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File: 1630804494260.jpeg (553.21 KB, 1765x1873, 45258FDF-9851-4B5F-B851-C35C82…)

No. 1316004

A general thread to discuss the degenerate side of pornsick Twitter. Cows that are not milky or relevant enough for their own thread.
>Grown women who participate in pedo-pandering to scrotes, larping as minors, and the sexualization of children
>between the ages of 18-25
> have onlyfans accounts or pan handles for money in exchange for lewds
>pronouns in bio
>claims to not support MAPS but their content says otherwise
>Minors DNI
>posts rape fantasies, encouraging scrotes that it is something women would want
>suicide baits when they don’t have enough subscribers
>usernames all are eerily similar with pedophilic undertones “owned- “Dada-“
>as well as “puppy-” “preteen-” “preschool-”
“loli-“ or “toddler-“ “kiddo-“
>calls their genitals “kiddie” parts

Some of the notable Pedo Twitter cow’s handles:
@ownedgf (also known as Fat Erin Painter)

No. 1316005

File: 1630804560884.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1242x1833, D9E5A96F-16F6-4089-B252-48DEFD…)

@_angelic_baby_x on Twitter

No. 1316010

This thread is already giving me nightmares

No. 1316014

sage but does this include DDLGfags?

No. 1316045

Dear lord.

No. 1316061

I really do worry for the youth. As disgusting as all this is, it really just makes me sad. We need to nuke the internet/social media at this point.

No. 1316150

this image will make a great still in an Adam Curtis documentary 20 years from now about technology, the new great depression and commodified sex intersecting in 2021.

No. 1316253

Do the "daddys" of these degenerates fit in this thread? I know they're not technically the pedopanderer, but they are the literal undercover pedos involved with them and tbh a lot of these pedopanderers end up being exposed for helping their moids groom minors. Online "daddy doms" are extremely disgusting with a lot of drama

No. 1316366

I agree, I don't think the internet is a healthy place for young girls, I wish I could keep them off of it for their sake and safety.

No. 1316399

I'd count them, they're equally creepy.

Yes. As long as they don't have their own thread

No. 1320599

File: 1631288762987.jpeg (143.21 KB, 750x282, 2F91AD9E-50C9-4F6C-8F69-98C1D1…)

This belongs here.

No. 1320600

File: 1631288836362.jpeg (253.86 KB, 828x797, F2435569-9B82-4851-887E-F4FBA3…)

Oh Christ.

No. 1320607

I’m killing myself

No. 1320619

This fatty has her own thread anon. This thread if for other pedo pandering whores

No. 1320702

File: 1631294694997.jpeg (178.63 KB, 750x459, A7235AC2-A45B-424C-AB84-1739D7…)

we as a civilization are too far gone, it‘s time for mass re-education camps. until then we need to bully these people into going to therapy. i get that these people have most likely been through CSA, but they definitely lack the mental capacity to understand that this fucking sick ass shit attracts rapists and coomers like shit attracts flies. no wonder BPD bitches end up in endless cycles of abuse when they are this fucking stupid. god i wanna a-log

No. 1320714

Noncing, but make it woke.

Where's Shane Brannigan when you need him?

No. 1320723

>likely been through CSA
I almost want to say doubt bc how could you possibly glorify and perpetuate and pander to the people that hurt you, but even if that is the case, fuck them for the aforementioned. No sympathy for these nasty degenerates. Fuck them for being uwu to pedophiles, by NAME no less. I would love for these bitches to an hero, we don’t need them.

No. 1320745

i hate that we're not afraid to call men pedos when they went through csa but never do the same for women. i bet these bitches would breed kids to help their men abuse them

No. 1320753

No. 1320809

Ugh. Just brought back nightmares of Ian Watkins and his groupies who let him RAPE THEIR BABIES. Makes me want to throw up thinking about it

No. 1320973

This is not uncommon among pedophiles. Pedos will evenbmarry and have kids that never exist on paper for very fucked up reasons, I think one woman born into that life was even on Dr. Phil once.

No. 1321039

File: 1631327403949.jpeg (539.51 KB, 1170x1528, 740BD3CC-B8B9-41AA-A72B-74AA51…)

This is their second “dom account”

No. 1321040

Sage for samefag but, saying they because I don’t know if they’re a troon or a fucked up bpd girl KEK

No. 1321043

File: 1631327807887.jpeg (296.55 KB, 1060x432, 1595DBE8-866A-4272-B738-26B157…)

Are these bitches just deluding themselves into thinking this is what a child, oh I’m sorry “healthy princess” looks like?

No. 1321046


>dad cock


This makes weepingcock from lj look like high tier intellectual prose.

No. 1321047

File: 1631328248596.jpeg (920.32 KB, 1170x1771, 7E8F2A49-29AF-48A7-BC3D-B8B7BD…)

Why are all of these nonces morbidly obese???? Literally who the fuck would call this a “tiny kiddie gf”

No. 1321048

how is this fucking shit allowed on twitter?

No. 1321079

I'm going to pretend I never had to read those two words together so I can remain sane for the remainder of my life

No. 1321111

Oh cool, a Belle Delphine thread?(sage your shit)

No. 1321116

I'm not sure if you use Twitter, but this kind of thing is surprisingly common. Hell, just look at poppytwt or the map community. While most people don't like them… they still kinda get begrudgingly accepted because its skilled as a trauma cope and a majority of the people involved are some kind of 'tism- er, I mean LGBT with a huge ring around T plus arrows pointing at it to really emphasise the T. In short, these spaces/communities are defended by the ultra woke because they think kink is a form of healthy expression, and they will accept literal nonces as an extension of that

Belle Delphine is honestly the biggest red flag in the world. If you know a man who is genuinely attracted to Belle, they are a pedophile, however imo she isn't the brand of panderer fit for the thread. She is 100% trying to be loli but she isn't outwardly doing whatever weird shit this is

No. 1321117

Samefag, *shilled not skilled

No. 1321131

There's literally a thread about DDLG people.

No. 1321215

it’s always the fat bitches who do this pedopandering shit KEK, they should go the anachan route if they even want a chance of not being mistaken as someone under 30 with 3 kids.

No. 1321232

File: 1631370508990.png (103.2 KB, 1182x320, Bildschirmfoto 2021-09-11 um 1…)

the fuck?

No. 1321233

>with 3 kids
No that sounds like the perfect way to get a pedophile

No. 1321234

Scrolling by, but this is fucking nasty. I’m gonna vomit

No. 1321236

i'm like 99% sure this is a mtf the overlap must be huge between these nonces and trannies

No. 1321253

You're not even wrong. A huge number of these types who actually end up getting arrested or exposed for going ahead and doing irl stuff are troons

No. 1321271

is there a way for me to hide this thread forever serious question

No. 1321449

Ty for making this thread, pedopanderers are becoming an epidemic. Don't know if milkwebs counts, she is into BDSM and has a bunch of videos about DDLG and being a "little" (vomit) though she hasn't uploaded in a while.

Btw if you search "little space" on youtube a bunch of cringy shit like age regression tiktoks comes up.

No. 1321457

>i bet these bitches would breed kids to help their men abuse them
I've seen supposedly girls on /r9k/ say they would, in less honest words

No. 1321502

Isn't this girl the one shuwu used to follow and interact with when she and preg were doing ddlg?

No. 1321569

maybe? if so I'm unaware. but she also collab'd with brittany simon who isn't as bad

No. 1321612

File: 1631407767964.jpg (72.56 KB, 1080x735, 1629362643188.jpg)

>preg and doing ddlg

No. 1321664

Blog but I found DDLG shit as a 16 year old, CSA at 13. So yeah. They’re just making more pedos to make more of themselves. im better now

No. 1321765

File: 1631429918868.jpeg (673.78 KB, 1242x1189, FAE231E0-D084-4FC2-B9D3-01B21A…)

Repost from the egirl threads

No. 1321810

looks more like shes wearing someones grandmas underwear

No. 1322103

File: 1631460965508.jpeg (1.42 MB, 3464x3464, 418347EF-1E38-4B3D-B14E-7FD8AB…)

More degeneracy

No. 1322133

I'm pretty sure toddlers don't have the bodies of fat greasy teenagers who neglect themselves? She looks like every other fat Mexican bitch kek. I love how all these egotistical pedos are all the most repulsive and chunky rejects that get ignored by everyone, just sitting, heaving and tweeting into the void about how small and tiny and soft and beautiful they are from their reinforced extra stabilized pink uwu gamer chair. Do you think everyone who has their name now attached to these accounts will kill themselves? Like, what do you do when you go to get a job or rent/buy a place and someone pulls up your "@lilpastelkiddycunt" account and sees you tweeting about your dad and brother raping you at night? KEK What the hell do you do then?

No. 1322167

Pregoray, anon. it's short for pregory.

No. 1322258

>Me and my brother fucked
Uh, so is this another weird fantasy larp or?

No. 1322389

File: 1631483203395.jpeg (181.53 KB, 1170x741, 6F8F44A6-484A-42DA-8BAB-A08E9A…)

Here’s a fucking gem KEK.

No. 1322439

what the fuck kek. when your discord dada buys you obese toddler clothes __

No. 1322617

File: 1631494013090.jpeg (197.58 KB, 750x694, CD7E4CB3-9C66-48BA-BD8E-CEEC30…)

No. 1322633

Idk what I thought this thread would be like when I clicked, but I seriously want to vomit. This shit is just depressing and anyone who finds it sexy needs to be institutionalized. I’d rather look at vaginoplasties gone wrong on the MTF thread than read this sick shit.

No. 1322683

Someone needs to doxx these faggots and send their CP LARP logs to their parents and workplaces. That and being on the sex offender registry would change their tune real fuckin quick. Please god let men like this be raped and beaten to death in prison like the faggots they are. Amen.

No. 1322701

No. 1322703

File: 1631502167153.jpeg (916.53 KB, 1251x1183, 75C54E2A-5B25-4053-9C0E-2DAD75…)

Ew that gut. I wish we could see all of their greasy faces in candid pictures . These people should be thrown into a labor camp

No. 1322712

This thread incites so much fucking rage within me, like absolutely no other

No. 1322836

Because they’re too fat and repulsive to attract a man through normal means. They think the only way they can get male attention is by catering to a demographic of nonces, and judging by that gut and that humiliating fat-to-boobs ratio they’re right kek

No. 1322856

Agreed, gonna have to stop coming here before i start a logging

No. 1323397

What else is there to do in this thread but a-log… there is nothing else to feel or be said

No. 1323475

Amen! Reading this stuff makes me feel like I need to be on a watchlist or something. It’s disgusting. Twitter loves pedophiles, they never ban them. Ironic since they love censoring any political beliefs they disagree with. If I was a billionaire I’d buy Twitter and delete it, it’s a cesspool. The only reason I go on it once in a while is for funny videos/tweets.

No. 1323476

can someone find these degenerates’ real names or is that doxxing? I mean I’m sure you can find it easily since they have two brain cells. Anons found Shayna’s name and her parents Facebook etc. but I don’t know

No. 1323920

File: 1631635331517.jpeg (353.49 KB, 1316x2513, DB0981CD-FE7A-4B78-9E9C-3AF3C5…)

>20 going on 5!
What the fuck

No. 1323922

File: 1631635408476.jpeg (986.53 KB, 1242x1793, 8AEBD2DE-2C70-41CA-ABEE-FACAD3…)

you aren’t going to get picked

No. 1323936

File: 1631636562505.jpeg (568.84 KB, 1533x3135, 49CA8E0C-17F7-4FB5-853F-50154A…)

I hate it here

No. 1323937

File: 1631636667191.jpeg (931.72 KB, 2983x1934, 66A9BDB7-E5EB-43F3-B75F-EE21F0…)

Why is everyone who have a nsfw Twitter fat and ugly but think they’re a small and cute anime girl kek

No. 1323938

fuck me for being petty but y those socks

No. 1323948

Former fatty editing herself to look extra ana kek including the dollar store slip and all.

I can't imagine how broken and invalid you have to be to play along with this just to get sexual attention. It's really not hard to work through CSA and become someone with a healthy sex life with people your age. It's a lot easier than constantly retraumatizing or traumatizing yourself and publicly broadcasting it so that your entire life is ruined once your identity is revealed. Which again, should be done. Don't care if it's against the rules to encourage. Fuck all of these people. Someone needs to find them and spam their shit on sites where they'll be fucked with. They should be hacked and locked out of their accounts and fully doxxed barring addresses and family member names. Send the thousands of pages of their pedophilic desire tweets to their employers, schools, parents, etc. and just aid these failsons and daughters in being removed from society. If you refuse actual help and just want to willingly become a pedo, you deserve to have everything taken from you and be publicly shamed forever. People should immediately think of their real names and faces when they read this sick shit. Watch how fast they become scared little maggots begging for a second chance and understanding when you permalink that shit to their real life. I know half these people that do this probably already do drugs and cut themselves/starve/etc. I wish them all a very accelerate it and fucking die.

No. 1323957

File: 1631638208120.jpeg (422.62 KB, 1385x1933, CF4BEAD2-95C5-4CA4-A13D-A41546…)

Kek what.

No. 1323990

File: 1631640232724.jpg (110.94 KB, 1080x722, Screenshot_20210914_122256.jpg)

God this bitch is nauseating, go to therapy you useless cow

No. 1324134

What the fuck ?? Where can we even report this shit. (If that even does anything). I feel sick

No. 1324140

I feel the same way. This is so sickening and are obvious alarm bells. They are admitting to their horrid and inhumane tendencies, why are they not being reprimanded for it?? what is there to defend about this??????????

No. 1324178

Why are there even likes on this post?? this is sickening

No. 1324191

File: 1631655768771.jpeg (198.27 KB, 1137x1287, 1DF511EA-EB81-4D1C-BD29-9B12B3…)

I reported it on Twitter because it clearly violates the rules. But I don’t think they’ll do anything about it, sadly. Or they’ll keep making more pedo accounts.

No. 1324234

is that a troon I don’t wanna believe that it is an actual woman plus no tits and might be meitud

No. 1324244

i don't think it's a troon, she's just ugly and shapeless
also this might be an unpopular opinion but i don't believe for a second that any of these women have ever experienced csa or else they'd at least keep their "coping mechanism" private to avoid possibly exposing other victims. pedo pandering is always a cope for being too fat/unattractive/bpd (or some combination of the 3) to attract men who aren't total degenerates

No. 1324256

File: 1631661046309.jpeg (825.43 KB, 1864x3414, 41259D61-8B16-4F41-B463-280767…)

@P3DOB41T can say she wants someone to make her barf “kiddie holes bleed” but being “fatphobic” is where she crossed the line
You’re right anon these pedophile pandering bitches are ugly and fat

No. 1324258

File: 1631661080693.jpeg (102.71 KB, 1171x242, 8FAEB1C9-C748-4D52-A6FE-08726D…)

No. 1324262

File: 1631661448923.jpeg (646.73 KB, 1899x3464, 98DD14F9-AB41-4716-899D-508C91…)

@bimbotoddler posts her uncle/father incest rape fantasies. why aren’t these people on the watchlist

No. 1324271


No. 1324284

i feel like these girls do this cause they genuinely feel like they'll be tossed aside and undesirable past the age of 18. that's fucking sad. i feel bad for them, even the older ones cause you have to be fucked up to do this to yourself. i can imagine these people in this community that ARE 12-14 and that just hurts. this reminds me of when hunter moore from is anyone up would RT minors nudes and twitter just did nothing until he got locked up. this shit makes me want to turn to jesus and beg for help.

No. 1324293

Well said nonnie. Scrotes are degen pedos and its nothing new, but it's a fucking slap to the face when young women engage in this shit. and as a CSA survivor not to alog but it makes me want to go on a killing spree against em all.

No. 1324297



I want social media to be completely destroyed.(sage)

No. 1324305

>making fun of fatties is bad but pedophilia is totally fine
the absolute state of ethots kek
>why aren’t these people on the watchlist
bc sadly female pedophilia isn't taken as seriously as male pedophilia since it isn't nearly as common, but this kind of thing needs to be acknowledged more imo. especially since some of these women are eventually going to have children of their own and they're going to either abuse them themselves or allow their creepy "daddy" bfs do it

No. 1324308

can someone explain why this shit is allowed on twitter but meghan murphy isn't

wish he would take one of those razors in his profile pic and slice both of his wrists and his neck

No. 1324322

i get where you're coming from but please save your empathy for people who deserve it, nonny. the ones who are minors are different because they're victims of grooming and can move on from this with parental supervision (and a fuck ton of therapy) but most of them are grown and choose to prioritize crumbs of male attention on the internet over the safety of children and other women. all women deal with being scrutinized for aging but most don't cope with it by encouraging pedophilia

No. 1324323

They’re either hambeasts or former fatties with mounds of wrinkles and loose skin due to anachan weight loss advice KEK

No. 1324325

>I can excuse pedos jerking off to lolicon but I draw the line at TERFS

I don’t want to live on this planet anymore

No. 1324329

part of me hopes that these accounts are all run by troons so they won't ever be able to reproduce

No. 1324510

This entire thread is my thirteenth reason. This is what happens when you consider lolicon harmless and allow these freaks to carry on without being shamed. These pedos can't stop at drawings so they turn themselves into pedo bait. The next step after this is getting convinced to bring real children to their neckbeard pedo dom bfs.

No. 1324516

>i don't believe for a second that any of these women have ever experienced csa

'I do it to cope' is one of the biggest crocks of shit and it was perpetuated by twitter and tumblr. These idiots think it's airtight because the backlash you'd get for confronting them isn't worth the trouble. Truth is, they're kiddy rape fetishist who are too chickenshit to stand behind it, so they have to be a victim. Just not in the way they want to be. The vast majority of csa survivors don't craft their entire online persona around their assault. Not even the BPD ones that went off the deep end. This is in the same ballpark as furries who can't stop talking about sheaths or their weird transformation kink. They're sex pests.

I highly doubt their therapists are recommending them to hang out in discord servers full of dudes fapping to children as part of their mental health care plan.

No. 1324573

>this is my thirteenth reason

I don't need 12 other reasons, this thread is my first and last reason

No. 1324640

File: 1631706268178.jpeg (281.95 KB, 1242x515, 96024F10-FF0F-4BC9-B95D-F45476…)

No. 1324698

If you are a victim wouldn’t you hate pedophiles? Why would you want to pander to them online? I understand being a victim and wanting to revert to this stuff in private but why would you be publicly pandering like this. Disgusting.

Also if these girls are “victims” I just don’t understand why they wouldn’t be hurt by the idea of pedophiles raping kids. There comes a point where you shed the victim label and just become a pedophile yourself…

No. 1324743

i don't have the skills to do so but i would LOVE for this to happened. i'm not that tech savvy or good at programming but willing to help

No. 1324750


No. 1324856

You know what, it's not great but if these people could pair up with pedophiles, problem solved, no? Pedophiles would have a way to get laid/get rid of some pressure and these chicks would get to roleplay their sick fantasies. Better than actual kids.

No. 1324863

Thirding. Obviously don’t post their address but get their full names

No. 1324865

There’s a huge difference between age regressing alone in your room, without sexualizing it and making a Twitter to post all your age regressing activities and making them sexual.

No. 1324949

this girl is allegedly Chinese? all I see is white woman with convenient eyeliner um

No. 1324954

theres a paper with a name on the table behind her in the nude if any anon knows how to render that readable

No. 1324961

File: 1631732501060.jpeg (169.25 KB, 1170x1088, 14402457-5CA5-4049-9D3B-347911…)

samefag but

No. 1324970

Looks like "Julia Carlson" to me

No. 1325047

File: 1631737606538.png (107.28 KB, 1166x742, Bildschirmfoto 2021-09-15 um 2…)

don't know if I am late, but I reported a few accounts under the german network enforcement act and Twitter took everything down so far. If they won't, I will write a complaint to the authorities, Twitter will act then.

I usually don't endorse cowtipping, but those are obviously pedophiles, so idc.

No. 1325053

File: 1631737854914.jpeg (131.81 KB, 1116x812, 2D26CA98-1DB0-4D50-8CB9-4E4987…)

Name: Julia Carlson
ID: 9664
Package(s): 2? 3?
Unique Images of Ohio ?
I have terrible eyesight anons

No. 1325057

File: 1631737925323.jpeg (219.71 KB, 1242x726, C43E79CA-24A4-4007-B94A-4B3D4B…)

No. 1325060

I have nothing to offer to this thread but my tears. Anons I hate these girls. I want them to suffer

No. 1325061

File: 1631738479014.jpeg (217.21 KB, 1169x1301, 30789185-97AD-43F0-954E-898658…)

Galion, Ohio

No. 1325090

Same, nonnie. Doxx these bitches. Doxx them all. No mercy.

No. 1325183

File: 1631747834568.jpeg (123.11 KB, 1170x1520, FFB2E900-AE56-4669-84B2-37A7A6…)


No. 1325287

Bless you, you're doing the hood work that needs to be done!

No. 1325334

lmao yessss

No. 1325435

kek good

No. 1325437

File: 1631777844407.jpeg (36.5 KB, 250x333, 7AF9F511-BBD2-4991-AAB3-01EE30…)

If one or two anons have the stomach to blend into this community, you could become mutuals with a lot of them, become "close friends" to learn their names/locations/etc. then dip and expose when you have a good amount of info from everyone, kek. They're retarded they shouldn't be too hard to manipulate info out of.
Good work!!(cowtipping )

No. 1325452

Am I the only one who assumes they're wannabe OF sex workers who are too fugly to appeal to a mainstream audience and chose to pander to fringe sickos as a cynical marketing ploy instead? It's disgusting either way, but I can't imagine why a woman would post stuff like this with real pictures of herself unless she was desperate for money. Even the pedo moids on Twitter are smart enough not to dox themselves.

No. 1325454

the state of these accounts makes me so scared to have a daughter, it terrifies me to think that this shit seems so acceptable to them??
also thank you to the anons in the thread that are reporting/getting accounts suspended, i'm too disgusted to even look up their profiles

No. 1325458

Have you seen any of them? They are all fat and massive. They won't simply pair up with pedos, they will simply make raping kids easier for those disgusting moids. Women who pair up with pedos literally breed children for them, help them kidnap children, etc.

No. 1325463

are these pedophile cunts too braindead to realise that they’re being taken advantage of by their “daddies” who just wanna fuck children and that the only reason they aren’t completely abandoned is that men get their rocks off to them sucking on pacifiers? or do they just not care and get off on being daddy’s little toy uwu

No. 1325468

honestly now that i think of it if they were that desperate to be ewhores why couldn't they have just decided to appeal to scrotes with fat fetishes, or done faceless nudes for the few that aren't landwhales? it'd be pathetic but not nearly as bad. it's totally a cope for being undesirable but they're also getting off to this to some extent
yep and that's why these creeps need to be locked up or at least on a watchlist. especially since ddlgers don't understand the absolute bare minimum of boundaries and always bring their depravity into public spaces for children, i remember when anti ddlg blogs were a thing on tumblr and they found a bunch of instances of ageplayers taking nudes at playgrounds and places like fucking build a bear

No. 1325479

honestly, i think they are just degenerates with sick, sick fetish. most men will stick their dick in anything, they could make a bank and get endless asspats for pandering to feeders but naw, they decided that pedophilia was their lane. most of the likes those girls get don't even come from men but from clearly underage girls or other sick women. they should be treated just like male pedophiles tbh, locked up and have their tubes tied in case they wanna be a child factory for a pedo.

No. 1325494

Exactly, and even if they are weird looking, children are more likely to trust women. Excusing these women is just asking for another Myra Hindley or Karla Homolka.

No. 1325546

Women who post fetish pictures of themselves are already mentally ill. More often than not they're BPD and they go along with this because it gives them a sense of validation, and they don't stay in relationships for long either. They get used by disgusting moids and then go give the same "he gaslighted me" speech that every BPD girl gives when her validation station runs away.

this shit is genuine mental illness and they don't want to address their problems because posting your rectum on Twitter and being a moid pandering pediphile is easier than taking accountability and going to seek mental health treatment.

Seriously fuck these women. They're utterly disgusting and honestly need to be locked in a ward somewhere

No. 1325706

File: 1631809348254.jpeg (844.83 KB, 1242x1459, 484D8BF8-5161-40A6-8DAC-AA385B…)

Meitu’ed to hell and back kek

No. 1325709

File: 1631809503325.jpeg (786.07 KB, 1242x1540, A5FC7A4F-4192-4978-8FA1-87D520…)

I hate this

No. 1325922

Spoiler ffs. Looks like an average 18-21 year old. Delusional pedos.

No. 1325930

File: 1631823690462.png (Spoiler Image, 68.11 KB, 846x964, B9914A15-D4AB-449E-A352-92017C…)

Daddy’s widdle Turner syndrome baby

No. 1325998

>liddol girl body
you're not a little girl. you're a grown woman with a sad pudgy fridge body and no jawline to speak of even with editing.

No. 1326396

File: 1631872704844.png (156.48 KB, 1176x692, Bildschirmfoto 2021-09-17 um 1…)

got some other accounts deleted as well

btw, it is very possible a lot of them use stolen pictures. i assume there are a lot of men behind those accounts.

No. 1326421

i see youre german as well nona, what did you report them for? I've tried to do it but i always get stuck with netzschutzgesetz or whatever it's called and don't know what to pick.

No. 1326462

finally the netzdg is put to good use. i tried reporting some of these nonces too for §131 stgb (gewaltdarstellung) and §184b (sexueller missbrauch von kindern)

No. 1326508

Hooray for the poopenfarten anons coming in clutch and having pedos yeeted (but also be careful not to catch a ban because cowtipping is against the rules)

No. 1326511

Netzwerkdurchsuchungsgesetz and then sexueller Missbrauch von Kindern. Works usually, if it does not, report to authorities


Reporting pedophiles is definitely worth catching a ban for and frankly, I don't even see jannies doing it.

No. 1326600

Extremely based anon

No. 1326674

Nonnies in this thread are the best. Let's keep going!

No. 1326679

i suggest anons post some more potential sex offenders so we german anons can report them

No. 1326719

this shit is so vile i don't even care about cowtipping. I agree with what >>1326396 said and I suspect a lot of pedo males going undercover amongst the pedopanderers. extremely based bratwurst nonnies

No. 1326740

did we give up on doxxing? I was excited

No. 1326764

File: 1631902956266.png (Spoiler Image, 143.65 KB, 1198x632, Bildschirmfoto 2021-09-17 um 2…)

Brehs this is the first time in my life I actually give a Trigger Warning. How the fuck is it even possible those accounts are still going.

No. 1326772

it's so full of buzzwords that it looks machine automated. even for a pedo, how is this supposed to be hot?

No. 1326773

Reported. He openly talks about not having a back up. Nonnies need to work on finding emails so we can send the accounts in Help messages and tell sites "hey this email is making these accounts, whatever their ips are, block them." If they have Gmail we can use OSINT to pull more info and potentially alert authorities. These people are not roleplaying. I know that they are NOT roleplaying.

No. 1326796

I think your icon is in the pic, anon

No. 1326801

File: 1631905016811.png (200.48 KB, 1200x1288, Bildschirmfoto 2021-09-17 um 2…)

thanks babe

This user has a Discord Link in his bio, I hope it is a honey trap because of the shit he is sharing

No. 1326824

Reported him and I’m reporting all his disgusting followers

No. 1326825

No I haven’t but I don’t know how. Any FBI- skilled smart Anons able to help?

No. 1326843

You ladies are doing a great job keep it up. I can't stand to look in this thread much cause it just send me into a rage, but I hope you guys don't get discouraged from what you are doing.

No. 1326867

Has anyone considered sending these accounts to doxbin users or similar sites? They love doxxing pedos and getting them locked up. Admittedly, I don't think nonnies are equipped to do this (at least most) because doxxing is frowned on here. We tend to play by the rules here. Those people however do it all damn day with no rules so maybe thats a strong ally? I can't imagine hackers turning down helping unless they are pedos themselves. I would have suggested the autists at kiwi but they care too much about dumb shit to go after actual threats to society.

No. 1326882

File: 1631908812406.jpeg (36.5 KB, 400x400, EB379199-5FDC-4FF9-8575-C30566…)

Is that last retard commenting showing his face? If not I feel bad because this picture does look sort of memey and people might thing this person is actually some coomer who follows a bunch of ugly onlyfans whores on Twitter and asks for muh link to cp

No. 1326898

File: 1631909300170.jpg (184.32 KB, 1279x832, Untitled (1).jpg)

No, it's yung weej, some meme guy i think.

No. 1326924

He's a rapper but honestly don't know if his music is good.

No. 1327631

Just checked and the account is suspended now, nice.

No. 1327744

No. 1329566

File: 1632186005672.png (135.58 KB, 1317x2048, Screenshot_20210920-175939.png)

Any more?

No. 1329596

My hero, some nonnas wear capes.

No. 1329597

>female pedophilia isn't taken as seriously as male pedophilia
Just because retards on twitter are allowed to do this shit it doesn't mean female pedos aren't taken seriously. Statistically they are, but good job parroting incel talking points. Twitter also allows the taliban to have accounts. It's not the real world, mong.

No. 1329908

File: 1632214008213.png (107.27 KB, 1156x548, Bildschirmfoto 2021-09-21 um 1…)

I reported that one too, another one got taken down as well. If anyone comes along those accounts I will gladly report.

No. 1330514

File: 1632259618729.png (317.9 KB, 750x1334, 9F146227-664E-4AD0-936B-2A98F7…)

keep posting these degenerates nonnies, it‘s pretty easy to get them deleted when reporting them through the german report form. poopenfarten anons unite

No. 1330574

File: 1632262611948.jpg (Spoiler Image, 117.89 KB, 1080x639, Screenshot_20210921_171511.jpg)

There's ickyr@pist and k1dd1epup it's one person with two accounts and both are still up.

No. 1330600

@Nothere1631, presumably a zoophile also judging from the bio but I don't want to dig around

No. 1330692

Just came out of the trenches. Could only stomach reporting about 10 accounts before I started getting physically sick. Fingers crossed.

No. 1330796

doing gods work anon. i only got through one before i felt too gross.

No. 1330905

File: 1632282176594.jpg (123.56 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20210921-223951_Twi…)

Saw her in shayna's thread

No. 1331060

@dadabusable is banned, i will report the others mentioned here now too

No. 1331182

File: 1632313818323.png (124.37 KB, 1164x548, Bildschirmfoto 2021-09-22 um 1…)

another pedo gone

you know… i go through the likes and retweets of the most pedo tweets to find new accounts and it is so many men. i wish i was a lesbianic.

No. 1331220

Thanks anon! German anons are pretty cool.

No. 1331253

File: 1632319690186.png (346.12 KB, 1110x2048, Screenshot_20210922-070612.png)

Now we wait. I need a fucking drink.

No. 1331254

You’re doing God’s work anons, I’d love to see these disgusting nonces shot into outer space but a Twitter ban will have to do for now kek

No. 1331261

Have a good strong drink and get some rest, anon

No. 1331268

Just a quick info:
I started using this form


instead of reporting through the network enforcement act, because you can report a profile and all the tweets that you have found at once. Takes just a bit longer until Twitter responds, but so far they have taken every single account down.

No. 1331283

File: 1632323871769.png (Spoiler Image, 167.31 KB, 2066x482, Bildschirmfoto 2021-09-22 um 1…)

>her cock

ofc it is a tranny. this pedo account has 10k followers lol. reported with cse and network enforcement act.

No. 1331368

But they’re definitely not moids and they’re definitely safe to be in little girls’ bathrooms

No. 1331380

I'm praying a tech savvy anon comes in here and exposes these fuckers. These people are beyond help and need to be on a fucking watch list and have their lives ruined. I want their entire friends, families and co workers to know that they are fucking pedophiles and to be alienated please god. Need to stop coming here I just get so angry

No. 1331415

y'all on a rampage and I'm living for every second of it

burn them all, nonas

No. 1331422

If we can't get emails to report to Twitter and Google, etc. Then we need IPs of the users to report. Grabber links can disguise themselves as shortened links to normal pages, leading the person to believe it's just an auto shortened version esp if it's something like a bit.ly. One tap clocks the IP and logs its time and sometimes coordinates but, even if not provided you can find it. This can be reported as a pedophile ring as they tweet about wanting children to show off to friends, etc. Parody laws, first amendment and the "trauma" excuse will not get them off the hook. They verbalize desire and the next step after that is "roleplaying" as intentionally seeking victims. They can block all the minors they want. Theres still a suspicious amount of 21 year olds. Why is everyone always 21 or 18? 8/10 profiles will have either age. Not buying it. Plus the porn images and videos they share look amateur and illegal. Take it to the top, nonnies. This isn't cow shit anymore this is criminal activity targeting traumatized women and children, namely little girls and we have to do keep on pressing. Please be safe and if you make accounts to grab IPs or get info please make a burner and do it ALL on VPN. If you can run a virtual machine in your computer then that gives you even more leeway to dig deeper and report worse stuff and the different websites they flock to outside twitter. Godspeed you all. I'll be right besides you putting in the work as much as I can stomach. Be strong.

No. 1331436

this sounds like a really good idea anon!! just reporting them unfortunately doesn't cut it, they will just ban evade. there's a ton of these accounts too. just send dms with these links and put some pedobait caption maybe, i'm sure at least a few will click the link? let's brainstorm girls i want redemption

No. 1331464

File: 1632338965275.jpg (33.52 KB, 540x720, tumblr_099ddc32d6ea45f55bd0c8f…)

That could work. I was also thinking maybe linking to porn videos (legal, surface stuff) I know, gross, but I'm trying to put myself in their shoes. If I was a coomer, I would def click a porn link from someone larping as my type instead of something like "I saw someone posting about you here" or something else kind of scammy or ominous. or pedobait/softgirl blogs they don't follow. I realize many anons will not want to do this or agree, I understand. It's the only thing I could think of that might work on them, granted they don't see this. Even then, If you're slick enough you can bait these creeps using their own loneliness and degeneracy. Any other ideas, preferably less traumatizing ones? I'm a little stumped here. Kitty for soul bleach.

No. 1331477

File: 1632339647702.png (76.11 KB, 1192x1010, Bildschirmfoto 2021-09-22 um 2…)

aaand another one

I don't think feds would do anything tbh, they only really act when someone posts pictures or videos. and nobody here should interact with pedos.


No. 1332826

Love u both anons. Good work & ideas.

No. 1341068

File: 1633364680877.jpeg (244.3 KB, 1242x825, 3A0683F6-7126-4D01-8213-62DE9F…)

18 year old typing ~liek dis~ because they think it’s cute but they sound retarded. They wear little kids clothes even though they’re an adult and they used Erin Painters fat ass as their profile pic

No. 1342437

File: 1633543195065.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 139.75 KB, 750x333, 6FCF40E5-928A-479B-87A2-C8AF1F…)

No. 1342547

he is selling cp in the open like that huh

No. 1342604

that acct is gone now or at least last i saw

No. 1343115

>larps as a 5yo
>perfectly splendid


No. 1345508

File: 1633985752610.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1242x1512, 6908FF79-1267-4AA8-A8ED-8B4FE2…)

No. 1345513

with all this talk about how harmful facebook is to society i really have hopes that twitter will be impacted heavily by possible international regulations. honestly this kind of degeneracy is a million times worse than boomers sharing anti-vax memes on facebook for their boomer friends.

No. 1345516

This is why I hate this type of stupid hyper-gendered clothing for toddlers like "Little Mr. Ladies Man" and "Sorry Boys, Daddy Has My Heart" It's pedo bait and it sexualizes children.

No. 1345558

I don’t think normie parents buy those shirts for their children thinking that way. It’s the scrote pedos that sexualize father and daughter relationships.

No. 1345681

She is larping as the 7 year old fr the hauntint of bly manor

No. 1345735

I don't think the parents think that way but creeps certainly do.

No. 1345912

so what you're saying is everyone has to take their cues from pedos and pearl clutchers?

No. 1345953

A lot of my family and friends buy those clothing for their kids, and no one thinks twice about it. Then again, we're not degenerates who call our partners "daddy"

No. 1345956

I agree with you that buying that type of clothing for children is weird. It's a kid.

No. 1346059

File: 1634087558928.jpeg (570.71 KB, 1242x1601, 4A7BC276-1679-4A24-80BA-41FB06…)

Someone cowtipped the pedo pandering fatty deleted the account

No. 1346062

File: 1634087805455.jpeg (623.61 KB, 1242x1386, B32C94D8-6596-4DF0-BC2D-C8179F…)

The pedos think we are 4chan scrotes kek

No. 1346064

File: 1634087896811.jpeg (412.54 KB, 1217x1167, 7A3E6B9D-2376-4942-AB76-284903…)


No. 1346065

File: 1634087930676.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 609.49 KB, 1242x1167, 8229F898-CA44-407D-B5C3-050D8D…)

Another Twitter pedo panderer

No. 1346074

You can take your cues from whoever the fuck you want, I’m not putting that weird shit on my kids.

No. 1346093

i do somewhat take pity on these "littles" because you gotta be fucked mentally to be into this kinda stuff

however the "daddy doms" make me wanna projectile vomit

No. 1346099

>The pedos think we are 4chan scrotes
Beautiful. Kek.

No. 1346112

they're all so fat and gross looking it almost makes me pity that this is what they have to do for attention

No. 1346160

There’s so much wrong there but she’s nowhere near fat. Gross definitely though.

No. 1346234

this isn’t even her pic kek, her acc is full of reposting other peoples probably illegal pedo porn

No. 1346249

>prepubescent teenage boys
Of course that's the first place this pedo's mind went

No. 1346489

Oh no the little pedo piggy is gonna have a meltdown now! HAHAHAH they wish we were men, we aren't though so any of they're sad attempts to stop this or the "bullying" just makes it more funny. Top kek I love getting these faggots assblasted and perma banned.

No. 1349088

File: 1634410807288.jpg (123.99 KB, 1170x892, 20211016_145758.jpg)

Hornyyam on twit belongs here

No. 1349142

File: 1634416524190.jpg (16.41 KB, 540x540, disgusting shit.jpg)

The girls in this thread made me throw up in the back of my mouth(sage)

No. 1349189

this girl is a trainwreck in general too, she recently got ran off of another twitter account for racefaking and calling an anorexic girl (who was half her size) fat

No. 1349274

you know, this is a very interesting fact. the cutoff point is around 25 because that's around the same time your brain finishes fully developing. at this point, you are literally an adult, not adult in the legal sense. this is proof we need to raise the legal age to 25. anyone under 25 is still a minor.

No. 1353564

you realise that 'majority'/'minor' refer to voting age, right?

No. 1355055

you shouldn't feel even slightly bad,they're equally as vile as the men who do this shit. most don't consider what causes the ordinary sex offender or sex pest to behave the way they do let alone feel bad for it, despite the fact that the majority of them had been molested or abused in some form. these women are bound to be the karla homolka to someone's paul bernado.

No. 1361254

File: 1635984332126.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 693.77 KB, 1242x1547, 7D40F640-2AE4-4DAC-A083-03890D…)

Is this green discharge???

No. 1361255

File: 1635984520769.jpeg (438.28 KB, 1242x1200, 019B211A-64A4-4A44-929C-A22654…)

>22 going on 12

No. 1361264

Uh is that even a vagina, yuck

No. 1361278

What the fuck?

No. 1361285

Shouldn’t have clicked this what the actual fuck.

No. 1361316

Looks like a troon's wound with that disgusting gunk, filter, and angle.

No. 1361338

I went to the tweet and everyone was saying it looks good, wtf? Do they not see that shit? do not watch the actual video btw, it's even worse

No. 1361353

uh, I don't think you can just call any disturbing fetish thing a "trope" just because one or two other fucked up pedophiles like it?

No. 1361644

File: 1636048170244.jpeg (498.72 KB, 1242x1538, E31F376E-7D4C-46F4-AE05-B34A61…)

>toddler legs
I want to a-log

No. 1361670

As the parent of a toddler, the urge to a-log itt is insane. I wish painful deaths on all of these people.

No. 1361691

They should have suspended her for much, much longer. Like, forever longer.

No. 1361712

holy fuck this thread is insane. I cant believe these people exist. Its so fucked up how rape is a kink to fucking degenerates. Ugh. Saged

No. 1361715

Constantly aging fugly hambeasts will never be a pedophiles end game. They only get more enabled by these worthless bitches until they get bold enough to hurt kids irl. They will defff rape their own child birthed by these cunts.

No. 1361762

Exactly. These gross, obese perverted adult women are just target practice for pedo coomers until they run across real kids to molest. They should all be thrown in prison cells together where they can never see a child again.

No. 1361846

File: 1636063924037.png (Spoiler Image, 155.41 KB, 500x480, 1.PNG)

if any poopenfarten anon has some free time here(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1361856

Reminds me of the Ian Watkins shit with the women who literally offered up their babies to him and fantasized about him getting them pregnant so they can rape their kids together. Fucking harrowing.
It makes me want to throw up that it’s so fucking common and we only hear about the ones who publicize it or get caught.

No. 1361878

i'm not german, but does using a german vpn work? i don't use twitter so i have no idea but a lot more of us could report if it works that way

No. 1361916

it’s the german report system and laws, so probably not

No. 1361955

File: 1636075941214.jpeg (92.46 KB, 750x240, 5FE53435-7959-4630-B356-08F2C2…)

Shayna has been retweeting from this account

No. 1361957

Stop requesting and encouraging mass reporting.

No. 1362135

farmhand said pedophilia is good uwu

No. 1362173

It's not exactly common. It's only because you are on lolcow or true crime or wherever looking for it. If you were to go to a shopping mall or a grocery store and pick out 100 mothers I can't imagine many if any of them would get off on having their children molested by a pedophilic man.

No. 1362362

This Twitter account is being torn apart by radfem Twitter at the moment. It's legitimately disgusting watching NSFW band together to defend THIS

No. 1363768

File: 1636310341837.jpeg (172.35 KB, 1242x1165, 91D48246-F335-4CDF-8AF8-E9BCD5…)

No. 1363866

Good god I feel like I'm being put on a watchlist just unspoilering these screenshots.

No. 1363875

mass harassment even with good intention is gonna get lolcow into trouble

No. 1363934

Not op but how? The reporting isn't done on this website so how does it reflect on lolcow of the people reported don't even know about this site?

No. 1366384

It's literally a rule to not use lolcow as your personal army. Read the rules.

No. 1374260

These people are so fucking sick, anons. I accidentally stumbled upon one searching for dresses. It's so fucking gross, one of them described something as a 'cute fantasy' that actually happened to me as a kid, I couldn't believe another woman would want this, it's too much. The instances they gush over ruined my brain and my relationships with others and myself and they're just tweeting about WANTING it. Incomprehensible.

No. 1376140

File: 1637924627556.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 889.14 KB, 1242x1406, 2DD51C0D-EA78-421F-A2BC-98FD62…)

>toddler pics
the way this fatty said it, I thought she meant a actual kid… thank goodness it was just the ham planet taking pics of itself

No. 1376141

File: 1637924672576.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.38 MB, 1242x1522, C560A38A-818B-4531-85CF-5D4464…)

A fatty diaper lover flashing in public at a playground in the middle of the day….

No. 1376142

File: 1637924709222.jpeg (989.38 KB, 1242x1607, D7CDC948-634C-4B95-834A-B82C0C…)

No. 1376163

It's always the fatties, isn't it?

No. 1376183

They’re all absolutely hideous, aren’t they? I guess they can’t get scrotes to pay for their online “sex work” unless they cater to extreme niche fetishes.

No. 1376307

File: 1637955673533.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 568.42 KB, 1242x825, D549DDFA-6953-4F90-B6F7-907F03…)

Wtf one of Shayna’s followers

No. 1376325

fuck, i kinda really wish mental asylums were still a thing

No. 1376348

great, new reporting material for us german nonnies <3 keep the degenerates coming, we can get them all deleted(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1376925

You guys dumb? You ahead and report and post their ugly faces here, just don't outright ask for them to be banned, the sons here will take care of the rest. He more subtle

No. 1386763

File: 1638832319057.png (Spoiler Image, 11.16 MB, 1242x2208, 3292F401-F9FC-40FF-AE2A-83092A…)

No. 1386764

File: 1638832369529.png (9.74 MB, 1242x2208, B38B9A4E-024D-4F4C-8FCC-4A1CEE…)

@ABDLJessieM on Twitter

No. 1387234

File: 1638893246762.jpeg (88.51 KB, 731x948, E973A999-B86E-420D-9509-777568…)

No. 1387269

jesus what the fuck, there's a problem with girls like this on a collecting site aswell, but I'm not sure if I should post since it's not technically a social media

No. 1387270

i hope that account is run by an undercover fbi agent what the fuck

No. 1387271

jesus christ I think I remember this bitch

They used to be in the animecore community and were a big "LOLICONS SHOTACONS DNI" And one day they got a callout post basically outing them for some shit unrelated to pedophilia and then just lost it kek. Constantly talks about genshin cunny and their love for shotas. Fucking sicko.

No. 1387278

File: 1638897491458.png (90.07 KB, 839x635, pedophilefreak.PNG)

On the topic of animecore, this freak is known in the anime community for being a literal pedophile, he's 27 and always in e-relationships like picrel. Known to ask for literal CP too if you have the slightest bit of loli shit on your profile

No. 1387299

This has got to be the most disgusting and disturbing thread..

No. 1387316

>there's a problem with girls like this on a collecting site aswell
Wish these degenerate bitches would get off my neopets dot com

No. 1387597

it's Go Gaia, thank you very much, I'm not a baby

No. 1387615

typical anti(sage)

No. 1387818

No. 1389047

Engaging in things that trigger trauma memories (in a controlled, specific space) is a very common way of coping. Like, if a person enjoys watching horror movies even though they have PTSD and are very anxious in real life. They can experience the negative feeling in a way that they are controlling, they can turn off the movie or switch it at any time, and they can experience small doses of that familiar fear, anxiety, etc. in a cathartic way.
I don’t believe most, if any, of these degenerates are victims. Victims do cope by re-traumatizing themselves, sometimes, for example by choosing partners that are abusive in the same ways as their childhood abuser. They are coping because they understand how to survive in an abusive relationship, they are comfortable with those patterns and that is all they have known. The victim may intellectually recognize the pattern they are in, but are unable to be in a “normal” relationship because they have been taught love = power, torment, possession, abuse, sex, etc. from a very young age and have no idea what a healthy relationship even really looks/feels like.
Coping by triggering yourself doesn’t mean having sex to a script of your own childhood molestation like these disgusting fucking retards. I Definitely have never heard of any sexual abuse victim wanting to relive what it felt like to be a helpless child being tricked and hurt by adults. Unless they were severely brainwashed to the point that they had to believe it was pleasurable/good to cope or else they wouldn’t be able to survive.
These degens love to talk about how “good it felt” in their little kiddie rape role plays.
Being molested as a baby, toddler, and young child can feel physically good. Children are very easy to trick. Genitals feel nice when you touch them. As these children age, however, they realize how /wrong/ it felt the entire time, even though they didn’t have the words for it or life experience. Then, when they think of the abuse and how they participated in it sometimes, even sought it out and invented new games to please the abuser, they feel even more confused and disgusted.
These people all deserve to get covid and hopefully die or suffer for the rest of their lives. They need to feel powerful but they’re so pathetic they can only do so when they are hurting the most powerless members of our society. They really think that their orgasm is worth ruining a child’s life forever. They will destroy an entire human being just to get off one time.

No. 1390527

File: 1639248130784.jpeg (188.49 KB, 1242x536, 69B22324-00B9-4F2A-9E4D-D63FD3…)

No. 1390529

File: 1639248165006.jpeg (223.24 KB, 1242x641, 9B83EE8C-3665-4426-AED8-92D02E…)

Sexualizes incels and promotes pedophilia but freshly 18 is “weird”

No. 1390629

bumping bc this guy is an actual freak and everyone knows it, has a wickr (some sort of encrypted messaging platform) just for that sick shit apparently.

No. 1391525

i believe his profile used to say something like "Precious Loli Treasures Acquired from trading [REDACTED]" which i guess implies hes trading CP for fucking anime figures lol

No. 1397931

File: 1640035454315.jpg (477.39 KB, 750x1290, gross.jpg)

I just came across the tags #maptwt and #aamtwt and I'm so disturbed. There is so many literal children on there posting porn of themselves that is going unnoticed by twitter. Obviously not pedopandering but literal pedoshit. The adult women posted here that promote ageplay and porn on twitter are to blame in part, as well as the pedo men those women encourage. I find it disgusting how easily I found this. I was lurking in the community where the users posted here post when I saw the tags being used. It's not even hidden.

No. 1397975

thats another level of disgusting, wtf? it genuinely disturbs me, way more than the adult obese girls pretending to be children

No. 1398033

i don’t even consume anything remotely like that or 18+ in general,and got a twitter topic post on my feed of what i thought was just an adult ewhore posting a pic of their covered up boobs, checked the fucking profile and it was a 14yr old. there’s entire communities of em and it’s literally being promoted to people who don’t even interact or follow anything like that, it’s abhorrent.

No. 1398446

That's even worse. It's unbelievable that this is allowed to stay up on a normie social media site. I'm starting to think that the people who run and moderate twitter are pedos themselves. Even disgusting male chans have that shit taken down. I feel pretty bad for these girls though because they're clearly victims. The many adult men following and interacting with them need to be castrated. I don't know what the root of this is but the young girls posting all seem to believe in pedo acceptance, like they know it's pedophilia but they think it's okay. It's clear to me that the girls posting in this community are trying to imitate the adults posted in this thread. The whole DDLG loli sanriocore aesthetic always had dark intentions, and so many young girls are into it now due to exposure from social media, without even having sexual intentions initially. It pisses me off when degenerate adults who should know better claim that any kind of age regression is okay and should be posted publicly when it clearly influences girls to put themselves in danger, same with 'kink acceptance'. The fact that a literal 14 year old girl is claiming to like 'hard kinks' is so bleak. Porn has ruined a whole generation of girls.

No. 1399840

a year or two ago (i'm eighteen now) i knew people who were making thousands from this. many of them don't like the men or are into the things they tweet about, but these dudes will give hundreds of dollars for this shit. it's fucking disgusting and most of it is done on twitter now from what i've seen. i report every single account i see but they are never ever taken down. there are minors posting their face and body and voice, ruining their lives for giftcards and cash. from what i've seen, the origin usually ends up being a young girl who wants money. she ends up seeing something about "map twitter" and notices that other girls get cash out of it. she joins, gets exploited, regrets it, leaves. not to mention the pure amount of adults encouraging them – and some aren't even men, they're adult women who also sell their nudes.
i almost joined the community when i was 17 or so and i saw my friends get 200 a day from working maybe an hour or two. there is seriously, genuinely no way to stop this. they're in chatrooms, twitter, instagram, imageboards. it all derives from pornsickness and sadly the coverage of aams/maps. if nobody talked about this shit, half the young girls involved would have never known what it entails, and especially the money you can get from pandering to pedos.

No. 1399933

Yea it is absolutely insane how much money these porn addict men will toss as you if they even slightly suspect you’re underage.
I frequented Omegle and chatrooms starting from around age 11 and while I never accepted anything from the pedo freaks I can easily say all the offers totaled at least a thousand dollars each day

No. 1400140

I really wish I’d been getting money for the shit I did on Omegle when I was underage, Jesus Christ I’d be a millionaire. Depressing. I want all scrotes to die.

No. 1400192

on a similar note, if there are any underage girls here seeing this shitshow, please don't resort to selling your body, especially in this manner. this isnt worth the few hundreds you may get. you will be traumatized and not in an aesthetic way. you will be disgusted with yourself and the fact that you put yourself in that situation. if you have to scam men, find another way, catfish, but don't do this to yourself and your body.

No. 1400367

The amount of adult men who wanted to have sex with me even when I told them my age (I was 14 at the time) is shocking. I would anonymously message on the whisper app because I was deprived of parental attention at the time. It’s sickening. This one man wanted me to be in a relationship with him and his wife…. Even though I was talking sexual as well they should know better. I was a child. I hate scrotes

No. 1400368

Scamming garbage men is based and valid

No. 1400414

Can’t it also just be an adult woman (still young but 18-25 lets say) who’s lying about her age because she knows pedos would pay more?

No. 1400575

>i report every single account i see but they are never ever taken down
twitter moderation is pretty worthless, have you tried reporting the profiles you've found through cybertip or the fbi's website? they have to investigate every report, especially if it's about cp

No. 1401066

i dont think it's inherently bad but this kind of thought process and shilling sex work fuels pedopandering and underage children selling porn because they think its nice, profitable and effortless to scam men or use them for money. in practice, you will virtually every time be left scarred, emotionally, mentally or physically.

No. 1403032

File: 1640663243987.jpg (14.28 KB, 275x275, 1519849924037.jpg)

i remember when i talked to this one degenerate when i was like 13, and he would always talk sexually to me and send weird shit even though he knew i was underage. the fact that twitter isn't taking any action against these sick fucks is terrifying.

No. 1412819

File: 1641741464443.jpeg (1.26 MB, 1242x1698, 31F0B903-CA32-49BC-B7EB-86CFEB…)

a gay scrote who is pedopandering by showing his pictures as a child, disgusting

No. 1412845

that is a fakeboi

No. 1412869

These people need to be institutionalized.

No. 1413609

File: 1641798951810.png (463.16 KB, 720x1168, Screenshot_20220110-001058_(1)…)

There is this sick bitch on Twitter who "claims" to be anti-abuse but openly supports pedophiles who call themselves "MAPS" aka. minor attracted persons.

No. 1413614

This sounds retarded but whenever I see someone post their childhood pictures to pedos or try to appeal to them in other ways, I can't help but think they're pedos as well. Oly they like to pretend to be the abused child and romanticize it in a way minors seeing it think it's romantic and beautiful to get abused instead of actively hurting a child themselves.

This doesn't make that much sense but I've also seen an ugly pedo fucker send his childhood pictures and say that they could use software to make illegal footages starring his childhood self.

No. 1413616

File: 1641799592439.png (327.56 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20220110-002524.png)

No. 1413618

File: 1641799673278.png (490.69 KB, 720x1063, Screenshot_20220110-001940_(1)…)

No. 1413620

File: 1641799891768.png (414.41 KB, 720x1038, Screenshot_20220110-002855_(1)…)

These people are making me vomit in the back of my throat.

No. 1413625

File: 1641800533372.png (Spoiler Image, 445.15 KB, 576x792, Screenshots_2022-01-10-00-36-2…)

No. 1413626

File: 1641800616280.png (Spoiler Image, 330.63 KB, 566x601, Screenshots_2022-01-10-00-37-4…)

No. 1413630

File: 1641801087552.png (Spoiler Image, 510.71 KB, 576x782, Screenshots_2022-01-10-00-50-5…)

No. 1413631

File: 1641801305341.png (Spoiler Image, 667.65 KB, 576x970, Screenshots_2022-01-10-00-52-4…)

What the actual fuck is this guy's twitter page- he legit drives around wearing a diaper..

No. 1413632

File: 1641801395171.png (Spoiler Image, 526.68 KB, 576x746, Screenshots_2022-01-10-00-53-1…)

There's more…he does it with a second person vomit

No. 1413633

File: 1641801485727.png (Spoiler Image, 471.85 KB, 576x749, Screenshots_2022-01-10-00-52-5…)

Enough internet for today ffs

No. 1420732

the internet was a mistake

No. 1422952

File: 1642744648026.jpeg (791.19 KB, 1242x1418, 60D7E85F-5000-4172-B298-CF1710…)

@KIDDIEST4R on Twitter
From the big shay thread

No. 1422953

File: 1642744811801.jpeg (317.97 KB, 2265x928, E42E3662-E19B-4564-99AA-BCB51A…)

No. 1423026

None of these are thread relevant imo its just your regular run of the mill adult who pisses themselves and pretends to be a baby. It is not some straight up pedo shit. Like

Away with your no milk spam

No. 1423069

Nitpick but she looks so old so this is even weirder. Whenever I see a woman that defends or panders to pedos she's either way too old for their preference or looks way older than she is but still thinks they're going to be into her if she says harming children is a-ok.

No. 1423347

Jesus christ. I know this is going to make me sound like a scrote, but I think it's likely that she was molested by her dad. There's just no way that something this VILE is just coming from someones imagination. She's even posting it with her face how is she not crippled with shame??

No. 1424839

There are actual minors making cp and posting it on map tags
twitter needs to be banned

No. 1424897

what do "somno" and "dni" mean? I'm too scared to google it

No. 1424909

I assume somno means having sex with sleeping people (i.e. just another weird rape fetish) and dni means do not interact

No. 1425185

I doubt she's an actual victim, but you're right that it's not coming from her imagination. They all learn from and emulate each other

No. 1425218

take one for the team and light their servers on fire. But then they'll all just migrate to tiktok if they haven't already

No. 1425240

Saged for no milk but Twitter does take action occasionally. It's hard to get them to act but reporting these people using the CSE form can get them taken down if there's some nudity to go along with all the nasty ageplay shit. Strategic reporting is the key. Tweets about rape and murder can be reported for violence. If the first moderator to review your report is too retarded to understand what they are looking at report them again but switch it up so they aren't the exact same tweets. The single most effective thing you can do is report accounts for having adult, violent, or hateful content in the banner, profile pic, or bio. That gets dealt with the fastest and counts as a strike against their account. If the account is old/abandoned it effectively shuts it down.

No. 1425376

Reported her and she's been sus'd. Just keep reporting the pedo tweets or ones mentioning kiddie parts/rape/kidnapping etc.

No. 1425381

Twitter obviously is unaware of how big of a problem this is. I am thinking maybe contacting their major advertisers could help change that. If any of you can get screenshots of this disgusting filth next to ads from major advertisers please post them. We could contact them to let them know what's happening.(cowtipping)

No. 1427200

File: 1643190245197.png (59.52 KB, 443x234, Untitled.png)

Managed to hop on an IP that Twitter believes belongs to ze germans for a little while. Got results rather quickly. This is just a small sampling of accounts actually reported. I'm genociding these scumbags. I hope the mods can understand the severity of the situation and be a bit lenient on those of us reporting. All the accounts with picrew or cropped lolicon in their profile pic/bio are straight up horrorcows but unable to produce milk. I feel a bit morally conflicted about the ones that post real pictures of themselves though. Do we keep them around for the milk they provide, hoping one will eventually be tied to their real identity and become the face of this terrible movement? Should we yeet them like the rest of the disgusting pedo baiters?(cowtipping)

No. 1427227

I thought we didn’t care about getting these degenerate pedophiles banned from twitter? Wtf jannies

No. 1427258

File: 1643202866676.png (Spoiler Image, 622.94 KB, 741x667, barf.png)

I think I'm going to barf

No. 1427382

The irony of this fat fuck that looks like a 60 year old man calling herself toddlerrot is 2much4me

No. 1427788

I keep looking at this shit. Never fails to disgust me. But what I really want to know is what the fuck is wrong with zoomers? Were they all bashed on the head in a manner that made them become sexually disturbed? I don't get it.

No. 1427808

File: 1643243377300.jpg (61.12 KB, 1080x363, IMG_20220127_082844.jpg)

I think she's just jealous that the ones that look more like actual children get a lot more attention

No. 1427819

It’s partially because of the world they grew up in. When you have reality shows like The Girls Next Door, sex on cable TV, the constant objectification of women and children, and easy access to hardcore porn from birth it messes with you. Does not excuse these pedophiles though.

No. 1427834

imagine thinking you have the right to an opinion when your twitter username is literally pedokid lmfao

No. 1427855

File: 1643246732906.jpeg (108.24 KB, 828x1075, 51499363-9DA8-4D71-AE2A-FB8741…)

This is the same person who went viral on Tiktok for their bloody knee tattoos.

No. 1427856

Anyone want to make a bet on how long it's going to take for me to find a edtwt/pedotwt crossover with some girl literally starving herself to try to be more attractive to pedophiles? You will never be a child.

No. 1427857

File: 1643246842364.jpg (Spoiler Image, 224.79 KB, 1080x1411, IMG_20220127_092432.jpg)

Forgot the pic

No. 1427861

that is pretty much half of edtwt.

No. 1427919

File: 1643250630416.jpg (56.43 KB, 1080x314, IMG_20220127_102811.jpg)

Wonder why that is, couldn't be because it's against various laws around the world and the Twitter terms of service. They're all just jealous of you.

No. 1427935

I feel like social media itself is the biggest factor in spreading this plague. I'm a millennial and when I was younger internet porn was also a huge thing. Many kids in my high school were looking at it and joking about it. I happened to stumble upon the sites dealing in simulated rape and actual animal abuse. I did research into where they were hosted to try to see if I could get them taken down. Almost all of them were in the Netherlands which had very permissive laws. Now it's 20 years later and we're seeing the consequences of all of that. The images these sick fucks produced are all over Twitter and all you need to do to see them is scroll through a search for something innocuous. Since the accounts get suspended so often many of them aren't flagged as sensitive content so the most horrific shit comes through even if you have the filter on. That also means any actual children who have the filter forced on because of what they set their age to will see it.

No. 1427942

File: 1643251940270.jpeg (41.35 KB, 827x232, 7A7351F0-7D92-4415-A971-90CDD7…)

This guy makes me fucking sick, he needs to be on a list and not allowed near parks or schools.

No. 1427946

Samefage, i didn’t even realize the handles were slightly different, so they’re probably different people but still.

No. 1427949

File: 1643252417559.jpg (306.49 KB, 1080x1104, IMG_20220127_105921.jpg)

This one shows his actual face

No. 1427953

Have you guys noticed that most of these accounts are literally girls? Like even the "male" ones seem to have a lot of FtMs and theybies

No. 1427956

It's kinda mixed really. From what I've seen the men are into hitting and the women are into mutilation.

No. 1427960

I'd say that this is something that journalists could bring attention to, but for whatever reason they're shockingly (not really) silent about all of the horrific shit that runs rampant on twitter + the more zoomer-friendly social media platforms.
30 minutes
imo it's definitely mostly the result of social media, but it's more that they grew up immersed in online subcultures that glorify being a mentally-stunted loser rather than exposure to shock content in and of itself.

No. 1427977

File: 1643254373642.jpeg (30.27 KB, 823x268, A4458296-677C-4DB7-B15A-EDB45D…)

Ugly and scum of the earth!

No. 1427981

The account locked down now. Apparently they were receiving lots of anonymous abuse for being a disgusting pedo hours before being posted in this thread. By the time we got there they were making suicidal posts.

No. 1427994

Yeah, twitter was a shitshow today after pyro started getting called out people went from pyros account to theirs and they kept posting the weird pedo fantasies acting all tough saying they weren’t going private, then going private, while also suicide baiting. The account just got locked. Wish I got more SS!

No. 1427998

Makes me happy to see that not everyone there on Twitter or even in that age group approves of this garbage. But whenever these freaks get attacked they all rally around each other creating hug boxes. They're like how could anybody be so sick as to viciously insult you for having fantasies about fucking children? Didn't they read your pinned tweet where you said it's just a fantasy and "real" pedos shouldn't interact with you?

No. 1428017

pyro as in pyrocynical? I know he got called out for furfag rp’ing with a minor a while ago but has he done something else? Would look it up myself but I don’t have Twitter

No. 1428019

oh no! pyro is the name of a twitter account pyro/ @r0ttedfl3sh I think they’re private now. instagram is rottdflesh, still public

No. 1428024

A few post up theres a collage of their twitter posts if you need an idea of what they do.

No. 1428028

File: 1643259099277.jpeg (40.01 KB, 612x408, 992C57D8-3712-4420-AFBE-9D4876…)

Jesus that gave me a fright! What I get for not scrolling up lol. I really thought he’d done something fucking criminal this time. Sorry for the slight derail team

No. 1428053

File: 1643262786557.jpg (78.48 KB, 1080x315, IMG_20220127_135236.jpg)

This account has more than 17k followers

No. 1428106

File: 1643271129599.jpg (415.54 KB, 1080x1850, IMG_20220127_161135.jpg)

No. 1428107

File: 1643271184053.jpg (345.16 KB, 1080x1569, IMG_20220127_161157.jpg)

Claims to be in a hospital but using the Twitter web app lmao classic suicide bait

No. 1428114

File: 1643272066627.jpeg (804.98 KB, 1242x1536, 95B79D15-F54E-4054-BFC7-A5A73D…)


No. 1428149

Cry me a fucking river you pedo scumbag. You can’t call yourself violentdad and then start crying about people hurting your feefees because they’re holding you accountable for and reacting honestly to the shit you’re saying on a public website. The greatest contribution he could make to the world at this point would be taking himself out of it. I’ll take my alog ban. Fuck it, I’ll put myself out to pasture. I can’t handle this thread anymore.

No. 1428151

File: 1643279402878.jpg (297.39 KB, 1080x1679, IMG_20220127_182854.jpg)

Doesn't get any better from here. Even on private both of them are getting destroyed.

No. 1428158

I totally understand where you're coming from because I'm looking at the pure uncut version of all of this. I could post wall to wall screenshots of these people's awful fantasies but I don't. I didn't even need to do it for that one. You saw his @ and you already got what he was about. I'm probably going to take a break from all of this for the sake of my mental health soon. That's the same thing these fucking nonces always say when they get called out for talking to a minor or something like that.

No. 1428168

File: 1643281351522.jpg (129 KB, 946x2048, 20220127_190050.jpg)

Lovely bunch of people in this group. If you find who is being talked about here somehow don't hesitate to post about them.

No. 1428171

kek your profile pic is showing anon

No. 1428172

That's not my screenshot

No. 1428215

Go on do it bitch

No. 1428264

File: 1643295356399.jpg (137.97 KB, 1080x1423, IMG_20220127_225118.jpg)

Already banned and attempting a comeback

No. 1428271

My theory is it’s the outcome of years of feminist theory + porn. They perceive men as violent and predatory yes, but also that they are powerful and dominate others. If they want to embody that power, they must become predators.

No. 1428285

There’s something to this. I believe a small % of them are mentally ill or CSA survivors. But the vast majority appear to be morbidly obese shut-ins who want attention/money and can only get it by pandering to niche fetishes. It’s an extreme form of pickmeism. These girls are just uglier, less successful versions of Shayna. And of course there are plenty of actual pedos in the mix, and all the “real pedos dni” shit on their bios is just coping & minimizing.

No. 1428369

sage but why are they all so obsessed with the word icky

No. 1428411

Because they know what they’re doing is disgusting, and icky is something a kid would probably say so…

No. 1428620

These people all just copy each other. They are like parrots repeating what they've heard. I really do believe that also goes for the claim that this all comes from their own trauma too. Especially the accounts that deal more with violent imagery and obsess about rape instead of just pretending to be a wittle baby.

No. 1428718

>>1423347 I think that is just a pornstick woman tbh. Her twits even sounds like a shotacon manga "plot", that is what too much japanese porn and a bit of social ostracism does to a bitch

No. 1428723

File: 1643326253760.png (219.76 KB, 747x783, cpban.png)

This is what happens to accounts that get reported for CP via the German menu. I think there was a bunch of lolicon on her account which led to the ban.

No. 1428746

>>1428285 for me is even simpler lmao, years of kids being exposed to very explicit content as a "joke" in child media fandoms & nerd spaces. Sage for blogpost, but i remember how i was at 12. Me and my frends (all fatty and/or anachan nerdy kids) were consuming very fucked up porn in form of fanfic and manga. It was kinda a game for us, finding the "spiciest daddy kink fic" or the most fucked up doujin. And since we werent desired for our peers, it was a way ur way to "live our sexuality" (and it was terrible for our mental health after) thank god that at the end of the day all of us came from stable families and never tried to recreate it, otherwise we would have ended in "maptwt" begging for attention of posible literal pedos. We grown out of our pornstickness and that was it. In the last years "nerdy" culture has become a gateway for grooming. idk you nonnies, but in my region there is a a kind of challenge where they literally make young weeb kids watch"Boku no Pico" (a shota) as some sort of rite, in a "you arent an anime fan if you didnt watched it" bullshit. Well sometimes it sticks and lonely awkward kids became shotacons themselves. In a way they were groomed, but not in a "daddys litte victim" way, but by a fugly otaku NEET who thinks that encouraging kids to watch shota is funny.

No. 1428844

idk how common it is anymore but i remember it being a really big thing online for older kids to try and trick younger more gullible kids into watching it 10 years ago i mean i would definitely consider boku no pico to be pretty prolific from what i understand it was pretty much a universal experience if you liked anime and were young on the internet

No. 1428870

File: 1643333218579.png (68.2 KB, 751x522, deleted.png)

Starting to see this more and more. These accounts don't have a very long shelf life. Once you get back into December all the videos they retweeted are already deleted.

No. 1428896

File: 1643334353248.png (322.46 KB, 748x478, barf.png)

Once again feeling physically ill. When you can see their faces the disgust quickly changes from just being repulsed for moral reasons. Icky indeed.

No. 1428924

File: 1643336033250.png (Spoiler Image, 878.96 KB, 743x1002, ABWUSEDDOLLIE.png)

The same cognitive dissonance you'll see everywhere else on this corner of Twitter. Glorify horrifying illegal thing. Use the same exact language the people making and consuming that thing are using. Then act shocked and surprised when it shows up in your circles. They're innocent because they did a call out post. They're nothing like those real pedos.

No. 1428973

File: 1643340520569.png (1.18 MB, 828x1792, 6A7529DF-8FC1-4D7C-93E7-F6B01D…)

Advertising literal CP

No. 1428974

File: 1643340544026.png (1.28 MB, 828x1792, 4165B2F8-6D2A-41F1-BA58-F51E8F…)

“Rape doll”

No. 1428992

>"map" (pedo) friendly
>draws the line at animal fucking

No. 1429005

There are countless accounts like this. Once you find one going through the followers/following is a way to find more which is why I haven't really posted them here when I came across them. Looking at all the horrible role play garbage is demoralizing enough. Filling out the Twitter CSE form over and over again explaining that this is actually a minor lying about their age in their bio and linking offsite to tell their real age knowing it's probably going to get ignored by the poor person on the other end who doesn't speak English as their first language and has to look at CP all day is worse. Coming across what you think is actual CP on a role play account can leave you feeling unsettled and disgusted. Going through pages and pages off minors pimping themselves out to pedophiles is far worse. I hope somebody else will tackle that but don't feel much hope. Pretty sure SomeOrdinaryGamers made a YouTube video about it and still this continues.

No. 1429013

Needs to be said that MAP = minor attracted person, AAM = adult attracted minor. When you see these things stay away. You're so close to the CP that you can practically hear the van idling in your driveway.

No. 1429017

>selling “vids of younger me”
I’m scared for our future

No. 1429020

Report her cash app, hopefully they’ll look into it and look into those who have been buying CP

No. 1429093

For future reference German Twitter reports only get handled when it's daytime in Germany. Reporting minors dealing in CP through the CSE form seems to work if you include the url of their Carrd or whatever they're using to list their age outside the site in the details. Carrd responds quickly to these kinds of reports but you probably shouldn't report through that until Twitter has seen it and removed it.

No. 1429159

Master list of accounts found not to be in violation of German law or Twitter's rules

@PRESCH00LPET @smolxkiddo_ @ditzytoddlr @nwursry @rapedoIIie @kiddiemodel @wittlebbydoll @chains_silence @cuItkiller @spitknk @purge_bunny @VI0LENTDAD @moIestid @Y2KB1MB0 @toddlerkisses @dadstoddlr @ditzyyangel @C6BERGORE @hxlyfxckxx @yuckybunnie @stalkbrother @urtinipup @sxtanswhxre @brattycatx @daddyssnuffstar @littlnymph

No. 1429230

File: 1643379677806.png (70.88 KB, 749x758, urfavdad.png)

Not sure what the video they're talking about is but I'm glad I didn't see it before he got suspended.

No. 1429244

This is sick and it's also why I say people under 18 don't belong on the internet unless they're researching something for school.

No. 1429258

File: 1643382447864.jpeg (429.76 KB, 1242x1247, 07016F7A-46F0-4BCF-8DD2-E144BE…)

No. 1429260

File: 1643382484165.jpeg (851.37 KB, 1242x1818, 78AFB633-D560-4FB8-AD5B-BD9F29…)

Preschool pet face reveal

No. 1429261

are these people so ugly and disconnected from reality they can't enjoy sex without pretending to be children or animals? Idgi

No. 1429262

File: 1643382657314.jpeg (146.27 KB, 1242x693, 771F756D-8733-40A8-AC05-D7085F…)


No. 1429265

File: 1643383434489.jpeg (708.74 KB, 3464x3464, ECCCEC85-9E5F-47D2-AD42-7B36C9…)

These pedos in a nutshell

No. 1429298

I saw someone get exposed for doing this on insta so I looked more into it and actually so fucking sick to see there's a whole community for it, 'MAPS dni' my ass

No. 1429342

KEK they are always obese, hog-faced slampigs who can't even be gussied up with 10 tons of makeup. No wonder they do this. The only men they can get to fuck them are pedophiles and even then they have to pretend to be something other than themselves entirely to get touched. It's so funny how they're all just a hunch of fat fucking degenerates larping as skinny anime lolis and the "daddies" are also fat, accutane-addled sex offenders who have to shuffle sideways through the door to their rooms. God, I hope these people get doxxed and EVERYONE in their real lives finds out so they can have their lives ruined forever. These people deserve nothing but brutal prison rape and sleepless nights that melt into endless days.

No. 1429361

File: 1643393963737.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1080x1441, IMG_E3C01CD43EC0-1.jpeg)

Ha! I just came here to post about her. She and her bf are such cows.

Extremely brief summary about her:
>Constantly shows her self harm cuts and cigarette burns in her arm. She even cut so harshly one time she had to be taken to the ER.
>Then she took a bunch of pics of the stitches because aEstHetics
>She even got her knees tattooed to make it look she fell down and got them all bloody. Somehow it got viral on tiktok.
>Into ddlg, bdsm and scat.
>Her friend "Raven" who was staying at her house for a few days, extended his visit longer than expected and developed a relationship. They exchanged blood vessels and make a lot of cringe content. Picrel.
>Raven is as cringe as he is.
>Got canceled for pedopandering discourse and locked her account.
>Apparently her bf wasn't very happy with all the attention it brought to them (lol) so maybe they are splitting.

No. 1429370

File: 1643394268839.jpg (Spoiler Image, 140.96 KB, 828x1199, IMG_1070.jpg)

Some related SS. This was a video of her bf sucking one of her cuts.

No. 1429374

This is what no personality or ethics does to an mf. Literal hylics.

No. 1429431

This is so nasty.

No. 1429485

I want scat proof please horrorcow status is imminent with the cut sucking as well

No. 1429687

File: 1643420636056.png (17.69 KB, 755x676, sussybaka.png)

That didn't last long at all

No. 1429725

File: 1643423356973.png (90.68 KB, 748x638, ickiekidie.png)

It's back

No. 1429753

This account went private and now only has 2 followers/following. I think he also got a lot of unwanted attention when people were going at iickydad. Since the names and content were similar his mentions also got filled up with people calling him out.

No. 1429760

File: 1643425941296.png (38.92 KB, 757x385, pyro.png)

The damage control. People in the replies and QTs aren't buying it.

No. 1429805

File: 1643432303372.png (74.06 KB, 740x792, predictable.png)

Oh sure you "feel awful" but for your boyfriend it's a dream come true. But go on, tell everyone how you didn't see this coming.

No. 1429807

File: 1643433546549.jpeg (123.96 KB, 555x816, 0E4D7956-11AE-4C7F-8168-407E62…)

Gross I hope the “I have proof” isn’t code for sending CP
This bitch is a freak she dresses like a crackhead who found random pieces of clothing in the trash

No. 1429808

I suspect she's probably going to pass the dox of this minor to all these pedos which is equally disturbing.

No. 1429811

File: 1643433996480.jpeg (653.2 KB, 1182x1401, D724128A-C6DC-452B-AF27-454D2D…)

She thinks about her uncle sexually wtf

No. 1429815

File: 1643434129102.jpeg (874.48 KB, 1242x1460, D4185E90-A34E-416E-BC43-D7537B…)

literal children clothes wtf I wish these fatties would stop squeezing their blubber into kid clothes

No. 1429822

File: 1643435119631.png (35.17 KB, 724x343, Untitled.png)

Well yeah, your followers are pedophiles and you just announced to them "there's a perfectly good child right here who is very receptive to grooming, have at her!"

No. 1429826

she posted some bullshit “apology” on her tiktok too. not actually sorry for what she did of course but sorry for the backlash she’s getting.

No. 1429830

File: 1643436713966.png (40.25 KB, 739x491, Untitled.png)

Please think of how much of a dangerous situation you're putting us, the pretend pedophilia community, in by turning our fantasies into reality. We can't be bothered to think about the ways we're making children like you unsafe. We're too busy making horny posts about kiddie holes and pedo cock.

No. 1429833

File: 1643438852750.png (39.01 KB, 753x291, Untitled.png)

>dox minor to pedos
>pedos spread the dox publicly
Wait no this wasn't supposed to happen!

No. 1429841

File: 1643440528952.png (77.79 KB, 738x597, Untitled.png)

Again it's all the minor's fault and they should be ashamed for potentially getting you all in trouble. That's why your community is calling her a bitch and a lying cunt and spreading her face around now.

No. 1429848


These sick fucks actually believe children are able to fully understand cause and effect/consequences and have the hutzpah to act like the victim when they are confronted with the reality that children don't understand these things, which is why they shouldn't be sexualized.

It is like they are so close to realizing why they are pieces of shit but their brains are so sick they think reality is attacking them.

No. 1429851

She looks so nasty, even with the filter. Bitch is ugly.

No. 1429866

This picture belongs to @strawbunnydolly on instagram, so either they're the same person, or she's just lying about it being her.

No. 1429871

every single one of these freaks claims to be sexual abuse victims, yet viciously attacks and spreads personal info of actual CHILDREN and blames them and bullies them - meanwhile the kid has most likely been groomed to think it’s okay to interact in online sexual spaces etc. mini blog but as a victim of CSA, the last thing id do is go on a witch-hunt and bully those people. how these degenerates react just shows their lies and nastiness. can’t for a second put themselves in the kids situation, all they can do is think about themselves

No. 1429873

The post itself Says something along the lines of “so me! So relatable!” So probably just taking pics and using them for aesthetics. There’s other pics with their(? Could not be) face visible

No. 1429883

either way this creep is wearing literal childrens clothes and it's weird as hell.

No. 1429884

whenever these pedo worshippers complain about kids who have obviously been groomed it definitely reads as some kind of twisted jealousy rather than actual concern for their safety. for fucks sake that kiddieluvs user was literally more upset that the child was gaining followers after the callout than the fact that her and her bf engaged sexually with said child >>1429822
>we might face actual consequences for enabling pedophilia waaaaa
if everyone in this "community" were put on the sex offender's registry it'd be an improvement to society

No. 1429888

File: 1643448030368.jpg (88.94 KB, 720x1512, FJBcc9JXoAQa0VZ.jpg)

Based on this screenshot from her phone, the time it was posted, having Shopee installed, and "galeria" I think it's safe to say kiddieluvs is from Brazil.

No. 1429892

>bmi calculator in the corner
kek i knew there was crossover between pedotwt and edtwt

No. 1429894

File: 1643448461015.png (178.73 KB, 763x629, Untitled.png)

No. 1429938

File: 1643453363441.png (17.48 KB, 731x142, Untitled.png)

Spamming rape and snuff videos on Twitter without marking yourself as an account that posts adult content so children are able to see it is just another valid way of dealing trauma. Who the fuck cares if that's going to inflict trauma on others? They can just look away.

No. 1430017

please, anyone who still uses /cgl/, post this in the fairy kei thread lmfao, she deserves to be torn asunder

No. 1430040

She dresses like a Sanriocore Instagram e-girl, wouldn't be shocked if she was on Tumblr/Insta and under the radar.

No. 1430170

Maybe, idk, you wouldn’t have to worry about being put in “dangerous situations” if you werent busy being a degenerate online. And if you didn’t belong in a community that attracts children to be groomed by disgusting pedophiles who want to sexualize these children being underaged. Maybe don’t be tweeting about children’s toys and activities. Get a fucking job and if you want to be an online whore then register on adult only sites that have you verify if you’re legal age.

I wish these accounts got nuked. Twitter is a cesspool

No. 1430209

i mean yeah, you are the bad guy if you can't even do the bare minimum of taking your woman hating and child endangering "kinks" to an adult only platform. kids as young as 13 are allowed to be on twitter, whether they should be is another story, but having accounts that contribute to the normalization of pedophilia on an all-ages platform screams grooming and until you get a clue you'll always rightfully have a target on your back

No. 1430425

File: 1643503343309.png (409.4 KB, 725x764, Untitled.png)

iktf lily

No. 1430437

their account is absolutely fucking vile, i'm reporting it https://twitter.com/pinkcunny

No. 1430439

They probably already got a strike against them for the banner and pfp.

No. 1430448

Why do they always use ”Icky”? is that some sort of code for pedophiles so other pedophiles know who to follow?

No. 1430449

She already changed it so she's lurking

No. 1430453

I've also seen it on accounts that post nothing but rape and snuff porn with little to no ageplay content. These "hard kink" weirdos like to think of themselves as badasses who can handle these things while everyone else is just a jealous vanilla following fake doms. At the same time they talk about it and their feelings towards certain things in the most childish terms possible, icky, yucky, uncomfy, etc

No. 1430459

It's more likely there was a report. That's the one thing Twitter cares about the most. They don't want any porn or hate speech in your bio, profile pictures, or banner. They tend to respond to those reports the fastest and when they do they will lock down your account and hide all your tweets until you change it. It also counts as a strike against your account meaning it speeds up the process of them just completely deleting your account when you get reported for other shit.

No. 1430467

this is literally a mtf. you can see their perineal raphe which women don't have.

No. 1430480

File: 1643508179580.png (20.63 KB, 719x128, Untitled.png)

Rape and pedophilia is for everyone!

No. 1430482

Kill it with fire and hunt the rest

No. 1430510

File: 1643512479406.jpg (Spoiler Image, 125.29 KB, 750x1334, cursed.jpg)

Seconding, this isn't a pussy, just a scrote pretending to have one. Sickening.

No. 1430555

File: 1643521040959.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1242x1663, 594FBD6E-3812-42DB-A23F-97D950…)

So it’s a troon?

No. 1430642

not supporting her but ok anon tell us you've never seen anyone's genitalia without telling us :|(:|)

No. 1430652

back to twitter with you

No. 1430657

if that isn't the seam of a nutsack, then that little bitch has the world's longest taint and an episiotomy scar

No. 1430791

are you a tranny yourself? i have a pussy and ate some before so i can guarantee you no pussy looks like that, that's a scrote's nutsack poorly trying to pass as a "pink cunny"

No. 1430810

Its a moids ballsack. Cope, seeth and/or dilate.

No. 1430861

I think she's from latin america but not brazil, she seems to speak spanish fluently

No. 1430913

File: 1643573056385.jpeg (930.77 KB, 3024x4030, 98CE6B2C-E963-473E-B092-FD8527…)

kek this freak is a pedo and a munchie. somehow predicted he’d be in a „coma“ 4 days in advance, all over some well-deserved anon hate

No. 1431174

Man shoulders and a empty ballsack vagina, if it isn’t an obese uggo, it’s a troon confirmed.

No. 1431175

If we had a bingo card for this thread low tier suicide baiting would be a free space kek
These freaks make their whole personality "icky child rapist abusive pedo dad" and still try to get feefee points it's so pathetic it's laughable

No. 1432065

File: 1643706764857.png (52.98 KB, 744x660, pan.png)

Not a big leap from there to here

No. 1432212

File: 1643735257437.jpeg (541.93 KB, 750x1098, 6306769B-48A3-478C-A169-D0855D…)

what in the everloving fuck is this? i think we would be better off if twitter was just nuked off the internet

No. 1432214

the raging personality disorder this picture omits is too much to handle for me kek

No. 1432239

File: 1643737852244.jpeg (72.31 KB, 341x353, CB880986-F130-42CB-8BEE-F52305…)

Literally announcing that he wants to groom retards, yet he gets to keep his account afloat, meanwhile an artist can get harassed until they delete their shit in half a day for drawing a character with a different color palette than what’s canon.

No. 1432597

The #AAM hashtag makes it clear he wants to get minors involved as well.

No. 1432626


late reply, but fuck, you stirred up a memory in me.

this kind of phenomenon has been going on a while. not to blog post, but to offer context on the culture that precluded this one:

i also almost did a similar thing at 17 or so but im 25 now, so several years before you. m the difference was, my 16y/o friend was selling pics over kik, and they were total catfishes (thank GOD). would steal the photos from tumblr blogs. and yeah i almost did it while me and my friends talked ignorantly about becoming sugarbabies when we turned 18 while we were 16. 200 a day as well

im friends with a LOT of sex workers now, in part because of it, and ive learned so much. it truly can be so fucked up especially if you think its easy money in any way or dont know any other sex workers. Ive had friends who did FS underage, in major cities. im a lot less naïve now hearing from them and im glad i didnt do it because i wasnt ready.

somethings truly broken. i posted suggestive photos, including an implied nude once at 17 or barely 18. i thought absolutely nothing was wrong abt it at the time because i was a stupid CHILD.

It scares me to hear how much worse it got(unsaged blog )

No. 1432633

Today I have read more references to getting fucked by your dad than I would if I had read transcripts of every episode of the Cum Town podcast. Consuming this much disgusting bile has had a very negative effect on my mental health. I haven't been quite alright these last few days. I felt like it's important to document what these people are like but most of it isn't notable in any way. It's just daddy baby toddler stuffies icky holes over and over on repeat. Then occasionally you'll see them pulling out some obscure medical literature to try to claim it's a valid valid valid way to deal with their trauma. Maybe pretending to be a child is and the age regression shit helps despite how cringy it looks. I don't fucking know. But I don't think any of this is good way to cope with anything. Sorry for the blogpost. Good luck to anybody else looking through this garbage.

No. 1432645

File: 1643776934923.png (Spoiler Image, 637.58 KB, 733x728, horrific.png)

Even if you browse with the content filter on, you know as a child's account would be forced to, and autoplay disabled you still see lots of horrific images. The most disgusting stuff makes it through.

No. 1432679

the tag #mnsfw is actually the worst.(sage)

No. 1432721

This is exactly why Twitter's policy of only deleting shit once it's reported doesn't work. I could go through and report most of these save for the few that only put '18' or "18" and didn't list their real age anywhere. Or the ones that are like 3x5 or 18-3, since Twitter support is too fucking retarded to understand math. But then I'm just sitting around all day looking at child pornography without any reward besides knowing I got an account removed that's just going to be remade again later.

No. 1432836

This account is now suspended

No. 1432841

exactly, it's like pissing against the wind. my advice would be to just completely avoid twitter and tell everyone ESPECIALLY your younger siblings to stay away from it because it's a lawless hellhole filled to the brim with the most deviant porn imagineable. i don't understand how tumblr was forced to go sfw by apple to stay on the app store but twitter gets a free pass, it's just as bad if not worse by now

No. 1432953

Twitter matters, tumblr doesn’t.

No. 1435653

File: 1644103927672.jpeg (741.69 KB, 1242x1549, 632E90B8-7F16-41E6-882E-DE17A9…)

How tf is that tweet not against Twitter rules

No. 1436062

you are mental.

No. 1436473

thats literally balls

No. 1439317

File: 1644467028880.jpeg (1.01 MB, 4096x3072, 14FA2567-49D0-40B1-AA34-8247A8…)

Found this gem of a human in my 34 year old ex scrote’s interactions.

No. 1440279

File: 1644546818449.jpeg (112.21 KB, 828x297, 31C01C2A-6B67-4DCD-ACFC-0C33AD…)


No. 1444781

File: 1645030421855.jpeg (59.81 KB, 828x290, F66CB157-ED22-47C3-8292-8F7C9C…)

Samefag, now he’s obsessing over this “19 year old virgin” kek I want to DIE

No. 1520523

File: 1651761156577.jpeg (441.71 KB, 1116x1058, AD9F9B49-EF90-43F6-8606-9F099D…)

No. 1520528

6000+ followers. I feel like I’m in a fucking never ending nightmare. When will this shit stop?

No. 1520540

How is that banner not something that could get her banned? Seriously, it literally says
>rapists <3
>abusers <3
>pedos <3
Twitter is just Reddit, another den for pedophiles.

No. 1520546

saged for no milk but this thread actually made me puke. these people need to be doxxed and jailed

No. 1520563

File: 1651765592224.jpeg (1.37 MB, 1242x2069, 5AC1489A-E77B-43BE-B4C5-B5B4F7…)

I am quite baffled she is nineteen I thought it was a child at first glance. So many of these egirls reaaaally lean into the pedopandering

No. 1520577

I hate her and her generic aliexpress room

No. 1520588

File: 1651767243874.png (3.88 MB, 750x1334, 4E984CBB-1859-4705-B6BF-EA262A…)

She looks much older then 19 unshopped

No. 1520596

Which makes her more disgusting in my opinion. We’ve normalised degeneracy and the turn of the tide cannot come quick enough.

No. 1520655

It's so sad watching beautiful women do this stuff. If they just made the cutesy clothes less sexual and stopped wearing actual kids clothes they'd still have that look but less creepy. Nothing shameful with the Jfashion kawaii fashions but this is so far from that. I hope these people never have kids cause they will find this and feel like they were born just as a sexual prop for their parents' sick paraphilias.

I will never understand this for so many reasons, main one being you can't fake adolescent features even with filters without giving yourself AI generated default child face. We really are marching towards the deepfake simulated CSEM future. Women will be paid to do this shit. They'll get paid to pretend to be raped and distressed crying like an actual child would and people will really just defend it as a kink. And I know that's happening but I mean like it will escalate beyond our worst nightmare. If divine intervention is real we need it now.

No. 1520759

File: 1651777598231.jpg (31.24 KB, 486x529, Gloria-590x900.jpg)

She looks like 43 year old Gloria from orange is the new black, jowl crease and everything
>beautiful women
Girl what

No. 1520803

>momma's lil pedobait

I want to die

No. 1520844

you're only twenty for so long, anon

No. 1520902

this is honestly the only thread on here that has made me viscerally uncomfortable. i cannot believe these people exist.

No. 1521352

What is that supposed to mean? Genuinely asking

No. 1521588

cinnpie already ruined this look

No. 1521591

File: 1651847901475.jpeg (368.13 KB, 1242x1388, ACE3D6D2-6704-4343-9EEB-78C705…)

I will seriously eat Elon musks asshole if Twitter deleted every single account that used the words icky pedo kiddie kiddo ped0. And banned them for life. Pedophilia is not freedom of speech, also ban all underaged users do they don’t have to witness this degenerate behavior

No. 1521594

The belleification of Gloria kek she looks like she’s just trying to be a teenager but her age is still noticeable under all that makeup

No. 1521597

I watched an episode of law and order svu on this. The pornographer defended the use of ai filters because all of their actors were over 18, so it’s legal. Even though his content triggered a pedophile to abuse a child

No. 1563816

File: 1655483362794.jpeg (991.66 KB, 1242x1314, 6388E013-5B04-4CF8-8ABC-60B3DD…)

Wtf they’re 18, why are they sexualizing child abuse

No. 1563883

Sorry, but what does this bitch think a twelve year-old looks like?

No. 1563911


Wishing nothing but despair and depression on all pedo pandering whores

No. 1572270

I noticed Twitter is censoring a lot of the words these people use. I spent a lot of time hunting them down before exposing myself to this firehose of the most horrific content you can think of basically led to me having a mental breakdown. I didn't check for a long time but decided to fire up a German VPN today and see what could be done. Now if you search words like preteen alongside words like pedo you get no results. Seems to work when you're searching people's actual accounts though. I wouldn't say this is a good thing at all. Maybe it makes it slightly harder for these people to find each other but once they do it serves no purpose except sweeping this shit under the rug. Twitter is doing nothing to address the actual problem but tweaking the search to hide it.

No. 1572327

File: 1656220041701.png (54.08 KB, 738x788, what did you expect.png)

To quote >>1430209

>kids as young as 13 are allowed to be on twitter, whether they should be is another story, but having accounts that contribute to the normalization of pedophilia on an all-ages platform screams grooming and until you get a clue you'll always rightfully have a target on your back

The least these freaks could do is lock down their accounts and not allow anybody to follow them unless… I must stress at the very least because there's so much more that could be done… they claim to be 18. Instead they broadcast their glorification of pedophilia, rape, and every other disgusting irredeemable thing you can imagine to the whole world. Putting "MAPs and Minors DNI" in your bio doesn't mean real pedos and real children can't see it. Also once again you have someone asking, who is this real child coming into a space for people who fetishize pedophilia? Not once does it cross the minds of these disgusting abominations how much danger this puts that child in. Fuck these people. Not literally either.

No. 1585516

File: 1657547935715.jpeg (916.03 KB, 1284x2163, 8747AF10-7BED-4EFF-9D1A-15AF53…)

This is from tumblr not Twitter. I reported this account I don't know what else to do this shit has me freaked out. Is there anything else to do other than sending a cyber tip/reporting the account?

No. 1585540

Dox him, track him down, murder him and dump his corpse in the river

No. 1585567

If you use the report function where you actually sent tumblr the link to the post and give them your own url and email (instead of using quick report) they should usually be getting rid of this account fairly quickly. The quick report function does nothing though. You have to actually write a report

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