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No. 1984807

>Admin note: Please remember this thread is not to discuss general grievances and phenomena of the trans "community". Only post here if you're talking about specific trans cows and are able to provide screenshots of their behavior. Generalized vents don't belong here, nor do your personal experiences. Use the appropriate threads on our off-topic boards for this
/ot/ gender ideology general thread: >>>/ot/1941872

This is a series of threads about fakebois and trans-identified females (TIFs).

TIFs are girls and women who take on the 'trans' label to any extent, including undergoing ("gender-affirming") surgery under that label.

"Fakebois" are girls who pretend to be boys, either by becoming TIFs or larping biological males through the screen (classic move). Fakebois usually style and present themselves as androgynous or feminine-looking boys, or wearing girls' clothing and make-up while insisting on being addressed with he/him (or occasionally they/them) pronouns and take great offense at being gendered as female.

These threads are also now a catch-all for any minor TIF cows without threads of their own. Even "serious" troons, (like Kalvin Garrah and Ellen Page) are fair game, as are horrific troon surgeries and pregnancies. Just remember to spoiler that shit.

**TIFs, no one cares if you think you're ~more legit~ than the cows posted here.**

Additionally, occasional discussion of fujoshis is fine, but don't sperg and infight about it. Report and ignore bait.

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No. 1984810

>Tattooing a woman that use male pronouns because she wants to be like her idol, not because she feels like a man.

These people missed the point with this character. Let's not mention that infamous drawing of her with her tits chopped

No. 1984816

That tattoo is so godawful too, my god. I'm an artist and I would be so embarrassed to hand that garbage to someone on paper, let alone put it in their skin permanently.

No. 1984818

Kek this threadpic is pretty good.

No. 1984819

Probably age like shit too, in a couple years it's going to be a weird smudge

No. 1984823

File: 1712893532147.png (148.74 KB, 1080x547, 1000008974.png)

is there truly anything more TIF than coming out at your grandpa's funeral?

No. 1984828

File: 1712898577243.png (18.99 KB, 163x151, Screenshot 2024-04-12 1.05.58 …)

No. 1984868

Just by that name alone you can tell she's the bug/frog obsessed kind.

No. 1984870

no one cannot convince me that this is not autism. Low empathy and tiffanism, hand in hand.

No. 1984901

She looks absolutely dead inside. There's no chance she believes she's a man, she's doing this for the attention and as a socially acceptable means of self harm. Can't get taken seriously by society as an anorexic middle-class white girl after all.
Not even the tabloids use her new pronouns kek.

No. 1984904

can someone please help me understand where this bug/frog obsession among tifs comes from. I keep seeing it and I'm so confused. Is it from being a tomboy in youth, playing in dirt etc -> typical tif autism/age regression later on?

No. 1984914

I think is a nlog thing.
Butterflies, fireflies, ladybugs = girly
Scarabs, ants, mantis, etc = boyish therefore if I like those I have boyish tastes and I'm definitely a boy!!1

No. 1984928

(unsaged bc op post is on previous thread)
>"as an Asian person at 168cm i'm taller than most cis men in my third world country" feels like she's doing nothing but brag about her privilege
However this is more or less a genetic thing; not about money or wealth or status, height is partially genetic and partially environmental. The body grows in different ways for each individual, provided malnourishment is not present during developmental stages.
Nona, how does this even sound like flaunting privilege? Teach me

No. 1984929

autists like bugs

No. 1984930

>(unsaged bc op post is on previous thread)
Your post is saged though?

No. 1984931

Oopsie i forgot 2 erase

No. 1984935

Its not genetic, its economic. As the standard of living gets better in asia, they are growing taller and taller. Like Korea and China is starting to catch up in height to the west

No. 1984947

It's an nlog thing where they buy so hard into misogynistic stereotypes that they try acting like some weird retarded view of a little boy to try and look masculine and only end up more obviously female. So yes, TIF typical autism.

No. 1985011

Girls, especially autistic girls, that like things like bugs and frogs often get picked on and pressured to drop those interests. Especially once they start puberty. So many girls troon out because they think it's thr only way to keep liking shit they like

No. 1985081

File: 1712979649590.jpg (45.42 KB, 600x489, Screen_Shot_2012-09-13_at_9.39…)

This. There was even a commercial in Tumblr that shows a girl being told to not being interested in boy stuff (astronomy, animals, etc) to suddenly show her in HS and more interested in "girly stuff" (make up). The commercial was aimed so more girls or women can be interested in STEM.

Granted, kids do change their interests and all, but ironically the same commercial rather than tell her "stop liking boyish stuff", would have told her "oh he's an egg".

No. 1985090

Kek great choice of thread pic OP, well done

Genuinely don't know enough about him to comment but isn't Affleck fairly well liked among TIFs? I wonder what he thinks of this

No. 1985103

I mean same girl shared in her comic implying she could better pass as physically male at that point if its too hard for you to understand why she considered tiffery.

No. 1985393

File: 1713090648242.jpg (328.29 KB, 1080x1497, 1000015041.jpg)

Of course the white racefaking TIF named herself after an anime character serial killer. I'm just surprised she hasn't tried to give herself a name to match one of the ethnicities she falsely claims to be, or even keep her original "Sarah" to play into the Jewish LARP. Not to mention she could easier play into the MTF LARP by saying that Sarah is what she legally changed her name to or something. Of course she hasn't the brain cells to think any of these things through, though.

No. 1985429

Not even surprised. Honestly, whenever I see tifs with asian names who mainly talk in English, I automatically assume they're white kek. Although asian tifs exist (and are just as insufferable I must say), there aren't that many of them in comparison to bored white girls who consoom too much anime, kpop, danmeis or asian dramas.

No. 1985435

File: 1713104560281.jpg (62.72 KB, 750x1000, 1000001176.jpg)

I think ground zero for this started with the Animal Crossing frog chair or it's like the Ikea shark thing with troons.

No. 1985454

File: 1713107128300.png (56.6 KB, 750x444, Screenshot 2024-04-14 2.png)

No. 1985473

>society hates trans people
I wish.

No. 1985521

kek why is one of the get ready with me steps putting on hormone gel. the way in which they insert their troonery into everything still continues to amaze me.

kek, is this person implying that the disclaimers and negative side effects of hormones are lies created by evil doctors?

No. 1985527

File: 1713124295358.png (475.64 KB, 649x921, pimpleprincess.png)

imagine taking steroids for 4 months hoping to change your appearance but the only thing that happens is your skin gets inflamed and you develop painful cystic acne everywhere.

No. 1985530

Hmm, you could almost say the doctor stands to personally make money by "debunking" the disclaimer to her patients so they feel content to continue using her services. Wild!

No. 1985535

>research is limited and speculative
Then maybe you shouldn't fucking take T you retards, speculative and limited research should have you thinking twice

No. 1985538

i want to say this isn't true, because this is a slam dunk seven figure medical malpractice case and a doctor would know that. but i've also seen what butchery these surgeons are doing scot-free, so maybe it is.

No. 1985565

Well, despite what they said to her verbally, technically, she signed the written stuff, nevertheless. So they are both legally clean and have her convinced

No. 1985594

holy fuck. i used to get cystic acne on my face as a teen bc my hormones were out of wack. i know she is seriously regretting taking T. that shit hurts so fucking bad, itches badly, and also makes you look disgusting. i know she's never leaving the house.

No. 1985603

File: 1713142594710.mp4 (3.4 MB, 720x1280, Vidinsta_Instagram Post_661c7a…)

The porno tif showed up on my explore. The forced expression and voice throughout the whole thing kek

No. 1985625

the incredibly forced voice kek

No. 1985626

File: 1713147878539.png (103.95 KB, 587x393, Screenshot 2024-04-14 192312.p…)

anyone know about this artist? she was hired by new blood to draw normal art for the games, and her art is technically very good, but she's obsessed with drawing hideous tranny porn. i can only imagine how much new blood regrets hiring her bc she draws so much cringe porn not only of her fandoms but of the games themselves. but they're probably too pussy to fire her for being unprofessional because twansphobia

No. 1985628

File: 1713148125707.png (71.86 KB, 268x243, Screenshot 2024-04-14 192817.p…)

drawing porn of and also transifying characters from new blood games despite not being a dev lol

No. 1985629

I know she drew some General Grievous porn that has now been deleted.

No. 1985630

i wonder why since she generally has no shame about spamming her tl with porn, but she goes through manic episodes of character obsessions, for a long time she was obsessed with gabriel from ultrakill as a tranny getting fucked and that cult guy from dusk being a tranny and also getting fucked (horrifying)

No. 1985631

She even gave Grievous a vagina in a drawing. Imaging being so trannybrained you force it on an alien cyborg who is 98% metal. As for deleting that specifically, I don't know. I've just long accepted that artists will delete everything at the slightest provocation.

No. 1985677

File: 1713166494876.png (415.16 KB, 456x600, 1712290803805.png)

I wonder why

No. 1985684

Mezzo piano is a pastel kei fashion brand, no moid would wear that unless it's one of those art hoe ones that seem to be exclusive to Japanese fashion circles. I sometimes wonder what the fuck makes these retards think they're male because their interests, fashion sense, and general aesthetic taste are the furthest from what one would consider typically male.
I mean, it's obvious that they don't want to be referred to as female, but it's still so… Not self aware. Just like those Asian tifs who call themselves male names and cry and throw up about being referred to as male but then post pictures of themselves and turn out to be lolita fashion-obsessed, long-haired little girls with no masculine features at all. Internalised misogyny is rotting their brains real time.

No. 1985690

>roidrage is fake
I feel like I shouldn't be surprised anymore, but being on T making you more aggressive among things for both men and women is very much well documented and arguably the one effect that the general public knows about.

No. 1985691

I just feel bad for her because she’s clearly a victim surrounding herself with enablers desu.

No. 1985704

Forget the croaky voice which sounds like a 11yo in the roblox voice chat trying to be a bootleg corpse husband, even her mannerisms are so innately female. I watched it on mute first and I could still tell she's a woman. You can show this to anyone without telling them that she's a tif and as long as they have eyes, they can tell that's not a moid. Tifs nlogness, thinking they're something beyond women while being women themselves, is just embarrassing.

No. 1985708

>Mezzo piano is a pastel kei fashion brand, no moid would wear that
Unfortunately nonna, it's not a pastel Keith brand. Mezzo Piano is unironically a children's brand that makes clothes for actual irl little girls. The person who made this tiktok is more than likely the type of Aiden who models their gender on age gap yaoi

No. 1985715

mezzo piano is a brand that all the pedo pandering cunny larp egirls wear. and i am more than certain a shit ton of fakebois also wear it because they want to be femboy desu (you are a woman without dysphoria)

No. 1985726

File: 1713181422646.mp4 (8.02 MB, 720x1282, 9qRLBEcRZVTxT-JE.mp4)

She's really trying to make puberty blockers look appealing to kids. This bitch knows that every girl hate periods (especially when they just began getting it) and decided to use 'no periods yayy' to lure them in, while claiming blockers are some magical potion shit that's 'temporary' and can be reversed anytime.

No. 1985732

ew, groomer selling drugs to kids

No. 1985735

I hate this woman so much. Adults should not be on the internet talking at/to/with kids. If the kids are genderfucked in the head they will tell their parents eventually, now they're all just speedrunning straight to medications with the help of these adults doing free marketing. It's grooming plain and simple. If it was just information in good faith they wouldn't need to appeal to kids so bad and it wouldn't be video after video of hey kids it's actually really cool and fun to be trans and medically mutilate yourself when your brain still hasn't fully developed!

No. 1985738

Samefagging to clarify a thing. Kids are now seeing all this trans hype on the internet and are jumping straight to the deep end without even doing much if at all of the exploring that is all the rage with the community. It doesn't come authentically I feel, like from living and experiencing your own life at your own pace as the years go by, it comes from these adults and other creators hyping it up, talking about so called signs of being trans which are in reality just normal experiences of normal teens, of course everyone wants to get on board.

No. 1985755

>It doesn't come authentically
Trans shit never comes authentically, it's always a mix and match, depending on the sex of the person, of actual trauma and paraphilias that makes them want to troon out. In the case of the girls it's all about trauma related issues, because it's so obvious by the way they talk about their newfound identities.

No. 1985769

honestly, they knew. i think they first hired her after she drew that bodypillow of gabriel. she seems so insufferable though kek

No. 1985774

She still acts like a girl kek

No. 1985778

Oh, ew. I can picture the exact type of girl who calls herself a "trans guy" while using pictures like the image nona posted and probably having the girliest, pinkest layout imaginable on all of her profiles, complete with cuntboyifying her favourite enstars/genshin moids.

No. 1985788

File: 1713196243051.jpg (91.85 KB, 720x546, U3Symg3-1.jpg)

>who doesn't need transition

More like "who doesn't want to detrans in the future".(sage your shit)

No. 1985792

KEK why does she sound like yanderedev

No. 1985798

This is actually so insane. I can’t even imagine understanding this enough as a child to make a decision on it. Children do not have the critical thinking skills to understand the consequences.

No. 1985804

Yet troons would like to disagree with that. It's clear why they're pushing this thing onto children because if they convince everyone that 'children can consent to making irreversible changes to their bodies' they can, one day, argue that children can consent to other things too. After all, it's no coincidence how often troons turn out to be pedos and have this obsession with being a 'girl/boy' instead of a man or woman, despite being a grown adult.

No. 1985807

why would any game dev company willingly hire someone like that. idgi

No. 1985813

gamedev as an industry is filled with troons and perverts

No. 1985819

Mezzo piano is also popular with anachans. As you clarfied, yes. It is a CHILDREN'S CLOTHING BRAND. The clothes are for elementary and middle school aged Japanese girls.

No. 1985854

bruh that's insane to me. i was never super into japanese fashion but i remember hearing about mezzo piano in the 00s and thought it was just another street clothing brand the way that some adults fawned over it. you're telling me it's the japanese equivalent of, idk, old navy kids?

No. 1985856

I seriously want these people to end up in jail for spreading harmful medical advice for and to kids, it's straight up evil and made even worse by the fact that they're so ideologically captured that they don't see it as bad themselves. They talk about drugs that sterilize kids as if that's cool and fun, they show off mutilation scars as if that's desirable and the kids should get it too. People like her has literally created "dysphoria" in kids by doing this, she has turned them mentally ill by social contagion.

No. 1985883

And then have the nerve to claim "protect trans kids" like if isn't a conversion therapy.

No. 1985905

Here is a TIF that's mildly popular in the Persona community. Her face pisses me off. She's from the San Diego area and goes to a lot of conventions in SoCal.

No. 1985910

her… face? your racism popped out, sis. unless she's claiming kotone is a man, wtf is actually wrong here besides the pronoun delusion?

No. 1985914

A lot of bitches are super racist here, most were 4chan users before coming here.
Frankly I'm tired(bait)

No. 1985926

Everything about this girl is fake and a performance, right down to that retarded giggle she does after saying something. Isn’t it exhausting pretending to be like this?

No. 1985937

Nta but anon didn’t mention race at all, and saying someone’s face or some aspect of their features are irritating is a very common statement here.

No. 1985945

>Yuno Gasai
TIF names herself after a female character? I thought they pick male names? Juno isnt really a japanese name either

>plus asking a tif to do a tim larp

No. 1985946

"cross"dressing tifs are already a 2010 thing. nothing more

No. 1985947

Not asking. The TIF larps as a TIM.

No. 1985950

I'm confused; any woman who larps as a MtF is automatically a TIF? Is it like since tims are still men a woman who larps as literally any kind of man can be a fakeboi?

No. 1985953

Maybe reading this will help a little bit. >>1972952
She's not a troll or anything. She genuinely believes she's a TIM because she has PCOS or whatever. She claims to be schizophrenic many times on her page, which may honestly check out.

No. 1985955

So a tif is basically any woman who believes she's a man?(sage your shit)

No. 1985991

Nta but if she's larping as a moid who's larping as a woman, it does make her a tif (just with some extra steps). Tif means trans identifying female anyways, so anyone female with gendie brainrot counts.

No. 1986032

>Criticising someone's facial expressions = being super racist

No. 1986044

File: 1713281857715.jpg (78.75 KB, 1080x605, 1000017536.jpg)


No. 1986052

Highly unprofessional to even tell your patient that if that really did happen.

No. 1986058

Just another day of her being a pathological liar. She's such an attention seeker you'd think her parents never paid attention to her and threw her in the trashcan.

No. 1986060

Wow who could've guessed. It's almost as if lc was created after a bunch of anons on 4chan wanted a separate, female board for themselves, and that we still use terms like nonna, moids, [insert interest/name/brainrot]fag, etc. on the daily basis.

No. 1986062

Some woman you are, complaining about racism but calling other women misogynistic slurs. Go back, retard.(replying to bait)

No. 1986065

Yeah, it was basically the Japanese equivalent to Bobby Jack in the United States. It's a brand for children age 6-13.

No. 1986066

Newfag moment(replying to bait)

No. 1986072

Anon tell me what race you are so I can be racist to you.(replying to bait)

No. 1986093

But any female TRA who drinks the koolaid but go only far enough to trans rights are hooman rights don't count. It's only women who earnestly believe they're men are tifs.

No. 1986102

File: 1713296986957.jpg (112.78 KB, 1200x1200, 13lbei0ijr391.jpg)

No. 1986121

Can't agree, but you do you.

No. 1986129

Stupid internet stereotypes

No. 1986131

File: 1713302238806.png (135.9 KB, 559x294, 1713232584381.png)

Some furry tif got caught in a monkey torture telegram

No. 1986132

File: 1713302296023.png (66.26 KB, 706x577, horizon 7.png)

No. 1986133

File: 1713302326442.png (330.85 KB, 420x426, 1713229090664.png)

Her face

No. 1986135

Didn't we already do this with the "you should've been mercy" song, catch up tifs

No. 1986138

It's almost always the furry tifs doing the most degenerate shit ever. Wasn't there also a furry tif who was arrested for cp mentioned in the previous thread? Maybe, doing stuff like this or being into it plays a part in these retards thinking that they're moids because… Well, we all know how moids are and how often they commit crimes, but being a terrible person wouldn't make these women grow dick and balls. They're still women, just delusional and disgusting.

The fact that there's cows behind her and she enjoys watching animal abuse is disturbing. I hope those poor cows are safe.

No. 1986141

If you want some solace, in the WPATH files, surgeons reported getting assaulted from extroons who blamed them for mutilating their bodies as kids. I think the media will do whatever they can to never report such incidents because they know it'll inspire detrans people to assault the main people responsible for fucking them over.

No. 1986193

>”the toucher”

No. 1986196

File: 1713328414281.jpg (48.08 KB, 843x755, 1683952606906.jpg)

>monkey torture telegram
And furries claim to "love animals." They don't give a rat's ass about animals, they just get off on Sonic porn and mascot costumes.

No. 1986204

Completely vacant behind the eyes, what a fucked up generation the internet is raising

No. 1986210

i remember some lady in the south (usa) went to prison for distributing horrific monkey abuse tapes. sadly that is not just a moid hobby
the monkey stuff seems to be a proxy for children. they aren't into general animal abuse but monkeys specifically because they resemble human babies/children. extremely dark

No. 1986292

>the monkey stuff seems to be a proxy for children
I've also heard of that. It makes even more sense in this scenario because she said herself that she doesn't enjoy torture of other animals and tried hurting a bird before but didn't like it, however 'tree rats' are a different case for her.

No. 1986360

It's kind of disturbing. How do you even find out you like child abuse? Go to therapy instead of finding the closest proxy possible to a human child getting beaten and mutilated, fucking seriously. Also she locked her twitter. Makes me sad, I wish I could look into it more.

No. 1986433

vidrel is super long but it really showcases just how fucking whiny tifs are. it's miraculous that they can somehow find some reason why everyone in their life is "abusive" no matter who they are. guarantee her family asked her to take a shower or stop hoarding dirty dishes in her room and that's what she considers "abuse".

No. 1986437

File: 1713399124280.jpg (152.77 KB, 655x1280, loop.jpg)

She tried defending herself lol

No. 1986438

File: 1713399189993.jpg (131.12 KB, 674x1280, soap.jpg)

No. 1986444

Don't believe her one bit. What was she planning on achieving after 'infiltrating' and why did it take so much time, tons of animal abuse videos, a comment on abusing a bird in the past to act on her supposed 'plan' when they already believed that she's one of them because she's a furry? Couldn't care less whether she got into virtual fist-fights with other animal abusers, it's not uncommon to see someone guilty of something attack others who are the same as them. There was literally a convicted paedophile on twitter calling others pedo.

No. 1986451

File: 1713401115058.jpg (305.89 KB, 1080x1080, Picsart_24-04-18_06-11-57-906.…)

>says she is 'NPD, BPD, schizoaffective, alcoholic'
>has a nsfw account
>still a preschool teacher
Coming across her just made me want to homeschool my future kids and I don't even want any fucking kids.

No. 1986453

Tbf Birdie was harrassed by adults as a very young teen for years so I think she's a special case. As well as people obsessing over her and cutting her name into their thighs, so while she's definitely cowish and exaggerating certain things I don't think it's so cut ad dry.

No. 1986455

I love tif drama, thanks for posting this. But yeah, like other nona said, Birdie definitely has some actual issues. She's been online for a long time, so there's years worth of info about her.

No. 1986462

File: 1713403576621.gif (13.5 MB, 324x324, cat-cats.gif)

>kittyy777 regression
And she's a 26yo woman…

No. 1986471

It’s actually an issue how much I hate useless retards like this. What do people this disabled, mentally ill, burdensome, self-obsessed, easily victimized, and annoying have to offer to themselves or others? There’s nothing redeeming.

No. 1986474

They give a project to the I Can Fix Her people

No. 1986489

nta but me either. entirely unconvincing. she said she doesn't enjoy animal abuse but somehow monkeys were the exception, which is a common theme amongst the monkey hate crowd; they profess as much, anyway. also an unfortunate truth is that there are many women in this "community", many of whom are caregivers, grandmothers, etc. very gross all around

No. 1986499

lmao if she was really trying to "infiltrate" them why would she use her real name and profile(sage your shit)

No. 1986568

I'm starting to believe that this monkey torture thing is an anti female conspiracy. "Our sons may be getting off to the rape and torture of children daily but women bad too!!" Even if your ridiculous statement that our grandmothers are getting to monkey torture videos was true it still wouldn't come close to the amount of harm males are doing and have done through out history. Malesness is the ultimate evil. Literal born to rape and abuse you have no other purpose. Crawl back to kiwifarms faggot.(infighting)

No. 1986577

nta but i've been kinda interrested in this topic back in the day (because i fucking love monkeys) and had a ot of time to harass the people watching these videos and these really were more women amongst them than i thought there would be. South asian 40+ aunties were the most common. They come in contact with wild monkeys so i guess it's obvious, they see them as rats but project human characteristics on them. I agree that males are the biggest problem and the abusers themselves but truly women are there, that's a plain reality and nobody has to be butthurt and cospiratorial about that. My roommate actually hated monkeys, she never watched anything like that but she explained the deep instinctual anger they make her feel and realizes it's a disorder. This disorder affect people, not just men.(derailing)

No. 1986604

>Even if your ridiculous statement that our grandmothers are getting to monkey torture videos was true

There have been many caught though. One had a playlist filled with distressed babies too.
> it still wouldn't come close to the amount of harm males are doing and have done through out history
I mean yeah no shit. But acknowledging some women do awful stuff doesn't mean we're equating them to men.(derailing)

No. 1986615

We're super off topic at this point, but people in Anglophone countries really don't have to deal with pests and sanitation issues as much as those in developing nations. I can see why women, who already have a much lower threshold for feeling disgust, might sometimes develop a pathological hatred of animals they consider vermin. Not to mention that people living in urban areas don't have to see the unsavory process of butchering animals for meat, whereas people in rural areas are desensitized to it. So if you deal with more vermin on a regular basis in addition to being desensitized to violence against animals and you're slightly psychopathic, I cam see why you might get sucked into horrible shit like the monkey abuse community. I'm glad they arrested some of the scumfucks responsible.

No. 1986616

File: 1713458695767.png (149.48 KB, 389x660, trueandme1.png)

Here's a webtoon called "True And Me", made by a TIF.
>Did you ever wonder what would happen if your True Self jumped right out of the mirror and got mixed up in your life? I sure did and this comic is what came of it! Oh also it’s a trans story, please enjoy! <3

I guess it's some kind of biography/self-insert story. In a Q&A episode she said that other characters in the comic are depictions of her IRL friends (a woman, a man and another tif iirc)
in the latest episode she got a titchop (breast reduction actually because a proper titchop is unavailable to her for some reason) and had a reasonable thought shine through.


No. 1986617

File: 1713458784737.png (695.56 KB, 1459x660, trueandme.png)

Some more pics

No. 1986619

>creates the girliiest thing imaginable
>my true self is male
every fucking time.

No. 1986621

>Playing with dolls and swords, all the signs were there!

Please tell me this part is written sarcastically.

No. 1986622

Why are TiFs?

No. 1986625

The way she draws noses is hideous, kek. Reminds me of when I accidentally saw some person's Minecraft villager OCs on tumblr.

No. 1986629

File: 1713461932298.png (620 KB, 1040x902, those hips don't lie.PNG)

Even her true self has child birthing hips. The irony.

No. 1986635

man is when t shirt and cargo pants

No. 1986636

>gender non conforming
>gets surgery and takes altering drugs just to become a male because she played with swords as a kid
do they ever realize that theyre the epitome of gender conformity lol

No. 1986650

File: 1713468861085.png (50.38 KB, 209x221, 1713458784737~2.png)

>I'm starting to believe that this monkey torture thing is an anti female conspiracy
How is acknowledging that there's also awful women in this world an anti female conspiracy? I swear people like you are so tiring and make us look schizo. There's nothing moids don't use an excuse, they love to cope and blame others for everything they do, doesn't mean we need to close our eyes and avoid discussing these issues because they supposedly use it as one of their excuses. Delusion is a realm moids live in because they're fucking pathetic, but women know the reality. I'd love to live in an perfect world with perfect people too, but unfortunately we don't, and there is women who harm people, women who harm animals and women who harm other women. They don't exist in the same amount as moids, but they do exist. And rather than feeling targeted by things we aren't even guilty of just because someone who does it has the same body parts as us, I'd rather we discuss it like, you know, how mature adults do. Because when we say we support women, we don't include the tiny minority of monsters but the majority of us who still struggle with basic human rights in a world 'crafted' (ruined actually) by men.

Kek she either saw mario or pringles logo and said 'yep, I want to be that'

No. 1986663

is this jerma?

No. 1986665

Every time i see this fat cunt i want to alog.

No. 1986680

So glad I don't go on Tiktok or Instagram, this trend is pathetic. None of them would ever pass as men and they know it

No. 1986683

File: 1713480110668.jpeg (Spoiler Image,797.1 KB, 1514x2048, body horror.jpeg)

spoiler for extreme self harm(I'm serious, be warned) but I found this tif on twitter with some of the worst scars I've seen, her entire profile is filled to the brim with her mutilating her own body.


No. 1986687

File: 1713480343944.jpeg (Spoiler Image,860.09 KB, 1415x2048, another one.jpeg)

Some of the open wounds she has shown are so deep I'm intrigued as to how she deals with them, if she's constantly going to the doctor to get stitches how and why are they letting her go? Wouldn't they put her at some type of ward?

No. 1986689

I wonder what happened to her or what mental illnesses she suffers from that would bring her to this terrifying point.(sage your shit)

No. 1986690

If you'll remember when Kelly Ronahan had a thread here you'll know it's very difficult to get someone to stop self-harming if they really want to keep going. They can only do 72 hour holds then they have to let people go unless they're a suicide risk or about to harm other people.

No. 1986709

I gasped irl, this is insane. Why are these people getting allowed to do anything at all? This is the kind of person that needs to be locked in a facility for the mentally ill.

No. 1986718

And I thought Lucinda's self harm was horrible, jesus christ I hope she gets the help she needs soon.

No. 1986729

is this person from germany? i remember a girl on twitter probably a decade ago who had severe cuts all over. i thought for sure she had to have died.

No. 1986754

File: 1713494247939.jpg (75.18 KB, 584x773, 6aae7eb820367609274e785c24268b…)

Jfc is Wade Wilson her transition goal?

No. 1986766

Troons be like 'if we don't get to transition, we'll die' then transition and still want to die.

No. 1986768

File: 1713497298653.jpg (27.38 KB, 506x570, a071acf4-7eca-48b0-9482-b7ab88…)

I can't imagine the day she has chest removal and rather than take care of the scars, she makes them worse.

No. 1986772

oh my god. I was looking through her twitter and my cat must have noticed my heart rate going up or something because i was upset and laid on my chest

No. 1986774

No. 1986789

Wow, that is so intense and extreme, looks like she has leprosy. How is she not sectioned? This screams extreme mental illness and OCD.

No. 1986795

Well, the one posivite aspect is that the chest scars won't be noticable through all that at all.

No. 1986801

File: 1713504709701.jpg (36.69 KB, 526x530, 89269854_677322453011265_11872…)

Considering how many photos of her arms and legs are there, I bet she would post her chest scars, given the chance too. And I bet she wouldn't let them heal properly so it can be more noticeable.

This is why TRAs shouldn't ask for free/more accessible gender reaffirmation surgeries. People like OP isn't fit for one.

No. 1986805

Nah, I mean, they wouldn't be noticable because there probably is no smooth unscarred skin to be contrasted against.

No. 1986806

File: 1713506298855.jpg (209.92 KB, 529x834, LIvHewson.jpg)

Picrel, trans joy my ass. Becoming a new pet peeve that I just see gendie shit pop up in random places when I'm trying to avoid it.

Can any of this even be called healed? I have no doubt she purposefully reopens them too

No. 1986812

I don't even want to look at the second image, is there no one in her life trying to stop this?

No. 1986819

I think you mean coldnessinmyheart, people still aren't sure if she's alive, but this is not her.

No. 1986832

Her scars look so odd. Is the darkness and texture due to rubbing them while they heal and they’ve become calloused or something? Not to be too gross or OT but they don’t resemble other SH scars I’ve seen or done to myself. Even coldnessinmyheart didn’t have those dark scars

No. 1986839

She definitely filters her pics, the cuts are no doubt very real but the pics have been messed with.

No. 1986862

It could just be her skin type, or maybe she messes with the lighting, but it's likely that she also picks her scars. I don't SH but I have a problem with picking scars and they turn dark like that.

No. 1986869

File: 1713529734726.jpg (201.2 KB, 1310x1638, GFrKb_IWwAAO6_r.jpg)

These people are so desperate to be bullied. I can't think of any other reason to post a picture like this. It's like going out of your way and manufacturing disgust and hate towards yourself. Same with the smug vides where they act like a cartoon character. They know is envokes hate in people because it's fucking uncanny and it makes them feel good.

No. 1986873

Some people need the Old Yeller treatment

No. 1986875

If modern western society has a problem it's too little shame. Seriously, we need to get over the notion that an individual's choice is always legit and deserving of acceptance, especially if it's some weird sex shit ppl feel the need to flaunt publicly.

No. 1986877

I can smell this picture

No. 1986883

a certain level of shame is healthy and can lead to positive change. honestly wish some of the cows would lurk here, feel shame, and clean up their lives. its possible for some of them, but we all know the ones who lurk feel like they instead have to double down to "prove the haters wrong". and then ofc there's the absolutely batshit insane ones that are so starved for attention that they'll self-post hoping to become relevant to someone, anyone, even tho if they did get ~noticed~ it would all be 100% negative attention. Internet brainrot.

No. 1986894

File: 1713534925811.png (32.55 KB, 540x350, Screenshot 2024-04-192.png)

No. 1986899

File: 1713535792742.png (29.28 KB, 538x400, Screenshot 2024-04-193.png)

No. 1986901

File: 1713535989682.mp4 (2.36 MB, 576x1024, tumblr_s13lhlVNqK1x4pmbc.mp4)

No. 1986902

So even already aged people aren't immune from how haggard t makes you

No. 1986939


No. 1986944

just how?
I get that you have to be deeply disturbed to take hormones but how do you wake up at 60 thinking that you don't like being a woman anymore? It's not gonna give you a second life and most likely at that age is dangerous, just why?

No. 1986949

File: 1713544278155.jpeg (609.61 KB, 2500x3000, GDjqCfUX0AAKd80.jpeg)

Considering the coloring and the texture, it won't heal like having a smooth and clean skin. And I wouldn't be surprised if she relapses every time.

Gotcha, but I bet they would post her chest scars and destroy them.

No. 1986952

So… its her fascia we're seeing? And it says cutting there can limit your mobility? How is she able to even lift her arms to continue cutting herself?

No. 1987006

jesse singal described the modern tranny as nothing more than a "deeply unwell exhibitionist" and i have to agree
why did this make me tear up? this old woman needs family or friends in her life. jesus

No. 1987014

No, imo theyre obviously very badly healed but they are largely healed, the pictures are filtered/cooled to make the colour more intense and purple. She definitely fucks with them (you can see evidence of pulled sutures around some i cant imagine how technically difficult it would be to suture her, the skin looks so friable), but also this is just how you start healing when your skin has been scarred and scarred again.

It probably does restrict her movement the way severe burns do. I'd bet there's no significant nerve damage though. She'd need grafts to get any sort of semblance of normal skin texture, but it's not like they could take grafts from her. Seriously insane level of disfigurement, it's hard enough to try to grow up and larp as a normie when you have visible self harm scars within the "norrmal" range, she will never be able to live normally in society with this level of mutilation. Really sad

No. 1987015

i feel like older people are more likely to get addicted to the energy-boosting, steroidal effects of testosterone. it sort of makes sense in post-menopausal woman because of the lowered hormone production, including testosterone.

No. 1987023

File: 1713551976281.png (2.57 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_0849.png)

The comments are what you would expect. They’re cannibalizing her lmao


No. 1987028

tmi i've once accidentally cut myself down to fascia and it's hard to explain but it kind of feels like there was a string under my scar/skin attached to the ends of the scar, like a bit too tight elastic band sewn on a fabric or something that keeps pulling the fabric? it's gotten better with time, but stretching the skin/limb used to be very painful because the scar kept pulling so it was hard to move, i can't imagine how her skin feels like since it's filled with deep scars.

No. 1987032

File: 1713553515651.jpg (131.18 KB, 1080x594, Screenshot_20240419_155822.jpg)

She just posted this

No. 1987034

it's also a temperature thing, especially if it's very cold scars can turn into a darker violet. And, like nonna >>1986839 wrote, she probably filters her pictures. Still, probably the worst sh scars I've seen so far and I've seen way too many.

No. 1987042

I honest to god welcome these mega NLOGs to get into these mental gymnastics if it means more of them will detrans and stop taking cross sex hormones and self-harming. I hope the comments are making her peak.

No. 1987050

Girl, tried what? Lmao, cutting like that isn't trying anything Jesus.

No. 1987055

stick a fork in an outlet then(alogging)

No. 1987056

These posts are honestly the equivalent of stealing a lollypop from a baby. Oh shit you told off the mentally ill mutilated girl, congrats.

No. 1987062

You can coddle her all you want if that's your fetish.

No. 1987069

Many people here cut in the past (or still do) but don’t post cutting porn online, photoshop it to make it look even worse, then post about wanting to die but “it didn’t work when I tried”. Shut the fuck up, nerd.

No. 1987072

I’ve seen her on lives, she literally still supports the trans community & they are so vile to her. Seeing how trans people treat detrans people is what began my peaking process.

No. 1987080

Old women troon out the same way they fall for cults, it's the hugboxing.

No. 1987101

Looks like she was really inspired by that peepee poopoo book

No. 1987142

Maybe I'm too much of a bleeding heart, but I feel genuinely bad for this person and her family. She's clearly deeply fucked up and shouldn't be left unsupervised. This is the kind of person who would actually benefit from some kind of assisted or monitored living arrangement. You can make a case that a lot of cutters just do it for attention, but this clearly goes way beyond that. Some of the scars might be exaggerated with shoop, but the fresh injuries on her TL look real, and it's even more nauseating than the stuff anon posted here.

No. 1987148

File: 1713574693041.jpeg (316.93 KB, 1170x776, IMG_3989.jpeg)

No. 1987151

File: 1713575015990.jpg (143.15 KB, 1170x386, IMG_3990.jpg)

No. 1987154

No wonder he retired. The Jerma fanbase absolutely ruined Jerma kek.

No. 1987170

File: 1713577195184.jpg (Spoiler Image,705.12 KB, 1080x3780, Hmm.jpg)

Looked on her tl because I was morbidly curious and sadly her captions do seem like attention like haha look I cut down to the muscle and it got infected, clean your tools kids! Then cries that people are telling her to stop posting in case she's promoting sh. I hope she got the help she needs regardless, Shitter shows weirdly for me cos I'm on browser and not logged in but it seems the worst of it was last year. She better not get accepted for top surgery after this. Picrel NSFL.

No. 1987172

Doctors don't even care anymore, as long as she pays or some insurance pays, she will be able to get the chop for her breasts like other mentally ill freaks. It's just so scummy how there's legit doctors looking at people with any kind or size of obvious self harm scars and go "Oh yeah, you definitely understand what this whole process means, this is totally not another fancy way of self harm" ans go along with whatever the client (because they're not patients at this point, those people aren't ethical doctors and shouldn't be called doctors either) wants.

No. 1987184

>unlearning shame
You already don't have it if you're walking around looking like this.

Honestly, I feel bad for her. Loneliness in old people isn't something uncommon, it's part of the reason why they're vulnerable to cults or suddenly become a lot more religious than they ever used to be just to have someone to talk to. Rabid troons going 'yass king, you're valid' in her comments probably makes her feel less alone, but unfortunately at the cost of both her mental and physical health. T can also be addicting at this age, it's almost like drugs to them.

>stealing a lollypop from a baby
Oh no a poor wittle babie who photoshops her scars to post online.

No. 1987185

>despite having lived as a man for 14 years.
You just lived as a delusional woman that everyone could clock at a glance, be fr. Not surprised to see her still supporting troons, some people never learn from their mistakes. Now that she's no longer calling her a twansboi, she has made detrans her identity. The only good thing is that she's (hopefully) no longer harming her health.

No. 1987216

The more I see these scars, the more I think "why is she claiming she's trans too"? If is because "I hate my body so much, I want to harm it", way to proof that TRAS aren't mentally well.

No. 1987235

The weird halos around her arms in every pic make me think that she's abusing the sharpen and contrast tools in PS to make the scars look worse than they already are. Which is bizarre because I imagine these still look really nasty even without shoop.

No. 1987345

File: 1713627770119.jpg (50.97 KB, 612x474, istockphoto-164400903-612x612.…)

>Oh no a poor wittle babie who photoshops her scars to post online.
do you not know what metaphors are.

shut up you righteous retards. you are not fighting the good fight, you are dunking on the easiest target on this planet. this is some severely mentally ill girl and saying she should just go and off herself or making fun of her suicidal posts isn't some damn public service for anyone. it's pathetically easy and lazy and acting as if you are doing anything special is like acting like you are a criminal mastermind for taking a candy from a baby.(infighting)

No. 1987349

She is cutting mostly for attention. Cutting in visible places is always for attention. She isnt suicidal, or she would be dead. Making fun of a retarded attention whore is a basic tuesday on lolcow. Get the fuck out of here if youre offended. She isnt an easy target, she makes herself one for this exact reason. To be talked about. Dont wanna be talked about? Dont put this shit on the internet.

No. 1987391

Isn't all self harm a cry for help? Aka attention whoring.
I hate to be an empathy retard but if a woman with severe issues feels like the only possible way to ask for help is to do this to her body I can't help but feel bad, the fact that there are people here wishing her death is crazy to me, in all definitions of the words you are a bad person.

No. 1987393

Don't bother arguing with people like that, they're always self-loathing people with bpd/self-harm issues themselves that are projecting like a movie theater.

No. 1987407

If people are wishing her to die on here then report them for alogging. Dont start white knighting and infighting on lolcow of all places.

No. 1987424

File: 1713651188727.jpg (31.34 KB, 360x320, ab520f9cde93d9196e2c96b2ddebe5…)

this has nothing to do with ftms or anything related to the topic, shut up already

No. 1987523

File: 1713692622070.jpg (444.46 KB, 1080x1780, IMG_20240421_123904.jpg)

I can't with this bitch she is so retarded, she almost needs her own thread
Imagine spending every second of your life thinking about most unimportant and insignificant shir ever

No. 1987524

>can’t even get wet, pays out of pocket for lube to continue fleshlight duty for her moid overlords
Typical bangmaid with mental illness flavoring.

No. 1987526

>ive replaced getting wet with boners now
? how? if i recall she hasnt even done any surgery? what is this cognitive dissonance? shes going to have a brutal detrans in the future.. she herself seems so unsure of this

No. 1987528

File: 1713694144345.jpg (16.81 KB, 642x312, Male-Pattern-Baldness.jpg)

>I have a more masculine hairline
So picrel, right?

No. 1987545

File: 1713702406691.png (81.48 KB, 521x797, Screenshot 2024-04-211.png)

No. 1987546

A cry for help is not attention whoring.

No. 1987547

The detrans thread is dead though. Can this belong there?

No. 1987548

>her moid overlords
Wtf who??

No. 1987550

File: 1713702795521.png (62.79 KB, 408x748, Screenshot 2024-04-212.png)

Some very funny seething from a tif about her ~totally awesome and so real~ phalloplasty

No. 1987552

Imagine another person writing this exact same thing about how their need for opioid-based pain medication is totally real and it’s life saving. Definitely not addict behavior. (Although opioid addicts don’t have a cult of actors, lawmakers, doctors, and politicians telling them they’re so brave for continuing to use opiates.)

No. 1987553

The gay men staring at her frankendick were not looking in awe and she knows it kek, the seethe and cope is off the charts for this one. She paid $135k for a dick roll up that looks so shite that she needs to go online and fume about how epic it is and how cool she is for getting one. The story of the IRL Pringles dick is going to circulate in gay moid circles for years to come.

No. 1987557

really bad screenshot of a yt vid but this scene is potentially incredibly transphobic, almost akin to putting a character with his/her rule 63 version with many extra steps

No. 1987558

File: 1713704728034.png (323.73 KB, 985x708, Screenshot 2024-04-21 210228.p…)

dropped pic
Point is taking a closer look, even i can't refute the 'stereotypes' for reasons to troon and things. why does this hit a nerve

No. 1987560

Literally a strap-on is cheaper, more realistic looking, and more hygienic. They waste their money and whatever health they have left on a rotting staple-on, and because so many of them believe being fucked is a marker of worth, they cry and cope and insist they can have sex akshully

No. 1987561

Why can’t they just wait until technology develops? They could steal dicks from dead men and feel pleasure from it

No. 1987563

You know that will never happen, freaky experiments are only done in order to help men have the things they lack that women have, only other tranny scientists would try to figure out how to harvest dicks and balls, but trannies are too busy being corrupt and getting easy validation on discord and Twitter so they don't even try to learn about their bodies and how to modify them without horrid results.
I really doubt this whole thing will last long enough for scientists to actually experiment with dead moids, they will first do anything in their power to try and make a moid give birth first before giving a woman a functional punishment that doesn't look like a stitched up slug covered in filth.

No. 1987565

File: 1713705996184.jpg (53.7 KB, 960x565, 1713135901010.jpg)

Just lovin it…

No. 1987566

Some moids even had the audacity to outright say "women can't be trans". It's like it's one step before even allowing the woman to ask for validation in the first place.

No. 1987570

>being fucked is a marker of worth
So called male behavior lmao

No. 1987577

She probably means lube for masturbation because her vagina has physically stopped producing the wetness we associate with arousal (if that's even a side effect of testosterone). She needs lube to rub her clit because she destroyed her pussy and it can no longer naturally lubricate. I hope it's that, but knowing how many tifs are hetero, you might as well be right.

No. 1987595

No. 1987597

I think it's just cope speak for "my clitoris is bigger and also my pussy dried up from the hormone imbalance I willingly gave myself." Next comic will probably have her try and spin her vaginal atrophy as an old man issue comparable to prostate cancer, when it actually is just the side effect of fucking with your hormones.

No. 1987599

File: 1713717909776.png (150.96 KB, 646x782, more4me.png)

she's coping so hard kekkk. I can't wait for her to finally realize what she's done to her body
I'm still salty OP didn't make picrel a threadpic. we all voted for it!! STOP THE COUNT!!!!

No. 1987609

How can the grafted arm drawing get past the radar

No. 1987632

So she doesn’t just feel entitled to poison herself, she’s poisoning everyone she comes into contact with, too. That shit needs to be banned altogether.

No. 1987667

I regret knowing this, but they call their clits t-dicks and claim to get boners just like dudes.

No. 1987673

>receding hairline
Yeah you’re not bald, yet.

No. 1987696

bald, fat, and unable to lubricate naturally. trans joy!

No. 1987706

File: 1713738258034.mp4 (16.52 MB, 558x832, Download.mp4)

checking in on a personal cow of mine who i've posted about before but her situation continues to stagnate

>in her late 30s

>white but claims to be native american
>claims to have schizophrenia and DID
>claims to have been sexually abused by her mother, gave a lot of gross detail but it could be like PT claiming her parents molested her with no real evidence
>obsessed with claiming she's a victim of bigotry toward native americans
>"#Mikmaq #TwoSpirit. Negmow/They. Just another homeless L'nu #EmpowertheMarginalized #IndigenousSovereignty"

she's been like this for over a decade. i have to wonder how difficult your life is when you're posting on tiktok asking about water bottles

No. 1987720

>My boobs are deflated
Oh my gods, she's so retarded. It's not the hormones causing that, it's the binding. I've known of TiFs whose breasts end up like that even without hormones.

No. 1987722

this girl really fucked up her whole life holy shit. I thought this was some ugly homeless guy you posted. I believe the schizophrenia self dx if shes really been at it living like this for a decade

No. 1987739

Do you have a link to the source? I want to hear her other copes.

No. 1987743

this reads like a pixyteri rage cope but with more swearing

No. 1987751

>one did an honest to god double take with a jaw drop
So he was horrified kekkk

No. 1987752

I mean yeah they think like that to imitate men, but the way they go about it is desperately needing the approval of the moids who manipulate them into sex by calling them he/him and that's just sad

No. 1987760

File: 1713757407808.jpg (1.15 MB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20240422-134202_Ins…)

>posting this as a TiF that only has sex with men

No. 1987762

The most cut-and-dry case of projection I've ever seen

No. 1987771

Who? She seems milky

No. 1987772

>admits to having a fistula
>gay men double take
>"transphobe", "terf", "cryptoconservatives"
>i-i don't want to be able to cum anyways-
This could almost read as satire

No. 1987790

Everyone else has already pointed out how fucking dumb this comic is. But damn, telling the world you have to budget for lube is not the flex this person thinks it is. Get a job, you lazy fucking bum.

No. 1987791

this is fucking unfair and dangerous to everyone else esp women and kids

No. 1987795

>look her up
>Facebook page links to generic webpage links to linktree full of typical sex worker shit and "consensual adult contact education"
>refers to herself as an educator on the topic
What is it with American TIFs being like this? They're all using these hyper sanitised words despite being some of the grossest and weirdest people, on par with that Jeffrey guy from tiktok who parades around in makeup and speaks like he has intellectual authority over everyone. I can't event properly put it into words, it's just so fucking strange. I remember seeing "queer" magazines from the US from the 60s-90s and it was all like this, too. There has to be some kind of connection between being this sex-obsessed and wanting to be holier and better than everyone. It's probably just American ultraliberalism and identity politics rotting their brains, but I really can't wrap my head around it. What a fascinating specimen, though. Thanks for sharing, nona.

No. 1987796

Entitled and addicted. No compassion for anyone else, just "me, me me, give MY drugs to ME".
This is just an example of how addicts brains work, they center their life around their drug use, they'll even openly admit nothing and no one else matters to them "I literally do not care if people abuse that system", and they cannot think long-term or see consequences. Not for a second did this person stop to think maybe, just maybe, those drugs aren't coming from an infinite source - that even if they wanted to provide it to everyone in copious amounts that's not even physically possible. They fail to see that those regulations were put in place after people saw the negative impacts drugs had on people like them and how it poisons society at large so everyone suffers. Testosterone is a powerful drug and these girls are addicts.

No. 1987800

I don't know why people keep talking about this like this but it takes an hour for it to absorb into the skin at best. Nobody is in danger from sudden masculinisation from accidentally touching it. The actual dose you need for it to take effect requires consistent daily application of a significant amount and not just random spontaneous contact with the nearest redfaced goblin woman with a receding hairline.

No. 1987807

File: 1713772224455.gif (11.81 KB, 650x450, Karkat_viewing_Scratch%27s_mes…)

Is she a fucking homestuck troll? my fucking sides

No. 1987809

She’s mirroring herself from the spoon, the reflection distorted, like her mind.

No. 1987816

The tryhard aggressive tone is so amusing, do they think that would make them seem more "masculine"? "Babydoll"—KEK, my sides.

No. 1987817

they talk like what "tops" in slash fics sound like and assume that's what aggressive men are like.

No. 1987818

>The concept of controlled substances is deeply evil
Even the most junkiest of junkie I knew had a hot take that seems tamer in comparison, she said that drugs should be legally controlled so addicts wouldn't take risky route to get their hands onto them, wouldn't die from accidental overdose or use unhygienic needles to get their 'fix' (I didn't necessarily agree with all her points) - while tifs are completely going off the rails and shitting themselves to grab their drugs without any questions asked, to literally make it legally required to handed them like candies. Troons truly are the most retarded type of people on earth.

No. 1987860

File: 1713789114617.jpg (160.78 KB, 1170x1560, 438769605_10230066324857165_49…)

Ftm I knew of through a mutual friend from years ago. Recently checked up on her to see she became the poster girl of the negative effects of T. She's constantly posting things like "Trans > Cis". Now she walks around with a walker and is just an extremely ugly tiny 30 y/o specimen. Chipped/missing teeth, fat, self harm scars, balding egg head. How euphoric.

No. 1987861

File: 1713789213661.jpg (80.98 KB, 960x1280, 1658285_10202587979915715_6292…)

How she looked only 10 years ago. Many ftms are headed for this fate.

No. 1987863

File: 1713789779853.jpg (77.65 KB, 675x1200, ui67uydqycn71.jpg)

KEK oh my goodness the tiny hands and goblin expression.

No. 1987872

>babydoll there were SCADS of cis gay men biting their lower lips at my phalloplasty cock at the nude beach. One did an honest-to-god double take complete with a jaw drop.
Of course, you terfs are going to call this story 'fake' but I can confirm that this indeed took place. I was a crab at that nude beach and saw it happen with my own two eyes that are 5 inches apart because nature just wanted to fuck it up. SCADS of gay men, and yes gay men because bi men are electrocuted outside the beach and straight men are damned to hell before they could even think of entering it, bit their lower lips at the sight like they were holding back a scream after getting kicked in the balls. They were madly in love with the flabby discoloured wart between her legs as her titchop scars glistened in the sun, her pubestach smelled like fresh strawberries and they wondered what shampoo she used, jokes on them she doesn't even bath. They had never seen a girl so not like the other girls before and they couldn't take their eyes off her, she was out there living that wattpad life while the bunch of you, evil fucking terfs, just sat at home with perfect health making fun of her posts because you're jealous. As for that jaw drop guy, he's bob the ex-builder as he's now unemployed. I know this fella. That nude beach is his natural habitat and his jaw is dislocated, so this jaw drop thing was an accident but I'm sure he, too, was in love with this brave and stunning individual.

No. 1987874

Balding Hunchback of Notre Dame.

No. 1987875

No. 1987876

File: 1713791043850.png (597.41 KB, 828x477, flatten;scale_webp=auto;jpeg_q…)

kek anon i thought so too, was waiting to see the word "chucklefuck"
looks like picrel

No. 1987880

why the hell does T fuck up the female body so much?

No. 1987894

Gimme a tif that age like milk in around 4-5 years on T.

No. 1987895

>If you want to be part of the cool kids club, you have to chop your tits off, poser!1!1!

No. 1987896

It reads like that because she types like an edgy fourteen year old who is excited about saying the fuck word.

No. 1987897

Then what's the point of the label keep out of reach from women and children etc like this? Tgels are known to have adversely unwanted effects on women and children, therefore it can be a danger in the metaphorical sense.

No woman want to be a tif unless turn out they are, and due to this testosterone from Tgels should be out of reach from all otherwise women. It's therefore unfair and dangerous.

No. 1987906

The gel itself can transfer to other people via surfaces the user touches after applying it. The wives, children and roommates of men who use testosterone gel have been known to develop hormonal issues as a result of skin to skin contact and just sharing a bathroom. It might be safe in controlled situations where the subjects thoroughly wash their hands and wipe down everything they touch, but let’s be honest, the type of people who use T gel generally aren’t the type to be that considerate of others.

No. 1987913

This is so fucking unfair and sad at this point, especially for the people involved (same house/room) with the tif in question.

No. 1987917

File: 1713799176002.png (81.05 KB, 1012x364, 04_22_24.png)

No. 1987929

If a female/child is living with someone that uses topical testosterone it’s a problem. If you frequent somewhere with a tif employee using that shit recklessly, it’s a problem. If you already have issues (such as thyroid issues - issues common to women) any exposure is a problem. Also, it takes an hour? So you mean if someone touches it without knowing and it sits on their skin absorbing over an hour it could have an impact? You don’t think that’s a problem?

No. 1987949

File: 1713807426980.png (20.95 KB, 703x198, Screenshot 2024-04-21 213806.p…)

Literally this mindset in every mtf troon and every other moid

No. 1987950

This is pretty autistic and not funny enough.

No. 1987951

I reported the post tho.

No. 1987955

File: 1713808991659.png (422.92 KB, 538x1590, Screenshot_20240422-105844.png)

>Dr. Benjamin Udoka Nwosu, the head of pediatric endocrinology at Cohen Children's Medical Center in New York, told Insider that the absorption of testosterone gel or cream — typically applied to the upper arms and shoulders — is "never complete."
>"There's some testosterone left on the skin, even hours after the application," Nwosu said. "Family members and other individuals who have close contact with the male patient are at risk of direct exposure."
>The doctor said that the testosterone "gets into the bloodstream" even when the patient wears clothing. "Studies have shown that even if you cover the site with a T-shirt, 40 to 48% of the hormone can be transferred," Nwosu said.


No. 1987956

I thought it was really funny, humor is subjective nona

This reminds me of the concept of "femboy" death, except permanent and irreversible because at least with a degenerate moid, he can take off the skirt and wear flannel again and not look like a shrivelled troll from using these drugs. The pity I have for these women is immeasurable, and the one's preaching about testosterone are helping push the knife into these women's guts. May they find their way before it's too late. Peace cannot be found in a Frankensteined body like that.

No. 1987963

so fair to say it's probably not going to impact a stranger on the bus from a one time exposure. but it could genuinely effect and harm people who share your home and car. very similar to second hand smoking. where in this day and age public indoor smoking is so rare that it's mainly family and roommates being harmed by absorbing the substance daily second hand

No. 1987965

i feel for the dad as far as his medical condition but this is why PCOS girlies take estrogen as a pill or IUD or injection. there must be plenty of other ways to take T supplements jesus christ. that gel is insanely dangerous i'm heartbroken for the son and mother

No. 1987972

File: 1713813311664.jpeg (1.32 MB, 1170x1162, IMG_2651.jpeg)

she is literally the bottom left pic. tragic.

No. 1987978

i don't feel like i should post her info since she's not particularly milky, just really cringe and sad. feel free to sleuth like >>1987795 did though
i think it's partly trying to cope with their hideous undesirable bodies, and partly due to conservatism being seen as extremely prudish aka bad. liberals want to be as sex-positive and in your face about it as possible, because telling people to calm the fuck down about it or hinting that "sex work" is disgusting and shouldn't exist is being a hude trad. no matter if they're on the far right or far left you can count on americans being fucking weird about sex.

No. 1987987

I know a tif exactly like that one, even used a wheelchair too

No. 1988022

File: 1713823788959.mp4 (2.41 MB, 1920x1080, v.mp4)

here is an old video of her before she started taking hormones

No. 1988047

she's probably referring to her hyena clit from the testosterone. hotdogs need some type of special equipment to "make a boner" but even with that it's a lost cause. Also I thought she already admitted transition wasn't helping her? did she change her mind or is this an older comic?

No. 1988064

It's always the whitest trannies that identify with their 2% Native heritage presumably due to the intense white guilt they feel by the spaces they occupy.

No. 1988080

File: 1713835966067.png (446.75 KB, 598x794, light and joy.png)

"Regrets in 5 years later".

No. 1988090

File: 1713838612523.jpeg (27.43 KB, 738x415, Transitiongoals.jpeg)

Honestly I found it pretty funny although a bit long, but then again, I like anons shitposting in general. I don't get why it needs to be reported though? It's neither unsaged nor derailing the thread, being unfunny to some people isn't breaking any rules.

I can guess who gives her gender envy.
I also used to know her back in the past (unfortunately not through mutual friends but family members…) and she was insufferable even before trooning out. This retard single-handedly managed to be more misogynistic than my own grandpa, so I'm not surprised by this. In a way, I don't feel bad for her because of the bs she used spew on the daily basis.

No. 1988099

Kiwifarms level humor ugh

No. 1988100

File: 1713846702470.webp (242.98 KB, 720x404, url.webp)

>I can guess who gives her gender envy.
George Costanza?

No. 1988125

Bottom left or bottom right? Literally almost no tif in the past 44 threads are the bottom left

No. 1988136

she can't recognize a lie

No. 1988138

File: 1713867325705.jpg (380.04 KB, 1079x1843, 1000006220.jpg)

No. 1988161

File: 1713873540699.png (264.14 KB, 1070x922, Screen Shot 2024-04-23 at 7.54…)

Talk about small world. Op here. Most of what I know about her is second hand through the friend who had to room with her for a couple years. I recalled a time when she freaked out on an old gay coworker because like most of the world at the time he didn't understand the whole pronoun thing and she just looked like a tiny lesbian so he had no clue. Instead of trying to talk it out with him like a normal human being, she ratted to HR. Luckily, they were neutral on the matter. Which is also ironic because I'm pretty sure she's since swapped teams. She used to be a lesbian but ever since her looks took a nose dive I'm pretty certain she's been lurking grindr apps and hooking up with chaser men, the teller being the kind of memes she's posted referencing herself as a "pothole" because teehee stoner bottom. I am sorry you at one point had to be in earshot of her. Every conversation with her centered around being vegan or political bullshit when I had to deal with her. Not surprised little miss nlog comes with a package of misogyny to go with her narcissism. Lately she reposts stuff like pic related talking about how sad she is but still sprinkles in protrans stuff when it clearly didn't make her happier. Continuing to perpetuate the cause that made her this way to new victims I guess.

No. 1988174

File: 1713878001733.png (275.88 KB, 769x723, u21inw.png)

No. 1988177

Only other trannies draw shit like that, this is troon on troon violence

No. 1988181

Is there even anyone that isn't a tranny drawing tranny characters? I barely use social media and the few people I follow don't have tranny shit so I wouldn't really know what's the trend nowadays.

No. 1988184

>Life-saving surgery
There is no consistent, solid evidence proving that surgical interventions for gender dysphoria reduce suicidality.

>crazy betitted

I hate the way Tumblr users talk sometimes. Was the doctor heckin' shook by your magnum bazonkers?

No. 1988185

nope. only people drawing this type of art are gendies. maybe the most you can get to non troons drawing troon stuff are futa artists but theyre open about their obvious fetish at least.

No. 1988186

Unfortunately, yes. I've seen some non-troon artists do it to virtue-signal, or because it was requested.

No. 1988188

File: 1713883469435.png (388.88 KB, 1280x1053, 1712721029826.png)

I know a lot of TiF artists who go out of their way to draw the characters as female-looking as possible (and also usually fat) and just add tit scars. Or the latest trend is drawing TiF headcanons with no binder or surgery at all, just tits out, like picrel from /m/. It's basically just rule 63 with he/him pronouns. It's clearly a self-insertion thing. They're insecure about their bodies so they draw their favorite character like themselves to cope.

No. 1988198

Both looks like shit.

No. 1988201

who’s gunna tell her..

No. 1988206

File: 1713889335524.jpeg (76.27 KB, 736x736, IMG_3020.jpeg)

Some They’re very cute. But I think it started off as “oo i’m so quirky and unconventional !” Type of thing, similar to ray or mouse girls.
Nowadays it can feel very try hard

No. 1988217

Kek why is it always Homestuck and the Striders in particular

I hope this trend at least helps some of them accept their bodies and not medicalize

No. 1988222

nit on topic so excuse my sperging, but a pet peeve for me is how "afab" and "amab" are being used in terms of male/female even though it's obvious they mean normal male and females that want to look males. plus the assigned language makes it seem like it's randomly choosen when it's not and even they're subconsciously aware of that. they just don't want to admit it

No. 1988227



No. 1988234

File: 1713894595860.png (1.05 MB, 1080x1552, HyP4wVi.png)

No. 1988236

Sorry girl, you're never going to be able to join "Dick fight island."

No. 1988237

File: 1713894941833.png (199.56 KB, 2754x1398, average height of male 19yo.pn…)

It plays a big part but there is a genetic limit. Western countries are greatly skewed by large immigrant populations from shorter countries/populations, so the difference in this map is even more extreme. It's really northwestern europeans + balkans, but there are smaller populations in northern east asia and pockets of africa that have good genetic potential for height, and may have already met it but are pulled down by the rest of the population they are placed under.(derailing)

No. 1988246

>who up living as a gay man because of yaoi
Nobody. I do see delusional straight girls like you embarrassing themselves in public though.

No. 1988250

File: 1713897610213.png (501.4 KB, 951x387, wMHM04A.png)

basically If your ancestors were eating more protein-rich foods, they would get taller over time and if they were eating less nutritious food for bodies would get shorter their bodies would get shorter, Indian tribes in the Great Plains had access to deer and buffalo, while tribes in the south ate mostly beans and small animals. The average height of comanche would be around 6'2, while the average height of the Apache people was 5'3 and despite over a century of eating the same foods, the apaches have gotten just a little more taller.(derailing)

No. 1988262

yes we can
honestly i hope this pic just makes moids angry. i need more gay men feeling irritated at the way the other gender is moving in on their space

No. 1988269

Ngl while it could irritate them, that's the only 'harm' they'll ever experience. They aren't like us, who'll have to deal with women fucking up their health over a dumb obsession or hulks in skirts barging into our bathrooms. Gay moids already have no problem telling tifs to get out their spaces but lesbians are still stuck with tims forcing them to 'accept the girldick'

No. 1988270

sad that she could be a cute GNC women but instead decides to delude herself to think she was a man.

No. 1988280

Why do they act like we don't have eyes? I could clock her from voice alone.

No. 1988317

Damn this is sad. She can't even smile, she looks like she's scrunching her face up to stop herself from crying. I don't think you have to wait 5 years for her regret arc nonna.
I wish they just admitted that they see surgery the same way they see tattoos and piercings. Once the trans trend dies down they'll probably get horns implanted or tattoo their eyes instead.

No. 1988321


Oh my gosh I love this lol, is there a male tranny version by the same person?

No. 1988361

i meant bottom right kek. i’m retarded.

No. 1988373

File: 1713931832402.png (350.94 KB, 982x1136, tumblr_m80f3eKmXX1rx15geo1_128…)

Is funnier how in the first image is more common, specially because trans artist do not want to draw a female body with the chest scars. Is always a male body with chest scars.

No. 1988375

There are other gnc women who simply are just like that and don't want to be men. Why do you want her to be gnc specifically?

No. 1988376

Drawings are not violence dont accept the brainrot

No. 1988377

>rule 63
How so? Wouldn't originally female characters made into tifs be more accurate to be described that way than this mess?

No. 1988378

nta but its just a shame to see it happen

No. 1988381

no offense anon but I would give her a swirly before taking her lunch money and shoving her into a locker

No. 1988386

Its no longer a shame if its everywhere. Like the whole point of being gnc as a woman is not and trying not to be a tif in the first place?
Even i have to use fiction/art as an example:
By now i see it as no longer just an art style criticism but a deeper explanation of a tif's psyche. The whole point is for a tif to get her body operated and edited to have a male body" even if it's not really the body of an actual male. Being a gnc woman would not garner a tif these wants and thoughts.

No. 1988388

>basically just rule 63 with he/him pronouns
Curious, nona. Are male characters turned mtf trannies a rule 63 too? What is a rule 63 anyways idfk

No. 1988389

File: 1713942140389.png (11.5 KB, 706x122, newfags.png)

Literally took me ten seconds to google this.

No. 1988391

KEK same tho

No. 1988399

File: 1713946130203.jpg (160.33 KB, 1268x1356, Screen-Shot-2020-06-15-at-5.19…)

someone mentioned there should be a tif tattoo bingo and i thought it would be fun to make. feel free to edit or change stuff if you want

No. 1988403

But in nowhere is this related to troonery, so wtf is a rule 63 with he/him pronouns

No. 1988407

Love it nonna, good job!

No. 1988408


No. 1988414

and i thought dabi from my hero academia was unrealistic

No. 1988415

its necrosis, it turns skin purple

No. 1988463

I am not a TIF and I have 7 of these tattoos, am I in trouble?(blogposting)

No. 1988467

Not being tif is a forgiving disqualifier, nona

No. 1988472

File: 1713969387526.png (81.09 KB, 660x628, transmasc butch lesbian.png)

wtf does this even mean?

No. 1988476

A tramsmasc girl that wants the butch lesbian aesthetic

No. 1988477

did she name herslef after fucking snape

No. 1988478

>Edward Elric
Every. Single. Time.
They obsess over male characters that are wildly popular with girls and wonder why nobody sees them as men, kek.

No. 1988483

A male character that was also created by a woman lololol

No. 1988487

also he's short

No. 1988503

I fucking forgot that series was written by a woman

No. 1988509

That just makes him more transmasc-coded desu.

No. 1988518

File: 1713978517639.jpg (431.33 KB, 1080x1774, Screenshot_20240425-010627_Red…)

No. 1988519

It means turning a male character into a female but using “he” to refer to her even though in all senses that’s obviously a female

No. 1988521

File: 1713978729815.jpg (150.28 KB, 1080x612, Screenshot_20240425-010633_Red…)

No. 1988522

TIFs: Wow I really relate to this male character written by a woman! It must mean that I'm a man!

No. 1988528

ftm=first time mom

No. 1988531

kek anon wrong kind of FTM, the content clues are there

No. 1988539

>wrong kind of FTM, the content clues are there
The first clue is that the woman cared about how she affected her babies health and feels responsible, a tif would have taken testosterone while pregnant and only reluctantly stopped when others got mad and she would still complain the whole time how cruel it is for transmen to not be able to take T while preggers, and of course when her baby is born with noticably disordered traits she would deny it was becasue of her and call you transphobic for being concerned

No. 1988549

Fucking kek please tell me she named herself after snape
It's a joke on how everything they don't like is an act of violence lmao

No. 1988556

Basically a butch

No. 1988559

Ayart. When I said, "rule 63 with he/him pronouns," I just thought it would be a funnier way to say "making a male character physiologically female, but still calling it he/him." It's a sex-swap, but make it woke.

No. 1988567

Somebody once posted an article about how female bodybuilders have numerous side effects in fertility due to the steroids they take and when children can be born, they can have some health issues. I wonder if any research has been done on children born to tifs.

No. 1988569

File: 1713987861517.png (265.97 KB, 500x375, tumblr_66cea7349a9b5251970dc48…)

a butch lesbian that wants to use he/him pronouns but wants to claim shes a tranny for whatever reason
>born 1997
good god this bitch is as old as me and is still slurping the gender sauce. thats sad as fuck

No. 1988570

File: 1713988152498.mp4 (1.81 MB, 408x720, fo7nba.mp4)

I can't tell if she's a porn addict and or just severely irony poisoned

No. 1988571

She's so prettttyy. I wish I was her cousin.

No. 1988573

File: 1713988406365.jpg (49.08 KB, 680x538, GL4dX4zbYAAWYQ0.jpg)

when t turns you obese and not into a handsome yaoi boy

No. 1988575

she also sadly T when she was young and didn't realize you tend to gain weight when you get older.

No. 1988592

No. I started one a long time ago but wasn't very happy with it, since I feel like the categories just don't work as well for mtfs as they do for ftms. Looking at it again, it's actually pretty alright, even though it's wordy and slightly outdated now. I'll try to finish it soon.

No. 1988594

Damn that bra looks uncomfy af, girl isn't even wearing the right size. And the only thing stopping her from cutting off her body parts is being seen as a sex object for her 'big honky mommy milkers' that aren't even big? I'll never not be surprised at tifs fucked up body image and how they base their entire body's worth on whether it's attractive to someone or not. This shit is almost sad but mostly retarded.

No. 1988604

Idk if anyone has posted her information yet, but her username is fuzz99 and apparently she lost her job over these videos including a tiktok of herself doing a thirst trap bluegh. she whines about her superior being a white privileged male as if she isn't cosplaying as one and she dates women but acts like she would be considered a gay man rather than a normal lesbian. This woman was getting drug through the moid commentary channels in the past 3 months and apparently the kids in her school would shout "i'm glad you asked" at her.

No. 1988608

nah i made it and i have a few. tattoos are always cute on women. less so on men and trannies.

No. 1988613

Haruka is goals and TIFs wish they could be as comfortable being a woman thats able to exude masculine energy like she is. Michiru is fucking lucky to have her as a "cousin"

No. 1988623

>including a tiktok of herself doing a thirst trap
So not only does she (attempt to) pander to children with her retarded cocomelon-vomit style content regarding drugs, surgery, and other troon shit, she also made a fucking a thirst trap out of all things? She reminds me of discord tims trying to groom kids into trooning out.

>apparently the kids in her school would shout "i'm glad you asked" at her

Kek based. I'm glad they didn't take her seriously.

No. 1988630

nta but what were the category ideas if you don't mind me asking?

No. 1988631

File: 1713998519116.png (55.55 KB, 614x476, Aszabla.png)

>Wants a top surgery
>But also wants a kid


No. 1988636

> I was hate crimes and lost my job
>sad face
>black and white filter
>heartbreak emoji

No. 1988637

Boobs are too feminine but pushing a new life out of your vagina isn’t…

No. 1988639

File: 1714001746388.png (427.72 KB, 1000x1200, Damien.png)

>Is always a male body with chest scars.
That's a different type of cope where they have unrealistic expectations of what medical transition can actually accomplish. Picrel is a good example, the artist literally just drew a male and the writers made him female. It's the counterpart to the opposite cope, where people draw their husbandos as dumpy TiFs because husband equals attractive, therefore if he's depicted as a dumpy TiF, therefore the dumpy TiF who drew him feels attractive.

No. 1988640

"The Baby Project" is such a Redditard way of saying it. Does just saying the words "pregnancy" and "due date," cause her dysphoria, or is she just trying to be ~quirky~? Either way, it's annoying how the dumbest people always reproduce the most.

No. 1988643

I remember some artist drew her as a woman for a genderbender fanart and people threw a fist for "deleting a mlm character", when they could say is "a tim"? People will scream at anything.

No. 1988646

This reads as fetish bait, I want to see how she actually looks like

No. 1988651

Everyday I thank god I never liked homestuck and was never a homestuck fan.

No. 1988659

At some point satire just becomes the very thing you're trying to joke about, and women talking about themselves using moid language is one of them.
>medium size breasts

No. 1988660

From how she acts I thought she was like 20 but she's nearing 30 and had a job at a school? Sad. A miracle the kids didn't bully her even harder.

No. 1988678

yet again, a tif working with kids

No. 1988684

File: 1714012862402.png (61.19 KB, 1103x200, Screenshot_20240424_224036.png)

>this person is a teacher

No. 1988689

Has any piece of media attracted/created as many TIFs? Honestly curious. It's like the TIF MLP.

No. 1988693

ok after listening to the entire thing, how was she hatecrimed? is she just ignoring the "crime" part of hatecrime? she says getting getting hatecrimed led to her getting fired, but the only legal action she considered was against the school for things that supposedly happened after being hatecrimed. So what was it? Just someone sending her employer videos she had made? How is that criminal?

No. 1988694

Most of shonen/seinen anime featuring a big male cast attract tons of TIFs these days.

No. 1988705

File: 1714018297318.jpg (48.63 KB, 767x348, photo_2024-04-25_09-09-11.jpg)

No. 1988709

A medium sized boob is visibly obvious enough to prevent them from binding.

No. 1988722

It doesn't look like she has a big bra cup in first place if the binder doesn't look uncomfortable (sageblog but I used a sport bra to flatten my chest in martial arts and it was uncomfortable after a while of wearing it, like a normal binder would).
I really hope she keeps her chest even for the "porn reasons", a mastectomy is not worthy like >>1988080 tells you.

No. 1988726

File: 1714021765212.png (197.85 KB, 500x840, hatecrime.png)

It's literally this picture. No hate happened. If anything the only thing hateful was cursing us all with her awful videos and trying to groom kids into believing hrt is some magical candy.

No. 1988727

The comments are disabled, but judging by the ones in this video, I can see why.

No. 1988739

Please post it in the TIM thread when you're done! Also there has to be one that
>openly calls himself male, thinks that makes him one of the good ones

No. 1988742

Isn't the right one with big hips just how porn artists just draw bottoms in general?

No. 1988747

genuinely hate her entire character, she smells like a groomer from a mile away

No. 1988748

Just off the top of my head: Our Flag Means Death, Steven Universe, Good Omens, Genshin Impact.

No. 1988750

idk about that OFMD, considering it failed pretty bad.

No. 1988754

NTA but I still see TIF artists make weird cuntboy porn of the characters and TIFs that are named after real pirates

No. 1988767


NTA, My Hero Academia, Haikyuu!!, Percy Jackson, Hades, South Park (yes, really), any BL from existence (they'll never touch Gengoroh Tagame though, kek).

No. 1988771

They don’t even follow up on the thousands of children they chemically castrate as young teens, they’re definitely not going to do any research on the effects of genderism on a developing fetus. There have been case studies on the East German female Olympic athletes who’d been doped with testosterone without their knowledge and experienced numerous health issues as a result, though. IIRC any children they had later were also adversely affected.

No. 1988792

Oh god the South Park fandom has been saturated in TIFs cosplaying and drawing porn of these cartoon little boys for a while. They had a whole episode about Tweak and Craig yaoi that the fans were drawing.

No. 1988798

I'll never not be mad that they didn't bring back the Crab People for that episode, it fits way better than the Japanese in-universe

No. 1988819

It's not amusing to be a troon at all, look at the underage teenageers suffering from troondom it worries their parents

No. 1988827

a substitute teacher. Not a real teacher. Schools are desperate for subs, so they'll generally let anyone with a pulse be a sub kek

No. 1988843

and she draws mha yaoi

No. 1988865

That's so embarrassing to have out there on the internet forever. I tried to find her tiktok to see if maybe she was mildly famous over there and it got to her head and made her feel like she's invincible and can post anything and never have it come back to bite her in the future, but that doesn't seem to be the case. Home girl just really wanted to have video of herself in a bra saying "mommy milkers" out there. Girls in 2008 used to kill themselves over stuff like this.

No. 1988934

99% chance this tiktoker is dating a bland scrote

No. 1988936

is this that one TIF who got height surgery?

No. 1988938

these internet troons are starting to remind me a lot of those 50+ hippie women that are obsessed with crystals and essential oils and shit.

No. 1988939

That haircut is not giving her any favors, shaving the sides of her head makes her face look super round. TIFs always have this moonfaced look to them but this one is legit worse, tho I still think she looks hot in this one.
(sage because this isn't actual milk)

No. 1988940

It's so funny how they're so adamantly sure they're NOT like other girls, yet they absolutely yearn and long for the most feminine stereotypes. So much so that they can't even just dance alone for fun, they actually have to film it and show the world - but of course they try to justify it with it being NOT like how Other Girls would dance femininely, it's a non-feminine feminine dance breaking all the stereotypes.

No. 1988941

>girl just really wanted to have video of herself in a bra saying "mommy milkers" out there. Girls in 2008 used to kill themselves over stuff like this.
I feel like the only 2 possible outcomes for her future is dying of embarrassment and regret, or digging her hole so deep she's just straight up doing some weird kind of porn. Exhibitionists like her who get attention for posting in underwear talking about her boobs is going to struggle with letting go of that attention, to top it she'll have to go more and more extreme every time. The trans side is already pro-porn as well so they'd encourage her.

No. 1988942

When you see a weirdly confusing, intricate or contradictory nu-label I can 100% assure it's literally just a bisexual person with pronouns.
>trans masc vogue fem sapphic-aligned
a bisexual girl
>Genderfluid gnc queer femme
>polyamorous kinky a-spec system thing
>Butchy queer fagdyke
Even if they specify to be a particular sexuality they are functionally bisexual and will date people from both sexes

No. 1988971

I wonder if she’s one of those “I’m gonna chop off my tiddies but before that, I’m gonna profit off my tiddies” type of snowflake.

No. 1988990

There truly is nothing more feminine than a trans "man" LMAO.

No. 1989003

I'm just gonna delude myself and claim he has top scars because he had gyno removed. I've never played Dream Daddy but found the designs fun and I like the vamp looking one. I don't want the inconvenience of the one of my 2d husbandos being a TiF

No. 1989006

I have 0 clue what any of this means. Just straight up word salad

No. 1989010

how do you dance around like this and not feel feminine af….? is it because she builds her delts? these people are insane

No. 1989011

When you're a basicass person trying to make yourself sound complex while being interested in and doing the most basic shit. Someone tell her it's okay to be basic, it's better than being a cringey nlog.

No. 1989016

It's funny because I played the game before knowing that the goth one was a TiF, and it's something that's never brought up as far as I know,so I don't know if the TiF thing was on purpose or if it was something that the team just rolled with in order to get asspats.

No. 1989017

And this, ladies and lurkers, is what happens when society puts gay moids on a pedestal.

No. 1989025

File: 1714098053413.jpg (54.76 KB, 640x359, 1000015868.jpg)

As far as I know, picrel is the only dialogue that hints at troonery. The character is voiced by a TIF too. Her twitter is J_SonLarock. She looks nothing like the "uwu pretty boy" from the game. I can tell you that.

No. 1989034

File: 1714099544801.jpeg (25.69 KB, 554x554, images (2).jpeg)

Looked her up and found this. Now I deeply regret my actions as I can literally smell this picture through the screen…

No. 1989046

File: 1714103258726.jpg (688.55 KB, 1080x1746, 1000015883.jpg)

All I can say is…..yikes.

No. 1989049

File: 1714103689430.png (2.26 MB, 1536x1326, 1000015887.png)

Not even 30 yet and she looks older than some moids in their 40s. Testosterone is poison.

No. 1989053

I've considered playing dream daddy before, but now that I know of their transpandering I won't be wasting my money on them. I wish for a terfy game dev studio so desperately god

No. 1989056

But if it was she wouldn't be able to move around would she? I don't know anything about height surgery except that manlets get it and look disproportionate as fuck

Her voguing isn't even good. Maybe that's why she felt the need to put some #deep rambling on top kek

No. 1989061

I think that's the very reason they act nlog, they're probably aware their interests are typically feminine and want to prove they're still special. So they want to become the gay men who are seen as special and edgy and cool for being feminine. People who say gender is the new counterculture, hipster, emo, etc are right.

No. 1989079

Holy shit. That's gruesome.

No. 1989081

Jesusss her skin is absolutely massacred.

No. 1989094

Makes no sense it sounds like mtf transformations and being "transphobic" on purpose idk

No. 1989097

File: 1714121617868.png (2.2 MB, 783x6851, Screenshot 2024-04-20.png)

peak clown world

No. 1989100

>implying Anne becomes someone like Jotaro

No. 1989101

Art imitates reality

No. 1989102

File: 1714123851142.png (Spoiler Image,682.37 KB, 1269x816, Untitled.png)

You mean the Russian one? No, that's not her. That tif still can't walk yet. I like when she gets all mystical about her "higher purpose" and tries to infuse some meaning into her recovery, which would make sense if this wasn't an elective plastic surgery she chose herself. Also kek all this money and pain and she's still below the average female height.

No. 1989104

that looks so fucking painful.

No. 1989106

File: 1714124641482.png (1.71 MB, 1701x785, 12345678.png)

Samefagging to add she looks completely unambiguously female on video because she can't use angles and lightning to make herself look bigger and more masculine than she actually is. I can't imagine she spends her daily life doing anything but taking pictures of herself. This is a person who is fully living a delusion, a pantomime of life.

No. 1989108

>gets LL surgery to become tall twans boi bishie
>ends up looking even more like an average woman
she probably could've passed better if she just lost weight and pretended to be a male midget kek.

No. 1989112

File: 1714129504404.png (360.39 KB, 876x1333, 04_26_24.png)

No. 1989115

The spitting image of kingcobrajfs. So hecking valid, doods.

No. 1989116

i keep seeing tifs call themselves himbos and none of them ever even attempt to gain muscle or whatever(they always are either fat and look like discord mods or are skinny uwu "femboys")
why do they do that? what is it about the word "himbo" that is so appealing to them?

No. 1989117

they almost get it but then they misunderstand the plot. males will always have more privilege than a woman, thats why troons and moids are parading around the "trans women are better than woman!!1" stuff

No. 1989123

>trans/a femboy
moids are so transphobic they discount even what a tim wants to be

No. 1989124

its a genderbender fanart so why wont TMAM happen?

No. 1989176

They obviously see both the same way kek. Not like there's much difference between fembois and tims anyways, it's just moids wearing dresses for coom while seething over women.

No. 1989191

Over my dead body you'll touch Kotetsu with your ugly hands! Besides he has a daughter.

No. 1989230

File: 1714157999513.jpg (1.14 MB, 1079x2512, 1000015932.jpg)

Kikomi is back at it again. Did you guys know Kikomis were real?

No. 1989237

>Dave Strider pfp
At this point the Striders are to TiFs what Astolfo and Felix are to TiMs.

No. 1989240

they really are beyond parody.

No. 1989245

File: 1714159757111.png (1.04 MB, 1080x1055, 1000015934.png)

No kidding. Her Facebook with her legal name kills me because you can not only see that she was never a male, but that she is a "transracial" white girl. She has been seen on Twitter claiming to be everything from Native American to ethnically Jewish and even claiming to be Sub-Saharan African. It's hilarious watching a 22 year old play pretend with her gender and race.

No. 1989254

This is 110% bait and she is based for this. Queen.

No. 1989258

No. 1989266

File: 1714163966121.jpg (18.42 KB, 540x151, tumblr_4836e4f568bc1a97f12dc7a…)

Why are they so embarrassing?

No. 1989273

>This pad I'm only wearing because I'm female is making it kinda look like I have a dick even though I don't. Hashtag justguythings.

No. 1989284

File: 1714168070229.png (Spoiler Image,536.11 KB, 434x686, 111111111.png)

Probably the most extreme case of rotting frankenpenus I've ever seen (NSFL and very disgusting beware)

No. 1989285

File: 1714168207001.png (Spoiler Image,798.08 KB, 731x890, 1111111111111111111.png)

Samefag. NSFL frankenpenus. Yikes.

No. 1989288

File: 1714168615292.jpg (53.42 KB, 669x446, des6kaf-cc90af92-1484-404c-a81…)

No. 1989292

What the fuck is that huge crater for? What on earth?

No. 1989295

File: 1714169570442.gif (568.17 KB, 217x199, 5638543.gif)

This is just butchery and barbarism.

No. 1989299

how the hell did this even occur?

No. 1989304

The surgeon/butcher used a highly experimental surgery technique where they move down the flesh sock bit by bit (it takes like 9 stages or something) and it obviously did not go well and she suffered from extreme wound separation. This could have ended very badly, she should be glad she is still alive.

No. 1989311

File: 1714172720358.jpg (88.04 KB, 1199x403, 20fd3956833ca5590baf7c1d24f690…)

This is so funny because the artist didn't even just genderbend that one TIF character, she drew all of the characters as women.

No. 1989313

File: 1714173187845.gif (390.53 KB, 357x198, tumblr_n7wljaR3wO1rntub5o2_400…)

Yeah the Kotetsu one particularly infuriated me, too.

No. 1989315

Wouldn't a genderbent TiF just be a a TiM? Who's to say Damien isn't an impossibly-passing MtF in that fanart the way he's an impossibly-passing FtM in the game?

No. 1989317

Do you have context of the TiF whose wound that is saying these things?

No. 1989319

That shit needs a wound vac stat. I hope these aren't recent and that she's healed since. Serious medical malpractice, with a wound like this she shouldn't be dealing with this by herself at home. This is advanced stuff that needs professional wound care nurses and doctor supervision.

No. 1989320

Someone save that chinchilla

No. 1989323

i feel like i never see mtfs call things 'gender'

No. 1989325

Here is her original reddit post. WARNING!! It has all the gross pictures right at the top of the page, so only click if you are prepared for the gore https://archive.fo/Bi4jr

No. 1989363

File: 1714186069559.jpeg (530.9 KB, 1170x1940, IMG_3700.jpeg)

this reel popped up on my instagram and not a single one of the comments seem to realize this is clearly a tif, instead insist in calling “him” gay
>very neatly arranged figures and decorations
>extremely girly audio choice
>name is noah
>”teenage boy”
this is clearly a woman come on

No. 1989364

not sure if link will work but trying it anyway just so you can hear the song featured KEK

No. 1989366

KEKK also
>the books

No. 1989368

>The Song of Achilles
Yeah, that's a TiF.

No. 1989372

i swear these TIFs are more feminine than i am kek

No. 1989374

>very neatly arranged figures and decorations
A portion of weebs would like to do this thing too are they all tifs?

No. 1989376

>tifs pick male characters in hopes to pass as actual moid
>tims pick characters that risk them being blatantly 'outed'

No. 1989377

>Wouldn't a genderbent TiF just be a a TiM?
To a normie a tif could potentially be equated to an actual man if in fiction, then they saw no limitations and went ahead to draw a female/impossibly-passing tim if that works. Therefore i'm confused when a nona called a tif portrayal of a homestuck fanart "rule 63 with he/him pronouns" some time ago.

No. 1989378

File: 1714188231352.jpg (100.29 KB, 749x562, ae24ec294d5855213fee286e1fb331…)

The team even said "Well, think Damien can be a TIM too? Is not that hard?" to make the fans stop to send hate to Nips, but not avail.

Kotetsu didn't even hate himself as kid, he was a kid that wanted to be a hero. Even Nathan is a quite flamboyant gay hero but no one screams he's a TIM, just a flamboyant drag queen hero.

These TIFs never have lived with brothers and it's shows. A teenager boy would have a room like picrel, except there would be sports posters, movies posters or even car posters.

No. 1989380

>no one screams he's a TIM
No one's that stupid. Male characters made into TIFs have nothing in common with each other, running theme is very arbitrary in this case. Ironically, Astolfo/Felix/Ruka/etc femboy characters were made into TIMs by TIMs themselves, which it is in turn transphobic because >>1989376.

>These TIFs never have lived with brothers and it's shows.

Even the ones that does still have the telltale signs.

No. 1989385

>These TIFs never have lived with brothers
Chances are if the brother is the younger one she wont be much of a tomboy

No. 1989387

this is so clearly a 20 something woman what teenage boy would have sanrio plushies amd figures??

No. 1989389

Why is sanrio popular among normies? I'm a fan of it since before 2010 and I knew how the tables turned ffs.

No. 1989397

You made me remember how Pao-Lin considered herself as tomboy and very few people tried to place the "non-binary" label on her. I'm glad T&B didn't aim now (I know it was aimed past year, but I mean the first season), all the headcanons or fanarts would be disastrous.

I have only counted one moid into Sanrio characters and he doesn't look like he's a tif.

No. 1989398

Omg when you compare her in the pictures with her friends, it’s kinda gut wrenching

No. 1989412

> I have only counted one moid into Sanrio characters and he doesn't look like he's a tif
He’s probably a TIM then

No. 1989414

File: 1714198708161.jpg (213.51 KB, 906x777, Untitled.jpg)

if this ain't the biggest ad for "don't fucking take testosterone" i've ever seen

No. 1989418

The "boyfriend" has such a PCOS beard kek.

No. 1989419

Not to tifs, looking like an ugly balding moid with neck fur is very desirable to them.

No. 1989424

I swear tifs are obsessed with calling themselves "boys" the same way tims are with "girls" and just that outs them every time. No actual teenage boy wants to be called that or would call himself that, if anything they would take it as an insult.

No. 1989445

i've heard accounts from detransitioners that taking testosterone has a serious manic, euphoric effect that deludes them to how terrible they look

No. 1989450

This is where their idea of boyhood comes from.

No. 1989458

That would explain many things kek. But a lot of them simply revel in being disgusting and unattractive because it's "counterculture" or whatever.

No. 1989459

>and this is with filters on

No. 1989472

literally. most guys hate being called boy or cute which is something TIFs revel in. "you cant always tell" it comes off in their mannerisms that something isnt right

No. 1989493

>You're not allowed to express your emotions as a girl because you're supposed to be gentle, warm and caring even as a toddler
>therefore you must be a man because man are allowed to be angry and unhinged
Like okay, they believe this, but what is it that they think of those who just never troon out? Do they even think about that? Do they even make a question like
>I'm a tranny, but why isn't she a tranny?
Are they trying to imply that other little girls were happy 24/7? Or that they were gentle, calm and caring all of the time? I just want to know because this hyperfixation on themselves has to be another reason why the troon out.

No. 1989505

>I'm a tranny, but why isn't she a tranny?
I advise you badly not to spiral vulnerable teen girls into these thoughts, these can potentially be predatory and groomer-y. As a matter of fact.

>You're not allowed to express your emotions as a girl because you're supposed to be gentle, warm and caring even as a toddler

>therefore you must be a man because man are allowed to be angry and unhinged
, this is a fallacy that works wonders on mentally vulnerable young girls, who could as easily adopt the predatory "why isn't she a tranny" mentality if progressed further.

>but what is it that they think of those who just never troon out? Do they even think about that?

Not an accurate answer but I'll take it before any troon does: Yes, other girls and women thought about the consequences of being an 'angry girl' in society, but with the basis that requires them to apply that they are female in the equation, which ends up being something a situation they could see themselves in if they were to act that way. Those 'other little girls' simply do not wish to be trannies or have these thoughts, or they might consider how transition works, but as people in the outside world and not those internet freaks, they have better ways for themselves to cope, or in some cases, actually work around female socialization enforced on them. Really, imo if you want a real answer it'll be like what I would think of each of the nonas here, or just a female of a specific age group if asked. Assuming the same train of thought can even be adopted by the ftm troons here. (However ftm troons when in the same position would attempt to destroy their ability to apply themselves as female in any rhetoric or premise.)

No. 1989508

Ezra massively coping with her female tattoo saying that it stands for "feminism"
Bitch how can you being a feminist while falling for the ultimate woman hating psyop to ever exist, plus you tell me that you did something permanent, on your body, that cannot be undone unless with very painful and costly procedures and now you regret it? Hmmmmm!!!

No. 1989517

Why is no one noting the gregory "house md" house tranny headcanon KEK

No. 1989527

File: 1714232585203.jpeg (252.64 KB, 1268x1356, B28DE951-B666-41D7-84CD-2EDD53…)

So close

No. 1989535

>I advise you badly not to spiral vulnerable teen girls into these thoughts, these can potentially be predatory and groomer-y. As a matter of fact.
Nta but are you saying this to that anon or the tifs? Wondering because I don't really see such intentions in that anon's post.

No. 1989536

I'm never getting over how cringe this song is, even the comments under are weird as hell with their babytalk. It almost gives me secondhand embarrassment. Tifs be like 'you can't tell when someone's transs!!' and then act like this girl.

No. 1989537

AYRT, to the anon/nona mostly; about making tifs consider this line of thought might turn them predatory.

No. 1989542

File: 1714236962029.jpeg (297.24 KB, 750x1018, IMG_1739.jpeg)

The delusion is unreal kek(wrong thread, this post is about mtfs/sage your shit)

No. 1989543

File: 1714237007709.jpeg (116.53 KB, 506x900, IMG_1738.jpeg)


No. 1989553

File: 1714238978410.png (416.79 KB, 640x1133, CL1bxRi.png)

here's a relevant ftm comic

No. 1989556

The fuck is wrong with her skin? Her face and shoulders look like the surface of the moon. Is it acne scarring? Sun damage?

No. 1989558

File: 1714240170327.jpg (52.49 KB, 536x819, d65b54c8365ef27d1c6e706272f7a8…)

>The borzoi painting
Anyway I don't remember the game having voice over when it first came out. Was that added later? It would had to have been, because the game came out in 2017 and "Jason" says she didn't troon out until 2018.

No. 1989559

It's a symptom of excess testosterone nona. Happens to body builders too when they take an excess of testosterone/muscle enhancing drugs, their skin begins forming these tears and shit. It's vile. With her, either her body just could not handle the extra shots of testosterone or she took too many. Probably both if I had to guess.

Really stretching the suspension of disbelief in this work of fiction!

No. 1989562

The fact that her first reaction to being called a word is crying kek.

No. 1989565

>Love, Simon
Of course she likes a work written by a woman.

No. 1989578

File: 1714243031388.jpg (56.1 KB, 826x820, GMHpN60XcAAQrLG.jpg)


Girl in twitter makes a long thread to try and explain she's a "lesboy" and I'm left finding out that 1) I still have no idea what a "lesboy" is supossed to be 2) Predictably, she's a heterosexual chick in a heterosexual relationship.

No. 1989580

>heterosexual relationship
why though

No. 1989581

"queer" counts under pronouns I think, under the gendie lingo

No. 1989582

Girl who identifies as "not quite a boy" who is "attracted to women but in a lesbian way" and in a relationship with a troon.

aka, the very definition of heterosexuality with extra steps, and words meaning what they want them to mean.

No. 1989584

File: 1714244605078.jpeg (63.47 KB, 826x824, brYqfg8.jpeg)

Every bippie whose boyfriend troons out is the exact same
>if my 6'4" computer programmer boyfriend is a woman, then gender doesn't mean anything at all.
>I'm pretty cool and smart, so I'm not a dumb whore like those other women. I'm a cute fun boy because that's the coolest gender to be.
>it's kind of edgy and sexy to be a lesbian, though. so I'm a lesbian because that's the coolest sexuality to be.
>Would bisexual or pansexual make more sense since I don't identify as a woman and I like men and that's the opposite of being a lesbian? Maybe, but those identities aren't as cool as lesbian is, and if men can be women then gender is fake anyway so nothing about gender means anything anymore.
>if my 6'4" computer programmer boyfriend can feel like a sexy woman in a shein skirt, then I can feel like a sexy boy with easier to manage hair. I'm going to get a short haircut now that I'm a boy and a lesbian and stop trying so hard with the hair and makeup!
Meanwhile the boyfriend is panicking because his cute little girlfriend started wearing ugly clothes and getting ugly haircuts, and yet another t4t relationship founded on mutual disgust and hatred that they can't express is born until one or the other discovers polyamory and tries to make a break for it.

No. 1989592

Girls are prone to infantilzing themselves for their boyfriends?
Plus it's always the normie boyfriends that panick first when their girlfriends stopped being feminine

No. 1989595

Huh i thought tifs hate being sexy and want to be children forever to avoid being sexualized

No. 1989596

Its the double standard, moids hate when their gfs troon bur women have to be forced to accept when their bfs troon

No. 1989604

I crossed out “faggot” for the queer tattoo already sadly

No. 1989610

File: 1714250389064.png (1.92 MB, 1080x1882, 1000013431.png)

Linking vids isn't working so I hope just a screenshot is enough but this disgusts me so much

No. 1989613

File: 1714250958792.jpg (110.84 KB, 671x552, kekk.jpg)

imagine being so retarded your fellow tiffies think so too kek

No. 1989615

There's different kind of tifs, showcasing different kind of retardation >>1988570

No. 1989629

File: 1714253172912.png (1.58 MB, 1356x2693, mGrlQvQ.png)

No. 1989631

File: 1714253476397.png (2.35 MB, 1642x3275, 7kdQzV7.png)

No. 1989634

File: 1714254268475.png (535.31 KB, 826x1644, wxYRMr5.png)

No. 1989640

So let me get this straight. She identifies as lesbian now after having formerly identified as MLM because she is dating a "trans woman" but she is also a TIF and afraid of sounding straight so she made up a new label "lesboy". This is legitimately the dumbest shit I have ever read. The internet is truly rotting our brains at an unprecedented rate.

No. 1989641

I have cool hair and guilt as well, am I a demilesboy?

No. 1989653

Purely anecdotal but most of the TiFs I know are oldest sisters. I think they get hit with the brunt of female gender roles because they're often expected to care for younger siblings.

No. 1989654

File: 1714258583278.jpg (140.28 KB, 828x1472, GLpHGMsWoAA6mV5.jpg)

This is her and her score btw

No. 1989657

So… You can see "transmascs don't do xyz" and say that you do those things but you're still a "transmasc", yet when you're raised to think "women are xyz" and you're not those things you must not a be a woman?

No. 1989660

File: 1714259292656.jpg (175.03 KB, 699x900, F2ieLBMaIAA8nlc.jpg)

This nonsense is all happening because troons want to be considered gay no matter what, because gay is the most hip thing to be. They don't want to be bisexual, and they definitely don't want to be straight. TiFs call themselves gay when they fuck men, and lesbians when they fuck women (even when they "identify" as men). Also notice how HSTS TiMs never call themselves "gay" on the basis of their "lived experience as gay men." They want to fuck straight men, so they'd never advertise their past like that. The kind of woman who dates TiFs doesn't see herself as straight, though, so they don't care when their TiF girlfriends make a big fuss about being "male lesbians." Gays don't want to be gay and straights want to be gay, leaving the whole concept devoid of meaning.

No. 1989661

Is she wearing a sailor moon wig or something?

No. 1989663

wouldve never guessed she was black given the way she draws herself

yes. shes dressed up as princess serenity it seems

No. 1989669

File: 1714261249432.png (376.05 KB, 648x689, NemtE2P.png)

tbh she seems like a sheltered autistic black girl, mostly they end up fat insecure shonenfag men like picrel.

No. 1989670

KEK, I was not expecting black women. She’s as insufferable as any white tumblrina ever.

No. 1989675

>My TiM boyfriend coerced me into identifying as a lesbian because it validates his own """lesbian""" identity

No. 1989677

A truly tragic downgrade from half of a cute alt couple to the lesboy gf/bf of Chris Fleming But With Worse Hair. Gender: not even once.

No. 1989679

is that even the same woman? I thought op was using her as another example of what sheltered autistic black women end up with.

No. 1989685

Black TIFs tend to be so self hating so I'm not surprised that she draws herself as whiteish.

No. 1989687

do not drag my boy chris like that omg

No. 1989689

It's honestly incredible that Chris hasn't trooned out, though.

No. 1989690

sadly I think he started calling himself queer and nonbinary. I get the feeling Chris is too out of the loop to troon out and only started calling himself that cause other people rubbing off on him.

No. 1989707

he made a video calling out "TERFs"

No. 1989709

File: 1714270254418.jpg (2.12 MB, 1280x5241, 1670696335198.jpg)

I don't much about that, but this seems to be very common asian TIFs for some reason, they always draw themselves more white-looking then they actually are.

No. 1989710

File: 1714270659260.jpeg (556.38 KB, 1519x1296, 00e68d4ms5851.jpeg)

on the other hand, many white TIFs will depict themselves as ambiguously brown in their self-insert comics.

No. 1989711

File: 1714270684033.jpeg (443.68 KB, 1536x2048, 0a4grh8j3x991.jpeg)

and this is her IRL

No. 1989712

KEK, she looks like the Karen in her comic. No self-awareness.

No. 1989713

Just realized I misspelled scrote**

No. 1989714

>Adventure Time art style
No clue how average this is in ameriland or wherever she's from but that living room looks fancy as fuck, the fact that she makes herself brownish and trooned out tells me this girl has probably never faced any real prejudice in her entire existence so she started farming victim coins.

No. 1989715

Just looks like an average Mexican girl tbh so it's not out there to draw herself as brown, but just how >>1989712 said it's really funny how she unintentionally looks similar to the Karen she drew.
Do you have more pictures? I wanna see how white she actually is.

No. 1989716

don't have any pics of her, but there's another white TIF who draws herself asian looking and a swedish TIF who draws herself as dark-brown, so it seems to be a somewhat common trend.

No. 1989718

this pinched face inbred looking art style is the girliest thing ever

No. 1989725


No. 1989728

This chick really wants to pretend she's easy to mistake for a boy? If she saw a stone butch she would probably cry. Literally the most normal looking girl ever. Does she think she looks male because she wears pants and baggy shirts? You could clock her from phone case alone kek.

No. 1989738

Its always the oldest sisters with younger brothers for some reason. Like they don't even use their younger brother's room for reference to design their own because the brother is younger

No. 1989744

Good lord, she has the whitest artstyle ever. Fascinating how white TiFs headcanon every character as black and draw them with borderline caricature-like features, meanwhile this actual black woman draws herself as an amorphous blob in a generic kawaii art style. Just being non-white gives her a ton of social capital in the liberal sphere, I don't know why she feels the need to adopt all these other labels to feel speshul.

No. 1989745

I am an older sister of a tif and honestly our family infantilized her bc of her mental condition and that i am the older sibling, and her role was to act like a doll until adulthood while i was allowed to go out and work and be ambitious. Tifs with older sisters are far from if tifs are the eldest daughter.

No. 1989746

If she saw a woman with a longer midface length and broad shoulders she would cry out of frustration too.

No. 1989748

I would love to see some of these. I notice with all troons that the non-white ones tend to whitewash themselves and the actually white ones tend to draw themselves as ambigiously brown. If you go to the troon side of "Native twitter" you'll see all kinds of white ass gendies clinging on dear life to that Cherokee 4th-great-grandmother.

No. 1989753

True,the one with the black couple fooled me with the white-typical art style. Benefit of the doubt is that they struggle to draw dreadlocks but idk

No. 1989754

File: 1714287705379.jpg (253.99 KB, 866x1280, 1664287986601.jpg)

here's the one who draws herself as more asian looking

No. 1989755

File: 1714287750706.jpg (125.03 KB, 675x1200, 1664289254687.jpg)

her IRL

No. 1989757

File: 1714287805537.jpg (476.48 KB, 1280x1267, 1666648580037.jpg)

here's the swedish one who depicts herself as dark-brown

No. 1989758

I know her but shes not entirely wrong drawing a dark haired white, in art they come across as asians

No. 1989759

File: 1714287957315.png (1.06 MB, 1080x1350, 4qAom5m.png)

and her's here IRL

No. 1989760

damn this shit is egregious

No. 1989764

Kek this is some kind of white guilt on steroids.

No. 1989766

>how horribly gendered everything was
Is she actually this retarded? Pads and tampons are a feminine and female need only ofcourse it'd be girly and who the hell cares how a pad looks? what is she implying? That there should be "pads made for men who are actually mentally ill women"? this shit actually angers me so fucking much just because you're too cowardly of being a woman don't assume others should be too

No. 1989767

File: 1714296995768.jpeg (278.7 KB, 828x566, 691DF0F7-7200-4303-B634-90D57C…)

I wish this was a joke but it's not, in Finland we actually have these, nonna. She should move here.
Saged for stupidity.

No. 1989769

File: 1714298238104.png (545.78 KB, 600x500, T3j9Ih.png)

Next to Dream Daddy I saw a rare case of separating the concept of enbies from troons, basically. Idk if the game is fully made by gendies and TRAs or just people pandering to woke
>characters are all based on office stationery
>1 version of each gender that supposedly works like rule 63 (typical male, female, genderspecial)
>troon characters are among the supposedly male or female versions
>could be a pretty normal game if not for slapping labels on all the characters and all that gendism what a waste
Seriously, up till this day how do you explain that "rule 63 with he/him pronouns" logic?

No. 1989770

and instead of freaking out shes dancing on tiktok about it, of course

No. 1989771

File: 1714299107380.jpg (131.05 KB, 960x960, ericson.jpg)

I think that's just an OC. Picrel is her actual self-insert.

No. 1989784

The design choice almost makes this feel like a cruel joke. "For men.. haha, sike! YWNBAM"

No. 1989787

>what if office stationary WERE PEOPLE
What kind of gimmicky half-baked premise is that?

No. 1989790

Interesting, i thought of it if it werent marketed to tifs but those regular 'women who buys from the mens section' but with shampoos etc. what would it be perceived as

No. 1989796

kek I love this, I hope the tifs realize this too

No. 1989798

But wouldn't this out a lot of tifs? Like if I saw a "man" (meaning that I don't have time to look at people carefully) was buying pads I would assume they're for their gfs or wives, if I saw this on my cash register I would look up to who's buying them and going "ah yeah a tif" and start snickering at their fragile ego

No. 1989800

They don't want to blend in, they just want validation to their identities any means possible. They've made lgbtq people look like circus clowns, attention seekers.

No. 1989809

i used to have male friends in my teens and their rooms where nothing like that. the cleaner one had anime figures with big boobs/visible underwear and a hitler figurine on desktop. the rest were just a mess and toilet paper everywhere.

it's like they have never met a male in their lives.

No. 1989810

>le quirky sad fakeboi artstyle

No. 1989814

Crazy that she needs to pretend shes a male to see beauty in her life and aesthetic choices/room decor

No. 1989881

Is she shopping for tampons at Claire's? Because most of the packaging I've seen is blue, purple, or green depending on the brand. Imagine having so few actual problems that you're upset that the packaging of feminine hygiene products is too feminine. Christ, what a spoiled group of people.

No. 1989885

My older brother's room was always disgusting. Dirty dishes and trash on every surface, drawers empty because his clothes are all over the place, CRT TV precariously propped up on a dresser by his bed. Oh yeah, and it always smelled like ass. After he got married, his wife forced him to limit his mess to his home office and keep the rest of the house clean. Moids…(blogposting)

No. 1989895

File: 1714330349698.png (57.38 KB, 630x607, nonbinary.png)

>"I know I’m not one but everyone sees nonbinary as woman-lite so…"
>Names all the things women have to deal with

Does she think these stuff wont happen to women in general if they start to identify as non-binary?

No. 1989899

>'and I don't like to whine in public'

No. 1989903

>troons want to be considered gay no matter what, because gay is the most hip thing to be
Literally this. You can tell the way they collect identities like pokemon, and wanna chop and change themselves like Mr potato head, they just want to be the specialest nlog that ever was. And if that means you have to walk back your "mlm gay guy" identity to appease your boyfriend becoming a tim, that's fine cos you can just call yourself "lesboy" now yippee! Sad.

No. 1989908

If a man refused to wear something pink or use his gfs shower gel because it’s a girl thing these TIFs would be screaming “fragile mascualinity” wtf does it matter if tampons have pink packaging (which most don’t)

No. 1989915

I really thought she was asian

No. 1989943

Yeah she draws herself very Asian-looking for some reason.

No. 1989953

Yeah in my local stores the packaging for menstrual products is overwhelmingly blue, green, white and black, maybe purple. No flowers or hearts or anything like that. The ones meant for nighttime use might have stars on them. The horror!

No. 1989969

Lol i met her irl, shes just as insufferable as she looks

No. 1989972

File: 1714346522627.png (1.62 MB, 1903x955, thenerve.png)

Even the fabric ones have non-feminine designs that you can pick up. Back in my ol' days the normal menstrual products were just pink.

No. 1989974

She IS het,but not in the way these other tiffs are thinking

No. 1989978

Heres a thing I learned about these labels. "Transmasc/Transfem" ≠ transman or transwoman, but but "transitioning towards a masc or feminine gender (whatever thats suppose to mean) and or gender expression. Typically what this means is they're just gnc but annoying about it. They're "transitioning" towards something that's "man adjacent" but not fully identifying as one. So in tiffs case this is why they argue they can be both a lesbian and transmasc. She can't just be a butch or tomboyish lesbian, she has to be a "lesboy". Reality is, she's just bi. On an unrelated note, I see and hear about transmasc lesbians but never transfem gay men hmm…

No. 1989988

I don't think it actually looks Asian. Not sure how to get my point across, but I think it has something to do with patterns developed by consumers, an illusion that we perceive. A lot of Asians are/were stylized this way, so that's why we see it, but technically it's an accurate caricature: it's very common to stylize darker values as completely black and lighter values as white, and the face is a vague blob with features that are present in her real face. That said, who's to say she didn't know what connotations said art style will have? POC larping is common among these types, even if it wasn't purely intentional.

No. 1989998

sounds like she got into it with hospital staff at some point, Christ almighty these people
>I was hospitalized for nearly a month before things spiraled even further due to covid and a situation with a transphobic nurse and at that point, security assaulted me as i was dying and forced me to leave the hospital against medical advice in the middle of the night, wearing only a hospital gown and socks in the streets of boston with an IV still in my arm

No. 1990006

File: 1714359539528.png (31.36 KB, 1020x239, egg.png)

I'm glad Reddit for once is saying that her "friend" is an ass, not "well, she's right, you're a man".(repost)

No. 1990009

File: 1714360233926.jpg (39.75 KB, 349x642, db0.jpg)

same energy

No. 1990011

It’s so obvious the tranny is trying to minimise the butch woman’s femininity to try and feel better about their moid body.

No. 1990014

File: 1714361489146.jpg (563.79 KB, 1080x889, Picsart_24-04-29_08-57-12-903.…)

Not sure if she already has being brought up before, but I just got done watching 'Talk to Me' and I couldn't stop cackling at her scenes. She was so clockable. I initially hoped she was just a butch or girl who likes having short hair and shit, but her crocky voice keeps making it obvious that she takes T. Looking up her insta only confirmed it further but I was especially grossed by this post of hers. It was such a cute childhood pic of her on a skateboard, yet she probably believes it's one of the 'signs' that she was always meant to troon out, and then the picture right after is her in a bed after chopping her body parts off. Tragic. I feel bad for her childhood self, I doubt she would've seen it coming.

No. 1990015

seconding this analysis. the anime hairstyle bangs help make it more ambiguous but since 99% of troons are weebs it reads as less racefaking and more just having absorbed the style of her media landscape

No. 1990047

Why dont they do that to actual tifs? Oh wait moids all dont want to give any woman what they want

No. 1990048

They be getting womb tattoos and then cry over the packaging of pads.

No. 1990049

Feels like those men the 'mlm' girls chased are now becoming trannies themselves to stop them…

No. 1990050

Its a fucking psyop where mtfs wants to equate 'terfs' to ftms and open the floodgates so that they can be openly misogynistic and call out to the public that tifs are not real troons. divide and destroy tactic

No. 1990061

tell us more, var så snäll

No. 1990107

File: 1714400803293.jpg (828.75 KB, 1079x1865, Screenshot_20240429_112513.jpg)

TIF found in the punk fashion subreddit, her whole profile is a shitshow

No. 1990126

I just know her room smells like an expired deodorant.

No. 1990138

>toothpaste flag

No. 1990144

What racial markers are you seeing and not seeing in a barely drawn circle with dot eyes? She’s even drawn her hair differently from the white tranny doodle. It’s okay to just be surprised she’s black, weird to project that she’s hidden it through internalised racism. What a wacky pseudo-insight.

No. 1990148

If anything she just draws like a jap. If she were white would they say she drew herself Asian? Doubt it. Also newsflash, all tif are self hating

No. 1990152

She's going to grow out of it in a few years. I still don't get the point of identifying as a "gay man" when you're a girly girl

No. 1990154

>"outfit" post
>can't even see the entire outfit
also, damn, i feel like i need to make a "TIF room bingo" with all the dirty mirrors and squishmallows i keep seeing

No. 1990160

File: 1714414119133.mp4 (15.47 MB, 720x1280, yikes.mp4)

No. 1990162

I’m so glad this person has clearly never been around an 8 year old before.

No. 1990173

Fakedisordercringe is such a goldmine for tifs. No idea what the correlation could be!

No. 1990183

8 year olds can actually be quite articulated when talking, I've worked with kids before and I've had full-length discussions and conversations with them.
Of course they're still children with kid intrests but this woman is talking like a two year old with a missing frontal lobe jfc

Video attached is an example of how a kid that age actually talks like, sage for non milk

No. 1990186

>equating skateboarding with masculinity
>trans flag right next to palestinian flag with 0 sense of irony
these people are too retarded to be pitied

No. 1990201

File: 1714427083469.png (1.43 MB, 756x2122, Screenshot.png)

Are they aware that this isn't helping their case.

No. 1990217

Ew those are all women? The first one looks like a monster.

No. 1990219

first one reminds me of Vaush's ex gf

No. 1990226

The two bearded ones make me think of an obese version of Varg.

No. 1990227

Tragic that ftms can only remotely pass if they succumb to obesity kek

No. 1990232

>Fat autistic girl takes T because she wants to become her husbando
>Ends up looking like a fat autistic girl but with more body hair
Honestly, at least the "trenders" that don't take testosterone aren't fucking up their bodies.

They're also rare cases of TiFs growing proper beards instead of gross neck pubes like the first one. They must be on an absurdly high dosage of T or something. I bet the voices are a giveaway, though. You see what looks like a manlet biker, but you hear a frog voice. Must be weird.

No. 1990233

If you got rid of the toothpaste flag and Squishmallow, you could convince me that this picture was taken in 2009. Whatever she's got going on here isn't punk, it's a kid attempting to dress scene with some shit she found at Goodwill.

No. 1990234

Why does she still go by Zoe? And why did she include the Palestinian flag in her post about being trans?

No. 1990238

Insane how Reddit can have a whole sub about people faking disorders, yet I guarantee you that the one disorder you can't accuse someone of faking there is gender dysphoria. They'd ban you, almost certainly.

No. 1990244

The answer is a lack of theory of mind, whether from autism or narcissism or just standard teen self-centeredness. They have trouble acknowledging that others have unique personalities beyond their physical appearance or easily digested stereotypes, so of course the Insta baddie in class is no more than that. Unfortunately like the other anon said, meeting a woman who doesn't fit these stereotypes while still calling herself a woman is unlikely to make them self-reflect, and instead they usually try to solve their cognitive dissonance by converting her to leaving womanhood just like them.

No. 1990258

It's the only way TIMs can pass too, having enough fat to cover any noticeably male or female characteristics is the great equalizer

No. 1990282

i've never seen an 8 yo act like this in my life. this is just insulting to children that are in grade school

No. 1990345

File: 1714467220210.png (252.64 KB, 2500x2500, GMTkYX0WAAAFxfh.png)

>Creates problem
>blame others when shit doesn't make sense
>feel bad for me :(
Of all the NLOGism waves, this is the worst one. Please explain this to me like I'm retarded because I can't seem to read all of this babbling without being even more confused

No. 1990381

This has bothered me for days. I can't believe tranboy death comes so quick and hard. Think of the carnage in a few years, thousands of gnomey nascar-looking little disabled fuckers. They landed so far from the goal. We're gonna have to build nursing homes for the failed tranners.

No. 1990386

File: 1714481052906.jpg (542.96 KB, 1440x1800, 1000005546.jpg)

No. 1990388

File: 1714481392011.jpg (670.61 KB, 1440x1800, 1000005547.jpg)

No. 1990389

File: 1714481856108.jpg (549.24 KB, 1440x1800, 1000005548.jpg)

No. 1990390

File: 1714482109812.jpg (126.57 KB, 1104x621, 1000020961.jpg)

>If I presented more androgynous/masc
>I don't even know what that looks like lol
I will post a picture of stone butches so trannies and retards get scared and never come to lolcow.

No. 1990391

Tldr: she's bitching about not being referred to by they/them because people will look at her and immediately default to she because she's a woman, but this upsets her because even her allies slip up and don't bother using her personally picked pronouns, this "nonbinary erasure" very first world problems.

All I ever see from nonbinaries are basic women who personally want to go with they/them and being a woman in everything but name because they don't feel like a woman or man, even though that describes 99% of the world

No. 1990394

File: 1714483060246.jpg (Spoiler Image,484.79 KB, 1280x1270, what-the-hell.jpg)

I found this in the reblogs of this one braindead tif that is posted here often. This is absolutely vile. Not to mention, she often posts about how we need to protect poor innocent men from evil evil feminazis so she is an absolute pick me. I guess pedos need to be protected too since they are men.

No. 1990396

>pushing 50+
The two bearded ones look like they're pushing at least 70. More proof that T ages TIFs prematurely even worse than it does moids.

No. 1990397

ohhhhh no I do not like this. The poses and the exposed shoulder jesus christ. plus has she put fake boobs on him? this is so creepy and gross

No. 1990403

this doesnt look like sister and brother just messing around with makeup but actual pedo groomer shit why the fuck would you take pictures of your little brother like that?..his sister is actually using him for her fetish and ideology god i hope their father finds out and removes him from her, i hate moids but i dont want to see children being used like this. fucking vile

No. 1990404

what yaoi does to the female mind.

No. 1990410

either she's beyond naive or she knows that this gonna attract pedophiles and might get off on it.

No. 1990412

File: 1714489603250.jpg (1.18 MB, 2560x2369, uOH52cDyPZc.jpg)

Speaking of that one retard, this bitch WILL NOT stop sperging about terfs. Kek, rent free

No. 1990416

>gets told she will get health problems and will be hideous if she takes T
>UMMMM AKCHUALLY it's all just terf lies!!!
>takes T, all of the forementioned things happen
>>UMMMM AKCHUALLY I wanted all that!! Gotcha terfs bet you didn't expect that!!!
Kek, I don't even feel bad for her, she deserves to be ill and ugly

No. 1990420

I honestly haven't seen the first woman with PCOS that actually manages to have a mustache and a beard irl to the point of looking like a moid. They're all women, like, I met a girl once who had actual PCOS that made her grow a beard and it was a bunch of loose pubes here and there, but it was still obvious that she's a woman because having PCOS doesn't change your whole ass bone structure and doesn't give you a frog voice like taking Testosterone on purpose does.
Trannies are so fucking weird.

No. 1990435

>trying to claim that women with PCOS look male
living up to the "brainwashed misogynist" title kek

No. 1990440

File: 1714494271859.png (36.41 KB, 200x200, 1682942614213331.png)

she can keep sperging with her hideous orangutan looking ass if it means i have more retarded comics of hers to laugh at(avatarfagging)

No. 1990447

Omg yes nonni, I love her retarded shit. Always makes me feel better about my life kek.

No. 1990451

Nonna you made posts with this character in image in both tranny threads I suggest you stop doing that it makes it obvious it's you

No. 1990454

personally, the fact that it's a moid behind the camera immediately sets off alarm bells in my head, you think he feeds into this for his own intentions? don't recognize this tif so I'm probably missing out on some storyline

No. 1990457

>vtuber tranny
go away

No. 1990470

Can troons ever stop talking about women with pcos?

No. 1990480

"Here's my long autobiographical comic in an extremely girly art style that explains why I'm an [extremely specific and counterintuitive KUHWEER identity] and not just a run of the mill quirky fangirl."

This is like an entire genre of comic at this point. Fantagraphics could make an anthology of them.

No. 1990492

Personally I have a bit of a soft spot for this cow because it seems she actually takes the time to engage with terf arguments (even if she ends up twisting/misunderstanding them still). I can imagine her detransing down the line once she learns how to take care of herself.

No. 1990504

I think at least were posted in one of the bad short comics thread.

No. 1990508

Someone needs to take that kid away from her. There's no way anyone could be this fucking 'naive', she knows what she's doing by making him wear sexualised clothing (that no girl his age wears unless they're being groomed too), giving him a fake chest and making him pose like this in the first picture. I'm beyond disgusted. I want to nlog on this bitch. I hate that she's roaming free outside when pedos and pedo-pandering mfs like her belong in jail.

No. 1990514

File: 1714507821838.jpg (44.78 KB, 1080x490, Screenshot_20240501_013849_Chr…)

>I found this in the reblogs of this one braindead tif that is posted here often
So turns out she ( >>1990412 ) is even more vile than I thought. May T and her retarded ideology continues to ruin her life idc I'm happy everytime she cries and tries to copes with this shit.

No. 1990526

>REEE if TERFs are feminists why are they mean to stunning and brave twans wimmin?!?
Because they're male, and like you said, males oppress women. They don't get to escape accountability just because they've taken horse piss pills.

>TERFs call TiFs traitors

Maybe this was a thing several years ago, but this line of thinking is extremely rare in TERF spaces, because to call TiFs "traitors" is to assume that they're capable of "switching sides" at all, which we agree they aren't. They're often described as having internalized misogyny, but that's not the same thing as being a male misogynists. Another reason they aren't "traitors," is because they arguably cause more harm to themselves than they do to any other woman.

>Twansphobia against woman with PCOS

Show me literally any instance of a woman being kicked out of a bathroom solely over PCOS. They keep trotting out this bizarre argument because they don't leave the house. Women will usually say nothing even when non-passing rapehons enter a bathroom because we understand that bathrooms are an isolated location where it's dangerous to start an argument that could devolve into a fight. Unless you're too old or too mentally ill to give a fuck, you stay in your lane.

>REEE why is chess sex segregated

What a retarded, cherry-picked example. Chess tournaments are run by elderly scrotes, they're the ones who decide these things, not TERFs. It's obvious that she chose chess because it's the only "sport" where a person's physique makes no difference.

>Being a TiF is harder than being a woman!1!

We can agree on this, because all she's doing is adding new problems on top of the female ones she'll never escape. Congratulations, now in addition to experiencing misogyny, you're chemically dependent on steroids and have butchered your chest. Also, they like the idea of life being "more hard" because they're spoiled suburban kids who want to pretend to be oppressed. They want to experience ~tha struggle~ because it makes them feel special and is a blanket explanation for all of their problems.

>engaging with TERF arguments
Where? All she does is trot out the same strawman TRAs always do. They never bring up the substantive arguments we make, like European countries reversing course on child transition, or there only being two gametes, or what the fuck it even means to "feel" like a woman.

No. 1990534

>I constantly fight myself
>"You're faking"
Always so funny when people who are faking something say "sometimes I feel like I'm faking it"

No. 1990548

>even if she ends up twisting/misunderstanding them still
Kek misunderstanding? She knows what we mean, she just wants to stay a nlog forever. She argues against strawman just so she can have an opportunity to say: uhm ackhually you are dumb/everyone's lying to us about T and surgeries so they can commit trans genocide/jokes on you, I actually want that/T makes me smelly? Peak gender euphoria, I smell like like a teenage boy now (not even kidding about this >>1984737 ) and 'prove' that she's truly the nlogiest of all, surpassing even other tifs in terms of retardation. She also made fun of detrans women and reduced their issues to 'you just miss your womanly boobs teehee' I highly doubt she's going to detransion. Nothing can be done about her gendie brainrot anymore, unless they legalise lobotomies again.

No. 1990573

File: 1714521046008.png (28.92 KB, 598x233, Screenshot.png)

>Being forced to detransition.

No. 1990577

Yep. I used to lurk the sub sometimes and other people were noticing the tif and munchie connection but now you can't have "lgbt discourse" as they called it when we all know it's just the t.

No. 1990579

would. all three of them at once.(thirstposting)

No. 1990589

kek i know, is there a butch woman appreciation thread on here or something where i can gawk

No. 1990602

File: 1714532755897.mp4 (2.71 MB, 360x640, RDT_20240501_000440.mp4)

Go on /g/, there are multiple.

To not derail too much here is a video that I found genuinely hard to watch.

No. 1990606

File: 1714533922275.jpeg (Spoiler Image,394.14 KB, 1170x2254, 3A3DD9FD-364E-4735-84BA-B57343…)

I was wasting time on reels and this particular one popped up where this tif was speaking about her arm scar. I think this every time but tifs get their arms mangled in this procedure nonnas. If it wasn’t such a perfectly rectangular scar you would think they’ve had an accident with heavy machinery. Yet when I go to the comments, there’s someone commenting on how it looks so good (WHAT??). Anyways I keep looking through her profile (liamlazore) and watch one in her earlier stages. Picrel, my jaw literally dropped I was so aghast. Imagine giving yourself a wound that looks in place in dante’s inferno because you wanted the opposite set of genitals. This is over…genitalia. It only really speaks of how these tifs have never gone through the brutality of skin complications before because willingly going through a surgery of this magnitude to operate on perfectly healthy body parts is peak mental illness. I know it’s said often but this is such severe bodily trauma.

I’m not gonna say much because I’ll alog but this panel exemplifies everything I fucking hate about the non binary label. It’s so vapid, like find me one sentence of substance here. You can’t. What a joke.

So dramatic just to sound painfully entitled. These are junkies. People who actually need medication to function don’t talk in this manipulative way.

No. 1990607

Nta but even without the gendie cringe, she somehow managed to get negative laughs out of me… like in the future I would laugh a lot less because I watched this video today, that's how much it affected me mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Putting spongebob voice effects while saying some overused retarded babbling doesn't automatically make it funny and I hope she realises that soon, my condolences to her sense of humour.

Also is she a DID faker or something? Something about that name with pronouns under it, reminds me of those 'one of my alters is a dog and goes by fox/foxself' munchies.

No. 1990616

Butch women are women. Gawking is a traditionally male behavior and that contributes tifs think they are men to some extent.(derailing)

No. 1990618

My personal theory is she has extreme cognitive dissonance right now and is overcompensating. She's really trying to convince herself of these arguments, not the dreaded terves. She says in the third to last panel that her mental health has improved drastically, but continually posts comics about how her transition is making her miserable, greasy, and unable to self-lubricate anymore, and how no one in real life sees her as anything other than an ugly woman: >>1984614
She's doing everything she can to convince herself and others that this is making her happy when it clearly isn't. She lashes out at detransitioners because she knows she's made the same mistake, but instead of facing it she's going to run back into the arms of her fellow cultists who will only tell her what she wants to hear. Kind of sad to watch, but on the other hand, she's such an asshole about it I don't feel that bad.

No. 1990621

my eye only caught the upper left and i thought that was one of those turkey legs you get at theme parks, boy was i wrong

No. 1990626

Younger siblings are always feminized therefore something is always fucking wrong when a tif is a younger sister, esp when she has big sisters. I wondered why at first.

No. 1990627

Tifs think fr they have a headstart when theyre the oldest daughters therefore they make their younger brothers fem and dont bother to clean their rooms/think they manliest fr(unintegrated posting style)

No. 1990630

>TERFs call TiFs traitors
>Maybe this was a thing several years ago, but this line of thinking is extremely rare in TERF spaces
Boomer GC women who often heavily identify with being a mother do say this occasionally, it's not that rare.

No. 1990637

I can't see how you can have a soft spot for her after her comic where she drags transitioners for not changing their minds soon enough and having zero empathy for them. I really think she is a nasty person with a very high opinion of herself and needs as much attention as possible. I think at the end, she will end up being like buck angel who will know how trans medicalisation is harmful first hand by almost dying, but will say it's worth it because she's totes a trve trans and not a faker like all the others online.

No. 1990657

I mean I wanna gawk cos I find butch women hot (I'm >>1990579)(derailing)

No. 1990669

I thought it was bbq at first kek. But that scarring doesn’t make sense. Looks like it’s just stained skin as there’s still hair growing on that affected area. Or is the bbq pic the actual after pic?

No. 1990678

File: 1714559565180.jpg (51.68 KB, 1080x709, every-argumentative-comic-ever…)

No. 1990679

that's the site where they harvest the partial thickness graft to cover the full thickness section they take (usually from the arm) to form the meat roll up. partial thickness grafts only take a very thin layer of epidermis and a little dermis, unlike full thickness which takes all the vascular tissue underneath too, down to the fat layer. thats why the site used for the zombie pool noodle is always the most mangled part.

No. 1990689

No pics therefore saged but hopefully text is milky (will post pics on request)

I saw on pixiv (a JP artblog site) a character of a fandom drawn in an AU where she's supposedly a butch lesbian with another female character in an almost lesbian relationship, and the same character drawn in her normal attire many more times. When she (and few others) were genderbent for a different AU the bodily proportions of the respective character has been adjusted to fit the opposite gender. How does that retarded clothes=gender work?
Artist has nothing to do with trannyism at all, yet it goves interesting viewpoints of the tif psyche and telling butch lesbians to transition is just fucking absurd.
Tifs see themselves as men and in extension potentially having these male body proportions in the first place, so it's absurd for any of you to suggest people are telling butch lesbians to transition

No. 1990694

I think if it's art you can post it in the bad art thread

No. 1990717

Art isn't bad but the idea resonates with tifs

No. 1990721

People on r/illnessfakers put the munchie's preferred pronouns in the title of posts to make sure nobody misgenders the person they're making fun of

No. 1990723

Tbf they have to enforce that because of NetzDG

No. 1990792

>Tifs see themselves as men and in extension potentially having these male body proportions in the first place

See >>1988373 that's why I gave up in trying to find drawings on Twitter, is always like you mention: men with chest scars and a vagina for "extra straight porn".

No. 1990793

Not a tim, just a gay moid that love Sanrio. It would have been too noticeable if he was a TIF ('gay toothpaste' flag, talking about T, etc).

No. 1990956

why are gay men so gnc

No. 1990959

The male character in question isn't explicitly a tif, but its used as an argument why tifs don't want to just be butch women. Havent seen arts of frankendicks tho, if tifs are so dysphoric this means artists don't care about them lol

No. 1991088

File: 1714666982103.png (75.86 KB, 767x579, 1642437529410.png)

>TIF has sex with men and didn't realize she could still get pregnant
>still took testosterone and the baby was exposed to testosterone
>baby girl comes out with likely signs of reduced IQ and autism

No. 1991094

File: 1714670029332.jpeg (29.08 KB, 680x591, GL9Y2mTXkAAi0m7.jpeg)


No. 1991097

I do remember someone posted a drawing of a tif with a frankendick and, somehow, it acted like a real penis, cum included?? Their delulu is over 9000.

No. 1991115

taking ache cream can fucking cause defects in a baby while you're pregnant and she's taking hormones.. the child literally got fucked over for life because of her retarded mother,if this wasn't a clown world the child would've been taken away because this can constitute as child abuse and substance abuse that poor baby didn't deserve this.

No. 1991118

File: 1714675670949.jpg (339.52 KB, 1080x1500, 1000030937.jpg)

I've posted this tif awhile back. Shes a prostitute in Australia that calls herself a he and takes testosterone. She posted begging for donations because no one wants to book her. I scroll down and bitch is charging 700/hour lmao.

No. 1991119

File: 1714675715190.jpg (352.99 KB, 1080x1607, 1000030936.jpg)

No. 1991121

Gendies having children will never not be concerning.

No. 1991139

after looking at her profile, i find it VERY hard to believe she hasn't had a 'proper' meal in 3 days kek morbidly obese tifs are the funniest. the epitome of 'give them an inch, run away with a mile.' a little attention they otherwise wouldn't get and suddenly entitlement is their middle name and everyone is a peasant who's lucky to breath their air.

No. 1991161

File: 1714684462937.jpeg (226.64 KB, 1125x1217, hmm.jpeg)

this needs to be studied

No. 1991163

File: 1714684867409.jpg (42.66 KB, 1024x576, l5limm1eavzy.jpg)

No. 1991164

How did he get so red?

No. 1991167

So she stopped plucking her eyebrows…?

No. 1991172

Through the power of t-boy joy, nonna

No. 1991188

She got more smug

No. 1991189

Lmao she lives in Brisbane, food is quite cheap there and balances out the price of the rent. Plus she'd be on Centrelink payments if she was disabled (about $1,116 per fortnight plus any other benefits she could claim) and foodbanks do exist within the city, so she's just a retarded e-begger.
Also can't afford basic food but can afford coffee? Retard.

No. 1991193

She lost most of the color in her face and got a little puffier. You could easily convince someone this was a normal woman before and after a couple weeks on prednisone if you removed the context.

No. 1991249

>proud abt charging $700 an hour
>11 days later
>"surviving on coffee"
so funny how there was even a customer interested in her services but still refused to pay that much like any reasonable person would

No. 1991256

>I have been more than tolerant and patient with you and given you more time than I would anyone because I believe in education
>Educate yourself $700 of charts
Kek when even the lowest of low moid is talking shit to you, it's time to rethink why the fuck you're whoring yourself out to the same kind of moids. I hate how these fuckers choose prostitution over actual jobs and then call it empowering, when most of the real prostitutes in my country (where it's legal, unfortunately) are dying to get out of it with their poor children. She needs to take off her rose-tinted glasses and get a job at McDonalds or something.

No. 1991261

File: 1714711578654.jpg (52.9 KB, 1255x800, biggest_transformation.jpg)

No. 1991275

literally looks exactly the same kek but i guess she has a froggier voice now and that's a big difference to her?

No. 1991300

File: 1714733712704.png (69.05 KB, 1403x428, Screenshot.png)

No. 1991308

>when you have something alike, whether you know it or not, you're more likely to get along
I'll have to agree with her on that. In her case, the desire to be a nlog and shared-delusion brought them together, just so they can scream 'I'm not a ma'am!!' at a minimum wage cashier one day. After all, the only one who can deal with an insufferable gendie is someone who's insufferable herself.

No. 1991350

File: 1714752747813.jpg (594 KB, 1080x1452, Screenshot_20240503_180616_X.j…)

>the more i transition the more mane I add on the tattoo
So the balder you get, the more mane your lion tat gets? Oh the irony, zippertits

No. 1991352

I swear tifs have the shittiest taste in tattoos ever. This one is so badly drawn it looks like something a toddler would doodle on the wall with a marker.

No. 1991354

but anon… it makes her a BOY

No. 1991357

File: 1714753856163.jpg (38.02 KB, 750x444, 47ed9b32c67f8534e7b5d87b7a1b81…)

It's from The Lion King, Rafiki draws Simba when he's little and then later paints a mane when Simba grows up

No. 1991361

I feel so bad for her. So desperate to have a (white) boyfriend she plays along to his sissy delusions. I bet you he has BNWO fantasies. All white sissy men do, especially when they interact with black people. He thinks he hit the jackpot with this submissive black woman

No. 1991363

That might part of the problem. She doesn’t want that clout but prefers to be seen as male/lesbian, something that gives her more status

No. 1991368

I know where it's from and the context, I was just saying that it's badly done. A good tattoo wouldn't age like this in 9 years, plus the lines are wobbly and blurry (not due to aging) as fuck, the line connecting his eyes and mouth is barely there, there's too much gap between the body and the tail, and the shading is all over the place, not like how it was in the movie at all. Her Simba looks more like a rat. You can literally compare it to the picture you posted yourself.

No. 1991402

As an autistic, I too I gravity to other autistic.(no1currs)

No. 1991519

was this a Japanese TIF or are the authors' names irrelevant to the subject?

No. 1991542

File: 1714790078293.jpeg (244.11 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_0344.jpeg)

Kek if she thinks TERFS are bad I can’t wait until she meets the teen males that she so badly wants to smell like. Seriously, does she not realize how actual males would perceive this comic and roast the shit out of her? TERFs at least have some mercy towards trannies, but moids have absolutely none.

No. 1991562

Thats a pretty normie face for a tif tho.

No. 1991564

Anon I just suck at drawing

No. 1991565

Its an accurate caricature, kudos

No. 1991566

File: 1714798993315.png (10.32 KB, 660x159, retard.PNG)

We are aware. It's literally something that is often discussed on radblr at least, when it comes to taking apart trans ideology. Also what's an implication here? Considering she's changing her body because gender is a spectrum and race is also a spectrum, doesn't that mean she supports transracial people? Lmao. Trannies are really racist, it always shows in their actions.

No. 1991567

It's fair all races are transphobic so trannies would have to lie in the bed they made

No. 1991576

File: 1714800354594.png (82.17 KB, 1235x557, M8akdF32g.png)

Max levels of projection happening, saying there's no way to logically argue with us while refusing to answer the simple question of how transgenderism is in any way different from transracialism. The genocide victim larp is such a pathetic diversion tactic, what a loser.

No. 1991581

File: 1714801325469.gif (2.61 MB, 220x274, blackcat.gif)

Thanks nonna, I thought you was saying that I drew her too normal at first kek.

She really has a knack for coming up with the worst things to say in her defence. I kind of enjoy it at this point, been a while since I've seen someone continuously being this embarrassing in the broad daylight. She never disappoints when it comes to being a disappointment. She's entertaining in a very 'car crash in the middle of the road while you drive by it slowly' way.

No. 1991585

She could've just skipped showering to achieve this euphoric experience

No. 1991586

Why are trannies always so eager to bring up race?

No. 1991589

>they want us dead and gone
shut the fuck up tumblr user allyoudidwillwait i literally couldn't care less. you're not that important. waah waah muh twansgenocide oh my god stop being dramatic

No. 1991614

Fucking crying at the bad tracing around the shitty blown out lines, it looks like a kid with a ballpoint pen outlined their pencil scribbles. The artist did a great job on the mane, it's the lion equivalent of a mascara'd pube beard.
I wonder how many more phallo stages, revisions, touch ups and refreshers she's going to have.
You can always smell them. All the TIFs I've come across in the wild either reek of BO, reek of Axe, or drench themselves in Dior Sauvage For Masculine Men to the point where the BO might have been preferable. Is soap so hard to use?
It's funny that you mentioned teen boys actually, a while back I saw a TIF in a shop getting harrassed by teen moids screaming about how gay they were and how they wanted to fuck 'him'. They kept taking photos and asking for her number. She was in tears by the time a manager intervened and I heard the manager say something along the lines of 'You keep saying that you want a gay boyfriend who doesn't misgender you, I didn't know if you wanted me to stop them or not'. It's hard to feel sorry for someone who's dug their own grave like that, but still, damn.

No. 1991625

File: 1714819495557.png (1.71 MB, 948x2980, 1764866988107.png)

The fujo-to-fakeboi pipeline remains undefeated

No. 1991637

Kek at least the tiktok is cringy and funny, the people yelling fetishizer will turn around to suck the ass of the same girl if she suddenly came out as twans.

No. 1991639

Reinna is a radfem who mocks tims and men daily.

No. 1991644

Both transracial and transgender are dumb as fuck, but transracial makes more sense because races are more ambiguous than fucking gender

No. 1991653

The genocide larp is so tiring since if troons just kept to themselves like before and realized what is going on now is a trend and a social contagion they'd undo a lot of the problems they've caused for themselves. Especially with tifs, they need to find a cool new identity soon, go back to being emo or scene or something, and stop mutilating themselves beyond some cat scratches on their arms with a compass. If society hadn't been overrun by tranny shit virtually overnight, no one would be legislating against them etc.

No. 1991703

>Be me
>Smell like Nivea for men deodorant because is cheaper.
>TIFs: omg I can feel the euphoria.

In all seriousness, she doesn't need to go far. She can go to any anime/comic con to see that moids do not bath at all.

And ouch, that poor girl. That manager was so outline.

>"Born to be a gay moid drawn by a woman"

No. 1991706

She mocks tims and men but will screech about muh fetishization to an obviously chronically online possibly even underage girl making a post about gay anime boys. She's a shitty radfem if she's so quick to jump to the defence of gay moids. She should just say that it's ridiculous and address the cause of women thinking like this, but instead she prefers to protect the poor faggots against the danger of a few autistic genderspecial girls on tiktok. I never trust when someone uses the fetishization card in this context.

No. 1991774

Nta but it's just a word kek. Sometimes people just don't feel like typing up a paragraph to make a gendie come back to her senses, I won't really consider her a bad radfem all because she isn't coddling tifs.

No. 1991776

Almost fainted from the cringe. When you're obsessed with something to the point of hating yourself, it's time to get off your bed, open the door, step outside and touch grass. Porn ain't worth it.

No. 1991779

disregarding transracial ppl's existence bc they couldn't make an argument against the idea without the argument also being against transgender ppl. every fucking time KEK

No. 1991804

File: 1714862086061.png (975.82 KB, 628x1999, Screenshot.png)

she calls out gay moids as well.

No. 1991849

I don't think they all hate themselves, sometimes it's more about internet escapism and thinking the grass is greener on the other side/gender. As a bi woman I feel like I know very little about gay moid culture (irl men, not cartoons kek), maybe some of these girls are the same and the "mystery" of it appeals to them

No. 1991854

>born to fantasise about being a cartoon
>forced to be a human
That's what it ultimately looks like it boils down to. Like every other chronically online nerdy dumpy teen ever. But no, it's akshully muh identity and we're going through a twans genocide

No. 1991857

Then they need to start hating themselves real quick.

No. 1991877

All the women posted act out because of the actions of their husband kek

No. 1991879

If I say that cute gay bottoms belong to women and I want to rape them straight is that misandrist enough for you?(no1currs)

No. 1991880

Can't tell if you're arguing with that anon or it's genuinely just your autism showing up.

No. 1991882

>everything I don't like is autistic

there is nothing more autistic than being addicted to watching scrotes fuck each other in the ass and then get mad everytime someone slightly criticizes your porn addiction. Even male coomers have more dignity than that.

No. 1991891

Kek so mad over nothing. I'm not a fujo, never have been, never will be. It's just that no1currs about what you get off to on a snow board about tifs and it's utterly autistic to think otherwise, that's why I asked because it was random as fuck.

No. 1991893

No. 1991907

Women thinking they're masculine fr

No. 1991936

File: 1714917891382.jpg (762.84 KB, 2880x2880, 1000007473.jpg)

Found on reddit. A deeply confused genderspecial "punk" posts her "battlejacket" for asspats. Other users push back on some of the insane neo-sexualities she applies to herself.

No. 1991937

File: 1714917987753.jpg (264.45 KB, 2880x2880, 1000007471.jpg)

Turns out she's an FTM (but still somehow desperate to be called lesbian?) who wants a flesh roll stapled to her crotch.

No. 1991939

File: 1714918337609.png (1.39 MB, 1200x913, No_Weenies_Allowed_072.png)

You guys should try the fujo spergout thread in /ot/

No. 1991940

We been knew

No. 1991947

>bi lesbians
Words have no meaning to the current generation

No. 1991950

File: 1714922555361.jpeg (205.15 KB, 750x828, IMG_9161.jpeg)

scramratz detransition repression saga continues

No. 1991955

all we need to do is wait

No. 1991961

The irony of this is delicious.

No. 1991962

>They want us dead!!!1!1
We don't want you retards dead jfc. We just want you guys to stop medicalizing minors, stop fucking up sports, and stop threatening people into validating your self-image.

No. 1991964

the gift that keeps on giving

No. 1991977

File: 1714928916871.jpg (607.31 KB, 1074x1808, Screenshot_20240505_140750.jpg)

I looked her up and holy mother of god

No. 1991986

wait so why wouldn't she be attracted to other dogs if she's actually a dog for real. is she like an asexual dog

No. 1991987

All I hear is woof woof tranny retardation woof woof

No. 1991988

File: 1714929754246.jpg (479.92 KB, 1080x1218, Screenshot_20240505_141557.jpg)

So, something interesting I found is that she's dating a TIM and every post about the relationship is pure gold

No. 1991989

File: 1714929982998.jpg (Spoiler Image,2.81 MB, 3464x3464, Picsart_24-05-05_14-24-49-136.…)

Also, for supposedly having severe OCD she has disgusting hands

No. 1991991

>my dog
Ohhh no. Oh no-no-no-no-no.

No. 1991994

Wtf did I just read?!
Must be an autocaninephile.
They seem to deserve eachother

No. 1991995

Can’t wait for the bald arc.

No. 1991996

Oh I hope she doesn't disappear off the internet when the inevitable detrans comes. I would love to see her terf out in her dilbert comic style.

No. 1991999

oop didn't realize I dropped the quote VVVV

No. 1992001

File: 1714935106105.jpg (20.72 KB, 663x346, Kirbys-calling-the-Police-meme…)

For the love of Christ please tell me she doesn't have any pets

No. 1992004

Looking at her profile she has dog/s, a bird, a tarantula, and a rabbit, maybo more animals she hasn't posted about.

No. 1992006

So when she's attracted to women more on a certain day, she thinks she turn lesbian. Ok so when you're attracted to men more on another day you're straight right? Where's the straight pride pin?

No. 1992023

>boy boy boy boy i'm a boy teehee
you are an adult woman

No. 1992090

>How do I get more mean?
Become a terf. He'll be regretting it the moment you tell him YWNBAW.

No. 1992097

File: 1714966573426.jpg (220.46 KB, 720x1329, Troonviking.jpg)

This just in women cannot be warriors, and of they are they're fake boys


No. 1992114

I mean both are probably not fake, like female nobility would have been buried with symbols of martial status cause of their rank not because they were actually fighting and raiding like the vikings, I don't understand why people have an obsession with trying to "wokeify" ancient warrior groups?

No. 1992121

File: 1714982314440.jpg (71.18 KB, 1024x323, Dilbert-3.1.23-1024x323.jpg)

why does her art style remind me of dilbert. i hate it

No. 1992122

these are the same fuckers who want to erase joan of arc

No. 1992123

The viking women were typically with the men on trips (read raids kek), though we don't know how many actually fought as opposed to just waited in the boat or wherever. And since the old tales of most old mythology, be it norse, roman, egyptian gods etc had female warriors and powerful figures so it's not unlikely a few existed here and there. I also don't like the wokeifying but that also doesn't meant we should assume women were all too dainty and oppressed to ever be fighting when it's a lot more helpful if they can at least help fight off invaders of their village. Even old china had a few female generals ruling their armies. Yet amazingly none of them chopped of their tits, attached a sausage to their crotch or injected testosterone to grow weak beard, go figure!

No. 1992296

File: 1715037026074.mp4 (1.18 MB, 1080x1920, a.mp4)

ppierre is back

No. 1992299

File: 1715037721053.mp4 (2.52 MB, 720x1280, 1000054368.mp4)

Just had these 2 tifs on my Instagram reels. The frog voices are strong. It makes me kek that they think it makes them pass but it only makes them more clockable.

No. 1992300

Fucking gingers

No. 1992301

File: 1715037983577.jpg (108.16 KB, 720x727, IMG_20240507_012432.jpg)

3 solid years on testondechrome and her voice sounds like the Crazy Frog, that poor young girl

No. 1992304

I feel like the higher pitched these female voices start, the more frog-voiced they become on hormones. They probably imagine their voices will just drop octaves over time, not become this.

No. 1992306

What the fuck is reversible?! This is nightmare fuel, why are trannies saying that the side effects of cross-sex hormones are reversible?

No. 1992316

This shit breaks my heart…

No. 1992338

Elevated hemoglobin levels and heart disease risks, AFAIK, do go back to normal levels eventually.

No. 1992347

It's not about pitch. Its resonance. Those with 'smaller' voices tend to be more prone to this because testosterone doesn't really increase their resonance so much, the voices DO drop an octave therefore they ended up with the frog-in-throat voice.

No. 1992348

The one on the right is far better off than most other tifs with her voice tho

No. 1992355

Considering how some other tifs end up sounding/looking after T this isn't even half bad (I mean just look at >>1992296)

No. 1992371

They sound soulless.

No. 1992372

Not every redhead is a tif

No. 1992383

this was shocking, somehow even more than her physical transformation. sad as hell

No. 1992385

>Elevated hemoglobin levels and heart disease risks, AFAIK, do go back to normal levels eventually.
I don't think that's entirely true, especially of course if they had a hysterectomy (which they HAVE to get at least few years in or they risk dying on the spot) since they then can't produce their own hormones at all. I don't think it should be assumed fucking up the system really badly for years is going to go back to normal levels - that's rarely the case with any kind of drug use. Bottom line is we don't know! Because trans people refuse to have any research on negative side effects done as that's too "transphobic", they'd rather all trans people die than for terfs to be able to say "see, that's a negative side effect from transition right there".

No. 1992392

File: 1715085744245.jpg (310.14 KB, 1080x1126, 1715085668219.jpg)

Eh, never even implied that they are? I was playing along with that anon because I found it funny that she just posted 'fucking gingers' kek.

No. 1992397

She's two T shots away from sounding like Crazy Frog so if he was her transitioning goal, then she's doing a great job at trying to achieve that.

No. 1992426

It sounds permanently thirsty and itchy now ugh. But after paying for top they have no money left for voice lessons I guess.

No. 1992428

And then the voice coaches no longer how to start a proper lesson because they don't even know how to handle this kind of voice

No. 1992429

>trooned so she could stop getting bashed by TIMs for being a cis ally speaking out on issues that weren't hers
>continues to get bashed by them anyway for being "tme"
When will women learn that there's no winning with a movement that hates women?

No. 1992430

It gets worse on 4chan especially /tttt/

No. 1992433

Holy shit that was the reason she trooned out? Weak. The only time she smirks is probably for the pics, otherwise she cries because a seething and malding troon called her opinion invalid on twitter.

No. 1992499

File: 1715124966766.jpeg (321.19 KB, 750x1070, IMG_9200.jpeg)

>"HRT gave me manly hand veins"
>The manly hand veins in question
I guess since she's somewhat fat, this is probably the first time she's seen her veins at all. What she does have is prediabetic acanthosis nigricans (the darkened patches on her finger tips, joints, and around her wrist,) so hopefully the increased risk of heart disease that comes with exogenous testosterone doesn't get her before she can detransition.

No. 1992504

They really need to start listening to that tiktok tif that says to hit the gym before doing anything else. It's weird that a lot of them are so obsessed with being "vascular" when it's an obvious symptom of their elevated blood pressure, but who cares about potential heart problems when you can be horny on tumblr about it?? Kek at her tiny little feet too.

No. 1992558

Kek how can she look at that and see veins? she's the opposite of self-aware. Also calling her 'somewhat fat' was being too polite, she's the kind who has to bend like a shrimp just to get a glimpse of her feet and then catch her breath for an hour because it was too much work for her.

No. 1992604

this is retarded lmao anyone who has a job in which they use their hands frequently will have hand veins (blue collar, retail, healthcare). imagine fucking up your body because you view everything through a fetish lens and barely have any life experience

No. 1992650

She's such a delusional cow KEKKKKKK these soft, feminine hands belonging to a chubby TIF. My hands are way more veiny and I have never been on testosterone in my life. So many of the things TIFs are obsessed with and delude themselves into thinking they have are characteristics of slim people. Which she's clearly not.

No. 1992704

>So many of the things TIFs are obsessed with and delude themselves into thinking they have are characteristics of slim people
Kek exactly.

No. 1992845

File: 1715233708806.png (711.09 KB, 534x1615, 411145.png)

Here's a new one: genderspecial fatass uses gender woo as a pretext to humblebrag about her body.

No. 1992850

>took photo of her walking past from other side of the street
>somehow managed to also walk past her
>assumed “terf” is an insult

No. 1992854

File: 1715237642653.gif (2.31 MB, 360x420, cat-brain-damage.gif)

>I'm nonbinary. I'm pretty open about it. Nobody believes me, though.
It's like hearing a schizo say 'I always see a giant octopus with wings living under my kitchen sink and I know it's real. I'm pretty open about it. Nobody believes me, though.' is it really surprising that people won't believe bullshit? Especially the kind of bullshit that even the aforementioned schizo would hesitate to take seriously.

>I'm not a skinny, androgynous waif. So people have decided I'm a woman.

Kek she's acting like 'woman' is an insult or a slur. Fat women are women, fat men are men; nobody has decided anything, you are what you are. You were born a woman, exist as a woman, live as a woman, and even whine like a woman who's still in her nlog phase because she wants to feel like she's breaking societal barriers and changing the world by just drawing some shitty lil comics and gobbling down a cheeseburger.

>but my fatness, and blahblahblah, means I don't get to be nonbinary

Who's gonna tell her that almost all her fellow 'nonbinaries' are straight up obese? Just because they've got anime profile pics on twitter doesn't make them 2d cartoon characters irl.

No. 1992855

>see a woman walking with a bag of a "slogan" you dislike
>say "Ugh terfs" as you pass her
>woman says nothing, moves on
>somehow deduce from this that she's a coward
>take a picture of her, go home and make a tiktok about the encounter
Did she expect this woman to break out in some karaterf moves and break her neck for being a tranny? What reaction did she want? And what makes her think that anyone will even consider her to be a danger? Oh no, fatass womanchild is going to make a tiktok of my bag!!! Get over yourself…

No. 1992861

So if you know she is a terf and you call her a terf and she clearly identifies as one, then what? This is like telling someone with an orange top that they are wearing an orange top and expecting them to be offended by this revelation, as if it wasn't intentional.
I think she was genuinely was wanting to use the situation to become a martyr, but she is too delusional to understand that the main aggressors in this whole discourse are the troons themselves. Her life is not in any risk because somebody thinks she is a woman, but she needed it to be to support the cause and justify her retardation.

No. 1992872

idk i think the bag "slogan" is pretty well associated with terf political leanings. it's an innocuous sentence in itself but we all know what it's a response to. goofy tho to call her a "coward" for not responding to your grunted comment when she could have easily just not heard you. like if a stranger makes a noise at me and i'm not sure what they said but it wasn't urgent sounding i keep walking too. the fuck

No. 1992875

this is the manifestion of that 4chan meme where a mediocre reaction takes place but the person seethes and starts typing out some roastie post, does anyone have it?

No. 1992878

This just in, if you don't want to step on dogshit, you're a coward who's afraid of dogshit.

No. 1992880

I can just picture this scenario. The TIF spots this woman and sees an opportunity for a tiktok story later. She walks up to the lady, anxious and awkward without her TIF friends. As she passes her, visibly shaking, she mumbles "ugh a terf" into her hoodie. The woman doesn't hear her and says nothing. The TIF immediately looks around, hoping that random strangers were watching and will validate her for being such a brave soul. No one does, but she races home to post on tiktok about how all terfs are cowards.

Actually, she probably says nothing at all. Silently seething, she comes up with this on the way home.

No. 1992882


Genuinely hope she and others like her (animals abusers) kts(a-logging, not even saged)

No. 1992892

Based. Your post might get redtexted though, and for 2 separate reasons.

No. 1992929

Right, she’s acting like the “terf” owed her a conversation and was a coward by avoiding it. Maybe she was just busy and didn’t see any benefit to stopping and confronting an attention-seeking troon? A schizo homeless guy in my neighborhood mumbles nonsense at me every time I walk by, is it “cowardly” if I don’t stop and debate him about aliens and ghosts?

No. 1992990

File: 1715277249626.png (24.98 KB, 1422x215, warning terf mention.png)

I'm always amused how the terfs are the "dangerous" ones.

No. 1992992

>Cis women makes me uncomfortable because they would rather encounter a bear than a man.

Oh yeah, a statistic that made moids mad is also hurtful for TRAs.

No. 1992995

File: 1715278168411.jpeg (32.63 KB, 416x403, 1715262644386.jpeg)


"She attacked me with those useless self-defense key chains!"

No. 1992996

File: 1715278370729.jpeg (371.09 KB, 1170x1224, CB408160-29D1-4C4C-A86C-822FBC…)

What a fucking awful argument. Feeling uncomfortable around women due to personal experience is fine, but pushing tgis rhetoric that they would be any danger in the man v bear argument is retarded. It’s a stupid debate but a man alone in the woods with you will rape, a women in the woods alone with you would be as concerned for her saftey.
The idea that women can cry and get away with anything is derived from the misogynistic view of us being perpetual victims. Realistically women crying is often seen as hysteria from a normal human. “Karens” for example are widely scrutinised, filmed and mocked.
S/N: why would anyone even want to grope this disgusting ball of sweat?

No. 1992997

I'm calling bullshit on all of this. What woman would grope this unwashed freak? How did the lesbian that spiked her carry her fat ass back to the hotel if she doesn't remember anything between having the drink and waking up naked the next morning? Must've been a professional strongwoman built like a brick shithouse to pull that off kek. This is fantasy to justify her rampant misogyny and get attention.

No. 1992998

File: 1715278754419.jpg (32.84 KB, 680x798, 1297526017213.jpg)

Found it, but it would get me banned. So if anyone want to make this version of >>1992850, here's the blank

No. 1992999

I wonder if we all just said we’re trans what would they come up with next.

No. 1993001

>men are often taken aback by how manly I am
Yeah I bet they're taken back alright but not cos of that kek

No. 1993006

File: 1715280468275.gif (2.05 MB, 550x550, jonesing_to_be_a_lobster.gif)

hes transitioning into a lobster

No. 1993026

Most of the comments are telling her that women do not have privilege nor this is the oppression Olympics, but her answer is just "I'm talking about CIS privilege".

TRA, not once.

No. 1993028

But if you can't tell peoples genders by looking, then how is cis privilege real? Most "gay trans boys" are just straight girls putting in zero effort, no way they're getting clocked so surely they have cis privilege? Or at least cis passing privilege. And this bitch literally said men are surprised by how "masculine" she is and how she totes passes, so that's cis privilege too, right? God, this is all so fucking stupid.

No. 1993043

Someone should tell her she's just a misogynist and hate women to drink the mooid-aid, but she would whine she's being attacked by terfs.

No. 1993056

Sis your "trauma doesn't matter" because you're making shit up. Cleaners don't go into hotel rooms and clean around people, no pharmacist would grope a client in front of dozens of security cameras, shut the actual fuck up you fat nasal bitch. People flirt with her in the comments to be mean?? Woe is me. It's actually insulting how troons think their suffering is somehow much more significant yet still have to constantly make up bullshit stories or exaggerate situations which aren't even inherently dangerous.

No. 1993066

File: 1715298787319.png (15.18 KB, 626x97, achilles.png)

>T4T gay aro trans guy

Of course she would like an abusive prick that raped and abused women.

No. 1993079

File: 1715302067632.jpg (84.52 KB, 1080x485, Screenshot_20240509_204112.jpg)

Some of the comments are so damn stupid as well. One even says that she's not generalize women with bears because she knows there are "good cis women" like the moids that didn't take offense of the man vs bear thing.

I tried to report the terf bag video for sharing information (because you know that woman didn't concent to get a pic of her in TikTok) and there wasn't a violation according to TikTok. Cannot wait it gets censored in USA.

No. 1993090

File: 1715303283261.png (334.42 KB, 680x798, tif.png)

5 hours in MS paint

No. 1993108

If anything, the shit poc troons get up to heavily slips the radars of white women if the mtf thread has taught me anything.

No. 1993121

Way, way more women are killed each year by men than by bears. Bears attack humans because we're infringing on their habitat and they feel the need to protect themselves. Men kill people because they're violent psychos who can't control their emotions.

No. 1993122

>I'm a gay man
You are neither of those things
Wasn't gay. He had a wife and was likely infatuated with Briseis in addition to relationship with Patroclus. Also, Pat was his cousin, which wasn't an issue in ancient Greece, but is very Problematique today. I wonder if all of the teenage SJWs who obsess over Achilles know that their husbando fucked his cousin.

No. 1993126

File: 1715318075572.mp4 (3.98 MB, 576x842, 1000005781.mp4)

those poor children have someone like this as their mother AND she gets the kids drinking the gendie kool-aid? CPS could not be called any faster

No. 1993127

I love you, nonna.

No. 1993128

File: 1715318822216.png (1.59 MB, 907x907, tifiliad.png)

They're so into Song of Archiles or this bullcrap to ignore the Iliad or Greek myth in general.

No. 1993129

I could see the reporter's braincells dying with the each word she said.

No. 1993133

This MRA-lite tumblr inspired pickme line of thought where nothing is ever the men's fault never stops being weird and awkward to witness, like they think maybe if they brown nose for men hard enough they'll become honest and true gay twinks

No. 1993134

I pity the children. I wonder if the kids end up misgendering the parents will they disown them? After all it’s a crime only comprable to genocide.

No. 1993143

They want so hard to do the "bros before hoes" that they do not get that moids wouldn't give a damn about their thinking. They even would let the bear kill the annoying tifs, given the chance.

No. 1993145

File: 1715325353190.jpeg (459.68 KB, 1080x1432, IMG_5256.jpeg)

Good lord

No. 1993149

The way the woman is speaking is weird, it looks like those creepy AI generated tiktoks.

No. 1993152

File: 1715332917673.jpg (253.11 KB, 1626x1139, 05xp-kricfalusi1-superJumbo.jp…)

this dumb bitch is wearing a shirt sporting characters of a known rapist of teenagers

No. 1993155

>why would anyone even want to grope this disgusting ball of sweat?
It's regular in medical checkups. Also kek when tif wants to play the traditional woman role by being the victim

No. 1993156

She's mad a woman mogged her and called her pretty

No. 1993162

File: 1715334005177.jpg (177.22 KB, 1046x949, 1000006345.jpg)

No. 1993163

ngl im a little jealous tifs can just get their tits chopped off without question. i would love a breast reduction covered by insurance, personally(cringe blogposting)

No. 1993164

>they're flirting with me which is sexual harassment
how is sending heart/kiss emojis and calling someone a petname sexual harassment in this context? women do this shit all the time to be petty and condescending, they're not trying to flirt with her ugly unwashed ass kek

No. 1993165

The guest literally violently misgendered her own spouse lmao
>he's a she/her

No. 1993166

Top pic looks like pixyteri if she went further on with her tranny delusions

No. 1993168

File: 1715335035318.png (392.26 KB, 944x518, 94820485208.png)

All I see

No. 1993184

Beautiful. This gets my vote for next thread pic.

A boy from Idaho with hips like John Boyega.

No. 1993199

I could tell rightaway these comics were made by a TIF

No. 1993204

Who is this / what is the show please?

No. 1993209

Ren and Stimpy, that's John K the shows creator with his 16 year old girlfriend

No. 1993238

Be glad that you're not going to experience regrets for chopping off your tits when the tra fade goes away. Not mention also that most of the surgeons who perform masectomies are everything BUT real surgeons.

No. 1993254

No it’s a TiM isn’t it?

No. 1993270

Half of them grew up on AO3 so they’d probably be into that.

No. 1993279

Spend literally five seconds on Twitter, these people start lynch mobs over fictional incest.

No. 1993289

i don't want a full chop, just a reduction to a-cups would be nice, but god forbid a woman want to have smaller boobs just because. no, you have to be mentally ill and want them fully severed to get that excused(blogposting)

No. 1993292

That authoritative streak most trannies have rears it ugly head in literally any hobby they pick up. It's so tiring.

No. 1993293

Same, and I too hate that if you want a breast reduction, or anything to do with reproductive organs like your tubes tied, in a mentally sound way, they'll deny you and ask you to think about your theoretical future husband. While a tif with a history of self harm and mental illness can get both with no questions. Completely backwards.

No. 1993299

I know I'm late but this type of gendie always gives off the feeling that they're still really hung up on getting bullied in middle school and high school by other women. It's like they mentally place other women right back to when heather was picking on them for being frumpy and dressing weird. Above any dangerous man the literal worst type of being in their minds is a bitchy annoying woman. Identifying out of womanhood won't heal that trauma though…

No. 1993306

File: 1715375618982.mp4 (5.81 MB, VID_110340227_130206_676.mp4)


No. 1993310

KEK, the fucking irony of casting TERFs as Kendrick when that song was directed at known pedo Drake. If the shoe fits I guess…

No. 1993338

No. 1993343

To be fair this is definitely me when I see a trans person.

No. 1993358

youd think so, but no. It’s made by a TIM, actually.

No. 1993364

File: 1715395398500.jpg (686.52 KB, 1080x2081, Screenshot_20240510_223709.jpg)

>You are neither of those things

No. 1993390

grotesque, you will never be able to convince me that TIFs 'transition' out of anything other than self hate

No. 1993439

Unintentionally made a relatable video for us.

No. 1993616

Damn, are these girls made in a factory or something? They're so similar and cringe it's not even funny at this point.

No. 1993633

File: 1715475826525.jpg (983.99 KB, 2048x1282, tumblr_238c76e8d462d4713f62d96…)


No. 1993636

Kek this is so autistic

No. 1993641

File: 1715477092474.png (601.51 KB, 754x1326, if ur srsly an animal ur srsly…)

This girl is 19 years old and has gotten top surgery

No. 1993642

File: 1715477411669.jpg (805.57 KB, 627x2877, species dysphoria.jpg)

No. 1993655

File: 1715480506254.jpg (102.43 KB, 1269x1161, 1000023699.jpg)

It's always this.

No. 1993675

>I am nonhuman
Yeah, and I'm a billionaire. Take your antipsychotics.

No. 1993677

This is what happens when you let Uncle Internet raise your kids. The internet should be for adults only. Yes, even when it comes to school. Kids should have to go to the fucking library to write book reports now, because they've proven that they can't use the internet without turning into furries or cutting their tits off.

No. 1993716

kek the human character in this comic looks like a woman with a pedostache

No. 1993739


>I want to fuck a toaster

>Found community of toaster fuckers
>Anon just do it it's totally safe!
>Get electrocuted
>Somehow it's other's fault
>Get laws changed because you can't keep yourself from fucking toasters
>Eventually kill yourself
>"He was hatecrimed too hard"

I hate this

No. 1993760

Imagine going to the trouble of fucking up your hormones to try and look like a soyboy, just to think, move and talk like a stereotypically bitchy teenage girl.

No. 1993839

File: 1715538996067.jpg (16.18 KB, 320x243, little_toaster_04.jpg)

>I identify as a toaster
>Pronouns pan/bre/ad
>Picrel helped me to know I'm a toaster too
>Finds a community full of trans home appliances like me
>my people

No. 1993853

I don't do really see it for that comic, but that's exactly what I tought about her self insert in >>1993633

This is some high grade autism. The way she frames her sex life like an autistic special interest made me kek

No. 1993858

>The way she frames her sex life like an autistic special interest
Could be a sign she's faking, I've seen zoomers call their normal hobbies hyperfixations so they can call you ableist if you don't like it or something. But you've gotta be at least a little retarded to be an unironic otherkin.

No. 1993898

File: 1715554721197.png (31.1 KB, 1094x188, lolno.png)

>she smelled the trans on me

She smelled the what?

No. 1993937

>the person telling her to rub salt in it
Wow moids really hate cutters or look down on them

No. 1993938

Nonna, you may want to go to the /ot/ thread to talk about this, you could get banned here.

No. 1993939

oh shoot okay i thought i should've but really didn't know what board to go to… i'll delete and post elsewhere

No. 1993941

No. 1993942

File: 1715568223921.jpg (2.15 MB, 1408x1120, 48bc47bb-38ec-47e2-9e78-7bbed7…)

No. 1993953

File: 1715571170780.jpeg (71.24 KB, 998x638, F2tXsoqbkAE03q4.jpeg)

A bag that has a definition of what a woman is constitutes as assault now? Omfg.

No. 1993965

She smelled the pus filled rot pocket and unwashed button up

No. 1993981

>it gets better
You will still never, ever be like any of the other boys. No matter how far you move away from your home town or how unwashed you look

No. 1993993

They're on about the alleged assault committed by a pharmacist who groped her as she "didn't look like a Joseph". The bag video is a separate post, try reading the thread first instead of rushing to your reaction image folder, you fucking newfag.

No. 1993999

>She smelled the what?
the smell of genderfluids

No. 1994018

What the fuck, her skin seemed fine before. Didn't know testosteron would fuck up your skin so bad

No. 1994031

nta but take some deep breaths anger management-chan

No. 1994267

File: 1715680230183.jpg (1.01 MB, 2794x3007, 8alai345grv91.jpg)

No. 1994270

Are you sure a little kid didn’t draw this? It’s cringe don’t get me wrong but the art quality, handwriting, and the fact that it’s just a picture of a piece of paper instead of a scan is pretty telling

No. 1994280

nta I looked her up, she says she's 17 now. Probably posted it at 15-16 on reddit

No. 1994286

What's the point of wanting to be "like the other boys" and then wearing the trans and toothpaste pins? They really just want attention and not to blend in

No. 1994303

This is the TiF thread, no one has a "rot pocket"

No. 1994304

File: 1715692977586.jpg (Spoiler Image,314.06 KB, 1080x1918, hereticceramics_ig.jpg)

Sage for old milk but what the actual fuck. Why post this. This girl needs professional help

No. 1994305

I mean, if she wants to kiss a penis she can easily find a moid who wants to get his dick kissed by a woman. Or is she kissing the mediocre penis she wishes she had? It's honestly a bit confusing if that's the case, I don't think most moids are physically capable of doing that.

No. 1994312

>yeah I thought you looked too gay to be cis
Why are the spicy straights like this

No. 1994313

Well, troons don't shower so she just smelled the smelly smell and realised it's a tif.

No. 1994315

she needs some accutane. would be kind of cute if she got the acne under control

No. 1994316

Id love to know how the character came to the conclusion that the other character is gay based on pronouns and clothing style

No. 1994335

File: 1715700340138.jpeg (53.52 KB, 1077x1224, FtKroQpXsAAmq-p.jpeg)

Being straight and "cis" is soooooo '90s.

No. 1994347

It's not backwards, it makes perfect biological sense for most people to want to force the mentally sound women to breed while sterilizing the crazies. Pretty sure that the disdain for cripples, the mentally unwell and other social outcasts is genetic in humans just like other mammals and only overcome by conscious thought about what is "right" and "wrong". The default setting is to feel put off, disgusted, or straight up want to murder these people (for moids). At the end of the day trannyism becoming this mainstream is due to hetniggers "preferring a daughter over a gay son" and vice versa.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1994354

People who are cis wear only lularoe

No. 1994409

TIF MRAs are probably the most pathetic brand of FTMs, like yeah the only way you can 'pass' is as a weird, creepy little male and somehow that's feminism's fault

No. 1994417

File: 1715720306530.jpg (141.54 KB, 1671x619, TRUCKIN' AND FUCKIN' ALPHA MAL…)

Holy shit, nona. This chick's channel is a bounty of milk. Former polilez turned true and honest male into MANLY things like TRUCKS and FITNESS. Real shit only the broskis understand, not us silly little women. Beautiful, I can't wait to go through this freaks videos.

No. 1994420

At least she’s true to the game and says she is not male and never will be

No. 1994421

Oh yeah that totally makes up for her peddling misogynistic conspiracy theories.

No. 1994425

No, I am just talking about how she doesn’t try to change real concepts by bending logic. I think that what most “trutrans” are though? Not for changing state laws and fighting biological facts, just cosmetics (read:”mental illness”)

No. 1994431

> Jojo Siwa is an egg
God why can’t young lesbians be allowed to exist.

No. 1994433

Remember when we were kids and were told not to post shit online because once it's there it's there forever and will haunt you for your entire life

No. 1994445

>something she is longing for but will never have in her entire life
Kek do troons ever realise the amount of time they unintentionally roast themselves

No. 1994446

She's cringe and groomed to the point where she defends groomers. Perfect victim for their shitty lil cult.

No. 1994494

>defends groomers

Sorry, what?

No. 1994498

she has heavily defended and is bestites with James Charles and Collen Ballinger

No. 1994502

What, just cos she was made to he stereotypically girly, and is now rebelling in the safest cringest way possible? I've just described every tif ever so I'm not surprised they think she's one of them just cos of this.

No. 1994763

File: 1715816771145.jpg (245.28 KB, 964x986, malecaptions roachification.jp…)

masculinization tumblr gets pretty crazy sometimes

No. 1994808

the still of this video looks like her face is covered in blood. yeesh
im pretty sure jojo siwa is just having that mental breakdown all child stars have where they start rebelling and acting unhinged and embarrassing

No. 1994811

File: 1715831391778.jpg (69.63 KB, 1026x683, 71f.jpg)

>MFW a reptile furry character is drawn with chest scars since is a TIF.

I know furries can draw what they please, but why non-mammals need chest scars in first place?

No. 1994816

File: 1715834581454.jpg (26.52 KB, 470x226, 20240516_062713.jpg)

Saged because i'm not sure if this got posted before

No. 1994847

Imagine needing a piece of plastic in your crotch to not want to kill yourself

No. 1994848

Must be funny for the plumber to find a plastic limp dick clogging up the toilet

No. 1994856

File: 1715852496850.jpg (72.55 KB, 903x437, Untitled.jpg)

holy hell

No. 1994892

File: 1715869940312.jpg (198.17 KB, 720x1039, You will never be a man.jpg)

Damn, the tifs on this subreddit are the most pathetic of them all. They really think that acting like a typical 4chan moid makes them pass better KEK. You can believe with all your heart that you are a man, but you will never be one, not in a million years

No. 1994893

imagine saying this place is worse than 4chan and you'd prefer a 4chan incel over a farmer. also idk what this person is talking about all I've seen is people shit on tifs here

No. 1994896

personally i’ve seen plenty of anons saying something along the lines of “ugh she would be so hot if she wasn’t a TIF” or something, so that’s probably where they’re getting that from kek

No. 1994899

File: 1715871587327.png (81.44 KB, 562x319, Screenshots_2024-05-16-09-58-4…)

Looks like she lurks these threads regularly

No. 1994902

my word does the after pic look like Lainey

No. 1994903

>posting on Reddit about imageboards
Cringe levels off the charts