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File: 1445134146307.png (572.96 KB, 416x750, tumblr_nh3uxmraNN1s3u0h4o3_500…)

No. 45564

Old thread >>26392

Post all the transtrending Tumblrinas and their bullshit.

Because being a boy only requires that you say you are one, you transphobic fuck.

No. 45570

She is going to look so ugly as a man. She already has a gross man jaw and rough skin, I can only imagine the hideous beast she'll turn into.

Lying to therapists is easier than it sounds.

No. 45571

File: 1445135157656.jpg (76.96 KB, 500x667, tumblr_nsmkkgqgGu1thqh6ro1_500…)

they say theyre "trans" and a boy

No. 45575

File: 1445135549068.png (352.36 KB, 600x678, CReBjztWoAALMwV.png)

Did you guys hear about Zella Ziona who was murdered 2 days ago? She was barely 20 years old.

I'm surprised that after all of the horror stories of young trans people being murdered in large quantities every year that it doesn't scare away the trans wannabees. Like, even trans people who are secretive about their birth sex are getting slaughtered. Meanwhile Tumblrinas are broadcasting themselves across the web and making being trans their entire identity. It's like they want to be killed.

No. 45581

Most of them likely never take it outside the internet, or live in relatively safe communities where they never have to actively worry about their safety. A lot of them are also teenage white girls presenting as tomboys (at best, some just wear plain feminine clothing) which seems really commonplace in North America/Europe and doesn't attract that much attention. That aside, they probably relish the idea in a fucked up way, because it adds to their persecution complexes and the idea that they're oppressed minorities who can do no wrong and need to be protected at all costs.

No. 45590

Even if their communities are "safe" and they ID as girls irl they could still get cyberstalked. I know that criedwolves and spectredeflector went as far as to display their home addresses on their Tumblr pages to entice their fans into sending them gifts. Also that girl in the last thread who posted those underage nudes of herself had shared so much information about herself and her mother online that it was almost as if she was inviting people to stalk her.

One of these days we'll here about some hate crime towards a trans Tumblrina.

No. 45605

Doesn't that go the same for trans women?

Also tumblr really hates trans men, on account of their priviledge over trans women, i wish i was making this up.

No. 45614


Urgh, dis bitch.
I followed them for a while not realising their fuckery, she uploaded a photoset of her in a really cute outfit and I replied to the post saying she looked like a magical girl and she tried to chew me out for it.

Jokes on her not all magical girls are female.

No. 45615

Oh my god, I follow several fake fuckbois for the lulz. If I weren't so exhausted, I would make a post about them but I need to catch some zZzZzZz.

maybe tomorrow

No. 45638

What was the name of that fakeboi that used to post on DA saying she had Klinefelter syndrome and that's why she was so small and feminine looking?

She even screwed up once and posted a pic where you could clearly see a maxi pad sticking out of her underwear.

No. 45639

Haha, that's dumb. Klinefelter's actually tends to make people tall and fat.

No. 45640

Anon did she claim to be 15 years old and cross-dressed a lot? If that's her then that was a catfish I think I know what you're talking about.

No. 45642

File: 1445146713613.png (35.96 KB, 510x358, amrlboinigrz.png)

This fakeboi was posted in the last thread but anon wouldn't give the name of their account lol. I don't know much about her but she used to be on some scenekid site claiming to be some Japanese/Norwegian hafu named Aoi Haruki, but she ditched that persona. The account isn't there anymore, but it was full of her in lingerie and thigh highs yelling at people who thought she was a girl lmao https://www.facebook.com/shad0wsoflove

No. 45648

zerodomon, lmao

No. 45652

Omfg I remember her

Used to be threads for her on cgl I think a little before gutterbitch? I wanna say her name was zero something? Zerodom? Something stupid

Fuck I loved her threads, cgl was catty and great back then

No. 45653

Oops didn't see

Fuck what happened to that bitch?

No. 46217

she claims to be swedish/japanese, but when someone wrote to her in Swedish she understood nothing…
Is she American? She probably isn't even Swedish or Japanese.

No. 46218

She's neither she doesn't even know if she's Norwegian or Swedish, her Japanese is basic Google translate and she never uses a lengthy sentence lmao

No. 46233

You're thinking of Zerodomon/Aki. Her real name is Jessica and after people found out about it she said her parents gave her a girl's name because they really wanted a daughter lol. And yeah, she said she had Klinefelter's syndrome even though anyone could tell she's full of bullshit except for her thirsty fans. I think she's still doing the kawaii yaoi uke fakeboi thing even though she's what, 25 at this point?

She also used to shoop her chest really badly to look flat. She'd always position her watermark on top of her chest to hide the pixels. A while back someone leaked an unshooped photo of her topless and she had plentiful boobs, which she claimed to be photoshopped on. She also had a very girly voice, dressed up pretty much like a girl but still claimed to be a kawaii boi. I think at some point she uploaded a video to a porn site in which her boyfriend was spanking her while she was wearing some ridiculous weeb clothing with a tail.

Her DA: http://zerodomon.deviantart.com/
And her ModelMayhem account: http://www.modelmayhem.com/716117

No. 46234

What's this with fakebois being suddenly obsessed with Sweden? Like I've recently seen a lot of them saying they speak Swedish and try to scrape up any kind of family history to claim some remote relation to Scandinavia.

No. 46235

They switch doctors until they find one willing to prescribe T and cheat and lie to get the diagnosis. There is plenty of advice online on what you should say and how you should act to pass as a transgender. It's sick and damaging to those with actual gender dysphoria.

No. 46256

File: 1445174746375.png (1.05 MB, 1332x723, lol.png)




Calls herself Shion. Before Shion she was Misa but her real name is Nadia.

Use to be obsessed with being a living doll but that failed for her so now she's a fakeboi. Jumped on the he/him pronouns bandwagon and excessively tags her terribly edited photos on tumblr and instagram. Right now she thinks she's a Visual Kei boy.

An aspiring youtuber and blogger. Claims to be a singer (kek, listen to some of her covers). This bitch really wants to be e-famous.

As you can see, her edits are ridiculously different from pictures taken by someone else.

Tries to be friend people who are popular online and copies everything they do in hopes of getting some fame for herself.

Massive weaboo. Wants to be a famous singer or a model in glorious Nippon.

No. 46278

No one's out to kill teenage white girls from the suburbs who watch too much anime and re-enact gay porn.
Teenage black trans girls from tough neighborhoods? Different story.

No. 46279

I hate it when these fakebois claim to be oppressed for being "trans". They either look like tomboys or just normal girls. No one gives a shit.

No. 46280

>Does dansou
They aren't even trying, and she looks like your average ugly girl lmao and if she's already a ~*Trans guy*~ why do dansou?

No. 46284

they all want to look like those visual kei guys but those guys just look like girls to Americans

No. 46290

Maybe it has something to do with Tumblr's obsession with movies like Thor, HTTYD, and Frozen.

I have noticed quite a few Scandiboos in recent years as well, the majority of them being from Tumblr. Not just fakebois either.

No. 46291

Do you have any links to people giving this "advice" about lying to therapists? I tried Google and it got me nothing.

No. 46302

File: 1445185904480.png (22.53 KB, 236x250, 100purejpnez.png)

I sent a rather SJW sounding message to "him" and here was her reply, after she blocked me of course.

No. 46316

Would report her account to facebook because she is using a fake name

No. 46318

Omg do it lmao, I have another junk account I could help.

>mm someone of the assholing has reported my account!! saying im not realy BOOYYYYY ewell let me tell you i am rly boy!11 i am sweetish and japanese! really half Japanese!! my boyfriend will hurt them! stop atakaking me! trollers! that is my really name!

Since Facebook is sucking up to the SJW they should add a "report for cultural appropriation" button lmao.

No. 46319

I'm not defending her or anything, but is it really necessary to go out of your way to flame her? She's just going to do what every other fakeboi/weeb does and get defensive then block. Seems like a waste of time if you ask me.

No. 46328

I didn't flame her lol, I just wanted to see what her reply was. If I really cared, I would've spammed her with retardation on multiple accounts "fuk u cracker" etc.

No. 46332

I mean, I did the same thing to a fakeboi I found on Tumblr and when I posted about it on /cgl/, everyone chewed me out for it and called me an autist. I got really defensive at first but then realized they were right. It's one thing to talk shit about people on an anonymous image board, but actually going out of your way to provoke a response from them is retarded.

No. 46339

Holy shit this. I have a friend who who knows Haku Aoki, and is close to the fellowship or whatever. A decent chunk of people in that circle are of course, FTM as well. And they all have insanely warped views of masculinity. They all think being pretty like the japanese Visual Kei stars is the ideal male aesthetic.

They're in for a harsh awakening when they realize that nobody outside of a small circle in Japan and jrock weaboo's find that appealing at all.

No. 46340

Personally, I say it's ok unless you start spamming them. That's the first time I've ever said anything to her as well, I'm not planning on saying anything else. But I'll listen to you ig, but still it's not like I kept messaging them. Sorry they chewed you out anon.

No. 46344

All I did was send her a short Email, and she replied with a really lengthy, butthurt response. I figured the seagulls would find it funny since they all hate fakebois as much as we do, but they were pretty disgusted.

No. 46345

Same shit, sent a short message but she did give me a short reply at least. Most cosplaying Tumblrinas lurk cgl. That is the only board they will ever go to, which is probably why you got chewed out. Tumblrinas have made it pretty obvious they stalk 4chan from time to time.

No. 46349

Some do probably. But I'd imagine most would get triggered after a few days and never return. Every time someone so much as mentions they're trans (especially nonbinary), there will always be at least one transphobic asshole telling them to go back to Tumblr.

No. 46357

File: 1445193227144.png (648.1 KB, 810x814, 2.png)

Here's a fakeboi I've always wanted to to discuss on this site but never found the proper thread.

Her URL is http://juuzoucore.tumblr.com/ and she claims to be "demisexual and gay (with some exceptions)".

Here's a post she made, explaining to her followers the "signs a person is disrespecting their gender/sexuality", y'know, in case these fake fuckbois/fuckgurls didn't have enough reasons to flip out on ~cisscum~ http://juuzoucore.tumblr.com/post/100692618211

>>Signs a person is disrespecting your gender is when they:

>>Don’t use the name(s) you have repeatedly and clearly stated you would like for them to use.
Because if you randomly decide that you no long want to conform to gender roles by having a feminine name, so you come up with 3 different names to go by, everyone else totally has to conform to your delusional behavior or else we are TRU/CISSCUM!!!!!
>>Tell you your gender isn’t real. (i.e. “That’s not a real gender! Stop pretending!”)
Because demiboy/demigirl/demiflux/pangender/polygender/intergender/non-gendered were definitely not created by special snowflakes, trying their hardest to be as unique as they believe themselves to be.

You can google her URL if you want to see more images of her. She posts selfies multiple times a day and/or week.

No. 46358

Someone has been reading too much yaoi. I don't understand these girls, why are they feminists but hate identifying as what they are?

No. 46359

The fakeboi thing is pretty shitty in a sense that I'm all for crossdressing and I do drag kinging myself and love it and want to encourage others to do it as well, but why the fuck do they have to go out of their way to actually claim being transgendered? You can roleplay as a pretty nihonjin guy if you want and that's totally cool but actually trying to pull transgenderism into it and outright lying you're a man is just shitty.

No. 46360

I don't know… I'd love to find the answer to this one too

No. 46361

When will Tumblr realize that your sexuality is not about your interest in sex, but the genders you are attracted to? Things like demisexual, lithsexual, graysexual, etc. are not sexualities because they make no mention of gender.

If you like dating men and women, then you're bisexual. It doesn't matter if you don't feel like having sex with them right away. That's true for a lot of people. For me, unless my gf has 10/10 model-tier looks, I probably won't think about fucking her until we've been a couple for several months. It's normal.

No. 46362

Ven is actually someone I adore and respect and he's going through some shit, he stays in his own lane and if he's talked about I'm going to stan for him.

No. 46363

Doesn't change the fact that that's a goddamn fakeboi.

No. 46366

He's also a child abuse victim, it obviously messed him up.

There are plenty of people that are worth mentioning in this thread, like realmv.
Ven doesn't have any milk.

No. 46367

She got some hate on tumblr the other day about her excessive photo editing (which she denied until it was pointed out) and made a big deal of posting it on facebook so people could tell her she's a beautiful fakeboi who's worth 100 of the mean jealous anon haters.

Before this she was getting hate for stalking some popular girl and ripping off everything she did. I think she was american and this fakeboi is English but started talking in an American accent just because she wanted to be this other girl so badly. BUT STILL HE/HIM PRONOUNS PLEASE I'M A MAN IN MY HEART. Kek.

No. 46372

Child abuse as in mom refusing to acknowledge her snowflake gender? I'm sorry, but around 99% of the "child abuse" sob stories on tumblr are overly exaggerated "mom won't let me stay up on my computer all night long" or "my parents yell at me for being a lazy layabout" or "my parents get mad at me for my SJW tantrums and childish pouting".

No. 46373

Child abuse as in sexual assault.

No. 46375

I'm a straight female who has been in a relationship with a straight male for a couple years now but a year before I ever considered dating him, he was an asshole to me and I fucking hated him and thought he was disgusting. Like I totally refused to be around him for several months until we hung out with a mutual friend. He acted totally different towards me and after a month of just hanging out, I developed a huge crush and wanted to be his girlfriend more than anything.

AND once we were bf/gf, I wouldn't left him kiss me on the lips for the longest time. I only felt comfortable with simple stuff, kisses on the forearm, hand holding, etc. It was a pure romantic attraction for weeks until it became sexual. So, yeah it really is normal so it's hilarious that juuzoucore thinks it's something special and needs it own classification.

Doesn't matter, doesn't excuse the fact that they're currently a snowflake/fakeboi.

My parent sexually assaulted me throughout my grade school days but you don't see me acting like that. (inb4 yah rite I doubt that happened to you) I only feel comfortable saying this because I am anonymous btw.

No. 46376

It's still a fakeboi, anon.

No. 46377

How are you so sure they're really a child abuse victim and not just being a typical Tumblrina making up shit to gain sympathy?

I was beaten to a pulp as a child by my father but have never mentioned it to anyone except my therapists and people I'm especially close to. It caused me a lot of anxiety, like, I frequently have panic attacks because of flashbacks, but I don't use it as an excuse to be a whiny little shit and I don't attention whore off of it either. I hate people who do that.

No. 46379

You guys act all transphobic, saying being trans is a mental illness and all this shit and then when there's a valid excuse for it you dismiss it.


No. 46380

She's obviously full of shit and making it up. How are you so stupid to believe her?

No. 46382

Being sexuality assaulted makes people trans? Are you seriously this retarded?

No. 46383

It gave him an eating disorder on top of him denying his birth gender, he's never hit on people or dated anyone on tumblr.

There's never been a reason to doubt him, unlike the idiots who mash the keyboard pretending to have panic attacks or anything.

No. 46384

Why are people so upset about someone saying they shoop their pictures? These people get so offended over the stupidest shit "u photoshop" "hello shitlord that triggers me kill yourself uwu" can anyone imagine their conversations in real life? And I'm talking about the dedicated Tumblrinas, not the ones who know not to be that stupid.

No. 46385


You probably are him.

No. 46386

No, you're the idiot. Sexual assault does not turn people trans. It's a birth defect. Educate yourself.

No. 46387

Oo, I love some good putting words into someone's mouth action.

No. 46388

This. I can't imagine anyone else being that stupid.

No. 46389

Wouldn't doubt it's her anon. I really hope she isn't one of those people who search their names on the internet 24/7 lmao

No. 46390


>>Has pink hair, puts on make up, and is wearing a skirt

someone calls her a pretty girl


Look at this arguement I just found between juuzoucore and some randoms from Tumblr:


>>juuzoucore: tbh im waiting for a cishet boy to tell me they like me because then i can break it to them they arent straight anymore like say goodbye to your heterosexuality

>>deitymika: um, but dating someone who’s queer doesnt make you gay. sexuality is flexible

>>juuzoucore: im not “queer” excuse you im a (trans) male… trans male is not equivalent to “queer” like it hardly is ?? it says nowhere on my blog that i identify with the word “queer” and i never even said the word “gay”, only you did… i only said the cishet dude wouldnt be so heterosexual anymore omg that doesnt imply he would be gay

>>missingonmonday: If you have a vagina, you’re still biologically female. And if you have a feminine vibe (you do), people will assume you’re female.


>>Okay this is one of the most fucked up comments I’ve seen on my posts. Ever. I’m a boy. That is all. I’m not “biologically” anything. You don’t get any say in my gender nor do you get to talk about my body like that AND that literally makes no sense. “Feminine vibe” ?? That’s definitely NOT a thing. (no one has a “feminine vibe” or a “masculine vibe” what the fuck does that even imply) and I would like if you deleted this comment because it’s got nothing to do with you. Neither does my body. (ALSO DO NOT REBLOG THIS. I’m only replying to this, I don’t want it reblogged.)

(Tfw people reblogged it anyways!!!!)

>>Yo calm down. You have a biological sex. Everyone does. So yes, you’re biologically female. Gender norms have been perpetuated throughout history, and no tumblr rants are going to change that. Typically “girly” things (pastel colors, smaller/less sharp features, etc) give off feminine vibes. A heterosexual cis boy is generally attracted to feminine aspects. Vaginas, for instance. Feminine. Skirts. Feminine. Even makeup: generally feminine. You can deny the existence of gender norms all you want. It doesn’t change that they exist.

No. 46391

>u shitty shit l0rd how dare u say that about majestic trans people u asshole kill urself i will stab you with my genderfluid laser eyes do not test me rn

No. 46392

Except that's what you literally just said? That being sexuality assaulted is a "valid excuse" for being trans?

No. 46393

Lmaoooo ok

No. 46396

I'm not from the states.

No. 46397

You should probably leave and go back to your hugbox before you embarrass yourself even further, juuzoucore.

No. 46398

>>i can break it to them they arent straight anymore like say goodbye to your heterosexuality

Thats pretty ironic. The girl who flips her shit when someone tells she isn't a boy or gay (because she likes boys - but since she says she is a boy, liking boys makes her gay now) and (tries to) drag the person to high heaven on her blog (which has a bunch of followers) which ultimate results in that person getting spammed with anonymous hatemail.

No. 46399


>>doesn't identity with the word queer

>>says they are gay

u wot m8

No. 46400

No. 46401

lol sure.

Also, no1curr that you were raped or whatever. You got posted here because you're a fakeboi and this is a thread about fakebois. Get over yourself.

No. 46402

this cow is full of milk, ima keep digging

No. 46403

Whatever you say sweetcheeks

No. 46404

File: 1445195588674.png (135.9 KB, 250x334, mymalebreasts.png)

Nigga could have prevented this but nope, she kept posting lmao

No. 46405

Holy shit these fakebois and their defenders are so mentally ill. Just fucking gas them already.

No. 46406

Hey I'm the person who posted about juuzoucore. I don't know if she is now posting in this thread but she didn't make the original post. But I understand if you don't believe me, it's hard to tell the difference between anons sometimes and it's even harder to take our word.

No. 46408

wow. I know someone who went full fakeboi for a while and now is mellowed a bit into just they/them genderqueer/agender whatever. They also go by "Aki" now. Shaved sidecut, pursed lips, pale white skin, body mod, lots of makeup. I was a bit envious of her aesthetic until I realized that's how every fakeboi looks.

No. 46410

File: 1445195850562.png (184.9 KB, 930x681, scary mean farmers.png)

No. 46411

File: 1445195851587.png (35.3 KB, 484x269, 4sweetcheeks.png)

I lurk lolcow for the aly thread

No. 46412

LOL, who is this Elizabeth girl? Have we actually talked about her, or is she just someone who wished we did? Unless she's in an old ass thread somewhere on pt

No. 46415

File: 1445196634651.jpg (103.33 KB, 960x960, 10409332_876749365694528_51607…)


No idea who she is but here's a pic from her FB lol

No. 46418

File: 1445196727639.png (316.3 KB, 592x694, 2.png)

She hosts these things called "selfie parties" where she reblogs pictures of other people and their captions always have their preferred pronouns in the description.

Her blog is usually a goldmine of fakebois, I'm disappointed that it isn't right now.

Also lol @ these screenshots.

>>Ven: if you misgender ppl you are a piece of shit

>>Ven: Refers to a man as her "wife goals"

Wow Ven, by your logic, you a huge piece of shit.

No. 46419

Remember, Ven is a BOY so it is totally gay for her… i mean him to want to marry a guy…

No. 46420

Lmao what a stupid ho. Caught that bitches ass

No. 46424

File: 1445197164232.png (517.95 KB, 671x696, 2.png)

No. 46427

Does this mean that since Ven is totally a guy!!! that the girl who said Ven was "cute as fuck" and they were "sooo homo" for her, is actually not acting "soooo homo" afterall?

Golly, for a person who wants to tell a heterosexual person that they aren't they sexuality which they identify with, they sure are quick to reassure girls that they aren't gay for wanting to date/kiss/fuck another girl.

No. 46428

The fucking cuts on her armmm

No. 46429


if you present yourself so femininely you don't have the right to get pissy when people call you a girl

at least they paid you a compliment, you stupid cunt

No. 46430

File: 1445197472763.jpg (57.8 KB, 400x533, crawlinginmyskin.jpg)

No. 46431

If they were fresh, I would be all for discussing them, but they look like they're months/maybe even years old. Not sure if she still self harms but yeah. I don't want to make a big deal out of old scars. Idk. You all can do what you please.

No. 46433

I bet those were for attention too.

No. 46434

I would agree if they were lower on her wrists but….

No. 46437

File: 1445197824349.png (540.02 KB, 518x790, 2.png)

I added pictures of cruelkun for the lulz.

I seriously am having a hard time telling if cruelkun is just a hideous chick or a fugly looking guy tbh.

No. 46438

What's the point of taking a picture where you can clearly see the cuts? These kids on Tumblr may act like "hehe look at my new selfie (insert 30 million arm slashes)" but they just want you to beg them to stop. These pictures aren't exactly recent, but if I was her I would be very embarrassed looking back on these a year or two later. It's kind of upsetting these kids are doing this just for attention, or to be accepted by weirdos.

No. 46441

elfgutz is not real life pls stop

No. 46442

File: 1445197926689.png (479.06 KB, 528x538, 2.png)

Nevermind, it's totes a girl.

No. 46443

Nah, she probably hid them so she could make lots of scars before revealing them.

I know someone who did just that. People will go through great lengths to get attention.

No. 46444

I was gonna follow this girl cuz she's cute but then I saw what a wankstain she really is.
"I'M A GAY BOY!" No sweetie, you're a str8 girl. Stop it.
"Don't use my pictures as a hair reference!" Bitch, if I wanted to, I'd do it anyway. Fite me. YOur hair sucks anyway.
God this bitch is a deluded piece of shit if she really thinks she's anything other than another twiggy tumblr bitch with oddly colored short hair and "gender identity issues" pfft.

No. 46445

She wants attention and for people to say "awww look at that poor thing what a traumatized soul )))))':

No. 46446

Yeah I just commented about this on the emily thread, this glorifying self harm makes me sick. Mental illness is not a fucking fashion trend and I wish these people would stop it and get help.

No. 46451

Why would a person who goes by "he/him" pronouns block out their nipples?
Only girls feel compelled to that.

I once went to a pool party and there was this chick in a tiny bikini who had these insanely long/thick/dark scars on her shoulders and the way they were placed, I could just tell they were done purposefully.
At the start of the night, I was sober and told myself not to stare or ask about them but once I got some liquor in me, my curiosity overwhelmed my mouth and I started a conversation with her.

Turns out, she was once extremely overweight, like almost 300lbs (I could tell she used to be overweight bc of the way her skin hanged but yeah) and she hated herself so much that she would "punish" herself when she didn't follow her diet/workout plan by hitting/cutting herself.
She explained that she used to be so overly self conscience about her weight and cuts/scars that she dropped out of high school and locked herself away in her grandparent's house until she lost all of the weight she thought she needed too. And explained that it took her years to finally feel confident enough to wear the outfits she has always dreamed of wearing but couldn't because her body image fucked with her way too much. And also said that questions like mine were so normal nowadays that she really even mind telling people what happened.

And I just checked her facebook page and it seems her life is going really great now. She is now married and just had a little boy. Buuuuuut I digress.

This made me laugh hahahaha

No. 46452

nipples aren't kawaii

No. 46453

Gross landwhale. She should stick to attention whoring off of her obesity instead.

No. 46454

That girl doesn't look like she's ever had a weight problem though. No drooping skin or stretch marks to be seen. Even girls who have never been outside the healthy BMI range get flabby when they lose a lot of weight without lifting. This girl appears to have no muscle mass so she obviously doesn't lift.

It just seems more than likely that someone who brags about being raped for attention would cut for attention too. Especially noting she camwhores with her scars in plain view. Idk as a mentally ill person myself I do my best to hide it and if I had scars I'd cover them up with makeup or at shoop them out in photos. I am not comfortable with people knowing I'm a loon. Only someone desperate for attention would be okay with that.

No. 46455

File: 1445199949946.jpg (103.55 KB, 540x520, tumblr_nwduu21hj21qzfh3ao1_540…)

Anybody wanna discuss that http://nikk-elli.tumblr.com/ fag?

They're trying to raise $$$$ to get their tits cut off


No. 46461

It's called a job. Tumblrinas need jobs.

I made 2,000 in two months just by having an internship. Raising $6,000 could take a year or less easily if he/she stopped being a lazy shitstain and worked for it.

No. 46462


She apparently made this video for her "immediate family". Where she is explaining how she isn't a guy or a girl but wants people to use "he/him" pronouns?!?!?

She also has a video called "people's reaction" where she says her mom is afraid of "burying her after she was murdered during a hatecrime" "Nikk" said not to worry bc that it's more obvious when males transition to females which is why they are murdered more than females who transition to male.

>>If people were gonna attack me and kill me it would already be happening now bc i look different, y'know, i express myself the way i want too and a lot of people are scared of that


No. 46465

This fat bitch could sell cheap kandi bracelets for $2 and raise the money faster than just begging for it.
She has only raise $175 in the past four months (The first donation was $5.00 on 6/4/2015).

That's literally $1.25 a day.

At that rate, it will take her 4,800 days / 13 years to raise $6,000.

No. 46470

File: 1445201189866.png (415.35 KB, 562x638, g.png)

Such an unattractive person. She already looks like a guy, good thing she "feels" like one too.
Can't imagine this thing in a dress or a low cut top.

No. 46478

File: 1445201393421.jpg (41.37 KB, 640x640, 11149566_1627401517516368_3260…)

It's annoying how full of themselves they are.


No. 46496

>Clicked a link there once by accident
Yeeeeaaaahhhh. Riiiight. You're just one of us, Elizabeth.

No. 46499

She can't even keep her story straight
>"I clicked a link there once by accident and I discovered half the community (including myself) being bashed senselessly.

>I would warn people of this website publicly but I don't want to be posted to it.

BItch if you were being bashed on here that means you were posted here lmao

No. 46500

what happens when all these kids who "come out" before they even know the first thing about sex grow up and realise theyre just a regular straighty.

Do they tell everyone theyre "going in"?

No. 46502

File: 1445206088097.jpg (60.58 KB, 203x250, imgoingin.jpg)

No. 46524

Someone on /cgl/ claimed they knew spectredeflector personally and that she only jumped on the trans bandwagon because her fangirls thought she looked like a boy when she crossplayed, and so she figured she'd get her ass kissed even more if she became one. Apparently she was really girly before and showed zero signs of being trans, but was always an attention-seeking cunt.

Also, you can tell she isn't wearing a binder in this pic.

No. 46529

I can't find her vocal covers anon, where are they?!

No. 46547

how do you get your skin like that? ;_;

No. 46548

Thanks anon.

She sounds like she's trying to sound like a guy. I think she did it that way her vibratos can sound better, she put in way too much unnecessary reverbs. And she's off pitch with most notes.

She's Definitely a try hard fakeboi.

No. 46550


No. 46552

Holy fucking shit I know this person IRL. Do you as well? No idea how anyone outside of the tiny internet circle she posts to would have spotted her.

No. 46558

I don't know her personally but we're part of the same "community" and I've seen her at a few events IRL. I'm really curious as to who you are now, Anon.

No. 46559

they're not feminists, they've internalised misogyny perfectly and aren't even aware of it

No. 46565

How many of these fucking fakebois are visual kei fans and think being some femmeboy faggot like out of yaoi novel is all it takes in their mind to "be a guy"

No. 46566

it can make people hate their body. i can see how a troubled person can convince themselves they'd be happier as the opposite gender

No. 46568

Most of them. You'd be hard pressed to find a fakeboi who isn't into Japan/anime/weeb shit on some level.

No. 46571

She's still a fakeboi.

No. 46577

That doesn't make her transgender though. Being trans is a neurological disorder that you are born with, there is no magic switch that can turn a non-trans person into one, even something like sexual abuse. if she isn't lying about the abuse (which is likely the case), that's still no excuse. She is a straight, feminine girl taking advantage of an oppressed minority's medical disorder and making it into a fashion statement for attention. Also, she clearly has no problem presenting as female despite her "I'm a ghey boi" claims, so there's no gender dysphoria going on like you're implying. Use your brain.

No. 46582

So much truth right here y'all

No. 46583

Maybe people mistake their ptsd and repulse of their own body for dysphoria, if the american health system was actually an option for these kids maybe there'd be less transtrenders.

No. 46587

Middle class white girls in America rarely don't have access to health care. Most of these fakebois are middle to upper class white girls.

The only logical solution is to shut Tumblr down since it's where they're getting all their false information from. But that's never going to happen. I wish parents would do a better job at monitoring their kids' internet access.

No. 46602

How do you know?

No. 46608

>straight feminine girl
>no problem presenting female

So by your very own argument non-feminine trans women are not really women, and if they don't present as the "gender" they are all the time they are not really trans. So all the trans women who still look and present male are not actually women. Thank you for clearing that up. Actually a lot of trans people still commit suicide after transitioning, many also de-transition, and some are AGP. "Neurological condition" my fucking ass, is that your "nice" way of saying mental disorder? Your whole argument is riddle with contradictions. How about you use YOUR brain.

No. 46610

A lot of these kids may be confused, but a lot of them are genuinely doing hrt and getting surgeries.

The aggressive transphobia here is trying to be passed off as calling out snowflakery.

No. 46611

I'm not at all active in the same circles m, I just know loads of people involved vaguely and through a few different connections.

I don't want to make it obvious who I am in case nadia is reading this thread.

No. 46613

File: 1445220743530.png (31.88 KB, 649x378, image.png)

No. 46617

It is a neurological disorder, where you are born with brain charactaristics of the opposite sex. You should do your research before talking out of your ass.

Also stop defending yourself and go back to being a triggered crybaby on Tumblr. I'm about ready to drown in secondhand embarrassment.

No. 46618

File: 1445221262042.png (317.13 KB, 546x700, image.png)

No. 46619

LOL this is sugary-honey-iced-tea on tumblr.

She is definitely snowflake material herself and IMO a lolcow on the rise. Just read some of her personal posts on her tumblr.

She has been posted here before, mostly because her japanese LDR bf left her for some other gaijin girl in Japan and she went ragemode and started harassing the shit out of her and then when called out blamed it all on her aspergers.

That's actually a common thing with her, blaming her aspergers. She comes across as super SJW and wants to live in japan with a japanese bf and make lolita clothing. I unfortunately used to follow her tumblr but her preacher soapbox posts made me unfollow pretty quick. Unfortunately she puts herself everywhere since she is clawing at efame so it's hard to avoid her completely.

No. 46621

Lol at you calling me triggered when you are the one making contradictory statements. You cannot have characterists of the opposite sex because gender is made up. What the hell do I have to defend myself for? You are the one talking out your ass.

No. 46622

You know fuck all about tumblr if you think my views sit well there. Trying to be edgy are we?

No. 46624

Just out of curiousity, why are you guys whiteknighting that pink-haired girl so hard? I mean if any of the other fakebois we talk about on this site were to claim they were mentally ill/abused you all would be chewing them out for being attention-seeking liars. She doesn't seem any different from the others either. Just another girly girl who gets butthurt when people don't read her as a boy.

No. 46625

>>gender is made up

wtf does this mean

No. 46626

She's a Tumblrina in denial

No. 46627

Well seeing as you are too fucking lazy to use google:

the state of being male or female (typically used with reference to social and cultural differences rather than biological ones).

No. 46628

Really? How so? I thought tumblr got shit on this site for believing all this gender bending stuff, not denying it.

No. 46629

stop being so aggressive, holy fuck. this is a discussion board, don't shoot me down for asking a question.

No. 46630

Also nice in assuming i'm female, want to share any more of your knowledge, as apparently you are never wrong.

No. 46631

Well if you ask a stupid question, you can't blame people for thinking you are being sarcastic.

No. 46632

I would delve into the science behind transsexualism to educate your ignorant ass, but I'm far too drunk and not patient enough to deal with your asspained responses.

I'll just put it out there that I wrote a 10-page research paper on Gender Dysphoria for a psychology class and got all my information from scholarly articles and the DSM-5, so I know my shit. You should read up on it, it might prevent you from looking like a retard.

No. 46635

Ah sure, all questions are stupid if you know the answer and I dont.

No. 46637

Looks like we got a fakeboi up in this bitch.

No. 46638

File: 1445222210298.jpg (21.15 KB, 300x226, dd1aedc9c6dcb6cac6789a5358e95e…)

>I dont have an answer for you and I think you are being an asshole for not agreeing with me and look I have ALL THIS INFO but hey rather than share it with you and prove you wrong I am just going to keep calling you names so you get the point you are trash.

Forgive me sempai, for I have sinned.

FYI I got all my info from sociology textbooks, so if you are pissed at my answer, maybe have a go at those who assert that it is a cultural and social construction as opposed to a biological one.

No. 46639

File: 1445222292911.jpg (35.2 KB, 640x475, Pinocchio_(as_a_real_boy).jpg)

No. 46640

Idk about the other anon, but I'm actual a mutual with him.

I've never actually seen him do anything, I never see posts about drama even and I've only ever seen him politely tell people his pronouns.

There's plenty of people on tumblr to talk about here, I just don't think he deserves to be on here because someone disagrees with how he feels. The shit posted here even was reaching.

No. 46643

It is a medical condition that effects the brain. Here's some info to get you started:

It is not a social construct.

No. 46651


Ty for the link, however I have also found this,


This study from The Stockholm Brain Institute, Department of Clinical Neuroscience, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden, says that the present data do not support the notion that brains of MtF-TR are feminized.

It suggests that trans people have their own brain structure, there was also another study which stated that male and female babies mentally are identical, and that the differing mental development was dependant on enviromental factors. I will link if i can find it

also apologies for going off topic

No. 46653

>It suggests that trans people have their own brain structure, there was also another study which stated that male and female babies mentally are identical, and that the differing mental development was dependant on enviromental factors.
reminds me of http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:rNbtbMENYE8J:everywomanweekly.com/how-can-i-convince-my-3-year-old-theyre-transgender-go-ask-jane/+&cd=1&hl=ja&ct=clnk&gl=us

No. 46654

I'm juuzoucores mutual too and I like the kid and all, but it annoys the shit out of me when I see her flipping out on immocent people who use feminine terms while they compliment her. Like, she is extremely rude at times. And after hearing that she is Trans bc she was sexually abused, I really doubt they're suffering from a gender identity crisis.

Imo, she has turned out to be another snowflake and all of the people sucking up to her has really gone to her head. She's just beginning to become quite insufferable.

By chance, do you know how old she is?

No. 46656



What a stupid typo, I meant innocent*

No. 46658

I've only seen him ever be polite, example of a flip out?

He's never said he's trans because of abuse?

You ok, anon?

No. 46660

I'm on mobile so I can't dig up the links like I could on my laptop, but I will post an example tomorrow.
I only said that because someone said earlier that juuzoucore was sexually abused as a child which is why they hated their gender/body which "made them trans".

The argument you see above was caused by that statement, btw.

No. 46661

File: 1445225315522.jpg (21 KB, 620x411, johnny_3444862b.jpg)

(those arguing above)

Have you guys heard about the 'Guevedoce' boys of the Dominican Republic who grew up as a female, with what they presume is a vagina, until they reach age 12, and then suddenly they grow a penis out if the vagina and their testes drop.


>>pic related, that's johnny. here is a quote by him, “I did not feel good, I no longer liked to wear a skirt, and I was no longer drawn to play with girls. All I wanted to do is play with toy guns and boys”

No. 46664

File: 1445225546929.png (44.32 KB, 868x499, fakeboiposting.png)

No. 46669

that's either juuzoucore or one of her whiteknights

No. 46671

It doesn't matter what anyone says because the people on this board are trying to rationalize being transphobic by dressing it up as a trend.

Half the people they talked about ended up on T and some are even getting chest surgery, yet you still call them girls and she.

If you hate trans people go post about it in the fox news comment section instead of grasping for straws so you can keep being ignorant.

No. 46677

It's probably juuzou. I bet if these fakebois could (actually) change their gender to male for a day they wouldn't. I mean, why actually have gender dysphoria when you can go on Tumblr, wear a binder, cut your hair, and dye it vomit green while prancing around as your actual gender in real life?

No. 46690

Sure is Tumblr in here…

No. 46695

God shut the fuck up. If a "transwoman" dressed up regularly in very masculine clothing and attire while still claiming to be a girl, yes, I would call him out for it. He's a fetishist, not transgendered.

The reason why so many trans people commit suicide after transitioning is that they got misdiagnosed as trans and were prescribed all the treatment while the more realistic diagnosis would be having some kind of body-image issues. That's why there are strict guidelines as to who qualifies as transgendered and is stable and confident enough to go through the irreversible treatment. Neurological condition isn't a fucking mental disorder, it's a neurological condition that exists from the birth like ADD or autism. It pretty much means you were born with an opposite gender's brain and it causes you distress until your external appearance is fixed.

Fuck off back to tumblr. If you're seriously claiming that these teenage girls roleplaying as sugoi bishie guys are actually transgendered, you're probably one of them. So go back to your hugbox. These people are fetishist, they're just the same as the greasy guys who dress up in ladies' lingerie and high heels to feel sexy.

No. 46697

Tumblr is waiting for you to return back to its safe space, darling.

No. 46701

She's a girl who dresses up like a girl while claiming to be a gay guy.

It's just the same as the rest of the fakebois.

No. 46708

Clam down buddy

No. 46710

File: 1445231745658.jpg (14.12 KB, 287x383, 803be3bf5b669750eda7210093d7f0…)


>>These people are fetishist, they're just the same as the greasy guys who dress up in ladies' lingerie and high heels to feel sexy.

That comment made me think of David Russell Williams.

No. 46711

No. 46712

Fucking Trent will do that to people

No. 46713

Is it possible to turn into a psychopath or are people born that way? Was David destined to be a murderous pervert or did his own personal traumas cause him to be who he was?

No. 46714

I agree. I think fakebois are just as bad as creepy male fetishists. They're both causing the same amount of harm, which is basically turning being trans into one big joke when it's a serious struggle for real transsexuals who just want to live their daily lives being treated like everyone else.

I'm not trans myself, but I'm planning on studying to become a gender therapist. I really feel for legit trans people and want to do my best to weed out the fakes.

No. 46715

more like a lot of them are making gofundmes so they can raise money for a surgery they'll decide not to get if they acquire the funds

No. 46716

Did you not read the previous thread where we discussed how Tumblrites love lying to therapists to transition?

I'm damn positive if some fakeboi went to a therapist and told them the truth, which was that they don't actually have body dysphoria/love dressing up in girly shit but still want to transition, the therapist would show them the door. That's why they lie. People pull this shit with getting Aderall all the time, I don't see how it would be any harder to get T.

No. 46717

Haven't people not figured that out with psychopaths?

No. 46721

cried wolves posted their home address?? wtf

No. 46727

>scars on arm
Why do these bitches ALWAYS self harm?

No. 46728

>Gender is made up
This was literally some bullshit made up by a guy who sexually abused a pair of twins, cut one's genitals off, made them perform sexual acts on each other and literally drove one of the twins to suicide all to prove this insane theory.
I hope you're happy that you're literally bringing his shitty thesis back to life all because you want to feel like a ~*demigender aliensexual non-binary babe*~.

No. 46730

File: 1445237187459.png (113.64 KB, 500x293, damnitfeelsgoodtobeagangsta.pn…)

I laughed harder than I should have.

No. 46751

looks so realisic tho. that lovely shine

No. 46754

gender bending is a fetish, if you think you're a girl/guy but biologically male/female you're just gay.

No. 46768

Nah, theories like this have existed for quite a while and from different sources. Just think about de Beauvoir or Judith Butler. I study in a lingustic field and came across quite a few theorists in language/society/feminism (some in the more psycholgical direction) that claim gender=/=sex, and that gender always ipmlies a social construct, and not something "natural". But that's a whole lot of theory and TL;DR for this thread.

Anyway, most of this stayed in academics for a long time. What we see on tumblr now has been around since the 1980s, just in some obscure academic papers that no one cared about outside the ivory tower.

But instead of rationally thinking about this most tumblrinas abuse it as their own pesonal way to act out their fetishism for gay bois and being opressed. Fuck tumblrinas, and fuck all the fakebois.

No. 46859

Dammit, I'm sick of everyone using that study as proof that transgendered brains are real. The scans were taken after the subjects had already been taking hormones and blockers for years. It's the hormones which caused change in the brain's structure.

No. 46860

You didn't read the article. It said they tested the brains of trans people who hadn't had hormone therapy yet.

No. 46868

Guys, if you want to discuss trans issues, there's a thread in /b/ for that purpose: >>>/b/21633

While I enjoy the discussion, let's stick to posting bois here, yeah?

No. 46873

it's terf central, no thanks

No. 46876

File: 1445279117914.jpeg (166.14 KB, 732x1074, image.jpeg)

Ok. Here's a boi who hasn't made an appearance in this thread yet.

No. 46895

Unfortunatly that doesnt link to anything. I heard this mentioned on TV but didnt know what the story is about.

On another note am I bad for liking OP's pic? She looks really cool, not really like a guy tho.

No. 46898

Dude fucking chill, pretty sure that second anon was agreeing with you, you sound like an angry tumblrtard, sure you don't want to go back there and write a very angry post? Let it all out of your system perhaps?

No. 46899

What the hell? This is new, source?

No. 46922

No. 46923

This sounds similar to a law and order:svu

No. 46924

ah the most popular fakeboi

No. 46929

One was made that was loosely based on his story.

No. 46931

This is another trenderqueer girl who is always posting "boy makeup" videos and they all involve heavy eye makeup and circle lenses with cheap eBay wigs.

No. 46933

File: 1445289464787.png (809.89 KB, 453x951, u like wat.PNG)

More info

No. 46935

Ugh, this bitch is a legal adult? I could understand being this snowflakey if she was like 14 but man… this girl is allowed to vote

When will these super progressive feminists realize that wearing dresses sometimes and jeans and a hoodie other times doesn't make you some kind of gender freak?

No. 46937

File: 1445289884044.jpg (165.96 KB, 893x1170, tumblr_no0824eh1L1tzjqito2_128…)

Yeah, and she doesn't know anything about men's fashion other than jeans, hoodies and plaid, yet she has no problem bragging about her "outfits".

Her name is AlienShota, btw.

No. 46938


I was planning on posting this cunt soon if nobody else beat me to it lol

No. 46940

I think everyone who takes selfies with their iPads should be euthanized.

No. 46954

AlienShota? Like Shotacon?…..

Talk about fetishizing…

No. 46956

eehhhh I like true crime and learning about serial killers and the like. it isn't uncommon to have these interests though she did refer to that subject in a questioning way. I mean, it's one thing to say you enjoy true crime documentaries but to say you like murderers in your faq? yeah.. that's totally not attention seeking behavior /sarcasm

idk, I've recently noticed that those who make a big deal out of finding murderers interesting end up being snowflakes.

No. 46957

Yep. Fakebois are the female equivalent of gross trannies who dress up in fishnets and stripper heels. They're trying to become the people that they want to fuck

No. 46958

File: 1445295228188.jpg (47.26 KB, 480x726, Oh dear.jpg)

No. 46959

This trend is so bizarre to me. It likes this generations "scene kids", you know the ones who would say they're bisexual/pansexual just for the sake of being unique and super random xD

Does anyone else think this?

No. 46960

The use of "shota" disturbs me so simply because of what it is. And from how she looks/acts, I can tell she is well aware of what she is referring too.

No. 46961

The next line down she said she dislikes people. I assumed she was trying to be an edgelord and not actually interested in what you're talking about.

No. 46967

File: 1445296398791.jpeg (90.98 KB, 745x960, image.jpeg)

>gross trannies
You mean hons?

No. 47003

File: 1445299733800.jpg (42.47 KB, 576x800, hazuki_nagisa_x_reader___fourt…)

There's a trend of people using the word "shota" (incorrectly) to describe characters like pic related. Not little boys, but basically…twinks.

No. 47008

Oh my god, and here I thought it refered strictly to extremely young boys. Like the opposite of lolicon.

No. 47010

That is the actual definition, but it seems like more and more people seem to think it refers to >>47003 instead, so it means that too. It's confusing and has a lot of people calling themselves "shotas" not realizing the implications. Which is a little funny in itself.

No. 47011

It's supposed to, but weebs are idiots.

No. 47016

File: 1445302311581.png (1.32 MB, 1080x1108, Screenshot_2015-10-19-20-50-24…)

No. 47017

File: 1445302457673.jpg (166.78 KB, 720x1280, tumblr_nw8bliRibn1unsywpo1_128…)

oh god whaaaat. i had to look up this persons blog. i think they're a mtf tranny?

their face is so fucked up… they look like one of those creepy police reconstructions of murder victims

No. 47018

Are you kidding me, how is it OK to be this transphobic

No. 47021

What's transphobic about posting an image.

Also, thinking someone is ugly isn't being transphobic, if that's what you're implying.

No. 47022

File: 1445303365998.png (2 MB, 2048x1604, PhotoGrid_1445303111746-1.png)

Fucking 15 year olds on Tumblr man, I swear to fucking God…

No. 47023

File: 1445303662595.png (1.47 MB, 1778x980, PhotoGrid_1445303539700-1.png)

This is just a tiny example of what I get for searching #demiboy on Tumblr.

Side note, I wonder why these type of people tend to get obscure amount of notes on their selfies.

No. 47024

You're posting them in a fakeboi thread, you're obviously against trans people in general and just want to be shitty.

No. 47025

Christ, that's a really unfortunate fat distribution.

The ones in your pic are thinner and better groomed than the average tumblrite, and reblogging pics of "trans" people gives you +50 social justice points

No. 47026

Holy shit go back to Tumblr lmao.
Here is some content that may be more to your taste: http://beautiful-trans-women.tumblr.com/

No. 47027

Ehhh that's obvious a mtf transgender person, not a fakeboi. I just came across the image while searching the Tumblr tags and posted it for lulz.

Like I said, finding someone unattractive doesn't make you transphobic. Though I won't lie and say I'm not an asshole for having a laugh at their extent but what can ya do.

No. 47028

When will the crop top + high waisted pants trend end holy shit

it looks so fucking bad

No. 47029

at their exspense*


No. 47030

I didn't even realize they were wearing basically the same outfit when I posted that lol

No. 47031

File: 1445304475468.jpg (35.81 KB, 625x505, 1444157155895.jpg)

So let me get this straight…all you really need to do to become Tumblr famous is to be a feminine girl who dresses up in girly shit everyday, and then claim you're a boy despite that?

Do they have any respect for transmen who go through with the full transition and just want to dress and act like regular men? Or is wearing excessive makeup and skirts a requirement for attention?

No. 47033

No, actual transmen have male privilege and must die along with the cis scum

No. 47034

It's hard because there's a fine line, a lot of mtf women have a hard time passing (especially if they transition late) and receive a lot of hatred because of this.

They're always the one people joke about, so maybe I'm just sensitive because I'm friends with a couple girls who go through hell because of it. The majority of these women are literally just learning about makeup and how to dress well, they don't come out a la gigi gorgeous so I like to give them more slack.

No. 47035

I mean sure but you know what website you're on, right? We make fun of everyone's appearance regardless of whether or not they deserve it, and >>47017 >>47016 goes beyond just looking like an awkward mtf, they are obese and have a bizarre face

No. 47036

Like I said, maybe I'm just sensitive.

I'm just saying it's good to keep in mind.

No. 47037

>"preference for masculine presenting people"
>"it's rlly hard for me to like girls"

I feel like this is the case with most of them

No. 47038

No. 47039

Her nose looks so big/awkward in this pic.

No. 47040

Aside from haku and Von, who are on T or whatever. They're all fucking fakebois, aren't they?

No. 47041

This is what pisses me off. There are only two sexes. If you wanna argue gender is a social construct or whatever, sure- but there are only male and female. You can only be gay, straight or bisexual.

No. 47043

Haha. bitch you are not a woman. Stop.

No. 47044

A lot of them are actually on T now, nonbinary seems to a term people who are confused use.

Their behavior is definitely problematic, because tumblr is all about "uwu you're transphobic if you don't like me saying I'm a guy when I dress like a girl, you're trans if you say you're trans end of story" bullshit that I hate.

Transtrender is definitely the majority these days, but a few of the people that got a lot of shit in the last thread are actually transitioning (at least top surgery).

It pisses me off because I feel like I'm a guy but I'll never do anything about it because of fear of judgement and the fact that I'm in a relationship.

If I'd gotten support when I was younger I would have most likely been able to make the trans leap but now I'm too old and it would literally fuck up my life.

It's good to watch their behavior, because the trendy ones are the ones without dysphoria and never do hrt or surgeries.
Some even tag their selfies with lesbian, dyke or butch lol

No. 47048

How can you feel like a guy?

No. 47049

I experience constant dysphoria, if I could I'd get top surgery and bottom surgery.
Having to live as a girl has given me severe depression, social anxiety, and an ED.

You know that feeling when you find out something awful, like somethings gripping your chest and it's a sudden "icey" feeling?
That's how I feel when people refer to me as a female.

I've tried to pass it off as being a Tomboy, etc because I've felt like this all my life. I've tried to an hero just to escape it, but I've kind of resigned to live as a girl.

I've considered the term nonbinary to relieve the dysphoria and general shittiness of every day but after seeing this thread I don't think I will.

No. 47054

File: 1445313793498.jpg (216.76 KB, 1280x959, https://40.media.tumblr.com/69…)

I want to hate "him" but ugh, she looks just too believable.

No. 47055

She looks good for her age tbh, if she was taller I'd say she'd be a popular model

No. 47058

File: 1445314571000.jpg (744.77 KB, 1280x1920, https://40.media.tumblr.com/62…)

>implying she isn't already advertising clothes

No. 47059

Ofc not, but there's a huge difference between promoting sheinside and doing actual model work.

No. 47060

Is that a hickey in the first picture?

No. 47062

File: 1445316946701.jpg (168.79 KB, 1280x885, https://41.media.tumblr.com/fc…)

Either way I want to make tender love to her.

No. 47069

Bless my lesbian heart. I wish these fakebois would just be attractive and boyish women. She'd be a gorgeous tomboy. Such a waste.

No. 47070

So do I, anon.

No. 47071

Wow, that's creepy, anon. I could have written these posts. You're not alone, and I'm so sorry that you experience these feelings as well. Like you, I'll most likely "just deal with it" for the rest of my life, but I'll always wonder what would have happened if my circumstances had been different. As someone who has spent the majority of their life feeling "dysphoric," and whose dysphoria led them to develop an ED and attempt suicide, I find this whole "~*~you don't need dysphoria to be trans uwu!~*~" meme and the treatment of being "trans" as part of your "aesthetic" to be rage-inducing beyond belief.

No. 47072

I actually laughed out loud at this

No. 47077

TBH self diagnosing depression isn't that far fetched… but I hardly ever seen depressed people take cute selfies, generally you are so down you don't eat, shower, or wear cute clothes

No. 47078

Omg this person. They have tons of mutual friends with me so I stalk them every so often. Augh do want

No. 47080

Actual FtM I know are kind of autistic, not fashion victims. One of them is a MRA and I didn't even know he was trans for near two years.

No. 47090

A lot of trans people actually are "on the autistic spectrum," actually.

No. 47098

Gender roles are a social construct. The rest of it is legit, which is how people can be born as the wrong gender.
Like I'm not trans so I can't speak flawlessly, but I'm pretty sure if it was just an issue of wanting to wear skirts and braid your hair or play with toy trucks and cutt down trees, trans wouldn't even be a thing. It's connected with body dysphoria and all this other shit with hormones, not just traditional ideas of masculinity/femininity.

No. 47099

I want to slap people who self diagnose autism

No. 47101

Isn't autism one of those things that gets diagnosed early in life? Like the signs of it in early childhood are unmistakable. I'd imagine it's highly unlikely for an autistic child to be undiagnosed at 15.

Every self-diagnosed autist I've come across just uses it as an excuse for their shitty personalities. They don't actually act autistic.

No. 47102

Just come out as lesbian you dumb cunt. You'd still maintain your SJW points and you'd be much more respected outside of Tumblr.

No. 47103

Just say you like men. God damn I hate wannabe lesbians and bi chicks so much.

>"I don't like vaginas but I feel forced to like them because it's trendy and PC"

No. 47107

I ain't even lesbian and I'd fuck widdit.

No. 47111

>Gender roles are a social construct
Exactly. Gender/sex is not a social construct, just everything that's expected/considered "normal" for each gender. Being transsexual has everything to do with being the wrong sex, and being uncomfortable with your body and reproductive organs, not gender roles.

No. 47112


No. 47113

She's in her early 20's mate. She's been legal for quite a while.

No. 47121

Still looks like a 10 year old boy.

No. 47122

She looks like a girl in her late teens/early 20's.

No. 47123

Taking selfies isn't the same as modeling. If that were the case, every young person on the internet would be a model.

No. 47125

I think the confusion comes from using that term, this was discussed on another thread, its also confusing as I have talked to a few people who say they are trans-gender and say they are really women because they "Like dresses, make up and girly stuff". There is also a point being put forward that you do not have to have dismorphia to be trans-gender, and I think the whole thing is confusing for those who are not trans-gender (which is why I usually stay out of those convos) I think talking about these issues more would help everyone imo.

No. 47127

left button is using psychiatry definition of gender, i.e. "sex of the brain", right button is using the Judith Butler concept of of gender: one word covering totally different territory.

No. 47131

The 10 year old boys in your area must look really weird if they remind you of attractive short-haired women, anon

No. 47156

Am I the only one who doesn't find her attractive? Not ugly by any means, but…average?

I guess she's not my type. Maybe if she grew out her hair and dyed it a darker color. I don't think the short bleached hair works for her face and looks bad against her skin tone. Her hair also looks fried as fuck.

No. 47172

I find a lot of these somewhat androgynous folks to be pretty hot, tbh. I'd probably hate their personalities, but I can admire them from afar (like >>47054 >>47058 >>47062).

No. 47176


reeks of selfpost

No. 47178

After reading about the personal experiences of fellow farmers, I want to share my story.

I was born a female. I AM a female.

But when I was growing up, I idolized my father and did anything I could to get his attention, even going as far as to dressing like him (it was the mid 90s, so baggy jean shorts and t shirts with stupid sayings was my style). I just felt much more comfortable presenting myself as a little boy than how I felt when my mom forced me into little dresses for holidays.

I was a major tom boy growing up because of the way I felt about my dad. I did everything with him. He took me hunting, fishing, mudding, amd even to work. He bought me skateboards, 4 wheelers, a sweet ass mini bike, and a gun (I got the gun for my 8th birthday).

I even would cut my hair short like him. Looking back, I really have no idea why I did this but because of how I dressed and acted, school was hell.

I had no friends at my school. Lining up for the bathroom was hell. I was always told I was in the wrong line and when I did go into the bathroom, the 5th grade girls were vicious.

During recess, I swung alone but kids would throw dirt and rocks at me. One time, a boy grabbed my baggy shirt as I was swinging, caused it to rip, then threw a handful of sand at the back of my head.

I seriously fucking hated my 5th grade year, guys and it wasn't until I moved away in my 6th grade that I finally started wearing girl pants and a tiny bit if eyeliner, which was a huge step for me.

Like I always felt like a girl but was ashamed to dress like one until I was 17 years old (I am now 21).

I don't know, I never met anyone who felt the same as me who didn't end up being a lesbian. End of story.

No. 47184

I was a tomboy also - had my hair cut short, wore male clothes but I always knew I was female and I didn't have a problem with that. I also never recieved any backlash from boys or girls - sure some thought I was different, but I never got bullied for it.

No. 47186

I'm 27 and I still feel like I'm masquerading as a girl. I loved when I was a short-haired little kid and people thought I was a boy. After puberty, I starved myself to try to get rid of my period and my "curves." I did irreparable damage to my body. That was smart.

I'm not even a lesbian, though I certainly got teased for allegedly being one when I was in school. I don't know what I am. I have almost no sex drive and don't want to have "intimate" physical contact with anyone (over the clothes=OK, no clothes=NOPE), but I've had "crushes" on both guys and girls. I'm happiest being on my own, though.

I hate to say it, but if I was like 15 right now, TBH, I'd probably be labeled as a "fakeboi," and I probably would end up transitioning. Since I don't really care about having a penis and don't want to have sex with anyone, I'd just get top surgery and go on hormones. I feel like I missed the boat if I wanted to go with that option, though, so…yeah. Frankly, I'm jealous of the kids who are "actually trans" and are transitioning before they're 20-ish, because when I was growing up, no one EVER talked about transgender issues, and I was always just treated like a "failed girl." I only knew about trans shit from what I read on the interwebs, and most of it was about MtF stuff, which often borders on/runs into fetish territory. Now, apparently, being "trans" is a fucking fad, and most of these people I'm pretty sure aren't even trans, they're just special snowflake bandwagon-hoppers. Ugh. I don't know where I'm going with this post.

No. 47187

Nobody cares. Post this on your Tumblr, not here

No. 47189

I also went through something very similar, and I went to an all girls schools which didn't help. Maybe because so many things associated with women are mocked its not surprising many girls and women do not want to be associated with these things and some have issues just being themselves. I say this with caution because I am not saying there is one way to be a woman or should be, just I understand what you mean :)

No. 47190

Sorry, don't have a Tumblr. Feel free to hide or ignore my post.

No. 47194

No, they're just lesbians with bad taste in women. If criedwolves were really in this thread she'd be bitching about pronouns and transphobia instead of calling herself a "she" and a woman.

No. 47195

File: 1445371091616.jpg (85.91 KB, 500x667, tumblr_nlqi36dBPl1thqh6ro1_500…)

Cried Wolves is a babe. I don't mind them being trans, but they need to be mellow about it.

I don't understand how hasn't ever had a thread. Their attitude used to stink so badly that they would write things like 'Literally prettier than you ever will be' and 'How am I even real'(pic related) and things like that under their selfies. Not to mention the shit storms if someone misgendered their feminine ass.
Pretty and good art, but the worst kind of kid.

It seems they've toned the captions down now though, they go as Calicko on tumblr.

No. 47202

Her face looks incredibly punchable.

No. 47205

You should make one. What you posted wouldn't seem out of place there.

No. 47207

wow such a boy

No. 47208

File: 1445373203978.jpg (134.01 KB, 640x854, tumblr_ntaow9kYkY1thqh6ro1_128…)

On her Tumblr it actually says she's agender, so at least she isn't claiming to be ftm.

But I looked through her photos and she hasn't uploaded a single photo of herself wearing anything remotely masculine or gender neutral, it's all frilly dresses or skirts, and her hair is always some combination of pink or purple. Definitely a trender.

No. 47217

i knew someone like this but now they're back to being a girl

i give her 5 months tops

No. 47219

So in this world a woman can do stereotypically female things but she can still be called a man if she wants?

No. 47221

Only on Tumblr. Anywhere else she'd just get laughed at.

No. 47222

File: 1445374693388.png (79.96 KB, 1674x529, itsalltrue.png)

She says trans in http://calicko.tumblr.com/post/130671901737/i-really-really-dont-want-this-to-sound-offensive this though

It's been well over a year now.
But it says she's only 18 so there's that.

No. 47225

File: 1445375352527.png (200.83 KB, 1242x2208, image.png)

She's a fakeboi

No. 47232

If she doesn't identify as male why does she want to be called he?i also think she's straight which is why she won't tell people her orientation

No. 47236

Hell no, I do not feel comfortable telling anyone this without being anonymous.

No. 47237

The opposite is true on okcupid. Had some guys who messaged me saying gender wise they are women, but had very stereotypical male stuff, only difference was their picture-they had flowers in their beards.

No. 47241

Always possible that those guys are genuine, but on the flipside if you've ever watched that episode of Buffy with the character Parker then you'll remember the idea of men using 'womens studies' buzzwords to score brownie points and get laid is pretty standard.

Apologies if this is triggering but I was actually dateraped by a guy who spent most of the night talking about how he was asexual and just didn't get why guys let their sexuality make them into assholes. Also maybe I shouldn't be posting this but a friend of mine was co-orced into sex by a guy who called himself a nonbinary feminist etc, and then afterwards he gave her a lecture on consent and how what they had just done was obviously non-consensual consent. After all this, men who take that approach of really highlighting how they aren't like other men really just sound like calculating PUA to me.

No. 47244

That's criedwolves' Tumblr, the agender girl I posted is a completely different person.

No. 47249

You'll find creeps on just about any dating site. Those aren't really transtrenders since they're not doing it to be cool, they're only trying to get laid in the creepiest way possible.

In general though, most people on the internet and IRL don't even take legitimate trans people seriously, think they're mentally ill and deserve their discrimination, and trans people are often shunned by other minority groups, including gays and especially lesbians. They get fired from their jobs all the time and a lot of times end up homeless. This applies to trans people who just want to blend in with their preferred sex by dressing and looking like them, and ones that aren't in it for attention or to be special snowflakes.

Imagine what a transphobic employer would think about a Tumblrina if she showed up for a job interview in a lolita dress, heavy makeup, and pink hair and told them she was a boy with he/him pronouns. Think she would get the job? Only if the employer was a Tumblrina too.

No. 47253

Go to /g/ or /adv/ then. /snow/ is not your personal diary.

No. 47256

And since when do I have to follow rules that are randomly created by an anonymous user? I mean, if you were an admin…

No. 47257

>info from sociology textbooks

there's ur problem friend

No. 47314


anyone have thoughts on whether or not Renton is actually trans? He used to be maddieatsbrains.

No. 47318

File: 1445405790844.gif (557.07 KB, 250x133, tumblr_nsg3af7xdp1tw83g5o2_250…)

>>I want people to be able to tell I’m queer. Not like how I dress, not stereotypes, but like. I want to give off a queer aura. Like I walk into a room and everything becomes less straight, pencils bend and shirts become wrinkled,

No. 47320

yaoi fangirls are so crazy

No. 47326


That was me. I had their old vampire freaks before they deleted their account. They use to date someone called Aoi (they are both named Aoi) who happened to also be a fake boy.
My current friend (real male) is currently all over their ass when Haru treated them like trash. They photoshop themselves to hell and back. They look like a typical white girl.

She is very delusional. Her life sounds like a bad yaoi fan fic she wrote. She claims that she is a beach bunny (but pale as fuck? No tan lines?) who lives with two other surfing hunks and they get into sexy mishaps. However with what she says there is a high chance she is just living with her parents. Also note how she has no idea how actual men act outside of her yaoi comics

Also she gets offended when you call her a weeb… but she photoshops herself to match the shitty manga she reads. I have web cammed with them. It is kind of funny. They shut the camera off and block you because you made them uncomfortable when you tell them they look nothing like their photos. She doesn't even put in the effort to fucking bind her chest when camming with people. She just wears a baggy shirt and calls it a day. irl she has huge eye bags, skin is horrid, looks as though she is fucking starving herself but somehow manages to look bloated. Also claims to be a make up artist but irl looks like a hooker

She also has this weird habit to mentally abuse people she dates. If you get to know her she will explain how one ex in particular was another ftm who was "mentally abusive" to her when they found out she was female but back pedaled and said "They found out I'm a girl but not really!"

Talking to Aoi for a few weeks has been a major headache. The drama, her boyfriends "abusing" her, saying she is soooo beautiful like her pictures she gets into sooo much trouble irl cuz "Da straight bois always wanna fuck me boo hoo~"

Just another annoying case of yaoi fan girl living her delusions through the internet.

No. 47327

File: 1445412025967.png (169.16 KB, 500x302, Screenshot (43).png)


Likes to constantly remind people she is male all the time. But not just a normal guy! You better treat her like the uke princess she is! Because she is a special yaoi elf magical prince and she is better than you!

No. 47328

File: 1445412225039.png (163.91 KB, 450x300, Screenshot (44).png)

Annoying anime emotes. She may as well have said nya and once again… trying WAY to hard to make people think she is male. It is really all she talks about, other than reminding you what a piece of shit YOU are for not accepting her uke-ness

No. 47350

Just another delusional white weeaboo. She's probably mentally ill and bullied constantly. Sad, actually.

No. 47361

No, if anyone's a pedo it's criedwolves because she always dates highschoolers.

No. 47365


Her facebook is gold. She is such a weeb it hurts and all her friends are very delusional like her. I don't think any of them know what a real boy is yet they are all immature about the male form like they never seen it before.

No. 47368

>half swedish/half jap
so it's true. fakeboi weebs are converting into scandiboos as well.

No. 47371


It wasn't too long ago where she was just saying she was just half white and half Japanese. She was never raised in any foreign country. She just has serious mental issues with being just a white bread girl and has to be better than everyone else. She only pays attention to you if you compliment her, and like every other fake boi half of her friends are like her. I shit you not.

No. 47374

File: 1445439755662.jpg (96.55 KB, 915x960, 1430437310168.jpg)

Whyyyy the fuck does it matter what breed of white you are if you are just an American and not actually from that country. I swear the fetishizing of countries for the sake of making yourself seem "exotic" compared to fellow Americans is so fucking annoying.

No. 47376

Because being Irish and German is so 2010. Northern Europe is what's in now. Rawwrr vikings!!1

No. 47378

Maybe i'm wrong but this does seem to be a primarily American thing, maybe to do with the whole racism tensions stuff. A lot of the blogs which talk about racial tension stuff are all American and are very American centric. Again not trying to say we are any better (brit here) if these conversations were going on here I think you would see more of it here too, maybe.

No. 47389

As a northern European, this shit amuses me. Do I get to call cultural appropriation soon?

No. 47390


Try telling Haru to her face you aren't okay with her turning where you come from into a fetish. It will pull up good laughs. She will turn it about herself

No. 47391

It's because unlike minority races in the US, most white Americans have no culture, other than maybe being a Christian. So they cling on to whatever "ethnicity" their parents told them they are to feel accepted somewhere.

It doesn't help that minorities often make fun of whites for not having culture and taking interest in theirs. And also that there are a lot of Europeans who act very hostile towards Americans who claim they are Irish or whatever or just want to visit the countries their ancestors came from. Being a white American is very dull.

No. 47393

No, because white people can't be culturally appropriated, duh.

No. 47409

File: 1445446493422.jpg (55.91 KB, 540x960, 11720436_788195237944546_11228…)

Sorry about not having many caps. Haru has a habit of deleting everything and all her accounts and making new ones when people find out what a little shit she is.

The situation here was the guy she is talking to was one of her dumb friends she had wrapped around her finger. She was being flirty with them and hinting that she would date them if they did what she wanted.
However after the friend was used she choose another hotter boy to date. However her boy toy didn't give her enough attention and was "abusing" her. Her short term boy friend also soon found out she wasn't actually a boy and was lacking in the looks department.

Pretty much she leads the dude on, makes him do her dirty work, dates another hotter boy candy, this poor smuck finds out and calls her out on being lead on, but she thinks it is all about her and how she feels because she didn't get away with everything as planned.

Don't get me wrong. Her friends aren't very wise and they are desperate. She still uses and abuses the same friend today, being extra friendly when she wants something but treating him like shit when she is done with him

No. 47424

At my university there was some hosility towards the american students who were of english decent, but this was more to do with their attitude. American guys seem to have this idea English girls will fall in love with them because of their accent and because they are more "evolved" than engish people. I wonder where that idea comes from? Certainly wasn't the case where I was lol.

No. 47440

I'm sorry you had to put up with those scumbags, anon. They're not popular in the US either.

No. 47442

> most white Americans have no culture, other than maybe being a Christian

I hate how Tumblr keeps pushing this down everyone's throat. I'm not American and I don't even speak English as my first language but to me you guys do have a very strong culture. It's just invisible to those who are so used to it in their everyday lives, that's why people try to find any traces of an exotic ethnicity from their family to feel special.

No. 47449

Enlighten me then. From my POV the only "cultural" thing in my life is apparently being a privileged racist just for existing.

No. 47452

Halloween and Thanksgiving for example of the upcoming holidays, you don't have that outside of the states. Hollywood, American football, softball, a lot of different cuisines, the idea of FREEDUM, proms, high school clubs, pop music, social interaction and plenty of other stereotypical mmurrican stuff you guys take for granted. I grew up in a socialist country watching American shows and I was fascinated with things I saw in them. My culture always talks about "Americanized things" meaning things that are grandiose, overly social and flashy. But this is offtopic so whatever.

No. 47458

File: 1445455631031.jpeg (58.45 KB, 500x281, image.jpeg)

Yeah I see now.

Let's post more bois. Just came across this gem on Tumblr, they're a demiboy and want to be called he

No. 47459

Halloween and Thanksgiving also exist in Canada, jsyk.

No. 47460

File: 1445455699436.png (1.65 MB, 962x1346, transtrender.png)

Here's a pretty lulzy transtrender for you guys.

>>dressed, acted, sounded like a girl, and even tagged selfies with #female and #girl until march 2015

>>comes out as genderless on april fool's day http://shirofallenangel.tumblr.com/post/115265369512/it-has-taken-me-years-to-gather-the-courage-to-be
>>says she prefers "they/them" pronouns since she is "neither female nor male" http://shirofallenangel.tumblr.com/post/116109311297/i-dont-understand-why-youre-now-suddenly-going
>>also says she is "emmasexual" http://shirofallenangel.tumblr.com/post/116304616657/how-can-you-be-a-lesbian-a-demisexual-at-the
>>is now claiming to be a full blown transboy
>>triggered by own tits and wants to cut them off http://shirofallenangel.tumblr.com/post/119013033627/i-hate-taking-my-shirt-off-now-its-really

>>was accused of copying another transtrender previously discussed in this thread

No. 47470

Skip the video ahead to :50

Also, ompare how she talks/act in this video compared to her "finally coming to terms with who i am" video linked here >>47460

She really makes me cringe with how hard she is trying to present herself as a boy.
I don't think this is how it works, right? You don't just feel super comfortable with labeling yourself as a female for 19 years then just out of the blue, cut your hair short and call yourself a boy, right..?

No. 47474

Holy fuck she's hideous. I guess she didn't get enough attention when she tagged her pics with "sexy girl" and had to choose another tactic?

No. 47476

>You don't just feel super comfortable with labeling yourself as a female for 19 years then just out of the blue, cut your hair short and call yourself a boy, right..?
No. You don't.

Also the fact that she idolizes criedwolves proves that she doesn't know what real gender dysphoria is. To them it's all about being a pretty animu boi.

No. 47477

Maddi is a giant fucking attention whore so I'm not surprised she hopped on this bandwagon. She must have realized that hideous fucking chin makes her look like a tranny so she might as well try to be one.

No. 47490

Welp, I gotta be honest, she does look a lot better as a man.. dat chin action. A bandwagon hopper of this caliber will probably move onto some femme softsister/nymphet bullshit when its popularity blows up to the backwaters corners of Tumblr.

No. 47495

File: 1445462904970.png (1.51 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

I don't think that's how dysphoria works.

No. 47497


Fucking hell
You'd think they'd at least google what dysphoria is before they claim to have it

No. 47500

File: 1445463607708.png (197.28 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Being transgender just means you envy the opposite sex's privileges, guys!

God the ftm tag is hilarious.

No. 47507

File: 1445464082280.png (974.73 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

>I'm a feminine trans boy!
No, you're just a girl.

This cunt goes by little-flower-boi and she's super girly

No. 47508

This was the person I was talking about in the felice thread, she used to be mentioned (positivly) by freelice sites but then was accused of posting pro-ana pics, much like that emily girl.

On a different note, I remember reading an entry of someone who was "genderfluid" and was annoyed at not having their pronouns respected. On that day in question they were male, where as yesterday they were "female leaning". I cannot keep up with all this, its making me feel old!

No. 47512

File: 1445464769335.png (524.67 KB, 509x455, ma.png)

>>she does look a lot better as a man
not a man or even transgender as a matter of fact, just another fake boi.

No. 47515

File: 1445465014500.jpg (110.79 KB, 540x540, tumblr_n753pmbQiz1qmb14oo1_540…)

I never really considered her images thinspo, she's just very bowlegged from riding horses.

I've followed her for the past few years and never really was bothered by any of the stuff truth blogs on Tumblr would talk about, but this whole #transboy thing is really sudden and aggravates me a bit bc I feel it's all for show.


No. 47517

why do these girls hate women so much?

No. 47519

why do they always have feminine bodies but manly faces

No. 47520

File: 1445465868387.png (846.33 KB, 900x900, image.png)

What do you guys think about Skylark11?

No. 47522

File: 1445466060697.png (53.75 KB, 968x496, 2009.png)

I can't believe what I just found.

An article titled "Twenty hallmarks of fake trans personae" which was written in 2009!


>>I have been exposing fake “transkids” for about ten years


I haven't had a chance to read it through just yet, was in a hurry to share the link here. Some of it's information is a tad bit outdated (like number 1) btw but most of it is right on. Especially numbers 4, 6, and 7 in this screenshot.

No. 47525

I think it was her pics of just her thigh gap/legs that were said to be thinspo. Tbh I don't know much about her so I don't like to say, but that was the accusation.

No. 47533

File: 1445466968349.jpg (408.87 KB, 923x1280, tumblr_nw87oiIsnt1sr4185o1_128…)


>>Sexual/erotic elements: There is often an erotic/sexualized component: obvious ones like stories of sexual abuse from a relative or sexual assault

Ealier in this thread, an anon tried to say that the person (juuzoucore/sage/ven) in this picture is trans because they're a child abuse victim.



No. 47535

I was hoping this was going to be a list of notable fakes

No. 47536

Skylar has transitioned, and HAS been transitioned for quite some time now.
He's a legitimate transman, why should he be mentioned here?

No. 47537

>inb4 ven and her retarded whiteknights come to argue

No. 47548

They're on Tumblr

No. 47549

the whole girl thing is a maskerade. literally. not wearing makeup and dressing practically should be seen as the norm for everyone, regardless of gender. everything frilly and fancy is just an extra and should definitely not be expected.

No. 47550

Read the other pages for context. It seems like this is an outdated list of red flags for "trans" catfishes, not a real life fakeboi checklist…unfortunately.

No. 47551

not a fakeboi

No. 47574

There are like a million creases and dents in his face. How old is he?

No. 47588

probably too late, but i think she saids she was stalked too.

No. 47635

File: 1445482912658.png (62.51 KB, 1080x579, Screenshot_2015-10-21-23-00-08…)

why are these fakeboi always such weebs

No. 47696

Jesus Christ Maddi is calling herself Shiro now. What's it gonna be next week, Naruto? Stop appropriating anime culture!!!!!11

No. 47783

This one is good

>9. LiveJournal and other online interests

>For reasons that are not clear, LiveJournal is the service of choice for attention-craving fakes, followed closely by DeviantArt. Other key hallmarks include an interest in Japanese animation, involvement in the furry community, posting on the chans, and posting on transgender fiction websites.

No. 47794

>an interest in Japanese animation
Well that is where fakebois and hons get their skewed perception of the opposite gender from.

No. 47795

File: 1445529232622.png (122.59 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

And why do they always claim to have a million mental illnesses?

No. 47797

Oh my God she's otherkin too.

>Jack Frost kin

That explains the white hair.

No. 47800

this pisses me off so much, they list off these things like they are some sort of fashionable label or trophy, it's fucking rude honestly.

No. 47801

lol i love how it's like a DSM index then I HAVE NO IMMUNE SYSTEM then they feel the need to mention their rashes and bad dreams, what a wild ride

No. 47804

Maybe her "lack of immunity" has to do with her being thin? It's not a chronic disease like she claims, generally people with low BMI have a harder time fighting off illnesses than other people. I found this out after I lost weight, I rarely ever got a cold before but now I get really sick with something at least twice a year. Ugh.

No. 47806

Ember don't you have anorexia to fake

No. 47810

Did you reply to the wrong post or something? I don't see how posting about otherkin implies I am Ember…

No. 47821

If she wasn't crazy she could be hot. Though I feel weird saying that because shes probably 17 or some shit.

No. 47837

I don't know anything about Nikk, so can someone explain how they're a fakeboi? They're apparently 5 months on T according to them.

No. 47841

She's fat and has shitty skin

No. 47864

Lol there's more than one person in here posting about Maddie/"Renton".

No. 47865

Well they sound like a pleasant person to be around.

No. 47870

Wooow, I actually considered myself to be her friend but after discovering that she has a fucking list of illnesses/disorders longer than my grocery list, I'm fucking done.
I knew she was a bit of an attention whore and never really cared much about her so called "gender identity crisis" but that just pisses me the fuck off.

It's almost as if she is proud. Also, where dI'd she even get "Shiro" from?

You can't treat names like flavors and try a new one every week.

People like this make it hard for genuine transgender individuals to have a normal fucking existence.

No. 47892

>People like this make it hard for genuine transgender individuals to have a normal fucking existence.
Or mentally ill people. I don't think it's possible for someone to blog about their mental illness on Tumblr anymore without seeming like an attention whore who self diagnosed. Attention-seeking Tumblrinas ruined that for everybody.

No. 47893

They also ruined the hope of transmen who can't take hormones for legitimate reasons to ever be taken seriously. They are literally the scum of the internet, so it's kind of ironic that they call everyone else scum.

No. 47896

I don't think you can be diagnosed with bipolar and schizophrenia at the same time because in some cases of bipolar, the person can experience hallucinations.

No. 47903

I dunno about that, I knew a bipolar kid in high school who suddenly snapped a few years after being diagnosed with bd, went completely delusional and thought she was an A-list celebrity, ended up driving across the country to Los Angeles because she thought she was going to star in a movie. After the police found her and she got help, she couldn't recall anything that happened. That's a straight sign of of schizophrenia, not bipolar.

But this girl doesn't seem like a schizo at all, just an attention whore. Has she ever even brought up anything about her so-called illnesses, like medications or struggles, or does she just claim to have them?

No. 47914

File: 1445543655474.png (87.52 KB, 1080x624, Screenshot_2015-10-22-15-47-21…)

No. 47917


This girl is beyond annoying; I first found her through truth blog drama (back when JB was SNAR and not a hypocrite) because she just throws herself into it all for attention. She often mentioned her "disorders" but mostly when anyone dared call her out over anything. All the truth blogs used to leap to her defence cos she's sooo brave for using her real name or whatever. I remember a classic tumblr shitstorm over someone saying a pic of her in panties was thinspo, a few truth blogs/sjws started posting #undiesformaddi tagged shots of themselves in panties as some kind of support. She could do no wrong.

I haven't kept up with her much but I have seen her Renton incarnation. She looks like my ex-bf when he dressed up like a girl… A year or so ago she was full-on celtic faerie witch pagan lesbian non-ed bullshit autoplay wolfkin. Totally not a bandwagon jumper.

Tbh the way she throws herself into drama and rises to the bait makes her a potential classic lolcow. I just wish she didn't simultaneously irk and bore me so much that I can't be arsed to troll her.

No. 47919

I'm still not convinced she's schizophrenic. It just seems like she identifies with those characters and wants to add them to her snowflakeness for more attention.

No. 47930

Maddi/Renton/whoever quietly lost most of those "friends" by being a self-submitting special snowflake. People did notice.

No. 47933

Sorry for samefagging but I just checked her new blog and fucking hell, she was a snowflake before but a "before you follow" page?! That list of disorders and fucking kintype bollocks… yes I sound mad. I've been drinking and I need to eat dinner.


That makes me a little happier anon, thank you! All that karmic bullshit she was spouting last year has come back and bitten her on the ass!

No. 47935

Psychotic features are definitely present in some people with Bipolar disorder. Hallucinations, delusions, all of it. I don't know if you're misinformed or just making shit up, but psychosis doesn't automatically make you schizophrenic.

No. 47938

You can have bipolar and schizophrenia at the same time, anon. It is you that is misinformed.

No. 47940

Meant to reply to >>47935

No. 47945

(Posted by Kristen. Click for more info.)

My friend is bipolar and skitzophrenic it's possible. Also, I doubt maddi has it just with her background of jumping on band wagons but my friend has skitzophrenia and is extremely functioning while on medication. It's only when they stop taking the medication that they go into a complete psychotic episode. So you really can't tell through tumblr whether she has it or not because if she's on medication then she isn't going to show many signs.

I also don't believe she has anorexia because she's posted photos from high school before she dropped out and she looked exactly the same. She has a petite body to begin with and I've never seen her drastically look any different. Any minor weight she's lost if there's any is from her gastric disease.

No. 47963

Anon, bipolar psychosis is not the same as schizophrenic psychosis. I'm bipolar type 1 and have been psychotic, but my delusions were things like thinking I was mentally stable and that everyone else was crazy, or trying to escape from a mental hospital by nearly strangling a maid for the keys around her neck and not remembering the situation correctly.

I never had anything like straight up thinking I was Angelina Jolie. That is absolutely schizophrenia.

No. 47980

File: 1445546934140.png (31.98 KB, 521x253, fullofshit.PNG)

She does realize that taking antidepressents worsen the symptoms of bipolar, right? Unless her doctor is an idiot who got his degree from the back of a cereal box, she would not be prescribed antidepressents because they would send her into a full state of mania.

Also, there is no fucking way she's on a "high dose" of seroquel. One of seroquel's biggest side effects is weight gain and increased appetite, no one who takes seroquel is as thin as she is, especially in high fucking doses.

>I don't feel comfortable talking about this.

You're okay with plastering every last mental health issue as well as your rashes on your blog for all of the internet to see, but not okay with talking about meds? Are you afraid of being called out for your horseshit or something?

No. 48002

No. 48005

i agree its bullshit she's taking it, but not bc she's thin. you could easily starve yourself while taking it and you wouldn't gain weight.

No. 48006

>you could easily starve yourself while taking it and you wouldn't gain weight.
Holy fucking God, no you can't. Seroquel makes you binge eat like a motherfucker. You literally think about food 24/7. When I took it, I tried starving myself for a day and had a panic attack at dinnertime when I had to wait to eat because I couldn't stand it anymore. You CANNOT be anorexic and take seroquel at the same time, period.

No. 48007

Who the fuck even cares?? She probably made up more than half of the list and the medication she's taking anyway. You can argue as much as you want, you're talking about a liar anyway.

Serious question though, would anyone who actually suffers from these mental illnesses put a list of them proudly on dipslay for the internet?? Aside from ana or maybe depressions I don't see it's that common, aside from attention seeking tumblrinas. I assumed people who have a mental illnes would mostly keep it to themselves (unless you have a blog dedicated to it, or are in a forum or another more appropriate place). Not only for personal reasons but also because it can get you in serious trouble- imagine a future employer reading through your list with 12+ mental disorders.

No. 48011

>Serious question though, would anyone who actually suffers from these mental illnesses put a list of them proudly on dipslay for the internet??
No, not often. It's really embarrassing/personal for a lot of people, and with things like schizophrenia and bipolar you're very likely to face discrimination if people find out. People suffering from these illnesses know this. There are some kids who brag about their mental illnesses but they quickly learn how fast you can lose friends because of it. I'm sure at 20 years old she would've discovered that by now.

Though there are some people who have blogs dedicated to mental illness, usually because they want to help others with the illness. It's never "LOL LOOK AT ALL THESE DISORDERS I HAVE AREN'T I SPECIAL???!" They fucking suck.

No. 48016

It's entitely attention seeking. They're all kids without jobs, and no real friends. They've got nothing to lose by getting slapped with the stigma of a mental illness. Just dozens of hugbox friends to gain on the internet.

No. 48022

Same anon, but adding to this.

Here's an example of a blog run by an actual sufferer of bipolar, body dysmorphia, and bpd:

The whole blog is centered around her illness, her struggles, and she's included articles meant to help other people. She started the blog when she was Maddi's age, but it was never a desperate attempt for attention. It was just a way for her to get her feelings out after a whole bunch of shit happened to her (including her diagnosis). And now she's a mental health activist. She describes herself here:

That's the difference between a legit mentally ill person and an attention-seeking fake.

No. 48023

I'm a social worker so my employers finding out that I can effectively manage depression/anxiety/BPD makes me look experienced and likely to be able to handle and encourage the right kinds of change in clients with similar issues.

Anywhere else though? Nah man. My own mother-in-law doesn't know my diagnoses beyond depression and 'boy she is weird with food isnt she Chris?'

Personally I'm proud to have learned how to manage my mental health, but its not something I wanna brag about. Talking about 'muh trawwwmaz' is fucking weird.

No. 48024

Bipolar people can take antidepressants when coupled with a mood stabilizer. It's not a route most people WANT to go, but it does happen.

No. 48027

Was on 800mg of seroquel.
Got fat.
Developed bulimia.
Stopped taking seroquel for weightloss.
Lost 46% of entire body mass in approximately 18 months.
Am now facing anorexia diagnosis.
Not anorexic, I just have fuck all appetite without seroquel.

Fuck that stupid horse trank bullshit drug. Its just evil.

No. 48029

I feel u anon. I was on seroquel for awhile but they took me off it once I tried to OD on it. It made getting up for school actual hell. Sage for OT.

No. 48031

Well, I am anorexic and was on Seroquel for quite a while. I didn't gain any weight when I went on it (although I did sleep for about a week at first), nor did I ever binge eat. Different people react differently to medications, anon. You CANNOT make those kind of generalizations, period.

No. 48032

Also was on Wellbutrin and didn't experience any of the alleged appetite suppressant effects, though, so maybe I'm just a mutant.

No. 48034

When I took it, I shot up from 115lbs to 155 in in about 3 months. It Also made my mind race like crazy at night and I missed school all the time because I couldn't lift myself out of bed before 11am.

Fucking drugs like seroquel are the reason why so many bipolar adults refuse to take their medication. They can't stand the weight gain and shitty side effects so they decide being manic is better. I hate doctors who prescribe that shit without warning their patients about the side effects. Thanks to my idiot doctor I was bullied for my weight and developed an ED.

Sorry for the blog post, but I'm just saying there is no way Maddi is on Seroquel, just from my own experience and hearing stories from other people. She would be a blimp.

No. 48036

Holy shit can you all shut the fuck up about your mental illnesses? Post more bois

No. 48055

File: 1445555359609.png (296.79 KB, 530x724, omg.png)

No. 48074

Because that's were they fucking belong if they want special treatment for being trans and all that ridiculous bullshit. Is not being transphobic, is being sick of people going to the board and wanting to get asspated for their mediocrity by basically spewing "praise me, I'm living oppressed everyday cuz I'm weirdgender" so you can pity them and go easy on them.

No. 48145

Before I was diagnosed bipolar they put me on anti-depressents. I ended up walking around the house one night for an hour while everyone was sleeping because "I couldn't see my future." Ended up overdosing because I felt I didn't take enough medicine and took everything I opened and then woke my family up banging cubbards. This ho doesn't know what it's like to be bipolar or to have a full on humiliating psychotic episode. Anti-depressants would fuck her up if she was actually struggling with the disorder.

Sage because ot. I think I need a break from dumblr rage.

No. 48274

File: 1445624023910.png (91.76 KB, 931x216, Screenshot_2015-10-23-14-01-43…)

I normally post instagram screen caps in this thread but this seems like it'll be more relevant here >>44088


No. 48289

File: 1445627450533.png (154.02 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

I originally agreed with you, but decided to ask my psychiatrist. Here is his response.

No. 48295

My uncle has both. What we have ITT are a bunch of teenagers trying to act like they have a degree in psychiatry just because they did a 5-minute Google search.

No. 48302

I took seroquel and I didn't have those side effects. My appetite was little to none and it gave me visual and auditory hallucinations (apparently a very rare side effect of it I was not aware of). People's experiences differ… that's why a person often has to try multiple medications before they find the right one.

No. 48305

>>48295 it's literally a lecture summary from an associate professor of psychiatry at Stanford University. But it's googlable in an easy-to-understand form…so it can't be legit, right? Because you totally have to pretend to have a psychology degree to have a basic grasp of diagnostic processes beyond "my own shrink said…" or "someone I know has…"

Not every psychiatrist follows the DSM to a t when they're actively treating someone, the point is to address the symptoms and diagnoses are largely just for billing purposes (one more reason why "self-diagnosis" is fucking retarded, but I digress).

Anyway, in the United States healthcare system you categorically cannot be diagnosed with both bipolar disorder and schizophrenia at the same time.

No. 48309

I have family members who are diagnosed schizophrenic and bipolar. That being said, most of these girls self-diagnose. Schizophrenia is an extremely serious mental illness that definitely can't be self-diagnosed. If y'all haven't noticed, their mental illness seem to get more and more rare and unique. They get to enjoy the label and special treatment without ever having to suffer from the disorders at all.

No. 48314

Posting videos of real schizophrenia because these girls have absolutely NO CLUE what it's like to slowly degrade and suffer from this illness. Can they seriously watch these people and believe that they are dealing with the same. Perhaps mocking people with real dysphoria issues isn't as severe, but making like of issues like PTSD, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and so on is just sick. I wish we could get a group of people who are hardcore suffering from mental disorders and gender identity to make a video and explain to them how fucking sick and disgusting their attitudes towards illness and trans are.

No. 48332

Because one single professor says it's not possible, every doctor who diagnoses bipolar and schizophrenia together is wrong, even though a lot of them do. And everyone who uses Google and reads one lecture can become an instant expert in psychiatry.

Thanks for clearing that up, doctor. What was your name again? And where did you get your degree?

No. 48335

Holy shit, I would love for IhaveSchizophrenia1 on YouTube to make a video about the people pretending to have schizophrenia.

I love his input on shit.

No. 48337

Get over it, anon. You could argue all day that the psychiatrists are wrong, but your claim that people don't get diagnosed with both bipolar and schizophrenia is false. So yes, there is a possibility that Maddi got diagnosed with both because it does happen.

No. 48343

What's the difference between BP1 (with psychosis) and schizophrenia? the severity of paranoia?

I was diagnosed bipolar myself and I heard voices. I would be paranoid about stuff like something bad happening if I left the house. And the voices never told me to do anything, it was like weird gibberish whispers. I'd also be paranoid that everyone would look at me if i went out somewhere like a diner, mall, etc.

I realize now that it was all just psychosis from the bipolar disorder and as long as I take my meds, I'm pretty much ok.

No. 48344

Ask your psychiatrist. They'll know better than a bunch of 16-year-olds on lolcow

No. 48345

I've known Maddie for the past 2 years and she has only recently started to say she is schizophrenic. Is it possible to develop the illness out of the blue or do you have it your whole life?

No. 48349

She started saying it years ago, she even had a picture of her meds that ECC or dogbrainzz or someone tried bitch about her taking a picture of

No. 48360

Yes and no. There are a few cases of children showing symptoms early but often times it doesn't really show up until your older. Even then it's a slow decline. It's why a lot of people are misdiagnosed as bipolar in the beginning. The symptoms early on are random and simalar. I HIGHLY doubt this maddi girl was diagnosed with anything but depression. She just wanted more oppression points.

I'd also like to point out that depression is pretty common, and in some severe cases, can cause hallucinations and delusions. If these girls went around saying that instead of "I'M SCHIZOPHRENIC AND BIPOLAR AND DYSPHORIC AND HAVE ADD ADHD AND ANXIETY BUT CAN STILL SOMEHOW FUNTCION ENOUGH TO POST FIFTY SELFIES OF ME DRESSED AS A KAWAII VISUAL KEI BOY A DAY ON THREE BLOGS" I'd be more inclined to believe them.

No. 48362

Unfortunately, my psych has closed down her practice so I can't ask her. I haven't been able to find any new psychiatrists that take my insurance.

No. 48372

I think the most believable diagnosis would be histrionic personality disorder. I don't understand why they pick borederline over hpd, it would make so much more sense.

No. 48385

File: 1445648460877.jpeg (99.13 KB, 737x669, image.jpeg)

At least she can be honest about her appearance.

No. 48387

I like how she hides her chin in all her recent pics.

No. 48388

>>be honest about her appearance

Did you miss the part where she called herself a TRANSBOY?!

No. 48395

ye gods there's always been something that bothers me about her face it looks so fucking punchable

No. 48442

She DOESN'T do ugly well tho. Most uggos don't have to try to change genders to look less gross lol

No. 48449

You're all missing the point. Yes, there's significant overlap in symptoms and many clinicians don't necessarily treat them as exclusive disorders in practice with individual patients. But in the diagnostic system itself, TECHNICALLY, you're not going to be both officially on paper billed to your insurance. They're classified separately. As to whether they should be, is debated.

No. 48472

Beating a dead horse, but I don't know if I'd trust a shrink who would diagnose someone with both schizophrenia and bipolar at the same time.
When someone meets criteria for schizophrenia and a mood disorder, they're usually diagnosed with schizo-affective disorder.

No. 48486

Yes, or bipolar with psychotic features.

No. 48520

What special treatment? I don't know what it's like to be openly mentally ill on Tumblr, but anywhere else you get treated like garbage. You find people online talking negatively about your illness everywhere. Not only that, but people IRL are always running away from you because they think you're a murderer or some shit.

No. 48523

I dunno, I trust my doctor just knowing how well he helped me and my fucked up mind, as well as friends of mine who also have him as a doctor. I've never had a psychiatrist before that's as good as him. But whatever.

No. 48548

Could you all shut the fuck up about unrelated mental illnesses and either get back to fakeboys or fuck off to /b/? There's also a tumblr thread on /pt/, take your debate over there.

With fakeboys I kind of worry for each one of them that is actually admitted surgeries and hormones at the age of 20. They're going to regret it so much when they realize they're not going to stay a beautiful bishie anime guy for 50 years. I know a ftm guy who's blamed all his issues and social anxiety on his birth gender, he has virtually no cis guy friends, doesn't have any idea how they work yet he thinks transitioning will miraculously fix his life. Now he's on low dose T (after years of persuading different therapists that he's trans) and lining up for a top surgery, but he's still depressed and anxious. It's obvious his gender issues stem from bullying in grade school and shitty relationships, and this seems to be the case with a lot of tumblr transgenders I've come across. I've actually noticed a very defined pattern.

In a nutshell, a fakeboi checklist:
- They rarely have actual cis guy friends nor siblings so they have a warped view on what being a man is like, mostly nurtured by fictional characters
- They often have some issues with their relationship with their parent(s) or family in general.
- They have always been bullied in grade school, usually it's somehow related to their appearance and invalidating their gender (ugly, fat, tomboyish, lesbian etc) fueling self-image issues
- They might have been sexually abused or had an unpleasant sexual experience in the past which has lead them to deny their gender
- They have had bad relationships that have led them to self-hate so they want to avoid taking responsibility by assuming a new "persona"

No. 48558

It's relevant. Shouldn't have gotten dragged out as long as it did, with random farmers chiming in re:their anecdotal experiences, but it's worth stating that Maddi couldn't possibly carry all the diagnoses she claims.

No. 48582

I know a lot of people who delt with those kinds of issues. They didn't become fakebois.

Also, I don't feel bad for them at all. At 20 years old you're a grown ass adult who should be smart enough not to be persueded by Tumblr. Them fucking up their bodies for all eternity is like payback for being stupid.

No. 48612

Idg why all these neanderthals are still on anti-depressents for bipolar when they could be taking Latuda.

The anti-depressents are probably why she isn't doing well.

No. 48621

Maybe bc Latuda is expensive af.

No. 48637

It's really not if you have insurance.

No. 48643

It can still be very expensive with insurance, depending on the coverage. I was prescribed it while having insurance, and it was still too expensive to maintain, upwards of $100 a month.

No. 48646

If there's no generic out at the moment, it may still be prohibitively expensive for those with insurance. I can't afford Abilify even with my good insurance. It's still ridiculously pricey.

No. 48662

Yep. One more reason the American healthcare system is disgusting, and - bringing it back to the fakebois - one more reason why it's incredibly irritating when these little girls claim every diagnosis under the sun. They obfuscate the realities of treatment because they're not in it, and they make it that much more difficult for young, uneducated kids to understand what's happening when they enter mental health recovery for real.

No. 48715

It costs me $130 for a 90-day supply with insurance. If you're not a poorfag, it's very affordable.

It's specifically made for bipolar depression, so there's no way it can fuck you up like antidepressents do more often than not.

No. 48722

You're all retarded.

No. 51885

File: 1446074568186.jpg (Spoiler Image, 43.09 KB, 537x508, suchrealboywow.jpg)


hork hork

No. 51897

Nice body tho

No. 51907

Is that Maddi? How did you get this?

No. 51910

Yeah, it's her. She post it on her tumblr last year then deleted it after a few minutes. iirc she was trying to prove how her body is such a "weird shape" because of how anorexia affects it. If you go through her pictures you will find many in her bathroom and see the same towel fixture behind her.

No. 51918

(Posted by Kristen. Click for more info.)

Her body looks entirely normal though. It's not emaciated at all. I honestly don't believe she's ever had anorexia.

No. 51919

Saved it for a year, now that's dedicated hate

No. 51931

Didn't maddie lie and say she was dying of cancer? I wouldn't be surprised if she was lying about being trans.

No. 51933

Ngl, I thought that was drops of jizz on her stomach.

No. 51949

>genuine transgender individuals
Pick one.

No. 51962

She's got a new malady every five minutes.

No. 52607

Such tranz boi

No. 52609

and this is why you dont post nudes online kek kek

No. 52614

Nah, she's skinnyfat and you can see the lines on her stomach from how her fat folds. She needs to either lose another 10-15 lbs or do some core workouts.

No. 52617

File: 1446249345281.jpeg (154.32 KB, 750x987, image.jpeg)

Can confirm. Here is a bathroom pic.

No. 52619

I love how you have to have a BMI of like 14 or lower and a body fat percentage of like 5 in order to not be considered fat on lolcow.

No. 52621

File: 1446249578184.jpeg (263.73 KB, 960x1280, image.jpeg)

Here's a better view.

No. 52624

I didn't say she was fat, I said she was skinnyfat, which means skinny with flab. She's got a flabby stomach, just look at it.

No. 52625

And don't even think about wearing a bra or tight pants, because then the imprints are fat lines.

No. 52626

You're annoying, go back to the Ember thread.

No. 52627

File: 1446249846265.jpeg (489.01 KB, 1280x1707, image.jpeg)

Transboi fashion

Why does she wear this stupid hoodie in nearly all her pics?

No. 52628

not the same anon but they're right. maddi is skinnyfat, why you so butthurt? is you maddi?

No. 52629

Because fakebois don't know anything about male fashion/own male clothing.

No. 52630

She lives in the north, it's cold this time of year.

No. 52632

So calling somebody skinnyfat means I'm an ana? I'm not saying she's a whale good fucking lord, just that she has flab on her belly.

No. 52633

People re-wear clothes, a weird concept.

No. 52634

Probably to keep her organs safe, but who knows for sure.

No. 52636

Yeah but look through her pics, she wears the same hoodie in nearly all of them. Does she actually own that much boys clothes?

No. 52637

I'm just sayin' it would look better if she worked on her abs. It would look more masculine, too.

No. 52638

Why is she showing off that outfit? And who would even want to be seen in public wearing that? Looks like mismatched PJ's.

No. 52643

File: 1446250689405.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 36.31 KB, 743x327, image.jpeg)

So you guys have been sending her asks or what?

No. 52645

She's probably been reading the threads, she likes to follow Ember drama.

No. 52648

That would explain why a lot of people ITT are trying to defend her.

No. 52649

File: 1446252839121.jpg (682.32 KB, 768x1024, ruby-rose-768.jpg)

No. 52650


how is she a fake boy? she said she's ok being born a woman and has some gender identify stuff going on but nothing too tumblr imo

No. 52651

>"Gender fluidity is not really feeling like you're at one end of the spectrum or the other," she said. "For the most part, I definitely don't identify as any gender. I'm not a guy; I don't really feel like a woman, but obviously I was born one. So, I'm somewhere in the middle, which – in my perfect imagination – is like having the best of both sexes. I have a lot of characteristics that would normally be present in a guy and then less that would be present in a woman. But then sometimes I'll put on a skirt – like today."

No. 52655

Not fakeboi, just a trenderqueer snowflake.

No. 52656

But there are nonbinary people being posted here

No. 52658

ugh I dislike most tattoos in general, but cartoon characters are the worst. It looks so stupid.

No. 52659

She could have at least stuck to one style

No. 52704

I don't get it.

No. 52719

She probably doesn't wash it.

No. 52734

One of the things that bothers me most about Tumblr "trans"guys is how they dress. They seem to love extra large, oversized sweaters and hoodies. Maddi is lucky enough to have a small figure with practically no tits or hips to speak of, so it's not like she has a feminine shapely figure to cover up. She'd look so much more like a guy if she put on something that fit. Oversized shit just makes her look smaller and more waif-like than she would otherwise.

No. 52737

>characteristics that would normally be present in a guy
What fucking characteristics is she talking about? I'd love to know. This is my issue with the whole genderqueer/non-binary thing.
People who subscribe to it like to tack on certain behaviors and roles to genders and act as if their personality and/or tastes divorce them from just one. They literally reinforce the gender binary by doing this shit, which is something they're supposedly fighting against. Apparently you can't be a girl who likes things that are described as "masculine", or a guy who likes things that are described as "feminine". You must be something else, or else you would find things that aren't classified as being made specifically for your respective gender off-putting!
Everyone is totally consumed by their gender and it dictates their entire life and their interests, but you are an exception!
It's just so fucking stupid.

No. 52742

Shut up Maddi. Go overdose on your schizo meds and suck 50 dicks.

No. 52743

Exactly. They're the first ones to bitch and scream about how clothes don't have a gender and gender is a social construct etc. yet they constantly acknowledge and upkeep traditional gendered assumptions. Like "I feel like a boy today, time to put on my sneakers and bowtie!" or "I feel like a girl today, it's skirt time!".

No. 52749

Guess you're from Tumblr, you guys keep shouting blind accusations. You guys get so paro without statcounter.

No. 52756

File: 1446306034122.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 23.65 KB, 500x558, image.jpeg)

What are you even doing on this site if you're not going to talk shit? That's why we're all here.

If you're not Maddi, I don't understand why you're getting this asspained over people making fun of her.

No. 52759

…and why do my images keep getting spoilered…

No. 52778

File: 1446312034892.jpg (117.45 KB, 597x960, tumblr_nx287y3urd1rmaa6fo1_128…)

Agreed. You can be 80 pounds and still be "skinnyfat". It's a result of losing weight without gaining muscle mass in the process. She said she was anorexic so it makes sense. No one is calling her a hamplanet or anything, Jesus Christ.

As for the anon pointing out that she wears the same sweatshirt in almost every pic, they made a true statement. There's no need to defend her there because it's not really an insult, just a fact. (That sweatshirt is also ugly af, just saying).

Get the fuck over it and post more fakebois. Pic related, this thing calls itself a transboy and they have "prettyboy" in their username.

No. 52779

File: 1446312167904.png (73.99 KB, 537x488, Screen shot 2015-10-31 at 1.22…)


No. 52826


Like I'm going to take advice from some idiot decided to make their anon image biard debut to post a year old nude.

I talk a lot of shit, and I have been posting fakebois. You guys aren't even milking the good ones like realmv or ohmoos and her "boyfriend".

No. 52827

Realmv is a trainwreck.

No. 52831

>Im triggered by french! Tag your french

No. 52833

>>a french man raped me and spoke french the whole time so pls tag your french because it's really triggering for me!!

No. 52834

File: 1446329115517.jpeg (37.63 KB, 236x235, image.jpeg)

>Maddi doesn't have any milk
Okay Maddi.

No. 52835

Who are the "good ones" then? I think tumblrinas who fake mental illnesses and post nudes whilst claiming to be trans are worthy of discussing. We've already discussed the more notable ones to death, who (in your opinion) is more lulzy than Maddi?

No. 52836

Nevermind, fuck me it's Halloween and I'm already shitfaced. I just realized you mentioned people in your post.

I still thinj Maddi is worthy of discussion. There's no need to get pissed about it.

No. 52841


No worries, idc too much.
It just pisses me off when paro-chans claim I'm the person they're posting about.

I don't think any of them are good ones, just thought it was interesting that they saved a nude for so long with obvious intentions to one day use it against her.

It was definitely before she "came out" as gender special, and I definitely think Maddi is a Transtrender because she loves the attention and will quickly follow fads. She has been saying she is schizophrenic for years now, however. This isn't even the first time she's claimed to be otherkin. Her sweater choices are because she's a poorfag.

Short hair looks better on her though, she's very masculine. They should all just embrace being androgynous.

My least favourite ones are the ones that mash the keyboard and pretend to have panic attack.

No. 52842

Ah. They probably thought that because it kind of seemed like you were defending her, but it seens more like a misunderstanding on their part.

That being said, I think we've heard enough about Maddi. She seems to be fully aware that she's being trolled too based on some of her recent Tumblr posts, so I guess it's safe to say she doesn't have any milk left.

No. 53087

File: 1446416025348.png (26.18 KB, 316x114, Screen shot 2015-11-01 at 5.12…)

lol, the fakeboiz got their own banner.

No. 53088

2015 is a beautiful year

No. 53133

It's been around for a awhile now

No. 53295

I hadn't seen it yet.

No. 53300

Maybe they saved the nude because they thought it was hot.

Shit, I have a whole folder full of nude and provocative Tumblrina pics saved in my phone. My intent was not to use it against them in the future.

No. 53336

File: 1446476120860.jpeg (57.64 KB, 613x533, image.jpeg)

I'm noticing that 90% of Tumblr transmen have a very similar look:

>unnatural hair colors or bleached blonde hair

>piercings other than normal ear piercings
>winged eyeliner
>circle lenses
>Plaid shirts
>hipster glasses
>skate shoes
>girls' skinny jeans
>outfits that don't match or don't fit
>some amount of J-fashion or cosplay costumes in their wardrobe

Are they all copying each other or do they really believe this is true masculinity? They all look like soft butch scene girls from the mid-2000's.

No. 53338

Confused butch dykes

thats all they are

No. 53342

Even the ones that say they are gay yaoi boys?

No. 53362

File: 1446479904373.png (488.51 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

you guys…

No. 53394

Don't forget the bow ties.

No. 53399

>Asexual grey-aromantic transboy
>Read: Sexually frustrated but insecure straight girl who's too afraid of approaching boys

No. 53422

Those are just straight girls who are either too insecure about themselves and put on the fakeboi act because it makes them feel safer, or they're too much of a special snowflake to accept that they are boring not oppressed cishets and therefore make up a cute yaoi persona.

No. 53427

On a (semi)related note, why aren't Tumblr transmen obsessed with suits? Even the older fakebois who actually have money still prefer the scene/skater tomboy look for every outfit.

If I were a fakeboi I'd be all over the suits. There's nothing sexier and more masculine than a nice suit.

No. 53431

File: 1446485013872.jpeg (134.73 KB, 736x981, image.jpeg)

Adding to this. Imagine this girl >>47058 wearing a suit like pic related. Wouldn't she look so much more like a man and not a short-haired lesbian?

No. 53435

I imagine because suits are the uniform of straight white cis men everywhere.
How will we know our snowflakes are against THE MAN if they stress business style?

No. 53436

File: 1446486165191.jpeg (23.14 KB, 320x480, image.jpeg)

They are just as sexy on faggots as they are on hetero men. I don't understand Tumblr and never will.

No. 53793


they're two different psychotic illnesses. I think you either have one or the other, I don't think they can be comorbid.

No. 53804

Could be Schizoaffective disorder, but she's using both disorders to add to her snowflake checklist

No. 54216

I've got quite the suit fetish. I'd deff be okay with more fakeboi's if they wore suits.

No. 54220

I'd tap that,too bad she's a fakeboi.

No. 54263

File: 1446674885124.jpeg (890.58 KB, 2448x2448, image.jpeg)

>hipster glasses
This makes me sad. I've been working on my body so I can be a reverse trap, but since Tumblr ruined those glasses I'll just end up looking like the rest of the fake demiboys.

Pic related, my sad glasses. The reason I got them in this style was because I thought they'd make my round face look thinner. I guess I should've gone for normal glasses. Stupid me.

No. 54274

File: 1446677001879.jpeg (73.54 KB, 500x444, image.jpeg)

Yeah…those kinds of things might be fine for a teenage transkid, but a lot of these bois are in their early 20's and still dress like edgy skater boys.

I'm that age and all my guy friends who are my age dress really well. When they were teenagers they'd wear ugly shit from Pacsun and Hot Topic, but now they're all into J. Crew and shit, wear Clarks instead of Vans, etc.

Like pic related would be a good casual outfit for an early 20's man. It's nice looking but not not formal at all, and it's much more age-appropriate than anime tshirts and those ugly snapbacks. Could you imagine a pre-T transman in this?

No. 54275

no one cares.

No. 54276

I see a lot of guys in H&M and Vans, I think it's relative to the style of when you were growing up.

That's why old people wear the shit they do, and why our parents wear the shit they do.

No. 54277

Get the sand out of your cunt.

No. 54279

File: 1446677391233.jpeg (139.94 KB, 1010x766, image.jpeg)

H&M is fine too. I was talking about Vans like this, not the slip-on kinds. I never see guys my age wearing these.

No. 54280

Sorry did I hurt your feelings? No one cares.

No. 54281

No, you're just getting butthurt for no reason.

No. 54282

Middle-aged people follow fashion trends too.

No. 54284

Iktf. A lot of the fashion trends I used to find attractive have been butchered by Tumblrinas. Flower crowns and multi-colored hair used to be cool but now I can't help but asdociate them with Tumblr.

I think your glasses are cute, though. I see a lot of cis guys wearing them too.

No. 54285

>Could you imagine a pre-T transman in this?
A legit one, yes.
A fakeboi? Never. He's not even wearing outstanding make up! Not enough pastels, no edgy animu/pop culture reference on the shirt, and the model has facial hair which is a huge no go for most fakebois. Because, y'know, muh "kawaii androgynous yaoi uke animu prince"-facade ;_;

No. 54290

Has anyone posted about kurovoid yet?

No. 54294

I love Vikko

No. 54308

I would wear the fuck out of that outfit. And nothing wrong with vans. they're pretty timeless. Still a lot of older skaters out there. And band guys wear them too.

No. 54310

This and this! Saying something is a masculine trait or feminine trait is gender stereotyping. You're putting a gender role on something by saying something like "I like to fix up cars. I'm like a guy"

"I like to cook. I'm like a woman"
That shit pisses me off to the extreme. Just be who you are without saying "I'm so gender fluid!! Look at my masculine hobbies even though I'm just a girl~"

No. 54312

Yeah, I guess I was wrong about the vans.

Part of me wishes I was a guy because I love mens clothing. Fakebois need to figure out male fashion, it's awesome.

No. 54313

Wow, she's ugly and she obviously has an unfit girl body. It's hilarious she is trying to cover up with baggy clothing.

No. 54347

File: 1446685093186.jpg (64.99 KB, 640x960, bhjbhj.jpg)

Surprised that no one has mentioned ShunTara7 on Youtube/facebook (Had a tumblr at one point but I think she deleted it). I had been following "him" for a while back when she was a gyaru. I noticed that her personality kept on changing according to her styles. (Mostly J fashion and at one point emo/scene) She's been through the whole VK thing, Dansou and blah. Came out as trans a while ago I think and now like 70-80% of her followers are worshipping her and also coming out as trans too. I just think these people believe their own hype too much and fall into delusion and complete destruction

No. 54349

A black fakeboi? That's a rare sight.

Almost all fakebois are white. I've only seen one "genderfluid" poc and she was half white.

No. 54352

Trust me, if you look at their followers nearly all of them are black fakebois haha

No. 54364

Just had a look at his youtube, seems like a fakeboi to me. The whole faking the deep voice reminds me of when mulan was pretending to be a guy.
Honestly the people on this thread seem socially unstable and have thousands of mental health issues. Its like its a pattern of some sort

No. 54386

Can you really find out you're trans from wearing a style? Or is it how you're born? This really confuses me

No. 54412

No. Being trans is not a matter of fashion. It's strictly to do with your mental concept of gender not matching up with your biological sex, and can only truly be marked by dysphoria. Any kind of gender identity based upon stylistic choices, hobbies or interests, or personality characteristics is just a confused individual not understanding the difference between sex/gender and gender roles.

No. 54476

vikko is SUCH a bland bitch and she knows it.

No. 54488

Oh I see. Thanks for clarifying. I always found it odd all these people were certain they're females then style change! I'm male because I'm a tomboy.

No. 54505

Do you have to wear them all the time or do you wear them just for school or work? If you have a round, girly face and wear those then yeah, you're going to seem like a fakeboi. I would get contacts.

I love guys who dress like that. Tumblr transmen obviously don't realize the things I mentioned prevent them from passing. Or maybe they do, they just want to avoid cis male stereotypes like >>53435 said. Don't real transmen want to appear like cis guys though?

No. 54526

I think it depends. I know some truscum transguys that don't realize they're trans until they start crossplaying, usually because they weren't aware being trans was a thing until they went online to purchase a binder. I remember reading on /cgl/ that Sai (Li Kovacs' ex husband) was this way and has been fully transitioned for years.

Of course, there needs to be evidence of dysphoria before the discovery, like being traumatized during puberty, hating your feminine body no matter how thin it is, or fantasizing about being a guy for a long time (and NOT for yaoi or attention reasons). If the only reason you're "trans" is because you like mens clothes better or you think you'd get more attention/oppression points by being a boy, then you're a fake.

No. 54533

File: 1446736664796.png (133.14 KB, 171x523, rj.png)

case y'all forgot about ya boi rj

No. 54535

File: 1446736882195.png (371.08 KB, 392x558, muchman.png)

i didnt keep up with his drama, but at least he's been quiet and seems more passable now. kind of…

No. 54546

dammit y u make me want bubble tea now anon

No. 54554

I can't wait for this fakeboi bullshit to go out of fashion.

The vast majority of these cunts only want to indulge in masquerading as trans so long as they get to parade themselves as young, lithe, hairless bishies.

When faced with the prospect of ageing, baldness, excessive hair, beer-guts etc. every single on of them would balk and return straight back to their dresses and heels.

No. 54572

why tho
its way more acceptable for men to age naturally than for women
ive never seen anti-aging magic skin serum marketed to men

No. 54588


Because no older male can pull off the delicate, fragile, pale bishie look.

It's either "go rugged" or go home, and they'd never accept that.

No. 54609

File: 1446748766722.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 145.99 KB, 480x376, image.jpeg)

>prevents them from passing

Transguys have to be really careful with their clothing choices, because some things that cis guys can pull off will make a transguy in the early stages of transitioning look like a lesbian.

Pic related for example. It works for a cis guy, but on a female? They'd look like a stereotypical butch dyke who rides a motorcycle.

No. 54610

Didn't mean to spoiler that. I hate my phone.

No. 54614

>dyke haircut, tumblr eyebrows, oversized glasses, oversized teenage boy clothes

maybe on tumblr

No. 54615

Yeah they look like a girl dressed up like Harry Potter.

No. 54644

And one day they'll realize that makeup and dresses will make them look like gross transvestites once they've been on hormones a while and reach their late 20's. Shit's gonna be hilarious.

Like other people have said, it's this generation's bicurious. Just like the bicurious girls eventually figured out they weren't attracted to girls, the fakebois and nonbinaries will figure out they're just confused cis girls.

No. 54646

Butch lesbian here. I'd wear the fuck out of that outfit. Haha

No. 54647

He still smokes a ton, mooches off friends and is trying really hard to hide from his past. He's shit a piece of shit and I hope karma catches up with him.

No. 54648

I'm a tomboy and a lesbian, so I wear nothing but men's fashion. I still identify as a cis woman though, so I'm sure that triggers all the tumblrinas.

No. 54650

No, since actual trans people are a very small population in the world, there's nowhere as much as them like tumblr wants you to believe. So many of these idiots are just tomboys or women who like to dress traditionally masculine, but for some reason can't just be cis women. They have to be special snowflakes and say they're trans because real women can't have short hair or wear pants or not wear makeup unless they're ~~trans~~

No. 54651

Still dresses like total shit, I see.

No. 54665

Statistically, it's been estimated that there are only 700,000 transgender adults living in the united states, out of 300 million people. Tumblr has 2 billion blogs and a good chunk of them are "trans". It's definitely likely that the vast majority are fake.

No. 54672

File: 1446757904967.jpeg (74.02 KB, 500x505, image.jpeg)

Haha, awesome. I have a whole folder full of mens outfits that I'd like to be able to wear someday. If I only I could get rid of the fat on my thighs…

He does look pretty cool.

No. 54682

File: 1446758901697.jpeg (62.87 KB, 747x548, image.jpeg)

The most infamous fakeboi admitted being trans was a phase for her before she vanished off the internet. The other trenderqueer snowflakes on Tumblr are about as bad as she was.

I have no doubt in my mind that all the nonbinary kids will revert back to cis girls after several years. I doubt most of them will even make it to late 20's before their phase ends.

No. 54752

File: 1446771473616.png (221.86 KB, 857x721, PhotoGrid_1446771248086-1.png)

How are they wrong?

No. 54760

because??????? you HAVE to ASK the baby it's pronouns at birth. if there is something medically """wrong""" with it's genitals or something you LET IT DIE rather than assign it a SEX (which is a social construct and faaake!!!) you CIS SUM

No. 54799

File: 1446796064154.jpg (456.4 KB, 768x1023, 3404_3_full.jpg)

I've always been a tomboy too and would rather wear men clothes but never have I wished to actually be a guy and I'm not even lesbian.
I did make a sudden turn around when I was 26 and now I only wear skirts haha.
But girls dressing manly and looking a bit androgyn like this girl from the L word (I've never seen the show, only thought she looked really cool) look much better than any tumblerina.

No. 54801

Adam G had way better lookbooks after this shit

No. 54807

Damn, that pic makes me kind of sad. I wish women were still comfortable like that, and didn't let gender roles define who they were… it's like we're regressing and calling it "progress" instead. I don't understand how people are falling for this bullshit. I want to cry when I think of what feminism has become.

No. 54816

>implying fakebois all dress masculine

Aren't ther enough transtrenders and special gender snowflakes who dress in pink, pastels and dresses yet claim "IMMA BOYYY HE/HI PRONOUNS PLS uwu"
Like >>45571, for example.

No. 54819

Is that what his name is? I was noticing that a lot of the pics in my folder were of the same guy.

I like the fit because it's more my style. But to each their own.

No. 54820

If you raise a male child as a nonbinary agender demigurl from birth, in all likliness he's going to be traumatized. Same with a female. They'll be made fun of in school, and feel isolated because none of the other kids will have the same identity.

The majority of kids grow up to be cis. It's just as shitty to force your kid to be trans as it is to force them to be cis. Raise your child as their birth sex, and let them decide later on who they are. That's what good parents do.

I hope these people don't reproduce.

No. 54826

How about just raising it do be a decent human being?? It's not like gender matters that much for pre-teens anyway. As long as you raise them on a neutral base, allowing them to pick if they want the car or the kitchen toy and don't force any stereotypes on them I don't see any problem. You don't need dozens of labels for your infant to slap on just so you can seem ~*progressive*~ and pat yourself on the back (while all you do in enforcing gender roles, ironically).

No. 54827

And by neutral I don't mean gender neutral neopronouns uwu-tier, but treating them as their assigned sex. Which, as said, shouldn't make too much of a difference. That's if you aren't a tumblrina who thinks if they put on a pir of jeans they're suddenly trans bois.

No. 54828

What I meant was you should use pronouns based on their birth sex, like he and she. And I agree that forcing stereotypical gender roles on your child is shitty, which is why a lot of toy manufacturers are making their products more gender neutral, but calling your child a girl when she is in fact a girl is good. But also give her the right to decide what her gender is as she gets older. There's a 99.7% chance she will choose to remain a girl though, especially if she's not forced to do only stereotypical girl things unless she wants to.

No. 54838

i agree with all of these.
call your kid by their assigned gender, but if/when this is an issue THEN is the time to talk about other idenitity - not from the get go. that would be way to confusing to tell a 5 year old about trans, aro, ace etc… thats… ridiculous actually and even as a 24 year old i dont even understand these things.

No. 54856

Seconded. Tumblr snowflakes feel like being cis is a curse, so they can't imagine birthing a cis child.
>Oh the horror! My baby can't be cis scum! Xe will turn into a transphobic transmedicalist! WE MUST DESTROY THE BINARY, FOR THE SAKE OF OUR CHILDREN!!!1
It really would be child abuse. The kids would be bullied, discriminated against, and depressed before they even made it to kindergarten. It's a shame nonbinary Tumblrites don't have dysphoria, because if they did they wouldn't be willing to become pregnant. Unfortunately, if they manage to find a MAAB partner, a new form of child abuse will arise.

No. 54908

I'm a heterosexual ftm crossdresser. I'm surprised tumblrinas haven't accused me of appropriating trans culture or something.

No. 54910


He looks much younger in your picture, sage for link

No. 55001

File: 1446839576328.jpeg (73.94 KB, 500x556, image.jpeg)

He looks nice, but his style is mostly casual business now.

I like his old looks better, because they're like casual things college students (like myself) would wear.

No. 55006

File: 1446840403789.jpg (90.37 KB, 560x560, 3627037_Bushwick.jpg)

I mean, if you need excuses to dress like a fakeboi go ahead

No. 55018

File: 1446841233369.png (178.69 KB, 480x800, Screenshot_2015-11-06-16-01-30…)

Ah, yes, look at that big ass "chubby" arm…

No. 55045

>chub man
Alright Crisco-chan

No. 55088

Talk shit post fit faggot

No. 55158

Nice fat girl cropping

No. 55166

File: 1446870539008.jpg (114.02 KB, 720x960, https://40.media.tumblr.com/cd…)

>they/him pronouns

No. 55168

Is that makoto prince

No. 55169

no idea, it was "suggested" to me in my feed and i cringed when i read the description.

No. 55170

I was in the same boat, farmer. So I got thin rimmed ones after a while in a nice gunmetal shade.

No. 55177


Bang on, anon. It's pretty fucking sickening too. Turning actual issues into a trend. People are way too into themselves these days to actually see the people around them.

No. 55180

this stinks of vendetta. so boys aren't allowed to wear skirts now?

No. 55193

File: 1446879829492.gif (150.87 KB, 500x372, ......gif)

No. 55217

File: 1446885979460.jpg (67.21 KB, 500x375, tumblr_mfvm0nV9MW1rko6bko1_500…)

None of this transtrender?

No. 55225

There's already a gutter face thread. Plus now she's on T for 6 months now.

No. 55226

I used to dress like this, but I stopped because I got sick of everyone assuming I was a lesbian & I wanted dick so I turned to cutesy girly shit and makeup. It kind of sucks but I prefer being able to flirt with guys/get hit on without it being misconstrued as a joke (cuz I'm totes a dyke).

No. 55352

there's nothing ''smol'' there

No. 55457

Not sure if trolling or just retarded

No. 55459

I didn't know being trans was even a trend yet back when she first stated she was trans.

Also, she's been claiming to be trans for several years, and is now on hormones. I'm not sure if she's a fakeboi anymore, because she's like mid-20's so if it was a phase it'd probably be over by this point.

No. 55484

Asche deleted her nudes blog. I wonder why?

n-not like i was planning on getting off to it or anything…

No. 55549

File: 1446955035043.png (1.11 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

Idk why and its probably really mean but like does this girl know the real rj
Idk these pics gross me out somehow

No. 55610

You might get a three inch dick but still get off it, but turning down offers on sex changes still screams transtrender to me. I hope they've changed, that's all I can say. Even if she still e-begs.

No. 55730

You know most FTMs don't get bottom surgery, right? The technology for it still sucks pretty bad. That said though if she's been claiming to be a B-O-Y for over 10 years now and only recently got on T it's because she's doing it to stay relevant.

She's almost 30 and everything she does is for online attention, just as it has been her whole life. She doesn't work and still lives at home, her father had to go back to work after retiring to take care of her and Eerie (his biological daughter who also doesn't work) while they both play on tumblr all day and buy shit online/get tattoos. The only reason she still commits to this is for the attention, otherwise she's like every other lazy, fat ALT/gothic snowflake on tumblr who wants to be taken care of like a baby for the rest of their adult lives.

No. 55732

It's her only gimmick, these days so many tumblrs have split tongues/horns/fangs/pointed ears/stretched lobes and play the goffick tea prince persona, transitioning is the only way for her to stay relevant now that tucutes are in and actually transitioning has fallen out of vogue.

No. 55781


It also fits with how a few years ago when "transitioning" (T+top surgery+name change) was the trend, GF was saying shit like "I don't need a therapist or a letter or hormones to tell me what I know I really am" or whatever ad had no intention of pursuing any of it.

No. 55788

I dunno, if someone offered to pay for my top surgery, I would jump on that faster than anything, but bottom surgery is far from perfect, and I really don't want to take the risk of having to wear a diaper for the rest of my life just because the surgery for having a dick I won't even use has left me incontinent.

No. 55816

Fakeboi detected

No. 55859

>if someone offered to pay for my top surgery
>a dick I won't even use

Sooo you're not willing to work for top surgery and you have no desire to have even a functioning dick, or use one?

So legit, much trans.

No. 55864

Not the Anon you're replying to + haven't read this thread, just saw this comment skimming past.

I'm pretty sure they mean they don't want a fake surgery dick because present FtM dicks are complete shit. They are not remotely functioning, and come with tons of health risks.

I 'transitioned' using hormones in my late teens and quit in my mid twenties because I realized I could never really be a guy, as far as penis goes. And sex is a really big thing for me. My problems with my body lessened thanks to the 'mones, and I'm naturally flat chested (like the kind of flat chested you could take your shirt off and asides from nipples it'd look like a young boys).

I don't blame any practicing trans people for not wanting bottom surgery. It's a serious shit show. If there were good results, I'd transition in a heart beat. But jesus fuck are they a mess even at best outcome.

No. 55866

Actually some surgeons (the most expensive ones ofc) can produce results that are very realistic and completely normal-functioning (except for reproductive function obviously), but the kind of surgery most FTMs have access to is mediocre at best, usually because of financial reasons rather than "I just want a dick and idc what condition it's in".

But the anon above the one you quoted, yeah, I call fakeboi too on the chest surgery part. The only FTMs I've met that say the don't want chest surgery/only want it if it's paid for by someone else have been tumblr snowflakes. It's even better when they say "oh I don't have to get chest surgery, I'm flat chested enough already!" which is utter BS. unless you have a hormone disorder or an intersex condition, or were on blockers since before puberty you will have at least small breasts, and part of being FTM is about not wanting breasts at all.

No. 55869

>unless you have a hormone disorder or an intersex condition, or were on blockers since before puberty you will have at least small breasts, and part of being FTM is about not wanting breasts at all.

I don't have any disorder/wasn't on blockers at puberty and I legitimately have nothing there. At all. Though I understand who/what you're talking about, you really can have absolutely nothing.

No. 55870

If you're an adult and never developed any breast tissue at all and you still have a prepubescent flat chest, you do have some kind of hormone problem or other underlying problem. That's not normal.

No. 55871

File: 1447028416230.jpg (90.51 KB, 554x439, 172.jpg)

Nope. I've had it all checked out medically multiple times. I have been told by medical professionals over and over it is, in fact, normal/natural/whatever you want to call it.

I'm quite certain there is a couple plastic surgery websites of before/after where they show a completely flat chested woman before implants. These sites usually include a little info section explaining that, that level of flat chest isn't unnatural – some girls just get none.

No. 55890

….the medical student in me is curious…

pics kudasai

No. 55921

The whole "if someone offered to pay" was a reference to >>55610 and "turning down offers on sex changes."

Shit, I have a full time job and I'm saving up for the surgery, I'm not waiting for handouts or starting crowdsourcing pages for it.

And I wouldn't use the dick since I've no interest in sex. I mean, you're free to think what you want about me, but I'm free to think you were reaching.

No. 55923

>hurr im so mad at tumblr!!! stupid tumbrlinas!!111sdfjsodfj

You're absolutely stupid for making assumptions about people on tumblr, and having this negative rage-cry-baby attitude toward the demographic there.

You mad?

No. 55947

Wait, what? Are you lost?

No. 56052

The surgeries are extremely expensive and the results still vary person to person. You might not have sufficient skin to graft the penis from, connecting the nerves required for an orgasm is a chance of luck, the healing times are very long and the risk of infection is always present. That, and if you want a functional penis that can get erect with an internal pump, you need to get the pump and the tube serving as the erectile tissue substitute changed every 15 years I think. The parts aren't biologic so they won't last long inside your body and they get worn out. Taking the skin tissue from your arm, leg or side leaves a big scar too.

The penile implants that are a success are pretty great though. I saw an interview with a transman who said that they actually gained sensitivity instead of losing it after the nerves from the clitoris were extended to the neophallus and they could also urinate out of it and pump it to an erectile state.

No. 56397

File: 1447170483606.jpg (Spoiler Image, 24.33 KB, 799x927, ejxy7q.jpg)

Tried to retain some semblance of dignity here by dotting out the nipple.

I am in my twenties, don't have any disorders, wasn't on blockers or meds, am biologically female and just have no boobs.

It's not like I'm just skeleton spoopy, either. My weight just doesn't distribute to my chest.

Most of the females in my mother's side of the family are about as flat.

So my life story aside - yes, it is possible to be so flat chested you wouldn't absolutely need chest surgery or to wear a binder.

Of course I'm sure that's not the case for most of the 'FtM's saying they don't need it, it's definitely possible.

>polite sage

No. 56402

Lmao holy shit you are a retarded attention whore!! You know you can just say you're flat chested, right? You don't need to post a fucking picture of your tit. Or better yet, you don't need to bring yourself into the conversation at all, because everyone already knows that flat chested women exist, it's just rare. What the fuck was going through your head when you posted this?

No. 56409

I was thinking the exact same thing. Way to reach for validation, anon. Nice titty. Leave

No. 56413

Anon asked for proof you retards

No. 56416


Fucking idiots, >>55890 was requesting a picture.

No. 56418

Yeah don't mind rude anons.
looks cute.

maybe they're jelly, because I sure am.
no sagginess ever in your life, lucky.

No. 56422

Samefag. And it's still pathetic to post your tits because someone said "hurr show me lol". You think they actually couldn't believe that flat chested girls exist? They were obviously trying to trick you into it for laughs. Kill yourself

No. 56430

File: 1447174741049.jpg (143.24 KB, 1441x659, dasdadd.jpg)


Try again bitch, I'm only >>56416.

Don't get mad and cry samefag because multiple decided to chew you for your poor life decisions. I expect you get enough of that from mummy.

No. 56432

Haha, why all the projection? Tell me more about your relationship with your parents.
Posting your tits on the Internet is a poor life decision. Criticizing that is not.

No. 56434

File: 1447175682205.png (250.16 KB, 622x348, 1444139828982.png)

I'm the OP of the tit pic. You'll have to take my word I haven't posted since it.

Also realized I dropped my sage in my original post, my bad.

You can think whatever you want of my choice to post that, I'll live. People were saying that level of flat chest is impossible and wanted proof, I don't mind proving it.

:^) Have fun being assblasted.

No. 56435


kek ignore them, they've already made more than a fool of themselves today.
Honestly people that stand and stamp their foot and scream samefag at any post they disagree with are incorrigible faggots and probably one of the biggest detriments to the site.

Also it's a nice tidday Anon. Any tidday is okay by me and small ones are no less invalid ; )

No. 56438

File: 1447176593538.gif (166.02 KB, 500x288, me.gif)

No. 56443

I know it's kind of the status quo to discourage continuous selfposters and shit but the way some of you absolutely FLIP THE FUCK OUT over somebody making one small post concerning their personal life or posting a "requested" photo pertaining to a censored body shot makes you bigger faggots than the person doing the selfposting goddamn.

It's like selfposters killed your father and raped your mother.
Get into therapy.

No. 56491

nope, I'm a jelly midsize boob person who just enjoys flatchestedness, like some people just do.
Not everyone's into normal/big sized stuff.
I wonder what's wrong with you ranting about a picture which doesn't have an "erotic expression" at all.
Pic poster could be a younger dude and be tricking us but to be honest, I do not believe so and also do not care at all.

No. 56493

You'd probably more more women in their 20s and 30s who are comfortable being themselves. I'm in my mid 20s and never had an issue, and I've been a tomboy all my life, dressing only in 'guy clothing.'

Teens though and the 20s that are infected by tumblr are around, but they don't represent the majority of people who are comfortable just being them without applying 100,000 labels.

No. 56494

I'll make a thread about male fashion, but I don't know if it would go in /b/ or /g/
I'm a woman very into male fashion and likes men clothing, but lemme know if anons would be interested.

No. 56495

Mahou prince is the WORST of the fakebois. They legit wear nothing but pink, glittery girly shit, but don't you dare misgender them.

No. 56497

I'm legit jelly and wish I had a flatter chest as a woman.

No. 56520

Your mother not aborting you was a poor life decision.

No. 56523

I think /b/ would be the best fit.

No. 56525


Ah at last, the beaten hound returns licking its wounds with its tail in between its legs.

Still wanna call samefag or is this a hesitation I hear? ahuhuhuhu

No. 56531

File: 1447200615048.jpg (38.21 KB, 726x404, Baitaf.jpg)

No. 56714

Whoops, I'm the other anon who agreed with the first about the picture being really odd and out of place. I should've taken care to read farther up and I apologize, flat-anon. No hard feelings from me!

No. 56745

Itty bitty titty…
Leaving the whole attention whore aside, im fucking jealous. My tits are small but fucking deflated in this gross tear shape since I lose weight and I fucking hate them.

No. 57167

Shane <3

No. 59552

File: 1447607225235.png (2.53 MB, 1242x2208, image.png)


No. 59596

File: 1447620581240.png (52.41 KB, 1431x420, suchanass.png)

No. 59604

Because she's too fugly to get attention as a girl, that's why.

That's why most girls turn into fakebois, either because they're too ugly to be cute girls or because being a cute girl isn't getting them enough attention.

No. 59687

>Actually some surgeons (the most expensive ones ofc) can produce results that are very realistic and completely normal-functioning (except for reproductive function obviously)
I'd like to see some sources on that, because it sounds like you're talking out of your ass.

>I saw an interview with a transman who said that they actually gained sensitivity instead of losing it after the nerves from the clitoris were extended to the neophallus and they could also urinate out of it and pump it to an erectile state.

pls links

>I call fakeboi too on the chest surgery part

have you never met a girl with an A cup? Some people really dont' have much there, and when the fat redistributes on T, it solves itself. I'd cut off my leg for a tiddy like >>56397

No. 59720

Kohai is the trope someone like Nagisa falls under. They are usually just a few years younger than the protag in age or appearance.

No. 59738

Congratulations on your basic bitch knowledge of anime terminology.

No. 60175

Doesn't Haku fall under here?

No. 60184

hehe, lord anon. cute tho

No. 60202

Haku thread >>24966

No. 60399

File: 1447816406450.jpeg (113.73 KB, 1800x1012, image.jpeg)

Real transman for reference

No. 60432

I'm wet.

All jokes aside, it always makes me snicker that no transtrender ("ftm") can get me excited (or attracted to them) but actual transitioned/ing ftm can. They have a whole different aura of sorts about them.

No. 60448

OT but he's cute as fuck

No. 60473

Those of us who are on hormones and actively being male (as opposed to breaking gender conformity, which isn't a terrible idea but all transtrenders seem to take it to extremes) thank you. A lot of us worry that kids like the ones in this thread will make it harder for us to be taken seriously.

No. 60479

>A lot of us worry that kids like the ones in this thread will make it harder for us to be taken seriously.

Oh, you don't have to worry about them. You're doing a fine job of it yourself.

No. 60489

Too manly and normal looking for tumblr!
Needs more tacky j fashion sweaters and "I'm hella gay" pins on his brand purse or else he's not a real boi.

No. 60519

Thanks, I'm aware.

No. 63209

File: 1448235739684.png (221.47 KB, 454x479, p.png)

Not tumblr but I wasn't sure where else I could post him. He's basically the opposite of these tumblr fakeboi's.
This creepy dude adds unsuspecting Japanese lolitas and comments on every single one of their posts. He likes loads of sissy accounts and constantly reminds us how much he hates Obama.

No. 63210

File: 1448235994489.png (89.23 KB, 450x331, p2.png)

No. 63233

Just wanna add he takes most of his photos in his truck. He is a professional truck driver. He drives trucks in lolita.

No. 63248

Absolutely disgusting

No. 63249

>He drives trucks in lolita.
haha that would be awesome if he wasn't a weirdo who creeped on girls on fb

No. 63256

File: 1448247989374.jpg (177.11 KB, 383x549, wtf.jpg)

Is he pretending Misako is his GF? He's so gross but loads of people just add him and don't realize how creepy he is.

No. 63499

File: 1448297446031.jpg (334.99 KB, 1280x960, tumblr_ns47e2bBg81s44x29o1_128…)

such masculinity. much wow

No. 63872

File: 1448385067289.jpeg (239.48 KB, 750x1136, image.jpeg)

I dont get the transbois that wear all pink and otherwise feminine clothes then RAGE when you misgender them

No. 63879

I kind of this person, they don't really wear skirts, dresses long hair or overly girly stuff like that. It's not like you have to dress overly masculine to be a dude, but at least they're not wearing dresses and flower crowns, then exploding when someone says they look like a girl.

No. 63880

kind of like*
sage because I'm dumb.

No. 63888

Lol I just noticed that they hate calling themselves men. They always use boy. It's funny how these girls will say "wutz wrong wit being a girl??????" but run around saying they're a boy or a trans-boy (of course they won't use trans-man, so unkawaii) and know damn well they don't have gender dysphoria.

No. 64340

Is it just me, or are they reinventing the old gay stereotype of ephebophilia? If not worse.

I mean growing old sucks in general, why lie, but I'm getting REALLY creeped out by these people, especially since they aren't making any explicit attempts to be, uh, male in any sense past merely saying so.

No. 64344

Ew. Clothing with hashtags. I'm intrigued by the dual tone tights. Not a fan of the colors, but where to cop?

No. 64345

File: 1448476372353.png (838.38 KB, 934x592, pinksugarprince.png)

These people honestly use being trans as a kawaii accessory and it enrages me.

No. 64347

File: 1448476475048.png (826.68 KB, 934x589, pinksugarprince2.png)

I'm totally a boy you guys. Binding my chest makes me a dude.

No. 64349

How is it casual when there are 20+ accessory? What is uncasual decora?

No. 64519

last I saw Asche post about it is her cousin or some young relative is staying with them, so asche temporarily deleted the nudes blog because "child protection services is involved and itd look bad"

No. 64523


it looks bad on shapeless people and hambeasts.

No. 64539

This is hurting my brain. Won't somebody write a thesis on this deluded shit? Make it easier for the rest of us to understand.

No. 64540

You're a fucking girl in shorts, plain as day honey.

No. 64572

WHAT THE FUCK. Can someone report this creepy stalker?

No. 64575

I don't not get this. And decora makes people look like giant retard– literal retards. She is such an obvious woman it hurts my brain

No. 65748

Spectredeflector gets T and is still like "donate to help me transition!!!" Fucks sake I know she gets a lot of wigs/contacts/etc free or at least cheap from sponsorships but she has to be spending a fair chunk of money on clothes, makeup and other shit. Yet she cant afford anything transiton related, mmkayy

No. 67792

File: 1449275457705.jpeg (164.29 KB, 640x988, image.jpeg)


No. 67795

God she's so unattractive. No wonder she decided to be a transboy or whatever. Being a girl clearly wasn't working out for her.

No. 67796

That's even a normal percentage of followers vs likes on Instagram. It's very unusual to get more than 5-10% follower engagement, not just on Instagram but on any platform.

No. 67797

Yeah, the fakeboi thing sort of works for her because she's got a total manface

No. 67817

Is she wearing a snowflake sweater?

No. 67831

YEP. How appropriate.

No. 67844

File: 1449285268710.jpg (51.05 KB, 747x500, creepyfakeboi.jpg)

The one with the blue hair (of course) is one of the most batshit crazy people. Thinks she's some kind of angelic faerie trans "genderqueer" man despite being the size of a midget and being a god-awful SJW. Like all fakeboi, her and her partner go in and out of feminine clothing whenever they feel like it. Both are oddly trying to get knocked up to have a kid, especially blue midget, because being pregnant and tons of creepy makeup and filters is so masculine.

No. 68246

At least she knows shes ugly.

No. 70156

I'm actually friends with these two; transkuroko is actually believable despite all the pastel shit, they started on T about two months ago. As for the other, I find it hard to believe as they identified as female when I first met them and out of nowhere became male/genderfluid, I don't get it.

No. 70160

>buy two pair of tights
>cut one leg of each
>wear together

No. 70161

>expect nsfw
this is why no one takes asexuality serious anymore

No. 70182

Did they ever?

No. 71719

File: 1449992420849.png (376.4 KB, 400x400, Buck Angel.png)

This woman right here is the ultimate fakeboi.

No. 71928


Why? He looks committed enough.

No. 71931

Wait didn't he use to be a model? I could be mistaken but I think he was on Tyra a few years ago.

No. 71950


Kinda irronic because he's said some really transphobic stuff.

No. 71968

Seeing this guy's vagina was so surreal

No. 71988

He's a porn star.

Lmao really? What did he say?

No. 73730

File: 1450487979029.jpg (31.41 KB, 650x485, 19311_1240387225976165_3977735…)

No. 73865

Who is in OP's pic

No. 73866

that's spectredeflector. Only over the last year or so decided to be a "boy"
I think he is taking T now, or at least raising money for it..don't remember

No. 73868

Thank you Anon!

No. 73896

He is in T, he's been doing progress videos on YouTube etc

No. 73975

I always think if I was born a few years later people might have been forced into thinking I was trans.

Puberty was terrifying for me. The thought of growing boobs and hips gave me nightmares. I was always a "tomboy" who got on better with boys, wore masculine clothing and cut my hair as short as I could (my parents wouldn't let me get a boy cut, thank god).

But then at around 14/15 I discovered feminism (not the tumblr kind) and realised I could do everything I wanted and still be a proud woman and idk about you guys but that changed my life.

No. 75135

Buck is actually p smart for not getting a fakedick yet, and he's comfortable with his vag so w/e

I've met him in person, he's a pretty chill guy but can come on way too strong.

>he says, "woof," IRL when excited, weird.

No. 75136

Same. It's tough to be a young girl growing up surrounded by 'this is how girls dress' with long hair and pink and skirts, etc etc bullshit. I'm a tomboy now and always have been but i'm still a cis woman and i love being a woman. All these trans idiots are just so damn self conscious that they cant just be their original sex without feeling'oh no, but men don't do this…' it's gross. Trans people are every step backwards for feminism and women's rights and just a lot of society rules people are trying to push against.

No. 75138

File: 1451075155049.jpg (103.42 KB, 921x595, justbeatomboy.jpg)

Why can't these fakebois just be tomboy women?! I don't fucking get it. you're a woman. You still love makeup and all the stuff that pretty much most women do. Nothing wrong with men wearing makeup of course, but this is a straight up woman pretending to be a boy.

No. 75139

File: 1451075173608.jpg (100.42 KB, 820x595, teeth.jpg)

Also those teeth

No. 75140

>man heels
>manly nude makeup
Why these bitches gotta try so hard? I legit thought this was cried wolves until I read the IG name.

No. 75145

Jesus Christ.

No. 75149

File: 1451076513681.png (965.55 KB, 933x598, yes_imaboy.png)

Try-hard indeed. Actual men and FTMs who pass don't have to shove in anyone's faces how super male they are.

No. 75152

File: 1451076866549.jpg (53.37 KB, 598x598, itsalwayssailormoonanduranus.j…)

Fakebois always always cosplay Sailor Uranus or Neptune. Why?? Uranus is the ultimate lesbian and I remember being a kid and having a crush on her even when I knew she was a woman. Fakebois always gravitate to an obvious lesbian icon in anime.

No. 75153

File: 1451076917124.jpg (41.15 KB, 602x598, criedwolves-ornot.jpg)

I swore to fucking god this was CriedWolves and then I went through more of her IG. She's such a tryhard. And bitches willingly and openly uses Lime Crime makeup too. Damn.

No. 75158

Yeah I never got that either, they always claim to "identify" with her

>plus the neptunes they all seem to cosplay with are never pretty

No. 75169

>I'm trans but I want to cosplay a cis woman lesbian

fakebois gonna fake. They should just come to terms with being a tomboy lesbian.

No. 75177

I don't get it. What's so bad about being a woman? Are they confused by their sexuality? It's okay to be lesbian.

Without sounding to tumblr, I think fakebois are full of internalized misogyny. They don't fit into the perfect stereotype of a woman – therefore, according to them, they are not a women!

And lets be honest, for many of these fakebois, it's for opression points. They probably live rather comfortable lives in rather progressive places, and don't have to live with the fear that trans people, especially those actively transitioning, live with in less progressive and affluent areas. Whatever – I'm ranting. They're just trans 'cause it gathers more sympathy than being a lesbian.

No. 75178

The worst part is I love the tomboy aesthetic and I'm attracted to girls who wear this kind of style/fashion but fakebois have ruined it for me ;__;

No. 75190

I find this thread interesting, but you guys are thirsty af.

No. 75200

I'd love to see a heterosexual tomboys thread.

No. 75242

i think a thread celebrating the tomboy aesthetic and tomboy icons would be great. i don't think there's any reason to make it exclusively heterosexual though.

No. 75253

Well maybe not exclusively, since straight tomboys are rarer than unicorns apparently. Seriously, it's like "tomboy" and "lesbian" are the same thing to people. I feel like the reason there aren't more tomboys is because everyone is so used to them being gay that straight girls would be automatically labeled as such, and the dating game is hard enough without your preferred gender thinking you would rather eat pussy.

No. 76426

File: 1451489387716.jpg (105 KB, 935x670, fakeboi.jpg)

Mahouprince is the fakeboi i dislike the most. She pretends to be a boy, but i mean, everything she looks is pastel and decora and is she making any effort? No. She would be a decent tomboy with her height ( think she's 5'8" or 5'9") but no, she's a tumblrina and a fakeboi.

No. 76564

File: 1451542397085.png (567.47 KB, 837x540, witchboi.png)

gore-font is a "half Irish half Mexican very short transguy and sometimes I like to wear feminine clothes because I like feeling cute and looking cute"
sometimes she's pretty mellow about dat transboi lifestyle but she's basically unbearable

No. 76568

Did you see her freaking out about her FB?
I never understand why they get so upset about FB…when they usually have tumblr and IG which they can use their fake names on.

No. 76664

sorry for OT but I'm a straight tomboy and hate getting branded as a lesbian for it.

I don't know why these people don't even want to pass. It's like they consider being trans as some magical 3rd gender. I don't think actual men list their gender and pronouns on their bio, and neither do they wear exclusively shit butch lesbians would. I haven't seen one guy wear plaid shirts since the 90's and oversized sweaters were never their thing.

No. 76706

File: 1451585221637.jpg (754.16 KB, 1280x1707, tmp_7708-https://41.media.tumb…)

Thank you. Worst fakeboi ever. What's the point of being a female, identifying as a male, but then dressing like a female anyway? I am confuse. Plus, you can tell he is really self concious of that huge mole next to his mouth. In a majority of the selfies he takes, he is hiding it somehow. I'm surprised that I even found this one that someone else obviously took.

No. 76707

Come on.

Also does that star ring say "FAT"?

No. 76710

File: 1451586596061.png (1.74 MB, 1290x600, fakeboii.png)

Why is everyone with shota in their URL the absolute worst? Pic related

No. 76726

I've never understood why she is so insistent on being a male when she dresses like a female, wears makeup, and has female features anyway. She's only doing it to be *~different*~ and it's painfully obvious.

I saw that a while ago. She also made a long ass angry post on tumblr when someone kept calling her a chick in one of her photos. I don't understand why she gets so angry over it all when her real name is actually very pretty.

Also, the constant ~*muh dysphoria*~ posts. Seriously, maybe things would be easier if you just called yourself a girl. It's not hard.

No. 76764

Just because I don't like someone or their "aesthetic" snowflake ass, doesn't mean I will blatanly refuse to use the pronouns the person prefers.
>inb4 "go back to tumblr hurrdurr"
>it's just me, being a considerate individual

No. 76766

go back to tumblr.

No. 76771

Ffs she is a biological female who goes to great lengths to look as feminine as possible. It's an insult to actual trans men to call her "he"

No. 76779

Yeah, I guess you're right, anon. Is she even trans? Like, has she said anywhere that she is transgender? (Instead of just "genderqueer," as tumblrinas are oft calling themselves these days.)

No. 76789

Sigh. You're a woman, bitch

No. 76790

What the hell are you talking about? Real guys wear plaid shirts and big sweaters all the time. I don't know where you live, but in NYC, it's normal to see guys wearing all that shit.

No. 76791

Haha, this idiot pretends to be a fakeboi? WOW. TOTES SO MANLY.

fuck off back to tumblr. She is a girl.

No. 76792

What a train wreck. I spy cuts on their upper arm. of course she cuts.

No. 76793

Different anon, but mahou prince refers to herself as trans. To most tumblrinas, "genderqueer" = transgender usually.

No. 76795

Really? but she's not trans

No. 76802

File: 1451616536759.png (755.7 KB, 1024x602, CUt7d6IUYAI8PzG.png large.png)

She's not, but she's like every other person on tumblr who thinks that pronouns and gender are like a cute little fucking costume. Pic related was when she was throwing a huge twitter fit over her facebook name, so she does refer to herself as trans. She also got really mad on tumblr when Japs on a TV show referred to her as a girl. kek.

Her twitter is https://twitter.com/usagiprince and she basically wears skirts and makeup every single day.

No. 76803

File: 1451617174646.png (757.12 KB, 568x628, somanly.PNG)

Personally, I'm just going to start referring to her a dollar store drag queen. It wouldn't be wrong since drag queens are men.

No. 76805

>wears skirts and makeup every single day
the plight of the fakeboi

No. 76808

File: 1451618671802.png (473.99 KB, 590x787, image.png)

I do think she's very good at makeup though. I'm not a fan of a lot of her coords personally but I really like the makeup in pic related.

Another thing I notice is that she talks about her financial situation like it's shit, while she just spends all of her money on jfashion and anime crap.

I don't dislike her or anything but I have sent her asks and nice compliments and she's never responded.

No. 76809

Mahou prince misses the whole point of transitioning, I guess.

No. 76811

Well when you have that much of a manly face and body, you might as well own it.

No. 76815

God damn, don't wear crop tops if you have a stomach like that.

No. 76818

Her makeup is shit here. What the hell are you talking about?

No. 76819

>In a skirt
>garter belt and stockings
>wide hips

>I'm totes a guy

this trans shit needs to fucking STOP

No. 76826

File: 1451647036393.jpeg (34.65 KB, 500x333, 10582949.jpeg)

>She also got really mad on tumblr when Japs on a TV show referred to her as a girl

No. 76827

File: 1451648543787.jpg (161.28 KB, 768x1024, CXWMYUPW8AAaF1x.jpg)

I don't live in America so I have no idea what the NYC faggots wear but to me everything these people put on look like something butch lesbians wear. And I don't care where you live, over-sized mid-thigh sweaters are a girl thing all around the globe.

>Ridgway Prince
Jesus christ the twitter account. Just why do these people want to identify as a male if they're perfectly OK with presenting as a female? Do they think it's some kind of a kawaii yaoi 3rd gender that gets them all the benefits a girl can have but without any responsibilities that comes with the male gender? These fucks are just fetishists like all the creepy middle-aged men who wear women's underwear and heels.

No. 76835

>Do they think it's some kind of a kawaii yaoi 3rd gender

No. 77088

File: 1451761645953.png (57.9 KB, 1041x472, Screenshot_2016-01-02-14-05-48…)


because sexuality IS a choice!

No. 77089

Necrophilia, bestiality and pedophilia are choices too.

No. 77107

>I don't live in America so I have no idea what the NYC faggots wear but to me everything these people put on look like something butch lesbians wear

rofl salty ass cunt because someone proved you wrong.

No. 77108

But that's not how it works.

No. 77123

File: 1451766340962.png (58.1 KB, 498x415, You_don't_say.png)

No. 77133

Kind of jelly of her body, why does it have to be wasted on a fakeboi?

No. 77183

I don't get it either. She could be a cute, tall short haired girl but she wants to be 'different' and 'special.' Fakebois annoy me to no end.

No. 77185

Maybe she'll grow out of it

No. 77193

>references wide hips like it's a choice

No. 77198

One of the things that's always weird to me is how many fakebois refer to themselves as "boys." In their profiles, they always have to say "I'm a boy, use x/y/z pronouns!" even when they're goddamn adults.

I feel like for me, that's one of the biggest signs of girls pretending they're trans men; they don't want to be "men." They just want to be "boys" forever. It always strikes me as kind of fucked up.

No. 77199

Not that anon but men typically has narrow waist while women have wider waist. I think that's what that anon was going for.

No. 77202

The point is that trans men can't actually help stuff like that.

No. 77271

Anytime someone lists their pronouns as he/him or mentions their gender being male at all on Tumblr I assume it's a fakeboi. And 99% of the time my assumption is correct. They either make no effort to pass or try way too hard by talking about their gender all the goddamn time.

No. 77323

Not just on Tumblr, everywhere. In mobile games, people put in their profiles shit like "i'm a boy!" or "he/him pronouns," it's ridiculous. It's just shooting themselves in the foot because when they do that shit, I immediately know they're just your average Tumblr chick who wanted a way to feel different and oppressed.

No. 77329

File: 1451841664917.jpg (43.54 KB, 680x510, 1451208951319.jpg)

Not sure if this is has already been asked on here since I'm on mobile…but does anyone know of any girls that have dropped the fake boi act? I'm ready for this fad to end.

No. 77334

OT but I just realized that Double D is suppose to be Shadow the hedgehog.

No. 77429

File: 1451863088851.png (890.8 KB, 1440x2027, tmp_22661-Screenshot_2016-01-0…)

W. T. F.

No. 77430

Not even trying. At all. This is insulting as fuck.

No. 77431

Pretty sure that if your gender expression is female then you're identity is also female.

No. 77434


w-what? Bitch you're a chubby woman. Deal with it.

No. 77438

File: 1451864281080.jpeg (125.99 KB, 465x810, boy.jpeg)

A year later. Well, they're trying.

No. 77439

>all that makeup
>tumblr glasses
>flowery dress

No, she's not trying.

No. 77442

>short hair cut and binder

If she isn't on T, she isn't trying.

No. 77443

Why do fakebois dress like fuccbois

No. 77444

God. Do any of these fucking bitches even plan on going on T? Lord..

No. 77457

No, that's why they're fakebois.

No. 77562

She's not trans. and transmen aren't real men anyway.

No. 77563

Because they just want attention.

No. 77584

File: 1451898296606.png (166.83 KB, 500x400, gjhgjgkhjn.png)

No. 77586

why wear a crop top when you have a belly button like this

No. 77602

are you jelly of her really nice boobs

No. 77603

File: 1451907944933.png (2.01 MB, 1440x2172, tmp_29726-Screenshot_2016-01-0…)

More of the prince for you guys.

No. 77604

I know I am.

No. 77605

File: 1451908013541.png (658.73 KB, 1280x1920, tmp_29726-https://41.media.tum…)

No. 77606

File: 1451908041180.jpg (530.54 KB, 1100x1920, tmp_29726-https://41.media.tum…)

No. 77658

Just fyi in the original manga it is said that Uranus has the strengths of "both genders" so them being a cis woman is up for debate, it's often interpreted that in past incarnations they were male or hermaphrodite and only in this human body are they female or something. It's all pretty open to debate though.

Agreeing, i think trans rights are important but I just don't even see why that's led the younger generation to such nazi levels of enforcing gender stereotypes. Why can't women just be tomboys?!

No. 77659

I don't get why these people who clearly present themselves as a feminine women AND constantly express hate for men demand people to perceive them as male. Why do they even bother?

No. 77660

File: 1451925349114.jpg (64.46 KB, 497x750, harukamanga.jpg)

Haruka was never a trans and Naoko Takeuchi herself said only women can be sailor senshis and that Haruka was inspired by the Takarazuka Revue in which women play all the male roles and feels it's "the maximum level of feminine emancipation" (her words). In the manga she also has a lot more feminine appearance than in the anime. Trying to claim her as a transgender is just stupid.

No. 77662

>strengths of "both genders"
I know butch lesbians that use that line too. That being said I'm pretty sure only women can she senshis…I could be wrong though.

No. 77663

I can't wait till these gay trans boys try to get with real gay men, oh the wake up call they'll get.

No. 77664

i never understood how its works being trans and gay. like, i have the body of a girl but i FEEL like a gay man. who wakes up thinking that? i just cant wrap my head around it.
anyway im sure all these transbois are only interested in other /fa/shionable transbois to use as props to advance their own repertoire

No. 77665

her mole bugs me to no end. actually anyone with a prominent mole on their face. get it removes ffs

No. 77667

if your gender expression doesnt coincide with gender identity, then how… HOW can you be mad at people for misgendering you. trans is a very tiny percentage of the world population. most people havent experienced it in their lives, let alone fully understand it, so HOW can you be mad if you wear a dress and long hair and boobies but someone calls you a girl.

No. 77683

File: 1451928144917.jpg (34.06 KB, 524x386, enhanced-buzz-27069-1373400470…)

it's pretty safe to assume that "strengths of both genders" just means that she can be strong and still feminine. Intimedating, but gentle. Powerful and confident and comfortable with who is she as a woman. She's basically a testiment to how these fakebois should be thinking. That you can be tomboyish and have traditionally masculine traits while still being a woman.

Also senshis can only be female. So. There's that.

No. 77700

Thanks for the naoko quote, it makes a lot of sense.
I didn't say she was trans, just that she's a nonstandard and doesn't seem to see herself as a normal girl from the language in the manga. Or else she wouldn't just stand there grinning whenever characters mention she's a bit different. It's definitely reaching for the kiddies to call her trans but to see her as some proto non-binary icon is fair enough if that's how they want to read it. It makes sense for those types to look up to and cosplay her even if they blow things out of proportion.
I just wish tumblr fakebois were as understated and self confident as haruka. She just is who she is,no fucks given.

No. 78099


iirc the only "debatable" aspect of manga Haruka's gender is that one (maybe two?) panel(s?) where she's shown with a Tuxedo Kamen transformation. It happens riiiight around when Michiru and Haruka are first introduced, but I forget the volume/chapter details.

The Sailor Starlights are canonically women who transform into male disguise bodies in order to locate Kakyuu faster, but there's waaaaaaaaay more people who insist that they're men than there are people who insist that Haruka is a man. Seiya/Usagi is played up really damn hard in the anime and most of the people insisting that the Starlights are men seem to just be SeiUsa shippers.

I'd love it if fakebois latched on to the Starlights instead of Haruka tbh. Variety is the spice of life.

>brought to you by: I need to get the fuck off tumblr

No. 78120

She's a pretty cute woman. Why is she playing the trendy trans card? Makes no sense. I would never call this bitch he/they.

No. 78121

She's obviously grinning because she's a lesbian who leans more towards a masculine role. She is a cis woman. Stop.

No. 78152

I hate this girl so much. She is a model (with all the sponsor bs), she puts a lot of makeup on, long wigs and then she says "i am a gorgeous boy" Just no, you are being a "cute elf-gal" every fucking photo.

No. 78161

How is THAT debatable? Haruka is a tomboy lesbian woman. She's female. There's nothing to debate.

As for the Starlights: in the anime, they ARE men in their human forms, women in their magical forms. I don't really understand why tumblr hasn't latched onto them either.

No. 80410

File: 1452710959141.jpg (38.67 KB, 480x480, DSC_1057.JPG)

No. 80480

File: 1452722573697.png (148.97 KB, 768x1024, image.png)

I sent this to calickos/calicko, I'll tell you their response when I lurk on their blog again.

No. 80502

You're such a douche, why do you care if someone smokes weed?

No. 80516

On lolcow, I'm a douche for caring about someone's wellbeing? Ok, anon.
I hate drugs, and they're useless outside of medical purposes monitored and prescribed by a doctor.

No. 80521

File: 1452730463796.jpeg (14.05 KB, 768x116, image.jpeg)

He got offended btw. He's a pretty person, too bad he's shitty and a piece of shit stoner.

No. 80552

File: 1452735413058.jpg (82.11 KB, 540x720, tumblr_o0rwtbgAGV1thqh6ro1_540…)

Ehh I don't know, seems like pot heads don't fit your ideal aesthetic and you're just using "It's because I care about her health!!!" as an excuse to keep this person looking the way you find most pleasing.

You're the one who says this shit >>80480 and it's not like she replied with "IDC if you care about my health!", they actually addressed your opinion about how weed "clashes" with their "aesthetic".

I don't know, that comment was just unnecessarily douchey.

Side note: what exactly do you find appealing about this person anyways? She looks fucking annoying. And why do you keep referring to her as a "he", this is a fakeboi.

No. 80557

File: 1452736103068.gif (857.88 KB, 240x228, q3iCWqE.gif)

cringey as fuck

No. 80559

Because weed is such a hardcore drug. Would you rather her be addicted to pills? Actually that might fit her aesthetic.

No. 80560

wow nice going retard, maybe one day you'll step out into the real world

No. 80576

Her face, but with makeup and in frilly dresses.

No. 80658

I kinda feel sorry for CALICKO BC there are a lot of people copying them ;(((

No. 80761

File: 1452795095760.png (2.2 MB, 2048x1631, PhotoGrid_1452794803441-1.png)

Why do these fucks prefer to be called an "it"?
I was a major tomboy growing up and it would hurt my feelings when the other girls said I was a boy, an "it", or a "thing". I would still feel offended if someone said that to me to this day. I just don't understand.

No. 80763

I nominate the paper clip for woman of the year.

No. 80831

Please explain how marijuana is a "hardcore" drug…? You have to be trolling.

No. 80849

sarcasm have you ever heard of it?

No. 80897

Yea, I have actually.
Except, well you know, this is the internet. So it's tid bit hard to tell when some one is being sarcastic.
No need to be sassy.

No. 82161


She looks like a mulatto qt, just need to lose some weight

No. 83506

TL;DR: Butch.

No. 83535


if you couldn't tell that was sarcasm, then you're probably actually autistic.

No. 83609

No. 83700

I feel like requesting "it" pronouns is often a way for these people to make others complicit in furthering their victim mentality and romantic notions of mental illness. "I don't like myself/I'm not mysterious/sad like my anime headmate so I'm going to have other people passively dehumanize me and help solidify my delusional Internet world/fantasy persona."

Basically the usual shit about wanting to feel oppressed and special.

No. 84081

What's going on? i dont even see any eyemake on that face?

And I would never understand why would someone be an object? Does it "empower" you to be called an "it"?

No. 84165

If you watch the vid she (badly) applies some red eyeshadow and a bit of eyeliner which you can't even see because her eyes are so deep set, lol

No. 84169

Of course Spectredeflector uses shitty LimeCrime makeup.

No. 84479

jesus christ it feels like there's more vitriol here than on pol for female trannies

why are you all so bitter about some girls cutting their hair and saying that they're men?

No. 84492

We aren't bitter, we either A. feel bad for real ftm as these assholes are a bad representation for ftm or B. we see them as a source of entertainment.

No. 97264

File: 1456197940833.jpg (567.45 KB, 939x1280, tmp_25056-923e27ff-6920-4367-b…)

Idk how this thread got so derailed… but here's more Mahou Prince. Because HE'S clearly a MALE.

No. 97312

>all this fakeboi shit is crimping my aesthetic

At least I have a nostril piercing and not a septum.

No. 97575

looks like yuka pee

No. 101744

I'm FtM and have had nothing but trouble trying to get treatment because of these people. I have had doctors literally tell me to my face it was just a phase and now, years later, I have Dcup tits that require a double mastectomy to remove, which leaves the worst scars and highest risk of your nipples falling off after surgery. I have to bind with 2 binders (a compression bra and tank over it) which causes a huge amount of pain daily as well as long term stress on my ribcage that can damage it permanently. I have been disowned, attacked, sexually abused and had people physically try to hurt me to prevent me from transitioning, like my parents who threw me out and haven't spoken to me since because "It's just some dumb fad on the internet." I do not pass as a man because I haven't been on T long enough and am actually pretty afraid of using the men's washroom until I grow a beard because of the rate of gaybashing where I live.

And everytime I join a community or support group for transmen (who are much rarer than transwomen) I get pushed out by these shitty little bitches pretending they have a serious medical condition that requires treatment for fucking attention. They show up in their goddamn dresses and high heel and makeup crying about how they're secretly men and how people won't use their pronouns as the rest of us are trying to deal with losing our jobs, our families, our fucking lives over this.

It is disgustingly selfish and worse than just some bitch cutting her hair short. And I'm in my 30's now, I can't even imagine how hard it is for the younger ones to come out.

No. 101745

nice blog, tranny

No. 101748

Heads up anon, this board is anti-trans.

No. 101751

Honestly I am not really anti trans but Im glad you couldnt transition until later on. They should make laws where you cant do shit until your 18. Then, do whatever you want with your body. Stop bitching. Thats how it always goes. There will always be a minority that ruins it for the rest of us. Look at immigrants. Most people think of them as rapists or thugs but a good chunk of em just want to work etc

No. 101774

oo she actually does have a thread, although very inactive it's been sitting there for a while, would love to here more dirt on her tbh


No. 101793

You aren't legally allowed to transition until you hit the age of adulthood/consent. You can only be put on hormone blockers which prevent or delay your puberty but you can't have surgery or actual hormone treatments until you can consent. You also need a proper diagnoses to get any of that done versus fakebois who cut their hair and go "welp call me he/him now my man boobs look great in this man dress teehee."

No. 104544

Stay strong my dude. I'm FtM too, and I've also had much trouble finding success in transition. I've been trying to get scheduled for top surgery, but these doctors tell me the same thing because of these dumb bitches.

No. 104545

fuck off, you little kid

No. 113792

Is this the girl that leeches off of Rien/sadgh0sts?

No. 113793

File: 1459484796915.png (1.34 MB, 1334x750, image.png)

Wtf is this shit

No. 113799


No. 113804

She doesn't even try to make her eyebrows look good

No. 113815


I know trans guys who personally attribute their dyphoria/aversion to wanting to be a grill to being sexually assaulted. Obviously it's not the same case for everyone and no one reason is more valid than another but finding out you aren't your birth gender isn't a standardized clear cut thing.

And it certainly isn't a "birth defect" like >>46386 says I mean "birth defect"? Really? At least pretend to know what you're talking about.

No. 113827


saggy-titted repulsive quasimoto deluded fat autistic hamwhale.

No. 113831


kill yoursel, hunty

alligator-skinned chubby anorexic gigantic fuccing goblin

No. 113835

keep eating

hun. hamgalaxy v.v

No. 113839


fuck off mir.

No. 113840

nice torped tits u degenerat ultra mega instawhore

No. 113842

ultra mega narcissistic robot.

No. 113843


sweet nasolabial folds you yeasty obese attention whor

No. 113846



revolting samefag.

No. 113847


sweet nasolabial folds u cow thicc racist chan. o,o

No. 113848

>implying that i'm not rated 9/10 at 23, multiple dating options at my beck and call.

No. 113851


nice cankles you triple chinned crackwhore whore (・ω・)

No. 113855

File: 1459496433082.png (633.41 KB, 849x475, Aprlfls.png)


gorgeous butterface u yeasty shitposting potato nose

No. 113858

File: 1459496575574.png (4.18 KB, 400x163, 1.png)

i could bake a baguette in your yeasty vagina you fuking hideous fatty-chan

No. 113859


hooknosed fuckin disgusting pullfag

No. 113880

File: 1459503206374.png (8.27 KB, 113x46, 786.png)

No. 113886


what the fuck did you just say to me fucking rotund slut

No. 114109


keep eating

No. 114143

File: 1459568087070.jpeg (73.04 KB, 750x750, image.jpeg)

she's a flabby damn sad degenerate

No. 114154


>implying my BMI is over 15, stubby shameless autistic cum trough.

No. 114156

i love u guys o,o

No. 114208


Pull detected, u lolcow.

No. 114254

File: 1459612253834.png (1.5 MB, 1334x750, image.png)

her grubby hands...

No. 114255

File: 1459612615578.jpeg (127.55 KB, 750x1048, image.jpeg)

She's a mouthbreathing selfposter thunder thighs!

No. 114258

youe such a fuking ana-chan.

No. 114261

fuck off ember, u fuccing cunt sjw hunchback (︶ω︶)

No. 114274

Go away kiki

No. 114276


haggard hideous sandy fuking buck-toothed fucktard.

No. 114280

File: 1459622282693.png (693.12 KB, 461x566, mfw.PNG)

i literraly hope she gets attacked by bees tho

No. 114281

File: 1459623080825.jpg (143.17 KB, 1280x719, 10683657_194247877602334_51998…)

jalous salty awful revolting snowflake.

No. 114284


ana-chan fukking slut. mouth breather.

No. 114297



rotten gigantic fukking buck toothed bulldyke.

No. 114353


Nice blog, sweet

u fuing disgusting fkking cuc!!!!

No. 114372

You can tell a lot about a bitch from the way she does her eyebrows.
And this heifer does not lover herself.

No. 114373

love** herself oops

No. 114382

What do you mean she doesn't love herself? Why?

No. 114391

I can't wait until all these fakebois who take it far enough to go on T grow out of this. They'll be left with a voice that will have people thinking they're trans for the rest of their lives, but not in the way they wanted.

No. 114424

Different anon but, if she loved herself she wouldn't be pretending to be a man and smearing dirty make up all over her face in a vain attempt to gain e-fame.

No. 114552

She's so pale though wtf.

No. 114557

I'm pretty excited for that tbh. Some kids get shitty tattoos and body mods, but fucking with your gender is a whole other level of stupidity. It'll be great.

No. 114563

If you look at >>46256 you can see her actual skin tone. IIRC she's only half black so she's not super dark.

No. 114570

I think she's mixed too, but on a side note there are super light skinned black people that are100% black.

No. 114667

File: 1459728293118.jpg (28.5 KB, 225x350, 8itybibqn1qiuilw.jpg)

>Come ITT expecting a slew of ultrafeminine doe eyed pastel kawaii uke prince ~boys~ who are gonna drop the act once they realize that they have to start calling themselves adult men instead of uwu boys eventually
>There are people being posted who are actually on T

If they're on T why would they be fake? Guys can like feminine things.

No. 114672

I've tried reasoning with them but some of these fucks insist that even those who are on T, are only doing it for "the attention".

Don't try to talk sense into anyone here. They won't listen and all you will do is waste your time and energy.

No. 114702

criedwolves/Oliver has been on T for like a year now. I don't get why people still insist he's only doing it for the attention.

I know he can look like a generic fakeboi but he's going through all the stages of transition. It's just unfortunate that so many fakebois idolise him and make a mockery of his look.

No. 114703

I get where you guys are coming from

but there's a lot of crazy people out there that would do crazy things for attention/maintaining their popularity so I don't blame them for being suspicious

No. 114707


I agree with you mostly but it's like >>114703 said - people will do anything for attention. There's plenty of stories of people who went on T and then regretted it, plus it's easy to get hormones illegally and not be aware of the side-effects.

No. 114709

Sorry for OT, but can anyone help out here? I'm a bisexual cis woman who dresses like a typical tomboy - short hair, guy clothes, never jeans though - and whenever I've asked this on tumblr I've just been told I'm definitely 100% trans yes down with cis!1!!!

I literally don't mind what people call me. She, them, he, boy, girl, androgynous, my unisex real name, nor nicknames. I dress like an edgy lesbian or a J-fash-inspired dude or somewhere in between. I wouldn't care if someone on the street thought I was a guy because of how I dress, and would probably continue to let them think that, and I certainly wouldn't get offended if they address me as a girl. Am I just a tomboy, or leaning more towards androgynous, or what?

No. 114714

No. 114715

you just sound like a chill bisexual tomboy

No. 114720

I know, sorry, the subject was just relevant and I didn't want to make an entire thread just to ask one question.

Hm, yeah, that's what I thought. I've had three people try to tell me I'm genderfluid and two that I'm agender. Thanks.

No. 114725


I get that there are people who do detransition and people who realize that this isn't what they want but why go for the people who actually have some kind of conviction towards their identities and in some cases (like criedwolves)are currently going through the stages? There's already a lot of tumblr users who fit the pastel pseudo-shota profile that are both more entertaining to follow and well, more likely to actually be a fakeboi.

No. 114754

Anon I'm thankful you asked because I'm in a similar situation and it's nice to be reassured that it's ok to be a tomboy.

No. 114758

Transness is based on physical dysphoria, not your reactions to how strangers will gender you. If you aren't uncomfortable with your sex characteristics, then you aren't trans. Tumblr thinks you don't need dysphoria to be trans, hence why people who don't conform fully to masculinity/femininity are questioned and assumed to be trans even when they lack dysphoria.

No. 114830

We need more cute tomboys in this world instead of constant fakebois. Keep being cute, anon!

My thoughts exactly. Like, I have no desire to get rid of my boobs or vagina, and I don't want a dick, and I don't exclusively feel like I was born in the wrong body, so it makes no sense for tumblr to be recommending that I'm trans just because I dress somewhat androgynous.

Staying on topic, though, does anyone know of any (former?) fakebois who've gone through T and regretted it? It'd be interesting to see what they 'identify as' now, and whether having their second transition thing has affected them that much.

No. 114837


They weren't really fakebois, but there's a quite large group of radical feminists who de-transitioned and were on T (some even had top surgery), here's one of the Tumblrs about it: http://redressalert.tumblr.com/

There was one girl in particular that I had become friends with who detransitioned and it really affected her. Some parts of her body are permanently changed and even though she's not on T anymore, she still grows facial hair in a male way. Socially, people still view her as trans because they still see her as a trans man or they don't get the concept of detransitioning.

Sage for OT.

No. 114897

how did you find this blog? the post whining about being referred to as a They is fucking rich

No. 115144

"Aspiring youtuber" LOL
This heifer's makeup is god awful.

She tries to latch onto Rien/the fellowship and continuously embarrasses herself

No. 115859

She thinks she's so "kakkoii desu" when I've seen her in real life and she looks gross af.

No. 115900

she'd be kinda cute if she'd just accept her vagina and lack of transition already. annoying and a tad racist, but cute.

No. 115925

File: 1459950407546.jpg (54.48 KB, 603x604, 1nwMwm_oHRs.jpg)

Is there any dirt on Cain (jagurox)? He seems legitimately trans but his best friends include a demigirl and an otherkin. Besides that he follows some weird ass people (self diagnosed etc).

No. 115927

Have you seen unedited photos of her? She looks completely different than her editted photos

No. 115934

There's no milk. He's cool, a lot of drama surfaces around him (i.e. that kahel weirdo) but he's never done anything.

No. 115949

~Cain~ begged followers for money once saying they were struggling and then suddenly had a brand new professional camera.

Also they photoshop themselves to look masculine when irl they truly, genuinely look like a stubby midget girl.

No. 116005

No. 116008

Oh my god she's one of the most annoying people I've had the misfortune of meeting. She goes by "Sunny" now instead of Yaya and is one of those awkward people that can't interact like a normal human IRL and thinks it's funny to reference memes in person. She spends a long time lurking others and being pretentious but acts aloof and unimpressed even though she tries really, really hard.

No. 116011

I don't have the time or energy to dig those up again but if Em hasn't deleted them, there are videos of them lying in bed together where you can see her real face and hear her voice. There's also a video of her petting a cat outside in a flannel where it shows the jarring difference between boy selfies vs average irl lesbian. Another video where she dances around and you can see her real weight as opposed to the shoop she does on her limbs to appear thinner and taller. Her body shoop is pretty terrible, you can always see the blurs between her thighs.

Also, you can't trust many "candids" on Em's blog either because they're both serial PS abusers. Em has a large, bulbous nose with a crooked septum IRL.

No. 116064


I know for a fact that she legitimately is medicated for schizophrenia and has been institutionalized for it in the past so I wouldn't blame her for the weirdness IMO.

No. 116080


I'm in the middle here, he's trans but he's also stereotypically tumblr

It's probably because he's 19 or whatever

No. 116102

LEL o rlly? So her "schozophrenia" is to blame for the fact that she's a bitch that quotes memes in person and only knows how to speak in dumblr even when around people that have no idea what the fuck she's talking about? Unlikely.

No. 116105

>a tad racist
I'm indifferent towards them, but could you explain this? Tumblr would've jumped on their ass by now if that were completely true.

No. 116137


Have you ever met a barely medicated schizophrenic irl? They literally have 0 social skills and are prone to mimicry.

No. 116270

File: 1460018334726.jpg (33.63 KB, 460x357, same-here_o_899574.jpg)

you are describing my life, anon kek

No. 116273

People with (not particularly severe) paranoid schizophrenia can seem pretty normal on a superficial level. It's the disorganized schizophrenics that are clearly "off."

No. 116392

I wanna know too Anon.

No. 116419

I'm embarrassed. I went through this person's entire face tag. they're pretty attractive, it's a shame they shoop and don't actually look like that.

No. 116420

He's cute but irl from the pics he posts on insta he seems short and stocky

No. 116433

Yeah Cain literally looks nothing like that IRL. I'm not even exaggerating.

No. 116459

Is there something to compare with? Candid?

No. 116465

File: 1460073194274.jpeg (118.96 KB, 638x944, image.jpeg)

this person is like a full time shuu cosplayer, claims to be male but still has unedited photos on her insta where her chin is far less… masculine.


No. 116468

gakuen handsome

No. 116471

…this is almost as bad as nellum on tumblr

No. 116472

File: 1460075560402.jpg (40.46 KB, 600x748, 68c.jpg)

No. 116481

File: 1460080307897.jpg (93.74 KB, 1080x1349, 12940131_209614116095229_14776…)


fuck dude

No. 116482

File: 1460080501966.jpg (119.13 KB, 1080x1165, 12934980_103708623365346_15440…)


alien proportions

No. 116483

This person added me on fb and started talking about how much they loved Trump and I did the unfriend real quick, lol.

No. 116484


No. 116500

File: 1460094359462.jpg (33.21 KB, 325x321, Kraftwerk_-_Die_Roboter_Cover.…)

No. 116517

File: 1460104665466.jpg (37.21 KB, 500x480, 45b.jpg)

ayy lmao

No. 116524

Slenderman: The Teenage Years

No. 116527

Fucking kek.

No. 116535

Has science gone too far?

No. 117037

File: 1460253012121.png (295.79 KB, 373x500, image.png)

what does everyone think of knitemaya? i know a pull thread exists on him that's focused on yellow face more than anything (where I got the image from)

No. 117039

File: 1460253369846.png (136.13 KB, 275x266, 1446694379336.png)

No. 117056

Does it bother anyone else that Nadia keeps on changing her name? She goes from Misa to Shion and now Cole. Like girl just stick to one name.

No. 117057

I don't know if that's a good source. Their personal posts have them writing about how they meditated and felt energy blowing out of their tits and maybe being a girl isn't so bad~*~*~ They're fucking weird as hell, even for the trans community.

No. 117067

Well, what can you expect from someone like her? She's always so wishy washy about every single decision she makes. She wanted to be a living doll then a jfashion blogger and now she wants to be a black and white clothes only demon boy so…

No. 117082

I remember around a week ago, he uploaded a video of himself on Instagram crying and the caption was something like "I uploaded this to show you all how words can hurt people" or something like that. It was a long post. He deleted it.
Other than that, his chin freaks me out (and that's why I followed him)

No. 117182

File: 1460308046624.png (328.4 KB, 439x500, image.png)

That's a scary chin, and the eyes are unnerving to look at. If he's trying to look Asian for cosplay he looks more like an alien with how slanted the eyes are here. Not to mention it looks like he's trying to be bootleg Reika

No. 118924

File: 1460572103904.png (81.95 KB, 600x288, hot legg.png)

No. 119030

File: 1460574647862.jpg (18.55 KB, 210x240, snaek.jpg)


No. 119040


No. 119115

File: 1460580943008.jpg (48.4 KB, 636x466, 1435886723709.jpg)


No. 119118

Cain is made of photoshop, just like her friends haku and co.

No. 119122

Hahaha. All these fakebois are such a joke.

No. 119487

File: 1460634857779.png (865.51 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-04-14-06-45-08…)

This might be a cis guy, I am not sure. Either way it should kill itself

No. 119488

File: 1460634919039.png (1.22 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-04-14-06-46-25…)

Another one lmao ewww. Thats a face of nightmares, check out that dicknose contouring though

No. 119499

What a shame, he(?) would be good looking without the retarded makeup and piercings

No. 119645

File: 1460659654934.jpeg (43.81 KB, 310x500, image.jpeg)

Yep, this looks like snowflake to me.

No. 119649

File: 1460659807370.jpeg (58.08 KB, 316x500, image.jpeg)

Is there something about cosplayers when they experience one negative thing in the hobby leap to calling the entire community toxic or is that just me?

No. 119650

It's like Tyler Oakley and Daniel Radcliffe had a baby.

No. 119660


I lul'ed

No. 119667

File: 1460660793883.png (1.61 MB, 826x879, chin.PNG)


That's not even the worst of it. Like this one for example, his chin looks seriously so unnatural and you can tell it's lopsided a bit.

No. 119672

Do you have any visual proof? I'm really curious to see what she looks like without shoop because all her selfies look very real?

No. 119741

File: 1460669172260.jpg (39.06 KB, 600x600, CfG3ODHWQAAqsE5.jpg)

He has now cool down with the heavy make up, perhaps he feels more confident since he started T? idk man but he is looking good

No. 119745

Damn looks good

No. 119748

Disgusting years old girlfags trying their darnest to accomplish their yaoi fantasies by "becoming" their perfect girl faced bishi bois from their animus. Ugh, damn how I hate weebs…

No. 119751

I had this phase tok back in high school, thing is, I kept it on the down low because it was sort of a fetish for me. I did crossdress sometimes, but I was 16. And also I wasn't pretending I was fucking goddamn transgender. Its far easier for a girl to get away with doing this, which is why I think it became such a thing. Honestly no wonder people make fun of tumblr and the social justice movement so much. Its all a joke.

No. 119752

Woopa forgot to edit my typo *too

No. 119754

WOOPA yeah thats why you proofread

No. 119768

File: 1460677025718.png (509.28 KB, 815x479, image.png)

No. 119772

Damn even in their videos they look better then 2011

No. 120088

>mfw I just looked through their IG and they're exactly my type
Please tell me it's all photoshop and they still look like the girl on the left.

No. 120539

File: 1460823718808.jpg (78.04 KB, 540x960, 12993378_227135840980204_13278…)

She's changed her name to Cole and made a post about how well she's doing at passing as male. I wasn't aware that men look like overgrown, over edited babies.

No. 120542

Do you have a screenshot of the post?
How many times is she going to change her fucking name my god. She's probably going to do the Haku route and turn even uglier and fatter.

No. 120543

She doesn't even look like a Cole wtf.

No. 120565

File: 1460826881315.jpg (63.94 KB, 936x676, Clipboard01.jpg)

No. 120572

1. You can still her boobs.
2. Why would she tell someone that she's 17? Is trying to be "trans-age" now too?

No. 120627

Jesus she got really chunky.

No. 120854

It's like her body consist of rectangles.

No. 121017

Seeing these boyish girls pisses me off because they would make such great dykes. Like, why not just be a masculine woman? Why pretend to be a boy?

No. 121035

She deleted all her videos lol, she lurks here.

No. 121118

On her IG she said that her youtube channel is "closed due to remodel" It doesn't matter if you remodel it girl. You're still going to produce shit videos with shit makeup and everything.

No. 121120

Just curious but when do you farmers consider someone a fakeboi and when are they actually trans?

No. 121121

I'm not sure exactly, as it seems some people don't believe in transgenderism, but i think a fakeboi is a girl that "transitions" or only changes pronouns soley because of attention-seeking and not body/gender dysmorphia. It helps if they use strange names or preferred pronouns but doesn't present as masculine.

No. 121136

fakebois are attention whores and yaoi fans who want to be kawaii little ukes

real trans are the Chaz Bonos of the world

No. 121151

A fakeboi is a girl who doesn't look male, who still uses make up and dresses in a feminine way. Usually into Tumblr culture and anti-gender role bullshit. A lot of the time they're into yaoi or j-fashion and they aspire to look like kawaii uke feminine boys rather than actual men.

No. 121472

alexkingofthedamned, anybody?


No. 122481

dear god

No. 122538

File: 1461236026929.jpeg (29.27 KB, 329x447, image.jpeg)

They look like this now, eye tape and all which was what got Tumblr's attention in the first place if I remember correctly since people pointed out the was visible in this selfie.
I honestly have no idea why they'd need tape if they are cosplaying Erwin though, aren't the characters in Attack On Titan all white anyway?

No. 122635

File: 1461268316789.jpeg (305.14 KB, 640x908, image.jpeg)

That shoop near the neck/cheek

Also fakeboi

No. 122648

File: 1461271652568.png (172.37 KB, 329x456, weebyedgelord.png)

Did you try to blend in with the other anons? judging by your edgelord ass claiming you're so jjba, I'm assuming you thoughg imageboards were cool and edgy. kek im taking this with me dumb newfag

No. 122669

The face (face structure I guess?) on this one seriously reminds me of someone, not whatever character she's trying to cosplay, but I can't think of who. Shieet

No. 122675

what the fuck

No. 122696

Why is 2015-2016 the years where these idiots seriously cannot do makeup? All this contouring/huge lips garbage looks awful on everyone.

No. 122700

Don't forget the OTT eyebrows.

No. 122706

Is this supposed to be satire? I only watched a minute before I had to shut it off. She has a voice that sounds like she's on the verge of tears, and terrible eyebrows to boot.

No. 122717

w h y

No. 122721

This is so awkward omg STOP.

No. 122725

File: 1461285830670.png (Spoiler Image, 730.34 KB, 839x537, ugh.png)

Thread needs some ugly troll fakebois.

I actually met this chick at a con in a few months ago, she and her queer crew go around selling crappy hairbows and designate their booth to be a "safe(r) space".

No. 122731

File: 1461286429952.png (699.08 KB, 821x536, jwbooth.png)

No. 122732

B-but what about the other LBG people.

No. 122733

Ymir is questionable and Mikasa is 1/2 Japanese and half white…but yeah I never understand it when I see people cosplay obviously white character and try to make them more Asian…or whatever look that person is going for…idk.

No. 122747

No. 122762

Because of a very specific fetish of being confused with a gay male or just this thing about looking like a yaoi character in general.
Also the opreshum points sure are nice too, you don't like this person? Tell everybody they "misgendered" you and call them transphobic! That will fix all your problems from now on!

No. 122764

I want to slap all that horrible make up off her insipid fakeboi face.

No. 122841

File: 1461320777521.jpg (531.56 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_20160422_194839.jpg)

another pixie elf monstrosity.

>the moment when you finally work out which is your 'good' side