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File: 1612486236591.jpeg (764.1 KB, 2776x3734, 1612398300462.jpeg)

No. 1152451

Thread about pickme women and gays, primarily from Twitter and Youtube, who claim to be practicing Socialism or Marxism. Commonly known as The Dirtbag Left, many associated with the scene are not leftists at all.
Twitter e-girl uwu smol beans are on-topic in that they all follow and interact with the cows.
>Media associated with this scene:
Podcasts like Red Scare, Chapo Trap House, True Anon, The Antifada, The Perfume Nationalist, What’s Left, and The Nice People Show

The Rundown is short because the thread was shit:
>Liz Bruenig goes on CNN to explain Joe Biden’s relationship with the progressive press >>>/snow/1147610
>Aimee Terese starts new podcast with @kmzahos, an ex-breadtuber >>>/snow/1147823
>Bella claims she’ll never read lolcow and then deletes her account after more milk is dumped >>>/snow/1147921
>various photos and social media profiles of Bella (Annabella Bazalgette) >>>/snow/1148763
>@brainstormrn calls us femcels >>>/snow/1148779
>Jack the Fascist says Evan Rachel Woods made up her rape accusations >>>/snow/1148845
>Dasha fuming with jealously over AOC >>>/snow/1148952
>@BLCKD_COM_PILLED gets mad over a fake Bernie funko pop, says he regrets ever associating with the “Bernie movement” >>>/snow/1149014
>photos of @brainstormrn’s saggy 35-year old body >>>/snow/1149078
>new photo of Sam Pritchard. The estrogen made his chin cleft even deeper >>>/snow/1149353
>Ashley Reese of Jezebel calls out Dasha for having a twitter for her eating disorder. >>>/snow/1149512
>Ashley Reese’s avi is shown in a screenshot. Farmers can’t decide if it was really Ashley or a photoshop done by Dasha and her friends to frame her >>>/snow/1149625
>link to the deleted screenshot mentioned above >>>/snow/1149645
>Dasha and friends start a twitter pile-on, accusing Ashley Reese of using lolcow >>>/snow/1149664
>list of posters who are confirmed lolcow readers >>>/snow/1149701
>anon finds Bella’s sex photos she posted on discord >>>/snow/1149738
>photo of Jacobin writer Carl Beijer >>>/snow/1149830
>@warmtoned says she’s sensitive and reading lolcow posts about herself make her throw up >>>/snow/1149852
>cringe screenplay by James Healey of the Women Posting Their L’s Online account >>>/snow/1149864
>Anna Khachiyan comes back on twitter to defend Michael Tracey and make fun of AOC >>>/snow/1149894
>Aimee Terese new account is @leftismo >>>/snow/1150080
>Dasha’s old book of poetry >>>/snow/1150206
>@bimboubermensch tries to insert herself into the Ashley Reese-Dasha drama >>>/snow/1150312
>photo of White Assad (@racismfactory) >>>/snow/1150376
>blckd_com_pilled mentions lolcow and then deletes his account >>>/snow/1150387
>Dasha did a poll on her alt account about whether her followers like her or AOC better (AOC won) >>>/snow/1150742
>Ashley Reese points out Dasha’s fans are neo-nazis. >>>snow/1151146
>is @internetkendra trans? >>>snow/1151360

Old threads:
Thread #1: >>>/snow/949693
Thread #2: >>>/snow/1002060
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No. 1152466


No. 1152468

File: 1612487555494.png (1.37 MB, 1080x1415, Screenshot_2021-02-04-19-03-05…)

I guess taking a zoom therapy selfie is classier than taking semi-nude cat ear selfies in your gyno's office?

No. 1152473

i wish i could tell any of these girls apart. i cant keep up anymore.

No. 1152477

This is the girl who had the great misfortune to be raped by disgusting freak samememe.

No. 1152481

File: 1612488169787.png (365 KB, 981x848, fa.png)

Aimee rt'ing Anna's qt of fash Nico, who earlier posted a list of interviews
Weev interview is the only one worth reading, don't agree with his views but he is the only one of these grotesque bedfellows to actually state where they really stand.

No. 1152489

James Poulos, that's a name that hasn't crept into these circles in a long time. Looks like he's a Thiel-payrolled Claremont BAP-stan now, I remember when he used to be a Liz Bruenig reply guy in like 2014, way before it was cool.

No. 1152496

File: 1612488667950.png (36.59 KB, 585x290, Untitled.png)

We got a lurker

No. 1152504

self-post(hi cow)

No. 1152506

File: 1612488992787.png (282.3 KB, 602x522, Screen Shot 2020-08-25 at 12.5…)

BAP is squabbling with the ladies now of course but saw this rt of his, another reminder of how close to the edge of open hatred they all are

No. 1152511

File: 1612489342837.png (31.03 KB, 585x300, Iux1v.png)


No. 1152514

File: 1612489776752.png (456.66 KB, 1080x1361, Screenshot_2021-02-04-19-43-16…)

His twitter sucks. Can't tell if schizo or just has a really bad sense of humor. Christian meme posting at 40(?) is very embarrassing. Go live in a monastery, bitch.

No. 1152517

Please don't use "weev" and "worth" in the same sentence; he is a messier cow than every retard who's ever been posted on this thread combined.

No. 1152525

Is this that lolbertarian guy? P sure he was a columnist for a paper in socal

No. 1152526

He made the first post in this thread. He forgot that when he sees tweets like that he is supposed to laugh to himself and keep scrolling. It's cute that they care about violence against women when the perp is black though, very curious.

No. 1152527

Lol so someone who works for the Claremont institute is “left” now

Does that make Thomas Sowell a new black panther party member now?

No. 1152529

I wish we had a real revolution so bitches like Anna K could die after being sent back to the countryside

No. 1152533

File: 1612490701905.png (123.44 KB, 289x311, w.png)

That's exactly why you're better off just reading his interview than all the self serving pr press release style ones

No. 1152538

No, but I don't consider Anna and Dasha or their army of scarethots remotely "left" or "feminist". Apparently a lot of people do though. Including basically everyone who writes a piece on them.

No. 1152541

That’s how gossip forums work lmao. Cope is right

No. 1152542

Any piece on or about w*ev is going to be too generous to him. Ask someone who used to know him from his IRC days to get the real story.

No. 1152544

Most of his IRC pals retconned their past and work big time tech jobs now

Like Rucas from GNAA who works for SpaceX and went from white power to corporate Democrat

No. 1152545

File: 1612491743240.png (729.7 KB, 640x1138, 0zydussfkjf61.png)

Anna is a massive neoliberal who hates the environment and loves stealing from poor people's water reserves- confirmed.

No. 1152548

ok but is Anna K for real and honestly pregnant and planning to carry to term?? please advise, need to light candles and start praying for the fetus immediately if this is accurate

this is so autistic but she looks exactly like that supposed picture of Samantha Koenig’s dead body after Israel Keyes stitched her eyes open and posed her

No. 1152550

Can you fucking stop

No. 1152551

Dasha was riding the Sailor Socialism thing when the pod first started. They definitely wanted people to think they were socialist to get Chapo bux.
All signs point to yes. She'll be 4-5 months if she's been pregnant since last fall. Wonder how she's planning to reveal it, some kind of ironic photoshoot?

No. 1152560

The "sailor socialism" thing is several years dead now though.

No. 1152561

Stop what?

No. 1152562

File: 1612492398115.png (56.58 KB, 187x197, maas.png)

I know there was some discussion of this lady last thread but I have a little bit more milk on her.

She was pretty big in the TrueAnon/left CIA haterz sphere for a bit, and while Brace talking about her not answering his DMs might be one reason why that dwindled, she also posted some anti-Semitic shit (typical for her) that got Eli Valley to notice and (I think, my memory of this bullshit is shaky) deactivate for a while. Check the likes on this tweet which was roughly when I remember this happening: https://twitter.com/SlavojT/status/1328165677182533636?s=20

Now she seems to be at least a fan of Fedpost guys like @BLCKD_COM_PILLD, as well as cows like Bronze Age Pervert, bimbo ubermensch, allahliker, etc. One notable mutual of her's is Andray Domise (who goes by Q. for some fucking reason) who I just know there must be some amazing milk on (if you search his name it's pretty easy to find an abuse scandal from a few years ago that seems shady.)

No. 1152567

That is exactly the point being made
Nico is fash and all his 'interview' subjects are chosen for how closely they align with views he wants to promote
It's suggested to read this interview precisely cos it is completely generous to w–v, just as Nico is generous to all the other despicable cunts he "interviews"

No. 1152573

This is deranged and not in a cute-eccentric way. What is the problem with >>1152550 lol

No. 1152579

No, most of them are still worthless losers, and the competent ones grew up. All of them will share a consistent narrative about weev.
>extreme attention whore, visibly uncomfortable when conversation moves past him or associated topics
>chronic leech living off the dime of teenagers and crazy women from wealthy families
>obsessed with trying to make the world think he is sophisticated and subversive rather than a degenerate who just manages to be charismatic enough to convince retards to do things he can take credit for
>literally rented a rolls royce for a media interview so the journalist wouldn't see that he's a poorshit junkie
>chronic namedropper
>fucked hep lol
>consistently takes credit for the work of others
>adopted the persona other people helped create for him because it gave him more attention than he was previously receiving
>accidentally flanderized himself and missed out on becoming a media darling so he could live life as a self-hating jew to its most extreme
>forever banished to the shittiest part of the shittiest country in yurop, still subsisting on gibs from children after all these years
>embarrassing tattoo

No. 1152583

Unless you live in a community with water safety issues it's honestly super wasteful. Just get a water bottle or a water filter if you want to be fancy.

No. 1152586

lmao c'mon this is probably more valid criticism than much of what Anna receives

No. 1152589

Ngl she triggered me a bit. She's always screeching about neoliberalism but only drinking bottled evian water at home is such bourgeois shit. Bottled water companies are evil and everybody knows it. Let's just stick to calling her a tranny for the 10,000 time tho lol.

No. 1152591

Since Anna is pregnant, is she living with Eli now or is she still living with the roommate?

No. 1152594

name the enemy. roommate leia

No. 1152600

The roommates moved out to another apartment in the building. Anna I guess is converting their rooms to a nursery. Unless she's subletting and moving somewhere else.

No. 1152608

source? i hadn’t heard this

No. 1152609

File: 1612496382089.png (856.34 KB, 1080x946, Screenshot_2021-02-04-21-38-43…)

This beast? I can see why she warps her avi.

No. 1152627

It really blows me away how many idiots genuinely believe the leftist crew are remotely leftist. It's the exact same hypocrisy as tradthots being sex perverts and money parasites, just with more NYC parties and wine dinners.

No. 1152633

File: 1612498140064.png (170.08 KB, 508x467, Screen Shot 2021-02-05 at 2.07…)

No. 1152635

File: 1612498483985.jpg (130.17 KB, 880x1360, giftforherchild.jpg)

Can you imagine if she has a girl? Tragic. A boy? Well, serial killer material.

No. 1152636

File: 1612498751460.png (67.63 KB, 1196x222, Screen Shot 2021-02-04 at 11.1…)

Love how Dasha and Anna pull out the "metoo doesn't help poor women it's just hollywood actresses and journalists" card but then when random not famous girls come out with abuse stories they're called fame seeking sluts too. And Dasha has never done a single thing for a poor person besides be stupid enough to paypal a random guy 50 dollars thinking it'd get her xanax.

No. 1152647

>stupid enough to paypal a random guy 50 dollars thinking it'd get her xanax.

No. 1152652

Exactly. Can anyone name one thing either of them have done for impoverished people? Shitting on overweight women (disproportionately poor), and victims of rape and domestic violence does nothing for poor women. It's hugely detrimental actually.

No. 1152655

It's a shame that there doesn't seem to be an online leftist community/movement that wasn't plagued by vapid twitter ''''leftists'''''', outrage porn-addicted /r/stupidpol types, race/gender-obsessed puritans, or tankies. I'd rather spend an hour getting cornered by the world's most autistic trot than ten minutes listening to a scarethot trying to explain theory.

No. 1152664

Like I said in the last thread… she looks exactly like the sexless WASPs that Anna claims she hates so much

No. 1152666

She was just doing accidental charity for a disenfranchised male (fake drug dealer). That counts right?

No. 1152677

File: 1612501769539.png (1.47 MB, 750x1334, 7F465E7A-5ED0-486D-97D7-207696…)

looks like she’s reading the thread calling her old

No. 1152693

File: 1612502611606.png (473.71 KB, 1080x795, Screenshot_2021-02-04-23-20-04…)

Jack liked this smol tradthot's selfies. Turns out she's kind of a demented psycho. What a surprise.

No. 1152700

File: 1612502791535.png (Spoiler Image,667.49 KB, 1080x1670, Screenshot_2021-02-04-23-19-34…)


No. 1152704

File: 1612502877913.jpeg (631.13 KB, 1268x1166, 15D7B406-9623-481C-BE06-517368…)

Reply swine showing how interconnected they all are

No. 1152705

File: 1612502923110.png (Spoiler Image,924.68 KB, 1080x1224, Screenshot_2021-02-04-23-19-20…)

Get yourself a nice traditional girl who takes pleasure in dead native wildlife. Why is everyone who orbits Jack a lunatic.

No. 1152724

File: 1612503867963.png (142.45 KB, 1080x748, Screenshot_20210204-234324~2.p…)

This has to be on purpose

No. 1152730

What a dumb thing to be smug and contrarian about. These twitterfags are in too deep and always pick the absolute stupidest hills to die on. Not surprised that Jack likes a woman who enjoys seeing dead wildlife, that's exactly the kind of miserable person he is.

No. 1152735

File: 1612504398679.png (445.94 KB, 1199x412, seems.PNG)

Yes it seems that way

No. 1152736

is that the same girl who sent nudes to every reply guy

No. 1152743

aren’t triple Ds just Es?

No. 1152747

File: 1612504706353.png (46.13 KB, 729x306, seems2.PNG)


Really are you that desperate for the attention?
Was that why you got the implants Robyn?

No. 1152748

File: 1612504737620.png (521.24 KB, 1080x938, Screenshot_2021-02-04-23-55-28…)

For those of you who haven't seen Happiness, this sandwich is drugged by a pedophile character and fed to a young boy so he can rape him. Jack having another normal day on twitter.

No. 1152752

Didn’t Jack claim that evil women care about animals so they can accuse innocent men of rape

No. 1152755

I thought boasting about "starting shit" in the comments of a post about a bird choking to death on it's own blood, to distract her from her problems, was even more blatantly disordered tbh. Jack is a sick guy for sure.

No. 1152764

easy, Ratatouille from Ratatouille. and it’s not made by a pedophile so double points.

No. 1152770

He said it was performative for women to be upset about animal suffering. And a sure sign that they are evil and ruining the lives of all the men they know. So I guess it follows that he believes if you hate animals and take pleasure in their torturous deaths you love men?

No. 1152835

File: 1612511309791.png (1.09 MB, 2048x1536, 54E0CD65-A166-4D76-AF1C-522EBC…)

Aimee has unlocked her episode with this prick, another one of the Nico fash interview subjects

No. 1152855

File: 1612513191282.png (13.88 KB, 599x251, Untitled.png)

So samelpan moved to new york and started an onlyfans

No. 1152899

It’s a joke, read the replies

No. 1152901

lmao this moron. mix up the names of these guys who are literally the exact same and they get mad as shit. yes it was this dude i was thinking of, not posters whatever his name is

No. 1152912

Lmao at that girl trying to include herself when literally no one has talked about her ever

No. 1152919

this girl isn't very milky so i'm confused why you guys keep going at her. she's just a whore who likes being a good whore lol it's nothing serious.

No. 1152929

She either posted herself or someone wanted to make it look like that

No. 1152949

She inserted herself into the chaoticitgirl drama by tweeting some dumb meme about how we should all kill ourselves. And then was begging to be posted during the Dasha-Jezebel writer frame up stuff. She's your pretty typical onlyfans degenerate. Reminds me of Felina.

No. 1152962

I think her thing is being a woman who posts in a way that is indistinguishable from a cumtown fanboy. Nobody has ever talked about her before now lmao. Unless she is part of a hivemind with lexaprofessional

No. 1152973

Pretty much. Just another pickme

No. 1152974

So just another variation of the ‘cumtown waifu’ I guess? Boring

No. 1152978

Worse. Crank the try hard edginess way up. Hitler jokes, racism, misogyny. 9th grade boy humour basically.

No. 1152985

File: 1612532581398.jpg (49.93 KB, 1080x301, Screenshot_20210205_012151.jpg)

I unironically like Dasha and Anna. It's refreshing to hear white socialist women who don't care about idpol and aren't fawning over phonies like AOC. That said, the quality of the pod has declined as of late.

Also a lot of their haters seem to be racist WoC for some reason. Pic related.

Bryan MacDonald is good at least.

No. 1152986

Anna’s brown

No. 1152989

File: 1612532896757.jpg (125.07 KB, 1080x721, Screenshot_20210205_134824.jpg)

This jealous hijabi is obsessed with dasha lol.

No. 1152996

Neither of them identify as socialist or leftist and just said so themselves

No. 1153001

The term post leftist is essentially a realization that no coherent left wing movement exists in the west anymore. Merely different forms of liberalism. It's more a despondency than anything.

No. 1153004

The person they’re posting about unsaged has literally 70 followers. It’s just some newfag from twitter.

No. 1153009

why are you posting some random with two likes on her tweets? only a moron thinks red scare is socialist or that they're hated for being white, they're idiots

No. 1153011

In contemporary American politics, who would you say is socialist? AOC, who pulled all her anti war and anti Zionist messaging from her website after winning the primary, claiming her staff would "look into it"?

I'm genuinely curious as to who those who think dasha and Anna are fascists believe is a bona fide socialist in today's America.

No. 1153012

I don't get how the "dirtbag left" constantly shitting on women isn't also considered divisive identity politics, it goes both ways.

No. 1153013

This is a gossip imageboard

No. 1153015

Afaik Anna and Dasha dislike both Reddit tier yasss kween (FDS) feminism and liberal feminism for different reasons. It's not idpol because they're not critiquing these things on behalf of an identity they themselves are advancing unlike say the Somali member of the squad (can't remember her name, just remember she's ugly and buck toothed) who supports Turkish imperialism while adopting tired old postcolonial theory.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1153018

Not that you're going to be here long but you really should sage these dumb racebait posts.

No. 1153021

What's race bait about that?

No. 1153027

You people have these stupid conversations on twitter and reddit every single day. This is a place to call people fat and make fun of their failed relationships

No. 1153028

No one here wants to debate you about idpol, dork. This is an imageboard, fuck off.

No. 1153030

>call people fat
But there's a post in this thread complaining about Dasha calling people fat lol.

No. 1153031

So? I didn’t post it. It’s not a hivemind. Don’t expect moral consistency

No. 1153041

Felina is having another breakdown(learn 2 imageboard)

No. 1153053

>random person
You simps really lost your shit over Dasha and Leia's successful (but eventually exposed) attempt to smear that other woman, and now you're doing anything you can to duplicate (or maybe legitimize) that initial high of being able to racebait for free, kek.
This isn't your "descent to /pol/dom" blog, take this stupid shit to Reddit.

No. 1153054

This is an imageboard, anon

No. 1153060

File: 1612537407710.jpeg (73.27 KB, 828x767, 74682227-FCF1-42F9-856B-3B4C3F…)

This seems pretty standard, unless you’re talking about her alt

No. 1153067

There's no way she hasn't cheated on her fiance

No. 1153070

Not only can the online left not meme, they really can’t brigade either. The simping, the dorky inept attempts at “edgy” racebaiting, the constant use of “unironically” as a qualifier etc. Imagine coming to an anonymous imageboard, where you can be anyone you want to be, and CHOOSING to be just as boring and conformist as your Twitter/Reddit persona.

No. 1153072

File: 1612538408173.jpeg (136.98 KB, 828x1123, 2434BA61-0F43-436F-881C-069F77…)

No. 1153076

she deletes shit constantly but I'm pretty sure she's said that the fiancee doesn't care that she's a whore, pretty much word for word

No. 1153078

Has the fiancé been seen at any point or could it be like a samememe/kantbot situation

No. 1153091

She is very open about the fact she fucks other guys and girls.

one of them gave her gonorrhoea and came inside her.

No. 1153104

Does she post this shit on her alt?

No. 1153107

malarkeymoon has posted revenge porn on a literal minor, do not post his pathetic sniveling little ass in here

No. 1153108

No. 1153113

this is news to me, when was this?

No. 1153123

Is there actually any proof Ashley Reese was framed? I mean the shoe does fit, an unattractive, overweight black woman having lolcow tier ressentiment towards some attractive waifish Slavic thing.

No. 1153129

God this is so gay lmao. Go back to twitter you fucking faggot

No. 1153130

2018, he’s also known as the dsaboleteria guy

No. 1153131

No. 1153133

someone who had o trouble making fun of Dasha on twitter coming here, leaving her avi in a screencap, and writing a screed about how skinny Dasha is (and using the word "whilst" which Dasha has used and Reese has never) and then Leia and Dasha noticing it and posting it within 2 minutes, while the poster of the message had already nuked the picture

No. 1153135

*no trouble, also Reese says she never uses dark mode and had multiple old tweets about how she never uses it, later someone here admitted they did it just to troll while saying "namaste" at the end and Leia has a bunch of tweets saying that

No. 1153138

You people don’t blend in at all.

No. 1153140

never heard of him

No. 1153142

no one thinks dasha is "attractive" or a waif here, being a Jezebel writer aside Ashely Reese is much better looking by any non scarethot simp standards, another reason Dasha felt so threatened she or a friend wanted to frame her

No. 1153145

File: 1612544633058.jpeg (389.94 KB, 1191x729, 2A5F08F6-0805-49DD-9F7C-CCB3DC…)

Could farmhands confirm if the person who posted this posted the screenshot? >>>/snow/1149825

No. 1153147

No offense, I don't think Dasha is super hot by any standards. But claiming Ashley Reese is better looking is laughable. She's darker, doesn't have as attractive hair, has bigger more bulbous lips etc. Not to mention dasha is skinnier and has better legs and small well proportioned breasts like catwalk models do.

Trust me, Dasha would be decidedly average in Minsk or Moscow but Ashley Reese is just plain ugly lol.

No. 1153149

Watch out, your racism is showing.

No. 1153150

>still racebaiting and trying this hard
Give it up. A libfem Jezebel writer wouldn't last 5 minutes in here. We're really sorry you lost your Twitter fight with her, but that's not our problem.
You're talking about someone other than Dasha, right? She looks like one of the snails from Flushed Away, lmao.

No. 1153151

This reads like Dasha or a deranged gay friend of hers trying to be a straight man. No one thinks Dasha's pectoral like bust is "well proportioned". No one thinks lipless greasy haired Dasha is the feminine ideal compared to a normal woman. If you showed straight non racist men pictures of both 90% would prefer Ashley to Dasha, that's just a fact.

No. 1153153

Why is it ok for people to claim dark skin is more attractive on account of pale skin looking sickly or unhealthy but the moment a woman or man says that pale skin is more attractive, SJW types lose their shit?

Is lolcow an asspat board for ugly dusky women now too? I'm willing to bet most men would find Dasha more attractive than Ashley. Even black men.

No. 1153154

stop replying to bait, newfags

No. 1153156

>straight non racist men pictures of both 90% would prefer Ashley to Dasha, that's just a fact.

Yes. That's why white dudes go crazy over Nigerian women and not Russian women right?


Your racism is showing. Silky, straight hair is what most men desire in a woman. Not hair that feels like a Brillo pad.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1153158

This thread is such a shitshow, I love it

No. 1153159

crystal.cafe would be a better place for you, racebait-chan

No. 1153161

File: 1612545828703.png (856.05 KB, 994x1080, fat and gay? pick a struggle.p…)

Seriously. I wonder who would even make such posts.

No. 1153163

for the love of god please shut the fuck up

No. 1153166


can all the obsessive racebaiting weirdos fuck off to somewhere else? I dont care about your personal vendetta against whichever black twitter acc it is this time

No. 1153167

most women on here are white, but who even says dusky wtf, did you come from the 1920s in a time machine? you don't need to be non-white to think dasha looks like microwaved oatmeal. also dasha is clearly not a waif, she's a wannarexic with a 19 bmi, she's not as tall as she claims nor as slender.

No. 1153169

It really says something about the kind of fans they attract looking at the posts from the people who came into the thread to defend her

No. 1153170

why are you replying to a banned anon

No. 1153172

>She looks like one of the snails from Flushed Away
Fucking kek, now I can't unsee it

No. 1153178


I barely know who Ashley reese is but we've spent too much time talking about her only because some dasha simps want to make this an ashley hate-thread.

No. 1153186

Oh I was agreeing with you! I’m talking about Dasha’s fans

No. 1153196


jfc there is nothing like an actual socialist in US government. AOC is a social democrat ala Bernie. If you examine Dasha and ANn K's sense of humor, its indiscernible from right-wingers. There's a kneejerk tendency to react to expressions of pain from other women as attempts to steal attention or manipulate others. The only way they are able to maintain a veneer of being associated with leftism is the sailor socialism stuff and their connections to other Brooklyn podcasters. Other than that, when you peel back the layers of ironic self-distancing, the core of their public personas lack any real substance and they are basically right-wingers. Anna K somehow thinks saying she too is implicated in "mUh CrItIquEs" some how gets her off the hook. If anything it shows how shallow she is as a thinker. Just looking for attention, positive or negative

No. 1153199

Sanders is an actual socialist, not just a social democrat. He has openly advocated for the nationalization of numerous industries. Doesn’t really get more socialist than that.

No. 1153236

Take the pathetic attempts at racebaiting and tiresome socialism debates to Reddit, you fucking tards. No one is asking you to read this thread and get triggeredt on behalf of your ugly ass Slavic princesses.

No. 1153242

We can tell they're from Reddit because they have to reply to every single response like a fucking Redditor. Newfags, read the room!

No. 1153256

annas a regular american white bitch who talks big about being russian because she thinks it makes her special

No. 1153261

File: 1612553813811.png (51.03 KB, 719x553, jackrig.png)

just admit you lost, bitch

No. 1153262

File: 1612553842444.jpeg (144.77 KB, 1200x1200, 6129F308-0ECF-417C-A2C8-6A9E33…)

No. 1153263

File: 1612554067026.jpg (29.66 KB, 640x328, white.jpg)

No. 1153267

how can someone look so much like a man

No. 1153272

my bad, a regular american white man

No. 1153290

That’s a musty looking twink

No. 1153296

File: 1612556871954.jpeg (1.72 MB, 1000x3204, 43A55E3D-76F8-4B93-ABFD-50D31D…)

This guy seems so weird. Why would us calling internetkendra homely make her block him.

No. 1153297

she needs to clean her damn mirror. how recent is this btw

No. 1153301


No. 1153305

good on her for blocking this loser

No. 1153312

they're both losers

No. 1153314

That's not how you react to someone blocking you. Grow the fuck up.

No. 1153317

Literally a grown man going on a several tweet long public meltdown because an egirl he passive aggressively “defended” one time blocked him and then blaming anons here for it

No. 1153320

File: 1612558666356.jpeg (396.25 KB, 1242x946, 160DF4C9-BD96-49EB-96F2-5858A2…)

No. 1153321

Maybe try being funny then? If this is such a reoccurring problem perhaps “jokes” just aren’t for you

No. 1153323

File: 1612558801303.jpg (139.7 KB, 667x1000, NasriAtweh.jpg)

all things considered the haircut suits her she looks cute

No. 1153325

File: 1612558819222.jpeg (179.55 KB, 746x529, 26724D3F-8B2E-4B13-B5C5-0BCB5F…)

shes pushing 30 and making subtweets, everyone on this site is retarded

No. 1153330

she looks like Vaush’s catboy

No. 1153331

You will never be Dasha and you will never date Nick Mullen. GET A JOB!

No. 1153333

>I was just pretending

No. 1153334

the nicole kidman avi LMAO she wishes

No. 1153346

File: 1612559492042.png (48.68 KB, 360x161, Hqo0USh.png)

this bitches are so unoriginal. its just a copy of hipster runoff/new lit with berniecrats turned edgy fash pasted over to make it look fresh. i really do think this post-left thing will die off before the next presidential election cycle. Everyone will remember how lame right-wing dog whistles actually are in due time.

No. 1153351

how do they always react so quickly are they glued to the thread 24/7

No. 1153366

the dsa_racist raped me

No. 1153369

No. 1153371


This is a direct Donald Trump quote which makes it even more retarded.

No. 1153374

the interviews and the people he has on are interesting

No. 1153378

File: 1612561518602.jpg (25.03 KB, 960x699, ibfb3q886qf61.jpg)

No. 1153380

she wants to be one of the boys so bad

No. 1153381

go away merrick

No. 1153393

Was there some kind of drama happening or did she just randomly deactivate?

No. 1153396

File: 1612562640427.png (88.05 KB, 598x428, 173134.png)

idk why but this fedpost BLCKD guy saying him and aimee are saying the same thing seems like blatant fangirlling to me. nobody listens to fedpost, nobody cares dude

No. 1153409

stfu scrote

No. 1153411

This guy is so sad and seems genuinely simple minded or something…

No. 1153413

dasha is an ugly hard faced babushka bitch. the "anorexia" is already making her face sunken. stop being racist.

No. 1153415

File: 1612563803678.jpeg (262.61 KB, 500x1396, 449B84F6-8236-4930-85D2-E6B769…)

sorry this is a couple hours late, you guys post really fast

No. 1153416

is this dasha?

No. 1153418

the reddit post i mean

No. 1153419

He had some tweet about how hitting 4K followers had like changed his life and now women in the street who don’t even know his social media treat him with more respect or something. Seeing his posts makes me sad like he seems harmless and I think there’s actually something wrong with him.

No. 1153429

Imagine basing your self-worth on the number of followers you have. If he lost the account he'd lose all his confidence kek.

No. 1153434

Effort well spent imo

No. 1153435

I thought it was custardloaf

No. 1153440

So what? Men would prefer me to Dasha and I still talk shit about her. Don’t think your point is as strong as you think(No1curr)

No. 1153472

File: 1612566766575.png (40.08 KB, 583x175, Screen Shot 2021-02-06 at 9.09…)

You're right but she cares, even if nobody else does.

No. 1153476

These people are such narcissists it's absurd. "If only people listened to me, the only correct voice!" who the fuck are you people?

No. 1153479

yeah its dasha.
besides being racist its actually totally wrong. working class white people are the most cucked and controlled voting block lol

No. 1153482

Wait why do you think it was a dasha alt? it looks like the account owner deleted it or it was suspended

No. 1153483

needs to be next threads op pic

No. 1153485

File: 1612568161870.png (45.74 KB, 640x199, zye10y3o9pf61.png)

Probably less boring than Dasha and the logic pedant guy.

No. 1153487

File: 1612568327165.jpg (128.51 KB, 640x852, k5xfcoy2cpf61.jpg)

No. 1153488

No, she needs to gain 10 pounds and get a face transplant

No. 1153504

File: 1612570056103.jpeg (992.13 KB, 2880x3840, 20210205_180451.jpeg)

But anon, the resemblance is striking.

No. 1153508

She looks like someone upturned some ramen over a bald recovering methhead. Tragic

No. 1153511

File: 1612570995828.jpeg (606.41 KB, 1274x1296, 8D34D7C5-1CB0-4388-AD95-59462A…)

That’s right

No. 1153513

File: 1612571117676.png (73.27 KB, 1080x375, Screenshot_2021-02-05-18-24-24…)

Sometimes I almost feel bad for these women. Almost.

No. 1153518

File: 1612572525001.png (133.4 KB, 451x435, EtXAJ3IXEAEdD7b.png)

BAP is mad because some professor insulted him 17th century style.

No. 1153519

Anon is that Nova faggot, no one else would of seen this picture and then cared enough to post it here. You’re a worm

No. 1153521


No. 1153522

Learn 2 sage. I literally have no idea what you are talking about.

No. 1153524

Very dramatic but correct. That roid freak is diabolical.

No. 1153526

The picture was private. Where’d you get it?

No. 1153527

Sage your paranoia. It's on her twitter right now for anyone to see.

No. 1153532

File: 1612573338132.jpg (91.22 KB, 750x1096, 145467429_447816936406452_6286…)

she posted it on her twitter retard

No. 1153539

Anna khachiyan: the perfect beard

No. 1153547

File: 1612574637352.jpeg (264.94 KB, 828x733, 9D9EEE7B-EC71-4793-810C-8ADA1F…)

Anna Khachiyan supports this guy.
>she’s not a nazi, she’s just anti-shitlib!

No. 1153573

that just creates a streisand effect

can't people tell what is tongue-in-cheek anymore?

No. 1153583

Go back

No. 1153592

Both her mom and dad's people were subject to terrible genocides and she calls this moron, yammering about rebreeding the aryan race and instituting lebensborn programs, a genius. I would be so mortified if I were them.

No. 1153597

File: 1612580027687.jpg (36.32 KB, 500x544, a.jpg)

what's the deal with alex lee moyer? there's something off about her, anyone have any tea?

No. 1153598

Go back through the previous threads, her antics have been discussed and there's no new milk.

No. 1153605

For reference, here she is praising him at around minute 51. Claims BAP is a “genius” and “Paglia for boys.” Jack says “I’m glad you like him,” and she doesn’t object.

No. 1153609

>she's darker, has bigger lips

jesus lol wtf is wrong with you

No. 1153626

no shes perfectangelgirl (lol) on reddit

that was obviously ironic. not clever or funny but clearly not serious. he does seem very stupid tho

No. 1153632

prof is obviously right but talking him up like this is the exact wrong move. makes him sound like some kind of dangerous, avant-garde intellectual that the lib professors can't handle and not just some dipshit psued who shouldn't be taken seriously

No. 1153633

File: 1612581365297.png (328.29 KB, 700x393, gayle.png)

she looks like a Chris Fleming character

No. 1153638

Agreed. They haven't learned that starving these self-important gas bags of attention is the way to go. They love seeing themselves as these dangerous Nietzschean types, and this reaction just powers up their egos. I know we don't lol, but these people are serious academics.

No. 1153641

File: 1612582079775.png (1.49 MB, 976x1475, Screenshot_2021-02-05-21-26-05…)

Jack proudly shared a drunk selfie with his followers and he looks like he's on the spectrum.

No. 1153643

i wish he'd use some of that perfume money on a gym membership

No. 1153644

File: 1612582274478.png (29.05 KB, 631x187, lol.png)

someone left a comment

No. 1153653

he retweeted something recently about how being born gay leaves you with a lack of basic self-control. he'll blame every single person and thing but himself

No. 1153712

File: 1612588068466.jpeg (200.59 KB, 750x1136, 8CEFFADC-9CE2-43FF-9B1B-E3D9A4…)

cursed image

No. 1153717

Nobody said they weren't and nobody asked to see them.

No. 1153718

They're covered in pimples ew.

No. 1153720

You can tell by the lack of volume up top that those udders absolutely hang when she takes off anything harnessing them

No. 1153739

embarrassing, their minds are truly being broken (even moreso than they already are) by these threads lmao

No. 1153752

no one asked. i would rather have her address why she looks so old so i can avoid her products and lifestyle as much as possible

No. 1153761

Pretty simple. Copious drugs and alcohol. Also letting a variety of men lock you in dog kennels and enact whatever else nasty kinks on you, often involving urine and feces. Onlyfans: not even once. Also she claims to have gone from 70 to 170 pounds all before hitting 25 and that will take a toll, but I find it hard to believe.

No. 1153774

No one said they were fake. We just said they’re deflated if she were to stand normally and any man would be repulsed by it. A true catfish.

No. 1153775

Those veins are about to burst with how hard she’s trying to clench those pathetic excuse of muscles

No. 1153785

What’s the context of this? Did somebody seriously try to bring up BAP in a graduate level philosophy course?

No. 1153787

File: 1612594862537.png (87.75 KB, 1080x476, Screenshot_2021-02-06-00-57-23…)

We got a live one. Funny that's what she chose to fixate on. Likely another wannarexic. Guessing the real to fake anorexic ratio skews in favour of the fakers in the red scare stan group.

No. 1153788

no chance in hell anybody thought you were 70 lbs so don't worry about it!

No. 1153791

File: 1612595174131.png (365.07 KB, 1080x1097, Screenshot_2021-02-06-01-04-18…)

BAP posted it and Anna K liked it. BAP seems confused that you can be a white guy who reads classical literature and still find him utterly repellant and freakish in every way lmao.

No. 1153795

File: 1612595648073.jpeg (335.06 KB, 1152x2048, F36334BB-06FF-4A78-8462-A24E3A…)

22 year old with the body of a 36 year old mom.

No. 1153798

File: 1612595865910.jpg (49.4 KB, 720x720, 18.jpg)

From her FB

No. 1153800

Who? @Brainstormrn? Looking wildly different, even in the face. Hard to believe that's 70 lbs though. At most heights 70 lbs is tubed and dying in a hospital bed, unless she's incredibly short.

No. 1153806

File: 1612598130955.jpeg (102.81 KB, 393x444, FF7CA3AB-8122-4366-A804-60C89A…)


I have to doubt that it’s from Facebook. How would you have found her Facebook from the information on this board or her twitter? Tried reverse searching a few different ways and nothing came up. Seems like a self post

No. 1153807

File: 1612598476917.jpg (Spoiler Image,112.33 KB, 1920x1080, skeletal.jpg)

A 5'6 woman who weighs 75 pounds for example. I feel like she's bullshitting.

No. 1153812

File: 1612598883986.jpeg (230 KB, 828x372, 7E2C12BE-013C-4AB2-AA3A-78ECF9…)

Take it for what it’s worth but this website says Eugenia Cooney is about 86 lbs and is 5”7. She looks a hell of a lot worse than this girl at “70 lbs.”

No. 1153818

I think Eugenia is lying and is even smaller than that. I don't want to turn this into weight sperging, but considering how Red Scare as a podcast is so weight fixated, and so are Dasha and Anna, and all of their stans claim to have eating disorders it's kinda relevant. If that's her lowest weight pic there is no way that is 70 pounds unless she is way below 5 feet tall, like she is 4'7 or something lol. Even then the proportions can't be right.

No. 1153819

It wasn't reverse image search, just looked at the followers of one of the cows on here on a different site. Her name was right there. RN is her initials.

No. 1153828

o no neo-pagan!?

No. 1153834

File: 1612601326408.png (81.41 KB, 592x768, hstsgroupmeeting.png)

is there anything funnier than histrionic men being really really mad they werent born a beautiful white liberal woman?

No. 1153840

File: 1612602036769.png (157.72 KB, 1080x657, Screenshot_2021-02-06-02-59-01…)

"Annihilation of the entire earth" calm down you histrionic loons, lmao. Mad at white women and hot Chinese women, lol. Meanwhile Jack urges everyone to turn to a meaningful life of mindless consumerism.

No. 1153841

I think he's accusing him of being a literal demon lol.

No. 1153846

Oh and I guess "fuzzy haired racially ambiguous mutants" was a shot at biracial models? Felix seems nice. I love these greasy ugly men thinking they are the arbiters of women's beauty and style.

No. 1153852

File: 1612603256682.jpg (24.45 KB, 400x400, r9K6iHgd_400x400.jpg)

If this is him he shouldn't be looking down on anyone, or using the word uggo, especially for models lmao. Steve Bannon fanboy of course

No. 1153861

File: 1612603797319.png (65.55 KB, 599x282, fg.png)

Another odious loser, in the orbit of all your faves, so many mutuals in the cesspool

No. 1153872

the filename kek

No. 1153877

File: 1612604564124.png (36.62 KB, 502x134, Screen Shot 2021-02-06 at 7.38…)

No. 1153879

Where's the unshooped pic? She looks homeless in the 80s and not in a fashion way

No. 1153882

File: 1612605088165.jpeg (591.58 KB, 1638x2048, Dm2YLSTXsAAFLCa.jpeg)

She's got a gun in the original.

No. 1153890

why, why, why did she ever think she looked good with that hair

No. 1153917

But we're the mean femcels over here at lolcow.farm right? Just troon out already, fuck.

No. 1153948

it’s funny how 30% of these threads are about jack, a guy literally nobody knows or cares about on left twitter

No. 1154050

He’s had Dasha on his podcast and Anna has interacted with him, as well as 300+ patrons, he’s definitely more relevant than a few of the cows posted here.

>inb4 hi cow

Not a fan of Jack, just the facts. His particularly irrational brand of misogyny is why he gets posted here

No. 1154084

Do him and Anna still follow each other? He used to constantly suck up to red scare but he never really talks about it anymore

No. 1154116

he used to be a redscare orbiter and shilled his podcast on the subreddit
tenuous connection but its there

No. 1154140

File: 1612636785008.png (50.6 KB, 761x501, jacklimbaugh.png)

what a fucking freak lmao

No. 1154158

no new milk as of late but rundown:
>is addict
>fucked cody wilson (he is now convited of fucking a 16yo) after doing documentary about him
>fucked @zephfyrus, the lifting guy in 'tfw no gf', during the film making
>even hated by kantbot, and she said tfw no gf was all about kantbot
read kantbots review of tfw no gf. its hilarious.

No. 1154162

He still likes Dasha's tweets pretty often. He's a big Aimee stan, said he was excited she was back. He accused anyone who screenshots his tweets of thinking they have a parasocial relationship with him, lmao. He got in on the lolcow/Jezebel writer thing. He probably reads here.

No. 1154169

The main thing that lead to him being regularly talked about here was that he used to screenshot every comment about himself and respond to it on twitter. Then he started repeatedly talking about how all the posts here were by the same one person who had been stalking him for years (some blonde woman). Even within the last week he’s tweeted referencing posts from here.

No. 1154182

File: 1612639431275.png (19.07 KB, 595x211, www.PNG)

is redscare summary anon going to tackle this?

No. 1154209

Lmao maybe when I get home from work if my brain can handle it.

No. 1154463

I deeply admire Red Scare summary anon's ability to sit through that podcast.
They have this skill at making what should be interesting sound boring as fuck using only their personalities and voices.

No. 1154470

That's why you listen at x2 speed.

No. 1154475

The vocal fry can peel paint off walls at 2x

No. 1154478

Dasha deleting her twitter might have something to do with the Super Bowl. OPN is probably going to be in The Weeknd's backing band at the halftime show; maybe she doesn't want to draw negative attention to him or something?

No. 1154479

tried listening to aimee speak once and she was terrible. never mind her opinions but she's an awful speaker, just meanders and loses her train of thought and isnt eloquent at all. id be the same on a podcast tbh and thats why id never bother in a million years. It's hilarious that that's all these bitches bother to do even if they're utterly incapable of doing it well. guess getting a real job is too hard.

No. 1154495

File: 1612663490970.png (1.31 MB, 1305x749, goober.PNG)

the working class is when you have 4 degrees on your wall, an hr job, and are striving for a twitch partnership

the pmc are when you tell aimee terese that the confederacy was bad

No. 1154508


leaving before they get a cent from my presence but aimee admits to having work done on her teeth from failing to drink a voss glass bottle artesian water. tweets 200x a day, neet, i smell rich parents.

No. 1154514

Lol thanks. I consider it a form of endurance meditation. How much idiocy and vocal fry can I tolerate without snapping. My Dad walked in once before I could switch to headphones and was appalled. I skipped the GameStop episode because A and D yammering about stocks, something they admittedly know nothing about sounded too boring even for me.

No. 1154552

is the @perfectangelicdasha instagram account run by dasha? i cant imagine how anyone would have accumulated so many pictures of her or would even want to make such an account

No. 1154555

No, they've posted their own pics in their stories sometimes. Think they live somewhere rural.

No. 1154587

File: 1612670016987.jpeg (440.34 KB, 750x1169, CD8EBBF8-72DE-480C-9FF5-35F3D3…)

I think it is her, how else would they find phone pics like this unless she’s sending them to the person

No. 1154588

they follow her finsta

No. 1154593

So is this rural person a stranger or? Defeats the purpose of a finsta if she’s letting strangers repost her stuff. Still think it could just be her running it but whatever

No. 1154594

what’s her finsta?

No. 1154600

File: 1612671313780.png (81.84 KB, 1190x252, Screen Shot 2021-02-07 at 3.13…)

which one of y'all keep harassing deanna?

in seriousness, wtf is she talking about. a quick glance shows absolutely no one engaging with her tweets

No. 1154601

looks like a teenage boy in his mom’s fancy dress, holding it up only by squeezing his upper arms against his body

No. 1154607

At least better than the one photoshoot
of her squeezing her pec boobs to make “cleavage”. No idea how she’s not embarrassed about stuff like that, must be all the drugs rotting her brain

No. 1154616

File: 1612672359328.png (1.92 MB, 1046x1170, kjnvs.png)

"Skeletal", though?

No. 1154623

She's not going to let people follow it if it's posted and I forget, some long name like a newspaper. She lets randoms follow because someone doxed pics to the cum town sub I think.

No. 1154630

File: 1612674328067.png (446.15 KB, 739x759, jackpod.png)

the director of The Dasha Movie is a friend of Fat Jack

No. 1154633

Ew. Jack clearly slides into the dms and tweets at every single person associated with Red Scare out of being a Single White Female stalker and trying to build his brand.

No. 1154642

There is nothing fun and insightful about two retarded perverts talking about a retarded dead french pervert who is still famous in 2021 for some reason. I would rather be subjected to Chinese water torture.

No. 1154643

File: 1612675238647.png (131.39 KB, 756x1356, deanna.png)

She things that people talking about her on this board qualifies as "her mentions" despite nobody but the Jackfags interacting with her on Twitter.

No. 1154647

People talk about how Jack etc don’t qualify as “left”cows but their obvious annoyance at being labeled leftists makes it all worth it

No. 1154650

He has been a desperate Red Scare reply guy for years; when he first appeared I thought he was a total loser freak whose parasocial relationship with Anna and Dasha bordered on pathological.
They ignored him for the longest time before finally vindicating his stalker-ish behaviour. Which just proved to me that they'll humour anyone who sucks up to them, no matter how reprehensible.

No. 1154652

File: 1612676100799.png (13.08 KB, 594x84, Screenshot (320)~2.png)

Uh oh Dash, your arm isn't looking very Emily Ratajkowski here.

No. 1154653

No. 1154654

He's such an obvious freak. It amazes me that anyone aside from his clique of fascist twitter homos humours him. I can't wait until he gets a bronde wig and a XXL knock of miu miu coat and really starts skinwalking Dasha.

No. 1154659

File: 1612676880283.png (591.86 KB, 1080x1258, Screenshot_2021-02-06-23-41-49…)

Her latest depressingly photographed meal. The savage demons over at Skinny Gossip would see her arm in the party photo and tell her to just stick to the broth. She seems to fluctuate, a lot of these eating disorder obsessed women do. Probably one of the reasons they lash out and call everyone else fat. Lol at her taking down her main but keeping up her anorexia alt.

No. 1154666

File: 1612677789799.png (2.03 MB, 993x1334, Screenshot_2021-02-06-23-58-41…)

Why does Jack always take pictures that look like he's shitting himself?

No. 1154669

She should get bigger boobs and stop obsessing over arms. Think she’s scared to take the plunge though, she will realize how much male attention she was missing out on

No. 1154672

Not vegan again

No. 1154675

She's torn between the sexy bimbo thing and the autopedophilia waif thing. She might be one of those women whose boobs don't fill in even with weight gain. As it stands though she has no boobs at all, zilch. Less boobs than a drawing of a 14 year old Japanese girl lmao, see op pic.

No. 1154677

File: 1612678882938.png (89.54 KB, 1080x408, Screenshot_2021-02-07-00-20-26…)

Gave up on it pretty quick. Not even vegetarian.

No. 1154679

She let the mask slip on one of the last few pods that she envies bimbos, think she secretly wants a boob job but doesn’t have the balls to do it, maybe worried about the pain or what the scarefags would say

No. 1154681

His Oscar Mayer diet doesn't leave him too many options. The plight of an obese pedestrian in Austin.

No. 1154683

File: 1612679753152.png (509.45 KB, 822x896, Screen Shot 2021-02-07 at 4.26…)

Not saying Ak did it, it could have been literally anyone with more than one twitter account.
Indicates AK having a second twitter account though

No. 1154685

All pics of him should be spoilered

No. 1154689

Anyone watch the What's Left stream with Anna? Did they just bitch about AOC the whole time?

No. 1154691

Of course she was referencing a woman she believed to be a literal human trafficking victim and sex-slave. She can't just be normal and admire a hot blonde lady with large boobs. Has to be a victim of sexual subordination of some kind. I think she's clinging in vain to her youthful teenage loli image. Good luck with that Dasha. I remember this Japanese e-girl/porn model managed to pull it off for a while. Scrotes thought she was underage or barely legal. Turns out she was 35 or something all along. Her fans all turned on her and went ballistic and her career was over.

No. 1154695

Anna is a cluster b freak with a rotten soul but that honestly seems too pathetic even for her. Unless she knew it would end up making Dasha look bad ultimately and was some kind of elaborate sabotage lmao. I still think leiaj is just the right kind of pathetic and annoying for that type of stunt

No. 1154696

File: 1612682938884.png (85.22 KB, 937x409, Screenshot_2021-02-07-01-22-45…)

Speaking of which.

No. 1154697

File: 1612683028513.png (1.45 MB, 931x1300, Screenshot_2021-02-07-01-23-08…)

"Amazing". This lady had the audacity to call Jen Psaki and everyone on the hinge dating app ugly.

No. 1154701

She and Dasha could be sisters/cousins.

No. 1154702

Seriously, what is up with her face? Like the features are too smoothed out or something; is that because of like a fetal syndrome or is it just bad genes?

No. 1154703

The dead, soulless, shark eyes are really disturbing.

No. 1154704

File: 1612683732387.png (92.82 KB, 1080x400, Screenshot_2021-02-07-01-37-21…)

Anna K, always there to encourage her uggo friends to lower their BMI.

No. 1154706

File: 1612684236579.jpg (57.6 KB, 1200x714, sharkeye.jpg)

No shade to sharks. A beautiful and valuable species, but wtf.

No. 1154709

File: 1612684341207.jpg (23.97 KB, 575x471, 0b8604abc835fc51a3f56a218e2842…)

For me it's the lips (or lack thereof). She looks like this meme.

No. 1154712

looks like those kids with butterfly skin lowkey

No. 1154713

she would look awful with fake boobs tbh.

No. 1154717

Even tacky bolted-ons would be better than the troon chest she’s currently rocking

No. 1154723

Why does it look like her eyelids are made out of silicone rubber like a cheap halloween mask?

No. 1154728

File: 1612686697595.png (13.51 KB, 273x54, Screen Shot 2021-02-07 at 6.30…)

No. 1154768

File: 1612692608471.png (62.55 KB, 592x574, itsend.png)

No. 1154779

Best reaction to lolcow any cow itt has ever made. Hope you log off discord too. Leave the false edgy, unaffected act behind. Rooting for you, honestly, even if you are a bourg

No. 1154783

File: 1612695977425.jpg (12.9 KB, 400x317, ea45dac9-00f1-4f9a-8f00-d2b342…)

are they both obsessed with that weird rat looking chupacabra now? There are hundreds of thinspo fashion models they can be obsessing over that don't look completely rekt in the face, I don't get it

No. 1154788

What kind of degenerate hentai-obsessed coomer chose this threadpic and why am I forced to scroll past it every day?

No. 1154791

Good for her.

No. 1154795

Lol Dasha chose it by badly larping as a 14 year old Japanese anime character.

No. 1154796

Not a fan of rich people but if she cuts the shit completely and becomes a normie doctor who helps the disadvantaged, or a pro bono human rights lawyer and puts her money where her mouth is- I will be thoroughly impressed with Bella.

No. 1154801

Anna thinks any woman who looks remotely like herself is attractive.

No. 1154802

File: 1612699336645.png (1.08 MB, 1080x961, Screenshot_2021-02-07-05-59-49…)

The modelling industry is especially full of "slavic" women so idgi. She posts low effort "dunks" on the libs though so they love her more now.

No. 1154806

File: 1612699701759.jpeg (22 KB, 188x320, 544AC126-C5AF-4505-946E-0FCDBF…)

Not sure if Slavic but she looks jewish/middle eastern like Anna, same reason she likes her. They have a lot in common like jacked teeth, huge noses, brown eyes, and insufferable social media presences

No. 1154808

Anna likes funky looking women, she also said Caroline was “stunning” on Reddit even though she’s got that snooty greyhound face

No. 1154811

She's actually American//Jewish. The only slavic thing about her is her ancestors' name

No. 1154816

She was married to a Polish guy and it's his surname.

No. 1154817

she did an interview with justin murphy where she really seemed on drugs. he deleted it and uploaded a new one lmao

No. 1154819

File: 1612701866943.png (31.7 KB, 568x191, 2021.02.07-13:44:33_568x191_Se…)

No. 1154849

Also they actually know her and her husband personally, I think they talked about it in the podcast episode with cat marnell

No. 1154865

It's because Emrata is popular with men and shallowly into leftist politics despite her entire career depending on capitalism and excess.

No. 1154873

She got arrested with Amy Schumer for protesting at the kavanaugh hearing (judge accused of rape). Doesn’t seem like a shallow interest, though she likely doesn’t care and it’s more a career move to stay relevant among new girls with tits. All washed up stars do this now where they start “caring” about politics so they don’t lose followers, I don’t know why people think it’s genuine

No. 1154897

good for her if this keeps, twitter is poison

No. 1154907

File: 1612713948156.jpeg (595.47 KB, 828x1315, 4CBBA7B9-B67A-4F61-B9E0-06A8EA…)

Rhinoplasty anon btfo, she looks the same as ever outside of selfies

>Doesn’t seem like a shallow interest
>though she likely doesn’t care

No. 1154915

That's not a polish surname

No. 1154923

File: 1612715546573.jpeg (525.33 KB, 1242x1245, F886435B-54D9-4038-B50E-8A11CE…)

No. 1154926

They’re too immersed in it to see why it’s cowish to other people I guess. If you showed literally any normal person a nazbol discord pornstar lamenting not being a “trad”wife or some embarrassing Nick Mullen wannabe, mid 30’s with kids reply guy named racismfactory or whatever they’d obviously get why it’s pathetic and why people would make fun of someone like that.

No. 1154929

Looks like fillers or botox to me.

No. 1154930

I doubt she'd get fillers while pregnant, she's probably just swollen

No. 1154939

Is she? Someone else said she would be 4-5 months by now. I’d think she would’ve announced it by now if she was?

No. 1154940

File: 1612717344627.jpeg (1.68 MB, 1242x1848, B3811C72-5299-4836-B241-76141A…)

I’m surprised nobody posted the throwback pictures that Anna posted on Instagram a week ago. She was 16 here and quite pretty. why did she convince herself that she looked better with an asexual mullet

No. 1154943

she pretty much did on twitter. I guess there are reasons you could be cautious about announcing it, like if it's a high risk pregnancy or something.

No. 1154945

Think like the other anon said Anna likes her because they have a similar look and Dasha followed her lead and uses her for thinspo. If either of them cared what men think, they would’ve had multiple plastic surgeries procedures by now

No. 1154951

What did she say to announce it? People said she stopped posting body pics so that means pregnant but I think she just gained some weight and her BDD is acting up

No. 1154952

Peaking at 16 is rough, I get why she hates most women now

No. 1154955

She probably thinks pregnancy announcements are liberal american wammin behavior. Maybe she’s decided to grow up and be private about her life after writing articles about public anal sex

No. 1154974

>If either of them cared what men think

Are you serious? They very obviously do. Why do you think they tear into fat women but make sure to say they are okay with fat dudes? It's their whole brand. They get a lot of male attention. They get called based nazbol e-girls and sociopathic right wing men, post-left edgelords, and catty gays love them. They might not be your typical porn star looking types but women shitting on other women is a super popular niche with men. Makes them feel all warm and fuzzy inside. And the flat chested schoolgirl thing Dasha has going on has been popular with perverts for ages. Men are even willing to gas Anna up because they like her politics so much.

No. 1154976

If you look at their fans on twitter or the sub or even when they try and come here to defend them it’s very clear what kind of people they pander to

No. 1154983

I agree with you but idk if they actually really care or just know that pandering to those types is profitable. In their personal lives neither of them really live up to any of the ideals or values they claim to have.

No. 1154992

File: 1612720648735.png (759.02 KB, 828x1792, 0E2FABCA-2758-4B68-A186-94FCC8…)

today in nyc bernie twitter: @p00di3pi3 accused @topshelftyson of “abuse”. anyone know what’s the deal with either of them?

No. 1155005

Idk who that is so maybe there’s more to it but just based of this post the whole thing seems extremely autistic. It reminds me of like 2014 when tumblr bloggers would meet up with each other to hook up and then immediately write a call out post about each other.

No. 1155029

this is just the natural course of metoo shit. bottom of the barrel digging for shit. this guy sounds like he has issues but there's no fucking 'abuse' here in the sense she's sharing. just pathetic.

No. 1155045


even more autistic with both of them being in their 30's

dude is like 6'5 so i'm not surprised he cleans up on twitter but it's kinda funny how shallow people on that site really are

No. 1155075

the problem with anna and fillers that she speaks out against them. i get chin filler and it’s helped my confidence and depression alot but i don’t lie about it(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1155077

People have been doing this since way before me too. Some people are just immature.

No. 1155080

this shit gets a pass from young women because they're less experienced but a woman of her age claiming this is abuse is an insane person who refuses to grow up. sad! you didn't get what you wanted from another person… that's life.

No. 1155089

Most of their fans are gay men and women.
They don’t just tear into fat women, they tear into any woman who is hotter than them. Anna literally has something negative to say about any hot blonde or redhead who isn’t a size 0. Men do not care about size that much, in fact most prefer women who much as waifish as runway models

No. 1155092

I feel like people who listen to the pod and Anna and Dasha themselves are like weirdly fixated on me too. I never hear anyone else talk about it anymore outside of leftist twitter circles.

No. 1155099

That tune into the podcast weekly and actually listen word for word? Or god forbid actually pay for it. Sure. If you look at their twitter accounts a lot of straight left and right wing men follow and interact with them though. Matt Taibbi follows both of them for example, lmao. Yes I know, Anna hated on Alicia Vikander I think, but the point is they go out of their way to ingratiate themselves to a very wide male audience. They know what they are doing. Making sure to let fat men know they are exempt from their fat hatred was just one example.

No. 1155118

i’m wondering what bella @chaoticitgirl meant by criticisms being rooted in truths. i like to imagine it was sincere but who knows. wish she’d come back with her pre irony guy pick me/red scare personality.

No. 1155126

Hopefully it was a recognition of the criticism of her cynical irony-poisoned scarethot personality. But also criticism of a really rich and privileged girl trying to larp as a down with the system type while sitting comfortably atop the system?

No. 1155128

it’s clear the people on here saying what he didnt do isnt abuse has never been involved with person who is clearly narcissistic… have some compassion lmao i know this is a gossip forum but some of you can be so unnecessarily cruel for whatever reason

No. 1155129

No ones saying he wasn’t a narcissist or that it was a shitty relationship though

No. 1155132

that isnt the point im trying to make tho
saying that she’s immature for coming out to warn other people about his behavior to prevent him from doing to others is so cruel to me

No. 1155133

and belitting her experience and chalking it up as “bottom of the barrel” Like what? lmao

No. 1155134

girl I’m sorry you were involved with a cheating fuckboy, but like… we’re not your therapist and you’re both literal whos, so at least sage if you’re gonna be a retard all over this thread

No. 1155135

internet couples making their dumb breakups public and posting giant notepad textwalls about how their ex is narcissistic or guilty of gaslighting is a really dumb and immature trend

No. 1155138

She's a troll. She said on a recent pod ep that she doesn't care if tretinoin causes birth defects.

No. 1155141

it’s always so funny that whenever someone has an opposing opinion you guys automatically assume op is the cow of discussion lol i dont know any of these people irl and im not here for some therapy

you guys can have your own opinion and i dont disagree that there are people who jump on the trend im just saying a lot of the times it’s cruel lol they’re people too but i suppose it’s harder to view them that way when you label them as “cows”

No. 1155144

why come to a website specifically for lolcows if you have an issue with the concept? what are you hoping to achieve?

No. 1155145

Think you need to lurk more, they have talked shit about a lot more women than Alicia whoever. Men following them on twitter doesn’t mean it’s because they’re particularly hot, probably just leftie men who want more clout and followers

No. 1155149

idk maybe you seem like the cow because you don’t know how to integrate for shit? also, quick reminder, that chick has never been posted in this thread anyway so she’s not even really a cow… unless she’s dumb enough to self-post here and then defend herself via unsaged multiposts… im just sayin

No. 1155154

im not hoping to achieve anything i dont disagree with what’s being brought up on lolcow cus some of it is entertaining im voicing my opinion on how belittling her experience is cruel even though i think it’s dumb to air out your problems publicly

No. 1155158

you’re right it does come across as me defending her that isnt my intention lol ive been a long time lurker so i apologize if im not posting properly i have been “sageing” i just placed it at the wrong line

No. 1155161

File: 1612730346550.png (490.25 KB, 828x1792, F8508A6F-D02E-4C9D-977C-C31381…)

this is wild apparently she blacked out on the benzos and pulled a knife on him lmao

anyway he’s not completely innocent here as multiple women called him out for serial cheating lying and gaslighting but honestly they all sound like terrible people who deserve each other

No. 1155175

File: 1612731275681.jpeg (102.49 KB, 828x481, 924BB10D-99A6-4FC0-9B27-23D936…)

warmtoned weighs in

No. 1155224

File: 1612736054718.png (42.53 KB, 749x405, jackypipo.png)

ypipo posting seems so off brand for Jack. What's going on?

No. 1155248

Probably meant to blame liberal white women or "AWFLs" like he usually does but slipped up this time.

No. 1155250

His fat ass probably got posted there.

No. 1155254

whole thing started when he posted a thread accusing her of some shit i think

No. 1155259

File: 1612739020937.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1136x2048, 4C2C7011-85FF-4441-806F-568AB0…)

From the sub

No. 1155265

File: 1612739471748.jpeg (461.12 KB, 1242x892, 1869FD2F-B094-4A08-9B61-5AEB82…)

Weird bootstraps take from Anna, as if everyone can just be rich podcasters.

No. 1155277

File: 1612740754694.png (17.95 KB, 154x192, Screen Shot 2021-02-08 at 9.26…)

Who is she subtweeting tho ?
A+D are though sheer dumb luck and a little bit of effort earning more than either could ever hope for and will never make again if pod stops.
I am honestly quite happy for them to make the $
The fash promotion, esp. on A's twitter and their poisoning of the minds of impressionable young women etc. that is repugnant

No. 1155300

Ayn Rand girlboss behavior

No. 1155308

Does anyone know what the context for this was?

No. 1155313

File: 1612742426535.jpg (40.54 KB, 750x497, 6zd2rthw73g61.jpg)

Some nobody comedian made this tweet, which is likely not even about Red Scare, so Anna wants to play victim.

No. 1155316

File: 1612742664978.png (972.91 KB, 717x895, BOOTSTRAPS.png)


Happy for them to make the $ if it was NOT of off that

No. 1155318

Yeah, if the daughter of a professor can hang around in one of the most expensive cities in the world until she stumbles her way into podcast fame, so can I, whose parents started manual labor jobs in their teens. Great class analysis there, Anna.

No. 1155319

They are so sensitive to random people criticizing them, especially Anna. If you can't handle criticism from random people online then don't become a public figure.

No. 1155321

Honestly it's hardly even criticism in the first place, I would have thought Anna would agree with it.

No. 1155356

File: 1612745279148.png (477.66 KB, 476x597, $.png)

Wonder if she isn't referring to something else
Did she explicitly say something about AOC not your friend somewhere ?

No. 1155367

She's right tho. Anna is so sensitive for a cool girl

No. 1155369

Both of them start shrieking "can't I live?" And demanding that total strangers be happy for them. It's so funny. Especially considering the premise of their podcast, their cash cow, is being nasty to people who did nothing to them for the most part.

No. 1155372

The Slayer poster is so cringe. Everything curated for maximum ironic cool girl status.

No. 1155388

File: 1612747998846.png (135.71 KB, 1080x537, Screenshot_2021-02-07-19-29-40…)

Working class solidarity kween.

No. 1155390

ngl this is kinda smart

No. 1155394

In a burgeoning grifter way, sure.

No. 1155398

Why are so many people genuinely angry at this obviously fake story

No. 1155402

I think Anna liked it for the woman's pics obviously but weird thing to like alongside the salt of the earth hard working woman thing she is doing here.

No. 1155407

File: 1612749105635.png (64.33 KB, 1190x222, Screen Shot 2021-02-08 at 12.5…)

Anna shades Dasha's boyfriend (OPN performed with The Weeknd tonite)

No. 1155410

File: 1612749224205.png (65.01 KB, 585x298, Screen Shot 2021-02-08 at 11.5…)

Anyone follow Patrik ?

No. 1155415

Does Anna not get yet that talking about AOC so much makes her look insanely jealous and obsessed? Even if every individual critique was correct. I read on the sub that Dasha kind of called her out on it a while ago on it being a personal problem because Anna saw reflections of herself in AOC and even that didn't clue her in. Dasha has also gone full AOC obsessed since too.

No. 1155419

No he didn’t lmao

No. 1155422

File: 1612749643045.png (64.68 KB, 1170x202, Screen Shot 2021-02-08 at 1.01…)

No. 1155423

Unless he was the guy barely shown in a full face mask playing guitar?

No. 1155424

File: 1612749738187.png (34.03 KB, 581x149, Screen Shot 2021-02-08 at 12.0…)

Think she is reacting to the replies to this absolutely brilliant insight

No. 1155426

File: 1612749743411.png (349.6 KB, 1196x1518, Screen Shot 2021-02-08 at 1.01…)

No. 1155431

btw in the stream with aimee, anna confirmed that she and paglia have been in correspondance and she's a supporter of "what they do" and are planning some kind of project together

No. 1155441

File: 1612750891842.jpg (14.52 KB, 390x250, girl-cringe-seeing-something-e…)

Oh no.

No. 1155447


ah, paglia the tenured professor with a phd from yale and tracts in support of nambla. surely she will protect us from the woke elites.

No. 1155452

They can do a NYC NAMBLA chapter revival together. That's contrarian brained enough right? Make all the sexual slave morality puritans flip out.

No. 1155455

RS might 1% redeem themselves if they have Paglia on and ask her if she supports Epstein.

No. 1155465

Don’t forget her support of child porn and snuff porn! Libtards could never understand

No. 1155511

She's stupid and revolting. I can't believe all the cred she gets. Lmao at Jordan Peterson boosting her. She and Anna can commiserate over their T Swift hate.

No. 1155512

Even worse to them she supported Kamal in the primary, which Anna has acknowledged.

No. 1155515

She has a family?
Can’t picture her sending money to a poor grandmother in Russia or some shit.

No. 1155524

Are Anna’s replies typically her getting dunked on and roasted? I don’t follow either of them but I’ll look occasionally when posted and I swear most of them are people making fun of her.

No. 1155535

Not usually this badly from what I can recall. She has a big enough reply guy army to fend off haters most of the time. This pile on is hilarious. FKA twigs fans dragging her and Dasha was great too.

No. 1155569


her dad died relatively young, and despite his influence in his field, probably wasn't making that much. i wouldn't be surprised if her mother appreciated some help.

No. 1155578

Oh no… "ironic" child porn artbook incoming

No. 1155587

Why do people brag about working retail or service industry as if it makes you some bastion of working class truth? There’s a difference between people of different backgrounds doing the same thing when some have safety nets and some don’t.

No. 1155620

didn't she have a baby recently? is it his?

No. 1155691

heretofore unseen levels of pickme incoming

No. 1155693

just watched the rlm guys' review of promising young woman and comparing their thoughts to the redscare girls' makes me think the latter unironically didnt get it

No. 1155696

File: 1612776858905.png (29.77 KB, 570x70, Screen Shot 2021-02-08 at 12.4…)

Aimee has referred often to the 'nambla left' as part of her condemnation of 'the left', tweets now gone but here is one reference
PagliAnna will prob never happen anyway

No. 1155698

No wonder he's locked with controversial content like that,
Thanks for posting tho

No. 1155702

File: 1612777494436.png (37.64 KB, 662x179, Screen Shot 2021-02-08 at 7.40…)

Her bootstrap tweet was posted on the sub, the replies, oof

No. 1155736

File: 1612782502777.png (9.08 KB, 548x123, scrote.png)

too much stuff to cap but redscarepod is having a normal one

No. 1155742

The aftermath of Anna going on Tim Dillion will be interesting. Im subbed to his patreon and his fans are crazy but funny tbh. I’m hoping they’ll blow up the rs sub and piss off all the scarefags lol

No. 1155745

File: 1612784038264.png (151.1 KB, 533x403, transontransviolence.png)

No. 1155746

She already reactivated the poiseditgirl account and is following and interacting with all the same freaks as before

No. 1155752

good lord, that sub is getting too big

No. 1155794

Its weird the sub wasn’t banned when they did away with cumtown and chapo, the rs sub has bullied people and they used to say fag/retard all the time

No. 1155799

I think it’s because a lot of her followers are hate followers. I feel like she courts that kind of engagement deliberately for a similar reason to why people like Trisha Paytas or nikocado do.

No. 1155802

I’m kind of glad it didn’t because if it does get banned there’s probably going to be a huge influx of them coming here

No. 1155818

Every person I know of who listens to their podcast hate listens to it. They’re stupid but more interesting than other dirtbag podcasts to some people out there.

No. 1155825

r/redscarepod is a more palatable r/stupidpol to me. Stupidpol really went off the rails this past summer with the George Floyd stuff.

No. 1155838

Poor Anna, talking like a success win business guy on twitter while her co-host is too lazy to record even once a week, almost never 2 like people pay for, and the fans are starting to not find it cute how few pods are put out considering the money they make.

No. 1155892

File: 1612797137008.png (314.95 KB, 784x530, fo3a1txc3zf61.png)

No. 1155948

File: 1612802849180.png (405.79 KB, 1202x658, zfgjhj.png)

I'll probably get (rightfully) called out for pol sperging, but this is so… bildungsbürgerlich. It's unfortunate that English doesn't have a term to describe this specific flavor of middle-class delusion.

Bildungsbürger aren't necessarily rich, but well-educated. They occupy culturally important spheres of society (professors, journalists, artists, certain lawyers) and feel a strong need to not only differentiate themselves from "plebs" but also normal rich people. Pretending not to value money as much as normies with careers in the cooperate sector is very important to them.

These people tend to be the ones who teach their super-special children that they can be "anything they want" and that "money isn't important as long as you do something you love, honey."

The Brooklyn left likes to think that everyone who doesn't have a huge trust fund is basically working class. Meanwhile, Bildungsbürger tend to be more detached from the mindset of the working class/working poor than the average corporate hustler.

Just ask yourself where you'll find more people from an actual working class/poor background at college – "Economics 101" or "Deleuze's deterritorialization strategy"? One of the most disillusioning moments of my life was realizing that some dumb consulting firm was more accepting of people from a working class background than the editorial board of a prestige newspaper.

tl;dr: It's easier for people from a working class/poor background to make a living in one of these dreadfully tense liberal workplaces Anna is describing than in fucking podcasting or "culture".

No. 1155954

so jews basically(racebaiting)

No. 1156039

well that sucks

No. 1156041

These people are addicted to twitter, they can't go 24 hours without it

No. 1156104

File: 1612811665419.jpeg (824.69 KB, 1242x1885, D212AA20-A06E-4AE3-A944-27C2BD…)

No. 1156106

I kind of wonder if Ashley Reese is aware of this thread named after her and what she makes of the whole thing

No. 1156136

File: 1612813588087.png (85.22 KB, 599x600, activism.PNG)

did you know, getting paid 18k a month to speak for 4hrs a month while high is organizing now.

No. 1156141

he loves us so much

No. 1156145

She’s bitter no one cared about her relentless self posting

No. 1156146

Is the concept of lolcows a foreign thing to them? Their reactions are so weird because they like constantly speak in imageboard terms (or at least try to, in the case of bimbo) and claim to be extremely online.

No. 1156149

Wonder who he means with “insectoids”

No. 1156153

I like this take on it. Are you saying the dirtbaggers belong in this grouping?

No. 1156157

File: 1612815469053.jpeg (85 KB, 828x663, 735658DE-09B5-4990-BEF6-B104DD…)

she’s very edgy but made a friends only alt after being mentioned in the last thread. she wasn’t always anonymous but i can’t remember her old username. does anyone here?

No. 1156160

Giving people a framework for “self criticism”, a concept heretofore unknown to communists. Gg
Fatty is lucky he hasn’t been struggle sessioned

No. 1156161

is this person milky in some way? I just looked at her account and she seems pretty normal

No. 1156164

normal in what way

No. 1156168

Whats with coherent states PhD, She spends all time on Twitter! And who remembers karmapolitical praising Putin and brooms, dating a WN then dumping discordspies and a saudi guy. And that Kali bitch that stole the term tradthot, working for PT Carlo, smearing Lauren Southern lol then coming out as a bimbo astrology thot, like that old YouTube nazi ex whore, whatever her name or teeth was

No. 1156169

like not particularly milky but I've never heard of her before so I was just wondering if there was some prior drama with her

No. 1156171

is there an word for bildungsburgerlich-aspirant? describes a lot of art-adjacent projects like new models.

No. 1156183

File: 1612817727763.png (253.54 KB, 1182x1026, Screen Shot 2021-02-08 at 3.55…)

No. 1156185

File: 1612817858695.png (636.5 KB, 2220x1236, Screen Shot 2021-02-08 at 3.57…)

supposedly profits go to charity but wow there are so many losers trying to profit like this

No. 1156186

they hand phds out like candy nowadays

No. 1156211

File: 1612818881321.jpeg (583.33 KB, 1242x1220, 16619B3C-CF45-4104-A9FA-868ABE…)

No. 1156215

How does this make any sense in the context of what she originally said? She literally always backtracks and tries to rewrite history when she gets any criticism, she can never just commit to it or admit she was wrong.

No. 1156217

god help her child

No. 1156247

it doesnt at all, honestly she's just making it worse. how can you say you support "the working class" and say really tone deaf shit like that?
why she just cant say "i only meant that anyone one has it within them to say something people find worth listening/if my dumbass can do it yours can too" or something like that…but actually that would require some humility.

No. 1156278

File: 1612821980229.jpeg (114.2 KB, 550x768, 0144F76B-3143-4F6E-A857-2A62E7…)


No. 1156296

Pritchard falling right into Anna's Rorschach as she planned, another fly trapped in the web.

No. 1156299

amazing how they've spent the last two presidential primary cycles talking about how modern feminism is gay and neoliberal and now all of a sudden they sound like the very women they're known for making fun of

No. 1156305

do you have any milk or are you just mad at her? it doesn't look like she's involved in any drama with the other cows, seems kind of boring.

No. 1156308

all these anti-woke dirtbag cows can't stand being mentioned here but ultrawoke Jezebel writer Ashley Reese has the thread named after her and hasn't mentioned anything at all kek

No. 1156310

It’s very clear who’s mentally healthy and who isn’t here

No. 1156324

File: 1612824006883.jpeg (431.63 KB, 1209x891, 2608CC68-A1FA-4E79-954C-1262CD…)

For her third attempt that’s what she’s going with.

No. 1156325

It’s like the autism thing where she just kept writing manifestos on reddit telling a completely different story about how she obviously actually meant something completely different from what she originally said. She does the exact same thing every time.

No. 1156327

Even if that’s what she had said, I still don’t get how finding the individual success of one individual an indication of the future prospects for people in general isn’t bootstraps logic.

No. 1156344

She’s not boring lol. She’s a good female poster which pisses femcels and social rejects like you off. She was bound to end up on here. You’re all a buncha losers.

No. 1156346

What? All of us agreed she wasn’t milky lmao. “Boring” in the context of lolcows is a good thing.

No. 1156350

She’s not milky because you can’t tell she’s hotter than you. Notice how no ugly women have been posted here?

And to the creep who asked, no one’s giving you her old @. Fuck off.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1156353

Stan harder and learn to sage your posts. This is a thread for social media disasters so you're literally getting mad that she isn't idiotic or disordered enough for the attention of people here lmao.

No. 1156356

You don't know what anyone looks like here dumbass. That's the point. >>1154697 This alcoholic your type?

No. 1156362

Interesting thought, tend to agree anon

No. 1156366

delaney's old @ was @VirginWhore72

No. 1156367

I think they’re joking. A few months ago Anna made this massive reddit post about how everything she says is a Rorschach.

No. 1156368


No. 1156371

lurk more and sage, twitterfag. if you wanted people to ignore your friend you're doing the opposite of that.
>Notice how no ugly women have been posted here?
confirmed for twitter scrote.

No. 1156372

That's Dasha's weeb bf? Jesus girl, have some self respect. Looking like a Nascar fan and dirty uncle. Gross.

No. 1156381

> Notice how no ugly women have been posted here?
No, I haven’t noticed that

No. 1156383

How do the reply guys always react so quickly

No. 1156385

File: 1612827513926.jpeg (138.04 KB, 828x769, 4B0E5F66-C24D-43E2-8EB1-D29AA1…)

This description doesn’t sound very hot

No. 1156402

this sounds like code for telling her she looks old and grandma-ish to me

No. 1156409

"ur just mad she's hot an popular!!!"
high school-tier mentality

No. 1156414

File: 1612829385728.jpeg (340.88 KB, 750x868, 0251365D-24B0-4426-BF7F-E7804D…)

boohoo youre fat

No. 1156416

I mean he’s actually talented so he’s still the one dating down, here

No. 1156417

File: 1612829643250.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1220x1841, 069EC9CF-6B95-41A7-A187-CAC6B2…)

Him being like a deranged misogynistic race realist but also so extremely sensitive and essentially a fat activist is so bizarre to me. Anna and the Bimbo girl made a tweet about it too. It’s like the Kamala’s step daughter or Biden’s press secretary thing, they all randomly latch on to the same exact things to give the same exact take about.

No. 1156418

God, just lose some weight already. So anonymously critiquing Jack's appearance is bad (who himself is a vicious asshole about people's looks). But cruelly critiquing people's looks with your name attached and making major bank off of it, like his friends do is great and good. Got it.

No. 1156422

File: 1612829835645.png (193.87 KB, 1080x1211, Screenshot_2021-02-08-18-10-48…)

Huh? What? These people are often full of shit but if there is a facetime screenshot lmao. Saw this rumoured on tumblr too

No. 1156423

oh yeah, that facetime screenshot was real; someone posted in on the redscarepod sub like well over a year ago. I have it saved somewhere, will post if I find it. Supposedly they almost hooked up but Rob's agent told him if would be a bad idea lmao.

No. 1156432

i can see how it can come off encouraging and comforting depending on the person/context but after 3 attempts at explaining this and knowing how she is in general it comes off as anything but

No. 1156434

no one smart is into the full on woke idpol shit but ive never heard an "anti woke" dirtbag-y rant that didnt come off as mentally ill sperging out, that narrative is a lot of alarmist, reactionary bullshit

No. 1156436

Is there a real face time thing? I thought the british actor was someone on that Serpent tv show.

No. 1156437

being terminally online is really sad

No. 1156439

I'd feel weird making fun of Kamala's step daughter, as far as I know she's just some hipster Parson's girl. Has she even done/said anything besides be a kind of stereotype?

No. 1156441

I genuinely don't get what the fuck she's trying to say. Someone needs to tell her constantly over explaining stuff using token intellectual phraseology doesnt actually make you look or sound smart.

No. 1156497

This episode of Red Scare is almost an hour and forty minutes: Bimbo Summit. I'm being tested already. Open with a "it's Britney, bitch" joke.

They apologize for always getting the episodes out late and being incompetent. Anna jokes that Eli broke up with her. Dasha says she is ambivalent about getting off of twitter. Says the "Jezebelian ghouls" in her mentions" pushed her to leave. She has said everything she wants to say and the mental illness has ramped up on twitter. Mentions turning 30 is a good time to get off, joined 10 years ago, doesn't like that people on twitter remind her of the big 3 0. "Dasha derangement syndrome" is rampant. She might reactivate (lol). Needed the psychic break. Mentions discussing this with management and deactivating right after getting off the phone with them, after they said it wasn't serving her well. No mention of her pro-ana alt being up still.

Anna complains that everyone is irony-poisoned and too detached. That they should know that Dasha and Anna are just doing a performance and the same thing as their opponents. Anna says Dasha's food twitter is just a twisted performance. Dasha says it is obviously "tongue in cheek" but admits she has disordered eating and used to be anorexic in L.A. Calls herself fake vegan to appease a man. Will eat cheese, eggs, and fish. Anna calls this lower than anorexia.

Anna wants to join Clubhouse. Dasha says it isn't for her. Dasha wants to keep posting on reddit. Anna wants a funny happy twitter without mean or mad people. Anna rants about her tweets about libs loving tense unpleasant workplaces. Dasha thinks she said "tents". Anna says she knows this from people who works in tech and media (woman of the people lol). Anna thinks it's unfair that people are mad at her for not specifying that conservatives are worse for labour than liberals. Anna concedes that conservatives could be bad bosses and managers. Anna is mad that some guys said they hate when she's right. Anna claims people are projecting and writings fanfic of her. "Favourite parasocial podcasters"-Anna. Anna begs for sympathy from the audience that she and Dasha have bills and nightmares and struggles. Dasha says they have banal humanity and people are too triggered to see it. Anna says she feels sorry for the haters but not persecuted.

Anna is mad about some old Hannah Arendt movie poster. Dasha cues her in that it's pretty old. Dasha says it might be good. The Evian hoarding comes up. Anna says she is getting a water filter. Anna says she didn't go out of her way to purchase it. Says she photographed it all together in a gross cabinet to be perverse on purpose. Anna says Evian tastes buttery and viscous. Anna says filters are carcinogenic and busts out the "no ethical consumption under capitalism". Anna says she wants Jason Momoa to hit her over the head and rape her in a cave, because he has something to do with a company that bottles water taken from Colorado. Anna admits her bottled water habit is neolib. Anna admits she is a troll and implicated in her own critiques.

They watched the Britney Spears Hulu NYT doc. They say the paparazzi are better than journos, but still evil. Call the movie parasitic. Call Britney's situation unfortunate, "the host for a bunch of leeches exploiting her life"- Dasha. Dasha says she was too retarded and foreign to get Britney Spears as a young person. Loves her as an adult, cause she's a fag hag. Dasha says she was beautiful when she was really young. Anna says she reminds her of Lolita- precociously beautiful young girl who loses her soul and becomes a lumpen common woman who loses her sheen. Anna hates the free Britney stuff- all lost, mentally ill people, with too much freedom. Dasha: " a lot of sickness throughout". Anna: "mushroom cloud of mental illness". Dasha was not there for the demonization of Justin Timberlake and his song "Cry Me A River". Mad at the Lewinsky comparison, and mania about sexism. Mad that the doc claims boybands didn't get the same scrutiny. Anna and Dasha claim all boybands were molested. Dasha keeps giggling like a gremlin imp again. Tangent about Jessica Simpson's psycho gay Dad.

Dasha missed out on one of Trump's drunken advisor guys, Brad Parscale, being smashed on Clubhouse talking to a "big titty black conservative lady". Perez Hilton was there. Anna calls him a sloppy fat yenta, and pre-Trumpian figure.

Fave paparazzi moment was Bjork knocking that paparazzi guy out for taking pics of her kid at the airport. Celebrate Britney smashing that paparazzi guy's car. Dasha has fantasies of being big enough to walk around times square yelling at people to leave her alone. Can relate to Britney because their niche celebrity is "totally overwhelming and gross". Anna defends Britney driving with her baby on her lap and endangering her child because that's what "country bumpkins" do. Want to call Kevin Federline a wigger but chicken out, say the w word. Rambling about her conservatorship and enslavement by Federline and her evil father. Dasha annoyingly cackles some more. Dasha hasn't seen Tiger King. Anna said it was depressing and felt sorry for the characters lol. Anna's sister recommended her a true crime series because the murderer reminded her of Eli, lmao. Anna thinks true crime let's people feel morally superior. "Spawned a micro economy of hot takes"- Anna on true crime. Anna thinks Britney looks like the manic depressive daughter of Marilyn and Elvis. The triangle of Americana.

Anna doesn't want to know anything about celebs but also thinks all old school celebs are crackheads and cumsluts. Dasha laughs at Amanda Bynes getting molested in the Nickelodeon scandal. Anna says it's commendable to expose your vulnerable mental illness online. Says someone should start a bulimia YouTube.

Anna and Dasha say every woman has an eating disorder. Also eating three meals a day is American propaganda and weird. People don't need 2,000 calories. Don't eat tonnes of bread. Nutritional experts are fake and gay. The food pyramid is wrong. We just need the "tip" of the pyramid, like a food cookie. Old people who starved most of their lives live the longest according to Anna. Dasha intermittently fasts and doesn't eat until late into the day. Says one or two meals a day at most. "The New Yorker female diet or regular third world diet"- Anna. If you really want to be healthy be Japanese macrobiotic according to Dasha. Dasha insists she is not anorexic. Anna mocks her in her nasally stupid bitch voice. Dasha gets mad that people say BMI is fake until you are underweight. Dasha says BMI is fake for the record. They say Britney has a normal BMI but allow that she looks good, in an "all American horse girl kind of way"- Anna.

More Clubhouse stuff. Snitching is bad. Taylor Lorenz got in on a burner account and snitched about someone saying retard. Glenn Greenwald wrote about it. Dasha hates Taylor Lorenz because Lorenz doesn't like her. Apparently retard is popular will wall street guys. Glenn Greenwald wrote a thing defending it. Dasha loves the word, says it means autistic, not developmentally disabled. Anna loves when Glenn gets catty. They both kiss his ass. Read from his substack. Call Lorenz anti-social for using a burner. Anna says we need to rebuild an 'intellectually nutritious" discourse. Dasha says we need "dignity" in social media.

Dasha blames AOC and trauma worship for chasing her off twitter. Anna claims to have no beef with AOC but says she is undignified and a model of "trauma industrial complex". AOC will rob people of their dignity and loyalty which is all those of us with nothing have. Dasha says she is obsessed with her trauma and talks about it constantly with her therapist and friends but not okay to weaponize or talk about publically. Anna says libs have turned everyone into "wahmen", who want to emotionally exploit everyone else. Anna praises Margaret Thatcher's manly tone as ideal for women in politics. Dasha agrees, no vulnerability. Crying is disgusting. They claim she is legitimately scared and weak tho cause she is a weak girl. Dasha repeats her tweet about fixing poverty because that is real trauma. Dasha says the bro stuff about periods making female politicians insane and unstable is crazy is true. Anna says she doesn't know. They will have to wait until their low-grade anorexia gives them early menopause to see.

Question whether the election was rigged. Read article about how Biden won, that caused twitter sperg out. Claim it's evidence of rigging. Also claim this makes them investigative journalists. Call the article gaslighting to brow beat Trump supporters and anti-Biden people. A lot of sperging. Missing Trump. Anna claims Evian tastes like kefir. Weird claim that people who had their businesses burned down in the riots earlier this year didn't care because of insurance.

It's finally over because they have to pee.

No. 1156505

An actor on The Serpent sounds much more plausible. If it was Pattinson it would make even more sense why they were being such heinous bitches to FKA twigs, his ex.

No. 1156506

you missed the part where anna said that liberals make for a "tense" workplace and dasha got confused and thought anna was talking about "tents", but otherwise thank you for your service anon

No. 1156509

is this about dasha? if this did happened, it puts their cruel response to FKA twigs assault in an even harsher light

No. 1156512

>Anna rants about her tweets about libs loving tense unpleasant workplaces. Dasha thinks she said "tents".

No. 1156523

Right? No wonder they were so vicious if she got turned down for twigs. I have a hard time believing this looking at his dating history though. Top grossing actresses, hot model/actress, successful singer. He was going to go public with a podcaster with Trump sympathies who was moonlighting as an extra and f-list actress?

No. 1156531

Thank you based anon.

No. 1156543

Np. I zoned out at the end though, sorry. Their sperging about the election being stolen and "gaslighting" was so boring and like a Perfume Nationalist episode. Dasha kept saying how exhausteeeed she was. I was more interested in eating my skyr.

No. 1156549

OPN has produced songs for twigs too. she has a personal nasty and racial jealousy.

No. 1156564

Weird of him to date someone who giggled about a coworker being quite horribly abused like that. And then said she wanted it/brought it on herself/shared guilt/. Not a good guy apparently.

No. 1156569

damn poor amanda bynes. she did get the britney treatment.

No. 1156577

Forgot to mention that when Ashley Reese was vindicated by Dasha admitting to disordered eating and to being a past anorexic, despite her twitter protestations, Anna suddenly brought up that eating disorders are the most fatal mental illnesses. As if it would be a revelation to the audience. Certainly sounded like a revelation to her. You think it would have been a good time for her to reassess the constant pro-ana content on her shitty pod and saying things like women who have recovered from eating disorders should lose the weight again? But of course not.

No. 1156578

Agreed. Dasha was cackling like a ghoul the entire time they talked about her. Could barely get through it.

No. 1156582

Really nasty considering her constant “I care about people, I just want to see them improve themselves” angle.

No. 1156589

It was like her evil little brain had a .5 second flash of something being wrong. But it immediately flew out of her ear and was lost. Hilarious that she didn't know that about anorexia though. It's pretty common knowledge. Yes Anna, a common consequence is people starving to death not just walking in a fashion show. Imbecile.

No. 1156591

Dasha hates nonwhite women and fetishes nonwhite men.
She's always joking on the pod about how she wants to fuck a black guy, wants biracial babies, hopes strangers think she and her Indian friend are an interracial couple in public. It's fucking weird.

No. 1156606

File: 1612843570164.png (298.89 KB, 1186x1000, Screen Shot 2021-02-08 at 11.0…)

shoutout anon who said carl bijiou is too scared to go after anna

No. 1156607

File: 1612843802547.png (155.66 KB, 1188x710, Screen Shot 2021-02-08 at 11.1…)

crumps getting in too

No. 1156610

Beijer is like the closest dirtbag-left twitter personality to the Bruenigs (him and Matt as a tag-team trolling duo go way back), wonder if he'll try to cancel Liz eventually for her undying defense of RS. Probably not though, everyone in this circle is best friends with someone who's also the best friend of someone they think is Hitler 2.0. Cows all the way down.

No. 1156616

File: 1612844713410.png (1.56 MB, 1180x663, theyhavethelooktoo.png)

Cows all the way down lmao. I was amazed at how interconnected all of these twitter psychos are. It's like a degenerate European court. Everyone has screwed someone's ex or was someone's friends roommate or something.

No. 1156625

Dasha and Brace have known each other since they were 18 how does this happen?

No. 1156626

I'd guess the san fran drug addict punk scene wasn't too big ten years ago. Dasha has a lot of weird connections from people she's fucked.

No. 1156628

A catholic defending red scare is still so funny to me. Just because they didn't openly mock her pro-life stance. What a low bar. Not even out of good faith but because they knew it would piss off libs and feminists. A catholic being online and using words like "simp" while being an adult and having children is also hilarious though I guess.

No. 1156631

Dasha had a Catholic phase after breaking up with Adam, she was going to convert Judaism when they were engaged then after the relationship ended she went to full TradCath probably just to spite him lol.

No. 1156633

Lol doesn't she still wear that gold cross in all her pics? Even recently when that "pope holding the eucharist" meme was going around I remember her saying she found it distasteful. I don't think she has fully dispensed with the catholic larp. But just like the anime girl larp and vegan larp she is godawful at it. At least commit when you are going to larp something. So low effort. Every flakey girl has had a Judaism conversion phase lol.

No. 1156638

Liz, despite the thousands of horny frogs and rose emojis in her replies every time she posts a selfie, still has severe ugly girl syndrome from her days of bad fashion, crooked teeth, and unpopularity in high school. So when the popular girls like Anna and Dasha gas her up, her psyche leaves her no choice but to suck up to them.

No. 1156640

>Every flakey girl has had a Judaism conversion phase lol.
Even Liz had this lol, it's why she went to Brandeis. Then she got interested in Quakerism, but then settled on Catholicism when she went off to Cambridge to study theology.

No. 1156642

The cross is some kind of family heirloom but otherwise exactly. She doesn't sincerely believe any of the lifestyle trends she gets into. My favorite was when she couldn't manage to not wear a mini skirt to the two or three latin masses she went to, while taking pics. One of the only catholic thing she's mentioned since she got with OPN is that she's pro-life. She'd convert to Judaism if she wanted to marry OPN and that's something his family cares about. Neither of that matters because she's not having a baby or a marriage to him any time soon.

No. 1156654

>My favorite was when she couldn't manage to not wear a mini skirt to the two or three latin masses she went to

I found that hilarious too. Not American but most traditional Euro Catholic churches have a dress code and wouldn't let you in with an outfit like that. So immodest. Using that sort of heirloom as a cute accessory seems sacrilegious tbh. Have a hard time believing Dasha hasn't had an abortion herself, with her 70+ body count or whatever and history of drug and alcohol abuse. Unless she is super careful with contraception and plan b, which I also doubt due to the aforementioned substance abuse.

No. 1156679

File: 1612852073521.png (1.34 MB, 955x1399, Screenshot_2021-02-09-00-26-22…)

Looking like a young Nicole Kidman.

No. 1156686

File: 1612852964404.png (239.59 KB, 1080x1013, Screenshot_2021-02-09-00-42-23…)

How sad.

No. 1156687

File: 1612853243465.png (101.76 KB, 1080x527, Screenshot_2021-02-09-00-44-55…)

No, we said she wasn't 70 pounds. Which she very obviously wasn't anywhere close to in the bikini picture. We have eyes. She also said anorexia, not the vague eating disorder. Go to therapy instead of aspiring to something so pathetic as being posted on the red scare porn sub.

No. 1156690

In what universe is this 70 pounds/31 kg? Lmfao.

No. 1156705

Need podcast money to take care of the parent who beat me as a child uwu

No. 1156711

File: 1612857587807.png (71.88 KB, 1080x385, theydon'tworkinagriculture.png)

Lol shut up. These women were raised in America and are as American as apple pie. They live in a luxury metropolitan American city. They work in popular media. They make almost 40k a month talking about celebrities. What the fuck are you talking about?

No. 1156712

File: 1612857869335.gif (18.21 KB, 207x155, f5_8erIY9SoL0.gif)

>pic related

I spent all my online time last week trying to keep up with the thread but I was always at least three days behind. Unbelievable that these cows and their white knights kept saying farmers have no lives but it was only after they started coming here that the threads started to move quickly and get people responding to the shit posted here in less than an hour.

No. 1156729

File: 1612860430686.jpeg (118 KB, 750x1334, FB9F0D6C-AD6E-4DE0-BB23-014CB0…)

let’s not bring my eating disorder into it you freaks(bye)

No. 1156734

Oh I see, I missed that. Thank you for clarification

No. 1156735

go back to twitter grandma

No. 1156739

File: 1612861670753.jpg (Spoiler Image,47.63 KB, 512x263, unnamed (1).jpg)

Learn what 70 pounds looks like and then learn 2 sage. Picrel: what 70 pounds really looks like.

No. 1156761

File: 1612863168094.png (379.64 KB, 1080x1404, Screenshot_2021-02-09-03-28-22…)

Decide whether you want negative attention online and act accordingly. Just a tip. Also maybe stop being a scarethot if you're in "recovery". Listening to two women who are unapologetically pro-anorexia can't be good for your obviously disturbed mental health.

No. 1156762

File: 1612863287704.png (66.94 KB, 1080x265, Screenshot_2021-02-09-03-28-29…)

Don't come here and then cry about it lol.

No. 1156765

File: 1612863446173.png (107.27 KB, 1080x446, Screenshot_2021-02-09-03-28-37…)

Why are you mad at us? You know Anna and Dasha said they would kill themselves if they were size 4's, right? Yet you stan them.

No. 1156773

Damn, lexa's being smart for once

No. 1156775

File: 1612864998222.jpg (31.26 KB, 600x450, 11960077_925007957555444_55936…)

No. 1156779

She needs to take her meds and see her psychiatrist. Stop letting men lock her in kennels too.

No. 1156799

I lurked there a while ago and there was one user who was constantly posting about his obsession with anal rape. It’s not a place where well-adjusted people want to end up being posted, its sad how little self-esteem these women have that they seek attention from all those loser men online.

No. 1156807

She's delusional. She was begging to be posted here. She was- and now she's really upset. Did she think we were going to compliment her on her chest after she told us to kill ourselves? You'd think she'd be tougher, being a prostitute, and the crew she hangs around but she's really sensitive. Does she think the harsh men over on that sub are going to call her a 10/10 and shower her body and face with compliments? Come on.

No. 1156809

File: 1612868579288.png (474.11 KB, 798x521, lol.png)

2 of the comments are kind of supportive of her lol

No. 1156813

Maybe this will sub for the zoloft she forgot to take and prevent her from spiralling further.

No. 1156825

Was it the same anorectal violence poster?

No. 1156844

Wonder when these cows are going to go full Cassandra Fairbanks…but then again if they did now they’d probably be in her shadow so maybe not best for the brand.

No. 1156852

I don't think any of them are as mentally broken as Cassandra is. Just looking at her eyes you can tell she is severely, severely fucked up from past traumas.

No. 1156857

>Says the "Jezebelian ghouls" in her mentions" pushed her to leave
I cannot believe these people, who deliberately chose to put themselves in the spotlight and court an edgy weeb channer audience of their own accord, are having such massive meltdowns over… being posted to an imageboard? Did they think 4chan ended in 2016 after Trump got elected? Did they somehow think they'd just use the funny frogs and memes and never encounter people who actually go on imageboards? What the fuck

>Anna wants a funny happy twitter without mean or mad people.

But doctor…

No. 1156906

File: 1612879121043.jpeg (401.99 KB, 1242x1768, D881938A-63C5-4469-8D42-7974B1…)

Honestly she seems to have a pretty good outlook on it

No. 1156911

>Anna hates the free Britney stuff- all lost, mentally ill people, with too much freedom. Dasha: " a lot of sickness throughout". Anna: "mushroom cloud of mental illness". Dasha was not there for the demonization of Justin Timberlake and his song "Cry Me A River". Mad at the Lewinsky comparison, and mania about sexism. Mad that the doc claims boybands didn't get the same scrutiny. Anna and Dasha claim all boybands were molested. Dasha keeps giggling like a gremlin imp again. Tangent about Jessica Simpson's psycho gay Dad.

what the h*ll is wrong with these 2 demons

No. 1156924

Why would she post this jfc

No. 1156927

was she subtweeting someone specific here?

No. 1156931

Probably Phoebe Bridgers

No. 1156933

I think Hari Nef

No. 1156959

Did she lose a bet? Because I refuse to believe that haircut is on purpose.

No. 1156982

this is so unfortunate, she should get her money back
what happened with him? cant stand that fag

No. 1157015

Is this why they're going private?

No. 1157019

>Did they somehow think they'd just use the funny frogs and memes and never encounter people who actually go on imageboards?
Exactly, but somehow it seems like that's the case

Nef is a narc in the truest form, so it checks out that he wouldn't be able to handle people judging his style or looks online

No. 1157073

File: 1612888522676.png (97.84 KB, 1080x547, IMG_20210209_173241.png)

is she refering to this?

No. 1157078

Yes I think so

No. 1157099

File: 1612890131098.jpg (98.57 KB, 960x549, witten.jpg)

No. 1157102

Is this Witten?

No. 1157110

Yeah you’re right. I can totally see a lot of the dirtbag left going back to standard social justice stuff as soon as it becomes uncool again to court fascism

No. 1157115

Witten looks kinda cute here. Maybe its the flash overexposure

No. 1157204

It kind of belatedly struck home that Anna saying Spears reminded her of Lolita is kind of a moment where maybe she should have given her head a shake about all their metoo takes. She just offhandedly gives away herself being full of shit in denying young women being groomed in Hollywood with that one line and doesn't even pause before moving on to the next hot take

No. 1157236

the kathy griffin of the post-left

No. 1157344

File: 1612907833446.png (47.9 KB, 747x421, pathetic.png)

pill-popping psycho

No. 1157384

Probably has something to do with the fact that it was her friends group who were getting in on the shit talking for the past couple of days. It's okay for them to do it. But when someone else does it to them it's cruel and mean and unjustifiable.

No. 1157398

Tbh lexa herself I haven’t really seen complain about it. She seems more stable and normal than the majority of cows itt which just makes it so weird to me that she would ever willingly communicate with samememe.

No. 1157455

She literally seems like the most unstable..

No. 1157459

What a weirdo, she could have easily made an account and posted a more flattering pic (instead of whining on twitter about not being posted there) so someone got pissed off and posted her worst photos hahah

No. 1157475

File: 1612916445555.jpeg (Spoiler Image,506.36 KB, 750x1153, 03D789AE-6333-424E-8E70-95515E…)

I looked up this guys username and man he’s posted some weird shit, notably Dasha’s troon chest, sleeping pics of Liz B, and Dasha’s ugly friend Maddie

No. 1157479

File: 1612916496014.jpeg (Spoiler Image,457.74 KB, 750x1285, 28C3C3A1-1469-496F-B359-E691CD…)

No. 1157494

Ew isn't "brapping" the cutesy furry word for farting?

No. 1157502

I think they’re thinking of going private because they’re worried about the sub being banned? but cumtown went private before it was banned, so probably not a good idea

No. 1157505

File: 1612917770440.jpeg (108.92 KB, 1200x630, 26F36874-2C4E-4281-B7BD-34240B…)

I like how she said Britney looks like a horse girl, must suck that even at her worst and most mentally ill she’s hotter than Anna will ever be

No. 1157507

She never looked like Lolita they’re both so full of shit. She was really beautiful and looked like she was in her early 20’s when she was 16-17 (when she first got big) that’s why so many men liked her, she looked like a curvy adult woman. It was not because she looked like some Lolita baby child lmao. Dasha especially has to find ways to cope with looking like a retard with no tits so she has to tell herself men prefer that “baby Lolita look” when they really don’t

No. 1157514

Britney was definitely marketed to play into the Lolita look

No. 1157515

File: 1612918629119.jpeg (473.2 KB, 828x1109, EE0FE1F8-C5F1-494C-B094-D33C0E…)

not for nothing but while lexaprofessional isnt quite as bovine as the other cows in this thread she always seems to balance it out with these kinds of unsubtle anachan pics which are just so cringe

(felt the need to include the weird reply because lol)

No. 1157520

How can you watch her dancing and body type and say “yep that’s supposed to be a little girl”? She has always looked like an adult woman throughout her career. Melanie Martinez is a much better example of someone marketing like a Lolita

No. 1157522

File: 1612919031939.jpg (57.98 KB, 500x639, RollingStone1999.jpg)

Clearly. The "Baby One More Time" video and everything.

No. 1157524

A lot more people watched her music videos than saw this specific photo. Children don’t dance and move like that

No. 1157526

File: 1612919242937.jpg (165.18 KB, 866x1200, DJ2TBcpXUAAB83Z.jpg)

They were clearly doing the "naughty schoolgirl" thing. She didn't have to literally look like a underage child. Still gross and exploitative.

No. 1157535

she wasn't talking about looks when she compared her to Lolita. read again.

No. 1157538

File: 1612920095412.jpg (979.98 KB, 838x1024, BritneySpears2.jpg)

The Rolling Stone issue was huge and controversial at the time. Lol what? I'd say she looks her age in that video. Yeah, it's a highly coreographed dance routine. Porn stars in school girl uniforms don't have sex like virgins either but why do you think men watch those? Don't get why you are pushing so hard against her being exploited for her youth early in her career and that they deliberately sold her as a "sexy teen" during that period.

No. 1157545

This doesn’t look anachan at all? It’s just a picture of her legs and she looks a normal weight.

No. 1157547

They said it in the podcast episode

No. 1157551

I don’t know, I do think lexapro is underweight and has eating problems. There are varying severities of anorexia, or whatever eating disorder she has

No. 1157560

Are you basing thinking she has an eating disorder off anything? Like has she talked about it or something? I get it with some of the people itt because they’re always talking about being like frail waifs or whatever but she doesn’t seem to do that. Idk if shes underweight but if she was there could be other reasons, doesn’t she have Crohn's?

No. 1157564

File: 1612921263009.png (101.1 KB, 744x992, jackdelusions.png)

Waaah the paparazzi screenshotters are ruining my liiiffe.

No. 1157566

File: 1612921299930.jpeg (386.71 KB, 1536x2048, 30005267-5773-4CB2-9F19-8A4A4D…)

She clearly looks underweight, peep the collarbones and arms. I’ve known people with Chron’s and they didn’t look underweight at all

No. 1157573

I’m just saying if she is there could be numerous reasons someone is underweight and I wouldn’t automatically assume they have an ED. Being underweight is a symptom of crohn's, I’m pretty sure she had to get hospitalised for it last year.

No. 1157578

What's going on is that you are an lolcow. Also I thought he said this entire thread was made by that one woman who stalks him, glad he was able to come back to reality in that regard I guess.

No. 1157580

File: 1612922053075.png (92 KB, 1080x396, Screenshot_2021-02-09-19-52-40…)

She likes ED tweets and has tweeted out stuff about her eating issues fairly often. Also appears underweight, posts body checks. There are lots of degrees with these women.

No. 1157586

Depending on what she does to stay underweight, very possible it worsened her chron’s, like laxative abuse or too much adderall

No. 1157587

File: 1612922250918.png (142.68 KB, 1080x600, Screenshot_2021-02-09-19-42-19…)

Lol doesn't this apply to all her friends? Male and female.

No. 1157589

File: 1612922331325.jpg (45.16 KB, 800x450, C-658VsXoAo3ovC.jpg)

No. 1157595


Chrohns limits what Lexa can eat and nutrient intake hence the skinniness. To be fair though she’s also incredibly short.

No. 1157615

So you're saying she has been calling her bowel disease an eating disorder for e-girl clout? Stolen valour.

No. 1157620

> You're a woman, but you hate other women?
>You think Marilyn Manson is based?
>Primarily influenced by a few Camille Paglia excerpts you read off of instagram?
>Your basically one of the irony guys on here?

Lmfao this is literally Anna and Dasha (the hot Manson takes are coming) and all her female twitter friends.

No. 1157625

Ok. I mean I know someone with pretty severe chron’s, like hospitalized multiple times a year and she isn’t underweight. It’s not like being underweight is just a given with this disease

No. 1157627

It's definitely not. Not to medfag but it's easy to look up. People with the disease can be tiny and underweight, average, or overweight. They cover the whole spectrum.

No. 1157654

File: 1612927368005.png (40.21 KB, 753x405, lardass.png)


No. 1157660

"A tragedy"

No. 1157661

Lmao it looks and tastes exactly the same. But I'm not in America. From scratch Mac & Cheese is so easy though. And customizable to your exact preferences. He is unbelievably lazy.

No. 1157662

Boxed pasta product not looking radioactive and being dry and crumbly is basically Jack's Holodomor.

No. 1157664

Fat people problems. Imagine how he'd ream a fat woman for posting shit like this too, lmao.

No. 1157665

oh my god this pig is crying over fucking macaroni and cheese wtf lol

No. 1157666

File: 1612928637707.png (42.05 KB, 585x205, Screen Shot 2021-02-09 at 10.4…)

He literally had covid

No. 1157670

way skinnier than dasha kek

No. 1157680

I can't believe people think he is boring. He's so deranged. He has to be cognitively impaired.

No. 1157692

That was probably a bit for his podcast, not that anyone would know cos 0 listeners.

No. 1157695

File: 1612932154314.png (101.96 KB, 402x503, let it go.png)

Brie is still booty blasted over the FTV trainwreck

No. 1157721

File: 1612936735051.png (270.16 KB, 733x679, aimeepoasting.png)

Nothing makes Aimee angrier than to tell her to stop posting.

No. 1157729

File: 1612937653924.jpg (382.45 KB, 1295x1594, Screenshot_20210210-011417_Chr…)

What does this mean? Can someone explained what happened to Kantbot?

No. 1157730

there is a video of someone fucking a troon that they claim is KB

No. 1157732

Isn't HegelBot a crumps alt? Might be misremembering, but he did admit once in some interview that he runs a parody groyper philosopher account.

No. 1157733

The video doesn't actually exist, it's a meme to pretend you've seen it and were mortally disgusted by it.

No. 1157734

No, he runs the Brecht groyper.

No. 1157735

Right, thanks.

No. 1157737

KB said its BAP.

No. 1157740

Isn't BAP actually some sort of academic whose retarded caveman speak is entirely an act?

No. 1157744

File: 1612940143338.jpg (652.71 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20210210-015253_Chr…)

No. 1157745

File: 1612940196685.jpg (757.66 KB, 1295x1987, Screenshot_20210210-015157_Chr…)


BAP is Costin Alamariu.

No. 1157746

lol the new right and the post/"anti woke" left actually are the academic circlejerk they like to pretend the mainstream left is

No. 1157748

File: 1612940842449.png (80.85 KB, 588x267, Screen Shot 2021-02-10 at 5.02…)

Good list of terrible podcasts

No. 1157773

All guaranteed to make you want to jam ice picks into your own eardrums.

No. 1157778

BEE and maybe (probably not) Red Scare are the only of these to have even the slightest crossover outside of a miniscule circle of people with really specific grievances.

No. 1157780

RS is the only one out of these that has had or will ever have an impact on the real world, either cultural or material. Rest is just noise and a waste of time.

No. 1157798

BJG girl, let Force the Vote go or get therapy - its February. The messaging was shit and no one cared, especially Virgil.

No. 1157801

American Psycho has had more cultural impact and relevance than Dasha or Anna could ever hope for.

No. 1157803

True, but this is about the podcasts.

No. 1157804

Gotta say, I looked at that list and thought the Bret EE might be of some merit but haven't listened/don't know, but the rest…

No. 1157806

Fair enough. But Christian Bale screaming "Hey Paul! Try getting a reservation at Dorsia now, you stupid fucking bastard!" While pulverizing Jared Leto's head with an axe to the tune of "Hip To Be Square" is greater than Anna and Dasha's entire oeuvre.

No. 1157809

File: 1612948427151.png (534.76 KB, 1336x741, Screen Shot 2021-02-10 at 6.44…)

Active, prominent New Rightist
Could care less if gay or not but this is hideous

No. 1157810

I've seen this guy's stupid shitposts. So he's coming out as a rapist now?

No. 1157811

He's doing epic irony I think.

No. 1157816

Oh the hilarious "I'm ironically a serial rapist" act.

No. 1157824

File: 1612951064011.jpeg (1.23 MB, 1536x1956, EA2316F1-28CA-4265-A758-F4BD3E…)

A veneer of irony to mask horrible truth
No wonder Aimee is so concerned about the ‘nambla left’ when the namblists are in her corner with her
All of these ‘people’ are just so fucking hideous in so many different ways

No. 1157826

She comes across to me as the most inconsistent rather than the most unstable, anna is consistent in her inconsistency but lexa will post typical disgusting takes a lot of the time then every now and then tweet some completely sane and reasonable stuff

No. 1157836

Who and what the fuck is this?

No. 1157852

I think he's been in past threads for imbecile sperging over black people.

No. 1157881

jesus that boy in the pfp looks young

No. 1157915

why should anyone take KB's word for anything?

No. 1157968

File: 1612968047144.jpg (203.51 KB, 1125x2436, dc3d4mzwong61.jpg)

No. 1157972

12 titles in the Encounters section, three awards given out. 25% chance Dasha walks away with a trophy

No. 1158034

File: 1612972106229.png (845.02 KB, 1093x1163, impending-divorce.png)

34yo "marxist" and red scare simp is going to post away his marriage. can't imagine being an asian woman married to a guy with a asian porn folder who admits that on a 2.5k follower twitter online.

No. 1158044

Lmao and he attaches his real name to this. Even dumber than samememe

No. 1158053


no, she's a native new yorker and publicist for lena dunham's mother with parents rich enough to have spare property in queens for failson-in-law to live in

No. 1158063

File: 1612972733878.jpeg (470.64 KB, 946x2048, 86E44B57-4477-49E9-AAA6-AD1A71…)

Rapey soyboy physiognomy

No. 1158070


the weird thing about britney is that she was styled in lolita-like naughty school girl shit but the main consumption of her music/style came from young girls and gay boys looking to emulate her (for reasons outside of the fact that they were trying to market her this way)? so the pedos were literally just styling her this way so that they could get off to it, pretty much. it really makes you think about the abuse she endured behind the scenes and how many creepy men that formulated these lolita-style photoshoots went further

No. 1158071

The fact that I’ve never heard of this nobody but that someone is pulling this fact out of seemingly nowhere, idk, seems to me like someone is posting about someone they personally know and dislike

No. 1158079

The wife video was posted on the subreddit awhile ago and looked into then because it was so awkward of him to broadcast. This is one of the top Anna/Aimee reply guys, he even wrote the Berlin magazine article on them.

No. 1158114

This whole thing just feels transparently staged. No one actually likes Dasha or her movies, but they're just gonna keep shoving her in our faces until we give up

No. 1158140

I'm confused, is this the kew gardens guy, the asian wife simp, or the rapist? are they all the same guy? this def looks like forest hills/kew gardens

No. 1158164

File: 1612978533418.png (181.62 KB, 1192x676, gayestepdad.png)

Even more transparently racist than most of the other post-left guys lol

No. 1158174

File: 1612979191775.png (42.63 KB, 1080x751, pig.png)

How long do you think this one will last?

No. 1158180

Who’s the kew gardens guy? This is the wife simp but he’s not rapist samememe (just similarly old and creepy)

No. 1158182

If it weren’t a fairly open secret that Dasha trades sexual favors for her work, she would be successfully black listed by now. But, since she does, she still has bridge to burn before she’s finally persona non grata, which is a tremendous shame that the world couldn’t be saved from the psychotically retarded film title, let alone the film itself.

No. 1158216

anyone in berlin and willing to go see it for us? i thought maybe theyd do online showings like tiff (id have volunteered) but apparently theyre only showing the movies in select theatres in berlin

No. 1158327

Something tells me these threads were started by a racist feminist housewife who used to be borzoi's YouTube chat moderator. Yet they spend all their time here. Curious.(ban evasion)

No. 1158344

how has it been 14 threads and none of you scarethots have learned how to sage yet, or learned how to write normally or have gone outside?

No. 1158365

these people are always men
Get a life!

No. 1158368

No BAP was running an account called Straussbot for a while that was actually a pretty funny parody of Kantbot's style, Hegelbot obviously isn't him.

No. 1158370

Learn to sage. Also, that account wasn't funny.

No. 1158378

this guys wife’s twitter is public and linked to him too, the fact he’s crushing online for an Asian girl who hobknobs with offensive non PC people really says it all loll, these people are fucking losers. Also he got his wife some Balenciaga for Christmas, either he’s funded by his own parents to be a coastal elite or his podcasting and writing somehow make him money..

No. 1158387

Nick Mullen said he is still on Twitter on today's cum town. What's his username?

No. 1158408

The unfunny NYC Italian guy one I'm pretty sure

No. 1158409

He runs the nycguidovoice account, not sure if he has any others

No. 1158434

File: 1612993700168.png (17.82 KB, 164x75, Screen Shot 2021-02-11 at 7.42…)

Just another grotesque New Rightist

No. 1158446

File: 1612994256920.png (517.69 KB, 785x391, Screen Shot 2021-02-11 at 7.55…)

Aimee new avi

No. 1158518

hold up please tell me you found it

No. 1158537

context for this?

No. 1158572

And it won't be shown in Berlin until June (Berlinale industry online screenings in a couple weeks, then the German public gets to watch in the summer), which means it probably won't hit streaming until the Fall at the earliest.

No. 1158574

He thinks he's virtuous because he still jerks off to porn while realizing it's bad for women? Scum. Surely his fiance can do better than this loser thirsty reply guy.

No. 1158579

Aimee let slip on a twitch stream a while ago that Amber is still on twitter too lol

No. 1158586

They really just left us hanging on that one.

No. 1158591

File: 1613002438437.png (911.62 KB, 1080x1653, Screenshot_2021-02-10-18-12-03…)

Lol a white weeb drag queen in Japan who is friends with Jack the fat fascist. I can't imagine how much of a zoo exhibit/circus freak this person is to Japanese people.

No. 1158594

File: 1613002891062.jpeg (89.13 KB, 749x981, terrifyingamerican.jpeg)

No. 1158596

File: 1613003365126.png (49.83 KB, 312x248, alt.png)

This indicates Anna has more than one account too

No. 1158619

How jealous is Eugene right now? He's responsible for giving her a career and now her directorial debut is going to have more exposure than anything he's done in 10+ years.

No. 1158624

Ironically no doubt due to affirmative action for female directors.

No. 1158627

I get the sense that most of these people resent each other deeply and if their dm's and group chats leaked it would be so good. Prime material. People are getting too excited though, absolute trash films have premiered at decent festivals before and been booed out basically. It's not nothing but the subreddit is acting like she has already bagged the palme d'or lmao

No. 1158629

he'd be ripping his hair out if he had any!

No. 1158631

Hope he dumps some dirt out of spite.

No. 1158638

File: 1613006909449.png (161.64 KB, 1080x942, Screenshot_2021-02-10-19-26-42…)

I guess Dasha is used to pretending to like disgusting men but I would be absolutely repulsed by this simpering pig if I were her. He is going to Ed Gein her.

No. 1158675

this guys wife’s twitter is public and linked to him too, the fact he’s crushing online for an Asian girl who hobknobs with offensive non PC people really says it all loll, these people are fucking losers. Also he got his wife some Balenciaga for Christmas, either he’s funded by his own parents to be a coastal elite or his podcasting and writing somehow make him money..

No. 1158678

File: 1613011901258.jpg (90.92 KB, 637x870, thetitlegetsmeeverytimelmao.jp…)

Criterion looking ripoff ass poster. (No I didn't like it, stole it from one of her stans who thinks she's the next Scorcese lmao)

No. 1158686

I can not tell you how much I hate that title, but it does signal that Dasha is a fucking retard, among so many other things that have earned her that distinction. Even if English were her second language, it makes Wesley Willis look like a poet laureate.

No. 1158693

God, me too. I thought it was a joke, it's so bad. Still laughing at her coming onto the sub to get genuinely mad at people making fun of the stupid title. Too bad they have largely pivoted to yas kweening it now.

No. 1158694

It's a great title for a kid's movie

No. 1158710

Arrested development, for sure.

No. 1158714

Looks like Dasha waited outside the A24 office for a horny intern who would do some design work for a blowjob. That being said I'm interested enough in Epstein and have a high tolerance for shitty and faux pretentious movies that I'll watch it when I can.

No. 1158716

File: 1613016727271.png (36.13 KB, 735x349, zionjack.png)

Wait, Jack is a Zionist?

No. 1158720

Do you happen to be German? Good, we are counting on you to watch it for us and report back.

No. 1158722

He’s a Likudnik, since they’re Trump’s BFFs

No. 1158729

He stans literal anti-semites (like authors who believe Jews are demonic and involved in an evil global conspiracy), so that's doubtful. Maybe in a contrarian it pisses off human rights types way? Incredibly hard to decipher any cogent views on his part since he's schizo.

No. 1158730

>contrarian it pisses off human rights types way
It's this, 100%. He's one of those white supremacists who hates Muslims more than Jews, so he tacitly supports the Israeli project as a method of exterminating Arabs. He had some really racist tweets on his old account about how Muslims were filth, inherently evil, etc.

No. 1158738

File: 1613019804341.jpeg (134.89 KB, 788x551, 60268F50-908D-4D4A-A985-52125F…)

Her interactions are about to PLUMMET

No. 1158742

what video?

No. 1158764

I remember seeing it at the beginning of quar and it was obviously faked.

No. 1158773

this guy’s such a loser
he’s got a fiancée and is replying guying
someone…. i’d dump him if i were her and get a better looking white guy who’s not online

No. 1158777

he wrote for some pretty high profile music sites before he was le canceled

No. 1158819

Ashley's latest podcast features Ian Miles Cheong and the preview is just them talking about how people who kill themselves are selfish and Angel was an asshole for trying to do so just to hurt Ashley lol

No. 1158833

Listened to the pod and he says he teaches English to Japanese elementary school students as his main hustle…just lol

No. 1158842

File: 1613038614654.jpeg (100.12 KB, 839x1024, nicewig.jpeg)

Lmfao of course he does. Standards have really slipped. And he would have to hide his night job from his employer, and the parents of course, because a gaijin working as a "hostess" can get you fired and deported. I'm sure Japanese people would love a sloppy drag queen "hostess" teaching their little kids english. He names himself after a 14 year old anime girl and raves about Japanese fetish gore porn on twitter. The perfect guy to teach children and rep foreigners.

No. 1158915


The entire Twink Revolution crew is fake and obnoxious. Bunch of white college grads and law students bragging about rejecting idpol while invoking at best vaguely liberal economic practices. They love red scare, love jack, love aimee, and are desperate for their attention to get their own podcasting network off the ground.

No. 1158921

I don't get why Dasha associates with Jack at all, let alone is doing favours for his nobody friends like this (lol at her pretending she eats cup ramen noodles to feel like an anime character instead of bone broth and sad plain kasha) if she really is trying to make it big. Going on the pod of a guy with a couple hundred insta and twitter followers is wtf

No. 1158929

this guy is good because hes getting us back to lolcow roots. We all know he isn't an actual English teacher. He's probably a slave for a tutor mill.

No. 1158940


standards for esl teaching in japan are pretty low, usually just a ba. there are plenty of weebs who use the job as an excuse to go to japan for a year.

No. 1158948

It's so funny that they put a bunch of effort into having a whole website and getting a bunch of guests and still only have 34 patreon subscribers. They should have just tried to be the gay leftist podcast and not hitched their wagon to so many losers and idiots.

No. 1158954

File: 1613057480949.png (22.82 KB, 486x273, wew.png)

>34 patreon subscribers
I didn't believe this, thought they would have had to have way more based on how much effort they put into the brand everywhere, but holy shit that's pathetic. Even Jack and Leia can manage a couple hundred.

No. 1158955

Uh, what podcast has the dishonor of hosting IMC?

No. 1158957

standards for JET are just a bachelors, but I wouldn't say they are "low". The program is pretty selective. But those aren't teachers, they are assistant teachers and the job is only a maximum of 3 years.
Being a real English teacher requires fluency in Japanese and training in English as a second language.

No. 1158967

File: 1613058926362.png (325.64 KB, 1470x1682, Screenshot 2021-02-11 105138.p…)

saged for boring retweets but just straight up white genocide racial paranoia retweets from Anna this morning. Including from PMC make work trump admin "academic" darren beattie, who I guess has completely immersed himself in this universe.

No. 1158976

Right? He seems like he could be a real classic sort of cow, that's kind of a find among all the scarethots and hangers on

No. 1158983

I read the scary of 61st script ama

No. 1158986

She's admitted to this on Chapo a couple times too. Not surprised

No. 1158987

No wonder they pivoted to “online magazine”

No. 1158991

is there any chance the movie will be decent?

No. 1159002

How does she handle the Epstein thing? Is it in line with her cackling about sex abuse on the pod

No. 1159043

nta in >>1158983 but i remember on an older episode, dasha basically admitted that she only cares about the epstein stuff (as opposed to making fun of metoo victims like some ghoul) because her "friend" had been a victim. it just seems like a way for her to insert herself into something since she's fundamentally self-absorbed

No. 1159125

File: 1613071345767.jpeg (423.61 KB, 1859x1151, 68F5BEE0-F774-4D82-924D-44CFA7…)

Anna’s Twitter is so disgusting, filled with these ghouls
The fact she actively rt’s them is p damning

No. 1159136

no, unless the script changed exponentially during the shoot. I went in open minded but it’s rough. logic holes abound/massively dissatisfying ending.

No. 1159141

the script is basically a deep dive regurgitation of all the conspiracy theories around Epstein. It’s all very manic and occasionally tongue in cheek but overall it seems to take itself and its theories seriously. As in he definitely did all that he’s accused of and more, global elite pedo rings are real, etc. not a lot about the victims minus a third act swing/miss at a twist.

No. 1159183

If you actually have the script then what's dasha’s character’s name

No. 1159226

File: 1613076383715.png (461.64 KB, 1640x1797, Screenshot 2021-02-11 154624.p…)

glenn greenwald likes to flirt with this creep too. https://twitter.com/DarrenJBeattie/status/1359896887445323776

No. 1159231


No. 1159243

File: 1613077246566.jpg (103.06 KB, 1200x675, beattie.jpg)

life must be rough for this guy given how much weight he's gained and how much his hair has thinned compared to other photos of him on google. it's always so fucking obvious with these guys what their actual issues are.

No. 1159250

So you’re saying Epstein didn’t run a sex ring and that’s just a conspiracy theory???

No. 1159323

No. 1159397

File: 1613085444009.png (31.6 KB, 729x335, zeroreplies.png)

4 RTs, 0 replies lol

No. 1159443

File: 1613088417599.png (1023.1 KB, 1080x1305, siryouareahugewhitedragqueen.p…)

A sloppy gaijin drag queen named after Asuka (who orbits Jack) in Japan should be more interesting than he is tbh. He did a pod ep complaining about the racism he faces in Japan which sounds hilarious tbh. He mostly posts about the Evangelion stuff he buys, aggressively fetishizes Japanese women, and bitches about customers with their faces censored- which seems like bad practice. I swear all white men should be banned from Asia.

No. 1159451

File: 1613089142278.jpeg (233.67 KB, 1152x2048, transjapanese.jpeg)

Literally a Japanese woman.

No. 1159484

File: 1613092760952.png (881.26 KB, 1080x1226, derangement.png)

That's mental illness, love.

No. 1159486

Every time. AGP and yellow fever are so consistently tied.

No. 1159525

File: 1613095951967.png (1.09 MB, 1080x1431, Screenshot_2021-02-11-19-48-25…)


No. 1159526

>suspicious person enters the school
the call is coming from inside the house

No. 1159527

File: 1613096022962.png (1.1 MB, 1080x1707, Screenshot_2021-02-11-19-48-41…)

This weirdo is already locked inside with the third graders.

No. 1159528

this really isn't milk

No. 1159532

Unless he is a citizen or has a spousal visa it is illegal for him to work as a "hostess". He could get fired from teaching third graders.

No. 1159554

File: 1613097874910.png (134.97 KB, 1080x664, Screenshot_2021-02-11-20-43-08…)

Anna's contrarian nature at war with her hatred of women who aren't size 0 right now.

No. 1159560

File: 1613098075696.png (638.48 KB, 1080x932, Screenshot_2021-02-11-18-30-07…)

This type of shit doesn't really fly for third grade teachers in Japan.

No. 1159585

File: 1613101184019.png (1.14 MB, 1080x1505, Screenshot_2021-02-11-21-34-42…)

Jack is reposting Vincent Gallo's psychotic, racist, and fat hating, sperging (also he hates redheads?). He thinks it should be illegal to call men fat. But calling women fat is fine. Especially if they aren't white.

No. 1159586

File: 1613101242991.jpeg (255.9 KB, 1125x1289, sperg2.jpeg)

What the fuck.

No. 1159608

File: 1613103379502.jpeg (463.52 KB, 1748x1564, 93DF6CB7-D1C3-4DF8-86E3-AC95A9…)

Of course it’s some plus sized brunette with dark features, ironic because if she went blonde and lost 20 pounds Anna would be implying she is fat. It’s so obvious her critiques and taste in women is informed by spite

No. 1159612

I went to Vincent Gallo’s website one time (I have no idea why) and among other psychotic things, like selling his sperm online, he had a bunch of spiteful rants about how much he hates redheads and black people. He’s completely fucking nuts just like Jack.

No. 1159627

In fairness to Gina, that's all muscle and roids.

No. 1159631

Has fatbot said anything about Scary of 61st recently? Dasha kinda definitively beat him on the "stop critiquing things and actually create some art" challenge.

No. 1159639

It’s funny how these fascists are having fits over Jen Psaki when Sarah Huckabeast Sanders and Kelly Ann Conway exist.

No. 1159645

File: 1613106646015.jpg (100.46 KB, 1200x1200, 5900.jpg)

Or this handsome devil, Sean Spicer. Trump's first press secretary.

No. 1159647

She's not fat, just built. But Anna has called athletic and ripped women fat before. She's making an exception because Gina got fired for being "anti-woke".

No. 1159650

File: 1613107245208.png (481.39 KB, 1080x1308, newzealandgayseemscooltbh.png)

And he's a lonely gay foreign prostitute in Japan, who is mutuals with a deranged internet fascist, and collects figures of 14 year old anime girls, so what's his point?

No. 1159651

File: 1613107335331.png (815.06 KB, 1080x945, Screenshot_2021-02-11-19-29-48…)

Also when not in makeup he looks like Ben Shapiro lol.

No. 1159657

These people are mentally ill, lmao.

No. 1159662

He looks even more like he was ripped from the Twilight Zone’s “Eye of the Beholder,” so no wonder Dasha likes him.

No. 1159664

The gross fixation on her smell. When presumably he has never been in the same room as her. Publically admitting that he wants to see the president's press secretary have sex with a bunch of black men. At least she has 24 hour protection.

No. 1159681

The "personal services" section on his webstore is one of the most deranged things on the entire internet.

No. 1159682

File: 1613113476258.png (158.42 KB, 1080x829, Screenshot_2021-02-12-00-59-04…)

Imagine being mutuals with this guy. What life decisions could possibly lead you to such a pitiable and abject state? I would want my family to call a mental health crisis hotline for me if I ever reached that point.

No. 1159687

File: 1613114122549.png (179.5 KB, 693x854, Screenshot_2021-02-12-01-13-03…)

His 59 year old ass really thinks he's worth that much huh? Lmao. Picrel: excuse me?

No. 1159690

File: 1613114761872.png (33.39 KB, 735x325, artscrote.png)

A certain type of artscrote worships him and thinks he can do no wrong.

No. 1159694

File: 1613115275790.png (160.65 KB, 500x208, notfuckingbased.png)

No. 1159705

File: 1613118501808.jpeg (81.28 KB, 640x617, 3A82E527-3D7A-4DF9-8389-CEB745…)

Another one bites the dust

No. 1159707

File: 1613119235114.jpg (409.11 KB, 1000x855, seeya.jpg)

Damn, go to parler or something already lol.

No. 1159709

File: 1613119579105.png (693.66 KB, 1236x1892, aimeecalls.png)

This is insane.

No. 1159801

My favorite part of his talk with Dasha was when he said that women who get dragged to his club with men from their companies are always visibly put off or scared of him and never try to be polite to him, based OLs

No. 1159803

Ugh, still dragging women to host bars on work time. I love how more and more Japanese women are done with this shit. Queens. Not 2 blog but reminds me of the time I was out with a Japanese friend and we saw an obnoxious white tourist guy wearing an "I love Hentai" shirt. They made eye contact and the look she gave him just wrecked him. I swear you could see his soul leave his body.

No. 1160004

It sounds like you need to find a man tbh

No. 1160011


No. 1160046

I think aimee got banned again. 6th time?

No. 1160099

File: 1613161232785.png (14.75 KB, 585x242, Untitled.png)

People are speculating that Nick Mullen was Carltonautism


No. 1160103

File: 1613161546630.png (1.13 MB, 948x1344, Screen Shot 2021-02-12 at 3.26…)

who is that? looking at his tweets that are on google image it seems like your average unfunny 4chan reject, I don't see Nick making stupid dog photoshops

No. 1160107

File: 1613161705235.png (724.66 KB, 1178x746, Screen Shot 2021-02-12 at 3.28…)

logo is so dumb, cum town did the alt-right simpsons joke at least a year before in 2017 when Nick was in LA, the account just seems like a fanboy

No. 1160156

Carlton was the account that came up with the original “Eating beans” quote back in 2015

No. 1160162

Whats going on here?

No. 1160199

Why are you offended because someone thinks opn looks unattractive?

No. 1160202

^Things Dasha would say if she posted here.

No. 1160205

I thought the same. Definitely at least a friend, or someone from the sub.

No. 1160211

you mean the copypasta from like 2012 /tv/?

No. 1160213

isnt nick mullen a leftist? carlton hung out with rightists online

No. 1160237

File: 1613173654245.png (634.38 KB, 1080x1099, Screenshot_2021-02-12-17-45-22…)

Jack is mad that younger people on twitter are discovering how much of a perverted pro-pedo freak his goddess Paglia is.

No. 1160239

File: 1613173774699.png (116.99 KB, 1080x553, Screenshot_2021-02-12-17-45-11…)

Paglia has been on the books as pro child rape for basically her entire career. Imagine trying to deny that lol

No. 1160244

That’s hilarious! None of these Dirtbags are Leftists, besides maybe the Antifada on a good day.

Otherwise, they’re all fascists.

No. 1160245

File: 1613174264116.png (1.35 MB, 824x1092, fatjack.png)

put on a mask, lardass

No. 1160248

File: 1613174460603.jpg (589.47 KB, 1536x2048, fatjack.jpg)


No. 1160249

File: 1613174466530.png (975.31 KB, 1080x1322, Screenshot_2021-02-12-18-00-15…)

Jack's mutual, the Ben Shapiro looking drag queen claims to love Marx, but is somehow friends with a fascist and thirsts over Donald Trump's ugly chinless son. These people all have brain damage.

No. 1160250

I was wondering if he thought he looked cool never smiling, making a face like he was crapping himself, but he looks so bad when he smiles lmao.

No. 1160255

yes, if someone isn't a leftist that means they're a facist.

No. 1160260

No, I think it’s the pro Trump, pro hate and pro rape aspects of this community that makes them fascists, but I hope your queens see this.

No. 1160263

Fascist has become incredibly overused. Some are though, like Jack. Others like Anna K do this weird thing where they joke over and over again how they are fascist and it gets to the point where you wonder how long it will be until they actually drift into that realm.

No. 1160264

what the hell is pro rape lmao

No. 1160268

Exactly what is sounds like. Saying most rape isn't really rape, women who are raped are as responsible as the rapist, most women subconsciously want to be raped, or enjoy being raped. All thing that people in this community have said and continue to say.

No. 1160271

Why would Jack be more fascist than Anna? They both have the same sort of “ironic” engagement with it.

No. 1160272

you do know you're not replying something about jack but about nick mullen right lol

No. 1160273

File: 1613176038561.png (523.22 KB, 741x653, ugly.png)

All of these people are hideous and live under heaps of filth.

No. 1160279

>Everyone but the Antifada on a good day

No. 1160281

Bugchaser vibes.

No. 1160282

He has a much more explicit history of being pals with neo-nazis, being openly racist, reading anti-semites, etc. Anna has been getting closer to those types lately too but he has a longer and worse history. Read through the old threads.

No. 1160283

Yes. Nick has expressed a desire to rape women on multiple occasions and made claims that women are lying about rape. You would have to be insane to think he is not pro-rape.

No. 1160286

>expressed a desire to rape women
where did he say that and no examples from a cumtown bit?

No. 1160288

Poe’s Law

No. 1160289

Any time a scrote is "telling a joke", he is actually saying what he believes. Scrotes are incapable of humor or irony.

No. 1160290

I don't think you know what that term means. It doesn't mean because someone was sarcastic about it means they're automatically assumed to be sincere because you can't tell the difference.

No. 1160291

How do you tell when an irony guy (or girl), who has couched their entire persona in the "just joking" excuse, is being sincere or insincere about anything?

No. 1160295

It is safer to assume then that they have always been sincere and it is more simply that they think cruelty and hatred is hilarious.

No. 1160316

How do you know that the iRoNy persona is not just a cope?

No. 1160328

Yeah, it was mostly a rhetorical question. I think it's a crock of shit. It's super convenient when nobody can ever hold you to anything you say because you can go "it was just a prank bro!". And claim they are just too stupid to understand your super sophisticated multi layered humor.

No. 1160344

Dat physiognomy.

No. 1160367

File: 1613186978001.png (642.28 KB, 1080x953, asukulangleysoryuirl.png)

Um, he looks like a beautiful Japanese woman or a real life anime girl.

No. 1160371

File: 1613187300358.png (733.98 KB, 1080x874, Screenshot_2021-02-11-19-31-02…)

This guy having the balls to mock anyone, lmao.

No. 1160377

This weeb is really the worse addition to the Rogues’ Gallery, yet.

No. 1160383

File: 1613188715135.jpeg (192.53 KB, 2048x1152, 063D78AD-7BF0-4375-8C99-10F5B5…)

No. 1160384

File: 1613188850777.png (584.75 KB, 644x766, Screen Shot 2021-02-03 at 9.04…)

I know she's gained weight in her face since this was recorded but I still think it's not just that and facetune.

No. 1160388

File: 1613189793847.jpeg (668.21 KB, 977x1111, C454E7D8-BAEC-4338-9719-D79A89…)

Nitpick but that hunchback

No. 1160402

This dude is giving severe mass shooter vibes. I worry about the safety of Japanese women in his proximity.

No. 1160405

yikes she looks busted here

No. 1160406

File: 1613191363136.jpeg (26.41 KB, 193x250, 83AA103F-E331-4618-A2CA-8C47EC…)

Jack has some nerve to LARP as a fascist while literally looking like the Untermensch poster.

No. 1160424

File: 1613192636192.png (1.01 MB, 1080x1667, gross.png)

Also the little kids he teaches. He's creepy on so many levels.

No. 1160431

Anyone on clubhouse? Dasha's on there and Tim Dillon is probably going to get Anna to join.

No. 1160437

File: 1613193395411.png (104.22 KB, 605x720, squirrel.PNG)

are all these losers friends? apparently nazi squirrel girl anna slatz is an adam lehrer and aimee terese fan.

No. 1160456

She's work friends with Ian Miles Cheong, which is pretty pathetic but a girls gotta eat I guess, and retweeted chaoticitgirl's tepid anti-trans stuff. Didn't think she was in this circle though lmao

No. 1160459

It's practically a rule that if you are a neo-nazi the og Nazis would have hated you. You have to be overweight, no physical aryan traits, a drug abuser, tattooed, a public sexual degenerate (instead of a private one).

No. 1160487

The back of his head is so fat and gross it looks like Jonathan/Jessica yaniv's new hatchet wound "neo vag"

No. 1160507

Worst as in boring, maybe. When has a shooter been that faggy? Other than the general fact he's an ugly queen and a weeb none of the individual posts about this guy have been milky. His biggest offense from what's been posted here is palling around with Fat Jack, whose most recent pictures are hilarious. That customer service desk must be his place of employment? I think he works in a hotel lobby.

No. 1160511

I'm sick of infantile weebs breaking the law in Japan and getting away with it tbh. I think it's hilarious Dasha went on the pod of a guy with no clout and so few followers though. Is it a favour for Jack? Yeah, must be. The hotel where all the evil women who force him to be fat by bringing delicious food to share also work lmao.

No. 1160545

File: 1613209330544.png (1.16 MB, 1080x1660, Screenshot_2021-02-13-03-24-24…)

They went together? Praying for the perfume counter women.

No. 1160548

File: 1613209578691.png (83.76 KB, 1080x457, Screenshot_2021-02-13-03-25-07…)

Wonder how his buddy Dasha "so glad I'm a vegan so I don't kill any cute animals" feels about this.

No. 1160550

File: 1613209761587.png (213.81 KB, 1080x974, Screenshot_2021-02-13-03-26-07…)

So everything he says about women is true. But everything women say about him is a lie. Even though his bathroom scale and any doctor would corroborate the women. Nuclear cope levels.

No. 1160557

>But everything women say about him is a lie
He means women have been directly cruel to him

No. 1160558

File: 1613211631260.png (85.61 KB, 1080x449, Screenshot_2021-02-13-04-19-27…)

Sydney is a 4channer confirmed.

No. 1160560

So his psychotic detailed rambling about Evan Rachel Wood's vagina and claim she wasn't raped wasn't direct cruelty. One of many shitty things he has said about individual women. But women calling him fat, a simple observable fact, is direct cruelty. Got it.

No. 1160562

File: 1613212741941.png (246.45 KB, 1080x1355, Screenshot_2021-02-13-04-37-56…)

Absolutely not the kind of guy to ever be cruel to a woman.

No. 1160563

File: 1613212892421.jpeg (662.11 KB, 980x1596, 247AF45D-3EAE-428D-9C01-F211A9…)

What’s her problem with him ?
She’s right the world would be better without him but he’s an Anna and Aimee fave

No. 1160564

Don't know. But she hates Jack who is super good buddies with Dasha.

No. 1160566

The Jewish husband and ‘bimbo’ wife account as reply guy to the fat misogynist fascist, you couldn’t make it up

No. 1160568

She certainly seems to have become a much better judge of character

No. 1160569

your icon is showing anna

No. 1160576

I think her terrible experience with samememe really soured her on Jack, which makes sense.

No. 1160610

Looks like an overgrown baby

No. 1160624

File: 1613221594754.png (391.84 KB, 1080x869, Screenshot_2021-02-13-06-57-33…)

The girls are fighting. I hope Sydney turns on all of these people.

No. 1160625

Dear lord not another round of "did someone forget to crop their pfp or are they being framed"

No. 1160626

That when he smiles he looks like a soft gormless baby but is actually a hateful evil misogynist monster inside that makes him so unsettling.

No. 1160637

File: 1613224123859.gif (263.55 KB, 220x174, tenor.gif)

No. 1160664

This is just some really dirt stupid guy, like might actually be slow, who works some kind of business job but also spends all day hyping up Aimee. Has a podcast, was a Bernie rose emoji guy then went full right because of him hating BLM and Bernie losing. Was so sure Trump was going to win it broke his feeble mind and now he thinks the election was rigged and identifies as a conservative and hates leftists. He used to reply guy to Felix and the other chapos within the last 12 months and now posts about how evil they are like Aimee.

No. 1160683

Damn, she ain’t wrong. Unfortunate that she can’t completely disconnect from these monsters, but that’s pretty cool of her.

Just another in a long line of degenerate retards who want to be bigots and get free stuff, too. Also, CRD was/is a big fan of Michael Brooks, ya know, the guy who—besides Aimee Terese—constantly had on Adolph Reed, the author of “The Myth of Class Reductionism.”

No. 1160694

>when i won the marshall scholarship and chose to go to cambridge and study theology

lmao this is why i find her so annoying. i really don't care that she posts about her kids or acts 'sweet' or whatever, its the constant intellectual posturing that makes her so insufferable. i remember a while ago someone who went to college with her posted on the redscare sub about how she was one of those kids who would ask really long-winded, self-indulgent questions, trying to show how everyone how smart she is, and i get the impression that she literally has not changed at all since then lol.

No. 1160726

She just seems like a regular annoying nerd, I don’t see any posturing. The mention of her credentials there directly relates to the story she’s trying to tell.

No. 1160757

File: 1613239509625.png (657.99 KB, 1172x1228, beijer.png)

No. 1160760

>screenshot doesn't show battery, signal, etc
>clearly cropped
>but cropped exactly to show the icon

This is so fucking retarded. Obviously this is someone trying to shit up the thread or someone hungry for attention

No. 1160762

it's from Anna's screenshot of it on twitter

No. 1160773

Not saying this is a selfpost but I'm pretty sure this guy has selfposted a few times in the last couple threads lol

No. 1160827

That’s hilarious. Fuck Jacob, fuck Rania Kalek, and fuck the rest of the Dirtbags pulling digital black face with that account.

No. 1160840

it’s a picture of one of the most famous basketball players ever, no one thought that account was run by a black guy and they weren’t pretending to be, you don’t have to like carl beijing to see this is a bad faith attack

No. 1160868

Bad faith is a white neckbeard troll skin walking as a black man and thinking he is the black voter explainer. Glad I could clear this up for you!

No. 1160870

you sound like one of those Was Bappin, alt-centrist Assad-obsessed twitterfags who's coming here to smear people you don't like because you think they're Assadists or don't want to nuke Russia. go back

No. 1160873

i mean that tweet alone isn't that bad, if i was judging off of that i probably wouldn't have used the word 'posturing' but in general she is definitely guilty of it, or at least she used to be, i haven't been on her twitter for a while

No. 1160876

No, I don’t like Bappin, and I don’t like a bunch of Jacobin and Greyzone jerkoffs doing digital black face. Still glad to help you grow and become better informed!

No. 1160881

you're one of those Oz Katerji, Charles Archy pedophiles. get the fuck out of here

No. 1160885

I have no idea who those people are, and that’s the first I’ve ever heard of them. Good luck with your guessing games, tho!

No. 1160909

Seek help

No. 1160956

If you've ever heard him speak, it's clear that he has very severe developmental disabilities.

No. 1160977


i think people on here reach a lot, make shit up, get mad about nothing etc., but interacting positively with Darren Beattie is genuinely pretty low, even if its just a favorite or rt on twitter. i wouldn't be surprised if Anna just doesn't know who he is but Greenwald must.

No. 1160991

File: 1613257208427.png (49.01 KB, 594x214, bag.png)

They know full well.
It is odd how he comes effectively out of nowhere, is known for nothing other than white supremacy and is suddenly a favorite of Anna , Aimee etc.
This is not some CIA tinfoil shit but between that and organic engagement there are legions of PR people, literary agents, talent agents, booking agents and so on.
The influence this plays is underestimated.

No. 1161004

i'm white but when i see someone like this i kind of understand the insult that white people look like pigs

No. 1161006

File: 1613258261963.png (215.82 KB, 1832x530, 1605573372465.png)

Yeah these scenes are so grotesquely connected by these middle people.
Didn't Anna/RS and Chapo use to have the same agent?

No. 1161011

It could be that there was networking behind the scenes, or they just saw another pseudo intellectual white supremacist and thought that was pretty cool.

No. 1161013

people on here who just make the most hysterical, exaggerated claims about cows honestly ruin these threads. theres enough that is actually real to make fun of, you don't have to make up this cartoonish shit. honestly impressive that people consistently manage to make themselves look silly in a thread literally dedicated to the embarassing shit the people they're attacking have done.

and no im not a nick mullen fan, ive never listened to cumtown, this could apply to anyone else who gets posted in these

No. 1161027

File: 1613259898041.png (142.83 KB, 762x612, ob.png)

This is also just a partial list of one agent at one firm, think they may rep Anna too
Of course she'll joke about Thiel bux but she also wouldn't say if agents set up her magazine cover or spot on Tim Dillon

No. 1161030

If you’ve never listened to it, how are you so sure that they are wrong?

No. 1161040

Tim Dillon was always going to have Anna on at some point because they're one degree of separation away. The less on brand right wing podcasts are likely people's pr agents reaching out. People used to say Anna was getting played but the patreon keeps going up. If I was her I'd be concerned about being associated with losers and long term ruining her brand by going from edgelord to just a right wing freak.

No. 1161043

People have thought she was right wing for a long time, don’t see how going on Tim Dillon would change much

No. 1161045

I have it on good authority that the Dirtbag left is laundering a lot of their own money into their podcasts to inflate their worth. I can specifically say that Chapo Trap House and TrueAnon are doing this, not certain about CumTown, Red Scare, and What’s Left, tho.

No. 1161049

Lol that got me. "No I'm not a Nick Mullen fan, and no I have never listened to him. But I am absolutely certain he has never said these things." Okay, how?

No. 1161050

You can do it that way at the start with a patreon to inflate the initial numbers and taper it out to get a return on your investment for yourself [or for whoever supplied the cash]. Ig pride is what gets them to put their money in after the beginning.

No. 1161053

No reason to believe that Patreon numbers are entirely all separate individual people either, why even have higher cost subscriptions too

No. 1161056

File: 1613261521911.png (352.99 KB, 592x526, Screen Shot 2021-02-14 at 10.0…)

Why CI would even know about RS, let alone feel the need to mention them ?

No. 1161062

Probably because they both are conservative and love Trump. Wouldn’t surprise me if some of their members and staff listen.

No. 1161067

Tim I think isn't trying to be an intellectual dark web guy or a libertarian, he just wants a broad comedy base and money. I meant more like Reason magazine types.

No. 1161079

So even if that’s how CI. know of them, why bring them up ?
Claremont has a mission to advance policy to their donors interests, that’s the sole reason for it’s existence

No. 1161092

>white supremacy
Come on

No. 1161099

You know his religion but pretend not to know about his activities ?

No. 1161103


They’re definitely some sort of MAGAt troll, or do they forget so quickly their pals like Jared Kushner and, more particularly, Stephen Miller?

Besides, even the ADL condemns Beattie.

He’s a Shanda and a Kapo.

No. 1161105

Interesting, thanks for bringing this to my attention anon. Don't get distracted by obvious shill answers like >>1161062

No. 1161114


No but I know that the whole point of his podcast is just edgy humor, I've heard what type of jokes they make, and that person was clearly just being obtuse because it's not enough to make fun of dumb shitty people, they have to be literal violent psycopaths. If he went on his podcast which thousands of people listen to and repeatedly said that he genuinely wanted to rape women I'm pretty sure he wouldn't still be like invited on other shows, publicly associated with other comics, not to mention leftists (even if they're the 'dirtbag' kind) who had to apologize for taking a picture with a Bill Cosby's Hollywood star, etc.

No. 1161115

and if I'm somehow wrong, fine, he is a literal rapist I really am not in the mood to argue about this rn lol

No. 1161116

Aimee, Edwin, Anna, and Oliver literally follow (or for Aimee followed) AmGreatness, Claremont Institute, and AmCon staff. Anna follows Thiel capital guys. Take a scroll through their followings.

No. 1161119

File: 1613266031980.png (82.73 KB, 629x459, liz bruenig humblebrag.png)

She whips out her credentials all the time, she clearly has a superiority complex that she fakes suppressing from time to time. Queen of the humble brag, like when she wondered aloud why so many men on twitter sexualize her and not fellow journalists like Bari Weiss or Joy Reid (gee, I wonder why that is, Liz?)

No. 1161121

His religion is in his twitter profile: "Proud Jew"

He's a scumbag, but calling him a white supremacist is hysterical and ridiculous.

No. 1161122

A lot of people definitely thought he was a black guy lol you don't have to be bappin to admit it, let's be real.

No. 1161124

Yes, you're right, CI ghouls most probably are just fans of red scare totally as private people. At the end of the day, everyone is just a regular internet user like you and I anon, amirite? Let's better go back to discussing interesting things, like how MISOGYNIST, PRO-RAPE and NOT LEFT anna was when she said taylor swift is fat!

No. 1161130

its a troll. he also says he is "Serving the Biden Admin on Commission for Preservation of American Heritage Abroad", which is a troll as he was appointed by Trump.

But more specifically he thinks jews are white. which imho doesnt matter, except he also thinks whites should retain authority over the united states at the expense of others.

No. 1161131

It's not a troll; he is actually jewish. He gets called a "white supremacist" because he attended a conference of the HL Mencken Club in 2016, which hosted a ton of other rightwing jews as well, like Paul Gottfried, Ilana Mercer, and James Kalb. Normal alt-lite stuff from back in the day.

No. 1161133

i know he is jewish. the troll is putting it in his bio, because it confuses/annoys liberals who hear he is a white supremist. but being jewish doesn't make somehow mean he isn't one. "jewish" and "white supremacist" are both big tents.

No. 1161134

Claremont has been sucking off BAP for like two years now, they're fully tuned in to radical twitter politics.

No. 1161135

Oliver writes for Clarrmont-funded publications.

No. 1161139

>but being jewish doesn't make somehow mean he isn't one
It really does, and white supremacy being a big tent is pretty silly ("everyone I don't like it a white supremacist!"), but I'll drop this argument because I don't feel like even implicitly defending Beattie's dumb ass

No. 1161142

i'm not saying everyone i don't like isn't one, I am saying it is an ideologically diverse group of people who have different beliefs on the whiteness of jews. unlike the left they can be much better at ignoring disagreement, even if on the outside they appear as though they should violently opposed to those even slightly different than them.

search his twitter for the words "blood libel" and "It's not a race issue it's a class issue!". He repeatedly states that claims of systemic racism are a blood libel against white americans, obviously a white nationalist talking point but also a trolly one since we know what blood libel originally refers to. "It's not a race issue it's a class issue!" is a subtle rebuke against the Aimee-types who claimed BLM protests were revolts of elites/lumpenproles against the middle and working class. Beattie is saying "no, the problem is america is too diverse and whites don't have control and blacks are too resentful."(derailing)

No. 1161143

Looks like a cop. Gross

No. 1161145

File: 1613268582789.png (2.83 MB, 1334x750, D053566D-32CB-4390-B546-B00B5D…)

Speaking of chaoticitgirl, I stumbled upon this while looking for something else.She def doesn’t look like her selfies

No. 1161147

is that fucking James Healey lmao

No. 1161148

Dirtbags aren’t Leftists.

So, you’re saying Stephen Miller can’t be a White Supremacist, either? Ha, fuck you!

Regular internet users don’t listen to this Nazi shit.

No. 1161149

what good authority? no need to be too specific but that's pretty vague

No. 1161154


I think that's the whole point anon. he knows what he is.

No. 1161156

He would probably take that as a compliment but lol yeah he does. Usually even cops don't get quite that fat though.

No. 1161157

Does he? He seems deeply delusional about his self worth and appearance. He goes between having fat-activist level freak outs over his fatness and acting like he's some clean cut all American hottie.

No. 1161159

A couple other podcasters, one of whom is connected at a distance to this scene.

No. 1161166

When was this? Thought she had a nose job but maybe she just shoops and works her angles hard.

No. 1161171

File: 1613272084467.png (106.95 KB, 481x456, journalists posting their ls.p…)

Woof, the absolute gall to type this out. Why does every journalist think the world owes them everything? Can she really not comprehend why people who haven't been charged with anything are hesitant to talk to those from a profession that ruin innocent people's lives all the time? And of course she hit the nuke button her tweets after she started getting waves of pushback in the replies. No, it wasn't a conveniently timed update on her tweet deleter bot like she always claims, that thing has a nuke button that she uses whenever she gets into a big argument and starts to clearly lose it.

No. 1161172

Holy shit, someone send this hippie retard to the psych ward where she belongs.

No. 1161176

She really should have studied economics
(when she won the Marshall scholarship and attended Cambridge university)

No. 1161187

Nah, I agree with her. Broken clocks are right twice a day.

No. 1161199

It was a month ago. I think she does shop her nose, typical e-girl shit

No. 1161202

Is Liz a sex crimes investigator now? Doubt talking to her is going to help put any rapists in jail. And besides if I were going to talk to a journalist about something like that I would choose one who didn't pal around with people who find rape hilarious.

No. 1161203

She definitely does then. Had a completely different nose in her twitter selfies before she deleted lol

No. 1161230

File: 1613279312494.jpeg (9.94 KB, 278x181, images (11).jpeg)

Unrelated but every time I look at Dasha I think about the Russian school lunches I had to witness when I was a kid. Bitch looks and probably smells a bowl of perlovka cooked with hotdog water.(blog)

No. 1161234

The only actual leftists out there are class reductionists or nu-Nazbols, lib(political derailing)

No. 1161237

the axe body spray………

No. 1161238

Anna just said she's 8 months pregnant on the Tim Dillon show. Start around 8:30.

No. 1161241

>like when she wondered aloud why so many men on twitter sexualize her and not fellow journalists like Bari Weiss or Joy Reid
I couldn't help but laugh as Matt tried to walk the line there when Liz obviously couldn't pick up why horny men were in her mentions

No. 1161242

Ok, Dirtbag Degenerate. I’m sure you’ll seize the means of production for the Aryan Arbeiters real soon.

I’ll believe it when she successfully carries to term, though it’s not really trad to give birth when not married.

No. 1161243

I wouldn't be shocked if she did a courthouse wedding already.

No. 1161244

File: 1613281254069.jpg (559.51 KB, 1800x2179, btnw.jpg)

It looks like she eats completely plain dry ass kasha. Not savoury with mushrooms or onions or anything or flavoured with milk, butter, or yoghurt or spices. Talk about a depression meal. Somebody get her a real Russian cookbook. That's not "slavic excellence" lmao. Picrel.

No. 1161246

File: 1613281653222.png (1.05 MB, 1080x1271, Screenshot_2021-02-11-18-13-49…)

Lol fat Jack would not approve, right next to the perfume he recommended for him too. He drinks the Ebisu beer because he wants to be like Misato. Axe isn't very anime girl of him. It is very creepy male teacher tho.

No. 1161247

She refers to her male fans as "simps" and listens to red scare. The sweetie catholic mom is very much an act lmao

No. 1161249

Kind of weird she hasn’t shown bump even though she’s 8 months. Is she going to be one of those types who complains about her baby constantly but refuses to show a photo?

No. 1161250

File: 1613283201662.png (32.73 KB, 745x339, comingout.png)

This is a joke, right? Like these people don't actually talk about this stuff to irl people do they?

No. 1161253

This is beyond sad and embarrassing, imagine being a grown ass man and basing your whole personality around a fucking podcast. People are lost out here.

No. 1161255

Jack finds his small gaggle of ugly faggot orbiters very empowering.

No. 1161262

It's a boy. (1:20:30)

No. 1161274

No. 1161280

Liz Bruenig got breast implants??????? Okay this is a wild claim that needs some proof lol

No. 1161281

God, for the baby's sake I hope she doesn't post hundreds of photos of it like Bruenig does. Keep the kids' life private and out of sight of the deranged simps.

No. 1161287

She doesn't just eat nasty ass russian preschool tier food, she actually looks like a moldy bowl of kasha too. "Expired food prepared in unsanitary conditions" is the general feel I get when I see her nasty, dirty, clammy face. Why does she look so fucking fetid?

No. 1161299

Not about this faggot in particular, but is it just me, or are most of the rs orbiter faggots not even faggots? They all have big pussy envy troon energy or jailhouse gay energy, just like what "gay" samememe turned out to be. That sort of sour grapes vitriol towards women never comes from a man who isn't either attracted to women or desperately wants to be one.

Thank fuck indeed, although he is guaranteed to be a typical product of russian Electraesque mothering. It will be amusing to see what Anna's own complex about her parents not loving her for not being a boy will do to him.

I kind of feel bad for her, her status as an absolute last resort settle piece is palpable. She will never be someone a man shows off or begs to marry him, instead she'll be treated like a shameful burden that gets a fuck off vow "по залёту", and that's with her having all the money.

No. 1161310

It will be weird if she doesn’t post at least one photo related to her pregnancy or of the baby itself but was willing to post selfie bikini pics and half nude in that one photo shoot

No. 1161327

Tinfoilish but I wonder if she did ivf. She has the money for it and it would explain why she’s been living frugally with roommates too. She first started talking about trying to conceive back in 2019. Some women her age are decently fertile and don’t take very long to conceive, but they are often not underweight. She confirmed it’s a boy, and IVF often produces boys.

No. 1161381

File: 1613306563349.jpg (320.07 KB, 1440x1542, Screenshot_20210214-134035.jpg)

She actually did get married a few weeks ago, pic related is her wedding dress. They kept it low-key, partly because of covid. Just find weird how they still live in separate apartments, if you're married maybe get a flat together so you can take care of your baby together too

No. 1161387

File: 1613307472089.jpeg (203.38 KB, 901x1200, emphysema.jpeg)

>Not about this faggot in particular, but is it just me, or are most of the rs orbiter faggots not even faggots? They all have big pussy envy troon energy or jailhouse gay energy

Not just you. Jack and his hag stan club all have major Buffalo Bill energy. They're ostensibly gay but are way too obsessed with women and vaginas (that ERW pussy rant was psychotic). Normie gay men aren't like this.

Speaking of- you know Jack thinks he looks like hot shit in his most recent selfie lmao. I don't think it's possible for a guy this fat to look "cool" smoking.

No. 1161392

File: 1613308185720.jpg (439.19 KB, 1440x2323, Screenshot_20210214-141004.jpg)

Did someone care enough to listen to this btw?

No. 1161396

For me it's not the smoking but the way he holds that perfume bottle. Just why.

No. 1161399

His giant ham hock hand grasping the commes des garcons bottle is very chic.

No. 1161403

I listened, it wasn't very milky. They talked about his hostessing life in Japan, his boyfriend, how Japanese office women dragged to his club dislike him and don't try to be polite to him. They talk about when Dasha was a hostess for Korean business men in Nevada, said she was probably part of some illegal mafia operation and didn't know it, all the girls there were immigrants. They discuss who is the best Eva girl, drag queen says Asuka and Dasha likes Misato more although she thinks she is most like Asuka. She mentions the picture in thread OP, says she doesn't really like that Rei one piece because it is cheap and because she isn't a Rei person, it doesn't suit her. I kind of tuned out sometime after that, but they discuss End of Evangelion and how is psychologically impacted them and made them view life and so on. I think he mentioned being a teacher at one point but I can't remember what he said.

No. 1161405

Samefag but forgot to mention that in the hosting section they wax poetic a lot about how having a job of getting male attention and being one on one with men is the best ever, they are very fond of the men who buy hostesses, even if they are married. And Dasha said one guy she hosted for asked her to leave her job behind so he could look after her but she refused and stopped seeing him. She continued to hostess until she left the state, but wouldn't do it again because it is so draining and you have to get so drunk multiple nights a week that it takes a toll.

No. 1161419

File: 1613312502841.png (803.16 KB, 1080x1024, Screenshot_2021-02-14-08-20-28…)

He said he teaches third graders english between illegally "hostessing" as Ben Shapiro in drag.

No. 1161435

File: 1613316433824.png (150.55 KB, 1080x775, Screenshot_20210214-092324~2.p…)

Please tell me someone has a screen cap of his cum tribute to Annie

No. 1161440

File: 1613317418412.png (441.79 KB, 764x750, yeshoney.png)

"sorry babe, talk to the chaplain!!!"

No. 1161460

Did they only marry because she got pregnant? Kind of depressing tbh “oh you’re knocked up now, guess we should tie the knot”

No. 1161470

That is weird if they’re still not living together. At this point he could easily be using his clout from the Uncut gems soundtrack to cheat with groupies. Just doesn’t add up why she lived with the laya girl for so long rather than moving in with him

No. 1161478

File: 1613323644375.jpg (24.35 KB, 261x385, Paul_blart_mall_cop_film.jpg)

Well yeah, a mall cop.

No. 1161481

File: 1613324088718.jpg (92.24 KB, 640x640, 141188680_167907704747306_7749…)

Dasha making her characters lesbians in her movie, according to Anna, for male titillation while shitting on actual lesbians on her show for years couldn't be more predictable. Pity she didn't hire anyone hot for it though.

No. 1161484

Nothing against the blonde actress in the middle, but Dasha's self obsession in hiring someone with her same figure and hair is revealing. Madeline's voice is terrible so not expecting her to be good at acting. Anna also claims she's not married on the Tim Dillon but I don't really buy that.

No. 1161557

It's Russian/Soviet to the core though lmao

No. 1161566

>Implying she wasn't going full gimpgirl with him in the first place

She's probably always been an enlightened cuckquean kek

No. 1161636

Wouldn't be surpised if these thots have a complex about lesbians because they'll always be more exciting to moids than pickme cumrags.

No. 1161655

I can’t find any of videos of her (unsurprising since she’s a nobody) what’s it sound like

No. 1161668

what? isnt dasha the one dating 0pn?

No. 1161676

anna is with eli keszler, he also did some work on the soundtrack but he has zero clout lmao, certainly no groupies

No. 1161694

No. 1161738

I just read the screenplay by that women posting ls faggot and I'm exactly 0% surprised that this inceloid soyblob would write twilight for men

No. 1161753

Anna said herself he has groupies when she went to his gay little indie shows. He would have even more idiot groupies after being credited for uncut gems

No. 1161758

Eli is credited doing drums on the uncut gems soundtrack, along with opn