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File: 1691752896443.jpeg (75.34 KB, 644x354, IMG_1587.jpeg)

No. 1879653

This is a series of threads about fakebois and trans-identified females (TIFs).

"Fakebois" are girls who pretend to be boys, either by becoming trannies or larping biological males through the screen (classic move). Fakebois usually style and present themselves as androgynous or feminine-looking boys, or wearing girls' clothing and make-up while insisting on being addressed with he/him (or occasionally they/them) pronouns and take great offense at being gendered as female.

These threads are also now a catch-all for any minor TIF cows without threads of their own. Even "serious" troons, (like Kalvin Garrah and Ellen Page) are fair game, as are horrific troon surgeries and pregnancies. Just remember to spoiler that shit.

**TIFs, no one cares if you think you're ~more legit~ than the cows posted here.** Additionally, occasional discussion of fujoshis is fine, but don't sperg and infight about it.

Notable FtM-related subreddits:

Old threads by order of recency:

No. 1879673

File: 1691759085492.webm (993.2 KB, 576x1024, 1689032470014869504_4.webm)

This is genuinely tragic.

No. 1879698

Both botched and un-botched versions of her are about as attractive, you're just not attracted to women to know.(sage your shit)

No. 1879718

i could cry , i wonder what she's been through to make this decision. She still poses and gestures in a feminine way. Nothing says male about her. She could have cut her hair and go for androgynous styling.

No. 1879722

nah t. bi

No. 1879724

No pity from me. Most of these pooners troon out not due to some sexual trauma, but due to attention-seeking and boredom mixed with low IQ. Case in point, this dumb bitch posing and doing girly bodychecks even after transing.

No. 1879729

Being a lesbian with Somali upbringing

No. 1879732

File: 1691767194947.jpg (693.33 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230811_111535_Red…)

this TIFs little sister tried expressing to her that she doesn't feel like she's a cardboard cutout of her gender role and the TIFs reaction is start crying and freaking out because this obviously means little sister is also genderspecial

No. 1879734

The way the little girl borrowed her name really shows how TIFdom is a contagious disease. Little girl 100% learned all the gender bullshit from her.

No. 1879739

Is there a noticeble pattern between being a TIF and neglecting pets nonnies?

No. 1879740

Hmm, I wonder why a 6 year old who is clearly trying to emulate her big sister might use language that sounds like how TIFs describe themselves, what a mystery. The "I feel like a half boy so I'm changing my name to sound like yours" thing screams fawning little sister. And of course OP just had a panic attack and cried. That poor child.

No. 1879743

My little sister would copy anything I did, so I had to change my behaviour and be cognisant of the image I was projecting to her

No. 1879749

Sounds like she started panicking and crying because she's not super special anymore now that her sister's doing it too. And she came up with this bullshit to look like she's in the right in her post. Just really gives me that vibe.

No. 1879760

File: 1691771375166.png (1.49 MB, 1868x1274, kasokki.png)

The weeb names are killing me but at least it made it painfully easy to find all of her social media. Apparently she's from Brazil kek

No. 1879761

File: 1691771412246.png (1.22 MB, 1614x1270, kasokki_furry.png)

and she might be a furry too, this was from her deviantart

No. 1879773

Kids that age will insist that they’re really Spider-Man, a cat, a dinosaur, an airplane or that they’re going to marry their mom when they grow up. This little girl probably loves her sister and is just trying to be like her and gain her approval.

People keep talking about how conservative and “LGBTQIA+ unfriendly” my town is but Pride has been going strong here since May. All our summer events have an LGBTQIA+ slant. Even the WWII liberation day festivity has a goddamn drag event scheduled in the evening! Our local newspaper does a weekly two page profile spread on random queer-identified people and all the ones I’ve read have been full of self-victimisation and inflated persecution complexes. This week it’s an asexual bisexual (??) girl who decided she was kweer after watching some Netflix show and now feels uNsAfE because people keep asking her how it’s possible to be asexual and bisexual at the same time. Y’know, genocide. If these articles were in English I would’ve saved them to post ITT. So many of them were non-passing TIFs who think that holding hands with their boyfriends while having short hair will get them hatecrimed.

No. 1879800

Omg the second picture looks like a sex predator who got caught taking picture of kid feet

No. 1879802

nothing wrong with being a furfag

No. 1879822

god I hate this time period

No. 1879834

strongest tif (has a sobbing panic attack over something a kindergartener told them)

No. 1879854

Lmao, imagine going out and meeting someone who goes by that name in Brazil of all the places. My male troon friend once was talking about this tots boy friend of his that called herself Lars obviously thanks to steven universe, my friend called himself Blair. Whats up with troons and these stupid gringo names, shit makes no sense, how these people aren't embarrassed?

No. 1879894

File: 1691788074067.jpg (81.67 KB, 1125x1192, priv.jpg)

did she get cowtipped or is she a lurker of the thread? her profile is private only 5 hours later.

No. 1879951

File: 1691793508870.jpg (91.14 KB, 1486x991, cst.brightspotcdn.jpg)

Great, now she looks like Lori Lightfoot.

No. 1879959

File: 1691794369275.jpeg (Spoiler Image,15.34 KB, 334x250, notarealsurgery.jpeg)

what the fucking hell?

No. 1879964

Oh my God. Oh. My. God. WHY are they cut like that??? She looks like she was thrown into ship propellers! That is the single most bizarre phalloplasty I've ever seen

No. 1879965

but it's actually one of the "best" results i've seen. as in, it's skin-coloured, not an open wound, not actively infected, and the stitches healed (even if they healed into a bigass scar)

No. 1879968

yeah but her pubes look like a bread bun and the phallus is sewn on too high up, she forgot to do the fake balls (and since the pump to get the neophallus up and "erect" is usually in the balls, the "dick" is impotent unless I've missed on a new type of ftm surgery)

No. 1879975

tell me about it

No. 1879988

nonna, spoiler that next time, please!

No. 1879989

File: 1691797908802.png (Spoiler Image,170.92 KB, 376x319, ftmfailsrs.png)


No. 1879990

File: 1691798028871.jpeg (Spoiler Image,56.74 KB, 867x1072, evildoctorsdidthis.jpeg)

No. 1880008

wha's the point of spamming these pics? we've all seen them, the last one has been posted over and over in the ftm threads for years
why always the bovine septyum piercing
swear 90% of tifs and spicy stright girls have them

No. 1880012

kek it does look like a bread bun

No. 1880025

Crying at having a panic attack at a little child being a child. How very male of her.

No. 1880034

Is threadpic somali?

No. 1880040

No. 1880059

kekkkkkk it's so true tho

No. 1880065

>half girl half boy

Kek did the toddler just see the TIF as this as a basis to copy???

No. 1880069

My TIF sister too, although I'm not a TIF. It's like the only difference between us is that she's a TIF and im not. Well she wins i guess

(She does that by splitting and taking out any semblance of femaleness from me first… for her to start emulating.)(not your personal blog)

No. 1880099

File: 1691811364934.jpg (613.56 KB, 1200x1179, Disgusting .jpg)

I would rather eat a tide pod

No. 1880159

>the WWII liberation day festivity has a goddamn drag event scheduled in the evening
What the fuck

No. 1880175

File: 1691821884780.webm (2.97 MB, 320x578, pG5QPoAAWu0Ff8n2.webm)

They are beyond parody

No. 1880177

Delusional. You're probably an envious TiM, kek.

No. 1880192

Going for tomboy/androgynous fashion with typical girly poses are just fucking zoomerish and uncanny it fails the entire generation and kills off butch lesbian culture

No. 1880193

No. Young teen with D cups look okay but put a dick too big on said girl it looks fake

No. 1880218

Why is she wearing really sloppy Borderlands cosplay makeup? It has nothing to do with her (stupid) how to video, is distracting, and looks like shit

No. 1880245

File: 1691841373837.jpg (1.29 MB, 3024x4032, vile.jpg)

>Yaoi in IRL

No. 1880281

>>1880245 the way shes on tippy toes cant make this up

No. 1880290

I see so many he/it or they/it tifs recently kek. I wonder what is that supposed to mean.

No. 1880294

They're normally the ones who are edging towards detransition but need to feel special. Also the ones who want to have the tranny forcefield protecting them from any mean comments they would otherwise get from their woke friends, but still want to wear skirts sometimes.

No. 1880307

File: 1691853104036.jpeg (528.65 KB, 601x1206, IMG_3273.jpeg)

Popular tumblr I’ve been following for years did a selfie reveal today. She has always described herself as a he/they TIF “guy” named James. So I at least imagined the typical TIF aesthetic but nah. Idk why but it bothers me so much when they don’t put in any effort at all. No commitment to the bit. I wonder if any of the gendies on tumblr were disappointed but ofc the notes are filled with “omg you’re so handsome” lmao

No. 1880308

I had to hide this thread pic because it’s just so horrible ugly and depressing. I cannot imagine ruining myself like this. The happiness from her eyes is just gone…

No. 1880312

the no effort part makes it so hilarious and i hope this is an elaborate troll. otherwise, gender stereotypes are being thrown out the window, but gendies are still trying to play the conformist to enable sexism and are missing the point entirely.

No. 1880325

File: 1691855881145.jpg (357.47 KB, 904x1200, media_FxlEo4HWYAIHB37.jpg)

One of my favourite genres of tif photo

No. 1880326

is this not just a straight couple? the guy doesn't look gay and the tif doesn't look like anything other than a straight if dorky woman

No. 1880327

She's in the middle of a "female-to-dave strider" transition it looks like

No. 1880328

File: 1691856455341.png (218.93 KB, 592x594, adult man.png)


She refers to herself as an 'adult man'

No. 1880330

do they make micropenis packers for flat chested girls?

No. 1880331

File: 1691857014299.png (767.22 KB, 543x933, tiktok.png)

Vaush-looking guys dating feminine tifs and then dumping them when they start talking about surgery is a meme among tifs

No. 1880333

OP should've posted the pic the anon made last thread

No. 1880343

wait did she draw herself a chinstrap to make a jawline on her fat neckface kek

No. 1880344

OT but it's fascinating how they both have down turned/negative canthal tilted eyes. I always assume it's a sign of autism or just mental illness in general.

No. 1880368

I'm guessing someone cowtipped, funny though because she only posted art and nothing really too fakeboi cringey like on her reddit post

No. 1880371

File: 1691863546996.jpeg (580.6 KB, 750x1084, IMG_9324.jpeg)

>T at 16 years old
Not even your average 21 year old moid looks this rough at this age. Not to say they’re not ugly and degen in their own right, but T just destroys the normal aging process it’s insane

No. 1880372

it's a sign of being italian you retard. go back to incels.me

No. 1880373

File: 1691863615529.jpeg (517.17 KB, 750x1094, IMG_9326.jpeg)

Posting again because phonefag, but jfc why do they always infantilize themselves in ways like this, it’s creepy as fuck.

No. 1880375

>not an open wound, not actively infected
Anon I think you mean it's not an open infected wound- "yet". Plenty of fake-phallos seem like they're healing ok only for them to leak pee out of the base because of some tiny holes and then it all goes to shit. Some even succesfully pee standing up once or twice before that. The norm with pahlloplasty is that it goes terribly wrong, it would be extremely rare that there are no complications.

You can even hear these girls admit it themselves just with other words. They'll literally say "Everything looks great! I just need a third revision because of the holes leaking out pee, but that's like totally not a big deal and can happen sometimes. Espeacially since I nearly went into sepsis the first few days, but that's just bad luck and doesn't have to do with the actual surgery-".
They'll talk exactly like that, they'll claim it all went great only to then describe multiple serious complications and near death experiences without a care in the world. They're so delusional and brainwashed it's scary. It didn't go great, you literally nearly fucking died! Over a cosmetic surgery!! And you're not only letting the surgeons get away with it, you're actively praising them and recommending other people to get the same treatment.

No. 1880376

No offense to the people who get tricked by these fakebois…well slight offense but I have to wonder how they don't immediately know these ppl aren't real men when they see the fake genitalia.

This is obviously nothing like an actual dick so how can they act surprised when they find out their " boyfriends " aren't actually a male.

No. 1880387

kek nonina

No. 1880388

Ayrt but why are they cut all along the hips and up the tummy? I've never seen it done like that, like obviously they didn't take a any skin to build the dong from any if those places

No. 1880397


Sydney sweeney playing a dude in her next film

No. 1880417

Slight ot I was watching this YouTube video about "misogyny in the manga community" and ironically the girl kept using the retarded term non-men which centres men and is therefore misogynistic, no? I looked her up and she's a "they/she". So anything she has to say about misogyny is worthless, got it. Didn't finish the video.

No. 1880418

Almost all the info claimed by English-only manga critics/youtubers/whatever is disingenuous, whether or be from them regurgitating information passed down from 20+ years ago that’s inaccurate or them trying to shoehorn western queer ideology from the last ten years into Asian media that’s existed for almost a century.

No. 1880429

>female-to-dave strider
So many TiFs just want to become their favorite Tumblr sexyman. Dave in particular is responsible for so many. Homestuck was a mistake.

No. 1880438

I always wonder with the zero effort ones like this if they even keep up the bit irl or if it's purely online roleplay. Hoping the latter because it's both the funniest and least depressing

No. 1880439

Absolute barbarism, clown world tier. One day we’ll be looking back on this shit the way we look back on lobotomies and trepanations.

No. 1880440

File: 1691877987691.png (767.57 KB, 594x966, sameenergy.png)

No. 1880441

This. The 80s music fandom on tumblr was nothing but scrote worshipping FTMs who wanted to be David Sylvian or Martin Gore.

No. 1880442

There’s already so many Asian e-thots on twitter who are prettier than her, I guess coming out as TIF and saying she’s male is just a way of setting herself apart from the rest of them and trying to get more attention.

No. 1880460

F to Tiger King

No. 1880463

File: 1691880429853.png (73.46 KB, 620x660, Screenshot 2023-08-12 174848.p…)

How did the "tifs r all sad boolied lesbians" thing catch on? Most of them are porn addicts who post degrading pictures of themselves on Reddit/Discord and are begging for STD dick on Grindr.

She's probably not getting balls, there is a newish tif surgery called vagina-preserving phalloplasty, where yes, it's exactly how it sounds. Frankendick on the front, coochie in the back.

No. 1880492

Tifs enby cope for 2 reasons,
1. they know they'll never pass or be treated as an actual moid but they still want to be gendies or
2. They're probably detransitioning so it's used as a compromise while they work out their problems

No. 1880495

calling it now that this will be the new thing Tims want so they can larp their futanari hentai porno irl

No. 1880528

ftfemboys are the worst offenders because in their defense, theyre no different tha feminine moids who like to crossdress. it's always "if cis men can present feminine and still be men, then so can we! transmasc don't own you masculinity uwu" completely being dense as to why the two aren't the same at all.

she could be a troll but unfortunately too many are unironic about it. it'd be one thing if she still dressed that way with obvious affects of T but nope.

No. 1880595

Go back.

TiFs aren't as homogeneous as TiMs. The majority of the straight ones are porn addicts, but for the lesbians there are definitely more factors at play. Just like any other cult, transgenderism often targets vulnerable people, in this case autists with a poor sense of identity and self-image. I don't think it's as simple as lesbians automatically trooning because of bullying. It's more like, autistic and GNC women are specifically targeted by this cult regardless of sexuality.

No. 1880645

File: 1691899061376.jpg (139.71 KB, 1754x1196, who-would-have-guessed.jpg)

anyone else like playing spot the clockable post online? Read the first comment in a subreddit centred on retail work and immediately pictured some girl with a sad pube stache and a croaky frog voice, post history confirmed that's probably correct

No. 1880677

And saying she's having sex with "gay older men" is only to set herself that she didn't have "straight sex with older man".

No. 1880690

>you can give me money at
for what? i hate how normalized e-begging has become.

No. 1880703

File: 1691910094187.jpg (129.05 KB, 692x266, bandicam 2023-08-13 09-58-38-9…)

I can't believe they troonwashed Hannah Gluckstein (the entire article refers to her as "they") it's like trannies legit want to erase lesbian culture.

No. 1880729

>How did the "tifs r all sad boolied lesbians" thing catch on?

Before self-ID being a homosexual was a criteria for a transgender diagnosis. It's a remnant from history when trans people were strictly gnc gay people and the fetishists were adamant they were only transvestites, not one of those icky gay people. Modern TIFs only appeared en masse in the last 10-15 years.(sage your shit)

No. 1880779

There have been high profile heterosexual TIMs as far back as at least the 70s (Jan Morris, Renée Richards) and ‘Lili Elbe’ (Einar Wegener) was married to a woman and sounds like a textbook heterosexual AGP to me, but I’ve never heard of heterosexual TIFs pre-2007 or so. And even those early ones were only pretending to be sexy yaoi boys online and badly photoshopping their breasts off instead of seeking medicalisation.

No. 1880789

there was that one gayden though in like 80s or 90s or something who was happy to have aids, she said "you don't believe i am a gay man but seems like i am going to die as one" or something after catching hiv.

No. 1880791

Lou Sullivan. I actually read some of her diary, and it was funny to see the parallels with today's TIFs. Something that always makes me chuckle is her Beatles obsession. She would fantasise and write about having sex with them and even one of them raping another. Had she been born later, she'd be posted in these threads and would no doubt be writing weird fanfiction about One Direction or something.

No. 1880796

Lou Sullivan! I forgot about her.
This has led me down a rabbit hole and apparently the first “FtM phalloplasty” was performed between 1946 and 1949 on a woman calling herself Laurence Michael Dillon. I don’t even want to imagine what that must have looked like. She also managed to have her birth certificate and school records officially altered to assist in the deception, and despite not being a licensed physician she performed an orchiectomy on “Roberta” Cowell who was the first British TIM to get his dick inverted. He was also married to a woman and supposedly “Michael” was attracted to “Roberta” but he didn’t reciprocate. Straight-with-extra-steps and special trans privileges as early as the 40s.

Wow. Nothing changes, does it?

No. 1880840

>yaoi agenda
Well if you like yaoi, you might be a gay man or something.
Baphomet over here is probably a straight girl who needs quick social media clout. Of course it's always these femme types, with winged eyeliner and short skirts that feel the need to socially transition. Slap some pronouns in your profile and you are every single low effort socially trans person.

No. 1880845

That little kick she did was super feminine. I wonder if she went through any specific trauma to make her like this.

No. 1880865

File: 1691938000465.jpg (45.56 KB, 828x785, IMG_20230710_105755.jpg)

>her Beatles obsession. She would fantasise and write about having sex with them and even one of them raping another
I can not imagine how old timey celebrities would cope with fujoshi fans

No. 1880877

The sort of ridicule that would nip that problem in the bud.

No. 1880892

>adult man

As opposed to a child man, of course

No. 1880899

File: 1691942534000.jpg (184.76 KB, 1400x707, rebel-dykes-1-e1640629801531.j…)

Sage for super OT, but I recently watched a documentary about the "Rebel Dykes," a group of sex-positive lesbians in the 1980's who were inspired by the leather S&M scene from the gay male community. so they engaged in BDSM, made pornography, wrote extreme erotica, and even had their S&M leather clubs. They opposed both what they deemed "Christian conservatives" and "sex-negative feminists and lesbianS" and I skipped over large sections of this documentary, but one thing that really stuck out to me was just how "lame" they were. I would chuckle every time I saw them in their goofy outfits, but they would take it 100% seriously. These were pudgy little women who weren't actually fighting anyone, so they would just have sex right out in the open to "own the conservatives." Yet, they never accomplished anything. Their entire motivation was based on pissing off their parents or anything resembling them, and the way they acted reminded me a lot of modern day TIFs.
https://www.rebeldykes1980s.com(off topic)

No. 1880906

Each time I see this OP it genuinely makes me sad. I thought the photo to the right was some bad AI/shitty face app at first. Those are not belivable proportions of a man. Poor girl, I hope she can heal from whatever caused her to think that trooning out would help.

No. 1880907

I like how there's always at least one obese one. Obese TIFs are the most common type I see irl

No. 1880909

>one thing that really stuck out to me was just how "lame" they were. I would chuckle every time I saw them in their goofy outfits, but they would take it 100% seriously. These were pudgy little women who weren't actually fighting anyone, so they would just have sex right out in the open to "own the conservatives."
Current state of the goth scene right now. Never let shitlibs touch anything cool, it's a pattern with these uber sex positive "be gay do crimes" types

No. 1880911

>They opposed both what they deemed "Christian conservatives" and "sex-negative feminists and lesbianS
>so they would just have sex right out in the open to "own the conservatives
This seems more like the early days of the queer movement. The important thing is to upset people, break sexual boundaries and obsess over how cool you are. I doubt that we would have the current massive troon trend without the sex positivity and queer movements. But at least those 80's "rebel dykes" seemed fine with being female and lesbian.

No. 1880934

They all look annoying and would be reading yaoi at anime clubs in the 2000s and cutting off their tits and calling themselves queer in the 2020s.

No. 1880957

They look so painfully heterosexual. Zendaya dating a white manlet is more binary breaking than this.

No. 1880976

File: 1691952221032.jpg (67.61 KB, 1440x916, dummies.jpg)

How are they this stupid

No. 1881018

Cognitive dissonance is a hell of a drug.

No. 1881022

Without the internet, they had no way of being exposed to it the way celebrities are now. Also, it probably was a lot less pervasive in those days.

No. 1881024

File: 1691957028331.gif (4.16 MB, 498x423, byuntear-meme.gif)

>She would fantasise and write about having sex with the Beatles and even one of them raping another.
Jesus Christ, I know a little bit about her, but I've never heard this before. Damn shame she died from self-pozzing before the internet, she would've made an amazing horrorcow.

No. 1881037

Oh yes, it might horrible for women, but imagine how much worse it is for women who don't believe they're women.
tbh I assume they would just get rid of any gender specials beforehand.

No. 1881038

The one in the middle is one lip injection away from being a Bogdanov Brother

No. 1881041

It makes me sad that you can't just have normal straight mildly alt couples anymore

No. 1881053

I understand what you're saying, but you're talking shit about lesbians who correctly identified as lesbians on the TIF thread. Lame, sure, I think it's dumb to assume they'd troon in hypothetical modern day. Let 'em lie.

No. 1881059

AYRT and she also joined a support group for men with micro penises, which is interesting as a lot of TIFs who've had metoidioplasty like Sullivan will lie about having a micro penis to potential sexual partners. I've seen multiple Aiden's on reddit admit to it. Sullivan was the mould from which an awful lot of modern TIFs are cast. As morbidly fascinating as her diary was, I just couldn't finish it as she's so annoying. Total coomer to the end and absolutely obsessed with her identity. Felt bad for her sister though, she cared for her when Lou's body rejected one of her "testicles" and when the AIDS was killing her. Can't imagine how hard it must be to watch your sister go insane, mutilate her body and then commit what's basically an act of suicide by having unprotected sex with an MTF in San Francisco during the HIV crisis. She was the OG TIF horrorcow.

No. 1881080

What Telltale game character is she cosplaying as?

No. 1881117

>a support group for men with micro penises
KEK males are so fucking pathetic. Imagine needing a support group because you're insecure about your pp.

No. 1881120

Isnt the premise of the story that most of the population suddenly becomes infertile and women who can conceive are rare? Considering all the shit testosterone abuse does to the female reproductive system, I doubt tifs would even be capable of giving birth in that setting anyway and would just be thrown out/killed/whatever happens to all the other infertile women.

No. 1881151

I was about to say the same thing. It's just a bunch of retro lesbians being cringe. Seems harmless.

No. 1881156

I despise these kinds of lesbians. They are scrotes spiritually and in their hearts. Disgusting.

No. 1881185

Tinfoil but I think the anon you replied to is baiting to try and get us to say lesbophobic things so he screencap us and say that we're a bunch of trads and conservatives.

No. 1881189

I thought it was JJBA

No. 1881201

Every time I pass threadpic I immediately think of 'how did u know I'm somali'

No. 1881203

Revising situations that were more about trying to conceal lesbianism from bigotry into something else is really helping to enforce the whole 'men and non-men' meme

No. 1881211

NTA, I don't think nonna is necessarily doing that, but yeah, posting lesbians on the TIF milk thread because they vaguely remind you of TIFs is weirdly out of place, even if you sage it for OT.

KEK I checked it, and it's not calling her a they, it's just awkwardly avoiding pronouns, but there's some "her"s that were forgotten behind. I like it better when troons gendifying historical figures go for the no pronouns aproach because at least it's funny to read.
You made me think of a different question: do troons ever have a "née: xyz" on their articles?

No. 1881213

Is anyone else a tiny bit surprised that self pozzing doesn't seem to be a current thing for TIFs? I know it sounds grim as fuck but to me it feels like that would naturally follow on from the current amount of coomshit we see from them

No. 1881219

So they're actually calling themselves lesbians while being gnc instead of seriously trying to LARP as men. How is this related to this thread? The replies to this is so weird too.

No. 1881228

HIV/AIDS just isn't as prominent in mainstream or even gay culture as it was in the 80s. It was such a big deal for the gay community in the 80s that it's very easy to see why a deranged, attention-seeking TiF would feel "left out" if she didn't personally have it. These days, most white gay people don't even personally know another person with HIV, let alone have it themselves.

No. 1881286

HIV isn't much of a thing between gaymoids anymore because of prep. However, other STIs are blooming as men just wanna go bareback. Bacteria are becoming more and more resistant to antibiotics, so we will have another moid killing disease outbreak before long.

No. 1881301

The literal babies in JJBA look more chiseled and defined than she does. Unrealistic transition goals strike once again.

No. 1881337

Blogpost but I started noticing how many tifs on Tumblr are not 15 anymore and a lot of them are adult women now. I see tifs who are in their mid to late twenties and I really wonder what will happen to these women when the gender special fad is over. At one point the troon thing will be considered lame stuff for boring old people by the younger generation (when the gen alpha reaches their rebel teen era) and all of those tifs will turn into the "karens" they hate so much.

No. 1881410

There's so much cope and desperation in older troon spaces. These women have lost their health, their relationships with their family and friends, their chances of ever getting a job where they're not a diversity hire, their hair, and their illusions that they look like men. Literally every single older tif has that haunted bleakness in her eyes because she knows she's never going to be male and she's destroyed her entire life for nothing. They go down the agender/pangender/xir/xem/queer potato route to disconnect from their failures to perform as the stereotypes of either sex, while refusing to admit that their personalities and identities were never dependent on what pronouns they liked. It's literally the fat acceptance movement, where impressionable chubby teens at the start of the fat acceptance trend are now in their 30s and facing serious health risks because it was cool to be Tess Holliday but are terrified of weight loss because fatness has become so tied to their identity and they'd lose every friend they had along with the fat. The testosterone these tifs have been taking for years has fucked their bodies up beyond repair, I don't even mean the permanent baldness and shit like that, it fucks up their bones and their internal organs. They get called their special pronouns because it's against the law to not pander to their delusions. Everyone knows they're women. They don't see this when they're teens or early twenties, it takes years for them to reach a point where they begin to understand that not a single person who ever used male pronouns did so out of anything but politeness, attention seeking, or pity. The self hatred they had as she/hers is still there as he/hims and they/thems. Gender validation from strangers, friends and desperate family members does not replace therapy, or give them the confidence and personality they always lacked.

No. 1881471

File: 1692037813569.jpg (336.17 KB, 1200x899, assets.jpg)

does anyone else feel so sad sometimes when they see TIFs? i think they hate their body far more than TIMs. some TIMs find it a 'fun' fetish thing, but every TIF i've seen that's actually followed at least some step of transitioning seems so miserable with every natural part of who they are. their female body, their feminine mannerisms. TIFs transitioning seems like a miserable cycle of taking hormones that make you break out and start balding, and getting your breasts chopped off, just to stand next to any man and be instantly clockable. hell, i've heard of TIFs who were left so weak from their skin grafts they can't hold a fork, or TIFs whose vaginal atrophy nearly killed them, or TIFs whose top surgery went catastrophically bad. i get angry because no one seems to care that this is a cry for help, often from women who are very vulnerable.
picrel is a photo of the creator of that nimona comic that was made intk a netflix a movie. i saw a video of her speaking and it made me feel so sad for some reason. she's not a man and she never can be, but everybody has to nod along and smile because it's transphobic otherwise. sage for a bit of a blogpost and ramble

No. 1881501

Fully agree with you but Noelle is a shitshow all over. She wrote comics about how she slept on the couch while her girlfriend fucked her (the girlfriend's, not Noelle's) boyfriend in their bed, she copes hard about her relationship and probably trooned out to keep her girlfriend happy. She's a self hating lesbian who needs to be the victim in every situation and loves attention. I feel like a lot of tifs are like that, they hate themselves but love the asspats they get for being uwu brave smol beans. They're too scared to go to therapy and face the fact that they're fuckups who need to work on themselves.

No. 1881506

I've known a whole lot of women with eating disorders, depression, self harming behaviour and body dysmorphic disorder, so a major part of self hating women, none of them changed gender until now and I think, I know one of the reasons and that would be that they were treated differently when I was younger. It's been some years since I've been a teenager and many of the mentally ill, self hating women I've met that went to therapy back then would get bpd as a diagnosis (still wrong, but well, better than today), no one would even speak about being born in the "wrong body" and autism didn't exist for women, except you were an aggressive male child without the possibility to ever act independent. Social media (the little that existed back then) would mostly be full of pro ana, self diagnosed bpd and pictures of bleeding wounds, well, at least the parts I was active in, there was not a single woman/girl wanting to be a man/boy. I'm sure if I would have been who I was back then today, I would have been dragged to doctors to confirm that I'm in a wrong body rather than be treated for a mental illness without further doing damage to my body. It's also easier to let them swap gender instead of addressing the real issues, honestly, how many women have we seen with self harm scars that are now men? No person in their right mind would give them a razor blade as treatment so they can go on self harming, but changing your gender, with all the damage done to the body, that's okay? It's just the easiest way out, you don't have to deal with them anymore, don't have to change anything in the society and, guess what, you get a whole lot of money out of it, because they will need medical help for the rest of their lives. A little bit more time offline and touching some grass would help these women a lot and I agree completely with you, they will never be men and I think, they don't even want to be men, they just want to be taking serious and not be attacked for being a woman.

No. 1881565

File: 1692044255391.jpg (10.73 KB, 307x300, f0eb6ea4af3e97ec0b9a6dd9fcbcc7…)

I wasn't trying to link lesbians to TIFs, but the way those rebel dykes acted kind of made it seem like they were making fun of men and masculinity but they were totally serious though, and seeing them in their tiny frames and weird leather feitsh outfits trying to act like stereotypical men, just looked silly to me. It reminded me a lot of how most TIFs act.

No. 1881569

It's the same brand of misogyny as the asexuals being corrective-raped argument. like the presupposition they never outright say or even seem to think through is that (cis/allo/etc) women being raped is less bad than an asexual or genderspecial, and the idea ANY AND ALL women being raped is bad and traumatizing never comes to their horrible little minds.

No. 1881676

When I see phalloplasty results on TIFs, I just wonder how the doctors who do this can live with themselves. Do they think it looks acceptable? Do they just not care? How do they feel, when they see the same patients return again and again for revisions due to complications? When they see young women come in, voice scratchy and croaky from T, still so obviously female, small in stature, with their breasts removed and big grins on their faces, giddy as they talk about how excited they are to finally have this operation done… How do they feel anything other than overwhelming guilt and shame? How can they possibly think they're doing the right thing?
I wish everyone who thought of transitioning saw the pictures of "successful" and "unsuccessful" phalloplasties. Because we are going to look back on this as a barbaric time full of twisted doctors trying to play God. Seriously, what the hell are these girls signing themselves up for?

No. 1881691

It's a thing even doctors/surgeons themselves will talk about from time to time that you need a certain level of psychopathy to perform surgery for a living (just to not be bothered by the fact that you're cutting into a person's body). And that's even when it's actually helping people. I imagine for cosmetic surgery it's even worse, and for elective cosmetic surgery Where you're knowingly turning people into horrific abominations like troon surgeons do… I can't even imagine.

No. 1881707

what even fucking counts as a successful phalloplasty? i have yet to see one that actually looks at all like a penis

No. 1881767

didn't fall off

No. 1881781

Unfortunately, a lot of women would be affected, too. Annoying how people view treatable STIs as being functionally harmless and using it as an excuse for unsafe sex, giving the disease more opportunities to evolve and become drug-resistant. I hate people.

No. 1881802

Nothing says adorable trans femboy twink like chlamydia. So validating

No. 1881844

File: 1692073342413.jpeg (956.17 KB, 1135x1538, 32E55F4C-977B-4F75-AF9F-81B61D…)

This feels so melodramatic, this is probably the only thing she has ever expressed dysphoria over and it’s something that no woman likes about being a woman

No. 1881853

>we will have another moid killing disease outbreak before long
good, but they're not gonna keep it contained amongst themselves and there might even be lou sullivan 2.0 tifs trying to catch it for muh euphoria

>I've chosen to take t and blockers and I'm exhausted that it isn't doing exactly what I want it to
>Being trans isn't a choice

No. 1881875

File: 1692079991116.jpg (107.97 KB, 480x640, man-down.jpg)

No. 1881886

She will detransition once the trans fad dies. I can't imagine women like this being happy living as old men. They transitioned into "twinks", they won't live as grandpas.

No. 1881893

adding that a lot of doctors, but especially surgeons, have a genuine dislike for their patients, ranging from a kind of mildly disgusted pity to scorn to outright, self-admitted hatred. i would bet most phallo surgeons probably laugh about their own atrocious botch jobs among peers. ive known cosmetic surgeons who joke about botching plastic surgery addicts and dysmorphia patients.

No. 1881904

As much as I'm for women in everything, there's just something about TiFs where I don't find them to be very sad, usually. They have a tendency to be a type of handmaiden (for TiFs especially which is unforgiveable behavior) and type of pick-me combo, on top of having severe narcissism and other mental health issues that just make them insufferable.
I'm sure I'm not the only one who's known of someone who's taken the dive into T and surgery, but you just can't talk them out of it. They'll try to cancel you if you do, so I just have no sympathy for them pretty much betraying women and their own femininity.

No. 1881931

Having a period causes dysphoria, but NOT flaunting your tits on social media? Sure, "Ezra".

No. 1881998

Tiffany will claim it fake

No. 1882001

>tifs are naturally feminine, aside from being female even if they troon
>the vicious cycle is about beimg juxtaposed with a moid
Sorry nona I don't see how it links

No. 1882003

Older tifs downgrading? Speaks volumes trooning was legit an extra step

No. 1882006

I know that this is pure schizo speculation, but my personal belief is that it's sometimes in response to physical/sexual trauma. Some women who are assaulted make a concentrated effort to make themselves "untouchable" by gaining weight, cutting off their hair, etc. and this is just another form of that. It makes me so sad.

No. 1882011

No. 1882018

Not even be the Aunts?

No. 1882034

Several threads back there was a post by a TIF saying she wanted to grow old with her uwu boyfriend to become a grumpy "gay" old couple, and the things she listed were all stuff that you can do as an old woman. These types of TIFs either come to their senses and detransition when they realize how useless medicalization is, or they continue on hormones and never reach an old age either due to hormone-induced health issues or just good ol' 41%.

No. 1882226

Every surgeon I’ve worked with has been a misanthropic asshole who mocked or insulted his patients. I knew a neurosurgeon who’d come running to our office after performing surgery for no reason except to joke with his friends about how ugly his elderly patients looked naked. Other people I know who work with surgeons in other hospitals have similar stories. I can’t even imagine how much worse the gender butchers must be because that field attracts the worst of the worst and the bar is already in hell. Wasn’t Shiv Sbhgbtg Sidbh Gallagher caught talking shit about patients (in addition to butchering them, advising against proper aftercare and leaving them for dead) or did I imagine that?

I’m staring to feel the same way. On one level I sympathise with and want the best for them but on a more personal level I’m so fed up with them. I’ve yet to meet a TIF who isn’t a woman-hating narcissistic bully who’d try to ruin my life if she thought I’m guilty of wrongthink. Transactivism brings out the misogynistic malicious streak in many people who I previously thought were kind and harmless and I simply can’t unsee that. It’s a cult, but that excuse only goes so far.

No. 1882244

File: 1692131729166.png (61.72 KB, 530x833, fujo.png)

There was a discussion about fetishization of gay men by straight girls and obviously it was a matter of time until tif fujo showed up kek.

No. 1882293

The only thing that's changed is these straight fujos are now calling themselves mlm queers. Gay fanfic has always been for women.

If you've ever read a fic by an actual gay male it reads much differently. There's no exploration of internal feelings or sappy dialogue, and the sex descriptions focus on body hair and smells and just rawdog fucking lol

No. 1882317

Look me in the eyes and tell me men sit down at the computer and open fucking AO3 embarrassing

No. 1882319

File: 1692140283449.jpg (143.57 KB, 764x946, insanity.jpg)

you might think it's fucked up for me to post discord chat logs, but let me assure you that this tiffany has posted all of this and more completely unprompted and mostly irrelevant to any conversation in a video game's official server for something so. take it as a case study of how all of these people speak and act the exact same way. also, she's a fat pasty 20something who still lives at home.

No. 1882327

there definitely (gay) men/TIMs who use ao3

No. 1882330

i agree, but like someone else said they tend to write shittier.
tho i do remember a very prominent straight male writer in my fandom who was a stuck-up piece of shit nerd who was basically there because women sucked his ass since he was one of the only male writers for the fandom.

No. 1882369

>trans mlm here
Opinion discarded

No. 1882534

>a gay transexual? Unusual!
kek she wants to be special so bad. Literally 99 of modern tifs are "gay men".
Also, nonita, be careful with sharing chats, the tif might find out you were the one who posted it and chimp out.

No. 1882536

I don’t know about other anons but the second I see Jerma profile pic, I always assume it’s a tif/woman and I’m always right. Why is it always Jerma?

No. 1882555

>adding that a lot of doctors, but especially surgeons, have a genuine dislike for their patients, ranging from a kind of mildly disgusted pity to scorn to outright, self-admitted hatred.
You really need a special kind of person who wants to work with cutting people up on the daily. The "best" kind just think of you as a meat machine to fix rather than a person.

No. 1882559

>what even fucking counts as a successful phalloplasty?
Because it's "gender affirming care" which is done to "prevent suicide", it means that unless they literally die it's considered successful. So if they got 50 infections as half of it rotted and fell off, they have a permanent stoma bag for the rest of their lives, their legs had to be amputated and they went blind but they're still alive - it's still a success because the ONLY thing it had to prevent was death.

Would you rather have an alive trans person with 20 new medically created disabilities, or a dead trans person? They didn't ruin a life, they saved it!

No. 1882570

File: 1692182309129.jpg (55.67 KB, 369x674, Screenshot_2.jpg)

This is so hypocritical lmao
They always scream and cry that "even men have periods!" "put tampons in men's bathrooms!" "having a period doesn't make you a woman!" then cry about it because they KNOW that period equals women and they throw a tantrum about it because it's not manly enough to have it, hysterical


No. 1882611

File: 1692188831817.jpg (1.35 MB, 1640x2027, F3YHnlzaIAAWGOd.jpg)

Imagine getting your tits chopped off to larp as a male dragqueen

No. 1882612

Don't drag queens usually prefer to be referred to with feminine pronouns? But props to her for nailing the ugly drag queen moid face–if I didn't see the mangled tits, I'd think she's really a male.

No. 1882613

Well, she certainly nailed the ugly face drag queens paint on themselves accompanied by that hideous wannabe sultry look

No. 1882617

This was posted like yesterday. Do you even read the thread at all?

No. 1882624

File: 1692191222065.png (299.97 KB, 678x541, reddit_ftm1.PNG)

Based parents.

No. 1882625

Super based tbh. I still don't understand why they can't just wear "masculine" clothes, use their little male pronouns and go about their day? No need to ruin a perfectly healthy body.

No. 1882627

Nice sadpost, Tiffany. Now read the book and try to form a coherent argument against it without circular "I am a man because I say I am" shit.

No. 1882687

I can hear her yelling "it's not a phase mom!!" through the photo kek

No. 1882697

Nonna, some people aren’t chronically online. As long it doesn’t get reposted endlessly, chill.
Based parents and I bet Tiffany refuses to read it because then it would mean realizing how sexist she is

No. 1882720

File: 1692202142257.webm (512.11 KB, 464x848, mUuyyemULejBq1IL.webm)

This has to be the most to be one of the most heterosexual things I have ever seen.

No. 1882723

Nta but it's extremely annoying when the exact same thing gets posted in less than two days. You don't have to be "terminally online" to do a cursory scroll up to see if the video/image you have has already been posted. Just take the L.

No. 1882737

This isn't even schizo speculation, it was actually a commonly accepted theory among psychologists before psychology became totally pozzed. They even talk about it in Silence of the Lambs, that's how they track down the tranny in that movie because he had been rejected from getting SRS because he had been sexually abused as a child. Nowadays they don't even screen for trauma or self harm, they just hand you hormones and put you on the surgery list.

No. 1882792

But if we tell them they'll never be men, it's transphobia. The goalposts are on wheels at this point.

No. 1882915

Maybe she is legitimately a tomboy. Her focusing on being trans and picking herself apart for every single trait she has and constantly comparing herself to males is destroying her mental health. I know it's a bit reductive to say "Just don't think about it!" but I think to some extend our thoughts can turn obsessive and harmful to us. She fell for the gender cult and is now being encouraged to hate and want to destroy and mutilate herself. Yes, she does hate being trans so fucking much. She's been taught that there's no other way. She looks quite young too. I feel terrible for her. These young people are suffering because the trans cult taught them to, and nobody is allowed to even so much as breathe a suggestion for a healthier alternative. She will never be a boy.

No. 1882961

There are definitely many tifs who do it out of wanting to desexualise their bodies as a response to trauma but there are other tifs who do it because they worship scrotes and hate women and everything about being a woman.

No. 1883007

in a clown world where i continue to lose touch with reality it makes me happy to know that trannies will never, ever be happy with themselves

No. 1883077

GC spaces have become even more insufferable because the latter group is constantly defended as if they're part of the former. "Detrans" TIFs will quite literally continue to say "I hate women, I think we're weak and overly emotional, all we're good for is being sexualized, fucking, and making babies" in GC spaces, but when you criticize them, they and other supposedly GC women leap on you to scream about what precious victims the TIFs are, and how they're only saying it because of "dysphoria." It's not "dyphoria" that makes these retards misogynistic, it's (their own) misogyny that makes them "dysphoric."

No. 1883079

File: 1692244982090.png (358.44 KB, 1096x1366, Screen Shot 2023-08-16 at 3.53…)

OP is a TIF whose post history includes a necrotic nipple top surgery photo and lots of posts about her sex life with another woman.
It's really tragic that she still wants to be seen as male despite being slapped in the face with the real truth of moid nature. Like whyyyy not just be a butch lesbian and help other women?? Why cape for these violent moidlets like this?

No. 1883082

Its like telling them why cant they stay alt girls or just the homely nerds because that was what they most likely were before trooning out. Proof troonism is cope.

I'll give my two cents, these girls may not be outright masculine at first, its their comparative lack of femininity that makes them want to go down this path. Otherwise they would be the artistic weird girls of the past.

No. 1883111

I think the issue people struggle with for whatever reason is that there isn't one singular tranny typology, but rather a handful of them. It would be inaccurate to say that all troons are individuals, as within each subtype they are all virtually indistinguishable, but the types can be pretty different from one another (and some are more sympathetic/reprehensible than others).

No. 1883141

I mostly agree with this, except even the TIFs I've met who are more clearly influenced by trauma will also admit to still having misogynistic, or at least gender essentialist, thoughts in private, oftentimes not even seeing what the've said as misogynistic or inaccurate. Many of them refuse to budge on these matters, too, even if they admit you're compelling and "probably right." Trauma stops being a good defense at some point, and I draw the line when "ex"-TIFs continue to be misogynistic, and show no signs that they want to improve at all.

No. 1883152

Didn’t she just have top surgery? I remember her annoying videos of her with crop tank tops, and slutty outfits, seeing what she’s done to herself is actually really sad.
She’s so annoying, but damn. She’s gonna start balding or not be considered “handsome” (kek) and will play victim for choosing this path. Sad.

No. 1883162

Troon propaganda messes with people by giving them the fantasy that with testosterone and a change of clothing, they can easily become not just male, but an attractive prince charming. Lesbians, in particular seem to fall for it badly, with dire results.

No. 1883318

File: 1692295686267.jpg (352.24 KB, 1240x1520, ZWyALovTvazj71.jpg)

>Lesbians, in particular seem to fall for it badly, with dire results.
Essentially, many TIFs often end up being at the bottom of the male totem pole when they "pass". people see them as "men" who are short, flabby, pudgy and aren't attractive in any category, and that's why we end up so many lesbian TIFs whose expectations get crushed and instead of realising they made a mistake, they try to claim all men actually feel this way.

>Robin Williams, illustrated as a giant blue Genie, had just finished singing to Aladdin about how he had never had a friend like him. I observed intently, desperate to find a Genie who could make me look like the boy I was on the inside. This was one of my first memories of realizing I was transgender. I was eight years old in the 1990s.

>When I enthusiastically started the transition process at 26 years old, I thought I had prepared for all the significant side effects: Acne, sweating, having an enormous appetite, and everything else that comes from testosterone.
>The one thing I didn't prepare for was how lonely it is to be a man.
>From childhood to adulthood, I had a combination of friendships with men and women. I was able to talk to anyone without reservation. I had a community of people I could call at any moment, and society felt warm to me, too. I thought the world was open to interactions with most people, as long as you were kind.
>Then I started my transition.
>It wasn't until my voice dropped and my face changed that I felt the wave of my masculinity. First, my friendships became more distant. A few friends faded away because they'd judged my transition, and many women didn't know how to talk to a guy about our regularly discussed topics.
>The most depleting were new friendships. It was nearly impossible with women, especially being married, and men. I realized that it would take years to build a semi-deep friendship.
>Before transitioning, I didn't receive short pat hugs or shake hands; I got deep, long hugs. I didn't get quick answers about life; I got hour-long conversations. When traveling or running errands, and I saw a parent dealing with an exhausting kid, I could help and not be stared at like a creep.
>The way I existed in society was the exact opposite of how I move through it now, and with that comes privilege. I feel safer; I no longer walk around at night clinging to pepper spray. I've had to train myself to move out of women's way before they step aside.
>I still get sad at the surprise women have when I move before they do or the joy they get when complimenting their outfits without making it about their bodies. All of the cliche privileges started happening, and if I wasn't holding myself accountable to prevent them, no one else was going to.
>And yet, privilege also came with a cost. While I can take up space in most areas, I don't feel like a welcomed and loved part of the community. I started to see my masculinity as the biggest oxymoron. Frankly, it messes with your brain.
>As a man, you get to feel safe, but you don't get to be a nurturer or nurtured. You can speak up whenever you want, but not about your emotions, fears, or grief. You have the freedom to do whatever you want whenever you want, as long as that doesn't involve anything feminine, which turns out to be many incredible things, like emotions, intentional parenting, grooming, baking, and so many other activities I've learned are too feminine.

>As a trans man, I spent 26 years of my life allowed to feel my feelings, be masculine and feminine, and have deep friendships, which is a blessing and a curse because I knew the depth of life and what it feels like to lose it.

>We exist in a world where men are told their worth comes after women and children, that they cannot be a caretaker or nurturer without losing their masculinity, and that their sadness is not to be talked about. It's as if we're asking men to despise their lives, and then become shocked when they are violent.
>Before I transitioned, I had little empathy for men. And while I still hold us to a high standard, I now see the brokenness. The brokenness of masculinity, how isolating it is, and how men don't know how to break the cycle.
>Women often are handed the burden of trying to help men with their lack of emotional understanding, and while I don't think that's the solution, I know that isolating men to figure it out on their own won't give us the outcome we all want.
>A few months ago, I made a post about this topic that went viral. I posted a reel about the loneliness of being a man. Some took the angle that I'm not a man because I cried, furthering the stereotype that men are not afforded the luxury of being truly human and crying.
>And yet hundreds of men reached out, saying they never had the words to express their loneliness.
>For me, thankfully, I took back my masculinity years ago. I define, for myself, what being a man means, including rom-coms, crying, loving Taylor Swift, and asking men about their hardships and emotions.
>My friendships dramatically changed when I started leaning into being a whole person again, but it has taken years. Years overcoming my insecurities that I'm not man enough, realizing the trap is that you'll never be manly enough, just like women will never be feminine enough. Years unpacking the ways I was trained to hate feminine things.
>As a trans man, I empathize and support women in ways men mostly don't, and as a professional speaker, I've learned communication skills to help me connect with others. I'm working to empower other men with these tools because this lack of emotional understanding, communication, and femininity leads to violence and anger.
>If I could advise men, it would be first to look inward. Before reaching out to women for support, understand that this is about your friendship with yourself and how you accept your emotions, fears, and femininity. Whether you journal, go to therapy, or work through it mentally, find a way to be safe in your skin as a whole person. A person who cries, feels joy, and can embrace all aspects of themselves. Read books on healing your emotions, finding ways to communicate your needs, and understanding your feelings.
>I cannot stress enough how important it is to learn how to communicate effectively. Communication is one of the greatest gifts society gives women. The allowance to talk to friends for hours about life's highs and lows, tell stories full of vulnerability and cry, and be held by your friends.
>I've seen the world through many lenses, and the most profound moments have been with people who fully see and love me; that takes vulnerability and trust. Focus your time on learning how to be vulnerable, build intentional and meaningful friendships, and heal your relationship with what it means to be feminine.
>Lastly, for those who are not men, while it is not your responsibility to heal men, I ask you to stretch your idea of masculinity. Hundreds of men reached out to me, saying they try to cry in front of the women in their lives or try to be nurturing, and they remind them to "man up" or that it makes them uncomfortable.
>These moments have unimaginable ripple effects. We cannot have a world of healthy, kind, and strong men if we stick to broken stereotypes. I learned as a kid that no Genie will magically come along.

No. 1883371

he has certain moe qualities that women like

No. 1883425

That's a lot of words just to say "I'm struggling to LARP as a man because I still have female socialization."

No. 1883426

Ahahahah! Well said!

No. 1883463

Damn, she was such a cute butch in the left pic. Now she just looks like every other balding dude at your local pub.

No. 1883534

File: 1692317466082.jpg (83.61 KB, 545x895, u8EEfPM.jpg)

I think there may be a particular thing with butch lesbians and why they might troon out. Despite any misandrist feelings they may have, they may really do envy men and fetishize them, not sexually but in their roles. They may want to be the good-looking boy that girls swoon over or the reliable, strong man who can protect a woman. This is a fantasy for them, so they may think that by becoming trans, they will attain that status and strength. However, they don't realize that their bodies don't allow that, and they may end up becoming a worse version of themselves.

No. 1883537

>"Men don't get nutured or hugged or allowed to cry (sadface)"
>"Men are sooo lonely, and that's everyone else's (women's) fault!"
>"Privilege comes at a cost for the privileged…people (women) don't love moids enough, no one opens doors for them!"
>"I know all this because, as a mentally ill GNC woman, my experiences are the same as men's"
Anyways, men are 90% of all violent criminals and 99% of all non-prostitution sexual offenders, even in a judicial system that is heavily biased in favor of lenience towards them and hostility towards women. They're also known for elevated rates of antisocial behaviors, such as narcissism. It would be natural, or even good, if people treated men as pariahs because of this, but the average moid absolutely doesn't face social death like this woman has, they just think that they do because they don't get everything they want at all times.
"Men are so sad and so lonely" is a moid-fabricated psyop with the intent of making women more available to men. If they actually had issues, men would start supporting each other more.

No. 1883565

also they just basically think women aren't able to feel as real or deep feelings as men. only men feel loneliness because their emotions are real and deep women are too stupid and shallow fo real suffering

No. 1883567

When has a man ever cared how women as a class felt, ever??? They might care about their mom, maybe their sister, but that's it. They don't even care about their wives and gfs beyond property they can fuck or a maid.

No. 1883569

The only lesbian that has successfully transitioned into a man that might attract women is Jamie Dodger, because she's 6'1" kek These short women have no chance, they just become unattractive to the majority of either gender.

No. 1883592

5'8" tho. And yes, the women she attracts are the one following her footsteps

No. 1883635

This is why people like this say things like "male sexual assault victims don't report it, because it hurts their pride, and they know people won't believe them," too. As if women don't feel all those same things, if not even more deeply than men do (as a result of female persecution and internalized misogyny). They act like the internal world of males is divine, and the internal world of women and girls doesn't exist, or at least that it's "more shallow" than men's.

No. 1883652

They really should've just reformed mental institutions instead of getting rid of them altogether. Kids like this are pretty much guaranteed to end up in prison as adults, most likely for a violent crime. Prison is honestly just where people ended up after asylums were abolished. People need to come to grips with the fact that some individuals just can't be safely "integrated" into society, and institutions are a better place for them than prisons. Unlike the troon trend, this isn't the kind of thing you can just fix with talk therapy.

No. 1883669

It's males, nonna, no need to be pc

No. 1883672

File: 1692340492128.webm (2.14 MB, 320x590, gHEx7lfHtDyNH0LB.webm)

This is why we never see socially rejected TIFs(the terminally online fujo types like vidrel) engaging in MRA rhetoric. It's because they were already introverted rejects. On the other hand, butch lesbians who transition and "pass" end up experiencing being a loser. This is not a male experience that they feel in their lives, it's an experience that everyone feels when they don't fit in and instead of realising it, they form this weird empathy with men that they men didn't even ask for.

No. 1883681

I thought this 40-something year old granola mom was trolling, but holy shit she actually committed and got the tit chop.

even with the pube stache you can see she’s incredibly beautiful. she must have gotten a lot of attention for being stereotypically hot, 10-20 years ago. and prob can’t cope with how society discards women once they show any sign of age.

blogpost, but i’m always thankful that I didn’t grow up being effortlessly thin and traditionally attractive, because i think that would make aging that much more scary. to know that all your worth is based on your looks and your appearance and at a certain age, people just value you less and less every year you get older. scary.

No. 1883682

>many women didn't know how to talk to a guy about our regularly discussed topics.
Bold of her to assume they now saw her as a guy rather than the mentally ill woman she is
>Before transitioning, I didn't receive short pat hugs or shake hands; I got deep, long hugs. I didn't get quick answers about life; I got hour-long conversations.
Again, she assumes all these things are because she's now seen as a guy, rather than people knowing she's deeply mentally ill and being off put by that.
>As a man, you get to feel safe, but you don't get to be a nurturer or nurtured.
Maybe that is because real men require less nuture and are less inclined to become nurturers in those female specific ways she desires it. Just as an example, roughhousing is typically needed for boys play for them to develop properly, keeping them from it can literally stunt their development, so nurturing a boy is letting him be rough with other boys rather than sitting and hugging him. But she as a female desires the female parts of nurture and she wants the long hugs so she doesn't get it.
>We exist in a world where men are told their worth comes after women and children
lmao bitch where?! she trooned out because she hated being seen as a weak boring woman, always feelign unsafe and clinging to pepper spray - and then naturally changes the narrative to men being the victims so she can still be the victim even after trooning out. I think she's just incapable of not seeing herself as a poor victim that society is against.

No. 1883698

I know plenty of straight women who are tifs that support mra beliefs and believe men are oppressed. On the other hand, I've never seen lesbian tifs who supported incel movements, because they're not desperate for male sexual attention like the straight female tifs are.

No. 1883701

Too bad testosterone isn't going to de-age her 20 years, more like the opposite.
My original peak trans was reading the blog of an extremely misogynistic lesbian TIF who was parrotting MRA talking points. They may be rare but they do exist.

No. 1883706

She probably got traumatized from moids or uses transgenderism as a plan b for her insecurities (saggy boobs, no hips, etc) because you can't insult women by calling them a man if they call themselves a man first

No. 1883707

I really don’t understand FTMs who wax lyrical about how deep their friendships were and how easy their life was socially before trooning. It makes me have less sympathy for them, and a little bit of envy, because why even troon out then. Its more gender stereotypes, “how could a reeeeemale experience loneliness or alienation, they have NAT20 charisma after all, only men know what it is to be lonely, Ryan gosling gif”. I know if they didn’t think in stereotypes they wouldn’t troon but it still pisses me off. Deserved.

No. 1883713

That seems to be the case, so many trannies mistakes their treatment for male suffering/female privilege when in reality people are just treating them as mentally ill women and men

No. 1883716

>Because I'm a true and honest man now, I feel like I have to stop myself from feeling my feelings and liking my previous interests to keep up my man cosplay, even though there are many males who like feminine things without having this anime protag internal conflict
>Fellow men I understand you we are #broken uwu

No. 1883721

lmao I don't know why it caught me so off guard. She just looks like a redheaded mom or something, then pictures of Diluc show up. It's just not what I was expecting from her.

No. 1883729

Is it worth reading?
Because the subtitle is awful and reads as a dumbed down populist facebook-group-level conspiracy cry, I mean:
>our daughters
the last especially makes me think it is a republican funded story for conservatives (male ones - our daughters instead of women) to gasp to

No. 1883759

No, Abigail Shrier is not conservative and there is no conspiracy behind this book. She was researching ROGD and talked to concerned/affected parents. Maybe she is less focused on lesbian TIFs, but all in all there is no conservative agenda.

No. 1883806

Is it true boys need to roughhouse? Girls don't? I roughhoused a lot with my dad as a child. And with girls. And I remember girls talking about how they wrestled with their friends. What does that really do for development? And I remember boys in school roughhousing… with girls who didn't want it. Whatever, this is off-topic but I'm just interested because I've never heard that before.

No. 1883821

>Men come in many different shapes
Shows a bishie holy kek I thought only delusional Tumblr 19 year olds did this kind of shit it's so jarring to see a middle aged woman do it

No. 1883876

She's 28 years old.

No. 1883877

be for real…..28!??! no fucking way

No. 1883881

File: 1692377456333.png (917.57 KB, 1072x898, capture.png)

Testosterone ages you by a decade.

No. 1883890

File: 1692378194989.png (2.41 MB, 2040x1128, Screenshot 2023-08-18 at 17.58…)

i had to look her up. christ, she is so embarrassing and narcissistic. she clearly thinks she's as attractive as all the men in this collage. she wouldn't have just picked 5 random ugly nerds with long hair. nope, it had to be male models, and she's totally the same as them!

No. 1883891

File: 1692378333954.png (80.77 KB, 884x372, Screenshot 2023-08-18 at 18.01…)

also one of those very typical "wants to have her cake and eat it too" tifs. she's totally a manly man like those male models, but experiences misogyny and doesn't have male privilege.

i didn't see any mention of her being 28 though. it seems like she's older from her profile.

No. 1883893

File: 1692378455519.png (439.65 KB, 760x1067, Screenshot_20230818-100857.png)

No she's not anon her real name is kristen nedopak and she's 46

No. 1883895

File: 1692378694489.jpg (451.54 KB, 828x1968, KcgOO363HSxohvaa.jpg)

Many women, including butch lesbians, don't realize how damn violent men can be to each other, they can't comprehend the level of causal violence they perpetrate with their own friends and especially against supposedly "weaker men" that TIFs who pass come across as.

No. 1883899

That's because she's not 28 I have no clue where anon was getting that

No. 1883913

File: 1692380831167.jpeg (196.99 KB, 1361x1361, OI-Jamie-Raines-e1644782107259…)

Anon, you can't be serious she looks like a tif caricature of a gay man who got bullied in high school for being a theatre kid

No. 1883942

These TiF nerds only consume men through scripted TV shows and anime or celebrities, and assume all men are nice cuddy soft bears or twinks. The average man is a homophobic rough lad type that will bully any man they see weakness in, either physically or verbally, if you piss them off. Even the straight pretty boys are horrible to each other. The trope that women can't be friends because they're too catty is pure male projection.

No. 1883944

The collage is hilarious cause men with long hair never wear their hair like she is doing.

No. 1883948

The height, broad shoulders and slight adam's apple is doing it for her. That's more than most TiFs have, especially the short ones.

No. 1883957

How does she get the adams apple? Does she edit it in? Or can you get one naturally? Anyway whatever masculinity she has in looks fades away once you hear her vile TIF frog voice.

No. 1883977

Both males and females have adams apples, mens just show since they have more testosterone. Tif can have a visible adams apple because of the testosterone.

No. 1883991

It's because she's making shit up.

No. 1884025

i think most kids just need to move around in general, boys are just more socialized into it than girls are. i say 'more' because my mother basically raised me without giving af about gender roles and i had a lot of fun playing violent games with (female!) cousins my age. by 'violent' i mean we would have lots of fun hitting one another (HARD) with sticks and running around, screaming at the tops of our lungs, etc. kids are just insane

No. 1884031

she's more attractive than those male "models". scrotes are ugly af.

No. 1884032

An Adams apple is just a lump cartilage that forms on the larynx due to testosterone exposure. It's what causes tifs voices to deepen and get all froggy.

No. 1884038

While it's sad that happened, if she as an adult female was already not aware of the threat of moid tard rage and had to be attacked to even think of it, she must have been very sheltered with only anime men for company.

>I'm glad my friend wasn't hurt, I swear! I'm just jealous that she wasn't!

Don't moids go for other moids only because they want to take out the bigger threat, and not that they're uwu sparing the precious women? Unfortunately if the tif was more obviously female then the attacker might have hurt both her and her friend. Yet she's delusionally thinking that being female would've saved her? Don't tifs troon out to avoid being female anyway? Trying to unravel their ways of thinking is just confusing.

No. 1884109

same anon. i always playfought with boys. got my arm dislocated playing power rangers with some boy and me and some of my girl friends would gang up on boys together and "kill" them. women are so based.

No. 1884172

I can never tell if Jammi is really bi or a lesbian in denial. Same for her wife.

No. 1884219

File: 1692420161970.jpeg (301.25 KB, 981x961, 0716DFF6-4399-4775-8BAA-B771D2…)

the pandemic did incomprehensible emotional and mental damage on the population

No. 1884224

Moids think women cant be friends based on the standard of their casual violence they do to their other moid friends.

No. 1884225

Tifs continue to blame their gender? Come on, it's a you issue, tiffany. The other lady is nothing like you at all.

No. 1884239

You know shit's fucked when even the wine aunts are trooning out

No. 1884244

The part where she snivels about how none of this would have happened if she was more clearly female rather than "male passing" bothered me, too. If they were both equally as visibly female, this probably would have been a lot worse, at least in the long run. He might not have assaulted them then and there, but there's no way he would have just left them alone, if he was willing to throw what he perceived as another moid around like that (if we are to assume he actually saw her as a man, and that he didn't just choose to beat her up for being the more GNC woman of the two).
But TIFs are usually desperate to pretend that their transition wasn't fueled by misogyny and cowardice, deeply involved in romanticizing men, or both, so they'll more than happily eat up retarded talking points about how men are victimized by society/the patriarchy in a way that's either comparable to the victimization of women, or at least "worth bringing up" despite their privilege. Admitting these sorts of things are blatantly untrue would, at the very least, put some cracks in the validity of their whole approach to gender.

No. 1884248

It's possible for natal women to have Adam's apples. Blog but I have a visible "Adam's apple," but my voice is in the normal female range and I don't have PCOS or any other indicators of high T. It's literally just cartilage, and maybe a little bit to do with your posture.

No. 1884264

File: 1692433184603.jpg (156.54 KB, 900x900, kaedyn.jpg)

I really would like to know what broke this woman. It's obvious she was a feminist trying to help other women in nerdier spaces. Usually people above the age of 35 are also a little smarter and can see what these trans science experiments actually are.
How is that not some kind of form of internalized misogyny? Did she play a bunch of Genshin during covid or something, roll on Diluc, and think she was him? It's frightening watching older people lose their sense of self and succumb to this. I kind of wonder if maybe she's on the spectrum or something, considering her hobbies.

"Kaedyn" didn't get funded here, but sadly somehow got her top surgery anyway. Apparently her previous life as Kristen is still up on Youtube and she was into fairies and tarot. Does she think she'll become the goffick dark knight elven prince of her dreams? Delusional.

No. 1884281

maybe I’m retarded but I still don’t understand what the fuck happened here. did the TIF get beaten up for being at a party without being invited?

No. 1884286

File: 1692439374400.jpeg (1.66 MB, 1170x2046, E3AE2CEC-3564-48EC-B93E-80C9D4…)

So what’s the point then? These people always go on about how they don’t feel comfortable with men but then how are they identifying as men?

No. 1884312

Once when I had hormonal issues due to a long ass food poisoning incident and lost a a lot of weight I got a small visible adam's apple, it can happen.

No. 1884324

File: 1692450348532.webm (7.31 MB, 320x568, fza3iOnaWKpfmAlc.webm)

here's her in motion and what she sounds like.

No. 1884327

File: 1692450478184.jpeg (185.86 KB, 1400x788, Screen_Shot_2017_06_30_at_3.34…)

No. 1884335

The vocal fr-r-r-y, dear god lmao poor girl

No. 1884337

It's funny how they're so comfortable pointing out that there is something fundamentally different between themselves and "cis" men even when/if they pass, but don't you terfs fucking dare suggest transmen or transwomen aren't exactly the same as all other men and women you bigots

Proves that they KNOW they're not the same, they're all just lying when telling others to shut up about it. Rules for thee, but not for me.

No. 1884338

I have an adams apple and a deep female voice, it happens, very feminine looking otherwise. But exposure to testosterone made hers grow.

No. 1884343

I can't agree that she's a successful passing tif. I think she decently passes visually if you don't look close enough, she has a girlfriend who is fully in on the larp and she's a successful youtuber (who grooms more young girls to follow her path) so she could be considered successful. But that's her downfall; no one who you know is trans passes simply because… you do know their real sex. Doesn't even matter if they passed before you found out, they no longer pass to you because now you know. Knowing someone is trans and them passing are mutually exclusive concepts. They can only pass if you don't know their real sex. So because she's a famous trans youtuber the vast majority of people who are aware of her existence know that she's a female trying to mimic a male. She doesn't pass to a single one of those people, no one watches her thinking she's just a cis guy commenting on trans stuff.

No. 1884349

File: 1692452638620.png (702.97 KB, 1000x1465, Lil_Broomstick.png)

>her voice
fuckkkkk nonnas

No. 1884356

File: 1692454291380.png (89.3 KB, 1057x576, Screenshot.png)

she explained it another comment.

No. 1884361

>”if you are try read thing properly first”
>just wrote out the most incomprehensible britbong run-on sentence

No. 1884363

AYART, I remember play fighting with boys, thankfully no dislocated arms. Would gang up on this massively tall German boy who would grab our arms and spin around and fling us into the grass. Huge fun. I did beat the shit out of him once, jumping up and down on his back as he groaned in pain, face to the pavement. He stumbled home. He deserved it for beating up my friend's older brother sometimes. I thought he could take it I dunno. Sorry for derailing.

No. 1884366

File: 1692455567473.jpg (96.89 KB, 1024x742, istockphoto-541115644-1024x102…)

I feel like that's common with siblings and close cousins before puberty, I wrestled and fought with my brothers, then we grew up and didn't fight anymore and if we did, he could probably hurt me badly.

No. 1884376

He was a stranger but yeah. It makes me wonder; did TIFs have these experiences? I always see TIFs as being hyper feminine before trooning out; the majority, anyway. It's so fascinating to me.
>NO YOU GOT IT ALL WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
>explains the same story again, but less comprehensible
>oh and he apologized
So why is she afraid of him again? Because he's a large man? Uhhh just man up bro, share a beer with him.

No. 1884394

Wtf, T poisoning really does give them all the exact same frog voice.

No. 1884395

teenage girl typing style

No. 1884400

kek "frog voice" made me laugh

Don't know wtf nonnie is talking about, roughhousing is beneficial to both girls and boys. It's actually a type of sociodramatic play (you can look it up for more examples) and it helps develop social and language skills, as well as teach children how to self-regulate and get more in touch with their bodies.

No. 1884416

>>1884324 So sad. She seems so gentle. Reminds me of tifs I know.

No. 1884423

They look like straight nerds who hold hands when going to anime cons. I'm sure the guy hold her bags full of freshly bought BL manga like a true gentlemen when they go to bookshops together.

No. 1884424

Both TIMs and most TIFs are very eager to remind everyone that they’re super duper oppressed and don’t have any of that pesky male privilege or male socialisation. Apparently it’s something you can identify out of but not into, and is based on invisible internal genderfeels for TIMs but on perception of the “assigned gender at birth” for TIFs. Very mysterious.

No. 1884429

Mid-life crisis would be my guess. Maybe she noticed that all the young women in nerd spaces were trooning out and began to feel like she didn't fit in anymore. People who make fandoms their whole personality tend to have a poor sense of identity, so they're more susceptible to identity-based social contagion.

No. 1884435

>I'm trans so no im not a "cis douchebag" you idiot"

What, trans people can't be douchebags?? Only cis men can be? Why doesn't she embrace being called a douchebag just like all the other guys UwU TiFs are so insufferable.

No. 1884439

She moves like a woman and looks like a teenager at the beginning of puberty. She seems really sweet, I wonder what made her do this, it's sad.

No. 1884446

When you get down to it, the fundamentals of how they view sex, gender, and all the associated politics are all very arbitrary and nonsensical.
What's interesting is that the term "cis" doesn't appear at all in the comment she replied to, let alone being used to label her. I wonder what sort of mental dysfunction led to her imagining she was being labeled a "cis douchebag," as opposed to just a douchebag with no other descriptors?

No. 1884460

I'm an immigrant in bongland, and although I'm pretty good at deciphering the language here, this TIFs posts are pure gibberish. Like >>1884395 said it's very teenage girl sounding. I think she's just a dumbass. I mean, she did go into a party full of heavy drinking moids she didn't know with her female companion. Quite frankly, she got off lucky with just physical violence. Tbh the aggression in that reply makes me think she did run her mouth a bit. The true and honest boy doth protest too much.

I love how that reply didn't mention cis or trans at all and even though the original post mentioned that she's trans she still had to be like "ACKSHULLY I'M TRANS SO OBVS NOT A DOUCHEBAG? WOW YOU CAN'T READ" like calm down sis you're like one of those yappy lil dogs, all bark and no bite.

No. 1884461

>"this year is gonna be my year and I'm so happy"
>looks more dead inside than the egg she cracked for the cake
And holy shit, she actually sounds like a frog kek.

No. 1884490

she's typing like she was the one who won the fight and didn't just eat shit(sage your shit)

No. 1884503

Same my brother and I fought all the time pre puberty because we unironically hated each other, now that we've got it out of our system we don't anymore, and he'd have an advantage if we did. Because of moid retardation though he still wants to fight other people so he randomly wrestles with male cousins.

No. 1884533

>I’m afraid my parents will blame it on me
lets pretend this tifs parents are actually dangerous and not a completely normal, suburban, gen x couple. She truly believes her little sister will be abused but only thinks about herself. Maybe she really is a guy because thats very malebrained behaviour

No. 1884546

Not only did the person not call her cis, but the post is in the ftm subreddit, so would make zero sense to not assume she was a tif even if she didn't explicitly state it in her long, rambling story. Wondering if the word "douche" reminded her she has a vagina and triggered her into hallucinating a whole other response kek

No. 1884553

File: 1692484470518.jpg (190.4 KB, 1200x524, SSPride.jpg)

She realizes she's super straight, but I'm willing to bet she's still going to insist gays be open to the opposite sex

No. 1884561

Reading the wall of text I really got the impression she hates periods… Guess that's a tif thing kek

No. 1884563

Let me guess: The comments are mostly people gently telling her she just has "internalized transphobia," that they feel similarly, that cis people having a "preference" is different because they have "privilege," and that trans people can have "preferences" because of "dysphoria"?

No. 1884567

It's a shame you won't be getting paid for this gold.

No. 1884568

File: 1692485323962.jpg (147.15 KB, 1080x1084, 20230820_014958.jpg)

There's also surgery for it. Because of course there is. These people are walking dollar signs to shady plastic surgeons everywhere.

No. 1884596

The idea of sticking anything into my throat is genuinely horrifying, I can't imagine doing it for purely cosmetic reasons. Hell, I might choose euthanasia over having some random foreign object or relocated chunk of my own biomass wedged into my neck in a situation where it would be medically necessary for my survival.

No. 1884649

I'm scared to ask, but who was the character she headcanon as afab? I'm assuming it's one from dbd?

No. 1884688

In a way this is kinda cool because surgeons are coming up with ideas and solutions to just about every gripe humans have with their appearance. But on the other hand it’s body horror tier craziness and sad worship of capitalism and aesthetics.

No. 1884763

I fucking hate dealing with tifs in a commercial pharmaceutical setting, I'm just a technician rather than a pharmacist but I feel like there's blood on my hands every time I give these girls their testosterone, adhd meds and cocktails of antipsychotics and antidepressants. The only ever time I feel this kind of guilt with customers is when I have to deal with junkies and sell them needles, which I'm legally to. The fact these girls are almost always in their late teens or early 20's just makes it worse and I feel like such a wimp for letting it get to me. I could give less of a shit about the mtfs I have to deal with outside of them being creepy bastards but these girls and the heroin addicts are my breaking point.

No. 1884770

Assuming this isn’t a larp, you should be fired from your job. Your personal and political biases aren’t supposed to interfere with working in the healthcare industry and you don’t sound unbiased enough to work in such a field, I’d honestly report you.

No. 1884782

It's not like I tell them to fuck off and refuse to serve them or fill their scripts when I'mat production. I treat them like anyone like else like old people on blood thinners and cholesterol meds to the literal toddlers on antidepressants for some bizarre reason. It still feels weird in black pilling sort of way when you have to deal multiple tifs a day.

No. 1884808


No. 1884811

Jesus nona she's only venting. We all know the fallout of the trans trend is going to be huge, a lot of those girls are going to regret what they did to themselves.

No. 1884812

Report her for what? Feeling guilty about giving girls medication she knows is going to destroy their health and not give them what they want? She didn't say she was refusing to give it to them or trying to talk them out of it

No. 1884869

lmao this comment makes her sound like shes fucking with medication or insurance. complaining about sad/gross customers is perfectly fine, yes even as a pharmacist. get over it

No. 1884889

This isn’t Twitter, you don’t have to loudly hold people to inhuman standards here

No. 1884903

Some kind of troon is mad, probably a TiF or TiM that's upset knowing that even their pharmacist thinks they're mentally ill science experiments. She's done nothing wrong but have a very normal moral dilemma.
If you're reading troons, it were me, I'd sugarpill the testosterone. If I'd get caught, I wouldn't even care. I bet the populace would be on my side, anyway. I bet even the courts would be on my side at this point. Nobody likes trannies.

No. 1884936

Guess what, every person is either annoyed, concerned, feel sorry for, fetishizes or is disgusted by transgenders. Not a single person on earth views them neutrally.

No. 1884941

>I pass
>I’m stealth
>no man that I’ve ever met sees me as anything other than a woman
Words really have no meaning anymore. Passing is supposed to mean passing as the opposite sex without anyone noticing that you’re trans, but nowadays it’s pretty universally used to mean “everyone can tell I’m trans and humours my delusions out of pity, politeness and/or fear”. Stealth in this context is supposed to mean truly passing as someone who was born the sex they’re trying to imitate and often means moving and cutting contact with anyone who knew them pre-transition (which is why it would make detransitioning more difficult) but if she gets clocked by every man she knows she clearly isn’t remotely stealth. Considering how bad men are at clocking trans people, I’m sure she doesn’t fool any of the women she meets either, they’re just more willing to play along. So what the hell is she talking about?

No. 1884944

wow a troon AND a retard? pick a struggle anon

No. 1884951

Parents hold eldest children accountable. So basically firstborn girls are malebrained too?????? kek nona

No. 1884955

most tifs still go for only 2 surgeries - top and bottom

No. 1884956

if it makes you feel any better a doctor looking at me with a pained expression when i was being examined for hormone treatment is one of the reasons that snapped me out of trooning out kek pity in your eyes might make some of them think

No. 1884979

They have "2" surgeries, with 50 revisions in between… they typically get one ball inserted at a time because of no other reason than the surgeons scamming them for more money but they're too dumb to realize it

No. 1884989

You had a good doctor, Nona. Shame most of them are sociopaths

No. 1884991

This's one of the most disturbing videos I've ever seen. The way she moves and talks is so feminine and that frog voice makes her like an alien.

No. 1884996

Did she think she is gonna grew muscle just by taking testosterone? This make me wonder, is getting roided while taking testosterone dangerous? I don't think your average women heart can handle both shit.

No. 1885010

testosterone IS roid nonna, any hormonal performance enhancing drug is. They give crafted low androgen roid to people with aids and other bed ridding muscle wasting disease so they can keep them healthier, yet those girls are still weak af even tho they work or have minimal daily activities and are on much more powerful meds

No. 1885012

File: 1692533197190.jpeg (95.04 KB, 750x215, IMG_5213.jpeg)

the humanities need to be destroyed

No. 1885014

Jesus christ is this what PhDs and academics are writing about? Academia truly is an embarrassment. Was reading irreversible damage and apparently journalists have the authority to silence studies snd information that "could potentially be used to oppress people". That goes entirely against the principles science should have. And apparently that authority only applies to trans people snd no other group. Studies to transplant wombs, abuse brain dead womens' bodies, studies that try to prove homosexuality isn't an inborn trait? Those all could lead to abuse but are all totally fine. But just one study that seeks to provide a treatment different to the ones troons demand? Literal genocide! God this pisses me off so much. Censoring data is unethical.

No. 1885021

silencing research that could “potentially be used to oppress people” is so contradictory in itself it’s laughable

No. 1885028

It's almost like this is a religious movement. Fundies also hate science disproving the existence of their sky daddy.

No. 1885037

>"Being called slurs or referred to as a hole is empowering"
>"Saying women are adult human females is dehumanizing and exclusionary"
We've been over the varying motivations for why they say shit like this, and why it's wrong and misogynistic, time and time again, but it's as if no progress is ever made. It's like trying to debate with a brick wall with particularly misogynistic graffiti on it.

No. 1885049

I went to the mall yesterday, sat down to drink coffee and started people watching. I saw literally six FTMs with struggling facial hair and weight issues walk by during a ~10 minute time period. I was shook. I don’t hang out in youth circles so I didn’t know it was this bad and that taking T is literally just a recreational drug for 5’1” girls. All clocked on sight obviously.

No. 1885052

I'm happy for you nonna!

No. 1885059

Kek nonita where the hell do you live? All tifs I see are no effort enbie girls. Were they all short?

No. 1885062

This was in Denver. I know they’re some of the worst shitlibs in the country but I’m so used to seeing in shape and thriving snow bunnies that it was like I was in another dimension. They were all short except for one.(sage your shit)

No. 1885066

why are they always short? often very feminine in both mind and body. it's weird

No. 1885069

Sadly because most of them are still kids.

No. 1885075

File: 1692540289081.png (465.73 KB, 356x601, puke.png)

what the fuck, i'm not surprised by most of the shit i see on the internet but the contrast was so jarring. it's so ridiculous and sad that a middle-aged woman would lose her time and resources trying to look like an anime boy.
>>1883681 is right, TIF's obsession with bishounen and twinks always gave me the impression it was a roundabout way to cling to childhood or youth but now i'm convinced.

No. 1885084

this just looks like a woman who got a double mastectomy. I dunno who she's trying to convince.

No. 1885085

File: 1692544484109.jpg (121.02 KB, 750x845, F3QlzgvwE.jpg)

No. 1885086

I've read a theory about how short women feel more vulnerable in the world so short tifs hope to get some "power" from larpig as men.
Also, are truetrans tifs taller that the "average" inclusive ones? I always thought the only reason why most tifs are not "truescums" is because they understand that they physically can't larp as men successfully enough.

No. 1885099

File: 1692546781706.jpg (497.65 KB, 1152x2048, tif.jpg)

Tifs give me such a weird uncanny Walley feeling. Extremely neotenous face with big eyes and tiny chin and a fucking pube beard. The only thing that is worse is when a tif has a "passing" male-like face and then you see her tiny hands next to it.

No. 1885101

I remember this forty year old Snarry fujo on Tumblr who make a post whining about gay men being too immature and how they didn't make her feel safe(lol). The thing is she had two adult children so she became a mom at a young age. She probably was coping about the loss of her youth by trooning out(plus slash fanfiction melting her brain)

No. 1885109

I think it's the autoandrophilia lol. It's like how mtfs are often 2 meters tall and 100 kgs. They're attracted to the opposite of themselves and want to larp it.

No. 1885118

Thanks. i really hate it. What happened to teaching kids only women can have babies and give the miracle of life? Men barely do anything except go to the store for milk and never come back.

No. 1885119

>Abigail Shrier is not conservative
She's literally a fan of professional clown Chris Rufo and has contributed to PragerU. Let's not kid ourselves here.

I suggest "Trans" by Helen Joyce.

No. 1885122

The author's main issue with girls trooning seemed to be that they'd be infertile and unable to breastfeed

It wasn't in your face conservative but it was conservative enough to make me uncomfortable

No. 1885124

This in combination with the fact that women are, on average, shorter than men. The difference in height between the sexes, psychologically speaking, reinforces perceptions of physical power inequality. Basically, it serves as a visual reminder of their vulnerability to potential male chimp-outs.
Also, people who grow up with disordered eating, or especially full on eating disorders, have stunted growth. That doesn't apply to all of them, obviously, but autism (commonly associated with disordered eating) and eating disorders are both common comorbidities with sex-based dysmorphia.

No. 1885133

I still have to understand why these freaks claim crippling, suicidal dysphoria then have no problem with having heterosexual sex and do the most womanly thing ever.

No. 1885139

I think they prefer to be perceived as teenage boys rather than short women. But no one stays young forever.

No. 1885143

The subtitle of the book ("The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters") combined with the image of a little girl with a hole punched through her center, as if removing the womb is removing everything from that space, always felt very suspicious to me. I know taking the uterus out arbitrarily is very destructive to the health and bodily integrity of women (not as "baby makers," but as human beings), but something about the presentation screamed "I think sexual purity and baby-making are the most important parts of female existence." Most of the people I've seen who own it are concerned parents who are searching for information on why their daughters suddenly seem so self-destructive, and don't know where else to look.
Better books on this matter need to be proliferated more. If they don't exist, they need to be written. The topic is important, and the acknowledgement and assessment of the existence of ROGD is valuable, but the motivations and views of the author seem skewed towards misogyny. We cannot afford to allow conservatives to lead the conversation about the harms of transgenderism, as they don't actually dislike gender, and they certainly don't care about women or girls, let alone gay, autistic, or GNC ones.

No. 1885150

Yeah no sorry, they need to figure out how to solve real problems, especially with women's health. Who gives a fuck what cosmetic surgery can do when people in this world have unsolved medical problems and can't afford to fix the ones that are diagnosed. One of the most disgusting things about trannies is all the crying about oppression and cosmetic surgery when real women die on the streets because they can't afford diabetes medicine or a place to live.

No. 1885153

There isnt anything solid for these authors to go off of. This movement is so hypocritical and constantly inventing new excuses, anyone talking about it is doing a good thing. Literally no one could write an ideal book about all this garbage. The troons themselves can't even agree to get on the same page, what's a normal concerned women supposed to do? Just be quiet until she can form the most idealistically pure (to you) argument possible? At this point we need to take what we can get. The only "good" books will come after this movement is dead and buried

No. 1885157

Asking for a book on the matter written by someone who doesn't see women and girls as incubators doesn't feel like it's asking for ideological purity to me, but you do you.

No. 1885160

Women can give birth to children, it's the primary thing that sets us apart from men. Sorry that's upsetting to you. Not all of us view that capability as demeaning or "incubation", merely a physical reality.

No. 1885162

she's a hero by helping teen girls avoid hormones and the chop at the cost of her reputation, you guys bickering about her exact political allegiance is beyond stupid.
helen joyce is also arguably conservative-adjacent (interviewed by peterson) and she's just as courageous as shrier. those women are incredible.

No. 1885167

You do realize that the overemphasis on treating girls as if they're nothing but future brides and broodmares is a major part of why this is happening, right? She's not going to save any girls by promoting the exact shit they're trying so hard to escape. Also, there's a difference between acknowledging that women have the capability to get pregnant and give birth if they want to, and treating women and girls as if it's their only purpose, and that any harm that comes to them is only bad because it could affect the pleasure men get from them and the amount of babies they could produce, rather than being bad simply because the pain and suffering being inflicted upon the women, themselves, is bad.

No. 1885170

i've listened to several interviews of both and neither have ever reduced women to baby-making machines or wives for men (which troons routinely do). they don't have an agenda for the female experience, they want girls to have non-mangled bodies so they don't suffer, aren't lifelong medical patients, and have full use of their body for whatever they choose to do including having sex and/or children. give them a read or a listen, their intentions are pure.

No. 1885194

>celebrates becoming a ''man'' in the girliest way possible

No. 1885216

That's not point though, but just because we were designed for something doesn't mean we have to do it, but we have to acknowledge that it is a part of us, so that we can more easily work around the limits of our body. Men were not designed to live past the age 45 with body fat past 18%, yet we see most men with those levels.

No. 1885239

I wouldn't say women are "designed" for anything but yeah absolutely it's not unfeminist to have future fertility / breastfeeding possibilities as one of the many arguments against surgery for girls because it actually reduces their future reproductive choice.

No. 1885269

I am not "bickering", just setting the record straight. Calling her "not conservartive" is just silly and flies in the face of reality.

No. 1885351

I also had some issues with the book and Abigail Shrier, but I think it's worth noting that authors don't get to choose the cover image and often (especially if it's their first book) don't get final say on the title, as they're considered part of the marketing. I suspect with this book in particular it was designed to be a bit offensive and controversial looking to grab people's attention and rile troons up as much as possible going off "all publicity is good publicity"

No. 1885366

The problem isn't the fact that fertility issues are mentioned (because that is concerning), the problem is that it's a thoroughly ineffecient point to make if you're actually hoping to convince TIFs to stop self-harming through transition. Despite that, it's what many people seem to focus on, and it makes it clear that they don't actually care about these girls, outside of the context of their potential "use" in reproduction or pleasuring men.
It's like how doctors who try to motivate anorexic girls by telling them they'll develop boobs/asses or get their periods/fertility back just further motivate them to remain anorexic. They largely don't want those things, and focusing on them shows a lack of respect and empathy. It's objectifying and alienating. You have to focus on what motivates the victims now, rather than what you think they should care about, or what they may or may not care about in two decades.

No. 1885407

I read the book yesterday and besides her having a boomer understanding of "the kids these days" it mostly just laid out facts and accounts from concerned mothers. I didn't see any weird motivation behind it that wasn't just "why is this happening? we need to be allowed to ask more questions"

No. 1885410

Exactly. I wouldn’t be anorexic if I wanted heckin’ bazonkers the size of beach balls(not your personal blog)

No. 1885427

File: 1692580971855.png (39.09 KB, 678x359, l.png)

so male

No. 1885432

File: 1692581658135.jpg (71.94 KB, 652x680, IMG_20230820_213654_836.jpg)

Why do they all say "My guy"?

No. 1885433

using the "boy" term is as disturbing as tims using "girl" for everything. say man. say woman.

No. 1885434

they all talk in the same twitter nerd cadence

No. 1885447

For me the thing about fertility is that I cannot stop thinking if there is a eugenetic psyop to eliminate homosexuals, autistic and mentally ill women(and moids
I guess) from the genepool with those surgeries.(unsaged derailing)

No. 1885450

>Just because I have a vagina doesn't mean you can use it
Is kind of an amazing phrase outside of this context though. I can easily imagine it being put to feminist use.

No. 1885451

And a majority of those messages are from the straight men who are told to look for pussy on grindr if they're desperate so they're going to ignore all terminology regardless

No. 1885454

"Academics" who waste resources on this kind of shit need to be lined up and shot.

No. 1885459

>Report her for what? Feeling guilty?
Silly anon, emotions aren't allowed when your job involves interacting with the public!

No. 1885481

File: 1692587694631.png (102.5 KB, 596x452, Screenshot 2023-08-21 at 04.15…)

Saged for no real milk, just came across this Twitter profile in the wild and she's basically a full FTM Bingo card in one person.


>calls self fag
>but also dyke

No. 1885483

>the problem is that it's a thoroughly ineffecient point to make if you're actually hoping to convince TIFs to stop self-harming through transition.
I feel like you don't understand what this about at all. None of these books by Shrier, Stock, Joyce, Lawford-Smith etc are about convincing tifs to do shit. They are about explaining to adults why tifs/tims transition and/or how trans ideology works.

No. 1885485

It actually annoys me when someone's self esteem and respect is so low that they call themselves degrading terms made up by men on 4chan

No. 1885495

File: 1692589168463.png (3.06 MB, 1728x2304, hyoh78oh90.png)

Everything about this and your pic is so ridiculous it reads like olympic level bait, but of course it's real

No. 1885499

Yeah, intellectually.

No. 1885500

This is really sad. Hating yourself is the first step in trooning out but typically they try a little harder to hide it

No. 1885509

Have you read the book or are you just saying this based off of the cover?

No. 1885510

Academic word salad is so exhausting to read.

No. 1885531

Sometimes it feels like childfree girlies live in a bubble and I wonder if they are even friends with mothers. 85% of women are mothers. It’s tiring to see fauxminists pretend like the ability to have children isn’t massively important to the overwhelming majority of women. If you think “voluntary” hysterectomies at age 20 aren’t a big deal you probably don’t have a lot of life experience.(derailing)

No. 1885537

What the fuck are you talking about, moid?
>85% of women are mothers
Kek. If that were even remotely true I'd see children spilling out of stores and on the streets everywhere. Sorry you're mad we have a choice to not have kids and we don't want to carry on your worthless spawn.(infighting)

No. 1885543

Ntayrt, are you mentally disabled? Have you ever thought about the concept of aging? 86% of women who are 40-44 are mothers. Do you think that all of their kids are babies only? Or that once a child reaches teenage a woman stops being a mother?

No. 1885558

imagine being so chronically online you forgot children grow into adults(infighting)

No. 1885559

The XY's reproductive anxiety has been triggered kek.

No. 1885561

A lot of older tomboy women have said "it could have been me" about the trans trend and I guess a few of those women decided to make it a reality. Quite embarrassing, but one doesn't age out of autism.

No. 1885566

Stop infighting.

No. 1885569

I'm firmly on the Shrier / Joyce side but I do see where you're coming from. they are out of touch that's true. of course they can't reason with teenage tifs, but I think nobody actually can. their strategy to go after the parents so they don't trans the kids and the lawmakers so they don't allow schools or shelters to do it isn't the most delicate one but it's probably the safest and most efficient one.

No. 1885576

It's so bizarre to see tifs who are around 30. I know the "truescum" ones can get really deep into the larp, but all that enby crap is pure teenage angst, how the fuck adult women can be into it?

No. 1885579

I always wonder the same thing when I see women older than me essentially larping their anime boy identity. Like, how could they fall for it. It's like >>1883672 types, just bizarre. Though cases like them seem to be social contagion between people who never grew up or care too much about the fandom space vs their real life.

No. 1885581

"Childfree girlie" was just such troonish language you out yourselves as male the moment you post kek. You will never be a woman and you will never have kids.
Is this a trend happening or something? I'm starting to see more of it and according to that Kaedyn troon, there's a group of younger TiFs on TikTok getting mentally ill middle aged women into it. It's like some kind of backwards grooming going on and just proves how cultish the tranny cult really is.

No. 1885583

yeah you can't really stop tifs from being a hormonal teenage mess wanting to self-harm through transition, but you can make it illegal for doctors and schools to help them do it and stop demonizing parents for not encouraging it

No. 1885585

>"Childfree girlie" was just such troonish language
I agree but some chronically online zoomer girls talk like that too, they think because they don't want kids at like 21 that means they are super unique and special and will totally never change their mind on it. Like yeah if you call yourself a "girlie" as an adult you're obviously immature as all hell and shouldn't have a kid so I'm glad you don't want one kek
>there's a group of younger TiFs on TikTok getting mentally ill middle aged women into it.
That's how you know the trans trend is truly dying, when the adults start doing it the thing stops becoming cool and is now cringe. Soon being trans is going to be something only your super embarrassing mom and weird uncle does.

No. 1885586

Women around 30 are millennials, who spearheaded the trans cult, so it's not unusual. I suspect Gen Alpha will reject trans as an uncool old person fad like >>1885585 said. Gen Z is still fucked, unfortunately.

No. 1885587

No TiF will be persuaded to detransition if you lecture her about keeping her body healthy for future children. Fear of pregnancy is a very real thing for many teen girls and women, not every woman dreams of having kids. It's just the wrong way to approach the topic, and comes across condescending and conservative. Continuing the population isn't that important anyway.

No. 1885593

>Continuing the population isn't that important anyway.
especially not the part of the population that falls for the troon cult because of their autism kek (im an autist myself, im joking)

No. 1885595

Gen A is rejecting a lot of specifically the newspeak language like "cis", "snowflakes", and "triggered" a lot. I've seen some of it on TikTok. It's good for everyone they're uncool. As the butchered trannies age out, nobody is going to want to be one because they're all going to look like old goblins and orcs and their bodies will be falling apart by then. It also doesn't help trannies case that we're seeing a small wave of detransitioners, so there's horror story detrans stories coming out.
Millennials and Gen Z didn't have those when they started, in fact, most people didn't know what a "trans person" was when they started. They had no pushback early on, so when people said they were going to become a pretty anime boy or a lesbian anime girl, their friend groups would unironically cheer on their attempts at becoming a 2D cartoon character. They're going to be the laughing stock to these kids as they get older.

No. 1885597

I'm in support of bans on the more dangerous and exploitative things like medicalization, but the "just call them crazy and have authority figures take complete control over their lives" strategy is extremely counterproductive, because almost all of the girls doing this are doing it explicitly in hopes of gaining some sense of agency. It would be like responding to a rise in suicide by making suicide illegal, stripping them of their rights until they promise you that they'll never kill themselves, and doing nothing else for them. That sort of treatment just makes the underlying issues worse, and causes those affected to lose all trust in those who tried to "help" them.
You can't help someone when they don't want your help, and forcing your views on them with absolutely no regard for their wants or needs is a surefire way to make them not want anything to do with you or your "help," and it also makes them more resistant to the kind of help that would actually benefit them. This is how you get TIFs who completely cut off from their support networks and are willing to use shady DIY bathtub HRT, not healthy desisters.

No. 1885600

I read the book and it reads like it was written by a scandalized Christian soccer mom in the 90s. I remember this part in it where she talks to a family about how becoming a furry was a gateway drug for their kid to transition and she thinks that furries are literally a kind of trannies kek(sage your shit)

No. 1885601

File: 1692612076373.png (36.38 KB, 745x321, img-915.png)

No. 1885617

I don't like her, and I agree with the assessment of her as a scandalized soccer mom, but she's right about the furry thing. Furry is just fetishized anime anthro, so furries are degenerates. Paraphilias cluster, so a lot of them get into AGP/AAP and other weirdo pornsick fetishes. Sexual abuse is also rampant in furry spaces (like in all "kink" spaces), and sexual trauma is one of the more common reasons for sex dysmorphia.

No. 1885637

Furries include people who think they ARE an animal/have an animalspirit. They are technically a brand of trans, at least a section of them

No. 1885638

Isn't it something like 80-90% of "trans kids" grow out of it on their own though?

No. 1885643

File: 1692618589824.png (18.26 KB, 220x326, Overton_Window_diagram.svg.png)

they are not crazy, they are just teens who are being preyed on, just like those who fall prey to pedos, and i think women like shrier would agree on that.
not only would bans on hormones and surgeries for children discourage a good portion of teenage TIFs and give the rest at least a few years to think before they're 18, they are absolutely necessary for the overton window to progress.
when we're in a climate where the way to rebel and find agency isn't chopping your breasts off anymore things will be WAY better.

No. 1885644

File: 1692619290591.jpg (15.57 KB, 226x300, 23b779b9b32fadbf8a7a00472eb274…)

>literal toddlers on antidepressants
We need another flood

No. 1885651

We need to conduct a study on why so many posters here believe anyone disagrees with them is a moid, it was said ironically, sorry I didn’t put it in quotations. “You’re a tranny” isn’t an actual refutation but thanks for proving my point that you are removed from the reality of most women and refuse to get it through your brain that most women eventually want to be mothers. I would have to be a man to say so lol. This is exactly why radical feminism will never win anything, their inability to accept that most women aren’t mothers against their will. Even FTMs w/o hysterectomies can’t stop getting pregnant and going on magazine covers lol.(sage your shit)

No. 1885664

did she paint on a beard shadow?

No. 1885667

>"just call them crazy and have authority figures take complete control over their lives"
Nobody says this. You really have no idea what's going on in the wider gender critical word in regards to how to deal with troon kids. Is the only place you follow this stuff here? And I feel you are projecting some shit you went through onto this situation. And you can't make testosterone in a bathtub. That's only for Estrogen. So if doctors stop prescribing it, TIFs won't get it, unless they buy it illegally, which most of them aren't going to do. Genspect is the gc group that handles the "When your kid goes trans, what the fuck do you do?" situation and "Come down on them like the hammer of god." is not what they suggest.

>she thinks that furries are literally a kind of trannies kek
There is a overlap between Tims and furries because most male troons don't have just one paraphilia.

No. 1885670

File: 1692622364313.jpg (1.27 MB, 878x5530, Untitled.jpg)

You're probably right, but a lot of otherkin types do talk about their animal identity and their gender identity as being intertwined, picrel

No. 1885672

We need to do a study on why you bitches won't sage.

No. 1885677

this is hilarious.

No. 1885689

No. 1885690

This. I’m one of those autistic women who most likely would’ve identified as trans or nonbinary as a teen if that had been a thing back then, and the fact that becoming a boy or magical genderless being simply isn’t physically possible is what allowed me to grow out of that desire and come to terms with my body. If there had been adult authority figures in my life telling me that it WAS possible and safe (and valid! and brave!) to do those things then I 100% would’ve pursued getting puberty blockers or a double mastectomy. Regardless of what motivates these kids, it’s insane that adults and institutions are enabling and encouraging it. The responsibility lies with the people who should know better. There will always be distressed kids out there but the vast majority of current day “trans kids” and young adults would’ve grown out of it if they hadn’t been fast-tracked into transitioning by adults with an agenda.

No. 1885725

when you're rich enough to afford those attached glucose monitors you have to make up problems, i suppose

No. 1885731

She should look up what happened to the dude that got multiple surgeries to look like a tiger.

No. 1885736

>refuse to get it through your brain that most women eventually want to be mothers.

Do they though? Or are they expressing that desire because of societal/family/cultural pressure and girls are socialized to "do the right thing" and not disappoint anyone in their life since childhood. Children are also the result of heterosexual sex, and most women are straight, there's a ton of oopsie babies. I don't think you can say most women eventually want to be mothers as a blanket statement. Especially when it's a fact that birth rates are falling globally right now.

No. 1885818

She sounds like those "gay men are men that haven't tried to have sex with the correct woman yet".

No. 1885823

Nayrt but I'd argue most humans want to become parents after a certain age, though most women don't want to live out societal "motherhood" or are pushed it as their only option in life which fucks the conversation up.
Also wanting to be a mother =/= wanting to pump out 14 kids in 15 years. People with a passion for parenting and any level of intelligence usually stick with a manageable number of kids meanwhile its the "kids are tools/a sex inevitability" crowd with more kids

No. 1885869

i blame tradtards and their constant baby pushing (+invalidating women who don't want kids as defective) making some nonnies think wanting to be a mother is somehow unnatural or a result of socialization. it's innate but of course it's not for all women nor should any woman feel pressured into it. i'm in college and most young women i've talked to have expressed a desire to have kids someday… some were shocked when i said i didn't feel the same. because it's more common to want kids someday rather than not. some people might be projecting their own negative experiences onto this and assuming everyone feels that way. a trait common in all living things is reproducing, like i said before it's innate, maybe due to humans' cognizance it's just not innate in every person. i'm not gonna deny biology and pretend it's unnatural or bad for women to want children, denying biology is what trannies do.
i think the importance of keeping young women from trooning out isn't because OMG she MUST have babies! it's more that young women don't deserve the right to have babies (if she so chooses one day) stripped from them before they are even ready to think about it under the guise of "gender confirmation". i'm fairly certain no farmers think women need to be treated as incubators, more that reproductive rights should include this group of vulnerable girls not being given the idea (by doctors) to remove their uteruses so young. and i may be wrong but aren't there other consequences like hormonal imbalances that could decrease a woman's quality of life getting an elective hysto? messing with hormones is no joke.(sage your shit)

No. 1885871

The pool for normal men who are willing to be "topped" by a scrawny TiF must be super small.

No. 1885881

>Do they though? Or are they expressing that desire because of societal/family/cultural pressure and girls are socialized to "do the right thing" and not disappoint anyone in their life since childhood

Terminally online take. All humans are animals and all animals have the instinct to reproduce.

No. 1885903

Wonder if she's also a munchie since she went out of her way to include them in her little cartoon drawing of herself despite the comic having nothing to do with that and being a completely unnecessary detail

No. 1886083

I don't get how she's supposed to have sex. She just wants to stick her fingers up someone's butt? Sounds terrible

No. 1886086

This whole "reclaiming slurs" thing that specifically tifs are obsessed is just so silly. It's so forced and inorganic. Personally i think slurs should be left to vanish in all instances, but least here it's not about making any kind of social commentary or making a joke, granted that i do think they see themselves as funny for this, it's literally about flexing about how "oppressed" you are even though being a woman should have been enough if you wanted to play that game so bad. I've even seen tweets from lgb people saying how they hate it when they do this and it's always tifs and enbies who defend this behaviour and insist what they are doing is important or they are saving the whole lgbt by being embarrassing.

No. 1886088

She probably has some internalised misogyny about piv i suspect in combination of wanting to seem more appealing to gay men.

No. 1886095

File: 1692672788728.jpg (16.34 KB, 600x600, e9d.jpg)

No. 1886102

It's always hilarious to me how many troons call themselves communists. I just assume it's cause they think it makes them look alternative and morally righteous

No. 1886121

I guess gay people don't exist in your offline world

No. 1886149

File: 1692680259432.jpeg (15.35 KB, 557x349, EQtVEsjUcAES6yQ.jpeg)

>Found TIF drawn porn
>The character have men proportions but chest scars and pussy.

I know that there are cases of women with big shoulders and all, but you can see these artist do not want to use female proportions because… dysphoria? not male enough?

No. 1886152

What they expect: Free shit without moving a hand.

What they would have gotten: Into the gulag for being homosexuals and lazy pieces of shit.

No. 1886160

Kek nonita it's a known fact tifs believe chopping off their tits will literally transform their biology into one of the opposite sex

No. 1886167

File: 1692684188286.jpg (320.79 KB, 855x1894, Pornsick.jpg)

Why do all tifs have weird fetishes? Piss stuff? Wtf

No. 1886169

I know, but I expect those proportions from intermediate artists, no from professionals.

No. 1886171

The people who support communism would all ironically get the wall the second real communism could come into play.

No. 1886183

I'm gay but I want kids, doesn't mean I want to have piv.

No. 1886188

autism, the internet, synthetic testosterone and an ever-accepting social climate

No. 1886193

Or the fact that women were ever forced into pregnancy against their will historically and the declining birth rates in most developing countries that moids cry about.

No. 1886200

Arranged marriage is forced pregnancy. The men in those marriages did not at all care if the woman was comfortable without children because it would embarrass him. That scrote is literally angry that women aren't getting raped anymore. Because women have a choice for the first time in centuries, naturally birth rates will go down and that's a good thing because we don't need endless rape babies and overpopulation. There's something really amazing about just being a simple, childless and single woman that makes men fearful.

No. 1886202

File: 1692690851122.png (32.87 KB, 1786x177, myad1 - childswitcharoo.png)

Anon said it best.

No. 1886203

100% this. I'm one of those would've-been-troons and the most important thing that kept me from trooning out in my teens was the fact that nobody deluded me into thinking I could actually become male.

No. 1886205

Let's be honest. Animals have declining birth rates too when there's overpopulation. It has nothing to do with women's rights.

No. 1886206

What does autism have to do with fetish? I thought it was supposed to make tifs asexual

No. 1886208

When women have rights, they're less likely to have kids with abusive, pedophilic, mentally ill or autistic men. If anything women being more picky and having less kids will be a positive in the future lifes of the kids we have.
Yes I believe the testosterone and self hatred are the roots of their fetishes.

No. 1886209

Animals have declining birth rates from habitat destruction and lower numbers due to extinction but for humans the greatest decline is in developed countries and not roughly the same everywhere…

No. 1886216

you’re a fucking retard nonnie, respectfully. sage for no1curr but i studied environmental systems thoroughly and animals don’t just magically have an instinct to stop reproducing when there’s overpopulation, it’s called a predator prey cycle. look it up before spewing this bullshit

No. 1886219

I looked it up, kiddo. You sound like the one going "I'm a biologist, and I can confirm that transwomen are women".
You may like to deny reality, nature and biology just like TRAs do, but I'm not like that. Declining birth rates happen because of overpopulation. Let me assure that if human beings started dropping dead by the thousands like flies, all of a sudden every woman would churn out babies.

No. 1886221

And yet the derail persists.

No. 1886226

just a supposition on my part, autistic scrotes want to fuck cars and bellybuttons so maybe autistic tifs on testosterone do as well.

No. 1886232

Stop the derailing and drop this, anyone who continues past this notice will get a longer ban.

No. 1886262

File: 1692703559178.png (51.13 KB, 602x816, rip nipple.png)

Just a normal day on tumblr dot com

No. 1886264

She wants to fuck gay men in the ass with a dildo.

No. 1886265

Are TiF's going to become the new zombies? Some kind of future horror cows as their bodies literally rot and parts fall off as they get older? I feel insane reading this. How do you just talk about your mutilated flesh rotting off and spin it positively. Love the comments just casually saying you should put a tattoo over your dead, open wound nipples that are "just dissolved goop".

No. 1886273

I just saw another almost 60 year old tif in the wild recently, wish i had taken a screenshot. I can't understand it, who are they fooling

No. 1886282

I am once again imploring you to post the whole myad compendium.(derailing)

No. 1886289

The casual ways these people respond to their own self-inflicted body horror never ceases to amaze me.

No. 1886292

why is it always "he/they"

No. 1886298

because they know they dont pass

No. 1886302

It could be a few things. Knowing that they don't pass and are compromising, not wanting to be "just male" because that's "too boring," not wanting to fully align themselves with the privileged class even though they want the privilege, holdover from a previous phase in transition (ex: a girl who started to identifying as a themlet, then moved on to being a "trans man" later), or simply a lack of complete confidence in their "male identities." Before there's a misunderstanding, I'm using "they" as a plural to refer to all TIFs that do this.

No. 1886303

"he/they" means "anything but a she"

No. 1886314

"Theys" see themselves as a "genderfuck", androgynous, non-conforming, in-betweens where you can't tell their gender from far away. In reality, they're the most clockable of all because they don't try at all to look like the opposite sex.

No. 1886336

yes she looks horrendous but you would NEVER see the amount of hate she gets under her tiktoks on a mtf's page

No. 1886356

If she just hit the gym and committed on cutting her fat percent very low she would achieve that look without the TIF larp

No. 1886359

blame it on something awful(sage your shit)

No. 1886384

Back in my day we used to call this having an imagination and playing pretend. You make up something and enjoy said thing privately, to amuse yourself. Now retarded zoomers are out here saying “no REALLY, I’m supposed to be a bunny ferret hybrid, it’s who I am inside”. no. you’re just imaginative and have internalized misogyny. Kek

No. 1886389

Then why dont you save your comment for the usual TIF bottomimg a moid or other women which happens all the time?

No. 1886393

Sorry if this isn't the right place to ask this. But 3+ years ago I used to follow a girl on Instagram, she had a very elf like face, was tall and very skinny and did some modeling. Then she trooned out and I forgot her name, does anyone know who I'm talking about?

No. 1886394

Jude Karda?

No. 1886402

Yess, thank you nona! I totally forgot that she's an enby

No. 1886408


Yes, and it's like… what do you want the rest of the world to do with this weird info? You can't drag your daydreams into reality. Other people's personal fantasies are the least interesting thing ever, that's why we all don't sit around sharing every thought we think. It's like they don't realize that everyone on the planet has an equally capable imagination, we just realize it isn't an interesting personality trait and don't try to make impossible fantasies happen. These girls need to make some boundaries between their inner and outer lives.

No. 1886411

She gets hate? I don't get it. Troondom aside, she seems pretty inoffensive, baking cakes and showing off outfits. Guess that "male privilege" FTMs allegedly have hasn't kicked in yet.

No. 1886447

>She gets hate? I don't get it.
well she was an extremely beautiful woman who turned herself into gimpy looking freak that sounds like a chain smoking chipmunk. it's not nice but i sure as hell get it.

No. 1886463

>It's like they don't realize that everyone on the planet has an equally capable imagination
this is definitely not true

No. 1886634

File: 1692753735561.jpg (262.79 KB, 1080x852, Screenshot_20230823_022255_Ope…)

Sis just grow a fucking spine instead of letting gendies crybully you over semantics. She was completely fine to clown on RCTA in her video (race change to another, it's a rebrand of transrace) but doesn't see that trannies are the same level of idiocy.

No. 1886698

More like nip ripple.

No. 1886800

even when she got married in suit and tie, there was just something so fundamentally "female" about it, like its hard to describe but she can never not be a woman.

No. 1886822

I'm surprised she gave the green light on this thumbnail. Her hand looks so dainty and delicate here.

No. 1886823

I'm surprised her wife agreed to cheapen their wedding my making such a cringe video for "content". Idk maybe I'm being old-fashioned, but to post such intimate footage online seems like sacrilege to me. The dumpy lil FTM "groomsman" made me chuckle though.

No. 1886843

yeah its definetley just the way she moves, and her gay man face. the only thing male about it is relating to how male autists or male wokes act.(wow... sage your shit)

No. 1886889

As someone who watched Jamie as a teen handmaiden it hit me that that's the only group she passes to, teen girls. And she has the "AGP" (what's it called for women, ADP?) thing where she gets to be the idealized feminine version of a guy: soft spoken, mild mannered, polite, a little bit nerdy, female kindness and softness, none of the brutish male traits. Just like how AGPs act like slutty bitches who are hyperfocused on sex because that's how they see/want women to be.

No. 1886938

File: 1692811527503.png (377.99 KB, 638x634, Screenshot.png)

>It was in an idyllic Canadian mountain town, surrounded by jagged, imposing peaks, that the conflicting facets of Trevor MacDonald’s identity came crashing together.
>MacDonald, soft-spoken and sporting a wispy goatee, was breastfeeding his first child at the time. He and his partner had splashed on a lavish dinner, baby in tow. When his son began fussing, MacDonald eyed the waitstaff and patrons wandering about in formal attire and thought it best to head to the restroom.
>It was there, holding his fussing son, that he was struck by the incongruity of nursing a child in a men’s bathroom. “It was this weird scenario,” says MacDonald, who was born female and began transitioning some eight years ago. “I’ve felt pressured to nurse in bathrooms because of the supposed lewdness of feeding a baby from my body. I’m also told that my body and gender don’t fit into the neatly divided men’s and women’s restrooms of western society. People like me are told to keep out.”
>In Canada MacDonald is seeking to broaden the conversation, sharing his own experience as a transgender man who carried two babies to term and breastfed both of them. His recently published memoir, Where’s the Mother: Stories of a Transgender Dad, aims to shed light on gender diversity in parents through his story of being both male and pregnant.
>Some 12 weeks into the pregnancy, he shared the news with his co-workers. “There were people who immediately began calling me ‘mom’ and ‘she,’” says MacDonald. One person told him simply: “If you’re giving birth, you’re a mother.”
>MacDonald disagrees. While many wouldn’t hesitate to describe childbearing as a female experience, carrying a baby never felt gendered to him.
>To his delight, neither did breastfeeding. Despite his chest surgery, he was able to breastfeed – or chestfeed – both of his children, now aged five and 18 months, using a combination of his own milk and donated milk from a community that ranged from a military family to Mormons. “I was worried that breastfeeding might feel gendered to me – I thought, am I going to be able to do that, or am I going to experience a lot of gender dysphoria?”
>MacDonald became an ardent fan of breastfeeding, leaving him with mixed emotions about his chest surgery. While the surgery had helped propel him to a place where he felt comfortable in his own skin, it now hindered his ability to feed his children.
>He soon found himself inundated with questions from around the world; from transgender people eager to start their own family to healthcare workers keen on providing better care for transgender people. Wary of generalising too much from his own experience, MacDonald began working with a research team to design and produce a series of research papers, funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, that aim to draw parallels among the experiences of pregnancy, birth and infant feeding of 22 transgender men from around the world.
>The groundbreaking research has already revealed some interesting findings, he says. Of the nine men in the study who had had chest surgery prior to becoming pregnant, not one had raised the possibility of breastfeeding with their surgeons beforehand. “There is this assumption that goes along with the ‘born in the wrong body’ narrative, that if you are a trans guy you would want a hysterectomy and never use your body to carry a pregnancy,” says MacDonald.
>One participant in the study said he had actively withheld his desire to have children from his surgeon, worried that any questions about breastfeeding would hamper his chances of obtaining the surgery.
>While the diapers, bottles and sleepless nights of parenthood are universal – “a baby doesn’t know what your pronouns are,” he says – the study also seeks to highlight the additional barriers transgender parents often face in navigating healthcare systems unfamiliar with their needs.

No. 1886945

File: 1692812465643.jpeg (915.78 KB, 2500x3754, Trevor McDonald.jpeg)

Trevor McDonald?

Did she name herself after sir Trevor McDonald?

No. 1886948

Pretty sure if your nipples rot off like >>1886262 you'll never be able to breastfeed. Getting mutilated means rolling the dice. I also love how the only time TiFs get talked about in mainstream media is when they're fulfilling their womanly female duty of birthing children.

No. 1886951

The perfect boyfriend would be a woman kek

No. 1886953

I definitely get lesbian couple vibes from the two of them rather than straight man straight woman

No. 1886955

I don't think you could get a glucose monitor and insulin pump without being diabetic, that'd be pretty hard to fake and unaffordable without insurance coverage.

That said I've noticed a weird amount of diabetic girls trooning out. An ex girlfriend of mine who has it became a he/they recently and now I see it everywhere. Not sure if it's the yellow car phenomenon or if having a serious medical problem increases body dysmorphia or what.

No. 1886967

File: 1692814657238.jpg (116.72 KB, 1080x1097, IMG_20230823_120928.jpg)

This girl is one of the weirdest coomer tifs

No. 1886986

"Pornsick" gets thrown around a little too much in these threads, but holy Christ, the shoe definitely fits here. Imagine reading a good label and your mind immediately conjures up the idea of a mutilated woman being tentacle raped by plant wizards. Severe mental illness.

No. 1886988

>>One participant in the study said she had actively withheld her desire to have children from her surgeon, worried that any questions about breastfeeding would hamper her chances of obtaining the surgery.
Wow, it's almost as though it's retarded to cut off organs that serve a purpose you will eventually need them for. Who'da thunk.

No. 1886993

TIMs are make the front page when they win awards or reach the top of their career. TIFs make the front page when they give birth or do porn. Or kill someone.

No. 1886994

I know that the estrogen moids take is made from horse piss questionably sourced from pregnant mares, but what is synthetic T made of? They never come off like real moids, even when they're pornsick. They just come off kind of weird and degenerate with strange degradation fetishes. I'm never revolted like I am with real men, I'm just super weirded out by their fetishes.

No. 1887023

i remember reading her fujoshi house md fanfiction. she must've privated it because it doesn't show up on her ao3, but i'm 100% it's her. kek

No. 1887032

File: 1692823394366.webm (16.59 MB, 576x1024, 1853390e6af1a6e65ae791c8741aab…)

So you agree? That this all is an autism and you have never "felt" gender?

No. 1887036

why is "autism" spelled in retard tiktok censor speak? Have the autism fakers finally outdone themselves to where it's a censored word?

No. 1887077

File: 1692826472977.png (64.74 KB, 748x638, 357387583753.png)

(saged because personal irl cow) but this heterosexual woman who calls herself a gay man got "hate crimed" (called a faggot) and her reaction was laughing. do these girlies never think to question why actual gay men don't laugh in these situations? it's like how male troons always gush about how great being cat-called is.

No. 1887079

She got "gender euphoria" lol. She must have felt very validated as "man".

No. 1887086

her very manly giggle

No. 1887088

Getting called a faggot gives TIFs the same euphoria TIMs get from being catcalled. Troons and drunk hobos with blurry vision, truly a match made in hell kek

No. 1887093

nice profile pic

No. 1887094

oh kek, lemme change it before some dickhead sends her a link to this and then she tells HR and i get fired for internet crimes

No. 1887104

She has slenderman ass fingers

No. 1887107

File: 1692828803370.png (182.97 KB, 748x730, 8357385738.png)

well fuck you too. now she's gone private and i can't stalk her any more

No. 1887109


Ew that sucks. A lot of people hate-read on here, looking for personal info or any kind of ammo, unfortunately.

No. 1887112


Google said yams or soy. Lol. I think the rapey serial killer shit must be on the Y chromosome, seems like the testosteroni just makes them freaky frog-voiced bearded women with potential anger issues.

No. 1887123

Estrogen used to come from pregnant horse urine, but they figured out how to make it from plants and how to just make it a lab, so that's mostly what is sold now.

No. 1887126

I thought it was a few, not a lot. Well whoever that autistic furry is I hope lurking here at least subconsciously had any impression on her

No. 1887128

File: 1692831284746.jpg (86.72 KB, 1280x1280, 1692830845734.jpg)

Always think of picrel whenever these people start talking about "getting hatecrimed" (although I guess in this case she didn't even hate it kek)

No. 1887143

File: 1692833367797.png (898.59 KB, 810x886, troon.png)

idk how people can lurk on here and not be peaked. I was a handmaiden keeping up with onision drama and I finally saw a place that validated all the weird feelings I had about troons… and here I am, proud terf
watch the girl who posted the screenshot detransition in a year or less kek

No. 1887221

>One of them has literall fucking dissolved into goop lol I'm going back to hjospital I have literally just an open wound in my chest
Jesus Christ. I felt actual pain in my breasts reading this. How does anyone see this and think "Yeah, I want that.", horrifying.

No. 1887223

Getting insulted isn't even a fucking hatecrime, or even a normal crime. So dramatic. Being called a slur by a homeless man is par for the course.

No. 1887264

>report this to ur workplace

Literally what is there to report. Laughing at adults who publicly post stupid shit on the internet isn't a crime kek

No. 1887286

What in the fuck is this sperg talking about? Genuinely. She couldn't think of a better comparison? Lol. You're just a tomboy, they've been around forever you 'awtist'

No. 1887318

Wow so deep, spergy frog voice here watched like 2 youtube videos on basic science and thinks she's Heisenberg. Fucking everybody just exists and vibes, except troon degens whose entire existences revolve around this shit. Butches and tomboys have always existed and never gave a fuck about what people thought about their sex. Women don't think about what girly girls they are when men ogle or catcall them, they just feel annoyed and grossed out. Almost all women feel uncomfortable in their bodies at some point in their lives, but it's not an aversion to being female, it boils down to moids being incapable of not being disgusting rape apes. Literally no one fucking cares about short hair or boy clothes or whatever Aidens do to themselves, not until they start mutilating themselves, putting young children at risk with their testosterone gel and spreading this insane social contagion. Basically don't be a gross troon fuck and no one would fucking care, but nah, gotta feel unique at all times.

No. 1887321

Blog but I got to watch LC gradually peak collectively. The culture of the board was more ambivalent towards trannies early on, back when most farmers' exposure to it was as a fad among teenagers on Tumblr. It began as the GC threads in /ot/ and eventually it spread from there. Over the years, trannies' behavior got increasingly audacious, and I think that's what caused anons' opinions on them to sour to the point of starting the GC threads. I've said this before, but fear and ignorance are the only reasons the trans movement has managed to make any gains. They constantly shoot themselves in the foot by doing things that would alienate normal people, but they get by on a combination of the public myth that trannies are all "harmless" HSTSes (a myth that exists mainly because of TRAs' parasitic attachment to the LGB), and instilling in people a fear that they'll be "on the wrong side of history" or even risk being fired if they don't roll over and give in to every ridiculous demand.

Hate-reading can sometimes be the catalyst for peaking, especially if the reader is a handmaiden and not a TiF herself.

No. 1887338

a tif once told me her traumatic story where some guy yelled RAPE as he drove past her on the street. wow sis glad you survived that one, not like women around you have experienced real assault. trannies are all ignorant of how privileged they are

No. 1887348

Tif frog voices are legitimate disgusting to listen to and makes them so clockable.

No. 1887361

like nails on a chalkboard.

No. 1887391

If she is a tomboy, most other aidens are the girly girls?

No. 1887395

Why does it come full circle every tif no matter orientation passess… as the most feminine or effeminate of men? Like one standard deviation max. away from the average moid

No. 1887406

It's not great to make fun of tif voices because detrans women can't just roll back theirs

No. 1887419

i don't see any fault complaining about that, the guy was obviously reminding her that she as a woman could always be victim of that kind of male violence and that can be kind of traumatic thing for a woman, to be reminded what position we are in in this world.

No. 1887460

File: 1692883793127.png (65.78 KB, 644x596, Screenshot 2023-08-24 063243.p…)

the thing she's talking about isn't even true in the way people think about it lmao. it has nothing to do with the atoms perceiving you observing them, that's the popular misconception. it's the horrid hormone-ruined voice with her stupid "awtism" headphones talking so confidently about literal magic as if it's science for me. sorry for OT sperging but it really bothers me when people regurgitate shit like that without doing any research for themselves

No. 1887469

it's funny because everyone at work despises her lazy ass and our manager is not going to give a shit if she does complain, other than some shallow "oh no you poor thing" commiserations. we've been trying to give her the hint that we want her to leave for ages (she's one of those super lazy workers who just plays on her phone all shift), and she just doesn't get it. we had her dressed up in a hotdog costume standing outside to lure people into the cinema and she still didn't get that we just wanted her out of the room. every fucking conversation with her is about how much of a fag she is, how queer and quirky she is, etc. she has zero personality outside of how much she wants to be a gay man.

sorry to blogpost all over the thread but if i don't lance the poison somewhere i'll go crazy irl and probably end up on the news kek

No. 1887482

I know how you feel, nona. Had a TIF coworker at my old work who was just like that, always talking about what a faggy queer homo she is. Me and her argued quite a bit because I'm butch and, basically, I mogged her and got called by male pronouns more than she ever did, kek. She even complained about my Slytherin stuff on my desk that was a gift from my lil sister (not a HP fan, she made me take the quiz) because it made her feel "uncomfortable". One moment she's talking like she was literally there at Stonewall fighting the cops. Then the next minute my silly little wizard pen is triggering her, lmao. Praying you keep your job and the TIF takes the hint and quits.

No. 1887491

I've seen this person online once, this person is a big-name fan of actor Ben Whishaw, who is a gay man if I recall correctly. I can't help but wonder but some of these people are so fuelled by celebrity worship that they want to BECOME that person (see: a man)(sage your shit)

No. 1887495

Not a real celebrity, but I knew a girl who decided she was a man because she read gay fanfic of a video game character and "realized she was trans" because she wanted to take gay dick like the video game character she idolized

No. 1887496

File: 1692887260343.gif (26.68 KB, 180x200, hehecat-cat.gif)

>TIF in a hotdog costume

No. 1887497

Chiming in with another TIF at work story, I had one who never washed her binder and customers would tell her to her face that she reeked (retail in a ghetto area, lol.) and she was “misgendered” like every day. Fortunately she never threw a fit about it and tried to claim discrimination though, probably bc she was scared of black people

No. 1887498

Every human feels this way. Nobody performs for other people when they are alone. It isn't an autistic trait lmao

No. 1887506

Going through the old fakeboi threads is interesting because a few years back anons tended to believe in trutrans and the thread was dedicated to low/no effort troons and girls larping as biological males. It's so wild to see someone go "he's a true transman, see he's on hormones, doesn't belong in this thread" when nowadays those are the main type of cow that gets posted.

No. 1887523

Same here. Call me cringe but I’m kind of proud of my contributions to the /ot/ GC thread back in the day because I think I helped to peak a fair number of people. It kind of served as a refuge as well because back then many farmers still believed in “trutrans”. Isn’t it awful how Laineybot fakes being trans for attention?! She’s making life more difficult for REAL trans people!!

The fakeboi thread was like 90% fakebois posting other fakebois. There are still hatereading TIFs here now (hi girls!) but back then I’m sure they made up the vast majority of posters, picking on other girls in their own community for being poseurs.

No. 1887529

kek i always love the juxtaposition between "trannies were at the forefront of every civil rights movement, ACAB, kill a terf!!!" and then shaking and crying and calling the police over a 5yo dressed as hermione granger for world book day or whatever.

No. 1887556

"Trans and queer people were at the forefront of the LGBT movement" types usually fall into three camps, in my experience: Anxious nerds who report to authority figures any time they so much as feel a little sad, violent monsters who harass and attack women and minorities, and bystanders who don't actually do anything but want to believe they're progressive in the same way that those who actually fought for human rights in the past were. It's mostly the final group. They're such a useless and self-righteous lot.

No. 1887561

Lol you're not wrong

No. 1887563

This feels like looking back at photos from a particularly embarrassing phase in middle school.

No. 1887594

Nonas have come a long way. Rejecting trans ideology seems like the natural result for anyone who digs deeper past mainstream fluff about trans people.

No. 1887646

File: 1692903028097.jpeg (305.12 KB, 1170x1084, IMG_7394.jpeg)

Picrel in response to a post about afab nonbinary ppl who dress in hyper-femme outfits…we ngmi

No. 1887656

You can tell she writes "woman" but in her head it directly translates to "slut".

No. 1887670

such mental gymnastics just to say "I'm not like other girls" lol

No. 1887684

That plus "mommy forced me into girly outfits through my childhood and so I feel a certain way about them and feel deeply uncomfortable when I like a girly outfit myself because I flashback to when it wasn't a choice". Those moms tended to be super strict on always girly, but not slutty or you'll be evil and tempt the boys.
Except she isn't a girl, she's an adult woman now and could make these decisions herself even if the right was taken away as a child. The disconnect or "dysphoria" here is unresolved issues surrounding her life as a young girl.

No. 1887726

TL;DR she likes dressing sexy, but dislikes being degraded and objectified, so she decided that women and not men were somehow to blame for that.

No. 1887738

Word salads like this make me appreciate the more direct misogynists that tell you to your face that they think you belong in the kitchen. All those words just to say "yeah but I'm not like those ICKY BIMBOS THO!!!".

No. 1887754

>tiffany walking with her tits out
>retard scrote passing by catcalls her
>oh, there is a misunderstanding, you see - I am not a woman, those are non-woman tits
>golly, exuse me, that was very impolite of me, have a good day, sir

No. 1887792

I once tried to reason with a tif by telling her she can't give me shit for being a potterhead when she herself is a FNAF fan (Scott Cawthon is far-right, pro-life pro-trump and all that jazz) as it would be hypocritical. She didn't even know how to reply and got sour with me ever since.
The same tif is now trying to deplatform me (i'm a social media artfag) and telling my followers and friends to ditch me by claiming i'm toxic because i disagree with her anime ships and her opinions on some edgy game, actual karen behaviour (i only have like 40 followers, chill bitch)

On tumblr there have been numerous radfems pointing out how Rowling haters will dickride Stephen King despite him sexualizing children, and troons just ignore that point.
Aydens are just brats who will throw fits when you don't do everything the way they want it. I don't understand how someone who's at the bottom of the social totem pole can be so entitled…

No. 1887805

If she were to blame men, then she would be forced to accept that she is oppressed for her sex and no amount of "but not ME though" would save her from it. So instead it's the fault of those icky whores and their dirty pillows because unlike them, Tiffany is a person.

No. 1887912

File: 1692932492136.jpg (215.19 KB, 800x640, 8ff.jpg)

Of course she would laugh at being called faggot. Homophobic pricks would have beaten the Hell outta her if she was a real gay man.

No. 1887913


Then how is she still being called a faggot

No. 1887919

Probably she was called anything but faggot.

No. 1887941

Report this site to internet police! kek

No. 1887962

OT but I absolutely despise the number of lowkey munchie TiFs who say they have autism. No you fucking don't, and when you lie about having autism, it makes people think that actual autists are as high-functioning as you.

No. 1887974

how does that work though because no amount of he/they in her twitter bio will prevent men from objectifying/harassing her IRL or online, and i doubt even retarded tifs believe otherwise. it feels like she used to hate feminine/sexy women and is now coping with wanting to be one. you'd think that the two answers to this would be to either 1) stop hating other women, or 2) try to understand why you want to dress feminine/sexy (usually social pressure), but the whole "i'm a feminine non-woman" is somehow easier to these types..

No. 1888008

>>1887974 Maybe because this explaination doesn't make sense. Fakebois who are traumatized probably don't want to be feminine and whose who aren't see nothing wrong with it. People transition becuaseof different reasons(sage your shit)

No. 1888011

yeah these are the fakebois that idolize feminine gay men and want to be "boundary-pushing boys wearing dresses breaking the rules of society" rather than boring straight girls wearing dresses exactly how society expects (what they really are)

they're a different group than the traumatized tifs who don't want to be sexualized. these tifs want to be sexualized as men. but still have boobs because they have literally no dysphoria, just heavy doses of gay male worship and misogyny

No. 1888012

I think deep voices from smoking sounds ugly af and it clocks them as long time smokers. I wish the best for all detrans women but actions have consequences, sorry but their voices are funny now

No. 1888017

Can someone explain why do all TIFs have the same voice? I know that testosterone deepens the voice but they all had unique voices before transitioning, and so do men before and after puberty, so why does this phenomenon occur in TIFs only?

No. 1888021

wow, i'm very online but i had never heard once that the creator of FNAF was 'problematic'. not a single time. but every other day you hear about how J. K. Rowling is the worst person on Earth and you shouldn't be a fan of Harry Potter anymore.

this goes to show that women are much more scrutinized than men, and we forgive men more easily when they have "wrong" opinions. tell me this isn't misogyny…

No. 1888023

>i only started liking my tits when they werent attached to a woman
we are NOT making it out the patriarchy

No. 1888036

AYRT, I think TIFs in particular gloss over Stephen King being a total weirdo because of that super popular IT ship with the two uggos. I also tried telling the TIF at my work that it's ridiculous to only consume content by creators you agree with, and that it's literally the definition of an echo chamber. I asked how would that work with a film, tv show, game, etc made by thousands of people who no doubt have views all over the political compass, but got no answer. I then asked why deprive yourself of things you enjoy, and she told me it was "praxis" KEK. They really think getting assmad on twitter or tumblr is gonna change the world. Like >>1888021 said though, it's only women that get this level of scrutiny. I've never heard that stuff about the FNAF guy either, despite it being annoyingly popular in online circles.

No. 1888038

Aside from misogyny it's also the fact that J.K. Rowling is a feminist and a leftist, so troons have high expectations of her, while the creator of FNAF is conservative and an asshole so they don't care much. As another anon said in another thread, if someone does something "problematic" but they're already a shitty person no one cares because it was expected. If it's someone who is overall nice, everyone will pay attention to it and be surprised. And honestly most of these girls were or are probably autistic and big FNAF, Undertale, yaoi, Bendy and the ink machine etc fans so they will obviously not pay attention to the shit the creator of their interests has done

No. 1888043

No. 1888044

She said it was some random hobo who got mad at her because she didn't give him money. Probably he just hurls random insults at anyone despite appearance.

No. 1888054

This post came up on my dash because an acquaintance’s husband trooned out, so now she’s a non-binary dyke that also dresses femme coded.

No. 1888060

People used to just like what they liked but now it seems like they think they need an excuse via some sort of trauma rather for why they don't like a certain style. No women likes sexism, it's not something that magically means you aren't a woman because you don't like it.

No. 1888064

Scott Cawthon, the creator of FNAF, literally gave thousands of dollars in donations to Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell, and Ben Carson, among other major American Republicans, and yet he has never gotten the treatment Rowling continues to get, despite the fact that she's basically his antithesis (someone who financially supports very leftist causes, focusing on people in need rather than politicians). TRAs constantly bring up Rowling every chance they can get, just so that they can enjoy deriding a woman as being "literally Hitler," but if you bring up Cawthon, they hem and haw, usually changing the subject after saying something like "I don't know enough about him" or "He's getting money from FNAF anymore, right?" without ever following up on that at any point. They just go right back to continuously obsessing over how "evil" Rowling is and never mentioning Cawthon. It shows just how little they care about any of this, and how all they care about is having an "acceptable" target for their desire to abuse women.

No. 1888076

FNAF is for zoomers, Harry Potter was for millennials, that's why it's easier for them to go against JK, because they were never fans. Unless you're some flavor of gender, most people who loved HP, still love it on the downlow, and are just silent about JK. Few people are willing to give up their favorite media just because the creator was found to be a bad person.

No. 1888077

On that note, I can't wait for gen alpha to cancel zoomers for being FNAF fans kek

No. 1888080

He also donated to an anti abortion and anti gay foundation.(sage)

No. 1888089

File: 1692972170010.png (2.12 MB, 1620x2439, veganfakeboitantrum.png)

Fakeboi has a tantrum on the vegan sub:

No. 1888111

It always just boils down to
>Anything that hurts my feelings or makes me have to look at my behavior is twansphobic!!!
God they’re insufferable.

No. 1888127

He actually has; trannies doxxed him and threatened his family including a one year old baby

No. 1888131

This is awful, she could be so beautiful.

No. 1888132

Cis female here, Embarrassed to admit one of my kinks is pregnancy/birthing/ov (egg laying).

However ALL tumblrs, twitters and reddits for this kink is filled with FTMs who post their atrophied, hairy "dicks" while wanting to birth children. It's so disgusting I wish they could be yeeted off the internet forever.(you are not “cis”)

No. 1888139

Why would you ever admit this, and on lolcow of all places kek

No. 1888141

the fact you refer to yourself as cis is very telling. stop being a pornsick freak.

No. 1888156

Why would you think anyone was soliciting that information on this thread kek wtf

No. 1888158

File: 1692981672086.jpg (75.29 KB, 720x726, 7a021af6a7650234.jpg)

why would you post this

No. 1888162

don’t you have to be kind of autistic to think that you can LARP as a man? I’ve never met a tif who wasn’t autistic.

I’m friends with normie women and tifs, and the biggest difference between them, outside the troon hobby, is the autistic tendencies.

No. 1888164


kek did you want us to commiserate that women with hairy pussies are yucking your impreg fetish? Grow up.

No. 1888167

>However ALL tumblrs, twitters and reddits for this kink is filled with FTMs who post their atrophied, hairy "dicks" while wanting to birth children.
this is par for the course for almost any fetish community. Anyone who feels "Outcast" will FtM so they can have their tranny support group. this includes people with weird fetishes (such as yourself) because they want to have their clit-dick jerked in their fetish tranny echo chamber.

No. 1888170

File: 1692982701372.jpeg (115.38 KB, 1125x802, C950C75B-969E-4556-BEF5-BFCE57…)

>my right to exist as a trans person
>people tell you daily your identity doesn’t exist
>dismiss the importance of pronouns
This is what pisses me off. Why do I have to be involved in your troon narrative? I don’t give a fuck about you existing as a twans person. If you were such a man, you would still be a man whether I believe you are or not.

Blogpost, but I personally identify as bisexual. I’ve only been in relationships with women, so my friends assume I’m a lesbian. Them thinking I’m a lesbian, doesn’t make me less bisexual. What happened to not letting what people think of you define who you are? Isn’t identity inherently personal?

No. 1888173

Cause when fakebois and troons and trooning out something deep inside them is telling them that it isn't actually true, so when people have the AUDACITY to challenge their already fragile jenga blocks of an identity, they throw a fit because they are incapable of facing reality.

No. 1888175

Do you guys think that FtMs do squirting pussy showing videos because they have the same AGP fetish as Hons do? Or is it just the deep seeded female desire to attract male attention?(sage your shit)

No. 1888177

File: 1692983311705.jpeg (Spoiler Image,764.96 KB, 1170x1054, B83D6B60-3804-47C7-962F-F207E8…)

nona, it feels like you’re looking down on troons for having the same kink as you to make yourself feel like less of a degen.

You should either completely own and be confident in your weird egg-laying kink or try to stop engaging with it, because it seems like it’s a source of shame.
Proudly get your rocks off laying your eggs, girl. Or stfu.
also “cis” isn’t a thing kek

No. 1888179

attract male attention. If it were just for themselves, they wouldn’t be posting it online

No. 1888184

>nona, it feels like you’re looking down on troons for having the same kink as you to make yourself feel like less of a degen.
>because it seems like it’s a source of shame.
Maybe, but as someone with degen kinks, but not that one:
Troons are always lower on the degen scale than normal people because troons. And just because you have the same kink as some other rando doesn't mean you want to associate with them. And people do the same kink in different ways. I'm sure troon impreg kink is way grosser than what some rando woman gets up to. I have a mindcontrol kink but I'm very specific in how I want it done. Some of they ways other people, not even troons, do it are disgusting, and I want no parts of that or them.

No. 1888190

Nta but there is no "degen scale," all of you are gross.

No. 1888198

>I have a mindcontrol kink
Please stop humiliating yourself even further and leave, specially if that’s also your “kink”.

No. 1888201

Stop derailing this thread with discussion of your degenerate kinks.

No. 1888209

We all need to know less about each other

Genuinely though, I always worry about transguys who are so desperate for approval from men. They often expose themselves to so much more danger (stds, physical violence and sex crimes) so they can be seen as something they can't become. It's beyond concerning and I wish more could be done against it.

For every pretentious ftm who screams about being a fag, there are 3 who are victims of crimes/mental illness and wish to escape their circumstances.

No. 1888213

Scott has not said anything directly against the troons so they don't care what he does, they can feign indignation for being "homophobic" but they will quickly forget it because deep down transsexuals are also homophobic, I can assure you that if the day tomorrow Scott makes a transphobic statement like JKR did, he would get the same hate.(sage your shit)

No. 1888217

File: 1692988121661.jpg (558.64 KB, 1200x1127, Gaydenhell.jpg)

I get a special sort of schadenfreude from seeing straight troon delusions that they can larp their way into being gay be brought down by the reality that gay people aren't interested in the opposite sex. I've had personal experience being screamed at by a straight tif irl for not wanting to fuck tims as a lesbian, so it warms my heart to be reminded that they'll never get what they want and will just end up miserable in a hell of their own creation.

No. 1888218

I personally believe she probably does pass as a twinky man. This just shows that even for the trannies that pass your life will never be what you want and you’ll always be an inferior version of what you want to be, it’s better to accept yourself.

No. 1888222

It's always funny to see heterosexual entitlement play out with troons. No shit gay scrote gatherings are "penis focused", Tiffany. That's what makes them gay!

No. 1888229

>They really think getting assmad on twitter or tumblr is gonna change the world
It did to their benefit, sadly. The entire gender ideology bullshit originated from tumblr.

No. 1888234

Its always so funny to me they dont understand genitalia IS a big part of peoples sexuality and attraction. Its not just "looking like a man" or "acting like a man". Its BEING a man, with everything included, that means the genitalia too!

No. 1888235

I would say it came more from tumblr because that’s where a lot of tranny discourse started and all the weird fanart and hideous selfie posting with enablers replying yas kween originated and there was no holds barred so it just kept proliferating, terfs and making fun of troons eas strictly forbidden on there (compared to twitter), plus a lot of trannies on that platform were middle and upper middle class and studying at good universities and many were writing their thesis or giving lectures on transgenderism and I think over time it got pushed in academia more and universities started complying and then everything just spread from there.

No. 1888236

Making fun of troons was forbidden**
Twitter always allowed more diversity of opinion and a bit more freedom of speech but anyone shit talking troons on tumblr would basically get mass reported by the troons followers and have their account quickly deleted for bullying or get doxxed and leave the platform. Tumblr had much stricter rules and was kind of like instagram where saying negative or insulting things was forbidden (compared to twitter where you could shit talk people more)

No. 1888255

The main argument I’ve been seeing is that, unlike [insert abusive/racist/rapist/pedophile celebrity here], JKR “funds organisations that actively cause harm to trans people and put them in danger”. Therefore doing anything that puts more money in her pocket (including promoting her IP through fanart, cosplay etc.) directly contributes to the trans genocide. I honestly don’t know what genocidal organisation they’re even talking about and they never reply when I ask. The rape crisis centre may be “trans exclusionary” but it’s not stopping men from going to any of the other similar centres that do welcome them so calling it “dangerous” is an obvious reach. Am I missing something?
Anyway it’s funny that despite this argument, these same people turn a blind eye to billionaires or corporations that directly fund e.g. anti-abortion legislature or employ slave labour to manufacture their products. But the wizard book lady who saves female Afghani lawyers from the Taliban needs to be stopped at all cost!

No. 1888271

File: 1692993334639.jpg (75.23 KB, 630x385, george jorgensen.jpg)

>The entire gender ideology bullshit originated from tumblr.
Indeed! As George "Christine" Jorgensen said: "if you can't have the blorbo, become the blorbo"

No. 1888274


No. 1888292

She donates to organizations that help women, and in troon minds anything for women is anti-trans by default unless they explicitly make it all about "women" with penises

No. 1888294

It's such a simple concept it's baffling how they cannot seem to grasp that gay people not wanting to DIY conversion therapy themselves isn't bigotry, it's just how sexual orientation works. Gay guys don't like pussy, lesbians don't like dick, water is wet, etc. No matter how much their movement bullies and harangues people and throws around Nazi allegations, they are not going to defeat innate sexuality lol

No. 1888299

Honestly gross how it's a normal part of gay culture to have orgies in bathhouses and shit. She's lucky she can't go, she saved herself from a dozen of STDs

No. 1888437

OK weird info aside, thanks for sharing that with the class when nobody asked sis, there's smth to be said about tifs having a "breeding" kink. Perhaps stemming from all the alpha beta omega mpreg yaoi shit they consume, tif nlog-ism which makes them stereotype women as bimbo breeders and see themselves as special unicorn bois, and pandering articles about tifs who get preggo then rush to virtue signal to the world about it and how we should change female specific language into bullshit like birthing person while conveniently leaving male specific language alone (where's sperm supplier and erectile dysfunction haver?)

No. 1888439

Oh whoops samefag I should've written """cis""" instead of sis right kek

No. 1888446

Seconding this. It didn't come from Tumblr, it first became trendy on Tumblr. Social justice got popular on Tumblr because in 2012, half of the users were suburban kids who attended liberal arts schools.

No. 1888448

>I basically have to give up on any morals and standards to get laid
Welcome to being a gay moid, I thought that's what you wanted?

No. 1888467

File: 1693016529127.png (106.78 KB, 1368x424, Screenshot 2023-08-26 at 03.19…)

I wonder how many fakebois have been created because of their mothers pulling them out of childhood early and using their daughters as live-in nannies. It's eerie how this user doesn't see how blatant it is. I like finding fakebois in the wild talking about their family life, it's like a direct look into the reasons why the transgender trend is hitting so hard for young girls.

No. 1888480

Doesn't this make straight men gay if we are basing it off genitalia since most straight men are repulsed by vaginas, don't want to pleasure their partner,learn or want to know anything about a vagina and instead all they want to do is violently jackhammer inside your vag or anus and then have you give them blowjobs.

No. 1888495

I think most women are repulsed by penises too. Straight people just get horny thinking about their genitals smashing together they don't actually want to interact with them beyond that. It seems like men love admiring their own dicks way more than any body part on their gf.

No. 1888498

i really wish the 50-year-old conservative facebook mommies would just fuck off from here

No. 1888502

They're scrotes, anon. If they weren't boning in a pretend day-spa they'd be doing it on a park bench or something. At least the bath houses give out condoms and shit.

No. 1888506

It's hard to be sure without a bigger sample size, but it definitely makes sense for parentification to increase a girl's risk of trooning. Could be a coincidence, but all of the TiFs I know IRL are oldest sisters, and one was from a Catholic family with like five kids.

No. 1888508

could you morons stop astroturfing this site into becoming another homophobic tradfag hellhole with your retarded takes

genuinely, if you're not one of the idiot newcomers i am talking aout, all you are doing is spreading some actul proper vintage homophobia with the excuse of "it's just manhate", then all you are doing is signaling to rightwing assholes that this is a place for likeminded people, and then we get genuine, for the lack of better word, bigots here and right now we're seeing more and more anons going on about how butch lesbians are actually just male brained menlite etc lesbian hating shit. stop this shit. idiot.

No. 1888520

It's not homophobic to acknowledge gay men have a high STD rate because of promiscuity. Why do you think AIDs ran ramped through the gay community in the 80s but lesbians were left unscathed? Guess what nona, HSTS TiMs have a even higher HIV rate.

We're already considered a right-wing hate site because we make fun of trannies, who today are considered more oppressed than gays and lesbians.

No. 1888523

Ayrt. I was opposing what orgy-anon said. Scrotes are less sexually selective and more risk-taking than women, so it makes sense that male-exclusive social spaces would reflect those qualities. These spaces are going to exist in some form, so at least the owners of the bathhouses are making a living out of it and providing patrons the easily accessible option of safe sex with free condoms, lube, etc.

Also, gay bathhouses aren't nearly as common as they used to be pre-AIDs, pre-internet. They don't really need a physical location to meet hook-ups now that Grindr exists, so I imagine the bathhouses only get by these days through a combination of nostalgia, novelty, and old-fart fags who refuse to use the internet. Trad-chan is getting upset about a dying breed of business. It's like getting mad about Blockbuster video.

No. 1888525

Nta but I don't understand why people use AIDs as a pretext to hate gay men. These days, you almost have to be either profoundly uneducated or actively negligent to catch HIV. Stateside, new cases disproportionately affect people below the poverty line, likely because they can't access PreP, testing, treatment etc. That's most of why AIDs is running rampant in sub-Saharan Africa; education is poor and there aren't enough medical resources.

>We're already considered a right-wing hate site because we make fun of trannies

That doesn't mean we should act like a bunch of /pol/fags, though. I hate trannies in large part because they're homophobic and especially lesbophobic. The LGB and the scrotes within have issues, but they don't deserve to have their movement hijacked by a bunch of opportunistic straight predators. I'll side with a gay scrote over a tranny any day, frankly. They may not have been affected as severely as lesbians, but they're still having to watch their community get ruined by troon brain rot.

No. 1888544

File: 1693033573615.png (73.6 KB, 186x402, F0VrOVuaMAIDBNk.png)


>oh no, not my heccin bathouserinos this literally anuddah shoah

For all the radfem ranting about moid coomers, some here are strangely willing to go bat for them if said coomers happen to come from a "protected group."(go back to /pol/)

No. 1888558

>Reddit spacing
Go back

No. 1888567

File: 1693036706314.png (5.31 MB, 1290x2796, 950E048D-9D99-44CE-9E82-E3EC69…)

No. 1888576

Gay men are dirty as fuck and riddled with STDs, that's the simple truth and AIDS was a clear sign of that, get over it. Yes now AIDS is under control but it's brought up as an example of male degeneracy and hypersexual risky behaviour that literally cost them their lives. A more recent case was the monkeypox breakout that once again affected gay men a lot more (but no one could say that because telling men not to smear infected shit all over themselves during sex is homophobic). Faggots are just dirty. I don't know why some anons here try to defend their precious gay bois when they couldn't give a shit about you and women in general.(stop)

No. 1888581

You sound so retarded that I want to believe you are a troll.(derailing/infighting)

No. 1888594

You're wrong anon, gays cared about monkeypox because it shows up on your face. Nice try.(derailing)

No. 1888597

Seconding this. I came here to read about tifs not real gay moids, any lurking tif must be thrilled you're talking about real gay moids in this space as if it was relevant to them

>I honestly don’t know what genocidal organisation they’re even talking about and they never reply when I ask.
From day one of trans ideology has failed to provide basic coherent explanations to any of their claims hence why "what is a woman" was so heavily debated, they can't define it and dismiss the accurate "adult human female" as bigoted lies. They now know they can make up any claim they want, pretend there are studies proving it because they know no one on the trans side is going to fact check it and they can just dismiss real studies disproving it as bigoted

No. 1888623

Males are always horny and biologically, for them, sex is a much less heavy and important deed. Usually this is tuned down by the fact women are more careful and picky when it comes to sex. But put male-and-male and well, no barriers anymore.
That being said, one of the truest couples I know is two gay friends of mine. They've been together for years and I wish I had someone who loved me like those two love each others.(derailing)

No. 1888635

This thread attracts a lot of tourists who post bait, start fights etc. Report and ignore them instead of participating in their derailing of the thread.

No. 1888637

Having six children in the year 2023 is so gross. No wonder she wants to troon out, it must be suffocating being put into a mommy role against your will because your mom is so irresponsible. There should be a child limit put on straight people, but it'll never happen.(stop derailing)

No. 1888667

Gay men arent gonna fuck you, farmhand(infighting)

No. 1888730

File: 1693069609374.webm (5.49 MB, 320x568, XAXGc-wC3-yl3M94.webm)

This is the the single most girliest thing I have ever seen, what does she think men are like.

No. 1888743

>Sneeding at the farmhand instead of just taking the L and moving on
Most embarrassing behavior

No. 1888786

File: 1693074190906.jpg (88.2 KB, 1200x675, paulie-walnuts-tony-sirico.jpg)

She went to the barber and showed them this picture. Heh heh.

No. 1888796

i went onto her instagram and found her mtf husband's account as well. he has 'poly' in his bio and is also dating another mtf. i wouldn't be surprised if that contributed to her trooning out.

i bet he was miserable about her transition in private. suddenly the agp's lesbian fantasy is ripped away because his wife was 'secretly a man' all along! i always laugh when ftms troon out after their mtf boyfriends/husbands. that part is funny even though it's depressing overall

No. 1888805

I assumed she was a lesbian, this is even more tragic for her/

No. 1888819

File: 1693078385499.png (1.01 MB, 1028x1466, 001.png)

i'm not sure if this has been posted before, but i saw it gaining decent traction on tumblr.

No. 1888827

File: 1693079428612.jpg (52.17 KB, 1075x325, plot twist - you are a woman.j…)

KEK at all this copium coming from a fully grown adult. She sounds like a petulant child, and as an autist I automatically hate anyone who says that autism is "cool". It's fucking hellish, you gotta be some sort of self-dx munchie to say that shit. I checked her out briefly and found picrel, I don't have a medium account because I'm not a navel-gazing snob but the tl;dr from the snippet I read is that two young women insinuated she was gay and probably clocked her as a troon, so I guess all women are evil.

No. 1888829

kek wouldn't listing all these mental illnesses do more harm to their community?

No. 1888837

She look so old, why would she …>>1888796 Oh, I see. Also what with gendies using the "fun" to describe their tackiness? Fun hair, fun shirt, fun shoes, etc, etc(learn to sage)

No. 1888841

Yeah well, I’m a gay autistic woman who is recovered from an eating disorder and I think all this shit is stupid as fuck. I bet the sympathy and “coolness” doesn’t extend to people like me.

No. 1888846

>The thing I want the most.
Freedom? The ability to walk without being harassed? Not getting your body constantly sexualized?(sage your shit )

No. 1888865

These retards really do keep saying shit like "it's eugenecist to recognize comorbidity and stop mentally ill people from chemically or surgically castrating themselves," as if that isn't the opposite of eugenics.

No. 1888868

>it's so cool that our community is so full of retards, weebs and coomers, I see this correlation as a good and special and counter culture thing, and I see these things as inherent and protected so anyone who disagrees akshully supports eugenics
There's no hope for this one

No. 1888877

File: 1693084351786.png (94.26 KB, 1186x604, Screen Shot 2023-08-26 at 2.14…)

Lol, based boomer

No. 1888895

Being autistic (like, actually autistic, not self-diagnosed like this person probably is) often affects your ability to thrive with your career, relationships, etc. This is especially the case if you're female. Obviously it's not healthy to hate being autistic, but I wouldn't describe it as "cool" either, because it genuinely makes life more difficult. Calling autism "totally radical and cool!!" is just patronizing and disingenuous, like when people say that trannies are stunning and brave. It also reinforces the way self-diagnosed zoomers view it as a fashion accessory.

No. 1888946

based on the 'poly' and the 'fucking another tranny' I would bet he's gay as hell and dosn't give a single shit about her beyond if she has dinner ready for him when he gets home from sucking off his other tranny

No. 1888951

File: 1693096312237.jpg (Spoiler Image,653.81 KB, 1080x1930, Screenshot_20230827_023007_Gal…)

Reminds me of this. This is by a personal tif cow of my friends and i. She has this wannabe-badass attitude, says she will "dogwalk" anyone who fucks with her, and yet she's too scared to go on a boat with two men WITH FAMILY.
Being scared of men is understandable but don't preach about punching terfs when you can't even go out to a social gathering with people you know.

No. 1888957

Is her 'boyfriend' also a TIF and did they go down the South Park yaoi pipeline?

No. 1888963

>might be trans/homophobic
Kek this phrasing makes it sound like they're homophobic trannies.

No. 1888966

Yes it's also a tif, no it's not a south park reference, they'd probably find south park too triggering

Kek i mean,, she does throw around the f-slur every chance she gets

No. 1888972

i mean she says it right there that the thought of dressing feminine was horrifying and that she didn't like her own breasts before, yet now that she's a non-woman she does. it's not uncommon at all to be uncomfortable with femininity as a teenager but some girls grow out of that phase. seems like she did but still needs some kind of explanation as to why she's different from other feminine women. if anything it's the whole "i don't wanna be objectified by males" thing that doesn't make sense because changing pronouns let alone dressing sexy won't prevent that.

No. 1888987

File: 1693101024437.gif (149.84 KB, 500x333, gayngel.gif)

>F slur
You can say fag here, you know

No. 1888990

>transphobia has NO PLACE in the vegan movement
I'm sorry but KEK

No. 1889002

sad to see that she got upvoted, i remember years ago some retarded tranny in this sub suggested that we call all animals "they" because they can't express their gender identity. because what if cows are FTMs right?? the comment got downvoted at the time. these people are so mentally unwell they cannot allow anything to be unrelated to gender. also, "you cannot say what is transphobic because you're cis" is so retarded

No. 1889005

i am vegan but i sincerely hate 90% of the vegan community. veganism is about THE ANIMALS not about stupid troon feelings. their trans agenda should have no place in the vegan community cause it has nothing to do with veganism, it has nothing to do with animal welfare. instead of raising awareness about the suffering animals endure, they'd rather talk about their own "suffering". saying that vegans should be fighting against all forms of oppression is the same shit as saying that feminists should care about troons and men. words really have lost their meaning huh.

No. 1889011

I've noticed a lot of troons call themselves vegans now similar to how a lot call themselves commies or poly. They care about looking morally righteous and/or alternative, it's not usually about whatever movement they choose to latch onto

No. 1889025

i see they need to erase the femaleness and the horrible nightmare treatment they get for it even from damn cows.

No. 1889030

>it gets to the point where I entertain drastic measures
LMAO what are those "drastic measures"? She steps her little foot and starts "IT'S THEEEEM" meltdown?

No. 1889042

File: 1693113625015.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.33 MB, 1170x2026, IMG_0701.jpeg)

can’t stop falling down this rabbit hole of tif’s who describe their nonsense BDSM activities as a sacred spiritual calling

this breaks my heart cause she could be such a hot butch lez, but she’s sick in the head and I also doubt she’s a lesbian cause she says she’s “a total faggot” and “loves men” and just look at that man in the picture, nobody is fooling anyone here unless you count being fucking confused at the layers and layers of mental gymnastics as fooling

No. 1889046

what a surprise that the ""domming"" in this situation is actually all about being a bangmaid mommy to a tantrum throwing male tranny.

No. 1889067

it's early, i forgot what thread i'm on and i thought she was gonna talk about how 'daddy' liked being submissive sometimes because my brain automatically attributed the male words to the great hulking man there.

this girl's account screams anxious fake confidence

No. 1889083

>get invited to a gay bar
>the whole thing is incredibly penis-focused
woah thats so crazy i wonder why

No. 1889168

>everytime i get misgendered it feels like someone's stabbing me
Kek. Maybe the ones who try to look like a real man can say this stuff but lady, it's time to get used to it because your whole thing is fake.

No. 1889171

File: 1693153742704.jpeg (1.62 MB, 3072x3072, IMG_6712.jpeg)

Idk if this one’s been discussed here but I followed her because of her makeup and after seeing this shit, THAT was clearly a mistake

No. 1889216

sage for off topic or whatever but this makes me beyond want to a-log. It's a disability. Having autism isn't 'cool' it means that anyone who legitimately has it will struggle day to day one way or another. And high fuctioning autism or aspergers is basically like being SO close to living life the way you'd want to, but just not quite being able to and it is its own flavor of beyond frustrating.

"It's not a problem"

The fuck are you talking about? Do you think those with autism LOVE having crying fits because the sounds were wrong, or because there were too many people around?

No. 1889234

>i really dgaf
>multiple posts showing that they very clearly do give a fuck and are absolutely assblasted about it

>high fuctioning autism or aspergers is basically like being SO close to living life the way you'd want to, but just not quite being able to
You put into words exactly how I feel, nona. This is why I want to a-log when I see munchies claiming that autism is so cool and "advocates" telling young children that it's like a "super power". Yeah, a superpower that makes me really good at tracking sports stats and quizzing but makes me a total retard in every other setting. How useful! As someone who wasn't diagnosed until 21 and is a GNC lesbian, I just know I'd troon out if I were born 10 years later. That missing bit of information about why I feel so different could so easily be misconstrued as transness. If trannies legitimately cared about the spergs in their community, they would be honest that we're more likely to troon out, that we're not "true trans" as they say. Like crabs in a bucket they'll drag as many people down with them as possible, though.

No. 1889265

nonita your words are like poetry. you hit the nail on the head. and i share your resentment for these dumbass troons that glorify autism and make it into a quirky superpower
sorry for blog but is there a thread for spergs? been running away from autism my whole life despite medical professionals thinking i was autistic when i was little. i can’t seem to socialise well and i always say the wrong thing. do any other autist nonnies do something incredibly autistic, think about how autistic it was, but can’t stop doing it?

No. 1889269

NTA but there's one in /ot/! I can't remember how to link threads, but go look for "Autism (ASD) and ADHD/ADD thread #3" I just bumped it for you and answered your question there.

No. 1889358

File: 1693182592630.jpg (489.34 KB, 972x1407, Transfujo.jpg)

Lowkey fascinated by the pivot from "I didn't decide to become a man because of my yaoi obsession!" to "being a fujoshi is a sign ur trans actually"

No. 1889361

Shouldn't trans guys relate more to gay male experiences than woman experiences, if trans was really about being born in the wrong body?? But no, trans is just a subset of the sex they are. TiFs tell on themselves by lurking and commenting on discussions being had amongst women, but never men (unless it's to call out gay guys for being penis fetishists)

No. 1889363

Right? Interesting it says "why women prefer" and the supposed man has to be like "as a trans man". Like are you or are you not a man? They can't even stay consistent.

No. 1889376

It's similar to how TIMs went from "wow it's so transphobic you think yuri is why I'm trans" to it becoming a sign of being an "egg." Nothing has made the gaslighting more obvious. We were worse than Hitler for pointing it out but now they all acknowledge it among themselves. I also love how this incoherent this tweet is. If we are to presume closeted trans men are not and never were women, then the original tweet should be fine. Because it's about women reading yaoi, not men. Unless…kek

No. 1889379

File: 1693187669788.png (3.52 MB, 2456x1350, Screen Shot 2023-08-27 at 6.49…)

An artist friend of mine posted this on instagram as a way of telling everyone she's trooning out I guess. She's had a TIF girlfriend for the past couple years (the winged figure on the left is a caricature of her) which I think probably had a big influence on her wanting to transition. Genuinely sad about it. The comments are all insane of course.

No. 1889380

>Our community is filled with incredibly mentally ill, vulnerable people and predatory degenerates
>No actually it's cool a bunch of autists got psyoped into sterilizing themselves

No. 1889382

I wish her the best of luck with her FTMC (female to Moist Cr1TiKaL) transition.

No. 1889391

>that caption

Totally not cult-like language there, not even one bit

No. 1889408

There's no actual progression here. They still claim it's transphobic to acknowledge the correlation between being trans and consuming anime/manga that fetishizes gay people for a straight audience, even though the same people claiming that will also claim that "cishet" people who are into that sort of thing are "eggs," and that yaoi/yuri "help trans people find their identities." It's double-think, which is unsurprising coming from the group that simultaneously claims "no one is saying you need to be willing to date or fuck someone of the sex they're not interested in if they identify as trans" and "but it is transphobic to refuse someone romantically/sexually because of genital preference or because they're trans (even if being trans means they're of a sex the person isn't interested in)."

No. 1889409

Isn't this the artist that talked about being a "foid"?

No. 1889411

I am once again thinking about how TRAs shame and mock people for mourning the person that was lost in "transition," despite how they constantly compare transition to literally murdering their "old selves" like this. "Trans widow" is forbidden grief, but "deadname" is sacred grief.
Kek I can see it. The other one's hair style reminded me of Len Kagamine or BOTW/TOTK Link, too.

No. 1889413

TiFs never draw their male-sonas like the ugly balding male relatives they're going to resemble kek

No. 1889416

at first I read in a sarcastic tone, like obviously - graced by autism and finding oneself with sissy porn, and ed, self harm, abuse - "all good things"
and I was haha clever clever, witty shit
but wait. is she for real. that must be the funniest shit ever - listing all those things and see no pattern, amazing

No. 1889424

And they to ignore the shoulder-waist proportions too. T will fuck your bones but not to the point to give you broad shoulders. That's why each TIF art is a man with pussy and chest scars than… a bald and fat woman with chest scars.

No. 1889434

Everytime I hear this arguement, I think of Refrainbow, the creator of Boyfriends. Exact same sort of thing, except she made a self insert of her (goth) with a guy from a kpop band (jock) in her webcomic.

Everytime that godforsaken comic is promoted on webtoon I feel like screaming into the void

No. 1889472

File: 1693208511962.jpg (32.59 KB, 508x612, IMG_3587.jpg)

That's so funny to imagine, also the fact that he towers over the other characters which means that rest of the cast must be like 5'4

No. 1889492

If I read it with sarcasm it's a perfect call out post making fun of troons and pointing out they're all just disordered people kek
Maybe this is the way to go

No. 1889520

It genuinely reminds me of how I spoke when I was an "ex-homosexual". The whole "now I'm living my truth and it's so wonderful and life is amazing". All it's missing is the religious quotes, though she did put in some religious imagery, so I guess that counts. It's like a cult bingo card.

That's the guy she's thirsting over? He looks botched as hell.

No. 1889593

kek the actual guy looks down syndrome esque

No. 1889596

it's asian ross lol

No. 1889780

Imagine actually wanting to be a gay man, disgusting.
Gay moids are coomers on crack, they wanna fuck and nothing else and she wants to be their target, sad as fuck, top pick me behaviour. I see that all that "gender euphoria" is dying out once they realize that they aren't on the internet anymore and the real world thinks that they're hideous

No. 1889878

>Gay moids are coomers on crack, they wanna fuck and nothing else
the reason you think that gays doing this is worse than straight men because you find it natural and correct order of things when straight men assault women and use us as objects; men are supposed to be real humans with real feelings and dignity thus you feel disgusted and uncomfortable when a male allows himself to be used as an sexual object, like a lowly woman. you think it is worse when a male lowers himself like that willingly than when a straight man does it to women by force because to you women do not have the same dignity as males.

No. 1889936

Honestly it's been fun to watch tifs slapfight over whether yaoi is problematique lately.
This is the kind of shit you worry about if you have no real world problems.

No. 1889937

Nta but I never thought of it this way. Based.

No. 1889943

File: 1693284402800.jpg (84.6 KB, 828x694, n6OuZcT.jpg)

nta but what the hell, you can find gay sex disgusting and also despise actual misogyny as well, the point is that you never understand its never "two men" with regards to fujos, its always one man and one hyperfeminized man that is a woman in all but pronouns.

No. 1889969

here we go again

No. 1889987

File: 1693293453390.png (26.88 KB, 670x436, smegma.PNG)

Don't respond to bait, post more gross tifs instead.

No. 1889988

Did she not know how to wash herself before??

No. 1889991

Hurts and smells? Sounds infected.

No. 1889997

File: 1693296392017.jpg (78.73 KB, 862x1090, flood it again.jpg)

>well I suppose it's ok that she didn't know how to wash it at the start, that's not too bad…
>"I've been on T for 3 years"
Fucking disgusting. How was she not googling this shit the moment her clit started growing? To think, some TIF just walked about smelling of dick cheese for 3 years… trannies are a public health hazard and should be avoided accordingly.

No. 1889999

Why are trans so gross looking all the time. They always look dirty and unhygienic, even if they shower and dress well. Is it just biological monkey brain repulsion to a person with abnormal levels of the wrong hormone? Just like you'd react to any unhealthy person.

No. 1890003

>touching it hurts
That shit is infected for sure. Why are trannies always so unhygienic? Is it just because they’re so mentally ill? Christ.

No. 1890007

File: 1693298652822.png (589.96 KB, 768x594, bleak.PNG)

Sorry if this has been posted already, but this whole blog is probably the bleakest shit I've seen in a whole month.
>transmasculine guide to sex work
>I always recommend that escorts sell porn on the side for some extra income, especially because sites like Adultwork have functionality for you to sell videos on their site and having videos there makes people more likely to book you after watching them if you’re trans and they’re unsure about how masculine you are just from pictures and want video footage in sexual situations.
>You’ll remove pre-transition images from your escorting profile or pre-transition videos from your Onlyfans or ManyVids or IWantClips or whatever sites you use. You can then, later, with new clients who never saw you pre-transition, sell these kinds of clips or images at a much higher rate to clients who are chasers or who are curious as to what you looked like “before”. You can suggest it’s embarrassing for you (some of them are into the idea that you’re humiliated by it) and thus you have a high price.

No. 1890011

Humiliate yourself for money so in the future you can afford therapy for humiliating yourself for money. This is empowering?

No. 1890017

I honestly think they hate looking at their own naked body so they avoid showering or bathing for that reason.

No. 1890018

That's exactly the case, same with the ED girls (though they do shower more regularly, albeit with the lights off)

No. 1890066

the fact that you think about damn cartoons first when talking about human sexuality tells more about you than me

No. 1890077

Kek I have brought her a while ago, but thanks for reminding me of her bleak existence, her Twitter and Tumblr accs are something.

No. 1890108

No nonnie, I think it that way because most faggot personalities are just dick and cock. Have you ever been around them? It has nothing to do with misogyny, it has to do with facts: gay moids (esp. bottoms) are promiscuos as fuck, ridden with stds, are into "pozzing" (voluntarily catching hiv to fuck better, their words) and all that. They are disgusting because they are willing to do the most fucked up things for an ounce of cock. Most women who are hiv positive got the virus from their closeted faggot partners, plus most of them don't even need to hide their misogyny because they don't fuck women so who cares and they feel entitled to our spaces just because they assume we all like cock like them. Quit being a faghag. It has nothing to do with being gay per se, it has do to with those acting like horny apes, which the majority of them are.
The thought of a woman becoming not only a moid but a faggot which are disgusting and even harass people to crack their "gay eggs" and have a "gay radar" saddens me, that's the point.(autism)

No. 1890129

I still remember when I found her porn account and is always her self-insert pegging the other gay characters.

No. 1890149

I wonder if she's unable to find another gayden or if she hypocritically excludes them from her dating pool because they have vaginas

No. 1890169

it's amazingly easy to argue when you can just make up things that your opponent didn't say and doesn't believe kek

No. 1890190

where exactly did she say that lol nona the fuck

No. 1890200

didn't read that essay but i honestly do not give a shit what faggots do because it has nothing to do with me i don't care about men so i double-do-not-care about males who fuck males and keep to themselves and leave me alone because they're busy sucking dicks. as a lesbian my disinterest in men is actually that, disinterest and i am not wasting my time letting them live rent free in my mind

you are just angry and jealous because my third eye is open and i am right. see how people care more about male rape victims etc because they think it is natural for women and girls to be raped and abused and men and boys being raped and abused is somehow worse because they believe males have inherent dignity unlike women and girls.

No. 1890210

File: 1693331703991.webm (761.76 KB, 266x360, GVeSg4B_8Rd7pbL0.webm)

>I still don't get the logic she's trying to make

No. 1890211

>didn't read

Good, fuck off then since you make up arguments in your head and then do ted talks in the mirror. Not caring about men doesn't magically exclude you from being a victim or other girls being totally charmed by them, god I wish that they would go away the moment I stop thinking about them. Your reading comprehension is shit and you should stop shitting up in threads since I guess you're the same anon that was sperging about lesbian sex in the vent thread.

No. 1890213

Lmao what is happening here? Is this a TIF breastfeeding a TIM? And they're both diaperfags?? I'm screaming, please pick a struggle kek

No. 1890230

File: 1693332653220.png (188.21 KB, 494x1334, Screenshot 2023-08-29 at 20.12…)

TIL I learned about detrans kink

This is a thing with it's own culture on tumblr. It's ftm who fantasize about being impregnated and called women in degrading ways.

No. 1890239

>all women who hate fags want to be raped
To faghags faggots are always more important than women to the point they'll even come up with heinous theories like this to defend them. Meanwhile these cocksuckers hate lesbians and openly joke with their agp bros about raping lesbians until they learn to love dick. Pathetic pickme.

No. 1890246

I hate scrotes and are critical of them as much as the next farmer but do you unironically think like this? Stop drinking the black pill juice and go outside. Thinking like this is so unhealthy and completely unrelated to what anon meant.

No. 1890260

Idk where you live, but few people care about male rape victims, probably because they can't be impregnated. Not to say women and girls are cared about, only in the most extreme cases do people care about female rape victims. Males are inherently prone to rape, like males of other animal species are. And because we live in a patriarchy, men go easy on other men.

No. 1890270

Let's run away together, you and I.

No. 1890284

Just more proof it’s all based in self hatred and self harm.

No. 1890291

Extreme mental illness, denial about material reality, doublethink, and disassociation from her body. It's impossible to truly comprehend crazy people logic, because by definition crazy people don't follow normal logic.

If this woman had not discovered transgender religion, she'd likely be strung out on street drugs or ranting about how she was still a virgin in the eyes of God because she only did anal.

No. 1890410

File: 1693353918114.png (1.14 MB, 884x857, tif.png)

Profile vs. IRL

Seems like Tifs aren't really that different that TiMs.

No. 1890454

oh yes all the girls who are victims of mostly fag men, instead of rapist female attracted men. get over yourself you fucking sperg you're the one acting like a ya protag right now

>I guess you're the same anon that was sperging about lesbian sex in the vent thread.

also could you retards stop this shit it makes you look insane and petty that you have such vendetta against some anons you go around accusing everyone being them like you are seething so hard about someone else you think they are here targeting you all over the site.

No. 1890459

File: 1693356642118.jpg (137.81 KB, 809x617, jkyjyrt.jpg)

i have absolutely no idea how you get that idea from that post but you very much remind me of this article like did you just recognize bunch of words and then just figure out what they could mean in context? do you need picture references to understand the words you are reading?

https://www.apmreports.org/episode/2019/08/22/whats-wrong-how-schools-teach-reading(derailing/ infighting)

No. 1890483

this isn't the first time you've defended men. last time, you were defending an asian country with a rape problem, and indian men as well. gross.

No. 1890504

who do you think i am. >>1890454

>also could you retards stop this shit it makes you look insane and petty that you have such vendetta against some anons you go around accusing everyone being them like you are seething so hard about someone else you think they are here targeting you all over the site.

No. 1890509

File: 1693360033500.jpg (279.08 KB, 1280x905, tumblr_0ca06900be04fe02d1863a0…)

actually lol now i remember it was about my retarded baiting about how people are jealous of japan and you mentally ill femcels somehow got from that that indian men are allowed to rape women or something it's you retarded guys kekkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk you fucking keep thinking about that shit and keep getting repeatedly angry about shit i never said (that conversation also includes my other crimes against women on top of saying that people are jealous of japan, like saying that insulting some random woman's looks is antisocial and weird behavior)

have cringy tif art for on topic(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1890518

Good god I can’t even follow the infighting itt, it’s like the schizoanons shitting up the tradthot thread all ran over here

No. 1890521

The tradthot thread was just the one tranny with a few anons interspersed calling him a retard.

No. 1890567

Loving the implication that cringy people can't be mean, or normies who hate degenerates can't be nice, even though the opposite is usually true. Besides, there's a difference between "nice" as in "never hurts anyone's feelings" and nice as in "does what's best for others." Are we just going to pretend that treating degenerates like furries or troons as innocent people with no track record for being more abusive and predatory than the average person is "nicer" than condemning that sort of thing to protect others (and as a best case scenario, motivate the degen to atone and improve)? FFS we've already seen a Sonic sperg rape his mother, and furries are known for having a large population of pedos and zoophiles. Even for the more innocent kinds of people in this image (the fat guy, Naruto cosplayer, and the chick with the Gengar backpack), that sort of "cringe" is born out of a concern for tings like lack of self-care, overindulgence, and malingering. But I suppose it's "nicer" if we just let predators go unchecked and self-destructive people fester, since criticism stings.

No. 1890578

This, nona. It's mostly these kinds of people that act the "mean"est by having that typical clique behaviour, antagonizing anyone they don't like or thinking they can't be in the wrong because they're snowflakes.
Funny enough, furries are now super popular with kids despite originally being fetish shit, just like trannies…

No. 1890583

File: 1693367656497.jpg (627.01 KB, 1080x1080, 1657184692068.jpg)

It seems like whenever gay men or yaoi comes up, the same handful of retards rehash the same infights over it. It's always either homophobes vs. faghags or anti-fujos vs fujoshis. Fuckssake, just made it stop. Your opinion of gay scrotes and/or drawings of gay scrotes isn't milk and doesn't matter.
Those anons have been told a million times to take their spergouts to the manhate or fujo cringe thread, but they just refuse. I often wonder if Aidens are gayop-ing the thread and derailing on purpose.

No. 1890611

File: 1693371004163.png (180.03 KB, 474x453, Die moid.png)

Report and don't take the bait

No. 1890664

they always go on unhinged rants when called out.

No. 1890674

i saw this picture a few days ago and thought about how people who are vocally anti-cringe are normally vicious and cruel in other areas. they can't feel superior to anyone because of their interests because 'all interests are good' and 'nothing is cringe'. but they still have cripplingly low self esteem and also naturally judge others just like everyone does. so they attack people for having the 'wrong' beliefs instead. and it's often pointless shit, like someone likes a ship that they don't or someone said 'retard' in 2010. i would much rather have someone tell me i'm cringe for liking anime than try to ruin my life because i used gay as an insult as a teenager.

No. 1890675

File: 1693388699954.png (423.25 KB, 534x494, depressing.png)

I don't go looking for tranny shit and purposely avoid it but this appeared on tumblr and I winced so hard. Notice the caption at the bottom 'you did not break me'. Yeah girl, do you not realise all you've done is just break yourself, possibly for life? I can't look at any of these fakeboys' sliced up chests without recoiling. The doctors who do this should be shamed in public

No. 1890677

Genuinely the weirdest fashion trend to ever exist. I'm sure these girls all heard about women back in the day fainting and crushing their organs from wearing corsets just to look skinnier and thought that sounded stupid and insane - yet they're doing something far worse.
I also noticed the "nonbinary" tag, shes not even larping as a man, she's just an nlog

No. 1890685

I cannot wait until they're 40-50 with a botched chest, grew out of that phase and having to awkwardly explain what they did.
"Auntie believed in sexist stereotypes when she was younger, honey."

No. 1890704

It's not really something you need to explain to anyone that's not a sexual partner. They'll probably just get fake tits or a prosthesis.

No. 1890725

Yes kek and they’re all NLOGs who hate on “basic” girls, even complete strangers doing nothing to them. They never grow out of the 12 year old mentality of “anyone who looks normal hates ME because i’m a goth outcast”. Same thing nerds and alt kids have always done, just now they’re convinced they have autism and are trans which further fuels their victimhood us vs them mentality.

No. 1890736

They end up looking prepubescent instead of masculine. It makes me nauseous.

No. 1890794

File: 1693411402119.png (3.27 MB, 2000x1600, fakeboiselfharm.png)

more fakeboi bdsm aka self-harm for fun and profit

No. 1890801

>I cannot wait until they're 40-50
The current average time before detransition is 4-6 years for women and 6-8 for men, so it will happen a lot sooner than that. It's also interesting to have seen people who were 100% loud and proud TRA trans one year, only to a year later be nearly fully peaked and over it all. So many of these girls who are currently aggressively trans and think they made the right choice will deeply regret it in just a year from now. And they all currently think that isn't even a possibility for them, that it won't be them because they're one of the "real trans people". But it will be them.

No. 1890804

>The current average time before detransition is 4-6 years for women and 6-8 for men
Is this true across the board or for is that a stat taken from those who detransition only? I have a friend that is very pro-trans who I've been trying to have conversations with about the topic and his response is always "the people you talk about are the minority, most trans people are normal and live happily ever after". I know that's probably not true but I haven't seen any data about what % of trans people detransition, probably because it's a new-ish phenomena (I know there have been troons for a long time but not to the extent that they exist now). Is there any study yet about how common it is for them to regret it?

No. 1890807

Yeah but they will be stuck with a frog voice, receding hairline, horrible skin, ugly scars, pudgy body and overall a weak, medicalized body. They look sick and always will look that way.
That's not something you can't really hide unless with heavy surgeries like lasering, hair transplant, breast implants (that will end up looking like Hunter Schafer) vocal chords and so on kek I wonder how many of them will regret everything and either a) will act like nothing happened like emo cutters/00's anachans or b) will start to get vocal about "medical abuse" that will get horribly backfired because they "consented" lol, it's not a fashion trend, you can't toss your body like you would do with clothes, they only have that and when it will crumble and realize that it was all a fad I don't want to know what would happen

No. 1890814


the problem with those studies is that they can't account for detransitioners who just ghost them or don't speak up

your friend's "most trans people are normal" might have been semi-true 20 years ago when the object of being a transexual was to pass and disappear into the crowd or to just dwell among fellow degens

No. 1890815

I was only talking about top surgery but they’re not under obligation to explain any of that stuff either, most of which isn’t exclusive to troons. The frog voice is probably the most glaring issue at least superficially.
A lot of them will regret it but I don’t really find it funny, much like I wouldn’t find someone with extreme self harm scars funny just because they did it to themselves.

No. 1890833

I have read a lot of detransition stories for sanity reasons and a lot of them agree they weren't given the full details of the effects of the treatments. The medical abuse rabbithole is crazy. If I was more bold I would try it out for myself and see how far I could go without anyone actually taking the time to explain things to me

No. 1890858

Trannies will say "twans kids have a right to choose otherwise you're killing them!" But when they are allowed to choose, based on misinfo doctors and TRAs give like puberty blockers are reversible and T is harmless, and then detransition? They quickly change their tune to "well the doctors and your parents shouldn't have let you choose it was all their fault." Which is it?

Obviously, whichever one makes trannies look good, even if they contradict.

No. 1890860

I feel bad for saying this, but if she doesn't change her ways and find a healthy hobby, she's gonna end up joining the 41%. Absolutely shocking to see it coming so clearly, yet the current social climate dictates that this is actually just fine and if you oppose her lifestyle you're a bigot and a prude.

No. 1890871

Maybe Elon slowly destroying twitter is a good thing. People like this would be working at McDonald's living a healthier life, if they had no access to social media clout.

No. 1890886

I know this isn't a healthy attitude to have towards other women, but it pisses me off when girls born with beautiful, perfect faces troon out. Perfect skin, perfect hair, perfect teeth, tiny button nose, no dark circles. She threw away a face most women would kill for because of her internalized misogyny. At least when the ugly ones troon out, it's somewhat understandable because of how poorly they're treated.

No. 1890889

I get you, nona. I also get mad at the pretty girls who skip being GNC and go straight to trannyism. As a butch I just know they're so misogynistic (and sometimes lesbophobic) that they wouldn't dare be a masc women because they think it's gross. Some even say it's "old fashioned" and "putting themselves in a box" even though they think being a man is wearing jeans and a hoody, kek. It's 100% the bullied kid bitterness that never left me, making me feel this way. I know their misogyny is also internalised and they usually have mental health issues, but goddamnit man, they could've had such an easy life.

No. 1890905

You're a bit late, the discourse around detrans women who were "affirmed" immediately, especially as minors instead of screened for mental illness, autism or PTSD has been going strong for a while now. t. ex-tif but you don't have to be this violent about these women's bodies given we're both considered apostates from the trans cult and have no moral support, community or resources once detransitioning. It is medical misogyny and abuse, punching down on those who at least have the common sense to stop, go back and reconnect with what it means to be female is counterproductive.

There are very few studies because of what >>1890814 said, detransitioners are never followed up by their health providers so the numbers range from "less than 1%" to 16%. The one study TRAs parrot constantly is extremely biased as it only includes a very small sample followed by a single clinic and who mostly all were not actual detransitioners. It depends if you include desisters (those who never got medicalized) as well. Your friend is spreading retarded misinformation and just like all TRAs, refuses to listen to the few detransitioners who have the courage to go public discussing it (which is social suicide). Their "t-they're just a minority" defense is so hypocritical, if we should disregard detrans people's experiences because they're only (falsely) "1%", then we should disregard trans people for being just a single-digit minority within population as well.

No. 1890907

The thing is when tif "transition" when children or teenagers that's the fault of the doctors and parents. When a 25/30 y/o transitions, you have to be very mentally stunted/ignorant to not realize what you're doing and that it would be permanent, hell, even autistic women can do the link that testosterone equals poisoning and butchering your body and that will never go back to how it was. In the end, it sounds mean, but I feel that some butchered women need to be showed and they need to say how wrong they were so other women and girls can see the effects of troon ideology. Some are already doing it, like Kiera Bell or Chloe Cole but they were transed at a very young age and they were abused, we need to see more women coming up and saying "It was social contagion, I did it because I thought it was cool, I made a mistake. I wanted this. I wanted to be special." because most of the times it's like that. I can understand abused and mentally ill women, I cannot excuse women who randomly decide to be hot young "boys" at 30 just for peer pressure because "cis is boring!!" and become faghags. Embarrassing.

No. 1890968

File: 1693436629761.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1170x1886, 1E96977E-2843-49D6-A45C-704D85…)

There’s a trend on tiktok using a song called Russian Girl. It’s always fun to see the gendies jump on it. Shouldn’t the dysphoria prevent them from portraying themselves in dresses or in a feminine way? The whole trend is very feminine anyway.

No. 1890969

File: 1693436662556.jpeg (1.6 MB, 1170x2015, BB86F6D4-30B4-4899-B662-580DA8…)

No. 1890973

File: 1693437244302.jpeg (1.43 MB, 1170x1909, EFC30CC4-4144-4104-84A9-D8D3B0…)

No. 1890986

>my date was too tired for a beating tonight
>thinking about how good it would feel to make somebody cry with just my hands
Lol ok edgelord
I bet she's still much less into sexual violence than an average porn-watching man

No. 1890996

of course she's pulling the autistic card
They don't realize that them being autistic (if they are) will turn out bad for them in the future because they will be the poster children of medical abuse

No. 1891004

How many of these girls are lifetime citizens of former British colonies like America or Australia?

No. 1891009

lol ok edgelord

No. 1891015

Is it edgy to say that TIFs who make posts about being armed and dangerous and wanting to beat people up are probably anxious and nonviolent irl? Alright then.

No. 1891031

When you see the amount of death threats, doxxing, abuse and life-ruining behavior troons throw at any detrans woman who speaks up about how her experience and how she was groomed, it's not surprising few go public. There are private groups where what you said is exactly worded and discussed but it's simply too unsafe in the current environment to take a stand for yourself. TRAs are experts in gaslighting if a detrans woman says she was a CSA victim or groomed and told to lie to doctors. There was a "trans people talk to detransitioners" middle ground video (posted a few threads back iirc) and the gaslighting + gish gallop from the troons were off the charts, you could see the detrans women were on the verge of tears from it no matter how much they insisted they were mentally unwell minors rushed into irreversible medical intervention. It's impossible to speak when society has TRA's backs, and they have the megaphone.

No. 1891034

Tbf the pretty ones may do it to purposefully uglify themselves, to get away from the pressure of staying pretty that's pushed on women, yk the old tif logic "I don't agree with society's female stereotypes… I must be a boy!", and to get away from the unwanted advances of moids. I agree though she's cute, shame she trooned. I realise this is a moid like way to think though, "oh this is so sad but only cos I've lost potential coom material". On the fruit farm I've seen males be sad about top surgery but only because "she wasted those great tits!" eww shut up grow your own then

No. 1891057

The "artistic straight kinda nerdy not at all gnc girl to titless they/them" pipeline we're seeing currently is crazy. most of them don't seem too autistic to function in public either. i'm not academic at all but i really wish some kind of studies were done to look into this, it's fascinating in a train wreck way.

No. 1891066

I assume with them it's where either abuse, sick of keeping up with beauty standards, or community/popularity/social-contagion aspect comes in depending on the women/girl.

No. 1891139

File: 1693465310182.png (16.07 KB, 645x770, polface.png)

another one transitioning into a meme

No. 1891142

Not true at all. Where did you get this idea?

No. 1891160

You can't get an academic article published on something that goes against the TRA agenda. You'd lose your job (e.g Kathleen Stock) or it would be retracted even if you somehow did.

No. 1891182

One of the funniest things about her is that she lied and said her "boyfriend" is cis, even though in one of her vlogs you can see "his" chest is clearly wonky looking and the scars are badly blurred. You see her fans constantly ree at people who call them a lesbian couple in the comments, which is weird because on the bf's tiktok page she's open about being a troon. Very odd behaviour, her fans are quite literally rabid. Also, when the bf taught Ezra to shave they only shaved the face, not the neck. This is an autistic nitpick, but as someone with PCOS the thickest hairs are often on your neck. I think they're both microdosing T because they wanna be twinks, so facial hair probably won't be an issue for either of them. Would be funny to see them go the balding lumberjack route though, kek.

No. 1891202

I feel bad for you. You're insecure enough to have a meltdown for several hours and post a random insta-thot you followed because someone told you you're unattractive as an indian man. Imagine thinking it's an own to send pictures of women you simp for and then still be butthurt after three weeks because anons told you only trashy brown men simp for faketanned bleach haired photoshopped sexworkers like that.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1891203

File: 1693484999415.png (472.49 KB, 1831x2500, Untitled2_20230831072827.png)

For so many TIFs the gender movement really is just "what aesthetic do you want to base yourself around" with the added oppression points they'll get for calling it a gender instead of just your style

No. 1891210

Do they not realise just how heterosexual they are?

No. 1891250

They want to be seen as anything but a woman so bad.

No. 1891277

Unsurprisingly a lot of them are into bdsm. Probably some kind of self harm

No. 1891281

Kek I wonder how they'd feel if they knew this list of aesthetics/interests is the exact same as common ones on radblr. Female-coded interests.

No. 1891297

File: 1693500729439.jpg (1.3 MB, 4096x3630, GridArt_20230831_195123202.jpg)

The girl who makes 'using neopronouns' videos posted a tiktok of her crying because her and her wife got called ladies in a gay bar and then got kicked out when they confronted the bartender. Now she's in the comments section talking about wanting to get a the gay bar shut down.

No. 1891303

It's not like the bartender knows them personally and went out their way to "misgender" them so what's the issue here?

No. 1891306

File: 1693501936144.jpg (237.55 KB, 1021x990, 475uja.jpg)

I hate the "first world problems" meme, but damn she made it sound like a "first world problems" meme.

No. 1891342

I was thinking the exact same thing kek. I haven't been on radblr in years, but I remember seeing cowboy, vampire, and werewolf themed usernames and/or icons quite a lot. Imagine going jumping through so many hoops to establish yourself as literally anything but a woman only to end up being similar to the genocidal nazi pussy worshipping cult you hate so much. I have to laff.

Lord, give me the strength not to post several paragraphs of A-logging about this bitch. AARGH!

No. 1891410

Trannies, queerios, and right-wing gays alike make convincing arguments for gatekeeping gay spaces beyond just "gay people only." Their utter lack of class consciousness or solidarity drives them to try to burn everything down at the slightest of personal upsets. What's funny is these same people will often ask, "Where have all the gay/lesbian spaces gone?" after being directly responsible for the destruction of such things.

No. 1891424

full face of makeup, every single time

No. 1891428

This reminded me of a post I saw a while back about how “monsterfucking is inherently queer because monsters are misunderstood like queer people”. Idk I thought it was funny because when I think of monsterfucking I tend to think of straight women reading those romance books about how they’re getting fucked by the minotaur or whatever.

No. 1891431

TBF, male trannies also have "monster-girl" fetishes. It's very different from the way women tend to be monsterfuckers, though. I hate that post, as a lesbian trying to recover from being groomed and growing up in porn culture. Gay≠Degenerate, and vice versa. Homosexuality is natural and healthy, degeneracy is unnatural and a sign of mental issues.

No. 1891451

>I think of monsterfucking I tend to think of straight women reading those romance books about how they’re getting fucked by the minotaur or whatever.

And most of the time is either a straight girl, a tif or a gay man, written by a straight girl.

No. 1891465

>two married lesbians go to a gay bar and are called ladies
>this gives the ladies an identity crisis

No. 1891480

kek she also claims she only told him very calmly that “not everyone refers to themselves as ladies” and then got kicked out because of that. i’m sorry but she and/or her wife probably had some kind of hysteric meltdown like in the video for them to get kicked out. also how do you get mad at someone refering to your wife as a “lady” when you literally call her your WIFE.

No. 1891482

>she's entering mid 20s
Sorry what? She acts like a teenager.

No. 1891488

No way she has a crush on rat monster out of all the bts guys

No. 1891565

File: 1693535771882.jpg (960.84 KB, 1200x1669, Brainworms.jpg)

Imagine the brain worms you'd have to have to not understand sexuality has to do with "anatomical preferences"

No. 1891606

File: 1693541415539.jpeg (1.24 MB, 1170x1970, IMG_3855.jpeg)

Ok I saw a video of this woman talking about how she wishes she’d wake up with breast cancer so she can have her breasts removed but that’s not the point, point is jesus fucking christ testosterone is really doing a horrible number on these ladies. They think they look manly? Could you imagine having to walk around in this gendergoblin form for the rest of your life?

No. 1891611

File: 1693542118834.jpg (171.79 KB, 569x571, 7b2.jpg)

>she’d wake up with breast cancer so she can have her breasts removed

Holy fuck, how entitled/asshole/stupid you have to be to wake up and think "oh being in cancer stage 4 will get me a flat chest like I wish!"? Does she really think cancer goes away with the mastectomy?

10/10, got mad.

No. 1891623

>"Pre-everything trans MLM top"
>Seethes over gay men not wanting her, even though she clearly only wants them because they don't want her
>Friends with an "ace" themlet lesbian who only wants to date other women who have gotten the tit chop
>"I only respected the idea of a genital preference when it came from another tranny"
>Unironically says some "hearts not parts" conversion rhetoric shit even though she admits she has a "preference" as well
>"I still don't really respect it when cis gays do it, they seem like yucky fetishists!"
>"Edit: I'm glad all us trannies agree that it's okay when we do it, but weird for other people to do it, especially if they're gay!"
There's way too much to talk about in this one post.

No. 1891635

Actually, the problem with some tifs is they think exactly like this and are under the misguided impression it makes them "men". They seethe and get jealous of those with this mindset and want it for themselves.

No. 1891671

i knew she'd be straight from the very start. you can really tell who never questioned their sexuality as a teenager.

No. 1891696

>she wishes she’d wake up with breast cancer so she can have her breasts removed
Sorry for blogging a bit but I used to wish this too as a teen. In my case I had a deformity that makes my breasts not look ideal and they embarrassed the fuck out of me to the point that it literally turned me asexual because of how much I feared anyone ever seeing them. I was hyperfixated on them at all times the same way tifs are. I had a minor surgery to fix the issue (while keeping my breast fully intact and working) in my 20s and it changed my whole world.

I remember a tif who hated her very large chest and wanted her breasts gone because she was a trans man. Because why would she hate it if she wasn't a man? After being suggested a breast reduction first to see if it helped her issues, she stopped being trans and was instead happy with her breats and fine with being a girl.

Detrans girls/women have admitted they wanted to look like the perfect women but didn't and knew they couldn't, so they thought "well I can't be a good enough woman so I must instead be a man". Getting your breasts fully removed is offered as the ONLY solution to these problems that stem from misogyny, but it can also have medical needs hidden in them. Sometimes the solution can be surgery, but not as extreme.

No. 1891703

You have good points there nona and I'm glad surgery helped you, but to me pushing surgeries to "fix" breasts that are not porn perfect still seems wrong. Why do we need to alter ourselves at all? I do understand why some do that, I've dreamt of it myself too in the past, but now that I'm older it seems wrong. If I got surgery to fix my not perfect breasts, who would I be doing it for? For men.

No. 1891711

File: 1693566305149.jpg (296.2 KB, 754x1177, 65464564546888.jpg)

Good god girl grow the fuck up, how are these people so insanely fragile one small comment from an old ass man can make them cry like babies on tiktok. Go the fuck outside once in a while

No. 1891717

Rock stars being disgusting misogynistic assholes and even pedos sometimes is nothing to these pricks but god forbid they say something transphobic. Does anyone know what he even said? I'm curious as a former fan.

No. 1891721

believing rock stars don't hold the most bigoted views on default is like believing in santa claus kek some rock/metal stans do spend a lot of time doing mental gymnastics to justify their idols' behavior. just enjoy the music and don't worship these people.

No. 1891726

>washed up rock star moid who makes terrible movies is my biggest inspiration and biggest special interest

No. 1891731

Idc if she’s retarded, if she hates Alice Cooper then I’m on her side whatever the reason. I hate him too.

No. 1891736

What gets me is that she says she'll feel unsafe because there might be people there who disagree with her. Narcissism much? No one's theres to see her. No one gives a single fuck about her in the audience. The people are there to see old losers trying not to break a hip. The only thing that'd be threatening her there are her own thoughts.

No. 1891737

>scared to get clocked as an ugly freak with misogynistic views at a Rob Zombie show
lol, lmao even

No. 1891743

She calls herself 'the lesbian Snow White' too kek

No. 1891748

not an alice cooper fan, but he basically said kids and teens should wait until they’re adults to transition and that in a lot of cases people transition because it’s the trend right now. he never outright said he hates trannies or whatever so it’s really tame imo. but ofc troons get triggered anyway because they all know deep down they are the “trend” part he is refering to.

No. 1891790

> Detrans girls/women have admitted they wanted to look like the perfect women but didn't and knew they couldn't, so they thought "well I can't be a good enough woman so I must instead be a man".

I think you perfectly and succinctly summed up the crux of tif issues. Every tif should have to read this sentence and, like, actually contemplate if their NLOG syndrome is worth fucking up their bodies permanently

No. 1891794

as far as ik concerned, all he said was that children shouldn't be put on puberty blockers for gender ID reasons or be given sex change surgeries because they're too young to know wtf they're talking about basically what every normal person outside of twitter thinks.

No. 1891857

>genital preferences are transphobic cos it makes the evil cissies not sleep with me!
>meets someone on her "side", a tranny, who also has genital preferences
>this makes her realises she has her own
Oh kek

No. 1891862

I find it hard to believe that there is a significant enough amount of people who would genuinely benefit from cosmetic surgery more than they would from learning self-acceptance, even if that requires therapy. Even breast reduction, which is mostly justified with reasonable-sounding enough concerns, has more intense medical risks than medical benefits. I see women cite back pain as their reason for wanting or getting it, but the surgery commonly comes with the side effects of long-term back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, and risks such as infection, blood clots, loss of sensation, actual loss of nipples, and necrosis. As a large-chested woman myself, the justification women give for wanting or getting breast reduction starts to sound like an excuse, with that context. It only sounds more like an excuse when you realize how many of the women who get it also have a history with eating disorders, dysmorphia, CSA, rape, or trans identification. I won't say it's impossible for a woman who would genuinely be better off with a breast reduction to exist, because I don't know that, but it seems to me that such a woman would be a rarity compared to the women seeking out the operation because of underlying psychological issues that would be better resolved by nonsurgical and non-medical means.
Maybe I'm wrong, and that nose job would actually improve my life, but I can't help but find the parallels between standard cosmetic surgeon trans surgeons. They both make a whole lot of promises about the supposed psychological benefits, but very evidently obfuscate the risks, and seemingly have constant PR campaigns about how the people who get these treatments absolutely 100% do not have any underlying psychological issues and live confidently happily ever after with no other issues with their bodies once they get physical treatment for their emotional distress. The lack of data available on how common or severe the side effects and complications actually are for these "treatments" feels deliberate at this point, and the fact that success for these sorts of things is largely measured by whether patients answer "Are you satisfied with the results of this expensive, high-risk procedure that you literally just went through in hopes of making yourself satisfied?" with "yes" or "no" seems entirely insidious.

No. 1891873

>I remember a tif who wanted her very large chest gone, why would she hate it if she wasn't a man?
It's unfortunate that when these girls have problems with their bodies they think "this must not be my body then." Even sadder if they think this after comparing themselves to the standards set BY men and somehow come to the conclusion that THEY must be men too.
>After being suggested a breast reduction, she stopped being trans
Slight blog, I wonder if this is me. I've long desisted thankfully but I still wonder if me wanting a mastectomy is me (I'm butch and love being androgynous) or if it's the trannyism and if a reduction would "cure" me. I'm terrified of surgery so maybe I'll never find out.

No. 1891908

Meanwhile male celebs say significantly worse things about real women yet you don't see trannies cry about that. Also not to racebait but what an absolute normie, Christian-lineaged, accentless, white Western experience to never hear that a celeb has shitty opinions about people like you through the whole damn 2000s until you literally force your way into pretending to have oppression in 2023. There was a popular tumblr blog called "your fave is problematic" back in the day and literally everyone with a name had something ignorant they'd said or done worse towards a minority than just "Oh I don't get you and some people jump into the lifestyle too quick". Children learn their idols don't blindly love them back and can be shitty or "phobic" pretty early in their celebrity crush phase if they actually have any minority in them. Any real minority would adore if this was the extent of comments they got, and anybody secure in their identity surely wouldn't cry over this because there wasn't a single insult in Cooper's words unlike someone shitting on a religious choice or something.
Agreed, cosmetic surgery doesn't "help" insecurities, it just gets rid of individual issues (assuming you get the perfect result you want) and the moment a new insecurity pops up you're no better off dealing with it than before. The boost in confidence right after removal is just the high of a mental load being lifted but again, the insecurities and root issues aren't really dealt with so something else is just inevitably going to pop up
Body-mind separation is a deeply insidious ideology and the only reason movements likes HAES (I live in a perma-fat body) and trannyism/body mod=new person can exist. Plus I blame it for how bad cosmetic surgery has gotten as you're basically encouraged to swap your parts like a Mr. Potato Head but it's fine cause it's your body not you

No. 1891918

Her life would be so much easier if she just accepted that she was a heterosexual woman that wants to specifically peg bisexual dudes lmao

No. 1891921

Autism doesn't mean anything anymore

No. 1891922

There's also a high risk that the dumbass cosmetic surgeon will fuck up and destroy your body. But the people who get cosmetic surgery view these doctors like magicians, when they're all misogynist men who want to cut up bodies for profit, and enjoy calling women ugly as a business.

The only cosmetic surgery I can see improving someone's life is reconstructive surgery after a fire or animal attack or an extreme birth defect. Changing your nose shape or boob size won't fix your mental insecurities.

No. 1891946

Could just be a sensitive clit.

No. 1891950

So much to unpack here. So she's pre-T and "asexual" but goes on Grindr to tell gay men she can top them then gets upset when they don't take her up on it? And was blaming them for it until she realized she herself has the same preferences? Which she just never thought about before? I get that these people don't have much self awareness, but this is some serious delusion kek

No. 1892021

File: 1693605020515.jpg (149.26 KB, 1080x810, please see a tailor.jpg)

Female to David Byrne

No. 1892028

this is me but for mostly facial surgery as a butch with the roundest face in the universe. I wish I could live in a world with only women and no male advertising propaganda

No. 1892031

>giant fucking sleeves that cover her hands
She could not have chose a more uwu way to wear this 1940s New York business man suit

No. 1892034

>do you guys think its normal to have anatomical preferences?
kek holy shit(sage your shit)

No. 1892036

Samefag as above post and offtopic, but just want to say I love baby face butches and I hate that you feel that way about yourself anon, sending love

No. 1892042

File: 1693608419529.png (2.2 MB, 1340x1599, sif.blvck.png)

Pardon the scribbles, I wanted to showcase
>thanks to poppers
without having to spoiler the whole thing.

No. 1892046

What strict Asian parenting does to a mentally ill girl

No. 1892072

>womb tattoo
>cuke in bumhole

Wow what a well-adjusted person

No. 1892076

Race stereotypes…not surprised since this thread is filled with middle aged tradthots.

No. 1892085

NTA but it's a joke, relax.

No. 1892087

It's literally just Types of Fictional Guy Nerdy Women Want to Fuck.

No. 1892090

This is so sad, she tried really hard to look like the alt bf she wanted and she still looks like a woman. It’s not even like some Tifs that look like greasy manlets when you squint really hard, that girl’s face is so feminine and round.

No. 1892093

I’m not surprised by that. I have a personal cow that got all the surgeries as soon as she moved out to college, but while she currently calls herself trans she said she didn’t expect all the health issues the hysterectomy + cross sex hormones (+ prior eating disorder) caused. Like broken bones just from falling a bit too hard. Imagine being 24 and not even being able to do stuff like ride a bike or lightly jog because you made yourself too brittle

No. 1892097

i love rob zombie but this made me laugh so hard anon

No. 1892141

Isn't that pro-tranny, to say that people should be able to transition when they're adults? But the goal posts keep on moving I guess

>someone should smell how stinking I am
I think we can tell just by looking sis don't worry

No. 1892172

File: 1693628421772.jpg (14.54 KB, 328x246, Untitled.jpg)

something about a tif with a discord profile dedicated to james sunderland made me laugh

No. 1892190

Piss tattoo

No. 1892197

>Isn't that pro-tranny
that’s what I was thinking. most people I know think like that. but troons claim it’s transphobia because “you’re killing trans kids!!!1!!1!” if you don’t let them groom children apparently.

No. 1892207

What is going on with her torso? it looks bloated between the nipples and gut, but then the gut is slim. How does that happen? She looks genuinely unwell in that first image, too. It's like she got her face beat, but there's no visible bruising. The crusty necrotic nipples are also deeply unfortunate. All of this looks so physically painful.

No. 1892231

File: 1693640828289.png (487.68 KB, 859x589, ck.png)

tifs are so clockable even just by the way they write. i saw the top left comment and instantly knew. looked at her profile and whaddya know, she uses neopronouns, is disabled and also a DID larper. why are they all like this? also, she calls her body type a "dad bod". surejan.gif

No. 1892232

there's something so pathetic about this picture.. and is that an anime pillow in the background jfc

No. 1892244

File: 1693644733718.jpg (Spoiler Image,219.43 KB, 1080x1250, Screenshot_20230902_095331_Chr…)


funny when 3 years ago she got bolt on tits

No. 1892248

NTA but I forgot where I found this research but after 30-45 months after getting the surgery is when trans people start having strong feelings of dysphoria again. Meaning their brain got used to the body they're in and they usually either get more surgeries, detrans, or an hero to subside that feeling.

No. 1892261

So much of it literally comes down to them being virgins and/or never having a real relationship. They have no idea what they want and they’ve only fucked up their expectations further with the gender bullshit.

No. 1892263

if this normal sized girl is what a "dad bod" is then i retract all my hate for "dadbod-loving" women

No. 1892282

Wow, welll if it makes her feel better she really is a man if they think randos owe her sex. Kek.

No. 1892317

>normal sized
are you american, perchance?(b8)

No. 1892357

If an actual man wrote that bio he'd be labeled a pedo creep or retarded. No adult man refers to himself as a "silly guy" and admits to collecting stickers. TiFs are just the nerdiest nlogs at the nerd convention.

No. 1892362

I can't even kek at something as sad as this. Something had to have happened to her for her to hate herself so much in so many different, even conflicting, ways. I hope she gets help and goes offline for a long time, even though I know it's unlikely.

No. 1892364

File: 1693669663761.jpg (Spoiler Image,790.25 KB, 1080x6299, Screenshot_20230902_164203_Red…)

Warning for FGM, please be careful opening the image if you're sensitive to this topic.
I can't believe this is legal. I saw from her profile that she's 26, and also got a top surgery including nipple removal because she identifies as "altersex & voidpunk" whatever that is. This poor woman.

No. 1892383


No. 1892385

"Got into Dad's closet" energy

No. 1892394

I don't think it's conflicting at all. It's misogyny and trying to fit impossible standards, she probably didn't feel comfortable after trying to fit these porny standards, so she might've thought "well, guess that means I am not a woman after all, that's why I feel so uncomfortable with this" cus no way any woman would feel bad about it, right? So she just went the other way. Transitioning is just the other side of the same coin of self hatred, the inevitable conclusion if you are unable to realize none of this shit matters because in the end you are oppressed because of your sex and sex is not something you can change.

No. 1892398

>Clearly just a stitched up vagina
>"I have bottom dysphoria but not enough to get phallo"
>"I am a binary trans-man"
>"Is the surgery for asexual reasons" "Yes"
This sounded like someone with sexual trauma to me, so I decided to look in her post history. I didn't find proof of what I suspected, but I did find an assortment of other horrifying pieces of information.
Post History Horrors:
>Believes her pride in her FGM is "a celebration of non-normative bodies"
>Posts on r/intersex despite her post history showing that she was correctly recognized as female when she was born
>Believes yaoi "cracked her egg"
>Blatantly straight but claims to be "alienated because (she's) queer"
>Claims she removed her nipples because she has "sensory issues," wanted room for a chest tattoo, and wanted to be "smooth all over"
>"I'm sex indifferent, so I would be willing to pleasure my parter for the sake of intimacy, but I don't want anything done on my body"
>"Trans healthcare has made me happier than any attempt to "accept" my birth sex"
>Claims she started transition at 21, and HRT at 23
>"I'm not brushing off science, and well* versed in the science of trans healthcare"
>That asterisk doesn't lead to any footnote, it's just there
>"I removed my ovaries. I will not experience menopause because I am on testosterone for life."
>Has had a hysterectomy
>"I had my entire vaginal canal removed"
>26 years old
>Her response to being asked about her ability to have kids was "I don't want kids right now"

No. 1892408

look how many AMA posts she made. this is her whole identity.
she's so desperate for attention she is willing to mutilate her body for it.

No. 1892413

NTA but she'd look a lot less pudgier if she didn't wear clothes that are 2 sizes too small

No. 1892437

She will never have an orgasm again tf, and now her labia can't protect her vagina from irritation

No. 1892442

>fgm is a celebration
Has she actually called her surgery an fgm, because if so yeah she's correct but it's such a slap in the face to fgm victims to say its a fucking "celebration" these retarded white western girls really don't know shit

No. 1892451

Of course she hasn't called it that. She thinks it's a totally unique "gender affirming surgery," but I fail to see how that changes how horrible it is that she believes being proud of giving herself FGM (whether she thinks if it as that or not) is in any way a "celebration of non-normative bodies." This is worse than when BIIDs cut off their limbs and "celebrate their unique bodies," because even though that spits in the face of those who lost limbs through normal, non-choice means, loss of limbs isn't generally caused by people idealizing it and forcing it upon a marginalized group for blatantly oppressive reasons the way FGM is.

No. 1892457

Unfortunately she doesn't have a vagina anymore, the surgeon removed her entire vaginal canal. The hole that can be seen in the picture is actually her urethra.

No. 1892462

Also just to add to >>1892451 she didn't refer to it as FGM she calls it "nullification surgery"

No. 1892464

Sage for personal question.

Genuine question, do people in general (including here) mind if women had the flat chest surgery as breast reduction? I'm asking, because I'm autistic (diagnosed as a small child) and don't really understand if the issue is these women identifying as men with the surgery or people genuinely taking issue with the surgery. I had it myself for multiple reasons: I was pursuing breast reduction due to bad scoliosis (surgery for scoliosis is too dangerous so they only do it in extreme cases). I find normal breast reduction results to generally look weird and I was worried it wouldn't help with the pain. The flat chest breast reduction is also much cheaper, 1/3 or even 1/4 or below of a regular breast reduction. I had to bring my scoliosis diagnosis and a note from a psychiatrist stating I am of the right mind to choose it for breast reduction. It pretty much removed all my back pain issues so it's great for me.

No. 1892486

Some women are naturally flat chested or have a mastectomy for medical reasons such as breast cancer, it doesn't make you less of a woman. The issue is with these women getting a double mastectomy because they 'don't feel like a woman' which is misogynistic because there is no one way to think, feel, behave or dress 'like a woman': the only requirement is being female. Also people thinking chopping boobs off = not a woman anymore, and other erroneous concepts which I'm sure other nonas will be able to explain more eloquently. Glad you're not in pain anymore nonita

No. 1892503

I don't think anyone here would mind if it's for legitimate physical medical conditions. I'm a bit wary of the "back pain" argument, since I've seen openly dysphoric women who clearly want it for other reasons use it as an additional justification for why they want/got the surgery, and also because the surgery itself has long-term/chronic back, neck, and shoulder pain as common side effects. But I can't say that it's completely out of the question as a justification for reduction or mastectomy, especially in a situation like yours where you have had diagnosed spinal issues. It's just difficult to feel certain answering this sort of question because of how common it is for female-specific radical surgeries like this to be treated as if they're no different from freezing off a wart.

No. 1892543

rattle rattle, she looks bmi 24 at most

No. 1892558

Oh god here we go again

No. 1892561

File: 1693689565708.jpg (30.24 KB, 443x442, 1679257037848.jpg)

There's way too much too unpack here, Jesus. Homegirl is collecting mental illnesses like Pokemon cards.

No. 1892568

well they do in fan-fiction maybe.

No. 1892573

File: 1693690657617.png (101.11 KB, 2140x216, Screenshot 2023-09-02 at 4.25.…)

holy shit her comment history is a compilation of insanity. she talks about how she's asexual but has a libido, and that her surgery lets her… ignore being horny? she also seethes about gay men not wanting to fuck her because they're transphobic, of course.

No. 1892592


>on testosterone for life

It's pretty fkn loopy to opt to be reliant on pharmaceuticals for the rest of your life. Hope we don't have any wars, pandemics, supply issues, price gouging, or political instability leading to her testosterone being unavailable. Zero thought at all to the long-term implications of having an unnecessary "cosmetic" hysterectomy.

No. 1892611

How are cosmetic surgeons allowed to get away with this. Our only hope is for gen alpha to reject trans insanity completely, but they're now trying to get them young by introducing gender shit to elementary kids. There's some evil business men behind the trans movement I just know it.

No. 1892616

There's a giant Death Note wall scroll in the mirror too, just above the giant litter box

No. 1892621

Personally it makes me sad that you did that. I have no issue at all with a reduction for back pain or practicality etc, but for the sake of a 1/4 of the price it feels wrong that they willingly removed your breasts entirely (including functionality) when a reduction would have fixed your problem.

No. 1892646

looks like hysterectomy scar(sage your shit)

No. 1892648

I’m sorry but the top right jump scared me with Asahara Shoko vibes

No. 1892652

going to take my ban to tell you that a 24 on the bmi scale looks smaller than that

No. 1892655

In 2012 this was a shocking illegal thing in a horror movie done by a bootleg underground surgeon and now it's something doctors in the west unironically offer.

No. 1892660

File: 1693702472287.jpeg (301.89 KB, 2048x1369, rx8txoy57v.jpeg)


No. 1892667

this only further rouses my suspicion that she has some VERY serious sexual trauma.
fuck gender ”healthcare” for profiting off of traumatized women like her

No. 1892678

Do they put the nipples that high up to butcher them on purpose? I keep seeing this in passing this thread and it doesn't follow the natural muscle line and makes my brain sperg out for a split sec

No. 1892680

The surgeons dgaf

No. 1892731

this is sadly very accurate kek

No. 1892779

File: 1693727982813.png (Spoiler Image,2.28 MB, 1072x1202, top surgery party.png)

These girls are so dysphoric over their breasts that they throw parties themed around them.
Another victim of the Taika Waititi to FTM pipeline.

No. 1892823

we are just living in a 50s loophole, this is just lobotomies all over again

No. 1892827

i know which movie you are talking about, and you are so right. It's so scary that in the movie it was shown as something horrible that an obvious traumatized woman with sexual trauma would do and now it's totally a-ok.

No. 1892846

>Yaoi "cracked the egg"

Like pottery

Curse the Japanese for the mental illness they've ensued. Fucking troons and their god damn anime

No. 1892863

Glad this was posted here, I saw that reddit post a few days ago and it's just straight up nightmare fuel. Imagine being like 40+ and having to live with your genitals looking like THIS for the rest of your life just because you got to deep into your ~voidpunk~ phase in your mid 20s. Also, the doctor who performed this has to be some kind of sociopath, I sincerely hope this would be illegal in my country.

>removing your nipples to make space for a tattoo

Ah yes, clearly a life-saving surgery we got there

No. 1892878

Holy fuck, this is my friend from high school. I posted her in one of the prior threads. Idk if she’s actually autistic or self diagnosed but the way she’s whole-hogged this is with a cult-like obedience. It’s funny because her family is well-off so her decline could be so fast since they can afford surgeries.

No. 1892879

Yes boomer it’s those darn nips and their cartoons not the rampant mental illness and complete breakdown of society in the west that did it

No. 1892881

File: 1693751603670.png (1.02 MB, 671x670, Screenshot 2023-09-03 at 15-32…)

Oh damn, I didn't even make that correlation. And it's literally a body horror/rape revenge film too. The girl who has her genitals removed/closed also gets her nipples removed, because she doesn't want to be 'sexualised or degraded'. All of the surgery addicts in the film were meant to look freakish too.

No. 1892906

>no one looks at dolls in a sexual manner
Hahahaha yeah, no.

No. 1892914

Whats the movie called?

No. 1892924

ah yes. themed parties are definitely peak male masculine behavior

No. 1892929

American mary

No. 1892940

what happened to her to make her like this

No. 1892954

You know how in the Hunger Games the wealthy people dressed like freaks. It's people with money that get the most insane surgeries. Anyone who has struggled with money knows the horror of ending up with an injury or illness that requires lifetime care. These rich girlies become life long medical patients for the aesthetics.

No. 1892956

was she a attention-whore in high school?

No. 1892958

She probably dismisses the entire misogyny of the character and self-inserts as him while imagining (spoilers) killing Mary as a metaphor for "killing her womanhood"

No. 1892971

some tiffany in a discord server i'm in has a habit of calling people "transphobic" for not liking a character she likes. how can i get her to shut the fuck up in a way that won't get me into a trans rights argument?

No. 1892974

Kek I was thinking the same thing. Dolls are one of the larger paraphilias, and at this point most het males are so broken by porn use and familiarization with misogynistic beauty standards that they're more attracted to the idea of things more akin to dolls than they are to actual women.

No. 1892975

claim to be nonbinary yourself and say it's wrong to reduce transphobia to fictional character dislike.

No. 1892978

I turn their bullshit lore against them
Report them and explain you're concerned she's mocking/making light of "trans genocide"

No. 1892985

File: 1693766594779.png (23.29 KB, 732x216, 65675667.png)

kek this fakeboi in the britpop fandom started skinwalking reece shearsmith (the guy from the league of gentlemen, inside number 9, etc) during the pandemic, decided to transition in an attempt to become him, and is now crying that he blocked her crazy ass on both her accounts. ngl i kinda love it when these "kin" type fakebois discover the subject of their obsession thinks they're a freak.

No. 1892988

It's a meme

No. 1892989

>this guy I HYPERFIXATED ON blocked my private what a creep
Does she not hear herself speak???

No. 1892991

By "private" I'm assuming she means "I don't tell people that it's me, and have the account listed as private, but I continue to act exactly the same on it." I doubt a 54-year-old professional actor spent the time hunting down some TIF's alt account to block her, specifically. He probably just saw another creepy account stalking him and blocked it without thinking about it any further. But it's not very romantic to imagine your idol not thinking about you at all kek.

No. 1892994

File: 1693768386641.jpeg (617.69 KB, 1169x2000, IMG_0691.jpeg)

I’m not sure. I think >>1892954 is pretty close.
Not at all. We had a graduating class of about 100 kids so everyone knew everyone, nobody was much of an attention whore. She was friends with a group of three girls and I remember them being obsessed with 1D when they first blew up, being like “oh hot” anytime they saw a hot guy lol (or “HAWT!” if he was really hot). It was pretty lighthearted and funny, clearly girls being girls and embracing boy craziness.

On her instagram it looks like after we graduated she went to a liberal arts college in a very liberal state, came out as bi or lesbian (can’t remember I stalked her a while back), dated a TiM, came out as nonbinary, developed an eating disorder, and a close family member of hers died during Covid. The order of all this stuff is better illuminated in her “get to know me” post on Reddit. She was never an attention whore, just a quirky girl who was sort of love-shy I guess…she never dated anyone and didn’t seem interested in sex. I’m suffering trying to find this post she made on Reddit about high school, but until then take this one.

No. 1892997

The movie was written by twin sisters so that's probably why they associate barbie parts as being asexual. the movie also has the barbie character killed by her crazy scrote because it basically assumed moid violence out of all scrotes so he kills her when she shows off her new lack of parts to him then he goes off to kill the MC for doing the surgery. The movie makes every moid a deranged rape ape pretty much who would kill women for denying sex. I like that this movie has come up a few times. The soskas aren't totally based but they get moids quite well

No. 1893000

File: 1693769319058.jpeg (1.24 MB, 1170x2317, IMG_0696.jpeg)

Found it! Sounds like she was really ashamed of her sexuality for a long time and in an effort to accept her lesbianism she flew too close to the sun and asked herself too many questions and got a bit…tangled up. And sterilized. Here’s a snip from the post at a time when I knew her. https://www.reddit.com/r/actuallesbians/comments/8apavh/hayley_kiyoko_saved_me_long_post/?share_id=U6AJw0vLI4xybmy-kmOeP&utm_content=2&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=ioscss&utm_source=share&utm_term=1&rdt=55562

No. 1893002

File: 1693769608337.jpg (48.53 KB, 475x718, wtf.jpg)

t-then why did she need the morning after pill??

No. 1893010

Translation: she went to liberal arts college and got indoctrinated by wokeness and started feeling like she was a bad person for being so privileged. Since white people aren’t allowed to identify as a different race to escape white privilege, she started identifying as queer and nonbinary and now her privilege is absolved because she’s transmuted herself from straight white oppressor into a persecuted minority. She’s basically converted to a new religion and is feeling ecstatic about communing with the gender gods and performing gender rituals in a community of fellow believers.

No. 1893018

File: 1693771916173.png (40.94 KB, 665x469, Screenshot_34.png)

kek oh lord