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No. 979294

Old Threads:

This thread is for posting and discussing cringey fakebois who may or may not deserve their own threads.

Fakebois are girls who pretend to be boys for attention, either as trannies or biological males (usually the former).

Fakebois style and present themselves as androgenous or feminine-looking young men, even wearing girls clothing and make-up. They insist on being addressed with he/him (or occasionally they/them) pronouns and take great offense at being misgendered. Some are SJW transactivists, but for most their identities are entirely superficial.

Reminder to "truescums" and "transmeds": no1curr about how [[[100% REAL]]] your or any other tranny's ~dysphoria~ is. don't derail about that bullshit, save it for your tumblr blog.

No. 979307

File: 1590508609096.png (1.7 MB, 1738x1052, wow he is literally me.png)

That tweet about how today's fakebois used to love yaoi in 2015 is insanely accurate.

No. 979316

File: 1590509784339.jpg (139.65 KB, 1080x1720, Screenshot_20200527-020951__01…)

1000 KEKS, my personal LC opened a store to only sell he/him shirts. How exclusive of them, I'm reporting them to the all inclusive ~LGBTQIA+~ stat.

Seriously though, don't these people comprehend they hold everyone else to their backwards pseudo moralistic logic but are somehow exempt themselves?

No. 979319

File: 1590509906378.jpg (54.85 KB, 670x537, she.JPG)

what an honor my personal cow is featured kek (she also changed to he/they since last time I posted her)

No. 979320

19$ for this shit ? That looks like it could be worth waaaaaay less, lol.

No. 979321

File: 1590510114483.jpg (200.05 KB, 1080x1036, Screenshot_20200527-022113__01…)

But you must buy it to show you're an ally, anon.

No. 979366

it's fucking hell here mate. think I might have run into this cunt

No. 979693

You probably have, they're an aCtoR so it wouldn't surprise me. Previous thread had an example of the cancer they're in.

No. 980040

File: 1590616810031.jpg (79.14 KB, 749x500, 4325j9.jpg)

tumblr user guu. a 28 year old they/them who loves to call herself a twink. oh and she has a kid.

No. 980058

File: 1590619144770.jpg (759.46 KB, 2048x1583, 61042175_2008634772778737_4499…)

why are they like this? , you juts like femenine/masculin things

No. 980112

>The AGP using Totally Spies as an example
>The show with every fetish known to man
This is one hell of a self-own.

No. 980159

Why is Kalvin so delusional about how well she passes..

No. 980160

File: 1590635235422.png (445.19 KB, 506x623, Screen Shot 2020-05-28 at 04.0…)

something I read todayreminded me of some quite lol internet drama from a few years back

> nonbinary but him/his pronouns

> can't wait for free top surgery must crowdfund!


> other preferred pronouns inc. prince/princeself

> called out for being a rapist and got entierly cancelled by the very people who funded the surgery

Oh dear!

No. 980212

I feel so fucking bad for kids with tranny parents, imagine having to live under an unstable self-obsessed narcissist your whole life. When I was a kid I was embarassed when my mom gave my a hug in front of my friends, I can't imagine the shame her spawn will feel when they get seen in public with them.

No. 980216

File: 1590650892374.png (70.16 KB, 600x322, Screen Shot 2020-05-28 at 3.25…)

fakeboi-no-more and insta-famous artist @wayriding announced she's detransitioning. this is not surprising at all considering after the fake boi trend died out for the most part she never again drew her character Max as male and has only done straight pairings for her self insert characters since. kek

No. 980221

This is going to happen more and more in the future. The Aydens who transitioned 3-4 years ago at 20-21 start reaching their 30's in a few years and realize their age is catching up and at 40+ they won't look like a beautiful twink prince or an edgy pierced teenage heartthrob anymore, more like a 5ft3 gnome with a prepubescent voice. I have a FTM friend who transitioned at 19 and at 28 he keeps saying that if he could undo it all, he would. And I always thought he was one of the "true trans" who would never regret.

Anyway the more these influential people start detransitioning the more they will encourage others to do so as well. The only shitty thing is that unlike the bisexual fad of the early 00's this has left a generation of young people sterile and with mutilated bodies. I guess it's more comparable to the cutting fad of the mid 00's when anxious young people were one-upping each other in scarring their arms permanently.

However seeing the replies to the tweets being like "c-can't you just be nonbinary and still enjoy feminine things?!?!" are astounding in how much self-awareness tranny cultists lack. It really feels like they just want to drag other people down with them because they're not happy with their bodies, nobody can be.

No. 980224


no need to answer if you don't know but for your ftm friend who transitioned at 19, how far in his transition did he get before realizing he wanted to undo it? did he ever give a reason why?

No. 980226

so they're transitioning because they "like the stereotypical female things" better? Lol those people have more fucked up views on gender than your average boomer. Yay, stereotypes and gender roles

No. 980236

Reminds me of my current ftm friend. She keeps on telling me that her transition is leggit. We often discuss fakebois and aydens with her, maybe it's a way for her to not "associate" with the "sjws". But no matter how "true" it feels, I do feel like she's gonna regret it. I told her that I do not agree with what she's doing, but that in the end it's her decision.(Another thing that just kind of surprised me from her is that she's barely entered her twenties and already wants to become sterile like it's some easy decision. There's a difference with "I dont want children" and "I want to become sterile". The way she announced that gave me insight on how she might see her whole transition. Just running away from yourself as usual. But well… I guess she's just discovering her true self. I'll just see how that unfolds.) But yeah, that's just what you reminded me about lol

No. 980248

AYRT and I think he was somewhere in the range of 22-25 when he seemed to show first signs of subtle regret. As for the reason he explained that he was just really young and stupid and didn't think it over thoroughly. He had this persistent thought that because he hated feminine things he must be male, and in retrospect his gender dysphoria was probably more of a case of body dysmorphia because he's always been prone to eating disorders, something that's also common with the trans youth.

My friend started socially transitioning at 15-17 and medically at 19, basically the poster child of a trans teen that had a "solid sense of identity". And even he ended up regretting. Please try to reason with your friend as best as you can.

No. 980250

Hohoho, I'm so ready for the fakeboi mass detrans. I want to see the shitstorm and how twitterfags are planning to cope with this one. I already see some people getting pissed that detrans women are dropping lawsuits on the health system that allowed them easy access to hormones. However, it depresses me that the price for knocking smug TRAs down a peg is a bunch of young people that had their body irreversibly damaged.

No. 980252

I talk to her often about the "less glamourous" side of transgenderism. I dont know if I can fully reason her, but the best that I can do is at least bring the negatives of her choices to the table before she does anything stupid. For the moment she has just socially transitioned. I want her to be able to do the choice by herself too. The best I can do is debate and exploring all sides of the question. At least I'm glad she isn't too close minded to ignore the negatives.

No. 980253

I can't wait for the documentaries that will come out in 10-15 years about the insane trans fad phenomenon of the 2010s.

No. 980258

There's already this swedish documentary (and it's follow-up I haven't watched yet), which is kinda surprising since swedish media generally as a woker than thou attitude. The women showcased make me so sad, it's so obvious that mentally they were in a bad place and that they were aggressively pushed to transition. But no, TRAs will tell you that there is no trans fad and that nobody is pressured to take hormones.

No. 980259

We had a documantary like that in the Netherlands too, made by a very mainstream channel. It did show their anger towards the mental health workers too, for allowing hormones so easily too.

It still shocks me how young Nikkitutorials was when he got on hormones. I didn't think that was possible in our country, pretty dissapointing.

No. 980269

File: 1590666456814.png (29.07 KB, 647x308, 2020-05-28 (2).png)

yeah… she even posts pictures of the poor kid on her blog. unfortunate.
she even gave him a troon name. probably gonna try and convince him he's trans or something sooner or later.

No. 980288

same reaction, looked at her selfie idk if she even tried to pass before even once tho
but ngl she draws well

No. 980304

>he’s like uhh I don’t HAVE a mom
Jesus. How old is this poor kid?

No. 980309

That was incredibly sad to watch. I hate seeing how "flexible" the trans diagnosis had become.

No. 980312

File: 1590681056471.png (48.06 KB, 504x828, Screenshot_2020-05-28 heh.png)

Went to check out her blog, and damn, she has TWO kids, the 10 year old and a toddler. And in true tumblr tranny fashion she keeps begging for donations to leave her loser boyfriend.
Kek at this particular part:
>he’s cheated on me, repeatedly flirted with women, forced me off HRT and i’m currently pretending not to be a man to keep the peace, as he has stated he’s straight and could not continue to love me if i kept on my transition.
I don't doubt that this guy is a shithead but I love that she acts like him saying that he's straight and doesn't wanna date a fakeboi is so evil and abusive. Isn't that validating to your identity? If you were truly a Real Man why would you want to be in a relationship with a straight dude anyway?
Most of all I feel so bad for those poor fucking kids.

No. 980322

File: 1590682411159.jpg (235.99 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_p9gsscqjEv1vhfhq7o1_128…)

eleanor "leon" cishetsbeingcishet. constantly posting about her gay harry styles headcanons and how she's a gAy MaN!

No. 980324

File: 1590682480644.jpg (381.26 KB, 1082x1920, tumblr_pbvdurDwoM1w0vc4xo1_128…)

the "Proud dad" hat…

No. 980353

File: 1590686120229.jpeg (191.45 KB, 749x1000, FB356366-2D1F-4AD7-A91B-C47C76…)

Does anyone know India Muenez? I used to follow her on Instagram back in the day. she was an extremely pretty model/indie actress who decided she would rather be an unattractive, uncastable fakeboi instead. I just looked her up today to see what she was doing and realized she drank the enby/fakeboi koolaid out at some point like why would a normal, nonpornsick person with a career do this? So depressing

No. 980355

File: 1590686331816.jpeg (830.36 KB, 750x937, 986CA55F-7F72-4017-9FD9-30A0EE…)


No. 980366


Not long until the detransistion saga for this fucking mega douche.

Also, way to channel George Hugely with lacrosse. I'd be nervous if I was the girlfriend.

No. 980370

I haven’t heard of her. Have you seen natalie westling? She has another successful model that came out as trans last year. She was pretty Dykey before she came out, but so many models are.

No. 980376

christ. even if they want to identify as nonbinary, why the fuck do most of these creeps always have to look like stupid ass three year old boys who decided to play dress up while their parents were at work? why do they never realise that if it’s an identity characterised as being disassociated with a binary it doesn’t mean they have to dress and look like someone with the vaguest approximation of what an ugly butch dyke looks like? i always find it interesting they never want to continue looking like women. just say you hate women and experiencing female oppression and go

No. 980383

>However seeing the replies to the tweets being like "c-can't you just be nonbinary and still enjoy feminine things?!?!"

Ohyikes! Yes, spotted several of those as well that made me cringe. "Are you sure you're not non-binary?" "Perhaps you are genderfluid?" "How do you feel about demi-girl?" (demi-girl…? Fucking really?!) Just SHUT THE F#¤% UP! She's stated that she's detransing and wants to just be her self, stop trying to drag her in to identifying as some bullshit! Those commens pissed me off to no end…

No. 980385

There has to be autism or some other mental disability involved here, I refuse to believe otherwise…

No. 980393

>model/indie actress
These are industries rife with sexual abuse and disordered body image, it's possible she's one of the "transition to escape the me that was abused" or "transition to regain control of my body" types of fakeboi.

No. 980394

One of my friends wa pressured into being “trans” by her trans bf, because she questioned her gender softly. After breaking up, she’s in a better place with herself.
I feel like people want company? Like how people in marginalized groups seek out that community for support. It’s not surprising to me that trans people who are for one, unsure of their gender, and two may be limited in an in person community and representation would be excited and cling to any semblance of community they have, even to the detriment of other people’s feeling and identity.

No. 980437

A friend became a little bit like this, because of sexual trauma + her new circle of friends that consist of a lot of nb and one or two trans, she started to question herself. Basically she doesn't like women's place in society but she knows she isn't male, and she's unconfortable with neutral pronouns, "buut I don't want "she" either, I'm confused!". Her curious cat answer about the matter was just a mess as well as her nb gf's (when she started id as nb she developped chest dysphoria and want to cut them off bc it "clashes" with her identity).

tldr: girl being influenced

No. 980441

The weird thing to me is that these people who call themselves non-binary actually believe that they'll be treated differently in the real world. No girl, men and women get treated differently and that can suck but you don't escape that by giving yourself some stupid label.

No. 980449

I really wonder how those parents are doing who's kid got taken away from them. Or how the girl is doing, does she regret leaving her parents for the trans identity.

No. 980453

This is what snapped me out of the whole identity thing. I'm going to be treated like a woman regardless of what I call myself so what's the point?

No. 980458


exactly. it's one thing if it's a trans person actually putting in the money, time, effort and bodily change to attempt to pass, at least then you're actually changing the way people perceive and thus treat you.

the thing with these snowflakes and fakebois though is that they either don't want to put in the work to pass, or have been convinced they don't have to in order to be treated the same as men. instead they'd rather just sit on their ass and imagine themselves as their idealized self, some skinny flat chested tall yaoi model that's not going to ever be something they can achieve unless they put in the work to pass and even then, were dealt good cards in the genetic lottery. they're setting themselves up for failure

No. 980479

i-is Totally Spies known for being fetish bait?

No. 980487

Sadly is. That show was my childhood though, kinda sad to see it from a different perspective once you grow up.

No. 980503

File: 1590709307317.jpg (104.55 KB, 887x624, lol.jpg)

I have a random fakeboi to offer that I've known for a while now. She used to have a lot of old milky posts, but it's all archived now (unfortunately). Her user is @/moetrons on Instagram.

She's basically your stereotypical twanny aka:
>around 19-20 years old
>tells everyone she's an actual cis boy
>it's not stated by her but it's obvious by looking at her selfies that she tries very hard to appear underage in an attempt to look like a "shota"
>believes Astolfo is literally her because he's a boy who looks like a girl and she's totally the same!!1!1!
>tries so fucking hard to appeal as some femboy IRL trap and has called herself those things so many times before and probably still does too
>acts like browsing and knowing about 4chan makes her look cool and special
>basically identifies with every crossdresser animeboy who looks like a girl but isn't one because it's totally her guiiise!!
>also obsessed with sanrio and acting cute like every other e-girl
>someone once asked her in the comments if she's a girl and she proceeded to have a mini mental breakdown on her story about how she's a boy and her followers had an entire argument with that person while she sat back and didn't do anything
>no idea how true this is but i also heard that she pretended/pretends to be half korean
>Erin Painter 2.0 but tranny version
>acts all uwu hehe owo! i am so s-soft..?!=(" but is just delusional

Sorry if this isn't milky in any way but I cannot stand this uwu bitch and wanted to post her, because she's unbearable and I've known her for a while now.

No. 980542


oh man. this girl. she dated another "trans boy" who was also incredibly edgy and obsessed with twenty one pilots for a very long time and regularly flaunted their relationship, then they broke up and both got super upset and had followers attack anyone who asked about it. both she and her "boyfriend" regularly referred to her as mommy/wife and when anyone asked them about it, they would say she just has those vibes and fits the role and it has nothing to do with their gender.

she regularly talks about wanting to grow her hair very long again and posts photos of her from when she did, still getting mad if someone questions her gender in the comments. she's posted pictures of her tits slightly censored and all the comments were concerned, asking if she was 18.

she also has posted a lot of stuff that is clearly body checks or meant to be thinspo. she has said she has an ed, but its a coin toss if she gets upset or not when someone asks about her eating/her weight. she regularly tries to humble brag about her drinking and drug use.

i also know she was super obsessed with the joker a while ago. telling people to draw art of her and him, making fan edits, saying they were in love, etc. over the top. she also has an art account i cant remember the name of with generic shitty "cutesy style" but actually just boring and ugly art, where she's drawn furry porn a few times.

sorry if this is formatted bad or not relevant or something, i normally only lurk and this is my first actual post. i just never expected to see this girl but damn she gets on my nerves, too. i wish i had screenshots to share but she blocked me not very long ago.

No. 980553


Forget the "i don't want to be in a relationship with a trans dude" thing, it's the "punched, choked, raped at gunpoint" by a convicted felon that's getting me angry. Mostly at the fakeboi because she needs to get those fucking kids the hell away from him if he has the potential to be that abusive.

No. 980555


oh that's depressing
she was hot in a natasha lyonne kinda way

No. 980556

I know damn well what fakeboy you're talking about lol, I remember her so clearly from my Tumblr phase in 2016. She used to believe she's the real life version of the Blurryface album from Twenty One Pilots, would also think she's a god, actual Harry Potter and all that. (This used to be her old Tumblr, she also had another archived page with her about page but I cannot remember the url now: http://web.archive.org/web/20170527182329/http://blrrry.tumblr.com/) I hope it's actually her though.

May I ask you why she blocked you? I lurk on her account from time to time and even though she annoys me endlessly, there's also something entertaining to her. It's probably the way she tries to appear like some innocent uke boy uwu and all her followers fall for it like a bunch of fools. Also, do you have any idea why and how they broke up? I never ended up finding out why they did. It's funny how they were acting like two soulmates who have finally found each other after years of searching, one fakeboy acting like she's some soft uwu pink angel and the other one acting like she's a dark daddy dom, it was all so entertaining and cringe-inducing.

No. 980566

yeah, that sounds about right. i never knew her tumblr but all the information seems to match. ill have to look through it now. i didnt keep up with her like i did with moetrons. i only remember one time seeing her go on about life is strange 2 and how she isnt kin, she literally is this character, isn't it so crazy the game devs modeled a character after her? judging from her old posts though it seemed like every few months she talked this way about characters from different things… they were both obsessed with the stephen king it movies, too. hence the name "richie".

i have no idea why she blocked me. it was a few months ago, i never commented or liked her posts but i did follow her and view her stories. it was with a private account that had little info and few followers so i dont know, maybe she just got paranoid about that on top of little interaction. i also have no idea why they broke up, but im pretty sure they had another meet up planned until they broke up. which is another fun thing that they only met in person once, i believe, maybe twice over i think a two year relationship?

No. 980571

File: 1590714985736.jpg (113.94 KB, 1005x606, lol 2.jpg)

From her ex's account, there is still this one post. I think it's them together. (https://www.instagram.com/kaspbark/) They're both so old, but still behave like a bunch of teenagers in love who listen to the 1975 and think smoking cigarettes is cool. It's so embarrassing to witness. I wish she had more milk though, I'm sure it would be way more fun than whatever she has right now.

Also kinda feel like someone is gonna cowtip all of this to her, because she already has a huge fanbase and people seem to LITERALLY adore the fuck out of her like a bunch of braindeads.

No. 980580

yeah, when i found out her age i was shocked. i was expecting her to be maybe 16 at most. its insane. i dont know how someone can act like that at her age, i get its still young and all but man, imagine looking back on this 10 years later?

i used a different account to check up on her though and wow. she does have a bigger following now. before i was blocked she did have a decent amount of followers and people to whiteknight her, but it was mostly friends it seemed, not just random strangers. she must've blown up. it seems she's posting much lewder things though than she did when i followed her, so maybe that's part of it. literally a video of her showing her ass and flashing her tits but censored, lots of tiny bikini photos, still getting upset about people calling her a girl in comments.

No. 980633

File: 1590723995883.jpeg (506.29 KB, 828x1220, B52C8C4B-D39E-4B16-97FB-40B4D7…)

Treat from r/FTM.

How disappointed are the 12-17 year-olds following this subreddit gonna be in 10 years when they find out that men bald, grow long scraggly hair in places they’d never seen before, and can’t occasionally skip showers or not wear deoderant in winter like women because the smell of goat will fill up any room they walk in?

No. 980641

It's a meme on /co/ at least (I know someone there had made an episode-by-episode breakdown). I loved it as a kid and never really noticed the fetish bits, but looking back there's a lot of DeviantArt-tier fetishes chunked in.

No. 980685

This is also baffling to me. Just because you switched your pronouns on your Twitter profile nobody out in the real world is going to treat you any different. The cashier at the store will still call you ma'am and men will still be dicks to you because you were born with a vagina. It's quite telling actually, they really do live in their fantasy bubble and barely go out in the real world. But on the other hand I do have a feeling that deep down they "know" everyone sees them as female, the they/them nonbinary crap is mostly a performance to them. Like if a really attractive man (given they're not lesbian) came across them and treated them like a lady I very, very much doubt they'd have a problem with him ~misgendering~ them. A lot of trans-identified women snap out of it after they get an attentive boyfriend and don't have the need to continuously fight for their place in the world anymore.

The ironic thing is that they always just want to look like soft butch lesbians, not actually like men. Except for the old school extreme butch FTMs who are obsessed with body building and tattoos but also tend to hate women a whole fucking lot.

No. 980686


Late, but I think the reason fakebois are hiding their pronouns or privating their accounts is in wake to 4chan pridefall operation.

No. 980691

This reminds me of a instagram fakeboi I know of.
>Generic soft pastel aesthetic fairy kei weeb
>Tried to win the kawaii ambassador title
>Lies about being cis boy, is around 20-21, sounds exactly like a cis woman, looks like a cis woman, makes up bullshit about "his" hormones being fucked up and "him" missing "his" puberty which magically made "him" grow up into an obvious adult woman instead of staying a prepubescent boy, her teenage fans lap it up
>Somehow convinced her actually cis beta boyfriend to play into this lie and now they're a "gay couple"
>Constantly dresses up as a very feminine girl and calls it "crossdressing"
I'm convinced that the people who gush over these liars know they're talking out of their ass with whatever vague hormone syndrome they try to pin their extreme femininity on but choose to live the lie with them. Nobody is so stupid that they legitimately think there's a mysterious disorder that makes a prepubescent boy turn into a woman.

No. 980723

>Like if a really attractive man (given they're not lesbian) came across them and treated them like a lady I very, very much doubt they'd have a problem with him ~misgendering~ them
I've gotten to see this real-time, a fakeboi I know who constantly bitches about cashiers calling her ma'am sure didn't mind her new hot neighbor calling her a sexy woman.

Damn, and here I was hoping it was a sign the trans trend was finally starting to die out.

No. 980880

not surprising, but this is relieving news and i wish her the best on her journey.
i hope it inspires more aidens to look further into their own transitions

No. 981157

Are they 5 years into dressing male or 5 years on hormones? If they're 5 years on hormones then I really feel for them. I've seen others turn around at the 5 year mark and they end up being read as transwomen

No. 981161

File: 1590846723260.jpeg (146.86 KB, 806x1288, DC07D3EC-CF78-4214-ADFB-DF8740…)

I don’t even get this one , an obvious biological girl who calls herself trans

No. 981171

File: 1590852593797.jpg (80.21 KB, 540x720, tumblr_inline_pfg7vmC0bt1sa0me…)

she claims to be on T for 3 years but doesn't even look remotely masculine. must be the lowest dose ever.

No. 981173

In this pic >>980322 the "side burns" look like they were applied with make up.

No. 981333

they probably are. You would think she'd have the slightest bit of facial hair after being on hormones for 3 years even at a low dose.

No. 981336

File: 1590884715498.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 187.56 KB, 1537x2048, EZHkm98UEAAa52K.jpeg)

i dont know if anybody still cares about criedwolves but shes straight up just posting nudes to twitter now, along with the cringey teenage anime posts.

im not sure if its been posted before but she still has photos from before she decided she was a boy on her tumblr if you go back far enough. her birth name is also there (tasha), which is pretty much confirmed as true as if you look it up along with the last name and location she's publicly claimed a couple things matching it to her come up. i can try to find them but you can only dig through so much erotic homestuck art before deciding its not worth it.

sorry if formatting is bad or no one cares, newfag.

No. 981362

A Weird thing I’ve noticed with a TIFs, they often seem to pick Hebrew (albeit often an anglicised version) names, you’ve not only got Asher’s but Ethan, Levi, Elijah, Eii, Isiah, Ezra, Caleb, Ruben, Zach…that’s off the top of my head.

I mean maybe it’s because these names have the right amount of ‘flavour’ to seem different. But perhaps also gives them the appearance of opting into oppression and adopting the ‘nice soft Jewish boy’ stereotype (my god and couldn’t I go on about the ways TIFs want to opt out of femininity but can’t bring themselves to adopt the full horror of masculinity), I wonder if there’s anything else at play.

No. 981364

>‘nice soft Jewish boy’ stereotype
Is this a regional thing? I've never heard of this stereotype before. The first thing that came to mind was Arnold from the Magic School Bus, kek.

No. 981367

probably the Ezra Miller, Finn Wolfhard types

No. 981370

Her left buttcheek looks like a knee

No. 981394


She wanted to be a soft anime boy so bad but she ended up with a gross hairy man ass and bizarre nipples lmfao

No. 981398

self post trying to bait us into agreeing that you totes look just like a real girl uwu? lmao nasty fuck

No. 981401

I thought that post looked suspicious too. If anon is being genuine, it’s probably because the troon looks like the type who transitioned at a young age and looks less like a hon.

No. 981407

This obviously screams selfpost but I genuinely cannot tell if this is supposed to be a ftm or mft

No. 981413

File: 1590902061247.jpeg (59.58 KB, 462x462, winx tiktok avatar.jpeg)

>"waifu" in both usernames
>"where are my trans sisters!!!" in description of that TikTok
>Looks like he's trying (and failing) to emulate the bangs of his lust-object TikTok avatar
This screams AGP.

No. 981418

oh hey I'd forgotten about her!
Does her being trans not get her enough attention so she's gone to posting nudes now?
>you can only dig through so much erotic homestuck art before deciding its not worth it.
Wow does that take me back. Sucks since her old cosplays were cute, dunno why she thought transitioning would be a good idea.

No. 981539

File: 1590935858045.png (430.77 KB, 397x599, 564564.png)

Ok so I stumbled on this person on tiktok and because of all of this fakeboi trend I started to doubt even feminine dude but gave him the benefit of the doubt, because you know "maybe" he was legit, and just a teen.

Turns out after looking at other pictures he is ACTUALLY ftm and this one is a dead give away. But props to him to actually make an effort tho he could lowkey pass if you don't notice the lack of adam apple (@.noeneubanks).

No. 981541

File: 1590936010379.png (1.52 MB, 991x1048, 1_Criedwolves.png)

>onlyfans when

The effects of not taking T for a long ass time is getting pretty evident too, looks more and more like her actual sex and all the fat is going to her hips. You can get away with low T when you are a teenager and still look andro, but when you are hitting your mid twenties it's usually not possible. She just looks like a flat-chested slightly hairy woman now. Even her body hair shows that there's no way in hell she's been on a proper dose of T all these years, she has a little… but not much.

No. 981546

I don't think he is trans, anon.

No. 981548

File: 1590936320209.jpeg (692.71 KB, 828x1634, 05415FEB-05B2-49C0-AB20-88D71D…)

Thought this person might be a good addition to this thread, Instagram @iferrourke, tiktok @metamorphosism. 16 y/o “enby”, uses he/they pronouns. gets very upset and spergs when misgendered despite being female presenting 99% of the time. Has constant breakdowns when criticised for doing dumb shit in tiktok vids (eg dancing on graves) and recently deleted all their videos. Supports other fakebois and spergs often about he/him lesbians’’ validity etc.

No. 981551

File: 1590936550948.png (18.08 KB, 596x140, 1_c.png)

No, criedwolves… For an ADULT it's actually JUST CRINGY to do that sort of thing. Tho I doubt you actually are an aspie, doing things like this at your age certainly makes you look like one!

No. 981552

>She wanted to be a soft anime boy so bad but she ended up with a gross hairy man ass and bizarre nipples lmfao

Nope, she's looking like a hairy WOMAN with bizarre nipples. How anyone can look at her and thing "man" is beyond me.

No. 981556

Then fakebois made me really paranoid and I need to chill ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No. 981558


No. 981560

File: 1590937463750.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.69 MB, 1920x2560, 1590472851464.jpg)

I posted this delusional fakeboy in thread requests but it never took off, I probably should have posted her here initially.

>Bat shit crazy sw

>Thinks it's trans with the only take on trans experiences
>Doesn't experience dysphoria
>Presents as completely female
>Uses "muh transness" to silence all logical dissent
>Spends entire life on twitter bullying others for trivial shit
>Lords her precieved privilege over anyone, and everyone
>Unattractive but blames colonialism
>Gatekeeps anything and everything
>Including ahegao cuz "muh Asian"
>Not even Japanese
>Tries to cancel anyone who disagrees
>Slew of deleted tweets all over her Twitter from her victims
>Resorts to race, skin colour, bodysize as an insult but heaven forbid someone do it to her
>Is the absolute epitome of fake woke, likely insane
>Don't send me your dick if it's ashy
>Fave words include kkkracker (kek), fatphobia, transphobia, racist, systematic, bitch, weeaboo, colonizer, cis, white, ugly, yt
>Unironically believes white people created gender
>They also apparently created dysphoria kek
>It actually says fat pussy, is just fat
>Only Asian people can reclaim and do ahegao~
>People who think there's only two genders are fUkiN uNeDUcATeD
>Muh sex aboose
>Calls self "tranny" in bio, publically slanders any and all who dare to do the same
>All cis people should kill themselves
>Send me money for muh pain
>Seems to hate other sws more than Shayna
>Anyone who charges more than a toenail clipping (which is more than her) is a pRiCe sHaMeR
>Anyone who can form a sentence in response, is a "pea brain"
>"Can your pussy pay rent? I don't think so no one wants to fuck you"
>"Cis people have rocks for brains this is why y'all shouldn't be breathing"
>"Ask my only fans percentage. And stay in your over saturated lane"
>"East Asians are the fucking white people of Asia"
>"How's it feel to only have 75 followers?"
>"White Latinx weeaboo what's fuckin knew! I'm shitting on you too!"
>"I have 16k followers and top 7% on OF the little cracker you're defending is a spec of dust compared to me"
>Proudly admits to being blocked by the majority of NSFW Twitter

The crazy quotes listed are from the 15th to the 26th of April for anyone interested. I used to have the caps but I'm on my phone and moved them to recycle bin when the thread wasn't made. I don't doubt you can still find them here: https://mobile.twitter.com/harapinkuangel she's absolutely shameless kek.

No. 981574

this is an MTF

No. 981577

must be some sort of intersex cause besides aggy(who i guess is intersex too) ive never seen trannies with tits that naturally saggy and not like weak estrogen cones

No. 981581

File: 1590940594505.jpg (49.35 KB, 480x360, Taco-Bell-5-Buck-Box.jpg)

ok but $5 will also get you all of this and, let's be honest, her mossy looking pussy is dollar menu tier at best.

No. 981585

according the bio she is intersex.

No. 981605

i might make a thread on her later tonight. any suggestions on thread pic?

No. 981625

Sage for agreeing, yes, pls make a thread

No. 981656

Anyone can claim to be anything online. Girls have pretended to be trans women before.

No. 981658

Yeah I know but I feel like this one would be pretty easy to work out considering there's nudes.

No. 981660

He is not trans. I follow him and he is a man.
Cope harder tranny. You will never look like him.

No. 981667

Face says tranny but that’s Definitely a woman. The misogyny reeks as much as her unwashed vagina. You can’t play hentai waifu while expecting people to not to misgender you.

No. 981707

Intesex how? I'm aware that there's varieties, but she's certainly not visibly intersexed, since her body, vagoo and clit is flashed all over her Twitter. 5 bucks that it's bullshit.

No. 981709

File: 1590956198615.png (168.43 KB, 300x300, noen-eu.png)

Never heard of this guy before, but I'm pretty sure I've met women that look like him.

No. 981717

lol isn’t that Noen? You dumbass, >>981539. Also, that’s clearly an Adam’s apple staring at you in the photo.

No. 981753

File: 1590960569832.jpg (65.65 KB, 748x579, 524.JPG)

Nice try but not a tranny
& girls calm down I'm just trying to observe even cis he strongly looks like a fakeboi so OFC if I read shit like that I'm gonna have my doubt

No. 981760

Look what pop up into my reccomendations.

No. 981786

File: 1590965877152.png (310.44 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20200531-165533.png)

Look at this Aidan spitting in the face of their community and BLM.

How long until she detransitions?

No. 981787

File: 1590966039873.png (257.46 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20200531-170234.png)

What a mess.

No. 981789

File: 1590966075782.png (256.34 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20200531-170244.png)

No. 981827

no one cares that you disagree with your personal fakeboi's politics. this isn't fakeboi milk.

No. 981846


I know a disproportionte number of FTMs I know are Jewish. Some from Jewish ancestry families, some converts or claim to be converted.

No. 981848

Aren't that munchie fakeboi couple Jewish converts? phoebe tickner larps as jewish as well. I think a lot of fakebois tend to fetishize suffering so I can see why some of them kind of glom onto Judaism.

No. 981873

It's also hard to disprove. Claiming to be Jewish is an easy way for these boring white Aidens to claim extra oppression points.

No. 981886

File: 1590988380363.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 319.13 KB, 2048x1522, EXDkxtQUYAEc0Iu.jpeg)

If you're going to bother you should do a deep dive into her tweets from the time period I listed…
>White Latinx weeaboo what's fuckin knew! I'm shitting on you too!
I lost my shit when I read this. Maybe thread pic could be a hideous image of her with her tits/vagu censored by all of her most retarded quotes like this one? The captions was "perfect breedable pussy" KEK. If you can't be fucked I'll take the bullet and get on my PC to raid her Twitter and get the older caps. I just accumulated a few gems now and sorry about doubles https://imgur.com/a/21xLlAV

No. 981889

File: 1590989080953.png (Spoiler Image, 692.19 KB, 800x800, EXhTsT2WAAANDuq.png)

Samefag but holy shit she's conceited, here's her "devil man crybaby cosplay?" She just put Halloween devil horns on and called it a day… Btw guys brown Asians are best because that's what she is and she's the best.

No. 981894

File: 1590990830134.jpg (Spoiler Image, 746.21 KB, 1759x2560, 20-06-01-15-21-42-877_deco__01…)

No. 981907

what are you not understanding about this not being the right thread for your autistic sperging about this? the thread picture literally says ‘not a girl’ as if it couldn’t be more obvious as to what this thread is for yet you’re still spamming. nobody cares

No. 981913

Uhm sorry? The thread's called transtrender as well as fakeboi, not to mention she encapsulates the entire thread description except for how she presents… She was born female but claims to be intersex, trans and reeees about being referred to as female.

>the thread picture literally says ‘not a girl'

Yeah, and so does this cow. Frequently.

>Nobody cares

I was literally responding to an anon offering to make her a thread of her own… kek who hurt you anon?

No. 981919

File: 1591005549540.jpg (504.17 KB, 1080x1148, 20200601_035415.jpg)

This one's been on my radar for a while. Does "drag" like this, but cries about being misgendered in the men's restroom

No. 981925

I actually really liked 'ifer' when I first found her acc, her actual name is Amelia and she was a model I think. Had to unfollow when she came out because I can't deal with her 'i'm handsome >:(' sperging. She's just a middle class attractive white girl from the UK searching for some kind of oppression because a whole life of mummy and daddy handing everything to her on a plate and being a gorgeous, tall model just wasn't tragic enough for her taste.
Sorry if anything's wrong, newfag

No. 981936

good on her.

No. 981953

This isn't milk, you just disagree with her

No. 981973

File: 1591022059956.jpeg (244.58 KB, 828x641, D64F5FBC-16BF-4D1D-ACF1-A39AE8…)

>Except for the old school extreme butch FTMs who are obsessed with body building and tattoos but also tend to hate women a whole fucking lot.
Yeah I noticed the butch ftms seem to hate other women with a passion and try their hardest to seek attention for it from men (like pic related) to be accepted. Even though misogyny is still a huge problem in society the average man outside of certain internet bubbles is not nearly as misogynist as your average ftm trying way too hard to fit in. I cringe so hard every time I see this shit and wonder how even men must react to them in person when they start talking about how women are useless whores and all the other shit they post.

No. 982022

File: 1591030592592.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1125x1109, AF3E54F3-B572-4C07-8FB6-371C89…)

No ftm has a skull that looks like this, they can only dream. He’s just a 19-year-old twink.

No. 982050

What Kalvin Garrah thinks she'd looks like after some weight loss and lifting.

No. 982066

Glad someone else has been keeping their eye on lil Adrien. She's been awful for years and as a minor she would lie about her age to sleep with older men because she's so "mature". I think she desperately wants to be that based tranny like Blaire and kalvin like the pick me bitch she is. She craves attention and that's what she's gonna get lol.

No. 982069

>she would lie about her age to sleep with older men because she's so "mature"
That's just sad, though.

No. 982088


Could be a girl with Marfanoid genes.

No. 982102

He's clearly a man, let it go anon.

No. 982124

File: 1591052054020.jpeg (725.83 KB, 828x811, 62FCA948-66E2-4265-9F24-97F348…)

Kalvin has to suck her cheeks in to vaguely resemble having a male skull. Once all the fat is gone she’s shit out of luck in that department.
You’re mindnumbingly retarded. This reminds me of when the troons on /lgbt/ were arguing that Tim Henson is ftm because of his small head/frame but there’s evidence of him being biologically male all the way back to videos of him as a small child. Feminine looking men exist, yet all things considered you can still tell them apart from ftms.

No. 982128


Thats a gay high schooler i've ever see one, if he wasn't doing eboy shit he would look like every twink into britney spears in 2010.

No. 982144

File: 1591056504541.jpg (64.17 KB, 617x1112, 063c69917c47a5193105803426eea2…)

I dont even know who this is but I googled him and there are plenty of shirtless photos that make it clear he is not transgender. And you can literally see his adams apple in this picture?

No. 982163

File: 1591059285301.jpeg (536.37 KB, 828x1118, 5F0409C3-D3E0-4D1F-91FC-B680A5…)

Anyway enough about Noen already, he’s biologically male and discussion about him doesn’t belong here.

What are all those dark specs on Ash’s back and arms? They look like acne scars, especially noting the little round cuts on her shoulder. Girl, don’t pic at your bacne.

No. 982172

File: 1591061031323.png (112.6 KB, 322x438, oliverjulius.png)

No. 982195

hey don't insult my Husband like that

No. 982231

wtf is this torso to body ratio?

No. 982245

you have to be 18 to post here.

No. 982295

She has it all over her ass if you’ve seen her onlyfans kek

No. 982332

All these weirdos got attention early enough that it messed up how their brains works because I’m always shocked someone this ugly has an ego.

Speaking of weirdos with egos how’s that one girl doing who detransitioned? Kayden? I don’t know what she goes by now.

No. 982404

Sad but also dangerous to lie about your age.

No. 982423

File: 1591113788249.jpg (169.66 KB, 1080x1440, EZcMapUX0AAn-HT.jpg)

I think that's her sister in the background that is also a fakeboi he/they, they live together but she is with her parents so most likely siblings (or else they don't respect social distancing). Funny but not surprising that she got influenced by her older sister, also both fat

No. 982445


yeah they fucked their body, they've been on hormones for at least 3 years.

No. 982546

File: 1591128743872.jpg (64.44 KB, 526x581, i didn't like been a girl uwu.…)

a facebook friend post this

No. 982554

Thassa whole ass man babey

No. 982560

Augh, I made the terrible mistake of going to this persons Twitter… She'd posted an uncensored photo that scarred me for life (don't go looking for it) She just looks so DIRTY! Who sells porn with literally dirty hands in the pics? She even looks dirty in the glam-filter pic you posted, wtf is that on her neck? Are we sure this person isn't on drugs or something. She just looks filthy and unhealthy.

No. 982577

Aren't fakebois/nonbinaryfags always the first to be crying against gender stereotypes and how much we should deconstruct it ? And yet they're doing the exact oposite of that lmao

No. 982588

older gen trans people typically support binary genders tho. fakebois/nonbinary types are all about the new age of "transmasc queer lesbian butchboy" titles

No. 982592

Not a fan of either contra or kalvin but I thought it was funny AF to hear contra shading kalvin in the latest vid. I mean we all know when kalvin attacks other trans-embarrassments it's only because she herself doesn't pass.

We all knew it already but it's still nice to hear contra using kalvins 'proper male pronouns' all the way through talking about it and still ultimately dragging them with the message of "stop projecting you insecure non-passing bitch" Love it

No. 982784

Most fakebois and enbies will outright say that they “know” they’re not a girl because they don’t like certain stereotypical girly things. They only oppose a gender binary that doesn’t allow them to switch roles, otherwise they’re all for it.

No. 982859

File: 1591213173363.jpg (160.08 KB, 1106x619, screensnap.jpg)

Has anyone kept up with Chase Ross? He used to be a favorite cow of mine but I stopped keeping up with him when the drama with Aaron Ansuini happened. I just checked up on him and he looks even grosser in his newest video than the last time I saw him.
I'm sure most of you know him but for those who don't, he's a YouTuber who has built his brand on massively oversharing about his mental issues, his body, and his sexual exploits and has done so for many years. He used to be a really big figure in the so called trans community but got called out as an abuser and lost most of his friends and status in the progress.

No. 982863

File: 1591213941850.jpeg (687.43 KB, 828x1188, 29137E93-1E38-4FB4-ABC8-07EAC8…)

Damn she got fat.

She’s unironically the perfect example of what ftms who think they will become perfect gay boys end up looking like: doughy, small-boned, pear-shaped…pretty much feminine in every attribute minus the body hair and beard. I get a kick out of this picture every time I see it.

No. 982864

Is this the same person who ate cum on video or something nasty like that?

No. 982927

She looks so dirty and smelly in every picture! If she ate healthy, worked out and saw a dermatologist she could at least visually look nice enough to fit the bishounen aesthetic. No gay man would promote this kind of image or would be attracted to it. Yet yaoi-obsessed ftms keep pushing sloppy, ugly and diseased as progressive beauty and get angry that gay men want nothing to do with them.

No. 982932

lmao hi devon
sorry for OTT but this is fucking hilarious since the OP who posted the fakeboy is a cow too (literal and figuratively) and won't stop sperging about her personal vendetta against her ex fakeboy friend on facebook.

No. 983012

Every non-binary chick (and all but one ftm there's a ton where I live) dress like a) middle age mom from the 90's or b)mildy slutty alt chick

And it infuriates me to cater to the ones in my friend group because. What. Exactly. Makes you non binary? When you look exactly like my aunt? How are you not a woman? HOw bitch?

No. 983014

Sigh I meant to type every non binary chick I KNOW

No. 983032

Your aunt must be nonbinary.

No. 983088

Self expression and legitimacy of yuor feelings uwu

But yeah I don't get how they believe that they are completely different from cis girls

No. 983095

Sometimes, I feel like the non binary thing is a power trip. You can force people to deny reality and pretend you're not a woman, just by telling them you're not. Probably feels good for a female person to have control over that.

No. 983097

>a power trip
I feel like there's weird narc trans men like upper case chase and the one who looks like a butch lesbian who acts like a teenage guy and is strangely hot but there's the traumatised ones with big hoodies who cry about using the women's bathroom and then there's the slutty ones with the wrong shade of red lipstick, fishnets and a weird affinity for sucking dick

No. 983122

You sound like a chaser.

No. 983125

>Observe and evaluate any woman at all documented on this site outside of "she's fat"
>You're a chaser/scrote/moid

No. 983142

Oh absolutely. Most enbies I know are power tripping bullies who wield their gender identity and special pronouns like a warhammer. There’s one who changes her name every other month and whenever someone forgets or mispronounces her newest name she tries to turn their entire social circle against them. Another makes zero attempt to pass or look androgynous in any way yet tries to ruin anyone who calls her “she”. Both have started nazi rumours about various people. They almost exclusively pick on other women, too.

No. 983183

I enjoyed these posts a little too much. I've always found autists like them can't dominate a situation through conventional means eg. Personality, looks, intelligence so they use their backwards idenity politics rehtoric in order to feel powerful in practically all situations.

No. 983189

We all know a boomer lady who accomplishes the ideal "non binary" look effortlessly… and pronouns have nothing to do it it!

No. 983192

>>actually I'm they/them it's okay I know your trying uwu

No. 983271

anons, what is your opinion on @kaiisyourhomie at tiktok? she was a cute girl, I mean wtf with all those fakeboys calling themselves kai?(imageboard)

No. 983280

I feel like my friend uses it for that exact reason, in her personal circle she's fine with 'presenting' as a woman people using her birth name etc. but online its this whole other bullshit because she wants to be oppressed really badly

No. 983281



>brings up rando with no screenshots
>”lol what’s your opinion my fellow anons???”

an attempt at disguising a self-post was made i guess? i’m not downloading that cancerous app to check her shit but i will say any fakeboi, especially one who desperately seeks validation from random anonymous people, is pathetic.

milk or gtfo & learn 2 integrate, blah blah blah

No. 983282

File: 1591293840177.jpeg (8.04 KB, 300x168, images.jpeg)

No. 984094

File: 1591465899625.png (729.03 KB, 931x521, mm.png)

Just took a look at her instagram and ended up seeing this. Pretty much what anon said there >>979307.

No. 984133

I think transmen are just as predatory as transwomen are.
No matter how much they pretend to be men them being biologically female has saved them from being labeled creeps and perverts.
I mean just look at how they are towards gay men and women.

No. 984139

I've had that happen to me, she identified as "genderfluid". I told her she's never tried to be masculine and she turned all our friends against me by sending them screenshots. Shouldn't have poked the bear but honestly i'm in a better place.

No. 984140

Just some transmen that I meet in real life, thought this might be the place to share it

-One used to catfish women and men online by pretending to be a cis man, called every women a bitch for no reason,was extremely sexist,was a fujo and said she was a real transman because she was ''handsome'' and skinny.

-The second was 40 year old,was a lazy neet and didn't want to work and would list their health issues as a reason why they cant work. Oh yeah and their preferred age was teen…and they found women her age to be too ''old''. Also was a big obssesive fan of millie bobby brown..

No. 984141

File: 1591476567029.jpg (19.79 KB, 465x149, theand.jpg)

I just found out today about a friend of someone I know, it's kinda funny that she haven't updated her other social medias so you can see the chronology. I give her 6 month until she goes by they/he. She's also in relationship with a they/them (female ofc, she's lesbian) , their friends circle is full of that supporting shit so that explains why.

No. 984149

It's funny that fakebois are constantly harassing women in fandom spaces because some teen girl's fujo drawings and fanfics are "f-fetishizing the poor widdle gay men" when being an Aidan is the epitome of fetishization of gay men. The guilty dog sure barks first.
I still think MTFs are more predatory but FTMs certainly aren't all innocent babies. What annoys me is how they can't stand being called girls but still refuse to get out of female-dominated spaces. I know a fakeboi who happily attends a Seven Sisters school. I truly do not understand these people.

No. 984171

I definitely think there’s a sub-section of females with aggressive predatory sexualities that are so conditioned by leftist thought that they believe it must make them literally male. Which isn’t helped by taking testosterone, the hormone known to spike sex drive and aggression…

No. 984357

You're better off unfriending them, lots of my "friends" went tranny or gave themselves oppression points for the sake of it. One of them even changed their pronouns to they/them to get a job at lush. Anons, we can do better when it comes to picking friends lol.

No. 984363

Not just predatory towards men and women, but there is a revolting amount of trans men pedophiles/pedophile apologists and “No-MAP”s that rivals the mtfs. A furry avatar almost guarantees a pedo tendencies.

No. 984573

>I mean just look at how they are towards gay men and women.
Women, yes, gay men not so much. I've only seen a handful of delusional Aydens bitch about not getting cis cock and they're always shot down immediately by gay chads. Even their sycophants refuse to defend them because they know that unlike men women will double down under social pressure. Most fakebois are extremely hostile towards women because they project their own internalized misogyny and jealousy into them, i.e. envying how they can be comfortable with their birth sex and still enjoy things they felt immense shame for as a woman.

As an interesting observation, I've never seen a trans man whine about straight women refusing to fuck her. Ever. For some reason they're not seeking validation from fellow women and instead want to distance themselves as much as possible from them, whereas gay MTFs are desperate to lick the hetero male boots to be accepted. Based on my experience what they consider validation is acceptation from either their parents or people they use as stand-ins for their parents or relatives. What a bizarre setting.

No. 985059

File: 1591679759145.jpg (98.25 KB, 1212x720, 5gsnchc2xe131.jpg)

i don’t understand these type of comics at all. why can’t they just answer the ‘are you male or female question’??

>also Soy Uke so its clear a woman made this

No. 985060

>So ~quirky~ uwu

No. 985063

enbeez fantasize about getting to say this stuff to someone, but it'll only ever happen in their comics. nobody's ever confused about a genderspecial moron's actual biological sex. except for maybe small children, who distinguish gender by stereotypical cues in appearance like hair and clothes. funny how that works.

No. 985066

File: 1591681915976.png (1.99 MB, 800x1130, 1590552919187.png)

This thread seems more like a general discussion thread than supplying milk on individuals at this point. Just how many shit memes are we going to have to look at?
Can we get some actual cows/flakes in thread? Maybe Multii would be a good subject to get things started. Someone posted them in the deathfat thread.

No. 985070


This is so hard to look at. I literally said "holy shit" out loud when the image loaded.

Her double mastectomy turning into moobs is so funny oh my god, imagine butchering yourself only to nullify that because you went full bodypos and can't put the fork down

No. 985074

>taking the time to pick all the posts
Why did you bother? I mean what brand of autism is this? And it's the "general fakeboi thread", of course the discourse it's surrounded by will be mentioned. It's pretty hard to talk about this brand of tranny without addressing the blatant misogyny, self-hate and other repetitive patterns they all exhibit.

No. 985110

File: 1591697807344.png (Spoiler Image, 684.81 KB, 809x594, 1590585341321.png)

It hardly took a minute to click down the thread since there were so many. Seems more like a thread for OT for general discussion than snow which is for actual cows is the point. It ain't milk.

The butchered moobs are maybe the worst part. Maybe. kek

No. 985115

>changed their pronouns to they/them to get a job at lush.
I snorted

No. 985119

Well can you blame people for using this thread for discussion? The gendercrit thread was removed from ot so people will do it here instead.

No. 985122

File: 1591702515400.jpg (136.6 KB, 1015x754, 1590502848311.jpg)

>The gendercrit thread was removed from ot so people will do it here instead.
Didn't know this, my bad. It's just weird seeing so much ongoing discussion in snow over flowing milk, but if mods aren't allowing discussion in OT it makes sense it bled over into this thread. Hopefully a farmhand will do something about it at some point.

Here, have another multii pic in the meantime. kek

No. 985127

What's the back story of this woman? When did she get her top surgery?

No. 985129

File: 1591705504500.png (751.44 KB, 927x591, topsurgery.png)

Don't know the backstory, seems like a weeb who was into yaoi and that morphed into loving fetishizing "bears" and her turning into this. Top surgery was around May 2017, but definitely on T before then if those sideburns are any sign. IG is https://www.instagram.com/multii/

No. 985132

She was cute. Crazy in the eyes, would not interact, but cute.

Fakeboi, not even once.

No. 985146

File: 1591711369899.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 673.15 KB, 750x1006, 2DFE9B08-D5A8-4E01-8662-A5E7D1…)

here’s aschers latest horror pic, posted “for free” on twitter. i have never seen a white person with a black pussy before but here we are

No. 985147

File: 1591712094508.jpeg (900.31 KB, 1242x1737, 2F6FBDED-F73F-4299-BCC9-27C7B4…)


More over at Infinifat thread.
From >>979840 who know Multii IRL.

No. 985159

>since you're a boy now, play with the blue car

And this is exactly why we wont progress because of mentally ill trans people

No. 985169

File: 1591716864325.gif (482.4 KB, 400x300, 6932e61a38c81ad39c44fbe1bfd3d3…)


Those T-induced enlarged clits makes my stomach turn every time.


Go back far enough in her insta and you'll find the usual cringe shit. Homestuck cosplays, Cheshire Cat cosplays, scene-kid bullshit, service dog lanyards, etc. It only makes sense that she would latch onto something that validates her autism: she's not like other girls, so that means she ISN'T a girl.

Tbh, she used to look like someone who would film themselves screeching with their friends while cosplaying at a Walmart. Now she looks like Fat Bastard.

No. 985193

Holy fuck Twitter is a shit hole. That literally looks like if the giant spider from lotr and the eye of sauron had a baby and that baby was on T.

No. 985230

This made me sad and angry at the same time… How can someone mess them selves up this much in just 5 years? Almost kind of incredible, but not in a good way.
WHY did I click that?! I like I need to go wash my eye balls now. Did manage to look at it just long enough to notice the dirty hands. Who the fuck doesn't wash their hands before taking porn photo's that are meant for sale? Ew! How lazy and gross can you get?

No. 985231

(Whoops, meant to reference the Ascher pic in the last part of my post)

No. 985236

File: 1591726966554.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 434.63 KB, 2048x2048, 2D31DB60-FF61-428A-A37D-E9EFDF…)

the coochie was black before testosterone.
>that clit
>calls it a dick

No. 985243

this is the most disgusting photo i've seen in awhile. Looks like a hairy female troll

No. 985246

jfc, what am i looking at? This body makes no sense for so many reasons. We need to stop saying it's okay for people to take hormones and butcher themselves because this is a mess. I still see breasts.

No. 985273

for someone claiming we must educate the poor masses on how hormones ruin you, you certainly know very little considering it’s obvious that tits don’t disappear by themselves and that’s why trans men (and 45-55% of fakebois) get top surgery. that’s why the tits are still there, ding dong - the rest has happened because of T. you could’ve just said it looks weird or gross - which it does! - instead of acting like the fucking aristotle of anti-transitioning

No. 985277

I think anon was just saying that they see the dissonance between a "dick" (i.e. an engorged clit), seemingly male body features vs breasts, therefore, to them it (rightly) doesn't make sense - pretty sure most people know that boobs dont shrivel and fall off like a dying leaf.

No. 985451

Fakebois getting mad over situations they made up in their head #128391

I know it's a center of a lot of trans rights memes but I'm very skeptical about random people approaching troons on a daily basis to ask you what is in their pants. Curious "what are you"s from the brave or children probably, but the average person isn't going to walk up to you and ask, let alone in such a vulgar way.

No. 985560


Tumblr ruined an entire generation of teens. Specifically gnc lgbs.
The fact this has almost 30 minutes of content is terrifying.

No. 985566

Good thing that half of them will envetually grow out of it.

No. 985598

File: 1591804085314.jpg (45.99 KB, 368x677, oof.JPG)

late on that as well but them being panicked over that lol (she/her in bio to pretend to be a cissie)**saged

No. 985608

File: 1591805018563.png (4.01 MB, 2048x2048, wowitotallythoughtyouwerecis.p…)

The way Kalvin poses in pictures is so fucking funny to me. It's so obvious he's biting his cheeks to look sexy but he just ends up looking constipated. I can't believe teen girls are calling his bloated bird looking ass daddy

No. 985610

File: 1591805053997.png (1.42 MB, 1080x1774, sure jan.png)

No. 985618

Looking like a depressed 40 year old lesbian in all of these

Just caught up with Kalvins 'my mental health is spiraling' vid and she's questioning the dysphoria of other ftms who opt for a slightly different type of phalloplasty to what their first choice would be.. so even people who get 'the surgery' aren't trans enough compared to Kalvin! The ultimate tran. I mean does she ever stop comparing herself to everyone else?

No. 985635


Kalvin should worry about being on the same trajectory as Onision there. The teen stans will turn into people paying money to look at his puckered asshole.

No. 985674

If I didn’t know this was Kalvin I would think this was some teenage boy posting selfies on Lookism

No. 985803

A couple years ago, I was very impressed by Kalvin’s transition and though he looked really good. But after top surgery, especially these past several months, he started to look more like a woman again. And it feels like he is aware this.
(Yes, kill me over the pronouns.)

>other ftms who opt for a slightly different type of phalloplasty to what their first choice would be.

Slightly different? There’s a trend of both ftms and mtfs wanting “futanari specials”, keeping their penis or vagina but adding on an extra frankenweenie/frankenvag so they look like a hentai hermaphrodite. I don’t blame old school transsexuals for being horrified, even though regular SRS is already a nightmare.

No. 985838

File: 1591845100615.jpg (78.41 KB, 1080x729, FB_IMG_1591808320215.jpg)

How far will fakebois go to justify their existence? Not that the alternative is any better

No. 985850

File: 1591848459934.jpeg (317.43 KB, 2048x1538, EZvvmmmXYAEGCqN.jpeg)

She's supposedly been on t for a year

No. 985852


I honestly can't tell if the glasses and freckles are a filter or not.

No. 985924

This is like parody art making fun of these people. Jesus.

> There’s a trend of both ftms and mtfs wanting “futanari specials”, keeping their penis or vagina but adding on an extra frankenweenie/frankenvag so they look like a hentai hermaphrodite
I have never heard of this and really wonder what kind of magic tricks they think surgeons are capable of. I doubt it's even possible in most cases to be honest. Especially with MTF surgery you can't just slit their taint open and abracadabra put a vagina there, they need the inverted penile tissue to construct the canal. That's the reason why Jazz Jennings had huge complications with his frankengina as he had been on horse pills since adolescence and had a micropenis of a 8-year old. But I guess it could be somewhat more plausible to just add a dick on top of a vagina but I don't know, I'm not a fucking butcher by profession.

No. 985933

File: 1591872410255.jpg (164.41 KB, 605x1046, 01.JPG)

She was also the C.O comic artist I posted last thread, as if she doesn't want to go the "full way" anymore and slowly changes her mind about transition (but still not-a-girl)

No. 985950

File: 1591878371690.jpg (378.16 KB, 960x707, 1_C.jpg)

My very soul cringes each time an unpassable fakeboi states something like this…

No. 986027

No, it’s happening more for both sexes and advertised as Gender Nonconforming surgery, sometimes called non binary surgery. For mtf, it is called Penile Preservation Vaginoplasty. For ftm, it’s called Vaginal Preservation with metoidioplasty/phalloplasty. Clinics that offer these “custom” procedures also perform things like full nullification and nipple removal. So many more SRS doctors are doing whatever the patients demand.

No. 986155

File: 1591910767919.jpg (246.72 KB, 1536x1536, 30167238_10215907858907391_154…)

This girl just all around unfortunate

No. 986166

looks like lainey

No. 986179

christ anon, i went down the rabbit hole and i'm going to have nightmares for a long time, thanks.

one of the proposed benefits of the penile preservation vaginoplasty is "self-lubricating lining with some elasticity". lubricating with what exactly, ass sweat?

No. 986260

I’m a butch woman, that used male pronouns for a bit (I was young), and I did get asked, usually at bars or parties, if I had a dick, and a few people even groped me. I think the people that do this are either fucked up on something or super autistic, but given the anime convention crowd most fakebois hang out in, i wouldn’t say it doesn’t happen.

No. 986262

The vaginal preservation surgery for ftms is sometimes preferred for health reasons. It’s usually too scarred up with scar tissue to be penetrated, so it’s just there for peeing and uterus shit if someone can’t get a hysterectomy. Kalvin don’t care about your health though. If you don’t present like him, you’re fake!

No. 986342

File: 1591937660768.jpg (251.5 KB, 1200x1200, 0002776985_10.jpg)

of course, anon! this is peak masculinity. who wouldn't wanna be dear kayleigh? the ideal man!

for real though that's disgustingly interesting about the vaginal preservation surgery. just gonna hide some shit in my weird hole inside the center of my balls (of, which, the pee IS stored, achtually)

No. 986406

File: 1591957670288.png (433.04 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_20200611-163659.png)

I swear all fat Butch girls under 35 are he/theys. Another FB fake boi

No. 986422

I love how Kalvin is so concerned with criticising the bottom surgery of other trans people when.. at least they committed to surgery and are ahead of her in their transition. She barely passes after all this time on T and is living with a plain old vag, according to her she showers in the dark cos she hates it that much. Like concentrate on your own transition.. cos it ain't going so well.

'People in glass houses'

No. 986432

Polite, heterosexual or human, by the look of it. Horrifying.

No. 986451

Saw two girls on the street today dressed in tacky decora fashion, one of them had stubble and her voice had broken, but she was so obviously female given her other features, and her friend had drawn on herself a neon blue hipster mustache. It was in the japanese neighborhood of my city, coming across weebs and assorted weirdos is not uncommon, but seeing fakebois in the wild was quite the experience.

Sage for no real milk.

No. 986455

She might not be polite but I'm sure deep down she realizes that she's heterosexual and hates it like so many fakebois

No. 986468

>neon blue hipster mustache
what is it with fakebois and neon mustaches? a fakeboi i used to go to college with likes to dye her facial hair neon green.

No. 986497

Would it by chance be Little Tokyo in Los Angeles? Because that’s where I see ‘em all the time. Sage for no contribute

No. 986529

No, I live in Paris, it was actually the first time I saw fakebois in the street outside of anime cons, I'm so sad that the virus is spreading worldwide.

No. 986580

I live in a small french city and there's a bunch of fakebois here too. France has been infected with fakebois for quite a while now.

No. 986591

No. 986641

Anyone know who this is? I'm interested in seeing more of this trainwreck.

No. 986653

What’s the @? The person looks like someone I know

No. 986698

File: 1592024378954.jpg (Spoiler Image, 56.27 KB, 1080x1350, rybapolikarpovna.jpg)

No. 986699

a spoiler was not enough warning for this, wtf

Who is this?

No. 986703

File: 1592026832398.jpg (54.32 KB, 663x593, rybapolikarpovna .jpg)

Some crazy person from russia, who always uses he/him pronouns.

No. 986712

What the hell is that huge lump on her chest

No. 986719

god the most extreme fucked up ones are always slavic, aren't they?

No. 986726

>long hair, makeup, dress= girl
>short hair, bare face, suit/pants=boy

But muh gender roles r bad

No. 986727

Seems like ribcage from being underweight and likely a very botched mastectomy?

No. 986730

I guess they congregate more in universities given their age, and I've graduated years ago so I haven't seen them blow up. I also think there is more of them in smaller cities with a high student population like Nantes or Rennes.

No. 986731

Is…is that a bone? A very very skinny breast? One mammary gland but it's fibrous tissue? How do you wear clothes?

I'm hurting. This hurts.

No. 986743

How can anyone support this shit?!

No. 986744

Binders can damaged the rib which is why it looks like that.

No. 986763

Damn, you sure its from binding?

No. 986805


binding can warp ribs, especially if you wear one too small for your size and during puberty while your bones are supposed to develop and grow. its like putting a band around a growing tree.

No. 986847

Sage for no milk, but that's def not from just wearing a binder! It also seems to sit too low to be left over tissue from top surgery. I'm looking and looking, but I have no clue what it actually is… Some weird form of body-mod, like an implant? Or just a deformity of some sort from birth? I dunno, I'm confused.

No. 986875

It's kind of weird how this isn't considered gay propaganda in russia? People get jailed for kissing a same sex person, but she's out there mutilating herself and calling herself a boy, how hasn't the russian popo thrown her in an asylum or jail with political activists yet? What a hell of a life she must have

No. 986876

It definitely is. I’ve seen it before. It happens to underweight kids who don’t take the binder off. A lot of people sleep in their binder which can also do this to you. If you can’t figure out what it is then you should accept what the people who do know say.

No. 986878

It’s seen as better to “conform” to opposite sex attraction then it is to be gay in some countries. If it thinks it’s a gay boy that’s something else entirely kek

No. 986896

it looks really shooped, like the trans emo version of pro-ana girls that deliberately make themselves look like skeletons.

No. 986946

who is this?

No. 987015

ascher lucas, the fakeboi cosplayer that torpedoed her fanbase with her awful nudes

No. 987046

File: 1592094687914.jpg (30.99 KB, 720x728, 101082567_10220457863091112_66…)

>>"some people don't fit the gender binary"
>>Has lipstick, eyeliner, long hair, and in general conforms to female stereotypes

No. 987070

More like behind the balls. Can’t imagine how weird daily functions were after that.

No. 987076

File: 1592101058780.png (303.84 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_20200613-221201.png)

This is from her FB. Of course she likes Assigned Male.

No. 987079

File: 1592101452982.png (114.97 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_20200613-221908.png)


No. 987082

Why do they all make that weird expression? even tumblr drawings have that mouth.

No. 987085

tr00ns are trash. Always.

Maybe they should take their shitty flag and leave the LGB community alone.

No. 987093

It boggles my mind how “cis gay” is even a thing…

No. 987098

Girls like this just have a vendetta against gay men for refusing to sleep with them, and good on the evil cis gays for standing firm on it. Seems like lesbians are always getting bullied into having sex with MTF men by predators like Riley Dennis but gay dudes are just like “lol sorry I’m GAY I don’t like pussy!” Kings, tbh.

No. 987107

File: 1592106789798.png (257.97 KB, 566x399, caption.PNG)


I don't get how so many people liked this, it feels wrong how she tries to make her scar cute

No. 987113

File: 1592108138622.png (179.84 KB, 847x272, Screen Shot 2020-06-14 at 05.1…)


on facebook

No. 987115


The fakeboi version of the AGP smirk

No. 987121

Wrong how?

No. 987158

File: 1592117600188.jpg (22.42 KB, 302x446, 1588436979534.jpg)

you talking about this smirk

No. 987174

it's all the same tbh

No. 987182

I understand the whole trying to feel better about your scars shit but… it is kind of weird to see that.

No. 987208

>with the NHS stealing our flag

Goddammit, nothing pisses me off more then tranners complaining about the rainbow being used as a positive symbol in Covid times! They just need to be "oppressed" and victimized so bad they gotta pretend their flag was "stolen"… The friggin' brain gymnastics! I'm lesbian, and I don't give a shit! We don't own the rainbow or it's colors, only the rainbow FLAG is the property of the LGBT (kinda). And the rainbows painted everywhere along with "it gets better" are such a colorful and positive thing, how can anyone complain about that? F*cking assholes! Phu, rant over. Sorry, but this stuff just drives me up the fucking wall, this makes everyone of us look like idiotic entitled bitches…

No. 987211

File: 1592138126995.jpg (8.85 KB, 162x26, 45.JPG)

Of course she wouldn't dare to refer herself as "girl" (sorta nb using male pronouns)

No. 987250

yeah out of all troons the russian genderpeople i have met have seemed to be most genuinely mentally ill

No. 987255

I do wonder why it's always the slavic ones that are usually the most fucked up. Anyone got a simple explanation ?

No. 987257

Growing up in Russia is like that

No. 987258

Still doesn't explain much.

No. 987259

Slavic is not an ethnic group, it's a name for the language group. Use Eastern European instead. Also I think you are looking too deep into it anon, the anglosphere fakebois are equally as fucked, if not worse.

No. 987261

t. Triggered slavchan

No. 987262

File: 1592149112005.png (327.37 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_20200614-105010.png)

of course she calls herself a cryptid

No. 987265

Okay so no explanation was given lol.

No. 987266


No. 987267

Nah, russian anorexics are always super extremely emaciated too. as well, some of the most intense self harmers I've seen online have been russian. I assumed that there's no system for sectioning people, and they only seek recovery if they choose it themselves, so they just don't. But I don't actually know what the situation is.

No. 987268

Do they even have food over there?

No. 987269

I mean, Russia seriously lacks mental health services and it's generally a hellhole unless you're rich and live in a nice city, so no surprise there. Kinda sad tbh.

No. 987273

Are you too retarded to do your own research and want everyone to spoon feed you, anon?

In Russia specifically, there's hardly any support for mental illnesses, psychiatric medication is still somewhat looked down on, boomer "get over it" mentality is still a thing, everyone is poor as fuck, cops are pretty much useless and easily bribed so crime goes unreported, high amounts of domestic abuse, etc.

Like >>987259 said, it's not that deep. Eastern Europe is just poor and has not caught up to the West in a lot of ways.

No. 987308

File: 1592157036150.jpg (161.65 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_20200614-134644_Chr…)

Lex King popped up again, of course she's whining about Harry Potter because JK dared to say biological sex exists and women are oppressed because of it. She's also posted a lot of ACAB/BLM shit. Is police brutality even really an issue in Australia?

No. 987317

yes, and disproportionately affects Aboriginal folks.

No. 987370

i'm >>987250 and i'm not even from english speaking country so i compare the russian trans people to my own country's trans people

though anglosphere fakeboys usually seem more crazy than fakeboys from my country. swedish genderpeople are rather crazy too but rank lower in craziness than the russians or usa/canada/uk/australia english sphere people.

No. 987553

File: 1592199570749.png (647.08 KB, 750x679, VQcws2W.png)

No. 987564

>2012 hipsters are now 2020 fakebois
Being a fakeboi really is just a trendy subculture huh

No. 987761

File: 1592245512574.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 730.76 KB, 1591x3464, 037E6F47-F07A-41DD-A769-7C759F…)

Someone i follow posted the black tweet n i knew it had to be a fakeboi. Besides posting only het porn (except for yaoi ofc) this one truly deserves the award for ugliest nudes, didnt see any milk besides that tho


No. 987812

File: 1592253717133.jpeg (954.57 KB, 3464x3464, 0E150A67-9A3F-4848-AFAB-AA6A44…)

Fakeboi “ifer” (Amelia) rourke/metamorphosism on tiktok, ifersect on Instagram, softboned on twitter constantly bitches about her sister and hasn’t even been diagnosed with muh autism but brings it up at every opportunity just as an excuse to bully her 13 y/o sister (name blurred in second pic). It’s sad because as you can see in the second picture Amelia ignores her sister and treats her poorly just to get on twitter and moan when her sister probably just looks up to her.

No. 987814

TiFs and TiMs are truly one of the most grotesque-looking, yet somehow narcissistic, species of human. Fascinating!

No. 987994

The thing I dislike about Amelia is that she gets away with whatever the fuck dumb shit she does/says with little to no pushback because shes one of the more stereotypically attractive fakebois (if you can even label her as that because shes obviously female and the only people that pretend to not notice is her hugbox fanbase). Also what's with fakebois and claiming to have autism?

No. 987998

A lot of them do actually have autism - women with autism are disproportionately diagnosed with gender dysphoria due to not fitting in as autistic women, especially since autism is a """male disorder""". As much as they like to make up crazy shit, I do genuinely think a lot of them ARE autistic, especially with how many of TiF autistics troon out

No. 988030

She’s 16 anon, of course she’s an asshole. Being a stupid kid isn’t milk. Ascher’s pimply ass on onlyfans has more milk from the puss.

No. 988050

why does yungcynical have a thread, then

No. 988066

Such a flat ass on such a massive creature is freaking me out. She must sit in her computer chair/wheelchair all day long.

No. 988098

Amelia WAS gorgeous until she discovered the fake trans side of tiktok and let being a troon and mental illness become her entire personality. What shocks me is how normal she was just a few months ago and never once mentioned gender or mental illness until all of a sudden she became this mess.

No. 988127

>I’m a man now

Y'know she says that but she still very much looks like a butch lesbian. Also at least the mustache trend wasn’t dangerous and irreversible.

No. 988158

A lot of transgender individuals are diagnosed w/ autism and a lot of autistic people tend to have difficulty defining their genders and sexuality within the binary. Not sure why this is though

No. 988191

I guess the issue is moreso that Amelia claims to have autism without having a diagnosis, which makes her come across as a fakeboi munchie

No. 988212

personally I think the reason a lot of fakebois are autistic is less because they're genuinely and more because the kind of person who fakes being trans for attention is the kinda person who fakes autism for the same reason

No. 988254

File: 1592342420252.jpeg (1.58 MB, 3464x3464, F58EA62F-B1E7-4AC0-805A-325A6C…)


>Calls herself trans-non-binary and pretty boy.

>Sells nudes as female presenting
>boyfriend has old pictures of her, seems to be in denial about her being a “boy”
>Taking testosterone but still takes nudes, no dysphoria is shown
>Bad photoshopping
>Sexualizes underage characters

No. 988288

Her boyfriend will end up dumping her after the testosterone has done too much damage.

No. 988289

Both types exist among ftms but you're usually able to tell which is which

No. 988338

Because her friends suck

No. 988508

Does any one have anything on moodyshark?

No. 988662

File: 1592439465228.jpeg (514.39 KB, 1242x1244, 423570C5-EACD-45B2-BB1F-379636…)

This was a post about maned lionesses on instagram. I hate when genderbrains project onto animals, also how regressive it is when they decide anyone or anything that skirts outside of the stereotypical parameters of one sex must not be that sex at all.

No. 988687

File: 1592441403705.png (1.2 MB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20200616-074140.png)

found this fakeboi while scrolling along my timeline and had a lol @ all the other fakebois with the typical fakeboi names fawning over them, along with a few posts on their TL and "crossplay" as Nezuko.

No. 988688

File: 1592441438774.png (529.16 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20200616-075815.png)

No. 988689

File: 1592441548570.png (523 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20200616-075824.png)

No. 988693

File: 1592441771783.png (976.29 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20200616-073952.png)

lol at having to emphasize BOY

No. 988695

File: 1592441961733.png (2.12 MB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20200616-075002.png)

the cosplay isn't bad but the "UWU CROSSPLAY" ruins it.

No. 988758


wait til they find out female hyenas have clit-dicks

No. 988809

File: 1592462809651.jpg (1.68 MB, 3264x3241, BeFunky-collage (1).jpg)

the fakeboi i follow got mad cause people are starting to copy or use the name they come up with.

their full name is Perseus but prefers to be called as percy.

No. 988819

Are they not all just naming themselves after Percy Jackson or whatever? So narcissistic

No. 988822

Yup this is a full on rip off of Percy Jackson. That was a good series, why did fakebois have to crowd around and ruin it?

No. 988851

File: 1592478666438.jpeg (115.78 KB, 828x390, 920D5708-47C1-4237-8B83-99857E…)

Look forward to Amelia using it/its pronouns and bitching at anyone that disagrees with using them

No. 988852

File: 1592478715466.jpg (8.05 KB, 197x256, percy.jpg)

Lmao, are you sure, because this Percy fits infinitely better.

No. 988871

Percy is such an arbitrary name? Why cry about people using a NORMAL male name? Just wait til they find out there were people called percy before them!
As for 'perseus' it's just so obvious its from percy jackson, of course fakebois are gonna choose names from some book series

No. 988884

File: 1592487997597.jpg (1.65 MB, 3264x1657, BeFunky-collage.jpg)

their fakeboi boyfriend.

perseus, or percy, only donated £10

No. 988886


So glad the animal Kingdom is Woke Af

No. 988900

samefag. but they used to have a ko-fi account and was selling cosplay pictures but all of these information or links disappeared from the profile a few weeks or months, maybe, before the announcement of the gofundme page.

No. 988952

Isn't top surgery free on the nhs?

No. 988965

File: 1592498630280.png (10.91 KB, 596x87, 1_C.png)

lmao, called it!

No. 988971

There is a waiting list and these poor bois would DIE uwu if the had to wait too long

No. 988974

The NHS is pretty inefficient with gender care, including therapy. I don’t think they should be able to “get surgery faster,” but the years-long waiting lists to even see a therapist probably pushes young girls to take action on their own without the professional guidance they need.

No. 988980


She-Ra was okay, but I grind my teeth every time someone starts recommending a show or movie or literally anything by saying 'there's a gay character in it!' Like damn, okay, but is it actually good?

No. 988982

Yes, therapy should be the first step and it should be streamlined, not HRT or surgery. There should be a blanket ban on surgery without proper therapy first, Imo. I mean I would like for all these girls to stop mutilating themselves, but since that won't happen at least they should have proper support.

No. 988984

I'm thoroughly convinced that fakeboism is just a massive cope with discovering their sexuality but not wanting to be labelled as a slut.

No. 988992

As much as I am against sex work, being an e-thot is a better and healthier option.

No. 989001

I follow alot of detrans accounts on youtube and the theme that comes up time and time again is that there's sexual abuse in their childhood

No. 989231

File: 1592521908833.jpeg (574.22 KB, 1204x1763, 4A49A491-4092-4CF7-B44B-375D9D…)

Holy shit T has not done Deb/Emiyannn any favors

No. 989266

Fishing for compliments lmao she knows she's looking haggard

No. 989289

Wouldn't they have to be British? I haven't heard about "free double masectomies" in the least.

No. 989307

the person on the collage picture of the gofundme top surgery is from wales.

No. 989332

The only reason she passes to me is because she looks like the MtF asian trannies that insist on uwu pink hair and awful makeup

No. 989439

I don't know her exact age but I'd give her 35+. Idk why she's insecure about it, it's not like being "male" will give her eternal youth. This is sad kind of person over 30 are still obsessed to look like an "uke", as someone said transitioning won't turn you into the perfection of the opposite sex.

No. 989476

File: 1592577388097.jpeg (406.8 KB, 828x978, 024CD6D6-CC82-449A-B07D-83D1AA…)

this fakeboi and a bunch more of other fakebois crying about being deadnamed and calling everyone transphobic like you know EVERYONE can see y’all are female right

No. 989514

Holy mother of cringy over-the-top names!

No. 989528

it reads "sphincter" to me pmuch

No. 989530

I think she passes, which means she is a really ugly woman

No. 989536

read this name out loud and the furniture in my house started floating

No. 989558

File: 1592587888086.png (321.9 KB, 948x1561, e269cd5ef3809054f703e4c5f0434f…)

I bet if you go back far enough on her Tumblr you'll find fanart like this.

No. 989573

in a lot if not most of the countries with trans inclusive healthcare (specifically speaking for the US in this example) require at least a signature from a psychiatrist before being able to start anything related to medical transitioning, even T. In most states (except CA), it's even longer, typically at least a year to two years for HRT and 1.5-3 years for top surgery (unsure of bottom surgery, haven't seen those numbers). Surgery also typically requires at least a signed note from either a doctor or psychiatrist (usually both) that have been seen for over 6+ months.

in order for someone to start a medical transition, they almost always have to go through therapy first. and likely during treatment as well. not sure how these processes work in the NHS, especially considering the extended wait due to wait lists, but I'm sure that the long wait is also a deterrent against anyone who might be a fakeboi and needs time to realize.

No. 989584

No. 989603

File: 1592593776236.jpg (181.76 KB, 1144x624, 01.JPG)

God help us from The Smirk™

No. 989604

File: 1592593800913.jpg (121.6 KB, 723x470, 04.JPG)

No. 989633

in relation to the NHS, it takes an incredibly long time if you don't have the funds to go private and have to sit on a waiting list instead. it can take over a year and longer, i think? i think it definitely also depends on where you're located and stuff like that though. tbh the general rule for the NHS is that seeing a doctor for anything takes a total fucking age lmao

No. 989634

samefagging sorry but why this bitch got the luna slater crusty ass lips and lashes combo

No. 989664

It's the eyes area that's giving me a higher age estimate.
The skin is kind of an area of internal debate for me. I'm not in my 30s and I see my pores and acne scars; meanwhile everyone on social media seems to have pristine skin. Either the camera either doesn't pick up the fine details or just filters out.

No. 989668


I wonder if the waiting list has been long enough for many people to change their mind about the whole transition thing before their tits are removed.

No. 989810

Potentially, but I worry the wait list for therapy pushes them into yes-men reassurance on the internet. When I was in my fakeboi phase (US), I went to therapy immediately, and while the therapist was very affirming, the self examination that we went through helped me to realize that I should wait before making permanent changes and talk about my self perception in therapy more. If I just had tumblr and money, I’d have gone all in.

No. 989878

File: 1592622578266.jpeg (1.72 MB, 3464x3464, C6EF4496-B56A-41CB-AFDA-DDE448…)

Worst transtrender goes to Riss Ingersoll Or @A_smile_and_a_song

>Calls themselves a Femboy

>Shows armpit hair with every female cosplay
>Shows binder with every male cosplay
>Wants to be feminine presenting but to be considered a guy
>Thinks every character is trans
>Magical boy/girl
>Is Aro/Ace but sexualizes Lió
>Was “non-binary” then changed into “Trans”
>Thinks they’re uwu soft boy
>Wants top surgery but not T
>Has small chest that has no need for top surgery or binder
>Goes by birth name and she/her pronouns at current job, works for DisneyWorld
>There is a whole page dedicated to them because they’re a really shitty person.


Hate account

No. 989955


The waiting also leads to most trans women (not sure if it's as common with trans men) to buy their hormones on the internet and take them without medical supervision which. is super dangerous because of how oestrogen can fuck your blood pressure up.

No. 990218

definitely not as common with trans men from what i've seen. overall, FTMs (real or fake) have an easier time in england doing whatever they choose when it comes to transitioning or getting operations, but it's much harder to 'prove' stuff to therapists and it takes a lot longer for trans women (unless they go private, obviously).

in part, i think that's cos it's easier for some skinny white androgynous looking person to go by 'andy' or something versus a non-passing trans woman to go by 'amelia', which means it's easier for trans men to pass the tests their therapists give them that will get them on their way to HRT, such as going by a different name and presenting appropriately.

i don't think that type of thing is as prevalent in england, even despite how long the waiting lists are. i think it's different here because it's the NHS that people are waiting for - if they're desperate enough to wait that long, it usually means they can't access private healthcare to help them transition bc of stuff like funding or location. idk, it's hard to explain, but i just don't know if it's 100% comparable to how it is with american fakebois or even real trans men, but i could be wrong!

No. 991420

File: 1592832067514.jpg (42.03 KB, 960x960, 74664635_10206897013940347_137…)

I'm not sure if this they/them is an unfortunate looking girl on t or an AGP

No. 991426

File: 1592832700485.jpg (162.95 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_20200622-092925_Chr…)

Spotted this girl on FB whining about people not using gender neutral language when talking about pregnancy/abortion and feminine hygiene products. Who wants to bet she reads tons of mpreg fanfiction?

No. 991438

>things that only affect women and women are still struggling to keep abortion rights legal right now

I honestly hate these stupid bitches

No. 991534

Yeah going "BUT WHAT ABOUT THE TRANSSSS NOT EVERYONE WHO GETS PREGNANT IS A WOMAN!!" is honestly some All Lives Matter bullshit. Not to mention most legit trans men I've seen don't want to be reminded of things like pregnancy since it makes them dysphoric.

No. 991535

That's why I developed sympathy to terf/radfem, the fucking audacity.

No. 991559


they are still autists who shouldn't have unfiltered internet access

No. 991762

File: 1592856081321.jpeg (247.22 KB, 750x1286, 10AE2DF3-0C45-464A-B60D-1DCAF7…)


UWU I’m Trans but wants to be feminine presenting and still be considered a guy.

>Their “transl” icon is Fish Eye from Sailor Moon

>Their assigned gender is female
>wants to be feminine presenting but still be considered a guy
>That’s just being a cis girl
>Has no dysphoria
>calls themselves a “soft boy” or “magical boy”

No. 991766

'sailor moon says 'the trump administration-'' ma'am sailor moon did not say any such thing she's japanese and also not fucking real

No. 991770

the fucking shoop on her jaw tho

No. 991778

File: 1592858116599.jpeg (1.51 MB, 3464x3464, 617C58B4-F65F-4682-9138-49BE9D…)

@a_smile_and_a_song can’t take criticism. Apparently she has “dysphoria” but still wants to look pretty

No. 991781

File: 1592858317042.jpeg (313.95 KB, 828x993, FAE88B66-6252-423C-B322-1A071E…)

This is so weird, Amelia can’t even be bothered to bitch about her pronouns any more because she knows people will call her she no matter what yet makes no effort to present as a male?

No. 992168

Why do they always think this is a good argument? A pretty cis man still looks like a male and if he is read as female, he won’t cry about being “misgendered” because it was probably his intention to make people confused. He is going against the stereotypes of how his sex should dress and having fun with it while soft uke bois embrace the stereotypes of their sex and have meltdowns when they can’t control other’s perception of them.

No. 993613

File: 1593009742840.png (878.24 KB, 1108x1048, 1_fakeboi.png)

Stumbled across this not-a-girl on Criedwolves Twitter. He/him in bio, will get angry and defensive if asked anything about dysphoria and respond with "I'm literally a boy" if someone should imply otherwise. Being "trans" has just officially lost all meaning, it's just a joke… that they them selves don't get.

No. 993627

these people are so close (yet so far) to the point

No. 993675

look at that subtle double arm lift so her boobs look perkier. somehow, I don't think showing her fucked up hair was the main purpose of this picture

No. 993853

File: 1593025277541.jpg (748.72 KB, 1715x3412, asmileandasong.JPG)

No. 994100

File: 1593042690336.png (5.43 MB, 1125x2436, F1848A8D-58BA-4638-9086-FA8327…)

No. 994151

criedwolves started a nsfw twitter, lewdwolves. dont have access currently but imagine being nearly 30 posting anime porn on twitter

No. 994705


It's an arms race for attention seeking. 60s/70s? Clothes and make-up. Maybe some safety pins in the face. 80s? Clothes/makeup and one earring if you're a dude. 90s piercings and shit tattoos added. 2000s more or less the same. Maybe some kind of wolf tail added. 2010s: I'M CHOPPING OFF MY TITS AND TAKING TESTOSTERONE LOOK AT ME.

No. 994841

File: 1593084662585.png (16.42 KB, 597x164, 1_wat.png)

Yep, pretty much.

No. 994855

File: 1593085416329.png (1.55 MB, 1117x1045, 1_fakeboi.png)

No. 994864

Isn't she like, 25-26? So yeah, still a bit too old for some of her behaviors. But at the same time, many of the people who draw anime porn on Twitter aren't teenagers, so that's more meh to me. What I find the most cringy about CW is her constant comparisons between her self and anime characters. It's the real life version of the "Omg, he's literally me" meme. She apparently feels some kind of "kin-ship" with Giorno like some 13 year old 2007 Tumblerina.

No. 994866

>I am literally a guy

No. 994873

She should spend a little less time in her echo-chamber on Twitter and work on her grammar.

Also, how do these people function in real life. Do they actually insist they are dudes to their family? Their teachers? Their work place? Random strangers who "miss" them? Just the mere thought of me doing something like that while looking like that makes me cringe in to my very soul! It's just so incredibly unreasonable and unrealistic that I can't wrap my brain around it.

No. 995121

>keep it up girl
If this person read the caption, they probably thought MtF lmao hence saying "girl". But who knows.

No. 995159

Yeah, this person probably thought they were encouraging a transgirl to wear feminine fashion and be confident about it. But nope, just a bio female pretending to "break gender norms" by… wearing stereotypical girl clothing… while presenting as a girl… and being a bio girl. My brain hurts.

No. 995321

One of my friends just announced she's trooning out and shared this unironically. Nothing but uwu positivity and support from friends in the comment section.

I counted them up and realized I have at least 8 fakebois/nonbinaries in my local lolita community/friend circle. Every one of them (except one who's single) is dating or married to a cis man. All of them are either going by their birth names or have changed their facebook names (but not legal names) to something androgynous. They're all in their mid to late 20's. None of them are on T and they all basically dress feminine with some occasional uwu bishounen cosplay lewks thrown in.

Will they grow out of it on their own? I don't know of anyone in my comm/friend circle besides myself who is GC. I'd like to delicately point out how misogynistic they're being in a way that won't get me ostracized from my community.(blogging)

No. 995400

Posts like this further convince me that dressing as a lolita past your tween years is a symptom of mental illness in itself. I actually haven't met many j-fashion fans who weren't crazy in some way. Wonder why that is.

No. 995564

Most people grow out of a phase of wanting attention above everything else. Lolita and j-fashion in the West is complete 'look over here! hey! i'm unique!' which is totally normal behavior for teenagers, but becomes increasingly alarming as you age up. Adults generally want to be seen as more well rounded people with varied interests, who can't just be defined by one singular characteristic.

Trans, non binaries, Lolitas, and loads of others are happy to be the "____ girl" even when they're far out of adolescence. I think it's one of the defining properties of a cow, personally, to feel comfortable being defined as one stupid trait.

No. 995788

kys normalfag

No. 995864

Sorry you're a cringey Lolita, anon

No. 996065

I agree with your post, but with lolita fashion you have the added factor that these women actively want to look (and sometimes act) like little girls, and then I can't help but wonder if there isn't something more sinister going on than just wanting attention. Wanting to alter your body with hormones or surgery is also way beyond attention seeking behavior imo, although I'm sure many (or most even) fakebois never actually go through with that part.

No. 996068

Only certain sub styles of lolita are overtly childish (OTT sweet/hime) and most lolitas try to push out people who use lolita as some sort of alternate childish persona I understand if someone wore lolita every single day but the majority of lolitas even the one with childish styles typically only wear it for cons and special occasions

No. 996138

New to this thread and might get banned for this

but wtf happened to being a tomboy or a butch jfc

No. 996169

does the media they consume (i assume mostly japanimation) push them to be like… that?

(the same way cartoons w/ anthropomorphic animals, which used to be predominant at some point, pushed some to be furries? lmao)

No. 996277

i don't see how this is controversial, a bad thing, or related to the comment you're responding to. exploring your identity isn't attention seeking, it's a rite of passage and crucial for growing into a fully functioning and aware adult.

exploring your identity is a good thing, and as long as they're not doing anything permanent like medical transitioning, it's a necessity to finding out who you are as a person. i don't see how this tweet is a problem.

maybe if we normalized teens exploring their gender identity instead of shitting on them for it we'd get less fakebois feeling the need to push themselves into hormones and medical transitioning as soon as possible.

same for if we normalized addressing people by the pronouns they wanna go by instead of calling them what they're perceived as, which only forces them into feeling even more like they need to change their bodies just to feel the basic respect of being addressed by the name/pronoun they use.

No. 996295

This thread has really devolved from actual cows to young people exploring themselves in a “cringy” way. Let people live.

No. 996366

File: 1593199293560.jpeg (855.6 KB, 1242x1765, 7822672C-2513-4431-96B6-175826…)

“i left my job so that i can go on unemployment and fuck around” essentially….

No. 996403

I can’t agree more.

Anyways, Ascher’s legs are looking like chicken legs >>996366

No. 996424

I have to say "exploring" doesn't mean anything much nowaday, a lot of thing lost their definition as everything can be over interpretated ESPECIALLY when it's related to gender identity.

> pronouns they wanna go by

That's called enabling

No. 996458

a little unrelated but the person’s name is a jojo reference… my irl friend who tries to be a fakeboi loves that anime and i noticed a lot of trannies are. i only saw the first two seasons, whats with trannies and jojo?

No. 996490

File: 1593208518509.jpeg (124.79 KB, 443x960, C8E10833-02DF-4CA6-A632-602CB5…)

ofc she’s disabled too

No. 996493

>same for if we normalized addressing people by the pronouns they wanna go by instead of calling them what they're perceived as,
That's not how pronouns work though (it's not a nickname).
Pronouns except for self-referentials ('I') are from the perspective of the observer. There is no equivalent to a social media hover-over in real life that states your preferred pronouns. For people you never met before in real life, especially outside the context of formal introduction, preferred pronouns will naturally be mistaken. Especially when: your pronouns are nonstandard like "em/er", "phe", or you're androgynous (not actually looking like the gender you weren't born with).

No. 996587

I’ve always been so confused about the whole pronoun thing mostly because third person pronouns would not be used in casual conversation. ‘you’’ would be the one to be used, and if you’re talking about them to a third person, they wouldn’t be present to hear the misgendering now would they

No. 996607

Riss is cringeworthy as hell and fills me with secondhand embarrassment but the smile and a scam account is just full of reaching from likeminded people who want to wear her skin. It's the pettiest vendettas from identical fakebois competing over who's the tranniest and wokest of them all. I wish there were actual receipts besides stale as hell "SHE UM I MEAN THEY WERE RUDE TO MY FRIEND AT A CON ONCE AND TOTALLY SEXUALIZES A FICTIONAL ANIME BOY" crap.


>Adults having any interests or personality to them besides having babies and paying mortgages???? CRINGE
You have to be over 18 to post here

No. 996683

File: 1593220056576.jpeg (77.06 KB, 720x1076, USER_SCOPED_TEMP_DATA_orca-ima…)

It's because many fakebois are terminal fujoshis, and JoJo's is well known for its attractive majority male cast and homoerotic emotional moments. You'll see a lot of them into sports anime for the same reason.

No. 996736

File: 1593223074654.jpg (646.69 KB, 1487x980, kweeeeer.jpg)

This webcomic artist who I like went from being a lesbian dating women to being a bisexual dating a cis man. She decided to troon out because she didn't want to become a bisexual woman in a heterosexual-passing relationship because that's laaaaaaaaaame. Apparently certain hairstyles are only for queers, no straight woman has ever shaved the side of her head.

Also LOL at her getting butthurt about being kicked out of a women's group because she's an ~enby~

No. 996795

wait wtf, she said "I removed some repro body parts" does she mean reproductive body parts? she's had surgery but isn't even taking hormones? man, doctors these days will just do whatever you want, huh.

No. 996803

What I’m hearing is “I got fired”

No. 996822

To be fair, she could've had a hysterectomy for other medical reasons

No. 996896


i thought it went without saying given the context but the problem obviously isnt adults having interests, its the fact shes still obsessed with anime to the point shes convinced she absolutely is the characters in it that shes now drawing porn of. maybe understandable devotion as a teenager, but not at her age.

No. 996939

Was she really a lesbian? I’ve never seen a legitimately homosexual person agonise over signalling their queerness to the world, only to specific people they’re interested in.

If it was for medical reasons she probably would’ve said “for my health” instead of “to feel better about myself”.

No. 996958

Same. rofl

So many bisexual women are ashamed to be bi while in a heterosexual relationship. I get it, you're enjoying your privilege, but just be bi and enjoy life. Also, wtf is an enby?

No. 996987

How much do you wanna guess it actually reads "I got fired from Starbucks for coming to work high/taking nudes in the bathroom"

No. 996989

This, a million times. I you really want people to actually use different pronouns for you, you gotta put in the effort and determination. Real life isn't liberal-arts class or Twitter, it just doesn't work like that.

No. 996993

Enby=NB (non-binary)
Cause she's totally not a girl, you see. She had her uterus removed for some probably unrelated health reasons and shave one side of her head, so she's not like those other girls!

No. 997151

my fave is how she went from calling herself a lesbian and being with another woman to breaking up bc she was “uwu aroace” to turning into an “enby” gender special to finally landing on trans boy so she could literally kin the soft animu boys she fetishizes

No. 997189

File: 1593286307637.jpg (116.08 KB, 1440x1440, 104207573_683690165530559_4923…)

Spotted this girl having a fit over the thought that anyone would refer to her as a woman.

No. 997214

Understandable, I'm sure she works very hard to look like Nikocado Avocado in a wig.

No. 997274

She looks really familiar. Who is she?

No. 997905

Nikocado Avocado

No. 997940

fucking KEK

No. 998286

Just change her hairline, it’s him.

No. 998567

File: 1593445525515.png (88.74 KB, 272x210, tunglr (1).png)

No. 998570

File: 1593445567838.png (108.16 KB, 522x144, tunglr (2).png)

No. 998613

File: 1593451373585.png (2.37 MB, 1072x1503, Screenshot_2020-06-29-13-13-52…)

this fakeboi is pretty fucking bonkers and ive been following their weirdness for a while
>url is amabsupremacist on tumblr
>claims to have been born male but also born intersex, says she has a penis and a uterus
>claims to be cherokee, black, chinese, and jewish but when confronted about being white as fuck says she bleached her skin because she was raped for having "brown skin"
>says she worships men
>identifies as a femboy, calls herself faggot
>dating another fakeboi who claims anorexia and self harm

No. 998615

>literally all of that
Why are all of the cute girls so crazy? She could have been a normal, cute butch girl.

No. 998622

Seriously. We should've kept being a lesbian as edgy enough to shock parents and peers, we've lost a lot of potential by normalizing homosexuality. Just kidding. Kind of.

No. 998721

love seeing literal adults name themselves after children in video games

No. 998722

maybe being a lesbian is too edgy for these people? pushing men out of every aspect of your life and only engaging with women is way to radical for these uwu softies who grew up fetishizing gay anime boys.

No. 998754

I think they're in denial about their identity. Just that being in denial about white heritage and sex(uality) is more socially acceptable than being in denial about black heritage.

No. 998811

File: 1593468541245.jpeg (480.97 KB, 828x1149, D2F0A1CA-F723-46E5-B0AA-DA2EE7…)

Meanwhile amelia is somehow managing to sadpost and humblebrag all in one twitter thread

No. 998818

What a fucking narcissist.

No. 998846

File: 1593472389120.jpeg (154.68 KB, 828x756, 83659902-88F3-4A9C-AC4E-3C0C1E…)

Is the damn gay pride flag not good enough for y’all? I stg only ftms come up with this. Gay men don’t want to fuck your pussy aiden.

No. 998916

File: 1593480671125.png (1.59 MB, 1080x2220, 106085069_360716048243225_8184…)

No. 998921

What if she needed a new car percy? Fucking narcs I swear

No. 998924

cant believe they don't see the fault of their logic.

No. 998930

The rainbow flag is meant to be all inclusive. this shit is a mess. I'm gay and even i doubt take gay people seriously anymore

No. 998931

>someone is marrying this thing.
The biggest oof on this entire profile.

No. 998966

why are trans people so entitled to others money?

No. 998997

am I dumb or is the way she wrote this weird? I don’t understand what she’s saying. her mom was in an accident and can’t spare any change for the surgery? the real clowning is this bitch thinking she’s entitled to other people’s money.

No. 999116

File: 1593509719330.jpeg (296.13 KB, 828x723, 6E8AB4C9-C5FE-46D4-96BB-63A199…)

Forgot to include this gem

No. 999166

If a random person were to read this they'd understand "surgery" as an important and potentially life-saving one, painting the mother as a cruel parent that'd rather risk her child's health. But no that's for chopping her titty off. Nice use of word to manipulate your audience heh

No. 999230

File: 1593530192860.jpeg (211.54 KB, 1440x1440, D20B705A-A0A5-448A-904F-E813FD…)

claims to be non-binary and experience extreme dysphoria and will cut off titties tomorrow if she could all while presenting as a butt fuck ugly female lmao

No. 999451

Her mother was in some kind of accident and is getting paid for it (insurance/settlement/worker's comp/etc). Presumably immediately after learning this she asked for her mom's money to cut off her tits and was told "what the fuck,no". This is obviously the worst kind of transphobia.

No. 1000255

File: 1593583581884.png (126.14 KB, 1174x574, 1e8f1d2dd57ccb37b9e33e79840b39…)

Seeing this tweet be regarded as a hot take is legitimately embarrassing.

No. 1000292

Imagine being such a coomer that you actively encourage others to engage in your unhealthy conflation of porn and real life

No. 1000294

By that same logic, all those men who enjoy lesbian porn might as well be lesbians.

No. 1000295

don't project your kinks onto others

No. 1000350

Typical example of progressives being regressive; the dreaded gendered roles are only okay when these people use them.

No. 1000430

File: 1593618240184.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 337.92 KB, 1536x2048, EVXfVToWoAAeF0A.jpeg)

These have to be the worst top surgery healed scars I've ever seen, it looks like she got butchered specifically for some kind of fetish. Add this to the self harm scars and the shitty haircut, who are these nudes for?!

No. 1000434

Who sexualizes scars and trauma like this?
I look at this person and just feel sympathy not arousal. The only person who can really get something out of this is someone who’s mentally ill.

No. 1000444

>claims to be cherokee, black, chinese, and jewish but when confronted about being white as fuck says she bleached her skin because she was raped for having "brown skin"
She should be friends with Lisa/scammer, lmao. Same bullshit.

No. 1000451

File: 1593620863367.jpg (18.37 KB, 526x204, 01.jpg)

The first thing you see when you go on her links… bruh

Guess we found her archnemesis lol

No. 1000469


Damn, this picture sucks. It really just encapsulates what happens when women's mental health gets away from them and onto the internet.

No. 1000482

The top surgery scars are fucked up but do we really need to act like people with well-faded and healed SH scars can't show off their bodies or could never be sexually attractive, come on.

No. 1000484

I've never seen scars look that bad.. I'm actually really confused. Usually surgeons try to leave the minimal amount of scarring possible. This is so odd

No. 1000489

I've seen someone with similar scars at a con as they were cosplaying a barechested character, but it was even worse than this picture. I couldn't imagine showcasing them in public. It looks really painful and obviously the surgeon did a hack job.

No. 1000568


Pretty sure those are keloid scars. Some people have scar tissue that, when healing, gets bubbly and goes above and beyond the cut. These people get scars bigger than their wounds and they are very noticeable in that they stick out from the skin, are hard and often red, and can hurt even long after the wound is healed.

I know someone whose ex was a fakeboi, and she like every other tranny was mentally ill and covered in the same type of keloid SH scars like this one. Their arms look identical. Anyway, when she was elected for top surgery, her surgeon told her at their first meeting that with her type of scar tissue, she cannot expect a good result. So yeah, that's most likely what's happened here too. It's impossible to say what kind of work the surgeon actually did one this one since even the cleanest cut would be fucked up by keloid tissue.

No. 1000615

File: 1593637203807.jpeg (957.56 KB, 1539x2048, Ebz869QUYAAFd8M.jpeg)

"he/him tired goth dad" no you're a girl who drew a moustache on with sharpie

No. 1000647

I honestly wouldn't even have seen the SH scars had she not put emphasis on them by wearing stockings, and it looks like she purposefully accentuates them with this position. The juxtaposition with the chest scars is so weird, like she has a scarring fetish.

No. 1000651

looks like mix between a generic instathot and vito corleone, wtf

also tumblrqueers have given me an undying hatred for half-shaved hairstyles

No. 1000703

I'm thinking maybe this person fucked with them post-surgery to make them look worse? None of the other scars look keloided to shit like the chest ones. Or photo editing? Idk, it does look really weird, if the wounds were sutured properly the scars absolutely shouldn't look like this.

No. 1000843

File: 1593654300022.jpg (373.78 KB, 1024x1426, 20200701_214406.jpg)

Anybody post her yet?? She always Bitching about being misgendered and being a man but looks like this. She also does sex work and has all her titties out on Facebook. I believe she a stripper

No. 1000857

Every exhibitionist post-top surgery trans guy that I have ever seen is always covered in self harm. It’s like you can’t have one without the other.

There most definitely is a large number of young trans men online that fetishize their scars. They will have no problem editing their face to alien proportions but they will leave their scars in plain view. Even tumblr artist will not draw their themselves or their trans men characters without super obvious scars. Which is weird because even their idealized self does not look like a cis man.

No. 1000932

Yea those are some intense scars for a relatively small person (ie. Prob had smaller breasts). Reminds me of people who have skin removal surgeries after losing massive amounts of weight, but the surgeon takes a bit too much skin
They don't want to look like those evil cis men, everyone must know they are TRANS men!
It's (sadly) the core of their entire identity

No. 1000940

if she had small boobs and got a double mastectomy instead of a key hole, she got fucking scammed out of her money

No. 1001025

Holy shitttttttt a grown ass woman just sent out an email to our whole (BIG) company saying "please call me my fakeboi name I'm a he/him" ma'am you are in your thirties

No. 1001046

Like a co-worker or a client? Idk if they can refuse to oblige if legally she doesn't have the gender marked as male (since some trannies sue over that)

No. 1001067

File: 1593707404129.png (2 MB, 750x1334, CB0B6BFA-9B46-47FD-A828-3C94AF…)

ascher just confirmed reading lolcow kek.

No. 1001111

My guess is that the cute girls get harassed and abused since childhood which affects their psyche considerably, or that being attractive becomes a personality trait since they might believe "that's all they're good for". I don't know, really.

This is literally on par with those tranny egg discords that brainwash lonely young gay guys into taking estrogen and sending sissyfication pics. It's a cult.

Isn't that what a lot of male AGP troons had happen to them? They watched too many cute girl animes and suddenly started thinking it's t-totally a-about their lives ;w; and made them realize they were a prepubescent anime lesbian in thigh high striped socks all along.

yikes. I've seen straight out body horror tier tit surgery scars but never anything this bad. It literally looks like a wolf mauled them or something. Sort of thinking the same thing as >>1000703 , could've been a fucked up post-surgery aftercare like not wearing the compression bandages properly. On the other hand with the rise of people looking for body alteration surgeries all sorts of backdoor quacks have started offering their services with little to no expertise. Could be that this person just went for the cheapest option because holy shit.

No. 1001122

If that’s the case then… Ascher, do something about your stuck up attitude. It’s misaligned with your acne ridden ass.

No. 1001126

You realize thin and extremely busty people do exist, right? It’s rare but it’s horrible combination for back pain.

No. 1001152

These are not just keloid scars, this person hasn't been keeping keeping up with resting and scar tape, those scars are beyond STRETCHED out. Tho judging by the self-made scars, this person doesn't take very good care of their body to begin with…

No. 1001346

i understand why fahr blurs hers now.

No. 1001589

File: 1593799779471.png (1.02 MB, 739x722, 1_C.png)

Imagine being in your mid twenties and actually bleaching your hair and eyebrows to look more like the anime-character you "kin" with…

No. 1001606


she claims she'll be 5 years on t next month. unfortunate. i know a lot of people think shes lying and i see why, but i think she just didnt get any results from it. regardless of your beliefs on trans people, objectively there are a lot of trans men on t who look like actual men, and even the ones who dont usually still have a different face and deeper voice even if it reads as ugly chain smoking woman instead of male.

i feel like her body changed but her face and voice have not. she still talks about being "misgendered" regularly and chooses to dress in a feminine way and have long hair. what is even the point? she probably passed better years ago without hormones when she had short hair and kind of resembled a young boy.

No. 1001667

I'd say even her body has had minimal changes.
>>981541 she still gains weight mainly on the lower body. The most bodily change is from top surgery, not testosterone. I strongly suspect she's been on a quite low dose of T for all these years, never really matching male levels, for that "uwu soft-boi aesthetic" (that will not hold up well with age)

And yeah, she did pass a bit better when she was younger, less body fat and shorter hair helped. But she's never really looked male. I'm pretty liberal I guess for someone who is gender-critical. I find it no problem to use male pronouns when talking about someone who actually looks like a dude. But for these female-presenting Tumblr/Twitter tranners, I just don't have it in me to bother…

No. 1001886

I agree. Most trans men don’t facially pass even after half a decade, it’s just swept under the rug.
If you don’t already look like a man, you’re not going to. It’s hard in dysphoria but this is why self acceptance is so important.

No. 1001951

maybe people would respect him more if he wouldn’t take disgusting nudes in his workplace bathroom

No. 1002024

Some of these cute butchy girls or are cute enough in girls. But ofc despite being a "man" they will only fuck other men. They want male privilege and freak out over being objectified but then they go "uwu fuck me" … Honestly the half of them are self inflicting masochists.

No. 1002113

File: 1593878614986.png (15.07 KB, 596x96, 1_C.png)

Confirmed for lurking. Was always mad before about being misgendered, but I guess kinda realized now that it's a lost cause. Looks like a woman, talks like a woman, acts like a woman, you gonna get "she"d. But you know… gotta be snarky about it and pretend it's some kind of "gotcha"!

No. 1002179

File: 1593891249937.png (432.25 KB, 603x608, delusion.PNG)

So I decided to go through that cow's twitter and I cannot believe the absolute delusion. What is up with jojo and fakebois?!

No. 1002337


yeah the fat placement does read female, but in a lot of photos its clear she's hairier than the average woman (and how she was before hormones). i dont know if she just had bad genes or what. would a doctor let someone stay in a weird low range like that? i feel like having both hormones in that scale would have a lot of bad side effects.

and i do agree she never really fully passed, but there were certain photos i could believe she was a boy before, even if anything in motion would clearly prove otherwise. now she just looks like a weird woman even in posed photos.

No. 1002439

File: 1593942390544.jpg (10.93 KB, 263x143, sage4nomilk.JPG)

Girl cosplaying girls be like

No. 1002448

Even on low dose you'll get body hair, anon. Body hair is one of the first physical changes you'll get on any dose of T. She's hairier then the average woman, but if you look at dudes on Youtube that's been on T for a similar time and that are of a similar age (like jammidodger/Jamie and Ty Turner) you can see that the little bodyhair Oliver has is not impressive. Voice change will also happen on low dose T, it just takes more time. Remember, we're talking 5 years here, not 5 months.

No. 1002449

Kek. Also, "congrats on your transition from female to female"

No. 1002450

Jojo and anime/yaoi and fakebois just goes hand in hand, it seems. Someone needs to write a scientific paper on it!

No. 1002453

According to US National Library of Medicine "The ideal dosage of cross-sex hormones remains unknown", so many doctors will probably just listen to what the patient wants, as long as they come in for regular blood work and check-ups.

No. 1002545

This is true (former fakeboi here). I had to switch doctors during the year I was taking hormones. First one had me on a pretty high (average male) dose but it was causing gnarly mood swings and shit. My second doctor asked how I felt about what I wanted and said we could try half that dose.

No. 1002570

File: 1593971237057.png (277.74 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_20200705-134434.png)


No. 1002685

it's okay! there's exceptions to every rule

No. 1002766

File: 1593983922828.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 164.49 KB, 750x1073, 0EC8D0FD-04AA-4B2B-92E6-7EB433…)

This nonbinary SJW bullshit is getting out of hand. I don’t see why females always swear they don’t have a pussy

No. 1002783

I remember this tumblr and I’m pretty sure she’s MTF. She’s one of those deranged people who’s convinced that trans men are oppressing them.

No. 1002971

File: 1594010176554.png (468.33 KB, 1080x1742, Screenshot_2020-07-06-00-33-16…)

someone's obsessively searching her tumblr url on google and backtracking about faking race and sex at birth

No. 1002992

can you blame women for wanting male privilege? i could see why women would want to be men to fit in better. Unfortunately, some are going for the weeb route and want to be kawaii bishounen. If they were realistic theyd be supported but wanting to be a 14 years old anime boy is stupid

No. 1002997

File: 1594015635351.png (64.13 KB, 520x524, 4354985675.png)

>Waah why do gay guys expect men to look like men waaah. I should be able to be a ~ghey man uwu~ while having my tits out.

No. 1003015

>ppl who aren’t mlm being homophobic
Yeah like who does that? Certainly not this straight woman who demands gay men be attracted to her.

No. 1003020

didn’t she say she stopped taking T a while ago? it would explain why she doesn’t look masculine and why her fat is redistributing to her hips and thighs.

No. 1003092

youre thinking of ascher, who went off t for a very long time supposedly due to the cost (even though she could still afford cosplays and cons?) but went back on a while ago

criedwolves posted just the other day about being 5 years on in august

No. 1003178

Yeah, you're thinking about Ascher, like the other anon said. Oliver is probably on a low dose. I mean, yeah sure, some trans guys just don't pass very well facially clean shaven even after many years on T. But Ollie here lacks so much progression I find it extremely hard to believe we're talking full male levels for 5 years, man.

No. 1003180

I'm getting seriously ugly "cis gays should like tiddies and vagina"-vibes from that Tumblr-post…

No. 1003235

God I hate this shit, I really hope a lot of gay men get peak trans'd from this type of BS and don't give into it.

>doesn't just mean making room for the trans men that have medically transitioned

Fucking kek at this being "not even enough acceptance uwu". Have you guys seen the phalloplasty pics from the MtF thread?
I would have fewer problems with transactivists if they stopped pretending that even the most fully transitioned trans person ever could ever be indistinguishable with someone who was born their sex. It's not possible and that's okay but insisting on a blatant untruth just hurts so many people.

No. 1003319

Gay men were never drinking the trans kool aid to begin with, they've always been openly hostile towards them. The only tranners who chase gay men are FTMs i.e. women who want to have their gender ~validated~ and because our society in general hates everything female gay men generally get a free pass telling them to take their boipussy outside. This thread has had its share of the reddit stories of a FTM simply shutting herself in a toilet to cry for being excluded at a gay orgy for being a woman, compare them to the ones with absolutely insane MTFs getting violent because a woman didn't want to fuck him. The cishet allies and MTF AGPs who dominate the scene are only hounding lesbians and bisexual women who refuse to suck girldick because after all, MTFs are men and male needs always come first.

No. 1003326

File: 1594083538522.png (541.67 KB, 508x640, Screen Shot 2020-07-06 at 7.56…)

Anyone familiar with Magentah Killer? Thought it was a guy dressing in cute alternative fashion but after looking a bit I think it's just a chick with a masc face. I love to see guys dress up pastel but I'm so tired of all of them being fakebois.

No. 1003327

>I love to see guys dress up pastel but I'm so tired of all of them being fakebois
Not familiar with that specific person, but… if you couldn't even tell what their biological sex was, how is there really a difference? Do you have to know someone's biological sex to enjoy the concept/visual representation of "male person in pastel fashion"?

No. 1003332

You bring up an interesting point, and this chick seems to pass better than a lot of "guys" in this thread. But it's just a general peeve of mine. I'm annoyed at ftms who choose to dress pastel and then complain they're not taken seriously.

No. 1003349

Elliott Rodger

No. 1003367

But what about those that don’t? That concept’s annoying, but a dude (trans or not) that dress in a girly style and don’t complain should be generally fine if you’re into that? It doesn’t sound like this one has since you don’t know their sex for sure. It sounds like you’re looking for reasons to complain or self post.

No. 1003404

This image sums up the fakeboi mentality so well.

>I'm a BOY now, not like all those other icky girls. Now I'm in the special treatment box and none of you are allowed in.

No. 1003537

Thought of another possibility… Finasteride. This is just me purely speculating, but a lot of the "pretty soft-bois" are very afraid of loosing any hair. Fin blocks DHT by 70-80%, DHT is what is responsible for all the major changes the body goes through in FtM HRT, voice, body hair, facial hair, fat redistribution (which takes time), you name it. But off course, it's also responsible for hair loss. Say a soft-boi panics after 1 year on T when they notice their temples going slightly higher/more hair on the pillow in the morning and hops on Fin… You're basically flushing most of your testosterone vials down the toilet the coming years, there just won't be enough DHT left in your body for much progression, you're stuck in limbo. It's generally not recommended for FtM's to try Fin until many years on T and when they are "done with second puberty". But some doctors can be push-overs and Fin is also very easy to get illegally, heck I've even seen it on eBay. Anyway, just me speculation and thinking out loud regarding fakebois who doesn't really masculinize after many years on T.

No. 1003693

File: 1594148175681.jpeg (167.87 KB, 750x1075, C1E22884-9344-419E-A695-AA39CA…)

Don’t call me queer.

No. 1003695

File: 1594148440923.png (Spoiler Image, 1.26 MB, 750x1334, D61E8A2A-CEF1-4EE6-A65A-C84CBA…)

Photo of the person triggered by the word queer

No. 1003698

not triggered by being called "it" though, topkek. she's been butchered.

No. 1003713

That nipple placement could have been much worst.

No. 1003743

I thought they only made two incisions under the breasts for top surgery, it looks like she's wearing a skin suit wtf.

No. 1003754

pretty sure it's because those are fresh scars. looks like they haven't even started the healing process. i may be wrong but it looks like they're at such an early stage to where they shouldn't even have their fuckin bandages and stuff off??

No. 1003756

I've seen a whole lot of ftms showing their scars at various stages of healing but I have never seen a scar that meets in the middle like that, that is unusual

No. 1003781

typically when i cant tell if fakeboi or comfey cis gnc male i check whether they have any shirtless pics, xy males will flaunt natural flat chests while le fakeboi crops the pic under their collarbone
that persons' XX u can sorta see binder peeking out thru some pics+ no adams apple nor fully shirtless pics
dude lucked out with that masc face
saged for retarded detail work

No. 1003794

holy fuck that’s rough to look at. there’s a step and one side looks like it’s collapsing it. that’s so pitiful.

No. 1003811

sorry they just look the same and I’m too lazy to learn the difference

No. 1003814

depends on how much sagging and excess skin someone has before surgery. like in this thing’s case, it was probably overweight when surgery happened, meaning more excess rolls of skin to get rid of

No. 1003816

Based on her weight, she may have had really large breasts before, which makes a complete mastectomy really hard to do without leaving mega scars. Attaching the tissue in the middle is meant to draw the remaining skin and fat toward each other to create a more male-looking chest.
Someone I'm friends with on facebook just got "top surgery," this person is also pretty fat and also had an incision that meets in the middle of the chest.

No. 1003928

File: 1594212807023.jpg (136.47 KB, 1500x1500, 104536116_828082374386309_5511…)

They/he white American girl spotted bitching about people saying "identifies as" and "preferred pronouns"

No. 1003932

The hammer and sickle takes the fucking cake. Don’t most communist nations lock LGBT people in gulags?

No. 1003946


>implying they read or are even able to understand Marx

No. 1004137

I think I just became able to put into words exactly what rubs me the wrong way about many fakebois and they/thems. From my experience, most girls who decide to "transition" (Let me clarify I'm referring to the girls without plans to go on hormones or get top surgery. The girls I'm referring to generally just "transition" by adopting an "androgynous" name, wearing baggy dad shirts, and getting a pixie cut) are well aware of systemic sexism, and how Western society stacks the deck against women in many ways. The fakebois are aware that they, being born as women, have faced discrimination in their lives, but rather than being bold enough to speak up against the sexism every time they encounter it, they think changing genders is like a magic wand, basically saying "Since I'm not a girl now that means you can't treat me like one!" Basically they're too much of a whiny baby to stand up for themselves, so by transitioning they place the burden of discontinuing sexist behavior on everyone around them.

I'm aware that all of the words I just vomited are just a longer way of saying "I'm not like other girls!" I just wish the fakebois weren't so selfish, and that they were able to grasp the inherent misogyny of their transition plans. Maybe I'm just salty that so many of the fakebois in my social circle keep getting asspats for how stunning and brave they are for changing their Facebook name to Aiden.

No. 1004171

She strongly look like one of my friend that is slowly going to this path

No. 1004193

I got to work with a FTM tranny today. It was weird because i clocked them immediately. her voice sounded like a 13 year old boy going through puberty and of fucking course her name was Ashton. I'm shocked it wasnt Aiden.

No. 1004792

I’m a fakeboi and no, sometimes we’re just unlucky with bad genes if we don’t masculinize like the typical FtM. Oliver is one of those unluckies.

No. 1004881

it fucking happened again. one of my friends binged jojo and is now taking the T/finasteride yaoi boy cocktail. out of all the pretty boy animes, why does jojo have this effect on young women?

No. 1004920

File: 1594335887538.jpg (191.15 KB, 1015x539, 20200709_170252.jpg)

Why are people like this

No. 1004923

That’s a lot of words for “I want to be a special girl, not like the other girls”

No. 1004947

I am pretty liberal in regards to calling people what they want to be called even/especially if I don’t understand, but I can’t imagine any person with real gender dysphoria could stomach this kind of shit.

No. 1004953

thirsty for any drop of attention, good or bad kek

No. 1004954

Men without tits is now transphobic.

No. 1004958

i'm a jojo fan and i don't even know what these fakebois see on the show? but they prob see characters in weird fashion and lipstick and think it's relatable to gender dysphoria when araki just admire fashion and music and isn't afraid to put it in his manga.

No. 1004959

File: 1594342132524.png (1.69 MB, 1080x1077, Screenshot_2020-07-09-20-47-08…)

samefagging bc pic didnt upload

No. 1004964


Why the fuck does trans-masc even exist? Did an entire generation forget butch is a thing? They just want to be topless butch girls. Maybe focus in freeing the female nipple instead of changing what the definition of man is. Christ

No. 1004965


Translation: homophobic femcel whining about gay men being gay

No. 1004967

I've only ever seen older gays and radfems/gc denounce the word queer, because of its slur history and the fact gnc heterosexuals can use it to wiggle their way into saying their LGBT. So lol at this

No. 1005008

Aren't gender-nonconforming people part of the LGBT+ (whatever acronym you want to use) by virtue of not being cisgender?

No. 1005024

gnc doesn’t exactly mean not cis. it’s possible to be a woman who wears coveralls and works on the oil rig while still identifying as a cis woman. just the same as how butches are gnc but they’re still cis women.

No. 1005025

bitch is just white and has a chin for days
time to wake up, you're a white straight girl who cannot keep the word fag out of her mouth for 5 minutes because you believe that it obviously makes you such an irl femboy trap cis intersex man

maybe the snow filters on the first selfie were good enough to give her the beloved asian eyes she desperately craves for. tumblr is straight up fucked for deluding these people into thinking they can pretend to be so many races at once because being white online is boring now

No. 1005027

Who is this?

No. 1005028

File: 1594356477729.jpeg (98.82 KB, 750x634, 3B5567F7-C305-4424-B1A9-BDD9E2…)

some fakeboy pretending to be an actual man online by stuffing her boxers and pretending to have a dick as some sort of "proof"


No. 1005033

Not only proving that she's biologically female, but also that she has no idea what a penis looks like. Two embarrassing birds with one stone.

No. 1005050

File: 1594366350282.jpeg (373.07 KB, 808x1240, 5A9C8B6B-5D7C-4AD1-A091-D7AAFB…)

My god what a narcissist

No. 1005051

This is just begging to be trolled.

No. 1005063

Keep your vendetta sperging to your diary please

No. 1005069

You can tell she's a virgin, if she'd ever been with a man she'd know thats not how erections work

No. 1005078

She looks like she just put a dildo or a banana in her pants, aren’t bulges more similar to bunched socks?

No. 1005080

Flaccid dicks don't usually lay straight flat down like that, no.

No. 1005085

File: 1594384851441.jpg (52 KB, 589x690, 456.JPG)

I probably shouldn't want to post here everytime I see a fakeboi because uhg

No. 1005089

Agreed, but that anon hit the nail on the head. Lots of these types of fakebois (particularly white ones, sorry) are like that.

Because being a masculine woman is… wrong, I guess?

No. 1005112

the fake azn eyes are the kicker i think

No. 1005113

File: 1594389426287.jpeg (101.14 KB, 750x342, 2ADD0CC7-060F-4718-B636-E6D458…)

no actual gay man wears a derogatory slur all proudly on a shirt unless they want to get attacked and endlessly harassed. and also notice how she even has to mention being a "cishet gay" in this as if this matters in this context at all. why are fakeboys like this

looking back at it, i really did sperg a little too much (sorry) but dealing with these people and seeing them over and over is very exhausting whoops

No. 1005120

>amab supremacist

No. 1005128

>Kaneoya Sachiko icon
Of course. What else would a fakeboi pick?

No. 1005132

I didn't even have to read the post, I just new looking at the profile pic that this was either some fujo and or a fakeboi

No. 1005154

File: 1594395969118.png (144.87 KB, 1080x860, Screenshot_2020-07-10-11-43-35…)

No. 1005156

Are any of the tiktok traps or twitter femboys actually male?????

No. 1005162

>i have a dick
>look too masculine for a girl
Said no one ever.

I don't think so. Aren't most actual traps around redpill spaces anyway? Why would they even go on tiktok?

No. 1005164

Been a long time since I've read something this entitled and insufferable. How do these people function in the real world?

No. 1005186

all those redpilled male traps are haggard and ugly now, even though its just been a couple years most actual male "femboys" can't last past 23, sooner or later they reach a point where no amount of make up or angling can make them look good, fakebois in compression can pull their "trap" look till they reach their mid 30's

No. 1005188

she isn't even masculine, she's just ugly. she has no jawline or chin - nothing but a sizable honker, tbh. even a real man with a face (and taste in fashion, christ) like that would still be ugly.

sorry, for some reason their blog won't load for me - what the fuck is this person? amab with a dick but then tits and femininity? are they intersex or something?

No. 1005190

samefag but ignore the second part, i managed to get on her blog after realising my adblock couldn't manage to deal with the fucking autistic popup telling me she'd cut off my legs or whatever the fuck.

>'im psychotic and autistic' we can tell sis

No. 1005248

How can a cisgender person be both ‘get’ and ‘gay’?

No. 1005329

Really gotta hammer home how much of a man you now are by casually talking down to women. Misogyny is the real masculity indicator, not those silly male bodies.

No. 1005335

>hating biology this much
Men with moobs are a thing, but i know that what this idiot isnt yapping about.

No. 1005357

File: 1594424354774.png (272.2 KB, 1047x1766, Screenshot_2020-07-10-19-36-53…)

what does any of this shit even mean?

No. 1005359

File: 1594424480215.png (85.62 KB, 1069x722, Screenshot_2020-07-10-19-40-36…)

No. 1005363

Holy hell the narcissism.
And yeah too many labels thrown left and right for me to really follow what she's saying or trying to say. Then again, not really worth the time to take a post seriously when it starts with "If I was a fictional character".

No. 1005382

from what i could vaguely decipher, she’s crying about how she hates trans women and cis gay men AND bisexuals ANDDDD asexuals and also straight men. this is because she’s SO misunderstood and nobody out there can understand her retarded ass fucking ‘fag girlboy homosexant’ whatever the fuck bullshit she has going on. also… everyone wants to fuck her at the same time!

what she doesn’t realise is that she literally just translates to ‘straight girl who needs to be medicated’ to any sane person

No. 1005388

It's just word garbage someone with too much free time in her hands and unmonitored internet access came up with to sound smart in some way, I guess. It feels like I'm reading an academic paper.

>people have already done this to me

What a way to victimize yourself nonstop, lmao.

No. 1005450


Kek. I feel like this girl has huge cow potential. I've never read a more narcissistic, delusional fakeboi ramble.

No. 1005465

Yeah i get this, bio men can easily just go on to be twinks.. ftm usually stay stuck in teenage boy mode unless they put a lot of effort to bulk up or just age into an androgynous look.. to fit in with manlet cis men… men do naturally lose their testosterone as they age

No. 1005473

File: 1594459014483.png (832.58 KB, 874x605, 1563011181099.png)

I don't like trannies but I'm wiling to give a pass to those who still make some effort to look like the opposite sex, but this is just dumb. Does she lose her shit when a retail employee calls her Maam?

No. 1005479

But anon! Butch dykes are sooooo gross and predatory, they all want to look like 15 year old fuckboys and prey on young femme lesbians!! and they're so nasty, they don't even wear makeup like EW!!! I don't want to be like that! women are supposed to be soft and pretty uwu

In all seriousness the hate thrown at tomboys and butches is unreal, it's no wonder why masculine and gender-nonconforming women don't want to identify as such. The rare times media actually portrays butches they're seen as abusive and/or violent, unstable with the looks of a homeless person and a bad case of penis envy. Growing up with representation like this makes GNC girls horrified of what they are, so becoming a broken man with a pussy sounds like a much palatable deal, especially seeing how softbois and sassy gay men are celebrated as fun and attractive personas.

No. 1005480

even the most skinny feminine twinks are not immune to the effects of male aging, I was pointing out how 30 year old fekebois actually have it easier passing as "traps and femboys" then 25 year old bio men

No. 1005484

I wish there was a representation of butch women who have great relationships with their fathers and have awesome mixed friendships with men and women

No. 1005488

the entitlement of these people is so insane
they think everyone has to immediately call them pronouns and things they prefer without even knowing about it in the first place, even if they're not even presenting the gender they want to be. that's like some big muscular man getting upset because people see him as a muscular man and not as some sweet little uwu girl

No. 1005491

Wait so she's female to non-binary how is that being trans, if she ever presented herself as trans to people they'd assume she's either mtf who transitioned (so she) or ftm who haven't transitioned (he) yet but never "they"

No. 1005503

she probably thinks of herself as neither female or male and expects people to call her by they/them pronouns the second they see her. nonbinary falls under the trans label judging by whatever bullshit they're telling me on https://gender.wikia.org/wiki/Non-binary

No. 1005507

It's still stupid to call yourself trans when you have changed nothing to your appearance and lifestyle, since it implies a transition.

No. 1005514

File: 1594476867725.png (129.38 KB, 402x782, hmm.png)

seems like transition really helped!

No. 1005525

unsurprisingly, gender dot wikia is, in fact, wrong. this anon >>1005507 is right - nonbinary people can only be labelled as trans if they've transitioned in some way. being nonbinary doesn't make you automatically trans. of course, this doesn't stop fakebois who will never transition in any actual way or even attempt to look like their 'real' gender, but we ARE on the fakeboi thread after all.

this is kinda depressing but at the same time these people REALLY need to understand that their inherent issues with absolutely hating themselves (usually in part due to being straight girls who don't realise that masculinity and non-conformity to mainstream femininity is okay) can't be fixed by magically swapping sexes.

then again, they also don't seem to understand just what HRT actually does to a person. i've never seen a real trans person ever complain like this about their transition because they actually have the brain cells to understand that HRT isn't a magical girl transformation into exactly what you have in mind. then again, real trans people never go on like these fragile little fairies, constantly crying about how they're 1) misgendered but also how 2) everyone who does gender them properly is lying and being performative. they're so obnoxiously dumb.

No. 1005575

isn't this the chick who put an entire orochimaru figure in her pussy

No. 1005599

now, you cannot say that without bringing receipts

No. 1005672

File: 1594515387546.png (134.44 KB, 1080x837, Screenshot_2020-07-10-21-13-22…)

an older screenshot i have of this clown, I really dont know what shes implying

No. 1005676

She’s hooked up with every man in Mississippi and Alabama and they’re all pedos.

Don’t these assclowns know TERFs don’t really give a shit about transbois? For the most part they just pity them and resent the world that doesn’t “let” them be masculine women. She’s obviously a straight girl so it’s not like she’s some cute butch that the lesbians are butthurt about the loss of an opportunity.

No. 1005690

File: 1594520532030.jpg (20 KB, 568x207, 01.jpg)

Ah yes, bisexuals and (especially) lesbians are not hated at all.
Nope, not even a tiny bit. It's not like lesbians had to literally beg for people to include them in pride (because everyone always loves to replace the lesbian pride flag with some asexual/intersex/whatever bullshit), it's not like lesbians still get sexualized into oblivion and cannot even say they're not attracted to dicks without some wokester clown coming and sperging at them for being a "TERF". It's not like biphobia is also a huge thing in the LGB community, also among people who love to call themselves pansexual, or anything!

Trans people are already dominating every single social media with their rights and it's starting to affect IRL too. People keep excusing all their behavior out of fear that they'll get attacked for "transphobia" and their lives ruined like endless other people who stood their ground and refused to lap their bullshit up. Trans people basically get stuff served to them on a silver plate at this point.

Also one thing I don't understand, how does she even experience "transmisogyny" when misogyny is actually directed to women and in this case, "transmisogyny" is directed towards ~trans women~. I thought she was this biggest ultra cis gay boy twink femboy trap to ever exist who has massive "cis privilege".

Imagine being so far up men's asses, you say stuff like this. This is so sad.

Also if you don't know, "tme" stands for "trans misogyny exempt".

I wonder for how long she'll keep the "I'm a-actually a cis twink b-boy who's very fe-feminine!! NOT A STRAIGHT GIRL AT ALL!!!!!" game running because it's getting so pathetic. Incredibly pathetic. She acts like she's so incredibly hot and desired by every single man to ever live on this world and they all wanna fuck her of course.

No. 1005705

she's likely legal age but has the built of a teenage underdeveloped boy due to hormone blockers

No. 1005766

what the fuck does “transmisogyny exempt” mean? does she mean cis bisexual women and cis lesbians? i’m sorry i’m old and dumb.

plus on another note, there have been so many stories I’ve heard where lesbians go to pride parades and see nothing and no one representing them. i’ve seen the fucking intersex flag at a parade, I have yet to see a single lesbian flag.

No. 1005804

transmisogyny is apparently a kind of specific misogyny that men who identify as woman somehow experience, despite being male. So basically, transmisogyny exempt means "vagina privilege" lmfao

No. 1005811

File: 1594544585744.jpeg (1 MB, 3464x3464, 59866EA6-3F02-4B49-A7ED-9137C4…)

Amelia rourke went from pretty girl to jeffree star, how depressing

No. 1005828

File: 1594551969248.png (767.24 KB, 989x1048, 1_C.png)

Just a bit more autism from this flake.

No. 1005833

File: 1594555205926.png (1.27 MB, 952x864, lol.png)

The jokes write themselves.

No. 1005868

File: 1594563644569.png (156.58 KB, 847x355, 1.PNG)

Glad I'm not the only one who noticed that. So many of her posts include phrases like "ugh stupid white girls", "white bitches", "white TERFs" and such. It's clearly important to her in some way to let people know she's not white, but on her "about" page she says she's "mixed" with the only clarification offered being:
>native + a lot more + jewish
and then on her carrd.co page:
>mixed native (+more) + ethnically & religious jewish

It seems so… intentionally vague? Not to accuse someone of racefaking solely based on appearance, but so many fakeboi Tumblr kinnies have been caught racefaking, and squinting her eyes in selfies to look east asian on top of that is suspicious… If it's important enough to clarify to people that you're mixed and Jewish, why not clarify the "a lot more" part? What's less important about that part(s) of your ethnic makeup? If you're native, what tribe? I've lived in southern USA (she lives in Alabama/Mississippi) for my entire life and rarely do I meet people with any partial or full indigenous American background, but those who are know what tribe they're from.

No. 1005869

File: 1594563989332.png (12.06 KB, 719x153, 1.png)

No. 1005874

File: 1594564130523.jpg (298.81 KB, 960x1280, 2.jpg)

No. 1005875

File: 1594564225346.png (92.45 KB, 719x1108, 3.png)

No. 1005878

File: 1594564932591.png (189.52 KB, 1080x1604, Screenshot_2020-07-12-10-39-11…)

heres the full list of all her supposed races. her claims that she bleached her skin are…kind of shitty

No. 1005881

If you have to clarify that your parent was biracial or that you have 1 non-white grandparent, congratulations, you are White

No. 1005889

Inspired by Halsey, kek.

No. 1005900

In conclusion: she's just white and desperately claiming to be a part of her grandparent's races for oppression and Tumblr points. If all of them were white or French, Irish, Slavic, etc. (typical white nationalities) I'm sure she wouldn't even give a fuck and not list everything so proudly like in the attached picture.

No. 1005903

File: 1594568831601.png (53.84 KB, 1009x642, Namnlös.png)

She just be bored I think

No. 1005914

how is someone a femboy, but at the same time a boygirl? how is she claiming to be an actual twink feminine man with an actual dick, but on here she's saying that she's intersex? how does any of this work? i swear she has all the body conditions, all the mental illnesses, all the races. the ultimate tumblrina kek

No. 1005924

I love seeing fake bois think that they’re somehow revolutionary for rehashing misogynistic reddit “pussy pass” rhetoric. classic.

No. 1005925

No. 1005926

File: 1594571578493.gif (2.18 MB, 350x218, 1586821377208.gif)

Anon, I genuinely thought you were bullshitting but-

No. 1005928

everyone having a good day and then suddenly a biracial

No. 1005931

File: 1594571798917.jpg (229.32 KB, 717x686, 2020-07-12_12.35.35.jpg)

Why do I have live on the same planet as people who do this

No. 1005946

who is this? i think i know them irl.

No. 1005948

This may be some rando on Twitter but I keep thinking of this. Fuxking Woke misogyny

No. 1005950

File: 1594574881314.jpg (29.67 KB, 720x455, EUjzXnxU0AAdqLh.jpg)

Forgot the pic

No. 1005951

The ones people find "cute" are always female, the fugly ones are men who failed as feminine twinks and now eat estrogen daily in hopes they'll look like a flat chested woman.

I honestly thought this was a 14 year old boy who's going through puberty. I don't think anyone would've clocked her if she weren't dating a stereotypical SJW lesbian, talking about taking testosterone, and flashing her binder. She looked more androgynous pre-t and kinda cute (IMO), now she's just ugly.

It seems she's basically saying she's Mexican and white. She kinda looks it, I doubt the skin bleaching thing. Probably just upset she was born white looking and not brown skinned lmao

No. 1005962

No. 1005963

Wow, I hate seeing all this hate tomboys get from ftms

No. 1005979

the only thing that makes these fake bois even remotely ‘male’ is their hatred for women, especially women that don’t perform femininity ‘correctly’. how dare a woman partake in a subculture that has existed for like a hundred years! don’t they know it’ll offend the ftms who still wear makeup and heels and have long hair and look and act like a women in every way but TOTALLY aren’t!!!

No. 1005996

how is she jewish if it's on her fathers side then kek

No. 1005998

What a gross, insecure fuck. God forbid other women act like her but are comfortable calling themselves women, that makes her less special apparently.

No. 1006000

oh fuck I used to know her HAHAHA she got drunk as fuck at an anime convention and got arrested in a Sasuke cosplay it was so fucking insane. she’s an alcoholic and a pill head. fucking KEK

No. 1006084


haha, thank you for remembering me! i also remember you too, you fucking bowling ball shaped morbidly obese TERF cunt. you were in that same hotel room bragging about taking photos with other uncomfortable cosplayers while dressing in your stupid fucking "uwu niico nico niii“ lolicon cosplay and you smelled like ranch dressing, barbecue potato chips and BO the whole time with your shitty thigh-highs nearly ripped apart.
of course i was drinking and if your microscopic radfem brain can recall, everyone else was too. if you ever thought about why everyone, including me and your parents were alcoholics, maybe you just tend to bring that out in people(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1006094

Alright, who cowtipped?

No. 1006096

how are your tits doing

No. 1006098

File: 1594594233092.png (196.86 KB, 1056x1410, Screenshot_2020-07-12-18-48-16…)

Now how's a straight gal gonna get a Jacob's ladder piercing?

No. 1006101


Oo wow look at that bodyshaming! Imagine if the shoe were on the other foot

No. 1006108

File: 1594596141360.png (128.1 KB, 530x475, 805.png)

No. 1006113

File: 1594596718819.jpeg (244.68 KB, 1062x889, F817BA18-3208-4E01-A503-3CD5AA…)

Okay, keep going, I’m curious.

No. 1006115

gonna stick it through that playdough tube. she should pierce her arm now, save time later

No. 1006117

You're allowed to call people bowling balls and bring up people's parental problems, but if someone so much as says tampons are a female product you kill yourselves. Trannies can sure dish it out but can't take even a fraction of it back.

No. 1006121

lmao are her pronouns seriously "sal/salem"?
because that would be clear as mud using "salem"

honestly this is pretty accurate for bpd though…


No. 1006125

wrow, looks like someone missed their afternoon nap.

No. 1006128

File: 1594599801620.jpeg (749.23 KB, 750x1291, D991040E-F6F3-49C4-9827-95F1BE…)

can you point out which one of these is you?

No. 1006134

Broooo lmao

No. 1006135

File: 1594600601821.png (573.95 KB, 671x395, lmao.PNG)

Talk about throwing rocks from glass houses

No. 1006153

File: 1594603300283.jpg (24.55 KB, 494x494, 1581134881730.jpg)

Go put on some lotion on those titty scars and wash your hands

No. 1006156

ayrt! and no, that is not me kek have fun trying to figure out who in your echo chamber of a friend group is the Big Bad Terf

No. 1006178

Careful anon, you might get her definitely female titties in a twist.

No. 1006205

File: 1594612562808.jpg (283.41 KB, 714x930, IMG_4997.jpg)

I interrupt your argument to bring you hairy boobs. If I had to see them in my Instagram Explore, so do you.

No. 1006208

She looks like a fucking slob. No wonder she transitioned.

No. 1006211

this thread just got better what do you think your fakeboi friends would think about your fatphobia hahahahaha and let's ad ableism to the list too for hating on poor addicts

No. 1006213

> lmao are her pronouns seriously "sal/salem"?
Are you stupid
Her name is Salem, Sal is for short

No. 1006240

File: 1594618056290.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 346.97 KB, 1152x2048, EY0IB8NX0AAEk_n.jpeg)

The audacity of this bitch to call someone morbidly obese when her body looks like this. And kek at her judging anyone for smelling bad when she lives in a fucking dump.

lmfao anon ily

No. 1006263

Trannies are so fucking dirty. It's like the male hormones tell them to stop taking showers.

No. 1006269

shut up tranny

No. 1006275

Lol, is that a joke? I'm the anon who posted the original pic, I knew I had struck gold in terms of horrifying, but getting this kind of reaction was so unexpected. Troons are so bad at insults and threats, we know you don't leave your house, what do you hope to achieve by coming here?

No. 1006289

File: 1594630016282.jpg (1.81 MB, 1800x2400, pt2020_07_13_10_40_31.jpg)

This girl- excuse me, "very handsome boy" can compete with Moo for the title of "best at looking like a braindead mouthbreather because you think that's sexy"

No. 1006307

File: 1594633606814.png (20.82 KB, 136x102, 1566504632913.png)

Holy shit I just woke up to witness this shit. You made my morning. It's nice to see trannies embarassing themselves.

KEK and now this ? This is comedy level shit.

No. 1006322

uh oh the troon has butthurt lol

No. 1006323

Maybe she wants a clitoral hood piercing but is referring to her clit as her "penis", sort of like how MtFs call their post-surgery wound a "pussy" and the head of their penis a "clit".

So much for trannies and their "body positivity!", right?

I've seen a lot of fakebois make this type of face when taking selfies, as if to suggest they don't care whether they receive attention or not even though they're posting them online.

No. 1006324

everybody just point and laugh

No. 1006333

Oh, this is that one with the recent viral "NOBODY CAN TELL IF I AM A BOY OR A GIRL" tweet going around. Do you have her twitter @ anon? I can't find it anymore.

No. 1006341

Even with all that she still sounds less cringey than someone with irreparably mutilated chest taking lewd photos for the internet because they wanted to be a real anime boy lmfao.

No. 1006351

what’s the url?

No. 1006354

>that bulky
>that hairy
>still don't pass as male

No. 1006358

Idk what this girls deal is but pcos can cause excess body hair, lots of girls end up looking like this without any tranning

Ya'll dont have to be this bitchy.

No. 1006360

Honestly was thinking that but at the same time idk what tags this one used, maybe they do think of themselves as a troon

No. 1006389

This thread is giving me a headache
Some of these people are saying "guys" with boobs and vaginas need to be normalized? Are they stupid? That's the whole point of being trans. To transition, it's literally right there in the name?

If they don't wanna change their sex what's so wrong with being butch? You can be a non gender conforming butch woman. Better than being a delusional yaoi fan girl

No. 1006391

A lot of traps who look like bio women with girly voices are asian ftm who are in porn or selling it on the street. And usually they are forced into that life style at a very young age and look horrible by the age of 25.

Natural traps who don't take any hormones are unicorns but still have some male facial features. They are almost always some type of models.

No. 1006392

All these fake bois pretending to be "woke" but all they're really saying is "Women can't dress or act a certain way so they have to be men, right?"
it's so sexist

No. 1006407

This is apparently what happens when ftms get top surgery before or at the beginning of testosterone. Their upper bodies develop excess muscle and the surgery gets rid of most of the skin that’s surrounding the chest so the scars stretch and they also typically get stretch marks.

No. 1006464

YEP. That's pretty much what it comes down to with these Fake bois and it's the opposite with the troons. They thing that men can't dress or act a certain way which in their case is being feminine so they need to be women to do it. And that's for the ones who don't have a creepy fetish towards women.

No. 1006592


I am idiot and did not save it.


I know many girls with PCOS, I've never seen a hairy chested one (I have seen excess facial hair, arm hair etc)


from the tags/bio they definitely identifid as male

No. 1006626

Unsure if this belongs here, but Ryan and Arielle have done a video together making fun of fakebois, now Ryan is backtracking on it and his friendship with Arielle in general.

No. 1006798

File: 1594716787693.jpeg (375.44 KB, 750x982, 46323C27-91BE-43C1-8361-E1210D…)

ascher made a new instagram bc he didn’t get any attention and he’s gone from 100k to a sad 2000 followers now. chimping out about the algorithm when

No. 1006801

>Are you stupid
>Her name is Salem, Sal is for short
itayrt and sure, I may be stupid, but with trannies and "trenders" it is entirely - unfortunately - now reasonable to think someone's pronouns are "sal/salem" as it fits and is written in the same syntax. And that is far and away stupider.
I've seen just as ridiculous personal prounouns. So honestly it's a toss-up to me and either possibility is stupid. Just one is stupider than the other. Idk why you're so defensive about that though, anon. Chill.

Keep fighting the good fight anon.

sameface syndrome

>Ya'll dont have to be this bitchy.
Do you know what site you're on? Does she have PCOS? If so, there may be a bit less judgment about some degree of hairiness I'm sure. But fakebois are fakebois and all are fair game for mockery in this thread.

Welcome to the nightmare of tranny hypocrisy.

No. 1006802

Plot twist that's ayrt's pronouns and they're defensive someone might steal their idea kek

No. 1006803

File: 1594719913930.png (497.78 KB, 1067x761, honiboy1.png)

I'd like to bring to your attention a truly egregious iteration of the fakeboi. Had the misfortune to attend a 'live performance' by this individual a few years ago.

No. 1006805

File: 1594720256594.png (Spoiler Image, 912.54 KB, 1060x643, honiboy2.png)

This account just sort of keeps on giving. Hard 2 find just one thing to screenshot honestly.

No. 1006807

>Trans fag
These mfs love calling themselves fags.

No. 1006808

>Had the misfortune to attend a 'live performance' by this individual a few years ago.
Anon, you can’t just tell us this without telling us what happened.

No. 1006809

Look man, I'm not exactly proud to have attended, I was looking for some drinking to do and my art school pal was like come hang at this 'exhibition'. All I can coherently recall is some groaning and cake-sitting before I tapped out hard.

No. 1006818

>with BPD
>gofundme link for top surgery
>tiktok user
>bizarre sexualized content
It's like there's a fakeboi zombie going around biting people and turning its victims into this carbon coby fakeboi prototype.

No. 1006834

The attention-seeking is STRONG with this one. The self-harm scars, trooning out and mutilating her chest, and this weird nude where it looks like she’s about to take a shit, then coming here to talk shit. It’s like poetry.

No. 1006859

U literally took nudes in panties with pills and a giant rip in the front of them

No. 1006860

On twitter yeah but they’re usually right wing teenagers idk about tiktok

No. 1006912

Can confirm. On tiktok they're the "astolfo is my kin uwu" e-thots who larp as traps when anyone with half a braincell can see they're female. On twitter they're gay alt-right brainwashed HSTS discord trannies who take photos of themselves with AK-47s and military gear while pretending to be anime girls.

No. 1007000

This is false. Testosterone doesn’t make a chest balloon unless one seriously works out.

No. 1007147


This fucks me right off. I'm happy letting actual trans people live their lives, but trans men (usually fakebois) calling themselves fags and trans women (usually AGPs) calling themselves dykes is just gross.

No. 1007178

i feel like it's worse when it's fakebois, though. i barely see gay men reclaiming the word fag, and 9/10 times, the ones i DO see 'reclaiming' it end up being fakebois or trans men. on the other hand, the word dyke is shoved on my face on every single social media platform i'm on by cis women, trans women, those fucking retarded 'he/him' lesbians - absolutely everyone. the obsessed fakebois have with calling themselves fags or faggots is genuinely incomparable to anything else i've ever seen - especially because you know they've never been called a 'fag' in their life.

No. 1007288

U should change up the gay man circles u keep up w catty twitter gays/party boy twinks call each other and themselves fag/gots all the time

No. 1007500

Bullshit, just like this >>1007000 anon said.

But how many cis gay men do you see put "fag/foggot" in their Twitter or Insta bio's? Or buying t-shirt or jewelry with the word on
for casual wear? Fakebois actually do this tasteless shit.

No. 1007532

Even if there are some who reclaim it and call themselves one, I have still yet to see an actual gay man wear that word all proudly on a shirt and do other acts that fakeboys do when it comes to that slur because most people have been actually hurt by that word and associate it with horrible times - compared to fakeboys who treat it as some sort of accessory and revolve their entire identity after being some fagboy faggy fag fag. I wonder if they'd still obsess over faggot as much as they do now if they went through the same discrimination gay men face still to this day.

Same could be said with how troons are so obsessed with dyke.

No. 1007590

File: 1594826716233.png (Spoiler Image, 1.4 MB, 868x1045, 123456789.png)

>allegedly 5 years on T
>still gains all weight on lower body

Either there's some truth hidden here or T isn't a miracle drug for all FtM's after all…

No. 1007630

It can have some varying effects depending on the person (like the depth of the voice or the muscle growth) but something that I've seen on every FtM on T is high pilosity on the arms, legs and chest, and there's no trace of it on her, she's faking it imo.

No. 1007650

He DOES have some body hair, also on the arms. But the amount is quite small for someone who allegedly has been on T for that long, especially for someone who's natural hair color is dark brown. At first I thought he had only been on T for a while and then quit, but then he blatantly said he'd been on T for 5 years, so the only conclusion from that is that it's a tiny dose. Looking at other trans guys who's been on T for the same amount of time, Oliver is WAY less masculinized then them in every way, so somethings fishy.


No. 1007655

pic of said arm hair. It's there… but it's not a lot. Also never seen a hint of beard hair, just a bit of side-burns of the kind that many cis women can also have. I would NEVER have looked at these pics and guessed this person is supposed to be 5 YEARS on the man-juice, looks more like 5 months. Somethings not being said.

No. 1007656

File: 1594832967178.png (1.51 MB, 852x1048, 12345678.png)

Goddammit… here's the pic.
(cat's cute, tho)

No. 1007665

there's no way this person has been on T for FIVE years. i've seen girls with thicker arm hair than that. plus, their features are still completely soft and round and 100% feminine - the only thing that looks vaguely masculine here is the shoulders, but i can't even tell if they're actually that broad. there's no muscle definition, no masculinity within the jawline or nose or eyebrows - five years is absolute bullshit. even a year wouldn't be believable.

No. 1007666

Lol, that's nothing, there's plenty of women with dark arm hair like that, like mediterranean women or those who have PCOS.

No. 1007717

(Yeah, Oliver's shoulders have always been slightly wider then the hips… but the hips are starting to catch up)

Yup, somethings off with this whole testosterone story. I don't think I've ever seen anyone masculinize less then this after that long on T. Face and lower body is actually looking more womanly with the years.

No. 1007731

Probably took the lowest dose then stopped taking it after top surgery. That's what it looks like to me
add to the fact that most ftm's don't work out at all. It's a weird thing I noticed with them. like they want to remain soft or somethin

No. 1007738

i kinda hate myself for saying this but if this was just a somewhat butch lesbian without the gender complex, i'd find her hot

No. 1007742

Honestly I think that about most of the girls in this thread(at least the ones who aren't morbidly obese/grossly hairy). I'm attracted to butches and GNC women but all of them are trooning out these days and going crazy. It's a shame.

No. 1007772

Because most (straight) tifs don't want to look like men, they want to look like smol uke yaoi boys

No. 1007779

And they don't think about life after 30, apparently.

No. 1007814

I ended up unfollowing her because I was weirded out with her Tumblr-inflated ego and strange interactions with other people who like to bleach their hair and identify as anime characters in that odd projective way.

No. 1007832

I thought that behavior would mellow out as he got older, but it's actually getting WORSE in a way. He fucking loooves having his followers "validating" his "kinship" with anime characters. Both Oliver and many of the followers are adults, but they have the maturity of 14 year olds in their little Twitter/Insta hugboxes. It's so weird and cringy.

No. 1007836

I stumbled across this YouTube channel called “Troy and Chase” which is just a gay couple documenting how gay they are and posting videos of them making out and stuff to get attention from yaoi-blobs.

Anywho the shorter, bottom twink (“Chase”) looked unusually feminine and ayyyden-like and I felt like an idiot at first clocking him as trans but then I noticed in videos where it shows him shirtless in the thumbnail, nipples are hidden and they aren’t ever shirtless in the video. Then I saw this video of them in the bathtub together and you can see he’s trying to hide his small supple tits with bubbles the entire time. Everyone in the comments was like “awww Chase there’s no need to hide your body u r beautiful:^)” but I’m here like bruh…did I just see a tit flash me?

I mean he could be one of those “femboys” on HRT or have gynecomastia for all I know but the fact that he likes yaoi and has a dakimakura of his anime husbando screeches ftm.

What do you guys think?


No. 1007869

Doesnt her bff Kalvin say the same shit as Arielle and also make fun of other trans teens all the time? It is only wrong if a woman does it instead of another trans boy

No. 1007901

Well, for one, I think the muscle structure and jaw are pretty masculine. If he’s a fakeboi, he’s lucky. But god anyone this obsessed with yaoi is insufferable.

No. 1007905

yeah a real gay dude would risk getting himself beaten up or worse killed if he went around wearing fag-shirt and flaunting it in the wrong place the wrong time

No. 1008030

nothing but estrogen and filters can give someone a face that smooth and poreless. something stinks and it’s not just her unwashed ass.

No. 1008035

Me thinks she stopped taking T in 2018. I scrolled through her account and that's the last time her face was kinda masculine. Now she's all soft and doughy. Most likely didn't like that she was starting to resemble a man and not an androgynous yaoi character.

No. 1008085

Looks pretty masculine to me seeing how big the hands are and how defined the brow ridge and jaw line are. There are legitimate gay guys who are obsessed with BL, I say this as someone who has met multiple of them. They're not unheard of at all. Even though they can be spergy and cringy I'd still rather have them over the flowercrown Aydens screeching about what a "gay faggot" they are.

No. 1008322

Nah, looks more like a dude with mild gyno. Either naturally or perhaps he has taken some HRT for the "femboi" aesthetic and found out why that is a bad idea.

No. 1008373

ftms have such unfortunate bodies. like a bearded woman with no tits. no reason so many of them get addicted to lifting.

No. 1008680

File: 1594963412869.jpeg (217.39 KB, 750x987, AA6C5885-C3D0-4732-8A8D-069087…)

Awhile back Tabby threw a fit over clothing being labeled as boys style. I also don’t see why she keeps her girl name if she is such a man

No. 1008681

File: 1594963474424.jpeg (65.78 KB, 750x330, C5B34EBE-D96F-4A9E-A5AE-44FCB3…)

Only those approved by Tabby may call clothing boys style

No. 1008711

It's the same reason she insists on dressing in an incredibly feminine pastel way

Ngl, super jealous of her wardrobe

No. 1008714

5 years on T where a single testosterone pill was taken each year.

No. 1008722

File: 1594978755893.png (248.56 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_20200717-053524.png)

No girl. Just no.

No. 1008727

It's not about how you feel but how people perceive you so make an effort

No. 1008750


I feel that a man should be making those points, not a woman who has never been shamed for her emotions or feminity.

No. 1008813

If you just go around presenting female, you are not seen as an actual man by ANYONE, not even your hugbox friends who calls you he/him.

No. 1009416

File: 1595097616064.png (1.82 MB, 1080x1780, Screenshot_2020-07-18-14-25-58…)

she said she wanted a shirt with two guys grabbing each others dicks on it kek

No. 1009585

didnt she have a thread on the farms?

No. 1009587

File: 1595119224044.jpg (21.55 KB, 552x199, 01.jpg)

the lies she's telling everyone (including herself) is just so funny

No. 1009589

File: 1595119480237.jpg (52.39 KB, 554x327, 02.jpg)

samefag but it's so clear that she's using these labels to win an argument and doesn't even have half or quarter of any of these but sure, if it helps you win a fight and look like the victim in the situation then you must bring them out and present it for everyone to see and pity you!


>see pic
why is she so obsessed with labeling everyone she hates as "white bitches" and making herself out to be some nonwhite person? it's clear from first glance that she's white. also her claiming to be experiencing "transmisogyny" even though she's a totally cis twink man.

No. 1009590

Sage for nitpick, but this is the most uncoordinated sad try-hard attempt at an outfit I've ever seen. She really thinks she's doing something?

No. 1009604

File: 1595120929765.jpg (155.3 KB, 1080x720, tumblr_b090ad912d058ab7431ecaf…)

I usually lurk this thread silently, but wanted to share this fakeboi gem after stumbling across her in the notes of >>998613
>Tumblr url is "catgyrle"
>Says she's both a feminine bisexual man and a masculine bisexual woman
>Regularly calls herself a slut/whore/faggot
>Appears to be slightly obsessed with her self identified trans woman and a femboy trap at once bff, constantly making and reblogging posts about "transmisogyny" to get attention and validation from him
>Constantly talks about being both a "tme wlw" and also in some way being oppressed by "tme wlw"

No. 1009608

File: 1595121340921.png (30.74 KB, 423x502, Untitled.png)

Samefag but had to include her desperately woke word salad about

No. 1009627

>mentally disabled
She got at least one right

No. 1009644

I love how she claims to be poor but has that overpriced hot topic tier shirt and shitty pricey killstar-looking boots with some etsy earrings kek

No. 1009704


This paragraph littered with nonsense words just proves the point this is all one giant role-play game that they insist normies join in with.

No. 1009923

There was but it died quickly due to lack of interest and Espi being more boring than milky (and I feel like I'm losing braincells when checking her twitter account, god she is so stupid).

No. 1009982

File: 1595192895728.png (275.68 KB, 1080x1751, Screenshot_2020-07-19-17-01-43…)

i wonder what the eevul lgbt community did to hurt the straight girl's fee-fees, conversion therapy isnt a joke or a token to throw around (1/2)

No. 1009984

File: 1595192932464.png (238.65 KB, 1054x1635, Screenshot_2020-07-19-17-01-52…)


No. 1009994

Why does she treat her Tumblr blog as if it were a diary and overshares to an extreme (or makes lies up) to appear like the victim 24/7

No. 1010001

4 going on 40

No. 1010009

File: 1595198965814.png (155.39 KB, 1056x995, Screenshot_2020-07-19-14-45-50…)

its all lies kek

No. 1010138

File: 1595230991393.jpg (3.16 MB, 1920x3536, CollageMaker_20200720_03414117…)

getting real tired of these "boys" showing up on my timeline.

why do fujos obsess with JJBA?

on another note, these two consistently get attacked on curiouscat and it's hilarious

No. 1010140

What are their users?

No. 1010149

File: 1595233452729.jpg (45.36 KB, 561x629, dawn.jpg)

gen z dawn wiener

No. 1010155

File: 1595235223489.jpg (4.73 MB, 4096x4096, CollageMaker_20200720_04533468…)

https://twitter.com/klownrat / https://twitter.com/axeleaz


mostly sperging out on JoJo and final fantasy so not much milk from their profiles, seems like they delete any drama that plagues them or at least use a separate spam account

No. 1010156

File: 1595235281236.jpeg (52.84 KB, 828x518, Eby-kgwWAAAkIRR.jpeg)


samefag here but at least someone called them out for it.

which one of you was it?

No. 1010158


People thinking someone like her is harmless like Weiner Dog will be one hell of a regret. Just be glad these lunatics broadcast their insanity so they can be avoided.

No. 1010177

I can't believe this one hasn't gotten run off the internet for digital blackface

No. 1010225

Let me get this straight, this girl wants to be coddled by everyone and anyone, and because there’s people that dislikes her, she feels ostracized? What a fucking moron.

No. 1010246

File: 1595256628490.jpg (2.27 MB, 1920x3536, CollageMaker_20200720_10492199…)

Funny you mention that, she has gotten comments on her skin tone in pics. She'a black but only when it's convenient (aka cosplaying or saying white people suck).

Why did she choose the absolute lightest possible skin tone in animal crossing?? this baffles me greatly.

No. 1010253

Kaoru Kitsune? Isn't her supposed "boyfriend" just a very ugly fakeboi girl?

No. 1010256

File: 1595258254911.jpeg (590.42 KB, 640x1096, ADFF7653-635C-49C1-98C2-04BC88…)

she looks black without all the snow filters and litre of makeup

No. 1010257


I'm not sure I get it

> lightens all of her pics to appear white even not in cosplay

> online avatars and in game characters are white
> "omg GUIZE im BLACK"

No. 1010259

Which one is her? I just see two white people in that pic. Is this another "My great great great grandma was half-black" thing, like the other fakeboi claiming she's Cherokee, black, Chinese and Jewish upthread? I hate Americans.

No. 1010277

Given nose and lips, they look like a really light skinned black/white (small percentage native probably) person.

No. 1010296

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JjYXN9xsH38 Kalvin just made a video in the same regard(imageboard)

No. 1010697

File: 1595352786442.png (177.67 KB, 738x744, 1_Detrans.png)

Stumbled across this on Reddit… and boi, I have a feeling there's a lot more stories similar to this and there will be more in the future. Luckily this girl figured it out before actually physically transitioning.

No. 1010698

(cropped it a bit since it was quite long, but kept the most relevant parts)

No. 1010705

Can you really ruin 'heterosexuality' for yourself? Seems like she might be closeted.

No. 1010711

ngl This reads like something she'd send to herself to get sympathy points, especially because her reply is so restrained and forced. Like "Oh no. Please don't call me that. I'm so shocked. Noo."

Kek, yep. They're two girls being ~gay bois~ together, if she was dating a cis guy she would've dropped the act a long while ago just like every other fakeboi who suddenly becomes a girl again after a guy pays attention to them. The "boyfriend" was quite pretty pre-hormones tbh, testosterone didn't treat her well.

Gonna say yes. She looks like a basic amerimutt who has a drop of black blood from some great great grandfather and has full lips and a slightly darker complex because of it.

Agree. She just sounds like a closeted lesbian who blames it all on "yaoi" for "brainwashing her" into the sin of homosexuality to the point she "can't enjoy heterosexual relationships". This is why the tranny cult needs to be stopped, before young fujos experimented with gender expression and exploring the possibility of same sex relationships and then just grew into regular gay women. Now the journey gets stunted by all this bullshit about having to surgically mutilate yourself and start living your make-believe fantasy life while forcing everyone around you to partake in it.

No. 1010728

and the other 99% of your DNA lmao

No. 1010750

I mean Japanese fujos don't troon out the way Western fujos do. This is a really weird take to blame it on solely on yaoi.

I don't think she's closeted, I just think she just has a fetish for gay men similar to how men fetishize lesbians. My tinfoil is that current internet is super cut-throat about what you can and cannot enjoy based on your birth identity, people are quick to "cancel" over cultural appropriation or fetishization. If you're not part of X, you cannot enjoy X type shit. These people just need to spend some time away from this part of the internet and make some non SJW friends.

No. 1010766

IMO the "she has a fetish for gay men" reasoning is taking it at face value. The boys' love manga aimed towards women differs from lesbian porn made for men in the way that the characters are very female-coded as they're written by women for women and representing the relationship dynamics a female writer and the audience like, compared to how male-directed lesbian porn is basically two sex dolls performing for the male viewer and inviting him to join. That's why a lot of BL creators and readers are lesbian or bi, which is why I believe fujos who troon out because they can't accept their own homosexuality in a world where lesbians are so highly sexualized and objectified for the male gaze (hence why they usually only date other FTMs, not actual men) differ from the traditional autoandrophilic FTMs who get a perverse kick out of imagining being a gay man and being fucked by actual cis gay men.

No. 1010769

Just date a pretty boy and be done. How do these people not see that? Clearly she's attracted to males.

No. 1010772

This. You worded it very eloquently, anon. There is this growing trend of FTM who date other FTM, who like feminized anime boys but not real life men. It is glaringly obvious that they are suffering from internalized homophobia and lack of decent lesbian representation in media. Life would be so much easier if they realized that butch4butch is a thing.

No. 1010821


Stop playing their game, they're not not remotely male because they hate women, misogynist women exist.

No. 1010850

I swear, some radfems (not all, some) on this site are stuck in this inherently contradictory mindset of "men's sexism needs to be actively combatted" but also "men are inherently sexist, it's not society, they're just inherently that way!". Internalized misogyny doesn't make your XX chromosomes turn into XY chromosomes, lmao.

No. 1010860

No radfem said that men are inherently i.e. biologically sexist, abolishing gender is literally the core radfem goal and thus the idea that gender stereotypes such as male aggressiveness and sexism are enforced by society and not by nature. The misogyny sexist FTMs hold is generated as a coping mechanism to survive in a male-dominated environment to begin with, not the type men have generally internalized since birth due to them being allowed and actively encouraged to do so. Being critical of the trans movement/phenomenon isn't exclusive to radical feminism anyway so don't buy into the "terfs be clowning" narrative.

No. 1011230

if he's passing that well, he's clearly not a fakeboi/transtrender, and doesn't belong in this thread anyways. feminine men or assimilated fully transitioned or stealth FTMs aren't the same as fakebois unless the milk is so dry you're reaching for any reason to post.(whiteknight)

No. 1011579

File: 1595519405498.png (920.28 KB, 1080x1219, Screenshot_20200723-114913.png)


No. 1011587

Clearly the T made her hair grow anon. Maybe she took T to increase her clit size or something because if these images are supposed to convey great change then they're failing.

No. 1011592

she looks more like an actual boy in the 2015 pic too. i had to check her twitter to realize she wasnt an mtf using pre-t and post-t to mean pre-transition and post-transition

No. 1011606

>belive it or not
this bitch knows nobody is buying her bs. lets be real straight men will pander to this bullshit just to get some pussy, they will just go with whatever they say as long as they get to fuck them, but if they do end up starting on T and actually start to look like men they will volt and leave them.

No. 1011654

sage but where is that shirt from?
w2c some of the button ups ITT

No. 1011667

WHY EVEN BE ON (a tiny dose of) T THEN?! She looks 100% like a girl, probably sounds like a girl with a perma-cold. Jeeze, the logic of these fakebois make my head spin…

No. 1011685

File: 1595530839105.png (393.94 KB, 589x497, 1_ebegging.png)

Not really milk, so sage, but holyshit, is Twatter flooded lately of "queer trans people of color" e-begging for money!

No. 1011692

Fucking online panhandlers. Look at this person, you can tell they just want money without doing shit.

No. 1011717

Who even donates to these people? I just don't get it.

No. 1011733

Why do they all begin with shit like "I'm a queer trans nonbinary disabled autistic black person"? Like jesus christ it sounds so pathetic. Just say why you need money and go. These people are just all ugly girl passing, no one cares about your 300 labels and identities.

Other trans nonbinary sparklesexual people I assume. They really have no shame putting this shit out there attached to their name and faces, do they think they can just freeload off pity points the rest of their life? If I was HR and saw this shit it'd immediately set off alarm bells for them wanting preferential treatment over everyone else once they're hired, otherwise the company is a shitlord.

No. 1011734

woke twitterfags are ready to throw their money at these people as long as they list a few labels and shit. it's easy money

No. 1011744


They don't even spend the effort to thank people individually. One tweet to thank everyone if they're lucky.

No. 1011781

Nobody. If you look at all the "EMERGENCY TOP SURGERY FUND I AM AN AUTISTIC DISABLED TRANS NONBINARY 1% POC DEMIBOY" gofundmes they never reach their goal, they can manage to squeeze out maybe a handful of dollars. First of all the people who would fund that crap are as broke as they come and secondly they're selfish and would never share their wealth even if they did have the money. The moment these lazy fucks get their hands on some cash they spend it immediately on luxury items for themselves.

The gofundme goals are insane to begin with, the surgery costs maybe 5k in total and these greedy fucks have a goal of 15k or so with some bullshit thrown in about vague living expenses they need to cover. The most ridiculous share are the British e-beggars who honest to god write reasoning like "I'm having this fundraiser because the NHS waiting list is so long and I just can't wait for the six months, I need them off tomorrow, at a high-end private clinic in the US no less!!!!!". Bitch you're only 22 and "found out" you're trans two years ago, you're in no hurry to mutilate your body irreversibly.

No. 1011787

File: 1595543989425.png (1.23 MB, 750x1334, file.PNG)

because if you don't pay lifelong reparations to black trans people you're literally killing them.

No. 1011788

Since when do movements require you to feel bad about any racist ancestor you've ever had to the point you'd rather starve than not pay? like? Wth?

No. 1011824


Counterpoint - just look how much Ashleigh "Hunter" Shackelford has snaffled up through GFM recently.


No. 1011849

NTA but It tends to be different with mtfs. Mtfs are cherished more by woke idiots for being the “ultimately oppressed by transmisogyny” (kek) so they get more donations and support from everyone. Ftms are hated by everyone besides other ftms. No mtf would donate to a ftm’s top surgery fund because ftms make them reeee in jealousy but ftms will suck on “girldick” and throw money at them all day.

No. 1011883

>probably sounds like a girl with a perma-cold.
Any anons know why testosterone makes so many TiFs sound weird and nasally? They rarely ever sound like men. They always develop this high-pitched, nasally 14yo boy voice.

Ew her mouth

No. 1011885

she's female, not mtf. she even changed her name to Hunter to get more qweer they/them brownie points

No. 1011933

File: 1595567687126.jpeg (28.03 KB, 400x400, D69A70B6-F18F-4355-A78A-D0AA55…)

>”paying reparations should disrupt your comfort”
That’s really going to encourage lots of people to pay reparations to trans black people

No. 1011968

Sometimes their gofundmes go viral via some news story or something and they manage to hit their goal with trusting normies donating money to a cause they believe is noble and rare, but it's like one in a million chance. Your basic geeky-looking Ayden Johnson from the UK asking for £10 000 to fly to the US to get a designer chest rarely manages to collect more than maybe a couple of hundred pounds.

Having a male sound isn't simply about your vocal chords, your body structure in general affects how the voice is formed. Your body height, the size of your chest cavity and the form of your facial bones for example. A lot of FTMs also don't do voice therapy which would train them to speak with a lower tone. Because they're women who are like 5ft4 on average with narrow shoulders it's not necessarily possible for them to advance past the teenage boy voice.

No. 1012031

Girls generally speak "higher up in their throat", so to say. Many think that FtM's don't need to voice train, but some really need to learn how to speak more relaxed and from their chest. If they don't, they end up with that annoying nasally sounding voice.

No. 1012037

File: 1595597467036.jpg (25.73 KB, 454x344, 04.JPG)

A little bit ironic

No. 1012038

Is this a joke? How can they write this and be 100% serious?

>No fujoshis
How does she run her own account, then?

No. 1012065

Oh lol. Well, I mistook her for mtf because she presents female.

It could also pulling the “I’m black” card. Twitter retards actually fall for donating to any black person because of ~reparations~. I doubt if she were a white girl she’d get that much money. Not even criedwolves got to $1500 on her fundraiser and she was the most popular tumblr and Instagram ftm for a long time.

No. 1012085

>How does she run her own account, then?
ummmmmmmm, because HE is a genuine gay man who hates those evil middle age 22 year old karens who fetishize his tender sexuality by reading that nasty, impure, sinful YAOI!!!!! He only reads the finest wholesome MLM coffeeshop knit sweater fanfic AUs with no icky things like sx thus doesn't count as a gross fjoshi freak uwu

Browsing her instagram I honestly have a hard time believing she's actually 18 and not 14. Do 18-year olds really act this way now? I keep seeing fakebois who are closer to 20 and they're mentally stunted somewhere around 8th grade, it really supports the hypothesis of gender dysphoria being more prevalent within autistic people.

No. 1012304


Snackelford IS an FTM. Or FT-non binary. While retaining every feminine aspect and using feminine pronouns.

No. 1012305


I would hope UK FTMs seeking quick and easy top surgery fail in their GFMs, the NHS does do them it just takes time and patience and some hoop-jumping first and honestly the trans folk I know largely think that's for the best to avoid anyone getting their tits lopped off on a whim.

No. 1012306

I hate to tell you this anon, but there are 25 year old fakebois who act this way.

No. 1012592

File: 1595699198902.jpg (38.13 KB, 464x818, 456123.JPG)

Bio reads: "🌸CIS BOY🌸"

No. 1012593

99% of FtMs (and "nonbinary"/"genderfluid" women) are girls who had a yaoi phase in middle school and never grew out of it.

No. 1012599

A lot of UK ftms are complaining about the wait list to get into the gender clinic in the first place, demand for gender services having rocketed in the last few years. It's not that hard to see that such a sudden increase can't be natural and short-term tranners are flooding the waiting list, taking T for a year and then fucking off again.. but no it's totally the NHS at fault. Hate it when shit is free but it's just not quick enough lol

Found this channel I used to watch, they bitched so fucking hard about waiting lists, wouldn't shut up with the usual suicide baiting.
I can't remember whether they eventually went private but now they're wearing makeup and talking about finding your style as a transman.. they admit to constantly changing style, buying and throwing out clothes, wearing girly shit and then rejecting it. I see a future detrans here but then I saw that even when they were pre-hormones

No. 1012603

File: 1595702280436.png (257.17 KB, 1687x713, 8525C0AA-6D95-43FC-881C-1A6B75…)

>be lesbian female autist
>become “straight male” autist
>discover your life has gone from cute spergy tomboy to being a dickless incel

Like poetry.

No. 1012605

>It's not that hard to see that such a sudden increase can't be natural and short-term tranners are flooding the waiting list, taking T for a year and then fucking off again.. but no it's totally the NHS at fault. Hate it when shit is free but it's just not quick enough lol
The irony is that if the procedure was something they really wanted and needed, they wouldn't mind waiting for it, considering it's elective. Not trying to shit on the dysphoric women who may fall into that region, but your superficial elective mastectomy (nor the emotional distress of ~not being a real boy~ and ~not passing~) is never going to be more important than women who actually need mastectomies for various medical conditions.

No. 1012619

>transition to get away from men's attention and misogyny
I just feel sorry for her.

No. 1012623

One of those posts is talking about not wanting to have a vulva, so she plans on getting a full phalloplasty and then returning to cool lesbian relationships.. how can this person legally consent to anything? I don't think they have the mental capacity to make decisions.

I felt for them on the 'I don't want male attention' part but now they've switched roles and they sound like the creepy weirdo talking the ear off of strange women. You can tell their head is all over the place.

No. 1012659

Why feel sorry for these people? No lesbians enjoy unwarranted male attention or misogyny, but very few are retarded enough to mutilate their bodies.

No. 1012758

holy shit i knew this person irl and they were super open about being a lesbian, then "nonbinary", then made their entire persona about being trans. i wouldn't be surprised by a detransition.

No. 1013192

No person on planet earth that‘s female enjoys catcalling.

No. 1013197

File: 1595808577490.jpeg (177.48 KB, 750x619, 36A1048B-CBD1-4D7E-832B-7A77A8…)

Not really a “fakeboi” but still an FtM, has anyone seen Kalvin in Blaire’s new video? She looked especially feminine in it. Also the nonexistent forehead.. I think I’ve heard a few anons saying that Kalvin might’ve gone off T and I kind of see their point.

No. 1013199

File: 1595808981597.png (153.62 KB, 1068x666, troons.png)

>that thumbnail

No. 1013210

I linked to it in the Blaire thread. Half of it is them looking at nonbinary retards on TikTok and half them talking about how trutrans they are.

No. 1013217

Their entire formula and "fame" is based on the mentality of "maybe I'll appear to pass better if I make fun of other troons who don't pass as well as me."

No. 1013264

Why would she go off T when she's waiting to turn her forearm skin into a crotch corndog? She's always had a round face and no amount of sucking in her cheeks will change that.

No. 1013294

File: 1595830063521.jpeg (999.75 KB, 1536x2048, Ed2eI5yWAAA-izT.jpeg)

The embodiment of unfortunate and poor decisions.

No. 1013296

File: 1595830126469.jpeg (704.47 KB, 1536x2048, Ed2eJZAWsAEST9t.jpeg)

Up close shot of the fembeard

No. 1013300

I think he just gained weight.

No. 1013329

Her lack of facial hair at this point is odd to me. I mean she has the voice change which happens pretty quickly anyway but then all other changes that follow.. seem to be missing. I've suspected for a while that she's either no longer on T or is on too low of a dose.

Wasn't she complaining about periods not that long ago? Not something that should be happening if the dose is ok.

No. 1013333


It's incrediby poor taste for trans guys to insist that top surgery is "lifesaving".

No. 1013349

This girl gives me big Abby Brown vibes

No. 1013365

>men are only successful if "they have a talent" (translation: this lazy bitch apparently expected to get through her whole life without developing any sort of valuable skills nor becoming good at anything, shuwu style…?)
>if i stayed as a girl i wouldnt have to worry neither i did nothing because i would still be liked and appreciated
>neither I did nothing.
>"oh noooo I need to have redeeming qualities now I can't pretend to be a dumb girl anymore!!!"
This is literally the same rethoric incels use to claim women have life con easy mode lol.

I am being remembered of all of those obnoxious so quirqy and unique types who tend to be massive leeches towards their female friends (or girlfriends in her case)'s work, and tend to make your life so incredibly difficult ie that one workmate who won't do any work and the little she does will be spectacular fuckups yet constantly gets away with it cause she'll play it dumb to avoid responsibility. I always knew these lazy pickme types know exactly what they are doing.

I'm honestly glad this particular retard played herself by turning herself into an autistic dickless incel and she isn't getting a free pass anymore because lazy idiots are a disease. I can't think of a better karma for people like her, wish all the leechy coolgirl types followed her example

No. 1013377


Don't forget if anyone actually wants to fuck with them they're automatically deemed a chaser. Top fucking kek

No. 1013389

I’ll never understand what the appeal of a regular woman transforming into a chubby neck beard.

No. 1013427

for queerness

No. 1013487

This almost reads like an incel blog post. "Life is so much harder for men :("

No. 1013501

the part as well when they're crying about m/f relationships not being equal… because the man has to make a bare minimum fucking effort for a woman? not because of all the shit that women put up with in m/f relationships?

also the part where they're talking about only wanting to harass lesbians with their fucked up genitalia and only being interested in lesbians blah blah blah… do bisexual women not exist? not that bisexual women would get with someone like this or deserve to have this freak chase after them, but their emphasis on lesbians make them sound like a fucking weirdo. it's like those freaks who go on tinder exclusively to harass bi women into joining their threesomes.

either way, it literally does sound either like a straight incel man with a fetish. i don't even know what to make of it.

No. 1013651

File: 1595898591549.png (381.73 KB, 554x617, Screenshot 2020-07-27 at 7.08.…)

this bitch really has a wild fucking animal in her house…

No. 1013747

I have a feeling that a lot of trans-trenders are going to relate to these post very soon.

No. 1013772

File: 1595915318560.jpg (5.51 MB, 4096x4096, CollageMaker_20200728_01453403…)

Can you imagine going from being a moderately cute lesbo (at least I thought she was cute) to a fat ugly neck beard?

Seriously I feel bad for her. She transitioned and immediately started balding.

Good thing ugly troons attract ugly troons so I'm sure she'll find someone.

No. 1013773

File: 1595915502114.jpg (6.37 MB, 4096x4096, CollageMaker_20200728_01513757…)

No. 1013785

Wow, can testosterone really make a woman go bald?

No. 1013790


you bet it can

No. 1013793

File: 1595922022487.jpeg (182.27 KB, 960x960, 89851C21-6F8F-4E5C-8268-255DCA…)

another example of a straight girl calling herself a fag because she likes dick

No. 1013799

Yes. A lot of FTMs lose their hair after some time on testosterone, that's why so many fakebois stop or keep their dose very, very low so that they barely get any effects at all and they can remain being soft fairie princes.

No. 1013831

Why do troons love calling themselves slurs so much? I’m pretty sure they would go apeshit if they got constantly called a faggot.

No. 1013866

File: 1595944659035.png (755.22 KB, 540x788, X36PhJx.png)

No. 1013872

Why would you do this to yourself, dear god.

No. 1013873

Those hips don’t lie

No. 1013875

mutilated, obvious females. this will never not be sad

No. 1013878

It's the hourglass figure

No. 1013891

File: 1595950023411.jpeg (420.87 KB, 2048x1536, 2C3BBFB1-2823-427B-B116-B5E306…)

Suddenly come out after no hint of disphoria, ebeg to get tits chopped off. Steal girlfriend from best “bro”, force her to transition. Liken their relationship to Hannibal and Will without an absolute hint of irony.

Probably abuses partner and only wanted to date her cause she was talented in the cosplay scene and could win him awards. Typical BPD narc uses manipulation to keep friends, cries and suicide baits whenever criticised.

Apparently can’t work while transitioning. Wants to be a cop (despite being bpd) Thinks Disney is a personality.

Is really just a chubby ftm with a sad neck beard. Triggered by the word “moobs”, had lipo that didn’t take. Projects self-loathing into fat shaming others.

No. 1013915

I need a name.

No. 1013920

Sounds milky. I need more.

No. 1013922

That's so depressing, butch genocide though ROGD is a real thing no matter what TRAs might say.

No. 1013925


This is so depressing.

No. 1013942

File: 1595957552570.jpeg (904.27 KB, 2048x2048, 44AD30AA-3719-48B5-B918-85EC3E…)


This has to be a girl, right? I can’t really picture s 19-year-old man looking this round and feminine (not to mention all the “I’m so gay lololol posts). All of the popular Twitter femboys follow them and they’ve got over 4,000 followers on top of that so obviously fooled a ton of people.

No. 1013944

File: 1595957577747.jpeg (184.99 KB, 1080x1549, 6F3EB0C6-2C4B-475B-A07F-3633F8…)

Full body photo

No. 1013946

File: 1595957625404.jpeg (278.57 KB, 828x686, 5247F55D-18CB-482F-A74D-6B0171…)

And cringe Twitter bio

No. 1013949

the way she dresses and the body shape says male to me.. but she can also be just a weeb with an unfortunate body so who knows. eyebrows are male too tho

No. 1013952

Definitely a male and especially because he considers himself a “trap”

No. 1013953

> especially because he considers himself a “trap”
Isn’t that 90% of fakebois though?

No. 1013959

File: 1595958890332.jpeg (91.61 KB, 1078x1440, 3889B7BD-561F-4FFD-AEFC-CA90C6…)

It just looks like a fat stumpy little girl to me.

No. 1013961


That's definitely a girl. Afficionado means she likes traps and beans.

No. 1013963

Kek I didn’t even see that part sorry anons I need better reading comprehension

No. 1013978


Just because a girl is ugly doesn't mean she's a boy.

No. 1013984

Those eyebrows though. They’re really tripping me up kek

No. 1013985

Cara Delevigne must be male then

No. 1013989

Is the blond one a dude?

No. 1013999

male or female she's ugly I don't get the 4k

No. 1014014

he has a very obviously male voice on his twitch clips (when he's not putting on a cringe "uwu anime girl" voice)
trap fetishists will stick their dick in anything

No. 1014018

yeah looked at their twitter and they actually are a dude who’s just gender nonconforming. even made a post abt how all feminine guys aren’t trans and trying to force them to be is bad

No. 1014022

Why do people this ugly seem to plaster their face as much as they can on the internet?
There isn't a single redeeming feature on this potato fuck.

No. 1014027

File: 1595967888053.jpeg (247.8 KB, 2048x1580, A7E376C9-7434-49EC-851D-DEA70A…)

these thighs and hands scream female

her tweets scream bpd

No. 1014051

If anything I think those wide, square legs just look like chubby guy.

No. 1014058


in 1999 she'd have been the hottest girl on the internet.

No. 1014092

obvious male is male
fakeboi traps at least put effort into their image beyond just growing their hair out like most mediocre xy traps do

No. 1014096


mileschronicles might detrans. Stevie Wonder, Helen Keller, and Ray Charles saw this coming.

No. 1014104

Looks like using your body as a petri dish isn't the best thing.

No. 1014112

Maybe that's why Miles always calls herself gay, she knows deep down she's just a lesbian.

No. 1014139

Seeing them down play the seriousness of it all in the comments is really disturbing.
"some people just need to find themselves and maybe horomones aren't the right path for everybody uwu"
The effects of hormones and surgery are permanent ffs

No. 1014150


Because reclaiming an identity that isn't theirs means they feel part of that community. Like certain trans women and "dyke" (both are gross).

No. 1014151


> gay

> bisexual

choose one

No. 1014256

ngl this just looks like a really unfortunate man, probably a taste of birth defects or something. He's obviously using tranny angles, filters and poses to hide his face masculinity, I doubt he looks that "soft" IRL. Having an awful fashion sense like that is pretty much a dead giveaway too lol

No. 1014262

Jesus what an obnoxious video, does testosterone turns you spastic as well? The comments sound like they were all written by teenagers, what a great influence she is on them. Also, am I the only one who's tired of hearing the word queer used so carefree?

No. 1014489

'butch genocide' go back to tumblr you overdramatic dyke

these outfits… the one on the right with his skinny ass elbows and knobbly knees… why can't these people dress normally? i know they only speak to other fakeboi troons but jesus

No. 1014509

these are dudes posted in this thread by accident so in their case it's not ever speaking to women

No. 1014543

File: 1596065835321.jpg (72.46 KB, 511x960, tumblr_471e41bc92a5a9bde046215…)

No. 1014544

File: 1596065958341.png (5.82 KB, 254x66, bio.png)

No. 1014545

File: 1596066050634.png (26.41 KB, 489x152, triggers.png)

No. 1014556

please tell me this is a child

No. 1014762

those nails jesus christ

No. 1014781

File: 1596121543773.jpeg (505.72 KB, 2048x2048, F1D8C029-2638-45E6-89EB-A22B51…)

it’s always the ugliest women who insist they’re twinks

No. 1014845

Isn't a twink supposed to be a skinny, hairless (i.e no beard) young boy? I don't understand people who call themselves twinks when they're fat or have any kind of hair other than arms/legs/top of the head.

No. 1014850

File: 1596133738659.jpeg (406.9 KB, 466x1065, E74DBCBD-A312-4BEE-ACC3-F23C8A…)

No. 1014867

Now this is an unfortunate head shape.

No. 1014880

Seeing troons and woke shit in French always sends me, I'm so used to seeing it in English that I thought we were immune to this lol.

No. 1014915

Canadian French tho.

No. 1014954

this doesn't really have to do with fakeboi nonsense but who still lists partial years as part of your age past childhood?

No. 1014979

sis looks like a dog that's eaten a bee

No. 1015001

It's quite obvious he's a dude, idk how anon fell for that one. Shitty Claire's jewelry, big male head, stumpy fat boy legs, overall male frame, and the most obvious one, his horrendous fetishistic style? Come on, lmao.

This is the 3rd time an actual dude has been posted, are the fakebois trying to discredit the thread so when their edgy 'trap' buddies expose them as girls they'll just say "But the fakeboi threads have posted cis men before, therefore I am cis! I just pass as a girl uwu" next time I come in here will someone try to claim that dude cafebeef is a female larping as a 'trap'? Lmao.

No. 1015031

Looks more like an MTF.

No. 1015034

Do you see the shape and size of that head, anon? Have you seen Mtfs?

No. 1015128

looks like an mtf to me, also I thought she was married but no that's the right hand

No. 1015228

File: 1596218638266.png (464.34 KB, 804x673, 1_Miles.png)

Kalvin has admitted to being somewhat lazy with T shots in periods/simply forgets to take them on time. Also weight gain. The lack of beard isn't that weird considering the age (19, I think?) Most bio dudes don't sprout anything worth keeping at that age either. I get more suspicious when older tranners show a remarkable lack of facial hair after years on T.

Speaking of quitting T… Miles "I'm so fucking queer" McKenna recently posted a video admitting being off T for two years now (thought the face looked rounder and softer nowadays). Apparently some of the reasons were acne and fear of the aging-effect of T… I swear half of these people have some sort of Peter Pan syndrome!

No. 1015230

Whoops, sorry.
Skipped over that this anon >>1014096 had already posted about it.

No. 1015264

smh biologically males won't escape this, effect of aging is part of the process that's only natural, and they insist that transmen are men

No. 1015540

"transmen are boys, uwu"
Yeah, bio dudes look like… bio dudes, not "smol lil' soft beans" aka girls.

No. 1015695

Peter Pan syndrome, for sure. not long after transitioning, Miles has taken to having a 2000s pop-punk teen boy persona which seems to appeal to a younger fanbase.

No. 1015790

File: 1596325850766.jpeg (212.42 KB, 828x774, 4B03379D-8553-4F8C-AE36-FD606A…)

>no fun allowed

No. 1015953

not like a majority of “trans men” are women who are stuck in their fujoshi phase or anything. the ignorance is astounding

No. 1016054

but all the lesbian porn made specifically for straight men to consume is totally ok

No. 1016074

File: 1596376262364.jpeg (261.65 KB, 828x609, 06BD2456-9466-459D-AA9C-9D376A…)

Samefagging but her friend came to the rescue.

No. 1016106


I have self-harm scars from childhood and am a keloider (like second post explains). Wearing sexy clothes for my husband is not me glorifying self-harm, it's me being confident and accepting of my body.(blog)

No. 1016194

File: 1596396416758.png (1.71 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_2020-08-02-13-18-32…)

27 and larping as a shota like the fujoshi pedo she is. She really thinks she doesn't look like a woman trying to pass as a child lmao

No. 1016258

don’t bother replying to posts about you on here. no one cares. I’m not saying this to be mean, I’m advising you cuz people can start talking about you again if you feed the fire. Better just to ignore and move on.

No. 1016260

File: 1596403190047.jpg (106.67 KB, 939x498, Screen_Shot_2019-01-14_at_1.23…)

what's even going on with that cluttered room in the background?

No. 1016263

It never ceases to amaze me how many Aidens are into decora/fairykei fashion.

No. 1016276

File: 1596404342732.png (135.41 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_2020-08-02-13-18-35…)

She didn't need to announce that she's mentally stunted but thanks for clarifying what's already graringly obvious

No. 1016447

"Gay men"

Meaning botched fujos with no tits mad normal women can like m/m pairings without trying to larp as a fake dude.

Lol, I remember this freak from a previous thread, this is still her username? There's a reason why trap stuff is popular over shota, no one wants a connection to pedo shit. Still obsessed with teenage boys, I see.

Are you the FtM? If that's you, why does anon have that pic if it's just you being sexy for your husband? And would would you respond, yet again, a whole month later? Why do severely mentally ill people love attention so much, even if it's negative? I'm wondering if this stuff is just a fetish turned mental illness, tbh. Like they get so obsessed with the fetish they have to become it.

No. 1016847

File: 1596484886198.jpeg (588.65 KB, 1125x1569, 646724B7-6EB0-4319-8E98-4B3CE0…)

Mentioned him in another thread and someone suggested posting him here.
Jaxx, or Abigail, claims being 17 ever since he got backlash for dating minors when he‘s actually 19
Thinks he is/looks like/dated??? Finn Wolfhard and makes tiktoks about what he‘ll tell him when they finally meet up. (Good luck on that)
He apparently also is racist and claimed DID in an attempt to put the blame on his alter, who‘s, shocker, going by his birthname.
Also once said that he only realized he‘s a boy when his father killed himself.
His tiktok goes by the same @ but if you look his name up anywhere you find tons of pages where people call him out.
Sorry if I did anything wrong, never really posted a new person here before.

No. 1017019

>which gay men are uncomfortable with

And not a single one of those offended gay men has a penis. What’s worse, she says she is representing minor “gay men”, which means she is outraged on behalf of perverted, inexperienced young girls who have no business dictating what a grown real gay man’s life is like. It’s hilarious how these miserable, non-passing girls devote their lives to protecting gay cartoon porn depicting men they will never look like and characters that have anatomy they will never possess. I’ve never met an actual gay man that cares about this shit. Maybe because they’re out having sex with real men?

Even with filters, she easily looks like a 30 year old woman. Not haggard or anything. Just her age. It’s disturbing how these women are obsessed with being perceived as young boys, not men their age. The weird thing is that she is in a heterosexual relationship with a normie man where their traditional gender roles are super obvious.

No. 1017348

I know I'm late to the party, but I'm 99% sure I know who this is and am wondering if the anon who posted is still here and knows who she is, too? There's no way this isn't a chick I went to school with who's an absolutely insane weeaboo transtrender nutjob, because if she is I have a lot of wonderful milk, but I need confirmation

No. 1017470

File: 1596568784341.png (542.2 KB, 930x446, jaelvinc.PNG)

This TikToker recently decided that her pronouns were no longer he/him and is now back at being a girl.

No. 1017499

Honestly this needs to be encouraged. It’s obvious that a lot of girls catch on to this trans shit and run with it due to slight internalized misogyny, but so long as other trans people AND people who make fun of trenders shit on people that come to their senses, fewer will.
Not saying you posting her is inherently negative, but a lot of de-transers are laughed at, which I don’t think helps anyone.

No. 1017528


I for one like seeing them have breakdowns on social media.
Play dumb games get stupid prizes

No. 1017740

anon spill te milk

No. 1017758

is that the same one that had an attempted thread on here? the one that had her mom go on their IG live to defend her actions?

No. 1017808

Who cares, post the milk

No. 1017821

Yeah. Jaxx mom is a nutcase as well, threatening to sue people left and right.

No. 1017861

hi vickey, this is low, even for you.

No. 1017891

Sounds like you're the bitter ex

No. 1017902

Good for her! I take it she hadn't hopped on hormones yet?

No. 1017905

The disturbing thing is that so many straight people will pick this narrative up and start telling people how "gay men" actually hate BL and fujos and how women must stop enjoying it, never stopping for a moment to check how many of these "gay men" are actually mentally ill Aiden AFABs being angry that someone shipped their kinnie with the wrong character.

What really fucks me up about this scenario is that whenever someone decides to detransition (which alone takes a whole lot of balls when all your friends are deep in the trans ideology) I've seen multiple people go "Hmmmm but you could be just nonbinary did you think about that????". Like are you serious? Weren't you people supporting the narrative that gender dysphoria is the worst fate anyone could experience? Wouldn't it be a good thing if someone came to terms with their birth sex? Fucking crabs in a bucket I swear.

No. 1018379

Spotted this one whining about being misgendered after telling people she's trans (more than likely Mistaking her

No. 1018381

File: 1596711056833.jpg (123.27 KB, 1536x1536, 98345526_278342939881358_11691…)


No. 1018382

>being from Quebec
>being trans
double unlucky.

No. 1018386

Gosh she 100% reads as female and the acne doesn't help

No. 1018388


mtf dream of looking as much of an obvious girl as her. First step would be the damn eyebrows.

No. 1018391

Lol nah no idea who she is, just spotted her in a FB group and figured I'd post her like I do with other random fakebois I spot. Do tell.

No. 1018397

File: 1596716945708.jpg (51.04 KB, 510x680, Eer3Zr4WoAUoH_H.jpg)

this one looks undeniably female to me but all of their simp followers think it's actually a male crossdresser (clearly why it has so many followers) @CursedArachnid on twitter

No. 1018398

File: 1596717029847.jpg (48.44 KB, 510x680, Eer3Zr8WkAIPkU4.jpg)

they think that because of pics like this. i'm not good enough at photoshop to tell if this is shooped or if she just has no tits but i'm pretty damn confident she's female (unless i see a dick)

No. 1018403

File: 1596717932076.jpg (145.89 KB, 1892x2208, 3ebe2990e7f6294d786e18f981ee78…)

No. 1018404


Just a girl with no tits, god that photoshop is atrocious by the way, she edits her upper body to ne anachan spoop levels but its pretty obvious shes kinda fat from the thighs and stomach, also bug eyes lol


I keked so hard

No. 1018405

just look at their youtube/twitch her voice gives it away

No. 1018406

File: 1596718141015.png (951.93 KB, 584x704, lol.png)

100% a female alright

this bitch is so cringy

No. 1018502

File: 1596734896377.jpeg (342.79 KB, 828x1109, BE7AF94A-1251-46BD-BD76-9BCD6E…)

Amelia is so weird Jesus Christ

No. 1018559

>please please give me attentioon pweeeasse ;w;

No. 1018591

Lmao she is small even with those boots