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No. 1941872

This thread is to discuss your grievances with gender ideology.

>What is gender ideology?

Foundational to transgenderism, gender ideology is the belief that one’s “internal gender” can contradict one’s biological sex.

Gender ideology operates much like a religious cult. There is no scientific evidence that supports the notion that we have an “internal gender,” and yet doctors now medicalize and sterilize children with “transgender identities” who have been groomed by the cult. Anyone who does not reaffirm these delusions is labelled as a “transphobe” in order to discredit any dissenting voices of the cult.

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No. 1941909

File: 1711647178816.jpeg (522.43 KB, 828x755, IMG_0953.jpeg)

It’s actually hilarious how much TIMs hate theyfabs and TIFs in general, they’re always talking shit about them on /tttt/. You know it’s because, as self-hating as TIFs are, they’re still the one thing TIMs will never be [female]

No. 1941912

File: 1711647320201.jpeg (359.26 KB, 828x500, IMG_0951.jpeg)

Samefag. This 4chan tranny post reminds me of that Andrea Long Chu quote

No. 1941921

why do men think being penetrated is "submissive" what is this ancient greece shit lmfao

No. 1941934

You all hate women too so whatʼs the difference.(baiting)

No. 1941950

File: 1711649249692.jpeg (30.56 KB, 600x600, IMG_0603.jpeg)

No. 1941958

everytime i try to look at cute alt boys on pinterests its all tifs

No. 1941961

How many nonas in here were TIFs before being peaked? I wanna ask some questions
>What did you identify as?
>Why? What pushed you into it?
>What peaked you?
>How do you feel about TIFs right now?

No. 1941964

nonna, are you a mindreader because i literally just wanted to ask this + share my story.

copy and paste of my typed up post: for me it was going to uni and meeting oder nonbinary women, kek. i identified as nonbinary before that and when i went to uni i met other young women like me who also identified as nonbinary. at first i was excited but then the ugly voice in my head was like "uh, but you look just like any other woman? why are you nonbinary, it makes no sense." and i'd judge them so hard because all of them were hyperfeminine and wore makeup every day and constantly talked about men like any other straight woman i knew. fast forward and i saw a group picture after an event and i was like "wait we all look like women. we're all just women." and it embarrassed me so much that i immediately dropped the nonbinary act, kek. it still took me 2 more years to fully peak, though.

No. 1941975

Kek, this reminds me of how I was an embarrassing weeb back in middle and high school (I used to wear cat ears and cat bells to class and shit) but when I switched schools in 11th grade and saw how retarded the freshman weebs at my new school acted I thought “I don’t want to come across as cringe as that” and I learned how to hide my power level in order to befriend normal people. As an adult it’s so obvious to see how being “queer” and nonbinary is just an alt subculture for teens these days, just like punk, goth, and emo were back when I was a teenager. I’m sure plenty of people my age have shitty band tattoos that they regret getting when they were 17, but that’s much easier to cover up and forget about than chopping your boobs off for a fad.

No. 1941982

this is pretty funny considering how many gay identified tifs are just girls that were too much into yaoi(keep this in the fujo hate thread)

No. 1941997

I've had a similar situation when it came specifically to the shame that came with pretending to be another gender.
throuought highschool I identified as an ftm and it was a pretty big deal for me, I could write an entire memoir on what exactly went on with my life to make me believe I was actually a man but that would take a lot of time lol. I lived in a very progressive area were I knew that if I ever came out I would be accepted and all (after all I was an open lesbian) but I really didn't want to, because even then I knew that wouldn't make me an actual man and all accomodations made for me would just be a facade made for the mentaly ill girl. I knew that no matter how much I tried to fight for my identity that I would always be percieved as a dumb girl following a trend by the people that knew me, and that the changes I could make to my body would just be a poor, superficial, imitations of the opposite sex.
I eventually desisted but it also took me some years to peak, I now no longer experience dysphoria so really I think that for many teenagers it's just a temporary thing that should be adressed and not encouraged.

No. 1941999

Otto Weininger's Sex and Character (published 1903) is proto-gender ideology imo. He even 41%d because he thought being gay and jewish basically made him a woman-lite (aka the inferior sex in his view) and this is basically the premise of the book. Wittgenstein (another gay jew) was insanely sexist and suicidal and took inspiration from this book which is why he refused to give lectures to women. If european gays and jews in the 1900s had access to modern terminology they would all be calling themselves troons and enbies.

No. 1942013

theyre jealous of their bodies and are probably wondering why theyre mutilating it. Its funny how male brained trans women are to the point they try to compete with other trannies. Yet trans men seem to stay in their own lanes.

No. 1942025

File: 1711652385691.png (2.76 MB, 2137x818, GC troons.png)

I don't understand troons like Debbie Hayton, Buck Angel, and Blair White. Why do they keep up the larp? Even if you couldn't clock them by looks, you could figure out they're troons with a minute of googling since they're all famous for being trannies against gender ideology. Why don't they detransition and drop the bullshit altogether? I could take them seriously if they did, but as it is I can't trust any of them and I can't stand when GC people and organizations simp for them.

No. 1942029

Well that's not the point is it, they just want to force you to witness them and play along imo. I really do just see it as some sort of public degradation fetish

No. 1942038

>What did you identify as?
nb/neutral/agender whatever the fuck that was
>Why? What pushed you into it?
I'm probably on the spectrum and didn't ever felt like "one of the girls", I didn't like "girl hobbies" and I found girls really hard to relate to.
>What peaked you?
Back on early 2010s tumblr, I saw a lot of people claiming the fancy gender and then claiming that gender has nothing to do with how you dress and how you don't need dysphoria so I said "why bother?"
Then I also saw how they claimed that TERFs were dictatorial, that were these obnoxious women who ran around with their hairy pits fueled by pure blind hate, I looked into it more and saw the projection and contradiction. It's cool to be a weird woman.
I also thank my supposed autism because it forced me to view things logically. I have a hard time with my feelings so I tend to ignore them and spend nights and nights studying everything I come across. I think it saved me kek.
>How do you feel about TIFs right now?
Younger tifs are victim of the grooming online, I can see how they grew up online because they have little to not-existent social cues and I see that they jump into trends due to trendyness and nlogism, like I was. I was a victim of both the sexualized society (like one time I got beaten up for being pretty and not giving an unknown moid some attention and couldn't come up with a logic reason, then radfems told me it was just moid behaviour while libfems were "omg why did you ignore him?? Men have a loneliness epidemic!!" like I was her little babysitter fuck off.) and both of the false beliefs online.
On the other hand, I do not respect older tifs, being 28 and up.
They have all the tools and can connect the dots on how is the society's fault and yet they choose to mutilate or fuck up themselves. I do not believe that these tifs one day realized in their adulthood that they didn't like to be a woman (because obv they can't say it's a fashion statement/phase) and thus started to dress up like a teenage yaoi boy, I really don't believe it so they're the ones that I truly despise, it's some kind of pickme behaviour were the target of that is not a man but the chronically online people.

No. 1942046

Narcissism. Both body dysmorphia and narcissism play a role. They jack off to themselves in the mirror and want anyone to do it so (Buck being a porn star makes sense for this) but their dysmorphia is so strong, they can't stand to not to look like their imaginary version. It's not a matter of gender, but it's like people who get to extreme body modifications.

No. 1942047

because they're genuinely transgender.

No. 1942048

for the TIMs its the grift and being not like other troons, buck angel is just an abused woman who made a career out of being a ''man'' with a vag she cant really go back even if she wanted to

No. 1942051

My guess is they just want to look like that? They don't delusionally believe they've swapped genders, because that's impossible, but they still have a certain way they want to look and dress. It's weird but it's not hard to grasp. I'm just guessing though. For Buck Angel it's also her job / source of income isn't it?

No. 1942055

Not sure about the first one, but for Buck and Blaire, being trans is all their fame is based on, they actually need to emphatize it at every point. Like what good would it do for Blaire to pass (if he could) as conservative plastic woman #89, he's got famous for being a consevative tranny

No. 1942056

no such a thing

No. 1942065

I don't know how you found this site, but fuck off. Trans people are all mentally ill. You cannot become the opposite sex, and like OP says, your hobbies do not determine your 'gender.' Now back to twitter, you dreck.

No. 1942068

It's depressing af. I wish women would enjoy being cute gnc and live their lives. I want more alt women to embrace who they are. Preforming femininity does not make one a woman.

No. 1942075

how can they be geniunely transgender if they refuse to get srs? rly making me thïnk

No. 1942077

They are essentially like high-functioning addicts, telling kids that they shouldn’t do drugs while lighting their own crack pipe >https://www.michellealleva.ca/p/do-as-i-say-not-as-i-do

Also as other anons have pointed out, they thrive off of attention (huge Venn diagram overlap between attention seekers and well known troons), they thrive off of the praise they get from conservatives and GCs for being “one of the good ones”, Blaire and Debbie are probably narcissists who jack off to their own reflections in the mirror, and Buck maybe feels like she’s “too far gone” to detransition after making a living as “the man with a pussy” for so many years. Just my speculation.

No. 1942095

Isn't buck early 60s and been tranning longer than alot of anons have been alive. At that age/stage I can get why someone wouldn't be arsed with going back

Blaire was saying alot of textbook shit that people tend to say right before detrooning. The whole 'omg it was muh trauma this whole time' bs but he won't do it. He'd lose his source of attention.

No. 1942106

>I don't understand troons like Debbie Hayton, Buck Angel, and Blair White. Why do they keep up the larp?
1. they’d lose their source of income (talking about being trans) 2. the sunk cost fallacy of medically transitioning (blaire has probably spend hundreds of thousands on plastic surgery to look more feminine) 3. they’d have to admit they were wrong, which is likely never going to happen since they’ve based their entire identities off of claiming to be more valid than other trannies

No. 1942121

>What did you identify as?
A boy, though I wasn’t aware of transgenderism at the time so it’s less that I “identified as” a boy and more that I really wished I had been born one. I would sometimes fantasise about changing schools and starting over by pretending to be a boy, though.
>Why? What pushed you into it?
Autism, not fitting in with other girls and some girls even telling me outright that I wasn’t really a girl and didn’t belong with them.
>What peaked you?
I “desisted” (stopped fantasising about masquerading as a boy) because the whole Sweet Polly Oliver thing obviously wasn’t realistic or sustainable. I didn’t want to use the boys’ bathroom (gross) and certainly didn’t ever want to use their changing room, and I realised that the only people who’d ever truly mistaken me for a boy were frazzled substitute teachers. I’d be caught out sooner or later and that would be horrifically embarrassing. The thought of declaring myself an oppressed minority and pressuring other kids and teachers into playing along never even crossed my mind. I figured I just had to learn to accept myself as I was. Then a few years later I got to know a few TIFs and it struck me just how miserable and fake the whole thing was. People (including teachers) would use male pronouns and a male name to their face but the second they were out of earshot everyone reverted to their real name and female pronouns. People pitied them and saw them as fragile and kept them at arms’ length. It didn’t seem like something to strive for.
>How do you feel about TIFs right now?
I empathise with them but also feel frustrated, especially with the older ones who really ought to know better. I also find myself keeping them at arms’ length as well because they’re not “just” emotionally unstable teenage girls anymore; they’re involved in a movement that ruins lives.

No. 1942575

>What did you identify as?
a guy, but didn't care much when people said she/her/hers since it wasn't worth an embarrassing fight.
>Why? What pushed you into it?
family was semi religious so i thought becoming "straight" by being a "guy" that they wouldn't kick me out or hate me dating women. i was a pre-teen at the time before any of this got big and didnt care enough to be very feminine. everything was fake tan, extensions, fake eyelashes, tons of foundation at the time. all of that was too much work plus i would later have ana issues so it was body hate. mine was just short hair, mens clothes, and chest binding none of it ever escalated to hormones thank god.
>What peaked you?
actually realizing only 2ish years in that no one would actually see me as a guy. i noticed on the internet men were seen as blank slates that barely got criticism. younger me thought that by dressing different i could escape being scrutinized as a woman. that was just never going to happen because no matter what i did i would be female regardless of the clothes. also, there were a few TIFs who explained the fake dick so i noped out.
>How do you feel about TIFs right now?
mostly that they are sad and annoying women to deal with. i wish that they would wake up already to find that their internalized misogyny and hatred towards gc women wont solve their problems. it isnt a normal woman's fault you can't accept your body, how society sees you, the scrutiny, or the lesbophobia. theyre way out of line for calling into womens jobs because they dont believe in the ideology. if anything thats close to harassing and getting others fired just because you dont hold the same religious views.

No. 1942628

As someone who actually knows many trans people personally, even those who regret it say that they wouldn't detransition largely due to it being like putting a broken vase missing crucial pieces together, for a woman like Buck it would be next to impossible to pass as a normal woman anymore and at his age it's just easier to ride it out until the end. Some of them say that they don't really regret it, but if they had the chance, they would not go through with it knowing what they know now. But especially for FTMs it's common that they actually like living as men better because they pass fairly well to normies and are freed of things like unwanted male attention, periods, pregnancy, being seen as second class citizens and especially in case of lesbians it's miles easier to be considered a straight man than a masculine lesbian woman. So it's all about cutting your losses.

No. 1942632

KEKKK the tif in the video asking the retail worker for 'tampons for men'… Is she fucking retarded? What did she expect the worker to do about it? They definitely enjoy stirring up drama.

No. 1942635

>tampons for men
god, i hate trannies so much

No. 1942683

So the other day the full autopsy report of Nex was released, but honestly more important information has been found out earlier this month.
Nex' father severely SA'd her, went to prison, and had been released two weeks prior and had failed to register as a offender. I feel so terribly sorry for everything she's been through, and I despise seeing how this information had to be made public (some details are available) and STILL people say the other girls in the fight should be held accountable for what happened. Or that clearly it was transphobia that killed her and not, you know, the severe abuse she endured that she was forced to face again one way or another now that her father got released. In this entire mess once again the cause is forgotten where a young child was betrayed and abused by someone that should be one of the most caring people in her life.

No. 1942696

That's extremely sad. Do you have a screen cap or link to this? If she was betrayed by her own family, it would explain why she turned into a nonbinary gendie woohoo.

No. 1942711

terrible. failed by everyone.

No. 1942717

ntayrt but thank you for sharing your story. I am surprised that you say you weren't groomed because nothing could have stopped you. if you hadn't been introduced to the idea online in the first place, nothing could have started you. that's what grooming is.

No. 1942721

sorry for deleting but I realized my post is very identifiable and though I don't hang out with trannies I'd lose a lot by being recognized here. I think you're right in that I was groomed, it's still something I'm trying to fully understand myself. Glad someone got to read it ♥

No. 1942724

thanks for explaining the deletion, I was worried that my comment was hurtful. I understand not wanting to be recognized. take care

No. 1942737

I think it was data from the Tavistock gender clinic that revealed 1 in 6 kids who were referred to them had a parent who was a sex offender. So many trans identified kids are traumatised and trying to escape their body, but addressing sexual trauma as a potential cause of gender dysphoria in therapy is considered transphobic. I don’t know if she was even in therapy or not but in the reaction to her death you again see transgenderism completely obfuscating the reality of csa and its consequences on the victims.

No. 1942740

The poor baffled retail worker actually disarmed her by checking the packaging and saying it doesn't say "for women" anyway, at that point insisting that "it's pink" just makes her the sexist one

No. 1942756

You can find it easily on twitter and I think ovarit linked it as well. I'd rather not share it here directly because it just feels wrong in a way. She was just a child (still was). Be warned that if you look for it people might be straight up describing what was found in court documents.

No. 1942762

Nonnies. How do I de-gender this 16 yo in my life who wants to go on HRT once she turns 18? She is a he/they transmasc enby. I don't even want her to be a full terf I just want her to go back to identifying as a girl and realize there's nothing wrong with growing up to be a gnc woman, and realize labels are meaningless. She once told me I had "non-binary energy". It break my heart seeing someone so smart and with a lot of potential being brainwashed by the cult

No. 1942768

Can you get her into like a hobby group with other girls? Like playing sports or playing music, so that she directs her energy towards something "tangible" and meets all sorts of women? I'm just going off some detrans stories I've read in the past, so it might be total bullshit, but I get the impression that enbies usually just enclose themselves in their own gender-special filter bubbles and don't have a lot going on.

No. 1942780

This is an imageboard. If you arent sharing the link or a screencap, then don't post.

No. 1942906

I think the best way to go about it is to talk to her. I can remember being 16, and being easily influenced and vulnerable. I think sometimes girls that young need to hear that gender doesnt determine who you are, or your personality. Girls can do anything kinda shit, you know?

No. 1942953

File: 1711753774890.png (Spoiler Image,999.54 KB, 1080x1845, Screenshot_20240325-144321-775…)

moids are just admitting to be full agp on public social media now? idk, is this supposed to be a joke…it's just really weird

No. 1942977

Kek pretty sure that’s a joke but tbh there have been moids who were muscle monkeys then trooned out not too long afterwards. It’s just a gamble with moids.

No. 1943004

i don't believe this, but in general i think that there's a difference between someone calling themselves a transsexual (and admitting that they are a man who wants to be perceived as a woman) and someone recanting the ~i was born in the wrong body~ schpiel. both are mentally ill, the latter moreso because they completely lack self awareness and cling onto their delusions.

this is horrifying. the worst part is that these kids probably'll never get help for their actual trauma as they use transitioning as a coping mechanism and are spurred on by adults who are supposed to help and protect them.

No. 1943133

I prefer the former. Honestly if a transsexual were chill about it I wouldn't care much. It's the AGPs and the "I was born in the wrong body" types that are too mentally ill to not set off my danger alarm.

No. 1943196

That’s literally what intercourse naturally is, it’s built by men to be total degradation and submission of women by slamming their dicks into our pussies with the fear of getting us pregnant (possibility of being deformed/disabled for 8 months). PIV and intercourse has submission built-in, nonny

No. 1943200

This is a blackpilled way of thinking. Sex is a natural reproductive and pro-social behavior that every animal species engages in. There’s a blackpill thread on /2X/ if you wanna sperg about how degrading PIV sex is some more

No. 1943201

Are you the retard who recently said mothers are mentally disabled?

No. 1943202

Not many people use the term transexual anymore though

No. 1943206

No one is genuinely transgender, go back to twitter

No. 1943207

It’s natural but that doesn’t mean it’s good for women. Plenty of female animals vehemently resist sex and try to counter it as well.

No. 1943208

So if men are bad, most of them are rapists, most of them are misogynists, most of them are bad fathers, most of them don’t care about women, then why the fuck are you sleeping with them? Why even be against gender ideology if you’re too scared to even go into depths about how men weaponize sex against you? Too much thinking for anon’s little brain.(infighting)

No. 1943210

Nope, but you must stupid if you can’t understand how much pregnancy physically and mentally deforms a woman. Your entire body, face, body chemistry changes, and pregnancy is extremely high-risk and taxing on the female body. Modern human birthing methods are even dangerous to women, yet we as women think it’s normal to rest on a hospital bed to have painful contractions when we should really be having children squatting or have a baby ripped out of our uterus through C-section due to inevitable complications because pregnancy is inherently dangerous and risky, and men have carved an entire culture which is heterosexual sex and intercourse to trap women into pregnancy to further their larger material, worldly goals and monopoly of control. But I thought you would already know that, I think you’re only interested in being anti-gender ideology because it’s safe to engage in until you actually have to think about how patriarchy impacts us and it’s mostly in our personal lives. That includes sex. Sex with men no matter how much they try to psyop you into putting the condom on or putting a painful IUD in your cooch will always bring the possibility and fear of pregnancy and forever attachment to the male, which is why they have successfully convinced you that the idea of sex that you have in your head right now is “healthy” and “pro-social”. There’s nothing pro-social about sex being heavily in the man’s favor, intercourse not even making most women satisfied and having an orgasm, unwanted pregnancies, STDs, rape, assault, etc. It’s way more grim than you think(blackpill outside of containment)

No. 1943212

but what does that mean? Blaire was just a gay guy and Buck had some history with modeling + sexual/drug abuse. Seems to me like they're running from something.

No. 1943214

They do what they do because they are trying to push the "true trans" propaganda. It's a form of damage control, to trick people into thinking that there are reasonable trans people out there that aren't delusional, but this is highly contradictory as the essence of their identity is based on delusion. The only difference between them and the troons that they like to cast their friendly fire upon is that they are slightly less unsightly looking than them.
Buck is just as bad, if not even worse than a lot of tims because she helped a child troon out and markets a lot of her content to children while still being the most grotesque sexual deviant possible. She was literally on the Howard Stern show riding on a dildo in front of them and she wants to educate children on being trans? No fucking way, idgaf how abused she claims to be. At best she is a druggie who refuses to seek treatment.

No. 1943222

File: 1711769762166.jpg (1.71 MB, 1080x3462, allan johnson the gender knot …)

You would enjoy The Gender Knot because you're right that moids made sex degrading, which they then reinforce with pornography. Picrel.

No. 1943225

it’s scaring me that nonnies are repeating obvious radfem viewpoints without even knowing much about it. radfem has become a dirty word even for anti-trans people but they can’t help but eat off PIV-critical feminists kek. can’t really be critical of gender ideology if you don’t know where criticizing gender ideology has came from

No. 1943254

it's literally just flipping from one end of body dysmorphia to another

No. 1943259

very dumb and narcissistic but it pisses me off that when this all ends – because it WILL end – troons are going to either
>walk it off and return to normalcy, as if they weren't complicit in one of the worst social contagions and medical scams since…fuck, i don't know, what else compares to this?
>milk it for sympathy. hard. i can already see hordes of men who got the chop draining pitying retards for more money thru gofundme or whatever
in both cases i've lost friends, old and potential, to this shit and will probably continue to do so over the next ten years. my whole goddamn youth burned out on other people's delusions

No. 1943261

No. 1943269

Nah blackpill sperg is too embarrassing to argue with kek

No. 1943270

Daily reminder that blackpill sperg was outed as a tranny in the 2X board. Don't argue with him.

No. 1943272

not all men m8 my nigel only watches barely legal gangbang porn on da weekends x(stupid bait)

No. 1943275

I’m not a tranny retard. A tranny appropriating feminism and feminist thought created by actual women is not an untold thing, they do it all the time just as much as they like putting womanface on. I’m an anon who’s actually interested in radical feminism besides the memes, jfc… stop trannyfoiling just because someone isn’t completely down with fucking moids anymore. Your brain is completely rotted through and through if you think a woman being critical of sex is a tranny when trannies are one of the most hypersexual group of degenerates on this planet besides gay men.(infighting)

No. 1943280

NTA, but I just want to point out, before I head to bed, that your sperg out session started by you rushing in to agree with trannies on 4chan >>1941912. And I don’t buy that these trannies spend their time reading about radical feminism. Food for thought, nonny!

No. 1943352

I don't know why nonnies ITT are malding over your points but I agree with you, nona. It's telling that this conversation is somehow haram even for this thread, when a subset of TIFs are obsessed with being the penetrative partner in sex and cry themselves hoarse about not having a penis, hence the entire point of frankenweenie surgery. It's usually the main point of dysphoria for this group of TIFs, not wanting to be penetrated during sex but wanting desperately to penetrate, even though real males are capable of both penetrative and non-penetrative sex.

No. 1943355

Cause this thread is for making fun of tifs for being ugly genetic failure autists unlike perfect kawaii tradwaifus who know their place (like me)(baiting)

No. 1943382

I never really went full TIF but I did think about it and felt like I was not like the other girls. Thankfully back then even though being trans was a thing it was heavily gatekept. I read that being trans is very rare and requires heavy feeling of dysphoria, people who are simply gnc were still considered a thing separate from trannies. Since for example I wasnt bothered by my genitals I figured Im not trans. I feel very bad for young girls these days, who get told they can be boys if they want.

Blaire has admitted that after trooning out he got an eating disorder, Buck I think has been raped and used to be a porn star which has to be traumatizing. They are probably too mentally ill to go back, even if they seem self aware, and of course they make money being the conservative token troons.

So are you a "nontypical" woman yourself? Maybe you can talk about your experiences and set a good example on how different women can be. Try not to enable her but also dont be like "just be a girl dumbass" because that will just alienate her.

No. 1943388

This thread got weird so fast.

No. 1943550

Welcome to lolcow.farm

No. 1943563

No matter how much you wax and wane about females being naturally submissive, it still won't be true.

No. 1943587

NTA, but it usually takes a bit longer than a week for a thread to go to shit.

No. 1943612

It would be nice to be able to have a thread about complaining about troons without the crazies coming out of the woodwork.

No. 1943623

>What did you identify as? I’m a woman

>Why? What pushed you into it?

I struggled with being feminine growing up because I was a tomboy. Might be autistic who knows. The internet and college discourse was just starting to set the groundwork for TiM/TiF when I entered college in the early 00’s. This has been going on for 20 years now.

>What peaked you?

College helped me explore feeling like a robot/ not a woman but after researching I realized these women who think they’re men are quite sad. They would never be men and were either sexually abused, autistic or lesbian. Seeing a woman go through T up close really peaked me.

>How do you feel about TIFs right now? I want them to stay away from the internet. Women used to be ana/mia or bi thanks to social contagion but now it’s mostly still that but with TiF issues. I want them to know if they’re not expressing a feminine cliche that they’re still women.

No. 1943706

It never fails to baffle me whenever I see a thread or discussion regarding 'bad authors' and see JK Rowling at the top for all the evil she has done, and the men that have raped and murdered people are either not nearly as hated or talked about in the same breath as her.
The whole thing with her donating 70k being evil is also wild. Do any of these people actually ever think about the implications of what removing 'woman' as a legal definition would mean? It's already happening in Spain where men are saying they're women, not doing anything else, and reaping benefits. They're even able to sue for transphobia because you're not actually allowed to criticize them at all. It's the contradictions that get to me. Being trans should have no barrier at all and be easy and for free, but yet they'll complain when someone does exactly that and uses the rules as they're set up. You literally cannot have it both ways.

No. 1943713

our so-called "radical feminists" really get mad when you point out how degrading piv sex is and how that's the entire point of it lol. a man will literally say >>1941912 "it's embarrassing to get fucked" and women will go "uhh actually no no no no it's super cool actually and there's nothing weird about it?!"(bait/derailing)

No. 1943718

like i'm too lazy to find the tweets but men love to regularly say how gross and retarded women are for getting fucked by men, and instead of going "well maybe it's time to abstain from sex if that's how they view it" they insist that men are simply viewing it incorrect. like no, retard, they're making an accurate observation and you just don't want to accept it

it's literally just a fact. only in recent years (and even then, barely) has it been a goal for a man to actually make a woman cum during sex lol

No. 1943722

File: 1711821243476.jpg (270.05 KB, 1528x2048, GE_2C6zbgAAIqTG.jpg)

>What did you identify as?
nonbinary in my late teens not in the gendered term i used to think it was a identity trait i didnt know you could be gnc back then and then a he/him when i turned 20 i was a art student it was inevitable and covid didnt help being chronologically online did nuclear levels of retardation to my brain kek it was very brief and manic kek only a month
>Why? What pushed you into it?
misogyny and internalized homophobia.grew up in a semi liberal muslim household and have a family member whos gay but hes in the west while im stuck in a sexist muslim country so i forced myself to conform so my life wont be at stake with my brothers outright saying they'll kill me if i was gay wouldnt matter anyway women get killed here for lesser reasons my country has a femicide rate of 40% and thats not counting the unreported ones and religious dogma "i cant possibly a woman! only men like women! there must be something wrong with me!!.." that was my thinking it didnt help that my country is sympathetic to troons (not tifs) so i wasnt that opposed to troons and was a handmaiden to them,plus i was being groomed by a gross coomer moid who was turning me into his favorite femboy trope he was a shotacon too despite having a little brother twitter didnt help too with stating that liking any thing out of the norm for a woman must mean you were trans i drank that koolaid up.i was into niche fandoms too filled with tifs so i felt i needed to conform like them to fit in
>What peaked you?
Subcutaneous mastectomy, experience with a transbian and lolcow. when i was in my month of mania pretending to be a tif i looked up top surgery and saw the results they horrified me plus i like my boobs kek i also had a transbian moid friend who sperged out on me when i denied his advances by saying i only date cis lesbians and that left a bitter taste in my mouth and soon later i discovered lolcowanimecore thread rip when i doubting the whole troon agenda and finally came to my senses and accepted that i was just a gnc lesbian who loved other women and that was fine and beautiful.im still in the closet but now i know which type of wood the closet is made of.
>How do you feel about TIFs right now?
pity and sympathy and anger for them, i genuinely want to save these girls from themselves it breaks my heart and horrifies me whenever i see a top surgery celebration knowing how close i was to it. these women are led astray from a moid focused society but i dont blame them either in a world like ours where a rapist is celebrated and men pretending to be women are taking away rights women have fought and died for? who would want to be a woman anymore? it angers me that doctors are letting these women do self harm on a commercial scale and not helping them,psychiatrists cant help you anymore because theyre bound by law to affirm you knowing what will it mean later making you a life long patient but it doesnt mean i infantilize these women in the end its their decision if they only stopped to listen to the ebil terfs maybe they'll realize what a scam theyve been a part of.its still complicated for me

No. 1943730

that's a character from a child porn manga that tries to pass of as introspective and deep, I've only ever seen trannies like it

No. 1943752

>What did you identify as?
It changed over the years, somewhere between true and honest boy and genderless cloud woo. Well really, I just wanted to be an androgynous bishie shoujo love interest, if I'm being real.
>Why? What pushed you into it?
My first gf in junior high proudly announced to me she was nonbinary because she liked masculine titles and then recruited me onto Tumblr circa 2012, where this discourse was germinating. By 2014, I had some pronouns too. But it was really a sort of escapist fantasy, almost like roleplay, that I participated in with my gf. I was vaguely aware of this at the time, but didn't see any reason to stop even after she and I broke up.
>What peaked you?
I had a lot of cognitive dissonance about it over the years, but couldn't properly articulate why, and whenever I tried, I was immediately consoled by other TIFs who perceived my reservations as a cry for help. I followed a few TIMs on Tumblr because it occured to me that I had never interacted with them, and I quickly realized how different they were from what I thought they'd be like, and started to feel uneasy. Went out searching for Radblr posts and the cognitive dissonance became untenable.
>How do you feel about TIFs right now?
It really depends. I have a lot of empathy for TIFs who I believe had a similar mentality to me, as in it's basically just digital cosplay to escape their shitty lives and they don't really bother anyone about it, but I do feel very frustrated with the hardcore TIFs who cape for TIMs and spend a lot of their time online sperging about evil TERFs.

No. 1943761

>taking mens word as gospel about the state of women and what they do
This is why it’s hard to listen to you, everything you say is based off of moid views and opinions. If i lived my life based on what men said about women I would be a schizo like you too. Do you believe everything moids say or only when it fits your delusions about the world at large?

No. 1943809

File: 1711827358467.jpg (13.36 KB, 184x193, 1708188109300114.jpg)

>What did you identify as?
demiboy, genderfluid, nonbinary

>Why? What pushed you into it?

used Tumblr throughout my highschool years (2011-2015) and was introduced to trans identity around 2014 via fandoms I was a part of (particularly Steven Universe). Didn't feel like I fit in with the other 17 year old girls in my school so to cope I identified as stupid bullshit so I wouldn't have to put in any work into myself.

>What peaked you?

When I was 19, I took a look at myself and realized that constantly feeling like if I had to keep changing my gender identity every week, then obviously that meant I didn't truly believe in what I was doing to myself and I stopped with the gender nonsense. (Also I left Tumblr a few year before this because the Zamii drama occurred and it opened my eyes to the extreme black/white mindset of the people there).

I also had an irl friend when I was 19 that said she was a boy (that wanted to use she/they pronouns). I told her that I can help her go shopping to find clothes to better represent herself as a boy and she sperged out at me with how clothes dont reflect your gender. I'm not friends with this clown anymore.
Also I guess my mother's realist genes started to take a hold of my brain because I couldn't continue believing in something that had no scientific basis to it, and what looked like a trend from the outside looking in.

>How do you feel about TIFs right now?

At this point I don't care. Just another easy red flag for me to spot for an annoying mentally ill person, and more sites they congregate on/people for my future children to ignore.
I just thank god i'm not in that position anymore where i'm susceptible to their grooming and I can feel comfortable calling myself a naturally born heterosexual woman without shame of being kicked out of a fandom group/losing my career.
Hope they get the help they need to fix whatever is going on in their heads, but i'm not the one that's gonna sit there like an idiot and affirm their delusions for them all day.

No. 1943851

Some other things moids have considered embarrassing/humiliating/degrading: having periods, having boobs/curvy body, being physically weaker, needing single-sex spaces and laws for protection, having empathy, expressing femininity, expressing masculinity (as a woman), masturbating or having fantasies (as a woman), being a lesbian, not having a romantic partner. I mean tifs try their hardest not to do those things but they are still considered less than.

No. 1943867

Nayrt but you good, nona? Where are you from that you don't realize that what men think, what men want, what men consider important and what men decide isn't one of the most important things society considers, a.k.a. patriarchy? Men literally (still sadly) control the world yet acknowledging how their beliefs (as unjustified as they are) impact us as women is retarded, according to you? You from Scandinavia or something? I wish I could live in a country where the government, society and handmaidens don't care about what men think and mold the world around them accordingly.

No. 1943916

are you really comparing just having a female body to letting a man have sex with you…two separate things

>taking mens word as gospel about the state of women and what they do
if a man says "i feel disgusted with the woman i have sex with after we have sex because of how she let me degrade her" then that isn't me taking their word as gospel, that's me pointing out men think women are retarded for engaging in sex with them. you'd have to be completely retarded and in denial to not see how piv sex is inherently degrading anyway. yes, laying down and letting a guy rut inside of you is submissive and pathetic. yes, men mean for it to be that way. no, that isn't me sculpting my world view around what men think or whatever

i bet you're one of those retards who thinks cocksucking is empowering bc you have his dick in your mouth lol. get help(derailing/bait)

No. 1943919

when are you going to kill yourself(infighting)

No. 1943929

Nta but I'm so sick of you, stay in your thread on 2X, this thread is about gender ideology not your porn addiction and retardation.(infighting/taking the bait)

No. 1943941

>i bet you're one of those retards who thinks cocksucking is empowering bc you have his dick in your mouth lol.

No. 1943957

Lol the girls aren't ready to hear it. The same men fucking them will admit to the degradation aspect but they will still deny it. But you need to get red texted for infighting lol

No. 1943960

Moid logic is “if someone would be with someone as disgusting as me that makes them disgusting too and thus worthy of scorn”. It’s well studied, it’s also why they stop trying after a while.

No. 1943964

The fact that the word of men carry weight with men and broken women does not somehow absolve schizo chan or you from being inherently misogynistic and retarded for flat out stating that any and all forms of PIV with a moid is submissive and humiliating. You are literally advocating for women to take any misogyny spouted by men as truth with this type of retarded thinking. Its also telling when schizo chan has to reach for secondary sex acts like blowjobs (that gives no pleasure to the woman) as some big gotcha when those are two very different things and theres plenty of women who get physical enjoyment from PIV or there wouldn’t be a market for dildos catered to women lmfao, just because only 1/3 can have a direct orgasm doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy it as an assisting pleasure. Be celibate by yourself but stop trying to project your broken trauma based views on the rest of womankind because yes moids suck, yes the patriarchy sucks but what they say doesn’t magically become truth just because they sit in the seat of power you retard.

No. 1943969

File: 1711839041321.jpg (35.82 KB, 380x515, 1000005559.jpg)

No. 1943982

Can we just ignore schizos posts in future? I'm so fucking sick seeing these unrelated sperg outs. They're either doing this on purpose or retarded and answering them is like reality checking someone with severe paranoia, you are wrong and evil no matter what you say.

No. 1944009

Ntayrt but denoting the women who actually know what's up because they experienced it firsthand as "unreliable" is misogynistic too. "You only think men get off to rape because you literally experienced that firsthand" is not the own you think it is. Trauma doesn't make one an unreliable narrator it actually makes you an expert.

No. 1944087

Yes please

No. 1944129

whatever. we are never making it out

No. 1944172

File: 1711846027420.png (411.6 KB, 602x831, lolno.png)

Imagine being so angry that people still enjoy Harry Potter.

No. 1944174

>What did you identify as?
ftm, or a transman, whatever (I had a transmedicalist viewpoint from the start)
>Why? What pushed you into it?
A lot of things, but ongoing body dysmorphia and sexual harassment plus difficulty starting my career were big factors. Also, meeting transmen irl and realizing it was a thing made me realize I could transition too (up until the mid 2010's I thought only intersex people transitioned to male because of some documentary I saw, so I was ignorant). I went to a counselor and joined a support group for gender dysphoria and they ended up making my dysphoria worse. When I got a new health insurance plan which covered transition with very low copays, I decided to go to a gender clinic to see if it was the right path for me, not knowing that they funnel everyone into treatment. I took their diagnosis of gender dysphoria very seriously because they were supposed to be the experts.
>What peaked you?
I peaked culturally on the more ridiculous nonbinary and gendersoul stuff before I even started transition. It took me a lot longer to peak on the transmedical view. What fucked me up the most was a combo of reading WPATH's SoC 8 and seeing pictures of the surgeries they were advocating in a thread on the other farms. Phalloplasty is horrific and nullification is just plain evil. I realized that the leading professionals in gender medicine don't give a shit about the actual lives of the people they're treating.
>How do you feel about TIFs right now?
I'm worried for them, but I also feel intense secondhand embarrassment. I've shared my experiences a bit irl in the hopes that maybe it will have some influence in dissuading someone else from going down the medical transition pathway.

No. 1944177

File: 1711846222840.png (62.64 KB, 609x567, lolno2.png)

Just imagine being this dense to tell someone they're a bad guy for a stream of a game that wasn't that good after all. Then they're the victims for… reasons?

No. 1944181

File: 1711846560544.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1170x1992, IMG_4527.jpeg)


Wow! I sure wish MY insurance would cover whatever plastic surgery I want, I could use a boob job and some liposuction and I absolutely NEED IT to AFFIRM MY FEELINGS OF FEMININITY AS A WOMAN

No. 1944185

But what was the point of making this in embroidery? It's just plain text, they could've spent two minutes in MS paint making this and it would've been the same.

No. 1944186

Someone needs to start the FtMtF insurance scam

No. 1944187

They can embroider this shit all they want. Universal Orlando is releasing a new Harry Potter theme park this year. Kekk. HP is literally beloved by millions all over the world. No one gives a fuck about trannies outside twitter

No. 1944189

It's not even good embroidery either, the stitches look like shit and it's bland. At least sew in some flowers or something if you're going to go to that needless effort, or just write on your arm with a marker or something.

No. 1944191

I can't get breast reduction surgery unless it's out of pocket, but these mentally ill women can chop their tits off for $8. Make it make sense.

No. 1944200

It's so stupid. It's like those 'comics' people post on Twitter that are just

>Amorphous blob-shaped human 1 with the word "Terf" on its shirt sitting in trash can

>Shapeless human 2: Person BAD!

It doesn't SAY anything and it doesn't need to be a drawing, or a fucking embroidery, they could just say "I hate people who don't accept troons!" but that doesn't get enough asspats

No. 1944225

File: 1711848166164.jpg (663.54 KB, 2244x2992, il_fullxfull.3257546460_catx-1…)

I keep telling my bf that the day we go to any of the HP parks I'm going to wear a "I ♥ jkr" shirt. Maybe in Japan since there's not as many westerners there. He then says someone will want to punch me. I say I will also bring bright neon Crocs that spell out "JKR did nothing wrong" in jibbits.

No. 1944240

File: 1711848728710.jpg (281.91 KB, 1440x864, 23_Diagon-Alley-1440x864.jpg)

Go to the one in Orlando. It has the biggest parks and most rides. It has both Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley, which no other park in the world does. It also has the Hagrid motorbike ride, and Escape from Gringotts bank, which is amazing. I'm a lesbian and I go every year with my wife. We've met tons of other gay people there (both men and women.) I am telling you, outside of twitter, people do not give a shit about the JKR hate or trannies.

No. 1944258

yeah I always remember that twitter isnt real life whenever i go to the Harry Potter place in Universal (another floridian yay). There's so many families there and regular ass fans that just want to have fun and buy merch.
People on twitter have a warped sense of reality but i guess they'd have to go outside of their rooms to realize they're fighting nothing.

No. 1944263

I really hope you and your boyfriend get to go soon and have a blast. It really is so magical. I admit I cried when I first walked into diagon alley because it felt so real. The butterbeer (esp frozen butterbeer) is so delicious. You see people of all ages having a good time, wearing their house robes and just genuinely being kind to each other.

No. 1944293

File: 1711850213936.jpg (143.11 KB, 1079x1439, 1711838260126151.jpg)

It's funny because it's true

No. 1944310

>He then says someone will want to punch me.

Why would anyone in HP park want to punch you if they're in a park created by JKR book? Is like saying you hate Miyamoto but go to Super Mario park.

TBH I would go to any park but to say stupid phrases from a Sudaca parody.

No. 1944316

File: 1711850858021.jpeg (123.49 KB, 1179x1224, xlcJkEc.jpeg)

>how tifs think

No. 1944318

It's like they don't see the point of why people hate transpeople at all. Yikes

No. 1944331

File: 1711851260506.png (39.25 KB, 598x429, 1711320137040.png)

>Do people hates us because we are too nosy and cry about everything being transphobic and give LBG people a bad name?
>No, it's the white people fault!

No. 1944345

am i remembering right that "dirk strider" is the name of a homestuck character?

No. 1944358

yes, and dirk strider is the "even cooler, more ironic older brother" of the "cool kid" dave strider. those two are like catnip to tifs

No. 1944401

they will 41% themselves soon. just be patient.

No. 1944416

> Is like saying you hate Miyamoto but go to Super Mario park
NTA but yeah? People consume even if they know who pockets the money. A lot of trannies are autistically obsessed with HP, it’s why they try so hard to wokify and divorce JKR herself from her own IPs. The online bullying is for absolving the guilt of loving some evil woman’s silly wizard stories.

No. 1944427

imagine living with their brains. must be hell on earth

No. 1944434

31st March is Trans Day of Visibility, nonnas. Prepare for 5000 twitter and tumblr posts by completely gender conforming straight women about how they're ackchually trans because they use they/them pronouns

No. 1944443

well thankfully no one outside of those websites give a shit and it will be easy to ignore.

No. 1944482

The surgeons who perform these TIF mastectomies are butchers nonna. They mangle their patients and then ghost them, relying on cult brainwashing to stop the patients from suing them for malpractice. You don’t want these people to operate on you.

Some of them are that hypocritical. I know several TIP and TRAs who still consoom HP because it’s their “comfort media” that they absolutely require for their mental health. They will hiss and spit at “cis” people who enjoy HP without being mentally ill about it and will verbally abuse JKR every chance they get, but will still watch the movies and go to these parks. They’re almost exclusively women and I don’t think any of them are unhinged enough to punch anon at a HP park but she can definitely expect some nasty looks.

My city centre is full of trans flags, unfortunately.

No. 1944694

File: 1711895949635.png (691.05 KB, 711x649, Screenshot_21.png)

it's genuinely so odd to me that the poster children for tra slop tends to be a "poc" when the majority of tras are white or otherwise very, very pale (east asian). in reverse, the poster children for radical feminists are white women but in most cases, radical feminists are actually minorities (from my experience a LOT of radical feminists are hispanic, desi, from etc. cultures where femicide is unfortunately common and women's rights aren't quite as along as they are in the us) and most of the women tras select as "rad fem" are just regular tradthots.

bit ot but it's also sad that "intersectional feminism" was supposed to be about white and black women in america, and how their issues were similar in many ways, but got hijacked by white males in skirts.

No. 1944696

>Some of them are that hypocritical. I know several TIP and TRAs who still consoom HP because it’s their “comfort media” that they absolutely require for their mental health.
these are the kind of people no one should be taking seriously. At least when the right wants to boycott stuff they do it right. The left cant even boycott le evil JKR, Mcdonalds, Starbucks etc. without breaking down and using all kind of cope excuses to keep consooming it like "its my comfort media/food". Meanwhile they still want to talk shit.

No. 1944707

And use the death of the young AGP and the girl that went 41% for their "literal genocide".

I know someone who is full of "If you still read HP, unfollow me or block me", yet is always posting stuff like >>1944172 If you really want to "boycott" something, The Simpsons did it first.

No. 1944718

>Strider, Dirk
mental illness

No. 1944811

The majority in any group doubles down on a minority as a way to cover up for something lacking in activism, such as the focus of the activism not getting at the root of the issue. In the case of trans kids, they know deep down kids cannot consent, but they're using POC as a deflection along with knowing most radfems come from POC countries. It's all a well planned out tactic. They're smart, but they use this knowledge as manipulation.

No. 1944841

File: 1711903534029.jpeg (82.72 KB, 1080x1101, GJ-EYWeWQAAXAEj.jpeg)

More like "lgb kids deserve to be healthy adults".

No. 1944885

Homestuck really was responsible for so many idiots trooning out.

Not soon enough, sadly.

No. 1944889

At least i know when artists draw this, I can just block and move on. It makes me sad that you used to have these people fighting for adult trans people and now they are moving onto grooming kids, but no one else thinks it's grooming but normal people. I feel like I am in an episode of the twilight zone.

No. 1944922

>What did you identify as?
I disliked labelling myself really but used they/them and eventually he/they
>Why? What pushed you into it?
I was on Tumblr from probably 2012 and watched the ideology develop in real time. I was a bit of a tomboy as a teenager (but a very feminine child mind you), was the more masc one in my teenage same sex relationship, was deeply repulsed by my own menstruation and women's underwear. I don't know. I remember my "coming out" post on tumblr in 2014, which was less of a coming out and more of a question of "am I allowed to consider myself non-binary if I just hate misogyny and femininity?" - I was obviously affirmed unquestioningly by everyone. Despite the fact that I had received no real answers, was still not sure and felt vaguely embarrassed by it, I eventually just accepted that this is "what you do" if you don't "feel like a woman". I lived with constant major cognitive dissonance for the following almost-decade that I continued to be a pronoun haver
>What peaked you?
It didn’t feel like it made sense that trans women were considered the most vulnerable demographic in society while being so much more likely than me to be able to access and develop skills that women are typically excluded from. I was treated so badly by men doing a tech role in uni that I’ve not gone near the field since I graduated, yet my city is saturated with trans women in tech (music tech specifically).
I realised that accusations of transmisogyny will arise from any grievance that one could dare to even pussyfoot around and realised I was becoming resentful. Eventually I dated a man who became trans-identified midway through our relationship; he was very abusive towards me but I was constantly frightened that if I admitted this I’d be considered "transmisogynistic". I also witnessed some of my closest friends be sexually abused by trans women, yet everyone is horrified at the suggestion that trans women address the issues endemic in their own community. The is hierarchy of vulnerability that is adhered to so strictly is insane. It destroys any analysis of the axes by which women are actually oppressed and disadvantaged in the world.
I have always checked lcf now and then out of curiosity but I started frequenting /ot/ and /XX/ after finally breaking up with the abusive TiM. For the past year or two I have been reading a lot of feminist literature and paying attention to the conversations in radfem spaces.
>How do you feel about TIFs right now?
I just wish I could make them understand. I wish I could peak them. Many of the more retarded ones are too far gone but I do notice that in our late 20s some of them are chilling out a bit. One of my best friends is still a TRA but has detransitioned, for example. It just feels like an uphill battle as women are usually the ones upholding and enforcing systems of social justice.
One of my dearest friends and ex has recently "become non-binary" and it's made me feel so unbelievably hopeless. This is an extremely feminine woman, you understand, who dresses in pink and white j-fashion, and even previously expressed to me in our late teens that she doesn't understand trans stuff and has never felt dysphoria in her life. It's purely social and ideological. It's a woman-hating, regressive ideology totally antithetical to our liberation and these women are wholly captured by it. It's fucking bleak.

No. 1944935

How many days old are these idiots? I'm sure I saw the same thing sometime in August or weeks before Pride Month (a month in which the protagonists are also made and LGB people are forgotten). Also wasn't this day selected to divert the attention of that school shooter tif? Seriously, they are human garbage.

No. 1944942

This stuff makes me angry because "trans kids" are gay or bi kids being conversion therapy'd or told they're only going to be happy if they pretend to be straight. I hate how T shit fucked up LGB rights, when I was a lesbian teen in high school there were campaigns like "It gets better" and "your sexuality doesn't define you", but now it's "everyone who doesn't coddle you wants you to die, if you don't get hormones and plastic surgery ASAP you will kill yourself".

No. 1945027

Trans-identified kids deserve to become healthy adults without osteoporosis in their fucking 20’s.

Autistic and badly traumatised girls (like Dagny), too. It feels like eugenics.

No. 1945392

File: 1711924261651.png (143.65 KB, 886x650, JK is colonizer.png)

Rowling Derangement Syndrome is a sight to behold.

No. 1945394

I love seeing this thread whenever it gets bumped because I love miku. anyways fuck trannies

No. 1945436

I would feel immediately embarrassed if I liked these kind of tweets. Why are they still seething about it? They really think JKR who grew up poor, writing books for her kids is a colonizer? Get real

No. 1945557

File: 1711933494430.jpeg (429.2 KB, 2000x3000, lR3cU7y.jpeg)

Someone on boston lex posted a hookup ad that said "cis femmes only please" and the original version of the ad had half a dozen angry replies saying it was transmisogynist to want to have sex with a cis femme. The same people who get angry enough over the transmisogyny of someone wanting to have sex with a vagina to actively complain about the post not just in the comments but on the main timeline for lex were lamenting how there's no lesbian grindr, though. I get it: when you only care about yourself, you want a space to post about 'leaking in your cage after getting throatfucked' but you don't think other people deserve spaces for hateful evil desires like 'eating pussy.' I just don't understand why it's so heinous to picture a small handful of people on the same 'shady hookup app' as you wanting something you don't, though. Certainly, most tinder users aren't offended at the idea that there are some men or women on the app who want something different from what they want? It's just ridiculous that it's not enough for them to be desired, they have to snuff out anyone desiring anyone else besides them.

No. 1945570

File: 1711934717886.jpg (36.19 KB, 960x730, 434064804_7637486902942444_579…)

>implying people care about scottish culture

If she's not a terf, then she's a colonizer or an antisemitism (which no one seems to use it now because watermelon emojis). What's next? Is she against abolitionist movement because as soon as Dobby was free, Dobby started to be a pos?

No. 1945573

The "irresponsibly horny" sounds like a TIM.

No. 1945577

No. 1945594

File: 1711936429136.png (438.06 KB, 601x720, simpsons.png)

Except it wasn't a respectful joke? The joke was that Barney wanted to Homer to model the bikini he bought, he wasn't an ally.

No. 1945678

Apparently it's trans visibility day.

I hate seeing TIMs act like they could be killed at any moment. Everybody already knows you're male. Even if you cut off your dick.

No. 1945709

No one has a victim complex quite like the scottish, despite that fact that they were right there alongside the english colonising Ireland.

No. 1945715

Is this an actual Scot or a 3rd generation American-Scot? Because if it's the later, well they're one to talk

No. 1945759

>Dirk Strider
No way this person is serious

No. 1945912

File: 1711982339405.png (632.56 KB, 1025x917, jk01.png)

JKR being based as fuck as usual. Would post all the pics but phonefagging.

No. 1945916

File: 1711982647109.jpg (40.98 KB, 1380x430, GKFKImcWcAAprrD.jpg)

Himdia accusing her of obsessing over him and that everyone else she posted was a bunch of sexual offenders was so funny, he has some explaining to do to his fellow troons.

No. 1945922

Imagine trying to make barney woke. This is pathetic

A queen never stops posting. Love her

No. 1945924

>male threatens violence
Because of course

No. 1945927

Reading through that list was sickening. Men doing vile things and then claiming to be a woman to escape their crimes. When will this madness end?

No. 1945930

I wonder if the Scottish police will actually contact her and everyone else saying men are men now. That law is a real bad April fool's joke.

No. 1945937

Go to reduxx if you want to truly be disgusted with the amount of criminal men pretending to be women.

No. 1946108

File: 1711991005858.png (1.21 MB, 1125x1054, himdia .png)

He’s illiterate (he wasn’t the only man that wasn’t a criminal) and refuses to address her actual post, which was 100 percent on point. JK remains queen. I love her

No. 1946149

File: 1711992290510.jpg (40.8 KB, 640x654, FPC8KqEUcAAI-lu.jpg)

>last, but least

No. 1946632

File: 1712012666480.png (20.86 KB, 336x273, suicide.png)

My mom had an appointment today and sent me this. Leafland btw, I wonder when the whistleblowing and reports about these suicides will start to come out
No idea how it came up but my little sis has autism and had dysphoria as a kid (that disappeared the moment she was put in an autism class and she met other autistic girls) so it might have come up from that.
I feel bad for the doc, I don't think she can legally stop her patients from transitioning their kids and it could be seen as "conversion therapy" to suggest alternative treatments. She could lose her job if people find out what she's noticed. Meanwhile I know for a fact there are still underground actual gay conversion therapy camps for kids in this country. Or at least "straight suggesting" camps for kids.

No. 1947046

File: 1712045934360.jpg (79.12 KB, 725x448, Screenshot-45.jpg)

As you know, Dylan Mulvaney released a song about being a girl, that's about overspending, being a whore, taking meds and being shallow as shit, women replied by using the audio of "Labour" by Paris Paloma, a song about how women are forced to serve men and the horrors of birthing a girl only to see her fall in the same serving fate, Paris decided to side with Dylan, I guess for Good Inclusive Girl points and said that "this song is also about trans women!!" (how lol) and changed her pronouns to She/They. My guess is only for clout, like you can't really write a song about Labour which talks about the fate of being born a girl and then siding with the ill logic that men can choose to be "girls", but goddamn if this feels so cultish. Shame on her for being weak but musicians right, how are they not attention seeking?

No. 1947135

the jobstopper tattoos really season his cold take

No. 1947136

I'm not surprised she had a take like this tbh, she always seemed like a libfem.

No. 1947137

File: 1712053677830.mp4 (14.57 MB, s39361336.mp4)

No. 1947140

why do men place such high value on their stupid opinions?

No. 1947141

I don't think she's a feminist at all, everything she does is performative, she wants to make money. Let's see if that gremlin notices her

No. 1947144

feminists can have retarded opinions, there's nothing wrong with that, they aren't evil just naive and a product of the dominant culture we live, if they were born 2 decades ago, they would probably be in line with the dominant conservative culture of that time period, now the dominant culture is modern liberals, so that's what they follow.

No. 1947172

He's a TIM so his opinion is automatically worthless. Still funny to watch though. I love how he thinks he's an authority on feminism and women's experiences. TIMs never change kek

No. 1947258

Mansplaining feminism. Classic

No. 1947419

>What did you identify as?
flip-flopped between nb, ftm and "cis" girl for about 7 years, finally settled on ftm for some 3 years, then went bigender right before peaking

>Why? What pushed you into it?

it's the usual: tomboy, same-sex attracted, mentally ill/kind of autistic so i never bonded with girls my age, raised strictly catholic, early unrestricted internet access, abused and neglected as a child, groomed online and irl, developed autoandrophilia (as a result of the grooming i guess? i don't know)

>What peaked you?

i was deeply insecure in my ftm identity because deep down i knew i would never be male no matter how much i tried to delude myself, so i turned all my pent up rage onto "terfs". i felt that if i somehow debunked any and all anti-gender ideology arguments i would finally be able to "be me" (aka. larp as male successfully). i lurked radfem tumblr blogs for months so that i could write a full guide on recognizing "terf ideology" and so i could debunk every radfem anti-trans argument. i ended up slowly peaking myself instead kek

>How do you feel about TIFs right now?

incredibly frustrated, but sad for some of them. i have little to no empathy for the ones that side with nasty ass tims, i feel horrible for the ones who are clearly closeted bi/lesbian women or who are gnc and are just trying to live their lives without realizing how much damage they're doing to themselves. i have hope that at least half of the women who identify as tifs today can and likely will peak in the near future.

No. 1947658

File: 1712079014119.png (268.28 KB, 519x897, jkrdestroystroonlaw.png)

Turns out they didn't dare to. She stopped the law in it's tracks. She really is the fucking queen.

No. 1947664

File: 1712079240603.png (62.36 KB, 606x256, totalheroine.png)

No. 1947668

I will stand by this Queen for years and years. Calling a transwoman a man is note hate speech, it is the truth. I'm so tired of living in 1984. Dogs are cats, etc

No. 1947673

i would die for her ngl.

No. 1947675

I honestly feel so heart broken right now. Is JKR the only woman right now fighting the good fight? So many others would rather just follow the liberal left and call men women and walk on eggshells, but not Queen JK.

No. 1947683

Cheer up nona! We should celebrate how succesful she is. She isn't the only one, and her posts are getting tons of likes and supportive comments.

No. 1947710

You're right. I am happy that because she is a successful woman, she is using her platform for good. You dont ever seen men do this, of course.

No. 1947730

I'm just in awe of how great she is. One of the few times when your hero turns out to be everything you hoped and more. Not only does she have the sheer guts to speak her mind and never back down or apologise or soften her message, she's so intelligent and eloquent and funny. Couldn't wish for a better spokeswoman.

I should go buy physical copies of the Strike series, go read em if you haven't yet anons!

No. 1947743

Even though she gets support, she’s just one woman behind a whole governmental and pharmaceutical machine that supports those dickwounds like they’re gods. I wonder how much longer she can speak against them without them completely shutting her down for good. I haven’t seen any other famous women like Rowling speak out against the tranny agenda which sadly tells me a lot of women choose present comfort and stability over their own and that’s the truly the saddest part, sisterhood doesn’t exist. Because she barely gets enough support from other women because most women are very cowardly and stricken by fear, she really only gets support from conservatives which makes leftie mongaloids go around and lie that she’s a Nazi/fascist.

No. 1947753

This. She needs supporters. One wealthy woman using her voice for good isn't enough. We need more people to stop being afraid to speak up. It begins with women are are drinking the kool-aid by the pitchers. They need to stop pandering to these men pretending to be women.

No. 1947779

She does reblog posts from other gender-critical female activists, so you can kind of gather a network of likeminded women based on observing and following her/their feeds. But unfortunately too many women are afraid they're going to end up like Maya Forstater - get fired from their job, wind up in court cases most people can't feasibly afford to lose, and be relentlessly vilified online.

No. 1947788

I’m so grateful for this woman. Imagine if we didn’t have her and everyone who publicly called this shit out was small enough for the Scottish Police to target and silence. They wouldn’t even have to convict anyone, just take away all their devices and ruin their life through the “investigation”. Even though they still couldn’t possibly enforce the law equally, the inequality would be a lot less visible, so if they specifically targeted gc women (which they would) they’d likely get away with it. But JKR forced them to take a stand in the most public way possible; either they arrest her for saying transwomen are men and call down worldwide scrutiny on this insane new law or they let her comments slide and set a precedent that protects the gc position.
Every time she speaks out like this I remember that she could have stayed quiet, could have back-pedalled her initial “middle aged moment” and apologised and simply sat back and enjoyed the rest of her life in peace. Instead, she chose to fight and risk her neck for women’s rights. I’m so happy we have her.

No. 1947835

For the bisexual/lesbian nonnas who are also into fandoms, what makes you sadder? Seeing a girl who's super hot - exactly the type of girl you'd want to date - but she's a TIF with a backpack covered in pronoun pins? Or seeing a really talented artist who draws the characters you like - but she has he/they/it in her bio and she draws all the characters as troons?

No. 1947861

one of the troons in my extended social circle has been fapping themselves dry to Gushing Over Magical Girls and I am trying SO HARD not to engage because that show is fucking gross to me. it's extremely clear that the dudes cooming over it see it solely as an opportunity for them to self-insert as a 'horny teenage girl' and fantasize about sexually assaulting non-consenting cis women who 'secretly like it'.
the fact that this is apparently a successful formula makes me hope they package every single shipped DVD with a pipe bomb.

like if fucking children's show characters is what you wanted to fap to, perverts have already made PLENTY of porn about Pretty Cure, you guys did not need an entire-ass anime to cater to your shitty horny delusions.

No. 1947864

File: 1712086103178.png (727.72 KB, 1290x1330, rMEqgUX.png)

No. 1947910

Good, more agps should cut their willies off. Doing the world a favour.

No. 1947961

I'm more saddened his wife didnt leave him, unless he married another troon. I hope all mtf trannies cut their dicks off and suffer the consequences.

No. 1947967

Definitely the latter. Nothing worse than following an artist for years and suddenly they are drinking the tranny gender politics kool-aid. They've gone too far. Think their older art is 'problematic' and want to put watermelons in their profile now. It makes me unfollow them, but be very sad about it, because they are often too far gone. Even if they stop drinking the kool-aid, they left their mark in their current art.

No. 1947969

A tim I work with got the chop (and a revision surgery) last year and now he walks with a limp. I honestly feel bad for him because he didn’t have to do that to himself, but of course if I’d tried to tell him that ahead of time he might’ve reported me to HR for tRaNsPhObIa.

No. 1948081

latter. its sad whenever i go to an artists page and i cant follow them because they spam nothing but tranny propaganda. it eventually start seeping into their art and next thing you know youre seeing art of a dark skinned Deku with freckles, body hair and a hairy pussy while its smoking weed.

No. 1948144

the first one is a little sad but can be moved on from, plenty of other fish in the sea. the second, however, is an inescapable plague of locusts. no matter what you do, you will see art of your female fave with titchop scars or with a dick, especially if she's gnc in any way. hell, even asian artists are getting more and more into "f/f" futashit, so lurking in their spaces won't necessarily save you either. i'd also argue influential fandom creators spreading genderwoo is at least partially to blame for more trooning out (social contagion aspect), so your second point kind of leads into the first imo.

No. 1948202

I always say that troons are the ultimate mansplainers.

No. 1948237

I've heard about MTFs who make their hole purposely bleed so they can insert tampons, maybe even giving themselves hemorrhoids on purpose so they would "bleed once a month". Is this true?

No. 1948253

Definitely the second one. Like >>1948144 said, it's inescapable and troon shit is currently overwhelming fandom spaces. Every other post has some sort of troonery in it and it makes fandom just plain not fun. I've started blocking as many gendie and troon artists as I can but I think my accounts are flagged because I'm doing it so damn much. I knew it was the end times when I started seeing gender neutral and TIF reader insert fanfics.

No. 1948264

The sounds so absolutely vile.

No. 1948266

no unless it's chris chan or something

No. 1948277

Bra but agreeing with one viewpoint doesn’t mean I have to agree with it all. That’s called being in a cult. Why leave the gender cult to be inducted into yours?

No. 1948279

Meant to say NTA

No. 1948353

I haven’t watched it but the designs and gifs alone tell me that is one of the grossest “totally not hentai” anime to ever come out. I really peaked on anime thanks to peaking on troons man fuck it all.

No. 1948359

Imagine if they were just androgynous skater girls instead (basically looking the same minus the insane ideology.) Sigh, I miss when kids like this were just into scene or emo instead of gender woo.

No. 1948364

File: 1712112622585.png (495.72 KB, 604x605, 9911245.png)

I wasn't, but I came dangerously close. There was a period of time in eighth grade where I wore oversized boyish clothes, a sports bra, and short hair. When strangers mistook me for a boy, I wouldn't correct them. Thankfully, I never trooned despite being the exact right demographic for it (autistic zillenial girl on Tumblr.) I think it's because I'm a contrarian and I've always been super averse to trends and fads, so I never got peer-pressured into it. Also, I have good relationships with both of my parents, so there's that.

No. 1948368

>What did you identify as?

>Why? What pushed you into it?

autistic social outcast + gender dysphoria + body image issues

>What peaked you?

one of my friends actually, and I'm thankful to her for that. It's the reason I don't have botched top surgery now, if I would've went through with it I absolutely would've kermited by now.

>How do you feel about TIFs right now?

I'm fine with ones who fully transition but the "I'm literally a gay trans man" shit and every single slightly gnc (or even fully gc hyperfeminine) female becoming a he/they/it is so depressing. get me out of here dawggggg. so many of these girls are gonna regret making permanent life decisions at such a young age. If the world is cruel to gnc women, no need to abandon it entirely but instead prove them wrong by existing instead of erasing yourself.

No. 1948374

File: 1712112954326.jpg (125.2 KB, 1343x1080, F8NON_lXQAAZeaw.jpg)

Yeup, It's legit. She actually paid to legally change her name to "Dirk Halexander Broseph Strider." She even posted her license to prove it. No idea how this person was somehow deemed mentally stable enough for major cosmetic surgery.

No. 1948378

File: 1712113049435.jpg (Spoiler Image,174.29 KB, 1759x1249, GKCAZe7WcAAtIZ0.jpg)

Here's how she looks after the chop. Still clearly has boobs, just no nipples. And a beer gut.

No. 1948382

Iranianonna I hope you can get out of there soon. Many of us also had similar experiences being groomed online and I feel like predators especially target tifs/theyfabs as they're extra vulnerable and willing to believe anything in the name of being accepting.

No. 1948384

>older than me
how depressing

No. 1948427

>born in 1996
Wow, wtf the psyop for idiot women runs deep. Let's see how long it takes her to 41%

No. 1948548

I can find someone else to be attracted to so I'd say the second one. I like to engange in my fandoms as a way to relax after a long day and they're the worst places if you're not a gendie. If someone says that [character] is trans then they're trans period, he has a pussy, she has a dick and if you try to ask for non trans content, you're getting canceled and kicked out that space. A male is cute and pathetic? Pussy. A girl is quirky? Dick. Meanwhile, they all scream about breaking gender roles and they also shit on canon (I'm not overly strict about canon but I think that if you need to change a character so much, just make ocs).
Worst offender: Trigun fandom. The protag even impregnates others but since he has big eyes and cries, it's "totes Golden retriever coded" and by consequence, he has a pussy. Goddamn.

No. 1948908

Nonas. Why do trannies say that trannies have existed forever? One of them on a comment section is saying that they used to be worshipped in ancient times kek

No. 1948940

They pretend this is true so that that troonery seems more legit. And then they pretend that famous people in history like Jeanne D'Arc were troons because they can't stand actual gender non-conformity.

No. 1948942

troons are delusional more news at 11

No. 1948943

lots of cultures have practiced pederasty, or had third genders like hijira because they thought men who were penetrated during gay sex were not true men since that's a woman's role. Most ancient "trans" were more like designations for gay male prostitutes, and notably there is very few examples of TIFs in these cultures. It's always so funny when they try to use that as an example of why being trans is good or natural because if you do a lick of research you can see that it all stems from misogyny. It was a way to separate gay/effeminate men from the "true" men.

No. 1948978

there is a tranny in a friend group discord I am and whenever someone talks about anything woman related I make sure to add something that only uterus havers would relate with or make sure I mention XY are defective or something like that. I wasn't like that at first but I notice he inherently didn't like me for some reason on another and would deliberately ignore anything I said on vc so I was like fine, done with being tolerant. someone posted a meme about breeding kink and I said the defective chromosome commonly have that kink because they don't have to worry about pregnancy and its' consequences unlike women and the tranny jumped in the middle of the conversation to snap something sarcastic at me.

No. 1949013

Thanks for the great answer, nona. Now if they bring that shit up again I can destroy them kek

No. 1949022

keep at it this sounds funny as fuck. someone needs to knock some reality into these people already.

No. 1949023

File: 1712170447561.mp4 (6.96 MB, 576x1024, BZZryqZPyu8_q-Pk.mp4)

I hate how these TRAs have given conservatives the golden ticket against every sort of progressive or leftist. They just ask them a question that everyone deep down knows should be obvious, and they can't ever give a proper answer either out of delusion or fear of getting cancelled.

No. 1949026

They think men not having dicks and being forced to be eunuchs are trannys. It more or less comes down to rewriting history. Like how some women cross dressed as males to be taken more seriously as doctors, or to even escape war. Or famous men who crossdressed as women while being spies or assassins.

No. 1949030

KEKKKK nonna that is genuinely hilarious. Got any more examples?

No. 1949051

Of course mentally ill people have existed forever. There have always been members of the population who believe they should have been born the opposite sex, or who believe they have the brain/heart/soul of the opposite sex. There have also always been members of the population who think they are the reincarnation of Jesus, that gods or supernatural entities talk directly to them, people who think they are vampires or have psychic powers, and people who think that on every level except physical they are a wolf. Just because there are people who have these kinds of weird beliefs doesn’t mean that their beliefs are true, and that other people have to believe them.

No. 1949095

They retroactively apply their ideological framework to historical contexts where it doesn't actually apply. This phenomenon is called "presentism." They think that "third genders" (typically either an untouchable caste for gay men or a feminine ceremonial role because actual women weren't allowed in rituals) and women who cross-dressed to escape marginalization are historical examples of transgenderism. Some examples, like Elagabus, rely on historical accounts written by enemies that are basically just hit pieces (the only historical accounts of his life were written by people who hated him.) Others are just pure misogyny, like claiming that a female skeleton was nonbinary because she was buried with a sword and shield. The earliest case of someone I'd consider "trans" in the modern sense was Dr. James Barry, and even Barry may have just been an intersex woman cross-dressing to escape misogyny.

No. 1949130

Nonas I might be going insane but it's something I've noticed. In my class there's three gender specials, two TIFs and one enby, and I've noticed that whenever the TIFs talk about themselves or the enby talks about them, they call themselves "boys". I've never heard the word "man" being used to described themselves. I thought maybe is a regional or language thing, because this is in French and French is not my first language so some regional and slang stuff are lost for me. But I've been studying French for a long time and I've never heard "boy" being used to describe an adult unless it's someone much older saying it.
It's something I've noticed trannies online do, they call themselves "boys" or "girls" instead of "men" or "women". I wanna know what reason is behind that, I find it super weird.

No. 1949140

Nta but i want to add that while we can't open their mind to stop being delusional, giving any sort of legal recognition to them is a mistake because it's based on nonsense. it would be like to legaly recognize anas as deathfats and giving them treatments intended for fatties and special privilegies.
Trannies are a quite sad case where the mental ilnesss interferes with politics, and that makes them even worse for everyone.

No. 1949153

If there is such thing as "genuinely transgender" individuals then there are people with legs and arms that "doesn't belong to them" and BMI15 anas who are fat. Dysphoria is all the same: actual insanity.

No. 1949157

The actual original "auto" paraphilia wasn't autogynephilia/autoandrophilia but autopedophilia. It's all closely related. Not even Ray Blanchard dared to investigate it but i would bet that most troons are autopedos too

No. 1949275

File: 1712182996422.png (18.76 KB, 598x214, Screenshot.png)

>Wishing bad to a woman while "misgender" her
>Ask for Ceasefire in Palestine


No. 1949301

trannies tend to be quite developmentally stunted and reluctant to grow up. The vast majority I've known are behind in life milestones (e.x mid twenties but virgin, or perma NEET, or too autistic to function) and they also tend to have severe peter pan syndromes. They want to romanticize being useless, and avoid the scary adult life. it really pisses me off how obvious TIMs are about it with the whole girlfailure/cute neet waifu/baby talk shit. why work on your depression or anxiety if you can just transition and glorify it, because it's cute when a girl does it?

No. 1949318

thats actually something i notice a lot about TIM/TIF's online is that they use boy/girl but never more mature terms for themselves. they also watch a lot of childrens shows too. Guess like >>1949301 said, most are developmentally stunted.

No. 1949339

well isn't that part of the problem? dysphoria does exist in those ways but most of them are treated as disorders. they don't treat trannies the same because they keep conflating being a tranny with how gay/lesbianism manifests biologically(even though gay/lesbian behaviors and sexuality is found in nature). plus trans surgery is a huge grift and much more lucrative than therapy, along with it being a thinly veiled form of eugenics/gay conversion therapy.

No. 1949357

I can't with drag queens trying to hold moral high grounds against people, when some of the most milquetoast ones have been exposed as rapists.

No. 1949367

But yet you see people claiming "I would rather be next with drag queens than priests".

No. 1949376

At least priests/pastors and religious leaders can be held accountable in ways that drag queens cannot in the modern age, drag queens should be nowhere near children yet faghags keeps bringing their children to drag con and letting them watch drag race.

No. 1949489

File: 1712194907786.png (45.63 KB, 774x569, the photo of the troon in twin…)

you're onto something here

No. 1949503

>among 475 men sexually attracted to children
>475 men
>attracted to children
>there are in fact at least 475 pedophiles in this world

No. 1949587

Posted in the wrong thread here it is:

It’s official. My friend is coming out as a troon. I don’t even know if I would consider her a friend as things got really intense and we only hung out a few times. I wasn’t prepared to get myself into having to console someone’s panic attacks and smooth over conflicts that occurred because she insisted on being apart of things she couldn’t participate in “due to autism” and offended people because of it. It’s way too much. I’ve also noticed that whenever this happens, the girl is usually dealing with severe mental issues. I saw a classmate like this who was super skinny and depressed and went by a new name and recently came out. Now this distant friend is doing the same and wants to dress like her grandpa because she wants to “be the type of man he is”. It all screams trauma trauma trauma. But this friend is also an intense twitter leftist who will have no issue ruining my life so I’m not gonna bother, she’s too far gone

No. 1949599

If it's ok to ask, where did you meet so many trannies?

No. 1949777

I'm detrans tif myself and used to be active in lots of tranny discord shitholes as a teen, which is why I feel I understand that specific genre of terminally online TIM pretty well.
But even beyond that they're kind of everywhere? They're present in all my hobbies, college classes and friend groups. I see them at the grocery store or the bar. They're at my friends' parties and they follow me on social media. I feel like depending on your interests/location you can feel like they're 75% of the population or rarely see them.

No. 1949848

Always the same story. Good for you though for cutting herself off. Block her immediately too so she cant track down your socials

No. 1949850

It really does seem like a ton of kweerios are mentally stunted at like 16 or younger. The always live with their parents or mooch off a friend. They dont own their own property or work a really high wage job because they dont want any responsibility. I wish they'd just off themselves instead of being so useless

No. 1949852

Ugh, the fact that this has 40k likes is pathetic. JKR really does live rent free in these people's heads
>palestine flag

No. 1949893

This. Why is it that "gender dysphoria" is the only body-dysmorphic-type condition we treat by enabling it as opposed to discouraging it? Letting people with BDD have tons of plastic surgery doesn't cure them. Putting anorexics on weight loss diets doesn't cure them. Obsessive body builders aren't given more steroids. What is it about gender dysphoria that distinguishes itself from these things in the minds of TRAs? And from trans-race and otherkin, for that matter?

No. 1949895

If you're into any kind of nerd hobby that's popular online, you'll be tripping over troons left and right. Cosplay, anime, comic books, you name it, the communities are infested.

No. 1949899

How do you decide that, anon? Are they only "legit" to you because they're GC? Because it seems to me like they talk the talk but don't walk the walk. If they truly didn't believe in this crap, they wouldn't participate in it. Granted, Buck and Blair have probably fucked up their bodies too much to detrans, but they could at least say that's why they don't detrans. At the end of the day, they only consider other troons "fake" for the simple fact that they dislike being lumped in with sex pests and political extremists.

No. 1949900

TRAs are too pigheaded to realize how damaging their movement is to liberalism. They're turning people (especially black and latino) into Trump voters and its infuriating. Working class people feel alienated by the left because it currently cares more about niche identity groups than it does about fair labor and such. The minute Democrats started backing troons with their sports and childhood transition nonsense, they created an easy point of attack for the right. Sex changes for kids and males in women's sports aren't just political losers, they're political suicide.

No. 1949901

>mid twenties but virgin
>perma NEET
How are these things comparable? There are several famous, successful women who were celibate their whole lives. Finding a nasty scrote to put his dick in you is not a "milestone" when it happens regularly to inanimate objects.

No. 1949915

>Buck and Blair have probably fucked up their bodies too much to detrans, but they could at least say that's why they don't detrans.
Detransing is not about undoing surgeries, or even about looks at all, it's the mental process of admitting you are not another "gender" and you are your real sex. Plenty of detrans people can't afford the expensive surgeries to undo what they've done, and even if they could we all know adding a frankendick or breast implants isn't in any way the same as a real deal. Not to mention once people realize those doctors and surgeons treated them like guinea pigs and ended up with awful complications they're stuck with medical fear and trauma, they rightfully do not trust those ideologically captured medical people anymore.
I don't think it's a good idea to sell that these people can't detrans because they're "too far gone". Everyone can detransition. They can admit they just like being a feminine man who looks like a woman, or a women who looks like a man.

No. 1949938

I'm really glad you posited this question nona. something that I love about this estonian basket weaving forum is connecting with other women that are awkward and considered "girlfailures" because it's one of few spaces where I feel seen, and reading other stories echoes that. I hope reading my story gives solace to other desisted/detransed nonnies, the stories desisters and detransitioners tell really resonate with me and help me manage lingering dysphoria (delusional thought doesn't always go away immediately because you understand it to be nonsense, unfortunately).

>What did you identify as?

I actually pushed for true&honest man kek. I went at it from hard internalised misogyny and NLOGism as a third worlder tomboy who had femininity pushe on me HARD by family and peers, and I realised how many "non binaries" were just the girls I perceived as dangerous as a gnc nerd shut in with a primarily male nerd friend circle, so I did a lot of "not like other trannies" cope and insisted I was a REAL MAN

>Why? What pushed you into it?

I'm an autist on the line of just functional enough that people don't register my offputting behaviour as autism and retarded enough that people notice something is "wrong" even if they don't have a name for it. I never grasped female social dynamics, I was that weird pet project for girl groups or a complete reject, didn't have shared interests and clicked better with passing friendships over shared activities with moids. Like many tomboys who have scrote friends can attest I had to learn to wrangle their sexual retardation to earn respect, and cut off any scrote that continued to be a creep after. I still fell into understanding I had been female socialised enough to see myself as a "gay man" though– but it was because of mannerisms, I'm bisexual and knew it far before the trans shit. Like the nona who spoke of her autistic literal brain said I could only delude myself so much before logic kicked in and made cognitive dissonance flare.

I went from my thirdie country to London to visit family and met gendies irl instead of on tumblr for the first time. They goaded me into it which is why I see trannyism as a cult that recruits, even if those tifs seemed to truly believe what they were saying. I noticed a lot of them were more typically feminine in presentation but I really wanted to be a man so family would stop fucking with me because I was a tomboy and their words were enticing. I sorta hinted at it to my relatives, being a doormat like most insecure TiFs who take the man persona to be stronger but are total wallflowers in practice, and planned to queue up for the Tavistock and Portman if I got a residence. Then the residence got canned and I had to move back to my shithole, and that's when the illusion shattered.

>What peaked you?

First? Realising poignantly than my tranning did nothing to solve the sexism I was trying to escape from because no one actually sees tifs and tims as what they claim to be. I then realised inside the tranny community everyone knows who the men and the women actually are, so I wouldn't even achieve my goal of being taken seriously and going under the radar as a dude among other trannies. That made me realise it was all worthless and seek other points of view. I learned about radical feminism and agree with several tenets, but I found a lot of the radfems shitting on other women for just befriending moids disingenuous. It felt like a lot of them just swapped the tranny clique for another one. Radical feminism still taught me a lot of things that helped me give up on this though, on that front I am very grateful for it. It helped me be confident and feel cool as a strange woman, rather than like a failure, be neutral about my body, and solidarise with other women who would often feel like aliens to me. I'm still too retarded to get along with normies, but it cured me of the worst of my NLOGism.

>How do you feel about TIFs right now?

A lot of them feel lost and aimless to me. If I'm brutally honest the very feminine neopronoun xenogender ones who put themselves on the way to get stomped by tims make my internalised misogyny flare, because I don't want to be associated with a group that's so willing to be curbstomped by loser, coomer men, but I understand that's bias I have yet to undo. Then some of them seem as porn rotten as the tims, and I don't know what to make of that. Mostly, seeing them hurts. Too much like looking in a mirror. so I avoid socialising with trannies of either sex. Like leaving a cult it's too easy to get roped back in or fall into the programming if you hang out with active cultists. I would advise any detranny who came to it from a lot of pain like me and who was a doormat once to stay the fuck away and try not to look back. They prey on your empathy and weaknesses like most cults.

No. 1949942

tbf, a lot of the "based trannies" like Buck, Marcus Dib and basic_chanel admit their biological sex. Though I still find it kinda foolish that they continue going forward despite this awareness I can still commend them for that as it does make them more self aware than 99.8% of modern troons

No. 1949970

I'm sorry I offend you virgin anon. Agree that dick is abundant and of low value. I was mainly referring to scrotes, who are prone to pathologizng their virginity and meming themselves into becoming incels or transbians because they view being a mid twenties virgin as a fate worse than death

No. 1949975

it's because the rainbow crowd is a cesspool of pedophilia(bait)

No. 1949978

No. 1949979

Nice homophobia

No. 1949982

Nta but before you kick off she very clearly is not referring to lesbians, instead referring to the ocean of normalised pedophilia among sexual degenerates

No. 1949985

nonnie there are probably 500 pedos in a 50 mile area around you. You're woefully naive.

No. 1949999

File: 1712225357139.png (86.25 KB, 715x748, image.png)

It's somewhere between 1-5% of men nona
In a city of a million there are at least 10,000 pedoscrotes
Also ngl, I think the scrote who did the studying may be a pedoshit himself or at least ok with some degree of pedophilia seeing as he seems to consider <14 to be proper pedophilia, or at least the one to be concerned about
the fact that they're gender essentialists who cannot imagine a world where they could just be whatever and still remain their birth sex. Also because they're a group spearheaded by male fetishists who are the most single-minded demographic on the planet and on a mission for coom.
Shapeshifter is a good example of someone detransitioning but staying very effeminate. The only thing he misses is his amputated penis his inner stump is horrific and I feel so bad for the guy honestly
yeah but they still push the lie that transitioning is a solution for dysphoria unlike detransitioners who realize it doesn't do shit for dick(less)

No. 1950007

I hate how MTFs stole the “:3” emoticon so fucking much. It was the first emoticon I learned how to use and I used it so much when I was younger, texting friends or on multiplayer games. And now it’s fucking ruined. I thought it was so cute and it was my favourite emoticon growing up but I guess it’s one of the multiple aspects of my life that trannies have copied/ruined/appropriated.

No. 1950018

The line is hatd to draw. Some girls can look very ”mature” already at 15, especially if they use a lot of makeup, and someone being attracted to them is a whole different thing than being attracted to very little children. These days the definition of pedo is a bit muddled online imo, calling someone who is attracted to literal babies the same word as someone who likes a 20 year old twitter user seems wrong. Not that I approve of scrotes pushing 30 of harassing 20 year olds, and moids who sexually exploit under age kids of any age should be lined up the wall. I just think making the definition of the word ”pedophile” too broad muddled it too much and makes it less severe.

No. 1950020

Aren't the ones who like 16-20 year olds ephebophiles?

No. 1950027

Important fact to remember is that the vast majority of men who commit pedophilic crimes and abuse children sexually are NOT actual pedophiles, they just abused the closest and easiest victim they had access to. Anyone who works with abused kids learn this day 1 but the general public is still usually unaware. All the more reason to keep troons out of female bathrooms, they're male opportunistic predators trying to find easy victims.

No. 1950036

Okay but how and why did troonacy become acceptable worldwide? 20 years ago if you pulled this tranny shit, the whole world would think you were a mentally ill fool, and bully you.
Nowadays everyone caters to trannies like they're the most special group of humans. I was at a shop about to walk into the changing rooms and an assistant called me sir. So women can't have short hair now? I'm visibly a woman but I guess the guy thought I was a tif. Even my doctor asked me if I'd like to go to a gender clinic when I was just there to clean the wax out of my ears kek. Fucking insane. Saw my haircut and immediately assumed I must be a tif.
Also, how come they're okay with transgender bullshit but not transracial, for example? How do they justify that? If I ask them that, I never get a straight answer, just get called a transphobe.

No. 1950040

It's like saying "I smoke and I look cool doing it and it saved my life, I'd be dead without it, but YOU shouldn't smoke kids!! Just because it's right to a few who are the coolest, most specialest, true smokers like me doesn't mean it's right for others who are less cool" while smoking in the whole video. To a lot of people they just affirm that they too are the most special true trans.
But I still think these people are a much needed bridge to peaking indoctrinated people. Handmaidens wouldn't ever listen to a non-trans person saying the same things, but they're still faghag-y enough that they worship Blaire even when he says the wrong things.

No. 1950072

File: 1712231819046.png (277.18 KB, 715x532, jytshgs.png)

I'm so fucking sick of handmaidens defending Dyldo Mulvaney. "you can criticize a bad song without being transphobic!!!11" OH MY GODDD shut the fuck up you stupid bitch PLEASE I can't take it anymore. so he can build his entire identity on blatant misogyny and profit off of it but we are supposed to respect it??? we are supposed to care about his feelings and call him "she"? absolute fucking retards. I can't stand them. I'm so tired of this shit.
I think it should be mandatory for everyone who wants to argue about trans rights to spend 8 hours scrolling through most popular tranny subreddits so they can Listen To Trans Voices and know what they support when they defend trannies. make them watch an hour long slideshow of rotdogs and rotpockets for better effect. force them to read through leaked WPATH files. I'm sick of hearing opinions from people who have no idea what they're talking about.

No. 1950078

The people who made a living being "activists" needed something to do after marriage equality was passed and gay jokes became passe. By then the "T" had adhered itself to the LGB so obviously trannies were the most oppwessed minowity now. And no one touches "transracial" (even though that's a real term and is used for adoptees who are a different race than their parents) because Rachel Dolezal got roasted by everyone so no one wanted to defend people like her, even though transracial has way more validity than transgender. Doesn't stop tranny moids from co-opting raceface on top of their womanface though ("muslimah" sissies for example.)

No. 1950109

yeah which is under the pedo umbrella so I still think it's weird for a researcher to state <14 as his pedo line even for an article. 16 is pushing it, but two years even younger? I'd argue 15 is equally childlike to 14 with 16 barely farther.
yes this is very important. Like how pedos who target pre-pubescent kids' victimize kids who don't necessarily line up with their sexuality. At least now people are more aware that keeping their sons away from gays won't save them, and likewise letting your gay friend take care of your daughter isn't a guaranteed safe situation either.
Though it feels like people are forgetting in the age of troons and drag queens reading to young children and teaching them sex-ed lessons or giving them shows without prior set approval. It's like people took the fact that gay doesn't equal pedo after they stopped believing the church claim it's a gay problem and then forgot all men could still be one.
I seriously think it's people's guilty conscious after they'd been so homophobic then realized gay is natural beyond a shadow of a doubt through science and exposure. People are just scared of being on the wrong side of history (again). I find the most tolerant old people to troons were people who had to learn "live and let live/who cares if they're not hurting you" after being virulent racists and/or homophobes. Also I think because people are seeing kids abandon their parents much easier and often now and they don't want to lose their kids/be alone in a retirement home when older.

No. 1950122

If someone works a lower wage job, should they off themselves too? Not everyone can be rich like you, anon.

No. 1950139

File: 1712236267889.png (154.42 KB, 514x278, DvGTWvZWsAYv4cl.png)

>Okay but how and why did troonacy become acceptable worldwide?
>Why is it that "gender dysphoria" is the only body-dysmorphic-type condition we treat by enabling it as opposed to discouraging it?
Because it is profitable. Every person, dysphoric or not, who is chasing surgeries and hormones was proven to be worth £2M per head. They are walking talking ATMs. If brain sex was real doctors would give a brain scan and say "Yup you are a man/woman/nonbinary inside. I will book you for your £25k surgery tomorrow (not counting revisions) to rectify this immediately." but instead they are giving 1 hour assessments/appointments and crippling people for profit but they don't care because they see them as degenerate faggots/dykes that need fixing anyway, hence why so many MTFs are like "Hello fellow lesbians, I was also pushed to be attracted to men, which is why I belong here, with you. Let's fuck now!" like no you massive scrote the doctor wanted to make sure he wasn't mutilating a heterosexual male kek. Also misery loves company, other trans people love shilling trans shit as a magic pill when they know that they still hate themselves. They will be like "I'm so much happier now!" but if you asked them "what's changed?" there's no concrete answer, they just want to believe something has changed, so they keep promoting it. Everyone else is encouraging it too, workshops, courses, pins and merchandise, buy buy buy.

What makes it funnier is that transitioning was started by the right wing as a way to convert homosexuals, but is now being marketed as a left wing concept because of its relationship to homosexuals without any critical thought behind its origins. All because it is profitable. And by relating it to homosexuality it is then put above criticism, despite the fact for the last decade especially it has been a heterosexual-male-feelings and fetish movement reinforced by the porn industry (who love creating and selling paraphilias). The kicker is I remember reading about a geriatric male with dementia, who had transitioned in his 30s, and now believed doctors had experimented on him. He cut his hair and went by his old name and refused to allow anyone to touch him and would scream if anyone tried to. Freaked me out. I remember reading another case of a male dementia patient in an old people's home not being trans anymore, and the nurse looking after him said she believed he must have suffered transphobia because he would dress in male clothing, but then said he seemed comfortable and that he fit in with the other men there, which was somehow twisted as proof that the transphobia must have been so bad he reverted back to being male, despite no evidence of transphobia occurring, so she then suggested the wife and kids were to blame. Everyone just seems to be wilfully dumb. The first man I mentioned who forgot he transitioned also had a wife btw. No one is allowed to acknowledge this is just a male coom movement.

No. 1950190

>I think it should be mandatory for everyone who wants to argue about trans rights to spend 8 hours scrolling through most popular tranny subreddits so they can Listen To Trans Voices and know what they support when they defend trannies.
This is so true. I used to be a handmaiden until I was exposed to huge amounts of unfiltered tranny shit after they took over every lesbian subreddit. It was so obvious that they were just lesbian fetishizers getting off by embodying misogynistic stereotypes and larping as uwu anime yuri. I don’t know how I was so blind before

No. 1950241

I was a TIF when i had a severe eating disorder and felt 100% alienated from my own body. I recovered and felt like I was going to be demolished if I admitted the NB identity was a side effect of wanting to be as detached from my body as possible.
The biggest thing that peaked me though is that suddenly I started seeing TIMs deny that male socialization is a real thing "because it didn't work on them so they can't have been male socialized". They started "not all males"-ing something that is by definition NOT within your control and has nothing to do with how you personally think of yourself. I don't care if you want to pretend you knew you were "really" a girl at 2 years old, that has no bearing on how people treated you as a male and taught you how to interact with and regard females. It doesn't matter if you want to say "lol socialization failed I am a woman". It affects even subconscious ways you interact with other people and the world. Once I realized they were trying to deny it, it started amplifying all the ways I saw TIMs act towards females and all the ways I saw TIFs capitulating towards males. Dire

No. 1950273

The denial of male socialization really did a good job peaking many of us, I started peaking for the same reason, plus I had a bad feeling about male troons and it was the same feeling when I'm around certain males, that gut feeling you're in danger y'know. I also saw firsthand male trannies downplaying their peers crimes and forbidding us from talking about it because it would make them look bad. It was truly "not all men" all over again and now I can see terf for what it is, the old "feminazi" they'd pull to any woman or girl who said enough. Tra is just mra and it's bizarre how people cannot see it but then I couldn't see it for a long time too. Good thing they are their worst enemies, I don't know anyone who peaked thanks to the ebil terves, only thanks to trannies themselves.

No. 1950276

it disgusts me that most of you used to be TIFs

No. 1950289

Do you know where you are? Fuck off

No. 1950292

I don’t know what you were expecting coming into the gender ideology hate thread. Who would hate it more than former troons? At least be happy that those anons peaked rather than continuing down the rabbit hole.

No. 1950332

File: 1712247370043.jpeg (104.77 KB, 750x370, IMG_9873.jpeg)

I got bored and started lurking r/mtf a few minutes ago and saw this. What a bunch of drama kings kek, hopefully it’s total tranny death.

No. 1950336

Who cares?

No. 1950386

I swear every week there's a new "trans genocide" but unfortunately they are still here

No. 1950410

Hopefully a tranny genocide. It's the only good thing that can come. Liberals wont win because they have been shilling the trannygenda more than anyone else. Even people on the left are sick of it.

No. 1950414

I understand how you feel, but at least they peaked and realized how retarded they were. It speaks more volumes to how strong the grooming of younger adults and teenagers are.

No. 1950417

Trump was already president once and he’s still alive. What a dramatic retard

No. 1950445

Sorry, I'm fucking retarded but is liberal and left not the same? What's the difference between them? My dumb ass always assumed they were the same thing kek

No. 1950474

leftists are further left than liberals. in the US context, liberals are mainstream democrats while leftists are socialists, communists, etc

No. 1950496

Ah, I get it now. Thanks nona

No. 1950506

>it disgusts me that most of you used to be TIFs
I highly doubt most nonas here were tifs. I wasn't. And why does it disgust you that these girls and women managed to escape troonism? As we've seen time and time again trans ideology is really fucking predatory and literally groom kids into it. Of course people who have actively been harmed by the trans cult will be in the thread that shits on in, they have almost no places on the entire internet they can go to vent about the trauma that they had to go through without getting lynched by angry handmaidens and tims.

No. 1950526

I've noticed this too, even the 'successful' ones with actual jobs obsess over toddler cartoons. They live in hovels with mold on the walls and beg for money to buy pizza because their roommate Sock (he/ze/it) is deathly allergic to doing the dishes. They have monthly mental breakdowns when the rent is due because they thought that was their mental health spending money and the landlord doesn't accept secondhand PS5s as payment. All of their problems are things like 'I am homeless because my mother told me to put away my shoes and I cannot deal with this transphobia any longer'. They're terrified of being held accountable for their bullshit and right now trooning out absolves you of all crimes. If it wasn't being a gendie, they'd find something else to identify as, probably AuDHD, that could grant them diplomatic immunity in their retarded Steven Universe and My Little Pony ship wars.
As long as they peak and stop memeing themselves into ruining their lives for likes, that's all that matters.

No. 1950628

File: 1712260042827.png (343.61 KB, 828x558, noooo.png)

The fate of every nerdy guy these days.

No. 1950632

File: 1712260272269.png (304.28 KB, 1276x726, nerds.png)

kek nonny i suffer alongside you. Scott the woz is the last remaining specimen of true shy cute nerd

No. 1950660

im pretty liberal but at the same time i'll vote a republican into office if it means I, or my future kids, dont have to be forced to legally share a bathroom with a man with a dick.

No. 1950682

Two different exes of mine from years ago were both thin, pretty, liked nerdy stuff and anime, were talented musicians and had a great sense of humor…and they BOTH fucking trooned out in the last 5 years.
I feel ashamed and kind of disgusted with myself somehow. Like - do I just have horrible shitty taste in men, who are autogynephiliac freaks? I seriously never would have seen that coming from either of them! Or, are they just the retarded ones for falling for this cultural bullshit? Why can’t men just be pretty nerds anymore?

No. 1950687

this kind of stuff is why i'm careful when dating guys with any kind of social media accounts that arent strictly related to hobbies.
Nerdy guys I knew years ago with twitters/tumblrs/high presence on social media (and big emphasis on them always getting themselves involved in drama that doesnt involve them) trooned out eventually.

No. 1950776

nah it's a social contagion, not your fault at all. Depending on their IQ they can be pretty easy to peak if you manage to get to them before they troon out.

No. 1950831

File: 1712269708164.png (598.18 KB, 600x1578, eafsevd.png)

It truly is.

No. 1950844

I would say I’m half disgusted because I hate trannies of any kind and half disgusted they were groomed to become disgusting trannies and had no good parents or friends to save them from tranny groomers. Ban internet access until they reach 21.

No. 1950852

What the actual fuck did I just see kek. I'm losing hope for mankind. I can't do this anymore. How can someone be this retarded. 'JKR is worse than Andrew Tate' KEK KEK KEKKITY KEK

No. 1950862

hold the fuck up, so the woman donating to domestic violence shelters (and was a victim of dv herself), who speaks out against creepy males wanting access to spaces for women and girls is now a suspected trafficker and pedophile because she called several mtfs male? and she's somehow worse than the man who actually trafficked, raped and abused dozens of women? i don't think i've ever seen this level of retardation before and i've been terminally online for over a decade

No. 1950863

Saying no to trannies and being the author of a children’s book with positive impact on many people and extremely successful puts you on an equal footing of a raging bald misogynist who’s spread detrimental beliefs about women through the web to younger moids and was charged for sex trafficking by Romanians to TRAs kekkkk. I am so on board with radfems who claim that trannies and queerios have always been on the side of MRAs and incels and that’s why they will never have the same amount smoke they have for Jordan Peterson and other conservative men who rightfully drag the trannies by their dickwounds. TRAs protect men because they know trannies are now considered a heavily protected class of men which is why there’s going to be an increase of men transitioning for those special government-mandated privileges as a new, creative inventive way to torture, bully and silence women, welcome to patriarchal 2.0 with a wig and estrogen! This makes a bitch like me want to throw hands at a tranny, this shit angers me so fucking much

No. 1950880

I don't want to wish ill on such people, but it's hard not to want the people behind these tweets to experience something harsh that will make them realize JKR is not the enemy. This is depressing to read. The Trannygenda runs so deep

No. 1950882

At this point, trannies, TRAs, kweerios and the ultra left are the same as MRAs and incel men. It's actual insanity. Trying to compare real men who hurt women to words and feelings is insanity, isn't it?

No. 1950885

I feel like 2020 pandemic was the last straw for a lot of these socially inept men. They spent more time online, thus were easier to groom. It's bonkers how many men and women trooned out during the pandemic. I dont get it, since I had a job and a mortgage, so I wasn't online 24/7.

No. 1950976

>The only thing he misses is his amputated penis
Stupid games, stupid prizes. Like I get that these people were being enabled and manipulated at every step, but at a certain point, you do have to take a little bit of ownership for your actions.

No. 1950986

File: 1712274593007.png (73.02 KB, 682x439, 3519111816.png)

I know it might feel that way because Western woke types have mass media by the balls, but it really isn't. I was doing research on onsens for an upcoming Japan trip, and a lot of the resources online say outright that troons (especially preop ones) are not welcome. They even say it on Reddit, land of the tranny power mods. Only the youngest, most Westaboo retards in non-anglophone cultures cape for troons. Everyone else is either ambivalent or hostile.

No. 1950987

100%. If I had a dollar for every time a TiM said his "egg" cracked during the pandemic or when his wife was pregnant, I'd be richer than James "Jennifer" Pritzker.

No. 1950992

>I feel ashamed and kind of disgusted with myself somehow.
You should only feel this way if you stayed with them after trooning out, which you didn't. Also, GNC moids are targeted super hard by gendies. There's a Tiktoker called Dejatwo who has had to make a couple of videos about how he's constantly harassed by troons and told that he's an egg just because he's a straight man with long hair. Any guy in that situation who isn't 100% mentally healthy and stable is going to fall victim to the cult.

No. 1951040

NTA but I really don't care about people like Blaire and Buck either. I do think it's a type of dysmorphia and this is the only treatment being pushed. I moreso care about the other ones acting like they are an oppressed group because they have a mental illness

No. 1951044

I don't understand the sympathy for tifs. They're horrible to other women and undue everything the women before them fought for because "blue is a boys color and Im a boy". I honestly worry that most of them channel their nlogism into shitting on liberal women for "supporting the patriarchy" by wearing makeup once they detransition.

No. 1951053

NTA Because we know how they treated us when they were tifs. It's not disgusting but I don't feel comfortable being around women who think they are so different from me that theres no way we could be the same gender, its weirdly dehumanizing

No. 1951091

I witness you anon.. as someone who grew up watching it all mutate and unfold in the beginning days of tumblr to now while still holding the same views, I was always shocked to see how many women really did get caught in it. It's frustrating when you feel like you spent the last 10+ years trying to shake the world's shoulders and it only got worse and worse. But like other anons said it's a good thing that girls and women are peaking every day and being vocal about it, that's the most important part and what will ultimately save us allll!!

No. 1951097

So cool that a man who was mentally ill enough to cut his own dick off is cleared to hang out with naked women then, I feel much safer knowing that.

I know that most MTFs don't cut their dicks off, but the one I'm forced to interact with in my personal life is AGP and did cut his dick off, and there's no way in hell I'd feel comfortable bathing naked around him.

No. 1951100

File: 1712283771807.jpg (26.78 KB, 563x472, 0819794d946d38d1bf7cde1a718f6c…)

Nonnas, how do braindead lefties manage to shoehorn in concern for tranny rights on a two page paper about fucking DAOISM?? I'm grading my students' work and… This is (despairingly) not the stupidest thing I have read but we just can't go a day without pandering to some nebulous glass skin tranny, now can we? The gender mafia in academia is truly abysmal.

No. 1951145

I salute you, nonna. Academia has been so captured by gender ideology it’s insane

No. 1951168

I feel u nonnas. I work at a college and every time I get an email from coworkers with pronouns in the signature (so like 90% of my emails) I'm reminded that nearly everyone in my building is a member of this cult.

No. 1951188

File: 1712288400284.jpg (37.88 KB, 550x543, flat,800x800,075,f.u3.jpg)

>shoehorn in concern for tranny rights on a two page paper about fucking DAOISM
That's fucking hilarious oh my god. Next I want someone to insert troon rights into a paper about Archduke Franz Ferdinand.

No. 1951190

They're usually autistic, cluster B, and/or were molested. Not an excuse for them acting like complete asshats, but it helps contextualize why they got roped into the cult. Some otherwise decent people have done horrible things after being roped into cults, and cults target the vulnerable. Food for thought.

No. 1951292

Would it surprise you that this student also leftie-raged at Republicans? Ma'am we're talking about Zhou Dynasty China. Cease and desist.

No. 1951445

Maybe dumb question, but what is it with troons (particularly tifs) and their obsession with "trans joy"?

I've never seen any other minority group use "___ joy" as frequently as they do, or at all.

Frankly it feels childish.

No. 1951465

I don't really want to consume any troon stuff and i'm happy that i don't have to deal with that in my country but anyway this video always kinda cheers me up, the kids reactions are so natural, i wish troons online weren't so persuasive and that children will always be safe from that stuff, would have been better if it was a mtf but oh well.

No. 1951490

They stole it from "black joy", which was trending for a little bit. People with a harmful cross-sex ideation (troons) are obsessed with their own sexuality, so you have euphoria (boners) and trans joy (sexual validation) mentioned every 5 seconds by the males. The tifs are often repressed and/or traumatized and meeker, they'll call any happy feeling "trans joy" in an attempt to stay in-group. They have to prove to themselves and others that they are trans at all times, so they don't lose their precious hug-box community.

No. 1951494

Most tims troon because they are sexual predators.
Most tifs troon because they're traumatized and victims of men's sexual violence. We have compassion for the victims, and plenty of us know they will peak and become terfs/gc.

No. 1951636

File: 1712317371982.png (172.88 KB, 481x1006, ctrl z 1.png)

Copium levels out the ass here

No. 1951645

File: 1712317874007.png (63.17 KB, 475x880, ctrl z 2.png)

No. 1951652

File: 1712318223707.png (273.51 KB, 744x1151, ctrl z 3.png)

No. 1951656

File: 1712318546745.png (298.53 KB, 741x1230, ctrl z 4.png)

No. 1951659

File: 1712319084796.png (577.9 KB, 749x1266, ctrl z 5.png)

No. 1951665

Incredibly insulting since “don’t die wondering” was originally a lesbian thing.

No. 1951666

File: 1712319583803.png (275.78 KB, 747x1196, ctrl z 6.png)

No. 1951668

> Transphobes will claim that I really only transitioned in order to escape sexism, and to that I will say, yeah, so? It worked! Are you jealous? Do you want to join me?
Women are oppressed because they enjoy it. Oppression is a choice. If not, why don’t you just transition? No? So you don’t want to escape sexualization then. You don’t want to join the “liberated”. Woman means oppressed and you still chose to be a woman.
> my body felt like it was more my own, rather than an object for men to use—
Disgusting misogynists. All of them

No. 1951669

File: 1712320272445.png (295.49 KB, 760x1266, ctrl z 7.png)

No. 1951677

File: 1712320576598.png (256.97 KB, 732x1087, ctrl z 8.png)

No. 1951684

File: 1712321525521.jpg (18.62 KB, 400x400, costanza_400x400.jpg)

And to think all of this could have been avoided if she stopped caring about what people think. Many such cases.

No. 1951712

File: 1712323481453.png (159.3 KB, 746x736, ctrl z 9.png)

No. 1951745

But the women they hate are also victims of sexual violence, autistic, cluster b and still didn’t fuck over other women the way they did

No. 1951765

File: 1712325335708.jpg (161.22 KB, 1170x1346, IMG_1528.jpg)

No. 1951770

Yeah but a man is anyone who claims to be one, right? So "men" don't have a standardized look. They write thir own jokes.

No. 1951809

>I want to get railed like a fleshlight and then tucked into bed
All this gender back and forth woohoo and this bitch still couldn't address her own internalised misogyny. Disgusting.

Other highlights from this biography include:
>feeling smug when infiltrating gay jack off bars
>wanting to be a yaoi gay elfin boy like a fucking Les Mis cosplayer TIF
>calling Hannibal and etc "queer men's stories"
>wanting to be called a faggot by her tiffie friends
>being sexually preyed upon by a (probably transbian) TIM holy kek
>putting herself down at every corner when imagining what the haters would say
>criticising people for calling trannies a cult and then describing how one cannot disagree with the cult or be ostracized
>being ostracized by said cult

Absolutely zero backbone. I feel sad for her deep down but this one is for the statistics if I dare say so myself.

No. 1951824

i love how these people think being misgendered is like the ultimate blow to normal people when most people dont care. its juvenile nd really shows just how fragile their own sense of self is if they think being called the opposite gender is the worst thing that could ever happen to you.

No. 1951896

She is so fucking hilarious. I love her. Based queen

No. 1951898

File: 1712331559262.jpeg (645.58 KB, 828x1420, IMG_1224.jpeg)

looks like the 4chan troons have turned on hunter kek. I don’t like hunter after he posted his agp rape fantasy manifesto to ig, but it’s clear he makes other troons seethe because they’re jealous of his career successes and twink-ish appearance

No. 1951899

Not to backseat teach, but you should probably have a (polite) conversation with her about how she's being very America-centric in her perspectives on Chinese culture. Like if she's going to learn about another culture, she should try to leave her priors at the door.

No. 1951900

File: 1712331582653.jpeg (57.59 KB, 460x424, IMG_9635.jpeg)

She is so close to getting it.

No. 1952104

>they insist that men are simply viewing it incorrect. like no, retard, they're making an accurate observation and you just don't want to accept it
They're not making an objective factual observation though. Penetration isn't inherently degrading. It's seen as degrading and framed that way in a patriarchal society because it's associated with femaleness. Imagine a matriarchy where men are viewed as disposable walking dildos who exist to be consumed and squeezed dry by the all-powerful pussy and then die younger than women because they're unimportant. The act isn't degrading for either party by itself, it's the framing.

No. 1952123

A point was brought up while some of my friends were talking today; women physiologically require more sleep than men and it's fucked that society operates male centered. Tif friend expresses sympathy in the form of "YOU guys (female), but US (male)," as if she isn't biologically female and her needs magically match up to those of males once she starts dressing like a little boy. It's so sad that trannyism pushes women to ignore their physiological needs for a useless larp. Women's health is already neglect amongst medicine and delusional tifs like this just obscure it more.

No. 1952337

Trooning out is a form of self harm disguised as self care. It's like telling someone who takes daily 23 hour depression naps that they need to get their shit together and their reply is 'my brain is specialer than yours so L+ratio'. Why do you think TIFs get the ugliest possible tit chops as a mark of pride, or why so many of them have eating disorders and self harm in other ways like cutting?

No. 1952368

File: 1712352691748.jpg (163.3 KB, 607x844, safespace.jpg)

I don't get why these people would call themselves "safer and more rationale than terfs" when they play the Olympic Victim games like this.

No. 1952432

Another thing that shocked me, was that stuff like intermittent fasting isn't good for women either. All the studies were done on men so it's good for them but not for us. Fucks up our hormones and shit. It's crazy.
Even crazier, is how tifs really think they're real fucking men now and are magically spared from the side effects kekkkkk It really is a mental illness, jeez.

No. 1952503

>I'm pretty done hearing comfortably middle class and legally employed trans people talk about hate crime like at any second they may be next. Every hate crime you just mentioned was directed at a sex worker or homeless trans person
Wow, it's almost as though poverty and drug addiction have a way larger negative impact on peoples' lives than identity nonsense. Who'da thunk. Crazy how liberalism went from being class-first to identity driven at the cost of exacerbating these problems, huh?

No. 1952512

Women need on average 10-20 minutes more than men. It's not that severe.

No. 1952564

retarded take, I'm sure your future kids will enjoy their lack of rights to an abortion or reasonable healthcare because you helped put a republican into office

P.S not a burger and couldn't imagine choosing between your two party system

No. 1952627

File: 1712363614230.png (1001.33 KB, 760x908, 6f8f87c018be20a09135888f381820…)

i hate it here

No. 1952653

File: 1712365304985.mp4 (17.99 MB, 6ccea22d05923fdd172070288f3ab1…)

>"As someone who lives on the internet for a living"

Really? Do you? Have you skulked through the swamps where the TIMs talk about biohons, girl orgasms, breastfeeding for their own ego, being blatant pedophiles, etc?

I just don't understand what spell Gender Ideology and Troons have these women under, where identifying as a woman suddenly alleviates any and all influence from being male. I'm seriously starting to feel like I'm mad kek

No. 1952659

>not a burger
all I needed to know

No. 1952691

File: 1712367248916.jpg (678.52 KB, 2250x3000, 180821115715-transgender-portr…)

More like "this is my daughter ashley"

No. 1952705

Video from an older detrans lesbian about dysfunctional, awful stuff she saw in the trans community. It's going somewhat viral (has 70k views when most of her vids have >3k views). It's a long video but a good listen!

No. 1952721

'i didn't want to be a socially illegible freak sitting alone at the end of the world'

damn how the self-hatred shines through all this word salad

inb4 he suddenly stops getting parts because if he's not getting typecast as 'the passable troon' he has to now compete against authentic female 10/10s who have far more acting experience and are also prettier than him. boy could not just be satisfied with his 15 minutes of fame and asspats.

No. 1952740

>is there a problem with meds, casual sex, or consumerism?

when it is all that a woman's existence is reduced down to, YES.

the whole rant about sabrina carpenter is ??? irrelevant because she's making the completely unfounded equivalency of 'the same people shitting on DM are the same people praising Sabrina Carpenter, HYPOCRITES MUCH???' no? the same people who are sucking dylan's dick are most likely the same ones who are gagging about how great Sabrina's show is.

she's so bothered and hateful just because too many people peaked due to Dylan's bullshit. the smugness of this bitch idiot, i cannot. god bless all nonas with the mental strength to withstand tiktok handmaidens.

No. 1952767

Not a burger either but you're very wrong, my country's parties are mainly right wing with one "left" one that endorses transing childern and a unemployment service that causes people to become homeless and/or kill themselves because they're in crippling finacial distress among other things. Sometimes you have to vote for the republicans just for the short term because there's no better option.

No. 1952837

We need to bitch slap TIFs more often when they openly disrespect other women like that. Maybe knocking them upside the head as tough love will get their brain acting correctly and they’ll finally start referring themselves to the correct sex for once

No. 1952846

uhh… idk anon if a woman pretending that some issue doesnt affect her makes you feel deeply disrespected you might have a problem.

No. 1952855

did you not read what anon said? god can you people just stop being so infuriating for one second

No. 1952863

yeah, she expressed sympathy by saying YOU guys not US ladies. if she wants to pretend it doesn't affect her it also doesn't affect me for her to do that. I genuinely don't see how it's disrespectful.

No. 1952868

File: 1712380320964.gif (125.67 KB, 243x250, male whores.gif)

you’re either baiting, genuinely retarded, or a trolling moid/tranny. enough

No. 1952874

why do you guys always resort to violence towards TIFs wtf

No. 1952875

there’s way too much of you guys on here that are still TIFs, I seriously wish we could electric shock your brains to bring you guys back to normal because who and what fucking failed you so hard it turned your brains to mushy meat jfc

No. 1952878

if someone super fat was like "teehee I don't need to worry about eating healthy" I would be like that's weird but whatever. it's their problem, not mine.

No. 1952889

I see the chadification thread has already proven quite useful

No. 1952903

I sympathise with TIFs but you are so sensitive. We're not the ones attacking them you idiot, that's the XYs. Anon was simply saying something along the lines of "I wish they had some sense knocked into them."
Ily nona. May Chadification reign supreme amongst /m/

No. 1952908

No, anon was saying they're disrespecting all women by pretending womens issues dont affect them.

No. 1952913

Hyperbole you autist, if you've had context of what those types of TIFs tend to be like you'd understand why anon was talking like that- those TIFs who pretend to be manly men tend to be misogynist and push gendered sterotypes.

No. 1952917

>Bitch slap
Serial misogynist pickme or male, go back to your misognistic TIF containment thread.

No. 1952918

this was about one specific incident that, like most of what FtMs do, was hurting the FtM more than anyone else.

No. 1952922

Anon shut the ever living fuck up, this isn’t a girl’s club where we all write flowery language and offer up our feefees where no one offends each other. You never bitch slapped another girl in your life? You’ve never thought about slapping or punching or even FIGHTING another girl in your entire life oh my god you’re such a feminine soft coquette princess anon oh my god I’m so fucking sorry I should reform my words for you. I think I should softly apply my balled up fists to the TIFs face for disrespecting her entire sex, is that better? I don’t think anons have ever met an aggressive, masculine woman in their entire lives and are shocked to finally see many who post on here who don’t filter their speech through muh love and kindness. Newfag tier expectations(infighting/alog)

No. 1952924

someone's on her period lol

No. 1952928

I’m not gonna fight a troon who’s hopped up on testosterone, she could come back and shoot up the place yknow?

No. 1952929

Being a tif is just the new alt/emo/punk. It's rebellious and it's the phase young nlog girls get pushed into nowadays. You're going to see more detrans farmers now than ever, especially as lc's population gets younger. I'm willing to bet most of the girls saying they used to be tifs or nb are under 23. There's no need to wish violence upon women that don't fit in and that don't like conventional gender roles, damn.

No. 1952932

>You never bitch slapped another girl in your life? You’ve never thought about slapping or punching or even FIGHTING another girl in your entire life
No but topkek. Have you ever done the same to a male? You are vile and schizophrenic. What the fuck is coquette shit and why would you randomly bring that up here? Please go back to your TIF shit slinging misognistic thread. I've been using this site since 2013 and don't call to violence against other women. Internet riddled, brain damage.

Is everyone here casual misognists? Kek. A single schizoid woman is not reflective of all women ever menstruating.

No. 1952934

I think some of the differences are a bit overstated (like sleep), but I have definitely seen an uptick in TIFs pretending that autoimmune disorders don't disproportionately affect women and like it's not the reason that they have such a hard time getting quality healthcare.

No. 1952935

I cant help but feel sorry for tifs and have a burning hatred for tims

No. 1952936

No, I was just joking you autist

No. 1952985

I went on twitter recently for the first time in a while and saw some woman venting about periods and hormonal cycle and how men are lucky to not have to deal with all that. Someone replied with "hey, stop generalizing, we men don't have it easy either XD". I immediately clocked her but checked the profile just to be sure and yes, it's a TIF. Then her TIM friend (a personal cow of mine) replied with something like "but.. you're not a penis owner, right??..". The TIF went "what are you implying??? I am, my penis on HRT is the same as a cis man's penis". After some back-and-forth they both apologized for misunderstanding and called eachother valid. I haven't laughed like that in a while. Apparently you can just identify out of your physical reality. She's been on HRT for a year and the only visible effect so far is horrible acne. She does not have a fucking penis (an enlarged clitoris at best), her body is still female and always will be. They both know the truth but still choose to entertain a lie.

No. 1952998

File: 1712395392028.jpg (134.73 KB, 1064x1557, e66c47f59b67a9dd25e138dd4bd997…)

No. 1953003

Go back to 2010 please. Nobody cares.(infight bait)

No. 1953011

I think they’re both retards. Hopefully this gender stuff won’t matter as much by 2030 when millennials finally get bored

No. 1953015

Your retarded misogyny is not a punchline nor time period specific sped.(infighting)

No. 1953064

have you really never heard that one before

No. 1953106

>vile and schizophrenic for having natural emotions of anger and annoyance
>now they compare you saying you would bitch slap another woman to male pattern violence and abuse

anon you’re a fucking disgraceful retard and you’re way too sensitive for this website

No. 1953113

I was on "schizo" anon's side at the start but she lost me after the girl's club sperg, however you all sound like retards bickering. Anons are allowed to express annoyance, we really don't need to point at them and go "um that was really violent language umm menstrating schizo can you please use nicer words". Honestly unless they're doing something like cheering for a child's death who should really give a shit, move on.

No. 1953132

it's not the violent language that bothered me, I just didn't understand what got her so slighted that she was that angry in the first place.

No. 1953201

I hope this is related enough, but I wonder what everyone's opinion is on LoTT. And I'm specifically referring to whether or not the lady behind it should be held responsible for all the supposed bomb threats whenever she posts something.
Personally I just don't think there's anything you can really hold her accountable for. 99% of the posts I've seen of her are her just reposting what someone else posted, at most with some additional information that was public anyway. Am I being schizo in thinking they hate her simply because she's putting a spotlight on the most insane people in the (mostly) trans community? I don't think she's a good person or actually would care for women's rights when it came down to it, but again she just reposts stuff.

No. 1953259

File: 1712411692818.jpg (755.79 KB, 1366x2048, GKfHjp2XYAAajgb.jpg)

Straight couple protesting the Let women speak event in Edinburgh hapening right now. Good job sexually harassing lesbians and feminists talking about their rights.

No. 1953260

Came across this: https://culteducation.com/warningsigns.html, thought about troons.

No. 1953270

they look exactly what I expected them to look like.

No. 1953276

>dykes love trans tits
>dykes love girl dick

why are they always so vulgar? you never see women protesting against troon shit have weird sexualized slogans. like that is the message you want to get across? that is what you choose to pay attention to? kek imagine if ppl protesting blm or stop asian hate had slogans like this. these people are literally so retarded i don't have words.

No. 1953282

Troon activism has been called a men's sexual rights movement before and I agree. They go to events where women talk about rape, fgm and the like and draw dicks and shout vulgar things. It's almost comical how little they care about how bad they look.

No. 1953405


No. 1953499

I get the impression many TIMs enjoy riling up TIFs and reminding them they’re not really men. They’re still male supremacists even if they pretend to be women (“we (males) are better at being women than cis women are”) and think it’s laughable that a mere ‘femoid’ would aspire to manhood. They’re also upset at TIFs who were attractive girls and “threw that away” as opposed to, idk, making their bodies available for TIMs to inhabit or something.

I bet the woman isn’t wearing a mask, even though her boyfriend is, because she thinks she’s more privileged/less at risk than him. It reminds me of the protests at Evergreen College where the activists kept demanding that white allies function as human shields. She leaves herself recognisable so that she will bear the brunt of the backlash and draw attention away from the poor oppressed transbian who is so much more vulnerable than she is uwuwuwu. Meanwhile if shit hits the fan he can simply dye his hair back to brown, take off that choker and go back to being a normal heterosexual man nobody will look twice at.

No. 1953519

reminds me of how men will pretend to be totally gay for that boy-pussy to get tifs to sleep with them, does the opposite happen too? do women pretend to be lesbians to sleep with tims? i would assume there's less of it, unless she was already dating the guy and isn't ready to be alone so she pretends liking his girl-dick makes her a dyke

No. 1953546

Thanks nona, this was a great video. Glad to see more people waking up

No. 1953550

I strongly suspect that absolutely nobody wants to sleep with a TIM if they can avoid it.

No. 1953675

Why is this the standard TRA protest uniform. It's basically shorthand for "do not take me seriously."

No. 1953763

This is a tif and this is my issue with the them. Despite being true and honest men, they’re always the most sensitive and always preaching to a group they’re apparently not apart of. You’ll never see them hop in the middle of a kiwi farms thread, where all the actual men are

No. 1953771


NTA but they like conventional gender roles, just not when it’s applied to them specifically

No. 1953897

I know a bone rattler who got their double mastectomy and hysterectomy in their early 20s and they're 100% going to look like this when they turn 30

No. 1954358

File: 1712469665003.gif (240.92 KB, 253x253, 1664569930476990.gif)

Does anyone find it weird how 4chan's /lgbt/ board is like 99% trannies? Like I'm pretty sure in the past lgbt spaces were more about LGB people and not T. Like what the fuck happened.

No. 1954360

I don't think it's weird, it's 4chan, so it's full of loser men and mentally ill women. Trannies are also loser men and mentally ill women.

No. 1954361

There are Trans people and then there are people who think they are Trans because of the social sphere it gives them access to that they wouldn't have otherwise. A male friend of mine said years ago, like in 2017 or so that "just wait, all the annoying men who talk too much are all going to think it makes them Trans because they're misogynists" and he was right kek

No. 1954369

It's called/tttt/ for a reason kek but ever since the tranny boom that poor board has suffered alot

No. 1954378

4channers are typically pedos so they rely on trooning out to avoid accountability

No. 1954392

NTA but they do- usually in the Beauty Parlor and art related threads but still nevertheless.

No. 1954471

it's the male incel to "trans woman" pipeline in action. even TIMs often poke fun about how they "used to be" incels when their mindset clearly hasn't changed at all (see: pushing their dicks onto lesbians).

No. 1954476

In 2014, I said to my friends giving men the access to use women's bathrooms and dressing rooms is only going to make perverts 'identify ' as women. Low and behold the statistics now. All men are men at the end of the day. 'True trannies' do not exist

No. 1954478

I used to lurk on LGBT when the board first opened, and it was always a mix of LGB, rarely T. It's been years, and to see so many haner incels troon out and take over is wild. It's the porn rotted male to incel to tranny pipeline. I doubt there's a single lesbian there now.

No. 1954636

Because it's 4tran

No. 1954668

I saw this clip from the 2000s Charlie's Angels recently and it just reaffirms what that CIA lady said about how much easier it is to dress a woman up like a man compared to vice versa. At uni I was in a computer lab with a troon and it was so funny to see this hulking guy dressed in a pink girly dress literally stomping around with no self awareness, total opposite of women always trying to be as quiet and presentable as possible. It's too bad so many women are okay with screwing their bodies up with testosterone when they'll always be better than men at cross dressing and androgyny

I would assume most gay men hide out in /y/ or /hm/, and gay women who know better would avoid 4chan entirely

No. 1955049

I assume it's because most migrate there /r9k/ which are already filled with the most degenerate coomers and self-obsessed losers who are so obsessed with the concept of "The FemaleTM" that they'd rather be fake women than accept themselves as failed men

No. 1955051

File: 1712521911357.jpg (553.06 KB, 1080x1128, vaxw1xqinr121.jpg)

Yes, the post you're responding to is a very good example of this type of person. I always wish I'd taken more screencaps of the insanity but I saw a lot of this on tumblr during the covid era (I'm sure it's still out there I just don't have tumblr anymore). Usually bisexual women but I did see a few that exclusively dated TIMs so I'm forced to conclude they were straight. Most of them were very feminine, gender-conforming women and all of them were the faux historian, queer academic type. It was actually kind of eerie because you'd see them wearing vintage protest pins or carrying a labrys flag at pride, or they'd be sharing black and white photos of gay rights demonstrations, pdfs from defunct lesbian zines, stuff like that. They'd go to such lengths to look legitimate but still have a boyfriend and simp for men at the end of the day. Most identified as femme and used they or they/she pronouns, wore alternative fashion, had a heavy social media presence and used it as a form of activism to share donation posts and manifestos from troids about the evils of transmisogyny-exempt females and the subtle racism of being a homosexual. I have no idea how large this demographic is or if I just happened to stumble upon a particularly obnoxious pocket of people, but they're out there. They're probably still infesting the lesbian feminist tags to this day (and god help you if they notice one of your posts).

No. 1955115

I despise the concept of a "failed man" or a "failed woman." There is no wrong or right way to be a man or a woman. I'm sick of TiMs claiming that they "failed at being a man" so they just trooned out.

No. 1955287

They have a "cisbian" thread in /tttt/ kek but even then every new thread is getting shit in by trannies who see it on the board because they can't even have one that's not about them. It's true though lgbt has lost the plot entirely, the tif thread is even sadder somehow

No. 1955383

that cisbian thread is filled with larping male troons rather than any actual women - they were talking about loving lolis and posting scrotey foot fetish hentai garbage last time I viewed one of those cisbian threads. I think what few lesbians ever did use that board are definitely gone for good by now. even gay scrotes seem to prefer /cm/ /r9k/ and a few other boards instead of /lgbt/ because of how disgusting the troons that infest the place are. it really is just /tttt/ at this point kek they've also taken over other boards like /bant/, /soc/, /s4s/, /b/ and made them unusable to anyone who isn't a troon or a tranny chaser.

No. 1955508

File: 1712549307340.jpg (66.42 KB, 1022x731, It's_All_So_Tiresome.jpg)

Yesterday and today I had my first irl encounters with local TiFs. It was shocking because the two TiFs I met were similar enough as to be interchangeable- I confused the two of them at one point- and because this was a nerdy event in Latin America, which attests how quickly anglo phenomena trickle down here where they're imitated, especially considering how misogynistic every country here is.

Anyway, I'm not the tallest woman ever and latinos are shorter than murcians and euros as-is, but this absolute womanlet was wearing Converse shoes with integrated platforms, and she was still shorter than me. These shoes were the only difference between both TiFs. Both were shorter than me, light skinned, and fat. Both were wearing autism paraphernalia (the sunflower lanyard, and a handful stimming toys hanging from it). I could see the binder lines beneath their button-up shirts, and converse-chan's binder fabric was actually visible through her shirt, it had some sort of cutesy print, though I never got close enough to see what. Converse-chan also hit me with testosterone frog voice. I don't know if LatAm has finally imported the broken scam that is transgender medicine, or if these TiFs are anglicised and ergo rich like most latin american SJWs are, since most queer theory is luxury beliefs and I was in a rather affluent area, so they just get USA bathtub hormones. Both of them had short, incredibly greasy looking hair. I don't know why, they didn't smell, but trannies of both sexes always look unwashed. They were in a group. Converse-chan also had a cane that I noticed she was using improperly so it was probably not giving her any support at all, and TiF B was wearing tranny and nb flag pins in her autism lanyard. It was seriously like a bingo of stereotypes, which is why I'm screaming about it on lolcor- I thought these were made up or an invention of tiktok, seeing one IRL speaking in spanish has me tripped the fuck out.

I also saw more than one theyfab; girly girls with trans and non binary pins. Always in groups of two or three and always wearing feminine alt clothing. One had a shaved head and everyone referred to her as "egg" (in spanish), so she had the stereotypical object-name convention.

Again, I can't believe I am seeing these specimens IRL in my local gatherings. It blackpills me like nothing.

What are your experiences of gendies in unusual places, or your first wild TiP encounter?

No. 1955511

samefag. for context, I was tabling at a small local market event. The TiFs and theyfabs passed by the table. If I were just a regular attendee I would have avoided them like the plague.

No. 1955701

I had a troon encounter in rural LatAm. I was wearing the most boring clothes imaginable after a long day of being out in the sun so I was caked in dust and looked like a lobster. Tranny moid behind the till at the shop I went to for ice cream had acrylic claws, terrible makeup, disgusting TIM clothes that didn't fit his hulking moid frame. He glared daggers at me the entire time and kept making passive aggressive comments, the sort of bitchy shit men think women talk about. I was very normal and nice to him back. The other moid behind the till clearly thought this was hilarious and kept making little jabs at 'her' every time I spoke. It was extremely surreal.
I had lots of tranny encounters in London and most of them were LatAm trannies. Every single one was absolutely disgusting. Greasy hair, shitty see through clothes that reeked, pit stains, speshul lanyards, denim vests with 500 pins, shitty rainby hair, old man faces on the TIFs and TIMs alike. Not a single one of them came close to passing. One TIF kept staring at everyone with this huge grin on her face and had bandages under her shirt, she was obviously looking for asspats on her tit chop. Staring at total strangers on the street like a lunatic is a great way to make them want to talk to you, apparently.

No. 1955734

it's so crazy when i see nonas here talking about spotting a TiP "in the wild" or "for the first time". you literally cannot escape them in my city. i even feel like 30% of my friends are trans. but that's what i get for hanging around the homestuck community as a teenager

No. 1955786

File: 1712576850027.png (101.42 KB, 282x466, 1635973349206.png)

I heard TIFs at a comic convention in September. I heard this couple of absolutely pathetic frog voices but I didn't turn around to stare. My friend actually saw them and confirmed they were "gay trans men" with shitty HRT beards and that could barely pass.

Last month I also saw one as a waitress and one as a cashier. The waitress almost fooled me because she nailed the alt nerd boy look around these parts, until I heard her speak (girly ass voice) and also she wasn't binding her chest.
The cashier looked like a stereotypical lesbian but I still got straight girl LARPing as gay man vibes from her, since that seems to be the most common type of TIF around my parts (my friend also met a TIF and she was a western slash fujo).
Both of them had visible tattoos so I imagine they were both LARPing as gay mem.

10+ years ago I saw a well kept 2 meters tall TIM who dressed like an expensive barbie and even had a chihuahua inside his pink purse. Genuinely though I still don't know if it was a gay TIM or just a weird gay male crossdresser. But aside from that, I only saw a hipster man in a dress this summer.

Tbh the fact that I saw far more TIFs in the span of 7~8 months than TIMs in my lifetime feels like proof that this is a social contagion and that weird, nerdy, alt women are its main victims.

No. 1955817

I live in a pretty isolated area and the only trannies I ever saw irl for the longest time were a couple of enbys who were just regular young women and one absolutely psychotic FTM who was already unhinged prior to trasitioning- so it was a bit of shock when I went down south to one of the main cities in my country earlier this year and got jumpscared in a store by a TIM's skirt brushing the side of my head accompanied by the smell of shit. I mean I really should have expected something like that but jesus it was awful.

No. 1955862

Which country?

No. 1955869

Same. Thanks to being into anime and alternative music I’ve known dozens of TIPs over the last 15 years, and I currently have 1 TIM, 1 TIF, and like 5 theyfabs at my workplace, plus a TIM relative.

No. 1955880

It's like they say down and thought, "what can I put on my sign that will alienate as many people from my cause as possible?"

No. 1955886

Oh nona. This type of queer historian was already a problem on bi/lesbian tumblr 10 years ago. If it weren't for normie lesbian celeb blogs and terfy 'lesbian art' accounts, they would have completely ruined that side of the site. I've come to realize it's an especially weird iteration of polilezzies. They've just decided to butcher butchfemme culture instead and are way more navel-gazing and prone to queer word vomit. (To this day the words 'butch/femme' make me cringe a little, i still associate them with 30yo tumblrinas in cheap BDSM gear). They don't even have to LARP as gay or go near a vagina like their predecessors, as dating a 'transbian' allows them to have a boyfriend and hollowed-out lesbian aesthetics. It was so frustrating being around these types. They'd repeat 2nd wave terf points (never directly mentioning them) but twist those same points to defend TiMs. I kept up with that sphere simply because the mental gymnastics were too fun to watch. And they'd go on and on about the sacred wombyn-only commune, only to be surrounded by run-of-the-mill creepy TiMs. I've avoided them for years so i had no idea what they've become, thank you for the nostalgia kek

No. 1955892

the first time i ever saw a TiM was when i was a kid back in the very early 2000s, long before the transgender craze blew up. i was at the mall with my mother and he was walking around a department store. he looked like he was at least 70 years old and was wearing a 1940s-style women's dress suit and hat. i guess he was trying to emulate how women dressed when he was a child? i was shocked and stared for longer than i should have but he never noticed me. my mother must not have seen him because she surely would have been horrified and made a comment once he was out of earshot.

No. 1955927

>first wild TiP encounter
One time I was at the airport and went to the women's bathroom. As I walked in, a woman in a tank top walked out of a stall and I thought, that woman is extremely muscular. And then I looked at her head and thought, holy shit her hair is fried, that is a shit dye job, the whole thing needs to be lopped off and regrown. And then she turned her head so I could see her face, and I was like, ohhh, that's a man. And everything made sense.

No. 1955984

My first encounter with troons was in highschool it was three of them, a tif and tim that were younger than me and a tif that was older than me. Both tifs weirdly went by the same name, finley (or some variation of it), despite not meeting each other until that year and this was 2018 in rural bumfuck nowhere so if any nonna has some insight on that. Anyway, they were all bullied in some way, shape, or form for being troons. The older tif was isolated by her peers and wouldn't change in the girls' locker room for PE I don't think she changed with the boys though so a lot of rumors about her spread and the guys made fun of her. I'm 80% sure she was autistic in some way. I'm not entirely sure what bullying the younger tif went through and I only vaguely remember actually talking to her for a school thing, but I do remember a few guys that made fun of her while eavesdropping in the lunch room. As for the tim, he's the one I had the least amount of contact with and I know this guy was bullied because his tra friends mentioned it. And it all boiled down to the fact that he was a troon, had greasy yet fried hair, and literally had chin pubes that he refused to shave.

No. 1955988

>What are your experiences of gendies in unusual places, or your first wild TiP encounter?
I live in a place you could describe as Portland without the ports, so I see troons constantly in my everyday life. I don't even remember the first time I saw one in person. I think it may have been an HSTS my dad was loosely acquainted with over a decade ago? But several of my coworkers are TiFs, with one token AGP furry TiM. It's not the kind of work you'd expect to encounter them in, either. I've had troon clients and customers at basically all the service jobs I've had in the last six or seven years.

No. 1955990

File: 1712591362553.png (413.26 KB, 1178x914, ICSuFMg.png)

Imagine trying to lecture people on how medical misogyny is actually woke, while calling yourself “yaoiboypussy”

No. 1956004

I honestly do not give a shit about TIFs' feelings and medical care considering how misogynistic most of them are. the amount of "teehee I realize I'm not a girl because I have ~*~deep thoughts~*~" comics and blogposts they create is infuriating.

No. 1956006

I recently got referred to as "person with birthing potential" at the hospital. How is calling me a woman "killing tifs", exactly?

No. 1956011

Wtf do words have to do with them accessing medical care? The problem is women aren't accessing it because they don't know what cervixes are for example. The problem isn't "cis women feefees", it's literally tiffany tears crying that they might be told their pap smear involves checking up their lady regions as females. Or honestly they'd be shielded anyways cause their records will state "mentally ill female, treat with kiddie gloves". They're just pissed advertising they could ignore states that females are women and women need female medical care

No. 1956015

What the fuck I also live in Bumfuck nowhere and knew two tif Finleys in like 2018-2019. It'd be crazy if we lived in the same place kek and they were the same Finleys kek. One of them constantly dyed her hair rainbow colors and fucked older meth heads for drugs and alcohol, as is the fate of most ~bpd girlie~ tifs

No. 1956026

>person who can give birth
>person with birthing potential
imagine getting called that shit as an infertile woman holy fuck.
and then they will turn around and say le ebil terfs reduce women to their reproductive organs and view them as babymaking machines. tranny logic

No. 1956029

What pisses me off, is that tifs and gendies refuses to listen to anyone else who has different thoughts from them. I used to be a gendie and automatically assumed anyone who didn't agree with kweerio tranny gendie shit was stupid and a bad person. But at the same time I had my doubts because some things never made sense to me. But since it's like a cult, you can't ever question shit.
In uni, a lecturer was talking about how the world isn't black or white and how you shouldn't lock yourself in an echo chamber. It made sense to me. So I finally decided to see what the 'evil terfs' had to say, and I was instantly fucking peaked. 10 years of gendie shit flushed down the drain. Thank God. If those motherfucking trannies actually bothered to sit down and listen to us without throwing tantrums, they too could be enlightened.

No. 1956053

This is why they insist on blocking and reporting anything remotely terfy and constantly remind each other to never ever ever interact with any terves lest something we say makes too much sense and might rub off on them. I love those screenshots where TRAs admit that terf arguments are well-reasoned, logical and articulate but then follow that up with “but that’s their trick to lure you in so don’t fall for it!”. Damn those feminists and their logic!
Meanwhile the gc side actively encourages people to go read what TRAs are saying, especially amongst themselves. Nobody worries about sane people being converted into TRAs by reading r/MtF or Andrea Long Chu’s writings. Being exposed to the trans community is what peaked me in the first place.

No. 1956064

Holy shit, one of them did dye their hair like blue green or some shit. Honestly it’d be even funnier if it’s two different bumfuck nowhere high schools in 2018-2019 that had two tif finleys and one of them dyed their hair. But if it’s the same, did your high school also have a uniform despite being a public school because the uniform definitely shielded me from the degeneracy of tims. Like the first Tim I saw in college wore short ugly dresses and no bra to show off his moobs. Meanwhile the Tim in high school looked like a normal dude with long hair because he wore khakis and a polo shirt.

No. 1956079

They're fucking everywhere in my city. Mostly I see tifs but I also see tims and they are nearly always massive agp "lesbians" who are either way too friendly or super aggressive and cold.
Ayrt, you're welcome and I'm sorry lol because I hate thinking about that time. I wanted to participate in lesbian spaces/discussions but it was impossible without running into these people and they just wouldn't let you fucking talk unless you kissed troon ass while you did it. It was hard to separate the real from the fake. Generally it seemed safe to follow gnc women or women who were already in relationships with other women but every day there was new drama and call out posts. The butch/femme thing, oh my god. Completely ruined those words for me. And you're right it is just a new form of political lesbianism on steroids. It's never been more easy to call yourself something you're not.

No. 1956096

How does using the phrase "menstruator" prevent TiFs from dying? The only thing that's going to get a TiF killed is lying to her doctor that she's male, which would result in incorrect treatments for some condition. How about instead of dehumanizing 99.9% of women ans making things difficult for ESL people, you just suck it the fuck up accept that the world doesn't revolve around you. Phrases like "birth-giver" make normies dislike troons more, so pushing for it is shooting yourself in the foot.

No. 1956098

That's infuriating. Please tell me you said something.

No. 1956136

File: 1712600316217.mp4 (5.99 MB, 630x854, 328JZqb.mp4)

Just date other gay men.

No. 1956152

It's so funny to me when they try to do the Uno reverse "I don't care about your fragile feelings" thing because it's what people say to them. This problem is entirely their fault. They are the ones who decided biological sex is irrelevant in medical contexts, and now they're shocked that people are confused when they say men need access to abortions. Their feelings are supposed to be more important than biological facts, but you're the one who's sensitive and unreasonable for thinking that it makes more sense to group sex-specific biological processes with labels like "male" or "female" rather than itemizing these processes and pretending they exist in a vacuum. They genuinely believe 99% of the population should just discard reality because they're too retarded to accept their sex has a material effect on what healthcare they need. Incredible entitlement.

No. 1956169

>do women pretend to be lesbians to sleep with tims?
No, because dick is abundant and of low value. Most non-troon moids aren't even worth that level of effort. If a woman is dating a troon, 9/10 she's either a TiF or was with him before he transitioned.

No. 1956242

File: 1712607728716.jpg (209.59 KB, 2048x1133, F2ICDHcWUAAB7cE (1).jpg)

This shit is public. This fucker is not a hidden identity on some obscure blog. His book is published. His book is accessible. His words can be read anywhere.
When I think about handmaidens, I think about this quote of Andrea Long Chu and then ask myself why would they defend this shit.

No. 1956243

"I'm tired of being seen as a fetish"
My brother in christ, you view yourself as a fetish

No. 1956252

i don't think most handmaidens meet this type of troon. they're thinking of trans kids and the one hsts they know who's basically a gay male who also makes them feel more interesting by proxy or validated in being sparkly bimbo core femmes or whatever

No. 1956256

The women that go after TIMs are usually enbies/TIFs themselves, or were dating him before transition.
However, I've seen a few cases of pickmes that want to look so woke and "holier than thou" that they claim they're pansexual and will date a TIM. It's a status thing in dumbass circles. It's like their version of charity. Very rare but I've seen it happen. Yet even those pickmes aren't going after the TIMs that have rotting holes, they stick with the ones that still have a penis in tact, even if pathetically flaccid.

No. 1956259

I can tolerate the tucute tif gendies who don’t shave and call themselves femboys miles more than the trutrans. They are way more annoying personality-wise, but least I know when her gendie phase is over, Tiffany can just shave her legs, grow her hair back, and change her pronouns back to female, cause she was never dysphoric enough to go through with surgery. Trutrans is just straight up mutilation. You can’t unswell your clit, undeepen your voice, and undo the male pattern baldness.

No. 1956263

DA. I agree most handmaidens might not be familiar with his actual writings, but Andrea Long Chu is a hugely cited troon who has been invited to speak before TRAs many times. I think TRAs engage with this kind of troon all the time, they just don’t realize the depths of their degeneracy. Unfortunately, once you enter academic spaces, it’s all out in the open. Queer theory, thanks to the likes of Judith Butler, has destroyed western universities such that debauchery is applauded as “revolutionary.”
>Inb4 the tradthot accusations
I’m bisexual and obviously in favor of investigating prejudices against SSA, but queer theory, which is centered on “queering” normative boundaries, lumps all kinds of sexual deviancy, such as transvestism and even pedophilia, together in a way I find frankly disgusting, homophobic, and regressive

No. 1956268

Australia, I've been down to Melborne several times pre-pandemic and I kind of assumed the TIMs were like cockroaches that only come out at night. Granted, that's been the only TIM I've ever seen but a shit reeking 25 year old looking man with dratty hair and an imitation of a school uniform on is probably enough interaction for the rest of my life.

No. 1956293

>women is when shaved legs and long hair
sounds like you're a trutrans tif trying to larp as a terf kek

No. 1956320

i agree with what >>1956293 said, but you do kind of have a point - the xenogender yaoi mlm femboy tifs are usually closer to peaking than the "true trans" tifs are. i've noticed a lot of the former types tend to bring up ideas and arguments that are very close to gender abolition and radical feminist ideology, but instead of making the connection, they instead use those arguments to justify their own gender retardation. the trutranny ones (in my experience), despite sometimes acknowledging their actual sex, play heavily into gender roles and are usually far more dead set on the whole ideology seeing as they're willing to become a lifelong medical patient just to become "a true male".

No. 1956336

And they're the ones that say terfs invisibility women without ovaries or that can't birth, but they don't want to admit they do the same by telling an infertile woman "if you don't have a healthy ovaries, that means you might be a man?".

No. 1956360

they actually are doing this though, they're claiming women with PCOS are intersex and tifs are also connecting their pcos with them trooning out. it doesn't help a lot of environmental factors like birth control being forced onto girls as soon as we start our periods are causing pcos too. it's no wonder the alt right think it's all part of an agenda

>pump kids full of hormones until they develop disorders

>when they get said disorders, claim they aren't the gender they're born with and that they're actually the opposite gender therefore should get more hormones and surgeries

No. 1956364

Sorry, buzzwords are habit cause I’m a former gendie, I haven’t stopped drinking the kool aid long enough to know what they’re really supposed to be called. I feel like the a “totally real boy cause I’m not like the other gendies” and “I’m a kawaii space prince and I love my boy pussy” are very different breeds of Aiden.

But the “girl is when shaved legs and long hair” was supposed to be how they think, not what I think. They believe that being a boy is short hair, baggy clothes and leg hair. “Detransitioning” from that phase is easy, because all of those things will heal or can be reversed. If Tif wants to “go back to girl” or her idea of girl, she can. A “true and real” Aiden who’s been on testosterone for 5 years can’t undo the effects. Guess it’s kinda hard to convey tone over text

No. 1956398

File: 1712617842447.mp4 (3.46 MB, 640x640, tm2UVYK.mp4)

men who are too openly supportive of TIMs and TIFs are either gay/bi and or pedophiles.

No. 1956399

I live in one of the most progressive cities in the world so this is a daily occurrence when stepping out the door. Saw a TiM on my way to work the other day over 6ft, wearing these awful, baggy, bright pink polyester hot pants over blue leggings, a thin hoodie, and a lacklustre side ponytail that looked unwashed. Knowing Chris Chan himself has worn outfits like this I wonder why it's become such a staple trooniform.

No. 1956417

TIMs genuinely look terrifying. whenever they try the falsetto "girl voice" or wear women's clothes it just highlights how bulky and masculine they are. all the troons I know are like 6ft tall and anorexic so they all look like ghouls walking around in their spinny skirts and chunky demonias, it's very unnerving. and I have walk on eggshells to validate them while they're always so condescending and rude for no reason. the next time I have to hear them bash "the cishets" in a mocking tone I will fucking riot

No. 1956422

I made a fat rant about it before, but I fully agree with you. If a man is willing to have sex with a mentally deranged individual that even rejects reality and is willing to inflict medical self-harm to satisfy their delusions….that man is not to be trusted. If a man is willing to stick his dick in a tranny, he might as well be willing to fuck a patient that's in vegetative state. It's almost funny how every moid I've met who supported trannyism always ended up being a mentally unwell creep, the more I got to know them.

No. 1956429

First encounter: university campus. During a school event it handed me a pamphlet as I was walking by and I just threw it in the bin and washed my hands. Typical ginger male market failure with long thinning hair in the all-on-one-side-of-the-head style who was studying IT I came to find. Since then, it's all been obvious men in especially short skirts that no real woman would ever wear, coupled with ratty long hair they obviously didn't take care of.

No. 1956436

guys who support troons are a huge red flag, no moid cares about them unless he either wants to fuck them (aka is a fag/porn addict) or is on the brink of trooning out himself.

No. 1956449

Whenever the whole "birth giver" discourse comes up TRA's tend to skirt around the fact that this language is used for TiFs when in reality it's for TiMs. It's less to include TiFs in the conversations of reproductive rights, but rather skews the definition of "woman" to include TiMs who obviously are not going to be included in the reproductive conversation. TiFs are always ignored and left out of conversations and this is the time they're included? Please. We know that's not the case, it's just another way to coddle Timmy's feelings so he doesn't feel left out.

No. 1956479

The first tif i ever met was my next door neighbour. She was a victim of the butch lesbian genocide and it's painful to see how she went from a good looking charismatic gnc woman to a shy frail failed attempt of a man. I hope she changed her mind. The most recent one was in hot topic and she scared the shit out of me. She was wearing a transparent top with her top scars on full display, it was grim and terrifying. She was fully clockable, the stereotypical fake boi you find in the tif thread. Tifs are definitely less in numbers, but they benefit from mostly passing, so maybe i have seen some more and haven't noticed. The two most recent tims i saw were textbook autogynophiles that you see on the mtf subreddit. One was in my chemistry class, made zero attempts to pass aside from wearing pink here and there, men's clothes, kek. He was HUGE too, he could have knocked me the fuck out in one punch if he wanted to. The other was a random on the streets wearing a short tennis skirt and was very skinny and gross looking, clearly larping as an anime school girl. There was one i always used to see in planet fitness. Ngl, but where i live is a hotspot for troons in general, but i still got shocked when i see them, but i feel like hsts even if they don't pass very well don't shock me too much. It's probably because there's a high influx of faggy men where i live and i automatically put them in the gay catergory and move on with my day.

No. 1956499

>used to work at a restaurant out in the sticks
>one day a man in a leather miniskirt and rainbow fishnet bralette walks in for a takeout
>feel awful for the server having to deal with that but we both try not to laugh until he leaves
>tell the manager about what happened and they're completely stone faced and say "so what" when I mention the guy was only wearing a mesh bralette
>come to find out their daughter that was only a year or two younger than me immediately got a tit chop and mastectomy after they left to go to university, has 100k+ twitter posts, identifies as a bunch of false minorities and constantly begs for donations online despite growing up completely cushioned by her white upper middle class parents that have paid for everything for her

No. 1956567

File: 1712629762128.jpg (177.16 KB, 828x1160, 5856f049ed2255eb9b7fc6e40a3c86…)

No. 1956571

she has such a feminine writing style

No. 1956579

interesting how despite saying "labels are weird" she still centers her entirety identity around them. she buys into gender roles so hard, it's sad

No. 1956585

my first encounter would've been in high school, stereotypical tumblr activist TIF with the deeply unpleasant and condescending personality to match. to give you an idea: she laughed at me for nothing less than a full minute when i referred to her as a woman, even though i had absolutely no way of knowing about her precious nonbinary identity. definitely the type of troon to get off on the social control aspect, and on making even well-intentioned people feel like retards.
my most recent is also a TIF who sometimes sits next to me in class. she actually passes as some sort of redditbro at first glance, but her voice gives her away completely. hell, it's more feminine than my voice. uncanny valley. i do see TIMs around too, but i try to avoid acknowledging them for my own sanity.

No. 1956588

Not a new observation, but it is always jarring to see how many of these women base their identities on aesthetics and memes. I am absolutely certain they could all be convinced to go back to identifying as women if it was dressed up in the proper tryhard psuedo-classics "holy holy holy" Tumblr vernacular.

No. 1956597

honestly that's one of the things that peaked me. I remember seeing a fairly prominent ftm talk about how she knew she wasn't a girl…because she didn't like barbie. seriously, how are people inventing new ways of being ridiculously shallow?

No. 1956613

>we will combat medical misogyny by dehumanizing women and reducing them to their reproductive organs and ""birthing capabilities"". that will show the patriarchy!

No. 1956658

I live in the major city up north and the amount of trannies here is somewhat astonishing, I see them all the time at my retail job. There’s also a fair amount of pandering like events and social groups for women and girls being for ‘Girls/Women and non-binary people’ lol. Although I have also seen a fair amount of ladies wearing ‘Woman = Adult Human Female’ t-shirts and even one wearing a tank top with ‘TERF’ emblazoned across it, so it’s not all bad.

No. 1956762

Men only truly care about social issues that directly affect them, so if a man is very vocally pro-trans he’s practically guaranteed to have a personal connection to it. If he doesn’t have some close relative or friend who’s trans then you can safely assume he’s a chaser and/or on the verge of trooning out himself. Men are never ‘just allies’.

No. 1956783

2020 or 2021 during masked covid there was a hulking 6ft+ tranny with a makeshift panty as a mask and he was rummaging around the womens section of a thrift store. in a part of here where everyone could be your grandma or grandpa so no one agrees with that political side. everyone was just quietly staring at him knowing he was a pervert. TIF/TIM are rare here but a few weeks ago some TIF talked to me in a frog voice with the patchiest beard cause I couldnt find an item. it felt so surreal and awkward seeing one face to face since I avoid all of them like a plague. there is a town here crawling with gender shits that I cant stand being there too long.

No. 1956900

File: 1712658745772.jpg (578.17 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_2024-04-09-11-30-37…)

Oh hey what a shock

No. 1957077

Actual question: in 10 years, do you think that tifs are gonna regret their choices?
Tims are pornsick and can easily swipe under the rug what estrogeon does: there are a lot of beardless men and their voice doesn't get much higher anyway so they could walk away like nothing happened but tifs?
Since their transition is based on impulsive decisions/abuse/autism, when the fade will go away and they will be left with a scarred, ugly, dog eared chest, facial hair, male baldness and a grating, froggy voice and a little boy fat pattern, do you think that they will be able to self reflect or will keep up coping? I have this bad feeling that the suicide rates will go up and the weight and social pressure of them desperately wanting to go back and not fitting in anymore will play a big role in this.
Tims can take out their fake tits and take supplements for their facial hair since estrogen is much weaker than testosterone but tifs cannot escape this shit easily, since no one will reattach their tits and they will have to spend a lot of money in dietary programs and hair removal procedures. I think most of them will not make it but maybe I'm just a doomer.

No. 1957080

Yes, you see detrans coming out of the woodwork around the 6-7 year mark

No. 1957082

yeah but for now, detranses are a little community, but since every fad has to fade at some points (like anachans and emos did) and this is much harder than changing fashion and hair color, what will be left of these girls? They will be trapped in themselves

No. 1957088

yes and i think unfortunately many of them are going to move onto new self-destructive habits to punish themselves with

No. 1957160

I also think so, the girls that will detrans will have to deal with so much shit, as if they surely didn't have to deal with any annoying shit as trannies.
Like, let's be real, they're still being treated like women, even the extremely photoshoped ones, so I can't even begin to imagine the guilt they will feel once they stop being trannies, which means they will surely go for whatever self harm methods they can find.
I wonder though, what will be the next big fad?

No. 1957172

what rand was this? I'd like to read it.

No. 1957188

NTA but I predict therians coming back in a big way or people pretending to have BIDD.

No. 1957199

old ish post and i agree with this but one thing i don't get and its kind of pathetic to admit but i also spend a lot of time online, am also mentally ill, dont have a job, dont have many friends and the few i did have trooned out or are tras in some way so i was exposed to that a ton, ive had lifelong body dysmorphia, and didnt like female gender roles or expectations, yet i still didnt troon out. like whats the factor at play here separating someone like me from these people if we pretty much grew up under similar circumstances and both spent a lot of time online? it cant just be the internet, mental illness, or whatever else even if i agree it does seem to raise the likelihood of it. it just feels like there's something else at play and i cant tell if its just general lack of intelligence, or what

No. 1957220

samefag but like its really hard for me to not look down on trannies or view them as just retarded because of this, or not feel like thats the deciding factor when ive been through the same things and the same type of environments (i too spent the majority of my time online in 2020) and i didnt troon out about it. it almost feels like absolving them of their retardation in a way even if its also true being very online makes you more prone to trooning out

No. 1957354

Well when TiFs detrans I really hope they have found a feminist support system, they can either learn radical self acceptance, or they’ll probably end up plastic surgery addicts and drug abusers.
I can relate. Even though I was aware of sex-based discrimination, even though I hated HATED my body, I had a bunch of puberty related phobias, I never had an issue with my femaleness despite GNC presenting most of my life, it wasn’t even a thing I ever thought about. But then again I didn’t have a bunch of adults in my ears convincing me I’m an unhatched troon, convincing me that transitioning will save me.
There is surely a certain degree of mental suggestibility, you can say intelligence, and total disregard/disconnection to one’s physical body that work in tandem to make some people fall for cults and religions.

No. 1957376

They already regret it, most of them can’t be like the top 0.01% of passing handsome men you see posted all over social media who make thirst traps of themselves and then pulling a “also did you know I used to be a biological woman?”. I’ve observed that most detransitioners are women anyways because there isn’t any male spaces that would fully embrace them and meme them to higher positions and influence. A lot of them are flubber-filled unattractive emotional messes from years of mental illness and trauma constantly seeking safety and protection in spaces that ultimately don’t and will never have their best interests in mind. That’s why I’m not 100% down with having ex-TIFs in female spaces, they’re just as damaged as troons.

No. 1957388

Almost the same for me, but ironically the autism in me decided that shit like genderfluid made no sense at all. Keep in mind I learned about it from tumblr back when those kind of terms were pretty much brand new, so it didn't have the massive support it did now. And dumb teen me couldn't get around the idea of feeling like a boy or a girl more the other day because it made no sense to me even when explained to me directly.

No. 1957417

The tranny zeitgeist reminds me a lot of what Nietzsche wrote about, how even though we move farther towards secularism, we replace the need for a higher being with something else. I think the tranny fad is exactly that for every tranny and TRA.

And no, I am not religious or saying we need religion. I just think that a LOT of people are weak-willed and have malleable minds and opinions, etc.

No. 1957426

Tbh it might come down to IQ (unironically). As you may have noticed, a ton of people do stupid shit you wouldn't think of doing, such as prematurely having a child before you're financially stable, or quitting a well paying job so you could spend more time with your best friend, etc. I have a few friends with autism who were convinced if they didn't gain some self awareness, they wouldve probably trooned out, but ultimately they didn't. I honestly just think it's the fact you might have some sense to just step back and observe before making this huge choice, which most people don't even have the idea that it's possible to do so.

No. 1957454

yes being a child and constantly told you should troon out and being peer pressured is probably much worse, since kids are more susceptible to believing whatever adults tell them and more impressionable. i was first exposed to this in my late teens which maybe helped in comparison with having it shoved down your throat as soon as you leave the womb. but then i see adults or people way older than that still fall for this now and i start questioning this line of thinking all over again. i also try to think back to things i was peer pressured about when i was a kid, how people around me pressured me into doing the "cool thing" (partying, drinking, having sex with random guys, drugs), but i still never gave in. considering trans is the current "cool thing" and requires you to have more of a group mentality and fumble more under that type of pressure, it kind of makes sense i wouldnt fall for it if i also didnt fall for the other things and just accepted my status as an outcast. enjoying seeing the different perspectives on this
i learned it from tumblr too, i dont think you were dumb honestly its a pretty stupid concept
very true and i do believe thats also a factor, having more of an instinct of self preservation and knowing if you cut your genitals off, take hormones, etc it would just fuck you up no matter how safe people say it is. and when you think about it its kind of messed up that so many people seem to lack this basic survival instinct and ability to make decisions to preserve you and your life over whatever trendy potentially harmful bullshit is pushed onto you

No. 1957456

>Actual question: in 10 years, do you think that tifs are gonna regret their choices?
The vast majority, yes. And that's if they survive, the medical consequences of trooning out are big and as they age they'll keep getting worse. Do most of them even know they HAVE TO get a hysterectomy after a few years on T or they might literally fucking die? They can't just go "teehee im an enby non-woman with a beard who takes t shots but can still be a sea-horse enby parent one day uwu" like they imagine they can.
Once they realize "not ever wanting to be a mom" at 22 usually doesn't feel the same at 32, once they realize signing up to being a life long medical patient after having been fully healthy is NOT desirable, once they realize men still treat them like women and they never fooled anyone, once they see how the only fellow tifs left who haven't detransed yet are batshit crazy and delusional…

No. 1957469

Imho IQ isn't part of it. There are low IQ people who troon, and there are high IQ who troon. It's easy to say "they're not smart since they trooned out to begin with" but I don't think that's it, a lot of them are high IQ bordering on autistic. It's pretty equally likely to find a basement dweller troon as a successful programmer troon it seems.

However I think a mentality of not questioning things is part of it. Often troons come from religious families, even if they reject the religion itself they grew up being taught that "God said so: therefor it is so. Stop asking about it.". So when trans people say they are real men/women, it's natural for them to just agree - it becomes their new religion, but they of course can't see it themselves. Compare it to how people who escape a cult often end up in another cult. People are accidentally drawn to the one thing they know, even when they know the first cult was bad and hurt them they miss all the obvious signs of the next one!
Another part is the strong sense of wanting to be in-group, which also promotes "do not question the group or you get kicked out". The only people who peak are the curious ones who decided to question it all - that questioning in itself was the only difference (and that questioning is framed as harmful and transphobic in of itself to keep people trapped).

No. 1957504

Maybe it's more about emotional intelligence? Hence why basement dweller programmer troons can be very smart in their particular fields, but simultaneously total retards who troon out. Though I'm not sure on this line of thinking either since I've met some people who seem emotionally intelligent but when it comes to troonism they suddenly turn into retards. Probably because of what you've mentioned about how questioning the cult is bad so they just shut their brains off

No. 1957562

It’s autism.

No. 1957620

I struggle with the same issue with my gendie friends. From what I've seen, some trannies are somewhat aware it's bullshit but lie to themselves, basically LARPing. For some of them it's gotta be a lack of self awareness though because even when I was a TRA I didn't agree with anything beyond trutrans, and always thought everybody was just playing along for the sake of mentally ill retards kek

No. 1957629

the ones who know the whole thing is bullshit but keep LARPing mystify me the most. Like whenever a TIF posts on lolcow or hates TIMs for example. what the fuck are you doing kek

No. 1957637

I almost gave in. I thought that I could have been non-binary or something, but then I realized that even if I identified as non-binary, most people would just see me as a woman anyway, so there was no point.

No. 1957656

Eh I wouldn't say specialized knowledge is indicative of intelligence. We have religious scientists and racist anthropologists etc. Boomers built rockets and they were incredibly retarded. (I would even say that exceptionally intelligent people, males, are more prone to delusions and schizophrenia from huffing the gas of their own ass). Autists may be hyper aware of constructs, conventions and their own resulting alienation, but only the dumb ones attribute that to magical girl fairy tale instead of something boring and complex like sexism.

No. 1957673

The people that pretend to believe in it piss me off because they always act like they're so much nicer than you for enabling troons at the expense of women and say some thought terminating cliche like "just let people enjoy things". What about my enjoyment? What if I enjoy not having males invade my spaces and LARP as women? They do this with everything too, not just troons. It's like they claim to be empathetic but their empathy never extends to women, and their values end at "just let people do what they want" and they think that's good enough for them to be a nice person. A truly nice person however wouldn't do this and would actually realize women are being harmed and have empathy for us, but they'll never see it. They're also hard to reason with because they'll act like you're a horrible person on par with a racist or a homophobe since they think trans stuff is the same as that. And the ones that are actually insane enough to believe it just feel like they belong in an asylum and say you're privileged for being born female while simultaneously calling themselves feminists and somehow failing to see the irony in that

No. 1957729

File: 1712716647190.png (Spoiler Image,986.51 KB, 986x5539, Manhunt.png)

You made me remember that review of "Manhood" written by a tranny.

Spoiler: Is exactly like a book written by a moid's penis would be.

No. 1957746

File: 1712718005123.jpg (11.11 KB, 300x300, 1707758976798723.jpg)

I never recognized it often until I started doing a little more research outside of my social bubble, but seeing it for what it is now its almost infuriating seeing the amount of grooming that goes on in western communities with troons trying to convert people.
I hate that the trans rights movement was something I grew up with online throughout my teen and early adult years so i'll always have these weird thoughts that im nonbinary or some dumb shit like that given these fuckers are everywhere in the hobbies I care about shoving their ideology down everyone's throat.
sometimes i wish i was still that stupid tumblr girl that accepted everything without questioning it and tried on/off a bunch of stupid labels like they had no significance to real suffering people.

No. 1957748

Something I just thought about while playing a silly game is that it's really tiresome how even if you don't really want to, you end up learning about randos that are literal who's.
Like this whole gender stuff is also some sort of way to force people to interact you and know you, because like it or not, the brains of normal and even other gendercultists will have to go like this
>this is some enby retard
>either male or female
>picks retarded name and pronouns based on whatever obvious hobbies
>surely mentally ill because of some reason
Which is funny because when you see a woman or a man on the internet, irl or whatever you just think
>male or female
>safe or not safe
That's it, it's only if you really, really, really want to know that person that you actually detail them, otherwise you don't waste more than a second acknowledging their presence.
Which leads me to think about all of the seconds you would need to waste during an emergency, like on some dumbass video I saw a while ago. It's a police officer helping someone who needs help during an emergency, but the victim begins to describe the pronouns, the aspect while not trying to be ~fatphobic~, racist or ~twansphobique~ and those are precious seconds wasted on learning about some piece of shit criminal that could be doing something heinous.
And yeah, you can describe someone without insulting that person, but you don't need to coddle every single being in the world.
I also thought about how do you even work during an emergency while searching for some lost person during a catastrophic event, like an earthquake or a tsunami, or how do you take care of someone as a medic during an emergency or knowing that an emergency can just suddenly appear.
I think lots of people don't seem to understand that sometimes every second counts, and this may sound like some schizo copy-pasta I guess, but I think it's honestly concerning how the ideal world for those into gender woowoo shit, is a place where you must always use the preferred terms for each person even if that person isn't in an earshot to know that you're talking about them.
I can't help but wonder, how do you even search for an enby literal child
>oh yeah, their name is bookshelf, they wear gender neutral clothes, their hair is short and brunette, their eyes are blue and they have a light complexion, they're a minor presenting person btw!
I guess? Would that even work at all? Could a police officer or firefighter be able to find someone that's been described that way?

No. 1957758

>sometimes i wish i was still that stupid tumblr girl that accepted everything without questioning it and tried on/off a bunch of stupid labels like they had no significance to real suffering people.
Same, it was honestly a pretty comfortable way to live. I had bouts of cognitive dissonance, but they were easy to ignore. It's hard to shake off all those years of belief and faith, some part of me still wants to believe it because the alternative is just too lonely and intimidating. But there's really no going back. Once you see, you can't unsee. And I know it's better this way.

No. 1957883

Now that I know gender ideology is harming kids, women, gay people, gender non-conforming people irreversibly, while promoting and protecting the most degenerate predatory men and pedos and stripping women of our rights I just can't even look back fondly on the "blissful ignorance" period of my life. I mean I was personally unknowingly groomed into supporting all of that REALLY fucked up shit! I do not look back fondly on that time, I was brainwashed.

No. 1957915

File: 1712737539268.png (605.32 KB, 1280x954, tumblr_ovuzslTV2r1td5vf7o1_128…)

Can relate. I was always GNC and during puberty I had quite bad body dysmorphia and mental health issues, but I never trooned out even if the concept was there when I was a teenager. I even wished I could get a mastectomy (Why though? I have always been flat like a board.) I think what might've happened was that I went a full circle and NLOGged my way out of troonism. I always knew TIFs were actually girls and I saw them as that, so by being just a masculine woman I could be "not like the other girls" who trooned out, lmao. I even remember sitting at class next to a tif at high school and feeling so smug when she would meekly ask the teacher to use her preferred name, and when my (regular female) name was called out and I answered, the teacher was confused at first because he had mistaken me for a boy. Childish in hindsight but at least I didn't troon out.

No. 1957933

Kek nona, you are unfathomably based.

No. 1958007

I think it depends on how far they take it. I believe many are just well meaning liberals. They really don't know much about it, but they know it's a 'good thing' and that's why they should support it, but if they're really into trans-activism, they have a much higher chance of being fetishitic sex-pests, like that one guy who made special bathing wear for "trans teenage girls", someone like that is without a doubt a pedophile.

No. 1958014

File: 1712748217082.png (214.1 KB, 1276x430, image_2024-04-10_211739226.png)

I always found it very interesting how TRAs will use animals (typically non-mammalian) to justify the existance of TIPs as being natural- like clown fish being able to change sex (they ommit that they can't change back) or animals with severe hormonal issues- all while calling their neutered dog or cat a male. They can acknowledge the physical differences between a male and female animal even if both were desexed at the exact same time, even though by their logic both should be some flavour of non-binary. Anyways, the "muh animal biology" argument they stole from gay rights activists is just another example of contradictory gotchas.

No. 1958055

File: 1712751439101.jpg (146.14 KB, 1125x945, animals do not have gender dys…)

Speaking of, are female animals ever even referred to as "uterus havers"? Technically all animals are "agender" since they lack the human concept of gender anyway.

No. 1958060

note how the only titles that she rejects are "woman" and "wife"— perfectly playing into the dehumanization of adult women and ostracizing them as society always has.
stupid NLOG: "i'm not a woman or a wife!!! i have complex thoughts and feelings and sometimes get my pants dirty!! could a woman do THAT!? don't think so!!!!"

No. 1958084

Well yeah, they are more into shallow the idea of "rebellion" for the sake of it rather than actually changing society. If there's nothing to conform to they cannot stand out as non-conforming.

No. 1958099

Kek anon I wish I had you as a friend in high school so we could make fun of the enby and trans guy girls together. I was the same way, except I hated men with a passion and the closest I ever got was thinking I could be nonbinary, but then I saw how much my female friends (the enbies and trans guys) were centering men, how they were always talking about some fictional moid character, how they only drew men and came up with moid OCs, and then they transitioned into nerdy, boy crazy tomboys who now had special pronouns. I developed a complex thinking I was way cooler for liking female characters and only drawing and coming up with female OCs kek. (Then of course I peaked in early college and realized they all seemed boy crazy because they were all straight as a board and massive NLOGs kek). (But still they were never as much as an NLOG as I was ♥)

No. 1958116

So based! It’s almost like le ebil terfs want to end retards from making “gendered” misogynist stereotypes their entire personality because it’s regressive and harmful to gnc individuals!

No. 1958122

I cannot be the only one who sees a parallel between cultural third gender roles being overwhelmingly male-exclusive and "gender neutral" language for reproductive biology being overwhelmingly used when talking about female bodies as opposed to male bodies with TRAs screeching if you "lump together" TIMs with regular men. Similar man/failed man/broodmare ternary.

No. 1958123

You’re right

No. 1958133

It's regressive and harmful to literally everyone and especially women and gay people and of course lesbians being both. I guess it's an unpopular opinion here, but I do not think it's helpful at all to consider "GNC" an inherent discrete category like sex or sexual orientation. Since gender is a social construct and gender norms vary with place, culture and time, so does gender non-conformity, it's not a naturally occuring minority among a naturally occuring majority.

No. 1958150

Very true. Slight blog but i have actually known 'third gender' men and they don't take offense at being called men, will casually refer to themselves as men etc. I've read an anthropologist who hinted at this fact when discussing his field research (on another continent). Even hyper feminine men who were factually raised as girls will acknowledge their biology in some 'third gender'-having cultures, they might even look at you like you're crazy when you ask if they're women (which is what the anthropologist did). So the way western troons recreate the 'failed male' group is pretty bizarre. They want the category while totally obscuring their sex (aside from some HSTS). But being a 'man-woman' was never about that, since you're already exempt from a typical male life..! At an individual level this simply looks like delusion or self-serving lies, but on a macro level i think it's an attempt to stop any understanding of men as a group/class/whatever, while getting 'protected group' benefits. I think they would have had a creep problem even without the AGP fetish, because ultimately this really benefits perverts

No. 1958152

Ayrt, I see where you’re coming from, but I also think as long as the social construct of gender is firmly fixed in our culture, terms like gnc are relevant and helpful to navigate the ways in which gnc individuals are still ostracized for not conforming. When I was a teen on tumblr, I seriously questioned if I was an “enby” myself since I was a ssa tomboy, but thankfully I never trooned out and learning that it’s ok to just be a gnc woman really helped with that

No. 1958156

There's this tif I know that went in this cycle.
>Break up with boyfriend
>Claims to be a lesbian because men bad, not because she loves pussy
>I hate sexism so I'm nb now, masc leaning
>Omg but if I'm masc and I like women does this mean that..I'm…straight???
>Call herself queer
>Lusting over fictional men and ugly moids, if questioned about her supposed attraction to women she replies "Well, I'm a masc now so if I like dudes I'm still gay you moron!"
>Of course not on t, of course never touched a pussy, of course is into alt fashion, of course doesn't pass at all, of course more feminine than regular girls, one step away from being a bimbo but with a binder because muh dysphoria! I have dysphoria! This means I'm totally a dude!
>The dysphoria goes away if a pretty dress has a cute bustier detail/she needs to be slutty at "queer" parties.

What I hate about this ideology is that it's rooted in oppression and they have to check all the oppression boxes for maximum Good Tranny Points.
How can I be oppressed if I don't like regular men and I have a weird type of men? Straight is ebil and bad, so let's call myself an enby,
How can I be oppressed if I don't look like a man, I don't want to look like a man and I still want to express my femininity and I don't wanna fall in the boring gender stereotype? I'll call myself a dude.
Why do they even do it? For online attention? They're always screaming "NORMALIZE!!" but they fail to realize that if this shit gets actually normalized, it would get boring and no one will give them attention because it will be normal, thus not impressive, thus no one will go gasp if you claim to be a man in a lolita dress.
They deep down want to say "CELEBRATE US!" but they know that they will look shallow and hypocrite, even if they are and normal people know. What I hate is that they formed themselves a bubble into a bubble, meaning that they perform homosexuality, they aren't homosexual. They like to shout QUEER RIGHTS! but they don't know what "our" rights are (I don't like to call me queer but I'm bi).
And I also hate that for being agaisnt binarisms, they sure made a new binary with "binary and nonbinary people" and "straight and queer people", making black and white spaces. They dream of being a little queer family without knowing that they can't married here, they can't adopt here and such and we bi and lesbian women are being seen as gatekeeping when we actually focus on actual problems. When we go down in the streets, we want actual rights, like wedding and adopting, when they go to pride parades they just want an excuses to be nasty in public and rave and I hate that we went back 20 years because of them, just when we were starting to get a little decent treatment in our country, this fake activism came, gobbled us with them and then painted us as shallow, promiscuous and annoying people. Sigh.

No. 1958163

I'm not saying it's not a relevant term, it is a useful term in the right context, but it's not something you either are or are not like being a woman or man or gay or straight or bisexual. I just do not like when it's implied, intentionally or not, that some people "just are GNC" while the rest "naturally" conform to gender. My point is that gender is not natural to any of us, not just a particular subset of the population. I also do agree that it is important to note the overlap between gender non-conformity and same sex attraction, but also it's important to acknowledge that they're not the same thing. Both of these aspects are true and need to be taken into consideration for gender criticism.

No. 1958172

I live in a conservative state and most "queer/lesbian" women are like this. It makes me bitter how lesbian communities being destroyed in the 2010s is solely blamed on TIMs infesting them, but in my experience it was mostly-OSA bi women who brought them in. Even among my "genderqueer"/tranny friends at the time in the late-2000s/early 2010s I was allowed to talk about not liking penis or call out fake lesbians/LUGs, but then I shortly had to deal with "sapphic/wlw" bi women interjecting with "equating lesbian with vagina is cissexist, transgirls are girls too! Don't be exclusionary! I can still have PIV and be in a lesbian relationship, you TERF!" My gendie sister is bisexual with a boyfriend (not a troon, thankfully, he's a normie centrist) and also vocally supports TIMs. I miss when bi women just became normies married to men after they left their "lesbian phase in college", now they marry men in lipstick and claim to be butch-femme historians.

No. 1958178

Ironically I've even seen TIM "lesbian historians" claim that bi women brought "men" (as in TIFs) in the lesbian community and "pushed the trans women out"

No. 1958188

>on a macro level i think it's an attempt to stop any understanding of men as a group/class/whatever
Yep, and it even goes both ways, allowing the "real men" to point the fingers at the "failed men" being uniquely bad as opposed to themselves who are "harmless and good". This kind of separation also exists on class and racial/ethnic lines as well, "those man BAD but these men GOOD!! NOT ALL MEN!!"

No. 1958312

Sageblog, but I used to be bullied with "if you love x stuff, it means you're a man", back in the '90s. I would have trooned if there weren't people telling me that women having "male hobbies" was perfectly normal and didn't made me less feminine. I feel bad for the teen girls having these people telling them "you're a man for liking anime" and they do believe it to the point they call themselves trans.

No. 1958335

AYRT, I've read that too. I once had a zoomer gendie tell me that "transwomen were always welcome in lesbian communities", but when I asked for proof I got none. The Lesbian Avengers (an activism group) tolerated them, but on the other hand Beth Elliot was a transbian TIM that was kicked out another lesbian feminist group and had assault allegations against him. The only transgenders in old lesbian communities were TIFs because they were synonymous with butch. They love talking about how "history is on their side" or that "transphobes aren't educated enough" but the more I read about LGB history, the less T shit makes sense.

No. 1958395

Michfest also tried to keep them out and was famously cancelled for it, and two lesbians and their son were murdered over it. Transbians have always tried to impose on lesbians but they certainly haven’t always been welcome. Still aren’t, if you pay any attention to modern day lesbian groups where the number of actual lesbians steadily decreases as the number of TIMs increases, to the point where the transbians themselves start complaining about it. I know a handful of lesbians who are vocal TRAs but the one thing they have in common is that they don’t know any TIMs in real life and aren’t active in the kinds of online spaces where TIMs hang out. Funny coincidence, that.

No. 1958453

you werent far gone yet and probably had women outside of the internet to observe and learn from.
Gotta admit I was in the same position as you with a bunch of TRA friends and growing up on tumblr/twitter fandom discourse, but because I had a family that's full of realists, and I grew up mainly around women (outside of my grandfather, uncle, and dad everyone in my family that I can see on a daily basis are women) I never fully trooned out aside from changing my pronouns for a month or so online.

It helps that I was able to see different ways that women can live and that theres not one true way to be one.
If you had continued isolating yourself with these "friends" or even consumed media that glorified this gender nonsense you probably wouldve trooned out eventually. You do become the company that you decide to keep around you.

No. 1958514

>I know a handful of lesbians who are vocal TRAs but the one thing they have in common is that they don’t know any TIMs in real life and aren’t active in the kinds of online spaces where TIMs hang out.
I was one of them, but I never thought lesbians can be attracted to them/wanted to date one or that they should be in women's spaces. That was what got me sniffed out as a "cryptoterf". Most normie lesbians play along to lay low, but I snapped when that wasn't good enough.

No. 1958552

File: 1712782176935.png (80.88 KB, 999x793, google thought police.png)

>you must always use the preferred terms for each person even if that person isn't in an earshot to know that you're talking about them.
They want us to police our own thoughts, it's creepy. Picrel is from me arguing with google gemini about gender ideology. I know it's not really intelligent but it was trained on gender ideology and it gives responses similar to a TRA. Try it, it's fun, kek

No. 1959144

The T is in total contrast with LGB. It should be cut off and ostracized.

>LGB people say that being gay is not a condition

T says that they're not sick but they need "life saving" but totally optional treatments
>LGB say that sexuality is innate, you can't change that
T says that you can "experiment" with stuff and people are forced to like you, like weird dudes who go on lesbian girls saying that they didn't find the right men yet
>LGB say that conversion therapy is harmless
T says that to be a true and honest tranny you have to get surgery and have to change name and have to have sex with people you find revolting
>LGB say that you are perfect the way you are
T says see above
>LGB say that gender is something that has to be broken because it's harmful and puts men and women into boxes
T creates even more boxes, exaggerate them
>LGB people struggle for rights, they want to be recognized for who they are
T doesn't care about rights because their only focus is themselves, they only want free surgery and hormones
>LGB says that men and women are biological realities
T say it's a feeling
>LGB doesn't need external validation, they simply don't want to get discriminated
T people get violent if you don't call them ma'am and sirs

I know that zoomers and other people on the surfaces can't really see this because they don't go deeper or assume that it's the same thing but it's not and these are the results. Faggots in drag really ruined our spaces.

No. 1959160

This is the problem with troons and tranygenda right now. It used to be self contained on reddit and tumblr and now it's for the world to see. I saw my 13 year old niece's IG story where she bought a book about trans people. My sister in law from my extended family was a butch lesbian like me, but trooned out 2-3 years ago. It's so sad and tiresome. I want people to really look into why so many people troon out, because it's always porn related and gender roles put into boxes. Self hating gay people are the worst

No. 1959163

You sound awesome, and you know who you are. Real GNC queen. This is how all women should be. Self love and confidence in yourself is how people dont troon out.

No. 1959172

This is so based and should be a poster.

It makes me sick how one gay guy in my department is the biggest shill of trannies. Why can't he see that following tranny logic he'd be forced to change into a woman because he's effeminate and thus "feels like a girl"???

No. 1959173

>used to be self contained on reddit and tumblr and now it's for the world to see.
It started out in college academia (queer theory) in the 90s, actually, and trickled down from there. It stopped being insular because there's money in convincing people they need surgery to "become their true selves".

No. 1959178

>LGB say that conversion therapy is harmless
Is this a typo? Its more like LGB is against conversion therapy because it doesn't work, but T supports it by insisting that sexuality is based on socially constructed gender roles and can be changed. Modern conversion therapy practices have adopted the "sexuality is fluid" angle queers pushed.

No. 1959182

I thought that was a typo too. Especially for lesbians back in the day, they were forced to marry a man and have kids with him to prove they werent a lesbian or they were sent away to a facility. Conversion therapy is horrible. Not to mention at this point trannyism is modern day conversion therapy. "You can only like women if you are a man." bullshit where lesbians are now tifs.

No. 1959206

>LGB say that gender is something that has to be broken because it's harmful and puts men and women into boxes
No? Not every same-sex attracted person is gender critical, just like not every woman is gender critical or feminist. In fact the T was originally added for those self-hating gays who wanted to be counted as "straight people born in the wrong bodies" but since actual straight people would not claim them they still clung to the gay community while insisting they were "different". After that came the idea that if gay men and lesbians can become "straight women" and "straight men" then straight men and women too can become "lesbians" and "gay men".

No. 1959210

Typo, I'm retarded.
I was writing "Lgb people say that conversion therapy is bad, t says it's harmless and see above what includes"

No. 1959213

gender as a theory. The John Pedophile Money theory. He was the one that performed surgery on children to prove his theory of "gender roles" in which you can raise a boy in frilly clothes and he will call himself a girl, only to be totally disproven by both children killing themselves but tips don't want people to know this.

No. 1959216

Ts dont belong in LGB, period though. What suffering do they cause except on themselves? Gay people want to be left alone. They arent forcing pronouns down people's throats. They arent saying they NEED surgery to survive. They arent larping as the opposite sex. If you are a gay men, you are attracted to your same sex. Same with with Lesbians and other women. There is no other criteria then that. Trannys are the only ones fucking this shit up for the entire gay community with their bullshit on gender and sex.

No. 1959217

Exactly. If a gay person is comfortable with who they are, they are fine. Telling a man who is actually a woman for liking pink and barbie dolls is detrimental for everyone. It also breeds hatred for real women who dont have to prove their womanhood to anyone else. Men who are trannies have to larp and masquerade as women do the extreme, fake breasts, heels, lots of makeup, etc etc. They will never be a woman. They will seethe until the end of the time. I feel like tims will always hate real women and this is a danger to real women in their own spaces, like gyms, women only sports, etc.

No. 1959218

as far as im concerned its already cut off from LGB and its just a loud minority of troony toons screaming that we have to keep them in the group so they can have a constant source of validation. theyre just a bunch of narcissists that the sooner they start dropping the better.
I feel bad for genuine trans people that just want to keep to themselves that are having these AGP trendhoppers join in and ruin their image just for cheap adoration.

No. 1959225

>I feel bad for genuine trans people that just want to keep to themselves that are having these AGP trendhoppers join in and ruin their image just for cheap adoration.
Integrate or go back to twitter, newfag. There is no such thing as a 'gEnUiNe' trans person. They are all mentally ill larpers.

No. 1959226

We don't need many words to separate the T.
LGB is about attraction, love, sex, family and rights for people who love the same people. It's about love and attraction.
T is none of that, they only jumped on the lgb leg like a tick to get a crumb of oppression so they can be justified for being total piece of shit. What is T about? Hormones so medicines? Free medicines? Free surgery? Free putting on makeup? Free mutilation? Their focus is themselves, where LGB the focus is the respect for all people. Go to a pride parade and see the difference in the protests, LGB are well spoken (most of them, we know that faggots like to scream but oh well as long they don't touch children and themselves in public they're fine) meanwhile T go around shirtless, scream, call each other name, are also kinksters (read: fetishists) and only want attention
>genuine trans people
There's no such thing because being trans is not a genuine thing. Troonism is either self harm, fetish or body dysmorphia. Peak nona, you can.

No. 1959230

Only one of the brothers was "raised as a girl" after a botched circumcision, IIRC he couldn't even go to the bathroom properly, and both brothers were horrifically sexually abused. I've seen truscum troons citing this case as an argument against gender criticism and "proof that gender identity is innate" since "David killed himself because he was raised as a girl despite having a male brain" and therefore treating trannies as their birth sex as opposed to their "gender identities" is the same thing.
They do not but the reason why the T was added in the first place was the self-hating gay people who insisted on LARPing as straight people of the opposite sex and others validating their self-hating delusion because they were feeling bad for them. The other LGB people should have put their foot down and given them an ultimatum from the start: either accept that you're just a gay/bi person like the rest of us or go and live as a "straight" person, but do not expect the rest of us to care anymore since you're "straight".

No. 1959231

this is what peaked me. I used to be friends with a guy that wanted to be a girl and I was like "ok fine" and then I saw him getting high heels, wigs and slutty dresses, I realized that he either viewed women as sluts or he had a fetish and stopped talking to him. I thought that he wanted to be called like a girl and maybe get some hormones to smooth his features but no, he went full sluts. Troons larp their ideas.

No. 1959234

im keeping an eye on a male friend that does agree with things JK Rowling says and doesnt think TIM's should be in womens spaces/sports but at the same time does seem to say things about being slightly interested in crossdressing (mainly for sexual reasons). there should be resources for gen z girls/women on how to spot a potential troon because theyre gonna need it.

No. 1959239

>self-hating gay people
it's always the faggots, goddamn.
that's why drag should be considered troonism. People that love drag, usually say "Drag is art! Is fashion!"
Where is art? The "art" of skinwalking women? The art of making a caricature of them? The art of acting like a pornified version of them? Where is the art?
"Fashion, self expression!"
I get that most stylists and fashion designers are faggots because women aren't seen enough in the fashion industry, but where is the fashion? Dressing up as a woman? So women are skimpy clothes and heavy makeup?
Most of the women aren't like that. I never saw a woman (that wasn't a pickme ofc) that acted and dressed the way draggies do. It's a fantasy and they project it on the others. You know who said that women needed to be always pretty, with makeup on? MEN. It's all about them. It comes full circle, faggots and tims are cosplaying a male fantasy and the male in them fucking shows that. Horrid.
I know that this takes a bit to get to, but I hope that current handmaiden wakeup and the new generation starts to wake up a little. Men came to women, told them what femininity is, got mad when women don't fall for it, cosplay it themselves so at least they are their object of desires. Losers of the losers.
The take on TIFs is different but ultimately leads to this: tifs are thinking that if they don't like pink and skirt go spinny, then they're men and I know this stands on mento illness but this is a problem they create themselves and I kek everytime a tim regrets their hole. serves them right.

No. 1959243

I don't understand even the "parodying/subverting gender" argument. It's not moids' business to "subvert" a role that was never even forced on themselves, even if they "relate to it" or whatever. If anything it's drag kings and bio queens as biological women who should have the reign on satirizing gender, both femininity (as bio queens) and masculinity (as drag kings). The way bio queens are derided as "appropriators" is just so fucking ironic and the way drag kings are constantly overlooked also says a lot.

No. 1959246

"Gender parody!"
Why would you that lol you creep. It's like saying race parody, how come people are (rightfully) against blackface but womanface is totally fine?

No. 1959248

I feel like 'campy' drag is partly a defense against hostile conforming men ('i'm womanly…as a joke!', also see how straight men are ok with crossdressing for 'humor'). But even with this charitable view, you can't brush away the irony of fem gay men despising women while building an entire career on impersonating them. I don't buy the 'subversion' of it. I hate when they try to make it sound like a philosophical/activist thing when it's just a culturally accepted bubble for feminine gay men. Well, they're losing approval with the troon shilling and occasional pedos in drag.
Overall, it boggles me how women uncritically eat this shit up. No amount of fun drag shows and nice looks can cover up the deep-seated jealousy and bitterness some of these gay men have for us. It's so funny when it comes out because they'll just burst with repressed bitter rage, as if they had a chance with straight men to begin with kek

No. 1959251

>as far as im concerned its already cut off from LGB and its just a loud minority of troony toons screaming that we have to keep them in the group so they can have a constant source of validation.
That's not even true, where I live the news is constantly talking about "LGBTQ", "gay and transgender" and "transkids" like it's something inborn like being gay. Even the rainbow flag with the trans triangle is plastered over merchandise. My parents are normie liberals and they're starting to buy into this because they think it's associated with me and their gay friends they knew growing up. If I try to find a local group for bisexual/lesbian women, it explicitly includes "queer/trans" and is crawling with them.

>I feel bad for genuine trans people that just want to keep to themselves that are having these AGP trendhoppers join in and ruin their image just for cheap adoration.

I don't believe in "genuine trans people" because I haven't seen real proof of brain sex or someone can be born in the wrong body (I used to be a hardcore transmedicalist before I found out about detransitioners, FYI), but not gonna lie I'm starting to resent the "sane trannies that don't believe in TRA ideology" or the ones who transitioned for non-fetish reasons (autism, homosexuality, trauma) and didn't detrans because how many of them end up laying low and avoiding it when it suits them. When I was a radfem that was mostly trans-neutral I rolled my eyes at the claim that "most transpeople want to live as the other gender peacefully and don't agree with this" - okay, where are they? Besides the obvious conservative grifters like Blaire White and Buck Angel?

No. 1959253

If we count drag kings as gender parody it would be more equivalent to black people doing whiteface to satirize racism.

No. 1959265

>as far as im concerned its already cut off from LGB and its just a loud minority of troony toons screaming
Troons are making laws to force themselves into women only spaces. Lockers, sports, gyms, etc. There is no loud minority. They are loud and clear about wanting to make life harder for women. Look at Canada, france, sweden, germany, all troon loving places. The women there have is bad because of troons.
Despite the fact that JKR's Harry potter world and Hogwarts legacy is still immensely popular, there was still loud about boycotting her game and parks, sending death threats etc. I wish you were right and it was a loud minority, but even the politicians are bending their knee, making women's restrooms into unisex bathrooms. We all know what that means. I hate seeing 'all gender bathroom' signs in certain places. I went to a gaming convention a few months ago and there were no gendered bathrooms, so a man could walk in at anytime in the women's bathroom. It was disgusting and uncomfortable.

No. 1959306

>genuine trans people that just want to keep to themselves
They’re still mentally ill and coping poorly. Of course they have the right to ruin their own lives bffr though quiet troons profit from the bullying of women and gays just as much, just like every “good” scrote still reaps the fruits of patriarchy. If “nice” troons are the majority then it’s not very fucking nice of them to let “loud minority” dominate and oppress others for their own benefit.

No. 1959312

Lol get off twitter nigger faggot(retarded infight bait)

No. 1959320

>I feel bad for genuine trans people
No such thing. You have been indoctrinated by the cult

No. 1959326

Do you mean get back? Discovered free speech recently?

No. 1959504

File: 1712868499052.png (54.14 KB, 527x461, accidentally based.png)

I've never seen someone this close to peaking in this wild before. Like this person was practically mid-peak as she wrote this and you can feel it

No. 1959513

i don't know… sounds to me like someone who is bitter about not being a passing tranny and doesnt want to see perfect anime characters that you can neer look like

No. 1959518

my fave part is when they make a post that's this close to being gc and then at the end add TERFS DNI YOURE BIG MEANIE JERKS AND I HATE YOU

No. 1959526

>AGP weebs stop being AGP weebs
Tell me this white troon got shit for this kek

No. 1959729

File: 1712881438780.png (50.58 KB, 467x244, Screenshot_629.png)

this is from the front page of the plos one website, the incongruity of the last sentence with the name of the image is cracking me up

No. 1959848

File: 1712884829965.jpg (121.26 KB, 750x711, tumblr_28852753c718f4cd5bcf1b9…)

Trannies have a "JKR is trans" headcanon now

No. 1959854

what the hell is their reasoning for this, a woman speaks her mind and is dedicated to a cause so she must be a man?

No. 1959862

File: 1712885274940.jpg (17.95 KB, 211x200, 3924889-f172774039410bb611493f…)

Trannies are so unoriginal. Faggots already made the hilarious copium of claiming/thinking that raging homophobes must be gay themselves. Now trannies are copying that by trying to claim that "transphobes" are somehow trannies themselves? They can never have JK Rowling, but boy do they fuckin' wish.

No. 1959865

lmfao not the whole "homophobes are gay" cope

No. 1959891

gotta force narratives on an unwilling woman since they cant control her or the amount of money she makes from HP. desperate narcissists doing desperate things to "win".

No. 1959941

Does anyone else's skin crawl that they insist that everyone against them must be a covert troon? Not only does it make a mockery of the lgb community, who actually can make a small case about homophobes being covert homosexuals, granted this is probably 1% of homophobes, but it also mocks why someone would be so stuck in the closet in the first place. I don't think a closeted troon can exist. Everyone has thought about what it would be like as the opposite sex at least once in their lives, who is to say that having such thoughts wouldn't count as having repressed gender by their logic? The barrier for being a troon is higher than for being gay, being that the only way that you can be validated as trans is if everyone around you plays along with your delusion. When it comes to being homosexual, everyone can deny it as much as they want or express distaste for it, you can be alone in the forest with nobody to validate you, it won't change your orientation. The concept of someone repressing a delusional thought being a bad thing is insane. I some sense, they are cursing you when they hope that you eventually "break your egg" and travel down the path of endless delusion, physical torture and deceit. Being trans and a trans supporter is more like being a religion at this point. Terf and infidel hardly have separate meanings in their ideology.

No. 1959953

File: 1712889776994.jpg (215.19 KB, 800x640, 8ff.jpg)

Rowling: using a male pseudonym because her editor told her that a book written by a woman wouldn't sell well.

These people: She's a TIF since always but she doesn't recognize that yet.

No. 1959960

its crazy the same group of people that flip their shit and call everything under the sun grooming cant see these TRA's for the actual groomers they are. lmao

No. 1959964

As far as I can tell by looking at her blog, she's a "transmasc" enby whose husband trooned out. Also she's poly, i.e. cheating on her husband (which he deserves for trooning out on her, anyway)

No. 1959965

But when there's an abusive TIM/TIF in the news that groomed kids: "They do not represent us at all! do not compare us to them!"

But all terfs are women that hate tims because they're more women-like than them, right?

No. 1959968

No, because it was one of several thousand notes on someone else's post about how white troons need to stop "talking over" black troons.

No. 1959984

its fucking mind numbing living in this country during this time period. they'd probably just blame it as falseflagging too so they dont have to face reality, theyre very good at doing that.

No. 1960128

I honestly think they're doing it as a "trap", because they want Rowling to go
>"omg I'm not a trans man, stop saying it, it's hurting my feelings to be denied my womanhood"
so they can all go
>"ha! don't like having your gender assumed do you? that's what you do to us trans people you hypocrite!!!"
These girls don't realize gender isn't real and normal people outside the cult aren't hyper focused on sex stereotypes every second of their day, and they certainly do not pretend those stereotypes are part of their gender-souls. These girls really think gender IS real, so Rowling simply MUST one day realize she has a gender-soul like everyone else, the question is just WHEN she will find gender-jesus and admit to being an evil cis bully.

No. 1960242

sometimes i think that if i was born in a troon friendly country like usa or canada, i would've become a low effort enby. many girls i've met personally online that were from those countries or similar liberal ones eventually adopted a gender identity, even if they were fairly gender conforming just like me, so what made me different? i also was a weird outcast loner kid that was chronically online. the media in those countries is feeding them gendie slop and derivates, while people in my catholic country are still in the process of accepting the existence of gay people. i got to learn about nbs before the concept fully arrived in my country because i knew english beforehand, and when it did arrive i could only see older people making fun of it. in an enviroment like this, of course i would never even entertain the idea (thankfully).

No. 1960304

Transgenderism is just the next evolutionary step of inceldom and men's rights activism. The demand to be included in everything: rape victimhood, DV victimhood, and victimhood generally is something manipulative males crave.

No. 1960395

File: 1712918272246.png (26.08 KB, 696x148, terfs-were-right.png)


No. 1960469

File: 1712924249977.jpeg (76.86 KB, 413x369, IMG_6047.jpeg)

Bringing this over here because it’s OT for the MTF thread:
The whole effeminate crossdressing little boy prostitute is a popular trope with TIF coomers for some reason. It was at the core of Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler (hugely popular with female weebs who later became TIFs) and Fahrlight (pic related, TIF cow on /pt/) also created a graphic novel about this subject called Losing Neverland ostensibly to educate the masses that child sex trafficking is bad, mmkay. She won a prize for it.
I’m surprised this subject doesn’t come up more often because it was a big thing in my days as a teenage weeaboo and nearly everyone I’m aware of who was into this particular fetish trooned out, at even higher rates than regular fujos. You couldn’t swing a yaoi paddle (I’m kidding don’t come at me) without hitting an au fanfic or doujinshi about Sasuke or Naruto being a crossdressing rent boy who gets saved from that life by the other half of the pairing. When I first came across that JT LeRoy ‘autobiography’ I instantly clocked it as another one of these fanfics, and IIRC the authenticity of the author was still very controversial back then. Has she been claimed as a true and honest trans-girl-boy yet?

No. 1960574

i think this is actually a pretty important point and i felt it myself, that it would be entirely pointless to even try to be the other gender or whatever since im not particularly androgynous and would just look like shit and people would just be humoring me at best. i think having this level of self awareness about your looks and how others perceive you probably prevents trooning out
i did have women i knew outside of the internet, but at the same time it also fostered this feeling that i was "weird", since a lot of the time it felt like they were judging me for being a weird autist and i struggled to fit in. i wondered what it would be like to be a pretty normal girl and filled the void with things like anime, which kinda reminds me of TIMs and made me feel like i was less of a girl or whatever for liking things aimed at moids like >>1958312 mentioned. however, since i was still female, i knew things like anime aren't real and being a woman doesn't automatically mean you're living in a happy girly fantasy land. i think going through this experience actually may have made me more resistant to TIM bullshit about how being a girl is insert girly stereotypes like having sleepovers or whatever other crap and resent them since i knew i never had any of that despite being a woman. they constantly kept claiming i had some sort of "cis" privilege over them and that they were the only ones who missed out on those experiences, that if only they were a woman, they would've had the perfect girly childhood, or whatever. but i am a woman and i never had any of that shit they fantasize about, so it never made sense to me and i instantly clocked it as retarded.

and since i mentioned anime, it seems like a lot of TIFs troon out partially because of liking yaoi, which i was never particularly fond of either, so that's another factor. something i always found deeply ironic about the yaoi TIFs is that not being into it is partially what made me feel less like other women around me, as in, i could never relate to their love for it even as a fellow anime autist, and this made me feel bad in a way precisely because i knew it was a female aimed thing. meanwhile, they view liking it as a sign they're somehow a scrote.
maybe, most people i know who trooned out were american

No. 1960583

I feel like the appeal of femboys is different in women and men. Femboys are already extremely niche with women because its a scrote fetish, but when women like femboys they are either into it because they like dressing male characters in cute clothes or just used as a plot device. There isn't much depth to it.

No. 1960589

File: 1712932120021.png (467.78 KB, 511x800, ciel.png)

I used to be into cute crossdressing anime boys as a teen but they were simply called traps/shotas and their fanbases were filled with girls/women and big surprise men used to make fun of us for our interests. even now I think theyre still cute but I refuse to intreract with those fandoms now because theyre filled with nothing but closeted narcissistic moids that cant just admit they like guys in dresses, they have to call them girls etc and come up with weird schizo copes about how theyre not gay. insecure males sure know how to suck the fun out of everything.

No. 1960595

traps were always for men, why are you lying. Its why most traps come from scrote anime like steins gate. Women into traps have always been rare because its inherently a moid fetish. You dont see anime made for women have traps, and i mean actual traps not one single episode where the mc is crossdressing for plot reasons. Women dont have their astolfo for a reason.

No. 1960598

If I was JKR I'd double down on it as 5d chess, kek. "I was a self-hating transmasc egg, please forgive me!" It probably wouldn't work, the TRA community hates TIFs. When I was an enby TIMs were at the top and got away with hurling abuse at TIFs, treating them like how men treat women.

No. 1960612

>finds cute looking lesbian selfie from 2012 while browsing deviantart
>checks profile for their new art
every fucking time

No. 1960615

File: 1712933603514.png (938.31 KB, 1200x675, princess.png)

NTA, super feminine/crossdressing characters aren't that uncommon in shojo manga. It's true that the core audience for traps was always hypocritical moids but that word was used for any fem male character, regardless of the media it was in or the way they were written

No. 1960618

For me I just like looking at cute anime boys who are feminine, it's not a fetish or sexual kek
That being said JP fandoms are FULL of gender swapping, crossdressing, cuntboy, fem-(char) etc… To the point where it can be hard to find a fanfic without those things. Makes me wonder because it's clearly not just influence of moids or western genderspecials, a ton of women are apparently into that shit, or at least want to make a m/m couple hetero

No. 1960620

crossdressing male characters in media male for women arent the same as traps. In princess princess the scrotes are presented as men first crossdressers second, astolfo never becomes ''male'' he's always in skirt spinny mode.

No. 1960624

File: 1712934036916.jpg (75.67 KB, 850x601, __ash_ketchum_ashley_and_ashle…)

women like looking at cute anime boys wearing feminine clothes (for me it was for aesthetic purposes. nothing sexual about it). afaik there was no propoganda, its just a common trope found in anime. cuntboy seems to be a modern day thing tho which you can argue might be from western influences.

yeah Astolfo is definitely a character made in mind for moids. There's nothing appealing about him at all to a woman.

No. 1960625

I hate crossdressing sissy shit so much.

No. 1960635

Well… yes, i know. Early weeb terminology was weird, i'd see weird edge cases of so-called 'traps' having mostly female fans

Astolfo is honestly one of the worst chara designs in anime history kek. He looks deformed

No. 1960662

I don't think Astolfo looks that bad or is even on the same tier as some of the worst anime designs when way worse stuff exists. I personally think he's kind of cute minus the skin fang thing and how sexualized 99% of his fanarts are

No. 1960761

Anyone else watching the general reactions to the Cass report? So far activists are essentially trying to paint Dr. Cass as an evil terf who should have never been allowed to write the report, and basically almost making up reasons why you shouldn't believe what is written. Even though from the bits and pieces I've seen it's actually pretty neutral. I guess it's trust the science unless someone does science you don't like.

No. 1960763

personally speaking I always found little boys crossdressing for "comedy" to be weird as a kid, I didn't find it funny just kinda uncommentable.

No. 1960773

I'm genuinely curious, what's "cute" about a boy in frilly girl's clothing that nobody even wears IRL?

No. 1960778

I know this might make some fujos mad (and please, I don't mean offense), but I think the real reason is something everyone has always known. The feminized uke/little boy is just a stand-in for women. Maybe some fujos did meme themselves into becoming pedophiles like >>1960594 but I think most, like the vast majority of fujos are just using a male figure as a stand-in/

No. 1960817

>I don't mean offense
>The weak underage boys are actually women and fujos are kinda pedophiles
kek ok

No. 1960840

It feels like there's one single anon who has an autistic hyperfixation with defending fujos. I don't get it. It's like MTFs being into yuri. Like yeah not every pornsick male into yuri is a tranny but almost every pornsick tranny loves yuri.

No. 1960845

why do you want to "weak underage boys" in sexual scenarios in the first place
true, it's getting really difficult to discuss troonism with how butthurt certain fujos seem to get, I don't know if it's a dedicated troll or a super fragile fujo whose just deeply insecure.

No. 1960877

it feels like there's one single anon who's obsessed with the whole "ukes are women" thing and feels need to mention it anytime people talk about yaoi even though it's infight bait every time, I don't get it. is it impossible in your minds to think something is cute without it being some sort of sexual thing? is it impossible to enjoy media without self-inserting and making it about degrading women?

No. 1960881

>one single anon who has an autistic hyperfixation
Someone's projecting

No. 1960892

As I asked, why do you want to read about little boys crossdressing in the first place and I'm not gonna buy that it's "just cute" cause every single artist who draws this is either a shotafag or an IRL pedophile.

No. 1960898

Why do I want to what? See weak underage boys? I personally don't like to see them so idk kek
Also to clarify I wasn't mad, I just thought the way you worded your post was funny. You don't need to put "no offense" if you're going to call people pedophiles right after kek

Anon is free to think however she wants but one thing I don't agree with is calling little boys women

No. 1960899

Every single trans man and female enby I know is a fujo kek.

No. 1960917

I meant to say that if you are a fujoshi who reads a series with drawm pedophilia(I'm not gonna call it shotacon) then you can meme yourself into more extreme pedophilia, but I don't most fujoshis are pedophiles and even fujos who read this type of content aren't pedophiles either, just very porn-sick.

No. 1960922

Don't lump regular female shotafags together with trapfags, one of them hates women the other doesn't.(baiting)

No. 1960947

you will never be even 1/10000th as awful and dangerous as male lolicons, but you are still beyond mentally fucked up for having an identity based around being a "shotafag".

No. 1960957

>drawn pedophilia
real children do not look, talk or act like the anime characters fujos like and lumping it all together like that just gives pedos a safe space in "proship" communities. if you can't see the difference between yana toboso art and the shit actual pedophile moids like you are dumb sorry(derailing/infight bait)

No. 1960967

it's the subject matter that disgusts me, why does have it to center around children.

No. 1960970

It’s ok to admit that anime porn has terminally rotted your brain

No. 1960987

Why do u like reading Manga that depicts underage boys in sexually suggestive ways? What exactly is the difference between a woman who likes shota and a man who likes loli?

Are they both not pedophiles?

Ur brain is mush

No. 1961001

shotafag deserpately defending why she loves flicking her bean to cartoon little boys

No. 1961011

Lol that comment reminds me of this anon who proudly admitted to masturbating to shotacon, but said that she found young boys IRL annoying. To this day, I'm at a loss for words.

No. 1961016

fujos dont even like shota the same way scrotes like lolis, they are extremely unpopular in fujo and female spaces. Meanwhile every single animu for moids has a designated loli.

No. 1961017

I'm a resident fujo-hater but I would never take it that far, lolicons are a 10000x worse and always a potential danger to real children, I think female shotafags are just more just fucked up and need help but they aren't a danger to anything but their own mental well being and morality.

No. 1961034

>shotafag finding IRL boys annoying
Isn't this a common sentiment among female shotafags?

No. 1961038

even husbandofags find real men annoying. The whole moid spectrum belongs in the trash.

No. 1961069

irl moids, no matter the age, are not even the same species as anime characters

No. 1961108

File: 1712956740775.png (2.29 MB, 2111x1618, g60q7Vs.png)

can we please go back to the original discussion, there seems to be common paraphilia with certain FTMs and many many MTFs for "feminized young boys" I recall seeing quote by that degen Andrea Long Chu from his book "females" where he takes about this specific fantasy, he's also a big proponent of children getting access to "trans healthcare" to be their real selves.

No. 1961115

all men are gay they have been fucking moids in the ass since ancient times and have been watching, and paying for tranny prostitutes for decades. It's nothing new and you aren't making a big new discovery, everyone knows moids are bisexual and its why they never try to be visually appealing to women. Their definition of attractive man ''roidpig with beard and army haircut'' is literally the look of the average gay porn actor.

No. 1961118

nta but it would be worse if she didn't find irl boys annoying, right? otherwise wouldn't it be like that one western animator who has a creepy fixation on teen boys?

No. 1961176

File: 1712959822738.jpg (442.15 KB, 1080x1091, 1712955941495.jpg)

Oh come on. How are people not peaking en masse? I'm tired of being crypto. I wanna shout out my hatred of trannies from the rooftops

No. 1961178

Feminist historian Gerda Lerner discusses this topic in her book creation of the patriarchy. The first slaves were disposed women, as a result their children became the first underclass of these societies, a resource to exploit in every imageable.

No. 1961179

>otherwise wouldn't it be like that one western animator who has a creepy fixation on teen boys?
whose that?

No. 1961181

I hate that the surgery is gonna keep his dick intact. Should've just gotten the dick stapled or a rotpocket.
Julia Vickerman

No. 1961183

No. Slavery is a product of prisoners of war though and that has always been the main source of them along with raiding to capture people, which in most societies is no different to any war, just with a different priority. Since past societies don't have much of a state or system that can support or house prisoners, or provide any services really, this class of people developed all over. They already begin as a limited commodity since they can be traded back for money or other prisoners of war. So it's always been primarily men.

No. 1961196

FTM interest in male crossdressers is imo not sexual, at least not always.
You might have noticed that a lot of FTMs are not particularly masculine or gender non conforming, they're actually quite feminine. Sometimes they will be tomboys and then post transition suddenly develop an interest in lolita fashion.
In trooning out what they're seeking is male status, not the ability to be masculine. I don't think they even really want a male body in a lot of cases like this. They just don't want to be thought of as girls. But their interests are girly and and they don't want to surpress them.
Their obsession with crossdressing boys is basically a way of justifying this. Some boys like girly things so I'm still a boy even if I like them too.

No. 1961227

Same, nona! I hate that trans ideology is weaving its way into the sciences, especially biology. Conflating hermaphroditism to "omg trans animal?!" is so stupid, I don't understand how TRA's can compare a clownfish changing its sex to keep the population balanced and continue reproducing to someone that wants to be the opposite sex out of paraphilic desire kek

No. 1961359

File: 1712971446531.jpeg (573.41 KB, 1242x978, IMG_2467.jpeg)

>Dykes against transphobia
>checks bio
>trans, cis, and non-binary lesbians who want to have sex with dicklets
It be “straight men and handmaidens against transphobia” They’re saying fuck shit like “lesbians are the most accepting of trans” yeah because you convinced straight/bi girls that they’re lesbians for fucking a man in a dress. Trying so hard not to a-log

No. 1961403

>mfw I'm britbong and now even my boomer mum knows about gendershit due to all the fuss that's going on right now

Not gonna be overly hopeful but it could likely be all downhill for T ideology now normies are reading about it in the news every week

No. 1961459

Holy shit this story is wild. I can't believe the Canadian government is going to pay for this guy to fly to Texas to get his penis-preserving vaginoplasty. And he has a reddit post history indicating that he's made himself incontinent and has ibs. And somehow it's ethical to let this guy get a neo-vagina (presumably the colon tissue method) done in another country, then travel back while caring for the wound that's almost certain to get infected? Literally how the fuck have we gotten to this point? It's like medical institutions and governments have just kept saying "yes" to the demands of the most fucked up unhinged people just because gender identity was attached to it, and somehow it lead up to this insane ruling. If stuff like this was more widely reported a lot more people would be shocked by it and peak.

No. 1961681

This thread should be in https://lolcow.farm/2X

No. 1961695

It was allowed by mods and admin to have it /ot/

No. 1961699

Holy FUCK what is going on Canada? Is the government led by porn-sick fetishists? I'm so sorry for my Canadian nonnies that have to deal with this foolery

No. 1961702

Well I guess radfems don't call it Tranada for nothing.

No. 1961753

File: 1713001801849.jpg (762.61 KB, 1436x2048, swallowtail.jpg)

I wonder how do intersex people feel about being roped in with LGBTQABCD+ and being used by trannies as an argument to push their ideology. Thoughts?

No. 1961811

I hope his surgeon makes a oopsie

No. 1961842

You’re late, but GC is back in /ot/ baby!

No. 1961846

When it comes to FtMs, i'm not satisfied with partial explanations like 'TiFs project as the fem uke!!' (assumes that women naturally pick the 'submissive' role, and it simplifies the fujoshi 'gaze'). I think TiFs start out like many normal fujos, with an appreciation for the mythical androgynous straight guy that doesn't really exist (as persistent crossdressers are either gay or AGPs). They become fixated on it, because otakus of all stripes are attracted to the artificial/moe. Up until this point, it's pretty typical but then it gets complicated when they adhere to troon ideology. The anime fem guy becomes an 'example' for the young TiF. He's drawn, so it's easier to project onto him, since real feminine gay men are a bitter reminder of objective physical differences (though that doesn't stop TiFs who aren't weebs). The more the TiF adheres to the trans delusion that she may become a boy, the more she relies on 'transing' anime boys. She can still enjoy yaoi in typical ways (identifying with either semes/ukes, or just enjoying the spectacle) but she needs for fiction to support her hopes, as she can't find any actual clue of her supposed male soul in real life. Some TiFs and fujos will indeed fetishize the 'young feminine boy', but it's not the main draw for most of them. I do think that some TiFs need a young self-insert because they're fascinated with youth and staying neotenous forever (this is also a TiM thing). This is pretty different from autopedophilia as seen in TiMs, or their persistent fantasy of transing younger boys to live vicariously through them. Their erotic materials might seem superficially similar but the way they anchor to reality are quite different. I might be wrong, but i've been immersed in fujo (and TiF) spheres for so long i feel somewhat confident in my conclusions

You can tell the intersex are really uncomfortable with this, even the ones who adhere to TRA ideology will pushback against troons using them as shields. I recall one intersex activist complaining about the sheer number of old crossdressers coming to intersex orgs to speak about their 'condition', and how he (?) had to weed them out over and over. They probably don't quite see intersex people as fully human and separate from their wish to become/have sex with a hermaphrodite futa or whatever

No. 1961891

troons and their straight handmaidens that would never sleep with an actual woman barging into lesbian spaces and calling them bigots for not being interested in dick are what first made me peak and i'm not even a lesbian

No. 1961930

kek same. its fucking said when the guys on r/askgaybros is more accepting of lesbians that are actual lesbians than handmaidens are. I peaked so hard after seeing that (and when I got a PM from a TIM when I was confused about my sexuality on the lesbian subreddit)

No. 1962238

Suffering some kind of sexual grooming or abuse is my guess. I experienced all the same things plus that, so I came very close to trooning out. I was never a fujo or obsessed with gay moid porn so maybe that’s it. And a painful lack of self awareness

No. 1962539

File: 1713049064071.png (470.01 KB, 598x697, lolno.png)

>Hopefully her children will be better

Hopefully her children will understand to do not hear TRAs or TIMs about women rights.

No. 1962540

>They probably don't quite see intersex people as fully human and separate from their wish to become/have sex with a hermaphrodite futa or whatever

Considering how they're stuck in the "third gender" back in ol' days (that was just ol' homophobia), of course they use these people like a third gender or a "gotcha" or "assigned at birth" when intersex people do not see themselves as a third gender, but a gender that have two (unusable) genitals.

No. 1962542

>but a gender that have two (unusable) genitals
Not even that, intersex is an umbrella term describing various different conditions that affect sex development and function. Most intersex conditions actually do not involve having "two (sets of) genitals", functional or not. From what I hear certain intersex activists prefer the term DSD as in "disorder of sex development" for better clarity.

No. 1962550

>From what I hear certain intersex activists prefer the term DSD as in "disorder of sex development" for better clarity.

Not surprised TRAs will find a way to use that term too.

No. 1962552

The "true transsexuals" have already tried to class troonism in itself as an "intersex condition" since the "brain sex does not match the body sex"

No. 1962569

Who's going to tell them that there's no evidence for "male and female brains" existing?

No. 1962578

There are differences between male and female psychology, but it's difficult to tell how much of it is genetic, developmental, hormonal, or societal. However, scans of MtF brains have found that they resemble those of a male, anyway. So even if you agree with their premise that brains are sexually dimorphic, there's no evidence to suggest a mismatch between "brain sex" and physiological sex is even possible. They're wrong on both counts: sex differences between brains are more complex and nuanced than they care to acknowledge, and the sex differences that can be observed do not contradict the sex of the body.

No. 1962629

went to browse this hashtag on twitter but i couldn't see the context of why it was trending in the first place. Anyone care to spoonfeed?

No. 1963184

One of my friends got in shit at work because one of their colleagues recently decided to change her pronouns to they/them. She still dresses and presents feminine, wearing skirts and makeup to work, long hair, all that shit. My friend thinks the non binary shit is bullshit and was having a hard time remembering. They asked their colleague to help them understand better and instead, she said 'try harder', went behind my friends back, and reported them to corperate. My friends in shit now. I genuinely feel like its just some weird oppression shit because she gets to play victim and get people in trouble when they don't get her gender because she refuses to explain anything or even present anything like she says she is. People call the UK 'terf island' but we are all expected to bend over backwards to protect the feelings of a bunch of mentally ill retards

No. 1963193

Pretty sure they only call it "TERF island" because of JKR and mumsnet.

No. 1963195

im so sick of gendies

No. 1963196

Same, when it was first gaining popularity for calling lesbians bigots for their "genital preference" for not wanting cock it peaked me too and I'm not interested in women at all.

No. 1963212

let me guess, your friend is either a gnc woman or a woman that's hotter than her colleague (or both). I can't see a TIF ever doing this to a man

No. 1963648

Your friend needs to fight dirty and say that she's being attacked for being autistic, anxious and depressed (self dx). You need to make your friend give as good as gets and in the same retarded way when it comes to troon warfare. The gendie will crumple as soon as she's faced with any negative consequences.

No. 1963893

can anyone explain the "trans genocide" thing? like I know they do it because they want to be oppressed so bad but what are their reasonings or proof there's some conspiracy to put them in camps? I asked a MTF I know but he had no explanation and got mad at me

No. 1963898

Denying them "life-serving medical care" (as in hormones and poopwounds/rotdogs) is making them want to join and increase the 41%. That's it.

No. 1963904

Who's going to tell trannies that their suicide attempts actually get even higher AFTER the "reconstructive" surgeries?

No. 1963909

Some of them brought up statistics about hate crimes from 3rd world countries (mostly HSTS sex workers who lived in poverty in South America or Asia).
Rich USA trannies think these statistics apply to them.

No. 1963918

Many Latin American countries also have disturbingly high femicide rates, a lot higher than trannies, but of course the males always have to matter more… Even in the US femicide rates are a lot higher than anti-trans hate crime rates but troons are still allegedly the most oppresedest minority EVER

No. 1963965

File: 1713135170819.jpeg (574.51 KB, 828x913, IMG_1735.jpeg)

TRAs pushing bogus “scientific studies” to fulfill their political agenda is so infuriating to me. Not only is it shit science, TRAs must believe that regularly people are idiots if they can’t see what’s right in front of them. We are a sexually dimorphic species. Anyone can tell. This is not a groundbreaking discovery. Truly cult thinking

No. 1963970

File: 1713135318625.jpeg (577.81 KB, 828x1357, IMG_1737.jpeg)

Even the Telegraph published this follow-up article because the first one (tweet in part 1) was genuinely an embarrassment to journalism and science kek. A “new low” indeed

No. 1963976

File: 1713135675153.jpeg (126.63 KB, 828x626, IMG_1736.jpeg)

The IOC has been completely bought out by the trans lobby, never mind the discrimination and inequality actual female athletes have to endure. TRAs = MRAs
>The paper said the framework's instruction that federations make "no presumption of advantage" due to an athletes' transgender status ignores the permanent advantage held by anyone who has been through male puberty.

No. 1963985

File: 1713135947354.webp (63.72 KB, 960x602, IMG_1738.webp)

People have fucking eyes. I honestly hope the gender cult continues to make this the hill they die on. They may have successfully brainwashed liberal media and TRAs into believing that “sex” and “gender” are totally complicated, undefinable characteristics, using academic jargon borrowed from queer theory that the average person might not be able to see through. However, this kind of fail science is simply too obvious from the trans lobby

No. 1964093

I don't really see crossdressing as the same as those other things, but then I have to remember that for most people crossdressing = sissy fetish. I always just liked how feminine clothing and hair looked prettier, but I realizing calling it crossdressing in the first place is antiquated and sexist, since it implies feminine clothes are women clothes and masculine clothes are mens clothes. IMO theres a very distinct difference between sissy trap degradation, and just liking actually appealing feminine clothes made for men. Men throwing on shitty wrinkly amazon maid dresses not built for their body shape and claiming it makes them (insert long winded pornsick description of girls here) is wholly unappealing to me. My naive initial dive into the crossdressing tag was a part of me peaking; I find it ironic how there's SO many TIMS or NB males in crossdressing tags since it goes against the whole true and honest women thing, but they can't even be bothered to keep the mask on.

No. 1964319

File: 1713160386379.jpg (460.94 KB, 1170x2018, tumblr_9a21545c96ae79758ae16c8…)

No. 1964331

It's interesting that trannies and their cheerleaders have to dig through dictionaries and try to actually change definitions of solid words that existed for hundreds of years just to have a leg in their argument. The fact that more normies aren't recognizing how delusional and clinically insane trannies are just goes to show that norms have "sheep intelligence". They don't really think about things, they just nod their heads to whatever social media tells them is the right opinion. I'm no genius, but seeing so many normies get easily convinced about trannyism being "good" honestly freaks me out. If it's this easy for normies to fall for something like letting a mentally ill man chop his dick off and say he's a woman, what else can society be convinced is okay?

No. 1964335

File: 1713161694354.jpg (157.18 KB, 705x1350, Image4.jpg)

No. 1964339

some countries consider girls to officially become women a couple of years earlier or later than others, which means we NEED to let moids piss in our stalls. i am very smart.

No. 1964360

lmao excellent. a strong contender for next threadpic

No. 1964705

it really confirmed to me how easily people believe things if you say it over and over and with confidence. Sad but thats just how humans are, and a big reason why cults still exist in the modern world.

No. 1965284

there's a fucking straight-up weeb pedo troon in one of my anime servers and nobody is saying anything about it
nobody's willing to stir up drama by telling him that fapping to 14-year-olds is fucking disgusting.
like all these guys have to do is threaten suicide and it's nooo don't kill yourself you're so sexy ahaha
but at that point, if you have backed yourself into the corner of being a NEET pedophile trans'girl' whose entire identity revolves around worshipping/wishing you were a lesbian teenager with huge tits (he is in his mid-20's, just wishes he was babby again in order to experience underage yuri), might as well kys. nobody would mourn except the parents who enabled him to the point of becoming this fucking mess, and the troon hates and wishes death upon them anyways lmao.

No. 1965416

Could you share screencaps, he sounds milky

No. 1965427

Interesting this had never occurred to me

No. 1965434

A bad bitch would cook him in gen chat

No. 1965438

I wish there was a way that you could drop the server link without getting banned/found out. I could ruin him

No. 1965510

I really do wonder what they think smug pedantry is going to prove. They can argue about how imprecise and culturally dependent language is all day long, but it won't change the fact that humans are able to distinguish men and women by the time we are 3 months old.

No. 1965560

make a burner account, join it, and call him out. wtf are we gonna do about that

No. 1966073

the server is small enough that sharing caps would definitely blow my cover lmao. similarly, a brand new burner account joining would provoke suspicion that it was someone who was already a member.

but also I don't want to give him a single excuse to cry about 'bullying' to other people and victimize himself more. we all know what these types are like - anybody who criticizes them is 'transphobic' even if all that is being said is 'yikes, stop sexualizing minors'…and 'sexualizing' is putting it so mildly considering it's straight-up porn, for fuck's sake.

i have plans for a confrontation but i can't initiate it or else he'll go crybully mode; i have to wait for him to say something egregious (again) first before i jump down his throat, so it's fresh in the collective memory/relevant to the conversation.
it helps that i'm collecting evidence of a pattern of behavior rn, though, so if anyone questions it in the future I can refer back to his previous posts about adolescents.

No. 1966203

File: 1713288591185.jpg (1.8 MB, 2139x2160, GLR51VSWIAIuEis.jpg)

>JK Rowling trending on twitter
>Is it because of her books?
>No, troons posting about how she is a "holocaust denier"
>All she wrote was that gays were targeted by the Nazis, not crossdressers
>Pedo troon draws this comic and gets 22 000 likes
God I fucking hate troons.

No. 1966204

Oh my god. Trannies are of actual low intelligence. They are so mentally unsound and unable to properly grasp any lick of how the world works and what's going on, that it's amazing how they're not officially classified as mentally retarded.

No. 1966210

The ones clicking like might be retarded, but the troons who post the tweets know what they're doing. They don't care if it's lies, they are desperate to make the public turn against JKR. Normal people either don't care or support her for being a based terve so they had to make up something else that people could hate her for.
The comic is by Assigned male who has drawn "baby fur" pinup art referenced with photos of actual babies. No wonder he wants to spread negative messages about women who wants to protect women and children.

No. 1966218

>The troons who post the tweets know what they're doing. They don't care if it's lies, they are desperate to make the public turn against JKR
This basically sums up the trans cult. We’re literally witnessing mass propaganda that only works under the assumption that the GP will just accept the propaganda as fact without looking into the truth themselves. This propaganda is so effective in the age of twitter and tiktok because so most people get their news from unreliable social media posts that are curated to be as ragebaity as possible. Then their propaganda discredits any dissenting voices as “literal nazis!!1!” so that normies won’t investigate the truth because they don’t want to be labeled as nazis too

No. 1966227

oh, please help me stay sane. Gay men and troons were seen differently by Nazi Germany, troons mostly were okay to be alive and free, as long as they didn't molest children. And again, as if the troons suffered the most through WWII. I really like to read from people that don't speak German about the history of my country, please, tell me, where do they get their information…

No. 1966235

Literal parasites. If they're so confident that the trannies were uniquely genocided by the Nazis, why did they add gay men into that comic? Why not use the numbers of for only the TIMs? Is it because the number would be extremely small, and that people would be able to point out several examples of TIMs obtaining transvestite passes and living normally in Nazi Germany?
Has anyone else noticed that wikipedia page has drastically altered the "transvestite pass" page and now references an article written ten days ago in order to pretend that trannies were the main target of the Nazis.

No. 1966247

This shit is genuine historical revisionism and to frame trannies as legitimate targets of the holocaust is holocaust denialism to be fucking honest. Interesting how only the homosexual “transvestites” were targeted, while the early AGPs we know and loathe could continue living as they pleased with their transvestite passes. The nazis were not “transphobic,” but they were homophobic.

No. 1966250

I hope the twitter notes hits it hard… they've been really good with correcting incorrect troon tweets lately

No. 1966259

You know what the worst thing is? Troons weren't persecuted at all. Every WW2 and holocaust expert agrees and the troons and handmaidens ignore actual facts and truth about it - THEY are literally denying the reality of what the holocaust was. It's REALLY fucking scary that they're doing it so successfully. Imagine if they wanted to say that the nazis actually didn't go after jews at all, but it was all a cover up to get to the trans people. They'd all buy it and spread it in a heartbeat.

No. 1966264

>Is it because the number would be extremely small
I remember when they tried really hard to write an article about it and they found a whopping total of 4 troons

No. 1966270

File: 1713291334824.jpeg (290.91 KB, 630x878, IMG_1884.jpeg)

So 4 out of… 17 million? Won’t anyone think of the trannies?!?

No. 1966274

A tranny will get a paper cut and call it a hate-crime.

No. 1966372

There are people who believe the earth is flat despite all scientific evidence we have to the contrary. There are people who believe the earth is 6,000 years old, despite scientific evidence. There's even an entire museum in Kentucky devoted to proving that dinosaurs were killed by the biblical flood. Unfortunately there will always be a contingent of the population that believes the most ridiculous bullshit despite all evidence to the contrary. Just like some people will never be convinced that evolution is real even if you show them a million fossils, there will always be tranny supporters who are determined to believe that JKR is worse than Hitler despite any evidence to the contrary that you can show them.

No. 1966413

File: 1713298235362.png (28.43 KB, 1659x208, lesbiansactually.png)

They're getting madder and madder that our downvotes can't be banned and silenced like everything else. Also, his name is deadlypants, how much more self aware can one get?

No. 1966421

File: 1713299058462.png (167.15 KB, 1824x1312, deadlypants7777.png)

Same guy. Why are all of them jokes? They're all the same guy and post the same weird shit.

No. 1966423

File: 1713299278900.jpeg (83.21 KB, 462x1024, 698FE9C4-2AE4-494B-A0CC-1DAC81…)

They always take it personally when somebody "misgenders" them. If I had a kid and they called a tranny by their obviously true gender, I would take them out for ice cream.

No. 1966425

Based kid.

No. 1966627

ntayrt, but this is something I need to hear once in a while to calm my rage. Not sure you intended for that to be comforting, but it is in a strange way.

No. 1966743

File: 1713312317123.jpeg (37.52 KB, 590x535, GLT65MXasAA_t_I.jpeg)

No. 1967019

I’m glad that it helped you nonnie. I have to tell myself this same thing all the time because I work in higher education and I’m surrounded by gender cult members all day long. I’m sure this is what it must feel like to be an atheist in a small town where everyone else is a Christian (or any other religion) and they’re always all going to church together. I also tell myself that throughout every century, there have always been some people who didn’t subscribe to the popular belief of the time (atheists, Russian people who didn’t agree with communism during the Russian revolution or Chinese people during the cultural revolution, Americans who supported communism during the 1950s Red Scare, etc.) and currently the popular belief among woke liberals is the gender religion. Take comfort knowing that no ideology remains dominant forever. Christians used to be thrown to the lions by the pagan Romans, and then Christianity became the dominant religion in Europe (Galileo got thrown in jail by the Catholic church for saying the earth revolves around the sun), but today European governments are secular. It was illegal to teach evolution in schools in Tennessee from 1927-1965, but eventually that law got repealed.

Reality is on our side because humans literally can’t change sex. I peaked from listening to trannies speak and it made me realize that they are all mentally ill narcissists and perverts. The more normies are exposed to the dark side of this ideology, the less they will support it. Just like creationism or flat earth beliefs, it will never go away entirely, but it will stop being the state-sponsored religion eventually.

No. 1967049

There's this semi-niche fandom community I was in and ended up leaving 5 years ago because of personal disputes; It skewed super gendie back then and there are still some posters like that, but I came back a few months ago see 90% less posting about nonbinary shit, some slight PIV-in-gay fanworks criticism, criticizing "trans egg" shit, and thinking terms like "swerf" are useless. This may be because the userbase skews 30+ (give or take some mid-20s users), but is nature slowly healing? I'm suspecting more liberal leaning people are becoming suspicious of QT+ and choicefem stuff now but keeping quiet about it.

No. 1967298

they're so used to arrogantly pulling "facts" out of their ass and having everyone blindly accept them as the truth that when a woman who has a massive audience and isn't a handmaiden dares to call out their lies they can't handle it and fly into a rage. it's funny that jkr is so widely depicted as a hysterical, foaming-at-the-mouth bigot when in reality most of her statements regarding troons could be summarized as "actually, that's not true". they're employing the same misogynistic tactic that men have been using against us throughout time: framing a woman as crazy because she said something they didn't like.

No. 1967405

The troons were trying to make the International Holocaust Remembrance Day about themselves. Nothing can ever not be about them, they have to always have suffered the most.

No. 1967411

Based hopecore

No. 1967421

Swedish politicians have been absolute idiots, they just voted for gender self-ID despite many of them being against it. Now us girls and women have to deal with moids age 16 and onwards invading our locker rooms etc. I FUCKING HATE GENDER IDEOLOGY.

No. 1967455

Good post anon

No. 1967464

>it's funny that jkr is so widely depicted as a hysterical, foaming-at-the-mouth bigot when in reality most of her statements regarding troons could be summarized as "actually, that's not true"
What gets me is she's literally a "nicefem" in online radfem standards. She doesn't even "hate" troons or want them to die unless they're rapists, she just doesn't think they're actually women or have access to female-sexed facilities and that kids shouldn't have these procedures done on them at such a young age. This was literally a progressive, tolerant position in the 2000s and early 2010s.

No. 1967521

She’s been getting less and less nice since those initial posts but yeah, she’s still a lot nicer (or at least more diplomatic) than the average farmer here. I’d been peaked for years when I read her essay and the whole “I know and love trans people” kind of rubbed me the wrong way at the time, because I hate seeing otherwise gendercritical women make excuses for TIMs. They’re ALL misogynist womanfacers and if you validate even one of them you can be certain that he’s laughing at you behind your back and probably getting off on it. Or maybe she was talking about TIFs, I don’t know. In any case I wonder how those trans-identified people in her life feel about that essay and her stance now. Even the ‘reasonable’ ones are only reasonable to a certain extent - they want to be the exception, NLOT, but they’re still inherently opposed to feminism as long as they identify as trans because it’s impossible to reconcile the two.

No. 1967589

I've been thinking that I honestly can't manage to imagine a way in which moids could actually know what oppression or even vulnerability is like. Just think about it:
They like to kill, fight and feel like they're being heroes.
They sexualize that and even envy little boys, girls or women that have been raped.
They sexualize murder as well.
They think being cheated on is hot.
They think being punched, kicked and just hurt in any way is hot
They also sexualize getting mutilated in any shape or form
And so on, is there even anything that causes moids any sort of actual visceral reaction that doesn't end up turning into a fetish to them?

No. 1967593

actual women being happy without them

No. 1967632

Women laughing at them.

No. 1967663

they turned that into humiliation fetish

No. 1968048

"NLOTs" that don't detransition inevitably drop GC/anti-TRA politics when it suits them. They'll willingly join terf communities and agree with us, but then turn around and claimed they were brainwashed. I prefer the diplomatic approach and I do that IRL because it helps build a bridge with disaffected liberals/questioning libfems to be more receptive to GC arguments but it's so telling how TRAs are so authoritarian that tolerating their existence isn't enough, they want total submission and to police your thoughts.

No. 1968352

File: 1713401361135.jpeg (99.83 KB, 1200x800, hhgaNBa.jpeg)

Browsing ovarit and a woman drew this comic someone else came up with the idea for.

No. 1968354

This is absolutely both based and depressing.

No. 1968374

>later that night
>"dear reddit, today I got clocked by a child in the Target changing room. It was extremely traumatic, and it made me have a panic attack right in my new dress. I was crying and trying so hard not to make it obvious to the ciswomen and girls in the stalls next to mine. Why are ciswomen always okay with their children acting so transphobic?? It's ridiculous and unfair to transpeople who just want to pee and change clothing in peace. Thank you all for the karma! Fuck JK Rowling and fuck all other transphobes!"

No. 1968494

File: 1713409411723.jpeg (595.58 KB, 1125x1825, IMG_1835.jpeg)

I’m so embarrassed when a Japanese band comes to America and sees our shit

No. 1968507

gender shit is cringe but doesn't japan have vending machines full of panties and maid cafes

No. 1968523

I have only seen one panty machine in the years I’ve been here but then again I don’t go to porn shops so

No. 1968530

most people live their entire lives without seing panty machines, anon

No. 1968552

Ok? Are we playing whataboutism here or something because if we’re gonna isolate the two things from the rest of each country’s bullshit there’s a tranny flag on every corner in one of them

No. 1968555

kek anyway i’m sure your jp artists have seen worse things than a tranny flag

No. 1968557

the panty machine is more degen than the trannoid flag. Most normies are unaware of trannies being so degen and do it because they genuinely believe they are good, opressed gay people. Meanwhile the panty vending machine is pure degeneracy straight from hell and there isn't a single good thought behind it's existence.

No. 1968565

I think the womanface flag being accepted in the public eye like that is insidious and shows a scary future but I’m not gonna drag this out. Like Japanese moids especially older ones may consume some heinous stuff but even they know how retarded celebrating such a thing is.

No. 1968567

you are such a huge weeb

No. 1968568

Lolcow anti”””weebs””” will seriously pick at anything I swear, cannot even say the American display of degen individualism is embarassing without UH UH BUT JAPAN

No. 1968571

you are defending panty vending machines

No. 1968572

No way it's the opposite. You can't say anything about Japan without someone stepping in complaining about the West

No. 1968611

File: 1713416879579.jpg (214.38 KB, 1750x2000, bafkreigkdqpaadlukigkqkvudj2zu…)

The LGB wouldn't bite the T throat.

No. 1968961

File: 1713444055829.jpg (18.24 KB, 460x343, aBdg7Z2_460s.jpg)

>do a 3 day intensive course for my uni
>goes great, the teacher is super nice
>we have until Monday to give the finished project
>okay all far so good, I pretty much finished everything, I just need some last minute things-
>teacher sends an email saying "oh I forgot to ask for everyone's pronouns, I need them for the final notes, please reply with them"
I've never been asked my pronouns but this feels dehumanising, I'm very clearly a woman but because of the 3 gender people in my class we have to do shit like this. The teacher is probably asking because the TIFs and the enbie on my group look very very feminine and don't try looking masculine/ambiguous at all besides baggy clothing that hides their feminine figure, but they still present themselves with masculine and ambiguous names.

No. 1969037

it feels dehumanizing because it is misogynistic for a woman to have to state that she is a woman simply to placate the feelings of regressive self-hating women who consider themselves to be so superior to other women that they refuse to even identify as one and men who hate us so much that they want to take away everything we have and claim it for themselves. when you ask a woman to state her pronouns you are asking her to participate in an ideology that despises her for existing and will punish her if she refuses to comply.

No. 1969044

I’d have a hard time not saying something snarky. Maybe just reply: “I’m a woman”.

No. 1969063

The terf in me would have said "I'm a woman, is not rocket science".

No. 1969078

It might be your university’s rules. In the past the university might’ve collected demographic information on who’s taking the course (sex, race, veteran status) but ofc discussing binary sex is now illegal under the woke regime so they’re asking about your pronouns instead. You can just reply to the email saying “I’m a woman”, they’re not gonna expel you for saying that. If anything maybe it’ll be good to show the teacher that not everyone believes in the gender shit - maybe if enough people complain about asking pronouns the university might eventually stop doing it.

>I work at a university so I’ve seen some shit

No. 1969090

I've been in this uni for like 3 years now and this is the first time I've been asked pronouns, I think this is just something from the teacher.

No. 1969129

You are so lucky. At the university I work at you can’t go 5 feet without encountering pronouns. People put pronouns in their nametags, email signatures, Zoom usernames, business cards, etc. I refuse to put mine anywhere and I haven’t gotten any pushback for it.

No. 1969285

Nta but blaming all of Japan for panties in vending machines is like blaming all Americans for mass shootings. It's patently absurd.

No. 1970572

Same. If I get pushed I just ask if it's mandatory and the answer is always no.

No. 1971084

File: 1713537008304.mp4 (4.99 MB, 576x1024, twittervid.com_Alisonellis27_4…)

I’m so glad to see lesbians openly speaking out against this shit on tiktok, which is zoomer gender cult central

No. 1971093

she's so based for that. I notice american lesbians just take all the tranny bs at face value but UK lesbians are willing to engage in debate even if that might "cancel" them.

No. 1971097

oh shit Magdalen was reborn

No. 1971100

Being a GC lesbian on tiktok is gigastacy behavior.
Kek my first thought.

No. 1971143

Based, hope it keeps going and every single lesbian joins in

No. 1971146

I thought this too, lmao. I'm scared for her, though. TRAs have really been getting rabid lately. The JK Rowling stuff comes to mind and how they try to get her in trouble with the law for alleged hate crimes.

No. 1971160

>I've never been asked my pronouns but this feels dehumanising
It really does. If I'm in a woke space and I can't rock the boat too much I make sure to reply in a slightly off way by saying "just normal female ones" and not by saying "she/her". Anything to break their standard script.

If I'm feeling brave I say "whatever you think fits me best when you look at me" since that is how it usually works in the normal world, and unlike them I don't throw a tantrum if someone mistake me for a he or a "they". Even better when someone later asks something like "heard you go by they/them..?are you like nonbinary?" and I get to be like "no I don't and I'm not, that guy just decided I look like a stereotypical they/them and that's why he calls me that" and suddenly he's the bad guy for assuming my gender kek

No. 1971274

Omg, Alison is so cute, I would absolutely date this beautiful savage TERF queen.

No. 1971483

File: 1713552461251.png (440.83 KB, 723x2033, no sympathy.png)

Imagine being in your 60s where getting employed is impossible, having a family to feed, working at a company for multiple years and losing everything just because you had some opinions you expressed at social media that goes against the status quo. He didn't even express it at work. I'm so fucking mad.

No. 1971519

stopped reading there, I hope he gets homeless and dies of hepatitis

No. 1971521

File: 1713553480599.jpg (405.01 KB, 1080x805, 1000010684.jpg)

No. 1971526

I can't help but feel bad for TIFs sometimes.

No. 1971528

This is just a fake retarded fetish post made by some 4chin scrote. Why even post this here.

No. 1971697

>mfw buttsex doesn't feel my rape yaoi
This post was probably bait, pooners do be memeing themselves into anal for male pleasure though, it can't get more female-socialized than that. I wonder if tifs also have delusion about growing a prostate like hons do with imaginary periods.

No. 1971785

File: 1713562041279.jpg (51.65 KB, 600x600, terf shiba kek.jpg)

the pokemon thread on lc just coined the term "slurpers" as a slur for troon allies (so what a faghag is to gay people), it's short for "genderfluid slurpers" because they slurp up the gender fluids - cum and pussy juice - from troons (and is of course a pun on genderfluid enby troons as well)

I think it's perfect because it is so fucking disgusting, but the word "slurper" doesn't sound too disgusting on its own so if someone overheard you saying you hate slurpers they wouldn't think it was that weird

No. 1971893

File: 1713570367568.mp4 (1.42 MB, 360x360, gumping it.mp4)

Reminds me vid related.

No. 1971904

Handmaidens from my county defending Dyldo Mulvaney piss me off so fucking bad. You live in Eastern Europe and you choose to spend your time kissing the ass of a rich american tranny? Be fucking serious. He doesn't give a rat's shit about the problems you face, he can't even imagine what you go through - and you, being a stupid fucking retard you are - whine about le ebil terfs being mean to your poor little opwessed twanswoman Dyldo? You really think him receiving online backlash for his actions is an actual problem worth of your attention? You think it's something to argue about with other women? With women who are in the same boat with you, whether you like it or not? With women who share your culture and experiences? Really? How can you be so detached from reality? I'm so MATI rn. Fucking kill me. We're not getting anywhere with this kind of "feminism".

No. 1972305

kek, did not expect to see wubby pop up on lolcow. His content has always been pretty based but after getting pushback for a youtube video about transing kids, he's kept pretty quiet on gender stuff.

No. 1972595

File: 1713632208417.jpg (107.96 KB, 250x272, 5783398-68a48d511120d3bec918b1…)

No comment.

No. 1972598

If you were on the verge of trooning out would this push you over the edge? Be honest.

No. 1972665

Pickmes will be pickmes. I'm sorry you have to deal with that shit. If it helps you feel better, maybe see if you can use their caping to convince the retarded moids in your country to castrate themselves for asspats?
He's going to get dogpiled by TRAs for satirizing the suffering of TIMs kek, trannies are a whole new level of delusional.

No. 1972696

The gender debate is starting to seriously pick up in my country, i think it'll be interesting because the UK/US have been through it before, which could give us lessons about how to avoid the absolute mess gendies made.
I thought about my own reactions to the GC movement, now that it's becoming increasingly real-er for women around me. I'll admit i once had issues with it due to bigotry (typically, regarding masculine women as failures). I still kind of do, but i've come to realize a lot of the 'i'm a based anti-troon feminist but GC are too mean' sentiment is terribly lame. If you take away critiques like 'it can be homophobic', which many GC people already have (it's not a monolith), it boils down to 'okay i don't like troons but i'm still a nice girl!'. Aside from the false equivalence between troon tactics and GC tactics, it really is all about feminine values: being nice and diplomatic, pretending to care, never being too agressive or confrontational. It's really bizarre to see it coming from self-described radfems or 'based ' women, like you're supposedly want to smash male supremacy but you can't handle a mean joke about TiMs? Because it's 'misdirected misogyny'? Come on.
The other side of this cowardice is the more institutional anti-trans movement. They'll bring up AGP but insist it's not wrong and the men who display their fetish are really little sensitive/autistic nerdy men who were misled by ebil tumblr. They won't touch the social and sexual implications of living out a humiliation fetish in relation to the female sex. It's all very clinical, very 'never be mean to your patient'. There's no overt political discourse, even though they participate in GC stuff.
All of these people still have my support but they've ironically made me appreciate poorfag/religious moms who don't mince words when it comes to troons (flaws and all).

No. 1973167

Have any nonnas listened to the new episode of Jen and Hannah's podcast on the current britbong Cass report drama? A lot of what they were saying made sense to me to an extent although I find it hard to believe that many young lesbians are being transed by medical professionals when they seem to be so many straight/bi TIFs who are just obsessed with men and want to become the bf.

No. 1973345

>drinking tea and eating pickles teehee cis ppl could never get it

No. 1973653

File: 1713696363195.png (22.75 KB, 544x155, 6538985854538.png)

Trooning out has NOTHING to do with misogyny, FYI.

No. 1973797

could've gone further and said it's his pregnancy cravings

No. 1973948

File: 1713719976204.jpeg (311.73 KB, 828x1118, E968B0DF-10F7-470E-84A2-310FFA…)

Men discussing how they obtain bathroom creep shots reveal that they don the bare minimum trans signifiers like long hair, face mask, and a purse and just waltz in. Archived link is nsfw: https://archive.ph/iVpNj

No. 1973953

Kill all men

No. 1974253

Is anyone following the spy.pet discord drama? Someone made a bot to archive a bunch of discord servers revealing a lot of grooming going on in “lgbtq” servers and keffal’s cat boy ranch used to be in the list of servers and now it’s not.

No. 1974338

This shit just makes me think i should wear a burqa everywhere i go, swear to god.

No. 1974370

File: 1713743295503.jpg (784.36 KB, 1068x1456, 1000025190.jpg)

Why do these people need to insert their gender into everything? Can't have a discussion about any fucking thing without someone going "im trans btw" shut uuuuuuup

No. 1974374

this makes me glad i never leave my neetcave

No. 1974434

Reason number #5378 why I never use public restrooms

No. 1974438

File: 1713746691840.jpeg (Spoiler Image,55.45 KB, 602x602, main-qimg-0d05cc4a5b34d7dc900a…)

Not racebait but why are 99% of trannies white?lots of libfems claim to be against privileged white men yet defend one when one transitions.so fucking hypocritical and ironic at the same time.picrel some ugly disgusting white tranny.

No. 1974442

Because they're the ones who most feel like they need to invent and opt into an axis of oppression and because of this I'm 1000% percent more hateful of them. They're always the ugliest too, not that that should be a point of critique against them when it comes to an argument of morality

No. 1974455

1. they don't want women to see them as the bad oppressor guy so they troon out to make a complete 180 and instantly turn into the most opwessed gwoup ewer!! as feminists we all must protecc twans wommyn fwom discwimination!!!! uwu twaw twans wights are human wights. suck the girldick you bigot
2. upper middle class fuckers who have enough free time to sit in their inherited estate and jerk off to porn
3. idk im out of points i just hate all troons equally no matter what race. i don't discriminate

No. 1974561

File: 1713757739615.jpeg (603.66 KB, 828x1054, IMG_2053.jpeg)


No. 1974641

The white male in liberal Western country is palpable

No. 1974645

File: 1713765737714.jpg (99.15 KB, 1422x800, EGNtkNSWsAEf9iY.jpg)

I always felt like a glowing orb controling a flesh robot and I bet most people who think about what they are inside don't come to the conclusion that they are just their body since most people have some deep internal thinking and internal life. Trannies think they are so special not feeling like their body but nobody does. We're just okay with it and we live with the miracle robot we got. Bodies are a tool for experience and your mind is a shapeless controller.
All they do is waste their time on vain shit about their body when in reality it doesn't matter at all what your body looks like. It's sad that they can't find anything else to do with their life but this. Such a waste.

No. 1974648

They really are the most sollipistic and blinded group of people. Since forever I've always like my body is completely disconnected from my mind and sometimes that can be distressing to think about, and I doubt most people don't feel that way at least once or twice. Also don't actually choronically ill people suffer this on a extreme level while their body deteriorates?
Plus, I love how they think they're so smart and profound for coming up with stuff like this, when it's very basic philsophy that's been done to death. It's like when that one type of person does weed for the first time and then thinks they're incredibly enlightened afterwards.

No. 1974673

this is kind of disingenuous and the idea that your mind and body aren't connected is in line with trans ideology. in fact the opposite is true, your body is your experience and trannies try to separate the body and mind to suit their own needs. what makes you a woman is what you experience through the body, not some set of expectations and stereotypes trannies think women are. womanhood must be experienced through the female form, therefore trannies can't be women. the body also connects you to the world around you, which is why trannies are obsessed with forcing people to feed into their delusions. trannies need to pretend body and mind aren't one to achieve all this mental gymnastics.

No. 1974678

File: 1713771822596.jpg (51.14 KB, 610x591, 1000000345.jpg)

Today I went to a vegan restaurant. 9/10 times my waitress is this wook woman, but today it was a troon who must have just started. He looked like he was skinwalking the wook, minus the dreads because that's not woke.

He was nice enough, but then out of nowhere he started be an an asshole and was stuttering
> What do y-you want to dr-drink… I mean eat!
I realized the beanie I was wearing has a button on it that says "radfems against the right". He was seething so hard he split my kombucha and a cook bright me my food, probably because he told his co-workers he didn't feel safe. Before I left I went to the bathroom and slapped up a sticker that said "keep women's spaces single sex" over the "trans women are women" graffiti.

Sorry for the blog, but I wanted to share this with someone lol

No. 1974689

kek nona based. You should have reported him for being rude or for giving really poor service, the button isn't even directly anti-trans it's just pro-feminist and anti-right so unless he hates women and is right leaning he shouldn't have a problem with it. You could even insinuate it made you feel uncomfortable that he might be far-right leaning

No. 1974690

>Since forever I've always like my body is completely disconnected from my mind and sometimes that can be distressing to think about
they would literally say you're just a trans egg in denial, they have an "explanation" for everything. hate your body? trans. too fat? trans. spilled your milk? trans. the weather is bad? trans.

No. 1974729

AYRT, kek some have actually tried to pressure me into saying I was trans for expressing that sentiment, they didn't like it much when I kept repeating that I'm just mildly mentally ill at most. I think it's a lack of empathy and projection thing, like while some TIFs can be nice TIPs are so far up their own arses that they can't fathom that someone could have similar feelings, ideas and hobbies etc. and not be exactly like them, you can't feel or think those things you must be trans or they're not.
I do agree with what you're saying and I feel I sort of mispoke- it's not so much I'm born into the wrong body, it just feels like mind and body are two defined yet linked entities, at least in my case. It definitely gets twisted into trans ideology and used to validate their delusions and view their own body as opposition that must be fixed, which is then rendered useless when people can still see their innate sex and treat them as such (even the rare 100% passing TIPs can be clocked by mannerism and idiosyncransies, especially TIMs) which is where all the enforcement of doublethink comes into play. They're chopping down trees to get at the branches, incredibly harmful and wasteful to everyone around.
You are my hero nona, keep it up!

No. 1974732

>moid starts to stutter when he sees feminist button
The sheer weakness of these fools.

No. 1974743


No. 1974750

Based anon. Fighting the good fight.

No. 1974799

and everyone clapped

No. 1974801


mald harder

No. 1974989

this but unironically

No. 1975152

this is true. i was the kombucha

No. 1975184

>you can't feel or think those things you must be trans or they're not.
It's very distressing for tifs to realize other females exist who aren't a barbie caricature by default yet are NOT trans like them. It ruins their whole worldview and makes them uncomfortable to see normal gnc women.

No. 1975191

I truly wish tifs realized that they're not escaping sexism by removing female body parts like their breasts. They think "men like boobs, so if I don't have boobs men won't sexualize me as a woman and I'll be safe from them".

But what actually happens is there is instead a new group of men who are into them: men who are turned on by seeing mutilated female bodies. Men who want to see women and girls hurt and disfigured because it turns them on. Men who are thrilled these girls willingly post their mutilated "male" chests openly for them to masturbate too while fantasizing about being the one to cut them up. Tifs don't realize they're just switching their male "audience" to the absolute worst and most vile kind of men, and they can never go back.

No. 1975234

Gender ideology is to gender what bitcoin is to money. Its proponents are either in it to deceive other people for personal gain or are completely convinced that it'll solve the problems with the old system, when in reality all it does is replicate the problems of the old system and prevent you from addressing the actual cause of the problems.

No. 1975374

I was the tranny waiter

No. 1975467

File: 1713822885599.jpg (50.39 KB, 680x423, 1644523243678-4.jpg)

Nonnies, is it weird I wish the TIFs I know would peak? I barely know them, we've talked a few times at best and the times I've done it they seem nice but I've avoided getting to know them because I don't think getting close to any kind of tranny is a good idea. Even then one is very friendly and the other is super shy so they don't seem like bad people, I just wish they stopped with the trans stuff and learned that is fine to be a woman.
I wish they'd read the threads here that talk about how harmful the trans movement, I wish I could share to them why giving up womanhood is bad, I wish they'd detransition because there's still hope seeing as it seems they haven't started taking T and it seems they haven't gotten their breasts removed. But alas, it would be a weird thing for an acquaintance to do, and even if it wasn't they would probably call me a TERF and I'd get ostracised from where I know them.

No. 1975484

Reignites my paranoia, awesome

No. 1975553

>hanging out in circles with troons
this is your first mistake

No. 1975632

It’s the same as Muslim girls being told to wear a hijab or a burqa (or women of any religion being told to wear modest clothing) with the idea that it will protect them from rape because men don’t rape modest women. 1.) Moids are disgusting perverts and they will rape any woman and find some way to fetishize any woman’s appearance, and 2.) By telling women their lack of modest clothes caused them to get raped (or telling TIFs that cutting off their boobs will prevent men from sexualizing them, you are telling women that if you don’t do these things than you were asking to be raped/sexualized and it’s your fault.

No. 1975944

I don't have many options on who to interact with when it's my job, don't think I'm doing this because I want to.

No. 1975986

File: 1713858808939.png (644.31 KB, 603x879, j3m6.png)

their hatred of JK Rowling on a personal level amuses is fascinating to witness.

No. 1975988

I love you

No. 1975990

i was watching a youtube video last night and got so disappointed, she was like "don't radical feminists realize they're harming men and trans women" she said that radfems are the same as misogynists just on the other end because they both want to control women. her reaction to a clip of a trad wife influencer (or wannabe influencer, not very successful) was "she would benefit from reading some intersectional feminism theory" and "i used to think this way too 7-8 years ago because i was seeing the most extreme radical feminists who are like you need to stop shaving, you need to stop wearing make up, you need to hate men" i already knew she was a libfem but it was a lot in this video. i know she's smart i just need her to THINK. in one of her older videos she said she was going to quote someone but found out that "she's a massive terf" and wasn't comfortable quoting her anymore, in another video ranking books she read that year she says about chimamanda i think "i've seen people call her a terf but i looked it up and didn't find anything, let me know" when she reviews books with abusive love interests she puts disclaimers like "this isn't a bdsm scene, if it was there'd be nothing wrong with that" talking about a man being aggressive and even dubious consent in books and she feels the need to no kinkshaming tho if that's ur kink xoxo it's tiring nonas

No. 1976066

I hate it when troons ask each other for advice on how to be more "feminine" and all the replies are shit like "talk more with your hands", "sit with your legs closed", "take up less space" or whatever. If these things are an inherent part of being female, why do you have to learn to do them if you were born with a "female brain"? If they're not, then isn't the fact that you haven't been taught to do them proof that you were socialized as a male, with all the privileges that that entails?
Their whole ideology is so retarded and crumbles under even the slightest amount of scrutiny, I don't understand how they don't see that.

No. 1976247

you could be talking about the atomic bomb and someone will find a way to make it about being trans. these peoples only personality is their "gender"

No. 1976376

File: 1713888084900.png (78.14 KB, 996x756, amianangel.png)

from Reddit about a man divorcing his wife since she wanted to become in a TIF. There's a reason why some women are called "trans widows".

No. 1976399

File: 1713889473042.jpeg (323.71 KB, 1170x2147, IMG_3018.jpeg)

Why’re they all like this.

No. 1976405

The singular 'they' is only used when a person's sex is not known. When an obvious woman stands in front of you and asks to be called 'they', it's unnatural and messes with people's heads, even if they don't realize why. Our brains know she is a woman. We call women 'she'. But apparently we should look at her and know her magical gender identity and be unable to tell her sex, even though she's most likely dressed in ultra feminine fashion.

Going by they/them is such a female thing now that it's funny. When I see someone online with they/them in their bio, I know it's a woman (and I'm right 99% of the time.)

No. 1976426

always. and even if men identify as nonbinary they usually go full troon within a year. kind of like how women identify as bi but bi men usually identify as gay soon after

No. 1976428

File: 1713890906691.jpeg (Spoiler Image,358.96 KB, 596x909, IMG_0139.jpeg)

I’m 60% sure this is a TIF, not even lying. Where the fuck is their dick? It’s a TIF. What do you guys think, TIM or TIF?

No. 1976441

i don't know but he looks extremely gross

No. 1976450

Obvious selfpost is obvious

No. 1976485

neither, that's a barbapapa

No. 1976503

i thought this was a photoshop edit

No. 1976525

>The singular 'they' is only used when a person's sex is not known.
Correct, singular they has always been used as "he or she" (literally) and is gramatically not the same as a third genderneutral version of he and she. Never before in history has anyone gone for example "where is grandma?" "they're over there", as that has always been considered to be gramatically incorrect - just as saying "he is over there" is also incorrect.
And using "singular" they about people working has also often been used to mean "the people working at the company as a collective group" rather than "that one person". For example "Did they mail come yet?" "yes they were here earlier" doesn't mean "yes the one single mailman was here" but rather "yes some people working at the mail company were here, they as a collective workforce sent soemone to us".

I know this is basic stuff that people actually already know, but it helps reading it out in words and makes it easier to explain to others why "singular they" has never been used the way troons claims it's always been used.

No. 1976603

File: 1713896085918.jpeg (Spoiler Image,445.43 KB, 750x982, IMG_0143.jpeg)

nope got it off this instagram account kek

No. 1976619

Looks like an AI filter of a vulva, on a male

No. 1977259

That is the most unnatural body shape and texture, so either he escaped from a homunculus lab or that is a fucked up filter.

No. 1977264

Samefag looked at the video and it might be part of a body suit

No. 1977382

Unable to cope with rigid beauty standards but still wanna feel pretty

No. 1977617

does anyone have any good responses to the claim that tims don't have male privilege - and that they somehow never did? i know its insane but i'm never sure how exactly to argue it with people who are trans-friendly/sympathetic.

No. 1977627

They’re male, have always been male, experienced male socialization, and continue to reap the benefits of male privilege every time TRAs place the feelings of TIMs over the safety and comfort of women

No. 1977634

An easy one is FGM. They can’t argue against it.

No. 1977638

better question is who socialized males this way and who did it across virtually every society, country and time period

No. 1977639

Samefag, but also that if they weren’t receiving male socialization they wouldn’t be discouraged from wearing dresses and playing with dolls. Female socialization encourages those.

No. 1977642

If I was a tim with a boner for disingenuous gotchas, I would say
>uuuuhm… are you implying that cis gendered white women benefit from male privelige? also circumcision of girldicks blablabla
>Check mate TERVS

No. 1977648

if they accept the premise that someone presenting as a privileged class benefits from privilege (a la white-passing), they kind of have to accept that mtfs have received it (having presented as male for most of their lives), or they're just willfully being logically inconsistent. Even if they were uncomfortable with the societal expectations of the male sex (ie gender roles), they still benefitted from implicit biases favoring men. idk if that's going to help you in an argument though; these people adhere to a logically inconsistent ideology in the first place

No. 1977731

You should ask them if you can identify as a transwoman. If they say no because you're female, which is the most likely answer, then >>1977627
if they say yes, then say that you are more oppressed than regular TIMs because throughout history "AMABs" have oppressed "AFABs"

No. 1977732

this is helpful, thanks. the other responses i agree with, but aren't going to help in the kind of debates i get myself involved with. they're probably useless anyway, as you point out, but i at least feel better if i can point out some of their stupidity using their own logic.

No. 1977749

File: 1713927871998.jpg (82.68 KB, 480x345, happy-kitten.jpg)

>convinced an enby friend to realize she's a woman, she's a crypto with me and complains about trans people to me now
>helped another friend realize the insanity of gendies by relating with her complaining about that one troon who's sponsored by that period pad company
>ex-gf peaked a deeply insane gendie, now she's crypto
>got more of my normie friends openly more misandrist
We're all zoomers too. I hope you all realize that there is hope, there's always going to be hope, we just need to keep on going.

No. 1977764

Men don't experience medical bias, higher rates of misdiagnosis, and many male-specific diseases have more research dedicated in comparison to female-specific diseases. Men suffer less in car crash injuries because crash test dummies are modeled after men. Many medicines are much more suited for men because test trials only focus on the male body.

No. 1977774

I salute you for your service, nonna

No. 1977783

are you just crazy charismatic or lucky or what? manifesting this for myself btw i am so tired of gendershitters

No. 1977785

drop some pointers, how did you do it??

No. 1977804

It’s not weird at all. Whenever I interact with any TIF I fantasize about this. I know several of them would peak if they lurked around here, but alas.

No. 1977818

If there was a war against gendies I'm bullet proof
I don't think I'm too charismatic, but It's easier to peak someone you're already close with rather than a stranger.
I recommend having one on one time with some of your friends as it helps your friend be more comfortable and private. Always make yourself be the person where they can open up bottled feelings that they think is too controversial, and never try to judge them harshly if they say something you personally disagree with (They're your friend after all). There's always going to be a part of the conversation that will lead to current events, and when trans stuff are brought up don't hesitate to be assertive yet respectful with your opinion. Be sympathetic to the gendie situation and try to see both sides while staying firmly in your opinion.
An example would be "I understand where some people are coming from, but for me, I'm more critical of it coming from my own experiences"
Don't try to critique people unless the other person you're talking to does it first, trying to critique it from a systemic and meta perspective is much more effective than acting similar to their annoying facebook aunt.
It's important to let some of the conversations flow naturally without immediately trying to go back to the gendie topic, sometimes you need to figure out when it should leave or when it's too good to let the opportunity pass. Key points I mention most of the time are the connections with gendies and buying their identity instead of being secure in who they are, the bandaid societal fix of regressive gender stereotypes, gender plastic surgeons profiting off of insecure young people, the many medical lies that are sold to them, and the outright denial of many downsides and biological effects that comes with it. Don't immediately talk about the pervert tims, because many people don't consider them trans in the first place.
A big key into peaking others is to be openly in love being a woman, and never hesitate speaking out in a world of men and how unfair society is towards us. Doing research and mentioning facts about female biological advantages helps and Loving yourself can be really inspiring to a lot of gendies with internalized misogyny and normies that are afraid of being seen as an icky man hating feminist.
For the more deep gendies it will take longer, but taking it slow is important, as rushing into things will only make them feel betrayed. Sometimes it's slow, but trying to find the connection and helping female solidarity is always worth it to me. Godspeed nonas and I hope this helps!

No. 1977856

based. people need to realize only the most insane are spouting bullshit on twitter/tiktok all day. most gen z are pretty normie and will listen to reason if you tell them.

No. 1977916

Great work nona!
I would like to encourage everyone to peak people who you think don't "need" to be peaked because they're too normie to know about troon stuff. They're either going to hear it from you now and be warned about it so they can spot the lies right away, or one day their sister will inform them a niece is now a nephew and indoctrinate them and suddenly they're cheering on child mutilation without really knowing it. It's easy if you just bring it up here and there like "look at what crazy people online are saying and doing".

The topic of trans came up at my normie work and my boss ended up asking (from a mildly critical stand point) "do you feel like a woman?" and I said "No" which made him confused "I don't FEEL like one, wtf does that mean anyway, I just AM a woman and it has nothing to do with feelings" and it looked like something clicked in his head. Even as critical people we sometimes accidentally accept troon-terms and forget they were never true to begin with. For example it's easy to give in and call yourself "AFAB", to think "i guess my gender aligns with my sex since i've never thought about it" (rather than wtf is "gender", i sure don't have it), or to think gender dysphoria is real (and not just a misdiagnosis of a ton of other stuff), and in my boss case that "feeling like" something you're physically not and have never been is even truly possible.
My boss has become very openly critical of troons since then kek it's been wonderful to see

No. 1977935

File: 1713946711657.jpg (104.16 KB, 720x1280, thumb-1920-188583.jpg)

>We're all zoomers too
I'm proud of you young nona. I've been terfing for over a decade and I'm glad the younger generations see through the troon bs too.

No. 1977952

basically just focus on socialization. from being socialized as a male one is treated as a male by society and thus being given male privilege. by being raised with male privilege one interprets everything through the lense of that male privilege which cannot be unlearned, just modified. likewise one cannot learn to be socialized as a woman if they weren't originally. socialization happens during formative years and cannot be taught, only experienced it is not innate.

No. 1977964

I feel sorry for the autistic girls being fooled by gender ideology. They're naive and see things in black and white. They really do think they're like men if they follow this trend. I remember seeing a tiktok where an obviously autistic girl was having a meltdown over having been called female and screamed "which part of me screams woman??" Like girl you're literally a screaming woman. No one thinks you're male just because you wear ugly alternative fashion. The TRA bubble is a bubble of lies.

No. 1978046

File: 1713952312770.png (99.63 KB, 278x245, iene.png)


Italian nonny here, basically our tv is trying to push the shitty lie that puberty blockers are totes reversible. The children are two autistic boys and two gay kids, it's funny because some years ago they filmed an episode about conversion therapy and how that's harmful, now we're fighting for synthetic hormones in little kids to deal with minor distress. In particular, one of them says "I knew I was a girl because I liked girl clothes more."
I can't wait for them to be Jenning'd not because I hate them but because they have to wake up.

No. 1978053

>T makes me androgynous
women with pcos would like to have a word in that lol, they're so ignorant and delusional it's almost cute

No. 1978059

I hope Italians push against puberty blockers as much as they can. There was a Swedish documentary that showed the effects of puberty blockers on a poor girl. She ended up with the bone density of a very elderly woman and was in constant pain. And no one in the chain of people who had helped trooning her wanted to take responsibility.