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File: 1633090762096.jpg (953.3 KB, 3074x2662, 1632932838758.jpg)

No. 1338847

ld Threads by order of recency:

This thread is for posting and discussing cringey fakebois who may or may not deserve their own threads.

Fakebois are girls who pretend to be boys for attention, either as trannies or biological males (usually the former).

Fakebois style and present themselves as androgynous or feminine-looking young men, even wearing girls' clothing and make-up. They insist on being addressed with he/him (or occasionally they/them) pronouns and take great offense at being gendered as female. Some are SJW transactivists, but for most their identities are entirely superficial.

Reminder to "truescums" and "transmeds": Nobody cares about how [[[100% REAL]]] your or any other tranny's ~dysphoria~ is. Don't derail about how you're actually a true troon unlike everyone else, save it for your twitter feed.

No. 1338862

Damn, I never realized how many straight TIFs draw men looking so "female-like" and sexualized. I feel like this says a lot about fujoshi, too.

No. 1338903

File: 1633098151632.jpg (373.61 KB, 1080x1793, Screenshot_20211001_102005.jpg)

TiFs seem to be obsessed with "men with small waists" and then being fuckable/bottoms solely for it.
Trynna cope with that waist to hips ratio.

No. 1338905

File: 1633098253585.png (Spoiler Image, 1.15 MB, 768x902, Screenshot 2021-10-01 at 15.18…)


This retarded fujo is incredibly milky. picrel is her gross fujo art but surprise, she also has a whole list of headmates https://stammsternenstaub.tumblr.com/whoswho

No. 1338907

why the fuck are trannies so obsessed with murdering people of the gender they "identify" as?
it's fucking creepy

No. 1338908

Wow this is legitimately psychotic

No. 1338912

this hurts my brain, I don't even understand what they're trying to say here
that men drawn with a shoulder/waist ratio are whores?

No. 1338914

Sounds like a Dennis Nielsen fan. Sick fuck.

No. 1338919

nta, TIFs are insecure about the fact that their hip bones gives away their true gender so they counter this by saying "well men with normal waists are just bottoms" its along the same lines of saying guys who work out all have small dicks

No. 1338927

File: 1633101821868.png (977.38 KB, 1418x640, Screenshot 2021-10-01 at 16.23…)

So the female sewerslvt.

Also makes $496 a month off this "Visionary Art and Magic" on patreon


No. 1338946

ty anon I just can't keep up with these mental gymnastics, especially saying something that's a physically typical male trait… makes them bottoms?

No. 1338974

Imagine knowing this freak. Not only do you have to pretend she's totally not a straight girl, she's a gay man. You also have to pretend that she has "head mates" and can do magic. Fucking tiresome.

No. 1338981

This person definitely needs to seek therapy if they find dead males erotic.

No. 1338983

Female sewerslvt? Does this person fetichize dead underage boys or something?

No. 1339010

I think the person in question is the same as in >>1338905 because they share the same name. If that's the case, yes.

No. 1339024

It's disturbing that this person is out there, getting patrons and thousands of twitter likes instead of getting mental help. People are enabling her.

No. 1339035

Idk, I find it ok. Moids draw ""art"" of dead women all the time, so I don't have a problem with one (1) woman drawing art of a dead moid.

No. 1339038

The problem is that she is unhinged in general and thinks she is a man doing magic.
Also, fuck those moids and their "art".

No. 1339063

The fact that moids do something terrible to women more often, doesn't mean it's not terrible when a woman does it to them. The fact that it's not indicative of a problem with women as a whole doesn't mean this one woman isn't a degenerate or shitty person. No one here will say this is indicative of a pattern of violence similar to that of moids, we know she's an outlier. But being an outlier doesn't mean she's not terrible, it just means her being terrible isn't statistically relevant to how women behave. I don't respect anyone who sexualizes dead people, violence, children, or animals, regardless of sex. I'll agree men do this much, much more often, and deserve to be shamed for it as a group. But the fact that this woman isn't representative of women or their actions as a whole, it doesn't absolve her of being a fetishist of death and violence.

No. 1339098

Stop this. Both scenarios are disturbing. Gender has nothing to do with anything, if a person is demented they are demented.

No. 1339115

Thank you. You explained things much more eloquently than I could have.

I'm so sick of the "but moids do it too!" excuse.

No. 1339173

It's a matter of priorities. You can consider her a degenerate and still not be a tryhard white knight.

There are better things clutch your anal beads over than some fujoshit being 0.5% as degenerate as an average scrote.

No. 1339204

This question from last thread made so much sense to me. The overlap of larping as a different gender and a different species is scary.

>> Is being a furry like having autogynephilia? A sexual attraction to anthro characters and a desire to become one yourself? Also because it's all based on animals, there's a huge overlap with zoophilia. Most furries would be zoophiles imo.

No. 1339221

You're not the only one thinking about that anon's post. It made a lot of sense to me, as well. I've met plenty of people who use animal imagery, even anthro characters, or relate themselves to animals in some way who never once felt furry or ID'd as such. I'm the anon who remarked it seemed to have more to do with fetishization than anything else, and I felt like I should clarify that I meant both sexual and nonsexual fetishization. Something about the "art" furries produce seems deeply rooted in escapism and narcissism. They often build worlds in which everything is ideal for them, and everything goes exactly the way they want it to without meaningful dissent. Consequences only occur when they'd like them to and can derive pleasure from it, they can be as depraved and criminal as they'd like, and anyone affected by it doesn't exist outside of how they can get pleasure from them. It's very similar to AGP/AAP in that they both delusional narcissists who want the world to bend to their childish emotions and perverse fantasies. Everything only exists insofar as to please them, and anything that inconveniences them or contradicts their worldview is an unspeakable evil.

No. 1339240

Ray Blanchard says yes. Paraphilias come in clusters.

Furry is a form of erotic target location error, but for zoophiles.

No. 1339250


sage for slight blogposting but I actually know this girl and she has been a personal cow for about a decade. one of her headmates is Pakistani and she claims to have 'big Asian man' disphoria surrounding that headmate. it is exactly as annoying as you think it is to speak to her

No. 1339255

I think it’s a lot like autogynephilia too. Furry is a stepping stone to zoophilia and it’s often something zoophiles-in-denial indulge in. Maybe they feel like it’s wrong to fuck an animal so they imagine themselves and other people as (non-human) animals. I also feel like people who engage in paraphilic infantilism and ageplay are closet pedos. They can’t fuck a child so they have themselves and adults they know pretend to be young children. Some people defend this shit by saying they could be doing it to cope with child sex abuse but a lot of these people end up behaving wildly inappropriate around children and even raping children for real.

No. 1339264

Furries have their fursonas like trannies have their womansonas/mansonas. It’s just that trannies get their IRL avatars validated and legally protected.

No. 1339265

Similarly to AGP, I've noticed that furries try to suggest everyone is a furry, and confirmed furries who commit atrocities aren't "real furries".

No. 1339309

File: 1633133474112.jpg (260.93 KB, 1200x1142, FAk_TNmWEAkaw2m.jpg)

Yeah I saw some furries spread this image on Twitter.

No. 1339313

They like pretending they're harmless, or even on the "frontline" for stomping out the issues in the group. But none of them are. Trans, furries, and "NOMAPs" are all degenerates with psychosexual illnesses who, at best, are complicit in their fellow community members' atrocities, or, at worst, actively encourage it or participate in it. They only pretend they hate it to save face.

No. 1339314

While saying they aren't actual furries seems more like a cope than anything else, I think it is good that they try to ostracize these people

No. 1339316

It's like when TIMs say any man who calls himself a woman is valid unless they commit a crime then they were just pretending to be trans.

No. 1339318

Furries and trannies have huge amounts of similarities.

>Sexual attraction to furry characters is a polarizing issue. In one survey with 4,300 furry respondents, 37% answered that sexual attraction is important in their furry activities, 38% were ambivalent, and 24% answered that it has little or nothing to do with their furry activities.[45] In a different online survey, 33% of furry respondents answered that they have a "significant sexual interest in furry", another 46% stated they have a "minor sexual interest in furry", and the remaining 21% stated they have a "non-sexual interest in furry". The survey specifically avoided adult-oriented websites to prevent bias.[17]

>Another survey found that 96.3% of male furry respondents reported viewing furry pornography, compared with 78.3% of female; males estimated 50.9% of all furry art they view is pornographic, compared with 30.7% female. Furries have a slight preference for pornographic furry artwork over non-pornographic artwork. 17.1% of males reported that when they viewed pornography it is exclusively or near-exclusively furry pornography, and only about 5% reported that pornography was the top factor which got them into the fandom.[50]

>One of the most universal behaviors in the furry fandom is the creation of a fursona—an anthropomorphic animal representation or avatar. More than 95% of furries have a fursona—an anthropomorphic avatar or representation of themselves. Nearly half of furries report that they have only ever had one fursona to represent themselves; relatively few furries have had more than three or four fursonas; in part, this is due to the fact that, for many furries, their fursonas are a personally significant, meaningful representation of their ideal self.

>The most popular fursona species include wolves, foxes, dogs, large felines, and dragons. Data suggest that there are generally no associations between personality traits and different fursona species.[84]: 50–74  However, furries, along with sport fans, report different degrees of personality traits when thinking of themselves in their everyday identity compared with their fan identity.[84]: 129–133  Some furries identify as partly non-human: 35% say they do not feel 100% human (compared with 7% of non-furries), and 39% say they would be 0% human if they could (compared with 10% of non-furries).

No. 1339319

It's more than a cope, it's a shield against scrutiny and criticism. They know everyone who IDs as furry/trans is a degenerate fuckup with narcissistic traits, so they say that "they're not like that" and that "that person isn't a real furry/trans person", because they don't want people to know they're all wastes of oxygen. It's essentially the identity politics version of ratting out someone you committed a crime with in order to seem innocent, or at least innocent by comparison. The "everyone is furry/trans" stuff is the same thing, in the opposite direction. If they broaden the definition of what qualifies as furry/trans, it obfuscates the fetishistic origins.

No. 1339320

Yeah, trannies act like they are a minority everywhere but also say trans people are everywhere and lots of non-tranny people just haven't realized they are trans or are in the closet.

No. 1339321

>96.3% of male furry respondents reported viewing furry pornography
>More than 95% of furries have a fursona

No. 1339326

Another weird thing about furries is how common bisexuality is in the fandom but only towards anthro characters. Most furries identify as heterosexual when discussing attraction towards humans but bisexual when discussing attraction towards anthro characters.

No. 1339327

>33 to 37% said that sexual attraction is important to their furry identity
>21 to 24% said that sexual attraction had nothing to do with their furry identity
>76% of female furries and 96% of male furries intentionally consume furry porn
>"It's not a fetish, I just really like the porn. I'd like it without the porn, I swear!"
Where does this seem familiar? Kek.

No. 1339330

So it's like how TIMs seem to be disproportionately bisexual in statistics but most sexologists just think they are straight men with really warped sexuality?

No. 1339335

Yes it reminds me of TIMs and their pseudobisexuality. When they view themselves as men and want to be "normal" they are straight, but when they view themselves as women and seek validation for this identity they begin to identify as "bisexual". I wonder, is pseudobisexuality something that TIFs experience too or is it exclusive to TIMs?

No. 1339340

That would require hetero TIFs to force attraction to women, which isn't something misogynistic androphiles tend to do. AGPs can become pseudo-bisexual because, despite being sexually attracted to women, they're still deeply misogynistic but not misandrist. AAPs can't replicate this, because they're also women-haters, with the added bonus of actually liking men.

No. 1339343

Kek at least the zoophiles will just call themselves "zoophile" or "zoo". Pedophiles will hide under a hundred different labels or pretend terms like MAP/NOMAP/Child Lover/Girl Lover/Boy Lover/Lolisexual/Lolicon/GenderMAP don't just mean "pedophile".

No. 1339411

Why do fakebois love Lil Nas X so much? A lot of them seem to performatively crush on him.

No. 1339414

They fetishize gay men, anon. This is quite obvious.

No. 1339416

Straight TIFs obsessing over a gay man is one of the least surprising things. The Aidens did give him shit when he said he liked dick because they thought this made him a "transphobic cis gay man" who invalidated their "maleness".

No. 1339421

Makes sense to me.

Autogynephilia = Men who are sexually attracted to women and sexually aroused by the idea of being female, aka transbians.

Autozoophilia = Humans who are sexually attracted to animals and sexually aroused by the idea of being an animal, aka furries.

No. 1339475

You made me google autopedophilia and it’s all clicking. Larping as disabled and different races has to be part of it somehow too. >>There’s apotemnophilia, “an ETII in which men find it sexually arousing to be an amputee.”
>>Autopedophilia was common among pedohebephilic participants: 233 (49.1%) reported feeling at least mildly sexually aroused when they imagine being a child or having a child’s body. In other words, based on this one sample, at least, it appears quite common for pedophiles to be aroused at the thoughts of themselves as a child. And, as is the case with other ETIIs(erotic-target identity inversion),there was also often a match between external and internal targets of attraction: that is, among the pedophiles who were attracted to thoughts of themselves as a girl, 100 percent were also attracted, externally, to girls or to both genders. For those aroused by thinking of themselves as a boy, just 15.5 percent were attracted to girls, with the rest attracted to boys or both.


No. 1339481

Holy shit lmao, that's hilarious. I saw on one of her blogs she mentioned getting a job at a university, some LGBT bullshit were she called herself a "terf hunter" (because fuck the first 3 letters amirite). Do you know what uni that is?

No. 1339490

File: 1633164175660.jpeg (395.69 KB, 828x1475, C68E8C49-44BB-49A5-9676-611B92…)

“racial dysphoria“ will be the new buzz word if it isn’t already.

No. 1339492

The commenters are so fucking close to getting it.

No. 1339500

Autopedophilia is the most famous one, I heard about it long before I heard about autogynephilia. Adult diaper fetish, age regression, age play, erotic lactation, etc. are all a part of it.

No. 1339504

Loads of people have a fetish for East Asian people and racefake being East Asian. That might have some connection.

No. 1339532

File: 1633170447480.jpeg (32.59 KB, 750x181, 9990751A-8966-4745-AF27-E52DB0…)


It’s Cambridge kek

Picrel is far from her most retarded or most degenerate output but it snipes me every time

No. 1339533

Hiding something, Aiden?(hi cow)

No. 1339549

File: 1633172925234.jpeg (79.34 KB, 640x462, B7950D99-512C-4CAD-B235-385CE0…)

Which one of you made this kek

No. 1339553

File: 1633173812586.jpeg (428.25 KB, 750x1020, 9C2357B0-6773-41C5-B382-ADA958…)


She believes she can do magic and that she’s completely decoupled herself from reality apparently

No. 1339554

Can flicking the bean too much actually cause a hormone imbalance? Asking for a friend.

No. 1339555

I think too much masturbation can be harmful but too much of anything is bad.

No. 1339556

Why don't gay men just punch fakebois who harass them? Men have the physical advantage and they can't be accused of "violence against women". If I were a gay man I would definitely react violently to a TIF who was trying to rape me.

No. 1339558

>If I were a gay man I would definitely react violently to a TIF who was trying to rape me.
honestly same, but i think most tifs just act tough on the internet but are scared shitless irl. when tifs try to rape gay men they just guilt trip the fuck out of them while tims are the ones that get physically violent towards lesbians.

No. 1339559

>last tweet
No wonder she can't make a doctor's appointment.

No. 1339561

No, it would just make you sore I think.

No. 1339562

There's no "straight panic defense" and the TIF's gender would make the whole court proceeding a fucking mess.

No. 1339568

I bet she radiates a lot of peace while speaking to doctors.

No. 1339569

CAMBRIDGE?! Fuck me… this is depressing but also kinda hilarious. Imagine spending all that money to send your kid to such a prestigious university and this freak with "big Asian man" dysphoria and invisible friends that live in her head works there. I'd transfer my kid and demand a refund kek. I can't even touch "my spiritual response to Cats: the Musical" that's just far too much brain damage in one sentence for me lmao.

No. 1339578

Samefagging but if she's so "peaceful" and detached from reality, why is she so clearly on HRT? I suppose it's just a coincidence that her desired body type is similar to a "default man body". The only thing that woman radiates is rancid body odour and rampant untreated mental illness.

No. 1339601

i've not met a fujo like this since 2013 when we were both in middle school. hate this fake strawman fujo-haters like to bitch at.

No. 1339608

Cope and seethe, fujo.

No. 1339611

File: 1633185502310.jpeg (27.66 KB, 250x250, B6CB0BFA-0E96-48D6-85C3-55C038…)

No. 1339620

File: 1633187134129.png (1017.03 KB, 960x720, bomi-snapshot-2021-10-01-15-32…)

not coping or seething. it's just obvious that photo was made by a moid who probably hates fujos, e.g. women into porn he can't approve of.

No. 1339622

I was a fujo weeb in 2009. I never fully made the connection between idealizing myself as the uke, preferring effeminate “non threatening” men, and my odd fascination with drag queens. It’s embarrassing as hell to admit years later, but feminine things started to become more palatable to me when they were on men. Subconsciously I knew there was something fucked about that. Hating myself for being a woman and idealizing “soft men” wasn’t something I could sustain so I figured I had to unlearn it. Kind of bittersweet to find out it’s a phenomenon that’s been affecting so many girls. Internalized misogyny really will rot your brain and make you start thinking about larping as a man. Sorry for the blog.

No. 1339631

we discussed this aspect in the previous thread, in how these girls dark "men" that are all but women in name

No. 1339662

Will have to agree, it doesn't have most of the things that I actually associate with fujos (and I dislike them quite a bit I might add). Even the a/b/o isn't exclusive to yaoi anymore. it basically says "fujo smelly" three times

No. 1339677

File: 1633193559248.jpg (1.38 MB, 2048x3533, tumblr_69073d4aeaa46e5cdda3605…)

sage bc previsible and already talked about but oh boy

No. 1339681

What does it mean?

No. 1339687

File: 1633194069119.jpg (340.8 KB, 1274x1081, hnjujba5h8771.jpg)

>i've not met a fujo like this since 2013
Yeah because all potential unwashed fujo coomers have long since trooned out kek

No. 1339701

There are definitely TIFs that could be described as pseudobisexual, they only view women as tools to degrade to validate their identity.
Lots of TIMs are genocidally misandristic, they're just 10x more misogynistic.

No. 1339702

That's the NB flag. The comic is accidentally admitting its artist trooned out during a quarantine-and-Discord-induced mental episode.

No. 1339726

this is 100% one of my online friends.

it's so sad how people exist without 'being perceived' (sorry for meme speak, you know what i mean) for some time and instead of realizing that they are just normal human beings, they decide that they are oh so special and their lived experience is so unique that they must be a different gender. how narcissistic can one be.

No. 1339733

shut the fuck up, it's fake, and plenty of men get off on sexualized violence toward women. more power to women being open with their own fetishes. it hurts no one when women do it.

No. 1339750

Why are you defending her? It's a mentally ill troon.

No. 1339795

do you have any sort of defense that isn't just "but men"

No. 1339803

Why is it everytime, EVERYTIME i see one of these its the exact same artstyle of another artist that acts out exactly the same? Pronouns in bio, trans lgbt flag on the username, BLM ACAB posts, drawing characters like they are fucking constipated, its like they were all made in the same factory

No. 1339809

>a/b/o isn't exclusive to yaoi anymore
In fact, most mainstream erotic a/b/o fiction are m/f (see the a/b/o lawsuit Lindsay Ellis dealt with).

No. 1339815

it hurts my eyes and brain to have to be exposed to people's disgusting fetishes. "men do it too" doesnt make it any better

No. 1339839

>"shut the fuck up, it's fake, and plenty of women get off on sexualized violence toward children. more power to women being open with their own fetishes. it hurts no one when women do it."
>"shut the fuck up, it's fake, and plenty of women get off on sexualized violence toward other women. more power to women being open with their own fetishes. it hurts no one when women do it."

No. 1339904

Straight women on average are WAY more likely to pretend to be bisexual than straight men. I don’t know if this counts as the pseudobisexuality you are talking about because these women are generally not trannies.

No. 1339910

I think it’s cringe but I agree it’s not that offensive. There are so many Maggot Baits style games with women being torture porn’d in the most horrific ways but you don’t ever see it with men.

No. 1339915

Have you considered for a moment that the reason why moids reveling in the brutal torture and murder women isn't evil because women can't do the same to moids, but because reveling in other people's suffering is inherently evil? That maybe instead of "more media fetishizing the death and torture of males" to "even things out", the better solution is to not have media fetishizing death or violence at all?

No. 1339918

>the better solution is to not have media fetishizing death or violence at all?
Good luck on making that happen within our lifetimes.

No. 1339921

Problems like misogynistic violence, femicide, homophobia, and racism won't be solved within my lifetime, either, but I'm not going to just passively allow any of it to happen without comment, or try to make the world more "balanced" by making things worse. It's a childish mindset, throwing everything away because you'll never see the best version of what you're doing.

No. 1339938

And DOOM and GTA totally cause school shootings.

Less Helen Lovejoy shit, more laughing at ridiculous fakebois

No. 1339942

>Implying that media has to result in actual mass murder to be considered to have shoddy ethics
>Implying DOOM actually sexualizes real human suffering or death
>Implying GTA doesn't desensitize people to violence or misogyny
Sorry that you enjoy jacking off to true crime and feel called out in a thread making fun of retarded coomer women. I'm not even a puritan, I love horror, but this is just trashy.

No. 1339950

>Maggot Baits
I was wondering why this shit existed but then I remembered that men made it.

No. 1339952

I love everytime she smiles or makes a sarcastic pun.

No. 1340013

Never made this connection between furries and trannies until now but it makes lots of sense. It's not just sexual attraction to something but also wanting to become what they are sexually attracted to.
Autogynephilia exists on a scale based on how badly these men want to be women. Some AGP are satisfied with just their imagination and crossdressing while others seek surgery and legal recognition.
I wonder if this scale exists for zoophilia with furries that only feel sexual attraction to anthros being on the mild side while those that prefer "feral yiff" are on the stronger side.

No. 1340126

File: 1633235789179.jpeg (384.02 KB, 750x1168, 5628BF1F-8373-4C37-A381-512DE9…)

Cambridge, she mentions where she lives a lot all over her social media

No. 1340128

The human language simply doesn't have the words to explain how indescribably bad that look is.

No. 1340131

File: 1633236139463.jpeg (716.7 KB, 750x1051, EEDA1D9C-F832-445C-84DA-1C27D0…)

That photo is even from before she lost half her hair to baldness caused by T.

You can really see the asian man larp in some of her clothing choices though.

No. 1340132

Oh no.

No. 1340142

The weirdest mental illness I have ever seen.

No. 1340143

The bald head combined with the womanly hands lmao

No. 1340168

Can someone post about the so called "Asian man LARP" that this >>1340131 transeurasian is into?

No. 1340169

>asian man larp

don’t you mean pirates of the caribbean?

No. 1340202

i really don't understand why someone would do that to herself

No. 1340229

pretty sure they mean South Asian man LARP?

No. 1340236

nta but now that I look at her clothes I can see that there somewhat desi inspired
but who the fuck wants to be a south asian man though, they are ugly, short, fat, misogynistic and not either particularly masculinely handsome nor are they pretty(a-logging)

No. 1340272

Upthread it was mentioned >>1339250 that one of her "headmates" is a fat Pakistani guy and it gives her "big Asian man" dysphoria.

No. 1340286

>fat Pakistani guy
What a random choice. When fakebois racefake, they usually pick some skinny Korean man to LARP as.

No. 1340319

File: 1633267811215.jpeg (116.17 KB, 736x1085, F0A80B88-1BB0-4AD4-8423-488A33…)

FTM Buffalo Bills vibes

No. 1340325

Yeah, I saw it but I was expecting some screencaps about her Pakistani LARP, even if it's ancient milk.

No. 1340335

why do every single troon pretend to have did

No. 1340375

Hopefully the anon who knows her will come through with the milk.

Victimhood points, you can be an asshole to someone and blame it on an alter, you get a free pass to racefake, etc etc etc.

No. 1340383

They're all delusional, dissociative, insecure, and have body image and identity issues. Creating multiple personas is a desperate attempt to find a "self" that makes them happy. It's not really DID, because they have control over it and aren't actually fragmented in the way people with DID are, but troons don't understand what DID really is (most people don't, it's pretty difficult to grasp). They just see that there's an incredibly rare mental disorder that very loosely sounds like their maladaptive cope, and they latch onto it because it makes them feel special, and it's something other people would be more likely to sympathize with than the truth.

No. 1340441

>equating hurting children or women to hurting men

No. 1340444

No one is saying that it's "as bad" as misogynistic violence or child abuse, just that sexualizing violence and abuse is always bad. This shouldn't be controversial to you. Get therapy.

No. 1340447

File: 1633280706479.png (407.06 KB, 940x527, o auto da compadecida.png)

She looks like actual Satan from a Brazilian film.

No. 1340450

File: 1633281282744.jpg (182.3 KB, 716x1271, c7arywuguis61.jpg)

I feel like this kind of behavior is mirrored in fandom spaces where people obsess so much over fictional characters that they start to believe Sans Undertale lives inside of their brain
It is not surprising that someone from ftm online wonderland would rationalize that their problematic fetish for gay brown men is actually a gay brown man sharing consciousness with them. it obfuscates any judgement of their fetish worship into a personal attack

Picrel shows some internet weirdos "alternate personalies" making appearences over the course of a month aka what rule34 they looked at that day

No. 1340484

I think living with constant access to the internet has led people to form a complex about two things.
>1. Things that are only partially or flexibly defined, such as the self, don't fit into their easily-defined world. To them,everything they know is fully defined, and can be understood well enough by reading its Wikipedia page. Being confronted with something that isn't strictly defined needs to be disected and clearly defined, particularly by easy to understand terms.
>2. Overexposure to internet makes the minority seem mundane, and the mundane even less than that. People who frequently use the internet are almost constantly exposed to unique or rare people, such as protégés and people with extremely rare health conditions. This creates an extremely competitive social market where people are encouraged to market themselves as extremely unique, regardless of authenticity.
Combining these two creates an identity crisis where those afflicted feel the compulsive need to define or label themselves in most ways, varying in intensity. The least afflicted are those who falsely ID as some form of LGB offshoot and/or self diagnose with more common mental disorders. The most afflicted are those who categorize all their actions, such as people who kin or claim to have DID.

No. 1340544

Remember when "I identify as an attack helicopter" was a ridiculous joke concept? Now we have mfs identifying as the entire cast of Undertale.

No. 1340578

The fact they still got the balls (or silicone implants if you're a fakeboi kek) to say that the attack helicopter gender joke is insulting when they're out there with bun/bunself pronouns and kinny shit is a testament to trannies pretentiousness.
>No you stupid bigot, you can't identify as an attack helicopter! You think this is a joke? I literally tried tearing off my flesh because of skeletal dysphoria caused by kinning Sans Undertale. I have a very deep connection to him, something you do not have with an attack helicopter. You can't bond with a machine. Btw I'm kinshifting into Megatron now.

No. 1340611

File: 1633297015319.jpeg (56.71 KB, 750x257, 3EA6A8A2-9133-4796-B074-224BD6…)

late but it’s a meme that’s supposed to make fun of how straight people think the most innocuous things (such as using an umbrella or ordering desert) means that a man is gay. I wouldn’t doubt that some TIFs are taking it seriously though.

No. 1340614

All I can see is schitzophrenia in her clothing choice anon

No. 1340660

File: 1633302515005.jpg (34.18 KB, 720x705, 1633298605441.jpg)

Repost from /ot/.
Shinji Page at the Balenciaga fashion show.

No. 1340661

File: 1633302590217.jpg (172.24 KB, 1366x2048, ana page.jpg)

No. 1340672

god. what a waste of a cute fukkin lesbian.

who knows what surgeries she’s had just she looks awful now. that, plus being completely dead behind the eyes.

i’ve yet to see a tif who doesn’t look like a doughy child or just an ugly woman with an inverted chest.

No. 1340676

She just looks like a butch lesbian. I've seen cumbrained straight TIFs who look "more male" than her.

No. 1340678

File: 1633305685830.png (3.72 MB, 2518x1889, 1632780831246.png)

>lainey woman lite
>demi lovato former oppressor

I think /lgbt/ might be onto something.

No. 1340681

File: 1633306033117.png (108.06 KB, 618x532, Untitled.png)

No. 1340705

/lgbt/ just says all the most obvious shit any terf would have already written about years ago

No. 1340709

Forgot that goblin still exists.

You don't get it, they say super speshul terms like agab, transmasc, transfem, genderfluid, genderqueer and that makes them very unique.

No. 1340710

>Non-binary typography
They mean "typology"… Trannies are such retards.

No. 1340712

Imagine thinking "cis" is an actual category that exists.

No. 1340715

Why does she insist on wearing such oversized clothing? It does nothing but emphasize what an absolutely lilliputian lil' miss she is.

No. 1340716

/tttt/'s take is always going to be biased against AFAB while coddling AMAB

No. 1340723

File: 1633309569348.jpg (71.05 KB, 666x1000, litay_balenciaga-ss2020.jpg)

Balenciaga is known for oversized pieces. They probably picked Shinji to wear it because her 0% BF ana-chan body is perfect for it.

No. 1340725

Kek the kingdom hearts shoes and greasy hair. What a look

No. 1340744

>Non-binary Typography
Like Helvetica, right?

No. 1340747

>perceiving the utter lunacy but still using the wrong pronouns
Oh come on.

No. 1340748

Literal clown shoes, what the fuck.

No. 1340756

File: 1633314884107.webm (804.92 KB, 576x1024, cf04255198898b726e9a4cca22aef1…)

>that's not how that works

No. 1340758

Samefagging to add that this video was in the bdd tag also tagged with various trans tags. Literally every girl with an ED I ever met absolutely despised having a womanly figure, because to them it means FULL. They hated having full thighs, wide hips, fat on their arms, being curvy, not because they should chop off their fucking tits and inject themselves with hormones but because they're fucked in the head by a disorder that makes them want to be super thin. This made me absolutely seethe I can't imagine what this kind of content would do to my bulimic 14 year old self

No. 1340776

They handle men with baby gloves but are always harsh and condescending towards women.

No. 1340796

File: 1633320817024.jpg (38.1 KB, 438x600, Boilly_consul_Bonaparte.jpg)

the hell is that hair? napoleon-lookin bitch

No. 1340797

is this ed sheeran?

No. 1340831

You will never be a man. You have no testicles, you produce an abhorrently low amount of testosterone naturally. You have ovaries, you have a womb, you menstruate, you have breasts. You were raised as a woman, you will never truly understand male social cues, you will never truly socialize with men as a man. You are a woman. You are a sad little girl. If you go on testosterone, you may grow a beard, but it will be patchy and won't conceal your smooth and curved female face. You may have a deeper voice, but it will sound like you're a woman with a cold. Even if you get your tits chopped off you will be forever scarred, two scars marking the flesh of an artificial "man". You might get a penis and a scrotum with a pump in it, but it will never look right. You will never ejaculate, women and men will never view you as an object of sexual pleasure. You will attempt to dress "like a man" but in reality you will be dressed like a teenage boy in 2013. You will always be seen as the short little "man", people will be annoyed with you as the know they can't say certain things around you for fear of you lashing out. You have no right to come into this space. You are a woman and you always will be.

No. 1340834

the clothing is just making her look more female

men don't dress like that

No. 1340838

Someone should post this pasta on the gay bros Reddit

No. 1340864

>username that contains "piss"
Even if she looked 100% like a man, instead of 0%, she could be clocked by this alone.

No. 1340891

They are probably all obsessed with piss because they can't really ejaculate like a man, lol

No. 1340892

File: 1633333885628.jpg (87.87 KB, 736x1104, 967b14e6398b6fe636eeaa00477e14…)

giving David Byrne in his big suit

No. 1340902

David Byrne actually looks like a man though. He’s confident and comfortable in his own skin. He doesn’t look like a pale. Slimy, Pathetic, pasty looking translucent worm.

No. 1340917

File: 1633339032820.jpg (4.77 MB, 3432x2348, Shinji pre-transition.jpg)

I swear this bitch has had a jaw implant. Compare older photos like picrel to her now. She probably got it done at about the same time she had the tit chop and ab carving/implant.

No. 1340919

he's like the wide putin meme

No. 1340934

10/10 job to whichever seething tranny moid made this

the one thing i really don’t understand is her constant greasy hair. why does she do it? why is her fringe constantly fully greasy? it has to be a stylistic choice, but how is she arguably on-trend enough to be bothered about balenciaga and other high-fashion brands, but not enough to know what hairstyles are currently trending amongst men? it’s absolutely absurd

back to twitter, aiden

No. 1340935

Straight men dress like shit and have greasy hair because they think showering is gay so Ellen is accurate.

No. 1340937

>David Byrne actually looks like a man though.
Of course he would, he is literally a man.

No. 1340959

Right? Her jaw looks comically big now, like literal deformed chad jaw. Either she's gotten implants, the photos are heavily retouched or she's to fucking skinny that you can see her skull. Her face shape is just different.

No. 1340972

Wouldn't be a stretch since she got ab implants.

No. 1340979

Idk, maybe. She had a defined jaw before but it's more prominent now because she's lost a lot of fat in her face.

Not retouched, she's skeletal IRL too.
Notice her cheek bones poking from under her skin.

No. 1340988

Cute butch lesbian, terrible as a man. I just can't see her as a man not even a teenage boy. jfc

No. 1341062

Has she been plucking her eyelashes? She was already pretty thin on them, but something looks off about her eyes.

No. 1341063

File: 1633363974409.jpeg (538.71 KB, 828x1148, E78678A9-1CAA-4A49-AD10-658345…)

Piece of cake from /lgbt/

No. 1341064

Sure jan. Why'd we talk about someone who posts no new milk for years?

No. 1341066

File: 1633364232835.png (1.99 MB, 1417x1417, imagen_2021-10-04_121448.png)

it's hilarious how the girls behind the camera force themselves to yell "elliot" at her as if they genuinelly saw her as a man at all.

No. 1341067

>and minors
She didn't even bother to read the site rules before making shit up kek.

No. 1341082

is “compulsive liar” also a tif thing. i shared a cow and she found the post almost immediately. “imagine my surprise when i was just casually browsing this gossip site i totally don’t use.” kek. sure jan.

she thinks it’s her ex. but her ex drinks too much woka cola to “misgender”

sage cause blog and no milk.

No. 1341090

>back to twitter, aiden

check the post i was referring to retard

No. 1341150

Who is this even referring to? We've talked about so many people in these threads over the years but it's always the trannies who find their own threads immediately and redirect traffic here.

No. 1341174

>it's a thread all about making fun of pre transition ftms and minors
They're always so bothered about people here making fun of little aidens who haven't moved out of their yaoi phase. Oooh, the poor little aidens. Give them T and 5 more years and Izuku, Deku, Kai and Oliver are definitely going to turn into turbo chads.
Also, who's this chick?

No. 1341177

If this even has a grain of truth to it, she probably saw one picture of herself here, and then decided to write a story where she's the star of the show and the big victim.
This is such a stereotypically "attention whore girl" thing to do, even worse because she's probably an adult.

No. 1341218

>people here making fun of little Aidens

No. 1341240

She used to wear pretty thick eyeliner and mascara, so it's probably just the lack of makeup combined with how emaciated she is that's making her eyes look off. There's also the fact that all the life from her eyes has completely faded since trooning out

No. 1341249

Seconding other anons saying that fujoshis like that are a relic of the past. They all either grew up or trooned out.

Also, "hormonal imbalance from masturbating too much" sounds like the kind of puritanical bullshit the cornflakes guy would say.

No. 1341259

Women are not and will never be a physical threat to gay men, stop with this Tumblr "umu poor men being sexualized/attacked by women" nonsense. Unless she's literally coming at him with a weapon, there's no reason for a man to hit a woman.

This. For all their autistic bluster online, a TiF would curl up into a ball and cry if she got rejected by a gay man IRL. I know the "TIF crying in the bathroom at a gay orgy" post is basically copypasta at this point, but it's totally on-brand for a TIF.

No. 1341276

They're still around, just not as prolific as they were in the 2010s since it's now problematic to be one.

No. 1341287

Literally who

No. 1341294

Not WKing but I like her. I know none of us can 100 percent know what's really going on but I just want her to be okay no matter what. The way the trans community all of a sudden started love bombing her and saying stuff like "he's happy and I'm happy he's happy!!" is super uncomfortable.

No. 1341322

I've heard stories of TIMs taking names from Greek goddesses, but has anyone ever met a TIF that took a Greek god name? I used to know one in school who would go by he/him pronouns but wanted to be called "Eros" in class kek.

No. 1341333

>Unless she's literally coming at him with a weapon
Or unless she drugs him. I think some TiFs are crazy enough to do that.

No. 1341338

I know a TIF who calls herself "Apollo".

No. 1341340

Straight TIFs call themselves "Achillean" which is really stupid because there is already a historical Greek term to refer to male homosexuality: Uranian.

No. 1341343

It's because all these fakebois were reading Song of Achilles and Achilles is a poetic pretty soft boy.

No. 1341433

File: 1633417371882.jpg (321.97 KB, 879x960, 3983358-3591195-stormw_cv30_52…)

There's a gay cape shit character with that name, so that tracks. Also pagan deity names are popular among millennial parents (and troons naming themselves), hence the unfortunate, coincidental popularity of the name "Isis" a few years ago.

No. 1341475

There are still fujos on LC. They often appear in /ot/ claiming that FxF shippers are straight, husbando lovers are homophobic, and that yaoi is only for lesbians. If you're a "bihet" you're a colonizer. Like a weird twist on Aidens who claim that yaoi can only be fapped to by "MLMs".

No. 1341486

Lmao why would lesbians be into M/M and straight women into F/F? Shouldn't it be the other way around? I'm straight and I think M/M is sexually arousing but I don't ever seek out M/M stuff and I think fujos are weird. F/F is nice because it's good to see women in love with each other but it holds no sexual appeal to me.

No. 1341499

It's been touched on in these threads before, but it's some bullshit about "not wanting to see women because they remind you of male sexualization of women" or "two men not having misogynistic gender dynamics". The arguments are shoddy since if you're a lesbian, you will want to see sexy women over sexy men, and a lot of yaoi does still show power imbalance very similar to common hetero representation, anyway. I will admit that being a lesbian who's into F/F media is hard, since most of it is catered towards scrotes. Just because most of it is shit doesn't mean I'm going to start looking at hetero or male homosexual stuff instead, though.

No. 1341521

Lots of straight girls call themselves lesbians now, it's like the new Myspace bisexual.

No. 1341527

Those types of straight girls on Twitter call all the males they have crushes on “lesbians” or claim that they have “lesbian energy”. It’s so fucking weird.

No. 1341533

Same here anon. I am straight so I think m/m is hot because it’s two dudes whereas f/f doesn’t really excite me. On the other hand, I don’t look up m/m stuff to read but I do read f/f fiction written by women. I think it’s because I am quite misandrist and I appreciate how female-focused f/f stuff is. The main characters are female and the relationships women have with each other drive the story. It’s a genre of fiction that takes focus away from men. The male characters are usually relegated to minor roles or barely even there so I’m glad I don’t have to read about them.

No. 1341535

>yaoi is only for lesbians
Pretty sure that was mostly a frustrated response to all the "everyone who likes yaoi definitely likes 3D dick" sperging.
>FxF shippers are straight
>husbando lovers are homophobic
I'm not even going to comment on those since it will cause even more infighting that doesn't belong in this thread.

No. 1341537

I wonder how many straight women read F/F stuff because they are tired of androcentrism because I sometimes do that too.

No. 1341545

Well everyone can see those arguments in the unpopular opinions thread if they want to.
What the hell? Why are they doing that?

No. 1341596

Who is this and why won't they stop fucking their cats? I love when background characters albeit totally not browsing here
That anon still hasn't told me any yaoi authors that are known lesbians

No. 1341656

I've talked with a girl who called herself a lesbian yet hornyposted about fictional men constantly, never women. She even wrote self-insert fics about getting fucked and creampied by these men. But totally a lesbian kek. Honestly, she's fucked men before and only chooses to date women now because she hates men. So basically she calls herself a lesbian when she's actually bi, and I don't even know if she's even sexually attracted to women considering she never thirsts over them as much as she does men. I'm sure plenty of straight/bi girls are calling themselves lesbian though because the more "queer" the better or some shit like that.

No. 1341668

Feel bad for the women that date her…

No. 1341681

File: 1633457836532.jpg (81.04 KB, 1080x478, Screenshot_20211005-201554_Tum…)

No. 1341684

File: 1633457938238.jpg (154.79 KB, 1080x1284, Screenshot_20211005-201521_Tum…)

No. 1341716

i do call myself a lesbian despite being bisexual, because "febfem" or whatever sounds stupid.

imo if you're only fucking women it doesn't matter if your punani gets a little hot at a guy sometimes. actual behavior > thoughts and feelings. saging for obvious reasons

No. 1341721

Is that her in the profile pic?

No. 1341723

doubt it. most likely some kpop or jpop singer.

No. 1341740

You're the bisexual everyone hates.

No. 1341764

Bisexual women deceiving lesbians? Must be a day ending in Y.

No. 1341773

Honestly, why is it so hard to just say you're a bisexual that prefers to date women? You sound more stupid trying to convince us you're actually a lesbian instead of just saying you're a bi woman who prefers women. If you experience attraction to men or get sexually aroused over them, you're not a lesbian.

I see so many "lesbians" promoting lesbian tranny shit too in fandom spaces. They're the same ones who sperg all day about their husbandos and gay yaoi ships and don't touch anything with female content because they hate women. The lesbian label is colonized by everyone at this point.

No. 1341785

The febfem label exists because people realized how fucked it was that bisexual women were calling themselves lesbians. Bisexuality is it’s own separate sexual orientation, it’s not homosexual lite.

No. 1341849

>t. dykes crying and seething about bisexuals as per usual

how much do you want to bet she makes absolutely no attempt to 'pass' even remotely irl? I haven't checked her blog, but she gives me the vibe of one of those fakeboy manlets that still wear dresses and eyeliner but think cutting their hair short = real true male.

No. 1341850

I'm >>1341785 and straight, and I don't think it makes any sense for a bisexual to call herself a lesbian.

No. 1341868

Homosexuality is the sum of ALL parts, it's not just one. lol
People like you are one of the reason scrotes believe they can "convert" lesbians.
Because words have no meaning anymore. Welcome to the 21st, enjoy your stay.

No. 1341877

If you only date women, you ARE a lesbian, you absolute muppet. You're allowed to think some men are objectively hot without it somehow tainting your orientation, just like plenty of straight woman think some female celebrities are hot. Not every lesbian is repulsed by men.

Or if you date men sometimes, you're a bisexual and stop encouraging this "bisexual lesbian" bullshit. The word lesbian has been stolen to mean any queer person who likes women, leaving actual lesbians with no identity.

No. 1341879

> You sound more stupid trying to convince us you're actually a lesbian
did you not read the line in my post where i went 'i'm bisexual'.
anyway i don't even get what you mean by 'convince' people. i tend to tell the women i date that i'm a lesbian, and they believe me. i'm listed as a 'lesbian' on tinder. my friends know me as a lesbian. it isn't a matter of 'convincing' people about anything

>don't touch anything with female content because they hate women

she says in a thread dedicated to hating on women on a site where women hate on other women on the daily. and the 'female content' women tend to hate is pandering to coomer scrotes anyway. the hypocrisy is blinding

No. 1341888

>If you only date women, you ARE a lesbian, you absolute muppet.
More accurate to say lesbian refers to female homosexuals.

No. 1341921

Happens all the time about here and the other farm. Someone gets one post about them on a general topic thread and when they retell their trauma on Twitter it’s all “they’re all obsessed with me, there’s a whole thread about me!!!”

No. 1341923

Sage for being off topic, but the only shippers I’ve seen for m/m and f/f I’ve encountered in fandom are either bi or lesbian. Straight women tend to be Yumejoshi/ self insert shippers….straight women really don’t know how to react when the relationship doesn’t have Gender as a fixed role in the dynamic. I feel bad for them.

No. 1341924

I agree nonny. I am concerned for her health not just coz of the transition but the obvious depression and eating disorder. She’s a really good actress I just hope she doesn’t see no way out now.
The people insisting she looks happier than ever as she forces a grimace on that skeletal face , they’ must know the truth really they just think all transition = good.

No. 1341927

>anyway i don't even get what you mean by 'convince' people
Because you were saying it's okay to call yourself a lesbian even if you get wet at the thought of fucking guys, as long as you choose to only fuck women. Lesbians don't "choose" to fuck women, they have no choice over their attraction. I can see why you'd list yourself as a lesbian on tinder but I can't see why you can't admit you're bi to your friends/girlfriends.

>and the 'female content' women tend to hate is pandering to coomer scrotes anyway

Wasn't referring to that type of content, which I agree women should avoid. I meant women who actively hate and bash on any female characters just because they want their comfort show to be a sausage party/they hate seeing female characters getting in the way of their gay ship, even when the female characters aren't written that badly.

No. 1341928

The reasoning I've seen is "male characters have better characterization than female ones" which is sadly true. That still doesn't explain why the self-proclaimed "super sapphic" lesbians would spend hours creating and drawing and writing about how the alien warlord from their favorite cartoon actually has two dicks for fucking his male second in command though. They just stink of bisexuals in denial, when theres nothing wrong with being bi. And a lot of them troon out too.

No. 1341930

In case anyone didn’t get that reference, Élio is the 17 years old protagonist of Call Me By Your Name. So, gay and Jewish.

No. 1341942

You sound like an idiot.

No. 1341950

I'm AYRT and I don't do yumejoshi/self-insert. I have a few M/M and F/F ships but most of my ships are M/F, yet I also don't feel super attached to any of my ships. I just think "oh that's cute" and leave it at that. I guess I really don't care about shipping that much compared to most other people. I'm politically celibate so there's no man in my life but I just fill up that spare time with other stuff like hobbies, volunteering, and solid friendships. I think a lot of people who lack romance in their lives end up living through the romantic lives of fictional characters. Some even come to believe they are that character. Then the delusional behavior spirals out of control from there.

No. 1341962

Shipping is a mental illness so it's good advice to stay away from it.

No. 1341964

NTA but have you never heard of Mary Renault?

No. 1341968

No it's the Thai performer Lalisa from K-Pop group Blackpink. It's very common for weirdos on the internet to use images of Eastern Asian people for "aesthetic" reasons.

No. 1341972

Checked out OP's blog and it's an autistic white girl who makes mental illness posts and reblogs thinspo of men.

No. 1341978

File: 1633486397816.jpg (47.77 KB, 484x425, 23232.JPG)

The notes are full of "gay trans men" lmao. I think straight women feel ashamed of their heterosexuality and now they pretend to be gay men to explain their sexual attraction to men. We live in strange times.

No. 1341979

definitely, liking men as a woman is not special enough.

No. 1341987

You unironically should feel pure shame for liking men regardless of your gender tbh

No. 1341990

you should be careful or bianon might call you a dyke again and act like you’re systematically oppressing her

No. 1341997

don't you see this is what contribute to the ayden epidemic, no matter what you do you cannot change the fact that most women are heterosexual and desire a partner

No. 1342004

this isn't helpful rhetoric

No. 1342009

Most straight women don't have the willpower to become voluntarily celibate.

No. 1342010

kek at her username having "xx" at the end

No. 1342012

I would rather men love each other than have a sexual attraction to women.

No. 1342013

I replied saying that she's the bisexual everyone hates and I'm bisexual myself.

No. 1342015

I would rather these girls just call themselves "pan/biromantic heterosexuals" again.

No. 1342016

Fakebois are so completely and utterly obsessed with shipping. There should be a straight girl triad: shipping, true crime, and makeup.

No. 1342021

NTA But I wonder if there's a more constructive way for discussion of management of heterosexual attraction for women. There are acceptable men out there for you ladies, but they're very, very rare, and seemingly becoming increasingly obscure. When people here mock the concept of being attracted to men, it's because they think it's arrogant to place instinct over the understanding that men, at large, are harmful to women. I can't say I disagree, but I do think relationships are important to many people. Though, I do sometimes wonder how much a desire for a relationship is connected to real human needs, and how much is just influenced by cultural representation of romantic relationships as the "end goal", and something that will bring happiness like nothing else does (which isn't even necessarily true).

No. 1342025

This attitude is exactly why straight girls troon out. What exactly is a person to do if they're sexually attracted to men exclusively and have a personality that craves intimacy? The internet has created a culture where women feel like settling for a guy is a betrayal of their political beliefs, it's no wonder they're trooning out so they pretend it doesn't apply to them. They can't even jerk off without being tut-tutted by other women for either "objectifying gay men" or being "degenerate coomers."

I'd take women settling for mediocre men over mutilating themselves literally any day. Obviously patriarchal misogyny is the main cause of FTMs, but hostility towards straight women in feminist circles is only making things worse.

No. 1342027

I'm >>1342004 and maybe there is but these conversations always end up toxic and this isn't really the thread for it.

Honestly I'm a lesbian so it's not something I have to deal with but I'm sympathetic to a woman wanting a romantic and sexual relationship that is fulfilling I don't feel like it's helpful to mock women for wanting that.

No. 1342031

Yeah tbh, most straight women are absolutely terrified of never having a fulfilling romantic relationship with a man and dying alone. They've been fed this message all their life. They will go on and on about how much they hate men, but if you mention that you're a celibate straight woman and you think other women should simply abstain from dating men, they look at you like you're crazy and will inevitably say "well, not all men are that bad!". Men don't care how much a women supposedly hate them if she's still fucking men and birthing their babies because she's doing exactly what is expected of women anyway.


Shut the fuck up, you are embarrassing.

No. 1342032

This is way more hostile than what OP said.

No. 1342033

>stop fetishizing us
We're not sexualizing you, Aiden, we're sexualizing males, y'know, with actual cocks. No one except chasers with weirdly specific fetishes find your pube beards and mega-clits hot.

No. 1342034

OT but there's a whole YouTube genre now called 'True Crime & Makeup' where women put on make-up while telling true crime stories. It really sickens me and makes me feel terrible for all the victims. The true crime obsession is getting to be a bit much since people are treating it like a fandom…and investigators are saying it's negatively impacting on current cases like the death of Gabby Petito.

No. 1342036

>Men don't care how much a woman supposedly hates them if she's still fucking men and birthing their babies because she's doing exactly what is expected of women anyway.
You hit the nail on the head.

No. 1342037

You guys seriously need to go outside and interact with normal human beings.

You're delusional if you think shaming women for who they fuck is even remotely "feminist." It's one thing to be opposed to the inherently exploitative sex work industry, but quite another to judge womens' intellectual purity based on whether they're untainted by cock. Jesus Christ anons, get a grip.

No. 1342039

>They will go on and on about how much they hate men, but if you mention that you're a celibate straight woman and you think other women should simply abstain from dating men, they look at you like you're crazy and will inevitably say "well, not all men are that bad!".

Literally my mom. Goes on about how terrible men are every day but if I mention I don't want to marry a man (I'm straight), she loses her shit.

No. 1342041

I don't expect all straight women to be celibate, that would be impossible. But too many straight women complain about men while still getting into relationships with them and trash other straight women who do choose to be celibate. There's so much more to life than fucking moids. Too many straight women don't realize this and think having a long-term male partner is the end all and be all.

No. 1342042

Its stupid to even pretend that that heterosexuality somehow cultural, the reason these girls troon out is cause of the subcultures they are part of and media they consume which vilify and mock "boring straight relationships" this however goes against human nature and innate sexuality and desire

No. 1342044

How many times are you going to post the same comment, retard?

No. 1342046

I don't understand why you're replying to me I don't disagree with you.

No. 1342050

My mom too. Our father was a neglectful piece of shit who traumatized my whole family. My mother is so much happier as a divorced woman and she has no interest in getting into a new relationship…but she always shames young women who have never been married and/or don’t want kids. She thinks it’s a woman’s duty to get married to a man and have children. Even weirder is that she calls herself a “feminist” and thinks women should be financially independent.

No. 1342053

>You guys seriously need to go outside and interact with normal human beings.
Grow the fuck up. Her comment was a very accurate observation of how many heterosexual women behave.

No. 1342089

File: 1633497751312.jpeg (265.58 KB, 828x1472, B558B4C9-B2E7-4147-88AE-222481…)

Back on topic. Twitter TIF realizes that men care more about pussy than pronouns.

No. 1342094

If it's a straight man with a woman, of course he doesn't want his partner to go on hormones lmao he's fucking straight. And how would one even go about sucking a clit like a dick? Just be glad he's eating you out in the first place.

No. 1342102

File: 1633498409498.png (135.1 KB, 720x763, 67C644C1-5754-4AA3-B5FE-BA57F1…)

Lesbians don't have to be into women. You are lesbian if you identify as lesbian, period.

No. 1342106

this shit is fucking cancer

No. 1342108

It's crazy how many people actually accept the existence of such a thing as "nonbinary" gender, and permanent body modification as a normal response to """"being nonbinary"""", when thinking about it for even a second, or asking any questions whatsoever, reveals that the concept is completely nonsensical and cannot exist.

No. 1342113

I'm not the anon you're talking about (would love to see that tho kek) but I am a dyke and I do wish death upon 95% of men and think most "bi" women are lying for male attention
Notice how you're so autistic you can't even properly read what I said. I said regardless of gender. Don't you go have to heat up your boyfriend's chicken nuggets while he ignores you for 5 hours to play CoD instead of misreading what I wrote?
>remotely feminist
No one said it was dumbass, especially not me. If you're so cock hungry you're finding yourself going for the bottom of the barrel of humanity, you get what you get. Obviously anons like you realize what I said was right since hit dogs holler and y'all are MIGHTY loud

No. 1342115

idk I feel like the vast majority of males who nominally support enbies or whatever are either the boyfriends or brothers of aydens and doing this for the sake of their partners LARP

No. 1342122

went and looked at this person's twitter and i'm convinced they're a troll…
> new account
> claims a ton of identities and labels
> no photos of themselves
> most of their posts seem deliberately inflammatory or controversial

No. 1342123

I don't understand the people who laugh at Flat Earthers but believe trans people were born into the wrong body.

No. 1342128

Yeah, I expect some are just humouring a person they like, but there's so many people who make up the enby populations and people who talk about supporting them online and IRL. I don't think that everyone involved is simply an idiot, there must be more to it.

The account may be a troll, but the sentiment is something I've encountered a couple times. For many people gender and sexual orientation are just another fandom.

Most of them don't even claim to believe that anymore. They haven't replaced it with some other explanation of the nature of transness though. Trans women are women. That's it. Explanations are gatekeeping. Asking questions is bigotry.

No. 1342129

>what I said was right since hit dogs holler and y'all are MIGHTY loud
She said as she argued with three different anons. You're "hollering" just as much as those other anons are kek

Can we stop with this retarded detail and post some fucking milk for a change?

No. 1342130

I don't think this is a troll, this one seems serious imo.

No. 1342134

File: 1633500350588.jpg (219.99 KB, 640x485, 1462298004612.jpg)

>does he suck your dick like it's a dick???
idk, maybe he could, you just gotta keep trying lmao

No. 1342136

File: 1633500495517.png (37.35 KB, 799x595, itsmentoillnessluv.png)


these people have severe brain damage

No. 1342141

Top kek did these bitches just find out about enby and ftm chasers??? You got played by a guy who pretended to be gay/bi to fuck your cooch. Next he'll be pretending he likes to suck dick to stick even more fingers in your hooch. Imagine being an easy fuck for a chaser who's just going to brag he got free pussy on the interwebs

No. 1342143

File: 1633501894677.png (58.46 KB, 589x488, 2021-10-06_08-31-29.png)

It doesn't sound like there's chasers involved there, but that it's about people losing loved ones to the trans cult.

No. 1342144

>arguing with three anons
>first reply is me agreeing with an anon

Damn you anons really lack reading comprehension lately huh KEKKKKK

No. 1342145

You're insufferable. This isn't your personal blog.

No. 1342151

>personal blog
It's OK anon you can say you're a dick lover and can't handle when people don't agree with your lifestyle, nobody is going to steal your moid from you! Pinky swear!
At this point lesbian is going to mean people who actively hate women in every sense.

No. 1342155

>Schizo-chan comes in with an autistic take on how dating men should be verboten
>Screeches that anyone who disagrees with her must be a straight woman with a Nigel
>Continues to derail after multiple people tell her to stop
Have you considered that people are annoyed with you not because they're personally insulted by what you said, but because of all the other annoying shit you're doing? Just a thought.

No. 1342158

This is so accurate. I wish I could frame this comment and put on a wall.

No. 1342159

File: 1633504674234.jpg (45.85 KB, 450x600, Ekl2RByUcAALQoA.jpg)

Once again you lack reading comprehension when I literally never said anything about it being forbidden kek - you just keep proving you're too mad to read properly, sad!
>Multiple people
You mean the one anon I replied to? You still can't count sweetie? Are you taking your meds properly? You're seeing things again!(derailing)

No. 1342161

File: 1633504918393.jpg (122.74 KB, 562x960, tumblr_bb62717806c2e6630cc1a2b…)

Feel like the shirt was sort of on the nose. I lold at first but then I just felt tired. Every single time I see a troonette do something this retarded, I click on an about page or read the twitter description, and it says 'autistic'. Every time. Another one of those things that starts out as funny before it starts to hurt.
No matter how wretched these stupid kids get, they remind me of how hard it was to grow up as a weird girl even without the gender shit in the air. Makes me want to throttle a drug company CEO and a plastic surgeon.

No. 1342164

>make u afraid to explore gender
>you actually change things up they start feeling weird
>finding the presentation that makes you happiest
Her cult-like logic ("they don't get us bc they're cis uwu") sounds more like a shield for cluster-b weirdness. She can't see no one normal is gonna stand a partner who begins LARPing whenever they're bored.

No. 1342168

"Exploring gender" is such bullshit too. What does that actually mean? It's nonsense. Imagine thinking getting an undercut because you think it looks cool means you're exploring ways to not be a woman. Because your hair cut is more meaningful tell for determining your sex than your body, and that you should adjust your body to suit your preferred style rather than mixing and matching freely.

No shit people freak out when their partner wants to start mutilating their body. You have to be deeply indoctrinated to think that shit is acceptable in any way. The tranny's partner probably thought the trans shit was a phase they can weather.
Also, imagine telling people that their partner being concerned for their mental and physical well being is a red flag that means they're actually evil bigots, because there can be no discussion of the dogma, either you kneel or you are kicked out of the social circle. And they wonder why people call it a cult.

No. 1342169

NTA but jfc you're obnoxious. Enjoy your inevitable ban.

No. 1342173

I want to know where this idea came from that one's partner is somehow an oppressive tyrant for not being okiedokey with changes that are so fucking radical.
Wouldn't it be ~less affirming~ if your obviously and proudly straight boyfriend was chill with your new supposedly non-woman identity? I know it's pointless to expect any of this shit to make sense, but how do kwee people think 'attraction to nonbinary people' even works? Since sexual attraction is based around sex characteristics, would it be invalidating to a nonbinary person for a heterosexual person of the opposite sex to be attracted to him or her? Are they only comfortable with bisexuals being attracted to them? Have I missed out on a new category of non-binary-attracted orientation? I know that I haven't, because I've read the screeching that nonbinary should not be considered a group with any unifying similarities. It would be transphobic to assume that nonbinary people have anything in common at all.
Aside from all of the heinous shit wrapped up in all of this, what pisses me off the most about gender shit is that no matter how much navel-gazing goes on, no one seems bothered by how little any of their super life-saving-and important-ideas are consistent enough to be practical outside of their brains

No. 1342177

>Mary Renault
Are you kidding me? That's not a Japanese formative author of comics about gay men fucking each other who famously came out as a lesbian. Renault's books aren't even yaoi/BL

No. 1342182

> Since sexual attraction is based around sex characteristics
Uhhh, that's transphobic?????? People are attracted to gender, that's why TiMs who are attracted to each other are called lesbians.

> It would be transphobic to assume that nonbinary people have anything in common at all.

Actually it's bigoted to demand that trans people conform to cisnormative appearance standards at all. Transwomen don't owe you femininity and transmen don't owe you masculinity, enbies don't own you nonconformity.

No. 1342187

Is this sarcasm I can't read or are you lost?
>Transwomen don't owe you femininity and transmen don't owe you masculinity, enbies don't own you nonconformity.
And we don't owe them validation of their delusions. Glad we sorted that out

No. 1342188

>Is this sarcasm I can't read

No. 1342190

I'm relieved, I thought a twitterfag found it's way here. Should have looked at sage

No. 1342193

It's the most coherent answer I've seen from trannies, not something I thought up, so I can see why it can be confusing.

No. 1342203

I'm so glad I don't have any trans friends. I've talked to trans people irl but I would never be their friends and I try to avoid interacting with them as much as possible. I can't imagine actually dating one…being around trans people is only going to hurt yourself.

No. 1342204

It's long been evident that autists are more vulnerable to fall victim to troon propaganda, it's the inherent nonconformity that comes from lacking social awareness that makes them think "oh i clearly don't think like other girls/boys, so i must be the opposite gender(/enby)". Ironically, most of the detrans people I've seen have also been autists who realized all this

No. 1342205

I get that's what they say about appearances, I just don't know how they (nonbinary people specifically) navigate the idea of people being attracted to them.

If they think attraction is based on gender (self-identified and suggesting nothing tangible or distinct from any other group), then that would suggest it's possible to be attracted to non-binary people. If someone suggested that he or she was attracted to nonbinary people, I think that person would be considered a "fetishist".

So what I'm assuming is that either they're so very dissociated, self-centered and childlike that they are completely incurious about what a potential partner might think feel or want– or, they know that they look like their birth sex, and they plan to live their lives rolling their eyes at the fools who don't realize their sex characteristics are in fact non binary.

"The world is bad and cruel. People who love me are ignorant bigoted cunts."
It's all so misanthropic. Just one long tantrum.

No. 1342212

It doesn't make sense because there really is no reason or thought behind it. And if you bring it up they will look the other way and call you a bigot who's not worth listening to because you're spreading evil bigoted ideas.
They literally pretend not to see the problems, and go to attack "terfs" or straight white cis men instead to distract you and themselves from thinking about it. It's like pointing out the actual content of the bible to people who are Christian kek

No. 1342213

Wild how now most of the people posting male thinspo are now women instead of bi men, and the skinny male thinspo models these women post are all skinny goth boys or look like some type of fancast for Kuroshitsuji.

No. 1342216

>reeee bi women fake
>cocks this cocks that
Here we go again. This is why you get called a lesbincel lol

No. 1342217

I wonder how much of a connection there is between eating disorders and being a fakeboi. Men have a lower percentage of body fat than women so maybe some women think trooning out will help them reach their weight and body image goals? But men are also heavier than women on average because of their bone density and muscle mass lol.

No. 1342220

It doesn’t make sense to me because men are physically larger than women.

No. 1342222

please drop it, nonnie. The fight is really annoying.

They don't want to be men. They want to be boys. Just as 50 year old TWs call themselves 'girls'.

No. 1342244

So they are all pedos?

No. 1342267

For some I think it's about not wanting to grow up. Fakebois tend to be very immature and emotionally unstable.

No. 1342268

The hatred of their own body makes them think they're not even women. They probably are on the larger side and envied skinny pretty girls when they were younger but since those girls ostracized them for whatever reason they start resenting femininity and their own body even more and a fakeboi is born. They seem to mix up what they find attractive with what they want to be without realizing some things just aren't meant to be.

No. 1342271

Trannies in general express pedophilic behavior, more so the TIMs but you also have 30 year old TIFs lust over 14 year old boys.

No. 1342274

I do know some fakebois admire the male body because men are less fat than women are on average. The female body is pre-disposed to want to store fat so to maintain a healthy body weight, a woman not only has to eat less than a man but she also has to exercise more.

No. 1342287

quite a few detransitioners on youtube talk about how much they hated their body and developed eating disorders/body image disorders when they started puberty, but the hatred of wide hips and breasts got confused with hatred of the female form in general (by the TIFs themselves and by supposed experts). there was also one reidentified woman who outright said in her video that she was very adamant to go on T because she read that T makes you lose weight faster. i think it was nele/peer, one of the authors of the detransition booklet.

>They want to be boys.
i wonder how much this has to do with not being able to date in high school or something. like, we all know that the kais and aidens and ezras on twitter are kind of quirky, weird girls who aren't really popular with the typical teenage chad. so maybe they want to become the teenage boy they never managed to 'score'? a lot of them would really benefit from cringy roleplaying on gaia or something, kek.

No. 1342302

Very very high correlation. Check out the proana/ana trigger tags on instagram, twitter or tumblr and you will see fakebois and enbies massively overrepresented. A lot of these girls idolise the gangly, androgynous look of teenage boys too- see the obsession with finn wolfhard.

No. 1342321

This happens with people with eating disorders all the time. Any trace of "womanly curves" is a symptom of being fat in their eyes. It's less about being a man and more about being nothing, taking up less space. Plus, if you can convince people you're doing it because you are experiencing gender dysphoria and not because of garden variety BD they'll validate you: let you get surgeries and lop your breasts off. Look at Shmegeh queen of the anas, she isn't the first person with an ED to want top surgery but she always blamed it on "not feeling feminine."

No. 1342372

They're not really trying to be Chads though, they're trying to be ~uwu soft boys~ like their favorite kpop actors and twinky teen idols. They're basically trying to the fictionalized version of men portrayed in shoujo manga and YA romance novels. Hence the fixation on Jewish guys, who gentile women view as nonthreatening and ~soft~.

No. 1342386

yeah that's what i meant, i didn't know what else to call it. they're trying to be the jack frost-type of teenage boy and not the big hunky chad who plays football.

No. 1342403

Can confirm. I used to want to be a softboi (cringe I know, but I was 13 at the time). Basically a lot of these softbois are trying to emulate cute fictional men that don't exist irl, and they think it's easy for them to do that because they're already feminine as a woman. They just have to do a few changes (kek) to become a boy and they'll instantly look like a cute boy.

It makes even more sense if they're yaoi larpers because the handsome good-looking type of men that are usually the top in the relationship already exist (the cis gay men they chase after) so they think they can easily fill in the bottom role by becoming the twink. Because you rarely actually see twinks irl as a common male build, softbois think they have less competition in gay relationships and are fulfilling a niche that has a demand (except there's a reason why gay men are mostly into bara and girls are mostly into BL). They assume they will instantly score hot tops, oblivious to the fact that gay men have very diverse tastes and a lot of them are into masculine men.

No. 1342430

Interesting, I didn't know that was a thing.

No. 1342446

File: 1633544158327.png (13.71 KB, 502x431, 4248F167-1EC8-4056-BF0D-9CFD1A…)

Gay men are the least likely to be obese to be fair.

No. 1342449

Oh my god, mentally they really are the exact same as incels: Constantly obsess over the other sex, crackpot theories about human behaviour, can't understand human interactions, unable to contain their psychotic rage.

Thanks for making that connection!

No. 1342455

Go cry into your big mac

No. 1342465

Honestly, it's irritating as hell that lesbians can't be hyperbolic here without straight women getting extremely homophobic, calling us all incels and dykes, and saying things much more hostile and egregious than what the lesbian they responded to actually said. It almost feels like they're using their attraction to men to justify their homophobia.
And, no, I'm not one of the anons who posted a "men bad" comment, before any of you accuse me of being that.

No. 1342476

Is this satire? This is interesting, I wonder whether there's material for a thread here.

No. 1342522

File: 1633550255972.jpg (248.38 KB, 1280x1280, Shes not fine.jpg)

Are you still reeeing about straight and bisexual women? Jesus christ, get back to the thread topic.

Apparently Noelle Stevenson has been given a grant by Substack to join their site. The first thing she does is tried to tell Substack to deplatform muh TERFs. Looks like it will be more self-absorbed navel-gazing comics about being a tranny. I do find it funny that she was willing to join the big bad nazi TERF site once they offered her money. These people are all so fucking transparent.


No. 1342531

God that ginger cunt is so annoying. What even is that drawing? She's abusing pills, booze and the internet but she's… also moisturising? Personally I find when I go through a rough patch and don't moisturise it's very hard to get my skin back to normal, so good on her for remembering that. Is her "wife" still cucking her with moids? Can't wait to read articles about how poly relationships totally work and it's just a coincidence that she's trooned out and sunk into depression as this happens.

No. 1342534

Samefagging to say that I'm a sped. I didn't read that dumb comic first and realise that's testosterone gel not moisturiser kek. She's so pretentious it didn't seem out of character for her to get navel gazey about moisturising.

No. 1342540

this is depressing as fuck, she needs real help.

No. 1342640

I thought women having a higher level of body fat than men was fairly well-known. Women need to store more fat to generate the hormones required for menstruation. You may have heard that underweight women usually end up losing their periods. Men have a lot more muscle mass and they can eat more food and exercise less without gaining fat like women because their caloric maintenance is higher.

No. 1342641

I didn't mean to reply to your post, sorry. I was trying to reply to someone saying ana chans specifically desire male looking bodies, as opposed to not-female ones.

No. 1342643

Kek, even when straight men have the biological advantage to avoid obesity they still end up fatter than straight women.

No. 1342651

>straight men being failures
Expected this.
>bi women are the most obese
Didn’t expect this.

No. 1342653

Eh I’m bisexual and it doesn’t surprise me. A lot of bisexual women I have met are on the fatter side. I don’t know why though.

No. 1342658

Fakebois may be retarded but they aren’t blind. They know the average gay man looks better than the average straight man and it infuriates them that gay men don’t like them.

No. 1342676

gay men are skinny legends

No. 1342682

Wtf the percentage of obese people is this high? These stats must from the US.

No. 1342700

File: 1633562307617.png (33.89 KB, 385x193, huhhh.png)

>be short shrimpy girl
>get cool kweer gay man haircut yass hunty
>get tit chop
>still look female under mask
She should try to transition her art style too because it screams hyper fakeboi.

No. 1342710

i'm really interested in seing a list of traits that the fakeboi style encompass made by /snow/.
like, i do know how to identify the fakeboi style when i see one but i am not clear on the specifics. i just know it.

No. 1342715

File: 1633563360039.png (677.41 KB, 841x543, ND.png)

This made me check her ig because I wanted to know what a 'gay haircut' looks like and I can't help but think she looks less like a dude than the average butch lesbian

No. 1342719

Is the one on the right an mtf

No. 1342722

I believe not, she goes by she/they

No. 1342726

The average American woman is 5’ 3” and 170lbs. Which is probably also why FTMs rarely pass, short + female fat distribution

No. 1342729

>short hair is a "gay male hair cut"
I hate this timeline.

No. 1342730

Straight women are the skinniest women because they have to put so much effort into attracting straight men. Straight men know they can look like shit and straight women will still like them.

No. 1342732

it's depressing how she compares herself to her old self being spunky and happy and nowadays she's just depressed and confused.
wondering if that's a case of what trannies call reverse dysphoria.

No. 1342734

Bi men be getting more eating disorders than gay men but are still fatter than gay men lol

No. 1342739

The fried hair got me fooled. Unfortunate

No. 1342749

How is having a short hair cut and flat chest male? Let women and tomboys live their lives

No. 1342750

I used to see her hunger game comics when the movies first came out. It's wild to see where she is now. what an idiot

No. 1342792

File: 1633570630320.gif (3.06 MB, 476x255, tumblr_b33f06a164e06e10030c024…)

she reminds me of the shriveled espers in akira

No. 1342797

File: 1633570827055.jpg (312.37 KB, 1200x675, neurocover.jpg)

go back

No. 1342864

File: 1633582196588.png (152.68 KB, 1554x642, Capture d’écran 2021-10-07 à…)

her tirade against terfs at the end is sending me.

No. 1342871

This is the closest statistical proof I have seen confirming my belief that gay men are the most attractive demographic on average.

No. 1342888

File: 1633587189602.png (722.19 KB, 6013x7388, 1630148137766.png)

Crossposting from the Western Animation Cows thread. She got her breasts removed because she was bored and restless from quarantine.

She is trans? I thought she was non-binary.

No. 1342889

isn't non-binary a type of trans?

No. 1342922

Undesirable women seeking to expand their dating pool maybe? Or already being on the fringe means they don't care much about adhering to social norms in other contexts?

No. 1342924

kek what an idiot i'm sure she won't regret this in 5 months. Sometimes i sit and try really hard to figure out how grown women can be so incompetent at analyzing their own experiences, but so far no luck. This literally reads like it was written by a 15 y/o
>I know what the next question is. "So what is your gender?"

literally no, why do you think everyone care about your retarded journey to lop your breasts off due to Stupid Syndrome and how that impacts which of 700 pronoun choices you're going to start demanding people use on a rotating schedule? The people are so self-absorbed it boggles the mind

No. 1342926

No, she got her breasts removed because she was being cucked in a polycule by her bihet girlfriend fucking a man and causing her to feel inferior to a penis-haver. The seeds for her ~dysphoria~ were planted there and amplified in quarantine.

No. 1342940

Those fake bois really need to leave their houeses once! Pleanty of women past their 60s have short "gay" haircuts. It's just convenient.

No. 1342970

Accurate. Most of the gay men I know are very fit while the bi women I know are kind of fat. Also straight men are always shaming straight women for being fat as if they aren't fatter than us. It's harder for men to get fat than women in the first place yet straight men are the only male group fatter than their female counterparts.

No. 1342975

Tinfoiling but I think bisexual women suffer from eating disorders more than straight women and lesbians, the chart could be pointing out the inevitable weight gain after an anachan stint

No. 1342977

I thought Noelle cucked Molly's ex-boyfriend, Jack.

No. 1342986

File: 1633600154793.png (77.99 KB, 535x584, 2021-10-07_11-48-32.png)

There is so much profound mental illness to unpack from these two lines alone. Those comics are often so dense with meaning and subtext, and nothing of it is intended by the author, lol.

No. 1342987

What a dumb bitch

No. 1342992

There's no conclusive evidence for that. Some of them say there is no difference in eating disorders between women of different sexualities, others say bi women are more prone to eating disorders, others say bi and lesbian both have elevated risk compared to straight women but lesbians at greater risk than bi women. The only thing we know for sure is that gay and bi men are far more concerned about body image than straight men.

No. 1342995

This. Other studies even show heterosexual women have the highest rate of eating disorders of all.

No. 1342999

I'm bi and I really don't believe that. I think most bi women just don't give a shit about being chubby. The women I know who are most concerned about their weight are straight because they're so desperate for male approval.

No. 1343007


more like obese women are more likely to be bisexual because they have to maximise their options because they know that most straight men aren't gonna date a fatty. They probably also see it as a 'kweer fat positive liberation uwu' thing too and do it for woke points.

No. 1343068

>hur dur maximizing options
Are you retarded

No. 1343074

I almost wish there was some kind of containment thread for these stupid takes, this thread gets derailed everyday

No. 1343076

It's a take on par with the scrotey "only unattractive and undesired girls troon out as a cope hurr hurr" one. I swear this thread has some fucks who have the male-aligned brain Aidens wish they were born with.

No. 1343132

Self-proclaimed trans people always wanna go on and on about how they are breaking down gender stereotypes but they always tell on themselves whenever they admit they think short hair = man. As though there aren’t millions of short haired women in the world who have no issues with the fact that they are women.

No. 1343155

Noelle Stevenson detransition betting pool when? I’m guessing she’ll either detrans or 41% within the next 3 years. Feel free to screenshot this post.

No. 1343175

>She is trans? I thought she was non-binary.
Nonbinary is often the in-between for them transing, I've noticed.Speaking of western animation cows, Bex Taylor-Klaus (voice actress from the Voltron series) claimed to be nonbinary as well, and I think she's transing too.

No. 1343204

OT but this pic killed me

No. 1343231

She'll detrans but do it very quietly and maybe even leave social media when she does. She's my fave fakeboi because she so regularly documents her feelings. I'm sure she'll look back in horror at these years.

No. 1343241

Either she'll become a recluse and detrans like >>1343231 said, or she'll 41%. I have a hard time seeing Noelle publicly detransing and admitting the big bad ebul terven were right.

No. 1343259

I feel like she'll go back to being a she/they possibly lol

No. 1343261

File: 1633641518637.png (Spoiler Image, 9.14 MB, 2316x3088, genitals but worse.png)

Spoilered for a reason.
I wish I could see Exulansic's opinion on this kind of surgery.

No. 1343269

I can buy that. Look at how both gay men and straight women are the thinnest because they both want to attract men.

No. 1343270

File: 1633642028084.png (2.49 MB, 1080x1920, 9D389EB7-5A53-42E0-ADC5-485457…)

Yeah I think Bex went fakeboi. She was so good in The Killing as a homeless nb character in Seattle. Left is before right is after. She had the tit chop in July.

No. 1343271

I literally yelled. Don't click it, nonnies. Save yourselves. I hope mass lawsuits follow in the coming years for all of these "gender affirming" mutilations. If anyone told me 10 years ago that this would be common place enough that everyone would probably know at least one trans person, I wouldn't believe it. Wonder where we'll be 10 years from now…

No. 1343280

I think once these transtrenders grow up and the new generation comes along, kids won't see being trans as hip or cool anymore, and it'll die off just like how all previous trends have. The only thing that has me concerned is detransitioners being seen as the new victimhood that everyone wants to larp as because it automatically gives them pity points once people realize how fucked up trans ideology is.

No. 1343290

She looks like a short hispanic man on the right. But still not a man. what a dumb bitch

No. 1343292

I'm scared. What's the spoiler image? Also, thank you for the warning.

No. 1343295

Fakeboi with a dick/vag

No. 1343309

Phaloplasty with the vagina kept intact in between the "balls". These kind of procedures always scream "fetish".

No. 1343313

File: 1633645255545.jpeg (515.08 KB, 644x989, 5466E48B-FF07-47D1-960D-BC2738…)

Nta it’s been posted before, but it never gets old kek

No. 1343323

I feel like fakebois tend to be more girly on average than even your average girl.

No. 1343324

Literally why the fuck would you do this?

No. 1343326

>internalized misogyny through the roof
>boy crazy heterosexual

Seems about right.

No. 1343328

Uke = female character in male body

No. 1343334

File: 1633646896312.jpg (56.24 KB, 540x429, 4543543.jpg)

No. 1343336

File: 1633646995375.jpg (113.81 KB, 576x960, 435435435.jpg)

No. 1343337

She'll know it better than anyone with all her other senses being heightened

No. 1343342

>dating a blind girl
Smart move I guess
>high end prosthetic
I wonder how that supposedly differs from others

No. 1343343

It was exactly that. That anon probably hasn't read the Western Animation thread.
Noelle was the one who willingly got involved with Molly when she was already dating Jack, then begged Molly to break up with the dude, and so she did. Shortly after they got married, Noelle lost her fucking mind during quarantine and chopped her tits off.
She inflicted this shitstorm upon herself.

No. 1343344

What an actual disgusting piece of shit.

No. 1343346

This is just rape of disabled women. An already common phenomenon.

No. 1343347

This has to be fake, right? Right?
Wouldn't that be… Rape? Right?
Even says stealthing, they real are a scrote.

No. 1343348

The way all the TIFs are supportive of this rapist…

No. 1343353

The real worry here being what if this girl is actually a transphobic???

No. 1343354

Of course this is from r/truscum.

No. 1343358

Luckily I'm like 90% sure this is creative writing, but Jesus Christ. If she's dating you, she probably already likes you for who you are, so just be forthcoming about your body?

I never understood why troons feel the need to be "stealth" in committed relationships. Wouldn't you want to tell the person relatively early on so you can weed out "bigots" and not waste your time? Why would you want to date someone you don't trust will accept you, I don't understand.

No. 1343362

People who go through these extreme body mods won't detrans. Sunk cost and all that…
Their feelings > potential partner's feelings. Narc supply is all that matters.

No. 1343367


Apollo (the god) is canonically bisexual and his relationship with Hyacinth has that "uwu sunshine flower boi" thing that TIFs cream themselves over. They'll ignore the fact that Apollo, in his relationships with women, is know to be Rapey McGrabbyhands though.

sage for mythospergging

No. 1343376

Jesus christ what the actual fuck is this. How does this work. Why is it like that and how did they construct this. This is the first time I've been truly horrified by a spoiler in this thread.
83% of disabled women experience sexual assault. People with disabilities are sexually assaulted at nearly 3x the rate as people without.

No. 1343381

>Why is it like that and how did they construct this.
The frankendick is made of her forearm skin, you can see the excision site. The fakeballs are made of her labia majora.
Very mengelian, so progressive.
I've read the SRS thread on KF and I hate myself for being able to speculate about this.

No. 1343456

The horrific scarring and visible stitches on frankenjunk always frightens me. It's beyond me how anyone can look at the partially sewed together gore holes that TIMs have, or the mismatched patchwork of skin chunks that TIFs have, and not see either for the botched medical experimentation they are.

No. 1343466

Out of all the things I've seen in these threads, this might be among the most repulsive. I hope people look back on doctors doing this shit as the freakshow that it is.
Yeah she was pretty cute, until she went fakeboi. She looks like an incel now, just like Noelle.

No. 1343479

ED doesn’t necessarily mean anorexia. Many bulimics are fat.

No. 1343482

In between the balls? That straight up looks like a ballsack with a vag slapped right on it. Sheer goddamn lunacy.

No. 1343539

she really is true scum.

No. 1343556

I was not ready for this

No. 1343557

This is some mtf thread tier shit holy hell. Way to act like a coombrain man, must be so validating to be a piece of human garbage. Hope your frankendick rots off.

No. 1343558

What a nightmare fuel scenario that would be lmao. Imagine finding out your "boyfriend" is an ugly, manipulative tranny and having your disability be used against you in this way. Gross

No. 1343567

Don't tell me this is some weird ABO shit… Do people really read that crap until their brain oozes right out of their skull?
Where is it? Can't find it, did anyone archive it or have a link? Want to read the comments

No. 1343574

File: 1633673157799.png (151.34 KB, 597x531, 1630149454991.png)

On that note…

No. 1343578

It is a real thing though. Plenty of lesbians, mainly GNC ones, interpret their admiration of male looks as a crush because we're taught romance and sexuality very heteronormatively and young lesbians only recognize any degree of attraction towards the opposite sex as just that, even if it's more of appreciation of their fashion sense or looks. Not to mention that being masculine often means being attractive to women, which would make sense why a lesbian would do so.

No. 1343616

I know a lot of TIFs have penis envy and one of their biggest fantasies is being able to impregnate other women just like men can. Part of this might be because they are self-hating gays who want to live "normal lives" but weirder still was that some of these women were straight - they weren't even attracted to women but they wanted a penis to demonstrate their superiority and terrify other women with. TIFs love telling people who disagree with them to suck their dick and some of the more deranged ones do threaten rape.
They understand that performing the masculine gender relies on the constant abuse of women. Their misogynistic antics are what they use to convince themselves and other people that they are "truly male".

No. 1343629

There's dildos that can shoot fake sperm but they opt to mutilate their bodies. Mental illness.

No. 1343667

what fakebois don't get is that cutting their hair that short only makes them pass less. trying to act super masc only feels like a facade put over a woman and that whole "i'm a girly boy" fetish also stinks so bad everyone simply knows they're a girl but they play along so they won't cry bout it.

if these fakebois only acted natural, like any natural person would, they perhaps could start passing more. but we know that it wouldn't make them special enough, so they keep being attentionwhores till they detrans or commit suicide for what they've done to themselves.

they fixate so much on their new identity because they know the time they start going naturally about their lives everything, this "gender identity" of theirs will fall appart and they'll face the fact that they're only girls after all.

also, how hard is it to accept that you're autoandrogynephilic?

No. 1343675

>gay haircut
Yes i know many lesbians with short hair.

Saying that all fakebois have the same short with a little flick at the front. it’s very dated and has the same energy as tims wearing clothes suited for little girls. i don’t think they go outside or look at real people.

No. 1343719

i really start to hate the person who made that lesbian google doc

No. 1343752

20 burgers just happens to be the best source of comfort for when the mean dykes are oppressing you for loving men

No. 1343758

File: 1633711469193.jpg (52.33 KB, 736x764, IMG_20210607_202138.jpg)

i'm dysphoric and i almost got top but chickened out at the last minute. i'm really glad i didn't go through with it because the more i look at these degenerate freaks the more i'm glad i didn't deform myself like that. That being said it's hard to find normal LGBT friends these days who aren't insane twitter trannies :((:()

No. 1343764

Stay strong sister, you will find friends out there. Proud of you for taking the time to really think about top surgery and the many facets of that because that's a lot of hard reflection.

No. 1343770

File: 1633712791337.jpg (57.43 KB, 750x670, IMG_20210121_151842.jpg)

thanks nonnie. i'm only 20 so i know i have my whole life ahead of me, but it feels so lonely. i still wish i'd been born male though, but seeing as most scrotes are brain poisoned i'm kinda glad i wasn't.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1343774

why don't you just fuck off, tranny

No. 1343783

Use the vent thread and don't use smileys.

No. 1343793

You could try to develop hobbies and join communities based on them. Most people make friends that way. Turn outward, nothing good comes from navel gazing, and bullshit love bombing, and circle jerking about how evil the world and regular people are (just assuming, because that's what many trannies talk about on social media). Friends don't magically materialize out of thin air.

>i still wish i'd been born male though
Males have their own problems. Many of them think women have it easier, check the MTF thread or read incel posts (better don't).
In any case, trying to become one is a fool's errand. You cannot succeed and will become more miserable the more you try.

Virtually all cases of gender dysphoria dissolve when the person stops obsessing over it, so try to find something else you enjoy engaging with.

No. 1343859

File: 1633720724364.png (342.5 KB, 992x662, samxfrodo.png)

A part of me wonders if Noelle is trooning out to please her wife, who seems to be a fujoshi. Molly wrote a Polygon article about queer interpretations of LOTR and had a section in her blog dedicated to her fanart shipping Sam and Frodo.

No. 1343862

People like you are part of the reason young women are trooning out en masse, you dense cunt. Wanting to be born male is a very common occurrence among tomboys and GNC women. It's no fucking wonder why either when this is the treatment they get from other women.

>Virtually all cases of gender dysphoria dissolve when the person stops obsessing over it, so try to find something else you enjoy engaging with.
100% this. Once I actually forced myself to get out of the house and do stuff I realised how silly my dysphoria was. I'm a masculine female, so what? As for wishing I'd been born male, it's a "grass is greener on the other side" type thing. Get out in your local community, try new things, try looking for something related to your hobbies. If possible try finding a butch/GNC womens group, they're a rare thing nowadays and most of the surviving groups will have tranny friendly policies but you'll still meet likeminded women. Just remember that you don't have to agree with them 100% on everything and to take the good with the bad. Keep putting yourself out there and actually talking to people in the flesh and you'll find trivial problems like gender bullshit will melt away.

No. 1343925

Wasn't FrodoxSam a gateway for Andy Thanfiction or whatever her name was to trooning out?

No. 1343984

In my case at least, it's less wanting to be a man and more wanting to be less vulnerable (which is the reality of being a woman).
I recall a man I talked to online who was convinced his shitty personality would be more acceptable if he was a woman. They are completely delusional. They want to be a woman because they think women live on easy mode. They don't understand that women with "shitty personalities" are quickly murdered by their boyfriends or relatives.
Meanwhile women wish they were men to escape the vulnerability that comes with it. They don't want to be sexualized. They don't want to be predated on. They just want to exist as a neutral individual in the world. Only women understand how "othered" women actually are and how not being seen as the "default" manifests in society.
I pity TIFs, but I don't respect them. They fixate on MLM relationships because they're "equal", but they're too lazy to consider making media with female characters that aren't othered or sexualized or written by men who hate women. They lack creativity and drive. They hate women and they hate themselves.

No. 1343989

why do you need LGBT friends? Get rid of that troon mindset

No. 1344004

I don’t get why straight TIFs think their lives would be easier as gay men. As if gay men aren’t the most stigmatized demographic in the LGBT with centuries of violence targeting them specifically wtf. These women are completely detached from the real world.

No. 1344008

I feel like it’s an Amerifat thing to pretend “cis” gay men are the most privileged group.

No. 1344009

In the case of straight TIFs I think it's the opposite. They want to be oppressed or "queer" for their dick lust. They don't want to be a boring straight girl.
The straight TIFs I met (always straight, never bi) were fujocoomers. Awkward, autistic, obsessed with anime and tbh ugly. Being autistic is the main thing, I think. I imagine growing up they didn't "fit in" with girls of their age and were probably bullied for being weirdos. Boys hate weird ugly girls even more than girls do, so imo TIFs built up this reality that boys treat boys better than they'd ever treat a girl.
And instead of seeing it as the reality of men IRL just being generally horrible, straight TIFs instead decided that clearly it was them being a girl in the first place.
Combine that with media writing women to be nags, sexualized, stupid, annoying, etc and the self hatred speaks for itself.
More than anything, straight TIFs want male validation. On the other side, lesbian TIFs want validation from society, which is also male validation in a way, but a bit more complex.
While fujo TIFs are degenerates, I hesitate to put them on the same level as AGPs. Personally I think their situation is a bit more nuanced than "consumed too much sissy hypno."

No. 1344028

I think straight TIFs want to be oppressed. They hear about gay men dying from the AIDS pandemic, being imprisoned in Muslim countries, being executed by the Nazis, being mutilated in medieval Europe, etc. and think "omg this is SO me!!". They won't actually experience any of this violence though, but they can use it on the internet to speak over other people and make themselves seem more interesting than they really are.

No. 1344067

Why has no one ITT commented on how dismissive of female oppression these posts seem. Straight women are still oppressed for being women. Gay men are oppressed for being gay, not for being men. It's a "grass is greener" perspective, for sure, but both experiences suck.

No. 1344076

Nobody said gay men were oppressed for being men, retard.

No. 1344083

Would make sense. They're very enthusiastic to "reclaim" homophobic slurs and hate on other straight women who aren't trannies like them.

No. 1344092

i blame the tumblr oppression olympics where everybody is scrambling to collect as many marginalized identities as possible

No. 1344105

You're right that these women are delusional and detached from the real world. These straight TIFs who are obsessed with gay men fetishize the experience and oppression of gay men so much. They love the forbidden aspect of it and how love between gay men is sweeter and somehow purer because in their fantasies, the gay men still try to be together even when society has it out for them. They have a skewed perception of gay relationships because of all the yaoi they consume and they end up romanticizing it.

No. 1344115

>They love the forbidden aspect of it
This is a big part of it. They all love romance stories and fanfiction, and they really glorify this idea of enduring more hardship because that's what their fav characters experience. They become unable to distinguish between reality and fantasy, and want to experience a wonderful romance story themselves. They think being gay makes them more "interesting" but they aren't attracted to women so they can't be lesbians either.

No. 1344121

File: 1633744287464.jpg (150.85 KB, 900x1200, CIoVveJVEAAs6oT.jpg)

Can someone explain to me how Hope Chapman (JesuOtaku) ended up becoming a "gay trans man"?

No. 1344123

>They love the forbidden aspect of it and how love between gay men is sweeter and somehow purer because in their fantasies, the gay men still try to be together even when society has it out for them.
Ooh yeah, I've noticed this a lot.

No. 1344128

>Mary Renault

>In South Africa, Renault was able to write forthrightly about homosexual relationships for the first time. Her sympathetic treatment of love between men won her a wide gay readership, but it also led to rumours that Renault was really a gay man writing under a female pseudonym. Renault found these rumours amusing but also sought to distance herself from being labelled a "gay writer".

>Though Renault appreciated her gay following, she was uncomfortable with the "gay pride" movement that emerged in the 1970s after the Stonewall riots. Like Laurie Odell, the protagonist of The Charioteer, she was suspicious of identifying oneself primarily by one's sexual orientation. Late in her life she expressed hostility to the gay rights movement, troubling some of her fans.

>David Sweetman remarks in his biography of Renault that her novels generally portray mothers in a poor light and that, particularly in her later novels, this is extended to women in general. Her generally negative depiction of women has also been noted by the critic Carolyn Heilbrun.

If Renault were alive today she would be a straight TIF.

No. 1344130

>born in 1905
>heterosexual woman
>homophobic but fetishizes gay men
>internalized misogyny
I wonder how long autohomoeroticism has been around for?

No. 1344132

She spent most of her life in a relationship with another woman though, so that would make her bisexual or lesbian. Though she's known for her portrayal of gay relationships, she also wrote about lesbian ones. It's indisputable that she was attracted to women and therefore was not straight.

Speaking as a fan of her work, you're probably right that she would be an Aiden if she was born in our generation, though. She developed some pretty bad internalized misogyny as she got older, and it shows in her work.

I would encourage you to actually read one of her books instead of jumping to conclusions based on her Wikipedia page. They're not very sexual at all, and the gay romances for which they're so well known weren't always the driving plot of the story.

Also nice double post kek

No. 1344133

She wasn't heterosexual.

No. 1344135

She's not straight but she was fucked in the head and would have been an Aiden 100%.

No. 1344136

I think autohomoeroticism has been around for centuries?

No. 1344137

You're right, she would be like Noelle kek

No. 1344138

She is born to a Christian family. I think that says it all.

No. 1344139

I was surprised when she trooned out because she seemed like one of the less crazy reviewers. I guess deep down inside she must have had some serious internalized misogyny.

No. 1344147

Sorry to continue this derail but Renault's disapproval of Stonewall was not her being "homophobic." She was a British lesbian living in a gayborhood in South Africa, I can see why she wouldn't have a fond view of a bunch of drunk Americans throwing bricks at cops.

Like if she's homophobic, then so are all the lesbian anons here who dislike gay men.

The fact of the matter is that despite her reservations on Stonewall, she was a very important contributor to gay history and her work was important to gay people in the first half of the 20th century because it was one of the few places they saw themselves portrayed sympathetically. She certainly contributed a hell of a lot more than Martha P Johnson, who spent the rest of his life using his questionable presence at the riot to grift, and whose fans actively lie about what actually happened.(derailing)

No. 1344149

She's a female weeb who was sexually harassed by the losers at Channel Awesome. It's not exactly a mystery.

No. 1344150

Weren't they Jehovah's Witnesses or something? In her Ghibli reviews, she mentioned that she wasn't allowed to watch Kiki's Delivery Service because it had witchcraft.

No. 1344152

She always mentioned various forms of media were banned in her family because it violated their Christian values.

No. 1344170

This makes the "TIF goes to gay sex party" pasta that much funnier. Not only was she denied gay cock but her brain probably exploded from going to a depraved orgy expecting a soap opera

No. 1344175

She probably expected the gay men to recite poetry to each other.

No. 1344210

What's funny to me is how these types of women claim gay male romance is purer and softer than straight romance and that's why gay relationships are superior, and then will go on to fantasize about the most degenerate fetishes and kinks with their comfort characters.

No. 1344212

They claim gay relationships are better but then give those gay relationships heterosexual dynamics anyway.

No. 1344258

They're just lesbians in denial. That's why they date other aidens.

No. 1344271

But they're obsessed with having sex with gay men.

No. 1344275

And I want to be the queen of england. We can't always get what we want and we should accept that and move on.

No. 1344278

I think TIFs in general are romance-obsessed because women are socialized to care about romance. They all salivate over the idea of having some epic romance regardless of sexuality.

No. 1344289

I read the article without recognizing the author and had a big kek at normies absolutely not buying that LOTR is some homosexual epic and some SJW arguing that's homophobic (AFAIR, I did not check now). The only thing even more ridiculous was another essay claiming that Galadriel tempted by the ring is queer and gender cause apparently she looks like a drag queen if you are mentally ill. The general reaction was "the fuck are you smoking?".

No. 1344290

She doesn't need T friends, but terven LB ones would do her good.
>Galadriel tempted by the ring is queer
God forbid women want power, I guess.

No. 1344328

Why would lesbians pretend to be gay men to have a forbidden romance when lesbianism is already socially taboo?

No. 1344332

idk maybe being a lesbian isn't taboo enough because men lust over lesbians all the time

No. 1344347

I don't agree with the idea that lesbians troon out to experience forbidden romance like straight women do. It's more like they are GNC and hate what their female body symbolizes in a patriarchal world. Butch lesbians are already stereotypically masculine so now they just want to look like males to avoid the sexualization. Lesbian TIFs dating each other is simply butch4butch with extra steps.

No. 1344383

I'm so tired of this thread being derailed by radfems talking about lesbians, post milk

No. 1344401

as a lesbian radfem i agree

No. 1344418

File: 1633792567108.png (1.1 MB, 1366x1068, imagen_2021-10-09_111519.png)

this is a fetish

No. 1344432

That makes no sense

No. 1344442

File: 1633795650748.jpeg (454.47 KB, 1536x2048, BA5DBE11-4156-4580-BF33-0BF7D7…)

No. 1344444

anon, there needs to be more substance to a post than a selfie from someone who used to be a tranny with no other commentary

No. 1344463

Aidens always have shit taste in ships. Frodo/Sam is for plebs. Legolas/Gimli is where it's at.

No. 1344466

File: 1633801003543.png (24.04 KB, 400x225, tumblr_inline_p9yubfRi7J1r0try…)

she unironically defended a "hitler kinnie" troll. she's dumber than rocks

No. 1344468

It's impressive how crazy troons can get.

No. 1344472

That has to be a joke. there is just no way someone is a Hitler kin.

No. 1344473

yeah, that's a troll, but milo the fakeboi tard actually fell for it because she's just that stupid

No. 1344493

used to be?

No. 1344494

those neopronouns sound way more retarded when they're not just in someone's bio

No. 1344521

Dried milk but still makes me chuckle.

No. 1344621

Didn't she detrans or am I thinking of someone else?

No. 1344724

File: 1633843672476.png (1.96 KB, 352x30, jsofijsdf.PNG)

where does general gender bullshit go because lmao. look at this

No. 1344732

Female with extra steps. Sigh..

No. 1344779

Funny thing I heard recently from a couple of unhinged tif trannies. Agender women tend to be crypto terfs because agenders basically reject gender. So if you're agender in a woke space, the trannies will side-eye you kek.

No. 1344795

I've noticed a few women on RF/GC tumblr and twitter call themselves agender and while I understand what they're going for it's still completely pointless IMO because it's yet another label and if you're GNC you're playing right into the trannies hands by insinuating you're not a woman.

No. 1344803


They seem to have a tendency to keep up girlish habits that most women outgrow, like the “journaling in colorful pens” habit.

I think the TiF experience and milieu also triggers a lot of heavy monitoring of other people’s emotions and potential hidden motives (“my dad says he accepts my new identity, but he sometimes doesn’t make eye contact when he uses my new name, does this mean he doubts my new gender?”) which ironically comes off as stereotypically feminine

No. 1344814

this is my gripe with this as well. would it be different though if someone used 'agender woman' or 'agender female'?

No. 1344815

Don't those just cancel each other out?

No. 1344824

So does "non-binary lesbian" but you see that shit everywhere.

No. 1344828

AYRT, "agender female" is better than "agender woman" IMO as it's using the scientifically correct term. Most troons swerve the use of male/female unless they're old school HSTS or truscum who think they have a "male brain". Like I said though: it's yet another label. Personally I'd rather just show through my actions and opinions that I think gender is bullshit then tack on an awkward label. Each to their own though, and if you're trying to chill and have fun in fandom spaces without 14 y/o picrew avatars calling you a fascist then the agender label is a good compromise.

No. 1345151

File: 1633914699131.jpeg (810.12 KB, 2048x2048, 7F6C4805-1029-4927-9D63-19122C…)

Live action Kikomi

No. 1345161

File: 1633916348164.jpg (96.65 KB, 640x854, 62124f98507a60c316c1d267bd8f52…)

Sometimes I wonder if she regrets doing that to herself

No. 1345174

So many of these TIFs want to be men yet they come off as extremely girly. Not even most non-tranny women wear such heavy makeup or dress up like a fairy princess.

No. 1345181

I saw a post on instagram that said pronouns don't equal gender. Why don't we just erase all pronouns all together and call everyone they/them, it's the same thing but easier and no one can get offended.

No. 1345182

Right, do twink ukes in yaoi even dress girly like this? This look is so jarring on her.

No. 1345190

If pronouns don't equal gender, how can misgendering exist as a concept? They'll claim he/him and they/them lesbians exist because you can be a woman and still use he/him pronouns without identifying as a man, but the moment you call a transbian a he/him, it's unacceptable and misgendering. I've had a friend (they're an enby, so I can't peak them) tell me you don't need dysphoria to be trans, but then misgendering is a problem because it triggers people's dysphoria? This ideology is so full of holes it's laughable. They constantly contradict themselves and each other in their definitions in an attempt to be as inclusive and non-offending as possible.

No. 1345194

Those legs, yikes. I will never understand the bearded lady trend.

No. 1345202

Ukes are female stand-ins but but they don't even look close to being that girly. These TIFs straight up dress like magical girls.

No. 1345205

File: 1633923392029.jpeg (93.41 KB, 500x675, 3C3C9879-F9D2-4D01-8753-89E9F8…)

Magical bois

No. 1345207

Kek is this what TIFs think gay men look like

No. 1345356

File: 1633964982934.jpeg (480.42 KB, 1535x2048, E979kjSVQAAG7N9.jpeg)

What are the chances that Molly also troons out and they recreate their LOTR yaoi fantasies?

No. 1345484

Every time I pop into this thread and see this picture as the last post, I have more questions. Why are they posing the literal exact same way? What is this "one foot flat one foot tiptoe" position? Did they have Molly stand a foot behind Noelle to make Noelle look bigger and taller?

No. 1345505

bitch probably has pcos and thinks its validating

No. 1345507

Sage for not milk but why all of the ""famous"" women who troon out like Ellen and Noelle instantlly throw other women under the bus and stop caring about feminism? If you check Ellen's twitter, she is whining about Texas' tran bills but said nothing about the abortion ban(forgot to sage)

No. 1345510

Trying to wash their hands of the patriarchy but failing miserably

No. 1345514

File: 1633986996165.jpeg (228.32 KB, 1325x1865, 502F3699-2C40-4714-AEF9-26F0A5…)

Ah I kept feeling like their poses and positioning was weird. Trying to look taller would make sense. Plastic surgeons are such grifters, I hope TIFs don’t start getting the leg lengthening surgery.

No. 1345525

In Finland trannies are complaining about Finnish language not having different pronouns for men and women

No. 1345546

lmfao, but would that not help them? no gendered pronounds = nobody being misgendered, right? oh, but then they can't make a big deal out of it and get attention.

No. 1345556

Are they making up gendered neo pronouns?

No. 1345567

OT But those are the most cockeyed nipples that I’ve ever seen on a man.

No. 1345571

that looks so unnatural, like a drawing with bad proportions.

No. 1345572

If he's vain enough to get leg lengthening surgery, he's probably had something done to his tits too. his proportions are fucked up now, he still has short arms lol.

No. 1345596

Nta but I've seen them just use English since it's widely spoken there

No. 1345608

finnish tifs are a special type of breed. mostly thanks to the new generation being the result of an enclosed furry cesspool where almost all females that knew each other suddenly trooned out at the same time.
almost all of them come from the same mold and the very few that legitimately suffer from dysphoria are either sexually traumatized or suffer from severe mental health problems.

No. 1345611

the way the arms don't even reach half of the thighs jesus christ

No. 1345619

There seem to be a lot. Every Finnish person I know is a female they them or other sort of gender special

No. 1345621

The woman on the right is the spitting image of Becky Sucrose

No. 1345622

Complete mental illness, he looked way better before

No. 1345658

>Straight women are the skinniest women because they have to put so much effort into attracting straight men. Straight men know they can look like shit and straight women will still like them.
Men will fuck anyone given the opportunity.

I'm in shape and not obese because it makes my periods lighter. Even if my habits sound too strenuous, one period per two months is half of the amount of times I have to deal with this shit in a year.

No. 1345690

question ? do finnish tifs have to do the mandatory finnish military service or in those period there somehow not actually fully male

No. 1345694

This is missing the point. Men will fuck people and things they don't find attractive, but women are valued in society primarily by their attractiveness and even more devalued for unattractivness. Straight women succumb to toxic beauty standards enforced on them by the patriarchy more often than lesbians and by women, because they want male attention, and men around them always insist that they're ugly or look weird or that they' would lose significant value if they were less attractive.

No. 1345696

Then you should've worded your post more accurately.

No. 1345697

I wasn't that anon kek.

No. 1345699

i've not seen a single tif do the mandatory service and even if they could i bet not a single one of those "bois" would ever want to step onto the program. they are too busy drawing and watching anime.
and even if they tried to, their 1.60m tall saggy bodies wouldn't be able to compete with the towering biological males from the region lol

No. 1345701

i wonder if arm lengthening surgery exists

No. 1345703

AYRT And I noticed that I'm pretty sure Molly has bigger feet than Noelle. I feel like I actually am going to notice new things every time.

No. 1345712

You'd think they'd be proud of their progressive language that has no gendered pronouns but nope not good enough for the trannies..

No. 1345725

They won't get validation without their precious pronouns

No. 1345728

kek at the special snowflakes wanting to get "traumatized" on purpose

No. 1345753

File: 1634032956933.jpeg (105.03 KB, 682x1024, D01t7kfWsAAYTRj.jpeg)

Molly is slightly taller than Noelle, but I don't understand why they have one foot in the tiptoe position. Just standing on the forefront would make her look taller.

Pic related is from 3 years ago: http://www.studioxiiiphotography.com/blog/2019/3/3/molly-noelle-love-story-engagement-session

No. 1345757

I just think we are overthinking that pose and it's just a random pose to look vaguely stylish and wacky at the same time.

No. 1345764

File: 1634036825710.png (394.84 KB, 800x1388, P0A5VLZ.png)

I don't know, I can actually see some TIFs finding conscript life to be alluring
my country has mandatory conscription and my father and brothers were all conscripted. My dad's description of conscript life was him hanging out with his friends, watching movies on tv, driving a tank and a lot of PT exercise, the way they described it was mostly kinda mundane, like University life but replace learning with exercise and military drills
and since TIFs romanticize and fetishize any and all spaces with even casual male interaction due to their yaoi brain rot(these are people who make gay romance stories just by seeing two men just standing together in a pic) so maybe they will join the army to fulfil their offensive fujo military fantasy
though I think most would end up leaving after a week due to their aversion to any and all forms of exercise

No. 1345766

They don't have to do it, they are excused from doing so since they don't have male physique and wouldn't be fit for the male platoons but it also would be inappropriate to put them in with the female troops. It would be a miserable experience to be the manlet there who couldn't keep up with others and I doubt any FTM is delusional enough to think they can fare, even when full of testosterone. That said even the men bitch about mandatory service and only do it because they are required to do so by law at the threat of having to do jail time, anons going on about troons possibly salivating at mouth about a "validating male bonding yaoi experience" need to calm the fuck down. Aidens aren't a direct parallel to pornsick, narcissistic AGPs who think everything about being a woman is a sexual experience starting from being assaulted at 12 to breastfeeding.

They don't make a deal out of pronouns but there are other ways to "misgender" people, the go-to complaint is being called a girl or miss. Never seen them complain about the lack of gendered pronouns though but I've seen them push the convention of adding your English pronouns on bio because cultural colonization is cool and should be pushed apparently. Worst part is that plenty of politicians and professionals are complying, it's very bizarre.

No. 1345767

File: 1634037819876.jpg (169.32 KB, 1280x720, contrapposto.jpg)

I think its meant to be contrapposto but they fucked up and posed the exact same way so now its just jarring instead of natural and dynamic looking.

No. 1345769

I mean if your at a point where you chop off your own tits cause its so validating, military service doesn't seem to out of the question
never said they'd be able to do it

No. 1345770

Nah, this meme is so accurate I do know girls who look almost exactly like this IRL. Creepily accurate if anything. Y'all a bunch of unwashed creepy dysfunctional coomers rivaling moids, everyone outside your fetish bullshit sees it but you. Cope and seethe.

No. 1345790

File: 1634045338898.png (1.8 MB, 2168x1416, 23232323.png)

Nothing quite captures the pain of seeing a fellow awkward nerdy girl you follow end up trooning out
I never knew her personally but I had spoken to her online a couple times, she was active in Fallout new vegas fandom and was really into major knight(a very minor but charming gay NPC in the game) as well as classic era hollywood movies

now she LARPs as a gay man, she also seems to try to emulate the gentleman/victorian male-era aesthetic(which she found attractive) but just ends up looking like a soft butch lesbian

No. 1345798

File: 1634048471366.png (491.16 KB, 1026x708, STATE OF FNV.png)

samefag, the new vegas posts on tumblr are a good indicator of the cultural shift in the last 5 years or so, barely a couple years ago going to the "creaser's legion" tag on tumblr would show you posts detailing how stupid the legion was or of screenshots from playthroughs where female couriers would be mowing down legionaries(it was based), but now you if you search the legion tag you get shit like picrel
posts mostly about the gay aspect of the legion, funnily there's both a lot of femboy fanart of Vulpes Inculta and transmale headcannons of Vulpes(mostly cause his latin name ends with a female-suffix) which leads some tumblrtards to conclude that he was actually born a woman

No. 1345801

A fallout fandom poster I semi-knew on tumblr trooned out too. On her main blog there was a lot of historical posts about how she's soooo totally bi and into women (despite literally never writing about female characters) and then she evolved into final form of NLOGS - the "gay" trans "man". Fucking depressing.

No. 1345802

Every fandom these days is just filled with dumb aidens who headcanon all their favorite characters to be gay, trans and autistic and I'm so fed up with it. I don't want to interact with fandoms anymore and it's really sad.

No. 1345804

Its just the IG baddie model pose that women do, I haven't seen guys do it

No. 1345836

Still thinner than straight women so I wouldn't count that as a win.

No. 1345858

Female to The Report of the Week

No. 1345869

this is probably it. as enjoyable as finnish military can be, finnish tifs aren't really made for it.

No. 1345878

I relate man. It's hard to ignore sometimes, and if you have a different headcanon they'll accuse you of transphobia.

No. 1345895

I feel like I got lucky with my current fandom. It isn’t a small one but somehow the characters I like constitute a small enough niche I found a group of mostly women who are very much “ship and let ship”, don’t attack people for their HCs kind of people. There are a couple of fakebois but surprisingly they mostly keep to themselves and even have some HCs that would be deemed a little taboo to most of their kind. I hope you guys can find a small group like that too if you still want to participate in fandom shit. There are still some sane people out there, they usually just go under the radar in order to not get villianized.

No. 1345915

They probably can get away from doing it pretty easily. I know some lesbian TIFs who went as a woman and transitioned afterwards.

No. 1345918

Honestly, based on my experience in the Finnish military, being in it is not that hard. If you were athletic in high school, you'd do fine there.

Of course, our precious flowers are too tender to be faced with any roughhousing. So the athletic part alone would eliminate their interest in the military.

No. 1345954

I've noticed that as well and I'm sooo incredibly sick of it. I straight up block anyone who posts gay/trans headcannons about characters I like then again, I just block most trannies at this point. Many of them still make it to my timeline because unfortunately some of my friends are into woke culture

No. 1346022

File: 1634080267996.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 336 KB, 828x1237, A543FE81-EEE2-467E-8981-C86596…)

Fakebois who get their breasts removed are always like “this is my true self” but they always look so dead inside (1/2)

No. 1346023

File: 1634080300680.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 480.56 KB, 828x1234, 2DD84BFA-D448-41C8-8D37-DE27AC…)

No. 1346034

She would have been a hot af butch. RIP

No. 1346036

I notice a lot of TIFs headcanon female fictional characters to be lesbians to keep them away from their other ships (mostly m/m/ but sometimes m/f). I guess it's no longer acceptable to just derail the character with misogyny and call her a bitch/slut/whore.

No. 1346048

I've noticed this a lot too. They always claim to be supporters of lesbians and lesbian ships but only pair the women together to get them out of the way and look woke while doing it. Sometimes they go on long tangents about why a certain female character sucks and how she's poorly written. I agree that male characters are usually written better and have stronger relationships with each other, but sometimes the writing is just so bad that the males aren't that well-written either, and the misogyny becomes obvious.

They always cry about LGBT rep but never stop to think that the characters can be bi. The men always have to be gay and the women always have to be lesbians because god forbid there be a straight relationship or screentime of female characters. The lesbian relationships are always just side pieces to their main gay ship.

No. 1346120

Kek, yet when there are canonically gay characters they always try to make them bi. I guess its about "opening up" the choices. They think everyone is bi by default but when a character of the opposite sex becomes a threat to their M/M ship then they start making them gay or lesbian. For characters of the same sex who are threats they have to get more creative by talking about how the relationship is strictly platonic and familial, or that it would be abusive, etc.

No. 1346127

Literally the Voltron fandom. They all wanted Keith to be gay but after Shiro was confirmed to be the gay one, they were desperate for Shiro to be bi instead KEK

No. 1346142

saw this first hand with the Supergirl, Merlin and Supernatural fandoms, its just odd to see these girls(and their all mostly straight girls) have this aversion to any sort of heterosexual relationships
it was genuine fear, I don't understand how one can even get like that

No. 1346165

You think that's bad, wait till you witness the collective autism of the transformers fandom
now one thing that should be established is that other then the 12 year old boys and professional figurine collectors most of the transformers fandom is made up of women and most almost all of them headcanon that the Decepticons were an oppressed minority driven to acts of terrorism by their Autobot oppressors
and unsurprisingly enough there's a lot of FTMs in the transformers fandom, like so many TIFs in a collective space its unreal to witness

No. 1346174

kek, there was this girl in my fandom who wrote this long essay bashing a female character in this show, trying to frame it as the character being written poorly when most of the spite came from the fact that she was the canon love interest for this male character. She deleted it after realizing everyone else in the Discord (who wasn't super woke and was just there to chill and talk about fandom stuff) liked that character and had no problem with the ship, much less it being straight. she tried to claim the show needed more lgbt rep, but I can't see why she can't just headcanon the characters as bi if she needs the rep so badly (rhetorical question kek its because she only cares about gay men).

No. 1346191

ive seen TiFs go on rants about women in games and shows as if they’re the worst human beings on earth. despite male characters being flawed in the same way. they were “uwu precious beans”

it hurts through. don’t project your self loathing on the rest of us.

No. 1346195

Most feminine facial features ever

No. 1346204

>the transformers fandom is made up of women
It's a thing for sure, I went to college with a girl who was super into Transformers. There's also Lindsay Ellis, who spergs about Transformers at every opportunity.

Seems like whenever an sci-fi/fantasy IP has a majority of male characters, husbandofags and fujoshis come out in droves. It doesn't even matter if the characters are physically incapable of kissing or fucking– the fans will find a way.

Also when is someone going to make a new MTF thread? I would, but I can only phonepost right now bc of issues with my PC.

No. 1346207

with transformers it makes a little more "sense" compared to other pieces of media, the bots technically don't have genders or sex and paring between them is canonical however actual they are also incapable sexual relationships and reproduction
they are big masculine asexual, yet romantic nonhuman, its almost the ideal fujo series(well for a certain subset of Fujos anyway)

No. 1346217

there was a stinky fat aiden in my school who was so obsessed with transformers she got a tattoo of one of the characters

No. 1346292

there was this girl I knew from middle school that identifies as an aiden now but at the beginning she considers homosexuality a sin. I’m pretty sure she’s just a lesbian though.

I haven’t talked to her in years but she definitely turned out to be a real bitch in the end and she was a nightmare of a roommate according to a friend. She wasn’t really nice to me too since I heard her talking behind my back about how better she is than me at art when all she does is draw transformers porn lmao.

sage for blogpost

No. 1346303

File: 1634132345979.jpg (810.14 KB, 3903x2048, 113242.jpg)

>ive seen TiFs go on rants about women in games and shows as if they’re the worst human beings on earth. despite male characters being flawed in the same way. they were “uwu precious beans”
saw this exact scenario play out in the new vegas fandom, Vulpes Inculta is a commander in caesar's legion, he genocides an entire town after crucifying them and likely has slaves that he abuses but on tumblr they've turned into an uwu softboy who was raised to be like this cause he was taken into the legion when he was a child
meanwhile Cassandra Moore(a major female character in the game) is hated on universally in the fandom and is viewed as irredeemable all cause she happens to be part of the faction that represents US imperialism

No. 1346384

File: 1634139141344.jpg (126.67 KB, 1024x576, 1542121408975.jpg)

Ot but did you just discover the identity of this frequent poster in the Redraw thread who became a huge meme? The art style is like identical. It would honestly be hilarious if she was an ftm considering ftms always use this exact DreamWorks Smirk in their art for some reason.

No. 1346393

Slight OT but as a transformers’ fan autist, it drives me up the wall how the fandom portrays all the characters as some flavor of hermaphrodites, you can’t read steamy robot fanfics without motherfucking Megatron somehow having a pussy, like, why?
And it has been like this for such a long time that I’m surprised by how transformers isn’t some sort of “trans icon show” or something like that.

No. 1346396

How do they feel about Veronica? I think she's a well written female character, and she's canonically a lesbian. I guess they don't see her as a threat to their uwu gay ships

No. 1346407

File: 1634141718964.jpg (229.49 KB, 1280x1708, tumblr_713a67b9b4c698425c9736e…)

>And it has been like this for such a long time that I’m surprised by how transformers isn’t some sort of “trans icon show” or something like that.
I think its cause the fandom is mostly female that no one really cares about it
possibly, but its a very common artstyle on tumblr-ish
her username is stellaeono and yes she is also a gay transman

No. 1346409

What's the name of the show?

No. 1346597

fullmetal alchemist. the canon pairings are pretty much all straight but it's not like romance is the main focus of the show anyway. she just acted like because there was no lgbt rep that it was ok for her to bash all the female characters for existing and ruining her gay fantasies.

No. 1346637

Hawkeye or Winry ?

No. 1346680

winry, but she'd sperg about both at times and talk about how the canon ships suck because they were straight. she'd pair winry and hawkeye together too in a lesbian ship. you can guess which boys were her main ship and the one she constantly sperged over lmao. most people put up with it because they didn't want to get called out for "homophobia" but it was obvious they didn't agree with the female character bashing at least.

No. 1346758

>bash all the female characters for existing and ruining her gay fantasies.
Favorite fakeboi pastime is just doing this from what I can see in the fandoms that I'm in. Just hating on female characters and accusing people that don't ship their gay ships as being homophobic. It's red flaggish as fuck and comes off as heavy internalized misogyny. Like, these people brag about only wanting to see content with gay males in it, and hate the girls "in between" them.

It's like all the weird unhinged bitches just transitioned to avoid getting told the prompt "Fuck off, you absolute sperg"

No. 1346817

File: 1634172426872.jpg (55.81 KB, 599x385, 19a.jpg)

The comics have canon trans characters. Mostly TIMs. I'm not into transformers, but it drives me up a wall to know that trannies can be so oblivious to how intense their secist rhetoric is while pulling shit like insisting that sexless alien robots could form something like a gender identity, especially one identical to that of humans. Gender is bullshit to humans, it would be even more bullshit to a group of beings that has no actual males or females.

No. 1347205

No. 1347347

>hahaha my sibling got brainwashed isn't that funny? haha just say they/them you fucking bigots, you fucking morons, it's just words hahaha! obligatory harry potter reference
I'd bet my life savings that "sibling" is a sister and if she sells more than 10 tickets to any of her shows I'll eat my hat.

No. 1347502

File: 1634229862930.jpeg (558.54 KB, 1870x2887, https___bucketeer-e05bbc84-baa…)

>I have lived my very visibly online since I was 19 years old
of course, I doubt anyone who isn't in woke TRA ally spaces 24/7 would end up like this

No. 1347565

This is genuinely interesting, Transformers are just alien robots which means that their "gender" is just a socially constructed aspect of their identity since they're not biological animals that actually have genders.
They're just robots,whatever they are is only what they portray themselves as and rather than it being an actual biological aspect.
Funny to see the Transformers series unironically do this when this was a meer YouTube skit many years ago.

No. 1347771

It's just beyond understanding to me that Transformers could even ID as "man" or "woman", and that it somehow means the exact same stereotypes and ideals that it does to humans. If anything, wouldn't it make more sense to go an NB route with them? Also, the implication made in that second panel is that "man" and "woman" are beyond universal, that they apply to every alien species that could ever exist. That assertion is beyond retarded, since it assumes a large amount of alien life sexually reproduces and has the exact same sexual dimorphism as human beings, as well as the same cultural understanding and stereotypes. It would be like insisting that all alien life has not only different races, but that they're the exact same races with the exact same cultural identities and stigmas (ie there are black, white, Hispanic, Asian, etc. Transformers, and the white ones are generally the wealthiest/safest/most respected, whereas all the other ones face the same social struggles their counterparts on Earth do). It's incredibly lazy, uncreative, and lacking in nuance, and the idea that "gender" transcends our very specific biological and cultural circumstances feels like a religious sexism.

No. 1347800

Here I thought putting our brains in robot bodies would free us from human bullshit. I thought the goal was to get rid of gender, not cling to it for validation & play the oppression olympics.

No. 1347856

It’s honestly shitty because “female” cybertronians were created since some people got mad at transformers being a “boys’” show, that’s why Elita-1 was created.
Then Arcee got trooned out and retrooned out in a very Kikomi fashion, and it’s unfair because there ware interesting characters created like Elita-1 or Airachnid, like, It’s a kids’ show, not some political magazine for propaganda, the female robots were well written, we don’t need to troon out any robots, specially when you could literally create anything.
It bothers me a lot because It’s again the same issue with the lack of originality when it comes to tranny shit, you have to rewrite nice stories to cater to some “minority” instead of create something nice and new.
Like, there’s never something good that trannies create with tranny characters, it’s always normal people having to do all the heavy work.
And they shouldn’t use the “muh disphoria” excuse, because there’s people out there who got actually dangerous mental illnesses who have created cool shit.

No. 1347993

Many artists suffer from mental disorders and still create art that conveys universal emotions. Many create art that demonstrates their conditions in ways that neurotypical people can understand and connect with, without ever feeling preachy or like a lecture. Much of it is metaphorical. Troons, however, always create the same lecture-like media, telling people directly how biological sex is *~limiting~* or a constraint, and how you can just be a man or woman if you *~feel~* like one, without really clarifying what that means. A lot of it is literally trooned out characters actually lecturing "cis" characters and chiding them for "ignorance" and "transphobia", and all the protagonists bowing to their every whim like battered spouses. This is all portrayed as positive and progressive, and it's completely embarrassing. It's the newest form of Mary Sue, the Englightened Troon.

No. 1347997

sadly that specific comic about the "troon transformer" was written by a woman

No. 1348027

AYRT And artist/public figure handmaidens are just short of troons in my eyes. Most of them troon out and/or participate in kink that they don't actually like, but are too lonely and cucked to refuse.

No. 1348145

File: 1634292292239.jpg (25.94 KB, 339x300, Priscilla_Tramontano.jpg)

No. 1348338

File: 1634322987987.jpg (313.95 KB, 986x1175, 20211015_143609.jpg)

saw this, knew I had to post it itt(sage your shit)

No. 1348339

FTM femboys are some of the most confusing things I've seen

No. 1348343

Here's my own theory on fakebois, I think the commercialized hyper femininity of western society is somewhat to blame, The way I see it Hyper-femininity is a lever which to push troubled women into transgendered nonsense. Hyper femininity takes a radical position of "Women are either radically, super feminine, with completely pink dresses and super girly, or they are men", this all or nothing position creates an environment that tries to push people out of their proper place into bad places.

No. 1348353

This is stupidly accurate. How many extremely femme women have I seen online and met irl who felt "icky" expressing themselves as such until they decides to "become" gnc males to own da haturs. Like, just wear the skirt, Megan. No one cares.

No. 1348359

"haha isn't it funny when GNC women get coerced into performative femininity and also get some fucked up fetishes along the way"
Funny thing is OP told on herself with "maybe I have internalised misogyny" no shit, Sherlock.

>western society
I stopped reading there. GNC women suffer all over the world. Western society is to blame for transgenderism, yes. But GNC women have been pushed out of the picture all over the world for centuries. That's why transgenderism was accepted so easily in places you wouldn't necessarily assume it would be, like Iran for example.

No. 1348430

She said the “commercialized hyper femininity of western society”.

No. 1348467

Kek. Transgenderism in Iran is state mandated homophobia, what are you even on about?

No. 1348477

File: 1634333969301.jpg (59.09 KB, 828x792, Tumblr_l_372517023673932.jpg)

At this point, they're basically saying outright that they're skinwalking their husbandos.

(Dropped pic the first time.)

No. 1348479

It makes a lot of sense when you consider how misogynistic TIFs are. They think women who enjoy stereotypically feminine things are basic Beckies but that men who enjoy those things are ~uwu kawaii femme yaoi boys~. They want to be "girly" but they don't want to be viewed as normal, boring, or straight. Deluding themselves into thinking they're GNC men makes them feel special for liking pink and wearing skirts while they continue to look down on female normies for those things.

No. 1348549

It's the same with the uber-masculine TIMs. They think being a an ex-military, metalhead, pornsick, MMA fighter, horror fanatic, tech bro is cooler when they are "female".

No. 1348551

File: 1634340738936.png (511.95 KB, 756x820, noelle.png)

"Even as a usually masc-presenting lesbian it was hard to shake the idea that my boobs were my most attractive feature."
Some text about the female experience but with a twist by Noelle https://www.instagram.com/p/CVDmo5spjNO/

No. 1348553

Having breasts can make women feel uneasy because society objectifies women, it doesn't mean they aren't actually female. I wish people would just learn to accept their bodies instead of doing this.

No. 1348561

I'd go as far to say most women hate their breasts and find them inconvenient at best. Sad that we can't have a dialogue about female objectification. Nope! Just lop them off!
I blame men for this shit. They gaslight us into thinking breasts are the best thing ever, so girls feel like fucking aliens in their own bodies when they don't have any divine connection to their breasts.

No. 1348569

>I'd go as far to say most women hate their breasts
I wouldn't go as far as saying "hate". I think most women around the world are neutral or uncomfortable about their breasts.

No. 1348570

When I went on vacation to southern Africa, in some of the tribes I encountered the women didn't care about revealing their boobs at all and the men didn't even see them as sexual

No. 1348571

Well, humans are naturally naked. It does make you wonder how other cultures developed a nudity taboo and why they started to think of breasts as sexual though.

No. 1348573

Never been to Africa but loads of the indigenous peoples in the Amazon rainforest are naked all the time. It's really weird when you meet these tribes for the first time and see them just not wearing any clothes but you get used to it.

No. 1348579

Her features are still so feminine. If I encountered a person who looks like the pic on the right, them identifying as a man wouldn't even cross my mind. I would assume it's a soft butch lesbian or maybe even a tomboyish straight girl.

I wonder if any of her friends or family tried to intervene. If this was someone I was close to, I would be alarmed by the fact that she's doing all this so soon after a bad break-up.

No. 1348592

Lopping breasts is also done to desexualize the female body.

No. 1348602

>"i'm finally really, wholly me"
>needs plastic surgery to be really wholly herself

No. 1348994

>I blame men for this shit. They gaslight us into thinking breasts are the best thing ever, so girls feel like fucking aliens in their own bodies when they don't have any divine connection to their breasts.
Lmfao why would a woman expect to have a divine connection to her own breasts based on the fact that scrotes are obsessed with them cause they make their peepees hard? I don't believe that women feel uncomfortable with their bodies because of the thought process that you described. Sexualisation and sexual harassment is the problem, not women expecting to be orgasming from the sight of their breasts like they are scrotes.

No. 1349086

File: 1634410729908.jpg (72.07 KB, 640x770, sw.jpg)

I hate this timeline so much

No. 1349115

File: 1634413545286.jpeg (123.85 KB, 567x651, 71FFF1E8-EE2E-4A53-96C8-2318A5…)

Fake bois have the worst “humor”

No. 1349177

A double mastectomy is more likely to get fully/mostly covered by insurance for troon shit than breast cancer, from what I've seen. Also, you can still get breast cancer after a double mastectomy. So this meme is uninformed and generally retarded, no matter which way you take it.

No. 1349311

File: 1634448431031.png (Spoiler Image, 537.98 KB, 731x889, 1634432140695.png)

Imagine being chubby enough that you get fat boobies after having your real boobies removed

No. 1349312

These BOOBS need to be spoilered I’m tired of seeing this disgusting shit.

No. 1349315

Holy shit dropping big money on top surgery just to gain quasi moobs and a spare tire

Gender euphoria, not even once

No. 1349391

File: 1634463523258.jpeg (878.17 KB, 3436x1859, 28B86A87-269D-459D-9C2F-110B72…)

body dysmorphia.

No. 1349438

File: 1634472585482.jpg (80.06 KB, 792x793, 8563d754-f858-5ef5-b0be-2037b0…)

Kek why are TIFs so fucking fragile

No. 1349441

Sooo this is why they don’t like GNC people? Imagine asking the GNC women to femme it up a little because of your dysphoria kek. Ask her for some tips!

No. 1349447

>waaah if everyone in my surroundings doesn’t give me the feeling that I’m the most speshul my ‘dysphoria’ kicks in

bitch what the fuck, good luck with centering your whole self-image around what others could possibly view you as, giving someone that mentally ill validation for their delusions should be canceled.

No. 1349465

>tired of cis people not giving trans people the chance to look different and get noticed as the gender they identify as
Absolutely brainwashed lmao

No. 1349467

Did my ex-roommate write this? Holy shit. They were extremely sensitive about the smallest things. I invited them to go exercising/jogging and they declined because their tiddies bouncing made them dysphoric.

Blogpost aside, the difference between TIM and TIF is so obvious and staggering. TIF cry about feeling small and feminine and hate being even reminded that they were ever women in the first place. It's embarrassing. And yet most of the fakebois love to embrace feminity but call them AFAB once and they get suicidal.

No. 1349475

>the difference between TIM and TIF is so obvious and staggering
TIFs can ever type like men, there's something so very "girly" about their writing style that gives away there true gender

No. 1349489

Slight OT but it took me an embarrassingly long time to realize all those “let men be vulnerable, let men cry uwu” tumblr positivity posts were written by and directed towards TIFs. Men generally don’t beg plea whimper for acceptance on tumblr dot com.

No. 1349493

Reminder to always act as butch as you can in front of troons to remind them that gender is bullshit.

No. 1349494

This is just fucking disgusting. Why would anyone act like they wouldn't care or they would even be happy to get cancer? Idc if it's a joke, that's fucked up. TIFs really have brain damage

No. 1349498

NLOGing to levels never before seen

No. 1349499

>i'm just so tired of cis people not giving trans people the chance to look different and get noticed as the gender they identify as!!
>runs back home ugly crying on social media
So… it is about just looking special and standing out kek good to know good to know

No. 1349503

The Aiden I work with bitches to me about this kinda thing. I'm butch and over 6' tall so naturally I get ~ misgendered ~ a fair bit but it doesn't bother me because I've had it happen most of my life and the main group of people I work with know I'm not a tranny or a moid. The other day when it happened though this FTM threw a tantrum and told me that I must start correcting people and "asserting my gender" because she feels like I'm "better at being a man" than her and it's making her dysphoric. She looked like she was about to cry and I had to suppress the urge to laugh so hard. In the end I thought I'd use her own logic against her and told her that she doesn't know me personally and has no idea where I sit on the gender spectrum and no right to dictate how I let people address me because it's a personal choice that is unique to my gender and my feelings. I'm pretty sure she knows I'm full of shit but if she admits to that then the whole house of cards come tumbling down so I'm quite smug about how I cornered her with genderspecial speak kek.
I'm not completely heartless and part of me does feel bad for her as she's clearly got issues but any sympathy I might have extended to her in that moment went out the window the second she started making demands.

No. 1349530

That's the issue with the trans cult, they can't just do their own thing but demand everyone else to play along with the gender role identity bullshit. Telling other women that they must act more feminine is so sexist, invasive and controlling.

No. 1349536

The funny thing is that I know plenty women who write completely neutrally, but with many TiFs you can tell even after they've been "men" for decades.

At last, TiF masculinity!

No. 1349538

That's the problem with every fanatic group, they need to control others. That's the point- to recruit people to help control those who want independence from the group and to live their own way.

No. 1349633

How much you want to bet her reaction to interacting with a 6'4" hulking hon versus a tall woman is day and night

No. 1349723

The fact that aidens (and hons) seethe so much about butch women make me want to become even more masculine.

No. 1349731

You are better than me because I would have laughed in her face and walked away cackling if she had told me I was making her dysphoric by just existing.

No. 1349791

Some of them are also written by normie libfems because they believe patriarchy is something that harms both men and women equally, and if women were just nicer to men then men would stop abusing women.

No. 1349851

File: 1634514946130.png (896.09 KB, 1080x1693, Screenshot_20211018-004849~2.p…)

It's the same on tiktok
The audio tells the audience that they are trans for liking mlm content, someone should go let the fujoshi thread in /m/ know they're all men now

No. 1349890

>I wanna like boys like how boys like boys
What the fuck does this mean? She wants to be an overly horny and emotionally distant piece of shit?

No. 1349901

To her credit I think there's something to be said for rejecting the way heterosexual attraction to men is packaged up straight media created by Hollywood men. Call it the male gaze or whatever you want there's nothing new about women preferring brokeback mountain and Sherlock slash fiction instead of conventional hereto romance stories. But that has nothing to do with being trans.
It's sick and twisted how much traction this video has, how many young impressionable people will internalise that they're broken because they enjoy yaoi

No. 1349904

It's just retarded imo to think that yaoi is anything like how actual moids feel or express attraction. It doesn't become much different just because they're going after other men, they're still coombrained retards. Fujos thinking yaoi is real are embarrassing.

No. 1349953

Seriously, it works on tims and tifs equally well.

No. 1349995

Right?! It makes me want to buzz my hair off just to prove that women can look GNC and not be genderspecials.

No. 1350060

gonna make a "wild" prediction that she only has crushes on generic hetrosexual white men

No. 1350090

you sound like such a chad anon.
>i really thought wanting to be mlm was a female trait
unironically cannot think of a more definitive straight female trait of the current times and culture. all my gay friends are like, extremely handsome and personally and sexually successful, but if i asked any one of them if they "wanted" to be gay they would say "no." even though they enjoy being gay now and have come to terms with themselves and make the most of who they are, none of them "want" to be gay. this is so fucking ignorant. hell i dont fucking "want" to be gay. "wanting" to be gay is deranged online straight/bi behaviour

No. 1350221

File: 1634551978952.jpg (50.91 KB, 960x1268, 1VYCxow.jpg)

They don't even bother trying anymore. This is supposed to be a man lol.

No. 1350224

File: 1634552391653.png (171.36 KB, 591x715, A227a26.png)

>gets mad about people pointing out the obvious

No. 1350228

She's quite pretty compared to many other women in this thread (jesus christ). It's too bad she has gender brainrot.

No. 1350230

One thing I have noticed is how actual gay men on Twitter are always "yaaas queen'ing" over every female pop diva while "transgaymen" don't seem to care for female celebrities at all. They are pretty obsessed with male celebs though and always say "I want his gender so bad".

No. 1350252

Literally what's the point of this

No. 1350253

"Why aren't the side characters foiling me properly??"
The entitlement is astounding

No. 1350293

… basic alt look = flavor of kweer now?

No. 1350295

I know that feel, nonnie.

No. 1350300

I said this earlier in the thread i think but in my experience they hate women.

or they hate themselves and project it onto other women. i’ve seen it first hand, the only women who exist to them are immediate friends and family.

No. 1350342

They really do view us ordinary "cis people" as side characters, don't they? After all we usually don't have weirdly coloured anime mc hair.

No. 1350345

File: 1634565889837.png (434.84 KB, 1161x749, Untitled.png)

Attention and power.
She gets to call out and shit on everyone who doesn't play along with her retarded game.

No. 1350356

Let's pretend for a sec that all this outrage is not an act, imagine how traumatic day to day life is for her because not even people who play along with troons could possibly guess that she's supposed to be anything but a girly girl

No. 1350363

File: 1634567400047.png (101.37 KB, 1434x693, manly_men.png)

>it took me an embarrassingly long time to realize all those “let men be vulnerable, let men cry uwu” tumblr positivity posts were written by and directed towards TIFs. Men generally don’t beg plea whimper for acceptance on tumblr dot com.
I mean did you really believe actual males were writing and reblongging shit like this

No. 1350364

Ma'am, it didn't work on gothfruits and it's not gonna work for you. It's okay to be a woman.

No. 1350367

Also "short men deserve love" and "laughing at dick size is fucked up" and "protect tall girls at all costs" lol Tumblr was always talking about trannies.

No. 1350384

Sage for off topic, but if any of you anons frequent tumblr you will notice that posts about bisexual men have been very popular lately. Text posts that are like "I want a pathetic idiot bisexual man" (you know, typical tumblr shit) and it is so obviously because all these twansmen UWU are obsessed with men but know that gay men will not go for them so they start hornyposting about imaginary bisexual men and it's so funny to watch in real time lol.

No. 1350436

File: 1634574617046.jpg (103.13 KB, 1500x1000, author_William_Horn_March_2019…)

I feel awful for Lesbian TIFs, as stupid and cringy fakebois like >>1350345 can be, at least they don't permanently fuck up their bodies(both externally and internally)

>I Thought I’d Make a Handsome Man. I Was Wrong.

>“You can do anything you like, just make it look deliberate” says my older brother as he hovers over me, a pair of scissors in one hand, a razor in the other. He snips at my beard for a few minutes before stepping back to reveal my face in the bathroom mirror. It took me three years of monthly testosterone injections to grow my facial hair.

>He’s right; it looks more deliberate. It’s less scraggly around the edges. I no longer have a jagged neck beard hanging out under my face like a patch of pubes. Less pube-y — that’s apparently the best I can hope for when it comes to facial hair. Great.

>Going through female puberty was a living nightmare for me. First puberty for most transgender people is pretty traumatic. It feels like your body betrays you every day in new and terrifying ways.

>But male puberty seemed like another story. To wake up one morning tall and muscular, my jawline chiseled and dotted with scruff, my voice cracking as I tried to speak — that was the dream, an actual dream I had more than once. As an unhappy girl child, I longed to wake up one morning and be jacked, the kind of big guy that most little boys look at as the paragon of masculinity. I dreamt of washboard abs and big biceps, of a body that looked the way I felt.

>“I can’t guarantee anything,” says my endocrinologist as he hands me a prescription for testogel, a topical testosterone cream I am to rub into my gut every morning. “Well, your muscles will get bigger,” he says, “that’s all the science we’ve really looked at.” I’m a human guinea pig, I think, then swallow the feeling, to be dealt with in a later panic attack. “Can’t wait for big muscles!” I tell him, smiling wide.

>I came out as trans a whole two years before I did anything surgical or medical to my body. I told myself I was being responsible — not rushing into things, not changing everything too quickly. At the time I was most afraid of what might happen if I took hormones and ended up unhappier than before. But in truth I was being responsible for other people’s feelings about my transness. I was waiting for them to catch up with me before I did anything too “radical.” I didn’t want to lose anyone I didn’t absolutely have to.

>There are a lot of things no one tells you about second puberty when you start hormones. They do tell you about the menopause (it’s coming) and hot flashes (more like brief, unplanned excursions to the surface of the sun) and possible cancers and complications (all a terrifying blur). They say that maybe your heart will get bigger, like the Grinch, and maybe it won’t; maybe you’ll grow an inch but don’t count on it. Some people say their hands and feet get bigger, some say their skin feels different, some report that they cry less frequently, and some people’s uteruses just fall right out of them (fodder for further panic attacks).

>But they don’t tell you about all the invasive questions (How do you have sex and with whom? Are you possessed by a demon? How do you pee?) and that even the people you thought safest will ask the strangest things. They don’t mention that the hot flashes are hot enough to have you outside in shorts during a snowstorm.

>No one ever talks about the in-between days when you’ve still got boobs but now also a thin mustache and a chin strap coming in thick, and your government-issued ID looks more like your cousin or your sibling. Cops don’t give you tickets because they don’t know what to say, and you look just enough like a white guy to not be worth the trouble.

>When I started hormones, I had a vision that it would be like that scene at the end of Beauty and the Beast. A part of me would die (the ugly, beastly part) so the rest of me could be reborn into the body of a handsome prince, a golden Adonis awakened into manhood by the kiss of a fair maiden.

>The important part there is probably the fair maiden bit. Sure, it would be nice to be jacked like the Rock, but I think the most important thing was to be visibly, undeniably male. To be read by women as a man, a desirable man, would mean that I was passing as someone not trans. I wanted my handsomeness to hide me.

>I got hairier, I got thicker, more Beast-like. My muscles grew — but all of the fat in my body regrouped over my stomach, so it was a much less impressive transformation than I envisioned. And now I have a beard, a strange straggly thing I can barely control. It saps all the moisture from my face and varies in thickness so I can never seem to clean it up just right.

>Male puberty didn’t make me heart-stoppingly handsome, but it did make me able to smile in pictures again, to look at myself in the mirror, to put on clothes and go out into the world. Most of us aren’t as good-looking as we’d like to be (or as good-looking as our mothers say we are), but there’s something especially painful about cisgender standards of beauty when you’re stuck in a gender that doesn’t belong to you. As a girl, I was always being told to reach for a standard (Get thinner! Have a better fashion sense! Do cuter things with your hair!) that felt impossible. A perfect six-pack is probably impossible for me (I like pizza too much), but now when I workout or put jeans on I feel like I’m at least reaching for something that’s closer to the truth.

>I regret a lot of things I did in my teens and early 20s — drunken college nights and so many girls I ran away from because I was stupid and scared. I regret not liking myself more and treating myself better and not taking myself more seriously. But I’ll never regret transitioning, even if I am just a mediocre-looking dude.


No. 1350546

Shouldnt the fact that they've reached their peak "maleness" and still bitching about their body tip them off that they simply suffer from body dysmorphia and gnc tendencies

No. 1350550

How utterly depressing. I relate to this quite a bit as a butch with PCOS but at least I got over my "dysphoria" and realised my discomfort is caused by misogyny and homophobia, not a manly male brain in my female body. As much as I hate Aidens for spreading their ideology and being misogynistic little shits I can't help but feel sorry ones like this woman. I feel like deep down she knows this is all bullshit but she's in too deep. Her dysphoria/dysmorphia is also clearly tied up with her sexuality; I'd be interested to know how quickly it developed after realising she was attracted to women.

No. 1350565


>transformers porn

I’m logging off

No. 1350573

File: 1634584490823.jpg (131.97 KB, 1080x819, Screenshot_20211018-211054_Twi…)

Tell me you're a TIF without telling me you're a TIF

No. 1350589

Its interesting seeing the difference between the types of male, lesbian TIFs want to be like compared to what straight TIFs aspire to be

straight TIFs often go for an almost fictional type of male, an IRL version of men portrayed in Yaoi or BL stories, being male for straight TIFs is a fun experiment for them
Lesbian TIFs meanwhile seem to view being male as a means to an end(which for them is to be accepted in society as normal) but their idea of manhood is shaped by mainstream culture and not much else, they seem to buy in to many toxic masculine standards of what a man is supposed to be compared to hetorsexual TIFs

No. 1350615

File: 1634587199938.jpg (2.54 MB, 4000x3000, mei.jpg)

This post reminded me of this girl I am following on instagram who suddenly became ''nonbinary'' and and now uses they/them pronouns only for her to look like this (picrel). She also explicitly said that she isn't a girl anymore and doesn't want to be seen as one (picrel).

No. 1350724

this is random and blogging but i used to be an ftm femboy; it was 100% to escape the male gaze (or a really botched attempt to do so).
it's like i really didn't want men looking at me, as a feminine woman, in a sexual way…but if i deluded myself into thinking i was a feminine man then it didn't feel so disgusting. and i did get some joy out of fooling the very rare guy into thinking i had a dick so he'd leave me alone.
just a lot of mental illness

No. 1350728


Reading this just confirms my opinion that the body is not meant to be messed like this

No. 1350755

File: 1634602400343.jpeg (781.18 KB, 828x1338, A5D7E0C0-DB79-48E9-ABDF-E6EB71…)

Looking like a true lolcow

No. 1350756

It sounds ridiculous but I never brought the idea that straight TIFs were actually "gay men trapped in women's bodies" because none of them seemed to stan Carly Rae Jepsen.

No. 1350766

I checked out some playlists made by TIFs out of curiosity and they're all full of Cavetown, Surf Curse, and Mother Mother lmao. Exactly the type of music I expected.

No. 1350773

saged but is this girl done being proana yet?

No. 1350852

Girls on Instagram really are more illustration than person.

No. 1350888

>>1350852 fairly sure that's a biological man bc he sells nudes-

No. 1350902

this is why i wont start considering trans women to be women until they start obsessing over yaoi

No. 1350917

And fakebois don't? She's a woman. Please see >>>/snow/1292495

No. 1350921

oh shit i had no idea, whoops kek. she's shooped into such an uncanny valley what the fuck

No. 1350936


>As a girl, I was always being told to reach for a standard (Get thinner! Have a better fashion sense! Do cuter things with your hair!) that felt impossible.

That's a common theme with TIFs. They feel like failed women so they go to the opposite extreme. And of course she feels better as a mediocre looking "man", mediocre looking women catch hell for just existing.

>I regret a lot of things I did in my teens and early 20s — drunken college nights and so many girls I ran away from because I was stupid and scared. I regret not liking myself more and treating myself better and not taking myself more seriously. But I’ll never regret transitioning, even if I am just a mediocre-looking dude.

This feels like massive cope. Sorry for armchairing but I think that the "in too deep, trutrans" like her and Buck Angel and others secretly regret it, but can't go back because of the sunk-cost fallacy so they continue to live a lie.

No. 1350980

based kek

No. 1350984

Don't give them any ideas

No. 1351020

Do real lesbians care about yaoi? I thought that was a straight woman thing (I don't read it though).

No. 1351024

Goddamnit anon, please don't reignite the yaoi wars.

No. 1351026

I enjoy reading gay manga/lit/whatever especially if the plot is interesting, any gay story can be easily relatable to me as a lesbian in many ways honestly. and if there happens to be sex sprinkled in it's fine, but pure smut? Nah, what's the point honestly

this sounds like a you problem bb, women can't exist as androgynous because it makes you disappear into the background? there's people dying, kim

No. 1351029

Ok with reading about men in love because they tend to have more balanced and interesting relationships in fiction compared to het and lesbian couples, but it gets weird when they start having sex. It doesn't turn me on.

No. 1351195

>you will notice that posts about bisexual men have been very popular lately. Text posts that are like "I want a pathetic idiot bisexual man" (you know, typical tumblr shit) and it is so obviously because all these twansmen UWU are obsessed with men but know that gay men will not go for them so they start hornyposting about imaginary bisexual men and it's so funny to watch in real time lol.

I noticed this as well with many due to the many "Bi Dean Winchester edits" that appeared out of nowhere, its very bizarre, seeing as bisexual men were almost never discussed in fandom spaces a couple years ago, but now "bisexual edits" and "x character is bi" posts have hundreds of thousands views, retweets and reblogs and and its almost becoming the default sexuality for these characters

also there's a comment thread in this where some aidens literally admit they want to become rodrick from the DoAWK film series

No. 1351199

File: 1634660471510.jpg (114.44 KB, 832x1054, 2323.jpg)

the comment thread

No. 1351210


this is mad weird. were they really that thirsty over this? it's a kid's movie. and there's nothing about this character to indicate bisexuality what are these people on

No. 1351227

He's cute and twinky looking, that's all it takes. Pretty boys cannot be straight.

No. 1351233

i don't have concrete, visualized milk, but this is from personal experience: i have forum rp as a hobby, and it's always funny to see ftms make ftm characters (almost always gay/bi, but basically gay) and get absolutely no attention from the male characters they want to ship with. usually not even other ftm characters go for them.
i don't know, it's funny

No. 1351235

Its not even that, he's just a hot alt boy in a decade where hot alt boys don't seem to be anywhere in the mainstream despite the huge audience for it
the bisexual headcanon is their "gender envy" and also a desire that he be "queer" otherwise he'd be be a "cis straight white man" and so they have to justify their attraction to themselves and their woke peers, even though out side those woke spaces no one fucking cares

No. 1351237

>seeing as bisexual men were almost never discussed in fandom spaces a couple years ag
out of pure curiosity, what fandom spaces were you hanging in? that lance guy from vld was regularly obsessed over as being "canon bi" (despite being confirmed as being straight, by the actual staff team – idc what people do in their headcanons).
there was also a lot of pan/poly/etc. wankery in the homestuck fandom

No. 1351239

>wanting to BE someone else
what are kweers saying to these kids? that's not how it works lol

No. 1351247

Do we really have to talk about this every day? Go in the fujo thread if you want answers to this question.

No. 1351252

what a nightmare

No. 1351260

can't believe i forgot to quote the post i was replying to. here >>1351195

No. 1351288

Every male in a fandom space defaulting to being bi seems to stem from Bioware games/fandom where almost any male romance option could be picked by either gender of player character. Therefore, coombrained Aidens picked up the controller, made their custom sensitive boi~* character and did the ol' male bisexual LARP to their hearts content.

No. 1351308

Aren't most of the popular BioWare husbandos exclusively romanceable by female PCs, though? IIRC Alistair, Cullen, and Garrus are all straight, with the only bi male LIs being the less popular Zevran, Fenris, Anders, Iron Bull, and Kaiden(who was only made bi in ME3 kek). Though I think Fenris and Anders are/were fairly popular with the fakeboi crowd

No. 1351423

They already redefined bisexuality to mean “attracted to your own gender and other genders” kek

No. 1351430

Anders was incredibly popular with that crowd in the Tumblr fakeboi scene back in the day for being so uwu misunderstood.

No. 1351453

File: 1634680716427.png (639.78 KB, 720x767, Screenshot_20211020-005547~2.p…)

This tif has various mental health problems plus she takes her cat out in a child's stroller.

That's not normal or healthy.

No. 1351457

A face full of disapproval.

No. 1351461

The cat looks miserable. She's one of those owners who treats it like a baby.

No. 1351488

Reshoop it to say "nooses" instead of "breast cancer" and flip the trans and women roles around.

No. 1351528

i don't think any of these people actually know bi men irl. if they did they wouldn't assume they're uwu softe men-lite when put next to their "more problematic" straight guy counterparts. speaking from experience kek bi men can be just as creepy as the hets.

No. 1351552

in my experience, bi men are more likely to be coomers. They are incapable of having platonic friendships with either gender, which is not something I've seen with bi women.

No. 1351556

also speaking from experience, a good handful are in the midst of their tumble down the agp rabbit hole
but tif beanrot trumps reality yet again

No. 1351582

Most bi men are unhinged and messy, plus they have huge entitlement issues when it comes to straight women. Idk why people always stereotype bi women to be charming, dramatic, seductive, and manipulative because from my experience that's more of a bi men thing.

No. 1351587

Bi men are much more likely to be into yaoi than gay or straight men so maybe that's why straight TIFs think they are awesome.

No. 1351590

Unhinged and messy perfectly describes the several bi men I have known. They are both possessive of and envy women for being desired by other men. No surprise that they turn to troonery.
To be frank, they come across as being originally straight, but so pathetic that the only humans that will touch them sexually are men. From my experience they turn any women within their proximity into a mommy girlfriend figure. It is very strange.

No. 1351594

Bi men can do the same damage straight men do to straight women, if not more. Most are too homophobic to ever actually get into a serious long-term relationship with another man. They see gay men as something for sex and straight women as something for marriage. Bi men always seethe over bi women being less stigmatized by society and claim they have it "easier". They love to use their bisexuality as an excuse to get away with a lot of bad behavior.

No. 1351598

They probably look at bi men like David Bowie and think "wow that is SO me!". I knew a straight girl who was really obsessed with Hans Christian Andersen and would always call him a "soft bi boy" lmao. They view bi men as some type of "enlightened" alternative to straight men since gay men are never gonna fuck them.

I also think they might feel "special" or "woke" if they talk about bisexual men since bi men in general are far less common compared to bi women. And you know how libfems love to throw their attention at the less common identities (including the completely obscure made-up ones they create).

No. 1351611

I thought it was because Ezra Miller was popular among genderhavers and he's one of those crazy bisexual males.

No. 1351615

I think that's why a lot of bi men troon out or are supportive of troons. They are not only sexually attracted to trannies (some of them even pretend to be gay men to sleep with fakebois) but many of them wish they were bi women instead because believe life would be much easier. All bi men I have talked to on /tttt/ express jealousy towards bi women and how they live life on "easy mode" compared to the rest of the LGBT. Others don't think most bi women are real and just consider them to be "attention seeking straight women".

No. 1351625

File: 1634695019326.jpg (28.37 KB, 500x653, 5453.jpg)

>Ezra Miller
I always see TIFs lust over Ezra Miller photoshoots

No. 1351628

Didn’t this fucker choke a woman? I don’t understand the obsession with him.

No. 1351634

Libfems don't care about women.

No. 1351639

They are obsessed with him because he is a man who was in the Tumblrcore movie 'The Perks of Being a Wallflower' and he wears dresses sometimes. A man can wear a dress or the color pink and be declared a "feminist icon". Look at how they all wet themselves over Harry Styles doing that shit.

No. 1351643

i think he's non-binary or something so a lot of libfems were defending his violent behavior since radfems were using male pronouns, calling him a man, and saying that "being transgender doesn't erase his maleness".

No. 1351676

File: 1634699315640.jpg (58.08 KB, 512x384, tumblr_lg3grnqd7x1qgllp5o1_540…)

>They view bi men as some type of "enlightened" alternative to straight men since gay men are never gonna fuck them.
Oh my god, it all makes sense now. All the hetero women I know fawn over idealized gay/bi men based on their preferences for them. The horny ones go for bi and the ones who identify as asexual go for gay. They really do think they're safe from misogyny, sexual misconduct, and general abuse with gb men. How embarrassing.

No. 1351685

A lot of bi men think they are less misogynistic and better then straight men too. They see straight women complain about straight men and think that these straight women are idiots because they could just be with them, the "superior bisexual" instead.

No. 1351686

Aidens love the "soft masculine/non-threatening/ Jewish boy/pale skin, dark curly hair, and built like a stick" look.
Common fakeboi LARPs and skinwalkes include: every anime boy protag ever, Nagito Komaeda, Danny Phantom, Finn Wolfhart, Dipper Pines, Deku, KPOP males and many others. If OMORI ha come out in 2016, Sunny and Basil would have been the poster boys for Aidens.

No. 1351716

Kek as a bi woman who used to date bi men I can confirm they can be even worse than straight men. One of them trooned out and three of them (including the troon) stalked me. They also hated my attraction to women if it didn't benefit them. They are possessive and see women as sexual objects like straight men but want to compete with us like gay men do (2 also competed with me for women)

Sage for blog post but all the uwu I love bi men posts make me laugh they are just as bad as their straight brethren. Alot of these fools beat and rape us but somehow they're attraction to men cancels that out. I don't date men anymore but if it I was I'd probably try to find a normie straight guy but idk because I've even seen Chads troon out

No. 1351720

I wouldn't be surprised if bisexual men are the rare third category cross between HSTS and AGP that was observed by sexologists.

No. 1351820

File: 1634719470490.png (554.19 KB, 2048x1125, aecc_f5729389_2048.png)

Maaaaan, I knew something was up when I started seeing thirst fanart of him.Weird how this is basically the become the gf meme but instead they want to be the quirky pretty boy bf.

No. 1351828

I don't know wether rodrick and his ilk qualify as "quirky pretty boys" they existed in the 2000's and early 2010's and after that went the way of the dodo, sure you might see that aesthetic online but not many IRL
I honestly think this current thirst for him is due to the lack of alt male fashion in the mainstream, you have males in dresses or dressed like rappers, which is unappealing to look that
so of course they'd focus on an era where this simple aesthetic was a little more common place

No. 1351843

>They also hated my attraction to women if it didn't benefit them
So much for solidarity and understanding from scrotes.

No. 1351869

>They also hated my attraction to women if it didn't benefit them.

Lesbian dating sites full of couples looking for 3somes proves you right.

No. 1351875

NTAYRT But most of the guys I've seen who have been with bi women looking for a "third" are straight scrotes. The bi men I've seen and met have been violently insecure with bi girlfriends having friends of either sex that they seem particularly close to, they wouldn't be able to stand having a "third" without threatening suicide every other day.

No. 1351887

File: 1634730006070.png (83.84 KB, 419x238, elan4chs8b731.png)

>it was 100% to escape the male gaze
It's okay to admit that you overdosed on yaoi and started fantasizing about becoming the uwu softboi uke like so many other women have, anon.

No. 1351893

nta but good lord stfu

No. 1351895

what op said is a very common thing for young women to go through. It was happening before yaoi became a thing

No. 1351896

This post smells like the Y chromosome

No. 1351910

You're right and you should say it

No. 1351930

Honestly I would have been inclined to give anon the benefit of the doubt if it weren't for this loaded, gross term "femmeboi." The word is so coombrained, I'm not even sure if there was ever a non-sexual context for it. See: disgusting freaks in the femmeboi thread.

No. 1351946

I always thought femboy was like shemale but more weeby

No. 1351969

David Bowie wasn't even bi, he admitted later in life that he was completely straight.

No. 1351982

>Others don't think most bi women are real and just consider them to be "attention seeking straight women".
I've never met a self proclaimed bi woman who was actually interested in women beyond occasionally making out with another woman to titillate her Nigel or any prospective Nigels, so they may have a point. Presenting as bisexual increases (dating)opportunities for women since moids think it's hot and aren't sexually threatened by women, but the vast majority of women would outright refuse to even consider dating a bi man.

Though to be honest, the bi men vs. bi women stuff is basically the definition of "two retards fighting" since both are beyond annoying kek

No. 1351990

Everyday this shit. Everyday.

No. 1352021

Every day it remains just as true, yes.

No. 1352023

I've seen lots of gay men say they want to be gay because women are annoying to them.

No. 1352024

>Though to be honest, the bi men vs. bi women stuff is basically the definition of "two retards fighting" since both are beyond annoying kek
KEK, you're right but RIP to this thread for next 3-5 business days with the impending fallout.

No. 1352025

The few lesbians I've seen that were obsessed with yaoi troon out as gay trans men often.
Its just drawing so there's no correlation = causation but nowadays I just see it as an indicator of future trooning

No. 1352026

I'd say identifying as bi/queer would increase male attention for casual sex but I don't think it'd increase marriage or long term relationship opportunities, it would probs decrease it cause of the madonna whore complex

No. 1352179

I don't think it hurts their dating/marriage prospects, since most men don't consider lesbian sex to be "real" and aren't threatened by it. The amount of bi women I've met who are in longterm relationships with or married men but still call themselves "gay" and make a big deal of their (probably fake)attraction to women is astounding. There really is nothing like meeting some undercut kweerio chick whose only personality trait is bragging about what a big homo dyke deviant she is while her ugly Nigel husband lurks around behind her.

No. 1352207

They can tell the difference between authentic sexual/romantic competition and fake. It's the only thing moids are actually intuitive about. Twitter queerio "bi" women never have issues with their Nigels thinking they'll cheat on them with women, but I've personally met genuinely bi women whose scrote partners have seethed over their notable female companions.

No. 1352225

Its not about lesbian sex not being real in the minds of men, they'll still view those girls as promiscuous and wild.
The openly bi girls I know are in fwbs and don't have guys seriously entertaining them.
I think a very particular type of man is willing to marry those types of kweers honestly because most of the ones I've seen get dumped after awhile.

No. 1352227

His first wife said he fucked men though.

No. 1352269

They love Yuzuru Hanyu, he's that soft boy type

No. 1352318

Just googled him. Yeah he definitely does not look threatening or very stereotypically masculine (at least by Western standards, it seems common in East Asia to like more "beautiful men").

No. 1352362

File: 1634774468192.jpeg (60 KB, 634x665, 49327687-10104329-image-a-14_1…)

Ohio college student 'angry' and 'scared' after 'cisgender men' installed radiator in dorms: 'Safe space'

>A student at Oberlin College in Ohio described being "scared" and "angry" after the school announced a work crew would be installing radiators in a "safe space" dormitory for women and trans students, explaining the crew would likely be "cisgender men."

>"I was angry, scared, and confused. Why didn’t the College complete the installation over the summer, when the building was empty? Why couldn’t they tell us precisely when the workers would be there? Why were they only notifying us the day before the installation was due to begin?" Oberlin student Peter Fray-Witzer wrote in an op-ed published in the college newspaper on Friday.

>The student said he grew concerned because he had not heard of the installation plans before a school email was sent on Oct. 7. He explained that the crew would likely be cisgender men entering Baldwin Cottage, which is home to a "safe space" for "women and transgendered persons."

>"In general, I am very averse to people entering my personal space. This anxiety was compounded by the fact that the crew would be strangers, and they were more than likely to be cisgender men."

>The work crew eventually showed up at the dorm, and Fray-Witzer described that he saw "immediately that they were all men."

>"It was clear that the College had not made a special request that male workers not be allowed onto the upper floors of Baldwin," the student continued.

No. 1352364

Why does this sound like something a boomer made up to shit on young people

No. 1352367

And the Beatles would get high and jack off together in the same room - John even went on a private retreat with one of his managers. I think Bowie was just trying to manage his PR.

No. 1352374

>Transwimmen should be let into all our women's spaces uwu
>But if I see a man installing a radiator at my therapist's office I will sue
Peak of hypocrisy and melodrama.

No. 1352378

why did she and the school assume they're all cis kek, i thought you couldnt tell trans from cis people?

No. 1352383

When you choose to freeze all semester because there are no kweer HVAC companies

No. 1352395

Without the kweer newspeak, she would just call them "filthy poors" or whatever the upper classes say these days. Entitlement through the roof.
If it wasn't published by Yahoo, I would assume this is rehashed satiric anti-SJW shitpost from 2014.

No. 1352484

dumb question but why are so many fakebois autistic? and are they more or less likely to be autistic than mtfs?

No. 1352519

him revealing he was straight would actually have been bad for the image he made for himself, seriously your all sounding like aidens as well

No. 1352636

hey hey hey now ohio aiden, did you just ASSUME their GENDER??? TRIGGERED

No. 1352640

Autistic women most likely troon out because they feel different from their peers and can't really connect to their gender like neurotypicals so they think they must be trannies and there you go. Someone else might have a way better in depth answer for this as this is solely based on my own life and assumptions based on stuff I've seen.

No. 1352743

Autistic people in general don't understand social constructs like gender very well. I can't blame them. Gender is bullshit.

No. 1352789

Most of the male troons I've met and most of the young AGPs I've seen online are autistic men. It's a lot harder to sympathize with them, though, since autistic scrotes (in the information age in particular) are hypercoomers who tend to have cluster paraphilias, whereas a lot of autistic women have low sexual drive and mostly focus on creative or intellectual endeavors, without wanting any disturbance from misogyny (which they mostly don't realize is misogyny instead of a personal problem) or sexualization.

No. 1352843

File: 1634811840708.jpg (166.76 KB, 662x706, 2021-10-21_12-17-16.jpg)

>Peter Fray-Witzer attends $80,000-a-year Oberlin College in Oberlin, Ohio
Oh boy.

>'Why couldn't they tell us precisely when the workers would be there?

Geez I wonder.
>Fray-Witzer continues: ‘Predicting when they would reach my room was pure guesswork.
Oh there it is, they don't know how long their previous jobs will take, so they always give you windows, which every adult would know, except for these special needs students I guess.

>When the contractors arrived, they knocked on the door to Fray-Witzer’s dorm room.

>He writes: 'When the insistent knock eventually came, I scrambled to get my mask on and repeatedly shouted, "Coming!" through the door.
>'Four or five construction workers stood outside, accompanied by someone who I could only assume — by his neat polo and clipboard — to be an emissary of the College.
>'We stared at each other for a moment before I moved aside to allow the workers to enter.
>'The emissary began issuing platitudes that the work wouldn't take long and encouraged me to prop open my door.
>'I asked meekly if I could actually not have a radiator installed in my dorm.
>'I knew the answer was no before I had even said it, but hey - worth a shot.'
>Fray-Witzer writes that when he returned from class, ‘Polo Man warned me’ that ‘they would return later in the week to check the insulation.’
Literal autism.


No. 1352862

File: 1634815242248.jpg (815.48 KB, 3798x2162, 12.jpg)

I don't know if this qualifies as cow tipping, so I'm not naming any names, but I have an "acquittance" who retweets shit like this almost everyday on twitter
she's a "black femboy" and spends most of her day posting BL artwork or complaining about her life a "black man" as well as sperging about white men, but that's all she ever dates and thirsts after

No. 1352868

Basically what >>1352640 said. Autistic women often go undiagnosed because the diagnosis is based on symptoms observed mainly in male patients. Girls also are taught to mirror their peers' behavior more so they go through their lives feeling like an outsider and wondering why they have such trouble connecting with other girls until someone tells them the easy answer i.e. they're actually not women at all. Part of the reason is also that autistic people don't have the normal capabilities to reflect on their own or others' actions properly so in the case of FTMs for example they might not realize that they feel like they're men because they're lesbian and want to be in the romantic proximity of women. Or they might think they're men because they hate being sexualized and objectified as second-class citizens.

I wonder if there's any comorbidity with extreme paraphilias and autism in males, or if it's just a poisonous combination of autistic hyperfixation and male sex drive. Autistic men seem to be obsessed with either things like toy trains or cooming to sissyfication porn, there's no in between. Female autists can be cumbrained as well but it's never as extreme and specific as their male counterparts who have these intricate "I can only orgasm by standing on one foot, wearing pink striped socks and a purple anal plug while looking at furry vore" fantasies.

No. 1352871

File: 1634816969693.png (48.88 KB, 606x356, EZZ5.png)

I wonder how much the Internet plays a role in both male and female autistic behavior, a century ago an autistic person might have happily spent his life obsessively categorizing Dung beetle species, but now he'll spend most of his time and energy trying to play videogames slightly faster than other people
I have actually known autistic people are very normal and well adjusted and all of them had one thing in common, they didn't spend too much online unless they have too for work related reason

No. 1352926

Autistic women can be pretty cumbrained specially if they troon out, but they seem to spend their sexual energy and libido in a more creative way (drawing porn/doujinshi, writing ocs, writing extremely long fanfiction) and from what I have seen, women don't treat this content as "masturbatory" but for arousal and fantasy. Whilst cumbrained men are simple with their sexual desire: they want instant gratification, consume, cum, repeat, so they develop a resistance, and have to search for more and more specific type of porn that will make their pathetic dicks cum. The difference is clear when you notice it

No. 1352949

these are the retards doxxing people on twitter for thoughtcrimes

No. 1352958

I don’t see too many black femboys. I assumed the conservative/homophobic nature of black American culture kept them away from it.

No. 1352969

Samefag I didn’t write this as racebait I swear kek. Black gnc lesbians are all I’ve ever really encountered. Even googling black femboy just gave me pictures of alternative dressed black girls.

No. 1352973

I thought "femboy" was for men who dressed as (animu) girls while not really claiming to be a different gender and claiming that is totally not gay

No. 1353012

Lots of TiFs like the idea of being cute boys who are not afraid of wearing girly clothes and are actually praised for that. So they prefer being called Femboys and tbh, I thought femboy was a term for TifFs, I wouldn’t be surprised if men took it from them.

No. 1353228

File: 1634851993332.jpg (79.94 KB, 800x450, cdc.jpg)

Can you autists go five seconds without arguing about yaoi

No. 1353246

i don't get how all femboys are auto considered gay. it makes me wonder if as a gnc woman do strangers believe me to be a lesbian

No. 1353248

>black femboys don't exist

No. 1353249

>it makes me wonder if as a gnc woman do strangers believe me to be a lesbian
Almost definitely.

No. 1353273

Currently keking at the "black, lesbian, pregnant nonbinary" netflix leaker backtracking now that Netflix is tightening the noose. Lmao.
She looks exactly how you'd expect her to look, too.

No. 1353275

Post pics.

No. 1353277

File: 1634857482087.jpg (1.1 MB, 2736x4104, lmao.jpg)

My favorite part of the image is the "B L A C K" tattoo.

No. 1353278

Pics and name, this is an imageboard. That said, it's hilarious to me troons always claim they were fired for ~*transphobia*~, but then you look it up and it's because they broke contact or were hit with endless HR warnings before getting fired. This one has the extra spice of saying it's because she's black. No, honey, you broke company rules.

No. 1353280

She looks normal, except the retarded tattoos. But there's something crazy in her eyes, like she's about to lecture you on how lattes are Islamophobic.

No. 1353283

File: 1634858191610.png (215.58 KB, 1140x376, dumbass.png)

Her name is B. Pagels Minor.
Retard was the only person with access to the information leaked. Rookie move.

No. 1353285

They spend their whole lives feeling "different" without understanding why, wondering what's wrong with them, and they stumble upon the troon community and see a bunch of stories about people who were just like them saying, "i never fit in or felt right in my gender and then i became a man and everything just fit!!!! i'm no longer expected to adhere to the retarded social norms expected of women, so my life has far less friction and conflict!!! my opinions are taken seriously on subjects i'm passionate about, instead of being a fake geek girl! i can just wear comfortable clothes instead of annoying strappy things that aggravate my unacknowledged sensory issues! i can get away with being ugly with less stigma!" etc.

That's a simplification of what I felt as a teen, at least. Even the grossest and meanest nerd boys had a team of bros, but I was completely socially unacceptable and thought transitioning would be a magic fix (could never fully justify it to myself, though).

No. 1353286

Imagine leaking confidential information that only you have access to, getting fired, then blaming your firing on bigotry. How retarded and arrogant do you have to be to act this way?

No. 1353287

I don't understand how you can be non-binary and lesbian at the same time. Don't they cancel each other out?

No. 1353288

Not only that, but outright saying you leaked the information. Netflix didn't release the name of the leaker- she was out and proud and did that herself.

No. 1353289

The troon cult tries to redefine lesbianism as "non-men loving non-men", a definition I resent, as a lesbian. "Homosexual" is unacceptable to these people, and constantly needs to be made "more inclusive" in their eyes.

No. 1353297

"Lesbian" in kweer circles has been redefined as "being attracted to (people who identify as) women", so it doesn't matter which magical identity you're wearing.
Is Netflix gonna sue? Sorry, I'm completely out of the loop.
She fried her career for… what, performative activism points? People are gonna forget about her in a month.

No. 1353810

actually, a lesbian is now a non-man attracted to non-men. keep up with the times, sweaty!!! I'm a genderflux transmasc nonbinary demiboy, and my partner is an agendered and transfeminine pansexual, and we're ~*in lesbians*~ with each other!!!
(Disclaimer: not all transmasc, non-binary, and/or agender people are ok being called lesbians! when you ask a person their proffered pronouns, you should also consider asking them whether they are ok being called a lesbian, gay, or "dude"!

No. 1354219

Why do these people care so much about pretending to be lesbians when they actually hate genuine lesbians with a burning passion

No. 1354246

To be honest, hate and envy are often tied with marginalized groups. The most common examples of this are POC (sorry for using the Twitter acronym, but it fits here) and lesbians; They're simultaneously considered repulsive and uncivilized, but exotic and attractive.

No. 1354364

Its mostly the conservative/racist nature of 4chan/discord culture that keeps them away from it
Lots of black flamers exist tho

No. 1354365

I thought she was a ftm/enbie, she's a retard for caping for white men in dresses that will never help her

No. 1354392

File: 1635012588041.jpeg (268.61 KB, 494x1241, F36C01AB-E9A7-4EE3-8FBD-156B42…)

Pardon the shit quality photobashing but I stumbled upon picrel on insta and I’m so close to a-logging over this monstrosity.
>pimping out your kids for internet clout and money
>queer = dyed hair and ugly clothing
>grown ass mother of three calling herself a demi girl
>traditional hetero nuclear family that is also extremely gender conforming calling themselves queer icons
>preorder NLOG: the Book! for only $19.99
I’m so concerned for these kids to be honest, the family influencers are already toxic enough as it is, but these parents have built an entire brand with their kids. It kinda reminds me of that mom who made her kid a 7yo drag queen? Kinda fucked up. There’s way more milk on their instagram and website btw (they have a clothing brand, and it’s as hideous as you’d imagine).

No. 1354421

I always felt like a lot of those sjw moms that troon out their kids and love drag queens are just old fujos and wish they were gay men themselves.
There's also the attention aspect but I think many of them do have fetishes and are fujos

No. 1354425

the transhausen by proxy is real

No. 1354472

File: 1635021164188.png (867.41 KB, 636x736, yXtZnCT.png)

So this barely famous lesbian singer came out as trans on Instagram(not my emoticons just quoting):
"It’s National coming out day, :) nice… well… for a while now I’ve been afraid.. for a long time I would pray my thoughts would lessen, I would fall to the floor and cry and ask God why… was it ever going to stop? I would talk to myself in public just to calm my anxiety, have to run to the restroom and check in with the version of me I felt no one else could see… even though I never felt like I wasn’t myself, engaging with ppl, I just knew nobody knew what I thought of myself when I looked in the mirror. And why I was so sad. I saw a boy. In a girls body. Who was hiding and doing a good job at it… but there would also be times I just felt like everyone around me knew my secret. I created a version of myself that was toxic, I demonized myself, and convinced myself I’d never be able to love. After moving away from home and just experiencing the world and how my dysphoria (before I even knew what that was) worsened, I finally did What I was dreading … I looked up the word ‘transgender’. From there I dived into so many stories and cried so much I could feel so much more than I ever had. I had to come to terms with myself. And talk to God , thought if I just came out to my immediate circle it would be fine it would be cool maybe even eventually it would go away… I was in love and that another story but… 3 years later ive broke down….got up.. after intense therapy, I have joined communities, I have been more and more vocal with my friends and family…ive survived… and now… I’m LIVING ✨ in two days I’ll be beginning hormone therapy. It feel like I’m saying goodbye but I’m saying hello. I’m Nevaeh. The mf playa "(emoji)

No. 1354481

That's unfortunate, she's cute.

No. 1354489

File: 1635023413501.jpeg (183.23 KB, 1060x1200, 68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a…)

Never heard of her and I pay attention to lgbt singers, she's not even barely famous, just a nobody
She was really hot tho so its kinda sad, supposedly had dating rumours with Odell so guess that was just pr bearding

No. 1354490

Right? Another typical “literal who?” moment. Maybe focus on your art/building your brand with passion—instead of playing this increasingly tired card for attention.

But that takes effort.

No. 1354572

Conversion therapy, making gay women (who barely understand men, or they'd know our minds are nothing alike) think they are men and ruining their bodies with hormones.

No. 1354611

Holy shit I have never seen a straight white woman pretending this hard to be an oppressed minority in my life. At least Phoebe Tickner is actually disabled because she’s so fat. Is she thread material?

No. 1354636

Her Instagram is very milky, but I think it wouldn't be fair on the kids/against lolcow rules to make a thread. Subjects must be over 16 and her kids are in every post, one of her posts even has a recounted conversation with one kid where s/he says she wants to quit tinybangs due to being made fun of at school, she of course encourages them to keep at it rather than respecting their wishes. Even if the thread was only about her it would still show up in search results for the kids to see, so nah.

Recent updates from the last two weeks are a rollercoaster. Scrotedad has just dipped so she's taking a tinybangs hiatus and moving to a different state and "studying to become a laywer/politician", except continues to post frequently. Most recent is a literal Smelly Cat tier offfune singing and guitar song cover while looking like she hasn't showered for some time.

No. 1354662

Samefag update: I found her personal account in the tagged posts and the milk is overflowing. She posts hourly on it, not story posts but to-keep IG posts, including texts from friends calling her out for being a bad person (self awareness is not a cow trait) and a comment which seems to be from anon above, since they said virtually the same thing. It's a milkmine.

No. 1355034

Sage for not real milk, but I have been reading pregnancy subreddits lately and the amount of posts saying "I am ftm" on there is absolutely astonishing. Why the fuck are they getting pregnant? Shouldn't that give you dysphoria? I know that at this point like 70% of redditors are trannies one way or the other, but I really did not expect so many of them to be actively trying to get pregnant or pregnant. They usually preface their posts with dumb shit like "I am ftm so I don't know how all this silly girl stuff works haha cause I am such a guy". Ugh.

No. 1355053

Whats the @

No. 1355070

Troons are all horny, and narcissists love to have kids for selfish reasons.

No. 1355101

File: 1635114545558.jpg (36.72 KB, 540x675, 123584595_169191551590082_6399…)

This reminds me of Kodie Shane and Angel Haze, they give me troon out later in life vibes.
There's a few other girls like them that give me those vibes but too irrelevant to name

Just learnt ppcocaine (picrel) is genderfluid and uses they/them pronouns, sorta not surprised but also kinda surprised.
Its funny cause her more masc/tomboy gf uses she/they pronouns, and ppocaine is the hyperfeminine bimbo one

No. 1355160

I will never forgive the trans cult for targeting self hating gay people. Truly a different breed of evil.

No. 1355223

File: 1635129159209.jpeg (180.5 KB, 750x422, AFA47728-6C20-4AC4-95C8-E0D9AD…)

Jesus fucking Christ I was googling what animals eat placentas and found this.

Also uh, loads of women in Asia also eat placentas. It’s trendy there too.(derailing)

No. 1355270

The misconception that hrt testosterone renders you infertile 100% of the time and also the extra asspats and yas kings for being a pregnant "man" is my guess

No. 1355277

Oh it's a huge thing with white women, crunchy granola types. They blend it into a smoothie or have it dried and put into pills. Or you can be like my wacko sister who no lie kept the whole thing attached to her baby until it fell off naturally.

Sage for OT(derailing)

No. 1355310

woke conversion therapy

No. 1355312

There are other countries and tribes that even do this though. The white ladies who are rich get a doula to dry it out and turn it into powder for filling gel capsules. They have this thought about it having nutrition. Doctors say the benefits are literal trash compared to just eating actual vitamins. It's been dried out. Any real nutrition it had is gone. It's not uncommon, but it is in places like the US and other countries where it's illegal to just dump human waste, so you have to have someone get rid of the placenta, even at home births [doula/midwife]

No. 1355334

I had to read the screengrab twice to see why this was even posted here. Jesus Christ this is massive derailing material.

No. 1355397

I still don't understand why it was posted here

FTM can also stand for 'first time mom' and you constantly see it in pregnancy facebook groups as that acronym. Of course if they mention they're 'such a guy' it's different but that's not the majority.

No. 1355409

AYRT It uses the troon phrase "birthing parent".

No. 1355454

Oh. That actually makes a lot more sense. I really hate all the acronyms they use in the pregnancy-sphere. They are so completely unnecessary and nonsensical. FTM is an especially unfortunate one cause of the connotations. But yeah, there are a bunch of for real trannies in it too (one was a detransitioner ftmtf who was trying to get pregnant after testosterone and was having issues, very sad). I assume in a couple of years once the fakeboi-fad dies out and people move on from this stupid trend we will have a lot of women who are infertile due to their own stupidity and probably will need whole clinics dedicated to treating people who took HRT in their teen years and now can't have kids.

No. 1355749

Sis get a hobby, delete social media and focus on your future. The dysphoria will go away, I swear

No. 1355917

File: 1635218535211.jpeg (40.65 KB, 720x1280, download (4).jpeg)

Is no one going to talk about this one cunt Brennen Beckwith?
She's the cringiest, most annoying, relatively popular fakeboi I've seen and it has gotten worse now that she got her vendetta on Kalvin Garrah.

I'm impressed how little people talk about her.

No. 1356044

I feel like I had a stroke reading what she said in that picture. Being trans has nothing to do with being bi, or what attraction you feel. But most retarded of all is
>technically I could date women
Was being cis stopping her? And only "technically"? It sounds like she's only saying she's bi for attention, but knows that.

No. 1356137

Same, reading this nonsense will give me an aneurism. Trying to piece together the lunacy is a dizzying experience.

No. 1356232

FTM youtubers constantly praise her now for being so brave through the hecking trauma of Kalvin Garrah. She has a retarded new podcast too kek

No. 1356265

File: 1635272736212.jpeg (66.33 KB, 680x572, 4F477BBE-C61C-488B-B381-F6B207…)

This is from her twitter. Sorry if it seems like fakebois become mega misogynistic and don’t give a shit about women when they transition. Also seems like she’s getting her top surgery in 3 months and is still grifting for it.

No. 1356272

File: 1635274110941.jpeg (184.8 KB, 1004x564, C3593F95-C06B-4913-9C3D-3F844C…)

>most dangerous woman to trans people
Imagine being so privileged that some woman on Twitter who writes kids books about wizards is your biggest threat.

No. 1356282

i used to have a friend when i was younger and now i found her twitter. Looks like shes on the they/them spectrum and it doesnt surprise me since she was friends with 20 yr old bronies when she was like 15 and she always looked like an awkawrd thumb

No. 1356288

>Nooo you can't call me out for submitting to internalized misogyny and throwing other women under the bus, don't you know we have trauma too?
All women are oppressed, but you don't just get to reap the benefits from feminist ideology without comment, if you subscribe to ideologies counter to it. I don't give a pass to tradthots or anti-choice women, either. They can access female spaces when they acknowledge what a female is and that sex-based oppression (not gender-based) is real. Same thing for LGB spaces. Entry to gay and bi people who acknowledge what homosexuality is and that LGB people are oppressed on the basis of same-sex attraction. If they can't clearly define why we need these spaces or who needs or deserves access to them, then they don't need to be there.

No. 1356379

File: 1635285454908.jpeg (1.36 MB, 1199x1782, 73411BD1-50BF-4195-B3E0-FA998E…)

She follows sooo many ebeggars! I fully understand being near homeless and having limited options. But it’s so hard to take this stuff serious.
>Hir = his+her?
>Does being black-native get you extra woke points?
>What does Queer exactly mean anymore?

No. 1356437

why do they all have this exact facial structure

No. 1356457

Because they all have autism

No. 1356539

>White, straight couple consisting of an NLOG womanchild and a dumpy fat guy with three kids
Dyeing your hair doesn't make you gay, Becky. No one is mistaking you and the scrote you settled for as a gay couple. You can tell neither of those people would actually fuck someone of the same sex.

I hate that alt-righters use shitheads like these as an example of why LGB people shouldn't be parents because they groom their kids to be gay. No!!! Kids raised by gay people usually turn out straight, just like any other kids. A couple of straight losers who look like they attend Brony conventions are not gay, and their shitty parenting shouldn't be attributed to gay people.

The parents with "drag" or trans kids are consistently bored, straight white housewives with MBP. Twenty years ago, they'd be the same kind of people making their toddlers do beauty pageants.

No. 1356603

File: 1635317751828.png (4.83 MB, 2500x2446, imagen_2021-10-27_025412.png)

so, this girl is brennen beckwith
>got interviewed by HBOdocs on 2016 for being a fakeboi solely for her clothing preferences
>considered herself "genderqueer" but now calls herself transmasc enby.
>obsessed with pink, has a youtube channel where she farts her shitty sjw opinions
>trans youtuber Kalvin Garrah made a video calling her out for being a "crazy transtrender" due to her showing off her fat cow tits and claiming to have dysphoria, despite them being visible for millions to see.
>got bullied off the internet for being an attentionwhore and a fakeboi
>came back years later with the fallout of Kalvin's channel and proceeded to play the victim and beg for money after the whole "bullying" incident
>her whole popularity is based off her being the poor uwu victim of a bwad trwuscum
>acts smug to hide her butthurt
>claims to be transitioning despite testosterone gel not doing shit to her body after +6 months (wonder why)
>continues to beg for money to this day
>doesn't even try to pass

out of all the fakebois i've seen online this is the one that pisses me off the most. she thinks the world owes so much to her after SHE was the one who exposed herself with her snowflake attitude.
guess what brennen: if you make a video like the one you made years ago, don't expect people to be nice to you. you should have stayed in your own little bubble if you didn't want people to go after you for being such a fat fucking cunt.

linktree: https://linktr.ee/brennenbeckwith

No. 1356645

File: 1635326860538.png (992.9 KB, 1828x1638, ebegging.png)

imagine grifting ten grand to travel to Sweden to give birth so you can 'accurately' register your moid larp on your kid's birth certificate https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-freddys-baby-get-a-birth-certificate

also lmao I've never seen my or anyone else's birth cert in my life, could say my mum was a giant eel and I wouldn't know. ' opens them up to discrimination and abuse later in life' lmfao

No. 1356658

Imagine being pregnant and choosing to travel internationally during a pandemic just because you're worried about a single word printed on a confidential document.

Also she's hiring a doula instead of going to a hospital like a sensible person, because of course she's also the kind of moron who buys into that crap. Usually when people hire doulas and midwives, it's so they can give birth in the comfort of their home. What is the point of that in this case, where she's in a foreign country? To give birth in an unsanitary hotel or hostel?

I can't believe she's already fleeced retards out of five grand. Imagine what a local shelter or food bank could have done with that money, which has now instead gone to a middle class white woman.

No. 1356676

Is birth certificate that important in the UK? I live in a different country and its so irrelevant I never saw mine

No. 1356680

it's not. it can be used as a form of ID when people have no other ID (for job applications, bank accounts etc) but most people have a driving license/passport. but it has no effect on how you're treated & you would never be bullied or discriminated against because you don't have one (or because you have one…but it accurately lists your mother as your mother).

not sure how she's managed to grift this much money when it's the most pointless bullshit gofundme i've ever seen. i'd rather donate to some uwu enby's top surgery than this woman's holiday to sweden.

No. 1356684


lmao definitely not. I've seen official things ask for them really occasionally (once got asked for mine to get a visa to visit another country for example) but there's no way that it would be such common knowledge that her kid would get bullied for it or whatever (what are the other kindergarteners going to do? they can't even read)

No. 1356701

It's only the kids problem because she makes it their problem, who cares if it's says mother in the birth certificate? Just teach your kids 'mother' is just the more commonly used term for birthing parent and leave it at that…they probably won't even see it until their adult and then they won't care

No. 1356704

>discrimination and abuse
Such as? How would that stop anything that would happen just because they have a trans parent?

No. 1356723

no please don't send her here

No. 1356733

Uh, I remember this case were a girl who was stolen as a baby couldn't have jobs or apply to colleague because she didn't have a birth certificate and that's how she learned her mother wasn't her real mother.

No. 1356740

I think birth certificate is relevant for obtaining base identification like a literal ID, but most people don't think of that because it's something their parents do for them before they're adults. It's the very first recognition of identity any person has.

No. 1356752

Yeah in the US you need it for all sorts of things like getting a new state ID if you've moved, going to college, getting married, medical stuff can sometimes require it. I don't knows about the UK but I the US it would be extremely fucked up to withhold something like that for your own vanity gender reasons. Isn't the kid going to already know its "father" is trans as it gets older?

No. 1356780

I keep thinking how having a foreign birth certificate sounds troublesome if you do need it for anything

No. 1356791

I was born in the states and just looked at my birth certificate… it literally just says parents and lists their names on the same line. She could have just gone to California lmfao.

No. 1356795

File: 1635350349986.jpeg (119.99 KB, 724x1024, A232067E-1465-4508-B105-A69B90…)

Double post since image didn’t attach properly, but here’s a sample birth certificate from Los Angeles. The Sweden trip is just a bullshit vacation.

No. 1356838

Anyone read this as her wanting to give birth there so her baby can be a citizen? I doubt it had anything to do with muh dysphoria, it looks like a typical TIF grift. She either wants to live there or get dual citizenship for her baby and have other people pay for it since kweer twans folx will throw money at anything that "validates" one of their kind.

No. 1356852

People don't get Swedish citizenship just by being born in Sweden, so that wouldn't work. The whole "citizenship to anyone born on national soil" virtually doesn't exist outside of the Americas.

No. 1356870

If you knew any American veterans or military brats, you wouldn't think this. Anyway, I think any TIF retarded enough to get pregnant and still not admit she's a woman is retarded enough to be bothered by a single word on a document hardly anyone would see. But who knows, maybe she just assumed that's how Swedish citizenship works? I certainly don't know how it works. Are there any Swedish anons here who can say why a TIF might want Swedish citizenship for her child anyway?

No. 1356898

I did some reading trying to understand what she means but i dont understand it. We dont have birth certificates in Sweden. Citizenship is based on at least one parent having Swedish citizenship. If you are from other EU country you can live here, if not the child born gets temporary citizment as i understand. Very strict laws regarding who gets to stay - we send literal kids with no family back to countries after years if the war in home country sort of ends. We also dont allow surrogacy and one part of that is the women who births a child is the mother, regardless of genetics. Even lesbians need to apply to adopt their wifes kid.

No. 1356899

I see! So it's completely fraudulent. Thank you.

No. 1356965

So even if there was a birth certificate she would still be legally considered the baby's mother. So this is just a vacation funded by gender special retards? What else could be her motive for this? I'm really confused.

No. 1357044

File: 1635375034962.webm (1.21 MB, 320x568, fakeboi.webm)

Coming from the creator of High Guardian Spice and "I'm just an uke!" comes a brand new "anime" fakeboi.
…seriously do ftms honestly think they look like yaoi boys?

No. 1357048

File: 1635375085446.webm (1.97 MB, 320x416, 8mVhMM1MG_aBC3be.webm)

No. 1357053

I wish every showrunner putting troon propaganda like this into kid's shows a very unpleasant die. "My body was wrong, I can only be TRULY me using potions" kek. What a joke. The real anyone is their unaltered, unobscured form.

No. 1357055

File: 1635375493407.png (311.49 KB, 602x568, huh.png)

It's intended for mature audiences so I find it very funny how they chose to air it. Literally a cartoon network show on a crunchyroll budget.

No. 1357060

What do you mean crunchyroll is insisting on making originals…?

No. 1357062

Literally who is audience for this?

No. 1357064

File: 1635375983741.jpg (89.31 KB, 717x600, oof.jpg)

I'm thinking about how the representation compares to the reality. TIF from >>1355917 but it's a very functional "reality" image kek.

No. 1357065

Why are they always the most feminine looking women lol. Absolutely zero androgyny in their features, always round faced.

No. 1357069

The narcs who created it kek. I remember seeing one of the teaser trailers for this show when they first announced it and they introduced the team. The characters are undoubtedly their own self-inserts and this cartoon is their shitty magical girl fanfic. It was destined to be a trainwreck from the beginning.

No. 1357071

Well Kate leth was a writer on it so that truly explains a lot. The clips I'm seeing of it are terrible

No. 1357074

Is this the same woke pandering crunchyroll animation from years ago that got backlash from weeaboos or just something extremely similar?

No. 1357075

It feels like a group of American autists watched Little Witch Academia and Steven Universe, then wrote a self-insert crossover fic.

No. 1357082

Yeah. Everyone is still harping on it as that white woman “anime” but now the creator is a fakeboi so here we are

No. 1357084

Is this why everyone in animation is going fakeboi they don't want to be the dreaded white woman

No. 1357087

Yes, but honestly white women did this to themselves. I've never seen a more backstabbing prone group of people like liberal white women.

No. 1357100

lel is the VA a woman too. Honestly putting this preachy shit in kids cartoons is just gonna raise a generation of kids who will misgender troos just for the sake of being rebellious

No. 1357101

is that not what's already happened to some degree?

No. 1357105

File: 1635381863899.jpeg (436.23 KB, 765x893, 10ED46EE-EAD4-4CC8-8753-63F808…)

It sounds like Steven universe to me. Super strong Pink haired mom disappears.

No. 1357107

And half the tweets about the fakeboi character are about how much they resemble Keith from Voltron

No. 1357114

File: 1635383465708.jpeg (725.52 KB, 939x1280, B4155A1E-E293-480F-B152-37B31B…)

No. 1357124

Imagine bring such a fujoomer that you can clock an anime boy as a yaoi character from an innocuous screengrab alone. Now imagine thinking you're not a heterosexual woman despite having an insanely heterosexual female fixation.

No. 1357126

File: 1635385017892.jpeg (578.3 KB, 2048x2048, 1F86FA6D-2C50-42D7-AEAF-F0284F…)

Does it bother uke that her self insert is based on her dead persona? It makes me think the main magical girl is gonna troon out eventually.

No. 1357139

It's already self-indulgent trash, so probably.

No. 1357148

I'm mesmerized by how ugly she is. She kind of "passes" in the same way Eric Taxxon does, where they're too ugly to convince me that they're either sex. Neither actually looks like the opposite sex, but they fail to pass as anything other than offshoots of the cockroach alien wearing human skin from Men in Black. Aside from the dead eyes, it's like something is just…wrong. Truly incredible examples of mental illness manifesting physically.

No. 1357167

>This in turn would mean SJ going through life with an inaccurate and confusing birth certificate – listing his father (full name Alfred) as his 'mother'.

Imagine thinking this is the part that’s going to confuse the kid, not you know, their entire upbringing, and having to cater to mommy’s mental illness the entire rest of their life.

No. 1357170

Seriously, I was almost an adult before I actually took a first look at my birth certificate. It doesn't mean anything to anyone. The child will be screwed regardless.

No. 1357299

Forgive my autism but I happen to have seen the obscure anime this is from. He's technically bisexual, not gay. The anime is about reincarnation, and he has a one-sided crush on his best friend because they were lovers in a past life. After getting over his crush on his best friend, he starts a more mutual relationship with a new female friend. It's a solid anime– it's called "Please Save my Earth" for whoever's interested (it's not BL, it's shojo and the guy in the Tweet is just a side character.)

No. 1357311

It honestly wouldn't surprise me if this character turned out to be gay as well for extra fujo/fakeboi points

No. 1357332

Shit I think I read that one in shoujo beat

No. 1357349

as an ex-Fujo I can analyze that she is defiantly not a Fujoshi, she seems more like a fagfag then proper fujo(though there are occasional overlaps)

No. 1357504


It absolutely does, because then your citizenship relies on your parents' status, not being born in the US. So if you want a passport or any federal ID later in life you have to have all kinds of supporting documentation proving your parents are US citizens. Add to the fact the mother's identification is probably all kinds of fucked up and revised because of her gender shit, and this kid is going to have a shit time if they need a passport.

No. 1357584


do any of you realise this isn't the US kek

No. 1357592

I'm >>1356870 and it's like you didn't even read my full post, kek. The first part was about kids of military men often having foreign birth certificates because not everywhere is as strict as Sweden, and the rest of it was acknowledging that Sweden's paperwork was different.

No. 1357600

File: 1635443062480.png (40.47 KB, 773x419, 2021-10-28_19-43-48.png)

>birth certificates
I assume it's normal to get a birth certificate from wherever you are born, but the conversation was about whether you also get citizenship along with it, and that is, with a few exceptions, only the case in the Americas. The concept is called "birthright citizenship".

Anyway, the tranny wanted to get a Swedish birth certificate, because she thinks Swedes allow parents to falsify their children's record to satisfy the parent's delusion (I don't care enough to look up whether that is the case, but wouldn't be surprised if it was true).

Somewhat related, the USA is moving towards official insanity:

No. 1357680

File: 1635452136834.png (87.77 KB, 600x674, what.png)

Looking through some of her old tweets, she might be both, if that's possible. Either way I don't think the twitter crowd cares but she definitely has an obsession considering her twitter header.

No. 1357711

Are you having an ESL moment? Nothing I said is counter to what you're saying, unless I made some catastrophic typo.
She literally made a comic about being an "uke", but okay.

No. 1357787

File: 1635468135812.jpeg (430.77 KB, 853x1280, BE4E14F0-343F-439E-9D11-F78A09…)

She’s definitely a fujo, but seems shallow compared to the hardcore ones. Like the art and character designs from her WIP visual novel look like something a middle schooler imagined

No. 1358043

File: 1635514029499.png (2.11 MB, 1080x1896, Grill_girl.png)

This is the TIF equivalent of believing that all girls have erotic sleepovers with pillow fights

No. 1358054

who has that copypasta on hand?

No. 1358067

why do so many tifs try to look like limp bizkit fans? Are they trying to break into the more pathetic niches of male appearance so that there is less competition?

No. 1358068

why do TiF beards only sprout from their necks?

No. 1358075

Lol the stomach

No. 1358084

My favorite fantasy is having a sleepover with a couple of guys my own age who accept me for who I am and I'd be wearing blue boxershorts, my favorite blue jockstrap, my favorite blue football jersey and a worn out blue trucker hat (in case you haven't noticed blue is my favorite color. I think it's because I resent missing out on twenty years of masculinity and I'm subconsciously trying to make up for lost time by being as manly as possible.)

It would be cold and windy outside but we'd be nice and warm curled up infront of a car engine. We'd spend the night working on the car, flicking boogers at each other, drinking beer, wrestling and watching porn while jerking each other off (again, I was robbed of a boyhood).

They wouldn't care that I wasn't close to passing or that my voice was feminine, they'd just accept me as one of the boys. We'd spend the night burping and would drift off to sleep one by one and the night would end up with me wrapped up in a cum-stained blanket drifting off to sleep knowing that for the first time in my life I'd been accepted for who I truly am. Sigh.

Probably not going to happen in the near future, but a guy? / girl? can always dream.

No. 1358088

What kind of weak retard barbecues with oven mitts? Using a gas grill? Cooking vegetables on a pan? What's even the point? She took off her shirt and grew a nasty neckbeard of pubes, but she can't even immerse herself in redneck grilling culture properly. Any dude I know who plays out this stereotype would laugh at her.

No. 1358092

love it kek

No. 1358095

This is me being an empathetic retard, but my knee jerk assumption is that she was sexually abused as a child and wants to become a demographic that her rapist would never molest. I recall a TIF friend I once had who was molested by her fathers while her brothers were not, so she tried to be like her brothers. Sad stuff.

No. 1358096

File: 1635521843005.webm (1.85 MB, 576x1024, 7cbec8de1a7204fcfc7ac81bc8ac37…)

Bisexual NLOG syndrome

No. 1358154

I guess it's true, IDing as bisexual is no longer exotic enough for middle class white women.

No. 1358163


Her smile does not reach her eyes. It kind of looks like she's cringing.

No. 1358187

Women have different hair growth patterns than men, but you usually just can't see it since healthy women don't produce enough testosterone to grow enough body hair to show it.

No. 1358294

She must get mocked so bad by guys when she's not around

No. 1358370

Euphoria for… cooking? lmao
Are men the only ones allowed to barbecue or grill in the 1st world or what

No. 1358419

Jesus Christ a woman calling her 5 year old son "straight until proven innocent" is concerning

No. 1358550

No, it's just a stereotype. It's often seen in TV shows and commercials, though. A lot of "dad" characters grill, but not a lot of female characters do. I imagine it has something to do with the fact that most men in the United States only know how to make simple meals, at best, and grilling is just about as "real" as you get with 80% of moids when it comes to food prep. Either way, it's literally an autism moment, since she's basing her understanding of what a male is off of stereotypes seen in media.

No. 1358561

Not wearing a top in public is a MASSIVE thing with TiFs too, it's one of the most important things for many of them wrt cutting off their breasts.

No. 1358562

I wish we didn't have to lop off both our breasts, shoot up hormones, and change our identities to walk topless without as much threat of rape, assault, or public indecency charges, and even then likely still having much higher rates of all those things than moids have. My boobs aren't sexual, my stomach isn't grotesque, and I should have just as much a right to take my shirt off on a hot day without being ogled or arrested. Fuck this moid world.

No. 1358601

i never realized this but you're right, i unfortunately befriended some TIFs when i first started uni and the amount of topless pics (aka showing off the scars) on social media is embarrassing.

No. 1358700

File: 1635626157159.jpg (331.31 KB, 700x1452, jar.jpg)

I see.
Guess they're all detached from normal life due to autism and/or being sheltered as fuck.

No. 1358702

Isa the point of that comic that women don't get asked to reach for something? I get being called "young man", but not the first part. I got asked a couple times by elderly people because I'm tall enough. Nobody is going to wait for a man to turn up.

No. 1358707

Should I lop my boobs off because an old lady on a scooty asked me to get yogurt for her

No. 1358711

I bet no one has asked Peter Dinklage or Stephen Hawking that, either. Does that mean they're women?

No. 1358717

File: 1635628173424.png (23.33 KB, 597x256, hetties.png)

fakebois are sor corny and embarrasing

No. 1358719

Straight girl hits puberty, more at 7

No. 1358720

That's so straight

No. 1358728

The words of zoomers: -core, era, pipeline. I'm in my fucking kill me already era.

No. 1358732

File: 1635629808407.jpg (185.62 KB, 700x774, rolemodel.jpg)

Pretty much, it's validating. Using the author's words: "best way to make a trans guy’s day".
It has 11k notes on tumblr.

No. 1358749

>Men are gross unless they are gay
More like the fujoshi to fakeboi pipeline

No. 1358756

>since you are a boy now you play with the blue car
Wow, she's are so close to being self-aware

No. 1358760

This is so incredibly heterosexual female. Men have no problems being obsessively in love with and violently hateful towards the same people. It's kind of their whole thing.
>Red is for girls blue is for boys
She isn't even trying to hide that it's about stereotypes. This has had the opposite effect from the one she intended, I would never want her teaching children while approving of this toxic shit.

No. 1358761

You can just tell that she's never had a meaningful interaction with a man who wasn't a teacher or family member in her life. Her understanding of men is probably drawn almost entirely from gay animu porn.

No. 1358775

Most annoying part is most people who talk like this are in their 20s.

No. 1358821


TIFs fixating on the less horrifying stereotypes of men is some kind of cope right

Like you cant deal with the fact that the straight men you're biologically attracted to as a straight woman aren't on Spongebob behavior so you try to become a male teddy bear

No. 1358823

god damn amen anon

No. 1358827

They really all do try to become the men they're attracted to

No. 1358828

it's a cope but probably not in that way. most fakebois never interact with actual men, only