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File: 1630804494260.jpeg (553.21 KB, 1765x1873, 45258FDF-9851-4B5F-B851-C35C82…)

No. 1316004

A general thread to discuss the degenerate side of pornsick Twitter. Cows that are not milky or relevant enough for their own thread.
>Grown women who participate in pedo-pandering to scrotes, larping as minors, and the sexualization of children
>between the ages of 18-25
> have onlyfans accounts or pan handles for money in exchange for lewds
>pronouns in bio
>claims to not support MAPS but their content says otherwise
>Minors DNI
>posts rape fantasies, encouraging scrotes that it is something women would want
>suicide baits when they don’t have enough subscribers
>usernames all are eerily similar with pedophilic undertones “owned- “Dada-“
>as well as “puppy-” “preteen-” “preschool-”
“loli-“ or “toddler-“ “kiddo-“
>calls their genitals “kiddie” parts

Some of the notable Pedo Twitter cow’s handles:
@ownedgf (also known as Fat Erin Painter)

No. 1316005

File: 1630804560884.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1242x1833, D9E5A96F-16F6-4089-B252-48DEFD…)

@_angelic_baby_x on Twitter

No. 1316010

This thread is already giving me nightmares

No. 1316014

sage but does this include DDLGfags?

No. 1316045

Dear lord.

No. 1316061

I really do worry for the youth. As disgusting as all this is, it really just makes me sad. We need to nuke the internet/social media at this point.

No. 1316150

this image will make a great still in an Adam Curtis documentary 20 years from now about technology, the new great depression and commodified sex intersecting in 2021.

No. 1316253

Do the "daddys" of these degenerates fit in this thread? I know they're not technically the pedopanderer, but they are the literal undercover pedos involved with them and tbh a lot of these pedopanderers end up being exposed for helping their moids groom minors. Online "daddy doms" are extremely disgusting with a lot of drama

No. 1316366

I agree, I don't think the internet is a healthy place for young girls, I wish I could keep them off of it for their sake and safety.

No. 1316399

I'd count them, they're equally creepy.

Yes. As long as they don't have their own thread

No. 1320599

File: 1631288762987.jpeg (143.21 KB, 750x282, 2F91AD9E-50C9-4F6C-8F69-98C1D1…)

This belongs here.

No. 1320600

File: 1631288836362.jpeg (253.86 KB, 828x797, F2435569-9B82-4851-887E-F4FBA3…)

Oh Christ.

No. 1320607

I’m killing myself

No. 1320619

This fatty has her own thread anon. This thread if for other pedo pandering whores

No. 1320702

File: 1631294694997.jpeg (178.63 KB, 750x459, A7235AC2-A45B-424C-AB84-1739D7…)

we as a civilization are too far gone, it‘s time for mass re-education camps. until then we need to bully these people into going to therapy. i get that these people have most likely been through CSA, but they definitely lack the mental capacity to understand that this fucking sick ass shit attracts rapists and coomers like shit attracts flies. no wonder BPD bitches end up in endless cycles of abuse when they are this fucking stupid. god i wanna a-log

No. 1320714

Noncing, but make it woke.

Where's Shane Brannigan when you need him?

No. 1320723

>likely been through CSA
I almost want to say doubt bc how could you possibly glorify and perpetuate and pander to the people that hurt you, but even if that is the case, fuck them for the aforementioned. No sympathy for these nasty degenerates. Fuck them for being uwu to pedophiles, by NAME no less. I would love for these bitches to an hero, we don’t need them.

No. 1320745

i hate that we're not afraid to call men pedos when they went through csa but never do the same for women. i bet these bitches would breed kids to help their men abuse them

No. 1320753

No. 1320809

Ugh. Just brought back nightmares of Ian Watkins and his groupies who let him RAPE THEIR BABIES. Makes me want to throw up thinking about it

No. 1320973

This is not uncommon among pedophiles. Pedos will evenbmarry and have kids that never exist on paper for very fucked up reasons, I think one woman born into that life was even on Dr. Phil once.

No. 1321039

File: 1631327403949.jpeg (539.51 KB, 1170x1528, 740BD3CC-B8B9-41AA-A72B-74AA51…)

This is their second “dom account”

No. 1321040

Sage for samefag but, saying they because I don’t know if they’re a troon or a fucked up bpd girl KEK

No. 1321043

File: 1631327807887.jpeg (296.55 KB, 1060x432, 1595DBE8-866A-4272-B738-26B157…)

Are these bitches just deluding themselves into thinking this is what a child, oh I’m sorry “healthy princess” looks like?

No. 1321046


>dad cock


This makes weepingcock from lj look like high tier intellectual prose.

No. 1321047

File: 1631328248596.jpeg (920.32 KB, 1170x1771, 7E8F2A49-29AF-48A7-BC3D-B8B7BD…)

Why are all of these nonces morbidly obese???? Literally who the fuck would call this a “tiny kiddie gf”

No. 1321048

how is this fucking shit allowed on twitter?

No. 1321079

I'm going to pretend I never had to read those two words together so I can remain sane for the remainder of my life

No. 1321111

Oh cool, a Belle Delphine thread?(sage your shit)

No. 1321116

I'm not sure if you use Twitter, but this kind of thing is surprisingly common. Hell, just look at poppytwt or the map community. While most people don't like them… they still kinda get begrudgingly accepted because its skilled as a trauma cope and a majority of the people involved are some kind of 'tism- er, I mean LGBT with a huge ring around T plus arrows pointing at it to really emphasise the T. In short, these spaces/communities are defended by the ultra woke because they think kink is a form of healthy expression, and they will accept literal nonces as an extension of that

Belle Delphine is honestly the biggest red flag in the world. If you know a man who is genuinely attracted to Belle, they are a pedophile, however imo she isn't the brand of panderer fit for the thread. She is 100% trying to be loli but she isn't outwardly doing whatever weird shit this is

No. 1321117

Samefag, *shilled not skilled

No. 1321131

There's literally a thread about DDLG people.

No. 1321215

it’s always the fat bitches who do this pedopandering shit KEK, they should go the anachan route if they even want a chance of not being mistaken as someone under 30 with 3 kids.

No. 1321232

File: 1631370508990.png (103.2 KB, 1182x320, Bildschirmfoto 2021-09-11 um 1…)

the fuck?

No. 1321233

>with 3 kids
No that sounds like the perfect way to get a pedophile

No. 1321234

Scrolling by, but this is fucking nasty. I’m gonna vomit

No. 1321236

i'm like 99% sure this is a mtf the overlap must be huge between these nonces and trannies

No. 1321253

You're not even wrong. A huge number of these types who actually end up getting arrested or exposed for going ahead and doing irl stuff are troons

No. 1321271

is there a way for me to hide this thread forever serious question

No. 1321449

Ty for making this thread, pedopanderers are becoming an epidemic. Don't know if milkwebs counts, she is into BDSM and has a bunch of videos about DDLG and being a "little" (vomit) though she hasn't uploaded in a while.

Btw if you search "little space" on youtube a bunch of cringy shit like age regression tiktoks comes up.

No. 1321457

>i bet these bitches would breed kids to help their men abuse them
I've seen supposedly girls on /r9k/ say they would, in less honest words

No. 1321502

Isn't this girl the one shuwu used to follow and interact with when she and preg were doing ddlg?

No. 1321569

maybe? if so I'm unaware. but she also collab'd with brittany simon who isn't as bad

No. 1321612

File: 1631407767964.jpg (72.56 KB, 1080x735, 1629362643188.jpg)

>preg and doing ddlg

No. 1321664

Blog but I found DDLG shit as a 16 year old, CSA at 13. So yeah. They’re just making more pedos to make more of themselves. im better now

No. 1321765

File: 1631429918868.jpeg (673.78 KB, 1242x1189, FAE231E0-D084-4FC2-B9D3-01B21A…)

Repost from the egirl threads

No. 1321810

looks more like shes wearing someones grandmas underwear

No. 1322103

File: 1631460965508.jpeg (1.42 MB, 3464x3464, 418347EF-1E38-4B3D-B14E-7FD8AB…)

More degeneracy

No. 1322133

I'm pretty sure toddlers don't have the bodies of fat greasy teenagers who neglect themselves? She looks like every other fat Mexican bitch kek. I love how all these egotistical pedos are all the most repulsive and chunky rejects that get ignored by everyone, just sitting, heaving and tweeting into the void about how small and tiny and soft and beautiful they are from their reinforced extra stabilized pink uwu gamer chair. Do you think everyone who has their name now attached to these accounts will kill themselves? Like, what do you do when you go to get a job or rent/buy a place and someone pulls up your "@lilpastelkiddycunt" account and sees you tweeting about your dad and brother raping you at night? KEK What the hell do you do then?

No. 1322167

Pregoray, anon. it's short for pregory.

No. 1322258

>Me and my brother fucked
Uh, so is this another weird fantasy larp or?

No. 1322389

File: 1631483203395.jpeg (181.53 KB, 1170x741, 6F8F44A6-484A-42DA-8BAB-A08E9A…)

Here’s a fucking gem KEK.

No. 1322439

what the fuck kek. when your discord dada buys you obese toddler clothes __

No. 1322617

File: 1631494013090.jpeg (197.58 KB, 750x694, CD7E4CB3-9C66-48BA-BD8E-CEEC30…)

No. 1322633

Idk what I thought this thread would be like when I clicked, but I seriously want to vomit. This shit is just depressing and anyone who finds it sexy needs to be institutionalized. I’d rather look at vaginoplasties gone wrong on the MTF thread than read this sick shit.

No. 1322683

Someone needs to doxx these faggots and send their CP LARP logs to their parents and workplaces. That and being on the sex offender registry would change their tune real fuckin quick. Please god let men like this be raped and beaten to death in prison like the faggots they are. Amen.

No. 1322701

No. 1322703

File: 1631502167153.jpeg (916.53 KB, 1251x1183, 75C54E2A-5B25-4053-9C0E-2DAD75…)

Ew that gut. I wish we could see all of their greasy faces in candid pictures . These people should be thrown into a labor camp

No. 1322712

This thread incites so much fucking rage within me, like absolutely no other

No. 1322836

Because they’re too fat and repulsive to attract a man through normal means. They think the only way they can get male attention is by catering to a demographic of nonces, and judging by that gut and that humiliating fat-to-boobs ratio they’re right kek

No. 1322856

Agreed, gonna have to stop coming here before i start a logging

No. 1323397

What else is there to do in this thread but a-log… there is nothing else to feel or be said

No. 1323475

Amen! Reading this stuff makes me feel like I need to be on a watchlist or something. It’s disgusting. Twitter loves pedophiles, they never ban them. Ironic since they love censoring any political beliefs they disagree with. If I was a billionaire I’d buy Twitter and delete it, it’s a cesspool. The only reason I go on it once in a while is for funny videos/tweets.

No. 1323476

can someone find these degenerates’ real names or is that doxxing? I mean I’m sure you can find it easily since they have two brain cells. Anons found Shayna’s name and her parents Facebook etc. but I don’t know

No. 1323920

File: 1631635331517.jpeg (353.49 KB, 1316x2513, DB0981CD-FE7A-4B78-9E9C-3AF3C5…)

>20 going on 5!
What the fuck

No. 1323922

File: 1631635408476.jpeg (986.53 KB, 1242x1793, 8AEBD2DE-2C70-41CA-ABEE-FACAD3…)

you aren’t going to get picked

No. 1323936

File: 1631636562505.jpeg (568.84 KB, 1533x3135, 49CA8E0C-17F7-4FB5-853F-50154A…)

I hate it here

No. 1323937

File: 1631636667191.jpeg (931.72 KB, 2983x1934, 66A9BDB7-E5EB-43F3-B75F-EE21F0…)

Why is everyone who have a nsfw Twitter fat and ugly but think they’re a small and cute anime girl kek

No. 1323938

fuck me for being petty but y those socks

No. 1323948

Former fatty editing herself to look extra ana kek including the dollar store slip and all.

I can't imagine how broken and invalid you have to be to play along with this just to get sexual attention. It's really not hard to work through CSA and become someone with a healthy sex life with people your age. It's a lot easier than constantly retraumatizing or traumatizing yourself and publicly broadcasting it so that your entire life is ruined once your identity is revealed. Which again, should be done. Don't care if it's against the rules to encourage. Fuck all of these people. Someone needs to find them and spam their shit on sites where they'll be fucked with. They should be hacked and locked out of their accounts and fully doxxed barring addresses and family member names. Send the thousands of pages of their pedophilic desire tweets to their employers, schools, parents, etc. and just aid these failsons and daughters in being removed from society. If you refuse actual help and just want to willingly become a pedo, you deserve to have everything taken from you and be publicly shamed forever. People should immediately think of their real names and faces when they read this sick shit. Watch how fast they become scared little maggots begging for a second chance and understanding when you permalink that shit to their real life. I know half these people that do this probably already do drugs and cut themselves/starve/etc. I wish them all a very accelerate it and fucking die.

No. 1323957

File: 1631638208120.jpeg (422.62 KB, 1385x1933, CF4BEAD2-95C5-4CA4-A13D-A41546…)

Kek what.

No. 1323990

File: 1631640232724.jpg (110.94 KB, 1080x722, Screenshot_20210914_122256.jpg)

God this bitch is nauseating, go to therapy you useless cow

No. 1324134

What the fuck ?? Where can we even report this shit. (If that even does anything). I feel sick

No. 1324140

I feel the same way. This is so sickening and are obvious alarm bells. They are admitting to their horrid and inhumane tendencies, why are they not being reprimanded for it?? what is there to defend about this??????????

No. 1324178

Why are there even likes on this post?? this is sickening

No. 1324191

File: 1631655768771.jpeg (198.27 KB, 1137x1287, 1DF511EA-EB81-4D1C-BD29-9B12B3…)

I reported it on Twitter because it clearly violates the rules. But I don’t think they’ll do anything about it, sadly. Or they’ll keep making more pedo accounts.

No. 1324234

is that a troon I don’t wanna believe that it is an actual woman plus no tits and might be meitud

No. 1324244

i don't think it's a troon, she's just ugly and shapeless
also this might be an unpopular opinion but i don't believe for a second that any of these women have ever experienced csa or else they'd at least keep their "coping mechanism" private to avoid possibly exposing other victims. pedo pandering is always a cope for being too fat/unattractive/bpd (or some combination of the 3) to attract men who aren't total degenerates

No. 1324256

File: 1631661046309.jpeg (825.43 KB, 1864x3414, 41259D61-8B16-4F41-B463-280767…)

@P3DOB41T can say she wants someone to make her barf “kiddie holes bleed” but being “fatphobic” is where she crossed the line
You’re right anon these pedophile pandering bitches are ugly and fat

No. 1324258

File: 1631661080693.jpeg (102.71 KB, 1171x242, 8FAEB1C9-C748-4D52-A6FE-08726D…)

No. 1324262

File: 1631661448923.jpeg (646.73 KB, 1899x3464, 98DD14F9-AB41-4716-899D-508C91…)

@bimbotoddler posts her uncle/father incest rape fantasies. why aren’t these people on the watchlist

No. 1324271


No. 1324284

i feel like these girls do this cause they genuinely feel like they'll be tossed aside and undesirable past the age of 18. that's fucking sad. i feel bad for them, even the older ones cause you have to be fucked up to do this to yourself. i can imagine these people in this community that ARE 12-14 and that just hurts. this reminds me of when hunter moore from is anyone up would RT minors nudes and twitter just did nothing until he got locked up. this shit makes me want to turn to jesus and beg for help.

No. 1324293

Well said nonnie. Scrotes are degen pedos and its nothing new, but it's a fucking slap to the face when young women engage in this shit. and as a CSA survivor not to alog but it makes me want to go on a killing spree against em all.

No. 1324297



I want social media to be completely destroyed.(sage)

No. 1324305

>making fun of fatties is bad but pedophilia is totally fine
the absolute state of ethots kek
>why aren’t these people on the watchlist
bc sadly female pedophilia isn't taken as seriously as male pedophilia since it isn't nearly as common, but this kind of thing needs to be acknowledged more imo. especially since some of these women are eventually going to have children of their own and they're going to either abuse them themselves or allow their creepy "daddy" bfs do it

No. 1324308

can someone explain why this shit is allowed on twitter but meghan murphy isn't

wish he would take one of those razors in his profile pic and slice both of his wrists and his neck

No. 1324322

i get where you're coming from but please save your empathy for people who deserve it, nonny. the ones who are minors are different because they're victims of grooming and can move on from this with parental supervision (and a fuck ton of therapy) but most of them are grown and choose to prioritize crumbs of male attention on the internet over the safety of children and other women. all women deal with being scrutinized for aging but most don't cope with it by encouraging pedophilia

No. 1324323

They’re either hambeasts or former fatties with mounds of wrinkles and loose skin due to anachan weight loss advice KEK

No. 1324325

>I can excuse pedos jerking off to lolicon but I draw the line at TERFS

I don’t want to live on this planet anymore

No. 1324329

part of me hopes that these accounts are all run by troons so they won't ever be able to reproduce

No. 1324510

This entire thread is my thirteenth reason. This is what happens when you consider lolicon harmless and allow these freaks to carry on without being shamed. These pedos can't stop at drawings so they turn themselves into pedo bait. The next step after this is getting convinced to bring real children to their neckbeard pedo dom bfs.

No. 1324516

>i don't believe for a second that any of these women have ever experienced csa

'I do it to cope' is one of the biggest crocks of shit and it was perpetuated by twitter and tumblr. These idiots think it's airtight because the backlash you'd get for confronting them isn't worth the trouble. Truth is, they're kiddy rape fetishist who are too chickenshit to stand behind it, so they have to be a victim. Just not in the way they want to be. The vast majority of csa survivors don't craft their entire online persona around their assault. Not even the BPD ones that went off the deep end. This is in the same ballpark as furries who can't stop talking about sheaths or their weird transformation kink. They're sex pests.

I highly doubt their therapists are recommending them to hang out in discord servers full of dudes fapping to children as part of their mental health care plan.

No. 1324573

>this is my thirteenth reason

I don't need 12 other reasons, this thread is my first and last reason

No. 1324640

File: 1631706268178.jpeg (281.95 KB, 1242x515, 96024F10-FF0F-4BC9-B95D-F45476…)

No. 1324662

hey so can we actually do this please

No. 1324698

If you are a victim wouldn’t you hate pedophiles? Why would you want to pander to them online? I understand being a victim and wanting to revert to this stuff in private but why would you be publicly pandering like this. Disgusting.

Also if these girls are “victims” I just don’t understand why they wouldn’t be hurt by the idea of pedophiles raping kids. There comes a point where you shed the victim label and just become a pedophile yourself…

No. 1324743

i don't have the skills to do so but i would LOVE for this to happened. i'm not that tech savvy or good at programming but willing to help

No. 1324750


No. 1324856

You know what, it's not great but if these people could pair up with pedophiles, problem solved, no? Pedophiles would have a way to get laid/get rid of some pressure and these chicks would get to roleplay their sick fantasies. Better than actual kids.

No. 1324863

Thirding. Obviously don’t post their address but get their full names

No. 1324865

There’s a huge difference between age regressing alone in your room, without sexualizing it and making a Twitter to post all your age regressing activities and making them sexual.

No. 1324949

this girl is allegedly Chinese? all I see is white woman with convenient eyeliner um

No. 1324954

theres a paper with a name on the table behind her in the nude if any anon knows how to render that readable

No. 1324961

File: 1631732501060.jpeg (169.25 KB, 1170x1088, 14402457-5CA5-4049-9D3B-347911…)

samefag but

No. 1324970

Looks like "Julia Carlson" to me

No. 1325047

File: 1631737606538.png (107.28 KB, 1166x742, Bildschirmfoto 2021-09-15 um 2…)

don't know if I am late, but I reported a few accounts under the german network enforcement act and Twitter took everything down so far. If they won't, I will write a complaint to the authorities, Twitter will act then.

I usually don't endorse cowtipping, but those are obviously pedophiles, so idc.

No. 1325053

File: 1631737854914.jpeg (131.81 KB, 1116x812, 2D26CA98-1DB0-4D50-8CB9-4E4987…)

Name: Julia Carlson
ID: 9664
Package(s): 2? 3?
Unique Images of Ohio ?
I have terrible eyesight anons

No. 1325057

File: 1631737925323.jpeg (219.71 KB, 1242x726, C43E79CA-24A4-4007-B94A-4B3D4B…)

No. 1325060

I have nothing to offer to this thread but my tears. Anons I hate these girls. I want them to suffer

No. 1325061

File: 1631738479014.jpeg (217.21 KB, 1169x1301, 30789185-97AD-43F0-954E-898658…)

Galion, Ohio

No. 1325090

Same, nonnie. Doxx these bitches. Doxx them all. No mercy.

No. 1325183

File: 1631747834568.jpeg (123.11 KB, 1170x1520, FFB2E900-AE56-4669-84B2-37A7A6…)


No. 1325287

Bless you, you're doing the hood work that needs to be done!

No. 1325334

lmao yessss

No. 1325435

kek good

No. 1325437

File: 1631777844407.jpeg (36.5 KB, 250x333, 7AF9F511-BBD2-4991-AAB3-01EE30…)

If one or two anons have the stomach to blend into this community, you could become mutuals with a lot of them, become "close friends" to learn their names/locations/etc. then dip and expose when you have a good amount of info from everyone, kek. They're retarded they shouldn't be too hard to manipulate info out of.
Good work!!(cowtipping )

No. 1325452

Am I the only one who assumes they're wannabe OF sex workers who are too fugly to appeal to a mainstream audience and chose to pander to fringe sickos as a cynical marketing ploy instead? It's disgusting either way, but I can't imagine why a woman would post stuff like this with real pictures of herself unless she was desperate for money. Even the pedo moids on Twitter are smart enough not to dox themselves.

No. 1325454

the state of these accounts makes me so scared to have a daughter, it terrifies me to think that this shit seems so acceptable to them??
also thank you to the anons in the thread that are reporting/getting accounts suspended, i'm too disgusted to even look up their profiles

No. 1325458

Have you seen any of them? They are all fat and massive. They won't simply pair up with pedos, they will simply make raping kids easier for those disgusting moids. Women who pair up with pedos literally breed children for them, help them kidnap children, etc.

No. 1325463

are these pedophile cunts too braindead to realise that they’re being taken advantage of by their “daddies” who just wanna fuck children and that the only reason they aren’t completely abandoned is that men get their rocks off to them sucking on pacifiers? or do they just not care and get off on being daddy’s little toy uwu

No. 1325468

honestly now that i think of it if they were that desperate to be ewhores why couldn't they have just decided to appeal to scrotes with fat fetishes, or done faceless nudes for the few that aren't landwhales? it'd be pathetic but not nearly as bad. it's totally a cope for being undesirable but they're also getting off to this to some extent
yep and that's why these creeps need to be locked up or at least on a watchlist. especially since ddlgers don't understand the absolute bare minimum of boundaries and always bring their depravity into public spaces for children, i remember when anti ddlg blogs were a thing on tumblr and they found a bunch of instances of ageplayers taking nudes at playgrounds and places like fucking build a bear

No. 1325479

honestly, i think they are just degenerates with sick, sick fetish. most men will stick their dick in anything, they could make a bank and get endless asspats for pandering to feeders but naw, they decided that pedophilia was their lane. most of the likes those girls get don't even come from men but from clearly underage girls or other sick women. they should be treated just like male pedophiles tbh, locked up and have their tubes tied in case they wanna be a child factory for a pedo.

No. 1325494

Exactly, and even if they are weird looking, children are more likely to trust women. Excusing these women is just asking for another Myra Hindley or Karla Homolka.

No. 1325546

Women who post fetish pictures of themselves are already mentally ill. More often than not they're BPD and they go along with this because it gives them a sense of validation, and they don't stay in relationships for long either. They get used by disgusting moids and then go give the same "he gaslighted me" speech that every BPD girl gives when her validation station runs away.

this shit is genuine mental illness and they don't want to address their problems because posting your rectum on Twitter and being a moid pandering pediphile is easier than taking accountability and going to seek mental health treatment.

Seriously fuck these women. They're utterly disgusting and honestly need to be locked in a ward somewhere

No. 1325706

File: 1631809348254.jpeg (844.83 KB, 1242x1459, 484D8BF8-5161-40A6-8DAC-AA385B…)

Meitu’ed to hell and back kek

No. 1325709

File: 1631809503325.jpeg (786.07 KB, 1242x1540, A5FC7A4F-4192-4978-8FA1-87D520…)

I hate this

No. 1325922

Spoiler ffs. Looks like an average 18-21 year old. Delusional pedos.

No. 1325930

File: 1631823690462.png (Spoiler Image, 68.11 KB, 846x964, B9914A15-D4AB-449E-A352-92017C…)

Daddy’s widdle Turner syndrome baby

No. 1325998

>liddol girl body
you're not a little girl. you're a grown woman with a sad pudgy fridge body and no jawline to speak of even with editing.

No. 1326396

File: 1631872704844.png (156.48 KB, 1176x692, Bildschirmfoto 2021-09-17 um 1…)

got some other accounts deleted as well

btw, it is very possible a lot of them use stolen pictures. i assume there are a lot of men behind those accounts.

No. 1326421

i see youre german as well nona, what did you report them for? I've tried to do it but i always get stuck with netzschutzgesetz or whatever it's called and don't know what to pick.

No. 1326462

finally the netzdg is put to good use. i tried reporting some of these nonces too for §131 stgb (gewaltdarstellung) and §184b (sexueller missbrauch von kindern)

No. 1326508

Hooray for the poopenfarten anons coming in clutch and having pedos yeeted (but also be careful not to catch a ban because cowtipping is against the rules)

No. 1326511

Netzwerkdurchsuchungsgesetz and then sexueller Missbrauch von Kindern. Works usually, if it does not, report to authorities


Reporting pedophiles is definitely worth catching a ban for and frankly, I don't even see jannies doing it.

No. 1326600

Extremely based anon

No. 1326674

Nonnies in this thread are the best. Let's keep going!

No. 1326679

i suggest anons post some more potential sex offenders so we german anons can report them

No. 1326719

this shit is so vile i don't even care about cowtipping. I agree with what >>1326396 said and I suspect a lot of pedo males going undercover amongst the pedopanderers. extremely based bratwurst nonnies

No. 1326740

did we give up on doxxing? I was excited

No. 1326764

File: 1631902956266.png (Spoiler Image, 143.65 KB, 1198x632, Bildschirmfoto 2021-09-17 um 2…)

Brehs this is the first time in my life I actually give a Trigger Warning. How the fuck is it even possible those accounts are still going.

No. 1326772

it's so full of buzzwords that it looks machine automated. even for a pedo, how is this supposed to be hot?

No. 1326773

Reported. He openly talks about not having a back up. Nonnies need to work on finding emails so we can send the accounts in Help messages and tell sites "hey this email is making these accounts, whatever their ips are, block them." If they have Gmail we can use OSINT to pull more info and potentially alert authorities. These people are not roleplaying. I know that they are NOT roleplaying.

No. 1326796

I think your icon is in the pic, anon

No. 1326801

File: 1631905016811.png (200.48 KB, 1200x1288, Bildschirmfoto 2021-09-17 um 2…)

thanks babe

This user has a Discord Link in his bio, I hope it is a honey trap because of the shit he is sharing

No. 1326824

Reported him and I’m reporting all his disgusting followers

No. 1326825

No I haven’t but I don’t know how. Any FBI- skilled smart Anons able to help?

No. 1326843

You ladies are doing a great job keep it up. I can't stand to look in this thread much cause it just send me into a rage, but I hope you guys don't get discouraged from what you are doing.

No. 1326867

Has anyone considered sending these accounts to doxbin users or similar sites? They love doxxing pedos and getting them locked up. Admittedly, I don't think nonnies are equipped to do this (at least most) because doxxing is frowned on here. We tend to play by the rules here. Those people however do it all damn day with no rules so maybe thats a strong ally? I can't imagine hackers turning down helping unless they are pedos themselves. I would have suggested the autists at kiwi but they care too much about dumb shit to go after actual threats to society.

No. 1326882

File: 1631908812406.jpeg (36.5 KB, 400x400, EB379199-5FDC-4FF9-8575-C30566…)

Is that last retard commenting showing his face? If not I feel bad because this picture does look sort of memey and people might thing this person is actually some coomer who follows a bunch of ugly onlyfans whores on Twitter and asks for muh link to cp

No. 1326898

File: 1631909300170.jpg (184.32 KB, 1279x832, Untitled (1).jpg)

No, it's yung weej, some meme guy i think.

No. 1326924

He's a rapper but honestly don't know if his music is good.

No. 1327631

Just checked and the account is suspended now, nice.

No. 1327744

No. 1329566

File: 1632186005672.png (135.58 KB, 1317x2048, Screenshot_20210920-175939.png)

Any more?

No. 1329596

My hero, some nonnas wear capes.

No. 1329597

>female pedophilia isn't taken as seriously as male pedophilia
Just because retards on twitter are allowed to do this shit it doesn't mean female pedos aren't taken seriously. Statistically they are, but good job parroting incel talking points. Twitter also allows the taliban to have accounts. It's not the real world, mong.

No. 1329908

File: 1632214008213.png (107.27 KB, 1156x548, Bildschirmfoto 2021-09-21 um 1…)

I reported that one too, another one got taken down as well. If anyone comes along those accounts I will gladly report.

No. 1330514

File: 1632259618729.png (317.9 KB, 750x1334, 9F146227-664E-4AD0-936B-2A98F7…)

keep posting these degenerates nonnies, it‘s pretty easy to get them deleted when reporting them through the german report form. poopenfarten anons unite

No. 1330574

File: 1632262611948.jpg (Spoiler Image, 117.89 KB, 1080x639, Screenshot_20210921_171511.jpg)

There's ickyr@pist and k1dd1epup it's one person with two accounts and both are still up.

No. 1330600

@Nothere1631, presumably a zoophile also judging from the bio but I don't want to dig around

No. 1330692

Just came out of the trenches. Could only stomach reporting about 10 accounts before I started getting physically sick. Fingers crossed.

No. 1330796

doing gods work anon. i only got through one before i felt too gross.

No. 1330905

File: 1632282176594.jpg (123.56 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20210921-223951_Twi…)

Saw her in shayna's thread

No. 1331060

@dadabusable is banned, i will report the others mentioned here now too

No. 1331182

File: 1632313818323.png (124.37 KB, 1164x548, Bildschirmfoto 2021-09-22 um 1…)

another pedo gone

you know… i go through the likes and retweets of the most pedo tweets to find new accounts and it is so many men. i wish i was a lesbianic.

No. 1331220

Thanks anon! German anons are pretty cool.

No. 1331253

File: 1632319690186.png (346.12 KB, 1110x2048, Screenshot_20210922-070612.png)

Now we wait. I need a fucking drink.

No. 1331254

You’re doing God’s work anons, I’d love to see these disgusting nonces shot into outer space but a Twitter ban will have to do for now kek

No. 1331261

Have a good strong drink and get some rest, anon

No. 1331268

Just a quick info:
I started using this form


instead of reporting through the network enforcement act, because you can report a profile and all the tweets that you have found at once. Takes just a bit longer until Twitter responds, but so far they have taken every single account down.

No. 1331283

File: 1632323871769.png (Spoiler Image, 167.31 KB, 2066x482, Bildschirmfoto 2021-09-22 um 1…)

>her cock

ofc it is a tranny. this pedo account has 10k followers lol. reported with cse and network enforcement act.

No. 1331368

But they’re definitely not moids and they’re definitely safe to be in little girls’ bathrooms

No. 1331380

I'm praying a tech savvy anon comes in here and exposes these fuckers. These people are beyond help and need to be on a fucking watch list and have their lives ruined. I want their entire friends, families and co workers to know that they are fucking pedophiles and to be alienated please god. Need to stop coming here I just get so angry

No. 1331415

y'all on a rampage and I'm living for every second of it

burn them all, nonas

No. 1331422

If we can't get emails to report to Twitter and Google, etc. Then we need IPs of the users to report. Grabber links can disguise themselves as shortened links to normal pages, leading the person to believe it's just an auto shortened version esp if it's something like a bit.ly. One tap clocks the IP and logs its time and sometimes coordinates but, even if not provided you can find it. This can be reported as a pedophile ring as they tweet about wanting children to show off to friends, etc. Parody laws, first amendment and the "trauma" excuse will not get them off the hook. They verbalize desire and the next step after that is "roleplaying" as intentionally seeking victims. They can block all the minors they want. Theres still a suspicious amount of 21 year olds. Why is everyone always 21 or 18? 8/10 profiles will have either age. Not buying it. Plus the porn images and videos they share look amateur and illegal. Take it to the top, nonnies. This isn't cow shit anymore this is criminal activity targeting traumatized women and children, namely little girls and we have to do keep on pressing. Please be safe and if you make accounts to grab IPs or get info please make a burner and do it ALL on VPN. If you can run a virtual machine in your computer then that gives you even more leeway to dig deeper and report worse stuff and the different websites they flock to outside twitter. Godspeed you all. I'll be right besides you putting in the work as much as I can stomach. Be strong.

No. 1331436

this sounds like a really good idea anon!! just reporting them unfortunately doesn't cut it, they will just ban evade. there's a ton of these accounts too. just send dms with these links and put some pedobait caption maybe, i'm sure at least a few will click the link? let's brainstorm girls i want redemption

No. 1331464

File: 1632338965275.jpg (33.52 KB, 540x720, tumblr_099ddc32d6ea45f55bd0c8f…)

That could work. I was also thinking maybe linking to porn videos (legal, surface stuff) I know, gross, but I'm trying to put myself in their shoes. If I was a coomer, I would def click a porn link from someone larping as my type instead of something like "I saw someone posting about you here" or something else kind of scammy or ominous. or pedobait/softgirl blogs they don't follow. I realize many anons will not want to do this or agree, I understand. It's the only thing I could think of that might work on them, granted they don't see this. Even then, If you're slick enough you can bait these creeps using their own loneliness and degeneracy. Any other ideas, preferably less traumatizing ones? I'm a little stumped here. Kitty for soul bleach.

No. 1331477

File: 1632339647702.png (76.11 KB, 1192x1010, Bildschirmfoto 2021-09-22 um 2…)

aaand another one

I don't think feds would do anything tbh, they only really act when someone posts pictures or videos. and nobody here should interact with pedos.


No. 1332826

Love u both anons. Good work & ideas.

No. 1341068

File: 1633364680877.jpeg (244.3 KB, 1242x825, 3A0683F6-7126-4D01-8213-62DE9F…)

18 year old typing ~liek dis~ because they think it’s cute but they sound retarded. They wear little kids clothes even though they’re an adult and they used Erin Painters fat ass as their profile pic

No. 1342437

File: 1633543195065.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 139.75 KB, 750x333, 6FCF40E5-928A-479B-87A2-C8AF1F…)

No. 1342547

he is selling cp in the open like that huh

No. 1342604

that acct is gone now or at least last i saw

No. 1343115

>larps as a 5yo
>perfectly splendid


No. 1345508

File: 1633985752610.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1242x1512, 6908FF79-1267-4AA8-A8ED-8B4FE2…)

No. 1345513

with all this talk about how harmful facebook is to society i really have hopes that twitter will be impacted heavily by possible international regulations. honestly this kind of degeneracy is a million times worse than boomers sharing anti-vax memes on facebook for their boomer friends.

No. 1345516

This is why I hate this type of stupid hyper-gendered clothing for toddlers like "Little Mr. Ladies Man" and "Sorry Boys, Daddy Has My Heart" It's pedo bait and it sexualizes children.

No. 1345558

I don’t think normie parents buy those shirts for their children thinking that way. It’s the scrote pedos that sexualize father and daughter relationships.

No. 1345681

She is larping as the 7 year old fr the hauntint of bly manor

No. 1345735

I don't think the parents think that way but creeps certainly do.

No. 1345912

so what you're saying is everyone has to take their cues from pedos and pearl clutchers?

No. 1345953

A lot of my family and friends buy those clothing for their kids, and no one thinks twice about it. Then again, we're not degenerates who call our partners "daddy"

No. 1345956

I agree with you that buying that type of clothing for children is weird. It's a kid.

No. 1346059

File: 1634087558928.jpeg (570.71 KB, 1242x1601, 4A7BC276-1679-4A24-80BA-41FB06…)

Someone cowtipped the pedo pandering fatty deleted the account

No. 1346062

File: 1634087805455.jpeg (623.61 KB, 1242x1386, B32C94D8-6596-4DF0-BC2D-C8179F…)

The pedos think we are 4chan scrotes kek

No. 1346064

File: 1634087896811.jpeg (412.54 KB, 1217x1167, 7A3E6B9D-2376-4942-AB76-284903…)


No. 1346065

File: 1634087930676.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 609.49 KB, 1242x1167, 8229F898-CA44-407D-B5C3-050D8D…)

Another Twitter pedo panderer

No. 1346074

You can take your cues from whoever the fuck you want, I’m not putting that weird shit on my kids.

No. 1346093

i do somewhat take pity on these "littles" because you gotta be fucked mentally to be into this kinda stuff

however the "daddy doms" make me wanna projectile vomit

No. 1346099

>The pedos think we are 4chan scrotes
Beautiful. Kek.

No. 1346112

they're all so fat and gross looking it almost makes me pity that this is what they have to do for attention

No. 1346160

There’s so much wrong there but she’s nowhere near fat. Gross definitely though.

No. 1346234

this isn’t even her pic kek, her acc is full of reposting other peoples probably illegal pedo porn

No. 1346249

>prepubescent teenage boys
Of course that's the first place this pedo's mind went

No. 1346489

Oh no the little pedo piggy is gonna have a meltdown now! HAHAHAH they wish we were men, we aren't though so any of they're sad attempts to stop this or the "bullying" just makes it more funny. Top kek I love getting these faggots assblasted and perma banned.

No. 1349088

File: 1634410807288.jpg (123.99 KB, 1170x892, 20211016_145758.jpg)

Hornyyam on twit belongs here

No. 1349142

File: 1634416524190.jpg (16.41 KB, 540x540, disgusting shit.jpg)

The girls in this thread made me throw up in the back of my mouth(sage)

No. 1349189

this girl is a trainwreck in general too, she recently got ran off of another twitter account for racefaking and calling an anorexic girl (who was half her size) fat

No. 1349274

you know, this is a very interesting fact. the cutoff point is around 25 because that's around the same time your brain finishes fully developing. at this point, you are literally an adult, not adult in the legal sense. this is proof we need to raise the legal age to 25. anyone under 25 is still a minor.

No. 1353564

you realise that 'majority'/'minor' refer to voting age, right?

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