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File: 1640119679572.jpg (122.83 KB, 1280x720, FGqCpSqUcAACjyV.jpg)

No. 1398791

hread about pick-me women and gays, primarily from Twitter and Youtube, who claim to be practicing Socialism or Marxism. Commonly known as The Dirtbag Left, many associated with the scene are not leftists at all.
Twitter e-girl uwu smol beans are on-topic in that they all follow and interact with the cows.
>Media associated with this scene:
Podcasts like Red Scare, Chapo Trap House, True Anon, The Antifada, The Perfume Nationalist, The Bruenigs, Cumtown, Bad Faith, and What’s Left

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No. 1398834

File: 1640124275478.jpg (200.89 KB, 1100x1584, FHIioBlWQAEx1CG.jpg)

Nearly 2 weeks since the last episode, Red Scare dead? Dasha's pr working hard and failing to make her American's sweetheart.

No. 1398836

File: 1640124393458.png (998.85 KB, 1188x1240, beguiledtwomorebeguiling.png)

More information about the next movie project.

No. 1398862

File: 1640127600793.png (181.48 KB, 1484x482, Screen Shot 2021-12-21 at 4.59…)


No. 1398880

why does this sound like it's going to be some lost cause bs lol

No. 1398881

File: 1640130228300.png (499.68 KB, 1283x730, 6F4AEE3C-6EE4-41C4-A04E-8366F0…)

Wow, RS receiving a lot of love from Deeper into Movies, this is huge!

No. 1398898

File: 1640131524212.jpeg (539.23 KB, 640x631, 5D64A3FA-6368-4982-A8A7-682E53…)

Ion Pack, too! Scary is getting recognized more and more.

No. 1398899

File: 1640131561510.png (493.4 KB, 640x1136, 2982E85F-B809-4A35-A4A0-3EA177…)

Brace hosting a Scary Q&A

No. 1398920

inb4 dasha doing a dollar store scarlett o’hara impression while perfume jack orgasms

No. 1398926

File: 1640133256256.png (331.02 KB, 523x621, PRGAY.png)

Stars aligning with a horror loving gay who was NYT for 14 years writing you up
Since 1977, Serino Coyne has been innovating the way live-entertainment brands are marketed. Our award-winning, data-driven and results-oriented campaigns …

No. 1398944

>Matt Bruenig's CTC plan championed by Romney, on course to become law
>Liz Bruenig rumored to have filed paperwork to run for US Senate, bolstered by recent victory of anti-abortion Democrat in special election for vacant seat in CT legislature
>Dasha profiled by the NYT, rumored to be cast in the sequel to the Robert Pattinson Batman movie
>Anna supposedly working on a project with Moldbug, has the ear of Peter Thiel
>Annie Hamilton is now in the MCU
>Drunken Canal and Ion Pack are the elite tastemakers of underground NYC
>Heather Habsburg a crypto millionaire
Leftcows stay winning

No. 1398948

>Heather Habsburg a crypto millionaire
when did this happen?

No. 1398985

ah sweet, a circle jerk of absolute garbage.

No. 1398988

delusional, none of this is true

No. 1398994

the grift is good era.

No. 1399012

Dunno but it's all she tweets about on her new Twitter moniker (@tolstoybb)

No. 1399025

File: 1640139309435.png (31.7 KB, 1028x94, sexpestfriendsofthepod.png)

Saw this the other day. Anyone know if there's anything to it?

No. 1399055

Feels like a bit tbh

No. 1399057

kek love how we went days without this thread after the last one died and now the OP is absolute shite with no recap because scarethots overran this thread and can't integrate for shit

No. 1399083

probably made up, troons are ramping up the cancellation efforts against betsey and peter as their new film gains more traction

No. 1399087

The girl's avi was a young nyu looking girl, not some anime avie trans person. I don't know what traction their movie is making. Only ever heard of it in the last thread and the only google news hits are about their 2017 movie.

No. 1399090

Why didn't you make a thread then

No. 1399117

source on the liz bruenig bit?

No. 1399124

You can make the next thread, thanks

No. 1399183

this is literally just a list of all their friends' projects. pathetic.

No. 1399186

File: 1640161818784.jpeg (68.73 KB, 399x267, 5DD597EC-946A-47A0-AF03-485390…)

Literally "I was just pretending to be retarded." If this is how she justifies her antics, she can't get away with dismissing the nihilist allegations anymore.

No. 1399205

>working with Moldbug

No. 1399302

File: 1640183724122.png (1.01 MB, 760x1157, Screenshot_20211222-083436.png)

God this guy is such a fag

No. 1399318

Guilt by association? What is Vack even accused of doing? He seems like an affable enough dude.

No. 1399358

If Daisha’s actually cast, I suspect it’s Comfry tier or lower role. She’s not leading lady material lol

No. 1399398

File: 1640194456262.png (84.2 KB, 764x462, Screen Shot 2021-12-22 at 12.3…)

We're supposed to take Brace seriously as someone eXpOsiNg ePsTeiN and Ghislaine and yet he's out here promoting this absolute schlock exploiting victims' pain for clout, directed by - wait for it - a podcaster who had Epstein friend Steve Bannon on the pod for kicks. Picrel from 2018 Page Six article.

But remembering any of this stuff that happened in the last ~2 years makes you a schizo. Lol.

No. 1399407

If by winning you mean producing nothing of any actual artistic merit or lasting cultural value, only hype for themselves and their dumb little circles

No. 1399440

every OP needs a long summary that no one will even bother skimming through. it’s tradition.

No. 1399513

File: 1640204694277.png (90.16 KB, 1164x382, attentionwhoreleia.png)

This is up but it's a video so 95% of Chapo listeners who use the pirate feed aren't going to see it.

No. 1399536

not that chapo has ever really been that good but wow has the show gone downhill since biden's election

No. 1399596

Same vibes as when youtubers run out of ideas and just post a video reacting to Reddit posts

No. 1399737

Everyone of these people are hypocrites. BEE casually admitting on the pod he did with Dasha that he has friends who flew on Epstein's Lolita Express and he believes them that nothing sinister happened on those flights, with zero pushback from Dasha…smh

No. 1399749

same reason no other farmer did, scarethots are complete leeches and nobody wants to put in the effort only for them to shit it up

if anything working with anna is a W for yarvin, he's been trying and failing to hop over to the east coast but his grift isn't doing so well there

No. 1399753

rumor has it that the pod is over, dasha gave anna covid and has been having a mental breakdown since the nytimes review of scary, anna's tired of it and actually sick because she's been using a fake vaxxcard

No. 1399756


No. 1399759

maddy is also trying to convince dasha to rebrand and do the pod with her (but just changing the name of the patreon so they can keep all the subscribers)

No. 1399772

File: 1640227854025.png (113.75 KB, 1190x496, Screen Shot 2021-12-22 at 6.49…)

this is indistinguishable from 2011 epic bacon Chuck Norris jokes

the dirtbag left will be remembered in the same vein as New Atheism

No. 1399795

This is literally 90% bullshit lol

No. 1399838

Wasn't Fidel Castro a rapist and hung out with Epstein

No. 1399843

Anna hasn't been active on twitter or instagram lately which is unusual for her. Eli did the Q+A with Dasha and OPN a few days ago so if Anna has it Eli isn't around enough to catch it or felt fine enough to go out. Didn't look like Anna attended. If Dasha wasn't still doing public events while having covid it'd be more shocking.

No. 1399858

ending the pod at the height of their popularity and denying their reddit fandom any more content is a great move. always leave them wanting more. chapo and cumtown take note.

No. 1399859

explains all the maddy shilling.

No. 1399873

Inshallahhhh Anna’s bird brain ass got covid & Dasha is snapping out of her delusions

No. 1399930

jesus christ lol…literally replace Castro with Chuck Norris and it's an ifunny post from 2008

No. 1399931

want this to be true but i doubt it

No. 1399961

File: 1640257230235.png (896.05 KB, 1280x528, we made it girlies.png)

The culmination of this whole blasted political and cultural scene and the reaction to it: a character in the new Matrix movie saying the phrase "crypto-fascism"

No. 1400080

This rumor is so fake on the basis that that boring ass NYT review is worth having a mental breakdown over

No. 1400145

File: 1640275131812.png (219.66 KB, 760x926, Screenshot_20211223-095732.png)

Please let this be true

No. 1400152

they have beef, she could be making it up. pics or it didn't happen is always the rule.

No. 1400157

File: 1640275894290.png (42.27 KB, 1142x190, scary8765432.png)

Dasha is good at selling tickets to q+as if nothing else. Looks like there's less interest in New York. Movie goes to the unsuspecting public this week on Shudder.
If there's screencaps I'll believe it. Sounds like another one of these people's fake rumors like the kantbot sex tape.

No. 1400160

File: 1640276147956.png (80.12 KB, 760x508, Screenshot_20211223-101440.png)

Yeah, I'm skeptical but who knows. Also, he made yet another account for whatever reason

No. 1400161

File: 1640276270730.png (77.37 KB, 749x309, she won.png)

She had the second highest PTA the week it premiered, ahead of Drive My Car which everyone is calling the best film of the year. Insane.

No. 1400178

On second thought, if all of the group chat guys are running damage control on it then maybe there's some truth to it

No. 1400225

>rumor has it that the pod is over
Not gonna happen since neither of them are financially stable enough to survive without it. It will continue, even if they only release a halfassed episode a month (and of course the patreon is going to grow anyway)

No. 1400290

Didn't someone say samelpan was dating this shitheel? Between him and Shawn she really needs her head examined

No. 1400291

Recycling ancient stale memes is the bread and butter of leftcows, never forget these people still think Pepe the frog memes are clever and spicy…

No. 1400294

She was embarassingly out of her depth in every scene in Succession, so what makes people think her career is on the rise?

No. 1400295

People have said that but I don't know where they got it from

No. 1400301

she's probably a pedo herself, where there's smoke there's fire. jon is an permanently unemployed LOSER who lives off his parent's money so he can spend all day online talking about podcasters and crossing state lines to meet other podcast obsessed losers from his group chats. no surprise he wants to fuck teenagers because he has Peter Pan syndrome and still thinks he's "young" at the ripe age of 30-35 years old. say what you will about the cows but at least they've made some coin off their grift, jon just spends hours creating hundreds of "parody" accounts on twitter that keep getting suspended instead of just getting a fucking job

No. 1400302

she's your basic insecure fat girl looking for any type of male attention, no real mystery there

No. 1400305

lol, I thought he was an electrician or something

No. 1400308

anna hasn't had any social media activity in 5 days, its also been 3 hours and dasha hasn't mentioned anything about joan didion dying and has only posted maddie/scary-related content, something is definitely up

No. 1400320

He has some sort of union job and I don't think he's in his mid 30s. Being an internet obsessed irony account like hundreds of others isn't milk, I don't know why he gets posted. Did the fat ex-left girl find these boards.
The Zizek interview was on the 9th. They've been too lazy to podcast for weeks before but Anna never stops posting. Eli is promoting the Scary soundtrack on his instagram.

No. 1400338

It's okay to post about other people than Red Scare

No. 1400341

Seeing as how her ex is a Nazi, Jon being a pedophile is probably attractive to her

No. 1400352

I pray the Liz Bruenig rumor is true. Buttigieg/Bruenig 2024.

No. 1400389

File: 1640297649239.jpeg (337.32 KB, 1242x1477, 98833902-4686-4E15-9CED-31DAD8…)

No. 1400391

I honestly find it kind of odd how widely known the lexaprofessional/samememe thing seems to be. Like sometimes one of his dumb takes will catch people’s attention and I’ll see him pop up in the most random corners of twitter totally unrelated to leftcows or politics at all really all the replies will still be like “oh look, it’s rapist samememe!”

No. 1400451

is that samememe’s alt? who wants to be a pickme for a rapist who frequents the cheesecake factory twice a week

No. 1400508

File: 1640310793893.jpeg (394.32 KB, 1242x2160, 1B523EDA-55F3-4C27-8E18-85007C…)

I thought it was too but looking at it I’m pretty sure it’s a real account and she’s just like a samememe groupie, as sad as that is

No. 1400511

So he thinks taking a selfie is literally cheating but talking about your ex that you raped with some random obsessed orbiter who constantly tweets about how they’re in love with you is normal?

No. 1400515

Rumor has it the mother of his kid (they never actually got married) left him so it’s possible this is his next victim

No. 1400530

wait more info on this please

No. 1400585

LMAOOOOO the samememe groupie privated her account

No. 1400587

So is he just like severely mentally ill or what? He’s spent every day online for about a decade at this point going on and on about the traditional family and “Christian morals” or whatever but according to lexa is Jewish, self admittedly spent years trying to date “Brooklyn feminists” and being a rapist I guess, had a kid out of marriage and is so obviously homosexual like literally maybe the gayest man to ever live. It doesn’t seem like even really believes the things he says so what’s he doing it for?

No. 1400589

Hmmm samememe also just deleted all his tweets

No. 1400590

I didn't get a screencap but when he was private a few months ago he talked about having sex with a man for the second time ever and enjoying it so add that to your list (pretty sure he was with his asian baby mama at the time)

No. 1400593

Wait are you being serious lmao? The period when he was locked was supposedly when his kid was born

No. 1400594

samememe if you're reading this can you find out from the group chat if anna really does have covid? per >>1399753 thanks!

No. 1400596

yes he deleted it almost immediately but I remember some of the "trad" girls in his circle going "that's great!" and cheering him on before going back to their usual hateposting about queers and troons

No. 1400599

its weird because I listened to his 1st or 2nd perfume nationalist episode out of curiosity and he sounded really normal (if not a little boring/bland?). he is definitely someone who would benefit from logging off, it clearly brings out the crazy

No. 1400602

Was it the one where they were complaining about the stigmatization of hentai or something like that? I listened to part of that one and I agree he seemed quite boring, I remember he did go on a weird spiel about how it plays into women’s desire to be “totally devoured in every hole” (?) or something to that effect though

No. 1400614

The Anna covid/ Dasha mental breakdown thing is 100% true but I don’t get why the podcast would end over it. They’ll probably just go on hiatus over Christmas then start it back up in the new year

No. 1400616

These types are all hypocrites, and they don't care. There was some psychotic rich grad student scrote on the red scare sub the other day who made a couple threads about how he's an antisemitic tradcath monarchist in a relationship with a conservative Zionist Jewish girl and he got her pregnant and now is preparing to marry her.

No. 1400618

The Anna Covid thing seems increasingly plausible the longer her social media blackout continues (I also eagerly anticipate her take on Trump going all-in on vaccines and boosters), but Dasha having a mental breakdown over a bad NYT review? You'd think that'd be a badge of honor tbh

No. 1400632

I'm just impressed that Anna might not have gotten the vaccine, I would have guessed for sure that she was LARPing about being an antivaxxer and got it the moment she could so she could go places.

No. 1400660

Further proves that she is completely retarded. I strongly suspect that many online/open anti vaxxers lied about not getting the vaccine to keep up with the grift (ofc) with the added benefit of getting less severe covid symptoms, ability to eat out and travel freely, also maintain employment etc etc

No. 1400663

>redditposting about le chud antivaxxers on lolcow dot farm
Gtfo normie lib, and enjoy your 4th booster!

No. 1400665

You underestimate just how delusional dasha is. These people all covertly think of themselves as serious intellectuals and artists (see the leftcow self-posters in these threads trying to convince everyone that the aging dimes square scene is thiiiis close to breaking through), so they seethe hard whenever they're reminded that they're mostly seen as nothing more than caroline calloway internet oddities by the few people who even know of their existence.

No. 1400666

I don’t get how you could come to the conclusion she would view it as a badge of honour considering the way she has reacted to literally every single instance of any minor critique or joke at her expense

No. 1400669

File: 1640327808024.png (265.26 KB, 598x450, slop.png)

Maybe I'm just projecting a conception of Dasha as a proud outsider, avant-garde artist here and she really does want validation from the heights of the liberal elite. I took this tweet as celebration of the ultimate anti-endorsement, but I guess you could say it's just irony masking sincere disappointment.

No. 1400673

I guess I see what you’re saying in the sense I agree she’s probably more of a ‘any publicity is good publicity’ kind of person and a weirdly large portion of her and Anna’s fan base has always seemed to consist of people hate following them. Idk it’s not even that I think she wants approval from the liberal elite necessarily more that her and Anna have always come across as like overly defensive and humorless ‘can’t take what they dish out’ types whenever anyone says anything vaguely negative about them.

No. 1400675

File: 1640328407808.jpeg (267.16 KB, 1125x548, 93AEBBDE-FC64-4E55-9C2A-1730D8…)

Deets on the mental breakdown please? I can believe it, Dasha’s an insecure BPD mess and a few months getting gassed by Scarethots at screenings really had her dreaming she was the next Polanski.

Screen for anyone who hadn’t read the review, it’s brutal in the coldest way - no vendetta, just the hard truth of Dasha sucking at everything she aspires to be. Love the way this sentence bodies Dasha’s entire personality in the first half, and all her ambitions in the second half. RIP

No. 1400679

Aren’t lefties the ones colonizing lol cow? Anyways there’s a thread for anti vaccine stuff already

No. 1400682

What happened to that bimboubermensch person?

No. 1400683

I truly don’t care if anyone gets vaxxed or not! just strongly dislike Anna and hypocrites

No. 1400685

>> There was some psychotic rich grad student scrote on the red scare sub the other day who made a couple threads about how he's an antisemitic tradcath monarchist in a relationship with a conservative Zionist Jewish girl and he got her pregnant and now is preparing to marry her.
Lol wtf are you serious? I need to see this. Feel like everyone on that sub is a moralizing hypocrite

No. 1400688

Also he's descended from Nazi collaborators.

No. 1400708

File: 1640332824707.jpeg (264.69 KB, 1062x1213, 02E20019-5BE7-4528-A678-C4ACBD…)

Interesting but I don’t see from the post how he is rich or anti-Semitic. Is he supposed to be rich because he is a grad student?

No. 1400709

File: 1640332890692.png (480.6 KB, 1242x2208, 9C57648C-EADC-431F-BEFB-E3D3E6…)

Seems dumb as shit though. And this guy is supposed to be in grad school

No. 1400746

File: 1640343475550.jpeg (167.88 KB, 1136x640, 32FE8B4A-23D5-4A8A-8EF4-358CE5…)

No. 1400788

I get being an RS or Chapo orbiter because at least they’re somewhat famous and well known even though they’re dumb but being an orbiter for some twitter literally who lmaoo what do people even get out of this

No. 1400819

File: 1640354697804.png (39.52 KB, 600x378, screenshot.png)

no beliefs, only cowardice. jeff van drew jr had a tweet recommending she spray hydrogen peroxide up her nose for protection against the virus they claim is fake that he deleted.

No. 1400853

File: 1640359115330.jpg (156.31 KB, 1125x2000, infectingbrace.jpg)

Dasha plotting her post-Anna podcasting life. Sorta weird there's only picture from one guy who was there. They typically repost all the scarethots' grainy pictures.

No. 1400865

>but Dasha having a mental breakdown over a bad NYT review? You'd think that'd be a badge of honor tbh
This is what I'm saying. The review wasn't even "bad" it was just unremarkable

No. 1400866

File: 1640360811217.png (759.43 KB, 640x1136, E448901B-FD1A-4E07-A668-C81698…)


No. 1401038

Wow shitty if true. I started following her back when she posted more selfies because she was/is pretty and unassuming about it, I still hope she finds a good man who can fix her

No. 1401128

why maddie dressed like a hobo

No. 1401159

This thread is so sad. You are all clearly some ugly woke liberal women jealous of people more talented and successful than you.(what talent)

No. 1401198

what is dasha nekrasovas talent. what is aimee tereses success and talent.

No. 1401202

not jealous and not woke since we hate fatties and troons, sage and dilate

No. 1401239

File: 1640388609782.jpeg (207.07 KB, 640x924, 9E63E769-4C80-427D-806D-61D2D4…)

Anna Khachiyan's incarcerated era

No. 1401265

The guy who runs that seems sus, I have nothing to back this up

No. 1401277

Being an FAS-faced retard with a ketamine habit is now considered a talent, how much lower can the bar be set

No. 1401363

Once you’re not a retarded baby zoomer anymore you’ll realize that everyone discussed in this thread is so ugly and dysgenic as to offend the senses, that their “talent” is exactly the same as any 14 year old common internet troll or in the case of Dasha, an actual retarded individual who vaguely remembers watching a Criterion film once, and that all us farmers have symmetrical faces with wide dental arches, high cheekbones, full but not vulgar natural lips with a nicely defined Cupid’s bow, and wise pacific eyes with a wry twinkle. Merry Christmas scarethotfags and especially farmers, may your 2022 be blessed.

No. 1401370

File: 1640405799868.jpeg (272.72 KB, 1112x2048, 9F3CB248-D12C-49F8-80BF-02160C…)

Weirdly the samememe groupie is supposedly a professor at Christian university with a phd in “rhetoric”

No. 1401376

In this podcast interview with Moviemaker, Dasha claims that she has Marxist-Leninst friends in Mexico(???) who identify with the Republican Party in an American context

No. 1401377

She also says she her politics are chronically misunderstood and that she's firmly on the right side of history

No. 1401379

and she's sent out the script for Total War to production companies, but she sounded kind of dejected so maybe none of them have taken a bite yet.

No. 1401390

Underrated post. This should go in the next thread summary.

No. 1401411

No one is trying to fund that beguiled rip off. The costumes alone will make really expensive. I don't think she’s in the right place in her career to do a historic movie just yet

No. 1401461

I wonder if she’ll decide to give herself the starring role again in her next film. It’s super funny that she thinks she has the capacity to act and direct at the same time. Pure delusion.

No. 1401484

can someone explain what the cover image of this thread is idgi

No. 1401494

Imagine Dasha casting herself as her interpretation of Scarlett O’Hara kek

No. 1401510

it’s from the lisa kudrow show “the comeback.” she plays a character loosely based on herself that is making a tv comeback after being a series regular on a popular sitcom, a la friends.

No. 1401542

he probably made this because his other backup account got banned.

I think that girl is just mad he called her fat so she’s making shit up about him being a pedophile when really he’s just an edgy retard who is addicted to alcohol and being online and has little else going for him.

No. 1401564

File: 1640470338503.jpg (285.32 KB, 1080x1649, FHeBmHNWQAMKtyv.jpg)

No. 1401570

yeah, either her Spanish is terrible or she doesn’t understand jokes, or both

No. 1401574

What was his other backup?

No. 1401586

File: 1640472000006.png (1.23 MB, 640x1136, 268CF448-CD7C-4DCB-972B-E499C8…)

Poor girl, Christmas all alone

No. 1401591

Damn what happened to her face

No. 1401623

File: 1640476155865.png (162.81 KB, 998x518, STUPIDpol.png)

The irony of this being posted on stupidpol

No. 1401643


No. 1401650

he forgot to mention all the drug addicts/alcoholics that pollute “leftist” spaces. if they’re not cringe, pornsick, autistic, “queer,” “disabled,” or some combination of those characteristics, then they’re a useless junkie. it’s no wonder nobody can take the “left” seriously, 90% of them are losers who can’t get their shit together.

No. 1401651

Such demented energy trying to insult users on an anonymous gossip website go argue with the people writing negative reviews on Twitter if you care that much.

No. 1401652

Which is worse stupidpol moids or r/rsp moids

No. 1401693

>"mommy milkerist" flair
how gross and infantilizing is this lol

No. 1401706

Looks like weight gain. Tragic jawline

No. 1401712

alcohol bloat

No. 1401714

r/stupidpol really just has 4 different takes that get hashed over and over again, huh

And lol at Cumtown fans not being bullyable

No. 1401720

File: 1640487524768.jpeg (468.81 KB, 1982x743, 435EAFEC-D083-4927-9685-DD7B4A…)

Ho ho hoe

No. 1401722

just vile

No. 1401760

Liz B says on the new episode of the Bruenigs that she has a 35-year-old brother who still lives with their parents. Dude must have a crippling inferiority complex lmao

No. 1401783

They only have one take and it's that minorities should not be allowed in left spaces.

No. 1401790

I can only imagine how bald that man is

No. 1401815

don't forget "women bad."

No. 1401960

The Helldude's new bit is Alice From Queens

No. 1401978

Find him and invite him to post here.

No. 1401997

this isn't /pol/, retard

No. 1402076

>leftoid still lamenting Santa not being real

Checks out

No. 1402189

File: 1640557950656.jpeg (165.39 KB, 828x1309, 29D9AE20-E2E4-41C9-AE01-C43BEF…)

Is he no longer anon? Or is this a joke

No. 1402192

I think that pic was shared in an earlier thread

No. 1402233

Lmao of course he can’t find a wife. He looks like Donald Duck

No. 1402236

/pol/ is also polluted by the same loser degenerates that pollute lefty spaces

No. 1402314

el creaturo

No. 1402392

you're obviously the one who cares lol, go back to twitter with that

No. 1402404

when are they going to learn lmaoo?? this is literaally the only thread this consistently happens in on the whole site. i swear every thread there's at least 3 unsaged red scare fans trying to have this big mic drop moment where they call everyone like 'fat libs' or something, like just don't come here if it's so upsetting to you hahahaha.

No. 1402405

damn what ever happened to her lol

No. 1402406


No. 1402411

they look the same

No. 1402425

I love how they completely understand that these threads are dead and there's no milk but the occasional assblasted scaresimp, yet their BPD makes them unable to resist coming here to embarrass themselves. It's hilarious how much they want to seem cool here, I especially love the occasional "w-what happened to bimbo ubermensch" posts with zero replies.

On that note, someone in the previous thread had mentioned that they're all flyovers, and it honesty makes all the sense in the world. Every single one of their idiosyncratic beliefs, from ressentiment towards "the libs" to heavy-handed attempts at selling their inbred provincial hangups as "cool art hoe counter culture actually" can be explained this way.

No. 1402590

Cool comeback, do you have any that don’t copy my post exactly? And yeah no I’m gonna stay right the fuck here laughing at you shilling the vaxx for free on lolcow dot farm like anyone here gives a shit. You have to admit you’re pretty funny!

No. 1402595

The way bimbo ubermensch’s self-posting fails to catch on 99.5% of the time is my favorite running joke on this site, she’s the living embodiment of no1curr

No. 1402597

to be fair to BU&co. it's usually delusional simps that are posting them into later threads even if they were originally self-posters

it's a genius troll to make it look like a self-post, though, because they have no way to defend themselves

No. 1402622

File: 1640625530417.png (189.85 KB, 633x456, merrychristmas.png)

is unherd where wannabe media personalities go to die

No. 1402654

It's weird that she won't just go by Katya Delaney instead of a lazy pseudonym. Nothing she says would get her cancelled by anyone.

No. 1402661

these threads will stay dead until Virgil Texas gets arrested or ODs. What else is left? The other Chapos have had the high paying media jobs they always wanted for a while now, plus lawyers and managers so their milkiness is minimal, Aimee never leaves her house, and RS + Liz Bruenig aren't enough to keep a thread going on their lonesome

No. 1402681

File: 1640630061489.jpeg (274.85 KB, 1170x1303, A0BB2B95-08CD-4244-A195-15B170…)

Rapememe is upset about women having comfortable underwear

No. 1402683

Theories as to why RS hasn’t released a new episode? Some are saying Anna is unvaxxed and got a bad case of covid

No. 1402700

The host of this is possibly the dumbest simp interviewer yet. He says he's never heard Hanlon's razor before the Alex Jones episode and he's in his 40s. Couldn't tell from how she phrased it if Dasha was lying about having tons of leftist Mexican friends who love US Republicans or if she's repeating some fake quote. She says the name Comfrey was there before she auditioned and she has no idea why she's named that. Dasha's not rude in this episode but sounds miserable and drained.

No. 1402721

Also apparently the writers added the last name “Pellits” during the MIDDLE of shooting. I mean honestly there’s no way they weren’t making fun of her right? They literally named her character “comfrey pellets” like the gardening fertilizer product?? In the interview she clearly didn’t get the reference and was not looped in on the joke at all. Also, she kept pronouncing her characters name “con-frey” even though everyone on the show was pronouncing the name like “cum free” (lol). So she can’t pronounce the name right, has no idea why she was given a character with a stupid joke name and no backstory… like she literally just showed up to set and recited the lines no preparation no questions asked? Is she really that stupid?

No. 1402749

if you step into a store the most common pieces of underwear are boring bikinis and hipsters made in china. no promises about absorbing period blood whatsoever. but if you're a coomer shutin who ogles bad advertisements that go viral, maybe you could almost believe that women are committing mass aesthetic crimes by wearing underwear that won't bunch up in their asses.

No. 1402757

He lives/lived in New York City, right? There was a time where those period-friendly underwear ads were all over the NYC subway, but that was in like 2016. Leave it to an absolute incel freak like samememe to work himself up into a fury misremembering something from half a decade ago.

No. 1402764

File: 1640636314656.jpg (51.48 KB, 600x729, 1639539724694.jpg)

>No one cares about what men want now

No. 1402771

I think my favorite thing about this cow is how he's this online purveyor of muh skulinities and you'd think he'd be some kind of a Genghis Khan style rapist, but his actual method is crying, nagging and pulling on maternal heartstrings like a sped toddler until a guilt ridden libfem dispenses him a pity fuck. Alpha af

No. 1402810

File: 1640638923720.png (1.17 MB, 1679x715, obese.png)

samememes most enthusiastic followers are obese fags weeping at the sight of a black woman with a 21 BMI lmfao

No. 1402816

Two manospheres having a chat

No. 1402876

The pure irony of these "based" ""Christians"" doing a live video stream on Christmas Day

No. 1402880

Samememe himself is an obese fag, literally. He used to always complain with Jack about his “lifelong struggle with his weight”

No. 1402907

i-it's based for men to be fat and ugly f-foid! We stan a deathfat king! M-male wall is 97!

No. 1402966

I’m not defending them but where did the black woman element come from? Is this referencing something else because there’s no mention of race here

No. 1402970

File: 1640654935741.png (628.14 KB, 1018x722, 1324132512351235.png)

as always

No. 1402978

File: 1640656071915.jpg (161.15 KB, 800x1200, tyra-banks-feb-96-vogue-7nov13…)

Except this looks very much like the Once Upon A Time Victoria's Secret, back when it was an actual boutique with champagne and catered strictly to men buying gifts for women, 90s shiny granny pants and all. You'd know all this if you were a real fag and not a coping hetero bloatcel, rapememe.

No. 1402984

>I-I'm a farmer I swear! Here on our good ol' farms, a-amirite?

You're a reddit retard, just like whatever other reddit retards you have imaginary fights with in your head.

No. 1403003

File: 1640658873785.jpeg (483.45 KB, 1500x2106, E48C7C80-0576-486F-9BB0-ED67E4…)

Did samememe and aimee turn on each other?

No. 1403005

Least soy redscare fan

No. 1403040

File: 1640664429722.jpg (16.81 KB, 474x398, 289679374.jpg)

No. 1403062

File: 1640666488194.png (79.16 KB, 497x569, FFew-CyXwAUhb5b.png)

One of the school bond accounts has a long thread on the first days of AliceinQueens. It being run by someone Wesley Yang is close with seems almost certain. Notice how in the early screenshots "Alice" is saying things that would be considered very creepy for a man to say to all these media women accounts.

No. 1403114

File: 1640675004123.png (284.74 KB, 611x466, eo.png)

Liz Bruenig liking tweets from racist orthoboo autists arguing with prots past midnight…her subconscious, omnipresent desire to out-trad the trads ("Actually, Dad, I'm more trad than you because I'm converting to Catholicism." "Actually PUAs, I'm more trad than you because I believe fornication is a sin." "Actually Republicans, I'm more trad than you because I'm anti-capitalist." "Actually liberals, I'm more trad than you because I'm an integralist monarchist." "Actually tradcaths, I'm more trad than you because ultramontanism means Pope Francis's modernism is inherently trad.")is going to force her into Eastern Orthodoxy soon enough, she's hinted at it before.

No. 1403210

File: 1640686818042.png (40.24 KB, 1379x437, Untitled.png)

Bruenig is such a Christian that she put out a thinly-veiled hit-piece about her own parents. Way to honour thy father and thy mother.

No. 1403245

File: 1640692904466.jpeg (182.84 KB, 1125x675, EB9B2DE3-4573-4E10-BFF5-8B7DE3…)

Not sure if this counts as leftcows (Verso books party that attracts Chapos and DSA types) but it is one of the saddest things I’ve read in a while


No. 1403250

i dont think socialists have been ”bros who love to yell at people” since the interwar period

No. 1403254

File: 1640694590749.jpg (1018.3 KB, 1600x1200, LOOK AT HIM AND LAUGH.jpg)

>All night, the Lux women have been awaiting their favorite song, which is, can you believe it, “Back That Azz Up.” When it finally comes on, a graduate student who’s been talking to me about his aspirations to become “a Marxist intellectual” rushes back to the floor. “I want to back my ass up to this song,” he calls behind him.

No. 1403274

This is by the same guy who interviewed Dasha and edited it later to complain about the Alex Jones interview.

No. 1403300

Why on Earth would these people want something so embarrassing about themselves to be published

No. 1403309

Speaking of Liz, what happened to that piece she was writing on the Mississippi inmate who was executed? That happened like a month ago. Is she attending all these executions in person to just psychically feed off their pain or something?

No. 1403311

Are all godfags such fucking sad attention whores

No. 1403344

Have you guys read about what these "men" have done to deserve the death penalty? It's absolutely beyond cruel and vile. And Liz is all like teary eyed and goes "I just watched the State murder a man." The bitch is not right in the head.

No. 1403349

Don't read but I was already certain that they were all serial killer pedo rapists. Am I correct?

No. 1403353

One guy shot a woman in the stomach because he said it was the most painful and slow way to bleed out and then raped her daughter as she lay there dying. Right before they executed him, he confessed to another rape and murder of a woman and told the cops where to find her remains, which they did. Another loser was serving time for armed robbery and for whatever reason, stabbed a poor woman who was a cafeteria worker at the prison and stabbed her 16 times with a homemade shank. Liz B cries for these people lmao

No. 1403360

Lol another one she whiteknighted:

>Bourgeois, 56, was sentenced to death in 2004 for torturing and killing his 2-year-old daughter in Texas. He was pronounced dead at 8:21 p.m. ET

Abortion bad, only based and trad infanticide by father is allowed uwu. Broonig probably rubbed her dirty hybristophilic housewife catholigash a lot to this one, in-between gaping her horse maw to let out a retard noise or two.

No. 1403372

Often feel like I’m losing the plot when I see people gassing up her cooking on Twitter. It looks awful and cloying. Like your annoying aunt who’s obsessed with cookbooks but sucks at cooking is making thanksgiving dinner every day of the year.

No. 1403374

File: 1640710828264.png (491.36 KB, 760x1106, Screenshot_20211228-105708.png)

Remember when biboofficial being a pickme and trying to suck up to coochiebone backfired

No. 1403570

Not sure of this person is part of the leftcow universe but she did once tell a whole ass story about how she threw herself at Nick Mullen only to be brutally rejected by him but does anyone know anything about Claire Parker @clairethescare on insta? She is a "comedian" who also has that podcast about celebrity books called Celebrity Memoir Book Club? If you thought Anna and Dasha had annoying voices, brace yourselves. I cannot believe anyone is able to bear that woman's voice and way of talking wtf lol Also her comedy is so fucking bad that it's unbelievable.

No. 1403575

Sorry, samefag here, what's the deal with Rachel Sennott? There is something really off about her.

No. 1403577

Lmao sexy lingerie is still very much a thing you idiot, I’m guessing women just don’t feel comfortable wearing it around you because you’re a fucking rapist

No. 1403581

File: 1640728659101.png (518.97 KB, 590x980, egg.png)

No. 1403585

real pozcel hours

No. 1403599

goo goo g'joob

No. 1403615

he says he moved back to stl, dubious that he found a tradwife

No. 1403636



No. 1403637

Why do girls in this scene think nick mullen is so attractive I don’t get it at all

No. 1403647

File: 1640734996431.png (63.42 KB, 682x323, liz bruenig cooking politico p…)

fucking Politico Playbook is gassing up her cooking now

No. 1403653

has anyone ever listened to the episode of wet brain where they have @christlover on and talk about religion?

I didn't even realize Honor had become 'catholic', but it's genuinely one of the most bizarre things I've ever heard…I can't even explain it you just have to listen to it. Like, Dasha's Catholic act seems subtle/sincere in comparison to whatever this is. Also lol at @christlover just randomly commenting in the middle of the episode that she believes she is one of the only remaining great artists in the world hahaha like what?? she doesn't even say what 'art' she makes…these people's self-confidence will never not be funny to me

No. 1403655

Lol fucking hell. Tbf tho I can’t imagine anyone who works for politico doing any more cooking than ordering Uber eats or using a Hello Fresh meal kit, their minds are probably blown.

No. 1403664

Ashley was never the most grounded person but she's incredibly difficult to listen to now, like an unmedicated schizophrenic. She did always want massive health issues so congrats to her.

No. 1403670

someone needs to make a factually accurate redscare fan starter pack (being a transplant from the midwest & an r/vindicta femcel)

No. 1403692

File: 1640737907123.png (99.03 KB, 413x502, whatdidshemeanbythis.png)


No. 1403736

Christ, I don't know whether she is fucking stupid, or trying to be funny. If she's trying to be funny it is incredibly disrespectful.

No. 1403739

still no new episode of red scare or any word from anna at all in almost a month. if it was just covid she'd be over it now, surely one of your freaks have insider knowledge. are the girls fighting? over what? not even joan didion dying got dasha to record a new ep

No. 1403806

Best part is they have Jon rafman on the same episode… real artist and podcasting nobody, oof

No. 1403808

Virgil Texas whisked her away to his secret sex dungeon where all the disappeared NYC podcasters go

No. 1403810

Watch out, honor’s close to being the voice of prematurely menopausal gen z retard postironic Catholicism , and the new school is going to replace McKenzie Wark with Barett Avner and Angelicism01 noisily sucking each other’s dicks

No. 1403812

She says it in a joking way but Honor's current boyfriend, who is why she's into the tradcath larp, sounds really controlling and freakish from the way she talks about him.

No. 1403813

I think she was friends with the cumtown guys before she threw herself at him? I don’t think it was a cumtown groupie situation like Witten. The lore is Witten tried to fuck Nick first then she moved to Adam after he rejected her

No. 1403838

Honestly a rift seems inevitable. On the podcast ep after Berlinale Dasha mentioned her own win like “well Anna, i have some news” with ‘ironic’ annoyance Anna hadn’t brought it up. The red scare sub has a few posts about similar tense moments on the pod. Tbh if I were Anna I’d be salty my deadweight “yeahhh toootally” cohost was cashing in without me since Dasha obviously wouldn’t be getting these opportunities or selling out Scary q+a’s without the popularity of RS. Imagine Anna opening the paper seeing Dasha’s NYT review AND profile while she’s stuck home, sleep deprived and washing baby barf off her back. Would feel like shit to anyone and Anna’s got a big ego too

No. 1403840

File: 1640752526361.png (162.16 KB, 1486x482, good sport.png)

This interview that was published a few days ago has this odd answer. https://www.comingsoon.net/movies/features/1205998-dasha-nekrasova-scary-of-sixty-first-interview

No. 1403846

Anna has Thiel money, Dasha doesn’t. Anna could do whatever she wants at this point

No. 1403847

straight-passing gay who is autistic enough to roid without mutating with some emotional intelligence– the ultimate unobtanium.

Has a drawn out essay on thoughtcatalog on how much he hates his mom that's pretty brutal.

No. 1403850

maybe anna should have given being a parent over an artist more thought

No. 1403852

He's funny (or at least is perceived by everyone around him as funny) and has a ton of adoring fans, it's not that complex.

No. 1403855

I respect Anna for being unwilling to kiss her ass. You just know she thinks the movie sucks but can’t say it to Dasha

No. 1403867

I doubt Anna regrets being a mom, she seems to love it. My point was that new moms are often sleep deprived, haggard and isolated so it’s prob tough in this context to see your cohost having a little starlet moment. Also Dasha is not an “artist” if that’s what you’re implying lol. She’s a vapid dilettante who’s just smart enough to cash in on the interest in RS. If Anna’s smart she’ll do the same when the baby’s older

No. 1403888

File: 1640757132889.jpeg (430.01 KB, 1125x2037, F0C9DA70-A8E5-465B-BE6C-9E6FB5…)

Is there evidence for this? Genuinely curious. Def seems like Thiel Foundation realizes Anna is smarter and more articulate than Dasha and thus a more useful propagandist/junior member of the IDW, hence why Anna’s the one they trot out on the Eric Weinstein, Alex Kaschruta podcasts, etc. That said I assumed the RS Patreon was partially a way of washing Thielbuxx and that A+D both got a share.

Unsaged for picrelated - someone on the RS sub looked up Red Scare’s public LLC info and found out they incorporated in November 2019, a year after the pod started but a month before Anna started going on the Weinstein and other IDW podcasts and the RS Patreon suddenly shot up. Interdasting…

No. 1403892

link to thread?

No. 1403895

No. 1404079

>Has a drawn out essay on thoughtcatalog

No. 1404143

it could be for tax reasonns.

Thiel is also funding a movie she’s doing about Paglia

No. 1404283

Does this timeline align with when Meg left and could this be why NDAs were involved in her departure?

No. 1404389

No. 1404414

> doesn't know that "nicole mullen" is a bit

honestly between comments like this and the endless thielposting some of you are ngmi

No. 1404417

File: 1640809711038.png (658.4 KB, 1172x1518, jack hates ashley.png)

jack who used to call ashley the greatest podcast "artist" of all time, now refers to her as "chthonian swamp" of "false humility. another former idol of his thrown in the junk heap, when will he turn on dasha/anna?

(in the clip posted ashley calls podcasting a waste of time but then brags about having felix of chapo trap house on her show, to which the guy responds with "never heard of it")

No. 1404419

File: 1640810033575.png (915.7 KB, 1196x1084, ashley grifting.png)

missed this but ashley recently grifted $6100 from people for "medical expenses", pretty impressive considering she deleted all her accounts (felix donated $500 btw)

No. 1404421

He already went on a psycho rant against Dasha a while back, the posts are all in another thread here. I couldn't believe that she went on his podcast after that, she seems to love being treated like shit. Jack is the type of person who eventually turns on all of his friends, very BPD and narc like, and it's all over the most insane and petty shit too, he just loses it when he can't control people. Goes against his claim how IRL everyone just totally loves him and it's only on the internets that he gets uNfAiRlY tReAtEd. Love his pivot from neo nazi to lovin jews and Israel now too lmao

No. 1404427

Shit I am TRIGGERED RN. Haven't been on in a while and just went through past threads and Aimee Kangaroo was telling people to just, ya know, add luxury candles with their gift cards? As a little token? This beast BLASTED ME FOR DAYS AND DAYS when someone asked me for a good moisturizer for winter and I suggested Weleda skin food. Legit, out of the blue, this beast quote tweeted me with a snarky caption about me being a fake leftist because I was recommending something she thought was too expensive?? It's $18 and lasts me for three months of daily use. Her brain dead followers were harassing me after lmao especially that loser bog beef who then started to sexually harass me. My twitter had less than 100 followers and I barley even posted about politics, I have no idea why she went after me.

No. 1404430

its funny because his whole philosophy is "liberals are evil because they destroy friendships and censor everything that doesn't conform to their beliefs", but he literally does the same thing to everyone in his circle that they're walking on eggshells around him, he's as fucking cancerous as any wokescold or they/thems

No. 1404432

File: 1640811913859.jpg (101.69 KB, 876x559, FHzW7ZrWUAcYttK.jpg)

Anna's favorite writers had an even bigger fan. The person Delicious Tacos is quoting is the person who went on a spree killing of five people in Denver. All the right wing accounts the shooter interacted with are trying to save face now.

No. 1404443

File: 1640812593362.png (207.86 KB, 1190x888, 2345678987654.png)

No. 1404496

Sorry nonna, know you know this but Aimee went after you cuz she’s a mentally unstable tweaker who lives for her next fit of pique. Also she’s a bougie bitch who posted that famous witch pic selfie to brag about her YSL heels so idk when she attempted this “woman of the people” rebrand but don’t worry, no one buys it. Also noticed her brief foray into lifestyle content ended fast as it began. Cato institute probably sent a memo that they’re looking for the next Liz Bruenig and her disgusting Cracker Barrel ass bread bowl meals. Aimee greasy ponytail and limp gray sweatshirt era wen?

No. 1404535

File: 1640822360377.png (69.49 KB, 720x335, DDMLOL.png)

Why is this man so riled up about what cosmetics young women tend to be into these days? What perfume they wear? He wants them all to look and smell as dusty as his fat ass. Haaaates Glossier and promotes literally the most outdated moisturizer on the market today. Does he realize that we have come a long way in terms of skincare? Apparently not because his horizontal forehead lines do be telling the tale. His former bff, that 300lbs "femme fatale" also would shill Clinique for whatever reason.

No. 1404541

Isn't his whole deal about opulence and luxury and how much he hates minimalism and allergies aren't real? So why is he so into clinique? He never makes any sense.

No. 1404548

this man has never moisturized. he probably oozes vegetable oil from his pores given all the fast food he eats (remember the mcdoubles tweets)

No. 1404562

Did the shooter have BAP's book in his room? Who else was he interacting with? Huge L for these fascist losers, at any rate.

No. 1404573

omgg ik that's like what stuck out to me the most. like i'm sure she can handle herself, at least i'm not gonna pretend like i know whats going on, but from an outside perspective it sounded soo weird…who is he?

No. 1404635

File: 1640830460583.png (332.24 KB, 1202x936, Screen Shot 2021-12-29 at 9.12…)

>Love his pivot from neo nazi to lovin jews and Israel now too lmao
lol same

Him, that Mommy Milkers retard and others in this circle got bored of their whole "socially conservative, fiscally leftist and critical of the mainstream GOP" schtick to just full-on embracing boomer conservatism

No. 1404644

>Love his pivot from neo nazi to lovin jews and Israel now too lmao
Not much of a pivot lmao, plenty of Nazis support Israel as a bastion against le evil moslems and as a place to deport all the Western Jews to.

No. 1404647

>Out: Crash (1996)
Old enough to remember when Jack would constantly go on about how this was the greatest movie ever made. Did a prominent dirtbagger promote it or something?

No. 1404648

>Out: I don't listen to podcasts

Podcel mad

No. 1404649

No, those are boomer neocons, not the fashy crowd, the fashyncrowd loves Palestine. He was totally in the hating jews camp, until he suddenly wasn't. Now he's just basic bitch GOP but we all know it's just for "optics"

No. 1404653

He was OBSESSED with this movie for a while. He's so fucking weird, if anyone he dislikes likes something he does, he immediately rejects it. His hate runs deep.

No. 1404659

The younger fashy crowd have performative affinity for Palestine, but the more "mature" nazi larpers usually come around on Israel. This phenomenon is more pronounced in Europe, most of the "gentrified" far-right parties are pro-Zionist.

No. 1404664

I am specifically talking about the scene that Jack was a part of until recently, not some Euro far right group or whatever.

No. 1404682

File: 1640834864524.jpeg (136.91 KB, 800x1259, liz bruenig glenn greenwald th…)

She's really serious about this, huh. The hubris!

Also, guess Glenn didn't get the memo from the Aimee cohort that Liz is one of the worst of the bratty sub crypto-Dems he's been complaining about for the past week.

No. 1404683

When Yeshayahu Leibowitz described Zionists as Judeo-Nazis this was exactly what he was putting his finger on; antisemitism is an accidental ingredient to fascism, not an essential one.

No. 1404684

File: 1640834946255.jpeg (75.94 KB, 800x844, liz bruenig glenn greenwald th…)

No. 1404699

oh, someone pulled some interesting Thiel receipts? better post the perfume fatass and the literal who from Australia- just like clock work

No. 1404702

Real schizo posting hours

No. 1404711

Lol yeah don’t forget the anon who dropped by to tell us posting about the Red Scare-Peter Thiel connection means we’re “ngmi.” How do you do fellow image board posters? Don’t you know it’s not “based” to mention Anna and Dasha sucking Thiels tip for money? Cue slide thread!

No. 1404719

So which one of you is that redscare reddit mod that's obviously mad they aren't getting any of that Thiel money?

No. 1404722

>ur just JEALOUS!!1!
This is a deeply brainlet take. Yeah sure I’m a jealous Reddit mod and it’s “obviously” everyone’s dream to be on Peter Thiel’s payroll, way to crack the case Colombo

No. 1404766

a feature, not a bug

No. 1404771

>I'm converting to Catholicism
She's a convert? Lmao, and she's American too. Protestantization of Catholicism. She probably doesn't even know what Catholicism is truly like

No. 1404778

really hope the allegations against this freak drop soon

No. 1404885

If you want thielbux milk then bring it, this isn't a fucking McDonald's, we don't take orders.

No. 1404933

File: 1640877028804.png (703.13 KB, 530x903, 1235sadfsdaf.png)

weird how the terminus of the 'marxist' twink revolution podcast started by a lead engineer at square and a libertarian party member was just… publishing dumb articles about wokeness for claremont

No. 1404943

If anything I expect it’s the other way around. Dasha is so jealous of Anna’s baby. Anna seems content.

No. 1405013

he’s not interesting enough for allegations. he’s just gonna drink himself to death and that’ll be the end of it

No. 1405043

i don’t listen to the pod - what makes you think Dasha’s jealous? Anna’s life seems objectively better to me but Dasha seems like she thinks she’s hot shit rn

No. 1405051

Deets on Twink Rev? Anyone got receipts for their background?

No. 1405066

As an American cradle Catholic I assure you we do not claim Liz fucking Bruenig. She admits she chose Catholicism because she believed it best aligns with her “socialism,” which of course means she supports the bastardized Protestantism of the post Vatican II church. Bitch seems like she decided to convert after reading a Time article about Pope “mortal sins aren’t that bad” Francis who most lifelong Catholics I know regard as something between a Protestant infiltrator and an actual agent of satan. That Liz’s weak Catholic LARP is bought by godless media types just shows how easy it is to fool the WASPs, atheists and chosen people who dominate that industry. She even bakes like a fucking fundie, wake up sheeple

No. 1405070

She's a fake Catholic and her LARP is so cringe. I bet she's watched Dead Man Walking and it was so iNSpIrInG to her.

No. 1405087

Just curious what do real Catholics believe? I am curious because I haven’t met many

No. 1405124

Catholics are bad too

No. 1405132

friends of glenn greenwald, one of the most blatant thiel money podcasts after red scare and con_tain >>>/snow/1241247

No. 1405146

There are many different varieties of Catholic across the globe. The one you're responding to sounds like the conspiratorial Q-adjacent American variety.

No. 1405168

File: 1640897551625.png (301.86 KB, 1446x1922, piggies.png)

yeah the thiel money was so good that twinkrev quit 6 months ago because they were a complete flop and couldn't make any money off of it whats so ever. thiel's investment in red scare is also clearly working out, they've released only 2 episodes this month with no announcement of whats going on, with their subscribers leaving in droves (check the comments out on their patreon). plus his "puppet" anna has stopped posting on social media entirely, after nearly a year of pulling back her twitter/instagram presence. DEFINITELY the kind of influencers you should fund to help get blake masters elected or whatever endgame you think he's working towards (have you actually thought it through?)

No. 1405182

I don't even buy into the theory that much but what makes you think that Thiel didn't just shut off the tap?

No. 1405186

The theaters have been small, but Red Scare selling out Scary Q+As, their live shows in New York, and the merch selling at least in the 100s does show they have a fanbase. Twink Rev was never able to get one. PT footing the bill for John Waters and the NPC festival makes it undeniable he's been throwing them some money.

No. 1405247

No. 1405282

Child rape is okay if you dont talk about it and God hates you

No. 1405356

you sound insufferable. it's make believe nonnie, no post-modern subject seriously believes all that crap.

No. 1405361

"Real Catholics" believe in the sovereignty of the Catholic Church and its God given right to make children suffer all over the world.

No. 1405363

File: 1640913801358.png (58.66 KB, 604x292, pickme.png)

"How do I make this all about myself"

No. 1405399

Like anyone would invite this absolute drip to any parties, she dresses like a sisterwife and I imagine her laugh to be a grating honk emitting tonsil breath

No. 1405404

Does this insufferable dork Atlantic blogger really imagine herself in the realm of elite that includes former presidents, international financiers, Microsoft and Reddit CEOs, Victoria’s Secret models and whoever else was at the Epstein parties? What 200k Twitter followers does to a mfer

No. 1405449

Loserrrrr pressed af

No. 1405452

Oh sorry meant to reply to >>1402590

No. 1405455

real Catholics by definition agree with the actual Pope on matters of faith and doctrine
the person who cannot stop talking about “real Catholics” in this thread is some kind of schismatic or sedevacantist

No. 1405464

File: 1640922448395.jpg (49.2 KB, 500x500, clockwork orange pepe.jpg)

Lmao. American Catholics, whether trad or cradle, aren't real Catholics. Real Catholics listen to the Holy See, you claiming otherwise means you are some heretic that for some retarded reason or another still claim ownership of what it actually means to be Catholic. Your individualist posture means you are a prodie and not a papist, silly faggot. And unlike some Chad like Luther or Calvin, you cling to some bullshit belief that you can reform the Church back to a better way. Pathetic.

No. 1405476

File: 1640924457435.png (273.6 KB, 600x1128, dasha hpd.png)

It's official. Dasha doesn't have BPD but Histrionic Personality Disorder:

No. 1405482

Oh god I listened to a few minutes of that podcast in the post and it was unbearable, just two retards rubbing up against each other

No. 1405503

>literally any mention of Catholicism on Leftcows
>eurocath masterrace poaster emerges, gives colorful aMeRiCaN cAtHoLiCs bAd rant
Honestly you’re one of my fav characters in this thread. I don’t really care that you don’t approve of my religious beliefs tbh because I just finished my rosary and am filled with peace but I’ll say an extra Hail Mary for you

No. 1405510

This is just Tumblr spoonie speak for being the type of whore who’s ugly and has to work at it, Dasha

No. 1405543

nonnie…it's a harmless joke. a lame one, like all bruenigisms, but still a joke. calm down and happy new year

No. 1405615

Are the lizsimps back? It’s been a while. Take your WKing back to Twitter pls

No. 1405713

The joke only would have been funny if there was ever any reason for Epstein to invite her. Since she’s a middling Atlantic article writer, such a reason never existed and this ‘joke’ was never funny.

No. 1405722

Lol this is such a cope

No. 1405777

was it meant to e offensive or making fun of anna or something? that's really bizarre

i doubt the pod will still be relevant by the time he's old enough for her to extricate herself from him

No. 1405801

This, Liz loves “joking” about how she deserves to be president, deserves to be on the View, deserved her Marshall scholarship over poor kids and made them cry, is the best at baking and sex, how every man in the internet “constantly jerks off to me” - all shit she’s actually said. Then when anyone notices she’s an insufferable egotistical ass her simps say she was just JOKING!!!1! She’s never really joking, she actually thinks she’s the best so simp elsewhere

No. 1405835

File: 1640979924473.jpg (183.52 KB, 1080x697, 20211231_134329.jpg)

Sydney/custardloaf is back
I'm surprised she lasted this long without her daily twitter dopamine hits

No. 1405882

File: 1640986857135.png (40.68 KB, 522x167, cl.png)

Guess she learned some things, probably got screwed over by one too many scrotes she sucked up too

No. 1405944

pickme scarecow to pinkpill pipeline (but only when it's too late)

No. 1406021

the Marshall Scholarship is diet Rhodes Scholarship
it has zero to do with finances, they literally do not ask about finances
it’s just who has the best grades and did the most extracurriculars
Liz B is gross but she didn’t take a Marshall away from “poor kids”

No. 1406074

File: 1641009072880.jpeg (1.74 MB, 1170x2391, 4B912A2D-982E-4BD1-96CA-4AD262…)

She’s alive

No. 1406075

sounds like something someone who just had a close brush with death would say

No. 1406078

File: 1641009654523.jpeg (403.55 KB, 578x756, E0C9A9B1-9654-4DB4-89F5-7990BE…)

They don’t look like human beings

No. 1406080

are these ftms?

No. 1406086

she's also using a photo of jerry garcia who was a drug addict and was in a diabetic coma that nearly killed him. maybe it wasn't covid but fent-laced coke?

No. 1406118

I know it’s an image board but I’ll just say in the next story she’s wearing a Grateful Dead blanket. Just her next post ironic post cringe retro band enjoyment after years of slayer

No. 1406135

He’s some hedge fund crypto bro who is a cradle Catholic, but he split off into sedevacantism like a year ago.

If you want to know his religious beliefs, visit vaticancatholic dot com

No. 1406136

File: 1641023392726.jpeg (148.82 KB, 1334x750, FHplCjMWYAEdRhP.jpeg)

exiled Virgil Texas spotted in Age Of Consent-related t shirt

No. 1406137

that's from the little movie the Chapos made at the 2019 Iowa State Fair

No. 1406140

well then I feel like an IDIOT for not saging my post!

No. 1406192

Is it a requirement for Chapos to look like they have been repeatedly whacked in the face with a shovel?

No. 1406241

being libertarian makes you age like milk

No. 1406274

File: 1641052323673.jpeg (224.47 KB, 640x805, ED0DDBC9-5DA1-4BCC-B759-C16B15…)

Scary blu-ray special features sound lit

No. 1406277

File: 1641053031601.png (1.93 MB, 2016x1156, fifty dollars.png)

I thought this was a joke. Should have known it was Vinegar Syndrome putting it out. Sex negative tradcath Dasha teaming up with the Criterion of literal porno. Cover is worse than the film posters.

No. 1406290

It got a 5,000 unit run — over twice as much as their release of fellow Utopia-distributed Shiva Baby, which made ten times as much at the box office and has nearly 130,000 more logs on letterboxd.

No. 1406450

Can't wait for his mtf comeback arc

No. 1406517

File: 1641078198447.png (672.95 KB, 1180x2088, jack horny.png)

more jack dms are getting leaked

No. 1406569

I can’t believe they’re acting like this is “me tooing” someone. It’s like when samememe deactivated and they kept whining about him being “deplatformed”

No. 1406590

File: 1641084414497.png (116.15 KB, 1081x636, glenn.png)

from:ggreenwald nobody_stop_me and from:ggreenwald annakhachiyan are goldmines of frankly pathetic material from a middle-aged journalist once capable of doing better. glenn's willingness to promote a dead-in-the-water podcast like twinkrev… are they thiel plants?

No. 1406630

Glenn just loves twinks and braindead “edgy” libertarian nonsense.

No. 1406656

File: 1641090352831.png (Spoiler Image,595.98 KB, 791x435, da gay pussy eatah.png)

>Sex negative
So did you not watch the film, or…?

No. 1406702

nothing will ever beat 'how thick ate your pubes'

No. 1406720

has jack ever had a steady boyfriend? does anyone actually go in for his obese physique and the pubic hair fetish

No. 1406736

File: 1641101742976.jpeg (206.19 KB, 602x603, C0E6D8B3-64FE-4970-AEEC-EF1457…)

This hagiography of Liz B from the Brandeis alumni magazine is insane

No. 1406740

File: 1641102209904.jpeg (265.19 KB, 640x612, CD4BF088-4427-4551-833B-2D13D3…)

Is there a word like 'troon' for assholes who fake autism diagnoses to excuse their antisocial misanthropy?

No. 1406741

File: 1641102426189.jpeg (44.54 KB, 637x120, 70B23FD6-5DDF-424C-95F1-90490B…)

Oh, is that so? Then stop waffling in public.

No. 1406744

File: 1641102556760.jpeg (69.29 KB, 640x167, 3AA10917-FEC1-4AE4-A75A-02980B…)

"Feudalism sucks! But also, wasn't it actually kinda based and a reflection of the natural order of things? Hey, wait, why are people calling me a reactionary tradcath?!"

No. 1406747

File: 1641102858553.jpeg (47.14 KB, 640x152, 404438C2-A711-4229-BBBE-D1BA37…)

Does this guy know "nomination" means you didn't win…?

No. 1406786

i mean you can take one look at him and know matt is autistic.

No. 1406834

Alex Lee Moyer's Alex Jones apologia doc possibly premiering at 2022 Berlinale

No. 1406867

At this point it seems like "me tooing" is reacting to someone acting like a sex pest retard in any way besides pretending it's normal or calling it based

This has come up in previous threads, he's in a longterm open relationship with some ugly old fart

No. 1407110


No. 1407441

Lol she loves referencing 'Medieval Europe', she clearly considers it one of her side-areas of expertise (though, to be fair, so does every Catholic 'intellectual') yet everything she says about it is either straightforwardly wrong, or just meaningless pop-history bullshit like that screenshot–"it was understood": by who bitch? what does that even mean? She says shit like this constantly, really annoys me as a medievalist lol but whatever…

No. 1407470

File: 1641184064123.png (100.57 KB, 1176x324, Screen Shot 2022-01-02 at 11.2…)

New contrarian take from the post-left just dropped: Hillary Clinton was good this whole time actually

No. 1407476

They've already implicitly come around on the Clintonian tough-on-crime and welfare reform policies of the 90s, it was only a matter of time before they waxed nostalgic about the politicians who enacted them!

No. 1407574

No. 1407696

Aimee was obsessed with Sanders, was his #1 super fan, she talked about how he's the only man who could save the world and only she had special insight that would help him win. Wtf is this bitch on, seriously.

No. 1407799

> Wtf is this bitch on, seriously.
Adderall psychosis and severe malnutrition

No. 1407830

Id love to see some screen shots of that

No. 1408060

I'm not sure but in general I've definitely noticed the 'Alice is a man' theory becoming wayyy more widely known/referenced on Twitter lol

No. 1408098

She's a typical CV-building know-nothing retard. These people get where they are by ticking boxes and having the right connections, succeeding within their limited scope of competence acquiring the delusion that they can hold court on every subject.

No. 1408215

she had a whole "stop talking about covid/the vax" meltdown and both sides (deservedly) piled on her

No. 1408230

>exaggerated emotions
she clearly doesn't have this

No. 1408254

File: 1641274550391.png (402.51 KB, 1484x2430, patreon.png)

now nearly a full month and no new red scare. simps are pissed. its definitely a call me daddy-type of situation by now. how do none of you have the milk? I don't buy that's its just covid or a "christmas break".

No. 1408255

their circle of friends must either be in the dark or tight-lipped. but tbf, didn't they take an unannounced month-long break before a couple years ago?

No. 1408282

yeah it's weird because they're so lazy that it is hard to draw any conclusions from them not putting one out but it increasingly seems like something happened, at the very least i'm betting anna got covid lol

No. 1408284

They used to unlock a guest episode if they were taking a break. So weird to not do that over Christmas. Only reason I can think of to not say anything is if Anna got blasted by Covid and was embarrassed or if the partnership is breaking up. Maybe they have to get lawyers involved? That comment on the patreon could be right, they're just the types to milk the patreon for a few more months until the last paypig notices.

No. 1408445

File: 1641308077623.jpeg (66.43 KB, 750x439, 5C9BACD9-17CE-4FA1-8C91-31F400…)

Aimee terese still claiming to be in a relationship. She definitely spent all Xmas and New Years tweeting so my guess is she’s “dating” one of her American frog simps.

No. 1408729

File: 1641330743849.png (1003.81 KB, 1042x894, 765434t65434r.png)

Roommate Leia officially has higher prestige press coverage than Red Scare ever got. Her tiktok curation is truly the Look at This Fucking Hipster of our times. What's next, her very own book sold at Urban Outfitters?

No. 1408776

Isn’t her dad like a banker or something? I guess now that she’s in her 30s she can stop pretending to be poor but still use her started-from-nothing starving artist LARP to legitimize her cultural criticism/photography career.

No. 1408785

I literally don't see anything wrong with this sentiment

No. 1408788

they look like goblins themselves

No. 1408794

More like a new low for W magazine.

No. 1408804

Good guess. I’ve always wondered why her co-host never gets scrutinized? He exploits her obvious mental illness and has a day job. Went protected months ago.

No. 1408818

What does being over 30 have to do with it?

No. 1408826

It’s only cool to pretend to be poor in your 20s after that people start to ask questions.

No. 1408876

The Cut and the Telegraph have more clout than W Magazine.

No. 1408899

W is old-school prestige more than clout, but still none of these people deserve the hype

No. 1408902

File: 1641344622741.png (835.05 KB, 640x1136, 8CBB6B96-2606-4DA8-BFDF-880B12…)

lexaprofessional cast as a lead in an upcoming horror anthology film

No. 1408918

So browsing social media and saving posts makes you a notable figure now? You don't even have to do anything, just be a parasite on other people's content.

No. 1408930

She does have a face for horror.

No. 1408941

like with bpd and anorexia, thousands of young women are going to try to give themselves IBS as a cute fashionable alt trend

No. 1408983

that's literally roommate leia's entire brand since the beginning, a parasite for other people's clout and money when she's not begging for handouts

No. 1408985

already happened, y'all miss the "i'm a hot girl and my tummy always hurts" meme?

No. 1408989


There are hundreds if not thousands of TikTok curation pages but if you're from the right background and you have the right connections, you get the write-up.

No. 1409022


I know that there are a lot of these pages, but it seemed to me that the self aware, curating-for-downtown-ny-gaze version was something that trevor bazile really perfected and was well known for. I find it funny cuz i think she just kinda filled his void and ran with it, especially after pretending not to know who he was in twitter and then tweeting some extremely insincere RIP post for him after he died.

No. 1409027

Wow, really moving on up from a shower scene in a Troma movie

No. 1409186

everyone is supposed to be upwardly mobile and successful once the clock strikes midnight on your 30th year or else you are a loser.

No. 1409228

Oliver fancies himself to be inscrutable with his locked account and constantly repeating the same 3 words over and over again. But ultimately he’s just a simpleton embittered by his former colleagues who probably looked down on him. I don’t think he’ll ever amount to much more than being aimee’s assistant.

No. 1409280

File: 1641398479811.jpeg (297.55 KB, 628x931, FC98DEB2-4C38-4711-AFF0-887A79…)

Just saw this pinned thread on the sub. These poor piggies lmao, they like the abuse.

No. 1409293

Obviously not true. I’m saying that leia realizes that it’s going to be a bad look when her trust fund kicks in and she suddenly has money after pretending to be precarious and underemployed for her entire adult life. Her stupid media/photography career is how she’s going to launder her intergenerational wealth.

No. 1409435

File: 1641411114481.png (97.13 KB, 844x666, getajob.png)

Leia once again looking to any corner of the internet for criticism so she can play victim. This was posted on twitter within an hour of the thread being posted with the "a friend sent this" excuse. Those friends must hate her. Now she's picking fights with irony accounts because she's desperate for attention from "haters".

No. 1409438

File: 1641411308847.png (211.26 KB, 1186x1016, glasshouses.png)

Sorry Leia drama is boring but the combination of thin skin and inflated ego is one of the worst of the bunch.

No. 1409473

dasha and anna are RETARDED to just ghost on red scare virgil texas style, they will never make that kind of money or get the same media buzz for anything ever again. especially at their old age.

does dasha really think that succession / scary opened doors and weren't just meme extensions of the pod? anna could live on eli's money but she'll never get the attention she craves being an offline housewife. absolutely stupid women who are probably fighting over the dumbest thing imaginable, my theory is dasha is mad and gassed up by people like maddie and kyle that "anna wasn't supportive enough of my movie" it seems like the self-sabotage thing she would do

No. 1409510

File: 1641417841712.jpeg (259.75 KB, 1169x998, 6B8B18A6-3BD5-42A8-B59E-0D1160…)

This exchange in the replies made me kek

No. 1409534

I sincerely believe that Dasha is delusional enough to think that Scary + Succession means that she’s now a bona fide Hollywood star with a bright future in show business.

No. 1409538

File: 1641419107645.jpeg (745.33 KB, 1538x1489, 4C2062B0-9DC6-441F-B402-FD9E7E…)

Her retweeting this one to highlight the brilliance of her reply is incredible
B camera on one episode of one show over a year ago,
NY, yes, Tuxedo

No. 1409580

Did she really only work on the show for one episode? Because she went on Dan Allegretto’s podcast and made it sound like she’s an integral part of the show and besties with John Wilson and said that she’s always texting him and he just loves her work. If she hasn’t actually contributed to the show in a meaningful way then her behavior is super unprofessional and creepy.

No. 1409586

File: 1641423291181.png (117.7 KB, 1232x352, 4567898765434567.png)

Imdb only credits her with one episode. Has to be more the way she talks bout it.

No. 1409590

lmfao. I like how all the irony guys tweet as if they aren’t just as embarrassing as the losers they target

No. 1409645

File: 1641427390908.jpg (174.55 KB, 1200x900, D6fpeQlXkAAnHjj.jpg)

agreed. I'll take leia's annoying, panhandling ass over ANY irony bro or felix reply guy spending all day in the group chat bitching about podcasters from their disgusting jake flores-style apartments their parents pay for (pic related). "aslan orlov" needs to take a look in the mirror, along with coochiebone/jon, felixfromchapo/bob, wiseexecutor/freddy, tranny chaser whitefeelings/joel, cokeenjoyer, garliccorgi, garbageape etc.

No. 1409653

Leia gives off big "I had to pay to be on chapo" energy. Not saying she did but that's the vibe.

No. 1409655

I think Will (poly) has a crush on her. Very odd taste in women.

No. 1409657

i dunno they seem pretty eager lately to have any guest on that helps them avoid talking about politics or criticising biden

No. 1409660

With many of the Dimes Square hanger ons the missing piece has to be they have a good drug hook up or their family’s apartment is free for partying in.

No. 1409661

> wiseexecutor/freddy

He's the best of them actually

No. 1409666

I'm still so confused how this person has 20k followers. She's not attractive so it's not based on looks, her posts are boring, and she doesn't seem to do anything (except apparently she's in a horror movie now?)

No. 1409673

felixfromchapo is coochiebone

No. 1409691

it’s because she’s mutuals with/sucks up to the right people. that and have tits is basically all you have to do to get followers. they talk shit about her though lol. pretty much all of them talk shit about each other

No. 1409795

Do you think this just because he does le epic dunks on Aimee Terese

No. 1409817

No. 1409822

File: 1641442622783.jpeg (902.64 KB, 1125x1769, 0AE8E289-7122-4336-B8EC-B434CB…)

Amazing how naive the sub is. Imagine just starting to “think” Anna and Dasha “might” not care about fans. And needing Nick Mullen to tell you Dasha’s a shitty person instead of everything else about her

No. 1409825

File: 1641442823928.jpeg (237.44 KB, 1125x1294, 12D9F8A0-7E9D-4CA1-B150-171B55…)

Deets on the cumtown episode if anyone curr. Very socialist of Dasha to laugh at a waitress cleaning the floor

No. 1409847

There was an episode where they bring up Dasha getting yelled at by a flight attendant and imply that Dasha was the one in the wrong. I guess she has a pattern of trying to provoke and humiliate service workers, iirc the flight attendant was also a black woman…

No. 1409855

Maybe I'm retarded but I just tried finding the story and I couldn't, does anyone have time stamps? Cheers to the cum boys though, making that much money off of absolute bs is great. Didn't listen to them before, is it always just gay and poop jokes?

No. 1409863

It's free ep 199 Lockdown Raw in the first three minutes. They say Dasha was filming a stewardess trying to fix something and scornfully giggling at her. She got yelled at by the stewardess who was black for this or doing something else they didn't get into. https://www.podchaser.com/podcasts/cum-town-36924/episodes/ep-199-lockdown-raw-55492960

No. 1409866

I couldn’t find it on YouTube, had to use my podcast app but it is ep 199 “Lockdown Raw” and it’s the very first thing they talk about. The redditor got it a little wrong, Dasha was filming and laughing at a flight attendant having to fix something they’d broken on a plane. Apparently she noticed and yelled at Dasha which I’d love to see. Not much more to the anecdote but funny how fast Adam tries to shut down the bit and easy to imagine Dasha being “try to get content out of shitting on a service worker” level shitty

No. 1409873

Not a cumtown listener, why does Adam shut down Dasha mentions, has he convinced himself their breakup was mutual or something? It’s annoying because you can tell Nick sees Dasha’s shit and is ready to go in. Makes Adam seem like a whiteknight simp

No. 1409875

really hope he isn't still talking about her in 2022. it's been, what, three years since the breakup? pretty pathetic to let it linger.

No. 1409911

I mean he’s the one who kicked her out of their apartment the moment he found evidence that she cheated, I think he is probably embarrassed about the relationship and how obvious it is to everyone that Dasha is a trashy textbook cluster b who used and then discarded him. He’s trying to save face by not starting more drama and by dating women who are younger and thinner than her.

No. 1409943

Siding with her on this one, a grown man coming for a woman on Twitter is beyond pathetic. Why is he singling her out over a “fake job” as if the entertainment industry isn’t plagued with fake nepotistic jobs? Just punching at air kek

No. 1409946

Shows on big networks especially can be stingy with credits. I know someone who worked on a big reality show but they wouldn’t credit him and this actor talked about how early in his career he didn’t get credits either

No. 1409986

File: 1641466032978.jpeg (1.34 MB, 1438x1919, CE978A5D-D17F-4AEE-87DE-B9D416…)

Not this one, not that it’s a big show either
Apart from giving every existing aspirant an opportunity to work on at least one episode, they credit them all, unless there were more than 3 2nd unit camera (there weren’t)
If she did more she could add it to imd ( uncredited)

No. 1409987

IMDB, not typing all that out again

No. 1410003

i hope nick goes in on dasha and she retaliates by spilling all the dirt on the precious cum boys.

No. 1410014

Some of their fans are straight up bad people. They only care about Dasha being a bad person now because it’s affecting them directly. There was a thread over a year ago talking about Dasha stealing from her friend. Im sure the thread got removed but some of the comments were defending her, it was gross

No. 1410112

File: 1641484880244.jpeg (319.11 KB, 1125x972, 8C2C3CA4-734C-47DB-A8F0-B853A5…)

Yeah the ones who consider Dasha a role model are a special breed. Overall tho A+D have no incentive to change, they’ve only lost 261 patrons in the last month. Barely a blip

No. 1410115

It's crazy how much money they're making and they can't even update their listeners on what's going on or at least if/when a new pod ep is coming out? Shameless.

No. 1410117

File: 1641485349873.jpeg (95.71 KB, 620x402, 2B03AD8E-405C-4FCC-9C73-4E78C2…)

idk nonnie, the simps may be preparing to strike!

No. 1410165

It’d be interesting to see the subscriber vs. engagement numbers. It doesn’t seem out of the question that someone like Thiel would be inflating the patreon subscriptions to launder money and to make it seem like they have more cultural sway than they actually do. You see the same thing with Anna and Dasha’s Twitter, they both have extremely low engagement relative to their follower numbers.

No. 1410187

File: 1641491704937.jpeg (400.91 KB, 828x901, B43A3D0F-055F-4852-8AE2-8CCF03…)

Aimee calling her former cohost Malcom “schizo”

No. 1410191

RE: Dasha being a bad person

Not to make it seem like I'm simping for Anna but it always bothered me how her biggest haters would also think that Dasha is necessarily a good person. Especially when their qualms with Anna are that she's racist and misogynist when Dasha flat out says she's a misogynist and that she's pro-life. I feel like none of this should be a surprise

No. 1410198

>You see the same thing with Anna and Dasha’s Twitter, they both have extremely low engagement relative to their follower numbers.
They both reined in their posting over the past year. Anna dropped off when she got pregnant, and Dasha has PR social handlers that make it so she only tweets trailers & promos. I don't doubt that Dasha has a priv alt, but this is probably permanent now that they're "brand conscious"

No. 1410204

I presume Thiel is also paying for members to post in their subreddit and also random zoomers to namecheck them on tiktok, right?

No. 1410225

Seeing this makes me believe the theory they’re funneling their own money back in. Make fake accounts to inflate subscriber count to artificially inflate their Patreon rank so they seem more popular and relevant, and >>1410117 this thread is 24 hours old and only ~60 upvotes. If they have 12k patreon subscribers who are demanding an episode, wouldn’t this thread be upvoted a lot more? The ratio seems off

No. 1410246

Idk not on Reddit or TikTok but zoomers on Twitter seem to dislike them or are name checking them ironically.

No. 1410259

Idk if they would know how to cook the books like that but its clear that they (or whoever theyre letting manage their money) are a lot more business-savvy than they cop to on the pod. Like if they can figure out how to have Dasha’s apartment listed as a tax write off theyre clearly not as retarded about money as theyre pretending to be on the pod.

No. 1410324

I don’t see anyone saying red scare’s entire following is astroturfed, just that they probably get money and promotion from the Thiel Foundation. Backers pay creators to ensure ideological alignment (and to occasionally push specific narratives), then they help your show trend on Patreon, promote you on social media and get you placed on related podcasts and mainstream press if possible, that in turn grows your organic fanbase. It’s very plausible and in fact seems likely since we know the Thiel Foundation President is a Red Scare fan and personally arranged for Anna’s appearance on the Eric Weinstein show, Eric openly discusses it in the first two minutes of her appearance on his show while Anna sits there squirming lol

No. 1410361

File: 1641503103156.jpeg (278.93 KB, 828x934, BCB69CA2-6FE5-447B-B3BC-69F7F2…)

Custardloaf is back

No. 1410386

Sorry but can someone please spoon feed me the dealio regarding custardloaf? I remember her being kind of big on twitter and Nick Mullen followed her on both insta and twitter but did she really disappear because someone found nudes of her or a video where she inserts a hairbrush in herself? She always had the most filtered pics, can't dudes tell?! Retards.

No. 1410405

Does Nick have a new alt Twitter account? He alluded to having made a new one on the most recent ep

No. 1410407

Men are so easy to fool it’s hilarious.

No. 1410464

I thought it was @nycguiovoice

No. 1410504

File: 1641512704395.jpeg (510.01 KB, 640x673, B9CCC9E4-9BF4-4751-BCA0-98A971…)

There's a non-zero chance Kanye goes on Red Scare soon.

No. 1410508

>can’t dudes tell?
>> 1410407
>men are so easy to fool it’s hilarious
Every single time a pic of Dasha is posted to the red scare sub, a dude says “I don’t get it, how come Dasha looks different in every picture.” Men are ngmi

No. 1410555

Didn't she just have a baby with another dude? Like her kid is an infant and she's flying to Miami to go on a date with Kanye wtf

No. 1410574

most self-employed or work from home people count the square footage of their office space as a tax write off. you don't need an elite accountant to wrangle this "loophole," an H&R block will do this.

No. 1410584

Dasha's engagement on her main has long suffered because the account is flagged as "adult" or whatever designation twitter uses for pornographic accounts so those who aren't logged in have to click through a "caution: this profile may include sensitive content" button to see her tweets and those who are logged in and have safe mode on can't see them at all.

No. 1410590

Yes, and born-again sin-no-more Kanye is cheating on the mother of his kids who he is still legally married to. Also this pic was from when they saw Jeremy O. Harris's Slave Play in New York a couple nights ago.

No. 1410596

This relationship is more astroturfed than Kim & Pete tbh


No. 1410599

Can’t wait for the next beauty standard to finally happen. Sick of these kardashian clones with their Balenciaga, BBLs, chiclet teeth and flat ironed hair

No. 1410694

File: 1641527380040.jpeg (209.28 KB, 351x893, 78D8C3BA-7850-49BA-A4A2-939AD2…)

"Dasha Derangement Syndrome"

No. 1410698

File: 1641527592431.jpeg (188.89 KB, 384x834, AAFD80C0-7608-464E-AAF6-575FE2…)

No. 1410702

File: 1641527903561.jpeg (175.62 KB, 396x740, FFBEF1C8-075A-4381-B489-5133BB…)

This reviewer really tried their best to spin shit into gold

No. 1410737

I wish Michael Rapaport was actually in that movie

No. 1410836

File: 1641546914602.jpg (77 KB, 817x483, SJW Aimee Terese Anti-Woke Lef…)

Aimee Terese is the dumbest piece of shit on the earth

No. 1410848

Aimee is a dumb piece of shit but OF and sex work shouldn’t be promoted as empowering or a solution to one’s problems like it is on twitter either

No. 1410849

yeah can’t really agree with her because she’s insane and retarded but the so-called left supporting sex work is also insane and retarded. reddit male-brained shit

No. 1410859

If Julia has never been on red scare then I don’t think Kanye will

No. 1410860

She might have brought him with and he has a babysitter. I don’t think a few nights off are that big of a deal

No. 1410866

Most women who do onlyfans are liars. I wouldn’t take their sob stories at face value

No. 1410869

I mean she uses the words prostitute and whore which isn’t the same thing as posting content on onlyfans, idk why she interpreted Aimee’s tweet as a critique of onlyfans/porn.

No. 1410887

They found a video of hers without filters and bitch was ugly

No. 1410895

File: 1641557826140.jpeg (332.61 KB, 828x991, C05B2F74-F974-460C-981E-549AB0…)

The Australian take on Jan 6

No. 1410902

File: 1641558257271.png (2.35 MB, 1920x1068, cl.png)

excuse me, not a video, she did a twitch stream and this is what she looks like without the fifty pounds of snow filters. hard to believe she deliberately chose to show her face lol

No. 1410903

File: 1641558288307.jpeg (37.83 KB, 485x474, 1607902615169.jpeg)

No. 1410904

File: 1641558329194.jpeg (76.65 KB, 1080x593, 1607902790388.jpeg)

even with a full face of makeup she's miles away from her selfies, RIP

No. 1410922

actually surprised her room is clean. she just needs eye shadow, less foundation, and a weightless shampoo.

No. 1410958

This is the face all the retards simping for her deserved tbh

No. 1410959

No. 1410972

where the fuck does that hairline even begin

No. 1410982

What I want to know is what happened to kulpie, did she drop off the face of the earth after all that "coalburner" stuff? Does she have a new @?

No. 1411007

lol i saw that too and was like wtf how did i miss that michael rapaport was in Dasha's movie?

No. 1411019

Aimee is a retard but this only fans hoe is lying when she says she ~almost starved~ or whatever. These women should be shamed and ridiculed for glorifying something most women don't get to actually choose and would do anything to get out of.

No. 1411043

File: 1641576003474.jpeg (97.8 KB, 1125x1479, 5CF1BAB9-B40A-4187-B0E5-F328B1…)

This didn't age well

No. 1411048

An onlyfans ho in the top percentage who has a complex for attention seeking and validation via victimizing themselves on social media at any criticism? Groundbreaking.

No. 1411070

File: 1641578638896.jpeg (832.22 KB, 1125x2251, 774B3CB9-AF60-4C5D-B54B-70EC89…)

Lying to the poors is the Bruenig way. Btw has the PPP loan the Bruenigs got during the pandemic been discussed here yet? Millionaires putting their hand out for free government money so they don’t get “fired” from their self-employment as policy wonks. Classic!

No. 1411096

They are such nasty scumbags, ew.

No. 1411255

File: 1641592036609.jpeg (170.36 KB, 750x497, AD5F5A32-182C-42FC-86C0-D71180…)

red scare sub speculating on what might have happened to make the pod so late

No. 1411268

I’m praying to Catholic Jesus, please let this be true, please let AB spill the milk

No. 1411269

No. 1411275

leak it

No. 1411281

File: 1641593951115.png (3.81 MB, 1838x2068, dashew crushed.png)

dasha definitely doesn't need red scare anymore, look how well received she was by succession fans! voted out 2nd round over dozens of minor characters including a dog and a rabbit

No. 1411283

This is obviously a joke Azealia does not fuck with them and would never be a guest. My theory is that Dasha finally got that Korean v line jaw surgery and can’t podcast for like 6 weeks.

No. 1411293

File: 1641595103332.png (252.84 KB, 1036x924, fake fans.png)

Interesting comment from the subreddit. They have 12k subscribers and only about 150 comments on the latest post asking what's up. For a regular podcast there's at least 100 listeners for every subscriber. Over 100,000 listeners and barely anyone on social media cares? Anna has 100k followers and no one is wondering about her dropping off of twitter? Their own subreddit is mostly indifferent.
One of them getting surgery is a possibility. Dasha has posted herself out on the town and selfies though. Either a huge fight, both agreeing to end it but say nothing, or they're getting sued are the most likely options at this point.

No. 1411311

Sorry there's 258 comments as of now. Their subscriber count keeps going up by another hundred ever few days so far. Maybe they just have the world's most pathetic simp fanbase.

No. 1411350

i think most red scare fans don't like to talk about it or want other people to know they listen.

No. 1411368

Maybe they’re finally getting sued by t.A.T.u. for using their song lmao

No. 1411411

I started watching this show recently and I'm on season 3, I notice every time she's on screen her hair looks like crap. Even in that thumbnail on the grid in your screenshot it looks bad. It's not her fault but the stylists, but why did they only make hers look so bad when the other characters look fine

No. 1411471

It’s not the stylists fault. The other characters look fine because they’re conventionally attractive and just needed minor tweaks to camouflage slight asymmetries/flaws in their appearance. Like parting the hair on one side to balance a slightly asymmetrical jaw or something like that. They tried their best with Dasha but there’s only so much they could do when literally everything about her face lacks both symmetry and harmony and she has premature aging on top of everything else. I’m pretty sure they ended up editing her face in post because in a lot of her closeups her skin has that weird plasticky shiny look you see in Instagram face filters and the other actors have normal imperfect skin texture. The way they styled her hair would look fine on someone without so many flaws.

No. 1411491

I don't believe this. I think the person who is spreading this rumor just remembers the little known fact that A&D interviewed Ariel Pink after which he demanded that they don't air the episode

No. 1411533

Azealia was dating that guy Sean Glass who’s a Dimes Square type with a clouty music industry dad, so she could have done it as a favor to him
but I won’t believe it until I see it

No. 1411594

They're stylists, they can't cure mongoloidism

No. 1411627

File: 1641616317893.png (175 KB, 392x492, weird twitter and its conseque…)

of course she's a goon

No. 1411657

yeah she was voted out… as not being the least favorite

No. 1411663

it clearly says vote out your least favorite in the post title

No. 1411668

sounds like dasha is drunk and scrolling lolcows again, log off and record your podcast you lazy bitch

No. 1411681

What does this mean?

No. 1411689

Cringe code used by retards from Something Awful to identify other goons in the wild. So embarrassing.

No. 1411722

Nothing says tradwife monarchist like associating with a dead forum run by a pill popping wino who used to shield a diaperfur pedo tranny

No. 1411751

don't forget the other pedo mod or that lowtax literally killed himself rather than pay child support. and you have to pay to post on something awful.

No. 1411770

didn't the whole obnoxious left-cath phenomenon emerge from LF, though?

No. 1411925

Annie Hamilton has officially been profiled in the New York Times


No. 1411931

Baffling until you realize she's friends with a ton of fellow NYC media millennials and this is just them doing her a favor trying to get her cast in actual roles.

No. 1411955

this episode is from like 2 years ago guys lol

No. 1411964

File: 1641660616624.jpeg (392.56 KB, 640x860, 6FCE7506-7936-4BD3-93FA-747251…)

I smell romance in the air

No. 1411965

lol guys the post says they heard it from 'the guys at the times square bodegs'…its obviously a joke

No. 1411967

File: 1641660950226.jpg (178.84 KB, 1170x2080, 2798732.jpg)

Dasha is spamming her stories with screenshots of lb reviews. She's posting four star ones drooling over her and of course the only review to call her ableist instead of any of the hundreds of more thoughtful negative reviews.

No. 1411989

they're twins

No. 1411992

oh no, not the r slur

No. 1411996

She wants to be a respected indie director but can’t rise above looking like an immature and spiteful bpd-head on social media. Biggest L-cow in the game

No. 1411998

Dimes Square is taking over the culture

No. 1412019

I bet she was so excited when someone finally left a genuinely retarded twitterfag review she could cherrypick to invalidate all the other ones

No. 1412025

She should be congratulating her friend Annie on the awesome NYT profile and is instead doing this. She must be seething.

No. 1412030

Went on Ion pod thou

No. 1412042

All the patrons are real people, not bots. Revenue = impact x reach. Subscribing is basically buying 1 starbucks drink a month. Just think about the subscriptions you forgot to cancel. Think about how many times you went out of your way to review a product. Think about how many likes you get on an instagram post compared to how many followers you have. It's not abnormal for only like 10% of your subscribers to actually interact with you. That is normal.

I think they are just burnt out. Anna's baby is becoming a toddler. Dasha is still coasting on the post-film wave so there's no reason for either of them to be recording a podcast. I don't blame them. There's nothing to talk about, except what? Vaccines?

Also, everyone is getting covid right now because the air is dry in winter which makes the virus spread faster.

I think the whole post-left reactionary wave is hitting its peak now. A lot of twitter leftists have decided to stop quote tweeting post-left tradthots because that's what they thrive on. You can tell it's working because Aimee Therese is getting more and more unhinged and just went full mask-off the other day. She's getting desperate.

No. 1412074

Those photos are SPICY tho

No. 1412147

Anyone who provides sexual favors in return for money is a whore and should be stigmatized.

No. 1412151

I cannot handle all these podcasters thinking talking about tweets is art. The Thot topics fags just repeat fat jack’s thing about defending art but I listened to their review of p4ks best songs list and they think the best songs should only be top 40. Like they genuinely don’t understand anything except pop girl music and fast food yet think they’re on the crusade to save art from neoliberalism. Wtf

No. 1412163

Another thing people don't realize is that patreon is largely a way for people to support people they believe in. You can always find the patreon exclusive content. I subscribe to people who I want to support, regardless of how often they release content. A lot of people love the podcast world and want to support influencers. They don't see themselves as customers to whom something is owed.(learn2sage)

No. 1412182

>There's nothing to talk about
thats nothing new though, they always found random hot women to rag when there was nothing to talk about in the past

No. 1412217

and you just know this latest episode of The Julia Fox Show would fuel a very special 8 hour Red Scare bonanza with guests like Peter "Touch my cock I did that MTV bullshit for money" Vack and a Berlin cokehead who heard Daniel Brühl call Dasha's film inept with her own ears.

No. 1412270

Dasha is a big Ye fan gotta be dying of jealousy rn

No. 1412302

Where did daniel bruhl say this? that’s so funny

No. 1412336

File: 1641687576517.png (85.36 KB, 1172x326, hgtredfgtr.png)

They're back.

No. 1412344

Dasha had covid but was fine. Anna got covid bad enough to be hospitalized. Says she couldn't walk and kept putting off going to the hospital for three weeks until she couldn't lift the baby from joint pain. Rumors here were true except they're still trucking on with the podcast.

No. 1412350

So is she still anti-vax or what?

No. 1412354

Yes. But not being vaccinated didn’t count in her cause because she thinks it is something she inherited from her grandmother. Absolutely infuriating nonsense.

No. 1412371

Anna says she got a mild case of covid that triggered a flare up of a possibly chronic, possibly genetic rheumatoid arthritis condition.

No. 1412377

They’re both still cackling over fat people their age with children dying of covid in this very episode. They're mocking libs for believing in the vaccine makes covid not severe. Anna in this very episode is giving alternative medical advice. Anna's doctors say she might have life long autoimmune problems but she's convinced covid didn't cause it and she's the vaccine would have caused it anyway. These bitches are insane. Anna says her doctor might make her get vaxxed. Says three book agents contacted her at her hospital bed and she's going to not be afraid to speak her truth and write a book.

No. 1412391

>crazy bitch nearly dies of COVID for dumb political posturing
>her gays: Based!!!!!

No. 1412393

LMAO they are the most openly antivax they've ever been on this episode, i love that anna finally admitted she's unvaxxed which means she's also admitting that to using a fake card this whole time

No. 1412395

You don't need to copy posts from the subreddit nonnie.

No. 1412396

Isn't that a crime in NY? Like a $10,000 fine?

No. 1412406

Yes. Someone should report her.(cowtipping)

No. 1412410

OT but I forgot they still use that All The Things She Said song. How are they allowed to use it when it's copyrighted and they're making money from the podcast?

No. 1412414

if its only 30 seconds I think they can get away with it because its considered a "sample"

No. 1412442

Eating disorders cause osteoporosis, maybe playing a role too

No. 1412448

Which would by default include running something like redscare. I'm sure you agree that throating beta faggots' sense of unwarranted self importance for pennies by mewling about how much women suck on your she-cuck podcast is probably equally as (if not more) whorish than selling feet pics. You're basically sticking dick between your brain hemispheres, throating dirty cock but with your entire being instead of just your mouth. There is no washing that off.

Jokes aside, stigmatizing dumb willing whores over shitpigs who buy them is peak cuckquean behavior.

No. 1412451

Spoonie era when? Inb4 fillers got inflamed

No. 1412462

Thank god Anna didn’t have a daughter.

No. 1412465

File: 1641697015554.png (66.41 KB, 428x348, comment.png)

She started commenting on Reddit again after 1 year break in response to people criticizing her health choices

No. 1412469

File: 1641697423936.jpeg (228.18 KB, 389x702, 95AB654E-8130-4D79-BA27-0AED4F…)

Anna returns to the sub for the first time in over a year to clarify that, ackchyually, the vaccine would have made her just as sick as the covid did!

No. 1412473

They’ve got alts. They rarely post on main to give some illusion of being above Reddit

No. 1412474

she thinks the rest of the world is as stupid as she and Dasha are
sadly, she’s almost right

No. 1412476

Nope, music copyrights are unlike other copyrights in that there’s zero fair use exemption for anything but academic instruction

No. 1412480

At 58 minutes in the new episode Anna said she went for a Botox consultation

No. 1412486

Dasha got breast implants

No. 1412491

File: 1641699267172.png (340.26 KB, 1270x1126, blessher.png)

She continues.

No. 1412497

this is just sad

No. 1412504

She's gonna die lol.

No. 1412506

>Anna: long story short, I didn't even have covid
>Dasha: WHAT???????
>Anna: well like, ok I did have covid but
this is a comedy podcast

No. 1412515

Always has been.

No. 1412535

Love antivax thots thinking that they're off the hook if they "recovered from coof" lmfao Darwin award is due when they end up with completely avoidable long term damage. Also, imagine being antivax during pregnancy aka when your immunity is naturally in the shitter, 10/10 I live for this pls continue queen

No. 1412536

I wonder about that too. Universal Music holds the copyright so you think they'd have the resources to find out and do something about it

No. 1412546

File: 1641704725318.png (32.66 KB, 588x171, hidden reply.png)

No. 1412599

Sounds like a typical antivaxxer post in the coof thread

No. 1412622

From what I know in short she's just an egirl who got super popular because she has pretty but super edited selfies and also posts edgy 4chan memes. She interacted with lots of high profile twitter accounts like Justin Whang and her account got up to 15k followers. Somewhere along the lines pics got released including one of her with a hairbrush in her ass kek. That along with the screenshot of her stream made her simp army (mostly incel types) turn on her, surprise surprise. She either deactivated or got banned from her first account not sure.

No. 1412682

Prior to the hairbrush incident she was trying hard to fit in with alt right/groyper scrotes along with some other e-girls but mostly failed. After she got a lot of harassment due to the pictures she kept low and then came back and started to interact with more dirtbag left types.

No. 1412752

“strong and disciplined” woman gives herself osteoporosis, severe covid, druggie brain, and an autoimmune condition at 35 to court her audience of wealthy teens and thiel plants.

No. 1412843

File: 1641743273380.png (95.41 KB, 1184x238, lmao.png)

Here she goes.

No. 1412848

Lol at Anna having a “made up women’s disease” Jameela Jamilesque arc and claiming to have some extremely rare illness to try and save face from nearly dying from Covid

No. 1412854

File: 1641744153891.png (65.6 KB, 603x290, dasha worms.png)

Retard Dasha confirms she had worms. The ladies are a mess!

No. 1412855

inb4 dasha has to explain why the fact that ivermectin couldn’t also cure anna has nothing to do with vaxx status

No. 1412859

this couldn’t be funnier to me. third season of covid off to a strong start

No. 1412861

File: 1641744887563.png (92.8 KB, 299x533, room temp iq leia.png)

the laffs keep coming

No. 1412868

Not listening to the episode again but I am pretty sure I heard her say she had rheumatoid arthritis and not adult still’s disease. Probably out of ignorance not malice but it is hard to believe anything she says.

No. 1412891

I wonder if there are any dissenters in their little friend group who took the vaccines + booster and resent the others behind their backs.

No. 1412943

Anna posting that thread isn’t an own bc it doesn’t deny Covid as a disease, it examines the Covid narrative as a “mythic text” (lol sorry this is how philosophyfags talk, not me) and talks about phenomena like scapegoating the unvaxxed, how masks at events are becoming symbolic of class (your waitress wears one but you don’t), etc. Its pretentiously worded to the max but doesn’t contradict any of Anna’s experiences with Covid and in fact the shit she’s getting right now will reinforce her agreement with it

No. 1412948

i definitely smell something

No. 1412950

i wish millenials/zoomers were as concerned about sex-based slurs like bitch, cunt, pussy, etc as they are with "the r-slur."

No. 1412954

you can easily make a few sockpuppet patreon accounts and pay yourself, boosting your own numbers to attract legitimate subscribers. how do digital natives not understand how marketing works?

No. 1412955

I love how every few months Anna has some new stRONG Armenian woman persona she’s trying desperately to convince you of despite her actual fragile catty narcissistic personality being plain for all to see. Anna is “strong and disciplined,” which you can tell by how she melts down and argues fruitlessly with any criticism by strangers and how she works a maximum of 4 hours per month, both before and since the podcast.

Anna’s critics are “godless morons” which you can tell because they disagree with Anna, a godless midwit.

No. 1412956

vranak go away.

No. 1412990

Does Anna claim to be religious? Has she ever talked about it?

No. 1412995

File: 1641753515342.jpeg (134.92 KB, 1125x460, 0E9EA00D-1251-44F0-9D2B-CA5FAB…)

I don’t listen to the pod so not the best person to comment but feel like she stole the “godless” insult from Aimee and other terminally online druggie losers LARPing as trad. Apparently in the latest podcast she says she believes peoples’ prayers made her better but I doubt she has an actual faith practice or sincere beliefs, basically picrel

No. 1413016

i wish cumtown got half the scrutiny of redscare. guess only guys can use the "it's just a joke!" excuse.

No. 1413021

shut the fuck up scrote

No. 1413025

what a huge mistake

No. 1413085

that was pretty obviously a joke. I worry about you girls sometimes

No. 1413087

Would it even be a leftcow thread if autistnonnies weren't taking every single post literally?

No. 1413091

ntayrt but usually jokes are funny

No. 1413092

female autism isn't real

found the recovering ballet waif angel

No. 1413101


No. 1413109

prayer warrior anna arc
anna is a true basket case because she deifies maleness but only its idealized, mythic false-self form that men promote as true - stoic, unbothered and strong. in reality she is very much like a real man - constantly neurotic about her flaws and social status, yet utterly unable to cope through anything other than seething, laser-accurate projection onto women. every single one of her screeds about women and femininity is about her own fetid, shame-ridden self. the amount of misery this hag goes through every day is reflected in her perpetually scowling, grimacing face. i won't even go into detail about the utter chernobyl level disaster that is her brand of daddy issues, because one could write a thesis about that.


No. 1413202

File: 1641764966473.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1170x1548, BF556C94-C8A8-4AC7-A086-F270B9…)

Wondering where Aimee gets the idea that she gets to laugh at child-free libs when she's never going to have kids

No. 1413218

What? I don’t listen to cum town because it’s crap and having to listen to the voices/laughs of 3 scrotes is annoying. If they use copyrighted stuff in their podcast too then I’m also curious how they get away with it considering the money they make and I don’t think they get rights.

No. 1413239

Still's disease is a fake womens disease… Tired of woman lying for attention

No. 1413242

File: 1641767337942.png (54.9 KB, 904x330, Screen Shot 2022-01-09 at 5.28…)

No. 1413261

So is she saying that she just happened to get this extremely rare lifelong disease that affects <1 in a million people at the same time she had covid but the two things were unrelated or she does acknowledge it was triggered by covid but thinks the effects of getting the vaccine would have been worse?

No. 1413263

Still’s Disease isn’t a bit fake, and the diagnostic criteria include objective clinical phenomena like leukocytosis
you sound as ignorant as Anna

No. 1413270

People are joking because anna says this about every chronic illness any other woman claims to have

No. 1413277

File: 1641769559941.png (301.83 KB, 1202x1078, empathyqueen.png)

A little bit of both. She claims one of her grandmothers had this condition so she would have inevitably gotten it from the vaccine anyway. She called it rheumatoid arthritis on the podcast. Her story as usual keeps changing.

No. 1413286

File: 1641770038160.png (259.64 KB, 942x1100, 6758943.png)

Glenn posting Anna's Ls to his million followers.
Maybe she got test results in between recording and tweeting but they rule out rheumatoid factor before diagnosing Still's disease. Nothing she says makes sense.

No. 1413289

>Hope you have a godparent.
Jesus, hate anna all you want but these people are fucking freaks.

No. 1413290

I’m sorry but this thing about two separate doctors telling her the vaccine likely could have caused it as well is so obviously a lie, unless by “doctor” she’s talking about like, her baby’s chiropractor or something

No. 1413313

What a kwueen, knows for a fact that she would've gotten a very specific unlisted adverse event from a drug. The FDA should just fire everyone and hire this creatura.

>Salivating over others' misfortune

People are laughing because that's all you do on your podcast, you cowardly haggoblin. Remind me, what was your typical reaction to domestic violence? That's right, you totally asked for it. Enjoy your accelerated decrepitude and reduced life expectancy, lol

No. 1413314

whether she actually has an autoimmune disease or not the main thing is Anna got her shit kicked in by covid because she refused the vaccine and is doing paralympic level mental gymnastics to obfuscate and not admit to this fact. kek

No. 1413328

ew why are you talking like that go away

No. 1413330

how do you know?

No. 1413351

I like how saying shit like "whores should be stigmatized" and "onlyfans women are all lying" is fine, but simply extending that logic to mental NLOG whoring is uwu scrote go away desu.

I'm suspecting that it's because NLOGs are on life support from being reminded that they're no better than whatever normal whore they try to feel superior to. Instead of gaping your asshole, you're gaping your entire cranium. I stand by my observation that being a Dasha, Anna, Aimee, June or Gimpgirl makes you a cerebral version of a diseased truckstop gloryhole.

No. 1413355

Per redscare manual, Still's disease means "I'm a sociopathic appropriator of real diseases only men can experience, and a narcissistic womanchild with no maternal instinct who wants an excuse for not caring about people 24/7". Just like autism.

No. 1413357

>t-the vaxx woulda been just as bad!!
starving yourself while the rest of your life is a mess doesnt count as discipline you retarded bitch

No. 1413365

File: 1641775034917.jpg (35.21 KB, 571x547, Eyi51tHVEAY4agn.jpg)

forever howling when anachans think their mental illness makes them "disciplined" as they partake in every drug addiction and retarded spending habit imaginable. this "stoic and empathetic" bed frame less hoe isn't even able to discipline herself from looking assblasted by replying to ancient comments lmfao

pic related, anna rn

No. 1413385

Saw a few people point out that the treatments for autoimmune disorders often have the side effect of making you gain weight. Very much looking forward to this arc

No. 1413386

that absolute American retardation of claiming that her Armenian babushka would've been correctly diagnosed with and treated for a rare autoimmune condition in bumfuck Armenian socialist republic sends my slav ass into orbit like gagarin

No. 1413390

uh yeah I mean all these people have terminal attention-seeking disorders. that’s what being an e-girl is all about. posting hole is just the absolute cheapest way to do it so it’s easiest to shit on

No. 1413405

File: 1641776990294.jpeg (69.79 KB, 750x661, FIsRurSXsAAcnyg.jpeg)

I'm sorry but these people are fucking deranged. we can't even clown on these whores without the biggest losers on twitter ruining the fun. carl beijer replied to this thread literally 35 fucking times scolding everyone before pulling his usual "oh i don't care actually" bullshit act

only girls and gays get to make fun of red scare, these "straight" male leftist feminist allies can fucking choke

No. 1413411

then im sure you see the irony of podholes like aimee making fun of her hole pic only colleagues

No. 1413416

Why is she acting like anyone cares about her misfortune and not the fact she sounds like an idiot? Everyone is messing with her because of how hard she's coping not because of her stupid covid

No. 1413432

She must be closing in on 35. Aimee’s time is running out. She really should log off and find love.

No. 1413433

it's the misogynistic and nasty way you put it, you retarded moid. integrate.

No. 1413434

Not a moid, and not any more misogynistic than "w-we should stigmatize whores". Seethe.

No. 1413436

Looks like broonigs but actually happy

No. 1413442

they're also obviously going to lower her immunity, which will require her to be triple vaxxed or she will eat shit within a year. but she doesn't really have stills so top kek

(and even if she does have something vaguely autoimmune, she's a tard for not considering that it would be vastly more likely to be triggered by pregnancy, but once again she'd rather blame a virus she doesn't believe in rather than her tard baby kek. the struggle of being an armenian el goblina rn)

No. 1413447

cope scarethot

No. 1413450

All I got from this article is this woman has never done anything

No. 1413467

File: 1641781830472.jpeg (298.56 KB, 1536x1802, anna baby.jpeg)

: O(: O)

No. 1413470

She used to joke about reverting to Islam; would probably be better off if she did tbh

No. 1413487

This guy is a pedophile

No. 1413505

She is just upset that literally every dirtbag tard is following Will's advice
>be a dick to people, don't be surprised when people laugh at your misery

No. 1413507

I hope this place is still running by the time Aimee gets the news from her doctors that her eggs are dried. The levels of banshee screaming and coping from her twitter will give us lactate poisoning.

No. 1413509

>eggs dried
Go away troon/Scrote. Bye

No. 1413510

You must be a crusty troon then. Whatever you are it’s biologically male. Go away

No. 1413535

File: 1641788635506.png (85.36 KB, 608x353, madame president.png)

Periodic reminder that Liz B earnestly, unironically believes that she is the chosen one who will not only save the country but the entire world.

No. 1413543

No, and NLOG brainwhores are actually worse than regular whores. Seethe.

No. 1413551

Eternal Tracey Flick

No. 1413556

File: 1641791762751.png (1.16 MB, 640x1136, 3159A5AB-3708-454F-B6E5-A053F4…)

Trollface Dasha
Trollface Dasha

No. 1413600

this whole thing feels made up.

even if this really happened to anna there's no reason for her to announce it on the pod.

it's also too funny to be real.(learn2sage)

No. 1413602

>unironically defending Aimee
Get some help.

No. 1413622

this is such a weird thing to argue about. who the fuck cares if one is worse than the other. neither matter.

honestly though? given one bullet and the choice between Aimee or an OF whore, it would be over for the OF whore. Aimee is too funny and only going to become exponentially more insane as she advances through her 30s. I want to see it.

No. 1413627

Remember when she said she would never let her baby's face be shown to the hogs? How long did this "ban" last?

No. 1413629

its an obvious photoshop job, good god some of you people are retarded

No. 1413641

"Heh, look at all these libtard vaxcucks laugh at me and call me a retard on Twitter. They're all so cringe and seething, now to log in to my 5th reddit alt to upvote my posts!"

No. 1413643


No. 1413647

Receipts please.

No. 1413682

No one’s defending Aimee, the “eggs dried / dead” meme is just a scrote incel talking point and no one wants to see it here. Go to 4chan and talk shit

No. 1413696

i’ve never posted on here and am probably not doing it right but i have rheumatoid arthritis and i just don’t understand this bitches point. like i was still able to be vaxxed i got covid and i wasn’t sicker than other ppl in my family like what’s her point in bringing that up and then also switching up and calling it some different made
up disease

No. 1413704

You know that bit about the steroids being obesifying triggered her more than anything else, they could have just left it at that if they were trying to push her buttons. Honestly don't know why a bunch of redditors think someone should listen to their diagnoses over an actual doctor though, that's pretty insufferable even if Anna is as well.


No. 1413718

you did fine newfriend just remember to write "sage" in the email field

can anyone confirm or deny that Anna has been using a fake vaccine card? if you're going to be an antivax martyr you should deal with the social banishment that comes with it, otherwise she's a real coward

No. 1413777

she went to that bob dylan concert a few months ago. definitely a vax required event

No. 1413778

I think now she says she has Still's Disease. On the podcast (I think) she said rheumatoid arthritis, and then on twitter she said Still's.

No. 1413783

King Crimson too, both with Eli. Wonder if he's abstaining as well.

No. 1413809

b-but she's so funny and real on instagram

No. 1413830

Kek well done anon - next thread pic? Also loved this moment in time when Anna first got a taste of podcast fame and was testing her ability to go full e-girl at 35. Probably didn’t get as many likes as Dasha’s Loli pics so she decided to be the “strong, resilient, dignified” one instead. The only proof I ever needed that Red Scares Patreon numbers are fake is that a mid30s woman suddenly earning tens of thousands of dollars per month and with some knowledge of fashion chose to buy $59 dresses at Urban Outfitters, while Dasha’s still clinging to her Brandy Melville and discount Carel shoes for dear life

No. 1413865

You are a faggot and incapable of basic reading comprehension. I'm wording it in terms that Aimee would use for herself and other women. If this triggers you, go somewhere else.

No. 1413868

File: 1641837655704.jpeg (362.08 KB, 1242x1434, C94B24FC-FD9A-40B0-A72D-BB35CC…)

No. 1413873

it's the twitter hags who are all pickmes like anna having a disgust response to reading exactly what they do every day spelled out more candidly kek
>w-whores should be shot, b-but i'm nothing like them! d-don't say that! reeeee

>given one bullet and the choice between Aimee or an OF whore, it would be over for the OF whore.
>calling other scrotes
begone scrote

No. 1413877

anna turns into a mewling lib under the littlest criticism lol

No. 1413882

I think she takes being made fun worse than literally anyone else in this circle. Her whole brand is based on being this snarky contrarian character so I don’t get why she doesn’t just own it instead of doing whatever this is across multiple platforms for days on end. She always says she makes fun of herself more than anyone else but she doesn’t, she compliments herself constantly and acts like anyone saying anything mean to her is literally a crime against god.

No. 1413932

She makes fun of herself by giving herself compliments disguised as self-deprecation. Like on the latest ep when she pretends to be embarrassed about shopping at Aritzia but actually its okay because at least she buying the “stupid wigger clothes” and not the “overly feminine chiffon pieces” like we get it Anna you’re NLOG

No. 1413956

nonsense, she shows her true colors as a whining snowflake baby like her buddies Steve Bannon and Alex Jones

No. 1413959

that’s a very possible sequence of diagnoses; RA is so much more common that they would assume it from symptoms and preliminary blood work, and then refine it to Still’s based on additional blood work (negative RF, high leukocytes).

No. 1413965

File: 1641846526448.jpeg (875.86 KB, 1500x3304, 7B3C3DF1-7B06-4AB9-9872-AC61D1…)

No. 1413966

I wonder if her obsession with aoc is because she reminds her too much of herself. This “everyone is HORNILY BEATING OFF TO MY TRAUMA” and the “you probably want to backhand me across the face for being a woman” thing she always does when someone disagrees with her is closer to the caricature people have of aoc than how even aoc herself acts

No. 1413974

It’s telling the only people coming to her defence is that howlingmutant freak, the dickexpert lady and I guess Jack for saying he would have killed him self if she died. Even Dasha seemed annoyed on the pod that she was trying to skirt around having covid

No. 1413976

Her autoimmune system is fried = instant death when she gets the 2023 Sigma variant

No. 1413977

>How are the unvaccinated are being scapegoated
holy fuck right wing moids and their martyr complexes

No. 1413984

There should be an Aimee containment thread for you losers. It’s the same complaint each time about her “she’s in her 30’s GUHGUHUH EGGS DRYING UP” Fuck off. She’s not even a leftcow anyway

No. 1413988

gotta be retarded to still be anti-vaxx after that

No. 1413999

>and other women
Thanks for subtly admitting you’re a scrote. You talk about her like a scorned simp. learn to integrate and stop acting like a 4chan incel

No. 1414019

Anna foams at the mouth about AOC for the same reason Dasha seethes about Florence Pugh (or any other default blonde starlet).

AOC is the better "smart"-obnoxious-ethnic-brunette-with-severe-features-who-thinks-sexism-affects-no-one-but-herself, whereas Pugh is the better wide-nosed-tubby-fridge-blonde-with-an-actual-Hollywood-career. Sad.

No. 1414034

He has an anime pfp of course he is

No. 1414118

It’s so confusing to me that she seems to genuinely think she comes off as a peaceful, sympathetic person and that she says this so frequently and is always so shocked when no one else agrees. She obviously knows her whole thing is being like a mean spirited contrarian type so why is it so surprising to her every time?

No. 1414135

A bad case of being able to dish it out but not take it. The way Anna insists on posturing as "strong" despite her paper skin reminds me of how all clusterbees want to be stoic and unbothered schizoids.

No. 1414156

not the same anon calling you a scrote retard. some of you bitches are so embarrassing

No. 1414161

go back to 4chan

No. 1414170

>i'm a peaceful person
>i'm a nice girl
>i'm just a teeny podcaster i'd never hurt a fly

Anna attempting to self-identify as a sweetie despite making a living saying toxic hateful shit is the most lolworthy thing about her. She's as delusional as a 50 year old troon who thinks lipstick and an AliExpress tutu makes him a woman. At some point a wise person accepts that their identity is a negotiation between what they put out and what is perceived. Only a vain egotist who can't accept reality keeps screeching that they're misunderstood.

No. 1414177

The thing with post left people in general but especially Anna where they immediately retreat into this “how can you satanic goblins be so cruel to me of all people, the most peaceful soul. the earths smollest bean. gods most sweetiepilled angel..” when people make fun of them is the most pathetic part about it. I don’t get how she doesn’t see that this is embarrassing considering how much she goes on about self victimization and weaponized trauma or whatever.

No. 1414191

It's doubly hilarious given that not too long ago she was screeching into the void about how niceness is for libs and cowards. What untreated BPD and a daddy who wanted a son does to a bitch.

No. 1414218

Aimee does consume too much of these threads. She’s become a boring Republican. Her Bernie bro & leftcom phases at least produced funny interactions.

No. 1414220

File: 1641868028058.jpeg (345.26 KB, 1241x1519, 8DF5C8C3-8493-43A4-A1C5-B0B629…)

No. 1414223

This. The larp is egregious

No. 1414235

>Aimee would use for herself
>Aimee would use for other women
And you are either ESL or retarded.

No. 1414238

porngum has never pretended to be left and should be taken w/ a grain of salt anyway

No. 1414245

File: 1641871406568.png (765.72 KB, 1190x1180, Screen Shot 2022-01-10 at 10.2…)

Did Moche get even more work done which would explain her brief Twitter absence?

No. 1414254

A&D deliberately cultivated this audience of hateful scrotes. Their fanbase was always going to turn on them. Oh well.

Nice self posting

No. 1414261

Couldn't ask for better entertainment. When that episode dropped I knew immediately this was going to be a good shitfest, but I had no idea how good.

No. 1414271

File: 1641874417434.jpg (88.48 KB, 950x950, angelina_4.jpg)

No. 1414363

File: 1641884048726.png (3.22 MB, 1535x2048, image (7).png)

dasha getting a selfie in before his pedo allegations drop

No. 1414397

Does anyone have a screenshot of Jacks Hot and Not for 2022; it was abjectly hilarious.

No. 1414400

scroll up

No. 1414461

That reminds me of when they found one of the old threadpics from here and someone (I think it was one of the moids, I don't remember which) was screeching about them all being "literally saints." Their self images are so distorted and wrapped in layers of cope that it's almost amazing that they can function. They have sweet angel bby small lamb personas built up in their head but outwardly act exactly like the people they love to call losers, and they're completely blind to it by sheer force of will

No. 1414500

leopards eating their faces
top o’ the kek

No. 1414501

Wait, jw what is he referring to? How did Anna "throw away" her family?

No. 1414502

Who is this?

No. 1414505

the opportunity to get their family vaccinated, I assume

No. 1414506

Dasha unironically wishing for more petty criminals to go to jail on the return ep…saying the socialist winning against the neoliberal Pinochet acolyte in the Chilean election was a US regime change operation…what's going on??

No. 1414507


No. 1414512

I swear they get sent a list of points to sprinkle in to each ep or something. It’s so inorganic and you know Dasha knows nothing and cares less about anything going on in the world. She barely sounded sincere talking how worried she was for Anna’s health.

No. 1414518

It's just so dispiriting to see them descend into bog-standard blue lives matter, InfoWars-citing conspirational conservatism. Like, Dasha used to be Sailor Socialism, she was an icon for the young democratic socialist crowd, and now she's just another reactionary regurgitating the latest Thiel-funded talking points.

No. 1414520

The new Manhattan DA that Dasha was complaining about said he was no longer going to prosecute low-level offenses like fare evasion, resisting arrest, prostitution, and marijuana-related misdemeanors. And Dasha disagrees with this. She wants more poor people who don't pay for the subway to go to jail and have their lives fucked up. It's cruel.

No. 1414530

File: 1641915508433.png (712.4 KB, 792x1108, 45678987656789.png)

One of the irony accounts is posting this to trick k-pop fans into attacking Dasha.
Anna is a moron but Dasha is such a mercenary freak. She's the type of narcissist Bloomberg and Giuliani made New York for. Losers from the suburbs who want to play out their New York fantasy with no icky poor people in the way.

No. 1414533

>she was an icon for the young democratic socialist crowd
no wonder they failed

No. 1414534

lol haramcart is one of the saddest most clout-obsessed losers in that crowd

No. 1414539

File: 1641916351077.png (840.82 KB, 640x1136, 7257ADBC-9EF9-4A40-BC65-69335A…)

So does coochiebone live in bumfuck Lancaster or did he actually make a trek to go see a Dasha Q&A?

No. 1414549

File: 1641917518858.png (749 KB, 1298x1260, Screen Shot 2022-01-11 at 11.0…)

>Expecting anything other than psychotic, sociopathic vitriol from Aimee Terese

No. 1414555

I thought he lived in Maryland

No. 1414559

I assume he was already in NY to see samelpan or something

No. 1414565

Can't wait until this freak finally drinks himself to death

No. 1414570

Aimee and Jack always claim how good and kind they are, which is batshit because they are the meanest and most vitriolic assholes who take pleasure in hurting others.

No. 1414572

That Geoff guy is such a sniveling turd. He's trying to paint all his post-left buddies making fun of him for getting vaxxed and being a snooty academic as Beijerites lol

No. 1414598

I mean, why is aimee responsible for some scrotes behavior? these post-left irony brocialist accounts are so unsympathetic because their motivations are just spurned on by jealousy that some girls are getting thiel money and they aren't. as if chapo, hasan, vaush, and all these other mediocre windbags aren't also captured by capital. i bet cumtown even gets some. siccing k-pop girls on other women, typical divide and conquer scrote behavior. most of this thread seems like more seething male machinations. just men crying about getting one scoop of ice cream instead of two, like always.

No. 1414615

File: 1641922795024.png (39.05 KB, 714x284, Screen Shot 2022-01-11 at 12.3…)

Aimee is awake and hashing it out with her American friends though, just like any normal healthy person would be

No. 1414629

geoff is the middle-aged brown phd failson of a tenured professor, though geoff himself never made it past lecturer level at NYU, aimee is the suburban privately educated, law school faildaughter of a sydney entrepreneur, they're both posturing losers. she also hosted this guy on her podcast to talk at length about "jacobinghazi"

No. 1414631

i don't get it, is this supposed to be a reason why she is responsible for his behavior online? because they worked together in the past? because they come from a similar class background?

No. 1414643

Are you friends with Sydney or something

No. 1414652


ntayrt but if you look at the convo, he's asking Aimee about her friend/enemy hypocrisy (he is correct)

No. 1414661

and i'm asking why she has to answer for her "friend's" hypocrisy.

No. 1414717

Long-standing rumor is that Benedict crypofash is Angela nagle’s alt.

No. 1414719

no its Shia or someone in that circle, definitely a bitter failed academic male voice. Nagle can't even update her ownsub stack regularly let alone run a 2nd account

No. 1414752

File: 1641934918878.jpeg (512.43 KB, 1125x2075, F718D22F-3D90-4A1F-90A8-646985…)

Her lips look lumpy like she got filler and it dissolved unevenly.

No. 1414754

File: 1641935092648.jpeg (262.07 KB, 1500x1503, 4B1E491E-43DF-4AB2-8BA7-B925E3…)

All these years later still skinwalking Lauren Avery.

No. 1414765

shooting the civil war flick already?

No. 1414766

File: 1641935986821.png (1.7 MB, 1210x2048, Screenshot_20220111-161839.png)

Lol at varg vikernes weighing in

No. 1414771

varg vikernes go on red scare

i mean that's basically where we're headed, right

No. 1414793

Imagine getting fillers and the outer corners of your lips are still so small they’re invisible. Dasha is so unfortunate lol

No. 1414801

Why would Thiel care about crime in NY? He fucked off to somewhere in New Zealand a long time ago.
This is Dasha’s own retardation talking.

No. 1414806

If it ends up going anywhere, there's no way her civil war movie isn't just 70 minutes of her lolling around in a corset and over-emoting at the walls. Pretty late to the cottagecore trend, she really is getting old.

No. 1414821

Thiel controls everything nonnie. Everything.

No. 1414824

File: 1641940961004.jpeg (291.56 KB, 1125x1112, 404D99D6-D75A-46D5-8E08-68C975…)

Alice from Queens: bitches about being shadowbanned for months, her latest catfish as Margaret Qualley backfired - she got roasted mercilessly by allahliker (search “Rachel News” if you missed it, pretty funny bit), Twitter’s finally catching onto her as a catfish/dude/possible pedo, paused billing on Substack and she’s been stuck at 31k followers for months. Now out here just begging for faves. We did it lolcow

No. 1414829

He'd never do it, Anna is Armenian and Jewish. Would be a good cow crossover though, he'd probably sperg out for a good couple days in response to being asked

No. 1414845

samememe is jewish too, but that hasn’t stopped he and anna’s trad online personas

No. 1414846

pro racist varg will see right through it though. a jew reaches out to him about a podcast? he won't help them control the media any more than they already do ofc (although I'd love if this crossover happened, varg go on red scare)

No. 1414869

Would be a great opportunity to find out his views on Armenians too, iirc he's somewhat pro Slavic (as far as Nazis go) in a weird contrarian way because the USSR beat Germany, but that absolutely doesn't extend to Caucasus peoples

No. 1414878

he lives in maryland with a roommate (bc he’s regularly unemployed/broke) and visits philly and NY to see twitter and podcast fags. his dream is to be nick mullen but the failpod he had with a bunch of other cumtown wannabes ended

No. 1414979

File: 1641954119208.png (431.4 KB, 599x523, tradcath monarchist.png)

Did Bruenig and Vermeule patch things up? They used to be friends and their politics are virtually identical, only difference being Adrian is less shy about the integralism part. Though for the last year or so he's been faving Aimee tweets attacking Liz as a crypto-Democrat.

No. 1415002

File: 1641958042628.jpeg (460.37 KB, 1125x1999, 4D39D0DB-C615-47F7-A66F-512EEA…)

“reject modernity embrace tradition” by already looking geriatric in your early 30s.

No. 1415013

i know i'm late to this but im watching the honor levy ion pack interview and i'm laughing because it's literary trisha paytas talking to ethan and hila about judaism lollll. the two hosts were both raised catholic and she's on there like 'umm don't you guys know about the novus ordo' and like lightly chastises one of them for comparing someone to jesus. it would honeslty be a really good bit if she wasn't being serious

No. 1415015

*literally lol

No. 1415019

Could you somehow post it? I’ve been dying to see that interview. It seems like farm fresh milk.

No. 1415020


Stop self-posting honor

No. 1415023

what's the milk here? that a convert is taking her newfound faith seriously? tale as old as time and wouldn't expect anything less. good for her for finding faith in this postmodern hellscape of modernity, even if she's a little cringe about it.

No. 1415032

No. 1415046

That closed mouth smile with teeth peeking out inexplicably is horrifying, I didn't realize her face was so deformed

No. 1415049

i literally don't care one way or another about the point you're making you just sound like a gross male lol

No. 1415050

go clutch your pearls elsewhere, retard

we need a containment thread for all the lost traddies spamming this thread

No. 1415051

who is this guy? he seems insufferable but i've never gotten a full backstory lol

No. 1415054

No. 1415073

Log off ffs honor

No. 1415253

Watch the little snippets the ion pod posted, it seems hilarious. If anything, Honor probably wants the interview removed from the internet.

No. 1415332

No. 1415369

She has a literal dowager's hump, like how does that even happen at her age

No. 1415387

Potato tier slav genes, substance abuse, back muscle atrophy from anachan nutrition practices, perma-hunched posture from seething over Scary reviews and lolcow posts all day, bending down to suck 70 cocks,

No. 1415436

File: 1642014129787.jpeg (440.21 KB, 1125x630, 4B0920AF-E772-48D7-9DEB-6C7840…)

fucking KEK, thank you for this vintage lolcow laff nona. Dasha’s genes in picrelated

No. 1415515

The person who posted this photo, Eugene's new girlfriend, literally looks like a retarded child its disturbing

No. 1415578

File: 1642024988404.jpeg (495.44 KB, 1120x2094, 02AD25EF-00F9-4F5A-A6A4-ADD016…)

“model” with a crooked jaw, sallow skin and pro ana skinny fat body Eugene def has a type

No. 1415618

Eugene likes to be the attractive one in the relationship.

No. 1415620

Probably the opposite, he's unattractive so he's going for "models" to cope but can only snag low tier ones.

No. 1415622

his hoes get uglier, younger, and have progressively more rich parents, he’s so disgusting. he must have been really messed up by kate lyn sheil who is actually talented that now he just wants irrelevant egirls until they turn 20

No. 1415695

wow what a FASD looking bitch

No. 1415717

File: 1642037223907.png (1.46 MB, 640x1136, D973466E-AF96-476F-A65E-ADED60…)

You aren't kidding

No. 1415724

obsessed with the delusional comment "you are glowing", they both look like they are about to die on the Oregon trail

No. 1415728

File: 1642038123218.png (435.3 KB, 640x1136, F5434318-D09E-4813-B710-A30764…)

Dasha received a SAG award nom omg

No. 1415729

Did anyone catch the spat between Bruenig and McCarthy?

No. 1415749

File: 1642040470782.png (99.56 KB, 339x541, fightfightfight.png)

So earlier today Liz Bruenig got in a fight with Sean McCarthy, both deleted their tweets, but it looks like Sean made some horny comments towards Liz, then she accused him of sending lewd DMs to her teenage babysitter?

No. 1415757

File: 1642041782519.png (71.95 KB, 596x446, ugly leia.png)

not mad, totally cool calm and chill

No. 1415761

“Ensemble cast” as in the principle actors. Dasha isn’t actually nominated.

No. 1415762

File: 1642042280040.png (35.2 KB, 603x117, more evidence.png)

hmmm so maybe it wasn't a horny comment that set her off but him decrying her "make work media job"? (accurate btw)

No. 1415763

She never posted the alleged screenshots, which is kinda shady. You can't just accuse someone of being a pedo and not provide any actual evidence.

No. 1415768

File: 1642043155192.png (265.1 KB, 2258x1172, nom.png)

she literally is. lmao. even jihae got nominated and she had even less of a role

No. 1415769

File: 1642043299686.png (208.56 KB, 499x576, lizb.png)

So this is the Liz tweet that Sean made fun of that kicked the whole thing off

No. 1415770

File: 1642043321606.png (37.1 KB, 636x144, seanm.png)

No. 1415771

for once she’s correct

No. 1415775

File: 1642043672985.png (59.68 KB, 1230x217, spot the lie.png)

more deleted tweets

No. 1415783

File: 1642044353007.png (37.69 KB, 1086x126, jan 8.png)

damn, she got triggered by this four-day-old tweet

No. 1415784

File: 1642044379176.png (34.93 KB, 524x241, more.png)

No. 1415785

An anon said Sean and his wife split, but I never saw details. Is there anything to that?

No. 1415787

File: 1642044606780.png (71.11 KB, 1077x329, liz bruenig sean mccarthy figh…)

No. 1415790

I’ve seen multiple tweets calling the supposed “high schooler” a 19 year old. Liz choosing to word things in the most sketchy way possible to maximize damage and defend her wounded ego.

No. 1415791

File: 1642044960096.png (93.86 KB, 387x582, Screenshot.png)

Sean on the babysitter DMs

No. 1415792

30-something year old man and 19 year old, while not against the law, is extremely creepy, and it's disgusting for him to peruse her network for teenagers to skeeze on.

No. 1415799

she was insinuating that he was a pedophile and that she had the power to cancel him if she chose to post screenshots of him hornily DM'ing a 19-year-old. in case you need reminding, 19-year-olds are adults. creepy? usually. cancel-worthy? not in the slightest.

No. 1415802


No. 1415806

If you genuinely believe someone is a sexual predator/pedophile who is a potential harm to young people you probably shouldn't keep that evidence to yourself, ready to deploy it whenever for the drama at the expense of public safety. Freddie DeBoer (Liz's friend, btw) was chased off the internet for baselessly accusing someone of being a rapist. Liz will be fine though; her she deletes her tweets quickly enough and the poor innocent tradmom_who_bakes is not a mean or vindictive person at all, what are you talking about guys, stop persecuting her!

No. 1415811

First dabbling in toxic masculinity discourse then literally threatening to cancel someone? That's not very based and mommypilled.

No. 1415814

>Moid in charge of not flapping his gums on subjects he has no idea about

No. 1415818

kek. anna and dasha want what this anon has (the ability to actually be funny)

No. 1415819

sean was a meanie first

No. 1415825

Lmao get a life, honor

No. 1415828

Seeing tweets saying it was a 21+ show too. Liz was sitting on dms she saved from her babysitter for over a year and then implying he was sending horny tweets to a minor to her twitter following while smearing him in group chats of their acquaintances for days before. All over getting called a teacher's pet.
Dasha trying to be a mumblecore star like Sheil. Honor trying to be a downtown online it girl like Dasha.

No. 1415833

>smearing him in group chats of their acquaintances for days before
where does that happen?

No. 1415834

Liz nuked her entire account. Sean got to her

No. 1415835

File: 1642048489464.png (207.04 KB, 360x450, Profile_-_Balloony.PNG.png)

wtf lmao

No. 1415837

She deleted all her past twitter posts aside from today?

No. 1415840

she just deleted the tweets with sean from earlier today, ahead of schedule.

No. 1415845

File: 1642049477136.jpg (19.66 KB, 595x115, perceptive.JPG)

this junkie has insider info

No. 1415850

Just because Liz Bruenig is a narcissistic type A anorexic daily weed smoker with unresolved daddy issues who’s cucking her husband with the 60something man next door who bought her a house doesn’t mean she’s a bad mother

No. 1415852

hate liz but that guys is one of the worst accounts on twitter. typical irony bro account who "never even listens to chapo" but yaps like a dog at will/felix's feet and dogpiles anyone critical of biden/DNC/pfizer etc. I never thought I'd see the fake socialist bros turn on liz, they usually simp for her, should be interesting

No. 1415878

She literally looks like the trollface meme

No. 1415910

Leia needs to stop posting about how ugly she is it's sad at this point. Like has she seen photos of herself? Shes horrifying to look at

No. 1415919

yeah I watched it a while ago and I remember thinking she came off as like, mildly disturbed hahaha. if anything, probably made me dislike her less in a weird way, not because she displays any redeeming qualities, but because she seems almost not fully 'there' hahaha, like i felt a bit bad for her or something.

No. 1415921

they literally could not be less 'glowing' lol

No. 1415963

Is leukocytosis specific to just Still's disease and automatically rules out other inflammatory arthritides from your differential diagnosis? Why can't the hag just have regular ass rheumatoid arthritis?

No. 1415965

As cringe as Liz admittedly is, I think Sean has her beat soundly on pure butthurt. Imagine getting triggered by this. Moids stay losing.

No. 1415983

File: 1642061228863.jpeg (266.19 KB, 577x683, B8B5D9FB-5FC6-4B2F-A34D-1830B5…)

Do you think Kirsten Dunst knows Dasha exists?

No. 1415999

I agree with him, every time I see someone worrying about scrote’s emotions and friendships and toxic masculinity it’s always a woman. Scrotes always screech that nobody cares about men’s issues so they themselves should be the ones to talk about them and shouldn’t leave it to women who don’t fully understand those things. Though it’s weird how the tweet was made 6 months ago and he’s just now sperging about it.

No. 1416000

I've never posted on here but I have a semi interesting Liz Bruenig anecdote that I'm going to post if this post shows up ok (Never posted on an image board before)

No. 1416003

Ok, so I co-host a podcast with a friend of mine that's had a few people on who are Leftcow adjacent (among other cultural types). One of the guests told me I should reach out to Liz and see if she wanted to be a guest on the pod. So I emailed her (don't remember if the guest gave me her email or maybe she had it in her twitter bio) and she was like "hell yeah bro" doing her pick me girl act and talked about how excited she was etc. Anyway, we arrive at the date and time of recording, which had been confirmed multiple times, and she completely ghosted us. We literally never heard from her again. I sent a couple of follow up emails and even reached out on twitter but she just completely vanished.

Don't get me wrong, it's not exactly a federal crime but it's quite different from her little church girl persona. Like, we had a date and time set up and we've had a few relatively famous people on but no one has ever pulled that stunt. Anyway, thought I'd share, feel free to roast and/or ban me if this doesn't fit in here.

No. 1416007

Maybe if Dasha manages to get her unauthorized Beguiled remake funded. She already used the same typeface from the Beguiled posters for Scary so if Kristen Dunst notices her it’ll be because she’s creeped out by the blatant skinwalking.

No. 1416012

lol thanks for this nonnie, definitely tracks with her narcissistic superiority complex.

No. 1416016

File: 1642068086964.jpeg (194.92 KB, 1000x1482, CB6CF6AB-77DB-42E4-A969-CBC52A…)

No. 1416018

File: 1642068150580.jpeg (693.87 KB, 2729x2009, BDE35562-B795-4617-A13A-F335C4…)

Like at least pick a different color

No. 1416045

probably because he’s a loathesome piece of shit like every other dude in this twittersphere

No. 1416081

>I invited her
>No possible way of knowing her age, I just assumed
I can't stand Liz and all but this guy is a retard, what does he mean he had no way of knowing her age but to assume? If he was dming with someone he can always… ask?

No. 1416108

I don’t know, I find her podcast performances kind of interesting in that you can detect great artistic sensibilities mixed in with a desire to think retarded things. I think it absolutely is a performance, just of an uninteresting character that only gets interesting when it stops being a dasha skinwalk. Not even lord miles routledge, the tradcath adventure guy, agreed with her about Catholicism.

No. 1416139

Please do, Liz is my fav cow

No. 1416157

Oops somehow missed you already posted - thank you. I’ve worked with influencer types in a similar capacity and have had the same experience of being straight up ghosted by someone who fully committed to an appearance or interview, it’s baffling. Also love that Liz does her pickme routine with everyone even (I’m assuming) a woman

No. 1416192

it's a polanski reference. besides, dasha probably thinks the beguiled is lame

No. 1416196

>dasha probably thinks the beguiled is lame
she's on record as worshipping kirsten dunst, nicole kidman and sofia coppola and being jealous of elle fanning, so the film definitely looms large in her mind.

No. 1416203

>great artistic sensibilities

No. 1416213

Art hoes are the same as “normie” girls, they like to give fake compliments on Instagram just with the added bonus of having potato faces and bug eyes

No. 1416230

This guy’s obsession with Twitter is probably why he’s getting a divorce if he’d rather tweet than hang out with his wife

No. 1416234

Ok who did she fuck at SAG to get this nominee?

No. 1416239

The entire cast was nominated lol, it's for the ensemble category.

No. 1416244

'great artistic sensibilities'


No. 1416245

Right. Dude is a 100% a creep, you know all these perma online guys are up to weird shit in the dm’s

No. 1416314

go gargle scrotemilk in your containment sub, scarethot.

No. 1416317

not very rhodes scholar of her

No. 1416320

when i listened to her podcast she sounded like an overeager adderall addict desperately trying to sound cool to guys.

No. 1416330

This is exactly what I thought, and her Ion Pack episode is just annoying the way she talks about her boyfriend and being Catholic or whatever

No. 1416334

hnr's thing is basically filtering 2017 frogtwitter edgelordism thru a cute little jewish not-like-other-girls girl and watering it down till it's safe enough for a thrilling piece in the cut
her tiktok is like the nicktoons version of nobodytm

No. 1416388

File: 1642105152259.png (512.06 KB, 593x803, dasha1.PNG)

No. 1416389

File: 1642105223885.png (91.62 KB, 539x889, dasha2.PNG)

No. 1416391

LMAO actually like dasha for this, fuck varg

No. 1416395

She's getting owned.

No. 1416402

huh (wow), i guess there's a limit to dasha's edgelord antics after all

No. 1416403

nicktoons, lmao. trying the sarah silverman route, i wonder if she gets a different result.

No. 1416406

she bodied him. "a pound of makeup" as if that even applies. moids can't do anything right.

No. 1416409

>great artistic sensibilities
you're still posting here

No. 1416411

>nor would I go to jail
I don’t know who this varg guy is but I think a male version of Dasha would’ve been locked up at some point tbh

No. 1416414

File: 1642106790505.png (388.68 KB, 600x521, fd189758937548.png)

No. 1416418

Dasha’s sweetie larps are even more tiresome than Anna’s. Sure Dasha you’re “not a pagan degenerate” you just innocently fell onto 100 dicks and stole your friends grandmas credit cards as a form of giving alms to the poor (yourself). Don’t know anything about who she’s arguing with but Dasha’s supposed religion considers her lifetime of unrepentant degeneracy as damnable as murder, so guess she’ll “see him in hell”

No. 1416422

Varg literally murdered someone you imbecile. and no, theft, promiscuity, and hypocrisy are pretty minor sins in comparison. please go be catholic somewhere else. https://www.theodysseyonline.com/the-muder-of-euronymous

No. 1416423

agreed, she's getting ratioed and her posts just come off as low quality bait tbh. she must have seen the varg tweet on the rs subreddit and figured it's a good way to stir the pot for attention since the last shit episode

No. 1416424

Yeah as much as it pains me to say this, I’m team Dasha when it comes to Dasha vs. Varg. And I think Dasha is a try hard talentless retarded potato

No. 1416428

File: 1642108010652.png (187.49 KB, 1220x934, Screenshot 2022-01-13 16.06.47…)

living to see varg fatshame dashew

No. 1416435

masturbation joke, not fatshaming

No. 1416437

Her making a big show out of calling someone degenerate is still hypocritical considering she’s a somewhat bad person herself

No. 1416438

this dude killed his best friend during a paranoid break down and thinks he has earned something enduring a sentence from the most humane prison system in the world. can varg stans fuck off, this isn't your safe space

No. 1416439

Serious question, does varg browse leftcows and that's how he knows about a literallywho kinderwhore? I legit envision him as a farmer kek he's a messy bitch

No. 1416441

not a vargstan I just dislike the pod nona, as many in the thread do

No. 1416442

How many abortions has she had again?

No. 1416444

He literally has nothing but a pile of French dirt to his name now. Sitting outside the local McDonalds and using the free wifi to be terminally online is very metal, plus he and Dasha have twitter circles that overlap.

No. 1416445

This also isn't the red scare subreddit you fag

No. 1416446

Black and white thinking is part of a diagnostic criteria of many personality disorders, catholic-kun. Would Jesus want you to be using his precious gift of life harassing supposed "harlots" online or would it please him if you perhaps did something actionable in your community? I thought it was leftists that spent all their time sniffing out heretics.

No. 1416448

File: 1642108966393.png (609.03 KB, 484x776, iguana.png)

Bruenig's "babysitter" is actually her sugar daddy Adam Vandervoort's daughter Frances.

Bruenig's article where she anonymously accuses her father of abusing her (https://archive.md/n7Iz2) is so poorly disguised that she might as well have published it under her own name. Alan = Adam Vandervoort and Jen is his wife Jess who matches Liz's description of her. Picrel is the pet iguana referenced in the article.

The Vandervoort family seems like a trianwreck too, unsurprising that someone used to dysfunction would gravitate towards them.

No. 1416449

he's probably here since he came up in tradthots and is looking to sling mud on someone else. or maybe it's a tiresome leftbro gay-op since they've been trying to throw all sorts of fanatical communities at her.

No. 1416450

of course all the chapocels on the timeline are praising a nazi murderer because he "owned" dasha after moralposting all week about anna being unvaxxed because "the third world doesn't have enough vaccines :(" you terminally online "communists" are fake as fuck

No. 1416452

varg spends hours on twitter a day and is very responsive to tweets in the placentaverse. someone else posted dasha's pic there and he replied yesterday. it's not out of character for him to reply after she insulted him over it. I'm assuming dasha's the one who saw his tweet either here or in the sub

No. 1416455

File: 1642109558301.jpeg (228.49 KB, 640x911, 6BAF640F-3949-483D-AE32-CAF3FC…)

In a tweet now deleted, Dasha’s pickme antics escalate to broadcasting her deformities as they serve small dick kingzz

No. 1416463

>looking like a doughy faced boy in a bonnet

No. 1416468

they're just having a laugh

No. 1416473

File: 1642111532999.png (106.23 KB, 900x534, D73DB347-D369-4A2D-9944-406655…)

Ntayrt but you are literally this guy. Mentioning Dasha’s hypocrisy wrt religion on a gossip board is not “harassing harlots” lmao what a silly exaggerated thing to say

No. 1416478

Is he really a junkie? Not really surprising, seems like the "left" irony bro type

No. 1416481

Post screenshots

No. 1416504

File: 1642114122903.jpg (56.1 KB, 593x462, 1245623627465.JPG)

No. 1416519

Thanks for the recap and links anon, I’d read the Cut article but didn’t make the connection who the “babysitter” was. I’ve always wondered how Frances and her brother feel about the Bruenigs weird cozy relationship with their parents. Liz admits in that article that Adam Vanderboort bought her and Matt a house so they could live next door, which is insane and I can’t think of a non-fucked up reason why a “friend” buys a house for a very successful writer and her lawyer husband. Liz painted herself as close with Frances, but I can only imagine the kids are completely creeped out by the situation? So incestuous and weird.

Btw Frances is a total scarethot, her whole Twitter feed is Anna Dasha and cumtown retweets and refining her “rich girl edgelord” persona and political takes. She’d belong in this thread if she were more social media famous - which could happen, she’s gorgeous and skinwalking the right people

No. 1416520

I mean, she's pretty much a Nazi herself

No. 1416526

File: 1642114940974.jpeg (365.04 KB, 1044x1310, 1AC85948-FCEF-4227-BCCF-BDB3BF…)

From Liz Bruenig’s sugar daddy’s wife’s Twitter acct. Yeah, everybody fucking everybody in this scenario. Can’t wait to see the “swinger” oppo come out in 2027 and ruin Liz’s presidential run and/or View career

No. 1416535

File: 1642115497007.png (362.08 KB, 2522x1132, Screenshot-2.png)

tweet for tweet the most revolting member of the RSEU, by a country mile

No. 1416561

This is so sad

No. 1416562

>I have a shallow cervix
Adam cannot stop taking Ls

No. 1416566

hilarious how Anna is drying to push the ugly tweets down her timeline by posting benign filler shit. "wow that baby is so cute!" so transparent

No. 1416569

KP Freaking out that anyone would have the audacity to question let alone critcize her choice not only to have a NYE party but post photos of it a year ago,
Yet takes pleasure in this, still, years later and posts about it too

No. 1416574

duh he’s explicitly posted about doing heroin before. inshallah he relapses along with the rest of the junkies who’ve switched to getting their fix from twitter

No. 1416576

this bitch looks pretty fucked up. I guess that’s as good as Sean can even attempt given he looks like his face is melting off his skull.

No. 1416577

Being an actual autistic murderer robs you of your ability to "own", sorry varg

No. 1416581

File: 1642118647234.png (21 KB, 593x216, hey heroin fuck you.PNG)

only time will tell

No. 1416622

these terminal fuckups need attention and pats on the back more than any egirl

No. 1416623

Varg is one of the most unselfaware lolcows in existence. No one's praising him, they're laughing at the absurdity

No. 1416643

ahahaha wtf!

No. 1416647

he absolutely will relapse, assuming he's even "clean" now (x doubt). opioid junkies have 2 outcomes: relapsed or dead

No. 1416650

File: 1642123541301.jpg (32.39 KB, 400x400, HkiW8OtV_400x400.jpg)


Hi cow

No. 1416674

Eh, fine if you don’t agree but she’s your typical young model/influencer type, this is what they look like when they’re not kardashians or mutants like Dasha. Like I said, I don’t think she’s worthy of discussion in this thread outside her tangential role in Liz Bruenig’s psychodrama tho

No. 1416677

File: 1642125314285.png (242.14 KB, 1253x470, a tale of two dime sqs.png)

Is the other Dimes Square tv show a real one or it is more of them just making student films of themselves?

No. 1416682

I wouldn't know that since there's no way I would actually follow any of those irony freaks

No. 1416693

hehe nice catch

No. 1416712

File: 1642128508842.png (72.55 KB, 612x272, varg v dasha.png)

this was kinda brutal tbh

No. 1416722

Dasha and Anna came to America when they were like 3 years old, why do they pretend to be Russian? I mean, I came from Sweden when I was 6. When I visit family in Sweden, it's very apparent I'm not very Swedish. Sure I speak the language from my parents, but that's about it.

No. 1416723

How braindead do you have to be to get rekt by Varg of all people? Shameful.

No. 1416725

File: 1642130093125.jpeg (382.43 KB, 1536x2048, matt bruenig vandervoorts nap.…)

No. 1416726

Burzum > red scare

At least they had the courage to be honest about how disgusting they are.

No. 1416728

uhh one of them is the project Kyle the Closet Fag's been working on, right?

No. 1416737


Honor we know its you bitch

No. 1416747

No, I’m not her. But she’ll probably read this

No. 1416781

File: 1642136469473.png (1.04 MB, 1188x1318, ikea.png)

I love how none of you fags even posted this, varg showing his Norwegian prison cell which really does look like an IKEA showroom lol. dashew won this round

No. 1416806

nonnie i doubt you could do a week confined to that room for a week. not hating on you but just saying, think about it.

No. 1416824

>dashew won this round
Maybe she would have if she stopped there, instead she went on to get roasted and then deleted her poor attempt at a comeback

No. 1416827

If this proves anything, it's that she's to the right of your average Nazi.

No. 1416830


No. 1416832

she’s got Felix following her on instagram lol i wonder how many other leftcow freaks are also sliding into her dms because of her parent’s relationship with the breunings. poor girl!

No. 1416834

even fucking red scare fans despised this bitch when she went on the show lol. absolutely revolting person in every way

No. 1416836

ew he is such a fucking creep lol

No. 1416837

File: 1642144055550.jpg (118.38 KB, 900x1200, FH_Y9UWXsAgEfgo.jpg)

this mf really fell off

No. 1416838

did she delete this?

No. 1416839

I feel like he's naturally funny but has poor instincts. the terrible podcast with sweet palma - a generic libtard larping as an edgy troll who has no radio charisma what so ever? and now tying himself to that moustached troon? its just embarrassing.

No. 1416840

palma really is a fucking loser

No. 1416842

he really is. so edgy and abrasive, putting prolapses on the timeline so felix will pay attention to him. but you put a mic on him and its just a VOID. I listened to too many episodes of that shit, he never said anything funny, compelling, smart or interesting. just some try hard nerd with no IRL friends obsessed with what the "group chat" thinks of him. chapo really ruined some of these fags' lives

No. 1416875

She's so fucking insufferable. How has anyone not made an I Heart Huckabees reference yet

No. 1416886

I Heart Cuckabees and it's the Matt Bruenig biopic

No. 1416915

>She's getting ratioed

Lmao kill yourself it's fucking Twitter who gives a shit

Extremely rare Dasha win, and it took an autistic metalhead ex-con seething to do it

No. 1416947

It's cringe nona

No. 1417007

a shamed, broken and penitent man would've retreated into obscurity after his sentence for murder was up. varg instead doubled (quadrupled?) down on his clown antics and managed to remain in the fringes of the cultural cosmos somehow, thankfully without further casualties. he might be dumb, he might be evil, but that retard resilience – no matter how misdirected – can't simply be waved away. dasha comes off so lame when she tries to take some sort of high ground, it's really quite astonishing; were her genghis khan-adjacent views on crime and punishment as widely aired during the summer of george floyd?

No. 1417045

Dashallow cervix didn't win shit yesterday

No. 1417057

They're both retards, but idk what dasha thought she was accomplishing by bragging about how belarus is a shithole. This is the most lucid I've ever seen someone make varg look.

No. 1417074

Can't wait until his DMs finally get exposed

No. 1417134

It would be a relief if they were sliding into her DMs bc of her relationship to da Broonigs and not because she’s a naive 18 year old girl who posts thirst traps and clearly worships the losers in this thread

No. 1417171

only a pathetic man would valorize this "virtue." r/dramaoids get fucked.

No. 1417179

>b-b-b-but, burzum sucks!!!
chill your nips nona, not everyone lies to themselves to cope like you. >>1417007 is right

No. 1417194

File: 1642185829639.png (106.45 KB, 365x376, E6oCeoTXMAE31H7.png)

I like how this thread immediately turned into a "who is more based" competition between a retarded post-leftcow with FAS and a filthy wignat manchild who can't wipe his own ass, all because Vargfags are fragile scrotes.

If you think anyone "won" in this exchange (other than us) you're a moron.

No. 1417209


I really took a while to realise she isn’t always doing a bit, really is something

No. 1417215

Either way, Dasha must be spiraling after she thought her cringe bit role would lead to a happening acting career. Guess she doesn’t have “God on her side” after all

No. 1417225


No. 1417229

a lot of those deals take a bit to form, i bit dasha will get more little rolls from succession

No. 1417238

File: 1642188803731.png (1.26 MB, 1755x869, nietzkymeltdown.png)

left irony bro fred nietzky gets outed as a sexpest, has a public meltdown, possibly fired from his community college gig for his nonstop incel tweeting. alas coochiebone is probably too financially cushioned by his friends to get fired for being a freak.

No. 1417246

Ew hailey's back again already?

No. 1417255

>has a public meltdown, possibly fired from his community college gig for his nonstop incel tweeting
screens of him being fired?

No. 1417272

File: 1642190834715.png (193.22 KB, 1607x786, lol.png)

he's not listed as a lectury or faculty at saint peters or saint josephs anymore. too dumb to live.

No. 1417277

impressive he tweets what he does under his own name

No. 1417287

If you search his account for the word “women” it’s literally every single day he posts some screed about how much he hates them lmao like even if you read it in the most charitable way imaginable it’s never remotely ironic or meant to be funny. idk why this would be surprising to anyone or why he’s considered “left” at all

No. 1417291

Doesn’t matter, she is not the breakout star she wants to be

No. 1417295

File: 1642192361700.png (92.97 KB, 587x858, Gmo.PNG)

not super milky but this account is odd

No. 1417312

anyone care to take a guess on how anna and dasha are going to address on the pod what happened this week? if at all..

No. 1417316

what people being pissy or varg?

No. 1417317

they'll probably milk it for all its worth. they needed to do something to divert attention from the antivax shit they were getting

No. 1417319

File: 1642193985607.jpg (861.77 KB, 4000x3000, 35d5c546-6866-4bbb-99f7-504198…)

never forget this fridge-bodied "communist" spent the summer of floyd rallying votes for biden lmao

No. 1417326

anna fucked up and went on social media and made it worse. then dasha went on social media so she too could say she made a mistake, got in a little tiff that was obviously avoidable, and now they can both say, with a laugh, what a mistake it was to engage. anna will clarify about the antivax shit and her condition, probably dasha will lend her PR girl to help out with how they frame it moving forward.

No. 1417345

File: 1642195349911.png (6.68 MB, 2848x1530, 4ACDA46F-705C-4760-B040-52B5BA…)

Just a 40 year old mom thirst trapping on Instagram in a plastic Brandy Melville sweater

No. 1417355

at what point is it embarrassing for old women to be wearing clothing that's for teenagers?

No. 1417368

File: 1642196503588.png (2.66 MB, 2776x1274, dasha <3 burzum.png)

Soo the funniest thing about the Dasha/Varg fued is Dasha's a Burzum fan lmfao. Here's screens from her old last.fm account and pretty sure she mentioned them in her teenage Terminal Boredom posts too. It's one thing to be a murdering psycho, another to be a murdering psycho's fan.


No. 1417377

Definitely embarrassing for a self appointed arbitrar of taste to be in shitty fast fashion all the time. Even worse she’s still wearing those cheesy Slayer shorts. She’s like your anorexic auntie trying to convince everyone she’s “still got it” by wearing microminis that reveal her baggy knees

No. 1417385

>It's one thing to be a murdering psycho, another to be a murdering psycho's fan.
Not saying the grabs aren't funny but Burzum the music is pretty well-regarded in general, lots of normies are fans unless they're woke about it

No. 1417393

tbf 10 scrobbles doesn't really mean much

No. 1417404

it's bad enough when dasha tries the widdle waif bs but anna posing in 10th grader at 35 getup while the nanny tends her baby is on another level

No. 1417429

Why does Anna’s house/apartment look so cheap when she makes so much money???

No. 1417442

I actually think the Red Scare Patrons are inflated for this reason. It doesn't track that two women each making over $310,000 per year for a couple years haven't moved out of their grotty apartments or significantly upgraded their furniture, wardrobes, etc. They're clearly spending a little more on clothes, minor cosmetic tweaks, and like, Anna finally got a bookcase for that silverfish-ridden pile of books on her floor. And I'm sure there's dinners, cabs, etc. that we can't see. But overall they're both suspiciously conservative with money. I've lived at a lot of different salaries in NYC and they move like women making closer to $100-120k/year imo

No. 1417445

Damn thought y'all would be hype over this lol. I know she's not like their biggest fan, but she definitely used to like all this edgelord shit for the exact reasons she's condemning it now. She namedrops Burzum and Brainbombs in her old message board posts, which if you know about the latter band, would make Dasha's "hanging up an SS flag" controversy look like nothing.

No. 1417452

File: 1642203221936.jpeg (37.86 KB, 750x641, EYpVtT4WsAUM1wc.jpeg)

He's been known as a sex pest for a while, admitted it himself 2 years ago. Also the irony of complaining about women overreacting in a tweet completely overreacting to a dumb joke.

No. 1417456

Amazed this doesn’t happen more often. Dude literally logs on to tweet about how much he hates women and Jews every single day with his face and name right out there. Scary.

My friend and I both saw him on NYC tinder in the last year, I wonder how that’s going for him

No. 1417459

please tell me you have screens nonna. would love to see how he attempts to hide his seething rage at women long enough to get laid

also i was shocked that was his actual face - i always assumed it was some stolen avi. why risk your whole life to post face when you're not even hot, it makes no sense

No. 1417507

>She namedrops Burzum and Brainbombs in her old message board posts
do you have screens of that? if she was listening to them just to be edgy then that is weird, I thought you were just pointing out that she had listened to them before

No. 1417588

I can't keep track of these splintering factions anymore. Who are the True Marxists he's talking about.

No. 1417641

Lmao thank you for this, had no idea this loser ever taught at a college. Imagine paying money to have this freak leering at you all day while you're in class. Looks like if he got fired it was a few months back. Bet mommy and daddy are thrilled that little teddy will have to keep living in the basement. No way is this dude employable.

No. 1417645

are you insane? she's gorgeous, I can't believe sean thought he had a chance

No. 1417656

Honestly, they could do a lot better at even $100-120k, which is why I think the griminess is just a bohemian affectation. I mean, look at roommate leia - there's no way she can't afford a way nicer apartment to herself.

No. 1417664

yep, unlike dasha the man actually has skin in the game. they're both cows and from a moral standpoint he's much worse, but at least he actually lives by the edgy shit he believes despite social (and literal) punishment - unlike dasha, who just does whatever gets her more clout

No. 1417668

i think i'm having a stroke, is he saying that True Marxists aren't leftists?

No. 1417680

>why risk your whole life to post face when you're not even hot
i think he's literally retarded, was he an actual faculty member? how did that happen

No. 1417705

I checked, no luck unfortunately.

Would be very surprised if he had any position other than adjunct, the insecure wage slave job of academia that pays less than min wage

No. 1417739

uh she literally just looks like Grimes. dog common white woman

No. 1417826

File: 1642245450036.png (1.04 MB, 2048x1508, Screenshot_20220115-050947.png)

This raging pickme libfem is having a pity spiral over the fact that she was best friends with Ted/Fred and he finally started treating her like he does all women and called her a cunt. Why do these women always think they are going to be the special chosen one to escape the incel wrath? They love it when these guys shit on other women and cry when it predictably happens to them.

No. 1417846

If you wouldn't insist that she milk your prostate you're fucked in the head

No. 1417894

I saw that too. Any woman who knows about his twitter feed and still tries to befriend him thinking she'll be the exception from his misogyny is retarded and deserves zero sympathy.

No. 1417898

this guy is a wealthy veteran software engineer with a remote gig who claims to be a working class whisperer bc he lives in the midwest and repairs cars in his spare time. was way more interesting during his time as a felina replyguy.

No. 1417902

yeah, he was a perma adjunct who flitted from community college to community college. but these schools are so dinky that the lecturers appear on the faculty pages.

No. 1417951

Speaking of felina, did she ever make a new account or has she actually stayed off?

No. 1418136

File: 1642275790381.jpeg (154.44 KB, 828x509, 2147EB12-7704-425D-B3E8-A6F2F6…)

Thirsty for engagement

No. 1418140

No. 1418177

does anyone have any info about these dimes squares reality shows?? one apparently got picked up

No. 1418180

File: 1642278628735.jpeg (111.98 KB, 745x701, 9CB0A29C-99C6-4776-9CDE-E1DD99…)


No. 1418188

Picked up by who?

No. 1418205


idk i don’t know anything besides the fact that it was picked up

No. 1418230

why does her forehead look like that? fr dawg I'm not even trolling why is it so big. like what is the purpsoe

No. 1418236

to be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand party reporting

No. 1418255

On the ep of red scare she was on she made it sound like she was raised in abject poverty and if she ever had an emergency and needed money her parents could only spare like $50… but of course that’s not true, they obviously paid for her to go to Barnard and live in nyc for 4 years at least and then finally cut her off when she became a “party reporter.”

No. 1418278

bad obvious joke is obvious.

No. 1418280

she posted a ton about him. I almost thought some of her tweets were worded similarly to posts I saw here.

No. 1418292

this is just called being a woman in your 20's

No. 1418330

I've heard both Bravo and Hulu

No. 1418373

so probably neither then, and it’ll be on Fox Reality or Discovery Plus

No. 1418449

File: 1642301591095.jpeg (428.43 KB, 828x1001, 5DBDA268-A712-4767-9423-7D108E…)

No. 1418485

Isn't assuming that all Hispanic-Americans are automatically Catholic itself a form of racism, if you want to play by this logic? The actual number is just over 50%.

No. 1418497

I'm so tired of people thinking that Hispanic people are part of a separate race.

No. 1418499

muh catholic mexicans are the new muh poor white rurals for leftoid cope

No. 1418552

Did Bruenig post anything about Mexico’s abortion ruling last year or the fact that leftist candidates in Chile and Honduras won decisively on a platform that included increasing access to abortion? Pretty soon she won’t be able to hide behind Latin American Catholics anymore to shield her retarded politics.

No. 1418592

Yeah not to get too ot but a bunch of Hispanics both in the us and in Latin America are actually evangelical lol

No. 1418596

Increasing number of Mormon Hispanics too. I visited some Mormon areas of Idaho recently and was a little surprised by how many young millennial White + Hispanic couples I saw.

No. 1418659

File: 1642330935773.png (1.01 MB, 640x1136, 42A3D09E-C178-4D6F-A023-AEF2D0…)

Anyone catch Honor's live? Kinda sad how she's just a straight-up /pol/tard racist from 2016 now.

No. 1418679

Lmao good luck to her if she wants a writing career outside of the dimes square/leftover dregs of alt lit scene, publishing is a super woke industry and writers have been canceled for far far less than the shit honor has said

No. 1418696

quick rundown?

No. 1418738

talking IQ race-realism; deems her libertarian friend in the background there "big-brained," who benefits from only being half-black. talks about how she became racist because society discriminates against white people and she was tired of being told she's racist for speaking her truth so she just leaned into it. says her podcast is alternative and right-wing but not alt-right. it's like she can only talk in racist or tradcath memes, it comes off almost as performance art sometimes.

No. 1418784

I don’t doubt Honor is racist but if she was so scared of her lib mommy she got vaxxed why is she going on racist tirades for the world to see? The livestream and possibly the posts here about it have to be a lame art school project and that’s why she has a black guy there to back her up when she says it was a joke.

No. 1418800

>why is she going on racist tirades for the world to see
everyone knows this scene is filled with racists. kyle brown writes poetry about hitler, honor levy poses as a swastika, the fragrance fascist does his shtick, half of them suck up to moldbug, and no one cares because they all agree with the politics and find the aesthetics hip lol. when questioning how all these terrible people somehow became the locus of cool, it's always good to remember that gavin mcinnes founding the proud boys wasn't something that just popped up out of nowhere.

No. 1418860

File: 1642351924563.jpeg (840.38 KB, 1213x1699, 297653EE-E0CE-42A0-894B-B310E0…)

I’m still laughing over the replies to Anna’s near death experience

No. 1418864

File: 1642352581825.jpeg (720.39 KB, 1196x1718, E836142A-51C8-4055-B527-7E97D8…)

No. 1418869

File: 1642352766909.jpeg (762.52 KB, 1195x1713, 8ED2F2A1-ADF4-4E13-88F1-D1AC35…)

Glad to see so many people call out Anna’s bullshit “woe is me” act

No. 1418937

File: 1642358522797.jpeg (76.91 KB, 1125x709, 41E32349-1C72-4DBD-90CE-8D8A8E…)

Anna’s kid was born in the bathroom? She did say something about having a premature birth.

No. 1418965

I listened to the wet brain episode that Dasha was on and Honor’s mom calls in at the beginning and their relationship seems… strange. It’s like generic indulgent overly permissive Mom spoiled JAP daughter dynamic but I also get the vibe that the mom thinks Honor is legit retarded… like maybe she has an autism diagnosis or something and her parents gave up on her already and don’t care that she’s a failson NEET podcaster. But they also sent her to Bennington (?) so it seems weird that they’re not pushing her into something more respectable than edgelord podcasting.

No. 1419003

I still wonder why that podcast he did with Glenn Greenwald was so short-lived. Not that it was particularly good, but there was clearly an audience for the takes and usually these things last for more than just 4 episodes…

No. 1419055

Yeah, she said she gave birth to the baby in her own bathroom by like squatting or something

No. 1419131

jfc what size is that vag

No. 1419139

File: 1642370866311.png (7.88 KB, 200x187, i6wu400ibt051.png)

being flippantly cruel to flippantly cruel cows is unironically my favorite way of farming, because it's always those types who get the most butthurt. being cruel to uwu whining type cows never produces anything new and is in general kind of cowardly and low. but my god, whenever you go after evil hags like anna and aimee or edgelord faggots like sam hyde or ralph retard… the pitiful squealing… the instant wounded gazelle play… the immediate backpedaling on everything they used to shill and believe… the textwalling… the hypocritical moralfaggging… hnnnnngh

No. 1419154

File: 1642371909508.png (162.24 KB, 1180x674, drunken canal play.png)

This is separate from the reality tv shows but there's a play that sounds like a satire of the Drunken Canal coming soon. Don't think anyone involved has been in these threads before. They're all like 40.
Her doula told her she didn't need to go to the hospital yet but the baby started coming out early.