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No. 1799203

This is a series of threads about fakebois and trans-identified females (TIFs).

"Fakebois" are girls who pretend to be boys, either by becoming trannies or larping biological males (usually the former). Fakebois style and present themselves as androgynous or feminine-looking boys, or wearing girls' clothing and make-up while insisting on being addressed with he/him (or occasionally they/them) pronouns and take great offense at being gendered as female.

These threads are also now a catch-all for any minor TIF cows without threads of their own. Even "serious" troons, (like Kalvin Garrah and Ellen Page) are fair game, as are horrific troon surgeries and pregnancies. Just remember to spoiler that shit.

**TIFs, no one cares if you think you're ~more legit~ than the cows posted here.** Additionally, occasional discussion of fujoshis is fine, but don't sperg and infight about it.

Notable FtM-related subreddits:

Old threads by order of recency:

No. 1799211

File: 1680220676986.jpeg (10.37 KB, 200x214, DC4F1CCE-0EC8-4350-B85A-B1FA11…)

Both the thread pic and title are funny af. WHERE MANIFESTO!?

No. 1799227

File: 1680222252591.jpg (22.64 KB, 371x393, D03dTjpXQAAbS4O.jpg)

sorry anon I'm fckuing rtadaded

No. 1799228

File: 1680222606481.jpg (75.88 KB, 1000x612, dog-eating-homework-1000x612.j…)

The police ate audrey's homework

No. 1799229

Kek are nonnies really that surprised that an autist might like sports and actually be good at them? She clearly won the most athletic reward for a reason, she hasn’t shut up about her basketball days and still was shooting hoops. What’s the shocker that she actually got recognition for it? A lot of you are falling into the belief that autists are all fat and lazy, like Chris-chan.

No. 1799233

there were like 2-3 surprised anons because everything else suggested that she was the nerdy type, and she even looked like an ana-chan in some pictures. not related to her autism

No. 1799234

don't recall anyone mentioning she couldn't be sporty cos of her autism. it's cos in her younger photos she looked skinny, weak and nerdy + shy. not your typical sporty type, let's say. but clearly she was.

No. 1799238

Women don’t build muscle like men do, I wondered what everyone was going on about- I’m more of a stick then she was and I was sporty my whole childhood. Some people just look different, and women rarely look buff unless they are passionate about body building. Shy and nerdy women can enjoy sports too, it sounds like a bunch of people are surprised she didn’t fit a trope, but she never fit the trope for a school shooter either.

No. 1799242

"Most athletic"is a popularity contest, not a sports contest. At my school retards got awards like "kindest"

No. 1799245

Idk nona, school cultures can be different depending on location, whether it’s a public or private school, etc.

No. 1799248

File: 1680224287162.jpeg (217.36 KB, 1728x1134, hale.jpeg)

nobody expects sporty women to look like bodybuilding men, but even thin sporty women don't look like ana-chans. the ana-chan tinfoil wasn't even based on her body but her face in picrel.
>it sounds like a bunch of people are surprised she didn’t fit a trope
personally i can find only three anons being surprised by her getting the title >>1798783 and one of them is surprised for this reason >>1799242 so

No. 1799249

Any American nonas who had a retard win anything but "kindest" at her school please chime in

No. 1799255

At my school, there were kindness awards for the popular kids, kek. I suppose it’s truly different for everyone, I was so angry seeing my bullies when those stupid awards. I’d have preferred if the retards got them instead.

No. 1799257

Idk Nona, I think I took offence because I look like a Ana-chan but was sporty nonetheless, I just shit a lot. Maybe she has IBS?

No. 1799258

plenty of athletes are skinny or nerdy or whatever else, i don't think anyone isn't aware of that here. but when you're trying to build a picture of someone, sometimes things take you by surprise, when it deviates from a stereotype or whatever. nothing wrong with that in itself obviously. esp since this whole thread is based on the stupidity of stereotypes.
>Maybe she has IBS?
I hope she suffered with really really bad IBS

No. 1799259

Any friendless autistics winning most athletic though?

No. 1799260

No. 1799261

>Hale is now the third member of that team to die in the past eight months. All were younger than 30 years old.
wtf? cursed basketball team

No. 1799262

File: 1680225516408.png (33.09 KB, 1047x291, education.png)

picrel from audrey's linkedin. I never went to uni/college so I'm not sure… is this a normal amount of time to be to stay in school? 8 years at arts and crafts college seems a lot

No. 1799263

autists tend to be clumsy with low muscle tone so most of them don’t tend to be athletic

No. 1799264

My guess is she did a full time course, for part time. This is often made an option for disabled students in colleges where I live, and 8 years sounds about right. I could be mistaken, but this is my best guess.

No. 1799265

If your art comes out looking like hers did at the end of all of it, sure

No. 1799266

Can't believe nonas are in this thread defending the the veracity of high school superlatives. They are absolutely popularity contests, or pity awards for spergs

No. 1799269

Why are you so hung up on this kek

No. 1799273

File: 1680226585067.jpeg (383.85 KB, 1193x1992, C573F970-A95E-4AE4-8464-0BF017…)

No. 1799274

right, i guess that makes sense. cos my second question was gonna be "how the fuck did her parents afford to keep her there that long?" but if it's part time then I guess it amounts to the same.
i think spending that much time in school, especially the same school, and then having to leave and be almost 30 must have been part of what broke her though. might have been the only thing giving her structure all those years. then she had a lot of time on her hands to plot, kill and ruin people's lives, I guess.

No. 1799282

because some really stupid nonas keep insisting that winning "most athletic" in high school means she must have been super athletic when it obviously means that she had plenty of friends in high school (the only way to win a superlative) who are now all pretending they didn't like her. why is she being called a friendless loner autistic when she obviously was not?

No. 1799285

It could’ve been a pity superlative because of her autism. I don’t remember the popular kids at my school even caring about superlatives or yearbook shit at all.
Look at her nona, between her interests and how we’ve seen her interact with people.. I seriously doubt she was popular

No. 1799286

File: 1680227711115.jpg (34.3 KB, 853x198, wow.JPG)

Holy fuck. This was an insane fixation. The part about her following the other girl to her car after the funeral to "hang out" and not grasping that she was supposed to act sad is extremely creepy. It seems like she did care about the girl who died though, due to her posts and drawings after her death, but must have been extremely autistic and doesn't process emotions the same way normal people do. This part (picrel) was also unsettling, it looks like she was obsessed with the team constantly through high school until her death at 28.

You show an autistic social outcast compassion once, and you're signed up for a lifetime of obsession. Like, what are you supposed to do? Be mean just so they don't attach to you? That feels cruel, but the outcome is so negative on your side and so positive on theirs, which makes for a very weird dynamic. I'm glad the autist who attached to me in middle school was not quite this intense.

No. 1799288

kek you're projecting your personal school experiences onto a tif shooter nona, are you okay? Most anons are saying that it's subjective and you can't tell what a schools culture is because theyre all different. They could have voted for her out of pity, because they liked her, or countless other reasons. Her friends calling her creepy and obsessive is more of an indicator of her personality than a vote she won.

No. 1799295

weird how literally one anon suddenly becomes "most anons"

No. 1799296

if someone you barely knew in high school turned out to be a school shooter would you be giving interviews about how weird she was? i wouldn't, and tbh i think the only people who would are fame-seeking

No. 1799299

I can picture the exact weird kids in my high school that everyone was wary of and if any of them did a school shooting, yes, I'd give an interview, because I have information that helps put the picture together. It's not weird. Who are you trying to defend here?

No. 1799301

Plus, since she was even partially a tranny, those people could get death threats, and who knows what else could happen to them if they don’t say that she was an Angel and a Saint.

No. 1799303

It's not common as a Bachelor's is normally completed in 4 years (some people take 5 or 6 years) but I have seen some people in my major and school taking 8 years including me

No. 1799304

Well then by your own logic, someone so self-serving would not give the interviews, dumbass. I don't know what your angle here but it's weird as fuck.

No. 1799306

what highschool did she go to? if it was some tiny christian school and she was a tomboy obsessed with basketball and sports, skating, etc not that surprising she could've gotten most athletic girl
she wasn't at some powerhouse public school that goes to states every year

No. 1799307

read the article >>1799260 it was a small school that didn't even have it's own teams for many sports, meaning she had to join other school's teams. So your theory makes perfect sense.

No. 1799309

yeah and i think that once you know that someone is a killer it's easy to suddenly feel like everything they did was a "sign" or was weird. but in this case she did seem weird and obsessive about some of her classmates though

No. 1799312

that anon wasn't me.

No. 1799316

that just convinces me even more that she was popular in school and the women giving interviews about her are just looking for their 15 minutes

No. 1799318

Ime sped kids were usually pretty popular even if they were autistic and didn't understand social cues.

No. 1799319

The girls in the article say she was shy but nice and good teammate back then.
All the weird/creepy stuff is from more recently when she kept showing up uninvited or sending them things.

No. 1799320

Anon it sounds like you're identifying to hard with the killer to be defending her this hard, it's seriously weird. You're actually mad that the women she stalked for years and barged in on their private events and funeral services dare to give an interview about those uncomfortable experiences? Why?

No. 1799321

No one would be infighting if this stupid manifesto would be released already

No. 1799326

Or these woman pitied a sperg in highschool, and are now able to tell everyone she was a creepy loser they were forced to spend time with

No. 1799328

File: 1680229965935.png (23.5 KB, 966x568, Screenshot 2023-03-30 at 10.31…)

she's listed as (3) on the 4x400 relay team that won the AA Tennessee state meet in in 2013

so I don't think she was one of the reserve runners but maybe she was

rare autistic person that is also athletic

No. 1799331

Really, like what are the odds that thousands of aidens (kek) will want to do the exact same thing she did? As if there weren’t many manifestos published everywhere, only an absolute retard would think that whatever a crazy fucker like that loser would say something to consider as a word of wisdom.

No. 1799334

I think it’s telling that she only graduated from college last year. Not being a student and having trouble finding work and dealing with my parents’ expectations was rough on me, personally, and I’m normal. Nothing that’s being described here by her teammates is anything unusual considering it was known this girl was an Aspie, but I wonder if not being in school and just delivering groceries all the time triggered a depressive episode. She might have started thinking about the only time in her life where she felt happy — middle and high school — and that caused a hyperfixation on those people she considered friends.

I still think something happened to her and that the church was involved. She wanted to kill her family, too. She planned this attack meticulously. She didn’t just snap.

No. 1799339

>She wanted to kill her family, too
she did? how do we know?

No. 1799343

that sure is the story they're selling.

No. 1799346

the cops said in their vague statement that she had plans to kill family, a mall, and another school
but her mom also said that she talked to her when she left home that day so it doesn't really make sense
compare to elliot rodgers who killed his roommates first then left

No. 1799348

File: 1680230898958.jpg (42.35 KB, 640x360, mpv-shot0175.jpg)

this might be her, I think that's the MLK uniform and this was the only white girl that ran in the relay for them
if not she was a reserve and didn't run

No. 1799353

give it a rest, will you? You sound like a hurt autist who's insecure all the people who were nice to you in school could have been pretending. It's a common phenomenon (at least it was in my schools) to be nice to spergs in your classes while also being unsettled by their behavior, it's just common decency and conflict avoidance. It's not shocking that people are talking about some of those weird behaviors after the fact, especially the victims of her deranged stalking.

No. 1799357

This. It was probably uncomfortable for these women to have to set boundaries for the weirdo because they feel like it's a dick move. Now that she's dead and did something really disgusting, all bets are off.

No. 1799360

It was also common to pretend to have been besties with the kid who just killed himself. People who give interviews about school shooters are invariably fame-seekers. You'll see in a couple weeks when they're on tour.

No. 1799365

She only stalked the girls from her basketball team, that portion of the story is huge in putting together a picture of her mental state, so instead of the logical conclusion that these women went through some very odd and uncomfortable experiences with Hale just prior to her crime and feel obligated to tell what they know, you instead believe that it just so happens that they're all egotistical fame seeking drama lovers who concocted the story for media attention? You're entitled to your opinion I guess, but it's retarded.

No. 1799369

They’re called “Senior Superlatives” and they’re awarded based on votes. There’s usually a male and female winner. There was a “Most Likely to Succeed” title given to both one guy and one girl senior and it was awarded based on nominations and then student votes in a poll, not necessarily best GPA or anything. So her high school class elected her as the most athletic girl in the graduating class. There’s a yearbook spread with a little photoshoot for all seniors who win a title, which is why she’s posing in the photo — she probably didn’t even pick the pose, the yearbook club/class stages and photographs everything (for non-Americans who were curious).

No. 1799414

Both of you sound stupid. I beg of Nonnas to read a single thing about autism because the way you're using it as an explanation for any and everything is retarded. I've seen severely autistic kids and adults before and she's definitely high functioning. That was already mentioned by her parents but the anons here have amnesia and a strange hate boner for autistics. It seems like she was very normal and well liked in middle school but started acting strange recently. I don't think the people giving interviews are fame seekers as they were from a small town and this is a major thing to happen. I also don't think she was this caricature that was creepy all along. The fact that she had no contact with them until 2022 supports my theory. Look up the austin harrouff case. This sounds just like that. He developed psychosis in his first year of college and ended up eating a man's face killing him and his wife.

No. 1799422

The girl clearly said that she contacted her via social media after high school, but it was innocuous enough. She really went off the rails in 2022. Possibly she grew tired of being ignored by her and crashed her birthday party. She also picked up a new hobby- guns.
No one's saying autism is a sole reason, but she clearly was fixated on some random people on her high school team and probably felt hurt and angry at them for ignoring her all these years.

No. 1799425

We will have to wait then to see if they find evidence of her being a stalker. Actual obsession would look like stalking and ignoring boundaries. Someone who is being stalked will catch on pretty quickly. It's more about controlling the person than hiding and watching them like you see in movies. Austin also didn't just snap, he had been spiraling for a while.

No. 1799428

ntayrt but have you read any of this thread lately? she showed up uninvited to parties and private family events that she should have had no way of knowing about.

No. 1799439

According to some people who are extremely eager to give interviews about a school shooter and who are therefore incentivized to play up any and all interaction they had with her…

No. 1799441

Multiple people conspiring together to tell and corroborate the same stories, stories that showcase dynamics everyone even itt were already speculating were the case even before the interviews… yeah I'm sure that's it. You've really got a hateboner for everyone getting interviewed, it's bizarre. You'd prefer if nobody talked, huh?

No. 1799443

>strange hate boner for autistics
nobody's claiming that autism is the reason she became a school shooter, everyone's tinfoiling about possible "explanations" such as csa, graduating, religion, trooning out, her meds etc. it is true though that autism could explain some of her weird behaviors and it seems like people get offended when autists are portrayed as anything else than socially awkward geniuses even though some of them are obviously slow and obsessive like her, but it doesn't mean that it is true for everyone else on the spectrum.

No. 1799446

>It seems like she did care about the girl who died though, due to her posts and drawings after her death
Maybe but I’ve seen some autists get really into performative grieving over people they were only acquaintances with or not close to. I really wonder how close she and Sidney (rip) actually were and how much of this was for attention. Judging by the story where she showed up uninvited to a party, pretending to be drunk it seems like a pattern of behavior.

No. 1799453

Stop fangirling the shooter. She killed women and children.

No. 1799467

NTA but when you say it like that she sounds kind of hot. Let women live kek

No. 1799471

I'm so glad they picked anon's masterpiece and not some shitty pooner meme edit of the shooter, though it's appropriate that she made it in the title kek

No. 1799472

>strange hate boner for autistics
Does anyone who’s not an autist actually like autists

No. 1799474

>pretending to be drunk at a party she wasn't invited to
KEK. Peak autistic behaviour.

No. 1799476

Tinfoil incoming but…she probably had intrusive and controlling parenting. Probably was sent to counseling even as an adult and her parents probably felt justified because she was autistic. Plus counseling or therapy picked by parents just makes the counselor or therapist a totalitarian 3rd wheel to their parents agenda. Her interests probably all had to been approved first. Her wardrobe was probably only tolerated because it's normal to be a tomboy. It wouldn't be weird for parents to disapprove of their child's troonery but I think they probably disapproved of a lot more than just that. That and her interests are probably weird because of autism so they probably cracked down harder on her weirdness. Intrusive parenting explains why she collapsed on the inside while also explaining her innocently tame internet activity. Just imagine if 75% of internet activity was checked by her parents. She could probably get away with looking at winnie the pooh shipping because it's tame enough and all nuances are lost behind boomer dissonance. We can tell the figures on her window are holding hands but her boomer parents can't. She was just a sculpting project to show off to the world "Look everyone! It took hard long work but we cured her autism!" until their pet project got botched and bombed. She also doesn't seem to care if she got misgendered. She wants to be troon but is also just simply used to her wants being ignored. This is all happening on top of being a friendless obsessive outcast. She can't just run away. Her parents have the money. SHE herself is broke. Doubtful her art career is even promising. She has no friends so she can't roommate with anyone. She's just too dependent and socially inept.(sage your shit)

No. 1799479

Autists provide a lot of free entertainment how could you hate them.

No. 1799480

The tif who became a man

No. 1799481

I get Gypsy Rose Blanchard vibes. Not necessarily the Munchausen’s but the infantilization.

No. 1799483

I don't think her parents were controlling, I think they treated her like a child because of her autism. I see them letting her indulge in whatever she wanted, they were aware she had a gun (and mistakenly thought she sold it) and they let her live at home rent free, they bought her all her anime stuff and videogames. But giving your child every material thing they want and feeding them isn't enough if you aren't teaching them how to be a responsible adult. It really is a parent's job to teach their child how to survive, even if they have a disability, and they failed as parents there. Her autism wasn't even that bad that she wouldn't have been able to live on her own.

I think she went nuts after graduating college and losing the structure and routine school gave her. Not having anything to do, no friends, no job prospects, and isolation in her parents' house would drive anyone crazy. Maybe she was a bitter incel, and that hatred grew seeing her middle school friends live normal lives after college.

No. 1799486

>Let women live kek
Well, she did not

No. 1799556

File: 1680254390760.jpeg (292.85 KB, 1170x1770, 0054ABF7-E167-4EBC-86D7-3DA0D7…)

The mentality difference between TIFs and TIMs is just so indicative of the gender they were born as. If the situation were reversed and this individual were a TIM, he wouldn’t be caught dead in a support sub for dads.

No. 1799561

Is it plausible the Nashville shooter was actually born with CAIS? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Complete_androgen_insensitivity_syndrome

No. 1799564

Don't bother, nonna. The anons itt sperging about autism are spergs themselves or larping kiwimoids, kek. If we had more retarded discussion about muh foojos the trifecta would be complete.

No. 1799576

I'm very surprised r/breakingmoms supports tranny shit, they'll shit on random childfree women but a TiF confusing the fuck out of her children is all fine and dandy?

No. 1799587

It gets annoying because being obsessive over actual people is more BPD than autism and the slower they are the more toddler like they are. I'm not talking about liking childish shit but being actual toddlers in adult bodies who need lifetime care. Her being high functioning makes her autism basically a non factor. Bringing up pixy Terri and Chris Chan as examples of autism when they obviously were examples of what happens when parenting goes horribly wrong and sperging about autistics because anons don't believe that everyone somehow pitied a menace is what makes me say you have a hate boner.

No. 1799589

>who are now all pretending they didn't like her
Isn't it most likely to be the reverse? I'm not American and we didn't have shit like popularity contests and awards but back then in middle school people were pressured to be nice and fake friendly to the autistic kids even if said autistic kids were basically creepy stalkers and very violent and we had other friends anyway. Seems like her former classmates can finally talk about how fucked up she was all this time because she went too far and they're not in middle school anymore.

No. 1799590

Sounds like you were a doormat.

No. 1799591

I have a tinfoil theory that some nonas are bpd-chans who are happy that they get to dunk on someone else for once (I mean the whole site hates them), the hate seems very intense and personal.

No. 1799594

It's not me, it's out entire class in middle school that was forced to include the retards in everything.

No. 1799595

There's literally nothing that suggests that, don't be retarded.

No. 1799599

From the pooner memes to the tinfoiling and inability to read im now fully convinced this thread is infested with kiwifags.

No. 1799602

how is this a tinfoil. most anons are cluster b, a lot of them are autistic, almost all are rancid anachans or seething fatties. if you see nitpicking it's always personal

No. 1799608

Why are some of you nonnas so hellbent on not believing the interviews? Pretending to be nice to the weird kid for politeness sake and later having said kid develop unhealthy attachments is very common, especially if they're autistic.

No. 1799610

Some anons are being oddly spergy and taking it personally. We're gonna be stuck for a while until they release the manifesto, either she had a whole different persona she was hiding or it was obsession about childhood.

No. 1799613

Nonnie she is a woman, nobody will praise her the way pickmes and incels praise male school shooters.

No. 1799618

im surprised that no one is talking about the fact that those 3 children she shot were all children of the people who worked there.

She didn't go shooting random children, she specifically chose the ones from the people who worked there.

Idk why many people are ignoring this.

No. 1799620

This is the first time I hear the other two kids were related to employers as well.

No. 1799623

if that's true, it has to be a coincidence
i mean i don't know the details yet but how could she find those children distinctively among the classrooms and other kids. I just haven't heard yet that there was time or effort to deliberately target people

No. 1799626

Mods enforce the very “progressive,” “support all pronouns” neoliberal thing all of Reddit is known for.

No. 1799633

File: 1680271370675.gif (459.09 KB, 275x208, 1676201347196.gif)

don't scroll

No. 1799636

we know she had maps, a plan and surveilled the school beforehand so I think she knew which part of the school (and possibly which people, if she knew what class or staff rooms to look for) she wanted to target. even though the reports say she was planning to target other places, she still had plans drawn out for that particular school. if she just wanted to kill randomly she could have burst into the school and shot anyone on sight, but instead she plotted and trained at gun ranges for a long time before the attacks and seemed to be searching once she got inside the building.
my feeling is that it perhaps wasn't totally random and some of them were deliberately targeted

No. 1799639

It's a tiny private Christian school with a student population of around 200 kids.

I guarantee that at least 1/3rd of the kids going there have some family member in the faculty or school board. That's just how those schools are.

No. 1799668

>Hearing my daughter being confused as fuck brings me joy

What a selfish cunt. Typical spicy straight hetty betty narcissist, the trans"men" who get pregnant are the most insufferable of all.

No. 1799680

The solution is simple. Never be nice to a sperg.

No. 1799749

my first impression was narc/enmeshed parents, p sure you're right anon

No. 1799755

File: 1680282236190.jpeg (639.71 KB, 3000x3000, bows.jpeg)

just speculating… in all the photos where she is posing for special occasions (family gatherings, graduation etc.) she is wearing these hair bows. I get the feeling her mum made her wear them, or bought them for her at least. Or maybe she just went through a phase of liking the ringlets + bow look. But i can just imagine the mum encouraging her to look more "ladylike" which might have played a part in her fucked up ideas about what being a woman means.

No. 1799765

To be fair, she just looks like a retarded girl. No question in my mind she was severely autistic and stunted, mentally and emotionally.

No. 1799774

File: 1680283618811.png (55.63 KB, 853x897, Nashville.png)

She pulled the fire alarm to get more victims. She didn't target anyone. She was sick and just wanted to kill little kids. https://www.thedailybeast.com/nashville-shooting-radiant-9-year-old-evelyn-dieckhaus-led-classmates-to-safety

No. 1799784

it was a very small school, a lot of the kids who went there were probably children of staff members. i dont think it necessarily means anything unless the manifesto ends up saying otherwise.

No. 1799786

No. 1799794

She's autistic, like Chris-chan wearing that Sonichu medallion.

No. 1799795

File: 1680285120842.png (8.45 KB, 598x256, shutup.png)

"Cis people don't typically wish they could be trans" People in general know they can wear a random piece of clothes not meant for them and still be their own sex, tucute.

No. 1799799

No. 1799819

File: 1680287932854.jpg (184.95 KB, 1080x1900, IMG_20230401_073624.jpg)

Do yourselves a favor and spare the KF thread, it's full of retarded OT scrote ramblings, larping and shit like picrel, Coomer moid shit.

No. 1799828

Jesus christ I hate KF moids

No. 1799829

imagine my shock

No. 1799841

she probably liked the script, structure and teamwork sports provide, like how male spergs like having a default role in a hierarchal organization like the military.

No. 1799844

she probably has parents that don't believe in high functioning autism and had normie expectations for her. it is extremely difficult to get a job without social connections

No. 1799849

Have her parents made any kind of statement yet?

No. 1799852

Especially if you're a retarded girl who draws extremely subpar Lion King fan art, and harbors murderous fantasies about children.

No. 1799860

Cesspool of a thread. They were even raging at Syd's sister and calling her slurs for asking people not to claim the shooter and her sister were "lovers". Incel solidarity, I guess.

No. 1799861

"If watching everyone lovebomb us makes you wish you could also get love and attention for doing nothing all day, just join our cult and we'll lovebomb you too!"

No. 1799870

holy shit I have a stalker just like this. i'm kinda concerned now lol

No. 1799877

>If you feel like being trans is a social contagion, yeah! It really is a social contagion! Join your trans friends! Otherwise you may not really be their friend!

No. 1799884

File: 1680293157738.png (453.9 KB, 597x738, hormonead.png)

This tweet and pic reads like a cutesy ad aimed at kids. Comparing taking an unnatural amount of hormones to fashion.

No. 1799888

I don't think Jehova's witnesses are even that blatant and aggressive when recruiting new believers.

No. 1799890

She has the smile of a non-binary luggage thief.

No. 1799903

aww testosterone is so cute! I love how it makes people more aggressive and causes irreparable damage to women's bodies. adorable. definitely one of my favourite fashion trends.

No. 1799905

So they admit being "trans" is all about fashion and outer appearance and not "male/female brain" trapped in the wrong body.

No. 1799910

i like how her transitioned self is identical to her pre-transition self in the button up shirt. nah, tell the truth. you're advertising male pattern baldness, a collapsed uterus and tit chop scars lol

No. 1799912

Do you think they are deliberately waiting until this trans visibility day was out of the way before releasing the manifesto? They've had 5 days to check through it now, I think it's just a timing thing

No. 1799913

Trans visibility day is basically everyday according to these permanently online losers, so I think they just don’t want to release whatever gibberish she wrote.

No. 1799914

Since it's speculated that the manifesto was some kind of journal instead of just one letter I wouldn't be surprised if they couldn't publish it because there are names of specific people in it from the killer's personal life. We saw a few former classmates' interviews, and some of them didn't let the news give their full first and last name when publishing their articles so that could be to avoid putting random names in public. It's really just a guess.

No. 1799916

I actually hadn't thought of that but it makes sense, especially considering how obsessive was about certain people

No. 1799945

So she had no sense of identity until she took drugs that give an initial rush that can feel euphoric due to the feeling of power and aggression? Ah yes, must be the trans part of the fashion that helped

No. 1799970

>Hale is now the third member of that team to die in the past eight months.
why are they trying to connect dots with this

No. 1799976

File: 1680302118307.png (344.63 KB, 676x888, Scott Newgent.png)

No. 1799979

File: 1680302549930.png (527.16 KB, 710x1284, maletroonrespeckt.png)

both are the NYPost lol. Says a lot about the troonism movement.

No. 1799983

Rules for me but not for thee.

No. 1799989

It’s not coming out. The feds don’t publish manifestos unless it’s in the public’s interest. like the unabomber.

No. 1799990

why the fuck do they have to sneak their nasty fetishes in every little thing they say.

No. 1799993

off-topic but their unabashed seething and thinly veiled jealousy towards childfree women is one of the funniest things ever to me

No. 1799995

I don't think anybody is jealous of people maladjusted enough to treat not reproducing as a substitute for a personality

No. 1800001

so you're one of them kek

No. 1800006

I wish this wasn't connected to Matt Walsh. When will sane liberals speak up against the death cult? It shouldn't be radical to oppose transing and sterilizing children.

No. 1800008

It's obvious that mentally she couldn't stop lingering on childhood, whether from autism or csa or being a lonely loser adult (this I relate to, it's common to even have dreams that you're still in school around those people), or all three. She was obsessed with that phase at that school playing basketball up to the age of 28 years old, that's a long time to live in the past. It seems plausible to me that when Syd died, this girl who was a piece of her childhood, it shattered the obsessive illusion for Audrey. Maybe she snapped because she was just that stunted and attached to a phase of her life that was finally cemented as being over and gone. I think she was spiralling already and it drove her crazy.

No. 1800010

This is so sinister. I know she has the most punchable face irl kek.

No. 1800015

matt walsh has just piggy-backed off of all the research brought forward by women and now has become the fucking face of being gender critical. and straight up turned it into transphobia, mixed with sexism and homophobia.
it's sad that detransitioners have to rely on right-wing media or moid tranny-haters to amplify their stories but even when feminists and left-wing people create space for that to happen, they are "exiled" and called nazis. I do feel like the tide is starting to change though. I hope.

No. 1800017

You get Jesse Singal and Glenn Greenwald (is he still sane?)
The Matt Walsh thing is very unfortunate, every one of his mannerisms are skin-crawling and oily.

No. 1800027

It's so sad that the left and centrists are basically being held at gunpoint so they don't criticize TRAs, all anti-tranny shit on YouTube is mixed with conservative or straight up right wing ideology. Can't blame feminists for not speaking up tho, every day troon threats online are scalating more and more into actual violence.

No. 1800048

File: 1680309193003.png (773.78 KB, 1012x673, prisha.png)

sorry if this was already posted recently. a 25 year old woman named Prisha Mosley is detransitioning. her story is like a checklist of almost everything that makes a girl vulnerable to this trans ideology.
“I thought womanhood was unsafe before ever experiencing it. I was afraid of a life I hadn’t tasted yet."
>difficult childhood
>found solace online speaking to adults who groomed her into trans shit
>diagnosed with ROGD at age 12
>“I literally hated every aspect of who I was and what I was and what I looked like”
>sexually assaulted at age 14
>enjoyed the attention, compliments and "support" she got when transitioning
>history of self harm and anorexia
>mastectomy on her 18th birthday
>now has detransitioned but lives with vaginal atrophy and vocal cord pain


No. 1800078

File: 1680311171672.jpg (39.05 KB, 596x652, Untitled.jpg)

i don't love jack krauser or anything, but trannies are so fucking funny thinking they could ever look like him.

No. 1800081

File: 1680311347952.jpg (68.87 KB, 912x1016, FsdlWvyaMAE4MWI.jpg)

the delusion to not only draw it but mod it in yourself

No. 1800087

File: 1680311604938.jpeg (737.77 KB, 2048x1707, 9A230519-33E9-4CBF-919C-2F3A91…)

Tif art is so viscerally disturbing. It’s like looking at those paintings by schizophrenics.

No. 1800093

Take it to the transwashing thread >>>/m/235564

No. 1800112

Didn’t know this existed thanks anon

No. 1800152

Just don't die and everything will be fine.

No. 1800161

No. 1800267

it was only after i peaked that i realised how MUCH double mastectomy scars are fawned over in art/fanart. they're treated the same as a gay pride pin. people are obsessed with them, they make trans versions of those candles of womens bodies and compare the scars to the art of adam and God's hands almost touching. it's sort of mindblowing how much trans stuff is treated like a religion with top surgery scars being like a test of allegiance.

No. 1800271

File: 1680319493058.gif (1.94 MB, 245x246, 1496103141007.gif)

And most of the time they have nipples or are fully healed or isn't too noticeable, yet they still draw female body with wide shoulders and narrow hips like… a man?

I swear these people have too glorified it that do not even think how it is in the case of breast cancer. Women lose everything, cannot feel nothing in the chest and they feel they lost something big for an illness.

(I know is not the same, but knowing that due covid pandemic some trannies whined that cancer patients had priority over their surgeries, I do think tif see a sad woman with no breasts and think "God I wish that were me").

No. 1800275

this is more tragic than milky. It clearly states it was grooming and trauma, common pattern with young TIFs, whereas ROGD adults are more attention-starved and retarded in their life choices. At least she's got the self-awareness to snap out of the madness despite the damage done. There's a ton of these stories out there and not enough awareness given TRAs spread bullshit "only 0.4% ever detransition and they do it because of unsupportive families" statistics. I'm sure I saw a thread talking about detransitioners somewhere but it's pretty dead.

No. 1800278

The male body is "gender neutral", divine, and godly. The female body is slutty and low-class. Trans rights is really a MRA movement.

No. 1800288

I've legit seen TIFs and "enbies" say this kek. I think it's because in modern clothing, you can easily cover a dick and balls up with pants but boobs are more visible on the body, so they project their flat chested yaoi twink fantasy on androgyny ignoring that males can also develop swollen breast tissue and that it's not particularly uncommon (gynecomastia) especially if they're chubby/overweight.

No. 1800292

File: 1680325843665.jpg (Spoiler Image,44.39 KB, 633x767, m4nrb15cwk991.jpg)

I've seen pics of newer TIFs that got "keyhole" surgery for breast removal and looks really good in terms of scarring.
Silver lining if it can be offered to breast cancer patients.

No. 1800297

Sage for blog but I have c/d cup and I remember when a yaoi fan called a female character from an anime we both loved a "slut" because… She has big breasts, like me. Yet she was strong and she didn't no one touch her without her permission and even beat any man that dared to hug her. Why was she "slut" because she loved to show cleavage, that's something still haunts me.

So I'm not surprised when yaoi fans want to be twinks with flat chest because having breast is "slutty" or "too feminine", when you can be androgyny with breast (see Shirley Manson).

No. 1800298

Kek in my language there are no gender-neutral pronouns and all words are gendered so local enbie girls just use the male-gendered ones and lose their shit when you point out how they are "problematic" for insisting that the male should stay the default.

No. 1800300

I have to admit that surgeon did an amazing job. Sadly is one in one hundred.

Spanish is based as fuck too, but people are whining that we should use "e" for a gender neutral when there are words with e that ARE gender neutral (estudiante, dibujante, jefe, conserje, etc).

No. 1800302

Them wonky ass nipples, I hope the cancer patients can get it done better so it resembles a human chest and not like pin the nip on the tranny

No. 1800304

File: 1680328503741.jpg (Spoiler Image,120.54 KB, 1293x929, scars-300dpi-1-03a3ef870d5e4b1…)

Each time I see pic related cannot understand how TIFs can see it and think "that won't be my case". Girl, surgeries are dangerous as Hell in the wrong hands. For every good photo, there are tons of failures.

No. 1800308

this looks like an older woman after breast cancer surgery. not exactly applicable since you can't be artful when cancer is involved, you have to cut out anywhere it is. Not saying some aiden tit chops don't look horrific but posting that pic is in bad taste imo.

No. 1800315

File: 1680331092463.jpg (70.61 KB, 720x868, tumblr_0d67fbaaae0e8f9088cf64a…)

No. 1800316

File: 1680331113660.jpg (111.28 KB, 720x1173, tumblr_42c0b157d6f4d80a533fa64…)

Heh, love how quickly they backtraced.

No. 1800320

Couldn’t they just redact the names?

No. 1800327

Like almost everything to do with extreme/exclusive yaoi fans which happen to be TIFs, I think it's just shame over the female body/female sexuality tbh. Everything a female character does is proof she's a "slut" that needs to be sequestered away from their precious gay babies to them. And then you hear or read the type of shit they say and you're just like, "we're girls too you know." Like how are you talking so hatefully about the female body or natural female body parts? And it reflects on their view of themselves - look how many of them want to get their tits chopped off because to them the mere presence of breasts makes someone a slut. Internalized misogyny at its finest.

No. 1800330

Ironic, considering actual gay men are the biggest sluts of all kek

No. 1800331

Yeah, gay guys irl are actually slutty and disgusting as fuck which is why most TIFs are "t4t". Since yaoi is written by and for women, it mirrors a straight or lesbian relationship more. The "gay trans men" project themselves onto the yaoi guys in the same way transbians project themselves onto yuri. The mental gymnastics and autism required for that are beyond my abilities. Having to project yourself onto a member of the OPPOSITE sex in order to enjoy fiction just reeks of shame to me.

No. 1800333

File: 1680336125650.jpeg (76.27 KB, 1194x519, 4AD17236-3117-4258-A72F-B05357…)

>women aren’t people

No. 1800335

File: 1680336970083.jpg (90.26 KB, 1280x720, a704af11ba.jpg)

A Fujoshi mutual of mine trooned out.

No. 1800336

I hate that I feel like a boomer when I say this but I fucking hate the idea of these people being teachers and indoctrinating kids. It makes me want to scream. Plus they are constantly bragging on TikTok and other socials about it which makes it more infuriating

No. 1800338

Yes I was assuming that they could be doing that right now and that it could take time because of how many people are mentionned or something like that. It's a piece of evidence so in that case maybe they're also trying to contact these people to ask for testimonies and understand the situation and Audrey's state of mind and motives for the murders. Who knows.

No. 1800341

I've been butthurt about it too but now I just accepted that this is how autistic/non-normie girls are. Once the troon trend is over they will have something else. But for now it's trooning out.

No. 1800343

Ugh, I hate people like this so much. Rather then contemplating why I don't feel comfortable about being a woman and pushing back at gender stereotypes and expectations, I'll just say I'm not a woman at all! Truly a great lesson for the kids.

No. 1800362

I'm sorry nona. I've always felt that once someone troons out their entire character changes for the worst and they become unbearable to talk to, are always on the defense, become emotionally and intellectually stunted, and start looking down on you for being a woman and treat you with downright disgust even

No. 1800372

File: 1680345071612.png (12.01 KB, 924x201, 241124.png)

Audrey was 100% molested. Still no excuse to kill minors.

No. 1800378

Yeah idgi. Molested by men and so kill adult men? Sure. Blast the pickme female admins or teachers who probably admonished her and shamed her? Why not.
But she shot children. Little girls who faced the same vulnerabilities she did. She is a monster. And no tragic cool fucking backstory can redeem her for that.

No. 1800385


"Childlike obsession with being a child"

More like a disgusting pedophile's obsession with children. Victims of childhood abuse stop being owed even an iota of sympathy the second they THEMSELVES START VICTIMIZING CHILDREN

I'm getting sick of autists being given free passes. Bring back asylums.

No. 1800391

Women with severe autism and mental issues clinging to childhood because they had less responsibilities and worries isn't the same as pedophilia you absolute fucking retard. stop sperging with caps on too faggot

No. 1800394

I saw a nonna in the previous server mention the pooner server. I lurked in there for a few months and have some good dirt if anyone is interested. Unfortunately didn't think to take any screenshots so you'll have to take me at my word.

No. 1800395

previous thread*, my bad

No. 1800398

>Blast the pickme female admins or teachers
How the fuck do you know they were ”pick mes”? I can’t fucking believe anons are justifying murdering women because ”they were probably pick mes anyway”

No. 1800402

File: 1680349259148.png (558.53 KB, 1080x1816, markup_1000002298.png)

I posted the wrong image but here's Twitter radfems pranking tifs on spaces. I'll post the videos next.(racebaiting)

No. 1800403

File: 1680349321196.webm (2.37 MB, 480x582, RXLJpCaqhNxwcPxg (1).webm)

Part 1.

No. 1800404

File: 1680349468593.webm (1.94 MB, 480x572, Bp6p04uRY5449kpz (1).webm)

Part 2.

No. 1800406

Nayrt but learn to read. She described a hypothetical situation, not what happened.

No. 1800407

File: 1680349594931.webm (1.24 MB, 480x626, ikOZU3iGH8rtsyU3 (1).webm)

Part 3.

No. 1800409

starting to think all the "can't believe anons are saying X" posts are just one anon who cannot read and immediately jumps to moralising

No. 1800421

nta yes it's hypothetical but she wrote it like it would have been understandable, unlike killing children because that's where she draws the line at lol. you don't do this to people just because they're pick mes, it's still unhinged and still not a tragic cool backstory that can redeem her

No. 1800423

kek as long as you cloak racism, sexism and homophobia in woke language, then it's 100 and solidarity fist

No. 1800430

in this hypothetical the female admins/teachers are be enablers (as pickmes tend to be), and enablers are just as deserving of the same fate as the abusers themselves, frankly.

No. 1800434

If they release they will redact the names but there's no way the manifesto will be made public. The haven't done that for a while now with mass shooters because it gives them notoriety and a fanbase. Just look at what happened with columbine. They released literally everything (except the filmed manifesto) and now those two faggots are mainstream pop culture icons

No. 1800436

Where's the evidence that she was a pedophile??? Does every adult who obsesses over Disney fall into this category? Be serious dumbass.

No. 1800440

NTA and I'm not saying she was a pedo, but not every adult who obsesses over Disney fantasize about being a child and shoot up children. Sounds like a tinfoil among others, retarded or not. I swear we've had anons say this for everything "oh you think all gnc/autistic/childish/etc people are like this???", the answer is obviously no lol

No. 1800444

>the mere presence of breasts makes someone a slut

It has to be this, doesn't it? Maybe this is the end result of our porn saturated internet (which disgusting conservative men crying about tit-chops are also responsible for)

The constant sexualization of a body part you can't hide with clothing. The constant shame of seeing breasts that are too big on you (when you're not a slut!) sagging, misshapen, "useless bags of fat" that cause perverted men to treat you like shit. Society has given girls and women an easy medical solution, no critical thinking required. This might be the most misogynist modern era, I hope the tide changes soon because it's suffocating.

No. 1800447

File: 1680355253714.png (24.09 KB, 1434x567, FsQ8i_AAEj0ds.png)

I think you should see picrel

No. 1800448

It doesn't take a masters degree in psychology to figure out why a (alleged) female csa victim would have trouble getting over her childhood and unable to dress and act like an adult

No. 1800454

You clearly have never experienced dysphoria in your life. Which is a good thing, but outside of enbies this is blatantly fucking untrue kek
Imagine waking up, and seeing a woman's body and hearing a woman's voice when all your memories have a man's body and man's voice. The terror is something nobody should experience.
Honestly, trooning out should be the very last resort, if allowed at all, but at least try to understand the mental disorder and don't pin it all on the opposite sex. I get that we're all terfy but there's a point where it comes off borderline scrotish.

No. 1800455

>Imagine waking up, and seeing a woman's body and hearing a woman's voice when all your memories have a man's body and man's voice.
Nta but what does this mean? How can you have memories of a mans body and voice if you were never a man?

No. 1800459

File: 1680356888576.png (Spoiler Image,504.07 KB, 1002x638, furry account.png)

spoiler for furry shit. but has this been shared here yet? some people are adamant this was Audrey's account but i am skeptical. first, that she would use her full name (albeit her TIF name) and second, it doesn't fit with the rest of her art-style.
archive here: https://archive.is/mhjjC

No. 1800461

>at least try to understand the mental disorder and don't pin it all on the opposite sex

A mental disorder that appeared in the past 15 years. Just like anorexia, sexist media created by men and male sexual perversion is the cause of this disorder. Not "pinning" anything, this is the truth.

>Imagine waking up, and seeing a woman's body and hearing a woman's voice when all your memories have a man's body and man's voice.

You're speaking nonsense.

No. 1800462

It's moreso hyperbole than anything, but dysphoria can first be spotted at puberty and properly diagnosed only after it's done. I'm extremely tired and probably making 0 sense, but it's like your head was transplanted to another body, and you have no recollection of that, or your voice, and every time you get called your legal name or referred to by your sex, it's confusing at best.
Not condoning trooning out or trying to derail, but in most cases misogyny has nothing to do with it, and in the cases it does they're usually enbies, not fakebois, and never trutrans.
But to wrap this shit back, we need a containment thread or ban on the shooting. It feels like Kiwi scrotes are half the posters and tinfoils are annoying, honestly.

No. 1800464

I mean, my point exactly was that the difference with other adults who like childish/cute stuff is that they don't act like children or kill children. These two things are the reason why anons tinfoil about her other behaviors which would usually be normal (or just spergy). These tinfoils should not be taken personally.

No. 1800465

Lmao. Your newfaggotry is off the charts. Misogyny has all to do with this, fucking read the threads, no such thing as born in the wrong body.

No. 1800466

>but it's like your head was transplanted to another body, and you have no recollection of that, or your voice, and every time you get called your legal name or referred to by your sex, it's confusing at best.

I've never heard a TiF describe dysphoria like this, and even the women who get their tits chopped don't talk about having memories from being a man, this sounds like an episode of psychosis. Where is your source?

No. 1800470

>sounds like an episode of psychosis
i thought the same thing. if someone is having memories of things that never happened then gender should be the the least of their concerns.
>dysphoria can first be spotted at puberty
dysphoria is usually described as not feeling comfortable in one's body. like their identity doesn't match what they see in the mirror. it's extremely common among those going through puberty (in fact almost all women I know have described this), and particularly common among people who are autistic/adhd/ocd and has a huge overlap with anorexia. if you're at the point where you don't recognise your name or memories, then that sounds like a seriously mental health issue. the treatment of which does not involve hormones or surgery.

No. 1800471

My source is personal experience. I didn't troon out, but I feel like if I felt this exact way, of worsening intensity for over 10 years and had a GID diagnosis for 3, and tested negative for schizophrenia on multiple occasions, it was relevant. I also have Autism and OCD on top, diagnosed for 12 years, so I have no doubt they both make the symptoms more severe.
I was just trying to shine some light on how it feels, I did not mean to start a fight nor did I mean to derail, I merely saw an incorrect detail and tried to correct it. I apologize

No. 1800476

Theres no disorder that justifies looking into the mirror and thinking you're a worthless useless whore who's only good for choking on a thousand cocks a day because you're female and look like a woman. Get over yourself

No. 1800477

Ok, but have you ever thought that our sources are also personal experiences besides all the stuff posted here, and you go telling us we're scrotish for knowing that the exact cause of our wanting to troon out are the men? Porn is made by men, for men, and it sexualizes us, imagine growing up to that? I mean, you don't have to, right, you probably experienced it. Every boy you meet at school will probably have watched porn already and he will sexualize your growing body, of course girls will be uncomfortable with that and just try opt out of womanhood because we don't "identify" with that crap pushed onto us, and want to be seen as human, then you have the trans community basically reinforcing gender stereotypes "girl pink, spinny skirts, long hair, makeup teehee so bimbo", they make woman to be a set of impossible expectations and harmful stereotypes and man to be human, with emotions and varying interests. So you feel uncomfortable with your shape, your growing breasts, all the expectations, then the path is clear "I am not a woman after all."

No. 1800479

>misogyny has nothing to do with it
but you're calling us scrotes? kek

No. 1800484

It doesn't look like her art style and the name is not that uncommon, I think it's someone else

No. 1800485

File: 1680360729116.jpg (48.77 KB, 539x541, 1680007321312676.jpg)


No. 1800489

File: 1680361750861.png (488.33 KB, 711x803, Screenshot_20230401-110728~2.p…)

No. 1800493

…So did they win?

No. 1800494

Someone on Twitter said they lost 1-8. Wonder why…

No. 1800495

What the fuck is with all this 'trans joy' shit, is this the version of euphoria that's more palatable to normies or something?

No. 1800496

could've guessed as much

No. 1800498

I've seen that fakeboi Ezra use it a lot, "celebrating queer joy" I feel like she is the female version of Dylan Mulvaney, a tranny that is palatable to normies so I do think you're onto something. It's like the FTM version of "days of girlhood"

No. 1800500

>all your memories have a man's body and man's voice.
You have been treated as a woman and girl all your life. That is the only perspective you can know. You can never be a man "on the inside" or have a "man's head". Even afer transitioning, you're experiencing life as a woman trying to look/be treated like a man. If you "pass", you have a woman's experience of pretending to be a man, going through any number of hoops and procedures to make it more convncing, and knowing that you are misleading people up until they notice some "tell", or they are informed. No man has this experience. If you truly feel like your head was "transplanted onto another body" in some metaphysical sense, you may suffer from schizophrenia or another disorder that results in delusions. If you feel this as physical discomfort, you likely have some kind of sensory processing disorder.

No. 1800501

>Imagine waking up, and seeing a woman's body and hearing a woman's voice when all your memories have a man's body and man's voice.

Most of the time TIF think they're kawaii twink gay boys so… No. Next.

No. 1800502

File: 1680364336812.jpg (1.17 MB, 1148x1295, 3rd-place-celebration.jpg)

Same image then.

No. 1800503

Long story short, the outside of you IS the REAL YOU and nothing that's inside your heart actually matters. If you can't accept that people perceive you in ways you don't want, you're going to kill yourself. If you're invested in making sure people address you a certain way, you are a narcissist. Your identity is not something that lives inside you. It's something formed by you in conjunction with the people around you. If a tranny is alone on a deserted island, who do they have to preform their gender for? No one. Because it's all a social delusion for the self obsessed.

No. 1800505

Can someone actually explain to me why a whole group of tifs put themselves into an intentionally humiliating situation? Also any team of men willing to compete against women gets the sideeye from me for being cowards looking for an easy instant win or a chance to large scale humiliate them. Which is exactly what happened here. So embarrassing on so many levels. Why can't tifs just mind their own damn business and refrain from these direct comparisons with men. Of course you're going to get your ass kicked or seriously injured even

No. 1800509

To be fair, I think that was a TIF who has her own thread and she larps as an incel both irl and on tumblr, soooo

No. 1800510

I disagree. If people treat you badly because they perceive you in a bad way that's not realistic it's a problem. For example, misogyny. "women are inferior" etc. These girls troon out to try to escape misogyny.

No. 1800512

>a lot of our team hadn't played sport since school
Yes, let's pretend that's why you lost.

No. 1800515

File: 1680366458119.png (84.21 KB, 587x634, Screenshot 71.png)

she left out the fact that she was/is an autistic Fujo who shipped kpop boyband members.

No. 1800520

They don't even escape misogyny. People still call that child killer a her, a woman. And when the believe they're "escaping misogyny" it's because the believe other women enjoy being treated like shit. No one is escaping the perception of others, sorry.

No. 1800521

Already posted

No. 1800522

If someone is treated like shit for looking physically disabled, what should they identify as to escape that

No. 1800528

These are the girls that made fun of cheerleaders and tried to get out of running in gym class. Imagine being this happy you lost to men. Actual athletic girlies would never.

No. 1800547

Yeah kek that's not how that works. What about racism then? Oh you're refused jobs you're more than qualified for because of your race? You're systematically refused apartment visits when looking for a place to live because landlord don't like your dark skin? Bleach your skin and straighten your hair! Or get a double eyelid surgery and bleach your hair if you're east asian!

No. 1800549

>in most cases misogyny has nothing to do with it
This is just blatantly untrue. If anything, the dysphoria you're describing is extremely rare, even among troons. When you really boil it down and listen to their reasoning as to why they trooned out or how they first knew they were trans, nearly all of them fall into a few camps - all of those motivated by misogyny or homophobia (which you could argue is fueled by misogyny in and of itself).

1. Growing up in a very religious/traditional environment where homosexuality is unacceptable so they troon out in a misguided attempt to escape this and better fit into societal norms.
2. Fetishism - this is much more common among TIMs
3. Very young ones being influenced by social contagion and treating like a new fun trend.
4. They will never outright say it, but it's so clear that many, and I'd even say most, TIFs transition to escape the social role of women. Upon reaching puberty, you're suddenly thrust into this whole new world where you cease to become a full person. It feels like yesterday you were just a normal little kid, but now adults (mostly moids) are being weird about your body and heavily sexualizing you. You get your period and realize you're stuck with this shitty painful thing that makes you "unclean" in the eyes of many for the next few decades. It also introduces the risk, and fear, of pregnancy. It was so common in middle school for my friends and I to describe having a nightmare where we suddenly wake up pregnant. Your friends start entering relationships and you're now old enough to recognize the fucked up dynamics at play in relationships between girls and boys and women and men. You're taught that hetero sex is often dangerous, degrading, and inevitable. You're shamed for doing it and not doing it. The boys around you act like complete menaces and face little to no consequences for it. So do the adult men. And a bunch of your female friends, and even female adults, will more readily side with them over you. Puberty is not fun for anyone, but it's straight up traumatic for little girls. I believe that is the biggest motivator for the surge in teen girls transitioning, not their brain wires getting crossed and making them desperately want a dick. They'd only want a dick anyway because it would mean no longer having a vagina and therefore being much less vulnerable to sexual violence.

No. 1800551

Sounds like you just needed to touch grass retard. There are millions of women around the world living in refugee camps or active war zones who wake up with actual problems (like finding food and clean water), not thinking their body feels “wrong” lmao.

No. 1800552

nobody cares about your long ass sperg

No. 1800553

so what you're saying is mental illnesses aren't actual problems?

No. 1800557

nta but anon never said or implied that and I feel like this thread is currently being overrun with trutranses trying to convince users that hating yourself and by extention hating all women and wanting as little do with them as possible because you think they're inheritely shameful and slutty is a valid mental illness. If your mental illness causes you to become a misogynist so rabid that you cut your healthy tits off then you are not owed sympathy by any woman here

No. 1800558

I’m saying that privileged people in 1st world countries are torturing themselves with problems they create in their own minds (gender dysphoria - thinking you were born in the wrong body) because they don’t have real problems to worry about.

No. 1800559

>Not saying some aiden tit chops don't look horrific but posting that pic is in bad taste imo

That's a good point. I tried to find a failed aiden tit chops and I couldn't find it and the transgendersurgeries have more neovaginas than flat chests. So I admit the photo I posted was in bad taste.

No. 1800564

If anon is who I think (all descriptions match) she's a cow who's deeply terrified of grass, ironically. >>1778636
I'd argue she's a very rare case of genuine mental illness, not trying to "escape misogyny" if so. She's got like 6 fucking mental disorders and a good chunk of them significantly reduce QoL (BED, MDD, CIAD [GAD but exasperated by caffeine addiction], OCD, and GID. Everything but Autism)
I'm kinda shocked she was only posted in the Vocaloid thread and not in any of the previous TIF thread before getting one of her own, especially with her track record of threatening to rape & murder radblr bloggers.

No. 1800566

>hating all women and wanting as little to do with them as possible because you think they're inheritely shameful and slutty is a valid mental illness
being dysphoric doesn't automatically make you a misogynist, neither does it mean you've medically transitioned. they may not be as common, but there are causes for gender dysphoria that don't stem from misogyny.
>they don't have real problems to worry about
are mental disorders not something to worry about?? this is no different from saying that rich people can't possibly suffer from depression since they're privileged. they are called illnesses for a reason; it's not something you can control. anyone can have them.

No. 1800570

File: 1680373859946.jpeg (135.98 KB, 1080x1080, nhs troon protest.jpeg)

I gotta hand it to troons. they are organised. our national health service in the UK is in absolute tatters. there are people currently on waiting lists for chemo, surgery and other treatment of life-threatening diseases but there are zero demonstrations or protests. TIFs have to wait a year to think about whether they want to fuck up their lives forever and they're straight out onto the streets complaining about it. if only they could be this up in arms about the more important things.

No. 1800571

faggot can you shut the fuck up already and stop derailing

No. 1800574

Fucking called it. This is also why she had a total meltdown about leaving college. No more school = you have to be an adult now and she resented that

No. 1800577

Who would have thought that if you tell a bunch of hyper individualist narcissists that they're being "oppressed" since it's totally reasonable to have everything you want, when you want it, even at the violation of others rights, that they'd organize their narcissistic rage?

No. 1800582

Yeah and when the only places on earth where women have SEX-based human rights repeals them by signing gender-identity-based rights instead, what happens? Progress? The UN is in favor of getting rid of single-sex spaces in countries where women get raped to death on public transport in broad daylight. Even Malala Yousaf is supporting it over women's rights now. You can piss and moan about it being a "first world problem" in your fucking delusion bubble all you want, the reality is: it's being forced on developing countries who can't afford not to take these globalist "incentives" to meet "human rights objectives."

No. 1800584

You clearly do, since you've replied.(sage your shit)

No. 1800591

Seriously what's with this influx of tifs lately? This thread especially is full of them. Do they even know where they are? This is where we rightfully criticize trannies and they still come here with "muh dysphoria!!". Fuck off holy shit.

No. 1800596

they want nonas to bow down and be like yes tifchan you are the one true trans you are the only valid one

No. 1800600

Wow nonny sounds terrible, better kill a bunch of kids then neck yourself

No. 1800609

File: 1680380523087.jpeg (164.98 KB, 634x849, audrey-hale.jpeg)

Audrey and her basketball team

No. 1800612

>> 1800609
wow she once had a time in her life where she looked like a normal cute girl. her recent photos are very odd, she looks extremely gaunt and old for 28, i can imagine her behaviour lining up with the way she looked and acted recently but in these photos she doesn't look like half the autist she ended up being, looking at the facial expressions they look normal also, maybe that truly was the last time she had genuine friendships and these chicks are overinflating how weird she was then to not seem like they were friends with a kid killer.
sage for retardation

No. 1800619

File: 1680381841648.png (77.72 KB, 703x579, i just need to die.png)

Or maybe she just happened to be a sperg that didn't want to die alone in her bedroom so she decided to kill others as a way to cope with her loneliness. She gives off Olga Hepnarova vibes to be honest.

No. 1800621

my sides

No. 1800623

File: 1680382058938.jpeg (107.97 KB, 1124x916, 1EE9F150-B9CA-4DB9-ADC4-EFD4E7…)

This account is so annoying and is obviously a fujoshi/TIF larping as a gay man to try to give her opinions validity. They never post selfies and literally no gay man talks about BL and "protecting trans men" and "being a fujoshi ally" 24/7

No. 1800624

>perform manhood
there is her problem

No. 1800625

File: 1680382336875.png (19.77 KB, 644x608, capture.png)

What TIF category does this one fit in? not the usual Fujotroon IF but not a lesbian AAP either. she seems to be a rare TIF that wants a masculine bf and tries her best to be the masculine as well/

No. 1800626

trootrans but straight, buck angel type

No. 1800628

I've never seen this one before but scrolling her twitter she just seems like a normal radfem but for some reason trooned out, probably just needs to feel somehow "different" from all the other radfems. Her using the term "retransitioner" in her bio screams attention seeker

No. 1800629

That's why I saged, dumbass. Ignore it if it bothers you so much.

No. 1800634

>supports detrans
>tirf (?????)

No. 1800638

File: 1680383513400.png (19.79 KB, 934x246, hepnarovamanifesto.png)

Olga Hepnarova at least sent her edgelord manifesto to newspapers instead of leaving us hanging.

I think Hale's manifesto is probably similar in content.

No. 1800647

They should be fighting for their surgeries to be made better or at least standard, not for the ability to throw their life away faster. Tinfoil but I wonder if the movements and protests focused on decreasing the time spent waiting is spearheaded by industry plants to prevent them from complaining for better protections and increase profits of course

No. 1800653

Keyhole is only suitable for small chested women though, so even if the scarring looks better in this pic it's still gonna heal badly 80% of the time

No. 1800656

sage for blog post, but… My coworker, who does not express any of her enby-ness or ask anyone to use her he/they pronouns or chosen name at work retweeted this. It really feels like a fashion fad or something for a purely online audience. I don't understand it. She even has a boyfriend. But she's posting about coming out as agender and wanting to microdose on T? It's like zoomers don't understand you can have short hair and dress androgynously without changing your gender.

No. 1800665

>im so sorry, i am not trying to upset you or to get attention
>after hinting to killing herself

I hate people like this. Why could she not just shoot her brains out, the attention seeking bitch. Why take kids with her? Scrote behaviour tbh. Lowest of the low.

No. 1800670

File: 1680387382071.jpg (156.73 KB, 1080x1080, transgenderism political compa…)

No, they should stay. The more they are exposed to 'wrongthink', the more doubts they'll have. It would be cruel to deny them enlightenment.

No. 1800677

TIFs are not like TIMS anon, they are victims and this is the best place for them to question their identity and become peaked.

I'd rather have a hundred TIFs questioning their identity and sperging about gender dysphoria here than a million TIMs spamming cp and gore while invading women and lesbian only spaces online. TIFs are women and are victims of patriarchy no matter what misogynistic moid larp they spin. Denying them this reality is misogyny.

No. 1800681

File: 1680388830388.png (17.12 KB, 630x453, 23423432.PNG)

as always, these parasitic cockroaches appropriate the language of actually oppressed groups

No. 1800698

Imagine a "thyroid cancer joy" day. Isn't being a trans a horrendous illness that literally kills people and which there is no cure for?

No. 1800708

Seems like an ardent follower of Buck Angel.

No. 1800710

I don't understand people like you. Tifs hate women. They hate themselves because they think being a woman is disgusting and shameful. They think any woman is totally okay with being abused and raped and that we enjoy and invite it. They resent you for being a woman. Tifs are nothing but incredibly cold and cruelly apathetic to other women. They think that if we didn't like misogyny, we would just transition like them. They hate you, they think you're a disgusting whore, they think you're dumb as fuck, they think you enjoy being reduced to being a fuckhole and they are absolutely and collectively convinced that they are better than you on every single level there is.
The "tifs are victims" narrative is completely outdated by now. Most tifs transition because they can't stand to be in the same category as you and they'd rather massacre their bodies than he like you. Please open your eyes nonnie

No. 1800711

Is obvious they have never seen a World Football cup to realize most of teams are rude and wouldn't let themselves lose against another women team, less another men team.

No. 1800715

Adding also they don't want nothing to do with women's body problems, but they ask to health orgs to recognize menstruation or breast cancer or pregnancy as "MEN/ENBY ISSUES" when they know quite right that men cannot menstruate or get pregnant outside of their mpreg shit (they can get breast cancer, thought). And even if you mention that women cannot menstruate, they will insist "yeah, but is not the same for US".

Is the new "not like other girls" but to the extreme.

No. 1800719


This is exactly my experience with a "stealth" ftm tif lol. Very little esteem for women, fixation on finding opportunities for casual sex with them, weird affected way of talking about women (habitually calling them "chicks" even though I don't think I really know of any men who frequently use that word??? it was just weird), openly boasts about "conquests"

No. 1800748

>tries to come off masculine as possible
>still types like a girl on social media

No. 1800753

Black Joy to Trans Joy
Black Lives Matter to Trans Lives Matter
Women's Rights are Human Rights to Trans Rights are Human Rights
AIDs Die-In to Trans Die-In
Jewish genocide to Trans genocide
Trans invasion on the gay rainbow flag, obviously

Just their theft off the top of my head, I'm sure there's more.

No. 1800755

was black joy a saying? wouldnt be surprised if they started making trans excellence posts too.

No. 1800757

File: 1680397936249.png (479.44 KB, 543x1024, 1595B721-F8FB-4D81-ABCC-3EF856…)

>34 (yes really)
Yeah that’s not very hard to notice

No. 1800762

So she trooned out, detransitioned, and trooned out again? I think this one is a lost cause.

No. 1800763

It’s not like she’s old but she’s dressing so much like a zoomer it makes her look way more… dated.

No. 1800770

I've heard it before unfortunately. The trans rights movement doesn't have a shread of originality or purpose.

No. 1800771

World menstruation day must include tif, enbis and tims.

Women's day must include trans people (ironically, men's day (Nov 19th) is not even mentioned so Trans people do not say shit about it).

No. 1800774

No such thing as a troon, TIF or otherwise, who is not a lost cause. Don't try to convince them to detransition because they'll try to silence you in any way they can, namely deplatforming and life ruination.
The ones who detransition are very rare and you're best off cutting the TIFs out and assuming all of them will never change.

No. 1800776

Tifs aren't victims, but some of the most dangerous pickmes out there who jump for joy at the thought of harming more young women, thats the only moidlike thing about them in fact. Audrey was just an autist who could not process these ideas symbolically and brought them to real life, but in the heart of every tif there is the desire to harm (young & vulnerable) women. We should act according, the tifs reading this can peak in silence and stop vomiting their virulent (born of self-hate, yeah, but still virulent) misogyny on this site.

No. 1800788

In a way I kind of get the retrooning. I mean you fucked up your body, you sound like either a man or a hoarse frog and you look like a balding hairy chimpansee. In some cases they can't go back like Scott Newgent. She ain't never gonna look normal.

No. 1800789

I've noticed a lot of them accidentality dress like they came out of the 70's.

No. 1800792

TIF's are like the fuckers in history that let the door or the gate open for invading forces and got everyone killed. Victims my ass.

No. 1800793

(NTA) I'm sure this is true of older gender-obsessed TIFs, but there are also teenager TIFs who are TIFs instead of being emo/tomboys/ana-chans, instead of accepting their sexual orientation or the fact that they struggle with puberty and change like most teenage girls. They're also growing up in a world where gender shit is taught in schools and their therapist is likely to suggest mastectomies to solve their issues so… Idk. If some handmaidens/TIFs can peak by lurking here it's a good thing I guess.

No. 1800794

Go outside and touch some grass.
This is Justin wrong on many levels. First of all who cares if they continue being hairy women after detransitoning. A very lookist take.
Also many tifs are able to detrans succesfully it just takes time until their body goes back to normal.

No. 1800876

I think it's a far better explanation of why troonism happens than the blogposty schizo ramblings anon was posting earlier.

No. 1800877

GirlsLikeUs was originally for Black women, SayHerName was originally for Native American and Black women who were victims of violence or femicide. It’s insane how nearly everything has been co-opted by them. I’m seeing TransExcellence being used and TransGirlMagic was popular for a while (right off the backs of Black women, again)

No. 1800883

File: 1680416443722.png (13.8 KB, 512x161, unnamed (10).png)

didn't expect my personal cow to pop up here; papdiaries is actually the latest in a multi-year series of sockpuppet/fake accounts created by the same person. you can always tell it's them because of the disturbing storyline consistency (yes, there's actual fucking lore here) between accounts/similar and very specific themes (among them being TIF moms with multiple autist children + an autist husband, extended breastfeeding, having kids extremely young, and other very weird shit).

if any of you are interested i can dig up my schizo documentation i've compiled + clean it up to make it actually readable, this is an insane rabbithole and i've been dying to tell people about it. picrel, it's from one of the past accounts this person made.

No. 1800887

File: 1680417293379.png (4.8 MB, 2500x1642, 102.png)

crazy. shes like totally a normal girl in those pics

No. 1800896

Sounds delightful, please share

No. 1800904

Sage for blog but I really don’t understand she/they. Almost every lesbian I come across has it in their bio. They’re comfortable with female pronouns, so what is the point in adding they/them? Just for NLOG points even though it’s extremely common and meaningless at this point? It’s so cringeworthy to me how easily so many people will jump onto bandwagons.

No. 1800905

Preemptive apologies for the denseness, I tried to condense it but this is already pretty truncated as is. anyways, tldr of the doc is that this is about the previous account/saga before papadiaries; you can tell it's the same person though due to the typing style + narrative thread reoccurrence (ex. papadiaries's husband + MIL are also mexijewish and from cali, most likely being related to the same character(s) from the solid_ad and teenparentvent accounts; like i said, this shit has lore!!!!!). plus, papadiaries was made the exact same day as teenparentvent's last post, feb 16th 2023.

there's at least three more accounts other than the one's i've touched on, btw, but getting into their weird fucked up storylines would require another 36 pages.

No. 1800913

I've seen her pop up on breaking mom and on the baby name subreddit, good detective work

No. 1800916

She/they is somewhere in between giga normie straight girls and ultra autistic they/them enbies and fakebois who are full-on troons and want to chop their tits off.
Kinda like just a girl wearing comfortable clothes and probably a short hairstyle.

No. 1800928

lmao two of her imaginary 14 kids are literally named Dean and Misha. How did anyone take this seriously?

No. 1800943

It all starts making sense once you see pronouns as a type of "gender expression" spectrum. In the mind of a gendie, she/her means total femininity and enthusiastic conformation to gender roles. She/they is basically "im a woman but not a brainless silly slut". If you're a shethey you're "allowed" to dress in neutral clothes and you're allowed to feel like a human (as opposed to the shehers who are seen as embracing being nothing but a bimbo fuckdoll) which is why every completely normal looking woman nowadays is a shethey. Lesbians are also at least shetheys (if not theythems or heshes). I have legitimately not seen a sheher lesbian in years online. Obviously theythem grants you full humanity because of your rejection of anything female

No. 1800958

that was a great read, thank you.
I actually remember seeing some of her posts on reddit before and thinking how insane and far fetched it was lol

No. 1800959

quality documenting, thanks for sharing nona. i haven't looked through it all but i'm dying imagining the utter chaos of a house full of disabled children with exotic animals and hunting dogs.

No. 1800970

Something I’ve noticed in schools is that being trans seems to lead to less harassment than calling oneself emo or gay. The latter two are still slinged around like insults or used to mock classmates (“shut up, emo” “bruh that’s gay you’re a homo” etc) but when a student is trans it’s like they’re not criticizable, either because it would lead to an automatic office referral or because it’s still easier to harass homosexuals and (emo) girls for their traits. Not to mention the trans students are usually ultra critical or everyone else and continue to use the same insults that they fear toward other students.

No. 1800980

what's weird about that? are those popular fakeboi names

No. 1800981

No one gives a fuck nonnie. This isn't daycare. This isn't "lets be nice so the bitches that threatened to murders us might detroon". We're not their fucking mothers. Most of them are complete cunts and make other women's lives exponentially worse. And a lot of them look fucked up after taking testosterone. Let's not pretend it's all fucking rainbows and fuzzy feelings like they do on troon boards.

No. 1800985

Assuming it's after Dean Winchester/Misha Collins

No. 1800987

>but in the heart of every tif there is the desire to harm (young & vulnerable) women
this is retarded. most tifs are also young & vulnerable women who have been harmed by the medical system (regardless of whether they're physically transitioning, the medical system supporting transition validates it). trans is a social contagion for fuck's sake, of course it affects vulnerable young women. a large percent are depressed, autistic, and same-sex attracted. they're in a cult-like group and been indoctrinated, and you probably can't change their beliefs, sure. but acting like they're uniquely misogynistic and harmful to women ignores how plenty of women have internalized misogyny and treat each other like shit. women with eating disorders (yes i know there's overlap) similarly can act evil towards other women and have internalized misogyny, collecting fatspo and such but again holding such high levels of vitriol towards mentally unwell people is low iq thinking.

No. 1800991

You're one of these morons who think that shooter is a victim. Even when a lot of shit happens to you at the end of the day there is still a limit of the bullshit you can get away with before your moral compass should take over. Some TIFs a vulnerable kids sure, but that shit ends when they show up at let women speak events with signs like "decapitate terfs" and try to get women fired.

No. 1800994

sad to see that even being an nlog can't stop them from being obsessed with youth

No. 1800996

makes sense. in a structured environment and with less complicated social rules/knowledge needed as a kid, autistic people can do okay. but as they grow older, the differences and lacking social instinct/skills can show if they're not able to keep masking.

No. 1801003

victims can obviously also be bad people. autistic women disproportionately face sexual violence so there was a real chance, even if not a victim of CSA, a man did something else to her at one point. what she did is still evil annd premeditated, but look at her art, she is clearly so mentally unwell and probably at a far lower maturity level due to autism.

No. 1801004

She's the only white on the team? Is that because she went to a black school or because that's how basketball works out?

No. 1801006

File: 1680446655222.jpg (88.7 KB, 960x444, The Throne of James Hampton.jp…)

I mean look up people like James Hampton or early scientists in fields that weren't even invented yet, they were most likely autistic but they could function well enough in society in their own way, now their stuck in home all day and obsessing over sonic and frying their brain with hentai and yaoi

No. 1801007

I think sports team environments are great for that because you're there to do one thing only, the conversation topic is set, everyone is likely to be excited and getting "in the zone" for the game. everyone has a role and reason to be there. there is little ambiguity in that kind of setting, which helps make things less awkward. plus, for Audrey, basketball seemed to be one of her special interests so it doesn't surprise me to see her looking more relaxed and happy in these pictures.
she should have just stuck to shooting hoops and not innocent people.

No. 1801009

Some of you handwringing anons don't seem to realize that young and vulnerable tifs desire to "escape misogyny" comes from hatred and disgust for other women. Some of you are just not making the connection that these tifs think YOU as a woman are a complete dumbass for not transitioning and therefor consenting to and inviting to your abuse. And guess what, most of us aren't very sympathetic to anachans who pathologically tear down other women either. If you see someone here who defends fatspo collectors they're probably one themselves.
The whole grooming and cult victim narrative only goes that far. You can call little girls or boys getting cut up by their own parents for attention victims. But even teenagers will tell you they envy males and dislike women, are disgusted by women, think gonzo porn is their inevitable reality once they become older. And that's their motivation for transitioning. If you can't see the blatant hatred and misogyny in this then I don't know what else to tell you. Look at tif spaces and come to your own conclusion on the misogyny present. They hoot and holler each time a notable eceleb woman gets publicly torn down, they have complete apathy to women's pain. It doesn't take a lot to recognize and see this.
They think a pronoun change makes them completely exempt from any and all misogyny, and you as a woman are the retard for not changing your pronouns as well and thus making yourself exempt too

No. 1801012

Thank you. No matter their reasoning for "escaping misogyny" (they never do, but let's humor them) it's solely personal and navel gazing. They don't care about misogyny at large, they care that it happens to them. They could give less of a fuck about women or their suffering in general. They're so self hating they've accepted the idea that women are porn holes as 100% truth. So they run away from it, and perpetuate misogyny from afar because they're too weak to reject popular culture.

No. 1801018

File: 1680449274057.jpeg (176.45 KB, 828x1336, D1D621D9-2160-4611-98BE-33CC25…)

This woman is 28 years old and has a husband . I swear she’s not seeing how fucked up this actually is.

No. 1801022

Amazing documentation, thanks for mapping the rabbit hole nonnita! Cringing at the "son"'s ~totally normal~ ~teenage~ writing style complete with "um sweaty r u lost?" snark

No. 1801033

This is such a common and typical teen girl mindset. Every insecure average tomboyish teen girl has thought they would make an above average cute boy. They think they are "better" at being a cute boy than real boys and that gives them confidence. They're trying to cope and bargin with the social hierarchy and make themselves out to be higher on it.
You see the same mindset with other insecurities like how insecure fat girls think they're "hotter" than the skinny girls because they have bigger boobs due to being fatter.

The funny thing is none of them actually make cute boys. They all just end up looking like pudgy manlets at best.

No. 1801037

>Yeah I accepted I was an average woman BUT I still think women are icky so I'm a boy. Average women are valid but men are still superior uwu

No. 1801039

I'd say (also speaking from experience) that autistic girls are hard to "point out" when they're still children. Once they enter their 20s they're not able to "mature" the same way normal girls can, so the difference becomes evident. It's also why a lot of autistic high functioning women get diagnosed as adults, it's hard to tell when they're children that there's something "off" about them (unlike moid autists). I don't know if this is the killer's case, but it could be.

No. 1801041

Okay, so I've been under a rock all week, but are troons seriously chimping out over the school shooting and acting like it's NOT their fault, or the shooter's? I saw some images of troon protesters claiming the shooter was also a "victim" alongside the children she shot. Is there ANY backlash to all this shit? Or are normal people just taking this lying down?

No. 1801043

I am not sure if anything meaningful IRL has happened.That Trans Day of Vengeance protest was cancelled and it has mostly been people on both sides getting mad at each other online. It really does not help that the manifesto is still not out yet and that the media deliberately obfuscates Audrey's gender identity. There is definitely a lot of fuckery going on behind the scenes with this case.

No. 1801046

Eh, not really. The cutest femboys I’ve seen in my life were all women. 30 year old cross dressing girls regularly mog 18 year old males.

No. 1801053

NTAYRT, but TIFs are literally just delusional women. I agree with the other anon that even though they're annoying, it's better they're exposed to this kind of thinking than stuck in their troon bubble. If they peak then that means more women on our side.

No. 1801057

Proof most ugly girls troon out so they don't have to be held up to the high beauty standards of women who identity as women.

No. 1801059

Other anons already explained this to you, but i'm going to add another point: because it's a social contagion we should cut all tifs from the start. You don't let a pathogen grow under the faint hope that it will get better. Shutting down tifs and their memetic misoginy is not only the right thing, but the only thing to do to prevent more victims. Think about it like Jehovah's Witnesses, yes they're persons (whatever) but you don't open your door to them because they will try to indoctrinate you and your people, because thats all they can do. With the addition that trannies are lot more quickly destructive than JW's. ROGD can develop in a few weeks and ruin lives forever, is no small thing.
"But they're mentally unwell" ok, that means literally nothing. A lot of JW's are ex-addicts and obviously mentally unsound too. still, you don't open your door to them, because they're memetic agents of their (destructive) ideology, trannies are literally the same.
Anas can go fuck themselves too, for fuck sake they're routinely banned here when they step down their containment threads. No one cares about anas nonsense and the overall consensus in this site and pretty much everywhere is that they should keep their vile antisocial shit to themselves. In fact there is a large subgroup of "self aware anas" who keep the proanas in check. Most anas know they have to drop the proana shit if they want to talk to a normal person and exist in normal spaces. As long as tifs don't have an equivalent to that, they have no room to speak. At all.

No. 1801068

nta but if I was a tranny on a deserted island I’d still be “performing my gender” same as I would any other day, the number of trans people who continued being trans throughout the Covid pandemic is proof of that. this is a stupid ass take rooted in the same ideology as men who say women only care about their bodies, dress up nicely, or wear makeup to be perceived/paid attention to by men. plenty of women would still do things that are “performing their gender” even if they’re alone surrounded by nobody. silly argument

No. 1801070

I remember the SayHerName being user for that reason and the symbol of a red hand over the face. Now it's for women and troons because… My two spirits? Even in intrafamiliar violence, NA women are being silenced.

No. 1801072

Exactly. You NEVER indulge in someone's mental illness.

No. 1801073

jfc this thread has been absolute shit ever since the shooting. in these past days we not only got a horde of trutrans tifs begging for validation but also retards like you who are here solely to be tranny apologists. take it back to tumblr faggot

No. 1801074

I don’t know what strawman you’ve imagined in your head to seethe this hard at in online threads but holy shit do you severely lack basic self awareness. Maybe instead of boogeymanning other mentally Ill people, you take this shit to therapy. You’re not morally righteous for sperging about that one tif in your highschool biology class that has permeated your idea of what 10000s of other humans believe and act like, tif or not. Humans aren’t a monolith. Take your meds.

No. 1801083

File: 1680459096735.jpeg (54.05 KB, 533x707, AF64DE91-41E4-4481-8FBF-60E30E…)

anyone seen or listened to this yet? pro-trans podcast ran by TransLash media just did an interview with a detransitioner about the de transition movement. it’s not a good look

No. 1801086


No. 1801095

You wouldn't have money to buy shit to perform your gender on a deserted island dumbass. Being trans is such a first world western problem that has unfortunately been exported worldwide to other bored people with money to burn via the internet.

No. 1801099

This is interesting. Nonnas have pointed out some detrans women who have been used by rightwing media as a way to push back against trans ideology. In some ways I feel being used like that has a detrimental effect just like being taken advantage of by the trans crowd does. But the thing is that a ton of these people are people who fall for extreme ideology either way. If it’s not becoming a TiF, it’s switching gears and becoming a tradwife. I guess this person is one who got on the trans train, then got off and swung in the other direction only to swing back. People like this really need therapy and some room to develop critical thinking skills without being swayed to one extreme or the other. It’s why I do feel bad for some detransitioners who don’t feel like they can talk about the issues with transitioning without it being pushed only by conservative media. We should be able to discuss this without any political leaning at all imo, but unfortunately TRAs make it impossible because you’re either for them or against them with no in between.

No. 1801109

so true. and for the people who trooned out for attention (whether it's narcissism or a result of abuse/neglect etc.) they might notice how popular transgederism has become and not feel special enough anymore so detransitioning could become the next way for them to get people's attention and admiration. and then retransitioning again, and so on. ideally, like you say, detransitioning would involve more emotional support through the process, less politicising and focusing on ways for them to develop better critical thinking skills before they jump into the next cult.

No. 1801124

ky schevers is a retransitioner and has an unstable identity. i read some of her personal pieces on her activism/earlier behavior, when they came out and she came across as the actual immoral person for going along with actions and activism as a detrans woman she did not agree with. i believe she was involved within a solely radical feminism/internalized misogyny approach to dysphoria and community that did not help and was dysfunctional.

No. 1801146

Kek no you wouldn't. You wouldn't wear heels or makeup and fixate on your ~~dysphoria~~ if you needed to get your shit together and work to live. Women in rural areas and many third world countries can't afford to perform femininity (or gender) because they have other issues. You compare the deserted island scenario to lockdowns but it's not the same at all, since people had plenty of time to eyefuck themselves in the mirror and post selfies and stories on tiktok all day to get compliments from their cult friends, so yeah they still performed "gender".

No. 1801157

Being down by 7 is humiliating. I wonder if that one point was a pity point.

No. 1801171

lmao fun fact about that, the account she used prior to solid (mamaaandbabyhelp, the character then was a 14 year old lesbian who had a baby at 12 and who was also ambiguously brown and whose entire family was autistic) was a FREQUENT commentator in the Supernatural subreddit. Said account also has a “sequel” now, jackandbabe, that is currently active around the same hours as papadiaries despite allegedly being in the UK.

The Dean and Misha names also popped up in (what I believe was) her oldest account, aitathrowawffee; back then she was a TIF mother of two married to an abusive lesbian spouse who liked to tell her two autistic kids about her self harm scars.


if you’re interested in hearing about that sort of chaos you’re in luck! iirc both papadiaries and solid_ad (though you’ll have to search the other’s posts via camas) were/are fond of submitting posts to breakingmom regarding their absolute shitshow lives and how everything around them is crumbling and they ~just want to cry~. but don’t you dare suggest that maybe deciding to have 7+ autistic children was a bad choice, you heckin ableist shitlord

also thank you to everyone who’s enjoyed my schizoposting!! i wasn’t sure it’d land but seeing ya’ll enjoy it warms my cold dead evil transphobe heart <3

No. 1801180

>when I told myself I'm not a woman I felt happy
>"why didn't you tell yourself you're a hotdog?"
>that's too hard for me to answer

No. 1801185

>my gender is dildo and my pronoun is nig
And they all took it seriously lmfao, even one of them saying don't worry I'm sure there are white people who'll call you "nig" cos they'll understand black struggles

>a lot of our team hadn't played sports since school
Yet they were put on the team? Bet you weren't so joyful when you were thrashed on the pitch but ig all that matters is omg we're all twans

No. 1801186

A bunch of loons invaded the Nashville capitol and held up 7 fingers counting the TIF as a victim. Trans day of vengeance was cancelled in Washington but a bunch of antifa nutjobs held up Hollywood Boulevard for 3 hours and harassed several people

No. 1801187

That's because you're retarded.

No. 1801189

Sage your bullshit. And no you wouldn't. Tons of people trooned out during covid because they were perpetually online getting brainwashed. Plenty of "trans kids" revert back to normal when their parents remove their internet access and put them in a different school. You can only be trans as long as other people play along with your delusion.

No. 1801190

Hotdogs are dogs! They are brave and stunning.

No. 1801207

why do i feel like they transition purely to "be more attractive?? its so fucking weird

No. 1801220

I wonder how spineless the husband must be to put up with her nonsense.

No. 1801230

>They're trying to cope and bargin with the social hierarchy and make themselves out to be higher on it.
You're a piece of shit, catty nlog using MGTOW tier scrote logic. Insecure teenage girls are not vile wenches and no one is "competing" for shit.

No. 1801243

You like femboys? Most of them are ugly as shot and that's why women larp as femboys because men don't even want actual femboys, they want women who larp as femboys.

No. 1801245

I feel like the tide of focus is now being directed from mtf to ftm. The tide is changing.

This is actually a bad thing because now retarded conservatives will now target gnc women and accuse them of being "evil tranny ftm".

It was way better when people and conservatives did not even know about the existence of ties. Now I feel like after this shooting people of a certain background will start acting hostile towards tomboy, gnc women, masc women , butch women etc etc.
Stay safe and dress/act feminine if you have to, better safe than sorry.

No. 1801252

I think conservitards were always focused on the FtMs. obsessing about young girls breasts being removed and blaming feminism for radicalising them (ironic). I don't think the backlash will be any more aimed at GNC women than generally anyone who looks like they might be part of LGBTQ+. they were just waiting for something like this to happen unfortunately, to justify their bigotry (namely homophobia).

No. 1801256

>tifs desire to "escape misogyny" comes from hatred and disgust for other women
Definitely but you're saying this like that self-hatred and misogyny comes from within them naturally, when it comes from how women are represented in our hyper sexualized/pornified society (or alternatively due to having gendies for parents or very conservative parents) (or dealing with EDs). There's no excuse for adult TIFs who have had the time and the mental capabilities to see through the BS, but it feels weird to expect teenage girls not to have any retarded moments nor any internalized misogyny (obviously not on lolcow, but in general).

No. 1801260

As long as society exists women will keep on altering their body to be accepted by society.
Whether that be becoming a tif and getting your breath reduced/removed.

And whether you be a normal woman getting fillers, lasers,plastic surgery, bigger boobs, ass injections, skincare , haircare , extensions, rhinoplasty, photoshop,skimpy clothing, hyperfeminine clothing, feet destroying high heels, waxing or shaving every week , plucking any facial hair, dieting, or reverse-dieting by forcing yourself to ingest more calories , skin bleaching , tanning , contact lenses , luxury bag collecting, V-shape jawline surgery etc etc.

No. 1801263

this. i have no idea why they’re trying to frame this as not a mental illness. no idea why they’re not lobbying for better safeguarding and mental health care for people with GD/GID and asking for equal opportunities/housing. like wouldn’t it be better to know why this happens? lmfao it’s fucking dumb and seems evil and i don’t know why more people are asking questions about this. fucking morons. i have no pity for them

No. 1801264

Even if the focus changes, conservative retards and the likes don't consider women capable of critical thinking so they'll blame trannies, the orgs, and everything else involved. TIFs are always going to be poor and confused girls in their eyes that are easily manipulated and they'll never see the irony of that.
It's the most hilarious shit whenever anons ITT talk about (internalized) misogyny. What site do they think they're on? It's much easier to change yourself than to change the world and considering the current state of things it's not going to get better any time soon. Women are still going to be valued for their looks mostly and both men and women enforce that status quo. All the talks about promoting women and feminist values is fine and dandy but reality paints an entirely different picture. Any GNC woman can attest to that.

No. 1801265

How would you rate your looks on an 1 to 10 scale

No. 1801268

This is so defeatist, society has deemed women to be the ones to alter their physical appearances, but there's absolutely no natural basis for this, women are desirable by default. If the world wasn't ruled by men we wouldn't be in this position and men would rightfully be the ones getting dressed up and competing for their stake in a chance to pass on their genes. If tifs who hate femininity rituals managed to wake up and stop being tifs, we'd have even more women to fight towards the more desirable world where women don't feel the need to do any of this bullshit

No. 1801273

Anon I'm sorry to tell you but this has existed since the times of when humans were cavemen or in tribes.

This is not a new thing.
Women in african tribes since many many years ago have been doing dangerous beauty procedure to attract men.
Women in the middle ages were also destroying their organs with tight corsets.
It's a innate human biological thing.
To stop women from doing that is to change biology and to suffer bullying and ostracazition from others. It's so easy to talk shut on the internet but in real life things are different and most women succumb to misogyny or toxic intra-sexual competivness with other women.

No. 1801274

>contact lenses

Fuck off TiF. Getting your breasts cut off is not equivalent to even the most obnoxious Kardashian lip fillers and butt implants. A normie woman with plastic surgery would probably have more feminist views about woman's rights than a self-hating TiF who thinks that male bodies are superior.

No. 1801275

No but I'm not some sick scrote that calls 30 year old women "girls" and who thinks they can look like a "cute femboy" instead of a desperate dumb bitch.

No. 1801276

> A normie woman with plastic surgery would probably have more feminist views about woman's rights
You're such a fucking retard and don't ever bother again pretending you're an authority on anything feminist. Go fucking kill yourself.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1801280

Actually it’s African Masai men who paint their lips and dance for female attention

No. 1801281

Kill yourself first stupid TiF. And stop arguing that women are biologically inclined to mutilate their bodies to fit into society.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1801282

>It's much easier to change yourself than to change the world
okay and how do you change yourself when you're a self-hating 14yo? by growing up, developing some critical thinking skills, getting some life experience, meeting and talking with other women etc. what's actually hilarious is expecting teenagers to have the same understanding of misogyny and feminism as adults.

No. 1801284

I'm not not a tif you moron.
Also you sound like a seething tradthot, aww did you have one the surgeries I mentioned, does it hurt for your implants to be compared to what tifs do to their bodies.
You are beyond brain dead if you think someone like a Kardashian would be more feminist than a tif. They are on the same level.

>butt implants

These are actually very dangerous and leave many women botched.

Nice to know the wannabe instathots trad women are coming out of the woodwork.

Anons are right when they say most anonymous here are tradthots. They don't actually care about feminism. They're just mad that the tif is a "ugly Hairy disgusting monster" instead of a plastic bimbo who still looks 50.

No. 1801285

This stupid trad really thinks everyone here is a tif. Has the saline ruptured and reached your brain? You might need to get that checked out.

No. 1801287

>You are beyond brain dead if you think someone like a Kardashian would be more feminist than a tif.

None of the Kardashian women are calling me a terf and encouraging child mutilation surgeries or scrote access to female spaces or talking about being menstruators so yes they are kek

No. 1801288

Samefag, it’s wodaabe men not masai, my bad

No. 1801290

Your seething hatred for the female body reveals who you are.

No. 1801292

>instra-sexual competitiveness with other women
This is such a meme

No. 1801294

Yeah so much better…like pimping out all their daughters when they are still underage to sell sex-appeal, that only their looks matter , to get extreme copious amounts of plastic surgery the moment they become legal, to live a vapid life. To motivate other women that they also can become famous by doing porn or being naked in a playboy magazine. By letting your sister/daughter date creepy old men.

So much better for children.

Also for some of the things you mentioned tifs don't even care about, your getting your terms mixed up with mtfs.

There is not a bigger hatred than getting plastic surgeries to make your body look more pretty for scrotes.

No. 1801295

And women have been subjugated in all of these societies, I'm well aware misogyny is incredibly old, but I believe if women have pushed as far as we have, we can push further. Humans will always value attractiveness but this is variance to the degree that women and men compared to each other are pressured to take artificial measures to look good. What are the supposed reasons that women biologically must be the sex to take extreme measures of beauty? Men want to have sex with women regardless. In countries where women have more freedoms outside of men, more and more are choosing to not be associated with them. Men have subjugated women and forced us to rely on them for resources, but when women have our own resources, we have the ability to exercise choice in partner. Certainly our biology is what has made us vulnerable to this subjugation, but I have no clue why you think it impossible to advance further given where we have come, women in the middle ages likely never thought our current status to be possible. I'm not sure what purpose your argument even has, "it's all pointless", thanks very helpful
>thinks "women are not biologically inclined to mutilate themselves" is a trad take
it may not be saline, but something is in your brain that shouldn't be there

No. 1801296

Lol ok. Yeah anon, women definitely don't compete with other women for men, nah that doesn't happen. Female bullying doesn't exist. Women just get plastic surgery and wear makeup for funsies

No. 1801297

Biology and Science backs it up. or are you going to act like a tranny and say biology is false.

No. 1801298

tick tock until the caretakers turn off the internet again, man

No. 1801299

Girls bully you because you have autism.

No. 1801300

Don't get me wrong, I do believe changes are possible. I just don't think women want to deal with the bullying and loss of opportunities they receive if they go against that.

Do you know how different I get treated on days I look good and on days I look bad, it's such a huge difference.

No. 1801301

True, but do you think this is healthy and beneficial for women? Should it be encouraged?

No. 1801302

I'm not arguing that Kardashians are the pinnacle of feminism, but they are not throwing the female class under the bus like TiFs are. Look at someone like Ellen Page, the way she no longer talks about women's rights At All. The way she has just abandoned women and lesbians. A TiF's self-hatred and misogyny against women hurts more than a woman pimping out her family (which has happened since the dawn of celebrity)

No. 1801305

Do you think it's beneficial to a male mantis to let himself get eaten alive by the female mantis….

No it's not. But that's how biology is like, it's brutal, wrong and doesn't care about morality. Because if it did then the majority of men wouldn't be pedos and neither would they be closeted homos with a g-spot in their prostate.

No. 1801313

She wasn’t hating on the female body, kek. She was hating on the saline that people, often women, choose to put in their bodies due to societal preassure. You’re an idiot, nonnie. All of it is bad, including TIF surgeries. Women need to stop changing their bodies in hopes of being accepted by society. That’s common feminist talking points, so of course you reek of tradthottery.

As for the contact lenses, I assumed she meant how brown eyed people will wear blue eyed contacts etc. not so they can fucking see you dim wit

No. 1801315

But according to the anon you're defending, women shouldn't stop changing our bodies because we're biologically coded to get plastic surgery and wear makeup.

No. 1801316

File: 1680484508317.jpeg (199.58 KB, 828x1457, BCAC766F-72D1-46C7-85FD-FAAA3C…)

I don’t understand this logic at all.

No. 1801320

Have you ever spoken to a TIF that detransitioned and asked what led her to transition in the first place?

No. 1801321

yes I was talking about those types of contact lenses that people mainly use to look like they have blue or green eyes. Many brown influencers are obsessed with blue contact lenses or they do eye lightening surgery which has a high chance of leaving people blind.

No. 1801322

I certainly don't have any delusions about being able to change the status quo quickly, I agree that women currently have it very difficult attempting to go against the status quo. I take issue with the idea that women have some inherent biological imperative to be the sex taking extreme measures to look beautiful. Men have taken advantage of us through our biology and oppressed us for thousands of years, and one of our currently remaining shackles is that of beauty. If other shackles have been removed in parts of the world with time and effort, this one can too. I don't get the utility or logic behind trying to argue that Things Will Always Be Like This
exactly, useless defeatism in the thread

No. 1801323

>Do you think it's beneficial to a male mantis to let himself get eaten alive by the female mantis….
well it's beneficial for the continuity of the species because then the female can feed herself and her offspring. the same can't be said of the current pornification of women and all the beauty standards pushed on them, quite the contrary because you end up with TIFs, teenagers riddled with complexes and actual mental illnesses such as EDs, coombrained men etc.

No. 1801324

She never said we were biologically coded, where did she say that? It’s all a part of social contagion, that isn’t biological, nonna.

No. 1801325

Why are you all taking obvious bait from what is likely a kiwimoid or self hating TIF? I thought anons were smarter than this. Stop replying to bait and shitting up the thread.

No. 1801326

>very gender
u wot

No. 1801328

these people are retarded

No. 1801329

There is a overpopulation problem. Men and women nagging other women to feel ugly and always try to be the most beautiful and perfect does benefit men in mating strategies because it allows them access to women because those women think they are just as ugly as whatever men that want to impregnate her.

That's why when you look at so many couples the women tends to be the better looking one and in rare cases where the man is hotter then the woman gets bullied by men and other women for daring to date a attractive guy when is "ugly".

No. 1801330

Denying it won't make it not true kek(learn2sage)

No. 1801331

It's also beneficial for the continuity of the species for as many males as possible to have sex with as many females as possible, which is why the human race has been so reproductively successful aka "overpopulated", which is why patriarchy exists as the other anon pointed out

No. 1801332

>All of it is bad, including TIF surgeries.

Nah, TiF surgeries are worse because of the anti-female death cult ideology its attached to, and having the passing thought that wearing colored contacts would even be comparable is retarded.

Anon wanted to paint TiF surgeries as equivalent to any other self-hating plastic surgery and beauty practices women go through which is not true. TiF mutilation is closest to anorexia, if we're comparing.

No. 1801333

true and based but also I care 100x more about women than the continuity of the species and I think all the women in Korea not having kids and saying a sexist society deserves to collapse are mega based
You're right, I can't tell whether its real or an artificial meatsock but this thread smells like unwashed penis

No. 1801334

>same can't be said of the current pornification of women and all the beauty standards pushed on them

See this is your problem. You literally think this is a "new" thing. It's not. Men have always been coomer brained and women have always had to do risky things to their bodies so a man can coom.

No. 1801337

You sure seem hyporfocused on the colored contacts. This is like your third time mentioning that. Colored contacts was one of the many other things I mentioned in my example, not the only thing.

Do you know what a procedure is? Do you know how a procedure looks like? There are many health risks. Boob jobs have been shown to give women health issues and many women die from having a bbl.

You trying to paint plastic surgery as better is….weird.

No. 1801343

NTA Right and will women will continue to do so because the majority of women are attracted to males. So of course they’re going to go to any length to fit whatever it is men currently deem attractive. This is what that other anon meant when she was talking about innate biology.

No. 1801344

Dropped this in mtf but relevant here. Enjoy the new jubilee vid

No. 1801345

Nona, you really think removing breasts is worse than inserting foreign materials like saline into our bodies, that could possibly rupture? A lot of women get mastectomies to avoid developing breast cancer. What benefit does having silicone inserted into your body have? I’m excited to hear your answer.

No. 1801348

Women who get plastic surgery are also anti female, because they seem to think women must look a certain way to be seen as worth of love, act like noses that aren’t Disney princess style are ugly, etc. I hate them for similar reasons why I hate TIMs, and I’m more likely to pity a tif because of this.

No. 1801349

and yet the majority of men are attracted to women but don't give a flying fuck if they're physically attractive to us, the more power women gain the less we will be beholden to our social value being attached to attractiveness to men

No. 1801350

Chopping off your breasts is worse if it's not part of cancer treatment and only for aesthetic reasons. Chopping off any body part is bad and should be the last resort. A lot of dead/numb/scar tissue and complete loss of nipple sensation is terrible. Silicone and breast implants aren't good either though.

No. 1801352

They’re equally as bad, but I’d say that making breasts or butts bigger to the point of willing to risk your life like a BBL entails, is much worse. It’s rare for a woman to die from a masectomy she gets regardless of the reasons, compared to what? 40% of women dying from BBLs, yet they’re still not banned?
What health benefit even comes from having a man jam a needle into your ass fat to shape it as HE sees desirable? It’s repulsive and much worse than a woman who removes her breasts for any reason- though you’re right, none of these things are healthy or sane to do.

No. 1801353

>to avoid developing breast cancer.
This is kinda meme logic. Removing a body part to "prevent developing" cancer is stupid, it's like removing your clitoris to prevent vulvar cancer or something. Body parts should only be removed if cancer has already shown up, not just hacking them off for fun because something might pop up in the future.

No. 1801354

And yet, many women including Angelina Jolie have had mastectomies to avoid developing breast cancer. It isn’t meme logic just because you don’t understand it, kek.

No. 1801360

Daily reminder that a anon here literally posted a picture of a old woman that had a mastectomy after having cancer and said how disgusting that was and gave it as a example of tifs with "bad tit chops" which is offensive on so many levels.

Tells you all you need to know. Yes this place is filled with tradthots who think women disfiguring themselves is okay as long as they are doing that to be sexy for men. Remember if you do dangerous procedure it's okay as long as you identify as a woman

No. 1801361

I don't really use what Angelina Jolie does as a model for rational decisions. It's irrational to remove a body part for no reason. Why not just chop off any body part to prevent cancer in them then? It doesn't make sense except as a way for doctors to make money from unnecessary procedures on women's bodies.

No. 1801366

These women don’t do it for no reason, they do it because they’re mentally unwell and feel trapped in their own bodies, even if they don’t hate other women. Blogpost incoming, but I’m a detrans woman, and I hated having huge breasts, and how it made even doing athletics hard. I wonder how many nonnas who get upset at mastectomies even know what it’s like to struggle with having breasts that aren’t an easy size to deal with, because a lot of TIFs including myself, have often had this issue- I hardly knew anyone that would have even been able to get the keyhole surgery. I don’t think every TIF removes her breasts because of hating women either- I was a tomboy with issues, not once did my doctor suggest a simple breast reduction.
I don’t mean to rant, but I wanted to give some insight despite the very real likelihood of no one caring. Can we please go back to laughong at cringey delusional women now who believe they’re men?

No. 1801367

>a anon here literally posted a picture of a old woman that had a mastectomy after having cancer and said how disgusting that was
??? when was this?

No. 1801368

not to continue the derail but this is such a reach. healthy breasts are only removed if family history or genetic dna shows increased chance of cancer, these genes tend to run in Ashkenazi Jews and lead to an over 1/2 chance of developing breast cancer in a lifetime. for some people breast cancer is not a question of if, but when. google brca1 and 2 im begging you

No. 1801369

Jolie has a genetic mutation called BRCA, makes it much it likely she’d would get breast cancer. Sry for blogpost but a lot of women in my family have died from it, it’s not irrational to take precautions like that when it can prevent terminal cancer.

No. 1801370

If we're going to criticize the concept of transitioning, we have to be able to criticize the surgeries that come with it as well. Even if they're necessary for some medical conditions, unnecessary mastectomies in healthy women are bad for women's health and women's wellbeing. Scar tissue, loss of nipple sensation or entire sensation in the breast, and inability to breastfeed aren't small losses, as I'm sure you know. It's alarming how many people in this thread will grasp how fucked up "transitioning" is, but apparently get defensive when anons criticize mastectomy which is now being pushed for any and every reason to young women.

No. 1801373

You realize that there’s hereditary, genetic predisposition that can be tested for with a 50%-90% chance of developing breast cancer, right? You know that’s why they ask you at the doctor if any women in your family had breast cancer? I feel as though most women know that.

No. 1801377

I agree, I get defensive about it though because I have felt preassure to get a boob job after transitioning, while I detransitioned, and I find that it isn’t the right answer either. I wouldn’t be able to breastfeed either, but nor would a woman who only ever got implants.
I have more of an issue with the ideologies that lead us to change our bodies, regardless of what it is. I think there’s a very real issue of detransitioners not learning these lessons though. I appreciate your answer, it was very kind, though I didn’t expect that either.

Pretty sure it was in the last two threads, I saw what nonnie was talking about the other day.

No. 1801378

Hating women for trying to assimilate into a society that hates them and everything about their bodies is so counterproductive and retarded. Do you feel radical saying this melodramatic shit? You are the other side of this same coin.

No. 1801379

At least I didn’t encourage a pornified view of women like the ones who risk their lives to get a bigger ass do, all because they saw the Kardashians do it. I have very little sympathy for OSA women, and the surgeries they get to further sexualize their existences for men all at the expense of other women who refuse to edit their bodies either which way.
I may have been the other side of the same coin, but I have clarity unlike the trads in this thread.

No. 1801382

Sorry your boob job didn't fix your life

No. 1801384

Nta but saying this type of shit isn't ok. It's also not ok to say "sorry your tit chop didn't fix your life". Stop being so unsympathetic to women trying to make their way in a misogynist world, whether by pornifying their bodies or wanting to completely erase any trace of femaleness from them.

No. 1801386

It isn’t “okay“ but I did laugh, at the end of the day it’s ridiculous to expect any cosmetic surgery to improve one’s life and it’s cringe for women to act better because they chose to get implants instead of a chop, when the implant could rupture kek.

No. 1801397

Lol nonny you must be a coping tid bc these bitches dont deserve sympathy when they literally hate other women and think they are above us and actively work to undermine our rights and safety. There is plenty of evidence that this shit doesnt work but these deluded shitbrains actively ignore it in the pursuit of becoming the ultimate nlog and living out their yaoi fantasy at the expense of everyone else. Literally read the threads

No. 1801398

I advise you and all women to grow a spine and stop mutilating themselves

No. 1801399

IG thots who get BBLs are no different than the roided out fujos kek

No. 1801400

Don’t worry about it anon, there are always a handful of self-hating tifs in these threads who feel the need to lash out at regular women. Look at the anon comparing a woman with plastic surgery to a tim and saying that tifs deserve more sympathy than regular women- only a crazy handmaiden or another tranny would do that. Especially after the shooting incident there’s way many more of them. There’s need to get riled up, we’re all here to laugh at delusional tifs, even themselves.

No. 1801405

wtf is going on in this thread

No. 1801406

I’m a detrans woman. Maybe the reason why I struggle to have sympathy for women who parade as bimbos and celebrate plastic surgery are as immoral as TIMs are because they… do the same thing? TIMs are more insidious, but the amount of women who asked me when I’d be fixing my chest have blackpilled me. I’m here to laugh at fujoshis and deluded women, but it’s funny whenever a trad woman acts like she’s better when she’s just as toxic as the TIMs I’ve known. Does it hurt your feelings to know that some women just don’t give a crap about women who mutilate their bodies for the male gaze?

No. 1801407

I don't know but it's shameful. I've been reporting the infighting for hours, mods seem to be asleep.

No. 1801408

>trad woman
>plastic surgery

so we are just throwing out random buzz words and hoping one sticks now?

No. 1801410

I’m talking about traditionalists, but I have seen trad women, or self proclaimed trad women get plastic surgery, just like I’ve heard of self proclaimed “lesbians” sucking TIM dick.

No. 1801411

Self-hating tifs and kiwi scrotes have been derailing ever since the thread blew up days ago

No. 1801414

Your posts are really distinguishable. Give it a rest and quit accessing everyone of being tifs, lunatic tradthot. No one cares about your botched boob job.

No. 1801416

Nona I feel the solidarity with you. I wish we could share a bag of potato chips.

No. 1801420

I just want the damn manifesto to be released already so we can have some sincere milk…

No. 1801422

i just want to know what she was thinking…it's crazy there's no trace of a blog or online ramblings or anything…i still feel like she was radicalized of course…

No. 1801423

i just want to know what she was thinking…it's crazy there's no trace of a blog or online ramblings or anything…i still feel like she was radicalized of course…

No. 1801426

I’m pretty sure they’re editing it so they don’t cause copycat shootings.

No. 1801458

>I’m a detrans woman, and I hated having huge breasts, and how it made even doing athletics hard
>a lot of TIFs including myself, have often had this issue
Allow me to blogpost at your blogpost, made me think of something I've been wanting to talk about but not knowing where to. I've been wanting to reduce mine for a while for practical reasons but then I think I started confusing wanting this with troon shit and it developed into wanting a medically unnecessary mastectomy. Obviously I'm peaking now and thankfully I was never the woman hating flavor of aiden, but I'm still in a weird place about this, though hoping to get better

No. 1801469

>I feel like the tide of focus is now being directed from mtf to ftm
You're both stupid. Whether your pro-trans, anit-trans, left wing, right wing your focus will always be on MtFs/TiMs. The public will always be more aware of TiMs. How many normies remember that Cher and Sonny Bono's daughter Chastity became a man named Chaz in 2010? Those same normies, however, know Bruce Jenner is now Caitlyn Jenner. How many normies know who Elliot Paige is?

>obsessing about young girls breasts being removed

Allison Bailey, one of the founders of the LGB Alliance, voiced this concern. She was called a pedophile by TRAs. It is a concern as Bailey put it, these girls will have a double mastectomy before they experience intimacy. Same with adolescent TiMs like Jazz Jennings and Kim Petras who get GRS before ever experiencing a orgasm.

No. 1801472

yes, men watching hardcore porn from the day they turn 11 and women trying to look like filtered anime characters is a new thing. people wanting to look well groomed is not comparable to cosmetic surgeries being pushed on teenagers, some of which starve themselves or troon out to escape beauty standards. civilization will not collapse tomorrow if women refuse to let things get even worse. men are actually able to coom to women as they are if they don't fry their brains on porn and tiktok filters. also the appeal to nature is kinda retarded, we can justify literally any behavior just by saying "humans have always done X, surely it's natural and we have to accept it". plus some of the most extreme past beauty rituals that have been cited previously were only for the highest classes of society, not for (almost) all women like it is right now.


No. 1801482

This is false. More reproduction is a MGTOW pickme retard talking point that is false. The best gene fitness is selected for in populations. Allowing all runt males to breed is deleterious to a species and wastes resources. Likewise nearly all females are valuable because of their ability to child rear, ability to cooperate and their capacity to bare children. Males are not, and are easily usurped/killable and replaceable.

No. 1801483

>Same with adolescent TiMs like Jazz Jennings and Kim Petras who get GRS before ever experiencing a orgasm.
This is so sad. Are they even able to get off in a satisfying way with a neovagina?

No. 1801485

incel-tier overgeneralizing pop science is about as scientific as the tranny born in the wrong body or the sex is a spectrum ackhually arguments. spend less time listening to Jordan Peterson and maybe you'll become less of a moron.

No. 1801486

reminds me of this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Macaroni_(fashion)

>They would refer to anything that was fashionable or à la mode as "very maccaroni".

No. 1801488

nona, thank you for your masterful post, you've got great humor. I read every word and am now deeply invested, could you post in the personal lolcow thread? I'm having trouble keeping all the accounts straight and would love any more lore you're willing to share. Thank for again for gracing us with her true wattpad supernatural insanity, I'm off to lurk papadiaries

No. 1801493

Anon said perpetuation of the species, not the best genetically fit children. Likewise I hate this argument because
1.) Usually the most "genetically fit" in darwinist terms males are just the strongest males most able to beat up other males and it also means they are able to rape or monopolize the most women before getting killed
2.) This assumes that everyone not capable of reproducing at the moment is worthless and supposed to be killed off which means nearly all women over the age of 45 are also worthless and deserve to die
3.) In eugenics (basically what you're talking about), it's not only the genetic runt males that shouldn't breed but also the genetic runt females. Bad genetics don't only apply to males

No. 1801500

>They think they are "better" at being a cute boy than real boys and that gives them confidence.
Because it's literally how it is, tomboys are objectively cuter "boys" than actual males. Look at femboy subreddits, all the cute "femboys" are actual women while the males look like retarded gigahons.

No. 1801505

The men described here are often called pedophiles themselves though.

No. 1801507

I don't get how these fucking TIFS push out babies and then go "oh I'm dad now". It should be considered child abuse. Those kids might be cool with it at 8 but they are going to have so many issues later on.

No. 1801510

You're reaching to relieve your guilt en you still have some serious misogyny ingrained in you nonnie. You are dismissing other women now no longer as terfs but as "trads" and "bimbos" now. You are delusional if you think skinwalking TIMs, destroying women's rights and getting off on making women uncomfortable, aren't way more toxic then some desperate women chasing beauty and immortality

No. 1801520

What's wrong with OPs assertion many pickme trad thots botch themselves, why make a bizarre distinction that doesn't exist?. Some of the most prolific misogynist trad thots are botched e.g Lauren Southern.

This thread is an absolute misogynistic dumpster fire of shitting on women, catty unsaged infighting, supporting retarded MGTOW "sexual market" shit aka women are catty and compete against each other for plastic surgery attracted moids, misogynistic libfem and retarded pickme appeals to nature about tit implants, defending moids coomerism with epic science and logic or evolutionary biology according to moid logic, and shitting on autistics including accusations that everyone and their uncle is autistic because xyz. One has to ask if you are spewing low emotional intelligence shit about other women as cruel as a moid maybe you're on the spectrum too. Unlike retarded 4chan, KF moids I see nothing gained from bashing female autistics. Women are already shit on from all sides, why add to the pile like an average moid? This thread is full of misogynyistic retards concealing their misogyny under the guise of hating trannies, in the case of the one retard arguing all women are catty stupid bimbos that compete to have the biggest surgically inflated ass as the nature female competition I can only kek. Hales manifesto can not come any sooner. Also the retard complaining about women removing their breasts over germ line caused mutant forms of breast cancer needs to eat a cactus. Though I think this entire thread should be nuked, fuck it, it's already a complete mess who cares at this point?

I'm not advocating for eugenics, I'm arguing that allowing males to breed indefinitely is not "evolutionary superior", which is quite obvious as it's retarded. You are a retard if you assume that females of species cease being valuable after menopause. Regardless of what moid copes will tell you females are always more valuable than males because they do not murder each other commonly in humans. Reproductive fitness doesn't apply to females, in fact most mammals do not undergo menopause, humans are an outlier in that they've adapted menopause purposefully, yes it was selected for how's that work against your perpetuating the species rape ape logic? Menopause was purposefully selected for and modern humans adapted a valuable system of child rearing so that older females are always fulfilling a valuable role. Females are always more valuable than the males of a species because they are capable of all things that males can do in a civilized world with technology and knowledge without raping, murdering and mass killing each other. The perpetuation of a species is not the barometer it's success, it is for a bacterium but not for the human race. Only the pathetic runt of the litter would tell you this, though I'm sure applying the logic of rape apes applies to a highly intelligent species like the human race, rape ape defending classical genetics anon. This is the most retarded eugenics moid shit I've read insofar. It's literal MGTOW shit, so I'm baffled you'd assume I'm advocating for eugenics. I'm advocating for common decency and reality, not your moid celebratory envisioned idea of the human race. It's painfully self explanatory why females are more valuable than males in the human species it doesn't even need to be discussed, we all know it we see it everyday in crime statistics.

No. 1801522

Holy hell you're all a bunch of autists. Can't wait for you newfags to fuck off again. This is an image board not fucking reddit. No one cares about your retard opinions about anything. Post some milk or gtfo.

No. 1801524

Ironically, this long fail effortpost is the biggest dump of autism in this thread

No. 1801525

>middle ages
>tight corset
Girl go back to school and follow history lessons carefully this time.

No. 1801526

Haha yeah you're right, I shouldn't have had my gigantic fibroadenoma removed with surgery to avoid getting breast cancer in my 20s, which my great grandma and my grandma caught young, I should have waited until it got so big that it could have hidden any signs of other actual cancerous tumors. How silly of me! No but seriously anon don't you know there are women out there who are at greater risk of breast cancer than the general population because they have shitty genes? How old are you?

No. 1801529

Can we stop comparing women with cancer with teenage insecure women willfully cutting their boobs off because "ewww woman icky"? Also it's hilarious how some tifs/trootrans come here to laugh at other tifs, not realizing that they're looking in the mirror.

No. 1801538

File: 1680522422258.jpeg (47.39 KB, 1179x372, F608B127-1F11-4AF2-B227-9AB8D7…)

to be fair nona, i was a trutrans/truscum when I came here a few years ago. these threads did a lot in starting me on desisting and learning about radical feminism. to every trannie lurking this thread, see you on the other side in a few years!

milk tax

No. 1801553

File: 1680523554706.jpeg (74.42 KB, 735x736, 19D5FDA3-91EE-4F4F-B815-B7F3E1…)

tifs make the worst memes

No. 1801556

Not only is this a shit meme but also it shows with what carelessness they treat their female body parts as if they're trash to be thrown away

No. 1801574

It might not be that. I think breasts and other secondary sex characteristics are triggering for some women who have been raped or abused or sexually harassed, or are just in FTM cases, dysphoric. I remember trying to flatten my tits during puberty because had been sexually abused in childhood and I absolutely hated the idea of becoming ‘womanly’ and having men and even other women comment on and looking at my body. I remember my neighbor, who was this really loud extra woman from Jamaica, seeing me coming home from school and saying ‘Oh my nona, look at your breasts! You’re growing into a woman! I’m jealous of how perky they are!’ And it legit triggered me for months and made me feel sooooo uncomfortable, even though it’s normal in her culture to say such stuff I guess. I hate trannies but I can understand feeling deeply uncomfortable with your own body, of course the solution is they need therapy and self love, not cutting their boobs off with the help of awful amoral surgeons.

No. 1801575

Don't be fucking stupid. Holy shit, anon.

No. 1801576

Also, while saying this, I am aware there are a small minority of women who have been brainwashed so thoroughly that they genuinely believe femininity and female characteristics to be worthless that they want to throw away all their female traits like trash, which is gross. But even those women were probably abused or groomed and brainwashed by a toxic male in their life from childhood to end up thinking that way, nearly all of these issues lead back to childhood abuse.

No. 1801577

> Usually the most "genetically fit" in darwinist terms males are just the strongest males most able to beat up other males and it also means they are able to rape or monopolize the most women before getting killed
Yeah and this is why Darwinism is such a garbage scrotey system and theory to promote. It dehumanizes humans by reducing them to a pack of upright chimps, and justifies all gross and toxic male behaviors like rape, murder, pedophilia, war etc with its nonsense just-so fallacy.

No. 1801578

This is true actually. TiF prettyboys are generally more attractive than biological male prettyboys.

No. 1801581

>You are delusional if you think skinwalking TIMs, destroying women's rights and getting off on making women uncomfortable, aren't way more toxic then some desperate women chasing beauty and immortality
They are both toxic. At the end of the day there are way more plastic bimbo bio women and MTF trannies than tifs with surgery, and tifs are already so mocked and sidelined even within the LGBT community that their voices are barely heard. Bio female bimbos and tranny moid bimbos do way more harm to women because their image is based off of porn fetishes and designed solely for the male gaze and they dehumanize themselves as walking sex dolls for men to use, which harms all women in the process and increases male entitlement to womens bodies and their standards for what women should look like. Tifs engage in harmful practices too but are mostly ignored or mocked by bio males, and although a tiny amount of them do it for fetish or sex work reasons, generally most of them dont do it for the male gaze.

No. 1801585

Yeah this. I don’t care about eugenics as it’s generally a scrote and polcel subject. But if you want to go at it, women being more selective is actually pure eugenics, as women actually select for things like intelligence, strength, height, good bone structure, body symmetry, adaptability, wit, bravery, independence etc.
Male sexual selection is dysgenic because male sexual preferences are predicated on pedophilia, women being dumb, weak, physically small and frail, passive, submissive, introverted etc.
There are studies that show people are getting taller, more beautiful, smarter etc because of female sexual selection being practiced more widely.
It’s funny how when you bring this up with moid ‘eugenicists’ they shit themselves in rage.

No. 1801590

This is rather false, with Hyenas, Wolves and Chimps, its not really which male is the largest or strongest but which can better work with each to fight off rival males

No. 1801603

Why did the mods not ban some of the unsaged autists ITT

No. 1801607

Please don't use hyenas as an example of anything for humans to model after, like 25% of hyena females die after their first birth splits their penis-shaped clit-vagina open like a banana peel

No. 1801617

Except humans don't exactly aim for a system where the physically strongest win. They can't be compared to any other random species and how it functions. Reproducing/surviving is not an issue anymore for humans in general (plus, things like progress in medicine etc. also contributes to survival in more sophisticated ways than just being stronger than your neighbor), and the goal is the improvement of their living conditions and society. In most socities this is obviously not achieved by selecting some hulking brute most likely to be violent to you and your children and reproducing mindlessly with him.

No. 1801657

>intra-sexual competivness

Kek don’t tell me this is the same retard from last time who was arguing with anons on /ot/

No. 1801661

huh, what a manly male masculine meme, about claire’s

No. 1801667

Shut the fuck up. Go back to your intersectional/tif forums. "bimbos"?! "bio males" "sex work"? You're in the wrong place you dumb misogynistic bitch. Every man is "bio man". Prostitution is commercialised rape not "sex work". Only scrotes demean women as bimbos. Fuck the fuck off.

No. 1801714

not even that anon and i dont care about your autistic infighting with the other anons. But you are that kardashian anon who keeps calling other anons bitches…now let me ask you would you keep calling them bitches if they were male.

No. 1801722

File: 1680551991713.jpg (109.98 KB, 720x1366, Screenshot_2023e.jpg)

Looks like it was a Dylan cosplay and she had Randy Stair accuracy.

No. 1801724

>Dylan cosplay
my first thought was Dylan Mulvaney and not Klebold kek. spent too much time on these troon threads recently.

No. 1801762

Excellent response, it really made me question the purpose of this thread by adding to the meaningless infighting and scrote muh autism accusation shit. Snow was a mistake.

No. 1801765

File: 1680555920733.png (54.76 KB, 678x513, machale.png)

TIF MacHale joining the new cast of Doctor Who

No. 1801767

When I was in my cringey true crime phase like 7 years ago and ran a tumblr (before it got nuked), I would say 90% of my followers were FTM columbiners. They are seriously obsessed with school shooters and that recent shooting at the Christian school being committed by a TIF didn’t surprise me in the slightest.

No. 1801769

I forgot this show was still airing.

No. 1801784

That's not me retard.And I don't call men bitches I call them pigs.

No. 1801788

>calling someone autistic means you're a scrote
anon… kek

No. 1801791

Everything about this is so weird.

No. 1801808

randy stair was a fulltime dylan impersonator. sorry audrey that title has been claimed

No. 1801812

“Buying shit to perform your gender” isn’t the same as performing your gender, which can be done as simply as putting flowers in one’s hair or cutting one’s hair/beard to be shorter, which are both things that could be done on a deserted island. There’s multiple examples of folks who have been deserted on islands before yet still made attempts to perform their gender as an attempt to return to normalcy or make the best of their situation. If your only concept of “performing gender” is buying shit online, your issue isn’t with TIFs, it’s with consumerism culture.("true and honest" blogposting needs to end, nobody cares, read the OP)

No. 1801814

Could you at least sage this retarded hypothetical? nobody is putting damn flowers in their hair to "perform their gender" as a woman while shipwrecked on an island. obvious trannies desperate for validation have been terrorizing this thread for a week now. take it back to twitter

No. 1801822

Amazing, so you can be sexist without money. Good for you retard.

No. 1801823

File: 1680561544112.jpg (48.55 KB, 500x455, bee713dfab6afc07149db596c2b137…)

No. 1801832

KEK ily so fucking much for this nonna

No. 1801835

While I agree with you nonnie, I think what you’re saying is still practicing sexism like another Nona said.

No. 1801841

File: 1680563811251.png (5.02 KB, 531x171, Untitled.png)

i fucking hate the way these people talk

names censored because private chat

No. 1801850

They're all copy and paste.

No. 1801852

truly they can only speak in dorky internet meme language

No. 1801872

You're assuming that everyone agrees that cutting your hair on a deserted island is "performing your gender", when most people would associate it with cleanliness and convenience. "Gender" relies entirely on sexist stereotypes being upheld by a group. If there aren't TRAs cheering on a man who puts a flower in his hair and promising him that he's totally female now, this action lose all meaning. You're trying to support gender ideology by claiming that women perform femininity just as much if there's nobody around, but everything points to the opposite. Makeup sales and use decreased during COVID, working from home is associated with staying in pajamas, winter is associated with not shaving as much etc., and all of this even though women don't live on deserted islands and are taught to perform femininity since their teenage years.

No. 1801876

What that anon said was stupid, but gender is performed in all societies on earth, not usually by clothing but by reproductive labor/division of labor. Women take care of children and are the primary caretakers and do light work to not put their (and their children's) lives in danger while men do other, more taxing, life-risking work in all societies and that's really the way societies across the world unanimously "perform" gender.

No. 1801879

So what gender are you performing if you cut your hair and tuck a flower behind your ear, kek?

No. 1801892

File: 1680569706130.jpeg (126.25 KB, 863x1331, ED9DFF86-2EF6-48DF-AC6E-80D295…)

One of my ex art mutuals became a shotafag and simultaneously trooned out. I wonder why.

No. 1801894

I'm sorry but you stupid bitches are truly starting to sound like incels, like for real. The melodrama is embarassing, you're just as over-emotional and aggressive and reactive as the gendies you bitch about.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1801897

You already know why.

No. 1801898

That wasn’t even me, that was someone else kek. Sex work doesn’t exist, it’s all paid rape. I think it’s funny you deem every woman that disagrees with you as a TIF, though. You still sound like a dumb bimbo.

No. 1801900

File: 1680570449125.png (Spoiler Image,11.23 KB, 708x236, 6d5dc0cdbe431d5f853a69608b2fd4…)


aw shucks, you're gonna make me blush nona! you inspired me to mosey over to the personal cow thread and crosspost what i've written + pen a more consistent timeline of accounts: >>>/snow/1801893

but, anyways, in the interest of not getting too sageworthy + staying on topic, i bring another gift: a TIF telling the very real story of how nurses told her husband to fuck her with cum-covered fingers while she was screaming and trying to push a baby out of her boipussy. if this isn't a rewritten excerpt from one of OP's fetish stories i'll eat my fucking hat.

(sidenote in case it's mentioned: yes, sex during early labor/before a woman's water breaks is A Thing that even trad doctors/nurses will recommend to speed things along; fingerfucking your partner with cum-hands while the baby is crowning is very much not.)

No. 1801903

This thread is a fucking disaster what the fuck is going on

No. 1801908

The FTMs have arrived kek.

No. 1801910

kiwifags and tifs that farmhands for some reason are not interested in controlling, apparently.

No. 1801911

File: 1680571272908.gif (8.49 MB, 400x224, b380c20210c96ca055de3178e87ce9…)

The whole thread in a gif.

No. 1801926

This gif makes sense when you notice the tails wagging and realize they're just playing tbh, not actually angry.

No. 1801931

How is this "performing gender" though? Women can give birth and feed their children, men can't but are physically stronger. That's a biological reality and it impacts the division of labor, especially in primitive societies. In modern societies most men don't risk their lives by going to their office jobs, women can do any type of work, and there's no need for everyone to reproduce. A TIM may claim that he's "performing his gender" by taking care of his children but it doesn't make sense because 1) this isn't an ability exclusive to women, 2) women don't have to take care of children or perform any other specific action to be women.

No. 1801940

Dogs can actually be feeling stressed, anxious, angry, or uncomfortable while still wagging their tails. That's why some people are bitten by surprise when they thought "but the dog seemed happy".

Now if the dogs were playing or "protecting a territory" or something, that's another thing. But I think if the grid get closed again, the dogs would start to bark again.

No. 1801954

Dogs wag their tails when they’re excited, I’ve seen tails wagging when a dog is in the process of mauling someone. Don’t think it just means an animal is happy because they could be stimulated by any number of reasons and show energy from any type of emotion, positive or negative.

No. 1801955

I think there’s been a lot of infighting happening because everyone is waiting on that damn manifesto. Does it normally take this long to release it?

No. 1801963

I like how you said they weren't performing gender and then began to list off all the ways that in modern societies it is performing gender because it's unnecessary lmao. Just because something is based in biology doesn't mean it can't be exaggerated through performance in the division of labor just like women can be promiscuous even though sex is costlier for us because we get pregnant which means we should biologically be more prudent. Men are able to care for children and forage, they just usually don't. Women are able to do dangerous and risky jobs and risk their lives, they just usually don't.
>most men don't risk their lives by going to their office jobs,
No, but men make up the majority of the workforce in dangerous occupations
>women can do any type of work,
Except women usually don't do dangerous jobs for… the reasons both you and I mentioned, still
>there's no need for everyone to reproduce.
There's never a need for everyone or even anyone to reproduce. People literally continue the human species just because they want to, there's no rationale behind it

No. 1801964

Samefag, I mean performing gender in this case not in the trans sense, but performing gender roles

No. 1802009

Well it was confusing because you replied to a post where "gender" was used in the tranny sense. Only women are capable of giving birth so it will always be a "role" that only women can have, and men are physically stronger so they will always be more suited for physically demanding jobs. It's a biological reality. It starts becoming an ideology when women's actions are artificially restricted, a performance of "femininity" is requested of them, men are given more freedoms etc. So yes unnecessary gender roles & stereotypes still exist but I'm not sure that was the best example of it and I don't see how it relates to the initial argument about trannies "performing gender" on an island by putting flowers in their hair.
>There's never a need for everyone or even anyone to reproduce. People literally continue the human species just because they want to, there's no rationale behind it
There is in fact a need to reproduce for a species to be perpetuated, that's an instinct animals have, but unlike a lot of other animals, humans don't rely on reproducing as much as possible to survive (in modern societies) and they can see beyond their instinct. The more a society is developed and the less people reproduce for this reason.

No. 1802013

>Well it was confusing because you replied to a post where "gender" was used in the tranny sense.
We weren't, we were talking about labor differences in gender
>It starts becoming an ideology when women's actions are artificially restricted, a performance of "femininity" is requested of them, men are given more freedoms etc.
I guess the question is when does it stop being biological and start being a social construct? You and the other person already agreed that women are biologically tied down and tied with children. That in itself means "less freedom" in a sense: on top of taking care of yourself and watching your own back, you'll have to also look out for a small, dependant human too and provide food and care for it. Men don't have to do that and don't in most societies
>I don't see how it relates to the initial argument about trannies "performing gender" on an island by putting flowers in their hair.
Did you even read the chain of posts? I said what that anon said was stupid because the heaviest gender division isn't usually clothes, although that is a component, it's labor and types of labor
>There is in fact a need to reproduce for a species to be perpetuated, that's an instinct animals have,
It's not an instinct humans have. Humans have an instinct for sex and masturbation, but we know how to prevent reproduction and often do. Continuing the species isn't an instinct (especially not for women), it's ideological in humans or else we wouldn't be able to control it

No. 1802028

File: 1680590751419.jpg (240.21 KB, 1080x1928, Screenshot_20230404_084426_com…)

This girl goes by he/him. I will never understand this chronically online mentality

No. 1802030

internalized misogyny + pickmeism + adopting a coombrained scrotey sense of style

No. 1802037

>We weren't, we were talking about labor differences in gender
You brought up labor differences in reply to this post >>1801872 where I was talking about trannies and women performing femininity so I didn't immediately get that you switched to gender roles but I get it now.
>I guess the question is when does it stop being biological and start being a social construct?
I agree with you.
>It's not an instinct humans have. Humans have an instinct for sex and masturbation
All animals have an instinct for sex because that's what lead to reproduction. That's how species keep going on. Humans are of course different from other animals in their cognitive abilities. They learned how to prevent reproduction and they have sex/masturbate for pleasure. They developed technologies/medicine which extend life expectancy and reduce infant mortality, and people don't need to have as much children as possible for work/survival. I agree that reproduction has always been used by men to restrict women's role/place in society but it doesn't mean that continuing the species is in fact an ideology (which would have been formulated by the first humans everywhere?), it's inherent to all life forms.

No. 1802048

What masculinity is she even talking about? Is she just insecure about something like "my shoulders are a bit too wide and manly and that means I'm a man but I accept that" or does her "masculinity" just mean she hates other women

No. 1802053

>continuing the species isn't an instinct (especially not for women)
I disagree, a lot of people have a very strong innate desire to start a family and that is typically seen more commonly in women. Doesn't mean every person (or woman) feels it strongly or at all but to deny it even exists is odd. Whether "instinct" is the appropriate word can be argued, but it's definitely not just a social construct and something forced upon people.

No. 1802056

File: 1680597997328.jpg (612.66 KB, 1549x5120, dumbtif.jpg)

Just some random twitter shit about some tif hoping troons will invade womens' spaces.

No. 1802069

the nona up above earlier ITT was right: at least a sizeable portion of TIFs simply hate women so much they would leave a gate open for a pack of slobbering males to invade and assault.

No. 1802072

Not to mention the "MRA" TIFs who call women shallow bitches every 2 seconds obviously trying to get back at the pretty high school bullies who called them weird by throwing all women under the bus

No. 1802075

Lol it’s a fucking Swiftie.

No. 1802102

You talk like a retard. I agree, fuck off.

No. 1802104

Kek this retarded bitch doesn't even understand that trannies don't care if she thinks she's a superior male and not some gross weak woman, they will assault her and invade her spaces as well. Imagine trannies all over women's spaces, like shelters and support groups, so women don't go there anymore. Where would be the next place troons will go? Those ftm and nonbinary conventions are 100% female-only spaces. I feel like this is partly why male troons are now invading tumblr, it used to be girl-only space back in the day, and the only "men" there were fakebois. Now I see too fucking much hons in there.

No. 1802105

I doubt they will ever release it because it's too political.

No. 1802108

Maybe that's a good thing? We'd all have to stay curious but if they're still withholding it there's probably stuff in there calling for copycat killings or otherwise likely to inspire them.

No. 1802114

I feel like when girls consume too much sctote-for-sctote shit it damages their mental health in a way, and warps their perception of women and femininity. This girl wants to be feminine, but the only way she knows is to be a coomer-bait e-thot, but she still doesn't want to be a woman because women are shallow dumb bitches, so she calls herself he/them. I guess this is how we got so many e-thots and even e-whores who post half-naked pictures with their tits out but still demand to be referred to as male.

No. 1802193

If you call other women "manly" you're part of the problem btw

No. 1802220

When you say scrote for scrote, do you mean yaoi or RuPaul's drag race

No. 1802227

nta but both yaoi and rpdr has contributed to the mass trooning of girls everywhere. rpdr makes teen girls feel like the only way to be funny, creative, feminine and sexy without being looked at as a cringy cumrag is if you're a man. So they troon out and still remain feminine or start putting on drag makeup and wigs and still demand they're seen as men

No. 1802238

I agree. Whether it's women writing it or just watching and idolizing real gay men like RuPaul, it's toxic and makes them hate being a woman because they project themselves onto gay men and start to want to be one because that's all they ever talk about, read about, write about, watch etc. I had a few friends irl who were like this, obsessing over RuPaul's drag race, adopting the language and calling themselves "tops" and "bottoms" even though they're women, and generally not giving a fuck about women's rights and dedicating all their energy to "gay rights". Unsurprisingly two of them identify as nonbinary now

No. 1802267

There was a news about how some trannies wanted to join a women-only river pool when it was meant for women and kids only. Except they have also another river pool for all public at few steps far of that pool.

That kid will have a horrible awakening when a TIM calls her a woman and to stfu because "she knows more than her about being a woman" even if she claims over and over that she's a man.

No. 1802277

File: 1680633518946.png (16.68 KB, 598x432, twitter.png)

From the same Tweet:

"Women wanted our spaces to be seen as equal, we didn't let them so now they're making their spaces so we are going to raid their spaces to be equal like them".

I know this is more for /xx/ but what the Hell was that.

No. 1802284

This has to be her fetish. Just like that crazy ass girl pretending to be a pro rape tim. This has to be a fetish for her. I refuse to believe a woman would be this hateful against her own kind

No. 1802289

Public bars are male spaces??

Her face screams "I was bullied by mean girls in high school and now I pretend to be a male so I can feel superior".

No. 1802292

>yes, sex during early labor/before a woman's water breaks is A Thing that even trad doctors/nurses will recommend
During early labor? Wouldn't the woman be in pain/uncomfortable? I've never been pregnant so I wouldn't know of course but it sounds so gross somehow… you're about to give birth and a male gets to coom to "open you up" (I need to gag). Another reason I'll never have kids.

No. 1802298

>Another reason I'll never have kids.
Anon, I dont know if you know this but you dont have to do that during labor. In fact you can do whatever you want. I dont know why thats a reason not to have kids because some stupid reddit autist jacked her husband off in the middle of it

No. 1802314

Sorry anon, I worded it wrong. Among other things (like not feeling like a good mother), the reason I don't want to have kids is also how the mother and her comfort are not prioritized even by medical staff. I know the autist on reddit is making shit up, but other practices are real and considered normal. Shit like the one I quoted, people treating women like broodmares, husbands fleeing as soon as the child is born, doctors worrying about how tight the vagina is for the husband instead of worrying how tired or in pain is the mother. It's just a thing I don't want to experience.

No. 1802342

File: 1680643470060.jpg (217.64 KB, 600x2200, lul2.jpg)

>See cute Drarry fanart
>Comments are surprisingly tame except for one themby claiming the art is supporting violence against trannies
>Another tranny that is a yaoi artist, claims that she's trans and still loves HP
>Themby then tweets about said yaoi art tranny and says she's never getting to heaven KEK
>Themby pictured at the bottom with her "boyfriend" who's obviously just a woman on testosterone (complete with upper arm self harm scars)

I'm amazed there are still women drawing Drarry with the tranny shit going on. Not even trans rights could stop the Drarry coom.
Can someone answer me why these women will still claim the lesbian label despite not wanting the female label? I see this a lot lately.

No. 1802347

There's been an embracement of the fujo label amongst TIFs (and TIMs) lately and a lot of TIFs identify as "transmasc lesbians" just like TIMs will go on grindr and even though it doesn't make sense within the trans ideology they just shrug and go "it's muh LiVeD eXpErIeNcE"

No. 1802348

Why do they always look like they escaped a lunatic asylum and grabbed some random clothes they found on clothes lines after escaping and haven't showered in a week.

No. 1802349

Attaching fandom to social rights movements was the biggest mistake of the 2010s and caused so much of this TiF drama

No. 1802350

Your own fault tbh.

No. 1802364

watching everyone dogpile the traumatized detrans woman is yet another blackpill

No. 1802385

Please get better taste in yaoi I’m begging

No. 1802412

More like they finally escaped their room and grabbed whatever random shit from their musty closet

No. 1802414

I’d rather they date each other and just be weird homosexuals than pretending something they’re not. TiFs calling themselves lesbians and TiMs going on grindr and calling themselves faggot is the best we’re gonna get out of this kind of shit.

No. 1802425

Who’s the artist? IDC about HP but I like the style

No. 1802427

I’m not a Drarry fan, the art showed up on my feed because of someone I was following. Her style is very pretty tho and naturally I wanted to see if she was getting backlash considering lots of other artists are trannies. The drarry thing definitely took me back to the early 2000s era of fujoism.

No. 1802428

The artist is mrotisky!

No. 1802436

23:28 akshully there are several genders, they're celebrated in cultures around the world
Oh not the cultural third gender shit again. Genuinely annoys me when I hear it now. Saged for rant of course. They aren't proof of a million genders, many of them were for males who were eunuchs or homosexual or just effeminate, to perform the female roles of that culture. Sure maybe they can be celebrated for what they are, pieces of cultural history that in some cases were attempted to be erased by colonisers, but they certainly aren't proof of troon shit. Stop forcing them through the western lens of "wow I think historical pee oh see were pure divine gender shifting beings just because their culture is slightly different to what I'm used to." Ironic that it's a poc saying this in the video as well.

>23:51 but intersex people though

And not again with intersex. Intersex people aren't a whole new third sex, they're a combination of the two existing ones.

No. 1802565

Thank you nonna! I like their use of colors.

No. 1802570

>wow I think historical pee oh see were pure divine gender shifting beings just because their culture is slightly different to what I'm used to
This actually reveals how ignorant they are and how they don't care about making other cultures sound "exotic" for the sake of their shitty cult ideology. Most "third genders" were male child prostitutes or gay men who had to be in women's spaces because they weren't considered men enough. It's just plain old bigotry, but it's from another culture (most often a "non-white" one) so it's actually about divine demigod twans ppl!

>they're a combination of the two existing ones.

In most cases it's not even that, they're just underdeveloped males or females. Or people with hormone/chromosomal disorders, who still are either male or female (examples are people with Turner or Klinefelter).

No. 1802575

File: 1680679376807.jpg (108.11 KB, 1170x1062, retars.jpg)

What is that with fakebois trying to "reclaim" the genderspecial memes? They just reinforce the idea that this pronouns thing is just a little trend among girls.

No. 1802578

>uses a insult directed towards women to talk about herself
>doesn't even want to look male
>he/him only tho

No. 1802590

>Intersex people aren't a whole new third sex, they're a combination of the two existing ones.
Intersex people aren't even trans on any level but trans people keep using them as a prop to further their own agenda. They wouldn't even be intersex if they didn't have a developmental disorder mixing characteristics of the 2 existing sexes. A female with an intersex disorder isn't a transwoman or non-binary she's just fucking female and trans people are the ONLY ones denying these women their femalehood saying they're somehow trans by default. Trans people are saying some women are NOT (or less of) a woman literally just because of their disability. That's terrifying and cruel ableism.

No. 1802614

>TiMs going on grindr and calling themselves faggot
Kek tims really are faggots, just like
>TiFs calling themselves lesbians
Really are lesbians as a lot of them only date each other and not actual moids. I just don't understand why they need to jump through another loop and claim they are "transmasc".
I will never let go of a tinfoil that "transmasc/nonbinary 4f4 lesbians" are literally just lesbians who want to stay away from male troons and spicy straight normie girls.
Also I have a tinfoil that "lesbian transmascs" don't want to be normal lesbians because they associate lesbian relationships with retarded scrote gaze porn and/or spice straight e-whores pandering to scrotes but claiming to be SSA.

No. 1802618

File: 1680688720400.jpg (66.95 KB, 1055x1007, IMG_20230405_124533.jpg)

I have a weird tinfoil about how yaoi loving tif4tif girls are actually lesbians who don't understand that they like masculine women. I kinda was like this and I never understood why I couldn't relate to other lesbians who liked normal female characters because I only liked really GNC women, and I read yaoi because a lot of twinks there are so feminine they are basically look like tomboys, and the fact that all the non-normie girls claim to be something else these days didn't help. Also untreated autism.

No. 1802624

Being strictly TIF4TIF would make them lesbian yes because they're strictly attracted to the same sex, but fujo4fujo is a completely different vibe honestly. Most of those girls are less lesbian (more bisexual… they literally spend all their time writing/drawing/thinking about men or male figures in a sexual context) and more disturbed by the unequal dynamics of mainstream heterosexuality so they just settle for another girl similar to themselves who understands what they're into.

No. 1802627

Another thing that needs to be considered with tif4tif or fujo4fujo is that their "relationships" are often online discord edating situations or are otherwise wholly non sexual. Theres a big overlap with them being "asexual" as well. I do kind of agree with you but I think this only 100% applies to tif4tifs who are not terminally online and are more active in real life dating circles. Its not uncommon to find tifs in lesbian scenes and the lesbians there do see them as fellow lesbians. This is kind of how tifs were pre 00s as well. So yea I do agree with your tinfoil but the number of tifs this applies to is very small and getting smaller

No. 1802637

> There's a big overlap with them being "asexual" as well.
Do any of you nonnas have tinfoils about why so many tifs are "asexual" (besides trauma)? Is that an autism thing or they just can't find a partner they would want to fuck?

No. 1802640

1. Sterilization and/or hysterectomy can lead to asexuality
2. A lot of TIFs are autistic, a lot of autistic people are asexual
3. Of course, female sexuality in general being stigmatized
4. Them being secretly straight but only wanting to fuck gay men (this happens a lot??) but getting rejected thus being fujosexual aka asexual

No. 1802665

very good summary nona. Adding
5. They troon out because they hate their bodies (BDD, ED, GD) and can't even fathom ever being comfortable having sex with another person so they identify as asexual to not have to deal with it

No. 1802684

A lot of TIFs are young and imho there's nothing surprising about teenage girls not feeling particularly sexual, especially when they hate themselves and their bodies. Also, teenager or not, a lot of self-identified asexuals seem to imagine that other people are in a constant state of arousal from just seeing random conventionally attractive people IRL. Idk if they're truly clueless or if this is just another way of feeling special and different. They always end up making exceptions for when it's okay for them to feel horny ("you wouldn't get it, I like sex and masturbation and I have a partner but I don't feel attraction like other people!!1") which is why "asexuality" is a spectrum (like everything else at this point kek) and basically lost all meaning.

No. 1802698

I would also add
6. They got on the pill to help with acne and it ruined their sex drive
7. They are weirdo's and no one is interested in them and it's just less embarrassing to say "I'm asexual" than noone wants to touch me because I creep everyone out

No. 1802706

File: 1680703707027.png (60.9 KB, 985x853, wtf.png)

Don't know if it's been posted already but I saw this article. Most of it is saying things that are already known/obvious but I found it interesting that they are using they/them and even male pronouns for her in this particular article. Also it seems to have been confirmed that this was inspired by past incidents… tinfoil but maybe she was a school shooter stan on an alt tumblr like some anons have been saying?

link: https://www.yahoo.com/news/cops-reveal-chilling-details-nashville-192940499.html?

No. 1802726

>usually 5'2-5'4
so average height? what a weird thing to stereotype kek

No. 1802730

This this this. Literally the best outcome for this whole shit.

No. 1802735

Bc it's below average height for men and they want to be men

No. 1802737

>fujosexual aka asexual
It made me kek

No. 1802739

Bc it's below average height for men and they want to be men

No. 1802740

>fujosexual aka asexual
It made me kek

No. 1802744

What I'm getting :
>hated the school
Reason for target
>considered the actions of other mass shooters
Columbine fangirl, explains the method
>friend died + preexisting "mood disorder" (makes no mention of her past stalking though kek)
Why she snapped now

No. 1802748

File: 1680714235830.jpeg (93.59 KB, 750x908, 121ABCA4-0708-4E59-BC98-326F4A…)

someone please help this girl with her trauma

No. 1802749

i think the other replies have good points but i also honestly think it's mostly just that women tend to have lower libidos and TIFs are more likely to call that asexual because you know why

No. 1802755

honestly feels like this applies to my friend. she claims she's asexual because she has never been attracted to either men or women, and is apparently grossed out by both genitalia. fast forward a few months later, she's dating a man kek. genuinely feels like straight girls claim theyre asexual just because they want to "date" men but not actually fuck them. they're uncomfortable with the idea of sex and think that admitting they're straight means they're making themselves sexually available to men. you can be attracted to men but not want to engage in sexual activities with any man you meet, it doesn't make you any less straight, it just means you have standards (like most people do). really feels like people just slap the asexual label on themselves because the idea of sex irl scares them (while they constantly read and draw porn of fictional characters).

No. 1802757

Sarah squirm and Molly the two enbies on snl performed a sketch that was spoofing sexual harassment at the workplace where they acted like over the top cartoon leches that made sexual harassment in the workplace seem overblown and easily dismissed and it comes off as an excuse to sexually humiliate a costar like how a man gets to, like a tif fantasy of getting to do some misogyny.

No. 1802763

crazy that this wasn't the first option for the surgery. sadly i think it's a sign that actual competent surgeons are getting in on the goldmine since the unethical first wave isn't getting punished

No. 1802779

Sorry if this is the wrong thread and if they've been posted before but I had no idea where the fuck to put these two. @lesbiansnowwhite is somehow a non-binary lesbian and her.. whatever this thing is that she is dating is a girl, but I guess trying to be a guy? Can someone please explain what is wrong with "snow's" face?



No. 1802787

File: 1680720977523.jpeg (365.72 KB, 3000x1500, katter.jpeg)

>a 16 year old girl self-mutilated with a razor and almost bled to death
>"king shit"

the responses to this are disturbing.

she had "an insurmountable disgust for the feminine aspects of her body. [she] would like to stop menstruating and above all does not wish to possess breasts" - Hirschfeld, the doctor who eventually gave her the surgery.

No. 1802807

Hahahahahahahaha How The Fuck Is Mutilating Yourself Real Hahahaha Nigga Just Dress Like Fran Lebowitz Like Nigga Make an Appointment At Brooks Brothers Haha.

No. 1802809

What's German for clocky?

No. 1802811

Poor girl, this is very disturbing.

No. 1802817

something something female cult of self mutilation something suffering competition something something scars as a badge of honor and so on and so forth

No. 1802818

isn't eli a rapist…..

No. 1802823

File: 1680726717831.jpg (106.53 KB, 846x846, audrey hale.jpg)

hi every1 im new!!!!!!! holds up spork my name is audrey but u can call me t3h PeNgU1N oF d00m!!!!!!!! lol…as u can see im very random!!!! thats why i came here, 2 meet random ppl like me ^_^… im 28 years old (im mature 4 my age tho!!) i like 2 watch invader zim w/ my girlfreind (im bi if u dont like it deal w/it) its our favorite tv show!!! bcuz its SOOOO random!!!! shes random 2 of course but i want 2 meet more random ppl =) like they say the more the merrier!!!! lol…neways i hope 2 make alot of freinds here so give me lots of commentses!!!!
DOOOOOMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ←- me bein random again ^_^ hehe…toodles!!!!!

love and waffles,


No. 1802839

Is this the warhammer guro porn schizo??? Dear lord.

No. 1802847

8. Pornsick beyond repair and can't be aroused by normal sexual things anymore

No. 1802850

>if I look feminine and dress like a hooker, lots of men want to put their penis in me
Wow very gender, much nonconformity kekekek

No. 1802873

Someone needs to explain to her how skeezy old men work. Easy and cheap vagina and anal makes all the pervs come to the yard. None of them think she's a dude.

No. 1802923

File: 1680738411338.png (22.3 KB, 600x530, notafetishguys.png)

>"if I look feminine"

Because you ARE female, ffs.

Picrel, she admitting she has a fetish for being a "twink" after an assault.

No. 1802937

a rapist who exclusively victimised tifs, iirc!

No. 1802939

You’re bi, actually. Lesbians don’t want to see two man fucking each other in the ass. I’ve tried to read yaoi and it’s incredibly sexual, if it was focused on the romance only then sure, but please stop acting like your bisexual experience is some mystical lesbian one. It isn’t.

No. 1802945

fujo4fujo feels like prison sexuality tbh, most of these girls are really unfortunate looking and want someone to LARP yaoi with and take selfies. I highly doubt there's actual sex involved in those relationships since those people are so obsessed with men but can't get an actual one.

No. 1802946

This is disgustingly sad, it’s putrid but clearly she’s suffering from hyper sexuality and needs some type of therapy to work through her own desires versus the things people have inflicted upon her. Normally I don’t feel sympathetic, but she will only sink further into the swamp of destruction if everything about it is getting her off. She seems very milky but it’s sad, I can’t laugh like I could at Soren.

No. 1802958

this looks like a dumb bitch meme specifically for girls who wore gigantic korn t-shirts to middle school to hide their bodies

No. 1802959

are straight women in fact bisexuals if they watch/read lesbian porn (which is common)? no. a lot of women enjoy romance/erotica that doesn't correspond to their own situation for many different reasons. fujotifs in particular usually hate themselves and think being a man would make everything better so. also there's a lot of mangas where genitals basically look like rays of light and there's also shonen ai which does focus on the romance.

No. 1802974

>teehee I sexualise all my problems cos I'm soooo edgy like that please fuck me please validate me

No. 1802979

I felt sad for her when some "antis" sent her drawings to her job and what not, and while sexual fantasies have the advantage that you have the control on them, the way she talks about being a "twink wanting to be femme-forced" (Vietnam flashback to that infamous tif reddit where they post nsfw photos while expecting being called men) like something "good and totally healthy" is quite worrisome. I know therapy might be expensive and she might quit because "evil therapist didn't use her he/him pronouns", but as long people tell her she's ok with that fantasy, she will totally sink.

No. 1802982

>are straight women in fact bisexuals if they watch/read lesbian porn (which is common)?

No. 1802983

This. Are gay men actually straight if they fanboy over Ariana Grande or Kpop girls? No. This double standard only ever applies to lesbians and it's so annoying. I think people forget that lesbians still enjoy things that are created by women & for women because newsflash, we still are women despite our dykery, so when something is mostly targeted towards hetero/bi women they get offended if lesbians also wind up enjoying it.

Why is it always bihets who get to dictate what lesbian sexuality is? There's absolutely nothing heterosexual about exclusively dating women as a woman kek, doesn't matter what your hobbies are. You can wax poetic all you want about fictional interests, but in the end, a woman's only bi/straight if she fucks men. Sorry to break it to you, but looking at two drawings getting it on will never change a lesbian's goldstar status. You sound like the crowd who thinks enjoying GTA makes you more likely to actually commit crimes IRL.

No. 1802984

because she’s a young woman. men will fuck a hole in their mattress filled with jello. i guess when this is the only “positive” aspect about your relationships with people, you’ll old man lust like it’s gold. there’s also that statistic about how around 70%~ give or take of online declared trans people don’t actually present as trans in real life at all, it’s strictly an online larp. how much do you want to bet this is the case with her?

No. 1802987

Nta but I think it ultimately comes down to how the individual interacts with the media they consume, some people are a lot more vicarious about it and embody it consciously or otherwise. Some people are actually just really deeply affected by media, and while that isn't the norm it is something to consider.

No. 1802991

Yes, but anon is clearly talking in a general, non-case by case sense. I'm merely stating that if a woman isn't attracted to any men at all, would never touch one or have sex with one, would never date or be intimate with one but she enjoys yaoi couples, it doesn't all of a sudden make her bi. Blogpost, but I used to be TIF4TIF and I almost exclusively read yaoi back then, and realizing that real life men and anime boys aren't the same thing is what made me realize I was actually a lesbian with internalized misogyny. A lot of this discussion reminds me of the common "If you like tomboys, why not just date a guy?" homophobic remark. "If you're okay with reading about two fictional men, you probably think about REAL men, too."

No. 1802992

It legit look like she have a extra chromosome, kinda sad(sage your shit)

No. 1803009

>Are gay men actually straight if they fanboy over Ariana Grande or Kpop girls?
Gay men don't write lesbian fanfiction about their female faves getting fucked like "lesbian fujos" do with their male faves

No. 1803013

>a woman's only bi/straight if she fucks men.
Is every virgin asexual then? Sexuality is based on attraction first and foremost. Anons are saying if you spend all your time watching male bodies depicted in sexual situations and getting aroused by it, you're probably not a lesbian

No. 1803021

Random but the shooter dressed as Juno every Halloween and started transitioning a little after the Elliot Page thing. Wonder if that was the inspiration for moving forward with it

No. 1803029

Once again, if you spend a significant amount of time reading about two men fucking each other up the ass, you’re not a lesbian. Actual lesbians are repulsed by seeing men fuck each other, and no, GNC women aren’t the same as male characters, the manga drawings are still made to look male, to claim that GNC women look like men is misogynistic. You’re not the only ex TIF in this thread, Nona. Some of us are actual lesbians who are repulsed by male’s in any form sexually.

No. 1803032

>Is every virgin asexual then? Sexuality is based on attraction first and foremost
Virgins are attracted to/in love with real people also. It says much more about their sexual orientation than the fictional anime characters they ship on Tumblr.
>if you spend all your time watching male bodies depicted in sexual situations
Except these women are not looking at real burly gay men getting it on. There's a reason it's always yaoi because the characters are very effeminate and written by women. Plus you're forgetting that tifs are mentally unwell and hate being female.

No. 1803038

>Except these women are not looking at real burly gay men getting it on. There's a reason it's always yaoi because the characters are very effeminate and written by women.
Nta but you know 3dpd fujos exist right? There were female Johnlock, Destiel, Stucky, Thorki, Drarry etc. shippers on old tumblr who I remember would identify as lesbian sometimes and I would be so confused. And in modern day there's Steddie and Riddlebat and kpop boyband shippers plus others I probably don't know about. Not to mention the heavy female audience of live action BL so I don't think it has that much to do with 2D vs 3D.

No. 1803043

Effeminate men aren’t the same as GNC women, holy fuck. Just because a man isn’t big or burly doesn’t mean he isn’t a man. Yaoi characters still look male, more male than even TIFs do. You clearly still hate being female if this is the hill you want to die on, anon. Keep your misogyny to yourself.

No. 1803049

nta but what? some fujos will seethe if the male characters are drawn too effeminate because it reminds them of a female body (like analyzing the hips or the waist or whatever the fuck). i dont understand the "men in yaoi are just masculine women" argument because masculine women don't have dicks. and i dont understand the "men in yaoi act and behave more like women than men" argument either because they act neither like real men nor women. they're fictional characters. it feels like people claim male characters are more like "real women" because they're usually better written and have more depth compared to female characters, but that just means they're relatable because of their characterization and story, not because they're catered to women. the most popular gay ships are from series that usually arent written by women and don't even have any actual romantic tension. just look at most shounen series.

No. 1803050

you really don't wanna admit that your reading glorified rule63 fics

No. 1803051

The fact that it exists doesn't prove that no fujo can be lesbian. Acting like all fujos look at real men getting fucked in the ass is disingenuous, even straight fujos are rarely ever into it.

>Effeminate men aren’t the same as GNC women, holy fuck
Nobody said that, stop insisting with the fake outrage. TIFs, straight or gay, hate themselves and the female body which is why they read romance written by women but played out by drawn effeminate men, get over it.

No. 1803055

>TIFs, straight or gay, hate themselves and the female body which is why they read romance written by women but played out by drawn effeminate men
Wouldn't that mean lesbian fujos hate the female body too

No. 1803056

It isn’t fake outrage just because you don’t understand how GNC women aren’t Men Lite, and you did say that “it’s not like they’re watching big burly men get it on”. You told on yourself right there, men are men no matter how they look. If you like seeing men get it on, but you wouldn’t fuck one, you’re still bi because lesbians don’t like seeing men in sexual situations enough to seek out yaoi, unless they truly don’t know where to find lesbian stories, but it’s the internet, are you really that stupid? Once again, your bi experience isn’t a lesbian one because lesbians don’t like men, even if they’re fictional, maybe you should be getting over that, kek.

No. 1803057

Yes, but nona doesn’t realize how many times she keeps putting her own foot in her mouth.

No. 1803058

funniest thing about this current fujo stuff is that when bi women larping as lesbian try to pass off their obvious male attracted behaviour as a lesbian thing, lesbians say “yeah nah we don’t do that” and they’ll still be writing up about how they’re totally lesbian, that every other lesbian simply ~doesn’t get it~, using the same arguments other bi women love to use (such as “its fictional soo it doesnt count!”), it’s like tranny tier levels of delusion & entitlement. all that & for what?? sooner or later your male attraction will bubble up because that’s how your sexuality works then you’ll act sooo surprised as if it hit you like some epiphany despite lesbians telling you straight up what you are, rinse & fucking repeat kek.

No. 1803061

this confused me at first, wdym? that the content produced for gay ships are part of the female gaze because theyre written by women, for women? i never denied that, i was just saying that lots of women end up being into ships from series that were not written for women as the intended demographic, so the male characters don't come off as female-gazey. whatever female shippers do to the characters afterward is their own projection.

i realized i said "men in yaoi" in my earlier post but i was speaking more broadly in terms of gay ships in general. characters from BL genre are written with a female-gaze, i'll give you that, but there's a lot of gay ships that just seem to boom in popularity from shounen series, and it has nothing to do with those characters being written by women, for women. they're just relatable characters that can appeal to anyone regardless of gender, they're not actually "butch women" or whatever people say.

No. 1803066

Yeah, I never understood the "written by women, for women" thing because the majority of casual fujos ship ships from popular male-written media

No. 1803070

File: 1680756673328.jpg (312.26 KB, 808x4212, xuumnf7bfqe61.jpg)

I was referring to how in most yaoifics and dojunshis the designated uke essentially becomes a female version of himself, both in mannerism, how he's treated in story and sometimes in appearance

No. 1803071

The made for women, by women thing in reference to yaoi also assumes all women like men, or desire to see men be sexual by default. The whole conversation erases actual homosexual female experiences, all while claiming to be us.

No. 1803072

It's weird but it happens, there are lesbian TIFs who date other women but at the same mutilate their own bodies (top surgery etc).

>you did say that “it’s not like they’re watching big burly men get it on”.
Because anons' argument was that fujos can't be lesbians since they're attracted to men fucking each other in the ass, as if fujos are seeking out porn for gay men instead of content made by women where characters aren't even masculine looking. You're so upset about the idea that a lesbian could be a fujo, what next, are you going to deny that there are lesbian TIFs? Are you going to say that straight women watching lesbian porn have had a "bisexual experience"? Literally everywhere else on lolcow, the idea that watching gay romance means you're bi would get anyone called a spicy straight but now you're basically agreeing with the idea that women's sexual orientations depend on what they watch simply because it supports your argument that lesbians, even TIFs, would never be into anything else than lesbian romances. Also, you can give your opinion without acting like the representative of all lesbians and The Lesbian Experience™, it's embarrassing.

No. 1803074

File: 1680757006588.jpeg (17.39 KB, 267x372, CD7B5D1F-BDBA-46F1-94E7-EDEA03…)

>fujoshis can be lesbians too! Yaoi is butch4butch!
>the yaoi
This has a OVA series too, kek. I guess it was just that popular among bihets.

No. 1803075

You don’t even realize that I am a lesbian detrans woman, cringe. Sorry that you had to find out on an anonmyous image board that lesbians don’t like seeing men fuck each other. Your experience isn’t a lesbian one, it’s a typical bihet one. Get over it.

No. 1803078

What's cringe is thinking that your life story is an argument. No one cares and everyone has their own story and experience, the next time that you don't have anything to reply just don't.

No. 1803079

It’s only relevant because the other anon keeps going on about being an ex tif, and asked me about TIF lesbians as if I wasn’t one. Context clues, develop them sometime?

No. 1803082

>as if fujos are seeking out porn for gay men instead of content made by women where characters aren't even masculine looking.
It's like the other anon's point about GNC women not being at all comparable to feminine men went right over your head. Why do you think "lesbian fujos" liking sexualized depictions of feminine men but not burly men means they're not attracted to men? You realize most straight women prefer feminine men to burly men too? The fact that you subtly keep trying to tie attraction to feminine men to lesbianism is hilarious and reeks of repressed bisexuality

No. 1803085

>Are you going to say that straight women watching lesbian porn have had a "bisexual experience"?
You talk and talk on not realising how you’re exposing your obvious fluid sexuality.. yes those women are bisexual. You clearly do not understand the nature of someone exclusively attracted to one sex that is why you’re asking all these fucking retarded questions & seem genuinely confused on how homosexuality functions.
>Also, you can give your opinion without acting like the representative of all lesbians and The Lesbian Experience™, it's embarrassing.
Multiple lesbians itt disagree with you, do not relate to you & have been explaining why?

No. 1803088

It is porn made for straight women by straight women. It's not ambiguous. You say they're effeminate but most the time their bodies are actually hypermasculine proportionally. Which is no surprise. If you get off to that you are not lesbian.

No. 1803089

ayrt, i agree with you there that often times characters in fics and doujinshis become flat out OOC, and it's why i dislike most fan content. i just chalk it up to people being bad at writing or having warped character interpretations. i still think its disingenuous to say male characters in (non BL) original media appeal to women because they're "actually written more like a woman than a man" when they're just well-written in general.

No. 1803093

The point is that the goal of TIFs is to escape the female body even in fiction, as opposed to seeking out & being attracted to masculinity.

>Multiple lesbians itt disagree with you, do not relate to you & have been explaining why?
And I'm not the only anon that said that lesbians can be into yaoi, I'm also not the anon who made the original post about lesbian fujos (literally talking about her own experience), but I am indeed the only anon that kept replying kek and it's useless. Lesbians on lolcow care so much about their "image" it goes as far as tinfoiling that fujotifs dating each other are in fact straight women who couldn't find a man (?) instead of admitting that some women caught up in the gender woo are lesbians. In fact they're one of the main victims of the gender BS. But let me guess, chopping off your tits and pretending to be a man due to severe internalized homophobia/misogyny is not relatable to you so it's probably just repressed bisexuality.
>seem genuinely confused on how homosexuality functions.
Again, if an anon claimed to be bi because of some shit she watches despite dating only men, she would get mocked, "spicy straight" etc. It's known that a lot of straight women watch lesbian porn or solo women because it's less violent and focus on the woman. We can say that these women are in fact bisexuals if you want, it doesn't change the fact that this is something that anons would usually disagree with because they don't like it when there are too many women claiming to be SSA. Now they're switching it up ("your sexuality is fluid if you read non-straight romance!!") because it supports their argument.

No. 1803099

The seme is but as >>1803089 and >>1803070 pointed out, the uke essentially becomes female in all but name

No. 1803106

File: 1680763929922.jpg (170.95 KB, 946x2048, FejlNE-XwAIijjn.jpg)

The absolute state of TIFs.

No. 1803120

Peak female socialization is putting yourself down to make ugly scrotes feel better about themselves kek so much for that masculine energy

No. 1803126

The fujo argument is stupid to me. Are you only allowed to consume f/f content if you're a lesbian? Do straight women only have m/f ships? It's possible to enjoy the content for the content because you like the premise or the characters and not get horny at passing sex scenes. We don't fast forward through romantic scenes in shows because our sexuality isn't the one being depicted.

No. 1803127

could you please shut up about "fluid sexuality"? lol no, watching lesbian porn made for moids doesn't make a woman bisexual, stop acting like you're some kind of an expert on human sexuality.
>inb4 you don't realize you're bi
nah I'm bisexual but i'm pretty sure all those women who occasionally admit to watching "lesbian" porn but would never have sex with a woman irl are not.

No. 1803134

There's a difference between ships and actual yaoi. Shipping is just fan culture, yaoi is an actual genre, by definition homoerotic media created by women for women.
Fic writers and fan artists use the term yaoi to describe their fanworks which is somewhat accurate (since they take non-yaoi medias and essentially turn it into yaoi) but that doesn't make the male-written source material yaoi. Thus the yaoi aspect is still created by women.

No. 1803146

>"if you're pretty you're a woman and if you're ugly and gross you're a man"
Sex stereotypes is their bread and butter, they'd die without it

No. 1803153

Thank you, I thought I was going crazy kek. The anons arguing how genres of porn define your sexuality sound like mega-insecure retards. Just pure projection.
>t. a married lesbian

No. 1803154

File: 1680771592324.png (109.9 KB, 1065x973, 73.png)

She was a patient of Magnus Hirschfeld, a pedophile who frequented child brothels and openly advocated for adult men to be allowed to rape children. she was most likely groomed by that sick pervert.

No. 1803155

I am the nonni who posted >>1802618 and
>unless they truly don’t know where to find lesbian stories
Is my situation, I guess I'm just retarded and don't know where to find the right thing but the only f/f I've seen is either gross hentai for moids or uwu sapphic girls in flower crowns holding hands for spicy straight women.
I guess what is attractive to me in yaoi is the female gaze itself and not the characters, the way women depict sexual situations.

No. 1803156

I started following her for her SFW art but now I'm only sticking to see the train wreck in real time, it's scary how she's getting worse everyday.

No. 1803157

every picture i’ve seen of a troon nine of them shower so no clue what she’s huffing.

No. 1803158

*none. fucks sake

No. 1803178

Funny bc TIFs can pass way better than average TIM.

No. 1803200

File: 1680782286572.jpeg (78.33 KB, 1125x1111, 43FAB587-D517-45DF-B528-177DA2…)

>"If you're attracted to depictions of males you're not a lesbian"
>"Getting aroused to and spending all your time obsessively preoccupied by men in sexual situations with each other doesn't mean I'm attracted to men because uhhh they look like butch women (except they're male)! Or they're fictional men or ""unattainable"" celebritiy men! Or it's written by women for women btw even though most fujo ships are ships from popular male written stories!"

No. 1803207

>btw even though most fujo ships are ships from popular male written stories
What does this even mean? Fujo content of those specific ships (which aren't even that popular) are still made by women for women. The characters may be male written, but the noncanonical better interpretation of them as a ship is written by women, and fujos end up consuming things made by women for women.

No. 1803213

File: 1680784095106.png (710.38 KB, 2544x1928, holyprojectionbatman.png)

Okay retard, you can quit posting about this and post some real milk instead. Could you speds please find somewhere else to infight and stop shitting up this thread? Picrel is milktax, i.e. fakebois projecting upon another tumblr sexyman.

No. 1803220

literally kek. awful lot of lesbians these days are just kinsey 5 bis. wonder if this is how it’ll always be, i hope not.

No. 1803225

you really gonna argue this isn't hetorsexuality >>1803074 with extra steps

No. 1803230

Really thought this was a wikihow at first.

No. 1803232

Kek this looks like Wikihow illustration

No. 1803249

By your logic, women into butches are actually heteros, because butches are masculine and they're basically men, right?

No. 1803258

That's actually "lesbian fujo" logic when they try to say the males in their art and fanfics are butch women

No. 1803260

I guess spicy straight woman that read yuri or watch lesbian porn are actual bisexuals then?

No. 1803261

AYRT Those women are bisexual. I’m bisexual myself and I’m sick of retarded bisexuals like you & the fact that your ignorance is so popular. Lesbians aka female homosexuals don’t get off to seeing men fuck. Gay men don’t get off to seeing two women fuck. Straight women don’t get off to seeing two women fuck. If you cant relate it is because you’re bisexual. It is simple. The arguments these women have been making has been consistent & simple because homosexuality is consistent & simple. If you don’t understand that you’re no different to the rapey trannies you guys claim to hate. This belief that someone isn’t a sexuality because they haven’t fucked say, a woman is retarded. Sexuality is sexual and romantic attraction which manifests itself in different forms and it doesn’t require you fucking someone to be real. These discussions are important because it is important to discern the differences between homosexuality & bisexuality which are pretty simple if you guys shut the fuck up & listened to lesbians for once instead of fighting so hard to prove your bi behaviour that no lesbian can relate to is still somehow bi behaviour. Knowing the difference & speaking about the difference is so we can avoid it backfiring onto lesbians, which it always does. This is why trannies are so confident, moids are so confident, why that Lisa Diamond(?) study even exists & is still used to justify the corrective rape of lesbian women.

No. 1803267

File: 1680791262245.jpeg (147.25 KB, 828x1143, EB50965F-FBDE-4529-A113-990D36…)

nta yes.
anyways, just because it isn’t happening to you troon doesn’t mean it isn’t happening at all. also I always found it so disturbing how eager they all are to destroy their bodies, it is one massive death cult.

No. 1803279

They're certainly more bisexual than women who exclusively watch or read gay porn lol

No. 1803289

(is that blogpost?)If I am a giga autist and have no interest in real women but like fictional women, does it make me lesbian or asexual? I will never date anybody so by the logic of nonnie№1 I am asexual as it doesn't matter what content I consume but by the logic of nonnie№2 (you) fictional affection is just as important as real one.

No. 1803298

Nta but if you're exclusively attracted to women and the female body, yes you are a lesbian, even if you have never had sex or never intend to have sex. The whole "your sexuality is just who you have sex with irl" logic also means virgins can only be asexual, which is stupid because virgins can still experience sexual attraction. Plus there are people in the closet who have never had sex with the same sex but know they're gay or lesbian because they're only attracted to the same sex. Sexuality is based on who you're sexually attracted to.

No. 1803303

NTA, but if you're same sex attracted, you are not straight. It's really not deeper than that. I don't understand why some people struggle to understand it.

No. 1803336

ayrt what >>1803298 said is right. you dont need to have sex with someone to understand who you are.. there are other ways our sexuality is expressed that doesn’t require sex & dating.

No. 1803361

File: 1680800534116.jpeg (62.44 KB, 750x557, 506A2377-4F89-4C60-AA41-ADE866…)

This bitch is manic. i cant decide if i’m disgusted or concerned

No. 1803370

This is beyond horrifying. This girl needs serious help and she’s just being taken advantage of by kinksters and the gender cult. They love the idea that a broken person like this is getting further damaged by fetishism and transgenderism

No. 1804103

File: 1680802106441.png (8.65 KB, 960x199, So tired of being a woman.png)

I have been dealing with health issues and doctors do not take me seriously. Is it because I'm a woman? No, is the doctors that are racists.

No. 1804104

eww I didn't know about Hirschfeld's history (but should have known by his title 'sexologist'…) makes this even more tragic.

No. 1804105

File: 1680802268333.png (6.82 KB, 598x289, Skitarii yaoi agenda.png)


She's getting funny, but not "ha ha" funny.

No. 1804114

nta, but what i assume that anon means is that shippers fall in love with male-written characters and become obsessed about them, but lesbian fujos will try to justify their attraction by saying the characters are drawn and written as butch women and that's why they can ignore the male aspect. nobody is denying that women consume fics and art by other women, but the biggest fujo ships originate from non BL media. fan content of gay ships have a female gaze the same way hetero stuff written by women have a female gaze, but nobody will say the man in a het ship is actually a butch woman just because the story was written by a woman.

what people mean to say is that the romance (in BL and het) is written with a female gaze and that's why they enjoy it, because men are fucking awful at writing romance, but you cannot conflate that with gay male characters actually being characterized as lesbian women just because they're "more emotional". lesbian fujos can enjoy BL because the romance is written with a female-gaze, but other anons are talking about how certain lesbians will make their entire fandom experience about sexualizing men's bodies, talking about their dicks, and producing porn of them. straight women can enjoy lesbian romance that is written by women, but you will not see straight women making oversexualized porn of them on the same level.

i have a bi friend who calls herself a lesbian just because she never wants to date a man again, and all the content she produces is BL or her self-insert getting fucked by a man, but it's okay she's a lesbian because she's e-dating a woman. these are the "lesbian fujos" that anons are calling out.

No. 1804130

>ana to FtM pipeline
Uhhh it's kind of scary how common this is. She still has an ED but now it's based because she's trannie gender and she SHOULD lose unhealthy amounts of weight because it "makes" her a real boy (not man obviously), I guess.

No. 1804144

File: 1680806329315.jpg (455.09 KB, 1147x2105, celestialfang.jpg)

Man this woman is so laughable. I'd feel bad for her if the mental illness shit didn't also feel like a LARP.

No. 1804156

Ah I see nona, thank you for explaining. Ngl sometimes it's hard to follow all this sexuality talk, you explained it well.

No. 1804167

Exhibit #484748384 of tifs dressing like tacky oversexed ethots but somehow not getting dysphoria from this. Hmmm wow it's almost like their appearance isn't a source of distress to them and it's only the words "women" and "girl" that are dripping with degradation, shame, and cringyness for them. They don't even want to look masc. They just want to get the hell away from us as a concept. How are the tif apologists in this thread not convinced that tifness is entirely based on misogyny and a burning hatred for the concept of women?

No. 1804176

File: 1680809882418.jpeg (202.77 KB, 1200x880, hale inventory.jpeg)

here is the inventory police seized from Audrey's room. they also found a man's driver's license… wonder who that belonged to.
soooo many electronics. i guess she just hoarded every electronic she ever owned?

No. 1804179

>because the characters are very effeminate
Can people stop saying shit like this all the time? The only famous case where it's that blatant is Gravitation on top of my head. It's less and less the case nowadays.

No. 1804190

it's not that special. the gender cult and kinkster stuff isn't even real, she's just a run of the mill pickme anachan trying to differentiate herself by being nlog. the only differences between her and all of her competition are that she's doing a silly pronoun thing (and her face is kind of lumpy but not even a dealbreaker for the kind of guys she likes who will jerk off to any girl in cosplay). she'll lock down the ugliest programmer you've ever seen and start an extremely conventional family and be totally fine.

No. 1804219

holy shit she had so many laptops wtf

No. 1804233

>"men who fuck me are totes gay"

No. 1804237

what I find even more interesting is the fact there was 1 suicide note and 2 memoirs. if we aren’t getting a manifesto I at least wanna read those

No. 1804238


Pick one, just one.

No. 1804250

Woah, Wonder what the redacted item was. I added up like 20 journals in total. (wasn't sure if #11 said 4 or 9 though.)
I bet 30$ the cops find some really fucked up transcel alt accounts when they unlock her tech. It's like the whole "Harmless Autistic Disney adult" thing was a mask for when she was around people.

No. 1804260

One of my closest friend took a dive after she got into tiktok. she went from being a traumatized straight girl, to a futch lesbian to basically a bi whatever this girl is. its so sad since she wants to start HRT now and get top surgery (she is flat chested already) that shes "embraced her femininity as a male" so now she has short hair long nails?? i hate this shit, its a plague on all the LGB women ive known the last 10 years.

No. 1804261

New song? Wtf? Did she write a single for this crime? Kek

No. 1804266

File: 1680819811601.png (177.18 KB, 985x739, ew.png)

>Wants to get top surgery
>she's flat chested

They have these "trans man scars" too glamorized at this rate. Is like not gender dysphoria for having breast in first place, is like breast in general is horrible to have and you're not a real "man" without these scars.

No. 1804277

File: 1680820340474.jpg (67.92 KB, 1073x477, 186ad3016c329-screenshotUrl.jp…)

sage for an absolutely retarded post but the profile of this girl made me kek

No. 1804284

File: 1680820472966.jpg (15.03 KB, 810x484, sFYqSUA.jpg)

macbook is expensive as shit and brand new with a full warranty.

No. 1804289

I dont understand the obsession. Nobody goes in circles around men who are obsessed with lesbian characters and anything yuri adjacent. Everyone is so obsessed and offended by what women consume lol like okay

No. 1804296

"I'm a parent" All these freaks keep having kids and becoming bffs with them…I'm scared we're gonna start to see some really fucked up beyond help children because their entire life has been a stream of this content. Like how kids who grew up during the original Elsagate now speak about how it harmed their development.

No. 1804300

they're going to die in the coming water wars anyway, they'll be perfect cannon-fodder

No. 1804302

At least in my experience, it’s usually an excuse for being horny all the time
Sage for blogpost I have a pseudo handmaiden friend like this who is constantly thirsts over random male e-thots and talks about wanting to get slammed into the wall and fucked but she claims to be asexual at the same time.
I really don’t think anyone believes her with that being said though.

No. 1804307

Those kids are going to go 2 ways: lifelong druggy depressed fuck ups or extremely conservative who got their shit together.

No. 1804318

Thought I was on the pro-ana thread for a second

No. 1804324

I feel like there's a soft butch style to "FTM femininity" posts and I wish someone would tell these women it's normal to not either look like a porn star, bull dyke or tradwife as a woman. Enjoying wearing more masculine clothes while also enjoying things like wearing makeup and having long hair is common. It's like they think wanting to be soft butch = wanting to be an "androgynous femboy".

No. 1804327

i’m not saying it’s impossible to be that mix but it’s certainly rare. besides tifs love racefaking so there’s that.
i do hope the parent part is fake.

No. 1804338

Oh nonnie the game this is on, everskies, is a goldmine for this stuff. I got into it because of the nostalgia of pixel avatars and found out very quickly that it's full of xenogender neopronoun and nonhuman bs. A lot of people have emoji pronouns and it/xe/they shit. Most of the "males" are tifs and gaydens. Tiktok rhetoric about gender and race are popular, and so is tiktok level reading comprehension, toxicity and virtue signalling. Some of the outfits are nice, though.

No. 1804341

i think by norwegian they mean one of their parents is white and has vaguely scandinavian ancestry

No. 1804342


No. 1804343

kek are you the same anon from the previous thread that doesn't understand the singular they?

No. 1804344

File: 1680824495493.png (72.3 KB, 620x595, Grace Jones.png)

I think I mentioned many women that were famous for their masculine attires and androgynous looks but they're still women. Grace Jones, Annie Lennox and Shirley Manson are the ones I can think of (oldfag). Is sad that women think to look androgynist you must have a male body too.

No. 1804345

Ayrt I'm not, and duh I understand it but the person in the picture says she's a tif so why is the they necessary. Maybe I spend too much time in these threads who knows kek

No. 1804347

I'm the person who used they and i'm the furthest you can be from being a pronounfag, people have always used "they" in contexts where they're not acquainted with a person, it really has nothing to do with gender. and i don't mean that in a "i use they on everyone just to be safe" sense, it's a different use case entirely. i'm nearing my 30s and you're making me wonder if zoomers have stopped using they in this way since it's become such a politically loaded word

No. 1804352

sorry anon. there was someone in the previous thread that was getting really angry about the use of "they" and I thought they were getting riled up again kek
i'm also 30 and agree it's very normal for people I know to use "they" in that way, even when they know the sex of the person. eg "what are they doing?" when you are confused by a person's behaviour. you see what sex they are but you can still use 'they' to refer to them.
the genderqueer stuff didn't start coming in til mid 2010s so maybe the understanding of the 'singular they' has been overshadowed by that now.

No. 1804393

Patti Smith is another amazing androgynous female artist

No. 1804459

File: 1680837778146.jpg (60.02 KB, 1080x683, 45675.jpg)

From the mtf thread.

No. 1804507

>“Because fuck it if we don’t want to be your uwu submissive Asian loli waifu right?”
>calls herself a femboy
>has a thing for cyborg femboys getting bred

No. 1804510

Pretty sure when you go into survival mode, your gender presentation is the last thing you think of. You'd probably be too busy you know, not fucking dying from starvation, dehydration or the elements.

No. 1804526

File: 1680847499848.jpg (30.11 KB, 345x717, no-yes-drake.jpg)

>Being called a submissive Asian kawaii waifu to breed kids.
>Being called a submissive Asian kawaii femboy to breed her fetish.

No. 1804527

File: 1680847601011.jpg (239.59 KB, 1080x1976, feelsorryforherkid.jpg)

I went on the blog, she talks like the parent part isn't fake…

No. 1804539

Christ some save that kid from his retard parents.

No. 1804602

File: 1680865439821.jpeg (325.24 KB, 2260x1536, Female to incel.jpeg)

No. 1804604

File: 1680865637888.png (1.7 MB, 784x1812, Female to incel cringe tttt.pn…)

No. 1804608

I honestly don’t think there’s more than a handful of males in that site. All the males i’ve came across in my time there were aidens. Truly delusional and unhinged site, I couldn’t bare to witness the posts so i just stopped playing all together kek

No. 1804609

File: 1680866293960.jpg (352.85 KB, 2048x2048, PhotoGrid_1665922983498.jpg)

Faghag fujo TIFs are the imo the worst subset of fujotroons.

No. 1804611

sorry to continue the fujo circlejerk but tbh i just don't think lesbians IRL care about whether you write steve/bucky fanfiction. this feels like a chronically online argument, who actually cares about this stuff?

No. 1804612

>All my friends are bougie straight people

No. 1804634

The only actual moids I've come across were fags who were flirting with becoming mtf

No. 1804641

And I thought I was insane. Jesus that is cringe. What a waste.

No. 1804646

Oh I know. But I love the dressing up so I just try to avoid completely the users. But sometimes curiosity gets the best of me kek

No. 1804654

Being a fujo is the most chronically online thing you can do

No. 1804657

yassified Sideshow Bob looking ass

No. 1804677

These kinds of fujotroons make me so sad, it's like watching an ouroboros made of madness.
They act like faggots, who are already anoying because they larp as females to get moid attention while being a …woman who doesn't need this kind of shit. They're mimicking their haters to get a crumble of validation from men that don't even want to fuck them, tragic.

No. 1804679

even that ezra bitch did this
"Ooww I hate that I was a normal girl who didn't have to inject synthetic hormones that will make me bald, didn't have to compress her chest and didn't rely on online attention :( Boohoo!!"

No. 1804689

Transitioned from bad eyebrows, to worse eyebrows. Inspirational

No. 1804692

I hate these memes, this was a result of tranny grooming and her being uncomfortable with herself. Not the result of allowing her to be independent. Cmon

No. 1804695

Yeah I hate them too, they are made by conservatards who are angry these women are not fuckable to them anymore, not that they fell into the trans trap, note how there are only TIFs and no TIMs.

No. 1804712

>I didn't answer him cuz I have him blocked
Wouldn't that prevent him from messaging her?

No. 1804770

Yeah I don’t like these memes either. There’s nothing wrong with becoming gnc, but in this case it’s girls mutilating themselves and dressing like clowns.

No. 1804787

I instantly thought this was ironic and making fun of how piercings in Claire's get infected, then top surgeries getting botched.

No. 1804800

You can be Fujo without ever going on the internet dummy. Fujos existed before the internet.

No. 1804805

Cope, normal people who don't go onlone don't have weird interests like that.

No. 1804813

reading some of the stuff anons write makes it understandable why some girls would want to transition and I can't really blame them.

No. 1804820

let women enjoy things?

No. 1804822

I’d argue this is a major glow up if she dropped the gender ideology bullshit. She could be a cute GNC woman, if she wasn’t deluded.

No. 1804826

Knowing what fujos are is also a chronically online thing to know. Most normies don't know what a fujo is and lets hope that stays that way.

No. 1804839

Ice Spice's cousin cold herb

No. 1804843

They also only dislike top surgery because the breasts are being "wasted" instead of there for them to ogle

No. 1804963

No. 1804995

File: 1680911042048.jpg (110.47 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_2023-04-08-00-42-54…)

the state of this tif kek

No. 1805038

She sucks ass fym

No. 1805040

ntayrt, i have to agree with you on her music but her image was really cool and i appreciate that she doesn't wear makeup and flaunts her androgyny

No. 1805042

File: 1680917666223.jpg (49.33 KB, 482x886, lol.jpg)

ok fess up which one of you posted the bottom one to cause dysphoria lmao

No. 1805075

The top one looks like she still has breasts but in 2D

No. 1805078

File: 1680924245912.png (Spoiler Image,538.16 KB, 576x968, Screenshot_20230408-001847~2.p…)

Spoiler because of fucked up imagery.

Saw this girl on Instagram who is of course a ftm and one of the pictures on her profile was this shit. I saw it so you have to see it too. I hope it's fake blood.

In other post she mentions something about not being a girl and eating poop and the video attached she's eating something that I hope for everything that's holy it's chocolate pudding or something similar.
Wtf is up with todays youth

No. 1805086

hyperindividualism-induced psychosis
you have to viciously and often times derangedly carve out your very specific niche to generate enough memetic energy to sustain your brand. these kids are ferocious marketers of their own identities to a quite literally insane degree

No. 1805090

it looks a bit too bright to be period blood

No. 1805095

Its not blood, blood would clot

No. 1805098

you mean coagulate

No. 1805127

>tttt filename

No. 1805129

>asi es la vida triste jodida y divertida

I dislike to be a nutzi grammar but yuck. Besides that fake blood in the nose makes her looks like a clown.

No. 1805194

File: 1680951116930.jpeg (44.91 KB, 585x372, C66CD367-498E-4A9E-8CCE-2CDD52…)

Show me these hyper masculine, 6 pack having trans men. I’ve yet to meet a tif who isn’t painfully skinny or a doughy mess. They all hate themselves too much to go to the gym.

No. 1805197

I would happily welcome the most stone butch women of all time in my toilet because they still have the less predatory/fetishizing behaviour of a woman, or even in the 1 in 1 million chance they have a scrote-like predatory personality, still have the risk-aversion and physical body of a woman. Do tifs think butch women who identify as women don't belong in womens toilets and that it's all about presentation?

No. 1805202

File: 1680952121285.jpg (24.41 KB, 400x209, 400px-Michael_Brandon_and_Scot…)

I think every should see this pic of Buck Angel(the most masculine TIF for some people) standing next to 2 average bodied men

No. 1805213

but if a male person who looks exactly like that description says he's a female he should be in women's toilets and changing rooms according to them.

No. 1805224

Oh you mean the trans "men" with face pubes, fake non-functioning flaccid ""dicks"" and the strenght, muscle, height and bone structure that any woman can have, because they're women too? The same "men" that have a frog voice and lose 1-7 in a soccer match against men becuase they're women a the end of the day? The ones who don't make up 97% of rape and violence cases against women?

No. 1805229

I mean if OP specifically means TIFs that look like Buck Angel, I probably wouldn't want to see those in my restrooms either(gag). Luckily they are rare.

No. 1805238

This is such a non issue because not a single tif nowadays even goes as far as getting the flesh tube installed. And even then they barely look masculine. buck angel is an extreme outlier and very much old school troon where you were expected to actually dedicate your entire life to passing. It's laughable to say "oh so u want bepenised big burly hairy tifs in your bathroom???" because the average naturally existing woman is probably more hairy and naturally "masculine" than the modern neurotic tenderqueer anachan tif who's still addicted to conforming to female gender expectations

No. 1805239

That argument is so demented.
>you don't want men in the women's changing room? well we surgically and chemically mutated women into horrors beyond human comprehension, where do they go to take a piss?

The obvious answer is to not create these creatures in the first place because there is little in the world that is more evil than this process, but in the end a mutated, mutilated woman is still a woman and not a man and this has entire question is a red herring that doesn't support at all their desire that men should be able to hang out in women's toilets and changing rooms, unconditionally, so log as they say they want to.

But the reality is that the police is called to arrest women who speak out about those men and the media portrays them as bigoted monsters, while the sex perverts are free to live out the fetish in peace.

No. 1805240

This. Even if we're talking about TiFs who "pass" fairly well in pictures online and whatnot, when you see them irl and next to other people, usually something gives them away. And most TiFs are very easy to clock as female anyway, so. Also fucking kek at that troon's point about actual men "with dicks". Most TiFs don't even opt for the arm sausage surgery (which is… good for them), and the minority that do aren't exactly threatening for their flaccid skin tube "dicks".

No. 1805257

Kek "passing" trannies are less than 1% of troon population. This is literally the reason why that one picture of a "passing" tif in women's bathroom went viral and also the reason why it's always buck angel (and maybe a couple of other tifs) who is brought up in those conversations. There are like 5 "passing" troons in the world female and male combined, I mean trannies who actually succeeded at tricking people in real life. Most of the "passoids" only look fine on photoshopped photos.

No. 1805276

>the minority that do aren't exactly threatening for their flaccid skin tube "dicks"
Imagine a tif even attempting to assault someone, she'd have to pause to inflate the tube first if it can even inflate at all without falling off

No. 1805281

Plus rape would require some force. If a tif tried to force herself on another woman the flesh tube would fucking tear apart. And again, tifs are average women, they can be overpowered by other women just fine, also considering that a lot of them at either anachans or overweight potatoes with "disabilities".

No. 1805283

Not an award, but the best girl on my hs XC team was a mid functioning autistic savant. She was in a mix of AP and SPED/life skills classes and always qualified for regionals.

No. 1805285

Not to mention most of them are self proclaimed uwu gay subby bottom femme boys or whatever the fuck. I have never even heard of any case where a woman's rapist was a tif in my entire life

No. 1805287

I was sexually assault by someone who was my "friend" that was tif if that helps
There was def no actual overpowering it mostly happened because it my complete shock that someone I trusted was touching me like that

No. 1805322

Rape doesn't have to involve having a penis. These tif can easily use a dildo or anything phallus shaped on her victims. Rape is about power and make your victim feel worthless and it was her fault or reserved it.

No. 1805326

I hate to break it to Americanons but height as a determining factor in masculinity is largely a western judgement. go to Mexico or anywhere south of the border or in South America and the default for men is to be short and stocky like TIFs. even their MMA and UFC fighters from South America are mostly short guys. hell even in Asia the same thing can be said. and given that statistically men have gotten shorter over the decades compared to how tall they used to be in comparison to women, height as a determining factor for telling if someone is a TIF or not is unreliable

No. 1805330

South American nonnie, can confirm. Sometimes I feel smaller than my (USAian?) friends and then I remember that I'm way taller than other women in my country. A south American TIF might be taller than other women here, but in USA or even Nordic countries, she can pass like a dwarf.

No. 1805332

File: 1680972831825.jpg (431.12 KB, 2658x794, 1646232470122.jpg)

Yeah like native andean men are short, hairless, can't grow beards and sometimes they let their hair grow to a length superior to the average of latinas, but not even a tourist seeing them for first time can confuse one as a woman, because they have the rectangular anatomy and features that all males have

No. 1805344

I've seen these pics for years, anyone know what happens to this girl?

No. 1805355

>actual men
Those are women who messed around with their hormones and may/may not have had some cosmetic surgery, not men. Huge difference. The outside doesn't matter because they actually belong. They always have, and always will.
Do these people think women with PCOS don't belong in women's bathrooms, too?

No. 1805357

Nta but the troon fad itself is largely a Western thing, and context matters. A white American TiF that's 5'3" is going to stick out like a sore thumb because actual men in that demographic are around 5'9" on average.

No. 1805370

A woman with a lot of body hair is still a woman. An extremely muscular woman is still a woman. A woman who cut off a chunk of her arm and sewed it to her groin is still a woman (though these surgeries are so rare it isn't even worth taking into consideration.) I'd rather share a locker room with Buck Angel than with Dylan Mulvaney literally any day.

Irony of ironies, many TiFs continue to use the women's room anyway out of– you guessed it– fear of males. Men and women have to have separate spaces because one is constantly victimizing the other.

No. 1805374

Why is always the "terf in bathrooms are always checking on the genitals on people when they just want to pee" when a normal person can distinguish the diferencie between a woman and… whatever a tif or a tim looks like?

No. 1805387

File: 1680979293769.jpg (154.48 KB, 631x960, tumblr_d067b5aaba4f274f4ad9a3d…)

You made me think of this awful comic

No. 1805389

File: 1680979541754.jpg (9.6 KB, 200x200, ce04e622396f16552e5db35537b165…)

i know they aren't to be posted anymore but the way the artist of this depicts herself bears a hilarious resemblance to the pooner memes lol

No. 1805397

I will never understand this logic/fetish that trannies have.

No. 1805402

>Now showing what happens when that patrol do find a tim taking photos with his genitals off in a mirror in a woman's bathroom.

Exhibitionism/persecution idea is a hell of a drug to them.

No. 1805421

Holy shit, look at that abdominal, android, panniculus, potbelly paunch she’s developing.
Troonerism os truly a mental and physical disease that destroys female bodies.(learn to sage)

No. 1805426

wait is Kendra trans now? Haven’t thought about her in years

No. 1805430

As a person with eyes on this thread, I know any trans man with one of their "penises" isn't capable of surprise raping me. Like what is she going to do? Rapid pump the "dick" before jumping me and hope the acidity of my vagina doesn't cause her more pain than me? It's not like it would cause them any pleasure to begin with

No. 1805432

>those comments
How can they not tell

No. 1805468

They are just retards who like to keep strawmanning about "TERFs inspecting people's genitals", implying that you can't tell a person's sex from anything else. In reality everyone with half a brain knows you can tell one's sex from their secondary sex characteristics as well. Ugly, hulking AGP hons can be clocked as men a mile away without ever having to see their nasty dicks but TRAs love to pretend otherwise

No. 1805516

File: 1680997103479.png (78 KB, 549x308, 21442141.png)

Looks like Audrey was possibly an edgy Columbiner like Lindsay Souvannarath.

>Authorities have yet to release what was written publicly. But TBI director David Rausch did talk candidly about the contents of the manifesto at a Tennessee Sheriffs' Association meeting. Rausch said what police found isn't so much a manifesto spelling out a target but a series of rambling writings indicating no clear motive.

>Investigators searched the Nashville home of the Covenant School shooter leaving with among other things — a number or handwritten journals, some videos and computer hard drives. Rausch told sheriffs that the review so far of the material finds that the killer did not write about specific political, religious or social issues. In fact, a primary focus in the journals is on idolizing those who committed prior school shootings.

>She appears to have followed their lead planning for months and acted alone.


No. 1805605

OT but
>Lindsay Souvannarath
is a name I haven’t heard in ages. Didn’t she have a thread here?

No. 1805627

File: 1681007479557.png (14.8 KB, 680x229, 3942349823.PNG)

they're bullshitting us hard. No one randomly warms up to commit an act in which the main focus is to humiliate and attack an institution, a group, or a society. terrorist acts are not committed on pure desire to harm. otherwise, you could just kill individual people like a serial killer. I don't buy it for a fucking second

No. 1805640

Yeah a really old one >>>/pt/128373

No. 1805651

Biggest massacre in US was the Las Vegas shooting in 2017 and no motive was ever established, so don’t hold your breath that anything concrete will be revealed, if there is more to it

No. 1805661

there’s a reason mass shootings are much more common than serial killers nowadays. it’s far easier to just buy a gun and pick out a location than it is to plan individual murders. Columbine, Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook, Parkland. all of those men just wanted to inflict as much harm as they could, with no terrorist intent.

No. 1805698

And most of the times is either due bullying (Columbine and Virginia Tech) or his mental health got worse and decided to kill people with the guns he owned (Sandy Hook). I wouldn't be surprised if in this case is the second option.

No. 1805709

This is actually pretty interesting because her public persona was so juvenile, childlike and uwu. I mean it's definitely not uncommon for people to have a much darker private side but she had a pretty extreme contrast if it's true that she idolized other shooters

No. 1805716

I know all that happened sometime in 2020. She called herself "fred". Googling her tiktok handle just brings up that video. I'm guessing she quit the internet

No. 1805725

kek it's always a tif who will make efforts to protect and defend tims, but never the other way around

No. 1805727

I find the problem now is that if you’re a fujo you just can’t escape this bs and depending on how easily pressured you are well you’ll end up being one of them

No. 1805777

File: 1681045571213.jpeg (386.99 KB, 2048x2048, 989B0FD6-C373-4133-8486-B33BF2…)

So she just wanted to be thing basically since she’s a they/them and dresses very fem which makes her feel good about herself.
One of the comments said her surgeon was so good the other comments were saying how they can’t wait to get rid of their breasts to look flat on dresses.
This is just depressing but Euphoria!

No. 1805834

We know that rape doesn't always involve a penis, but again tifs are women and women aren't dangerous to other women like a man would be. We know that there are some cases of woman on woman violence, but 90% of rapes are committed by men. And again, most tifs aren't physically strong enough to cause serious problems to random women in female bathrooms.

>height as a determining factor in masculinity is largely a western judgement
I'm not american, but I'm pretty sure that even if men are shorter in some areas, they're still taller than the average woman in that same area. Still, men and tifs are anatomically very different even if they have the same height.

No. 1805869

The euphoria she feels when she thinks she is perceived as a human because the slutty whorebags (breasts) are gone

No. 1805881

That and/or the anachan euphoria of being down several sizes after shedding an unnatural amount of body mass

No. 1805887


sometimes i wonder if this will end up shifting because now you have a new subset of creeps who are specifically into this look. there were already a bunch of post on the detrans reddit about people posing as documentarians to try and get photos of the women there.

No. 1805892

File: 1681061820461.jpg (62.69 KB, 1077x1053, 691bea05868f9363.jpg)

>there were already a bunch of post on the detrans reddit about people posing as documentarians to try and get photos of the women there.
i wan to a-log

No. 1805895

yep, doll anatomy/missing genitals comes up in weird fetish communities

No. 1805936

Yup. They don't want people to know they're watching whatever online group she was a part of.

No. 1806032

Rape isn't always or even mostly about power, that's a scrote-pushed idea. Rape usually is a person feeling entitled to another person's body or about explicit hatred against the victim's demographic/personhood using it as a hate crime with the added sexual drive (if it was just power and they got no sexual gratification they'd beat the woman not necessarily rape her, that's why for example scrotes mostly rape in alignment with their sexuality and beat not rape men they hate usually). While obviously a woman can feel this way they overall don't which is why rapists are like 98% male.
And even ignoring the male v female stats, the likelihood of a transmed tif, especially post phallo (like the tweet indicates) raping someone would be low on its own just on a practicality perspective which is why it's funny the troon is acting like a tif being forced to stay in a female washroom means women are in more danger than around normal women, I'd honestly expect more rapes out of females who haven't mangled their bodies to remove proper sexual function. Tifs would need a tool and they couldn't physically enjoy the experience to the point of hurting themselves as much as the victim if they tried. On the various parameters set to create a rape in the first place you'd need a serious woman hating serial rapist who gets off purely on the sexual humiliation and sadism, I could see a tif raping out of brain rot from sexual frustration after their clit gets covered in the fake penis skin and unusable and also hating other woman as a projection of themselves. But I think there would have been a case of that by now if that was in any way a likely event. Especially since in reality fakebois and transmeds don't have the same restrictions the tweet claimed with them being "basically men who can rape with a penis too"

No. 1806105

File: 1681088667357.png (12.95 KB, 616x387, Skitarii yaoi agenda.png)

>facial masculinization surgery
>twink pipeline

And they say denial is not just a river in Egypt.

No. 1806139

anachan tifs are the worst.

No. 1806142

The Columbine shooters being bullied is a meme, THEY were the bullies. Don't fall for that poor abused males just snap! bullshit

No. 1806149

yep. one of the dudes was one of the most popular guys in the school ans was even really popular with girls, and both dudes were well liked in the school, no record of them being bullied

No. 1806168

as someone struggling to recover from severe an this makes me so angry. if this sort of shit was posted by a regular old woman people would recognize it as the pro-ed larpy bullshit it is but because it's a tif she gets validation from the cult. god give me the strength not to a-log

No. 1806199

nta they were picked on by the Jocks, but they went out of way their antagonize the jocks as well. It was the perhaps the only case of deserved bullying in the world.

No. 1806234

That is literally not true at all and a very common misconception that has been proven wrong again and again. They were assholes to others and had a decently sized circle of friends but they were definitely not popular in the absolute least

No. 1806239

File: 1681114894012.jpeg (193.97 KB, 1124x836, 9347ABDC-A6FB-4D14-877B-2CCDE6…)


No. 1806247

It's dystopian to look at. It doesn't even look more neutral or male, it looks prepubesent and anorexic. You just know in the future her mind will have switched and her chest will give her real "wrong body" dysphoria only this time she can't fix it and have her breasts back. If she has a child she can't ever breastfeed it, because as a young woman she hated women and female bodies too much to think breasts are even worth having. If that child is a daughter, how will she explain when she's older why her mommy doesn't have breasts? Will she encourage her to amputate hers too? Do these girls realize that’s what they're doing to young teen girls on tiktok? Spreading hatred of the female body and promoting harming it permanently, just to look less female.

Even though some women are happy never having any, statistically she and all of these girls will grow out of this phase, and they'll end up wanting kids. That's just reality.

No. 1806262

Fujoshi is just a term meaning someone who enjoys or is a fan of BL. I'm a straight cis woman who enjoys yuri (as well as BL) (also straight romance even if I don't generally seek it out) so I don't see why the same can't apply for yaoi. You don't have to be able to jerk off to enjoy a piece of romantic or even porny media lol(sage your autism)

No. 1806263

She could wear pads/get implants and use formula like many women do after cancer. My friends mum had a full mastectomy for aggressive BC at 26 before she had kids. Idk it’s kind of weird and trad-y to make this all about some hypothetical children that don’t even exist.

No. 1806268

Yeah that post gave me a bad vibe.

No. 1806279

> Idk it’s kind of weird and trad-y to make this all about some hypothetical children that don’t even exist.
Yeah. If any girl is on the fence of transitioning being told something like this will surely have the opposite intended effect. "Think about the future babies you're going to birth" and another common one "what will your future husband think about this" is so fucking yuck.

No. 1806311

File: 1681134408570.jpg (122.59 KB, 800x3737, brave.jpg)

>the braver footsteps are walked with high heels

No. 1806314

This is honestly just as pathetic as men trooning over their trap hentai addiction.

No. 1806318

nta but imo you cannot compare surgery for literal cancer to a completely elective surgery many fakebois decide to get literally on a whim. A couple of personal cows have gone from she/her handmaidens to full threatening to 41% over not getting a mastectomy within a couple of months.

No. 1806321

Poor Noelle. She’s obviously just a self-hating lesbian with internalized homophobia from growing up in a religious family, who trooned out to please her BPD bisexual polyamorous wife, and probably because she was brainwashed with troon propaganda from spending too much time on Tumblr. Is this comic about how hard it is to be twanz in the age of tranny genocide? Or is this comic hinting at her transition regret and desire to detransition?

No. 1806322

My point was more that you can still have children after. The outcome is the same whether it’s on a whim or a life saving (not avoiding 41% type) surgery. I’m sure it’s preferable to regret a tattoo or a piercing obviously, but it’s also not as damaging as bottom surgery or munchie amputations.

No. 1806324

it was just posted under the title "braver" with no more context given.

No. 1806325

Wasn't there a story about a tif who had a baby and the milk grew in her nippleless boobs and got infected? Sounds pretty terrifying to me. Plus tifs still want children despite being True and Honest males.

No. 1806329

That's because tifs are only disgusted with a association to women and not with being female. It's misogyny and nlogism on steroids. Often it's the word women or girl that sets them spiraling because they hate us

No. 1806333

This is basically just proana tier posting right? Like I've never been part of those communities but is this not basically the text version of bodychecking?

No. 1806338

It's so uncanny when they opt for no nipples. Like they clearly weren't trying to look male since men still have nips and an overall structure to their chests, so I can only assume the goal was to look like a blank slate or an undetailed drawing of a fictional character.

No. 1806339

>>1805777 am I crazy to say I dont care if they want to get rid of their tits? not every woman necessarily likes having them and prefer the flat chest look anyways. they probably just use the theyfab excuse so it can be covered by insurance and they don't have to pay out of pocket. breasts main function is just to feed babies so as long as she doesn't plan on wanting kids in the future and bitches about not being able to breastfeed, I couldn't care less if she wants a tit chop for the aesthetics.

No. 1806342

No, you're not crazy and I agree, I don't see the big deal. I'm considering doing something similar and I'm not even a tif or theyfab. Me and a lot of women I've talked to wished they had small or non existent boobs. It's only conservative men and women who care because they don't really give a shit about the girl in question, they only care about her as a walking incubator.

No. 1806344

I'm not an expert but afaik breasts are not just random lumps of tissue that can be cut off, they have nerves and connective tissue and even "successful" mastectomies often lead to numbness etc. In addition, double mastectomy is a major surgery and as such carries all the risks associated with surgeries such as blood loss, infection, and blood clots. Wanting to cut off healthy body parts is in itself proof that you're mentally ill and cannot consent to such an operation.

No. 1806345

Same there. I just don't see what's the big deal with boobs if I don't want kids and sex. They're big, ugly, and uncomfortable.

No. 1806354

Boobs are not used for sex and are a part of your body even if you don't have children. I also sometimes want to lop off my breats because I don't like them but then I think, is this normal? Why do I think cutting off breasts is okay but I would think that someone cutting off a leg, a hand or an ear is mentally ill? It's a complicated subject I feel like. Is it because I feel like female only parts are gross? Is it because I strive to look like what I deem the standard, which is a male-like chest? I wouldn't think of removing some of my healthy teeth or fingers just because I don't use all of them. It could be a matter of tastes but is it really normal to go through such invasive and crippling body modifications just for tastes?

No. 1806355

Maybe yours are big ugly and uncomfortable but that's a disgusting thing to say about people's normal, natural bodies.

No. 1806357

File: 1681143011019.png (127.81 KB, 650x603, da8wAdK.png)

You made me remember this secret. "Porn made me realize I'm a trans girl and I would be desired" sounds akin with "Porn made me realize women like it that way".

No. 1806359

This is so fucking beta kek. Would a man ever be like "uwu I don't want children or sex time to cut m gross big ugly balls of ewww". Get a goddamm grip

No. 1806360

>I can only assume the goal was to look like a blank slate or an undetailed drawing of a fictional character.
This is exactly it. Blogpost but I used to date a TIF with this exact mindset. She often told me that she wished she could look like a Ken doll, with no discernible genitalia and no breasts and nipples either. Every woman has experience with internalized misogyny, but I feel like that mindset takes it to a new level… or maybe it's always been that bad for many, and the trans movement is simply making people more open about it. Bleak either way.

No. 1806361

Well there was a ‘nullo’ who cut off his cock and balls who said prostate orgasms were all he needed.

No. 1806365

Sounds like a mentally ill freak

No. 1806368

I feel like this comic is a Rorschach test - viewers can interpret it in many different ways depending on where they fall in pro- or anti- TRA ideology. Maybe the high heel means that women who accept that they are women and don’t cut their tits off due to internalized misogyny are braver. The pessimistic side of me thinks that Noelle, still totally brainwashed by TRA ideology, is trying to say that the men who dress up as women are braver because these stunning and brave laydees are being genocides by TERFs every day, while TIFs like her are relegated to the back of the bus in conversations about troonery.

My dream is for Noelle to grow a backbone, detransition, and write an autobiographical memoir about her time in gender hell. I bet that JKR could help her secure a publishing deal lmao. If Ellen Page ever detransitions she could play Noelle in the movie adaptation of her comic.

No. 1806373

Honestly I have lost sympathy for her, she is a victim of her own shitty life decisions and should be treated as such.

No. 1806382

You are 15 years old? Because it is not normal for an adult woman to have that thought, you are on the same level as a misogynistic tifs. Get help please.If you want to have a flatter chest, exercise, play a sport or something. Don't try to normalize mutilation

No. 1806384

men who cut their shit off are very rare mentally ill fetish poisoned freaks of nature. Meanwhile it seems like every other woman nowadays is fantasizing about putting a machete to her body and slicing off the parts she personally finds undesirable. Its pretty much a universal female experience to fantasize about getting your fat or boobs cut off. Why? You are born how you are born and you have the parts that you have. And now some of the anons here are regurtitating the same "uuuh well i dont want kids sooo im gonna pretend to be a tranny to get my tits removed". If you think like this you are either really fucking dumb and misogynistic or youre so terminally anabrained that youre 2 seconds from trooning out. No normal man would act like this ever. Why do only we entertain self mutilation fantasies?

No. 1806390

you and every anon agreeing are stupid as fuck and are obviously gender critical without the critical part. you cannot remove such large parts of your body without complications. chronic pain, scars healing in ways that your range of motion is limited, the surgery itself limiting your range of motion because you’re carving out tissue, infection. the list goes on. do you think a female chimpanzee wants to get rid of her breasts too? it’s not normal for any of you to be thinking this way and it’s pathetic how you all just stop there and don’t think about it any further. seek why

No. 1806392

File: 1681147271131.jpg (155.65 KB, 1224x1445, 1630246072576.jpg)

No. 1806397

File: 1681148177329.jpg (292.79 KB, 1288x1600, s48ebrkllPeu1rDdXBVnzKQ9ZRR7u4…)

Sometimes dramaturgy or method acting can make us believe we are if we go for it hard enough (for the sake of warding off predators rather than making asses of ourselves).
It's obviously a double edged sword because then we can't be taken seriously once we prove our hardest how we're NOT dumb, decimating us to shit when it's used against us.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1806398

A lot of tifs seem to want the tit chop because they think boobs are for whores and they'll be seen as people if they're removed, it's deeper than just "aesthetics". Judging by the results, their surgeons don't care about aesthetics either.

>I also sometimes want to lop off my breats because I don't like them but then I think, is this normal?
Same nona. Slight blog, it started with wanting a reduction for back pain and sagging but has become wanting a flat chest, I don't want children anyway, but breasts aren't just for children and the surgery and complications aren't to be taken lightly so can I justify it?

No. 1806399

You probably think the uterus is only for growing a fetus huh
Your breasts are complex organs just like the rest of your body jfc pick a book and learn about your body, you need to know your body. Sincerely hope you're underage or lurking tifs psyoping those are extremely mentally ill takes

No. 1806404

>no kids
>no sex
I guess what you really want is to sew up your vagina

No. 1806405

A lot of women don't want or need penetration in any shape or form to have orgasms, nona.

No. 1806421

I know, and what I mean is that she is probably looking to completely disappear her uterus, vagina, vulva, clitoris until she is left with only the urethra.

No. 1806429

>>1805777 Im not even GC or whatever, just annoyed at the trans and theyfabs popping up everywhere. I will say that I am pro body mods, even if I personally think they're stupid. as long as they're an adult and they know all what's gonna happen, they're free to do as they wish. I don't even have an issue with people taking hormones or getting surgeries if that's what they feel makes them happy. they can do that without claiming it's gender affirming or claiming to be another gender. majority of the people getting double mascescomties or reductions are aware of the cons yet choose to go through with it anyways. can't believe I'm saying this unironically, her body her choice.

No. 1806432

>if they want to get rid of their tits?
>prefer the flat chest look anyways
Pick one and only one. Because removing your breasts and having small, healthy breasts are completely different situations and look completely different as well. It's like comparing cutting your hands off because you wished you had smaller hands.

Get psychiatrist help before posting on the internet again. Now.

No. 1806446

File: 1681152933002.png (92.1 KB, 450x582, ijedfwqee.PNG)

a tif got caught faking being a intersex man because of taking a selfie with a dildo inside her pants

No. 1806447

File: 1681153113352.jpg (5.07 KB, 168x300, iuu0pu.jpg)

sorry for the low res i forgot to archive

No. 1806453

File: 1681153762658.gif (528.34 KB, 165x115, 30a.gif)

No. 1806456

the idea that removing breasts is not a big deal is just another way it is obvious people don't see women's bodies as full, whole bodies, but as a set of pieces that can be removed and changed at whim. no one thinks that i don't like my ear lobes and having them isn't essential to life so might as well cut them off. people would rightfully think you're mad. but boobs? it's like people view them as this entity separated from the rest of the body. ask yourself wtf you are thinking.

No. 1806463

It's so true. People tend to view only the body parts on women that don't make them female as "essential." The uterus? Let's remove it, it's not being "used" for babies, even though hysterectomy can also cause a drop in hormones, loss of libido, scoliosis and more. The breasts? Let's remove them, they're not being "used" for babies either even though mastectomies can cause pain even touching the breast tissue and loss of nipple sensation altogether. It's as if these women think these body parts are the causes of their problems and not unwanted pregnancies and sexualization by men.

No. 1806490

This just reeks of TiF/theyfab logic, down to the part where you said that only conservative men and women think amputating your breasts is ill-advised and they think that way because they want women to have babies. Sure some people do see women as walking incubators and genuinely don't give a fuck about those women as people. But there are also plenty of regular women (some of whom suffer from body dysmorphia themselves) who recognize that nobody who is mentally well wants to chop off healthy tissue off her body. It's disingenuous and such a TiF talking point to claim only conservative boogeymans are opposed to women removing their breasts for no reason.

No. 1806523

@ recently detrans anons please see a therapist before posting retarded takes here

No. 1806546

I agree with all of these posts and I've always felt this way too, I really don't get all the attacks and the hate. It's low key misogynistic to dismiss or straight up make fun of other women's genuine feelings of discomfort like that ngl, especially since many women have felt this way long before the gender cult even took off. Seriously, what purpose do boobs serve other than feeding babies and attracting attention from scrotes (and causing back pain if they're big enough), neither of which I (and many other women) want? It's like female biology is built to serve others (men and babies) and it's really depressing to think about. Feeling like this doesn't mean we want to be men or "neither", we just want to feel like our bodies belong to ourselves and nobody else. Also the responses to these posts remind me of the way gencrits are so quick to call detrans women "mutilated", it's genuinely disgusting.

No. 1806552

Shut up.

No. 1806568

Bizarre you don’t mention sexual pleasure? Plenty of women including ones with larger breasts get sexual pleasure from having their breasts touched. Whether you’re attracted to men or women, it’s a major erogenous zone that a partner can make use of.

Also little toes are useless yet we would think anyone wanting to get rid of them to make their feet slimmer has issues. The body is not plug and play, and the idea that parts should be removed or added for non medical reasons encourages viewing the body as the problem, and not the attitude towards the body. Every time a woman child her breasts off to avoid sexualization, she is telling other women with her body and story that this is a viable response to being sexualized, just like how every woman who gets an ethnic nose job reinforces the notion that ethnic noses are ugly and ski slope noses are the only beautiful ones.

No. 1806574

No, I don't think I will
>Bizarre you don’t mention sexual pleasure
The other anons already mentioned not wanting sex either so I didn't see the reason to. I'd say maybe consider that women often do things out of their own desire, no matter if those things are good or bad, and not to send a message to other women or whatever, but it wasn't my point to argue anyway, I just wanted to express my support for those three anons and I really don't see the reason for all the hate and infighting

No. 1806587

Why not cut off your clitoris then too since it's not "necessary"? How idiotic. Just because someone thinks they won't want sexual pleasure in the future doesn't mean they should hack off a sexual part of their bodies for something they might regret.

No. 1806619

Doesn't breast removal fuck up your hormones? Not that TiFs would know or care so much if they pump their ass with T.

No. 1806647

Removing breasts for non-medical purposes is literally cosmetic surgery. And you call yourself a feminist. Retard.

No. 1806648

Seems so? Then again, all kind of surgeries can fuck up your body in one way or another http://archive.today/5jh9J

No. 1806670

>It's low key misogynistic to dismiss or straight up make fun of other women's genuine feelings of discomfort like that ngl

>It's like female biology is built to serve others

No. You could say that about dicks but you didn't. Wonder why.

No. 1806694

>Noelle, still totally brainwashed by TRA ideology, is trying to say that the men who dress up as women are braver because these stunning and brave laydees are being genocides by TERFs every day, while TIFs like her are relegated to the back of the bus

DA yeah it's definitely this and not any desire to detransition imho. Both Noelle and Ellen Page are very deep into the cult brainwashing at this point

No. 1806695

being uncomfortable with your breasts because of the patriarchy is no different from anorexic girls being uncomfortable with their own bodies because of unrealistic beauty standards, or even the TIFs being uncomfortable with being perceived as women. you agree that your discomfort is socially constructed and is the result of your own thinking; there is nothing inherently wrong with your breasts or body, you just don't like it because of how society perceives you. men will fetishize ANY body part; should you amputate yourself until your body doesn't physically exist at all, just so you are finally free of male objectification?

if your breasts cause you physical complications due to size, then i understand why they're not just something you can ignore because they affect your daily life, but otherwise you need to learn to accept yourself for who you are and accept your body for what it is. i don't think about my breasts the same way i don't think about any other body part. they're just there. i don't see the point of attaching all these meanings to them because you're just going to stress yourself out the more you think about it.

No. 1806714

I think a lot of women who go through this have larger breasts compared to normal, and while mastectomies are risky, mine didn’t make my motion restricted, etc. I think there needs to be more sympathy for the struggles of how hard it is to be unfortunately busty to the point where it does limit our health. For me, my motion improved after the masectomy because no proper bra ever gave the the support prior, because bras aren’t perfect no matter how well fitted they are. I don’t think I’m the only GNC woman who has been roped into this mess either, most feminine women I know get recommended breast reductions, but GNC ones get told they’re secretly men and should get a full on mastectomy. The reasons for why it’s becoming so normalized is a mixture of the realities of dealing with breasts when they aren’t a small and easy size to live with, along with misogyny. It’s disingenuous to not accept that having a large bust does make life harder, even just to do athletics.

No. 1806752

you were crazy enough, obsessed with the size of your boobs, and decided to cut them off before seeking real help and now you're trying to make a speech about how healthy it is to remove your boobs, please go to hell no matter how gnc you are not It is the same a reduction to removing them completely. You are on the same level as Noelle, she also became obsessed with the size of her breasts until she considered them useless and I remove them now she is a depressed theyby

No. 1806754

Sage your autism.
I’m not making a speech, I’m simply saying a reality of dealing with overly big breasts? Do you seriously not care about back pain, how it can hurt to run, and actually exercise? Have you never experienced being unable to do sports because of your body hurting suddenly, and being unable to stop it? It’s one thing to be an A or B cup, it’s another to be an F cup and have it severely impact your life. My “speech” was about how GNC women are pushed into believing that this means they’re men, when in reality it has nothing to do with that. I never considered my chest useless at any point, you need to gain some reading comprehension and learn to integrate. You sage unless you have actual milk to share, idiot.

No. 1806757

Breasts are so sexualized and seen as a disgusting unnecessary addition to a woman's body/ a free for all for degradation or public humiliation that the solution to this is "eh chop em off even without disphoria you'll look better and people won't harass you". That's so sad.

No. 1806759

she said was that GNC women who seek breast reductions due to health issues are pushed into full mastectomies instead, she's not saying it's healthy to cut off your breasts you fucking retard

No. 1806764

It does not take away the fact that her way of thinking is pathetic and sad

No. 1806773

The one telling you to sage your autism, me, is the one you’re disagreeing with. Only scrotes freak out when they hear how big breasts aren’t healthy to actually have and that some women need breast reductions for their own health. It’s clear you’re new because you don’t even know how to sage your moid level emotional breakdown, kek.

No. 1806778

I remember seeing this on my FYP (despite not liking/following any troonshit) and thinking, "this person is lying, there's no way that's a male." Sure enough, she got busted kek

No. 1806786

File: 1681193499706.jpg (99.4 KB, 1200x1422, b5a.jpg)

>It's low key misogynistic to dismiss or straight up make fun of other women's desire to chop off healthy body parts
Yeah, and it's high-key misogynistic to normalize it. Go be mentally ill somewhere else.

No. 1806790

TIFs truly are the equivalent of AGP TIMs. Their yaoi anime porn addiction makes them want to become the object of their desire. There are almost 0 mentions in search engines about transmen before 2010. It all spread through slash fanfic on Livejournal, Fanfictionnet

No. 1806796

If you genuinely think the female body is built to serve others than you're nothing but a misogynistic dumbass and on the exact same level as aidens chopping off their tits because they think boobs are for whores. Some of you need to get a fucking grip and get over yourself. Sorry that having normal female body parts personally inconveniences you. Maybe in the next life you'll become the unsexed neutral moidkun of your dreams

No. 1806811

You have boobs because you are a mammal, it doesn't matter if you use them or not.

No. 1806814

Fucking this. Breast reduction surgery due to physical discomfort (back pain etc.) is one thing and sometimes it can be beneficial, but normalizing the cutting off of healthy body parts is such a fucking mentally ill beta move I can't even fathom how someone could think of oneself as feminist while not seeing it as a problem. The penis of a scrote exists on this Earth for the purpose of providing sperm in order to create a new human being, and because 90% of scrotes are genetic waste anyway, might as well cut off the dicks of those that aren't going to be used for reproductive/sexual purposes (of serving women, that is). Listen to yourselves for once and grow a spine, cutting off your breasts is sick and you should get rid of that mindset. Breasts are part of your body the way your toes or ears or liver are, the male body is not the default.

No. 1806822

File: 1681204263062.jpg (121.91 KB, 1080x1202, 338960398_516707527339351_9015…)

From the creator of "Tumblr Sexy Man", this was posted right after the government passed new pro-trans laws:


No. 1806827

As always, TIFs want to disappear to blend in with the scrote crowd/not out themselves as female, TIMs want to be hypervisible to constantly screech about muh transmisogyny while still being physically and socially imposing to any lowly cis woman who might dare criticize them

No. 1806833

>I am an incredibly insecure woman and I think my body only exists to serve men, so I think it's right for me and other women to cut off the parts used for serving men so I can be free and superior.
And women with breasts and uterus are all whores right? They all secretly love being cock sleeves for the superior male, otherwise why would they choose to keep their cock-accomodating parts and not mutilate themselves to be free from sexualization?
Your body is already yours. Your boobs are simply a part of your body, your uterus and vagina are just how your body is built. They'll be useful in case you want to have children, but they do not belong to the child or to males. Plenty of things in your body don't have purpose, yet you're not going on about how you want to cut off some fingers, toes, ears, lungs, or other organs. You hate breasts because male view them as things that belong to them and you believe them. It's insane