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No. 1208873

Old Threads:

This thread is for posting and discussing cringey fakebois who may or may not deserve their own threads.

Fakebois are girls who pretend to be boys for attention, either as trannies or biological males (usually the former).

Fakebois style and present themselves as androgynous or feminine-looking young men, even wearing girls' clothing and make-up. They insist on being addressed with he/him (or occasionally they/them) pronouns and take great offense at being gendered as female. Some are SJW transactivists, but for most their identities are entirely superficial.

Reminder to "truescums" and "transmeds": Nobody cares about how [[[100% REAL]]] your or any other tranny's ~dysphoria~ is. Don't derail about how you're actually a true troon unlike everyone else, save it for your twitter feed.

No. 1208887

balding pic was better

No. 1209107

File: 1618502193442.png (103.11 KB, 1062x400, 58043313826941.png)

LGB = sexual orientation
T = gender/sex identity

No. 1209167

lol Sabrina is a rich spoiled brat just like every calart goon from her circlejerk

No. 1209281

It is very obvious that you named yourself after an anime character. That is why you don't "pass".

No. 1209287

>I wanna talk with dudes about liking dick

So it’s ok when they only like dick but not ok when gay men do it or when lesbians only like pussy

No. 1209394

I hate the current animation industry circlejerk of pseudo tranny fujoshis, remember when animation was mostly devoid of that garbage?

No. 1209486

true but it was full of misogynists of the old kind.

I hate it here, just want normal LGB people in this industry.

No. 1209521

They’d need to get off their high horses and hire animators and artists from abroad, not just privileged California American brats. Normal LGB people exist, mostly outside of America. We need to hire people for merit again, not identity. Get new fucking talent, not the same ouroboros incest circlejerk of rich kids plaguing the animation industry.

No. 1209542

I'd say to just have talented people stay where they are and make their own animation studios. That way, not only do American animators bitch about Korean, French and Mexican animation, like they bitch about the Japanese, American animation crashes and burns faster.

No. 1209561

Lol I've seen her tweets posted on /co/ (yeah, I know) and she's always sounded insufferable. Not surprised she became a genderspecial.

No. 1209564

Why are calarts types so insufferable lately? I don’t remember most animators from the 1990s or 2000s being complete assholes.

No. 1209567

They do anon but it's literally all about connections… Not everyone is from cali

No. 1209579

well this is a generation that grew up in the late 90's and early 2000's, they likely participated in online fandom culture and likely used social media their entire lives, so their a bunch of woke zoomers who have been around woke culture their entire lives

No. 1209631

This isn't the anime thread, this has literally nothing to do with Fakebois.

No. 1209634

okay, anon. i'll just delete this, thought it was kinda relevant to the thread.

No. 1209637

>remember when animation was mostly devoid of that garbage?
Oh yeah, back when John K was abusing his teenage students and there was a high chance that you had to work with male coomers who hated women. Good old times.

It's a chicken or the egg kind of question. Did the animation industry turn its workers into this or are the people like that attracted towards the industry? The animation field is notorious for being historically anti-woman and even with the current wave of woke lip service women are massively underrepresented in the industry and sexual harassment/sexism is widespread. 60% of animation students are women, but once they enter the industry the whopping majority of them quit their field entirely. Only 20% of the professionals remain female. Imagine being in an environment like that and what it does to you, not surprised at all that they're trooning out in hordes.

No. 1209645

Not sure you remember but the chick who made 12Forever, Julia Vickerman, was fired from her own show for sexually harassing animators of both genders. I’d say things are worse now than before, cause now even women think they can get away with pulling John K moves. Amazing, having to deal with twice the predators!(derailing)

No. 1209649

You mean the lady who tweeted about how had multiple tweets about how hot teenage boys were and made a whole Tumblr post about following a young boy around an amusement part

No. 1209652

That’s the one.

No. 1209654

File: 1618554743656.jpg (329.29 KB, 916x1935, 1609362459821.jpg)

Some receipts
here's her stalking and lusting after a 14 year old

No. 1209655

File: 1618554768740.jpg (52.79 KB, 750x603, 1610222998611.jpg)

No. 1209656

>muh female pedos!!! both genders bad!!!
Men commit 90% of sexual harassment cases and make up 80% of the industry professionals, I think there's a much bigger chance of coming across people like John K than Julia Vickerman.

No. 1209657

File: 1618554864109.png (381.14 KB, 720x788, 1610223262314.png)


No. 1209658

Agreed but she’s still creepy and milky af.

No. 1209660

File: 1618555205694.png (717.06 KB, 720x1600, 1610254533003.png)

She's still active on Instagram and her website, often posting cringy NLOG shit, she's recently gotten into socialism
Like anon >>1209658 here said, I feel she's a huge cow and deserves her own thread

No. 1209661

Make the thread! We already have male paedos with threads on the site. Personally I think how she’s saying all this shit, publicly in plain sight is milky as hell.

No. 1209663

Okay I need an effective timeline to make it

No. 1209664

Whenever you like! I’m sure she’s not going anywhere.

No. 1209665

Make a John K thread too. This site has been pretty inactive lately.

No. 1209666

Any chance we get threads on Noelle Stevenson or the OP image Sabrina Cotugno? Not pedos (as far as we know lol) but they’re cringy and milky af with their dumb shit takes and whining.

No. 1209667

I really hate that I find her sort of hot. The knowledge that someone is a terrible person doesn’t make me want to fuck them less unfortunately.

No. 1209668

we could have a general western animators threads, these people tend to have a huge overlaps with each other

No. 1209672

aproving this, I have some milk on a famous french animation director and I want to know if other farmers have more info

No. 1209674

File: 1618556386859.png (388.63 KB, 306x546, Screenshot_2021-04-16 Steven S…)

I mean Rebeca Sugar is a gender queer NB flake who inserted her IRL brother as Steven Universe(without his consent btw) and drew Edd and Eddy Porn when she was younh

Alex Hirsch(creator of Gravity falls) dumped his girlfriend and is now dating Dana Terrace(who is the creator of Disney's The Owl House) where she also has her own self insert in the show

and Justin Rolland is a huge coomer weirdo who inserts his fetishes onto every show

No. 1209696

That'd be great. The industry sounds milky as fuck.

No. 1209704

the industry is incredibly tight knight, filled with woke-tards who all either know and or dated and or fucked each other

plus they all live in California which makes the latter much easier

No. 1209716

A general western animators thread would be amazing, the industry is filled with so many cows, hacks and groomers.

No. 1209731

File: 1618567009428.png (47.79 KB, 1294x156, pregnantterje.PNG)

Terje is pregnant

No. 1209814

I can't comprehend how retarded she is.
Also, I love you anon for posting on topic milk.

No. 1209821

hyperwoke activism attracts especially rich young people with a desire to feel oppressed and "in with the struggle". You notice this with breadtube a lot. Calarts is one of the most expensive universities on the entire fucking planet, no joke. Those more middle-class usually go to SCAD and the like

No. 1209825

john k was a peculiar case of creep with daddy issues. The industry was mostly filled with average dudes who just got married and had a normal life and liked to draw pretty girls. Animation doesn't have any more or less creeps than any other industry, it's more of a problem of LA/SanFran being just plain fucking degenerate nowadays(derailing)

No. 1209933

File: 1618595943317.png (160.54 KB, 1339x399, Screenshot_2021-04-16 snow - …)

No. 1209943

that baby is going to be so fucked up from all the drugs this person does. for it's sake i hope terje is faking it.

No. 1209944

thank you anon!

No. 1209965

Rebecca has all the landmarks of a fujo-to-fakeboi lol. Even describes herself as a “non-binary woman” and retconned her characters to be so too. Not even trying, whats the point when you’re so low effort

No. 1209997

canadian industry is just as bad anon

but to focus on the topic at hand. Yes there are a lot of nb/fakebois in animation and animation programs across the country.

No. 1210029

File: 1618602580332.png (147.39 KB, 451x567, unknown (46).png)

this ftm who constantly posts cope about her "giant cock" makes me cringe

No. 1210292


What does she look like?

And what does IT look like?

Trannies of both genders are so delusional, I wonder what they see when they loon at themselves

No. 1210451

File: 1618652517440.png (731.98 KB, 737x808, yaoi larping.PNG)

It's always the yaoi larping. No you're not a femboy. Just a girl with short hair that likes to pretend she's a femboy. It's tiring that these women have to change up their whole "gender" to feel extra about themselves

No. 1210555

File: 1618671781993.png (647.55 KB, 2504x1720, gigaclit.png)

she just looks like a typical small faced ftm. she only posts selfies on her story so no one outs her I guess? she also seems to think she is the most "trutrans" ftm ever.
she thinks when she gets phallo shes gonna sleep with people without telling them shes trans and they won't realize her frankendick is fake somehow. and she doesn't have to tell them because "I'm jUsT a NoRmAL mAn wItH a MeDiCaL cOnDiTiOn"
which is a retarded argument and I don't even need to explain why. she literally thinks she could marry someone without them knowing she was trans. she seems almost delusional.
AND she advocates for phalloplasty for literal children lmao

No. 1210717

newfag here. long time reader, first time poster. this dumb bitch has been a personal cow of mine for a while now. she talks about having a "phantom penis" since early childhood and used to have a FAQ on her twitter where she stated all kinds of wild shit like how she's allegedly stealth to her family? however that would supposedly work i have no idea. she's a real gem. also ily for "gigaclit.png" LMAO.

No. 1210747

trannies are so delusional about dating and sex. you’re gonna get someone fully naked, strip down yourself and then be like “oh yeah I have a fake dick. alright now suck it.” at least men will fuck anything if their dick is hard enough. women? nah.

No. 1211072

File: 1618727123328.png (1.77 MB, 1920x994, 1618703320475.png)

No idea why whoever edited this outlined the age so hard (other than this person using the word "boy") but kek

No. 1211073

Holy fuck, probably because she looks like she's literally 50.. surely there is no way she is so young right?

No. 1211084

File: 1618728584847.jpg (2.24 MB, 2560x1920, WTFew.jpg)

Jesus fuck no

No. 1211086

Please spoiler this shit. Holy fuck. This has got to be the most “passable” fakeboy ever featured in the threads, sheerly for being incomprehensibly ugly.

No. 1211095

Now THAT'S a neckbeard lol
(Reposted because I forgot to sage)

No. 1211118

that's a scary looking person. doesn't have enough wrinkles to be 50 so they have to have some kind of condition, right? aside from the mental retardation.

No. 1211128

imagine hating the experience of misogyny so much that you decide your best option is to turn into this. how do these people live with themselves and their decisions

No. 1211134

I wonder if that's a PCOS beard or a T beard or both

No. 1211167

File: 1618741223473.png (123.06 KB, 667x559, 1560453843281.png)

She looks incredibly miserable. I mean it's normal when you look like this but damn, might be the first time I've seen a TiF that looks THIS devastated

No. 1211179

i think it’s just the general obesity making it look like that, anon. that saggy, downturned obese face could make anyone look perpetually depressed

No. 1211184

Oh yeah definitely, but it's the fact that people with unhealthy bodies tend to be sadder in general too. You feel weaker, you have reduced mobility and people take you less seriously. I think you get what I'm trying to say

No. 1211192

what the FUCK is wrong with it's nose??? kinda reminds me of boxers and rugby players with cauliflower ears from years of taking a battering. absolutely ghastly to look at.

No. 1211246

File: 1618755082015.png (935.7 KB, 700x512, EXso-WhXsAAi06X.png)

it's not just her mouth, it's the eyes. her eyes just scream "i hate my life".
this is what she used to look like.

No. 1211273

File: 1618757394722.jpg (172.65 KB, 1000x1000, ssrco,slim_fit_t_shirt,two_mod…)

glad someone else is aware of her antics. its so fucking funny to me that she literally thinks she could marry someone and stay stealth to them. i have no idea how she could be stealth to any of her family unless they are steps I guess?
here's some of her… merch..? can't wait till she gets her precious frankendick and then realizes how dumb it looks and how useless it is

No. 1211278

Amazing that she actually got significantly uglier when this is what she started with

No. 1211286

Going to these lengths to be this hideous and yet you can still tell she is a woman, kek.

No. 1211287

File: 1618759413126.jpg (104.41 KB, 723x964, stealthlmao.jpg)

her followers are weird asf as well. i noticed a lot of them mimic her speech pattern and dumb memes. it's a borderline hive mind of totally passable stealth bros like picrel (if she lives stealth then i'm the fucking pope).

No. 1211296

This is so sad, she looked like a normal nerdy girl. If she was unhappy with her life she could've lost weight or something but instead she decided to go all way to destruction holy shit

No. 1211301

Just saw a minor trend on tiktok of scene girls before and afters. It made me think of how all these fakebois and genderspecials are going to be exactly like them after sone time. Average women married to straight white men, settled into suburban middle class life with 2.5 kids, taking easter family pics and shit.

No. 1211363

is this the genderspecial reincarnation of amanda baggs??

No. 1211375

honestly, she is the most depressing tif i have ever seen.

No. 1211443

Well they say that suicides increase after transitioning

No. 1211494


Why do all fakebois make this face? My sister does this in selfies all the time too.

No. 1211495

Idk if they'll be exactly like them when they're missing their breasts, have weird wispy facial hair, and nasally cracking testosterone voices for life. This is why the trans trend is so harmful to women and girls, it involves many body modifications that are nearly impossible to reverse even when you snap out of it.

No. 1211498

they think thats how hot men take selfies

No. 1211508

File: 1618779622650.png (80.24 KB, 936x378, Screenshot (87).png)

I wonder how many fakebois are just totally normal women irl who stick he/they in their internet bios so the "activist" fakebois will let them enjoy yaoi in peace

No. 1211512

File: 1618780048992.jpg (73.73 KB, 544x757, 2cg40kgjh8i51.jpg)

It's a popular way to represent "bad boys" (fuckboys) in anime.

No. 1211522

it's really not that unusual to see yourself in male characters when female characters often lack development

No. 1211532

Amanda Baggs was a genderspecial as well.

No. 1211533

Plus I think they're usually seeing themselves specifically in the fanon version of the character from m/m fanfics written by women. Like yeah no shit that nerdy young women involved in fandom will write things that other nerdy young women involved in fandom can relate to.

No. 1211748

Not taking care of her skin while pumping her body full of testosterone. Oh and the disease known as morbid obesity.

No. 1211932

>tell women who like a genre made for women by women that they might not be a woman

No. 1211953

a ton, i’d think. it’s probably so easy to slip under the radar and avoid a decent amount of bs if you just slap some goofy ass pronouns or ‘enby’ in bio, and you have the added bonus of being able to pretend that anyone calling you out is transphobic or whatever.

No. 1211991

Can confirm some people do it to slip by, I've even started doing it myself recently even though I don't consume BL. Nobody can call you out for twansphobia or anything, and you don't have to change anything about yourself. You just use a funny title and piss troons off because they know something's off but will get eaten alive if they voice it.
Who are these people that sit all day looking at/reading gay porn enough to consistently "relate" or "resonate" with it enough to attempt larping as a male? I just want to know. There's mental illness there.

No. 1212326

This isn't my usual thread so apologies, I realize this likely isn't the typical fakeboi criteria but it's driving me nuts and this is the only place I feel like will be able to clock em properly:

At 0:29 you can see the narrator+hear voice. Initially I was just listening in the background and thought this youtuber was female from voice alone, but wtfd when I saw their appearance. Closer inspection very feminine facial features etc…

This is definitely a ftm, right? I'm not crazy, yeah? I feel like there's no chance this is even the most feminine of cismales, but I need someone else to see it lmao. Is my clock off?

No. 1212332

i'll watch the video because it seems interesting but holy shit that is the most repulsive non-ugly person i've seen in a while. the ultra feminine face with the facial hair and weirdly androgynous voice is all really off-putting.

No. 1212366

kek i thought you meant the person discussed in the video, but then the narrator showed up and i did a double take and had to read your post again. i knew a tif irl who looked exactly like that, so i wouldn't be surprised if that's a tif too.

No. 1212384

Fuck thank you!

I can't tell if it's just my tiny mobile screen, but I feel like the facial hair part of the face doesn't move properly with the lip movement. I half wonder if it's…. A filter? Is that possible?

Like, the voice says not that far into testosterone use to me: ie. if they'd been on test long enough for that full of beard growth, their voice would be less female.

Fuck I'm usually of the sort where I don't give a shit about "quiet trannys" who just try to "pass" as the opposite sex and don't promote shitty trans ideals to others/youth since it's only their own bodies they're fucking up, but it really is just too goddamn jarring.

I really enjoy these kinds of youtubers (video subject wise) but goddamn this person should not show themselves in the videos it's way too uncanny valley feel…

No. 1212422

I think he's a cis man. Very visible adam's apple, manly hands, good beard, wide neck…

No. 1212433

men can have high voices and softer features, anon. when have you ever seen a fakeboi with an adams apple? next time take this to /ot/ or something because it isn't relevant here

No. 1212448

yeah this person has more of an mtf voice imo. the face is certainly very feminine but the hands seem male

No. 1212477

She's like 90% larping rn, however terje does have a history of becoming what she hates, kinda like the closeted christian homophobe trope. She protested profusely that she was not into the guys she used as her avi, mocked male attracted ftms but is now getting fucked piv by guys off grindr. She will likely become pregnant and a mother in the next 5 years.

She also 100% has a breeding/feminizing fetish

No. 1212491

>when have you ever seen a fakeboi with an adams apple?
Are you retarded?

No. 1212503

Hands are the only one I'd think are somewhat manly but I think it's the illusion of perspective. In some of their other videos they are distinctly more feminine. The adams apple also isn't overly prominent enough to warrant not being a female … Woman do have adams apples, anon… You don't seem to know basic anatomy

No. 1212504

Dropped my sage, sorry for the unwarranted bump.

No. 1212509

Some advanced minds in this thread wrt the adams apple shit. Not only do women sometimes have them, taking testosterone can cause them to grow as well.

No. 1212513

Tbf to that anon, the average person seems to have a very poor understanding of human anatomy and the differences between the sexes. The facial features are distinctly female bone structure imho, goes way beyond the range of "effeminate male" features. I feel like this lack of knowledge in the general populace is why so many og fakebois got away with people believing they're "just girly cisboys!" honestly

No. 1212543

File: 1618873979878.jpeg (562.36 KB, 750x1080, 4026E2FB-EFEB-49A7-B89B-E3D946…)

I’m pretty sure Tabby has been posted before in older threads but jfc she’s really just straight up using the F slur for herself now ew

No. 1212549

Still uncanny how many I come across that are 27-30. Quarter life crisis is hitting them hard, and they lack the self-awareness (or ignore responsibility) to stop this shit.

No. 1212555

for these people, it's a midlife crisis

No. 1212585

Right, forgot to factor in the 41% if they don't stop this/detransition.

No. 1212756

File: 1618893824895.png (570.46 KB, 929x622, Screen Shot 2021-04-19 at 23.3…)

ah i was going to post this girl earlier but forgot to. shes a mutual on tumblr. i had seen her selfies before. a few days ago she got this anon calling her out. i had to double check her profile cause i couldnt believe this bitch was really asking to be called a boy when shes average tumblr goth thot.

>just a dude in a boobtube

>i feel 100% a boy

dude at least TRY. just a little bit TRY. i know you think its transphobia that i dont find a woman in skimpy clothing a man but please try. so fucking annoying. how are you going to get so annoyed at people not respecting your stupid pronouns when you look like this.

No. 1212808

File: 1618904401442.jpg (199.47 KB, 1080x1920, Tumblr_l_2775317553454116.jpg)

Oh I remember her. Pic related is why she "feels" like a "feminine boy".

No. 1212849

Tinfoiling here but I swear gigaclit is faking her voice here: https://twitter.com/GIGAPENIS69/status/1384344306475962373.
No way she's not either "voice training" and damaging her throat/vocal chords, or straight up lying and posting this Totally Real Manly Voice clip for her minions to fawn over.

No. 1212851

File: 1618911679955.jpg (73.86 KB, 818x383, Untitled.jpg)

samefag. forgot to check comments and yeah, voice training. still doubt her voice is that deep in her normal everyday life though. seems put on like the rest of her twitter feed and the lame "flexing" pics she used to post showing off her miniscule biceps.

No. 1212876

she might be using a voice changer from bandcamp. i read a book the other day in which a woman talked about getting catfished by another woman and when she found out, the catfish admitted to using a program from bandcamp that changed her voice to sound convincingly male.

No. 1212937

>ftms have big dick. now laugh.

No. 1212943

having a 12 y/o boys sense of humour is very gender affirming for her.

No. 1212953

Yeah you're insane. I don't know if you're used to the classic fakeboi frog voice but some of them end up with natural sounding deep voices from testosterone. You know that, right?

No. 1212960

File: 1618936438099.png (1.73 MB, 2421x793, no mental illness here.png)

her limp necrotic MALE arm flap frankenweenie is gonna be manly as fuck and cis as fuck
also very realistic that her family would not notice her voice dropping like that lel

No. 1212969


ah, nothing like a noticeable bra, tights and a "boobtube" for someone with a """"neutral gender"""". its almost as if she has no issue dressing up and putting makeup on as a woman, because she is a woman. but nononono, unlike us, she has a """natural gender""". stop hating yourself being a woman is fine, jfc.

No. 1213014

her obsession over dick is weird

No. 1213023

she makes the admitted autoandrophiles seem comparatively sane.

No. 1213024

Not even straight girls like dick this much. These girls are the true "super straights".

No. 1213085

I think the most insufferable type are the ones who make it into a performative art piece that never stops and makes their "gender" their only personality trait.
Bonus points if they act and present as female (Bras, make up, dresses, titts out). I don't know why but I want to punt them when the latter loses their shit when you misgender them

No. 1213117

I'm not sure, they have a pretty prominent adam's apple and they have mannish hands. But everything else points to tif particularly their wannabe scene style. They could just be a mtf.

I have seen tifs with adam's apples but they usually start during puberty, and if this person started it that early their voice would be more manly.

No. 1213124

this is why i can't stand the one on this season of drag race. she's constantly showing up in my peripherals through social media and she's absolutely insufferable. it's even more embarrassing when you see her next to the other, real men on her season of drag race - they're all burly as fuck with big broad shoulders and chests, and she's standing there beside them about a foot shorter with her tiny delicate little arms and wide hips. it's atrocious

No. 1213214

File: 1618959609767.jpg (Spoiler Image, 76.35 KB, 1680x878, EpQSJBZW8AcmbhY-_2_.jpg)

it gives her gender euphoria, transphobe 😈

No. 1213216

File: 1618959694417.png (Spoiler Image, 128.78 KB, 679x355, EpQSJBZW8AcmbhY.png)

or my improved version

No. 1213217

File: 1618959718587.png (23.26 KB, 622x738, New Project (9).png)

No. 1213319

Uhh, what are you even talking about, anon?

No. 1213421

i lol'd. the mention alone of those things always make me feel queasy just thinking about how fucking disgusting and germ ridden the average ayydens packer must be.

No. 1213462

File: 1619005951913.jpg (717.73 KB, 2028x2048, Untitled.jpg)

the titty tatts really floored me. these girls just wanna remind us how special and unique and brave they are, huh. it's not about replicating a man. it's NLOG in it's purest form. it's just an endless attention grab until the dopamine stops hitting and it's 41% time.

No. 1213485

at this point, being an FtM troon is the same as any other body modification trend. the titty scars have been praised so much some of them actually aim to have visible scars

No. 1213501

Is it possible to be that obsessed with genitals at such a young age?

No. 1213502

So many detrans women regret having mastectomies, this shit is going to hit her even harder.

No. 1213535

i don't believe her. i think she's just bullshitting so she looks more "trutrans". most of the kids who show signs of wanting to be the opposite sex in early childhood just end up being normal butch lesbians/fem gay men anyway>>1213501

No. 1213543

sage for blogposting but yeah, all that stuff about being dysphoric as a toddler seems like horseshit to me. as someone who used to struggle with dysphoria, when i was a toddler my focus was on how i was treated negatively for being a tomboy and why i couldn't just dress how i wanted and play with the toys i wanted. my body wasn't an issue until just before puberty. i grew up to be a butch dyke, no biggie. \_(ツ)_/¯

at times i have got self-hating dyke vibes from her but the dick obsession is next level. who knows what she is, bitch is bonkers.

No. 1213552

not really, no. a lot of little kids are kind of weird about genitalia as they grow into the stage of becoming aware of their own bodies and how they differ from those around them, but it usually doesn't go beyond 'why don't I have this body part when someone else I know has it'. I'm certain that her pretending she was diagnosed(?) as dysphoric at the age of 3 or whatever is absolute bs though

No. 1213571

File: 1619020588060.png (349.87 KB, 665x759, normal behaviour.png)

she's apparently bisexual. lmao at her claiming she made a bunch of biologically accurate playdough penises in pre school. I'm surprised none of the teachers got involved and questioned why a little girl was making a bunch of realistic dicks. maybe because it's bullshit and she is insane
this combined with the fact she thinks her parents don't know she's on T. yes because most females voices drop like that without hormone treatment

No. 1213573

part of me feels like she might detransition because she's constantly posting about how legitimate and real her dysphoria is like she's trying to justify her transitioning but at the same time she's delusional as fuck and literally thinks she could be married to someone without them even realizing she is trans

No. 1213581

i hope she does detransition because she seems crazy enough to actually try and rape someone by deception which is not gonna end well when she whips out that frankenpenis and makes her partner puke and/or get aggressive.

No. 1213588

her frankendick will probably end up looking botched as fuck but she's convinced it's gonna just look like a real dick. hopefully that will make her come down to earth but then again she might just try to fuck people and be shocked when they reject her

No. 1213596

those nipples look like plasters, its shit, probably was just attached on after

No. 1213602

they usually are unless it's keyhole surgery afaik. someone i used to follow on tumblr trooned out and had the nipples reattached at a later date after the mastectomy and referred to them as "dlc nips". a term that still haunts me to this day.

No. 1213820

File: 1619046602652.jpeg (1.56 MB, 1242x1716, 21B10F62-7A0B-4694-A027-9355F2…)

I'm 99% sure it's a larp as well but what do you think she's using to fake the belly? In some of the photos it looked real but changed sizes constantly.

No. 1213879

>mocked male attracted ftms but is now getting fucked piv by guys off grindr.
I know bi men are a thing but isn't grindr mainly a gay hook up app? Also wouldn't getting pregnant trigger their dysphoria or whatever?
I swear these people change the rules to this shit every time

No. 1213886

>Also wouldn't getting pregnant trigger their dysphoria or whatever?

"Dysphoria" by definition doesn't exist, or rather it's just discomfort with female-specific things that most women experience. Almost no woman likes her period, having her breasts oogled at, or having both straight and gay men making fetishistic/offensive comments about female genitalia. Very few women enjoy the body changes of pregnancy either, unless they've got a breeding fetish like Terje. So all of this coupled with a classic "not like other girls" mentality makes it seem like a whole new disorder but really, it's called being a woman who's fucking sick of the way she's treated by men and the unpleasant bodily functions that come along with it (which men happen to fetishize and/or look down upon us for).

The sooner these women and girls realize this, the less ftms there will be in the future.

No. 1213920

>I know bi men are a thing but isn't grindr mainly a gay hook up app?
Grindr isn't just "gay" anymore, its basically an all lgbt male app, so mtfs and ftms use it, "straight" men hooking up with mtfs use it, straight couples interested in mmf threesomes use it. So there's plenty of bi, pan or "straight" men on there, even a lot of "gay" men would hookup with an ftm.

>Also wouldn't getting pregnant trigger their dysphoria or whatever?

Depends, most hate being pregnant but are still attention seeking enough to do it, there are some who are absolutely narcissistic and don't care. For ftms with breeding fetishes like terje I guess they feel extremely ashamed of this desire since it makes them feel mentally female but then the shame further intensifies the fetish, since it is ultimately a humiliation kink, until they give in and explore it, and don't care anymore

No. 1213973

File: 1619062726407.png (723.05 KB, 720x1293, Screenshot_20210422-083820.png)

Why can't they just be quirky scene kids, why must they insist on being so annoying


No. 1214015

Insufferable, clearly female NB publishes unhinged rant video about how everyone but her is stupid. I get the vibe she thinks speaking so intensely and authoritatively makes her seem cool and woke, but she just sounds like a teenage girl chimping out to her friends about her mom not letting her do something stupid. I'd bet good money that if she actually came face to face with someone who didn't respect her, she'd just crumple like wet paper. All the posturing would vanish into thin air.

No. 1214024

File: 1619075420011.jpeg (182.04 KB, 853x1024, 68601755-A5B4-4125-A583-AC6290…)

Can’t handle this. I just want to fucking punch her in the nose when she’s mid sentence. How can anyone be this insufferable?

No. 1214034

That's not true. Gender dysphoria is a researched and medically recognized mental symptom. And it's not the same as what you described. It's been recognized as a sympton in the DSM since the 80's. Not whiteknighting these people here, but just because you can't imagine feeling dysphoria it doesn't mean it isn't real.

No. 1214076

File: 1619089594306.jpg (150.06 KB, 887x661, w h a t.jpg)

i'm calling animal protection services.

No. 1214078

this might be the dumbest shit I’ve seen in a while.

No. 1214139

Anon, I estimate about half the people here once had their very own "I'm a real truscum transboy, not like those other girls" fakeboi phase so of course we know what dysphoria feels like. It's BS.

No. 1214155

i have a they/them in one of my classes who acts like hot shit on social media but during class, when the professors talk about the female body or a specific female experience or something, she doesn't say anything at all. she just rants about the mean cissies from class later on twitter. when she does manage to say anything at all, it's in the highest, girliest, shakiest girly girl voice ever and never related to gender things. it's really just an internet identity or an aiden until graduation thing.

No. 1214182

most of the trans people i know who are aggressive online are huge wimps irl. lot of them were bullied in school and thus suffer from complexes of being left out and that's why you see them constantly whining about being let in groups they don't belong into and being validated and such.

No. 1214191

agreed, i had that experience too. i used to be friends with this TIF who was the wimpiest person irl but she would constantly get into fights on twitter. irl, for example when she had to hold a presentation in front of the class, she would just stare at her notes and mumble to herself, but online she acted super edgy and confident.

No. 1214192

There are also people who have dysphoria about having functional arms and legs and they wish to be amputees. Does that mean doctors should cut their limbs off because it would be ~validating~? There are anorexic girls who have dysphoria about weighing more than 100 lbs, should doctors allow them to starve themselves because seeing their ribcage poke out is ~validating~? Deffo think that 85% of the current fakeboi crop doesn’t have AcTuAL dysphoria, they’re probably just going through a rebellious phase, but even if your dysphoria is genuine is it medically ethical for doctors to give surgery and hormones to these people rather than therapy to treat the root cause?

No. 1214196

I usually feel bad for TIFs but this girl, holy shit, can't wait to see the trainwreck after she gets her meatloaf dick

No. 1214239


No. 1214247

the vocaroo that started it all:


No. 1214285

So how fucked up do kids born from TIFs end up, Anons have given differing anecdotes on the matter

I mean the excess Testosterone present in TIFs(even off Hormones) seem like they could fuck up the natural physical development

No. 1214313

File: 1619120965436.gif (26.98 KB, 112x112, 1579374972989.gif)

This is unbelievably hard to listen to

No. 1214339

I love how hilariously unsexy that was.

No. 1214347

>Or you will not refer to me
Why do all these NBs have stereotypical Karen energy? She even speaks like one. Aren't they trying to get away from that?

No. 1214350

The average Karen has more balls than these TIFs ever will, regardless of surgery. This bitch probably wouldn’t breathe out of turn if she was out socialising in real life. Probably gets people to order for her at Starbucks.
Karen’s are chads in comparison.

No. 1214360

File: 1619124647970.jpeg (939.41 KB, 1242x1647, ABB75172-DB42-464F-BE2C-EFF9C6…)

How could you, we're talking about someone who didn't lose their virginity until 27-28 to some 4chan "boyfriend" who's probably as much of a disgusting slop as she. Nothing wrong here! /s

No. 1214364

There's no long-term studies done on it. TIFs only started having kids around a decade or so ago so the kids being had by these women are still too young to tell if they're eventually going to suffer health complications in adulthood.

No. 1214369

>Getting my cervix rammed
Sounds painful.
>I bet you're cut.
>Can't even feel real sensation
Ah, I see she's trying to adopt the male "all my nerve endings are in my removed foreskin" like of thought. Absolute retard.

No. 1214372

File: 1619125572460.jpeg (231.72 KB, 1242x506, E922375B-8033-4661-AEF3-44F3CA…)

Speaking of 4chan ftm cows

No. 1214375

File: 1619125596030.jpeg (316.79 KB, 1242x911, 4555772C-9AE9-4160-8B25-E8FF2F…)

No. 1214379

File: 1619125706215.jpeg (436.64 KB, 1242x1150, 95544685-255D-47B9-8957-8BF76F…)

No. 1214382

File: 1619125739087.jpeg (53.47 KB, 696x392, 77FA3F38-E1EF-4ABD-A16A-D5B5B3…)

Lena Dunham’s sister is a theylet with an insufferable attitude:

> Some things about me are that I'm white, that I have relatively famous parents, and that my sister is a celebrity. I also have a vagina, which makes people think I'm a woman. I have an intimate relationship with a black trans activist, Reina, who by being in a public collaborative relationship with me validates my perspective and—despite my whiteness, my class, and my proximity to fame—makes my critique of power seem legitimate in ways it otherwise might not. In other words, as a commodity, I have power through my associations with social capital; in addition, I hold a set of marginalized identities which give me intellectual authority and increased use-value in contexts seeking "diversity."

I guess I shouldn’t be so harsh on her since I’d also hate myself if my sister sexually abused me as a child

No. 1214383

File: 1619125740595.jpeg (185.43 KB, 1242x439, 9CE54F43-C967-4336-8D7D-25C1CE…)

>MRA uprising
This had my sides soaring

No. 1214387

What’s with the retarded pseudo-accent
She looks like she doesn’t brush her teeth and gets bullied a lot

No. 1214390

i've always felt bad for her bc of lena but of course another person from that family finds a way to be completely unlikable

No. 1214396

is that the same one who was molested by Lena when they were kids? if so… yikes… no wonder they are messed up.

No. 1214429

> getting my cervix rammed
I have a tilted uterus and PIV sex is very painful. Clearly she's never actually had her cervix rammed. What a fucking retard trying to appeal to scrotes. Female coomers are so weird.
Doesn't HRT stop fertility? Forgive me for being dumb. I know a lot of TiFs don't even take testosterone, because they want to be pretty anime boys and not disgusting scrotes with terrible hairlines.

No. 1214430

>Lena Dunham’s sister is a theylet
sexual abuse seems to do that to some girls, is this the first relatively famous account of the phenomenon?

No. 1214437

I fully believe every they/them is a result of sexual abuse

No. 1214471

> I also have a vagina, which makes people think I'm a woman
I truly hate what we've become as a society. Self hating women everywhere

No. 1214474

Could make chad sons that they secretly seethe about and vicariously live through

>Doesn't HRT stop fertility?
yes, they get pregnant when they go off of it

No. 1214475

>Doesn't HRT stop fertility?
Pretty sure that's a meme, at least for TIFs. As a detranser I was told by my doctor that testosterone could potentially render me infertile, but I've seen more pregnancy scares among TIF friends on T than with "cis" women I know because they think it's a form of birth control thanks to quack doctors. That's not to forget all the bearded pregnant "men" and on Detrans Awareness Day there was another detranser who had top surgery and said she was disappointed she couldn't breastfeed her current newborn baby via Twitter.

No. 1214477

File: 1619135937602.jpg (55.72 KB, 548x455, fakeboi.jpg)

I'd say this neatly sums up the creation of a fakeboi

No. 1214482

Its not a meme, testosterone does suppress the menstrual cycle more so than birth control, however they'd have to consequently take it on time and in proper dosages which many tifs don't. Those bearded tifs decided to get pregnant intentionally and went off testosterone. The only cases I've ever heard of tifs getting accidentally pregnant was because they quit taking hrt a couple months ago but still fucked dudes.

It does seem to be true that hrt isn't guaranteed to cause permanent infertility, I've seen a tif get her period back after being on hrt for 17 years, I don't know if she can get pregnant however.

No. 1214483

more likely half the people here are crypto trannies tbh

No. 1214503

File: 1619139082099.png (440.41 KB, 469x420, Untitled.png)

she's only 29 and has some intense wrinkles despite being pretty pale, is it stress? drugs? all these tired women who can't stand who they are

No. 1214519

nah i'm on lots of drugs and don't look like that. she probably doesn't drink enough water. most people don't. stay hydrated, farmers!

No. 1214520

File: 1619140933528.png (1.06 MB, 1286x723, GraceReinaVanityFair.png)

>I have an intimate relationship with a black trans activist, Reina, who by being in a public collaborative relationship with me validates my perspective and—despite my whiteness, my class, and my proximity to fame—makes my critique of power seem legitimate in ways it otherwise might not.
How likely do you think they banged

No. 1214522

Rare john lennon foto

No. 1214539

i'm sure "reina" forced her into all kinds of "lesbian sex"

No. 1214545

This is a nitpick, a lot of people have an unfortunate facial muscle/fat structure that leads to nasolabial folds at a young age, but being dehydrated or underweight does make it a lot worse. Her eyebags aren't that bad she's just not wearing makeup, overall she could use some hyaluronic acid tho.

No. 1214548

File: 1619143732842.png (83.84 KB, 419x238, e02e5ffb5f980cd8262cf7f0ae00a4…)


No. 1214568


>Testosterone levels during early fetal development might program certain behaviors later in life, according to a new study that found high levels of the sex hormone in the womb might boost boys' impulsivity later on.

>Researchers studied a group of boys ages 8 to 11 whose fetal testosterone had been measured from amniotic fluid when their mothers were 13-20 weeks pregnant. Sex hormone levels, which increase during adolescence, are also heightened during critical periods of fetal brain development.

>The boys in the study were shown pictures of negative (fearful), positive (happy), neutral, or scrambled faces while a functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) machine tracked changes in their brain activity. In the boys who had higher levels of fetal testosterone, the brain's reward system was more responsive to positive, compared with negative, facial cues, the researchers found. This suggests those boys have a greater proclivity for "approach-related behaviors," such as fun-seeking and impulsivity.

>"This work highlights how testosterone in fetal development acts as a programming mechanism for shaping sensitivity of the brain's reward system later in life and for predicting later tendency to engage in approach-related behaviors," study researcher Michael Lombardo, of the University of Cambridge, said in a statement.

>For males, such behaviors are often heightened in teenage years and are found in extremes in many psychiatric conditions, such as substance abuse, autism and even psychopathy, which tend to affect more men than women.

>"These insights may be especially relevant to a number of neuropsychiatric conditions with skewed sex ratios and which affect approach-related behavior and the brain's reward system," Lombardo added. (Testosterone is present in low levels in females and the hormone substantially impacts sex differences between men and women.)

> John Krystal, editor of the journal, commented, "These remarkable data provide new evidence that hormonal exposures early in life can have lasting impact on brain function and behavior."

basically their gonna end up with very Impulsive and slightly above average height kids

No. 1214600

Being pale makes it seem like sun damage could more easily do that and us palefaces don't retain our tan in the winter months so I'm not sure what that was about. No one wants to admit most of this shit is genetics.

No. 1214657

Anon what are you on about? She looks completely fine?? There are plenty of healthy young women with as much “wrinkles” as her, she just has a bit of a gaunt face. Also she’s smirking, obviously she’s going to have wrinkles around her mouth/nose….?

No. 1214664

Women age. Surprise.
It's the cold, dead eyes that get me. She has the same cold, vacant stare and miserable smirk Ellen Page has started wearing since she trooned out. If T makes you so happy, why do TIFs always look like models for suicide awareness campaigns?

No. 1214731

i read a lot about how TIFs on T have higher rates of suicide (attempts?), i assume it's because they realize that their magic drug doesn't magically transform them into a yaoi uke boi. before that they could still cling to the hope of it and look up to successful transformations but when you get a reality check through hard evidence aka your own body's lackluster reaction to T, it could push you to suicide.

No. 1214753

my sides

No. 1214773

i don't know any mid-20s who have wrinkles like that unless they tan. guess it is unfortunate genetics but it just makes her looks extra stressed from her horrible life she's trying to desperately run away from

No. 1214893

File: 1619194741456.png (405.87 KB, 750x1334, 2B5C9C77-B833-4860-A80D-B3EF0F…)

I found this batshit insane FTM’s blog today…theres a lot of shit about being attracted to men being a gift and having sex with random male strangers.
Handmaidens truly have gone off the deep end.

No. 1214918

ppl with high cheekbones get nasiolabial folds super young. So not just an age thing. Idk she looks her age to me

No. 1214984

Ngl that looks kinda cool

No. 1214989


lol update us when she starts suicide ideating on her blog thatll be super funny(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1214992

>go back to your gated community

what is it with these retards trying to imply that anyone calling their bullshit out is privileged? yeah we're privileged with a brain, you fucking degenerate.

No. 1215014

My gated community is the LGB community, and this straight girl caping for men on tumblr is not welcome in. Deadass fighting with people saying shit like "men are pretty and gentle" and "I'm queer." Go away, straight girl, go away.

No. 1215016

I bet "his" vag smells like sewage, like all cockmongling FTM vags. Straight women constantly get infections from rawing men, but aydens have the added stench from testosterone and fucking the absolute lowest, filthiest of moids.

No. 1215019

She talks on her blog about being excited to go fuck stranger men in shady places "again," after being vaccinated for covid. Good luck with the STD petri dish you call a boy hole, I guess.

No. 1215020

send more rape threats too(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1215022

she’s so fucking mad that she’ll never have a dick, kek. all of these straight girls pretending to be ‘men’ are the same - the more they identify themselves around the word cock or penis or dick or whatever, the more delusional they are

No. 1215023

Wursties can transfer BV strains from one woman to another, especially if they're uncut.

No. 1215032


she's allegedly stealth at work. totes believable kek.

No. 1215049

>"You look like Thom Yorke."
More like bloated Tilda Swinton with acne scars. Most of her pics are filtered to hell and back to cover it up, maybe she shouldn't have taken T, kek.

No. 1215073

They cling to the hope of becoming a kpop yaoi hottie while still being treated like the good/desirable parts of being a woman. Instead, they become kinda ugly short guys with teenager voices, meaning they have absolutely 0% chance of becoming the admired alpha Chad, but they also get the treatment men usually do re: popularity, showing emotions, etc.

Basically tifs become the incel from the chad/incel meme, and being the incel is in many ways more depressing than being a kinda unattractive girl.

No. 1215106

Huh, was expecting a super girly 10/10 in dresses for some reason. I assume they’re dicksexual? The obsession with gay men is a little weird but I get that these people always forget that bi people exist.

No. 1215127

>Basically tifs become the incel from the chad/incel meme, and being the incel is in many ways more depressing than being a kinda unattractive girl.
Most of them are attracted to men they can still get dates, being an unattractive male is not as terrible as you make it out

No. 1215144

Those eyes scream autism

No. 1215180

They did put "disabled" in their bio so yeah probably

No. 1215200

She whinges a bit about how other people clog up conversations about disabilities by talking about psychological conditions instead of physical conditions, so I don't think so. Though, as a former tumblr user, pretending to be wheelchair-bound was a very common way of getting clout there. A lot of retarded girls would vaguely talk about being disabled, mention they hate people who talk more about psychological conditions than physical disabilities, and maybe reblog other people's posts about being wheelchair-bound to imply that they themselves are wheelchair-bound. They can't get called out for lying about having a specific disability if they never directly say they have it, after all. Lying by omission shit.

Sometimes they also do it with blindness, but it's not as common. Pretending you don't have functioning legs is the easiest thing to fake online, especially if you're a NEET loser who never leaves home.

No. 1215357

Guess she loves the BBC

No. 1215385

File: 1619235834925.png (373.95 KB, 1440x900, Screenshot (14).png)

This reminds me of something, if you go on Tumblr and Instagram and spearch for "Male positivity" pages of hashtags, like half of the pages will e run by TIFs and if you search for "boy positivity" then 100% of them are run by the TIFs
>Its always boys are so cute
>I love boys who wear make up
>I love short boys
>I love muscular boys
and always a "I love trans boys"

its kinda funny I guess, there's never any NSFW stuff but those posts are always so unbearably girly that you can tell no real male wrote this

No. 1215534

Heads up, Kai: There's no male positivity movement because men haven't been systemically devalued in every way like women have.
Does it hurt too much to remember your female oppression? It's not going away like you thought it would, is it?

No. 1215572

how incredibly female of them. men do not create these kind of positivity movements, they expect others to do it for them and every time men get together they will start bonding over hating things instead of creating positivity.

No. 1215577

Pretty sure women also bond through hatred, at least my friends and I do lmao.

No. 1215578

File: 1619259889735.png (146.07 KB, 300x300, FBE7EA16-6030-4DD6-8ED9-1B0467…)

Not a huge figure in animation, but I present one of my favorite personal cows, Angela Vondra (@handsomehugs on Twitter, and some of her other handles include @politepuppet and @glitternewt).

>27 year old non binary they/them

>Extreme munchie that has pretended to have several mental and physical illnesses such as DID, fibromyalgia, and now pretends she has Ehler-Danlos Syndrome, a munchie favorite, claims she’s been a victim of CSA and child abuse in general
>“Identifies” as a lesbian despite being weirdly invested in yaoi and porn of little boys
>Lives on the payroll of her incredibly rich grandparents because she got blacklisted from the animation industry
>Spends her days drawing and talking about underage cartoon porn (the main reason why she got blacklisted)
>Claims to have been stalked and to have PTSD over some other loser NEETs wannabe animators who had exposed her gross porn to industry people

She went to an art college and then worked for CN on Mighty Magiswords as a board artist, but she allegedly got an auto immune disease (she used to claim it was fibro/MEFCS and now claims it’s EDS) and was too ill to work. Spent some months couch hopping at friends’ place in LA before eventually going back to her grandparents. Says she’s too bedridden to do anything most of the time, yet is able to spend 23 hours a day on twitter drawing shitty porn of cartoon children and whining about antis and about how much she’s a victim. She also worked as a boarder for VivziePop a year or two ago, but nothing too milky from that period.

No. 1215586

File: 1619261280662.jpeg (421.45 KB, 828x1283, 474111C5-5168-4B47-9414-C3E1A8…)

looked up her twitter and she posted this… the brain rot is real, and it’s even more embarrassing because it’s very clearly a self insert, even if she doesn’t want to admit it. anyway, finally some representation for coombrain NEET women i guess!

No. 1215652

Was this intended for the animation thread? I guess it's easy to mistaken the two. kek

No. 1215668

Yeah, it was, sorry (newfag/usually a lurker and I couldn’t figure out how to delete the post…) The thread pic of this thread has to do with animation so I mixed them up aha. But I suppose it’s still a bit relevant since fakebois and western animators overlap so much lol

No. 1215685

File: 1619280433327.jpeg (156.21 KB, 828x1041, 54552442-0107-4D71-AE49-F2BFA3…)

have y’all ever discussed kaiisyourhomie/zoeisyourhomie on tik tok? she popped up on my fyp today and i remembered all her bullshit. she used to lie about being trans and now she’s the poster child for fakeboi weebs. she pisses me off so bad

No. 1215687

she passes as a dude pretty well, not gonna lie

No. 1215705

The girl that called out Ang is just as milky, Holly Disch is a histrionic retard that accuses every person who does something she doesn’t like of being a pedophile, is obsessed with Simpsons yaoi (more specifically Smithers x Burns, eugh), spams shitty Mr. Burns memes like an autist over and over, cries that despite having tons of “friends” in the animation industry, she cannot break in. Holly doesn’t have the bare minimum skill to get into the current animation industry as is because she draws like a literal child. Look up her webcomic “Lemonhead and Lollipup” so you can see how shitty her art is.
This is more set for the animation or art thread though, I just wanted to add in that everyone in the Ang situation is a cow.

I do find it annoying the amount of fakebois with sexualities that don’t match what they draw lol, it’s contradictory and stupid. Bitch I see you.

No. 1215713

Hasn't she gotten cancelled a bunch of times on tiktok for being "mean" or some shit kek

No. 1215825

I remember her larping as this super edgy straight dude that just happens to look feminine even though she's just a fujo straight girl, it was super cringe to see. She did not look or speak like a boy at all but ig closet straight men are desperate to call any girl a trap.

No. 1215872

but it is still women who run all these body positivity movements and such. men don't do that, women do, despite you and your pal and other petty females out there.

No. 1215898

What do you guys think is the most likely outcome for Ellen Paige once being trans stops being cool and her money from Hollywood Woke Points dries up?

A. She'll publicly detransition, identify as a woman again, and replace JK Rowling as TERF public enemy #1
B. Faced with the sobering realization of how much she's mutilated her body and ruined her career and marriage, she'll 41%
C. She'll stop getting acting roles, retreat from public life, and retire as a balding acne-faced manlet(Derailing )

No. 1215933

She could do all three combined

No. 1215939

>finally some representation for coombrain NEET women i guess
I mean it's basically Alphys 2.0

That makes me wonder when will the transgender trend die off. Generation before me had goths, my generation had bisexual emos and this generation has genderspecials and egirls/OF thots. I give it 5 more years.
Hope it's not here to stay though

No. 1215942

Just my take about the troon trend thing but it's getting more and more accepted that you can be trans even if you're absolutely not interested to go on hormones now, so she might take that route and still be seen as a valid genderqueer something

No. 1215946

C. most likely like Chaz Bono, tho Ellen is a lot more histrionic and attention seeking but still basically C

No. 1215959

only agps would watch this

No. 1216063

This is basically the same plot as those shitty early-mid 2000s animes (DearS, Chobits, etc) but with a lesbian self insert instead of a dude self insert.

No. 1216075


>if only you knew how bad things really are

No. 1216083

File: 1619327819713.jpeg (23.87 KB, 554x554, images.jpeg)

What do you guys think of Vivien Vuong? Was a Trump supporting Asian girl, did some how to get a white bf and did some pro MRA stuff dressed as a man. Eventually she decided to trans or at least thats what her YouTube implies.


No. 1216101


You're confusing dysphoria with dysmorphia. They can be comorbid, but they're two entirely different phenomenon. BIID & AN are each their own separate diagnoses in the DSM-5

(sage for medfag)(Medfag)

No. 1216105

unironically it would be more accurate if you used dysphoria instead of dysmorphia anyway, because dysmorphia implies there is something actually physically wrong.

(sage for Greekfag)

No. 1216111

File: 1619335748279.png (656.28 KB, 668x664, 75D7101E-7C37-4849-8CEA-222F89…)

Has this been discussed yet?

No. 1216125

This looks like a fucking parody. I dont have the strengh to read the comic to see what the plot is about kek

No. 1216130

Ya it’s been discussed in the animation thread

No. 1216194

File: 1619355573485.png (3.81 MB, 828x1792, IMG_0848.PNG)

Just came across this on tinder. She doesn't even try, and she expects straight girls to buy into it. It's so pathetic it just makes me laugh tbh.

No. 1216210

kek someone replied to that pic you posted with "Boys in dresses boys in dresses boys in dresses" on her ig. for 20 dollars say woman.

No. 1216223

File: 1619361064528.jpg (38.29 KB, 1433x299, Untitled.jpg)

which one of you crypto trannies have been cow tipping?

No. 1216390

The only reason the DSM classifies gender shit as a dysphoria rather than a dysmorphia like anorexia is because of lobbying by Big Troon. You think accurate psychological diagnoses are an exact science, or just a bunch of individual therapists' best guesses at what's wrong with their patients? You think what the DSM considers a mental disorder vs. just a normal human thought pattern isn't influenced by how overall society views certain social issues/behaviors at the time that it's published?

No. 1216459

Do you guys remember the It Gets Better Project videos? It was basically a bunch of gay and trans adults telling gay and trans kids not to kill themselves over bullying because it gets better, right? We need a new It Gets Better Project for teen girls on the verge of trooning out. They need to know it's OK to be a lesbian, be butch or a tomboy, be "masculine", be autistic, hate your boobs, hate sexism, not want to get pregnant, be straight and white and "boring", like yaoi, etc. and they don't need to cut their tits off and grow a beard.

No. 1216549

File: 1619397638899.jpg (73.52 KB, 975x696, Ez09IKTXIAQir30.jpg)

No idea who made this but it's floating around on tranny twitter. Are they implying that ftm athletes end up becoming stronger than male athletes?

Sounds like bullshit, big if true

No. 1216564

File: 1619399023246.png (634.79 KB, 646x517, Capture.PNG)

No. 1216570

Sounds like BS, but I hope it's true so that scrotes kick up a fuss about women not belonging in their sports. Then maybe they'll understand that men will never belong in women's sports either.

No. 1216586

Sage for not a medfag but wouldn’t “XY” men also perform better if they were injecting testosterone? Assuming that that’s not permitted in men’s professional sports.

No. 1216593

File: 1619401790216.png (87.41 KB, 743x857, 8.png)

stop trying to control who people date

No. 1216594

this behavior is insane

No. 1216604

the "based" bara tiddy tif

No. 1216638

I mean hypothetically a woman on steroids could physically out perform most average untrained men but likely not a trained male athlete
It would be interesting to see the Limits performance enhancing drugs with regards to biological women competing against males

No. 1216785

File: 1619433791663.jpg (28.69 KB, 883x174, Untitled.jpg)

>it's ok when we have a fetish for mutilated bodies

No. 1216802

So only trans are allowed to make a distinction between genitals when dating, cis who do it are just bigots.

That explains why there are so many non binary lesbians right now.

No. 1216812

I’ll sage but can someone explain how they justify being lesbian if they’re non-binary? I still don’t get the whole non-binary concept. It feels contradictory.

No. 1216820

>I still don’t get the whole non-binary concept. It feels contradictory.
Because it is.

No. 1216826

I've always seen people explain it in the sense that woman is a "social role" in our society, so you can be nonbinary in your brain and have your little special gender or whatever but still have the social role of a woman and be solely attracted to other people who also fill that role.
It's a huge crock of sexist shit and I can't believe I was memed into believing in that when I was younger.

No. 1216830

It's essentially peer pressure, in that most lesbians I met that ID as nonbinary now would have just been… your standard butch or femme back in the day. There's an inherently different experience with womanhood as a lesbian, and instead if acknowledging and embracing that, these girls think that means they aren't/can't be women, because being a cis woman is Awful, so says the internet.

So nonbinary lesbian typically is a way to Not get called out by "woke queers," even if they still embrace and love their womanhood.

No. 1216833

File: 1619442721104.jpeg (498.81 KB, 828x898, 75C0997D-2AEA-4B62-B06B-08056F…)

I thought this bitch was crowdfunding for a family… no. These are all her. She’s a “multiple” apparently. I fucking can’t with that top right beard filter.

No. 1216834

I know in my heart that this bitch is just a delusional cow but this would be a brilliant scam to pull on the woke crowd, and I hope she's gonna get the money and run.

No. 1216839

The fact this is the reality we live in makes we wanna die

No. 1216840

File: 1619443692441.jpg (30.76 KB, 674x581, 174703779_949528969151136_8857…)

"Nonbinary" is what you call yourself when you want all of the privilege and "special status" as a tranny, but none of the requirements of actually being trans. It's like being an honorary tranny without actually doing anything.

No. 1216841

File: 1619443838185.png (2.69 MB, 828x1792, 74E88062-A209-4187-A532-40551A…)


Also some more of the cringe monster that is feministhistorian on Instagram

No. 1216842

please tell me the pic of her in the pink hat isn't a child alter? i've seen multitards pull the child alter shit before and it's so fucking creepy.

No. 1216846

File: 1619444533840.jpeg (1.04 MB, 828x1641, 575E0B02-CAD1-468C-9FE1-4789A3…)

No but she has a child alter. Bottom left.

No. 1216848

Sage for samefag as >>1216846 yes, it seems pink hat is a child. My mistake, it looked red at first glance and had to confirm. She’s private but her page is a goldmine of cringe. All she does is e beg and talk at her selfie cam on her story all day.

No. 1216852

File: 1619444918989.png (34.84 KB, 733x307, shR6yMb.png)

maybe this world is another planet's hell

(cropped out twitter id because op is 16)

No. 1216855

Why do retards always say “a femme”?

No. 1216858

Saying "woman" is literally murder

No. 1216869

physical embodiment of an identity crisis

No. 1216874

File: 1619447111994.jpg (22.19 KB, 529x94, well.JPG)

saw this as one of the replies…the only euphoria i have getting out of costume is that i can take off my contacts and fucking wig…
all I learned from cosplaying dudes is that its just clothing…and binding is uncomfortable

No. 1216884

It’s “womxn” now, anon. Aren’t you up to date with deranged troony lingo?

No. 1216907

omg how the fuck can you "do gender with intent" these people are so braindead it makes me mad

No. 1216913

it's ridiculous that someone that has the funds to have different wardrobes for 8 different personalities is begging for money

No. 1216920

with this logic, everyone would be trans. then no one would be transphobic. therefore, no victim card. they play themselves everyday.

No. 1216954

someone in the replies said that they often read about how people come out as enbies or demisexies to their mothers and their mothers are like "me too then" and yet that doesn't make them think that their female experience is universal and that they are exactly like all the other girls/women they are trying so hard not to be like. it's sad but also hilarious how stupid they are

No. 1216965

File: 1619454807804.jpg (179.84 KB, 1080x502, 20210426_173249.jpg)

checked out the qrts and they're all like this it's so depressing

No. 1216971

>nothing bad can come out of it
as someone who went through all that kweer brainwashing: so much bad can come out of it. so much self hate and doubt and constantly checking yourself and wondering if you're being kweer/enby enough. so much alienation from yourself, your body, other women, everyone. not to be melodramatic, but the time when i was knee deep in this kweer cult and identified as enby was the worst. i felt like i had no connection to my body and the people around me anymore because i thought i was an "other". i even went through that 'i wish/think i was/am a robot' phase. it's the worst and it pains me that so many vulnerable girls and women are being dragged into this cult mentality.

No. 1216974

File: 1619455416793.jpg (73.63 KB, 692x720, 1576560461491.jpg)

It's always a unfemenine/gnc girl that goes for the they/them pronouns and then gets groomed into troon shit because she doesn't identify with what "women are supposed to be". Let me off this ride, aren't tomboys supposed to be a thing ? What happened to the tomboy concept?

No. 1216978

10 years ago a girl like this would have done Youtube comedy skits as 8 different characters but I guess nowadays pretending to be 8 different flavors of genderspecial to e-beg for woke dollars is a more profitable grift.

No. 1216984

Famous last words

No. 1217058

So, a tomboy. Kek

These muskrats’ explanations are all the same. Not liking femininity 100% doesn’t make you trans, or a new made up gender. It means you’re a girl who just likes what she likes. Silly how someone’s delusion and made up identity somehow means it actually exists, in real time, and that people must respect it or they’re “transphobic” for not wanting to completely restructure their vocabulary over a fad.

No. 1217062

And when they make the argument that gender is different from sex, but screech when a doctor “assigns” a baby as their biological sex. Absolute insanity.

No. 1217100

Nope, saying "womxn" is transphobic now, troons keep on changing the rules.

No. 1217203

No citation of any data on recorded ftm performance numbers compared to peak cis male athlete numbers means it's bullshit.

No. 1217290

when I was younger, I was on some genderfuck message boards and pronouns were not really a thing there yet. I guess it was just starting It's weird how this is some way you must define yourself now. I rather like the idea of abolishing gender expectations and gendered fashion but I don't like the idea of telling young girls who don't fit some fake stereotype that they must be nonbinary or trans.

I'm not that old but I somehow feel way too old for this shit. Isn't it embarrassing when people eventually change their minds and they have to adjust pronouns?

I also am no boomer apologist but I think it's shitty to expect everyone around you to immediately be perfect regarding your pronouns. A student in my course reported a tutor for misgendering them repeatedly. It was clearly an accident; the tutor was really apologetic about it. But it's like there's no room for learning with these people. I remember the first time I accidentally said "transgendered" and got an earful about it. I wasn't even looking to offend.

No. 1217293

um, is kid alter a muslim?

No. 1217424

>nothing bad can come of it
ok hopefully sis
every time I come to this thread I’m thankful I was born about 10 years too late for this shit. as a mentally ill teen in mid 2000s I cut off my hair and larped as a gay boy on the internet, jfc I easily would have been convinced I was actually a tranny. 2 spooky

No. 1217432

File: 1619487959255.jpeg (519.47 KB, 1242x1130, 8029C992-7421-4156-8228-A99069…)

No. 1217433

tiny shoulders + muscles is always a bad look. eugh.

No. 1217443

File: 1619489105722.jpeg (984.43 KB, 3386x2127, DAFE9293-5202-4A59-9439-82B9BD…)

Lazy and pathetic.
>he/him they/them surejan.gif
And some of these tumblr lesbians are spineless jfc
>acknowledging only lesbians bc it’s their day…haha jk jk i don wan to exclude any1!!

No. 1217447

I love how most of these are fat ugly chicks who can’t get men.

No. 1217607

funny how all these freaks have an unstable and abusive home life. the con is getting too obvious now.

No. 1217654

File: 1619519865482.jpeg (338.9 KB, 739x776, 0681660D-BD66-4907-A328-E3C5EE…)

The absolute fucking gall of some of these they/them bitches

No. 1217660

fuck it i'm trooning out, this shit looks profitable.

for real though, how much money do you think these bitches make? guilt spreads as fast as ROGD in these circles so they gotta be making a little bit of pocket change at the least.

No. 1217662

File: 1619520846948.png (3.09 MB, 828x1792, 57BDDA06-0D2A-4C51-A97B-F6C1C7…)

Okay pedo

No. 1217670

praying vigilante justice makes a big comeback and these degenerates are targeted.

off topic slightly but does this account ever post anything about the history of feminism? or is the username just a big cope to feel important?

No. 1217682

>who is also a young person in an adult body
Means her friend is also an adult larping

No. 1217700

is being trans an accomplishment?

No. 1217706

no nonbinary person is attractive

yeah i had an abusive household too since my mom told me to stop smoking weed and do chores. lmao. so abused and unstable yet has time to selfie-whore and beg for money on the internet all day

No. 1217707

> a toddler in an adult body
these idiot freaks really don't understand the implications of larping this into existence do they.

No. 1217727

the abuse she faces is constant misgendering and being told its a phase… really unstable and scary… she has it just as bad as gay kids who are beaten and kicked out onto the streets guyzzz

No. 1217746

Jfc, at least Shayna shows tits and pussy (horrifying as they may be) when begging internet strangers to pay for her weed and manicures.

No. 1217748

This shit is fucking insane. Most of these aren’t “needs” at all and are luxuries.

No. 1217751

What the fuck. A lot of these aren’t basic needs or rights. Getting your weed, free massages, and money for your dog? This person must be a lazy fatty.

No. 1217753

and i bet she “can’t work cause uwu my anxiety chronic pain” and other such bullshit.

Christ i know people in chronic pain who if they couldn’t work they became self employed so they can pick their own workload. is shocking that anyone can be shameless enough to think their life is so hard they deserve handouts. get a fuckin job.

No. 1217757

How the fuck is $600 in weed a need ever? You need two fucking ounces? Unless you owe someone money, I don’t think anyone NEEDS that much weed at once lol

No. 1217841

No one needs any amount of weed at all, ever.

No. 1217852

probably the type to go on about how weed totally isn't addictive or harmful in any way shape or form, and then throw a shitfit when anyone suggests they quit it, or even just lessen the amount they use.

No. 1217931

It’s ~mandatory~ for their uwu anxiety episodes. Why do all of these creatures somehow have extreme anxiety?

No. 1217932

See, I'm wondering where this bitch is going to get a 240 dollar massage, I might need to get me some of that, must be a damn good massage.

No. 1217936

the majority of people i have known using weed have had their anxiety increase. i get that it works for some people but it seems like playing with fire if you consider yourself to have serious mental health issues. ofc i know that bitch is likely to be lying but still, at least try and be realistic if you're gonna try and con people.

No. 1217955

One of these things is CBD for her dog.

And just a straight-up vacation, uh, I mean, Recoop/Pain Relief Stay

No. 1217966

that's it, i'm creating a troonsona so i can spunk the donation money on vidya. err, i mean… emotional support media.

No. 1217968

Reminds me of that girl from Girl, Interrupted who was a burn victim as a child and that's why she acted like a child to escape the horrifying reality

No. 1218147

I don't think she was an actual MAGA or white boy obsessed, it was just an act for her asian male viewers. She's very into performance, I'm not sure whether she's really trans but it seems like it since she cut her hair.

If you check the woman vs man video it doesn't seem to try to imply a singular viewpoint, its just 2 personas of hers sharing their conflicting opinions

No. 1218327

File: 1619568407410.png (47.78 KB, 637x512, tumblr_5ba636b575af3c87132f1a9…)

Bunch of fujoshi actually got a gay man's book cancelled because he said that maybe women shouldn't write fetishy books about gay men. An Island Without You was a upcoming book by Malulani Moreno but his publishers cancelled it because of his opinions on twitter and the women attacking him blaming him of creating sockpuppets when people tried to defend him

No. 1218414

File: 1619573096024.jpeg (791.28 KB, 828x1420, 8C565BB1-4EF1-46D2-8B5A-05842C…)

No. 1218486

I honestly think everyone in this situation is a retard. A man is telling women what they can and can't do, but it's somehow woke because he's a fag? And then a bunch of retards decided to go on a witch hunt instead of ignoring this irrelevant scrote. What a shitshow.

If a woman wants to write about men fucking each other in the ass, that's her prerogative. If it bothers you, block her and ignore it. It's not rocket science.

No. 1218491

Gay man expresses opinion that it's weird and creepy how straight women fetishise gay men like they're unicorns and not people, acting a lot like straight men in that respect, and so then he loses a book deal over it, because they can't just block and ignore it either.

Who gives a fuck if it's woke or not. It's the stupidest reason to cancel a book. People should be allowed to find your interest cringey and dumb, especially if you're the subject of it.

No. 1218508

yeah i totally agree. while i don’t agree with the idea that women can’t write gay stories at the end of the day it’s not something to get worked up about. i can’t believe he would lose the book for this but i also think having an active social media presence as an author is stupid and a sure fire way to get cancelled

No. 1218520

of all the thousands of people who e-beg, why should i choose to fund this person's pedicure, weed (which is listed as an essential for some fucking reason) and tattoo session? please give an actual reason that isn't just "i'm nonbinary, autistic and black."

No. 1218521

File: 1619584301119.jpeg (778.45 KB, 828x1337, 73E47891-B11E-42D1-A1DA-97DDDF…)

doubled down on the weed. needs $600 worth for pain management apparently

No. 1218522

For once, I think it's good - so far it's been only MtF cancelling lesbians, if it starts affecting gay dudes, maybe more of them will start to speak out too.

But if woman were able to cancel a gay man, then maybe it also means things are just turning worse…

No. 1218536

File: 1619586632262.gif (45.96 KB, 220x123, tenor.gif)

The prioritizing of weed over the dogs vet bills & surgery. Yikes…

>"& Who won't steal for me"

Sage for no contribution other than bashing my head into the wall over how delusional this troon is & how even more deluded anyone actually contributing to their degeneracy is.

No. 1218547

Kek this will never get old. Based Africans.(bait)

No. 1218601

They put homosexuals on a register like sex offenders, with their photos and addresses. They regularly get brutally beaten to death.

No. 1218602

>Ugandan women face huge problems of violence in their country, lesbians are beaten and raped
>Ugandan lesbian tries to escape the nightmare by pretending to be a straight man
>Doesn't work, still seen as a gay woman by barbaric homophobes
>"Based Africans lmao"
>Doesn't sage

You'll never convince me this wasn't posted by a scrote.

No. 1218618

I'm a misogynist now.

No. 1218621

This "stop fetishizing poor gay men" bullshit is unbelievably retarded. As long as there's porn and smut of any kind online, people will fetishize other people. If we're going to tell fujos to stop fetishizing gay men, we should be telling straight men to not fetishize lesbians, or straight women even.

The whole discourse surrounding it is stupid and I hate it. If porn that constantly fetishizes women can exist without those fakebois and ex-fujos throwing a tantrum, fujos can fetishize gay men.

No. 1218629

What's retarded is allowing women to sink to the coomer levels of a moid. They need to be freaks in private, we shouldn't let them do this out in the open and normalise fujo shit because wah wah women are fetishised too. Go back to your radfem circle jerks.

No. 1218632

File: 1619603748217.jpg (79.6 KB, 709x697, Untitled.jpg)

Samefag, but back on topic.

No. 1218639

I agree with you, but I'd like to address the root cause which is coomerism in general.
By telling a woman to stop fetishizing fags, you're telling her to go back to straight porn where fetishizing women is so normal that nobody even talks about it.
If the people complaining about this had the same passion towards porn in general I wouldn't think the "don't fetishize gay men" is an incredibly hypocritical statement.
Besides it's usually fakebois that spout that shit because they want to cling to any semblance of oppression they experience, considering that they're now men kek.

No. 1218641

Oh I totally agree. We need to strike at the root of all this shit and that's why I'm firmly against pornography. No good can come of ANY porn. That's the problem with liberal views towards this, they think it's ok as long as your personal brand of degeneracy doesn't clash with their identity politics. Fucking "ethical" coomers. It's nonsense.

Also on a slight tangent: fanfiction depicting smut is 100% a gateway drug. I spent enough years on tumblr to witness the effects of it first hand.

No. 1218656

>By telling a woman to stop fetishizing fags, you're telling her to go back to straight porn where fetishizing women is so normal that nobody even talks about it.

I mean most of these women are straight, so shouldn't the more logical solution be to produce women produced female friendly non-kink related erotica centered women's pleasure

No. 1218670

Good. I love when men get cancelled.

No. 1218673

This. Bold of a gay men demand of women to not fetishize his social group when drag queens exist. Fucking retard

No. 1218692

>Also on a slight tangent: fanfiction depicting smut is 100% a gateway drug. I spent enough years on tumblr to witness the effects of it first hand.

Way to both generalize and dismiss all fujos as "YAOIZ BAD", which is no better than what your ravenous ftms are doing. It's not a gateway drug anymore than videogames are a gateway drug to real violence. Most people who ship mlm do it for the fantasy that's removed from reality, which visual porn would ruin - they're shipping cartoon characters, not real men in a real gay relationship.

No. 1218696

Lmao, good. He should be cancelled. He was also seething about bisexuals all the time (with particular rage at bisexual women, too. I wonder why). Rent fucking free, mono.

No. 1218705

I didn't say all fanfiction, retard. Just explicit smut. It's perfectly fine to read and write about two fictional dudes who you think go well together. But when you're reading and writing explicit smut you're a degenerate. Not just M/M smut but any, really. It's coomer activity. Sorry that I don't buy into the retarded belief that women should be let off the hook for it because we're fetishised more. Two wrongs don't make a right.

No. 1218708

A lot of wokies give 10% of their income to black or trans people, kind of like tithing.

No. 1218727

>Implying women fall to coomerism the way men do
The only way fujo coomerism goes bad is when fujos start transitioning, and then the worst they can do is trying to coerce gay men into fucking them, always failing (I bet you have seen the way gay men trash ftm) The way straight male coomerism goes bad is when they start harassing, raping and abusing women near them. Stop pretending they are the same, a woman addicted to reading flowery smut fanfiction and anime boys making love is not the same as a man who gets off to videos of women being raped

No. 1218729

File: 1619618898602.jpg (25.27 KB, 400x400, 1315170801001.jpg)

Well said anon

No. 1218731

I don't understand why fujos get so defensive over this, like yeah its fucked up to read porn of underage Shonen boys fucking(I don't even know why someone would wanna draw think that shit in the first place)
like >>1218727 psychologically your not any better then an average male coomer

No. 1218771

File: 1619623446040.jpeg (1.25 MB, 1242x1818, 5C9AB9C0-B22F-4C65-AF19-D1DB26…)

Another fat ebegging troon just covering up her being a lazy lard ass by saying she’s a sex worker.

No. 1218772

File: 1619623480962.png (5.3 MB, 1242x2208, 55DBE947-133A-4E7A-B58F-6704F5…)

No. 1218774

File: 1619623568900.jpeg (746.44 KB, 1242x1115, 5E4F0BE6-1D2A-4F2A-BCDB-EF96A1…)

>just a fat bitch wearing lingerie and stripping

No. 1218931

File: 1619631497729.png (69.36 KB, 925x550, Screenshot (43).png)

Literally what even is the point, why would you want to be a FTM femboy

No. 1218934

They just want to opt out of womanhood, which they’ll never be able to fully do anyway.

No. 1218938


No. 1218939

>b/g, g/g
doesn't this mean boy on girl and girl on girl though? so you admit it? you're literally just an obese ugly woman?

No. 1218954

I know this bitch did not combine Aphrodite and Adonis together to use as her name!
The delusion is radiating.

No. 1218987

why do plebs like you say “africans” even though it’s a whole continent?

No. 1218995

>thicc enby
Who didn’t tell her the difference between being morbidly obese and being “thicc”?

No. 1219041

The whole "thicc" thing is just more HAES bullshit, most of the time anyways. 9/10 "thicc" women I see are just fatties, kek. I'm begging someone to explain to them that being a gelatinous blob isn't the same as being curvy.

No. 1219070

File: 1619640930480.jpg (287.99 KB, 1080x1398, IMG_20210428_221258.jpg)

No. 1219080

she looks like a 14 year old boy that has some life threatening illness, that causes him to age rapidly

No. 1219083

Sage for contributing nothing but Jesus fucking christ man… this is her "fully being herself"? Is she method acting for playing a tweaker fucking hillbilly? Ellen was never much of a looker but she's really fucked herself up now.

No. 1219086

She has some kind of eating disorder doesn't she?

No. 1219098

"Hi I'm a girl who enjoys girly things like wearing girls' clothes, but I hate being belittled, discriminated against, and sexualized by men. What should I do?"

No. 1219105

>I once had the same mental capacity as a dog, and I still had dysphoria then
Dogs are roughly as smart as 2 year olds and I strongly doubt she had dysphoria then or can even remember that far back to begin with

No. 1219115

She absolutely does not remember that far back nor was she magically aware of her "phantom penis" that lead her to create realistic prosthetics. However it's rather fun to watch someone pick such a retarded fucking hill to die on so I'm just enjoying the show. I hope her expensive roll of flesh rots and fucking falls off. I hope it's a tiny little worm and comes no way near close to fulfilling her weird big dick fetish. If you spread that much tranny propaganda to vulnerable tweens (check the ages of her commenters, they're often under 16) you deserve to suffer.

No. 1219150

she can easily get a bf, men aren't that picky

No. 1219154

Its a shame that the field of psychoanalysis has become so uncritical of trans activist politics when there's this plainly obvious expression of maladaptive behavior and penis envy

No. 1219161

i read a lot of m/m smut when i was young and i’m a lesbian. how’d that happen?

sage cause blog

No. 1219212

Im bi with a preference for women, but used to strictly get off to yaoi. When I used the yaoi board (/y/?) On 4chan there were a few lesbian who talked about being into m/m. I think it's because it's made for the female gaze unlike yuri. I feel like this is a huge reason that women get meme'd into trooning out too.

No. 1219214

Ridiculously common, surprisingly. There’s a section of My Lesbian Experience With Loneliness where the author talks about reading BL doujinshi for years while not wanting to confront her real world attractions because she was a shut in

Sage because this is pinkpill/OT talk and there are autists on this board who believe any erotic content made for the purpose of masturbation supports the patriarchy.

No. 1219217

File: 1619651482455.jpeg (47.2 KB, 307x461, F78CDD77-CE38-4471-8753-EA7F4D…)

It’s not really FtM but this came up in Lesbian Visibility Day posts on twitter and I’m still trying to make sense of it

If the gender feelings crowd had their way they only people who would willingly call themselves women are those who enjoy the association with female stereotypes and expectations, and lesbians would be the “other”

No. 1219221

I feel like I saw that chest tat in the MTF thread. If that's the case, I hope this dude never gets laid. If it's just a really stupid TIF-wannabe woman, I don't know what to say (Maybe "get therapy"?). Either way, lesbian isn't a gender, it's a type of woman. I hate that these retards are trying to make "lesbian" mean nothing.

No. 1219244

Some newspapers do that but not the government

No. 1219248

It's mostly other black trannies giving money to other black trannies, except for the big ones with coomers or are lucky enough to get a few wokies.

No. 1219254

She looks gaunt and malnourished even through all that makeup. She looks miserable.

No. 1219262

Idk but all the lesbian identifying fujos that turned ftm I know now identify as gay men. Many of them date other trans men but most do sleep with men so I doubt they're just self hating gay women.

No. 1219276

File: 1619657502057.png (28.62 KB, 487x328, caption.PNG)

holy fucking shit, this person lives a more privileged lifestyle than a lot of people who i thought were upper middle class…
there's SO many things that can be omitted here, such as the dog's raw/fresh meat cbd shit and a car payment if you just opt in for a junker, which you can easily find many that work for under $2k. gas being $140? do they drive a truck? on their instagram it says they're disabled… but they aren't eligible for disability, but they are good enough to provide community support and do sex work…? if you were truly in chronic pain wouldn't you want to do the least amount of physical work?
i'm tired.
also this instagram post had me rolling https://www.instagram.com/p/CJ84_sVlggZ/ this person has me convinced they are a narcissist larp

No. 1219384

Why oh why would you transition into Shinji Ikari?

No. 1219442

Sage for blogposting. I'm the anon who posted that and I used to read M/M as a lesbian too. Never got off to it (legit always thought people were joking about rubbing one out to fanfic) but F/F never interested me either. Like someone already said here I think a lot of women, especially when they're young, try to avoid confronting their sexuality. For me the reason was simple: most female characters are written atrociously. They either have no character development or they're just portrayed as a bitch (nothing wrong with that, but usually there's no rhyme or reason to their bitchiness). Also since wokies have invaded places like AO3 there's more transbian shit infesting what little F/F there is in certain fandoms. So I don't see the cycle of lesbians turning to M/M ending any time soon.

No. 1219447

Maybe if you're in an industry that's very connection-oriented, you should keep your retarded opinions about other people in the industry to yourself. He shat where he ate, and that's exactly the sort of shit that happens when you do that.

It's not just that he ripped on TiFs and fujoshis– apparently he Tweeted about how he thinks the author of Love Simon is a fake bisexual or some shit like that. I'm sorry but if you publicly talk shit about someone else in the industry totally unprovoked like that, you shouldn't be shocked that it gets you blacklisted.

No. 1219466

my first thought too anon. imagine not only trooning out but also having anorexia in your 30s. fucking grim

No. 1219557

Given how dead eyed she looks I reckon she's gonna join the 41% at some point.

No. 1219583

>apparently he Tweeted about how he thinks the author of Love Simon is a fake bisexual or some shit like that.
Unironically she probably is, she got criticized by so many people for being a straight chick obsessed with gays that she probably pulled a Jameela Jamil. Sort of respect him for not falling for it but in this era you can't doubt someone's grift when it comes to gender or sexuality even if its obvious it's a cop out, he should've just been quiet.

No. 1219587

If she 41%s it will be blamed on transphobia from society, obviously. Not the fact that a mentally ill woman was encouraged to grow a beard and cut her tits off (and praised for it) instead of receiving proper mental health care for her underlying issues.

No. 1219649

Nta but why does it matter what the author's gender/sexuality is in the first place? You don't see men who write about lesbians being harassed to the point of lying about their gender/sexuality.

Since when are people disallowed from writing about groups they don't belong to personally? Why does this retarded logic only seem to apply to women writing gay men, and not people writing about other cultures for instance? I've never read it, but from what I can tell, Love Simon is just another teen coming of age book. How is that "fetishizing" gay people?

No. 1219664

>You don't see men who write about lesbians being harassed to the point of lying about their gender/sexuality.
They do get criticized for it, I see more lesbians get pissed about straight men writing lesbian stuff than I've ever seen gay men with straight women writing their yaoi novels. However straight men do not give a fuck about getting "canceled" unlike women. Unless they're agp like clymer they're not gonna larp as some queer space gender they're just gonna say tough shit and keep doing whatever they want since their self esteem isn't eradicated if someone on the internet doesn't like them. With women however they have this need to appease everyone.

>not people writing about other cultures for instance?

have you ignored what's been happening for the past several years

No. 1219669

Even ignoring that she looks like a dying 12 year-old, she can't even speak anymore. She can't even answer the questions she was sent probably weeks ago, even though apparently this is her "using the platform" to spread awareness about trans youth or whatever.

No. 1219721

File: 1619719193133.png (261.94 KB, 1080x816, Screenshot_20210429-195517~2.p…)

This is the first time I'm seeing "that" as a pronoun, I sometimes see "it" but only for the most terminally cumbrained troons (mostly AGP), but "that"??? That girl must be dealing with severe internalized misogyny (even more than the usual aiden).

No. 1219772

She doesn't seem to be on T at least but are there any health consequences for getting your tits cut off?

No. 1219853

Probably not as bad as testosterone ruining the vagina, but I don't think getting rid of entire healthy body parts that are there for a reason is a good thing to do.

No. 1219858

This is the most disturbing part of the whole thing to me. I know it's a tinfoil but I really think she has an ED, she sounds like her brain is starving.

Well firstly scarring, I've been wondering if we're ever gonna see her bare chest.

I think people can end up with chronic pain if something goes wrong with surgery or healing but idk how common that is for mastectomy.

Most importantly though is depression and regret. A while back on twitter I saw a heartbreaking post by a detrans woman about how she had to formula feed her child because she didn't have breasts anymore, and that's just one facet of the possible regrets you can have. I've also heard detransers talk about never fully adjusting to the loss and always feeling like they weren't whole anymore. But imagine the pressure to act like it was the greatest decision of your life.

No. 1219917

i wonder if something traumatic happened, or she wasn't getting mental health support which made her troon out.

She obviously doesn't look okay and what ever problems she has transitioning doesnt look like it solved them

No. 1219940

No respectable adult man has that haircut. Does the troon cult have some kind of law against people dressing their own damn age?

No. 1219951

Well barring possible risk complications that are inherent for all surgeries, pretty much just the ugly scars if you can't get keyhole. I heard you can't breastfeed but I've also heard of detransers being able to breastfeed.

No. 1219966

do you think her pussy is tight or loose?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1219967

scrote begone

No. 1219980

god i was hoping someone would post about it on here she looks malnourished, something has to be wrong with her (besides mental illness)

No. 1219987

mf got Barcode bangs

No. 1219999

File: 1619745551713.jpg (42.32 KB, 904x531, 186b73.jpg)

I love all of you

No. 1220001

it's a wap for sure(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1220014

She looks absolutely miserable. How empowering!
Probably. She probably trans to avoid the creepy sick fucks in Hollywood. Either that, or the creepy sick fucks already got to her, and she's so traumatized, she saw transing as a way out.

No. 1220017

It looks like a front for a rampant eating disorder. Or she's trying to deal with being molested by Bryan Singer.

No. 1220025

I wouldn't be surprised either way. It's so obvious eating disorders and gender disorders are often rooted in the same shit. But only one gets celebrated as stunning and brave.

No. 1220117

I saw some clip of her explaining what brings her joy and she's literally just trying to come up with something off the top of her head. Either she's straight up traumatized or she's being paid a pretty penny to LARP.

No. 1220300

Clutch your morality pearls harder. I know plenty of gen Xers who were into m/m fanfic smut and they're all either straight married women now or lesbians. Well adjusted people who don't live in these social bubbles of "maybe you're really a guy" or "maybe you should just rape everyone" can read porn without turning deranged. You sound like you're basing your "facts" off of a few anecotes.

No. 1220310

File: 1619790158222.png (181.35 KB, 1080x924, Screenshot_2021-04-30-20-39-43…)

Not exactly fakeboi, but genderspecials are just hate being women

No. 1220319

File: 1619790920566.png (50.16 KB, 734x356, TodiuZn.png)

kek what an ungrateful and overly dramatic idiot

No. 1220357

I know we’re in the fakeboi thread but ffs you can’t just define yourself out of womanhood.

No. 1220404

No. 1220473

Why does every single FTM sound the fucking same

No. 1220514

The testosterone ruins their voice permanently so they sound like a 13 year old boy. Either that or they just have bad vocal fry because they're trying to sound like a "man" but they sound like… a 13 year old boy.

No. 1220521

File: 1619807807314.jpeg (603.98 KB, 828x1391, 9CFB676D-817A-4C11-8831-21B8E1…)

Maybe if I decide to be a they/them and cut my titties off I could ask people for 25k so I don’t have to work, either

No. 1220568

So this 'tard thing the "they" pronoun denotes they are not a woman but… what does the "she" pronoun denote then? This shit fries my brain I truly feel bad for anyone who has these fucking morons in their friend group because there's no way I could keep up with the constant goal post shifting.

No. 1220569

File: 1619813341262.png (65.47 KB, 591x683, ghreqgsghsedc.png)

We are not mad, we just like to laugh at idiots who make a clown of themselves for everyone to see lol.

No. 1220577

File: 1619813810919.jpg (52.09 KB, 886x314, Untitled.jpg)

Funnily enough it feels just like having a clit in my mouth. Have fun lurking tho babes.

No. 1220581

Is this what happens when you get a concussion when you're thirteen?

Kek. What if I'm a lesbian? She'll have to choose between whether we're two women having consensual sex, or if she's a man raping a lesbian.

No. 1220595

This will never stop being funny, I wish she could tell the people at the bank to refer to her as Vamp while opening a bank account.

No. 1220628

I've always wondered how xenogenders fare in the wild (if they get out of their house at all), they always act super tough online but I'm certain they are very meek irl and can only seeth when the cashier calls them miss.

No. 1220681

I'm almost positive that they never mention any of the xenogender stuff irl except to other genderspecials and just function as normal women

No. 1220747

I encounter quite a lot of them at the place I work and they are indeed very meek and quiet. In groups of likeminded people they'll talk shit and start doing that braying horsegirl laugh, but they will never, ever correct someone in person.

No. 1220875

>or if she's a man raping a lesbian.
that'd be quite the euphoria

No. 1220902

File: 1619865659031.jpg (41.54 KB, 905x290, Untitled.jpg)

Just sane person things.

No. 1220904

Getting surgery partially due to not caring about surviving- what a way to make important decisions.

No. 1220905

forgot the part where the surgery is botched and she actually has a reason to hate her body. kek

No. 1220907

I thought the same thing. Hell, even the "good" phallo results look disgusting and run the risk of rotting and falling off lmao.

No. 1220984

this is so sad, it's the kind of thing detransitioners are warning us about but nobody wants to listen bc they'd rather pay cosmetic surgeons to help them self-destruct and self-harm
nauseating that people are enabling her and enabling this in general

No. 1221087

Orrrrr if she goes to real therapy and learns to accept herself as a woman it will likely be cheaper, less physically painful, and not involve cutting off functional body parts.

No. 1221145

isn't the last thing exactly what happened to soren? i truly cannot understand what these girls are thinking when they look at one of those fake dicks. i wonder how many of them actively avoid looking at pictures of them because they're too deep in denial that theirs will be better

No. 1221187

File: 1619899226948.png (1.39 MB, 875x980, find-the-difference.png)

I was watching the last interview of Ellen Bald. She was speaking about joy.

No. 1221190

Honestly, I hope I'm wrong, but I wouldn't be surprised if she commits suicide within the next 5 years, this whole thing seems like a cry for help and gender dysphoria is obviously not the only thing fucking with her mind. Of course then it'll be turned into the narrative that the world was not prepared for trans people yet, and "we" need to do better.

No. 1221191

Same. Either that or the ED will kill her. She looks alarmingly unhealthy and her mental health doesn't seem much better. She has the typical tranny doomer mindset, no wonder her wife fucked off.

No. 1221193

File: 1619900020674.jpg (147.86 KB, 674x1199, 13c.jpg)

Honestly she might 41% even sooner, she's making a surprisingly quick progression to becoming a living ghoul

No. 1221216

Once she gets a meat sock it's over

No. 1221219

It doesn't look like she's on T so I think she's just gonna stay as is. She doesn't strike me as that fucked up. Like a lot of her issues just seemed to stem from her breasts and wearing feminine clothing.

No. 1221227

Yeah, the frankendick seems more common in those motivated in transition by fetishes. Her whole coming out interview was basically aobut bieng sexualized in Hollywood because she was a woman, so she's probably one motivated by trauma.

No. 1221229

I hope you're right, if the only change she does is chopping her tits off there's a chance she can at least comeback to "normal" in her private life once (if) she gets her shit together.
This whole thing is very sad and an obvious cry for attention. Feels bad.

No. 1221436

File: 1619930459329.jpg (52.22 KB, 594x413, 20210502_004044.jpg)

Sage for sperg and irrelevant shit but this thing has a "lesbian" girlfriend who is a cow herself, there's a lot of heat surrounding the 2

gf is orquidiaarte who is a white woman pretending to be a trans woman and also has 100 ethnic identities or whatever

the hole for scrotes is a pedophile, if not mixing this shit up, who saved a nude selfie of 17 year old and posted it on tumblr anf wants to get into an animating career (can't find source right now)

No. 1221447

File: 1619931193023.jpg (340.53 KB, 1282x2041, 20210502_005101.jpg)

this doesn't prove anything, don't have time to dig it up

No. 1221452

File: 1619931594643.png (261.02 KB, 571x554, Screenshot 2021-05-02 at 05.56…)

It's not just any weed, it's RICK SIMPSON OIL. Vaping weed is a bad idea for your lungs, I thought? I had a look at her instagram… "my page is NOT FOR WHITE PEOPLE" but we can give her our money of course. She doesn't actually say what's wrong with her, autism aside.
I don't think she's getting all these ridiculous needs sorted.

No. 1221537

Segregation, but make it woke.

No. 1221709


I absolutely refuse to believe she wasn't abused by a studio exec, I wonder if there are any blind items that would prove this

No. 1221718

It's a shame because what I saw of her before she seemed very open and unashamed of her sexuality. I guess you can only keep a lid on that kind of trauma for so long before something drastic happens though.

No. 1221723

File: 1619972068094.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 129.53 KB, 750x849, 35BE0551-635B-4CA4-96DD-B95999…)

I think this is definitely a contender for “best slide” holy shit. Imagine admitting to overpaying for random opiates by the pill on your fucking Instagram. She’s out of her mind.

No. 1221727

Lmao what a fucking retard. Get a prescription maybe? Oh but then you'd have to prove to your doctor that you actually need them and aren't just a lazy fucking junkie. I'd bet that if you actually suggest that to her she'll just ree about US healthcare and how it's transphobic, racist, etc etc etc and say she can't afford it anyway even though she's quite clearly in the habit of dropping serious cash on luxuries.

No. 1221822

The fact that she has a "relax and recuperate" AirBnb stay and a fucking TATOO on her list of expenses to fund along side treatment for her dog makes me think her priorities are very screwed up. She just wants her life paid for, without any personal responsibility.

No. 1221866

ngl whenever i see shit like this i hope they're just bullshitting to make easy bank. i feel like if she cleaned all that fucking makeup off her face and switched up her hair, she'd be practically unrecognizable – maybe the look is a mask she dons to scam retards online

No. 1222241

File: 1620031939028.jpg (33.32 KB, 895x205, Untitled.jpg)

Censored the username and pfp as OP is 15 years old but holy shit. How are none of her friends saying "hey maybe this a bit dangerous and something you'll regret"? No wonder so many nonces and other assorted perverts are drawn to the troon crowd.

No. 1222452

File: 1620063223397.jpeg (157.29 KB, 634x823, 296AEA67-4FFF-4D8C-8A23-37CB00…)

A bunch of girls I went to high school with are starting their ~gender transition journey~ and it’s so funny to see them post captions like “I finally feel good about my body now that I’m on T :)” under photos that look like picrel. They’re all so miserable and gaunt looking that I’m half wondering if they’re just pretending to transition in order to cover up an eating disorder.

No. 1222476

I usually feel sad, you're right that they all look miserable. An old friend of mine from high school trooned out, got her tits chopped off, ruined her face and singing voice with testosterone. They very well could be eating disordered along with a laundry list of other diagnoses.

No. 1222542

Eating disorders and being trans, especially with FTMs, are usually comorbid in my experience. Makes sense considering both require a distorted self-image and obsessive desire to change oneself. If you're ever bored, scroll through ana tags and count the FTMs/enbys you see.

No. 1222581

Ever since Ms. Richard Levin emerged as a health secretary, the ED and FTM trans overlap is glaring in FTMs. Dysphoria from unwanted fat associated with being born a female… It must be the boy brain!

ED's and ftm transition is the same internalized destruction but with 'acceptable more steps' and coddled narcissism


No. 1222649

i remember watching a youtube video of a de-transitioned woman and she said that she had an eating disorder (hated her breasts because breasts = fat) and even when she strongly believed she was FTM, her main motivation to want to get on T as fast as possible was that T makes you lose weight faster. i knew a TIF irl and she used to be obese until she started T. then she dropped like 50 kilos in one year and went from shirt size 2XL to M.

No. 1222658

Hold on a second, this 15 year old kid got a GRS?

No. 1222665

Nah, just on testosterone.

No. 1222697

I guess I would feel more sad if they were my actual friends and not annoying overdramatic acquaintances that I took a musical theatre class with once and forgot to unfriend five years later. I think there's something about that sort of grating NLOG personality that's very susceptible to body image issues and trooning out.

No. 1222711

I work in eating disorders and you are all 100% on the money. All of our genderspecial FTM patients are in treatment because they starve to lose their boobs and hip fat. Jokes on them because when we make them weight restore, they have to restore to the male weight for their height which is significantly more than their starting weight. They also treat the girl patients worse because they think that's what being male entails.

No. 1222740

Is the CSA victim to ED patient to FtM pipeline.

No. 1222777

Eating disorders, repressed lesbianism, BL fandom combine to produce the FTM singularity

No. 1222782

No. 1222836

File: 1620084893254.jpg (29.54 KB, 640x360, 608c3c05d6bc196c56d15a99_o_U_v…)

I will never understand why women with Ellen's physique decide to troon out. Seeing her sitting across from Oprah perfectly highlights just how ridiculous she looks. Yes, Oprah is a full figured woman, but she's not particularly tall. Ellen is what, 5'0"? She's below average height even for a female. What's the point of transitioning if you will never pass?

No. 1222838

Female to incel

No. 1222927

She looks like if Miranda Cosgrove trooned out while in Drake & Josh.

No. 1223132

she's doing fulltime shinji ikari larp now

No. 1223143

hey don't be mean, anon. she totally passes for male. if i didn't know that was ellen page i would've thought that sickly tween boy got to meet oprah through the make a wish foundation, kek.

No. 1223182

Sorry to blogpost but it might be relevant. I'm detrans and back when I was active in FTM communities the number of people who also had EDs was massive. I have no doubt "gender dysphoria" can be a cover up for EDs, on purpose or not. Afterall it's cool and celebrated to basically starve so you can have an androgynous body if you're a TIF so you can "affirm your gender" but not if you're just another anorexic girl.

No. 1223349

Does anyone know what happened to the fakeboi ‘Zell Fae’ who was dating Wen (sippystraw/puppypetter2000)

No. 1223361

File: 1620147889573.jpeg (615.68 KB, 1242x1388, 10CFC71A-67ED-440D-B57F-F33F31…)

Don’t know if this has been discussed on a celebrity or youtuber thread already, but who else isn’t buying this? She’s claimed she had DID and was a trans gay man… and then Twitter stans attacked Gabbie Hanna for not using Trisha’s “they/them” pronouns

No. 1223363

i don’t really think this is the right thread since she’s not technically doing anything but going by them, but i agree with thinking that it’s a load of shit. i’m not going to call her they but i do respect the schtick she’s pulling - the easiest way to get the woke boring SJWs on your side is to pretend your pronouns are non-standard, and by doing this she’ll stop most of them from spamming ‘SHES PROBLEMATIC!!!!’ under her tweets. she’s in it for the long con kek

No. 1223370

As with most of Trish’s personality being “non-binary” is a fashion trend to her. Non-binary is really just a way for boring people to gain attention.It’s just like the emo phase and the bimbo phase. (Remember that one video where Trish asked if dogs had brains?)
Whatever Trish can do to get the attention she craves. Now that she’s non-binary it’s just getting more boring.
What’s next, Trish? Gonna open up as a closeted furry?

No. 1223410

I wonder if it’s the inverse of 6+ ft tall men with Chad chins transitioning to female? All my female friends who are 5’10” and over are always self-conscious about being perceived as too masculine because of their height. Yet as a short woman myself it’s frustrating to be belittled by men for being so small, and feeling threatened and intimidated because it’s easy for men to overpower you due to their size. I can see wanting to go from feeling vulnerable to powerful as a factor in why some women transition. I know at least 3 fakebois who take T and have chopped their tits off and they’re all under 5’3”.

No. 1223490

I'm 5'8 but when I was seriously considering trooning out a factor of it was that I wanted to be treated better by men. Growing up with an abusive father fucked me up and my retard logic was that scrotes would respect me more as a Fellow Male, so I can definitely see how short women would be perhaps even more inclined to think like that.

No. 1223681

File: 1620175980974.jpg (514.59 KB, 1000x1778, kellan4.jpg)

Author KM Szpara. "Author" is a loose term, since she wrote an extended gay erotica but because she's trans (pronouns him/himme, insufferably) nobody has called her out on the fujoshi to trans pipeline. The novel Docile is basically the worst tags on AO3, omegaverse autism, and communism. Also, in an ironic twist, she's obsessed with Harry Potter lol

No. 1223711

God what's the fucking point if you're just gonna end up wearing skirts and nail polish.

No. 1223730

RuPaul’s Drag Race has convinced women with internalized misogyny that being a woman who likes feminine things is lame and for basic bitches, but being a “man” who likes feminine things makes you fierce and fabulous.

No. 1223762

You know anon, I never thought of it that way. You are so correct.

No. 1223823

>Jokes on them because when we make them weight restore, they have to restore to the male weight for their height


No. 1223851


I think that's exactly it - anything a man does is somehow seen as better than when a woman does it, even if it involves looking/acting traditionally feminine. It's boring when a woman does it, but it's cool and "empowering" when a man does it. I think a lot of girls go through this stage of thinking, I know I did as a teen. I felt like I was "more connected" to feminine men, whatever the fuck that means lmao

No. 1223855

You know, I sometimes feel this may be true. I guess I can respect the hustle if that's the case, but how does someone not feel like absolute shit putting yourself out there like that?

No. 1223889

Didn't she said in her trans coming out video that she wanted to be dominant in relationships/sex so that's why she wanted to be male? so they/them is her gateway to stay feminine but say no to being submissive and they yes queen her? holy shit

No. 1223900

You have to remember Trisha is legit crazy. She has sacrificed any life normalcy for her hustle. And tbh I respect that sacrifice because who would I be laughing at (though I suspect it's more than partially "with") in my bored moments, if not her? God bless.

No. 1223920

it's so bizarre, but i also understand why she hates herself. she got a lot of flak for coming out as lesbian despite what you may have seen on twitter/tumblr circles, and she was objectified like fuck by SO many men. i wouldn't be surprised if she was a victim of sexual assault from someone in the industry. it's not hard to see that she fucking hates herself, like all ftms/themlets do. a real tragedy.

No. 1223928

looks like crossdressing jeremy renner kek

No. 1223990

File: 1620229357383.webm (1.12 MB, 576x1024, Snaptik_6958520724780813574_no…)

Me when I'm a woman

No. 1223993

File: 1620229735215.png (426.55 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20210505-114749.png)

Saw this in my fb feed and the comments section was full of reee-ing gender specials. Based Hot topic, definitely hitting their target of quirky attention seeking teenage girls.

No. 1223996

Jeremy Renner!?!

No. 1223997

Notice how these girls are never able to 'pull' straight women

No. 1224001

Thus is definitely some Yaoi Induced fantasy of wanting to be a gay uke boy, making a straight guy fall in love with you so they can live their IRL yaoi queer fantasy

No. 1224003

It's super funny considering this is very rare for actual gay men, wonder why you have it so much easier fucking straight dudes than them queen

No. 1224019

I don't think it's LARP, I think libfem-adjacent straight dudes are all too happy to get the woke/oppression points and access to insecure nb girl pussy that claiming bisexuality gets them. TIFs are just too retarded to see the obvious play. Of course none of them are actually bi (or closeted gay), and putting "straight" in quotes is a blatant cope.

No. 1224035

Yeah most of these guys dating fakebois seem like straight dudes who just want either a tomboy or alt gf, honestly the only guys I feel sympathy for are the ones whose girlfriends troon out as their dating and they have no choice but to identity as being bi or gay

No. 1224041

This is so fucking funny

No. 1224052

File: 1620236340131.jpg (369.37 KB, 1080x1448, Screenshot_20210505_193727.jpg)

I just recently joined a Lolita Facebook group and it's a goldmine. A sad goldmine, but still.

No. 1224062

Idk anon that face does look boyish to me

No. 1224090

This way of thinking is rampant in alternative fashion communities as well, especially hyperfeminine weeby ones like lolita and fairy kei. Being a girl in a frilly pink dress is lame and basic, but being a ‘boy’ (who looks and acts exactly like a girl and is indistinguishable from other girls aside from he/him pronouns in bio) in a frilly pink dress is cool and revolutionary. Don’t misgender me, bigots!
I’m sure that for most of them it’s just another way to stand out from the crowd and that few of them try to enforce this nonsense in real life outside of their little weeb circles.

Depressing, isn’t it? I still keep tabs on my local comm for sales and it seems like at least half of them are nonbinary/genderqueer now. I hate that my phone autocorrect knows what genderqueer is.

It’s a girl.

No. 1224094

Get some new glasses anon

No. 1224104

File: 1620241342808.jpg (957.58 KB, 1080x1769, Screenshot_20210505_210041.jpg)

Yeah, no. Even MY face looks more masculine than this.

No. 1224173


wow dasha looks so beautiful here

No. 1224355

Nonbinary is the way for upper class white girls to claim oppression without harming their bodies. I want to say it's based in its own way because it makes the mutilated, hairy goblin TIFs seethe, but Trisha should be like that one fat Asian actress who shamelessly claims to be a proud faghag because that's exactly what she is. Why is being a faghag so taboo now? Teen, 20, and 30-something faghags were everywhere in the 90's and 00's. Come 2010 they adopt the term "ally" and by 2020 they're all nonbinary or full FTM, making angry, homophobic tweets any time some Grindr gay blocks them or says "pussy" in a DM instead of frontsnatch or whatever kindergarten language they use for vagina. I don't know about other farmers but IMO I don't see anything wrong with being a straight woman who prefers the company of gays.

Sage for unnecessary rambling

No. 1224463

File: 1620287273392.png (1.47 MB, 952x629, tabbibbb.PNG)

your post made me remember about tabby, so i had to see what they were up to.
their hair gets longer on their head and their legs each time.

No. 1224611

Oh I’ve seen this creature before. “Cis” gay man turned nb.

No. 1224638

She has such cute clothes but her pedostache literally makes me want to vomit every time I look at her. I hope she grows out of her fakeboi phase eventually.

No. 1224707

wym cis gay man? she's female

No. 1225001

File: 1620339915428.jpg (80.08 KB, 564x752, Tabby.jpg)

Tabby is a tragic case because she was genuinely cute before she trooned out.

No. 1225046

File: 1620342911609.png (907.06 KB, 1440x2504, Screenshot_20210506-191110~2.p…)

In today's new speak news. "B-because not everyone who gives birth is a woman"

No. 1225051

sad to see how black women constantly erase black women's suffering and replace it with "birth having people." what the fuck Cori.

No. 1225138

This got into my YT recommendations. Cow in the wild! He/they pronouns, fat "supremacist", vague disabilities. ALL the box ticks! I'm sorry I dont know how to imbed videos.


No. 1225184

>Black birthing people
Honestly reads like Stormfront. Textbook horseshoe theory.

No. 1225191

I really like the fact that the picture looks like it was taken in the home of a recently deceased 90 year old. Very kawaii, 10/10.

No. 1225205

I wonder if she understands that the mustache looks gross, and she’s doing it intentionally. Like she wants to wear girly clothes but not be judged for it (because girls who like girly things are bad in her mind) but by being a gross pimply bearded lady she’ll scare away men who would otherwise sexually harass her and mean girls who would judge her. I wonder if she was molested as a child and she’s simultaneously doing DDLG (the fairy kei clothes) while also defeminizing herself by looking disgusting? Either way she’s calling herself a fag on Insta - she clearly has mental issues, no sane adult woman leaves the house looking like that.

No. 1225375

File: 1620398350559.png (675.14 KB, 720x1096, Screenshot_20210507-192741.png)

Maam that's a soft butch lesbian with a bad perm

No. 1225381

what terf has ever been threatened by a 5'2 neckbearded lady kek

No. 1225408

Rob Schneider?

No. 1225412

Homegirl is tired

No. 1225432

What’s with the handmaidens trying to pick fights with terfs? Nobody cares about transmen, they’re irrelevant even for the trans cult.

No. 1225450

her eyes look empty and flat like a fish. don't set up the parent of you child like this, lady.

No. 1225461

kek pretty sure lesbian terfs are or are dating tm. and the het gcs only make fun of them.

No. 1225713

sanpaku eyes for days

No. 1225726

God it sucks to be into butches in this day and age, they all identify as men. I hate it here.

No. 1225735

i did ask about stuff like this in the lolita general in /snow/, but yeah she's very much a girl who revels in negativity relating to people trying to figure out if she's a girl or a boy. newsflash everyone knows you're a woman and always will be.

No. 1225741

I don't think you know what that word means, the person in the pic has like the reverse of sanpanku. ichipaku

No. 1225878

kek i love this.

sage for blogging but i hate how accepted this troonery is now. i rp with someone (yeah i know, cringe hobby) and sometimes they send me troon shit like tiktoks where TIFs make weird jokes about being tops or bottoms or whatever and it always feels so awkward. it's the equivalent to people sending you bible verses out of nowhere because they think everyone needs the gospel.

No. 1225884

Do you have an example of the tiktoks she sends you anon?

No. 1226154

Not to derail but have always been curious. What is the general opinion of butches on T? I could not stand my voice and general face shape. I am 100% a woman but I wanted a more appealing and mature look (I am asian). I don't know if other actually lesbians are much into that, I was on it for only some months so I am still very much just a visibly butch woman.

No. 1226170

I don't think it's a good idea for any woman to take T unless they medically have to (and i have a hard time imagining a scenario where she would). Ruining your chances of conception and other problems relating to the failure of your sex organs is a high price to pay for not liking your features. I wouldn't take any life-altering drug just for vanity reasons tbh. You shouldn't be giving money to the people profiting off of your internalized misogyny/homophobia and insecurites anyways.
It's fine if you were on T, stopped, and were just a butch woman the whole time, too. Even if you detransed, I don't care. I mean, the past's the past, you can't change that.

No. 1226378

I think it reduces the market usually, because it darkens facial hair, causes acne, and increases aggression. Plus, it probably comes across as a red flag for future trooning out. You're probably fine as you are. I find most lesbians prefer more natural, unaltered looks, at least. Maybe look into self-acceptance practices instead of (fairly intense) medical procedures? Confidence and self-esteem are pretty attractive.

No. 1226508

I just think that taking hormones on levels you're not supposed to have is dangerous and not a good thing in the long run, even if it was for a short time. If you want to have a deeper voice, you can look into voice lessons, some voice actresses have amazing range and can even sound super deep.

No. 1226589

File: 1620584722668.jpeg (86.25 KB, 828x305, B258F599-FC8C-4EBC-B5A6-D897E0…)

Straight cis white woman posted this. Seriously how full of yourself can you get?

No. 1226615

I feel that, anon. Sage for blogposting but I'm butch myself and I hate having so few peers who haven't been troonpilled, and the only way I could get with most masc girls now is by identifying my way into their underwear kek. What a fucking joke of a planet we live on.

No. 1226864

Yes I think I had a hard time with self acceptance when I started to realize I was comfortable as butch. It was not recent, not a troon risk but the health complications are concerning. I am happy with myself now, not all due to my voice or appearance now but also realizing some self acceptance too. I am not mistaken as a troon as is because fact is it does not alter much if you are only on it for about 6 months, but it's good to know it's not much of a set back for the dating scene with other lesbian women. It's pushed a lot by the internet for lesbians who are uncomfortable with themselves which is why I did it, I wonder how many cases of females thinking they're men it has caused in the end.

No. 1226899

a lot, I feel like. pretty sure my lesbian friend got troonpilled because she was masc, I just hope she doesn't go through any health complications. god it makes me sad

No. 1227049

Do you have a way to talk her out of that? She needs to be told it's ok to be a damn woman. It's so disturbing, this mindset of butch meaning man. And every tomboy or young girls think they are boys. Which I can only blame this culture for; not the tomboy girls.

I highly doubt T changed your friend's mind so much, is she too far gone now? It would have to be the pressure from the cult mentality of these people.

No. 1227127

File: 1620654630142.png (38.54 KB, 640x178, Screenshot_20210510-164105.png)

Its so unfair my dad isn't a Sexist shithead and thinks women are just as capable as men!!! Now I cant justify my sterotypted ideas of gender

No. 1227307

I mean, he's not wrong. It's inherently sexist to be trans.

No. 1227368

>Women should behave and think like I think all women do.
>All women are girly tradwife stacies who love dresses and shoes and the color pink, but I'm not into that so that makes me a man.
>I can't be happy or start a career or shower until I've had hormones and surgery because I'm a strong gay man stuck in the body of an icky woman. Sorry Dad, I don't make the rules. Get me T now!
>What do you mean, "women can do anything men can do?" Women can only be stacies, you fucking transphobe!
>I can't believe my dad manipulated me into thinking I was sexist. Why are terfs like this?
>Anyway how do you fellow men like my new frilly pink dress and high heels? Men can do anything women can do and still be men!

No. 1227479

as far as I can tell it hasn't made her more aggro or anything, just facial hair – I haven't noticed a vocal change really either

I honestly don't know what she planned to accomplish by going on T, she's already tied down her chest for years, and I don't have it in me to ask if she still has them. she's suspiciously flat now, which makes me think she's had them removed.

She's never been crazy, which is why I'm 100% sure someone told her this is what she ""HAD"" to do because she didn't feel like a regular girl, and I want to punch them in the throat for it

No. 1227629

File: 1620708764249.png (23.2 KB, 981x182, 1589263352164.png)

From this thread, can't believe I'm actually siding with the dad

No. 1227711

Based dad

No. 1227719

What a good dad. And he's right. This is what self hatred and sexism looks like to these stupid people, a father actually encouraging his daughter to be strong and a woman. I'll never stop believing trans shit isnt all inherently self hatred

No. 1227720

Strength doesn't even mean physical. Men will usually be much stronger than women in a physical aspect, but this world runs on brains, not brawn. Pretty much all we do is medical science, tech, etc.. to make the world a more progressive place, and women have proven to be better at programming, tech, maths, etc. She's so dumb. Feel bad for her dad tbh

No. 1227722

Also take note on this comment
>"Playing video games doesn't make you a man"

Seems like he's telling her that playing vidya games all day isn't the male gender experience you think it is

No. 1227740

My experience as a straight woman who trooned out was that I am very masculine (more than acceptable "cute tomboy") but since I wasn't a lesbian I couldn't identify with butch "culture" or anything, obviously. And I knew 0 straight women who were as masculine as me and felt like me so I came to the conclusion that I must be a gay man… lol
I hope the girls on this thread realize that it's okay to be a masculine woman. Meeting women who are like me saved me from being an unhappy person playing pretend all my life
This "gay FTM" phenomen worries me, GNC representation and acceptance is so fucking important, it avoids all this bullshit

No. 1227751

I have your exact same thoughts regarding the gay FTM phenomen, in most films the masculine female character gets a "makeover" midway, Is a lesbian and in most recent cases is kweer or nb or some other shit, honestly it would be more revolutionary to have a masculine GNC girl to be paired up with a masculine male character
Its kinda wierd that there's been very little representation of these types of relationships cause as someone who used to do Karate and then MMA pretty much majority of women their were fairly masculine women who were dating/married to masculine men

No. 1227850

File: 1620750236179.jpg (5.82 MB, 3412x14064, imgonline-com-ua-twotoone-Tr1L…)

This chick watches ways too much Chinese BL shows

No. 1227853

this is so genuinely hard to read. is she just pretending mulan is actually totally genderkweer or whatever to cope?

No. 1227863

This reeks of adolescent angst.
As a comic it’s format is hard to fallow and the script is written poorly. She’s trying way to hard to sound poetic.

No. 1227864

Literally every TIF does that, but she's also purposefully misinterpreting Chinese mythology to fit her own dumb Identity

No. 1227896

I feel like I'm reading Dresden Codak, the paneling is a mess and the text makes no sense.

No. 1227911

File: 1620754781602.png (525.33 KB, 720x438, Screenshot_20210511-174316.png)

>she's Chinese American
>she watches a lot of Chinese BL shows that have a lot of pretty boys in them
>she wishes she looked like her Chinese BL characters
>she wants to keep her hair Long and wear skirts like her characters, but knows that will clock her as female
>This she blames western masculinity on this

But she's never gone look like guys like this, no matter how much she changes her style

No. 1228010

File: 1620761110034.png (460.71 KB, 1089x2248, lol1.png)

Damn, reddit can be fucking based.

No. 1228061

I can tell in my fucking bones this is some second generation ABC bitch who hasn't taken a single class in Chinese language or culture in her life other than watching Disney movies or reading xianxia fanfic on AO3 lol
>only referencing the horrible disneyfied mulan movie
>the horrible top heavy handwriting proportions on her chinese characters
>not knowing that the queue was imposed upon us by invaders and therefore not a fucking chinese value to "conserve"
>crying in general about the ancient confucian ideal of not cutting your hair to honor the body your parents gave you when obviously all chinese people today still get haircuts
Cant stand these people go put some fruit on the altar and honor your ancestors instead of going "Guanyin was totally a nonbinary kweer icon lol xD" for fucks sake

No. 1228063

>"us ACTUAL trans people"

No. 1228081

Sadly the regressive narrative right now is if you're GNC you must really be gay or trans in denial.

No. 1228098

>"Guanyin was totally a nonbinary kweer icon lol xD"
Please tell me nobody has actually said that, because her backstory on how she ascended was actually pretty sexist.

No. 1228179

KEK that’s what i clocked straight away fuck. cannot make this shit up. not exactly ‘based’ when the only people in the comments are also fakebois, just ones convinced they’re actually the ones that definitely aren’t larping

No. 1228222

File: 1620778236509.jpeg (438.39 KB, 750x1115, 84E3C88C-00C9-4A02-870F-128AEC…)

I regret to inform you that the very same artist did in fact say this

No. 1228230

File: 1620779356494.png (1.14 MB, 1334x750, 15707679-7CC1-4896-BF9C-98F729…)

Some retarded fakeboi pretends to be a Japanese midget/elementary schooler who can speak in forms of text?

This made me laugh so hard I had to post it here.

No. 1228236

>i speak romanji, katakana, hirgana, and kanji

ah yeah, I also speak letters

No. 1228238

Would it surprise you at all that she pretended to have BPD when people called her out for being a retard after this?

No. 1228240

I feel like it should, and yet..

No. 1228256

File: 1620782476357.jpg (36.19 KB, 606x438, IMG_20180810_203417.jpg)

No. 1228258

I don't know many Japanese people, but the Chinese people I know never say "I speak hanzi". Also, she didn't even spell hiragana right. Do I "speak romanji" too because I use the latin alphabet?

No. 1228271

not the last reply being from a therapist and they somehow haven't put this shit together?!?

No. 1228278

Please, normalfags, please rub your two braincells together and figure out that these kids keep falling into fads, and that being trans is one of those fads. Please god.
>"Stfu fujoshi, go fuck a different anime boy"
>acts like a fujoshit
I'm so confused. Maybe this "romanji" speaking chick is a cousin of that one other girl who larped as a rich gay korean businessman on reddit.

No. 1228287

>i speak romaji
Please say sike

No. 1228297

Imagine these retards interacting with Chinese and Japanese citizens. I know the Japanese are mostly xenophobic, but I wonder if they would rather speak to a retarded Japanese-American fujoshit who needs an interpreter, or a non-Asian (or even just non-Japanese) person who is fluent in Japanese. I can take a guess.

No. 1228324

This genuinely amuses me as I have seen so many articles on legit news sites claiming that medics are concerned that the stress of lockdown is causing young people to develop tourettes. If they only knew the cure was deleting the Tik Tok app…

No. 1228402

Based pops. She doesn't realize how lucky she is having such an understanding father.

No. 1228405

>us ACTUAL trans people

>I'm not a fat western girl, I'm an actual midget Japanese gay twink, look at me speaking romanji[sic]!!! Fuck you fujos you need to believe me with absolutely no proof or else you're racist and homophobic!
Many such cases. Funny how it's always the terminally online autistic effeminate gay guys who speak perfect English, know all the western memes and are online lingo savvy yet never post photos of their environment or themselves.

No. 1228504

File: 1620823410548.png (860.79 KB, 1334x750, B29D6B0D-ADD5-47B2-B5CB-A235B9…)

Japanese boi with a rad Japanese dad, I thought they were a full blooded Japanese who lived in Kyoto but now they’re claiming to be Japanese American? Make up your mind.

Still saying you can ‘speak’ romaji though despite it being just romanized version of Japanese…

No. 1228507

On one hand, this is pretty based, but on the other hand, no one would dare call out TIMs like this on reddit.

No. 1228517

File: 1620825591189.png (109.37 KB, 640x412, 6f2.png)

>What happened to the tomboy concept?

No. 1228519

>scrote meme obviously made just to reee about the fact he can’t sexualise women as easily anymore and le evil gays(?)
>w-why are girls transitioning into ugly genderless blobs!!! must be global homo, it can’t have anything to do with the fact that women can’t express themselves in any way without scrotes finding a way to make them sexually titillating

No. 1228521

I just thought it was funny anon.
And the pic is supposed to be a parody of S.Kelly's comics, you're not supposed to take any of it seriously.

No. 1228545

Tomboys are a childhood thing. There are no grown woman tomboys. A lot of women who are tomboys as children also grow up to be completely average feminine women.

Sexualizing "tomboys" is pedophilic.

No. 1228551

Is this how you process every meme?
You must be “fun” to hang out with…

No. 1228562

Or butches or soft butches, gnc, whatever.
Can't really take seriously women who label themselves with the word tomboy when they are full grown ass adults

No. 1228582

I'd say it goes farther back, highschoolers referring to themselves as tomboys are immature. Shit like refusing to wear dresses is laughable above the age of 13.

I don't think it's him, but isn't someone who also makes this style of parody comics dating a troon?

No. 1228594

>Shit like refusing to wear dresses is laughable above the age of 13.
This is a very shit take nonna

No. 1228671

You're in a thread dunking on troons and the like who insist that not liking feminine clothing means you're actually a man but think women refusing to wear dresses is "laughable"? Were you born this retarded or were you just dropped on your head as an infant?

No. 1228703

I'm talking about being completely anti-dress for any event. You don't have to always wear a dress, not even at your own wedding, but being unable to compromise when asked to, I think, is immature.

No. 1228715

I'm an adult, I dress myself, I don't take requests. The only event I can think of in which I'd be expected/asked to wear a dress is being a bridesmaid, which is something I would politely turn down because I fucking hate wearing dresses for a variety of reasons. That's not being immature, on the contrary putting your foot down and standing by what you want to do and not being swayed into doing what is expected of you as a female is the mature thing to do. I'm curious as to when you think women should be wearing dresses and not anything equivalently smart looking? I'm genuinely trying to understand your line of thought here.

No. 1228788

>but being unable to compromise when asked to, I think, is immature.
Why should women compromise to do something they don't want to do? And how the fuck wearing a dress when asked correlates to being mature?
Shit take.

No. 1228812

Why do women have to wear dresses but not men? Go back to your tradwife orbiter discord

No. 1228908

This is embarrassing for you.

No. 1228919

Yikes anon, read the room.

No. 1228920

Based anon. Men saying "can't you just be a cute tomboy, I like cute tomboys and find them hot!!!" is only solidifying the reason why so many GNC women troon out to escape sexualization by males.

The "butches should just grow up and learn how to be proper ladies" mindset strikes again. This is some tradthot level discourse holy shit. Pack your bags nonnie.

No. 1229030

You are literally the reason these women troon out. Women ABSOLUTELY MUST wear feminine dresses when demanded, unless you're a man/NB of course!

Identifying with a "tomboy" subculture was the way girls used to push back against shitty social expectations like the one you're spewing. Nowadays they just troon out instead. Imagine if we just let women do whatever the fuck they want.

No. 1229378

File: 1620928403736.jpg (70.44 KB, 457x589, Untitled.jpg)

I know it's been said before but it bears repeating: trannies and their supporters really are thick as pig shit. Imagine believing even a single fucking word of this lmao.

No. 1229533

Sage for a huge blogpost and possible no1curr but holy shit reading these threads has been eye-opening to me. I considered myself as FtM or at least Not A Woman for about ten years of my life, was pretty close to getting the diagnosis and transitioning until my psychologist said he can't recommend me for transitioning since I was currently mentally too unstable (bipolar and so on). It absolutely broke me at first but I have recently due to some circumstances "been forced" to live and present as woman and I am surprisingly okay about it for someone who considered joining the 41% two years ago because I was denied transitioning. I was never interested in the "girly things" as kid, had an ED and then a psychologist asked 14 yo me if I had ever considered if I wanted to be a boy when I speculated about being a lesbian. I hadn't but the question stayed with me and later I rationalized that everything, from my ED to my depression, was due to me being trans man. I'm pretty sure internalized misogyny played a huge role since when I had decided on the FtM identity I became a huge misogynist dipshit for a few years and even before that when I was still questioning I played the "not like other girls" card pretty hard despite of believing I was a feminist of some sort - I guess my feminism was in the "women can wear pants too!" stage… After some time my friend circles consisted almost exclusively of other trans people, majority of whom were FtM or AFAB non-binary people so I spent years in a very neat echo chamber.

I'm still questioning my gender identity and sexuality in my mid-20s but these threads really have given me a lot to think about. Unfortunately my social circles still consists of mainly trans people (FtM, MtF and all varieties of non-binary) who really like yelling about detransitioning being super rare so it shouldn't even be talked about and how that's actually just internalised transphobia or some shit and I really haven't had a proper medium to think about these things aloud since everything is transphobia nowadays.

No. 1229545

You're not alone, anon. Quite a few women on here have spoke about being ex FtM/Not Women. I'm dysphoric myself and came close to trooning out a few times. My advice would be to try and limit contact with other trans people, or at least the ones you're not close friends with and/or are deep into the cult. ROGD is most definitely a thing and it's a very hivemind like setting. Seek out dysphoric women and detrans women. I wish you luck, anon. ♥

(sage for no1curr, blogpost, etc)

No. 1229551

>then a PSYCHOLOGIST asked 14 yo me if I had ever considered if I wanted to be a boy when I speculated about being a lesbian.
What a fucking piece of shit.

No. 1229635

there is the occasional detrans poster here and plenty female detransitioners on tumblr and twitter, with groups like detransvoices and post trans as well. many detrans women also have struggled with EDs so you're not alone in your struggles.

No. 1229728

I'm glad you're able to start having this conversation anon, even if it's just with yourself for now. Agree with other anons about seeking out spaces outside the echo chamber you mentioned, and remember that you're allowed to ask hard questions, even if your current friend group makes you feel like you can't speculate in ways that don't line up with their views.

No. 1229850

Yeah, seriously, wtf. That's how we end up in this situation, by suggesting it to girls who are desperate for escapism and support. The fact that the psych was okay with suggesting Maybe You're A Boy instead of Maybe You're a Lesbian says SO MUCH.

No. 1229855

>a psychologist asked 14 yo me if I had ever considered if I wanted to be a boy when I speculated about being a lesbian
absolutely disgusting. i'm sorry this happened to you, nonna. feel hugged. for people to talk to, i'd suggest checking out radfems/gcs on tumblr! there are many detransitioners and dysphoric women over there too and they're always open to newcomers.

No. 1229873

Kek anon are you me? I actually got diagnosed as FtM, I fortunately never took hormones or did anything that permanently fucked me up tho. I recently desisted and what can I say, I'm a lot less miserable than I was when I thought I'm ftm/nb, I'm actually learning to love myself AS a woman for the first time in my life now. I still question my gender every now and then but I think thats most definitely because I'm on the spectrum, I've never been into girly shit and I'm surrounded by genderspecials plus I have a history with eating disorders as well and still suffer from body dysmorphia. I'm glad I live in a country where transitioning is a very difficult process, I don't want to think about what I'd do if I actually went through with my plan to medically transition. Probably kms

No. 1229875

Samefag, sorry, I just wanted to say that I'm glad this thread helped you, it definitely helped me too and I'm always glad to see people starting to question the things they were fed through echochambers. I've seen way too many people suddenly come out as trans in their twenties or even thirties within the past 2 years and I'm sad that I don't actually have anyone irl I can talk to about this because I'd instantly be labeled ~problematic~

Good to know there's a community of dysphoric/detrans women on tumblr, I'm definitely going to check that out

No. 1229882

Anon is very lucky she didn't ended up like "I am Jazz" wtf

No. 1229900

>he can't recommend me for transitioning since I was currently mentally too unstable
god you're lucky. I was incredibly mentally unstable and no one stopped me. and I was a teen

No. 1230349

I need the link for this. I want a banner-proportioned screenshot

No. 1230383

File: 1621036679307.jpeg (302.72 KB, 1276x793, BF1EB06C-180C-4986-9686-93E20A…)

Do any of you know Avery from the indie band Girlpool? She transitioned around 2018 I think and I can’t figure out where her tits went. Never had top surgery as far as I know. No scars. Can T do that? Picrel.

No. 1230395

File: 1621037758924.jpg (197.77 KB, 1080x1350, ffrankcadillac_157946570_12923…)

You sound like an underage Aiden. Avery very obviously had top surgery, because breasts can't melt away with testosterone. You can see how her nipple is deformed from surgeries in the photo you posted. You can also see faded horizontal scarring better in this photo that Ali Micheal posted on @ffrankcadillac. Ali Micheal needs her own thread because she's become an online BPD mess since she started dating Avery.

No. 1230397

If you have smallish breasts to begin with they can do what's called a keyhole top surgery. The scarring is very minimal and being right by the areola can be hard to spot. That looks like what she's had done, the giveaway for these surgeries is the crease on her chest under the nipple.

No. 1230401

Not a troon, I just genuinely didn’t know. I always assumed because most trans guys play up their scars so much if there were no scars there was no surgery. Just ignorance lol. But totally agree re: Ali. Im peripherally friends with people in that indie LA clique and they’re all milky af. Also Harmony the other Girlpool member started an onlyfans lol.

No. 1230406

File: 1621038572911.png (521.11 KB, 597x843, 6E255685-3695-4F19-B5D0-6E5123…)

No. 1230420


He looks like the result of a time travelling crack addict that landed in Rokoko time.

(also holy shit the support you girls give each other warmed my dead cold heart, I love you all sisters <3)

No. 1230431

Scars from a double mastectomy are unavoidable if you have larger breasts, the keyhole top surgery only works on smaller chested women. I think the ones who play up the scars and show them off are just trying to cope with and normalize what they've done to themselves.
You can discuss ftm milk here. Don't leave us hanging anons!

No. 1230473

Ali Michael skim milk posted here >>1230472

No. 1230476

I-is that a ao3 comment section

No. 1230566

I hope you're ok now anon

No. 1230593

god she was so cute this is so sad

No. 1230601

Wales is really trying to outdo Scotland in troonacy, huh. Fuck me I would move if that goblin was mayor of my town.

No. 1230652

I'm a detrans woman, if you want to talk. I've posted here before. I posted this >>1227740

No. 1230774

Copypasta material

No. 1230811

Sage for bitter blogposting but honestly as a butch this makes me seethe so much. This bitch couldn't shave her head and wear mens clothes as a woman? I googled Girlpool and apparently they're a "socially conscious" band but not that conscious if this retard thinks dressing like that makes you man. I'd get it if she was tomboyish/butch before because I'm dysphoric too but I guess GNC women are just a fucking joke to her. I hope her voice gets fucked up by T permanently.

No. 1230852

jfc, i literally thought this was a very bad joke. It's the end of the f*king world

No. 1230871

File: 1621110219689.jpg (251.36 KB, 1198x1680, E1XgPlpWUAkeBI6.jpg)

The last point is actually right but not in the way OP intended lmao. Your medical condition doesn't have to ruin your quality of life if you get a genuine therapist who helps you address the root cause of your dysphoria instead of a shill for big pharma who sends you off to get artificial cross sex hormones and mutilating surgery kek.

No. 1230897

why do they always have colored hair. if it's not danger colors it's some bizarre style. if these "nonbinary" people want to be taken seriously maybe they should stop stylizing themselves like high schoolers

No. 1231144

I missed this last year when it happened but the Aidens have started ganging up on Kaley Garrah leading up to her pulling a "muh mentulz" and leaving YouTube afaik. Embedded is probably the milkiest of the numerous callouts, because good fuck I can smell that dress through the screen

Here's some other callout videos from 20-somethings who all look like autistic 12yo boys:

No. 1231152

Is that the Deku girl that got publicly humiliated by her mom for being a fakeboi? They all look like they came out of the same factory.

No. 1231173

thanks for reminding me it I loved this vid kek

No. 1231320

Damn can't believe I don't exist

Not realizing you can continue to be a tomboy as an adult is a factor in girls trooning out

No. 1231379

can you post it? i think i know what you're talking about but i'm not sure

No. 1231411

File: 1621194122605.jpg (169.19 KB, 307x845, 20210516_153745.jpg)

Saw this on r/duggarssnark, while its not funny at all it reminded me of this thread. It's like you don't think the fact that you were raised in an extremely misogynistic cult, horribly abused and blamed for the abuse might have something to do with why you don't want to identify as a woman?

I hate how pointing out obvious shit like that gets you treated like you just murdered a baby and exiled from most LGBT/geek circles.

No. 1231413

search for Danika lolcow or Danika fakeboi you should get the thread with the video

No. 1231426

Fuck me, you know someone's retarded when they make Kaley Garrah look like the saner troon.

No. 1231620

Is "Szpara" a nom de plume or sth? In Polish it means "slit" and is a slightly derogatory word for a vagina, kek.

No. 1232021

File: 1621274662870.jpeg (215.44 KB, 750x744, AC075AEA-F0C2-4082-8BED-E50809…)

Sage Incase this was already discussed but this was my first irl catch of the absolute cope.

Just reminds me when they said lobotomy victims were just so happy. I feel so bad for all the young mentally ill girls who see this shit.

No. 1232028

>Looking like a terminally ill patient

No. 1232029

LMAO this is priceless. Good catch, nonny. This is seriously dangerous levels of cope. Just go and google "Ellen Page" and then "Elliot Page", the spark in her eyes is gone, she looks like an emotionless fucking husk now. OP couldn't even pick a good screencap to lie about kek.

No. 1232200

File: 1621286655343.png (130.66 KB, 935x391, lwjfnglhdu721.png)

They'd be ridiculed the same way a weeaboo would. But I think they'll be extra salty because they're touching religion here

No. 1232210

That post must be a joke?

No. 1232274

File: 1621293514163.jpg (30.67 KB, 254x346, Shinji Ikari Intensifies.jpg)

>>1232021 The true face of happiness

No. 1232281


literally transitioned to shinji ikari, complex mental illness and all. i guess when you’re enraptured in an ED to look like a smol skinny uke boy and generalized depression due to being born female and groomed into believing your body is completely wrong by sole fact of being assigned female, the fading light in this poor lesbian’s eyes must look like hope

No. 1232431

File: 1621308964679.jpg (254.92 KB, 1080x1896, screencap.jpg)

Getting kicked in the crotch is gender euphoria now

No. 1232439

Does she know women get seriously hurt when getting hit in the area as well

No. 1232467

File: 1621313446147.png (497.92 KB, 2236x1270, aita.png)

u-uwu my grandma with dementia doesn't remember my new special name, the terf bitch

No. 1232470

It sound like she talking about a child or a pet, no? Would getting off with that be considered pedophilia or zoophilia?

No. 1232539

File: 1621325833017.jpg (153.44 KB, 1080x547, Screenshot_20210518-031349_Fac…)


AYART here, it's her infant daughter. It's very obvious she likes forcing other people to participate in her fetish, picrel.

No. 1232551

File: 1621328214208.png (1.11 MB, 738x919, 1611473974658.png)

I see so many before/after troon pics where they used to look like normal happy people and once transitioned they have those dead miserable eyes while claiming to be the best they've ever been. How do you expect to fool people when you look like this? Does nobody dare to talk them out of it?
At least it looks like everyone is dogpiling on her, what a bitch.

No. 1232560

LMAO, ily nonny.

Ackshually us womxn have pubic bones made out of steel. Only the menfolk know the true pain of getting cuntpunted. Smh learn basic biology, anon.

No. 1232604

Why do they literally all look the same? My guess is her new name is something like Eli or Kai

No. 1232636

>i can see her comfort is more important than mine
>I’m only 19!!1!!1!1!1!
Is this retard seriously throwing tantrums at fucking 19 years old? Instead of T and “gender affirming” surgeries, she should be going to a therapist, but I guess her comfort is more important than the comfort of her family.

No. 1232649


>her comfort is more important than mine, I guess.

Yes, you selfish fuck. Have some fucking respect for your elders and some compassion for your poor grandma with early onset dementia that has known you as your legal name for most of your life. I can’t imagine being this cunty and self-centered.

No. 1232664


Yeah, that sounds about right.

No. 1232671

Any other ex tranny here? I love insulting them and seeing them suffer for being dumb girls. Hihi.(autism)

No. 1232699

Description of her reddit page:
>He/Him, 18. (…) I'm an artist, author, autist, bass player, costume maker, etc. (Discord is Harvest Chestable#4849)
Of course another autistic girl who thinks she's a male. God. I feel sorry for autistic women in this day and age.

No. 1232703

I've been browsing her Reddit, she seems to be going through the trans thing quite quickly for a girl her age, already on hormones for a while and has had top surgery. She is quite uneducated about things though - asked if her facial hair will grow more after top surgery and asked if top surgery can prevent breast cancer.

Honestly I'm so happy I'm an oldfag because as an autistic butch I'm almost certain I would've been trooned out had I been raised more recently. The absolute state of this fucking world.

No. 1232751

>>Honestly I'm so happy I'm an oldfag because as an autistic butch I'm almost certain I would've been trooned out had I been raised more recently. The absolute state of this fucking world.

Big same, especially since I got tons of shit from my parents and teachers for not conforming to gender stereotypes. I feel like autistic girls get particularly strong pressure to conform to female gender stereotypes and that is related to why so many are trooning out now.

No. 1232752

Is Kai even a real american name? I know all the memes with fakebois choosing jewish or outdated names, but Kai always stood out to me, it sounds more japanese.

No. 1232759

Kai is a Japanese name but it also a western one. Kinda like Japanese Yuri and slav Yuri.

No. 1232786

Sage for not contribution, but is there a reason for this? I've noticed a lot of trans people I know personally as well as a lot of them I see online (like here for instance) all seem to have high functioning autism

No. 1232833

There's a correlation between homosexuality and autism as well, not to the extent of transgenderism and autism though

No. 1232898

I think it's because autism makes you completely unaware or unaccepting of social norms, which would include gender or presentation and sexuality. Not that all gay people are autists or vice versa, just that it's probably easier for an autistic person to lean that way if they're not aware of or don't care about things like ingrained societal homophobia or 'transphobia' (aka pushback against GNC presentation).

No. 1233104

I don't think it's about lack of awareness in case of troonphobia, more like a black and white worldview and no nuance. You can't be a girl if you like blue, because girls like pink. Therefore, you must be a boy.

No. 1233109

File: 1621379129737.png (4.98 MB, 3000x3000, belledelphine.png)

Found this fakeboi Belle Delphine lookalike @/strawberrynekobun (tiktok and instagram) recently.

> typical uwu kawaii e-girl but desperate to differentiate herself by using they/them and he/him more recently

> "bunny boy moment" "my massive schlong"
> presents as hyper-feminine and makes no real effort to appear gender neutral, but acts passive aggressive to those who refer to her as a girl and constantly posts about non-binary activism
> wears nearly exclusively skirts and dresses, cutesy harajuku maid outfits and pastel wigs
> does makeup to accentuate feminine features
> acts in an obnoxiously put on "soft" way and regularly talks in an annoying high pitched voice
> obviously wants to be seen as a "cute s-shy loli anime girl owo"

For someone who says she doesn't want to fit into so called gender roles, she's trying prettyyyy hard to come across as a girl in every way possible.

No. 1233123

50% of genderspecial women fit that description. Got any milk?

No. 1233133

What >>1232898 and >>1233104 said, plus for women there's the aspect that a lot of what goes into socially acceptable femininity can be extra difficult to adopt if you're autistic (sensory difficulties making the tight or intricate clothes and making up your face and wearing perfume unbearable, social difficulties meaning you fail to keep the peace and bite your tongue like women are expected to do). Add in the long-running "masculine autistic brain" myth and the possibility of getting obsessed with gender ideology as a special interest and it's not too surprising that autistic women believe they've failed at womanhood and so must obviously be men.

No. 1233184

File: 1621384048236.png (683.78 KB, 822x1200, 3283A71E-DB9A-4A4E-8025-D7C7A7…)

I wasn’t sure if this could go here or in the manga thread, but there’s this short manga called Stripping the Flesh that’s about a FTM. Has anyone else here read it? My first thought was that it had to have been written by a guy because of how misogynistic it is but all the writers/artists involved are women.


I hate how it completely skips over treatments like breast reduction surgery and birth control for women, and after the MC gets their surgeries they’re completely fine with none of the complications a real person would have. They should have made it about the MC getting over their guilt and realizing how much of an asshole their father was.

No. 1233197

Agreed, I feel like every time I see girls like this I’m reminded of how they try so hard to be different but end up more bland and boring than they were originally lol.

No. 1233221

How can they write and draw all of this and not notice what’s wrong?

No. 1233292

File: 1621393773787.jpeg (187.98 KB, 750x830, CC800EC7-1D17-412B-840A-0939BE…)


They got one thing right kek

No. 1233346

File: 1621401135193.jpeg (1.24 MB, 2008x2550, 557E3686-9E1B-487E-AF96-EB3932…)

Yes, I’m mad, but can any anon tell me fucking WHY women do this??

I knew her pre-transition. She started hormones, got top surgery, and honestly, she looked better. But what confuses me is why the fuck go through all that bullshit and ID as a man when you go and constantly make yourself back up as a woman.

I swear to god it’s like she’s larping a fucking drag queen.

No. 1233348

File: 1621401460179.png (710.78 KB, 503x585, Screenshot 2021-05-19 at 06.17…)

found one in the wild (she commented on a friend's instgram post). yes trans not just unfortunate.

No. 1233351

rupaul's drag race is an answer

No. 1233354

No you don't "get a dick" on testosterone. You get a painfully enlarged clitoris.

Fun fact: Female hyenas have clitorises so large they look like dicks, and they are larger than the male hyenas actual dicks.

No. 1233356

Putting my 2 cents in as an autistic woman. I was undiagnosed until college, but I can see why transitioning is more common among autistic girls than non autistic. The struggle of fitting in with the other girls, especially if our interests aren't feminine enough. I'm sure the internet culture now massively intensifies it.

No. 1233433

Wait is that why so many Aiden's have hyena fursonas? I remember being in troon adjacent circles and seeing so many fucking hyena furry drawings. Now it all makes sense.

I'm 30 and up until last year I was still considering trooning out because I'm sick of being othered by people. Young autistic girls now don't stand a fucking chance.

No. 1233434

honestly it's >>1233351

men ar cool when they do feminity, women are vapid.

No. 1233466

This is genuinely painful to read. It's like it was written as a horror about what forced gender conformity, misogyny, and homophobia does to you, but the creators clearly think that this is wholesome and aspirational. They don't tell the truth, they don't talk about the painful side effects of HRT or the surgeries she went through, they don't admit that none of this actually "turns you into a man." The stinger at the end where she says she's looking for a girlfriend since she's "a man now" hits so hard when you're a lesbian. I actually felt ill at several points, reading this.

No. 1233544

File: 1621429477004.jpeg (283.74 KB, 828x1472, 3D8B2A7D-FABA-456C-BEB9-E60BB6…)

I woke up and saw another case of “it’s better to be a they/them than a lesbian”

The fact that she just got out of rehab and has documented mental illnesses doesn’t help

No. 1233593

She's definitely not a lesbian, just a mostly straight woman with a lot of trauma and that makes poor decisions.

I thought she already said she was nonbinary before. The nonbinary shit is so sad since everyone can tell they're just attention seeking women. She's been desperate to remain relevant for the past few years.

No. 1233601

god it just seemed so self-aware yet when she transitions it just glosses over her past. it's so abundantly clear that if you tell a kid "oh you can't want x! x is for boys/girls!" then the kid isn't magically gonna stop liking the thing, they're just gonna think they're a boy/girl for liking x. and then the part where she just wakes up one day, gets her tits and womb cut off and just goes on with her day… it just seems so idealized where it previously felt very aware of how trans shit just comes from misogyny. bonus point for the bootlicking in the comment section kek

No. 1233622

File: 1621435101514.png (109.45 KB, 1222x466, 70c2adc5-7e5b-5fa3-8649-cb8625…)

Yeah but their not dicks, as anon said their enlarged outward clitorises likely evolved so that Male Hyenas wouldn't be able to forcefully rape them and they could control sex and reproduction on their terms
I've seen so many TRAs use Hyenas and sea horses as examples of how "The gender binary doesn't exist and is a construct" but their taking things extremely out of context

Like with male sea horses, they don't get pregnant, The female seahorses lay the eggs and the male seahorse has a POUCH. Which he puts the eggs in for protection

No. 1233691

Even if male seahorses could get pregnant, how would that matter? You're a fucking human, not a seahorse! This stupid fucking talking point of seahorses is just clownfish 2.0.

No. 1233763

File: 1621445314337.jpeg (90.33 KB, 475x640, 4DE57B5F-5DD8-4236-AF01-02565C…)

She said her friend Alok “helped her” figure out her nonbinary identity. This is the same man who also “helped” Sam Smith arrive to the conclusion that he is nonbinary because he wears makeup. He’s a groomer at this point, on top of being a pedo.

No. 1233771

reading this made me feel physically ill

No. 1233775

File: 1621445741648.jpg (71.46 KB, 427x427, Jjv3e5G.jpg)

I can't stand Sam or Demi, don't get me wrong, but it's pretty public that both of them suffer with mental health issues and this ugly fucking scrote literally takes advantage of them and fucking grooms them and no one says anything. It's fine, just let the people with mental health problems join a cult where 41% of the members attempt suicide. Nothing to see here, just a bunch of brave and stunning folx.

No. 1233776

why do these people keep branding little girls as “kinky” it’s so fucked.

No. 1233812

reading this made me want to puke and skin this man or thing or whatever it is alive, seriously I have two young nieces and idk imagining that they might stumble in to some creep like this makes my blood boil. Fucking sick fucks

No. 1233913

Has anyone met any of these NB people irl? Everyone I’ve met so far are just fat women that are super insecure and honestly I feel sad for them.

Like damn sister go love yourself.

No. 1233935

i'm in leftist circles and everyone is a they/them. most are actually attractive women, some are average-looking men. but none of them present as anything other than their actual sex they've just all drank the genderspecial koolaid

No. 1233955


I've met a few. Guys are usually gay/bi who want to distance themselves from the evil cishets. Girls are usually NLOGs. Most only ever present as their assigned sex with pixie cuts and nail polish

No. 1233975

IIRC she’s come out as pansexual before and, since she’s friends with Alok, many people correctly guessed that her coming out as nonbinary was only a matter of time.

The context of that quote is a post where he’s lamenting that MtFs in women’s spaces are seen as perverts and little girls as innocent victims. He’s saying that little girls can be perverts too and basically implying that they can consent to or even initiate sexual interactions with adults.
>That little girl came onto me, officer!

In certain circles I know of more they/thems than “cis” people. The majority are girls aged 16~23 who spend a lot of time online and present very stereotypically feminine except for a short haircut or occasionally going a few days without shaving. I also feel bad for them, because it seems like it’s impossible to exist in these circles as a “cis” girl without constantly being painted as a villain. Identifying as nb is the easiest way out and fortunately most of them don’t get surgery or HRT.
I only know a few older (30+) nb women and they’re much more annoying not only because they should know better, but because they tend to be bullies both towards younger genderspecials and random normies in their vicinity who can’t keep up with the latest woke language.
The handful of nb men I know are your typical creepy “ally” types who use nb identity as a shield against getting called out for shitty behaviour. They present exactly like any other man except for maybe dyeing their hair blue or green.

No. 1234020

No NBs but I’ve seen two “ftm”, one was completely non-passing with he/him pronouns on a name tag and the other was a fujo college upperclassmen that trooned out. Both were womanlets as well. I’ve seen more guys IRL that do stuff like publicly wear womens clothing or go mtf.

No. 1234025


Holy fuck is NB just the get out jail card of being an “evil” cis person but you don’t want to do jack shit? Kek

What a valid identity

No. 1234055

My estranged sister is one and she's a fat angry white woman. She considers herself a "trans enby" and uses male pronouns and neopronouns and insists that people alternate them. She is your typical dollskill goth chick only she likes to publicly shout about her imaginary big dick like this woman does >>1233109 but IRL, usually to service workers and often in front of children. I'm pretty sure she adopted the troon identity because of her social media obsession. Tumblr and twitter taught her that it wasn't cool to be a straight white woman, but if you're a tranny you can get away with anything. She's 28, unemployed, and desperate to be popular with teens on tiktok and spends most of her time bullying randoms on Twitter and demanding money from them. She doesn't get any attention from either group and has frequent meltdowns over a lack of likes and follows. I wish she would get some help for her unchecked mental illness because it really spiraled out of control after she adopted the trans identity, before she trooned out she could at least hold a job. According to other family members she has developed a concerning anime merch hoarding problem and lives in absolute squalor. The saddest part about all of this is that she's not really a stand out among older NB women, I've met several others who she has tried to befriend and they act pretty much the same as her and see no issue with their behavior. Which means there are a lot more families having to deal with these people. If they can manage to convince these women to get help they're most likely going to be met with 'gender affirmation' rather than address the underlying issues and disturbing behavior. It's pretty depressing to watch.

No. 1234121

3 of my 9 cousins are now they/thems, and I suspect a 4th is going to join them soon. Sorry for the blog but it’s crazy to me that nobody is willing to acknowledge how odd this is, like any girl who is a little weird or socially awkward is instantly becoming trans these days. Meanwhile the more normal girls are all becoming they/shes for clout since quarantine started. My girlfriend added “any pronouns” to her bio, but never says anything to me when I call her a girl irl. kek

No. 1234135

Additionally, being autistic without knowing you are (much more common for women) can lead to many mental, social, and identity issues that people misidentify as gender dysphoria.

Another aspect is desire for a place in a community - many autists want this but find it hard to achieve, and the trans community is super full of grooming welcoming and tolerant of autist behavior.

I have a lot of empathy for undiagnosed autistic women and girls who are lead down the troon path because I can see how that could've been me, but I'm confused at the ones who know and still troon out.

Imo high functioning autist women don't get enough understanding or sympathy in general so I wonder if for some, trooning out is a maladaptive way of getting that.

No. 1234136

Not that I know of, but I mostly just work and stay at home. The last place I went where it would be crawling with those types is a comic convention a couple of years back. I basically see this shit all online these days, and its like others have said, a get out of jail free card from being female with no effort.

No. 1234149

There's multiple factors at play, fetishism being an obvious one for the more deranged FTMs, but I think it's in large part a cop out to the uncomfortable realization society is now perceiving you as an adult woman (at younger and younger ages these days to boot). So they slap they/them pronouns on social media and think they've escaped all the stigma like they've entered some sort of cheat code. In that sense I sympathize, infinitely more than the majority of MTFs who transition specifically out of a desire to be a woman rather than escaping being a man, but it doesn't achieve anything other than letting you feel like you're in a cool and elite class even though you unconsciously realize nothing's changed.

No. 1234197

>little girls are… kinky
someone put this man to the wall

No. 1234208

File: 1621480699882.jpg (45.41 KB, 453x586, picture.jpg)

This 20-something troon raised the bar for fakebois by helping her boyfriend murder his dad for unreasonable financial reasons. Testostorone must be a hell of a drug

>it was my job to cut up the body while A cleaned up the kitchen as best as possible. There was thick, very dark blood all over the floor. He had to use a broom, that we later threw away, obviously. I used a kitchen knife and a saw.

>The head and the arms i put in the orange bag,the legs in the black bag and the torso we manage together to squeeze in to the suitcase. It just barely fit, we had to really squeeze the both of us.

But its not a mental illnes guys!!

No. 1234248

Except on Tumblr you get in trouble if you call yourself NB for gender because that is only supposed to stand for 'Not Black' and everyone insists you use Enby instead.

No. 1234289

literally who

No. 1234346

Social contagion is a bitch.
Seriously, bring back mall goths, scene kids, emo, otaku without gender shit whatever. No matter how cringy it is, it's 100000% better than this. This gender fixation is nothing but another fad confusing vulnerable people about their identities and in some cases making them opt for unnecessary surgeries before they're even an adult.
It hurts me to see young people being so confused about their identities because of this bullshit. Life doens't have to be so complicated

No. 1234355

File: 1621503928077.png (150.42 KB, 385x401, imagem_2021-05-20_064545.png)

Is this TIF Jeffrey Dahmer?

No. 1234365

File: 1621506236150.jpg (289.71 KB, 1920x1080, c86b0543-1fb7-4722-89b6-bd7ebc…)

My Friend Dahmer lookin ass

No. 1234372

She probably copied this look.
Who is it? Did she truly kill someone?

No. 1234407

lol this definitely has nothing to do with her recent sperg out involving that frozen yogurt shop. nope, definitely not a way to get people to shut up about it and deflect criticism.

No. 1234412

Good point. Now no one can criticise her for anything because that's twansphobia

No. 1234590

Yes, the images and the text is from Police protocol shared on a swedish forum. The case is in court right now so i couldnt find any news article that arent in swedish. The victim is Mikael Petersson from Karlskrona. There will probably be a lot of news article about it in a couple weeks when the trial is over. I wonder if she gets to go to male prison,since she is stated as a man in the media but according to rumors have not yet changed her sex legally.

No. 1234614

Oh god is she Swedish? Is the forum flashback?
Like we need another murderous troon. Unlike the other, I doubt she wants to be in the opposite sex prison.

No. 1234625

Demi Lovato joins Ellen Page in the "mentally ill woman troons out and is peddled around like a freak show but needs therapy"

No. 1234629

oddly manly of her

No. 1234636

And ones who are diagnosed early are under even stronger pressure to conform to gender stereotypes, especially by non-autistic "autism specialists" who primarily focus on trying to force autistic kids to conform as rigidly to social norms as possible. That means if you're a nerdy girl that cares more about anime or dinosaurs or playing outside or whatever than boys or makeup, you get told your interests "aren't appropriate for a girl your age" and strongly pressured to give them up and focus on other shit instead. Especially once you start hitting puberty.

Not to blog too much but I was diagnosed autistic young and got put through that crap, and have seen many other autistic women who were diagnosed young talk about going through the same shit. I can easily see why so many autistic girls would say fuck it, I'm not a girl if that's the only way they can continue to enjoy what they like without constant crap from their parents/teachers.

Shit, I had a phase of questioning my gender/wanting to be a boy largely because of that shit. Had I been a kid in the last decade I probably would've trooned out.

No. 1234678

I think the popularity of ultra feminine fakebois and enbys is because they think the LGBT community is a fandom or a counter-culture movement and they want to be a part of the fun with the least effort. It takes less effort to declare yourself an enby or a "soft boi uwu" and change pronouns than it does to pretend to be bi which is the identity that LGBT larpers from the past used to pretend to be. You don't even have to fake same sex attraction with calling yourself enby. I think with celebrities like Demi becoming theythems has to do with wanting to be relevant. She and other celebrity she/theys like Halsey are most likely not going to alter much about themselves and will probably forget about their pronoun change in a year. I do think that the commentary about alienation from womanhood is useful, but a good chunk of these people probably do not have these complicated feelings or it is not the only factor at play here.

No. 1234772

I'm not against NB people in general so I ended up dating and having a few friends that identify as such. One is rather feminine but insists that they be called they/them which just feels a bit unfortunate when nb friend 2 accidentally misgenders them weekly anyways because she's so used to them being a "her" irl kek. The person I dated was rather androgynous and kind of acted more like a tomboy than anything so was one of the nbs I was willing to take at face value. Also was surprisingly not fat or very twitter-minded. Mixed bag.(blogging)

No. 1234790

this thread makes me miss when women could just be masculine/tomboyish without acc being a boy ugh

No. 1234873

Blog but I am one of those early diagnosed autistic women. I was pressured out of my authentic interests/behaviors much in the same way you've described, and now I would describe myself as a normie (or at least I can fake being one convincingly). Thankfully I was born before troonacy was a thing.

You know what this makes me think of? How much autistic moids are coddled. Autistic women are able to condition themselves to be palatable, autistic men just straight up choose to be impossible to be around.

No. 1234925

File: 1621566439766.png (1.48 MB, 1263x665, jim sterling.PNG)

NB people are just severely insecure people who aren't happy with their bodies. The more severe cases are people like Noelle >>1210070 >>1210042 a married lesbian who was abused/manipulated by her spouse to the point where she trooned out to appease her partner.

The most common I've seen is from fat people who are deeply uncomfortable in the way they look (which is a common trait in fat people), so they use Non-Binary as an escapism to avoid being the ideal person they want to be. Pic related

No. 1234980

Didn't Demi admit to having permanent brain damage from all the drug using or some other issue to the point she's almost blind or something? Or am I remembering things wrong?

Of course it was this guy. Jesus christ, this is a disease.

>I'm not against NB people in general so I ended up dating and having a few friends that identify as such.

No. 1235013

In my hobby 2/3 of the people are trans in some measure, and most it feels like self-loathing or protection against backlash. Most are criminally insecure or just playing along because its popular, which I guess goes along with the territory.

No. 1235093


What hobby attracts that much retardation?

No. 1235106

Lolita fashion, for one thing. Half of my comm is genderspecial at this point.

No. 1235120

Oooofff sorry anon. Lolita fashion sounds like a fun and cute hobby.

I wonder if the extreme subculture look is what attracts all the gender exceptionals? Is this happening in like the goth scene too?

No. 1235129

Cosplay… I just like making stuff and wearing it is a cool bonus but I've been exhausted with the type of person who gets into it for a while now

No. 1235264

File: 1621618198628.jpg (151.25 KB, 540x644, 20210521_132733.jpg)

Whenever I see someone saying some crazy unintelligible buzzword salad when I check the profile it's always a they/them or they/he without fail

Also like most of them this girl seems to be a massive ebeggar

No. 1235281

Disagree, lots of autistic men go through the same kind of shit. Some get coddled esp if they have shitty parents like Chris-chan, but I feel like lots of older autistic men esp have also gone thru shit (my dad was probably also autistic tho never diagnosed and got treated pretty bad most of his life).

That said I feel like girls in general tend to be rushed out of their childhoods much earlier than boys, and with autistic girls theres a laser focus on them. Like you turn 11 and suddenly you get shit for liking Pokemon because it's "babyish" and girls your age are supposed to start liking fashion and makeup instead. On top of uncomfortable body changes and the shit that comes with that (like getting sexually harassed by adult men).

And if you try to fight it, you get more pressure/bullying. I ultimately managed to win out in the end and managed to get away from those shitty teachers/family members, but I realize lots of autistic girls aren't that lucky. Like I'm tomboy still but I can see why lots of girls would give in and become more normie.

I guess tl;dr theres a perfect storm of factors autistic girls deal with that's making them troon out so much and ultimately I think it'll keep happening until the source of the problem is dealt with (i.e. people need to stop treating autistic girls, and all girls, like shit).

No. 1235305

It's so bad. Once you go under age 25 at my local comm the rate of troonery explodes. It definitely feels like a defense mechanism like the other anon said, they're very prone to outbursts and extremely meticulous about their social media and its perception. Most of them joined while we've only done virtual meetups the past year and I'm not looking forward to any in-person hissy fits.

No. 1235596

File: 1621662700829.jpg (26.92 KB, 400x493, 133953600_411060993679616_4160…)

>Is this happening in the goth scene too?

Yeah, very similar to what you've all described in lolita communities. picrel

No. 1235694

Yes but I'm taking it with a pinch of salt. Eye problems enough to not be allowed to drive, at least.

No. 1235695

>grey-ace demi-aro

Nope, no idea.

No. 1235747

Definitely happening in goth scenes, but depends on where you're at. Sage for blogging, but I'm in a major city, and while there are a solid amount of trans folks, most of the "enbies" (who pretty much present as NLOG girls or femme goth boys) avoid discussing it in public (but will sperg on social media) and the "binary trans" folks who are Open about it are typically trans men who shockingly pass well, because they look like your standard goth/punk scrotes, and go out of their way to not tell Anyone (unless they deem you Very Trustable, ig)

I dont spend much time in online goth spaces anymore, but there was at least some hope before The Pandemic shut things down.

No. 1235753

File: 1621695268669.png (411.85 KB, 796x714, he him.png)

No. 1235758

I had friends one genderfluid who hated her tits and was in a poly relationship with an NB and her bf. another who was ana-chan and became NB so she could get hired by Lush. Mind you I'm 27 and have known them since hs we're not Zoomers by any means.

No. 1235761

File: 1621696250274.webm (1.89 MB, 576x1024, snowflake.webm)

Usually only see men transitioning forcing their wives to come out as "lesbians", refreshing to see this dumb shit done to a man.

No. 1235773


Also into cosplay and the amount of genderspecials/munchies/cloutchasers/etc is getting exhausting. Best thing to do is try and find some older friends who have been in the hobby for a long time because they're in it to make things and have a good time, anon. All my friends are mid-30s which is weird for a weeb hobby but they're sane humans. Same for lolitas, the older quiet ones all think this stuff is just as insane as you do.

No. 1235775

I wasn't expected to see Leonard Höglund posted here. I've been following the case and I truly hope both of them end up in prison for life under the most horrific circumstances possible.

This one, in fact, wants to do time with the men. Not sure whether she thinks she'll be treated like one of the boys or if she just has some fucked up prison gangbang fetish, but either way, I'd be fine with this absolute waste of flesh to rot away among males. Neither she nor her boyfriend deserves any mercy; their crime is one of the most vile ones ever committed in Sweden.

This woman helped her boyfriend kill his father, in the hopes that she would inherit the apartment the father owned. She then cut the body up in pieces in the bathroom while her boyfriend was busy vomiting in the kitchen. They're currently on trial in Sweden. She is autistic and the boyfriend (a locally well known pathological liar and arsonist) qualifies for both Antisocial Personality Disorder as well as Narcissistic Personality Disorder. They murdered the only person who cared for them, who helped them, the person who took out a six figure loan to help save their failed business adventure and who even moved out of his own apartment just to let them live there, in hopes that his shitbag of a son would finally grow up and do something with his life. And they murdered him in cold blood by hitting him in the head over and over with a large wrench. They hit him 11 times in the back of the head while he was completely unprepared. 11 times. How do we know that? Well, because as this bitch told the police: she counted the beatings with the wrench, to be sure they hit him enough that he'd die as soon as possible. This case is fucking nightmare fuel.

No. 1235782

Peak cringe. Also the bf looks like he wants to kermit.

No. 1235815

It's only been reported in the news as a crime by 2 men from what I've seen. So I guess she will get her wish and be kept in men's prison. Good luck in there Aiden.
It's a horrible case. Why did they murder the only person who helped them?!

No. 1235829

File: 1621704246514.png (851.64 KB, 1147x813, Skärmbild 2021-05-22 192139.pn…)

And how does a person go from "selling candy to combat the prejudices against autism" to commiting murder?

No. 1235837

Goth is FULL of troons. I miss being able to enter online goth spaces without having trannies popping off left, right, and centre. Punks have it worse

No. 1235839


Swedish media adores trans propaganda, so I'm not surprised. The case with the tranny who stabbed his parents to death a year ago after listening to sissy hypno porn was reported as a woman killing her parents, and a few years ago an aiden randomly stabbed a guy in a public bathroom and wrote a message with his blood on the mirror. She too was written about with her preferred pronouns. Generally speaking nobody is aware because the media doesn't report based on the sex of the perpetrators and unless you go digging (which you don't unless you're interested in true crime and the like) you won't know it. And let's not forget the maniac Kristoffer Johansson who cut up his girlfriend and then trooned out in jail. He's free now and posts selfies posing with guns and captions about hunting terfs, and apparently that's a question of "trans rights", not violence.

No. 1235845


Because she's thoroughly fucked up, that's why.

The hearings with her family revealed that she has been lying about stuff ever since she was a kid, the whole family including siblings and aunts and the like know her as untrustworthy. Even the police officers questioning her noted that she changes her story all the time depending on what new information she is given, trying to pass herself off as clueless but it's a facade.

She ran off with a 25+ years older man whom she met at a psych ward when she was 17 and got to move in with him after lying to social securities that her parents were abusive, so they just had to watch their daughter be taken away. They naturally didn't approve of the relationship. When she met her current boyfriend she ditched the previous one without much explanation, and then starting throwing rape accusations at him. This was AFTER the guy had pooled in a hefty sum of money to help her and the new guy start a vegan classical music cafe. They tried to sue him for 750k SEK when he started asking for his money back after she cut all contact with him, and finally the new boyfriend's dad (the murder victim) took out a huge loan to pay back the debt to this guy as well as to help support the café.

Both her and the bf try to blame each other and mental illness for the murder, but they have both been found to not have been significantly mentally unsound at the time of the murder. She came up with the idea to kill the father after he started demanding she move out and he get his apartment back. They planned the murder together for about two weeks and then killed him, cut him up and buried the body on an island near a campsite. After burying the body parts they stayed there to grill sausages before heading home. The next day, his son reported him missing. The search for his body took almost half a year and is the largest police operation in the city of Karlskrona to date.

No. 1235851

>the tranny who stabbed his parents to death a year ago after listening to sissy hypno porn
>an aiden randomly stabbed a guy in a public bathroom and wrote a message with his blood on the mirror.

Oh my god, I haven't heard of these cases, only the Johansson case as Aftonbladet etc reported about him.
English-speaking GC fems are good at documenting this stuff, but is anyone in Sweden keeping track of these murderous troons and if they end up in male or female prisons?

No. 1235932


Josefin Nord who stabbed his parents to death ended up in psychiatric care. Probably for the best. He had previously stalked an ex girlfriend, and believed his parents had raped him and that his mother wanted to have sex with him, due to "repressed memories" that he had "uncovered" when listening to sissy hypno porn sound files.

Jacob Svensson who stabbed Seid Rahimi to death and wrote "Why so serious?" on a mirror with his blood was sentenced to 12 years in the Swedish maximum security prison for women, Hinseberg.

I haven't heard of anyone keeping track of it here. I'm not a radfem myself even if many of our views align.

No. 1235988

File: 1621725410000.jpeg (50.52 KB, 959x506, FB9440D8-53FC-4889-8935-2B2F6F…)

No. 1236020

Damn, the standard american diet + T is not a great combo.
I feel sorry for this woman, she looks like she's about to die at any moment.

No. 1236100

Lmao it's Scandinavia. Prisons are hugbox 5 star resorts there.

I'd like to see her say that she wants to do time with men somewhere in Russia, or even the US.

No. 1236217

She's unfortunate looking from the start, she would still want to die without the fat and the T shots.

No. 1236221

Is not about being ugly you retarded, it's about being obviously unhealthy.

I give 0 shits if someone is pretty or not, but it's obvious that that woman is destroying her body.
It's way easier to heal from depression and mental issues in general in a healthy body.

No. 1236657

File: 1621827228123.png (812.1 KB, 551x739, 4A66936E-9674-44CF-8167-EAD2D0…)

No. 1236764

This shirt is a lot more fitting for detrans people, troons can never be satisfied and their dysphoria only becomes worse the more they realize they can't become the other sex no matter how many surgeries and hormones they take, hence the high suicidal rate even for people who had "life saving" SRS

No. 1236770

File: 1621856175132.jpeg (26.81 KB, 243x275, 1620509674013.jpeg)

Same vibe as picrel, kek.

No. 1236820

File: 1621865485072.png (354.04 KB, 743x745, Qrt4rwK.png)

No. 1236822

>"consider the privilege of not having to answer questions like this to prove the validity of your gender identity"

As a butch lesbian that's a crock of shit lmao. Troon cultists question me all the fucking time for having stereotypically "male interests" and wearing mens clothes. I've heard the "closeted straight man" line far too much. How is this person chronically online yet unaware of the harassment GNC normies face? I guess they see it as they're "helping" us discover our true gender feewings and we're just stupid and stuck in the past.

No. 1236826

so how would that work for trans people if they had the same rules for this 'challenge' that's such bs

No. 1236839

File: 1621869928549.jpeg (325.36 KB, 828x930, 5F31CC29-138C-4EAD-B843-ADD4F3…)

Twitter is convinced the “no such thing as 2 pretty best friends” guy is trans, despite his nudes apparently going around a while back. Check out the replies and qrts, the phalloplasty cope is in full effect. https://twitter.com/crtrlndn/status/1396511691278594054

No. 1236850

Lmfao this is hilarious, everyone in the comments is like "bottom surgery exists sweaty" as if phalloplasty isn't one of the most clockable things in existence. The guy clearly has a bio dick

No. 1236854

File: 1621871970168.jpg (35.64 KB, 796x724, E2GJIRgWQAE_-SB.jpg)

Don't know this dude but the info is from his official account? True, faking or trolling?

No. 1236857

I hope he strings them along tbh. It's about damn time someone scammed these gullible idiots.

No. 1236859

I hope so too, maybe he could ask for an absurd quantity of money, I’m sure those retards will be ready to make him rich.

No. 1236861

I truly do not understand this challenge.

Cant this backfire with the whole “there is no difference between the genders” concept. So why does there need to be trans, NB, cis or whatever. Why change anything or identify as anything if there is no difference.

Wouldn’t the troon line of gender euphoria be a crock of shit too since boobs/double mastectomy and axe wound/Frankie weenie does not a female/male make?

I am tired.

No. 1236862

aside from his crimson chin, he did a model intro video a while back and his body is so clearly male. even a woman with no hips, no waist and years on hormone and a very well done mastectomy could not even look half as male.

No. 1236865

Trans and non-binary gender challenge:
>Describe your gender
>Explain how you know you’re that gender
X you can’t use gender dysphoria nor body dysmorphia (I.e: “my dick makes me dysphoric” “I hate my tits”)
X you can’t use gender terms (I.e: “I know I’m trans because what the opposite gender wears/does/“can do”/says makes me euphoric” “I know I’m nonbinary because I like to do/say/wear what both genders do/say/wear”
>Consider any past trauma and mental illnesses (aside from body dysmorphia and “gender dysphoria”) that you might have/self assigned after using a 5 minutes online quiz.
>reflect on your experience.

No. 1236875

How can you be so close to getting it without getting it

No. 1236879

He's well-known for being a complete idiot, I wouldn't be surprised if he has no idea what they're talking about and is just going along with it.

No. 1236880

File: 1621874309206.jpg (86.19 KB, 893x455, theres autism in the tapwater.…)

Oh, come on! If "he" had tits that huge you'd know, surgeons always botch mastectomies on women with larger breasts. Thank god the most stupid thing I believed as a teen was that there was a bigfoot in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. I'm a Mensa candidate by comparison.

No. 1236894

this guy i going to be cancelled so hard when people admit he is just a normal guy for lying and trying to steal spotlight from transmen or something it is guaranteed

No. 1236899

The amount of deleted tweets there will be in that thread lmao. Also I find it kinda funny how troonoligists are unaware what phallo looks like and that it's 100% distinguishable from real dick. Either that or they're just straight up lying.

No. 1236901

lol his chest has no scars at all and his nipples are tiny. if trannies were more honest about their scars and how different their results are from the real deal, this kind of hoax couldn't be propagated as much…

No. 1236902

I hope more men do this tbh. Give them false hope and then let the big reveals happen and the self cannibalization begin kek

No. 1236916

Ngl I've thought about running a psyop on MTFs before as I'm tall and curve-less enough to kinda pass for one but also much better looking than any scrote could be so I could slowly drive them mad by flexing on them. I wouldn't be surprised if men have thought the same. Tranny stans are so stupid and repetitive they probably couldn't even pass the Turing Test, no one will notice until it's too late, and if you do get called out earlier it's actually a twamsphobic attack.

No. 1236941

punk community can be cool or not depending on the local scene. however…my local scene is filled with ~queer nonbinary enby~ trust fund kids. half of them listen to one local punk band and then focus solely on pop punk so theres some form of weeding them out depending on the show you go to

No. 1237027

File: 1621886980442.jpg (98.5 KB, 830x1024, E2LVrAbXoAEdeqr.jpg)

Elliot Page looking euphoric

No. 1237029

I had to go check her page because those abs looked photoshopped lmao

No. 1237030

Is it possible to have this kind of ab definition without having like any other defined muscles? I can see some delts peeking but they’re a twig aside from that pack.

No. 1237043

They could be surgery. I heard about abs implants lmao.

No. 1237046

You could technically only isolate abs and work abs and only abs all day everyday. But it looks incredibly unproportional to the rest of her body.

No. 1237050

Almost positive those are ab implants. They have the look.

No. 1237054

File: 1621887911513.jpg (187.37 KB, 832x1000, EUPHORIC CONFUSION.jpg)

>Twig arms
>Bulging defined abs
>Toothpick legs
This had to be tampered with somehow it looks off no matter how you look at it

No. 1237059

When did she get her breast amputation? I thought it was in March. Even if it was January, could someone recover from surgery AND be able to work out to get this physique in 3-4 months?

No. 1237064

God she looks like shit

No. 1237066

She said in the Oprah interview she wasn't on T if she wasn't lying it's impossible for her to get those abs "naturally" in such a short amount of time

No. 1237067

it takes being extremely thin + flexing abs for the photo

No. 1237071

This is the worst shoop I've seen in a while lmao. The abs aren't even blended in right, almost certain the top surgery scars have been airbrushed too.

Yeah this is super unproportional. I've been bodybuilding since I was 15 this shit ain't right at all. Even dehydrated and flexing it just doesn't add up that she could have abs like that while still being stick thin everywhere else. Very clearly just trying to make her look manly and play down the anachan vibe. I can already hear the twitter gaydens screeching about what a "hunk" she is though.

No. 1237072

My tinfoil is that this is supposed to be a response to the accusations of her being sick and anorexic after the Oprah interview, but I'm not sure the team got the effect they wanted.

No. 1237078

> I can already hear the twitter gaydens screeching about what a "hunk" she is though
With those arms? She's coming for the skeleton queen's crown, Ashley should be afraid.

bodybuilding-chan? Is that you?

No. 1237086

File: 1621889471245.jpg (30.85 KB, 890x116, get your eyes checked love.jpg)

Never underestimate tranny stans. And no, I'm not bodybuilding-chan, but I'm glad I'm not the only meathead on here lol.

No. 1237097

File: 1621890102865.jpg (37.13 KB, 540x810, hgfh.jpg)

The abs look so unnatural. Skinny guys with low body fat can have defined abs like picrel (using male example assuming Ellen is on T) but hers look so weird, she can have some abs but there's some photoshop or sugery to make them pop like that going on here

No. 1237116

She's not on T (I expect she's not for anachan reasons), though not even T would justify that body type as you'd gain weight and muscle more evenly like in your picrel. Also I've worked out with Aidens and they always want to gain muscle in the shoulders region first to help their body shape look more inline with that of a male and take the focus off their hips. I've never known any focus solely on abs. It's gotta be a shoop.

No. 1237117

She said she's not on T just a week ago.

No. 1237121

Read the first four words.

No. 1237122


Anorexic teenage ninja lookin ass

No. 1237123

She made her torso look wider too, is just not the abs looking off is the whole thing. I know she wasn't the curviest before but someone or herself completely erased the shape of her womanly hips.

No. 1237134

File: 1621892576452.jpeg (34.68 KB, 696x385, DEF6670B-CA0C-4020-91A7-18B72C…)


Those are obviously abs implants. There is no way this can be achieved with noodle arms and legs. I’m laughing my ass off those people congratulating her after probably chopping tits and had this cosmetic surgery right after.

No. 1237136

Idk the blurriness makes me think it's a shoop but she's so narcissistic I wouldn't put it past her.

No. 1237149

Every new image of Ellen is progressively more horrific and grotesque

Wonder if she'll 41% within 10 years. Do fakebois even 41%?

No. 1237152

Omg it's so obvious, it has to be implant or a mix of surgery and photoshop

No. 1237210

Why would she go through the trouble to shoop her abs and breast amputation scars, but not her arms and legs? Does her body dysmorphia trump her gender dysphoria? This photo is deeply unsettling.

No. 1237226

Every new picture of her is so heartbreaking no matter how wide she stretches that skeleton smile. Idk what the hell is going on with her abs, but she looks sick. There's nothing so uncanny as a ftm's chopped off chest (have seen it in person multiple times) and that combined with the weird fake looking abs just makes me sad for her. There's no future for butch women and tomboys unless we start doing something now.

No. 1237236

Her not being on T convinces me even more that her troon out is a response to some sort of trauma rather than a genuine desire to have a male body

No. 1237244

I have honestly just been waiting it out, eventually people will see through it I hope. Look how insane people got bc a cosplayer said some terfy stuff just yesterday and I'm sitting here like good grief you're like flies on shit. Completely obsessed with never growing up, it's wild. A lot of the genderspecial stuff feels, like I said, not wanting accountability so I get why the hobby with dressing up attracts the same energy.

No. 1237440

This is why I get so annoyed by people who give FTMs a pass just because they're female. Not being as rapey as a biological scrote doesn't mean they're not causing harm in other ways. I'm genuinely concerned for young lesbians and tomboys.

Yeah it's a big red flag. I'm dysphoric and when I was considering the troon pill the first thing I wanted was HRT. The fact that the first thing she did was remove her breasts makes me think this is her response to sexualisation and creepy Hollyweird scrotes.

No. 1237549

Right? When the Time cover came out some radfems were like "stop making fun of her appearance" because people called her virgin ellen and slenderman but… how can you not

No. 1237580

I agree with pretty much all radfem opinions but god they can be so joyless. I'm not commenting directly to Ellen's twitter or instagram, that would be a dick move, I'm shit talking her in obscure places, if she goes to such places that's on her. Let me have my fun or I'll 41% because the future is so fucking bleak for young tomboys and lesbians.

No. 1237586

File: 1621951856030.jpg (83.11 KB, 880x384, Untitled.jpg)

Samefagging but god, I wish my life had so few obstacles that this was something I was concerned about.

No. 1237650

I haven't heard about that but yeah as another cosplayfag I keep my mouth shut about my opinions on troon shit when around other weebs unless I know they're cool. I'm not even a TERF (my beliefs are closer to truscum than anything else), but I know believing that anyone isnt the TRUE and HONEST gender they say they are is enough to get you treated as a pariah.

Its really sad, I feel like I'm one of the only weeb chicks under 35 in my area that's not on some flavor of gender koolaid. It's like the only weebs these days who identify as women are gross hairy balding men

No. 1237651

File: 1621957693956.jpg (156.17 KB, 827x1249, Tumblr_l_105800419055524.jpg)

Why are they so obsessed with saying slurs

No. 1237663

Because troons are ridiculously homophobic.

No. 1237664

Tranny and homophobic, what a delightful mix.

No. 1237681

You don't know what ugly people live to think that lol.

No. 1237685

Because they never have any actual gay male friends to slap sense into them. They think faggot is just another fun quirky label to claim.

No. 1237689

File: 1621959923439.jpeg (76.68 KB, 827x638, 4C691739-ECE3-48C3-AD99-954C8A…)

No. 1237715

Pretty sure these girls have only interacted with other "gay FTM". Most of them have no idea how homosexual males are and have never been in their communities, not even online. I can say from experience most of them are worse than straight men when it comes to misogyny and degeneracy. I'm not a fucking homophobe, I'm bisexual and there's nothing wrong with being homo obviously but there's a culture of depravity in the gay male spaces that only people who have interacted with/seen them know what I'm talking about lol

No. 1237729

the epitome of 1st world problems

No. 1237730

I disagree that gay men are worse when it comes to misogyny. Also disagree abt them being more degenerate bc straight men would behave the same way if they could get women to go along with their degen tendencies (and some do, just not most). The popularity of disgusting fetishes in mainstream porn makes it obvious to me that all types of men are equally degenerate, straight men just have to hide it better if they want a chance of getting with a normal woman.

No. 1237732

They don't understand that the issue stems from the idea that girls have to be feminine. If you 're an unfeminine girl and don't fit with beauty standards, you're going to be looked down on. Racial biases just exacerbate that. Instead of distancing yourself from womanhood, distance yourself from the shackles of femininity

No. 1237753

Thanks anon, gay male depravity = regular scrote depravity without women around to act somewhat civilized for. Lol @ thinking straight men aren’t just as disgusting & misogynistic in their own spaces when women aren’t present.

No. 1237766

because their circles decided slurs are a-okay as long as you're "allowed" to reclaim it, so they see saying faggot as their super exclusive club activity that any straight person would get crucified for repeating but they can say as much as they want.

No. 1237767

Straight guys don't even have to hide their misogyny, there are countless self-hating women raised to devalue themselves who will get with the most overtly woman-hating scrotes. Hell, my cousin is still with the man who told her she needs a boob job and won't marry her because he still wants the chance to fool around with other women. Gay dudes can be really shitty to women because they're raised in a woman-hating culture, but the fact that they aren't sexually attracted to us makes them way less threatening. I would far rather be in a dark alley at night with a group of gay men than a group of straight men.

No. 1237788

sage and late but kai is a common german boys name (short for/stems from kaiser?). Its also very common nickname/name in Hawaii. As a nickname it can be used for girls too though.

ime its more commonly "western" (if you still count hawaii as western) than japanese.

No. 1237820

Now that you mention it, according to statistics FTMs are the most likely demographic to commit suicide, as were GNC lesbians. AGP MTFs just co-opted the statistics to suicide bait when in fact they are the least likely to kill themselves.

No. 1237971

File: 1621979152284.jpeg (394.61 KB, 750x1217, 86484A2A-6B13-42ED-B6D2-94861C…)

Watching the Swell Entertainment video from a couple weeks ago "tiktok and the omegaverse" and I find this comment. Jesus.

No. 1237974

Shes so close to self awareness yet so far

No. 1238074


I read the meme as a black girl who embraces being a femme girl being sick and tired of her white nb idiot friends


in a way gay men are less degenerate because they're all equally into the same fucked up stuff and are only interested in doing it to each other, and everybody is mutually okay with and consenting to the degen. meanwhile with straight men how many /r/relationship threads happen when a poor girl is like, "my boyfriend started choking me out of nowhere am i the asshole for crying?"

No. 1238088

I think they have good intentions, a lot of radfems are very image conscious when it comes to things they feel are worthy criticisms (such as shaming a very mentally ill woman for her appearance). I'll defend your right to poke fun though, it's insane how nobody will point out the obvious.
I thought this was going to be about historical 'third genders' that were really just ways to degrade and differentiate homosexual men from the rest of society. It really is interesting to watch handmaiden poc debate about gender with upper middle class white trannies using their parents insurance for hrt, they're always a hair away from snapping and going full terf in public lol.

No. 1238094

Same here nonnie. It fucking sucks, and I can't even start a family foe medical reasons either to fit in with the older crowd. (Not that I would have kids solely for that reason, but it's another separation to sane people in the hobby who grow.) The woke crowd is like dogs who jump on any perceived threat, it's always sad as hell when they're shitty callout posts about people get more traction than the supposed art people follow them for kek

No. 1238232

File: 1621999356017.png (115.06 KB, 397x240, Tumblr_l_145206305502992.png)

straight woman calling herself a fag and a sodomite

No. 1238284


Same, anon.
It's a pretty big coincidence the rise of white female nb's (and MTF trannies) has also been tied to the promotion of White guilt. Just another way to not be a "bad" white person is to be genderspecial is some way.

I don't see alot of black enby females, to tell the truth, mainly just closeted dudes.

No. 1238356

i have no words. this is like larping as a jew during the holocaust and flexing it as some woke statement. it's so disgusting.

it's because all the black enby females are hiding in my online circle, it seems. i don't know a single black female who doesn't identify as enby.

No. 1238384

Why do you think so many convert to Judaism? They fucking love oppression. The more identities the better, they'll do anything avoid being a straight white female.

No. 1238396

Yes, that's what I meant when I said gay men were "more degenerate". I'm that anon, I worded it all wrong, thanks for clearing it up lol
I know all men are degenerate, but in gay spaces they don't make an effort to hide this side like straight guys do, so when some clueless FTM enters a gay male space and starts interacting with them as "one of their own", she's in for a surprise because they don't hold back their degeneracy. They think it it's so cool and dandy to be a fag hag on twitter with their other FTM gay and enby friends who live in a bubble, but they have no idea what the majority of gay men outside of twitter are like. Most of the time they don't even give them time of the day anyway though, they want nothing to do with someone who has a "stinky pussy" and other lovely words they use to refer to vaginas

I kinda feel sorry for FTMs because they put themselves in situations where they'll continue being victimized whereas MTF invade spaces to victimize others. When will this troon fad bullshit end?

No. 1238453

>2 weeks on T

literally a women with a butch haircut.

No. 1238842

Take your TERF goggles off, bigot. You can literally see the raw masculinity radiating off of him.

No. 1238934

Have we ever had a ftm brigrade on this thread? Mtf is an absolute shitshow right now.

Even trooned out I don’t think most women have the pure retard energy to do the same.

No. 1239070

Not to my recollection, no. I've seen quite a few "won't somebody please think of the Aidens" posts in other threads, particularly in celebricows wrt Ellen Page but even they're not stupid enough to come in here and try that shit. This thread actually seems to have quite a few detrans and dysphoric women who know their stuff, whereas Aiden sympathisers typically have no idea what it's like to be in that mental state and just think because an FTM is smiling it means everything it fine and dandy.

No. 1239152

FTMs are still women, even if they take T. Women are just far less likely than men to have a full retard rage meltdown online in the same way. They do have hissy fits but it isn't the same.

No. 1239219

I thought she was gonna end up with the guy she chats with throughout it, the ‘looking for a girlfriend’ part at the end felt really forced.

No. 1239292

Yeah, I’m sure most women, even FtMs wouldn’t be posting gore like unhinged males, this is kind of why I almost appreciate them.

No. 1239328

looks up the cleanup is finally happening

No. 1239351

Go check out the ED communities, gender dysphoria is RAMPANT in the girls there.

No. 1239368

File: 1622068253218.jpg (17.27 KB, 297x399, 1351299946722.jpg)

Remember Sith Lord Ali? one of the first Aidens to ever grace the internet

No. 1239394

hate to admit I find this attractive(no one cares)

No. 1239397

File: 1622069342871.jpeg (127.41 KB, 1200x1200, AFA42322-357F-4D3A-B6CE-561B2F…)

Sad. Ellen used to be so pretty and she became emo Peter Parker from Spider-Man 3.

No. 1239432

This nipple peaking around the corner just to glare at me dead in the face

No. 1239442

Me too, anon…

No. 1239443

Dang. Se was so cute and now she's gone and chopped her tits off

No. 1239630

it’s so fucky that she looks like shinji but her speaking voice is so clearly female. it’s jarring.

did she even take T or just jump straight to chest mutilation?

No. 1239653

File: 1622098195335.jpg (149.37 KB, 540x479, 20210527_024702.jpg)

I wonder if this they/them lesbian is actually native or if she's just another bored white girl lying about being native for woke cred

No. 1239672

She said in her Oprah interview that she isn't on testosterone.

Find a picture and get back to us.

No. 1239688

FTMs are still female. They’re severely mentally ill but still female, so they’re nowhere near as predatory as MTFs nor do they behave as outrageously in public. At the end of the day, if society accepted butch lesbians, there would be no need for these women to troon out. They’re mentally ill victims, not perverts and pedos like MTFs. They’re a whole other category IMO.

No. 1239692

Damn really? I was ana-chan for a few years in the late 2000s and those forums were so hyperfeminine back then. Everyone wanted to either be a tiny kawaii Lolita girl or to look they were in Mean Girls / The Simple Life.

No. 1239700

Nta but yes, really. I've seen it gradually become worse and worse over the past 8 years. And people still claim it's not a trend…

No. 1239756

I was ana-chan in early 2010s but the community has shifted a lot in the past years, I'm not active anymore but I look sometimes and it's full of NBs and FTM girls now. EDs can be mistaken for gender dysphoria, like if you want to get rid of your boobs, curves and have a very straight, "genderless"
body and you see all those trans people who fixate on the same thing, you might think you're trans too when you're just a regular ana-chan. Specially considering how EDs can have a root in trauma, say if you were sexually abused and you want to get rid of your female traits that draw unwanted male attention like boobs and ass

No. 1239760

Incidentally I'd also argue that's why there's also a lot of fat people in the FTM community, as getting fat can also be a response to sexual trauma via binge eating and gaining weight to look less appealing to predators.

No. 1239848

From a psychological standpoint, what is the deal with stuff like r/ftmpunished (nsfw), fakebois who get off to being detransed?

Is it internalized misogyny plus porn addiction? Their brains trying to cope with the mistake of transitioning? Female coomers who fried their brains reading yaoi as a preteen?

No. 1239853

File: 1622130174366.jpg (648.34 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210527-094825_Ins…)

No. 1239854

File: 1622130276722.jpg (821.9 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210521-225747_Ins…)

No. 1239888

I’m not a psychologist but I’d imagine most of the girls on ftmspunished were probably molested as children and now they’re acting out as a response to trauma.

No. 1239994

Replying late but that shit felt so forced. The artist knows how to draw at least but that's the only positive thing I can say.

No. 1240107

I mean, what options do they even have? Aren’t most of the older trannies the kind that transitions “late” and therefore not really a good example of how the newbie trannies would look like? who am i kidding? they always look like shit regardless of the age they start to get botched and fucked up with hormones

No. 1240166

File: 1622155850370.jpg (151.54 KB, 889x437, two ungendered people.jpg)

not all people with sexual trauma are nonbinary, but all nonbinaries are people with sexual trauma.

No. 1240167

clearly that is Poot, not Demi

No. 1240171

The only old tranny I can think of is buck angel.

Prob not the shining exemplar they want tho Kek.

No. 1240181

Linda/Lindo Bacon? Tho her transness is relatively recent.

No. 1240195


The next generation is well and truly fucked. Right up the cunter.

No. 1240196


Christ, she doesn't even make an attractive man either. I call bullshit on the fact she thinks shes trans. Who paid her? Lmao

No. 1240197


So this is basically emo.02

No. 1240200



It's the new fad and that's to be trans. Half of these kids, I can BET you will regret this shit come 10 years down the line. When they don't have time to go on Twitter and watch yaoi. They'll be working jobs and crying at how they butchered themselves from a young age lmao

No. 1240205

gender fixation on everyone and everything is driving me fucking insane. you're right, it is entirely just a trend, like goth and emo and etc. fucking horrific

No. 1240227

File: 1622161859344.jpg (154.62 KB, 828x814, Tumblr_l_199546573683357.jpg)


No. 1240230

This has to be a shitpost.

No. 1240234

im supermarket gender

No. 1240390

Hard to have older rep when most trannies end up an heroing.

No. 1240480

I know a tif who used to lurk there and they told me it's because they feel extremely bad and dysphoric.

No. 1240484

Elders troons either 41% or become huge transmeds.

No. 1240626

File: 1622218068865.png (1.43 MB, 788x1264, Screen Shot 2021-05-28 at 10.0…)

i'm surprised i never see this cow on here. katzun is a furry youtuber who animates cringe shit on being alphabet people. she claims the same "muh conservative upbringing" for being oppressed and chopped off her tits months after leaving for art college.
all these fakebois always want to teach the ignorant cissies about why their way of life is so much better but… why the fuck would i ever want to look like picrel, some meth head looking retard who wears pajama pants to walmart??

No. 1240635

Took the time to watch that one coming out animation she made. Appart from the hilarious inclusion of her furry character, the whole video reeks of female socialisation. I never see TiMs explain their coming out/transition in the same way TiFs do. It's fascinating.

No. 1240637

i'm gas station bathroom gender

No. 1240728

File: 1622227614504.png (110.41 KB, 470x710, Screen Shot.png)

No. 1240745

File: 1622229076407.png (351.99 KB, 600x600, 9060_doomer_wojak.png)

>hey, you. you're a tranny. actually i don't know if you are but i'm grooming you. if you've faced any adversity in life you have to rethink your gender and let me spell it out for you.
>my wake up call was being groomed! hit me like a train.
>i was unsure of my mental retardation and this very account groomed me too!
>this reminds me of a website literally dedicated to grooming people. real egg cracking stuff, folx.

No. 1240814

Since all I felt was disgust, that means I’m a transphobe, nice!

No. 1241220

Tag yourself I'm hot oven gender

No. 1241257

File: 1622295507764.webm (1.16 MB, 640x360, drfrankenstein.webm)

>"trans-affirming" medical doctor:
>teens make life-altering decisions all the time! most of them are good.
>compares getting double mastectomy to the cinammon challenge
>compares it to taking the SAT test
>if you want boobs later, you can just get them!
I wonder if she was aware that she was being filmed talking this much bullshit

No. 1241261

>compares getting double mastectomy to the cinammon challenge
But wasn't the cinnamon challenge deemed to be dangerous and potentially life-threatening due to the possibility of inhaling the cellulose and scarring your lungs or triggering an asthma attack? So it's not all wrong kek

Anyway this is so ingenuine and dishonest, how does this man sleep at night? "They can just get new breasts if they change their mind" spoken like a true businessman, it's a win-win situation for plastic surgeons and gender doctors to first tell them they need an operation to remove the breasts and then another one to replace them. What the fuck, actual doctors would never recommend vanity surgeries like it was as simple as cutting your hair or something.

No. 1241266

I was friends with a girl who had an ED and right after she got let go from rehab she came out as enby and changed her name. I never got the vibe that she was ever enby because she was very feminine, loved makeup, wore dresses etc.

No. 1241399

Is it wrong to be a “terf” I feel like these threads just further push me in that direction. It’s getting harder and harder for me to do the pretending thing. I’m the furthest thing from a republican but they’re the only ones having open discussions about this, I suppose in part because they just don’t let cancel culture rule over them.(derailing)

No. 1241410

spend more time in the MTF thread. Youll be more willing to be called a terf.
I wouldnt openly put terf on my profiles, but im at the point if someone asked my opinion, i would them them know that i think male troons are fetishists, homophobic or both.

I saw more normie mutuals posting about how demi is friends with that mtf who said little girls are kinky. Im hoping more women are peaking from this.

No. 1241490

You don't have to be a right winger to see the bullshit in TRA logic, or even a radfem.
God, Alok or whatever his name is? It's crazy how all these troon activists are basically caricatures of themselves and the exact type of people troons insisted are just 'vocal minorities' or terf fearmongering.

No. 1241502

nah. i think it's wrong to attack someone with bigoted language, but it's not wrong to have boundaries or opinions. i tend to feel bad for ftms, but i fucking hate most mtfs since they are usually fetishists and sex pests.

No. 1241580


no anon, you’ve just been slapped with reality after drinking the koolaid for so long. it’s hard to desist, don’t get me wrong. it doesn’t make you a scary conservative bigot. gender roles have been so skewed on both sides that any acts performed outside of gender norms are considered indicators of being trans (or degenerate in conservative cases). please love yourself and stop living in fear, it’s just your brain trying to accept basic pattern recognition despite ideological indoctrination screaming against you. when in doubt, follow your gut. nothing wrong with being gnc, but something smells like shit when there’s an entire medical industry banking on irreversible life-altering surgery from insecure young people. hope you find yourself either way though.

No. 1241634

File: 1622339354806.jpg (116.51 KB, 1024x721, 2020_12_02_108270_1606877689._…)

Why did her "transformation into a man" include lip injections/lip lift as well as obvious mascara/full face?

No. 1241645

she's transitioning to bruce jenner

No. 1241664

I think the transition is just a smoke screen to cover up her ED and her wanting to lose weight. Because "oooh well men have a lower body fat percentage so I can be skinner"
It's weird with fake boys. They either go skele or they're just massive. I rarely see one that has a healthy relationship with food.

No. 1241686

Can we finally admit that Omegaverse was just a way to apply straight relationship dynamics on male ships, I mean Uke's were already feminized but mpreg shit makes them women in all but name

No. 1241691

True, I also feel like a lot of them are just insecure about their femininity or want to cater to femboy fetishists, since a feminine man is considered twice as attractive and feminine women are considered basic and boring

No. 1241696

the mpreg is weird. MOST japanese artists wont draw the guys with a baby bump or just skip ahead to the child. Yaoi is meant for women so of course omegaverse is a thing.
I can't speak for all women, but gay comics that cater to men don't appeal to women because most bottoms in them don't look like girls. So zero chance of self insertion.

No. 1241698

most of them are victims of sexual assault

No. 1241707

I'm guessing without makeup she looks as ill as she actually is…

No. 1241797

Most normal women are victims of sexual assault. A lot of these women also sexualize themselves, while also trying to make their face appear as feminine as possible.

No. 1241920

Still looks like a woman.

No. 1241942

I read this as the kind of frustration and impatience you experience when somebody acts like their ~gender issues~ are totally unique and complicated and require a special kind of redress while "cis" women are ~basic~ and uncomplicated and have a friction-free, privileged relationship to gender. And how you may have to conceal your thoughts or approach the subject with kid gloves to avoid being TERF'd or told your feelings indicate you're actually not a woman after all.

No. 1242013

File: 1622373876123.png (467.82 KB, 720x1124, Screenshot_20210530-142056~2.p…)

She's gone and botched herself now


No. 1242016

The fact that this is not a satire headline and considered normal in the west hurts. Women are under attack. She looks sick

No. 1242018

> If people want breasts later on life they can go and get them!

It's alright ladies, if you decide to get a mastectomy for shits and giggles you can go and get yourself some toxic bags of silicone later on. You won't be able to nurse your children and they could totally damage your health or even kill you but they appeal to the male gaze like your real boobs did so the rest isn't important enough to get a mention.

No. 1242020

So many women with body image issues and discontent about their sexuality are buying into this and the mainstream media is only allowed to praise them. I have two daughters and it makes me terrified.

No. 1242022

She is going to hero within next two years.

No. 1242023

I don't get the daily mail, It was only a few years ago that they were both anti trans and even pretty anti gay.

No. 1242039

Women’s bodies are just Mrs. Potatoheads with interchangeable purchased parts to these people. Regret your haircut? Buy extensions! Regret your cosmetic double mastectomy? Buy fake boobs! I used to think the transhumanism argument was a bit far fetched but that’s exactly what this is.

No. 1242053

Gotta get that money

No. 1242095

File: 1622384699402.png (380.73 KB, 720x1179, Screenshot_20210530-171559~2.p…)

Not to intentionally blog but I'm so relieved not to be raising my children in the UK where I grew up. ​Do parents even have the opportunity to take their child out of this part of the curriculum I wonder? Not that I think this should happen to begin with, but do parents even have the ability as individuals to protect their children anymore?

There have been multiple attempts to get this whole transgender ideology off the ground where I am currently living. It seems like abusing and grooming kids and stripping parents of their authority in favor of that of the government is the only thing that can be seen as 'progress'.


No. 1242120

Women with body issues are usually told they're trans and you can tell it fucks with a lot of their heads. Women who identify as women aren't allowed to express their insecurities, if you're insecure about your breasts? Obviously you're trans and need to cut them off. On top of that women who tried to become men who want to be women again are more accepted if they wanna put it effort to be more feminine

My concern is how fast all of this went down. She went from extremely girly to full blown Twink overnight, probably didn't even bother testing the waters or took time to think about if this is what she actually wanted

No. 1242190

File: 1622395425735.png (519.25 KB, 666x865, FUCK THIS GAY SHIT EARTH.png)

I'm gonna assume everyone here has already heard of the new Blue's Clues short.

They probably know about the 80% detransition rate of FtM women, who once hit 18 realize that their femboy gig was just a phase. But compared to things like goth or being a weeaboo, where you can just wash down that eyeliner- you can't reverse your voice, your genitals/hormones getting fucked because of unnatural chemicals, and the heart/blood health defects that come with it.
And the troon community defends this shit by saying "oh but they can just get plastic surgery for dem boobs, its like magic :^)"
At this point there's no excuse to being naive, anyone who pushes this shit on children should be treated like sadistic psychopaths who can only have enjoyment on this planet by seeing young people suffer. There's no other fucking way and people should stop acting like there is.
I'm so fucking done jfc

No. 1242193

They gave a mother fucking beaver top surgery scars. A beaver. What the fuck is wrong with these people??

No. 1242208

If someone told me this shit was a psyop to make people homophobic again I'd believe them tbh

No. 1242210

Sage for medfaging/blog post
I thought I was autistic and trans for a while. I did/do suffer dysphoria, but the trans movement makes everyone believe that the ONLY form of dysphoria is gender related which isn't right. Turns out that I've been dealing with undiagnosed and unmanaged ADHD, which with that can bring rejection sensitive dysphoria and premenstrual dysphoria. Adhd symptoms are over 9,000 the week before your period because mood regulation, working memory, and dopamine are all directly affected by estrogen and progesterone.

With all the trans positive shit I was under the impression that my dysphoria was gender, but nope! I'm in therapy and doing a lot of work to counteract the rsd with self love and combating it, not giving in and just saying "ope guess everyone DOES hate me because I'm different and I should kms!"

Going on T made me think I was going crazy and that I had early onset dementia. I asked my Dr if this was normal and she just shrugged and said that I'd either have to deal with dysphoria without T or take T and also take antipsychotics and deal with the side effects. I chose no T and just stopped taking all of my meds because intuitively everything felt wrong.

https://open.spotify.com/episode/6gSMhSsWWdvdBJqZEGgRmY?si=kCw4DCBXR2-KdM4G4P_ZBA&utm_source=copy-link(medfaging/blog post)

No. 1242211

That image gives me extreme pedo bear vibes

No. 1242214

do you have a source for that 80% detransition rate of ftms? i can definitely believe that, but i have a hard time finding good shit on google.

No. 1242251

Critical thinking 101: the burden of proof is on the creator as to why anyone should accept this non-commonsensical definition of 'gender'. It's also affected by Occam's razor in that it's much simpler to posit that no one has a 'gender' thus defined than that everyone does.

No. 1242273

transgender challenge: give a logically sound, objective definition of "gender"

No. 1242323

Beavers have 4 titties and yet I don't see 4 surgery scars, what gives???

No. 1242324

He's actually a demiboy beaver, hence half the titty chop.

No. 1242332

File: 1622403560515.png (999.76 KB, 532x845, 54F2CB35-7383-43D3-8747-2C10AD…)

>things that never happened

No. 1242336

probably more pissed that there’s an adult dressed like a schoolgirl in the CHILDRENS playground.


No. 1242338

Adult wearing a DDLG collar no less. Do they seriously not realize that people are gonna assume they’re pedophiles?

No. 1242345

File: 1622404381465.png (349.64 KB, 899x811, skelton.png)

>ugly troon in shitty dangan ronpa cosplay
The ride never ends

No. 1242347

I hate being a DR fan because there’s so many troons.

No. 1242368

File: 1622405787940.jpg (87.81 KB, 640x720, lioqdr9r49v51.jpg)

No. 1242383

regarding the 80% statistic, where did you find that info?

No. 1242392

It was from the UK where there was a 'gender hospital' for young children who wanted to transition or get hormones; and there was a statistic where 80% of girls wanted their gender back. I don't have the source in my PC and big tech is a pain in the ass when it comes to finding sources on this- but I think it was mentioned in the Joe Rogan interview with Abigail Shrier.

No. 1242435

Wow, so cool! You're a degenerate in public and in front of children, just like a real scrote! How gender euphoric for you!

No. 1242440

I’m just getting into it and yeah you’re not wrong. I wonder why

No. 1242441

File: 1622413447613.jpg (55.74 KB, 750x750, tumblr_plhwokD8Fp1wtmb6p_1280.…)

I blame retards projecting onto Chihiro, even though he's a cis man.

No. 1242452

Plus it's a series about edgy teenagers with extremely exaggerated, paper-thin personalities. It's like they were created so it's as easy as possible to project yourself and your mental illness on them. They are mostly style over substance. It's the same thing that made Soren obsess over children in giant shoes.

No. 1242459

I don't really care what adults do to their bodies, power to them. But having… gender hospitals for children? That's fucked up. How about teaching young women there isn't anything wrong with their bodies? fuck

No. 1242460

I always assumed it was too problematic for troops to flock to
Which is dumb. The whole point of the character is that he wanted to be more manly so he wouldn’t be teased for being feminine. Also be sure to add “sage” in the email field when you don’t have bee milk

No. 1242471

this is so sad. i saw a few screenshots where it was just the family with two dads and the family with two mums and i thought it was cute. if they left it at that it would have been fine but of course they had to give a shout out to trannys and asexuals

No. 1242556

He’s apparently in a playground. Imagine bringing your kid to the park and there is man in a skirt and shitty wig. Screams potential child molester

No. 1242569

Surprisingly, it’s a cis woman who wants to be a tranny.

No. 1242578

File: 1622432926395.jpg (415.36 KB, 1583x966, tranny.jpg)

Cross posting from the MtF thread since the book is especially about fakebois. "Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters" by Abigail Shrier.


Based Halifax Library. I wonder if there's a way to donate. Also check out the creatures in pic related.(Not milk )