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No. 1874504

For discussion of people in your life (or people you've found online) that have lolcow potential.
Previous threads:

No. 1875343

Small streamer who beats his parents on camera. He is 21 and was angry that his mom didn't help him get it

No. 1875345

get his id

No. 1875758

I've been following these women for some months but they've recently been garnering the attention of the general public.

This is Queen Opp, 34 years old, and Chelle, 36 years old. They are two "friends" from Pennsylvania. Their gifs and videos are commonly used as reaction videos on social media. They've been livestreaming on multiple different apps across the years, these livestreams mostly consisting of Queen Opp and her supporters ("the Oppsters") humiliating and degrading Chelle for hours at a time, and also begging for cashapps. They met in 2007/2008 while working at ShopRite. Queen befriended her and used Chelle as a babysitter while she worked nights as a stripper. Eventually Chelle moved in and became financially dependent on Queen.

>Queen Opp is an ex-stripper and ex-prostitute

>Queen was "friends" with a tranny prostitute named Dookieana for like a month. They both bullied Chelle for the short time the tranny was there.
>Queen Opp has 4/5 kids and currently 8 months pregnant. gave most of the kids up for adoption or to the child's father's family.
>Queen only cares about one child that she does not have custody of.
>Queen speaks very sexually about her unborn daughter (I won't go into detail, just take my word for it)
>Queen used to bring her "customers" to the same hotel/apartment as her child. In one livestream her son repeatedly interrupts her while she's with a trick
>Has been caught hitting Chelle multiple times, Chelle has come on camera with visible bruises
>Queen has somewhat isolated Chelle from her family by making Chelle talk shit about her mother, father, sister and late grandmother
>Has made Chelle dress up as a baby and call her mommy.
>Queen has co-erced Chelle into having sex and kissing with homeless men and one of her tricks, which is likely why Chelle now has HIV and I believe herpes
>Made Chelle to eat a live worm, live goldfish, human feces, dog feces, Queen's BV/yeast infection discharge, food from a toilet. Chelle has also drank bleach but that was of her own will.
>Queen has wiped dog shit on Chelle's face
>Has forced Chelle to shave her head and dye it to make her more unattractive
>Queen has had to check Chelle's ass for shit as Chelle has poor hygiene and frequently shits and pees herself
>Chelle frequently lies and used to be a thief, two reasons that Queen Opp and her supporters give for disliking her
>Chelle stole money from Queen to send to men
>Chelle's lies include stories about her family (mother, father, grandma) molesting her and her siblings and lying about going to college.
>Chelle plays into the "fat, ugly friend" thing by acting greedy for food, tried to fight Queen over a chicken salad
>Have a dog that they starve and yell at, had a bird for like a month or two before it died
>Despite seeming like it, Chelle is not mentally disabled

The recent stuff that has made them garner mainstream attention vidrel
>took a 2 month break from social media
>come back with a new addition to their lives, Queen Opp's new toothless girlfriend named Dani
>Dani has been watching their livestreams for years, used to donate to Queen and also took part in the bullying of Chelle
>Dani has a questionable (if you catch my drift) relationship with her sister according to Queen
>Dani beats the fuck out of Chelle on and off live, Chelle has been bruised and swollen like never seen before. Has hit Chelle so hard over the head that she started bleeding.
>Queen has to sneak food to Chelle as Dani doesn't allow her to eat
>A week ago, they go live on Youtube and people from all over the country call the police because of how bad Chelle looks
>Police break down their apartment door, arrest Queen Opp and Dani
>Chelle is returned to her family, has been seen out in public with them at a waterpark
>Queen Opp and Dani are both no longer in police custody but likely have to go to court
>Queen Opp is still pregnant and likely kicked out of her apartment

Sorry for the shitty summary anons, I don't write summaries or OPs and there is genuinely so much stuff on them that I've probably forgotten a lot while writing this

No. 1875800

Damn, I was wondering what the backstory was with them, but it's way too depressing trying to go back and watch old footage. I'm really glad to hear Chelle is back with her family. I hope she gets the help she needs and isn't found by/goes back to Queen.

No. 1875882

With this context even more disgusted at all the caucasian gay men that are obsessed with using their vids on stan twitter. Of course they loveee domestic violence against women.

No. 1875917

File: 1691139063926.png (12.87 MB, 3801x5770, IMG_5402.png)

Been my personal cow for nearly a decade.

> climbed on stage and assaulted a mtf tranny on a fit of rage

> birth name is Danielle, over ten years ago went by the name tot, “ze/hir”, went violent at people who were confused
>switched to they/them, got her pronouns tattooed on her neck AND on her face
> uses they pronouns for her cats and all animals, as she believes it’s cissexist to equate he to dogs and she to bitches
> got in a relationship with a girl named bear
> bear had several cats and a dog already, but Danielle bonded with one of the cats, Gideon, calling him a soulmate and the love of her life
> Bear breaks up with her, leaves the apartment and takes her animals with her except for a rat who’s left to die
> She sues Bear for custody of the cat
> Has a meltdown because the legal team can’t stop calling her a “she”, they have to write “THEY” on their palm to try and appease the mentally ill woman
> gives up on the cat but tattoos her name on her hand
> now goes by Thy Orion, records herself injecting testosterone on her stomach, got the tit chop and chose to go nippleless
> gets a new fiancé every two years (literally). Her Facebook is an endless scroll of ”is in a relationship with (random name) announcements.
> once made a callout on a cupcake store because the delivery guy snickered at her pronouns. Probably worked it out or terrified the shit out of them because it’s been over 7 years since then and the cupcake store till comments nice words on her Instagram posts ever since
> had BLM impulse tattooed on her face during the protests. Someone told her it came off as privileged from her. She covered it up.
> misc arrest records because why not

No. 1875923

> climbed on stage and assaulted a mtf tranny on a fit of rage

No. 1875941

this sounds like a horror movie tbh

No. 1875977

File: 1691153404369.jpeg (1 MB, 1125x1512, IMG_4055.jpeg)

didn’t wanna bump the nika thread but thought this was funny(already posted; lurk more)

No. 1875980

Why was the rat left to die? Didn't anyone care?

No. 1876008

The rat (owned by the ex) got found by the landlord and rescued in time; Danielle condemned the ex heavily for doing so especially because they were supposed to be vegan/animal rights activists

No. 1876031

It’s a rat, who gives a fuck

No. 1876057

>isn't found by/goes back to Queen.
Tbh, I don't think Queen will go out of her way to find Chelle. I think she'll just talk shit about Chelle and her family until she slowly fades out into irrelevancy, since no one is going to want to watch because making fun of Chelle was their entire gimmick. But if Chelle goes back or Queen abuses her baby and makes a spectacle out of that, it'll be a different story.

No. 1876094

Honestly, I think I'm a personal lolcow to a few people irl.(cool story)

No. 1876107

>1 rat without companions
>vegan/animal rights activists
I have to laugh

No. 1876185

scrote behavior, a real woman would care if an innocent critter was left to die

No. 1876395

File: 1691203970749.jpeg (74.45 KB, 640x853, IMG_8380.jpeg)

daniel larson is the next chris chan. i wish he had a thread here

>beat his wheelchair bound mom as a child

>mom beat him
>gets placed in home with his grandma
>one day him and his grandma are watching america’s got talent together
>grace vanderwaal (12 years old at the time) performs on agt
>daniel’s grandma tells him one day he will get famous and marry her. he was 18 at the time
>since then all daniel has been attempting to do is get famous and marry grace vanderwaal
>his grandma dies 5 years later, instead of visiting her funeral he attends the denver paralympics
>he makes a tiktok
>posts about how he’s dating grace vanderwaal, is running for president, is now signed to a bunch of record labels and is a pervert
>gets a crazy amount of views
>since then he has been deluded enough to think that him getting a lot of likes on tiktok means he is justin bieber-level famous

since then notable things he has done are:

>believes he has started “dating” jojo siwa while believing he is also in a relationship with grace vanderwaal

>walked by foot from denver, colorado to los angeles, california because he heard grace vanderwaal was there. would sleep in gyms and elementary schools. got kicked out of a gym fitting room during this era and had a mental breakdown
>was convinced that if he became a porn star he would become “even more famous”, so he went on tiktok live and showed his penis. got his first account banned
>he got placed in a group home for people with disabilities, he leaked the address because he was mad at his caretaker. a bunch of kids on tiktok ended up sending pizzas to the home, daniel got upset and broke a bunch of holes in the wall. he then was kicked out
>went up to random people and told them jacob satorious was found dead under a bridge
>asked random fast food workers if they can give him a “BBC slurpee”
>went to a soccer game and screamed on the field that a “celebrity is in the hospital” because a troll told him grace vanderwaal was dying in the hospital
>was somehow able to get a flight to new york because he heard grace vanderwaal was there. he met up with worldoftshirts here and was homeless in new york for a while. he punched a bunch of screens at the world trade center and chased worldoftshirts around new york.
>constantly gets “noticed” everywhere he goes now because he has became a meme on tiktok. even in his small town near denver. even in new york city. he thinks that because he has been noticed in public a few times that he needs security and body guards. he will beg police officers to get him security.
>hasn’t showered since december 2022. he only showers every 6 months. he only showers if people pay him 100+ dollars.

No. 1876432

holy shit. saw videos of this guy crying being passed around, but i really just assumed he was some nobody. how was he let within 50 feet of an elementary school? let alone multiple?

No. 1876464

he somehow always gets away with the weird things he does because he’s retarded and has a thousand mental disorders. he can say he likes children online and punch a random woman in public and police let him do it because he’s autistic.

No. 1876497

File: 1691221377722.jpg (60.54 KB, 754x796, Screenshot_20230805_074019_Gal…)

>Look up Daniel ugly Larson
>First results: Daniel Larson wiki
>Male autistic retard and more, made $5,772.39 and quickly spent it all in a few day, was/is homeless with scabies, self-admitted paedophile, tried to rape a three legged cat and more
He has a lot more milk documented on his wiki and honestly would take a day or two to read through but yeah I would like it if he had a thread as it seems like he isn't going to stop

No. 1876499

I'm surprised you didn't mention how he beat up his caretaker because he thought a hotel was threatening to kill him. He didn't want the caretaker to call the police and insisted he was the one he needed help since he was covered in wounds (that he inflicted on himself)

also he adopted a dog that thankfully got saved by trolls.

No. 1876504

Oh man, this freak. I know that worldoftshirts/Joshua Block already has a thread going on, but it would be great to see one for Daniel, cyraxx, kingcobrajfs, or even tophiachu. Surprised that they aren't brought up more often.

No. 1876530

File: 1691231546891.jpeg (1011.66 KB, 1284x1875, IMG_8406.jpeg)

he has been doing a lot of milky stuff recently. today he posted a youtube short detailing the celebrities he would have sex with.

No. 1876557

i want a thread on him so bad

No. 1876567

making one right now

No. 1876573

He looks like a cracked out gopher. Curious about all the milk potential here.

No. 1876576

just made a thread on him with some milk on him. there’s a lot so it’s hard to fit it all in

No. 1878244

is this who we suspect to be her new husband?

No. 1881477

File: 1692038521990.jpg (379.46 KB, 1877x1196, chelle.jpg)

I hope you nonnas won't mind if I post a small update about Queen and her gf Dani
>Upon being released from jail, Queen finds out that after the police kicked down her door, someone went in and wiped it clean. Thousands of dollars in clothes and beauty products gone
>Queen says her sister and best friend speculate that Dani's family robbed her
>Dani gets out soon after queen, they get into an argument because Queen finds out Dani had her airpods and this adds to the suspicion that Dani's family robbed her.
>They start jumping from hotel to hotel because Queen no longer feels safe in her apartment.
>Because she still has a few more months on her apartment, she still has to pay rent on top of paying for everything else since Dani has no income
>Has argued with Dani pretty much every day since they were reunited
>Dani is still drinking and, being that she is an aggressive drunk, she frequently threatens to beat Queen up and has thrown something her breast
>Queen posts ghetto maternity pictures where she has her hairy pussy out in public
>Queen lets dani eat her out on an instagram live
>Queen is now 9 months pregnant
Btw, the last app that they livestreamed on paid them monthly. Queen was banned off of that app because of Dani's antics, so cashapps are basically what she's surviving off of.

And this is the latest Chelle update from her sister's facebook page. Looks like they're going on a summer vacation. Ain't that something?

No. 1881630

File: 1692050897951.png (494.69 KB, 1199x506, Screenshot 2023-08-14 3.06.29 …)

This guy is a tranny chaser who speaks very candidly about his relationships with trannies and his other 4chan induced fetishes. It's interesting because most dudes who are into shit like this would rather die than talk about it openly but he seems to be almost proud of his sexual conquests. He doesn't strike me as gay either, I call this variety of guys "pornosexual" because he's not attracted to men or women, he's attracted to the idea of a woman rather than the actual thing. If he wasn't so autistic he could easily get a date with a girl, there are a ton of girls who go crazy over dorky looking guys like this, yet he chooses not to. Here's one of his videos:
>survives on neetbux and lives with his mom who is super neurotic and won't let him see anyone without her permission because she's afraid that his organs will be harvested
>she tried to destroy all of the porn on his hard drive as a teenager (kind of based NGL), it didn't stop him from becoming pornsick obviously so he just learned to hide it better
>he lies to his mom so that she'll drive him to the airport at 4:00 AM so he can meet this nerdy Discord tranny he fell in love with
>goes into detail about how just looking at the tranny made him leak precum
>looks on tagmap for people with the 4chan hashtag that he can stay with(????????????????) because he can't stay over at the tranny's house
>goes on a Discord voice mail with his incel Discord friends on the plane ride without headphones where they were placing bets on who in the server was going to achieve "wizard status" (i.e. 30+ year old incels)
>he arrives at the tranny's house, they do nerd shit and eventually fuck
>gives tranny a footjob, demonstrates on camera

No. 1882026

>I call this variety of guys "pornosexual" because he's not attracted to men or women, he's attracted to the idea of a woman rather than the actual thing
Even more so he's attracted to weird coomer shit because of the taboo factor, which makes "pornosexuals" pretty much one of the nastiest kind of modern moids. If he isn't stopped it won't be long before he memes himself into pedophilia, the less socially acceptable something is the more "pornosexuals" get off to it. They deep-fried their brains and sex drives so hard regular vanilla sex with regular women does nothing for them anymore so they seek out more and more extreme content to get their rocks off.

No. 1882250

he chooses not to because he's bisexual with a heavy lean towards transgenders who are gay/bisexual men, so it's easier to get sex from them. He's probably an gross asshole towards women and doesn't like women unless they are born men aka transgenders aka not women. Just a gross autistic coomer bisexual, he needs to stick to his troons.

No. 1882496

amazing story and commentary, omg. this is like alternate timeline Liturgy singer in appearance and audacity. This guy's mom's porn destruction is very based. Too bad she couldn't have moved him to Alaska or something.

No. 1883381

My personal lolcow I met in a discord. She is a DID Larper who sexually harasses people.
>Loves to copy other people's personalities. For example someone came out as bi and now she is bi. We were joking that someone else was a furry and now she is one and will constantly post about how she is "totes not a furry guys" even though no one had said anything about her.
>Someone else who has DID mentioned the word "alters" in a call once and then the next morning she has diagnosed herself with OSDD.
>Picked OSDD because switching happens with no amnesia which means she doesn't have to keep track of what she should or shouldn't know, a fact she forgets about later on.
>Her "alters" are all based on video game characters, she says she has the goddesses from Zelda as alters and they have magic powers even in her head.
>She celebrates every new alter as if it is a good thing, instead of it being a sign her mental state is getting worse.
>Recently created a new alter that is just me. She makes picrews of them and it looks just like me as well as having a similar name, literally one letter difference. Think Sara/Sera.
>This alter was a fictive to keep another alter company but then asked to become an alter and so the Zelda goddesses made it happen.
>On top of all this cringe she has sexually harassed multiple people by constantly begging people to roleplay with her (including me).
>Claimed to forget that the person she was messaging wasn't interested because another alter was fronting then. Remember the fact she choose OSDD which doesn't have amnesia so this was obvious bullshit.
>This blew up and she got kicked out of multiple servers when the mods found out.
>One mod from a popular streamers server even outright told her they didn't believe she had DID which sent her on a rampage.
>Tried to damage control by manipulating and guilting people into letting her stay because she "has no where else to go. We are her only friends."
>Continues to spam chats and will just copy and paste what the previous person said.
>Said she was actually diagnosed with OSDD by her therapist, even though she was complaining a few months ago that this therapist didn't believe her.

No. 1884214

holy shit. are you talking about rin? i met this crazy bitch in VR and she sounds exactly like this. She was trying to get me to sexual roleplay as a ghost or something and I got major weirdo vibes.

No. 1884784

File: 1692498718738.jpeg (431.74 KB, 1170x2025, IMG_4605.jpeg)

She’s not as milky as she used to be, but Julia Penton has been calling out her ex boyfriend and ex friend mya for skin walking her and recently went on live saying that she goes on 4chan to pander to pedos kek.

No. 1885092

No I'm talking about someone else. But I'm not surprised there are multiple people out there like this. Although I think she uses VR chat(sage your shit)

No. 1885113

what's the deal with VRchat attracting all these strange DID larpers? there should be a thread about them kek

No. 1885132

i'm glad i'm not the only one keeping up with these retards. All they do is go back and forth on ig stories threatening to cast spells on each other it's fucking bizarre(sage your shit)

No. 1885311

File: 1692568314239.png (3.39 MB, 750x1334, IMG_5229.png)

>Russian-Israeli, claims to be 'Asian' and have 'slanted eyes'
>identifies as a trans he/him gay man while dressing like a hyperfeminine alt girl with her boobs hanging out
>regularly posts about her masked man fetish
>gets into drama, vagueposts and threatens to block over small things
>has a collection of edgy egirl tattoos including the tacky 'succubus tat'
>draws edgelord vent art that looks like a 10 year old drew it

No. 1885552

Is her name val or something?

No. 1885781

Sounds like your average gendie weeb zoomer that hangs around dizengoff kek

No. 1885895

nah, she’s named herself after the angel of death kek

No. 1886072

love this, i have such a soft spot in my heart for racefaking do share more. i've heard a decent chunk of fully white or ashkenazi jewish russians can have the typical asian eye shape because of mongolian influence. but you're not east asian because you're 1/189th genghis khan. if anything actual palestinians are considered west asians in real life despite how caucasian we can look. and i'm sure that just eats this white bitch up lol

No. 1886191

Does she have a following?can you link her socials?

No. 1886553

pbd on tumblr
vampimpz (main)/progerins (art)/eviljews (memes) on ig

No. 1886917

File: 1692807809518.jpeg (810.94 KB, 1127x790, IMG_8450.jpeg)

I went to school with this girl who was a huge bully. She admits to one of the things she did in these but she always acted like that. She became a sex worker as soon as she turned 18 and got a ton of cheap plastic surgery

No. 1886918

File: 1692807868557.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1106x965, IMG_8449.jpeg)

No. 1886935

>huge bully
>turns into Shayna
Karma tbh

No. 1886941

My God, that face. These blown out instaclowns already look like some kind of chromosomally damaged alien, what's gonna happen to their face when they age tho

No. 1886947

File: 1692812604642.jpeg (292.49 KB, 643x518, IMG_8446.jpeg)

and here’s what she looked like before plastic surgery compared to her now

No. 1887003

The pic on the right screams "mom on Myspace going through a midlife crisis."

No. 1887004

File: 1692819473952.jpg (618.13 KB, 1079x1486, Screenshot_20230823-194728.jpg)

This girl used to be an internet friend of mine. She was active on tumblr as goldstarsappho pretending to be a lesbian who migrated to Canada from somewhere in the middle east. She made a discord server for her lesbian mutuals but people became suspicious that she was lying about her identity because she kept telling increasingly tall tales. She claimed to have been imprisoned for being a lesbian, then she escalated to saying that she had 5 gfs in jail who were executed, that she took a baby under her wing who she called "Lucian" and fed him her blood to survive, that the prison guards used babies for target practice (who were often their biological children, but she was always adamant about them leaving her alone even though there was so much sexual abuse going on), having sex standing up over corpses, her toes being mangled from rats biting them, etc. she said she killed 3 guards and escaped, becoming the only person to ever do so. Then she migrated to Canada at 14 and was fostered by Inuks who made her a full member of the Inuit nation and taught her soapstone carving and sewing sealskin etc. Then she said that later on she was fostered by a Japanese-Korean family, had lived in Japan, and said that ghibli movies made her proud to be Japanese. People in the server called her out for these increasingly unbelievable claims and she abandoned her server.

One of the mods knew her reddit and posted it, and she was on there claiming to be a Roma gypsy from Chechnya and arguing with people in the Chechnya subreddit. She also started fights about ethical fashion with people wearing shein outfits on r/plussizefashion despite scamming copious amounts of cheaply made cartoon cosplay outfits and knock off j-fashion from Amazon during Transanta.

Dumbass had a post that revealed what her instagram account was on her reddit, and lo and behold she was a white girl from Canada. She was barely active on instagram apart from the occasional post of her wearing size 6x custom made toddler dresses (even though she claimed to live below the poverty line and to be food insecure when these dresses cost $150). She joined a sorority last year and started posting more often after that and dropped the adult sized baby clothes (the picture I posted is of her attempting to look normal for the sorority but ending up looking like Steve from Blues Clues. Also the Crocs were scammed from Transanta).

She scammed a crazy amount from transanta, I think at least a fifth of the posts from this years transanta had her delivery address attached. She mostly got loungefly bags, shoes, makeup, curly hair products despite having limp flat hair, cartoon cosplay outfits (in 2021, in 2022 after joining the sorority she swapped them out for business casual outfits), junk food even though she said she was dieting to lose weight, a $600 adult tricycle, ddlg clothing from littleforbig even though she claimed to be against ddlg, and hanboks and kimonos to get in touch with her Asian heritage.

She ended up getting caught after people who live in the same student accommodation as her noticed she was getting a shit ton of packages with weird names, then saw her boosting transanta letters on her instagram story despite being low-key gender critical and realised what she was doing.

One of the server members spoke to one of the people who lived in her building and they said her room stinks, she rides her tricycle around wearing Lolita clothing flirting with guys in a bizarre baby voice, and that's she's not a lesbian (which we'd suspected based on her giving contradicting stories about her sex life such as only having sex with dental dams and rubber gloves but also saying she'd only had sex in prison over corpses, thinking every lesbian sex act is "weird," and her very weird obsession with Harry Styles that goes beyond just liking his music). The person also said she had loud daddy dom sex with men, which confirmed our suspicion she is an adult baby.

She also claims to have multiple different disabilities, both physical and mental, and pulled a gofundme scam last year claiming her grades had slipped due to a traumatic brain injury and she needed 5k or else she'd be kicked out of Uni (she was there on a scholarship). But disability faking and gofundme scams are typical for cows.

Anyway sorry for the block of text lol, just needed to relay the story of the only cow I was ever internet friends with.

No. 1887006

>scammed from transanta
Based tbh.

No. 1887017

Half of the server was scamming from transanta lol. But she stood out because she was sitting on her ass all day long writing letter after letter to scam goods. we think she was reselling some of them (although a lot of the things she asked for were definitely catered to her very specific taste) instead of just getting a job. I scammed a few thousands worth of stuff myself but was still shocked at how many letters from her were getting posted, she definitely contributed to letters in the transanta queue taking so long to get posted because she clogged the thing up. She privated many of her gift registries after getting caught by the students living in her building, but if you look at the delivery address of any given letter with a dramatic bold heading and extremely traumatic backstory, it will have either her initials and city or her sisters name and city attached (except for the ones where she accidentally put her room number and the name of her accommodation on the line where her name was meant to go, oops).

We also taught the many made in China garments despite making ethical fashion a personality trait, rompers from a ddlg company despite claiming to be kink critical, the expensive adult sized tricycle, and just endless amounts of useless crap was weird.

Seriously it was insane, she usually had like 5 letters posted per day, sometimes more. At that point making up troonsonas was practically a full-time job.

No. 1887041

File: 1692824110336.jpeg (441.77 KB, 1242x2208, EA14A366-C324-4BDF-8EAF-AAB3B0…)

thank you for this anon i had fun . love when these characters have a designated drama tag there's always plenty of foolishness to behold

ok tbh i would agree that ethnically jewish people don't have to be simplified down to being called white particularly with what we sjw lefties typically mean by it and the cultural implications. but forget that shit cause this is not that. the fragile ego here is just delicious. common blond white girl next door. clearly obsessed with being as special as possible and has been at it for years. so we are indigenous russian now? poc icon

No. 1887047

She meant slav country bumpkin

No. 1887048

File: 1692824534112.jpg (59.45 KB, 600x549, edge.jpg)

grown ass woman

No. 1887092

I’m Scottish and she literally looks like an average woman from here lol. I guess anyone with Uralic ancestry can larp as indigenous now. By that logic Finns and Estonians should be a protected class.

No. 1887097

Jews are a religion, at most you could vaguely call them a people, but they are not an ethnicity or race.

Most Ashkenazi and Hasidic Jews for instance have little to no Levant or Israeli DNA at all.

>Here we show that all four major founders, ~40% of Ashkenazi mtDNA variation, have ancestry in prehistoric Europe, rather than the Near East or Caucasus. Furthermore, most of the remaining minor founders share a similar deep European ancestry. Thus the great majority of Ashkenazi maternal lineages were not brought from the Levant, as commonly supposed, nor recruited in the Caucasus, as sometimes suggested, but assimilated within Europe.

> The remaining ~60% of mtDNA lineages in the Ashkenazim remained unassigned to any source, with the exception of the minor haplogroup U5 and V lineages (~6% in total), which implied European ancestry.
As for Y DNA, most Ashkenazi Jews are R1A which is a Slavic bloodline. So they’re literally from Europe and white people LARPing as PoC or Middle Eastern semites when they’re not.

Sephardic Jews have more haplogroup J which actually is Semitic/Middle Esstern in origin, so they’re a little bit more authentically Middle Eastern, but still often repressed their religion and intermarried with Christian Europeans at high rates, so here quite heavily diluted with European blood too.(derailing/racebaiting)

No. 1887102

>Moreover, from a survey of another >2,500 complete genomes and >28,000 control-region sequences from Europe, the Near East and the Caucasus, in comparison with the available database of 836 Ashkenazi control-region sequences and a handful of published mitogenomes, we also evaluate the minor founders. Overall, we estimate that most (>80%) Ashkenazi mtDNAs were assimilated within Europe.

No. 1887122

kek so one of the most common ethnicities a white person on tumblr could have. huge if true.

No. 1887157

this is so interesting. i love knowing our dear mariah momokun has far more authentic connection to the middle east than most of these tryhards.

tho there are definitely ashkenazi jewish women who look very stereotypically jewish. if you look extremely ethnic and have been very scorned by european beauty standards prejudices for having obvious semitic or levantine looking feathers, i can much more understand when that ashkenazi person identifies with the idea of middle eastern roots. and hell maybe their family is one of the few that does trace back genetically. Like with Jenny Slate for example, i think she's adorable and to my taste that overall look is stunning but I can just imagine she got bullied relentlessly for her nose and stuff growing up or felt ugly. in that case the beauty celebrated in women like Lebanese singer Fairuz would come as a comfort and it makes sense to see yourself in her like and think, yea that's family.

but when you look like cindy loo hoo over here that's just the purely selfish grift of the insecure common white girl who wants to make someone else's culture her personality

No. 1887356

I like having conversations about this on boards, because if you speak with a man about Jews, they just sperg immediately. They have no capacity to talk about this level-headedly.

They really aren't a race and it's hard to even call them a religion because so many are non-practicing. It's more like a concept or an idea. I find the whole "God's chosen people" to be the most supremacist language and they never get called out on it. They also shouldn't be in the countries that they are. Where they should be, I don't know, but not in Palestine stealing homes.

>Jews are mostly white and not Levant at all

It's true they have a lot of European DNA, but they have no loyalty to Europe or Caucasian people which makes me as a white hate them and I'm not the only person with European ancestry that thinks that. They have a long history of fucking over European countries so their little in-group can benefit. "Jew" is just a murky concept and they only care about themselves and they will change who they are at convenience.
>wants to make someone else's culture her personality
She's just one of those Crypto Jews. It's something they have a very long documented history of doing to stealth in countries.(bait)

No. 1887415

I'm sorry to be overly politic nonnie,but it's not as simple as you say stolen land.a lot of Arabs and Jews coexist in many mixed cities here,and can't be held accountable for the government's actions,it's the same with native Americans and the US.not to mention plenty of Jews being in Israel before '48.

No. 1887429

holy shit anon, this is just a sperg but in a calm tone, like any typical racist woman. when i said making someone else's culture her personality i was talking about the brown and zesty middle eastern larp which is the same racefaking shit a lot of white gentile chicks do too. anyone when they're extremely bpd and too normal to get proper attention off of being run of the mill, which is usually white girls in the western world simply by virtue of being common. she's still just as russian as anyone. a lot of what you think of as russian or slavic culture is contributed from jewish culture because they have always been part of the fabric of europe. i'm just making fun of this loser because she sucks. that's all i'm going to say to the bait you can take it to /ot. we aren't doing this here.

No. 1887437

She looked normal before and now she looks like an old woman with fillers. How does she make money if she looks so fucked up

No. 1887443

I think by 'indigenous Russian' she meant an indigenous ethnicity like Moksha, Udmurt or Chuvash that lived there before the Slavic migration east. Obviously she’s lying because she didn’t give a specific ethnicity.

No. 1889114

File: 1693137700591.jpeg (885.19 KB, 828x1456, IMG_8302.jpeg)

didn’t know where to post this because one is an mtf, the other a ftm munchie. what a weird “memorial” for a voice actress, posting your burlesque ‘routine’

No. 1889132

what's r&m and sp?

No. 1889133

My friend's husband who came out as trans. They tick all the boxes. He was already an insufferable instigator with a victim complex but mostly kept it to himself, now he's all that but doing it openly online in clothes that don't fit and the brassiest blonde hair you've ever seen. Add some perpetual 5 o'clock shadow, gushing over how attractive they are and an expressed interest in wanting to be a porn star. My friend seems to not care but also doesn't support anything, kinda checked out but hasn't said anything about leaving so idk.

No. 1889149

wasn't she also one of those autists on radblr obsessed with calling out "fakebians"

No. 1889152

rick and morty, respectively south park

No. 1889155


> climbed on stage and assaulted a mtf tranny on a fit of rage

lmao i wanna know who the tranny was

No. 1889159

File: 1693149434591.png (981.16 KB, 1327x1018, Green-Bell-Pepper-hero@2x.png)

She is so vile, it's incredible. Also she looks like a green bell pepper.

No. 1890090

An obese, racefaking adult baby lesbian larper. This is my kinda cow. You say you were friends with her, what was the appeal? How did you appreciate her company in spite of the lies?

No. 1890220

File: 1693332350970.webm (1.14 MB, 406x720, Shorts.webm)

So this is very mild. There's a youtuber I watch whose morbidly obese and does mukbangs making the most disgusting faces.
>She started off making fat postitvity raps with her brother, "I'm in love with a fat girl" and shit like that
>Then went into mukbanging
>She's in her early 30's and married to a man she'd been with since they were teenagers.
>Had a storytime about when they first met, she's been at least +500 pounds since she was a teenager when she met her husband he was tiny.
>Husband says that he wasn't into fat women, then said that he did'nt like her at first because "She was wearing pajamas" but he started liking her when he hurt himself and she tended to him
>He asked her for nudes the first time they talked
>She gave it up quick and her mom who is a huge mooch wasn't around, so she was basically living life like a adult at like 16
>As soon as he got with her he started to gain weight drastically because the mukbangs
>Theres a lot of videos of her getting mad at him for food related reasons
>he cheated on her and she stayed
>She claims to be healthy but she's not
>When she got mad about trolls, she used to make videos where she ate aggressively and would sing songs, or call them out in live streams
>She and her family claim to be christian but she's constantly cursing, dancing nasty on the internet and her mother is a mooch
>She teamed up with Blove another mukbang cow who has huge arms and also swears she's healthy
>Her and her mom did a funny video where they claimed she was healthy and Prissy sat there like a big baby, while her mom lied.

My favorite video was a jolibee video where they havea mountain of chicken in front of them. He has spagetti and she has Salsiberry steak, gravy and rice, plus one some kind of dairy dessert.
she asks for some spagetti and he gives her some. He asks for some steak and she gives him a tiny amount and even eats some of the amount she gives him.
Then she asks him his favorite food, he said, "Hamburger meat, gravy and rice" Exactly what she's eating, she doesn't give him any. She's always watching his food.
Another youtuber made a video where some person Dm'd her husband saying they looked better then his wife. Saying they could show him and he basically played into it.
Months later they finally had a baby, which is good for them. She's very mild and I don't think she's a bad person, I just find her interesting and I have nowhere else to put this.
I would put it in deathfats but i'd feel bad, I don't know why Maybe someone should make a Mukbang General thread?
Also this gif went viral, it's her and her husband doing a challenge.
I know this is written horribly and boring, I'm sorry.

No. 1890233

File: 1693332831155.gif (16.83 MB, 406x720, ezgif.com-video-to-gif.gif)

Also around the time her husband was exposed for cheating and looking miserable she started posting these cringe dancing videos like this, all while claiming to be a christian, I don't know why I feel so bad talking shit about her kek. She's not that bad of a person and for a bit in a sad way, her videos shopping and stuff were calming to me. She's a mother now and i hope she gets her body togeather but her whole family enables her. Including her cheater husband, all in all they seem like decent people trying to make it. I just find her funny.

No. 1890236

eww disgusting

No. 1890237

same anon, correction, SHE seems like a good person despite all the mukbangs, food aggression and bad attitude, her husband is cheating scum and because he's more submissive and quiet, people tend to vitcimize him.

No. 1890289

File: 1693339661424.png (2.02 MB, 2855x1423, Screenshot 2023-08-29 at 21.09…)


I was never actually friends-friends with her, we were just mutuals on tumblr/discord. So at first I didn't know she was lying about every aspect of her identity. She started off quite tame with her lies, she originally said she'd been in jail for a while because of her sexuality and after she got out she migrated to Canada. Then when people believed that, she started escalating her lies until her story about being from the Middle East sounded like Yeonmi Park talking about North Korea. She also started throwing things in the mix about being fostered by a Japanese couple who brought her to live in Japan and said that the Japanese fully accepted her as one of their own (even though ethnically Japanese people who have a non-Japanese grandparent aren't fully accepted there).

Nobody really believed the jail thing after a while, but the Japanese thing was what made people get sick of her for good instead of just ignoring the walls of text she'd send about her larps (she would abandon her own server for weeks, then come back and scroll through old messages replying to multiple of them with big blocks of text which was annoying as fuck). There were a few arguments about how she can't just call herself Japanese because she was fostered by Japanese people for a while and she all but left after the last argument, the only time she posted after that was a week or two after with a message concerned that someone had leaked screenshots of the server to menalez, who herself is a cow kek).

So after she'd pulled off her MENA lesbian larp she tried to pull off a Japanese one basically. The funny thing is she's not even really a weeb. She likes Ghibli a lot (and I'm 99% sure she tried to copy her Japanese foster kid backstory and fashion sense from the two main girls in When Marnie Was There). But she never ever talked about any other animes or manga. She likes lolita fashion and j-fashion a lot though, so she must have been trying to live out her cute kawaii smol Japanese girl through her discord server).

Anyway, it wasn't until she disappeared after the Japanese cosplaying that her instagram was doxxed and we found out she wasn't mixed race MENA at all but a fully white Canadian. There were suspicions but no proof she wasn't a brown girl who had a penchant for exaggerating. Same with the lesbian claim, we suspected she was lying because she gave a bunch of contradicting stories about her sexual preferences, some of which made her sound like borderline asexual and some which made her seem like she had a lot of sex plus the weird Harry Styles obsession), but there was no solid proof until we talked to the person in her building who said she brought men home to her dorm for sex. That's also how we confirmed the adult baby thing, we'd had suspicions based on circumstantial evidence like her fashion sense and the tricycle and still watching Cartoon Network, but it was just a theory until the person from her building said her friend in the room next to her could hear her having daddy dom sex because the sound carried through the walls.

Screenshot of her transanta post e-begging for Amazon knock-offs of traditional Asian clothes

No. 1890872

File: 1693422042821.jpeg (641.7 KB, 1242x1962, 431A6D85-3A67-4DD3-9E7B-AA34C2…)

thank you for the deets anon. i love this
is present day goldstarsappho on tumblr her actual old account, just abandoned? (it hasn't posted since may of 2022). or did she delete her tumblr and someone else make a blog with the same name?

pic is tumblr goldstarsappho as it looks present day on the mobile app

No. 1890999

That's her blog, but it's not her original one. She deleted the original goldstarsappho blog after getting a bunch of anon hate, but remade using the same url. She wasn't very active on the new version though, she just sporadically posted on it sometimes before abandoning it completely.

No. 1891077

File: 1693451834020.png (1.79 MB, 2143x1717, dehydratedasscrack.png)

a heterosexual tif i follow got this tattooed recently and everything about it causes me mental anguish and since i had to see this now you do too.

No. 1891078

>Straight woman getting a tramp stamp of the word faggot

No. 1891085

Did she shoop her waist, too? If so, it definitely doesn't serve to make her look male, just bizarre.

No. 1891125

IDK how, but looking at this cases me physical pain somehow.

No. 1891127

It looks like a jail tattoo a female inmate would get to scare the other prisoners into thinking she'd rape them

No. 1891152


No. 1891461

File: 1693524193949.jpeg (341.9 KB, 1170x1896, IMG_4691.jpeg)

They got matching tattoos after Mya broke up with her ex KEK. Julia only posted that over her ex, waiting for the inevitable fall out when Mya gets back with him

No. 1891943

File: 1693594430948.jpeg (560.97 KB, 798x1309, E8E203EE-3C09-4253-B09C-9BAC18…)

This crusty tiktoker Kayla Malec. She keeps showing up on my feed and I can’t get rid of her. First of all, the makeup is horrible. Like actually disgusting and she thinks it looks good. She cheated on her bf and all of her content is just her showing off her crusty makeup and piercings while making silly noises and making silly faces in between her vlogs. She’s literally the “omg Emily you’re so crazzyyy we can’t take you anywhere” archetype and j can’t stand it.

No. 1891944

File: 1693594535470.jpeg (654.86 KB, 822x1363, D87788AB-B801-4F5A-A6B5-D4C1DE…)

Omg Emily you’re sooo crazyyy

No. 1891949

Ugh I hate her. I want to take a makeup wipe and smash it into her disgusting face

No. 1892755

File: 1693719629384.jpeg (1.36 MB, 1170x1992, 1C27F4D0-7A6C-4655-8A34-1AF8FE…)

two of my favorite internet schizocows are tragically locked up in the looney bin.

>original claim to fame as an instagram graffiti photographer
>lost his marbles and shit posts on the regular
>used to have 40k followers and has lost nearly all of them with his deranged posting
>regularly doxxs self
>before this latest lock up he was posting naked women to his page and was convinced somebody tampered with his oven

my second, but certainly not least favorite is martin cabello iii. any other nonnas get a kick out of him? last i heard he was arrested for felony stalking

No. 1892855

File: 1693745924192.jpg (288.17 KB, 1080x852, Kayla.jpg)

She does her makeup badly on purpose so that people like you hatewatch her
>cheated on her bf
I'll attach picture of her with normal makeup so you can see how she deliberately makes her makeup look bad for attention.

No. 1892862

>She cheated on her bf
So what? Are you the bf? If she cheated then he probably deserved it. I agree the fake freckles are disgusting though, looks like someone sharted in her face. She’d look much prettier without them.

No. 1892951

i must be on crazy pills because aside from the terrible freckle spots, the more minimal makeup that appears to be powder based products in the first pic looks soo much better than the hideous burnt bloated wax airbrushed look in the james charles picture. there's a way to make heavy and dramatic makeup look wonderful and flattering, but its not this. i think even James's execution of the same style looks better here, and i'm not impressed with his attempt either but its a more polished turd. her "good" makeup completely wrecks her features and proportions with an orange complexion to boot. the true problem in her tik tok looks are those shit spots and awful booger themed piercings. even the clumpy mascara is forgivable if the overall makeup is flattering and fairly proportioned which tbh it is

No. 1892957

AYRT, yeah kinda agree. She'd look the best with minimal makeup and smaller piercings

No. 1893049

Thank you so much for showing me this retard, I’m obsessed and fascinated.

No. 1893212

How does this photo prove that she did the makeup as she stands next to James Charles? By far the worst thing about her is not the makeup it’s the disgusting neon triple ugly nose rings literally the yellow one looks like boogers

No. 1893384

File: 1693875718675.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1179x1982, 760A7815-4885-4442-9D38-4E1937…)

idk if anyone here even follows foreign TikTokers in S. korea but I am friends of a friend with this girl and we even hung out a few times. She is such a fucking lolcow irl too. She used to be overweight and then lost a lot through ana tendencies. She is preggo now and her baby daddy is in his early twenties doing military service while she is nearly thirty and works as an English teacher. She has made being pregnant her entire personality now and has deluded herself into thinking that this guy is going to stay and marry her but here in Korea the fact that he hasnt stepped up yet shows like 10000 red flags. I mean not that he can since he is around 21 or 22 and has no life experience kek but doesnt stop her from posting the same 3 videos of them together and acting like a teenager with her man. Its so bizzare.

No. 1893397

This is actually really common among women, whether it annoys you or not. I fail to see anything but vendetta in this

No. 1893504

My personal cow a TIM at my college. He's an autistic furry who doesn't respond to any kind of critique of his art and hasn't improved at all since he started drawing. All he can, and wants to, draw is dog furry girls with massive boobs in MS Paint. Even during lectures. We're talking Sonichu-level art here. He just draws the same thing over and over again and doesn't improve no matter how much people try to help him. He has a grating Mickey Mouse voice that he's been putting on since he 'came out'. I've known him for 2 years now and he hasn't started hormones or anything, he still has stubble and thinks that all he has to do is have long greasy balding hair and wear Amazon skirts with crop tops that don't fit over his ribcage. He's 6ft tall and genuinely built like an SCP that can climb on walls.

He has a public profile on some kind of furry art website where he favourites and reposts fetish art of men being transformed into furry dog girls. He also posted artwork of his trans fursona being pregnant and talked about how he wished he could become pregnant in the caption.

I'm convinced that he's actually schizophrenic because he truly believes that he is a dog/wolf person and barks in reply to dogs that he hears outside. Apparently his flatmates used to hear him howling when there was a full moon and he'd only eat straight out of a bowl and not use cutlery. He also put a big trans flag up on the wall of their shared kitchen.

I don't think that my college can expel or discipline him because there's clearly something mentally wrong with him. He's also 23-24 and is back living with his parents. I don't that they will allow him to actually 'transition' and any doctor who values their degree wouldn't refer a schizo like him for gender therapy when he's clearly autistic. Thankfully he's so autistic that he doesn't prey on any of the girls in my class or want to date them, he only cares about people in his trans furry Discord servers. He does use the girls' bathrooms though which is fucking gross. He's one of the reasons why I think we need to bring back asylums.

No. 1893516

File: 1693922223533.png (569.87 KB, 1556x876, lelew.png)

found this cow, lelew0823, through the resident evil community while she was harassing a twitch streamer she thought was flirting with the guy she thinks is her boyfriend (he's not)

she is 34 years old, is still harping over the "relationship" that ended years ago and wasn't even real to begin with. she harassed the man's real life wife and wished death upon their unborn child. nearly 10 years later she's still going on about him and the "toxic friends" from the resident evil community who turned against her when they rightfully realized she's batshit insane. she will harass any woman who follows her boyfriend on twitter or twitch for trying to steal her man

english is not her first language but that doesn't keep her from trying. she deletes tweets almost as quick as she posts them and most of them are about the same shit that everyone else involved moved on from years ago

oh and she still harasses the dude's now ex wife

No. 1893572

File: 1693933113029.png (307.95 KB, 1182x698, lelew2.png)

samefag. what perfect timing for me to share her today since she just started having another one of her twitter meltdowns about her imaginary ex-boyfriend

No. 1893602

I want to see the art kek. He sounds terrifying tho tbh, and I worry for any dog he may come in contact with. Also keep your guard way up you never know if he’ll Chris-Chan somebody like draw some girl from your class into his weird fetish art..

No. 1893700

Now we need to see him, and his art.

Also, as the anon above me said, be careful. He seems to be both disgusting and scary.

No. 1893707

>built like an SCP that can climb on walls

No. 1895478

File: 1694257942158.jpeg (105.67 KB, 720x1157, IMG_1529.jpeg)

my personal lolcow is someone i follow online from twitter and like some of my other personal cows, she’s a VTuber. Her name is Cassidy Anne Felerski or AkumaMikoVT and she started out as just someone who tweeted a lot while claiming to be predebut, building up her followers by doing bogus “predebut” streams where she’d leave her laptop running to speedrun her way to twitch affiliate, so she could make money immediately. She then jumped to the “lewdtuber” bandwagon and claimed to be a Lovense partner, and got an email from Lovense telling her to remove “partner” from her twitter bio, as she overinflated her role. She’s almost always the center of most VTuber drama, claiming she doesn’t want minors in her nsfw space but she’s been caught following almost 40 minors, she’s doxxed seven people, laughing about posting their info on the dark web, and lashing out about her Autism, BPD, her chronic fatigue syndrome, and other self-diagnosed illnesses that she surprisingly had after hearing from other people. She doesn’t have a job, she isn’t medically disabled, and she refuses to shower or clean herself, as multiple people from her past have attested to.

Up until this week, Cassidy was in a relationship with another vtuber called NiikoTsu or Payton for the past year. She lived in his home and did nothing but stream, and of course, didn’t bathe. She was insanely abusive to the poor kid, to the point where his siblings actually got involved and tried to remove her from his apartment. She had been hospitalized for a bad stomachache from eating nothing but pocky and junk, and while in the hospital, Niiko grew a pair and dumped her and dropped off her stuff at the hospital (but he kept her laptop lol) Cassidy, in response, doxxed him, his mother, dropped all of his information and then proceeded to sign into his social media accounts and deleted them, when she got tired of logging him out of his accounts and defacing his tweets, only to claim that her android phone was remote hacked. She was homeless after leaving the hospital and claimed that social workers put her up in a luxurious hotel with a pool. Niiko’s mother Dawn made an account since she was doxxed and didn’t give a shit, asking for people to screenshot all instances of Cassidy talking about Niiko or his mother, as that’s allegedly breaking the no contact restraining order he had placed against her. Currently, some poor schmuck decided to house her, giving her a makeshift bed made from a love seat and ottoman and while she claims she now has a job, she’s been e-begging and the poor saps who follow her have been buying stuff off her throne page and her biggest priority has been getting a laptop, razer kitty ear headphones, a whole ass VR headset, LED lights, and cosplay clothing instead of saving up that money as a nest egg so she can pay bills in her roommate’s home or save up for her own place.

She’s lucky no one on lolcow has gotten to her because she would be eaten alive but she’s too milky to not share with nonnas.

No. 1895830

File: 1694315223791.webm (9.36 MB, 720x1076, XRecorder_Edited_09092023_2231…)

Will Blunderfield is at it again…

No. 1895835

>pinned post on twt is begging for likes
>4k likes since june and has 10x as many subscribers

No. 1895876

samefag update on >>1891077

i found her youtube channel and why am i not surprised she's into ageplay

why are "transmen" so hyper-feminine? also why do so many troons feel the need to sexualize children and infantilize themselves?

No. 1895996

do you have any more photos or screenshots of this cow's behavior? this is incredible.

No. 1896028

File: 1694360594361.jpeg (369.94 KB, 1284x1763, IMG_3491.jpeg)

Looked into this and there seems to be an extremely terminally online wannabe hacker. Also that dawn lady or whatever seems to have been the one to out herself. She even posted her fucking kids picture as a child to her twitter when there are lolicons following her. Fucking gross. All the people involved look fat or are troon pedos.

No. 1896038

File: 1694362332171.png (748.03 KB, 1868x812, lelew.png)

Caught another meltdown of hers that she already deleted. Wishing other people dead then always claiming "I did nothing wrong but be a woman in love"

Feels also like someone cowtipped cause she really started going off about not knowing English and a few other related to my screenshots topics after I originally posted here, but also she's just crazy so could be coincidence

No. 1896406

I was entirely unprepared for this and keked so hard I actually vomited. Is his audio quality usually this bad?

No. 1898183

File: 1694721345819.jpeg (265.34 KB, 750x1530, IMG_6150.jpeg)

This goofy-looking Nazi 'sartorial enthusiast' on Twitter

No. 1898958

No. 1898959

hi this is lelew0823 stop sharing my tweets before i share things too thanks

No. 1898960

this is look like a chat website not a lolcow website wtf

No. 1898961

is this like a fun ?(lost retard)

No. 1898982

File: 1694830184180.jpeg (116.93 KB, 1242x496, BBFA06A0-E53B-4666-948C-12C63F…)

I fucking hate the retards that auto-censor themselves so much.
Like, either you act edgy or just drop it and admit you can’t curse because you’re too much of a loser that hopes to get an underage fanbase or some shit. Kek, keep posting this retarded shit, while censoring yourself, it’s totally not twiggewing ugüu.
It’s just so funny when there’s absolute nobodies trying to become famous and acting like role models just to say retarded shit that goes against their own self-imposed rules.

No. 1899096

File: 1694861963157.png (16.09 KB, 847x356, F6ILRWnWgAA0UDs.png)

do u guys read rules on here ?

No. 1899099

hello everyone i am lelew0823 that anonymous been talking about me lately ..

the story is i never was a lolcow i make my first time friends on twitter were i thought them my actual friends but they never was i was just 24 year old back then when i meet them his female asked me to join her discord server and i did after that there is was guy was want me to show him something this guy asked to leave the room cus i refuse to show him and then the lady kicked me out after i left we never spoke about that

on 2016 i joined resident evil community speedrun and i start learning to how speedrun games they was then start to make fun of me







after that i joined the fourm i wanted to learn speedrun and i make some posts like this


and all i get is someone make fun of my posts


and everytime i want to thank someone like this bitch is around


i fall in love with a wrong guy alot of his friends is calling me why what kinda love was it even ? imaginary boyfriend ?

no he is was never imaginary boyfriend he is was this guy who said this to me and make me think that he is the guy that i wanted

he was talking bad about me too and then he is like that he want me


he said he want me to buy him gift card that him and his
wife be my friends again


i buy him so many things gift cards and video games on steam you can see my gift game to his name

and then he sell his steam account he never chgane his name or picture before
or remove friends


and later he said to me this

like i dunno he want to use or want me

this is old screenshot from speedrun when we talk and stuff and asked for my twitter i have never bother him we just want each others


and here is where ask for my twitter https://imgur.com/PegVnEP

and then he stop talk to me for some reason

and here is was saying to me that i never send him anything when he asked me for my twitter


and i was speak him with this friend who we pologized before
she is ask em to keep folder cus she is believe me


his wife went crazy and start to inslut me in my stream


and here she is chgane her name to camel

i know it its was her
cus her friend told this and pologized to me


and actually what she is pologized for its was not for me anyway she is wanted to inv girls speedrun to run game in my ex boyfriend channel


i even try to help her out


but you know what a fake pologize anyway

she is even give like on someone tweet that she is tweet like this

i bet that person know that this friend she's meant to tweet that so this friend give like on it to make sure that i was the actual problem to people ???????

should i Continue ?(maybe stop tweeting unhinged shit if you don't want people to screenshot it)

No. 1899108

File: 1694866269198.png (11.1 KB, 312x73, saddd.png)

You said it yourself, lily109292@gmail.com…
>Good luck with your sad life, you're a lolcow

No. 1899111

i am sorry for saying it can we stop and act like adult please ?

No. 1899116

What in tarnation

No. 1899118

move on dude .

No. 1899202

>she thinks we will click on any of these random ass links.

No. 1899377

No. 1899467

nobody readin allat

No. 1899703

After posting here she tweeted a bunch at the FBI asking if she can work for them then went private kek

No. 1900357

personal FtM sadcow of mine
>dorky circus kid straight girl from neighboring country comes to my uni for her lit masters a few years ago
>deeply insecure and makes a show of trivial things like loving dark chocolate and personally knowing/being related to such and such important person, i'd say main character syndrome describes her.
>is the kind of sex positive libfem that was popular in 2014
>starts an online mag including among standard libfem articles a 6-part series of full-length pieces boringly detailing a mental hospital stay, a mix of a depression PSA, an explanatory consumer review and a blog where she plays uno every night, bangs a random patient scrote, with special emphasis on her diarrhea when she stops her SSRIs
>begins to identify as a lesbian and makes everything about lesbians, lengthy blogging about lesbians and muh mental health, does her theses exclusively on literature featuring and by lesbians, publishes the covers of the same 5 lesbian novels in an unending cycle on every SM/zine/blog/substack she has, goes to Lesbos island on holiday, if you can think of a stereotype she's done it
>not a lesbian which we could all clock
>likes to call herself an arab feminist when she grew up not overseas nor in an immigrant family but in Europe with established educated parents, who got her into good schools, one of which has arab roots. she has no ties to the culture and doesn't speak the language either. before then she was self-hating
>fancies herself a workaholic scholar producing knowledge and stoically suffering in secret when her whole life blatantly depends on getting to say how hard she works and attracting the attention of others
>changes her pronouns to he/him and her name (she's ca. 145cm tall with baby hands)
>continually tries to convince her poor 90yo grandmother that being trans is brilliant and totally not mutilation and livetweets it when it happens
and now as it's been some time since she last updated her SM i'm wondering what she's going to do. she's a man but also a lesbian and her 2 fake personalities are at odds. will logic catch up to her or will she descend further into madness down a hormone spiral and say she's a gendergoblin enigma confusing the cis ? the hollowness of it all really made a dent in her psyche and it's like watching a trainwreck in slow-mo. maybe she can save face by becoming a kweer spicy straight. the explanation for all this garbage is she prefers being a „male“ over a femcel-adjacent woman. i wish someone would tell her that we ugly/GNC women have a right to live too, she's ruining her life for no reason

No. 1900703

Anyone here can gather that you're very likely some flavor of NPD who got obsessed with some guy you were acquainted with, tried to bribe him to like you and play along with your one-sided relationship that existed entirely in your head, and started stalking him and harassing his significant other in a narc meltdown. A tale as old as time. You're only giving us cherry picked information and think that we're dumb enough to get roped into becoming your personal army of flying monkeys while you paint yourself as an innocent victim. FOH.

No. 1900748

File: 1695119310425.jpg (3.72 KB, 338x70, D4CD0F36-6354-473E-8D95-187F9B…)

Anonymous Is been stalking me for 10 years too

And when he mad he go around me and saying this to me always mention about that guy who’s even left his wife there’s a lot of the things that have happen

And that person is still want to test me or taste me with same shit every year

While that dude is busy with starting look like Ken to Barbie women

Sometimes when this Anonymous found no longer a website to make shit about me he go to website another website

But anyway the guy that he defend to he dating and have a bunch of women

Anonymous wasn’t just a stalker but also threatening and posting things about me

And sometimes he doing it for money
My enemies pay for him

This guy is tread me like if I was a super vile woman or something

And the whole years ago I asked why you mad at me sure it’s of that

He keep saying I am badshit that nobody likes me woohoo it’s always to him I’m the same story always and his friends the nicest people

You don’t even know if anonymous is the unmarried guy(take your meds)

No. 1900773

I enjoy when the cows milk themselves

No. 1900787

milk me so hard ??

firstable : you are on lolcow .

secondable : I know it from you .

thirdable : Shame on you .(fourthable: read the rules)

No. 1900825

lol. sounds exactly like your average ~pee oh see~ dyke on twitter or tumblr

No. 1901774

>razer kitty ear headphones, a whole ass VR headset, LED lights
instant red flag

No. 1901788

File: 1695280010959.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1170x1556, IMG_4718.jpeg)

For me, it’s probably Sunnie aka twinbuns.
> Fat Asiaboo who constantly spends tons of money on trips to Japan
> Cries about having no money and not being able to eat because of overspending while in Japan
> Ebegs constantly, was able to raise $900 before people noticed she spends the money on anime merchandise and trips to Japan instead of housing and food like she claims.
> Has lied about being several different races and ethnicities. She has claimed to be Japanese, Chinese, Mongolian, Native, and Pinay but is actually just an obese white lady who tapes her eyelids and squints in her photos to look Le omg kawaii Asian :3 When people find proof she’s actually fully white, she backtracks and says she’s never claimed to be Asian at all despite evidence to the contrary.
> Constantly brags about how tiny and smol she is, meanwhile she’s around 5’9 and the size of a fridge.
> Has threatened to sue people on Instagram for defamation because they called her racist or have said she isn’t Asian.
> Told someone they will “burn in hell for eternity for being mean on the internet” (her words, not mine) because they said she was annoying and fat in the comments section of one of her videos.
There’s probably more but I can’t think of anything else at the moment.

No. 1901849

File: 1695306550944.jpeg (299.08 KB, 736x403, IMG_5602.jpeg)

Personal cow is this woman who i see at school pick-up when I collect my daughter.

bought a mobility scooter she doesn't need to feign a disability she doesn't have to claim benefits that she isn't entitled to.

She has ever worked a day in her life and just feels entitled to steal taxes

Im eastern Euro and the actual state of British and American women who can't seem to support themselves and resort to >i'm non binary and disabled autistic depressed neurodivergent to avoid adult responsibility is insane.

No. 1902025

don't hate the player, hate the game torychan

No. 1902077

I frequent Vtuber spaces a lot and there’s this one cow who honestly deserves his own thread, but I’m sure nobody cares about his milk but me. It starts off with vore but I promise it gets milky

>Be Pumpkira, or @omniwarscomic and like, 10 alts. Story starts in 2018

>Starts off as a 15 year old trying to commission vore art from 18+ artists.
>Lies about being an adult to get commissions of their shitty OC vore
>Niche but popular vore artist (only draws human anime boys eating girls, so not super big, but big in her space) calls out this kid for buying porn and lying
>has a huge sperg fit cause nobody wants to draw porn for a teen
>makes alts to try and befriend this girl, she knows right away and blocks
>grandparents find out he’s been using their card to buy vore art, calls bank and back charges the artists
>he spent 7k on porn, some artists are now down 500+ bucks
>shunned from vore community
>fast forward to 2020, wants to become Vtuber
>surprise, vore artist girl who called him out is also a Vtuber, but keeps her fetish art a secret away from her vtuber sona (this is where I found her)
>Vtuber girl is a really pretty ice princess who plays horror games, I like her cause she’s funny and cute
>pumpkira bothers vore artist girl on her vtubing to make a big post about how he’s 18 now and very mature
>she blocks immediately
>makes alts, she blocks them too
>donates to her twitch, she’s getting pissed and refunded it
>doesn’t put her vore life, basically says “please do not attempt to contact me” publicly
>suddenly sperg doesn’t like attention
>immedietly doxxes her, full name, address and vore page
>she privates everything and breaks down at the fact her sfw space is now tainted
>nobody likes Pumpkira now, even worse than before
>fast forward to 2022
>kink lewdtubers are a thing, popularized mainly by VILVtubersILove, clipping channel on YouTube
>Vexoria The Sun Eater is a very popular giantess/vore Vtuber. She’s married, she’s a mom, but her kids are actually taken care of and kept far away from her nsfw streams. Seems like a genuinely sweet person
>bunch of Vtubers make a post about kink positivity and that vore is just another kink
>Pumpkira makes a very long thread about bad people in vore, zoosadists, pedos and such. Is Pumpkira becoming good?
>no, he joins Vex’s server and flips his shit at one of her mods
>this mod was a girl who refused to RP with him once she learned he was underage, has been trying to say she groomed him and grooms other people with no evidence
>Vexoria boots him from the server for being a problem ass
>Pumpkira malds in rage
>Pumpkira makes a post about how Vexoria is a bad mother who allows pedophiles near her kids and that they’re subject to her sexy streams
>uses a clip from a sfw stream of Vex laughing at a balls joke near one of the kids to prove she’s “forcing sex on the kids”
>Vex and husband ignore it, they’re actually pretty good parents despite the lewd stuff
>Pumpkira doxxes Vex under an alt, full name, relatives names, pics of her kids, pics of her private accounts
>Pumpkira opens a Canadian version of CPS case to try and get Vex’s children taken away from her because of the discord incident
>Vexoria is a genuinely nice woman outside of lewd things, everyone and their mom hates Pumpkira now
>ostracized from vtubing community
>whines and mourns about how Vexoria ruined his life
>VtuberCringe twitter account sees likes, posts the whole saga
>Pumpkira can’t take an L, spergs out even more
>Sends admin of Vtuber cringe pictures of animal abuse vore porn, including picture of lizards after being eaten and shat out
>Vtuber cringe is obviously disgusted, calls that shit out too
>Now other people come out with Pumpkira lore
>Pumpkira is a huge anti pedo guy, has rped children in vore, including his oc getting eaten by children
>Outed for being hella racist too
>Pumpkira makes his own server, posts 500+ person ban list of basically every vore artist and Vtuber that’s friends with Vex
>Everyone laughs at the idiot

He spends most of his days either reblogging vore shit, accusing people of being pedophiles, and bitching about how the evil Vtubers ruined his life. I love watching this shitshow, but it’s been dry lately. I think he doxxed another vore person, but he’s trying to deny it

No. 1902083

Kek the Internet can really ruin peoples’ lives.

No. 1902087

there are women into vore?(sage)

No. 1902088


Yeah, a lot. Even some nonnas on lolcow, check out the fetishes you’re ashamed of thread

No. 1902091

no, i refuse to believe they arent trannies larping. That vexoria sounds like a troon larping.

No. 1902094


Real woman, she has fansly, real vagina confirmed, not a rot pocket(learn2sage)

No. 1902099


Sorry for double posting but women can have weird ass fetishes too. Girl furries, girls into gore, girls into getting the shit beat out of them while calling it BDSM, girls can be degenerates too

Besides the vagina on fansly and kids, she’s a voretuber cause husband was the one into giantess, she just goes along with it cause it makes her moid happy. She’s already femdom as hell so I guess that on top of it isn’t the weirdest thing I’ve heard

No. 1902179

how the fuck does that make me a tory kek benefits are there to help the actually vulnerablejust a LARPer

No. 1902180

I vote labour every year.(learn2sage)

No. 1902288

but being a lolcow actually should count towards being unfit for work unironically

No. 1902360

Stop fucking voting Labour unless you want to be legally raped by trannies

No. 1902873

File: 1695475576431.png (297.44 KB, 960x1474, screenshot.png)

My cow is back and talking about posting nudes now, even though half her meltdowns are shittalking women who post sexy photos of themselves. The internalized misogyny in this one runs so deep

No. 1902918


you stalker

i do what ever i want why you keep stalking
like you truly want me so bad to be yours

you keep watching me lollllllllllllllllll

you keep stalk me too lolllllllllllllllll

i think you want me to be yours how i become shit talking when you are the one who is want to be only kek the world that you are clean man lmao

i still can do posts too like you

also this is my twitter i do whateverrrrrrrrrrrrr i want you shittalking stalker man

come to twitter talk with me or you scared that twitter will get u close account ?

you only have nothing to do but only watching me

why can't you marry me
why can't you be my boyfriend
why can't you to be my date

i am just saying saying so cus it's you interneting in me you big cow

i do whatever i want i say what ever i want go back your friends who is also talking about sexs why can't i ????

jeez how much did my enemies pay you to do this my lovely mr cnn ?

No. 1902939

Who else is there? UK politics comes down to a choice between trannies or paedos. Or paedo trannies.

No. 1902944

Schizotan you are incredible

No. 1902951


read here >>1902873

i have nothing to do with it he is stalker and i am not what you think you know this website is can ruin people lives

like this dude is saying >>1902083

i have to defend myself too

No. 1902956


he did not leave me alone i even talking about my sex life while nothing to do with it or his life or his friends

he have no right to make karma with me its been 10 years and he doing it

i am the one who i should be reported

and i am not from what you saying by this "Who else is there? UK politics comes down to a choice between trannies or paedos. Or paedo trannies.

you have no idea what he is talking about

and you are here talking about politices like you know something i am not racist or anything

i am always looking for peace and he is the one who is shared this things

you can re read again

i am woman he abused me years ago too

No. 1902959


that guy gets banned in twitter and now he is here

he follow bounch of my friends and they are report him and gets banned

he is was use my username and saying things about me to make hates or something on here

he is low key to everything

you can read me here >>1902873

you can say something to like that to anyone that is not on ur level character

i do not do anything weird you just support toxic people

No. 1902963

File: 1695490327616.jpeg (84.39 KB, 1242x309, 20A9FAE4-090C-4329-A140-301A73…)

Your cow is really weird tbh.

No. 1902964

toxic >>1902939

if you dont know the whole facking story dont say something like this to me i haved done nothing to of it

you just likes toxic things around here cus u dont get banned but holyfack u can get back to ur mind

u are drunk and saying this to me when i did nothing you are just abusing woman here with comments

like u know anything about me or about that guy how dare you ????????????

like lol u so funny ???????????

what are u asshsole ? or bastard ? or both ?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1903005

She reminds me of my personal schizo lolcow Megumi Otome, she had an obsession with Filthy Frank, even went as far as gathering money flying herself out from Japan to Los Angeles to see him at a convention he supposed to be was at. Her mom found out and got very upset, she's been offline since that whole escapade.

No. 1903157

File: 1695520453624.png (142.39 KB, 426x628, image_2023-09-24_114655192.png)

Personal art cow, not very milky but that schizo upthread reminded me of her
>art has slowly been degrading (it was never good in the first place)
>keeps vagueposting mutuals and crytyping about how much she hates them in her public stories
>constantly schizoposts and then pretends nothing happenedthe next day
>whinges about losing followers, never posts art

No. 1903159

File: 1695520572767.png (435.51 KB, 442x515, image_2023-09-24_115553493.png)

example of her recent work

No. 1903206

File: 1695529225321.jpg (57.65 KB, 701x1073, WHITE WOMAN SPOTTED.jpg)

sorry to necro but I'VE ENCOUNTERED THIS BITCH. I don't want to powerlevel but she participated in several communities I'm a part of and I always smelled bullshit. I'm glad I'm not the only one who's encountered this cow, but it's interesting to see what she's been up to since I quit reddit.

No. 1904361

Looks like dogshit

No. 1904508

why is it always Harry Styles? also funny how she kept shitting on "polilezzes" while being not even bisexual but a heterosexual who is also lying about every other aspect of her life.
if you don't want to reveal too much about yourself do you at least perhaps have any public receipts of her doing this shit in other communities? people like her often go through several personas and sockpuppets and I'd interested in hearing about hers

No. 1905452

my personal lolcow trooned out and married another tif, in naruto cosplay, at an anime convention.
not sure what else i can add

No. 1905641

were they sasunaru

No. 1907776

File: 1696263390672.jpg (29.42 KB, 856x661, FB_IMG_1696261137095.jpg)

this chick on facebook called unity et al dajal. she:
> got married in may and was talking about getting divorced by july
> refers to her spouse as a transgender woman 2 spirit cherokee lesbian called jill. however, according to her spouse's facebook, he goes by jeff, uses he/him pronouns, and does not seem to dress femininely in any way. a cherokee person on facebook did some digging and couldn't find any records of someone with his name being a registered member of the cherokee nation. it seems likely her spouse is just a regular straight white man who she lies about online to seem more interesting
> is a white convert to islam who obviously only converted because she wants to seem more exotic than just a white girl from virginia, but knew declaring herself transracial would get her yelled at by the sjws she tries to fit in with, so just converted to a religion mostly associated with brown people instead.
> doesn't stick to any rules of islam except for veiling, which she doesn't even do right. her "hijab" looks much more like a jewish tichel than any type of islamic head covering, and she shows skin while wearing it
> her last name, "al-dajal," refers to al-dajjal, the islamic equivalent of the anti christ, which no actual muslim would dream of putting in their name (not that you're allowed to change your name in islam anyway unless it's to change it to a name in honor of your father). she misspelled it however, so instead of "antichrist," it means "person from dajal" (a place in pakistan)
> gave birth recently, claims to have called her child "gilgamesh"
> says she's a "foot bottom" (whatever that means)
> claims to be wealthy and that she had to put a cap on how much she donates to charity because of how generous she is. also said she needs to go on my strange addiction for her philanthropy addiction. but she also talks about being broke
> fakes DID
> got dogpiled on in a facebook group for posting about how she would try to rile up transphobes by telling them that she used to be a man without specifying that she used to be a trans man. she hates transphobia when it comes to herself and people not using her he/him pronouns, but she herself messaged a tif saying "you're not really trans" because the tif called her out for being a DID faker. she says she's a man "in a lesbian way." she has other dumb labels like caedflux and neurogender too
> said she used to be a sex worker "before it was cool" and that "local rappers" loved her
> has admitted to being in hundreds of facebook groups and spends seemingly all day commenting on posts and trying to make them about herself and how interesting her life
> there's a facebook group with almost 3k members dedicated to posting screenshots of her saying stupid shit in comments section
> said she comes from a "contacted tribe" (aren't most tribes contacted? why specify that kek)
> said that she's a cult survivor
> claimed to have had a "hands-free lobotomy"
> "babysat" psych ward kids
> claims she was a sex slave who was used for "breeding stock"
> says she escaped from the woods pregnant (she has an older child she gave up for adoption a few years ago) and then lived in a tent city that was burned down by men
> sold lotion in a parking lot
> "wrote a book"
> says she's a sometimes wheelchair user
> claims to be able to deadlift 200lbs and be capable of lifting grown men even though she's doughy and obviously doesn't get much exercise
> says she's autistic (of course)
> "21 years of cooking and candy making experience" (she's only 25)
> says she ripped out a stick and poke tattoo
> there's more but I don't want to keep typing

No. 1907805

Kek anon I'm in the same groups as you. I feel like she's been posting less/hasn't been as funny because she's been posting less. You should summon the strength for a part 2 because I've been following her for a while and I didn't know some of the shit in this post lmao.

No. 1907815

File: 1696268307866.jpg (586.63 KB, 1080x1588, Screenshot_20231002-183436.jpg)

I agree tbh, there was a time when she was posting on facebook all day every day but now it's more like a couple of times a week.
she's seems more milky on her personal page now than fb groups, I've seen a few screenshots recently posted by people who managed to friend her of her moaning about her break up with jill/jeff and accusing him of starting a smear campaign against her (I bet someone just cowtipped to him about what she was saying online and he told the family she was making up bizarre lies about him and her own life).
picrel was posted by someone on her friend list yesterday of her dressed as a literal cow kek (with the wedding ring still on, hmm)

No. 1907908

PLEASE anon I need to know.

No. 1908077

File: 1696308406117.png (3.83 MB, 2389x3821, alli vera.png)

She’s not really a personal cow to me, but I’m wondering about her. I’ve watched her videos since she was Color Club, although I’m a rather casual viewer. I still loved her videos and style nonetheless. When she pivoted styles I especially watched her less. I don’t necessarily hate her current style, there’s some stuff I like, but it just feels so pretentious and eh to me now. She has to be so mysterioos, matureee, dark, and rickowenspilled. Very serious business, very art. I don’t really want to fault her like that, it’s not that big a deal, but she used to be very endearing and playful with her style and that feels gone. I don’t understand how she could preach so much about her fashion journey but just nuke said journey all the time. Growth~, but I can’t even see the growth. No one is putting you in a box Alli. People that have been your fans for a long time like your style and those phases you had, which if your fashion was so important you could keep up. I don’t think it’s weird to say that certain looks have been looking pretty bland and run of the mill even if they have her special touch. It’s hard to explain.

That picture I put in my rank ass picrel collage is an example of a phase that wasn’t even that old and yet she deleted for some reason. Because it doesn’t reflect her immediate fashion right now. Seems to me she puts her own self in a box. Again, people can have control over their image, but I mald all the same because those old looks inspired me. But now that’s “no longer her” so fuck it I guess. I can’t even find old color club videos and pictures. I miss her old room redesign videos. I remember her showing wacky furniture and decor in the color club days and the more recent one with her brother’s room which was so fun. Is that really so far from the image she wants to project that she has to get rid of them? I don’t know what she’s referring to when she says “relive the stress,” so I could be insensitive right now I guess. I also never followed her because I didn’t use instagram frequently until recently, so I missed out on her stories which could have given some info.
Picrel is just the comments from her last video. If you show any dissatisfaction you’re a big fat meanie who could just shut up you know. Literally the most milquetoast observations ever too. I wish I had seen the video earlier because it seems that she and others have been deleting negative comments. I suppose she left that comment thread because it had a lot of comments defending her.

I wish I knew more about her. The constant onslaught for me is like a train wreck to watch because I really don’t think she’s that bad. Very common run of the mill weeb, but it’s like people see a few negative comments and decide to run with it. It’s common to see people just comment “I hate you” on her shit like damn. I will say her content is unwatchable sometimes and her “clap backs” are either limp or so embarrassing. I can’t find myself to hate her but the milk does flow. I think a thread of her on /w/ would be interesting (and perfect because she’s such a cookie cutter weeb it’s fascinating), at least to document all the ruthless comments on her reels. Really some of the most vicious I’ve seen because there’s so many and people use her as a punching bag.

No. 1908092

My ex neighbor

>In his 60s, has lived in the same unit for several decades

>Has hit his own house multiple times to the point where the entire side of the building is covered with marks from his car.
>For context, it isn’t at all a tight fit and there is no tricky turns or anything, it’s a very wide space
>Used to park in the middle of the street (a 2-land road in a semi-busy area) and then scream at people when they confronted him
>Would openly drink beer when driving
>Took his dog out to his front yard at night in his tighty whities
>Got banned from some hotel for pretending to be an employee, he literally would just show up and try to boss around people who actually worked there
>Somehow is married, wife is the breadwinner, he monopolized the car so she got one of her own
>Not even a month after she got it, he crashed into it head-on (it was parked on the side of the house) and spent a solid five minutes screaming “fuck” and “how did this happen?” like a looping NPC in a video game

No. 1908271

Jesus Christ, I hope he doesn’t kill anybody else in his inevitable DUI demise

No. 1908402

You vented everything I was thinking re: Alli Vera. It really sucks and I wish there were still some old vids and pics floating around because the old style was really fun and playful. Her new look feels incredibly sterile now. I get needing and wanting a change, but a semi-archive would have been cool.

No. 1908408

I could meet ten of this guy by taking a day trip down to the nearest small town, but you wrote this with such flourish that I wound up invested anyways.

No. 1910920

Tony Bomboni Asmr

these are just things that always stood out to me, but i could go on for days

>had an old channel where he would beg for money and post schizo/bipolar spam videos

>he was a decent sized lolcow on youtube a few years ago, there are multiple compilations of him fake crying while begging for money

>recently has been promoting insane conspiracies, makes videos on the “5d shift”, most of his comments have no idea what he is talking about

>begs people to book his tarot readings

>half of his videos are him mocking women and racial stereotypes

>always talks about how the end of the world is soon and we must prepare

to add on to the last thing, he made a video about impersonating his favorite youtubers and it was all insane doomsday youtubers

No. 1915343

File: 1697584699479.jpeg (267.52 KB, 1125x1261, IMG_4309.jpeg)

My personal cow is this german cosplayer.

>identifies as asexual but sells nsfw content on onlyfans, fansly and patreon

>sells her pictures on conventions and offers moids to get stepped on in exchange for money
>“flat is justice“ but got her breasts done for more moid attention
>complains about a guy sharing her nudes on X and talking about masturbating to the pictures she sold, pic related

Translation of the screenshot:
>„Sending Dick Pics" has reached a new level. I've already reported it to the police, it was posted online on x, so I can also post the name here uncensored. Simply disgusting

Blame it on my autism but I don’t think asexuality and sex work belong together. (This is my first post here as I usually lurk the threads. Hope I did everything right nonnas)

No. 1915352

File: 1697586453809.png (2.05 MB, 1599x1049, comparison.png)

I remember this guy, had no idea he was such a schizo! Just thought he was a kooky gay guy but the milk runs deep. In fact, the ASMR community is rife with milk, surprised there isn't a thread about it yet. My personal ASMR cow is Andie Hart Asmr (picrel):
>identified herself as a "gay" at the start of her channel
>frequently complained about "gross men" creeping on her in the comments
>slowly realized that she can use this attention for profit
>whored out and made onlyfans, fansly etc.
>gets banned from youtube for being a whore in her lollipop eating videos (the tale of many female ASMRists)
>keeps remaking channels with exponentially decreasing subcounts, shills her NSFW platforms and socials in every video

Sources of milk: her youtube channel, and her website has links to all her stuff: andiehart.co.uk

My other favorite ASMR cow is SongByrd asmr, there's lots of milk around her, thread here >>1373871 Apparently she got outed for abusing her child. And the troll channels that make fun of her are a personal favorite of mine.

Another recent happening in the ASMR community: Ephemeral Rift ASMR recently outed himself as a holocaust denier, and apparently lots of schizo takes on his twitter. Vidrel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BzgWM4sNaQM

Welcome to the farm, nonnie! I think Andie and your personal cow are similar, lel. The reluctant e-whore who pretends to hate their audience but still panders to them for personal profit to much mockery, an evolution of the pick-me, if you will.

No. 1915354

File: 1697586669222.png (73.32 KB, 913x432, Holocuast .png)

Samefag, screenshot of Ephemeral Rifts tweet. I would look for more milk but I don't have twitter.

No. 1915356

KEK I remember this sped. I used to watch his videos sometimes back when he was one of the only big ASMR channels. Not surprised he's gone down the tinfoil rabbithole though, he was always going on about woowoo bs years back in between the cringey role play videos. Tbh I'm surprised he hasn't trooned out, seems like the type.

No. 1915367

sorry for samefagging again but im autistic, ephemeral rift isn't a holocaust denier, the drama is a little overblown but he still comes off as a schizo in his latest post

No. 1915374

Himezawa claimed to be asexual too but was still doing lewds and escorting (claimed someone forced her to do the latter). After she trooned out, she still sold lewds (old and new) and would like, pad her deflated chest despite getting her tits chopped off. I wonder what happened to her.

oh yeah, I think I wrote in her thread once how weird it was for an "asexual" to be talking about how much she wanted to be a playboy model, and I got a bunch of "ACKTUALLY you can be asexual AND love your sex work" so lol at least times are changing. And nah Himezawa didn't need to sell any nudes or lewds, she could have done a normal job of course, she wasn't in a position where that was the best or only choice

No. 1915418

I’ve already posted about this girl on the other one, but there’s updates so I’ll remake it. I’m not comfortable revealing her profile just in case someone tries to cowtip her.


>used to be my best friend
>when we were in middle school we were reading through her old diaries and she accidentally ran into an entry on how to break an arm. She broke her arm probably around five times in elementary school.
>currently identifies with all these disorders: anxiety, depression, OCD, PTSD, DID (the most bizarre one), anorexia (literally no signs of it, and has actually gained weight), some auditory processing disorder but not autism.
>was actually screened for autism 7 times by her mother’s demand, but was never diagnosed. I’m surprised she doesn’t self diagnose herself with it.
>doesnt know how to talk to people and views the world as a brownie points competition.
>goth and has really greasy hair with faded dye
>does makeup like a child scribbling on a barbie. Black upper lip, random dots of eyeliner, uneven eyeliner, quirky patterns she can’t pull off, etc.
>tiktok is full of all these tragedies that have happened in her life like her dad leaving, her grandpa dying, her hospital visits, etc. It’s all shit she should keep to herself.
>tiktoks always have edgy 11 year old tier editing. Think red text, dark filters, screaming, aesthetic images, etc.
>probably overmedicated and used to hallucinate because of it.
>also told me she cut herself a while back. The cut literally looked like a scratch that didn’t break the skin and I never saw any ever again. Apparently it was from the “day before”. Still posts about SH all over her tiktok all these years later.
>went to a mental hospital like 6 times. Has actually gotten worse.
>doesn’t believe in vaccination
>friends with some autist who is racist and fights random people despite being staunchly liberal
>had some paralysis thing in her legs that was probably fake given she only used a wheelchair in public. Idk though because her house was pretty small. It only happened for a few months. Knowing her though…
>turns out my friend is coworkers with her. Her and her girlfriend had a messy breakup and she witnessed all of it despite not even knowing them. Apparently she was being manipulative or something but I don’t know exactly what she did. Will post shit on tiktok about it all the time about how shes the victim.
>was creepily staring at my friends at mcdonalds once
>would also tell me weird white lies like “I have no sense of smell” but then complain about the smell of rooms and stuff
>says she had a glowup on her tiktok, looks the exact same if not slightly worse
>unironically believes she can shift and thinks that ron whatshisface is her husbando even though she identifies as a lesbian
>is now claiming (on tiktok) that someone sexually assaulted her when she was 5. I want to feel bad, but it’s probably not true.

Not cowish but it makes me tinfoil
>dated a self diagnosed psychopath a few years ago and he broke into her house recently
>needed to have a security system installed
>police and ambulances at her house recently. She was sitting outside. I don’t know why, but it was probably the boyfriend again.

No. 1915473

None of this is cowish, you're just a terrible friend lol

No. 1915503

Is there more milk on the self-diagnosed psyhopath?

No. 1915531

So I just discovered an old personal lolcow of mine who was involved in Bleach and Voltron shipping drama back them is now an enby and also into Dream SNMP, a "fandom" where the average age is 13 when she is fucking 30.

No. 1915537

lmao so she would have been like 25 or something during the voltron shipping drama? and the fucking dream fandom at that age is insane. this is delicious anon feel free to share more

No. 1915540

>an entry on how to break an arm
in elementary school? Yeah idk sounds pretty unbelievable. So what did it say?

No. 1915543

Sounds like a typical zoomer to me. Nothing terribly milky.

No. 1915558

>so she would have been like 25 or something during the voltron shipping drama?
She was but to be fair she wasn't that milky about it, she was a Sheith shipper that got mad about antis but Klancefags were pretty annoying so I don't blame her. She was much more cowish during her Bleach era, specially during the ending(she was an IchiRuki shipper) but the thing about her current persona is that she is trying to appear way younger than she actually is. She state her age is 21+ but she was 23 back in 2016 so that's pretty misleading and suspicious to me. She also removed al traces of being a Sheith shipper(but not IR) probably so the underage crowd don't get her. Is just so weird to me because we are the same age and that Dreams shit it's so alien to me, I seen plenty of videos that explain who those streamers are but in the top of not understanding I can't finish them because those screaming streamers are so fucking annoying.

No. 1915699

File: 1697670136842.png (117.49 KB, 828x824, IMG_7809.png)

> Went to a girls night at a friend’s house and it was a costume party. I don’t stress, I just wear a hello Kitty hat and white/pink clothes
> I come into my friends house and see what one of our mutual friends dragged into her friend circle: a pooner, obviously, she seems to be a year younger than us, probably 19/20
> she has on pink face paint that’s also on her hands. fluffy pink wig is in her bag, she turns towards me and frog voices a “Hiya Pal!” She has on lipstick and big earring and I finally realized
> this is a pooner from hell, pink skin and fucking all I did not think this was real this was a kiwi nightmare
> she’s dressed as pinky or whatever from mha (fag) unironically says “rotfl” and mentions ao3 twice
nonnas why are these even entertained by actual women? I’ve seen trannies (mostly ftm) who sometimes can be mistaken for xxys (which shouldn’t be in the same conversation, you can’t choose to be like that) but they turn around and you see the most outstandingly unnatural septum ring or hair color. her name’s anna, and she’s Russian so her last name went from skaya to skiy, her Troon name is alex because who needs creativity

No. 1915776

File: 1697679659923.png (687.83 KB, 1800x1200, Untitled.png)


Bruh I think you met the creature from This House Has People In It

No. 1915849

>kiwi nightmare
>believes in trutrans
go back.

No. 1916275

>>1901788 can we make a thread about her? I'm really interested

No. 1917664

you sound tenfold more annoying than that "pooner".

No. 1917901

There was a time when he would sell “jewelry” made of fake dinosaur poop for hundreds of dollars too

No. 1917903

His video addressing his dino poop line after it got backlash

No. 1918275

It’s not like I outright abandoned her or anything, just slowly stopped talking to her.

No. 1918278

It basically said to fall from a specific angle from the monkey bars. I’m not making this up, she literally wrote a tutorial on how to break your arm on purpose with pictures. The entry could be the result of a kid being a kid but she broke a bone basically every 6 months in elementary school. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was doing it on purpose and she’s just always been like that. Again, could very well just be nonsense that kids like to write down, but I’m skeptical.

No. 1918788

Not much I can remember, but I’ll try

>sperg and may also be an actual psycho

>sends pictured of decapitated babies to people he doesnt like
>would unironically brag about being a psychopath like it was something cool
>wants to be a game developer (ofc)
>complained after three days of not getting texts from my friend that shes abandoning him even though she said she was super busy. it was a huge overreaction. this was how they broke up.
>literally broke into her house all these years later, maybe twice
>only lived with his dad, and they moved around a lot to the point where he was homeschooled for awhile. Explains a lot.
>him and his DAD (yup) said something really really creepy to my ex friend once but it was so long ago that i dont remember what it was
>dream smp fan (ofc)

I definitely have more milk on my ex friend but this guy is by far milkier, i just dont know much about him. All his social media accounts are either private or have nothing on them. My ex friend is pretty annoying albeit harmless, I wouldnt be surprised if this dude killed someone in the future. He is miles worse and theyre not even comparable honestly. I pity her for having to put up with him. Jesus.

No. 1919370

File: 1698281764730.png (1.06 MB, 792x818, philippinerin.PNG)

It's been a while since I last checked on my favorite Tradcath girlboss. Unfortunately, she set her Twitter back on private. She's been busy at uni writing spicy editorials about why feminism is bad and bravely debating pronouns in a podcast.

No. 1919371

Such a nasty fat face lol

No. 1919688

Trad girls always have the most masculine phenotypes. She looks like a tranny wearing frilly over-exaggeratedly feminine clothes like that while having such a big manly head

No. 1920076

File: 1698390732735.png (18.97 KB, 583x155, holyinsecuritybatman.png)

My favourite personal lolcow, why even bother going to twitchcon if you're going to have a problem being percieved by your followers/fans?

No. 1920590

It’s always overcompensation for feeling like an offer growing up. They saw hot pretty girls doing all kinds of naughty things growing up and getting away with it, it made them seethe and try to make themselves nlog to look better by comparison, but it doesn’t work kek(sage your shit)

No. 1920591

No. 1920822

File: 1698513330440.png (65.28 KB, 1045x797, Screenshot_87.png)

do insane anons count? here's trapschizo:

when i modded for fc, she had an entire thread dedicated to trap hate in which she endlessly samefagged and ip hopped. and i'm pretty sure it was ip hopping as most of those ips only a.) posted once, to complain about traps in the thread or b.) posted a million times in said thread and only once or twice elsewhere on site – picrel is an ip she rarely bothered to switch from. as you can see, she made 60 posts in a 270 post thread). some of these single post ips were ips previously banned for whining about not being able to say slurs (nigger especially; ironically, she was very firm on not being censored).

combine this weird…intense hatred for traps with her apparent love of amputated shotas, sonic porn, and other guro content (i'm just pulling shit from her post history) and you've got quite the cow.

hell just put site:lolcow.farm "Schrodinger's dick" or "flat futa" into the google search bar and look at her sperg trail. give it up miss spergy

No. 1920836

Based except for the slurs. People into traps are the furries of the anime fandom, with the same delusion/grooming/obnoxious traits. They have managed to destroy every single anime-adjacent space with their fagginess and have run the same joke to the fucking ground. They are genuinely the most obnoxious subset of users on the modern internet and the thing that made me yearn the good old days the most. They are also extremely petty, i used to make cute male threads on certain boards and salty trapfags would ALWAYS shit them up because no one wanted their gayness there. The have also sabottaged the fujo space alongside tifs. They are genuinely that obnoxious and you have to be part of either the fujo/yume community or have had weeb moid friends who turned into faggots into traps and wouldnt shut up about it like it's a cool new personality trait to know how absolutely insufferable they are.

No. 1920850

File: 1698519021437.png (233.83 KB, 1809x368, Screenshot_90.png)

>still getting so mad that she makes typos
>still screeching at imagined boogeymen
>still saying, word for word, the same crap she was samefagging about on fc

No. 1920855

Schizophrenia, a lot of people hate traps.

No. 1921036

So I met this girl a few years ago in a college class. She was a pretty typical edgy emo kid, still stuck in that high school phase, liberal, obsessed with fanfiction and My Chemical Romance. She made me cringe and roll my eyes but for the most part she was inoffensive. Fast forward to now, and she's apparently a trans man (at some point in the past) or nonbinary or whatever and goes by Parker. Which is so fucking stupid because she presents exactly the goddamn same, she looks like any other emo/goth bitch. And she goes out of her way to dress in a way that shows off her large breasts and obviously FEMALE body, and that's how she presents in her pictures and videos. So… what's the point of calling yourself trans? From what I know she is bisexual/lesbian and she's in a relationship with a woman. I thought she was cringey but well-meaning and figured she'd grow out of it, but she got even worse. And she's making these obnoxious shorts and tiktoks and… oh my god, she's so fucking annoying and embarrassing. We're around the same age, so she should be around 27, but she acts like such a self-obsessed teenager who gets her overdramatized personality from fanfics. Grow up lol

No. 1921156

Yeah I've seen them trying to destroy threads on /ic/

No. 1921347

I have a personal cow who was in my poetry course this semester. She's a stock standard TIF, green hair, obese, hormonally fucked up (acne, weight distribution, hair growth), bad tattoos, extreme frog voice that caused her sentences to break and trail off because the deep register was so unnatural. Throughout the whole semester all she wrote were poems that were gorey and violent about the female body. One was called "ode to a transsexual" (I kek'd hard when my lecturer pointed out her form was in no way an ode). She wore a shitty pre-ripped vest covered in awful DIY patches "ACAB" "trans menace", a hammer and sickle + a million other sore sights that contribute to the larp. There were similar stickers all over her laptop too. I know she's just another my chem braindead fujo, but encountering her every week and having to sit through her violent fantasies and try and give helpful feedback took a good few months off my life, goddamn.

No. 1922310

File: 1698792357608.jpeg (257.24 KB, 1170x458, FB7C5968-40D8-4EA3-B86A-F4C315…)

too much to sum up adequately but

> millennial boyfriend of bret easton ellis, centrist has-been fixture of pop culture

> got arrested in 2021 for domestic violence against BEE after going crazy during lockdown, has thrown schizophrenic fits constantly since
> just published on medium.com a 75 page novel under the guise of autofiction that is clearly just his schizoid delusions about how he’s going to morph into sailor moon to defeat evil and how the only reason he isn’t famous is because a girl he beat up in high school is using the astral plane to keep him down
> currently suing youtube/google for “permitting cyberstalking” and claiming he’s being gangstalked by a satanic cabal when it’s just some random people reuploading his drug-addled bpd livestreams or posting screenshots of his tantrums on twitter where he doxxes himself and BEE
> frequently lashes out on twitter against dirtbag left fixtures to no reaction because he is just so irrelevant

kind of a rabbit hole but it’s funny how delusional BPD moids can be

No. 1922329

>"ode to a transsexual" (I kek'd hard when my lecturer pointed out her form was in no way an ode)
KEK she sounds so retarded

No. 1922338

Holy shit, nona thank you. I read BEE's memoir last year and figured anyone willing to live with or date with him would have to be a fucking nut, but I didn't exactly envision this.

No. 1922395

File: 1698807293677.jpeg (315.18 KB, 1045x571, 3E83DAE6-BA27-4924-8AFD-1AAAF7…)

i’m happy to be of service, sage for sperging but i’m so sad the youtube channel that had all of todd’s lives archived privated them because they were truly nuts. he routinely posts on BEE’s twitter either spewing psychotically or shilling ebay auctions for random memorabilia of his boyfriend’s to pay his legal fees, and randomly accused BEE of orchestrating his last boyfriend’s aneurysm for some reason (picrel). there’s this german book called Panikherz where the author randomly details hanging out with Todd and BEE and what a mopey pushover BEE was around his boyfriend

No. 1922398

File: 1698807880106.png (707.45 KB, 1170x1140, 83EFFB65-4305-42BB-80C0-81E18C…)

also he sounds so nuts just in general, this excerpt from his book is insane because of course what BEE wrote didn’t happen, it’s fiction? he seems to have truly gone off the deep end circa when BEE started putting out his newest book in its initial podcast form, as BEE hadn’t put out anything actual since getting with him (like 2013?), White largely just being transcriptions of podcast tangents. in another segment of the book he claims that BEE filed the domestic violence charges to “keep him safe from the gangstalkers”, but they seem like an awful couple and i wonder why BEE even took him back other than he’s a self loathing ancient gay moid
overall just super weird. i think scrotes love repeating “don’t stick your dick in crazy” all the time because deep down they’re all this nuts and assume women are too

No. 1922534

File: 1698833098516.jpg (24.98 KB, 960x792, FB_IMG_1698794212011.jpg)

let's see how long this lasts. probably two days max

No. 1923266

File: 1698969713217.png (7.89 MB, 4205x4170, MGSTWT.png)

I've posted about this woman before in the Twitter hate thread, so here's another rundown

>30+ year-old mom on Twitter who mainly posts about Metal Gear Solid

>Obsessively tags and talks about the voice actors, mostly David Hayter (voice of Solid Shake)
>This is often in a way that can be seen as suggestive or flirtatious (keep in mind she has a husband and talks about him regularly)
>She's mentioned having personal contact details of his
>Speaks about her husband who's in the military, he's apparently asked her to stop as it can put his life/work in danger but she seems to keep doing it anyway
>She also posts her autistic (she makes it a point to let people know this) kids online all the time
>Including photos and personal texts
>She is often seen tweeting about either how broke she is or how rich she is, bragging about buying designer items while also shilling for donations on her side projects.
>Oh yeah, she's made a game studio and is apparently working on a game
>Uses said game studio Twitter account to make unrelated tweets about her kids, sending her kids money, thirst posts over game characters and whatever else she should keep to a non-professional account
>Is often trying to rope said voice actors into doing voicework for her game
>Has a podcast about ADHD and one about MGS

>More recently has decided to pick up a cleaning job (good for her)

>Decides to ask her 9k Twitter following to leave reviews on her Yelp page (these would ultimately be fake reviews since she hadn't cleaned anyone's house at this point)
>Accidentally doxxes someone she's cleaned for, possibly even gets them in legal trouble
>The zoomers pick up on this, leave her bad reviews
>Back and forth between threatening legal action against terminally online children and getting their reviews taken down

She really needs to hire a PR persona with all this new money she's raking in, especially when she's trying to build multiple brands alongside established creators.

No. 1923373

File: 1698991304730.jpg (232.87 KB, 963x1280, photo_2023-10-28_12-56-42.jpg)

This guy I encountered at an anime convention a few years back. I believe he is a pedophile and grooming kids. To date he is still allowed to host panels at conventions. His name is Jake and he goes by his self-insert OC "Fandom Father". Basically his schtick is larping as a father figure to a bunch of underage kids. He goes to anime conventions and takes pictures of cosplayers. He also is a tranny depending on the day of the week or the weather. He has a small-decent-sized online following of 18,000 followers on Facebook, 472 members in his Discord channel, and probably more elsewhere.

>be me

>go to this panel i know nothing about
>who is this faggot 30-something-year-old man wearing an anime school girl uniform
>absolute cringefest
>he hands out links to his Discord server along with candy to the audience (which was mostly kids)
>go home and check out his server
>it's full of porn, including a channel called "personal private bits" that encourages his fans to post nudes of themselves
>genuinely nausea-inducing photos
>mods post porn of themselves too
>he posts about being horny, wanting to wear lolita, and posts pictures of himself wearing dresses
>has a female alter-ego character called "Media Mama" with huge tits
>his followers called him "Dad" or "Papa"
>gives them "head pats" and "cookies"

Needless to say, there should be zero pornographic and other adult content in a Discord server that is full of children, and to which children are invited by its owner, a 33-year-old man. This guy has no business associating this way with kids less than half his age. It's weird and gross that he has been doing this for years and is still allowed to host panels at cons. I think there just aren't enough people who are aware of it, since his following is mostly underage. His panels at conventions are not 18+ and do not require 18+ wristbands to enter.

No. 1923378

Nonnie please don't tell me this is your own photo as the background is very visible, look in the mirror blur it out if it's you

No. 1923379

File: 1698992568436.jpg (2.46 MB, 2448x3264, PXL_20210821_232038874.jpg)

No. I'm not that retarded nor do I hang out with this guy lmao. That's some troon taking the picture.

No. 1923389

How can someone this repulsive have a following at all, how does he get panels at cons, how is nobody fucking questioning an adult man handing out candy to kids and linking them to his grooming server? The only thing he isn't doing is straight up wearing a shirt that says 'I am a pedophile' like this is a very open and shut case

No. 1923433

Didn’t even read the text, the image alone had me convinced he was a danger to children.

No. 1923506

Anon im begging you to report this man to the authorities this isnt even lolcow worthy girl this is just depressing

No. 1923514

Agreed. Also agree w anon above the image says it all. He literally has pedo phenotype dress or no dress. This is so scary and gross that it’s just…like this online now

No. 1923596

Wtf? This isn’t a lolcow, just a criminal who should be in jail. Watching mentally feeble people suffer abuse isn’t milky to me.

No. 1923711

File: 1699060324420.jpg (477.35 KB, 1080x1261, Sadlytiktok.jpg)

I stumbled onto this verified pedo, which wasn't really surprising with how he looks like.
>Proud member of the lgbt+ society and a 30+ transbian working with children and hitting on children's socials
>"dated" actual retards. While of age, they were easily manpiulated and childlike. He had met most them in a professional capacity.
>Grifter, known successful grift was him e-begging people to buy tickets to his drag show despite being a transbian, deletes said e-beg posts and any mention of it after getting a sizeable amount.
>unashamed room tour shows him living alone in a trash heap. Picrel is an uncommon sighting of him.
>he would stay at his recent victims -21 yo retarded woman- home three days a week along with slowly moving inn. She lived alone in a flat provided by her mother, her mother found out about this when her daughter talked about her "future wife" and had to take two men with her to kick him out.
>Deletes social media page
>kicked out of the lgbt+ and fired from the primary school he worked at.
>The mother is suing him and nothing else is known that I can find of
Things like this almost makes me regret not owning a social media page as I had to comb through comments, a fanpage and some fuckboi's page to find most of the saga.
Some more tidbits about him was that when he was 14 yo he would hitt on 6 yos, failed on kickstarting his christmas music album which was his hitting point in growing out his hair and slapping on a she/her label and what a few users and the fuckboi thought was most important was to respect her prounons.

No. 1923741

File: 1699065593691.png (43.56 KB, 729x459, fandom faggot.png)

No. I'm not that retarded nor do I hang out with this guy lmao. That's some troon taking the picture.>>1923389
He just got kicked from a convention today. Security escorted him from the building and banned him from coming onto the premises. Unfortunately he deployed his tranny handler to go convince con staff to let him come back. The people who kicked him were the building management company, who presumably left work. Con staff let him back in. Unsurprisingly he is lying about why he was initially kicked, blaming it on a troll. Convention staff obviously are in on it/too incompetent to investigate any further. Grooming will continute

No. 1923742

Formatting is super fucked up, sorry. It's what I get for phoneposting

No. 1923753

I’m sure someone will call me AbLeIsT for this but I think people who go out of their way to date literal retards should be treated just like pedos. If a child can’t consent, how can an adult with the mind of a child consent?

No. 1923754

No. 1923780

File: 1699074469755.jpeg (582.28 KB, 1242x2571, IMG_7949.jpeg)

This bitch is the gift that keeps on giving.

No. 1923781

File: 1699074686813.jpeg (655.62 KB, 1242x2277, IMG_7953.jpeg)

She has an OF and pedo-panders all the time.(post milk or gtfo)

No. 1923793

Not gonna lie, what's funny to me is seeing Caucasians speak on behalf of Japanese people and non-Japanese Asians say "you'll never be us!!" in her comment sections when she's obviously into japan & kawaii shit in particular, not all Asian cultures kek. Also the whole "omg she's squinting" when she's literally just smiling and trying to do "cute" poses like your average weeb/idol enthusiast. I always thought she received hate because she's cringe and not thin enough to be into the things she is by social media standards, didn't know she actually claimed to be "Japanese, Chinese, Mongolian, Native, and Pinay", do you have caps?

No. 1923795

File: 1699080841702.jpeg (102.22 KB, 640x877, E27B9903-6E5E-4271-B344-997583…)

I can’t fathom how so many women jump on the “girl are so emotional!!” bandwagon and complain about their daughters online. As if boys don’t grow up to be shitty husbands at best because the same women treat them much differently.(elaboration needed)

No. 1923799

File: 1699081837334.jpg (163.74 KB, 1200x987, gwen-stefani-01-60cdf725-5738-…)

The Harajuku girls would NEVER say this!!!

No. 1923801

While I generally agree with you, that girl does squint on purpose AND glues down her eyelids, so..

No. 1923821

File: 1699088774696.png (645.62 KB, 1024x576, thor_sara.png)

>dating literal retards = you're a pedo
This was the consensus that everyone thought of as he did take adventage of someone that's vulnerable and unable to reach an understanding of the situation like a child.

He's not a brit. His troon name is Þórhildur Sara and while the news of all this is rather old and surprisingly not only contained in social media pages which I didn't know until now.

No. 1924507

File: 1699232907592.jpeg (232.91 KB, 1152x2048, FwxYcuyWcAEnCqT.jpeg)

LizieDoodle (had to delete and repost because I forgot to add her name, I'm retarded) a self-taught "artist" i found thanks to the bad art thread just earlier. Here's what I gathered about her

>25 years old, surprisingly not trans

>"animator in training" and Vtuber
>only ever draws her sona or furry porn
>pornbrained pickme
>fatass who shills herself as thicc/curvy
>calls herself bi, only attracted to fugly male characters
>among which Wally, the Pizza Tower guy, and…
>… the dog puppet from the Wally Welcome Home thing, so she's a furfag
>fursona is a pig kek
>lewds said pig fursona
>has a ponysona and is a clopper
>drew her ponysona calling a male pony Daddy
>drew her ponysona on a couch surrounded by ponies, recreating that one porn meme thing
>sells plushies of her sona that are meant to be cartoony and minimalist but they have balloon tits and look uncanny af
>drew porn of herself with Luigi's Mansion ghosts
>self-inserts into fucking everything and lewds it

She's active and there's recent milk of her. Lately she tried to dunk on a vtuber who "got fucked on stream" by vaguetweeting about it, not @ing, and really trying to fucking act like she's innocent and didn't post furry tits right afterwards…

No. 1924579

File: 1699249613539.png (1.46 MB, 1168x920, dpkovjion.png)

Sage for tism but I also find it pretty milky that she plays shit like Roblox. Groomer vibes.

No. 1924594

Hey I watch her to. Love the milk she gives out from time to time(non contribution, not saged)

No. 1924599

File: 1699254593274.jpeg (30.76 KB, 400x400, IMG_7922.jpeg)

Hope I wrote this post correctly and following the rules properly. I have a personal lolcow I check on every once in awhile. Her name is Setareh. I known her since we were in high school over ten years ago. Over the years I known her is that she gives off major lolcow vibes and milk content.

>27 years old, from a very rich middle eastern family

>"Self proclaimed biologist " but works in sales for some random wagie company
>like all lolcows she’s a narcissist
>the definition of a pickme girl
>muffin top who shills herself as slim and fit
>brags about on having lots of men DMing her but only has one guy who always comes back to her when she calls
>fucks the same dude off and on since senior year of high school
> he got her pregnant and she put her baby up for adoption
>kept the whole pregnancy a secret even from baby daddy
>baby daddy most likely doesn’t even know he has a kid out there in the world
>is a huge MLP fan
>base her personality on the rarity character
>treats her friends like shit and they avoid her. She made an entire college class turn against one of her former friends due to wanting on getting space between Setareh and herself.
>has a different friend group every other week
>has very bad falling out with childhood friend and wanted me to help slash her tires. Gets mad at me for not wanting to get involved and which we stop talking.
>has a huge public argument with the guy she always has sex with because he moved on and found someone better.
>still lives with her parents and mooches off them. Same parent’s spoiled her like buy her a new Jeep for 21st birthday.

After all the years of putting up with her shit and watching the dumpster fire of life she made. I’m surprised she doesn’t use social media often. She not Daniel Larson level of cringe but she has lots of milk flowing(lolcow.farm/rules)

No. 1924601

Anon don’t fill out the name section and out sage in the email. You can still delete and repost. That being said, I thought this was Emily Jones from the Pro-Ana scumbags thread and that she either got good at editing or covered her terrible skin really well. She does those godawful eyebrows too.

No. 1924602

Damn so close thank you for the heads up. Yeah she does her own eyebrows. Without all that makeup she has a butter face.

No. 1924685

File: 1699282329234.png (9.75 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_1355.png)

unsure if she has been talked about yet but Hell0kittyglock ( f.oxbaby on ig) is a pretty big account.
> has a massive amount of posts, almost all of them being thirst traps/pedo bait while talking about and blaming everything on her "low functioning autism" when she is clearly fully functioning. milks her self diagnosis for all its worth.
>uses her autism to get her boyfriend to wait on her hand and foot while doing nothing herself, having no job or schooling and just sitting online all day
>claims to have no money but is constantly posting massive shien hauls, cosplays, her gaming set up, and room decor while getting treated by her bf.
> got a nose job to look like a knock off Belle Delphine on top of heavy filters and make-up.
>posts daily and is obviously chronically online by the sheer amount of videos she posts.
>spreads misinformation about autism, trying to convince her fans that shes totally just masking it and definitely not using autism as a lable for attention/ an excuse while not having to deal with any of the negative aspects of it.
>takes attention away from actual low functioning people while weaponizing any criticism against her.
>wont shut up about how she used to have an ed .
> her "special interest" is serial killers

honestly basic ethot behavior im just surprised how big her account is yet shes never been mentioned here.

No. 1924798

File: 1699300202085.jpg (353.1 KB, 1280x1707, tumblr_311a61d5c859a77b37b9c3c…)

I blocked this longtime mutual on tumblr last fall because she was just a really soul-sucking person to be around but it was never her fault because of "muh trauma" and "muh autism."
> morbidly obese and buys into the HAES bullshit. Has burned bridges with other HAES bandwagoners on tumblr in the past because she had a chimp out due to perceived "aphobia" in a private discord (someone just said they didn't believe aphobia was an issue).
> despite being obese, she constantly complains that she's starving, especially when visiting her parents home.
> claimed that her parents were abusive for… accepting that she was genderfluid but not constantly using whatever pronouns she wanted them to use at the moment. Also dresses feminine most of the time anyways.
> Always complains about her parents (every time she goes to their house there's a post about how much she hates them like clockwork) but they're completely paying for a studio apartment in San Antonio for her, as she has never had a job at age 23.
> went on a screed about wanting to hunt me down and kill me after I blocked her. Claims that being blocked by both me and another mutual has traumatized her.
> less milky but is always hopping from fandom to fandom because she inevitably ends up tired of "fatphobia" wherever she goes. Tried to get a popular artist for the Daredevil MCU fandom cancelled as a chubby chaser for describing a fat character as having a "generous belly" and had a meltdown when nobody cared.
I do check in on her blog on occasion to see if she ever went through on her threats to rope herself after I blocked her (nope). But it is kind of funny to see how depressing her life is.

No. 1924879

Fascinating. Do you have any screenshots of her fatphobia or acephobia spergs?

No. 1924885

File: 1699313935726.jpg (Spoiler Image,149.98 KB, 805x1683, blahblahblah.jpg)

>>1924879 Spoiler because it's a kind of long image but on a cursory search because tumblr's search function is busted this was all I could find of that time period. (she's ethanwinterasmr). I couldn't access the blog archive. But the callout post is probably floating around somewhere. This all went down around October in 2020, if that helps.

No. 1925009

she's so freaking pretty though

No. 1925615

File: 1699459182496.png (1.24 MB, 1440x720, 4855cbaa-dd9a-4237-b469-7420c4…)

>>1924798 Forgot to mention that you can really tell she has a seething hatred for thin people in her "original screenplays". They're about a self-insert (fat of course) that's dating TWO people and the villain is her ebil mother and conventionally attractive sister (which also reflects her hatred of her family, especially the women). Picrel, some of the writing and her art of the main characters.

No. 1925656

File: 1699465499446.jpeg (430.91 KB, 1014x1125, IMG_2941.jpeg)

sonya fung. i wish more people knew about her

>runs a website called cloudnovel that lets you make visual novels online

>"fanbase" is mostly kids
>site's practically dead
>most popular thing to come out of it is a fnaf porn game
>sonya still thinks this makes her a successful and popular businesswoman
>is delusional and believes that she is the estranged daughter of steve jobs
>believes that jobs' widow and kids are evil and want to kill her and mutilate her genitals
>believes specifically reed jobs wants to fuck her
>believes the only person keeping her safe is elon musk, who she thinks is her husband
>anyone who speaks out against her is accused of being grimes or from the jobs family on an alt account
>displays her delusion proudly on twitter and in official cloudnovel newsletters
>regularly tries to apply her delusion to media she consumes, like believing doki doki literature club is about her

once people started calling her out it only got worse:

>closed the roleplay forums on cloudnovel, convinced grimes was trying to write smut with children on it

>fired an employee for no reason with no warning, "hired" new ones that are just alts of hers (cybunny, winechan)
>stole art from and doxxed a minor in an official newsletter because she thought they were grimes
>regularly bans randos on her discord >posted their accounts in newsletters accusing them of being from the jobs family
>believes texts from her own mother come from jobs' widow and posted screenshots of them in newsletters
>posted pornography in newsletters to an audience of children
>sends out the most unhinged newsletter of all time completely unrelated to cloudnovel, claiming that apple is going to send nukes to ohio in order to kill her
>she figured this out by schizoanalyzing tweets from official apple accounts
>official discord has over 1k members but it's dead as fuck bc she bans everyone that gets active eventually
>uses over 10 alts to make it seem like it isnt dead
>posts ai art under the alts claiming they drew it themselves, logs into other alts to praise the art
>bans anyone who points out that it's ai art
>most recently made a premium discord channel for pornographic art of herself that you have to pay 6 dollars to access, nobody has bought it

relevant links-
twitter: https://twitter.com/MissFung
instagram: https://instagram.com/sonyamusk?igshid=MTRreWZvNzAwMWp3MQ==
cloudnovel site (newsletters, breadcrumbs of sonya's unhinged bs, plus the forums are full of banned users that she has accused of being grimes and reed and has changed their names accordingly): https://cloudnovel.net

No. 1925706

>pretentiously thin

No. 1925770

File: 1699482926147.jpg (141.95 KB, 735x730, wut.jpg)

Apparently she lives with abusive caretakers. This was found under a chain of people listing off tips for surviving in an abusive home, like how to best hide food and water and move around the house sneakily.

No. 1925792

File: 1699486617863.jpg (192.02 KB, 720x1018, 20231108_183138.jpg)

>>1925770 she has since changed her url to "ethanwintersasmr" (fanfiction blog is still called squashfics though) and has moved into a studio apartment her parents completely pay for. She also has a car her parents gave her as well, and complains about both the apartment, car, and visiting her parents. The extent of her parents abuse is that they didn't want her to gorge herself on Oreos constantly when living at home. She was also convinced they favored her younger, thin, marine biology major sister so that was another part of her vendetta.

No. 1925805

File: 1699490073740.png (754.1 KB, 900x647, Screen shot 2012-08-12 at 10.4…)

oh thats actually sad, i used to play her flash games back on deviantart and they were some of the first VNs i had access too as a little weeb (picrel was from the 2011 version of cafe rouge), It seems like she developed full blown schizophrenia in the years since then.

Does her actual family not care about her mental illness? She seems lucid enough to still make games and run the website so i think if she took proper medication she could be okay.

No. 1925808

Oh, no shit! I went to high school with her. I went to one of her birthday parties and got one of those rubberband voodoo doll thingies.I don't really have much to say, we were never really close. She was a little odd, but not this extent.(Sage)

No. 1925874

Is he actually Icelandic or just doing the Troon thing of video game or mythology names

No. 1925875

And without the 20 layers of filters? Kek

No. 1926193

File: 1699574273683.png (321.47 KB, 787x1160, image(2).png)

I've found more of her self-insert original fiction, the basic plot is that "Mercy Nemesis Irene Heiss" (the main character) has her parents arrested for emotional abuse and then somehow becomes a superhero with heat powers. The screenshots are from the first version of it, but the screenshot from >>1925615 was a second version that was basically a Netflix Daredevil rip off. I have no clue how to share a docx file on here though kek. Mercy and her sister are meant to be Charlie and her real sister whom she resented.

No. 1926259

>The Radiator
>Mercy Nemesis Irene Heiss

No. 1926509

File: 1699634940651.jpeg (Spoiler Image,918.52 KB, 2779x1125, IMG_2984.jpeg)


I don't have a lot of info on this besides the texts from her mom she published but it seems like they aren't doing anything substantial about it.

Here's that email, also coincidentally the same one she put (shittily censored) porn in.

No. 1926548

these are my favorite cows, thanks for sharing nonnie. There isn't a whole lot her family can do for her if she refuses medication. She's clearly schizophrenic, reminds me of the other schizo who's thread died KT

No. 1927754

File: 1699851644257.jpeg (356.93 KB, 977x1709, IMG_0691.jpeg)

I can’t stand this cow, Eden, she has BPD with strong narcissistic and antisocial traits, and she openly admitted to having an 70-something iq, to no one’s surprise. Her parents homeschooled her so she could finish school without having to be in special ed, and she told me they did her work for her when she was young and then gave her the teachers manuals in high school so that she could just copy out the answers. She’s had a sad life experiences, she was very promiscuous as a teenager and used to get passed around by the teenage boys, and they used to laugh about how she’s slow and would do whatever they wanted. She was a stripper when she was younger because she can’t really function enough for normal jobs, and now she cleans hotels. She constantly intentionally created drama everywhere she went, lying and spreading rumors about people, cheating on others and fucking married men for fun, just being a borderline nightmare. The main reason I hate her is that she’s a pedophilia apologist and possibly a pedo herself, she said that it’s natural for people to find children more attractive because “they have cuter faces and they’re innocent” and she also has a beastiality fetish, she had a male husky and used to make weird jokes about fucking dogs and took creepy pictures with him that had sexual captions. She’s also a rape apologist because she’s a huge pickme, and she said she thinks her brother is cute and would want to date him if they weren’t related. Her social media is private now but when it was public she used to post egregiously photoshopped pictures of herself and pretended to be much younger than she is. She’s had a serious drug addiction since she was like 15 and it completely fried her brain, which is sad since she was already a sped to begin with.

No. 1927758

She also used to talk nonstop about how beautiful she finds herself, saying that she looks like a Disney princess, that she has “perfect” and “rare” features, that she never sees girls as pretty as her, etc. She would bash other girls for their looks while comparing them to her and talking about how much prettier she was, she was just so obnoxious and horrible

No. 1927775

Hating a retard this much just seems sad.

No. 1927796

nta but did you read what was posted
>she’s a pedophilia apologist and possibly a pedo herself, she said that it’s natural for people to find children more attractive because “they have cuter faces and they’re innocent”
>she also has a beastiality fetish, she had a male husky and used to make weird jokes about fucking dogs and took creepy pictures with him that had sexual captions.
>She’s also a rape apologist because she’s a huge pickme
>she said she thinks her brother is cute and would want to date him if they weren’t related
being a retard or moron doesn't excuse even one of this awful beliefs.

No. 1927813

If her IQ is actually 70 you can't expect a retard to understand that thinking your brother is datable is socially unacceptable. It's like trying to teach a dog not to lick its ass because "that's gross". You're using a moral framework that just doesn't exist in her head. Go ahead and denounce it but writing a diatribe about a retard acting retarded is pretty goofy.

No. 1927866

I looked it up and 70-79 IQ is “borderline impaired or delayed” and 55-69 is “mildly impaired or delayed” so I don’t think she’s mentally impaired to the point where she wouldn’t be capable of understanding that these things are wrong. She’s a terrible person and could potentially be a pedophile and animal abuser, being slow doesn’t excuse that(sage your shit)

No. 1927870

She's not retarded. She was in normal classes in high school. She just seems schizophrenic and unmedicated.

No. 1929281

This is a pet tuber who constantly makes really annoying voices for her ferrets and throws them around. Most of her videos are very high energy.

This is a "serious" video she uploaded telling a story about how she had a panic attack over one of her ferrets not waking up from sleep paralysis right away. It kind of highlights her mental illness rather than anything related to the ferrets.

No. 1929661

Ferrets are known for being unwakeable when they sleep?? Shouldnt she know that as a ferret owner

No. 1929851

File: 1700201597259.jpeg (859.62 KB, 828x1140, IMG_3017.jpeg)

Plastic n proud got her sugar daddy/dentist husband she met stripping and did her veneers to buy her a house and is making it look like she worked for it lol.

No. 1929852

File: 1700201851782.jpeg (177.47 KB, 828x468, IMG_3018.jpeg)

Funnily the photo before this is of her at Club Risqué in Philly.

No. 1929856

Good for her honestly. Scamming men is honorable.

No. 1929905

didn't she spend hundreds of dollars on a dress that didnt even fit her only to promptly turn around and start crying about/ebegging over how she couldn't afford electricity for the month? lmao

No. 1930031

Agreed, but her dumbass catches feelings.

No. 1930321

File: 1700279891399.png (511.05 KB, 754x770, 7ae.png)

My internet friends and all of their friends/acquaintances are in this art discord with me. Most of them are alright (and get along surprisingly well despite some of them being SJWs and others being edgelords) but there's one person whose behavior just baffles me. She's like… a friend of somebody's friend, and she posts so many selfies with her boobs out despite claiming to be "transmasc." The uncanniest thing about it though is that she looks just like PT. I'm not joking. She and Sarah could be identical twins. Same body type and everything, but the selfies here are way more overtly sexual than PT's. Not quite as gross as Moo or Shaynus, but getting there for sure. Recently she posted a super TMI picture of her cut/bruised thighs and hank-hill ass after some kind of S&M shit she did with her boyfriend.
I really wish I could post the pics or caps of the milk, but the group chat only has about thirty people in it and I worry that they'll be able to tell that I was the one who posted it. She only posts these weird thirst traps in our Discord server, nowhere else (which is bizarre because as homely as she is, she could still do WAY better than any of the men in the server, ntm she has a boyfriend, but they're probably "poly").

No. 1930387

I signed up for her a site a decade ago and still get emails. Checked it one day and it's her sperging about Elon kek

No. 1930586

File: 1700342836870.png (248.98 KB, 1851x764, Screenshot_190.png)

this crazy schizo who haunts a few generals of mine. lad calls himself "dogslapper/dogpuncher"

No. 1930748

Chelle definitely has severe undiagnosed autism

No. 1930875

This just makes me sad honestly

No. 1930938

Does he also have some kind of digital Tourette syndrome?

No. 1932350

File: 1700694670623.jpg (569.5 KB, 1079x1496, Screenshot_20231122_181146_Ins…)

One I've been following for a while is CakeChan/itscakechan, a recently retired vtuber and closeted pedo.

>Regularly complains about not being able to leave her room to eat, baiting coomers in her chat to send her money for uber eats

>Openly talked about using men for free food/money/entertainment in the past on her streams with little embarrassment
>Dated and broke up with fellow vtuber MaScottBun but continues to use him as a resource in her streams after
>Whines about previous friendships with other vtubers, artists, etc. that inevitably ended due to her own actions
>backed out of making 3D model for coomer bait vtuber friend and proceeded to go on a crusade against loli despite baiting coomers with her own loli character
>explodes at smallest criticisms, proudly stating in her discord that she deletes comments that critique her work because they're "mean"
>Leaks DMs of her "friends" in whatever circle she's been in, whether deviantart or vtubers, and acts the victim when it's come back to bite her
>Has frequently gotten way too close to minors online, spending suspicious amounts of time in private
>Maintains an echochamber of "men" who obsess over her and are quick to suck up to her when she does awful things

I need to get more documentation of all this, but she's been this way since her Tumblr days in the early 2010's and only gets worse every year.

No. 1932867

File: 1700791156724.jpeg (379.12 KB, 750x565, IMG_8510.jpeg)

Lolcow update: been seeing this woman all over the Random boards on 4chan. Mostly this picture. Most of her pictures are seen with the caption Young Milf of five, Persian Milf etc.

No. 1932909

are you the same nonna who posted her? how do you know she got pregnant and gave the baby up for adoption if as you claim her baby daddy has no idea? are you two friends?

No. 1932981

>Openly talked about using men for free food/money/entertainment in the past on her streams with little embarrassment

based. it's not like scrotes have anything else to offer.

No. 1932982

We were friends but I stopped hanging around with her cause of her toxic behavior. Yeah her life is all kinds of fucked up but like in a rich privileged way if that makes sense.(vendettaposting, lack of integration. read lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1932988

>no proof, just "talks to minors in private"
I googled her real quick and I can't find her age but she wasn't active before 2020 so he's probably a zoomer herself. This is shameful, if you need to vendettapost then at least find some real milk.

No. 1933511

File: 1700924814708.png (4.35 MB, 1536x2048, unnamed (3).png)

Meet Bea. Or as they prefer to go now, Buzz. Your typical child groomer with a complex.

>Pedophile who made a group chat to specifically groom 12 year olds

>Makes over 12 alternate accounts to hide their identity and sockpuppet as their own supporter
>Creates fake accounts just to defend themselves
>Sexualizes a children show and specifically draws cartoons to lure in children to groom
>Makes posts for pity about how they abuse medication and self harm whenever they're called out for pedophilia
>Has recently made a new account and claim to be a "different person" from who made kidnapping and death threats towards minors, and adamantly lies about any involvement with other pedophiles despite doing art for a person who "thinks child abuse is hot"

No. 1933604

this is a lot of claims with no pics. any proof of any of this?

No. 1933625

Why are random women constantly accused of being pedos in this thread? If you want to see a pedo look in the mirror scrote.

No. 1933647

Not to be all >they but

No. 1933667

>pedophile/grooming claims with no evidence
>slips up and uses the word "minors"
You seem like a twitterfag with a vendetta

No. 1933869

File: 1701003032215.png (11.19 MB, 6000x6000, img.png)

You can assume that if you want.
Here's a bunch of screenshots put together.
I know from someone involved the police are actually on this person because they led to one of their victims attempting suicide.

For more context, this person is 19-20 and made a chat with just 12-14 year olds and used it to send fucked up porn and roleplay sexually with them, from the screenshots here you can see them discussing some fun topics about fetishes and stuff with 11 year olds. I can provide more if necessary.
The image here also includes a screenshot of them using alt accounts to make themselves look better and them interacting with other pedophiles. They also harassed the victims and said it was their fault.

No. 1933871

Are you implying women can't be pedophiles?

No. 1933886

I can read between the lines and see that she is acting overly familiar with children, which I can only assume is for nefarious purposes, but these screenshots are vague and poorly organized. There's no obvious fetish talk, they're just sperging at each other in really unfunny ways. Maybe it makes more sense with context— context you did not provide. If you want others to care about this cow and believe that she really is an evil pedo abuser, you have to put in more effort. Kudos to you for bringing screencaps, but clearly it's still not enough to tell a coherent and compelling story.
I think anon was referring to the fact that men commit 98% of all sex crimes.

No. 1933889

File: 1701007125121.png (524.63 KB, 750x1468, img2.png.png)

Forgot to mention, the names are covered up because that's the way they were shared with me.
Groomer also has a piss fetish and constantly make jokes about pissing and shitting on people. The drawing at the top is a drawing of their character pissing on the character belonging to a 13 year old and there was an audio shared of them listening to someone taking a shit.
They also made multiple posts about self harm to gain pity from their followers when the "drama" got too much for them.

Noted. They actually admitted to what they did many months after the fact, this is their "apology".
But then they just made a new account and are continuing to harass and groom the same people they were before because according to them, they are literally a different person and they deny any correlation to their previous account. So the grooming continues, just under a different name.
The screenshots here are just what were saved by someone who was in the group chat before it was deleted.
I'll have to see what else is floating out there.

No. 1933890

But what is the milk? What is funny or interesting here?

No. 1933892

I found it funny myself that they believe making a new account with the exact same art style and same content, following and harassing the same people, would work as a new alias and absolve them of what they did.
But I guess that's just me. Sorry to disappoint.

No. 1933899

A piss and scat fetishist groomer Aiden is pretty funny and horrifying but the AYRT was probably groomed by her or was just friends with her and she is still coping with the realization.
A 20 yo making a group for tweens and young teens is a big red flag.
The groomer can't see you misgender her here. You gendies need to learn how to integrate better and part of it is using the correct pronouns that match the cow's sex.
If she's as bad as you say, start putting together your caps properly because that is a mess.
Also, stop apologizing.

No. 1933900

I really just said "they" because I think they don't deserve to be called "she", but you're correct.
In cases like this I'd rather just say "it".

No. 1934974

File: 1701208888522.jpeg (546.46 KB, 1055x1055, IMG_7627.jpeg)

Not a specific person cow I just found out my college is celebrating “Pronouns Day.” I’m definitely going to go. I can’t wait to observe TiFs and TiMs in the wild.

But I’m sad that gendies are taking over Aids day. People genuinely died and suffered but troons pronouns are apparently more important. I checked google and “pronoun day” is in October while aids day is on December 1st. At least celebrate your troon day on the actual day.

No. 1934985

please take photos and share with us nona

No. 1935177

File: 1701255837269.mp4 (Spoiler Image,2.35 MB, 640x352, disgusting shit.mp4)

This guy I used to be friends with lol.
>20 year old moid, absolute NEET.>
>Skinwalks whatever person he's currently leeching onto, including style, hair color, music taste etc.>
>Groomed a 15 year old orphan femcel, then ghosted her. Currently brags about how progressive he is because he didn't have sex with her.>
>Makes his 60 year old exploited parents pay for all of his bullshit, including promoting his selfies on social media so he can LARP as a celebrity.>
>Refuses to pay for condoms. Almost made his 18 year old girlfriend pregnant, then blamed a random girl from our city and accused her of being a witch.>
>Lived in my couch for an entire month, got angry at me when I stopped inviting him over.>
>Considers himself a feminist, but tells women to shave and asks their boyfriends for "permission" to hang out with them.>
>Accused his girlfriend of being abusive and a junkie because she took ADHD meds, while he was a pothead alcoholic.>
>Cheated on said girlfriend, later lied about her beating him as an excuse.>
>Begged his parents to let him study a shitty course in a distant city and pay for his apartment/tuition because our hometown "gave him PTSD". Almost got kicked out of the apartment for being an alcoholic sexpest and hoarding trash. Vidrel.>
>Talks solely on TikTok terms.>
>Constantly spams his social media with sexual "memes" exposing his sexlife to everyone, including his girlfriend's parents.>
>Currently on a "social media detox" that he claims is the best thing he has ever done. In reality he just bought a flip-phone for the aesthetic and uses his friends' phone for hours on end instead of using his own.>
>Says music is his passion, but constantly forces us to leave concerts because he gets "anxious" if he's not the center of attention.>
>In a band with his best friend/former roommate. Said friend has helped him countless times, paid for their apartment, pays for his food, constantly lends him money etc. Cow ows him +200€, and left him alone in the apartment with no notice when his girlfriend dumped him.>
>Bitches about being poor, but refuses to work and spends his parents' money on useless shit.>
>Accuses random people of owing him 100 bucks for no reason.>
>Constantly sends blocks of text sperging to random groupchats only to cause drama.>
>Claims he "makes his therapists cry", has a generational curse etc. Self-diagnosed schizoid.>

No. 1935236

You deserve better friends nonnie kick him out of your life

No. 1935304

his place is a fucking pigsty but the "15 year old orphan femcel" part is sending me. femcel is the least of that child's problems wtf??

No. 1935389

File: 1701299324043.png (1.94 MB, 1179x2556, IMG_9010.png)

Not sure if this is the spot for this but my personal lolcows are Chris and Peaches/Khrysteena from 2bebetter, they have a podcast about traditional relationships but it’s all for show and money and they cover up a lot. They do have a snark page on Reddit if anyone wants more info, I def think they’re thread worthy but for now, I’ll put them here.

>they claim to be married but there’s no actual proof of such

>when asked about wedding photos or how long they have been together they refuse to answer saying that’s personal
>Peaches, real name Khrysteena, is 27 and Chris is 43
>Chris was Peaches boss at his tattoo studio where she was a piercer
>Chris cheated on his ex wife while she had cancer in 2021-2022 with multiple girls, peaches being one of them
>they claim to have been married for years but both of them were still married to their exes in 2022
>Chris has a daughter around the same age as Peaches
>Peaches publicly calls him daddy
>They sell BDSM themed photographs of them but shame girls that thirst trap or have OF
>Peaches has a tattoo of Chris’ hand on her throat, she got it summer of 2022 as soon as they were publicly together and not sneaking around behind his ex wife’s back
>Chris promised peaches a stay at home mom lifestyle, which is what they preach to their followers, and now makes her work on this podcast full time and she’s posted videos of herself having a breakdown crying over the stress from it.
>Peaches shames mom’s that have a hard time being a stay at home mom but she doesn’t even have full custody of her kids and when she does have them they’re in school/daycare a lot of the time, they’re under 10, but I won’t post their exact ages for the kids privacy.
>Peaches kids are exposed to their BDSM themed photos that hang on their walls including her being pulled by a collar and chain naked (not to mention the throat tattoo of Chris’ hand)
>Peaches claims if a guy cheats it’s the woman’s fault for not keeping him happy
>They claim to be Christian but there’s no real evidence that that’s not just for show
>Anytime peaches doesn’t agree with Chris he will make his point over again and she always changes her mind and submits to his opinions
>anytime peaches talks about having a hobby he wants to monetize it and if they can’t do it effectively he just doesn’t let her do it
>Peaches says Chris will never understand her emotions because he’s a man so she ends up crying to the internet instead
>Chris calls peaches his therapist, he also has BPD unmedicated
>Chris is a self taught tattoo artist but talks bad about people who teach themselves to tattoo
>They sell AI art on their website, the tattoo artist can’t even make his own art to sell
>chris has tried, and failed, to do YouTube before, his last YouTube endeavor was a man podcast where he drank whiskey and talked about how to be a man
>Peaches is a copy paste of his ex wife’s style, where as she wasn’t before they were together
>People who have paid to be in their discord claim it’s just a place where they pat Peaches and Chris on the back and if you deviate away from that they get mad
>anytime someone has left the discord they’ve stalked their socials daily trying to get them to come back
>ex fans have compared them to a cult in the way they treat their followers
>peaches expressed wanting to go back to piercing even for a day and Chris wouldn’t let her
>Chris shames people who have hobbies they aren’t monetizing, says people that play video games are losers for that reason
>They denounce long distance relationships and he’s told peaches if she were to live far away he would leave her and find someone else because he can’t control himself
>The age gap is very apparent in their opinions and views but of course she always has to be the one to change her mind and claims he has “so much wisdom over her” and has cried about how she feels dumb for not having as many “years of wisdom”

My big issue is that people look up to them and idolize their relationship but it’s built on lies and it’s also not healthy, this isn’t a healthy D/S relationship, it’s not a healthy relationship at all, and they lie about being married which is the foundation of their whole podcast. I’m sure I missed some important information but I’ve been dying to see more people talking about this outside of the snark reddit as tiktok and YouTube seem to adore them.

No. 1935440

Who could even mistake them for a healthy relationship, he looks like he’s her dad and she even looks unstable. And why does he have fucking tattooed on eyebrows.

No. 1935745

meg mccarville a veteran performance artist cow is trying to get on fishtank.live season 2. her schtick is being a real life john waters character with her bug chasing gays 24/7, but it's kind of hard to be transgressive these days when you have to compete with rotpocket troons. she was on springer back in the day and went to SAIC. she's kind of like a female sam hyde in that she's a rich art school kid who loves to roll around in the gutter and destroyed her life/looks for a bit due to crippling self-hatred and hedonistic death drive.

No. 1935755

My dormmate is delusional and dependent

>think one of my friend has a crush on her before because he was calling her for confirmation on a study out she planned with a couple of classmates (she knows my friend is in a relationship too)

>now currently thinks this one guy likes her regardless if she knows he is in a relationship and is living with his girlfriend
>practically presents the three insistences where his supposed feelings on her was displayed publicly, such as when his friend "coughed" while passing by her when she was studying on the hallway (this happened on august, first few weeks of classes)
>another is around october when he gave her a seat next to him during a morning ceremony
>then, she finally confirmed on her suspicion, when she noticed him looking at her direction and made eye contact with him and surprised he didnt look away. Even though her direction was on the same side as the prof doing a presentation.
>since she knows this guy isnt single, she acts like he is the scum of the earth, a red flag because he "likes" her and that his friend's pretend cough meant that his friend is also supportive of his feelings and now branded his friend group as red flags as well considering they all have girlfriends.
>i think this is just her coping mechanism cause she used to have a crush on this guy, went all stalkerish too and then she discovered that he wasnt single
>she also thought herself as like the savior of her class during highschool because she managed to stop a "war" between her christian and roman catholic classmates by reading out a portion of a roman catholic bible
>she also believed she healed a gay buddhist's soul as she and him discussed about religion, usually christianity, during a wedding reception
>she also cant do things by herself, like not eating dinner alone and all and kinda guilt trip about it even though she knows im with my dad who was visiting me on the weekend
>even her friend admits she is dependent on having others by her side
>she sometimes wait for me to sleep before sleeping too
>her dependency just doesn't end with a chaperone because she also needs someone to buy along with the stuff she thinks is useful or likes such as textbooks and all.
>I ended up purchasing a physical textbook I never used because i got a digital copy, she rarely used her too. But she really wouldnt stop badgering me to buy it with her, since i guess it is a commitment thing, idk
>she has been trying for months to make me agree on buying a printer but we dont have space on our dorm, regardless if theres a cheap printer that we can share a half on the payment
>"like i know i can pay for it myself but i think it is best if we pay half to make the expense more affordable" or smth like that, she claims she can buy it by herself but she never does. I dont want a print since everything we do is done online now

No. 1935843

Wow she's been going a while, she's 43. She must be exhausted (and exhausting to be around).

No. 1935867

File: 1701384633963.png (231.12 KB, 720x1292, Screenshot_20231130-224920.png)

An excerpt of something she wrote, goddamn she must be the final boss of pickmes

No. 1935875

File: 1701385210046.jpeg (305.23 KB, 828x1631, F0FF0F46-79D0-4B1B-B2F3-0993B3…)

It’s really hard to discern what’s real with her about her background, since she writes JT Leroy style creative fiction. She also claims to have dated convicted hacker Jeremy Hammond from the occupy Wall Street era.


No. 1935878

Yeah I assumed it was almost entirely fiction with some sprinkles of reality thrown in to keep it compelling but it's still fucked to think that shit up and feel compelled to share it with the world. I'll admit it has entertainment value but it's so aggressively attention-seeking that it's almost viscerally painful.

No. 1935879

samefag but the partridge family temple freaks should really have their own thread on here

No. 1935898

that would be interesting, i don't get PFT or upop at all and it's hard to find information about them an explanation of the unpop movement.

No. 1936016

The explanation is attention starved edgelords, pre-internet era. Avant garde faggoty guys and fag hags, LA detritus, irony-poisoned, prototypical 4chan Gen Xers. Basically exactly what this woman is. They’re not super milky imo just because none of them are that tech savvy/present online and they don’t get riled up. Certainly some cowish behavior though. Lots of them kicked around with Kim Fowley, rapist producer of The Runaways.

No. 1936640

File: 1701526841410.jpg (136.57 KB, 750x1048, DnP4JB-VAAA2F61.jpg)

They also fucked with Jim Goad (notorious wifebeater and virulent misogynist who cheated on his wife while she was dying from cancer with a girl half his age. also beat that girl then ended up in prison as a result. his wife was also retarded though, together they published zines promoting rape in the most literal sense possible). He worked with Boyd Rice, another favorite of the PFT crowd who is a proponent of rape and a perennial attention whore edgelord. In a sense they were sort of a west coast precursor to the dimes square scene retards/MDE types. Ultimately vacuous """artists""" who grew up in liberal environments which led them to thinking reactionary bullshit was somehow counterculture

No. 1936991

Met my personal cow in a fandom groupchat over 10 years ago:
>schizocow, couldn't stay on their meds for more than a few days at a time
>flooded the group with random tinfoil hattery
>got their YT account b& for copyright
>scammed other fans out of $$ with bootleg DVDs
>threatened to write a burn book about the fandom
>flooded affiliated fan pages with hate mail
>tried to pursue several parasocial relationships
>claimed they were the 'protector' of the fandom and could keep out the dang dirty trolls (100% failure rate)

No. 1938067

File: 1701739782376.jpeg (74.78 KB, 640x634, 3AFC37D3-24C5-4FE8-A846-AEAF5E…)

My gay scrote cousin
>born into a rich middle class family, live in an affluent suburb in central london, went to private school etc
>started fucking old men in his teens
>regularly stole my aunt’s clothes and sold them for drug money
>general horrible person, nasty, unhinged psycho, dead behind the eyes
>regularly posts pictures of himself naked, orgasming etc on his instagram which lots of his cousins follow
>balding and hitting the wall in his early 20s so bitter that gay pedos no longer want him
>jealous of a girl in his uni that had a popular art/fashion brand, talked shit and spread lies about her on his story, people reacted calling him a dickhead so proceeds to post a picture of him bent over on my aunt’s bed showcasing his arsehole to pretend he was just having a ‘mental breakdown’ (my brother sees all of this and shows me, he posts this shit with his family members following him)
>massive self proclaimed communist, even though like i already stated he comes from a wealthy family, my aunt is a doctor, and he wears designer clothes etc
>currently attempting to host discos for ‘palestine’
>loads more i probably forgot
>no attention for being gay anymore so they/themming
Everyone in my family hates him

No. 1938073

Also forgot
>posted lots of acab fuck the police shit during the blm movement, proceeds to date a policeman

No. 1938109

wait is picrel your cousin? Please tell me yes

No. 1938111

…this guy has the potential to be a horrocow, along with his friend Josh. Christ almighty, "poop chair"???

No. 1938192

File: 1701757820442.png (117.09 KB, 400x274, mr_tumble_something_special_20…)

He looks like Mr Tumble

No. 1938202

omg, and does he have dwarfism ???

No. 1938380

File: 1701795925587.mp4 (3.24 MB, 720x1280, My friend Josh has a pee close…)

yeah his buddy josh is absolutely a horrorcow. poop chair?? piss closet?? that house needs to be CONDEMNED.

No. 1939134

File: 1701903901068.jpg (233.04 KB, 1169x1135, pqvienv89ryb1[1].jpg)

Do we have a thread about Military thots? These are Instagram or Onlyfans content providers hired by mainly by US Military or Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) and some other organizations (YPG and Turkey?). Their job is to put a positive spin on their military (we have cute girls, don't hate us) and to thirst trap young men (simps) into joining. Two examples are Hailey Lujan in the US Military and Natalia Fadeev in the IDF. Here is an article:

No. 1940851

File: 1702197176720.png (321 KB, 470x810, Screenshot_20231210-022925~2.p…)

Came across this faggot on tiktok recently. His name is sexdiesel
>Fugly hillbilly score that's also a furry apparently
>Sell crappy merch
>Is friends with a whole bunch of incel degenerate perverts.

His cringy tiktok
His Twitter:

No. 1940854

File: 1702198119334.jpg (376.17 KB, 1080x906, Screenshot_20231210_094013_X.j…)

TIF who won't stfu about her troonery, being "gay" and "transphobes". Now you're thinking, okay, but that's not uncommon for troons, what's so special about her?
>17738 posts
>she joined Twitter in late 2019
>so around 4 435 posts per year
>aka 370 tweets per month
>that's about 12 tweets per day
12 schizo troon rants per DAY.

No. 1940855

Hope she gets shot in the head.(a-logging)

No. 1940858

They’re mostly Russian and Ukrainian instathots hired for PR by Israel.(no contribution, not saged)

No. 1940873

File: 1702205440759.jpeg (1.78 MB, 1170x2148, IMG_4840.jpeg)

I need someone to bitch about this with. Like what a fucking nightmare. She lives in her house with a cow and a pig and treats them like children.


No. 1940874

File: 1702205711618.jpeg (1.41 MB, 1170x2004, IMG_4841.jpeg)

I would love a thread dedicated to pet influencers.

No. 1940879

File: 1702206514205.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1170x1818, IMG_4842.jpeg)

No. 1940905

File: 1702212305356.jpg (23.2 KB, 306x543, downloadfile-10.jpg)

>Chris Ingham, greasy-haired pedophile of YouTube family vloggers "The Ingham Family" fame
>Went viral for their kids' extreme reactions to their Christmas presents and enjoyed sponsored trips to Dubai, Florida, Australia etc. At the height of their fame they collaborated with Zoella and big brands like LEGO
>2018, Chris (34) is caught messaging an underage fan (16) in Florida telling her to sneak out of her hotel room and skinny dip with him
>More messages come out of Chris repeatedly cheating on his wife with fans, propositioning a 18 year old (picrel), and having sex with a fan in his car on top of the children's coats. A former friend of Chris states that he's obsessed with cheating and used to catcall schoolgirls and make sex noises at them
>Wife stands by him. Alfie Deyes publicly criticises him, Chris' wife threatens to leak his address
>Management drops them and the kids are pulled out of school. Supposedly they're homeschooled but they have no proof of qualifications, aren't in any clubs and have no friends apart from young YouTube fans
>Sold a realistic reborn doll of his baby son
>Uses words like "teen", "intruder", "cream pie", "first time" in YouTube video titles about his children
>Hid under his step-daughter's bed to frighten her and secretly filmed her in the bathroom when she was 11
>Complained child safety laws were too strict as he couldn't film the children at his daughter's pool party
>Left his 4 month old son unattended on a beach to vlog his daughters in their bathing suit
>Follows multiple OF models on IG
>Likely worsened his baby daughter's hip condition by shoving her in a van for weeks without room to move and stretch her legs. A trip to the Arctic Circle left her face permanently damaged with wind burn
>Is now obsessed with Andrew Tate and sells an MLM scheme on how to "escape the Matrix" and get rich. His publicly available bank records show he's deep in debt
>Posts thumbnails of his children crying, in pain, or open-mouthed
>Neither his wife nor children have access to their own funds; Chris holds the only credit card in the family
>In videos, children are heard screaming in the background. Chris' wife shrugs it off, saying Chris is changing their dirty diapers
>Recently used a friend's disabled access pass for discounts and fast-passes, despite none of the family being disabled
>Family has received increased visits from health visitor
>Is obsessed with "vanlife". Drags the kids of trips potentially to avoid Education Authority visits
>YouTube has done nothing about his actions and he continues to upload increasingly unsettling content

No. 1940918

File: 1702215005480.jpg (526.17 KB, 2880x2880, tinkerchanxd.jpg)

Personal cow is this nasty girl I found on discord, calls herself Tinkerchan
>r9k ewhore with a boyfriend
>19 years old, acts like a toddler
>posts suggestive pics on discord
>"if my boyfriend finds out I'm an egirl I'll kill myself"
>claims to be locked inside by her parents, has multiple selfies outside/with friends
>rubs snot on her wall to seem quirky
>anachan, claims her parents starved her
>openly uses LCF, "relates" to Lillee Jean

No. 1940932

the real pig is the boyfriend

No. 1940948

File: 1702219774093.jpg (68.76 KB, 405x720, oar2.jpg)

Andrea Colás Channel is a TikToker that got popular in the Spanish-speaking community for her "diet" videos and I'm fascinated by her.
>Has been on a "cutting diet" since 2019, has only lost about 10 kg since then. Currently 112 kg (around 247lbs).
>She uploaded videos gobbling macaroni at 4 in the morning, and became a famous lolcow for her horrendous eating habits. She was delighted with the attention and decided to start a vlog as well where she talked about her personal life.
>She is married to a man named “Salva” and has a young son who she parades on camera for everyone to see.
>She is over 30 years old and still in college. She studies Medicine and doesn't pass anything at all.
>Talks shit about her classmates (mostly 19 year olds) on livestream, gets mad when they call her out.
>Due to the cost of tuition and the success of YouTube, she decides to abandon everything and dedicate herself to being an influencer.
>She becomes a NEET and says that she is going to be a housewife while her husband supports her economically. Her house, of course, is disgusting and dirty.
>She only feeds her son cheese sandwiches that she freezes for the entire week, because making them fresh would be a lot of effort.
>Andrea responds to the criticism by explaining that she works a lot making her videos, and compares her work to that of a computer scientist.
>Since those videos are not really making her money, Andrea explains that she helps her grandmother clean sometimes in exchange for money. Of course, she makes it very clear that “she doesn't work cleaning houses”, she is on another level.
>The aforementioned cleaning of grandma's house consists of eating a giant sandwich at 10 in the morning, mopping the kitchen furniture and eating a pizza with grandma.
>She later confesses that she doesn't really clean much and that her grandmother gives her the money out of Christian charity.
>On time she arrived home after a party and found her husband Salva, the only member of the family who works, cleaning the house since she is a lazy fuck. She got angry because he did it with Heavy Metal music, which she doesn't like. Andrea, angry, went to lie down and left him cleaning the house because she was "very tired". Then, she got up to eat the food that Salva had prepared for her and, after that, she decided to take a nap.
>Uploads a daily vlog every single day even if she didn't do anything at all. She constantly gets sick because of her terrible diet, and mostly talks about shitting and diarrhea.

No. 1940954

Good lord, this and the posters on the cow yourself thread on /ot/ paint a bleak picture of our userbase

No. 1940975

come on now you didnt "find me on discord". ur vendettafagging bc i reported a culty sadistic groomer to the fbi. youre not even friends with him as far as i know, so it just seems to me like youre eager to spread rumors about me the minute you feel u can. honestly i just feel bad for u bc if u hung out with people irl again besides just michael sosa then you would realize how shitty those people actually are

also, going anonymous is pretty useless when its this obvious who you are

i know no one here gives a shit (luckily) but some of the shit u said is so ridiculous n ur desperate to make me look bad
>acts like a toddler
show me a toddler who acts like i do and ill personally pay for his therapy.
>those 4chan screenshots
yea im disgusting and do shit for shock value, crucify me. better than dying on the hill of blatantly evil groomers
>claims to be locked inside by her parents, has multiple selfies outside/with friends
? u alrdy know this isnt true. i WAS locked away, for pretty much all my life. but by now, i got a job, go to community college and interact w ppl irl occasionally. im honest abt all that. my parents still hold me back in other ways, but im not completely locked inside anymore.
>anachan, claims her parents starved her
whenever i leave the house i obsessively search out good food. im not anorexic n dont wanna be, im pretty sure anorexia makes u shit urself and gives u body hair all over, and bread is too yummy 4 that
>relates to lillee jean
you cant even get that right, i said she reminds me of my mom and sister and that it makes me feel bad, not that i relate!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1940981

File: 1702225254696.jpg (297.58 KB, 2880x2880, Tinker2.jpg)

Nobody (except other pedophiles) is mad that you reported a pedophile, he NEEDED to be reported. You are still disgusting and pander to the lowest of males.

No. 1940987

>Nobody (except other pedophiles) is mad that you reported a pedophile, he NEEDED to be reported.
what type of coincidence is it that the night after it gets out that i reported him (which was a couple months ago), i get posted on here? if you disliked me for Pandering or being disgusting, you couldve posted me any other time. this is very clearly a vendetta thing and i know who you are. you made it clear with the lillee jean statement. unless ur a weird obsessive lurker, which isnt likely, no one cares enough to do all that unless theyre personally involved.

funny how u have old random screenshots to use against me. context for the first one, it was about someone who i already hate and criticize, but its inherently not pedophilia, its hebephilia or whatever the fuck the term is.

>pander to the lowest of males.

then why do i have most of my simps blocked, and speak my mind to anyone ? i dont try to pander to anyone. im disgusting , u said it urself, and sure i act overly sexual in the wrong places, but i act that way irl around normal people too. i dont like being that way and am trying to change, but this is all rich coming from u(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1941030

Can you shut the hell up and stop bickering with yourself. You’re not interesting enough to be a cow and that’s final.

No. 1941037

good, i dont want to be. but im not talking to myself(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1941173

i wholeheartedly wish you a very Keep Yourself Safe and stop posting here you imbecile. all that starving left your brain-space empty and it clearly shows.

No. 1941188

There was one for pettube but it died out

No. 1941292

fucking horrifying. demonetizing child content wasn't enough, they should have just banned this shit altogether

No. 1941789

Agree, as well as stop videos marked as "for kids" showing up in regular search results. Its probably a ~10min coding exercise but the YT devs cbf.

No. 1941862

File: 1702379624205.jpg (256.49 KB, 686x740, Screenshot_20231210-120922_Duc…)

ayrt, it's horrifying. The rabbithole goes so deep, from his wife's brother also being a sex offender (and her supporting him) to them being anti-vaxx to the fact that he got pulled over at Australian border control. The family haven't been back to the US since because they're scared he'll get apprehended.

No. 1941933

File: 1702393259497.jpeg (794.02 KB, 1125x1293, IMG_0051.jpeg)

With all her plastic surgery and the filters she uses on instagram, she reminds me of Madonna currently with her botched face

No. 1941936

File: 1702393422182.jpeg (40.14 KB, 356x422, IMG_0394.jpeg)

No. 1942333

File: 1702477155025.jpeg (453.11 KB, 1170x1545, 0C8F4964-B748-4BA8-B350-B9DB07…)

this girl has been my personal lolcow for quite some time. catholicnun/imfresh666/victoria
> huge drain gang and yung lean groupie
> e-begs online for money to travel around the world and see concerts. spends all her money on drugs and begs people to let her stay at their houses
> would post herself on 4chan while standing in concert lines and then would post those posts on her instagram story
> lies about her age frequently because she’s 26 and embarrassed over it
> gives herself lip injections on ig live with aliexpress botox pens
> is known for dming and harassing artists in hopes they’ll respond to her
> entered a 2 day relationship with someone and was posting about how much she loved him. said boy turns out to be 16 years old
> he claims she never asked his age and knew he was under 21. posted screenshots of her asking for him to drink twisted tea and have sex with her. shes currently having a breakdown over this
> definitely more i’m forgetting. this was all within the last year

No. 1942404

File: 1702488305107.jpg (4.56 KB, 306x165, dEpInk9.jpg)

Someone I know irl who is a tiktok/twitter eceleb:
>heavy into fandom twitter and sjw twitter
>has an Asian fetish
>larps as indigenous
>super performative online
>stayed friends with my rapist/abuser and his apologists
>started ignoring me when I exposed how much they hurt me
>still tries to message my best friends online like they don't hate him too
It's hilarious how every person I find insufferable irl is also famous on tiktok

No. 1942406

Is the 16 year old that guy that looks exactly like a 16 year old on the top left? Like how is she suprised by this.

No. 1942419

kekkk wtf. i recently unfollowed her because i just kept seeing the random ugly pictures on my feed, didnt realize she was milky. she used to be big on tumblr back in the day

No. 1942428

>>1942406 The 16 year old is the boy in ID pic in the corner. Guy in top left is an artist she met after harassing his friend in dms trying to meet him. No idea how she can be nearly a decade older than someone and not realize it. Also kek at her admitting she knew he was under 21 and still asking him to get drunk and have sex with her

No. 1942434

I guess she has a type, which is people who look 16 kek. I find this so weird like even 18 year olds seemed like gross babies to me when I was 21.

No. 1942459

LMAO are you retarded?(infighting)

No. 1942473

can you blame her? men age like shit.

No. 1942787

File: 1702538005975.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.38 MB, 1179x1971, IMG_2439.jpeg)

I’ve been following this guy called nick kratka on Instagram and I’m not sure if he counts as a lolcow but he’s definitely insane. In his videos he has eaten a fish knowing it had tapeworms, bloodworms, several iguanas, multiple endangered species and speared frogs causing them to groan in pain and more. He gives me massive dahmer vibes in some of his videos.

No. 1942798

This feels like some elaborate fetish.

No. 1942947

I'm gonna assume he likes mutilated animals because people who enjoy exotic meats don't tend to like it when they look as if they stepped on a landmine on the plate while the head is there to remind you of the animal quite literally torn apart in front of you, they're here as a foodie to eat tasty food. And I say this as a lifelong meat eater who has eaten animals served with the head before, something's not right about that plate alone. It doesn't look like a meal, it looks like the remains of attacked animals. Then the spearing frogs causing pain and the enjoyment of eating endangered species which animal abusers seem to take great joy in, this guy has a sadistic fetish involving animals I would bet everything I know on that. Wonder if he watches monkey videos…

No. 1943702

It's ok tinkerchan kek. You're in the normal range of cringe for a 19 year old to be, you'll be ok
Holy shit I actually thought that was a picture of Madonna scrolling lc. I always had a soft spot for pnp and hoped she could turn it around before she was permanently botched. Guess not

No. 1943757

File: 1702712579829.mp4 (8.98 MB, 720x1280, ef5824dce9b845c78504b74d960195…)

My personal lolcow is this mixed bitch pretending to be "African" and speaking spirit languages and being an expert on "African culture" even though she's never left Canada, was raised as a Canadian and has lived a generally privileged life.


No. 1943802

Just replying because I felt like I was the only one who has cringe r9k egirls as personal lolcows. There's metric tons of milk in those online circles

No. 1943803

How in the FUCK is this real?!? How would this not be exactly like pulling up the corners of my eyes with my fingers and stomping around in a rice field going "ching chong ching chong choo!", then asking the Internet what the Chinese messaging I channeled means. I'm floored. I've always thought we needed a racefakers thread, the milkiest of milks. I know people don't give a shit about women, and hence trannies wearing our identity like a cheap costume, but aren't people way more sensitive about the race shit? Idk this is so wild, thank you for sharing.

No. 1943822

I feel like a racefakers thread would be very milky but would be filled with moids racebaiting every day

No. 1943833

>weird 90% white 10% black woman starts imitating Africans
>bring up asians needlessly
You racebaiters are so annoying.

No. 1943837

To Canadian white liberals, they see her as a black woman because the one drop mentality never left white communities, so I bet they think she’s justified in doing… whatever this is

No. 1943843

This is so deeply embarrassing I had to keep pausing it. I recoiled from the screen. It’s…I can’t believe what I am hearing and seeing kek just wow. A racefaker thread would be so good but nonna is right, moids would be infesting it

No. 1943871

Honestly nonna don't think that was racebaiting, it was just an example. Calm down.

No. 1944174

pretty sure we did use to have such a thread that was ultimately locked for this exact reason

No. 1944331

File: 1702840745471.jpeg (556.05 KB, 828x919, IMG_3935.jpeg)

Finally married to a rich old man with a new house and still managing to look sleazy and cheap

No. 1944333

I wish her thread didn't die she's crazy in such a weird way

No. 1944360

File: 1702843061460.png (4.22 MB, 750x1334, IMG_7884.png)

insane fake influencer
>parents have courtside seats at US open each year
>wrote a novel, family funds publicity campaign, pads amazon reviews and pays for fluff pieces, she thinks it’s a bestseller
>has posted incessantly about it for 2 years now, refers to the novel as “her,”
>regards it as an inspiring success story attainable by anyone
>possibly staged appearances on indian tv
>posts the most self absorbed vlogs which garner less than a hundred views apiece
>most narcissistic and un self aware person i’ve ever encountered, lives in a crazy echo chamber created by her rich parents
>posts shit like this

No. 1944362

File: 1702843265418.jpeg (262.66 KB, 750x1193, IMG_7886.jpeg)

can’t find a passage even representatively bad

No. 1944363

File: 1702843339492.jpeg (71.51 KB, 750x1171, IMG_7883.jpeg)

No. 1944364

Sometimes I wonder what the deal was with her "thoriathis"

No. 1944368

This smells like a vendetta post.

No. 1944393

I was introduced to this woman some years ago through a mutual acquaintance. One heck of a narc cow with tons of milk.

>mid 30s, divorced, job hopper who never had a stable job

>introduced herself as Tristan, a balding fakeboi trying her best to be a hot goth boi
>textbook narc, always vague and grandiose, always has to be the most special, unique and fragile
>tells really outlandish lies and seems to believe them herself
>has legally changed her name over 4 times
>detransitioned and now goes by the fakest sounding feminine name ever
>claims to be a ghost writer for several authors "in the parapsychological field" [sic] and also claims she's writing a book
>started a gofundme for what is obviously breast reconstruction, but claiming it's reconstruction from a vicious assault, going into detail how she needs surgery to be able to find love
>recently started trying to get recognition as an artist, duping friends and family with very basic tier midjourney bullshit
>even got her own website to show her generic ai art off, linking to her gofundme
>goes on and on about how she's such a humble modest person
>has a daughter who was diagnosed autistic and immediately started claiming autism as well
>seems to think others admire her or are closer to her than they are, not realizing she weirds people out with her ego and that others are just trying to be polite

No. 1944527

File: 1702870827887.jpeg (491.99 KB, 828x1043, IMG_3959.jpeg)

For what it’s worth

No. 1944536

File: 1702873854423.jpg (126.65 KB, 1080x1350, Ariana.jpg)

I cannot believe she’s still does her makeup like this.

No. 1944574

She’ll never shake the prostitute vibes. It’s her personality.

No. 1944608

Kek anon I think the same exact

No. 1944631

What does that facial expression even represent? It's like a catfish.

No. 1944637

A woman in her mid-30s on 4chan, self-proclaimed as a "tarot reader," asserts hearing voices and solicits donations for her allegedly unwell cat. She alleges that her family plans to usurp her inheritance, engages in catfishing, and openly admits to exclusively dating online due to difficulties in real-life relationships. She disparages her "friends" and recently posted a photo of self-harm in a divination thread after a dispute with another tarot reader she claimed to be "dating." Previously, she was involved with a male tarot reader who cheated on her and fathered a child with someone else. She advocates for schizomancy as a legitimate form of divination, sharing insights from the "voices" she hears. She posted her intoxicated selfie in an attempt to get attention from her ex after getting absolutely hammered.

No. 1944645

its giving rash

No. 1944671

So a mentally ill woman without treatment thats getting abused and used by men? Why do 4chan-thots always victimblame mentally ill women when they get in bad situations? Youre the cow for stalking a mentally unstable woman to this extent and I think this isn't the first time you've done this.

No. 1944676

Oh /x/, never ever change….

No. 1944679

that's just a schizo not a bona fide cown

No. 1944693

Who is that? I browse /x/ sometimes

No. 1944758

File: 1702929286283.png (473.74 KB, 752x567, Vv3v.png)

I wouldn't call these personal cows as they aren't active today and most are old ladies, but reading up early radfems and second-wavers, everyone involed sorta of cow, I was watching a documentary about the lesbian avengers(a lesbian radfem activist group) one of its main founders(picrel) struck out me, so she's 1/8th black on her father's side and yet despite that she nudges herself into Hattian and African activism, like she full on dresses in tradational western African clothing without a hint of irony, she also brought in fire-eating into her lesbian group, as a spiritual sapphic experience

No. 1944910


No. 1944926


No. 1944928

This is one of the only times I have ever felt like a black person was doing a racist impersonation.. of black people this evokes the same feeling as I Want To Be Ninja

No. 1945142

this could go just as well go in the radfem cows thread, old school radcows have been discussed as well >>>/snow/1829410

No. 1945201

This nona is half right >>1944174 it was locked at one point (and there's a similar thread that is locked) but it's not locked it's still there. >>>/ot/1410278

No. 1945202

I see. well there haven't been posts in there for months so I assumed it was just locked. Thanks for the correction.

No. 1945586

File: 1703105721045.jpeg (775.75 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_2498.jpeg)

My personal lolcow is this twitter user who is obsessed with randy from South Park

No. 1945587

File: 1703105828019.jpeg (164.71 KB, 1500x500, IMG_2499.jpeg)

No. 1945594

>lesbian flag Randy Marsh
what the fuck?

No. 1945595

kekkkkk I saw some nona the other day post randychan in a different thread. I find her genuinely hilarious, she’s absolutely unhinged autismo.

No. 1945597

If she was born a few decades prior, she would have been a complete Jesus freak and would have been devoted to Jesus her entire life.

No. 1945605

She headcanons him as a lesbian and calls him her husband

No. 1945626

So she sees him as a butch woman with PCOS or what?

No. 1945628

the body pillow looks like it has a vulva instead of a penis so I think so kek

No. 1945629

Close up of the body pillow? Here it looks like a flaccid penis bulge >>1945587 Cant believe im asking this btw

No. 1945639

Dude I love Randy-chan. She’s such a creature but devoted to her problematic husbando I can’t hate her

No. 1945643

File: 1703116491515.jpeg (127.38 KB, 243x552, IMG_2502.jpeg)

No. 1945657

i need my eyes checked, I thought it was a weirdly fat vulva with the outer lips spread

No. 1945666

Can anybody who is aware of her do a quick write up? How old is she? How long has she been obsessed with Randy? Is there anything interesting about her daydreams? Her online presence? Any drama or spergouts?

No. 1945671

What a retarded autist lol I bet she rees whenever someone says anything remotely negative about her shit husbando

No. 1945676

File: 1703123794711.jpeg (168.97 KB, 1179x655, IMG_2503.jpeg)

No. 1945705

why randy, of all characters who could be your husbando? he isn't cute and is a complete retard

No. 1945721

I like to think she is an absolute autismo but also an elaborate troll. She is a South Park fan afterall

No. 1945861

i think shes like 21 or 22, shes been doing this for at least a year. i dont see her interact with non self-ship accounts too often, so her fandom related drama is pretty minimal. she did have a spergout recently over some news outlets reporting that she supposedly spent like 20k or something on the randy room, but given the amount of items she has i wouldnt be surprised.

No. 1945910

She’s like both at the same time and I refuse to believe otherwise.
Autism I presume. Have weird experience in the South Park fan base. There’s people who have the special ED kids as husbandos. Randy is less jarring.
I think all the photos on her walls are printed out with a printer too. So lots of printer ink goes into that cost.

I would love a self shipping cow thread but Randy-chan is the only one who comes to mind.

No. 1946019

found her twitter (https://twitter.com/tokitaffy). she's 20, and from what i can tell the shrine was made before august 2022. skimming through her tweets and i genuinely can't tell if this is at least her partially trolling kek

No. 1946386

File: 1703283476301.png (Spoiler Image,1.32 MB, 1004x1336, 2022131548 Spoedeisende Hulp Z…)

Sv3rige/Goatis/Gatis lagzdins is currently running away from Interpol in south east asia after paying his girlfriends ex to acid attack and arson his ex girlfriend, hoping to burn her and their child alive. He begged his userbase for donation under the pretense that he was going to seek custody of his son, but his true intent was to use that money to murder his own son. He is pretending to be in Jamaica, but his stupid ass has already doxed himself several times

No. 1946388

File: 1703283534277.jpg (Spoiler Image,285.65 KB, 720x1051, Screenshot_20231222_232011_Chr…)

No. 1946389

File: 1703283614333.jpg (Spoiler Image,430.71 KB, 720x1079, Screenshot_20231222_232113_Chr…)

No. 1946394

File: 1703284441940.png (473.24 KB, 1360x1936, fanatical vlogger.png)

No. 1946396

File: 1703284792646.png (1.54 MB, 1595x782, google_images.png)

Clarifying that he and his current girlfriends, Primal Belle, payed her ex to murder his ex Luna

Him doxing himself in Malaysia

No. 1946479

this man deserves to be in prison. he is highly dangerous, some sources accuse him of stabbing multiple people. no one who eats raw meat is mentally sane.

No. 1946572

I mean eating raw meat isnt abnormal, carpaccio/tartare/mett/sushi is all raw meat and normal. The abnormal part is his raging narcissism, sociopathy and autism

No. 1946615

this isn't the first time he pulls some delirious stunt and tries to get pity pennies from people online. he is genuinely a low iq retard who DID stab a classmate when he was under 18. i don't remember where in Latvia he came from, but i know that village is an inbred shithole, he's not even the worst Latvia has to offer when it comes to males, this year a moid killed his ex-wife after stalking her incessantly and more than 3 police reports she wrote and even a restraining order. sorry for slight off topic, i'm just not surprised such a degenerate piece of shit like Gatis pulled this. such low iq and absolute mental instability.

No. 1946621

How does this freak not have his own thread? He’s deranged and works really hard to cover his tracks. He deserves to be exposed. But hopefully he’ll be in prison soon and there will be no new milk.

No. 1946669

sage because not an individual person, but the hypergamy communication in general. they can be found on tumblr, youtube, and subreddits like r/vindicta, r/diabla and r/splendida. the most famous individual one of these cows that comes to mind is anna bey who sells scam femininity courses cobbled together from old etiquette books and has her own threads on tattle life.

originally the vindicta communities on reddit were for ugly women trying to improve their appearance because they were always rejected for their looks, but they've been taken over by wannabe gold diggers who think they won't be able to get the man they want if their bigonial width is too wide or their forehead is too narrow or some shit that no man other than literal incels obsessed with facial exercises to make their chins less recessed notice about women's appearances. the advice they give each other on landing rich husbands is usually sugar baby tips to pick up clients like hanging out in posh hotel lobbies but they don't frame them as such (which could put some young naive woman who wants a rich husband at risk of sexual assault,
or spoil a would-be rich wife's prospects as wealthy men aren't trying to marry women who flirt with them in hotels like prostitutes). they discuss "softmaxxing" (improving your appearance through self care like exercising, dieting, skincare, etc) and "hardmaxxing" which is plastic surgery. they think there is a formulaic balance of facial features that instantly make you desirable to men and advise each other on going to 3rd world countries to get unnecessary cosmetic procedures that nobody except for ludicrously shallow people would ever notice.

there's a sub called vindictarateme which can often be a mess of white women rating women not known for their beauty like florence pugh 8+ because they're white with blonde hair and blue eyes while saying people like zendaya and the blackpink girls are 5s. and on the other hand, there are black women giving people like halle bailey the same rates as supermodels while calling every white woman "basic" and giving below average rates to conventionally attractive east and south asian women. every once in a while people will make posts either complaining about how eurocentric the sub is or how the sub is trying too hard to be woke. they also rate men sometimes and mediocre looking men consistently get high ratings (for example, recently the guy in the hunger games prequel was got rated 8-9 even though when he's not in the costume he looks like any other generic rat-faced brit). but women are rated very harshly.

on the main subs there's a post every few days from people crying about how they did everything they were meant to do to become beautiful but afterwards they still didn't get attention from men and people didn't treat them with the respect as they thought achieving pretty privilege would afford them.

the most interesting thing is that these subs frame themselves as feminist and playing the game even though they're dedicated to obsessively overanalysing and nitpicking tiny flaws in women's appearances and trying to land men who will make them into trophy wives. I wouldn't go as far as to call them femcels because no woman will ever be a femcel as long as she's willing to lower her standards, but the terminology they use, dating tips, and autistic obsession with physical appearance is reminiscent of incels and pick up artists.

r/femaledating strategy is similar (you've may have heard of this one as it got kind of infamous on reddit at one point), but instead of being hyperfocused on appearance it's more about pick up techniques for women and outdated etiquette. femaledatingstrategy does at least put emphasis on finding well rounded men as opposed to just rich men. their guide for f/f dating is horrible though and obviously written by straight women with zero clue about lesbian dating (they just treat butch women as if they're men. because a woman dressing masc must mean she thinks like a man too or wants the same things out of a relationship as a man, which is far from reality).

it's just so fascinating to observe, because these parts of the internet hate men and are trying to strategise to take advantage of men's wealth (which is almost respectable honestly) but are simultaneously dedicated to spending so much time, money and energy on becoming as hyperfeminine as possible to appeal to men. literally changing their appearances (often through extreme measures) and their daily routines and lifestyle to appeal to male ideas of beauty. it's just so bizarre. and depressing. for every post that has useful tips on skincare or exercise or the like (which you can find on other subs and websites anyway), there's 5 posts about ridiculous things like how the space between your nose and mouth needs to be a certain length if you even want to consider thinking of yourself as attractive or trying to date a moid who isn't a hobgoblin.

No. 1946673

I can’t tell if this old classmate of mine has gone full schizo mode or is just a rich smart person with too much freetime. For context his family is super rich and he was smart kid in high. Now he is into Buddhist woo woo stuff and ties it with mathematical theories. Currently sperging on his blog about how his woowoo math theories are too advanced for multiple elite colleges to understand. I don't think he has a job just fucks around travelling but his parenta are rich rich so I didn't think much of it. Now I'm wondering if he's doing that because he has gone schizo mode. Or maybe I'm too dumb to understand the sperging on his blog

No. 1946714

How old is he? A lot of men start showing signs of mental illness in their 20s, which this sounds like.

No. 1947140

File: 1703507547664.png (160.59 KB, 1080x402, Screenshot_20231225-123311.png)

my personal cow from the covid cautious community is currently staying in her family's home while actively lying to them pretending to be sick after they flew her out to come see them. she's been bragging about spending their money on more COVID supplies while eating their food and locking herself in the guest room refusing to come out. i feel so bad for her family.

No. 1947312

wow i'd never heard of the covid cautious community. these people are genuinely insane, i assume a lot of them have OCD.

No. 1947454

File: 1703601295427.png (479.19 KB, 1080x1407, Screenshot_20231226-143608.png)

it's really bad. none of these people have left their house in almost four years for longer than a few hours. a bunch of them leach off their parents while simultaneously accusing them of being monsters for possibly getting them infected. many mothers took their children out of school, stopped them from seeing their grandparents or their other parents, divorced innocent spouses who couldn't take it anymore taking their assets. they just exist in an eternal hypochondriac feedback loop.
it's one of the scariest things i've ever seen and a really morbid deep dive when you realize how much a bunch of these people are abusing their family members including their children.

No. 1947530

File: 1703620309867.png (86.07 KB, 1080x883, Screenshot_20231202-185407~2.p…)

so this one… I'm not even sure where to start. Picrel is mild compared to a lot of what she claims her life is like, but the sheer stupidity is pretty representative. She's one of those fabulist munchies who buddies up to people in order to find new and interesting traumatic events to copy, exaggerate, and weave into her constructed backstory. If you've got an injury from a badly fitted medical device, she has a WORSE version of the SAME KIND of injury from… something! If you were threatened with a handgun by a former partner, hers threatened her with a RIFLE and KEPT IT IN THE ROOM WITH THE TWO OF THEM AT ALL TIMES. If you had childhood trauma, hers was so bad that she has DID and can't be held responsible for anything her oh-so-real alters do or say. She has chronic abdominal issues that are totally unrelated to her opioid addiction (which ISN'T HER FAULT, the EVIL DOCTORS at the BAD ER got her hooked on morphine!), just like hopping states as soon as she was banned from multiple emergency rooms is totally not connected to being flagged as a drug seeker at all. If you suggest that you're a bigot and siding with her totally real abusers, you don't understand, her intestines are touching her liver! It hurts! And it means she's puking blood every thirty seconds! She's dying! Except when she goes to “the good ER” and gets her pillz and a totally real surgeon says she can have a totally real procedure that will fix her.

I have so many goddamn screencaps of this idiot’s claimed medical emergencies and wild bullshitting, too many. I took part in a recent attempt to expose her as a serial grifter in the hobby space she uses as a hunting ground. Because, of course, she also begs for money, and begs people to move her in with them so she can be stable and safe (and then trash their houses and steal their credit card info). But she's not really unique enough to merit even an attempt at a thread; she doesn't have enough of a consistent online presence or enough followers to be anything but a dime-a-dozen con artist.

No. 1947538

Well I mean, criminal lolcows aren't foreign to this site

No. 1947569

sorry if there's a better thread for stuff like this

>popular German yaoi artist

>also did a children's comic book series for a fairly big German publisher back when she was more stable
>mental health declines very abruptly
>deletes her popular yaoi webcomic out of nowhere, gets sent to a mental hospital and becomes nonbinary (don't remember the exact order of events, but I remember them happening near-simultaneously)
>starts collecting diagnoses like pokemon, none of which seem to give her any clarity about how to tackle her mental health issues
>constant depressing mental health venting on her public twitter, pinned tweet was a body check for ages
>reboots her comic, never reposts the original except on patreon (it's pretty easy to find though)
>every character now has a mental disorder or is a troon
>character who gets autism in the reboot is hit the hardest, going from reserved but charismatic to sheldon from the big bang theory
>all side characters are greatly expanded upon, including one who appeared in a single page of the original, and a ton of additional unnecessary side characters are added
>introducing all the side characters greatly drags down the pacing, something that was already an issue in the original
>after several hundred pages with very little actual BL there's suddenly a very raunchy scene that comes out of nowhere (character A blows a random guy in a filthy bar toilet, character B spots them and watches while jerking off)
>twelve year old and mentally twelve fanbase she's amassed on webtoon get what I can only described as triggered over this
>deletes the scene and makes a grovelling post apologising for it
>mental health has been visibly declining again for a number of months
>someone leaves a (pretty rude and self-righteous) comment criticising her for the decision to retcon the scene, as well as various writing choices in the reboot
>she immediately gets hospitalised for suicidal ideation
>explicitly blames the comment for her becoming suicidal on her twitter (the other comments were all supportive as far as I could see)
>various mental health professionals have strongly encouraged her to seek out a regular 9-5 job instead of drawing comics full-time due to the extremely negative impact it has on her mental health, but she shoots them down

No. 1947573

christ this is sad, but fascinating. definitely must run the gamut between OCD-like levels of sincere paranoia and some very profound selfishness. at a certain point an inability to sympathize with your kids and consider their needs and make compromises, even when in your heart of hearts you believe covid is dangerous enough to warrant this, that speaks to some personality disordered shit. severe levels of it too. delusions combined with narcissism is such a scary combination. im intrigued and slightly triggered lmao

No. 1947636

>then trash their houses and steal their credit card info
>opioid addiction
Nonna… I have to know more lmao

No. 1947690

File: 1703651852693.png (604.94 KB, 1094x823, switch.PNG)

Switch Stephens, entrepreneur extraordinaire and endless grifter
>started following him when he posted reels of his punk diy clothing
>was incessantly called a grifter and a poser in the comments
>stuck patches on second hand clothes and called it a fashion label
>Not even a year ago he had zero tattoos and long hair so the LARP comments have some weight
>Ran a wanky coffee shop
>business failed so he's now onto his next venture
>Has now completely pivoted to entrepreneur content and has claimed the tagline "I'm growing Australia's largest content creation company"
>Account for his agency (@runitupmedia.agcy) has 600 followers
>Brags about getting his customers from 6k followers to 75k when he himself hasn't cracked 1k
>Tries to justify this in his captions with meaningless fluff (picrel)
>His style has gone from crusty punk to suits and cigar smoking overnight
>The grift is unreal
>Has a post about what he's manifesting and it includes several low quality jpegs of images he pulled off google. The pictures included an expensive watch, a man cave wardrobe with a leather chair that looks comical, a lambourghini with the price included in it (over 300k), a very blurry stock image of an office, and a smiley face.
>Never shuts up about sobriety.
>made a post on an old account about how this "switch up in his content" lost him a lot of followers and wrote several paragraphs about how much he didn't care because it meant they just didn't understand and weren't here for his journey

There's so much more, but I'm excited to see just how much he flops in the new year, given his previous business ventures all went down the toilet.

No. 1947717

Kek. Of course he's from Melbourne.(sage your shit)

No. 1947722

Of course a woman who hates herself so much she exclusively consumes gay cuckhold porn has mental health issues and is suicidical. That's what happens when you convince yourself that only faggots are worthy of love kek.

No. 1947727

PLEASE make this a thread. This is fucking insane to me and I WILL read since I don't have Instagram

No. 1947733

File: 1703669441077.mp4 (1.55 MB, 480x852, TkSuxCLW5_mJ_Qt_.mp4)

nta but maybe we could have a general "entrepreneur/hustle' thread, everyone involved seems to be mentally unhinged, but in different subtle ways.

No. 1947765

They all die in their 40s and 50s from weak hearts because of all the cocaine, steroids and viagra. All the white ones have the same pinkish hue which is just their concentrated rage and shame boiling to the surface of their skin constantly.(learn to sage)

No. 1947766

File: 1703675724199.png (1.16 MB, 1277x822, switch2.PNG)

AYRT and I've been seeing them pop up all over the place, probably because cost of living has a lot of people desperate to make money atm. I don't think many are particularly milky, but the ones who are really stick out.

No. 1947771

File: 1703678650242.png (428.03 KB, 1079x1273, 1000022602.png)

They want to build their own community in a 'warmer climate'. Would love to see how this devolves into who is the sickest Olympics and cult-like group think. How will a bunch of scared, sick, and 'disabled' people build anything and live off the grid?

No. 1947772

Lobster red and annoying as fuck

No. 1947828

Loads of women draw yaoi comics and most of them don't try to kill themselves.

No. 1947835

File: 1703698579705.png (1019.56 KB, 1449x1263, Screenshot 2023-12-27 at 12.35…)

The sun avoidance community on reddit

No. 1947836

File: 1703698618011.png (171.74 KB, 1512x667, Screenshot 2023-12-27 at 12.37…)

No. 1947838

This is funny as fuck, thank you nona for blessing me with the biggest laugh I've had all week

No. 1947839

File: 1703699610440.png (1.1 MB, 1080x1625, 1000003330.png)

Think I have a good one for y'all. Enter Tamara Gamez. Tamara is a self-obsessed narc who makes shit tier pop punk music and eye fucks herself while doing "quirky" things on the internet and over sharing. Tamara used to be fat, lost weight rapidly (I'm guessing from legal speed since her dad is a doctor) and has grown more and more unhinged as time passes. At peak COVID Tammy was anti vax and taking ivermectin, swearing that COVID was the gubment trying to take her freedoms (and totally not a major health crisis). Would also talk about Q Anon wackjob shit but has cooled down on that. Her main focus right now has been advertising her shit music and letting everyone know how much she's getting fucked. Known to post her pancake ass in lingerie, fake a British accent randomly because *~quirky~* and is still kind of obsessed with her ex boyfriend even though she totally loves her fake domme husband who is barely around her enough to get tired of her bullshit. Pic attached is her willingly posing while pissing in a sink of dishes, like normal people do.

No. 1947842

File: 1703699708704.png (1.21 MB, 1080x1922, 1000003394.png)

Tammy squirts uwu

No. 1947845

And finally a music video she made for a song about her ex that she totally isn't in love with and why would you ever think she was????

No. 1947850

To be fair, using tret is a good reason to avoid as much sun exposure as you can, but typically a good sunscreen should be enough. There is such a thing as overkill.

No. 1947853

I believe wearing sunscreen everyday is excessive providing someone doesn't live in a very sunny location like the tropics. Vitamin D is essential and Vitamin D deficiencies have been linked to weight gain and obesity.

No. 1948022

song is trash, stopped watching after she shaved her face

No. 1948031

Pls post link. Schizocows are always fun

No. 1948803

Pulling kids from public school and homeschooling them is always based, idgaf

No. 1948979

File: 1704003082348.png (160.33 KB, 1426x1825, Screenshot_20231230-165524~3.p…)

There's this weird so called "antifeminist" that's batshit insane and is literally a member of a Hermetic cult who constantly posts insane walls of spiritual gobblygook on her channel like this

No. 1949032

This is so pathetic.

No. 1949158

File: 1704051029881.png (235.75 KB, 1440x2125, Screenshot_20231230-165515~2.p…)

More Insanity

No. 1949159

File: 1704051063457.png (533.84 KB, 666x1004, Screenshot_20231231-142409.png)

She looks high as a kite here

No. 1949223

>Andrew Taint is the Promised Messiah
>delulu as fuck satanist druggie
it checks out

No. 1949237

anyone keep up with stu aka “newclownorder”? i have a soft spot for schizo cows and this dudes a real freak with a crazy backstory.

No. 1949252

This is fascinating to me. But does it actually work??

No. 1949266

Tell! I keep seeing him pop up on my Instagram reels

No. 1949300

This bitch is insane!

No. 1949351

please tell us more, I also love a schizo cow

No. 1950740

File: 1704387906254.jpg (40.53 KB, 367x583, 5657478018565689.jpg)

i dont think she's quite cow material tbh but ive been hate following this girl on instagram for a few years now and just needed to vent. i used to like her pictures from tumblr and followed her over to instagram but in the last couple years i've realized how much i cant stand this girl. everything she does is so fake and just for the instagram asspats and aesthetic. the thing that bugs me the most is her obsession with guns and how careless she is, literally every single day she posts a picture with a gun casually laying around her house. usually it's a picture of her cat cuddled up with a handgun on her bed. she actually posted a pregnancy announcement a couple months ago but quickly deleted it, probably for the best considering her obsession with guns and leaving them laying around her house for the aesthetic and pictures. cant fucking stand it but also cant look away. waiting for the day something serious happens from leaving her guns laying around willy nilly

No. 1951256

why do your cousins/family keep following his socials if he posts himself orgasming and stuff there? you all sound a bit weird for that one

No. 1955584

File: 1705370532883.jpeg (511.05 KB, 1242x1600, IMG_2780.jpeg)

My personal cow is the Randy Marsh shrine girl who claims to be a lesbian, but it’s more of an affectionate cow. She’s milky as fuck, but I find her endearing. I feel bad for her today though. She opened a whiteboard for her and her sperg South Park friends to draw, and it got spammed with gore by /b/ fags. She’s cringey, but moids ruin everything. They can’t just laugh at the cow, they have to cowtip in the cruelest way. Tokitaffy, I laugh at you annd your insane shrine all the time, but you didn’t deserve this.

No. 1955615

right, she's one of the most endearing cows out there. for every annoying tweet she makes there's a fun/touching one to compensate for it. people hate to see cringe women flourishing

No. 1955699

File: 1705399318337.png (680.1 KB, 1025x510, xoangxa.png)

Came across this girl who gave me serious uncanny valley vibes. Her handle is xoangxa or maliha.

She claims to be Syrian/Vietnamese/Turkish who was born and raised in Russia but lives in Vietnam now. For some reason I'm not buying it. If you look up her she looks different in every photo. Has anyone heard of her? She seems to have some following on socials. Why is nobody questioning her old photos?

No. 1955701

these pictures don't even look like the same person

No. 1955703

>be attention whore
>get angry when you get attention
i mean, what did she expect?

No. 1955709

File: 1705400809783.mp4 (12.86 MB, 576x1024, 2140a9b1a1bf4306b0453ef0953f28…)

I was thinking it could've been surgery + angles + filters but I just found this on Pinterest. I don't get it.

No. 1955767

File: 1705413678146.jpeg (398.13 KB, 1536x2048, GDbyaRWXQAAWLUM.jpeg)

>"anorexic" "lolita" who fails at both
>censors her face in every pic but not her ugly and ill-fitting outfits
>namedrops lolcow.farm, kiwifarms, crystal cafe on twitter while orbiting Elaine Miller
>self-hating mexican who likes/rts racist memes while claiming to be black and asian for some reason
>"debating" incels 24/7 while claiming she's never dated a guy older than 19 (is 27)
>claiming she works a STEM job but moved in with incel bf right after meeting
>proudly friendless
>claims to perform at anime cons

No. 1955774

probably a troon

No. 1955776

File: 1705415413701.png (675.1 KB, 580x864, Screenshot 2024-01-16 at 15.31…)

Not placing any bets

No. 1955778

>giant manface covered by black censor bar
>bangs to cover receeding hairline
>skinny, huge ghoul hands
>ugly boney hairy legs
>bending himself like a pretzel in uncomfortable poses to hide the obvious lack of waist and giant back
>not a single anime boy figurine
>dating a fat ugly moid
lol its a troon

No. 1955798

lmao I hatewatched this woman in twitter I think after she did a very uncalled for passive aggressive qrt on one of my tweets. She reeks of pickme energy

No. 1955799

I just scrolled down her TL a bit and the way she posts explains a lot about the state of /ot/

No. 1955810

Randy-chan lowkey one of my favorite people on the internet nowadays. Love seeing her antics. Fuck these moids. I hope she had a great time with the last Paramount special that came out lol.

No. 1955813

File: 1705420532737.png (83.01 KB, 594x441, kek.png)

No. 1955819

selfposting troon

No. 1955823

File: 1705422148277.png (1.94 MB, 1181x1701, Untitled2_20240116081655.png)

sorry this is jumbled looking. this guy has been a personal cow of mine for a few months, though I really only check in every so often.
>OBSESSED with the Star Wars prequels and dragon ball
>hateboner for modern SP, simpsons, su, etc.
>CONVINCED Matt + Trey went to Epstein island and are chomos who made the Creek episode to pander to other chomos. He’s literally the only person I’ve seen peddle this Epstein narrative, and honestly the Creek “hentai” shit he’s whining about is less obscene than anything the show has ever done with Cartman. Saying this as someone who thinks Trey is kind of a degenerate too, albeit for different reasons (if you know about how he met his ex wife, you know what I’m talking about). And if they’re Epstein pigs, they can go fuck themselves like Matt Groening. But randomly claiming shit without sourcing and then arguing with people about it, it’s so fucking lame. Also kek, nothing about Seth McFarlane’s alleged behavior brought up…
>says all that while also having this image up of Greta Wolfcastle lol.
>thinks hating the prequels is a pedo dogwhistle, nobody can have “valid” complaints, they’re just all pedos against Georgie!
>all this while never speaking about marion ravenwood and how George Lucas wanted her statutory rape to have happened even younger… hmmm.
>on top of that, a misogynist retard.
>cow crossover episode where he makes fun of randy-chan, he’s actually referenced her multiple times. ironically she is probably much happier and more well adjusted and he comes across as seething.
All and all, decently entertaining tardrage.

No. 1955824

File: 1705422231281.jpeg (328.86 KB, 1170x1509, IMG_0015.jpeg)

samefag kek at this shit he posted yesterday. I think he needs to go back to 2nd grade.

No. 1955840

the sad fact there are provably a few thousand men exactly like this.

No. 1955852

Agreed but
>Not a single anime boy figurine
Kek maybe I'm trans too

No. 1955867

File: 1705432286273.jpeg (291.58 KB, 1536x2048, GATf-53XQAARxb5.jpeg)

idk but she also says her mom paid for her laser hair removal when she was a teen

No. 1955871

why is she then cowtipping lc on her twitter kek

No. 1955906

File: 1705439978393.png (51.43 KB, 1216x272, based.PNG)

No. 1955907

This made me laugh so fucking hard

No. 1955910

She sounds insufferable but I can’t help but feel bad for her. It sounds like she was abused as a kid or something.

No. 1955913

all the zingers she throws at moids are kind of neutralised by the fact she's with this kek >>1955776

No. 1955924

Kek same. Ironically it’s such a Randy response. They truly would be a good match.

No. 1955935

File: 1705445316630.jpeg (338.5 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_2814.jpeg)

Even if she does post for attention, I still don’t think she deserved to have gore spammed in her drawing room for the crime of being cringe as fuck. She’s not a rapist, pedo, or anything that really deserves gore spam.
Her worst crime is calling herself a lesbian, but she’s probably homo leaning bisexual in a world where everyone says “lesbians can totally have crushes on fictional guys.” So I think she’s more misguided than anything malicious. She’s dating another woman irl (not a TIM), and she’s never dated a man in real life before, as far as social media tells. Speaking of Randy-chans gf, I don’t think the gf is attracted to Randy at all, but she supports Randy-Chans interests. It’s very sweet milk.

No. 1955946

ofcourse she didnt deserve it, but she posted her lol so quirky collection on tiktok for a reason. You cant complain. She can easily just not post on tiktok and leave twitter and be an anonymous husbandofag like the rest of us

No. 1955973

>"ofcourse she didnt deserve it"
>blames her anyway

No. 1955986

yes, its 2023 she should known how the internte works lmao you are posting her on a site that's built around bullying autistic women, c'mon

No. 1955996

*a site that's built around autistic women bullying autistic women

ftfy(sage your shit)

No. 1956009

most of the cows aren't even autistic

No. 1956044

She looks like the type of Asiatic turks that live in Russia so it's not that hard to believe, imo. The other ethnicities might be lies or maybe she's just mixed. I don't think any of the ethnicities are the ones someone would wanna pretend as and she definitely looks too pretty compared to the average slav so she isn't a russian either.

No. 1956053

Damn they’re gross but good for them honestly

No. 1956057

that's not what cowtipping means

No. 1956077

It's 2024 anon

No. 1956079

That’s better than the conspiracy that the Columbine shooting was a hoax and Matt Stone and Trey Parker were actors who played the shooters I guess kek. Also besides what he put in Indiana Jones, George Lucas is the reason why the design of 14 year old Ashoka had a tube top and short skirt. He’s just as much as a pervert who put pedophilia into media as the rest of Hollywood.

No. 1956097

kek, i remember this conspiracy it’s so retarded. South Park came out in 97, they were already famous people by the time of columbine. And at that point in time they literally looked nothing like the shooters.

Also I didn’t know, but not surprised. Actually, thinking about Lucas, he has another creepy moment.
yeah technically “Padme wuz a kid herself!!! No romance until episode 2!!!” but George still wrote that weird fucking relationship between her and Anakin, like that when he didn’t need to write it that way at all? As the author, he could’ve chose a thousand different ways to portray that relationship and that’s the way he chose to do it.

No. 1956098

Damn I wanted to read more but she baaleeted everything. Did anything get saved?

No. 1956103

Never realized the SP creators both have extreme gayface.

No. 1956109

File: 1705493449892.jpeg (146.69 KB, 736x1596, IMG_0043.jpeg)

>extreme gayface

No. 1956144

File: 1705503312226.png (3.08 MB, 1920x17323, tell.png)

all I have is the tellonym. love how she's so aloof in her responses as if she's bothered and as if she didn't make the profile and link it on her twt. and how earnestly she responds to all the engagement farming bot questions that platform sends out for activity. the only real questions she gets are from fellow anachans and self-sent shit like "Foid?"
bonus catholicism + no kissing on first date, only meeting online and moving in after a few dates is allowed kek

No. 1956396

holy shit anon, i witnessed a meltdown he had on bret's personal twitter account in the middle of the night one time. i had no clue what was going on until i read the replies and some of bret's followers that had witnessed previous meltdowns clued me in. the tweets are all gone now, but i think about it way too much lol. kinda feel bad for bret tbh

No. 1956548

just curious what you mean about Trey being a degenerate/ the ex wife thing

No. 1956586

File: 1705607137597.mp4 (12.62 MB, v15044gf0000cmg1lvvog65uapddlf…)

i dont know if shes milky enough for an entire thread but this girl drives me up a wall as does this entire sub genre of tiktok "teen mom tok" but this woman really just shouldnt have children
@_mariclaremaclamroc_ on tiktok, 18 year old mom with a 2 year old dating a worthless 21 year old scrote that she regularly films videos of herself cooking for while he lays in bed until 2 pm whos only job is "investing" and being a full time twitch streamer to a whopping 1.6k followers
mariclare's most popular videos are her "cooking" for her toddler and by cooking i mean reheating frozen food or microwave meals, i don't think ive seen her daughter eat a fruit or vegetable beyond frozen broccoli and some berries if shes lucky, comments are always up her ass defending her saying "shes young and on a budget, eating healthy is expensive" meanwhile she always has fresh hideous claws, shitty dye jobs and flexes lv bags and films herself buying tj maxx/marshalls hello kitty waste every other day. any suggestion that she teach herself to cook for her daughter or even to not continue ballooning in weight like she has since presumably moving out and not having parents to cook for her anymore is immediately shot down as "any food is better than no food good job mama!" she also claims to be anorexic despite being easily 200 pounds
most recently she got a kitten that will absolutely not be taken care of properly, i work as a daycare attendant for children around her daughters age so maybe im autistic for being so pissed off by this but it cannot be that hard for her to get off her fat ass and look up a tutorial for something even slightly nourishing. video related, not a single ingredient for actual food in sight and letting her kittens dirty paws all over her food

No. 1956599

nta but Trey Parker has a fairly open history of "dating" prostitutes and porn-actresses.

No. 1956627

File: 1705614921438.webp (Spoiler Image,154.62 KB, 760x1490, IMG_0112.webp)


I AM the anon, so I’ll go more into detail. So most of this is rumors, some of which I heard around here (Celebricows #69), but here you go.

Trey apparently had a huge midlife crisis at one point, filled with cocaine, orgies, and strippers. This is rumored to have caused his first marriage to socialite Emma Sugiyama to crumble. His second wife, Boogie Tillmon, was a stripper at a club he regularly frequented when they met (though I think he has denied meeting her there) and some think they had met when he was still married to Emma. Eventually they marry. Boogie stops being a dancer at some point, idk if it’s before or after the wedding. Depending on where you hear it, he may have been toxic and controlling, or she may have cheated on him. Either way, their marriage ends. He didn’t want to pay spousal support. But their relationship seems functional enough for them to co-parent often even after divorce, but this may also be social media curation. The episode “Tegridy Farms Halloween Special” had a subplot involving a mummy that some speculate is a metaphor for the breakup.

Honestly, Boogie is kinda milky herself tbh. Her instagram account is mostly family pics and stuff about South Park behind the scenes but apparently she’ll thirst trap on her stories and vent at the same time sometimes, kek. Idk if this about Trey or not, people were wondering.

Unrelated to this all, Matt and Trey have some history working in pornography, around the time of Orgazmo.



No. 1956633

File: 1705615544224.jpeg (241.48 KB, 764x1524, IMG_0108.jpeg)

Samefag, but personally the post I find milkiest from her isn’t even her stories but this ancient post with this weird fucking caption, idk maybe it’s muh tism but I don’t get anyone would find this caption cute or funny it’s just weird and sad and creepy. Inb4 you ask, I didn’t dig thru her instagram to find this, it was on some dumb listicle I had read about her a few months back. I feel bad for the daughter, yeah I know she’s richer than any of us could hope to be, but so much of her life has been put out there by her mom on the Instagram account, and then her dad has her swear on TV for his show, she’s not allowed to be a normal kid without some camera or microphone on her.


No. 1956713

File: 1705628501855.jpeg (536.47 KB, 1170x978, IMG_5337.jpeg)

I do too, it seems like he just wanted a fling with him but Todd did whatever it is BPD moids do and now Bret just lets him do whatever will keep him out of his hair. It seems like he’s too complacent and self-loathing to actually do anything about the situation and from what I could glean his political rants (which were cringey but still) stopped because Todd’s pandemic-induced psychosis was so unmanageable that now the only things allowed on the TVs in their house are video games and cooking shows
Right now he’s very clumsily trying to run for president and thinks getting the support of troon youtubers will help him at all. It would be funny if it weren’t 100% genuine

No. 1956904

i don’t care if she is cringe i fucking love her. i love husbandofags living out their dreams. i hope she gets more subtle cameos in south park

No. 1956997

File: 1705697538569.jpeg (316.12 KB, 1027x871, IMG_0138.jpeg)

>i hope she gets more subtle cameos in south park
Has she gotten one already? If so, where? I’d love to know about it!
Also between her, the twitter hater/liar, and the talk on boogie and trey’s marriage, this has kind of accidentally become a South Park themed thread at this point kek.

No. 1957008

File: 1705699963168.png (2.26 MB, 893x2239, image (4).png)

>"nonbinary" but also "trans man"
Idk why Twitter thinks I want to see her kindergarten level art and general idiocy on my feed

No. 1957012

No offense but these people are literally dime a dozen. Not really milky unless she's actually doing something

No. 1957013

>randoseru on the back

No. 1957077

Randy-chan is my favorite husbando fag and she did nothing to deserve this. Moids suck.

No. 1957086

File: 1705713063620.jpeg (803.56 KB, 1242x1629, IMG_7718.jpeg)

I’ve always wanted to post her on the detrans thread but felt like she was never milky enough.
Just another run of the mill ED e girl who likes a lot of attention. Her twitter drama is super fun since she’s always the victims and contradicts herself a ton. I found out about her because she posted a tiktok how women will never be her friend since women are all bitches for everyone in the comments to call her a weird pick me who probably just isn’t a girls girl and they we’re all right

No. 1957586

Thinking about posting a moid in this thread who’s active in a discord server I’m in. He’s been overdramatic as fuck in there, and I know he has an established online presence outside of it, but I do not have the fucking willpower to watch any of his shitty vtuber twitch streams. Should I talk about him or no?

No. 1957595

Eh, nvm. He’s really not that milky.

No. 1957676

ooh im late but glad to see Mina posted here. she didn't irk me until she got with her creepy fugly boyfriend which also coincidentally is when she got into lip filler, started posting uncomfortable PDA and recently mentioned (and flashed) a suction dildo… in a video about her and her animals' morning routines. I think he or they both are exhibitionist freaks and it's creepy. she was really cute and charming before this tho that's not to mention the irresponsible dumb af decision to get that bull calf & then a dog

No. 1957724

File: 1705842158064.png (12.7 MB, 3069x3617, Ottoborg.png)

I've been casually following usagii93 (Ottoborg) for about a year now. She's a 30-year-old woman on Twitter known for creating yumejo content (if I'm using the term correctly). Most notably she ships herself with Earthworm Jim but this doesn’t seem to be as prominent especially what with her recent marriage.

She is obsessed with the movie Who framed Roger Rabbit and at some point, got in contact with the man who voices Roger Rabbit, Charles Fleischer. He has a net worth of $4 million. Long story short they got married, and according to her neither of their families are supportive of the relationship but recently it seems to be getting better as she bonds with Fleischer’s family. Picrel are a paparazzi photo of them( sorry for making you look at such an old and decrepit moid also she has mentioned drinking his piss so that’s fun)

Anyway that’s the most milky thing to come out of her, other than the Monkey Wrench drama which isn’t as interesting so I’ll summarize it: she shipped her OC with a weird looking alien man from the show (I think the main character) and Zeurel’s wife (Zeurel is the creator of Monkey Wrench) didn’t like that Ottoborg drew NSFW of her OC and the alien man but Zeurel’s wife also shipped her OC with the alien man so it was clearly out of jealousy. Said wife got Zeurel to disavow Ottoborg too. I fail to find remnants of this drama but I attached a picture/post that references it.

IDK just think she is interesting. If anyone is familiar with this person I'm curious on her antics from before I started to follow her.

No. 1957725

This could be our new Koopa guy….im intrigued

No. 1957726

I’m just going to say it. Do you think Charles does the Roger rabbit voice during sex?

No. 1957733

File: 1705844581626.png (853.2 KB, 1158x1155, Ottoborg2.png)

Collected some more posts from twitter, also it seems I gave false information they are not married yet.

No. 1957751

Wow can’t imagine why his family doesn’t like her, she sounds totally respectable and not like an unhinged groupie at all

No. 1957757

File: 1705847438145.jpeg (760.92 KB, 1125x1180, IMG_0909.jpeg)

This shit is crazy for real.

No. 1957764

nonna you made my day, i had to check her profile, nothing could have prepared me for r34 of the fucking Space Goofs. she does come across as a deranged groupie, not your standard cringe-likeable autist yumejo

No. 1957852

Oh 100% without a doubt

No. 1957888

How do you look like that and then obsessively want to fuck ugly cartoon characters made for children?

No. 1957922

lmfao men live in easy mode, they can do goofy retarded voiced 30 years ago and then land a hot, but retarded, groupie that drinks their piss.

No. 1957923

File: 1705871710771.png (340.59 KB, 1125x2436, IMG_0927.png)

I wonder if she broke up Charlie’s marriage? It says he’s still married on Wikipedia. One of the screen caps has monkeywrench’s wife blocking her.

No. 1958052

cassie / thrift thick. video is old but she’s pretty much the same. she accused her followers of being bitter and jealous about her being in a happy relationship with a greasy secretive moid. before she started dating him, she complained about being single all the time and always posted very in-depth videos of her tinder and bumble dates in her ugly shirts and underwear. she gets attached very easily and freaked out most of the guys she’s gone on dates with. she apparently pushed away almost all of her friends. she doesn’t take criticism well at all and there’s a small group of her followers that just enable her stupidity. idk saged cause im high and i don’t really have much to say other than she’s annoying and her moid is fuck ugly

No. 1958092

File: 1705890721463.jpeg (25.14 KB, 257x400, 5BA91F2D-040F-410A-AE4B-02C2F2…)

Idk if this is obvious to some people I just noticed that her hair is colored/styled like Jessica Rabbit’s, and it looks like her eyebrows aren’t the same color so it obviously isn’t natural. You think she did that on purpose? Even the makeup is kinda similar. Charles’ family must think shes weird as fuck for this.

No. 1958134

no shit she’s a self insert BPD cow

No. 1958182

Ottoborg poster here. Yeah she calls herself Jessica Rabbit IRL and has spoken several times about getting a boob job.(learn2sage)

No. 1958304

I don't get why no one has publicly called her out for this on other platforms. I came into contact with this cow directly a long time ago and she always gave me a really off feeling. Considering there is proof here and probably more if the victims would speak out on social media, she should be de-platformed and kept off social media.

No. 1958310

so she's kinda like heather sparkles basically. kek

No. 1958331

File: 1705966680103.png (99.87 KB, 1178x444, Screenshot 2024-01-22 at 6.38.…)

Was also wondering that after looking up his Wiki page and then I saw this. I have a hard time believing anything in this tweet though, reads like some irl fanfic

No. 1958338

it's crazy that this extreme fan girl of an 80s cartoon character managed to not only get the actor to notice her but to marry her. if it weren't for the fact he were already married I would honestly respect it, strange as it is, just for the sheer determination. she knew she wanted roger rabbit's voice in her life and in her bed and she went out and got it

No. 1958339

File: 1705967438586.jpg (192.26 KB, 847x1390, charles-fleischer-funny-people…)

This his (ex?) wife.

No. 1958363

File: 1705972510101.jpeg (1.43 MB, 3183x3464, 8602EB93-C03C-41C9-93C3-1CB164…)

There is this guy that spams the r/ugly subreddit with a bunch of schizo posts. I only found out about this today but regular posters say he spams the subreddit a lot with the same posts. He usually posts on there at least 6 times a day.

No. 1958396

cassie is so fucking gross, she's hard for me to keep up with because i just hate looking at her and hearing her talk. she is simply repulsive. and that was BEFORE dan showed up. i basically need a barf bag nearby if i wanna watch them together. she reminds me of a toad except toads can actually be cute.

No. 1958460

File: 1705999018728.jpg (267.83 KB, 1080x1227, 1000027209.jpg)

possibly low hanging fruit and admittedly not much milk here but fuck if these infants aren't annoying. no clue if this is a tranny male or nlog teen girl but the former wouldn't surprise me with this "tongue in cheek racismincelrapist references ok hehe but no evil terven". that and the sex swapped Ted k pfp

No. 1958513

gotta be an edgy teenage girl. the mention of limiting time on lolcow doesn't seem like something a man would write. I mean there are men on here for sure, but lolcow is associated with women while men prefer kiwifarms

No. 1959019

File: 1706137233729.jpeg (2.15 MB, 3464x3464, screen.JPEG)

This autism mom account on TikTok is a personal cow of mine. I can’t help but feel bad for her daughter, I hope she doesn’t see these videos when she’s older.

>Weird obsession with wanting her daughter to continue her “teen mom” legacy as she puts this in almost every caption relating to her.

>Despite taking care of an autistic child she engages in weird conspiracy theories about autism.

>When engagement is low on her page she almost always uploads a video “mourning” that her daughter isn’t normal.

>Makes really rude “jokes” about her daughter

No. 1959038

>it hurt she broke the cycle in such a cemented way
Why is she blaming her daughter for something she had no control over? She sounds like she actually wanted her teen daughter to get pregnant, what about instilling some morals hmm?

No. 1959046

File: 1706140782340.jpg (512.52 KB, 618x1200, screen2.jpg)

Worst thing is that the girl is only 13. Not only does she post these odd videos but she also constantly humiliates her daughter by shoving a camera in her face when she’s struggling with getting her words out. Also makes videos mocking her.

No. 1959076

Is her kid even autistic? Or is that just a convenient excuse to hate her? Some people can't handle it when their kid becomes a human with its own personality and think its mental illness if they aren't mommys clone

No. 1959082

"Danny Stranger", a former Walmart employee who had a million-view video working at Walmart has since become unemployed due to constant fighting with management, divorced due to raping his sleeping wife, and living in a camper van doing a series of increasingly deranged livestreams. Recently arrested for going on a Sovereign Citizen meltdown, he's apparently due for a small prison sentence for stalking and online threats.

He's become aware people are watching his content due to his constant meltdowns, so he'll stream and then instantly pull them, but if you can him live you can still get downloads. Sunday night, he went on a drunken tirade about why his wife should take him back.

He's really just run of the mill white trash, nothing particularly special about him, other than the amount of personal information he volunteers at any given opportunity. But this live-action Gummo shit amuses me to no end.


No. 1959092

the thing about her daughter ripping the leaves off her depression plants is kind of funny and a fair humor vent to make tbh i'll give her that one. not the poor girls fault but kind of ironic accidental kick-when-you're-down thing to happen that's probably healthiest to just look back on and have a laugh. everything else is so psycho tho like the idea of being disappointed your daughter won't be another teen mom and proud of that cycle in any way. what a loser . i feel bad for the girl. mom feels misogynistic tbh

No. 1959103

Stupid ugly whore,she should have been never allowed to breed in the first place.(alogging)

No. 1959157

This makes me sad..I mean caring for a autistic child is rough but all her vents feel very…cruel cosplaying your child to make fun of it and saying those things about your own child is very weird and narcissistic I mean no wonder if she was a teen mom I really hope her daughter never finds her unhinged mothers tiktoks about her,people like her shouldn't have kids at all

No. 1959282

This is so fucked up and heartbreaking, imagine your own mother posting videos mourning that you aren't normal for thousands of people to see. Poor girl, I hope she's high functioning enough to go no-contact with this witch when she's older or at least has other family who would be willing to take her in.

No. 1959915

File: 1706326068167.jpg (199.56 KB, 2340x2340, 1000010528.jpg)

>a degenerate coomer troon on deviantart
>also goes by mamaraikou on furaffinity and writingraikou on tumblr
>33 years old and yet acts like a porn addicted high schooler and still lives with relatives
>writes extremely degenerate fetish shit
>claims disability for the reason why he doesn't have a real job
>not disabled enough to write explicit porn for degens kek
>several of his works feature loli/shota content, so likely a pedophile
>is extremely belligerent and hostile to anyone saying anything bad about him or his degenerate works
>is friends with numerous other degens, the nsfw deviantart community is a fucking goldmine of potential lolcows
>has been known to ebeg since he's a worthless to society troon
>knowing these types, is likely thousands upon thousands of dollars in debt and blows patreon money on coomer figurines
>no longer writes actively, now is trying to be a vtuber kek
>twitter is full of lolishit
>to put things short, a porn addicted parasite

No. 1959945

>mom making mocking videos imitating her severely autistic daughter

fucks sake, people will do anything for attention on the internet. this is horrible.

No. 1959957

have no idea who this is, but I could tell this was a troon from the pfp picture alone.

No. 1960211

File: 1706419968553.png (414.52 KB, 1136x445, doll.png)

It's been a while since I've last checked on my personal cow, the one who would inject fat activism into anything she did to the point it must have been something special. But I forgot to mention that one of the hobbies she suddenly picked up after I blocked her was doll customizing, because I had mentioned interest in it before. I'm ashamed to say I checked her doll blog and I kind of like the dolls. In a misshapen way. But also just the weird inclusion of HAES rhetoric in everything again.

No. 1962812

File: 1707134391036.mp4 (1.24 MB, 720x1280, tokitaffy - 175433068478348528…)

Only just learned of this incredible autistic Randy-chan, and thought I'd share the video she just posted.

No. 1963448

Holy fuck nonna, I know this post is almost a month old but thank you for my new favorite cow. Im fascinated by everything about this.

No. 1963460

File: 1707320024319.jpeg (25.96 KB, 219x132, IMG_2743.jpeg)

Samefag but I did some digging and this is the same girl that was dating Don Rosa, also known for this post where Justin Roiland tried to get her to fuck Alex Hirsch lmfao

No. 1963577

File: 1707342529326.png (651.39 KB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20240207-164912.png)

No. 1963586

File: 1707345746036.png (1.28 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_8055.png)

this is my favorite cow. I’ve known her irl for years. She used to be a fakeboi with her fakeboi girlfriend but grew out of it once she started talking to Tearzah and was “kin” with Ash. She also used to go outside on all four of her hands and crawl around while eating grass and mooing.

Now she pretends she’s actually Cherry Bomb and constantly suckles on Viziepops utters, trying to insert herself in whatever way she can.

Her fakeboi gf always feels left out and posts on her fb how how upset she is that her “partner” leaves her out because she has the personality of a dried, burnt piece of toast. She is also always complaining how broke they are yet they take very extravagant vacations to NY, Disney and Las Vegas.

No. 1963588

File: 1707346324648.jpg (89.71 KB, 450x656, pp3.jpg)

a lolcow I came across on twitter that goes by @Do_you_pine on twitter
>Dumb onlyfans whore that went viral for allegedly abusing a dog she was grooming
>Is probably in some weird hoe cult since all she follows is other onlyfans thots
>Her only defense against the animal abuse accusations was that she was vegan lol.
>Is fat and looks like grimace from McDonald's despite claiming to be a vegan who works out.
Here's the Article about her being cancelled on tiktok.

No. 1963593

Jeez her fingers are fat and mannish lol

No. 1963610

I wanted to post this here, but couldn't find the thread. I want to vent about a personal horrorcow. I'm tired of being the only one to know about this shit.
>found out about the "pediverse" community on mastodon
>checked it out out of morbid curiosity
>tons of trannies/men, but also one female user who self-identifies as a MAP, hybristophile, pedosadist, zoosadist, etc
>used to hang out on twitter (nsfwtwt and others)
>left twitter after spamming gore of animals being stepped on/crushed to her friends
>used to self-identify as a "femcel", but stopped because CC and LC are full of transphobes (kek)
>identifies as "transage" 6 year old, made tons of posts crying about not being attractive enough for pedophiles as a child
>posted shout-outs to zoosadists mentioned on kiwi farms
>justified zoosadism by saying "animals can have kinks too, and some humans are such attentive, caring owners that they can clue into that, so it's not unethical" and said she hoped a man jailed for raping at least one child and brutally raping/killing/torturing multiple puppies, kittens, etc is safe and happy
>posted SFW pictures of various "child models" and idolized them, complained about how hard it is to find CP on the clearnet, etc
I didn't take screenshots when I should've, as a lot of what I saw ranged from sick to just pathetic. The community I saw her on got deleted, so I don't know where she or the rest of them are now. She's mentioned being afraid she'll end up exposed on lolcow or KF, so there's a chance she'll see this, but I don't really care. I hope people she knows IRL find out and ruin her life.(needs links for cow potential. read the OP)

No. 1963668

>wants to molest and rape little kids and animals
>”oh noooes, not le evil t-transphobes!”

They’re all like this.

No. 1963817

File: 1707404867692.jpg (420.43 KB, 1079x1452, Topkek.jpg)

This one retarded nonbinary bitch I know IRL
>believes she has autism, adhd, and ocd
>got the loser stoner sickness because she'd do over ten dabs a day
>got gonorrhea from sleeping with some homeless dude she was letting sleep in her place even though she doesn't pay any rent and she also lives with her best friend
>hasn't paid rent in a year because she can't keep a job down for more than a month
>makes 60 bucks per three hour camwhore sessions, lists her random useless shit on fb marketplace
>doesn't make nearly enough to pay her 500 per month rent but still cries about how she's doing everything she can to make rent it's just the cost of living that keeps her from paying!!
>is a retarded they/he/she nonbinary
>believes she's both a faggot and a dyke
>is 26 years old
>went to school to be a teacher's assistant but dropped out bc "they wouldn't respect her relationship with gender" and now she quits a new job every month, camwhores for tens of dollars, and lists her pandora charms online for a living instead
>slept with an engaged man whose fiancee was pregnant at the time
>used to believe she had DID and charlie from it's always sunny was an alter
>believes that people are insanely jealous of her 24/7
>tried to pull some ~dark triad stacy~ manipulation by confessing her attraction to a mutual friend who was fighting with her boyfriend because said boyfriend "stole" the cow's potential threesome unicorn from her before he dated the mutual friend dated
>tldr; cow tried to steal the guy's girlfriend because the dude had flirted and slept with a previous girl the cow and her bf at the time were planning on fucking together
>her dark triad stacy moves did not work
>has munchie behaviors and has stated she will not live past 34 due to some ~mysterious illness~ that is probably the life statistics for bpd/autistic adults because she's retarded and dramatic
>gets bpd meltdown upset when guys pay more attention to her fat friend than her ~dainty~ ~barely legal 26 year old adult self~
>has art commissions open, art is literally picrel
>only started camming because one of her retarded nonbinary friends who stole and is now engaged to her highschool boyfriend has an onlyfans and she can't handle not getting attention
>snubbed a years long good friend to go to said friend's abusive ex's birthday party instead of friend's birthday party

No. 1963854

Mod, the OP just reads
>For discussion of people in your life (or people you've found online) that have lolcow potential.
And multiple posters ITT have just talked about personal cows from groupchats, real life or communities with no links or pictures. I'm not trying to make a thread (unless she pops up again or something lmao), I just wanted to talk about the disgusting bitch.

No. 1963921


Worshipping and revolving your life around some older man is sad af

No. 1964218

Are you talking about 9?

No. 1964412

inb4 the redtext under this post reads "(take it to meta)"

No. 1964523

File: 1707576251992.jpg (155.45 KB, 1080x1080, Screenshot_20240210_153901_Sam…)

Actual retard Julian Rieser. Has a youtube channel where he plays bus simulators everyday for several hours. Is active in several diaper forums and admitted to stealing used diapers out of the trash and jerking into them. Pisses and shits into used diapers. Shares a room with his brother and follows ddlg accounts on his private instagram with all his family on it. Uses real name and photos everywhere

No. 1964525

File: 1707576546238.jpg (202.34 KB, 1080x1217, Screenshot_20240210_155047_Ins…)

Girlfriend applications open

No. 1964529

File: 1707577122971.png (51.73 KB, 1298x310, julian4.PNG)

Julian admitting to steal used diapers, in German sorry

No. 1964835

File: 1707655476095.jpeg (478.01 KB, 1170x2013, IMG_2744.jpeg)

>much older daughter

No. 1965155

Has anyone seen the Willardson Family? They made me think of the Hartley Hooligans, mom had a normal son, then a daughter with a crazy rare birth defect so she’s in a wheelchair and nonverbal, then got pregnant despite contraceptives and knowing there’s a 25% chance of having another baby with the defect. Of course third baby, second daughter, also has the defect and is in a wheelchair. They’re currently trying to get pregnant a fourth time with IVF to avoid the defect but how can they afford four kids, two with high support needs for their entire lives likely? The comments are full of people confused.

No. 1965160

I mean they seem wealthy, so I'm not sure why people are confused about it.

No. 1965195

Rich people can suffer from horrible things too, like birth defects, stillbirth, etc. Just easier to screen for

No. 1965217

They can afford it with those two fat disability checks, donations, and these exploitation videos.

No. 1965440

File: 1707796490272.jpeg (745 KB, 1242x1532, IMG_3648.jpeg)

Zastrix going full fakeboi wasn’t on my 2024 bingo card, but here she is. I haven’t checked up on her in months, but man, she has gone completely batshit insane, more so than she already was

No. 1965443

>fat disability checks
are you kidding here? disability benefits for children are limited by parents’ income, and they max out at $750/month

No. 1965453

File: 1707800259622.jpeg (169.65 KB, 900x900, 695A8BE3-C9A3-4402-BB76-4BAA62…)

went to highschool with this girl. we were in the same hobby club so although we barely interacted we’d sit at the same desk areas and had many mutual friends. i’ve never watched her content long form (i hear it’s corny and she’s a simmer so she’s aiming for the thirteen year old audience) but i can report back that she is fairly milquetoast, incredibly reserved. one silly thing: her voice was much higher in person. i assume it was discomfort speaking to a group setting. imagine my surprise when she pops out as huge lib streamer a couple years after graduation kek

No. 1965455

I like Kayla, but it's clear she's letting her anxiety take over her life. She's banned people on stream after saying she was too anxious to check her mail for a week and they tried to give her advice. Idk how someone that highly strung can be okay in the spotlight. Did she keep in touch with anyone after leaving high school?

No. 1965459

Fucking kek what a loser. I despise her. She definitely reminds the teacher the class had homework due.

No. 1965476

mark zuckerberg lookin’ ass

No. 1965486

none of this is cowish?

No. 1965494

kek this has the potential of a milky cow

No. 1965507

While it's interesting that you know her, like >>1965486 said, none of this is cowish and lilsimsie doesn't really produce any milk. I've been following the sims community drama for years and the most controversial thing she ever will do is criticize a bad build from EA. Like you said, she's bland as fuck.

No. 1965513

>take it until my voice drops
bet the doc knows all about her plan and i'm sure the effects of testosterone will work out totally conveniently for her. it's totally going to go in the order she'd like and cannot possibly start off with balding and other nasty effects kek

No. 1965697

according to the tifs on reddit the clit gets fucked up and massive almost immediately

No. 1965792

I know her, I like her. You better come up with something good, or I'm going to dismiss you as a retard.(sage your shit)

No. 1966018

You must be Susan kek
Kayla has been a sims youtuber since she was in highschool and made it her career. She started it because she was so badly bullied and outcast in school, and still graduated as well as making time for regular uploads which isn't easy. I'm so lost right now. So she's a cow because…? You're jealous? Because she's anxious? Make it make sense i beg

No. 1966857

not really. even if you take more than you should and ramp up the dose without consulting a doctor, it takes longer than 6 months to get hard to live with

No. 1966860

File: 1708145003872.png (1.17 MB, 1564x1060, hell_naw.png)

a delusional troon i know is selling this shit on the side. all photos are like this, and that is canadian dollars. he has a youtube channel with a whopping 39 subscribers, which i suppose is what justifies these prices. he goes by a retarded name and female pronouns despite looking like a soyjack with B cup tits. if one more person gives me the look over not calling him a she irl, i will fucking shit myself.

No. 1967009

i don't understand what this is a picture of. it looks like one of those AI generated nonsense images. can you show more of his "work"? i want to hate on this but i need to understand wtf it is first kek

No. 1967026

File: 1708192467110.jpg (1.44 MB, 1250x1453, 64image.jpg)

nonna, when i said all images looks like this, yeah, i meant that. they're all blury, under poor lighting, and no dimensions provided. i guess these are glow-in-the-dark polymer clay sculptures?

for bonus, here are some pages from his sonichu tier comic with a bootleg jack skellington in a wifebeater as the antagonist.

No. 1967050

this moid learned about modern art being a money laundering scheme and decided to go all in on selling trash he finds around his room for some millions. absolute retard

No. 1967114

Oof, this characterisation explains her dodgy marriage. Reading and posting on lolcow is not going to help her in the long run.

No. 1968017

File: 1708449639113.png (2.33 MB, 1211x2071, mc-neverbuyingclothesonlineaga…)

Madelene Reinemo Stavne (Desire_Puppet)

came across her and got grossed out when I found out
>sells her used clothes in semi-nude photoshoots on tise and labels them as never worn, including lingerie

You can see her tattoos match in the listings of some dresses with the ones from fetlife, and you can see one of her first sales is a lingerie set she wore.

Tise https://tise.com/_madelene_
Fetlife https://fetlife.com/users/10586120
Instagram instagram.com/madelene.rs
link to article where she's too poor to buy groceries https://www.nettavisen.no/okonomi/kiwi-okte-priser-med-opp-til-124-prosent-folk-blir-sure/s/5-95-884358

No. 1968018

samefag but all the underwear she sells as not used is worn on her fetlife profile

No. 1968498

File: 1708557450560.png (Spoiler Image,500.06 KB, 603x971, image_2024-02-21_161955991.png)

I met this person a while ago, we became friends through a friend seeking friend post for Vtubers
we would hang out and talk in voice coms and play video games together with her friends and her boyfriend
everything seemed normal at first and then she started to act weird over the course of two weeks, she had changed her username and profile picture and social media aesthetic over seven times, to the point i was losing track of who this chick even was because i didn't recognize her profiles, she would also put things as her status such as "everyone leaves me anyways" and "nobody likes me."
She would constantly buy new Vtuber models and change her models over and over, wasting money and switching between 2d and 3d, extremely different designs every single time, claiming it was because of "OCD", not "identity instability" and she would also constantly change her graphics for her live stream. This wouldn't have been a big deal until she had started to ask me for items I'd purchased for myself off etsy for a previous live stream (i ignored her), and when she had acted like a child and begged me for a model talking in a baby voice over voice coms (i stupidly bought it for her) she looked at it once and then didn't use it. My own theme/aesthetic for over a year had been celestial/stars and glitter all my graphics were from scratch, with a purple gradient and pink color scheme for my live streams and same with my own Vtuber model I made from scratch- so it meant a lot to me. The straw that broke the camels back was when she decided that she wanted to "copy" the color scheme and design concept I used for my own social media, live show page, theme for theme. Noticed she was literally acting like a creepy mimic. Before I'd picked up on the creepy shit, I reached out to her and asked her why she was doing this (i suspected she had borderline personality disorder) and brought it up, recommended therapy and some other helpful stuff. Asked her kindly to stop changing her socials/names/pfps ect. because me, and people interested in her art coms couldn't find her anymore when they were interested in commission work from her, and would directly msg me to try to get to her so i'd have to track down her shit over and over just so she could earn $$ from her own art. (imagine trying to be a good friend to a bpdfag) She of course, refused to work on herself or get help and deflected that she probably had identity instability and should seek help because her behavior was disturbing and abnormal. I reached out to a mutual friend/complained the them about her behavior and they snitched, creating a shit show- where she claimed if I had of just talked to her about things we wouldn't have had to stop being friends, when trying to reason with and explain why she should probably stop didnt work before.
When we would collaborate together doing live talk shows, she would act innocent and tell viewers not to sexualize her, make comments about her boobs even though she flaunted/made them bigger/had them out purposely, and would literally make her own jokes about her boobs but then claim that she didn't like the sexual attention. I was an open book and was fine with horny jokes and didn't mind adult language, mind you both of us are +18 so it made things awkward for me because she was acting immature. I would talk about my experience as an ex-adult content creator and how it's lucrative but the industry is destructive to body image and self esteem and that I don't recommend it to her and viewers of the show we'd do as a cautionary tale. Shortly after I blocked her she went 180, and started an Onlyfans and posted nudes on her social media and claimed she was going to change her username again for "privacy reasons". If you look through her media, you can see how many persona's she's changed through over time and yikes.

No. 1968506

jesus christ nonny, really unlucky having to deal with that trainwreck

No. 1969370

File: 1708730425618.png (Spoiler Image,153.88 KB, 589x553, 123.PNG)

Her handle is @/nepulamoon and twitch is https://www.twitch.tv/chu_ube
This girl also copied Twitch stream panels word for word after changing her twitter handle too and made posts addressing the situation without apologizing to the person she was copying.

Here is a thread documenting the situation:

No. 1969381

File: 1708732356213.jpeg (536.35 KB, 828x953, IMG_5744.jpeg)

Why the fuck would she post this lmao

No. 1969388

What the actual fucking fuck?????

No. 1969391

File: 1708734054963.jpeg (694.3 KB, 828x1354, IMG_0453.jpeg)

Oh my god she looks so much worse than before and that says a lot. Did she get her bolt-ons removed?

No. 1969419

File: 1708738401459.jpeg (Spoiler Image,183.06 KB, 720x1600, IMG_2074.jpeg)

Someone has been shitting up my city’s FB group with their “art”, including portraits of famous women with sanitary pads in the middle of the canvas, women admiring each others blood-soaked pads and Chris-chan tire finger paintings of Asian women performing subservient work for white women. Picrel is a sample of their artistic genius. comment section is a flame war between angry Asian women saying their art is offensive, art students saying it’s simply the artist’s interpretation of reality, and locals watching on in complete confusion. Their profile is pretty sparse but I have a strong feeling this is a troon, no woman is this fascinated with a process their body goes through every month.

No. 1969423

>finger paintings of Asian women performing subservient work for white women
oh yeah that's definitely a troon with an Asian fetish, probably the kind that fantasizes about stealing pads from the napkin disposal if he hasn't already

No. 1969424

File: 1708739320252.jpg (4.24 MB, 4096x7277, Polish_20240224_094727746.jpg)

Dear lord, the number of times she's changed her avatar since this post. Thanks for the new cow kek

No. 1969459

File: 1708752011894.jpg (107.8 KB, 823x1024, 1000003844.jpg)

Has anyone ever mentioned a user who goes by catholicnun? Used to be very popular on Tumblr back in the early 2010s. I've been following her for years. I'll try to rehash her history as well as I can.
>Victoria Nguyen, about 25 years old, more famously known by catholicnun
>Was "Tumblr famous" during her high school years
>She lets her "friends" use her, letting them borrow large amounts of money/drugs/personal items/whatever, cries and tries to sick her followers on these people when they eventually ghost her without paying anything back
>Had a phase where she was having sex with literal random strange men everywhere she went
>Hops from relationship to relationship, always claiming to be madly in love only to get her heart broken 3 mo later
>One of her many, many exes got her addicted to heroin for a time (she's apparently clean now)
>Abuses LSD and other drugs to no end (literally went to her high school graduation on acid)
>Hasn't held a steady job in years, does OF and mooches money off her Dad so she can travel and buy drugs
>Currently a huge fan of bladee and drain gang, literally followed them across Europe for some tour
>Has more than a few rape allegations (one of them being with a teenage boy)
>Diagnosed with a host of mental illnesses, including but not limited to: BPD, PTSD, Bipolar

Currently all her socials besides Tumblr are deactivated/locked, likely because of the Twitter account that was created in Dec 2023 to publicly document her rape allegations.

Link to her Tumblr

Link to the call-out account


No. 1969484

A lot of pretentious ex-tumblr shitstirrers mention her like she's an ancient scribe from time to time. Had no idea about the rape accusations.

No. 1969573

I'd heard whispers of rape allegations in regards to her for years, but never could find anything concrete. I found the call-out account as I was writing that post, actually.

No. 1969589

She changed her ig to latenights777

No. 1969591

This cow honestly deserves her own thread

No. 1969595

File: 1708793063203.png (112.92 KB, 448x850, 340659005493.PNG)

>acts innocent, claiming to not understand the situation
>claims that she found kaomoji's to use but doesn't admit to copying word for word
>has made posts saying she's not "stalking" or lurking in the other persons streams and socials but somehow knows they made a Youtube video about the situation kek
>says she's "found her place in this world and won't be changing anything again"

Changed her pfp again, but she adores her current design guys. Just wait until she changes everything again lol.

No. 1969861

can you link the callout post? i tried googling and couldn’t find anything

No. 1969866

File: 1708871070725.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1170x1460, IMG_6754.jpeg)

i think i might make a thread on alexandra sabol. she’s a fat trashy ‘polyamorous’ woman who makes videos of her feeding her kids literal garbage for views. she’s blowing up a lot ATM

No. 1969878

you can post her in the poly thread?

No. 1969940

File: 1708895275717.png (Spoiler Image,1.07 MB, 1680x1050, 349069056490.png)

My god this is nutty.(samefagging)

No. 1969951

No. 1969953

Ohh yeah, I see her on the fat people hate threads on /fit/, giving her infant donuts while looking miserable and potentially mentally retarded. Is she doing it for controversy or legit just like that?

No. 1970011

I feel so bad for her children, the fact that she is in a polycule is the icing on those dry doughnuts she feeds her poor children.

No. 1970012

Hello everyone this is about me >>1944637
I was notified of this post today and I could start by listing all my issues and correct few things this lovely human specimen has described. However, I am not that person anymore and certain things don't matter to me, I have died last November, I was indeed into self harm, untreated depression/bpd with low self-esteem (I hate my freckles and dark eyes hence the filters but not catfishing) and into divination with a questionable taste in men.
That unfortunate episode actually brought my family closer and we all reconciled, I am taking antidepressants and doing therapy, daily exercises but I need to eat better despite being in great shape. I no longer partake in divination, I have abandoned all my decks, I do not hear the voices anymore and I converted back to Christianity. I pray every day and read the bible and I go to the church and I could say after everything that the end of 2023 put me through, I was reborn and alive first through the mercy of God, and then my family and friends when I was extremely ill. And my cat means the world to me, she did the surgery, I paid the treatment with the help of my friends and family whilst I was in the hospital too, got all the receipts if you want to see it.
I'm not coming back to this site or to the clover site but I hope it has given some clarification, any doubts, you know how to find me.(autism)

No. 1970071



>Changed her design 9 nines in 5 months

Damn I think I need more popcorn, this cow.(samefagging)

No. 1970080

you gotta find out more anon kek, this is too bizarre. it has to be a TIM

No. 1970129

i think she's doing it on purpose, there are a few videos where she gives her kid normal food or looks like a normal(ish) person but all her pinned videos are ones of her feeding the kid awful junkfood and looking simultaneously like she hates kids and like she's mentally out of it

No. 1970201

she looks like she hates having kids. it's definitely some degree of ragebait but there's still a kid being fed shit

No. 1970259

She just looks like a halfwit hillbilly feeding her kid the kind of garbage loads of retarded people do everyday. I don't even get the ragebait angle, she just seems incredibly dumb? Like I wouldn't be surprised if she is illiterate, but feeding your toddler donuts isn't really all that surprising.

No. 1970321

no it's like she >>1970129 says, the pinned stuff is all the worst meals. She probably doesn't have the best food sense but stuff like this isn't pinned, it's the worst meals that are. She even has videos replying to the hate about the doughnut video but keeps it pinned amongst the others. This could have started out of wanting to make money from simple videos, but it seems she's finding a niche of hate-watchers. Or at least reveling in it

No. 1970338

why did she just spray cleaning solution on the fruit?

No. 1970353

because her whole account is bait. you can tell that she doesn't really feed her kids that daily(sage)

No. 1970359

you're being way too generous. she definitely feeds this crap to her kids multiple times per week.
She doesn't appear to have a cutting board for starters and she absolutely does not have the dexterity to dice an onion. Guarantee the house eats takeout, snack cakes, and super processed crap 90% of the time.
Also, I was shocked to learn she's only 26. I thought she was in the late 30s to 40s tbh.

No. 1970369

File: 1709000565082.jpg (132.94 KB, 650x485, circus-tent-mashed-potatoes-sg…)

hopefully it was a fruit & veg wash. i like how she has to concentrate so hard to cut things up

No. 1970384

Tbh the "healthy" meals look too big and are stuffed with cheese anyways so she's probably giving them much higher calories than they should have on the regular. It's hard to expect a person as large as her to know child's portion control

No. 1970462

People will literally defend her by saying she puts blueberries sometimes as if that counters her young children eating over 50x their recommended sodium and sugar intake in just one meal.
Also she’s polyamorous and not one of them has a job. How is there going to be three people and still broke?

No. 1970466

She also gave her youngest a protein shake iirc, not that too much protein can damage the kidneys or liver of a toddler or anything.

No. 1970561

File: 1709061796169.jpg (319.98 KB, 1080x1191, 222332.jpg)

Meet ginger, one of my favorite local cows
>heroin addicted highschool drop out rapper turned lifestyle influencer
>evicted from apartment after failing to pay rent for 10 months
>slept with property manager to evade eviction
>started a grease fire in her unit because she never cleans her nasty ass apartment
>lied about being a cop who was on medical leave because she stubbed her toe, was actually a stripper
>got into a fight with three other strippers and stole one of their cars. posted the entire thing on Instagram
>often goes live on Instagram while doing heroin
>thinks she's friends with rihanna
>constantly complaining about not having money
>refuses to get a job
The best part is her YouTube that she constantly shills

No. 1970638

>How is there going to be three people and still broke?
At that point how is she not just the local whore passed around by men incapable of getting a real partner? If you're going to be polytrash at least have the multiple men paying for your kids and life.
And yeah, the sodium is seriously a concern with how much cheese and frozen trash she shoves at them. She buys and cleans fresh fruit for these videos but then also buys those sugary "fruit" pouches as well as if she's some busy mom who can't just mash up some microwaved frozen fruit or her kids were in school and need sealed pouches. The time it takes her to make those massive omelettes she could have batch made a whole pot of mashed fruits for later.
I have a particular sorrow for kids not allowed to develop and learn proper eating habits. It's so much harder to fix as an adult when your stomach is all stretched out and you've been taught that feeling bloated and overfull is being satiated. It's damn selfish for a parents to not bother putting the effort for their kids. Like, go ahead and eat whatever trash you want for yourself, but put some effort for them ffs. At the very least do not give them too much to eat and force them to finish it. And then this hog shows it off, pinning their worst meals to the world on her account like this is some big joke, "hur dur the hayders hate me cause I'm fat, let's give my 2 year old an extra pound of cheese today". Wouldn't even care that much if she wasn't obviously aware those meals are trash from the pinned ones.

No. 1970701

you have no idea what brands she's using, you're not taking note of what she using to make the food with.

if you spent effort doing anything but passing judgment on a lower SES woman who you're not any more enlightened than ny the looks of it you'd make your nasty comments more bearable.

make a careful rundown of the sodium content in this woman's kids' food and compare it against CDC guidelines.you'll find that unlike your unfunny hyperbole, she's feeding her kids a more or less the 'typical' amount of sodium (in America). That's the diplomatic take.

She fed her kids a protein shake, you say? but it's unknown which kid drank it or what was in the shake. Did they drink it all? There's a lot of hysterics here, which I fear is due to classicism.

She seems to have helped the kids form unhealthy-ish habits but they're not as bad as the schreechers online make them out to be.

for example, the older kid gets a whole can of spaghetti-O's, which is more than one serving but she obviously feeds them that many carbs b/c they see her eating more and demand more themselves, so it's not like this woman was trying to overfeed them from the get go. she has three kids under 5? who are probably very whiny.

a single can of pasta has 420 calories and 1520mg of sodium. not ideal for a little kid but I'm sure she can improve on that with encouragement.(learn2integrate, do not use incorrect space formatting when using lolcow)

No. 1970702

>At that point how is she not just the local whore passed around by men incapable of getting a real partner?

cant believe moids and pickmes flood this site, tbh. anyone who's dating you needs to 'find a real partner' tbh. unpleasant ass

No. 1970775

Kek @ u defending this hamplanet

No. 1970883

lolwtf(take it to /meta/)

No. 1970960

>There's a lot of hysterics here, which I fear is due to classicism.

lol please post more once your ban is over

No. 1971721

File: 1709392921103.jpg (509.25 KB, 1290x1034, IMG_5081.jpg)

My favorite personal schizo cow just discovered Cameo…

I posted about her previously in an older thread, she has in the past convinced herself she is in a relationship with an online streamer. She made a ton of new email, twitch, and twitter accounts to harass multiple women she thought were flirting with him and she also harassed his (now ex) wife sending her death threats while she was pregnant.

These things happened years ago yet it's all she posts about still: her toxic friends who abandoned her after realizing she was mentally unwell, and her "ex" and how much she's moved on (obviously).

She has now discovered Cameo…and I can't wait to see how her head twists her "relationships" with celebrities just because they're chatting with her. Can't wait to see what happens once they realize she's nuts and block her. Will she start making new accounts to harass them too?

No. 1971748

File: 1709403159534.png (28.82 KB, 1190x168, image.png)

my personal cow is the owner of a small dress up website, mostly infested with libfems and enbies/TIFs. he's a 45 year old man with multiple children regularly coming into the forums to screech about how the site culture doesnt align with his ideals, for example:
>pushes politics into everything, believes his dress up game is a democracy
>wants to ban players who dont dress according to his fetish (bimbos)
>regularly roleplays with himself on an alt account, pretending to wash his misstress' feet and massage her back
>antagonizes players when they disagree with him, has no reading comprehension
>believes politics align to a single axis, that being "right=freedom and conservativism, left=dictatorship and dressing goth"
>is mad people wont pay for his dress up roleplay site
i joined the site believing the political theme was meant as a tongue-in-cheek silly gimmick but the delusional owner is certainly something kek

No. 1971760

File: 1709405218251.png (2.64 MB, 1911x927, ximboland.PNG)

You left out the fact that the "small dress up website" is literally themed around a fetish (bimbos) kekk. Well godspeed to the enbies, I hope they annoy the hell out of that creepy old man.

No. 1971823

>>1971721 >>1899099 >>1900748

really nice to see you back here again okay let this people who's don't know anything see my screenshots on here

and i have too much to prove that you are still obssesed with me to be with nobody but only you

you reback here cus you wish to see more drama that are close with door now but wont happen

same story you post same shit that you never gonna change about it even though i left everything behind

my friends pay you too much to know hurt me and annoying with same shit story that was happen on 2014

you back here again and like you telling something new

like honestly you want everyone to be yours only ?(ban evading schizo)

No. 1971825


you guys check screenshot here

No. 1971828

File: 1709421687077.png (5.74 KB, 335x66, msedge_K7ysRqnU8j.png)


the guy he talking about he left his wife and daughter not cus of me

that guy was talk to women on tinder and other apps

No. 1971829

checkmate(unsaged shitpost)

No. 1971831

Kek, a bunch of people got banned because everyone thought that calling it "Ximboland" was retarded.
All of the mods are weird as fuck too, they harass anyone that tries to talk with others for longer than a few posts, they get mad if you create discord servers and join with alt accounts because they don't like it when you socialize outside the game, which means you're not allowed to have personal servers to talk about random shit nor servers that are for players of the game unless it's the official server, but it's only for mods so. Yeah.

No. 1971838

Imagine checking these threads obsessively until you get posted again just so you can sperg out about how you "left everything behind" kek

No. 1971845

she has been a cow of mine for years. she used to document her dating life before getting together with her current bf who leeches off of her and who seems way below her tbh. her decline has been going on for years and i’m curious as to where she’s going to end up.

No. 1971922

Omg I’ve never seen this but it looks kinda cute, I love dress up sites, is this one a pay for play thing?

No. 1972080

it's free to play(sage your shit)

No. 1972088

Ximboland's not bad it's free to play but offers a membership. The forums are pretty chill in most cases. It's more difficult to get good clothing than say Everskies

No. 1972108

>richard fromage
Dick cheese
Was the name actually changed or is this an offshoot of Bimboland or what?

No. 1972111

It use to be Bimboland but they changed the name to Ximboland.

No. 1972122

My scrote coworker went on a rant because he's still single.

He said that now every woman wants a guy to have a popular Tiktok account and a pickup truck. Watching scrotes get filtered by evolution while living life on easy mode is hilarious

No. 1972242

>heroin addicted highschool drop out rapper turned lifestyle influencer
That hit me like a brick.

No. 1972460

His voice is awful, jesus fucking christ.

No. 1972511

YWNB Piper Laurie in The Hustler

No. 1972666

File: 1709645551404.jpeg (Spoiler Image,229.85 KB, 1153x2048, 69E931D3-D858-4C66-AD5E-98C589…)

this woman posts the most unhinged shit I have ever seen and her main platform is facebook which is wild because I have seen people there be banned for much more mundane posts than this. her posts are littered with gross men commenting the cringiest comments and she laps it up like a stray animal.

No. 1972667

File: 1709645698824.jpeg (Spoiler Image,166.58 KB, 713x1152, 5F68F5D0-7CDA-42C9-BB78-7CB8A0…)

No. 1972952

File: 1709708037598.png (2.68 MB, 1536x2048, 1000011965.png)

Sarah Phelps/Splatterhorns/FloweryFuneral/Vampirendn

A few anons wanted a whole thread on this one but I don't think she's relevant enough for a thread. She does have a lot of milk potential though. Anyways, here's some info on her.
>Claiming to be a transwoman even though she was born female
>Claiming she's Jewish and Native American, going as far to poorly editing her skin to look darker. She's just white btw. Not even Jewish or anything.
>E begs and helps her troon partner e beg constantly
>Back to the native thing, her "tribes" will change constantly.
>Typical cow and claims to have every mental illness from autism to BPD to schizophrenia


No. 1972964

Touched a nerve huh, being poly in a relationship with TWO unemployed moids who do not take care of you or your children is the real pickme behavior. She’s so desperate for male attention she’ll let them leech of of her and give these grown ass men her time while neglecting her children’s needs and feed them overly processed slop. Vile behavior that could only be glossed over by an unpleasant pickme who saw someone going “ew polyamory” and got triggered.

No. 1972976

why though

No. 1973026

Because the owner thought it was ~inclusive~.

No. 1973027

File: 1709728822897.jpeg (94.3 KB, 640x847, IMG_0646.jpeg)

How hasn’t there been anything about this idiot. Particularly insane takes on Twitter, ridiculous hot bitch with political statements Instagram too. Has a fetish for trannies, picks them up on Grindr and constantly goes on about how unimaginable it is to date men.

No. 1973126

File: 1709748466102.jpg (1.45 MB, 1080x2087, 1000023214.jpg)

No comment needed.

No. 1973138

I feel I need more context.(sage your shit)

No. 1973142

File: 1709752131237.jpg (978.29 KB, 1080x1810, 1000023218.jpg)

He was a trainrider that fried his brains on meth and fent who then trooned out and now posts disturbing selfies and tranny memes.

No. 1973143

File: 1709752179267.jpg (663.43 KB, 1080x1766, 1000023220.jpg)

No. 1973144

FTRA: fenty troons running amok

No. 1973153

I guess the one merciful thing is that he won't live long.

No. 1973161

Lord have mercy on my soul. What is that thing?

No. 1973169

You have to wonder how the fuck he affords it because you know damn well he doesn't have insurance or a job

No. 1973175

File: 1709758009664.png (1.41 MB, 1536x2048, 1000012021.png)

Picrel is more proof of this cow not keeping a straight story about "muh indigenous heritage".

No. 1973194

File: 1709761868490.jpg (859.46 KB, 1080x1524, 1000023230.jpg)

Pay for it? Oh, no, no; of course not.
He's in Portland so he gets everything handed to him.

No. 1973196


No. 1973202

File: 1709764409134.jpg (506.56 KB, 1080x1843, 1000023231.jpg)

I'm saging; sorry for spamming. He is just such a specimen.

No. 1973204

He looks like he is rotting before our eyes.

No. 1973208

I don't want to compare this creature to a woman but he looks exactly what I think that mummified cult leader's body looked like when they found it

No. 1973231

File: 1709773411366.jpg (1.2 MB, 1080x2114, 1000023226.jpg)

He's my favorite personal cow, and I'm happy to share him with you. He is extremely mentally ill, so, please, do not interact.

No. 1973239

File: 1709774904266.jpg (859.97 KB, 1080x1901, 1000023235.jpg)

My moid got mad at me for reading his posts out loud to him.
Here's one more. Sorry.

No. 1973276

No one cares about your ugly porn watcher moid

No. 1973919

File: 1709924131856.jpeg (181.98 KB, 1398x1200, IMG_9563.jpeg)

My personal cow’s art is hilarious. She’s an ftm who draws herself like this. Sadly she stopped drawing so many self portraits because she’s extremely insecure.

No. 1974013

My irl friend is my personal lolcow.
She's a self-proclaimed anachan that is so brainrotted with starving herself that she cut everyone out of her life and tried to turn her only friend (me) into an anachan as well. I tried multiple times to get her into therapy but she keeps posting stupid tweets to her edtwt account with 1000k followers. I've completely given up on her at this point. She belongs right in the Pro-Ana Scumbags thread kek.

No. 1974031

nta but I'm fascinated by him.

No. 1974051

he scares the fuck out of me what a disgusting creature

No. 1974125

ayrt meant the
>My moid got mad at me for reading his posts out loud to him
part. she literally didn't have to mention her scrote

No. 1974134

kek he reminds me of rickety cricket

No. 1974443

C-Luke. He believes that everyone is watching him, that every car is driven by an agent, and that HD camera-equipped helicopters and jets are circling him. His streams are him pointing at cars he believes are pursuing him for hours on end while strolling around outside.


No. 1974679

File: 1710109351427.png (1.24 MB, 1440x2064, Screenshot_20240310-181758.png)

This weirdo is now claiming to communicate with Andrew Tate spiritually and he asked her to marry him. She's now graduated to a schizo-cow

No. 1974683

File: 1710109679359.png (326.58 KB, 1440x2349, Screenshot_20240310-155106.png)

It gets weirder

No. 1974684

File: 1710110184903.jpg (370.28 KB, 1080x1705, 1000012192.jpg)

She just moved her TiM significant other out of The Netherlands. So you can afford to immigrate but have all that debt? kek

No. 1975489

i distantly know this girl irl through university kek. she’s the first genderspecial enby i’ve ever seen (in non-english speaking country.)
>has pronouns They/She in bio (in english) even though our country’s language only has he/she
>really creepy cringy bdsm kink obsession i had to unfollow her because she would often post porn
>absolutely nonsense political ideology
>extreme libfem big on gender ideology, calls herself a lesbian even though she only has ever had boyfriends
>has weird admiration for fascism, is belorusian nationalist, wears red laces on boots because she “likes skinhead aesthetic”
>she’s also a zionist, admitted she doesn’t know anything about the history of the conflict but for her hamas = islam = rape and israel = feminism (i don’t defend hamas here, but it’s funny because…)
>she got a muslim boyfriend who was 10 years older than her
>they made a sex tape and posted it on her twitter a lot of our normie irls followed
>the muslim boyfriend learned what her lesbian flag meant and made her take it down
>they broke up because she thought he was queerphobic
>she said might be dropping out of uni soon because she wants to be film director

No. 1975491

File: 1710267117984.jpg (2.07 MB, 2450x3266, Picsart_24-03-12_18-05-02-205.…)

How she went from the left picture to the right ones is crazy to me, got a botched boobjob and bbl and wrote a song "dissing" the women that criticize her and said that their boyfriends are in her dms. Mind you the only criticism she gets from women is how her content has changed since she started onlyfans, while the men on her comments are calling her fat and "nerfed" ofc the men dont get a song nor any instagram rant because then who would subscribe to her onlyfans.

No. 1975875

File: 1710359100973.png (82.92 KB, 1080x355, 1000012429.png)

My personal cow is streaming right now but nothing too interesting happening.

No. 1975902

File: 1710364148564.png (354.8 KB, 1389x2727, Screenshot_20240313-141754.png)

What kind of drugs is she on like seriously?! This is giving Ricardo Lopez

No. 1976323

File: 1710464002014.jpg (496.95 KB, 1079x804, gawr gura.jpg)

4chan "egirls" are all lolcows to me, worst offender is this new one called Ika.
>20 years old
>still in highschool (allegedly)
>wants to be a vtuber idol
>abdl larp with her "mama"
>lies about everything
>uses toddler-speak to appeal to pedophile incels

No. 1976326

File: 1710464328100.jpg (457.37 KB, 1920x1080, image (1).jpg)

Her without filters

No. 1976328

File: 1710464539591.jpg (89.13 KB, 720x900, 1705085943180.jpg)

And her nasty ass room
She posts a lot on /r9k/ and an endchan board called /agatha2/ (warning: there is a child porn spammer on that board)

No. 1976431

File: 1710496430516.png (1.46 MB, 1534x1227, 1000012607.png)

nonnas am I schizo or does my cow possibly have FAS

No. 1976450

don't know where to post this, she's definitely /w/ material but there's no general weeb or k-weeb thread
>whole video is her unashamedly fantasizing about being an idol
>never mentions being a psychologically stunted 27 yo hamplanet with crazy teeth and orange eybrows as a reason she can't be an idol
>dating rumors between her and k-pop felix would not bother her at alllll
>she'd request to halve her work load and be "a nightmare for her management"
>she'd flirt with her female backup dancers
>she'd take photos with a fan even when her manager wants her to move along because how can you not ?
>carries a big knife around hand has already taken it out as a "statement" when people were annoying to her and would repeat this behavior as an idol
>"find me a management team !" "if you need group ideas, entertainment industry, call me !"
>"i'm the center because i need attention and i'm always the main character"

No. 1976454

She looks like FishTank Letty got beat with a baseball bat

No. 1976466

>cannabis-induced revelations

No. 1976472

File: 1710510811370.jpg (602.33 KB, 1079x1713, Screenshot_20240315_145527_Ope…)

free them

No. 1976477

I was not prepared for the first 30 seconds kek

No. 1976547

Surprisingly, I enjoyed that as a general video. I'm not a weeb and don't understand any of the topics she mentioned but I love her loud energy and goblin cackling after she says anything remotely "goofy". Im going to sub kek.

No. 1976562

File: 1710529095265.png (73.44 KB, 538x671, for palestine.png)


I clicked through a few of her videos and this is basically every video description. Her most recent Sims 'episode' starts with her talking about Aaron Bushnell (set himself on fire in front of the Israeli embassy in February). The politics and the kawaii are such a stark contrast it's almost funny, but I guess I can respect what she's trying to do.

No. 1976563

>posts feet pics on /soc/
>lied about not having a boyfriend

No. 1976565

File: 1710530348441.png (169.05 KB, 1194x394, Screen Shot 2024-03-16 at 00.5…)


No. 1976569

File: 1710530739798.png (285.98 KB, 3736x485, 1708082297875449.png)

No. 1976570

File: 1710531059252.jpg (643.92 KB, 1080x1836, 1000012626.jpg)

Oh I can definitely see that. Also, what's it they say about throwing stones from glass houses? Before I even read the caption I just thought it was a selfie of her.

No. 1976594

cafebeef is a femboy lolcow. He paid 50k for that dehydrated cillian murphy face btw

No. 1976602

File: 1710535663701.jpg (207.41 KB, 1080x914, 1000011870.jpg)

And miss Sarah Jane here was just fucked over by genetics. Guess that's why she overuses filters and over edits. See >>1976431

She looks like a deformed version of her mother.

No. 1976797

I’ve been following Apollostone1776_ for a few months now and I’m yet to see anything of substance about him on here. He’s ur average onlyfans moid (extremely narcissistic) and he’s known to lure in freshly turned 18 year old girls to live in his house and make ‘content’, although these girls are only paid in shopping trips where he buys them retarded toys and childrens clothes to further appeal to their clients. He’s currently in a mental spiral due to his onlyfans being mass reported and banned, so you can find him on his various platforms buying followers and recycling year old content in a weak attempt to show how unbothered he is by his “sad cat-loving haters”.. kek

One of the girls who he once worked with managed to escape the situation and made a short series detailing her experiences.

No. 1976827

File: 1710599547923.png (847.53 KB, 847x474, wtf.png)

the big purse knife made me subscribe

No. 1976999

File: 1710635584449.png (1.57 MB, 1079x1439, 1000012719.png)

African queen

No. 1977400

File: 1710753094320.jpeg (495.41 KB, 1800x1800, IMG_2208.jpeg)

my personal cow is this zoomer who came into a grief server i'm in

victim culture has gone too far
also points for it/its pronouns in her bio

No. 1977401

>im going into vagal nerve shutdown(samefagging)

No. 1977403

Kek this is actually so funny, I've re read the conversation 3x(samefagging)

No. 1977458

this is so funny omg if you have any more please post

No. 1977460

Update: I got banned from the server

No. 1977499

you got banned? humanity is doomed

No. 1977512

There's a possibility she's just doing this for clout because here's a video of her sperging out a Muslim YouTuber for not promoting her channel

No. 1977530

While that person is cringy our behavior is definitely in the wrong too, in the context you have given us. I don't think a place for grief is the place to reply like you are shitposting on lolcow. That person seems very underage and mentally ill, it would have been better to ignore her. And the samefagging revealed the cow to be you all along lol.

No. 1977536

nyart but oh my god, can we stop coddling obnoxious behavior as 'oh, they might be mentally ill!'

No. 1977636

that and also falling for obvious bait

No. 1977789

File: 1710818569591.jpg (800.87 KB, 1080x2340, 1000005101.jpg)

No because she is so milky…she's been on one for the past few days and the attention seeking behavior is off the charts…

No. 1977803

I know this is a month old but I remember watching a video of hers way back in 2016 to see her review for a makeup product I was considering buying. A few weeks later I went on guru gossiper (…kek) and saw she had a ton of threads which was so confusing to me because she just seems so bland and boring, like a coworker you tolerate or something. I’ve been meaning to find out what’s so milky about her since then and just never got around to it, but this has reinvigorated me to

No. 1977842

At first I thought it had to be a troll or bait, but she's actually stuck around and seems to genuinely believe what she was saying earlier.

No. 1977844

Whatever you say, nonnie

No. 1977847

File: 1710838498655.jpeg (502.44 KB, 828x1514, IMG_2217.jpeg)


No. 1977961

No. 1977981

cell waters is a 37 year old, disabled adult with schizoaffective who lives in his parent's garage. he uploads an insane amount of videos about his life, delusions, being an incel, etc. he's currently in crisis because he hasn't been taking his psych meds, and his parents are trying to force him to take them. I've been watching him on youtube for a couple weeks and he seemed mostly harmless until today when he admitted to messing with his family dog, a golden retriever, as a teenager.

No. 1977983

what a fucking retard. is she like 14?

No. 1978013

File: 1710874188422.jpeg (898.9 KB, 1170x1486, IMG_1241.jpeg)

Holy crap. A part of me hopes this is a weird delusion but something tells me it’s not. Going to watch more of his vids but there’s so many of them. He seems to have some including his parents (?). Here’s some of his art he posted at the same time as I was looking at his channel

No. 1978079

Update: she changed her instagram to Melungeonbratz because now she's claiming to be African too

No. 1978104

Kek i'd love a thread on her.

No. 1978125

She has a lot of milk potential but she's not relatively well known which is why I've been unsure on making a whole thread.

No. 1978236

Says she's 20 and she joins Discord in 2017 so almost certainly not underage.

No. 1978237

Cows don't have to be well known they just have to be milky… you write up why she's milky and then post some of her milk in the thread to gain traction and attention.

No. 1978244

what did he mean by this

No. 1978307

Andrew (cell waters) does comedy skits on his channel and has different characters he plays, one of which was called "Mr.Mayo". If you search mayonnaise on his channel half a dozen videos come up. He now thinks he was manipulated into doing the Mr.Mayonnaise character by his parents, hence him "throwing out" the Mr. Mayonnaise character in the garbage.

No. 1978384

nta but damn I feel awful for his mother, and most mothers of disabled, retarded males (and I say this as a disabled woman)

No. 1978414

File: 1710977982851.jpeg (9.09 KB, 168x300, download.jpeg)

Mortica, the "microbiologist" on tiktok
Idc that she's goth, Idc that shes a microbiologist, what annoys me is that she feels the need to insert herself into every situation and causes a crazy amount of hysterical fear-mongering to Gen Z, as if we don't have enough hypochondriacs in here.

She makes good points like yeah everyone knows not to eat food 2 years past expiration, but she claimed all meat needs to be practically burnt to be "safe" even though actual doctors have called her out on this and said burning meat can actually make more harmful bacteria present. fear mongers about fried rice, pasta, fruit, dairy and everything else under the sun, fear mongers about wild-caught fish, fear mongers about fucking cheesecake. Claims you need to take anti-biotics anytime you can a slight cold or else you can die, which is counterproductive. I don't even think she's actually a microbiologist, she acts super immature for someone claiming to be that highly educated

the worse one IMO is when she downplays actual concerns like gas-lighting people against formaldehyde and telling them "well your body produces it anyway so it's fine to inject it", or downplaying BPAs. I'm going to leave the more controversial stuff she said about raw milk and the COVID vaccine out since you can do with that what you will.

No. 1978436

idk much of anything about this woman but your description sounded familiar. when I was active on tiktok in 2021-2022, I'd often see her in the comment sections of terfy and radfem-related accounts and that's how we became mutuals kek. apart from that tho it doesn't surprise me that someone who needs to make it known she's the Goth Tiktok Microbiologist is attention seeking

No. 1978510

didn't she also have an edgy traumacore but also radblr-adjacent tumblr where she claimed to have DID or am I mistaking her for someone else?

No. 1978515

What reputable lab would hire a woman who dresses like an edgy pre teen?

No. 1978543

Especially one that looks as filthy as her. Even if she wanted to be goth - would it kill her to take a shower? Shouldn't a microbiologist be scared of germs?

No. 1978675

There is a good chance she's lying about being a microbiologist, but it's such a weird thing to lie about? nevermind why she has so much time to get into internet fights regularly? she's likely just overexaggerating some tiny accomplishment like a CNA course

No. 1978702

99% sure she took a microbiology lecture/lab in undergraduate school and got fixated on it but never pursued academia, i'd support her if she wasn't spreading so much misinformation

No. 1978729

Same, and even if her info is correct it's just baffling to me a grown ass adult with a career goes on tiktok all day to put actual children "in their place"