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File: 1705481571688.jpeg (75.09 KB, 411x441, IMG_2149.jpeg)

No. 1956070

Admin note:

Please remember this thread is not to discuss general grievances and phenomena of the trans "community". Only post here if you're talking about specific trans cows and are able to provide screenshots of their behavior. Generalized vents don't belong here, nor do your personal experiences. Use the appropriate threads on our off-topic boards for this.

This is a series of threads about fakebois and trans-identified females (TIFs).

TIFs are girls and women who take on the 'trans' label to any extent, including undergoing ("gender-affirming") surgery under that label.

"Fakebois" are girls who pretend to be boys, either by becoming TIFs or larping biological males through the screen (classic move). Fakebois usually style and present themselves as androgynous or feminine-looking boys, or wearing girls' clothing and make-up while insisting on being addressed with he/him (or occasionally they/them) pronouns and take great offense at being gendered as female.

These threads are also now a catch-all for any minor TIF cows without threads of their own. Even "serious" troons, (like Kalvin Garrah and Ellen Page) are fair game, as are horrific troon surgeries and pregnancies. Just remember to spoiler that shit.

**TIFs, no one cares if you think you're ~more legit~ than the cows posted here.**

Additionally, occasional discussion of fujoshis is fine, but don't sperg and infight about it. Report and ignore bait.

Notable FtM-related subreddits:

Old threads by order of recency:

No. 1956076

The juxtaposition of those sentences in that word salad is perfect.
>Peppa was 26 years old and on stolen land and scared of confrontation and the best little gloryhole and chronically online.

No. 1956080

File: 1705485464538.jpeg (701.19 KB, 828x1232, 691511BF-617F-4D3D-95E7-876370…)


No. 1956083

Exactly 1 jaw procedure away from Ellen Paige

No. 1956084

3 years on T and the only change is that she's aged 30 years. There's nothing masculine in either pic except for the greasy hair in the second one.

No. 1956085

Australian TiFs are the fucking worst. I think it's also disrespectful to use the term Meanjin like that considering it's referring to sacred grounds.
Looking like a dehydrated carrot

No. 1956086

It's"pig bimbo" that gets me.

No. 1956088

File: 1705488928103.jpg (288.35 KB, 1080x1559, 1000024981.jpg)

when cows collide

No. 1956089

She looks like she has been below the sun daily, directly burning her face and only her face for at least 10 years. Why is her skin so fucked up?

No. 1956090

I gasped and cackled out loud this is unreal. I hope she doesn't rope but what other reaction is there once you fully realize the proportion of doing something like that to yourself

No. 1956094

So much trans joy and euphoria in one pic.

No. 1956096

boy is when liver spots

No. 1956119

The boyn-tment and brotion are killing her.

No. 1956121

How did she put those two pictures together and not see that she just went from looking like she showers everyday to once a decade? That's not a man, that's a greasy woman.

No. 1956141

She looks like the main character from saltburn now

No. 1956177

just looks like extreme sun damage and wet hair to me

No. 1956182

File: 1705509956913.jpeg (818.18 KB, 828x1383, 24AC1F72-4990-4773-B20C-03E6D1…)

the jokes write themselves

No. 1956185

just like page she has these completely dead, empty eyes. bleak

No. 1956204

do they believe that smiling clocks them as women or are they actually depressed. Everytime I see a tif pic, they're either doing the edgy high schooler fuckboy gaze or this dead softboy eyes

No. 1956210

videogame men in the 00s vs videogame men now

No. 1956234

Maybe she means she's indigenous

No. 1956238

Why is the chest concave for so many of them? They take out the fat but surely the muscle, however underdeveloped it may be kek, is still there right so how does it look like that

Right Astarion is so ugly but tifs are all over his wrinkly ass

No. 1956243

it's the opposite. They take out glands and muscle but fat is still there, look at >>1953998

No. 1956256

Wait actually? They take out the muscle?

No. 1956259

They take out everything that's tissue-y and and mammary glands, then they just stitch up. Fat pockets are still there, under the skin

No. 1956266

The surgeons need to be hanged wtf

No. 1956269

I think that’s only in a radical mastectomy when they’re not sure if the cancer has spread. Ftm surgeries are more like radical breast reductions that sometimes preserve the glands if they’re keyhole.

No. 1956277

Her substack is the most pathetic endless cry for validation. Despite having so much unearned success, she’s still miserable and her art has not improved in any way. https://www.imfineimfine.com/(sage your shit, this is an imageboard)

No. 1956290

NTA but I agree. Unless the surgeon is incompetent (which is very likely here lbr) I doubt the pectoralis muscles are removed. We've all seen pictures of TiFs who get into body building in an attempt to pass, and they all still have pecs.

No. 1956298

File: 1705528061462.jpg (384.14 KB, 1600x1055, trueandhonestboymoment.jpg)

No. 1956305

No joke, I saw a pic of a tif two weeks after op and she's like "I feel so free without using binders" or "I feel so sexy now", but her face says otherwise, like "oh I screw it up" or "I shouldn't have done this".

No. 1956315

nah it means she's white with an sjw guilt complex. the same type of retard who says they would totally definitely let the natives kill them and take all their stuff in the name of 'decolonization'. of course they're only saying that bc there's no chance of that ever happening kek

No. 1956316

Unironically, after post OP, I have yet to see a tif out in public with her bare butchered chest. They only go topless for tiktok shitty videos and pictures, but I didn't see one going out in public, mostly because they know they look hideous and regret it and scars are ugly. They also cover themselves more, I always see these gendies frothing over "androgynous" fashion with corsets and shit but they give them up once they cut their chest as if they know it all looks like shit on them, so their last resort is baggy clothes. I can see it so much when a tif regrets the horrors she consented to, even the eyes always give it away, maybe it's the high cortisol that their body always release in response to such unnecessary trauma to the body

No. 1956329

dried carrot

No. 1956339

File: 1705538668997.jpg (761.99 KB, 864x1333, tifstifstifs.jpg)

This one was so bad I thought it was a joke at first KEK

No. 1956376

The other anon who replied to you is a moron. The reason many TIF mastectomies look concave like that is because they remove as much breast tissue and fat as possible. Real men do have a small amount of fat and breast tissue in their chests, it's the reason men can also (rarely) get breast cancer. So by surgically removing all the fat and tissue, they create an unnatural empty look.

No. 1956380

Even the title of her autobiographical comic Substack is her attempting to convince herself (and her audience) that she didn’t make the biggest mistake of her life by cutting her tits off. So sad. Like gurl, it’s OK to be a lesbian woman, I’m sorry that the world was homophobic to you.

No. 1956394

File: 1705555278934.gif (857.86 KB, 245x188, YRs5huI.gif)

I thought she was a TIM.

No. 1956395

I think that's why there are so many scar chest thing in in TIF art so they can have the "courage" in showing them in public? Still, the dead eyes says a lot that they do regret the idea of removing their breast or using their skin for fake sausages or using T like Vitamin C.

No. 1956402

File: 1705556546541.jpg (96.53 KB, 1272x723, 9af23199-6264-4d66-a3db-5b92bd…)

>I like boats
>It's a gender thing
I like breathing, it's probably a gender thing too. Time to transition into an alveoli, wish me luck nonnas.

No. 1956407

File: 1705557061788.jpg (21.21 KB, 550x550, 702dbd41e7662e44d03b3d9a0ab4b3…)

Her makeup application skills pass as male, at least

No. 1956408

I'm surprised that she uses substack when that's where all the eeevul twansphobes congregate.

No. 1956410

File: 1705557354629.jpg (227.42 KB, 1080x1252, Screenshot_20240118_111907_Chr…)

Kek why are tifs so embarrassing? The entire post and comments are filled with either the straightest things in existence or mundane shit that has nothing to do with one's gender and sexuality. This girl already lost at 'of course I stayed appropriate (to not make them uncomfortable)' because moids do not care about how comfy the person they're hitting on is feeling, and all she did was compliment them to begin with but she'd rather pretend it was on-par with 'rizzing' or flirting.

No. 1956413

File: 1705557615751.jpg (227.06 KB, 699x847, 20240117_235113.jpg)

Girl, your doc SHOULD be "in troubles" he's handing out dangerous medication like candy on Halloween and ignoring even the bare minimum safety measures

No. 1956414

File: 1705557731604.jpg (32.41 KB, 1080x302, Screenshot_20240118_112951_Chr…)

Samefag but I didn't get this comment at all, fellas is it gay to have an art gallery or keep the lights on?

No. 1956417

is it considered "passing" if you genuinely think a ftm is mtf? if so she passes with flying fucking colours kek. I was about to tell >>1956339 that they posted in the wrong thread until I did a double take. I feel like they want the human race to morph into a singular horrifying gender defined by poor posture, bad makeup, and worse hairlines.

No. 1956420

I can already see her disgust in reaction to if she heard a woman openly talk about sexually desiring other women in response to being asked this exact question kekkk

No. 1956425

isnt like being saved by firefighters a super common straight woman fantasy?

ot but can you repost the photo you attached in your original message kek

No. 1956441

But anon it totally happened and everyone clapped and the firefighter blushed really hard and didn't at all laugh at a woman saying "not to be gay but" to him. firefighters are all really overworked and haggard though so why is it a fantasy in the first place? Now summer lifeguard I can understand

No. 1956444

My sides

No. 1956448

Slightly off topic sorry but it’s so funny how moids go on and on about women “hitting the wall” and yet troons are always saying estrogen is magic and brings their looks down a decade (lies), while testosterone ages pooners like this to such a crazy degree in only a few years. I’m starting to think it’s moids who age poorly (just looking around confirms it) and “the wall” is moid cope lmao

No. 1956471

that happens to obese people, they become so "non-human" looking that we stop being able to read male/female features as easily

No. 1956477

Finally, a subreddit where women can post comfortably.

No. 1956482

POV: you're a bag of oreos she's about to destroy

No. 1956491

File: 1705587275823.jpeg (702.05 KB, 828x1311, EDAC193A-5842-46B3-ADEA-DD0670…)

This whole sub is delusional

No. 1956493

Yeah anon, haven’t you heard? Boats are only for boys! Stoopid girls need to stay in the kitchen and they’re only allowed to like dolls and flowers!!

No. 1956501

Kek. Honestly though, it's one of those rare subs where moids don't barge in with their misogynistic takes (because these girls are already doing it themselves)

>you can almost see my moustache
You need to have one first.

No. 1956510

File: 1705594766572.jpg (30.75 KB, 512x512, 7544883.jpg)

…It is literally moids who age poorly. I have no clue how males managed to mindfuck women into thinking it's the other way around, guess it's one of those moid exercises in self soothing projection as usual. There is no gerontologist on the planet that will agree that men age better, extending male lifespan specifically is everyone's #1 goal in the field, and every single working life extension treatment is de-virilizing. Hell, one of them is a form of estradiol. As a rule of thumb, an organism that lives longer can't possibly age faster. It's not a thing. The other curious side of this is the idea that women mature faster sexually, which can't be true given that women live longer - but that's another rabbit hole entirely.

Inb4 I get asked for sources so here's an ok overview. The ONLY metric where males score better is muscle mass (which, paradoxically, is because of the very pro-anabolic state that made them age faster to begin with):


Antagonistic pleiotropy and why injecting T is shooting aging juice:


No. 1956515

Fucking hell this is insane. If your tranny doctor is giving out hormones to uwu boyos that damage their kidneys he's not saving very many lives, is he, you fucking retard. Either this doctor is doing his part in bringing about the tranny apocalypse or he's dangerously incompetent and needs to be stopped.
Just admit you danced around in your bedroom by yourself while imagining you were an extra in Euphoria, it's less embarrassing than whatever this is.

No. 1956517

Kikomi stays winning

No. 1956519

Anon are you a biochemist or something? Or do you do this as hobby cause that’s even more impressive. It is wild how many myths get sold wholesale in biology e.g. men and women ‘complete’ each other (men need women), pregnancy is natural therefore it’s good for you (actually very damaging), women only exist for reproduction (males exist to nut and die), men logic women emotion, females need to take care of males, and this aging thing.

No. 1956520

Eh, you guys are severely overestimating the amount of effort that goes into elective self mutilation. I promise you that surgeons don't think too hard about it and do in fact chop as much as they can, similar to cancer mastectomies. There is a way to do what FTMs want correctly, but no one gives a shit about them enough to bother.

No. 1956522

Firefighters are very used to be hit on by women, even in emergency situations. A lot of fire departments do sexy calendars to raise money for charity because they know women will buy them. It's appealing because they're men-in-uniform, but they don't kill people like cops or military guys.

No. 1956523

I have a hypothesis that males project as their primary means of self soothing because of their tendency to externalize, which in turn evolved because self awareness would impose fitness costs on them. If you are disposable and meant to nut or die trying, there is no point in pondering your own nature or questioning your actions in any way.

No. 1956567

And when they do gain self awareness they do the most useless thing possible: become philosophers

No. 1956584

I really really really doubt she’s been a boat nerd since forever. It comes off as the TIFs who claim to love dirt and bugs because apparently that’s what men like

No. 1956628

File: 1705615235119.jpeg (434.47 KB, 1119x1377, IMG_5328.jpeg)

Sage for blogging but the bulk of surgeons that actually “try” for TIF patients are university-affiliated for some reason, my older sister trooned out but before getting titchop she had consults at a bunch of places and I tagged along out of morbid curiosity and the difference between their results (which they can’t share online like independent surgeons, hence why they’re less well-known) and the surgeons FTMs always hype up is like night and day. My tinfoil is that they go into transgender healthcare in university-affiliated positions out of genuine “empathy” for/interest in tranny patients, whereas independent surgeons who advertise botched procedures realize it’s a good racket plus you skip over a lot of the waiting game of red tape and prior authorizations if you do it privately, i’ve seen a lot of private surgeons bill people’s insurance out of network on top of what patients have to pay but charging patients who have partial insurance coverage the same amount out of pocket as they charge patients with no insurance coverage. Plus they get to feel like heroes because the TIFs cry ad nauseam gratefully about how they’re providing “life saving procedures”. A lot of these doctors only do tummy tucks and BBLs besides top surgery, and the cognitive dissonance of several neon-haired FTMs sitting in the same waiting room as a bunch of middle aged women or instagram baddies consistently astounded me because they seemed so oblivious to the fact that they were, regardless of how they identified themselves, voluntarily waiting with other women waiting to get elective cosmetic procedures
There was a scandal at one of the hospitals she had a consult at though, coincidentally it’s also a hospital jazz jennings consulted at too

No. 1956640

Unsurprising. If I were a surgeon I'd secretly despise these people too.

No. 1956652

Nonna you are so cool, thank you for all the info

No. 1956655

Same, but this kind of stuff just makes me incredibly nervous as if people are flagrantly showing their biases against people who it’s a career risk to “discriminate against”, there’s no chance of the racism or sexism, which there’s no penalization for, in medicine ever going away no matter how many woke seminars and pleas for ethics there are. I mean all the tranny shit going on now is obviously just symptomatic of and in response to that but still. We are ngmi

No. 1956680

File: 1705623301741.jpg (418.87 KB, 1364x737, dogtif.jpg)

TIF gets jealous of a literal dog. How do people see this shit and not realize how retarded troons are?

No. 1956688

>doesn’t deserve balls
Ridiculous in any context but especially funny with a dog.

No. 1956698

from now on if i end up in an argument with a guy i'm gonna start breaking out "you don't even deserve balls" on them

No. 1956732

Off topic but yeah, some women are quite into men in uniforms.

No. 1956754

Lol I've seen this floating around. And in fiction sure, but because they're moids it gets to their heads and they become assholes because of it, which is no prince charming that saves you and tends your needs and whatever. Though I wonder if tifs like >>1956410 who idolise visible stereotypical masculinity like that ever stop to question, or if they're just lost to the sauce of omg my straight girl fantasy is sooooo gay now!!!

No. 1956799

File: 1705645269536.mp4 (916.12 KB, 720x1280, 1000006925.mp4)

This is bleak.

No. 1956809

File: 1705648229503.png (1.35 MB, 808x1434, kek.png)


No. 1956820

Gross and pathetic as fuck. How low have tifs fallen that they're getting jealous of dog-balls now? Imagine being so insecure of not being a moid that your first thought while dealing with an annoying dog is 'he has balls, why don't I?'

No. 1956822

>after my sex change
Sex change? girl it's just a bootleg copy that's bound to fail and get infected every week.

No. 1956834

File: 1705659680219.png (229.72 KB, 640x549, 4CD5CA01-CF7F-4FF1-9F1E-93332F…)

Not milk, just ugh - that’s not even a fetish porn art, just a regular kid character drawn in a regular kid friendly style, but of course with fucking scars. Why not also define a meat tube on the drawing, idk, would be pretty radical and heckin valid if you ask me

No. 1956846

If you dont stop to look at this properly it just looks like sonic has tits. Quite the opposite of what the artist meant to draw, kek

No. 1956848

Bleak. How the hell is this funny to anyone, she looks depressed

No. 1956902

Pretty sure those are just tits.

No. 1956909

>punpun tattoo

No. 1957037

I would expect that from Rose… but Sonic? An already canon male character? TIFs ruin everything.

No. 1957109

Spoiler that stuff

No. 1957146

can't imagine anything more excruciating than attending a couple's 'breakup party'

No. 1957154

File: 1705729819040.mp4 (315.38 KB, 320x568, theythem.mp4)

I thought I recognized her, she made this in response of a tif claiming to also be a nonbinary mentally ill korean comic artist. Now I'm wondering if the man at the end is her ex bf kek

No. 1957157

that's the same bf

No. 1957202

If they were tits they'd have nipples.

No. 1957217

>>1957154 the bf looks like Christopher Moltisanti

No. 1957257

she reminds me of ellen page. all those hormones and surgeries, and she still looks like a woman

No. 1957304

She’s become so crazy on twitter after moving to brooklyn and trying to be a cool they/them and of course she only dates the most basic nice guy older white men. What is this own supposed to be even lol

No. 1957310

File: 1705763282201.png (19.67 KB, 598x214, 1697593404948.png)

>she only dates the most basic nice guy older white men

And make him say he's GAY in a GAY relationship.

No. 1957374

File: 1705772819800.jpg (502.42 KB, 1048x1304, Screenshot_20240120_113855_Duc…)

I did a preliminary check because this is a couple weeks old but there doesn't appear to be any posts about this yet. An ftm going by the handles "toonimal" and "critterkiddo" was exposed as not only being a zoophile and pedophile but also running a pedo/zoo/paraphilia social media website called oddballs.online which is apparently part of the "pediverse". The doc calls her "he" because it was written by tumblr users but it has documented a lot of heinous posts on the website as well as her doxx. It was taken down but there remains an archived version ( open with caution seriously while there are no CSEM images the posts here describe all manner of disgusting acts): https://archive.md/7lheg as well as a version w/o the doxx: https://docs.google.com/document/u/0/d/1klBU_wsNOWmApBXS-C639z-O-Swyqus5UbQADHIp1jM/mobilebasic
Tumblr posts covering the situation:

No. 1957395

kek moids will do anything for a crumb of pussy. Also what are those collars they are wearing >>1957154

No. 1957435

"love bracelet" more like she was doing some voodoo to steal this tif's dustie.

No. 1957439

>prescription isn't really valid
sounds like the "doctor" who's sending her T is a deep web drug dealer who only accepts bitcoin and not her pcp telling her to see an endocrinologist.

No. 1957457

Is this the first time something of this scale was found to be ran by a woman? Genuinely sickening either way.

No. 1957458

Deadwingdork did a stream about this loolah and she is absolutely fucking vile. Her site had people openly admitting they were helping minors get away from their parents to live with people grooming them. I hope she rots for giving abusers a cushy place to groom victims

No. 1957495

this is the closest you get to a truly 'male' tif

No. 1957598

one thing I've noticed about these non white enbies and tifs are that they are often super attached to their heritage or their hometowns and make it a part of their personality, like this one tif I know keeps talking about being filipino despite living in the west for most of her life(sage your shit)

No. 1957634

I heard about the livestream but don’t know where to find it. Is it on YouTube yet?

No. 1957654

File: 1705822693100.png (25.53 KB, 653x150, roleplay.png)

the deets are horrifying but i had to laugh at this retard roleplaying in the middle of talking to people

No. 1957663

i just can't get over the author/s spending so much time gathering up horrific evidence of her behavior online but still feeling compelled to dignify her pronouns, why does the brainwashing run so deeply

No. 1957668

reminds me of Chris Chan. The dude literally raped his mother, but how dare you misgender him :/(:/)

No. 1957669

They usually go unlisted but this one has been deleted all together for some copyright reason. An archive may upload it later but no guarantees.

No. 1957673

I think in these cases you have to respect the pronouns regardless of your own position, so that other transies still in the cult will read the callout at all, instead of instantly dismissing it as transphobic lies.(sage)

No. 1957677

It's just two symptoms of the same problem. They can't figure out who they are outside of their labels so they just latch onto them and make that their entire personality

No. 1957679

From what I've seen with TIFs and TIMs alike as well as religious second and third gen immigrants but that's not entirely related they're overcompensating for not "fitting" in either their parents' culture or the culture/country they were raised in so they sort of pick and choose. Just like with gender I guess.

No. 1957704

File: 1705838679747.jpeg (Spoiler Image,152.54 KB, 945x1513, GEKZ03UXwAAVFtB.jpeg)

Absolute horror show phalloplasty-arm.

No. 1957705

that's so life saving

No. 1957706

I'm sorry. This does not compute. What the fuck am I looking at.

No. 1957707

My jaw literally dropped because this is so eye poppingly visceral I will never get used to gore never never never imagine doing this to yourself this is sickness

No. 1957708

I would kill myself if I had to live with an arm like this AND a necro sausage between my legs unable to piss without a forever catheter

No. 1957710

Warning, don't open, NFSL gorey degloved forearm! Somehow this gets me more than the fleshtubes kek what's up with all the wrinkles? Is there like some kind of plastic protective foil around it to keep it all together? And what are the thin horizontal black lines? Surely tattoos can't reach skin layers that deep, right? Horrors beyond my comprehension.

No. 1957720

File: 1705841481233.webp (Spoiler Image,224.7 KB, 1280x1707, E2D404C3-7A98-4671-A13A-FCAC31…)

Why would anyone do this to themselves is beyond me.

No. 1957721

The surgeons who do this are Nazi scientist experiment level deranged

No. 1957740

Sorry if my warning wasn't strong enough! I figure the wrinkles are some kind of plastic cover… I asked a doctor I know and she said it probably was some kind of protective cover (but she was horrified too). I assume the lines are just part of the cover? Maybe they usually use the covers in the size of one of the lined sections, but in this case they needed three.

No. 1957771

File: 1705848902632.jpeg (379.38 KB, 975x979, IMG_0180.jpeg)

Debbie is a typical Bay Area spoiled techie girl who never had any real hardships that her first gen parents probably went through to give her an easy life, then she got a job out of college at Facebook or linked in or something like that, made a lot of money to bankroll her stupid oppression memoir and now she’s got a ton of following and straight boyfriends who have to pretend to be “Gay” with her, and several book deals, and guess what, she looks even more unhappy, bc she never had any personality, and just used all the identity shit to make up for it. Ppl like that will always be oppressed and bitter, no amount of success and acceptance will be enough. Nothing to envy here. Also her art just got more detailed, zero growth

No. 1957773

As if it wasn’t already cringe enough. Her tattoos are atrocious.

No. 1957775

>>1957740 Don't worry, maybe I over-reacted initially kek. Your guess about the lines makes sense! Pretty rad you have the opportunity to ask an actual doctor about these things.

>>1957720 But the whole joke about 'tis but a scratch' is that it's wildly downplaying the extent of the injury. So why would you change the word scratch to flesh wound? The joke doesn't work out that way and makes it even less funny than it was to begin with. Kek at the edgy emo cut here perforation line tattoo.

No. 1957777

>is known online in babyfur, kidcore, and sparklefur communities
And then terminally online retards more than likely to be pedos themselves say with whole chest that these shitheads are not harming children and it's a 'victimless crime' which will somehow prevent pedos from acting on their 'urges', all while they're literally drowning in the content fueling their vile fantasies and engaging with other sickfucks. Getting called out and doxxed on tumblr isn't enough, I hope something actually happens to this bitch and everyone else on her site. These pedos at least deserve a life sentence, just keep them away from kids.

No. 1957780

I can confirm men in uniforms are very attractive. So are women in uniforms. Uniforms are attractive in general.

No. 1957785

To be fair the black knight says both "tis but a scratch" and "it's just a flesh wound," so the tat seems to be a combo of both those lines, which are both downplaying his injuries. In my circles I know the flesh wound line has always been considered far more iconic than the scratch one. I agree though it's weird to take a joke made by someone who's horribly maimed and apply it to your self inflicted surgery scars.
I'd say Ghislaine Maxwell also counts. Although it seems like most women found of doing crimes like this are usually working closely alongside a man.

No. 1957787

File: 1705850903580.jpg (1014.73 KB, 2800x3493, bj4xPqH.jpg)

No. 1957788

That's because those who are university affiliated are above anything else doctors while the ones who are more well-known and advertise themselves are more like businessmen. The ones TIFs go to are often plastic surgeons and unless you're someone famous or they're getting broadcasted on tv, they care more about making that money than their Patience's wellbeing. It makes sense, considering how plastic surgery is usually advertised to make people look attractive and improve their self-esteem, so despite what TIFs claim, it's an "aesthetic" surgery what they're getting… Meanwhile the university doctors are often surgeons with the purpose of curing patients or making their symptoms less delibarating. You know what "Doctor" actually means, aside from someone who has a license to practice medicine? A person who has earned the highest academic degree, usually a PhD, awarded by a college or university. So doctors in universities are the best of the best. They don't have time to manage their social media presence and advertise themselves, they're humble and busy people who are more focused on saving lives. Universities are generally conducting the most cutting edge research, so the doctors affiliated with universities often have access to the newest technology. The surgeons troons go to probably don't have as much knowledge on things as the field is very new. There's this thread on kiwifarms about botched surgeries and if you read it you'll realize how experimental surgery for troons is and how a lot of doctors who specialize on "trans-affirming care" intentionally will not fix the bad work of a previous surgeon because it's an unspoken rule between them.

No. 1957792

ANOTHER Ezra? Why so many TIFs with that name? It's the 2020's Aiden.

No. 1957796

File: 1705852433392.jpg (115.51 KB, 1920x1080, ezramccandless.jpg)

Ezra, from Hebrew, meaning "the most specialist and unique kawaii boy"

No. 1957800

Wrapping of the legs reduces the decrease in blood pressure following spinal anesthesia.

No. 1957803

Detransitioner queen actually

No. 1957804

File: 1705853534319.png (412.54 KB, 1080x2400, Untitled1_20240121181219.png)

Not a doctor and I'm ESL but those dark things are her veins. Arteries transport oxygenated blood and veins transport deoxygenated blood, that's why veins' blood is darker and won't look pure red but dark red to black. Here's a quick art of the "main" veins aka the biggest most visible ones.

No. 1957814

Is it true that these fake fleshsock dicks always rot off after a while? If so, I don't understand how on earth this surgery is allowed. Even if this extreme body modification did stop a TIF from roping, what's going to happen when it falls off? Do they just make another? How does that not make them want to kill themselves even more? It's like a shitty bandaid

No. 1957818

I'm surprised more of them don't rope after getting that necrotic sock sewn on. The delusion is so strong, even after multiple complications and what must be days of suffering it's just one more revision, just one more surgery, just a few more months of healing..

No. 1957819

So much transjoy!!!

No. 1957821

This is why i always roll my eyes seeing stats on how the regret rate for SRS is super low. Of course it is. These people push so hard for these surgeries, swearing up and down they're "LiFeSaViNg", it's their ultimate goal, they'll finally be happy and a real man/woman with it, their transition will be complete etc. Of course they'll never admit to themselves that it was a huge mistake because 1. They did it to themselves and 2. They can't take it back. It also feels like a betrayal to their community because all the other delusional people will turn on them if they dare disrupt their make-believe world, where their surgery actually did make them happy like everyone promised instead of mutilate them.

They have to stay strong to their zero regrets belief or else the crushing reality of what they've done to themselves will creep in.

No. 1957824

File: 1705856408100.png (Spoiler Image,325.22 KB, 472x576, 1639BBC9-6C49-4F78-99DC-ED5A98…)

Another frankenshlong

No. 1957826

Ah yes
Totally like the real thing.
I'd off myself too if I had these in between my legs, can someone hate themselves so much, see this shit and say "yep, I want that!"
I want this to come full circle, I want to live enough to see troonism being classified as a mental illness again…

No. 1957828

Honestly idk much. I tried to search for older accounts on Reddit that had phalloplasty (older than 2 years) and most of them are deactivated or deleted or abandoned. I found two who are still active redesckey and tgjer on Reddit. Second one has premium on Reddit so mental health wise I don't know if things are… Good. She said she got the surgery at 36 and had to replace it at 37 and 40. Look at the profiles on your own if you wanna learn more.

No. 1957834

File: 1705858328946.jpeg (76.48 KB, 500x500, 20723700000-020.jpeg)

No. 1957841

File: 1705858930367.jpeg (34.04 KB, 500x437, IMG_8202.jpeg)

You are surely fucking with me. That is a potato.

No. 1957850

The rate of loss to follow-up when it comes to trans shit is shockingly high. This was one of the findings of the British investigation into the Tavistock. Once a patient stops seeing the doctor who originally diagnosed them or gave them the scripts for medications, they may as well have dropped off the face of the Earth as far as the medical record is concerned. Half of the time when people detransition, the gender clinician they used to see doesn't even know. This is particularly pervasive in the United States because it isn't a single-payer system, which further complicates communications between providers.

No. 1957851

What do you mean she had to REPLACE IT??????

No. 1957853

That's not the official story, but it seems to be the case. The worst ones I've seen are the ones that have gone fully necrotic and don't even look vaguely sausage shaped anymore. I saw one where she said it got some kind of fly/larvae issue…??? I think even if they keep it ultra-clean, surely it's inevitable that the dead skin will eventually slough off or rot to the point that it has to be removed.

No. 1957857

File: 1705861007346.gif (1.49 MB, 320x222, 0ad0fc80ca71d14d94bcc9e8e87191…)

>fly/larvae issue…???
Excuse me what

No. 1957866

To top off the madness it seems that only these gender surgeons know what they've done to the patients and they tend to disappear too once the patient gets bad complications and normal doctors and er workers don't know what to do with the patients.

No. 1957886

i was eating ewwwwww. kinda my fault for opening the spoiler but why would you make yourself willingly this vulnerable

No. 1957894

What is even going on in this pic? Both of them trooned out or something?

No. 1957898

It's like vacuum sealed marinara sauce. Brave and stunning. Trans medicine saves lives!

No. 1957911

i miss when tranny art used to be laughably bad, it makes me sad that a woman with such talent wastes it on this shit

No. 1957912

I don't understand
The fake packers and strap ons are more realistic than the fake rotting sausage rolls. Like if you want a dick I'd rather have a detachable dick than a rotting one

No. 1957928

These women are not in their right mind

No. 1957941

While moids do age worse on average, you cannot compare natural healthy hormones to doing drugs and destroying your health.

No. 1957943

I still remember my TL full of "If you misgender Chris Chan, then it means you can misgender ME"

Girl, believe me, you don't want to lie over that hill when is something related to Chris Chan.

No. 1957945

ok imagine using this:
barely any sensation, won't fit anywhere in any hole, it gets soiled everytime someone pees, the female pelvis area is not made to support it, uncomfortable in any clothing and looks like a bologna. No girl o guy is gonna look at this and want to engage with it. What a fucking nightmare.

No. 1957946

File: 1705875724879.gif (489.84 KB, 480x198, 1480433920956.gif)

You know, for people that really, REALLY, want to be a man, would know how a real penis looks like. There's also in the porn they squirt to a lot… And yet they cannot see there's something wrong after the surgery?

Delulu is not a solulu indeed.

No. 1957954

File: 1705877619177.jpg (558.38 KB, 717x2020, parasite (1).jpg)

Yeah that was my reaction too lol. Icr if I got it from here or elsewhere, but the whole horror story in picrel. A follow-up question specified it was a 'fly larvae germ/parasite'.

No. 1957957

It's always funny to see it come from the bottom more like where our urethra and vagina are cause penises are actually so much higher. Hers isn't totally from the crotch like some I've seen but it still looks wrong. It's the hilarious reverse of troons whose rot pockets are oddly high up.
Also it's horrifying that this girl is now going to have to go through even more stages of surgery before she can start to see the final results. She has to mostly heal then actually live with this somehow (ironically skirts and dresses are probably her only clothes for now) and then go for other rounds of pain to "shape it up". Only to then discover, 3-4 surgeries down and many thousands paid that it isn't getting much more penis-like than this

No. 1958071

The girl in the first part is a personal cow of mine, kek. She posts like 20 times a day and they all consist of weird drivel/rambling, she always reminds people she was shoooo anorexic and spoopy like, constantly, under the guise of “I recovered!” When in reality she’s obviously trying to gloat about being an Ana chan once before she gained weight. It reeks of insecurity. Also her lisp makes everything she says more ridiculous LMAO

No. 1958108

can you try talking like a normal person?(infighting)

No. 1958109

they need to listen to king missile

No. 1958125

File: 1705898514277.png (19.92 KB, 547x285, dfdf.PNG)

sure Debbie keep lying to yourself

No. 1958137

ok but where does this thing go when you want to wear pants.

No. 1958140

why the fuck do they make it so big and weird looking?

No. 1958141

it reminds me to how nerdy virginal straight girls draw yaoi benises kek

No. 1958147

this is the most horrid physique i have ever seen also lol at that schlong

No. 1958149

File: 1705908239748.jpeg (Spoiler Image,141 KB, 1000x1333, IMG_0970.jpeg)

>eating disorder
How the fuck do people like this get approved for these surgeries, seriously? They must be going to unscrupulous surgeons in places like Florida that don't have mandatory medical malpractice insurance. Not only does the malnutrition from an eating disorder impede someone's ability to heal, it's also a potential confounding variable in screening for gender dysphoria (or at least it ought to be.)

I'm reminded of Mac "Gabriel" McClelland, a journalist who has all sorts of psychological crises and has spent the better part of a decade shuffling through different potential "cures" for her issues. First she claims to have contracted PTSD from hearing another woman's rape story on a trip to Africa, which she claimed to have "cured" by having a friend "pretend" to rape her. Then she got married and thought that would solve her problems, but it didn't, so she got a divorce. Then she tried psychedelics, then she "recovered memories" of being impregnated by her dad and being forced to have an abortion. Then she trooned out, but she still wasn't happy after the titchop, so she spent her life savings getting a frankendong. She's clearly a bippie who shuffles through quack "cures" and victim identities because she doesn't want to do the personal work required to actually feel better. Mac is honestly horrorcow material, just be prepared for a lot of fanfic if you choose to endure her masturbatory articles where she alternates between describing child rape in graphic detail and bragging about how good she thinks her skin looks.


Edit: spoilered the image. There's nothing explicit in it, but it's kind of gross.

No. 1958150

Body dysphoric disorder is a hell of a drug. People overestimate the capabilities of cosmetic surgery and are basically addicted to it for a variety of reasons (attention, obsession with chasing an unattainable goal, etc.) That's what "gender dysphoria" really is; it's just BDD with a post-modern kweer coat of paint. Why try to be male in the first place? It's a fool's errand, a delusion, and because the medical establishment stands to profit from it, it's enabled.

No. 1958152

File: 1705909245993.png (Spoiler Image,150.84 KB, 850x317, Postoperative-phalloplasty-res…)

There are three stages you must go through for the surgery to be complete
>Stage 1: The first stage is creating the penis using tissue from the forearm. The area where the forearm tissue is taken will require a skin graft. This may occur at the time of the initial phalloplasty surgery, or it may occur three to five weeks afterward. If it occurs later, patients will have a temporary skin covering over the forearm to help it heal.
>Stage 2: The second stage, scheduled about five to six months later, may include lengthening the urethra to allow for urination out of the tip of the penis, creating the scrotum and removing the vagina, and other procedures depending on the patient’s individualized plan.
>Stage 3: The third stage of surgery involves putting in place testicle implants and an erectile device to help the patient achieve an erection. The third stage typically takes place 12 months after the second.
And then afterwards some TIFs will do tattoos on their "dicks" so it will look more realistic. This is the first picture that comes up when you search phalloplasty results on Google. And as we all know, Google tends to show the best results or the most popular ones! So if that's the best you could get…
This picture here is one of the first results (around the 5th-6th result) when you search up phalloplasty of Google too! So if you think it's horrifying, it's actually one of the most successful ones, that would make you wonder how the less successful ones are, huh? But don't worry. It might look a bit better after it heals. Others? Not so much.

No. 1958156

I swear I've seen her before. Wasn't she on the cover of some magazine once?

No. 1958159

File: 1705912811496.jpeg (Spoiler Image,395.59 KB, 1797x1094, E243352D-E677-4A33-B17A-008942…)

why are these surgeons fucking incapable of placing the schlong in the correct place every time

No. 1958162

Is there a documentary or something on these monstrosities? how do they pee, how do they have sex(if its even possible)? I can, kinda, understand why TIMs would want an extra asshole, but why would TIFs want a dick when it looks so inconvenient and it wont be able to excercise the basic functions of a dick.

No. 1958165

File: 1705915817917.jpg (152.87 KB, 1497x1500, donkey-game-1885680901.jpg)

Maybe it's a game for them.

No. 1958166

Immense cringe. The ridiculous tattoos these women get always circle around to “the journey” they took in order to get to this surgery. They’re so so so proud of creating their own problems and getting a self centered attention seeking solution that they have to point even more self aggrandizing and attention seeking arrows right at their horrid surgery. Might as well tattoo “look at what I did to myself” with giant arrows. And don’t even get me started on how feminine it is to get something like this tatted…

No. 1958171

File: 1705920781747.png (1.02 MB, 1200x816, 1703060967402.png)

Kek yeah she was on a magazine cover (picrel), and they clearly photoshopped her to make the surgeries look waaay better than they were. She also seems to have developed a bit of the ol' 'eunuch body' since then.
The way her hips look and are twisted in >>1958149 is so feminine, and her face still looks so female, despite the beard. Destroyed her body for nothing.
They can get an implant in them so they can 'get erect' by pumping them up like an air-mattress. I don't think they'd be safe for penetration though… they'd probably get pulled off in the process.

No. 1958177

I'm friends with a tif and apparently there's some pump involved like >>1958171 stated. She has sex just fine, surprisingly. Sometimes she complains about peeing blood though, but I don't know if that's related to her sex life.

jfc that thigh wound looks so nasty. If I saw that irl I would assume the person had a horrible accident but no… she chose this.

No. 1958183

Every single tranny is a massive attention whore, I can't tell if troons are all batshit crazy because of the cult mindset or if it's because every cluster B nightmare rushes to get new pronouns and a set of socially acceptable self-mutilation scars.

No. 1958192

God, this poor moron, imagine the amount of bullshit conversations he had to put up with, affirming her cosplay, sure honey I’ll be a gay twink with you, can I has a hug plz. Probably exactly the kind of guy who gets redpilled after this kind of relationship.
Also hilarious that at her core, Debbie is the same over-compensating good girl that she’s always been, except her face looks haggard now and she’s not even 30.(sage your shit)

No. 1958196

This is one of the least horrifying results I've seen, unfortunately.

No. 1958203

im so desensitized to these things at this point i just burst out laughing. literally no human on earth wants this. no one finds this sexy. what is she even going to do with this lump of leg flesh? it won't go into an asshole, it might fit into a vagina with some severe gaping done beforehand. oh my god it literally looks like >>1957834

No. 1958206

I believe this. It’s a product of our dystopian society. They’re evil and making money off of sick individuals, further infesting our culture. It’s really tragic to watch and as much as we make fun of some of these crazies I feel deeply disturbed at the harm “doctors” are willing to commit. I also remember being in a psych ward as a teen when transgender teens were still considered mentally ill. I cannot IMAGINE mental health professionals now affirming these teens tumblr induced mental illness delusions while prescribing them mind altering drugs when their brains are still developing. What the fuck

No. 1958212

File: 1705936250951.png (133.15 KB, 790x689, 33e7e67e75efcfe095dd411bfc2aac…)

No. 1958215

>they clearly photoshopped her to make the surgeries look waaay better than they were.
To me it looks like they narrowed her hips as well

No. 1958234

I'm guessing here but either the bologna died or she needed the implanted erection system replaced (apparently those have a lifespan on average of about five years?).

No. 1958253

File: 1705947066042.jpg (1.41 MB, 4096x4096, IMG_20240122_130520.jpg)

Saw this in a FB group for making fun of Tinder/online dating fails. Another genderspecial TIF trying to insert twansphobia where it doesn't exist.

No. 1958256

File: 1705947758227.png (200.95 KB, 672x942, 1000010473.png)

This sort of shit makes me hate Tumblr so fucking much. Gendies are the lowest form of life. The unfunny meme is from a shitty troon-run podcast filled with fetishist degens. I can't listen to the host's voice. He has the same faggy interpretation of a valley girl accent as every fucking troon.

No. 1958264

fucking kekk

No. 1958270

I kinda want these men to be hoenst with these girls and women and just freely tell everyone they were just pretending to be gay to affirm their gfs delusions. They've broken up already so the gf can't break up with them again over it anyway lol and the girls really badly need a reality check

No. 1958278

I wish tifs understood that there are plenty of men out there who love seeing their topless "trans pride" selfies because their fetish is mutilated women. They collect those photos and use them to jerk off, fantasize about being the one to cause the harm. The tifs didn't escape being sexualized by men through transition, they just made sure the men are instead some of THE worst and sickest men on earth.

No. 1958296

I remember seeing a tif here with a bologna whose skin tone was lighter than her whole body. It looked like she had a ghost bologna between her legs.
Yes, is because there are no blood veins, but come on, at least make it looks more natural.

No. 1958297

File: 1705958599021.jpg (75.46 KB, 992x273, onethingisnotlikeothers.jpg)

>Agender, not a man
>username checks
>"offended" because gay means "non-women attracted to non-women".
>"I'm gay because men are hot".

All these extra steps to call herself straight.

No. 1958301

First time I see a trans person dislike this definition which is refreshing, sad that she seems to be a bit retarded though. Those words don't even have anything to do with homosexuality. Non women attracted to non women could also mean men attracted to animals. Or kids. They do like to do both of those after all. I wish the trans community would stop making up these word salads that could be interperted in a harmful way but hey if you want me to think you're a dog fucker then by all means call yourselves by these odd euphemisms.

No. 1958308

Old trans are blaming the new generation with those salad words which is a bit ironic, they're the ones that started the "lesbian can love men if he's a woman in his mind".

No. 1958320

She's still hypocritical for being against anti-categorizations while claiming to be one herself ("agender, not a man")

No. 1958337

File: 1705967303472.jpg (290.87 KB, 1080x1563, Screenshot_Reddit_.jpg)

One of the only transitions I've seen where the face hair isnt a patchy neckbeard, but the drugged looking dead eyes are still there.

No. 1958353

File: 1705971301333.jpg (42.04 KB, 600x400, German-bratwurst-weisswurst-pr…)


No. 1958355

lemme guess she's like 5'4 and is now a manlet with oddly wide hips

No. 1958358

how dare icky women get involved in my super valid and special kweer identity? ewwwww!

she looks like she just cried

No. 1958365

I think ED in this context means erectile dysfunction, aka the dildo implant probably penetrated through her arm sausage

No. 1958369

File: 1705975724254.jpeg (Spoiler Image,406.94 KB, 785x1108, 348D13C8-4E75-4F27-B447-603EEE…)

holy fuck the most horrific bologna i've ever seen. apparently this was the revision too

No. 1958374

they hunted down a wild elephant's trunk for this?!

No. 1958377

File: 1705977148070.jpeg (Spoiler Image,661.78 KB, 1536x2048, 1691016199179.jpeg)

Just like that.

No. 1958379

I doubt he’d want to be on the receiving end of her army of rabid fans, but let’s just say it’s highly unlikely that he’ll do anything remotely “gay” and will move on to another sad girl, adopting whatever gender trend gets his droopy face laid. And I’m sure Debbie will do her performative exploitation and settle down with another nice guy who will indulge in her bs.

No. 1958385

This is crazy, were they going for uncircumcised with this? Also, it looks like they used the skin from her rib cage to make this, I've never seen that done before.

No. 1958410

looks like a burrito

No. 1958427

I have yet to see a single TiF without tattoos. Every single TiF I have ever seen has had at least one tattoo. It's so weird.

No. 1958436

File: 1705989070987.png (Spoiler Image,2.77 MB, 1665x1765, port_test.png)

"art pieces" called portraits of testosterone vs the TiF in question

No. 1958440

File: 1705989632571.png (44.74 KB, 737x321, greentextshedoesntknow.png)

Was wondering whether to post this on the TiF or TiM thread. Tiffany is oblivous to the neonazi tendencies of her transbian sisters. Or, another hilarious example of male v. female socialization

No. 1958446

i don't know if you know but for those that don't, tif here got into a twitter argument with a tim that kept repeating "you hate me because i'm trans and that's transphobic!!!!" because he got involved in racist antics or something, i don't know if it was something actually serious because i did see something about the tim buying starbucks during the boycott and that's so evil (maybe it was another white tim). anyways the timmy was acting retarded and the argument went viral. the funniest part was seeing other gendies wanting the tim dead but still calling him a she, may the mass peakening happen inshallah.

No. 1958448

File: 1705992348864.png (128.98 KB, 1554x456, Screenshot 2024-01-23 at 12.47…)

What the actual fuck?

No. 1958449

most humans in general have tattoos now, boomer(retarded infight)

No. 1958450

File: 1705995050527.jpg (180.15 KB, 679x660, Skinwalker.jpg)

I don't know which is most notable here, that she's skinwalking her kid's math teacher, that this seems to imply she believes skinwalking is the normal way of forming one's identity, or that she is a grown woman in her 40s with a kid acting in a way that would be retarded even for a teenager

No. 1958454

She really fell in love with a fat balding math teacher in khakis so hard that she immediately entered the stage if wanting to wear his skin

No. 1958455

Just another tif with extreme internalized misogyny. It honestly makes me sad how much tifs hate themselves and womanhood.

No. 1958463

>cut muscles, veins, hair
Bitch where

No. 1958464

I've been laughing about this on and off, it's like one of those ott 90s Lifetime movies

No. 1958467

laughed out loud
i like how they always have the most stereotypically female art styles and hobbies, and mentality.
disturbs me that we have to interact with people on the daily, and these are the kind of people we might be interacting with.

No. 1958475

This one looks like it has a dick under its dick, and there’s no mastectomy scars. Is this actually a man who got a second dick? Am I crazy?

No. 1958492

As dumb as the troons who think they'll become cute anime catgirls with big boobs from taking oestrogen. Girl, you gotta work out for 'cut muscles' and big arms, you don't just shoot T and magically turn into a bodybuilder.
Their left thigh seems to have the TiF skin graft.

No. 1958495

That's the work of an infamous butcher from belgrade. I only hear horror stories about him.

No. 1958506


No. 1958509

File: 1706012859628.jpg (572.34 KB, 1079x1722, sure.jpg)

And the comments are full of other tifs saying the usual "this is how i look like with he him in my bio" thing

No. 1958510

File: 1706013243769.png (370.67 KB, 1080x1480, Screenshot_20240123-143222.png)

TIF wonders if people can clock her based on the sound of her piss.

No. 1958514

Kek, the difference between Tif and TiM is so astounding. TiMs in the same situation wouldn't care about that. They would just be horny someone had to hear them piss.

No. 1958516

I's a woman. Aside from the extremely feminine facial features, she has the weird nipples and pecs that come from a mastectomy, and there's a patch missing from her thigh that's been turned into a bratwurst. She puts effort into working out and has hair (for now), I can see why you'd think it was a man at first.
They like to ruin their bodies for attention. The tattoos are always tryhard FOTM shit like frogs, animu, quotes, the ever-present tit chop lines, the tranny flag, and whatever else is circulating on gendie social media. Not a single scrap of creativity among the lot of them.

No. 1958518

Imagine being so narcissistic that you think people give a fuck, let alone even notice, what your pee sounds like kek

No. 1958520

>"more hair"
>"and even more hair…"
>is fully shaved
The jokes write themselves. Girl even shaved her facial hair and eyebrows.

No. 1958521

>i did see something about the tim buying starbucks during the boycott
Oh, the humanity!

No. 1958522

>my unsupportive "supportive" friend burst into the guys bathroom (shes a cis girl)
Holy shit. This is vile. How dare she, as a girl, go into the same place as a girl in a hoodie. Doesn't she know that delusion is necessary for her to enter it?

No. 1958529

File: 1706020530424.jpg (622.58 KB, 1054x1603, Picsart_24-01-23_19-54-14-317.…)

Samefag and pardon the phone-posting but after going through that thread and her profile, I'm concerned for her friend. Because why the fuck is a 12yo girl going into moids bathroom? That shit is dangerous. I feel like her being friends with a troon is a terrible influence, she probably thought it's okay for her to go to places filled with moids, to casually buy a binder, etc. since hanging out with a troon makes it sound like a normal thing. Plus, this tif shits on her pretty frequently on reddit and still wouldn't distance herself from her https://old.reddit.com/r/ftm/comments/17zntbl/unsupportive_supportive_friend/
It sounds like a horrible 'friendship' and I doubt her parents are any better because they're letting her be in the furry community (I mean, liking anthropomorphic animals is a typical kid thing to do but we all know that furries aren't the most safest people around), go to furry events and interact with older people from there.

No. 1958536

>Maybe she thinks being trans is a cosplay
Because it is, kek.

No. 1958537

"She's so vile to go to the male bathroom to pee with her cis privilege, while we have to pick where to pee because either we get shunned or killed">>1958522

No. 1958550

I have a personal theory of mine: the sudden trans craze is Tumblr's fault. We used to make fun of these people and eventually, a lot of these girls grew out of it but the ones who didn't, migrating to twitter, made all this shit visible to normies. Tumblr was the perfect site for this: a site that was only focused on niche interests, with no revenue value, no algorithm, totally community driven. Since the CEO didn't want to lose dirty Apple money (because Apple doesn't approv e of nsfw shit on their devices), the ban of the "sensitive topics" brought this shit on a normie level where everyone saw and autistic girls started saying "oh yeah that's totally me!!" and now here we are. It wasn't a natural process, it all seem so forced because it's social contagion with a turbo engine, I feel that if the faggot ceo of tumblr told apple to go fuck themselves, these people would've stayed there and eventually grow out of it, now since it's a normie issue, brands and politics are branching and creeping to it to get clout and money. Please I want to go back to 2013 where not even the word "non binary" existed.

No. 1958554

I mean yeah, the Tumblr ban and subsequent migration to Twitter basically started it all. Tumblr was great as a containment zone for retards since no one took it seriously, and I'm 100% convinced that trans shit wouldn't be everywhere right now if it wasn't for that. Or at least it would have taken a lot longer for normies to come around to those ideas.

No. 1958555

Wow, this has got to be the girliest room I've ever seen in my life. It's crazy how childishly feminine these TiFs always are.
>We used to make fun of these people and eventually, a lot of these girls grew out of it but the ones who didn't, migrating to twitter, made all this shit visible to normies.
Tumblr banning porn and causing everyone to migrate their lunacy to the Twitter mainstream was 100% how it broke containment. And then TikTok happened.

No. 1958566

What the fuck are the comments? Are they really calling a 12 year old girl manipulative and possessive? Why do TIFs love villainizing literally everything and making it more dramatic than it needs to be?
>she’s being manipulative. not surprising for cis women
Ah yes. I love misogyny.
>Something to keep in mind: manipulative, possessive people will sometimes treat you poorly around others because they don't want you to feel confident or form a connection with other people. I wonder if that's what's going on here–she has something that she can use to hurt you and use to draw a wedge between you and other prospective friends. Pretending to have a panic attack is manipulative behavior.
I really doubt this 12 year old is a mastermind who has thought about doing all these. She probably doesn't even know she's hurting her friend. What makes this worse is the people in the comments. Okay I'll excuse the 14 year old, she's 14 and vents about dumb shit, hope she opens her eyes and cuts that friendship off for her friend's sake. But the people in the comments are the biggest issue here… I just can't stand to see young TIFs, it breaks my heart. And now the young TIF thinks her friend is being manipulative on purpose because some stranger on the internet said so (a stranger on the internet! As if that isn't even more manipulative!) I like complaining about TIMs because they're very malicious and dangerous. But it's also significant to complain about TIFs because many times they make things worse just with their stupidity. Most TIMs are old men and some 20 year old something failures. Meanwhile most TIFs are under 30 and it seems a big percentage of them is a teenager judging by the subreddit… They should get the fuck away from children, even more than TIMs.

No. 1958573

STAR and other large booms in sects of trans identity in the west among the 70s and before prove that transness as a concept or even as a "craze" has existed long before tumblr. there's an argument to be made of tumblr's influence on a certain generation specifically but overall the argument from the "social contagion" psuedointellectuals online says more about your own contemporary historical relativism and lack of historical context outside of your own lifetime or time online more than it does trans identity crazes.

also hate to break it to you but nonbinary exists long before pre-2013 as well. there's online archives like sexchange.tbt that show early internet screenshots with the word and even preinternet newspaper clippings.(derailing)

No. 1958575

yeah sure but we're talking about niche spaces. Troons were a thing even in the 30's but how did we go from making fun of tumblrinas to this craze in a span of 5 years?

No. 1958576

>how did we go from making fun of tumblrinas to this craze in a span of 5 years?
Because corporations and the medical industry appropriated the terms a bunch of mentally ill teenagers created and made it much bigger than it would have been otherwise by giving it institutional support.

No. 1958578

Yes and the corps and medical industry saw that it was a big thing from….? Twitter. Where all of these tards flew off when Tumblr announced the ban.
Tumblr didn't have any reach, there are no corporations, no celebrity, no politics on there. It can all be traced back there.

No. 1958581

While I think that's part of it, this shit didn't actually start on Tumblr, it started on college campuses and was flanderized on Tumblr, where it then spread. Here's how I think the process went:
>well-meaning professor teaches terminally online white kids about privilege in a black history class or something
>the students apply that logical framework to fandom bullshit on Tumblr because it makes them feel smart and superior
>high school age kids on Tumblr learn bastardized versions of these concepts that the college students spread on Tumblr
>as the high schoolers grow up and go to college, they think they already know everything about social justice and start attacking professors who aren't woke enough
>moderate teachers are alienated, leaving behind only the professors who enable insanity and even teach it
>cycle continues for several years
>insanity gradually proliferates to other sites before the Tumblr porn ban causes a giant wave
>students graduate from college, and many go into journalism, DEI training, and academia where they have even more control of narratives
Coddling of the American Mind goes into this phenomenon more if any anons are interested.

No. 1958584

File: 1706037142166.jpg (303.94 KB, 1080x1714, Screenshot_20240123-111018_Chr…)

Speaking of, look at the copium that just popped up on my dash
This is so funny they're sunken cost fallacy-ing their way to more medical debt

No. 1958591

>baby trannies in my DMs
>using "baby [word]" at all
All of them are just predators, I don't feel bad for any of these losers anymore.

No. 1958598

off-topic, but I also feel like the migration to Twitter is also why Twitter is so insanely toxic today

No. 1958599

File: 1706039803295.jpeg (230.49 KB, 828x1141, F2C52633-0B89-422D-B2A6-665AA1…)

it wasn't all tumblr's fault, this article points out how the T in LGBT has been separated from the LGB and moving on its own for a while now. tumblr was and still is a petri dish on its own though


No. 1958611

>Please I want to go back to 2013 where not even the word "non binary" existed.
lmfao if only. I started seeing this shit in 2012/2013 on tumblr. I don't think you're wrong at all, what's incorrect is that everything started just a bit earlier than you think, the 2018 porn ban wasn't the biggest event. I think the most impactful events on tumblr (and then indirectly on twitter) were Leelah Alcorn, some teenage TIM with homophobic parents, committing suicide in late 2014 and posting his suicide note in his queue so that it would only show up after his death, and then a few months later Bruce Jenner trooning out. Sure, they're both guys, but the people constantly talking about it on tumblr back then when teenage girls and women, and many were TIFs or became ones soon later.

No. 1958612

Well considering that quite a few of the SJW discourse blogs were proven to be Russian bots/spies (and I'd bet some of them were feds too), I think it's push is anything but organic. Either the glowies lit the match or they added fuel to the fire but they definitely had a had in this. The feds pushed postmodernism so it's not that much of a tinfoil.

No. 1958615

I hate how if you're new in any community you're called a baby[something]. It's infantalizing and annoying. Makes them sound snobby and like they'd be above you, an authority of sorts. Way to reel those kids in especially in the trans community. I think there's a lot of those "trans elders" who like to "crack teens eggs" and take them under their wing. Creepy as hell.

No. 1958616

Is a bit sad that TikTok do not seem to contain them enough to get their drama in there and leave Twitter alone.

No. 1958618

They always make them look themselves be safer and friendly than the "transphobic parents who you should run away from"… Almost like a predator would do with any child or teenager. Wait-

No. 1958619

As others have said, the medical industry saw it far before then, I think it helped with the social contagion exploding (and reddit/porn should take a lot of credit for male AGP troonery), but people like Jazz Jennings were being pushed and encouraged in pop culture long before the porn ban. There were enough troons to mutually hate Robbie/Blaire White back in the day and that pushed them into mainstream American politics. I think it just coincidentally reached an apex during the porn ban. Or maybe not so coincidental cause the porn ban happened cause the CP on tumblr got so well known Apple banned them, and let's remember who one of the largest CP coomer demographics is…
On that note actually, as a tumblr user back then, I remember the majority of blogs on cp/ageplay/ddlg blocklists back then were male troons. I think this is half the reason tumblr is also a huge terf site, being pro troon means you actually encountered the male porn rotten type on top of the more annoying lunatics. tifs back then were also more likely to basically be female separatists (lesbian tifs in afab spaces) or at least would see themselves as distinct from their male counterparts.
I think Reddit giving these guys separate communities and instagram/twitter pushing content more similar to yours, as opposed to tumblr being too crude to tell plus a community that overwhelmingly turns off the algorithm to see everything they follow, has lead tifs to forget just how deranged male troons arenor how common it is to be deranged (even more than the worst tif). Back then men would constantly out themselves on accident by revealing awful side blogs, likes, or blatantly posting and reblogging horror porn and worse because tumblr was basically "what if all your twitter and reddit comments and posts were on a blog". I really wonder if reddit somehow developed a popular feed system how quick tifs would be less bonded with tims. And I guess how quick at least transmedicalism would rise over "tucutes" when it's less associated with harmless "faeselves" and more so with "sissy" fetishists and autogynephiliacs keeping their dicks

No. 1958646

the part about forgetting how degenerate male troons are is deeply accurate ime. my tif friends as well as me when i was a tif rarely interacted with mtfs beyond very brief small talk. most cases of tifs peaking i've seen have been due to being exposed to mtf degeneracy after years of being in a female-only troon space. very telling how much the average chronically online tif will yaas queen random mtfs to show how much of an ally they are and then proceed to never interact with them again kek

No. 1958652

This is an example of mission creep. Once gay people won the right the marry and adopt, the charities weren't just going to pack up their shit and go home, they had employees to pay. The just moved on to the Next Big Thing, which was obviously going to be trannies because they're profitable to big pharma and had already hitched their wagon to gay people back in the 60s, even though cutting off your cock has fuckall to do with two people of the sake sex being in love.

No. 1958666

>considering that quite a few of the SJW discourse blogs were proven to be Russian bots/spies

No. 1958708

No. 1958714


No. 1958722

I really do wonder how many TIFs are aware of what phalloplasty results actually look like. Tranny art is never accurate in depicting their bodies unless its an edgy wangst comic, and even then it's never post srs. Every single TIF I know will make trans ocs that are basically futas, or barely androgynous women who use he/him pronouns. Maybe tit scars. If your fantasy character has access to ye olde gender reassignment surgeries, why wouldn't they just cast a spell and become functionally cis. Problem solved. Why only half way? When I do see a TIF character who has had a sex change its never a horror show like this. They always look like actual men with actual penises but with tit scars slapped on. They're so addicted to their suffering making them special that they don't want to let go, the priority is making sure everyone knows theyre a tranny. What a switch from supposedly wanting to actually finish transitioning and go stealth (even if it is a pipe dream).

No. 1958740

Not sure whether to ask this here, because I usually come here only to laugh and rage at MTF weirdos. It's kind of a stupid question but if anyone can answer it, anons here can. I'm sorry if it's a little repetitive, trying to figure out how to ask/phrase this.

We all know how TIMs try to invade every female space, regardless of whether they have taken hormones or had surgery. One of Dylan Mulvaney's goals was to normalize self-ID of trannies (he said it numerous times, but the longest discussion was in that Ulta podcast on 'girlhood').

Anyway I started wondering whether any TIFs had started going topless in public even before having their breasts chopped off. I mean, that's basically what TIMs are being allowed: access to female gyms, nude saunas, locker rooms, bathrooms, all based on the fact that their dick is somehow not 'male.' Is it the same for TIFs, can they go topless before having surgery and when stopped by police, just show an ID that says M on it?

I know virtually no TIFs would do this, mostly because of the risk of getting assaulted and possibly in trouble with the law. But could they, and has any TIF done it before the chop? If so what happened bc I want to read about it Obviously I'm not talking about a TIF going topless on a nude beach or something, I'm talking about situations where women are expected or required by law to cover their nipples. If there hasn't been even a couple incidents where a pre-chop TIF went topless because she thinks she's a guy, it's a nice piece of evidence showing that gender self-ID is entirely about putting dicks in women's spaces, and there's virtually no TIF who wants or thinks it's wise to walk around topless like a man before having surgery. I'm dying to know if police ever had to listen to a TIF explain that her breasts are actually male because her ID says M.

(For the record, I don't think women should have to cover their breasts but I'm a total square who has no desire to go topless. Just saying it's retarded to require that of women solely because men have sexualized breasts so much. Meanwhile morbidly obese men can show their gross moobs and no one cares.)(blogging and derailing)

No. 1958748

There was a tif at my highschool in 2006. When she changed her name they had an entire day where we had to learn about gender and write about how we would feel if we were born in the wrong body. Southern California BTW(blog)

No. 1958762

That's why I have also seen more tif art with their clit showing off. Better that than… Whatever the butcher they hired as surgeon will do.

No. 1958813

is it the kiwifags coming up with the most obvious "theories" ever? lmao like the influence of tumblr wasn't discussed every other thread.

No. 1958824

File: 1706092010370.jpeg (6.72 KB, 168x300, images.jpeg)

Many TIFs have done it. They put tape the same as their skin color on their nipples, basically their breasts are still visible but their nipples don't show like picrel (sorry for bad quality). Sometimes the tape is black.
There's also a story I read with a TIF being asked to leave a pool unless she wears a shirt because she went only with tape. She said how it's unfair men are shirtless and she isn't.

No. 1958890

We had a TIF at my high school around the same time (in Western Europe) but even though people seemed to feel bad for her and played along to her face, everyone dropped the act when she wasn’t around. I don’t even know what she picked as her new boy name because nobody ever used it unless she was there, and I avoided her as much as possible because she was hugely misogynistic.
That was my first introduction to TIFs, and by the mid 10’s my social circles were swarming with them. I think they all had tumblrs but I also know for a fact that most of them had been roleplaying as emo gay bois on sites like DeviantArt and Gaiaonline for years before taking it into real life.(blog)

No. 1958897

Please remember this thread is not to discuss general grievances and phenomena of the trans "community". Only post here if you're talking about specific trans cows and are able to provide screenshots of their behavior. Generalized vents don't belong here, nor do your personal experiences. Use the appropriate threads on our off-topic boards for this.

No. 1958919

File: 1706117279640.png (645.08 KB, 640x749, dNFBYdD.png)

No. 1958928

File: 1706119453467.jpg (292.84 KB, 1080x1674, Screenshot_20240124_233254_Chr…)

Yeah sure tiffany, he wants to look like this just because he dyed his hair. Troons are so embarrassing kek.

No. 1958931

File: 1706119920987.jpeg (140.7 KB, 760x999, GENGb0lXUAAtC4V.jpeg)

Fresh TiF delusion in picrel
They all get told gay guys won't be into them if they do it; they do it anyway and then get mad that those guys were telling the truth.

Lmao wtf? She looks like she 'detransitioned' after getting the most aggressive case of acne.

No. 1958935

I don't understand is this constant whining about gay men being transphobic but still wanting and downright demanding to date one. If they dont want you then they don't want you, deal with it. Are trans men not men enough? Why not date one of those, no need to worry about transphobia or them cheating with a cis man.

No. 1958942

File: 1706122906643.png (42.43 KB, 688x237, Screenshot 2024-01-24 190231.p…)

it would be sad if it wasn't so hilarious

No. 1958945

it's the same mindset incels have. people don't want them but they feel ENTITLED to them all the same. they are equally messed up in the head imo

No. 1958946

So.. she transitioned back into herself?.. not sure what the point is she’s making. Took hormones, stopped, got older.. what an adventure

No. 1958947

Holy shit, has she ever heard of commas? It reads like ramblings written on the walls of some mental asylum. Should've gotten a brain transplant instead of a dangling disappointment between her legs.

No. 1958948

Being lied to by men who want access to your body is peak female heterosexual experience. If a moid saying your vagina is a penis makes it true, I'm the most sexy beautiful woman on earth like the ESL moid in the DMs tells me.

No. 1958964

Holy run-on sentence, Batman.

No. 1958965

>my cis queer boyfriend loves my anatomy
>he calls [the clitoris] a penis
So… your straight boyfriend likes your vagina, and he calls it a penis to mollify you. Then he cheats on you with other women and acts like it means he's "queer."

No. 1958999


No. 1959032

The key word here is queer. What makes the man queer? Could be a lot of things, based on trans communitys own definitions. Maybe he's demisexual, that's queer by their standards and he could still date women under that label. He could like to dress up in a more feminine way and the community calls that queer too because it deviates from the norm. Maybe the man is asexual, who still can have sex btw, so he's totally queer! And so on and so on.

No. 1959041

File: 1706140005297.mp4 (8.41 MB, 1920x1080, Ricky Gervais - Armageddon - '…)

Literally this Ricky Gervais bit. 'Queer' is a meaningless word, so that's what he's going with because even if he'll lie to get laid, she's not gunna actually start calling himself gay or bi outside of the bedroom kek.

No. 1959043

They hate it because it shatters the illusion. Most of these girls are perfectly happy dating some bottom of the barrel straight guy who's willing to lie that they turned him gay so long as he gets to fuck her. But when actual gay men start saying they aren't into vaginas and wouldn't fuck a delusional woman it reminds them they aren't really an uwu gay boy living their BL fantasy

No. 1959052

Imagine if Grow A Pear had lyrics about girls being too manly "call me back when you lose your dick" that somehow sounded offensive to TiMs, that shit would've gotten Kesha cancelled so fast even when it was released. The most peaking material for women should be how society views TiFs vs TiMs. I recall a post calling for healthcare in a past thread, and all of the mutilations were exclusively for TiMs- not a single one for TiFs because women are still cattle to men no matter the presentation. 250k for MtTs on plastic surgery btw, meanwhile women can't even get it covered when they lose their breasts to disease. Even most TiFs struggle to get their trannysitions covered, I've heard. It's impossible to hate her or any other TiF, I'm overwhelmingly sad that she felt the need to mutilate herself.

No. 1959054

Nah, the same technique used is also used for reconstructing noses, foreheads, cheeks, etc and has been used with intersex boys that got their cocks lopped off as babies. There's always a chance for rejection, of course.

No. 1959062

File: 1706144070037.jpg (131.9 KB, 1080x1920, 1706142330370.jpg)

I can't tell if that's the mascara over peach fuzz thing tifs do or just completely drawn on, but either way I can't believe she really did that, then looked in the mirror and said "yep, looks good!" and left the house like that kek

No. 1959065

This is definitely edited on, it looks like a filter. It has a clear border around the edge of the chin kek

No. 1959075

Love the fact that she puts on anti acne creams when it's the shitty testosterone cream that she's using that causes the horrific breakout.
The cancer patient buzzcut isn't also doing any favour to her, imagine paying to look like this.

No. 1959084

>from what ive read it feels indistinguishable from a natal penis when penetrated
Where the fuck is she reading this? Good luck trying to use either an enlarged clit or a fleshy water wiggler the size of a coke can to penetrate some guy. Even with an erectile implant, those things can come loose and poke through the grafted skin. These people have got to stop encouraging each other to get these nightmare surgeries.

No. 1959126

Can’t be a woman if you’re a person, right?

No. 1959127

You can tell these people have never had sex with a man before

No. 1959138

OK you seem really ignorant so I'll give you some of the trusted sources she uses: AO3, Reddit, TikTok, Tumblr, and her imagination.

No. 1959163

Let them.
Let them have surgeries. Let them believe that a tube of rotting flesh is a penis. Let them try to have sex with a man. Let them be rejected and being made fun of. Let them face reality. Let them be responsible of themselves. We shouldn't keep them from getting butchered and do double the work, if you lack so much common sense and self love to get these franken surgeries, then it's beyond hope and we shouldn't care, once they will be rejected by faggots and realize what they have done, this will end quicker, because they will then group up and then have an epiphany. Let them. Sure, some of them will kill themselves and I may seem unhinged, but transition per se is already a killing process, informed suicide. The circle has to repeat.

No. 1959167

>I want to be different but fit stereotypes
>I know, I'll just call myself not a women. Revolutionary.
Bleak. Truly is NLOGism.

No. 1959172

File: 1706180423098.webm (6.75 MB, 404x720, Bruh.webm)

This russian tif (who recently came out as a “cis man” for “safety”) is lying about having a disorder to justify to her cosmetic height surgery to her audience. Bleak.

No. 1959173

File: 1706180775082.jpeg (329.01 KB, 1290x667, 9A55A8F8-AEFC-473F-8400-D03745…)

Taking out a loan of 40,000 dollars for a surgery that will disable you for life has to be one of the most insane financial decisions ive ever seen

No. 1959175

There are one billion subreddits which accept TIFs and they all mention that one who doesn't? Whenever they complain it's never some other sub, it's always askgaybros, because it's the only sub where language isn't policed heavily. Just visit all the 100 billion subs made for you.

No. 1959176

It's funny how troons rely so much on external validation to function. A gay person won't stop being gay if you call them straight. But with troons, if you point out the truth, they're unable to accept it.

No. 1959177

The thumbnail scares me

No. 1959219

Insecure scrotes get this surgery, I've seen it once or twice on Instagram and reddit. Imagine transitioning from woman to insecure manlet paying 40k to get your legs broken to insert metal rods, and praying you don't lose your mobility. Life saving!!!

No. 1959237

Lmao she didn't even try to come up with something believable.

Also big kek she thinks she's going to be able to gain 10 whole inches? The surgeon is lying to you girly.

No. 1959254

File: 1706194274543.png (522.52 KB, 1280x1439, 1000010508.png)

Tumblr Troons ruin everything.

No. 1959257

File: 1706194491669.jpg (50.5 KB, 828x793, 1692032776412.jpg)

>Life saving height surgery
Words have lost all meaning.
Jfc lol. I mean, might be more accurate, but still on Cartman levels of mismatched fanbase.

No. 1959298

This made me angrily screech. Truly nothing is sacred anymore kek

No. 1959338

>I don't wanna name this disease because I won't let that thing ruin and mess my life, I will fight it
Kek for someone who lies a lot, she sure is terrible at lying too.

No. 1959341

File: 1706204034184.png (504.48 KB, 800x1000, noellepast.png)

I was going through Noelle's recent comics and I noticed that she draws her past self in such an exaggerated way. They almost remind me of those pooner memes. I went back through her tumblr to see if she always did that, but no, she drew herself looking relatively normal in a simplistic cartoon style back then. I wonder if anyone else noticed this

She picked the girliest music possible for this. I wonder how long it will take for her to regret everything

No. 1959345

incels have no excuse

No. 1959356

She's being an unreliable narrator once again.
>Psychological theorists have often put forth the notion that people view their past selves as if they are other people. Michael Ross and Anne Wilson eloquently describe the past self as “an interconnected chain of different individuals who vary in closeness to the current self”. In fact, one recent paper showed that when describing their past selves, people sometimes use the third person perspective – as if they were viewing that distant self as another person altogether. […] If our past self suceeds, then we will be motivated to feel close to it (in terms of temporal distance). But if it fails in some way then our motivation shifts. In the face of past failure, Ross and Wilson suggest that we derogate our past self in an attempt to view ourselves as always improving over time. By putting down a past self who failed, we can feel better about ourselves today

No. 1959360

I think that's a common sentiment among tifs, especially the feminine or nonbinary ones. They often say they don't feel like women, but instead as sexless disembodied entities with bodies that they can alter and decorate as they see fit. They divorce themselves from their bodies, which they see as purely ornamental. Basically advanced misogyny. Fucking bleak that I've heard very young girls say this. It's terrifying , because that is an extremely dangerous way to view yourself and these girls aren't given any access to psychological help since the therapists are in on it too. I can't be sure, but I think that line of belief also puts young girls at a high risk for restrictive eating disorders or abuse.

No. 1959445

I always remember a young detrans woman saying she'd felt 'totally detached from her body, so [she] thought nothing of cutting it up'.

No. 1959500

How the hell is she going to gain 10" from leg lengthening surgery? If she's starting at 5' then her legs are already only like 30" or so long max.

>life saving(sage your shit)

No. 1959504

He’s “queer” bc he fucks delusional women like OP while going along with pretending she’s a man to get laid…

No. 1959511

At a high risk for abuse? Pretty much 100% of girls I know who talk like this are CSA victims already. It’s common to feel detached from your body & gender after that type of trauma. One woman I know who chopped her tits off and identifies as a genderless entity was literally raped by her stepdad.

No. 1959512

this is what "good" final results for a stage 3 phalloplasty are, kek. But yeah, gay men definitely won't be able to tell the difference.(sage your shit)

No. 1959519

lmao even without the look of it they're gonna know when she has to sit there and pump her neo-testes for 30s to inflate the thing.

No. 1959598

Hank would definitely disown Bobby if he trooned out.

No. 1959700

File: 1706276332023.jpg (101.88 KB, 736x736, 389eb18362b78aebf1f919b04d136f…)

The fact that this guy is called 'Dr Crane' is hilariously appropriate kek.

No. 1959785

They look like real dicks to someone who's never seen a real dick before. No wonder TIFs are flocking to have necrotic bolognas surgically attached to their crotches. All penises are unique, these are just a little more special and deformed and non-functional and lopsided than others.

No. 1959918

File: 1706326787288.jpg (350.82 KB, 2340x2340, 1000010530.jpg)


No. 1959935

File: 1706330087305.jpeg (266.39 KB, 828x1198, 89121B81-640E-4E6F-94DF-8B4DD9…)

Absolutely bleak. How many troons will be getting ink specifically for shooting up in the future I wonder?

No. 1959950

At least when she de-trans, she could claim it was a very cute design or any shitty reason on why she got the tattoo.

No. 1959982

File: 1706339816957.jpeg (533.99 KB, 780x1102, Transitionletter.jpeg)

Why do they all sound the same
No matter if they’re gnc or feminine, nlogs gonna transition

No. 1959989

Internalized misogyny should be classified as a potentially deadly mental illness.

No. 1960002

Ten bucks she has sex with men, the most stereotypically female thing as an XX you can ever do.

No. 1960036

not to like nitpick what tattoos someone gets, but that's the most stereotypically feminine looking fox imaginable. if i were to think of a man getting a tattoo like that he'd probably get a snarling wolf, not a sweet little sleepy fox with stars and a moon on it lol

No. 1960040

She's 100% a yaoi coomer like every other TiF on the planet.

No. 1960118

>sleepy fox with eyelashes and sparkles
>sunflower tat further down
>feeling compelled to even get a "t shot marker" tattoo in the first place
>cabbage patch kids looking ass icon art
>"bugs" in @

I'm most baffled by this genre of TiF. One, because they're practically clones of each other to basically NPC level, and two, because I have no idea how someone this ridiculously feminine even gets the idea to not be a woman in the first place. I'd say at this point TiFfing out is as female-coded as anorexia and cutting.

No. 1960124

Correct me if I'm wrong but I thought you're supposed to inject in a different spot everytime so scarring doesn't build up

No. 1960141

TIFs love a good scar, just look at the zipper tit tats they get when their real scars aren't tragic and attention-grabbing enough.

No. 1960184

Checked her profile and she's 30. Most of the fakebois I see on the internet tend to be a generation older than me, what is in the water, they should have grown out of that in the early to mid 2010s like the rest of us
Also her tattoo work usually features unhealthy looking skin. It's because of all those damn T shots isn't it

No. 1960186

Transwash a character is making a male/female character into a TIF/TIM, in any direction.

No. 1960188

>I would expect that from Rose
No you don't. The staple of these tifs is projecting on already male cahracters. Rose on the other hand is more vulnerable to TIMs projecting on her.

This is a frankenstein sausage surgery right?

No. 1960189

>is it considered "passing" if you genuinely think a ftm is mtf?
Yes. TIMs are men, but this might be the lowest grade of passing.
The original troon language 'passing' is when a TIM passes as a regular woman or a TIF as a regular man. This doesn't pass because something is off one way or the other.

No. 1960190

To add, when passing as an ordinary member of the target sex to when passing as a tim/tif (for tif/tim) is like getting a A+ to an E. I'd say grade instead of pass.

No. 1960194

Did they not teach you what jokes are in your group home(responding to bait)

No. 1960231

She looks like she has lymphedema. Maybe she should get that sorted out before she starts shooting steroids.

No. 1960234

File: 1706429452682.png (Spoiler Image,45.25 KB, 1918x986, 1000002423.png)

Just a reminder to any tourists that browse this thread as a form of self harm that this is how the men you seek approval from talk about you.

No. 1960235

pretty sure shes just obese like so many of these tifs

No. 1960237

I don't understand what the pink thing is this pic is supposed to be. A vaguna + womb?

No. 1960238

I hate these fucking things and whoever makes them, they’re 10000x more demented than the worst FTM.

No. 1960240

Men. There was also one Trans woman that was accredited to many of them in /lgbt/

No. 1960243

No. 1960249

File: 1706436656396.jpg (Spoiler Image,244.2 KB, 1328x1346, poooon.jpg)

'Pooner' - lil cartoon FTM (it's pink because… idk, some TIFs seem very red in the face). Apparently the original was made by some self-hating TIF, but it was distinctly cuter to begin with so it's definitely taken on a life of its own since.(derailing)

No. 1960250

They try to sell this meme that ftms exclusively make them but in reality especially the ones about rape are made by a specific mentally disturbed and vile subset of mtfs who live on 4ch

No. 1960257

100% made by 4chan moids. Same type of moids that make those fluffy pony torture things. It doesnt even look like a TIF so its not even funny

No. 1960265

>male-pattern body hair
>shitty, unhealthy skin
>tattoo marking the spot where she will continue to inject literal poison for the rest of her life

this never would have happened if she had only loved herself

No. 1960276

File: 1706447808833.gif (457.78 KB, 480x360, B91CCEE6-0BCA-4174-A67F-CC9B7E…)

Oh, I have zero doubt that the one above was made by a moid. I can believe that the very first ones were by an TIF, but agree with >>1960257 about the type that make them now.

No. 1960284

File: 1706449524750.jpg (150.06 KB, 520x1023, 1cth91ysla581.jpg)

This one is cute.
What I hate most about this is that it's the typical fantasy of putting a woman in her place. I can't be the only one seeing the similarities between that image and those "turning lesbians straight" or "turning masculine women into feminine" or "ruining a woman's innocence" kinds of things some deranged men jack off to. If you think about it, it follows the same formula. Kind of like the "I can fix him/her". A woman thinks she knows what she wants, but it's laughable, a man will show her what's best for her. It doesn't matter if it's a TIF in this specific drawing, it's very vile because it assumes that a person doesn't know what they truly want and someone has to come enlighten them, changing them, but not because that someone wants to help her. They don’t treat her as an equal. They don’t even want to get to know her. They see her as flawed. Sometimes this desire might stem from perfectionism, hatred, even compassion. You see someone struggling and want to help. There are much better ways to accomplish this than making this dumbass comic.

No. 1960286

File: 1706450102612.png (64.58 KB, 162x180, Untitled.png)

the first one is correct and the second one blames women for disliking men after men exhibit horrific behavior. funny how they tell on themselves even when being sexist

No. 1960312

>there’d be no more wars if all penises were cut off!
Holy based

No. 1960350

>your camaro makes me so hot
Wait. So in moid's wildest fantasies, women are only into you if you have nice stuff? I thought they hated materialistic girls. Now their dream girl only takes her clothes off if they have a sports car? Moids are so retarded, I would feel bad for them if they weren't destructive.

Besides, tomboys are very in right now, to the point most dudes would probably pick the first girl kek.

No. 1960353

File: 1706468055242.png (Spoiler Image,12.81 MB, 7000x4508, imagen_2024-01-28_145205862.pn…)

stumbled upon an AW tif who posts her nudes on twitter showing her face and pussy with filters that literally blur out the fact that she has human skin. she's got her tits chopped off and loves to get attention from showing her shaved pussy around and cosplaying link or venti.

allegedly she gets "transphobes" attacking or even asking her on a daily basis and calling her a girl because oh surprise she looks like one.
she also has an "alter ego" of a woman where she uses fucking breast prosthetics and an ugly wig while calling herself a "whore"

her @ on Twitter is evariin

No. 1960358

If you look in the bottom left corner you will see anon's upload is a magazine spread from 2003, funny how it is identical to the things people say now.
The advice at the bottom is actually tamer than what would be said now, plus a quicker way to achieve world peace would actually be to <redacted>

No. 1960375

Lmfao she even puts some kind of masculine filter on her face. This one is such a perfect example of this type of tif

No. 1960381

File: 1706475770830.jpg (459.28 KB, 1080x1388, Screenshot_20240128-210350.jpg)

Going to a meeting wearing a drawn on mustache is comical. And just emphasises how she's not an actual man.

No. 1960400

It looks like a chocolate milk stain.

No. 1960407

Damn she's hot

No. 1960409

too bad she's fucking retarded

No. 1960410

God I hate myself for saying this, but when you have a beautiful body and face like that why the fuck do you even engage with the trans shit? I understand and relate to the FTMs who feel alienated by female beauty standards, stereotypical notions of femininity, etc - the fat, ugly, and/or lesbian ones. But I don’t understand this one.

No. 1960414

Just because a woman is pretty attractive and has a nice body doesn't mean they are gonna be intelligent and resistant to retarded shit. You can't use the "she was touched inappropriate at some point" argument because she's on Onlyfans whoring herself out. Just laugh at these losers .

No. 1960420

>You can't use the "she was touched inappropriate at some point" argument because she's on Onlyfans whoring herself out
Nayrt but this is one of the few cases where you can kek

No. 1960424

File: 1706485857408.jpg (308.81 KB, 1200x675, manlet.jpg)

She could pass as former Polish Deputy Minister of Finance Piotr Patkowski maybe

No. 1960433

Honestly if it weren't for his hairline, I would have assumed your picrel was a TiF

No. 1960434

Weren't they invented by a terminally online trutrans TiF as a means of dunking on TiFs she viewed as "less legit" than her?

No. 1960435

>but when you have a beautiful body and face like that why the fuck do you even engage with the trans shit?
Because she sees moids as the superior gender to the point where her 'whore alter' has to be a woman and she throws a fit everytime anyone dares to call her one too. Like come on nonnas, we've seen all kinds of tifs. What makes some of you think she's immune to being a self-hating handmaiden just because she's attractive to you? What's so hard to understand here?

No. 1960438

This is such a random but accurate comparison kek. The Polish guy has a truly tragic hairline though.

No. 1960443

File: 1706489973566.jpg (272.33 KB, 1080x1562, WipeOut27_29_2024_062756.23500…)

Kek why does she edit her face differently nowadays when her pinned tweet has her looking like an anthropomorphic rat? The ps is so obvious it's reminding me of that good ol' dakota rose era.

No. 1960445

love the censoring thank you nona

No. 1960448

Lmao this feels like a meme.

No. 1960455

File: 1706492887899.png (1.1 MB, 743x1056, Screenshot 2024-01-28 204601.p…)

feminization vs masculinization …

No. 1960470

>>1960407 she's hot in the basic type hot. she's nothing but an empty shell.

No. 1960474

Why is tif art so predictable and clockable? It always reads like an 18 year old just discovered Jenny Holzer. There's something so unmistakably feminine in their cringe poetry.

No. 1960480

beautiful people aren't immune to mental illness

No. 1960485

File: 1706497468013.jpeg (569.06 KB, 1170x831, IMG_9403.jpeg)

Browsing r/ftm is so sad. She was so traumatized she didn’t even remember it happening yet she was sound of mind enough to make such a life altering decisions? I was reading her page and she’s been in and out of psych wards and mental hospitals since she was 8 plus has been doing ketamine therapy (which is only prescribed to therapy resistant cases). How they gave her T I have no idea

No. 1960496

Ah yes, transitioning into a dog. May some ancient plague kill me before I witness more of this untreated mental illness.

No. 1960497

is this the female version of those sissy captions?

No. 1960503

Good luck getting an internship after showing up to the interview dressed like you're about to go on stage at the local community theatre. Employers don't want to hire people who look visibly insane. They know someone like this is going to be an HR nightmare from day one. I wonder if she'll ever look back on this and realise how embarrassing and unprofessional this whole look was.

No. 1960505

Anon her images are heavily filtered and shopped, she could look drastically different in person.

No. 1960532

It's more self-hate, since traits in female bodies are natural. If she wants to shit on other tifs she should draw at least half the passing tifs with a completely male silhouette.

No. 1960533

Go back moid. Nobody is a 'tourist' on LCF. Read the air.(scrotefoiling)

No. 1960536

>ruining a woman's innocence
Moids 'like feminine women, so why would they ruin a woman's innocence if it's so prized in society like a woman's 'femininity?

No. 1960540

Is this the same ftfemboy tif?

No. 1960541

>she has sex with men
As a non-tif this hits hard, this sounds really dirty out of context. Straight women want the right moid, not "sex with men".(blog)

No. 1960552

They give anyone T who asks for it because not doing so is ‘conversion therapy’, even if it’s obvious that the patient is deeply troubled. I bet a woman could come in and outright tell the doctor she wants to become a man because she doesn’t want to be sexually abused anymore and that doctor would be professionally obligated to say “of course sir, here’s your testosterone prescription”. I find it hard to sympathise with hcps who prescribe this poison but some of them are obligated to do this if they want to keep their job.

You could write a dissertation on this and I’m sure several women have, but it comes down to moids’ sexuality being destructive. They want a sexual object that is pure, innocent and unspoiled so that they can be the one to wreck it.

No. 1960565

It's pretty simple, they want to be the ones to conquer and defile, if anyone else does it they're disgusted.

No. 1960600

Clocking tip: Appearance can say a lot about whether someone is a TIF or not, especially the voices, big hips and height but there are also some very short men or men with softer facial features. Appearance is good at clocking WHEN you combine it with personality. What TIF would be a Ministry of Finance?

No. 1960612

This is a good point. Trans-identified people who are successful tend to be successful in fields that people of their real sex usually thrive in. There are plenty of TIMs in politics, business, technology and the military, but TIFs tend to be in the humanities and entertainment. People might be willing to hand the glass elevator keys to a TIM actor or model but no one is going to promote a delusional bearded woman to a position of CEO or Finance Minister.

No. 1960624

Idk what you're talking about, being sexually abused doesn't automatically make someone avoid sexuality, a lot of the time it makes them hypersexual like this tif

No. 1960634

nah that's retarded and sexist, like saying women can't be ministers. The reason TIMs and other males thrive especially in male-dominated fields is that they are seen as more competent and given more chances due to being male. They're also encouraged to get into those fields more often than women. Admittably most TIFs are immature crybabies who would never succeed in politics, but saying you can clock someone based on personality is the same kind of sexist bullshit troons use to justify their gendersona.(derailing)

No. 1960639

We’re in agreement, anon. TIMs, being men and perceived as such, benefit from sexism in society whereas TIFs, being women and perceived as such, are held back by sexism. It’s difficult enough for a sane and strong-willed woman to succeed in a male-dominated field so a clearly mentally unwell, self-hating woman isn’t going to achieve a top position by her own strengths and isn’t going to have anything significant handed to her like an actual man (dress or not) might be.
I agree that anon’s use of the word personality doesn’t fit but I figured she might be ESL and meant socialisation.
The only high profile TIF I can think of who isn’t an actress, author or nepo baby is Chase Strangio, an ACLU lawyer. That may be one of the only positions of power where a TIF might have a leg up on both regular women and “cis” men.(derailing)

No. 1960666

That's exactly what AYRT was saying. Learn to read.

No. 1960670

File: 1706550139731.jpg (443.66 KB, 1272x786, 8a417a7b-9c7f-4f7b-baca-c3ac3c…)

>Chase Strangio
Nta but I just looked her up out of curiosity and picrel is cracking me up because I wasn't expecting her to be this short/small, she kind of reminds me of a funko pop kek.

No. 1960673

Honestly, as I think about this more, it's true that stereotyping an entire group of people based on interests is not a very good idea, as it can increase prejudices, be flawed and create biased arguments. The fact that stereotypes are often harmful also does not mean that they are, at times, inaccurate. I'm the anon you replied to, I agree that it's sexist to think women can't be prime ministers of course they can and very good at it. My reasoning was similar to >1960639 and also the fact that being a transgender prime minister, it would not at all be beneficial especially in a European country such as Poland. I am not very familiar with Polish custom's and norms, I only know one Polish person, but Poland is a member of the European union and the EU promotes gender equality. It also positively views transgenderism, but not as much as gender equality. In fact, by 2026, at least 40% of non-executive director positions in listed companies must be held by members of the underrepresented sex. As for Poland itself, they aren't that accepting of transgender rights as Germany, for example. Being a woman working for the government in Poland is far better than being someone who's a TIF working for the government. In a place like Kazakhstan, it would be much more beneficial to be a TIF than a woman. And honestly, it would have been known by know if a political figure who is "clocky" is a TIF and she wouldn't likely be accepted by the people if she was diagnosed with gender dysphoria because it's a mental illness. The concept of clocking is itself flawed because it relies on stereotypes and appearances to form an opinion, plus it depends on each person and culture to make a judgement and there's no agreed-on way to do this. And it promotes the belief that if a troon passes, they're the sex they pass as, which isn't true as face and physique alone doesn't make someone a woman or man. I would say there are much more accurate ways to determine someone's sex (like blood tests, which aren't done in the Olympics and they should be, it would also prevent steroid use, they just take urine samples, but it doesn't benefit them to change this for irrelevant reasons so they don't do it) but most of these aren't possible, available and cheap especially in day-to-day situations. So clocking is not exactly pointless, but not exactly beneficial either. It can provide some valuable information, but it's dumb and spending so much time doing it is retarded. Now you can ban me for meta discussion.(derailing)

No. 1960678

sorry for you/glad it happened(no contribution)

No. 1960721

kekk those bobble head proportions. you don't seem many males with that head/shoulder ratio
yeah the human rights field has quite a few women, we're socialised to care about that kinda shit and the milieu is progressive. otoh you're far less likely to see many tifs making it as high-level corporate litigators

No. 1960723

the gaydens found Nick Fuentes

No. 1960782

Being attractive and getting a lot of attention from your body can be detrimental to how you view yourself. It can make you feel like a piece of meat and in turn make you hate your body. And yet all people can say is call you crazy or dumb because since you look desirable that is supposedly the peak of existence. It’s like people start using it as a tool against you and you don’t want to be defined by your body anymore. It’s similar to puberty when attention begins to be called to your features and it’s mortifying.

No. 1960813

Her voice is so funny(sage your shit)

No. 1960846

File: 1706598072336.jpg (187.3 KB, 867x1390, september-22-2019-los-angeles-…)

I recognise that name and now I remember why, it's cos I saw this photo of her next to laverne cocks

No. 1960848

man every time there's a pic of a tim and tif together it looks like a biology poster about human sexual dimorphism

No. 1960878

it's so crazy because you don't notice when you just see normal men and women together, it's just what we're use to. but when you draw attention to it by an attempt to view them as the opposite sex - it becomes so glaringly obvious that they're not. these pictures kill me.

No. 1960879

File: 1706613098641.jpg (277.44 KB, 675x1200, 1698870810688.jpg)

Anime obsessed TIFs and TIMs have both internalised the idea that woman=hyper-sexual bimbo. I guess this is what happens when you don't go outside and base your reality on fiction.
Yup kek. Even the way she's leaning in with her arm wedged in front of her is glaringly female.

No. 1960885

I hope that isn't a little boy. If they wanna fuck up their own lived that's on them but don't push it towards kids.

No. 1960886

it's just a costume anon don't be a retard. boys should be allowed to wear dresses without trooning them out

No. 1960889

I remember this being posted in the MtF thread and apparently that is a little boy who they've transed, but can't find the original source.
nta but yes, boys should be allowed but these parents aren't the type to understand that, are they? it's not retarded to think that's what they're doing, based on their own delusions.

No. 1960899

File: 1706620968906.png (507.55 KB, 1080x3075, autism.png)

No. 1960910

Is this individual receiving "medical treatment"? I find it horrifying how doctors are cutting into girls who literally wear retard helmets!?
I don't think that couple look that the sort to understand that sex based stereotypes are regressive

No. 1960917

File: 1706626640145.mp4 (2.31 MB, 720x1280, libsoftiktok - 175180720655368…)

"I think that I would like validation for my gender identity"

No. 1960942

She sounds like she's barely able to take her own BS seriously. Hopefully she's not dedicated to her larp enough to do anything daft and medical.

No. 1960946

Her look is kinda fun. Like a goth/pink rock Betty boop. Why can't anyone just be a girl with short hair and quirky style anymore?

No. 1960950

It's boring to be just a plain old alt woman. Alt men and androgynous men have always been paraded for the way they look because they're different and break barriers and norms and yadayada, they're soo cool. These women want those same cool points but as they are just lame old women no one cares if they conform to beauty standards be they alt or not. They're a dime a dozen. Those men they want to be though, they're not yet as common so people are still fawning over them.

No. 1960955

My gender identity, too, is goofy makeup looks and outfits. But I've been thinking of changing it to nose-breather and food-eater lately, because that's something women don't do at all so I need a separate gender for that. I'm very special, my mom tells me the same and so does my doctor.

No. 1961080

File: 1706664372138.jpg (Spoiler Image,286.68 KB, 720x1754, 1000009842.jpg)

not a tif itself but involves one. a gay moid who does porn for a living is claiming that fucking a trans man counts as gay sex.

No. 1961083

"A hole is a hole" is the most, straight moid take kek
He's not gay, or better, he's gay for pay. Men pay for sex, imagine getting paid for sex, they would fuck everything and call himself everything if that involves money. They're the true whores

No. 1961087

Do you think she consciously tries to sound like a moid while having sex? I honestly don't understand how most trannies can be intimate with anyone at all, specially TiFs since being a woman and having sex is already a pain in the ass with how you perceive yourself, so imagine being a woman trying to sound, move and act like a moid in a moment that some people tend to stop thinking at.
It really seems like way too much of a hassle.

No. 1961089

The most fucked up thing is that tifs do all of this shit due to "muh dysphoria" and yet they don't feel this dysphoria at all when they get fucked in the most, feminine place - their fucking pussy. "Muh muh phallplasty are absolutely necessary!!" Nah it doesn't seem like it.
Srugeries are life saving but porn is more important. Truly sex brainrot.

No. 1961095

Seeing how the flesh tubes are laughable at their "best" and disgusting at worst, I'd rather they keep their parts whole. Some mental gymnastics to call it homo though and I wonder how she convinced this guy to say it to other people, instead of just to her to get in her pants.

No. 1961122

i'd rather they multilate their vaginas to the point they're unusable tbh(bait)

No. 1961124

The same it happens when they want to get pregnant: they have to stop T, will have hormones go wild and get a baby growing inside. It's already harder for a woman go with a pregnancy, why would a TIF go with one if her dysphoria would remind her she has a female body made to have kids?

No. 1961127

File: 1706677499661.jpg (17.04 KB, 320x311, 1553713393496.jpg)

The tif is looking at the moid like "Are you done yet in posing?", I can't take this pic seriously.

No. 1961128

>'a hole is a hole'
Bi moids at it again, they'd even fuck a watermelon after drilling a hole into it. Bet woodpeckers absolutely dread finding boids anywhere; these poor bastards peck holes into tree trunks to make their nests, imagine building your lovely nest one day and then finding a moid fucking it when you come back home with worms and shit. Even the way this moid talks is the exact same way straight/bi handmaidens claim tims' limp-shrimps are the same as 'using a didlo' and therefore totally gay/lesbian/'queer'. Hopefully this tif got herself tested later though, unless she wants to die from aids like that one ancient tiffany they all worship.

No. 1961129

Kek how come this picture is so unsexy when they're literally having sex. It looks like she was there for a gynaecologist visit or something.

No. 1961130

That's supposed to be her sexy face, nonna.

No. 1961131

kek i thought the prop hand on the kids shoulder was the trannies ginormous man hand

No. 1961134

EW that scrotoids penis looks like a diseased sea creature.

No. 1961135

You just made me realise that it isn't… I thought it was his hand all this time.

No. 1961136

File: 1706680632080.jpg (259.21 KB, 673x792, 20240129_221752.jpg)

What's bad is the other kids probably would be better off far away from troon mom

No. 1961155

Careful, someone might mistake you for a scrote

No. 1961157

The fact that she's even entertaining the idea of abandoning her other kids, just to vicariously live through transing one of them, says a lot…

No. 1961166

He's going where the money is.

No. 1961167

See this is REAL autism.

No. 1961181

Wtf is that under her nose…?

No. 1961185

>pops 4 kids out of her vagina
>suddenly realizes shes a true and honest man at 40
literally what the fuck even has to go wrong for someone to become this retarded? she wasnt at all dysphoric all the times she got impregnated and literally gave birth?

No. 1961188

File: 1706703434877.png (Spoiler Image,361.49 KB, 850x850, ShK1Wzs.png)

The end result of the fujo to tif pipeline

No. 1961189

I wonder what stage of atrophy her vagina is in currently.

No. 1961196

Holy shit why are moids so fucking ugly?(no contribution, no sage)

No. 1961203

By their logic they could fuck a dog and not be bestiality because a hole is a hole

No. 1961206

so queer!

No. 1961210

File: 1706710171352.jpg (118.19 KB, 960x960, FtzxSoPakAAzWDn.jpg)

Yes, sure. But by their logic, would getting fucked in the pussy count as a reminder of them not having a dick? She doesn't sound male at all btw, I checked her twitter and she sounds exactly you expect her to sound: low, froggy "hmmm-!!" "Oh please, yes!!!". Fuck off who moans like that if not a woman who is feeling "breedable."
They already do, they fuck dogs and try to mask it off as "puppy play" at pride parades.
Anyway, fucking ew. I would not let a bi guy near me, imagine letting in your vag a thing that's been into countless dirty assholes.(bait)

No. 1961228

Kek I thought the dick was a phallo and it was two trans men.

No. 1961230

She sounds trashy as fuck.

No. 1961235

I almost could have given him the benefit of the doubt if the girl's pussy was covered up and he was actually focused on her asshole or something because it's porn and he could be doing it for woke points and fucking her like straight men do gay porn, but he's there fingers in vag. And I presume that's what he fucked given his comment. This isn't porn for gay men, it's porn for guys who target "broken" girls of a tiffany variety made by a bi or straight dude happy to fuck a girl
The fact that the self insert is covered in scars… it's accurate and disturbing on a very deep level. I feel bad for some of these deeply fucked up women

No. 1961244

>Assumes shitty synthetic t
>face breaks out in a constant, disgusting acne
>Shaves on acne
>Puts on "skincare"
I don't think she will last long. Also kek at "men's skincare" like….skincare, then?

No. 1961258

Stop with the homophobic derail. Take it to 2X

No. 1961263

File: 1706724789016.mp4 (5.72 MB, 708x854, qWh4ONB.mp4)

No. 1961287

Oh my god. I was just wondering whether or not she finds it embarrassing to say the words "trans genocide" considering the current situation but then she actually started screaming. I don't understand how people can act like this without shame, this would keep me up at night for the rest of my life.

No. 1961289

late. This is from May 2023. She is screaming about a tif, Banko Brown, who got shot while getting into it with a security guard at Walgreens. There is no proof he knew she was trans when he shot her. But of course, troons were all claiming he shot her because of transphobia. He prolly shot her because he's a bitch, but he says she said she going to stab him, but they didn't find any knives on her, so who knows. She was also shoplifting some candy at the time. Anyway, the DA didn't fill charges against the security guard, and thus the scream at a city council meeting.


No. 1961295

Midlife crisis.
Omg the self-harm scars. She looks more like a Silent Hill monster.

No. 1961296

even the banshee shriek is girly

No. 1961299

I love this weird brand of 'activism' that is just screaming at the top of your lungs.

No. 1961301

sage for OT and blogposting, but I've ironically known people in real life who defend stuff like this and call it an expression of female rage. They genuinely yell loudly, and others are mildly annoyed and just leave, and these defenders consider that a victory

No. 1961313

>So I'm going to spend the next minute screaming
takes my earphones off

No. 1961328

>Pauses in the middle of screaming to casually say "imagine that" before continuing to scream
KEK, could she make it any more obvious how performative this whole thing is?

No. 1961337

Remember, it's definitely not a mental illness. It's both hilarious and very NPD/BPD kek.

No. 1961348

File: 1706745185438.jpg (34.5 KB, 413x395, 49f.jpg)

everyone is going to remember this bitch for this ugly ass scream lmfao

No. 1961380

File: 1706754567235.jpeg (663.9 KB, 828x1197, 1522844F-383E-4711-B912-F2B17F…)

she's getting worse by the day

No. 1961389

is she actually on T? she has basically no leg hair and pretty minimal arm pit hair

No. 1961403

File: 1706762641071.jpeg (336.09 KB, 828x1104, IMG_5339.jpeg)

So apparently there’s a trend on tiktok where ex-troons look back in embarrassment at their troon days and mock it? I don’t have the app so I am not sure but this Reddit post is just incredible. It’s pathetic but also genuinely sad how desperate they are for affirmation and hugboxxing. Yes, you ruined your voice and cut your tits off for nothing. No, you are not actually a cute twink and no one sees you that way. Congratulations.

No. 1961405

File: 1706763009362.jpeg (297.28 KB, 898x688, IMG_5344.jpeg)

The mass cope in the replies is fascinating , but I’m not sure why this detrans pooner is encouraging these retards out of one side of her mouth and then crying about how testosterone has ruined her body and how trooning out was a mistake out of the other side. These people must be insufferable to deal with irl, Jesus Christ.

No. 1961406

>tiktok made me scared of
Just wait till you step outside and realise that you've been a retard all this time.

No. 1961448

>whether or not she finds it embarrassing to say the words "trans genocide" considering the current situation
I mean with the amount of virtue signaling gendies are doing online about it, trying to make it all about them like omg look at me I'm converting to Islam to stand with them even though all Muslims hate people like me, it makes sense that the word genocide means nothing to these idiots. It's just another buzzword.

No. 1961466

“I’m so confident in my identity guys please can you all validate me?”

I know I’m a hypocrite for saying this on the literal Internet, but youths not using Tik Tok truly would solve most of this gender shit.

No. 1961478

File: 1706785903886.jpeg (107.05 KB, 1010x778, 1676908126879.jpeg)

Of course it's on r/actual_detrans instead of r/detrans. The former is basically like one of those fake abortion clinics.
Yep, it's their new fandom/personality. Also that video is a year old at the absolute least, so it's just another early example of them not knowing what words mean.
Super glad to hear this trend is still happening in any capacity. Shaming them with how cringe and dumb they are is the way forward.

No. 1961484

She realized that T is making her fat so she goes to put it at use by training. It goes back to her anachan days lmfao, imagine being in her head, pure chaos. Putting on makeup, despite looking like shit, so she doesn't come off at the massive hypocrite that she is by saying "I can be masc and femme in both genders!"
The light inside has disappeared, it's too late.

No. 1961490

File: 1706791587625.png (9.11 MB, 4320x13171, 1706790556077.png)

From Sarah Kate Smigiel @justsaysk on insta

No. 1961493

File: 1706793838408.jpg (144.63 KB, 1242x699, tumblr_9ea6ca5b0f6ae03d6254d30…)

literally picrel

No. 1961494

everything about those descriptions is so feminine kek

No. 1961495

No. 1961518

Nobody tell them about the dozens of thousands subscribed to r/detrans, the support groups, the nonprofits, the lawsuits going on.

actualdetrans being compared to those fake abortion clinics is brilliant. They are the "conversion therapy". Not one detrans person runs anything there and it's just another hugbox for people (mostly young women) who are greatly suffering and can actually be taken off the harmful path when they're expressing those doubts. The cope and hugboxing in the replies stays so ironic it's hilarious.

No. 1961534

Kek at the mtf tranny getting offended over nothing because muh transmisogyny

No. 1961537

File: 1706810859630.jpg (132.48 KB, 586x228, ftmtf.jpg)

in other news, becoming kikomi is now a real goal

No. 1961542

File: 1706811829963.jpeg (22.92 KB, 736x736, 06de690f-7f8b-4705-897d-bce74e…)

>I identify as a little guy
>Well I like little boys

No. 1961543

Idk if this retard is talking about Shapeshifter but Shapeshifter himself admits it's all a big lie with cultish views. He's a man.

No. 1961550

File: 1706812989346.jpg (74.57 KB, 586x131, ftmtf2.jpg)

No. 1961552

Consequences of being dropped on your head as a baby.

No. 1961554

>you'll be okay
Provided you don't get a mastectomy, experience long-term testosterone effects like voice change, don't cut off your family members, and don't get any kind of "botton" surgery, then sure, you'll be okay.

No. 1961555

Bbygrl you’re not that confident in your identity if a Tiktok video comment section made you triggered enough to run to your Reddit hugbox for validation.

No. 1961557

>envious of people who damaged their bodies and now regret it because it's "so gender uwu"
I wonder who would be more insulted by this, the trutrans or the detranisitioners.

No. 1961596

I miss when teenage emo phases left you with bad tattoos instead of lifelong systemic medical and psychological problems

No. 1961598

File: 1706823593976.gif (2.42 MB, 498x273, old-gregg-old-greg.gif)

Old Gregg is so gender

No. 1961663

File: 1706830693664.jpeg (198.61 KB, 828x1028, 651C1F86-4AEE-4E6E-BF46-503BED…)

she had a facial masculinization surgery. seems like a waste of money to me

No. 1961664

I'm so sick of this greaseball

No. 1961668

I see this one on instagram all the time and I feel bad for her. Imagine being a naturally beautiful woman only to mutilate yourself and constantly be told that you look like an ugly somali man

No. 1961677

File: 1706832415840.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1179x1683, IMG_0272.jpeg)

Increasingly most of the TIFs and TIMs on Grindr are t4t, at least these freaks know that no one else wants them.

No. 1961681

She doesn’t even look like a Somali man. She looks like a Somali toddler. It’s especially tragic because it seems so foolish for anyone who looks like this to think they have any realistic chance of passing as male, but her small stature and youthful appearance probably exacerbate her desire to not be seen as female. People already don’t take women seriously, but short women get this particularly infantilizing treatment and are forced to be aware of sexual dimorphism in a much more intense way than taller/more physically imposing women. I’m tall, so please nobody take that as me saying tall women have it easy. But people(especially men) really do treat petite women like children.
Even just looking at her makes me sad. I hope she finds peace.

No. 1961686

Yeah, I also can't even begin to imagine how hard it must be to be in a culture that's utterly misogynistic, I honestly feel bad for the TiFs that troon out for the obvious reason of being accepted and recognized for being themselves and not for being baby making machines. When will this end?

No. 1961725

File: 1706843203552.jpg (295.12 KB, 1018x849, 1000029316.jpg)

ok so it's not like we don't come across these girls in the wild constantly but seeing the highlighted bit genuinely saddened me. the sheer levels of coping in this piece of info

No. 1961727

File: 1706843349207.jpg (98.31 KB, 615x701, floridaman.jpg)

I understand the problems with driver's licenses, but the way she word it is like she needs to move like a war refugee.

No. 1961736

Loving the irony of the Palestine flag in the bio. I wonder if she's donated anything to help them?(bait)

No. 1961737

She did, of course. All for those points for a country where no one would care about her rights.

No. 1961740

File: 1706847684745.jpeg (677.1 KB, 1170x1393, IMG_8060.jpeg)


No. 1961741

File: 1706847929675.jpeg (716.96 KB, 750x1263, A595DA61-91A4-4CC6-BE7E-20AE94…)

She’s real, she’s genuine, a lesbian that went insane in her late 30s. This is just so incredibly distasteful, narcissistic and haram

No. 1961747

>budgie smugglers
>no budgie to smuggle

No. 1961775

can't she just wear a dago tee and call it a day?

No. 1961790

Maybe meant this tim? Not sure. According to comments about his discord he is detrans grifting but that’s a topic for the mtf thread.

No. 1961808

>stinky avian fur
very "groomed by a furry tim on discord when she was underage"-core

No. 1961815

jfc the thing about them is that sure, they cannot define woman but they also cannot define trans.
If transness is something you can experiment with then it's not different than fashion.
Trans is not a mental disorder but they demand healthcare.
Trans doesn't require a transition, is a feeling!
Trans requires hormones, because it requires a change!
Trans is breaking out of gender norms but also reinforcing them because if you don't fit in some then you're automatically put into an another box.
??? which is it???? What??? Why should I believe and cather to them if I don't know what I'm talking about and most importantly, what are they talking about???(integrate)

No. 1961831

Can't look for gay male sex clothes or lingerie? or were they not "cute" enough for the sooper dooper male-brained tiffany?
Funny how to her she couldn't just be a shirtless dude, she still has that internal need to show off her chest. also considering she couldn't think of any flat-chested bras, I'm going to take a guess that she was very used to underwire bras with cups to fill and less aware of other kinds, probably another case of girl unhappy others were staring but otherwise was happy with her body considering she's showing it off in lingerie. or maybe just didn't like how big she used to be

No. 1961841

How flat did they excavate her chest, even when a moid wears lingerie they aren't completely flat unless anachan

No. 1961848

She probably had tubular breasts before or something. I see a lot of TIMs who use trooning out as a more socially acceptable way to "fix" their boobs or other insecurities rather than just getting implants. Considering she had 4 kids it was likely the case

No. 1961897

File: 1706894186691.jpg (182.87 KB, 1449x1217, 1706845682.tanukibomb_gfs0cxvx…)

>Stag with scar chest

Once again artists showing that they do not want to draw a female figure with scar chest because "disphoria". Or at least use an animal that do not have sexually dimorphic differences

No. 1961911

>uwu it's so hard for me to take thotty pictures, imagine hard much harder it is for Palestinians
These people are fucking retarded

No. 1961934

Does anybody else here like the song "Don't Let Me Get Me" by P!nk? I feel like it does a nice job artfully describing the feelings of self-loathing that causes a lot of girls to become TIFs (including trauma from SA (the "teachers dated me" line). P!nk probably would've at least called herself nonbinary if she'd been born 20 years later. Like honestly one could say that "let[ting] me get me" is a good metaphor for the now-legitimized (by the mainstream medical and liberal political establishments) TIF self-harm practice of cutting their breasts off.

LA told me, "You'll be a pop star
All you have to change is everything you are"
Tired of being compared to damn Britney Spears
She's so pretty
That just ain't me

Doctor, doctor, won't you please prescribe me something?
A day in the life of someone else

'Cause I'm a hazard to myself
Don't let me get me
I'm my own worst enemy
It's bad when you annoy yourself
So irritating
Don't wanna be my friend no more
I wanna be somebody else(reaching new heights of derailing)

No. 1961935

Some day in the not too distant future, spicy straights and prison gay troons will outnumber gay men on Grindr.

No. 1961937

File: 1706902573799.gif (14.78 MB, 497x498, zoning-out-cat-complete-blcak-…)

>also much harder if you're in Palestine right now - experiencing ongoing genocidal war crimes, dispossession, starvation - all kinds of unsafety.
The fuck? Girl just post your ugly underwear pic and go. Also that 'help a fruit out' is laughable. You need help? Seriously, you need help here?

No. 1961940

She's a TiF, not a TiM.

No. 1961941

Are you retarded?(infighting)

No. 1961959

>P!nk probably would've at least called herself nonbinary if she'd been born 20 years later
Huh? She's married with kids and has never (to my knowledge) promoted any troon nonsense. The trauma and self-loathing she describes in her songs is common to many teenage girls, not just TIFs. This is even dumber than people claiming Kurt Cobain was a troon because he wore a dress sometimes and said he felt feminine in an interview.

No. 1961975

Meh I could see it. You're not allowed to be a tomboy anymore, if you are butch in any way = trans

No. 1961978

>using the watermelon as a reference to Palestine
>thirst trapping with watermelon print swim bottoms
Very tasteful

No. 1961981

Maybe I didn’t do a good job conveying the point I was trying to make in >>1961934. I was saying that P!nk did a good job in her song she wrote 20 years ago with conveying the trauma and self loathing that many girls go through during the teen years. Many teen girls have hated themselves and hated their bodies throughout history, it’s only been within the last 10 years that these self loathing girls have been encouraged by popular culture and the medical establishment to “treat” their problems by trooning out.(derailing)

No. 1961985

P!nk has wrote more songs like that because that's exactly what happened during her teen days. She even wrote "stupid girls" to condemns sexism and encouraging intelligence in women, but in the video is she acts so awful and hypocrite. It makes her seem like a TIM trying to be a "trans girl".(derailing)

No. 1961991

this isn't true and if you honestly believe this you need to get out of the weird echo chamber you live in

No. 1961994

Are you trolling right now? You sound ridiculous(infighting)

No. 1962015

File: 1706917479927.png (15.86 KB, 601x283, disgusting.png)

qrts are full of fellow pooners agreeing and saying they thought they were the only ones

No. 1962019

This isn't even the first time I've heard this line from TiFs. They don't understand how cancer works.

No. 1962025

Good, let them get a taste of their own spaces being taken over. I've seen catty fags giggling to each other that troons take over lesbian spaces cos we just don't fight hard enough or something.

No. 1962032

Case in point

No. 1962050

>gasdon flag shirt
>trans colors
Seriously wearing a conservative white supremacist symbol but in trans colors? Conservatives will still hate your existence even if you wear their snake and gendies will get pissed at you for promoting a flag that supports “trans genocide”. Tiffany retardation is insane.
Also she is holding the microphone in literally the most feminine way possible kek

No. 1962062

It always astounds me these poor women can look at the state of their skin while on t and think "yeah. yeah! This is what I want!"

No. 1962065

And use the "intrusive thoughts" as excuse. "what if I put salt on my tea instead of sugar?" is an intrusive thought. "I wish I have cancer so I can get rid of my tits" is a mental issue.

No. 1962067

neither of these are intrusive thoughts lol why has an aspect of ocd become watered-down tiktok language

No. 1962069

2020s version of the tumblr 'smol gay bean cinnamon roll' shit

No. 1962100

>white supremacist symbol but in trans colors?
what kind of retarded sjw forum did you blow in from?(infighting)

No. 1962132

Assuming she can register cringe this Girl is never getting a good nights sleep ever again kek

No. 1962145

You don't get it nonna, he had antler masculinization surgery

No. 1962159

First of all, getting breast cancer doesn't even mean both breasts will be affected, and for your sake you'd better hope they aren't. And second, the girl with the terrible skin was trying to say that she is troo tranz enough because she wished she had it, right? No it just makes you look even more mentally ill and like you wanna self harm.

No. 1962177

wishing terrible things happen to you is a sign of mental illness but it’s somehow okay when it’s about your boobs instead of arms or legs. i’ll never understand people who find logic in this kind of nonsense

No. 1962182

Looks like a russian prison bitch(sage your shit)

No. 1962209

You do realize a lot us aren’t white right? Are you new? Every image board isn’t filled with /pol/tards, go back to your containment board(infighting)

No. 1962216

More like does getting tons of T to form the antlers, but yeah, it is just a doe using gorilla glue on already shed antlers to look more masculine.

No. 1962268

File: 1706993430700.png (25.04 KB, 533x214, 5114.png)

you're a bigot and a terf and lame and a loser if you don't support this and hate "cis women" btw!

No. 1962274

Kek the copium. That's why I don't mind it when tifs are balding and shit to become the bugbois of their dreams. They'll eventually find out in the future who's the 'loser' here for butchering their body beyond saving and still never being able to resemble an actual moid. Lameness is treating yourself as a piece of meat who can be injected, sliced, sewn and replaced easily, while envying moids and putting their literal existence on a pedestal.

No. 1962301

I see why being a "creature" of "gender" may appeal to them, besides the obvious issues with insecurity. It's fun to think this way when you're 16 and rebelling against your parents. Once you grow up and realize you have responsibilities, this doesn't cut it anymore.

No. 1962347

The tone is wry and sarcastic but the sentiment is completely earnest: you aren't cool unless you're "fucking with your gender".
It's so pathetic. Let's bring back emo and be done with it all.

No. 1962349

File: 1707012222642.jpg (29.21 KB, 500x400, fe34e4248cbd0085f0692ca72522e0…)

>"Homosexuality is natural and people cannot pick who to love!"
>"Imagine being cis in this era when you can be TIF or TIM for liking stuff from the other gender"

So TRAs can admit that being trans IS a choice.

No. 1962354

>Let's bring back emo and be done with it all
I wish emo could really be brought back. There is a current lame "wave" of it that's popular with gendies on tiktok, so as you can imagine it's very superficial. They're only drawn to the awkward, outcast, and unwashed aspect and are all cookie cutter clones named Arson or Rat, self diagnosed with 10 illnesses after watching "top 5 signs you were secretly abused!" tiktoks, consoom products that brands and influencers tell them are totally rebellious, and headcanon gerard way as an mtf enby icon. Sigh.

No. 1962373

File: 1707015418486.png (451.33 KB, 555x710, Screenshot 2024-02-03 9.58.23 …)

imagine being able to draw masc women this well and wasting it on this shit

No. 1962464

Alphonse isn't a tranny
implying troons are masc women or femme men to start with
>real, she’s genuine, a lesbian
So lesbians are masculine? You're one of those tomboy-to-troon believers with extra steps

No. 1962465

Alphonse had Ed as the 'trans sibling'.

No. 1962468

What's more concerning is the oldest son trooning out and she might get insane

No. 1962604

Totally not misogyny, though. Also even though it's a "joke" it speaks to a very real social pressure that exists among geeky girls on social media.

No. 1962634

She’s Ethiopian
Wonder if she’ll get leg lengthening surgery, her implants look bad

No. 1962715

for her own sake i hope she dies during a surgery. she looks so pained.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1962719

Whenever one of them says this shit, part of me can't help but hope that they do get it and that it metastasizes to other parts of their body like their lungs or lymph nodes and kills them instead of just giving them an excuse for a super validating top surgery like they stupidly thought would happen(alogging)

No. 1962721

File: 1707100654553.jpg (71.38 KB, 425x831, Untitled.jpg)

the only funny thing here is the very first text, as if a ftm not having a pussy and instead having a rotting frankendick is anymore appealing to gay men

No. 1962732

Why is always "cis people this, cis people that"? Can't they admit they're out there in the world saying shit too Of course they wouldn't admit it

No. 1962738

File: 1707105495990.jpg (35.38 KB, 1080x284, Screenshot_20240205_091759_Chr…)

We're witnessing retardation levels that shouldn't even be possible.

No. 1962743

>Totally real conversation with a true and honest actual "cis" gay man (I promise)

No. 1962754

This is so transparently fake, good grief. You just know this girl was sitting on the bus or something and thought to herself, "What if top surgery made me a top? Teehee, Leddit would love this joke."

No. 1962761

"i'm a girl but calling myself a girl makes me uncomfortable but i still want to do girly stuff" encapsulates 90% of tifs.

No. 1962771

File: 1707121715698.mp4 (1.1 MB, 576x1024, JqXgrS4VA-mXR7Wy.mp4)

No. 1962774

File: 1707123614608.jpg (289.18 KB, 812x909, DSCF3045-1.jpg)

Nothing relevant I just couldn't help but kek at the face of the tif in the middle

No. 1962778

these girs are dumb as fuck too but I do apprecaite how mad they make other troons kek
I like to think at least a handful are secret terfs pissing troons off on purpose

No. 1962779

did the one of the right make her nipples the penises of her tattoos? is that supposed to be Zeus and Poseidon? Is Zeus reaching for Poseidon’s penis nipple?
Nonnas am I seeing things? That can’t be fucking real kek. I love the minds of tifs. Absolutely insane.

No. 1962783

File: 1707128750037.png (75.5 KB, 1080x697, Screenshot_20240205-190942~2.p…)

Today on Tumblr: straight girl who identifies as a "trans faggot" randomly sends ACAB message to middle aged Japanese woman's cat blog in an attempt to gain attention, succeeds but not in the way she planned, proceeds to try to get epic in the replies with people who try to explain to her that that was retard behavior which should never be repeated.

No. 1962785

File: 1707129212447.jpg (365.96 KB, 1058x1445, Screenshot_20240205-103507.jpg)

The comments are surprisingly sane for tumblr

No. 1962789

Has this cat blog come up ITT before or am I imagining things?

No. 1962799

I don't frequent this thread enough to know, but this cat blog is very popular on Tumblr and retards semi-regularly send in retarded asks that the normie Japanese woman who runs the blog posts without understanding. So it's definitely possible some tif sent a dumb ask that was posted here in the past

No. 1962806

File: 1707131962944.jpg (903.36 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20240205_201832.jpg)

Dude, justsaysk is so fucked. Her transformation is so horrifying, she went from being a reasonably pretty dancer with an athletic build to being a fat fridge shaped creature with a bizarre flat nipple-less chest and no hobbies or career other than social media.

No. 1962813

Love this, Kikomi is real and she's as trans as the doods who've gotten the tit chop and arm sausage. Respect her pronouns guize!!!
I've seen and clocked many women who look like this IRL, no matter how bright your short-sleeve button up tee is or how many facial hair transplants you've had it's still incredibly obvious. They all look mousy and weird, even the muscular ones.

No. 1962819

Those are some shitty tattoos.

No. 1962825

The blissfully normie reply is sending me kek.

No. 1962826

These autists are so insensitive when they don't even try, especially to people from different countries. They don't understand that racism is much more than being mean to someone because of skin colour, but it is also disregarding cultural norms.

No. 1962831

Has anyone noticed the obsession with Japan a lot of trans people in general have? Suddenly everyone wants to seriously consider moving there, especially the tims, but some tifs as well.

No. 1962832

Trans people are often autists obsessed with anime, and people who are obsessed with anime tend to have an idealised view of Japan

No. 1962835

File: 1707139702082.jpg (314.24 KB, 1080x1080, 987086976.jpg)

>Has anyone noticed the obsession with Japan a lot of trans people in general have?
how new are you. who hasn't noticed.

No. 1962838

>Bloody Mary manga
>calls Maria a girl
damn wannabe faggot, the mangaka could care less if Maria is a girl's name, it's pretty and exotic so she used it, doesn't make him a troon.

No. 1962857

File: 1707146543358.jpg (479.96 KB, 1298x2048, Tumblr_l_129302491201506.jpg)

We giving mutilation scars to marble statues?

No. 1962862

This is such a disgusting fetish.

No. 1962863

Most trannies are autistic former 4chan users and porn addicted incels who grew up watching tranime and hentai. So it’s not surprising there’s such an overlap. Many of them are also super racist too since they are former poltards, so they like the idea of moving to a racially homogenous country where Asians worship mediocre white people and there are barely any black or brown people around.

No. 1962867

Who's we?

No. 1962878

>giving a suposed fertility charm/maternal icon dogeared tit chops

No. 1962916

File: 1707157914792.jpg (7.04 KB, 210x260, url.jpg)

By their own logic, isn't it troonphobic to draw wholly female characters with tit chop scars? Like it blatantly implies that they're just women with surgery and not Real Boys. Few characters are as strongly associated with femaleness as Venus, whose astrological symbol is literally used as shorthand for "female." You could argue that just calling the statues venuses after giving them titchops is "misgendering."

No. 1962918

The middle one is making a face like she just shat herself

No. 1962940

damn, how mentally unstable do you have to be to always need OTHER PEOPLE affirm YOUR identity.

No. 1962989

The right looks just like Dream, lmaoooo imagine transitioning to be that ugly crescent shaped dumbass

No. 1963060

This can't be sincere it has to be some sort of parody because I am dying of laughter at how retarded this is.

No. 1963068

>the audio

Pick one, Jane.

No. 1963093

Tiktok is a mistake.

No. 1963102

File: 1707217587653.jpg (Spoiler Image,107.17 KB, 720x693, 1000002623.jpg)

I think gay men are actually extremely thrilled from this boom because they have the excuse they need to be as misogynistic as possible

No. 1963126

File: 1707227393882.jpeg (126.26 KB, 1024x1600, GFeXuRgXYAA-_E3.jpeg)

>She's married with kids and has never (to my knowledge) promoted any troon nonsense
She has; she handed out pro-troon books to kids recently.
I remember the Tumblr TIF who said she was jealous that her mother with cancer got 'top surgery' before her.

No. 1963245

This is so true anon. At 5’3 and 30 years old, I still look like I’m 17 and it’s annoying. Petite youthful looking women trooning out to avoid infantilization is understandable but still so sad.(blogposting)

No. 1963293

File: 1707257804839.png (481.51 KB, 1080x1904, Screenshot_20240206-170855~2.p…)

some weirdo reblogged it with her own piece riffing on this theme, and that's the iteration of the post I first saw

No. 1963367

File: 1707277142746.jpeg (511.88 KB, 1440x1795, IMG_1111.jpeg)

Update on Miss mutilated thot selfies for the dying and dead Palestinian children. She competed in her budgie smugglers in a woman’s triathlon.

No. 1963383

this pissed me off. you take two sculptures based on the female form, thats their whole thing, named after the goddess of FEMINITY, and you think that to "improve" them they need to be stripped off their womanhood. the david one is also dumb but i dont give a fuck about that one since its a male statue, tifs are always proving they see the female sex as the worse one of the two.

No. 1963388

Do these disgusting shitty drawings need to be posted? They're not milky at all and even if they originated in tryhard trootrans circles, by now they're mostly made by scrotes anyway.

No. 1963397

File: 1707297783682.jpeg (275.35 KB, 1440x873, spot the troon.jpeg)

what a true and honest man, the hormones and surgery has done wonders for her passing
if you showed this picture to a stranger on the street I'm sure they'd spot the man real quick

No. 1963435

You don't even need to crop it, she just looks like a woman with flat chest who likes to be topless. Actually, I think we should spoiler pictures of shirtless TiFs even if they got done the tit chop surgery, because they're still women, and even if they get their nipples removed they still are women, I wouldn't want any tranny lurkers to believe that we totally believe they're asexual beings or moids.

No. 1963436

File: 1707312205522.jpg (426.02 KB, 1080x1920, Annoying af.jpg)

These "kweer women in history" posts always end up annoying me with how they'll retroactively trans a woman for having to live as a man to do the things she wanted, like congratulations you're just reinforcing the stereotypes they were trying to get out of

No. 1963437

late but KEKKKK someone please put this in one of those "female rage" tiktok audios

No. 1963442

Charles d'Éon de Beaumont was a man, though. He didn’t fully troon out until middle age and claimed to be biologically female in a classic “acktchully I’m intersex” tranny move but was found to have a normal dick ‘n balls after he died, and his only ‘feminine’ characteristics were being fat and having gynecomastia.
You’re right that TRAs love retroactively transing women who achieved anything other than having babies, especially if those women posed as men to do so. But if you look into this guy’s life story it’s actually uncanny how similar he is to modern AGPs who troon out after achieving success as a man. The fact that he was celebrated by high society should also be a sign that this was an actual man and not a woman pretending to be one. When a successful crossdressing woman gets outed she doesn’t get kudos from the king, she gets burnt at the stake or imprisoned or correctively raped or all of the above, except for the extremely lucky exceptions who were so successful that society was unwilling to admit that she was a woman at all.

No. 1963483

She really just looks like a flat chested woman. I bet the people walking behind them must be going "damn that one woman is taking a pic with her boobs out, that's brave" since tif will always look "cis" from behind anyway.

No. 1963539

She has a 'soy boy' tattoo. How manly.

No. 1963561

I know D’Eon was a man but I genuinely have so much hatred for troons who do this shit. They’re so desperate to prove that “trannies have been around for thousands of years!” that they take historical women such as Joan of Arc from the past who pretended to be men for their own safety/to do what they wanted and just say “see? Trans!” as if they aren’t just proving that all this trans shit is based on stereotypes.

No. 1963672

lol the forced voice, it gives me the same skin crawling feeling as forced mtf voices

No. 1963688

Is she skin walking Anthony fantano

No. 1963727

What I love about this crop is that anyone seeing it out of context would just assume that she's a woman wearing a bikini.

No. 1963728

We're reaching levels of mental illness that shouldn't even be possible

No. 1963777

i dont doubt that dan and phil have made other tifs to think their men too.

No. 1963778

File: 1707387029875.jpg (38.31 KB, 1000x666, baja mali knindza old.jpg)

laughing so hard, she looks like serbian musician baja mali knindza in makeup

No. 1963784

Ayrt thanks for clarifying, so it's even worse that they think he's a woman smh

No. 1963794

>i don’t know what’s so confusing to people about retarded sperging
maybe the fact that you entire “identity” is actively contradictory

No. 1963795

File: 1707398053914.jpeg (Spoiler Image,698.24 KB, 1170x1460, IMG_0701.jpeg)


No. 1963797

>I am such a hecking valid nonbwinwy boy and the lesbians at the lesbian bar love me!!!
Are these people really that retarded? The other women at the bar obviously see you as a woman isn't that twansphobic or something?

No. 1963805

Her face and her torso share the same smile

No. 1963808

Butch woman expecting people to be shocked that women at a lesbian bar are into her. (Also that voice is sending me)

No. 1963809

No. 1963830

tiktok has caused immense damage to the quirky alt girl population

No. 1963846

spending all that money just to look like yakubs first draft of a somalian is crazy

No. 1963852

And whatever attention you get from women is gonna drop the second you get that top surgery. If it hasn't already dropped from her putting on that goofy voice, she has to force it that hard just to sound like a huskier woman, embarrassing. Also, why does she talk like
>I'm on h urr t

No. 1963856

They like to pick and choose based on what makes them feel good, that's that whole euphoria thing. In other contexts it's lame to be a regular old woman, but aligning herself with lesbians feels cool and counterculture so she's fine with it.

No. 1963862

File: 1707413412803.jpeg (27.14 KB, 320x414, D510E4B0-B6AB-41BD-B5D1-8F5E76…)

>>1961663(sage your shit)

No. 1963880

She sounds like she has a cold kek

No. 1963882

Did she gain weight after a tummy tuck or something? What's going on with her midsection

No. 1963911

Looks like weight loss combined with loose skin to me. She must have been monstrously obese prior.

No. 1963997

This would horrify me if I was a Japanese person.

No. 1964007

so sorry to inform you both but the lower abdomen is an increasingly popular graft site for rot sausages

No. 1964151

Kek she sounds so fake and so gross at the end.

No. 1964168

>goddess of fertility
>troons being infertile
Checks out.

No. 1964170


No. 1964185

all that effort just to sound like Elizabeth Holmes

No. 1964234

Looks like down syndrome. Her stomach face looks like the before picture of that guy that shot himself in the face and then got a face transplant.

No. 1964351

budgie struggler more like

No. 1964382

Tbf Elizabeth Holmes was faking hers too, but this tif sounds like she's continously straining to shit kek

No. 1964438

It doesn't seem like she got the corn dog surgery, though. TiFs who have that done never shut the hell up about it. Also I've seen phalloplasties that use the stomach tissue and afaik the graft comes from several inches lower. It looks more like she has some kind of horizontal incision across her navel. Possibly from extra skin after weight loss like other anons have said.

No. 1964457

File: 1707557442210.png (411.92 KB, 1512x487, JpGp4DB.png)

A fat TIF venting at a random couple, literally seething their in a happy relationship and claiming it's cause of her societal issues that she can't find love.

No. 1964459

the projection kek all the things that make her a shitty, unstable partner are all the things that the “normie” crowd doesn’t have to suffer though. such a self tattle

No. 1964460

It could be a scar from removing her uterus

No. 1964542

Not the supernatural tattoo kek

No. 1964588

I wonder what percentage of SuperWhoLock fans have trooned out because all the >30 year old TIFs I know were deep into that scene.

No. 1964607

>their parents are married
Yours aren't?
>their grandparents are married
>their friends are married
Find some married friends for yourself I guess? Also I doubt all of their friends are married unless they've got only like 2-3 friends, but even that amount is a lot more than she would ever have in her life with that weirdass victim complex.

No. 1964616

To be fair, divorce rates have increased quite a lot in past two decades, but I can't imagine seething over someone being married for that reason. Like none of those reasons (besides being a TIF) is preventing her from getting into a relationship, literal schizo poor people get into them all the time.

No. 1964620

File: 1707600318632.jpg (258.53 KB, 843x1057, tifsdontpass.jpg)

>TIF starts taking testosterone.
>It’s more obvious to strangers she’s a woman now.

No. 1964625

Kek this is completely unrelated to TIFs but it's really surprising to you that someone's parents are not married? What kind of life do you live?(derailing)

No. 1964648

>I try my best not to talk too much in public
Truly a liberatory and feminist ideology.

No. 1964672

A good one I guess.

No. 1964683

Holy mother of TIF

No. 1964684

File: 1707611509863.png (22.48 KB, 944x228, transphobic chatbot boyfriend.…)

she's on gel, so she's never going to look any different if she takes it for 20 years. I had a look on her profile and she posts a lot in r/demisexuality and r/CharacterAi. absolutely not going to make it

No. 1964706

Kek her comment is reminding me of another tif from that subreddit who chose to chat with an abusive bf bot and then started crying because the bot refused to call her a 'boy' and was passive aggressive. Why are they like this? Some bots would tell people to kill themselves yet you wouldn't see a single one complaining about it as much as tifs do about this shit.

No. 1964738

>people make assumptions about my gender based on my appearance and it really upsets me
>they don't make the assumptions that I want them to make based on my appearance

No. 1964768

File: 1707625166528.png (2.19 MB, 1938x730, gender envy.png)

Gender envy is when you self-insert as the tool you shipped with the psycho who used and killed him and have a crush on Scream-era Mathew Lillard.
Funny how they typically self-insert as the abused party in their abusive ships

No. 1964778

I noticed that a lot of TiFs are also into abusive otome games like Boyfriend to death, your boyfriend and John Doe. It’s comorbid atp likely from being terminally online and being led into porn and kink. Also like moids turning into porn addicts/degens with a mix of self hatred, likely why some also call themselves “fem bois” and “three holed fags”

No. 1964786

Alternative title:
>Fictional men I lusted after as a teenager

No. 1964792

Rivers Cuomo is my favorite fictional man

No. 1964833

File: 1707654642450.jpg (48.47 KB, 446x737, capped13.jpg)

How come this bitch gets a fuckton of tattoos but still doesn't cover her female sign tattoo? This is the ultimate proof that you can get groomed and manipulated into being trans lol, how come her dysphoria is big enough to chop off her tits but seeing a literal female sign on her body is totally fine lmao?

No. 1964874

Why face so scary for what is context

No. 1964887

tinfoil, she isn't getting misgendered more but rather since entering the trans cult she has begun to hyperfocus on pronouns and how others treat her, so now every time someone says "she" it's a personal attack since she is so obviously not a female anymore.
Nearly any case study you grab of rogd troons show you that they all develop more and more insecurities around gender the more they transition. Girls who happily wore a bikini last summer will have a panic attack over the though of wearing one a few months later now that they've decided it's not "male" enough etc.

No. 1964908

The slasher fandom on tumblr is full of tifs and they ship Stu and Billy together. IIRC the threadpic many threads ago was "fakeboi skinwalking guide" and I think Billy and Stu were under "Tumblr sexyman-darkmode"

No. 1964912

Damn those are some shitty tattoos, why do TIFs have such terrible taste when it comes to art.

No. 1964926

File: 1707685448196.jpg (235.29 KB, 600x314, Chucky-Rep.jpg)

Why does she look like Chucky?

No. 1964932

Kek I thought the exact same, and also like Onision

No. 1964934

File: 1707688414768.jpeg (688.92 KB, 1170x970, IMG_0750.jpeg)

KEK even she knows she looks fugly with that buzzcut

No. 1964935

I truly think she doesn’t want to look “masculine” she just wants to look like an androgynous pretty uwu gay boi

No. 1964937

Sage for non milk but i’ve always thought it was really weird how tifs like Ezra get the titchop while the rest of their body still looks completely female. Like does she actually think she passes for a man?

No. 1964946

I mean it's not even shaped or tapered. Who gets a straight buzz in 2024 outside of the military?

No. 1964957

Many TIFs prioritize the titchop because they have complexes about their chest, usually because it's a female body part that's been femininely sexualized whereas people now attribute large hips to femboys, which many TIFs strive to be. They want the fictional androgyny of femboys.

No. 1964978

She’s failing so hard, now she looks like an ugly goblina who’s going through a depression

No. 1964986

File: 1707700769892.jpeg (765.39 KB, 1170x1416, IMG_6612.jpeg)

Has anyone else noticed that there has been a sudden shift in the online trans community and it’s now trendy to hate on non-transitioning they/thems (always theyfabs too, never theymabs) instead of validating them

No. 1964988

>tumblr ftms are absolutely cooking
What is she referring to here?

No. 1964993

It's mostly tims harassing theybies for stealing the spotlight while not permanently mutilating themselves. Truscum vs. tucute baked in misogyny.

No. 1964996

It's men reeing once again that women can still rank above them on the progressive stack if they identify as trans to (while being what the mtfs desire/hate the most because mtfs are all incels).

No. 1965010

File: 1707709332725.jpg (239.21 KB, 750x1057, forcemasc.jpg)

Recently there's been a tumblr trend of FTMs trying to genderbend sissy hypno/forced feminization memes and call it forced masculinization. I could tell it was that because of the schizoid self aggrandizing mention of "heavenly nectar" and "acting like a dog". I looked it up on tumblr to post an example and I found upper right

No. 1965017

even their ''sissy hypno'' masculinization memes are obviously female. While the sissy hypno TIMs consume is all about 'degrading' them by insulting their masculinity and comparing them to women(because all TIMs are misogynists), this forced attempt at imitating moids is completly the opposite. Here they are praised for passing so well and there isnt an attempt to mock their lack of femininity.

No. 1965029

literally a corrective-rape fantasy, fucking disgusting

No. 1965033

Yikes. The moid in the middle looks 'young' in a completely wrong way, regardless of whether he was legal or not.

No. 1965035

This just looks like a gay rape fantasy created by a pedo moid.

No. 1965075

Creepy ass underage-gay-gangrape image. How did you even find it and decide to post it?

No. 1965081

these Pinterest ass genderbent sissy hypno screeds are the girliest things ever, it's hilarious lol

No. 1965101

File: 1707739190424.jpeg (300.43 KB, 1024x949, tumblr_370a25d73d2c42bf7e835bf…)

>not posting the superior version

No. 1965150

File: 1707751443803.png (433.87 KB, 598x624, adamdriver.png)

This tif video looks like that infamous Adam Driver photo.

No. 1965169

this is so fucking cringe.

No. 1965230

File: 1707763040559.jpg (64.14 KB, 429x753, capped45.jpg)

Not only is her skin ruined to shit bits, now she has a widow's peak and starting to bald. I shouldn't nitpick but it's like watching something crumble in front of you: sad but entertaining.

No. 1965246

A lot of people use social justice to hide their insecurities. She wants what they have, but she doesn’t even want to admit it to herself. If she was more normal mentally and physically then it wouldn’t be a problem.

No. 1965277

Where have you been? Cattiness between "trenders" and "trutrans" has been happening for at least a decade at this point. It was the basis of the whole "truscum" vs "tucute," pissing match that happened on Tumblr years back.

No. 1965282

she looks like she smells really bad

No. 1965347

This isn’t an FTM lol it’s some guy who orbits MTF e-thots

No. 1965353

We're going on a ten year anniversary. This shit started really taking off in 2014

No. 1965382

A girl that frequents the pharmacy I work at just got the tit chop. I still think it's insane that it got approved of in the first place given the sheer amount of psyche meds she's on.

No. 1965393

I kinda feel for balding tifs cos I've been losing hair from pcos

No. 1965404

Don't feel bad, these are at least over 18 years old women putting retarded shit in their bodies with their consent to larp as moids.

No. 1965419

File: 1707791648642.jpg (47.37 KB, 650x704, 5cab29490307c5ad0cfcbd465f09d4…)

That explains it better.

Picrel, the photo.

No. 1965425

Why feel bad? Tifs are literally injecting themselves with hormones to pretend they’re moids, and most of them know they’ll bald but just don’t care. Everytime a detrans woman posts about how badly testosterone fucked her body up, there will be dozens tifs bragging about how that didn’t happen to them. There’s even hundreds of posts of them saying they wish they had PCOS or even breast cancer; they are not to be pitied nonna.

No. 1965556

File: 1707837569041.mp4 (5.9 MB, 576x1024, libsoftiktok - 175705697302605…)

Tiffany congratulates herself for how well she handled her daughter and husband begging her to detransition.

No. 1965558

She literally sounds like a little cartoon frog holy shit

I bet her husband and daughter love having what they think is a private conversation and then seeing it broadcast all over tiktok the next day. Quality parenting

No. 1965562

Posting your intimate family issues on Tiktok for validation is so insane. Why do TIFs act permanently 16?

No. 1965579

>its confronting to the husband when people go along with the wives delusions
When will these dipshits ever learn that men don’t give a fuck with this gender shit and most of the time they are just with them cause only the most insecure/doormatt-ey women are going to troon out. Also how selfish is it to have a daughter and then neglect being an example of womanhood, she wants a mom not a nlog

No. 1965597

Absolute narc, she’s not concerned at all about her daughters distress at what her mother is going through. Imagine if her daughter was confronting her about a drug addiction or a destructive religious ideology, begging her mother to stop. The tif even talks about how her daughter needs reeducation and she is failing (because her daughter doesn’t support her narcissism).
Looking forward to the future where there are communities of ex-children-of-transparent much like there exists the exmormon and exmuslim communities now.

No. 1965626

her voice probably scares her daughter. really weird how she sounds like a chain smoker

No. 1965649

its even worse because i looked at her other videos and the daughter is apparently "neurodivergent" aka autistic. this is probably so distressing for her

No. 1965657

looks like simpleflips bulked up after losing all that lard.

No. 1965667

Grown woman. I can't imagine being married to someone and them posting about our fights online. Imagine growing up like this, you talk about something with your mom that makes her upset, she films a tiktok about it.

No. 1965727

File: 1707860223295.jpg (417.83 KB, 1080x3430, transmascissues.jpg)


No. 1965731

Kikomi strikes again

No. 1965737

"however different they might be from who i am now, they wouldn't want me to make my life miserable now just so theirs might be a little bit easier" – and surely it goes just one way lol, she frames it as if living as a woman with a body wrecked by testosterone and mutilations after trans-euforia wears off would be just a small inconvenience compared to the "misery" of identifying as a man while being otherwise a healthy woman.

No. 1965738

File: 1707862407943.mp4 (11.68 MB, rapidsave.com_two_trespassers_…)

tiffany assaults random man with some sign about genders, runs away, has a meltdown and cries when confronted

No. 1965742

The crude insult this is to all the women who had the courage to detransition and who still suffer from it years later (infertility, PCOS, self-esteem, alienation and the list goes on much longer). They really have to romanticize everything, especially what they haven't lived and think is a walk in the park. If they'd listened to any detransitioner they'd know the process of realizing how badly you fucked up your body and your life is not "euphoric", it's a walk of shame where those who supported you all suddenly leave because you don't buy into the cult anymore.

No. 1965745

ewwwww people like this need to be called out. nasty piece of emotional manipulation, ironically using her actual sex to act tiny. i wanna say if I was on the bus I'd tell her to knock it off but then again why would I wanna risk being on /r/publicfreakout and potentially face harassment over not coddling this retard. stupid games stupid prizes

No. 1965751

The green hair under the hoodie … The pins on backpack … They really are all a walking stereotype. Kek at her calling his signs with dictionary definitions hateful. Imagine being a normie on this bus

No. 1965753

File: 1707864145031.jpg (Spoiler Image,130.74 KB, 750x750, tumblr_c90964863b4f0ce5eb29d49…)

she got the tit chop

No. 1965759

im so fucking confused. why did she throw herself on the ground and start screaming?

No. 1965762

I hate that she's weaponizing being female to pretend she's the victim here. Of course people will assume that a woman screaming and crying that a man is trying to hurt her isn't the aggressor, because the vast majority of women aren't retarded enough to punch a man then act like being filmed in response is an act of violence. TIFs are such crybullies, I hate this.

No. 1965765

Based on this image alone I know she'll lose her absolute mind when she realizes she'll always be a woman and will probably kill herself. That mastectomy is dog-eared as fuck kekkkkk.

No. 1965766

… Aren't the surgeons meant to sew their nipples back on?

No. 1965769


cba to cap it since it's not really milk, but she wrote a whole sperg about why she didn't keep her nipples

the usual reasons not to keep the nipples are because it's cheaper and the nipples grafts usually look like shit even if they don't rot off, also mental illness(screenshot or don't post at all)

No. 1965770

There's so many adults doing this right now (esp among the genderspecial population); social media has created a narcissism and oversharing epidemic. These poor kids. It's pathetic how some people can't take a piss without telling their 'followers' about it.
It's pissing me off how people are siding with the lunatic Tif. I appreciated that the bus driver told her off at the end, at least.

No. 1965815

>tiffany assaults random man with some sign about genders,
That's not a random man, that's Billboard Chris. He posted the vid to his twitter. I think this happened a one or two years ago or I could be thinking about a different vid of his. He gets attacked a lot.

No. 1965819

File: 1707877555959.png (504.13 KB, 806x568, 3589327520857.png)

She went from woman to woman with facial hair

No. 1965820

When 2 year old kids do this bait and switch shit, it's so their parents don't put them in the naughty corner for hitting first. When you do this as a grown adult, you're just a manipulator. Cringe.

No. 1965843

It's what >>1965762 said. She's weaponizing being female by playing the "I'm a helpless damsel being attack please save me" card, something no man would ever do.Troons embody the worst stereotypes of their sex. Just as TIMs are entitled, aggressive, narcissistic degenerates, TIFs tend to be catty, overemotional attention whores.

No. 1965848

>Oversized sweater
>Messy hair
>Drooling over emo twinks
>Drooling over killers she headcanons as gay
>Drooling over grunge animated characters
>Cute bats
>Weezer (of course)
This is just Y/N with a tinge of fujo sprinkled in.

No. 1965853

Everything about them is always so girly

*Cutesy dolphin sounds throughout video

*Constantly trying to act edgy and cool and NLOG

*Going into Primark, lush and Claires and giggling around all over the place. Most scrotes would go to gaming stores and they would be recording themselves taking up space, doing stupid, potentially dangerous shit and being gross and vulgar.

*"I'm so gay! Teehee" every 5 minutes. Gay scrotes don't generally talk about how gay they are.

*Twirling around in their outfits with cutesy little noises.

They couldn't possibly be behaving any more like girls.

No. 1965858

I get 2003 avril Lavigne vibes off of this brand of TIF.

No. 1965871

Did you know? If you're a grown woman who wants to become a 'boy'/child of different gender, then you need therapy.

No. 1965873

Why so many of them botched? It can't be the surgeon's fault at this point, right? Do they really go to the shittiest back alley surgeon because it's cheap or do they don't give a shit about the post op care?
It's just self harm at this point, if you want this much to "metamorph" your body to be euphoric, you would at least try to look good: Losing weight, find the perfect result to not get dog ears etc etc

No. 1965883

I kinda think it could be because they don't want to be just moids, they want to be trans due to all the perks they've been receiving lately for being the greatest victims of all time. The more butchered they are, the more people can tell they're troons. If they actually tried to blend in, people won't buy them as poor victims or cool 'queers' who stand out and are different than everyone else.

No. 1965889

File: 1707904469271.png (155.93 KB, 476x729, justmisogyny.png)

TiF angry that she is seen as a "subhuman with a vagina" instead of a real man. Fascinating how both sides of the tranny coin are literally just misogyny

No. 1965891

"I'm being viewed as a subhuman with a vagina, it's such a torture to be seen as nothing but [a different version of] a woman, if only cisgender people lived like this for a day…" – but we do and yet it doesn’t make us delusional. But right, she said "cisgender people", so, most probably she didn’t mean women. Which is further confirmed with "cisgender people are fucking weird and only think about genitals" kek. She's so disappointed that being a misogynist isn't enough to earn the honor of becoming one of the moids.

No. 1965894

File: 1707907706223.png (744.33 KB, 704x847, Screenshot 2024-02-14 at 5.50.…)

No. 1965896

The absolute hysterics. Does she really think laws have been passed that demand people to respect trannies? No, ma’am, you can’t legislate respect

No. 1965902

There are states where troons are protected under title ix and title vi, yes. Just because you are unfamiliar with EEOC policy doesn't mean they don't exist. Tifs might be retarded, but I don't think anyone's coworkers or managers should be discussing bobs and vagene on shift.

No. 1965906

File: 1707917942999.jpg (772.29 KB, 800x1000, mothspr.jpg)

I've followed this one for a while. She takes lots of pictures at very specific angles to look male and her followers eat it up. It seems she's deleted all the pictures of her off her art instagram but there were always tons of comments from envious TIFs. But there are pictures taken by others on her tumblr (dragonscuspid) and she has a very feminine gawky-skinny frame. The top 2 pics vs the bottom pic.

No. 1965914

File: 1707918544261.jpg (323.14 KB, 1440x1795, tumblr_6862289977c7424538e980b…)

Samefag but she's also married to a TIM. I know she trooned out after they got married, and he did before. Not sure if he was a TIM when they met. It's very obvious she's one of those TIFs who's a "he/they" because she doesn't want to be straight with extra steps.

Aside from the furry shit, her art is pretty good. I also found the obsessive TIF fanbase pretty interesting. But she must've got tired of them because she deleted her personal instagram and removed all pics of herself from her art one.

No. 1965916

she spent a lot of time trying to make her face masculine and then ruined it with that pose. even though you can tell shes tensing her shoulders attempting to make them look bigger. never seen a man make that pose in my life

No. 1965926

kek it's so funny, if you shopped her pube-bearded head out of those outdoors pics you could never convince anyone that that isn't a woman.

No. 1965928

>I'll go into retail, they don't see you as subhuman there

No. 1965934

Why are you taking her word that this is how the incident went down? It sounds completely unbelievable. And I'm aware of the laws you mentioned. Those laws protect from harassment and discrimination, which is different than respect.

No. 1965946

As always, you can tell which one is male and which is female in 0.5 seconds despite the poses and clothing.

No. 1965956

Effortlessly feminine, how don’t they see that their physicality/mannerisms give them away no matter what they do? She’d be better off posing more neutrally if she wants to come across as masculine.

No. 1965976

I doubt they actually were talking about her vagina though. It's a common bit of troon retardation to claim that pointing out they're obviously female/male and is "talking about/being obsessed with their genitals"

No. 1965990

Exactly. They interpret “okay but you’re still female though” as “all I care about is your vagina”. Her manager probably told her they struggle with using male pronouns for her because she is and looks female and she interpreted this as them being obsessed with her body parts, when they’re probably just sane people who don’t think that superficial aesthetic choices have turned this obvious girl into a boy. I bet that the disrespect she’s talking about is 100% just them stumbling over her pronouns.

No. 1966010

File: 1707936357202.png (40.7 KB, 568x246, speshul surgery.png)

She likes the attention. Picrel is from her blog, she's such an NLOG that she's desperate to be more special than cis men too.
And kek at her not wanting her nips back because of the sensory issues but somehow getting elective surgery is totes okay and not a sensory nightmare at all.

No. 1966031

kek couldn’t have chosen a more feminine username if she tried

No. 1966045

I feel like I'm going crazy, I'm like 99% sure that's a TIM. Listen to the man rage in his voice when he yells "transphobic fuck" at 1:50.

No. 1966061

That's not man rage, nona that's roid rage. She has extreme vocal fry in her voice due to the frog voice effect testosterone has on women.

No. 1966062

A TIM would have punched that moid given the chance. TIFs only cry and whine.

No. 1966063

File: 1707946404031.jpg (141.78 KB, 1170x1814, GGUDeKzXYAAF3ch.jpg)

No. 1966065

why caroline calloway? and why gaga? she dressed as a moid for years she’s never alluded to trooning out this just reads like a list of people you don’t like kek

No. 1966068

Would explain Miley's voice.

No. 1966076

I really don't understand why anyone would use hormones, specially in "microdoses" what's the point? Not only hormones do literally nothing when you're healthy, microdsing sounds like having the "Oh yeah I'm putting some ~*drugs*~ in my bodh" with a needle or something equally retarded.

No. 1966082

Why Doja Cat, Didn't leftists cancel her for wearing a neo-nazi shirt? Nazi to troon pipeline is more of a TIM thing kek

No. 1966084

might as well be women who once wore a mullet list

No. 1966085

Aka any female celebrity that has exhibited even the slightest amount of gender non conformity

No. 1966090

File: 1707951869060.jpg (48.19 KB, 759x254, microdosing.jpg)

There's this common perception in trans spaces that microdosing hormones will give you an androgynous nonbinary appearance. Ftms will sometimes argue that this isn't true, saying that microdosing testosterone only leads to slower masculinization than a normal dose. It's not like they actually have data on this. It's just a bunch of anecdotes from self-experimenters (endocrinologists tend to sign off on whatever dose their trans patients request, then the patients go on to trade tips with each other). You end up with a lot of people thinking they can use hrt to customize their appearance.

No. 1966101

I'm not really following celebs, but wasn't Kristen Steward dating women? And Maya Hawke played a lesbian in Stranger Things. That's probably how they ended up on that list.

No. 1966105

i'm sure these celebs are microdosing but it sure as shit ain't weed kek
also this is pure sexism, some of these women have less standard "feminine" faces naturally and in the case of miley, she's trying out more alternative styles while dealing with heavy drug use (vocal fry from smoking, not t). the lady gaga one feels like we're back in the days people were transvestigating her and she was pissed about the dick theories. except she's a normie now
calling self-induced pcos symptoms "androgyny"
she also looks vaguely gnc now, they probably expect her to troon out like ellen since she's more "gnc" than ellen was and even her cute self was called "manly" for not wearing dresses everywhere

No. 1966110

I fucking knew gendies were going to flock to kristen after her recent magazine cover, I knew it

No. 1966124

She seems like a person who’d feel validated by your comment.

No. 1966125

also have to add this is blatant NLOGism. Now that trannyism is becoming so mainstream and popular amongst girls their age they’re trying to distance themselves from the “trenders”

No. 1966128

That's so idiotic that it's depressing how there's people out there actually believing in something so ridiculous.
They really go out there thinking that hormones are the sims sliders and that you can add or remove hormones to get the perfect Sim appearance.

No. 1966131

The saddest thing about tifs is that they will always look like females and never the males they pretend to be(sage your shit)

No. 1966136

File: 1707966093387.png (588.92 KB, 1234x992, Screen Shot 2024-02-15 at 1.53…)

People like these are fascinating. It's like they don't understand that words mean things.

No. 1966151

Imagine self identifying as a man with zooey deschanel bangs

No. 1966154

She probably just has throat polyps from improper singing. Same thing happened to Skrillex, which is why he switched to electronic music in the first place.

No. 1966156

I feel so bad for the normies on the bus kek

No. 1966164

Kek what a catfish. The “masculine” photos are so staged/shooped, she looks completely like a woman in anything candid.

No. 1966166

Can 2024 please be the year people stop obsessing over "validation" and "invalidation." It makes it sound like they're talking about coupons.

No. 1966172

i don't know if any of you know of amyrightmeow, but she trooned out like two years ago and released yet another coming out video today declaring herself a fakeboi after identifying as nonbinary. completely forgot who she was because she never posts, no way this isn't a ploy for internet fame

No. 1966175

So NLOG to NLOG 2: electric bogaloo?

No. 1966182

If i saw the avatar I would instantly know that this was a TIF and not a scrote without having to look at anything else.

No. 1966194

File: 1707974367663.png (292.04 KB, 720x406, Screenshot_20240215-132030~2.p…)

Cartoon character vs actual person.

No. 1966200

I'm pretty sure that they know what the words mean but are running a psyop to try to change the meaning

No. 1966208

File: 1707982625156.png (66.55 KB, 625x889, TransMascHeightImprobabilities…)

Where are all these midget men TIFs claim to personally know? Only 1 in 130 men worldwide are 5'3" or shorter. Yet TIFs often claim to personally know plenty of them kek:

No. 1966212

File: 1707983936665.jpg (206.11 KB, 711x1434, yawee.jpg)

fujoshi-to-TIF pipeline remains undefeated kek

No. 1966246

Kek is this r/fanfiction? I was on there yesterday for the first time in a long while, and all the icons had gender special bs on them and the whole vibe reflected that. Trannies takeover everything. Also I'm never not agitated by the stupid 'gee, why do I relate to these gay male characters who were written by women to appeal to women…?'

No. 1966255

Bring back shame because how are they publicly admitting to this shit…

No. 1966294

>gravity falls-ass avatar
>ace attorney reference
lmao how can these women be so oblivious?

No. 1966296

Demi lovato is the only one that makes sense, cos of the they/them thing and talking to ghosts and calling them star people kek. Seeing Kristen Stewart in all caps at the top annoys me so much, though. Leave her alone.

No. 1966299

Maybe some are asian or hispanic, but mostly of course it's cope, and hyperfocusing on any manlet they see in a way they probably didn't before trooning out

No. 1966312

File: 1708012586039.png (59.74 KB, 719x1576, 1654387807.png)

nah demi went back to normal

No. 1966344

>strawman is frightened by labels
>well have you considered being curious instead?
It's funny she says that because troons are some of the least curious people on Earth. She shows how upset she got over people expressing different opinions later in the video. She should've been curious instead.
>so happy to finally have friends and a community that accepts me as I am
This is just sad. They only accept her as long as she falls in line and never thinks about detransitioning

She is so annoying. She clearly got tired of it because she wasn't unique anymore. Every liberal automatically uses they/them pronouns and it's invaded every online space, so I don't believe that she constantly needed to explain them.

No. 1966349

It's such a strange phenomenon really. These girls will see that they're "not like other girls" and decide that it can only mean that they're not girls at all, but actually manly men. Then when they realize they're "not like other men" they grasp at any straw they can to justify that it's ok because men are all totally different, men can have breasts and be short and have a high voice and be feminine and be pregnant - but at no point do they afford the same variation for females. They never stop to consider they could be all that they are and still just be a girl, that girls can be varied and include non-feminine girls who like to have funky haircuts and dislike their bodies.

No. 1966392

File: 1708026390848.jpg (88.58 KB, 1080x488, 20240215_194758.jpg)

Tif plays into the they/them pussy thing for male validation but also hates it?

No. 1966393

File: 1708026422134.jpg (823.05 KB, 1080x2011, Instagram_.jpg)

The reel she's replying to

No. 1966398

File: 1708027507099.jpeg (188.2 KB, 1239x345, IMG_7462.jpeg)

Please actually read the screenshot you posted. She just added “she/her” to make things easier, she literally said she doesn’t identify with male or female, and that she only begrudgingly marks “woman” because on legal documents she “has to”, she still very much insists on the not like the other girls thing.

No. 1966404

>Doja Cat
>Fucking Grimes????
KEK how did she even come to that conclusion

No. 1966437

They gave up the larp because they were only doing it in the first place to divert unwanted male attention. Now that they have protection in the form of a boyfriend they can relax.

No. 1966469

kinda late but why do gendies fixate on weezer? is it because those guys look nerdy and approachable? about the music itself, gendies are found in fandoms for every genre so i dont think it matters that much.

No. 1966474

This is something I've been wondering myself. What's different about Weezer than every other 90s band that makes them latch onto them so hard?

No. 1966493

Because weezer is a meme among zoomers and they have no personality outside of whatever internet music/movies/tv shows/games are popular at any time

No. 1966703

You may call me dumb, but honesty I wasn't sure Ezra's "bf" was also a TIF till this short. Despite transitioning being what it is, she clearly puts more effort(looks-wise, still acts pretty girly). Wonder if Ezra thought she would looks as "passable" as her when transitioning. She is already failing kek

No. 1966726

Why can’t these women just apply this thinking without including medical transition and removal of parts? Like just stick to changing how you dress and act. Then again, all of this stems from self hatred so what they’re really saying is they’ll never actually like themselves so may as well romanticize it in the most trendy way possible lol

No. 1966753

File: 1708119879267.jpg (83.37 KB, 600x850, 7e4bd88e0e03c5700c5e772cc40f64…)

Funny how Jo Calderone (Lady Gaga's male alter-ego) looks way better than all the TIFs posted in here. Something something, T doesn't do "wonders" in a healthy women body.

No. 1966784

The enby lesbians I know like Weezer because of Pink Triangle. My ex even had one tattooed on her arm because of it.

No. 1966822

holy fuck this is hot

No. 1966831

File: 1708137525558.jpeg (449.32 KB, 1025x1390, IMG_5812.jpeg)

there’s a genshin artist who’s a TIF and wouldn’t go a day without letting you know how much of a Weezer fan she is. She makes decent art though and I’m grateful she hasn’t given her drawings chest scars, although I don’t doubt it will come soon

No. 1966832

I remember lusting after her so hard when she did that performance because she just looked like a hot butch and she has little Italian douchebag Al Pacino vibes sage for irrelevant kek

No. 1966839

I'm 100% straight but I felt the same, she's so androgynous, she made it work.

No. 1966849

one of the best drag personas of all time probably awakened something in my sexuality etc

No. 1966874

cuz golden retrievers are only for he/hims am i rite?(sage your shit)

No. 1966902

LMAO she's that TIF from what happens next

No. 1966940

File: 1708177005738.png (270.12 KB, 815x945, Screenshots_2024-02-17-02-30-2…)

sage for old milk/nonmilk but am i the only one who finds it hilarious when troons start having moid problems?

No. 1966951

File: 1708179876287.jpg (309.39 KB, 687x1701, Screenshot_20240217_194303_Chr…)

>Jo Calderone
Idk anything about English popstars or what they've done before, so I looked this name up and came across this clown on clown violence tumblr post kek. Both of them are giving themselves too much importance by genuinely thinking the entire drag-concept was only about troons alone. From what I've seen, it was more like she was acting comically male to make fun of how moids behave (especially in that one vmas with brittany spears). It also seemed like a slap on the greasy faces of drag 'queens' who mock women for literally existing. Even the lyrics of 'Born this way' aren't talking about troons, she just mentioned them once. But apparently, that was enough for tifs and tims to reduce everything to either 'twansphobia' or 'twans supporter'

No. 1966953

Tiffany, moids don't wipe. They "shake" and then let the piss dribbles cake around their foreskins. They also do not wash hands after shitting, let alone pissing - and yes, they have adult skidmarks and piss stains on their boxers. This is what real life uwu boys are like. Get passin'.

No. 1966954

is it a moid problem, tho? giving yourself a medical issue via hrt/etc and then complaining about the complications involved feels like buyer's remorse.(your clitoris rubbing against clothes b/c it's been enlarged is uncomfortable)

No. 1966980

I see a lot of fakebois liking They Might Be Giants and My Chemical Romance too, probably for the same reason. They members of the bands are approachable, nerdy guys.(sage your shit)

No. 1966985

That TIF learned that Drag Kings existed.

No. 1966995

>omg born this way is transphobic because being trans is never about being who you are!
I love when they tell on themselves
>omg gaga's drag king persona means she is representing trannies now!
I wonder if drag = trans comes from the amount of tims that have come out of roople's drag race.

No. 1967003

I've heard "I always get pee in my underwear not matter how much I shake it" as a thing men answer to questions like, "Men, what's one thing women will never experience?" a bunch of times before. Although TiFs being grungy and unhygienic is not outside the realm of possibility, I feel like this story is at least partially made up to prove this is something real men experience that she does too, seeking validating comments. Men have that problem because their dick is where the pee comes out of, an oversized clit still is not where she pees from. She would have to be absolutely terrible at wiping to have this problem as a woman. It sounds like how male trannies will talk about skirts and dresses with pockets when they're just imitating what they hear real women talk about.

No. 1967023


No. 1967027

File: 1708192539358.png (670.47 KB, 601x582, ouuuuu.PNG)

No. 1967028

kek she sounds like a TIM, that's probably the ugliest frog voice i have ever heard

No. 1967038

>"I always get pee in my underwear not matter how much I shake it"

god damn male anatomy is fucking revolting. imagine putting THAT inside you

No. 1967081

File: 1708205293990.png (85.94 KB, 537x404, Screenshot 2024-02-17 4.30.04 …)

No. 1967089

That both are women.

No. 1967092

And yet tifs would rather pick the side of tims over terfs. Pathetic.

No. 1967099

I know, right? It's the same thing bricky shims like you have in common with cis men.

No. 1967112

Fanonical kind of sounding like a sex realist TERF right now…

No. 1967134

Stop reposting stuff already in the thread >>1963777

No. 1967150

i hope this peaks at least one tif

No. 1967180

I wonder do they even understand how pathetic posts (and thoughts) like this are

No. 1967200

If retarded gendie TIFs did this masculine drag king shit instead of lobbing off tits and getting fake dicks id retract my twansphobia kek

No. 1967206

File: 1708259188991.png (354.24 KB, 645x845, kN15aQf.png)

This is heartbreaking to read.

No. 1967216

Permanent body damage for a 5 year old phase. Hell, puberty lasts longer than that. I'm all for personal accountability, she knew what she was doing as a full grown adult but "gender therapy" should last longer before any surgery/hrt, without the suicide blackmailing.

No. 1967217

File: 1708260570251.jpeg (171.25 KB, 1087x679, IMG_3642.jpeg)

yet another case of the tif to unhinged tradwife pipeline. how about these gendies start actually treating their mental illness instead of just moving on to the opposite extreme?

No. 1967222

this is part of a bigger problem, If the right are the only one's offering platforms and even addressing the problem in the first, then people will gravitate towards them, I remember in the 2010's, when I was a TRA supporter, the first real actual argument against troons thet partially convinced was from Candance Owens, this was before I eventually went down my feminist path.(derailing)

No. 1967229

It's the same with porn, those on the left never seem to offer any solutions, except for promoting a 'do what you want' attitude. so it's natural that those who do offer solutions will appear more stable and appealing. For example Daisy was a fujo, and it's clear from some of our users, how upset fujos become when given any indication that they may be suffering from an obvious porn-addiction. If a group offers to help with their addiction, regardless of their politics, it will seem like a more natural choice.(derailing)

No. 1967231

File: 1708263042273.jpeg (981.42 KB, 998x1536, IMG_3648.jpeg)

i don't think that's true, maybe if you follow right wing content from the start. i was always a leftist and being a radfem and gender crit was just natural once the tranny shit started gaining traction in mainstream politics. i didn't even see right wingers start caring a whole lot about it until much later, while leftist radfems were already peaking back in like 2013, because the trans and nonbinary stuff started spreading mostly in already leftist or at least "lgbt" supportive circles. anyway i think a lot of the former tifs go down the tradtard path because they already have the bipolar, religious zealot mindset and just redirect it from troonism to tradcathism.(derailing)

No. 1967237

When I peaked in 2016 the only genuinely gender critical people I could find were the radfems at r/gc. The more right wing/ anti feminist/ online edgelord communities I came across (including 4chan and KF) would make fun of TIFs and the uglier TIMs but would still defend the TIMs they thought were hot as “true trans”, so imo weren’t very convincing. I agree with your point about the zealot mindset. I’ve heard it’s common for people who escape cults to get involved in a different cult later on.(blogposting/derailing)

No. 1967238

I guess everyone has different opinions on it, but I was a TRA back then so that was the issue, and whether we like it to admit or not, a RW media personality with 1 million+ subscribers then some tumblr blog.

No. 1967244

File: 1708267479630.jpeg (347.44 KB, 982x1709, IMG_3647.jpeg)

>a RW media personality with 1 million+ subscribers then some tumblr blog.
i assume you mean right wing grifters have bigger outreach than radblr or whatever? that assumes everyone gets into politics via tumblr and youtube etc, which was not the case for me at least. besides i don't think it matters if right wingers have big media outreach considering they're still anti women's rights kek, that's just trading one misogynist mindset for another if you go from TRA to far right radicalization. troon shit and rw ideology are two sides of the same coin. like picrel, trading HRT and titchop for the prolife breeding slave fetish. that's unhealthy and not the desired outcome of women peaking imo, just more extremism and mania and no emancipation whatsoever.

No. 1967249

that's what I'm trying to say, I don't think RF can be any sort of alterative either, it's an inherently niche ideology, the only solution is to get the mainstream left to get it's shit together.

No. 1967351

Saying that everyone right-wing is anti-women's rights (esp when it's the left rn that are pushing the TRA shit and destroying them) is ridiculous. But also imo getting into right v left is off-topic/baiting.(derailing)

No. 1967354

>that's just trading one misogynist mindset for another if you go from TRA to far right radicalization. troon shit and rw ideology are two sides of the same coin. like picrel, trading HRT and titchop for the prolife breeding slave fetish
They are the same kinds of people. It's also why the incel neonazi to trans pipeline exists. Misogyny, homophobia, religious fanaticism, political fanaticism, the need to control others, victim complex, they're both the same.

No. 1967365

Can you show me 1 example of a feminist rightwinger though

No. 1967368

File: 1708288597286.png (124.13 KB, 760x428, L8hVWXO.png)

What you're talking about is more of a result of the nature of fringe movements and identities. for example, take Ben Shapiro, regardless of how you feel about him, he is not a member of the alt-right because he is part of the mainstream right. The alt-right was the alternative, an identity that young people always gravitate towards when it is at least nominally against the status quo. A few decades ago, the vast majority of youth would have been punks or goths, but those subcultures don't exist anymore. They now latch onto gender based identities. So, while the concept of being part of the trans movement is one thing, there's also a desire for nominally radical beliefs. The actual politics do not matter; that's why they gravitate and jump between fascism, communism, and anarchism.(derailing)

No. 1967374

File: 1708290483829.png (666.13 KB, 598x768, archaeologystudent.png)

>In Greek mythology, Apollo and Dionysus are both sons of Zeus. Apollo, son of Leto, is the god of the sun, art, music, poetry, plague and disease, of rational thinking and order, and appeals to logic, prudence and purity and stands for reason. Dionysus, son of Semele, is the god of wine, dance and pleasure, of irrationality and chaos, representing passion, emotions and instincts.

Aiden, please, learn more about Greek culture and lore before to post that tasteless joke.

No. 1967390

I've never seen Dionysus depicted as anything but very debaucherous and male kek, he's the god of drinking and partying essentially. Imagine the GREEKS portraying the life of the party, especially during battle feasts, as a woman. It's a marvel they let there be hunting goddesses.
And Apollo is one of the more famous male gods, the greeks would see it as insulting to him to associate him with femininity proper, Athena being the goddess of wisdom doesn't mean the greeks actually associated brains and logic with femininity at all
Does the fujo Achilles book turn them into femboys or something? I don't think I've even seen andro art of Dionysus on tumblr before
spoilers are done with ## on both sides fyi, you still have time to delete

No. 1967405

File: 1708296604115.jpg (464.33 KB, 1066x1100, Picsart_24-02-19_04-18-40-524.…)

Bet tifs are immune from zombies. The brainrot has gone so far that there's nothing left anymore.

No. 1967420

yeah except plenty of normal women have trouble breastfeeding and shouldnt be shamed for it as not being good enough.

No. 1967437

I don't think it's about shaming anyone. I have never gave birth, but I have a feeling that giving a newborn a bottle would seem for a mother so unfair, like you want to bond more, but you give your baby something fake and unnatural instead and you feel bad for it, idk

No. 1967441

File: 1708304025317.png (1.59 MB, 907x907, original.png)

Athenea is being also seen like an evil woman because Medusa was seduced by Poseidon in a temple to Athena, and in revenge, Athenea turned Medusa's beautiful head of hair into snakes. As she was both mortal and had the ability to turn men to stone, Perseus was sent to cut off her head. Except that was written by a ROMAN poet. Medusa has been always a Gorgon for the Greeks

At least that explains why there are so many Greek stories written by an Aiden and modifying them for their liking, like picrel.

No. 1967442

Not denying that she might think badly of herself as she's trad, but I don't think it was simply about having 'trouble breastfeeding' at all. It was about the realisation that the surgery she had during her phase, was the reason behind it. She obviously regretted the surgery already when she decided to detrans, but it's bound to stick out more when she's actually in a situation where she wants to do something with her breasts yet can't. Plus she had just given birth, childbirth fucks with your emotions and mental health so bad.

No. 1967443

>basically six trans guys on a quest
Hopefully a quest to touch grass.
>they find more trans guys to take home w them
From where? Tumblr blackmarket?

No. 1967465

I believe it's because the gender cult spends far more effort trying to control and censor dissent on the left than on the right. They are far more vehemently hateful to leftists who don't condone their beliefs. That's part of the reason why TERFs are the most hated by gendies instead of the men who actually pose a threat to them, that and just plain old misogyny. The gendies need to push a narrative that it's only far right nutjobs who oppose transgenderism when many left wingers oppose it, sometimes even more rigidly oppose it than the right. In fact, the right often supports gender ideology through biblical gender roles and the belief that women and men need to act out certain roles or risk losing their man/womanhood. Pew research isn't working for me right now, but just look up statistics on trans issues and what percentage of democrat versus republican voters of the USA believe. The left holds real opposition to gender and the gendies fear this because it threatens their narrative and by censoring all left-wing dissent they also have a way of trapping women and minorities with them. Look at reddit as a great example too. r/GC got nuked and any feminist subreddits are given male mod teams to censor and alter the content to their liking. No female-only lesbian subs are allowed and any female centric sub either carefully skirts around gender discourse while trying not to get banned or they just get trampled by trannies. If there were any overtly transphobic posts on those women-only subreddits, I guarantee you the reddit shitmins would descend upon it like vultures. On the contrary, conservative and right wing subreddits are allowed to be openly transphobic to an extent far beyond what female and gay subreddits are permitted. The right wingers are given unspoken permission to be transphobic while the leftists are censored. The fact that the right seems to be the only place people speak freely against transgenderism is not because the right is more enlightened, it's the direct product of a direct and concentrated effort in censorship.

No. 1967484

Madeline Miller writing song of achilles was jumped on by fujo tifs so hard it's insane. Do any males even know about this book?

No. 1967485

>The gendies need to push a narrative that it's only far right nutjobs who oppose transgenderism when many left wingers oppose it, sometimes even more rigidly oppose it than the right. In fact, the right often supports gender ideology through biblical gender roles and the belief that women and men need to act out certain roles or risk losing their man/womanhood
extremely true, people forget materialism and actual feminist doctrine and think "the left" are extreme liberals who all believe in butler's queer theory because matt walsh and jordan peterson told them so online. in reality the "side" that holds the most sound critique of gender is clearly leftism under which radical feminism would be counted if it weren't for tradtards coopting the label due to trannies calling far right loonies, and even actual men, terfs. now we're so far removed from what gender critical actually is that we have people calling themselves "tradfems" lmfao.

No. 1967522

File: 1708326106910.png (81.49 KB, 756x608, Screenshot.png)

>Pls consider us dangerous as cis-men, otherwise your twanzphobic

No. 1967523

kek, nonna.

No. 1967539

You can tell they’re terminally online and haven’t actually had to be forced into situations in which they have to live with men etc. because that tune would change instantly

No. 1967540

Nta but i have listened to a lot of ROGD detrans stories, and it seems like it’s always like this when they are detransing. They get all feisty about it like “well I know i am doing x, but I’m still not a woman! I am using she/her… but that doesn’t mean im not still trans!” And they wait for people to just kinda forget abojt it because they don’t wanna admit they were wrong. I assume it’s harder if you’re famous.

No. 1967559

Agree with all of this. The insane levels of thought policing are definitely part of the reason why so many TRAs are peaking. Everyone's fed up with having to bend over backwards for a small group of terminally online retards whose personalities consist of crying and inserting themselves into random situations as the victim.
Is that last one saying that trans men are safer than cis men because they're part of a marginalized group? Am I reading this wrong or is this woman really that retarded? What the fuck, they're safer because they're women playing dress up to feel special. Half of them think a sexual relationship involves nothing more than holding hands and cuddling.

No. 1967567

Of course men do not care about books. They only cared about Xiran's book but not for reading them, but to get the ones she sat on in an auction.

No. 1967568

File: 1708350243784.png (89.11 KB, 954x354, 132854.png)

The absolute delusion of these women

No. 1967569

>TIF: We are as dangerous as cis man
>Ok, ma'am
>TIF: proceed to curl up and cry and whine they're a MAN!

yes, really dangerous.

No. 1967570

File: 1708350330803.png (402.52 KB, 539x553, 2134453.png)

Almost as if men's tits enjoyers don't like women's tits! So close, and yet so far.

No. 1967571

Wow, it's almost as though humans are sexually dimorphic and there's a difference between breasts and pectoralis muscles.

No. 1967583

Did girlie really watch BeruBara if she thinks Lady Oscar is amab? The first thing her nanny says is "it's another girl", and her dad raised her as a "man" anyway. Fucking delusional. Ikeda made a manga for tifs too but because the title is a "deadname" ig it's too twansfobic.

No. 1967596


No. 1967604

FTF, female to faggot.
Literally nothing says men about them, they only give off creepy pornbrained pickme girls.

No. 1967631

they read "arsenothelys" "man-womanly" on a list of epithets of Dionysos somewhere and thought OMG HE'S JUST LIKE ME, A BONUS HOLE PARTY FAVOR. I lived with a "neopagan" who did exactly this. It sucked.

No. 1967664

Nona please post more about that roommate in the personal lolcows thread

No. 1967747

Kek, Tim Petras probably sees them as straight girls infesting gay spaces.
this almost sounds like the character took it up the ass once so has to be linked with womanhood like loki
Also the bonus hole thing makes me so depressed, these girls are so desperate to be picked they'll call pussy the "bonus hole" and go fuck gay faking men for validation (who'd have had sex with them as regular women). A gay man wouldn't be happy with the "bonus hole" and even straight men seem to value pussy more than they do cause anal is the "bonus". But no, to tifs it's a "dirty pussy", one of the straightest and self hating thing you could possibly say as a woman and they're not special for it

No. 1967792

File: 1708397719723.jpg (505.29 KB, 725x669, 1000002269.jpg)

this isn't really milk necessarily but there's still unknown info going about this I wanted to talk about. I don't know any other threads where this would fit into so I am saging. recently a young girl who identified as nonbinary was murdered in the girls bathroom in her school.

similar to the Brianna ghey case, it is being claimed as a trans hate crime. problem is the few news about her don't say whether she was killed for being nonbinary, and in her family's gofundme they also don't mention anything about being nonbinary and still call her by her legal name. she did pass from head injuries while in the hospital.

what happened to her is tragic, it's just the recent news about her passing that isn't making sense in whether it had anything to do with her being a they/them

No. 1967797

Most likely it was a gay panic crime

No. 1967808

>Xiran's book
> to get the ones she sat on
What now

No. 1967810

Saw that too, kind of doubt it was actually a hate crime since tons of high school girls are genderspecial. I'm guessing it was more traditionally bullying or kids being shits to each other that got horrifically out of hand.

Like with the Brianna case not being a hate crime doesn't make it any less senseless or horrifying.

No. 1967823

Ah, of course, they're going to use someone else's suffering to play the victim here. I feel bad for her. If she got beaten so much that she literally died, I won't be surprised if she was already being bullied by the other girls in the school and hence decided to separate herself from them in the only way she thought she could, by choosing to be a nb. And now, even after her death, she's being used as an attention-bait by retards who are bound to make her entire situation about themselves instead of having some empathy.

No. 1967863

agreed, more likely to be killed cause you're a "dyke" who accidentally made eye contact with the wrong person, or hell even for being an autistic weirdo than for being cringe on its own. genuinely tragic

No. 1967911

Fuck no. Most of them likely do not have brothers nor a father. Not that it matters, but in the context of TIF retardation, they have no fucking clue as to how men are outside of media or teachers at school or possibly coworkers or some shit. The lore for most TIFs is ironically usually super female centered, for better or for worse (like having an insane hyperfeminine pickme narc mother)

No. 1967977

File: 1708442765508.png (1018.79 KB, 995x995, UasNLFD.png)

>the exact same height as her sisters.

No. 1967987

Everytime I see her in the TIF threads it’s like a heart attack. She only looks worse and more uncanny as time goes on, and somehow people are convinced that becoming a troon is the best choice you can make.

No. 1968004

This is just sad. Imagine your sister doing that to herself.

No. 1968012

don't have to imagine, watching my little sister do this rn. t is not kind to women, she is now red faced, fat (used to be skinny as all get out), and covered in acne (used to have clear skin). truly i think these women are the dumbest people alive, imagine frying ur body to look like a fucked up manlet

No. 1968054

Kek didn’t an anon mention that it’s the most common for the oldest daughter to troon out?

No. 1968055

ngl with a lot of latino families it's not that strange looking at all of for cis guy to be as tall as his sisters, ethnicity can kinda go a long way i think this passes in a way where a waspy white family would look bizarre just truth be told

No. 1968058

Sending you hugs nonna, I hope your sister gets out of the cult soon.
The ones who do have brothers and male friends tend to get mad that the guys get to do whatever they want with their lives and the girls get saddled with being their eternal maids, which leads them to trooning out instead of growing a spine. Even in those cases it's like you said, they have no idea what men are actually like, they just pick whichever brother or cousin they're most jealous of and skinwalk them. No wonder so many of them stick to dating other troons, they don't have a clue how to interact with anyone who doesn't live in la la land.

No. 1968061

ftms passing while standing next to another woman is not the same as passing while standing next to a man regardless of race or ethnicity. put a dad/brother in that pic and the jig is up.

No. 1968071

don't really disagree with you there. it was just the claim that the sisters made this obvious and clockable that was kinda strange for me. like sometimes people do pass in specific photos this being one of them. but yea throw a guy in the mix and you may have a different story.

No. 1968110

File: 1708466786355.png (53.69 KB, 186x271, 1yENNK6.png)

I once had a conversation with a TIF, who genuinely argued she was male because they related to the boys in South Park. She said that without a hint of irony.

No. 1968131

Owasso is a suburb of Tulsa, which has a rate of violent crime double the national average. My guess is that she was killed in an altercation over money, a guy, or drugs. I personally know a girl (from Georgia, not Oklahoma) who got shot in a fight that arose with another girl over a guy.

No. 1968176

She built a throne out of copies of the book for a tiktok and auctioned off the copies she sat on. Would link but I'm not making a tiktok account and sifting through several years of unhinged Robespierre kinnie when I have sewing to do and paint I could watch dry instead.

No. 1968201

File: 1708482498713.jpeg (392.07 KB, 703x1424, IMG_0554.jpeg)

Take synthetic hormones, nothing could go wrong

No. 1968202

Not derailing but is that fucking chrischan at 0:48 kek

No. 1968213

File: 1708484577780.jpg (608.61 KB, 1080x1907, Robespierre_kinnie.jpg)

>Robespierre kinnie
Kek you weren't joking, so when she isn't kinning Wu Zetian this is what she's doing I guess. I blame that video of him by lemoncholy and those softboy character designs by janelle feng.

No. 1968217

I just read a TIF wanting to get a deep voice so she used to smoke a lot to get it, but stopped to smoke. Now she waits to get a cold to get the "gender euphoria" of a deep voice.

No. 1968245

>donating blood
trannies can do that on hormones???? or is this dumbass accidentally ruining whole batches of blood with her roids without realizing/caring

No. 1968308

Thats not really an issue as long as her roided blood goes to the male group

No. 1968316

It's weird they always end up fat or skinny fat. Isn't testosterone easy mode for gaining muscle? I've you're going to larp as a dude hit the gym once or twice a week.(learn2sage)

No. 1968317

>lose a pint of blood
Are we back to leeches now? Wtf

No. 1968328


Testosterone doesn't get utilized as efficiently without the active sry gene

No. 1968338

They have to work out to get muscle. The ones who do, like Buck Angel, mostly pass for men unless you see them around actual men. But most of them, especially the new batch of tifs, are too lazy to hit the gym.

No. 1968387

Most of them want to be twinks, so they think thay if they workout they will look more like roidpigs. Once they get fat, they cope by saying that they have dad bods or something like that.

No. 1968388

I’ve noticed this too kek. I’m sure it’s partially t-poisoning their bodies, and I agree with >>1968387 that they want to look like twinks. But some pooners were already fat before they transitioned. For these obese pooners, I believe a lot of their “gender dysphoria” stems from the fact that they’re obese women who don’t meet feminine beauty standards, so they transition to cope and try to opt out of those standards

No. 1968459

Adding on that there is an overlap between victims of CSA, TIFs, and becoming severely overweight. Sometimes victims of molestation become overweight in hopes that looking unattractive will prevent them from being molested again. And of course, lots of girls who were molested as children become TIFs because they latch on to the idea that woman = victim, or the idea that they would be safe from predators if they were perceived to be a male.(armchair derailing)

No. 1968484

The point is that the tif shouldn't pass because her sisters are not significantly shorter (or taller) than she is.

No. 1968486

There are some TIFs at my gym who pass really well as muscular short men. I only realized they were TIFs after hearing them talk and their voices sounded kinda froggy, then I noticed other tells. Idk why more of them don’t get in shape, they can pass a lot easier than TIMs can. Mental illness or laziness?

No. 1968507

>so they think thay if they workout they will look more like roidpigs
Wonder how many of them believed as girls that they shouldn't do any heavy lifting or they'd get muscular (as if that was a bad thing). It's common enough to see girls totally avoid strength training because "ew muscles" as if 5 lbs was really gonna turn them into an Eastern European athlete during the steroid days.
Girl I knew in high school is this type of tif. Ironically she used to get at me for not caring about the clothes I wore and her mom still looks more GNC than her even after years of testosterone kek
Both, plus more and more girls are transitioning to escape being women/lesbians as opposed to wanting to be men on top of the twink fantasy. They don't have old school dysphoria if they even have anything like it so they're happy with any changes, regardless of how small. Plus unlike before, through the internet as well as public awareness they can remain isolated in groups who "support" them so they're not actually integrating among men. They can have Buck's fantasy of being fucked by men in a "gay way" by going on tinder/grinder and finding a man willing to fuck them and call them a fag if they ask. Or find another tif if they're desperate. All can be done if they look like blobs, "manish", or straight up women as men have caught up on the jargon needed to get them in bed.(blogpost derailing)

No. 1968535

File: 1708564474962.png (189.18 KB, 889x500, 1000002331.png)

a small update on Nex/Dagny. she apparently did get in a fight she initiated

No. 1968559

Genuinely rest in peace to nex, her bullies should been dealt with severely, but it’s insane how the media is already portraying this event a certain way when picrel (if real) clearly contradicts it?

No. 1968581

>she/her cis male amab transgender man
what the actual fuck does this mean

No. 1968588

>hearing them talk and their voices sounded kinda froggy
Kek why are their voices always so ugly sounding

No. 1968596

I don't know what subreddit you got this from but are you sure it's not First Time Mom?

No. 1968597

Lol you’re right oops(learn to sage)

No. 1968621

This just makes me fucking sad and angry, she tried to stand up for herself and they killed her. This is tragic.

No. 1968673

File: 1708596424004.png (76.95 KB, 573x273, 1662319791419.png)

some go on to be TIF Incels, they think transitioning would transform them into a stud chads(if they were lesbians) or pretty anime boys, but what actually happens is they get a neck beard, acne and start losing their hair.so they end up looking like fat, short, balding, acne-ridden men and finding a partner becomes nearly impossible for them.

No. 1968696

File: 1708602236720.png (216.93 KB, 554x371, addison.PNG)

i discovered this woman who i think has cow potential but can't find anything on lcf when i search her name. her name is Addison Grace, going by @graceful.addison on instagram and tiktok

and, from what i've seen so far she trooned out the past few years, but still singing with a blatantly female voice, making no real efforts to be masculine (wearing obnoxious glittery makeup obviously is so manly) anyway she was the usual starbucks employee looking enby but they posted a tiktok talking about how she disappeared online and then "Boom, Trans!" and i quote. all of her fans are little squealers with "froggy" in their usernames and an ugly undercut. i'm a billion percent sure watching these fakeboi creators is convincing gullible young girls that they are in the wrong body/ kids see youtubers and influencers and want to copy everything they do. kids should NEVER be watching trooner influencers as they're just gonna end up in the same waiting room for the titty guillotine. anyway here is what she looked like then and now.

No. 1968767

File: 1708617186255.jpg (61.19 KB, 1138x230, gendie.JPG)

this one is a funny case.
she says she started being perceived as a man more, when she started acting "openly queer".
i think that people started he/himming her once she started dressing like a tiktok zoomer from a gender subculture, because they recognized this type of person and were coddling her. previously they would have just assumed she was a normal mentally healthy butch woman.

No. 1968772

idk how to explain it but she looks like what all the cringe quirky artists draw, one is anime blush side smirk and the other is big open mouth with tooth gap

No. 1968801

>act more mentally ill so people will recognise you as a gendie more
I mean… yeah?

No. 1968844

Kek you're right, she's so unoriginal. She looks more feminine in the right pic than in the left, the e-thot makeup really aged her.
Oh no, nobody assumes she's a flamboyant gay guy, they assume she's an attention seeker. Has she not figured this out yet?

No. 1968910

The straight ones could be fine, because there's always SOME straight man with low enough standards; the problem is they refuse to swallow their pride and accept that gay men really aren't interested in them, and never will be.

No. 1968941

Unfortunately, shacking up with a scrote who'll fuck anything because nobody elsr wants you sounds like the opposite of fine

No. 1969006

I remember an anon once said tifs troon out because they have ugly boobs and rather get top surgery while saying they're trans instead of just a breast lift or something. I think this applies in this situation

No. 1969009

offtopic, but
>in revenge, Athenea turned Medusa's beautiful head of hair into snakes.
is more like - to help Medusa never being assaulted again, Athena gifted her with a weapon against moids, iirc

No. 1969011

sperg but tifs with older sisters are strange and weird

No. 1969012

Breast lifts sexualizes women so why not they don't want to be sexualized in the first place?

No. 1969014

Is this off topic tho? Not milk

No. 1969027

breast lifts simply remove excess skin and can increase comfort, help clothes fit, you look thinner, etc not everything is for being sex
>they don't want to be sexualized in the first place?
i don't think you lurked the TiF threads enough kek

No. 1969034

Apologies, nona. The association is so ingrained I can't separate breasts in function than in sexual connotations. Imagine to a TiF it'll be worse for them if they're even more jaded than I am

Breast lifts if you mean breast reduction I might understand, but for a second it reminded me of 'butt lifts' at first

No. 1969042

>change back
they know they are girls

No. 1969044

File: 1708667705152.mp4 (1.47 MB, 576x1024, ssstik.io_1708667667665.mp4)

This shit annoys me so much, how does this make sense to any of them if you think about it longer than a second?

No. 1969046

song is bad and she is so annoying for this

No. 1969047

as if people are supposed to know who started a trend. nobody ever knows who starts trends and the song is sung by a womanly voice..

No. 1969051

>lyrics include the word girl
>um akshully that's funny cos I'm nonbinary
Well if anyone's laughing it's not with you

No. 1969058

File: 1708670456696.jpeg (329.82 KB, 750x973, IMG_8329.jpeg)


No. 1969059

File: 1708670523930.jpeg (317.81 KB, 750x958, IMG_8330.jpeg)


No. 1969065

NLOG couldn't help herself
>ummm I'm not a basic woman, I'm nonbinary

No. 1969075

>men that hurt us
A norman woman knows to keep out of men she does not trust to keep away from the offending man in question first and foremost, and this tif wants to force random men in her space?

No. 1969081

>if you’re a lesbian and exclude men you’re already a TERF
>men and lesbianism have been intertwined for years

Does this girl even hear herself??

No. 1969097

this is the full song btw, it's so girly that even gay men wouldn't ever listen to it.

No. 1969140

Wants to be seen as real man but still have access to lesbians spaces. At least her male entitlement passes.

No. 1969150

>Girl are you a cancer? cause you make me cry
I thought she was seething at the other girl or something until I realised that it was referring to some zodiac sign kek. This song is straight ass, not surprised it's by a gendie.

No. 1969157

File: 1708697339447.mp4 (3.17 MB, 576x1024, Wb2Z_NTs56YcRRV0.mp4)

I rarely watch Dr.