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No. 1095226

Old Threads:

This thread is for posting and discussing cringey fakebois who may or may not deserve their own threads.

Fakebois are girls who pretend to be boys for attention, either as trannies or biological males (usually the former).

Fakebois style and present themselves as androgynous or feminine-looking young men, even wearing girls' clothing and make-up. They insist on being addressed with he/him (or occasionally they/them) pronouns and take great offense at being gendered as female. Some are SJW transactivists, but for most their identities are entirely superficial.

Reminder to "truescums" and "transmeds": Nobody cares about how [[[100% REAL]]] your or any other tranny's ~dysphoria~ is. Don't derail about how you're actually a true troon unlike everyone else, save it for your twitter feed.

No. 1095228

File: 1606750806995.jpg (214.12 KB, 1030x820, 1606748197554.jpg)

This is the worst take I have ever seen, Tomboys and girls doing sports and engaging in healthy activities is expression of white supremacy

No. 1095239

OP check the catalog, you made like 4 threads. Try and delete the others if it's still possible.

No. 1095240

This reminds me of a video I saw from the Take on Tomboys and it's thesis was basically that tomboys are outdated and possibly offensive because we have trans boys now and "more nuanced understandings of gender". It lowkey broke my heart.

No. 1095265

It sounds retarded on its face, but the American eugenics movement was fixated on the proliferation of physically and genetically fit white (i.e. Western yuro) families and culling of everybody else, so it wouldn't be surprising if tomboyism does have some tainted history just like the idea of exercising with family does. Of course, if these people cared so much about avoiding things with white supremacist roots then they wouldn't be so obsessed with race and GSM classification, which can be DIRECTLY traced back to the methods used to decide who gets rights, who gets sterilized, who gets to marry who, etc. Sage for history sperg.

No. 1095283


radfems pretty much all agree that the modern day transgender movement is actually a transhumanism movement started by fetish having billionaires but that is SO fucking retarded that i am literally just gonna ignore that and agree with above anon that this is a eugenics movement that's targeting gender nonconfirming/gay people but mostly autistic people so they cant spread their gay and/ or tism genes

No. 1095359

Yeah I had an internet problem. Looks like the duplicate threads have been already deleted.

No. 1095362

No. 1095427

oh come on
there is nothing bad about being a tom boy and it is not a white supremacist conspiracy. In addition to that exercise and health are also not white supremacist ideals, jfc

No. 1095498

File: 1606770998219.jpg (264.19 KB, 1077x1252, Screenshot_20201130_220217.jpg)

less tinfoiling more funny troons
I just found this couple of greasy fujos in a cut video (i know i know, what else was i expecting from cut). They talk in disgusting detail about their sex life including how much they love pissing on each other

No. 1095526

>how much they love pissing on each other
Please tell me you're talking about squirting kek

No. 1095580

File: 1606776127189.jpg (354.5 KB, 2312x1080, Screenshot_20201130_233934_com…)

nope lmao. also you can see the outline of her poor boobs flattened against her chest kek

No. 1095707

jfc this is vile. not surprised that a lot of them are obsessed with piss, i guess to them it's like a replacement for cum?? like how weeb men are obsessed with squirting/fluid gushing out of the vagina during orgasm because they can't imagine climaxing without some form of a a cum shot.

No. 1095741

fatties deserve to be eugenics'd out of the gene pool, as the above piss drinkers prove

No. 1095976

There's not a gene that causes someone to be overweight.

No. 1096049

cut is/has always been fucking atrocious and vile, jesus

No. 1096069

Once they go on testosterone for long enough it’ll start fucking with their urinary tracts.

No. 1096104

You mean… they can't hold in their pee anymore?

No. 1096123

File: 1606838765339.jpg (104.91 KB, 768x1024, EnnLGSJXUAExQvt.jpg)

I.. And the name is "Tranye" kek
for the link https://twitter.com/TranyeWest/status/1331318579829092352

No. 1096169

File: 1606843867956.jpeg (429.94 KB, 828x943, B09D2B1B-2B28-4D26-B0C7-4EEFCE…)

No. 1096171


wow that sucks a tremendous amount of ass. i'm not really a celeb worshipper but ellen was always a cute girl.

No. 1096176

It sucks that she used to be a token cool girl succesful lesbian, and that now she is erasing all of that to come out as a "man".

No. 1096182

File: 1606844542352.png (15.05 KB, 487x138, asdf.PNG)

we got a cow crossover!

No. 1096189

Well that sucks.

No. 1096190

And every three days a man murders his wife.
Welcome to the life of women, you should know better.

No. 1096191

How do established, grown ass lesbians still end up falling for this horseshit. Genuinely depressing. Like, my heart hurts for this one. Wow.

No. 1096196

Fuck there goes another lesbian

No. 1096201

Are we even going to have any non-troon lesbians in 2025 at this rate?

No. 1096208


someone check on kristen stewart

No. 1096209

its ok kristen is bi

i have no words this is just depressing, someone on celebricows said that her wife was not happy i hope she fucking divorces her ass

No. 1096219

Didn't she end up making a fool of herself during the Jussie Smollett fiasco? Maybe this is her attempt at recovering face from that and getting some attention.

It does suck though that lesbians and tomboys seem to be an increasingly endangered species. Sometimes it seems like the main group calling themselves lesbians out there are troons.

No. 1096221

came on here just to see if anyone has posted about it. i'm sad, man. we really are regressing back into "being a woman AND a lesbian is shameful" territory.

No. 1096224

is she going to start taking T and presenting as a male or this is a huge performative thing for woke points and maybe being casted in an actual relevant movie in the future? Jesus this is heartbreaking, being a lesbian in this woke trans world sucks

No. 1096229

I'm the anon who always talks about being more liberal regarding transgenderism on here but damn, this one hurts, I've always thought she's the hottest butch lesbian in Hollywood.

No. 1096230

lmao her career is even deader now. Imagine willingly becoming a 5 foot nothing 'man'. Vanya becomes a troon arc next season on Umbrella Academy

No. 1096231

Tell me about it; a "friend" of mine trooned out this year, and a few months before she came out she straight-up told me she wished she were a boy so that she could be straight and be normal, as if being a lesbian is something to be embarrassed about??

No. 1096232


What in the tomfuck foolery? This has got to be some weird social experiment. She's 33 and 5'1", please for the love of god don't take testosterone it will ruin you. No more lesbian self hatred to manlet troon.

No. 1096234

Didn't she like… come out come out not even two years ago too? Damn, this sucks.

No. 1096238

File: 1606847099454.jpg (47.44 KB, 1000x563, 20201201_192045.jpg)

Ellen Page has just came out as a fakeboi, because black and latino trans women are killed.
This is gonna get interesting.

No. 1096239

I mean, this just makes me sad for her. Sadder for lesbians that looked up to her and see her choose to become a man instead of loving womanhood and lesbianism, but still.

No. 1096240

File: 1606847126890.jpg (294.14 KB, 1242x1332, 20201201_192048.jpg)

No. 1096245

of all the names she just had to go for elliot. not only doing the classic "bob/bobina" thing but also one of the most generic ayyyden names

No. 1096247

cringe. oh no ellen, not a whole 40 trannies killed in almost a year(!). wonder if she knows how many women are killed in a year? Always amazes me when fully grown adults buy into the trans fad.

No. 1096248

god we are just losing all the lesbians aren't we

No. 1096249

40 is a lot when they make up a whole .2% of the population or whatever! Disproportionate!!! Totally not more to do with homophobia or deception or whatever!

No. 1096250

Kek. Honestly, though, I know two FtM Elliots. And know of a third now, I guess.

No. 1096258

They're all getting hate mobbed to fuck on Twitter right now. Why is being a woman so bad?

No. 1096262

This just sucks dude. Like there's gonna be no lesbians left. No one woman is fine and happy the way they are like dang.

No. 1096263

Kek yeah that's totally gonna pass as a man. Sure. I can't believe that butch lesbians and tomboys think that they MUST be trannies because they don't wanna wear pink dresses. I feel like by 2030 there will be no tomboys and no butch lesbians left. It's sad to see another cute girl and what seemed like a well established lesbian just troon out for what seems like the equivalent of a teenage phase.
Most lesbians these days are trannies pretending to be women or actual women pretending to be men due to their internalized lesbophobia

No. 1096264

it still is very much a man's world, unfortunately

No. 1096273

ofc anyone finding something wrong with the ellen page situation is a "terf".
And we all know that terf is the new hot word for "witch" that must be harassed,sent death and rape threats to and burnt. Fuck twitter and fuck the wokes.

No. 1096279

I hope she will now stay true to her gender and gracefully decline all female parts offered as not to hinder opportunities for honest women and auditions only for males.

Oh, what was that? The sound of Hollywood’s opportunistic BS? If she plays a woman after this, this is nothing but a performance for a place in woke food chain.

No. 1096297

Tinfoil here but does anyone think the timing might have something to do with silencing the recent victory on the Keira Bell case?

No. 1096309

Oh, that was decided? Brb, reading.
But doubtful, Ellen would have to have her brain really well washed to coordinate like that.

No. 1096314

If you weren't born with privilege, store-bought is fine /s

No. 1096327

she has a recurring role in umbrella academy, as a lesbian

maybe she will troon out in the show as well

No. 1096334

File: 1606850341092.jpg (10.71 KB, 156x154, a.JPG)

She looks in pain

>Didn't she end up making a fool of herself during the Jussie Smollett fiasco?
Do tell anon

No. 1096336

File: 1606850371936.jpg (120.2 KB, 540x532, 20201201_141846.jpg)

Apparently the yucky cissies aren't allowed to talk about Ellen Paige trooning out

No. 1096337

99% sure she will. Gerard Way, the creator, is a troon (nb) too. I'm sure that even if he isn't directly involved in the Netflix adaptation, he'll support her and they'll find a way to shoehorn it in.

No. 1096340

Idk I just remember something about how she made this big, over the top, melodramatic thing about the horrible racist homophobic hate crime against Smollett and was suspiciously quiet when it was revealed to be a hoax.

No. 1096346

File: 1606850747311.jpg (150.31 KB, 540x492, 20201201_142426.jpg)

Better look at the girl who posted this. At least she passes as an awkward 12 year old boy smoking a joint for the first time.

No. 1096349

that's so fucking sad. i have a bunch of girls in my social circle who are very clearly and obviously lesbians but they feel icky about being perceived as a woman so they claim to be pan enbies uwu. it's so annoying. there is like one other lesbian who is confident and proud of her identity and they all look up to her. yet at the same time all the stuff the lesbian friend says about embracing your womanhood and your love for other women seems to fall on deaf ears. it's so frustrating. feeling icky about your vagina is such a childish, immature thing and now even a 33 year old lesbian celeb is falling for the 'girls have cooties' shit?? fuck me.

No. 1096350

The worst thing is she'll never be able to take this back. She's on this ride until she dies. Any doubts or niggling thoughts have to be denied, because if she ever publicly desists, she'll be making trans people look bad.

I don't want to be mean, but isn't she too fucking old for this nonsense? That whole statement is like 15 year old enby shit

No. 1096351

ah, the classic ‘XYZ historical figure was totally trans because i say so!!!!!!!’ cope. also, this bitch is so goddamn ugly, holy shit. how does she manage to look cross eyed despite not even being cross eyed?

No. 1096358

She cried on a talkshow because of the injustice? I think. And then she wrote an article it was a big antigay Trump's agenda or something. It was funny, she made herself to be an absolute idiot and looking back, fakeboying is her woke mega evolution and not at all surprising.

No. 1096362

I interpreted that as a flowery way of saying that taking testosterone made her into a narcissist, but maybe I’m giving her too much credit.

No. 1096363

This one hurts lmao

No. 1096370

File: 1606851447858.gif (364.92 KB, 360x218, wasrootingforyou.gif)

Woops, had responded in old thread before seeing this one was new. Basically wrote:

This actually makes me legitimately angry and I'm going to keep calling her "her" and "Ellen" because her body of work has been playing entirely female characters (which I hope she continues to do and not make her roles suddenly 1-dimensional "I'm trans" types). I'm a big fan of Hard Candy and The Umbrella Academy. The jump to using the new name/pronouns is mind boggling and potentially even confusing for those who aren't informed on the sjw koolaid, to the point it could very likely fly under the radar of the more public knowledge.

Really depressing, agreed.

Also yeah Ellen Page, while being less "traditionally beautiful", is still obviously a woman. Maybe high commitment to taking T and growing facial hair would help her "pass", but she's still a shortie and already has a bit of that pubescent voice, so she's never going to pass.
Another lesbian bites the dust…

I pray for detrans but will never hold my breath on that for anyone. For reasons >>1096350 said specifically in this case.

(sorry for sorta samefagging my post crossthread)

No. 1096380

And people still keep repeating that this shit isn't leaking into real life and only exist inside twitter spheres.

One thing I still don't understand how they can present that "40 deaths" as a huge number with a straight face in the grand scheme of things compared how many fucking women get killed each year. Especially because they know it's black/latina HSTS prostitutes, not white middle class troomers.

Can't blame her. Almost all of the butch/tomboy lesbians I know have trooned out by this point. It's actual hell being a GNC lesbian especially as you get older, which is why we've had so many gay women in their late 20s/early 30s hop abroad the tranny train. The straight women around you become mothers and wives, the bicurious girls you dated decide they didn't like girls after all and you're left alone eating up the "women expire after 30" meme. This isn't just some bitter sperg, I'm just telling how it is. Becoming a man seems like an easy way to opt out for many.

No. 1096381

I feel that gif deep in my soul. And I think Ellen is/was pretty with a very feminine face shape. She won't pass at all.

No. 1096384

Vanya is Ivan now.
Can’t wait for the retroactive interpretation of the canon. Vanya’s struggle and repression is actually a representation of her gender identity, etc.

She also uses they pronouns so, I guess she could downgrade to non binary at some point. In clown world, the rules are made up.

No. 1096386

She put herself in a catch 22 with tranning out.

If she plays a woman, as a man, she's taking opportunities from real victims-women and she likely has some inner transphobia, because she pretends to be a female.

If she's offered female parts- hateful cissies male producers don't respect her gender and trigger her dysphoria.

If she plays a man… well. Nobody's convinced she could play a convincing man.

So playing by the rules the trans crowd set by themselves, she is now stuck to very few and far between roles of FTMs that Hillary Swank would still play better.

In one sweep she alienated lesbian crowd and made it so publicly she can't go back without big backlash.

She done fucked up.

No. 1096388

how will being a 5' nothing, feminine "man" be any easier for her than being a successful, married lesbian?

i don't get it

No. 1096390

Lauren Southern passes better

No. 1096394

I just don't get what being a privileged white he/they girl even has to do with murdered black and "latinx" trans women (most of whom aren't even killed for being trans but are rather victims of old fashioned domestic violence and violence against prostitutes and shit). Like what did sticking that bit in even have to do with her other than trying to get woke points?

No. 1096395


Honestly, if done well, Umbrella Academy is one of very few or the only series I wouldn't mind a character transing out. Because it wouldn't be even close to the weirdest thing on that show.

Also, Gerard Way may think his nb, but the truth is, he's just got fat and stopped grooming himself. He just can't face the truth.

No. 1096396

Nobody was saying it was a rational or the right decision. It's a seemingly easy decision. For a lot of people it's not as easy as waking up in the morning and start embracing womanhood and loving being a woman, as an ex-fakeboi who desisted it took many _years_ and a lot of painful self-reflection to come to terms with being a lesbian and a woman and how it's much healthier and better to be a strong woman than a balding, mangled manlet with a prepubescent voice having to keep my athropying genitals a secret for the rest of my life. Before you realize that, you just see transitioning as this cure all procedure that makes you a handsome straight man, beloved by all. Because you don't know any better.

When you're indoctrinated with all the internalized misogyny put on your lap since early childhood AND bombarded with the tranny agenda, it starts making sense to become a man because you feel like that's what you're expected, even pressured, to do since you're a "failed woman" in the eyes of society. If you don't understand this then you're literally the reason why butch lesbians troon out. Just saying.

No. 1096398

Don't derail the thread with celebrity milk.

No. 1096399

>Vanya is Ivan now.
Are you FUCKING serious or is this a joke. It's impossible to tell in this hellworld.
If trans shit gets roped into Umbrella Academy it's probably going to ruin a lot of my enjoyment of that show. (And I already thought Vanya was a bit 1 dimensional but this would be miles worse)
Kinda like what happened with Chilling Adventures of Sabrina except Umbrella is far superior of a show.

Tbh right now I'd be happy never seeing her again.

Maybe more publicity and oppression points. Thing is now people can't even claim she's anything but straight without ~misgendering~ lol.
Trans people: cis people can't write about us!
Also trans people: Rampantly co-opts minority issues while living comfortably as a white person.

Also yeah most of us oldfags (I'm actually the same age as Ellen) have expressed that if we had been younger during this trans craze time, it may have impacted us, and thank god we were already well into adulthood by the time the troon brigade hit. It's honestly very shocking to hear of a lesbian going trans at such an age.(derailing )

No. 1096413

Ellen degeneres is next guys! Ugh i can't wait

No. 1096417

Sorry posted it as farmhand did, didn't see farmhand post. Thought this thread was ok for it. Apologies, will check celebricows!
Thanks for the short ban though.

No. 1096418

when you hit the wall so hard you decide to become a man

No. 1096420

can't wait for the detrans arc

No. 1096422

gerard way has never said he’s trans or nb, what are you sperging about? he said he empathises with them, not that he is one

No. 1096425

Troonies heard him say that he didn't care about gender and decided that he was trans/nb.

No. 1096429

I was reading a post on Reddit from a ftm that was on testosterone for three years and they said they were forced to get off of it because of pain while urinating and vulvoginal atrophy

No. 1096437

So pretty much what menopausal women deal with? Kek

No. 1096441

File: 1606854900644.jpeg (563.24 KB, 2112x1060, 1DDB50C6-F60B-4280-B23F-313EF3…)

No but Imagine going through all this for a fake dick.

No. 1096451

>6 inches of hair inside my urethra
Oh great so neovaginas aren't the only thing that grow hair on the inside? SRS is a fucking nightmare.

No. 1096470

and they choose to do it decades earlier so they also have to deal with the early onset dementia from screwing with their reproductive system

No. 1096476

but going on hormones doesn't equal getting fake dick surgery (since they never seem to go well, no wonder most people are too scared to do it, can't blame them)

No. 1096512

Why is it so fucknig hard to keep lesbian rolemodels. Was Ellen Page a great one? Not really but still sucks to basically be told my orientation is just a jumping off point for people. So now 'he' wants to be seen as a man who I guess is still exclusively attracted to women but still calls themself queer… sure.(derailing)

No. 1096526

Its fucking depressing anon. I'm not lesbian but I have friends who are. There's nothing wrong with being a girl who likes other girls. Doesn't make you a dude. Its like self imposed heterosexuality. I don't get.

Also why is all ftm are five foot nothings with baby faces? You are the furthest thing from looking like a man.(derailing)

No. 1096528

File: 1606859403152.jpeg (8.98 KB, 250x167, EmL9EgrWEAYwoa5.jpeg)


still exclusively attracted to women

For now

No. 1096539

File: 1606859852871.jpg (141.72 KB, 525x701, 20201201_165341.jpg)

It's not nearly as common as younger girls trooning out, but I have seen other women troon out in their late 20's and older before. Usually what does it is they get balls deep in woke horseshit, which is probably what happened with Ellen. Aging, especially aging badly, probably also has an effect (better to be an ugly old man or genderless blob than to be an ugly old woman).

No. 1096541

File: 1606859929651.jpg (154.91 KB, 540x583, 20201201_165424.jpg)

The OP of the post btw. Imagine thinking being a girl is worse than having a shitty 13 year-old Mexican boy mustache

No. 1096542

File: 1606859982791.gif (2.15 MB, 640x320, 200320E0-4D28-49CE-B046-935855…)

I’m just gonna leave this here

No. 1096545

Lmao wtf does this even mean

No. 1096547

>16 rounds of antibiotics
Holy fuck, just reading this tore apart my ass and gave me chronic yeast infections. Genuinely terrifying.

No. 1096552


No. 1096573


at what point do you cut your losses and just get it cut off? jesus this sounds like agony

No. 1096580

Long story short, they use skin from your arm (or leg) to construct a skin sausage dick. Skin on your limbs have hair follicles, especially after being affected by testosterone. They can't get rid of them all so they keep growing inside.

No. 1096583

If they don't plan out their transition well enough (because impulse) they don't always have time to do all the hair removal from the graft site (arm, leg, etc). They're supposed to focus on the urethra portion of it first because of complications / not being able to get to it after but these people clearly can't read.

No. 1096588

Can't they laser the part of the arm they're going to use?

No. 1096590

Imagine getting laser hair removal on a fake dick head

No. 1096592

File: 1606862635678.jpeg (447.36 KB, 1044x1578, CF0F0009-974F-42CE-8186-F208DB…)

No. 1096593

File: 1606862664775.jpeg (198.34 KB, 512x837, B99D4AB3-7D01-4134-84EE-6AF738…)

another lesbian memed into thinking shes a man. This one's painful

No. 1096594

Yeah they can but sometimes it takes multiple passes depending on the type of laser/ hair thickness etc

No. 1096595

Yes but apparently some people don't do it. I would assume it's also bc of the cost of laser removal (considering that from what I know you have to have multiple sessions so I'd assume it's pretty expensive) and I think it's never covered by insurance

No. 1096602

They often can't laser it all off, even when they choose to do it. Depends very much on the skin type.

Sometimes I feel like people would be better off just posting sausage cutting pics or those anime TERF memes than trying to explain anything to these people since they don't read shit. They live off of twitter zingers and clapbacks and that's how they get their big brain information on the world. But then I realize that if even one young person is reached with comprehensive speech then that's enough.

No. 1096614

Fucking hilarious seeing lesbians seethe and sperg over Ellen Page becoming trans as if being a lesbian is any better.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1096623

File: 1606864790380.jpg (128.96 KB, 1080x841, 20201202_011924.jpg)

No. 1096626

File: 1606864961342.jpg (17.71 KB, 326x210, EnyPx-dXUAIDSU0.jpg)

ebin troll colon capslock d colon capslock d

No. 1096627

fucking hilarious that a 5’0 woman in her thirties expects to call herself a he/they and be taken seriously by anyone with a brain. ellen was successful as a lesbian, anon. how is being so uncomfortable with the fact that you’re a woman that you have to take testosterone and have your skin grafted to create a nasty, fake dick better than being a successful lesbian? come on…

No. 1096681

File: 1606867802525.jpeg (342.73 KB, 828x1039, A8B1D83F-8475-4102-BCC4-CA4E78…)

Tif from twitter. This is hilarious

No. 1096700

File: 1606868636723.jpg (186.89 KB, 540x595, 20201201_192237.jpg)

It's all so tiring

No. 1096703

are they trying to make it seem like the purple is searched when that’s….what you search???

No. 1096712

Of course it’s a TRA telling a black woman to shut up go figure.

No. 1096722

File: 1606869785714.jpg (124.22 KB, 540x637, 20201201_194158.jpg)

No fucking way this was posted by someone born with a penis

No. 1096727

File: 1606870078046.jpg (220.02 KB, 540x667, 20201201_194554.jpg)

Tit-chop scars confirmed. She also has a mullet and looks generally disgusting, imagine thinking being a woman is somehow worse than that.

The good thing about the Ellen Page thing is it has all the fakebois out in force and made hunting for things to cap for this thread easy af.

No. 1096737

File: 1606870655295.jpg (231.46 KB, 1080x1770, X_cj6a63.jpg large.jpg)

No. 1096739

anyone else think this is a publicity stunt and she's going to pretend this never happened in a few months(stop derailing)

No. 1096741

Maybe it's because her face is somewhat obscured here, but this one is close to passing. You can tell she lifts or does upper body exercise, which is pretty much the only reliable method TIFs have if they want to try to pass. As disgusting as the mullet is, I can kind of understand the logic behind it, she's basically picking a look so unfashionable only a guy would theoretically do it. So I guess working out and trying to look as grimy as possible is a decent strategy.
That said, her tweet reads like something a forty year old mom would write. Too many hashtags and mid-sentence emojis. Just goes to show you that no matter how much someone's appearance changes, they'll always be stuck with their original socialization.

No. 1096743

You're optimistic lmao. We can hope

No. 1096744

Publicity stunt? Yes, probably. But the internet never forgets. If she ever recants and goes detrans then the troons will burn her at the stake.

No. 1096746

So she's basically just Streisand-ing people into googling her name. Kind of counterproductive.

No. 1096747

File: 1606871240915.jpeg (289.33 KB, 1242x901, 7EF2D1F2-AD18-4E4A-9644-DD2533…)

Ellen's wife is already getting people asking if she's still a lesbian. Sucks that her only options are:
A: Say yes because she is still only attracted to women no matter what her female wife calls herself, but that would end in divorce and getting cancelled for uwu transphobia
or B: Give up her own identity to make her delusional partner happy.
Looks like she went with B. Shame.

No. 1096755

i think on some level she knows that, so once she realizes how embarrassing this all is she'll change her name back and come out as a "she/they nonbinary woman" as a means of pleasing everyone

No. 1096759

My Ellen theory is it's a lesbian power move where she just makes the creepy old men she works with call her "Elliot" and "he" lest they be accused of being a transphobe. She will change nothing.

My clue is how low-effort her new trans persona is: Ellen Page with a baseball cap.

No. 1096767

Nah, I don't think she'll go back on this, she's stuck with this decision now. You guys have seen how much vitriol regular detrans women get just for existing, right? She'll be absolutely flayed by the TRAs if she backtracks. They would probably call it "transface" or some shit lmao.
The effects of testosterone (especially the balding lol) might spook her off of hormones, but I think "Elliot" is here to stay.
also I'm samefag >>1096747

No. 1096770

No. 1096784

Whoops just saw the mod note. The celebricows thread is full, so someone might need to make a new one.

No. 1096789

I think Ellen has drunk the woke koolaid enough that there's no way she'll (publically) detransition. That said I could see her quietly changing to they/them or even she/they someday in the future. Especially if she goes on T and starts going bald and nopes out hard of being a man.

She might still get eaten alive by the woke crowd though. Putting herself as a rich, white genderspecial instead of a rich white cis woman might have allowed her to climb up a level on the woke ladder, but she's still beneath black and brown people and people born with a penis. If one of them decides to cancel her, it's over.

No. 1096795

Almost thought that was Hope/Jacob Chapman from the thumbnail. Guess there’s more than one ftm that looks like Joe Dirt

No. 1096919

I don't even like Ellen Page, haven't really seen her in any movies, but some reason this made me kinda depressed lol. Like I just heaved a big exhausted sigh when the news broke out. Mostly it's because it's representative of this new bullshit culture shift, trooning out for attention just because you're not the girliest girl to ever exist. There's gonna be more of this from Hollywood, this is only the beginning. They're gonna make sure their agenda is buried deep in the public's subconscious. I mean the mainstream media is already bullying everyone for daring to call this woman a woman.

Wait I don't remember Gerard calling himself non binary. I just heard him describe himself as "understanding and connecting strongly" with trans women. I think he's got a weird sexual obsession with them tbh

No. 1096925

I'm hoping the trans trend reaching so "mainstream" means it's towards the end of its lifetime and will finally peter out soon, but there's no telling if it'll have the same trajectory as other fashion subculture trends.

No. 1096967


I always feel awful for the spouses of people who end up trooning out. Ofc they’re still the same sex, but the physical affects transitioning can be tragic. I wonder if Ellen will go on HRT.

No. 1096993

ellen page with baseball hat is apparently a whole new identity

No. 1096995

File: 1606889659647.jpg (15.31 KB, 820x278, IMG_20201202_070418.jpg)

Apart from MrMrs Page, uk troons freaking out about the Keira Bell case, but by just reading some post on twitter the whole thing seems so fucked up (picrel) Surely we harm trwans kids more by not letting them ruin there bodies then idk, just love and support them w/o feeding them experimental medication

No. 1097106


With how the trans perception changed, she can claim to be a man without planning to go on t at all because that's now valid, even is she desist there won't be much to regret. Hell she could even switch to genderfluid "currently feeling female atm", the they was probably put just in case.

No. 1097110

Exactly. She’ll maybe get a pixie cut.
That’s it. I can’t even imagine her chopping off her tits. With the whole new “everyone is valid” gender identity movement she can just put on a suit and they’ll be happy with that.

Even the most die hard trans can’t criticise her cause they’ll shut them down with “She’s a feminine man and there’s nothing wrong with that!! She can’t help that she doesn’t pass! Men can wear make up”

I wouldn’t even give two shits if some day I had to go by a guy’s name. Plus she can just go by Ellie, or Eli and it’s even cute.

I feel like this is a trend that will go as soon as half of art college girls are they/he enbies. People will find a new thing to latch onto and quietly stop with the nb retardation. You can’t feel special if half your class is a pagan witch gay boy sparkle gender.

No. 1097113

Everybody tweeting that's she's a privileged straight while male celebrity/millionaire now, I wonder how she'll deal with no longer being able to be part of the woke and oppressed crowd kek

No. 1097116

they also tweet that she can now play short men and bring 'short men representation' as if hollywood would not rather cast a short cis mman instead

No. 1097120

File: 1606907666949.jpg (128.39 KB, 1024x683, FEATURE-Chase-Strangio-Allison…)

tirsk(stop derailing)

No. 1097139

File: 1606911497715.jpeg (259.9 KB, 750x634, 6A2C8390-282A-4D94-AAAA-AD53AB…)

Lol what does “woman” even mean to these people

No. 1097148


It's really disturbing how the minute someone says they're now a man or woman it's like a big chunk of their life never happened or never mattered. Ellen simply says oh btw I'm a man now and suddenly she was one her whole life, that was her identity the whole time. Thirty years of her life are now erased to these people. They find it so easy to bury their heads in the sand. We were never at war with Eurasia(derailing)

No. 1097160

Why is talking about a ftm in the ftm thread derailing?

No. 1097172

Mod retardation

No. 1097182

File: 1606916765067.png (60.74 KB, 520x587, Screenshot 2020-12-02 at 14.43…)

this retard thinks using 'he/they' pronous makes her more opressed than actual lesbians and apparently cannot relate to fellow women unless they are also playing into the retarded identity politics game.
Like seriously, imagine being that retarded that a rich ass celebrity suddenly deciding to use the same delulu pronouns as you is a lifechanging moment in your life.

No. 1097188

No. 1097191

File: 1606917028866.png (12.75 KB, 522x175, Screenshot 2020-12-02 at 14.48…)

and of course it's a heterosexual girl that describes herself as 'super queer' in blog header and pretends her attraction to a male makes her a gay men.
Why do I have to live in those crazy times?

No. 1097197

File: 1606917538858.png (497.87 KB, 510x567, ylN96Qs.png)

>"Elliot" 3 years on T

No. 1097200

>This reminds me of a video I saw from the Take on Tomboys and it's thesis was basically that tomboys are outdated and possibly offensive because we have trans boys now
I hate how people don't bat an eye at dropping $60,000+ on hormones and surgery.

No. 1097204

Wil Wheton's more retarded brother.

No. 1097206

NTA, but they probably meant this one
It's a pretty big channel that basically just matches TvTropes descriptions to characters and explains them.

No. 1097208

File: 1606919620865.png (153 KB, 1284x791, holy shit.PNG)

Less than 24 hours. It really is a trend.

No. 1097210

File: 1606919809447.png (1.99 MB, 1091x1033, scary ginge.PNG)

Something about her dark brown eyes with no brows or lashes activated my flight or fight instinct. Sage bc this is just a companion/illustration to the last post.

No. 1097213

This is distressing. There's not really anything else to say or think. Just sad.

No. 1097219

This shit is scary. Thank God Kiera Bell got the regulation of these puberty blockers age restricted because this is literally going to destroy a whole generation before they even have a chance to grow and think for themselves without the input of TRAs online.

No. 1097229

I hate how fakebois have ruined being a guyish girl. hope people don't question my pronouns internally just because I have short hair and wear tshirts

I'm tall though, every fakeboi I've met has been super fucking short

No. 1097236

File: 1606923737582.jpeg (41.28 KB, 679x600, 59F71B8E-216D-4B1F-ACDA-CC30AE…)

No. 1097238

Not sure if that was your intention, but I find it rather coincidental and funny that the game she starred in (Beyond Two Souls) has her character linked to her dead twin brother Aiden.

No. 1097263

File: 1606928617330.jpeg (414.6 KB, 2224x1458, B47B34BD-DD30-4B62-AD78-D6E74E…)

Not this ugly saying his mom is “very nonbinary” because she is “very strong, powerful” and “wears suits and trousers most of the time” LMAO

So progressive.

No. 1097265

That's so sad. Shit has gone totally off the rails. When trannies and this weirdo daddy camwhore shit is mainstream, something is wrong. They're way too comfortable.

No. 1097267

the one thing i hate about trannies is how hypocritical they are about clothing and shit. one minute it’s “i knew i was a girl because i wore pink and liked makeup as a kid” or this fucking “i’m non binary because i’m a woman who wears pants” and within the same breath it’s “clothing has no gender!!! gender identity has nothing to do with clothes or makeup!!!” jfc i can’t take it seriously

No. 1097270


misogyny with extra steps

No. 1097275

This "rejecting gender role and embracing them should co-exist" message is just to cope

No. 1097315

i'm >>1097120 and i don't get how i am trolling i am just laughing at the femanlet?
did you tards think that's a photoshopped image of ellen, it's the ftm whining on twitter… though that is hilarious too that the tif looks like photoshopped woman and not a man lmao

No. 1097383

and she "deadnamed" ellen in her hashtags… the dissonance is strong with this one!

No. 1097409

File: 1606937334636.jpg (97.46 KB, 1200x675, 1606934762640.jpg)

>I am a man now, call me elliott
>old movies now credit her as elliott
>her saying that she's a man now is applauded and celebrated

we really do live in a society, god I had hope COVID would have ended this madne

No. 1097414

>how will being a 5' nothing, feminine "man" be any easier for her

People are assuming her job is Hollywood actress. It's not. It's activist. Being trans gives her more credibility in that space.

No. 1097434

It seems like she was still a pretty succesful actress, not one who needed a stunt like this to stay relevant. Is she going to apply for both male and female roles know hoping that some directors will want that progressive edge?

No. 1097444

No. They will erase female roles to accommodate her lol. Her roles will be functionally female but go from “her“, to “they”. and like that other non binary loon from Billions, will ask for awards shows to stop separating acting categories between sexes. In the end, it’s women who have to carve space for them and end up losing ground. Not men.

No. 1097479

right? the fact so many people are licking it up is making me crazy

No. 1097483

Autogynophiles aside I really wonder if the rest of the trans movement is just a way for extremely closested/insecure gays to cope instead of coming out as homosexual

No. 1097514

Yes, this has been mentioned constantly. Particularly with lesbians, it's generally twofold: 1) the fetishization of lesbians is unappealing for obvious reasons but these people are weak and don't have the modicum of self confidence to accept that is what they are and that it's NOT what MEN depict/fantasize; 2) women in general are lauded as sex objects and have strict "requirements" for appearance/behavior, which most women don't adhere to, and some even less so (tomboys and gender-nonconforming).
These factors cause the cognitive dissonance of being a woman while also feeling one or both of the aforementioned. With troonery being so lauded and PUSHED upon people (shit like "why be cis when you could be a cute trans whatever" and "i knew they were trans"), it's easy for insecure women to fall into this trap.
For men it's different since fetishization DOES play a big part of it like 99% of the time (at least). But this is why a lot of us have some sympathy for TiFs/FtMs as opposed to the alternative.

No. 1097526


Great, now fake woke gerard way will rewrite his comic to suit her new role. And even worse, are most female umbrella academy fans are hyped for this. So she's gonna pretend Juno never happened then?

No. 1097585

Kek good point about Juno.
Hard Candy is also very much about her being a girl.

I really hope this changes nothing or almost nothing about Umbrella Academy or I'll almost definitely lose interest in it, speaking from experience with other shows that made a Troon an ongoing one dimensional plot point.

In other news, a friend told me that last night Twitter had a trending hashtag called something like "oppress cis people" or something to that effect.

No. 1097653

It has been confirmed our widdle twansboi will still play Vanya,as a woman. Thank fuck but also what a fake ass bitch lmao.
She is doomed to be a tranlet all because she had internalized mysoginy she couldnt get rid off.
I believe there are actual trans people but that a good portion of them are narcissists,fetishists,genderspecials for brownie points or tumblrites who read too much yaoi

No. 1097658

>We need some variety in the trans mass community so lets get this thread going!
Most ftms are fat as fuck, the fit ones are actually the diversity. Also he looks more like drake than kanye, but I get the joke is funny.

No. 1097761

File: 1606966819498.jpg (76.43 KB, 540x255, 20201202_223927.jpg)

Nah girl

No. 1097771

File: 1606967279343.jpg (155.79 KB, 540x649, 20201202_224644.jpg)

Sis didnt answer whether she would be willing to serve time in a men's prison

No. 1097777

because men losing what they see as a sex object to women losing a role model is comparable, yeah…

No. 1097783

Because admin and the mod team are trannies
>when trans women fear rape in mens prisons
Being scared of getting raped would be the only woman-like experience a mtf could have lmao

No. 1097787

File: 1606968107972.jpeg (60.4 KB, 748x482, 3D9F55F2-2E07-489C-836E-700281…)

Revert… to what? They were never women according to them.

No. 1097801

>according to them

She knows she's a woman. She doesn't believe enough in her own bullshit to go to men's prison.

No. 1097819

tranny mod at it again

No. 1097821

File: 1606970860865.png (147.12 KB, 540x306, 20201203_013721.png)

I don't really care how they perceive themselves, but this girl is just another sjw wanting still relevant with teenagers and mostly of them nowadays thinks that being trans is really cool and trendy

No. 1097827

love that ellen just said she's trans and using he/they. can't even commit to one set of pronouns or to being a transman

troon logic says this is a 100% logical decision and there's no way anyone could ever revert this so lets cut off girls tits and give them the same hormone blockers we give to pedophiles in prisons.

No. 1097849

The he/they part is to avoid being labeled as a 'cishet white male'. Or maybe to achieve double victim points, since she's not just trans now but also a nonbinary who uses them pronouns. Like a woke hybrid. Maybe next she comes out as transblack?

No. 1097888

No "real troons" exist, anon.

I recently watched a "transmale" revert from only he/him promouns to they/them explaining that she basically wants to be anything but a woman but identifying as a male exposed her to "too much toxic masculinity". I guess that the "transmascs" who use he/they are those kind of people who are afraid of and disgusted by men but still want their societal role for personal benefits, such as not being seen as a freak when they're dating a woman.

No. 1097889

Some people count nonbinary as being in the trans "umbrella" (pun intended). Or could be using neutral pronouns as a way to sort of ease people into their new identity without the jarring of going from she to he.

Not entirely sure they're a trender, certainly woke AF but probably sat on this and thought over it for a long time instead of going on Tumblr one night and thinking "I'm gonna chop my tits off the second I turn 19".

No. 1097910

if you're balding like a man might as well go full man, I guess

No. 1097963

The MOD is trolling. Cool off.

No. 1097979

The recent event reminds me of a fakeboi who was a close friend of mine when we where teenagers.
She suddenly wanted to be a guy when she was about 15, I think. I rolled with it because she got upset easily. The therapist wasn't sure about hormones because clearly she wasn't really transgender, just trying to cope with childhood trauma, I believe. She looked a lot like her mother, who used to beat her and neglect her. Didn't bring her to the doctor when she was ill, never apologized for beating her as a small child and so on and no father figure to protect her.
She was also super small, like 150cm. They allowed T when she turned 18 and could decide on her own. Sorry I keep using female pronouns, it's just ridiculous. She didn't want to give up being feminine though, so she kept having really long, polished nails and even shaved her arms, more than I ever did as a ~cis white girl~
Fast forward a few years later. We are no longer friends because I just couldn't deal with this shit any longer. It was so bizarre, everywhere we went people were so confused how a small, cute tomboyish girl suddenly wanted to be a called a man while hating actual men. I felt like a caregiver or streetworker. I don't know how they are doing today. I hope he will realise the true reason for his dysphoria and seek other therapy and get out of that toxic environment.. Sorry little story time here, I wanted to post for a while now, I've always been a silent reader.(blog)

No. 1098039

Keep the discussion of Ellen Page in celebcows. This isn't going to be said again. >>1096398

No. 1098126

>Ellen Page
Based mods.

No. 1098242

File: 1607025262040.png (143.31 KB, 748x762, gxQ4ImSYoc8.png)

Did she unironically became an incel ?

No. 1098302

>that post again

It's a troll. Women know that

>I wouldn't have to worry whether I did nothing because I would still be liked and appreciated

is a complete crock of shit that could only ooze from the mind of a scrote.

No. 1098410


I wouldn’t be so quick to write this off, a lot of FTMs secretly feel this way. Most are too embarrassed to admit it outright, even on the internet, or to themselves

No. 1098516

File: 1607039823944.png (627.23 KB, 483x721, Untitled.png)

From >>1083111 "e-boy antics" tumblr blog faegutz

She really thinks anyone into effeminate gay men wants to buy nudes from some wants to be special girl who looks like this?

No. 1098525

The entire reason they transition is because nobody's appreciating them.

No. 1098531

File: 1607041997837.jpg (133.98 KB, 479x399, 0BC6csHV.jpg)

No. 1098539

what the fuck is that

No. 1098546

This honestly looks like Graves disease

No. 1098548

it seems to be a cynical ploy to occupy a vacuum niche. ellen won't play a man or a woman, but an FtM. producers will say "oh we need an FtM lets go with the one FtM" sort of like how there's some other minority/token type of actors fulfilling smaller niches in racial categories. ellen wasn't getting many roles before, now woke hollywood has no choice but to give those ftm roles to ellen/"elliot".

No. 1098553

File: 1607044588307.jpg (584.61 KB, 1436x1732, Screenshot_20201203-201542.jpg)

>ellen wasn't getting many roles

No. 1098555

Is this some Crispy wannabe or did she troon out

No. 1098556

besides some stuff in the 2000s like super, juno and inception, there wasnt much of ellen in the 2010s, and umbrella academy is just one gig. not exactly a booming career

No. 1098557

I remember she did that god awful David Cage game, Beyond Two Souls, but I think that was early 2010s though

No. 1098562

do you think Cage would have made a naked model of her character if Page was born male?

No. 1098563

that and the girl from the last of us appeared to be ripped from her likeness to the point where I thought she was the visual inspiration for her, but that turned out to be false

No. 1098568

>beyond two souls is a David Cage game
oh my GOD that explains everything kek

No. 1098742

File: 1607064705908.png (573.68 KB, 893x604, crispy.PNG)

She's a genderspecial now. She also made an onlyfans

No. 1098793

she's one of those fakebois that pretends to be a cis man and her followers eat it up. even though there's tons of evidence showing that she's female.

No. 1098829

With that shitty wig and those programmer socks she does look like an AGP, so congrats to her on passing as male I guess?

No. 1098915

That's their goal. They just say they're "trans" and don't clarify any further because they want people to think they're biologically male and receive the attention they'd get for being a troon.

No. 1098919


Anon I need that evidence because I have friends who are totally convinced that this is a male and seeing them fall for her "uwu trap" bait is annoying as fuck

No. 1098949

there was a discussion about her a few threads ago, starts here >>1018397

her shops have got so many males fooled it's ridiculous. no idea how she's gonna pull off an onlyfans though. eventually men will wanna see dick pics.

No. 1098952

wasn't there a Chinese streamer who pretended to be a "trap" and when it was revealed she was actually a woman she lost more then half of her twitch viewership

I mean I sorta understand the appeal of pretending to be a trap for practical reasons, for a plain looking girl you can't really compete with the surgically advanced human sex dolls on twitch these days, but pretend you have a dick and men will simp hard for you

No. 1099635

I don't understand why men love traps so much. Are they all gay or something?

No. 1099701

I mean, they like when they look like women. Most men who like traps aren’t into your typical hon. I think it’s a bicuriosity or an obsession with dicks.

No. 1099801


Holy shit, I know more than one man who is convinced this is a cis femboy, and I was under the impression it might be too. This girl's grift is almost impressive.

No. 1100130

I wish normies would be better at clocking trannies, it's so obvious she's a woman.

No. 1100141

Waiiiiitaminute, doesn't she do nudes on her OF? Surely people would see that she doesn't have a dick?

No. 1100142

I can tell from her profile picture that's a girl.

No. 1100169

for all the anons with retarded friends, just go to her youtube. undeniably female.

No. 1100231

wait people think this is male?

No. 1100236

File: 1607193545265.jpg (Spoiler Image, 37.91 KB, 510x680, veryconvincing.jpg)

it's because she shops all her photos to hell and back, like this one

No. 1100237

File: 1607193752154.png (159.24 KB, 1508x824, youcanaskhim.png)

also when i was looking for more photos of her (to show my friend, who also believed she was male…) i found that she'd been posted to r/femboys. most of the comments on the thread act like she's male but one person questioned it and was promptly told "you can ask him if he has a dick". because everyone always tells the truth

No. 1100239

Whats up with her eyes

No. 1100279

This would be a hit on 00s Deviantart.

No. 1100298

Why do the eyes look like how dakota used to edit hers

No. 1100316

She's probably applying some white pencil on the edges of her eyelids to widen her gaze and straining herself during the whole filming to keep the sanpaku effect.
Everybody who believes she's a dude is an absolute idiot, everything about her screams girl.

No. 1100490

File: 1607209780740.jpg (95.4 KB, 427x1112, crispy.jpg)

meanwhile her in 2014

No. 1100538

sage because is not a lowcow but a detransitioning FTMTF mini documentary i watched today.
>being a women and lesbian is shameful
seemed to be slightly hinted at in this video but because it was some young person media source they didnt directly say it.
The FTMTF(I would link but its in German without subtitles) basically shows her story and photos from before. She seemed very curvy chubby and feminine (Cis straight white female looking) but said she was unhappy with her body especially her breasts and developed an eating disorder. She went to a therapist who basically told her maybe youre trans since you hate your breasts. She admits because she wasnt in the right and healthy mind she agreed and started to transition. Later Saying that therapist wasnt helpful at all to helping her real body issues and trama from sexual harassment and other things women related.
She minorly regrets her mastectomy but she mainly regrets taking test because it ruined her voice. Her partner is FTM (non binary? or possibly also detrans it wasnt clear) also; and the detransee stopped because her partner had a uterus prolaps and decided it wasnt worth it or the right thing as it wasnt fixing any of the mental health problems she started with. She doesnt say she doesnt think anyone should be trans but that make sure you have a good therapist and helps with all your other problems first.

Lesbians with extra steps who wanted to avoid sexual harrasment and cat calling.

No. 1100588

Nele and her girlfriend (also ftm detrans) were mentioned in these threads multiple times already.

No. 1100874

Uterus…prolapse hollyy shit.

That therapist sounds plain evil. It's incredibly common for young women to hate their breasts or figure since they associate it with harassment and degrading comments.

No. 1100948

File: 1607247266587.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 479.67 KB, 640x770, 9A45ED31-5400-4241-8092-552693…)

This fakeboi I follow posted nudes of herself in a sweater covered in gross mouth wipe stains and is pushing the… dirty sleeves against her face. She looks like she’s begging for acne.

No. 1100959

Do post the video anon.

I have a feeling that there's a subsection of fakebois that transition because they're attracted to men and want to become the bf they have always wanted.

No. 1100963

Anon, no one cares about your bullshit theories. Let’s focus on her lack of hygiene, please.

No. 1100970

she is right tho

No. 1100979

She is but if I wanted to see hot takes from the bakery, I’d be on Twitter.

No. 1101054

File: 1607265127200.jpg (Spoiler Image, 59.01 KB, 600x450, sminem.jpg)

she looks like sminem

No. 1101083

How did the prolapse happen?

No. 1101104

>uterus prolapse
Absolutely horrifying wtf

NTA but I'm guessing because HRT lowers your progesterone levels that take part in keeping the muscle tissue of your reproductive organs together. So essentially because your natural hormone production is blocked, so is the upkeep of the muscle.

No. 1101923

File: 1607307929803.jpeg (159.8 KB, 960x960, 4FB22471-BD34-4556-BD3B-DE25E1…)

straight from cute girl to overweight neckbeard

No. 1101932

I don’t understand. I literally don’t give a shit abt people wanting to transition, doesn’t affect me. But what is this strange obsession with turning yourself into a bad calarts caricature? Is it trauma? Has there been any writing done on this? I understand that people gravitate towards different aesthetics, and that beauty is subjective, but it just seems so aggressively, purposefully off-putting?

No. 1101966

What's amazing is that she's not that far gone. It's not too late to walk it back.

No. 1102008

Ugh this thing buys from a shop I like and they’ve reposted them. It drives me up the wall. I don’t understand people ruining themselves.

No. 1102012

I'd bet money the whole thing is a cope for weight gain. Getting fat is easy and happens by accident so it tends to be the first step in the transformation. Then once they feel unattractive, either they lose the weight (which takes time and effort), or they double down and embrace being repulsive like it was intentional all along, because dying your hair and taking hormones is easy. It's the combination of making yourself ugly on purpose to pre-empt criticism + trying to alleviate feeling like shit with instant changes to your appearance.

No. 1102025

File: 1607318302677.png (1.76 MB, 1020x1196, multii.png)

>not that far gone

No. 1102070

Pre-troon kind of reminds me of Scarlett Johansson ugh this is so sad

No. 1102077

File: 1607329099562.jpg (Spoiler Image, 217.99 KB, 810x1420, Screenshot_20201201-084638_Red…)

Stolen from KF. The scars are going to age so badly because of her obesity, that's why they ask you to lose weight before a big surgery (and because it's easier to operate), not fatphobia.

No. 1102080

oh wow. makes me wonder if it's an eating disorter going from one extreme to another..

No. 1102091

this looks particularly bizarre because when do you ever see a fat man with a flat chest? any cis man who was that fat would have moobs, so she looks very obviously non-male now which is funny

No. 1102096

is this stimman4000 or something like that from tumblr? lmao

No. 1102103

My friend who's a small streamer said some FtM joined his discord community recently and I guess had he/they (of course) in the discord name, and apparently her boy name is, get this, "Goblin."
Seems to be 100% legit serious too.(no1curr)

No. 1102130

File: 1607339710650.jpg (227.59 KB, 1080x1840, dez6ds5b7xb11.jpg)

Wasn't the whole "goblincore aesthetic" a big thing among this crowd for a year or two? I wouldn't be shocked.

No. 1102161

How the hell did it go from kind of cute oddity jewelery to obese neon haired neckbeards?

No. 1102170

Oh look there’s Pretty Princess Points board on the wall

No. 1102483

looks so proud of herself, gross

No. 1102487

Everyone must know she's female and is just humoring her, or they're deep in denial themselves. There's nothing male about her

No. 1102496

Are FTM ever Trans gay man?
I only see them dating lesbians or other FTMs.

No. 1102498

File: 1607376017359.png (Spoiler Image, 963.41 KB, 691x878, tiddies.png)

No. 1102499


most of them are "gay" in their own minds, quite a few of them only date each other because actual gay men won't give them the time of the day

No. 1102501

Do they enjoy being ugly or do they make themselves as ugly as possible as a cope? Serious question kind of kek.

No. 1102509

Most of them are gay or bi but prefer men, especially if they're actually on hormones. Straight ftms are the minority

No. 1102525

File: 1607377835814.png (920.83 KB, 640x1136, dude.png)

They're out there but usually stick with either bi dudes or their bfs that were with them before they transitioned. Or they date a mtf.

No. 1102543

I'd absolutely love to know as well, unfortunately no research group will touch troon issues with a ten foot pole lest they find out the 'wrong thing' and get their careers ruined by the woke police.

No. 1102594

I love it when troons and Aidens have these fleeting moments of self-awareness and they call it impostor syndrome or "internalized twansphobiuh"

No. 1102657

File: 1607388465559.jpg (22.05 KB, 295x445, 51ejxO91D-L._SY445_QL70_ML2_.j…)

Not a direct answer, but you can start with this book (or one of many yt interviews she did) in which she goes through sudden up of girls trooning out when 10 years ago it was pretty much unheard of, and it sums up it's likely a social transmitted fad disease like bulimia in the 80/90ties that promises to cure the feeling of otherness during puberty. Spoiler alert: it does not and every girl has to raid it out until they become a woman and settle in their adult body.

Oh, and tumblr made them think that anti beauty is the new beauty standard in this post modern world. Which is so weird because if they want to look this ugly, it does require a lot of effort that could be spent on avtually making themselves presentable.

No. 1102677

Completely agree. Honestly I’m still asking myself why we took the gays out of the mental institutions. Faggots should be locked up it’s a disease and gross. Now women want to be men ? What’s next wanting to be a cat ?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1102689

File: 1607393402838.jpeg (107.18 KB, 510x412, 7AAC93E5-C3E9-48B2-ACB1-FC6724…)

No. 1102711

lol wtf are you doing in lolcow? most of the woman here are gay

No. 1102722

Being gay is okay, but being trans isn’t ? So we can be transphobic but not homophobic do you guys not see the hypocrisy(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1102723

No because being gay isn’t a mental illness ♥

No. 1102784

Look at her face. If she stopped pinning, lasered the beard, and traded third helpings at dinner for a padded bra, within one year you could pass her on the street and never guess she had a troon phase.

No. 1102808

i thought this was a troon rip

No. 1102817

I’m the anon ayrt replied to and again, i really don’t give a shit if people want to transition. We’d also be doing ourselves no favors by pretending that teens aren’t still purging and cutting and what have you. I really just wanna know why so many kids are obsessed with such ridiculously ugly aesthetics. An anon that replied to me pointed to it possibly stemming in being a control thing, which i think is probable.
Idk, i don’t hate trans people, which i know is the outspoken trend round these parts.

No. 1102863

being trans is clinically a delusion. being gay is normal

No. 1102893

NTA who mentioned the control thing, but a lot of this really does resemble the pro-ana/self-harm groups. The motivation, the sneakiness, the damaging level of effort taken to look a certain way, and the constant denial all mirror it.

No. 1102900

it's simple anon, there's no point trying to live up to standards when you can never reach them so you go the complete opposite. If you can never be perfect you try to be intentionally disgusting. God I could go on and on about explaining each and every modern tumblr/tiktok aesthetic but this thread isn't for that.
also my source for knowing this: experience kek

No. 1102910

The difference between being gay and trans is that gay people don't butcher their bodies and suffer from multiple side effects of injecting their body with horse piss to be something they could never logically be. Gay people aren't ruining themselves. Trans people are.

No. 1103152

you've clearly never seen a picture of frankie grande's fucked up face then. i wish i was you, anon

No. 1103337

This is super interesting and on some level makes complete sense, in a sad way. Are you still doing it, or did you grow out of it? Slightly OT but this triggered a memory of a post i saw on here probably 5 years ago, i think it might have been in one of the ashley isaacs threads? Anyway anon said she hated herself so much she’d go on different chans and post pics of her shitstained panties or whatever, because she wanted to play into the notion that she was gross? ‘Call me gross, okay, i’ll show you gross’ type deal.

think you maybe replied to the wrong anon, i didn’t mention homosexuality at all

No. 1103392

File: 1607481611716.jpeg (1.88 MB, 1536x9854, 36A98C83-00C1-48C8-A8A5-17B98A…)

Check out this comic from an NLOG they/she with a boyfriend about how she’s gay because she wears both dresses and shorts.

No. 1103399

File: 1607481957887.jpeg (298.36 KB, 1944x1948, 0BEB1A0E-8622-4430-8AA7-EED71E…)

The author and her boyfriend. Very gay, right?

No. 1103401

>girl window shops for dresses
Why can’t nonbinary just be a descriptive term instead of a gender? That’s literally all it is.

No. 1103407

>God I could go on and on about explaining each and every modern tumblr/tiktok aesthetic but this thread isn't for that.
Anon, that would be a pretty interesting read. Please consider making a post about it in a relevant thread or start a new one.

No. 1103417

Because then she’d just be another straight white girl fag hag at the Pride parade rather than a stunning and brave trans person!

No. 1103422

>I'm not female because uhhhh

No. 1103423

This is the biggest non-issue i have yet to see. You can take the text out of this comic and replace it with any generic shojo train of thought and it would fit perfectly.

Who exactly would blink an eye at the way this girl dresses? Do they matter? Who cares?? this bullshit is all in her head. What were they exposed to that made them think this means anything?? That fashion montage doesn't stand out at all from any other generic cartoon girl choosing clothes.

And what the everloving fuck do they think of poor ppl who can't afford to diversify their wardrobe, or blind or disabled people who literally can't even give a fuck?

THIS is what you are having a personal crisis over?!

No. 1103430

Her 3 outfits can all be purchased in any female clothing store, and she has long hair. She is far more marginalised than the disabled.

No. 1103436

File: 1607485586455.png (176.75 KB, 786x346, Screenshot_20201209-114026.png)

This panel shows what she's actually insecure about - she's embarassed to be caught looking at dresses because girly = cringe apparently, so she has to be non-binary. All it takes is to get her head out of her ass for a few seconds and look around to see that normal women wear dresses and pants and polo shirts and are not oppressed for it.

No. 1103454

>when i look in the mirror i don't see a man or a woman, just me
wtf does she think other people see when they look at their reflection? im brushing my fuckin teeth in the bathroom mirror going "YEP thats a lady"

so fucking self centered & stupid

No. 1103466

>Wearing a button up and jeans means you aren't presenting yourself as female
This has the same energy of those old laws against women wearing pants

No. 1103468

It never ceases to make me laugh when these people circle so hard back from gender roles, that they just reinvent the binary they supposedly hate. Does she think you aren't a woman if you don't act like a walking stereotype every single minute?

No. 1103472

File: 1607492229102.jpg (228.22 KB, 1534x962, 20201208_203437.jpg)


(Samefag sage) I had a tism moment after and i commented this almost edited the whole comic (badly on my phone) so the girl just can't decide what to wear when meeting new friends. Only got a few panels in before idgaf so here's this

No. 1103492

Wow, so QUEER and BRAVE! I wonder how nerve-wracking it must be for these two to hold hands in public!

No. 1103514

She’s not like the other girls, she wears rolled up shirts and has a mullet

No. 1103550

>When I look at myself, I don't see a man or a woman
>I just see me, Oli

Who the fuck looks in the mirror and thinks "man" or "woman" instead of recognizing themselves? Who told them this was an unusual response?

No. 1103553

obviously normie women see bobs and vagene when looking in the mirror. if you don't know that, you are clearly queer as well, anon.

No. 1103555

see anon when i look in the mirror i just see a vague female-looking blob. everyone knows that you have to i.d. as nonbinary before you can see your actual reflection.

No. 1103578


During my cringe nb phase half a decade ago this was actually exactly how I thought. Everyone was so casual about Doing Gender Correctly and I was the eternal tomboy with autism who didn't fit in, and I genuinely thought other people had gender identities constantly recognizing themselves as male or female all the time - heck, the issue with me was apparently that I lacked a gender identity! I fit the description of "agender" to a T! This was OBVIOUSLY the reason why I hated make up and dresses and high heels and the idea of motherhood.

It sounds delusional, I know, but many of us think like this. Our ideas of reference when it comes to womanhood doesn't include ourselves, so we obsess with all the ways we should recognize ourselves in it, but fail to do so.

Saged for blogpost.

No. 1103621

File: 1607519954070.jpeg (200.48 KB, 828x1370, 8337D713-8AB1-4CEC-BD57-F95C35…)

they wanna be gay men so bad

No. 1103623

Of course she bottom all night,she has a pussy lmfao.

That chin strap is drawn on, right? Can't zoom in enough to tell but I'm hoping no one would ever shave to look like that.

No. 1103638

it’s definitely drawn on, there’s not light reflecting from the hair which it definitely would if it were that lightly colored, it doesn’t match their head hair, and there’s no dimensional depth to it that real facial hair has. this is intensely embarrassing behavior considering she went out in public with eyeshadow smeared on her face to imitate one of the worst facial hair looks ever invented.

No. 1103640

Just she give herself a penis bulge as well? What a mess.

No. 1103705

File: 1607530100227.jpeg (2.32 MB, 1536x9008, 1607481611716.jpeg)

Why did I make this

No. 1103723

lmao bless you anon

No. 1103754

Fucking perfect.

No. 1103792

It's beautiful

No. 1103849

File: 1607541710768.png (657.87 KB, 1440x1339, Just say lesbian.png)

>women's name and screenname
>cute cartoon profile pic
>trans boy dating another trans boy

Issa lesbian, folks.

No. 1103852

Beautiful, I love the dramatic tension

No. 1103907

No. 1103953

I love you anon!

No. 1104077

File: 1607557592319.jpeg (285.12 KB, 828x1146, 000B0377-44E3-4359-A762-D47085…)

I’m so tired guys.

There are already comments attempting to switch off pronouns every sentence and I feel my brain slowly leaking.

No. 1104085

I can’t lie, if it ends up just being some he/him lesbian thing with bonus media attention/support that’d be a win.

No. 1104090

>my wife

No. 1104096

File: 1607558485772.jpeg (183.95 KB, 2081x527, 7A14ABBD-8933-4ADE-B39C-85A144…)

Take a guess.

No. 1104101

I have followed these two for a while…found them a pretty cute lesbian couple. Don't tell her wife, Noelle, identifies as a male now. RIP.

No. 1104142

Besides the obvious it really shows how sheltered they are, do most people not know of UNIQLO?

No. 1104144

the most aggressive case of “main character” syndrome i’ve ever fucking witnessed. does she really expect us to believe she looked (or ever looked) like that? the delusions.
no surprise that she doesn’t look anything like how she draws herself. she’s so amazingly average that she had to make up her own oppression.

No. 1104147

conveniently forgot to mention she still wears makeup like a cis woman

No. 1104196

i have never appreciated bret easton ellis more than i do in this moment. truly this is the only way to consume his oeuvre

No. 1104198

The funniest (saddest?) part is that she could have just written "spouse". I love it when they misgender each other by accident. It shows how little they themselves care about it and how it's all just for show and to get attention.
>SRS is a fucking nightmare
That's because it's not an actual thing. It's a scam to make money of the mentally ill.
>sucks to basically be told my orientation is just a jumping off point for people
Literally what you lesbians do with bi people, so good to see you get a taste of your own medicine.

No. 1104200

Crap, I forgot to sage. Sorry.

No. 1104244

File: 1607575362410.jpeg (493.51 KB, 1536x1678, 1607530100227.jpeg)

The end scene gave me chills anon, it somehow works

No. 1104251

This is one of the best OCs i've seen anon, saved forever

No. 1104253

>good to see you get a taste of your own medicine
maybe stop projecting? get some help if you can’t let go of the uwu twama that some lesbian somehow inflicted upon you

No. 1104255

conveniently ignoring the pervasive culture of bisexuals using lesbians for experimentation and always leaving for a man. take your lesbophobia back to twitter

No. 1104308

I have no idea WTF I just read and I love that

No. 1104363

File: 1607598604235.png (126.3 KB, 1440x569, Twitter is Tumblr 2.0.png)

I can't open a Twitter thread about any topic without seeing this shit.

No. 1104366

Samefag, It's irritating because it's gaslighting on a grand scale, nonono you are just perceiving a girl, it is in fact a tree. It puts the onus of mental illness onto the person who is correctly perceiving reality, they are the ones seeing it wrong. Truly the inmates taking over the asylum.

No. 1104372


>and ALWAYS leaving for a man!!!!!
just bc your fat bitter dyke ass got dumped doesn’t mean shit, you whiny bitch. stop shitting up the thread and derailing bc some nasty mean bisexual rejected you a decade ago and left you twaumatwised

kek can we get some screenshots of the replies? this shit is SUPER popular on random tiktoks i stumble across too - people in the comments falling over themselves to ~validate~ some idiot with he/she/they/mew/bunny/blmself in their bio. ‘he’s so clever and she’s so beautiful and mew is looking so amazing omg!’ all in one sentence is some prime brain rot.

there’s actually some fakeboy that just got bullied off the app for posting some cringey stuff that was going by mew/mewself, very obviously looking like/acting like/being a woman, and then calling herself ‘trans’, and alllll of her comments were filled with ‘DON’T LISTEN TO THEM, YOU’RE VALID!!!!!!!’, kek

No. 1104445

It feels like women who jump onto the NB train while still presenting and living as females, only wanna be NB to avoid being outdone at girly stuff by other women. They're only ever NB when it comes to clothes, makeup, and hairstyles and almost nothing else.

No. 1104478

It's a quote from the movie American Psycho.

No. 1104805

> being lesbophobic in the name of owning tras

No. 1105018

>spotting disability
No such thing just like no such thing as transphobic. Nobody discriminates against them for no reason.

No. 1105609

Hey now, anon - maybe she’s been pantsbashed by pantsphobes in the past. You don’t know her story!

No. 1106217

Being gay doesn't make you want to chop body parts off. In a bubble, being gay has no negative effects. Gender dysphoria would have a negative effect even in the absence of discrimination or bullying.

No. 1106220

Noelle has never said she's a man but she did get her breasts cut off

No. 1106247

File: 1607828410659.jpg (180.37 KB, 540x591, 20201212_215511.jpg)

What the fuck, there's a fakeboi in the LOGH fandom now. I thought that fandom was old and obscure enough to be safe.

No. 1106253

LOGH is not as obscure as you think it is. Tons of weebs know about it and like it and there are many fakeboi weebs so it’s not all that shocking:

No. 1106255

The niche fandoms always seem to eventually haul in a nasty fakeboi set. There are a few in mine who are pretty disgusting, especially towards a particular character they love kinning as, as they do. Hopefully the fakebois in your fandom will reasonable, if not easily avoidable.

No. 1106260

I guess it is becoming more well-known. Still, it's surprising to see a fakeboi venture outside of the usual big fandoms like MHA and kpop.

In my experience older fujoshi have been the backbone of the LOGH fandom forever. Wonder how she gets along in the rest of the fandom. screaming about those evil fujoshi creeps (that totally doesn't include her because she flicks the bean to gay cartoons while calling herself a em/eir instead of admitting to being a woman)?

No. 1106261

It also had a fairly recent anime and the original series was known for its fujo fanbase

No. 1106263

What is the kinning shit? Is it otherkin bullshit where they insist they literally are a fictional character or were in a past life? Do they still fight over doubles like kids used to do on tumblr? That shit was wild.

So many fakebois really are just girls that haven't matured out of chuunibyo.

No. 1106269

That's exactly it. I haven't personally seen past life accusations yet from the fakebois. I'm sure they exist. What I've seen and referring to is them projecting their trans identities upon certain characters to the point where they feel they are that character right now. Ironically, I see it often done to characters you could call "chunni" or "chunni-like." Not always the case, but they love going for the bad boys.
It's pretty weird and telling to see them kin a character, and then portray them in fic and art that has them abused in all sorts of ways.

No. 1106271

File: 1607831469299.jpg (1.74 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20201212_224321.jpg)

I condensed this comic I stumbled upon on fb into two images so hopefully still legible.

No. 1106273

File: 1607831861047.jpg (1.43 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20201212_224535.jpg)

What the fuck is the point of this other than fake bois needing their "UwU pretty uke femboi" LARPing validated by everyone else who is already trying to be supportive of them…if they identify as male and don't want to be misgendered why do they still want to be feminized? What is the point asides from attention & being "special uwu"

No. 1106279

>Sam and Charlie have the same heart
Are there literally any male femboys that act exactly like girls on Tumblr?

No. 1106314

Who the fuck uses "Chad" as a compliment? Especially to a femboy?

No. 1106325

I love the entitlement
>if you want to compliment me, please ask how I want to be complimented or I won’t feel valid enough.

No. 1106328

I knew one a few years back, but he identifies as female now lol

No. 1106334

No. Pretty sure all the actual femboys I've seen are channers constantly saying shit the tumblr girls would think is problematic and wouldn't give a rats ass if someone "misgendered" them. Tumblr shit is basically a giant glowing sign that says you have a vagina.

No. 1106340

>please use the correct canned compliments, otherwise invalidate my entire existence

Exhausting. Avoid troons friends at all cost. They are emotional vampires.

No. 1106354

okay but Sam even if he's uncommonly short or has below average Testosterone levels, he will still end up more masculine then Charlie, he will have higher rates of body hair growth, muscle growth and stuff like his skeletal structure will be unavoidable. he can only be a "femboy" till his early 20's after that he'll be a fairly mediocre looking man. Charlie wh has a natural woman can pass of as a feminine male till her 30's and even 40's

No. 1106367

Thanks for your work anon, I came across this earlier and considered posting it but didn't want to deal with combining 18 images.
It's just more of the usual where the most important thing is making others triple guess their speech/actions so a trender can get a sense of control and power. Nevermind that all the people calling her handsome are probably basing it off of some other fakeboi comic where they were told calling an FtM feminine terms is a hatecrime, she needs special attention.

No. 1106371

If she is she's deep deep in the closet. Married to a man for 10 years deep. I can't remember if he divorced her during or before she started becoming a fakeboi.

No. 1106443

Jesus Christ so they have supportive friends, get loads of positive attention and this is all about wanting different compliments. How easy is your life when that's what you spend your time being salty about.

No. 1106599

FTMs love calling eachother "bro" and "dude" on FTM subreddits. This comic is clearly directed at women who still look and act exactly like women but choose to call themselves FTM for NLOG brownie points. If this type of fakeboi ever actually grew a beard or a big clit she'd experience what real gender dysphoria is like.

No. 1106693

>do you prefer masc, femme or neutral compliments?
absolutely lost it, thanks for the laughs anon

No. 1106715

severe brainrot

No. 1107120

This is incredibly tiring. Plus kek at the boy being drawn with child bearing hips

No. 1107122

anime rots your brain

No. 1107125

File: 1607942343136.jpeg (251.03 KB, 1448x1600, based.jpeg)

Truer words were never spoken.

I choked on my water. Fujoshis are the worst.

No. 1107193

charlie will go bald, acne scarred and onionfaced if she starts hormones and no 30+ year old feminine woman without hormones could pass as a male

No. 1107194

From what I read testosterone also makes you really hungry but doesn't necessarily convert it into muscle if youre a lazy ass and don't work out

No. 1107215

File: 1607964253893.jpeg (513.97 KB, 784x1176, C269E33C-D620-4887-A72B-59EB7B…)

There’s a FtM troon on the most recent season of Rupauls Drag Race. I’m just so confused if you transed out to be a boy why would you want to do drag as a girl?

No. 1107216

sage for of topic, but I don't keep up with drag culture but the more I learn about it the more it seems like a mental illness

No. 1107220

The same reason why they infiltrate any other gay male space: it's a fetish. I'm actually tempted to watch and see how much of a goddamn mess this becomes.

No. 1107233

So fucking creepy, she looks like a bobblehead, and once again flaunting the mastectomy scars…

No. 1107237

Does they still tuck?

No. 1107238

Who cares? So many men are making money from aping women in the boys club of Ru Paul and they already let transwomen in, I'm all for it. Let's hope some cis women are finally allowed some of those profits too.

No. 1107239

I just don’t understand why they’d aim for this. Why push yourself into a space you aren’t welcome? No matter what, most gay men will never see you as a man and those who pretend they do are doing so out of fear. RuPaul must have been pressured to allow it to keep up with the times, but I couldn’t imagine wanting to shove myself into a niche knowing well that I’m not needed nor wanted.

No. 1107259

It's ok if you can't understand it. Transgenderism is a mental illness, after all.

No. 1107286

Exactly. It's fucked how these men get praised for being catty, makeup, plastic surgery and fashion obsessed while actual women get so much hate for it. Drag is a shitty sexist thing that for some reason women actually accept and watch. They imitate and push the worst female stereotypes and get paid for it. It's telling they call the very female-looking drag queens "fish" (referring to shameful myth that vagina stinks like fish).

No. 1107370

File: 1608046658640.jpg (157.62 KB, 540x573, 20201214_153040.jpg)

Why do so many of these girls think bowl cuts look good

No. 1107373

No. 1107383

Could also be a little bit of that 90's aesthetic, but maybe not

No. 1107469

File: 1608054181873.jpg (24.83 KB, 385x502, 617JJysj30L._AC_UX385_.jpg)

It's exhausting honestly. I knew someone who was pre-transition ans she showed me pictures of frilly pink dresses like picrel and she said: "As soon as I've transitioned, I'm gonna wear the hell out of these! But NOT right now."

It's painful to hear that a girl would feel bad for dressing girly, as a girl…

No. 1107503

File: 1608056559900.png (2.46 MB, 750x1334, CEB028C6-0AD7-4482-842A-89FF33…)

For the anon from the other thread not ready for the fakebois with Castiel as their names, here's an old cow from the DID thread

No. 1107517

File: 1608056912741.png (1.25 MB, 1170x1130, Screenshot 2020-12-15 at 18.27…)

kek at the twitter handle being @AlphaWolf, i think they may have spent too much time on Ao3

No. 1107556

why do you even need top surgery if you’re that obese? just put on a sports bra and bam you have moobs.

No. 1107560

how is it possible to see this in the mirror and think "this is a good look"

and/or how is possible to think anyone would believe your lies claiming you like looking like this

people like this seem to WANT to look like a caricature of an überwoke spoiled college kid with zero life skills who parrots champagne socialism

No. 1107571

Gottmik/Kade has cow tendencies but not enough for me to deep dive into. She's a typical LA transplant obsessed with namedropping all the ~famous~ celebs she has worked with. Bestie of Gigi Gorgeous which says enough about her as a person imo

No. 1107634


The dysmorphia is that this is a good look. It's like how prime time family tv is a drag contest instead of laughing at the pantomime dames. It's reeeeeing that little kids aren't allowed puberty blockers as if that's not some Midsommar tier cult shit.

No. 1107727

The fat FtMs are so retarded, they act like their doctors asking tho to lose weight for surgery is fatphobia, they refuse to realize that the excess weight could make the surgery more complicated or fuck up the recovery process.

No. 1107730

has anyone noticed how often kalvin garrah gets new girlfriends

No. 1107737

Probably because they’ll get clout plus woke points at the same time. He isn’t ugly or anything just looks 12 so it’s a little weird.

No. 1107739

>look 100 % like a girly girl
>your friends still respect your trans boi identity
>feel invalidated because of wrong kind of compliments

How fucking entitled can you be?

No. 1107741

does anyone know what happened between him and sierra. it seems like his breakups are always really bad and dramatic

No. 1107751

What I always thought Kalvin only got that one blond gf, there's more that that?

No. 1107756

he had the blond gf, someone called hannah, sierra, alyssa, and then a new one. i think im missing about 3 of them though

No. 1107779

god please make the gfs start cancelling him on twitter i need more info

No. 1107780

I’ve read both 3 times and I still don’t know what the fuck is going on
How did we even get to this point?

No. 1107793

i mean have you seen drag queens it has about as much to do with emulating actual women as wearing a fursuit has with being an actual dog

No. 1107803

When your fat folds clock you.

No. 1107816


Sage for OT I spent a lot of years hanging out in clubs and events that leaned heavy into gay men as a strong sector of their profit base and Fag Hags/woman who are obsessed with gay club culture and only hang out with trannies, drag queens ect are the most toxic friendless people I have ever met, every single fucking time, they literally cannot be around other women with being bullies or BPDfags and straight men tend to find their personality repulsive. Only gay men find their combination of narcissism, bullying, and dramatic meltdowns to be amusing and cute.

No. 1107823

File: 1608077028722.png (807.41 KB, 1080x1499, 20201215_190303.png)

From the other farms, this fakeboi is looking for a name. What would you name her, /snow/?

No. 1107831

She looks like her name is something like Emma or Sophia, so her new name will be Sophinsecure

No. 1107833

Gránna, lovely Irish name

No. 1107844

She looks like she smells like old dairy

No. 1107845

>they literally cannot be around other women with being bullies or BPDfags and straight men tend to find their personality repulsive.
>Only gay men find their combination of narcissism, bullying, and dramatic meltdowns to be amusing and cute.

so faghags are basically mtfs but dickless? now everything makes sense


No. 1107856

Goob. perfect goblin name!

No. 1107859

Why does she look like ryan adams

No. 1107903

>goblin relevant
yep, sounds about right for someone who looks likes non-binary identified Ed Sheeran.
remember when being an embarrassing teenager meant being a weird horse girl/wolf girl and Naruto running outside of Hot Topic instead of having your NLOGginess culminate in growing a patchy beard, adult acne and naming yourself Aiden? zoomers are doomed.

No. 1107950

>#ftm mlm
that's just being straight with extra steps

No. 1107959

Couldn't be bothered to read it all but this is literally just being autistic but I guess that isn't special enough anymore, kek.

No. 1107968

Sped Queeran

No. 1107969


I grew up pagan, am still pagan, and this kind of fan-cult stuff makes me want to scream. Why can't this person just look at a family tree and pick some sensible grand-uncle's name?

No. 1107981

I would name her "Crunch Rag" uwu

No. 1108010

I do wonder about that, if they were post-op. Just makes it seem even more like a fetish.

No. 1108125


Leprechaun in the ball pit (2014)

No. 1108419

File: 1608147941392.jpg (124.6 KB, 540x450, 20201216_144351.jpg)

Can't call it a glowup with he/theys. Why do these girls always dye their hair and get fatter?

No. 1108422


no point in trying to perform femininity (i.e. take care of yourself) when you don’t identify with it

it’s really sad, i have my bets on a lot of these girls feeling inadequate as women because they feel like they can’t be conventionally attractive or perform up to the (frankly astronomical) expectations that come into being “feminine” so they pick up an easy label as trans and let themselves go/lean into the “ugly” aesthetic to further dissociate from the feminine

ignoring that most men don’t dye their hair poison dart frog colors

No. 1108426

wow this one is so sad.. she used to be gorgeous

No. 1108444

>Can't call it a glowup with he/theys. Why do these girls always dye their hair and get fatter
They're literally mentally ill and delude themselves into thinking they're hawt partly due to spending time in echo chambers online and is encouraged on top of some sort of unresolved trauma

No. 1108466

Testosterone causes weight gain.

No. 1108523

Raven with a o to be "masculine". Seems like something a fakeboi would name herself.

Alternatively "please-god-i-am-so-jealous-of-conventionally-attractive-straight-girls-and-i-don't-know-how-to-be-a-tomboy-without-looking-like-a-doughy-13-year-old-boy-so-i-said-fuck-it-and-chose-to-be-the-doughy-13-year-old-boy"

No. 1108578

Outside of Kpop and 90's influence, they think it makes them quirky and unique, plus men don't sexualize them as much.

No. 1108581

They're very lucky to be 6'3 but still ruined it by being morbidly obese and having a clocky fakeboi aesthetic.

No. 1108601

ding dong

No. 1108604

File: 1608161167741.jpg (147.17 KB, 540x512, 20201216_182517.jpg)

Another they/them downgrade

No. 1108624

it's so predictable. before pic is always a sheltered horse girl look, like what the tradthots wish they'd dressed like as teens. after pic is like a boomer cartoonist's interpretation of what a feminist/democrat/snowflake looks like, complete with awful haircut, cheap dye job, and weight gain of 50-100 lbs

No. 1108656

It kind of depresses that most of them look sad or trying to force a smile in their old photos. They definitely needed more body acceptance/positivity, maybe a decent circle of friends instead of listening to internet weirdos

No. 1108713

She would have been cute as a butch if she just kept the weight off. Looks like Elliott Rogers page in the face.

No. 1108719

File: 1608170669079.jpg (626.24 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20201216-210015_Tik…)

Hey she's kinda cut-

Wtf is this trend where girls with pixie cuts call themselves nonbinary?!

No. 1108863

they both look like butch lesbians…

No. 1108930

File: 1608199122962.png (14.84 KB, 596x181, 7.png)

Struggle of minorities identities, I could've sworn she wasn't into this phase earlier this year

No. 1109009

This is almost sadder than the ones who get aggressively fat and ugly. Calling yourself a they/them but still wearing a pound of makeup and fake lashes, and what might be bad lip fillers.

No. 1109077

Then: looks like she has the potential to live a healthy life, find herself and come to appreciate her passion for horses.

Now: looks like they will be destined with debt, self-loathing, continued alienation from fellow scores, diabeetus, mutilation.

Its almost more tragic than the methface timelines because this self hating garbage ideology is being pushed on kids.

No. 1109223

> i have my bets on a lot of these girls feeling inadequate as women because they feel like they can’t be conventionally attractive or perform up to the (frankly astronomical) expectations that come into being “feminine” so they pick up an easy label as trans and let themselves go/lean into the “ugly” aesthetic to further dissociate from the feminine

It’s exactly this. Had a fakeboi phase myself, went away before hormones or srs luckily. Truth is I wasn’t even trying before, and it was easier to blame it on “dysphoria”.

No. 1109278

No. 1109281

You are heterosexual.

No. 1109305

it's because of the regressive gender stereotypes trans shit has rekindled in the mainstream. according to TRA logic, if being a woman means liking pink, wearing dresses and having long hair, then it's only logical for individuals to be "non-women" if they don't fit that criteria. that's why every under-25 woman you meet nowadays that isn't a hyper-feminine normie is some genderspecial they/them variant.

No. 1109428

this is like the straight traps (traps that like girls.) manga i read, it obviously is giving AGP but im not gonna be a tranny because its hot and sexy, anyways this is like 100 times cringier than that, anime truly has become a epidemic amongst the young.
Also why the fuck do females that like traps exist? aren't they supposed to like manly man in secret or something?, when searching for trap manga (Not hentai), only woman seem to write them, maybe its because im a fucking soyboy but i prefer my traps without the gay anal sex please, and only woman seem to like that.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1109491

what the fuck is this post

No. 1109496

File: 1608260006083.jpg (45.68 KB, 640x853, squat-and-squint-meme-woman.jp…)

No. 1109497

Fuck it i knew it was fucked, anyways what i tried to convey was i like traps but not in the fucking them way.
And for some reason females seem to like that too?
The problem is i like them in the "UwU cute boy and girl" and since that implies identifying with the trap it means im getting AGP over time due to that.
May god save me from degeneracy like this, i just wanted to be normal.
Also, sorry for sperging out, is this still to much sperging?(no1curr)

No. 1109498

can someone ban this 13 year old pornsick boy please

No. 1109521

File: 1608262773568.gif (1.68 MB, 307x179, 166FB643-3EF9-4027-9F94-C74973…)

No. 1109526

File: 1608263179085.jpg (55.77 KB, 1080x1183, EOiQeWRUUAAM_uP.jpg)

>im getting AGP over time due to that
>Also, sorry for sperging out, is this still to much sperging?
imagine typing this out, and thinking sperging was the only issue

No. 1109550

No he's hilarious. I think this one might be a legitimate femboy who got lost here
keep going boy lmao

No. 1109583

File: 1608268475067.gif (1.41 MB, 370x272, giphy.gif)

If you mean that troons ruined "traps", then yes you are correct. Also, women aren't limited to just liking manly men. They can like anything really.

No. 1109639

>she’s cute
Anon, she looks like Blanche Devereaux from The Golden Girls.

No. 1109714

File: 1608298992177.jpeg (36.35 KB, 576x575, whatthefuck.jpeg)

and see here ladies and gentlemen, this is what anime does to your brain

No. 1109754

Blanch Deveraux is cute wym

No. 1109995

File: 1608327723760.png (1.13 MB, 1080x1306, Screenshot_20201218-153209.png)

Found in the wild looking at an archive of someones troon stans. The two are the same but with pimples I CANNOT LOL

No. 1110007

Healthy boyish girl
Greasy and balding boyish girl

No. 1110013

File: 1608328550219.png (1.16 MB, 801x1768, Screenshots_2020-12-18-15-51-1…)

Tumblr tranmaidens delivered an unironically golden one here

No. 1110056

File: 1608331242297.png (1.36 MB, 838x1262, Screenshots_2020-12-18-16-34-4…)

Samefag but went into the ~enby ~ reddit and OOF those sad dog ear tits

No. 1110061

Wait, post top surgery? Did she only get a partial mastectomy or did they sprout back, nips and all?

No. 1110081

Just out of interest how many people here believe that autohomoeroticism is a thing with a lot of these girls? A lot of them including ones I've known personally seem so fixated on becoming twinks even if they're not obsessed with anime.

No. 1110146

This doesn't look all that bad to me tbh. Like a small chested butch.

No. 1110228

So from what I can gather of how FtMs end up looking they have the option of looking like a manlet trailer trash, a manlet neckbeard or a manlet underdeveloped teenage boy that is a mix of the first two.

No. 1110469

I mean, I think pretending to be a 'boy' is silly but some anons in this thread seem to be overfixated about how physical attractive the ftm girls look, or how they looked cuter or whatever before.
That's just so vain, I give 0 shits how attractive they are, I think the potential bone mass loss issues and other hormonal conundrums are much more important, let alone the disservice they are doing to what being a woman means, as if you can only be female if you conform, have long hair, perform the cute doll role, and have conventionally feminine interests.
If they like themselves better with short hair, 20 extra pounds, and no makeup, who am I to judge?

No. 1110528

Truly this is the face of a woman who is satisfied with her life and all the decisions she has taken have been good for her happiness.

No. 1110531

File: 1608390507718.jpg (355.48 KB, 1080x1560, 20201219_155512.jpg)

This handmaid

No. 1110536


This is a ~nonbinary~ not "ftm" and imagine paying real money for that top surgery quality

No. 1110537

Samefag but holy tranmaiden batman

Ellen Page just looks like a fucking prison lesbian now since the "masculine" outing

No. 1110549

I think it’s more complicated than with AGPs because (internalised) misogyny is always going to be a major contributing factor for every FtM and for the straight ones, being men would make them gay men. Though I definitely think that a lot of them idealise and fetishise gay male sex. Fahrlight/Keyes/whatever she’s going by now in /pt/ is IMO a clear example of someone so obsessively attracted to Tom Hiddleston’s Loki that she wants to wear his skin and be desired as him. She dates (dated?) another FtM Thor cosplayer who she clearly used to live out her Thor/Loki ship IRL and has posted about seeing herself as a slutty twink hanging off the hairy arm of a big beefy dude. I honestly don’t know if she’s straight or gay or whatever, and I suspect it doesn’t matter to her as long as she gets to have sex as Loki. She fascinates me, honestly.

No. 1110556

Is there any female-centric fandom or niche hobby that isn't full of fakebois? Even stuff you'd think would be mostly older women like knitting and sculpting are full of fakebois.

No. 1110598

I have noticed this too, so many fandoms like for example the Undertale, anime or Homestuck are filled with fakebois, LARPing and gay shipping. It's like- can't have a yaoi bf so I became a yaoi bf?

No. 1110614

This has been discussed over and over in this thread and at this point it should be just pinned in the OP. It's not directly comparable to AGPs because for women it's often more about escaping womanhood and internalized homophobia, all of these "gay" fakebois only date other fakebois, most of them are not creeping on actual cis gay men like AGPs forcing their dicks on lesbians.

No. 1110636

I agree, plus I know a lot of 'real women' who look a lot like some of these people who are simply gender nonconforming; a lot of them are lesbians. I know the thread is just for pointing and laughing though, I guess I just want a GC thread where we can have a more productive discussion.

They're terrified of being seen as having privilege, they would never want to be an evil straight man. Privilege points are a huge issue within these communities, even if they outwardly decry the concept. I've seen so many posts talking about how trans men somehow hold the same privilege as cis men despite being 100% female with all the associated risks. There's an insane amount of cognitive dissonance.

No. 1110638


i guess it's also (for the fakebois who are only into other fakebois) the only way to safely be a lesbian without being questioned if they like mtfs. female4female only is no longer acceptable in the community, but somehow transmasc4transmasc only is

No. 1110639

Sort of agreeing with this because lolcow is visited by certain anons who have an unhealthy rage obsession with fakebois and wish all nasty tomboys and butches would just either kill themselves or learn to put on a dress and makeup. But on the other hand a lot of these people ruin their bodies to the point they look unhealthy. HRT ages you really bad, causes male pattern baldness, a scarce teenager moustache and severe inflamed acne and botched top surgeries leave you with disfiguring scars.

However in the case of something like this >>1108604 while the danger hair and tumblr getup is extremely cringey I still raise my eyebrow at it being called a "downgrade". A woman should be able to look androgynous/masculine if that feels more comfortable instead of only conforming to the Conventionally Attractive American Girl Next Door style. If they just dropped that stupid fucking gender shit and kept being bulldykes it would be fine.

No. 1110689

Definitely, I see a lot of ftm's calling themselves t4t which I honestly can't begrudge them, shit makes sense.

No. 1110736

most of us like butches and tomboys, we dislike special pronouns and fakebois. there's a big difference.

No. 1111021

File: 1608436900308.jpeg (675.19 KB, 1920x2560, 3AEF8F9E-5578-47C6-ABDB-8968B0…)

these girls used to be cute. Then they destroyed themselves.

No. 1111024

File: 1608436996603.png (2.55 MB, 828x1792, ABD1DB0E-D3EE-48A0-B410-63DE5D…)

both are he/him and gay. do not misgender or hate gay men!!1

No. 1111029

Gotta admit the one on the left looks genuinely better as a dude, or maybe her make up was just atrocious.

No. 1111037

File: 1608439018132.jpeg (37.09 KB, 306x423, A77AA777-1131-454F-9D41-B7E69B…)

I wonder where that predator Gemma Barker is now. “The girl who became 3 boys” one that assaulted her friends/acquaintances. Even just a name change alone and she could be back at that, I bet people would even defend her if she was simply saying she was trans and dating straight girls despite her history. Scary shit.


It’s definitely a bit odd that a lot of posts include stuff about how good-looking these girls were before they did whatever to themselves, it weirds me out when it’s just a before and after of the cow being a teen and then being like 20 with short coloured hair or some ugly T side-effects.

Sometimes it feels like it comes from a place of genuine pity/concern, but there’s a lot of times where it comes across as a bit intense (Almost incel intense) regardless of how the anon saying “She used to be so pretty” or whatever feels.

No. 1111096

The one on the right must be a biological man. Looks way better as a guy

No. 1111103

Gtfo the farms for a day we know you're talking about her nasolabials

No. 1111104

Yeah does look like a guy in drag in the first pic, I've never seen an Aiden turn out that convincingly male looking.

No. 1111164

It weirds me out that the girl on the left in the bottom picture looks like so many of the girls I know who trooned out facial feature-wise. It's so weird that so many of them seem to have these certain features that seem to steer their fate towards trannyism, I don't get it.

The one on the right looks genuinely cute as a guy though but probably would've looked just as fine as a woman if styled right and more with a butch vibe.

No. 1111165

I've always said its the face of the people who are a little TOO into rensaissance faires

No. 1111272

File: 1608485317945.png (88.47 KB, 598x840, 5.png)

Local transman complaining about Cyberpunk2077 creation mode + romance system because you can't be a yaoi twink in there, I can understand some point when it comes to body modification but at the same time this is not tranny simulator

>it's disheartening and downright annoying that cyberpunk's idea of what a liberated future looks like is nothing more than body mods

That's literally the point

>Body and voice (which determine pronouns) are the only restrictions on those particular romances, and as far as I know genitalia is ignored. Which was a very good start!!

So attraction is based on pronouns actually, the more you know

Link: https://twitter.com/ghostsjogging/status/1339599072382971913

No. 1111275

File: 1608485508982.jpg (22.47 KB, 591x128, 6.JPG)

I guess putting a they/them option would've solved the issue since the team wanted to go to the inclusive route anyway but the logic baffles me on that.

> acknowledging biology bad

No. 1111278

wtf are you on anons? she looked great before, very effortlessly feminine. and even if that wasn’t the case, there’s always going to be women with masculine faces, it’s pretty retarded to suggest they’re better off living as men.

No. 1111305

Lol, cry harder fakeboi. Why doesn't she just stick to playing Ouran High School Host Club dating sims?

No. 1111338

Nah I gotta agree with the other two anons, that genuinely looks like a man in drag. Are we sure he isn't biologically male?

No. 1111418

lmao maybe she should go back to playing yaoi VNs with the other fujos, she got filtered by the fucking character creator of cyberpunk of all games
>genderspecials are among the people refunding the game
top fucking kek

No. 1111462

File: 1608505084392.png (158.65 KB, 1000x1000, 8c9fa2a7-2ad2-4788-9921-14a521…)


No. 1111463

File: 1608505122860.png (221.72 KB, 1000x1000, e2a08d5e-21c2-41aa-acf4-ccf9a1…)

No. 1111476

File: 1608505614093.png (329.16 KB, 1000x1000, 0bcbe099-90dd-452d-924d-c139f0…)

No. 1111478

oh nonono

No. 1111479

File: 1608505716879.png (271.74 KB, 1000x1000, 396c9843-0a20-4c66-8eb4-8a7d00…)

No. 1111480

File: 1608505858190.png (274.55 KB, 1000x1000, 6f8f7f35-7595-491e-a44e-b0568e…)

No. 1111483

This is what clout makes you do. I'm pretty sure I saw that comic at least 2 years ago on kiwi, I wonder if she changed her mind ever since?

No. 1111485

another lesbian down

No. 1111489

so why is it that you have an obligation to Allah to wear a hijab, but your father does not? oh right, because you are female

No. 1111512

>muslim thinks wearing pants makes her a man
i'm actually cringing

No. 1111544

File: 1608510502322.png (324.63 KB, 720x993, 1608500886082.png)

No. 1111552

as in…the penis? post the rest of the pics on that post

No. 1111554

Yeah phalloplasty. She tore off the frankendick after getting the entirety of her girl bits (and arm and leg) mutilated. Tragic. I just saved this from /lgbt/, their account is private.

Also didn't realize this person has their own thread, oop >>>/snow/920764

No. 1111559

Just scrolling by and yoooo what the fuck???? Who let this actually insane person get SRS??

No. 1111563

Pretty standard behavior for Soren
All that for fucking nothing

No. 1111570

yo what the fuck

No. 1111579

in the soren thread the conclusion was that it was the grafted piece on the arm, not the phallo

this happened a few months ago or so, soren posted actual graphic photos of the phallo a few weeks later, so this story was either bullshit or referring to the arm where the graft had been taken from and the fake skin was healing

No. 1111589

a white person made this comic.

all this comic does is reinforce that self ID doesn't remove or negate sex-based oppression. the onus to be modest (wear a hijab/niqab/burka/etc) falls solely on women. where are legal and social ramifications for immodest men? the Quaran states men should be modest too, but you never hear about (straight) male honor killings.

No. 1111707

I know this person, she's Malaysian. she's still a lolcow though. her twitter is @heliosdraws

No. 1111798

what the fuck she is 28

No. 1111811


Sometimes I don't know what's sadder, young teens getting into the trans cult or fully grown ass adults brainwashing themselves with this shit. You would think they'd know better

No. 1111828

Are there even any greek guys called like that? I think this might be the worst fakeboi name I've ever seen.

No. 1111949

not a real Greek male name, it's only used for the old Greek god for the sun. it's like calling yourself Hades or Apollo, so top cringe

No. 1111986

File: 1608573454234.png (128.78 KB, 679x355, EpQSJBZW8AcmbhY.png)

No. 1112058

weird how those are supposed to be the happiest 7 months of her life yet she looks genuinely unhappy in the 2nd pic. it's almost like trooning out doesn't magically cure your internalized misogyny and not like the other girls-ism!

No. 1112130

tinfoil but tbh the moms message looks like it was written by soren. same typing style. i bet soren wasn't even going to get a phalloplasty. who would let him get one? he's insane.
i remember seeing documentation that he was approved for a phalloplasty but hoenstly he's lied about so much it wouldn't be that far to assume he lied about a surgery. you'd be in intense pain if you knocked off a grafted appendage. he doesnt even seem bothered by it… idk, something not adding up for me.

No. 1112195

unfortunately, there are photos of it in the soren thread. it wasnt fake.

how someone so obviously unstable could get approved for that surgery is genuinely concerning beyond belief

No. 1112377

File: 1608605540618.jpeg (811.22 KB, 828x1626, 0B009719-12CA-4781-A3F8-BD7D6F…)

Love when troons prey on young autistic girls!

No. 1112444

wait I feel like this is true with autistic girls? they just go full fakeboi or non binary instead of being taught that they see shit in black and white. Hence why they think that not liking pink = they're a boi. They have absolutely no nuance in their identities as women, so they just go "im different so I'm not a woman."

No. 1112621

i actually have that book. its pretty good, although i disagreed with a few things

No. 1113411

File: 1608743476726.jpeg (989.46 KB, 1242x1303, 9D85672C-BD23-433E-9F72-62695B…)

I fail to see the eNbY-ness of her, but “I need attention!” in the tag pretty much sums it up so who is surprised kek. They’re all like this. If you’re femme just be a woman, self-hatred isn’t cute.

No. 1113437

enbies are never attractive. they always look like girls who can't style themselves, or boys lacking testosterone. so ugly. i make it a point to call myself bi, not pan, because not only are these idiots never cute but the mental gymnastics that come along with them are a huge turnoff.

No. 1113441

File: 1608747256841.png (255.27 KB, 1125x894, 1608690509700.png)

They know

No. 1113510

looks like a 40 year old woman

No. 1113543

Anon you know that pan is literally the same as bi, right?

No. 1113565

I had a 4chan sperg like this after me during my fakeboi phase oml, hits every pointer down to "you pass without T". Desperate scrotes will do or say anything to get pussy.

No. 1113630

no it's not. "pan" is supposed to include enbies and for some they consider trans not included in bi. but bi is strictly male/female.

No. 1113677

Oh my god, this is just like the issue at anime conventions where dudes would pretend to be gay to get laid by girls cosplaying as whatever yaoi boy they were into. I guess it all evolved into this shit.

No. 1113679

pansexuality is bisexuality for ugly people.

No. 1114046


…and there it is.

No. 1114067

It really isn't. Look if you want to argue about this get your facts straight first, go read the bisexual manifesto and look into the origins of the term pansexual (hint: someone made that up on LiveJournal in 2002) and then come back.

No. 1114107

NTA but most people identifying as pan these days think it means "bisexual but inclusive of trannies", even though I'd estimate at least half of bisexuals, from what I've seen irl, would at least date a troon of their own biological sex.

No. 1114127

Yes and that's exactly what's bullshit about the term pansexual because historically bisexuality has always been "attraction regardless of gender", "pansexual" is bisexual for people who want to feel special. Whether someone wants to date a trans person or not really only comes down to preference, making a separate sexuality for that is ridiculous and it's hilarious that here out of all places some people want to see it as a valid separate term.

No. 1114128

This randomly caught my eye mostly because this is identical to my former friend. I had to talk to them about not wearing incredibly right leggings with their packer at work because it's so visible and we occasionally work with kids. They got mad at me for a bit and they only folded once I brought up kids.

No. 1114154

Doesn't making a separate sexuality for trannies invalidate troons' argument that they are real men/real women too? Kek

No. 1114160

I remember during my fakeboi phase this guy was like "you're cute, I'd fuck your boy pussy"

Peak degeneracy.

No. 1114166

No. 1114169

How many farmers here used to be fakebois? Makes me wonder who out of all the women featured ITT will eventually snap out of it and realize how toxic the trans cult is.

No. 1114171

File: 1608829531434.png (218.13 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20201224-220113.png)

Found this on good reads, you can 100% tell a TIF Fujo wrote this
Even in this fiction where they hold the power to write any narrative they want, they stil portray themselves as softboi ukes

No. 1114175

>and the lingering butterflies they can't deny

This is a real book? Wtf

No. 1114177

Does "Lukas" come out as "gay" at the end and they fall back in love, living happily ever after? That's the perfect fakeboi wet dream. I'm curious for a plot summary and how bad the writing style is, but I wouldn't give her money.

No. 1114179

Sorry for being late to the party but Paige looks so miserable in all these new pictures, it's so sad.

No. 1114180

Saged because the video itself is off topic and not of that much interest. I got this popping in my reccomended and as soon as I heard the guy's voice it ticked me wrong. Awfully sounds like an aiden's voice after taking T. Checked his twitter and apparently it's a they/he. Sounds like a it was a she at first. Might be tinfoiling.

No. 1114181

A lot, probably. These threads pretty much started as a place for fakebois to complain about other fakebois for not being trans enough and making the rest of them look silly.

No. 1114187

A lot of the zero effort ones who are just they/them on the internet will just grow out of it become normies. Like anyone who had a goth/scene/emo/otaku phase in high school but whose parents wouldn’t let them go all the way.

No. 1114194

dude regardless of the actual term this is what it means colloquially. "pan" means you're okay with enbies and for some trannies i guess? idk. i just call myself bi to avoid the hassle

hey mod please don't ban me again for trying to clarify something okay thanks

No. 1114207


outing myself as a former fakeboi. i just really hated myself and had a lot of trauma associated with being born female. coupled with a (frankly gross) yaoi obsession and the current political climate around gender, it seemed like a logical conclusion to denounce my womanhood and just proclaim myself to be a man. i’ve posted before in these threads and i’ll say it again, i think a lot of these girls see themselves as “non-women” because they just can’t keep up with the performative feminine shit imposed on us since birth. or they’re fujos who just want to be seen as an “equal” because men have more “”equal”” relationships. or they’re traumatized. or they just don’t conform to the expectation of femininity, or they don’t have “traditionally feminine” interests, blah blah blah, i could go on.

there’s tons of reasons girls would want to dissociate from womanhood, that’s patriarchy for ya. it was a cringey but important phase in my life to be honest, helped me find lots of resources to prove being traumatized or just not feeling “woman enough” was just a part of the female experience. i had help from a family member as well, i can only help these girls can wake up and realize that there is no proper or improper way to be a woman.

as a side note, i find the escape to a fakeboi identity to more often than not be a cry as “i want to be treated as a human, thus i cannot be a woman.” it just really shows how much contempt is bred for women in society. it’s sad, frankly.

No. 1114216

>These threads pretty much started as a place for fakebois to complain about other fakebois for not being trans enough and making the rest of them look silly.
Can confirm, if you go back and read the first and second fakeboi threads it's 90% truscums and the rest supposed "allies". Worth a read if anyone who got here later wants to cringe. My fakeboi/truetranny phase ended at the very moment the threads began to shift from truscum to gender critical. I guess those of us former fakebois back when lolcow first started up experienced the same hivemind.

No. 1114218

You're wrong, as I said before if you wanna argue look into the history of both terms. Just because it's used colloquially doesn't mean it's correct.

No. 1114230

Is it purposeful that Jeremy sounds like an attention-seeking asshole??

No. 1114231

no one cares. words evolve over time. whatever's used in modern slang is the only one people are going to reference

No. 1114234

holy shit that's disgusting

No. 1114235

Can both of you shut the fuck up and concentrate on the cows ? Nobody cares about your autistic bisexuality vs pansexuality sperg

No. 1114244

Yeah "Jeremy" sounds like a huge asshole, I mean the guy lost his older brother and His girlfriend decided to break up with him to fuffil her fake boi dreams and now shes directly challenging him for something he cares about

No. 1114252

Packers always look ridiculous, ftms don't know that dicks contract as the man is standing up and walking around and look near invisible under pants, or if it's too big the man folds it sideways pressed against the skin under tight underwear (something packers can't do since they're stiff and molded into shape). They always want to feel manly by getting the biggest 6-inch or more packer which makes it look like they have a constant boner in their pants. The lack of self awareness is embarrassing at best and creepy at worst.

No. 1114305

File: 1608841071944.jpeg (1.15 MB, 750x1109, 0EE6E3C4-4EBE-4419-8FF1-8D501B…)

from one of the previous threads so we can get back on track making fun of fakebois instead of sperging about how uwu valid being pansexual is. old highschool classmate of fellow cow pixielocks, tons of posts on insta to cringe at.

No. 1114320

File: 1608842758011.jpeg (1.76 MB, 1242x1854, 583DD6BD-385B-434B-924E-99B48F…)

What are lolcow's thoughts on @johnnysjoys from Instagram? /pol/ thought she was biologically male for the longest time and she was a poster child for soyboy/cuck memes. She's more an example of how uncanny and horrifying ftms can look at an older age, I believe she is 38 or 39 now.

Last I posted her here I got blasted by truscums ("but he's ~real trans~ and passes!"). Here is some (recent) milk though:

>claims to be recovered from bulimia every other post but is visibly malnourished. Her cheeks aren't nearly as puffy as they were years back so maybe she stopped purging but she's obviously still restricting. just another thinspo account under the guise of "pro-recovery" for asskissing and to avoid getting banned

>made a post about being on T for 19 years but is stopping, then getting her period, went on endlessly to talk about how she paints with her period blood and has sex/masturbates on her period (information nobody asked for)
>wannabe "femboy" and stereotyle gayden despite being a woman pushing 40

I'd post screenshots of her milky walls of text but my computer's busted and they're too long to cap on my phone

No. 1114323

File: 1608843278512.jpeg (1.9 MB, 1242x1683, CA800D01-DE1E-4CB2-A21C-D765A4…)

Samefag, but for real, absolutely horrifying

No. 1114334

idek what combination of mental illnesses brings a woman to this point jesus christ

No. 1114358

this is like the female hsts

No. 1114362

female to frankie grande

No. 1114373

File: 1608848970845.png (283.48 KB, 1080x1180, Screenshot_2020-12-25-05-28-07…)

the fakeboi
so many fakeboi artists and authors are on twitter

No. 1114375

No, HSTS would imply she's attracted to women. The term you're looking for is AHE (autohomoerotism).

No. 1114390

faggots always fetishize conventionally attractive, small-nosed, blonde-haired masculine white men

No. 1114403

why do i know so many women who are more tough and masculine than 99% of transbois, yet they're secure enough to not fall into the transitioning trap? i feel pity for these sexually confused lesbians

No. 1114409

>fakeboi character has unresolved sexual tension with a boy


No. 1114419

>made a post about being on T for 19 years but is stopping, then getting her period

Shit like this just shows that those people don't care about their health, hrt drastically increases the risk of cancer which is why people on hormones are advised to get a hysterectomy. Do these people really just not give a fuck or do the doctors not educate them on all the risks and side effects?

No. 1114439

Not sure if its been mentioned here before for milk but r/ftmtimelines is a newer sub with a lot of sad ugly troons.

No. 1114445

File: 1608855660502.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.43 MB, 1242x1810, AC61FBC1-ABF3-436F-99F6-B50AD2…)

Can't be as bad as r/ftmspunished

No. 1114468

File: 1608858165688.jpeg (683.58 KB, 1242x1808, AF769321-A547-4F52-82C7-246D3D…)

Been searching r/askgaybros for trans topics and the ftms who try posting there get btfo every time. Read the comments if you wanna lol:


I wish lesbian subs could do the same to mtfs, but unfortunately Reddit only cares about male voices.

No. 1114475

Crazy how FTMs get instantly excluded from gaymen spaces but MTFs force themselves into lesbian spaces without the women being able to say anything or else they're instantly labeled as terfs. Sage for off topic.

No. 1114486

I wish the male gay subs would say something about the lesbian subs getting over run and banned for saying the same shit as them tbh, kinda feels like lesbians show way more support than they receive from gay men.

No. 1114491

>gay men get a pass to hate women no matter how they "identify" while women must praise "lesbian dick" as brave and stunning or theyre TERFs

Color me shocked. Is there even the equivalent of the term TERF for men or is it just exclusively a "scary radical feminazi" thing rebranded for these pornsick coomers to throw at us when we make fun of their disgusting LARPing as little girls.

No. 1114493

/lgbt/ calls them TERGs, size queens or gincels

No. 1114498

>we are the ultimate bottom
is this just a way to be qt sissies without feeling cringey because they're not icky dumb girls?

No. 1114499

>we are the ultimate bottom? I don't get it
please i need these fujos to shut the fuck up and stop giving themselves brainrot by fantasizing about being the perfect boihole

No. 1114511

I've seen TEHM get used here and there for gay men, chiefly on tumblr.
I doubt there will ever be a specific term for evil transphobic straight men though, probably because your average ayydan doesn't interact with them enough to consider them an issue

First time I've heard of it

>size queens

iirc that's an actual unrelated gay male term for faggots obsessed with big dicks


That actually refers to one guy, also known as gayjew. OT, but he's a lolcow in his own right, he sucks up to /pol/tards out of all people despite being gay and jewish. It's pretty easy to see which threads on /lgbt/ are made by him, his anti-troon tirades have a specific formal/essayish feeling to them.

No. 1114515

>another /lgbt/ lurker

Do you think Terje is milky enough to post here? I tried posting Boris a few threads ago but it got labeled a vendetta.

No. 1114516

are there any examples of mtfs being btfo'd on reddit like this?

No. 1114517

omg looks like trans Holly Brown kek

No. 1114519

TEHM is one I've seen on Tumblr

No. 1114547

They need to ban these questions they’re just getting baited so the sub gets banned

No. 1114567

>we are the ultimate bottoms
>2 boy pussys
This is just being a submissive straight woman with extra steps

No. 1114583

I hate that women aren't allowed to defend themselves against TiMs on reddit. Seeing this TiF get btfo'd still felt good though.

No. 1114592

File: 1608879496464.jpg (301.26 KB, 1800x2048, IMG_20201224_234935.jpg)

She thinks Olive is a gender neutral name, wearing slightly masc clothing, a face full of glam makeup and drag queen lashes is enough to pass as enby or male. She also sperges about being missgendered daily.


No. 1114622

5 minutes checking out her Twitter and my brain already hurts from all the cringe. What the fuck is wrong with these women? Not even a month ago she was still going by she/they and now she gets mad when people call her a girl? Also that horrible photoshop is fooling nobody kek

No. 1114658

Maybe a more general /lgbt/ cow thread would work? There's something for everyone: the freakshow that are mtf troons shitting up the board, Terje and Boris, as well as angry fags in /gaygen/

No. 1114665

The stark difference in those comments compared to lesbian subs, holy shit. I was just thinking about this issue after another lesbian subreddit got shut down for "transphobia" a few days ago, like imagine if the gay male communities got assassinated like that. I recently watched a vlog of three gay men talking about how they definitely wouldn't fuck a FTM even if he's attractive because of the ultimate lack of a dick. No signs of cancelation or hurt feelings in the comments.

FTMs are always so quick to jump to the defense of MTFs but when's the last time you ever saw a MTF calling gay men out for ~twansphobia~ for saying that they want a penis on their men? Never. Not even trooning out rids women of the internalized duty of being expected to do emotional labor for men.

No. 1114739

File: 1608910305653.jpeg (152.67 KB, 1242x630, 346FFF2F-24D3-4204-884F-6005DB…)

She went to vent to r/FTM about it but unfortunately mods deleted her post, probably to avoid brigading from the other sub. But if you read the comments, some of the other ftm commenters point out her hypocrisy in the post:


She was whining about being "DOOMED to date other ftms" and how it's unfair because she wants to suck cock too. Also said she was willing to date a mtf but not ftms. Like girl, you're a het woman who by nature is only attracted to men with dicks. Why are you angry that men who share your sexual preference feel the same? This sense of entitlement and hypocrisy is whack.

Boris is cringe in her own right but doesn't have the sheer level of insanity as Terje, who after a manic episode burned her roommate's belongings saying "my daddy lawyer will bail me out of charges" and then proceeding to attempt an hero when she realized the consequences of her actions. Gathering screenshots from the archives is too much for me to do on my tiny mobile phone but I'd like to see how an /lgbt/ thread turns out simply because the core of that board's entertainment is its lolcows.

No. 1114758


No. 1114759

File: 1608913031761.jpeg (854.14 KB, 1242x1368, E918388F-88EA-450F-863D-1117AD…)

She just wants to say faggot. Being an artist/musician thinks she can blow up by being a troon. Can’t wait for this trend to stop/be called out for what it really is.


No. 1114761

File: 1608913587677.jpeg (86.13 KB, 619x960, EEEA4074-F824-47EB-A6E5-8CCF89…)

apparently an enlarged clit = dick ??

No. 1114764

does she think anyone would believe such bullshit?

No. 1114770

File: 1608914937643.jpg (143.44 KB, 720x589, Screenshot_2020-12-25-16-47-48…)

So then why do you use the pronouns of a gender you don't feel comfortable being perceived as?

No. 1114776

what the actual fuck? could u provide the context for this? i dont know if we should laugh at this anymore this is pure mental illness and the fucking steven universe pfp is the cherry on top

No. 1114787

wait till cis people find out that transmen get vaginal atrophy, male pattern baldness, infertility and 4x the odds of a heart attack when they take testosterone.

I honestly think most normal people think of hormones and srs as magic pills that can actually change sex. mom would drag this b o i straight to a gender critical therapist if she knew the havoc hormones wreak on your health and the absolute horror of srs. this is not an advanced medical field, in fact it's only a small step up from sewing pig testicles into men's balls to cure infertility.

these people 99% of the time need help for comorbid mental issues, put them on T and they will find themselves still depressed but now with chronic health issues and no hair.

No. 1114821

Yes Bigot.

If it makes someone feel better it’s automatically the truth

No. 1114837

I think most of them are AHE and that the internalized misogyny and especially the internalized homophobia factor is overblown in a lot of cases.

No. 1114840

Unironically will be me in 5 years

No. 1114851

She's definitely into men. Ftm hsts seem a lot rarer than mtf hsts. Both htsts are less common but I've yet to meet much genuine exclusively female attracted ftms unlike male attracted mtfs.

No. 1114852

Where are the people calling out guys who fuck MTFs and pretend to be straight?

No. 1114853

They're better off just dressing as men, wearing no make up, learn to lower their voices and chopping they're tits off if they want to. All things that can be reversed since they're gonna change their minds in a few years. Hormones won't make their vaginas disappear and make them magically grow a dick, it won't make them bigger or taller, it won't change their bone structure. Who even made them believe that testosterone's going to turn them into their favorite anime boy? Because that's what they want to be, not a man, but a hot anime bishounen.

No. 1114880

They must be getting shredded in the comment section by guys since its gone viral

No. 1114968

Reading this I was reminded of how I've weirdly noticed that is how "gay" FTMs very often seem to not really want the gay men to fuck them, but to be recognized as "not a woman" despite having a vagina. Compared to AGP transbians who are more on the side of genuinely getting off to bullying lesbians and colonizing female spaces. So many "gay" FTMs seem to date only other FTMs, or that cucked straight boyfriend from before their transition who's only with them because he's too codependent to leave.

Has anyone ever seen a fakeboi date a biological male, ever? The only rare cases I've ever seen have always been so that the male partner was there before the girlfriend transitioned. Even the genuine chasers only want sex from them, not a relationship.

No. 1114983

My experience is the opposite. I used to hang out with tons of trannies irl (younger population) and self-titled transbians lusting after each other/being repulsed by vaginas was waaaaay more common than t4t phallophobic ftms. It's also common for "lesbians" to troon out and realize they were straight/bi the whole time once the T made them horny and they never return to sleeping with other women.

Reddit seems to house mostly fetishistic troons compared to elsewhere. You get girls like >>1114468 and AGPs equally.

No. 1115224


Once the shit beard kicks in nobody will care about your clit dick either way.

No. 1115734

File: 1609054195581.jpeg (245.22 KB, 1280x1803, ED62AE21-14D6-4378-BD64-1D39D0…)

Lol some people on here might have been on tumblr when some girl faked a SBURB launch and the homestuck fandom went insane over it. The girl who did it was mildly popular on tumblr & didn’t troon out until fairly late but i found her on r/femboys… larping as a native trans girl. her tumblr is femcassidy and her reddit is bratdisorder. she had deleted posts where she photoshopped a micropenis on but she suntans/makes herself darker with makeup so much so that i didn’t realize it was her until months later.

No. 1115737

File: 1609054424720.jpeg (65.66 KB, 652x553, 24B733F2-34CD-4F72-ADEE-67CFD1…)

Also seems to be kind of a munchie—she seemed like she had an ED on her prime tumblr days and now claims blindness/uses a wheelchair. Ftr this is what she looked like half a decade ago. Her instagram and twitter are also willinthewisp but they’re locked.

No. 1115740

File: 1609055109304.jpg (Spoiler Image, 149.41 KB, 900x1200, EPKDpqMU8AAUu67.jpg)

whenever I see those obviously fake drawn on mustaches FtM's wear I instantly think of dorian electra. who is honestly such a cow I'm surprised she does not have her own thread.

No. 1115753

Lmfao anon hers is real she’s been on HRT a year or so. I think dorian electra doesnt have a thread because of how obscure she is/very few people know she has a boyfriend and has been a famewhore for years. i’d make one but i’m scared of it getting deleted cuz irrelevant

No. 1115763

embarrassing to admit but i used to be mutuals with this girl. i think she had another url at the time but i def recognize that picture. i wasnt close to her do i dont have any insider knowledge but she for sure is a munchie.

No. 1115790

ntayrt, please make one!

No. 1115798

She literally looks orange. People on the internet will believe anything.

No. 1115803

I used to follow her and her wife (another ftm) for the laughs, but haven't kept up with them in forever. iirc, back when I last kept up with her, she was kinning Will Graham from Hannibal, claiming to be an ashkenazi jew, claiming to have EDS, and constantly begging/selling a book length Will/Hannibal fan fiction by the chapter to pay for HRT, canes, a wheelchair, and a wheelchair accessible car. Absolutely insane.

No. 1115870

I've been a fan of Dorian for a little while, what milk is on her? I guess make a thread on ot to start, maybe it'll get moved once it picks up speed but please don't make a retarded thread for nitpicks, looking ugly and taking bad pics is her gimmick

No. 1115983

The whole brown face call out came out after she started claiming to have known a victim of a police shooting that happened at a BLM protest in HTX iirc. As she started begging for donations over that, her old pics resurfaced.

No. 1116014

did this person ever go by the name will????

No. 1116020

Judging by >>1115803, that’s likely.

No. 1116025

She still does, judging by her carrd:
She needs to get her story straight. Is she ashkenazi or reform?
It’s funny because back when she still identified as female she both ran a blog pretending to be an extreme neopronoun kinnie, but she also identified as a system at one point? She also had a service dog at some point.
If anyone cares, her callout (cringey but has past usernames so people can find older milk more easily) is here:
and teenage pics of her are here:

No. 1116058

OT: By reform do you mean Reform Judaism, because that's a sect. Ashekanzi is one of the European Jewish ancestries, besides Sephardic Jewish. Judging by her posts and what not, idk if I would believe her tbh.

No. 1116251

I was friends w this binch years ago on facebook–thankfully I don't go on that hellsite anymore and the communities we were in were awful. I always thought she was a lesbian (and really cute) and helped her spread the word about an abusive male ex once. idr the details on that but anyway I saw the ftm trooning out, using a cane/oxygen tank(?) and mentally noped out. only stopped following her on ig within the last year. wonder what happened to her dog? I'm so entertained that she was posted here and has all this crazy drama. sry for blog

No. 1116255

File: 1609115453984.jpg (243.59 KB, 1080x1335, Screenshot_20201227-192830_Tum…)

samefag but she's claiming to be both deaf and blind (can't tell how old these posts are but still)

No. 1116284

File: 1609120464930.jpeg (90.44 KB, 640x541, 6B132769-D010-414E-B8FD-C666F9…)

another 2015 to 2020 glow up spotted, i cannot LOL

No. 1116287

Jesus christ can we stop with this?
Bashing on the appearance of fakebois is obnoxious, not milky and make you all sound like appearance obsessed incels.

No. 1116290

at least learn to sage retard

No. 1116295

Criticism of whats posted on the thread doesn’t warrant saging because its not off topic dumb bitch, really shows how you have no argument against the nitpicking

No. 1116304

It indeed does as it ain't milk

No. 1116326

Do you know where you are? Let alone what thread you're posting in?

No. 1116396

what too many cartoons will do to a mf

No. 1116418

Other /r/s have been posted here but /r/bois is a real haven for enbies who have onlyfans

No. 1116426

She really just turned herself into a British pedophile

>can we stop with this?
No. Making fun of troons’ appearances is funny and sexy and cool

No. 1116430

File: 1609136516711.png (77.61 KB, 1080x786, Screenshot_20201228-142002.png)

No. 1116432

File: 1609136814462.jpeg (110.99 KB, 827x822, EBA94718-1C65-4E33-AE37-24D62D…)

No. 1116446

File: 1609143708481.png (538.02 KB, 657x694, 1578538663778.png)

He knows

No. 1116461

Lmfao she came out as a lesbian but also a trans boy in one fell swoop so it was really interesting watching her try to lead people into thinking she was simultaneously some waifish ftm will graham kinnie and also some hearty butch he/him flavored lesbian. So funny that her social behaviors and performance have always revolved around getting the most possible validation from the most possible people but not even over something consistent even across one period of time.
her reddit where she admits to being anorexic is funny. maybe that is the source of all your health problems pal???

No. 1116536


>"go off"

>calls cyber police

No. 1116543

Didnt she say the abusive male ex like, basically kidnapped and held her hostage, starved her, made her into a sex slave, and she nearly died trying to escape? That’s what I remember getting in bits in pieces when she oscillated from “don’t you dare ask me about my trauma or bring up my past” to “I can’t believe I was literally a sex slave”. Men certainly do all that sometimes, but the everything about her seemed so off all the time.

No. 1116547

>#anti tucute

Every time I see "truscum" ftms post pics of themselves they are the biggest fucking aidans, kek. I've never seen one of those rare musclebro ftms every gayden like her uses as inspiration give two shits about ~trenders~, probably because they have no reason to feel insecure.

No. 1116553

back in the day, when truscum tumblr was at its peak (around 2014 i think?), most of them claimed to be stealth musclebro chads. iirc most of them identified as "straight" too, and everyone else hated them for being "privileged straight white men". a while later "nonbinary truscum" showed up, as well as the gaydens, there was a rift between the OG transmed community and the new ones and there was a lot of drama. i wish i still had caps from then, most of the people involved deleted their accounts.

No. 1116560

>most of them claimed to be stealth musclebro chads
Lol doubt most of them actually were, or else they wouldn't be whining on Tumblr how "trenders make us look bad" because if no one knew they were trans, why would there be any reason to feel lumped in with uwu softbois? Virtually every ftm who brags to to the moon and back about being stealth looks like yet another pudgy aidan who at best confuses strangers. Butch lesbians get sir'd more often than the average ftm on T.

No. 1116564

kek, some of them also claimed to be like 6'3 and have 100% heterosexual stacy girlfriends
>why would there be any reason to feel lumped in with uwu softbois?
they said that this was the reason why they were stealth lmao

No. 1116569

Is right both the same person? I dont believe if so that top right is bio female. I thought transmen almost never get decent facial hair patterning and as a female it already looks like she has a shadow/facial hair shes trying to cover

No. 1116571

>kek, some of them also claimed to be like 6'3 and have 100% heterosexual stacy girlfriends
Now I'm not saying that women over 6 feet don't exist nor will I deny that some ftms manage to get cute girlfriends but given the nature of ftms, they were probably bullshitting half the time.

No. 1116597

File: 1609168235711.jpeg (510.25 KB, 1242x893, 98F5CB7D-F2CC-4116-B77F-395F5E…)

Posted this to /lgbt/ and what a shocker that the two biggest ftm cows from the board chimed in to act superior.

No. 1116602

Wasn't Boyonetta claiming to be one of those transmeds? It was so weird to see her claiming to be one of the gay bros while she still hasn't transitioned afaik.

No. 1116605

i can't believe these two have never been brought up here before, especially terje

No. 1116608

File: 1609169657271.jpeg (249.72 KB, 1784x858, D78AC33F-2785-49C0-9633-50E81A…)

Boris got posted a few threads ago. Like I said earlier in the thread, Terje deserves to be posted here more than anyone. Give me a sec to look through the archives and I'll post some of her milk. In the meantime,
>these obvious lesbians thinking they pass better than the Tumblr gayden

No. 1116612

boyonetta's still around? you'd think that if she's been at this for almost 7 years and still hasn't transitioned that she'd be desisted by now. also now i kind of wonder how many of the truscum accounts from back then ended up detransitioning, some of them were bordering on being "terfs" so there's bound to be at least a couple of them

No. 1116613

File: 1609169904834.jpeg (709.13 KB, 3416x1920, 6326EC37-61EE-4C89-8975-1C7A55…)

Samefag, found the image of Terje raging at her ex-roommate with a recently deceased father on discord.

No. 1116628

What an absolute piece of shit waste of sperm and egg.

No. 1116635

A GoFundMe was made to help the mtf in question:


It shows an archive of the thread where Turdje said even more terrible things.

No. 1116637

I doubt most of them claimed to be heterosexual most ftms even if they date exclusively women are afraid of being seen as straight.

A lot of ftms I've met managed to get a hot gf I never got how they manage to pull that off, then they dump them to go get a bf.

No. 1116639

They're both gaydens, though boris denies that vehemently and mocks gaydens herself even though she's only into guys

No. 1116644

I think you're confusing the two. Terje bragged for the longest time about being the only HSTS ftm, shitting on gaydens and transbians on the board before coming out as bi recently and getting a boyfriend. Boris doesn't deny being attracted to men but pretends to also be attracted to women, making rapey comments which only make it seem like she's overcompensating.

No. 1116648

this was the old school tumblr anti-sj / "egalitarian" clique, so they didn't mind being seen as straight that much. 2015 and later truscum nearly all identified as some sort of gay/bi though

No. 1116649

Boris mocks gaydens as well, even more than Terje did who mostly went after transbians. Boris these days seems only into men which is why I never got why she mocks gaydens.

No. 1116658

>I never got why she mocks gaydens.
Transitioning to ftm in the first place is trying to prove you're special and not like other girls. Every ftm shits on other ftms to some degree.

No. 1116666

i rarely ever see ftms who actually date women apart from the normie ones and those bodybuilder ftms. if you see a fakeboi on tumblr or using imageboards there's a 99% chance they're bisexual or "gay", even if they claim otherwise

No. 1116677

they do it to overcompensate and make people think they're "more valid" than gaydens, even though it's painfully obvious when they're pretending to be "straight". i don't even remember 2013-2014 totez trutranz str8boi tumblr blogs seething that much about gaydens so when i see a fakeboi who shits on them constantly i assume it's projection

No. 1116683

Fakebois tend to be straight or bi girls usually, since they have a fascination with gay male culture and aren't particularly interested in transitioning. 'Gay' trannies tend to be more socially maladjusted and autistic compared to 'straight' trannies, probably because they're not gender conforming enough in their new gender. That's why you see them more often online cause autistics are drawn to that more often.

Plus 'straight' trannies are less common and getting rarer and rarer unless you count the ones getting trooned as kids. There just aren't enough homosexuals compared to heterosexuals and bis. When it comes to ftms in particular there's a huge anti straight sentiment coming from their peer groups, idk why but ftm/fakeboi groups really detest straight male masculinity maybe its because of jealousy and inadequacy since they'll never fit it themselves. They only worship gay males and some sugarcoated representation of 'masculinity' where boys wear makeup and dresses.

No. 1116684

File: 1609177522037.png (19.76 KB, 1168x193, erhwebhv.PNG)

No. 1116687

Who cowtipped?

I've never seen her post a "gayden supremacy" thread, I think she's backpedaling.

No. 1116689

Thank you anon for posting this. I wanted to, but i didn't know if she belonged here or in the altcow thread because she's become a huge cow this year.

No. 1116691

Boris already knows that lolcow is a thing since she's terminally online, plus she's lying yet again

No. 1116693

File: 1609178636724.png (64.67 KB, 865x148, this.png)

No. 1116698

>convinced an ftm was a cis flamer fag
Either she's lying or terminally retarded. Ftms never get anywhere close to passing as "cis" unless they are bodybuilders, and even then they're easily clocked when standing next to men (including mtfs). The female skeleton is too obvious.

No. 1116700

That's good she's barely accepting she's a gayden, still she's mocked them far far more. This is the only ironic post I've ever seen of her on 'gayden supremacy'

No. 1116703

>really detest straight male masculinity
>They only worship gay males and some sugarcoated representation of 'masculinity' where boys wear makeup and dresses.
I think this is a big reason why more ftms and especially fakebois are detrooning, they don't know how real men interact because they've been sheltered away from it and refuse to acknowledge it. They think they can be cute gay boys but that's not even an easy life. They can't always be around their leftist female/fakeboi friend groups forever, eventually they'll have to try to integrate with men and they don't act soft or are that understanding.

No. 1116708

File: 1609180633059.jpeg (1.54 MB, 2976x3968, 8D4F8CFB-C837-4DA2-A485-82CFDE…)

The fact that she mocks anybody while looking like this blows my mind.

No. 1116711

File: 1609181262871.png (54.56 KB, 715x244, D1DBFE70-8F3B-4C61-ADCA-AA9A80…)

No. 1116728

Boyonetta seems to have chilled on the truscum shit for now, but she was heavily involved in the community back then. Now she says she has problems with the community and that "it has changed for the worst".
She's still at it, been sticking to herself on tumblr and her discord server, and unfortunately doesn't produce much publicly available milk. Tries to poke the hornet's nest sometimes, but it doesn't work because tumblr is dry these days. She's still the same potato-faced fujo pushing 30, just more boring. She does have a twitter though, @gayspacevamp, maybe she'll produce some milk there.
Maybe it's time to find another personal cow…
Wow, what a chad. I'm sure edgyposting on 4chan will give her a build like Gaston one day.

No. 1116751

why would anyone ever post a pic of themselves like this holy fuck. is it too girly to learn how to take a decent selfie?

No. 1116754

File: 1609185083231.png (3.19 MB, 1736x1344, 0FA1DC36-9A7D-4D91-A902-043D11…)

Boris always takes body pics sideways, at an angle or with a robe covering most of her body to hide the hips. Terje is a few inches taller and much thinner yet has to hide her equally big hips with her hand covering her side. I would love to see candid photos of these two because I'm sure it's much worse in person.

No. 1116759


Lawyer daddy would have to work hard to put out that literal and metaphorical fire if the cops were called.

No. 1116766

Boris needs to get an ed quickly that body is horrific

No. 1116767

That's kinda mean. A healthy diet and not sitting on their ass would be enough. Maybe some lipo.

No. 1116776

File: 1609187392602.jpeg (933.26 KB, 1242x1579, BBF9084E-759A-4C15-B005-1F3B11…)

She already got hip lipo, and made a ton of overdramatic threads to attentionwhore:

No. 1116794

>Maybe some lipo

double kek

No. 1116814

Based gay scrote

No. 1117173

This is what happens when you get chest surgery if you're fat. Once the breast is gone, the skin is supposed to lay against your chest muscles, not sag down like that. This looks like 1 year of no exercise while eating crap and sitting in a computer chair.

No. 1117182

I'm sad they're both crazy, the one on the right is actually kind of cute, while the one on the left looks like a mentally ill Tumblr user with a fetish for extreme guro, vomit, rape and weird fixations on destroying the female body.
>>1116613 is where the semi-attractive one reveals herself as a stereotypical Karen, though. "My lawyer dad", lmao.

No. 1117213

so uhh, there was this very young girl at the time, i think she was 13 or 14 that gained attention because she was deaf and could play fortnite pretty well (correct me, im not into fortnite at all nor ever was) so much so that she got signed by faze iirc.
well, i had a follow on her channel for years, and by chance some days ago i click on her profile and she is now "trans", fuck internet exposure and her parents, she 100% got groomed by some troon.

No. 1117229

File: 1609248574340.jpg (32.8 KB, 601x316, 5.JPG)

She removed the "i'm a girl" in her faq recently and I wondered why, she also started social activism around this time

No. 1117233

I’m surprised the one on the right is Terje, with the way anon phrased it sounded like that was Boris before she decided to transition. She looks and sounds like a Karen stuck with the body and style of an awkward tomboy.

No. 1117259

So just a girl?

>the one on the right is actually kind of cute
The poor image quality does her favors. I wish I could find the picture of her in high resolution where you can clearly see the aging. She's like 28 and still acts like a spoiled child.

No. 1117282

sage for no contribution but I swear to fuck I came across this person’s instagram very recently but I can’t for the life of me remember what the user was but I will share if I remember. also they do have an insta @/bratdisorder but it has like four posts and is inactive

No. 1117319

they’re from august

No. 1117346

File: 1609262396750.jpeg (419.31 KB, 1242x1923, A18C0595-BDF7-49B8-A917-E637AE…)

Just discovered the side of the internet where people insist on calling Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s daughter a boy and anyone who calls her She a transphobe. Even though her parents and friends call her She/Her and use the name Shiloh, If you google her name, it’s redirected to this.

No. 1117350

Why are trannies so hellbent on claiming every gay or GNC celebrity/cartoon character/etc as one of them without the consent of the person themselves or the writer? And then harassing anyone who disagrees. Holy fuck.

>14 years old

I hope she doesn't listen to them and carries on life as a butch girl but knowing how impressionable young girls can be…

No. 1117355

I think she came out as trans a few years ago and wanted to be called "he" according to Angelina Jolie. I don't think Shiloh ever released a statement herself but I could be wrong. No one except those close to her really know what her current gender identity is, as far as I know.

No. 1117357

This is so ugly and disgusting. I don't even know what gender it wants to be, it's repulsive as either

No. 1117364

Reminder that Angelina called Shiloh an "outcast" for being blonde in her ethnically diverse family. She also said she felt more of a connection with her other children than "privileged" Shiloh. Maybe it was a way for Shiloh to be special.

No. 1117365

According to Angelina she wanted to be a boy at around age 5 and insisted on being called John, but like most GNC gay children grew out of it. Kids who struggle with accepting their gender that young due to social norms almost never grow up to be trannies unless the parents forcefully troon them out.

No. 1117368

I think Angelina Jolie probably is a high key abusive narcissistic mother. Tbh, I even thought she'd push Shiloh to troon out for the attention.

No. 1117369

File: 1609264272294.jpeg (64.55 KB, 730x430, 322A93FF-964A-4FA9-A08A-C75A52…)

IIRC The only source for that was an interview Brad Pitt did when Shiloh was four or five where he said she would only answer to the name John, because she was obsessed with Peter Pan and that character. Angelina never released any statement her being trans. After that they have never referred to her as John or called her a he. Just this year Angelina called her “my daughter” during an interview and in 2018 she named an animal sanctuary after her. During one of Brad Pitt’s Oscar campaign interviews (maybe GQ or Vanity Fair) I read last year he called her his daughter again. Also Millie Bobby Brown is her friend as well and calls her Shiloh, not John.

No. 1117418

File: 1609267252415.jpg (15.43 KB, 296x300, kimmo.jpg)

Getting some strong Kimmo vibes from Boris.
Don't ftms typically date other women (including fellow ftms)?

No. 1117446

File: 1609268459082.jpeg (946.25 KB, 2224x1450, EC288032-1215-45FA-BC0C-4AC1E3…)

tbh I can understand in a way she would grow up to try to distance herself from the expectations of being the first Jolie-Pitt bio daughter anyway. I remember all the headlines when she was born and the hunt for pictures of the “Most Beautiful Baby in The World”. Shit like picrel.

No. 1117449

File: 1609268607285.jpeg (1.64 MB, 3264x1840, F8C3CA53-401B-4C8C-A755-B496C1…)

Saying she looks like a male is too generous a compliment, anon.

No. 1117473

There are genes that contribute to obesity by making people hungrier(derail)

No. 1117475

I'm late but yes! did you know her from fb or tumblr?

No. 1117477

Must be worse than being born to a royal family.

No. 1117514

in anon's defense that's a super long face for a female, if i hadn't already seen the body pictures i'd assume boris were an mtf larping as ftm

No. 1117545

Maybe anon meant manlet instead of man because they do look like a manlet known as Repzion there. Unfortunate.

No. 1117670

Tumblr. It was forever ago tho, and she deleted posts constantly, so I doubt I could find any proof now.

No. 1117755

File: 1609296517748.jpg (158.07 KB, 1080x1080, 1570033876710.jpg)

>Pure fujo autism
Like I just wanna tell this woman(who is 32 years old BTW) that "you are not a gay man you're just an awkward weeb straight woman, nothing wrong with that"

No. 1117801

So fujo it hurts, but I love her art style, it’s so cute.

No. 1117940

That's from the woman who's making the fake anime for Crunchyroll that's never coming out (High Guardian Spice or something), right? Given how much people hate fujos nowadays, it's a miracle she hasn't been excommunicated by the twitter art community.

No. 1117946

File: 1609317175989.png (351.27 KB, 587x467, Screen Shot 2020-12-29 at 11.3…)

Found this boi in the #lolitasfashion tag on twitter

No. 1117948

Wait who is this? Looks really familiar

No. 1117956

>"actual lolita fashion"
>costume horns
>ratty, shit-quality colored wig

Go back to trans party city where you belong

No. 1118007

Dinoraye is saying weeb shit like "desu :3", she also made a short comic about relating to the yaoi hole trope and how it's actually SO MUCH related to ftm because male vagina (it was posted in a previous thread). She's really larping as twink anime character.

Yes that's her, but I guess she's in the clear for being twans so it cancels out her fujoness.

No. 1118016

Kimmo Alm, shameless pedophile, megalomaniacal owner of the den of kidfuckers that was AnonTalk, and a guy who spammed 4chan and other imageboards so much moot had to add in captcha and post timers

No. 1118797

File: 1609427773343.jpeg (322.1 KB, 1242x1571, 3A0C347F-92A9-4187-A5AE-227E32…)

What is this shit

No. 1118807

I just think it's people having breakdowns and slowly descending into madness because of the absolute state of the world. I hate how kweerios refuse to acknowledge that social contagion is a thing and that vulnerable people are falling into the trap of gender bullshit, they don't even realize how unnecessarily complicated their views on gender are.

No. 1118809

lmao I understood it the other way around, that they/them IS performative and they finally understand later during quarantine that gender doesn't actually have to be that deep. if only

No. 1118850

File: 1609433137823.png (1.29 MB, 828x1792, 8029CAFD-E01F-4188-9923-54F912…)

This reads like a tongue twister.

No. 1118856

If there were a bingo for kweer buzzwords she'd win in at least 3 places

No. 1118859

>I'm a girl in a straight relationship


No. 1118874

I kind of wish they all talked like that in public with a loud voice so it would be easier to avoid them.

No. 1118880

nigga you’re a girl with green hair

No. 1118888

Straight girls like this need to be ostracized from the LGBT community, but unfortunately they make up about 50% of it now so you can't say shit without them kicking you out first. Read up on what happened to Magdalen Berns and how she was booted from her university's LGBT club for speaking out against these idiots.

No. 1118904

that sure is a long, fancy way of saying "i have no personality"

No. 1118977

Is this a troll account? There's no way she's real, that's the kind of parody people make up for straw man videos.

No. 1118980

File: 1609441082985.jpg (92.45 KB, 720x1072, nyhwb3yuw9w51.jpg)

may or may not be a troll account, but still

No. 1118991

Somebody got butthurt they were posted here and made a thread to dunk on us nasty terves for maturing:


Imagine being 30 and still in the midst of your fakeboi phase, kek.

No. 1118998

she just admitted point blank she's genuinely straight and has a bf, fascinating

No. 1119000

yeah I think it could be a troll, like on one hand people like this exist but they usually just stay mostly faceless on twitter and tumblr

No. 1119004

Nothing screams privileged more than a gender conforming straight woman wanting to be oppressed

No. 1119013

This is obviously a troll, anon.

No. 1119055

File: 1609445963441.png (279.37 KB, 590x443, 5164468465fsf4nh.png)

No. 1119057

File: 1609446006714.png (151.06 KB, 590x443, 51644684654nh.png)

No. 1119072

terje is such an insecure little girl it’s hilarious. what a cow. i wish we had enough milk for a thread on her

No. 1119095

Most of her fans probably know she's a female and are just humoring her

I'd bet she just send that hate comment to herself, its laid out too perfectly

No. 1119110

>I'd bet she just send that hate comment to herself, its laid out too perfectly
Considering it came from an account with a default Twitter picture, it's likely a sockpuppet, you're right. Although you'd be surprised how terrible scrotes are at detecting obvious fakebois.

No. 1119114

she was legit talking to some guy on discord who she referred to as her boyfriend which ended up not being the case. the woman clearly has mental issues

No. 1119158

Must have struck a nerve, she's promoting the site and linking to it right now lol.

No. 1119186

>the woman clearly has mental issues
Her face has a pretty striking similarity to this one girl I went to middle school with, except skinny and blonde. That girl was the school's laughing stock for how delusional and weird she was, I'm pretty sure she also claimed to be bipolar. I wonder if it's the same person.

No. 1119264

File: 1609464981160.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.5 MB, 1242x1701, 1F8AC085-FE46-44B6-B4A5-EF7106…)


No. 1119269

wouldn't there be side effects of being on t and being pregnant? I can't imagine trying to give birth after altering your hormones and causing your reproductive system to atrophy

No. 1119273

Pretty sure they go off T to get pregnant. But after the mother has been on T for a while there probably is at least some damage done to the eggs and unknown risks to the child's health that doctors can't warn about without trannies screeching. We only get one set of eggs for life.

No. 1119289

The cope in that thread. They’re all so upset that users from here aren’t part of the trans cult anymore.

No. 1119301

This recent thread about midway through she's arguing with another FTM about having stolen her discord boyfriend. I can't tell if it's bait or what, but very entertaining. Also keep in mind that Terje is in her 30's and still acts as if she's in middle school.

No. 1119309

Imagine being built like a hot dog and shitting on other women for having normal proportions. That body pic she posted is seriously awful and probably why she's memeing herself into transitioning because what guy would want that other than >>1113441

No. 1119323

My guess is a combination of that and poor hygiene since she's mentioned how she hardly ever showers and that she stinks. The guy she was talking to is apparently a 6'8 BBC Chad (she loves to brag about it) and ended up having some of his information leaked because she kept posting screens of their chats and a femanon (the one she argues with in that thread) found out who he was and is apparently in contact with him now. Very interesting to see how this unfolds.

No. 1119347

Fuck dude and here I am worrying if I should have a baby soon because my eggs are wasting away. These people get on T and off like it's nothing. The shit human bodies can get away with, amazing.

No. 1119353

File: 1609477011758.png (245.23 KB, 1152x972, Screenshot_20201221-124213~2.p…)

>they actually believe this

No. 1119364

Yeah, because women's healthcare is definitely not underfunded and looked over. I'm sure it's totally because the doctors don't believe Aidan is really female.

No. 1119380

File: 1609480628055.png (240.85 KB, 1152x1041, Screenshot_20201117-111151~2.p…)

Samefag, had to post this one too.

No. 1119389

Can't believe they don't get that this type of shit is just proof that "transitioning" does nothing to change your social status. You're getting subpar medical treatment because women usually do, and you're a woman. Amazing.

No. 1119423

>poor hygiene since she's mentioned how she hardly ever showers and that she stinks
This makes me question if the long hair in those "girl photos" is her real hair like she claims. It looked clean, healthy and nicely styled whereas in mostly every photo with it cut short her hair is fried and unkempt. If she's really that disgusting, no way would hair that long not be dreadlocked and broken off. Hair that extends way past the shoulders like that takes a lot of hard work to keep healthy, and it's extremely hard to wash.

I'd search for a comparison photo but the archives have been down the whole day.

No. 1119457

The kpop icon speaks volumes

No. 1119468

You just know she was a normal “cis” girl before she discovered kpop

No. 1119469

i’m kinda shocked tbh. imo, fakebois haven’t managed to invade kpop/koreaboo spaces online for the most part.

the ones i’ve seen have always been taemin/nct fans for some reason though - probs bc many of those men are both relatively masc/fem at the same time (w a mix of masc features and feminine behaviours/style) which is usually how these fat, smelly girls with personality disorders view themselves, kek

No. 1119511

File: 1609508640232.png (177.21 KB, 1876x308, jknj9.png)

Really makes you think

No. 1119602

There was one picture where I can recall seeing her with what looked like could have been her natural hair, but she's also stated that she wore wigs.

No. 1119609

Terje is bipolar

No. 1119610

It's so pathetic to claim to be a man and then get pregnant, the most female thing one could do besides piv sex. She'll probably breastfeed but claim its chestfeeding because being referred to as a female makes her dysphoric but not doing female only functions.

No. 1119612

chestfeeding is such a ridiculous term, hell, even cis males have breast tissue

No. 1119613

this girl is also “homeless” and lives in a homeless shelter, complains about it, heterosexual and keeps pursuing the other residents while calling herself a fag on twitter, gets in twitter fights about “ableism” and pulls the mental illness card when anyone disagrees with her, brags about not showering/brushing her teeth because muh mental health, room in the homeless shelter is a fucking mess (bragging about that too because muh disability enables me to be a slob), ebegs every other week.

homeless due to an “abusive home” yet keeps in contact with her mother and orders a bunch of useless garbage and dresses online all while insisting on being transgender.

No. 1119617

File: 1609521735942.png (18.36 KB, 595x146, screenshot-11:28:06-Jan-01.png)

Actually, no, anon. She has been keeping up with this fakeboi thing for many years, which shocked me as I assumed this was also a "I can be a cute kpop boy too!" thing when I first stumbled across her Twitter. This girl has terrible opsec and claims a lot of shit that I began to realize were probably lies, which made me want to dig more purely out of curiosity. She's pretty much the prime example of an autistic self-hating "weird girl" who decides to say she's trans but makes no effort to pass.

>Some flavour of "not a woman" nonbinary identity, calls herself a trans man, uses neopronouns

>Mid-20s, diagnosed with autism (this is the only diagnosis I legitimately believe, I don't think she's faking this one)
>Also has claimed to have ADHD, bipolar, BPD, EUPD, psychosis, PTSD, multiple eating disorders, fibromyalgia, OCD, cancer (allegedly), and like 12 billion other diagnoses
>Claims to be half-deaf
>Labels herself as "blind" while having like 20/40 vision (since, with her logic, anyone who needs glasses is disabled and blind)
>Seems to use her "diagnoses" as a way to win arguments by virtue of being the most oppressed person in the argument
>Has had gender issues as far back as her being ~12 years old, and clearly started to develop these "trans" feelings after getting into yaoi, and then realizing she was "not like other girls"
>Has an other brother who is also autistic, but doesn't have the greatest relationship with him (or the rest of her family, for that matter)
>Moved into a homeless shelter recently because she got into a spat with her brother, uses her newfound "homelessness" as a label to win points in Twitter arguments
>Talks about how she's "hotter than other men" despite looking like your average woman, gets mad at people for not seeing a man when she walks around wearing a low-cut shirt that shows off her cleavage
>If she ever posts a pic of herself, it's likely a pic of her wearing something traditionally "feminine" with some profound statement about "smashing the gender binary"
>Used to have plans to get a double masectomy, doesn't seem to want it anymore, probably because she's big into the "just because I have a female body doesn't mean I'm not a man!" thing and I don't even think she identifies as a man anymore, just "not a woman"
>Apparently was addicted to painkillers, bitches at people on Twitter for making "addict" jokes and even gets mad at people for innocently saying they're "addicted to something"
>Is terrified of "being doxed" but changes her name like once a year and always picks "unique" names like fucking "Seaghdh", which makes her even more searchable online and I don't think she even realizes it
>Writes shitty fanfics that are both boring and completely unremarkable and reek of penis envy
>Dyes her hair wacky colours
>Had a dilemma recently because she found herself attracted to another woman, which means she can't call herself an uwu gay boy anymore. Coincidentally, she also started thinking she was "bigender" recently too, making me wonder if she thought about co-opting the bigender label just so she could always refer to herself as gay, regardless of whatever sex she's currently fancying that day

Some other unrelated tidbits I can think of:
>Took online courses at "Ivy League Schools" through Coursera, used this to claim she was an Ivy League student
>She "uses" her screen reader on her phone so that she can find tweets that have "𝒻𝒶𝓃𝒸𝓎 𝓉𝑒𝓍𝓉" in them (those characters don't get read properly by screen readers, which is a real issue), quote retweet them, and obnoxiously ask her followers "can someone read this??? I use a screen reader"
>She does not need a screen reader, her vision is completely fine. She just wants an excuse to get into arguments on Twitter and feel superior to other people
>Used to use "taem/taemi" neopronouns until she found out that other Kpop stans were saying it's racist to use neopronouns based on a Korean person's name
>Pretended to have a younger twin brother when she was in the Black Veil Brides fandom so she could live out her incest fantasies, roleplayed as 3 different people using 3 different Twitter accounts at this time
>Goes on multiple "anti-ableism" crusades throughout the day, quote retweeting people about their "ableism" because their tweet contains the word "stupid" or "dumb"
>Bullied an ESL girl for using the word "dumb" in a tweet, would not back down because the girl didn't consider the word ableist as well
>Does that thing that obnoxious fucks on Twitter do when they get into an argument where, instead of replying to the tweet directly, they quote retweet it so all her followers can see how she eloquently destroys her opponent with facts and logic

I have so much more on this girl but really don't want to blogpost. Picrel. I think it's perfect for this thread. I can always share more if there's any interest.

>the ones i’ve seen have always been taemin/nct fans for some reason though
I have no involvement in the Kpop fandom, but is this actually fucking true? Because that would be hilarious. The girl I was writing about above absolutely hates NCT because "all their fans are ableist".

No. 1119618

If it is the same person (class of 2011 btw), the hair is a bleach job, iirc it was a dark brown to soft black color and she used to be a little on the chubby side. There was also the poor hygiene and crusty yellow teeth. I thought I was kidding myself when I looked at her face and recognized it but seeing as the manic behaviors are exactly the same, I feel like it is her.

No. 1119631

This reminds me, I've long suspected some of the fakeboi thread posters might be ftms trying their best to integrate as gc so they can still whine about "trenders" without getting called out. There's been links and references to /lgbt/'s ftm general in both this thread and throughout previous ones. I don't know who else would browse those threads except ftms themselves, just by scrolling through the recent one it seems dull. No cringe, no milk, just people blogging and asking for transition advice.

No. 1119638

File: 1609523533844.jpeg (963.58 KB, 1170x1992, A737E5B3-6B8C-4627-B2A8-278F3D…)

holy shit anon you came through with the milk. i’m twitter mutuals with her and i find her annoying as fuck but it’s funny to see her sperg about dumb shit

like how are you homeless but get an oculus rift for christmas…

No. 1119645

The class year seems about right, so it may be the same girl. She has mentioned that she was an outcast in HS, so if you live on the east coast it might actually be her.

No. 1119647

>she used to be a little on the chubby side
that would explain the obsession terje has with fatties

No. 1119650

Can we have a pic of what this trainwreck looks like anon? I've been blocked on all my accounts

No. 1119651

kek i thought that tweet was made by an actual gay male before i saw the @, the irony

No. 1119654

I actually do know a couple mentally ill people who have that sort of relationship with their parents. The parents love their adult child unconditionally and allow them to spend holidays and occasional weekends with them, but aside from that the parents can't stand living the kid due to their insufferable personalities and so they're banned from the house 95% of the time, being forced to figure out their own living situation with little or no financial help. One could argue it's "abuse" because she's autistic, but in most circumstances it would be considered a form of tough love. Mid-20's adults don't have a legal or moral right to live with parents regardless of disability, it's a privilege and if you cross too many boundaries, that's your own fault for being kicked out.

No. 1119660

>so if you live on the east coast it might actually be her.
Lol fuck. I seriously want to drop the deadname and state I'm in to see if anyone else here knows who I'm talking about but at the same time that may lead to her getting doxed. But I'm shook.

No. 1119662

File: 1609526027393.png (96.73 KB, 599x556, Screenshot_3.png)

because she's not homeless, anon. she's taking up a spot in a homeless shelter because she got into a fight with her brother. the other residents she complains about on Twitter likely don't even have a family to go home to for Christmas like she did. VERY surprised to see that someone else actually knows about this person though!

she HAS posted pictures of herself before, but she deletes them after a bit, so I can't find any of them currently. she's not as awful looking as some of the fakebois in this thread, she's just your run-of-the-mill awkward, average girl with dyed hair who makes no attempt to actually look masculine. and you're probably blocked because she uses massive blocklists and has over 400k people blocked.

as I said, her brother is also autistic and I believe he still lives with their mom. it's clearly not the autism that's the problem here. last month someone on Twitter told her to "grow up" and she went on a tirade about ableism, so I would guarantee she's done the same shit with her mom.

No. 1119679

Someone dropped her name in a /ftmgen/ a while back and it was swiftly removed. I can't remember what it was exactly, but it started with a G. As to where she is %100 I'm not sure.

Even after the whole suicide attempt and losing what few friends she has left, it's kind of sad to see that she still chooses to post on there knowing that nothing good will come of it. You'd see far fewer posts for like a month when she was talking to the guy friend she had, but that was very short lived.

No. 1119685

terje did have brown hair at one point, there's an older pic of her with it. I think she called herself Fiona years ago in 4chan.

terje said when she was younger she simped for an abusive morbidly obese girl that later cheated on her with a guy. It could just be a larp but it'd explain a lot

No. 1119686

It started with a J. I know Terje's claimed her name is Jill, but it wasn't that either and I suspected she was lying to cover her ass because usually trannies (as well as anyone who isn't stupid) are secretive about real names online. She lies constantly about every aspect of her life so maybe she has a dozen fake names to use online, who knows.

No. 1119697

File: 1609529373188.png (94.13 KB, 1092x370, idiot.png)

>She lies constantly about every aspect of her life so maybe she has a dozen fake names to use online
She does. She's gone through several aliases for as long as the /lgbt/ board has been up and probably even longer. I believe one of them was Ramona and posts under another in /gaygen/. It's too bad she deleted her twitter because it really showed how dissociated she is with herself.

No. 1119709

>gets btfo
>" HATERZ make me FAMOUS and ur just jelly~ "
This is what every wannabe egirl on the internet says, when they're sixteen.

When she told the board she was 19 all those months back I had hoped for her sake she was telling the truth, but it turns out this woman really is two years shy of 30. There is zero excuse to act this stupid on the internet no matter what mental illness you have at that age. And the saddest part about this is being posted about on the farms most likely won't be a wakeup call. She shuts down any criticism if the other person isn't babying her and still willingly posts under her trip on 4chan after losing all her friends and simps on there. Definition of a horrorcow.

No. 1119797

>I'm so happy that women's health issues aren't taken seriously because it must be the doctor seeing me as a man! Untreated endometriosis causes me gender euphoria!
Absolutely insane.

>imo, fakebois haven’t managed to invade kpop/koreaboo spaces online for the most part.
You've been living under a pretty large rock, anon. Like all of the k-pop tardlets I've seen have been genderspecial.

That has been the case since the first thread. We used to get a ton of fakebois blogging about how their gender dysphoria is totally real and these other sluts are just fake trenders and now they're just trying to be "discreet" but can't always hide their spergery.

No. 1119957

File: 1609555883225.jpeg (714.21 KB, 1242x1512, 276DDDA2-12F1-4F63-8DA9-26E69B…)

Really shocking that someone claiming to be a "former" butch lesbian in the comments on this is telling other lesbians to get over their dislike of dick and just date one of the sapphic transgirls who replaced us uwu

Are women like this even lesbians in the first place or are they just GNC straight/bi women who used the label pre-trooning to avoid being seen as a boring het?

No. 1119962

>Are women like this even lesbians in the first place or are they just GNC straight/bi women who used the label pre-trooning to avoid being seen as a boring het?
possibly, but there are actually a shit ton of cases where fakebois start off as lesbians and then become attracted to men after taking testosterone

No. 1119963

>there are actually a shit ton of cases where fakebois start off as lesbians and then become attracted to men after taking testosterone
How does that even work? Are you sure they weren't always bisexual but repressing one side because being a white het woman is boring and icky? I know transbians will claim they started having "attraction" to men after taking estrogen shots but that is literally proven to be their AGP (wanting the "full female" experience and all that). They're still transbians at the end of the day.

No. 1119967

She identifies as partly a gay man so nah, in the past (and even now) it was pretty common for male attracted ftms to try to repress as butch lesbians because being a bi or straight girl was too dysphoric and traumiatizing, being a butch lesbian was as close as they could appear as'male'.

Most of those cases they 'become' attracted to men before taking testosterone, most of the ones I've met told me they were just repressing beforehand. Even in the above case they stated though they've never felt attracted to men they were still obsessed with gay male fiction. Though yeah testosterone does increase libido so for some it takes them post transition to realize.

No. 1119977

This is my own theory but I think its a lot easier to delude oneself in terms of sexual orientation when a person has a low libido, which is what happens usually if there's more estrogen in a person's system. Its a lot harder to lie to yourself when you're constantly horny for the gender that doesn't validate you, which testosterone does.

No. 1119985

Kpop is nice because the men can be feminine but they still men….ya know

No. 1119994

It's interesting because kpop men aren't any more feminine presentation-wise than the white guys in 2000's American boy bands like Nick Carter or Justin Timberlake. They're just asian, and get their skulls carved into the same rounded shape. Also I've talked to both white and black transboys who said their end-goal is to look like a k-pop boy but other than frying their hair with stupid colors, they don't adopt the style. They all dress like skater dykes at school and then doll themselves up in lolita and caked faces of makeup when going out. I've never seen a single fakeboi come close to pulling off that look.

Sorry for drunken sperging…

No. 1120000

it's real. i know her irl lmao, she went on a whole rant about how she's not like those other "cis sorority girls". tumblr is a helluva drug

No. 1120139

it's the old "bitter dykes lust after my sacred hetero poon" bullshit but now with a tranny twist

No. 1120172

>Had a dilemma recently because she found herself attracted to another woman, which means she can't call herself an uwu gay boy anymore. Coincidentally, she also started thinking she was "bigender" recently too, making me wonder if she thought about co-opting the bigender label just so she could always refer to herself as gay, regardless of whatever sex she's currently fancying that day
This is common within the gender-sphere. I have seen multiple Tumblr lesbians come out as trans guys and then immediately assure everyone that they're bisexual now too, and not one of those icky straights. Being on Tumblr from a young age probably legitimately made them internalize the 'ew hets' stuff, even when it was meant jokingly.

No. 1120176

Yeah I don't really buy the "hormones changing your sexual orientation" thing. Lesbian FTMs going on T and then finding men attractive sounds more like them becoming comfortable with their societal value to the point they can consider themselves to be equal to men and thus date them, so they were always bisexual but simply inhibited due to their insecurity. However if we're talking about "bisexual" FTMs i.e. those that are attracted to women and other trans men then it's just lesbians with extra steps.

No. 1120348

File: 1609611687058.jpg (108.79 KB, 1138x673, fakecrip.JPG)

Been meaning to post this one for a while - non-binary fakeboi, on T but still wears lingerie. Calls herself an activist but mostly posts tryhard softcore stuff like this, showing off her self harm scars. Also she's a munchie, uses a walker and does a lot of sign language stuff despite being fully hearing.

No. 1120392

>showing off her self harm scars
Not meaning to whiteknight or travel too far /ot/ but I've noticed anons complaining about this in past threads and to be fair, she shouldn't have to feel self conscious about them just like women with stretchmarks or any other irreparable scarring shouldn't be forced to hide those either. If we can proudly call our stretchmarks "tiger stripes" for making it through weight loss or pregnancy, people with self harm scars should be able to proudly show they survived mental illness. Just my take.

No. 1120407


These ones are fresh. My take on it, if you're posting it on a public instagram, it's fair game. Lots of anons have experience with self harm, there's a world of difference between being "forced to hide it" and proudly showing off your fresh cuts in front of your munchie walker.

No. 1120484

Actually they look healed, just not faded. I don't see any scabbing and there's maybe four visible. And while she is a typical "kweer disabled uwu nb-snowflake" she seems kinda boring, ngl. There are like 10,000 other fakebois like her or worse on Instagram.Not to mention she only has like…1k followers which…is this a personal cow?

No. 1120730

what she means is:

"I grew up on 2013-2018 tumblr and my parents are very conservative and this is the only way I can/want to rebel."

No. 1120907


Imagine how fired someone will be for looking at this person wrongly.

No. 1121019

Can anyone explain why all these women on testosterone can't grow a beard to save their life? It is always this sad looking chinstrap situation. Never a full beard or an even a hint of a pube mustache. It feels like the equivalent of all of the TIMs who think feminine hair is burnt to a crisp dyed straw with a middle part.

No. 1121027

They’re female?

No. 1121029

Hey, stop spreading photoshopped photos of me and spreading lies. Go attend therapy. It's been months. Not only do you use early transition photos, you also photoshop them. IDK what's wrong with you, but I'm sure you can have fun posting actual photos and screens of stuff taken out of context without just making up lies and posting them. Cheers.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1121030

Boris is a weird name for a girl

No. 1121169

Because they stop when their first chin hair grow, they don't want to be adult male but cute anime uke boys.

No. 1121379

File: 1609721581171.jpg (179.96 KB, 540x721, 20210103_195114.jpg)


No. 1121380

File: 1609721723757.jpg (128.33 KB, 540x550, 20210103_195221.jpg)

Girl that haircut doesn't wield genderfuckery, it just loudly broadcasts your terminal case of NLOG and chuunibyo

No. 1121392

I didn't know "female (fat and alternative)" was a gender now.

No. 1121429


This person looks very young anon…

No. 1121436

File: 1609726846958.png (541.67 KB, 1218x544, Screen Shot 2021-01-04 at 11.2…)

No. 1121445

Salem is Males backwards, ironic !

The haircut is actually very feminine, she looks really cute imo I hope she gets over this phase quick because she's adorable

No. 1121526

> Salem is Males backwards, ironic !
Are you illiterate?

No. 1121707

Salami is males backwards anon, ironic!

No. 1121738

File: 1609771084777.jpg (108.54 KB, 1050x691, caspian.JPG)

Came across this one by chance because I follow a mutual (bishop, a cow in her own right), seems to have the same chinstrap and kawaii/girly clothing combo as tabby or whatever she's called. Seems to have a youtube channel too but I haven't delved further as of yet

No. 1121936


does anyone have her new account? i can't find multii

No. 1121954

I followed her for YEARS, years ago and soon as she cut her hair. Looking back on her insta ~2016. Her outfits were always kinda shitty and ita but when she cut her hair her horrible makeup was way more noticable which made me unfollow her.

I didnt hear any any milk with her though and shes been doing it since 2016; so shes not as trendsing as most on here. She looks the same as in 2016 with shitty style and greasy makeup now with a disgusting chin strap.

No. 1121961

>mahou kodomo
A grown ass woman

No. 1122062


Her handle is @sedthealien now, she changed it from multii after getting bullied on tiktok kek

No. 1122093

the most annoying part of it is that it's derived from "mahou-shoujo", a term many know meaning magical girl (a term for a character and genre), but it's changed to "mahou-kodomo" which isn't even a term, just two nouns next to each other like "magic, child/children" (for nonbinary points).

it's almost as if their whole "identity" and political statements are merely fashion just like the random ass "aesthetic" japanese they use

No. 1123154

File: 1609888236452.jpg (311.59 KB, 1080x1740, IMG_20210105_180447.jpg)

So now it's not enough to try your hardest to accommodate these girls by sticking to one of their preferred pronouns, no, you have to make sure you're using all of them in equal frequency even switching mid-sentence. (Pic related comments on a post about Elliot Page)

No. 1123345

The goalposts never stop moving, they always unintenionally peak people by doing this shit.
There was a big to-do on tumblr a few years ago about how you can't write "transwoman" instead of "trans woman". Apparently if you make it a compound word it takes away from their womanhood or something. People also got yelled at for putting an asterisk after "trans*" when talking about the "trans umbrella" (because that was insinuating that non binary people aren't fully trans or some shit) even though it was deemed perfectly valid and widely used mere months before.
They will keep changing the language and what is and isn't acceptable to them because they get off on trying to control how people speak and think. Pretty fucked up.

No. 1123653

It's attention obsession, they have to constantly be thought of as beaten down and fighting for their rights.

No. 1123736

File: 1609938895932.jpeg (135.42 KB, 1284x881, 650EDFFF-066B-4F27-B6D8-4059F4…)


No. 1123741

reasons why I haven't gone to the gynecologist part 102393

No. 1123742


Her gyno is bending over backwards but it won't be enough. She'll have to start using terms like boipussy or it's a fucking microaggression.

No. 1123743

I bet the gyno only does this when she sees a genderspecial, like no way does she ask the pronouns of a normal looking woman who shows up

No. 1123745

Too complicated future. I wish there was one pronoun for everyone that goes to the gynecologist and a simpler word for sperm producing partners..

No. 1123747

what? most gynos aren't like this afaik and enjoy your cervical cancer

No. 1123765


No. 1123788

I'm partial to jizzer

No. 1123811


No. 1123847


No. 1124211

File: 1609980401219.jpeg (352.73 KB, 2048x1536, FDF50D5F-890E-4DAE-8630-19590B…)

No. 1124214

File: 1609980483716.png (Spoiler Image, 789.41 KB, 1080x925, Screenshot_20210107-014109~2.p…)

Yeah I don't think normal men will ever feel threatened by overgrown t-clits.

No. 1124290

File: 1609984037159.jpg (142.12 KB, 539x632, 20210106_204154.jpg)

sis those eyebrows ain't it

No. 1124298

This is genuinely sad, imagine being stuck as a man when you didn't need to be one.

No. 1124340

I've never seen one get so big

No. 1124368


I know someone who detransitioned and was able to have kids. She did have to get facial electrolysis and is looking into a boob job but otherwise you'd never know she lived as male for close to 10 years. There's still hope for him.

No. 1124379

Bruh this one's not even that clockable. Grow hair out + shave and that's a keanu lookalike.

No. 1124428

She’s probably 5’2” kek

No. 1124434

I stumbled upon a clip the other day of a troon fucking a fleshlight with her monstrous clit. it kinda makes my skin crawl, considering clits have like double the amount of nerve endings as phalluses, so the idea of using it to penetrate things just seems kind of painful? idk, maybe it’s great. maybe all the ftms on testosterone are having a blast with their giant clits and the sensations that come along with using it. it looks fucking horrendous though.

No. 1124441

Can they actually fuck a vagina with t-clits?

No. 1124529

File: 1610014913426.jpeg (299.66 KB, 750x1256, E2FF63D1-0443-4E9A-B3B8-5B821E…)

When will this stop

No. 1124535

This kid is 15, how the fuck was he able to get top surgery? Discuss please

No. 1124536

File: 1610017611196.png (1.1 MB, 640x1136, 43411D92-6DAB-4074-A786-2E9F40…)

Forgot image

No. 1124540

Gross. Spoiler please. I don’t understand how we’re all in agreement that this is a mentally ill female who chopped off her tits but let’s show her nipples and shitty scars no problem. Just like that bitch in pt.

No. 1124542

What does her voice sound like? The effect testosterone has on women’s voices is tragic. Also
Im sorry I know this is a 15yo girl but god her face is punchable

No. 1124555


Normally top surgery scars are extremely visible, long cuts under each boob, these just look like scratches. Something strange about it but I'm not gonna investigate.

No. 1124556

that's a different type of top surgery, i think

No. 1124581


Shrodinger's cp. Good job that's a 15 year old male's nips.

No. 1124606

Yes, keyhole top surgery used on women with small breasts

No. 1124629

Looking at these people disgust me. I can't even look at them, they make me physically ill. It gives me the same feeling when you see a broken arm and then your arm starts hurting. How can you hate your femininity so much? this is disgusting. This is mental illness on a whole other level. If i ran the world all these fakeboi trannies would be locked away in a fucking re-education camp.

No. 1124635

there's an interview with her on youtube, her story is sad as fuck. she's desisted now btw, but she was one of the best passing tifs I've ever seen.

No. 1124639

No. 1124640

Why every detrans woman always tweet the same thing over and over about detransition.

No. 1124642

she's right, cis men could never.. but i dont think they'd WANT TO ever

No. 1124646

i mean that tweet is from like 4 days ago…dont see how that much could have changed

No. 1124660

it's an older pic anon edited in lmao, the tweet has no pictures.


No. 1124661

The funniest thing is theres non trooned women who have even bigger natural clits LOL. She's right though cis men could never and for some reason I doubt they feel
intimidated or jealous…

Also ugh at the 15y/o …in b4 we are on lolcow fakeboi 76 "somehow this hasn't stopped please help us edition" this girl detrans's and tells the same story every girl tells. Internalized misogyny. Autism. Tomboy. Balding with bone issues. Nobody said no to her. Nobody helps her now. Roll credits.

No. 1124681

ty anon

No. 1124841

File: 1610048364562.png (Spoiler Image, 879.63 KB, 880x618, nsfl.png)

No. 1124844

I'm not sure, but I wouldn't count on it. At least a fleshlight is a tubular object they can easily place over their genitals but trying to get a micropeen clit into an actual vagina is probably more difficult, probably wouldn't penetrate very far if at all.

No. 1124856

File: 1610049763838.jpg (69.32 KB, 690x473, ftm-hrt-1 (1).jpg)

it's astounding to me that doctors seemingly choose not to let people know about all the fucked up effects of pumping your body full of hormones that they don't produce naturally. i've seen charts describing the effects of testosterone that will vaguely mention "hair loss" or "vaginal atrophy", but i really doubt (and also, based on different peoples' experiences i've read online) the warnings don't go any farther than that- you won't know that you're going to go bald in your 20's, or that your vaginal walls are going to collapse inside of you, until it's too late. i bet if doctors were more upfront about how disgusting and terrifying some of the very common side effects of HRT are, you'd have a lot less confused young girls opting to permanently disfigure themselves. but then again, that means less money so i don't really see that realistically happening very often.

No. 1124881

File: 1610050818896.png (250.76 KB, 1312x647, hmm.PNG)

Oh wait what now FTMs can use a fleshlight-type of device for their clit? I guess that can somewhat answer >>1124441 question. original link: https://buckangel.com/collections/top-sellers/products/kiss-x-ftm-clitoral-stimulator

No. 1125001

Every gyno I've been to was totally normal. Only place I've seen pronoun junk in a medical setting was on an intake form at the endocrinologist. I left that line blank and neither the nurse nor the doctor asked about it.

No. 1125009

We'll probably be seeing a lot more of these young women (fuck, maybe even trannies who haven't detransitioned) taking their doctors to court, like the UK case a few months ago. Poor Buck.

No. 1125056

File: 1610063157706.jpg (Spoiler Image, 89.79 KB, 724x1051, 20210107_154137.jpg)

results look similar to this 20 y/o (left)

No. 1125126

wow amazing, one doctor actually cared enough to minimize scarring. everyone with this surgery looks mangled.

No. 1125160

File: 1610070357342.png (Spoiler Image, 932.91 KB, 632x1024, FBA0586B-9D6F-4129-A5C5-7F85EC…)

Reminder that Kalvin Garrah wants this.

No. 1125168

Source? I'm feeling masochistic tonight. This is fucking terrifying. Imagine having strawberry skin on your "dick"

No. 1125193

Buck is a voice of reason among all this nonsense. Zygote TRA’s give him hate for being reasonable

No. 1125197


I'll never understand the appeal of these surgeries. Every single one looks like a skin hotdog awkwardly stapled to their crotch. Jeezus. Especially when you can buy a super fancy-ass prosthetic silicon dick (that actually looks like a dick, and not some sad balloon animal) for like 1% the cost of the surgery.

Can anyone explain it?

No. 1125238

I bet this same person is mad that young teens in the uk won’t be able to get this monstrosity of a surgery/ blockers. Imagine being 16 just going though phases along with puberty and you get into this lifestyle and get this surgery. And one day you look down to see that and realize you made a horrible mistake and now will be traumatized from here on out. And the people who got you into this lifestyle either ghost you or blatantly shame you for not wanting your surgery anymore making you depressed. These types of surgeries really shouldn’t exist. This is so fucked up.

No. 1125256

ugh, the worst part is that it's normal skin so hair will still sometimes keep growing on there, including in the urethra. same with neovaginas, there's things to do with hair I'd very much like to unsee. I can understand someone being desperate enough to want this but how the surgeons live with themselves idk.

No. 1125356

It's a cult and you were a sacrifice. If anyone says no to you you try to get them fired. Get fucked.

No. 1125428

File: 1610092899213.png (53.58 KB, 598x520, Screenshot_6.png)

No. 1125448

File: 1610095948030.jpg (678.02 KB, 1080x2340, print.jpg)

>nooo, my uterus is not a woman's body part
I hate gender specials for shitting up female issues.

No. 1125454

God this made me cringe because i'm thinking wouldn't it be almost constantly rubbing against your underwear? Especially since it's exposed like that, seems like you'd be under constant stimulation and it'll become super uncomfortable and overwhelming.

No. 1125473

This. I have a FtM friends and they're constantly complaining about all kinds of health issues ranging from excessive sweating to random bouts of anger and I'm just like… hello, testosterone is causing all of that? Why do I know more about the side effects of t when I'm not even a troon? It's so fucked how these young girls and women just jump right into HRT without even knowing the full extent of the serious, irreversible effects it has on their bodies.

No. 1125516

My junk looks a bit like this (was born this way, not due to shooting up w/hormones) and can confirm. Tho I think the head might be covered by the hood most of the time. In the pic they've got a boner (ugh) and that's why it looks this way.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1125518

Even if they were aware of the side effects would that stop them? They put a tantrum so they can have access to hormones easier, make a scene if a doctor doesn't asspat them the right way, they managed to make the medical world bend over, that their feelings are above everything else, and now they act all surprised?

No. 1125547

>Abortion is not a women's right

Oh wow, this is the opposite of helpful

No. 1125629

My clit is still enlarged from when I was on T. It won’t “penetrate” in any sort of satisfying way for a partner, but it technically does/can in the right position.

No. 1125742

Seems like this thread has either detransitionners, TiFs that come here to laugh at le non-trutranss, or people that have lost their friends/familly to troonery. Interesting. Sage because I'm not bringing out anything relevant.

No. 1125744

>hurt after sex

.. does this imply Buck was doing vaginal penetrative sex or does this happen just due to arousal response? Also, it's amazing how doctors still treat you for being female by not taking your pain seriously… smh…

> so proud of how this thread went

the comments are likely as grim as the post itself…

No. 1125747

This. I looked back at the first few and those were more oriented towards hating fakebois, whereas this bashes all trans people, even passing ones.

No. 1125750

passing doesn't guarantee mental wellness, they're all xrazy

No. 1125826

does this imply Buck was doing vaginal penetrative sex
I'm pretty sure most of her porn is of that nature. I guess some people just get off from watching a buff dude fuck another buff dude in the vagina?

No. 1125829

He was, for years. I think that's all it was.
W/the prolapse, I doubt they can keep it up

No. 1125871

What do you mean a prolaspe ? How does that happen

No. 1125880

You might wanna look into prolapses due to hormonal issues or hysterectomies.

No. 1125887

FtM HRT causes the reproductive organs to atrophy and collapse in on themselves. When there’s nothing holding the vagina in place it can prolapse, especially if you’re still having penetrative sex like Buck.

No. 1126189

File: 1610163238899.png (140.75 KB, 702x546, Screen Shot 2021-01-08 at 10.3…)

No. 1126329

I think it was about 3-4 years back when Buck posted a picture of a lump of flesh that came out after she had sex, and rant about how neglectful OBGYNs are. It's been a while, and I could have sworn she said it was a prolapse. Whatever it was, it was disgusting. The big thing about it was that, like in >>1124841 they blamed the doctors for not informing her about this.

It looks like she continued making these scenes despite the incident, and this is where she ended up.

No. 1126349

Can someone explain what's wrong with Buck? Is her vagina collapsing and rotting away? I'm dumb

No. 1126547

Not to infight but can't you fucking read? It literally says what is going on with her pussy above your post.

No. 1126558

File: 1610176661147.jpg (744 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210109-091527_Chr…)

Ffs, anon

No. 1126644

I mean she's right in that regard, a "yaoi hole" functions way more like vagina then a human male prostate

No. 1126645

Too be fair, it is pretty neglectful of a doctor to dismiss a medical experiment when it experiences pain.

No. 1126661


Snark aside, you have to be pushy with doctors often because "oh sorry" is what they say when it finally turns out to be a giant cancer.

No. 1126680

How is this better than just being a gender nonconforming female? Why fuck up your health like this? The fact this is pushed on teens is sick.

No. 1126691

Oh no…I will say it's really not the doctor's fault for not understanding what testosterone does to a female body when it's artificially injected but doctors are always dismissive of women's pain…But amazing that estrogen for a female reproductive organ keeps it from anhero-ing…

Imagine still getting treated like a woman at the gynecologist with there's nothing wrong with you when you're literally dying… Worst of both worlds. glad she didn't die because Buck is based tbh

No. 1126850

File: 1610213532487.jpg (551.9 KB, 2048x2048, jxvufkl50ds51.jpg)

This almost comes across as she wants to become her ideal male preference, if you can't get a boyfriend be the boyfriend

No. 1126895

File: 1610217040373.jpg (163.77 KB, 540x541, 20210109_132833.jpg)

So a bored white girl, got it

No. 1126898

Why would someone who’s a Scully ever want to be a Mulder? Why would anyone want to be Mulder
>she wants to become her ideal male preference
Many of them do. They don’t want to be an unremarkable average guy with acne and bad hair, they want to be the hot guy they themselves would’ve idolised and pined after.

No. 1126902

Is she cosplaying the dude who invaded the capitol?

No. 1126912

Surprise, you don't magically look like a hollywood star thanks to magic pills. The worst thing about these people is that they don't even try to achieve that handsomeness by having good life hygiene, exercising a lot and styling themselves properly. Girl you're already disadvantaged by your biological sex, what the fuck were you hoping for.

No. 1126921


No. 1126925

Sage for off topic but did he really dress like that

No. 1126943

Why do they usually get heavier? I know sometimes the thirsttrans on tiktok workout and get muscular on T because its easier or whatever but why does it seem like majority of them bloatmaxx?
I swear its only the underweight ED/anas that get to muscular dudes and the average and overweight just get fatter and disgusting.

No. 1126979

Because testosterone makes you put on mass, at least that's what I've heard and seen from most FTMs that don't exercice.

No. 1126982

Because these fat lards are willingly giving themselves PCOS by injecting testosterone. Most of them refuse to work out so obv they will never look like cute little twinks or muscular hunks. These ""bois"" be lookin like ur average neckbeard at best.

No. 1127084

This is literally one of the funniest things I've ever seem, who tf would want that shit?! I could do a better job with play-doh.

No. 1127087

File: 1610229835775.jpg (170 KB, 540x524, 20210109_170232.jpg)

Has this girl been posted before? I think she might have been. Either way why is it always the girls into the girliest alt fashion that are they/thems or he/theys

No. 1127285


i need to see the trainwreck behind this, post who this is. i cant wait to see the gnarly arm or leg scar from all the tissue they tool

No. 1127389

Yes, but worse.

No. 1127399

From what I know it's because testosterone decreases the body's response to insulin which causes weight gain and fat deposits around the internal organs. Sage for medfagging.

No. 1127692

what the fuck? what the fuck? i wouldn't give a shit about this post if the surgeon was not totally on board with this delusional woman's desires. how is this legal? this has to be experimentation, there isn't a single person who has gotten pregnant after willingly mutilating your perfectly healthy genitals, much less the little to no research on pregnancy after being on testosterone. this is pure insanity

No. 1127738

Because they want attention, probably. Wearing a flashy alternative fashion gets you attention from the normies, and being a genderspecial gets you extra attention from other woke J-fashion wearers. Or perhaps their internalized misogyny makes them feel like they aren't allowed to like cute, girly things as a woman. A lot of J-fashion fakebois (in addition to being addicted to yaoi) probably think girls being girly are basic bitches, but "men" wearing girly things are stunning and brave.

I have at least 10 fakebois and they/thems in my local lolita comm and I fucking hate it here.

No. 1128980

File: 1610412396345.jpg (227.17 KB, 540x848, 20210111_194554.jpg)

Lotta words to say "bored suburban white girl"

No. 1128984

if there's evidence of it being used in anti-miscegenation propaganda, then they have a point

No. 1128989

White. Coding only applies to non-human fictional characters.

No. 1129000

Hey, so do you guys believe there are any actual trans men? or do you think they are all just attention seeking?

No. 1129009

This pronoun buckshot infuriates me. Sage for blog but with my adhd and social anxiety, I've decided I am medically exempt from giving a shit about gendered pronouns. Sex only. Fuck all of this narcissistic shit

No. 1129011

I think it's clear there are people with actual gender dysphoria who do what they do for non attention seeking reasons. what I'm personally skeptical of is whether injecting hormones and doing experimental surgery on these people (often castrating them and making them medical patients for life as a side effect) is the right way to help them with their problem.

No. 1129027

I think there are people with actual gender dysphoria, in the same way I think there are people who legitimately believe that they are a vampire or the reincarnation of Jesus. I don’t think that giving them hormones and cutting off healthy body parts is the best treatment for them. I think in 50 years society will look back on hormones, top surgery, and GRS the same way that we now look back on lobotomies or fingering women to treat their “hysteria”.

No. 1129061

I don’t believe any trans people are “legitimate.” Sure, there are people who have gender dysphoria rather than people who transition because it’s a fad, but I don’t think that makes them any more valid. Neither of them will ever be the gender they say they are

No. 1129062

i think there are, but it doesn't mean that most of them aren't fun to laugh at, especially the "true trans" types. at least "trender" troons tend to have a sense of humor or creative hobbies outside of their genderspecial shite but what do the truscum ones do all day other than REEEEing about how they're the one true troon and how other aidens are ruining their life

No. 1129063

Anyone have that Reddit screenshot about a TIF who wanted to take her sister's dead son's name and got offended when the sister refused to ?

No. 1129318

Do you remember her reasoning?

No. 1129406

I remember but haven't got any screenshots. Afaik she didn't state any reasons for why but basically claimed that sis should be happy she wanted to "honour" her son like that, and called sis transphobic for not being okay with it. It seems pretty common, I've seen a few desperate sisters of MtFs on Reddit as well whose brothers have decided to take either their or their daughters names for themselves and refuses to back down.

No. 1129786

I definitely do believe there are since people with genuine gender dysphoria exist but it's far less than there are TiFs/less than people claim there are. From my experience it's usually the people who wanna be stealth and don't sperg about it, the people who continuously post shit like "trans and proud uwu down with the cis" are obviously just attention whores (plus points on the red flag scale if they're "gay")

I also believe those people should have access to hrt and surgery which is probably a very unpopular opinion here, it's just that I know people who've been seeing multiple therapists over a span of 10 years to treat their gender dysphoria but nothing ever worked for them. Nearly 10 years of therapy is a lot of time and money down the drain. Gender dysphoria is obviously a mental issue but if for some people hrt and surgery is the way to treat it I'm not gonna tell them they shouldn't do that. If someone wants to get a FF boob job they can legally do that despite the fact it can cause health issues, just because I personally believe it's stupid doesn't mean I get to stop people from making (wrong) decisions. I do feel sorry for people who actually suffer from gender dysphoria, I'm just incredibly tired of the fact that being trans is a trend now and I can't wait for it to die down.

No. 1129798

samefag, sorry for the wall of text. Just wanted to add that I personally am absolutely against the performance of bottom surgery. I have no issue with people chopping their tits off, most of the results are somewhat decent and there's no real health risks which one can't say about the abomination that is bottom surgery.

No. 1129989

I agree with you completely. Nice take, anon.

No. 1130028

File: 1610507831704.jpeg (513.36 KB, 1242x1876, 3BECE138-7EC3-4E30-B693-A0F4F2…)

Shiloh Jolie out yesterday.

>Noooooo he’s a boy!!! His name is John! Use he/him pronouns! He was supposed to be on blockers!!

No. 1130116

Ummmm wouldn’t you get a hysterectomy before bottom surgery? And if you get pregnant wouldn’t that mean you have a period, where would the blood go? What happens when the water breaks?

No. 1130144

I guess she was allowed to change her mind from when she was, what, 7? Good for her.

No. 1130174

Little kids go through phases. Angelina allowed her imaginative little girl to go through whatever harmless phase she was toying with and respected it. This allowed her to move on from it and grow out of it rather than spending her whole adolescence fixated on it because it was stifled. Not milk.

No. 1130189


I still think Shiloh is a lesbian, and this only confirms my suspicions more. The endless amount of gay girls who grow up extremely gnc and insist they're boys (because that is their frame of reference for how to understand their homosexuality) only for them to mellow out in their teens to early adult years as they come to terms with their sexuality and realize there's no wrong or right way to be a woman.
While I never minded Shiloh looking boyish, this is such a giant middle finger to all the assholes transing her and demanded she be put on blockers and hormones. Say what you want about Angie and Brad but god bless them for not being woker-than-thou types; so many Hollywood parents would definitely have transed their kids for clout if they showed signs of being gnc

No. 1130357

File: 1610554420916.jpeg (529.85 KB, 828x1325, 4EC29A5A-18F3-4667-8FB0-EBC893…)

>Not milk
It’s milk when “John” comes up on Google when you search her name.

No. 1130360

Samefag, but I just realized it also says “Angelina Jolie’s son” too. Jesus.

No. 1130361

Sorry if I'm being a tard but what does this pic prove other than she dresses like a teenager? She could still be doing the genderspeshul thing for all we know

No. 1130365

File: 1610554991373.jpg (667.65 KB, 400x746, V5pPSzq.jpg)

you're right. she may be a they/them as far as we know. but she looked like pic related before so people are shook

No. 1130375


Ofc, but she used to always have boyish short haircuts and specifically dressed in boys cut clothing only. This outfit is really neutral but that type of short jean shorts aren't from the men's section and her hair, while in a messy bun, is grown out a bit. She's still very much gnc but she can not be mistaken for a boy in this pic, which has been the case with every picture I've ever seen of her otherwise.
Hence, why I think she's a lesbian growing into herself and not a genderflake. If she was the latter, I believe that at her age she would have come out by now, either as FtM or nonbinary. But it's been all quiet. The "Shiloh is trans!!" narrative has always been pushed by TRAs bitter about their dream posterchild being silently gnc. The Jolie-Pitts have never stated anything to indicate Shiloh would identify as trans, only that she "thought she was a boy" and wanted to be called John when she was, what, 5? Which once again isn't an uncommon experience at all growing up gay.

No. 1130379

I've been looking through that fanaccount and she also has her ears pierced and is wearing quite feminine earrings.

No. 1130391

Leave the kid alone, she's 14. >>1130375 is right, TRAs made a whole narrative over the kid being trans without foundation in reality. Her parents always referred to her as "she" even during the John nonsense and it seems like she ditched it recently, good for her.

No. 1130392

File: 1610556295203.jpeg (332.24 KB, 1242x1803, 07315D35-E972-4E1F-AEDB-E5E486…)

> She could still be doing the genderspeshul thing for all we know
She was never doing that anon. She has always been a girl and her family and friends have always called her by female pronouns lol The only people who call her a boy are those on the troon side of the internet clinging to a story from when she was four. And they are so crazy that they’ve changed wiki so this happens when you google her >>1130357. That’s the milky part. Her dressing like a typical teenager, growing her hair out, piercing her ears and doing her eyebrows doesn’t really matter except it seems to show she’s already growing a bit out of her gnc phase and all these people have egg on their face

No. 1130419

File: 1610558657606.png (196.9 KB, 1125x629, Tumblr_l_1100077425239935.png)

No. 1130495

There is no way that person has ever had sex with anyone. Definitely a virgin.

No. 1130606

roleplaying on omegle doesn't count, becky

No. 1130611

I wasn't trying to claim she was either or, was just wanting to know what that photo said to other anons because all I saw was a typical lanky tomboy girl. I think I got it now, though, thanks! It must suck to be used as some twans icon just because you had a lil phase, most of my lesbian friends and even myself had very boyish nicknames, and that's what I think she's kinda doing? She's a kid after all.

No. 1130642

Come on anons, let's be fair, "trans" and "man" are perfectly appropriate words to describe this person's appearance. Bit weird to transition into an MtF though.

No. 1131191

fo her defense I thought I was in thr MtF thread

No. 1131337

She probably isn’t getting a vaginectomy, so she’ll have a uh.. “dick” and then a vag underneath. She’s probably just doing c section because testosterone can make the vagina less flexible, and some types of surgery make the vaginal opening smaller even if it’s still there. But it sounds like she intended to get pregnant after the surgery, so I’m sure she’s not getting any option that’d prevent PNV
Sage for medfag

No. 1131614

When abortion becomes a "human" right, don't get upset when men choose.

No. 1131722

No. 1131929

File: 1610674285534.jpg (53.89 KB, 640x640, yes.jpg)

This is how i feel abt some of you guys - It's ok to clown on very obvious attention seekers but some people here legitimately suffer from dysphoria.(Go back to twitter)

No. 1131951

Gender dysphoria is funny

No. 1131971


twitfags stumble upon bad meanie girl website and want to start calling the shots lmfao.

No. 1131986

File: 1610677494750.jpg (709.9 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210114-233658_Ins…)

No. 1131990

You know we're right though. It's okay, this is the gut reaction you're conditioned to have. Keep reading the thread because I know you will xo

No. 1131993


so sorry for your mental illness, anon

No. 1132003

Why she doesn't go to the gym with her tits out like a man then

No. 1132009

Shut the fuck up.

No. 1132013

And I oop

No. 1132064

Bro. Just put a shirt on, bro. No one cares.

No. 1132096

when being a tomboy doesnt get you enough attention

No. 1132109