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File: 1709581702380.png (303.71 KB, 1280x964, 1575265900088.png)

No. 1972401

>Admin note: Please remember this thread is not to discuss general grievances and phenomena of the trans "community". Only post here if you're talking about specific trans cows and are able to provide screenshots of their behavior. Generalized vents don't belong here, nor do your personal experiences. Use the appropriate threads on our off-topic boards for this
/ot/ gender ideology general thread: >>>/ot/1894283

This is a series of threads about fakebois and trans-identified females (TIFs).

TIFs are girls and women who take on the 'trans' label to any extent, including undergoing ("gender-affirming") surgery under that label.

"Fakebois" are girls who pretend to be boys, either by becoming TIFs or larping biological males through the screen (classic move). Fakebois usually style and present themselves as androgynous or feminine-looking boys, or wearing girls' clothing and make-up while insisting on being addressed with he/him (or occasionally they/them) pronouns and take great offense at being gendered as female.

These threads are also now a catch-all for any minor TIF cows without threads of their own. Even "serious" troons, (like Kalvin Garrah and Ellen Page) are fair game, as are horrific troon surgeries and pregnancies. Just remember to spoiler that shit.

**TIFs, no one cares if you think you're ~more legit~ than the cows posted here.**

Additionally, occasional discussion of fujoshis is fine, but don't sperg and infight about it. Report and ignore bait.

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No. 1972404

I guess every character that goes through radical narrative changes is trans now. Media literacy is dead.

No. 1972411

I think it's the fact they can only ever "pass" as short, fat, pudgy, acne-ridden pube faced men with no dicks, I don't think anyone can like you when you look like that.

No. 1972422

File: 1709585318963.png (690.83 KB, 800x1000, rUlZxE1.png)

And the Incels have discovered how desperate TIFs are.

No. 1972423

File: 1709585467064.jpg (416.36 KB, 1080x1673, 1000011851.jpg)

Btw by "estrogen" she means Zafemy. Zafemy is a birth control for females. Correct me if I'm wrong, but a TIM can't use Zafemy to get any notable results.

No. 1972425

Holy shit

No. 1972440

Anakin Skywalker might as well be a troon. He got several limbs cut off and his flesh charred on Mustafar and became a murderous cyborg husk.

No. 1972444

Ironically I've seen more ITF obi-wan HC's.

No. 1972508

>Feel uncomfortable in your own body
>Troon out
>Still feel uncomfortable in your own body
Sounds like "gender dysphoria" wasn't the actual problem she was dealing with. It really sounds like she thought being a straight moid would be life on easy mode, but just because they're not oppressed doesn't mean they have zero problems. They might be at the top of the totem pole, but they still find ways to make each other miserable.
Also kek at
>I'd clap back at the fat boolies who call me short, but I'm against body shaming
Such female socialization, Jesus. An actual moid probably would've said something way worse and started a fight.

No. 1972509

lowkey hoping this tiffie is lying and injecting the scrote with heroin instead, but that is too optimistic and tifs are not so bright.

No. 1972512

Turbo desperate moids have been doing this for a while now (the fucking TiFs on Grindr thing, not the using T.) Both parties are so desperate and retarded they almost deserve each other. The moid is going to find out the hard way what happens when you stick your dick in crazy, and when the TiF realizes she's being played, she'll learn what moids are actually like.

That said, the scrote is a turbo retard for using her drugs. It's not just a magic manly pill, it has side effects, like mood swings, bladder problems, acne, back pain, etc. Sure, he feels super happy now, but any moment he can switch to anger and punch a hole in a wall. And that's all assuming that he's using clean needles and not just her's.

No. 1972529

File: 1709608822864.png (156.33 KB, 297x367, ralph.png)

>Using steroids for a treatment for postural tachycardia syndrome
>Also using a birth control patch that makes steroids be poorly metabolized.

She really needs an endocrinologist.

No. 1972534

File: 1709609741303.jpg (131.58 KB, 928x603, Untitled.jpg)

i think izzzyzzyzzz whatever was mentioned here before but someone said she's trying to appear more masculine and i agree. she seems to be doing her makeup sloppier and making herself unkempt as an attempt to appear more masculine? idk, she'll never read male or even enby to me

No. 1972538

the schizo in me wants to believe that this is coping after realizing Quinton Reviews might be into them

No. 1972540

honestly, how do you appear enby? i liked some of her videos but she's peak enby with the alt styling and fixation with clown-like makeup.

No. 1972541

idk i'm old school and think androgynous = no makeup and short hair for women. but yeah i guess nowadays it's "enby coded" to wear tons of makeup and dye your hair and all that.

No. 1972547

Short hair and no makeup is someone's mom at the grocery store

No. 1972548

File: 1709611898775.jpg (154.74 KB, 1349x877, izzzyzzz.jpg)

The post you're looking for is here >>1948532
I personally don't think her voice sounds like it has dropped, but her eyebrows, mustache, and beard are definitely coming in.
I'm not surprised, but it's still a little disappointing to see her go all the way.

No. 1972550

I hope she’s just a GNC woman, I like her content. I hope she doesn’t pull an Erza whatever and get her tits chopped off. Ugh, hate that women can’t just be weird without having the gendercult try to recruit them,

No. 1972554

I thought I was the only one who got that gross feeling ugh why is he such a fuckin creep. Yeah I’m hoping she isn’t gonna do a full troon out but I won’t hold my breath. She’s cool and I like her content still and her nice accent, but if there is a t-frog voice I’m out

No. 1972555

She goes by they/she and theythem’d herself on videos. She’s fully drunk the gender koolaid

No. 1972556

Hasn't she been using 'they/she' for awhile now?

No. 1972558

Holy shit… the [THEY] them finger tattoos. This is real.

No. 1972560

File: 1709613074483.png (717.12 KB, 1200x598, rain-dove.png)

No. 1972565

You aren't by a longshot the only person who thinks that lol.

Reason I brought Quinton up is because he admitted he started to collect Garfield plushies en masse because Izzyzz does it and there's a couple of streams when he mentions he admires them in a way that makes it seem he has a crush.

> He went after abelina sabrina right after she exposed Gus Johnson.

> He wormed his way to Jenny Nicholson through DisneyLand employees.
> He announced to Sarah Z he was going to stop following her on Twitter because he wasn't receiving attention.

Quinton is a narc with no self-esteem and is so worried about optics I doubt he'll ever do anything sexual. My schizo cannon here is that Izzyzz realized they let him get to close and is pooning in self-defence.(learn2integrate)

No. 1972566

No. 1972568

File: 1709614807844.jpg (866.17 KB, 1078x1866, 1000011869.jpg)

She needs a psychologist too to tell her that females can't be transwomen.

No. 1972569

File: 1709615227529.jpeg (51.02 KB, 554x554, when you can't pay your water …)

Nta but I thought picrel was cool and was hoping she's genuinely just a gnc woman, but holy shit… one google search and turns out she's a themlet who looks unwashed more often than not, apparently tried to frame an actress as a paedophile (I'm not really going to take anyone's side here, I don't trust no celebrity) and lied about several other things, such as a twansphobic attack by a woman who pepper-sprayed her in women's bathroom, then had a talk with her and 'came to understand' troons better kek. She repeated the same lie again because, on top of being so attention starved, she's uncreative too:

>In a separate story published on December 6, 2019 on LGBTQ Nation, Dove received a message on Instagram from the mother of a possibly transgender child. The mother accused Dove of being a pervert and making her child “sick.”

>After an online conversation, the mother came to understand transgender people better. Dove posted about the interaction on Instagram and on Facebook – along with screenshots of the interaction – and the story went viral because of their heartfelt response to the mother and the mother’s apparent change of heart.

>But now people on social media did some searching and found that the image of the mother from the screenshots of the comments is actually a stock image that appears when one searches Google for “angry old woman.”

I hadn't expected her to be this milky. Here's the article I found all this from — https://www.lgbtqnation.com/2019/12/model-rain-dove-confesses-lying-fans-accusations-faked-viral-social-media-posts/ (and I'll be honest, I skimmed through it, I didn't read everything)

No. 1972577

File: 1709615807894.jpg (126.35 KB, 1080x850, Screenshot_20240305_104553_Chr…)

Oh the self-induced struggles of an autistic straight woman

No. 1972578

what a fucking clown.

No. 1972585

lol damn i had no idea i just googled "androgynous woman" to prove that anon wrong
anyway izzy doesn't look gnc at all

No. 1972589

Kek I get it nonnie, women are hot whether they're butch or girly imo. Wonder whose mom at the grocery store that anon has been seeing around, I also need to visit it.

No. 1972591

I hate feeling like I've met men exactly as desperate as this irl.

No. 1972608

If not HRT, she might just have PCOS or some other hormonal imbalance disorder.

No. 1972616

I think she's just still bad at makeup? despite having done it for years she never improves, i think her being into clown stuff makes her think "it's fine if it's messy, I don't need to fix it"
>hope she’s just a GNC woman, I like her content.
Oh sweet innocent nona where have you been, she's been a super cringe woke as fuck themby for years! I sadly can't stand her anymore, the wokeism got too much for me.

No. 1972638

So now they’re openly identifying with Voldemort in addition to Buffalo Bill.
I agree that her writing’s been terfy for a while, though. That scene where Dumbledore brutally deadnamed Voldemort to his face while denying him a job at the school where he could groom children must have genocided a million trans before there even were that many of them.

No no anon those are Karens who have “given up” and “let themselves go” and thats bad and heterocisnormative actually. If a woman over 30 wants to signal enbiness she must wear blue lipstick and oversized toddler dungarees.

No. 1972662

>That scene where Dumbledore brutally deadnamed Voldemort to his face while denying him a job at the school where he could groom children must have genocided a million trans before there even were that many of them.
damn i have just witnessed a murder, nona fired so many straight shots kek

No. 1972664

Rita Skeeter is 100% a troon. The narcissistic attitude and the overcompensating fashion proves it.

No. 1972671

tbf, a lot of the recent "retrospective analysis" of the problematic elements of the HP points to her, basically stating that JK Rowling is a "pick-me" and self-hating woman because all of her overly feminine female characters are jokes, and claiming the only substantial female characters are tomboys and mothers.

No. 1972672

>it isn’t that uncommon!!
who’s gonna tell her

No. 1972676

>Initially, Dove claimed in interviews and biographies to have studied genetic engineering and civil law at University of California, Berkeley. They also claimed to have worked as a Colorado Firefighter under a male pseudonym, and to have passed as a man during this time, for a period of eleven months.[8] However, in late 2019 Dove admitted in a video on NBC News that both of these claims (of having studied genetics and law, and of having been a firefighter) were false
feel that would have been easy to spot.

No. 1972677

File: 1709647795121.jpeg (454.32 KB, 1599x1052, 679C1496-3644-415A-A468-52935A…)

Short hair and no make up is a standard middle aged woman’s look though, it’s not androgynous. Not to say that most of them are wearing pants and not “fem” clothes - a pair of jeans are not making anyone female androgynous now. I wouldn’t call picrel androgynous or gnc
I think it’s about more specific details than just haircut and such

No. 1972688

That's their common, weak argument. The argument doesn't work because it implies that all women who aren't hyper-girly to an exaggerated degree (like TiFs and effeminate fakebois) must hate themselves.

No. 1972703

so what I'm getting here is that she was born female but claims to be have some intersex condition that is technically male, urgo "afab trans woman"?

No. 1972706

mutual of mine made a post about how "every gay guy [she's] fucked off of grindr has wanted [her] to inject him with [her] T" and i was viscerally reminded of these cap. these retarded pickmes man…

No. 1972711

>basically stating that JK Rowling is a "pick-me" and self-hating woman because all of her overly feminine female characters are jokes, and claiming the only substantial female characters are tomboys and mothers.
That's not even true, fleur delacour is supposed to be the epitome of female beauty, she's strong and clever as well. even the main girl hermione has a cinderella moment where being more feminine is what makes the others realize she's not just brains. and how many other books for kids have a middle aged/older badass woman like mcgonagall (not a mother!) to look up to?
these people are grasping for straws to make up problems that don't exist, they are SO desperate to make JKR seem like a bad person and bad writer just because they think she's a transphobe.

No. 1972713

A man realizes taking an anabolic steroid drug makes him feel… like he's taken an anabolic steroid drug? Men taking roids isn't a new thing and men who roid out often literally DIE from it, yet these girls think taking a male level of the drug is totally safe for them somehow

No. 1972718

File: 1709658539869.jpg (265.62 KB, 1080x1124, 1000011896.jpg)

No. 1972735

I found out about rain dove as a teen and I thought she was so cool for being so effortlessly androgynous and I wanted to be like her. Wish she was just a gnc woman, and also the Instagram exchange seemed staged and fake as fuck just to make rain look like some hero.

No. 1972739

File: 1709664251965.png (175.42 KB, 792x1325, HP.png)

They have a defense against Mcgonagall as well. They say that Rowling still frames her as a 'maternalistic figure' and, therefore, she is actually part of her right-wing trad agenda.

No. 1972763

File: 1709668969172.png (437.97 KB, 868x1526, asdadsa.png)

@Rottendevilman, also known as @httpyaoitto
One of the dumbest individuals I've encountered lately. Always going on about being trans and autistic, yet she's a total girly girl with a room full of plushies. Claiming to be asexual, but all she draws is either porn or suggestive stuff. Srsly pornsick. Obsessed with men and yaoi. Doesn't she realize that her audience mainly consists of heterosexual girls who are not interested in her vagina?

No. 1972772

File: 1709669579169.jpg (198.72 KB, 1600x900, spiderkek.jpg)

Fujo ftms are really funny ngl.

No. 1972792

Incredibly dumb, but what can you expect of someone who claims that JKR is "judgy on who counts as a woman" and making it sound as if "ability to have children" is somehow offensive.
JKR wrote the first book after losing her own mom, so yes, a mother's love is an important theme in the book, but this clown just goes "omg Lily's only trait is dying for Harry!"
And who cares about super minor male side characters (Aberforth, Mad Eye, Kingsley, Flitwick, Slughorn??), I could just as well list Alicia Spinnet, Katie Bell, Trelawney and Grubbly-Plank.

No. 1972797

Honestly she should be happy that at least some women entertain her delusions and treat her like a "special little boy" or whatever. The thought of her being anything close to male wouldn't even pass through an actual fujo's mind kek

No. 1972798

File: 1709672343594.jpg (260.31 KB, 1080x1494, 1000011904.jpg)

Wtf is a "transneufem"

No. 1972810

File: 1709673932983.png (31.72 KB, 702x641, image.png)

it's when you pathologize the fact that you're not a girly girl 24/7 despite clearly being girly
so I'm imagining a girly girl who plays video games and still thinks she's special for it. or the usual, "I'm a girl but I think therefore I must be part-male"

No. 1972811

I swear they have a fucking research center where they create new gendies and fag flags.

No. 1972821

It's just called tumblr anon lol

No. 1972841

Always genshin fans isn't it

No. 1972843

I used to think it so ironic that these fujos crusade against "fetishising gay men" because THEY want to be the only ones allowed to fetishise gay men. But nah they just think themselves to be the true anime gai bois and are trying to act all oppressed and fetishised. But nobody is fetishising you except chaser scrotes who prey on mentally ill women.

No. 1972851

It's just a bunch of random colors that are "aesthetic".

No. 1972862

Exactly, these things are not even a resembling of a flag anymore. It’s a gradient of unnecessary number of meaningless colors. And they are not even creative - all those “flags” are just colored horizontal straight lines, that’s all

No. 1972867

File: 1709685874195.png (45.05 KB, 1000x800, 1000011919.png)

Remember when the gay flag made by Gilbert Baker actually had meaning behind the colors?

No. 1972872

it's not deeper per se, but it is froggier

No. 1972902

Might be into her, anon.

No. 1972904

She puts all that effort into ugly drag makeup but she can't be assed to tweeze her eyebrows or wax her lip? If someone doesn't want to do those things, fair enough, but her whole shtick is elaborate makeup.

No. 1972907

She should keep doing it, actually, because it confronts TRAs with their own retarded logic. If "woman" is just a feeling, then so is "transwoman."

No. 1972910

Honestly, she does have a very mannish jawline. I think she "passes" face-wise, but not when it comes to any other features. Her hands are particularly feminine.

No. 1972912

File: 1709696014790.jpg (380.07 KB, 1080x1315, 1000011926.jpg)

Too bad she is a TRA, or as she calls it, "TIRF" (Trans Inclusive Radfem). Picrel is one of her alts.

No. 1972915

Kek maybe I should call myself a fujo more frequently to keep wackos like this away.
>fujos treat us like "little special boys."
Not this fujo lmao. I treat you like a delusional NLOG and I want retards like you to stop trying to shoehorn vaginas and titchop scars into yaoi.

No. 1972920

I know this may sound hard to believe given how retarded her takes are but I'm pretty sure she's lying about her age. She's DFE'd and invented a new persona a few times.

No. 1972923

File: 1709699089867.jpg (254 KB, 1176x2048, vagina chest.jpg)

her art is so fucking ugly holy shit how the fuck does she have 70k followers

No. 1972928

I could be wrong but I think that character is an internet sexyman, and if the rest of her content is like that, then maybe that's why

No. 1972934

File: 1709701745612.png (728.84 KB, 732x712, ew.png)

god why do they take pride in looking as disgusting as possible? i will never understand. like most tifs she's otherwise super girly and feminine. it's unfortunate that she has a daughter.

No. 1972936

They think looking as disgusting makes them "pass" as male easier. kek

No. 1972955

File: 1709708981701.png (307.21 KB, 750x822, D6TtkUP.png)

reminds me of picrel

No. 1972956

>how the fuck does she have 70k followers
Because 70k people in this world are horny and have a bad taste. Pornsickness makes one desperate. Bet her followers would even get off to doodles of stickman if you made it fujo enough kek.

No. 1972966

File: 1709710203594.mp4 (16.58 MB, 576x1024, v12044gd0000cnjnm8nog65shbdktm…)

This tif on tik tok is getting flamed for this social justice word vomit. I looked through her page and yknow, I really do believe her when she says she’s disabled cause her whole page is just back to back sperging. There is also a lot of self hatred when she talks about white women as if she isn’t also a white woman.

No. 1972977

File: 1709715671973.jpeg (71.47 KB, 510x680, 1676197261535.jpeg)

No. 1972991

Living like this must be so tiring. Constantly having 'center your -ism' and 'decolonize' or 'listen'. In all it's irony it's such a perfect fucking example of the privilege to even think and talk about this all day every day. It's always the most middle and upper class peeps that talk like this. Outside of grifters specifically targeting those groups, nobody who is struggling to pay rent by having 2 jobs and 8 roommates has the time to think this much about it. And this is a bit more off topic, but an issue imo with the left in general is that they can never talk in easy terms. They always have to talk like they're going to publish a paper on it. Even in the average first world country there are levels of illiteracy. Not everyone has the capability to understand academic terms, and for people screaming about ableism because they're munchies, they somehow never seem to focus on that.

No. 1973008

excuse you, calling him "anakin" is deadnaming vader
she draws for extremely popular fandoms. genshin impact fanart attracts followers like flies to shit. also funny how horny her drawings are for an "asexual"

No. 1973020

such sassy girly mannerisms KEKK

No. 1973031

She’s literally a white “”cis”” woman. Taking testosterone doesn’t make you a man Tiffany!

No. 1973033

I forgot to mention that she fangirls over fat old men, like Mark Hoffman from Saw, and draws degenerate shit, like polyamory. Plus, she's studying to become a psychologist. God help us all. She’s like hitting all the bingo boxes.(sage your shit)

No. 1973039

I am very, very tired of white women being treated like this - especially from other white women.

No. 1973050

File: 1709733657331.gif (13.5 MB, 324x324, cat-cats.gif)

>your comfort is not the priority here at all
Yet yours is because you grew a pubestach and sperg everyday? Hell, even if you put aside all this projection, misogyny, and open display of retardation, her god complex is laughable. She believes that her mere existence is somehow making the world a better place and saving 'marginalised people'

No. 1973051

File: 1709733942073.mp4 (973.33 KB, 1080x1920, 1000053696.mp4)

They're so stupid.

No. 1973052

File: 1709734030014.jpg (239.97 KB, 1080x1042, 1000053698.jpg)

Her respond as to why she as a "man" would want to date lesbians.

No. 1973074

Jokes on troons, no woman dating a tif or man dating a tim is straight, they're just desperate kek.

No. 1973089

the pink triangle earrings really tie the whole thing together

No. 1973093

File: 1709743201617.png (511.05 KB, 754x770, 7ae.png)

Fucking spoiler this shit jfc.

No. 1973152

99% of the time the people spouting the pseudo-academic nonsense don't understand what the concepts really mean. See: bastardisation of intersectionality

No. 1973172

it makes all perfect sense according to gendie ideology. to them "TWAW" so why can't a natal born female identify as a "type" of woman then?

No. 1973203

File: 1709765026060.png (1.28 MB, 1630x2008, 1000012036.png)

According to her you can also "identify as Native American".

No. 1973236

And then we have the MLM flag that means… toothpaste flavors.

No. 1973238

>Fujos are always drawing degrading art of gay men and trans men!
>You draw tons of fetishist gay porn too.

No. 1973354

Anyone have any thoughts on Devon Price. A tif and autistm(?) activist. Recently wrote a article about self diagnosis being th future of autism. It strange that all these things seem to be co occuring and there is such a drive to self diagnosis in all things.

No. 1973384

File: 1709811079875.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1401x4262, IMG_5382.jpeg)

retard gets gang raped, is too delusional to understand what really happened.

No. 1973401

shockingly retarded. not surprised that she doesnt know T isnt a safe birth control method. fucking idiot i hope she got chlamydia

No. 1973402

This type of attention and validation seeking should be a psychiatric concern, no sane person does that.

No. 1973403

Supremely annoying, one of the few TiFs that's actually infuriating instead of sad. Her article about how she's magically escaped female socialization because she was some weak autist who skinwalked Hannibal Lecter is amazingly retarded. I think she might be one of the few pro self-dx people who actually are autistic. I've rarely seen someone display this level of self-obsession, all while having little to no self-awareness. A fine NLOG specimen

No. 1973406

File: 1709813552418.jpeg (558.72 KB, 1624x1674, IMG_5387.jpeg)

No. 1973407

Samefag (sorry), i checked her substack and she may just be another BPD who latched onto the autism label. The article where she goes 'i was a perfect example of BPD but i'm not cluster B anymore because i said so!' is hilarious. That would explain much of her activism

No. 1973413

File: 1709815506619.jpeg (921.38 KB, 1375x1435, IMG_1884.jpeg)

No. 1973430

File: 1709817938920.png (9.83 KB, 531x142, ew.png)

Incredible are the things these women allow to be done to them as long as it's under the guise of it validating their imaginary manhood.
Also kek OP is 4’11”. Literally no one there saw her as anything but a woman.

No. 1973437

Holy shit that's horrifying. I bet my ass all the other men were planning and laughing amongst themselves how they would get to gang rape this tiny woman if they just pretend to validate her.

No. 1973441

They absolutely planned it.
The trans trend has really give moids a hack on how to take advantage of autistic or otherwise mentally ill young women sexually.

No. 1973443

I'm inclined to not believe this because of how retarded it all is. The girl either has no self preservation instinct on top of being autistic as fuck or is that desperate to have true and honest gay sex. But if this is real… Man.

No. 1973465

File: 1709822562956.jpg (270.77 KB, 1080x1298, Screenshot_20240307_200704_Chr…)

She's so utterly retarded it got other retards on the thread wondering what's wrong with her. Not only does she put fake validation from rabid moids over her own safety and health, she legit replied to one of the comments with "I thought T meant I didn’t have a working uterus…" and apparently didn't even use a condom.

No. 1973469

Sounds interesting but this is an imageboard. Please post caps.

No. 1973470

Getting a pregnancy test is emasculating but getting fucked in your vagina isn't…trans logic everyone. So helpful and healthy.

No. 1973473

This story sounds fake and yes it's retarded but was it really rape though if she consented to it?

No. 1973474

Of course it wasn't. This straight woman is just mentally deranged.

No. 1973482

File: 1709824272873.png (2.83 MB, 2048x2048, OboZGtF.png)

Cringiest and girliest thing I've ever seen.

No. 1973483

File: 1709824295495.png (1.94 MB, 2000x2000, vCsv3oy.png)

No. 1973484

File: 1709824316994.png (1.86 MB, 1500x1500, TFjbdvT.png)

No. 1973488

File: 1709824353210.png (2.64 MB, 2048x2048, 9DbhPz8.png)

No. 1973493

I also really hope this isn’t real, and OP’s readiness to consider that she was tricked doesn’t really fit with how delusional and stubborn most TIFs are. The “har har I’d totally be knocked up twenty times over if I weren’t on T - wait what do you mean T doesn’t make me infertile?” also feels like something that someone with a TIF feminisation/impregnation fetish would write. My money’s on fetishist fishing for more wank material but I’ll admit I also just really hope this didn’t happen for the woman’s sake.

No. 1973496

It wouldn't be the first time moids write up some fucked up fetish scenario while pretending to be oblivious tif's who get taken advantage of. Especially if it involves being tricked into/pressured into anal by a moid to "validate" her gayness.

No. 1973498

File: 1709827736099.jpeg (24.15 KB, 735x770, 816f4431-74b1-4133-b2d8-8325a0…)

This poorly-done edgy shit was supposed to be threatening? They should take away all the internet access from those who are this embarrassing…

No. 1973503

File: 1709828162591.jpg (232.8 KB, 1009x1580, Screenshot_20240307_214503_Chr…)

The lack of self-respect among tifs is beyond human comprehension.

No. 1973518

Ah yes, the ultimate fantasy, to get gang raped by a bunch of mid moids. Because let's be honest, the moids were surely ugly as fuck too if they all gathered together in order to have sex for once.
And this is just so depressing, they're admitting that in order to have sex and feel good, you have to be a man, because otherwise you're just a whore or something like that. It's not explicitly said but it's pretty obvious.

No. 1973520

I want to spray these people with a cold water bottle.

No. 1973528

Shit like this is why I can't empathize with tifs like some other gender crit people can. They are just as retarded and pornsick as tims.

No. 1973534

File: 1709832347615.png (815.66 KB, 676x2695, Screenshot 2024-03-07 at 15-27…)

Pic: Random 'gender fluid' Tiffany posts a video where she changes her outfits, including looks with both trousers and dresses. Commenters are blown away by this incredible feat. A small sampling of their thirst for the ability to wear more than one outfit.

People will use any prefix if it lets them attack women with impunity.

No. 1973551

Fortunately I'm pretty sure this is just creative writing.

No. 1973557

File: 1709835435171.png (179.03 KB, 599x304, graphic_design_is_my_passion.p…)

Peak art is when the retarded color choices and typesetting make the text hard to read.

No. 1973558

File: 1709835437206.jpeg (1.06 MB, 2048x2048, 23C2083C-C89C-4435-8A1B-3222FA…)

considering fakebois make comics like this and not realize how incredibly heterosexual they come across, It wouldn't surprise me of this did happen.

No. 1973559

Do they all seriously think that "tops" and "bottoms" are distinguished by height alone? Even yaoi, where I imagine they get this idea, isn't that reductive anymore. Christ.

No. 1973564

the differences being 1) this is cutesy yaoi fantasy and that is female violation fantasy and 2) as soon as someone said that the gangbang tif was tricked, the moid typing it immediately went into "Wtf are you serious I feel sooooo violated I feel soooo tricked I bet they didn't even respect my gender, man" mode as if he had been waiting with bated breath to get to that part of the roleplay. men love posting things in female subreddits to make women feel vicariously violated. a few weeks ago, some man kept making these posts in lesbian-oriented subreddits where they would share lengthy screenshots of fantasies about raping and converting lesbians and then caption it something like "isn't this disgusting and outrageous? I feel so horrible about this, my fellow women. let's all read this detailed elaborate fantasy that makes us feel disgusted together and then talk about how awful it is." use critical thinking here.

No. 1973567

As some comments on the Reddit post pointed out, a lot of moids who chase TiFs also have breeding/pregnancy fetishes. The OP's constant use of "XD" and emojis really read like it's a moid trying to sound like a chick. A lot of moids are also super into the idea of a tiny person getting gang raped, and OP gave her height and weight with little prompting. A moid wrote all that with one hand, I'm certain of it.

No. 1973571

I'm really struggling to see the gang rape angle of this. He confirmed over text that it was going to be sexual and she consented and was clearly into as she is bragging about the experience. Surely the scrotes are scummy and definitely planned it but it sounds to me like she knew what was up.

No. 1973577

the most blatant form of female socialisation vs male troons. male troons will take over lesbian nights with reckless abandon and walk all over people's anxieties by going into a moidrage when told no; female troons anxiously wonder what they did wrong when confronted and/or feel sad about their actions and the effects. even the most delusional tifs act better than the least crazy tims
this dumbass literally fucked off within 12 hours of hearing about "validation" with a group of men she'd never met, introduced by a dude clearly using her. I get she thinks she's not a woman anymore but at least use some sense just cause you're small and going into the middle of the woods with a bunch of strangers alone. she's lucky the only thing she has to be worried about are STDs and a future abortion, she was probably also saved by being a total yes-girl for whatever they asked. they had her fully isolated and could have raped her if she suddenly backed out.
fitting they'd use a plant that's a master at leeching nutrients from everything around it, killing the other plants
this is the only accurate poster, they really do make life intolerable
>at 5'10 I wouldn't have been the bottom
someone is forgetting she isn't a "tall" girl anymore but instead a nu-manlet
also this picture is the reason these idiots keep getting used, they're too horny and desperate for male sexual validation like the absolute pickmes they are to think clearly.
it can be seen as rape because the girl (if this is real) had no real idea of the context around the incident. a bunch of guys got together a plan to convince this girl to have a straight gangbang by lying and claiming she had been invited to a spontaneous gay orgy. rape by deception is still rape because even if the logic is retarded, she wouldn't have agreed if she knew they were all straight. Also there's the possibility at least one lied about being clean, again obviously it's retard logic to blindly trust men you've never met but in this case she was lied to still. least sympathetic victim in the world but a potential victim of deception sex nonetheless

No. 1973586

These people are so fucking retarded it hurts. She just changed her damn clothes and they're treating it as if its a magic trick. Troons are extremely low IQ cuz this is the shit that amazes them.

No. 1973600

What are they gonna do, skin my arm, roll it into a tube and sew it onto my crotch?

No. 1973624

Is this a FTM Phoebe Tickner? Kek, please also be vegan and "disabled".

No. 1973661

Ezra is starting to cope. Botched surgery left her with a fat pocket ("leftover swelling" my ass, it's not swelled at all, it's floppy and hangs out to the side because probably the butcher didn't take out the whole tissue) that looks like a dog ear and will probably have a revision surgery.

No. 1973668

Late, but I meant the Tif posted again here >>1972966 (she's sure declined rapidly). She had Muslim men in her comments telling her what they thought of her 'lifestyle' choices now that she's a true and honest Muslim woman (/Musthem).

No. 1973700

This is absolutely one of the worst things I've ever seen in these threads

No. 1973715

"Europhic experience" girl did you even noticed if they kissed each other or touched each other if they were really gay or bi? Because if they didn't, I have some bad news for you and not only that you were raped like >>1973577 said.

No. 1973716

File: 1709866118141.png (40.15 KB, 657x498, I got kicked out of a gay bar …)

>And even if we DO plan on using our natal genitalia, it doesn't make us any less gay or any less male.

If they do use your natal (?????) genitalia, is because they're bi/pan. They're gay for a reason, Tiff.

No. 1973721

nonnie, they assume sexuality is "identity based" and that same sex attraction is a dog whistle

No. 1973723

File: 1709867407800.png (70.74 KB, 990x570, aids.png)

Not surprised. They even use the comparison of that tif being kicked out with the AIDS crisis. They weren't even born when that happened.

No. 1973724

>Late, but I meant the Tif posted again here >>1972966 (she's sure declined rapidly). She had Muslim men in her comments telling her what they thought of her 'lifestyle' choices now that she's a true and honest Muslim woman (/Musthem).
could post her response, cause I wanna she reacted?(retard)

No. 1973752

Yeah if this is true, it sounds like they all organised this without her and only told her once it had all been finalised and set up, plying her by saying they're all gay/bi which validates her tifness, and are all "clean" which means she cannot question why they aren't wearing condoms. And this friend must have known she is gullible or he wouldn't have tried, or at least would spend a longer time trying instead of a few hours before. She thinks T is birth control, that it's normal for an orgy to focus only on one person bottoming, that moids who planned a fucking orgy are surely clean from stds, and now she's had a pregnancy scare and an std scare and is slowly realising she's been tricked. This is even worse than the infamous one pf the tif being invited to a fag moid orgy by a friend who wanted to humiliate her and she cried in the bathroom. Cos at least in that one nobody had sex with her.

No. 1973755

I mean. I think the anons describing it that way are mostly just being hyperbolic. You could argue that there are elements of coercion (the moids lied about the sexualities, lied about why they were having sex with her, potentially are the source of the "T prevents pregnancy" lie, etc) but I agree that rape is a strong way to describe it. The consent in this situation was not well-informed, but she probably wouldn't be able to go after these guys in a court of law.

No. 1973758

File: 1709881905773.jpeg (576.89 KB, 1125x1351, E5E7A193-CF0E-4E51-9CB2-8B789D…)

TIF thinks her niece is trans because she plays soccer and likes dinosaurs.

No. 1973762

Nobody enforces gender stereotypes harder than troons.

No. 1973766

TIL being kicked out of a bar is on par with slowly dying of a disease the government intentionally neglected because they thought the patients "deserved" it. Ok

No. 1973768

So glad that this shit was still fringe when I was a little girl, otherwise my parents might have put me on hormone blockers for playing with RC cars and always being the dad when my friends and I played families

No. 1973772

I know someone whose mother used to think she was trans for similar reasons, it completely fucked with my friend and I hope the same doesn't happen to this little girl

No. 1973778

imagine seeing a little girl play with dinosaurs and pokemon cards and thinking that's a sign she isn't actually a girl, imagine being THAT delusional. if she pretends to be a cat and plays with stuffed animals, is that a sign she's truly a furry too?

No. 1973786

File: 1709892252998.jpg (120.28 KB, 500x635, 4da8c93381d966bb5b98fc8294da6d…)

Dear god please protect that little girl from sexist troonery. It used to be normal to be a tomboy, fucking TRAs are ruining gender equality progress like nothing else.

No. 1973787

it's more likely that the girl is a lesbian and she picked the boy piece because she was taught only boys can have wifes. They're really trying to exterminate the next generation of gay people. They constantly whine about their imaginary "genocide" but it's them who are trying to exterminate another group of people.

No. 1973798

File: 1709895952105.jpg (220.92 KB, 1674x1252, F1AONO8X0AITra_.jpg)

I will if I come across it again, but it was in someone's reaction video a while back, and I can't remember which anymore. Sorry! Iirc she argued with them about how valid 'queer' Muslims are.
Yep. Tavistock clinic knew it; homophobic parents like Kai Shafley's knew it; the original doctors whose only criteria for transition was to be a homosexual male knew it.

No. 1973801

shes still a girl. its hilarious how troons act like conservative christians when a girl or boy does something unconventional to their gender. lmao they try so hard to act theyre more progressive than their parents but theyre not at all

No. 1973809

no offence but that's just as reaching as the troon accusation, I played with boy toys and I ended up straight as most people do.

No. 1973816

Genuinely think this one might rope. She's been huffing the copium for a while now, getting fat, spotty and a widow's peak that will no doubt only get worse clearly wasn't part of her plan. From what little I've seen, she might've trooned out due to her TIF "boyfriend" and friends. She dropped the ED and latched onto something far more destructive.

No. 1973821

YWNBAM(sage your shit)

No. 1973823

Female paleontologists don’t exist to this person I guess

No. 1973824

The "tif" that you can read right there up in the title of this thread means "trans identified feamle" aka any female who identifies as any flavor of trans including non-binary. They're the same thing, just a different subset

No. 1973827

if you're so manly why are you on a gossip site?(sage your shit)

No. 1973829

huh(sage your shit)

No. 1973832

C'mon guys, don't argue with lil Tiffany. She'll tucker herself out on her own and be down for her afternoon nap soon. Report and move on.

No. 1973835

Boy is when dinosaur, hoodie, and Pokémon card.

I had the intrusive thought last night that my friend’s daughter is gonna troon out one day because she likes anime & is probably autistic.

No. 1973877

File: 1709917074129.jpeg (269.04 KB, 828x695, IMG_0685.jpeg)


No. 1973879

this is the girliest message ive ever seen

No. 1973881

File: 1709917434190.jpg (77.08 KB, 564x1002, 1d7945312356c4c2056d4a889da079…)

We have not advanced since the tumblr days.

No. 1973889

File: 1709919040938.png (59.84 KB, 405x250, IMG_0686.png)

Pooner copes with only straight men wanting to fuck her

No. 1973890

At least she's not calling other men gay because they fuck FTMs.(sage your shit)

No. 1973892

File: 1709919732823.png (177.93 KB, 586x667, Screenshot_1.png)

jealousy much?

No. 1973894

File: 1709919877147.jpg (96.36 KB, 750x983, save me save me save me save m…)

No. 1973897

Wow, you're wearing a very stereotypically feminine outfit but you've added a bow tie and a cummerbund to it! AND your hair is short?! Genius. Revolutionary. You're so gender!

No. 1973898

KEKKK, a great example of sad induviduals trying to drag others down with them

No. 1973899

I hear that often. As if femininity is the standard of who now counts as women as opposed to biology. Very gross argument I hate the new decade

No. 1973901

deep down they regret mutilating themselves and secretly seethe at gendiespecials who can effortlessly "pass" without having to inject horse piss in their veins

No. 1973903

I kind of agree with her though, but not for her reasons kek. "Straight" men have always been faggots, going all the way back to ancient cultures that held it was totally straight and manly to fuck little boys. Now we have femboys and traps and a million other faggoty things for "straight" men to be into. Prisons are probably the most obvious example of how gay the average straight moid is.

No. 1973910

well in those cultures concepts of "straight" didn't technically exist, women, girls, boys and slaves were just a lower class of being compared to adult freeborn men.(derailing)

No. 1973917

File: 1709923845953.mp4 (8.71 MB, 1556x720, u3Ry5csodQFm669K.mp4)

These aren't even particularly insulting or infuriating. No one is threatened by this wanna-be badass bullshit. No one is trembling at the idea of these people confronting you IRL(like vidrel). I just want them to shut up and fuck off and leave regular people alone.

No. 1973943

>Proceeds to show that for her, clothes are in fact gender

No. 1973947

File: 1709930705091.jpg (55.23 KB, 736x720, luzpromdress.jpg)

I wonder if picrel was inspiration

No. 1973948

File: 1709930741268.jpeg (778.17 KB, 961x1600, IMG_0462.jpeg)

I just feel bad for her at this point. What drives a girl to want to do this to herself?

No. 1973954

KEK what’s the source?

No. 1973956

Wait is this the lady who had a Instagram about her experiences as a pregnant in HS lesbian whose ex dated Frances Cobain? And now she is transing her daughter as well? I remember her but not her name, I just remember looking at her child and thinking she was SA survivor like her mother.

No. 1973958

Jesse Sullivan, she’s quite the cow and has her own thread >>>/snow/1548521

No. 1973964

>insisted on the boy piece
ok but did she insist on a "boy piece" or did she insist on blue to which the tiffany informed her about the law of gendered colours? cause adults typically tell girls who organically pick blue, "are you sure? it's a boy's colour" to which the girl usually gets pissed off immediately about because it's "their" colour or cave into the adult expectations and learn not to pick blue.
>she's got a wife and kids in the game
heaven's no! a born queer! you're not allowed to do that, it's a choice you make as a straight adult when you transition "gay"!
ok but seriously, it seems like this kid is going to grow up into a lesbian or bisexual, hopefully without a convenient straight conversion into a "man" considering the homophobia and sexism sprouting up from her deranged aunt. Glad to know gendies are the new crazy, homophobic relative you tolerate during holidays and nod your head at when they rant about the gays being secret straights in the wrong body.
Also, maybe this depends on the region, but in my middle school all the popular girls were the best soccer players. Women's soccer is shat on at the professional level, but soccer and hockey girls are so common they have their own stereotypes. I've never seen someone called an actual male for liking soccer, tomboy or dyke at worst, but this isn't football or rugby (which again normally gets you called a tomboy or lesbian, but this was reducing at least over a decade ago). Shit, the proud family had an episode where penny joined a boy's football team and this wokie is essentially her dad that episode, except oscar was written to have a turnaround. if that episode were remade today oscar would be correctly "identifying penny's boyness" as her being genderfluid or some shit.
>only wears hoodies and shorts
did this chick seriously not notice that when she was in school girly girls wore this outfit combo? or was she too busy being "one of the boys" that she didn't even notice what they were doing? hoodie, shorts (or leggings in the winter), white socks, birkenstocks clones used to be everywhere. girls typically feel cold in schools whose temperatures cater the boys and adults, hoodies and every other sweater type are everywhere

No. 1973971

Oh yeah she's def projecting. The arguments are stupid. Colors aren't gendered. I don't like parents who only let their lil girls pick pink. Blue is a cute color.
Also it's a kid. If she has a wife and kid in the game it doesn't mean the child has romantic feelings. It's literally the same as playing with dolls when we were younger. It's more fun to dress up the wife and kids. Hell I kept my Ken doll to the side because I thought he was dumb af.

Like these tifs hate gender norms but expect little girls to only wear pink and have bows and if not they have a right to groom them. It's 2024 at that. It's normal for girls to wear hoodies. So mad

No. 1973991

We have regressed so much since the 90s

No. 1973995

That ad is from the 70s. Back when feminism actually made sense and words had meanings.

No. 1974009

And blue used to be a feminine color, like pink a masculine one because it was the baby version of red. I swear placing genders in colors is quite stupid.

No. 1974035

it's so sad that things only got worse

No. 1974042

Not defending the later parts of her post, but to be fair she said “even when I told her they were just colors”

No. 1974083

File: 1709970146552.png (1.48 MB, 1897x1453, 2BXHBYi.png)


No. 1974126

File: 1709982295724.jpg (20.18 KB, 400x301, game of life.jpg)

hideous fit
all true but i feel like we are missing the fact that the game of life pieces look like picrel. they dont even look like "people" or have any differentiation outside of colour. i used to eat them as a kid so i guess that means i have to transition into hannibal lecter

No. 1974145

File: 1709985681662.jpg (45.94 KB, 600x600, 22acdfa984ee1ab871b990adff5e69…)

Could also be this equally manly inspo
It's Tiffy af that they've made her even girlier as a 'man' (happy flowers around her as she blushes and delicately touches her chest…)

No. 1974148

File: 1709987491334.png (87.67 KB, 1236x524, herewegoagain.png)

This is an excerpt from an article titled "I'm a Trans Man. I Didn't Realize How Broken Men Are". I love when these women transition just so they can bitch about how lonely and awful it is on the other side. Who's stopping you from baking, expressing your emotions, and being well-groomed in the privacy of your own home? Literally who?

No. 1974153

This makes me so fucking angry for like ten different reasons. The "men aren't allowed to feel emotions" when men's emotions routinely get them lighter sentences for "crimes of passion". The wha wha I don't feel welcome like yeah bitch welcome to what it's like for GNC women. The assumption that for women it's this easy feel fest where everyone listens to you and supports you. The assumption that it's because men "aren't allowed" to make flower crowns or feel fee fees that they're all insane.

No. 1974173

File: 1709994555440.png (446.61 KB, 423x678, image.png)

>i guess that means i have to transition into Hannibal Lecter
slay queen
Btw I searched tumblr for "ftm Hannibal" and hilariously it was mostly trans Will posts. For Hannibal there was this post, another similar image by the same girl, and an post of him "forcefully masculinizing" Will and otherwise just Will stuff. Minor show spoilers but him forcefully masculinizing Will makes no sense considering he actually weakened and broke Will down which is the opposite of what that kink would entail. Trans hannibal actually gave results but still nothing close to the amount you'd get for ftm Will kek. Also the results still weren't exclusively ftm hannibal, arguably it was nearly 50/50 him being ftm and him being a budding she/they male troon!
There was even a post of a tif joking that of course her and her fellow tifs identified with the heavily abused and traumatized character who's used by those who he trusts. Too bad none are acknowledging the fact that they're also fujos blatantly identifying as the uke and as a community mostly ensuring the seme of the pairing remains male or at the very least a "top".

No. 1974182

And cringe. Just utter cringe.

No. 1974196

>Well she definitely has the misogyny part down, good for her. Now she just has to learn it won't protect her from being the target of misogyny herself, and her tim larp will come crashing down real quick.

Well a number of TIFs definitely has the misogyny part down, good for them all. Now they all just has to learn it won't protect them from being the target of misogyny themselves, and their moid larps will come crashing down real quick. I respect this girl in question for wanting to be a special kind of man, a TIM but women can't be TIMs and men can't be TIFs, a troon is a troon. If you timmy want to be a ftm, you can't. i thought you just want to be a 'normal' girl, and even the animes aren't enough for you? You can be a mtf tho, because you're born a male.

Sorry for derailed rant but tifs would seriously try to be ANY kind of man. They can't be tims tho.

No. 1974197

Not targeted at nonas, but any tim reading this

No. 1974206

Anal doesnt make a woman pregnant

No. 1974238

>the poor little men aren't allowed to be emotional, or bake!
Men are such tantrum having babies who routinely excuse their anger, and I'm willing to bet most successful/rich bakers are male just like chefs. Also males are only afraid of doing anything "feminine" since they're afraid of being gay i.e. womanly so just hang out with gay men and you'll see how they can be "feminine" AND also raging misogynists. But oh the poor men!

No. 1974242

This is the reason why tims hate men(learn to sage)

No. 1974247

Lol what anal can absolutely cause a pregnancy due to semen dripping down, etc.

No. 1974248

Are you being serious? That’s so incredibly unlikely

No. 1974257

no anon… that is not how that works.

No. 1974258

File: 1710005719497.png (413.64 KB, 720x404, hq720.png)

Just watched another vid on regular culprit 'Aurora Bird', and oof, the progression in the video's thumbnail is rough.

You didn't 'lose' it Tiffany, you threw it away.

No. 1974263

Why are you posting some histrionic pickme tradthot here?

No. 1974272

ntayrt but not every rightoid is a “pick me trad thot”

No. 1974276

nta but kek at this tradthot cope

No. 1974278

Misha? Idg how you got tradthot or 'histrionic' from her. You just sound like an angry misogynist.
Anyway I only posted it because it was a good collage. Next time I will make sure there are no non-TIF women in the images I post lest I upset our resident femcel.(infighting)

No. 1974284

File: 1710012243219.jpg (882.89 KB, 1440x2467, 1000004074.jpg)

>remembers the discrimination trans men
face in the US justice system
what discrimination do tiffs face in the U.S justice system exactly?

No. 1974285

The female ones typically are, specifically when they're socially conservative. If you want to bar women from abortions and birth control, blame society's problems on the breakdown of muh nuclear family, and push your woman-hating skydaddy book on everybody, you're at least partially a trad pickme.

No. 1974287

You’ve not watched her content then.

No. 1974288

nta but i remember her video on abortions, she's dumb as fuck.

No. 1974290

tbh I disagree with that assumption just as much. Yeah a lot of gays and lesbians tend to be gnc, but gnc isn't some inherent sign of being gay and plenty of straight women and men are heavily nonconforming

No. 1974299

Agreed. If you look into any of the history behind effeminate men being seen as gay or as masculine women being seen as lesbians, it stems from needing an imaginary scapegoat to just regular ol' misogyny/homophobia. We all know trannys have been latching onto LGB to have some sort of legitimacy and a large part of it stems from a vague "Queer" identity label thats put onto anyone that isn't stereotypical Barbie or Ken gender caricatures. Every single TIF I've known has been way too concerned with profiling GNC as "Queer", and insisting that it's likely a sign of gayness is part of that.

No. 1974301

I’ve never met a man competent at baking or cooking who didn’t get absolutely fawned over by women and most other men. The only people who mock a man for being good at something like that are envious bottom of the barrel scrotes who have nothing going for them.

I guess being put in female prison as a “man” is transphobic discrimination? Except any TIF who has any sense left in her whatsoever would rather be in a female prison than a male one.

No. 1974302

They're made to go to women's jail instead of being able to live out their yaoi fantasies in a male prison. They fail to realise that HRT isn't the great equaliser they think it is, and that putting a TIF in a men's prison would be like throwing a lamb to the wolves.

No. 1974329

You need to be 18 to post here.
Judging by the insufferable zoomer slang “ayo wait fr-“ these are probably girls just barely into their twenties too. Depressing and disgusting

No. 1974340

Still called a she tho kek. Even Dragona is acknowledged as a moid.

No. 1974388

KEK at her trying to deepen her voice, she tried to sound low and cool for this video but in picrel video you can hear that her voice sounds like she has a chronic cold but still inevitably female

No. 1974434

genuinely recoiled at this pic auhghhhh he would literally never wear something so fugly and trashy…….
that doesnt surprise me wrt pathetic straight girl ftms identifying as abused woobified will lol. the pathetic heterosexual media illiterate will graham kinnie VS. the BASED toxic lesbian media patrician hannibal identifier

No. 1974456

nayrt but the reason I think most are assuming future lesbian isn't the dinosaurs or any of the gnc stuff at all cause yeah that's mostly troon logic. She was insistent on imagining a wife for herself which yes straight kids do, but studies show kids have some innate sense of their orientation even before puberty which results in things like imagining their future prince or princess charming which is more likely to correlate to future sexuality than not. Of course outliers exist but that's probably the flag setting most anons off about this maybe being a case of convert the gay on top of the sexism.
I'm not saying this probably wasn't scary, but the way she talks so flippantly about her experience makes it seem it wasn't actually that traumatizing to her. Trauma usually entails some sort of long lasting effect beyond "wow that was a shitty situation, I'm good enough to make a tiktok recreating what they did down to the words without a bother".
Maybe it's the disconnect they get when they're on camera but I'm nearly always wrong when I give these people the benefit of the doubt around their "traumas"

No. 1974484

>I'm not saying this probably wasn't scary, but the way she talks so flippantly about her experience makes it seem it wasn't actually that traumatizing to her.
Yeah, this was something that shook her up at most, and she's now just juicing it for all it's worth. Her body language is veeery relaxed talking about this, and the way she signs off with "domestic abuse fucking sucks ass dood" with the devils horn is just… literally beyond parody, kek. I've been to support groups for victims of domestic abuse after my own bad experiences, and none of the women there were this flippant. Even the ones who went through abuse literal decades ago couldn't talk about it so casually, there were still clear signs of the damage done. Ezra knows how to weaponise victimhood and will use anything she can to keep climbing up the social media ladder; the cynic in me questions if this even happened tbh.

No. 1974506

it wasn't, the owl house is a relatively new media while the "genderfluid" image is from around 2014

No. 1974514

File: 1710076330435.jpg (98.54 KB, 1080x1475, 20240310_101307.jpg)

Kek. She looks like Sanji One Piece hope no one ever takes her seriously

No. 1974515

Men don’t wear those pins ma’am.

No. 1974539

>men don't get to be nurtured
I feel like I'm surrounded by pampered baby bitch men all day every day so maybe the author is just a huge loser. something to consider!

No. 1974548

The height and weight thing was suspicious to me too, but mostly because I’ve never seen a TIF that isn’t overweight or obese

No. 1974549

She looks slow. Not surprised by the troonery.

No. 1974562

do Tifs and Tims realize the pronouns pins immediately "clock" them as trans and this does the opposite effect of what they want? kek. no normal person needs a pin for others to properly gender them. And if they genuinely believed they passed they wouldn't need it too

No. 1974580

Specially when you're talking with them. In these cases, most of the times a normal person use "you/yours".

No. 1974589

It's rare but I've seen anorexic ones before. Where they try to shrink their chest by starvation. It's also because it makes them feel like smol bottoms.
Even more rare are the ones into fitness and seem mentally stable. Makes you wonder why. But those are unicorns. Some say they're extinct

No. 1974596

I've met a couple of bodybuilding TIFs on the scene but they are not mentally stable, kek. They're the fully deranged trutrans types and unironically watch content creators like Hamza to work on their "masculine purpose".

No. 1974605

Those are the only TIFs that scare me, because they’re the types to commit violence against other women out of roid rage and to prove how manly they are.

No. 1974649

File: 1710104182276.jpg (572.77 KB, 1080x1933, 385257577547557.jpg)

Many are genuinely out of touch with reality and seem to believe they can effortlessly pass as male just by cutting their hair short and wearing "male" clothing, because that's how it works in 2D and fiction.

No. 1974651

It's funny but true. I have one ftm friend who introduced me to their friends (from their teans circles) and I'm thinking of warning them because I felt like I could sense some seething. My friend had top surgery but chose not to take hormones (said something about long term health), so they kept a head full of hair, have naturally wider shoulders and voice deeper than some tifs who have been shooting up for almost a year (not froggy at all). I almost feel bad.(blogposting)

No. 1974656

for a second i thought she meant she was obviously a butch lesbian, but no she really thinks "man is when hair is short"

No. 1974658

Idgi she just looks like a lesbian

No. 1974659

Part of me wonders if the pins are just a way to control other people and they’re aware of that.

No. 1974666

It is and they are. I believe a huge draw of troonery for a lot of people is that current clownworld rules grant them power over others. They would control our very perception of them if they could, but they can't, so controlling our speech (under threat of social or even legal consequences) is the next best thing. Part of the reason tims go on a ma'ampage and tifs sob on reddit whenever they're "misgendered" is because it shatters that illusion of control

No. 1974671

Just looks like an alt girl.

No. 1974677

she's also insulting men attracted to her gay.

No. 1974720

You just know she likes being hit on by these "cishet men" and if a woman mistook her for a lesbian and hit on her she'd be disgusted

No. 1974721

Straight women need to get back to dressing as feminine I'm not joking, they're messing it up for the rest of us who want to link up with women. They have no right to be offended messing up our signals like that

No. 1974725

The more GNC women in the world the better, nona.

No. 1974738

File: 1710122839736.png (26.19 KB, 541x330, Screenshot_2.png)

we're just saying words now huh?

No. 1974751

Of course a tif would try to win an argument using tumblr notes, bet she won't even make a post for people who disagree to compare the numbers to

No. 1974752

So, if "masc" lesbians are "valid," and "lesbians" with penises are "valid," then masculine "cis" males can also theoretically be "valid" lesbians. I mean, why not? Apparently it isn't required to identify as a woman or be female to be a "lesbian," so why not?

No. 1974754

They're just clothes nona. The real problem is that genderspecials killed lesbian bars, so to meet gay women you have no choice but to either wade through troons on dating apps or go to cringey LGBTQIAP2SWTFBBQ events full of spicy straights. I'm still furious at the troons who killed Michfest.

No. 1974755

Self-hating butches on T are technically valid lesbians.

No. 1974757

kek this sounds just like my ex. typical self-hating butch who is now a pooner with a t beard and coloured hair(blog, no sage)

No. 1974772

File: 1710134013103.jpg (287.81 KB, 1080x820, 1000012201.jpg)

How do we feel about her insisting that women with PCOS or endometriosis means they can identify as a transwoman? She herself is saying that she's intersex because she has PCOS and that because a man called her a tranny once as a teenager that she's now a TiM. Pretty sure this girl is schizo or something.

No. 1974773

File: 1710134863030.png (969.24 KB, 1030x2037, 1000012207.png)

And by "estrogen" she is referring to the Zafemy patch, which is a birth control patch. A TiM cannot "transition" via a birth control patch. I've also never heard of PCOS or any intersex condition being treated with Zafemy, but I'm not a doctor or med student so.

No. 1974780

I think male characters who are called "babygirl" the most are probably the most likely to be hc'd as trans.

No. 1974785

Kikomi is valid

No. 1974798

This post has inspired me to start calling TIMs transmascs since they'll never get rid of their masculine features well enough.

No. 1974803

As someone with PCOS I welcome this. TIMs have carte blanche to do what they want, so this could just be the start of my supervillain arc. I've seen a lot of discourse about PCOS automatically banishing you from womanhood, but this is a new one, kek. Absolute insanity. Are men with shit like Klinefelter's now TIFs?

No. 1974996

File: 1710183482101.png (56.68 KB, 916x552, dfg.png)

On a thread about whether or not they'd rather go to male or female prison. I'm lost for words

No. 1974997

"femme brained" oh dear…

No. 1974998

File: 1710183904851.png (470.12 KB, 600x795, 697.png)

Ooh she passes so well, nonas! She's not like the other tiffies, she's strong and big and not a scaredy pussy! She doesn't generalise men because that's feminine and she's not feminine! god the wannabe "toxic masculinity" guy larp is killing me

No. 1974999

Might be a dumb observation but I've seen multiple kikomis ("AFAB trans woman") but I've never seen an "AMAB trans man".

I wonder why…

No. 1975002

Wow. Should just tell the all the raped male inmates to not be so femme brained and let it happen

No. 1975003

Lord help me, I'm about to commit a hate crime.

Total egg behaviour!

No. 1975018

>pretty big dude not to brag
that's code for being fat

No. 1975021

File: 1710185649639.png (728.12 KB, 1253x583, EFzF1ly.png)

This is also her btw.

No. 1975023

File: 1710185711861.jpg (58.38 KB, 902x272, suspiciosly femme brained.jpg)

I checked their profile and they posted their hands asking if they pass (yes, really) and I can confirm I saw some chub. I've noticed that these "hypermasc" super passing doods almost never post face or full body pics. I wonder why… I also found picrel and kek'd at how "femme brained" it is of her.

No. 1975030

seems her friends are femme-brained
>or tbh older people in general
ok girl and are these predatory older women who want fat ugly balding twenty year old women in the room with us right now

No. 1975051

All that edge and you just know she'll cry if you ma'am-ed her in the grocery store (where her fatass probably resides 25/8)

Ah, so on top being a retard, she's also pornsick enough to like moids who are a single stroke away from death. No wonder she views male prison through rose-tinted glasses.

No. 1975065

never ask a tif her opinion about 1968s to 1980s east germany

No. 1975120

File: 1710199306135.jpg (470.71 KB, 1079x1004, girlbeforfuckingrealKEK.jpg)

Was going down a tumblr rabbit hole and this made me laugh out loud KEK
>it gets better

No. 1975121

i couldn't imagine looking like that and being proud of it.

No. 1975145

The stretch marks from sudden rapid weight gain and the very manly tattoo of a fucking Jujustu Kaisen character inside a heart are a nice finishing touch.
Sometimes I wonder if the FtM troonism we see today would even exist without SWJ Tumblr.

No. 1975172

Can somebody explain to me why TiFs love Jujutsu Kaisen specifically so much?

No. 1975184

it was the flavour of the month when it came out. like when jojo got big. or when chainsaw man was the flavour.

No. 1975202

Is it kinda ironic that they looked more like the cute twink they wanted to be before the transition? Like fucking hell T just made them ugly.

No. 1975220

File: 1710211885532.jpeg (134.78 KB, 828x523, IMG_9329.jpeg)

salute this brave soldier right now

No. 1975225

So manly.

No. 1975238

RIP to an EXTREMELY CUTE mentally ill bisexual woman… I'm sure she'll come to her senses and detrans in a few years.

No. 1975247

File: 1710216785050.jpg (549.08 KB, 699x1789, Suicide averted.jpg)

Not gonna argue that the boyfriend isn't a weirdo here (but I mean what do you expect from someone who gets with a troon?) But I am kekking at "man of trans experience" and needing extensive therapy to cope with the flesh tube she paid to have sewn to her crotch. She also mentions in the comments that she blew all her savings on it and referred to it as a "life-saving" surgery

No. 1975253

>I'm soooo tough and scary that they're in danger of ME, being raped is fembrained
Moids go to prison thinking like this and look how it turns out for them, and look how much help they get. I think you should stop watching Stone Ocean.

The sentence she chose to emphasise is about they/theming a troo tranz man as if that's the worst thing written there. Priorities.

No. 1975255

>he kept fake boxing my cock

This has to be a bait post. Holy shit I am laffin

No. 1975263

Ooooooh ok so they mean 'butch or GNC' when they say transmasc. So much stuff makes sense now. Kek imagine having to invent a whole new identity and 'come out' because you like wearing flannel and boxers.

No. 1975264

Why isn't body image focused therapy and 'radical self-love' more popular among transes BEFORE they get surgery? Is body acceptance transphobic?

No. 1975266

it's based because it makes the crossdressing pedos angry and shows how irrational the whole tranny movement is.

No. 1975270

Just say she, nobody would jump at you anon.

No. 1975281

File: 1710230423018.jpg (348.65 KB, 1080x1476, 1000012270.jpg)

You'd be surprised. She's dating a TiM who seems to support her "afab trans woman" identity

No. 1975285

it's popular among fujos of which a lot of weeb tifs are
>You'd be surprised
not really, it's a straight man getting pussy by lying and "affirming" her identity. he could see himself as legit trans and still laugh at the little tiffany behind her back because male cognitive dissonance is strong

No. 1975305

>Pretty sure this girl is schizo or something.
>You'd be surprised. She's dating a TiM who seems to support her "afab trans woman" identity
lol why would y'all assume she's being serious and not just making fun of troons with a supportive bf/friend who plays along

No. 1975307

Poisoning the well and making entitled incel men angry by co-opting their identity they take on to pretend they're oppressed is based.

No. 1975310

File: 1710236702359.jpeg (276.04 KB, 828x1463, 4681FC99-A192-44F7-9EB1-2B5394…)

water is wet

No. 1975311

Did she just imply that trans men are NOT masc?

No. 1975314

Idiots continue to misunderstand that it's a unisex prison and the doctor's being sarcastic, there's literally another guy in the line

No. 1975329

File: 1710242281362.png (633.39 KB, 697x2105, Screenshot_20240312-131516.png)

This is what being a boy is like. I know it's true because the media says so.

No. 1975333

how old is she?

No. 1975338

I was about to say she was a cute girl with a nice slim figure, then she trooned and ballooned.

No. 1975342

Jesus. Does she think girls and women just sit around doing nothing and being pretty?
A post from half a year ago says 18.

No. 1975345

>Chains are masculine-coded
Come the fuck on, man. I swear these nuts will gender a plain white t-shirt and write purple prose about how it's a masculine staple of so much importance. Madness.

No. 1975346

Literally stuff that everyone who drives and has expressed interest in barbecues does.

No. 1975348

>very queer cis guy
>incredibly misogynistic, refers to her vagina as “gaping” and “phat creamy cunt”
totes queer and totes not a nasty straight woman-hating moid. the level of delusion is shocking

No. 1975349

women can do literally all of these things, what is this retard talking about “boy”

No. 1975350

Very cavetown coded owo boi
>inb4 this is a mid 20s grown ass adult

No. 1975352

where is the part where she masturbates to deranged porn for hours and blames all of her problems on women? her day to day life doesnt seem very male-coded to me.

No. 1975363

Her definition of ‘women’ probably includes middle aged AGP groomhons. Any time I come across someone claiming to have an older ‘sugar mommy’ it turns out to be an old crossdresser who made bank in a traditionally male field before transitioning and abandoning his wife and children to groom kids online.

She thinks that running errands for her parents and caring for younger siblings is a boy thing? lol. lmao even

No. 1975365

Lol spot on!
I'm also laughing about how her ''''''male''''' need to help her mom doesn't extend past useless stuff like flowers or opening doors and not something that the mom would really need, like help with domestic chores and of course not anything that requires physical strength or mechanical know-how. Anything really that isn't linked to changing the way you dress and then pretending that it makes you a whole new different person, like an immature teenage girl.

No. 1975367

Sweetie- I mean, um, son we need you to do the dishes. I’m too weak to do them and um, it’s a ‘boy thing’, you know? Like Mr Clean.

No. 1975376

>sure I’ll take care of the younger children and run over to the beauty supply store because those are actually very masculine manly man things to do!

>stop asking me to turn off my porn vidya game and do the dishes, mom, that’s misogynistic uwu

so progressive
such gender role reversal
sexism is over

No. 1975407

Considering she's also larping as native american and jewish when she's not jewish and just a white girl. And always e begging for her or her boyfriend. If you can find proof that she's trolling and scamming people out of money, please do. That would be a rabbit hole of it's own that I'd love to see explored.

No. 1975423

replace the word boy with the word retard and fits like a glove

No. 1975425

Bass guitar is literally the most female coded instrument kek

No. 1975438


No. 1975441

You're just as retarded as the troon with this take.

No. 1975450

likely because they call it "aidening" and it's a rape tactic, not either a bit or straight up schizoshit

No. 1975501

No. 1975619

Nta but if you know anything about the history of pop/rock music in the west this is a very common trope

No. 1975634

File: 1710293000980.png (35.84 KB, 296x364, Screenshot 2024-03-12 9.24.53 …)

No. 1975636

No, TiF. You're just a fucking slob. It wasn't T, it was your shit diet and eating habits.

No. 1975649

Even she sounds so unconvinced by her words kek.

No. 1975698

I had forgotten about her, it's like she got her entire ideas of what boys are like from south park slash fiction.

No. 1975717

File: 1710319072324.png (103.89 KB, 886x675, followup.png)

Follow up on ftms psycho bf was posted on other farms.

No. 1975721

I'm starting to suspect this too is a fake story that some sick scrote wrote as wank fodder. It's just too over the top with the "man of trans experience".

No. 1975724

I don't know. Kiwifags have admitted to preying on ftms for easy sex so maybe it's that type of incel faggot going mask off around friends.

No. 1975725

men get off to the weirdest shit so i believe it.

No. 1975726

This is written a little robotically
>man of trans experience
Never heard a tif say this
>this is trauma
Writing tip: show, don't tell
>I must undo the effects this has had on my body
What does that even mean

There is always the chance this is a retarded tif, but can't be too sure on reddit

No. 1975727

Got the same vibe, anon. it's written very unnaturally
>This…this is trauma
This line is particularly badly written. I know TIFs can write in unusual ways, but come on

This has the hallmarks of a fake reddit post: too much has happened in one day. Snooping on her bf's laptop is possible, but then immediately moving out, looking into a restraining order, therapy and camp lost boys in less than a day? If this was posted in aita, redditors would scream 'fake'.

No. 1975731

>fellow man of trans experience
>let me nest in his safe haven
>let it be known that I am safe

I'm an ESL fag, but this also just sounds weirdly fake-dramatic to me. Also lol at "can't go to the police because she is a stealth man" wtf does that even mean, is she scared the police will misgender her?
I also vote for fake, though not sure who would write that and why.

No. 1975732

Their ignorance of history is so annoying. From the 1960s to the late 1980s, East Germany and the United States exchanged prisoners. And what else happened during that period? The Olympic Games! East Germany was a very poor communist country. They wanted to distract the public from that fact and make themselves look better than West Germany, so they tried to do that by winning the Olympic sports. At the 1976 Olympic Games in Montreal, East Germany won 40 gold medals. The women’s swim team won 11 of the 13 swimming events! But it would not have happened without the help of steroids. Doctors lied to the athletes about the pills they were taking. The truth discovered after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Testosterone Injections and pills were given without their consent. Anyone who dared ask questions was kicked off the team. It’s very likely that the woman in the picture here was an athlete who was also sent to a US women’s prison after prison exchange. When I see what happens right now during the women's sports I am reminded of this event. I can't believe they refuse to look at history and twist it to fit their own views. Sure, it could be a simple mistake or ignorance but a little bit of misinformation can change a lot of stuff, like what they say about Stonewall and Elagabalus(off-topic)

No. 1975742

Nah youre absolutely right nonna its dramatic as hell

No. 1975743

File: 1710331532824.png (2.1 MB, 1284x2669, IMG_1128.png)

I’m sorry if this was posted last thread, but this is fucking heartless.

No. 1975745

File: 1710332664838.png (150.96 KB, 646x782, more for me!.png)

No. 1975748

My guess is that his might be a grift, and whoever wrote this will start asking for donations next towards therapy. that camp thingy they mentioned and finding a new place to live.

No. 1975749

kek next threadpic

No. 1975750

you know what lady, you are a man, because only a man could be this self-centered

No. 1975753

>lesbian flag with Danny Devito goat man pfp

No. 1975759

> I’m the main character so my experiences are universal!
> T will give me a big wiener
> informed consent
This person sure said a lot of stuff that boiled down to “I’m a useful idiot”. If your informed consent includes delusional thinking, it’s not as informed as you think it is. If you’re too stupid to understand when you’re being lied to, it’s not informed consent. This person is at the bargaining stage of denial; “I’m too smart to be fooled, all you other fools got fooled but I am no fool!”

No. 1975762

>you're literally just going through male puberty
It scares me that trannies think that puberty is nothing more than the development of secondary sex characteristics. Especially the ones who have been on puberty blockers. Their bodies will never properly develop into a healthy functioning adult body.
Also by her logic, women with PCOS also go through male puberty when their body produces excess testosterone…

No. 1975768

When this cultural zeitgeist is on its last legs this bitch is going to be bawling her eyes out and ripping out the last tufts of hair from her self-inflicted balding head wishing she never chopped her tits off and never destroyed her body with the totally safe and reversible testosterone all the NLOGs were doing kek. When all this shit blows over she's going to go back to lamenting how ugly she is just like every other woman who troons out, because most women who troon out start out wishing they were beautiful in the first place. The troonism is just pulling a big "NO I'M SERIOUS I NEVER CARED IT'S NOT A BIG DEAL TO ME" cope kek.

No. 1975770

should be next thread pic.

No. 1975805

Ah, this is giving me tumbler 2013 trucum nostalgia (transmansable, toplioncub et al). The manly misogynistic bro men who all eventually broke down crying about how the bagels (lesbian hons) are in fact men and will always have an advantage over the totally passing, totally male brained real man-bro himothy because he's a w-w… W… No, not like this!

There is nothing more femme brained than deluding yourself about how things are more even than they really are, how you have all the agency and how women can hurt men too so you're safe. Chances are, 90% of women in your lineage told this to themselves to cope with being completely shafted and unable to do anything about it. The moidbrained thing to do would be to claim absolute victimhood and justify violent retaliation in response - you know, like what trans wommyn do.

No. 1975843

File: 1710354401823.jpg (84.25 KB, 654x960, tumblr_77e5523f03f3ed2d64d08e6…)

presented without comment

No. 1975844

ah, this retard thinks women with pcos are intersex

No. 1975845

jesus, imagine being this insecure that you need your fucking blood diaper to affirm you. how do these people live?

No. 1975850

Fucking kek also get my vote for next thread pic

No. 1975870

I don't know if this was what araki was thinking of when making this but that's so interesting, thanks for the info nona. And of course tifs are shit at history, theyre busy trying to trans any non conforming historical figure because they're not alive to speak for themselves, and certainly couldn't freely speak for themselves back in the day.

No. 1975872

>if medical professionals and other trannies did not tell you about the effects of this experimental procedure, and even actively hide it from you to avoid being called a twansphobe, that's YOUR fault akshully
Sure sweetie

Also, making the detrans character say
>omg they took my womanly breasts
These pickmes can never resist making fun of women huh

No. 1975877

File: 1710359343756.jpg (753.6 KB, 1074x2446, 1000012433.jpg)

There are people who believe PCOS and endometriosis is intersex, yes.

Which this one also thinks because she's a female with PCOS and NCAH that she's a TiM or something.

No. 1975878

File: 1710359607631.png (463.1 KB, 810x1280, 1000012438.png)

Wtf is "/nbr" anyways. I can't keep up with all their slang.

No. 1975889

not being rude? I think

No. 1975920

File: 1710366276534.jpg (360.23 KB, 695x1082, 20240312_200026.jpg)

If you assumed this was a teenager, you're wrong, this woman is 29

No. 1975945

Imagine being 29 and still wanting to be called a 'boy', tiffany you're a grownass woman.

No. 1975953

File: 1710370881936.png (101.85 KB, 875x811, image.png)

The kid suicided herself. They're making her a martyr that way now since she didn't die by any injuries

No. 1975956

Glad to see that detransers are speaking up more about their experiences. Maybe one day picrel will be able to have a shred of empathy for the other self-hating women who tried to transition their problems away and found out that it only made things worse.
Can't wait for her autistic meltdown to really show all the family and neighbors that she's a dood! There's no way that'll make them think she's an insane woman!

No. 1975957

I don't mean to sound harsh, but it's like the kid knew what she was doing. It's like that Leela(?) MTF that commit suicide and left a note or something on tumblr and then became St. Troon, patron saint of the 41%. Maybe I'm too jaded, maybe the kid got freaked out at the consequences of fighting like that, idk. Glad the girls she fought with are now cleared of contributing to her death; though I'm sure some people will still blame them.

No. 1975959

File: 1710371305328.png (188.96 KB, 1470x886, Screenshot 2024-03-13 154006.p…)

Her Reddit profile is just depressing. She lives with her Christian mother and sister who told her that reading Fifty Shades of Grey is a disgusting sin and seems to genuinely be really autistic with a self-proclaimed mental age of 14. Troonism claims yet another vulnerable SSA woman.

No. 1975990

i know people here are unlikely to be sympathetic but this is sad, she was very young and still had a lot life left to live. rip.

No. 1975991

Helen Joyce, noted gender critical, just dropped an podcast interview about the fujo to tif pipeline, lol. Sorry, I mean fanfic to tif pipeline because I'm sure she didn't dive deep enough into fandom to find out about fujos as she calls ships 'couplings'

No. 1975997

>stoopid detranses have buyer's remorse and stupid feelings of regret but not me because I know everything about transitioning
>you literally go through a male puberty
>you literally grow a penis
This is tempting karma.
>troons downplay and deny all the adverse effects of transitioning and tell cult members that anyone warning them about this are bigots who want to kill them

No. 1975999

>it's literally just male puberty anyways it's not scary uwu
there are all kinds of things that can happen to a female body with excess levels of testosterone that do not happen to a male body with the same levels
>I had to sign a waiver
a waiver that lots of gendies will claim is transphobic and misleading on purpose to discourage people from transitioning
>you could've stopped anytime!
some of these changes can happen literally overnight and a lot of these women who are microdosing to become a yaoi boi are going to be fucking horrified when they wake up with their first facial hairs or first voice break.
>womanly breasts
people can regret tattoos, piercings, and haircuts, so how come it's so unbelievable that someone would regret a mastectomy?
God I hate these people. As a true tumblrina would say, it costs zero dollars to be kind. Detransitioners are people in true mental distress because of their poor choices, similar to addicts and criminals who I'm sure OP would bend over backwards to defend. But zero empathy for the people who are arguably victims of the medical system.

No. 1976000

It's sad, but I still can't believe so many people online were claiming those girls she was in a fight with killed her. Demonizing them before the truth was out could ruin their lives.

No. 1976008

My friend actually really thinks the medical examiner is lying. She really wants to believe that some freshmen girls are murderers.

No. 1976009

File: 1710379598103.jpg (899.1 KB, 1080x2190, skaroy.jpg)

>soft cutesy art style
>yaoi OCs, and draws one of them looking like a girl and dressing hyperfem
>he/him in bio
Do tifs like this get made in a factory?

No. 1976015

>spend free time in the bathroom with your emo friend
>discuss frerard and bnha and other common teen topics
>laugh uncontrollably because you're a teenager
>three normie freshman girls who you don't even know walk into the bathroom and go "what are they laughing about???"
>you are hyper on laughter and frerard so you turn on the sink and aim the water at the girls
>you're at a reservation border town school. you know you're starting a fight and the freshmen know it too
>a freshman charges you but you're quicker and you slam her head into a paper towel dispenser
>her friends tackle you to the ground and knock you out
>clearly your emo friend did not back you up in the fight like you thought she would
>talk to the police and your guardians in a calm way so nobody suspects anything
>kill yourself

It's fucked up and tragic and mundane at the same time. Most youth suicides are planned much like adult suicides. She probably didn't have an exact day or time picked out beforehand. But she knew how to do it and she had the supplies to do it. After her emo friend left her to fight 3 vs 1, she decided "now's as good a time as any."

I think her story is important because it sounds like something any struggling teen girl could end up doing. But instead, the story is erased and hijacked by big trans. So now it's no longer universally relatable to teen girls. I know that many troubled teen girls are TIFs now but not all of them. Some are in different social groups but are still extremely similar to Nex in many ways.

No. 1976017

File: 1710380509000.jpg (154.12 KB, 1280x1006, 1688364540431.jpg)

does anyone have the meme that was similar to this one but had original drawings and more characters (think it had two parts)(spoonfeeding request)

No. 1976027

File: 1710385089436.jpg (39.19 KB, 736x414, bf04d8075e605d731659e3e847693d…)

>TRAs making any dead trans person a martyr for their shit, even if is for the dumbest reason.

No. 1976028

File: 1710385392872.jpg (151.09 KB, 811x910, 1710382451661.jpg)

Autopsy report

No. 1976029

did she really od on anti-depressants and fucking anti-allergy medication. Seems sus. I thought modern ssris where hard to kill yourself on drs purposely don’t prescribe things you can easily kill yourself with. I’m guessing she has a seizure and died from the prozac and the beating didnt help. idk how dangerous anti allergy meds are.

No. 1976030

File: 1710385687725.jpg (53.98 KB, 850x638, desktop-wallpaper-eminem-the-r…)

you make me think in a kind of TIF factory like The Real Slim Shady.

People are still thinking the AGP kid was killed for "trans hate crime" when it was a common "we're so edgy, we kill people for fun" teens that got him by accident. They are going to still blame these kids for Nex's death even with all evidence saying otherwise.

No. 1976031

That sounds fucking miserable and painful. Poor fucking girl. If she was suffering from mental illness (she was nonbinary and "emo" so probably) I can just imagine how horribly alone and abandoned she must have felt. That is so sad.

No. 1976032

diphenhydramine can be fatal on its own if taken in large amounts. it lowers the seizure threshold, she probably went through serotonin syndrome (can be induced from high doses of SSRIs) which would also make her more susceptible to seizures.

No. 1976033

File: 1710386801445.png (Spoiler Image,5.91 MB, 1350x1916, h3skdjhfSH6.png)

This is the same moron who drew this eyesore.
Oh noes, they lost their single hatecrime murder for this year's trans decade of remembrance/justice/onanism.

No. 1976034

these tifs are so fucking annoying, i wish they would stop invading spaces for women with their faggotry. Literally no fujo wants to read about femboy shit, it's a scrote thing.

No. 1976035

will never get over the lava under that tif's boob

No. 1976036

ew really gross. this really be the girls into serial killers and shit.

No. 1976039

So she had straight As, a BPD diagnosis, and psych meds. She grew up on a Cherokee reservation but wasn't enrolled in the tribe. She wasn't hardcore about gender and pronouns. She probably didn't use pronouns outside the social circle she was in at school. One of her friends in that social circle let her get beat up in a fight. After her death, her social circle at school contributed to the trans martyr bathroom bill narrative. But one of them was literally in the bathroom with her and knows what actually happened!

That's the part that I'm still stuck on. Kids are better at keeping secrets than adults.

No. 1976042

File: 1710388397480.jpg (92.84 KB, 720x584, Screenshot.jpg)

Kf apparently dug up that she was raped by her bio dad.

No. 1976045

>facial hair
fucking where?

No. 1976055

File: 1710392731874.png (62.44 KB, 512x75, vcReoCy.png)

At the 12-minute mark, she basically stated what any outside observer could really notice, the fact that it's just hetroseuxality with extra steps.

No. 1976056

>I'm sure she didn't dive deep enough into fandom to find out about fujos
The comments are mentioning some of them though like genshin impact

No. 1976066

>teenage girl attention seeking suicide attempt
>was raped by her bio dad
ot but I hate kiwiscrotes like you wouldn't believe

No. 1976068

File: 1710401140469.jpeg (475.69 KB, 2146x1994, 1688323225170.jpeg)

No. 1976069

File: 1710401413055.png (367.04 KB, 2720x2720, 1688318235277.png)

No. 1976073

Benedryl is actually awful for you & most physicians worth their salt will tell you not to take it because there are better allergy medicines on the market that don’t increase your risk for dementia & that are harder to OD on.

Fun random fact: you see a lot of drug seekers request IV Benedryl because it’ll fuck you up. The “hat man” memes aren’t that far off.

No. 1976074

Half of it is behind a pay wall so maybe she does cover the fujo to tif pipeline.

No. 1976097

File: 1710408896997.png (330.94 KB, 1080x1929, Screenshot_20240314-113702.png)

In the ftm sub they're all for trusting the scientists and processionals… when it's convenient.

No. 1976100

ty nonas but it wasn't these, it was uncolored drawings i think? done by a true scholar of tifs and degenerate internet culture

No. 1976101

lol i remember her animation memes she's been at this for years

No. 1976107

>It's sad, but I still can't believe so many people online were claiming those girls she was in a fight with killed her. Demonizing them before the truth was out could ruin their lives.
Even on lc anons were sperging that she obviously died from having her head smashed into the floor and they attacked other anons for even speculating that wasn't it. Goes to show you how media propaganda affects even people critical of a movement.

No. 1976108

>talk to the police and your guardians in a calm way so nobody suspects anything
An important step after this before the overdose: the police informed her (and her grandma/mom/person who was in the room with her) she was the only one responsible for the fight because she admitted to starting it. She could be sent to juvie over this and she knew it, that was probably scary to think about.

No. 1976114

>a waiver that lots of gendies will claim is transphobic and misleading on purpose to discourage people from transitioning
in her own comic she disregards everything in the waiver so how can she turn around and say other women should have taken it seriously when it's seen as anti-trans fear mongering? It's literally being equated to those fake and misleading abortion facts you get told in some parts of america before you go under the knife when it's nothing of the sort. I've seen people say shit like "well tylenol can kill you too, this is obviously being exaggerated" and it seems the doctors indicate it too that this is all just routine side effects you'd possibly get from any medication. Something that also fuck over any troons that have been healthy their whole lives and don't know livable vs actually bad side effects. Plus for doctors the claimed equation here is to avoid death at all costs so side effects that can lead to the worst quality of life are seen totally differently here than for other medicines. Something that could be seen as a red flag symptom to take someone off of birth control would be seen as a shitty, but unavoidable for troon hormones because having your uterus spontaneously die on you is still better than death. And this equation is something troons simply do not have the medical understanding to realise just how fucking dogshit they've created their sitation, nor do doctors explain that every suggestion is made with that equation in mind so if a troon asks about the side effects this conversation is different than any other they've had and they don't realise.
It's a case where anything goes and malpractice cannot easily be proven because any extreme and drastic measures or emergencies that arise can be explained away as the doctor doing anything they could to keep them alive. Especially when they sign away their rights with the informed consent model where they can tell you less because you basically sign that you have a full knowledge and understanding of homeostasis and pharmacology in regards to the horse pills.

No. 1976195

File: 1710435133108.jpg (36.71 KB, 359x427, 1710379598103~2.jpg)

Even the moid she drew looks like a buff butch lesbian with this face, it's just lesbianism with extra steps kek.

No. 1976205

Sigh this would be cuter if it was two women, instead of two pseudo women drawn by a straight girl attracted to gay men

No. 1976206

nah, i think it's straight but she has same face syndrome

No. 1976246

>I think it's straight but she has same face syndrome
That's lowkey what I said though? She's drawing a straight couple but her skills are limited and style is so ultrafeminine that even the dude looks like anything but a dude with that face. She definitely hasn't practiced body anatomy; hell, knowing troons, she'll probably call it twansphobic if you told her that men and women have different bodies kek, as gender dimorphism is a threat to her femboy fantasy.

I'll have to agree, lesbian couple would've been cuter instead of something that seems like a cry for help (or attention) from a very delusional being with 3rd stage porn-brainrot. She just needs to reduce the coomer shit like 'bdsm' from her works and get her brain checked, then she has the potential to draw some adorable comics.

No. 1976281

File: 1710450758788.jpg (108.66 KB, 1080x756, Screenshot_20240315_023438_Chr…)

Why do tifs whine about pronouns so much under every single place dedicated to chatbots? Imagine getting offended by a fucking ai out of all things. Weak.

No. 1976292

Of course the AI clocked you, you're talking to a comfort character after a bad day! If you were actually male, you'd be making the AI churn out pure filth to get off to. Hell, the phrase "comfort character" alone outs you, kek.

No. 1976318

TIF's will engage with the most feminine activities out there for female nerds like reading self insert fanfic about husbandos or talking to AI chatbots for comfort and then wonder why the default pronouns used are she/her kek. The lack of self awareness is astounding you almost have to wonder if they're playing dumb on purpose

No. 1976335

If you told me that this was one of the Blobby artists, I would believe you 110%.

No. 1976340

Kek I love how they included one of their ~magic crystals~ in the product photo.

No. 1976343

All of this assumes that the people going through these channels are rational, mentally stable adults and not… y'know, suggestible, neurodivergent teenagers. I can absolutely see how a young and/or mentally ill person can read about the negatives effects of testosterone on paper and be okay with the tradeoffs until it actually starts happening to their own bodies. There are sixteen year olds having double mastectomies, are they exclusively to blame for what was done to them? They can't vote, consent to sex, get tattoos, drink, get married, or even rent a car, but they can consent to modifying their sex organs and body permanently? It's insane how this exact same group of minors will call 18 year olds "literal children" or absolve people of accountability because they're "neurodivergent" but then turn around and act like those same groups of people have the mental faculties to consent to altering their bodies in often irreversible ways. Pick a lane.

No. 1976370

It gets worse

No. 1976380

File: 1710476828041.jpeg (925 KB, 1170x1879, IMG_2049.jpeg)

a TIF i follow posted this on her insta story. why do so many larping fujos post self pity shit like they’re actually gay men? do they think it’s cute and quirky to feel marginalized by society for your sexuality when they’re actually just straight girls?

No. 1976381

also of course it’s some bl manga shit, because if its a pretty anime boy they can romanticize the homophobia!

No. 1976387

There’s a tttt namefag called Ayden who does this. He trooned out then tried to go back but can’t because of PAIS lolol

No. 1976390

They've never been marginalised by anything ever so they think its cute and safe and romantic and deep, since that's how it's shown in the media they consoom. Sidenote this is why I find poc tifs weird, you know what it's like to be marginalised so why romanticise it? Generally it's stricter gender roles and tradition and self hatred of course but I'm talking about the ones who specifically romanticise being marginalised and larping as these poor tortured suffering wittle anime bishies.(baiting)

No. 1976391

File: 1710478798541.png (520.94 KB, 1088x635, themme.PNG)

I follow this TiF couple that's been personal cows for myself for a while and they just posted this, kek. I love when troons fall back on their own logic. They go from this to saying "girls in skirts".

No. 1976404

After ten years, though? I doubt it. The story doesn't add up; it's a little too "dramaporn" in the way Reddit likes to be true. I feel like a trans widower would have called it quits long before the corndog surgery. They sometimes tough it out through a mastectomy, but it's pretty uncommon. Tifs' marriages only seem to survive if the husband also troons out, or if they're married to another natal female.

No. 1976408

This. It sounds like a teenage impulse suicide to me, not something pre-planned.

No. 1976409

>two pseudo women
Only the pink haired one looks that way. The one with brown hair is literally just a standard anime bishie. It comes across as really straight to me.

No. 1976427

Fascinating. If you can drop more info on him please do. Any screenshots are appreciated.

No. 1976546

I really am annoyed with how TRAs the ‘gender isn’t clothing’ point. Yea we know, the only people who disagree are traditionalist fundies.

No. 1976554

yeah but they only abide by that when it benefits them, aka when they’re just heterosexual women with he/they in their bio. how many times have you seen seething troons crying about how they’re “real men” because they wear pants and hate the color pink?

No. 1976566

File: 1710530491209.png (1.03 MB, 1280x802, 1000012623.png)

Tiffany upset that people don't take her "AFAB intersex trans woman lesbian" identity seriously. She also has she and they pronouns listed. So why does she even care? And why would a TiM use he/him? Since she's so convinced she's a timmy because she has Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.

No. 1976573

Kikomi irl

No. 1976583

Okay this isn’t alright. Sure she died from suicide rather than the beating and sure it’s retarded that TRAs are making her some sort of martyr when she was just a mentally ill 16 year old, but it’s not okay to theorise like this and demonise her for the events leading up to her death, just because she was a tif. She was a child and her death is undeniably tragic no matter how you put it, it’s very likely that she _was_ being bullied by those girls and considering her state of health after that and prior to her death, she _was_ beaten badly. Bullying among teens is no joke and it is something to be treated seriously no matter the circumstance.(are you lost?)

No. 1976586

Oh my god. Poor girl. What a shit life, if only she’d gotten the help she needed rather than being hoodwinked by the cult due to her vulnerability. May she rest in peace.

No. 1976604

File: 1710535980167.png (Spoiler Image,1.69 MB, 1080x1458, 1000012640.png)

is Kikomi AMAB passing

No. 1976661

No, not really. All this woke gendie shit can go straight to hell. You don't have to be extremely feminine or extremely masculine, but behave your damn part.(baiting/infighting)

No. 1976663

File: 1710548320915.gif (455.31 KB, 200x150, judging-disgusted.gif)

No. 1976676

Yes, I know you hate straight gendercrits here. Like it or not, there's a huge audience of 'tradthots' on this site that you inexplicably condemn when we have the same enemy. The enemy of my enemy is my friend, RIGHT?

No. 1976683

The enemy for most of us is scrotes. Which includes trannies and agps and yes, pickme tifs and fakebois are a part of the cult too. Men hijack womanhood, push the stereotypical notions of it, target lesbians in particular to “take the girldick” and claim any gnc woman or feminine man is an “egg” secretly. Let’s not do the same as the trannies and beat down our fellow women by telling them they’re gendies just for dressing outside of the norm. If “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” is true then why make such a damning and regressive statement. If you want all women to pander to moids and perform an expression of femininity to their liking you can go back to kf because you sound like one of them kek.

Sorry for sperg but this pissed me off.

No. 1976685

You're going way off tangent, nonnie. That's a very gendie trait to be deeply offended over your own delusions of what I wasn't even implying. This is why everyone gets tired trying to stand up for your particular breed, and maybe something you should look deeper into if you hope for inclusion in any reality. I guess we won't be friends after all.(stop)

No. 1976690

I think you don't understand what "GNC" means because it has nothing to do with woke gendie shit.

No. 1976692

I just think it’s retarded to police other gendercrits for their fashion choices when there is a much larger issue at hand here. You said it yourself:
> the enemy of my enemy is my friend
so why make a problem out of gnc women, once again. Nothing wrong with dressing how you want as long as you don’t deny biological reality or do it as a fetish. I just don’t see what your quip was meant to be there, nona.

No. 1976706

its REEE THE DEATH DESECRATION DISRESPECT OF FEMININITY [pic of extremely feminine woman in armor or like, someones mom at a grocery store](infighting)

No. 1976709

It has everything to do with it. But we've be asked to stop, so stop we will. Good day.

No. 1976717

yup, because either the three freshman girls killed her or the police did because everyone knows— trans people are the main target of police brutality.

No. 1976913

File: 1710618768414.jpg (Spoiler Image,476.11 KB, 1080x1766, 1000012701.jpg)

Kikomi isn't even trying to pass as AMAB kek

No. 1976933

The only thing that's 'huge' is her brainrot and delusion.

No. 1976984

File: 1710630576177.jpg (422.2 KB, 1076x1098, Wtf is Matthew Broderick doing…)

What does it even mean? Why are they like that? I want to believe so much that such posts are made by coombrained moids and not actual women.

No. 1976986

they're just making fun of those misogynistic, sometimes paedophilic forced fem/ sissy captions moids make

No. 1976997

Idk they seem to be unironic/trying to imitate them, not make fun of them

No. 1977016

File: 1710641029314.png (84.39 KB, 295x215, Screenshot 2024-03-16 10.00.45…)

how about you "trade in your shame" for unlearning internalized misogyny retardedness instead of hormones and surgery that will make you feel and look like shit.
was it more like a "pop them in and swallow" or a "nibble little by little until it's broken down and then swallow"? also how old were you to be doing that? nonnie, please answer, i have questions.

No. 1977017

File: 1710641240190.jpg (89.37 KB, 400x452, tumblr_4747a8ec3ceac508078357e…)

the cognitive dissonance on this one is crazy

No. 1977049

Maybe she means she just chewed on them like everyone does to Polly Pocket's clothes. Hopefully she wasn't popping them like pills kek

No. 1977051

I’ll try and round up scs, been a bit since I’ve been there and last I checked archive search function was fucked. He got his neovag with Supron in Thailand. His mother came with him and caught a disease there which killed her. He was living with his violent volatile brother last I knew. Estranged/no family otherwise. Spergs endlessly at anyone who says he’s not a troo fakeboi. I’ll stop since no caps.

No. 1977064

Very true nonnas. So much hypocrisy and bad faith.

No. 1977082

File: 1710664757871.png (102.09 KB, 1282x596, depressing.png)

I had to screencap this comment on kf (yeah, I know) because it's a thought I've had for the longest time but couldn't quite put into words.

No. 1977084

but i do see the arrested development and wanting to be a teen boy as a degenerate pedo thing kek. shes giving these self-hating women too much credit

No. 1977103

chewing and then swallowing lol. was definitely too old to be doing that, probably 10-12 last time i did
yeah i was under the impression it was very tongue in cheek, but some of the newer ones have a cringe sincerity

No. 1977109

thank you anon for your work you alone make the sexualization of boys and girls equal. now boyhood and boy's toys and boy's childhoods are treated the same by this pedophilic world, like girlhood, girl's toys and girl's childhoods are treated.

No. 1977114

File: 1710676814618.jpg (339.91 KB, 750x1000, tumblr_a1b820b1e8f72b032d58f33…)

They want to be like the gay moids who make those fetish posts where they write a fanfic under a picture of a random guy as jerk off material (or in the case of picrel, they're just being insanely retarded, thinking that all women can do are be fuckdolls). Something along the lines of "alpha males" turning weaker men into their "faggots." My (actual) gay male mutuals on tumblr reblog shit like that to laugh at it all the time; my best bet is to assume that the tiffies making these want to be just like the moids who get off on what I mentioned above. It's really cringe and if you're aware of their inspiration, these just feel embarrassing and lame; I mean, out of all the things you could try to copy, you're really gonna go for the lowest of low? (then again that is entirely unsurprising, given how far marinated in the coom so many of these wannabe "gay" tifs are) I just know the women behind these are all balding, pube-bearded fatties who think they're ~just like the epic cool gay men~ (who are disgusting coomers, mind you). Something about divorcing the softboy aesthetic (which has been tightly associated with tifs for years now) and instead trying to seem rough, gruff, and free like "the boys" (lol).

No. 1977121

File: 1710679062120.png (1.63 MB, 2048x1616, ugly_coomshit.png)

I don't know, I partially agree with the idea that the sexualization of little girls makes imaginary "boyhood" appealing to a considerable subsection of TIFs, but the way the post frames the issue makes it sound like specifically girly things like dolls and MLP and whatnot being sexualized is the problem, as if all girls or all TIFs would be interested in traditionally feminine things growing up and being repelled by them only because they are sexualized by gross pedomoids. The root issue is not that girly things are being sexualized, because it's little girls themselves who are sexualized, and girly stuff becomes sexualized alongside it, due to being associated with girls. Even if a girl is a tomboy who hates dolls and dresses, she will still get sexualized simply due to being a girl (see: the shitty tomboy typology meme).

No. 1977122

The word "tomboy" has really lost its meaning. No wonder TIFfanies keep emerging left and right.

No. 1977130

I see not one tomboy in this image. I hate moids so fucking much.

No. 1977132

Tomboy is just any type of girl I like lol

No. 1977155

File: 1710686156458.png (89.36 KB, 473x247, quote unquote tomboy.png)

>artist name is "basedbinkie"

Looked up the full images so I could get properly mad. Picrel is two of the worst bulletpoints in the whole image imo (for NEET and domesticated "tomboy" respectively)

No. 1977172

wow this honestly makes so much sense. Most FTMs genuinely just want the freedom men have. The freedom to not be sexualized, the freedom to not shave, the fredom to be ugly and age without moids making jokes about it.

No. 1977173

So she got into a fight, went to the hospital and spoke with police, and then commit suicide the very next day? It’s weird behaviour but it seems on par with broody teenagers, I had a friend just like that in high school. Spoke to her on the phone one night, everything was good and she was happy and doing her nails, we made plans to hangout that weekend, we said goodbye and agreed to meet up at school the next day, and then like an hour later she OD on benzodiazepines and fell down her stairs. She survived and was out of the hospital by the weekend and still wanted to hangout, she didn’t even talk about the attempt or if she was suicidal, it was just back to normal. She’s a tif now too, back then she was just nonbinary. So it’s weird but also not too surprising, I feel awful for her and her family though, I wonder if she really intended to die or if it was a sort of emotional reaction or attempt at getting her parents attention or something.

No. 1977174

suicidal people are very unpredictable, they can appear extremely happy one day and then attempt an hero the next.

No. 1977177

Honestly, same. While girls and girlhood is definitely more sexualised by the pedoworld - it's an undeniable fact, I've seen enough tifs being gross about boyhood to know that majority of them, unfortunately, aren't treating it as an escape or 'freedom'. Troons are creepy coomers regardless of gender imo.

No. 1977178

this is so dumb. we live in the era of disney moms and adult taylor swift fans, there are more women now with arrested development than ever before.

No. 1977180

nta but they are relentless bullied while its normal for men to be perpetual manchildren. A father being childish and dorky is seen as 'normal' when a mom does the seem shes a tryhard cool mom who's only interested in x thing because she's trying to be hip with the kids and not because she's genuinely interested on it.

No. 1977182

never said girls weren't oversexualized because its a fact, its also a fact that the majority of aidens are coomers who want to become teen boys because they love yaoi and want to experience a gay boyhood. don't know why you'd be offended by that unless you were detrans or something kek

No. 1977185

>its not the fact that women live in an overwhelmingly misogynistic world where they are sexualized the microsecond they are born, forced to shave to look perpetually like little girls for moids or told they will never be as good as men because they are born female, it's the cartoon gay boys that have existed since before the troon epidemic that made women troon out!
some of you need to touch grass or read books, women have been crossdressing for decades to bypass misogyny, it's nothing new and it's not some retarded animu genre's fault either.

No. 1977189

But we're not talking about joan of arc here or something. When these tifs look at historical cross dressing, they're blind to why women did this, and assume those women are just like them and just retroactively troon them. Boils my blood when I see them do it, fucking idiots.

No. 1977191

Nta but there's tifs like you said and there's also tifs like that anon said, the latter being more common nowadays. I don't even get why there's an argument. It's like both of you are talking about two different things.

No. 1977194

Those are average sized ass and tits right? Am I crazy or is that average? I think my ass is bigger than hers

No. 1977197

No shit, that's what happens when you're not allowed to be a kid.
There is an interesting biological precedent to this. In many species, the mere presence of males and what's rather plainly called as "sexual harassment" from them accelerates female puberty. Male fitness is increased when females are forced to mature early. This effect is also accompanied by a decrease in female lifespan.

The same is often observed in humans despite a greater number of other variables.

No. 1977202

I have done all of these things as muslim oldest sister. Despite the weird pronouns and hair, they are some of the most conformist dullards on earth

No. 1977206

She’s just pudgy. She thinks she’s a TIM because she’s built like a fridge (see >>1976604 ) like the FNV scientist who thinks he’s a ghoul because he has male pattern baldness.

No. 1977208

>behave your part
Back to church tradthot(replying to bait)

No. 1977221

tifs trooning out because of yaoi are miniscule, they are definetly not the norm. Most tifs are represed lesbians.

No. 1977224

I hope that her neighbors buy her girly cards. Kek.

No. 1977226

Why are you mad at them? be mad at people(cof cof scrotes) telling women they need to be fully waxed and look like bimbos to be considered women, not the poor women who are brought up with all those misogynistic beliefs. You seem to use TIFs as a scapegoat for your anger, when the true enemy has always been scrotes, TIFs are just the result of extreme misogyny.

No. 1977318

Last I checked lesbians don't obsess over fictional men, every single tif I know and see obsessed over stuff like metalocalypse and Yakuza characters.

Lesbians also don't hate their feminine bodies

No. 1977322

>Most tifs are represed lesbians
How can you be in these threads and still think that kek. There's indeed some lesbians going he/him way because troons can't let us fucking exist in peace, trooning out has become a conversion 'therapy' that plenty of people are more than happy to accept and shove it down our throats. But they're in no way the majority, the majority of tifs in recent times are still straight girls with internalised misogyny who hate women to the point of hating themselves for being one, and view moids as some sort of gods above us. I get why you might be sympathetic towards tifs because they're also women, but seriously nonna, they aren't with us at all, they'd rather group up with tims and tell lesbians to accept the 'girldick'.

No. 1977325

>Most tifs are represed lesbians.
anon most of them already have a boyfriend/husband and another portion constantly keeps trying to have sex with men on Grinder kek

No. 1977330

File: 1710728601128.jpg (296.58 KB, 1001x1441, Screenshot_20240318_074930_Chr…)

This definitely happened, everyone then clapped and Albert Einstein also walked in but she left out this part. She made sure to include this though,
>a stranger might wrongfully assume that i’m a straight man with the capacity to get someone pregnant, but i’d take it any day over them assuming that im a cis woman.

No. 1977331

File: 1710728928389.jpg (266.6 KB, 974x1468, Screenshot_20240318_075219_Chr…)

>kicks out moids because they deserve nothing
>adds tiffany to the chat
>tell her "no boys in this chat"
>watch her sister coddle her bit so she won't cry and just continues chilling in the company of fellow women
Unfathomably based.

And here's a link to it in case anyone wants to check the replies: https://old.reddit.com/r/gaytransguys/comments/1b3cx8o/do_you_get_offended_when_you_get_invited_to_all/?sort=top

No. 1977335

Maybe in the US

No. 1977337

you are hyperfocusing on the cringiest tifs because of this thread, i assure you most tifs didnt troon out because of cartoons. Women have real problems, unlike scrotes that troon out because they want to larp as little girls and get easy access to molest women. The lack of empathy is also the reason so many women troon out, they search for an understanding community rather than one thats going to blame them for having a mental illness. It's honestly disgusting all of you refuse to even acknowlege misogyny as the reason women troon out and instead try to blame it on ''self hating women who who view men as gods(wow couldnt it be these women idealize men because they literally live on easy mode and arent sexualized?! no, they gotta be pickmes!) and fucking anime. Ofcourse women are going to fucking hate their bodies when they are socialized from birth to do it, they aren't ''pickmes'', they literally were socialized to hate their bodies and i bet all of you have shaved at least once in your lives because you were shamed into doing it.

No. 1977340

Kek goodluck with this mindset and outdated info on who and what kind of people majority of tifs are. You literally can't read. Nobody denied misogyny and nobody called them pickmes. You love reading into things that were never said.

No. 1977341

girl i only disagreed with the lesbian part. didn't even say the word 'pickme', chill.

No. 1977343

you blamed it all on them though?
>Lesbians also don't hate their feminine bodies
except they do and thats why so many butches troon out nowadays, lesbians complain about how butches are going exctint because of it
> the majority of tifs in recent times are still straight girls with internalised misogyny who hate women to the point of hating themselves for being one, and view moids as some sort of gods above us.
putting all the blame on the women. Women cant desire the freedom men want they have to ''worship men''…
Tiffing out is just the 2020 version of being a mia/anachan, both caused by living in a world where your whole existence is sexualized. Except this time is worse because the big pharma are actively trying to proffit off it and actively harming them more.

No. 1977345

The first part isn't even mine. The second one claimed none of the things you're saying it does, it's neither putting all the blame on women nor being like 'wanting freedom = worshiping moids.' I've been respectful so far but I can't help it anymore, anon you're retarded and so are your infights.(infighting)

No. 1977349

Don't worry nonna, I'm with you. For whatever reason, dumb nonnas itt love to think straight tiffies are the majority when you could easily go to your local liberal arts college and see that most tifs are lesbians. They're just less likely to be cringy online.

No. 1977350

File: 1710732367495.jpg (Spoiler Image,505.19 KB, 1080x1243, 1000012802.jpg)

Deffo average. She's claiming to be a DD cup but looks about like a B or maybe a C to me.

No. 1977351

do you realize how small a 34 DD is? If I'm not mistaken it's like 5 inches larger than the band which can be like 30 or 32 in for a 34 DD maybe? so she's got up fo a what, 35 to 37 in bust? how large the breasts look will also depend on what kind of shape they have. she's also wearing one of those grandma bras that cover the entire boob and look huge.

for reference I'm like a 36 or a 38 DDD and my boobs fit in 40C bras.

No. 1977352

When you get your bra size done to the "technical size"(not measured by Victoria's secret) it ends up being a lot larger size than expected since a lot of Americans have warped view on what big tits look like

No. 1977353

correction: it's DDDD not DDD, so like a g to an h cup or something?

No. 1977354

File: 1710733065449.png (Spoiler Image,2.35 MB, 1536x2048, 1000012816.png)

Definitely lying about the weight

No. 1977355

I think the weight is one of the smaller issues there

No. 1977356

It's hard to tell? From these pics it's believe she's 145 and 5'6

No. 1977357

Idk nonnas she just looks overweight to me personally.

No. 1977358

File: 1710734014635.jpeg (74.38 KB, 736x654, 5c685a48-c7c6-4232-ade2-15a800…)

>IQ: 140 (/srs I took the test)

No. 1977363

She looks like she doesn't wash her nasty ass ew

No. 1977371

>sexuality: Bisexual & Asexual
Gee Tiffany, how come you get to have TWO sexualities?

No. 1977373

General question here: Even when tifs are women and terfs are women and both can be subject to misogyny in any form why do terfs infanitilize tifs and treat them like an immature young girl and make exceptions for themselves regarding female-typical behavior? Its so fucking ironic(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1977374

Is this a tif or a tim

No. 1977377

Men cant be TIFs like women cqnt be TIMs. If i said "only men can be transwomen" to the garden variety tim i would have enough milk for the tim thread.

No. 1977378

You could've at least chose better pics to prove your point? Looks like a normal butt and arms/chest to me

No. 1977379

You think the spergs who post here are intelligent and well adjusted?

No. 1977380

A """cis""" woman is not a tiffany

No. 1977385

maybe it's because tifs overall tend to be younger than tims? and most of the times their transition is driven by insecurity over their sense of self rather than only the need to coom. i don't want to treat them as these helpless victims because they're ready to throw us real women under the bus for the sake of tims, but i'd still give most of them the benefit of the doubt over tims.

No. 1977411

Inevitably, some current trans and detrans post here and do not like the idea of potentially being seen as the less sympathetic kind and wish to frame all transitioning motivation among tifs as equal.

No. 1977433

File: 1710763926842.jpg (52.4 KB, 686x386, fuzzz99.jpg)

>why do terfs infanitilize tifs and treat them like an immature young girl
The vast majority of the social contagion victims ARE young girls and women though. And even when they are grown women, they ACT like kids AND target kids by making extremely childish (often toddler level) content. They literally throw tantrums, refuse to even listen, call you an evil bigot and cry. It's not the gc/terf side that refuses to be serious and have mature discussions; it's the trans side.

No. 1977437

Because even if they might be adults on the ids, most tifs are mentally stunted to an infantilization/rebellious teenager phase. Autism, personality disorders, trauma disorders, tiffanism is very comorbid with conditions that make them vulnerable and easily manipulated. They refuse to elaborate, have well thought-arguments and overall mature, they're stuck in stim toys tehee gingerbread person kiddy play and either they truly believe it or they swallow the gender pill so hard that they get brainrotted into it. Terfs and gc people usually put time and work into research and are well spoken, tifs are just "OMG EDUCATE URSELF!!!" and then go back shopping for binders and genshin impact merch without ever addressing any serious topics and that's what kids do.

No. 1977443

because tifs cry online to bots of comfort characters and then cry and shit themselves when the bots refer to them as female
they are children, if not physically, certainly mentally, it's extremely sad and I feel very badly for them because by definition, a tif is victim of abuse

No. 1977454

File: 1710769960504.png (Spoiler Image,535.77 KB, 1242x2688, IMG_3630.png)

It’s so pathetic when they try to pass(not milk)

No. 1977459

>asexual but posts nsfw content
many such cases

No. 1977467

ftms who larp as incels are so funny. they remind me of ritard and her shitty tumblr posts.

No. 1977474

File: 1710773192479.png (488.46 KB, 751x850, u765432456.png)

>i'd love to rape and beat you until you're a pile of misshaped vaguely fleshy obese meat, cunt
>t. 5'1" female NEET
I'd love to see one of these retards try to beat someone up.

No. 1977484

REMINDER: Read the thread rules. Learn how to post in this thread. The constant derailing and infighting needs to end. Anyone participating in the rule breaking after this post will receive a long and unappealable ban.

>1. Please remember this thread is not to discuss general grievances and phenomena of the trans "community".

>2. Only post here if you're talking about specific trans cows and are able to provide screenshots of their behavior.
>3. Generalized vents don't belong here, nor do your personal experiences. Use the appropriate threads on our off-topic boards for this

No. 1977497

File: 1710776269020.png (10.48 KB, 839x86, lol, lmao even.png)

what did op's family mean by this

No. 1977500

TIF who thinks shes a TIM because she has PCOS.

No. 1977510

File: 1710778883173.jpeg (1.67 MB, 3464x3464, 42DAF065-5A45-45BC-9F04-43D975…)

Exactly what I expected. Nearly 30 year old woman. So pathetic and myopic.

No. 1977514

Samefagging but who is just named “Nate”? Is it not a nickname for/diminutive of Nathan and its variants? Is she stupid?

No. 1977516

Kek they aren't even playing along.

No. 1977519

So she can't even cope with getting a surgery without her kpoop idols helping her out…

No. 1977521

Tifs literally name themselves bug. Their naming skills can't be trusted.

No. 1977531

Kek with all that she can't tell that she doesn't pass at all? Her dad said it to her face, some random woman also noticed something is wrong with her, her family is not playing along with shit, probably only other people in her life are doing it out of politeness and she even wonders "are they playing along?" Girl, yes. Imagine living this life. I'm afraid for these types, they are so deep in the cult it's hard to get out but at least her family is present and not playing along, maybe if she detrans they will be there for her.

No. 1977537

File: 1710783421413.png (939.06 KB, 1279x960, 1000012834.png)

Tiffany and her Timmy e-begging but were at the arcade (Round 1) yesterday.

No. 1977543

File: 1710783729714.jpg (401.6 KB, 1000x1000, 818OUrr6q8L._AC_UF1000,1000_QL…)

Those hands

No. 1977544

Have some sympathy. She's on a Kuromi diet anon. She can only buy overpriced sanrio stuff to fill her stomach, otherwise she'd starve.

No. 1977586

You can just tell these absolute straggots are planning to put that $30+ towards doordash or otherwise eating out instead of buying fucking groceries.

No. 1977589

based profanity-laden rambling methhead lady kek

No. 1977609

"so i don't starve today" who wants to bet she's morbidly obese

No. 1977649

File: 1710797288016.png (148.56 KB, 600x538, pedo-shit.png)

How do you even become like this?

No. 1977650

>how do you even become like this?
Autism and internet addiction. No milk just garden variety cringe

No. 1977674

Not morbidly obese by any means but definitely not starving (see >>1976604 )

No. 1977745

Ngl if my breasts were that badly asymmetrical I might feel tempted to have work done, too, just not cutting them off. Idk if it's a side effect of the binding, but I really feel for anyone who has to deal with that level of lopsidedness. Must be really troublesome finding a bra that fits.

No. 1977748

Anyone who mentions their IQ on the internet is a lolcow, prove me wrong

No. 1977750

>gay lobby
Is when I tuned out. Typical Kiwifarms Alex Jones brainworms.

No. 1977759

File: 1710812176274.jpg (176.98 KB, 250x456, 1000004304.jpg)

stole this off kfs but the theyfabs are so so close to getting it

No. 1977775

>i’ve been identifying as non-binary since 2015!!
no you all were calling yourselves genderqueer on tumblr back then. i remember it very clearly. then some time around 2017-2018 suddenly everyone and their grandma was non-binary instead. now non-binary is no longer cool/unique enough so time to move on to the new term i guess.

No. 1977806

If I was a minor and I saw this I would be so confused. Why is an adult, 20 year old, presenting as a baby (pfp). That seems so shady. I fell into some dark rabbit holes as a child and this person definitely leads to one too.

No. 1977810

The truman show is actually an apt way to describe the illusion tifs are under while everyone else in the world is in the know

Yeah I remember seeing stuff like genderfluid. The annoying discourse about non binary, I'm not a woman I'm a human, bullshit came about a bit later.

No. 1977836

>I'm Not Like the Other Girls
>looks like your average normie feminine woman
Every time.

No. 1977838

it's funny when they openly admit they're just nlogging

No. 1977898

File: 1710854808830.png (161.2 KB, 601x601, AnthroMobsectomy.png)

I wonder how the store owner would react if a woman with a c-cup wear this.

No. 1978000

Her beard is thicker and more visibly black now. I think the izzzyzzz tif tinfoilers were actually on to something

No. 1978006

Is it just me or does her jaw look harsher than it use to?

No. 1978011

I absolutely believe she's "microdosing T" as is fashionable in nonbiney circles now. Hopefully she doesn't do too much damage before she comes to her senses.

No. 1978022

I'm rooting for her cystic acne and wispy balding hair phase let's gooooo KEK she's so fucking annoying

No. 1978024

File: 1710876631371.jpg (759.49 KB, 4096x2530, 1000010816.jpg)

I feel like she's always had a fairly well defined jaw but I'm also just hoping (coping) that it's just her embracing natural lip hair and not roiding. Hurts to be a sucker for internet nostalgia content.

No. 1978025

File: 1710877088843.jpg (444.17 KB, 1080x1080, Picsart_24-03-20_01-06-56-441.…)

Not even surprised. Just looking up her pronouns showed that she was already a themlet.

No. 1978026

Ngl I also find her a bit annoying. She's like… every other gendie out there with tumblr humour, there's nothing special about her or her videos.

No. 1978035

idk, this level of delusional about her body is very mtf coded

No. 1978050

most effeminate woman calls herself anything but female because you can't be a woman and like feminine interests without being a vapid bimbo, only fags get to have fun with femininity while still retaining personhood and the assumption of a brain

No. 1978067

It's weird to say but I am a little sad that she trooned out even if her content was mediocre. It was always inevitable since clearly somewhat autistic girls with weird fashion and into fandom are the most likely to fall down the troon pipeline but I'm so sick of seeing women fall for this misogynistic bullshit ideology.

No. 1978070

File: 1710884543669.png (233.53 KB, 771x435, 3428426387.png)

insane tif being flamed on twitter for hating a plush design and i wish i could understand this thought process

No. 1978078

Tifs vs tifs fights are so entertaining because it's like clown on clown violence, retards calling out other retards while committing the same type of retardation. I hope this petty shit continues.

No. 1978088

Instead of transitioning into to Men, they're transitioning into shittier women. What's the fucking point of it?

No. 1978112

File: 1710893524021.mp4 (5.07 MB, 720x720, L__G__B - 1770178857531842958.…)

Ellen Page looking more haggard by the day, RIP her hairline. Also her voice still sounds female with a cold.

No. 1978115

Damn, she was a they/she literally weeks ago iirc. Sad.

No. 1978121

Why does she sound like on the verge of tears? Like is it her voice beginning to break or does she just sound like this now

No. 1978122

lol. I didn't know she had come out with some dumb trans movie. It got 43% on Rotten Tomatoes, lol.

No. 1978127

The frog voice happens because of too much T too quickly (something about needing space for thickening vocal cords)… I'm guessing it's something similar. Troons on both side of the spectrum (but especially TiFs) often can't shout at all.

No. 1978140

She doesn't look like she's taking T, why the fuck is she putting herself through this? Besides being basically a child star, what else is there?

No. 1978152

Yes, think her larynx is starting to thicken, it often gets painful for them to speak in higher pitches after that.

No. 1978153

Why is shitting on women completely okay but attacking men isn't?

No. 1978154

He/They incoming when?
Plenty do it just because of internalised homophobia without the addition of child stardom and constant media attention. I guess she reached an age where she wants to reinvent herself (maybe with added pressure as an actress trying to distance herself from previous roles) but instead of finding a new hobby or doing something worthwhile, she decided to do this. Sad, not super surprising.

No. 1978170

she's being sex pested by quinton reviews and also has a tons of scrotes that make creepy fanfic about her saying they want to facefuck her. Sadly, it's another woman trying to escape sexualization by identifying out of it.

No. 1978183

It's difficult to be an out butch lesbian in Hollywood, especially one that's been sexualised (by men) from childhood for being 'cute'. It's just layers of trauma and identity issues, I can see how she thinks this would be the answer that fixes everything.

No. 1978213

File: 1710925816316.jpg (84.23 KB, 1100x1703, sadgirl.jpg)

Based on reading her memoir Pageboy (and not even reading between the lines because although there is a huge amount of denial and this weird attempt at reframing her entire childhood and youth as "being one of the boys" it's obvious what's really happening)
>internalized lesbophobia
>internalized misogyny
>being sexually assaulted
>facing an appalling amount of misogyny and lesbophobia from the public as well as from some colleagues
>overall publicity taking its toll
>eating disorder
>overall coping very badly with all this
The last point in particular. I'm not trying to minimize the misogyny she's had to face, but based on reading the book she comes off as a particularly fragile person. For example, when she was required to wear high heels for the role of a scientist in an action movie (absolutely dumb, admittably) and she didn't like it, she almost had a mental break and had to ask for her agent to support her to try and change the clothes instead of, you know, putting her foot down and telling the producers she ain't doing it. There were other examples as well, and it's quite bleak of a story overall. She seems to have been mentally unwell for a large portion of her career, and it's actually striking how acting is the thing that she proclaims she loves, yet her mental health goes down the drain whenever she does anything related to her career. There's a part of the book where she goes to a kind of an eco hippie woowoo retreat where she "didn't have to be a celebrity" and that's where she seems the happiest. If I were her therapist I'd advise her to quit acting, move out to the country and raise chickens or something idk.

Overall, it's a sad story, and I got the impression that what's in this book is not nearly the truth. Maybe in the coming decades we'll get to have a glimpse of what was actually going on with her. I would like to feel sympathy for Ellen, but at the same time she's promoting this troon bullcrap to impressionable teen girls, which disgusts me.

No. 1978215

I don’t think you can get any of the side effects people are talking about before getting a noticeable voice drop. Unless she is putting on a high pitch voice but that would be hard for this long. Usually the voice is the first thing to change within weeks of starting t while facial hair and balding come anywhere between 4 months and years in. Some can’t grow a beard after 6 years- look at Noahfinnce

No. 1978217

kek the interviewer lady has naturally deeper voice (and not even super deep) than Ellen who sounds like a chain smoker. Truly painful.

No. 1978218

The voice drops less and sounds worse the older and shorter they are

No. 1978228

I don’t understand why troons don’t just briefly go onto hormones for the effects they want & then stop taking them once they get their Kermit voice and pube ‘stache (or moobs for the TiMs). I understand needing to take hormones if you’ve had organs removed, but seriously what is the real motivation for taking exogenous testosterone for the rest of your life?

Is it greed by doctors? Delusion? A combo? I just don’t get it.

No. 1978241

So much gender euphoria and trans joy!
Snarky comments to the side, it's me or everytime she shows up she looks freshly traumatized, sweaty and oily? She speaks like someone that's been kidnapped and I know that this may sound like a schizorambling but in her pre transition pictures, she looked healthy, her eyes were sparkly and her hair was always nice. Sure, it's all makeup and filters but even male celebs use makeup and filters and you can immediately see when a male celeb is dirty (like Justin Bieber, I bet he showers once a week) and to me, she looks like an average depressed unclean moid, the shine on her face is oily and she's getting so many wrinkles…is it the T? Imagine paying to look like that and still sound like a woman. Tragic.

No. 1978246

that last bit is sad cause even if she keeps the female part out of it, it's clear she's talking about her experience as a woman being forced into a mold in Hollywood. Her words would have more impact if she was still a lesbian talking about how she's forced into certain clothes, shoes, and hairstyles like she used to. It's crazy how someone who used to be open about the specifics women face in Hollywood about face and claim all that made her a man while still trying to talk about gender roles.
damn that's sad, hollywood is so cutthroat you need to be equally strong to hold your ground. she couldn't even tell a video game designer to cut out a sex scene done under the sketchiest of circumstances. basically she told him no nude scenes, the guy then mo-capped someone else and placed her face on the naked body for a sex scene. it caused massive outcry and could have started a debate on the ethics of what happened but all she did was make a statement that she was sad and went along her way. I'd probably be more sympathetic if she didn't push trans kids so hard, probably out of the silly troon vicarious living through kids transitioning at the age she feels transitioning would have dramatically fixed her life for the best. When the reality is being a trans kid wouldn't have saved her but being born a man in the first place would have meant she'd never face misogyny and homophobia, but those simply were not the cards dealt to her.
>I don’t understand why troons don’t just briefly go onto hormones for the effects they want
this is mostly seen in tifs who want to become anime boys or just androgynous but it never turns out that way. microdosing just means the same symptoms present slower and it's up to chance/genetics which things the hormones change first. some girls go bald immediately, some girls get a pcos stache, some girls get waxy ellen faces, it's all chance what comes first and the speed of change. the hormones don't turn you into a slightly manlier ruby rose as many tifs wish

No. 1978278

File: 1710946795630.jpeg (Spoiler Image,280.31 KB, 1080x1835, deformedmas.jpeg)

Reddit TiF gets a mastectomy so bad that even the other TiFs on r/ftm tell her to sue.

No. 1978283

No amount of T will turn a woman into an anime boy. They get PCOS symptoms with balding and a Kermit voice even if they microdose, it just happens at a slower rate. They take T forever because they're entrenched in delusion.
This is a hate crime. They made her tits into shower caps.

No. 1978288

Dosing for a short time is kind of a meme. The ones who are committed to their new “identity” know they’ll get female fat distro back in the face and body which is killer. Many detrans woman report their voices raising somewhat/lightening in quality + thinning of facial and body hair. Not entirely but for women still trying to look like men they’d look even more like sad weird lesbians. Not that page is more convincing than “washed up leathery middle aged woman” on testosterone anyway though.

No. 1978289

File: 1710949836588.png (910.95 KB, 816x1304, Screenshots_2024-03-20-12-41-0…)

maybe it's just my algorithm, but are tiktok normies starting to peak or are they just finding more creative ways to say "fujo"? Kek

No. 1978315

What the fuck is this, they only removed the top half of her breasts and left the bottom? This is pure butchery.

No. 1978323

File: 1710958462211.png (351.6 KB, 663x671, JVXJ3v.png)

This feels like the TIF version of APGsim.

No. 1978324

Genshit players who say "mlm" aren't "tiktok normies". Standard fandom infighting. Often when you see references to tifs hating women, others are pretending it's a display of "toxic masculinity".

No. 1978329

It looks so bad i actually laughed in shock, poor girl

No. 1978331

Tired of straight woman being called lesbian just because they have/had short hair, that's not how it works, there's more to being a lesbian than your looks. And she still doesn't look like a scary twink, just dead inside kek.

No. 1978332

"Microdosing T" is the same as taking anabolic steroids, these people are such idiots

No. 1978334

>I wonder how the store owner would react if a woman with a c-cup wear this.
While I dont think zippertits should be glorified it would also be funny if women with big boobs started wearing things like this for fashion to show off their boobs. They could even pretend it helps with their dysphoria to have pretend scars and that to assume they want real surgery is transphobic

No. 1978339

Her comment is a big part of the problem. She called her a "cute tomboyish lesbian" instead of calling her a "cute girl". I bet this kind of comments are part of the reason that young girl felt like she had to go trans.

No. 1978340

Yeah and let's forget the 'this female' like just call her a woman.

No. 1978345

Retarded women like Heidi need to realise they're apart of the problem

No. 1978350

Lol anon what do you think the term you’re trying to refer to means or stands for to be writing it out like this? Lurkmoar

No. 1978351

File: 1710963125158.png (5.98 MB, 1242x2688, IMG_0619.png)

I have a feeling Ezra is seriously regretting what she’s done. There’s something about her latest videos that gives me a sense that she wishes she could backtrack but knows she can’t, since she’s so deep in the troon shit by now that she’d lose a bunch of supporters and possibly her ‘boyfriend’

No. 1978370

Either the picture on the right is heavily edited or she's had a shitload of work done. She has a completely different nose.

No. 1978372

Trans surgeons are the true transphobes. I could never do this, not even to the worst troon.

No. 1978383

This has to be in some ass backwards country (or Miami) to be able to leave someone with results like this. I’m actually shook at how similar skin is to fabric but it’s so horrifying at the same time.

“If I woke up looking like that I would run towards the nearest living thing and kill it.” -master shake

No. 1978391

I don't see a reason to identify as a man if you are not even trying to look like one. I haven't even seen a gay scrote that styles themselves like this. She literally just looks like an alternative hippie woman who hasn't waxxed the typical peach fuzz that a lot of women get off of her top lip. If I saw this person in public I would never guess that they used he/him pronouns. There is nothing masculine about this person.

No. 1978394

Weird trend in this thread to shit on lesbians. Shouldn't you be making dinner for your husbands?
Because identifying as trans gives women social freedom to do what they want with their appearance. If she didn't identify as a man everyone would be making fun of her body/facial hair.
This picture should be on the informed consent documents for tit chop surgery the same way rotten lungs are on cigarette boxes. This is horrible. Being stupid doesn't justify being mutilated in this way.

No. 1978416

File: 1710978109537.webp (166.81 KB, 596x623, 5794606a9613ce098307ddc548c5e8…)

>Weird trend in this thread to shit on lesbians. Shouldn't you be making dinner for your husbands?

No. 1978432

What's truly weird is the amount of illiterates pouring into this thread out of nowhere. I'm literally a lesbian. It's a sexuality, it's not a look even if some styling choices are more popular among us, you can't 'look lesbian' and it's highly unlikely for a tif to be lesbian if she's doing so-called 'gay' porn with gross moids who are taking advantage of her delusions. Tomboy? I'd get that. But not every tomboy is a lesbian and not every lesbian is a tomboy, so I don't get why that 'this female' user felt the need to write the caption the way she did, despite knowing the context.

No. 1978453

File: 1710987583289.png (49.8 KB, 1115x207, actual fucking biohazard.png)

Reposted and deleted because I was on the wrong thread the first time.
I just found a horrorcow tif and I can't suffer this knowledge alone. Like actual vomit-inducing shit. I was looking at the 'Pooners of Grindr' thread on KF and there was one screenshot compilation of profiles and one of them had a Twitter username in her bio but seemed otherwise like any other cringe ftm, but I decided to look at it anyways and holy shit.
She's autistic but seems to be the type that is legitimately special needs. She is obsessed with Kpop and those fake videos of BTS members having gay sex but also wants to both fuck and actually be Jimin. She not only posts repulsive nudes but also pictures of her bed stained with random fluids, her covered in period blood, and pictures of her shit in a toilet. She also posted about how having a yeast infection made her horny due to all of the discharge. There's a fucking picture of it. She also tweeted a few mundane TikTok videos of her mother on the same account. I want to rip my eyeballs out.

twitter: https://twitter.com/CutieCatboyAsh (don't scroll through the media tab unless you don't care)
original post: https://kiwifarms.st/threads/pooners-of-grindr.172240/page-18#post-16943125 (the one named 'Ash')

No. 1978502

why is it always kpop

No. 1978509

>she told him no nude scenes, the guy then mo-capped someone else and placed her face on the naked body for a sex scene.
Holy shit lol. I actually remember seeing nude caps of her game-model showering being shared on tumblr by moids, the pictures kept getting removed and so they would reupload them. they were going to make sfm porn with the model too. I remember thinking "that's so violating." I didn't know there was a sex scene ingame too. moids love to do shit that makes women hate them and then complain about male loneliness.

>This is a hate crime. They made her tits into shower caps

No. 1978557

File: 1711029809652.jpg (216.55 KB, 1080x733, 1000013082.jpg)

How about you put some money towards some groceries, Tiffany.

No. 1978570

I'm gonna sound like a cunt, but this girl is most likely obese and insisted on getting a titchop despite it being not recommended at her weight. If the surgeon refused, she would probably make a huge stink about "fathphobia".

No. 1978576

File: 1711037186954.mp4 (Spoiler Image,1.07 MB, 480x622, m2-res_622p.mp4)

Reddit TiF who started T at 13, chopped at 15, and now has a phallo that looks like a tumour. Most recently, she got implants in her labia to imitate testicles (??) but is worried they'll get in the way of the vaginal sex she has. She is also very obese.
In vidrel, she is excitedly banging her phallo like a hammer and asking others if they do the same. One user said:
>Lmao I love doing this, the thud is mad satisfying and my gf is a big fan[emoji] TMI sorry but doing this on her face is literally the hottest thing in the world to me[emoji] (https://www.reddit.com/r/phallo/comments/1b0ctop/use_audio_got_a_little_bored_lol)

No. 1978578

Im crying, why the fck is she smacking it on the table

No. 1978586

But real men, like, totally do this all the time, nona, don't you listen to dated stand-up comedians?

No. 1978591

KEK it looks like a deformed thumb.at this point This is just high stage body modification I can't imagine having that thing on you and thinking now you're finally a "man" they're so retarded it's sad…

No. 1978593

KEK it looks like a modified fupa with a tumour. Imagine spending money on this.

No. 1978606

File: 1711045783434.jpg (68.2 KB, 607x1316, i_never_knew_mattie_could_be_h…)

Was scrolling on Snapchat, I know I know kek, and I found a tif trying to larp that internet fuckboy look which i don't normally see tifs attempt?

No. 1978607

File: 1711046035836.jpeg (70.22 KB, 640x555, IMG_0210.jpeg)

No. 1978612

I don’t think she’s a tif, she doesn’t have any tranny nonsense on her page and she has boobs, she’s just a lesbian

No. 1978614

>Lmao I love doing this, the thud is mad satisfying and my gf is a big fan[emoji] TMI sorry but doing this on her face is literally the hottest thing in the world to me[emoji]

No. 1978620

Thank god

No. 1978621

File: 1711047851855.jpg (Spoiler Image,506.37 KB, 1080x1336, 1000031059.jpg)

this woman is only 20 years old. I'm actually flabbergasted

No. 1978626

Tapping on the table for the unholy ASMR?

No. 1978634

File: 1711050691395.jpg (678.04 KB, 1080x1629, Madelinewestbrouck.jpg)

Ayrt, I mean

No. 1978635

You weren't fucking kidding when you called her a horrorcow, jesus christ. I don't want to be cruel but retards this severe always creep me out. Their typing style and topics are always the same.

No. 1978641

This retard has officially retarded so bad she's going to regret this shit for the rest of her life. And I'm here for it, let her go through the consequences of her own actions.

No. 1978644

File: 1711052131762.jpeg (3.59 KB, 225x225, excuse-me-v0-81f0u6h1wztb1.jpe…)

Nta and I mean, it's better than the he/they route and hopefully she isn't on T but like… why, just why.

No. 1978653

That's so damn bleak. Her body is utterly destroyed at age 20, and none of it had to happen.

No. 1978655

I refuse to believe that it's possible to have vaginal sex with that fucking thing. It's not even the classic dead fleshtube. I don't know what to even call this shape

No. 1978658

I'm not sure that she tries to use it for that; when I said 'vaginal sex', I meant because she's kept her vagina and has sex with actual men.
So she has the tumour phallo, a vagina, and 'testicle implants' shoved into her labia. Total freak show.

No. 1978666

File: 1711058829699.jpg (106.25 KB, 1080x823, 1000013104.jpg)

Looks like you were right, anon.

No. 1978674

She has sex?? With an actual person who wants to see that in an intimate setting?

No. 1978681

I think her "gf" is a TIM so I think that explains it

No. 1978699

File: 1711065594098.gif (2.78 MB, 640x640, mort-crying.gif)

why did i open this, why was she allowed to get butchered at 15, why is her main focus having vaginal sex after all of that

No. 1978704

What is going on with that hand? That is something beyond standard obese ham-hand and venturing into the infected abscess territory. Perhaps she got an experimental testicle implant there first as a test drive.

No. 1978706

How are they shaped like that in the last picture? Is this the by product of wearing tourniquet-esque pants their entire life or is that the slab of flesh they cleaved off to poorly stitch onto their fupa?

No. 1978725

Tifs should just stick to putting playdoh dicklets into their pants at this point. What's the point of a rotting, cold, discoloured flesh that doesn't even resemble an actual penis? The butcher who made it was definitely high.

No. 1978728

Remembering how easily this things fall off/get ripped off made me so anxious watching this. Not only does it look like some weird tumour sac, but the idea of her slapping that so forcably on the table and tearing it from the inside is horrifying.

No. 1978734

That tattoo design looks like it was inspired by a variety pack of grandma's scrapbook stickers.

I guess if your only requirement is "more cylindrical than conical" then you can be happy with nearly any phalloplasty result no matter how botched. This just makes me sad though.

No. 1978743

she has had both ovaries removed and started testosterone at thirteen. that's fucking wild to me

No. 1978745

But nona this never happens!!! It's just a myth!!!

No. 1978746

What the fuck this one is not even remotely dick shaped

No. 1978750

yet women in their 20s and even 30s cannot have access to hysterectomies/tubal ligations/etc. because they might ~change their minds~

No. 1978751

That hand is on the arm they flayed to make the flesh abomination sewn to her mons pubis. It's a fairly common side effect to have reduced strength, nerve pain, and swelling in that hand. Lymph drainage and blood exchange has been interrupted by the extensive damage to the arm. It is quite literally the opposite of "do no harm"

No. 1978760

File: 1711081996370.jpg (1015.33 KB, 720x8046, 212345.jpg)

Update in the Dagny case: no one is being charged, "brief notes" found and "appear to be suicide related". Also both sides, who did not know each other prior to the in-school suspension, were antagonizing each other leading up to the fight. Wounds from fight were superficial. Reminder full report will be released on the 27th.

No. 1978761

*"superficial" and the stupid use of "he" for her.

No. 1978790

> or Miami
kek i know you’re probably joking but I went with my TIF sister to all of her top surgery consultations and most of them were in miami, a lot of the results that the (mainly out-of-plan surgeons who claimed to be in plan when contacted initially, so scummy) surgeons showed in the office looked almost as bad as this & they were still eager to show them off. it’s really gross how a lot of these surgeons (especially the private ones) know their patients are in a rush (for no reason) to get this elective procedure and are as overly-nice as possible & make sure to have doting staff so that the tifs coming in feel an obligation to stick with them even if they don’t like the results they’ve seen because their female socialization has made them feel pressure to rock the boat as little as possible

No. 1978807

I think people are right for questioning it, but this isn't the case of some obnoxious college kid, this was a literal child who was probably groomed online because she didn't "fit in" and wanted to desperately be comfortable with herself. It makes me upset the amount of grown ass adults speaking poorly of this child or even happy to see her die for the crime of being confused and getting into a school fight

No. 1978810

Love when you can just hear the rampant autism voice radiating through the text. Pump that iron bro!!!

No. 1978850

File: 1711112078518.mp4 (Spoiler Image,1.72 MB, 720x1180, lporiginalg - 1766509342088397…)

Collection of manly men getting together to do manly things. Like men.
(Spoilered cos not sure where we stand on shirtless TiFs)

No. 1978855

you should've spoiled this regardless. oh what a terrible day to have eyes. It's so unnerving how their faces are so clearly female mixed with their botched titchops. I will admit there are some convincing TiFs out there who at first glance just look like roided manlets, but these bunch you look at and immediately tell they're women

No. 1978857

women just can't be masc anymore can they? I've noticed in how its mostly gnc women who suddenly start claiming the nonbinary label when they have no real need to do so. Simply being that isn't enough so they attach themselves with "nonbinary" so they can be part of the cool trans club without doing anything other than change of clothes and pronouns. pisses me off to see how common it's gotten now

No. 1978859

They can be, but they chose not to. Big difference.

No. 1978867

File: 1711118675812.jpeg (150.72 KB, 1290x1611, GJM24vBXcAAfi-l.jpeg)

Another Tiffany murderer.
>A nonbinary teen fatally shot her mother and injured her stepfather after getting hold of a gun. Carly went by she/they pronouns according to her IG.

No. 1978871

That unwashed urge to have a mentally ill girls hangout

No. 1978877

wonder is she talking T?

No. 1978884

I looked it up and hrt has been banned for minors since 1st March 2023 in Mississippi, so it's highly unlikely.

No. 1978886

20 is too young to fuck up your life like this. To make yourself into a mutant like this. I hope they're okay…

No. 1978889

this is so bleak and gross to look at. Just women rubbing their surgery wounds together. I'm sure amputee fetishists live for this free porn content tho

No. 1978895

>I've noticed in how its mostly gnc women who suddenly start claiming the nonbinary label when they have no real need to do so.
Some of them are just weak willed. GNC women get asked when they are going to troon out, they/themed and pressured to trans a lot by 'queers', tras and handmaidens.

No. 1978916

This is all I can think when I see this shit like , imagine trying to explain or show this image to a tribeswoman they would disintegrate from shock and horror. Ww2 had less nefarious motives for these freakish experiments. Imagine gaslighting the Jews into thinking they wanted to kill themselves and in a way this fuqed up. It’s fucking insane. Truly the worst timeline.

No. 1978921

Why tf is it wobbling like that…

No. 1978937

Everytime she closes her eyes, she lies

No. 1978948

…was there a need to compare this to ww2?

No. 1978952

doesn't Miami actually have the most lax anti-malpractice laws in the whole USA? not burger but I heard scummy doctors in general locate there for that reason. iirc Siddgsh whatever (the "yeet the teats" lady with the psycho eyes) is (was?) also Miami-based

No. 1978958

Did the tall one get her scars darkened with tattoos?

No. 1978975

File: 1711143033920.png (627.52 KB, 602x1006, Alastor.png)

enbies discuss their completely realistic male transition goals.

No. 1979027

I don't have a screenshot but there was a popular post on tumblr basically saying that there should be a "transmasc equivalent" of those sissy hypno force fem fetish posts that "transfems" make. It's funny how they admit its TIM shit but even more funny that their tryhard equivalent completely misses that the appeal for moids is the degradation aspect.

No. 1979059

File: 1711161541448.jpeg (297.39 KB, 750x1813, IMG_9744.jpeg)

They’re really trying to have their cake and eat it too.

No. 1979076

>unless you're taking the radical position that transmen aren't men?
Kek I love this. Nothing pisses troons more than not being considered a victim, so that user managed not only managed to press on that nerve, 'she' (hopefully) also brought out the truth from those retards. Even tifs know that they aren't men, they just want everyone to cater to their delusions because they have zero control over anything else in their lives, hence they're desperate to control other people.

No. 1979084

Lmao clown on clown violence
>um akshully being trans doesn't give me the male privilege I thought it would, or do you not want to validate that I'm a natal female tranny?
>um akshully yes you do have male privelege because twans men are men, or are you trying to say they're not?

No. 1979088

>identifying as men and taking hormones doesn't magically erase the lives we had before!!

um, but when you say the same thing about TIMs suddenly you're an ebil TERF kek.

No. 1979105

File: 1711176980937.png (606.92 KB, 781x712, 17233142.png)

>you can celebrate moids if you're le nonwomen
>ree no you all have male privilege
>look at my boobs and ass! i'm not female tho i swear
>male privilege just comes from identifying as a man, sweatie
>we experience misogyny! but we're no female tho we swear
A flock of retards, truly

No. 1979106

Sleepover at the psych ward!

No. 1979116

>'she' (hopefully)
I checked and it's an mtf tranny.

No. 1979121

You're reaching. Not being attractive is not the same as being visibly deformed. There are some top surgeries that look gruesome but these don't.

No. 1979125

NAYRT but they never said they look deformed, they said 'surgical scars', which they all have. It's gross to look at girls who've been unnecessarily chopped up for profit and trend.

No. 1979129

Yes, but men who get off of things like that like a less reconstructed look. You don't masturbate to sick shit by looking at relatively normal looking results. More messed up ones, sure.

No. 1979151

KEK im dying
once again confusing attraction for gender envy

No. 1979205

Who cares what men get off too? How is that even relevant, people here constantly obsess over and talk about what men get off to and why they love it, bizarre.

The TIM thread has pedofiles and rapists murdering 12 year old girls. The TIF thread has idiotic women cutting their tits off as victims of extreme patriarchical shit.

No. 1979211

NAYRT and I know that's not why TIFs troon out, but loads of them end up in relationships with exploitative pieces of shit who actively encourage them to continue destroying their lives and bodies. I wouldn't put it past men to encourage botched tit chops and frankendicks because it fuels their humiliation fetish. It's typical moid coom material, destroying a woman and having her crawl back to him begging to be loved.
Honestly just typing this reply made me feel sick. TIMs do get away with literal murder and rape every goddamn time, and the women who desperately try to escape misogyny by trooning out end up attracting the worst of the men they're running from.

No. 1979288

I've stopped seeing those women as victims and handwringing over their self mutilation because the biggest factor in that is that they think they're too good to be associated with women. Like I think the "tifs just want an escape" narrative needs to factor in their extreme (internalized) misogyny and manstroking behavior

No. 1979328

File: 1711244468408.jpg (60.63 KB, 640x480, 733115.jpg)

>Me after watching that thing.

No. 1979329

I think earlier in the thread an anon was talking about how it’s ironic that it seems small women are more likely to Troon out, but for TIMs they all seem to be gargantuan.

I wonder if it’s something to do with feeling like you’re “snatchable” and constantly talked down to/treated like a baby even in comparison with taller women. Maybe some TIFs internalise this fear and decide that if they’re a ‘man’ they somehow will become exempt from male violence and mansplaining. Of course quite a few will have come from fujoshis in the tumblrina days who think they’re gonna be uwu twinks from muh yaoi, but it’s an interesting phenomenon.
I have a tif ex-friend who was 4 foot 8. No joke. She was very petite and always being harassed and flirted with by old men at her workplace despite her being 15-17 at the time (no surprise there with the pedo moids). She was also one of those ‘transmed’ sort of pseudo-masculine ones, but also went out slathered in eyeliner and with pigtails which confused the hell out of me. One of the two tif friends I can stand being around these days is also short and I rarely see any that are actually above average tall.

No. 1979337

Why smashing it against the table im so scared

No. 1979346

Idk what's worse, the account itself or the disgusting thirsty moids posting under her tweets, some men will just fuck anything as long as there's a pussy, huh
??? this doesn't look like it has a hole for peeing and it's clearly not functional for penetration, so is it just … a lump of flesh dangling from her abdomen?? It doesn't remotely look like a penis either, imagine going through all the pain and money for this abomination

No. 1979360

Oh my fucking god, it looks like a fitted sheet when I try to fold it up, holy shit

No. 1979367

What type of male characters do Tifs usually try to skinwalk?(learn to sage)

No. 1979368

The ones written by women and appeal to women.

No. 1979386

literally all kids are nonbinary nowadays its the being emo of the 2020s

No. 1979396

File: 1711268416210.jpg (526.29 KB, 1080x1730, 1000009758.jpg)

describes every females experience "so that's why I'm trans"

No. 1979398

I was thinking the same. Play stupid games, etc…

No. 1979416

They're not even subtle about their attempts to identify out of being female and the associated patriarchy. Like women talk about feeling like this all day every day, 1 out of 3 threads or online will have someone in the comments expressing this feeling. It is literally universal. Not one woman is like yess I love being harassed and demeaned because of my gender every day!
People need to work on community solutions to this rather than individual solutions. In the western world if they want you to pay 3k for rent a month how about making it so 100% of society feels safe instead of 50%. We shouldn't need to don what is essentially a fake beard and man costume to try and individually solve a structural problem. And woman are trying to solve it ourselves, but we get called blue haired screeching feminists, and usually threatened with violence, for saying a damn thing and nothing changes.
I'm at the point I kinda feel sorry for TIFs now (never TIMs though) because most of the time the reason is this. Just another way women try and fail to win a game that is rigged against us.
Also I've noticed some stealth passing TIFs standing up for women's rights, so maybe if the men won't do it, the TIFs can.

No. 1979421

if I didn't know that these are women, I would say that this is a faggot pozzing party. Such manly things, doing basically what girls at a sleepover do in front of the mirror with some girl pop in the background

No. 1979429

She said the sound was ~so satisfying
Also shows there's basically no feeling in that thing (big surprise) since ofc the real thing is a delicate flower.
Ah, the misogyny. Also the feminine speech, the girly pfp… they really do the least but it's enough to convince themselves that they've totally escaped female oppressed/objectification. Crazy. Also another really talented artist trooning out, huh…

No. 1979438

This needs to be put in a museum for how much desperation to escape patriarchy it communicates. We've gone from "men will save and protect us" to "manhood will save and protect us" and we're wrong on both counts.

No. 1979447

Is she implying that transition cured her PMDD? Because PMDD (and PMS in general) happens when progesterone and estrogen is at its lowest and testosterone at its highest.

No. 1979449

tifs believe that being sterilized means being cured.
Like those doctors who said that if a woman is emotional is the uteru's fault, which isn't technically wrong but it's like saying that lobotomy is a good thing.

No. 1979452

>Not one woman is like yess I love being harassed and demeaned because of my gender every day!
The "women" who are are usually trannies (or certain extreme pick-mes I guess), I've noticed this among TIFs that they actually take TIMs views on womanhood as gospel. I've seen tumblr posts of TIFs admitting that seeing TIMs happy in their "womanhood" made them "realize [they] are not actually women", it's so insane they came to that conclusion instead of peaking.

No. 1979453

File: 1711289837390.jpeg (Spoiler Image,296.55 KB, 1170x1879, IMG_5815.jpeg)

How come testosterone doesn’t do fuck all for certain TIFs despite testosterone in a female body being much more potent than estrogen in a male body? Picrel is an onlyfans he/they e-thot who has been on testosterone for a year but there is literally no difference at all.

No. 1979454

She could be lying or be on a miniscule dose. If her voice hasn't dropped either that's a tell she's faking it.

No. 1979455

She has a video up on social media shooting up what she alleges to be T, although she did say she does DIY so she probably got scammed and is shooting up sugar water instead kek

No. 1979456

Dosage. Purposefully taking a tiny dose so they can become uwu soft bois– retain their feminine traits but definitely still be a real man because they're on hormones. They don't want to have acne and be balding and smelly, which is probably the only smart thing about it, but usually they end up not having any noticeable effects at all because of how low the dose is ,which is pretty stupid.

No. 1979458

File: 1711291843776.jpeg (160.54 KB, 1170x932, IMG_5817.jpeg)

Surprised noahwaybabes isn’t posted here more often desu, I used to follow her on Tumblr and she regularly posted about hooking up with guys on Grindr while she was underage, living with her narcissistic mother, and I’m pretty certain she’s autistic too. Finding out she got the titchop when she was 17 and started Onlyfans right after turning 18 is grim and it’s only a matter of time that she eventually detransitions and claims she pooned out because of sexual trauma.

No. 1979459

This is the type of bi woman you know would rather stab herself in the eye than lick a pussy because she just hates them so much lol.

No. 1979460

She filmed herself getting dicked down by troons so maybe that’s what she means when she calls herself bisexual?

No. 1979467

I find it fucking hilarious that she used to run aesthetic/stim blogs on tumblr and was always so whiny about tranny shit when she'd break character between 300 slime or bread-slicing gifs. My mutuals used to make fun of her in the notes of her own text posts and it was only a year or two after that that she fucked off to onlyfans and doing porn. It's depressing but I can't say I have any sympathy. Every time I check on her twitter out of curiosity, I get so grossed out I question my ability to feel sexual attraction. How anyone gets off to the nasty shit she does is beyond me.
I wish there were just a little more milk on her so we could have a thread either here or on the fruit farms, but she sadly exhibits very little cow behaviour.

No. 1979504

>I wish there were just a little more milk on her so we could have a thread either here or on the fruit farms, but she sadly exhibits very little cow behaviour.
Back in the day when she was more neotenous looking I know she used to play into that and market herself to closet pederasts and constantly brag about how tiny she is and dress up in schoolboy uniforms, which I guess isn’t milky in itself but it sure is disgusting

No. 1979508

isn't this the person who made fun of that balding detransitioner

No. 1979509

>dress in schoolboy uniforms to pander to pedos
I saw a TIF on tumblr that would do that but she called herself Spencer iirc but they could be the same person

No. 1979513

samefag nevermind they're different. I was thinking of "Spencer Sunboy"

No. 1979537

File: 1711313393410.jpg (22.77 KB, 384x512, ec3907689b3e587469a6f4763eb462…)

I would escape off my female experience if I had Yzma screaming at me 24/7.

No. 1979538

Also I have literally never met one woman who’s like “Yess I love getting my period I love cramps and bleeding everywhere!” yet TIFs think hating their period makes them special and not women.

No. 1979540

>Also another really talented artist trooning out, huh…
Lately I’m genuinely shocked when a male artist turns out to be an actual penis wielding moid and not a woman larping as a gay man. The latter has happened so many times that I thought Trungles was a TIF when I saw his art for the first time he is a guy, right kek

No. 1979587

File: 1711327939784.jpeg (92.95 KB, 403x398, 36B5F1E3-0B8B-4483-ACD7-1B2B6D…)

Thanks for sharing nona. Went to peruse this account and the most recent post is of her practicing kegals with a rubber chicken.

No. 1979594

Even the poor chicken looks horrified at the act kek

No. 1979623

Late and retarded but some fandom spaces especially asian ones do call ships "couplings". It's often abbreviated to CP which makes some google translated posts sound awkward to say the least lol. Idk why this lady uses that as the term tho

No. 1979624

Yes, because she thinks she looks better and is therefore worth more as a troon or something. How school girlish, thinking the be all and end all is one's looks.

No. 1979643

Omg I did not know this (I knew testosterone also increases during ovulation), but it explains a lot. I always thought PMDD was tied to serotonin, but Prozac never helped me much. It’s the scrote hormone all along.

No. 1979651

the way the light leaves her eyes as the video goes on whew.

imagine the smell.

No. 1979652

File: 1711374366422.jpg (28.92 KB, 365x415, transjoy.jpg)

she's forcing herself to smile so fucking much, it's sad. She got fat, her voice sounds like she had a tumor removed from her throat, her face is completely ridden with acne and she's balding. Poster child for self harm.

No. 1979654

Why did she do this to herself? She was so cute.

No. 1979706

The manlymanly nose stickers and jewellery

No. 1979718

wow that sucks, 3 months in it sounds like a nice low female voice but then right at month 4 the vocal fry shows up and it's already fucked.
Also shit, she changes her whole style constantly and she seriously thinks "becoming a man" is going to give her a stable identity? She needs serious therapy, and not the gender kind

No. 1979743

I don’t think TIFs like this want to pass as men. They need everyone to know that they’re trans bois uwu and will double down on makeup, accessories and flags to empathise this when they start getting hairy enough that someone might actually mistake them for male.

No. 1979755

She looks like she has down syndrome.

No. 1979757

File: 1711402050437.jpeg (218.06 KB, 550x467, IMG_8660.jpeg)

wtf has she done to her lips?

No. 1979762

always thought she had "worm lips" a la joffrey, it just looks unnerving. she's overlined the outer corners clown-style to make her mouth wider, a wide mouth is typically a masculine feature but baddies have been doing it for a decade now. since her lipstick is sheer she just looks like a sticky child who's had a popsicle.

No. 1979772

File: 1711406610025.jpeg (244.03 KB, 1800x1350, IMG_5840.jpeg)

NTA but she gets filler done to avoid looking like pedobait kek, so it’s most likely that.

No. 1979773

She did get FMS, no? That would explain the sudden and extreme change in her entire face.

No. 1979776

I don’t think she did, she just regularly gets filler to make her look more “masculine”.

No. 1979780

You're right, yeah, I remember seeing someone here say that (or maybe it was her on twitter?). Can't wait to see her looking like a melting wax figure in a few years, kek.

No. 1979785

she used to have an ed and hated her breasts, surprise surprise. in all of her most recent videos she is shirtless and flaunting her scars which is quite gross in a mild medical horror way. it's crazy how tifs' main reasoning for being boys is that they dislike having breasts. as someone who had a breast reduction in her teens i almost get their idiot logic. having breast as a woman in a world where they are extremely sexualised is hard, but that discomfort does not make you a man lol.

No. 1979795

LMFAO not the salty terfs crying and shitting themselves because a transboy's living his best life and getting loved by gay men in ways none of you bitches ever could. Yall are going to die alone. Me, on the other hand, will continue getting laid whether you like it or not. Suck it up pathetic terfs(troon)

No. 1979796

I recognize the tall one, she tattooed her titchop scars after they started fading

No. 1979799

Are you lost?(unsaged reply to obvious bait)

No. 1979802

Have fun sleeping with straight guys who see you as an easy lay.(reply to obvious bait)

No. 1979807

>getting loved by gay men in ways none of you bitches ever could
Why would I want that? I'm a woman who can respect that they don't want pussy. The men you're sleeping with also aren't gay btw, they're bi at best.

No. 1979813

kek no fucking way. what's her username? this is exactly like >>1979743 said, they want to be seen as ~trans boys~ and not real men.

No. 1979855

Nta but @ezramichelmusic on ig

No. 1979860

>pooned out
"Pooner" is moidspeak, anon. It's what misogynistic TiMs on /tttt/ call TiFs.

No. 1979861

Nta but it definitely looks like she had a nosejob in addition to lip and jaw fillers.

No. 1979863

Honestly, I feel like some anons are from kiwi.

No. 1979864

Or r/4tran

No. 1979865


all that and her voice sounded like it got higher, not deeper yikes. a bit of a personal blog coming up but I was someone who medically transitioned for a maybe 1 year and then detransitioned later on the line. My voice doesn't sound male at all but it definitely feels "off" and I think the main reason why vocal fry is so prominent is because female vocal tracts are smaller then males and depending on T dosage given, it's not giving enough time for the larynx to expand, making it feel trapped. So instead of a deeper voice like an actual males, you end up with this weird cartoonish voice that at best "could" pass as a effeminate gay boy. Anyways, you can make fun of me for being an ex tif all you want but I wanted to give in my insight. I'm glad I wasn't on it for any longer than that but the damage has been done to my vocal cords and thats something I have to live with. Im worried the longer she's on it, it's just gonna get worst. maybe I'm being too optimistic she comes to her senses and realizes how damaging this all is but I doubt it

No. 1979866

File: 1711421883028.jpg (76.96 KB, 540x624, 36154117.jpg)

Appropriating a poem about the Holocaust and butchering it to be about trannies while having the Palestine flag in your bio. That is… a choice.

No. 1979873

jesus they did a hatchet job on her. look at those dog ears

No. 1979881

holy shit, you weren't joking. i'm almost impressed by her dedication to show off/bring attention to her scars at every possible moment. thanks nonnies, for introducing me to this cow.

an anon earlier in this thread kept repeatedly mentioning "kf" like no one cares. the same goes for using words like 'pooner', literal newfag behavior.

No. 1979887

File: 1711425617737.jpg (414.55 KB, 693x1195, Poem.jpg)

Idk I much prefer this poem

No. 1979889

Her vibes are really awkward and childish, is she just camera shy, or… you know

No. 1979896

Will serve her right if she was really the one who made fun of that balding detrans. These kind of people are the worst.

No. 1979949

File: 1711447188394.png (2.11 MB, 1080x1515, tifs.png)

Lmk if it was already posted

No. 1979950

File: 1711447343543.jpg (281.38 KB, 1080x1064, Screenshot_20240326_060239.jpg)

looking at this post my blood started boiling to a point of no return this shit is insane and deeply internalised

No. 1979953

Of course they should actually use the women's restrooms when they are female, but the hypocrisy is so fucking stupid and infuriating. If you demand everyone call you he and a man/non-woman and that "deadnaming" is genocidal abuse then stop fucking using women's spaces.

No. 1979954

Who’s surprised that women feel more safe using the women’s bathroom even though they demand and insist they’re actually men? Sometime’s I see these posts and think they’re so close to peaking out of trannyhood and getting it, but then again not feeling safe in male places, especially bathrooms, is just a basic feeling for all women.

No. 1979956

Because there could be some truth to that xer said?
Nonnie, stop letting people too much in your head.(sage your shit)

No. 1979963

They want to have their cake and eat it too. These people always shill that it's fine for TIMs to use the womens room because they're so scawwed of their fellow men, but don't you dare say they should use the mens room and put their money where their mouth is because they don't want to confront the doublethink.

No. 1979970

Genuinely want all tifs to be refused entry to women's spaces until they admit to being girls and women.

No. 1979973

My hope is that those pictures are old enough to where the troon fad was after those girls' time. They're probably in their mid thirties now. Most of the girls who troon out were born 1995 or later.

No. 1980017

>getting loved by gay men
Oh sweetie… I almost pity your delusion(responding to bait)

No. 1980031

Has any of you seen this video? I feel bad for her but by the end she still agrees with transitioning and pro-trans bullshit which is sad, i wish she peaked from this experience.

Literally the fujos that browse here and cc

No. 1980034

But I bet these same tifs will delusionally advocate for tims to come to the female restroom, despite the tifs themselves going to the women's because there aren't any men there.

No. 1980044

ma'am I don't want gay men near me, they're dirty. Even if you're baiting, just know that men see you as easy pussy and you're getting wet for that. Tragic. Seek help or maybe lurk more and peak. Unless you're being fucked by other twansbois uwu with a strap that's just spicy lesbian sex.(responding to bait)

No. 1980048

You mean to tell me that children can't decide if they're trans or not? This person is so dense. They were obviously influenced by a trans-trender and when they turned into an adult realized it isn't for them.

No. 1980061

aw, nonna. i hope you'll eventually find peace. thanks for sharing your voice theory because literally every tif, even the most masculine ones (who put a genuine effort into 'passing'), has the same voice. kek tifs genuinely believe that injecting hormones in their 20s magically will make their voice sound like vidrel. but in reality they end up sounding like kermit the frog during puberty. i know that tims get surgery and fuck up their vocal cords in an attempt to make their voice sound more feminine, is there a similar surgery for tifs?

when it comes to ezra i'm convinced she's never gonna change, she's too deep into this shit. i remember that nonnas shared her videos as she was starting to transition and they basically predicted all of this. she just started taking hormone blockers because her period made her dysphoric kek. she hates herself too much to ever go back to 'life as a woman' and instead permanently damages her body by shooting up hormone blockers and testosterone, it's insane. i cannot imagine the damage this does to her body long-term.

No. 1980063

File: 1711484729552.jpeg (281.97 KB, 1170x1552, GJeQzHQXEAAghKY.jpeg)

Dutch Tiffany living her boi model dreams

No. 1980064

I'm not sure why TiFs think it's an achievement to "get laid." I suppose it's a combination of low self esteem and imitating moidspeak. I just saw a post in another thread about a moid who put his dick in a chicken's cloaca. Moids will list all sorts of traits they want women to have, then turn around and fuck a microwaved watermelon. There's nothing brag-worthy about getting with a moid, especially when its obvious that he lied about being gay to earn your trust. How humiliating, letting any douchebag who lies about being gay use your for sex like that. I'd rather die alone tbh.

No. 1980065

seeing the real men on the actual underwear packages is hilarious. the stark contrast between her curves and insecure pose and their straight confident poses with straight torsos makes the joke of her "transition" even more apparent. Tifanies pass miles better than male troons but they're still so obviously women who at most have a mastectomy and maybe a pcos stache

No. 1980066

>slumping to hide her waist
not sure why they couldn't just shoop that in post but whatever

No. 1980069

Kek they do troon out tho.

No. 1980072

i'm surprised they didn't shoop the gnarly scars, but am happy that normie moids are being exposed to this shit.

No. 1980073

File: 1711485785110.jpg (125.25 KB, 1080x1519, Screenshot_20240327_021239_Chr…)

The tattoos are taking me out. Tifs do actually walk around with these shitty drawings?

No. 1980074

I love how the packages hanging directly below it have super shredded natal male models on them. The idea is to use sexy people to sell your product, not weirdos with bobblehead proportions and zipper tits. The bottom images say, "Chads wear our product," while the top image says "twans men are heckin' valid uwu!" Which one do they think Joe Shmoe is more likely to buy? It sure as shit ain't the latter.

No. 1980085

They have nothing to do with gay men, moid lover. They're a straight woman fucking men. Strange how many of you are a lot nicer to women fucking men in /ot/ being "easy pussy". It's only a problem when the woman is mentally ill and thinks she's a gay man kek

No. 1980091

this is uncomfortable because it's a mutilated woman promoting women's mutilation to men, but if I try to see what she wants me to see it looks more like a teen boy and that feels gross and pedophilic. What man wants to buy boxers advertised for doughy boys, it's like admitting they have smol dicks

No. 1980092

did you take this pic in Vlaams-Brabant? I swear I have the same pic in my local Hema.(sage your shit)

No. 1980100

File: 1711492902576.mp4 (2.12 MB, 640x360, Jonnywsbell - 1772608857849602…)

Small woman-child with receding hairline talks about about the overwhelming oppression of the 'two-S-LGBTQ+ community' and their latest child-grooming initiative.

I didn't take the picture myself so I don't know. Sorry nonna!

No. 1980115

File: 1711496214864.png (796.94 KB, 825x814, haKItAp.png)

How is anyone even supposed to take her shit seriously with that croaky chipmunk voice of hers

No. 1980125

Lmfao is this a joke this is ass

No. 1980128

Ify, I get the sentiment behind that 'poem' but it did crack me up. Especially this part
>if this makes me a dinosaur, so be it, I'm a T-Rex

No. 1980138

Tbh she could be a crypto, she’s making a lot of tifs self reflect in the comments, this would not be possible if she said “I’m a terf” and everyone and their mom blocked her then stalked her into silence. I understand the frustration but we gotta be realistic and rational, what you’re suggesting is pretty much impossible for the average woman to express, sadly.

No. 1980152

I saw this video some weeks ago and I agree with this >>1980138 . It had crypto vibes to me.
Usually proper TRAs are way more apologetic and direct at defending it, so this video. The ending just felt like her covering her ass.
Not saying this with any hate, but some nonnas have extremelly unrealistic expectations/standards and kneejerk way too easily.

No. 1980176

The head wobbles and eyebrows make me think she's been watching Trump speeches to learn how to talk like a man.

No. 1980177

Tbf I think it was written by a schoolgirl, if this is the same poem I saw once

No. 1980186

File: 1711513833654.jpg (98.46 KB, 897x631, sogay.JPG)

Idk about the blonde girl but sadly picrel was right and the second one identifies as genderfluid She/He and enjoys being gay with her long-time boyfriend and cosplaying all the yaoi couples she loved as a teen with him.
Internet says she's 37- idk if she's that old but I've been aware of her content for long enough to know that she's at least mid thirties.

No. 1980189

I hope she doesn't have kids.

No. 1980192

File: 1711514620876.png (671 KB, 736x814, iCam3ai.png)

This really illustrates the sexual dimorphism between males and females. Both the woman and the guy in picrel have low body fat and a small amount of muscle, but the male is actually male, while her skeletal structure and proportions literally give her away.

No. 1980194

kek, she used to be very active in the midwest cosplay scene in the early 2000s and would cosplay all her favorite yaoi ships then too. Same username and everything. She's definitely 37.

No. 1980201

Joey has been around for a long time kek she used to make videos on anime and manga. I can’t believe she’s still around! She’s definitely late 30s though. She was probably one of the first gnc women I was ever exposed to. The gender-fluid label thing is recent.

No. 1980206

Do you think she's gotta an hero or detransition when the other shoe drops and she realizes what she's done to herself? I can't help feeling sorry for Ellen, she seems extremely mentally ill and this is the worst form of self harm she's ever done. Her voice is already gone and never going to sound like a woman's again.

No. 1980208

yeah she used to be gender critical years ago iirc, but i guess even gc women can be persuaded if exposed deep enough to the troon shit, especially in anime communities where it's rampant in some spaces, like some parts of the yaoi fandom and etc.

No. 1980209

He’s fine. Leave him alone.(lost retard)

No. 1980212

Kinda reminds me of JessOtaku, who also trooned out.

No. 1980219

it is interesting how common it is but i find it baffling tbh. i know short women often have body image issues (the excessive focus on being “tiny” etc) so perhaps it’s in the same body dysmorphia/eating disorder umbrella. i understand how frustrating the infantalization is and being small/under five feet presents its own challenges as an adult woman, but i just don’t get why any short woman (especially one with male relatives who are short) would ever think “yeah larping as a short man is the solution here.”

No. 1980222

Probably because it's easy to be GC when it's popular/well accepted, while now it's the opposite so she embraces the delusion to help with the yaoi larp she already does. It's so baffling to see women in their thirties do stuff like this. Peter pan syndrome cross with autism type mental illness larping your anime crushes.

No. 1980224

>gay couple
>Tamaki x Haruhi, ie. a guy and a woman who only crossdresses on the job
What? I don't even know what the other one is, budget HarryxRon?

No. 1980227

She probably headcanons Haruhi as some type of genderfluid or ftm like Ourans more recent modern fans now do for representation purposes so it's totally not a straight relationship between a girl with short hair and a boy.

No. 1980241

It was written (by a teenage girl) for a Let Women Speak rally, much more powerful said aloud. And yeah, the T-Rex line is meant to be funny. >>1980128 Though ig it's also a reference to the GC T-Rex mascot.
Literally going from a short woman to an extremely short manlet (I mean not really but).

No. 1980245

What are you on about? Anon replied about gay men because the tranny herself claimed to be loved by them in ways terfs couldn't be kek. Also the "easy pussy" thing is because moids who can't get laid are open about chasing TIFs on apps like grinder, that's how they perceive TIFs. Lastly, you need to lurk more if you truly think that anons aren't insulted on the regular for dating moids.

No. 1980254

hope thats an infected needle

No. 1980255

this is straight up brainwashing. used to see art like this all the time growing up and it accustomed me towards being groomed by mentally ill troons.

No. 1980276

>but am happy that normie moids are being exposed to this shit
kill yourself(infighting)

No. 1980277

Everytime she speaks she sounds like a groomed child in a cult. Yeah funny but really, it's uncanny. She repeats all of it like it's a nursery rhyme, without emotions, like it's something she has to do and other than that, she looks waxy and her skin looks tight on her, like it's struggling to stretch. How can she claim that now she's "free" ? She can't even make eye contact, she stutters a lot and will never be seen as a man. I'm afraid that I will learn of her death soon.

No. 1980302

God I feel so bad for this lil tif

No. 1980303

>I'm trans
>Ok maybe I'm not trans
>"How BPD affects my life"
>Yeah guys maybe I'm trans and my bpd told me I wasn't

No. 1980305

this was only a couple of months after "I'm not trans"

No. 1980332

File: 1711562502045.jpg (399.96 KB, 774x1198, slgbtq.jpg)

i'm sorry but picrel is all i can think about when i hear "two-S-LGBTQ+ community".

No. 1980340

wtf does that mean? is Ellen now comparing LGBTQ+ people to SS nazis cause they might psychologically genocide women i get that but i doubt that's what she means, it's really sad seeing her this way but i don't think i'll feel bad whenever she anheros in fact i might feel better about the world when she is dead, im sorry that was just mean.

No. 1980343

Congrats anon, that's one of the most retarded things I've ever read on here. It means two spirit, which is an indigenous term white queers are frothing at the mouth to use but are too worried about being accused of appropriation.

No. 1980350

File: 1711565311625.jpeg (199.23 KB, 1170x1068, IMG_5857.jpeg)

Why do so many ex-TIFs rush to get knocked up right after they detroon? While I’m happy that Prisha’s ability to conceive a child hasn’t been nuked, it seems like she needs to sort her shit out first before popping a baby out, and the fact that she’s been diagnosed with BPD makes this a recipe for disaster.

No. 1980352

I hate how they put the 2S in front of lesbians, it’s like whatever powers at be in charge of the acronym we’re just dying to boot women out of the front of it.

No. 1980359

other anons have talked before about how a lot of detroons just run to the opposite end of the horseshoe, but my theory is that because so many trannies treat transitioning like a long-term project with steps—coming out, HRT, first surgery, second surgery, etc—and a lot of detransitioners felt bored or empty with no “next step” to look forward to (common for the BPD ones) or they just regretted their choices WRT medical transition but never dropped the “always looking ahead to the next thing” mindset, for a lot of them getting pregnant immediately scratches that itch and gives them “a purpose”. it’s not too different from people on r/detrans treating their “detrans journey” exactly how they initially treated their transition, but it’s weirder because you’re throwing a baby in the mix and it’s one thing for someone to regret the titchop and then regret implants afterwards, but if you have a baby you can’t exactly regret it the same way & these people are making those choices on that same kind of basis. it’s kind of sad to see especially considering that like, didn’t the german female bodybuilders’ babies have defects even though their steroid usage had ceased years prior?

No. 1980360

Which other ex TIFs had kids? I thought it was just Daisy and now Prisha. Daisy popping out a child immediately made sense with the Catholic LARP.

No. 1980363

Twitter detransitioner eviepilled/eeveepilled recently had a bastard child with her 31 year old boyfriend that knocked her up when she was 19, she sees nothing wrong with the situation. I have also seen another self proclaimed “terf” detransitioner who also ended up getting married and pregnant.

No. 1980366

I understand that Prisha is a victim herself, but I feel like she hasn’t really thought this through. Given the fact that Prisha is being spotlighted in detrans news and that she’s borderline, there’s no doubt that the added stress will affect her pregnancy and I get the feeling she will grow to resent her child once she realizes this is a lifelong commitment.

No. 1980376

>never going to sound like a woman's again
if you ignore the croak, she honestly sounds like an aunt I have. Her current voice isn't actually anything close to a man's voice imo, it's just drastically different from her real voice. It's like when you see a tiffany in pictures and think they pass until you see them next to a real dude, even a failmoid. I thought Buck Angel passed until I saw that pic of her next to Blaire White which outed both as obvious troons kek. Nothing makes me laugh more than seeing tims and tifs next to each other showing that biology is forever even if in pictures it seems not.
Because short guys are at worst mocked in life by men but normally coddled by women. As much as short guys make it seem like their life is terrible, compare it to what women go through normally and suddenly it's a joke how much they cry about it. I've seen tall women go through worse shit than short guys, all a short man has to do is find a short gf, even tall guys get pathetically emasculated by 6' tall women.
the fact that bpd is not a red flag to stop kids from transitioning is proof positive this is more about the medical industry making money than "helping" anyone suffering. How can someone with an unstable sense of identity ever be capable of consenting that they are 100% sure that any phase they go through will be definite? Ethical tattoo artists question obvious bpders more than these "do no harm" doctors.
canada lists 2 spirit first in the acronym because it's easier than actually giving a shit about the native populace. There is a literal genocide (officially declared by third parties) going on targeting native women but yeah, let's platform a white man's invention first in an acronym to support them instead. Meanwhile there's a dumpster in winnipeg filled with native women's bodies, that the dump itself was happy to be shut down to allow for a full investigation and find every body there, but the local government declared they wouldn't bother to keep searching even after bodies kept being found with every look (iirc another body was found there like a week after the declaration too). They keep claiming it's too much to force the dump to shut down while the dump kept saying "no, we are happy to close".
Fucking Tranada claims it gives a fuck about women but it's only tranies that they do

No. 1980405

I mean, it's been years. A lot of women want to have kids and ig she's one of them. Ofc if her BPD isn't under control then I retract that.
Why are we hating on women who have kids? There's nothing antithetical about having a kid and being a TERF.
BPD is a really common diagnosis among troons. Docs at the Tavistock and in the WPATH files talked about their patients changing identity between appointments and they still didn't see an issue.

No. 1980418

It's not hatred for women who have kids, it's annoyance towards detransitioners who haven't learned anything and go straight to trying to be as trad as possible.

No. 1980449

She was another one from the sheltered autist with an eating disorder to trooning out pipeline, and apparently she also hoards all of her dead ex-husband's stuff to sell it for money instead of giving it back to his sister

No. 1980487

And these retards are coming out as what? Straight cosplayers who haven't taken a bath since the medieval times?

No. 1980489

>Ethical tattoo artists question obvious bpders more than these "do no harm" doctors.
Honestly, this. I knew a girl in my uni who wanted to get a ugly womb tattoo (it was shaped like a deformed alien baby…) by a popular tattoo artist, but she got rejected because the artist wouldn't agree to it and kept asking her to think it through kek. A few months later, she trooned out and started T without any trouble. The medical industry is so fucking greedy. Forget troons, even detrans people would need to rely on their treatments and shit, and they definitely know it. Encouraging something knowing the other is going to regret it one day, only gives them more money.

No. 1980496

Crazy, unstable people tend to be the people who troon out. And for some of them, just because they eventually realize that they are not/can not become the opposite sex doesn’t mean that they entirely stop being crazy and unstable.

Also for some reason it seems like a lot of former TIFs rush to become as feminine as possible after they detransition, with makeup, breast implants, and sometimes pregnancy. Maybe they’re trying to compensate for going so hard trying to become a male, maybe their brain is like a pendulum that swings back and forth between extremes, maybe the trooning out gave them new trauma and the feminine overcompensating is a trauma response, idk.

No. 1980507

File: 1711603307127.png (206.24 KB, 500x500, image.png)

>even detrans people would need to rely on their treatments and shit
Detrans females who've undergone sudden menopause in their 20s can require hormone therapy. Really sucks for anyone not wanting to put another dime in greedy pharma's pockets after their transitioning experience
I suspect some of it is that they haven't unpacked and deconstructed the sexism that got them there in the first place. They, like conservatives, can look at the human body and realise transitioning is a fever dream but still think gender is innate to some degree. I think they're trying to be "proper women" like they tried to be "real men" instead of realizing there is nothing that makes you a woman beyond your biology. They probably also think they're loving and appreciating their female body through pregnancy which sounds nice and all until you realize an actual human being is created during this process. They'd be better off doing period blood art instead honestly

No. 1980518

Exactly, unfucking that shit is sometimes harder than ruining your health and body.

No. 1980540

>Detrans females who've undergone sudden menopause in their 20s can require hormone therapy. Really sucks for anyone not wanting to put another dime in greedy pharma's pockets after their transitioning experience
When people say trooning out makes you a medical patient FOR LIFE they mean it. It never meant "until you stop" it means "regardless if you stop or not". I really feel for kids who got groomed into it without knowing what it meant. Kids aren't able to consent to transition. Neither are mentally unstable adults.

No. 1980542

>Why do so many ex-TIFs rush to get knocked up right after they detroon?
She didn't rush to it though. She thought she was infertile, as doctors had told her there was a very high likelihood she was. Even now she realizes this is a high risk pregnancy and that this could be her one chance of ever becoming a mom so she's taking the chance.
I don't see many of them get pregnant so idk where your comment is coming from? I would assume there are a number of girls who detroon upon realizing they do in fact want to become mothers though, which would naturally mean they actively seek to get pregnant in the nearish future if they're able to. But I honestly see way more tifs acting like they're amazing feats of nature for being a "pregnant seahorse dad".

No. 1980594

Ngl the bar is so low, she's still likely to be a better mother than troons could ever be. At least she won't tell her child to get on puberty blockers, then hormones, and chop their body parts off because they don't follow the stereotypes and actually have a personality.

No. 1980623

File: 1711641465882.mp4 (2.41 MB, 576x1024, tiny.menace_2024-03-28-18-54-3…)

This bitch really thinks that women can't have acne/curly hair/leg hair… Some of them are so retarded it's pitiful

No. 1980632

Nonny, I don't know how to tell you this, but getting knocked up does not a tradwife make.

No. 1980642

Kek the retardation. Like congrats you're just experiencing what it's like to not follow rigid beauty standards, but rather than allowing yourself to relish in the freedom, you're still hyper-focusing on your appearance and whether or not you look like a moid — which makes it more pathetic, because she looks like a woman in every single way… hell, even her facial features are soft. This girl never stood a chance. She can't even look androgynous with her features, let alone male.

No. 1980661

File: 1711650593413.png (552.98 KB, 814x1122, perhaps.png)

yeah I'm thinking crypto
if she straight up said she peaked no troon or handmaiden would ever listen to her. they'd label her a transphobic TERF and spam reports until the video is taken down.

No. 1980695

Seconding the crypto vibes, she said “biological” rather than “cis” and called troons “trans rights activists” in the comments of the video. I also found her Reddit account and she posts on r/detrans.

No. 1980709

She literally just looks like some punk kid living in section 8 housing. Why does she make her life so complex

No. 1980716

she has become my new personal cow because everything about her transition is so pitiful. like i can't believe she takes hormone blockers and testosterone just to look like a butch kek.

No. 1980741

File: 1711669369151.png (325.6 KB, 505x612, image.png)

I'm guessing she's at the gym now cause she's fat and wants to look like a muscular man. My wonder is that if she manages to keep this up and gain muscle, will she not just look more female just due to the muscle definition being obviously female muscle growth? Doubt she's going for picrel but more to demonstrate what I'm on about

No. 1980745

women don't have inherently different muscle growth patterns. like if a man and a woman do the same workout, the woman won't just grow more glutes out of no where than the man. yeah women grow less muscle overall but T (which is a steroid) will offset that somewhat. as long as she's doing workouts focused on muscles that males tend to aesthetically favour she'll look more male for putting on muscle. t. a bodybuilder

No. 1980753

That outfit doesn’t even stand out? I don’t get it. Forgetting the clamps is embarrassing and I don’t know why she posted that. I hate TikTokers who film at the gym. It’s so obvious they’re not there to sweat. They’re just there to make content

No. 1980771

it's suppose to include Two-spirit, the "third gender thing" that only a select few native tribes did, which was just casting non masculine males into their own gender like 99% of most "third gender" identities. Also it was quite literally made up by two white dudes kek

No. 1980793

Kek she just looks like a sick woman now and that voice makes her sound like a chain smoker. At least some TIFs will pass at a casual glance post T but what's the point of going through all the health risks and possible complications if THIS is the result??

No. 1980801


I don't think she can go back even if she wanted to. There's more than enough videos and photos of her asshole/vag/porn she's made for an entire lifetime. If she decides to detrans, it's gonna be fucking HARD with all the "gay" porn she's starred in popping up whenever you google her name

No. 1980805

lmao that art. i love how easy it is to tell the bottom one is meant to be jammidodger

No. 1980897

i showed my teenage tra sister this a while ago and i think it helped peak her a little bit, or atleast consider another side. i sent her more videos but this one was the only one she was willing to watch. she told me it was good to see a video about it that wasn’t from a “gross conservative”. it got her thinking about all the procedures and how TIFs are rushed into everything. if she’s a crypto she’s doing god’s work. the video is very relatable and her art style is like catnip to young nerdy tifs too kek

No. 1980931

>Do you think she's gotta an hero or detransition
She won't kill herself. Ellen's been harmed like a lot of child actors but she's also a Hollywood narcissists. Ellen will detransition then release a new book about it: "From Pageboy Back To Pagegirl"

No. 1980936

I think she'll be one of those that can't admit to having made a mistake, due to how big and public her mistake was. So she'll stay miserable to not have to face that reality

No. 1980937

Showing her some more still half-woke leftist detrans videos might help peak her further nona. There are plenty on youtube who aren't anywhere near conservative

No. 1980958

File: 1711744437743.png (559 KB, 1117x772, image_2024-03-29_163326687.png)

she's apparently a biology major too

No. 1980961

File: 1711744872860.jpg (45.95 KB, 443x758, Screenshot_2.jpg)

Shame on Paris Paloma for including a TIF in her "Labour" video.
Shame because they apparently can be women when they feel like it but tell them that they're women, they spew out their interiorized misoginy. Bleagh!
No Tiffany, if you wanna get out the women bubble, despite being one, you don't get to come back for oppression points. Fuck off.
This is stinky like when Marina included a TIM in "Man's World."

No. 1980988

This pic convinced me she could be a crypto, the caricatures kek

No. 1980990

File: 1711750123852.png (570.92 KB, 1080x1397, CQkt4HQ.png)

I actually sighed reading this, This poor misguided girl doesn't even realize that desperate men are willing to stoop so low as to pretend to be gay in order to sleep with her.

No. 1980996

>he treated me well and treasured my body
Is this low self esteem speak for, he did the bare minimum?

No. 1981006

That’s a heterosexual man ma’am, hopefully she stumbles across the threads and posts online that men are sharing for how to exploit her and other delusional women and wakes up to reality. No guy she hooks up with is thinking of her as a man, just another easily exploitable women with no standards or boundaries.

No. 1981023

File: 1711757051900.jpg (445.75 KB, 1080x1718, Screenshot_20240329_205928.jpg)

Back in her old days in LJ: I'm a lesbian! Did I mention I'm a lesbian?

Now: gender? What's that?

No. 1981034

The 2016 eyebrows and Harry Potter glasses, it doesn't get more millennial woman than that

No. 1981052

As if anyone even needs to ask what gender she was born as kek. That's a whole woman right there, her shitty fashion choices aren't helping.

No. 1981061

File: 1711762724418.png (1.28 MB, 1285x3498, 32924.png)

oh the infighting!

No. 1981062

File: 1711762771538.png (563.74 KB, 968x1162, Screenshot 2024-03-29 212536.p…)


No. 1981071

File: 1711763926666.jpeg (83.91 KB, 600x400, rosalarianasirememberabitch.jp…)

oh what the fuck happened to her? damn. teenage me would be devastated.

No. 1981081

The kind of shit you worry about when you have no real problems

No. 1981084

>He even said I could come back over this weekend
Oh, lucky you, a moid is allowing you to come suck his cock! What a gentleman. God, these people are so gullible.

No. 1981099

Took the gender pill and realized she was a straight woman.

No. 1981107

wow it's almost like none of this shit makes sense

No. 1981239

She started dating a man and panicked about becoming “normal” and “privileged” so she trooned out in order to retain her “queer” label.

No. 1981307

File: 1711829624228.jpg (45.12 KB, 555x571, kawaiiftm.jpg)

Another day, another unemployed kawaii pastel tumblr blogger begging for money to get her tits removed.

From the fundraiser:
>Hi there, I’m Cal. I use he/him pronouns and socially transitioned two years ago. It was a mess. I have lots of trauma about talking about my trans-ness but I am 100% ready for this next step.
>Unfortunately it has been very difficult for me to secure a job with health insurance. While it’s true a lot of employers secretly avoid trans candidates due to their own beliefs, I feel like my lack of confidence is also holding me back from moving forward in life.

No. 1981396

File: 1711854866694.png (135.32 KB, 1020x380, image.png)

My favourite part of that thread is when one of them said the quiet part out loud
Calling trans masc and trans men different things doesn't make it different kek. Especially when mascs get pressured into dosing hormones too

No. 1981406

File: 1711856252043.png (353.25 KB, 890x1163, Screenshot 2024-03-30 213139.p…)

I do wonder if these people can even fathom a woman choosing to have hairy legs or if that's asking too much

No. 1981408

File: 1711856393467.png (69.57 KB, 897x356, Screenshot 2024-03-30 213348.p…)

OP is 23 and still gives a shit what her mom thinks about her hairy legs. Comments are rife with tifs thinking shaved legs equals woman

No. 1981456

File: 1711880986745.jpeg (1.32 MB, 1284x2778, IMG_2871.jpeg)

“pop star, evil little wood elf, top .01% of succubi in the universe“
i love how goofy these chicks get, girl if you dont pull your fucking pants up and get a job lmfao

No. 1981461

And the Palestine flag at the end of all that to top it off

No. 1981464

what’s wrong with that?

No. 1981468

nothing wrong per se, but obviously it has been buzzwordified for oppression points. Yes, that's a thing. TIFs usually jumps to the latest sad trend, most of them were putting Ukranian flags and now they removed it for the new sad thing. They don't really believe/help it, they just want the holier-than-thou facade, meanwhile the Ukranian conflict is still happening, it's just not cool to support it anymore.

No. 1981478

File: 1711892145249.jpeg (198.04 KB, 750x1769, IMG_0394.jpeg)

She also posted a photo of her obviously female ass saying boys look cute in fishnets

No. 1981480

It's cringe and performative

No. 1981482

No idea how Tinder really works, but I agree, they should make "nonbinary" their own category and then you should be able to completely filter it out (if you can pick "match me with ____" or whatever) so you never have to see any of them. But I assume they would force you to include them, apparently you cannot even filter out trannies.

No. 1981486

If you have to ask what's wrong with a they/he/she having the Palestinian flag in her bio…go back to Twitter

No. 1981489

File: 1711895545899.png (214.09 KB, 2605x2605, unsf4sv1k7ma1.png)

>I like men
I can tell.

No. 1981490

>And I can only pick one
Another day, another tif thinking everything is gender. Take a fucking shower for once and call yourself soapgender then. I can't with these first world 'problems' when you are so free from any kind of oppression that you need to pretend like tinder is oppressing you for not adding shit like autismgender to its list.

No. 1981491

Ngl the strawman 'terf' lowkey acts like that one newfag in this thread who wanted everyone to treat tifs like victims and thought they're all lesbians kek.

No. 1981492

File: 1711896221098.jpg (62.24 KB, 1080x486, Screenshot_20240331_201051_Chr…)

So manly. So revolutionary. So destroying-the-binary by wearing a crop top with belly hair. I'm truly in awe of her.

No. 1981496

She's just going to look like a woman with PCOS.

No. 1981500

Why are trannies more feminine than me kek

No. 1981502

These two terms shouldn't be in the same sentence. Fucking absurd that doctors won't (rightfully) chop people with BDD but will do it to borderline people who claim fuckall identities every day.

No. 1981508

if someone on twitter has a Palesine flag or a watermelon in their name, theres a 99% chance they will be some of the most mentally ill, performative, dramafags you will ever meet. its like coming across a brightly colored snake.

No. 1981528

File: 1711903131754.jpeg (541.49 KB, 1170x1948, IMG_6001.jpeg)

If you don’t think picrel is a gay couple, you are a transphobe and a bigot.

No. 1981533

I can smell the straight from them.

No. 1981546

according to their own logic aren't they still straight from opposite ends?

No. 1981549

Well, there can't be love between two self-centered tryhards who want to stand out from the 'norm' so hard when they blend in every single way. One is desperate for validation, the other just wants to fuck.

No. 1981555

I have been scrolling these threads for a long time and it's crazy how women's clothing seems to fit TIFs with boob chops better than women with boobs. No wonder women are insecure about their female chests.

No. 1981556

I hate that girls who have had tit chops can wear all these cute y2k clothes and I can't.

No. 1981561

Interestingly I've seen numerous people say that butches are transmasc because they're masculine. I'd like to hear gendies try to explain the difference between masculinity as a fashion/personality thing and a "gender [that] leans more towards traditionally masculine terms/ideas"

No. 1981562

Nothing sadder than a self-hating bisexual woman.(sage your shit)

No. 1981565

So what's with the category of FTMs that will wear extremely feminine fashion except they have some pubes and an unshaven bikini line? Is it literally just to ultimate "I'm not like other girls" to them? Because they always are just about the most stereotypical girly girls out there.

No. 1981572

Get to like normal girl stuff without being relentlessly shat on, many of us as kids would do the chop if presented with being treated like a human versus a facsimile of vices

No. 1981574

No offense but she was always cringe and now she's cringe and fucks dudes and plays the gendie game at an embarrassingly big age

No. 1981576

>has pcos
>is an adult and mom still enforces unnecessary femininity rituals like hair removal despite aforementioned pcos
wow, wonder what she's trying to escape by "becoming a man"
I know they exist, but never in my life have I ever seen a man in a crop top outside of a club setting. If they're hot they're shitless or in a tank top
it's easier to make fashion for thin men than it is for women because of curves. it's part of the reason why runway models are stick thin and fags quite often walk the runway for women's clothing, it makes it look better and hides the bad construction for women's bodies. I think some tifs are former fashion girlies who want to be perfect flat twinks and fit their ideal fashions.
A few threads ago here or on cc there was this obviously ana tif who got an "affirming" surgery removing all her curves on her thighs and hips and I bet if girls could get it done without calling themselves men a huge chunk would stop trooning and do that.

No. 1981577

she probably still lives with mom

No. 1981580

As well as what all the other nonas said, it's just weird to have it at the end of a cringe sexual bio like that

No. 1981590

>I got some hair on my belly finally
Kek and you had to go on t to have it? But since she's deep into gender stereotypes, being a troon and all, she probably thinks it's so manly to show off her little peach fuzz

>never in my life have I ever seen a man in a crop top outside of a club setting
I have in the summer, but it's usually fags who are built like a plank so there's nothing to even show off

Sry for the reposts I wasn't green texting properly

No. 1981596

Ezzy said that for her to get her "gender dysphoria" diagnosis she had to pay 500 pounds to a doctor that basically wrote on a piece of paper "yes she has gender dysphoria."
Shocker: if you pay someone, without a therapy cycle together, he can write whatever you want and maybe recommend you to his butcher friend who will remove your chest and will divide the money gained from the surgery.
How can this bitch say all of this shit smilig is a mystery, maybe it's the cope

No. 1981614

File: 1711923281865.jpg (60.7 KB, 449x808, capped9.jpg)

I just wish they'd stop being this narcissistic for a day, posting their mutilated body on every group they're part of even if it's not revelant, truly obnoxious.

No. 1981619

Kek these dumbfucks don't need a visibility day. Never seen a troon blend in or 'pass' irl, everyone can already tell that they've got the gendie brainrot. Also, those shitty scars and a whole fucking dent on her chest isn't helping, she neither has the face nor the body to appear even slightly androgenous.

No. 1981623

You can see it so easily. No matter how much a woman works out, she will never have a male body. It is both genetically and biologically impossible. These fake bois are so stupid.

She'll probably an hero. There's no way she'll detransition at this point with how much attention she's bringing to herself by being a 'transman' actor instead of a lesbian.

No. 1981647


No. 1981648

Ofc She's an astarion cosplayer. BG3 is gonna troon out a whole new set of retarded women

No. 1981652

>I’ve never had surgery before
I feel like that’s the only way so many tifs end up getting a chop too. If they have had injuries before they would know how intensive surgery could be, or any major incident that would have your body hunkering down and healing. If not who would willingly put her body in that type of physical trauma again for something frivolous and not necessary unless you were deep in the cult. Tho in a similar vein she said she didn’t want to go through bottom surgery so thankfully that one is too much for some tifs

No. 1981654


No. 1981655

This is what gets me too, these people act like it's as simple as getting botox injections or some other surface level cosmetic procedure. General anesthesia on its own has a wide body of research regarding its negative effects on the all organ systems and should really only be done after very rigorous cost-benefit analyses. And that's just the anesthetic alone! These people are ripping into entirely healthy tissue for no other reason than aesthetics (and their enmeshment into mental illness), and medical bodies in all first world countries are completely onboard with it! I really just want to shake them and demand to know if they've even had their tonsils out before…

No. 1981665

File: 1711941581896.jpeg (134.88 KB, 960x638, IMG_6481.jpeg)

My apologies if it’s been posted before but i somehow stumbled upon Kristen Stewart’s feature for “them” magazines while scrolling insta and noticed a lot of women with their breasts removed posing beside her in all the pictures. This pic is just one example. It’s such a shame, is she completely lost to this insanity too? Idgi because the concept is” Sapphic Fever Dream on Steroids” apparently, so these girls all identify as lesbians ?

No. 1981680

Imagine if it was just the photographer's way of indirectly calling tifs the women that they are, and they just think it's something deep and profound kek.

No. 1981691

Kind of off-topic but i'm really getting tired of her queerbaiting attempts, like i think she's hot don't get me wrong but Love Lies Bleeding was a shit film with no substance. Felt like an hour and a half long tikok or music video that was constantly bashing me on the head with a cartoon hammer labelled GAY. The sex scenes had no sensuality to them and felt very robotic and male gaze-y too.

No. 1981720

Damn that’s some pectus excavatum she’s got going on.

No. 1981721

I genuinely believe that if these celebs were actually bi/lesbians by now they would go on the red carpet with their gfs and stop shitting "queerbaiting" (i hate that term but it's the best one I can think of rn). They're using lesbianism as a thirst trap, it's no better than the lesbian porn category. Performative homosexuality, pure shit. Fuck off Kirsten.

No. 1981777

She's a political lesbian, full stop. That woman has never touched a pussy.

No. 1981842

File: 1712009145374.jpg (493.46 KB, 1795x1212, image.jpg)

TIF MRAs are the ultimate male worshippers.

No. 1981864

File: 1712014816384.mp4 (7.6 MB, 720x1402, parishandmaiden.mp4)

i was going to say sorry if this is too ot but apparently paris paloma goes by she/THEY now according to her tiktok bio. but here's more of her saying her song labor is for troons .

No. 1981867

I want to hear by Paris herself which troon got ever forced into marriage, degraded only to be the mother figure and home slave and forced to do "labour" but I guess I will wait a long time.

No. 1981876

Trannies abuse that feature so much, as a lesbian I can't even begin to explain the sheer AMMOUNT of troons chossing to be seen as women, tho it's kind of funny when I see a self aware TIF show up at my feed

No. 1981878

How much of a cringe handmaiden can you be? "cis white feminist agenda", what a retard. Deleting the song from my playlist rn.

No. 1981883

File: 1712016100218.jpg (432.62 KB, 1080x1139, Bisexuality.jpg)

kek she has been in a long term relationship with actual woman dylan meyer since 2019. they got engaged.

>cosplaying shirtless moid
>while skinnyfat
everything i hate combined. absolutely disgusting.

No. 1981888

Why do they always have septum piercings. I've yet to encounter a normal, non-troon moid who wears one. If they want to pass (they can't but whatever) they should start by taking that trash out of their noses.

No. 1981892

Holy shit, I stand corrected. Go figure. Thanks nona.

No. 1981895

I'm thankful that I have no idea who this person is. Most of my favorite musicians are dead or retired, so I don't have to worry about them making songs about trannies.

No. 1981902

no problem nonna<3(wrong heart, # + <3 to make ♥)

No. 1981909

Well that's refreshing to hear.

No. 1981910


It’s such a bad song, troons can have it.

No. 1981925

It's always the white women saying "omg we need to stop pushing a white agenda" where it isn't even related so they're just pretending they're clued up.

No. 1981926

>hatred of men is (…) transmisogyny
kek yeah we know

No. 1981934

ts is so infuriating, I'm going to try not to a-log. Mainly I'm just confused at the level of cognitive dissonance needed to maintain this level of handmaidenry while writing a song like labour

No. 1981944

File: 1712027847570.gif (2.89 MB, 250x255, when.gif)

"Ok, ladies… oh, right, and the man right there, I'm sorry".

No. 1981946

File: 1712028967012.png (70.2 KB, 199x274, 1708131643108953.png)

No. 1981953

If you take off the elf ears and just look at her face and hair she looks like an elderly librarian or school marm, it doesn't at all match her mutilated, tattooed edgelord body. how does anyone find this attractive? oh yeah i have a hybrid elderly school teacher/carved up skinny fat fetish i'll be right over babe

No. 1981955

What do tifs even see in him, for a vampire elf he's old and ugly looking

No. 1981957

It's obvious that for the vast majority of handmaidens that they've never actually interacted with TIMs and if they did, it was HSTSs. I bet she doesn't know what AGP is.
>women have been oppressed for their sex by men since the beginning of human history
>men can randomly decide that they want to be women because of sex stereotypes and you aren't allowed to question this
Pick one. You can't support both.

No. 1981967

He's a bit feminine and very faggy (I think tifs are often attracted to clearly gay men), and his character has a hidden softer side (but is still quite evil, but women deny this or justify it by saying it's due to his trauma).

Many women like the character so it isn't surprising that tifs would. I'm not saying this to defend him. The difference is that tifs want to become him.

No. 1981970

It's true and I'm tired of pretending it's not.

No. 1981974

Kek fr. It's such a boring song, I'm pretty sure plenty of samples were used for it or it's 'inspired by this and that' because it sounds like stuff I've heard before.

No. 1981975

kek I thought that was a keyblade tattoo for a moment, would 100% fit though

No. 1981981

I don't think it's a matter of aesthetics but rather story. BG3 has a lot of "being forced to wear a facade" backstories, in particular, he was turned into a vampire against