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File: 1623336690906.png (3.79 MB, 1800x1800, New Project (32).png)

No. 1251681

Old Threads:

This thread is for posting and discussing cringey fakebois who may or may not deserve their own threads.

Fakebois are girls who pretend to be boys for attention, either as trannies or biological males (usually the former).

Fakebois style and present themselves as androgynous or feminine-looking young men, even wearing girls' clothing and make-up. They insist on being addressed with he/him (or occasionally they/them) pronouns and take great offense at being gendered as female. Some are SJW transactivists, but for most their identities are entirely superficial.

Reminder to "truescums" and "transmeds": Nobody cares about how [[[100% REAL]]] your or any other tranny's ~dysphoria~ is. Don't derail about how you're actually a true troon unlike everyone else, save it for your twitter feed.

No. 1251701

File: 1623338759095.jpg (Spoiler Image, 295.33 KB, 1080x1490, Manly man.jpg)

Words don't mean anything anymore

No. 1251710

File: 1623338983466.jpg (306.63 KB, 1080x1322, Well.jpg)

Welcome to a new thread, enjoy your stay.

No. 1251718

File: 1623339727452.jpg (157.61 KB, 540x555, 20210610_112956.jpg)

Butthurt NLOGs and agps out in full force in the comments on a video that suggests children shouldn't be rushed into medical transition without careful evaluation (the horror)

No. 1251727

File: 1623340446818.jpg (127.3 KB, 540x629, 20210610_115242.jpg)

Seen so many of these girls claiming to be Jewish, I wonder if they actually are or it's just another label they like to slap on themselves for woke cred.

No. 1251756

Kek why is Marcus in the thread pic? Not wking I just don’t think he’s necessarily a “fakeboi” definitively here.

No. 1251771

A few years ago on tumblr these types always mentioned they were "converting" by going through the real process of going to a rabbi. It was the popular way to have social credibility without being a dreaded appropriator, obviously ironic.

No. 1251818

maybe you should think about how creepy and weird it is to objectify anyone… the whole “hehe one hot person and ANOTHER hot person is even better!” is such a coomer thought. don’t lesbians find it creepy and annoying when straight men fetishize them that way? all you fetishists are mentally ill and in denial.

you understand you dont have to be some kind of radfem lesbian to get annoyed with how men objectify women right? like i dont enjoy getting catcalled or creeped on any more than you would…did you read my post? why would a lesbian want to watch two gay men fuck anyway? i wish lesbians would stop acting holier than thou than us evil straight girls and that we “just don’t understand” being a dyke. i dont care if you’re gay, no one does. and i dont need to understand anything regarding that lol.

why is it okay to objectify anyone again? im against fetishizing or sexualizing people in general.

No. 1251855

anons lets not bring the fujo infighting into the new thread

No. 1251883

Yeah basically if they can't change the fact that they're white, they want to at least be spicy oppressed white. I've seen mtfs do it too. Collect enough identities and you too can be free of criticism forever!

No. 1251964

File: 1623353845676.jpg (239.27 KB, 1076x1300, 75137d75638ac9ec7b38ce37e6e4e1…)

This girl @reckless.dads on tik tok who goes by the name Fred deserves a thread. Sadly forgot her IG, I remember seeing she had an OnlyFans too.

No. 1251975

This is some sad shit. Imagine voluntarily doing this to yourself jfc when is this trend going to be over.

No. 1251983

>i dont care if you’re gay, no one does
>entire post is a rant specifically about "some kind of radfem lesbian dykes"
>i dont have to understand being a dyke but you have to understand women objectifying men is wrong because the patriarchy hurts men too!
can you just not

No. 1251991

Trying to protect children by treating them like children and not tiny adults is "punching down" now apparently.

No. 1252014

I've noticed that pretty much every DID faker on tik tok is a fakeboi or fakeboi adjacent (nb, agender, other assorted retardation), as are most the "alters" they make up (when they're not using south park or danganronpa characters as their "fictive alters", that is). I guess they realized that just being a generic gendershit isn't enough to stand out on an internet teeming with other generic gendershits, so they all had to go appropriate an incredibly rare and serious mental disorder. Tourettes is another illness many fakebois pretend to have, but that seems to have gone out of style a bit in favor of DID.

No. 1252071

File: 1623357305992.jpg (395.18 KB, 1080x1657, 1623260489181.jpg)

Yesterday Noelle posted this on her story

No. 1252073

No. 1252146

Why do trannies always post these before and after haircut pictures as hrt transformations? She literally looks the same.

No. 1252151

lurk moar

No. 1252163

Imagine writing a show about female empowerment for little girls showcasing how girls can be superheroes too and then immediately trooning out after.

No. 1252205

Exactly the same…

No. 1252274

she got a haircut

No. 1252282

File: 1623367410529.png (448.19 KB, 523x662, teetyeet.png)

because she's a lame tryhard ayden wannabe blaire white who thinks she's a gay man and literally calls herself theoffensivetranny. like the OP caption says, even the "trutrans" ftms are not exempt

No. 1252287

This shoop is so weird

No. 1252290

File: 1623367564283.jpg (94.18 KB, 900x900, unnamed.jpg)


No. 1252300

What makes her less fakeboi than Kalvin?

No. 1252307

Idk, why can’t you sage?

No. 1252308

Well she already looked manly… maybe it wasn’t the worst move to troon out

No. 1252309

This is a general thread, you don't need to be on a first name basis with the cows.

No. 1252311

kek that Boris wojak is hilarious, someone pls repost so I can save

No. 1252313

File: 1623368994590.jpg (Spoiler Image, 487.49 KB, 2048x1536, 20210610_194927.jpg)

>Voluntarily doing this to your tits

No. 1252340

They look so sad. The leatherdaddy harness is sending me though. Do these people actually get with gays or is it only other sad ftms who think calling themselves faggot is reclaiming the slur.

No. 1252727

Imagine doing this to your body to look like Vaush.

No. 1252788

Guys dgaf about fakeboys. Fakeboys being women can't do a cotton ceiling mass witch hunt against gay men like agp scrotes have done to women either

No. 1252827

>Do these people actually get with gays
Lmao no. See: The numerous accounts of FTMs get laughed at and excluded by gays until they cry alone in the bathroom.

No. 1252890

Fuck me, how are they proud of this shit? It took me years to get over the disgust of my heart surgery scar and I'm still not too comfortable with it peaking out my shirt in summer. Imagine destroying your chest like that and feeling good about it. Oh, to have the confidence of a troon.(no1curr)

No. 1252918

>that OP image

fucking kek, but why do some of them have such huge lips? is it a joke about filler or something?

No. 1252929

Sage your non-contributions retard

No. 1253003

File: 1623428273751.png (Spoiler Image, 123.42 KB, 1889x557, 7.png)

it's just accurate to how many ftms look

No. 1253007

No. 1253086

why would you shoop yourself like this if you're trying to look like a dude

No. 1253090

whichever fucked up /tttt/ poster draws these should be a cartoonist

No. 1253092

it's possible she has no idea how a male body looks like kek but also ana-chan tendency runs wild within ftm troons so might be that as well

No. 1253119

why do they draw the poonboy like amerimutt? aidens are usually white girls with no lips

No. 1253121

Good God that makes my tits hurt just looking at it

No. 1253129

These girls don't want their breasts sexualised by scrotes and theyve internalized the idea that breasts = shallow bimbo girl. Ain't nobody gonna sexualize those nasty ass fakeboy moobs

No. 1253135

she looks like Drake Bell

No. 1253147

Had a relative with an aggressive form of cancer, lymph nodes and everything had to come out and it wasn't pretty afterwards. These scars might actually be worse than that.

No. 1253170

Christ, she does. KEK

No. 1253188

Holy fuck I can't unsee that now, KEK.

No. 1253273

File: 1623444703693.jpg (90.62 KB, 1200x1200, rs_1200x1200-201221122143-1200…)

She looks like John Mulaney. She should transition into him and be unclockable

No. 1253353

I know anons said they see no difference and I agree for the most part but it looks like t aged her quite a bit in 9 months. unless I'm just a sperg and she's wearing makeup or something in first pic

No. 1253421

I think its just the tan and seeing their neck more tbh

No. 1253471

She'll take that as a compliment anon

No. 1253648

I think it made her skin worse so now she looks older. Testosterone, not even once

No. 1253653

She cut her hair and got tan (which I think is the biggest factor to her looking older). Granted she doesn't look terrible like most fakebois but she really could just pull off a butch look like that.

No. 1253689

She just got darker brows and acne.

No. 1253770

fuck, this also applies to ellen page. they're all just mulaney lookalikes.

No. 1253822

File: 1623504294609.png (1.35 MB, 1246x642, 1.PNG)

I've been wanting to post this one but I kept delaying it. You have this one (Nobunaganoran/Ranmaru on cc) who think she's a trap because "soft feminine feature almost wonder why uwu", I remember back in the day when I thought she was an actual androgynous male kek because she kept claiming to be male yet so feminine. She did ended up being open about that lately along with "trans safe space no terfs!!" but she's still delusional about how she is totally not a girl and just a femboy or some sort of thing. Of course her being into BNHA is no surprise, and for that little bingo card her name is actually Aiden.

No. 1253856

She looks so dead inside… Depressing.

No. 1253895

Ellen Page is transitioning into Burn Gorman.

No. 1253920

ah, i've seen her before. she is just a cute girl whose obsession with yaoi went too far and now, despite doing nothing to look masculine, thinks she's a boy. just the regular MO.

No. 1253942

Her Bakugo cosplay reminds me of Knightmaya, wonder what this one is up to nowadays…

No. 1254163

This is what really gets me, She-ra was an obvious last-ditch cope to assure herself that women can be strong and also love each other and it didn't work, she trooned out anyway. It's so sad and a testament to how overpowering internalized homophobia and misogyny can be.

HRT basically shuts down your reproduction system and sends you into a premature menopausal state which ages the fuck out of you real fast.

No. 1254389

it really is, an overwhelming portion of "trans men" are really just lesbians with internalized misogyny and homophobia. She ra was nice (asides from the fucking troon dubbing double trouble) but now she ruined it all

No. 1254633

File: 1623552627984.png (13.99 KB, 548x107, what.PNG)

What kind of retarded logic is this from fakebois?

No. 1254638

Every week there’s a new public enemy to eradicate, I wonder who will be next.

No. 1254645

They really do seem to infight a fuck ton hm?

No. 1254722

Authoritarian behavior breeds paranoia like nothing else.

No. 1254726

Eh, she has a point. Weren't we just talking about putting they/them pronouns in the bio to throw them off? If it gives them one more thing to be paranoid about, so be it. I love my crypto "they/them"'s.

No. 1254831

I get that pronouns don't mean shit but being non-binary goes directly against terf values kek so idk how that makes sense

No. 1254846

It doesn't need to make sense as long as it fuels the genderspecials constant need to play the victim.

No. 1254909

A lot of "binary" troons get assmad at non-binary people because they're half right in saying that gender doesn't exist, or it doesn't matter. Most troons have gender as their sole personality so that's like blasphemy to them. Not surprised they're infighting.

No. 1254925

By their logic, the gender abolitionists they call “terf” could just as easily call themselves “agender” and suddenly be queerio-approved. In fact there’s a lot one can get away with just by using their lingo. Why admit to being a gender abolitionist radfem when you can just say you’re an agender egg-cracker

No. 1254969

I guess the cryptoterf anons who said they identify as nonbinaries or transmen simply to avoid being attacked by the tranny alphabet mafia are shit out of luck, they're waking up to this fact and devouring their own. This is exactly why you don't try to conform to their rules because it will be you walking the plank sooner or later.

No. 1255000

This. Trannies and libfems are some of the worst at self-cannibalising. You will be cancelled for something sooner or later. Better to grow a backbone and be honest then tiptoe around them on borrowed time.

No. 1255156

tbh thats one of the many reasons why i larp as a tranny/nonbinary in some circles- to stoke the flames of paranoia amongst themselves. call me an accelerationist kek

No. 1255326

Larping as a tranny so you can keep your fandom friends is weak minded and cowardly. Larping as a tranny to cause trouble and paranoia is based and hilarious. Keep up the good work, accelerationist chan.

No. 1255340

Sage for no contribution but Ive noticed theres a bunch of ftm/transmasc(?) fans of jerma like to headcanon him as a transman/transmasc for some reason.

No. 1255352

Who's Jerma?
I see them project a lot onto anime boys who are feminine though, even if they don't have chest scars….

No. 1255373

just look it up and sage your posts retard.
the previous 13 threads have been broadcasting how fakebois latch onto anime boys.

No. 1255376

Jerma is a popular streamer. Remember to sage your irrelevant posts, newfriend.

No. 1255448

it's mainly the anime/cat boy obsession, the fact that jermas a manlet, him having a disorder thats often comorbid w/ troonism (adhd), that he doesn't like to uphold his masculinity too hard and the fact he isn't a total cock. Just my guesses.

No. 1255547

File: 1623626769423.png (394.34 KB, 1080x1306, Screenshot_20210614-011654~2.p…)

Yet another female artist, probably GNC, who falls into the gender cult from internet social contagion, why do all the good artists turn to this shit? She's Russian too, aren't fakebois a widespread phenomenon in Russia?

No. 1255565

How come you think so anon?

No. 1255732

She trooned out because of a twitter meme

No. 1255800

I mean, russia harbors quite possibly the most retarded fakeboi in existence (Michael Draw) - a cow of truly Onisionian proportions. if there was an easy way to translate her batshittery into english lolcow would be set milk wise for a decade in advance

No. 1255864

File: 1623647992572.webm (19.12 MB, 540x960, jYaA85qTHK84hwNR.webm)

It's sad, you can tell that in former times when this whole thing wasn't a trend they would just be nerdy teenage girls.

No. 1255867

Kek @ the lady in pink

No. 1255886

Coulda fooled me for some Homestuck people in the late aughts early 2010s

No. 1255923

Did she change her name to Ciel? Is she so pathetic of a yaoi-brained loser that she's kinning the kid from Black Butler?

No. 1255925

>I died my hair to be more masculine
Sounds like when mtfs put on lipstick to appear more "feminine."

No. 1255927

dyed* oops.

No. 1255928

How did we go from emo kids to this.

No. 1255961

It sounds more like she's saying "Theo" tbh

No. 1255974

File: 1623656481498.png (210.49 KB, 720x998, Screenshot_20210614-123951.png)

She said Theo anon, but I'd bet there are probably some fakebois who named themselves Ciel out there, I got these result's from a one minute search on twitter

No. 1256135

These are rpers. but i have actually seen it before

No. 1256168

this is fucking cult lovebombing. really freaky. but major kek at the high waisted shorts and "last night i dyed my hair to feel more masculine… and i was afraid id get kicked out of the house". wew lad

No. 1256243

>She's Russian too, aren't fakebois a widespread phenomenon in Russia?
Very much so.

Russia really has some of the biggest cows lmao.

No. 1256330

File: 1623690472004.png (293.24 KB, 648x667, enbysnowflake.png)


I hope this belongs here because I don't want to be the only who had to see this special unique nonbinary transman talk about herself and how amazing and not like the other girls she is while she plans her second hetero wedding

No. 1256379

man it's depressing seeing her like this. I used to like her comic and I liked that she made female main characters but now she is a freaking troon. what was the point of that all then

No. 1256394

Jesus it's kinda scary how much this attracts weird lonely teenage girls who want somewhere to fit in. It's irritating to watch them pretend they aren't female, but I can really understand how having a bunch of people cheer for you and tell you they love you while you make a heroic gender revelation to this echo chamber crowd would be very attractive to awkward friendless weeby highschoolers.
Best case scenario, she matures a lot and in five years this is an incredibly embarassing memory for her. I genuinely hope she doesn't amputate anything in the meantime.

No. 1256420

Poland as well, the fujoshi and fandom spaces in Russia have no real moderation or control, Its just sad tier autism

No. 1256469

I was going to say that its because everyone is a fan of Jerma

No. 1256513

>not a woman!!!
>still agonising over 'most important day of your life' meme

These people make me so sad

No. 1256514

>I only realised this a couple of days ago
Oy vey, the fucking stupidity… she's barely even GNC! Oh, but she dyed her hair! Yeah it's not like that's seen a traditionally girly thing to do or anything, you mental midget. Imagine conforming to stereotypes this hard and still getting them wrong kek. Detransing imminent, once she leaves that cult anyway.

>As I settled into what I am, I changed my terms: I identified as a dyke, a tomboy.
Ngl I actually hope this one commits 41%. Fucking breeders thinking "dyke" is a fun lil identity make me mad as hell.

No. 1256590

Hmm, inch resting… So you're saying you can pretend to be something you aren't by simply slapping on some new pronouns, and this is a bad thing? Who would have thought!

No. 1256602

>I dyed my hair and was scared I'd get thrown out of the house.
My country has laws against sodomy and is generally terrible for anyone GNC and I've never heard of something like this happening. Is this common or is she making shit up?

No. 1256609

She's a pampered American and lying out her ass. Ok, playing devil's advocate, she could have super old school strict parents who hate altering your body like that but she'd probably get grounded or something, not thrown out.

No. 1256623

I've never heard of an actual lesbian (myself included) who liked being called a dyke. This smacks of the same people who will call themselves fags for shock value attention, or possibly because it doesn't bother them since they aren't actually gay men. Nobody who actually IDs as something likes being called a slur.

No. 1257024

File: 1623726232040.png (760.06 KB, 720x480, dvd_snapshot_00.12_[2013.12.13…)

>gaijin misinterprets game dev's intentions (again)
lmfao in the first Inazuma eleven game the 'trap' characters were either pretty boys (Kazemaru) or narcs like Aphrodi, who had a god complex over taking illegal drugs so their team can win competitions. You can even see what they were clearly going for in the concept art.

In the sequel they eventually had to drop the original team members and create new ones instead. There was some division in fans who felt that the designs were a downgrade vs ones who thought they were okay. Kirino was an obvious trap bait character because of how much traps blew up in that game, even having people joke about how anime like inazuma eleven made them gay.

No. 1257035

Sage for fandom sperg but yeah the designs went from Fit Anime boys to basically skiny traps and ugly bastards

No. 1257097

Lol @ precious soft enby beans claiming they're "scared for their lives" or "going to be thrown out" over cutting their hair in a bright blue karen cut and growing out their leg hair. Usually while dating a man in a skirt. Fuck off, Devyn Mordecai Asher Quinn.

No. 1257133


naturally lmao

No. 1257137

Christ, this looks so culty. "Abandon your former vessel, ascend to your higher self"

Also, why is peer pressure so powerful in female friend groups? One girl comes out as trans, and within the year, so does the rest of the friend group?
Is it because of socialization or something else?

No. 1257147

Have you seen male friend group dynamics, most of the time their barely existant, men hangout with each other but they don't come close to forming the close bonds women can

No. 1257151

You sound like you don’t know a lot of lesbians irl at all

No. 1257152

File: 1623736074444.png (185.68 KB, 613x391, pVOMkfh.png)

social contagion but also: you're in a group of friends with other girls and you feel deeply connected to them. then one starts trooning out and you wonder what makes that connection. is it female socialization and the inherent kinship through having a pussy? nah, must be because i'm a transboiii uwu too! and then more and more in the group troon out because since they're all on the same wavelength (+ you get a lot of validation) they must not be icky girls, but cool transboiz!

i used to love this show but everyone who liked the pretty boys of the seasons (kazemaru, kirino) was always insane. same for fans of picrel. pretty sure level-5 traps gave people permanent brain damage. most fandom people i knew back then have trooned out by now, even though they are all 25 and older now.

No. 1257160

bc male friendships do not exist outside of bonding over women. just put a bunch of men somewhere where there are no women and watch kek

No. 1257163

File: 1623737079869.jpg (86.05 KB, 780x439, 7kebIBq83PbCfutA6RAGj06Iv4E.jp…)

This isn't a pretty boy, this is the "draw a girl and call it boy" trope, the early character designs of Inazuma had pretty boys but looked reasonably fit as well

No. 1257164

tbf its also watching sports and drinking together and that's about it for the most part

No. 1257183

yeah idk I don't mind lesbians calling me a dyke or even nice female friends who aren't lesbians. I like the idea of reclaiming that particular slur which is why it's so disgusting to me that trans identified males who larp as lesbians call themselves that. queer is a different issue all together. sorry for OT and derail but thought I'd give a lesbienne opinion.(no1curr)

No. 1257187

yeah else it's highly autistic bs

No. 1257223

What >>1257152 said, their (female) friends group is often the most important thing in their lives (since many of them have bad relationships with their parents), they bond with said friends over certain characteristics/interests, then one of them troons out and uses said characteristics/interests as a means to explain that they've actually "always been a boy" which will make the rest of the group troon out as well since they "share those things that make one a man and not a woman"

Not to mention that these people usually love to claim they're so ~different~ while also wanting to fit in with a group and naturally it has to be a very cool, oppressed group so they can feel special. They then see their troon friend sperg about how oppressed they are for being a gay transman and getting asspats for it and wish they could be the same in order to be less boring. Plus, taking into consideration that there's a big chance not all of the women in such a friends group are straight and there's always the possibility they have a crush on one of their peers, the only option to be with one of their "gay trans guy" friends is to become a gay trans guy themself.

No. 1257274

Idk I feel like MTFs also run in herds and turn their friends.
Teen girls changing gender en mass isn't surprising, they want a break from misogyny and their friends inspire them with a 'way out'.

No. 1257331

I don't think that's true. If anything, they get more competitive with women around.

No. 1257820

File: 1623817140908.png (726.57 KB, 1920x650, 1623807554348.png)

these are gonna get to princess points level confusing pretty soon

No. 1257832

this person and the kumoki the afab trans girl person need to collab

No. 1257894

seeing that pink character just makes me sad lmao

No. 1257900

Where did these comics come from?

No. 1257904

Those drawings scare me in a similar way to Crazy acey in Spacey's. There's just something so creepy and weird in them. Kek.

No. 1257954

>the raft of the medusa
this guy is a fucking genius. god bless schizophrenia

No. 1258010

For anyone else interested, the other painting is Study after Velázquez's Portrait of Pope Innocent X. Both of these have some pretty interesting additions to OPs intended message, despite this being a shitpost.

No. 1258014

File: 1623853240561.jpg (248.28 KB, 1080x1171, Screenshot_20210616-131838_Ins…)

fakeboi i know shared this on her instagram story. as if being a troon is an honorable thing to be.(sage non-milk)

No. 1258017

This is a bit autistic

No. 1258108

I don't get this picture at all, except that the first part is supposed to be a fakeboi?

No. 1258132

(saged because im autistic + newfag + a hint of tinfoiling)

its a simple premise with a lot of confusing poonlore. it's saying that many pooncomics are drawn by poons themselves who think drawing them will help them escape being called one. from the time i've spent lurking on /lgbt/ these ftms are often autoandrophilic (aap) for all intents and purposes its just a lvl99 psycho hypersexual ftm. unlike agp's most aaps are self-identifying and proud of it.

reading some of this poonlore symbolism, i can dissect:

>poon comic itsself

basic smug consumer culture jab. ftm thinks that by buying a highly overpriced floppy rubber wiener and putting it down her discharge encrusted walmart boxers that people will see her misshapen and crooked bulge and be like ah yes, thats a man obviously. like a hot sexy real one.

>raft of the medusa + body pillow

this is going to sound like quite a stretch but this is supposed to be dennis nilsen. (source: years of being a true crime podcast consumer retard) aap can overlap with something called ahb (autohybristophilia) like the bitches who want to put cat ears on jeffrey dahmer, except these ones want to be him. dennis nilsen sited the raft of the medusa as a kind of personal inspiration due to a number of corpses in the painting being posed, like, seductively i suppose (his words not mine)

>screaming pope

this one is. is uhhh. i dont know about this one

i look forward to seeing more of this persons work(Reddit spacing)

No. 1258142

Your autism impresses me.

No. 1258173

File: 1623870468191.png (15.84 KB, 238x167, ad054de509b6ffa95673aa69caef8b…)

The Bacon study of Pope Innocent X has always given off a "screaming in a cage/trapped in one's role" vibe to me, plus Bacon was gay (the ~troubled gay softboi artist~ stereotype is common in ftm art circles), had a fucked up father, and was promiscuous, hypersexual, and sadomasochistic when he was younger - maybe that has something to do with it? Thank you for opening my eyes to the horrors of Dennis Nilsen

No. 1258178

She-Ra creator
Is it just me or did anyone else feel like the female character designs in She-ra looked like guys with wigs?(sage non-milk)

No. 1258202


anon could you please explain more about this aap + ahb connection? i used to have an ftm friend who was into choking out her gf and who identified with serial killers. we're not friends any more after she did some really fucked up and violent things. i've always been freaked out by it and i didn't know there was a link.(no1curr)

No. 1258205

File: 1623873763709.jpg (Spoiler Image, 431.7 KB, 521x2655, 12345678910.jpg)

trans men are men is trending on twitter right now for some reason.
sage bc no real milk but i thought the juxtaposition of people who at least /try/ to pass as men and fakebois was pretty funny. and i have to admit the second one threw me a bit for a loop, but i guess being 44, 11+ years of T and a sense of style can fix a lot of things
(image spoilered bc it might be a lil big soz. no graphic content)

No. 1258208

File: 1623874070498.png (334.88 KB, 720x490, Screenshot_20210617-010820.png)

I'm gonna give it the benefit of the doubt, the animation of She-Ra due to budgetary constraints wasn't that great or dynamic, it was perfectly serviceable but they cut a lot of corner's Including with the character model's

No. 1258209

File: 1623874070740.png (502.77 KB, 1850x706, what have i done.png)

I'm not the anon who wrote that post but here's how I see it
it's the logic of "men are violent so if I act more violent I'm seen as more of a man!" and a mix of testosterone. Fakebois identify with serial killers as their inspo because they want to be careless and violent, and it makes them stand out from the crowd of yaoi fakebois. it's like men identifying with the joker or school shooters.

No. 1258219

this reminds there was a GC thread where we discussed the possibility that just like TIMs have misogynistic beliefs in what they think women are like, TIFs might have misandrist beliefs in what they think men are like and I think it might be true
Its the reason certain TIFs adopt a a toxic male attitude or attempt near comical level's of male chauvinism, they think That's what men are all like
I mean the Average TIF might hold more negative beliefs about males then Even the most staunch male hating radfem

No. 1258220


lmao, i knew her since before she trooned out and she was obsessed with the joker and wanted to be him. she also drew joker x batman fanart. together with some of our other friends we were part of a cosplay group, we often did superhero themed cosplays as a group and she always did the joker or szasz. she was always super edgy and could be really cold but also had a soft side to her she rarely let others see. but after she trooned out she's seemed completely empty and like i said did some really violent things.(no1curr)

No. 1258239

ftm, fujoshit and serial killer fangirlism are all part of the same cluster of cock worshiping pickme ailments

No. 1258240

Sage for blogpost but this is kind of insane because I knew a batshit crazy ftm who was like this too. She was physically abusing her girlfriend, choking her, beating her etc… Her explanation for doing this is "she cannot coom because she doesn't have a dick" therefore the only way for her to have some sort of "rush" is to engage in abusive shit like that. She also told me that she went to rekt threads on /gif/ and overall consummed a ridiculous amount of gore (irl stuff, not fabricated gore althought she liked that too) because it was the only thing that could "get her off". This is fucked up. Is this a common phenomenon among pretty depraved ftms?(no1curr)

No. 1258259

File: 1623879653805.jpg (45.41 KB, 453x586, höglind.jpg)

Yes, is this a common thing with TIFs?
Reminds me of this girl we discussed in the previous thread. Leonard Höglind who helped her boyfriend murder his father. She clearly based her look on Jeffrey Dahmer.

No. 1258260

Her scrawny chicken legs look more atrophied than Billie Eilish's kek

No. 1258292

File: 1623885243829.png (539.67 KB, 950x788, 1623882029998.png)

I'm tired of this already

No. 1258310

Lol the one that literally thinks she’s Narciso Anasui.

No. 1258360

Ive known two ftm and one of them hated women so fucking much. i cut that shit out quick.

The other turned into the most aggressive nasty cunt but I’m not sure if that was trying to act like a man or cause instead of looking like RDJ she got fat and a neck beard.(blogging)

No. 1258367

File: 1623892325195.png (106.57 KB, 262x148, d72e6cfb5afb412bd81a01aa9939b6…)

Google a bunch of superficially esoteric stuff like Thelema and art with spooky backstories, skim the Wikipedia articles for them, throw it in the same image. The Revelations-themed pretty princess points artist did this better

No. 1258402

>the fucking stigmata under the right boob
we shall have a summer wedding, anon

This is known even troon circles and is the subject of many posts about perpetuating toxic misogyny and examining your newfound privilege as a man. They also claim it helps with dysphoria lol.

No. 1258410

I think part of that was the shit budget, but apparently Perfuma was actually trans, somehow. And, as much as I hated the stupid "they have no tits I can't fap to this" discourse among the smegmoids on /co/, I can't say I was too surprised when Noelle got rid of her own brests and became a themlet, looking at those designs.

No. 1258447

File: 1623900908108.png (55.02 KB, 360x360, SeaHawkRenderHQ.png)

looking back it was kind of weird that none of the female characters literally had no breasts, including the adults one's
also the male characters look liked FTMs as well

No. 1258462

Before you posted this, I looked up the that and tried to guess if any of them were specifically designed to be troons, and guessed Perfuma. Big chin, no tits, receding hairline, rectangular features, and overperformed femininity. Is Noelle transphobic? Kek.

No. 1258498

File: 1623906941305.png (554.04 KB, 518x1092, QueenGlimmer.png)

Noelle trooning out wasn't a surprise if you've been following her/her art. She does not like Other Girls.

Even my 13 year old niece and her friends noticed. Characters that could reasonably have bigger tits don't, like the water princess, spin princess, and arguably Glimmer. She looks, and I quote a God darn 13 year old girl, "100% like [name, busty fat girl] with a binder". A lot of the linework and clothes design emphasize her bust and make her look chesty/hourglass but then in 3/4 shots she's flat. It's fucking weird

No. 1258500

Glimmer is a genuinely unfortunate looking character. Even moreso than most of the rest of the cast.

No. 1258506

Is it possible they didn’t draw detailed tits on any of them because it’s a kids show and it didn’t fit with the style they were going for? Just wondering how committed we are to this line of thought, cause I don’t think you’re going to fix glimmer’s character design with bigger tits.

No. 1258509

File: 1623909601023.gif (142.53 KB, 112x112, 1623697514580.gif)

>tfw I work with a ftm tranny named theo aswell and she looks just like her

Is-is this her or I'm trippin'?(sage your shit)

No. 1258515

>Is it possible they didn’t draw detailed tits on any of them because it’s a kids show
There are plenty of kids shows where the female characters have tits

No. 1258522

File: 1623912536248.jpg (29.69 KB, 264x318, 2210820937_1.jpg)

Preteen girls need examples of unpornified tits, it's a part of body diversity. Some girls grow boobs around age 10-11 and those girls who do so while being awkward/nerdy/ugly are prime targets for teen trooning and mastectomies.

Hell even stories where boobs are acknowledged may have value if it's not treated as scrote spank material. I remember Irma from the early WITCH comics was important as a preteen because her storyline touches upon the whole changing body/others' changing perceptions/don't go to high school parties when you're 13 kinda thing. Now it's just no tits and no acknowledgement of the painful but relatable process of puberty. And masses of confused girls trooning out.(Derailing )

No. 1258568

Nonnie, same. Are they making them in a factory or something? What the hell is going on?

No. 1258571

They're just expressing their gnc individuality anons kek

No. 1258578

Breats are part of a womans body. It reminds me how powerpuffgirls censored breasts as well. It's weird and very strange to remove a very visible part of female anatomy in cartoons. I noticed that trend in she-ra and to me it's like shaming women and growing girls about a body part they can't do anything about.(Derailing )

No. 1258579

Oh I agree. The solution to girls's breasts being objectified in media isn't to draw girls with no breasts. It's to simply draw breasts in a normal way.
I noticed the lack of breasts in both She-ra and Steven Universe.
How sad that the She-ra creator trooned out, but the designs makes sense now.

No. 1258617

Lol look at the doorknob

No. 1258678

File: 1623940162605.jpg (206.99 KB, 1200x690, main.jpg)

Big sage for this sperg but that's Elagabalus, I think. He's usually touted as the first and only "twans" Caesar because he was said to be a hermaphrodite and cross dressed lol. He makes the historical kweer rounds on twitter often.

No. 1258690

I’m like 90% sure Noelle has said Perfuma is mtf so you called it

No. 1258724

File: 1623944611594.jpg (30.08 KB, 300x342, Baco,_por_Caravaggio.jpg)

nah, that`s Bacchus by Caravaggio
sage for arthistory

No. 1258731

Lmao of course the most stereotypically girly one is a troon. Love the "trans girls are better and more femme than menstruators" virtue signalling.

No. 1258901

what are the pretty princess points equivalent to pooners?

No. 1259130

Even the "passing" ones have weirdly narrow shoulders and are probably shorter than 5'6". Congrats, you became a manlet.

No. 1259204

Baby Boy Bonus

No. 1259273

What if it turns out you two work together

No. 1259275

Pretty Prince Points for fakebois, Big Boy Bonus for self-hating/misogynistic butch Aidens.

No. 1259315

File: 1623996274872.png (348.79 KB, 1920x650, 1623986264814.png)

ywnbaw reference??(this is ftm thread not mtf)

No. 1259454

File: 1624023353493.jpg (66.32 KB, 500x688, Untitled.jpg)

>tfw you can't creep people out by being sexually aroused in public(sage your autism)

No. 1259459

Anon what is this shit, did you draw it?

No. 1259482

File: 1624026686735.png (446.39 KB, 400x600, ayden.png)


No. 1259517

Shouldn’t they be rejecting the fakeboy?The character is a pooner,maybe show her smugly claiming herself to be a “real boy” while being oblivious to the fact they they’re skull shape will always read female as well. Sage for autism(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1259557

File: 1624036706368.jpg (304.7 KB, 1439x1800, y5hokf3obw271.jpg)

sage goes in the email field.(unrelated to any cows)

No. 1259634

Instead of viewing it as negative they admire it, with TIMs its split between viewing women as vapid evil whores that they're better than or admiring/adopting what others would view as a negative female attitude

No. 1259649

I think it’s just the angle. My legs do the same thing in the mirror if I’m not leaning back.

No. 1259733

Half of them reek self-worth issues.>>1259557(newfag)

No. 1259783

File: 1624058583970.png (727.84 KB, 1022x718, ellen.png)

No. 1259880

What is with these retarded jannies today?(off-topic)

No. 1259974

What actually happened to her? Her tiktok isn't around anymore(sage non-milk)

No. 1259979

judging from the magnitude of what she did to herself, I'm guessing 41% or detransitioning into tumlr fakedyke radfem

No. 1260005

File: 1624095886533.jpeg (80.47 KB, 674x900, F9D0ED43-64F6-435C-8DCA-FBEB59…)

Some brain dead child wrote to Nintendo asking them to make non binary Pokémon and this is their response.

No. 1260006

File: 1624096051147.jpeg (64.94 KB, 680x383, CAEC22A5-9C6A-4C40-A725-A0A323…)


Results of shitty parenting

No. 1260011

Gomen for spoon-feeding but what the hell is the deal here? Is the person who draws these the serial killer fujoshi Aiden making fun of herself? Or is an MtF tranny drawing these to ridicule a fakeboi who makes comics parodying other fakebois? Is the artist a cow? It would just help to have some context instead of the shitty art by itself

No. 1260012

This has to be faked, right? Nintendo doesn't really do identity politics. Also, Pokémon are animals; When they use 'gender', it's used in the way that's interchangeable with 'sex'. A dog doesn't identify as a girl, and neither will an Eevee. This is some furry retard shit.

No. 1260018

This 100% looks like adult writing with their non dominant hand, the second hand cringe I'm feeling rn is too much. I have hard time believing any company would care to send a physical response letter nowadays either, it's all so sad and fake

No. 1260020

also, most american kids learn to write in between the lines at a young age. the adult who wrote this was trying way too hard.

No. 1260027

File: 1624101152159.png (4.29 MB, 2048x1152, DfroKIlVMAA2l4e.png)

>Nintendo doesn't really do identity politics.
Treehouse do, they have been changing sex/male/female/boy/girl options in multiple games to just say appearance or other shit not mentioning gender despite the Japanese version doing so.

No. 1260034

File: 1624101524603.jpg (124.74 KB, 720x1224, IMG_20210619_131454.jpg)

Most legendaries don't have a gender, is that not inclusive enough?(Pokémon derail)

No. 1260039

the absolute retardation of it all.

non of this bullshit is authentic.

No. 1260045

seconding context cuz i don't want to go to /lgbt to figure it out

No. 1260078

But the gender fandom already has Ditto, what else could they ask for?

No. 1260090

all of the above queen. youre assuming its one "artist".
immensely fake and gay. but who knows, maybe heralding for incoming nintendo retardation.

No. 1260126

There are already pkmn with no sex/gender.

No. 1260176

can someone source the top left image in the OP collage? it's making me lul. my evil fixation is finding insane artists

No. 1260356

There were a lot of people replying to the original tweet that Ditto was genderfluid and all the sexless Pokémon were either enby or agender, too. It strikes me as completely autistic to have to make obvious breeding mechanics about being genderspecial, though. Ditto exists to breed Pokémon that are hard or impossible to get a second time, or don't have an opposite sex counterpart. The legendaries are less definite to explain, but I would hedge my bets on it being precisely because GameFreak didn't want to gender/sex the most important and powerful Pokémon; making them nonbinary would still count as doing so. You only get one of them, you can't breed them, and they're not designed to be one specific sex/gender, so it's best to let the players decide on an individual level.
Sage for Pokémon autism.

No. 1260445

gay men are completely obsessed with big dicks and categorizing everyone into bear/twink models and you have to be fit. maybe these ftms could score a desperate uggo but plenty of gay men are VEHEMENTLY anti-vagina so they'd never fuck a ftm, and it's totally fine for them to be openly crude about it unlike lesbians who get crucified for saying they aren't into penis

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