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File: 1662662208117.png (830.11 KB, 1800x1800, fakeboiskinwalkingguide.png)

No. 1642478

This is a series of threads about fakebois and trans-identified females (TIFs).

Fakebois are girls who pretend to be boys, either by becoming trannies or larping biological males (usually the former) Trans-identified females who are serious in their transition (a la Kalvin Garrah) are relevant too, so are their surgeries.

Fakebois style and present themselves as androgynous or feminine-looking boys, or wearing girls' clothing and make-up while insisting on being addressed with he/him (or occasionally they/them) pronouns and take great offense at being gendered as female. Some are SJW transactivists, but for most their identities are entirely superficial.

Back off all trannies and your dysphoria because no1curr.

Notable FtM-related subreddits:

Old threads by order of recency:

No. 1642529

my coworker is outing my mtf coworker and i feel kind of bad for her. like of course i think all of this shit is retarded and misogynistic, but this specific coworker is very nice and not the obnoxious kind. like its clear she has mental issues and an abusive family which is probably why she trans'd for escapism. the coworker outing her is just some retard terminally stoned chick who is going around telling everyone because she thinks its "crazy" and pulling up old hs photos. it just seems kind of fucked up given how shes nice and a hard worker
idk who else to tell so sorry for blogpost nonnas

No. 1642530

oops sorry i meant my ftm* coworker

No. 1642533

File: 1662664703068.png (293.65 KB, 1112x695, FTM boy.png)

>FTM femboy
what did she mean by this

No. 1642534

>feminine women are CRINGE feminine "boys" are BASED

No. 1642537

File: 1662664998598.png (316.94 KB, 633x611, FTMfemininity.png)

key word being "boys", despite being an adult woman, she purposefully makes herself look like underage boy, something coomer scrotes seem to prefer

No. 1642538

Luckily for you being woke is mainstream so maybe just being like "it's not that interesting/crazy actually" would make her shut up.

No. 1642546

I always find tifs that call them self "boys" a bit iffy, just say that you're a nonce man

No. 1642550

It's completely fascinating the way trooning out manifests so differently in males and females. Look at this little woman. She's clearly obsessed with the idea of being a gay man (or boy I suppose?), but if she were in a room full of real men, you know she'd just sit there quietly. Or at worst hover around and inject some cringe into the conversation. She's not threatening anyone with violence. She hates her own female body and is trying to escape it through fantasy. Compare all this to the dead-eyed, hyper-predatory mtf. The male/female dynamic is stronger than ever in these people who are supposed to have the brains of their opposite sex.

No. 1642552

kek its too late i was genuinely shocked when she told me because she dresses like a normal guy and i've seen biological men her height/sound like her

No. 1642557

No one cares about your totally normal and passing and real tif co-worker

No. 1642566

sorry nonnie i don't have my tranny radar on 24/7 to sniff out troons while i slave away at my job. shes the only tranny ive seen that genuinely fooled me. we have 2 obvious ftms and 1 very obvious mtf at my job too

No. 1642580

File: 1662667465659.jpeg (185.99 KB, 1170x1436, Fb_G_K8WAAAlqol.jpeg)

This Netflix cartoon with a TIF lead is coming back for a second season (ignore the "renewed," it was a 20 episode order they split into two seasons)

Did any of the TIFs actually like this show? You have the obligatory OMG THE REPRESENTATION posting but I barely see any actual fan content for it, where as anything that's actually good will inevitably be overrun with terrible zippertit fanart of the designated sexyman.
Also there's two of the TIF lead now, another Onecest situation impending…?

No. 1642600

it's actually hilarious how little even fakebois care for intentionally woke pandering media and prefer to shit up the fandoms for not-particularly-woke media. many not-particularly-woke works actually even actively lose fans if the creators do acknowledge and start pandering to the woke fans

No. 1642608

Once again, no one cares

No. 1642622

kek you care enough to respond

No. 1642623

Not to be completely fucking random.. but these dumbasses can have their tits chopped and vaginas mutilated but if i were to want my tubes tied because i dont want kids they wont do that until i have kids?? Its a very weird and fucked up world we live in.

No. 1642627

Anon… I'm already on lolcow, of course I care enough to fight with tranny apologists. Did you think you were exposing a carefully hidden personality flaw?

No. 1642639

christ the designs are so fucking ugly, imagine the L you would take if you said you felt represented/identified with them
if i was a tif id be too ashamed to be associated lmaooo

No. 1642647

all of its fans are TOH/amphibia kids who have 0 incentive to draw the fugly designs when they have other options

No. 1642661

Starting to wonder if a lot of TiFs like to identify themselves as boys not only because of the cases of being into shotacon or things like that, but if you think about it, a lot of popular things they’re into are things tomboys like too that tend to be associated with younger boys. “Gross” things like bugs and snakes or farting or whatever. They never have interests in things like sports or mechanics or more traditionally “manly” hobbies. Just an observation. Idk what it means, it’s fine for women to have whatever hobbies we want.

No. 1642664

The only people I’ve heard talking about it were my woke friends who are parents and thought it must be great because the mc is a tif.

No. 1642665

>effeminate gay boy
What? He plays with firearms, likes to wrestle, and is obsessed and with action movies. Also he's clearly bisexual, but that's neither here nor there.

I wouldn't describe any of the gay or bisexual guys in the comic as effeminate. Jake's crying and cowardice at that point in the story is a result of the emotional breakdown he has after Jane and Dirk blow up at him.

No. 1642688

These girls have incredibly low self-esteem, I wouldn't be surprised. Ever see their ugly artstyles?
This. This is exactly it. Hell some of them are still drawing Stephen Universe and that show ended a couple years back. Ugly characters only count when they're uglyfing existing characters, apparently.

No. 1642698

They pretty much only aspire to be non-threatening boys for a number of reasons:
-Men are scary in ways they know they'll never be.
-They want to be the quirky soft bf.
-A generally romanticized is of what a boy is.
-There's a sort of Peter Pan syndrome associated with transing in general, where you don't have to grow up if you wish hard enough.
-The majority of TiFs are under 30, especially the online ones we hear most about.
-Arrested development from being a painfully awkward teenage girl

No. 1642699

I can't get over how objectively hideous the art is. Who decided that all the characters needed to be shapeless blobs with clown noses and zits?

Really baffling because I thought the creator of this show was some kind of TiF chaser too, and anyone who's spent any time around TiFs (or in fandoms that they've infested) could come up with character designs that are far more likely to appeal to fakebois than this thing.

No. 1642714

Well yeah, I think they’re hoping towards something that they deem realistic or attainable at some point for them. The problem is that they become terminally online and it becomes some sort of roleplaying expression rather than something they strive for irl. Transitioning is a pretty serious process, and I think the ones that are afraid of the actual side effects (acne, excessive body hair, bottom growth etc) are going through a phase where they just want to escape womanhood but be some sort of softboy tender twink which isn’t really a thing outside of the fiction they read. They want to have their cake and eat it too, but unfortunately as women you will never receive the same sort of respect as men at any point. I believe if we reached a middle-ground where it wasn’t taboo to voice more fragmented issues of dysphoric behaviors (and whether or not transitioning could repair it or if it is an actual matter of gender identity at all) rather than some sort of black and white war between trans-positive vs transphobia, it wouldn’t become an epidemic among teenage girls who regret it so deeply. I will always approach this issue with empathy because it’s just sad, it isn’t funny to me. We desperately need to have better resources for young girls so that they don’t succumb to delusion and make decisions that they regret. I myself genuinely do believe that transgender people whose goal is only to live their lives comfortable in themselves should be left alone but I never argue about it or try to get anons to agree with me. I just think lost teens need guidance that isn’t hateful or making a mockery of them for wanting to escape from misogyny. It can be infuriating but to be ridiculed in such a way simply for being born a woman sucks. I’m not saying they’re victims or saints or anything but it’s really genuinely sad to see that we are living in a world that enables and encourages using us all as punching bags to the point that young girls think it will be alleviated through transition and when they realize it can’t it’s already too late and they’re left in a body they despise and cannot turn back. Transgenderism as some sort of decorative phase is cringe but the consequences can be so serious that it’s just depressing.

No. 1642734

ayrt, I always think the parallels between the EDs of the last generation and the FtMs of this generation stand out when you think of it with regards to some of what you said. Not wanting to grow up, not wanting to be sexualized, afraid of confronting the realities of life. For the ones who have the added bonuses of real trauma or internalized homophobia it makes a lot of sense why they’d choose this route.

No. 1642989

kek anons how many characters on this cursed list do you love? i have 6.

No. 1643012

I have 5.
A lot of their transing dates back to tumblr 10 years ago, and teen me decided to practice my art so I could draw them the right way instead of giving in to what all my peers deemed popular and cool.
Definitely the right decision. Not even because of the trans lunacy, but it's led to many new opportunities and most importantly? It's just a thing I like to do. It gives me a sense of accomplishment.

No. 1643050

File: 1662689843072.png (370.26 KB, 640x638, Screenshot 33.png)

>She hates her own female body and is trying to escape it through fantasy
with the way she flaunts her body on social media, I don't think that's the case

No. 1643051

File: 1662689856624.png (16.05 KB, 518x242, tumblr.png)

part of wanting to be boys rather than men is definitely due to so many of them being obsessed with twinks imo which is really an extension of the obsession with gay men and becoming the unobtainable gay bf

No. 1643060

Lmao, I guess I thought this was one of those "chop off your breasts" types, I forgot about the "looks/behaves exactly like a woman, but is a totally valid transboi uwu" category. Well good for her, I hope she grows out of it before she does something really drastic to herself

No. 1643081

File: 1662692673473.jpeg (89.47 KB, 789x888, FDCBAE6E-67E8-424F-A41B-C58FC5…)

Imagine risking your mental/physical health by taking testosterone in order to grow a ton of hair all over your body, only to shave it all off again because you have an anime twink fetish

No. 1643138

So, the reddit coomers just believe this is an irl trap with an actual dick? I imagine most don't check the profile to see she's ftm

No. 1643151

I understand wanting a sense of community and belonging, but phases are just phases. If they were instead forced to confront their internal issues before breaching any sort of extreme physical changes, most of them would not be having drastic surgeries or taking hormones. I don’t say that in some sort of condescending gotcha way, it’s just true when you factor in how many detransition when they hit their 20s. Actually living as ftm outside of an online echo chamber is incredibly difficult, and while there are ftms that become more comfortable in themselves and go on to live their lives as normally as they can and continue on hormones (which is really fine, they aren’t hurting anyone, it’s not our business) there is certainly an epidemic of young girls who aren’t actually going to continue to live as ftm using it as some sort of fantastical escapism and that’s harmful, not just to the lgbt community but to young girls everywhere as a whole. Immediately using transition as a bandaid is doing nothing for our youth and creating a potential disaster, especially when it comes to elective surgery on children and teens. The basic resources that young girls need are out of reach and their actual issues are not being addressed.

No. 1643186

>be brainwashed by internalized misogyny
>believe women engaged in sexual activities are dumb sluts and boring
>still horny as hell and want to appeal to male gaze
>nlog times 1000
>call yourself a man to escape cognitive dissonance
And she's only 21 with her pics all over the internet (and reddit of all places). Bleak.

No. 1643191

I've been thinking about this too nona, because I'm considering the procedure. Went through loads of women sharing their experiences of doctors saying no if they're single and/or childless. As if some women don't want this surgery to stay single and/or childless. Meanwhile gendies can get it plus a cthulu flesh sock for simply wanting to be nlog.

No. 1643193

Butterface, no wonder she wants to be called a femboy because males can attempt (and fail, of course) to be sexy while putting no effort into being attractive. Oh, and getting more attention for putting on aliexpress gym shorts than a "cis" girl would get.

No. 1643195

yeah those just seem to hate the overall connotations of "woman", not their bodies or even femininity

No. 1643200

File: 1662707856449.jpg (305.22 KB, 1600x1200, traptards.jpg)

so just this but irl?

No. 1643201

This screams pedophilia. I'm gonna hurl. Men should all get their dicks chopped off.

No. 1643225

kek. “i identify as a pretty boy so i am one” screaming “i am!” doesn’t work for tims either.

No. 1643234

Her face looks fine to me. That's literally what most women look like without makeup. The actual problem is that horrifically unflattering haircut.

No. 1643236

don't they know that most "pretty boys" only last till their early 20's, after that they are simply discarded by the Industry, like the OG pretty boy who was in that one pedobait arthouse film, was literally considered too old when he was just 19
>The actual problem is that horrifically unflattering haircut
likely on purpose, so she can look like a young boy

No. 1643245

There are several good characters here. There's no shame in liking Frodo Baggins or Dorian Grey. The characters Aidens project onto are typically from whatever they liked before trooning out, so basically any IP is game.

Makes me sad to see Lestat on the list, though. With the new show coming out, you just know there's going to be a bunch of fuckugly fanart of him with titchop scars. Kill me now.

No. 1643316

>The male/female dynamic is stronger than ever in these people who are supposed to have the brains of their opposite sex.
Isn't it ironic that hating your female body is one of the most female experiences there is, yet people claim it's a sign that you're "actually a boy"?

No. 1643319

Honestly I find this list pointless because there's not really a closed taxonomy of types that TIFs tend to skinwalk. I have no idea who most of these guys are, but I see no mention of real or fictional moids that are very popular among the TIFs I've seen. It really depends on the interests we nonnies tend to pursue or the niches we have the misfortune to come across. I could make a list long as this one, and it would say more about me than about the general state of TIFs.

No. 1643340

TIFs are similar to fujos, in that they will project their fetish into whatever media their consuming at the moment

No. 1643353

yeah… this. i've seen tif skinwalkers of the most obscure, bizarre things. it's true a lot of the characters in the list have wide appeal but much of that list feels dated now

No. 1643356

late but my autism about the op pic cant be stopped
the striders and karkat were definitely tumblr sexymen (light mode). now theyre drawn almost exclusively as obese POC genderblobs with self harm scars but remember ikimaru. alo will and hannibal have purple overlap. aside from that op youre an anthropologist and i would grant you tenure for this.

No. 1643366

OP pic reminded me that there's a TIF artist I know of who headcanons Jesse Pinkman as MtF and gets angry when other TIFs interpret Jesse's comfort around women as being an indication that he's FtM and not MtF (reasoning being that "he's comfortable around women because he's obviously a woman himself"). I don't understand it at all. especially coming from a TIF.

No. 1643375

many TIFs are extreme doormat pick-mes for MTFs

No. 1643402

I'm ESL and read homestuck 7+ years ago so it doesn't help but I meant gentle more than effeminate. he remind me of the types of guys who have female friends but doesn't have a huge ego either.

No. 1643414

I hate that a majority of these fake boys are just ugly af girls who no one asked out in HS and didn’t embrace any sort of feminine qualities. Tomboys who take the boy part to literally but are upset most men don’t go for boyish types so they gotta appeal to degenerate mentally ill peeps. Ladies. Just accept that you’re ugly. Lit no one cares if you’re ugly and minding your own business.

No. 1643419

Basically. I've seen it out in the wild too, someone draws a generic pretty girl but adds the "twist" that "she" has a penis to make it more interesting because as we all know girls are icky and boring

No. 1643438

File: 1662736182870.jpg (462.26 KB, 1080x1747, 4886486335357375735753753753.j…)

Genuinely so confused

No. 1643473

File: 1662738169931.png (674.85 KB, 834x1012, Mike_Wazowski_KHIII.png)

Mike Wazowki? The fucking eyeball monster guy from Monsters Inc? What?

No. 1643492

File: 1662739501839.jpg (46.73 KB, 1080x486, 20220909_120555.jpg)

context, I guess

No. 1643532

>reverse misgendering
That's it, I'm drinking early today

No. 1643540

i’ve seen a few tifs get mistaken for tims when they say they’re tens and they’re like “so affirming they thought i was a man”
no they just think you’re ugly

No. 1643653


fuck me i meant trans

No. 1643659

can troons go 5 seconds without referring to themselves as "boys"/"girls" despite being grown adults?

No. 1643700

File: 1662748613011.jpeg (448.11 KB, 828x1183, 5A3CED9E-FC22-4C92-A09C-60E114…)

Is this even true? Generally, “historical trannies” seem to usually be misunderstood gay or GNC people.

No. 1643707

So trannies have always been violent, who would've known

No. 1643724

kek. that one tickled me nonna

No. 1643747

I'm sure thread regulars know but just a reminder that Eli Erlick is a man who raped women and who's victim killed herself

No. 1643780

I'm honestly so glad that I wasn't born later, or else I definitely would've ended up trooning out. I didn't become comfortable being 'feminine' until I was like 18, partially because I am an emotionally stunted autistic with severe body issues.

Which is, IMHO, the actual problem most fakebois have.

No. 1643783


>On her deathbed Robles made two requests, that she receive honors for her military service and that she be dressed as a woman in order to commend her soul to God.[

hmm, wonder why he left that out

No. 1643792

looked her up, she seemed to be have been a woman who started identifying as a man to join the Army to fight in the Mexican revolution, similar to the thousands of other women in history who have disguised themselves as men for one reason or another

No. 1643911

File: 1662763713549.png (67.44 KB, 1248x346, wtf.PNG)

I was looking into organizations that help poor women and girls, and many of the websites I visited referred to women as "menstruators" and "bleeders". Nonnas I'm fucking tired of self-hating women erasing us.

No. 1643917

They always leave out crucial context. It makes sense why she'd threaten people at gunpoint for misgendering her when she's a woman fighting in the army. Probably spent the rest 71 years legally as a man to get vet benefits and be a lesbian idfk.

No. 1644066

Woman with gender dysphoria here. All the other TIFs I've talked to utterly hate this show. The main character is basically every anti-transman stereotype at once rolled up into one character. Based on that, I bet you guys would enjoy it lol.

No. 1644073

I'd appreciate if you saged.

No. 1644116

But wasnt it made by a male who has a thing for tifs? So either he has a hard on for the negative things about them, or he genuinely admires these things which says something if these laughable things are the best thing about them

No. 1644162

Tell us more.
The only TIFs I've seen praising this character are the hyperfeminine ones who simply slap on different pronouns… which seems to be telling, going by what you're saying lol.

No. 1644188

Sage (i guess) but looking at the banned i feel guilty of liking TLoR and Cowboy Bebop.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1644193

>>1642580 I never will understand why they draw like this, i don't understand why they find appealing this "artstyle" it's just so ugly and childish

No. 1644340

yeah. resort to extreme violence and you will always be right, tranny.

No. 1644342

sage your shit, numbnut

No. 1644361

You need to type ‘Sage’ in the email field only nonnie. If your name thingie is green then you didn’t Sage.

No. 1644366

Goddamnit nonny I didn't know there was a Vampire Chronicles show coming out, I hate this so much. You'd think Louis and Claudia being black might have had a tiny bit of effect on the plot of a novel set in New Orleans in the goddamn 1700s lol

No. 1644373

a holstered gun can compensate for many things, eh..?

No. 1644531

she's not even ugly… she's plain, but she has high cheekbones and a nice body, she could be really cute if she styled herself different

No. 1644571

it will take quite some pints to make her 'cute'.

No. 1644574

>she's a 3
stop watching porn and anime it's frying your brain, male

No. 1644655

don't reply to scrotes. But it's true she could be cute if she did actually work out and dropped the moe catboy costume. tbh a lot of TIFs would have looked fine as regular tomboys but are under the (wrong) impression that the reason men don't like them is because they're "boyish" when it's actually because they're unsufferable weebs with poor hygiene who can't hold a normal conversation.

Trans representation is a joke. If the TIF main and her boyfriend looked like bishonen they would like them, even if everything else was exactly the same.

No. 1644722

You forgot
- the majority of moids are pederasts and being a preteen/teenage boy is a slight tier above (especially gender nonconforming or unattractive) women in the "being treated like shit by adult scrotes 24/7" department

No. 1644769

stop being hysterical

No. 1644816

Of course the TIFs hate it. It's like holding up a mirror to them. This design being made by a man only adds insult to injury. Their precious "cis" bro/king/dudes view them as doughy, titless, Steven-Universe-shaped blobs that, despite it all, are obviously female. And the regular women themies like >>1644162 stated like this show because they don't see themselves and they aren't the punchline of a confusing joke.

No. 1644822

File: 1662847987938.jpg (690.02 KB, 1422x1478, FbBvMS9VsAEKTRc.jpg)

trannies stop doing this to male characters challenge (impossible)

No. 1644828

>male physique in every way
>random tit scars

No. 1644847

I thought the zipper was meant to be below the tit not on it, or is this implying weight gain and boob regrowth after the tit chop kek

No. 1644850

its the exact same thing as mtfs drawing themselves as anime girls. afaik buck angel is the most muscular ftm ive ever seen and still has tiny shoulders

No. 1644872

File: 1662852254814.jpeg (215.73 KB, 828x476, 91D0D255-AB42-47FF-A6A3-FFDA64…)

>goth gf

pick one retard

No. 1644880

The kicker is that they will portray themselves as the doughy titless blobs fairly often, and they've even claimed Stephen Universe as one of their own since Rebecca Sugar said his plotline about his mother's gem was intended as a trans allegory… but now it's bad when an outsider does it.
>And the regular women themies like >>1644162 stated like this show because they don't see themselves and they aren't the punchline of a confusing joke.
I'm that anon and I want to add: yep, all themies (she/theys included) with one exception… A fujo-to-FTM who is just a straight tomboy. She insists that yaoi merely gave her a way to express how she truly felt, there is no fujo > ftm pipeline. Furthermore she's one of the specimens who actually DOESN'T trans all the boys in her art, almost like subconsciously she knows there are differences between men and women and slapped zippertits and a pussy on a regular man causes an uncanny valley effect…
…all that to say yes, she also knows she's not part of the sick joke.
They're "representing different kinds of surgeries" because body positivity!! (couldn't have been body positive enough to avoid unnecessary surgeries, though)

No. 1644912

this is lolcow, we're all hysterical

No. 1645008

File: 1662868526946.png (340.79 KB, 540x805, Screenshot_20220911-004828.png)


No. 1645064

another victim of the fujoshi to fakeboi pipeline

No. 1645275

I've literally only ever heard the most aggressive misogynists refer to women as 'bleeders'.
Watch me start referring to men as'jizz-drippers' and 'impregnators' and see how far I get.

No. 1645293

File: 1662904278251.webm (334.11 KB, 640x360, CM.webm)

there's literally an episode of criminal minds, where the villain of the week is a misogynistic serial killer who refers to women as "bleeders"

>The unsub is a white male aged in his 30s to 40s who, judging from his knowledge of circuitry wiring, works as an electrician or an electrical engineer, a job which gives him access to his victims' homes or workplaces and therefore enough time to observe them. He targets successful career women because he finds them strong, righteous, and unattainable, so he seeks to tear them down, reduce them to basic sexual creatures, and punish them. He is a clear sexual sadist of the anger-excitation typology, meaning that he becomes sexually aroused by his victims' suffering. Technically, the killings come afterward for he is actually after the pain his victims feel, and he takes his time to exact maximum stimulation. It is believed that he takes his victims' clothing for rehearsal fantasies; by dressing up as his victims, he can relive the torture, and it is during this time that he most likely pleasures himself in order to reinforce his association between suffering and gratification. When he eventually becomes dissatisfied with reliving the torture, he seeks out a new victim. He has been killing women for a long time and has also been thinking about killing for most of his life. He will continue to evolve his M.O., finding new ways of challenging himself and increasing his stimulation threshold; there is no bond holds for him. It was also revealed that Jeremy frequently called women "bleeders", which is a misogynistic term that refers to menstruation.

This is from Season 3, Episode 13 of Criminal Minds and it aired in early 2008, I'm sure the writers wouldn't have expected that just a decade later, "bleeders" would become the more politically correct

No. 1645342

File: 1662910240015.webm (11.68 MB, 960x720, KenzAbelizados.webm)

I think I discovered the the first recorded case of a fujo who trooned out, so they can live their fantasy of being a yaoi boy,

>KenzAbelizados is a channel of two boys originally from Spain.

>The content of this one is just showing some blogs of them doing something that people like to call "Cute".
>Even so, they also show the odd life lesson among other things.
>The name of the channel as such is composed of both names of the creators, Which are: Kenzo Lloret and Abel Soriano Belmonte.


>Kenzo is a very energetic and tender boy.
>He is usually somewhat temperamental, but is in love with Abel.
>In addition, Kenzo is nothing more and nothing less than a transsexual boy. Knowing all the implications Regardless of it, Abel loves him very much.
>Kenzo has already explained the situation he has with his sex change process with a video inside the channel, after photos of him when he dressed as a woman came to light, as mentioned above.
>Still, he keeps going with the support of his family and friends, no matter what.
>Because Kenzo is like that, brave!!
>‡ Curious fact ‡ Kenzo loves yaoi and extracurricular activities, as well as cosplaying.
>Abel is a gay boy (as far as is known) who met Kenzo through the social media site Instagram, Through that they began to relate and get to know each other better. And so over time they fell in love. Cave clarify that Abel knows about Kenzo's transition and supports him with his whole heart. Abel is an expert in the maintenance of electronic devices and is very fond of technology. In addition, Abel is studying a Nutritionist degree at the university.

>Without a doubt, they are one more proof that gender and sexual orientation are not an impediment to love. Acclaimed by its millions of followers, KenzAbelizados is a channel that we hope will last a long time and spread happiness everywhere.

No. 1645344

File: 1662910479164.png (293.19 KB, 736x643, CAPTURE.png)

this was them btw

No. 1645353

Not only that but the crossdressing serial killer trope shit would probably get them cancelled in the year of our Lord 2022

No. 1645385

File: 1662913651388.jpg (392.09 KB, 1080x1935, 75527522755725752.jpg)

Imaging living your life as a lie

No. 1645520

Definitely not the first case, but definitely a huge moment. I remember fujos doing this as early as 2013, almost a decade ago, but 2016 is not too far off.

No. 1645571

Believe it or not, I encountered fujo girls like this as far back as the early 2000s on anime forums/livejournal/gaia.
One specific forum I went to in particular was full of them, and it was just a normal anime/manga forum so I'm not sure why. Also lots of kinning before it was really called that. Interesting how far back this stuff goes, really.

No. 1645604

Jesus christ it's always a pity party with these people. Great grandparents are like a million years old just go and pretend you were always a boy like tf

No. 1645674

lol. i also constantly see girls be like "i'm a trans girl, he/they" when they really mean they're ftm but even they don't see trans men as real men it's so funny. when everyone is trans now most don't even do a good job of larping, cause clearly some don't even do the larping out of body,trauma or sexuality issues, some really do just pick the trans thing up as a personality

No. 1645793


or hell, go in the bathroom and shave half way through the visit so it's like she gets a two for one deal.

No. 1645831

i pop into these threads on occasion to see if someone i know and her "husband" will end up in here

No. 1645832

post caps if you have them nonna

No. 1645843

File: 1662944211722.png (3.09 MB, 1926x1624, Screen Shot 2022-09-11 at 8.57…)

I mean, just off-hand, I know youtuber Alex Bertie did the fujo-to-troon pipeline back in 2009. Unless you mean a female with a male pretending to be uwu sexy gay ship. Otherwise, her and her girlfriend would pretend to be yaoi boys.

Tbf, before I peaked, I was a fan of hers, but nowadays, I see that she would have been a cute butch. Otherwise, nowadays, she's seemed to become one of the few semi-normal troons who actually kinda passes well, despite being a "manlet".

Actually, come to think of it, she was one of the reasons I believed in gender ideology for so long

No. 1645858

File: 1662946426218.png (212.52 KB, 540x768, Screenshot_20220911-221443.png)

Scrolling in Twitter, found this masterpiece. Lmao

No. 1645863

Basically, they're a straight couple, but with a tittyless tomboy aka the trans boi uwu lmao >>1645342

No. 1645935

the guy is decent looking, he really didn't have to pretend to be a "gay boy" to get a girlfriend

No. 1645951

File: 1662958313633.jpeg (533.75 KB, 1196x2304, 427ECAF1-91F2-4648-A0E9-6DBC0E…)

An Australian couple refused to let a doctor announce their child’s gender in the delivery room. The enby wants to be called Pom Pom instead of mom or dad. They wanted to raise the baby girl without anyone ever knowing her biological sex, until they realized that was impossible kek.

No. 1645965

can’t wait for the kid to start saying dada bc it’s literally the easiest consonant for a baby to say and pOm POm to have a full on mental breakdown.

No. 1645979

File: 1662963745171.png (417.28 KB, 489x493, 4A9DCE0B-EBEE-4C77-A7C5-224F66…)

My 13 y/o female relative wants to troon, how can I help her stop?

No. 1645980

please tell me this is melbourne i need the cancer to be contained there

No. 1645981

Get her parents to enroll her in extracurriculars that are usually 60%+ male. She'll realize real quick that she's nothing like most boys her age.
Or maybe she'll cope shout how the true difference is that she's a "queer boy" and the other boys are cis.
It's probably best to expose her to the real world as much as possible. Talking to her about it directly won't help, especially at her age.

No. 1645983

Was thinking the same thing kek.

No. 1645992

Just keep telling her she’s a female and “misgender” her constantly

No. 1645993

Seconding the other anon, and adding that it might help to introduce her to media with cool gnc women or get into women's sports. If you are gnc yourself don't be afraid to talk about "manly" shit or play up androgynous/butch styles while openly saying you're a woman. Talking about how transitioning is bad pushes them further towards it, showing her that being a woman isn't something that needs to be restrictive is the better option. She may still go through it as a phase, but don't attack her for it, she's just struggling with puberty like we all did, stay calm and logical and find small ways to remind her that there is more to life than gender.

No. 1646001

then whoever is grooming the girl will get anon arrested for muh transphobia

No. 1646026

the pink sped… what is this fat rebecca sugar chromosome abomination. the teeth all over the place, the cheesy shirt, the shitty sherlock haircut.
we need to bring back shame.

No. 1646036

If you're close to her, ask her (or tell her parents to ask) why she thinks she's a boy and then explain why all those reasons are sexist bullshit (because they all are). And how it only means she agrees with those bullshit gender roles if she wants to troon out. Be gentle and listen to all she has to say first though, being too aggressive will only make her refuse to listen lol

For example the most common reasons:
>I don't like girly things
= All girls must like girly things, or they're not "real" girls / less of a girl than those who do.
>I like boy things
= only boys are allowed to like these things, therefore anyone who likes it IS a boy.
>I don't want to be a sexy slut for the boys + I don't like the sexual attention I get
= Girls are sex objects for boys to gawk over, if you don't like that you're not a real girl. Real girls love being treated like sex objects.
>I like girls like myself and not boys
= being gay is not a thing, or it is unacceptable to be gay.
>I'm unhappy with my body (especially female parts like boobs)
= every other girl thinks she's perfect and is happy with her body, and doesn't struggle with puberty.

Basically ask her if she agrees with the "= statements", she's probably smart enough to eventually see why they're wrong. Often with these kids they've never been allowed to even question troonism before and this will give her a chance to think.

No. 1646138

Hard agree with >>1645981
The less time she's off the internet, the better.

No. 1646140

File: 1662992327010.webm (2.21 MB, 720x1280, 1.webm)

awkward live poetry reading from my girl tranny potter
i want a transcript please

No. 1646143

File: 1662992440692.webm (2.14 MB, 720x1280, 2.webm)

milo snatch

No. 1646144

File: 1662992556425.webm (2.25 MB, 720x1280, 3.webm)

remus lupron

No. 1646159

>remus lupron
Thank you for the laugh today nona

No. 1646274

Alright fuck it I like her. I just wish she knew she could be GNC without transitioning, I think this might be just another tragic case of a very confused girl who was scooped up and "supported" by the wrong crowd

No. 1646279

No. 1646302

>all I see in womanhood is bossing and queefing and death
What the fuck did she say????

No. 1646371

actually get her doing male-dominated activities or being in male-predominant social contexts
woodworking, coding, martial arts, paintball, hell even shooting
she'll see how different she is psychologically and physically from actual males pretty quick, but also gain the masculinity and competence she wants

No. 1646385

blossoming, bleeding and death.

Wash your ears, wtf nona?

No. 1646473

>milo snatch
>remus lupron
holy shit lmao

No. 1646508

File: 1663015394500.jpeg (170.43 KB, 1044x1100, 3CBB1432-9FC9-499C-93D1-20630D…)

I am so sorry to spam this comic but I am phone posting and unsure how to make a collage large enough to fit the handful of photos that stood out to me from this stupid comic

No. 1646510

File: 1663015429211.jpeg (137.08 KB, 1044x1100, 67DDA026-A608-4667-8A04-031933…)

No. 1646515

File: 1663015544170.jpeg (158.33 KB, 1044x1100, 81E692DF-4305-4A98-8791-3C1AC7…)

No. 1646517

File: 1663015605603.jpeg (161.96 KB, 1044x1100, 94F24C48-202C-4086-A86C-E2BE53…)

No. 1646518

File: 1663015652830.jpeg (146.1 KB, 1044x1100, 876A0126-EA41-471D-851F-78DE67…)

No. 1646519

File: 1663015689681.jpeg (164.75 KB, 1044x1100, 48391F7C-D616-45AA-A1E8-DB02D5…)

again sorry to spam these in separate posts but I felt they were appropriate to share here

No. 1646533

>the uneven nipples

No. 1646559

Cope: The Comic

No. 1646635

I'm so distracted by her walking into a bathroom while having coffee.

No. 1646644

File: 1663024963275.jpeg (315.31 KB, 2048x1536, ew.jpeg)

I really was not expecting her to look so haggard wtf

No. 1646647

that looks like johnny craig

No. 1646652

Frostbite victim

No. 1646659

as a fellow autist it's very obvious just from looking at these people that they have the 'tism

No. 1646669

Definitely thought this was the TIM thread for a sec, hormones fucked her up. Hands are ultimately a giveaway though.

No. 1646670

an overcompensating womanchild who has transitioned into a moid despite her extreme (childish)femininity in order to compensate for her face. looking at the way she potrays herself in her comics, she wants to be misgendered and told she is cute and pretty and a smol widdle baby so fucking bad, and yet in reality she actually passes as a(n ugly) moid, she even looks tall in her pic and very much not a cutesy shortstack she wishes she was…the sheer amount of copium this woman is huffing, SAD!

No. 1646671

also, she looks british

No. 1646690

File: 1663029304038.jpeg (377.01 KB, 1046x2304, 662B933B-6A46-4746-9B88-DD5223…)

Her cutesy hypersexualized “art”

No. 1646703

why can’t tifs make normal art?? it’s always deranged shit like this

No. 1646715


No. 1646716

Why would you… purposely make you life harder this way? Imagine being so privileged you need to make issues for yourself.

No. 1646719

File: 1663030789673.jpeg (412.92 KB, 1220x1888, B3A8C40F-AE75-43F2-A0B3-055A0F…)

Aw she has a Nigel to affirm the delusions.
>Most likely has the tism
>Weeb and studied in Japan
>Daddy kink
>Identifies as a twink demon kek “twinkubus”

No. 1646794

Bunny series being this stuff >>1646508?

No. 1646810

File: 1663042131976.jpeg (951.15 KB, 1728x1843, 8F21C64A-197B-47CE-9ED9-9034D4…)

Yes I believe so. Kek before she started going by Ai Valentine she was Aiden Moore. “Boys in bondage” makes me so uncomfortable.

No. 1646814

This feels like something you’d find in a serial killer’s dank basement lair

No. 1646830

Kek of course her name is aiden

No. 1646889

Spot on. She's one of those girls who thinks "I'm too ugly to be a girl, but I'd be a cute boy (because boys are uglier)" with a huge scope of attention craving special snowflakery poured on top.

These comics are honestly so gross. She knows she doesn't belong in the mens restroom, proven by her insecurity, but still goes there just to bother the men to fulfil and validate her own fetish identity.

I hate being a 'tist because of these people, I much prefer being associated with the ones who are actual drooling retards.

No. 1646965

>She knows she doesn't belong in the mens restroom, proven by her insecurity, but still goes there just to bother the men

No. 1647018

File: 1663074757883.jpg (572.77 KB, 1080x1933, 385257577547557.jpg)

I love how they're always trying to make it seem like this makes the "cishet" men gay, when we all know its because they can easily tell whos a woman

No. 1647020

Someone would have to be fucking blind to not notice that this is just a woman wearing ugly clothes. Just look at her face, can't she wear some makeup to look more masculine or something?

No. 1647023


This was making me think of how both tims and tifs seem to deeply regret not having the gendered experiences of the opposite sex during childhood. So this seems like the worst possible approach. There's a 99% chance the kid won't actually have any gender dysphoria, but if they do they still won't be able to relate to the experiences of either sex if you give them a weirdo grey blob childhood.

No. 1647027

These people are so regressive. Straight people being gnc/being attracted to gnc people makes their head explode

No. 1647032

isn't that the one that was misgendered even tho she was wearing a totally male oversized hoodie?

No. 1647042

"i hate being a woman and im totally a boy but i wear female clothes and makeup and nails and everything else"
what's the point? i can't even point to severe sexual trauma bc a lot of people, a lot of us posting itt right now, have suffered sexual abuse and never came out like this. is it a weird coping mechanism or is it just mental illness?

No. 1647043

this is tragic bc she looks like winona ryder. she could be so cute

No. 1647047


i always go back to fact that for this to work men would have to believe there's just a bunch of tiny little gay dudes running around all over the place. nobody knows where they came from, it 's just like "hobbits are real now"

No. 1647048

i was thinking she looks like young winona ryder too ! such a shame

No. 1647050

i'll repeat it again and again: the main gayden mindset is "girly straight girls are CRINGE, gay femboys are BASED"

No. 1647054

kek anon

No. 1647075

>being hit on by cis-het men while looking like a run of the mill alternative chick

No. 1647089

The awkward hand gestures, too close to the mic so you can hear all the plosives, the cringe poem about oh woe is me and womanhood, the hearty cheers at the end don't make sense kek. Agree with >>1646274 though she could have potential as a gnc poetry girl if she let go of being milo snatch.

No. 1647092

>exhibited in the tate modern
For tranny shit? How

No. 1647098

She probably has a friend group, either online or irl, that is encouraging this. you and her parents need to identify this group and separate her from it. If it's online, find a discreet way to get her off line. If it's in person, don't mean ban her from seeing them, introduce her to a different, cooler friend group that is not infested with troonery and don't do anything to help her spend time with the other one.

And check out the resources for parents with troon kids here:

No. 1647115

File: 1663086867474.jpg (229.37 KB, 720x1377, 20220913_133152.jpg)

Inside Job is done by staff and volunteers, meaning she worked or volunteered there, while it feels like a bit of an easy way in into such an important museum, looking at inside job's Instagram, most other pieces aren't as low effort as this, I'm not in love with anything but most are obviously more laborious to produce.

No. 1647118

She literally just looks like a semi butchy New Wave goth chick, I read nothing male or gay about it and neither would a moid

No. 1647119

File: 1663087119849.jpg (106.65 KB, 699x889, 20220913_134141.jpg)

Or maybe not I don't know

No. 1647120


it's so telling how much of the angst is centered on public bathrooms too. like they just aren't that important. they aren't that hard to avoid and most of them are constructed in a way where you can just go in, do your business and leave with zero social interaction. that's the norm. the most routinely embarrassed people in a public bathroom are just people taking really loud poops.

but it's like they are trying to recreate the sort of mental trauma that would justify the rest of their persona and make it feel real. if she's going to wear the girly stuff it isn't really even about being a boy anymore. it's whether she can justify in her head that trans is a real thing. in other words is it even worth it to try and cobble together a personality out of aesthetic quirks?

No. 1647169

i am glad females are infiltrating femboy subs and getting massive upvotes. This is how every femboy thinks they look like.

No. 1647180

No wonder it was called inside job then kek

No. 1647199

Yeah, when you phrase it like that, it's pretty funny, the femboy moids must be pretty pissed off

No. 1647204

No. 1647219

File: 1663098434634.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.18 MB, 1058x2100, draw a girl call it a boy.jpeg)

its kinda like that anon from 4chan that posted real woman photos on MtF subs, but not directly malicious. All femboy art is drawn in a completly unrealistic way for real moids, but the Tiff actually has the desired bodytype for fags, sadly for her these fags are only into traps because they want to choke on dick.

No. 1647247

File: 1663101969749.png (262.2 KB, 640x729, femgirl.png)

No. 1647258

KEK. Why has the world reached this point?

No. 1647261

>hehe straight men are totally gay for hitting on me
My sister in christ you look like Nancy Downs

No. 1647267

>the world
just say men.

No. 1647279

File: 1663104584044.jpg (1.33 MB, 3464x3464, tegan.jpg)

nonas don't you love the smell of gender in the morning? that feeling of waking up with a gender in your mind? and then just dress in basic ass alt women's alt clothes and throw the big sad because they make you (a woman) look like a woman?

>one of my genders is femboy
>is a literal 30 year old woman

bonus bonus
>clothes = gender
it really is just a sub culture to these fucks isn't it? a fun accessory you put on to make yourself feel special. consoom as much gender merch as possible to show you're a good AFAB and not one of those basic boring terf bitches who (gasp) use she/her pronouns smdh

No. 1647286

File: 1663105187315.jpg (27.49 KB, 214x275, 1612197804940.jpg)

Jesus fucking christ being this retarded every waking hour must be exhausting. Also
>Woke up with a gender on my mind … can never achieve it
>wanted to look like a man in a dress
>bulge under skirt
Mega fucking kek that's some straight up Kikomi shit

No. 1647288

Holy body image issues. She needs to learn to accept that you can only do so much to control the way you look and, by extension, the way others perceive you.

Also kek at her assuming that people are gonna see her bulge and freak out. Is she actually delusional, or is she revealing that she intends to flash a bunch of people?

No. 1647296

File: 1663106847825.jpg (646.92 KB, 1080x1674, umbrella.jpg)

>Is she actually delusional, or is she revealing that she intends to flash a bunch of people?
i think she is dreaming of being le sassy camp male with eyeliner arousing both men and women alike which is so much more exciting than boring basic woman wearing makeup and all that jazz, just good wholesome misogyny

picrel posted by different woman in same group, captures it really

No. 1647303

>wanted to look like a guy in a dress
I kinda get her vision here, it's convenient that she has a large forehead so you can pretend it's a male with thinning hair.

No. 1647315

>klaus from the UA
+1 pt for the skinwalking guide

No. 1647397

what fb group is this? lurking in those things is fun

No. 1647407

They changed the setting. It's 1910 New Orleans now. They probably didn't want to deal with all the drama and baggage that comes with Louis owning slaves.

At first I had my doubts, but despite the change in scenery you can tell that they're trying really hard to capture the characterization. Louis owning slaves really isn't important to his character. All that matters is that depression from the death of his brother sends him down a self-destructive path of gambling and debauchery.

No. 1647423

Um duh nonnie girls are boring, to the point where they can't fathom one being interesting without being a boy, whether that's actually being male underneath, or apparently even just a boy in name but with full female anatomy. Interesting that both tims and tifs think this too, with the amount of tims grunting about "girldick" and the amount of tifs trying to market themselves as feminine uke uwu bois.

No. 1647424


Samefag meant to reply to >>1647423

No. 1647435

File: 1663116946926.png (100.77 KB, 632x398, nlog.png)


No. 1647444

File: 1663118247051.png (81.24 KB, 908x278, 3.png)

the sub in question is largely handmaidens asking how to walk on eggshells better around their aidens or alices

No. 1647455

Poor thing, she's so disgusted by men.

No. 1647501

File: 1663122802249.webm (7.06 MB, 540x960, FullSizeRender.MOV.webm)

I fucking hate this shit nonnies. People in the comments are eating this up and saying that the weird white women were right. The pick me vibes is of the fucking charts. This country is fucked.

No. 1647511

Of course it's a black woman who is evil and wrong and the white women have to teach and correct her bad behavior. Never ending cycle.

No. 1647551

I was thinking the same shit. also how they send the super lightskinned black girl to go handle it

No. 1647553

Love woke writing where you end up liking "teh evil strawman" more, lmao.
AMPLIFY BLACK VOICES! Unless they say something to hurt the gendies feelings. Then they need to be put in their place.

No. 1647627

honestly it's actually more realistic this way than having the black woman be the woke mammy for white trannies and blow up on "terf karens"

No. 1647634

>can't she wear some makeup to look more masculine or something?
Look again, she's already done that. Eyebrows, cheek contour or blush, and foundation.

No. 1647635

That clearly doesn't work, if you're going to reply at least let it be constructive.

No. 1647645

Idk man worked for my cousin

No. 1647656

What show is this?

No. 1647677

Good trouble on hulu

No. 1647710

Kek this almost feels like a parody, but that's mostly because wokies are fucking terrible at writing

No. 1647711

lmfao no way that is Teala Dunn.

No. 1647720

>i prefer gender critical.

based queen

No. 1647729

She Hulk I think

No. 1647773

File: 1663154944283.jpg (434.39 KB, 1080x1695, Screenshot_20220914_052830.jpg)

This bitch turned mulan into a troon, and of course she has to do it ""yaoi""

No. 1647774

i'm confused, i know nothing about mulan but what's with the imperial japanese symbol, i thought mulan was about china

No. 1647776

lord, the eye rolling. they're really trying. they made the based woman sound like she's out of touch with reality. i wonder how the actress herself stands on radical feminism, maybe she's semi peaked irl

No. 1647800

the japanese twink is about to do the chinese daddy what happened in history

No. 1647803

I see scars. What an utterly disgusting shit show.

No. 1647836

I'm confused, they say all terfs are white but then make a black terf character who terrorizes the poor whites

No. 1647844

Shocking the woke mayonnaise packets with facts I like her

No. 1647847

File: 1663164856133.webm (1.02 MB, 640x634, 1649200198105.webm)

she is litteraly this

No. 1647855

sorry for being super OT, but does anyone else think that the image descriptions always sound super retarded? like there has to be a way to make them sound NOT so retarded, right??

No. 1647880

Sage for ot, but she's black? At first I thought she was a token asian character that irl would have a mediocre looking white bf.

No. 1647891

the actress is Latina actually so I guess so is the character

No. 1647950

Image IDs are for retards by retards so they are going to sound retarded

No. 1648018

You’re not wrong, the sentences aren’t even properly constructed. I feel like even the people who actually use image descriptions would have a hard time understanding this one in particular.

No. 1648030

Those conversations felt so manufactured. Even in my heavy TRA days I can’t imagine acting like the women in the clip who were doing their own “scoffing”. The second clip felt like when religious extremists start talking to you to try and re-educate you about Jesus. I’m sure this ended with the full re-education of the evil black terf.

No. 1648038

Kek anon my sides

No. 1648078

File: 1663180427931.png (54.12 KB, 730x449, 1.png)

TIF i used to be mutuals with who always talked about being such a boiii while wearing fairy kei clothes every. single. day. to class RTed this nugget of wisdom. as if the only concern about T is being hairy or having acne and not, i don't know, vaginal atrophy?!

No. 1648212

They have to know how this looks, right? The "good" women being passive aggressive and fake and the strawman TERF being confident and carefree. And not only that, the white girls are too cowardly to directly disagree with her and the black girl is like
>lol silly troons, periods are for women

No. 1648287

File: 1663198544019.jpg (29.49 KB, 640x480, pumbaaphant.jpg)

tifs posting on grindr like

No. 1648298

coomers on twitter love that photo because its gay. recently there was a theory the small one was a woman but it was "debunked" because the actual origin was falsified. is that actually a tif??

No. 1648307

lesbian alert

No. 1648321

This feels like satire tbh

No. 1648335


oh my god she's one of my personal cows lol. she's always going on in grave detail about boy cunts and how she has all this crazy hot gay sex and the importance of dark content like rape in fiction. y'all ought to read some of her short stories. my favorite line from one of them is "these were tits. a MAN'S tits." rofl

No. 1648338

looking at an insta of an artist who draws almost nothing but lesbian art.. and it's a ftm??? a baffling exception to the "all ftms want to be yaoi boys" rule

No. 1648367

i see it's your second day browsing ftm internet spaces, congratulations

No. 1648396

File: 1663206107195.jpg (45.26 KB, 1047x639, pooh.jpg)


nta but ftms who draw nothing but butch lesbians are so baffling to me. what is their intent

No. 1648422

Get rid of that hung girthy trunk and yeah

No. 1648475

they are lesbians who have been pushed out of womanhood bc they're GNC and sexually attracted to women? That has been historically the MOST common type of FTM up until the last few years. Are you over 13?

No. 1648515

File: 1663215387416.jpeg (148.65 KB, 960x1113, 59EF1DF0-16E0-46EE-AF5A-E46A5D…)

Saw this going around kek

No. 1648522

Weren't they just campaigning for her to be the new Flash to replace Ezra? kek

No. 1648530

it's not weird to be confused about why a ftm is obsessed with LESBIANS and not… other ftms or being yaoi-obsessed. gnc lesbians do not troon out in lesbian spaces. lesbians love gnc women.

No. 1648536

I read an article praising a lesbian artist recently and at the bottom it showed the writer of the article was ftm. It really is sad and baffling how they can love and praise other lesbians and relate to works of lesbianism so clearly but then refuse to accept it in themselves.

No. 1648549

They absolutely do and you look dumb rn. Either you haven't spent any time around these people or your primary contact has been hetero uwu enbies because there are a shitton of lesbians walking around as ftm trans4trans bois. It's pretty much the only way they let you 'get away with it' and stay in the community (or what passes for it these days). I also feel the need to add that a lot of lesbians very vocally do NOT like gnc women and there is a lot of disgust for the stereotypical butch dyke. Very easy to push people into these mindsets. Especially if they want very badly to be accepted by the people who are supposed to be their peers.
It makes me so fucking sad. I typed up a long thing about it but it's the fucking fakeboi thread it doesn't deserve my deep thoughts.

No. 1648593

tbf fujos also reached that point with cuntboys and mpreg

No. 1648680

Why do you anons feel the need to constantly bring up fujoshis? It has fuckall to do with the post you replied to.

I swear to Christ, you think about them more than they think about yaoi.

No. 1648704

NTA but fujos make a significant portion of fakebois
>you think about them more than they think about yaoi
Now that's some seething hyperbole… triggered much?

No. 1648711

I'm not white so it doesn't concern me, but why do (I assume it's just) blacks call whites variations of "mayonnaise"? Do blacks in the USA don't like mayo? I love it. I don't get how it's an insult. It's like calling blacks chocolate bars or something.

No. 1648712

Oh my god I wish I had saved the screenshots… I read in 4chan a couple of months ago how a group of scrotes found a loophole in grinder so they could date only submissive tifs and then they'd dominate them into denying them testosterone, making them grow their hair back, and wearing dresses, basically undoing all the brainwashing, there was even a forum where this the tifs would gather to share their fetish… it was hilarious. Does this sound familiar to anyone else? I'd love to find it again.

No. 1648721

men preying on self-hating women, so hilarious!

No. 1648728

>Either you haven't spent any time around these people or your primary contact has been hetero uwu enbies because there are a shitton of lesbians walking around as ftm trans4trans bois. It's pretty much the only way they let you 'get away with it' and stay in the community (or what passes for it these days).

what in the fuck are you talking about. where do you live. i live in a city with one of the highest gay/lesbian populations and this is not true at all in lesbian spaces. no gnc woman who draws lesbian art would be shunned for how she presemts herself and yes it is weird for a ftm to choose to draw lesbian art instead of t4t or m/m. you seem internet-obsessed.

No. 1648734

NTA, but butch4butch relationships are the least well known or accepted, I don't know what you're on about.

No. 1648736

obligatory Not All Fujos(tm) but really omegaverse shit in particular is definitely a gateway drug to aidenism especially in this western individualist identity-obsessed context. it illustrates the gayden mentality perfectly
>rapey hetero smut with submissive feminine woman getting abused and impregnated by dominant masculine man = EW CRINGE
>rapey "gay" smut with submissive "omega" (basically a feminine woman in every way except for the he/him pronouns) getting abused and impregnated by dominant "alpha" = OMG SO BASED
i don't even care about yaoi/slash/bl/whatever where both characters are obviously unambiguously male but when the "bottom" is turned into a pseudo-female (yet still treated better by the fandom than any canon female character) it's getting into aiden territory

No. 1648747

Thanks, and this. I'm heavily into anime and I watched some shounen ai here and there, and every single woman I ever met IRL that was a fujo is now (10-25 years later) at the very least GNC-towards-butch, if not fully "male-presenting". Somehow they hate women in general and this hate becomes hate for themselves over time, despite remaining interested in men, while also hating men, so they end up in lesbian relationships with other GNC/TIF/fakeboi because that's the only level of identity they can handle. Closest one is a cousin with a kid, and she went from a loving mother, to a misandrist, to a GNC, to a genderfluid he/him, to LARPing as my niece's brother. That kid doesn't have a chance in hell to a normal life.

No. 1648758

Did you even read? What's hilarious is so called FtM transgenders having a fetish for feminization… it's preposterous!

No. 1648776

wait is she pretending to be her onw daughter's older brother or pretending to be another kid's brother

No. 1648778

Her own daughter's older brother.

No. 1648779

the comment was about how same sex fetishists on both sides often come circle and turn the "bottom" into a biological woman in all but name

No. 1648780

wild, I have heard of TIFs pretending to be their dead son's or brother's or nephews but never heard of something quite like this

No. 1648782

that fetish obviously stems from self hatred and it's still gross for men to take advantage of them

No. 1648783

You can both find unacceptable that moids are taking advantage, and funny that TIFs could have a feminization fetish an fully engage into it to completion. It's not a mutually exclusive take.

No. 1648784

mental derangement all the way down

No. 1648789

Ayrt. I'm not American nor am I black. Fucking kek.

No. 1648796

I don't know what you're trying to saying, but if it's negative then NO U.

No. 1648797

i mean that both the TIFs and their chasers are mentally deranged

No. 1648799

My bad. I've only read that mayo stuff in twitter screencaps before.

No. 1648807

Ah. Are they chasers if they explicitly want to turn TIF back into their real selves though? I don't know how they should be categorized.

No. 1648809

well they do particularly prey on TIFs rather than non-TIF women but I'd put them closer to the ana or BPD fetishists because of the "preying on self-hating women" part than to TIM chasers

No. 1648883

File: 1663260807053.jpg (944.63 KB, 2986x2299, jaxxxxxson.jpg)

jaxson here just came to the realisation that being a trans male doesn't take away your rights to express yourself through makeup and be able to dress how you want

it's almost as if… you can dress however you want anyway. you can dress like a stereotypical guy and wear makeup if you want to. you are still a biological woman and it has nothing to do with how you express yourself.

it's like, so often often they aaaaalmost get it but then flip and reverse into just plain mental illness.
also peep badges like every stereotypical guy obvs

No. 1648897

>also peep badges like every stereotypical guy obvs
Can't tell if you're being sarcastic… do guys carry around those pin badges? I've never seen that in person.

No. 1648921

It amuses me how pissed off some fujos were when straight people starting writing female omegas.

No. 1648972

obviously she was sarcastic lmao

No. 1648974

well the only real difference between straight and "gay" omegaverse is the pronouns of the omega kek

No. 1648990

of course she likes mother mother

No. 1649002

I wouldn't know, I'm a HikiNEET. I leave my apartment like once a month at most.

No. 1649017

I thought it was because american mayonnaise is whiter than in other countries, but apparently it's just a stereotype that white people like mayonnaise. I always thought putting mayo on everything was more of a japanese thing.

No. 1649074

>it's just a stereotype that white people like mayonnaise
That's what I was asking, do non-whites in the USA not like mayonnaise?
>I always thought putting mayo on everything was more of a japanese thing
I'm half vietnamese half amerindian and we put mayo en everything, even rice.
Why? I thought (at least Jack Stauber and Cavetown) got popularized by tiktok, but didn't know there was a TIF element to them.

No. 1649076

cavetown literally is a tif

No. 1649085

She fooled me for sure. I thought she was a guy from the listening to the songs, but now that I searched for a picture it's clear she's not.

No. 1649087

never listened to her, does the voice really sound convincingly male (i assume in the faggy softboi way though)? her face definitely does not look it.

No. 1649092

Yeah, imho, but I guess you could argue she could have edited the pitch. I think the song "Boys Will be Bugs" was one of the most popular tiktok ones, so you can try searching for that one on youtube yourself if you want to hear her voice.

No. 1649093

>boys will be bugs
literally the most TIF-ian song title i've ever heard, probably ever created

No. 1649100

I don't think it's meant like that, you know in an "egg" kind of way, rather in a gross creature way. It's a good song, imo. I like it, and I'm as far removed from a TIF as it gets. I'd give examples but I don't want to get hate.

No. 1649108

so many fakebois are obsessed with bugs, rats and other "gross" creatures, literally the "weird" girls who gave up on being girls because Society says girls are supposed to outgrow their "weird gross tomboy" phase and Mature Into Proper Women

No. 1649111

Ah, that adds context, yeah.

No. 1649120

Saged but I have a genuine question for oldfags: what was the turning point for lolcow farms when it came to attitude towards aidens? I just reread the Soren threads (2016) and every single nonnie used he/him pronouns for her even though they acknowledge that she's just a weird fujo who trooned out and it feels so bizarre compared to now where everyone is more sensible

No. 1649132

NTA but just have to chime in, yes it's fucking weird for a TiF to draw lesbian porn. I know one ftm artist who draws occasional lesbian stuff, but most of her output is hetero porn where the woman has short hair and male pronouns therefore everyone has to pretend the couple is "gay".

Also as a butch/gnc lesbian, I've never gotten shit from other lesbians for being butch. Willing to believe it could be a generational/regional thing in some places tho.

I know there's lots of t4t TiF couples around, but I always assumed that these types were either A) engaging in some sort of elaborate LARP to avoid acknowledging their lesbianism, due to internalized homophobia/misogyny, or B) hetero women who are simply "jailhouse gay" for a bit because those coveted gay moids aren't interested in them. I can't fathom either type of TiF expressing any interest in lesbian art.

No. 1649147

There were a lot of anons who actually didn’t believe Soren was transmasc because the things they fantasized about were so horrific it didnt match up with anything they thought someone born female would say.

No. 1649304

File: 1663289533913.jpg (420.13 KB, 1080x1487, Screenshot_20220916_015231.jpg)

The lyrics are so what a shy awkward girl thinks tween boys are like

>I'm a dumb teen boy who eats sticks and rocks and mud

>I'm a big boy now and I'm very scary, I stay out at night and punch my walls and do karate
>just turned 14 and I think this year I'm gonna be mean
>I'm not very strong but I'll fuck you up if you're mean to bugs

And it's not even satire, apparently cavetroon is serious about it and is getting others to be serious about it lkke this article calling it witty of all things? Picrel

No. 1649330

T community go 5 minutes without comparing being trans to race challenge

No. 1649335

File: 1663290934140.jpg (99.3 KB, 567x760, yeah.jpg)

fun fact actually really really sad fact:
You will never be a real woman. You have no womb, you have no ovaries, you have no eggs. You are a homosexual man twisted by drugs and surgery into a crude mockery of nature’s perfection.

All the “validation” you get is two-faced and half-hearted. Behind your back people mock you. Your parents are disgusted and ashamed of you, your “friends” laugh at your ghoulish appearance behind closed doors.

Men are utterly repulsed by you. Thousands of years of evolution have allowed men to sniff out frauds with incredible efficiency. Even trannies who “pass” look uncanny and unnatural to a man. Your bone structure is a dead giveaway. And even if you manage to get a drunk guy home with you, he’ll turn tail and bolt the second he gets a whiff of your diseased, infected axe wound.

You will never be happy. You wrench out a fake smile every single morning and tell yourself it’s going to be ok, but deep inside you feel the depression creeping up like a weed, ready to crush you under the unbearable weight.

Eventually it’ll be too much to bear - you’ll buy a rope, tie a noose, put it around your neck, and plunge into the cold abyss. Your parents will find you, heartbroken but relieved that they no longer have to live with the unbearable shame and disappointment. They’ll bury you with a headstone marked with your birth name, and every passerby for the rest of eternity will know a man is buried there. Your body will decay and go back to the dust, and all that will remain of your legacy is a skeleton that is unmistakably male.

This is your fate. This is what you chose. There is no turning back.

No. 1649336

xiran jay zhao core

No. 1649370

no one is talking about butch4butch we are talking about a ftm drawing lesbian-focused art

No. 1649373

thank you yes it is fucking weird because it rejects the theory we all have that ftms do it bc they either sexualize men/male gay shit or they fetishize trannyism. it's not a butch woman it's a ftm

No. 1649471

Yes and her troid status does not preclude her from being a homosexual and being drawn to lesbian topics and themes.
>it rejects the theory we all have
We're not doing research here we're observing cows. Lesbian ftms certainly exist. Why don't you put your replies in the same post next time?
>a (…) challenge to toxic masculinity
Yeah she's a woman. She has a different perspective, shocker. Where is this article from out of curiosity? I want to know how much this person got paid to hype her up.

No. 1649481

File: 1663303458277.jpeg (151.52 KB, 750x750, 1662257120761.jpeg)

TIMs and TIFs have ironically convinced me that there is a fundamental difference between men and women that will always be noticeable

No. 1649482

I kind of have an issue falling into this thinking sometimes but honestly I just think going TIF tends to attract more hyperfeminine women who think it will allow them to be taken more seriously, the inverse being the case for TIMs. Depressing shit. But that being said almost all TIF comics are instantly clockable because they have good handwriting, the fine motor skills don't lie kek.

No. 1649487

lmao that's literally displaying such feminine behaviour it almost seems misogynistic how it like calls it out

No. 1649488

that is heartbreaking. how brainwashed do you have to be to make a heartwarming comic about being shielded from reality and alienated from the people that are around you by an internet circlejerk of groomers.

No. 1649496

File: 1663305325158.jpg (124.7 KB, 1200x1200, wtf.jpg)

samefag, i looked her up and thiw was one of her early comics, she's a full-on pudgy neckbeard thing with rainbow glasses now so there's no turning back.
this is one of her recent comics and it's unintentionally funny. did she think the queen would have been immortal if she didn't have colonizer ancestors lmao ?? or did god strike her dead for being a rich white lady ??

No. 1649514

again if you got off the internet and saw actual lesbian spaces with actual lesbian artists you’d see your weird idea makes no sense. ftms fetishize men and usually gay men. if they were truly fetishizing lesbians they’d be butch or gnc.

No. 1649523

Most of the women in the first wave of FtMs were literally butch lesbians who transitioned. What the fuck are you on about? The phenomenon of straight women transitioning was rare and only fairly recently became more common.

No. 1649541

I'd even say that a big portion of the current wave is still lesbian. Trans people are incredibly homophobic, if you're a lesbian they will openly shame you for "having a bigoted genital preference" and they will ostracise you unless you agree all lesbians should like "girldick". However, trans people are allowed to like whoever they like without scrutiny because "muh dysphoria", so if you're a lesbian all you have to do is convince yourself you're a straight trans man and all is good! You're no longer an evil and bigoted gay cis person, you're a pure righteous trans person. The "straight" trans women (but really gay men) who like men won't bother them because they only like real men. Trans lesbians (straight men) won't bother them because they have to pretend to see them as real men to keep the charade going.

No. 1649557

>a big portion
>a single glance at FtM spaces is filled to the brim with aidens thirsting for dick and larping as gay men.

The ‘straight transmen’ have been a minority ever since tumblr came around and never regained their numbers over the spicy straight ‘gay male’ aidens.

No. 1649568

nta, that is absolutely true, but the point was that lesbian TIFs still exist (even though they really have been drowned out by straight women now) so it's not that far-fetched that a TIF would be invested in cartoon lesbians

No. 1649572

I thought most of them were just he/they non-binary now rather than full on trans men. Not that it's that different

No. 1649573

>ftms do it bc they either sexualize men/male gay shit or they fetishize trannyism
At this point I think it's another moid ruining lives episode. These girls almost invariably have either no father figure or a shitty PoS dad that treats them like crap so they develop a complex where they feel "Dad doesn't love me because I'm not a guy". I know it's practically insulting to suggest it's that simple or reduce it (god I hate this term) "daddy issues", but every single example ever discussed in these threads when you dig up even a little about their family lives we end up finding the same exact thing - bad/weak/cruel/absent father.

No. 1649593

File: 1663320485728.jpg (41.69 KB, 550x439, 1663305325158.jpg)

Are those some cancer tumors on her chin?

No. 1649595

Ol' triple butt chin they called her

No. 1649599

Maybe they're zits

No. 1649618

fresh copypasta! Delicious!

No. 1649619

File: 1663325226279.jpg (420.34 KB, 1440x1800, FZ1BdUxX0AAK1YL.jpg)

like >>1649496 said, she's
>full-on pudgy neckbeard
picrel is from her twitter.

No. 1649623

The smell of this picture

No. 1649629

No, but always a good one.
Why do TIFs are always sporting nose piercings? Don't they get that's a dead giveaway even if they somehow passed? No self-respecting scrote would get a nose piercing.

No. 1649631

I posted this before, but "boys will be bugs" makes no sense from the perspective of a teenage boy. like only a teenage girl or young woman could have made this song, It captures all the feelings and thoughts one might have as a 14 year old girl
when I was a 14, I thought boys were dumb but I still found them cute and even endearing in a way, "Boys will be bugs but I like bugs" is exactly what a straight 14 year old thinks boys are like, the song works way better when sung its sung by a female singer, cause it makes the song more tongue-in-cheek with the lyrics

No. 1649639

You just gave me an idea

No. 1649641

what ?

No. 1649646

my guilty pleasures because i discovered them all separately but all of the tifs i know who love them got it in a tiktok approved music bundle if it makes sense

No. 1649647

Yeah, that explains a lot, actually.
Draw yourself as a comic figure.

No. 1649659

kek anon I appreciate the fanart

No. 1649667

I'm dead.

No. 1649697

File: 1663336897766.jpg (403.66 KB, 1080x1691, yaoi brain.jpg)

the fujocoomer phenotype

No. 1649699

You should post this in the bad short comics thread on m too. It’s not even funny, it’s just two frames about something everyone already knows and it pointless posturing.

No. 1649700

Like a modern Amish

No. 1649701

Guess we’ll never know.

No. 1649703

Never going to understand why they think this means they’re men, and I’m a fujo. I think it’s normal for a lot of women to project themselves onto one of the characters because usually those characters aren’t even written like actual men. Even if they are, it doesn’t mean anything because people project onto characters all the time if they see themselves in them. It’s so stupid.

No. 1649704

File: 1663337433957.jpeg (893.1 KB, 1284x1625, 1A0D4BA8-EAF2-4F15-8D70-768418…)

No. 1649708


No. 1649742

File: 1663340556941.jpg (1.31 MB, 3464x3464, allahuakbar.jpg)

got some mental illness for you nonas. picrel popped up on my tl asking people to use her very valid and true pronouns, i went for a lil look and she is 100% pure snow whitest of whites lol. not only cosplaying male (i think?) but also larping as muslim lmao.
also very autistic if you couldn't tell by the phenotype

GNC women really are a dying species huh

No. 1649744

File: 1663340744425.jpg (Spoiler Image,739.17 KB, 1079x1444, jill.jpg)

love of xyr life
obviously a troon, no surprises there

No. 1649745

a >man wearing hijab like women do is considered crossdressing therefore very haram in Islam, why do they even bother

No. 1649768

No. 1649781

They love cosplaying as Jewish, guess it was only a matter of time before they started cosplaying as Muslim too for muh extra oppression points. Maybe she was taken by all the "Liberal Muslims" that have popped up on tiktok, who cherry pick the palatable parts of the religion and ignore how the majority of Muslims don't accept LGBT.

t. ex-muslim

No. 1649786

Samefag to add, Dajal is an antichrist-like figure in the quran, hilarious she chose to name herself that.

No. 1649808

I hate the woke infatuation with islam so much

No. 1649809

File: 1663344736167.webm (1.28 MB, 640x360, ATCRLhf0EuNVqtpm.webm)

>I'm not only gay, I'm trans as well!
Thanks for telling, we really couldn't tell.

No. 1649837

I thought this was a little boy from the thumbnail, as in 10 years old

No. 1649847

File: 1663345793288.webm (5.38 MB, 640x480, XgxWoD_iKczo85cq.webm)

The gay guy who used a lesbian woman as a beard solves his situation… by using another girl as beard? And the "masculine presenting" girl explains how much different she used to be when all that has changed is that she got a pixie cut and started wearing less make-up (something most women do as they mature).

No. 1649908

They look like siblings, gross.
Same reason gays desperately want to be accepted by Christians - to oppress a subset of people unwilling to virtue signal in favour of your insanity to get validation from them. Queers love the high of getting people to capitulate to them.

No. 1649910

I hate the fact that these people are so obsessed with trying to put a label on themselves of thinking that they need to find their sexualities. Why is it considered unacceptable to just go wherever the wind takes you? Woketards fought to leave constraining boxes just to create some boxes to be constrained in. I hope she still hasn't gotten hormones because it's not too late for her to go back. Both of these people are clearly autistic.

No. 1649925

There's literally nothing masculine about her, which doesn't help the fact that she looks like a little boy. Anyone who dates this person is sus

No. 1649929

>Anyone who dates this person is sus
Projecting much?

No. 1649932

Projecting what? I'm not dating her or any other tranny like you. Fuck off

No. 1649936

Clearly a projecting scrote. Imagine even thinking "anyone who shows interest in this girl who doesn't conform to what I consider to be a mature woman, is a sus", as if no one can date her on her own merits. You perverted losers can never help outing yourselves.

No. 1649954

what reading too much ffxv/promptis fic does to a woman.

No. 1649958

What's with final fantasy and attracting LGBT people? I never played any after IX but in the last year or so I've been seeing this series is like a quintessential queer hobby.

No. 1649969

Nah I'm a gender non conforming woman who doesn't roleplay as a little anime boy, sorry you can't handle someone criticizing an autistic tranny. This site is retarded

No. 1649973

Anon she literally looks like a little boy. This isn't some argument about gnc women. t. also a gnc woman

No. 1649987

Mentally ill is what you are.
So? "Not a scrote" claimed it'd be sus if anyone dated her, which an extremely superficial statement and categorically untrue. It's not that girl's fault she looks like she does. What is she supposed to do, smoke 300 cigarettes per day until she looks haggard enough for "Not a scrote, totally a gnc" to give the thumbs up so she can now date?

No. 1649996

Shut the fuck up and stop baiting, it's suspicious because she looks like a ten year old boy and she knows it, too.

No. 1650003

>"it's very strange to look back on pictures of me when I was younger"
>looks exactly the same

No. 1650013

It's not suspicious that someone might find her attractive, no matter how old or young she looks. You thinking it's suspicious and that she must remain single forever is nothing but scrote projecting. You might not be a scrote (doubtful) but you still have a scrote's soul.

No. 1650028

I'm surprised that for someone claiming to be GNC, you're unable to see how GC and transtrender-aligned your rethoric is.
>she looks like a ten year old boy and she knows it too
Why is that relevant to her dating? Are you implying that because she doesn't look like a conventionally mature woman (exactly the kind of talking point a GNC should shun) then she shouldn't seek a relationship? Is she forever locked out of it? Should she engage in paranoid delusions and automatically assume anyone who ever looks her way with interest only finds her attractive because "she looks like a ten year old boy"? And that's just her part. What about someone who realizes they like her, should they go "Oh, no, nona think it's sus… I surely must be a pedo, that's the only possible explanation to my attraction"? I agree with nona, you seem like you're projecting or virtue signaling, or maybe you have a whole tangled mess of internalized misoginy you need to work through.
>shut the fuck up
This is a forum, if you don't like what other people reply to your bigoted, male-gaze-centric views, then ignore them or leave.

No. 1650033

I agree with the rest but I don't see how that view is transtrender-aligned.

No. 1650056

i think what notascroteanon meant by anyone is gay moids. because she's into moids and is a self proclaimed "gay" "man". and you know how degenerate and pedophilic they generally are i dont really think that needs any further explanation. and not that nobody should date her ever at all because of the way she looks

No. 1650060

NTA, but I guess I would agree all gays are pedos.(bait)

No. 1650089

File: 1663361968960.png (606.17 KB, 711x793, 299079116_585778913295339_3484…)

>i love my feminine body
>i just want a magical weight loss pill
>any advice on gaining muscle fast?
admit you're just a girl, stop eating so much, and go to the fucking gym

No. 1650090

At least she wrote "Help?". She can still be saved from the madness.

No. 1650103

File: 1663363962368.png (517.91 KB, 749x709, 302257306_640995840702223_9705…)

this was in an FTM trans group (i'm in it for content like this, don't alog me) so no, she wants help being pushed further into her delusion

No. 1650105

File: 1663364009363.png (289.83 KB, 597x541, 300886587_1374362263380174_239…)

every picture with at least this many jewelry and makeup, completely fem presenting

No. 1650135

Someone should recommend her steroids.
>Inuyasha sweater
You can't get more femenine.

No. 1650240

More proof that FTM is the new proana, but this time doctors are enabling or even encouraging it.

No. 1650324

Kek why did she decide draw porn of Orochimaru? And is that Conchita Wurst?

No. 1650330

Maybe they should learn to draw faces before releasing their art, yikes at that last panel lmao

No. 1650378

>a male female mix cover my hair but not my neck
This is a very acceptable and form of hijab that many women wear wear
I don’t get it

No. 1650391

The men look cute/not masculine in a Western sense.

No. 1650416


There's no way this person is "trans" anywhere but the internet. Aside from her ~`☆kweer☆`~ friends, not as soul has looked at her and gone "that's a man" and she's probably completely fine with it.

Could you imagine looking like this and trying to tell scrotes that you're a "boy"? I doubt she does.

No. 1650423

FINNISH, finnanons now let's speculate who this is the circles are small!

No. 1650432

File: 1663595388193.png (3.06 MB, 1284x2810, BBCBC48D-EA6E-4B7D-B52A-93FDD4…)

No. 1650459

>not only women
>all people

No. 1650511

If 'non-medical trans body positivity' could be a thing, so many people could be dissuaded from mutilation.

No. 1650549

>Am I so bad at giving relationship advice?
>No. It's the cisgenders who are wrong.
I love how they can't even consider that no one wants a narc's dating tips. Also, of course there aren't many t4t experiences on there. Isn't the whole point of the sub for the ignorant cissies to learn about the unique problems that come with dating trans folx? What would an actual trans person actually gain from that.

No. 1650581

Basic cut out t shirts does not a slut make, aiden.

No. 1650613

nah, look at how many piercings/accessories/hair color/other "special traits" (nothing wrong with any of these individually, it's the amount at once). tinkerbell syndrome, they'll die if attention is not constantly paid to them, negative or positive. girls like this are so afraid of being cripplingly plain and boring and dumpy that they decide they're trans to be ultimate NLOGs. you can bet she throws a tantrum if the starbucks barista doesn't respect her pronouns, but she'd probably shut up amongst family or in a job when she knows actually consequences might happen. these types invade even groups full of super butch, trying to be straight FTMs and act like they're just as masculine and deserving of the pronouns as the ones who can pass in 99% of photos. they have no shame or self-consciousness about what they're doing or they wouldn't be demanding so much from people in the first place.

No. 1650676

So just enbies?
Most of them don't opt for medical intervention/surgeries.

No. 1650714

there definitely is, and trannies that believe you have to medically transition to be valid are vilified all the time by these idiots. except it's not to dissuade anyone from mutilation, it's because these fakebois want to be pretty yaoi boys and not get acne and ass hair.

testosterone causing weight loss is functionally a myth, because it also increases appetite, so they just end up eating more and staying the same. the ones who get on testosterone and transform into gym rats look that way 90% because of diet and lifestyle, 10% testosterone, and these fatties look at them and think it's the magic testosterone pill that did it. if anything, it makes it easy to build muscles, so she'd look even thicker, especially after fat redistributes. see my point above, lol

No. 1650719

Kek I thought it was the girl from Ergo Proxy. Orochimaru has unfortunately kind of become an enby icon.

No. 1650748


Yeah it just redistributes to a male pattern, right to the gut. Unless you're already skinny, you're gonna notice it.

No. 1650788

I thought there was a discussion in a previous thread that scrotes will date these girls because they look like little boys and the fakbois will sometimes play into that fantasy. That and all the "femboy" shit.

No. 1650864

sage for blogpost but threadpic has me thinking, TIF i know irl skinwalks dean winchester, what category does that fall under? tumblr sexyman light or true and honest man?

No. 1650886

File: 1663619744423.jpeg (170.28 KB, 828x935, F51CF372-F75B-454D-BE0B-40318E…)

I guess tumblr sexyman lightmode, but related to this, I have always found it entertaining in how often TIFs infantilize/feminize the men they kin, to the point they just ignore the reality that those biological men tower them IRL and really muscular as well

No. 1650921

File: 1663620834657.jpg (675.4 KB, 2896x2896, 20220919_145004.jpg)

This post was blazed on tumblr, imagine paying to make others see this https://at.tumblr.com/hermaphrodianna/part-one-after-my-complaint-this-year-about-my/1dv9m8nzfvja

No. 1650924

File: 1663620877157.jpg (570.09 KB, 1057x2041, 20220919_145054.jpg)

Samefag but I forgot to add the third screenshot

No. 1651052

Kek is this Top Gun? I used to know a TiF friendgroup made up of 80s movies fujoshis.

No. 1651087

What is that hand and why are its nails grey

No. 1651349

File: 1663639234728.jpeg (399.3 KB, 1536x2048, D4444611-D87D-4428-8E2C-C08A91…)

Should have been $41.00

No. 1651376


No. 1651446

the original tweet calling this trans mermaid JESUS is the funniest part. what about this is giving jesus

No. 1651652

Jesus has “t-boy swag” according to aidens btw. I mean, he’s a good person (female trait) and has kind eyes (female trait) and god loves him (female trait) so I guess they’re right.

No. 1651660

I have nothing against transitioning male historical figures into women. Christ is a dysphoric woman on cross-sex hormones. Alexander the Great was a woman also, and in fact, her horse was a mare! #real

No. 1651661

Those eyelashes are definitely afab and I'm pretty sure the holy spirit, by whom Mary conceived Jesus, doesn't have chromosomes so Jesus can't be XY.

No. 1651673

He’s a single X chromosome girlie…

No. 1651683

no TiF in history has that frame and that big of a head. Nice try to the manufacturer tho kek.
this but unironically

No. 1651754

File: 1663681669014.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.91 MB, 3464x3464, nonipnonflat.jpg)

nonnies i am going to clutch some pearls here. apparently there is such a thing as "non flat no nipples" top surgery, meaning nips are removed but some of the breast tissue is kept. fakebois in picrel specifically asked for this to be done to them. just peak mental illness. doctors really do just anything if it's paid for don't they.
spoilered for breasts ig? i am too disturbed to make coherent decisions lol
also imagine asking your friend to catsit and they then just go on taking a bunch of topless pics with the poor animals

No. 1651757

Scrotes want to see boobs but also want to shame women’s bodies simultaneously, so they make nipples “illegal” while demanding women show as much breast as possible then women have their nipples cut off for an ounce of freedom. Hell world.

No. 1651760

File: 1663682223739.gif (57.34 KB, 268x268, oev6kfXtKq1utsakio3_400.gif)

Reminds me of the American Mary movie where a woman wanted her nipples removed to desexualize herself.

No. 1651774

Basically a breast reduction with unnecessary nipple removal. You could argue the breast reduction is unnecessary too if its just for troon reasons, but the one who went from G cup to A probably got a load off her spine. Wondering if you'd "feel sexy" without nippples is telling though that they believe what society tries to tell them, that female nipples are always sexual, and think they're sooo subversive for… agreeing with the societal values they think they hate.

No. 1651780

This is what I was thinking. In what world is the answer to have a movement where having your nipples removed is the answer over trying to desexualize breasts? This is so fucking strange and almost feels fetishy in a way.

No. 1651790

I'd expect a bubble head nurse's tits to look just like this.
Istg I'm not a scrote but I've seen nippleless breast threads on some porn 4chan board before. Can't remember if it was /e/ or actual humans regardless,real or drawn, this shit creeps me out.

No. 1651810

File: 1663687344148.jpg (470.18 KB, 1449x2048, EbPWXRsVcAAsOnb.jpg)

I found a Splatoon youtuber who makes extensive lore videos such as this:
It was nice to hear a female voice so I went to check more content from her and turns out it's a cringe themlet who is a major japanese to english translator in the fandom.
Compare her old voice to her new one:
Is she on T or is she faking a deep voice?
I don't think I ever saw a regular nerdy girl who likes these games, only fakebois and themlets clearly wanting to be male, but this one takes the cake because now I understand why so many extremely minor side characters on the wiki are referred as they/them: because she translated the bios of blatantly male or female characters and decided to slap they/them on her favorites.
Pic related is her work, look at the boyband on the bottom part of the page and how the two emo non-threathening boys are turned into themlets (like her youtube persona) while the ugly fish one is a regular ass male.

No. 1651813

Everything is a fetish if you consider moids "opinions". No nipples, small nipples, big nipples, only nipples, multiple nipple, scarred nipples, hairy nipples, inverted nipples, pierced nipples. All of them, everything will be a fetish for moids because they can't comprehend anything outside of "does this makes my dick hard or nah? It doesn't? I will meme myself until I'm into it".
These girls have probably gone through some terrible shit, or just some shit that should be considered terrible but is always underplayed by everyone like getting catcalled as a child/teen or just being aware of how the mind of the average moid acts.
If there isn't a huge wave of doctors, surgeons and "therapists" getting their licenses revoked and banning them from ever touching a medical school, then there's no hope.

No. 1651832

Ironically the only species that can actually be hermaphroditic, the sea anemone, is given female pronouns.

No. 1651846

At least she has been officially localized as female.

Still, you bring up a good point: these games have the opportunity to bring up legit themlets as characters thanks to species that reproduce asexually, but they don't do it because this japanese dev team in particular has yet to be influenced by kweers and they have no idea about the whole gender culture (aside from gender nonconforming fashion, but that's far more mainstream).
So to suddenly have extremely side characters be themlets sticks out even more as fan rewriting.

No. 1651975

Self inserting in BL is the Aiden pipeline
Not self inserting in BL is the man hating radfem pipeline

No. 1652048

Holy shit you're right
T. man hater

No. 1652072

radfem with anger issues, can also confirm this

No. 1652095

The absolute mental gymnastics behind wanting to be seen as attractive to men but not wanting to be sexualized by men. It just seems like these women are caught right between the two dualities of how men see women and are trying to play all sides: madonna vs whore and fuckable vs worthless.
But I've also seen TIFs ask for this so they can have top surgery and still bind (because they romanticize self destruction)

No. 1652312

File: 1663712467274.jpeg (636.32 KB, 1170x1228, AB7D5EA8-184D-43C8-A838-3DB67E…)


No. 1652315

I'm unfamiliar with the third character, are they also "I'm just gnc and that's that" like the other two?

No. 1652324

File: 1663712899528.jpeg (499.39 KB, 1170x450, DB1F179E-4129-4465-9B59-A5A256…)

No. 1652334

sorry for blogpost, been lurking this for a few months now and i no longer believe anyone at all can be born trans and that i'm just a really mentally ill woman. i wish all tifs would read these threads before it's too late, i think it is too late for me now. kind of funny i've been the type of not like other troons for years hating cringe trans people but not self aware enough that i'm no different

No. 1652354

I’m so sorry. Transgenderism is a cult and I wish you the best in detransitioning.

No. 1652376

It’s never too late, even if you went on HRT or got surgery. You can still have a life worth living. The main thing that scares me for detransitioners is how scary TRAs can be towards them. One step outside the trans box and they act like you’re a traitor. That’s the part that disturbs me, and I think detrans people need some of the most support.

No. 1652402

Wishing you luck on finding contentment with yourself, it's an increasingly hostile world for women and it takes strength to resist all of the libfem/trans propaganda being spewed constantly while still staying sane.

No. 1652431

File: 1663716491984.jpeg (Spoiler Image,288.71 KB, 1216x1216, CAA3AB16-805E-4F09-8BEC-6E1C48…)

I know some moids who are into extreme bodymods get their nipples removed but this is the first time seeing it on biological females. Disgusting.

No. 1652494


Aw nonna, same realisation happened to me about a year ago now too. It’s a hard blow, but you’ll be way better off and mentally healthier in the long run. Especially if you were nuts enough (like me) to ruin your body with steroids, get that shit out off your system, it’ll take a really long time and yeah most of it’s forever but things naturally will still level out.

I’m getting my pube beard lasored off soon and am peaking woman and moids everywhere I go. Bless.

No. 1652500

File: 1663720168431.jpeg (239.77 KB, 1975x412, 2D49308C-078F-4D75-910A-3925B3…)

Dollsperg ahead
It’s fine that they gave the girls’ countries of origin but making Frankie a they/them so she doesn’t seem like a basic white girl is kek.
Derail - wasn’t Lagoona Australian? If they wanted a Latina why not introduce a new character?

No. 1652503

Why did they feel the need to give characters based on mythological creatures real life human racial backgrounds? Kek

No. 1652739

Their target demographic is #woke I guess. Troon frankie has a prosthetic leg even though her entire body is artificially put together, making draculaura curvy and frankie tall is pretentiously called "embracing body diversity, now it's time to add race. Except for Frankie, which yeah probably means she's white and that's not woke enough to mention so it's they/them time

No. 1652788

File: 1663733567553.jpg (344.35 KB, 1079x1006, Screenshot_20220921_001230.jpg)

Is there a kind soul that would be so nice as to point me towards a screenshot about the rape accusations against Eli Erich or be able to tell me which thread it's in? I saw she was on Dr Phil today and I can't seem to find any documentation of their degeneracy just through google especially since KF went down. Thanks Nonnas

No. 1652796

File: 1663733908802.png (641.06 KB, 730x1400, Skelita_Calaveras™.png)

She was and there already is a "latina" character. Skellita Calaveras but, of course we can't use established lore in current year.

No. 1652808

nope, try again
one more time nonny, you can do it

No. 1652957

ye that's a man and a rapist one at that

No. 1652966

I unironically agree that once you’re a sexual predator your pronouns don’t matter. You a man.

No. 1652990

pronouns literally NEVER matter, mans a man


No. 1652994

File: 1663743959805.jpeg (165.29 KB, 540x960, EZhj7IeU0AEZy_R.jpeg)

No. 1652995

File: 1663744053878.jpeg (178.43 KB, 576x1024, EZhj7g0UYAApAYr.jpeg)

No. 1653013

These barbie ideals have gone too far! In all seriousness these people are nothing but body modders and should be treated as such.

No. 1653030

I can't be the only one who's sad that these women are removing one of their most sensitive erogenous zones, not to mention the ones calling themselves asexual on top of that. A lot of us already have a hard time enjoying sex but they are making it even harder for themselves, as if they feel they are not worthy of enjoying intimate pleasure with a loving partner. Meanwhile AGP's walk around with their dick out and cooming 24/7

No. 1653034

Indeed. It's also why self insertkng guys who read shonen battle manga and harem manga are pathetic losers while the guys who read that shit normally are just annoying in normal ways.

No. 1653039

Aren't Bill & Ted supposed to be teenagers? Feels creepy to me

No. 1653049

File: 1663751848818.jpg (666.62 KB, 1065x1726, Screenshot_20220921_121508.jpg)

> fae/faer

No. 1653054

At least it's funny that it's aimed at the trans community kek they're all infighting

No. 1653055

They're all deeply lost in sexual trauma and/or slut-shaming

No. 1653074


I'm just gonna call it an it. At this point I have no idea wtf it is. Female at birth or male, I have no clue lmao. I just wanted some screenies

No. 1653083

Lagoona is Australian thats like her THING and why would Draculaura be anything besides Transylvanian. Frankie being non binary pisses me off too ofc for obvious reasons. Ik there’s bigger things to be upset about but this could have been a good movie. Sorry for off topic.

No. 1653097

white man (TIM) serial rapist of women, particularly Black and Asian TIFs

No. 1653125

No. 1653140


They could easily compromise with the whole 'menstruator' discourse by just saying 'biological females' or hell even 'AFAB'. Not that I agree, but it's almost like they have this Umbridge-esque enjoyment for correcting language and having 'rules' of etiquette so they can feel morally superior and have a false sense of control.

It's like those who've been abused by narcissists especially from parents as children usually develop this sort of anxiety where they become aghast by anyone who doesn't follow the rules and then scolds them as a subconscious way to project power and control. It's like a trauma response for survival. Just something I've been thinking about with this troon shit; seems like most of the people drawn to it have dealt with some sort of abuse.

No. 1653164

If you don't want to have a reduxx link because some people might object that it is biased, here's the archive link of the victim's post, complete with messages of Elrick's admission of guilt: https://archive.ph/1K7S3#selection-151.0-163.1363
Elrick issued DMCA takedowns of the message screenshots to cover his ass, and the original post is either deleted or exists without any of the incriminating screenshots.

No. 1653172

Really incredible that we're supposed to "listen and learn" from the most deeply unwell looking (and acting, ofc) individuals on Earth. What is going on in her armpit area.

No. 1653175

umbrage was troon is my headcannon, offtopic but I bet jk has browsed this thread at least once, absolute warriorqueen

No. 1653203

They don’t want to do that though, they want to co-op the use of “biological female” by saying TiMs are organic matter and women, so therefore they’re bio females (yes they actually use this, recently Trevor Noah interviewed that bike TiM Rhys McKinnon and he said “well I’m not a cyborg”). They also claim if you use AFAB or biological female you’re being a biological essentialist. I agree with you completely though, the whole thing would make more sense if we still used “male” and “female” the way they are supposed to be. I’d have no issue calling abortion rights female rights but then TiFs get mega offended because they can’t deal with not being special even though women are fighting for them too.

No. 1653210

File: 1663770874451.png (15.42 KB, 324x338, firefox_zSPm85lIi3.png)

Why is every anime zoomer on twitter like this?

No. 1653213

That’s a TiM

No. 1653214

This has to be a parody, what the fuck is a transmascfem

No. 1653215

File: 1663771409086.png (160.54 KB, 510x500, firefox_IjMu9N1o68.png)

Nah it was this acc, now it's locked because she's involved with art drama. Pretty sure it's a TiF

No. 1653225

Doesn’t TMA mean “transmisogyny applicable” (male) though? Still it wouldn’t surprise me if she/he didn’t know her/his own bullshit terminology.

No. 1653250


This is exactly what I was looking for. You da best, thank you o' mighty nonny.

No. 1653294

Probably because she's intersex so she considers herself to be male as well, have ran into those before

No. 1653325

lmao TIMs and their handmaidens always chew those girls out HARD when they found out they're actually TIFs not TIMs

No. 1653357

I could write a whole essay about this, but in a way it's like malicious compliance. like "nipples are sexy? and not allowed? okay, let's take them off but go topless. no nipples, so it's okay, right? happy now? no nips."
plenty of other anons have noticed the the they/thembies seem to have loads of trauma related to being female but still hate men. they don't want to be associated with societal gender norms or follow the rules, so what?

No. 1653632

Wait, what is this about? A TIF raped another TIF?

No. 1653875

>black character
>make her biracial
every time

No. 1653885

File: 1663811308566.png (536.18 KB, 346x817, jinafire.png)

Jinafire Long-Chinese

No. 1653887

File: 1663811350884.png (679.99 KB, 472x809, kiyomi.png)

Kiyomi Haunterly-Japanese

No. 1653973

The true yaoi body

No. 1653994

They look cute, but I don't think they're as popular which is risky for a cash grab remake. Let's slap random origins, and troon pronouns for the white one, on the popular ones instead and call it a movie.

No. 1654144

File: 1663841868318.jpg (320.85 KB, 1080x1694, Screenshot_20220922-104939_Ope…)

So I was on ao3 and remembered talk in one of the threads of tifs taking over male targeted media like tf2 just to make fanfic of them, so I searched it up and wouldn't you know it, a good few were tifs. Picrel ticks all the boxes even, trans, disabled, autistic, and when I skimmed it the self insert turned out to also be 30 and a Jew named Ezekiel, lusting after the nazi inspired doctor character whom she also turned Jewish. A mad scientist doctor would be into a troon sure but not for the reasons she'd hope.

No. 1654153

i swear this fandom is overwhelmed by tif, it's just wish fulfilment fantasy. "Oh if these macho macho man from the 60s are into/ are a tranny that means i have a chance"- kinda fantasy

No. 1654195

File: 1663848543338.jpeg (60.59 KB, 750x679, D1CC6402-23BE-4E34-931F-C14001…)

The one, singular ftm absolutely dwarfed by multiple ogres. The stupid little bang on her head. Awkwardly pushed to the side, totally alone even in a community of extreme degenerates. Such is the fate of the Aiden, and has been so for exactly a whole century now.

No. 1654202

File: 1663849663315.jpg (406.58 KB, 1080x1295, Screenshot_20220922-151507_Ins…)

Saw this on ig. The delusion is strong

No. 1654246

File: 1663854716409.jpg (517.18 KB, 1080x1960, 96649648684.jpg)

Always a jumpscare when this thing shows up on tiktok

No. 1654264

Kek they WISH they had a strong jawline, browbone, nose bridge and a full beard instead of looking like a potato with bad acne and pubes.

No. 1654281

File: 1663856685238.jpeg (Spoiler Image,36.04 KB, 704x386, Nipples.jpeg)

I actually thought this was a moid for a second before I enlarged the image a saw her face and titty scars. My God who would actually do this to themselves and strive to achieve a characteristically hairy male gunt? Picrel same energy.

No. 1654282


No. 1654283


Fellow Finn

No. 1654316

File: 1663858769620.jpeg (21.99 KB, 612x411, 27738209-C666-45CC-A553-1993B1…)

I broke a friendship with and blocked a long-time internet friend after she announced she was transitioning and going to take testosterone. AITA?
Sage for blogpost.

No. 1654360

kek that you think internet friends are a marker of anything even vaguely important

you'll die the sex you were born.

No. 1654362

You don't owe anyone your time and attention. Trannyism either goes away on their own or get worse, you have no obligation to be there for her dumb decisions. Trust me, someone who is trans is only going to talk about being trans until the novelty wears off, and that can take up to a few years (the so called euphoria). I'm saying that as my own experience when I was troon, even if you were still her friend, you can kiss gooodbye any shared interests you had, it's all about gender feefees now.
Kek do you cry when you get misgendered, sweetheart

No. 1654445

Have fun in your cult.

No. 1654454

god forbid a woman doesn’t want to hang out with females with damaged ideas of gender and sexuality and would most likely be annoying and hound you into using pronouns

No. 1654610

Screenshot this and making some art for it. I hope you have a fucking beautiful day anon.

No. 1654675

what was posted?

No. 1654693

“enjoy having zero friends” or something like that. most likely posted by a tif.

No. 1654774

File: 1663884575891.jpeg (154.43 KB, 1170x525, FE957287-26C1-40B7-B3E0-EA0F1A…)

being female is fucking yourself over apparently

No. 1654811

Only fakeboi I've seen that gives a shit about dead end thus far, it's pretty funny that she's struggling to find praises for it outside of 'there's a fat aiden like me!'

No. 1654834

kek the fuck is up with her voice. I thought this was a mtf, not a FTM.

No. 1654874

Fitting that they uses the red nose tumble art style for this as well, the far one has a full clown nose while the girl has a limp sausage

No. 1654921

The only thing they're developing is melanoma.

No. 1654946

this guide could use a "sexyman's bf" category, in my experience Hajime and Shuichi are even more common skinwalking targets than their antagonists

No. 1654967

You think that's bad, wait till you witness the collective autism of the transformers fandom, unsurprisingly enough there's a high amount of FTMs in the transformers fandom

No. 1654984

Basically a botched reduction, also the "doctor" must do it much better.

No. 1654996

Standing in line at McDonald’s. Talking to female ( male name on name tag ) cashier. Can’t be over seventeen years old. She tells me she likes my t shirt. Then she asks my pronouns since she didn’t want to offend me after giving me a compliment. “I just want to make sure I don’t misgender you when I tell my friend later about your shirt!!!” Bitch just give me my fucking big mac and forget this ever happened.

No. 1655135

File: 1663912159851.jpg (209.1 KB, 1122x1556, FRb3MxcWQAEuZtc.jpg)

No. 1655166

that trash Instagram account is run by two males, if it weren't obvious

No. 1655190

File: 1663916666667.jpeg (86.66 KB, 749x732, 8F802B2E-5B8F-4501-876B-EF71EB…)

These Aidens wouldn’t even exist if Buck Angel didn’t. One of the few troons who speaks some sense and has dealt with far more than these self-hating women have (based on society’s “progress.”) Maybe it took their artificially enlarged testosterone clits to realize they truly aren’t the anime boy of their dreams

No. 1655205

Sounds like you got shaded

No. 1655219

These people think other people genuinely care what a literal stranger calls them behind their back when briefly mentioning them to their friends. They're SO obsessed with themselves, they don't even realize when they ask shit like this they're not being respectful to others and they're just trying to make themselves feel superior. They're afraid of misgendering you because they've been told that's an unforgivable sin and they must feel bad if they do, and to feel good when they use the "right" ones. It's never about how you (most people) feel, you'd feel nothing because you'd never know or give a shit anyway. And no matter how much the majority of people say it's silly and they don't care to partake these people insist you HAVE to or you're an evil bigot.

No. 1655225

I'm not a history expert, but I'm fairly certain she was killed for the whole 'leading an army against the English' thing, rather than it being a horrific act of enbyphobia

No. 1655229

>Standing in line at McDonald’s. Talking to female ( male name on name tag ) cashier. Can’t be over seventeen years old. She tells me she likes my t shirt. Then she asks my pronouns since she didn’t want to offend me after giving me a compliment.

Do you think it would break her retarded zoomer brain if you did act horrendously offended? Like, 'you don't want to offend me after giving me a compliment, but you literally just said that I'm so ugly you can't tell that I'm a woman'.

No. 1655239

Buck definitely doesn't speak sense, she actively encourages children to transition and take puberty blockers, she's just as bad as the rest of them

No. 1655263

When? Vidrel is Buck only 4 months ago speaking negatively about puberty blockers at 6:05 and spending the whole video saying that transing kids is bad and pleading with people to wait it out to adulthood.

No. 1655268

I have so far only been asked my pronouns in a Healthcare setting but I did in fact find it horribly offensive and basically just snarkily said "what do you think/what does it look like" and got kind of a lukewarm response at best. I might try not to bite the head off a 17yo but then again who knows, I really would be intensely put off by that, especially if I am just trying to check out at a store.

No. 1655278

I thought clothes were ~gender neutral~

No. 1655292

Idk, when it's voluntary I'd be wary but it must be so awkward and humiliating for people to have to ask for pronouns because it's a rule for their job, and they'll be snarked at by half the people they ask. It's also a mask-off move to be snarly about it and that could backfire.

No. 1655297

ayrt I live in a conservative part of the US so luckily I don't have to deal with this cancer IRL, it sounds so bad from anecdotes I hear online from liberal areas. On the other hand a new "youth center" opened up recently that is festooned with tranny flags and such. I honestly wanted to rip them down but even here that might get me charged with a hate crime or something and worse give the troons more victim status so I refrained. It's the even uglier troon flag with the triangle bit too.

No. 1655374

It really is unsurprising, after all thr TF fandom is a fujo paradise.

No. 1655397

her parents must weep with regret

No. 1655440

Buck definitely isn't the beacon of common sense because she's an incredibly traumatized woman who "coped" in the most violent, terrible way possible, the only difference is a) she didn't took the queer academia koolaid (because it didn't exist back them) b) doesn't try to hide the fact that she's an extremely traumatized woman, and that's mostly related to point a.
I don't have anything against extreme GNC people/people who want extreme body modifications, like Blaire or Buck, but please don't call them "one of the good ones" because they aren't. They know that the troon community is a cesspool of faliedhumans and deny biological sex is retarded as hell, true.
But they "stay" in the trans community for the sake of monetary gain and clout, even if it's about talking shit about them. They profit of the victims of psychotic groomers all the same than TRAS do. Listen i know being GNC is hard and probably is the only thing they can do to work now but never forget that puting an end to gender ideology isn't on their best interest, because if troonacy ends so does they gift. They need trooned out kids as much as pedotroons do. Trannies and their ouroboros relationship with each other is not only not our business, is useless for anything that isn't a mid kek.

No. 1655625

Mental gymnastics

No. 1655638

So …. they're compared themselves with an schyzo?? lmao.

No. 1655714

Obviously that was the real reason she was killed. The English wanted to humiliate Charles VII, but one of the charges in Joan’s trial was wearing men’s clothes. It was argued that a woman wearing men’s clothes was blasphemy. And as a minor aside, her captors shaved her head before she was burned at the stake, so I don’t think they cared about her hair.

Importantly, Joan never claimed to be anything but a woman. Before her calling she wore woman’s clothing and she claimed after her mission was completed she would go back to women’s clothing.

No. 1655731

Pretty sure she wore women's clothing on her off days too

No. 1655861

speaking as a former tf fujo, i only see mtfs in the fandom now. mtmte went downhill when they introduced the “transbian-coded” couple kek

No. 1655919

I bet the tifs it attracts haven't played the game because the characters say stuff like you fight like a woman, did I hit you in the ovary, which would trigger them immediately

No. 1655943

This is a joke format based off of monsters university– basically "I don't remember this being a part of the expected university experience [as portrayed by monsters university]"

No. 1655964

File: 1663980751151.png (1.54 MB, 1180x765, pinkpilled comic ngl.PNG)

Sage for TF sperging
Opposite is true actually at least for Cybertronians in IDW (who are all male), the majority of their 'race' views women as aliens and hate them because they didn't participate in the autobot/decepticon war.
Basically they're all gay by default, only straight guy is Skids.

No. 1655998

this I believe, girls in TF fandom are still a minority, even if they're the ones drawing the porn kek

sexuality within the robot fandom has been a fixation for years now, not surprised they decided to include "transbian-coded" anything

oh yo that's my boy rattrap, I've never figured out where the heck to start with those comics
>windblade is an alien
ok I guess

sorry I saw TF and got excited

No. 1656040

>black (jamaican)
My fucking god I hate when Americans act like they're from here

No. 1656042

She looks like Artemis from Always Sunny

No. 1656098

>oh yo that's my boy rattrap, I've never figured out where the heck to start with those comics
Start with last stand of the wreckers, death of optimus prime and then just read post war stuff like mtmte to avoid boring garbage. The stuff near the end gets pretty trash with the tranny pandering but the stuff like RID, mtmte and windblade stuff is genuinely great
>windblade is an alien
Well, she is in the sense that her people where on a different planet for millions of years, they did start out on cybertron though. Majority of Autobots/Decepticons just hate anyone who didn't participate in the war and automatically consider them aliens.

No. 1656238

seconding last stand. sage for robot tism

No. 1656308

siding with you nonna.

everybody here forgetting that buck created a porn empire founded on the exploitation of young women. she's the og "man with a pussy" and inventor of ftm porn. some of the women who do porn for her started hrt when they were minors too. buck has been pivotal in spreading troonery since the 90s. older detransitioners (ex "trans gay men") have been vocal about it.


how is taking testosterone to the point of being mistaken for a moid "the exact opposite of gnc" and how is it not extreme body mods? fucking up your body for the aesthetic is the definition of extreme body mods.

No. 1656531

File: 1664042140146.jpg (18.25 KB, 554x89, Untitled.jpg)

ftms on their way to be as feminine-presenting as possible, moreso than even most women

No. 1656542

Is the kikomi chan artist still alive? Does she have any public pages/accounts?

No. 1656548

yes, she posted a new comic recently in the mtf thread.
>Does she have any public pages/accounts?
doubt it, at least none where she posts kikomi. i've seen kikomi profiles but obviously unofficial

No. 1656638

>woman who "coped" in the most violent, terrible way possible
Morbid curiosity got the better of me one day and honestly "violent" is the only way the things I seen could be described. It was gruesome, visceral even. There is nothing quite as sad as a traumatized women who mutilated herself performing the acts she does

No. 1656889

So I’ve been watching exulansic videos and… does every ftm have a cat? Do they know that 20 something males don’t usually have them?

No. 1656904

bless u robonerd anons

No. 1656960

Ayrt, I never called her "one of the good ones". I replied to someone saying Buck promotes trooning kids and giving them puberty blockers, which is objectively untrue.

No. 1657339

I genuinely want to like Buck for coming around to having pretty based takes on trannies, but I still can't with the porn and degenerate shit in general. Naming yourself "the man with a pussy" and selling butt plugs and such. Gorl…

No. 1657434

File: 1664116888256.jpg (808.72 KB, 3277x4096, timn.jpg)

The_Cytherean on twitter, what do you think. Is it a TIF or not?

No. 1657436

File: 1664116964650.jpg (1.03 MB, 2212x3094, tiff.jpg)

another pic

No. 1657449

Very feminine facial structure, spotted the keyhole incision scar

No. 1657480

Those are simply not the eyes of a man.

No. 1657528

The face structure is very female, especially around the eyes. Her face is literally a woman with strong features, but still clearly a woman. It looks so bad with the photoshopped "male" body.

No. 1657563

the voice is pretty deep tho: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1596664254

the person also has a receding hairlin, pretty big head, but the lack of adam's apple bothers me. With this one, I'm torn.

No. 1657633

File: 1664130314494.jpeg (170.85 KB, 828x1030, 3B065880-C627-48A2-AF7B-03CDE4…)

What are the kweer rights they’re even fighting for

No. 1657643

unironically though what are the 'queer' rights? as a lesbian i'd like to be able to marry my partner and not get beat up by people on the bus. what do straight tifs want? women can already wear pants

No. 1657648

The beard in some of the photos looks like the kind which is automatically added by some app features. All the posing while shirtless and showing hips is at such an angle that it would minimize female looking hips.

No. 1657651

i looked for their shirtless photos to see where their belly button is and it seems to be where a male's would be. but i think i see the keyhole surgery scars as well. i'm not sure.

No. 1657665

File: 1664132735620.png (603.79 KB, 615x854, tiffie.png)

I'm going to say male, even though it's a little suspicious his online activity on instagram starts around 2019 which is very typical to tumblr sexyman troons who start pretending to be (biological) males, like gehe and knitemaya did.

No. 1657678

Testosteron can do all that if it's taken very early. Some tifs have pretty deep voices. In the pictures beard and pecs look fake and airbrushed, the face is more feminine than any feminine man I've ever seen and not that big imo. >>1657665 just looks like a tall woman who works out to me, but I could be wrong.

No. 1657684


look at the leg hair. it's very male pattern.

No. 1657706

no hips and wide shoulders tho

No. 1657740

I guess it could be a male but idk. It's a very odd-looking male if that's the case.

No. 1657746

Men's nipples are further apart, if a man's arms are that size they will have a wider torso, it's belted exactly where women have a waist and men do not, and that face seems unmistakably female with some light shoop, reminds me of that one on /pt
The spot in the middle where they have a soft belly despite otherwise being mildly muscular is a tell, muscular men will always have a taut area there
Testosterone is very effective at increasing hair growth and speed on women

No. 1657830

>extremely feminine face/eye region
>male looking right hand
>male belly button placement
either weirdly femfaced moid or shooped to hell and back and back again

No. 1657924

besides the first one the 2 other photos on here look like they've purposefully been taken at angles to minimize the size of the hips

No. 1657989

File: 1664153456963.webm (5.18 MB, 368x656, tumblr_qxd61fEaH91yjn6sw.webm)

Am I understanding this right? did she have sex with someone who thought she was a man?

No. 1658008

> TiF stealths a woman
> stealthing victim gets pregnant
> insists the TiF is the "father"
ngl that's kinda funny … sounds more like a joke

No. 1658034

what about the v-line? can women have those?

No. 1658053

Any picture's showing the crotch @ all?
(Can't believe I just said that.)
I just can't really make out what's happening there. That might settle it. & if there aren't that's a little sus.

No. 1658079

Inspecting genitals? Wtf.

No. 1658094


Women do have v line, like Pink for example. Yeah I literally cannot tell whether this person is a man or a woman, it’s been awhile since I’ve been stumped, kinda impressed at the level of genderfuck going on here ngl

No. 1658129

Just a candid unedited photo would be enough, or one beside an actual male. Even if tifs tend to pass better than tims, troons cannot and will not pass except in their carefully crafted and altered reality.

No. 1658275

Weirdly small and unnatural-looking nipples, red lines under the pecs (might be from clothes, might be shooped out top scars), chest hair that just looks off, extremely hairy thighs, soft neck, looks female to me.

No. 1658289

File: 1664193310130.jpg (196.3 KB, 720x1238, FdhMAyXXgAEXLxU.jpg)

Cope harder, real gay men will never have sex with you and thats completely fair

Also note this person is both trans, has the word "bussy" in their username and a furry profile pic, the boss of chronically online

No. 1658310

Pure homophobia to insist the definition of gay men includes women who say they are men. do fucking better kek

No. 1658316

I doubt this is more than a "this totally happened"-story, it's really not possible for a tif to stealth unless the girl was a drunk/high af ultra virgin who had never seen a dick ever before

No. 1658324

Oh my god someone else noticed her too? She has such a high, squeaky voice that she desperately tries to lower in pitch. Just watch her earlier videos and her voice is so much more high, now she's forcing it as low as she can which sounds silly AF.
Also I could just feel the tism coming from her. Her fakeboi OC too. I knew so many weird girls like her in highschool.

I wish there could just be normal women into games I like. They all get pressured to troon out. I know she hangs out with TIMs and gay degen furries on discord because she showcases them on some of her videos and they just screech like rabid moids. She needs to surround herself with better friends.

No. 1658342

where's that pic of the tranny furry with a sign saying "you cannot debate our existence away" and then someone on twitter replying "we still won't fuck you tho"

No. 1658381

You have got to be kidding me

No. 1658421

Every now and again some women gets convicted of rape for stealthing, but I think in each of those situations the woman knew but was in denial and just desperately hoping it wasn't true.

Woman who pretended she was a man during sex with a friend has been found guilty of sexual assault in retrial
Gayle Newland tricked her friend for two years using bandages, blindfolds, prosthetic penises and a woolly hat.

No. 1658496

File: 1664209278451.jpg (491.62 KB, 1080x1917, 533575373573735.jpg)

Nothing about you says man maybe besides the poor hygiene

No. 1658517

Well yeah kek, no one actually sees you as a man because you aren't one. They see you as a girl/woman who wants to be a man so out of courtesy, love, fear or even just to ride the high of moral superiority they will refer to you as if you were one. When you're trans you're like a priest; they all go to you to swear they read every prayer, they believe every word of gospel and they would never ever sin! But they all do sin, and they all know they do, they just pretend to be good little believers so maybe you won't tell them they'll end up in hell.

No. 1658532

Looks like a TiF I went to class with. Her hair was always greasy and she literally smelled like shit. Gave her the stink eye after she asked me for my pronouns and never talked to me again kek.

No. 1658622

>We just want to pee and to be left alone!
>(5 seconds later)
>And also we demand full control over the way that you perceive reality

No. 1658628

Let me guess she has decided she has new pronouns a week ago and now expects everyone to follow them with no error

No. 1658646

File: 1664215614224.jpg (14.62 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

>iVe BeEn EveRy LeTtEr oF tHe lGbT acRoNyM
pure retardation. I would hate to be in the same room with either of them.

glaringly obvious that people like this were never told 'no' as a child. Everything is always 'how dare you not do that! I WANT IT!'.

No. 1658762

not the clap back you thought it was nona

No. 1658791

File: 1664225426685.jpg (1.05 MB, 2731x4096, The_Cytherean.jpg)

Looks like a woman's hairline to me, and that's definitely a photoshopped top scar.

No. 1658908

The only praises I've ever heard from the TIFs when they actually talk about this show revolves around "omg the representation! He is fat and trans and gay like me!" so that checks out.
Note that none of them actually fixate on this show like they do with other series… and they project onto the actual good characters to make them gay, fat and trans "just like me uwu" anyway, completely ignoring the WONDERFUL REPRESENTATION that this show allegedly brings, lol.

No. 1658927

the shoulders look way smaller here than here: >>1657436
so weird. there's definitely men who look extremely feminine, but women are better at being androgynous like this

No. 1658932

File: 1664235520954.jpg (448.02 KB, 1079x1181, everywoman.jpg)

No. 1658967

File: 1664237109342.jpg (76.43 KB, 1027x1288, PSX_20220926_170339.jpg)

Not milk but I finally figured out who Ellen reminded me of

No. 1659010

yeah the entire chest area has this blurry softness to it that the rest doesn't

No. 1659011

Ding ding ding

No. 1659012

File: 1664240014263.jpg (56.71 KB, 300x300, 14365467-2595596276.jpg)

No. 1659014

Either a male with a clear-as-day hormonal disorder or a tif who knows her photoshop, makeup and airbrushes. The second is the more plausible.

No. 1659025

What does this mean anon

No. 1659028

their foreheads reminded me of each other

No. 1659076

Just dropping in to share the afterthought of how I feel like I’m always watching the umbrella brigade treat transmascs like absolute shit, constantly make fun of them and their bodies, and never shut up about vaginas and how offended they are by them and then they wonder why transmascs stick with lesbians and eachother because they’re the only people who don’t treat them like that.

No. 1659077

Actually I think it’s very plausible to just photoshop and smooth your face than do actual pixel surgery on your entire body, everyone is thinking entirely too hard

No. 1659182

What you see in the photos is mostly their face, it's the only thing you get to see candid in streams. They don't behave like a man secure in his femininity, but like a woman with dysphoria, remember Ambrose?

No. 1659194

Anyone who's looking at this and doubting it's a female has never seen a man naked before irl (not a dig, if you're young or gay it's easy not to know the difference, but these are not male proportions)

No. 1659205

the alphabet soup community hates women regardless of ~gender identity~ that is very true

No. 1659219

Right, just look at her facial structure in this photo. That's unmistakably female, enough that I bet she gets clocked in public. How is this a debate?

No. 1659245

when was it ellen trooned out? i think the average troon time for women is 3-4 years before they detrans again

No. 1659253

Didn't know it was this bad. It' depressing to think she'll probably go on T if she hasn't already. She does show traits of T voice mixed with shitty voice training.
I never interacted with the Splatoon fandom but hearing her friends are either degen furries or degen timmies is unsurprising seeing as apparently the fandom has a problem with groomers.
She is an adult now (21) but that implies she was just a teen when Splatoon 1 and 2 came out, so God knows what kind of ilk she met and got groomed by.

The plaza in Splatoon 3 is also extremely cringe with how much of fakeboi central it is. It's full of male characters with female haircuts and names like Jayden constantly posting about how they kiss men and how gay they are, some of the most female behavior out there.
It's embarrassing and kind of pitiful how they use the game to live out their fakeboi life instead of just making a cool or cute character (male or female) and let it be the end of that.

No. 1659261

I fucking wish men looked this nice. That's a woman lol

No. 1659294

File: 1664275047174.jpg (184.42 KB, 912x1415, 20220927_123508.jpg)

Maybe because those guys are gay?

No. 1659301

I can understand that attitude from your typical 15 year old fujo but those are 30 years old grow ass women.

No. 1659327

This just in: gay men go to clubs to fuck and suck

No. 1659329

The homophobia… I swear these people are beyond retarded to think this way.

No. 1659330

Adding that the whole reason they go to gay clubs is because they want positive attention and camaraderie which is stupid because the space has always been used to touch all over eachother and take loads in the bathrooms or on the dance floor when applicable. Of course they don’t understand why you are there. You are not owed their sexual attention, why would you think they’d be treating you like their good Judy when they douched, polished their harness, and put chapstick on their hole specifically to search for tops. It’s funny to complain about “cis hetero gal bachelorette parties” when you’re essentially treating them the same way and expecting the same from them.

No. 1659331

Kek, anon, this is the main reason I think it's a woman too. Like when was the last time you saw a good looking man.
This is a common theme with trans and other people who go on about representation. When there is media that canonically represents them, sometimes even with well created characters and plots, you hear little to nothing about it, meanwhile you'll have people imposing their headcanons that some anime character is actually a fat black trans gay man who is into pastel goth. If you truly want to appeal to tifs just make an animesque show with conventional bishies and only a couple of background female characters who aren't love interests.

No. 1659337

They self-insert because they really want to feel valued and like they have a place regardless of being fat +trans, etc. and I think growing up from like toddler-age watching media that mostly tells you as a woman you are only valuable for your looks and finding ~Prince Charming~ isn’t something easy to shake off, so they still carry this need to be accepted and desirable with them, searching for it anything for comfort I guess. I mostly ignore “so and so is trans” because it’s often trolling for one but also because I feel like I’m punching down or something. I think it’s a problem in general where people have to say every single basic trait known to man makes someone gay or trans, that’s becoming an epidemic in itself.

No. 1659349

Homophobia aside, why are these grown women sperging at the fact that attractive people don’t like them? I thought this was a moid incel thing. Growing up a mid ugly female I have never once expected positive attention from hunks or cried when I didn’t get it. Why does she feel she’s owed it now?

No. 1659386

>a "she/they" complaining about gay men being annoyed by her presence in a literal gay bar
what the fuck is happening

No. 1659389

I know nothing about this person but I think when people on either side of the spectrum think they are owed sexual or physical attention it’s because they have an idea of transitioning in their head where all their problems will go away and they will be desired and popular or something, and rather than working toward being more physically attractive or finding spaces where they are considered ‘desired’ they’d rather attempt to live out the delusions in their head. Or altogether they have no idea how reality works and genuinely believe they’re owed and entitled to be the center of attention or the main character at a gay bar… exactly like the cis hetero wite wiminz they’re condemning.

No. 1659390

When peddled radical acceptance online doesn’t translate to reality

No. 1659413

dworkin can save her

No. 1659421

well damn i would hardly thought she's a tif (without the tranny symbol on her chestofc), i cant see any mastectomies scars and her voice kinda reminds me of a normal faggot

No. 1659488

I don’t care about any of this but I can just tell they’re a Buck Tick fan

No. 1659502

File: 1664290229433.jpg (634.98 KB, 1080x1705, 1645267901844.jpg)

TIFs literally can't be more female if they tried, no TIM or male pretending to be a girl online could type this

No. 1659512

the whole post but especially
>Society tells us that we're only supposed to be one way
… so close. she is SO CLOSE.

No. 1659520

File: 1664291418343.jpeg (201.59 KB, 1170x668, 94AB5878-FA92-4895-8533-37FD3D…)

Padded bras are retarded but at least they don’t cause irreversible rib damage

No. 1659523

File: 1664291565000.jpeg (112.49 KB, 634x572, D22E2192-E6C6-4956-A728-FFF365…)

A 74 year old gay rights activist was attacked at a pride parade in Vermont.
>>'So, I went to Pride to protest their misogyny, homophobia, exclusionary policies and divisiveness. I was met by screaming, multiple assaults, ageist comments, shoving, slaps to the back of my head, pouring coffee on me and repeated attempts to steal my signs.
>>'Being unsuccessful in their attempts to disrupt my protest and drive me away, the mob pushed me to the ground as the parade ended, further injuring me.'

No. 1659524

ew at this male tranny talking about 14 year old girls' breasts

No. 1659526

the more accurate equivalent would be a sports bra and i don't think anyone is actually against those

No. 1659539

Of course they did this to an old man, because they wouldn't even dare approach a younger, healthier adult man. We need more gay guys to protest against this trans shit.

No. 1659551

Gays Against Groomers does some great work

No. 1659554

the ageism and violence comes as no surprise

No. 1659559

they do try to approach them but they find out that hormones (either one) haven't given them super powers and they get btfo

No. 1659590

this makes me want to cry. an elderly man bullied by a bunch of fucking twitter users.

No. 1659593

Kind of burying the lede here nonna, this isn't just any gay rights activist, this is Fred fucking Sargeant. He literally organized the first USA pride march in the 60s.

No. 1659617

File: 1664298502146.jpeg (539.11 KB, 1277x1773, 4E5F9CC6-D9FA-42A6-AE91-5D4C22…)

You’re right anon. The more I read about him the more I couldn’t believe they would do this to him. How can they be this gross and ungrateful?

No. 1659638

TRA men always look like pasty thumbs with beards stuck on

No. 1659642

Because they're all predarors

No. 1659654

Same kek, if only real men actually looked like bishonen instead of never washing themselves and growing beer guts.

No. 1659753

File: 1664304791068.jpg (29.54 KB, 400x400, bTH14-TL_400x400.jpg)

she looks exactly what'd you expect her look like

No. 1659756

Fucking depressing. Imagine dedicating most of your life for advocating for gay rights only to be attacked by a bunch of spicy straight college students fifty years down the line. Ungrateful little twats.

No. 1659759

File: 1664305218552.jpeg (281.11 KB, 1315x789, BA914975-3DF7-4944-9FDF-11ED18…)

No. 1659815

Because for them their only true hero is that black transvestite man who they mistakenly call trans woman.
I don't know why I'm surprised to see someone like him with a message like that, I wonder what made him say "enough"?

No. 1659816

File: 1664307417818.webm (1.27 MB, 360x640, aih82m.webm)

I swear its like these people think that life is like a 2D anime world, where a simple change in clothing and a haircut can just completely negate clearly noticeable natural sexual characteristics and features

No. 1659826

B.b..but I put on a baggy shirt and cut my hair kiind of short! What do you mean I'm not obviously a boy now. Women never do any of these things!

No. 1659843

Respect Stonewall riot veterans! (but only the Black Trans Women™ who threw a brick at the end, not the evil cis gay terf™ who was there from the beginning and continues to fight for gay rights whilst weak and nearing the end of his life, putting his safety on the line).

No. 1659933

So they uglify normal characters for muh inclusion, but don't wanna touch actual ugly characters, guess it hits too close to home when they aren't the ones controlling it kek

No. 1659967

Because of course. Also since her bf realised he's a fag while being with her, wonder if her failed attempt at being a "man" was the thing that made him realise he only wants males

No. 1659986

Yet these bitches will claim that clothes don't have gender. How can anyone be so stupid and hypocritical

No. 1660018

the outfit says lesbian to me. like ugly jeans aside it’s kind of a cute outfit.

No. 1660038

they really don't get it do they. everything these people do is so feminine, from the urban outfitters room decoration to the shitty purple hair dye to the outfit that might have been considered masculine 40 years ago to the animu slit in the eyebrow to the simple fact that she's making a fucking tiktok throwing a tantrum about being misgendered. oh and of course it's incredibly obvious that she's got XX chromosomes. not that what someone does or wears makes their gender, but still, it's incredible how badly they want to be perceived as the opposite sex yet somehow don't realize that they have no clue how men actually are. and it makes sense, only girls who are clueless about the male psyche think that they could become one, or even be perceived as one while acting like THAT. kek

No. 1660053

That happened to me in reverse. Dating a "transwoman" made me realize I could never be with a male no matter how feminine they acted. Biology is hard to ignore.

No. 1660060

Once, in my handmaiden days, I went on a date with a transbian from Her. I actually assumed he was just a masculine-looking woman, since the app gives you the option to identify as a transwoman and he didn't. I seriously didn't think someone would lie about that, kek.

It was abysmal. He was seriously a towering giant, built like a linebacker. Super awkward for me to sit there and listen to his vocal fry and look at his pudgy man face and wonder "why am I not enjoying this? I'm on a date with a woman, right?" Weirdly felt like I was in a hostage situation, I just smiled and nodded to everything and then ghosted him. The beginning of a fast and violent peaking.

No. 1660134

File: 1664325203135.jpeg (158.14 KB, 750x745, EA6CEB4F-82DE-4D2B-A057-154172…)

An non-binary identified Latinx lesbian who has been claiming to be intersex for years got backlash from GC intersex people for spreading misinformation about intersex conditions.

No. 1660136

File: 1664325260464.jpeg (198.06 KB, 750x953, 191DFB87-C67A-4AFF-AD44-BCD54A…)

No. 1660188

literally everything men dont dress like that and neither have a super girly bedroom with plants decor

No. 1660207

Dressing like a preppy boy from the mid 20th century and the fake vine chains certainly don't help.

No. 1660212

That is unironically autistic as fuck. It's basically indistinguishable from Chris Chan's early videos where he screeches about trolls.

No. 1660234

i hate when i see a cute tomboy troon

No. 1660265

Holy kek I thought you must be exaggerating before I watched but nope, that's CWC level autism right there

No. 1660307

mfw you find out gay men are just Men and not cute yaoi anime boys. Gym bro is literally the prevailing gay guy stereotype, secondary is twink/effeminate/arty and thirdly the guys who look straight but have several boyfriends. Imagine hopping online to complain a gay club was full of checks notes gay men

No. 1660327

I used to dress like this when i was younger, and as far i know I'm a boring cishet lmao

No. 1660339

>>1660327 sage ffs

No. 1660509

She is literally screaming woman lol

No. 1660514

This did the rounds on radtwt a while back. Being a man is just dressing like shit apparently

No. 1660539

File: 1664361647805.jpg (1.35 MB, 2993x2867, nonbinary babes.jpg)

i'm in a nonbinary fb group (don't come at me nonnas, i just laugh at fellow autists) and the fakebois in there just love calling literally everything euphoric. the most mundane experiences. everyday fucking life.
so i made a quick compilation of gender euphoric moments such as
>getting a tattoo
>getting your IUD replaced

also would like to point out
>29yo NB
>they/them pronouns
>(Legal sex: F)
mogged by the medical system

(setting aside that i don't get why it says "legal sex" anyway as that can be changed now… shouldn't it just be biological sex? but whatevs)

No. 1660544

I love the bottom right corner, being a little lad who loves berries and cream I'd euphoric

No. 1660548

She would actually be cute if she didn't dress like that and scream pretentious art student

No. 1660563

Kek exactly!

No. 1660586

File: 1664366813797.png (165.52 KB, 1317x511, 269709567826 11974251PHUJKM.pn…)

Jesus Christ her poor sister, being brainwashed and forced to refer to her older sibling as something she's not. It's even worse that the fakeboi is apparently 14, could you imagine being a parent and finding out your literal child wants to bind their chest, take dangerous drugs and skin their arm for a fake useless dick? I feel sorry for her whole family

No. 1660625

File: 1664370446019.gif (478.36 KB, 280x220, ee4.gif)

No. 1660685

So yeah stop misgendering me NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW! Curse the trolls, peace to everybody else.

No. 1660709

Is that a cock ring? Wtf do you even do with a meat hunk thicker than your wrist? Warm someone up for a baby delivery?

No. 1660710


No. 1660744

Reminds me of when people are born with parts of their unborn twin attached to them

No. 1660773

File: 1664382157785.jpeg (168.84 KB, 1088x1384, F01FF4C6-3455-4CBC-9921-4394B6…)


No. 1660780

I guess this is the answer to "what if there was a tongue like appendage that hung from the pubic mons"

No. 1660837

Does anyone remember that ftm from Germany or Sweden who dressed like Jeffrey Dahmer? And murdered her boyfriend’s father unfortunately.

No. 1660888

No. 1660889

So this is how Patric star's dick would look like.

No. 1660904

How the fuck are these people going to feel when their future employers see this? Scratch that, how are they going to feel when they DO realize it's just a phase and now have to live with their face, online, confidently declaring that they're the opposite gender (and will be forever)? It's so embarrassing. I think de-transitioning after keeping an online presence like that is one of the most humiliating rites a person can go through. Of course, nobody talks about that.

No. 1660931

There are a couple women in the detrans thread talking about still having their legal documents full of gendie nonsense. My sympathy is minimal, because most gendies suicide bait like it's their job, and now they have to live with the consequences

No. 1660969

i love reading the replies to these trainwreck srs without looking at the pics kek

No. 1661211

File: 1664408228292.jpeg (255.55 KB, 1402x1535, 8F3834BF-95A0-4788-8E1F-F45F58…)

Chopping your tits off is already insane, imagine willing to spend 10k for it.

No. 1661231

What …

No. 1661294

Their language is always so weirdly cult-like. It has to be muh euphoria = muh gender for everything instead of feeling happy or excited. Are you the same Facebook anon as the one in the spicy kweer thread btw? If yes please share what groups you find these in, I lurk in a few like the "bi fashion" group and the shit I see in there always makes me kek sorry for the autism but your posts are some of my favourite

No. 1661354

File: 1664415597123.jpg (212.9 KB, 1486x836, lolatu.jpg)

Reap the whirlwind of debt, you stupid bitch

No. 1661521

imagine talking abt them being cult like for having a shared vicab when you talk like you're part of a hivemind

"muh" "spicy kweer" "kek"

maybe try having some self awareness before you take on the task of criticizing cultists, channer.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1661556

ntayrt but having a shared meme language mostly for comedic effect is a bit different and far less insidious than developing a habit of primarily expressing emotion through gender-related language. Co-opting language to fuck with the way people experience the world is a classic cult tactic, and it's being enforced by many powerful institutions. Chanspeak is much more organic in comparison, and isn't representative of a wider agenda.

No. 1661570

File: 1664434063629.jpg (148.15 KB, 440x781, Screenshot (33).jpg)

i was trying to find a specific cosplay vid to watch out of nostalgia then i bumped into her channel… don't get why she calls herself a himbo when she identify as nonbinary. but i guess fakebois clings into the himbo trope because it's less sexualized and degrading than the bimbo trope which tims are obsessed with.

but still, himbos are literally men, thembies should come up with their own version of the himbo/bimbo trope.

No. 1661572

File: 1664434203811.png (680.74 KB, 1440x488, duskaaldrigblienkille.png)

Leonard Höglind, what about her? She and her bf (picrel on the left) are gonna spend a while in jail. Didn't she switch back to female or at least go to female prison? Fucking kek if she did.

No. 1661578

Eh, if they change their name and appearance and do a full social media detox to become a normie it won't probably affect them much. In my experience most employers don't give a fuck about decade old posts someone made as a teenager under a different name.

No. 1661588

File: 1664435309242.jpg (1.47 MB, 3029x3264, collage.jpg)

tifs and tims in fandoms always takes the fun out of liking or crushing over fictional characters. and makes it about them instead of the characters they're into. and i hate that they're responsible for reviving kins or just a diluted version of otherkins called kins or kinnies as if to say that character is like them to the extent of being them or the character is the ideal version of themselves. i don't see it as often these days but i avoid any content catering to kinnies or kins.

No. 1661643


do you even lift sis?

No. 1661663

>If yes please share what groups you find these in, I lurk in a few like the "bi fashion" group and the shit I see in there always makes me kek
it is i indeed lmao, glad my autistic collages are being appreciated, i'm also in the bi fashion group, the nonbinary one is called nonbinary social space

best thing about the nonbinary group is that you have to agree that you won't use "NB" for nonbinary because apparently that means "non black" in woke speak which was complete news to me

No. 1661665

Please don't use latinx.

No. 1661693

Nayrt but this is how she identified so that’s why anon put “identified Latinx” knowing full well a normal latino would not use that word

No. 1661708

she won’t be in any debt anon, twitter is going to crowdfund all of it

No. 1661916

It's a cope like how some closet lesbians/gays try to come up with excuses why they're attracted to same sex. Fakeboys are just ashamed to admit they're straight because it's boring and basic. "Gender envy" is literally just crushing on a boy.

No. 1662034

it's very typical autist behavior to think you ARE the things you like so it's not surprising

No. 1662040

This way they can have crushes on boys and not only avoid the label of "boring straight person" (zoomers LOVE labels more than anything else, they don't know how to live without them) but it also means she's not actually an easy slutty whore who crushes on every guy she sees - it's totally just gender envy, phew

No. 1662052

Do they not realize how deeply sick it is that they're happy and celebrating rigid and harmful gender roles? "Only men fish! so fishing makes me feel like a man! and not a female!! because a female doesn't fish!! females only like barbies and pink, unlike me!!!" they're actively harming all girls jut by posting about it

No. 1662054

File: 1664479324350.jpeg (267.29 KB, 1284x1003, F4F2A0ED-23E5-4F39-BCFE-11C4C1…)

It’s not trendy guiseee

No. 1662122

Cut it out used to be a slogan for self harm prevention iirc now it's being used to promote self harm kek

No. 1662206

Some normie chick should buy this thinking it’s some alt fashion shit kek

No. 1662211

File: 1664488692133.jpeg (802.35 KB, 2375x2021, C3B12533-185F-4D9E-8044-888D9B…)

Sorry for the shitty manip I’m on mobile.
Who wants to bet this woman has never spoken to a gay man IRL

No. 1662225

She's either talking to TIFs larping as gay men or straight men pretending to be gay to catch a retarded TIF.
>I find myself uninterested in what straight men have to offer
Said no gay man ever

No. 1662245

Also, no one uses chanspeak to express their worldview. At most, i've put a "kek" here and there while blogposting in /OT/. Those people judge their whole life in the basis of gender dysphoria and euphoria and you can tell that it shapes their daily life.

No. 1662273

she definitely goes on aggressive gender screeds constantly and the people around her have learned to smile and nod
>"I don't really consider [sex with transgender people] like that. There's something different about the way a trans man wants it than the way a woman wants it."
this is the only one explicitly referring to TIFs and not even this guy can bring himself to equate them to men

No. 1662282

Most of these quotes can just be attributed to "cis" gay men talking about OTHER "cis" gay men, and the single one that mentions trannies only mentions them to compare them to women. This aiden's wishful thinking that they totally wanna fuck her because she's not an icky straight woman so don't speak over me uwu is just flavouring how she hears what they said. Sad.

No. 1662326

Everything is a worldview, kek.

No. 1662349

kek for real, words have meanings

No. 1662437

File: 1664500872313.png (341.54 KB, 475x356, maybe.png)

I wonder what her job is?

No. 1662440

File: 1664501122552.jpeg (426.69 KB, 1170x1959, AC27D9BA-F740-4A37-9DCF-518E2D…)

Looked up OP out of curiosity and it’s one of those DID schizos kek

No. 1662448

those sound like her dogs anon. nub waggin is referring to a dog with a cropped tail. it's pretty funny really because she has in her bio that she cares about animal welfare but at the same time supports tail docking and ear cropping these things are illegal in several countries on welfare grounds

No. 1662449

It already exists. Thembo.

No. 1662451

Im sorry but this is so funny kek DID schizos being mistaken with dog pedigree names

No. 1662499

>sizes only go up to 4xl
That's not big enough for the sad doughy girls who are the target market

No. 1662525

File: 1664509414408.png (3.09 MB, 750x1334, 76977173-F09D-41B3-96A3-37CB68…)


No. 1662532

Sorry what was your point, the man candy in your image totally distracted me.

No. 1662535

Good heavens I am parched.

No. 1662543

100% female. No single moid wearing a skirt could hope to come close.

No. 1662552

>Policing gay men for being attracted to men
Maybe this space isn’t for you

No. 1662575

File: 1664515176849.png (625.94 KB, 1333x841, 13d29b92ab75918e.png)

is that the pedo thats obssesed with drawing some children's cartoon boy ninja as a FTM? the style feels similar to me

No. 1662579

>noooo why don't gay men like cute anime twinks like i do

No. 1662582

ftms are way more homophobic than the westboro baptist church could ever dream of being I stg

No. 1662583

there are plenty of tifs who are attracted to this kind of men, but it seems cis gays are not allowed the same because its transphobic or something

No. 1662590

If you are a TIF attracted to buff scrotes you can NLOG how you're totally a real gay man and not the result of fujo attracted to yaoi to TIF pipeline, but if you're an actual gay man not attracted to TIF blobs or TIF """twinks""" you're obviously transphobic

No. 1662595

>tweet from a suspended account January 2021

No. 1662616

I've never seen as much openly vile homophobia spread as I have from the trans community

No. 1662621

bump to overtake cp

No. 1662624

Honestly I think the internet can handle a few teenagers whining about cis gay men and their insecure self-objectifying standards. They can know what it feels like for women for once.

No. 1662666

I doubt that what they feel is anything like what women feel, they wouldn't feel oppressed, rather that they came across a massive retarded. Homophobic? Sure, but harmless.

No. 1662674

They aren’t oppressed no but I’m sure that’s how they want to feel

No. 1662677

Damn, let the gays have shit taste in peace and quiet and fuck off.

No. 1662913

kek. the mtf has almost this exact post. tim isn’t attracted to lesbians cause they’re not girly. gays not attracted to tifs cause they’re too girly (read; women) you couldn’t write it.

No. 1663034

while i don't particularly care about gay moid's feelings it sucks how they constantly shit on lesbians and literally beat up one of the gay men who started pride

No. 1663261

I'm sorry, aren't these the same women in LTRs with Straight-Soy McRedditor and his wispy neckbeard just because he remembers to use he/they for them?

No. 1663373

File: 1664599400396.jpg (5.73 MB, 5391x4059, gawki.jpg)

Saw this on my dash today. Artist is Gawki, a they/them who ripped the fuck off of Feverworm's (now Gremuir) art style back in the day but became massively more popular than her, leading to Feverworm being frequently accused of ripping off of Gawki.

Sage for nearly 10 yr old milk lmao

No. 1663374

File: 1664599497737.jpg (1.04 MB, 1780x1423, she doesnt even have top surge…)

on a more trans-related note:
Her response to the t-shirt lashback, art from June where a commenter very clearly glorifies the self-harm aspect, and a picture of her– and she hasn't even gotten top surgery.

No. 1663387

damn ew, gawki is a themmy and a style thief? the feverworm piece in the top left looks exactly like one of gawkis pieces I saw before, i wonder if gawki traced it?

No. 1663400

I feel a piece of me die every time a clearly skilled artist promotes the worst subject matter. I don't know how else to explain, this is deeply saddening.

No. 1663402

>himbo is less sexualized and less degrading
I kind of feel bad for the feminine fakebois. They like being feminine but they hate that for women, it's a damned if you do damned if you don't, but for men, it's a quirky silly costume that doesn't have degrading connotations.

No. 1663497

i dont know, maybe its your small posture and small feminine facial structure and stuf.

No. 1663519

so how long ago lurking these threads made you drop your retarded gender identity

No. 1663533

My bad, I just get unreasonably angry and missed it when I see people use latinx when the majority of Latin-American ask people not to use it.

No. 1663871

File: 1664649508992.jpeg (1.58 MB, 5754x1500, 4AB4028B-ADD8-4580-A407-9E2352…)

Asian guy from Disco Elysium should have been in thread pic

No. 1663882

File: 1664650251891.jpg (552.1 KB, 2750x2026, disco.jpg)

…I'm starting to notice a pattern that the other anons posted about breaking bad. Well written male characters who are still masculine but don't constantly brag about being men are "transmasc energy". You guys were right. It is literally just well written male characters that attract, well, women. Haven't seen any Harry Dubois girls probably because they know they can't become a hairy alcoholic middle aged man with an actual mustache.

No. 1663894

File: 1664650864114.png (425.69 KB, 1280x1664, tumblr_3b3ab1b5a6db8b06cbe3f20…)

Well, you're in for a surprise.

I originally saw a break down of his character design and how he has Mastectomy scars actually! in either here or cc. I found this and plenty more on a google search anyway.

No. 1663895

File: 1664651000960.jpg (221.01 KB, 1217x1217, tumblr_1942275fd5649349555a658…)

They're everywhere.

No. 1663900

File: 1664651154716.jpg (604.55 KB, 1280x2048, tumblr_8a2e8d893a1131bf7e9b999…)

Found it

No. 1663913

sigh. this is peak autism. i can see how tifs headcanon kim as trans (cause heaven forbid a man doesn't present with 100% pure masculine energy) – but harry? i can only imagine they see something of themselves in how pathetic a character he is, honestly.

idk why i thought the fanbase of disco elysium might be a little bit more rational but shows my naivety i guess

No. 1663925

It just takes one fujo to play it and ship the two main male characters before the rest flood in. They never have anything more to say than "queer rep kim gaytrans!!!" even after 30+ hrs of gameplay.

No. 1663955

>…this is me in 10 years.
>been trying to grow mutton chops my whole life… (LMAOOOO)
It has some very good and talented fanartists which I love. But it sucks that this it what happens when a well written male hits the market. I think disco elysium just has less children in the fandom (letting middle schoolers have a say in fandom discourse was a mistake) but that unfortunately doesn't filter out the really autistic troons.
Eh, the fujos just sit off in the corner and draw good artwork for once. It's the ftm troons that sit in the bargain bin and put masectomy scars on the "gender envy" characters. You should be more worried of these bargain bin tenants than anyone else in women-dominant fandoms

No. 1663966

I'm not worried about how any of these women engage with media. It's just an observation. True and honest fujoshis shipped so that fujotroons could trans headcanon and pretending they're completely separate is retarded.

No. 1664092

Young girls used to be obsessed and desperately wanted boob implants to like and feel like themselves. Now they want to chop their tits off and show off their scars for the same reason. Why do us girls always feel like we have to be cut up to be fixed?

No. 1664564

there is a small difference between wanting implants and wanting zippertits, and the difference is that women naturally have tits, even if the beauty standard/sexualization is limited to a very specific shape of tits.
Implants will take you to that beauty standard.

Zippertits? not only show a rejection of that beauty standard, they are a show of rejection of everything boobs are associated with: womanhood, and by association, sexualization and objectification. And because in troon circles you now have this choice, keeping your tits means you're NOT rejecting your relation to womanhood and objectification and sexualization. so your fellow troons get to treat you more like a dirty bimbo cissy, unenlightened, subservient, etc. Because both TIFs and moid troon fucking hate women.

No. 1664567

File: 1664699189478.jpeg (Spoiler Image,355.96 KB, 1500x1500, Penoid-Haare-Harnröhre Kopie.j…)

spoilered because absolute nightmare!!!

i looked up what needle hair removal is and google just decides to throw this pic into my face. at first i unironically didn't know whether this is a part of a moid or a woman, apparently hair is growing inside "her penis"… these surgeons are basically all frankensteins.

No. 1664589

What am I looking at??

No. 1664740


A beaten up raw salami that grew hair as far as I can tell

No. 1664835

I love how none of the people who describe themselves as "thembo" are anywhere near attractive.

No. 1665222

File: 1664760010859.jpeg (87.56 KB, 829x1105, E97A4503-AB9B-421C-95E2-224FFA…)

Kek yes. The dahmer series and the thought of tifs lusting over him again, reminded me of her.

No. 1665240

omg, whats her name?

No. 1665247

she lowkey passes?

No. 1665250

File: 1664762030552.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1021x1745, DCD4A09F-489F-45C8-A755-BF6145…)

Leonard Höglind previously Ruth Höglind.

No. 1665254

As a middle school boy, yeah

No. 1665265

An awkward middle school boy that gets mistaken for a girl.

No. 1665357

It's always funny how much fujos complain about gay male representation being mostly skinny cis white men, but what are most yaoi characters? Yeah.

No. 1665359

tumblr post of gawki admitting to stealing feverworm's style after being called out

No. 1665440

Tbh it's kind of connected the shipping attracts them

No. 1665521

File: 1664793184662.jpeg (383.58 KB, 1220x2048, 67422B96-41BD-4965-BCE6-DF9B3F…)

I always thought most yaoi characters are supposed to be just slightly whitewashed Asian men?

No. 1665531

They are technically not white unless otherwise stated. Which they usually do. but the thing is as a black Fujo you can’t help but notice that both Japan and Korea have an unhealthy obsession with whiteness. Imo they worship whiteness because if you go on any webcomic site and look at the front page 75-90% of main characters are blue eyed blondes. Sometimes both characters are blondes. It’s so fucking bizarre. But I will say I purposely seek out BL with darker haired characters because blonde is not my type. Also this is a complete aside but lately there have been more darker skinned guys in BL but it’s super racially coded because they make the dark character live in a jungle, be a demon, or come from another planet. It’s annoying. There was one that I’m reading with an actual black and Japanese character but of course he plays basketball and is a serial killer on the side. I just want one interracial BL that is a simple office romance but NOO. So now I just purposely seek out 2 black haired characters or at most one of thems gotta have brown hair lol.

No. 1665532

It depends on the genre of BL you read cuz the ones I read they are not skinny or cis and damn sure not white lol

No. 1665534

Aiden detected

No. 1665535

and ofc they're never ever bottoms kek

No. 1665544

OT and nta but fuck that makes me mad. It's impossible to find dark skinned bottoms in yaoi, the guy is often just very tanned with ridiculous tan lines.

No. 1665546

that's actually true nonna ! and kind of inexplicable as japan was never colonized by anglos or other white nations, they have a very strong japanese identity and are really xenophobic. i can't really wrap my mind around it.

No. 1665550

Yeah you’re probably right, I don’t like blonde hair or blue eyes on men either because I’m not really into white men, I always see those guys as the kind of side character. I try to find yaoi with black haired men or men who look more Asian coded because I find them hotter.

I’m a boomer and I have a feeling the yaoi genre has become more whitewashed in recent years because in the past yaoi was heavily overlapped with being a weeb or into kpop. Nowadays it’s become more mainstream and normiefied and you have way more western artists trying their hand at it so they tend to incorruptible more blonde blue eyed characters.

No. 1665551

Incorporate* lol

No. 1665570

kek sorry you can't guilt an entire nation into making your porn more inclusiy

No. 1665571

nta, you're not entirely wrong but honestly it's better not to include them at all than "include" them like this really

No. 1665573

> Also this is a complete aside but lately there have been more darker skinned guys in BL but it’s super racially coded because they make the dark character live in a jungle, be a demon, or come from another planet. It’s annoying.
As a brown fujoshi idgaf as lo'g as they're hot as fuck. Give me more dark skinned yaoi guys.

>and kind of inexplicable as japan was never colonized by anglos or other white nations
It's unrelated to Europe. Most countries all over the planet prefers white skin. Why do you think the lower castes in India have darker skin on average compared to the higher castes? Why do you think Algerians were hurling colorist insults toward Miss Algeria 2019 for not being as pale and (fake) blonde or ginger as a stereotypical Kabyle girl and for having 3A curls even though she's very pretty? It's a more universal problem than you think.

No. 1665592

Sage for OT, A leftsit Japanese podcast(against Japanism) I occasionally listen to talked about this, see even though Japan has never been colonized it has been influenced by western europe for close to 600 years now, thus Japan has more continuous western influence then nations which have been actually colonized but if we were to look for the most direct cause for the over inclusion of blonde characters in anime and manga, The Rose of Versailles(set in revolutionary France) seems to have been thr catalyst of this pheromone and like a meme the trend started being copied my other works to the point that it became a norm

No. 1665603

wrong thread?

No. 1665624

File: 1664806860283.png (262.69 KB, 601x551, 11435.png)


No. 1665627

this is so fucking depressing

No. 1665629

My favorite thing about tifs is that the outline of a binder under clothing is identical to the outline of a sports bra

No. 1665670

So the solution to a girl hating her body isn't therapy but crushing her boobs with a binder? Great job therapist.

No. 1665677

Tifs will try anything except losing weight

No. 1665687

cheaper than a mastectomy, isn't it

No. 1665719

Tifs should all admit they just want to be fat and lazy and not subject themselves to the horrors of testosterone, who would want that? It just makes you hairy, smelly and gross. Unironic insanity nonna.

No. 1665935

It's because historically having a pale skin was a status thing. Pale skin = no tan = not having to work outside = you were rich af

No. 1665949

Yeah, when you look at places like Deli, India where everyone is brown there still a caste system based on whose darker or lighter in skin tone totally based on class differences. Some people don't understand that light skinned preference isn't just an issue of white colonialism, it's rooted in classism throughout.

Similar with "fatphobia", it's not a western beauty standard to be thin, historically fat people are derided because before first world nations made it affordable to be fat it was considered a symbol of being over indulgent and greedy because only the wealthy were fat. Learn some context people!!!

No. 1665990

The binder/flat chest gives the illusion of being skinnier. Pls Aidens get off the internet and hit the gym. You'll get the body you want without destroying yourself. Your ribs will thank you.

No. 1666316

File: 1664857333782.png (58.08 KB, 509x214, 1663349388203.png)

sage for super OT, India is a weird case though, the original inhabitants of the Indian subcontinent(the dravadians) were naturally pure jet black skinned, they couldn't be pale if they tried but then then became the Arayn Invasions happed(these Indo-European Aryans weren't blonde haired blue eyed nords the way Hitler and the Nazis envisioned. but they were much lighter skinned and hairy but they were a completely different racial group then the Dravidians) and after killing the men and raping the women en-masse, the Dravidians the native inhabitants that created the civilization on par with Sumeria were reduced to a permanent helot class, of course inter-mixing still happened and likely wasn't consensual on the women's part and so various forms of caste system were created, with the lighter skinned and bereded Aryans at the top among the warrior and priest caste and everyone else below them,
and this story didn't stop with the Aryans, the Turks, Persians and finally the British all conquered parts of India at various periods, the "Caucasoid" worship in engrained in every aspect of our civilization

No. 1666762

File: 1664904436547.png (898.81 KB, 1080x2827, Screenshot_20221004-101843.png)

>"I am a male with a high pitched voice that sounds like a girl"
>Posts on tranny subreddits

Hate to break it to you sis–you are female and you get harassed like a female in a female hating world and no amount of aiden cope can fix that

No. 1666778

File: 1664905225870.jpeg (546.05 KB, 1536x2048, 2C3FBE27-DF18-42FA-A7BA-3D4C90…)

>trans print pad bag

No. 1666798

love how she has to name every brand. every troon is a consoomer

No. 1666812

The drawing is cute aside from the troon shit

No. 1666886

File: 1664912305935.jpg (622.16 KB, 1079x1419, 2ndhandeuphoria.jpg)

you heard it here first nonnies, you can now get 2nd hand gender euphoria! from how other people do their makeup! times really never stop being excited

No. 1666897

Tif artstyles are some of the girliest around. Clockable even in their own drawings lmao.

No. 1666964

God they really gotta let everyone know they wear a mask, they're good, they care! There's something so narcissistic about it, but i can't put it into words. I guess virtue signaling is the term used today.

No. 1666972

File: 1664917479404.jpeg (272 KB, 1536x2048, 5C780E5C-A005-4F3E-864A-4570C3…)

tifs have the most stereotypically girly interests too like…

No. 1666979

>polo shirt
>realistically proportioned and hairy ass body
>chibi smol face

No. 1667015

I think she meant gender envy kek. Also damn that makeup could be kinda cute minus the nose heart and tacky jewlery

No. 1667019

can these chicks really not keep the hairy legs and still call themselves women? my god.

No. 1667022

wow this is the most boring meet the artist i have read so far, how do you turn 25 and have the likes/dislikes of a kidergartener?.

No. 1667069

Gotta love how all these terminallu online uwu "meet the artist" types are totally devoid of personality. the likes/dislikes are just the most basic shit.
"I like being warm and hate being cold" "i like candy and hate veg" "i like music and books" bitch which ones?
you can tell that despite trying so hard to be quirky and unique they're just vapid with 0 personality

No. 1667205

Yep put it still damages the breast tissue and compress the lungs and ribs.
Ironic that the progressive era will make women wear a garment that is all what the supposed backward corsets were propagandized to be…

No. 1667223


No. 1667230

South Indian has the caste system and they're all dark af

No. 1667288

File: 1664937129475.png (34.31 KB, 730x424, stealth.png)

Hopefully this kind of behaviour will peak more gay moids although I'm doubtful many will be that vocal about it

No. 1667304

this is a nonbinary/general gendie thing im just going to put here because they're all women anyway

was listening to a podcast episode where some nonbinary person (literally going by "cayden") called into the show to ask for help on a tech problem, i only listened because i wanted to hear the resolution. anyway this "nonbinary" (aka a girl) was talking about how she talked on the phone to someone at comcast and "he didn't help".

all i could think was… how do you know he's a "he"? did you ask his pronouns? do you ask everyone you ever talk to their pronouns? of course not that's fucking ludicrous. what if the guy who helped you was another genderspecial? guess it doesn't really matter does it? fucking idiot.

No. 1667306

dislikes vegetables and the sun. checks out.

i can legit tell when a tif draws something vs a woman or man.

losing weight wont reduce breast size. these bitches just hate their boobs/being sexualized for their body. which is completely understandable, but they need real therapy not gendie shit.

No. 1667371

I mean losing weight does objectively decrease breast size. I went down a cup after losing 15 pounds.

No. 1667384

I like how all of "his" dislikes plainly suggest obesity

No. 1667635

really? i thought that only happened if you went anachan

No. 1667736

Really just depends on the person and how your body distributes fat, I lost over 20 pounds and have the exact same breast size. On the other hand, I could gain a lot of weight and my breast size still wouldn't increase

No. 1667818

Depend on the individual, my breast are like bodyfat meters but my belly don't change. Honestly if a TiF has feminin fat distribution losing fat and gaining muscle always help

No. 1667888

File: 1664992341635.jpg (421.72 KB, 1080x1749, IMG_20221005_124912.jpg)

Really sad every time I find some female YouTuber rambling about fandom things and being overall chill, turns out she's a they/them.
It's annoying when you wanna follow them on Twitter and they just keep sperging about pronouns and troo shit

No. 1667901

Always thought she dressed like a they/them but didnt care enough to look it up, I'm not surprised

No. 1667905

File: 1664993778556.jpg (Spoiler Image,471.7 KB, 1080x940, Screenshot_20221005_191534.jpg)

Saw this on my home page, that picture is disturbing but I'm glad bullying works.

No. 1667913

i wonder how healthy will those wannabe seahorses' spawn turn out in the long run considering the mothers' self inflicted hormonal imbalance

No. 1668282

dammit, izzy

No. 1668434

cough Plumbella, who also likes to go on unhinged anti-JKR rants from time to time

No. 1668439

Do these people not think about the repercussions their hormone use could have on that child? God that poor baby, the mother should seriously be looked into for CPS, I couldnt imagine that manlet applying the T cream properly

No. 1668441

I don't think they care about the child at all. It's just a publicity stunt to subvert gender roles/freak out the normies or whatever the fuck they think they're doing. Incredible levels of narcissism.

No. 1668454

Is that the chick who wears full face stage make up every vid? That's like a surefire mark of a themlet at this point, I don't even check them out anymore. None of them are doing it just for the camera,it's always their whole "identity" now.

No. 1668461

>I literally don't care what you call me
>use whatever pronouns as long as I don't have to see it
>would rather be misgendered forever
Ok then Izzy so what you're saying is that pronouns don't actually matter that much, being called the "wrong" pronouns isn't a hate crime that harms people, and using the "wrong" ones when the person isn't around is fine because they won't hear it anyway? Sounds like you don't "believe" in pronouns either kek
You know what would make you NEVER have to see another debate about it again? Just remove it from your bio and accept that language categorizes you as she/her like every normal person does - you clearly don't care what people call you anyway so what's the point in "having pronouns".

And she lists her pronouns as they/she, so the only way to "misgender" her is by calling her he/him (or using neo-pronouns I guess) which I haven't even seen anyone do because she's clearly a woman.

No. 1668466

There's a VERY high likelihood that the child has some developmental disorders from her hormone abuse. If a child even touches T-cream they can develop serious issues so she pretty much can't use it at all until the baby is an adult if she gives a fuck about her own child. Cream and gel transfers through skin contact (including through fabrics) so if she uses it she can't touch her child, she can't pick it up, she can't hug it, no fucking contact at all or she risks harming the child. Trans parents are literally a kind of drug abuser parents, it's a massive risk to the child.

No. 1668468

File: 1665044878098.jpg (181.33 KB, 1200x675, Kornelia-Ender.jpg)

>i wonder how healthy will those wannabe seahorses' spawn turn out in the long run considering the mothers' self inflicted hormonal imbalance
we do have some similar data, mostly from Eastern belt Olympic athletes as well as female bodybuilders, who had children years after taking steroids, most of the data showed that children born from women who had taken steroids had higher rates of being born with intellectual disabilities and slight physical deformities like clubbed foots or cleft chins


No. 1668479

There's something so silly about insisting it's "MY pronouns" like these people all individually own these words. As a non-native speaker of English it amuses me that everyone in my country would call her our words for she/her, but since it isn't literally the words she insists are "her" pronouns we're all technically misgendering her. Unless Izzy and other genderspecials want to claim they own the use of other languages too, that their white English ideas are superior to the inferior non-white people's languages and they get to dictate how it's used over the native speakers.

Many languages don't even differentiate between "he/she" anyway, or have gender neutral words like "they". These people can insist they own words of their own language but the rest of the world won't ever care, to us you're just a woman like every other woman. You will always be ella, hun, ona, lei, ajo.

No. 1668481

She was very obviously a gendie, this is pretty tame for them though. I'll take this over your usual female youtuber unpromptedly sperging about hating Jk Rowling for tranny brownie points in every video. That being said
>you don't need to write a literal essay in the Youtube comments about it
Maybe people wouldn't do that if you didn't feel the need to shove your tard sexist gender nonsense down our throats when we're trying to chill and watch a video about mysteries on the sims 2 you fucking dumbass.

No. 1668482

And these are athletes who didn't take it to the degree of growing big beards and having obvious croaky frog boy voices

No. 1668495

Well said nona. I always saw it this way but could never quite put it in words.

No. 1668504

File: 1665050007112.jpg (1.77 MB, 3464x3464, fashionablemen.jpg)

just dropping a lil highlight real of recent true and honest men in this thread for nonnies to laugh at

also, I know it has been beaten to death but I had to include the jew larper

No. 1668571

That's an obese woman. A hamplanet, if you will.

No. 1668584

how is she being misgendered if "they/she" is her pronouns?

why would you want to larp as a jew. is it a mistaken idea that jews have some culture that white people as a whole don't? is it the false idea of oppression?

No. 1668633

Nowadays multiple pronouns no longer means "you may use either" but "you must use both" and only using she instead of alternating between she and they even if it makes sentences confusing to understand also counts as misgendering. I wish I was making this up.

No. 1668734

Why are they all visually described in the captions, while leaving out the most important details like gut overflowing from pants, double chin, scraggly "beard"

No. 1668817

File: 1665078703618.png (3.2 MB, 828x1792, 96C63C26-ADA8-4A15-9AF4-E0A942…)

I think this man is pretending to be a ftm.

No. 1668819

Maybe she's the Buck Angel type?

No. 1668837

did we just find a bf for kikomi or is she a afab mtf transbian

No. 1668841

the left bears the most yellow teeth i've seen in my life holy god

No. 1668900

what is with zoomer themlets and canes. are they just spoonies or are they so obese and crippled from 16 hours of daily tiktok doomscrolling that they can't even walk? i don't know which one is more pathetic

No. 1668974

You hear about these "magical man births" but we never get to check up on the baby afterwards. It really makes me wonder…

No. 1669045

File: 1665097644587.jpeg (589.12 KB, 1440x1800, 7B205AF4-9203-4448-BFFA-2A2DA2…)

Imagine getting they/them knuckle tats

No. 1669156

I have a thing for alt women so I can see how she'd be cute without all the bullshit

No. 1669172

it is shocking how a gnc woman can become instantly unattractive to me when she says she's "nonbinary"

No. 1669215

Why are almost all fakebois/nonbinary nlogs obese? Don't they want to be kawaii animu twinks?

No. 1669247

I mean if you're an unconventional looking man, saying you're ftm for some clout might get you some clicks. Or yeah could just be the buck angel type and look passing online but petite irl next to males

No. 1669289

not her moment to shine, she's outcringed by the she/her forehead tattoo he-troon from the MTF thread OP

No. 1669500

File: 1665152580218.jpeg (455.47 KB, 1284x759, 91538C61-40D5-4E4E-9C81-A6B148…)

I saw this thread posted on ovarit, it’s NB-identified people talking about how the subreddit twoxchromosomes is terfy, which is already hilarious since it’s been around for so long and now caters to people of any gender ID instead of women’s issues like it was originally intended for. This particular comment was funny.
>what does me being AFAB have to do with my gender? nothing!
>lists nearly every way being female affects her life
Do they not hear themselves at all?
Here’s an archived link to the thread. https://archive.ph/yVNAD

No. 1669504

To be fair she just looks butch, so can’t fault you there.

No. 1669512

i can almost smell her breath

No. 1669519

So close to getting it yet so far.

No. 1669529

No. 1669581

could be another buck, but i hope it's just a faker because it would be so hilarious

No. 1669700

Idk why I sat through this but it's an alright surface level analysis, I just hate the use of "queer" and other annoying buzzwords. They really can't look at media through any other lens.

No. 1669813

File: 1665180225711.jpeg (259.87 KB, 750x980, B600AAE1-8667-423A-9396-47D290…)

I guess we all know this. Doesn’t help that many TRAs see disability as another intersectional identity to be glamorized.

No. 1669826

as a massive autist it pisses me the fuck off when the higher functioning ones/larpers make it seem like it's a cool lifestyle choice that makes them more interesting than normies. this shit has made me life a completely hellish dumpster fire and i wouldn't wish it on anyone. if i'd gotten this because my mom wanted a beard i would probably be in jail rn just saying

No. 1669831

late but to me it’s because women rejecting their femininity is gross.

she could look like the twinkiest faggot but if she still calls herself a woman that shit is hot af. sage cause blog.

No. 1669842

>women rejecting their femininity is gross.
Do you even know what GNC means? They are gross because they hate themselves for being female.

No. 1669863

File: 1665184436690.jpeg (311.35 KB, 828x1091, F828091D-DE1B-4583-B0BE-5922CA…)

He wouldn’t fucking say that

No. 1669864

I think she's using "accepting femininity" as a stand in for "accepting being female" just used the wrong word.

No. 1669880

A lot of "seahorse babies" are accidents. TIFs are retarded and think that roids make them ~biologically male~ and therefore incapable of conceiving. Someone posted a study about how disproportionately common accidental "seahorse" pregnancies are in one of the previous threads. Given all the other retarded shit trannies believe unquestionably, it's not shocking that their basica sex ed is fucking abysmal.

No. 1669889

What's with SJWs and autistically describing the pictures they post? I've seen whole blogs dedicated to it on Tumblr. I doubt they actually give a fuck about blind people. It's just virtue signalling. Like, "Oh, I run a blog that describes inane Twitter posts in excruciating detail for the poor bwind people. I'm such a wonderful human being." Nevermind that blind people already typically have software for this sort of thing and don't need to be coddled by smug teenagers online.

Looking at this fat tard's selfies makes me wish I was blind.

No. 1669892

why not abort then

No. 1669898

>transmasc swag
I never know when they are joking and when they are being unironic.

No. 1669901


Parents must be having a real hard time these days.

Like seriously. What do these people's parents think? I desperately want to know.

No. 1669904

i watched the whole thing out of curiosity and 'megaman and roxanne have the strongest bi for bi energy ive ever seen' made me kek. like what, roxanne has short hair so she cant possibly be straight???? absolutely wild

No. 1669907

Ot but LMAO who gave this man a neck and face tattoo meanwhile he has nothing on his chest or arms

No. 1669921

they're retarded and want to be freakshows that "prove" that REAL MEN can get pregnant too! they're making their kid a publicity stunt

No. 1669965

that’s the one. i’m just retarded. masculine woman great. gendies thinking they’re not women because they’re masculine is fucked.

No. 1670077

NTA but it's alright anon, I got the gist of what you were saying. I kinda figured you meant "femaleness."

Imagine how much Aidens could lower their stress levels by just accepting that their gender has no bearing on their fashion sense, hobbies, or individuality. It's so much easier to be a homely girl who likes fairy kei than it is to destroy your body in a futile attempt to be perceived as a high-femme gay man.

No. 1670147

we both know it's not that straightforward. disingenuous to assume that girls who trans don't have a lot of issues going on there are unrelated to fashion.

No. 1670149

because the fantasies fujos have are definitely reflective of what they would want in real life

No. 1670164

Here here nonnie. Make this 'autism is cool' trend fucking die already.

No. 1670169

In a perverse way I tend to enjoy these "let's overanalyze a literal children's movie to death" type of essays, but the level of secondhand embarrasment some of her takes give me is insane.
>I relate to Megamind as an autistic man
>I relate to Megamind as a queer man
Fucking kek.

No. 1670265

Smothering yourself in oversized clothes to hide your female body and hope you look male isn't hottest bitch in town behaviour, aiden

No. 1670282

you really going after the fact she wears a mask in a pandemic, rather than 100 other legit things you can make fun of her for? You sound retarded.

No. 1670354

File: 1665247465580.jpg (486.3 KB, 2880x2880, 20221008_173903.jpg)

Excuse the shitty collage, on mobile. Found a cute cosplayer, but of course she had to turn out to be a they/them "himbo" with an OF. I guess since she can become the anime like many tifs dream of, and her comments are full of other they/thems questioning their sexuality because gender is just clothes to them, she felt it was the logical conclusion?

No. 1670376

TiFs where I live are very open about being transgender and "queer". They're very judgemental about others and believe they can see how "queer" you are just by looking at you. Gets on my nerves because you cannot see who someone's fucking just by looking at them. A man/boy who likes doing makeup and speaks in a high pitch? There are plenty of women/girls who'd love those qualitities in a man/boy. What they're really doing is seeing someone's alternative, not completely normie, and saying that's "queer" when homosexuality isn't involved at all. They see Autistic people living their life, not fully interpreting reality on account of their Aspergers, and think that's "queer" too and Autistic people are totally "queer" by default.
They try and out people in public. They ask for pronouns, flick their wrist, say they're "fruity" and ask to the effect of "are you part of the club teehee?"
On Tumblr there's some posts complaining about this behavior, but since all the TiFs are on TikTok now there's not much older people can tell them because they aren't popular enough to have followings.
Children are the only ones doing this, but it's a symptom of how children want to go against their more mainstream peers. There's no future set in stone for them, so they florish in what they see as unknowns, taking dangerous substances and flaunting it in their peers faces saying they're ahead of the curb. It's hyper individualism and an inability to create unions of people under shared goals, which is why their projects fail, they're particually drawn to social media and they never organize anything. Truly negative personalities even before any testosterone. They project their frustrations onto gay people, explaining why they feel the need to "out" GNC strangers by asking invasive questions in front of other strangers instead of reading the room.

No. 1670459

Zoomers being introduced to breaking bad is one of the worst things to happen, I'm sorry. Seeing them in abhorrent tif/fujo style is soul-sucking.

Fucking where???

No. 1670559

File: 1665268946912.jpg (Spoiler Image,26.1 KB, 608x1080, hfgkgdksgfkjs.jpg)

Oh my god she was the one pretending to be a femboy, tttt went crazy for her at one point

No. 1670560

It’s been trendy ever since the movie Rain Man came out. And at this point a disability is only bad if it’s socially acceptable to hate it.

No. 1670732

>Tttt went crazy for her
How? That's a woman with short hair. Autistic face blindness must be hell for coomers.

No. 1670765

File: 1665292588342.png (7.99 MB, 2054x8499, ugh.png)

>I'm Toby, I'm an e-boy but a girl! Also a drawer from Mexico (Baja California), >I draw a lot of lesbians and love horror games and movies.
>If ur wondering what I use to draw btw it's all clip studio paint. If you wanna >know what brushes I used you can always ask me!

Why are these handmaidens so homophobic. I hate it here.

No. 1670846

My teenage cousin is a TIF, and she says "faggot" and "queers" constantly, typically in a derogatory way. I asked her if she's ever gotten in trouble for talking that way, and she said no, because she only hangs out with "other queers" (by which she means her friends at school who are also TIFs via social contagion.)

Obviously I say faggot here all the time because it's board culture, but I'd never say it out loud in public places the way my cousin does. She's just begging for trouble doing that. Her and her friends all just look like frumpy high school girls, so to an onlooker it would probably just seem like a bunch of teenagers being bigoted.

It makes me really uncomfortable, like if Rachel Dolezal started saying nigger constantly.

No. 1670956

they think it's like the n-word pass or the likes, which doesn't exist at all.

No. 1670959

File: 1665326475036.jpeg (38.63 KB, 462x396, images (4).jpeg)

What's the deal here? Are they meant to be butch women? The retarded coomer speech makes it more unbelievable than the design.

No. 1670981

File: 1665330830879.jpeg (Spoiler Image,855.29 KB, 1269x1575, C2729D0D-44C6-474D-BA3D-B70CF8…)

Spoiled for (badly drawn) zippertit scars. Kek.

No. 1670989

that 'art' is wrong on so many levels…

No. 1670996

would you sage that shit

No. 1671051

Is this supposed to be an own? This is just proving conservatives right.
Why are majority of troons (whether MtF or FtM) furries?

No. 1671076

So it's a cult?

No. 1671116

NTA but it's literally relevant to the thread…

No. 1671171

i talked about this back when i still used twitter because it annoys me so much when tifs talk about fags and shit and it's so embarrassing how they're obsessed with being morally pure and then are just dying to use a slur that doesn't belong to them. and this mutual of mine (very very VERY old fandom friend who's an absolutely porn brained asexy nonbinary woman) said that this is SO true and one time someone told her transmasqué friend that she couldn't say fag even though she was transmasqué. girl, your friend is what i'm talking about…

another mutual of mine is currently bawling because despite all her surgeries, actual gay men prefer other gay men and do not perceive her as a gay man even though she got that phallo surgery with the pump thing. it's almost painful to see her pine after gay men irl and she just refuses to accept why they are not interested. she keeps saying she's ugly or that she has a bad personality/vibe, but it's literally the fact that she's a woman. a mutilated one but still a woman.

No. 1671266

Sad. The great irony is, trans people are more likely to get a partner if they keep their genitalia looking the same, because then at least they will have people who fetishize that aspect to be interested in them.

No. 1671277

Not even hiding the shape of her breasts or feminine face and still managed to get some simps, moids are so stupid kek

No. 1671281

File: 1665361858406.jpg (305.47 KB, 1080x2325, Screenshot_20221010-013000_Ope…)

I googled the caption and this is what I found

No. 1671282

I'm all for "sin" and rebellion and whatever but chopping your tits off aint it girl…

No. 1671386

its hilarious how these nerds think they are so intimidating and hardcore. this is a cartoon bunny with tit scars. no one is scared.

No. 1671403

File: 1665373560366.jpeg (303.89 KB, 661x2304, 263F7A0C-37E7-42C7-9AB4-716A38…)

A random tif popped up on my instagram. I have to give her credit for being fit though.

No. 1671418

File: 1665374787498.jpg (66 KB, 640x613, Eric Cartman pronouns.jpg)

Reminds me of this

No. 1671420

File: 1665375021852.png (434.57 KB, 1075x535, Screenshot.png)

is she turning herself into her idealized bf? I mean I get the appeal, I'm in fit alt dudes as well but normal people would just make OCs, aidens want to be them

No. 1671428

Its interesting seeing the difference between the types of male, lesbian TIFs want to be compared to what straight TIFs aspire to be
straight TIFs often go for an almost fictional type of male, an IRL version of men portrayed in Yaoi or BL stories, being male for straight TIFs is a fun experiment for them
Lesbian TIFs meanwhile seem to view being male as a means to an end(which for them is to be accepted in society as normal) but their idea of manhood is shaped by mainstream culture and not much else, they seem to buy in to many toxic masculine standards of what a man is supposed to be compared to hetorsexual TIFs and I think that's why lesbians TIFs seem to have higher rates of depression and self hatred cause they will never live up to those male standards

No. 1671434

I see her on my insta a lot. Her top surgery reveal pics looked so sad. She tried to have a "tough guy"/"I'm too cool for this" look but it was just the typical TIF dead stare.

No. 1671440

File: 1665377317097.jpg (419.12 KB, 929x1687, 285161786_335864325363105_8274…)

Today's spicy straight TIF

No. 1671446

I don't know if editing your photos is being fit?

No. 1671462


why can't they just call themselves white?

No. 1671471

They aren’t white anymore because they’ve uwu disrupted the oppressive cisnormative narrative uwu

No. 1671477

File: 1665384967916.jpeg (858.69 KB, 986x1329, 317825CC-57DF-4E79-B323-AD9AC0…)

She has a she/they girlfriend so maybe >>1671428 is right about lesbian TIFs.

No. 1671482

I was going to post yet another lament about how it's always the cute alt looking girls who troon out but this >>1671477 is just too cringe kek.

No. 1671490

They just love breaking other people's boundaries. It also sounds like she's trying to degrade the men she slept with by implying that they're gay, like there's something shameful in that. What a fucking scumbag.

No. 1671491

The girls who do this are so gross and homophobic, it's a pathetic attempt at a "haha you're gay!" gotcha because while they often fetishize gay male relationships they're homophobic at the core and find real gay men gross and "transphobic", since they don't want to touch their female bodies

No. 1671508

what is wrong with those body proportions

No. 1671547

I don't think you meant to reply to a 6 year old post in another thread anon

No. 1671549

Tifs are so weird, they show off their scars any chance they get so in case anyone had doubt (they didn't) they'll know for a fact that they're not male, but mentally ill females.

No. 1671590

fit???? she literally looks like she has muscle wasting

No. 1671599

File: 1665405230825.jpg (58.56 KB, 680x632, FesIv-iVsAMlz1b.jpg)

No. 1671606

I’m sorry but George Costanza is far more virile and masculine than the average FTM. They wish they could look like him.

No. 1671610

lmao that body is female af.

No. 1671636

lol they wish, if they looked like this they could actually pass. They just look like women with patchy beards. Why can't they just be normal butches and tomboys…

No. 1671670

File: 1665413533362.png (32.3 KB, 593x279, Screenshot 2022-10-10 10.48.26…)

why is she acting like those women on tiktok can't blatantly tell she's female?

No. 1671672

File: 1665413649294.jpeg (80.18 KB, 512x680, Feq7acvXoAEJyR-.jpeg)

those women on tiktok don't think you're a straight man… they think you're a gay woman

No. 1671696

File: 1665416370284.jpg (213.58 KB, 1984x2048, 1629648772248.jpg)

tbh I won't say that I get lesbian vibes from her either, she seems more like a quirky straight women whose probably into polyamory

No. 1671705

File: 1665417191722.jpeg (182.67 KB, 792x1024, B4B5493A-BEB4-46ED-B6CA-25A558…)

This response to a detrans made me lose my shit considering that crater of a hairline

No. 1671708

Such male behavior, to be scared of women flirting with you online

No. 1671718

This looks like a mix of idubbs and an obnoxious classmate I had in uni, interesting choice.

No. 1671724

Nice thinning hair and receding hairline, Charlie

No. 1671727

you will never be a man. you have no cock, you have no balls. your entire anatomy was designed specifically to carry and deliver a baby. you are a female, and you will always be.

kek, nonna, i didn't even notice this.
>fairy lights
>pictures of flowers(?)
>homemade drapes/window decorations
>neat bed with tons of pillows and plushes

No. 1671737

>has an incredibly emotional story, starting as a lowlife drug dealer who is manipulated and used by a man he looks up to, doing more and more horrible things over the course of the story, falling into moral decline, wracked with guilt, has everyone he loves die, until he is finally able to escape his past and live free
>yo mista white bitch i love taking testosterone and chopping off my tits, bitch

No. 1671738

for as long as i've been alive, white people feel offended at the idea of calling themselves white

No. 1671784

File: 1665423367230.jpeg (Spoiler Image,536 KB, 828x1433, 5D98F6B7-5A2A-4DAE-86F1-8600B6…)

Spoilered for chest scars but here’s her a little after she got the titchop

No. 1671813

>the strategic combover to hide the balding


No. 1671834

what type o negative member is she trying to skinwalk?

No. 1671843

File: 1665429501073.jpg (451.68 KB, 809x755, Tumblr_l_432451528673075.jpg)

When lionesses grow manes, it's typically as a result of hormone imbalances. Calling them trans is basically like calling a woman with PCOS a man because she has more body hair. It also implies that TIFs naturally have a surplus of testosterone when in reality, they have to take drugs for it.

It's the fucking clownfish thing all over again. TRAs cherrypick things in nature that they misconstrue as transness when it's either sequential hermaphroditism or a deformity. Idiots.

No. 1671852


Is this one of those satire websites? Not a lion expert,but at a glance she looks unhealthy so I'd assume the mane growing was a result of that. Like you said lol

No. 1671859

the anorexic skinny fat gf with a pallor indicative of never leaving the house is killing me, like please just stay in your dungeon

No. 1671878

anon she's not fat ffs. eat a burger or something jesus christ

No. 1671895


nta but she's not actually calling her "fat", skinny fat is still skinny

No. 1671897

The girl is a twig, literally whats the point of saying she's skinny fat kek

No. 1671902


to emphasize that despite her thin appearance, anon thinks she's being unhealthy, hence also mentioning that she looks like she doesn't go outside enough

again, skinny fat is still skinny, so i dont think anon meant to say she looked fat by any means

No. 1671940

Whats with the pregnancy pose, very manly kek

No. 1671949

File: 1665439442669.jpg (473.91 KB, 1080x1135, Screenshot.jpg)

Sorry for daily mail. But even in the woke troon psa you can tell which is the tim and which is the tif kek

No. 1671983

I wonder if those PSAs are made by normies who support trannies because they wanna be nice, but they don't realize that troons themselves think they look just like the opposite sex. The artists are just drawing what they see and think troons see the same thing.

No. 1671985

Never supporting planned parenthood again gg

No. 1671990

File: 1665443998054.jpeg (753.41 KB, 1170x1476, 22445F67-12B8-48FC-A03D-88B432…)

I thought balding acceptance was for cancer patients, not self-hating women who think they’re men.
I should really delete twitter kek

No. 1672021

Both of these characters would definitely make attack helicopter jokes

No. 1672026

>Hey kids, don't do drugs!
Has turned into
>Hey kids, don't do drugs… unless you're unhappy with your body! Then do drugs!

No. 1672029

i thought that shit was for adults

No. 1672030

Makes sense as fentanyl and nicotine vapes are being taken by and advertised to younger and younger teens these days.

No. 1672034

One cause of manes in lionesses is adrenal gland tumors. So stunning and brave.

No. 1672036

The fearmongering about rainbow fentanyl is an overblown urban myth. It's a bunch of lies cooked up by the DEA so they can continue their retarded Reagan-era war on drugs.

No. 1672050

Idk if it's rainbow, but clearly you've never had classmates take fentanyl

No. 1672095

File: 1665457812063.jpg (86.17 KB, 496x491, 606ffb929491e__880.jpg)

This is one of the biggest factors why I thankfully didn't troon out, when I did have thoughts about gender dysphoria, I wanted to have a beautiful male body, I wanted muscles, I wanted the naturally low body fat, I wanted to look like an idealized version of the men in my life(my father, my brother and even some boyfriend's here and there) but even with positive depictions of FTM transitions I knew that even in a flawless sceneaior I would still never come close to looking like a naturally fit and beautiful male that I wished to be, so I gave up

No. 1672136

If you want to block puberty, it makes sense to take it during puberty, no? Even though wanting to do it in the first place makes no sense of course.

No. 1672197

So if you could, you would? That's even worse

No. 1672229

Good for you nona, it's easy to get sucked into delusions but you got out of it because you thought about it realistically so I'm proud of you
chill, she said WHEN she had those thoughts and that she thankfully didn't troon out

No. 1672271

It's all about consumerism at the end of the day.

People with good disposable incomes buy into the latest fads and one of them happens to be gender bending. What you purchase becomes your whole personality.

Underneath all this overpriced junk and all these procedures that you have purchased you look like any other person of your biological sex or whatever image you want to project.

Putting your sanitary pads in a striped zip up bag or buying testosterone gel and putting it all in your overpriced back pack will never make you anything other than what you essentially are and it only makes you more interesting to other superficial, insecure people.

No. 1672289

File: 1665482418118.jpg (366.64 KB, 1080x1921, Screenshot_20221011_115547_com…)

Theyre all mocking a detrans woman with zero mercy, the moment you speak out against it they rip you apart, dox and bully you like theres no tomorrow

No. 1672292

I hope one day these people realize that their seething toward female detransitioners does nothing but expose their own misogyny (internalized and otherwise). They mysteriously never act this way toward MtF detransitioners, it's so funny

No. 1672299


Transwomen are laughing at ftm detrans girls because they are secretly happy that the male hormones and other addons ruined a teen girl from blossoming into a beauty and now she has to resemble some middle aged moid but no penis.

Some shitfucking trannies will even admit that openly, but all it does is reveal their cope that they know they are still male and have to get weak ass flexes on ftm detrans women just to feel a bit of sadistic gladness about their miserable non-afab bodies and faces.

Seriously think these trannies just want to make cis girls take T on purpose in hope it makes the girls as male-ugly as them, then they laugh about it. Trannies should have a bigger taste of their own meds then!

Hopefully TERs compile a list of these troons tweets saying such things on female detrans ppl and peak more normie women and handmaidens pronto! From sock accounts larping as trans women of course.

Also: if yall see any woman who claims to be cis but capes too much for trans women online, just know that theyre trans too, mostly early before-12 age transitioned. Like this fugly moid: https://mobile.twitter.com/cottagec0re_

And yes Lynda Carter may have been a TiM androgyne in the 70s too.(this is an imageboard. post screencaps)

No. 1672300

File: 1665483885249.png (1.48 MB, 1162x1130, Capture d’écran 2022-10-11 à 1…)

what the fuck is this thing

No. 1672301

this is an imageboard.. u can add a link if theres an image attached to it

No. 1672303

File: 1665484949796.jpeg (656.94 KB, 828x1447, 04F1AAD3-BC2F-40A2-8F0A-130AB4…)

It’s blowing up on Tik Tok and they’re doing nothing but victim blaming lol. It’s almost as if literal children cannot make responsible and informed decisions about taking hormones. No teenage girl is thinking about baldness when they decide to take T.

No. 1672304

Yeah, because girls are normally stupid, ugly and lame, right? Also from the picture it looks like t only made her more greasy and added pubic hair to her chin.

No. 1672306