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File: 1660056799002.jpg (642.43 KB, 2048x1784, FRZ.jpg)

No. 1611177

This is a series of threads about fakebois and trans-identified females (TIFs).

Fakebois are girls who pretend to be boys, either by becoming trannies or larping biological males (usually the former) Trans-identified females who are serious in their transition (a la Kalvin Garrah) are relevant too, so are their surgeries.

Fakebois style and present themselves as androgynous or feminine-looking boys, or wearing girls' clothing and make-up while insisting on being addressed with he/him (or occasionally they/them) pronouns and take great offense at being gendered as female. Some are SJW transactivists, but for most their identities are entirely superficial.

Back off all trannies and your dysphoria because no1curr.

Notable FtM-related subreddits:

Old threads by order of recency:

No. 1611208

File: 1660059475875.jpg (17.37 KB, 736x145, FRZboTWXMAIC2YT.jpg)


No. 1611231

File: 1660062095135.jpeg (40.86 KB, 828x251, AB40E328-1239-4655-9A04-FF2D1B…)

No. 1611243

File: 1660062652712.jpg (243.39 KB, 913x2048, FYwuFI1WIAEz67W.jpg)

All these girls having their yaoi doujinshi boys love fantasy shattered by reality

No. 1611244

File: 1660062720536.jpg (100.92 KB, 828x785, FRZboTWWQAIutXw.jpg)

kek love to see it

No. 1611245


>Bleeder and breeder

Just say that you hate women

No. 1611262

lol this is the most delusional post I have ever seen
She will never be a man

No. 1611274

The urge to tell her to kill herself
>sex is a sliding scale
Vidya ruins the mind
>me intersex
>i have a second hole wah
Die a second time

Anyway when is that Dirt girl going to publish her ass play nun comic, I want to read it.

No. 1611279

It’s embarrassing how much they push being hypersexual. I realize going on testosterone makes your sex drive higher but the way they start larping degenerate male sexuality is just weird. Not that women can’t be coomers (we know they can), it’s just the particular things they focus on to sound more like gay men.

No. 1611304

She's lucky to not get beaten up there. The kind of old school middle aged gay men who frequent places like this to cruise for sex don't take kindly to a woman ruining their vibe. She'd get laughed out or turned away at best and physically assaulted and insulted at worst. This is absolutely delusional and laughable. As if these normie gay men would even understand what she's getting at here

No. 1611341

That's not even what intersex means. I'm certain she's not even a biologist with how inaccurate she's describing sex.

No. 1611401

cmon nonny post the comments, i just know she got chewed the fuck out lmao

No. 1611432

File: 1660075759591.jpg (25.12 KB, 500x500, artworks-000673188139-tu2qqs-t…)


No. 1611445

i can only imagine what type of comments she is getting but she should be grateful for the negativity. these men are going to save her from serious hostility if they manage to deter her

No. 1611453

they were pretty nice about it actually

No. 1611456

File: 1660077561664.png (94.26 KB, 1320x745, chrome_DTdc7sj0e2.png)

the top comments are normal but the others are bisexual men or larping girls. her post history is posting on porn subs about 'loving her pussy'

No. 1611497

How come gay men get to be based like this

No. 1611521

Male privilege

No. 1611545

If a lesbian even suggested something like that last one (having a night at a female only place where TiMs could come), she would get attacked to hell for not being inclusive enough. This kind of shit really shows how much privilege men hold when gay men can air their grievances freely and shut down the convo but lesbians get bullied and banned.

No. 1611550

A couple of real specimens in this clip. Peep Thomasin's embarrassing neck tattoo.

No. 1611609

Great OP, I feel like our threads are evolving kek. Proud to be one of the anons to help bring the comedy gold that is /r/gaytransguys to light.

No. 1611711

>35 psychologists resigned from the children's gender service in London in the last 3 years, basically because they didn't agree with the work they were doing
Good for them. Though while a failing gender clinic that's been sued at least once iirc might deter some of the transitioning ones, it won't affect the NLOG flavour of troons who think transitioning is transphobic and everything is gender.

>many of the patients had a history of experiencing trauma and abuse

>a rise of female troon patients since 2012 in the west
>I feared I'd be called transphobic if I didn't agree the child was trans
>gave treatment to patients we maybe shouldn't have

No. 1611769

r/askgaybros has the advantage of being a self-moderating subreddit. This makes it literally the ONLY large gay or lesbian sub left that permanently online troon mods have not colonized. It is the only place on reddit (at least for the time being) where you can simply exist as a homosexual person without fear of backlash. That thread in particular seems to be an old one - newer ones are even more unapologetic lol.


Troons realized they can't carry out a coup and seize control, so they resort to brigading and spamming to get the place banned.

No. 1611786

unfortunately, it's getting a lot of attention from troons though and the people there are slowly getting shunned if they try to question troon-ideology and how it negatively impacts the lgb as a whole. it's still small though but i can definitely see the atmosphere or the feel of the sub is slowly changing to accommodate the tifs and tims that goes there for some reason.

No. 1611787

Feels based being a fujochad and not trooning out. I love women.

No. 1611802

Horrifies me that I could’ve ended up becoming a Fujo coomer tranny. Thank god my mother slapped some sense into me in high school. Makes me sad what could happen to these women and girls in a decade or two when this shit becomes not quirky and cool anymore.

No. 1611812

>Makes me sad what could happen to these women and girls in a decade or two when this shit becomes not quirky and cool anymore.
It’s why they all get so excited to see a tif older than thirty. They know deep down this shit isn’t supposed survive a person gaining the stability that comes with age.

No. 1611821

don't worry, you will soon enough, its the inevitable fate

No. 1611846

File: 1660115097262.jpeg (282.01 KB, 1538x2048, FZqaEuxXgAEo5Cv.jpeg)

Imagine the smell

No. 1611856

Don't you have some Varg dick to suck?

No. 1611874

File: 1660118125121.jpg (385.42 KB, 1080x1655, Screenshot_20220810_101210_com…)

Who could have predicted that changing your birth certificate and all other government information to 'male' would get you excluded from certain sex specific healthcare.

No. 1611902

Almost like only the people who are "assigned" this "gender" as a group have the same basic needs… based on being in this group… could it be that binary biology is real perhaps? And that "gender" is actually a made up concept that has no basis in reality? Nah, couldn't be that! Because that would mean the tweens online who told me about gender theory were wrong all along, and I've made horrible mistakes and I can't admit to anything that challenges my narrow world view!

No. 1611931

I’ll never be convinced this isn’t some form of deeply rationalised self harm. No person who loves or even likes themself would ever do willingly look like this

No. 1611932

Modifying your birth certificate is one of the most Orwellian shit pour of this debacle, literally rewriting reality just to validate your fantasy gender.

No. 1611933

I have a few piercings myself but there is no way this person is mentally well.

No. 1611936

File: 1660129906377.jpg (78.11 KB, 720x354, 20220810_122607.jpg)

Ok, but the fact that you had to grow a penis at all is evidence that you're "afab". Why do people not understand that you can go through any process, no matter how easy it difficult, no matter how extensive, but the fact there had to be a process is the proof that they aren't what they're trying to be? I genuinely feel so sad for these people and the way mental health care is exploiting their mental illnesses to pump money out of gender dysphorics

No. 1611949

reminds me of that guy (“Adam Curlykale”) who started off with ‘normal’ body mods, which eventually spiraled into full-body blackout tattoo, sclera tattoos, and cutting off his dick. https://www.inkedmag.com/tattoo-artists/body-mod-removes-penis-and-reveals-post-op-photos

No. 1611956



No. 1612000

File: 1660137962279.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1284x1416, E2044D84-FA15-4FE7-94B1-23D7AF…)

Sorry for the Mail, but can people stop doing this to little girls? I don’t understand why parents think their child wanting to play with opposite sex children or wanting clothes that are traditionally for the opposite sex has any deep meaning. I was that child. Once I found out there were differences between men and women I would put a sock in my underpants and pretend it was a penis. Most of my friends were boys because I was the “weird girl” who’s interests aligned more with theirs. It’s a story told over and over again by people here and everywhere. Let GNC kids just be that way!

No. 1612003

It’s not a penis. It’s just an enlarged clit. They need to stop spreading this kind of shit because younger people believe they can actually change sex just from hormones.

No. 1612011

I honestly never understood the point of changing the birth certificate or ID card. Even from a "muh passing" perspective, do these people plan to constantly carry around their birth certificate with the idea of wiping it out whenever someone misgenders them? Showing random people your id documents just to le epic own them sounds weird as shit.
Don't those documents specifically say "sex" anyway? Ah, yes, it sure was completely unforeseeable that a document field specifically made to report a physical characteristic (and that even per their ideology uses specifically the word that is supposed to weed out gendies) is pretty much only ever actually necessary/minimally relevant for medical stuff where the doctor is supposed to know your actual sex.

It's just ridiculous to see how they evolved to not even settle for "gender =/= sex", even to the point they're willing to completely fuck themselves over whenever they want to go to the doctor just so they can brag online.

No. 1612016

>> growing a [..] penis

It just doesn't work like that, gorl.

No. 1612022

People do that. Someone posted a TiM several threads back in MtF who was showing his license on twitter to ~own the transphobes~ while meanwhile looking like a whole entire male. I think it’s probably one of the driving factors for why they get these things changed, so they can go “nuh uh” to anyone who says otherwise even though it’s clear as day what sex they are. I don’t get it because the amount of legal shit you have to go through for that seems like a nightmare and it’s important for med staff to know your real sex because there have already been cases of TiP putting the one that they aren’t on medical forms and receiving treatment that could have killed them. It’s not something to just play around with, but it’s pretty obvious they don’t value their lives anyway.

No. 1612055

South korean tif with greasy fiancé. She transitioned to live her BL dream life. All videos are about her boyfriend.
(Around 6:35 in this video she tells him that their meeting was like female and male bird mate dancing(?) and she hugs him while he has dirty shirt with holes on)

No. 1612069

Sorry if I’m stupid, is this the same TiF as >>1612014

No. 1612074

No. 1612130

File: 1660150692947.png (2.92 MB, 750x1334, 2E4AE0CD-8DA5-41FD-8222-7016E2…)

this is an old screenshot but just thought it was funny and so telling

No. 1612141

File: 1660151196541.jpeg (444.64 KB, 1363x2304, 77244F21-A65C-49A7-9DD1-69D9DA…)

I like this artist’s cutesy style, but then I came across fakeboi Patrick. Kek the characters they choose to troon out is so random.

No. 1612156

Straight women fetishize gay men and want to become part of the lgbt "club" so bad they start thinking they're men. Wild.

No. 1612166


Straight women stop treating being gay like a fetish challenge GO!!!

No. 1612169


Most trannies are guilty of this behavior. You can say exactly the same thing about transbians.

No. 1612214

its so weird how some women who consume bl/yaoi decide to become men meanwhile the authors of these storys are women who are many times feminists.
Thankfully most fujos dont become ftm/aydens but there is a small loud minority of them which makes it look like there are more ftm fujos than reality,

No. 1612215

Sorry fakebois play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Maybe you can protest in favor for men having access to gynecological care. I'm sure it will go over well.

No. 1612255

The top pic looks sorta like VCR-wolfe's art

No. 1612262

They try, and they get mad at other women for not helping. Sorry but if you’re a big strong man now, why is it my job to advocate for you? They get mad when feminists do try to stand up for them because we usually still refer to them as females (which is accurate).

No. 1612366

File: 1660167704505.jpeg (53.36 KB, 792x960, DFEC98EA-5991-4A87-9CC1-1598AD…)

ftm mastectomy scars on this guy..?

No. 1612404

I don’t really think so??? Unless she is actually taking care of her chest scars. Even then this guys shoulders seem pretty broad for a ftm tranny kek.

No. 1612418

great cow, miss her peak era now shes smartened up to staying away from twitter so much

No. 1612426

File: 1660172378273.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 812.65 KB, 750x1220, 23ABA50E-2E55-43BD-8D04-6F1EBC…)

shit looks so weird. first time i see one of these posted on reddit.

No. 1612433

What? I don’t even see anything just a weird ordinary man tit of a dude who probably drinks too much.

No. 1612443

Who the fuck sees this clump of flesh and thinks its a penis? it looks so out of place, and the fact that it is always in this state (aka it cannot be neither hard nor soft) seems like it would just hurt alot when you walk around with it?? Youre just having this weird rigid piece of arm flesh in the place on your body that has the most friction

No. 1612445

What is with these types and claiming sex deformities and abnormalities are some kind of “intersex” phenomenon. Like okay congrats you gave yourself an enlarged clitoris and facial hair from abusing cross sex steroids but don’t try and compare yourself to women who were born with extreme hormone imbalances and gonad dysfunction who didn’t have a choice or want in the matter.

No. 1612450

File: 1660173991639.jpg (997.68 KB, 3464x2228, IMG_20220811_045641.jpg)

Damn nonnie you wasn't kidding about him wearing a dirty shirt with holes kek. Did she just pick up a random hobo off the street?

No. 1612459

What if hes slow and she has a retard fetish

No. 1612467

Anyone woke believes sex is a spectrum and a restrictive concept. and that injecting hormones and removing functional organs such as a uterus does indeed change your sex.

Sex is now A) a white colonialist concept (kek) and B) a "sliding scale" of various groupings of traits. Such as external and internal sex organs, hormone levels, outward physical appearance etc. Doesn't this pomo argument mean that any semantic categorization is unnecessary and bigoted because there are always exceptions? That saying humans have five fingers is genuinely exclusionary to people born with fewer numbers or more. The fact that this obvious female PFP is telling me she has grown a penis makes me feel like I'm losing my mind.

No. 1612525

I wonder what the South Korean radfems thinking of this girl. Wouldn’t be surprised if they hated her for reasons similar to ours, but I still want to see the comments.

No. 1612542

Of course many of her videos have "BL" in the title, she knows what audience she wants to appeal to kek, or maybe she's one of the types who wanted to transition into an uke

No. 1612547

I bet she gets a lot of euphoria walking around naked in the locker room with her ridiculously-sized and postmortem-colored frankensausage flopping around, thinking the men who look at her crotch from the corner of their eyes are jealous when in reality they are thinking "what the fuck is that?"

No. 1612552

Koreans don't even use gendered pronouns unless they are translating foreign texts, so literally the only thing this lardass has to do for easy pussy is say "yes honey, you are definitely a guy and we are definitely gay".

The absolute state of fujotroons lmao.

No. 1612581

File: 1660182760646.jpeg (574.01 KB, 1170x1614, 5322F622-525A-481B-BC30-1B6B57…)

Do these girls have any self-respect

No. 1612593

These retarded tif/enby whores are the same as any other 'cis' ones

No. 1612615

You need to relax on the transvestigating

No. 1612631

They cry and cry about how they hate being associated with us, until it's convenient for them. Then they want us to change our language to accommodate them. Fakebois are so childish and selfish.

No. 1612659

You can’t even have sex with it. Just this floppy numb soft thing going into you. Actually I read some fucking horror story about how FTMs with these fake dicks are somehow able to inflate them to make them appear hard. I don’t even want to know how that’s achieved

No. 1612661

Even inflated it's completely unusable. I watched a few videos on pornhub just to see how it works. It just doesn't

No. 1612664

They have a pump in the neo scrote which pushes a saline solution into the fake dick to make it turgid.

No. 1612677

Woo-hoo. Now that's what I call 'romantic'.

No. 1612678

Yuck, I'd rather have a vag… Oh wait.

No. 1612688


In all fairness, there are cis men that have to get a titty chop due to gynecomastia or basically males having too much estrogen and getting boobs

No. 1612689

File: 1660197012207.jpg (Spoiler Image, 146.79 KB, 1154x594, thefuck.jpg)

She also often lays on him or touches his crotch on videos to appeal to BL fans.

No. 1612691

a severely retarded straight girl touching a fat blob of shit does not appeal to the bl fan in me whatsoever

No. 1612705

What yaoi does to a mfer, seriously I bet she read lots of doujins with preety boy ukes getting fucked by larger "masculine" and now that's how she see's herself

No. 1612719

kek, still can't resist being a pickme

No. 1612742

The distance between real gays and neo-gays is astounding. I admire old school middle aged homosexuals for standing their ground and continuing to understand that gate keeping the LGB community is the way to keep real lesbians and gays safe. based behaviour. Just once, I'd love for a proper pre-stonewall era gay man to just sit a modern tif down and tell them that being a gay dude forced to sleep with a woman is the kind of shit a roving gang of actual bigots would do to a gay dude to humiliate them before a bashing. I'm sick of troons burdening LGB with the responsibility of making them feel validated

No. 1612776

Aren't dicks supposed to be darker than other body parts? She's not going to fool anybody lol.

No. 1612778

File: 1660214146850.jpg (98.54 KB, 442x862, Screenshot_20220811-123115_Pic…)

I don't know is she's been posted before, but I hate thi TiF handmaiden so much

In one sentence, she acknowledged the double standard within the trans community:
Appearantly it's not okay to essentialize somebody's "assigned gender" when it's to acknowledge male socialization/privilege/violence, but it's okay to do it when it's this woke re-incarnation of the concept of female privilege that is defining women through being "tme" (transmisogyny-exempt, the idea women have fundemental privilege over men because we get to perform femininity)

It's just such blatant misogyny, do TiFs have any self-respect?

No. 1612783

File: 1660215574292.png (72.61 KB, 742x449, ijustcant.png)

Reminds me of this

No. 1612792

what kind of weird fantasy is this
where did she get this idea from

No. 1612814

It’s always so funny imagining getting ready for sex and making out or touching or whatever and then your partner has to put it on pause to pump up the fake dick. I wonder how long it takes. Is it like fwoosh fwoosh fwoosh “sorry honey one more second” fwoosh fwoosh

No. 1612815

gay porn

No. 1612853

I've watched gay porn and I have never seen that shit. They may rub their dicks together, but never that. This is obviously some dumb fujotroomer fantasy lol.

No. 1612862

It’s a thing sorry to invalidate you

No. 1612863

It’s whatever but isn’t it like… a complete travesty to be fat and have that many holes in your shirt in Korea

No. 1612866

Ayrt the first time I heard of it was in HS when some male friends were talking about how they experimented. It’s def a thing real men do too, even just out of stupidity.

No. 1612879

nta but yeah, whenever some straight moids got drunk near me, they opened up about the faggoty shit they did in the locker rooms. Scrotes are bifags by nature.

No. 1612895

I know men are dumb as shit universally but is this some American thing lmao

No. 1612900

Rubbing dicks together as foreplay is not an “American thing” no, odd it’s even a topic of debate.

No. 1612917

lmao so this was the seme of her dreams?
Seriously you just can't live with moids they all become like this once you live together or marry, I learned the hard way

No. 1612926

File: 1660233567826.jpg (264.44 KB, 840x1567, Screenshot_20220811-185036__01…)

Found this creature in the wild.

No. 1612953

She looks like a walking red flag.

No. 1612958

File: 1660236102080.png (2.24 MB, 1700x854, 335686786745.png)

Her videos are just cringefest. She is making him breakfast, then wakes him up while teasing him and giggling. He has like three shirts max (orange, black and grey), then she asks him if the breakfast is good and how he is feeling. After breakfast he goes to work and she goes outside to eat at some restaurant while mentioning said boyfriend every minute.

No. 1612965

Even if she's mentally unwell, she really could have gotten someone better that would actually fit the BL delusion. Putting tradthots to shame with how she treats him tho.

No. 1613016

I've seen that crowd lean very heavily towards chubby characters in the past. When stardew valley came out they were all over the chubby manlet marriage candidate, I think it's just odd seeing a non western tif do it since asians normally hate fat retards

No. 1613018

is it new? i don't remember any character like that. just the drunken and jobless middle aged guy weirdos cream over

No. 1613020

why do troons always get cringiest tattoos

No. 1613031

I love how they think stalking irl gay men’s spaces and calling themselves “3 hole fag“ (I felt uneasy typing that out) is totally acceptable but a straight fujo girl watching yuri on ice is the worst thing ever. It’s insane. Just do cosplay and leave it at that tifs.

No. 1613035

The marvel blanket I can't… Really a fat manchild slob is her seme prince charming?

No. 1613046

Come on, don't make me derail this thread defending Shane
t. Not a tif

No. 1613047

I bet she calls him a bear kek

No. 1613076

File: 1660244157479.jpeg (158.92 KB, 750x1054, 3475E0DE-EE32-4FB4-B9D2-9828C9…)

Can‘t deal with this shit anymore. I have post partum dysphoria after giving birth as well, but I‘m not e-begging. Guess it won’t work since I am simply a woman.


No. 1613138

OT but I hope you feel better soon nonna.

No. 1613163

File: 1660249415170.png (571.99 KB, 1056x1525, screnshot 20.png)

This is both pathetic and infuriating, like the comment about kurt cobain actually sent me into a rage

No. 1613180

File: 1660250990040.jpg (169.32 KB, 828x1792, Tumblr_l_1182921990722707.jpg)

Why can't they just embrace the fact that 1. they are straight women and 2. yaoi belongs to women

No. 1613183

she literally looks like what I imagine a regular fujoshi to look like

No. 1613184

I'm fucking cackling she looks like an ordinary, albeit nerdy, straight girl. But I guess she goes by he/him pronouns so that makes her a true and honest gay boy and not an evil fujoshi fetishizer

No. 1613188

Lol I fetishize gay anime boys not doughy white girls with a victim complex

No. 1613190

The funny thing is they’re actually (probably) right about him being one of the first mainstream people to be a gendie in the modern sense. If I remember correctly there was a passage in Courtney Love’s memoir book ‘dirty blonde’ about him wanting to be a “submissive lesbian” (literally what it said) Plus, wasn’t he super weird and jealous about not being the “pregnant one?” I’m not saying he definitely would’ve trooned out if he was a zoomer, but he did have problems with being a womb envy weirdo. He was so, so close to being the first “transbian.”

No. 1613215

I'm finnish, so no

No. 1613218

X3 n0 I don't tink I willz, r3tard!

No. 1613226

That's literally him. Shane was usually depicted in fanart as a chubby sloppy hairy manlet with depression who eats pizza, an a lot of tifs who clung to him heavily leant on the fact he was fat as part of his sex appeal

No. 1613231

only for women, men can get away with just about anything

No. 1613256


I say this in sadness because I grew up listening to Nirvana, but Kurt would absolutely have trooned out if he were a teenager today. He was a lonely and insecure outsider in a conservative lumber town who was desperate to feel like part of a community (and thought he had found one in the underground rock scene, which is why unlike other grunge stars he suffered so much when his former peers turned against him for "selling out.") If Discord had existed in Aberdeen, Washington in the 1970s, Kurt would have been groomed into trooning faster than you can say "41% with the guy from Earth's shotgun."

No. 1613306

> If Discord had existed in Aberdeen, Washington in the 1970s
>would have been groomed into trooning faster than you can say "41% with the guy from Earth's shotgun."

KEK I’m a bad person for laughing so much at this. The mental image is hilarious, I close my eyes and programmer socks cobain is staring at me

No. 1613317

Him and half our 90s rock icons. Billy Corgan, Brian Molko for sure…

No. 1613318

If you want to be even more sad, think of how many gender-nonconforming female musicians who would've probably become he/theys if it was a thing back when. These days it feels like it's not a matter of if, but when an alt female musician decides she's Not A Girl.

No. 1613320

What does this even mean? If you're a woman who's attracted to FTMs you're not straight, I promise

Tattooing something on yourself doesn't make it true no matter how big the font is

No. 1613406

Are you saying you are a gay man?

No. 1613428

Lmafo I’m crying rn She looks and sounds so retarded

No. 1613454

sage but I miss feminine men so much
why is everything Troon shit now

No. 1613539

That is not a marvel blanket, that is her marvel pajama pants, she is sitting on him, giving him a back massage, every video on her channel has similar scene, because she thinks it looks interesting to BL fans and gives her views.

No. 1613565

These are all men they're attracted to, and because half are literally dead or are so massive you can't approach them, they decide to turn themselves into them.

Troon shit or trying to convince them that they're gay. They still exist, they no longer lurk or thrive in subcultures because normies took every subculture over and ruined them with tranny and SJW shit.

Plenty of gay moids lurking nowadays, males can't clock trannies in general so you see them here or even on LSA in troonphobic threads trying to learn how.

No. 1613601

If Grace Jones were at her peak today, she would have already been bullied into being a he/him

No. 1613614

File: 1660292178954.png (1.98 MB, 2048x1536, 35C47029-B7B3-4447-B3B4-95D8E0…)

No. 1613628

File: 1660293726078.png (34.52 KB, 510x265, casper.png)

KEK she's not serious, right? She's pretty cute and I like her nose. This comment though, lol.

No. 1613632

>that spoiler
glad i'm not the only one kek. why am i like this though, sucks to be attracted to gendie types.

No. 1613651

They successfully manipulated the qt weird, unique looking girls. I'll never forgive them.

No. 1613677

I think men pseudo-clock tif but are unaware of the concept and try to figure out what's amiss, deciding on 'faggy homosexual social outcast' that they exclude or are hostile towards.

No. 1613687

Not even bad, ironically looks better (from what I can see) than the mtf axewounds kek

No. 1613736

Wait, iirc, was it her who posted in the humiliation trans rape scenario themed subreddit?
So is this a cap from there lol

No. 1613748

File: 1660309424329.jpg (60.52 KB, 630x1200, PS.jpg)

>transition goals is peter stelle
LMAO they can't be serious

No. 1613765

Males are mostly too retarded to clock tif’s, not only because they’re not endangered by a man secretly approaching them (so they’re not evaluating the sex of strangers as closely as women) but also because they’re mostly face blind. I’ve been called “brother” multiple times by scrotes (I’m middle eastern so there’s no way they thought it was my gender identity) when I had a mask on because my eyes look angry or whatever. It’s very easy to fool them, you don’t need to put in active effort either.>>1613677

No. 1613769

sorry for off topic but I think he has the biggest tits I’ve seen on a man and I believe he has had implants inserted at an early point in his career. Not judging though, I love how pec implants look. Wish more boys would get them, very soft very cushiony

No. 1613778

File: 1660311012214.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1284x2119, 4B08398A-6D34-4900-8A13-B32C9A…)

Woman didn’t act like woman?? Must mean she wasn’t a woman!

No. 1613779

I am completely transphobic and it’s the trannies that made me this way

No. 1613799

I always thought Billy Corgan would definitely be a gendie if he was the same age today as he was in his gish/siamese/mellon collie era. He literally looked like he had pronouns

No. 1613819

File: 1660313476916.jpg (182.52 KB, 986x1114, Screenshot_20220812-090648_Goo…)

It is so wrong to headcanon real women of history as nonbinary. Especially since being female was literally considered being a lower class. Why not make a play based off of people who actually did identify as nonbinary? Public Universal Friend would make for a great comedy drama.

No. 1613826

File: 1660313794360.jpg (79.07 KB, 750x883, ccc.jpg)

WTF are you on about, have never seen a tall buff guy wearing a tight shirt in your life

No. 1613834

It’s disrespectful to the historical figures in question and I can’t imagine it being good for young girls to see these girls/women who have always been upheld as strong female role models suddenly be “headcanoned” as not actually women. It basically solidifies the notion that women are quiet, submissive beings who never step out of line or do anything to protect themselves or others. Why would any girl want that to be her only option? I hate when they do this shit. The worst to me is when it’s with butch lesbians or women who dresses and acted as men for better social standing. It’s so annoying.

No. 1613838

File: 1660314394496.jpg (1.18 MB, 2252x2029, FYsqijqXoAcGqJk.jpg)

multiple first hand contemporary sources about Joan mention multiple times that Joan would beat prostitutes she found with her army

Duc d'Alencon and one of her close supporters:
>Jeanne was a chaste maiden; she hated the women who follow in the train of armies. I saw her one day at Saint Denis on the return from the coronation, pursuing one of them sword in hand: her sword was broken on this occasion.

And Louis de Contes, her page:
>She would have no women in her army. One day, near Chateau-Thierry, seeing the mistress of one of her followers riding on horseback, she pursued her with her sword, without striking her at all; but with gentleness and charity she told her she must no longer be found amongst the soldiers, otherwise she would suffer for it.

She even banned swearing in her army and would become 'enraged' at the slightest hint of blasphemy. I just want to talk to the people who were supposed to do research for this play, she would beat 100% trannies with the back of her sword for daring to dishonor her like this

No. 1613851

what the fuck is this autism

No. 1613865

Most women hate their bodies after giving birth. Why do you think that so many women suddenly have a lower sex drive and stop having sex or lose enjoyment from it? It's because they feel like shit and are eaten alive by shame by the way they look. If people are stupid enough to donate that's up to them it's their money but I don't see what makes this case special.

No. 1613879

Have you heard of exercise

No. 1613881

I was going to say it’s bc she’s an NB NLOG, but it doesn’t seem like the GFM is even going that well. People just don’t give a shit about what mothers are going through directly after pregnancy. Meanwhile if a TiM makes up a sob story and asks for money it gets fulfilled in like a day. TiFs need to realize that IDing as something other than “not a woman” means nothing when they have female bodies. People just don’t give a shit.

No. 1613897

Transition goals aka dick goals. Nigga is dead and has been for 12 years, I'm sure they can go to New York and find some Russian or Italian scrote to teach them how to be a true and honest moid.

No. 1613931

Guilt seems to be the final nail in the coffin for these "fujoshi". Guilt and general westoid retardation. You don't see JP/KR/CN fujoshi troon out at western levels. Wonder if that's because women have real problems to deal with in those countries.

No. 1613949

We already do, and I'm not talking attention seeker Demi Lovato walking back the they/them thing. Adrienne Lenker of Big Thief is some type of gender non-binary.

No. 1613950

Lol at calling other nb women bitches, someone even called her out for using it and she said it was just a meme
I guess she doesn't care when it comes to misgendering females

No. 1613954

take it to the thirstposting thread nona

(please, post more there)

No. 1613964

>you are trans if you say you are trans
>transing the dead who cannot speak

No. 1614014

File: 1660323986591.jpeg (21.91 KB, 634x192, C358F812-52C4-4593-A881-6B1774…)

Laughing at this tweet JKR liked in reference to this.

No. 1614030

Absolutely based.

No. 1614034

This is some of the most insulting, patriarchal shit I've ever read. Next Olga of Kiev will be a hermaphrodite who truly identified as a man.

No. 1614035

She talks like she's so nervous of getting cancelled by her own people kek, but I don't blame her because they love eating their own

No. 1614037


transitioned only to still end up living the exact same life as any other straight woman in a relationship with a moid

No. 1614038

File: 1660325644424.jpeg (578.5 KB, 1125x1363, C00FC0AC-2002-4FEE-97BE-675142…)

oooh i love how openly based they are. but knowing reddit and it’s troon infestation they will be gone soon probably. i wish them luck stay strong king

No. 1614055

As in Joan of arc? Ffs. Women can be legendary leaders without being troonified post mortem. Let them rest. Next they'll be saying Charlotte Bronte was a gendie since she used a male pen name. Which, I've just remembered, JKR does for her cormoran strike series, will they do it to her too kek

No. 1614065

They already love to say JKR is actually trans because in her essay she mentioned being a bit of a tomboy and that she probably would have been put on the TiF track if she was a kid today. They claim she is an egg and that’s why she’s so “defensive” about trans stuff. It’s ludicrous.

No. 1614129

I love the limp-wristed threat: we won't be the last! We're never gonna stop cranking out this dogshit nobody wants to see because we hate you, the public!

Even though no one will remember it and it only exists thanks to some bullshit foundation, we will never stop stealing and shitting on your history, bitches.

Luckily they won't make anyone forget Renee Falconetti or the real Jeanne with this shit.

No. 1614153

File: 1660335116712.jpeg (1.52 MB, 1170x1856, 6B66682D-B307-4AB7-A93E-739291…)

In 20 years they are going to be putting these pictures in psychology textbooks the same way they put pictures of lobotomy victims.

No. 1614157

Looks like the downie from Trailer Park Boys

No. 1614159

I don’t understand these kind of people. Normally I’m very whatever about tattoos because I have some myself, but I judge people who get things that are logos or memes or things that are going to look stupid as hell in ten years. I would bet half my savings she will be off T and getting a tattoo cover up in that time.

No. 1614202

The t being the tumblr font (or pretty similar at least) says it all

No. 1614226

If the world actually progresses intellectually. At this rate trannies and troon goons will be the ones writing the textbooks, documenting how cis people are the mentally ill ones for not participating in gender confusion and delusion.

No. 1614228

im so tired of seeing tifs with navel piercings. the sight of their hairy wanna be man guts is just so disgusting to me.

No. 1614262

File: 1660345507094.png (129.07 KB, 1208x499, gi9.png)

>that combination of narcissism, homophobia, stereotyping and patronizing women

amazing. i wish we had a bingo card for these posts.

No. 1614270

File: 1660346511130.jpeg (113.84 KB, 828x1121, 0A4DE163-9993-4CA3-AD7D-620A14…)

Very manly. I guess this is the only way they can assault women with a penis.

No. 1614285

Ah, yes shoelaces, the true mark of a gay man.

No. 1614304

Pretty sure that's a troll account by the look of the @ and icon

No. 1614316


based Publick Universal Friend enjoyer

No. 1614317

(nta) obviously, but those knitted trans flag packers are very much real and earnest. they really make the female socialization pop.

No. 1614417

that's not even knit, it's crochet

No. 1614451

I could have never imagined in ten million years that telling an acquaintance that my aunt getting her breast removed for cancer would immediately be responded with “oh so she’s getting top surgery, right?”

No. 1614490

shit is so infuriating like omg leave petey alone u cunts

No. 1614510

remember when trans people used to want to just fit in and look/act as cis as possible and be fucking normal? i miss those trans people, all these fucking degenerate tiktok/twitter trannys only do this shit for attention. i wish these t4t tifs would take themselves out of the lesbian dating pool

No. 1614586

File: 1660376178542.webm (2.66 MB, 576x1024, 1660360330145540.webm)

No. 1614615

They’ve always been freaky degenerates. It’s a voyeuristic fetish for most of them and extreme nlogging for some tifs, attention seeking bullshit by nature. They only say they want to be normal to win enablers.

No. 1614624

Is this Sarah Marie Karda? She's always been insufferable

No. 1614628

I cannot stand her too, and she's been flooding all social media platforms for some years now.

Bitch is a complete narcissist.

No. 1614629

What does t4t even mean?
Must be "tats for trash".

No. 1614651


Trans for trans

No. 1614653

Why are trannies allowed to exclude "cis" people from their dating pool but not the other way around?

No. 1614757

Bc cis people are meanie oppressors who don’t get a say in anything apparently

No. 1614797

why do so many fakebois want to be femboys

No. 1614818

this. i hate fakebois so much it's unreal

No. 1614846

File: 1660401460058.jpg (104.54 KB, 1080x490, Screenshot_20220813-163744_Chr…)

A very common test

No. 1614853


No. 1614854

men can't post here

No. 1614855

The fact they KNITTED a dick is the most feminine thing they could do.. an actual man would probably use a 9 inch dildo as a “packer.”

No. 1614856

Because they want to be the SPECIALEST genderspecial of them all. Attention craving to the max.

No. 1614860

File: 1660402715123.jpg (39.99 KB, 680x450, da5.jpg)

ah yes, this is going directly in the lolcow's own caps thread

No. 1614885

How is her chest that flat without the mutilation stars they all fetishise

No. 1614891

it's crocheted but yeah

No. 1614962

>Another thing we learn from Troons.
Speak for yourself. The rest of us knew what it was

No. 1614963

It's called keyhole top surgery, they cut around the nipple and remove the fat. It only works if you have really small boobs because they don't remove any skin.

No. 1614978

I remember her. Wasn't she on T for a bit and stopped because it was making her look "too masculine"?

No. 1614982

So women can show their breasts on TikTok as long as they are small enough. She obviously wants to look like some twinky anime boy type like the Griffith/Alucard genre.

No. 1615000

Reminds me of that Valentin_Winter person. I honestly don’t know if that one is male or female.

No. 1615072

Valentin is definitely male when you see him next to women in photos.

No. 1615092

Oh okay ty. That was my original thought but there are so many girls trying to achieve that sort of look and everything is so filtered that in some of the selfies it was hard for me to tell.

No. 1615176

As a big chested woman who has always hated her breasts I can honestly say I understand why so many girls today want to chop theirs off, it just seems so freeing to not have to be self conscious about them + being able to be shirtless in a non-sexual way. I only understand the breasts though not the frankenpeen and frog voice.

No. 1615208

File: 1660428080268.jpg (144.52 KB, 1080x1335, FZ8tVOOXEAEBXeT.jpg)

This is so incredibly disrespectful towards women with cancer, how immature and sheltered are these people

No. 1615210

Don’t they realize people die from this. I’ve had family die from breast cancer.

No. 1615212

Fellow big chested nona who wants a breast reduction, yeah it can be freeing as it literally takes a weight off your chest and you can fit in so many more clothes, but if only these troons realised that it doesn't make them less of a woman. That's what coombrained scrotes think when they comment "what a waste" under women's breast reduction posts and jacking off to the before pictures. But of course tif handmaiden worship what scrotes think while pretending they totally don't because they're totally men too.

No. 1615237

File: 1660430225295.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1170x1645, 4849E982-8394-4401-8D74-7B0689…)

walking red flag

No. 1615244

As somoeone who also had family and friends suffer from this horrible disease the tifs who say shallow shit like this are imo the most disgusting and irredeemable kind. Its not uwu kawaii when the doctor says you have this many months to live and that any day from that timespan could be your last.

No. 1615262

The way they make this their entire personality. I can’t stand people who do that about anything. For the love of god talk about other things.

No. 1615276

barely walking, from the looks of it.

No. 1615279

Kek didn’t even notice the crutches. Makes me wonder why so many cripples are TiFs.

No. 1615333

There's been some pretty stupid youth fashion trends across history. Giving yourself a systemic hormone disorder because you have low self esteem has to be by far the most inane. It makes the Japanese bagel heads look frankly enlightened.

No. 1615354

File: 1660443177210.jpg (1.7 MB, 2000x2500, 3923.jpg)

Picrel is still my favorite TIF shirt. Is this seriously what they think a gay man would want to wear?

No. 1615362

I think it has to do with the whole "taking back their bodies" thing

No. 1615366

I think the backlash is pretty dumb. I mean, it's a fictional play based on a real life person. It doesn't change history.

No. 1615368

NTAYRT but in my eurofag country we don't call it a pap smear, maybe that's just in America?

No. 1615388

I don't care what happens to women like this

No. 1615396

You realize it’s still feeding into the idea that gnc woman = closeted man, right?

No. 1615412

"Evil Lucinda isn't real, she can't hurt you"

No. 1615425

File: 1660449906182.jpg (68.95 KB, 847x381, 1649514226385.jpg)

I'm not even particularly large breasted, but I still hate my breasts and If there was a method that could just remove them from my body without surgery I'd take it, there's a feeling of unnaturalness with breasts that never went away for me, they just don't feel right on my body and I have always felt like this, I would constantly look up how to remove my boobs. I found out about chest binders and briefly considered it but then decided against it because I didn’t yet have a credit card and I didn’t want my parents finding out.
I also would pray (I’m not even religious, and never have been, but I gave “God” a shot bc that’s how desperate I was to rid myself of boobs).
It’s not that I dislike being female, I like “feminine” things, I always have. I feel comfortable in my gender besides the fact that I have boobs, its just because actually I enjoy every other aspect of womanhood, idk I just have this weird thing abt boobs, cause male chests just seem so more functional and practical, I don't think that's gender envy cause I don't wish for anything else related to maleness

No. 1615432

Get over yourself

No. 1615435

>cause male chests just seem so more functional and practical, I don't think that's gender envy cause I don't wish for anything else related to maleness
It's literally the opposite. Men have undeveloped, nonfunctional breasts. Men having nipples is pointless. Breasts are the life-grower of our species, and breastmilk, even today, is irreplaceable.

No. 1615446

It’s probably related to other body image issues, for example, imagine for a second that you have to be chubby, would you rather be chubby with a flat male chest or chubby with normal female breasts? I think you would only want to be flat chested if you’re either already very skinny, or your goal is to be skeletal or waiflike. Usually women who hate their breasts (unless they’re literally abnormally huge and causing you pain) hate them because small boobs/flat chest looks less sensual and more innocent, it’s a way to try to escape your sexuality as a woman so that you don’t feel preyed upon, which is also what a lot of anorexics are trying to do

No. 1615453

Damn, if you're that desperate just get a binder at Target.

No. 1615493

a lot i see have canes because being overweight and sedentary has ruined their knees and backs.

No. 1615505

Fucking this >>1615432 because half of the site relates to it and no one fucking cares.

No. 1615514

You're getting some unkind responses so I'd like to know that I know you feel and I relate to what you're saying. I don't wanna blog too much but there were extenuating circumstances and I think this feeling is natural for many, many girls and women. Getting a breast reduction actually alleviated my ED because so much of it was focused on getting rid of my breasts. Not to frame this as a cure, but to illustrate how common this way of thinking is.
I think if people had more understanding responses to people who feel this way, we wouldn't get so many people who cut themselves off from womanhood. This is a very good example of the kind of stuff that makes women identify as transgender/nonbinary. They assume no one else can feel as they do, so they must not be women.

No. 1615522

Your healthy body parts are missing.

No. 1615524

I feel this in a way as I don't want children so my breasts won't need to perform the function they're for. I don't feel they're unnatural, because they're a natural part of the female body, that just happens to have little use to me. With your feelings of unnaturalness though, being introspective about this and talking to other women could help get to the root of the problem and figure out where to go from there? Could talk to a therapist even (but make it clear you're not a tif) if it's an option for you?

No. 1615526

No nona lol, just smaller. If they were, what do you think this message would accomplish, anyway?

No. 1615527

File: 1660465787951.jpg (1.77 MB, 2048x2048, PhotoGrid_1660465410940.jpg)

Bullying your mom into undergoing a painful procedure that would leave behind an ugly mess is valid if you're upset about a name tattoo the mom is actively trying to keep hidden.

No. 1615529

They're literally not, nonna. She had a reduction. I'll be damned if the big boob back problem community are getting lumped in with Aidens just for having a fraction of their breasts removed

No. 1615530

I don't have any sort of gender dysphoria and I have accepted the reality of my body, I do plan on having kids myself at some point so maybe after that I could grow to learn to not just tolerate but appreciate my breasts

No. 1615539

Thank fuck even reddit agrees on what an asshole that kid is

No. 1615544

So many gendies don’t understand that you can have gender dysphoria without wanting to be trans. Many if not most women feel depression over the “inevitabilities” that come with gender; female puberty being so much more intense than males, having to deal with periods and hormonal cycles your whole life, developing sexual unwanted attention just because your body changes without you understanding why, being an “other” and ostracized from playing with boys, the increasing fear of male violence, pregnancy, all of it! And even the pressures of being feminine to be seen as a “respectful girl”. It wholly sucks, and even though there’s plenty of good that comes with being born a girl the bad parts are bad and last forever.

No. 1615549

this actually breaks my heart to read. its so hard to believe its not a troll

No. 1615580

imagine trying to make your mom out to be an asshole when you're the one making unreasonable demands and shitting on her precious memories.

No. 1615582

What did leddit say?

No. 1615596

They labelled her the asshole.

They didn't like how dismissive she was about her mum's mental health whilst making her own the most important. "My body my choice" was also brought up a lot, reddit hated how she was trying to push a painful semi-medical procedure on the mom.

No. 1615629

>three holed faggot
I'm getting the feeling that the word whore was made specifically for this person.

No. 1615631


If you don’t want to reproduce and lactate (something dogs and women in comas can do) this is so pointless. A lot of us don’t want to be fucking human cows and don’t care about this nature mama shit. ayrt is normal in wishing to have a flat chest that doesn’t jiggle and chafe and protrude.

No. 1615634

you sound like you belong in this thread tbh, maybe you should lose weight if your tits are such a hindrance to you

No. 1615635

Breasts are a normal part of your body. Do you also hate your elbows and want them removed? That's how unhinged you sound.

No. 1615637

loose weight then, fatty
funny how all of your kind are being psyopped by big pharma into hating yourselves and needlessly removing healthy and functional body parts

No. 1615651


Not an FTM and my tits are tiny and manageable. Don’t want to get surgery and plan to have kids one day, but I hate the female reproductive role and how involved it is. Plenty of women feel like this, we just deal with it by moving on with our lives or getting a reduction instead of obsessing over it. When women can’t talk about these feelings and get told that it’s weird to not feel pride about lactation or getting pregnant, they get pushed into all this fucking “I’m non binary” shit. I’d rather tell a woman that her feelings about her chest are normal and there’s a way forward and she doesn’t have to identify with biological processes she didn’t choose to be happy with her body.

No. 1615657

no one cares about your tiny manageable tits

No. 1615659

Why are you trying to have a serious discussion after saying "human cows"?

No. 1615668

Because that’s how some of us feel. We didn’t want to be female, we feel weird about reproduction, and having people tell us we should be happy because we “can make breast milk” isn’t going to make us any happier. If you can’t relate, then move on, I’m glad you’re happy with your body and you find female processes fulfilling or normal. As shown by the ballooning number of non binary and FTM females, there are a lot of women who don’t feel happy about them and view their disgust at being told that they are “life givers” as a sign they’re not girls and to just chop them off entirely. Not all women are going to love our bodies and the consequences of it, sometimes we’re going to use gross evocative language because it makes us feel like that, like our unique value is being a cow that makes kids and breastmilk. The emotion is normal, just stigmatized, and the solution is just moving on with your life. Or getting a reduction if it’s that big a deal.

No. 1615680

I can really relate to your post, nonna. I wish I were flat; my breasts are far too large for my frame (and I'm not fat at all). So I have really negative responses to anything reproductive-related. but I don't like the idea of getting a reduction and then having a mutilated chest with no feeling in the nipples at all. And there's always a risk of that.

I wish I just weren't anything, but I also feel like women (and women like me) suffer horrible discrimination day after day. From the obvious to the subtle. I'll be damned if I try to opt out of my responsibility to fight against that just because I don't "really" feel like my entire identity is wrapped up in having a vagina.

No. 1615683

Especially since that's how scrotes and tradthots view women, as just existing to be broodmares destined shit out kids and care for them. Hell even little girls aren't exempt from that mentality, at least if shit like little girls being forced to go to different states to get life-saving abortions after getting molested and impregnated are any indication.

If I was a pubescent girl in a red state rn I'd probably be looking for any way to yeet my uterus from my body.

No. 1615718

I agree. Dismissing or shitting on this feeling that some women have is unhelpful at best and could push some into thinking they can become Not A Girl at worst. For those who do want to birth and feed a child, great, but it's a function that not everyone wants to/is able to use and being insistently told things like you're wrong for not wanting it, that's what being a woman is "for", really doesn't help and as you said could push some into the arms of troonery.

No. 1615723

One of the ayrt and I feel the same on not wanting any other aspect of being male. Not that I want to be male or even completely flat chested, just significantly smaller. For me it's not just the size anyway it's always been the unwanted sexual attention and being unable to hide them. Mine being big also sag because they are heavy and they make be feel disgusting when I'm not wearing a bra, they are in the way and feel like an inconvenience to me. Although I'd say the ugliness of my breasts has a bigger impact on me then their size, so many of the features of my breasts are nitpicked to death and it's usually other women that make me feel like my breasts are vile tbh which is a shame because i like women romantically. Plus a lot of the fashion I'm into just looks best on a smaller chest.

No. 1615726

>the role of women is to be barefoot in the kitchen birthing and feeding babies from their womanly woman breasts
>the role of women is to be submissive and breedable and have big honking mommy milkers
It's not a coincidence that so many girls from religious backgrounds troon out, they have the same fucking definition of womanhood.

No. 1615730

The trad definition you gave is phrased slightly less depressing kek

No. 1615741

>uguuu i have such tiny sexy little tits that are sooo manageable but i stillll hate them!!!!!
no one fucking cares this thread is about TIFs

No. 1615751

She sounds like a pickme kek

No. 1615760

I think the fact that growing breasts results in some girls getting sexually harassed/catcalled/etc by grown-ass adults before they're even out of elementary school also plays a big role in a lot of women's discomfort with them.

No. 1615762

File: 1660494200494.jpeg (6.24 KB, 225x225, sexytradman.jpeg)

kek sorry let me rephrase
>the role of women is to be barefoot in the kitchen birthing and feeding babies from their womanly woman breasts while Keeping Sweet for their strong alpha looksmatch husband

No. 1615767

Ben Shapiro is an Aiden
>like 4'11 in height, like Ellen Paige
>presents as misogynist to be more male
>does not have the hormones to grow a beard
>crokey voice from voice training Tumblr guides
>he/him lesbian because "he" is dating a woman

No. 1615770

it sounds like to me everyone complaining about their tits are just off-put by it due to past sexualization. It’s clearly not a natural feeling; you all are just victims lmao.

No. 1615773

It was the perfect disguise

No. 1615778

File: 1660495457528.jpg (52.34 KB, 850x400, 3f641d5e25c1269a028bcf5b99dd09…)

she was a 15th century religious radical who wanted to start a Holy war on England, its kinda stupid to think she'd believe in any sort of modern definitions of what we'd consider feminism of even proto-feminism, she would likely have radfems like Andrea Dworkin beaten to death if they ever met, same with most powerful female historical figures like Queen Victoria and Maria Theresa, they were a product of the societies they lived in, Victoria believed she had the right to rule not because she was a #girlboss, but because her bloodline was special because she had a divine right to rule

No. 1615784

Why is it funny that so many woman and girls are pretty much traumatised by being sexualized their whole lives?

No. 1615791

Take your insecure NLOG blog somewhere else. You only posted to whine about your insecurities and argue with people. This thread isn't for that. No one gives a shit about your mental insufficiencies. Post this on the ftm subreddit so we have more content.

No. 1615797

Because they could easily recognize it for what it is and grow past it, but instead choose to wallow in their self pity. I have more empathy for the fakebois living in their fantasy worlds at this point than the anons in this thread calling themselves human cows or claiming men are the ones with "functional chests" (what the fuck even?).

No. 1615803

>Sex isn't binary
>Ben Shapiro is female
It all makes sense now. Ben Shapiro has internalized transphobia.

No. 1615804

It's pretty hard to grow past when it's an ongoing thing throughout pretty much your whole life. I have issues with my breasts too but I don't agree with the way some of these anons refer to womens breasts being pretty much "useless"

No. 1615807


No. 1615814

as least anons are aware of why they feel a certain way, a lot of these fakebois will die delusional. and it would be nice if there was actual mental help for being disgusted with your body. my therapist's way of helping was simply 'you're so beautiful and strong nonna' and that shit just goes out the other ear. no words about internalized misogyny, nothing helpful in the least

No. 1615848

idk where u live anon, but it’s pretty easy to avoid if you surround urself w the right people/grow thicker skin then you already do. it’s unfortunate, but we can’t afford wallowing about this societal pitfall scrotes have dug for us. hopefully in the future girls + women will no longer have to deal with this bullshit, but for now, we need to create these spaces for ourselves.

it’s funny because it’s a pattern with the nonnies here. lmao. you guys repeat it over and over and it doesn’t seem to process in your heads despite clearly being women of intellect. you’re victims, and the only way you all could live happier lives is to try to create that path yourselves instead of whining on an image board meant for mocking trannies.

No. 1615884

it is literally you who is retarded. the other nona is right and wise. grow up.

No. 1615911

We get it, you only want to seethe about dysphoric women and make fun of them, but if it makes you so pissy to see dysphoria discussion just link the dysphoria thread instead of shitting on random women with your enlightened superiority. "Break the pattern!" But how? When your breasts hurt and ache to the point you cant wear clothes you just stay home and appreciate the baby you might have some day? When a man stares directly at your tits when talking to you and you don't enjoy it, just grow thicker skin, maybe write a black pill post about hating men and it'll all go away! When men snap your bra in public just remind yourself that you're the victim in all this, and that will erase all discomfort towards the thing that seems the centerfold of most of the unwanted sexual attention you get.
"Just stop hating your boobs, its society's fault you NLOGS!" Is the most empathy devoid NLOG thing I've ever read masquerading as wisdom. Maybe trepanation would help with the swelling in your brain that's making you so fucking stupid. Its much easier for you to proselytize than make an effort to relate, which is indicative of your immaturity and privelage (and probably maleness). Behaving like a twitter tradfem with brainlet advice and clapbacks towards women aware of their dysphoria is not the demonstration of intelligence you think it is.
Anyway, Ntayrt. Discussing dysphoria publically is what made my dysphoria regress. Topic relevant posts about the roots and nature of dysphoria are more contributive to the thread then 12 posts of "lmao. Go bind! Floppy tit! Stop talking about the thing I dont like stupid boobs!"

No. 1615913

"It’s not that I dislike being female, I like “feminine” things, I always have."
Liking "feminine" things has nothing to do with being female lmao

No. 1615923

You said it best anon. I feel like these anons that basically just tell anons who are dealing with negative feelings towards their own bodies to suck it up and get over it only make people more likely to do regrettable stuff to their bodies in order to try and escape because it sounds like it's either chop them off or "get over it".

No. 1615936

I'm like the opposite, I look at men's chests and feel so uncomfortable, they really just have nothing there… I always feel like it'd be so weird to be a guy and touch your empty chest but it's probably not, still it just seems wrong. Not to mention the tiny flat nipples, though men with puffy/big nipples are equally as grotesque.

No. 1615939

nonnies this is literally the TiF thread. Stop shitting it up with posts about how you hate or don't hate your breasts

No. 1615942

this isn't a trauma therapy thread, or medical advice on sore tits. if you think cutting your boobs off is a good solution to those problems, you ought to be posted in this thread yourself.

No. 1615946

Dude, if we had the patience for this kind of morbid self-image, this thread would probably not even exist. I don't know what you guys expect to hear, it's not the place for this. You could make a "group therapy" thread if such a thing doesn't exist already and I wouldn't even go there be condescending because I can't relate to start with.

No. 1615952

tldr i just don't want to see someone comparing tits to a dog or a human cow even if it's because of your twauma

No. 1615988

shit thread

No. 1615989

Only a semi-relative tangent but anyone who compares their or other peoples functional, untouched body parts to animals or objects needs a severe overhaul in the way they think before they even pass the threshold of considering surgical intervention. There is no reason why you should look at someone’s healthy body as is and be filled with disgust because of some perceived visual defect. If you pull your head out of your ass and pass that point of being a brain damaged cunt then you can make whatever personal decision about your own body that you want but social media-induced BDD is a disease. I’m tired of seeing women (transmasc or otherwise) being ostracized for their breasts by just about everyone including both amab and afab people meanwhile transfems bodies are treated like a protected species in their own community. How are you supposed to know you aren’t making a decision you’re going to regret later in life for the rest of your life if everyone including you sees your body as disgusting just on the premise of being female?

No. 1616025

oh wow you weren't lying about >Discussing dysphoria publically is what made my dysphoria regress.
guess we all just have to suffer your word vomit about cutting your tits off

No. 1616027

I feel you. Anons and fakebois are two sides of the same internalized misogyny coin.

No. 1616043

What are you talking about? I’m not that anon.

No. 1616073

File: 1660519521984.jpeg (311.28 KB, 1170x1004, 410D4891-242A-4595-B629-097D85…)

Straight people make me cringe

No. 1616088

>OFMD icon
Of course.

No. 1616094

And then everyone clapped.

No. 1616110

File: 1660521705406.jpg (367.01 KB, 1648x1232, 1657511769261.jpg)

I can believe it happened, straight guys are now aware of what little they have to to get they/them pussy, here's an twitter thread where enbyes and feminine aydens at least acknowledge the fact that guys who fuck them still view them as women, one particular comment I found kinda ironic
>the real issue here is cishet men seeing afab nb people as quirky cisgender women
which is the actual reality, they are nothing more then quirky straight women


No. 1616187

It probably didn't. No straight guy is happy with someone trying to say they're gay lol.

No. 1616203

I mean even if someone is non-binary if they have a vagina then their boyfriend is straight because he's still attracted to ~people with vaginas~.

No. 1616207

Learn2sage, and straight men don't care what you call them as long as they're getting pussy.

No. 1616210

I just don’t understand why everyone is like “men who have sex with ftms are straight” and “men who have sex with mtfs are straight” like which is it. Why are you so contradictory in your own beliefs.

No. 1616221

he/him pussy is a meme at this point, and it wasnt created by tifs. Bottom of the barrel straight guys are very aware that there is a group of girls with such low self-esteem that would let them do anything as long they "validate their pronouns" and roleplay as yaoi while having sex, and they are acting accordingly.

No. 1616245

Yeah but he would not excitedly say he's gay now, that indicates at least that part is made up or overstated. Straight moids would never say that no matter what.

No. 1616262

men who have sex with mtfs/tims are gay who tf says otherwise?

No. 1616292

I feel this way too nonna. I like being active and even with a sports bra they are still just a pain to deal with. Would love to be able to just take off a shirt and not have to deal with having the extra weight and sweat and bounce. I have less than zero interest in having kids so they really do feel more like a burden to my lifestyle than anything.

If I could have been born without being so "blessed" I would choose that but I am terrified of surgery of any kind so burdened I will remain.

No. 1616301

File: 1660538103516.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 438.93 KB, 828x739, 91A86100-6AD7-4CCF-B89A-D73960…)

Found the worst tattoo I’ve ever seen besides the they/them chest piece


No. 1616330

I think anon meant that these people recognize men who date tifs are straight but aren't willing to admit men who date tims are gay, not sure.
The pink spots make it look like acne.

No. 1616371

>"Women" with penises and "Men" with vaginas
>Gay orgy

No. 1616388

(Not saging to bump violent images down from Snow Catalog)

This is literally a tumblr-tier post in the year of 2022. It's insane how some people's sense of humor, way of talking, etc totally stagnates from internet culture.

No. 1616391


What the fuck? What happens in like ten years when she grows out of this phase? It’s hard to scrub things off the internet nowadays, what happens if her future employer sees this shit?

No. 1616418

and what i can only assume is an Eddie (Stranger Things) username, straight girl bingo

No. 1616420

File: 1660553870319.jpg (346.7 KB, 1080x1948, Screenshot_20220815_105724_com…)

This tranny who is ofcourse also an OF sexworker is being flamed on twitter right now for this good old idiotic take

No. 1616421

File: 1660553920845.jpg (440.78 KB, 1080x1893, Screenshot_20220815_105908_com…)

No. 1616422

Well the goal is to not be straight and cis it’s why enbies dating each other regardless of sex will have a meltdown if someone tells then they’re in a straight relationship.

No. 1616423

Well see it's usually obvious when a person, woman, has a vagina. This new tranny bullshit and claiming that you CAN'T KNOW what genitals someone has is wild. Why are these idiots so keen on rape by deception? I have the right to opt out of interacting with a frankendick or a neowound or with a person who is preop but clearly fucking mentally ill.

No. 1616428

I personally would be fine letting my date know what genitals I have.

No. 1616443

I do not care who, why, or how but any person who thinks they are owed sex or being desired are insane. Demanding someone to be attracted to you sexually is nuts. Genital preference isn’t something you “unlearn” through some sort of otherworldly education and discipline. If you don’t like vagina you don’t. If you don’t like penises you don’t. It’s very simple, and not being able to take “no” for an answer is rapey.

No. 1616492

>gay orgy
>males with long hair and women with mastectomy scars
>it's all just hetero sex with extra steps
I hate these homophobic retards that claim to be sooper gay and still can't imagine any other sex than piv.

No. 1616539

I should save this picture to show to people who ask me why I quit being a tattoo artist after 10+ years in the industry. It sums up the current state of the western industry perfectly.

No. 1616579

>wahhh people think sexuality is about genitals
Almost as if… that's what sexuality is. Some people regard their sexual and romantic orientations separate, sure, but even then nobody owes romantic attraction to anybody let alone to a tranny.

>wahhh you're forcing trans people to disclose their genitals to strangers, how would you feel if you had to do that to a casual hookup

Almost as if… that's what a casual hookup entails. Even if you don't verbally tell them what genitals you have, they're going to see what you have when you get home (or smell it before seeing it if you've had the surgeries kek) and kick you out of the bed.

No. 1616580

not being attracted to troons making someone 'transphobic' is no different than not being attracted to someone because you're 'uglyphobic'. Obviously there's also a lot of overlap, particularly with TIMs.

No. 1616581

File: 1660571793735.jpeg (349.68 KB, 1170x1187, B949A91C-F043-438D-B740-7FED64…)

No. 1616584

File: 1660571818733.jpeg (416.63 KB, 1170x1299, C8415F47-1F1A-4C46-BDB6-A24A6D…)

They’re so stupid

No. 1616588


Somebody needs to register a domain like "literallyneverhappens.com" and start posting all these screenshots, so when handmaid's and tifs on Twitter scream OMG THAT LITERALLY NEVER HAPPENS there's a quick and easy rebuttle for bystanders to see that yes it constantly happens

No. 1616597

This is what I was thinking. It’s probably pretty obvious to people that I have a vagina. I don’t need to disclose it. As for dating trans people, I have limits on the amount of mental illness I want to deal with. I don’t want to be with someone who is mutilating healthy organs just like I don’t want to be with someone who tattoos their eyeballs. It’s not a “genital preference”, it’s the fact that I don’t want to be with someone who is so self-obsessed and is going to become a medical patient for life of their own volition (it would be different if it were something they couldn’t control like cancer or being in an accident). Anyone who consciously makes these decisions then feels okay making absurd demands of others is a no.

No. 1616601

Don’t want to derail but I bet you have some good stories. Did you have any troons?

No. 1616602

Right, it’s kind of important when dealing with something that’s purely a hookup. These people will attempt to be “stealth” then cry later when their potential hookup partner was mean to them (or worse). I don’t want to victim blame but why risk it? The person you are going to be sleeping with has a right to know and if you went through with it it would still be rape by deception, making the hookup partner the victim. Are trans people just okay with that?

No. 1616604

The last one is right at least. So tired of seeing women act like having various facets of a personality or different interests means they’re not women.

No. 1616609

they probably are ok with it but here in terf island it's 8 years in the slammer so their feels don't overcome the reals.

No. 1616620

I hate this so much. I have been called troon or not as much of a woman for liking (say) programming or history. Fortunately I'm old and independent minded enough to just tell people to fuck off but young girls get pushed into tiffing out for this stuff! And they're so many TiMs online that you can get accused of being a tranny for liking the wrong things, too.

No. 1616624

That’s good to know at least.

No. 1616674

File: 1660577224332.jpg (77.4 KB, 954x636, FNc2GhuVQAA2HbL.jpg)

I hate everything about that person from that image alone

No. 1616677

File: 1660577404555.jpg (82.56 KB, 806x1071, FUbaWc8VsAIcEBB.jpg)

see these people actually don't respect women's genderspecial identities. why do you think people feel comfortable mocking sometimes nonbinary identities and names in memes like pic related, it's because majority of them are women and everyone knows that. but god forbid you made memes or mocking tweets about lilies or alices etc agps of the world

No. 1616708

..what is the they/them chestpiece?

No. 1616723

That pic gets me every time.

No. 1616759

File: 1660583625430.jpg (126.59 KB, 720x811, Screenshot_20220815-131123_Bra…)

That's because girls like this today are he/theys who insist they're Not A Girl

No. 1616761

>"therapy" is the word in the largest typeface size

can't make this shit up

No. 1616769

Even this was more bearable. I found them annoying but it was a better time when fujos knew they were women.

No. 1616796

Endearing cringe, I must be nostalgic.

No. 1616825

She looks like an effeminate overweight 12 years old, I guess she passes in that sense? Congratulations?

No. 1616859

File: 1660590360476.jpeg (192.12 KB, 750x604, AF6B5641-D38E-4D4D-BA60-D9FA44…)

oh the insecurity

No. 1616866

Who gives a fuck? I've never met a troon who was interested "truly seeing me as I see myself", they're too self-absorbed. They really think the whole world should revolve around them.

No. 1616868

No, I don’t

No. 1616869

i love committing thought crimes!

No. 1616873

You can control peoples words, but you cannot control their thoughts. Deep down they all know this, which is why nothing will ever be good enough for them.

No. 1616883

trannys love pretending like the people around them are in the same state of delusion that they are in HAHA

No. 1616885

This is why troonerism freaks me out sometimes, it really is some form of Orwellion self-delusion not only to yourself, but to other people, forcing them to see things that clearly aren't real and don't exist. Like what happens in the minds of people who genuinely, wholeheartedly believe when they're looking at a tranny they are the opposite sex? They've completely tricked their brains into seeing something that's not there, and if they slip up, they need to self flagellate as punishment and undergo the brainwashing again. Truly Ministry of Truth shit, 1984 is upon us

No. 1616887

This is why no one should be encouraging their delusions and self-entitlement in the first place. You give them an inch, they take a mile. And the fact that 35k people think this is a level-headed, rational take is concerning.

No. 1616889

just wondering, actual jew or e-convert?

No. 1616896

Of course I don't what are you smoking

No. 1616909

not even troons seem themselves as their delusion, why should i pretend to

No. 1616916

File: 1660594015008.jpg (709.5 KB, 1280x1574, tumblr_0a196d9bce4b2ce245d6b15…)

I'm gonna go with e-convert. And I can't be the only one suspecting that a lot of them want to be jews because they are south park yaoi degens who have a thing for Kyle… Reminds me of that book some fakeboi wrote where their characters were based off of South Park but I can't remember the name

No. 1616941

File: 1660595913330.jpg (456.83 KB, 1080x1699, Capture_15_08_2022.jpg)

This one? It was mentioned in past threads, though I've not seen this quote (picrel) from it. Sounds like the main character notices the way women are treated and her "solution" was to troon. I could be wrong but I don't wanna read the whole book to find the context.

No. 1616945

God, all the cute butch girls are fading from existence. She looks a lot like Amanda McKenna (I believe that's her name) You can't find any girl with short hair that isn't some sort of gendie now and it sucks so bad

No. 1616952

that's literally her on the cover, her name is miles now i think

No. 1616953

Kek yes that's the one

No. 1616960

When I thought the gubmint was speaking to me via voice to skull technology to rile me up and gaslight me into attacking a Freemason lodge I wasn't seen as I saw myself inside. My mental illness doesn't have big pharma approved backing like yours so I was thankfully encouraged to get help. Why should I see you as the Tom of Finland drawing you see yourself as? It's unhealthy and you're spreading propaganda by supporting this literal insanity. Take your meds, and I ain't talking about testosterone.

Last time I commented on the shitass religion known as Judaism that I was born and raised in I copped a ban, but fuck the jannies, I'm gonna say e-convert or someone who's patrilineal (not a real Jew according to Jewish law) at most. None of the people I grew up with and still know have had handles with "jew" in them. Not even ironically and not even the ones I know who are the most devout. At this point I'm content to call anyone who feels the need to reference it in their username a faker; and this goes double if they're a troon.

No. 1616961

This? People are always going to see you differently than how you see yourself that’s just life. Basic shit you learn as a kid. If using the “correct” name and pronouns isn’t enough then idfk. You can’t force people to do anything which is what they’re so desperately trying to do and it seems to kill them they can’t look into peoples minds to see and adjust their thinking.

No. 1617025

Lmaaaooo I actually knew someone who tearfully tried to argue to a male acquaintance of mine that he was uglyphobic because he wouldn't sleep with her. She wouldn't listen when he tried to explain it literally, mechanically wouldn't work because he wasn't attracted to her. This was fifteen years ago! Narcissists gonna narc.

No. 1617040

I know what genitals they have. It's either a vagina or a medical monstrosity. Do they think we don't know what a female looks like?

No. 1617067

Wow, they made her look much more ginger than she really is. She looks just like my South Park yaoi, guys!!

No. 1617107

>genital preferences are transphobic

Has anyone who doesn't "prefer" penises or have a penis requirement for sex ever said this? Just wondering.

No. 1617276

>I want a man to put his penis in my vagina in a gay way
Gaydens are hilarious. I hope she goes the "crying in the bathroom after crashing a gay sex party" route and gets a sorely needed reality check.

No. 1617287

If this is who I think it is and she used to go by Jules and has a nearly identical gf who goes by Elliot, then e-convert. Last I checked, they both identified as nonbinary lesbians, but they might be a yaoi couple now. It would be funny if so because she (testosteronebutch) was posted by mistake in the MTF thread a while ago, kek. Such euphoria!

No. 1617300

File: 1660620323479.jpeg (426.42 KB, 1170x1630, 38089419-0D29-4ABC-9D61-875FD0…)

He would never

No. 1617311

File: 1660620982242.jpg (113.05 KB, 557x446, terf-reigen.jpg)

No. 1617313

Did anyone ever explain why so many American FTMs fetishize Judaism to the point of taking on Jewish names and even converting? Is it just because Judaism is seen as less homophobic than Christianity?

No. 1617317

Gently I need to tell you that you’re actually retarded

Why why WHY

No. 1617328

Maybe because of the ritualistic ascent to ‘manhood’ for Jewish boys. Also Jewish men are stereotyped to be nebbish, anxious, and fastidious. All traits common among Aidens. They’ll never be butch so they choose a masculinity that is, through stereotype, more welcoming of feminine behaviors.

No. 1617340

When it comes to names these girls find them aesthetic sounding, usually not deeper than that. If they convert to judaism it's probably for oppression points. Maybe I'm simplifying too much but for fakebois they often are that simple

No. 1617345

Looks like it's been drawn on with two sharpies to me. Literal scratcher shit

No. 1617356

Actually I think this is exactly the sort of person who is perfectly fine with walking around like Danny Devito in 20 years with a smile and that same tattoo proudly. Like I don’t see anything wrong with this I’m sorry.

No. 1617362


TIFs and other wokies are desperate to accumulate as many oppression points as possible, and they all think seeing some South Park and getting dragged to a church where their pastor says "Judeo-Christian tradition" means they know enough about it. Converting to Islam would actually require work so being jews is the next best way to be religiously oppressed

No. 1617372

The account in the screenshot is the tattoo artist but I hear ya

No. 1617373

>converting to Islam would actually require work
Plus other Muslims won't want to claim them since its still acceptable to them to openly shit on LGBT, and while that sucks for LGBs from that background like me, it also means they won't pull as many punches about shitting on a tif kek. But wokies love to play pretend activist and cry islamophobia/"that's not real islam" at things that are actually true about islam so I wouldn't be surprised if a tif tries it one day. I'd kinda want to see that shit unfold

No. 1617445

I can’t see much appeal for Islam to troons, they’re not accepted in majority-Muslim societies. I know people like to cite Iran but that was just Ayatollah Khomeini issuing a random fatwa, and is mainly used to force gay men back into the closet. Tifs aren’t accepted period, they would be treated as women and possibly subjected to forced marriage or even jailed if they didn’t drop the LARP quickly.

No. 1617497

islam is only appealing to TIMs who want to live out their misogynistic humiliation fetish

No. 1617593

File: 1660652746984.jpg (Spoiler Image, 151.66 KB, 640x853, Untitled.jpg)


lots of horrifying tranny tattoos done by this themlet. imagine having this on you forever

No. 1617614

File: 1660655343280.png (18.24 KB, 607x152, clout.png)

do they know that social contagion isn't necessarily "doing it 2 be kewl"? it's an intrusive thought worming its way into your head, taking root, presenting itself as the only path. its obsessive compulsive disorder.

No. 1617621

so close to realizing they got sucked into a cult

No. 1617632

Can you people not check the thread before posting? It was only posted a day ago. >>1616301

No. 1617633

She’s being sarcastic but that’s literally how it worked lol

No. 1617875

There is not a single couple on here that visibly has the same set of genitals

Also lol at all the noose-like knots floating around them

No. 1617981

god, if you exist, thank you for not making me this unbelievably stupid

No. 1617995

They say this shit like a gotcha but it actually makes me pity them deeply.

No. 1618230

File: 1660712325964.jpeg (559.92 KB, 1170x1692, E3C96B0A-D601-41E7-BC0C-9261E2…)

Ok Aiden now explain to me why 99% of sex offenders are male

No. 1618241


No. 1618252

a retarded tranny i used to talk to would get triggered when i said man hating things kek. she would say 'you're comfortable saying these things to me you don't see me as a man'

No. 1618258

lmao she really thinks social contagion means trend huh? Considering it's usually used in the context of suicide, self harm and copycat crime it's pretty believable that it can cause trooning out too.

No. 1618376

stop hating on fujos and then i'll stop hating on men
if you can make excuses for men, then you can make them for women

No. 1618379

"You are not immune to propaganda" says the tranny who managed to believe she's physically and mentally a man because of propaganda.

No. 1618402

yeah this is the part that shocked me too, doesn't cutting off your breasts and mutilating your genitals for a cult that promises you acceptance and good body image sound like sensitivity to propaganda ?

No. 1618485

To be fair I think most girls consider chopping their tits off, at least momentarily, if they start getting sexually harassed by adults for them before they're even out of elementary school. Which is the experience of most girls who started puberty that young.

No. 1618504

In the past we joked about removable breasts, not having a doctor butcher us.

No. 1618515

And men continue to rape babies to death.

No. 1618522

i might not be immune to propaganda but men are not immune to raping kids either

No. 1618555

>I think we've circled back societally to assigning value and personality based on gender
Yes, because of aidens like you. I don't know how she can type that and not make the connection.

No. 1618607

This actually broke my brain. Turns out clinging to a gender binary doesn't invoke the genderqueer future you imagined??

No. 1618671

File: 1660765164020.jpg (81.25 KB, 450x800, ratatouille-in-eyeliner.jpg)

Kek why does she looks like she's stuck in the middle of a human-to-rat transformation?

No. 1618688

Have u guys seen vacant.hxme on tiktok? They came up on my fyp a while ago and it's people like this that confuse me lol

I don't understand why someone would call them selves a man/male but make no effort to actually transition? Cool if they do but people like this seem confused af

No. 1618689

you must be very new here.

No. 1618690

File: 1660767062923.jpg (15.57 KB, 326x434, AvqKnRKCMAEFu5X.jpg)

She reminds me of this tryhard rat.

No. 1618698

No matter how hard they try, conventionally attractive fakebois can never resist the siren call of MASSIVE fucking eyeliner. Every half decent he/him larper or themlet will simply die if they don't have a cat eye wing applied with the kind if skill now moid can achieve

No. 1618736

KEK is that elon musk

No. 1618764

Yes, kek. The edgelord vibes in this photo always make me chuckle.

No. 1618765

looks like johnny depp cosplay?

No. 1618781

Dettlaff van der Musk

No. 1618813

thats why she said rat

No. 1618816

what comes to mind first is groomed by TIMs but i could be wrong

No. 1618820

I think that's implied why she liked it so much nonna.

No. 1618836

as sad as it is, i think it would be true

No. 1619053

Because lots of ftms are feminine/gender-conforming girls motivated by autohomoeroticism, not any desire to act like a man.

No. 1619092

File: 1660807050297.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 423.32 KB, 750x1048, A3312D30-0EF8-4A33-AD32-B607D6…)

DAE feel really depressed after seeing mastectomy scars? My brain reads them as self-harm scars and they make me really sad and queasy.

No. 1619128

It is self harm, so your reaction is normal, especially like in your pic where they removed the nipples and also tattooed over it, there is no intention for it to look like a male chest but rather a public display of mental illness and self harm

No. 1619152

>thinks is a man
>still uses female base for the sims

fucking attention seeking idiots are not even trying.

No. 1619203

isn't thisneverhappens a website for this purpose? I know there was an extensive Facebook group to document this stuff with that name too

No. 1619210

No. 1619269

Another Klaus skinwalker. They are so predictable.

No. 1619294

They're both about Tims, is there an equivalent for tifs too?

No. 1619306

File: 1660836730825.jpeg (348.13 KB, 828x1050, DDDF656D-A6FE-47A4-9A58-E33FC8…)

laugh to hide the pain

No. 1619320

is this another word like pooner, as in created by tims to mock tifs (so literally just misogyny)?

No. 1619322

how do you know it was male troons ? either way aidens deserve to be mocked and zipper tits is hilarious

No. 1619361

i don't know, which is why i asked. as cringe as aidens are, mtfs are still infinitely worse and we all know mtf misogyny also extends to the fakebois.

No. 1619367

File: 1660841817608.jpeg (645.58 KB, 750x1099, 8B202073-76B3-4F9D-9BDD-A88BB3…)

No. 1619373

don't worry anon, it doesn't make much of a difference. if you like the term, use it.

No. 1619399

Tell me that you’re a kpop Stan without saying you’re a kpop Stan. I swear modern Kpop is a disease. What makes tifs think that they’ll be a real boy from skinwalking bts idols? The same idols that are biologically male and very misogynistic.

No. 1619404

File: 1660845084954.jpeg (448.2 KB, 828x970, C1B5B8EB-67A0-4CC2-941F-C98A08…)

The jokes writes itself

No. 1619491

hybe labels is an agency that got in trouble on twitter for specifying they only want girls with she/her pronouns auditioning in their american girl group auditions so no doubt this acceptance of FTM auditions for the male auditions is to avoid a discrimination lawsuit. they’re delusional if they think they stand a chance though

No. 1619498

File: 1660854396593.jpeg (548.82 KB, 750x1177, C0CB3DC3-248B-46A5-B2AF-BB0ECD…)

poor wife.

No. 1619508

>"and the encouragement of being nude together"
Kek it's like the AGP sleepover orgies but without the sex because they don't wanna eat out eachothers pussies since most of them apre probably "gay men"

No. 1619525

File: 1660856799901.png (Spoiler Image, 394.65 KB, 825x540, 1660856627539099.png)

>You may live to see man-made horrors beyond your comprehension.

No. 1619526

All the comments are saying this particular group is not the norm and that other TIFs definitely don't do this together but it just sounds like the manifestation of literally every TIF clique I've ever seen online. The few TIFs I've known IRL tend to act like an over the top caricature of a teenage boy when together and they're absolutely more cliquey and bitchy than the average woman, ironically enough. Pure cope to deny they're like this.

No. 1619539

File: 1660858632472.png (881.67 KB, 562x1007, killantz.png)


>"spent middle school thinking i was a f€tishizer when really i was just closeted #mlm #transmasc"

this has 1,1 million views and 400k likes. these are the consequences of untreated of yaoi porn addiction

No. 1619570

kek, ayden

No. 1619576

They probably get there and act like their a bunch of Greek gods lmao. Side note about her mentioning neo-pronouns. I know some people irl who try to get people to use them and I have really bad memory issues so I can’t keep that shit in line even if I wanted. I’ve seen people online say they use them bc they’re neurodivergent, but wouldn’t those same people be able to understand not all of us can keep track of things like that? They’re so entitled.

No. 1619577

Have you ever noticed how they all like to be called “prince”?

No. 1619579

She’s the most fetishitic of all, just like all the other ones who went this route bc of ~mlm relationships~.

No. 1619674

>perceived straight
Ma'am no you are not

No. 1619682

Her tif probably told her that tbh

No. 1619732

From her own description this is an older lesbian couple and women pass far better on T than men, especially older women. Its effects are very harsh. I don't doubt for a second that these two get perceived as a het couple by outsiders, particularly if they have children. God this makes me sad, it's obvious she misses her old community and doesn't relate to her wife/wife's interests anymore. And now she's stuck with this clown and their children. What a nightmare.

No. 1619734

File: 1660873213793.jpeg (840.37 KB, 750x1277, EF392572-C77C-41FA-8300-DE0DB8…)


No. 1619743

almost like these superficial gender markers aren't all what they're cracked up to be

No. 1619748

nonnie, what's the tea? i've heard about the american audition but not the pronouns thing

No. 1619749

JYP’s next american girl group is auditioning they/thems and TIMs.

No. 1619755

She literally looks and dresses like my aunt (who's straight), who is she tryna fool kek

No. 1619765

File: 1660877188414.jpeg (349.67 KB, 1728x1152, 913FBC02-38E7-4F52-BC8A-67F53A…)

T4t kek

No. 1619793

See this is what ultimately peaked me. She’s still biologically female. I could sort of respect the pronoun and gender thing in the far past but once they started claiming to actually be a different sex it logically made no sense to me and I was done. If you’re claiming to already be the sex that you want to be, then how can you be trans? What would even be the point?

No. 1619800

TBH I just assume any girl with a septum piercing is a they/themie

No. 1619807

but I was told clothes were just clothes and had no gender… hmmmmmmm…

No. 1619831

>can i get an opinion from you
>no my name is jeremy

No. 1619835

I pretty sure you get those oversizes zipper pullovers in the womans section too…

No. 1619862

I haven't seen a single guy who has tha Melanie Martinez half-blonde half-black hair color. So much for "stereotypical guy"

No. 1619906

File: 1660901856569.png (2.37 MB, 1844x850, ugh.png)

Short hair and blue outfits = boy baby. lmao I can't even begin with this shit.

No. 1619907

File: 1660902020181.jpg (97.19 KB, 768x797, agfgmfwt6vb91.jpg)

No. 1619921

>septum ring
>half blond half black
>oversized jumper
>those glasses
In what world is that dressing like a man/masculine?The glasses alone scream “artsy woman”

No. 1619922

File: 1660904894693.jpeg (768.07 KB, 1170x1338, 8F8D7EBD-F801-4C6B-A5A6-5FB720…)

This comment was on the video

No. 1619941

It sucks for her that repeating something over and over doesn’t make that thing true. It’s really like arguing with a crazy person, like if someone is adamant they have wings when they clearly don’t. All of these things they say about HRT and surgeries actually making them the opposite sex just sounds like the way a child believes things. Like Santa WILL be real if we just believe hard enough! The more they push this kind of thing the more people will disregard them, because the reason a lot of people played along to begin with was because it didn’t seem that strange. A lot of us don’t feel like the sex we were born as because gender roles are so forced onto us. Most of us come to realize those roles are stupid and just find confidence in being GNC, whether it’s to a large or small degree. But even then people would accept that some others were so uncomfortable with it they sought medical avenues to change it, but most of those people never claimed to actually be the opposite sex. I’m not arguing that trans is a real thing or not, just that when they push this emperor’s new clothes way of thinking they’re not making any friends. Everyone can see that they are male or female, but they’re losing respect now that just being referred to as the “gender” they want isn’t enough. They were the ones who initially said “gender is what’s in your head, sex is what’s in your pants”. People were fine with this, but once they moved that bar all bets were off.

No. 1619964

I had a close TIF friend who fully acknowledged she was female and a lesbian. Never pulled any of this "ackshully I'm a real boy" shit and was against child transition and generally a pretty sane person. Back then I figured live and let live with regards to troons. Little did I know my friend was an outlier and that those kinds of troons are a dying breed. Either they live in peace and don't interact with the community out of shame for what it's become or they detransitioned like my friend. Kids today think they're gonna bring about the gender revolution but the truth is that they're pissing all over what trans people before them fought for
and accomplished (anti-discrimination laws, etc). I rarely see a moderate "meh, let them do what they want to their body" opinion nowadays and I think it's the results of mass peaking. Troons pushed their luck too far and have got more and more batshit over the years.

No. 1619978

They also don’t seem to realize this so-called “gender revolution” they’re aiming for is really regressive. They categorize things in the same way as ultra conservatives, like here >>1619906 where certain clothes, hairstyles, interest, etc are for boys or girls. A real gender revolution would be about saying fuck all that, males and females are real sex classes but people can do whatever the fuck they want wrt styles, interests, jobs, etc. The only way that would ever really be able to happen though is if everyone is on a level playing field to begin with. Women have always been disadvantaged so even if we work the same jobs as men, share in their interests (which obviously we do these things), we still get harassed, we still don’t get equal pay, we still get pushed out. If they wanted a gender revolution they’d be working to help address these issues instead of pretending like they don’t exist and trying to opt out of their sex when it can’t happen. They’d rather just turn their back on womanhood instead of helping to fix the problems and support other women.

No. 1620007

"photos shared with client permission" except not the fucking child. holy hell in 20 years we're going to have traumatized people who grew up being plastered on social media talking about how fucked up they are.

No. 1620036

aren't these supposed to be childhood photos of adult clients?

No. 1620087

cos a majority of these new troons are heterosexuals wanting to live out a fetishistic homosexual fantasy or are misogynistic fetishists (tims). the troons of the past were mostly homosexuals who trooned out because to them it was the safest option to live their lives as gnc homosexuals. idk if its the same with your friend but thats just something ive noticed with troons of the past.

No. 1620136

File: 1660927522755.jpg (157.69 KB, 1280x960, https___41.media.tumblr.com_bf…)

literal retardation. absolute brainrot. babies look all the same wtf
>i have my own beautiful trans child myself

No. 1620241

They are. Nonny had a derp moment kek

No. 1620245

Wait, is this for real? Imagine a "kpop" group with a tim kek that's so funny I almost wish it happens. I'm pretty sure they will reject anyone who isn't a pretty normieish girl

No. 1620247

Harisu is a TIM Korean star but he's obviously a very effeminate and botched HSTS, however no transbian, Asian or not, would ever stand a chance.

No. 1620271

File: 1660939256216.png (21.48 KB, 598x179, pcos.PNG)

as someone with a really severe case of pcos, this sack of shit can fuck right off.

No. 1620276

literally no actual medical professional would consider pcos an intersex condition, only trannies do so to overinflate the statistical number of intersex people so they can claim them as "proof that biological sex is not binary"

No. 1620278

Oh cool so we’re just claiming other peoples medical issues as identities now without even letting the women who have this speak up for themselves.

No. 1620302

But nona didn't you know that silencing women is literally so progressive and you're an evil terf for not wanting that?!?!

No. 1620316

I'm so sick of PCOS being politicised by these freaks. I hate having it. I hate having to shave my facial and body hair all the time. I hate the immense pain it causes and the fear I feel, worrying a cyst has gone kaboom any time I feel that familiar pain. I hate the effect it has on my temper and how I rage like a moid sometimes. I hate what it did to my clit and how I'm potentially susceptible to male pattern baldness. TIFs with PCOS are the absolute worst because to them it's just free testosterone and fuck you if you don't enjoy this """intersex""" condition.

No. 1620330

i feel this pain so much nonna
i've lost like 65% of my hair.
doctors don't give a shit about me because i'm not trying to get pregnant, and never want to. I'm about ready to start lying to them and tell them I do want kids.

No. 1620440

I'd love to know what he'd have to say about all this besides the obvious. Can totally see him being openly GC

No. 1620467

No one cares about dead moids here /pol/fag

No. 1620473

File: 1660955763550.png (487.93 KB, 727x1167, 1660955636880.png)

apparently she attempted to "reclaim" the new slur and got called out for racism since it's close to zipperhead

No. 1620537

Kek just because they sound similar doesn't make somebody a racist, twitfags really love watering down that word. No, I'm not white.

>white entitlement

Oh shut up.

No. 1620554

Feel you nona. I have hair thinning and it's so shit, don't think it's PCOS though because my testosterone levels are normal.

No. 1620621

This is exactly it. Islam gives MTFs a visible marker (the womanly hijab hiding their ratty balding hair) and Judaism gives FTMs a yamulke to hide their T instigated balding. Plus a reason to be smaller, paler, more bookish than other men.

No. 1620622

Oh fuck man, Les Mis stan fakebois are a whole subgenre to themselves.

No. 1620627

Oh christ the retardation.
If you are intersex (99% of those who claim to be are not), your sex chromosomes will not be XX or XY. Ask a geneticist, there's an easy way to find out. PCOS is "just" (i know it's very distressing for some people so not diminishing it) a hormonal imbalance with no change in the chromosomes.

Jesus save me from the dumb, it hurts.

No. 1620764

i love this animation. it's magical and has some really good ideas. it's ghibli inspired, in a quality way. but i hate that it reeks of aidenism : both characters having female voices, the they-witch being named skylar, the "prince" thing that was just discussed upthread >>1619577, muh obbrejion but swapping race or gender or whatever with magic.
i've never read that much bl or even that much manga but i'd tolerate regular fujo drool so much easier than this, two pretty guys having a teary goodbye, why not, this is just so infected with uwu politics you just know they have zipper top scars. it's so sad.

No. 1620769

If you can't enjoy a random unrelated animation without thinking and seething about trannies, you need to take a break from these threads.

No. 1620771

That's Elon Musk dressed as Marquis De Sade, because of course he would. But my ex actually knew this fakeboi who LARP'd as a Les Mis character (idk which one I hate musicals) and she's married to another fakeboi who LARPs as the Les Mis character she ships her character with. They dress up as the characters in public and everything. IIRC the fakeboi my ex knew actually changed her name to at least partially match the Les Mis guys name. It's a helluva rabbit hole and even my troon supporting ex had to laugh at the absurdity of it.

No. 1620773

you're not very insightful are you

No. 1620784

File: 1660999763066.webm (7.08 MB, 576x1024, download.webm)

just remembered this one tif that's cringe for many reasons beyond the kweer, as in dark academia larping and being a quaker for the aesthetic

No. 1620789

Must bully… must shove into locker…

No. 1620794

I see the blue character as a girl tho, and the prince as an actual dude.

No. 1620796

why only Koreans and Vietnamese? would it not apply to all East Asians, especially considering that Americans are dumb and can't tell them apart?

No. 1620817

I didn't know about this slur so I looked it up and it said it's for all east asians. All she had to go was a simple google search, these people are so dumb

No. 1620820

Talks like she's so quirky and random XD but dresses like the most stereotypical she/they studying lit and plans to do a common dissertation topic. Some people never grow out of chunibyo huh.

No. 1620834

I’m not seeing anything trans here, I thought they were just two regular boys the entire time.

No. 1620838

Fascinating how autism presents so different in women.

No. 1620839

If she was bullied in school she would learn not to behave this way.

No. 1620840

Yeah, using female voices for younger males is not even a new thing in animation. Idk what nona is on about really. Unless it was made by gendies?

No. 1620841

mmmh is her insta dead for you guys as well ?https://www.instagram.com/eddieandthedead/
she might be lurking, it worked for me like an hour ago

No. 1620846

File: 1661009257043.webm (648.03 KB, 576x1024, eh.webm)

samefag, archiving this here in case she really DFE. where's this tweet telling white people that just because they are violently ugly, it doesn't mean they are actually another gender

No. 1620854

You can analyse where a tif started from by examining the kind of moid they're larping as. Everything about this one screams dorky 2014 Wholock fandom nerd right down to the shape of the frames of her glasses. People used to headcanon child versions of ugly British TV moids to look and dress like this in gay fanart

No. 1620856

Actual genderkweer self insert Hogwarts fanfiction person come to life

No. 1620861

Oh my god anon i cackled out loud

No. 1620864

Nta but literally do it, lie and save your hair nonna, fuck those shit sacks. If healthcare isn't going to be nice to women we gotta start exploiting it and taking what we need. I'm tired of women being nice at the cost of our health and happiness tbh

No. 1620885

File: 1661013936921.png (678 KB, 794x637, kek.png)

ding ding ding, that is a victory ! the tif sniffer trophy is awarded to you both.

No. 1620895

What’s troonish about this? It’s not uncommon for male anime characters to be voiced by women.

No. 1620903

Ayrt kek I always know exactly what I'm looking at. Right down to the eyebrows, those are the classic Tumblr guide to masc eyebrows for tifs. It's almost comical how the men they pretend to be are mirrored exactly in the fanart for shows they like. I could tell you almost everything about this person if I seen them in the street because it's entirely too obvious that aesthetic and fandom shit was/is their whole personality

No. 1620933

I know it's been said before elsewhere but I find it so funny that when they try to masculinize themselves it makes them way easier to clock. Not that she passed at all to begin with, but whenever I see those thickly drawn in eyebrows I immediately think "tumblr using FtM asexual UwU bean he/they theater kid whose favourite word is gay" and I have yet to be proven wrong even once

No. 1620954

It’s the same way with TiMs imo. When they try to feminize themselves it just ends up drawing attention to the more masculine parts of their faces and bodies.

No. 1621045

The only things I've seen truly masculinise a TIF is building muscle and growing a beard. I've seen TIFs work on their shoulders and arms and it can balance out their figure a bit and give them a more masculine outline at a glance. Problem is most TIFs are either borderline anachans like the Tranny Potter just posted or fat blobs of lard. They're on a literal PED and still don't hit the gym, it's incredible. Beards help to hide feminine features like a weak jaw and/or chin but most of them have delusions of being twinks so they're either microdosing testosterone or shaving. The ones that do try and grow something usually end up having patchy beards that they never care for so it looks like someone shaved off their pubes and glued it to their face as a practical joke.

No. 1621062

Why does her face look so fat in the second pic? Angles? Nuts

No. 1621087

Yeah she’s storing them there for winter.

No. 1621095

>Tranny Potter

And it kind of makes sense for most of them to be too skinny or too flabby despite the enhancement, they hate their bodies and have low self esteem, and heavily lean in to being ugly like teehee I'm a little gremlin that like bugs and dirt

No. 1621101

I feel bad saying this, but you can tell she was just an ugly awkward sort of girl growing up and probably got made fun of a lot. I can relate, but no need to go off the deep end like this.

No. 1621151

File: 1661035191516.webm (7.47 MB, 576x1024, theythem.webm)

God, this is bleak. I wonder what she does when her students don't use her they/them bullshit.

No. 1621152

File: 1661035330809.png (192.37 KB, 505x460, Untitled.png)

this is the worst part. worse than the unfunny "stupid face" pics, the fact that she sent a wacky pic to her friend and gave it its own caption of saying it "conveys an emotion which doesn't exist" and then her friend or whoever, clearly a nice person but trying to help, asks why the fuck she's like this. but not in a cute and funny way, like "oh you, so mischievous!" it's more like "this is awkward for me and i wish you'd stop"

No. 1621154

teacher with pride flag on the desk jesus yikes teachers should not be bringing any sort of identity like that into the classroom. that is their own business

No. 1621162

>disease specific to one sex, is not present from birth, can be treated
>intersex condition
…How? I know actual intersex conditions are sex-specific and those who have them are still female or male, but these people think being intersex is either some kind of wacky third sex or hentai futanari shit. How does a woman with a condition that fucks up her hormone profile become non-female? Are menopausal women intersex too?

No. 1621170

they love dishonesty and ignoring boundaries

No. 1621174

the self-hate is real

No. 1621175

File: 1661036418824.png (127.2 KB, 477x424, Untitled.png)

so this is a weird one

a favorite indie studio of mine (new blood interactive) has a 2D artist who is a TIF and draws tons of porn of the games they make 2D art for

it's usually trannified characters from the games they are creating game art for (they are not a developer)

don't know how to feel about this. it feels gross and wrong. they are super talented as an artist but what the fuck. i would feel weird if any of the artists on payroll were drawing a shitload of porn for the game but idk?

No. 1621176

This is so scary and disgusting, I want kikomi back

No. 1621177

>troons out once they have a kid so the wife will have a harder time leaving
the most male-passing thing a TIF has ever done

No. 1621178

File: 1661036497741.png (146.25 KB, 465x665, Jakob-transparent.png)

the character… hes just some fairly generic boss dude

No. 1621180

holy kek i wouldve never imagined it like that lmao this is fucking hilarious

No. 1621183

you literally said 'our' you stinky yaoi lover

No. 1621185

Wasn't this character based off one of one of their devs too? Like the character has for textures his literal face? This is so gross why are these women so cumbrained.

No. 1621188

>pretending WLW retards don't make walls of text saying how based yaoi made them discover their sexuality and ukes are like girls anyway

No. 1621189

You can tell the person who drew this is so unfathomably self hating, she even sees her big beautiful eyes as disgusting because apparently men have bug eyes.. it’s so specific, she clearly sees herself in these “other ftm’s” she’s making fun of. I’m not one to be bothered by mere images but this is just sad. Hopefully she gets medicated soon.

No. 1621191

File: 1661037010711.png (1.13 MB, 728x720, Untitled.png)

not sure but thats freaky. i wonder if the devs regret hiring this tranner at all. like i said their art is very good, technically, but so much tranny porn of the characters of the games they make art for. it's massively uncomfortable.

hes being fucked in the vagina here btw

No. 1621192

Spoiler this shit ffs

No. 1621196

Can I have a name? I would like to see the uncensored cringe for myself (and heartily laugh at it)

No. 1621198

File: 1661037202278.png (12.48 KB, 224x280, 244-2446737_modern-arrow-png-t…)

No. 1621199

francishsie on twitter

its not any worse than the other images of mutilated tits tbh but i will in the future

No. 1621202

stop shitting up the thread, pakichan

No. 1621206

I remember the dude I'm talking about (Dave Oshry) quote-retweeting fanart of the character implying he's him, and many inside jokes among the devs about the same thing. I bet they regret this.

Also why do we have retards posting soyjacks here now? Go back to 4chan.

No. 1621209

ooooof they're probably thinking of ways to let her go without making it seem like a case of transphobia

No. 1621245

Aiden, you know that misandrist aren't talking about you when they say that they hate men.

No. 1621250

Prince is for boys (they love to fetishize/romanticize boyhood) and king is for men.

No. 1621263

thought that was jerma, not too far off considering his fanbase

No. 1621331

The full image is so laughably devoid of any eroticism. It’s drawn like a cheesy cover for a pulp horror.

No. 1621376

Me too. Not quite as bad, not LARPing in everyday but literally changed their last name to Enjolras. I would love it if people were inspired by French classic literature but we all know it's the musical.

No. 1621377

"Dark academia" is for real the dumbest trend I have ever fucking heard of.

No. 1621419

This ridiculous Harry Potter shit is no way to go through life, woman

No. 1621476

>Remus stan
I fucking knew it, something about him attracts the most psychotic weirdos

No. 1621537

Enjolras! That was the one the fakeboi my ex knew was obsessed with. From what I've seen online that's the one they all love, so I'm assuming he's effeminate, fakebois love vaguely faggy men. I tried finding the LARPer on social media to post here but I'm awful with names, I knew I should've saved that milk when I had the chance. Damn shame too, a married couple living out a Les Mis LARP is full fat cream.

The FTM at my work tried explaining dark academia to a co-worker of ours and her response was "that's a lot of words to say you dress like a dork" KEK.

No. 1621586

They do know and it pisses them off because it means they aren’t being seen as men. I think that’s why some of them try to embody the most misogynistic qualities of men, posting just grotesquely hateful shit about women and thinking it’s somehow quirky.

No. 1621587

It’s retarded because it’s not even new, everything just gets repackaged by these people and can’t just exist without being labeled as some goofy aesthetic. I’m not even shitting on people who enjoy that sort of look or lifestyle but why do they always have to commodify it? Just enjoy it you don’t have to curate your entire life to look like an IG feed 24/7. I know it’s OT and there’s a thread over there for this but shit is just so weird.

No. 1621594

File: 1661091052858.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1284x1463, D052E1F9-998D-49D7-9077-17B7E5…)

No. 1621596

But men can wear skirts and be stunning and brave while doing so??

No. 1621599

please post it

No. 1621606

It's for people who become so terminally online they see everything in terms of media. Every clothing item or interest categorised into aesthetics and hashtags, every life event becomes an anime story arc, each activity or job is seen as switching between different lives. This extends to tranny shit too like thinking aesthetics are a gender just because you like them a lot.

No. 1621690

In relation to the umbrella in general, feeling the need to own obnoxious merch that facilitates your kweerness is tacky. Is posing in front of some paperthin wrinkled flag made by impoverished kids in sweatshops a means to prove to everyone else that they’re ~*kweer asf*~ or really just themselves? Needing to have that marker as your identity is concerning.

No. 1621717

File: 1661103352116.jpg (Spoiler Image, 462.16 KB, 1646x1874, Fan5R2gVQAE3v2i.jpg)


pls don't ban me mods it was a request

No. 1621736

dafuq how is this erotic in any way

No. 1621802

Simple, Porn addiction and escalation of fetishes

No. 1621807

File: 1661109066328.png (1.26 MB, 1284x4098, 2F264732-F549-43BF-B831-96D617…)

Saw this giant cope post going around tumblr.

No. 1621830

wym banned, i want to have you sent directly to prison. that is vile and embarrassing.
of fucking course they'd cyce back to this. i'm fucking tired of these reverse takes and u-turns switching one idea or word back and again from based to passé to downright offensive.

No. 1621835

Literal word salad

No. 1621838

I do think she's half right, a lot of NLOG's were just girls who just didn't "fit in" and didn't want to confirm to the standards of femininity expected for girls
The trend of "critiquing" NLOG's in the late 2010's felt almost like gaslighting, saying it was those girls who didn't want to wear make up were the "real misogynists"

No. 1621843

What? The whole critique of NLOGs isn't that they aren't feminine enough. It's that they make such a big deal about being so different from all other women, when their hatred for other women is the literal only thing that distinguishes them from other women. GNC women are not NLOGs.

No. 1621845

Exactly. The NLOGs in question were straight (gender-conforming but still not hyperfeminine) women with internalized misogyny shaming others for male attention.

No. 1621865

>I even identified as sapphic for a while
>being a fake bisexual didn't earn me enough clout and I couldn't stand pretending to like icky women so I trooned out instead

No. 1621889

File: 1661115819181.jpg (90.24 KB, 1080x336, Screenshot_20220727-090345_Tik…)

Does she even read what shes writing here

No. 1621897

kek Kikomi irl

No. 1621908

How does one become full of such misogyny and dumbassery? I would love to meet her parents and then scream at them for letting the internet raise their daughter and not educating her about this fad. IMO you owe it to your daughters to teach them on how internalised misogyny can creep up on you and how the trans crowd will capitalise on it.

No. 1621925

>nlog revival
This is a fujoshi lol

No. 1621936

File: 1661118586497.jpg (222.17 KB, 797x709, Untitled.jpg)

Sweetie, those men aren't real, they don't care that weirdos on tumblr are calling them baby girls and malewives. Also this response:
>My theory is that they probably don't have any close relationships with men, so all they see of real life guys is surface-level interactions and the occasional asshole behavior (plus hate crimes in the news). But men in media tend to have their personalities explored to the point that the viewer "knows" them like a very close friend. They can hate real guys because they don't know them, but not fictional guys
Is pretty much on the money, but of course they're not gonna actually admit that all men are trash and not worth trusting. No, no. It's the womens fault for seeing crime statistics and not still seeking out the 0.5% of males that are actually decent human beings.

No. 1621941

tbf I do agree with her on the latter part, it is unbelievably cringe asf seeing a 42 year old actor with 3 kids being referred as babygirl or malewife, all because he plays a slightly empathetic character on tv

No. 1621946

Oh I agree. But acting like this is some sort of serious misandrist act is ridiculous. Compared to the treatment female characters and their actors get this is nothing.

No. 1621979

>nlog-ism has nothing to do with misogyny
Does this girl even know what being an nlog is? Some girls do have an nlog phase to appeal to men, e.g. I'm nlog because I'm not a plastic fake dumb ho, date me instead. Or to deal with internalised misogyny e.g. I'm nlog because I eat so much and don't care about my weight like society says I have to. But as other anons said it puts down other women down so yes "femboyrightsnow", it is a thing to heal from.

>nlog is a tranny thing because many nlogs grow up to be trans or even gnc

Being gnc doesn't mean you're a troon how many times do we have to say this

No. 1621995

I disagree, yes there was some level of frustration cause guys didn't go for them and preferred conventionally feminine girls, but the underline reason -nlogism was a feeling of exclusion many young girls go through, how is that hard to understand

No. 1622008

Who is retconning gay men as lesbians? What is that about?

No. 1622015

>retconning my favorite male characters to be butch
fuck I guess I'll do this more if it makes the aidens seethe so much

No. 1622019

>but the underline reason -nlogism was a feeling of exclusion many young girls go through.

No. 1622029

5-10 years ago tumblr was libfem central, it's kind of interesting to see how it's looped around to become more of a stomping ground for mra-lite tifs. i swear it's like they think it makes them more "gay" to kiss men's asses and spend so much time defending them

No. 1622054

I mean current tumblr is in an interesting mess, most of the libfems(and userbase) left after the pornban, but many stayed around and now current tumblr is shared with fakeboi TIFs, radfems, coquettes and surprisingly high amount of Fascists and white supremacists

No. 1622067

pickme behavior

No. 1622175

This is so frustrating. I have a few TiF friends and have to watch my mouth around them because if I say anything remotely negative about men they’ll accuse me of being a TERF (which I technically am but still). Sorry for blogpost.

No. 1622197

so their stretch marks gave them dysphoria, but not the fact they're a woman? lmfao, pathetic

No. 1622232

Why do artists always draw trans people with sexually dimorphic features from the opposite sex but with their sex of genitals? Like that's at all realistic. No TIF is ever going to look anything like that. Not even buck angel looks like that. The body is a biological man's body.

No. 1622244

not the fact that she had sex with the genitals that supposedly gave her dysphoria or everyone feeling entitled to her baby bump

No. 1622261

Yeah agree with >>1620769 , you really need to step back for a moment. Some people in this thread are continuously threading that thin line of being just conservatard tradfags who hate all gender-nonconformity, not just trannies, and see the "tranny agenda" in literally everything like a bunch of conspiracy nuts. Not everything with pretty boys is some hardcore psyop to brainwash good and chaste christian girls into becoming degenerate fujo aidens.

Just what even is that screenshot? Those male characters aren't real and that's the appeal of them. They're female-made idealized versions based on the concept of a male that doesn't exist in real life, it's basically a non-existent fantasy sex people have made up in their heads, they might as well be retconned as women in male bodies. My effeminate anime homos don't rape or abuse women nor do they spend their every waking hour on twitter sending death threats to feminists. Zoomers really need to stop equating fiction with real life ASAP.

No. 1622332

Idk why but it's very popular. When I was on tumblr I would look at TIF artists drawing guides for a laugh. It was literally just look at a picture of a man, draw him, then add tit chop scars and a vagina. These types screech about body positivity but their artwork is a very good insight to what they really think. They might reblog posts hyping up short kings, "men" with big hips, fatties, etc. But their art is almost always the perfect twink body or someone big, muscular and tall.

No. 1622333

not really, i've seen a lot of canonically thin and/or fit characters drawn as fat brown hairy tranny blobs that look nothing like the canon characters. there's obviously nothing wrong with being dark skinned but it does say a lot about gendies' line of thought that darker skin is so often lumped in with actual unattractive features like troonism and obesity.

No. 1622337

To me it seems like a binary - either they're fit and clearly male bodies like I mentioned or the fat, dark skinned kind you mentioned. I very rarely see any art from that crowd that falls in the middle. I really hate the… darkwashing? Idk what you call it. I'm middle eastern and not many characters look like me, but it's not an issue like TIFs make it out to be. White kids really think they're doing something drawing a white character to be dark skinned or fat or ugly or whatever and it's laughable. You have to be terminally online to believe you're helping us poor little pee oh cees by drawing a white character brown or black. If you get your self-esteem from seeing characters in media share traits you have you're fucked from the start because that will never lead to happiness.

No. 1622352

I decided to check on this internet friend from last year and apparently she added (not changed, mind you) 'he/it' pronouns to her bio on Tumblr. I felt really depressed about this but to be honest I feel like the reason why she stills keeps the 'she' pronouns around probably has to do with the fact that I introduced her to some basic TERF ideology (mostly just AGP and how trans people can and do detransition/desist). She also hasn't really put on pronouns or changed them on any of her other social media profiles and is a roleplayer so her adding these pronouns might be playing a persona more than anything.

No. 1622353

The “it” pronoun is so fucking telling. I have never seen a male online use the “it” pronoun it’s always women with severe self-loathing

No. 1622355

This is the truth tho. You sound obsessed and it’s not healthy to be unable to enjoy random things without seething about a secret tranny agenda. Like the other anon said that’s literally a few steps away from being an alt-right tradder.

No. 1622360

I have, and they were always AGPs with extreme masochism/degradation fetishes.

No. 1622365

Don't forget the Catholics

No. 1622391

I've seen a few TIMs use it too, literally what goes through someone's mind to refer to themselves as an object?
I guess it's the same flavor of mental illness as DID fakers/alter systems. Civilization is truly doomed

No. 1622411

No. 1622413

> But their art is almost always the perfect twink body or someone big, muscular and tall.

I feel like a lot of artists struggle to draw realistic of non-idealistic bodies and I doubt many people open anatomy books
>goth guy from boyfriends comic

I'm not reading through all of…that but I have a lot of thoughts about the way the internet reacted to NLOGs, people really love to mock girls for anything and I feel this is just another version of that. I kind of agree with >>1621838
it does feel like there's a rewriting or retelling of events with it maybe because someone saying "oh you're just suffering from internalised misogyny" is a really easy narrative to sell. I feel like instead of trying to understand why it happened the internet just threw a bunch of complicated terminology.

At least the way I remember it girls that went around saying they were "not like the other girls" were usually trying to separate themselves from the mean girl clique that usually bullied them or felt like they outcasts and online you had all sorts of girls bonding over not liking other girls which was ironic. You had all sorts of girls shy girls with anxiety, tomboys, emos, lesbians/bi girls, sporty girls, girls that just didn't get femininity, girls that didn't like makeup. I can't obviously deny the huge "i'm not like the other fake bimbos WHY DOES NO BOY WANT TO DATE ME" but it feels mostly because society pushes dating really hard on children (just look at what we used to watch as kids) so it was kind of inevitable?. Idk when I think back to my teenage days I never really cared about boys or dating
I kind of miss these spaces and I hate how the only outlet 'weird girls' have now is this nonsense of "actually you're not a girl! #transmasc".

OP is a fucking idiot you don't "heal" by liking pink and wearing dresses yet I don't blame her. I hate how tumblr popularized this concept of "look at me i'm not an NLOG anymore I wear dresses and do makeup" because THAT was apparently was wrong with being an NLOG.

Honestly I've been enjoying the tide-turning that happens on tumblr every few months.

No. 1622418

for women it's usually self-loathing or edgelord attention seeking, for men it's nearly always extreme coombrain.

No. 1622420

>zipperhead is a slur against East Asians
Wtf how do Americans even come up with this?

No. 1622422

File: 1661179805653.png (5.04 KB, 121x68, female but not feminine.png)

remember this deviantart stamp and others like it? nowadays if you have a NLOG phase it has to be concluded by either "becoming a proper woman" or renouncing womanhood altogether.

No. 1622466

Apparently it came from running over east asian enemy troops and the tire marks along them looked like a zipper.

No. 1622530

Men are so fucked up.

No. 1622554

File: 1661189509115.png (26.83 KB, 1044x283, zh.PNG)

This seems made up. And there are many more supposed origins of it that are equally fantastical. There was already a term 'zipperheads' referring to their own troops in armoured vehicles because they used to have leather caps with zips. This term continued to be used long after these caps stopped being used.

I wonder if there's any proof it was actually used during the Korean War or by soldiers afterwards. Or if it was appropriated or independently invented by a writer or journalist or film maker or something. Picrel is another definition I found, posted in 1997. Note that these people are not aware of zipperhead being an ethnic slur.

No. 1622556

File: 1661189734737.png (11.19 KB, 1057x133, e.PNG)

No. 1622562

No. It's more simple (stupid) than that. Slanted eyes = like zippers. Ppl call them zippereyes (not heads)

No. 1622610

File: 1661194282840.jpeg (534.3 KB, 1170x1497, ECC63544-FBD0-4280-A27B-B358CD…)

Cry harder

No. 1622626

File: 1661195803286.jpeg (127.34 KB, 1080x1080, 90509391-8090-4906-A5DC-8D8C44…)

kek, commitment to the bit

No. 1622637

Oh fuck off, they probably love it just like Lou Sullivan loved her positive status. I've seen TIFs IRL talk about it with pride. Also if the TIF there was so worried she should've used fucking protection. Goddamn bugchasers.

No. 1622638

>not getting PEP
>still continuing to fuck gay scrotes regardless
>get HIV

No. 1622643

This isn't really funny, if you're refused PEP when there's a real threat of being exposed to HIV it will fuck you over for the rest of your life. It's just another sign of how female health issues aren't treated seriously, if a guy jizzes inside of you you're still in risk of infection even if you're not a gay man. At least she was trying to be responsible and get a PEP prescription, the medical professionals were at fault for malpractice for not giving it to her. She might be delusional for the "I'm an actual gay man" bit but this is fucked up.

You take PEP after the exposure, not as some regular drug like a birth control pill. Scrotes never disclose their actual STD status and lie out of their asses about it so if you're naive about it and trust a man you're screwed and in actual risk of getting pozzed. Also
>Gay scrotes
>Fucking a woman
Doesn't add up nonnie

No. 1622649

bisexual men exist, bisexual scrotes calling themselves gay are very common.

No. 1622664

ah yes because we all know men aren't disgusting pieces of shit that cheat on their girlfriends/wives with other men

No. 1622691

Don't worry sweetie nobody sees you as a man, when they talk about men they don't mean you, so you internalising that is your own doing.

No. 1622696

File: 1661200896412.jpeg (399.06 KB, 750x925, 3CB67CD9-1B88-4543-9715-120D00…)


No. 1622748

Yeah for real kek how do they know when I say “I hate men” it doesn’t mean them too? I guess they don’t really see themselves as men either.

No. 1622753

Yeah and there are certainly ones pretending to be gay to appease the TiFs in order to get some.

No. 1622808

File: 1661209316420.png (118.9 KB, 914x591, 396BC8F4-1BD5-456D-916E-6F3E73…)

This one is a TiF and I have a hard time believing people at work or at the DMV or wherever else a person has to go would be entertaining this all the time.

No. 1622817


No. 1622841

Are they implying these two children are… gay trans men? The brain rot is real.

kek. No wonder people are telling her "oh yeah that fits".

No. 1622855

Really just proves they don’t want to be men. Not really. These people are now happy to identify as TRANS MEN as a fully separate thing because regular men aren’t oppressed enough

No. 1622856

File: 1661213314051.jpg (517.42 KB, 972x2413, Screenshot_20220823-010835_Ope…)

>I started to wear unicorn dresses and glittery makeup years before I hears of faegender and knew i was faekin
Kek to make herself sound legit she's trying to say being a fairy is biological for her, she's always been drawn to sparkly girly things so that MUST mean she's fairy gender guys!!! She was drawn to it because she was born that way!!! No, she just slapped a gender label on liking certain things. She has such a boring childish concept of fairies too, unicorns and glitter. By the way, some gendies say fae is cultural appropriation, picrel (link: https://www.reddit.com/r/honesttransgender/comments/jzwrov/as_a_neopronoun_user_im_not_going_to_use_faefaer/)

Kek first thing I thought too.

No. 1622858

Same fag to add
>I would respect someone using cat/catself more
The bar is on the floor

No. 1622916

Yeah this is the right answer, learned about it in history class

No. 1622958

Jesus Christ they care about the weirdest shit that doesn’t even matter.

No. 1623075

File: 1661228662046.jpg (187.36 KB, 732x850, Untitled.jpg)

sure love when trannies dont tag their fucking shit in the fanart tags

and they always pick the most laughably inappropriate characters to put titty scars on. tf2 takes place in the 60s there is no way they would be ok with a tranner amongst them

No. 1623253

Tifs don't know what really bad masculinity looks like… They worship it then run for the hills when it comes to school shooters, the influx of incredibly sexist boys in school these days with influencers like Andrew Tate, most teenage boys in their class, who misgender without a care in the world because they're not expected and required to do that, those same boys in their lives, who rank girls they have access to based on their sex appeal when women aren't around… Even men say masculinity can be a detriment. She pretends to be caring of how the world's heading (American liberalism I'm assuming) but really doesn't have empathy for the men, women, children in her life. Tifs are narcissists, they're often uncaring for children unless they're "relatable" to them for instance.

Tf2's a great example of how fandom culture has changed over the years and changes greatly depending on sex. the Reddit doesn't allow shipping content, let alone transgenderism, and the Male community at large is allowed to laugh at this shit without a care. Because shipping and this sort of thing are so connected, it's hard for Female shippers to do the same without appearing behind the times or something. With how crazy the Tf2 world can be, transgenderism isn't too extreme of a stretch for the world, but it's often used as an extension for narcissism. Transgenderism can be an interesting interpretation of already existing characters but is so often used as wish fulfillment in fics/don't address real issues. For example, if Spy was Female, would she still be respected? Feared? Thought as funny by the Male Tf2 community? She would not. But Tifs ignore this discussion. Doesn't make it go away. As a kid growing up with Tf2 it took years for me to see the sex discrepancy in fandom, and I think this greatly contributes with fakeboys as a whole.

They refuse to ask questions about the sexism around them and in their favorite series', but it's always lingering in the background or straight up said up front fully, then suddenly there's very few girls and women in fandom…

No. 1623260

Na, it's just that sub in particular is very self moderated and insular. It actually gets called a hate subureddit specifically because of that.

If you ask the same thing in other subs you'd get the usual answer.

No. 1623262

File: 1661250166158.png (1.43 MB, 1132x1872, FaoyP9ZX.png)

I swear to God, there is a special place of hell for retards who do this to their own children

No. 1623263

This is fucked up!! The next generation of kids are going to grow up fucked and retarded because of these kind of parents

No. 1623265

There is also /Actuallylesbian,though they mostly hate non binary

No. 1623296

As someone about to start going through the IVF process with my wife, I'm genuinely scared about our child having classmates like this. I see my 7 y/o tomboy sister already getting asked about her "gender identity" and pronouns and there's something so dystopian about this immediate urge to "fix" gender non-conformity by transition. We're told that being GNC is wonderful and revolutionary and most importantly accepted but anyone who's GNC themselves will tell you otherwise. This poor girl. She's four years old, for the love of God, FOUR! Good grief she probably still believes in Santa and the Easter bunny. I could not be polite to a parent like that. I'd be biting my tongue and supressing a whole lot of anger the whole time. Trannies who do this to themselves are one thing, but to introduce this ass backwards ideology to a toddler is pure evil. Let GNC kids fucking exist!

No. 1623307

File: 1661255971389.jpg (700.31 KB, 1440x3038, bd8-f1fbe8565cf5.jpg)

kinda OT, I usually support mothers in all custody cases but whenever I see story involving a transkid(boy or girl) it almost always seems to be the mom who is the one instigating the kid to troon out

picrel from the MTF thread, its a really fucking weird case about a 10 year MTF transmodel(basically pedo-bait), the boy's biological mom (the dark haired mustached one on the right) started dressing him in girls clothes when he was 4 and was telling everyone that he was trans, she claimed the biological father wasn't acceptive of his identity and tried to force him to wear his brother's clothes. The father lost custody and the mom (Dee McMaher) later got together with another woman, and she later came out as a TIF and other woman came out as an enby. So these two are now parents of McMaher's two sons and the enby's baby
also despite being 10 and being on puberty blockers he still looks more masculine then his TIF mom

No. 1623312

Doing this is akin to when munchie parents pretend their kids are sick. It’s obviously for attention and an online echo chamber. Weird stuff.

No. 1623319

AYRT, yeah it's always the mothers. There's supportive fathers out there but I've yet to see one instigate it. There's probably a few out there but like >>1623312 said this is similar to munchies and IIRC they're predominantly female too. That kids face though, Jesus Christ, genetics do not lie. Honestly the comment about envying a real male seems feasible to me given the bio mum is a TIF. Not saying that's 100% the reason for trooning her son out, but surely that factors into this mess somewhere along the line.

No. 1623339

>suddenly there's very few girls and women in fandom…
worse, they feel so impacted by this that they troon out because they hate being female that much

No. 1623340

>lets random moids fuck her, probably up the ass for "gender affirmation"
>doesn't get PEP because she's not in a risk group
>gets fucking HIV
>the moids she fucked to affirm her yaoisona aren't even gay
Lots of layers to this fuckup

No. 1623362


>the moids she fucked to affirm her yaoisona aren't even gay

This is the one part I'd argue isn't true. I don't believe in male sexuality, especially the ones that fuck troons. Probably caught it from a bisexual or closeted gay man who figured she was close enough

No. 1623373

NTA but she might've caught it at a gloryhole or some other type of anonymous set-up. TIFs do go to those places, a lot of them talk about muh affirmayshun but I think deep down they know it's the only way to get that coveted gay cock.

No. 1623374

>my 7 y/o tomboy sister already getting asked about her "gender identity" and pronouns
People conflate being GNC and being gay. They are more comfortable having around a "mentally ill" person getting help than a happy GNC or gay person because they don't understand how someone can be different and happy.

No. 1623377

That’s so fucked up on so many levels.

No. 1623391

This whole thread is beyond stupid. So many “im trying to find actual sources to educate myself” what sources are you trying to find about a bunch of adults running around calling themselves fairies and not understanding what a pronoun is.

No. 1623409

In ten years, that kid's gonna go Gypsy Rose on their asses.

No. 1623542

File: 1661277442562.jpg (161.83 KB, 720x796, 20220823_191255.jpg)

>emulates a softboy who is probably her taste in men
>the drawing is incredibly typical of fakeboi art style
They really are a hivemind

No. 1623583

What's the over under on these trans kids Gypsy Rose-ing their parents? Once the fad ends, the kids will grow up and learn that their parents destroyed their lives for nothing. Mix that with the emotional immaturity and mental instability from the hormone cocktail and I think you have a pretty deadly combo.

No. 1623584

File: 1661280359451.jpeg (446.45 KB, 1284x935, 35B14908-C945-4F72-98A1-F0019B…)

>pander to my delusions or I’ll physically injure you

No. 1623621

I personally am terrified of TIMs, cause they look creepy clows and they are most likely sexual predators, but TIFs aren't a thread to anyone but themselves

No. 1623639

Pretty TERF-y of her to assume I have testicles. Now it's my turn to attack her for misgendering!

No. 1623679

Assuming the cancer from hormone over use doesn’t kill them first

No. 1623754

Honestly I'd be willing to half believe it. I think most people irl would be too confused to even argue so they just pretend to be in on it (or maybe this person legit is only friends with other gendies, which is believable).
Also I think a lot of these tards don't realise that if they claim to have some outlandish inane pronouns like bun/buns, people aren't even gonna use their "pronouns" like pronouns but pretty much like nicknames.

No. 1623858

kek'd at "yaoisona", also for me personally i haven't seen any tifs openly wanting to get hiv except of course lou sullivan but i don't doubt that quite a few of them might want it half-subconsciously but would mostly deny it. have any anons seen tifs being more open about wanting it?

No. 1623874

File: 1661303220046.jpeg (674.82 KB, 1169x2000, 1C7F3BCB-CF9B-4EA7-8AB2-2EB021…)

No. 1623875

File: 1661303262325.jpeg (435.79 KB, 1170x2005, 6D548C7A-1AE7-4EC1-AB0D-1C8147…)

This page is just fascinating

No. 1623877

File: 1661303349541.jpeg (655.76 KB, 1170x1330, 9328E451-19D9-40DD-88D5-F695BC…)

Yes of course
@them and @feminist on instagram are basically the 2020’s buzzfeed. I think they’re owned by the same media company.

No. 1623973

Tifs always make threats like "I'll x y z." Always. It doesn't pack a punch since everyone knows they'll never go through with it. Same thing with threats like "I'll beat you up at the Arby's parking lot" like they ever go outside or want to be in that area to begin with. These are girls who are inside too long and forget how threats actually work to regular people.
I wish more girls were allowed to be outside and play freely. It contributes to this silly delusional shit.

No. 1623991

There’s something disturbing about the combination of the article title and illustration. It’s so pedo-y

No. 1624016

What the fuck are these "non binary binary" I keep seeing. Like I don't think nb is real but "Non binary man" is straight up an oxymoron. Or these "non binary lesbians" I keep seeing.

No. 1624018

So one of their writers is insecure about being a hobbit tif who wants to play pretend as a yaoi seme, and wrote a cope about it in the fork of an "article".

No. 1624019

Samefag, form not fork lmfao

No. 1624020

Why does left look like a 10 years old boy?

No. 1624038

>womanlet choosing to be a turbo"manlet"
why…why oh why would you willing do this to yourself

No. 1624057

from my understanding "nonbinary [binary gender" is supposed to be a "diluted" version of that gender, man but not "full man" (whatever that means kek), same for "nonbinary lesbian", many of them talk about how "their only connection to womanhood is lesbianism" but it literally just means that they want to claim lesbian without the stigma of being a "Cis Lesbian"

No. 1624144

I assumed that it meant a tif or tim wants to be seen treated as a man/woman primarily but “gender is complicated and i don’t fit into any box!” Or they want to be more femme/masc.
As for enby lesbian/gay it’s quite ironic they either don’t want to let go of the lesbian or gay label because it was literally their only personality when they were growing up or the cognitive dissonance is huge and they know exactly who they’re attracted to.

No. 1624161

File: 1661339218820.jpg (13.55 KB, 320x180, mom and son.jpg)

she's an enby but the real 10 year old boy is still mogging both of them, he's only just a few inches shorter then them and will probably tower over both of them by the time he's 12, I wonder how the TIF would react to that, that despite hormones and puberty blockers they can still never challenge natural biology

No. 1624163

Frantically texting my wife to tell her that she subverted height-based sexual expectations last night, kek. For real though, how does Them keep coming up with this horseshit? I'm convinced that the writers are all tumblr kweers because most of their articles are in the vein of those stupid "positivity" posts you'd see doing the rounds back in the day. The ones that were reassuring fat womanlets that they're still totally hot and desirable gay men.

No. 1624191

File: 1661344918542.jpeg (266.89 KB, 693x1299, DACBBF92-1013-4666-9143-D75FCA…)

Shocking that this wasn’t a MTF, but apparently a “tboy lesbianist”

No. 1624197

how pleasantly Kikomi-like of her. surely she actually intentionally wrote that page with "childish" handwriting right before she took the photo for twitter woolawoo clout

No. 1624236

File: 1661348997786.jpg (1.77 MB, 2160x2160, 5677888654gh.jpg)

I would find some reason to fire her if i was her boss and thought i got a normal functioning adult and this showed up instead

No. 1624241

pretty sure she means she started working when she still looked like the right picture

No. 1624246

What is wrong with this tweet exactly? In the next tweet which was cut off in this screenshot, she wrote on one of the pages of the journal that even though the journal is for her eyes only, she wants people to know "the real her." So maybe these gay scribbles were her way of coping being in the closet? Don't see how this is cow behaviour or even MTF-like

No. 1624257

File: 1661350780764.png (92.59 KB, 1080x213, 9D68158C-44EB-414D-BD36-390435…)


No. 1624268

So in a mentally ill straight woman way then.

No. 1624275

Tbf to tif teachers they aren't really a danger beyond saying retarded things. Every high school classroom has like 4 people of gender who will take constant LGBTQ+ mega faggot woke speech seriously and then the rest will be just normie filming her to laugh on TikTok. As long as a tif can be competent then they're pretty much ok, if it was an mtf THATS when you have to yeet a fucker to protect the kids

No. 1624280

I always wonder what non gendie kids think of things like that. I don’t have kids or anything but if I imagine this stuff happening like ten or twenty years ago I would think it’s like you said. Maybe some kids would internalize it but most normie kids would not be listening or caring in any capacity except to laugh at it.

No. 1624343

File: 1661357020346.jpeg (325.59 KB, 828x900, 1B8C9D02-130D-4C4D-A32F-E6AC08…)

it’s funny to see him saying this because his gf was exactly the type of person he hates (ex-tif who was drooling over gay men)

No. 1624363

Lol who cares about men feeling uncomfortable. Net positive result of tifs tbh.

No. 1624390

I disagree. they're till in the position to nag and ruin a kids (GNC girls, usually) life. Don't underestimate the power of repetition of grinding down a kids worldview

No. 1624449

Exactly. I hate when people imply TIFs are basically harmless. To GNC kids (hell, even adults) who are self-conscious and bullied for being GNC, TIFs can very easily present their propaganda to them as a way out. They can "teach" them about how being uncomfortable with yourself means you're actually male and it's totally not related to misogyny and being treated like shit by a large percentage of society. No tranny is harmless and they're all shameless opportunists.

No. 1624590

Kek there's screenshots of Boof Fairy on his private account saying he doesn't understand why women would say something misogynistic but he is literally in a relationship with a woman who claims radfems are all CSA victims who are jealous of her boyfriend and that she only hangs out with guys because girls are drama

No. 1624595

Ayrt if you see teens purposefully riling up a teacher on TikTok, a lot of the time they're visibly a genderspecial. Teenagers are terminally online but some are more terminally online than others. A vast majority of normie kids/teens meme on genderspecials relentlessly

No. 1624707

I just block the specific artists because its usually just a few that do it and the rest will tag their troon art. And tumblr is really good at hiding shit unlike twitter.

I feel you. The best parents can do is cut off the internet and teach their kids how to act like human beings. From what I'm seeing the internet is a fast catalyst on GNC girls turning into troons and hating themselves, and kids are just impressionable.

My coworker got their kid off the internet by saying things like "you can't remove things off the web" and "everyone is watching"; its a similar fear of stage frights. She was able to scare her kid enough to get off the internet.

No. 1624831

File: 1661385663013.jpg (227.2 KB, 1080x1730, Screenshot_20220825-005557_Ins…)

It's funny seeing them in the wild. Ironic "threats" that are just lame, "educate yourself", "pronouns don't equal gender", "I call myself male things but I'm nonbinary, gotcha!!!", and of course dressing alt (gothshilo is the original poster, thought it was a cute style video but the caption was imagine I'm your bf). Did I get a bingo?

No. 1624833

File: 1661385906844.jpg (122.99 KB, 1080x786, Screenshot_20220825-010543_Ins…)

Samefag, the even funnier thing is ilovestonerboys has they them pronouns, no self awareness or maybe just self hating

No. 1624835

some people ironically put retarded pronouns in their bios. i have a friend who puts xe/xim they/them on her instagram bio just for shits and giggles.

No. 1624865

I feel so fucking sorry for sane zoomers. Wtf is this nonsense rhetoric

No. 1624944

his gf is the epitome of misogyny, iirc she wouldnt even call herself a feminist bc its too « icky » for her, and she was mad to see her bf being friends with a lot of rf

No. 1624957

I have seen very few cases of internalised misogyny as bad as she has it. She's a huge NLOG altgirl who was tradwife larping while also posting thirst traps to her Twitter and being 2edgy4u

No. 1625062

Kek, could you post her account or screenshots, I wanna see the train wreck for myself

No. 1625083

i'm sick of men trying to police female sexuality

No. 1625099

>My coworker got their kid off the internet by saying things like "you can't remove things off the web" and "everyone is watching"; its a similar fear of stage frights. She was able to scare her kid enough to get off the internet.

Terrible advice to tell a child. Children need to feel free to make mistakes they'll regret in order to grow. They can't grow if they feel paralyzed saying anything, fearing they'll regret it. I almost went trans because of what I saw on the internet, but freely masquerading as a man/boy on the internet in spaces actually made by and for moids was what peaked me. I felt like a shadow of my former self when I (convincingly) masqueraded, and bland, because I couldn't discuss what I enjoy, my experiences, my thoughts to men/boys in the Discord channels without giving away my cover. I never felt comfortable and learned quickly why Female spaces are so important. I'm happy I was able to do that and realize it wasn't for me.
The "fear" reminds me too much of "the male gaze" or general over-paranoia. It can "paralyze" a lot of people, especially girls.

Also if certain employers only hire zoomer employees if they have completely spotless record on the internet, they're suddenly going to be unable to employ anyone who's not not Amish. Many zoomers have been online since they were 12 or younger so they've said the stupidest shit and it's still lingering somewhere or another. I wouldn't worry about that unless the spots are particularly egregious.

No. 1625119

are "truscum" still around?

No. 1625137

Not this attention whore again. How long did his account deactivation last this time? A week?

No. 1625224

I just want to vibe and listen to randomm Sims youtubers but so damn many of the popular ones casually toss in fuck JK Rowling the bitch terf TWAW my pronouns are they/them bs. Where can I find terf simstubers so I can vibe with some fun sims vids without the misogyny.

No. 1625226

it's good you were able to escape troonery, however some girls now aren't able to realize their mistakes through internet usage until it's too late. Mostly because parents will be regarded as transphobic if they don't comply and give into the demands of 11 year old girls who are being groomed by TRAs and pedos to alter their bodies. I don't agree with completely abolishing internet consumption for adolescents as the previous poster mentioned, but nobody should have to go through a trans phase to understand the danger/threat of the movement.

No. 1625238

I know how you feel, my wife is a huge fan of The Sims and we watch a lot of youtube videos together to brainstorm for stuff and my god, it's pickme central. Gaming for us is an escape from the world, I hate content creators trying to shoehorn in politics to a silly little gaming video. You can't even bring it up to them either because their response is either 41% bait or "WE'RE LITCHRULLY BEING GENOCIDED".

No. 1625316

serious question anons

how do i stop letting my disgust of troons overtake my brain? i feel like i get triggered seeing a fucking trans flag and instantly angry. i really don't want to be like this. i had a period of hating men (not that men don't deserve hate but i was also obsessing over this.) any advice?(this isn't your blog)

No. 1625341

stop looking at mtf/ftm threads and get off social media. if you know any normal trans people, hanging out with them and discussing things you both agree on really helps. try to remember that you're only being shown the negative sometimes, that doesn't mean the negative isn't real or important but it can give you a warped view and exaggerated emotions. it's good that you can recognize this flaw within yourself tbh, the real danger comes when you just accept your feelings as truth.

No. 1625343

>Gaming for us is an escape from the world
Which is exactly why people like this love it, they get to live their gendie fantasy in a virtual world. For this reason they like sandbox, life sim and dress up games. Though ofc, some of them like stuff like TF2 and simply project troonery onto the characters.

No. 1625345

File: 1661435142249.jpeg (181.8 KB, 614x396, 75437CB2-D58F-4D19-8504-C28A56…)

Why have they not claimed Eminem the way they have claimed Jesse Pinkman

No. 1625348

he's a real individual person so he can tell them off, which is why they've only claimed Jesse Pinkman rather than Aaron Paul

No. 1625430

I stopped reading the tranny threads and anything with screenshots and articles of tranny nonsense, and just generally try to be less terminally online. You don't need the rage bait, I find the disgust and anger clouds my ability to engage rationally with the theory.
There are troons in my life I have to deal with (enby girls and loser gay boys) and it's just easier to not be seething unnecessarily about it. Practicing basic compassion for their pov helps.
(I'm still fully on guard around AGPs though)

No. 1625450

Gerard way wore a skirt to a show and the gendies are squeeing that it's giving euphoria. What is it with mcr having an influx of tif fans, or did I just not notice them before

No. 1625454

Tifs are the emo kids of today.

No. 1625459

I actually thought this too the other day as I reminisced on the cool alt/emo/goth girls I used to talk to online they're all thembies or tifs now

No. 1625518

Girls trying to become the emo GNC boyfriend

No. 1625529

kek i knew a tif that listened to eminem to help with dysphoria bc it made her feel more manly

No. 1625619

lmao I guess 10 year old me was manly in her eyes

No. 1625633

File: 1661456211763.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 330.41 KB, 1536x2048, 21535BE6-BD10-459F-8079-2C9F33…)

Spoilered because it’s disgusting but this is a TIF right? She looks like a 13 year old boy it’s creeping me out.

No. 1625639

isn't it that TIF pretending to be a biologically male "femboy" and posted badly shopped nudes as "proof" that she's an actual male

No. 1625703

>She looks like a 13 year old boy it’s creeping me out.
that's the point

No. 1625758

Looks like a child and her mother, weird.

No. 1625809

Wow. So I've met both these people IRL and maybe I'm just retarded but TBH I still have zero idea whether this "guy" is a TiF or not. The person I met looked like a girl but had a guy's voice and really super narrow hips. If anything the pics online are shopped to make him/her look more feminine (wider hips, smaller waist, etc). I didn't see any facial hair stubble either.

I'm not ruling out a TiF who took hormones until her voice dropped, but if so then she's got pretty masculine skeletal proportions, minus the height. I've also met one or two actual dudes with similarly short/scrawny physiques (though without the girly face) so idk.

No. 1625829

It's a TiF, @cursedarachnid has a thread here, she's been heavily photoshopping for years. Crazy that you met them though.

No. 1625834


Slight ot but if only lesbians could say this shit without a bunch of handmaidens and trannies yelling over them

No. 1625840

File: 1661468887193.jpg (1.58 MB, 972x6512, Screenshot_20220825-190517_Red…)

No. 1625986

>gay men aren't pushed to fuck botched tims because they're attracted to male bodies, so why is the logic thrown out the window when it comes to lesbians?
Take a wild fucking guess

No. 1626066

People who are unwilling to admit SEXuality is about sex and not gender will always inevitably end up confused.

No. 1626078

she had a point but then she had to say mtf trannies are more lesbian than ftm

No. 1626083

>hrt changes everything physically
so basically she wouldn't go for a pre-transition "transfeminine person" either? that could get her crucified in many "lesbian" spaces kek
also because HSTS MTFs are notorious delusional straight man chasers, while HSTS FTMs usually are not that obsessed with straight women because deep down most of them know no straight woman would want that. of course that doesn't mean lesbians would/should want them either but that's what happens when you mess up your endocrine system to end up like a poor pastiche of the opposite sex

No. 1626094

File: 1661498023934.jpg (157.74 KB, 828x1312, 02.jpg)

so this is a weird case, A TIF teen drag queen performs for cash tips at a gay bar bar & nightclub, The nightclub sold out for the teen drag show. They also advertise the bar is open during the show. these are consequences of faghaggotry and stan twitter

No. 1626131

prepare youself nonnies for the influx is kiwifarmers when the site finally gets taken down. the owner is straight up saying now they're on their final days and say whatever/do whatever you want

No. 1626132

Lol literally where?

No. 1626144

this produced nothing in me when once it might have done
i appear to have seen so much scrotery that i made myself asexual

>i wish them luck stay strong king
nah i don't give a fuck about gay men any more
particularly the ones who don't come out, mess with women's closeted husbands, campaigned to keep bathhouses going during AIDS, or engaged in pederasty
they're scrotes in the final analysis

No. 1626149

>In 20 years they are going to be putting these pictures in psychology textbooks the same way they put pictures of lobotomy victims


they are similar to the 'freemartins' in Brave New World

given the progressing BNW-ification of society in general

my bet is that the troonery will become more dispersed and less concentrated

future people will go on or off T and estrogen willy nilly for myriad sociological reasons

reproduction will become more technology-dependent, states and corporation's 'care'/'education' of children will become more invasive, and two-caregiver households will become economically or bureaucratically uttainable for all but an elite few

i'm fucking blackpilled

No. 1626150

>troon goons
KEK adding that one to my internal dictionary

No. 1626165

Are you her? Some women have no hips, that doesn't make them men. She's one of the most obvious TIFs out there

No. 1626167

Check out her YouTube if she hasn’t deleted it, it had an old video of her where she was very obviously just a girl.

No. 1626276

You are a spicy white woman, its not complicated, we all know you are a woman

No. 1626339

Maybe if she doesn't want to think about gender all the time, don't encourage an audience that interrogates all GNC people? Honestly though the fact her name is Madeline but she couldn't handle Maddie and changed it to Mattie instead tells you all you need to know about her: troon in training.

No. 1626397

Josh says that shit whenever he gets into trouble. Take your fearmongering elsewhere.

No. 1626448

I'm in a similar boat. Don't doomscroll everyday at least just avoid discussions that don't contribute to anything meaningful. Idk if you had a pre-peaked phase but just keep past you in mind, at least that's what I do. If you still want to keep reading at least just read things that have some thought put behind it and not "ha ugly fag 41%"

Remember to be empathetic and put in effort to listen to people. It's very hard and annoying when you just know that they're wrong and clearly didn't give a lot of thought to this shit as much as you did. Real people you meet are definitely not the same degens documented here, most are just misguided or are the products of their chosen social media environment. Losing your cool and saying "YOU'RE JUST A TRANNY DEGEN FAGGOT PICKMEISHA" will make you look insane.

Meet more chill/apolitical people, that really helps because usually if the topic comes up you can discuss things.

No. 1626450

Be the change you want to see nonnie.

No. 1626461

Just treat them with the same decency you treat any normal stranger. Avoid using any pronouns/gendered terms at all - you don’t want to upset them nor do you want to indulge their delusions. If you encounter any AGPs (straight males) keep them at arm’s length. I have a few TIF and HSTS acquaintances IRL and I’ve never been accused of being a TERF.

No. 1626477

File: 1661535052484.jpg (113.71 KB, 780x742, JBoVBSb.jpg)

That subreddit is just very sad

No. 1626583

I get so triggered when people misuse "I think, therefore I am."

It's "I think, therefore I [exist]," not "I think [that I am some thing], therefore I am [that thing]."

The latter is plainly a retarded thing to say in 99% of situations in which it's commonly used, such as justifying trannyshit.

No. 1626586

I didn't even understand that's how they meant it. I thought the original meaning was common knowledge

No. 1626591

it also misses Descartes' entire point, which is that while we can doubt our senses, that reality isn't what we can see/hear/touch/etc, but what we can never deny is that we exist, precisely because we're contemplating our existence

No. 1626638

They did it to defy the gender norms pushed on them for being gay, not because they fancied themselves trannies, nor because they fancied themselves spicy nontrannies who just want to play around with their insta bio pronouns.

No. 1627079

Sad how the meaning of that gesture has already been watered down and twisted to fit the current agenda. Some of the women who did that are still alive! Hell, some of the people from Stonewall are still alive, but the modern LGBT movement just plugs it ears and goes "LALALALALA I CAN'T HEAR YOU" any time people who were actually there challenges the current rewrite of historical events.

No. 1627204

File: 1661612021366.png (814.73 KB, 822x598, ugh.png)

decided to check how this one tjlc girl from my tumblr era is doing, and this is what i found.

No. 1627214

she looks so dead behind the eyes
i hadn't thought of tjlc in years but they were prime aiden material, the trooning rate among them must be sky high

No. 1627221

Testerone ages you so badly jeesh

No. 1627267

What the hell is this look I keep seeing tifs go for? It's like they seen Kurtis Connor and said "yes, this is the guy". Gummo background twink aesthetic

No. 1627279

What's tjlc?

No. 1627282

File: 1661616644289.png (1.75 MB, 960x1280, 46A87CC4-FE54-45F5-A61A-ACBD73…)

Inspired me to look up someone I used to follow on tumblr too… on testosterone, not sure if they’re fully trans yet… bio just said androgynous but taking T means obviously trooning out… it’s so aging, I think she’s like 29

No. 1627283

the johnlock conspiracy. sarah z has a pretty comprehensive video on it. basically john/sherlock shippers convinced that the show would make this ship canon

No. 1627284

The Johnlock Conspiracy, look it's a really long story you kinda just had to be there
I still wonder what pearlrebs is up to. Who's this one?

No. 1627328

There's something so depressing about finding out the nerdy girls you used to talk to online have trooned out. It's happened to me more times than I care to remember. Feels weird being one of the last few left. As a butch it's like being in a horror movie but the big bad monster chasing you is actually just big pharma approved social contagion.

No. 1627368

Oh my godddd… I used to follow her, back when she was super cute with pink hair. Wow. She's also vegan so that could have something to do with the rapid ageing. I'm kind of shocked how bad she looks now.

No. 1627414

File: 1661626598011.png (101.39 KB, 370x644, d58e93e1cd9ea47902f3a627e7255c…)

She looks like Asterix.

No. 1627491

Don't do my boy Asterix wrong like that.

No. 1627520

He’s probably the same height though

No. 1627535

File: 1661634898553.jpg (354.14 KB, 1080x1605, Screenshot_20220827_171417.jpg)

just two heterosexuals in a loving hetero relationship

No. 1627540

File: 1661635084352.jpg (322.47 KB, 1080x1872, Screenshot_20220827_171826.jpg)

why look like a normal person when you can look like this

No. 1627544

What song was it?

No. 1627548

>hairy, fat, masculine
lmao, more realistic than I'd have expected

No. 1627560

>just as varied as any other trans identity
Oh fuck off, nearly all non-binoids are gender conforming and in straight relationships. You're not fooling anyone, Miss Bowlcut.

Kek, I dressed like that when I was 13. "worm.dad" is 18 and should be moving onto big girl clothes and regular bathing by now.

Creep by Radiohead, KEK.

No. 1627587

she passes but only as someones skinny chav uncle who hangs out a Wetherspoons in a tracksuit and smokes too much, has been to prison, and has bad smudgy tattoos from the 90s

No. 1627593

NLOT (not like other tifs)

No. 1627613

In this age of troonery, Astérix was the only thing us french anons had going for us still

No. 1627657

File: 1661646206309.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 558.1 KB, 2717x1373, 722E34B1-010E-48E9-AA95-6881F4…)

Are we sharing personal cows? I used to be mutuals with this one girl who wrote generic white british tv show twink slash fanfiction and got curious as to what she’s like today. Ah.

No. 1627663

Ah shit. Someone with way more dedication than me needs to make a Social Contagion Compilation kek

No. 1627691

kek at her small, obviously female shoulders and conveniently cropping the photo above her hips

No. 1627696

File: 1661650556951.jpeg (457.28 KB, 861x2199, 8F2F977E-3A56-43B0-A511-F36BDC…)

>>Ms Langadinos said Dr Toohey should have realised she might be autistic and referred her for further assessment by a specialist.

No. 1627707

The photos look like psychological horror movie stills. I feel sorry for my American nonnas your psych system is fucked beyond repair.

No. 1627719

she's from Australia?

No. 1627727

File: 1661654156702.jpeg (349.99 KB, 1170x1006, 006CA2C7-61E9-4E16-90F1-6DE6E3…)

Of course OP is a TIF

No. 1627731

>the only
bitch, that shit must chafe like crazy, I don't need chub and clitrub for fucks sake

No. 1627735

File: 1661654583267.jpeg (46.92 KB, 750x475, 2A1326EE-0560-4BE5-892B-F2934D…)

well enjoy that unwanted pregnancy then any man who likes it up the ass is a repressed faggot he’s probably using her since she’s a woman pretending to be a man

No. 1627755

Yeah, having a massive clit that apparently aches all the time (according to TIFs iirc) sounds really amazing, I'd love to rub my clit raw on my underwear or something, just so I can yank it better. Thanks, tranny. Let me take testosterone now just for the clit enlargement.

No. 1627765

These girls are mentally and emotionally stunned and walking the world like a fictional character who is frozen in time. What's going to happen as they get older and can't do the "emo edgy boy' LARP anymore? Like what's going to happen when they turn 30? 40? 50?

No. 1627774

Is this some sort of drag them down with me psyop because she is a mutilated woman in a see of normal women? If every one has a fucked up body then they don't have a fucked up body and I'm don't have to accept that I mutilated myself anymore?

No. 1627937

File: 1661666156572.jpeg (658.29 KB, 750x1135, 77D25D32-3BE4-43CB-9B41-F7254A…)

I hate it here

No. 1627958

Her @ is acidbath0ry. She's toned it down ever so slightly recently but is still posting stolen tweets and reminding everyone she's a based NLOG epic style trad ewhore at any given opportunity. She's very Sh0eonhead in how she tries to present herself

No. 1627963

this is the most feminine display of ‘masculinity’ imaginable kek. a bright pink fluffy cute customised frog teddy bear? she couldn’t even get it in blue or black or something?

No. 1627986

>forcing something unnatural on an already unnatural scenario
There's a cosmic joke in here somewhere I'm sure of it.

No. 1628050

youre telling me that FROG had BOOBS..????

No. 1628127

what feminists are saying that women have to have small clits what does this mean

No. 1628133

she thinks terves are only against women going on T because men would find that unattractive? yet another case of TRAs bashing terves without even knowing what we actually believe

No. 1628188

notquitesoancient. she was in beachdeath/peyton thomas's circle.

No. 1628232

As someone who's had some clitoral growth from PCOS, I would not wish this on another woman. If Tiffany here couldn't get off before that's her own damn fault. I never had any trouble before the growth, but then again I'm not AAP.

You mean you didn't see the "your clit must be this small to enter" sign outside the terven treehouse? Keep with the times, anon.

No. 1628369

File: 1661699093887.jpeg (383.43 KB, 1284x910, E7D762CB-3D53-4420-ABFC-FE4036…)

Not sure if this is okay to post here, but a tumblr user compiled a google doc with self-reported negative affects of T by TiFs. I thought it might be potentially useful to post here for archival and informational purposes. Here is a link to the tumblr post, it has the google doc and more info (I’m not the user in question, just saw this on ovarit).

No. 1628454

anyone know what holistic T refers to? Is there a female version of guys believing drinking soy milk increases their estrogen?

No. 1628518


I've read a tif say something about eating bull testicles

No. 1628531

If her eyes were any wider apart she'd be that animal from ice Age

No. 1628549

I’ve seen some discussing drinking tonnes of green tea, I don’t know if realistically it would do anything

No. 1628722

There are foods that are supposedly boosting your testosterone levels like broccoli, and there has been claims that you could actually get a big enough boost from those foods that it gives you visible changes, but this is mostly TIF hearsay and I have never read an actual scientific article about it - not that I would have looked for one though. But I'd wager that "holistic T" is just a fancy way for saying "I eat a kilogram of broccoli every day".

No. 1628802

File: 1661718993758.jpeg (523.36 KB, 1325x805, 70BFFFE5-B99F-43CC-B942-42AD91…)

No. 1628837

ok i thought this was one of the threads that was safe to view after eating but i guess that rules gonna have to change

No. 1628948

“It’s like I’m not taken seriously and ignored because I’m afab, but of course I wouldn’t know. Sorry if I’m being crazy.” The female socialisation jumped out. So close yet so far

No. 1628952

>"I am a manly man and I pegged him once, so your son is my bottom slut you dumb karen bitch"
Aydens and their performativity is always so cringe.

No. 1629092

I believe this means taking testosterone as a medicine (like injections or whatever) as opposed to topically (as a cream). Incorrect use of the word regardless.

No. 1629578

Ikr the "maybe I'm exaggerating", her tim partner probably makes her feel like she is.

No. 1629622

I really hope this is the sort of thing that leads to some of these women eventually peaking. It’s too bad she married the scrote already, but she can still get out if she wakes up. In these kinds of posts you can see the gears turning as they start to see that gender identity doesn’t matter because people treat you based on sex anyway.

No. 1629940

File: 1661802357088.jpg (Spoiler Image, 155.5 KB, 1170x1170, 20220829_214530.jpg)

I still cant get over doing this is perfectly legal. In the future we are gonna look back at this and think how the fuck was this allowed

No. 1629962

Please tell me this is fake. please

No. 1629983

File: 1661803340391.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.8 MB, 4096x2730, GridArt_20220829_160147883.jpg)

No one can tell me this isn't a form of self harm. I cannot IMAGINE living with my arm like this. The wrist is absolute nightmare fuel. All to have a swollen, hot dog shaped noodle hanging off your abdomen.

No. 1629997

I have such a hard time understanding it even from their perspective. Even if I had the worst mental discomfort in the world from not having a penis, nothing could make me sign up for this because of where the science is for making it work. The knowledge that it would never be a real penis and never look or function like one would be enough. Combine that with the complication rates for these surgeries (even higher than mtf iirc) and the idea that I would be a medical patient for this for life and it’s too much. I don’t know what the benefit to this is. Even wearing a penis packer for life makes more sense. Do they even feel sensations with these? Actual sexual sensations? Or does it just feel like when someone tickles your arm (if anything at all)?

No. 1630021

File: 1661804957322.jpg (Spoiler Image, 447.38 KB, 1080x1112, Screenshot_20220829-162951_Red…)


Found this post that might answer your question a little bit lmao. Fucking bleak.

No. 1630112

I cant even laugh or cringe at this anymore this is genuiely tragic and society as a whole has absolutely failed this poor girl. Imagine spending the rest of your albeit short life like this, just because you hated yourself a bit too much as a teen and were told this is the only solution to it.

No. 1630207

File: 1661812607830.jpeg (180.04 KB, 750x1131, D9A6A6BD-B435-4F9B-8A08-962150…)

No. 1630222

Why would a frog have tits in the first place? They’re amphibians. Sorry for autism.

No. 1630255

Does this mean she got a skin graft from her thigh and she's feeling it in her thigh what the fuck…

No. 1630286

No, nerve damage can make you feel sensation from one part of your body in another part of your body as the nerves repair themselves. It can be either permanent or temporary and can happen with any surgery or injury that damages the nerves. It's not the graft feeling where it thinks it should be, and the sensation she is feeling is not now, nor will it ever be, anything like erotic pleasure. What she's feeling is any time she touches her frankendick, she feels like she's being touched on her thigh instead, because the nerves are forming connections in the general area where the tube has been grafted. Nerve damage is fucky like that. The only way she could ever feel pleasure on her arm skin hot dog puppet is if her nerves happened to heal in such a way that she feels it on what's left of the area of her crotch that has erotic sensation. I have no idea if any of that is preserved in TiF mutilation surgery though, and even then you can't control how the nerves will heal so chances are very low that any of these cosmetic butcheries will ever feel remotely good let alone normal.

No. 1630292

As someone with scar tissue over a severed nerve, that shit fucking HURTS if I apply light pressure on it even 10 years later. It is painful enough for me to scream if i happen to bang it on something. I can’t imagine the pain these people feel. It’s a deep, horrendous pain that feels like it’s in your bone and then radiates out to your skin. It’s so awful. I wonder how many of them try to ignore this side effect.

No. 1630315

Yeah, I think it's very likely that if full sensation ever returns most of what can be felt will be pain. And that which isn't painful will just feel like touching any other random part of your body. Numb spots can stay numb forever too. Once it's done I think it's all cope. You have to block out what you've willfully done to yourself or you'll lose your fucking mind. All this and large highly visible scarring just to pee out of a non functional limp sausage sewn together of your own meat that barely resembles a penis. And they say it's not a mental illness.

No. 1630323

Nothing done to even cosmetically make it resemble a foreskin or head, just an uncooked bratwurst clinging to your crotch trying not to fall off. Her fucked up arm looks more like a penis now than the "penis" does.

No. 1630550

File: 1661831647772.png (13.26 KB, 668x138, Untitled.png)

they really tell on themselves

No. 1630580

File: 1661835118334.jpeg (243.65 KB, 825x934, EE3223B9-2941-411E-9196-EEAC16…)


No. 1630583

The tragedy is that she could actually look like a cute alt girl if she wasn't growing a pubestache.

No. 1630586

Nonnie are you blind? She looks like she has fetal alcohol syndrome

No. 1630593

This advert popped up on my YouTube the other day.

Why is it that they lie and pretend like women are at all concerned with these tiny, elfin, obviously female dykes in their spaces, and not rapey men?

No. 1630594

That's literally what everyone says about any cow ever

No. 1630597

You ever think about how fucking strange it is that there's been this sudden sharp turn in how feminism has been marketed?

Back in like 2016 or whatever, it was all about, "Yas queen, speak your mind, call them out, fight injustice and slay the patriarchy!"

Now, you mustn't dare speak up about anything, lest ye be labelled a Karen.

No. 1630621

Mainstream feminism is about removing competition over who gets to be the best piece of meat. It's not "you will respect me because I'm a human being", it's "you will let me be a shameless degenerate no matter what I identify as or look like because it's empowering to have people choose to use me"

No. 1630644

Feminism's rap has gotten worse with time. In the early 2010s, when I first heard it, it was pushed as a thing loud strange young women all banded together over. I've told to people I'm close to I'm interested in feminism when it fit the conversation and all the responses I've gotten are along the lines of "that doesn't suit you" or "that's surprising." I wish it was a more socially expected thing for young women to be interested in. Everyone freaks out over incels yet feminists are this crazy thing like the two concepts didn't come from the same originating point. Learning about feminism made the transition from borderline fakeboi to someone who browses this forum (kek) far less lonely and that seems to be a trend in detransitioners/desisters.

No. 1630658

i'm into weird looking girls sorry not sorry but also fml because it seems most of them have trooned out.

No. 1630669

Fuuckkk these bitches are delusional. I will never get over that nasty pubescent boy stachethat they love to flaunt as soon as it comes in

No. 1630731

Imagine having that haircut, a pubestache, and looking like you're suffering from an allergic reaction to a bee sting at all times and thinking you're making anyone's underwear wet. I would kill to have just a fraction of the self-esteem that troons have.

No. 1630761

File: 1661865738268.jpg (90.42 KB, 827x625, tumblr_ea2d2233c51aa205f67e0e8…)

yes, get out of my toilet

No. 1630766

Yup. It's a death cult. This is self harm on weapons grade steroids. Women on average already want to destroy themselves but now it's finally socially acceptable AND you get a billion yaaaaaaass's too from the braindead enabling masses and predatory groomers for mutilating each of your female sex characteristics and cutting flesh off of your limbs to form a tube that gets stapled to where your vagina used to be

No. 1630771

File: 1661866959124.jpg (541.31 KB, 1080x1693, Screenshot_20220830-094332_Red…)

I severed my finger a few years ago and I still feel the tingly sensation from nerve damage. The skin just doesn't always repair itself properly, my finger doesn't even feel like it's mine sometimes. I can't imagine living with such huge areas of my body numb like that. Why why why do people choose this voluntarily!

No. 1630780

File: 1661867801454.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.97 MB, 4096x2730, GridArt_20220830_095723944.jpg)

I just can't with this one. It looks like squidwards nose.

No. 1630792

cthulu-affirming surgery

No. 1630800

Bottom surgeries are always so fucking sad to me. I geniunely can’t bring myself to make fun of this kind of thing, it just makes me sad for them.

No. 1630809

Every day I wish more and more that a pandemic arose that targeted males.

No. 1630815

Those hips don't lie ma'am.

No. 1630851

I do not feel sad for people who are so fucking stupid that they actually think a rolled up piece of skin stapled to your crotch is gonna solve their mental illness

No. 1630859

No. 1630882

lmao, imagine being dissed by your gf for woke points on twitter dot com

No. 1630894

Do you guys just laugh or cry or get angry at these people only here.. I can't help but when seeing them in the wild i want to speak sense into them. But i know they won't listen and will claim you're transphobic + it's weird to just message a stranger especially teens. But i keep seeing especially young lesbians on social media who are tifs and date other tifs. Just saw one with a friend group of 5 and her girlfriend all being some sort of trans. What's it gonna take for them to realise? Or is this trend just going to keep rolling for years and leading to more of them killing themselves/mutilating themselves/ruining their own and close ones lifes??(unsaged blog)

No. 1630902

nonna it's hopeless at this point for them. years later these kids will hit adulthood and realize what society and social media did to them. the only thing we can do is focus on the things we can control. For example, if you have younger family members tell them that these people are mentally ill and not to go near them.

No. 1631050

Honestly at a loss here. Surely, even if your misogyny and self hatred reaches nuclear levels to where you have to immediately sever all your ties with womanhood and become this sad facsimile of a "man", surely this sad pale uncooked steak lump sown onto your crotch, leaving grotesque and repulsive mutilation scars, can't possibly make anyone feel good about themselves, right? Right???

No. 1631150

File: 1661894125247.jpg (75.16 KB, 564x791, 20d2f99887b45cbcf55cae2fa135f6…)

The most bizarre to me was how culture did a complete 180 on the views of consent. I remember when I was a teen around the 2010's there would be a stream of messages on how people should never manipulate you into doing sexual favors for others. Admittedly, I didn't think much of it because I was still a kid and had zero interest in dating but it made a lot more sense when I got older and 'left the nest'.

I don't know wtf happened but all I know is that now incels in dresses are a protected class who are allowed to rape and molest children and women as they please. And if anyone speaks up, they are a bigot and are killing the poor transfolk umu.

>I geniunely can’t bring myself to make fun of this kind of thing, it just makes me sad for them.
Until they start encouraging minors to make their same mistakes because they're bitter and want others to feel the same misery.

No. 1631153

I hate the word sexual assault for being so fucking vague, and it’s intentionally used by the media to hide what actually happened. I can see he’s facing 70 years, so he definitely raped that little girl. But they won’t ever say ‘rape.’ Scrote media is so evil. Tell us what happened. Say it, say “man rapes 10 year old girl in the ladies’ bathroom.” I want to beat them with heavy mining equipment until they say it. I add 1 more crack to their skulls each time they utter the words “transgender woman” and “sexual assault.”

No. 1631156

I have got to be honest, looking at this made me feel fear and disgust much more than stinkditches. A woman (actual person) mutilating herself to this extent is petrifying. So much gore, actual torture. This is medieval butchery you would be declared a saint for surviving.

No. 1631166

A combination, depending on the circumstances. I've known several trendiers that use their trans status as a bludgeon to gain social power and exert control over people in their friend groups. I unironically hate people like these.

I've also known a ton of tumblr fujos that trooned out, despite being hilariously girly and having hardly interacted with men IRL. I tend to laugh at people like these, because they're usually dumbasses and they're pretty entertaining.

I've also known some TiFs that were really just lost souls and I have a ton of sympathy for them. Anecdotally, these people are way less represented online (including here) than they are IRL. They tend to be pretty private and not have many friends, so they're not really lolcow material. They're also more likely to be lesbians and/or transmeds, and they're a lot more likely to detrans since they have a relatively realistic view of gender. They start passing but realize that they don't fit in as a man any better than they did as a woman, and that they don't really have a gendered soul or anything. Before these people detrans, they'll tend to agree with you on transtrenders and how ridiculous the movement has gotten.

But yeah, it's hard to resist trying to talk sense into these people overall. My best friend's little sister is reeeally into being "qweer." We've talked about this sort of thing a bit, and she gets her feathers ruffled but is surprisingly willing to engage. Still, she just kind of gets stuck at "let's agree to disagree" without really internalizing what I've said. I'll chalk it up to a lack of life experience, since she's still in high school and absolutely surrounded by these types. Still, I think I've helped keep her away from T and given her a more nuanced perspective, so I don't think the conversations I've had with her were unproductive.

That being said, I can't imagine having a productive conversation with someone who falls into the first category that I laid out. The few convos I have had pretty quickly ended with complete disengagement or dogmatic statements about how gender supposedly works.

To me it feels like at some point, explicit verbal consent became king, and any other indicators of consent started to be ignored.

>a normal, slow escalation of intimacy between two people who know each other well and end up having sex

"Well, she never explicitly verbally consented, so the man was acting like a rapist, even if the woman disagrees!"

>a troon pressures a lesbian into engaging with him in a very troon-friendly environment. the troon "flirts" with the lesbian in front of their friends. The lesbian feels obligated to entertain this, knowing that if she shut it down, she'd be called transphobic. However, this emboldens the troon, and he asks if he can kiss her. Feeling like she's now led him on (in front of everybody, too), she verbally agrees.

"wow!! consent! not coercive at all uwu!"

It's just way too black-and-white a way of looking at things, which appeals to both sex-naive Twitter autists and sex-pests for different reasons.

No. 1631171

>”Well, she never explicitly verbally consented, so the man was acting like a rapist, even if the woman disagrees!"
gtfo moid

No. 1631204

I remember when even libfems were willing to talk about vaginas (The Vagina Monologues and Riot Grrrl was third-wave) and frame abortion as a women's issue. Now it's all about transwomen, abortion is gender neutral because TIFs have them so it's a uterus person issue (but if you call TIMs sperm makers or prostate havers that's murder and comparing them to men), and porn/prostitution is a valid job and empowering.

No. 1631222

a tif on TAL talking about losing her singing voice after T, mostly more than that i just cant get over how this one straight up says "i didnt act like a woman" (ctrl+f)
i suggest actually listening to the ep too for the before/after singing ft. kermit, of course

No. 1631302

ot I’m sorry but what happened to the tim thread? I cant find it

No. 1631394

It’s still in the catalog, just on autosage right now because of KF drama.

No. 1631640

I didn't expect that to be such a sad read

No. 1631657

troons did try to cancel TVM until the author introduced tranny monologues (both ftm AND mtf, go figure)

No. 1631675

I honestly don't agree with what a lot of people here say except on a few pointers but the one thing that completely enrages me are male-born "non-binary" persons who ID as lesbians.

If they're NB, fine, it'd the IDing as lesbians… No. All it is, is invading womens spaces. How many lesbians are going to be interested in what is, in appearance and nature, a man? If they were on HRT and transitioning then fine. But these NB males just IDing as lesbians is completely insane to me. No actual lesbian will be interested.

I utterly hate the term non-man loving non-man. Since when does the term lesbian HAVE to be associated with men, even in name, at all? It's all so ridiculous. I know this is just something chronically online cringefucks think. But still.

Yes I know obviously-female "transmen" (who are not trans as they do not transition) call themselves gay and invade gayspaces too but it seems like gay men can turn these people down and openly complain but lesbians are just supposed to accept these males and accept that they identify as.

Lesbian should just be women-loving-women or female-loving-female.

I don't agree with outright transphobia on here. As long as they are actively transitioning and "pass" then they are who they identify as. My issue are these men or women who do not attempt at transitioning but just invade gay spaces for whatever reason. Although I have some sympathy if they are facing issues.(nobody cares)

No. 1631678

People here are “transphobic” because men claiming to be women denies the opression women still face in society (eg. abortion rights being removed in America) and allows for funds/awards designated to womens issues/events women fought to create to men. Men, trans identifying or not (as in AMAB in your language) offend at the same rate as non trans identifying men and use resources which were granted to combat female oppression rather than the applicable male resources (such as a man taking a womens place in a womens shelter). Men take advantage of this removal of sex segregated protections to corner women while vulnerable and unable to receive quick help (womens prisons, bathrooms, shelters). Do you seriously think men won’t lie to gain easy victims the same way they have lied before? You are helping and standing by while the protections and rights women fought for are being removed or changed to enable the male sex class to abuse and oppress the female sex class they have abused and oppressed since the male dictated creation of society. Do not be nice to your oppressor nor expect the oppressed to be nice.

No. 1631680

because everything has to be ~inclusive uwu~. "female loving female" is obviously "the worst" definition since it excludes mtfs, while "woman loving woman" is also "bad" since it excludes the enbies. some even consider "non-man loving non-man" to be a "problematic" definition because "what about the bigender and genderfluid lesbians who also identify as men??"
>I don't agree with outright transphobia on here
come back after you read all the troon threads, both ftm and mtf, back to back

No. 1631685

Read this thread >>>/snow/1177679 and the other mtf threads if you want to become educated about why posters here believe what they believe. Many started just like you and changed their position after better understanding the situation and listening to what transidentified people themselves say. Browse reddit r/actuallesbians and other reddit trans subs to see what is posted and to better understand (especially AMAB transgender people subs).

No. 1631688

Bad link sans the image, read this one instead: >>>/snow/1131745

No. 1631699

Well said, anon. I could not reply to that handmaiden politely because there's something especially annoying and sinister about a woman who aids the oppressors but still has the balls (sorry, gender neutral gonads) to come and tell the oppressed "I totally get some of your concerns! But if the man shaves his beard and takes horse piss pills then you really should accept her shenis". This in particular really hit the nail on the head for me:
>You are helping and standing by while the protections and rights women fought for are being removed or changed to enable the male sex class to abuse and oppress the female sex class they have abused and oppressed since the male dictated creation of society. Do not be nice to your oppressor nor expect the oppressed to be nice.
Handmaidens gtfo or come back when you've done your homework like >>1631680 said.

No. 1631702

Why do you believe hypermasculine women are men? Sounds like misogyny to me

No. 1631704

Thanks. It really disturbs me to see young women like me who have lived a more privileged life them their/my ancestors so willing to undo the hard work they did to achieve a freer, fairer, and safer life. It insults me, it insults my mother, it insults my grandmother, and insults all the women who came before us/me who worked to ensure our freedom to live a life with at least a little more autonomy (such as campaigning to eliminate the urinary leash for example so women could more freely participate in society).

No. 1631717


Sorry but when someone is on HRT, goes through surgery, has curves, a feminine voice, looks absolutely nothing like a man and you expect people to call her a man because she was born male? You'll look insane. A trans woman has never oppressed me. Men, however, have. Not saying transwomen can't be pieces of shit, but lots of cis women are also pieces of shit that hold up the patriarchy.

I realise I cannot reason with people on this thread. I'm not trying to, I came here to vent about something I disagreed with and found an issue in. I also realise people like this are chronically online and hardly exist in real life, same with their supporters.

I'm still in my twenties, I am probably already "outdated" according to these people for not believing a male born and male passing cannot be a lesbian.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1631719

>A trans woman has never oppressed me
>looks absolutely nothing like a man
>I realise I cannot reason with people on this thread

No. 1631720

Have you ever actually met/seen a man on HRT? it doesn’t magically make them womanly, just a bit fatter with sore nipples
It’s not some magical silver bullet, you’ll still be able to tell. Male puberty is one hell of a thing to overcome, impossible even.

No. 1631721

You are allowed to disagree, but please read the site rules newfag. You need to sage your blogposting.

No. 1631723

Well I'm 6'2, butch, fridge bodied, muscular, frequently read as male and also grow facial hair due to PCOS. So that makes me male right? My body not being your average female body? You'd look insane if you called me a woman! Explain to me the difference between me and an FTM without saying "it's just a feeling/preference" and other circular logic.

No. 1631729

I see. So you are the kind of person to say oppression isn't real if the oppressor class declares themselves not oppressive. Many here feel the same about people like you being unable to see reason.

No. 1631731

>trans women have never oppressed me
>men have
They’re the same group of people. Go read the absolutely vile misogynistic things that mtfs say about women and tell me they aren’t men. Go see how many of them commit rape and murder of women and tell me they aren’t men. Funny that the rate at which they are committing these crimes don’t change all because they suddenly declared themselves to be “women”.

No. 1631739

Not going to lie, you seem lowkey racist. Are you an American white woman by chance? This is lipstick alley, a black womens forum: https://www.lipstickalley.com/forums/the-lsa-womanist-feminist-forum.446/ if you want to read opinions on the consideration of transidentified people outside of your colonial influenced bubble, read here.

No. 1631817

I need all of you to stop responding to the trannylover thats already been permabanned please

No. 1631841

Stinkditch? Chads? Fuck outta here moid

No. 1631848

File: 1661959422220.jpg (Spoiler Image, 243.55 KB, 575x927, Screenshot_20220831_112122.jpg)

Was scrolling through the cursed snapchat fyp and came across this. How do phallo freaks not realize this is what they look like lmao

No. 1631879

>but if you call TIMs sperm makers or prostate havers that's murder and comparing them to men

Yeah I've not seen a push for this kind of language for tims as much as there has been for tifs. I thought they were trooning out to escape womanhood but they still fall over themselves to be included in it? While tims fall over themselves to claim their penis is akshully a biological anime girl's.

No. 1631888

TIFs would have wanted that too, but no one cares enough about them to cater to them like they do to TIMs. And of course phrases like "penis haver" or "sperm producer" also get pushback from the TIMs because they don't want to "be lumped together with their oppressors" while TRAs still can't decide if it's "cis" women who oppress TIFs (because "cis" people oppress trans people) or TIFs who oppress "cis" women (because "non-women" oppress women) so lumping them together is not seen as controversial.

No. 1631890

It reminds me of how even medical sites have updated the language on pages that relate to female anatomy (using things like “people with uteruses” or “menstruators” and the like), but then on the pages that concern male health issues they always use “men”. This is one of the things that led to my peaking. Now if you call men “people with prostates” or “testicle carriers” they’ll say you’re a terf or hateful bigot but still expect you to use that dehumanizing language for women. Hell no, I’m going call all males (TiMs included) ball heavers or prostate people from now on. Fuck them all.

No. 1631900

It’s really just more proof that TiFs are female and that society sees them as such. TiMs can throw tantrums and rage and people bow down at their feet like with any other man, but no one wants to listen to soft spoken Aiden who can’t even talk on the phone and who isn’t even being taken seriously by TiMs. And we’ve seen how mad the moids get when TiFs bring up this issue of how they are treated vs how TiMs are. They get absolutely enraged when a TiF says she notices how FTMs aren’t treated as well and how TiMs fetishize their female bodies too. Then the men go on to claim that the TiFs are being misogynistic towards them and hold all this male privilege now. It’s insane.

No. 1631905

At least her singing voice isn't ruined, it sounds OK. But the contrast between it and her froggy talking voice is funny

No. 1631906

Just dawned on me that 90 percent of ftm trannies are just more deviant and/or low T variations on Adam Friedland.

No. 1631924

>reddit spacing
your opinion means very little to me

No. 1631941

Also 8/10 a mtfs pronouns will be respected even before medically transitioning by the people within their group that are militant about pronouns but a ftm is always seen as and called “she”.

No. 1631953

let it go, she(?)'s been banned kek

No. 1631960

>If they were on HRT and transitioning then fine
Uh absolutely not fine. They'd still be male no matter what they do to their bodies and lesbians will never be interested.
There's no such thing as a "true and rational" trans. You either believe that you can change your sex and that gender roles are innate or you don't.

No. 1631985

Agreed, and it's probably why a lot of them identify as nonbinary or some flavor of 'transmasc' rather than trans man these days. They're loath to shrug on the status of male oppressor. Or he/him lesbians who go on T. They know exactly what they are and how they're seen and are eager to minimize the amount of abuse they'll get at the hands of their friends who tell them in woke language to shut the fuck up cunt.
Seriously, why would a neutered male be any more acceptable to me than the regular thing? I wager most people who act like this haven't been targeted by troons wanting to be in their dating pool. Try being a lesbian getting harassed by one of these smelly mountains I'll guarantee you that you won't feel that way.

No. 1632058

File: 1661972465422.jpg (1.8 MB, 2560x1920, 22-08-31-11-19-44-375_deco.jpg)

Didn't know whether to post here or the MTF thread but this is a 'lesbian' who doesn't date women kek

No. 1632063


lmao looks like another self-hating woman pretending to be a lesbian once again

No. 1632098

Don't worry, Aiden. We wouldn't date you either, misogyny's a bit of a turn-off.

No. 1632120

she probably thinks she's doing a gotcha since "no one would ever fathom that a lesbian might not be into cis women so why is it different for trans women!!"

No. 1632126

File: 1661978680180.jpeg (103.74 KB, 424x640, 622BD371-90A2-4485-BE76-6037A1…)

Dollar-store enby meicrosoft

No. 1632152

She's so beautiful, I love her makeup.
I hope she doesn't become a they/them

No. 1632173

Damn, that other girl really is a skinwalker.

No. 1632198

Wait… this isn't the same person? I'll never understand people who skinwalk so hard

No. 1632272

File: 1661989731706.jpeg (516.9 KB, 1170x1685, F97EEBCA-07DC-4403-92C1-B29437…)

Yay cutesy grooming art

No. 1632289

I don't feel sorry for these Tifs at all, the way they dogpile and bully cis women.

No. 1632299

go back

No. 1632333

They look like Pokemon characters

No. 1632338

>straight girls pretending to be bi girls pretending to be lesbians
Guess being fauxbi got too mainstream

No. 1632349

did anyone watch that tif skater doc about "leo" baker?

No. 1632517

>Language policing recently peaked women
And anons wonder why they can't convince anybody trannies are a problem. The pronoun and language correction on this site is more oppressive than wherever they came from.

No. 1632530

Sometimes it requires a little tough love to free a sister from the tranny pandering mentality. I felt uncomfortable when I first heard someone call Josh Alcorn a he but look at me now.

No. 1632619

I've watched a few things about her on YouTube after seeing her in the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2 remaster. Is this a new doc? Do you have a link?

This. I bristle at the term "cis" and I've been the idiot that's corrected others, but Rome wasn't built in a day and you have to let the peaking process happen naturally. The anon is here, she's aware of the misogyny and she's called it out. A genuine mistake of slipping up and saying "cis" is forgivable.

No. 1632643


it made me feel kinda defeated. like they spent the last 3 decades trying to make skating less misogynistic and abusive and the last is escape is "okay im a man now." of course all of the guys commenting on it are just "no you're not a guy, that's stupid, you don't even compete with the guys" so what is this even accomplishing?

it's rainbow rebranding everywhere because we don't know what to do with the suburban dirtbag culture and the fact that a lot of skating really is just shitty. if kids was a 2014 movie i feel like half the cast would've transitioned.

No. 1632649

Exactly. People end up fully peaking over long periods of time, usually by their own investigation. Being rude to them every time they accidentally mess up because they’re new at looking at things from the other side doesn’t help anything, it’s more likely to put them off.

No. 1632770

it's called "stay on board" on netflix.

it was so crazy how the people ushering her on to transition were all gay men and a tim, how she kept saying she felt better when she was skating and around oldheads like elissa steamer, how she like had to give up skating to fit in with queer people (men) because she can't skate on testosterone against women because that would be cheating, but she can't compete with men on a man's level, and how she is of no use to the industry as a pseudo male skater who can't compete in either category. it was also interesting how emotional she was about internet comments at that age, obsessed with her outer looks but so fragile inside. she comes off very femininely. in contrast her partner who presents "femme" was so secure, staid, and a rock. traits stereotyped as masculine. i'm so sick of gay men trying to control gay women and ruin their lives and achievements, and i'm sick of the butch femme dichotomy. i hate that the doc is positioning her to be a marketing product in ads to influence more women to transition, and that she wants to be paid in outward validation and no longer get a sense of purpose from skating well. its going to be another future buck angel/tranpa mess of someone whose stuck in their position through the sunk cost fallacy.

No. 1632771


Thank you nonnie, some anons here don't have social skills clearly

No. 1632773


I've noticed this too, it's always more vulnerable people that tras and troops target whether they be mentally unwell women or children

No. 1632805

Thanks, nonna. Gonna watch it in a bit and I'll no doubt be back here to scream into the void about it. It's depressing as fuck, I've recently got back into skating myself after years of being too injured to do it and as I'm a lesbian I used to really appreciate Lacey's presence on the scene and now she's "Leo" and it's just this horrible reminder of this brave new world we live in. I do see more women and girls at skateparks which is nice for my little sister who's began skating with me, but how many of them will be influenced by this shit? How many will feel the pull to fit in? The scene has always been misogynistic as fuck but at least back when I was a teen transgenderism hadn't become mainstream yet. Literally no hobby is safe for women anymore. Troons get their grubby little paws on everything.

No. 1632968

>and i'm sick of the butch femme dichotomy.

No. 1633002

nta but personally it's the (fortunately mostly outdated) dichotomy/complementarianism part that bothers me. the idea that butches HAVE to act like this, femmes HAVE to act like the opposite and butches and femmes can only date each other, femme4femme is hot but nothing serious while butch4butch is wrong etc etc. nothing wrong with the long haired skirt wearing girlfriend opening doors for her short haired pants wearing girlfriend too. or two short haired pants wearing women dating each other. yes, i know these attitudes are mostly outdated nowadays and sadly we're going into the other just as bad, if not worse direction that all lesbians have to either be as feminine as possible or distance themselves from womanhood. while i understand where the "i'm not a woman but i am still a lesbian" crowd comes from, i still think it's a very unhealthy attitude to harbor. hypermasculine lesbian Patty is just as much of a woman as hyperfeminine heterosexual Stacy simply because XX. why do we have to make it so complicated.

No. 1633067

What the fuck are you on about? First of all butch/femme couples have been getting more and more shit from queers, libfem lesbians and polilezs for years now. They're called "assimilationists", they're accused of "mimicking heterosexuality", it's apparently internalised homophobia, etc etc etc. Butch/femme couples - as in couples who fully identify with those labels and that dynamic - are very much on the fringes nowadays. Also I just watched the doc and no part of it mentioned butch/femme? "Leo's" gf identified herself as queer so she probably wouldn't even use the term femme. AFAIK Lacey never identified as butch, only lesbian/queer and then trans. Why are you so mad that sometimes masculine women date feminine women? Like… I might be butch but I'm not trying to be a pseudo man. I cook, I clean, I cry easily, I break a lot of butch stereotypes. Yes, I do embody some, but who cares anyway? Being butch is only a small part of my overall personality. Same goes for for femmes. Stop viewing people as stereotypes.

No. 1633068

it's hard to explain, this is going to be so clumsy. i felt like part of lacey's struggles with feeling dysphoric was her feeling like she was failing to be "butch" enough for her girlfriend, who in comparison was just a (seemingly) effortlessly strong person. and i think as their relationship progressed and she opened up about her mother's drug abuse and her time in foster care, she felt vulnerable or "weak" and failing to act masculine, and that her transition in part was a reaction to those feelings of fear and shame, and by transitioning she could correct her failure to perform that role. the whole idea is that people can be both strong and vulnerable and that butch and femme are just aesthetic presentations and shouldn't limit the scope of how one behaves. >>1633002 she explains it a lot better.

No. 1633069

no one seems angry here but you

No. 1633070

huh? i literally never said any of those things you accused me of saying. you're literally arguing with your own strawman.

No. 1633071

I'm not angry I just don't know how you got that out of the documentary and think butch/femme is this huge deal when it's not and hasn't been for years.

No. 1633074

i observed their behavior

No. 1633075

i'm not that same anon, i just explained why some lesbians might not like the butch/femme dynamic

No. 1633077

Fair enough, but I thought Lacey's gf was the stronger one and Lacey herself was much more feminine than what she presents as. She gets really upset about stupid instagram comments meanwhile her gf seems like the type to take what life throws at her and roll with it. I actually think >>1633068 made a great point about Lacey feeling the need to fulfil a stronger role. It was actually hard to watch tbh because she so obviously needs to reconcile with being female, the fact she got turned down by the first doc for a letter for top surgery surely means they picked up on something like that in her.

No. 1633106


No. 1633172

File: 1662073140274.jpg (195.04 KB, 1039x1161, space twink.jpg)

posting screenshots because i'm too retarded to post a webm that is not corrupted to shit lol
this tif is one of my personal cows and she really hits all the boxes

>male pattern baldness

>pube beard
>acne scarring
>nlog cos she is a boy (sorry twink) now so makeup is fine

and if it isn't the worst application of makeup i have ever used my own seeing eyes for. why do all trannies just expect ass pats for the lowest effort shit. girls and women everywhere get shit on for having fun with makeup and posted to r/badmuas or wherever we go these days to laugh at women. but this 'twink' with her gunt out and eyefucking the camera is actually inspiring and living her best life i am to assume? help me not to a-log nonnas

No. 1633200

Fuck off, i doubt you are a woman. Get your male-policed misogynistic lenguage out of our female-centric website you turd.

Christ this post makes me mad. The very simple fact they are trying to guiltrip women into welcoming tranny terms reeks of male, please don't fall for it nonnas.

No. 1633204

Double posting but,
>And anons wonder why they can't convince anybody trannies are a problem.
What??? You just outed yourself as a terminally online loser. If you actually went outside and had any interaction with normal people would be aware that any goddamn normie out there realizes what is a woman and what is a man just fine in their own. If you think the sentiment in this thread is exclusive to this website then damn you are one deluded motherfucker. Sad.

No. 1633221

Sometimes it really feels like it’s just an excuse to let themselves be ugly. You’re allowed to be an ugly woman.

No. 1633240

Crazy how this looks exactly like a personal cow I have to the point where I actually thought it was her, right down to the makeup, crop top with big belly combo and hair. Except it's actually someone completely different who I've never seen before. Mine is a "twink" too but I'm sure that won't shock anyone kek

No. 1633243

Calm down, anon just said that we should have more patience with resently peaked women.
Like it has been said before, drag queens are to blame. To those people's eyes, make up and fashion are only cool when a man does it.

No. 1633256


>And anons wonder why they can't convince anybody trannies are a problem.

Who told this site was about peaking people? You want that, fuck off to ovarit.

>The pronoun and language correction on this site is more oppressive than wherever they came from.

This is a lie. Deal with your guilt/shame/embarrassment over your former handmaiden ways on your own time.(infighting)

No. 1633259


Someone's projecting. And we're the terminally online losers when you're seething over nothing? Please(infighting)

No. 1633264

Competition isn't even important in street sports like skating and parkour so it doesn't matter. It's not like other sports, which are exclusively oriented towards winning specific competitions.

No. 1633271

File: 1662080706901.png (2.6 MB, 750x1334, 0F16FB1A-4FF8-44BF-B2A0-05FC87…)

less infighting more tranny cringe

No. 1633275

Try clown

No. 1633286

What the absolute fucking fuck is supposed to be "gender" to these people? I keep seeing random shit like
>these characters are ~gender~
>these clothes are ~gender~
Like what in the schizo Komaeda poster shit does that even mean? And dumbass shit vent but fuck, I can't look for fucking recipes on Pinterest without getting shown a bunch of retarded ass ~gender~ shit, it's so retarded that the quick exposure to that shit makes anyone's brain cells commit suicide.

No. 1633308

it's about the money and having a career. being a female skater isn't making her money any more so she's making the lucrative career move of being a queer skater/merchandiser with glue. the whole doc is a mawkish advertisement.

No. 1633309

I've reached the conclusion that "gender" is wokespeak for "pretty" they want to be pretty but being a pretty young woman is a lot of effort + you attract moids and that's a hell of a downside. So they invent a new, GNC flavor of pretty. In theory this is a good thing but then you remember most of these girls are mentally ill with low self-sterm and headbutting with reality because they want to deflect misoginy (they can't) so their definition of pretty (read: "gender") starts to become more and more warped as misoginy doubles down (we all know how misogynist TRAS are) and their mental illness gets worse and worse (the trans community is a pretty rough space to be when you're a young mentally ill girl) that is where "gender" gets nonsensical, antiesthetic and essentially anti-a-healthy-life too. And that is not touching when they use gender as a standby for attraction, because being a young straight woman online is a sin. That is why they end romanticizing the most random things, and being an unwashed hikineet golbin with a shitty relationship with everyone and a rapist moustache in the name of "gender".

No. 1633323

File: 1662086090457.jpg (202.39 KB, 1080x800, socalledquoteunquoteRISKS.jpg)

Turns out that they don't care about any of the health risks. They're going to LARP as moids in spite of the vaginal atrophy.

No. 1633324

No. 1633344

Really starting to wonder if these trash/clown/goblin/alien types are getting high off some kind of dissociation from themselves. I feel like they have such intense self-loathing and internalized misogyny that LARPing as someone totally different and insane-looking gets them off, because it's such a relief not to be "themselves".

Like, the ones who want to skinwalk as their cartoon husbando make more sense than these filthy-dumpster-gremlin ones, but they all come off like they're suffering from some kind of depersonalization. Or maybe that was just me during my TiF phase and I'm projecting kek Sage for sperging.

No. 1633368

it's kawaii for the new generation of anime club girls

No. 1633376


Gender means aesthetic. This happened very directly on Tumblr a few years ago and that's all it is now, a different word for aesthetic, because yet again girls got shit all over for having aesthetics and enjoying the thought of individual lifestyle personal styles. Rebrand it as gender and now nobody can say anything without being twansfobic

No. 1633388

Detrans woman Jalisa (formerly Tyince on YouTube or Being) who was featured on kalvin garrahs channel before she privated all her videos and disappeared from social media is back on youtube and discussing her detransition. Crossposted from the detrans cow thread.

No. 1633430

putting homosexuality against actual mental health defects/adverse risks is so subtly homophobic. i bet if i check out their profile right now they're a "trans mlm" and calling themselves gay instead of just a straight girl

No. 1633431

well i have heard of cases of formerly lesbian TIFs suddenly becoming interested in men after taking T, probably because T increases your sex drive and these women have been repressed bisexuals all along

No. 1633467

>hebrew name
every time kek

No. 1633468

I doubt that's it, some straight mtfs report suddenly being attracted to males on estrogen (and going back to being straight once they stopped taking it) because sexual attraction is partly dictated by hormones. Basically you can't "cure" innate sexuality but you can fuck their perception up using drugs.

No. 1633471

At this point I believe 'gender' simply means pretty or interesting to zoomers. It also replaces the term personality for a lot of them.

No. 1633475

God that's sad. I know some anons will say she brought it on herself but having been a pretty dumb teenager, I feel terrible for someone making such permanent mistakes.

No. 1633476

>4ft obese wrinkly neckbeard
every time

No. 1633506


I agree with this 100%. I've been thinking about what gender really means currently and it's just a look, a feel, or a "vibe". When people say "omg gender" they just mean something or someone exudes an energy they like. Gender expression is just styling yourself in a way you want and feel comfortable in. So if you're a girl and you want to dress boyish, it's not just styling anymore. People call it gender expression now, and therefore your style must be linked to your 'gender' and pronouns, and if you dress boyish as a girl your gender expression is boyish, so then you must be a boy deep down. Right? Right?

No. 1633508

Samefag and semi-blogpost but I just mean to say it's easy to get dragged into that shit. I like styling myself a certain way and gendies I know keep calling me a boy or a little boy not as cute playful comments but as a way of assuming that me dressing this way means I must not truly be a woman.

No. 1633509

>the whole doc is a mawkish advertisement.
That's exactly how I felt. She talks about being packaged as Lacey Baker the girl skater by marketing teams in the past but doesn't seem to realise or care that she's still being packaged by marketing teams. Only difference is it's now "Leo" Baker the queer troon skater. Honestly over the course of the doc she just became more unlikable and laughable. Her reaction at her former school to the principal calling her a talented female athlete was rude and bratty. Same with the Olympics and the women's skating comps. "wahhhh they called me a lady!!!" when literally everyone is complimenting her. The part of the doc where the gay moid photographer is talking about how masculine she was becoming followed by her posting a picture of herself in a leather harness (that alone made me kek) with a simpering "plz use my pronouns and no bully" caption on instagram and then proceeding to cry at the dumb comments it inevitably got felt like a comedy sketch. The "fag" tattoo on her arm as well is just… I can't even begin to discuss that without a-logging. As someone who has came close to trooning out it was hard watching her get upset talking about dysphoria and mention that talking about it makes it worse, but not working out that distancing yourself from troon shit and keeping yourself busy is the best way to fight it. I think she's just too embedded amongst the queer types to escape though. Even if she did, no company would market a detrans skater. It would be career suicide.

Thank you?

No. 1633512

What's with the sexy nurse in a minidress? Trannies are all pornsick

No. 1633513

You're insane

No. 1633515

File: 1662119081158.jpg (105.73 KB, 1500x1999, 137503161_max.jpg)

Okay so I guess this isn't sexy at all, it's just a normal nurse uniform you bigot!

No. 1633534

its literally nowhere near the same, it doesnt even show cleavage retard.

No. 1633535

It's not that deep. It means they have a husbando and want to wear cool clothes. Just with several layers of shame, confusion and misogyny.

>I-I don't want to kiss Komaeda you big cisgender baka, it's just gender envy ! It's not like I read yaoi fanfic or anything ! I just relate to him because I'm totally a boy !

It's just advanced tsundere shit kek

No. 1633538

Show me an actual nurse uniform that is tight with a mini skirt you weirdo. Why are you even defending it? gtfo tranny

No. 1633542


I think it's a way of saying they feel like the stereotype of a man or woman and that makes them feel valid. But if they said that they'd have to interrogate what a woman and man is. These are the same people who insist that a woman in frilly pastel lingerie with he/him pronouns is still a man because they said so. They all just keep skating around the truth.

No. 1633553

File: 1662125573730.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 175.5 KB, 828x1169, BAF573D5-65CE-4F2B-991D-01DE3B…)

she said in a different tweet that she draws crap like this because she wants to see her body represented, there were replies saying the same thing too. it’s so often fat, ugly girls who have been falsely led into thinking that larping as a man will make them hot. also, what is it about the ghost fandom that attracts so many tifs?

No. 1633556

I-is that a real person they are drawing like that?? Repulsive

No. 1633561

She has Steven Universe body proportions. Even her face and head shape is disturbingly Steven Universe-esque. Now I've seen aidens try and fail to be anime boys but I've never seen one manage to form their skeleton and fat distribution into their gemsona

This shit is so dangerous. They're literally minimizing the dangers of a major medical treatment. Jesus christ, I feel bad for kids who look up to people who misconstrue the misery of major hormone shifting into le epic funny queer moment

No. 1633568

File: 1662127907918.jpg (501.66 KB, 1080x1934, Screenshot_20220902_170304_com…)

This woman is a non binary binqueer sex educator. She first appeared on my tiktok in multiple videos complaining about another sex education tiktok page for using 'female condom' and talking about vaginas using women/girls/female terms.
Here she now calling Jameela problematic because you should be using they/them for everyone and checking their bios.

No. 1633569

Why does every nb self identify as a sexpert? I swear all you need to do is rename yourself to a noun and then dress like shit to earn a PHD in shagging

No. 1633571


kek how do pick me girls like her even get unironic fanbases? this shit screams "I'm not like other girls" syndrome. How much do you have to hate being female to be saying shit like this lmao.