1638240977274.jpeg (210.48 KB, 625x699, 3E0E0D04-7EFA-4AE6-8D03-AC9DBB…)

everytime i think I can't like Liz more. and then she proves me wrong. Christian socialist humankind partisan, of course is also Phoebe bridgers fan

No. 1378634


OMG the fact that this moid thinks girls just spend summer camp having crazy sex and can just "go to another camp" without losing their reputation…..No way this is a real woman with the backstory "Alice" claims to have. And her tweet implying it's a total man thing to know you can make a 3-point shot in basketball, from a "woman" who claims to have grown up in fucking Queens is just peak incel brainworms.

This midwit tranny apologizing for women being "irrational" makes me mad online

Alice, if you're reading this, YWNBAW

Re: Dasha - ngl that photo is weird to me and seems like something you'd see some fucked up cumtown fan post, their disturbing obsession w her makes me have mixed feelings about D

No. 1378636

File: 1638241616448.jpeg (326.25 KB, 597x652, 8C3B2B5F-C9F9-4220-89BC-CA192F…)

She did not get a nose job, picrel is from the same event as the last photo and it’s clearly the same nose. It’s just fillers making her look busted.

Holy cow you can really see the fetal alcohol at this angle. Kinda wish I had used this one for the original meme.

No. 1378680

Have the Chapos ever actually called Joe Biden "based" like Aimee & friends chastise them for saying?

No. 1378681

I mean Dasha is the one who wrote and directed that snuff porn scene misogynistic cumtown fans are just taking the bait.

No. 1378689

This is one of the only pics she’s ever looked pretty in but did she dye her hair?

No. 1378692

File: 1638251107394.png (247.91 KB, 583x473, basedbiden.png)

Yes, though pretty much exclusively in the context of the Afghanistan withdrawal.

No. 1378693

Dasha finally got her 3 minutes of screentime on Succession. I'm happy for her stans ig

No. 1378707

I have never seen bangs that thick irl does she wear a wig or something?

No. 1378711

File: 1638253963535.jpg (29.38 KB, 588x319, congrats.JPG)

No. 1378867

Yeah, she’s not particularly deformed or ugly aside from the botched lip filler, which isn’t a hard fix. She has all her chromosomes, looks approachable. She’s no Dasha that’s for sure.

I have looked through other photos from the same day in different lighting and in different angles and it doesn’t appear to a wig or dyed. The bangs are normal thickness it’s just at this angle.

No. 1378887

imho it isn’t that the filler is botched so much as it’s just too much of it. nonnie upthread said something about the right side being overfilled but in straight-on pics it looks even yet overboard.

No. 1378949

Ray Ploshansky looking ass.

No. 1379000

Yes being a restaurant owner is soooo leftist lmao, while being a girlboss is evil

No. 1379047

i don't think tara has ever declared herself a leftist. she's a trashy and fairly boilerplate post-trump e-bigot who wants to hang with the school shooters online to balance out her stifling irl bougie-ness. cow-worthy for sure, but not very left; thread is just a catalog of edgelords at this point

No. 1379121

File: 1638297857832.png (351.52 KB, 1402x976, excerpt.png)

Had forgotten about Anna's one okay published essay is written in tweet fragments and is only 2.5 pages long. The editor, Mike Pepi, was her boyfriend and I guess no one else can help her write even a very short lucid essay. Anna could have had some of the art writer respectability she craved if she did a 100 page book of essays stating the obvious like this in 2019. Her being able to write anything but rants now seems unlikely.

No. 1379157

File: 1638299361007.jpeg (21.49 KB, 300x300, 70BF6F18-29CD-4B30-8AFA-52B268…)

I’m the minority of people who doesn’t think Dasha has had anything done. A total loss of babyfat from 13+ years of restricted food/shitty fast food when you do eat + plus drugs and cigarettes will give you the bony cool mom look she is currently rocking. People’s face’s also tend to grow downward as they age, which isn’t that bad if you had a very small/square face shape to begin with not so great when your naturally oblong. She isn’t going to have visibly sagging cheeks and jowls because there is nothing much to sag, plus her Hapsburg jaw is providing more then enough structure to deter sagging for now. It’s strange to me though how the older she gets the less and less Russian or even foreign she looks compared to when she was younger and I can’t quite put my finger on why

No. 1379190

she's already admitted on the pod that she's had some "minor fillers" and botox

No. 1379211

File: 1638302714771.png (521.27 KB, 1288x624, Screen Shot 2021-11-30 at 2.52…)

ty for sharing, I appreciated the chance to read this. It's certainly better than Anna's current writing but makes several odd leaps of logic, and you can see the self-satisfaction at her own sentences that's now come to dominate her writing and thinking. Calling the art world "a glitzy barnacle on the side of global finance" isn't inaccurate per se, but it is as the Brits say "too clever by half."

There's tension in this writing - the voice is uneven because she can't decide whether she wants to be a sober art critic or a polemicist. That she finally chose polemicist is what makes this article fascinating - she asserts that the post-Trump cultural divide turned artists into makers of shallow liberal propaganda. Within a year, she'd be a prominent maker of shallow propaganda too, just for the other side. Her tacit approval of the Breitbart quote above is extremely telling. Anna decamped from critiquing the art world, which she correctly diagnoses as waning in cultural influence, and took up a position as commentator and influencer of culture at large, especially pop culture and politics, which hold the place of influence art lost.

She also talks disapprovingly about "everything that’s wrong with a society where politics is experienced primarily as entertainment" when politics-as-entertainment is her entire schtick. Anna's career path since 2018 could be interpreted as a rather cynical exploitation of several of the trends she notes in this article, for better or worse.

No. 1379218

File: 1638303114944.png (1.28 MB, 1354x1168, Screen Shot 2021-11-30 at 3.06…)

Also lol @ Anna "as a worker" Khachiyan smugly implying she's ever been anywhere near a factory floor.

And the second quote just irked me, as it implies the art culture wars began in 1999 with the Young British Artists show. Wouldn't the massive controversies in the 70s and 80s around Mapplethorpe or Judy Chicago exhibitions, NEA funding for Piss Christ and Joel-Peter Witkin (who dismembers corpses prominently and horrifically in his "art") be far more salient examples of the tension between the art world and populist sentiment? Shouldn't someone who almost earned a PhD in art know this?

No. 1379554

You think she looks pretty here? Yikes

No. 1379623

I feel like her take on art is so bad as an art history phd candidate. Like hasn’t most fine art in all of history been for the elites? Sure folk art has been a thing as well but most art you study and see in museums were things commissioned by wealthy people. I just don’t see how art has ever been populist. I feel like I must be missing something here.

No. 1379647


Maybe the stuff she wrote in grad school was better? Idk

No. 1379740

I'm far from an art expert but I find her art takes questionable. She often remarked that conservatives make the best art today but she's never given a single such example, except maybe Bret Easton Ellis

No. 1379856

kek, bret easton ellis is crap now and for the last thirty years, wish.com jonathan franzen yawn farm

No. 1379893

File: 1638322991726.png (79.46 KB, 599x409, shutdafuckup.png)

terminal humble bragging

No. 1379926

If Anna loves conservatives so much why doesn't she just say she is conservative? She could make even more as a tradthot

No. 1379927

File: 1638324444166.png (323.95 KB, 616x443, db.png)

The Daily Beast published a fawning review of Scary that's basically just a plot recap.

No. 1379968

Does anyone have a link to the redscare for girls and gays subreddit?

No. 1380000

It's r/redscare4girlsandgays

No. 1380011

File: 1638327639791.png (842.07 KB, 779x821, eggs.PNG)

One annoying thing about the RSP subreddit is that they will shit on the rest of reddit for being lame and then proceed to post pics like this as if they're incredibly sophisticated. Nothing wrong with this meal or how it looks but it looks incredibly basic and not something worth sharing online unless you are a teenager. This would barely be notable in a cooking subreddit.

No. 1380014

Thanks. Is it hard to get verified?

No. 1380021

File: 1638328295132.png (159.85 KB, 871x557, rs4gag.png)

don't know, but here's a preview. you're not missing much.

No. 1380061

File: 1638331731937.png (403.03 KB, 588x641, twit3.png)

Not surprised the person who got ratioed for this mental illness is a leftthot. Her friends warmedtoned and Ben Mora came to defend her. I noticed the general normies of twitter don't respond well to this side of twitter as they constantly get ratioed.
I remember there was a guy who posted random crappy phone pictures of trees and garbage and they were acting like he was doing genius art.

No. 1380115

the girls and gays subreddit is incredibly awful, its 99% tender posting like "i'm trans and is it me or is anna becoming more reactionary??? :(" every week

No. 1380144

God why does Ben interact with some of the most annoying people? I was following him since before the Bernie campaign and he was a lot funnier before he started hanging out with Brooklyn radlibs

No. 1380147

He was pretty retarded for shitposting the way he did during the primaries. Sanders had a massive target on his back re: the specter of online Bernie Bro trolls, that kind of shit only hurt them in the Dem primaries.

No. 1380182

File: 1638337492722.jpeg (208.82 KB, 373x709, FCAFC296-F113-4B3E-9E5F-AE854F…)

NPC Leia went on Chapo. Anything for clout.

No. 1380223

File: 1638339216507.png (1.06 MB, 1200x724, njjnkp.png)

matt and his cringe LA comedian gf are engaged now. Hope she doesn't treat him like he did his poor ex-wife!

No. 1380224

it started when he began associating with "sweet palma", the biggest and most annoying chapo reply guy of all time. post-biden this crowd ironically became little neera tandems, same basic bitch pfizer democrats aggressively dog pilling on anyone who goes off-message from the felix, matt and will party line

ben seems funny and a nice person but seeking derangements is unlistenable. haven't heard any episodes with the new irony troon though (claire?) but she needs to shave her fucking lip before she takes another selfie. the moustache is out of control

No. 1380225

I really hope matt gets metoo'd by his ex so he can finally disappear in the ether forever ala virgil. can you imagine what she's been through

No. 1380229

truly PATHETIC ring. isn't he a millionaire?

No. 1380235

File: 1638339648575.png (881.55 KB, 872x557, ash wednesday was months ago.p…)

uhhhhh what's going on with his forehead?

No. 1380244

File: 1638340476203.png (618.7 KB, 640x1136, 38BF14B1-D1F5-44F8-A94E-FB2009…)

Scary merch is out. Upside cross, how very Catholic of Dasha. (not)

No. 1380251

ugh I hate that I do like it aesthetically…

No. 1380271

chapos were the lizard people all along…

No. 1380273

I'm not even sure every photo of "Alice" is the same person.

No. 1380297

Blatant rip off of Online Ceramics designs.

No. 1380322

Upside down cross is a Catholic symbol tho


No. 1380331

in the context of the shirt and movie it's obviously meant as a Satanic symbol, which Catholics should not be wearing even ironically.

No. 1380343

Hey guys, is this what a typical anon board is like?(newfag)

No. 1380346

why are trans people permitted? they're not girls or gays. i stg redscare subreddit is only around because it's already captured by trans mods who beg ahs to let it stay so they can larp as a downtown dime piece. barf. KAM.

No. 1380353

it's giving brandy cum gallo giallo with hyperpop notes and a dash of pastiche. dasha + maddie understood the assignment.

No. 1380367

god this shit looks like a poor rip off of online ceramics & haunted wagon made in ms paint

No. 1380393


What happened to Cincinnati wife?

No. 1380434

he ate her

No. 1380435


No. 1380441

File: 1638360470881.jpeg (127.98 KB, 437x456, 393FB174-76E9-49CE-A471-22F58F…)

The "dirtbag left" accusations are mever going to die, are they

No. 1380445

Good for her

No. 1380446

File: 1638361259741.jpeg (210.97 KB, 620x670, E12D1963-412B-4195-BC6E-A59969…)

The British press are cripplingly retarded lmfao

No. 1380449

File: 1638361427597.jpeg (129.79 KB, 569x477, 0367FE43-6C67-45B8-B921-DE99BA…)

This piece really took a u-turn from unqualified adoration to poor attempt at dismissal when she started shit-talking the royals kek

No. 1380450

File: 1638361532548.jpeg (100.79 KB, 640x305, 2C1D241E-3F6E-4B21-B552-377033…)

The Beguiled: Redux about to start shooting, lord help us

No. 1380472

On this podcast guest appearance, Dasha reveals towards the end that she and Anna have been courting Paul Schrader to get him on the pod, but Focus Features (The Card Counter's distributor) nixed it while he was in promotion mode.


No. 1380518

File: 1638369483311.png (74.64 KB, 1284x314, Screen Shot 2021-12-01.png)

Why are you as an obvious man posting here? Don't post the same theories on women boards that you do on degenerate coomer boards faggot.
Dasha having zero acting work between The Serpent and Succession is almost weird, even from friends. They were garbage movies her boyfriends made but she booked way more work pre-podcast.

No. 1380536

how is using a term people literally used for themselves an “accusation”?
it’s a nonsense term but Dasha used it for the hype

No. 1380570

Seriously though why are all the RS mods loser brits?

No. 1380582

I promise you this writer never felt unqualified admiration for Dasha lol. The tone is pure “my editor told me to write about this nobody but hey it’s a living” and she makes it clear Dasha was cutting and rude throughout the interview. First decent press she’s had in years and she can’t humor a writer for 20 minutes to get a good profile. She’s so charmless and self-defeating, can’t even fake the ingenue thing can she

No. 1380588

>Dasha having zero acting work between The Serpent and Succession is almost weird, even from friends. They were garbage movies her boyfriends made but she booked way more work pre-podcast.
I mean, in her defense, COVID happened.

No. 1380589

It's an accusation because both Anna and Dasha openly resent before referred to as such? It's incredibly cringe and outdated as well.

No. 1380596

File: 1638373973970.jpeg (609.32 KB, 1124x2011, 454D501B-2C2F-4820-8225-3576DF…)

This is telling - Dasha says she auditioned for Succession S2 and was rejected, then they called her agent and offered her the role of Cumfry for S3. Obviously because she’s gained social media clout and became an injoke for the role of professional Twitter poster - but of course Dasha “doesn’t think the casting was deliberately arch.” She got the role bc she’s legitimately as talented as Brian Cox ok!!

Also one of several times she cuts down the reporter for asking a normal question. She’s so insecure she still retreats to her bitchy sarcastic persona every time she’s asked a question she doesn’t know the answer to. Literally still doing the sailor socialism routine, but in 2021 and to a totally sympathetic reporter there to give her a puff piece lmao. She’s getting good press and blowing it - if she had even an ounce of charm, this would be the time to use it..

No. 1380613

Didn’t she shoot The Serpent in late 2019? Before COVID

No. 1380627

File: 1638377416267.png (1.15 MB, 640x1136, CF04F718-62D1-4649-B699-903301…)

Good lord

No. 1380632

Yeah, I don't think anything but that, Succession, her cameo roles in Mr.Robot and Emily Dickinson Show were shot after she became "famous" Sailor Socialism in 2018. All credit for Succession being big but no one else seems to be interested so far.
Was just going to post this. She also tweeted this before the article came out. Trying to make this her new catchphrase? Making memes of yourself that teen fans are supposed to create, a little desperate.

No. 1380641

She also shot The Ghost who Walks post-Red Scare fame, plus did some voice acting for Disco Elysium, The Shivering Truth, and Cinema Toast, plus PVT Chat. But everything that's come out post-RS where she the star was shot prior (except Scary). Wobble Palace, We Are, Sunday Girl, Softness of Bodies.

No. 1380642

>no one else seems to be interested so fa
isn't she going to be in NWR's upcoming cop show?

No. 1380667

The first one looks like shit but all the others are fine yeah I agree. Dasha haters are as obsessive as the stans

No. 1380672

What happened to our dear desperate selfposter BIMBOUBERMENSCH and her attempt to "sell her soul as an NFT"? She hasn't been posted in a long time

No. 1380703

Literally what is any of that

the #1 source for deep dasha lore and entertainment products no one watched, the freaks on this thread

No. 1380704

Why doesn't she go learn how to draw or paint, it's not like she's short on time considering she's terminally online

No. 1380783

There is definitely something wrong with that meal, and there's something wrong with whoever took that photo and deemed it acceptable to share. It looks like shit

No. 1380815

>The Shivering Truth
Whoa I had no idea

No. 1380864

It’s giving the fact that you need a lobotomy.

No. 1380889

File: 1638391272633.png (45.87 KB, 1432x246, rs ep.png)

Shots fired. Can anon who said FdB was the Amber stalker come back and confirm or is that a rumor?

No. 1381052

"People are opposed to wokeness and more broadly leftism not because they're cringe and off putting but more because the policies themselves are scary…and fiendish and devilish" Anna quote from this episode. You could say she's being hysterical about imagining gulags but it's probably more crying about restaurants checking vax cards. They also cynically use liberal, leftist, marxist, dsa rose emojis, aoc, mainstream democrats, sjw warriors, and anti-woke anti-idpol types interchangeable. This whole episode is whining about the nymag profile and people not forgiving Alex Jones for his Sandy Hook hoax quotes for 20 minutes and then whining about Freddie and how mean people are to them for no reason for the rest of the hour.

No. 1381142

The fact that the girls side with Alex Jones over Sandy Hook is baffling. They do know he ruined a bunch of grieving parent's lives over that one right?

No. 1381150

FDB may be a schizo but at least he’s sincere, tbh I side with him over A + D

No. 1381155

They more or less accuse the parents of suing Jones as an op to destroy him (for the DNC agenda?) because they did it not immediately after the shooting. Dasha goes on a harebrained tangent that he only said what he said because he was mentally ill and triggered by his own childhood trauma that metaphorically "massacred" him. That is actually the word she used.

No. 1381232

File: 1638403276792.jpeg (428.86 KB, 1125x1606, 8029D1D2-35B1-441D-AFA0-704C70…)


No. 1381260

No. 1381262

Honestly didn't believe they'd ever sink so low. Disgusting.

No. 1381286

File: 1638404759876.png (261.02 KB, 1335x334, Z.png)

No. 1381348

Jesus Christ that’s embarrassing as hell

No. 1381446

bitter tranny detected

No. 1381451

File: 1638410476586.png (86.65 KB, 341x475, kill.png)

Has anyone else noticed how Liz B gets especially triggered by Lauren Boebert whenever she's in the news for some stupid stunt? Like the antics of MTG, Paul Gosar, or any of the other far-right GOP freaks whizz past her radar, but she always feels the need to weigh in on Boebert and declare her pathetic. Think it's because she's a tryhard mousy brunette who she hates because reminds her of herself lol

No. 1381670

yeah, they could be different people.
The weirdest thing to me is alice using Qually as a PFP + weird references to feet all the time.

Foot fetishes are pretty much exclusively male and Qualley became famous for that Tarantino movie where there's a gratuitous foot scene. I agree this account is just off and very MASCULINE

No. 1381674

It's truly disgusting, I will deal with political nonsense to an extent but what Alex Jones said about Sandy Hook was reprehensible. No intelligent respecting person would defend/agree with what he did

No. 1381681

lol @ the size of the ring, guess he doesn't wanna be out too much when they split

No. 1381731

Good lord this is so embarrassing, bordering on bizarre. Dasha you aged out of loli aesthetics years ago.

Can’t think of anything worse than a group of 30 somethings talking about tiktoks, especially with Leia’s troon voice droning on

No. 1381791

File: 1638422620702.jpeg (225.3 KB, 640x887, 716C9F44-D44F-4CBC-A440-49986F…)

Dasha saw this headline and muttered "this is how I win"

No. 1381799

File: 1638423271617.jpeg (236.1 KB, 356x776, F7BC3124-C2BD-4FDD-A34E-5E20DF…)

White Knight Will to the rescue!

No. 1381818

succession is about twitter people?

No. 1381844

you're fucking annoying and reinforcing the cows’ view that lc/farmers are deluded and misguided if you don’t acknowlddge that AJ didn’t actually say anything denying SH. CNN perpetuated a lie and the media ran with it. he’s fucking crazy but let’s pin him for what’s actually crazy and on the record.

No. 1381847

He literally said, quote, "No one died" and claimed the kids were crisis actors. STFU and go back to reddit

No. 1381863

Shut the fuck up idiot retard ass XDDDD(XD)

No. 1381868

you're completely right but don't expect much nuance or critical thinking from the people who still post here. these threads have been going downhill for a while now and are populated by people as retarded as the cows

No. 1381870

yeah and he walked it back fast because he’s an insane freak. Kill yourself!

No. 1381878

Are you retarded? He's talked about it in multiple episodes alone and with callers. Its on the record so maybe look it up before you spew your nonsense

No. 1381906

It is weird how they cast Jihae only to give her basically no screen time or lines. Also there is like zero chemistry between Jihae and comfry even though they are coworkers? The whole PR storyline this season seems really underdeveloped.

No. 1381930

Dasha says on the new ep that her manager, who hates Alex Jones, floated the idea of getting Rachel Maddow on pod. D said she'd love to have her on, but knows she never would agree to it.

No. 1381948

Wasn't there a clip going around where a character says another character called him a soyboy?

No. 1382009

They’re major collaborators. She did tons of work on his latest video work, but agreed to not be credited for it.(sage)

No. 1382041

why would she do something so stupid?

No. 1382048

He is the most viscerally disgusting person to look at, even his own skin doesn't want to be on him

It looks too cluttered

No. 1382049

unpaid internships, permanent staple of our economy

No. 1382061

John Waters put out his annual top 10 films of the year list, and there's a conspicuous absence…


No. 1382246

just because he got paid to show up to something doesn't mean the man has to like it, he actually has some taste

No. 1382249

File: 1638463544603.png (562.34 KB, 640x1136, 1A0BBB07-83D1-4A18-8C3A-6A2FA5…)

Wouldn't have pegged him for a fan, but ok.

No. 1382278

The Church is also against pre-marital sex, adultery, and abortion, none of which has stopped her.

No. 1382286

File: 1638464638737.png (870.37 KB, 1194x530, xmasaimee.png)

Has this been's Aimee's background for awhile? Did both she and Liz F copy Dasha's already not very original twitter banner.
As a man most known for being cheated on by an actress…

No. 1382356

Hilarious because Dasha so wishes she was in the realm of edgelord auteurs named here like Gaspard Noé, Bruce LaBruce and Leos Carax. Love that Waters faves include the "stupidest art film of the year" and a queer Catholic film….neither of which are Scary. lmao

No. 1382371

Anyone spotted any left cow milk in art Basel stories? Room mate Leia and the drunken canal girls linked up for spectacular “downtown” “kid” mediocrity, but nothing else that I’ve seen yet.

No. 1382383

File: 1638467999049.png (1.24 MB, 640x1136, FD226083-FC30-4576-9DAC-80E384…)

No. 1382515

Boebert grew up in your typical single-mom white trash Floridian household. She was a high school drop out and a teen mom, but her and her fellow white trash husband got lucky by going into the gas industry and made a small fortune for themselves. The abrasive gun-toting persona is extremely on brand.

Liz, on the other hand, was an uwu petit rich kid who stayed in her large, lake-side home all day reading literature to avoid triggering seizures. However, her elite education and opinions are all facade, take a look at where her heart lies. White trash Matt.

The two LB’s are more similar than we are led to believe. Though, I still maintain that Pete Buttigieg is her real twin-flame.

No. 1382549

Yeah, she's had this banner almost the entire time she has had her account back

No. 1382872

File: 1638487554621.jpg (122.62 KB, 1200x800, FFnTZB6XIAA0mAX.jpg)

next week on Succession

No. 1382924

Wow the delicate posture of a ballerina

No. 1382933

File: 1638492136027.png (20.57 KB, 613x291, smeme.png)

i see why anna and the rapist get along so well

No. 1383122

File: 1638502192888.jpeg (476.75 KB, 1125x2000, 90BCB613-71D8-453A-8F97-BACEDB…)

I was wondering why the costumes and styling in her Epstein movie was so deranged. Turns out it was unintentionally bad after all lol. But good to know she could have looked waaay better with professional hair and makeup, I guess she was still styling herself on succession.

No. 1383127

And the waifish narrow ribcage just incredible.

No. 1383142

After the last episode I felt like Dasha’s story was originally intended for Jess (Ken’s personal assistant). The stuff Dasha was doing made more sense for an assistant than “crisis PR” and seems like Jess occasionally disappears when Dasha is around and reappears she is gone. Maybe the actress who plays Jess had another production and Dasha got really lucky. As someone else says Jihae barely has a role, I don’t see the point of her character she doesn’t even seem like Dasha’s boss.

No. 1383222

File: 1638514740239.png (395.56 KB, 595x434, glowup.png)

She made it.

No. 1383242

how far does jon rafman get you on a resume these days?

No. 1383246

File: 1638518383242.png (134.47 KB, 1192x516, aimee funded by claremont.png)

aimee basically admits she's on the claremont institute payroll (context is she was criticising malcolm/pedro for being part of think tanks but larping as "everyman")

No. 1383457

this crowd bullying Pedro is psychotic, it seems so random

No. 1383458

She looks fine here but those are some serious man shoulders

No. 1383470

the mexican wignat can handle himself lmao.

No. 1383526

File: 1638547499923.png (190.1 KB, 685x717, special olympics.png)

Anyone notice the fake dasha twitter account (extra underscore in the @) making the rounds? Any wagers what A&D orbiter this is lmao

No. 1383534


No. 1383538


it's an old account so you could scroll back and see, it's someone who goes by jade

No. 1383664

What's his newest account

No. 1383736

File: 1638555137300.png (544.15 KB, 755x611, Untitled2.png)

They'll simp for anyone these days.

No. 1383741

File: 1638555320930.png (1.41 MB, 640x1136, 932194D4-2D72-4B8D-BC19-1C8C8C…)

The level of promo that Scary's gotten is honestly kind of insane. Like, yes, Dasha's a famous podcaster and e-celeb, but we can all agree it's a sucky amateur hour b-flick, right? And yet it gets featured prominently in online Berlinale coverage, wins Best First Feature there, Dasha gets interviewed for a ton of publications, even her editor gets a feature, she makes the cover of Moviemaker, the film plays at festivals around the world from Australia to Russia to the UK, there's advance screening special events that sell out within minutes in NYC and Chicago, it's the most highly promoted film of this year's BeyondFest, the film's notoriety helps A + D finagle a John Waters live pod recording at the NPC fest, Eli's score gets a digital and vinyl release, there's merch, Utopia (the distributor) promotes it more heavily than Gaspar Noe's Vortex (their other recent big-name acquisition), and now it's landing on Shudder and Apple TV+ in a few weeks after "premiering" in sold-out runs in New York and LA

No. 1383754

The q+as sell out fast from fans so that's maybe why. And they know there's enough podcast fans to sell merch and the score. The rotten tomatoes score has dropped now that reviewers not on the festival circuit are seeing it. It was in the 70s now it's at 64%. There's a two star review from rogerebert.com that hasn't been added there yet.

No. 1383852

The pics from the q+a events are really pathetic, it’s mostly teens with unfortunate looks. Dasha is always saying that her haters are “confused teens” but that’s literally her fan base, people 10 to 15 years younger than her who are too inexperienced to see that her and Anna’s schtick is demented and embarrassing. That and terminally online perverts.

No. 1383986

Is it just me or do the red scare girls and their fans hate the "PMC" out of jealousy? Like they wouldn't hesitate to be girlbosses the second they could.

No. 1384013

no, no one is jealous of wage cucks

No. 1384040

Who is the perry lawyer guy?

Didn't listen, but do A+D not get that FDB's use of their image was not an attack on them? Seemed like he was making a reference to the "anti-woke" (or whatever you want to call it) group that listen to their pod. If anything it was positive coverage.

No. 1384094

They don’t hate the PMC they’re just not like other girl bosses.

No. 1384134

Everything Epstein is so hot right now with the Maxwell trial going on. Dasha lucked out, it’s that simple.

No. 1384169

The "PMC" is literally just a way for losers to whine about whoever has authority over them. If you're like most people, your boss, your professor, and your dad have nothing to do with perpetuating the system. So you just define them as PMC and say they're helping the elites somehow so you don't look like a brat when you complain about them.

No. 1384182

Doesn't Dasha claim she has a friend that was one of Epstein's accusers?
I'd be fucking livid if I had a "Friend" that spent so much of her time profiting off of the guy who molested me and treating the whole thing like one big joke. Making a shitty b-horror movie and doing funny twitter pictures in front of his apartment.

No. 1384193

Jane Doe 15 went on Julia Fox’s podcast to talk about Epstein. Doe is friends with Alison Peery, and was photographed walking to the Epstein hearing with Dasha tagging along for some reason. Seems like a snub to go on Julia’s podcast to talk about Epstein instead of red scare. Maybe she was offended by Dasha’s movie but either way she obviously thinks that being associated with Dasha and her pedophile movie is a bad look.

No. 1384194

"I'm not like the other redditors tee hee"

No. 1384206

File: 1638578307759.jpeg (554.07 KB, 1125x2000, 2E3CE022-D4C2-4053-A299-A2D21C…)


No. 1384210

File: 1638578746671.png (1.47 MB, 640x1136, 606136DD-320F-496B-A549-DCE547…)


No. 1384227

File: 1638580326470.png (615.74 KB, 1186x1750, malcolm vs aimee.png)

aimee keeps subtweeting malcolm every day and he's sick of it

No. 1384229

File: 1638580362385.png (390.5 KB, 1194x1480, malcolm vs aimee 2.png)

"and I know quite a lot of unflattering facts about her, by the way" hmmm

No. 1384232

File: 1638580582146.png (414.38 KB, 1166x1570, malcolm vs aimee 3.png)


No. 1384233

Implying the existence of Aimee nudes or lewds that she sent him? Would break the internet if ever released.

No. 1384240

File: 1638581900334.jpeg (164.71 KB, 1170x963, 5AE562F9-510E-4ABB-8EBA-501A88…)

that’s fucking epic!

No. 1384249

the drunken canal girls are like a bad parody of spoiled trust fund kids astroturfing a scene, so obscene.

No. 1384289

there’s something about their presence at basel that’s really underscoring how superfluous they are

No. 1384293

Oliver Bateman is probably the grossest of the aimee supporters. Making money off an ill person.

No. 1384295

What am I looking at here?

No. 1384301

roommate leia documenting her trip to the ketamine clinic

No. 1384344

File: 1638593640735.png (79.78 KB, 881x533, scary bfi 1.png)

Scary received two votes for the Sight & Sound 2021 poll, not enough to make the top 50 list.

No. 1384345

File: 1638593667301.png (89.25 KB, 794x539, scary bfi 2.png)

No. 1384349

No. 1384355

Lmao the first one is one of the three who were on the jury of the award it won at Berlin.

No. 1384367

Idk about that exactly, but I do think they’re secretly aware of and embarrassed by how dim and uneducated they are relative to the average PMC woman. The way they vacillate between larping as continental philosophers and insisting that a virtuous spirit trumps all education (they do this whenever someone points out that they’re being retarded) makes them seem very intellectually insecure.

No. 1384382

She won the “GWFF Best First Feature Award” but I can’t find a list of who else was nominated… was she the only director this year with a debut film? Because these numbers don’t add up lol.

No. 1384403

nick mullen

No. 1384413

Her film was in comptetion in the Encounters slate but didn't win any awards there. But the Best First Film award is open to all first films in all of the festival's slates, in and out of competition. Also has a different jury, which is how Scary won despite not being awarded in Encounters while Le Bao's feature debut Taste won the Special Jury Award and Fern Silva's feature debut Rock Bottom Riser won Special Mention

No. 1384425

According to IMDB she was the sole contender for the award https://m.imdb.com/event/ev0000091/2021/1/

No. 1384429

Who da fuck is the ion pack come on just spill this is so dumb

No. 1384439

idk what to tell you, it wasn't the only eligible film.

No. 1384441

It’s all just cheap temprary scene hype, it’s a horrible movie and cannot help but be lost to the sands of time

No. 1384510

it’s been posted on previous threads

No. 1384600

File: 1638614429902.png (981.1 KB, 2048x1793, Screenshot_20211204-043849.png)

Aimee is the kind of pick me whore who would do bukkake and like it.

No. 1384615

Her disfunction is not in doubt but you too need to log off for a while

No. 1384622

shouldn't you be wking for the rs girls or something?

No. 1384646

looks like a B12 shot situation.

i’m surprised this hasn’t shifted into a discussion of them much. lots to be said. one of them is the daughter of a 9 figure fortune medical company and she has access to everything in terms of material or service items. she needs a trainer bad but chooses to binge drink and eat 2 desserts at every meal out. i’ve waited on her and her friend owen, and i’m astounded at how they’re so rich but fat. it’s laziness. she is nice, he is not. owen is really the worst kind of chubby gay guy. Claire is nice but a hanger on to her richer friend. Gutes is a terrible opportunist, hungry in every sense of the word. there is no reason you should be that fat with easy access to hiring trainers or private classes. flies on the short flight to miami first class, hangs out with the same other nyc fat people with no self control like owen. really take a look at gutes, claire, tristan, owen on twitter. these are the next wave of cows.

No. 1384651

madeline quinn used to fuck around with fern silva, who is a constant festival darling. trying to indie clout chase very early in her wannabe writing career. scary’s berlin entry felt rigged to me from the beginning when i saw that they were both in the fest, and that they won awards in separate categories. dasha is oddly not the whore in this scenario.

No. 1384897

satire account has been deleted

No. 1384914

This bitch is so ugly and doughy

No. 1384919

Kek this is spot on! Poor gutes is mocked by her rich friends behind her back for how shleppy she is. I really am confused how that doesn’t motivate her to stop eating out so much and get into shape.

No. 1384941

File: 1638646561177.png (162.22 KB, 994x1344, berlin.png)

For some reason it did take awhile to find the nominee list but it's here. Azor is the only movie I've heard any hype for since and it's considered one of the best movies of the year, as one of the judges and the waxed mustache critic simp agree. >>1384344


No. 1385009

Theyre jealous but I dont think theyd theyd do it even if they had the chance, theyre too lazy to actually work a job

No. 1385232

File: 1638672443402.jpeg (835.34 KB, 1500x3053, 2102F919-BB7B-4833-B645-872DAE…)

Is she talking about samememe here sending her anon messages saying it was her fault her friend killed herself? If so she also doesn’t seem to believe his wife and kids thing. Also funny anna goes on and on about loyalty when she was happy to continue orbiting samememe despite him raping one of her irl friends. He changed his name back too so there’s zero chance she doesn’t know it’s him

No. 1385245

File: 1638673708818.jpeg (234.06 KB, 1500x1277, D4E990F9-B29A-4A45-94E6-70AC86…)

Possible Peter Coffin situation?

No. 1385246

File: 1638673736203.jpeg (703.86 KB, 1242x964, 64CD5162-4E65-4486-BCA2-4AAEA5…)

There’s no way this is a real person

No. 1385253

I'm sure that's true for many but I mean r/rs4gg has posts from girls & gays complaining about their corporate jobs on the daily

No. 1385257

File: 1638674748632.png (97.94 KB, 1196x314, Screen Shot 2021-12-04 at 10.2…)

What is she talking about?

No. 1385263

lol sydney is not one of anna's IRL friends, she's a red scare fan who desperately wanted to be part of their friend group, literally chased after and fucked adam after dasha and him broke up like a psycho stalker

I don't find her sympathetic in the least, its obvious from his online presence that samememe was bad news, and she still associated with him until it blew up in her face

No. 1385266

File: 1638675562872.png (123.04 KB, 597x480, Clue.png)


Quite possibly >>1384227

No. 1385268

wait is she talking about MKUltraMoney who runs the "Women Posting Their L's Online"??? he's on a globalist think tank?

No. 1385271

Oh sorry I thought Anna was the irl friend she was talking about in one of her podcast thing about it because Anna is the only one who went back to associating with him and she said the person she was obsessed with talking about narcissism

No. 1385274

Isn’t he a real estate agent?

No. 1385275

File: 1638675841953.png (122.18 KB, 1180x496, aimee obsessed over swedish di…)

oh she's calling Malcolm "MK Ultra" now. so stupid. she's getting worse and worse. he really should just expose her like he hinted at in >>1384229 and end her for good. its just boring now

No. 1385285

File: 1638677077908.png (562.78 KB, 1190x2032, malcom spills.png)

was just looking through old tweets trying to see if Malcolm spilled more dirt on Aimee and found this, i had no idea Benedict Cryptofash and Shialabeefsteak/KenJBourgeois were the same person. makes sense though

No. 1385324

File: 1638681295575.jpeg (1.23 MB, 1242x1851, 860200D9-873C-4753-8EC3-59960E…)

Saw this cringe on twitter I think it’s safe to say redscare has ruined an entire generation of women
The pod was made for the most average insecure zero-personality chronically online girls like if anyone saw this bitch at a gas station they’d just assume she’s another white trash redneck of the gas station not this lolita cigarette waif aesthetic lmao

No. 1385327

…is she confusing the Sweden Democrats (far-right) with the Swedish Social Democrats (center-left)? Wouldn't really desribe SD as "globalist" lol

No. 1385328

That tiktok isn't mocking the RS archetype?

No. 1385415

is this your first time experiencing sarcasm/satire nonny?

No. 1385421

File: 1638695263795.jpeg (138.8 KB, 750x750, 1ABBC06B-4729-4DC2-B740-78F502…)

You would think it’s satire but no there’s an entire active online group of girls who genuinely think & act like this I guess it’s the new aesthetic they want to recreate

No. 1385423

Why would they hate the PMC if they're in corporate and are PMC? I think it's because they complain about "PMC" as an excuse to be bitter about people who are in the same path but more successful than them. It's coping. Does that make sense?

No. 1385638

File: 1638722212762.jpeg (348.03 KB, 640x708, D966F49D-BB6E-40E5-9C9E-3C74AC…)

oof, she's blatantly lizposting for her simps but only has stock photos and the faint scent of desperation. sad!

No. 1385677

so festive and trad, gifts wrapped in butcher paper

No. 1385695

>these are the next wave of cows

No. 1385732

File: 1638730199995.jpeg (869.32 KB, 1125x1668, 416DF605-BBDE-43B2-B0AC-2DAABE…)

Who is this advice for - if you must give someone a gift card you must also buy a $50 candle to go with it? A class-first Marxist who thinks 50 dollars is just a cute little add-on to people lmao. And imagine Aimee emerging pale and be-wigged from her posting hole to collect wildflowers with bony fingers, looking like a witch of legend

No. 1385815

oh noooooo this is SO embarrassing to witness. the fact that they're all stock photos… the way aimee therese wants us to think she's just casually canning jams, nbd, in between schizoposting tirades…

No. 1385828

skinchanging liz bruenig after years of denouncing her to appease the groypers (pretty sure aimee lives on takeout and energy drinks and hasn’t used a kitchen in years)

No. 1385833

>handpicked flowers at Christmas
bitch we don’t all live in Australia

No. 1385861

File: 1638742071830.jpeg (550.79 KB, 2160x1133, 88E3D24C-E25E-4497-9A2A-31123A…)

No. 1385897


Aimee Terese teaching us how to brew our own redbull would be more on brand and appreciated tbh.

No. 1385962

i'm not sure the diptique employees would even let her in the store

No. 1385997

to be fair i'm pretty sure Liz B lives on energy drinks and the odd Ritz cracker snatched from her child's plate, hence her rosy pallor and robust 80 lb frame >>1374950
but yeah she at least has kitchen familiarity enough to create the sloppy Cracker Barrel looking bread bowl dinners Matt demands and her fancy desserts

No. 1386030

File: 1638754095823.jpeg (386.88 KB, 640x871, D7755AFD-B3F2-4D9E-96C8-19D481…)

Dasha retweeting OPN promo by way of Jon Rafman; I guess the breakup was amicable

No. 1386034

File: 1638754567444.jpeg (354.35 KB, 535x862, EF8CBCBB-5745-4059-BC50-EE5F38…)

A box office smash!

No. 1386049

wow that was probably twice the budget

No. 1386079

File: 1638760771571.png (38.96 KB, 688x156, yes.png)

>A box office smash!
Yes. Higher PTA than the latest Verhoeven.

No. 1386093

Succession update: one episode later and Greg has already lost interest in comfry after he sees a gorgeous Italian countess standing across the courtyard. The writers must hate Dasha lol.

No. 1386097

Wonder what the numbers are for tickets sales without a Q&A

No. 1386101

Guess this scene was cut.

No. 1386110

Not vegan but holy shit the most recent episode of Low Society is painful to listen to. They are sharing their extremely braindead, uninformed opinions about veganism and don’t even understand why vegans won’t eat eggs. Jake is actually terminally retarded and Angie is a pickme edgelord.

No. 1386121

File: 1638764364841.jpeg (496.71 KB, 2160x1217, AFAD7391-6BD6-420B-9933-A1660F…)

No. 1386146

File: 1638767581453.png (443.62 KB, 1196x1910, aimee lying.png)

this is proof to me that aimee gets paid to push certain talking points because she's completely lying here. I live in NSW and its still QR code check-ins to every place, everyone is forced to wear masks even outside, vaxx card signs everywhere, its hell. glad people are calling her out like that quillette freak

No. 1386165

interesting. anyone know what the angle is? seems clear Aimee takes $ from conservative/right groups like Claremont but I'd imagine they'd want to publicize covid authoritarianism, not downplay it. also don't know who Aimee is trying to fool, i'm a burger and even the normies i know are finally beginning to see where this is heading thanks to Australia. my sympathies are with you nona.

No. 1386167

Yet they kept the scene where Greg, Tom and Shiv talk shit about Comfry while Dasha stands 10 feet behind them hunched over her phone like a goblin.

No. 1386174

File: 1638771201903.jpeg (370.42 KB, 1170x987, 303C403B-B766-4F98-9369-F77953…)

No. 1386175

It's currently at 5/10 on IMDB and 2.6/5 on letterboxd. Even her simps and femcel skinwalkers spamming 5 stars on letterboxd can't get the score up.

No. 1386185

File: 1638772458530.jpeg (320.94 KB, 442x489, DC8F3DF3-42CA-44AD-9709-9FAA81…)

This is hilarious if the writers are actually intentionally sabotaging Dasha

No. 1386197

File: 1638773614008.png (258.25 KB, 590x528, lmaoooo.png)

No. 1386199

tbh there quite a few reviews on letterboxd from red scare fans that give it 2 stars and say something like "love you Dasha, but this was trash"

No. 1386203

File: 1638774880696.jpeg (53.05 KB, 513x239, 8FD4DC5C-DC39-44BA-BC26-396BB9…)

No. 1386204

File: 1638775115950.png (92.24 KB, 886x206, Screen Shot 2021-12-06 at 2.14…)

The discussion on the Succession sub is pretty funny, there's 180 comments on a post from last week where everyone's befuddled why Cumfry is described as "a goddess" who's "so out of Greg's league" but since they have no idea who Dasha is they're asking so innocently like "am I missing something?" One comment was just "why are they talking about her like she's prime Scarlett Johanssen" lol

Also sounds like Dasha had two lines in this week's episode, one of which was about a podcast. The Red Scare sub was ecstatic of course. Such fan service - Dasha shows up once a week to read mean Tweets or talk podcasts. Definitely not a stunt casting tho, we are witnessing the birth of a very versatile actress here!

No. 1386208

it would be hilarious but i actually think there's a good chance the writers aren't sabotaging Dasha with the over the top praise of her looks. per Dasha some of the writers are fans >>1380596
I think RS fans genuinely believe Anna and Dasha are cool gorgeous genius Stacies and not the weird lopsided malcontents that they are. You can see the delusion in the Scarethots who descend here every week Dasha has more than 5 seconds of screentime to tell us she's the most beautiful person on earth and the next big star

No. 1386221

File: 1638778919340.png (107.4 KB, 716x568, dirtbag_left.png)

always a treat to see normies two years behind on the discourse

No. 1386226

it’s so annoying to see the fucking idiots posting as if dasha being on succession matters like it’s some masterpiece. it’s the most tryhard shtick trash. just like its precursor, veep, americans are eating it up because they think it’s the “smart” show.

No. 1386232

>americans are eating it up
journalists and twitter addicts* are eating it up, that who the show is written by and for. They've only had two episodes crack 700,000 live viewers. Not exactly must-see TV.

No. 1386237

I’ve only ever heard people talk about this show and say they were pressured to keep watching even if they found it dull. for some reason it gained a reputation for prestige, before dasha joined the cast, and it was unworthy then. americans think it’s witty and edgy to like because it’s known that it’s written by brits and it makes them feel smart.

No. 1386307

kek sometimes seeing names of cows i've had the displeasure of interacting/working with on here gives me chills. boring trust fund kids and their miserable 10+ year old film "partners". honor quotes this thread like people give a shit about her dasha skinwalk.

No. 1386367

real question, was Sailor Socialism really that much of a thing? i never heard of it until it was retroactively brought up in Red Scare articles. wondering if i somehow missed the viral clip of 2018 or if it just made the rounds of normie lib shows like Trevor Noah, John Oliver etc. if so, i'm guessing they edited it to make Dasha look like she pwned the InfoWars girl because outside the brainworms comment, she came off pretty dim and terrified

lol this. people don't realize how low the bar is for "prestige television" these days, so few people watch these shows the cultural impact is basically nil. the only people i know who like Succession are literal gen Xers who "stay hip" by sitting on twitter all day at their $200k/year jobs consuming sassy takes by lib blucechecks to regurgitate in the work Slack

No. 1386370

wait like. you mean honor levy goes around IRL talking about lolcow.farm? i read here on a regular basis and tangentially know some of these cows who i suspect also read/post here but it's a strictly don't ask don't tell situation lmao. would welcome ur stories of encountering these cows IRL nonnie

No. 1386377

File: 1638802979112.jpeg (380.3 KB, 640x605, 94A4803A-A2DD-4B09-94A1-99F213…)

They knew what they were doing

No. 1386390

the hair people clearly haaaate Dasha, this is the worst one yet

No. 1386396

>Dasha: you need to be careful, cousin greg. the media loves cancel culture, they'll try to cancel you, it's just like the mccarthy era (turns to look at camera) Red Scare
Next Sunday

No. 1386408

honor is seriously pathetic, imagine being a podcast groupie. imagine calling yourself "the second wave of brooklyn podcasting"

No. 1386440

File: 1638809276361.png (99.17 KB, 407x498, as_a_christian.png)

Sometimes it feels like when Liz does a le epic clapback to the boomercons, she's really struggling with her own subconscious telling her she acts the exact same way towards her online opps.

No. 1386445

File: 1638809530637.png (285.87 KB, 481x490, whiplash.png)

Ten minutes later she tweets this, same exact genre as Dinesh's OP, making light of PMC black woman complaining about the white gaze or whatever.

No. 1386454

I just assumed lolcow.farm threads were just fans'/influencers' way of building and archiving their various lore. I mean, it's pretty undeniable that that explains most of the posts here. Is there even anyone on here that unironically finds these people cringe? I guess you're not really supposed to say it out loud. It's a fun space for fans though.

No. 1386464

I just don't understand why she would even want to lie about this. Aren't her Claremont Institute friends the ones using Australia as an example of covid hysteria gone too far?

No. 1386471

aimee drove her fanboy/good old boyz guy bog_beef off twitter for not being conservative enough. anons used to find aimees new accounts before her old one got restored with claremont money because he would become mutuals with her again so quickly.

No. 1386488

File: 1638812179844.png (184.44 KB, 640x1136, EBFD150F-D806-4F83-9635-1F26E8…)

They're really rolling out the red carpet for this thing. All the stars are here! OPN Q&A should be a blast.

No. 1386495

File: 1638813189779.jpeg (441.92 KB, 561x783, 0541858F-E05D-4E1F-95E6-E8FCF7…)

Malcom looks like a racist caricature lol, why does he playact as a fascist nationalist?

No. 1386496

No. 1386501

Uncle Toms are afraid to go to the good barbershops, so they always look like a complete mess

No. 1386505

Quad Cinema is the perfect place for Dasha's movie, a flashy shell with nothing inside. A few years ago there was a new owner and huge renovation and they had the best programming in ny rep until the owners decided to just can all that and now it's just a prettier Landmark Theatre. Could someone ask Ion Pack why they keep up the mystery since everyone knows now. They are just party promotors and are not really involved in film. There's some kind of lesson here with these people saying they want to create art but all they do is build cults of personality.

No. 1386516

The cults of personality are the art! When Honor Levy says the scene has pretensions at Warhol, she means it!

No. 1386526

I hearths dick was only 4 inches by 6

No. 1386527

Who is this guy? Never heard of him.

No. 1386528

Tinkzorg, the ex-Aimee cohost

No. 1386534

File: 1638815884183.png (2.33 MB, 1532x1528, Screen Shot 2021-12-06 at 1.36…)

he looks normal on the goog but so strange here. is this a comically oversized chair or something? he looks like a 7 year old going as a professor for halloween.

No. 1386564

They call me Dark Child, they call me Night Master, they call me Peabody, they call me Peanut Arbuckle, they call me doorway, they call me pink dress… They call me Sweezy, they call me Go-Go Nuts, they call me Pineapple Man.

No. 1386566

Are these Xiu Xiu lyrics

No. 1386604

File: 1638821408714.jpeg (1.33 MB, 1582x1408, 77E35E80-D7F0-4BB3-8BCE-60249C…)

No. 1386605

No. 1386682




Adam Lehrer's substack is legit milk, zero self-awareness that he seems as bad as the people he criticizes in these. another downtown nyc person who deserves to get mentioned here way more often

No. 1386684

pretty sure she's not being serious when she says stuff like that. although her own podcast is always talking about other podcasts
Lol, why would someone tell their IRL stories and risk getting found out?

I've always wondered if Honor started the leftcow threads herself

No. 1386760

Aimee the cry-bully. I think this Malcom drama started a year ago after the Trump failure. Signs were on their 7 hour election twitch stream that Malcom was tired of her fake marxist schtick calling everyone the bourgeoise.

No. 1386769

Do the two of them not get along?

No. 1386788

I, for one, unironically find these people extremely cringe, yes.

No. 1386791

No. 1386838

File: 1638837734731.png (267.34 KB, 869x842, raytheon dad.png)

of course carlbeijer tried to out adam lehrer as an aerospace baby, which he is, but failed to scroll down fair enough to notice that lehrer's grandfather founded a lockheed martin subcontractor. maybe the "trust fund baby" lehrer wanks about didn't drone kids to fund his mfa at least.

No. 1386888

malcom was/is an aspie shut-in. his mom runs a second hand shop and is tasked with bringing him fresh clothes, and he needs assistance with things such as paying the bills. a lumpenprole below even the 'useless eaters' he likes to rail against, though he's probably moved up in the world since be became part of the post-trump 'shitting on lefties' cottage industry

No. 1386908

a failson but still more in touch with reality than aussie aimee

No. 1386913

File: 1638846587677.jpg (138.4 KB, 1170x2080, getastylist.jpg)

Dasha has almost single handedly made carels the litas of the 2020s. Awful.

No. 1386915

her shoes are probably the only good thing about her fashion sense tbh

No. 1386927


lol yeah not planning on revealing anything specific but getting called an autist on lolcow is essentially her public claim to fame

im pretty sure she's credited on spree as the "meme researcher/maker" even though her entire personality is just residual retardation from here

No. 1386933

So terribly styled, unwashed and haggard looking.

No. 1387020

Idk why OPN still associates with Dasha after she divulged on rs that he has porn-induced ED and has to look at porn to keep it up during sex.

No. 1387021

This is the newfaggiest shit I’ve ever seen. Why can’t you mouthbreathing fangirls stay in your reddit sewing circle.

No. 1387037

Dasha radiating gimpgirl energy tbh

No. 1387052

pretty simple, he's a typical jew cuck who gets off on the humiliation (see adam, brace, stephen, kyle, literally every guy ever linked with dasha). i mean she was spotted leaving a hotel room with nicholas braun and nothing changed

No. 1387079

don't forget alexanderstephenhaddad

No. 1387101

I mean I doubt they were ever exclusive, OPN never publicly confirmed that they were dating even though Dasha was calling him her bf on the pod. So pathetic lol.

No. 1387105

File: 1638872164405.jpeg (936.89 KB, 1925x1423, D96B5477-111E-4F95-A426-C20E09…)

new easter egg

No. 1387143

Fucking kek anon, I was thinking she reminded me of someone in the bottom photo and that's why. That dress really looks like on of Mary's little finds, I wonder where she got it

It's fascinating that she's still keeping this up after so long

No. 1387150

File: 1638884770700.png (1.13 MB, 1231x519, lizbdotcom.png)

Liz Bruenig got her website back up and running after a four(?)-year hiatus. No more blog, just the typical journo branding.


No. 1387152

File: 1638885062803.png (531.3 KB, 960x466, framing.png)

really positioning herself as the heir to leader of the Berniecrat left

No. 1387163

Jon White, the guy who did the website design, is a curious fellow https://jonwhitestudio.com/

He also designed Matt's People's Policy Project, has done a ton of work for Chapo…and did the latest Microsoft Outlook landing page. He's also an ex-Aimee reply guy. https://twitter.com/search?q=%40jonwhitestudio%20%40aimeeterese&src=typed_query&f=live

No. 1387166

I actually think shasti posts good stuff but this is so weird and the uwu steppe wife thing too she needs female friends or something
I would hang out with her

No. 1387173

this is a place for hate and gossip

No. 1387174

lmao did shasti go off private? iirc her IG has been private for a while, probably because the skinwalking and annie comparisons would be too obvious

No. 1387206

File: 1638890342871.png (151.97 KB, 894x652, Screen Shot 2021-12-07 at 10.1…)

Love the word misuse in the paragraph where she brags about endless hours in the library and all her elite credentials. Liz you insufferable midwit, "hock" means to pawn something. The word you're looking for is "hawk" - to publicly promote or make for sale. I don't have a college degree btw

No. 1387216

>lolcow is a fun space for fans

>lolcow is a place for gossip and hate

lmfao thank you. explains a lot that newfags think we're all just here to enjoy the cows' delightful antics together. no, we actually hate them!

No. 1387295

haha hate is the sincerest form of flattery

No. 1387301

the saying is actually “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” you retard.

No. 1387308

File: 1638900644805.png (116.71 KB, 602x912, sicko.png)

👁️ anna k guesting on a pedophile's podcast. again. magic formula = "from:[libertarian] consent"

No. 1387334

Well this is the best source of live information for this scene. So, as a major fangirl, I want to thank each and everyone who contributes! But I mean no disrespect with my my good cheer. And I'll try to leave the hateposting to farmers like you. All the best content on these threads probably come from a place of genuine hate. It's just hard to tell the difference between hate and adoration sometimes.(unsaged newfaggotry)

No. 1387354

File: 1638903623279.png (317.28 KB, 445x507, 2347121231.png)

Anna would've gone FtM if she was born 10 years later, look at that jawline

No. 1387382

What's the deal with that thumbnail she looks like she's wearing a wig

No. 1387387

She has a normal jawline imo. Russians typically have wider and more square jaws which is emphasized by the severe hair styles she likes to wear. If she was born 10 years later she would have gone FtM from TikTok and the sexual trauma of being trafficked in her teens.

No. 1387395

Not even trying to come for you but especially after reading here, how are you still a major fan girl of any of these fucking people? What about Anna/Dasha and God forbid Liz is appealing I genuinely would like to know ??

No. 1387397

File: 1638905233720.jpeg (710.12 KB, 1284x1186, 7F6C0151-CA65-4E5E-AA6F-0A8E57…)

It is a wig. This guy chose to use her basic bitch cosplay as the thumbnail.

No. 1387399


unREGISTERED? as in unregistered sex offender??? lmfao

No. 1387402

Wow so weird, maybe he figures more people will click if she looks like an actual woman

No. 1387410

waiting for dasha's wig era so aimee, anna, and dasha can all cosplay as women with normal, unshriveled hair together

No. 1387523

yeah I just got on these threads to find out angelicism01's name.

No. 1387553

Think it’s the wide angle making his left leg look small. Right seems stocky by comparison lmao

No. 1387624

how does he not see that the answer to that question is “yes”

No. 1387691

File: 1638924654503.png (1.04 MB, 640x1136, F71A7103-81BC-43F2-A780-4B00AE…)

Scary merch made in a Pakistani sweatshop.

No. 1387708

File: 1638925595945.jpeg (192.8 KB, 368x908, F9654397-5AEB-4DE7-8A8D-CDDA3B…)

Mitch McConnell cited Matt Bruenig on the Senate floor today lol

No. 1387713

She looks especially evil here

No. 1387728

Really? So they lying about it being made in Los Angeles? Believable but still

No. 1387770

potatoMatt mission accomplished, he’s helping fuck some shit up for poor people

No. 1387778

The graphic is probably printed in LA but the shirts are made in a sweatshop.

No. 1387781

around when do you think that happened? I left ny for a few years and now that I'm back they're super disappointing, who the fuck wants 5 screenings of the newest Lin Manuel Miranda movie? Metrograph has also been circling the drain and only 2 theaters in manhattan seem do be doing midnight shows on the weekends.

No. 1387803

Sadly even in Los Angeles a lot of the garment workers work in shitty conditions

No. 1387807

Cannot even imagine how much crap Matt eats and probably never exercises. Very rough 33. He has to be in the 1% most obese coastal elites

No. 1387808

terrible tech neck to boot. dude's going to be a hunchback by the time he's 50

No. 1387822

I zoomed on the pic and it seems like the tote bags are what anon was commenting on. The shirts look like Los Angeles Apparel, compare it to the pic on the website of a garment dyed long sleeve t-shirt.

No. 1387915

File: 1638955269412.jpeg (202.61 KB, 1125x2000, 4F1053A5-1D2B-4273-A1B3-D941D1…)

“Dasha wears a size M.” Medium?? Um, isn’t that, like, a size 6?? SCARY.

No. 1387925

looking like post-apartheid grimes lowkey

No. 1387969

>um sweatys ure all just fans ackshally
let me tell you the story of a little boy named chistian weston chandler…

No. 1387978

tru, though the bar is on the floor here. hell, it's tumbled down to the basement

No. 1387979

the other day he was crying about the quilette girl getting too many likes on a tweet, i think he would love nothing more than being posted here more often kek

>I've always wondered if Honor started the leftcow threads herself
are you trying to give her memester credit? there's no way she knew about this place before these threads, bitch wasn't even mentioned here until thread #5, when she was more or less ignored, then only brought up again 10 threads later on thread #15

No. 1388034

File: 1638973443157.jpeg (1.23 MB, 1125x1734, FB95556F-7053-48E2-B209-49C07D…)

The dead eyes, the pig nose, the jowls, the zero effort designing and modeling these frumpy t-shirts she wants you to pay 40 dollars for. Do scarethots ever get the feeling they’re being cheated? Interesting artwork in the background too.

No. 1388142

There’s something so creepy about her gaze when she’s not trying to impress anyone. She fantasizes about being an Epstein victim but her gaze and overall demeanor is giving Ghislaine.

No. 1388148

That better not be the prophet Muhammad (PBUH)…

No. 1388153

i think it’s osama, george w bush, and uncle sam

No. 1388198

That reminds me of the wk anon who insisted Dasha is for sure famous because she's talked about here. Marginally as famous as Chris Chan, what an accomplishment

No. 1388203

haha the real lolcows are the people posting on this site because the shit you say is unintentionally funny AF keep it up i love you guys you always have the freshest scoops too

No. 1388215

No. 1388413

misery + mental illness + 1000 cock stare. learning to identify and avoid people with this look in their eyes is unironically the secret to a happier life.

No. 1388432

don't flatter her, dasha can't hold a candle to chris chan

No. 1388445

File: 1639012855844.jpeg (167.62 KB, 640x787, DA8382E4-8AB5-4853-BEA3-4E37B2…)

No. 1388450

it was a very fair review tbh. the third act is indeed unsatisfying and incoherent, she clearly didn't know how to wrap up the story.

No. 1388482

File: 1639016235240.png (104.47 KB, 1192x414, Screen Shot 2021-12-08 at 8.16…)

Jeffrey Epstein victim, whistleblower and one time TrueAnon guest calls Liz F. "creepy" : o

No. 1388490

File: 1639016690110.png (60.92 KB, 606x322, yung.png)

this is in response to PostXAmerica defending TrueAnon from more conspiracy-brained accounts accusing them of being an op after Brace and Liz denigrated the 500k-follower Maxwell trial updates account that got suspended earlier today for buying bots (and was also making shit up about the trial)

No. 1388492

File: 1639016764686.png (50.75 KB, 605x249, spotthelie.png)

No. 1388494

is this in response to a real person or just making up a guy to get mad at

No. 1388497

who tf is that. trueanon orbiter?

No. 1388498

An Aimee reply guy posted his patreon subscriptions and it was RS, What's Left, and more of the typical post-left people with sketchy ties to right wing think tanks.
They were right to not play into that trial updates account. It had first been made to talk about NFTs and is just a guy trying to get eyes on his substack.

No. 1388501

people having been calling them opps for a long time (including in these threads!) and there's plenty of that chatter online today after this incident >>1388490
Whitney Webb started calling Brace an op like two years ago…Bridgie Therease sometime in the last year. PostXAmerica has done so as well, but everything they post is dripped in ten layers of irony and they delete most of their tweets.

No. 1388502

so do they think trueanon is an op or not? the screenshot seems like they are making fun of the idea of thinking they're an op? or is it just cuz red scare and aimee's pod are… also ops? whatever i don't care this isn't milky. tho an epstein victim calling liz f creepy is pretty funny. she's not wrong

No. 1388504

they are friendly with TrueAnon, TrueAnon has shared their videos… they are also friendly with Marie F and Bridgie T so who knows. just some anon likely traaaansss too online freak

No. 1388505

Can't find the tweet so forget if this is from the postxamerica account or someone else in their replies but they said something like "imagine saying you won't fall for Soros ops when falling for Thiel ones".

No. 1388506

lmao. so is George Soros behind the Chapos now too?

No. 1388507

No. 1388508

patreon numbers suddenly makes sense. don't really understand the angle though, especially on TrueAnon - what are they supposed to be secretly doing? what's the goal?

No. 1388509

You're never going to convince me that that many people willingly pay to listen to Brace's voice.

No. 1388512

I think he was saying that's what the post left Aimee guys believe, "sheepdogs for the DNC", not that they personally believe it but idk. I really doubt the Democrats want to give money to Chapo. It's just projection from Claremont whores.

No. 1388526

Trueanon is 100% an op. The hosts have two goals: Brace wants to be famously (desperately) and Liz wants to break into right wing media. Brace doesn’t care about “ideas” or “leftism” or whatever. He’ll take any entry he can get and if that means piggybacking onto Thiel money, whatever. I mean, Dasha’s still his buddy and she’s five fingers deep herself.

No. 1388535

A lot of people don’t know that Liz F was one of the original boosters of what would eventually become the bellows. She’s extremely tight with Anna, Aimee, Nagle, Greenwald, that entire crew. To think she’s in it for anything other than a right wing media career is foolishness. She’s headlong down the Alex Jones career route. And again - ALL Brace wants is fame and money. He doesn’t give two shits about who he needs to partner with to make that happen. But he’s ultimately harmless. I mean, he’s dumb and a liar, but harmless. But Liz is a cold blooded snake.(learn2sage)

No. 1388559

I once held matt christman ar gunpoint so i know he's not a grifter you're all cowards if you don't do that much

No. 1388563

Yung Chomsky is Trueanon's producer

No. 1388577

File: 1639021795749.png (576.04 KB, 1176x869, samememeasalways.png)

samememe and jack melting down over black women in 7 second youtube advertisements, as usual.

No. 1388603

I honestly can’t tell if she has narcissistic personality disorder or if she’s literally just autistic. It’s a toss up which better explains the delusions of grandeur, lack of self-awareness and horribly stunted sense of aesthetics and femininity that’s indistinguishable from what’s portrayed in “barely legal exploited teen” style porn.

No. 1388625

File: 1639023518749.png (419.95 KB, 1036x1250, Screen Shot 2021-12-08 at 11.1…)

>An Aimee reply guy posted his patreon subscriptions and it was RS, What's Left, and more of the typical post-left people with sketchy ties to right wing think tanks.

No. 1388824

File: 1639034117352.jpg (45.16 KB, 800x450, D46W3sxXsAA6Vql.jpg)

lmao postXamerica is literally the BIGGEST "grifter" on the "conspiracy left" (I put grifter in quotes because it seems like its all for internet clout, not money). irony poisoned tool sniffing in the comments of every conspiracy-friendly d-grade celeb he can find while calling everyone he's not on good terms with an "op". twitter is now just an endless spiderman meme of people accusing each other of doing the same shit they're doing

No. 1388828

spill I don’t know anything what even is the premise of that account

No. 1388829

their engagement is garbage, not even an effective grift

No. 1388832

I only know from what I've seen on the timeline, he just endlessly pumps out shitty "ironic" memes (similar to that jinx account but with a more conspiracy bent) and fan vids for various MeToo victims. he's also constantly starting shit with random accounts/cliques then deleting everything like a pussy. right now seems obssessed with subtweeting dasha and succession so probably posts here. they also claim to be a woman but went on instagram live with james ransone one time and they sounded like a nerdy incel man, definitely not a biological woman. just another loser pretending to be someone he's not and obsessing over podcasters while pretending that obsession is noble or "helping socialism" or something

No. 1388833

i was wrong they are trying to funnel money into patreon subs/youtube clicks/merch/twitter/instagram followers/bandcamp, not going too well hence the endless podcast "beef" https://postamerica.tv

No. 1388849

Lol fan vids for metoo victims?? like who??

No. 1388851

That is a hideous web page

No. 1388858

I saw that stream too. Why the fuck is James ransone streaming with some anon. Definitely sounded like a tranny

No. 1388886

she's not unattractive but she looks downs more than the average person would. how can anyone can have a fascination with her? how can she be nothing but unirionically regurgitated 2012 tumblr and end up with this following? don't red scare fans know her shtick is very stale or do they seriously find it refreshing? i can forgive the dumpy flyover girls but are red scare gays the most tragically unhip gays of all time?

No. 1388905

Does anyone in New York even fuck with Anna and Dasha anymore? Leah Mcsweeney wore a red scare merch tee during an episode of RHONY like two years ago but then never went on the pod. They used to have minor figures from the nyc art world on the pod semi-regularly and people like Lena Dunham and Azealia Banks would at least be subtweeting about them but now everyone just ignores them. Literally who is their fanbase now?

No. 1388915

File: 1639050499522.png (79.03 KB, 598x345, oop.png)

Optics check!

No. 1388962

Good god. This Monica/Moche girl is so far gone.

No. 1388967

They don't know it's stale because they are really that out of touch

No. 1388974

their fanbase is edgelord high schoolers, lesser pickmes, and shitty "ironic misogynist" men.

No. 1388976

you're exactly on the money, can't believe people can't get a whiff of brace's desperation immediately. but everyone in this sphere desperately wants to be relevant…

No. 1388981

i think Dasha absolutely has narcissistic personality disorder, specifically BPD. until a few months ago, the main milk on Dasha was her binge drinking, drug use, shoplifting, stealing friend's credit cards, unstable relationships, cheating, 100+ sex partners, inability to hold a job, suicidality. she also has the "i'm the hottest most talented person in the world" delusion mixed with self-loathing and self-destructive behavior. all 100% textbook BPD/NPD traits. been around people like this enough to spot them a mile away, they're all the same and they're almost always irredeemably shitty people

No. 1388986

Leah McSweeney, that random loud whore who got fired after two seasons? Who cares lmao

No. 1389031

Matt Bruenig's got congressional staffers leaking data directly to him, dude's got the Biden admin shook on every poorly-designed aspect of the Build Back Better plan they roll out. https://www.peoplespolicyproject.org/2021/12/09/cbo-child-care-and-pre-k-estimates-assume-massive-state-non-participation/

No. 1389037

File: 1639068919215.png (2.77 MB, 2518x946, 11.22 vs. 12:9.png)

been following this bc i hate this catfish