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File: 1702326994977.jpeg (356.02 KB, 593x742, IMG_1791.jpeg)

No. 1941555

This is a series of threads about fakebois and trans-identified females (TIFs).

TIFs are girls and women who take on the 'trans' label to any extent, including undergoing ("gender-affirming") surgery under that label.

"Fakebois" are girls who pretend to be boys, either by becoming TIFs or larping biological males through the screen (classic move). Fakebois usually style and present themselves as androgynous or feminine-looking boys, or wearing girls' clothing and make-up while insisting on being addressed with he/him (or occasionally they/them) pronouns and take great offense at being gendered as female.

These threads are also now a catch-all for any minor TIF cows without threads of their own. Even "serious" troons, (like Kalvin Garrah and Ellen Page) are fair game, as are horrific troon surgeries and pregnancies. Just remember to spoiler that shit.

**TIFs, no one cares if you think you're ~more legit~ than the cows posted here.**

Additionally, occasional discussion of fujoshis is fine, but don't sperg and infight about it. Report and ignore bait.

Notable FtM-related subreddits:

Old threads by order of recency:

No. 1941559

Kekk perfect

No. 1941609

File: 1702334725700.jpg (346.9 KB, 2244x928, 40cb0ca9-2231-413e-bf13-2abb5c…)

Second time I've nominated something to be the next threadpic and it's happened. I feel so accomplished.

Also, interesting pic/pov from an op-ed I just read.

No. 1941682

link?? would read. Trans shit replacing anorexia is a very obvious cultural shift to anyone with eyes, but it’s also a hard thing to prove a concrete connection between?

No. 1941691

it's very telling how ED forums have increasingly become rife with trannies over the years, and they're all TIFs and enbies.

No. 1941696

Makes sense that OfHerbsAndAltars from the alt cows thread fancies herself a he/him now.

No. 1941702

i thought she's been some kind of TIF/enby for years, back to even before /b/ was poking at her

No. 1941738

I meant that it tracks that an anorexic who was deep in pro-Ana forums at a young age would then also go gendered. Also I’m pretty sure she’s a they/he.

No. 1941772

this reminds me of the girl many threads ago who got her hips and thigh fat removed to make "man legs" aka super skinny straight legs women don't have no matter how much they starved
I know this is from the last thread but I'm actually surprised johnny's still relevant. He was a thing when during the og scene years (the tail end I think but still). if he's still pulling teens I'd bet my wallet he's a pedo. partially because the scene was filled with them but also because the ones who weren't are fucking scene moms acting like they're still at warped tour instead of kids who remind them of their age. pure speculation but just my 2cents

No. 1941778

File: 1702363347128.jpg (146.01 KB, 1027x706, 4c66-ae42-ea26dc88434d.jpg)

what to much BL does to a Mf-er.

No. 1941779

the one in the middle is so frustrating
>back hugs from friends
you can receive these as a woman
>slight muscles
work out, jfc
>run and have a great time with friends
also is not male exclusive. get some fucking friends and exercise, holy shit

No. 1941780

File: 1702364241020.jpg (466.58 KB, 1080x1526, eYrTIkr.jpg)

I love how she/they enbies push other troons to peaking kek

No. 1941783

Sounds like the space from under their umbrella is running out. Some people (women, of course) are going to get wet sooner or later.

No. 1941785

The teen boy fantasty is so bizzare kek Does she not realize most teen boys don't do that out in the open because most are very openly homophobic/transphobic kek Hell, even actual gay men won't coddle you or your delusions.

No. 1941786

Someone needs to tell these girls that anime isn't real

No. 1941787

Love how the aidans are the problem not the transbians constantly giving them bad headlines kek

No. 1941791

>throw my book in the trash too
Coming from a literal who? You are NOT Chuck Palahniuk.

No. 1941812

Have these girls only gone to all girls schools? They didn't have brothers? Have they only seen "BOYS" interact with onther boys in anime? BACKHUGS?

No. 1941818

if they actually were exposed to moids outside of fiction they'd never want to be one of them

No. 1941851

it's probably similar to how AGPs' porn addictions warps their view of how women are, FTMs' constant consumption of anime, fujo fanart and erotica distorts their view of moids. they want to believe the fantasy is so real that they let it take precedence over any IRL interaction with people of the opposite sex.

No. 1941855

that makes the most amount of sense.

No. 1941858

File: 1702378364838.mp4 (4.19 MB, 480x852, s697.mp4)

meanwhile male friendships IRL.

No. 1941859

1st one is literally coom brain syndrome.

No. 1941867

hysterical because she’s literally a straight woman, it’s always the fujos who act the most offended bc “gay men are oppressed” you’re not even one of them cope harder

No. 1941868

it’s funny to me that the ones who cry the hardest about this sort of shit are almost always the most hyperfeminine tifs possible. i won’t lie there are tifs who pass, and do call themselves “gay men” but i never see them crying because they “don’t get to experience the gay experience” (???)

No. 1941870

samefag but also “gay” tifs who pass and are in relationships with cis gays are probably just there cause the moid has a boy pussy fetish

No. 1941872

At this point it should be universally agreed upon that “mlm” just means “delusional straight fujo girl”, because no cis gay man would EVER describe themselves like that kek

No. 1941873

What about "nwlnw"?

No. 1941880

basically girls with internalized misogyny (usually self hating lesbians)

No. 1941892

File: 1702386898621.png (515.79 KB, 598x872, Archon.png)

That Archon cow is way too obvious, but some of her tweets are about excessive exercise and unhealthy diets to become in a "femboy to have tons of gay sex".

No. 1941908

File: 1702389336077.jpeg (311.27 KB, 750x751, 39DCF449-34D4-4FC6-8290-F6454A…)

No. 1941914

never seen anyone with a penis use the toothpaste flag either

No. 1941917

>We NEED cross sex hormones for our mental health!!
>Cross sex hormones made me less mentally stable
Which is it? (It’s the latter.)

One day in the future when this is over there needs to be a massive art installation featuring every single instance where a trans-identified person says that transitioning completely fucked up their mental and physical health beyond repair “but I’m still glad I did it!”

No. 1941934

I have seen them. The ones that use them are TIFs while gay moids just use the common rainbow flag.

No. 1941949

Kek is "king yaoi" a fujo for fucking Ed Edd n Eddy of all things?

No. 1941978

That's what the anon you're replying to is saying. Men don't use that flag.

No. 1942040

I've only seen one actual moid use it, and it was an autistic gamer furry. surprisingly not a gendie

No. 1942071


No. 1942076

File: 1702420232545.jpg (133.68 KB, 1080x406, Screenshot_20231212_142543.jpg)

Reading a thread about NLOGS and found this commment. Girl, you haven't escaped NLOGism, you graduated to the SuperSaiyan form of NLOG.

No. 1942110

>tif is obsessed with fight club and insists its so kweer and gae
Did we read the same fight club? The author wrote it as a criticism of stereotypical masculinity, and the narrator was sexualising his alter ego (what this tif probably sees as "gay") because he felt that was part of the stereotypical male image. While I'm usually against people who insist there's only one way to read something otherwise you need to be #cancelled, I think the other end of the spectrum where you just start making shit up is just as obnoxious. I swear this shit starts in high school English class where you aren't taught to think for yourself and are just taught to make shit up to get the grade, and now zoomers are taking that approach with real life. Or maybe it's not that deep, but it's something I was thinking about

No. 1942115

some tifs just look like tims i swear i thought this was a mtf

No. 1942119

File: 1702424149382.jpg (Spoiler Image,71.74 KB, 500x738, 09.jpg)

It's literally an anime thing (picrel, spoiler for not milk). Not even BL specific, which makes it even stupider. Usually same-sex specific so literally could do this with other women.
Mlm and wlw are just code for gendies and trannies to me. Ditto for sapphic at this point.
Is that 'not women'? Ffs.

No. 1942122

Here you go nonnie! https://open.substack.com/pub/artymorty/p/the-war-to-annihilate-sex
It isn't really about the anorexia connection though, that was just a small part of it. Still a good read though! I think the timing of banning it in terms of social contagion etc would be very interesting to look at.
Holy shit, that's horrifying. Reminds me of the Tif whose book had an illustration of the parts of her female body that she disliked, and she described things like hips and breasts as 'ugly fatty lumps'. It was pretty obvious what her issue was…

No. 1942162

File: 1702432369168.jpg (42.71 KB, 474x638, bnoa22nlobj11.jpg)

I'm so used to "mlm" meaning "multilevel marketing" that I'm always reminded of it even when I see the term used in kweer contexts.
>Multilevel marketing relationship
>Multilevel marketing representation
>Trans multilevel marketing (that's basically just what gender ideology is these days kek.)

No. 1942184

>Is that 'not women'?
Yeah… usually used by “non binary lesbians”

No. 1942191

That's the only brand of androgyny that most of these girls would ever have any hope of achieving kek

No. 1942194

File: 1702436310502.png (2.39 MB, 1602x1429, image_2023-12-12_205907613.png)

Sage cause this tif doesn't post consistently so theres not much milk to follow these days, but she's been a personal cow of mine for a while.
>Theatre kid, open and proudly lesbian for years; this close to dodging the contagion
>Covid hits, becomes way more terminally online, specifically on leftist twitter (goddamn it she was almost safe) and troons out shortly after getting a boyfriend apparently
>For some reason, talked about her experience as a tif in a *Historically Womens College" in a CNN article (Wow! A woman going to a woman's college! How brave!)

No. 1942205

>Openly lesbian
>Gets a boyfriend
Kek to the nth degree.

No. 1942210

Unfortunately I've seen regular women adopt "sapphic" and "wlw", I just assume they're tim handmaiden. Meanwhile no gay men ever says mlm to be a manservants for tifs.

No. 1942235

sapphic/wlw is literally just a label for bihets whose attraction to women is limited to shipping fictional pairings

No. 1942236

I’ve seen multiple cases of previously lesbian-identified women who troon out after getting a boyfriend. My theory is that up until that point they’ve based much of their identity on being an oppressed minority, so upon entering a relationship with a man (thus becoming “normal” in the eyes of society - or worse, a privileged oppressor!) they troon out in order to retain oppressed minority status. They can’t remain in the kweer kool kids club as an icky boring cishet basic bitch Becky, now can they?

No. 1942249

kek do she think she’d be accepted as a gay guy in a hetero male friend group? I’m convinced she’s never interacted with a teen boy before.

No. 1942304

>autistic gamer furry
Yeah no, he's probably going to troon out.

No. 1942315

That trend is usually either to show off a “glow up” from 2020 or to show what weird/embarrassing phases you went through because of the COVID lockdown. Wonder which one she considers herself to be. Also are you sure that the boyfriend is not just another tif?

No. 1942332

lmao, both this and the last threadpic are pics i made, amazing. im honored
this was my immediate thought too. like, yes, there's overt homoeroticism in the book but i would never describe FC as "foundational queer literature" or whatever the fuck that nerd said. that's not at all the point or focus of FC. just because palahniuk is gay doesn't mean all his books featuring men are automatically "queer lit". typical twitter user being retarded and media illiterate.

No. 1942337

File: 1702477576261.jpg (67.09 KB, 668x1004, american.jpg)

>and the narrator was sexualising his alter ego (what this tif probably sees as "gay") because he felt that was part of the stereotypical male image

What is next? Patrick Bateman from American Psycho being a tif in disguise because she wants to prove herself she's better than moids of Wall Street?

No. 1942368

lol sounds like she trooned out bc she got into a straight relationship and it was the only way to maintain her qweer valor

No. 1942371

It sounds like a pretty clever workaround to exclude men, to be honest. Normal men aren’t going to refer to themselves as “non women” (that implies men aren’t the default human! inconceivable) and neither are TIMs for obvious reasons. Sure it excludes normal women too but the vast majority of same-sex attracted women who’d be willing to date a gendie are gendies themselves. They’d only have to contend with male enbies and those are relatively rare compared to female ones.

What is it with knitting and gendershit I swear to god

No. 1942463

Being bisexual is sooooooo '00s.

No. 1942464

Yeah first it was trendy to be bisexual and anorexic, but now it's moved to being trans and autistic and POTS and EDS. But it's totally different and not a phase mom I swear.

No. 1942470

Handmaidens are still gendies afaic. All the same cult, just different roles in it.

No. 1942533

File: 1702505162826.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1170x1756, IMG_1776.jpeg)

Hopefully this kid grows out of this quickly and the mom is able to listen when that happens as readily as she listened to “I don’t like skirts or feel like a girl or a boy!” Wow! That’s like so weird…most little kids totally have an intact sense of gender and feel exactly like a girl OR a boy!!! Plus she picks they/he pronouns I’d imagine because male socialization is more fun. Never mind making female socialization less scary and strict. I know I’m preaching to the choir but it’s all just getting to be too much…
>Child complains that there are only skirts to wear
>”It was the moment I realized that how we reacted would forever be cemented in my child’s mind," recalled mom
>Kid says she want to toss all their skirts and dresses
>mom reads It Feels Good to Be Yourself: A Book About Gender Identity to kid
>kid says I don’t feel like a girl or a boy!
>mom says nonbinie!!!!!!
>kid gets short haircut and uses they/he pronouns
>lunch lady mistakes kid for “Clark”, kid picks this as her new name a la CWC
>teachers fall in line immediately
>mom posts announcement and requests no criticism, message me privately if you have a problem!!!!
>gendie family and friends and defanged news outlets uphold her as peak motherhood

No. 1942545

The singular they their never fails to make my brain do a backflip. God that’s maddening, they are literally instilling “girl is when skirts” in a child who just wanted to wear something comfy because her entire closet is skirts and dresses. Probably she saw other kids wearing pants. The teachers enabling it is spreading the brainrot to the entire class.

No. 1942589

I was very active on edtwt 2015-2022 and the overlap between ana accounts and tifs is insane. literally every 3rd account you come across is a TIF and 80% of the time they’re underage. It’s really disturbing

No. 1942597

Narc living vicariously through her kid and using it as an accessory for attention. Many such cases.

No. 1942605

Don't forget AGPs. They use "sapphic" more than anyone else, and it's made me completely repulsed with the word. When I hear it, I just picture two obese prison gay AGPs cybering on Discord.

No. 1942702

>For some reason, talked about her experience as a tif in a *Historically Womens College" in a CNN article (Wow! A woman going to a woman's college! How brave!)
I know someone who trooned out at one of the unis in that article and it’s literally the only thing she ever talks/writes about, besides their bouts with anorexia ofc.

No. 1942708

The way they both are baring their teeth is unnerving.

No. 1942719

Same. I cannot take the "wlw/mlm/sapphic/aquilles" terms seriously outside the TRAs circles.

No. 1942733

I have a small soft spot for WLW because I remember a period on tumblr before the gendie shit had really taken off where the women that used it chose it as a naive but well-intentioned way of trying to bridge the divide between lesbian and bisexual women's communities.
Sapphic I've only ever seen coomers use though, both male and female.

No. 1942748

I noticed that too. The TIFS were also always overweight wannarexics. Not too hard to guess how and why they ended up being tifs and proanas. Extreme self hatred.

No. 1942749

damn no one?

No. 1942774

this happened to a personal cow of mine, who, tbh, I think is a personal cow for a lot of people on tumblr.

peyton beachdeath/lalondes/reyton/twinfantasy went from a lesbian who caused discourse in whatever fandom she was in because you shipped the wrong ship to a troon who caused discourse if you thought a person/character wasn’t actually trans

The reason for her trooning out? She developed a crush on Will Toledo of Car Seat Headrest and and couldn’t come to terms with the fact that she became just like the het ships she picked fights over kek

No. 1942800

Tf is with TiFs and acts like Cavetown and Car Seat Headrest? TiFs always enjoy pop or soft sadboi artists while TiMs are always into metal or shifty electronic music. Both claim that they're into punk, but they're the sort of people who'd flip the fuck out and demand boycotts if they heard the lyrics to a Dead Kennedys song. Let's not forget, these same losers who threw a hissy fit when a trans character in the Shrek musical said "hot tranny mess."

No. 1942899

what are you on about, there are a shitload of TIFs, TIMs and enbies of all types in the punk scene, it's infested with them, the punk scene was probably where it was most pronounced.

No. 1942904

File: 1702563132600.jpeg (136.74 KB, 904x1219, GBMX3u7WsAEikgE.jpeg)

'sissy hypno for ftms' does not exist because women aren't innately pornsick like moids.

No. 1942907

>you don't want to be mommy's special girl
i never fucking was?? is this a thing with TIFs?

No. 1942908

>you want to wear boxer shorts and boys clothes

Is she still living in the era where pants were forbidden for women? And no one bats an eyelash if you buy boxers shorts and wear them yourself, Aiden.

No. 1942931

'had a dream' no you didnt you just think this will get you twitter likes

No. 1942938

File: 1702570630444.png (82.29 KB, 512x748, the-power-v0-q166n4rvj86c1.png)

No. 1942943

They're so fragile and insufferable

No. 1942954

Kek he probably saw her pronouns pin, terrible dressing style and pubestach and realised that she would shit on his shop everywhere online if he refused again. If she was truly so intimidating, he wouldn't have said 'no' at first to begin with. I can't with these barely 5 feet tall gendies thinking they look anything but retarded.

No. 1942960

I've exclusively worn boxers for 6 years, guess I gotta hand in my woman card

No. 1942963

Both anorexics and tifs are usually autistic women so that makes sense

No. 1942988

It's not even that deep, this is just pure autism. The guy didn't say no because of gender segregation, he said no because he only knows male haircuts and assumed she wanted to get a female haircut since girl. A normal person in this situation would say "oh, no problem, I want short hair/a men's haircut" and then the barber would offer a time. Instead he had to deal with this lunatic who later needs to write a pride post about her social incompetence.

No. 1943027

They are attention starved narcs

No. 1943038

and what do you think autists are

No. 1943044

Are you taken

No. 1943050

>mommy's special girl
What kind of insane fucking headspace do TiFs live in, that sounds like MDSA

No. 1943063

a lot of those gross sissy hypno images have mommy domme elements, which I assume is what's being parodied

No. 1943064

Same here. They're the best, specially in shark days.

No. 1943068

why would they be familiar with that?

No. 1943090

Off-topic but I'm so sick of the "I dreamt that xyz was viral, haha that would be sooo crazy if it happened for real, unless…" genre of content. I don't doubt that these terminally online retards dream of the internet like dopesick ipad babies, but c'mon now, Tiffany. Try to be a little more honest when posting your weird fetishes online.

Same. I'll see you in the women's underwear aisle before we're both sent to a re-education camp where Dylan Mulvaney teaches us how to be true and honest girlies.

NTA but a lot of Aiden's want to be femboys real bad and consume that content, weirdly enough. I once had a scroll through a few comment sections on those vids and you'd be surprised how many FTMs pop up.

No. 1943131

File: 1702593032655.jpg (347.97 KB, 1080x2718, Screenshot_20231214_231326_Chr…)

Her gender is vampire btw.

No. 1943133

the thing about fakebois wanting to be femboys is so disturbing to me because its always like a fetish for them, like they want to be male but also present feminine for sexual reasons. really fucked up that these WOMEN view femininity as nothing more than that

No. 1943136

uhh maybe they assume that because that’s literally how it works, if you’re “afab” and are trans you would automatically be “transmasc” (i hate these fucking terms) sorry to tell you but gender is and will always be binary.

sounds like you’re just a cis girl!

No. 1943140

File: 1702593604533.jpg (28.88 KB, 721x721, shopping.jpeg.jpg)

>her gender is vampire
The solution to presenting as this is not as hard as she is making it out to be

No. 1943142

so if she gets the surgery wont she dissolve since most medical tools are silver?

No. 1943146

File: 1702594123944.png (329.28 KB, 1080x1699, 1656474905936.png)

she's also a spicy straight who went on a twitter rant about how despite being married to a man, she's not attracted to most men and thus identifies as a non-binary lesbian rather bi.

No. 1943153

That's werewolves, anon. Vampires are weak to garlic and stakes.

No. 1943159

>The need to fit everyone into neat little labels doesn't work holy shit!!!
The irony kek. A straight/bi woman? That's a neat little label. But a vampire-gendered 'afab transfem' lesbian married to a guy is not. People with alzheimers have a better time remembering their dogs than she does with noticing how retarded she managed to sound in just one tweet.

No. 1943161

Nta but silver is also considered harmful to vampires in many myths and stories.

No. 1943169

>I have lusted for, longed for, wanted, and loved women my ENTIRE life
I have a hard time believing that

No. 1943183

she says she'll 'never be with a man again' while going to bed with her fiance every night

No. 1943189

Just another bi girl twisting herself in knots trying to say she's suuuuch a lesbian, and trying to mimic what they talk about like comphet despite not knowing what that is. Bi isn't a dirty word, if you're being honest about liking women that is, so what's wrong with using it? But retards like this sure as hell give us a bad name. Silly bitch.

No. 1943220

I want to post that "so glad the woman who's attracted to every women in the world and like 4 men found one of those men to date" meme but I'm too lazy to dig through my memes folder.

No. 1943234

>"I'm a lesbian"
>"I'm attracted to men"

No. 1943293

"i'm trans but i don't want to be a man or a woman, just kidding teehee i'm a woman! not a woman though btw"
"i'm a lesbian but i have liked men my entire life, i'm with one right now and never had any problem with that"
you know it's bad when it's people old enough to get married saying this, not only teens.

No. 1943301

File: 1702617656037.mp4 (Spoiler Image,6.14 MB, 576x1024, v12044gd0000cl5aahnog65pio312a…)

Two obese and mutilated women shooting testosterone into each other. The brown woman was posting tiktok videos about being a lesbian like a year ago and now she’s injecting herself and got her boobs removed?? Idk how this isn’t addict or self harm behavior.

Spoilered bc fat tifs with top surgery and needles

No. 1943302

File: 1702617675947.png (587.55 KB, 1080x1207, 1656447277806.png)

also she's legally non-binary

No. 1943308

femininity is, was, and always will be inherently sexual. "masculinity" is literally just existing as a moid. femininity is everything a woman must accessorize herself with in order to be sexually pleasing to males. anyone who thinks "femboy" tifs are anything but women are lying

No. 1943313

yeah I'm sure her audience of moids who follow her for her porn totally see her as a magical third gender vampyre and btw she's sooo lesbian for posting dick sucking videos. okay.

No. 1943326

How do you know she's bi? How are you sure she's attracted to women at all?

No. 1943328

Probably because they get put on suicide watch anytime the gov doesn't let them do whatever the hell they want. Also is she trying to imply she's intersex? They wouldn't put the gender you identify as on your birth certificate especially if they were trying to label you as intersex as it can cause medical complications and unnecessary interventions

No. 1943333

She's in a poly relationship with another woman and she apparently has random hookups with women as well. She basically went like this:
>has a monogamous relationship with her highschool sweetheart
>they get engaged
>she has an existential crisis because she's settling down into the most ordinary straight lifestyle despite being kweer as fvck
>"uuuuh actually I'm poly!"
>finds a girlfriend 9 years younger than her but as trashy as her
>discovers the infamous lesbian pdf
>"nah I'm a lesbian, I never liked men, it was all comphet!1"
Don't know if she's still engaged to the guy, she's stopped talking about her private life since everybody shat on her because of the age difference with her gf.

No. 1943335

I thought actual female autists were quite the opposite tbh

No. 1943339

Their mannerisms are so female. Not even I act that emotive and "cutesy" but they're the ones claiming to be men, it's so weird

No. 1943365

I know male friendships aren't as deep as female friendships most of the time but from my experience men at least like to party so this situation is really odd…
Can't wait until this trans craze is over and society treats it as the insanity and mass hysteria that it always was. I wonder if the slimmer one was obese before going on T. They literally look like heroin addicts.

No. 1943366

>my experience men at least like to party
this is true, i assume because it was his gf planning it they didnt want to go because they couldnt party as hard (you know how men destroy things and do retarded shit and take it too far) with a woman there.

No. 1943368

Oh that makes sense, the way she describes the setup it's probably too wholesome for the party boys

No. 1943370

Why do they always like the snobby hipster indie music?

No. 1943414

>um akshully you don't know the basics of biology!!!
The retards who say this usually just mean that hermaphrodite animals and intersex humans exist, but that's not proof of being trans at all so what greater understanding do they even have? It's hilarious that they fancy themselves so smart but are just regressive and stupid.

No. 1943416

File: 1702652793263.gif (434.51 KB, 200x113, lpqbpeCsia1qef78s.gif)

>those nipples

No. 1943430

Good to see other nonnies wearing boxers. They're the best to wear to bed especially. They even specifically make women shaped boxers now.

No. 1943431

I've gone to the same barber shop for 4 years now. All you do is walk in and tell them what you want. As long as you are just doing a shave or short cut, they don't give a shit. I love them making stuff up that doesnt happen irl

No. 1943441

It always baffles me when I hear these ultra conservative takes. Where did they grow up that it is not normal for women to wear men's clothes (at least from time to time)? These TIFs grew up in the western world and act like we live in a world of 1950's stereotypes even though the 80's and 90's have been quite diverse and people were all gender nonconforming. I really don't get it, is it the bimbo aesthetic being popular on Instagram and Tiktok? Am I really that out of touch with current norms because I'm older? They can't all be from ultra conservative households so what is it that Gen Z girls think they aren't allowed to be gnc?

No. 1943445

I am literally wearing men's boxers as pajama bottoms right now. I also love wearing men's boxer briefs under a dress to keep my thighs from rubbing together in the summertime.

No. 1943451

File: 1702658789848.jpeg (1.83 MB, 1170x1361, IMG_5614.jpeg)

Not sure ab the other one but Indian girl was pretty cute before she destroyed her body and gained all the weight. Idk how people in the comments can enable this and say how “hot” they are as a guy now.

No. 1943455

I think it's being chronically online and seeing nothing but highly filtered/surgeried Insta girls and OnlyFans.

Also, can someone point me to the max size info for videos? I just made like 10 versions of the same one (different sizes, shorter lengths, etc) and they were all rejected for being too large.

No. 1943496

Blogpost but this reminds of the romanticisation of shooting up heroin together with a friend or lover back when I was a junkie. It's trauma bonding with a fresh coat of paint on it; except if you call this instance out, you'll be the bad guy because this is totally what lifesaving healthcare looks like!

No. 1943500

>willingly going from cute indian girl to bobs vagene poo in loo indian "male"(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1943524

being an Indian moid honestly would be a a divine punishment.

No. 1943551

By women's hair he meant "we don't do long hairstyles" because many women have long hair, not "we don't do hairstyles for people who identify as women" you autist

No. 1943554

>I find men attractive but would never want to be with one
>It's comphet
It's not comphet, you buffoon, you're attracted to men but don't want to date them because they suck. Many such cases. Sexuality isn't people I'm willing to date, it's people I'm attracted to.

No. 1943556

Holy shit, LMFAO never seen anyone talk about this but this has happened in the fandom I'm in. Every TIF pretends to be a real man by only being obsessed with and only cooming to the female characters and hating the male characters. They look down on the girls who care about male characters. It's hilarious lmao. Yes Aiden, you're now a real man because you "only stan women" or only care about female characters or whatever. You fit right in with your weirdo TIM friends always sperging out over yuri.

No. 1943562

That’s the vibe I got from that video(and other similar she posts). It’s like meeting a junkie who convinces you to try the drug because they just want a similarly addict partner to be miserable with. Then they all have a polycule of codependent addicts kek it’s sad

No. 1943565

I guess yaoi became too much of a "girl thing" for their liking so their gender stereotype-obsessed brains panicked and went "quick, what do guys like??" and then decided they and all their gayden friends should be into yuri instead to continue the trend of being not like the other girls.

No. 1943571

Luna and Lurch vibes

No. 1943580

I've not seen many Indian tifs, weird

No. 1943612

Let's not mention the "kinnies" or the ones that do think they're a/b/c character for real and think you're fetishism them with their hated pairing or think they have the right opinion because "I'm a John Doe kin and I think that pairing/character is horrible", like… Girl, is ok to have imaginary friends, but they didn't appear until you started to watch that damn show!

They probably know how they treat hijra in India, and besides no one would take their TIF mind seriously because… women.

No. 1943621

Indians tifs exist but they're good at masking themselves because very ironically being a tim is more acceptable than being lesbian in a desi society. If you come out as lesbian you're expected to act like a "man", So most don't go the full way unless they belong to a upper class family or they're half American or something being a gay woman is enough of a danger so I assume many don't want to out themselves. Although I don't know if that's a good thing since they're not mutilating themselves..but most still suffer..

No. 1943633

Time to learn about Soren

No. 1943643

made bile rise up in the back of my throat. how can anyone watch this and not be horrified
i had an indian coworker who was shocked to learn i was a lesbian because "i look too girly". she assumed every single lesbian was extremely butch.

No. 1943651

kek I was about to type the same thing

No. 1943666

File: 1702690550452.png (72.06 KB, 730x620, Screenshot_201.png)

God I hate TIFs that whine about things being female centered. Especially when they benefit from them, by way of being female. I found this one because she got hateposted on /pol/ for writing an article dissing some nazi e-thot but I dug deeper into her account recently–she says a lot of borderline MRA stuff.

No. 1943678

File: 1702692072670.gif (158.64 KB, 500x375, 1495998520687.gif)

>why is it important to rename "women in games" events?

This shows they know they're women no matter what. If the "woman in games" event didn't affect them as "men", they wouldn't even complain about it or complain "oh yes, women have a hard time in devs but what about men???".

No. 1943697

There's tons of them! I mean living in India too, not in the west. They have a booming plastic surgery industry in India and they've already hoped on the troon bandwagon.

No. 1943706

Because they're all suburban as fuck

No. 1943712

Been liking this youtuber Rachel Oates who's reviewed and called out the content of fundie christians, but she's pro troon. She was reviewing a girl defined course about sex topkek and at one point it says anyone can be anything these days and we're passionate about appealing to women, and Rachel went on a speech about um akshully nobody is saying gender doesn't matter, we should just be accepting, and anyway no two people of the same sex act the same way and that's a beautiful thing (exactly and that renders trans pointless, rachel, which is why so many trannies have very conservative views on gender). You know it's bad when you find yourself agreeing with girl defined. No image cos it was a couple minutes of her talking and it's a 6 hour video.(no links, no screenshots, no milk)

No. 1943753

Westernized third worldies catch the same troonism disease from always hanging out around genderfaggots online. Happens all the time in the Philippines too.

No. 1943813

AYRT, you hit the nail on the head, nona. Junkies and trannies are crabs in a bucket, trying desperately to make sure nobody escapes it. At least society reminds junkies they're fuckups, and that helps some of us escape. Troons are trapped in a hell of their own making because you can't criticise them in any way.

No. 1943973

File: 1702757931867.jpeg (337 KB, 1200x1200, FwMyK7hWIAIwLF7.jpeg)

Found this on twitter ans I immediately knew this was posted by a tif. Why are they so girly even when trying to display stereotypically male interests? It's so fucking funny kek

No. 1944035

>Kingdom hearts
>Jack skellington
>edgy album covers
>monster energy

Its one of those edgy they/void tifs that doesn't wash isn't it

No. 1944041

File: 1702768545499.gif (2.41 MB, 390x277, e8a.gif)

>stereotypical male interests
>women still can enjoy them

No. 1944046

File: 1702769511399.jpeg (575.7 KB, 828x821, 15F1A027-8D28-471D-AD62-52A3D9…)

Im ngl I feel as if Kalvin Garrah is quietly detransing. She’s been off of T for almost a year and has devolved into a ball of lard that talks about how “Lana-core” her gas station job is and asking to be placed in the womens prison where she cried every night in the arms of her Nazi cellmate after getting arrested for drug possession. She claims the going off of T is due to laziness but I suspect she’s detrooning and is just keeping it under the wraps as she’s embarrassed having had made her whole brand being “true trans” and the epitome of masculinity.

No. 1944060

Because trooning out is an extreme form of nlog derangement. You can like all of these things without thinking you're special.

No. 1944075

She got arrested? Kek, when did that happen?

No. 1944085

File: 1702776882068.png (365.32 KB, 1358x1500, Screenshot 2023-12-16 at 12.40…)

this is genuinely hilarious + i love the fact that both trans, detrans, and radfems can revel in this news. if there's one thing that unites humanity, it's a collective disdain for grifters like garrah.

in more terrifying and sad milk, i stumbled upon this bio on a profile on a kink app. if this paragraph isn't a great look into the neurosis that occurs on both extremes of transitioning (transing and detransing), i don't know what is.

people who think like this towards themselves and are able to type this out yet lack the basic self awareness or conscious self preservation to realize they should be seeking out mental help instead of sex with strangers are the last people who should be having sex. the fact that the person who typed this is nearing their 30s is even more terrifying. i hope they get the help they need and are able to find themselves, whatever that looks like, outside of their relationship to male pleasure.

No. 1944086

this makes me so uncomfortable. TiFs have insane internalised misogyny and fetishising it is just gross.

No. 1944106

Kek and radfems say to save every woman, makes sense because a good chunk of them turn out exactly like this one anyway.

No. 1944107

how has she not committed suicide with that much self hatred

No. 1944116

A scrote has to have written this profile with one hand, because the alternative is far more horrifying.

No. 1944123

I love the implication that sissy hypno by itself is inherently a mtf thing, but there's a reason the opposite is practically nonexistent

No. 1944140

Late but does she think you can't masturbate and wear boxers and still be a woman? Kek, I can't imagine putting myself in a stereotypical box like that

No. 1944143

Why not make a LGBTQ in gaming event instead of ruining things meant for women?

No. 1944144

Has there been any coverage here of Detrans December on Tumblr?
>a staggering amount of fetish stuff like this
>I wonder whats the mental drivers regarding detrans fetishism

No. 1944145

Check out detrans kink stuff or ftm misgendering stuff, testosterone warps female sexuality

No. 1944149

File: 1702795438480.jpg (Spoiler Image,965.29 KB, 1080x1848, Screenshot_20231217-014428_Red…)

Totally not self-harm!:

No. 1944155

her eyes…

No. 1944163

Like the soul has been clean sucked out, ne’er to return.

No. 1944175

So she's an ordinary woman who wants to be special. This shit is all so retarded, people should just dress however they want to without obsessively pathologizing it into gender woo. You were born with either a penis or a vagina, and everything else is irrelevant.

No. 1944176

Most surgical tools are steel, anon.

No. 1944177

There are two types of gamete, and a person has the body plan to produce one or the other. Intersex individuals are anomalous, but even they clearly fall into one category or other the majority of the time. Even if a person isn't capable of producing gametes for one reason or another, their physiology determines their socialization. People with Swyer syndrome are women and often don't know they're intersex until adulthood. Same applies to men with Klinefelter syndrome. These people were raises as women and men respectively because of the physiology they were born with.

If human beings were actually intended to have more than two semesters, we would have more than two types of gamete.

No. 1944178

The poorly applied makeup and dog collar definitely give her a TiM vibe, bit I don't think Kikomi is what she was going for kek

No. 1944184

How is this related to TIFs aside from the possibility a TIF made it? She doesn't say anywhere in the picture she's not a girl. And she doesn't say anywhere she's a NLOG. She just made a collage about her interests and you're here saying how she's still girly even though she has stereotypical male interests. Okay? I thought it was obvious interests and such didn't make someone a man or a woman, but being born as that. This has nothing to do with TIFs whatsoever, it's just an outlet for you and many others to insult women with stereotypical male interests and perpetuate those stereotypes even more by saying she does them in a girly manner. If she made a post saying how much she is like a man because of her interests, it makes sense you're saying all that, but you're just picking something innocent and making fun of it.
>Its one of those edgy they/void tifs that doesn't wash isn't it
Fuck off with that. You can't know someone at first look. You stereotype as much as the average TIF

No. 1944185

I read your entire post and heavily disagree, however:
>women with stereotypical male interests and perpetuate those stereotypes even more by saying she does them in a girly manner.
This is actually one unspoken way to clock TIFs, it's like it's the mannerisms are separate from interests. Well spoken, nona. I think we are too hard on ourselves to project the frustration onto TIFs at the end of the day.

No. 1944189

How do these men know they can't go the full way? It's a whip from the tail towards all other mtf trannies who wannabe wahmen.

No. 1944197

come on anon, you really think those are her genuine interests? it's obviously just 'pick as many stereotypical male interests as possible'. i believe about half of them, but it's just too convenient that she's into exactly what they think a teenage boy would like. also there's no way original anon wouldn't have looked at the poster's profile to make sure it was a tif.

i'm so desensitized to tif & tim's misogyny that it's boring at this point. she clearly doesn't mean any of this because she won't relocate for him. it's all edgy pretend shit

No. 1944214

Too much effort and they know that if they're going to be "inclusive", they will have to add the neogenders and asexuals. So is better to complain than doing the work on your own.

No. 1944218

Definitely doesn't have a male brain or a male soul or w/e because men love invading women's events.

No. 1944222

I have noticed this too. I think she should just go offline and then detransition and live a happy life

No. 1944229

File: 1702820855819.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.99 MB, 810x6092, Screenshot_20231217-083954_Red…)

Don't ask how I fell down this rabbit hole. The furry porn subs are full of TIFs, which I found kind of surprising. Expected to see a lot more TIMs than TIFs:

No. 1944235

does she have a new instagram or smth? i haven’t seen anything about her in a while and @kalvingarrah is pretty much inactive at this point

No. 1944243

I agree. I have almost the same interests as the picture in question (barring the wow interest). Like I always assumed some of those interests are pretty popular with women (The Batman, Kingdom Hearts, Jack Skellington, Gorillaz, etc). Maybe if there was a random bug insert and cavetown I'd be inclined to believe it's a tif.

No. 1944257

Found the picture on her tagged Instagram posts, she’s usually only active on her YouTube where she does her podcast and Twitter where she spergs about Lana del Rey and retweets tranny discourse

No. 1944279

Such an event would be overrun by tims I bet.

No. 1944339

I have never seen a male Gorillaz fan in my entire life.

No. 1944345

Honestly I’m surprised anons are referring to that collage as “stereotypically male interests” because if you’d shown me that without context I would’ve assumed it was made by a woman, not even necessarily a TIF. There’s not a single thing in that picture that I overwhelmingly associate with men and several things that I overwhelmingly associate with women, like Kingdom Hearts and Nightmare Before Christmas.

I’ve met men who listen to Gorillaz but never one who’d describe himself as a “fan” or is remotely interested in the characters’ backstories or whatever. Likewise I’ve never met a serious male Beatles fan under the age of 50, but plenty of young women.

No. 1944347

File: 1702842261422.jpg (230.81 KB, 687x720, 20231217_133837.jpg)

A gay trans man with a lesbian trans woman. So a straight woman with a straight man? Wow, can't imagine how that works! Lot of similarly braindead tifs in the comments talking about how it's normal to have "exceptions" to your sexuality instead of realizing the obvious.

No. 1944355

>outdated tumblr humor
>autistic cartoons
>pretty anime boy
yep sounds like an autistic woman to me

No. 1944357

whose the woman in the bottom left?

No. 1944375

Its the porn. Porn is where stereotypes go to thrive, and the more PC mainstream media becomes, the more vile porn becomes. Just a personal theory

No. 1944404

This genuinely made me laugh, wtf is wrong with their brains. I sincerely hope these are teenagers

No. 1944408

I think the fujo tifs want to be loved the way they think men love other men (no sexism so it's more "pure") but it's like the grass isn't always greener when you're dealing with men period. I'm sure there's issues of certain gay men being treated worse in that demographic

No. 1944412

Men relentlessly bully each other and most gay male "attraction" is centered in pedophilia (straight male too, but TIFs already know that and are trying to escape it, not realizing gay moids are the same). These TIFs want to be treated as human by other humans, not realizing that they can't get that with moids. If they're in it for the masc aesthetic, they're looking for a butch lesbian relationship.

No. 1944420

Oh, for sure. Is that not where the "no fats, no femmes, no Asians" meme came from?

No. 1944435

"I feel like a big weight off me, never been so happier before!".

No. 1944436

"spicy straight couple" right there.

No. 1944482

have you got a source on her getting arrested? I couldn't find anything about it.

No. 1944483

>beautiful personality and soul
lmao you can tell he looks like gorlock

No. 1944492

how could any doctor approve her for such a surgery when she still has relatively fresh scars from self harm on her arm lol

No. 1944535

File: 1702873827677.gif (490.48 KB, 500x407, main-qimg-db4e7bbefe2cadc3518e…)

No. 1944548

File: 1702878764330.mp4 (4.67 MB, 480x854, m2-res_854p.mp4)

No. 1944550

Is this is really a troon? Looks like an average moid autist to me

No. 1944559

men don’t get DID alters and wear contacts and make retarded tiktoks about it, she’s just fat so it’s harder to tell.

No. 1944564

This pin head tif from Jubilee telling her ex girlfriend how her sexual sacrifice didn't mean as much because of muh dysphoria. Istg if I wasn't peaked on forming close relationships with these types, I am now. Both in real life and through the screen they show how selfish and lacking in empathy they are.

No. 1944590

good for her if true

No. 1944619

>the slutty one
>the bad bitch (female)
>the caregiver
>the artsy fartsy one
>the bad bitch (male)
>the child
Every single time it's the same old tropes trotted out, kek. If DID is a legitimate illness and not a trend, how come alters are all so cookie cutter?

No. 1944626

Seriously. If you're going to fake this shit be 100% committed and at least a little creative. Like I want an angry Brooklyn grandmother with a thick accent flipping out in the middle of a TJ Maxx.

No. 1944649

jesus CHRIST. "i don't want to bottom all the time" is such a reasonable request, and honestly, a normal relationship shouldn't be focused on "topping" and "bottoming". not even gay men care that much outside of fiction about this shit. they might put bottom or top in their bio or something if they prefer it but with two women? why is that even coming up. it really illustrates how tifs internalize retarded gender stereotypes too. "i'm a man i have to top rahhh" god what an idiot! she can't think of a SINGLE sacrifice when someone is literally making themselves uncomfortable in order to satisfy you in bed???? i think i'm having such a strong reaction because i also hate being "the receiver" or "submissive" in bed.

No. 1944685

I think anyone would be uncomfortable satisfying a tif in bed except other prison gay tifs and fetishists

No. 1944712

"bottoming" doesn't mean much when it comes to lesbians anyway so i think you need to calm down

No. 1944716

They have no idea what real gay men are like. I’m friends with a gay man who wanted a loving, romantic relationship that didn’t revolve around sex and it took him over seven years of actively dating to find another man like him. Most guys wanted to fuck on the first date and he regularly got yelled at for wasting the other guy’s time when he didn’t “put out”. The reality is nothing like gay fanfiction which is written by women. Brokeback Mountain was written by a woman. If it’s remotely romantic, it was probably written by women for women.

They claim the self harm is caused by gender dysphoria and that the surgery will alleviate it. You’re not allowed to point out that the surgery is itself a form of self harm.

No. 1944733

And to make it worse, it was the other girl's first same sex relationship. Pinhead later went on about how her ex girlfriend could disappear and it wouldn't change anything despite them currently being friends

No. 1944734

They're referring to being penetrated during sex with a strap on. It's pretty reasonable to not want to have a plastic dick shoved in you to satisfy some man-wannabe with body image issues.

No. 1944736

yeah but the strap-on thing is usually only for the pleasure of the person recieving it, the top is just giving that to the bottom, since it's a strap on there's no sensation for the giver. that's why i'm saying it's not such a big deal usually, most lesbian "tops" could take it or leave it

No. 1944737

I see what you're saying. Sorry for sperging but after getting her way in the relationship she then complains that she wasn't sexually satisfied (she also wouldn't let the baby gay go down on her). I wouldn't be surprised if going on this show was her idea because she clearly has a vendetta

No. 1944760

I've heard gay men say most gay male relationships are open to some degree, and there's a huge gay cultural standard for older men to "introduce" a younger gay male to the sex world (rape, because they are teens who can't legally consent) and the few of them who speak up about how it's fucked up get ostracized and get told to shut up and not ruin it for the rest of them.
I highly doubt tifs would last or even want to be in the real gay male world for even a second, they just want to live out their glorified fetish fantasy of gay men.

No. 1944762

File: 1702929925968.mp4 (9.28 MB, _f3aLgKHuRoeufbF.mp4)

Everything about vidrel is so perfect, the mannerisms, the way they talk, the editing and even how they dress. Especially the way they dress! The girl is dressed exactly in the most stereotypical nerdy TIF way, while the moid is dressed in his porn idea of a 'goth girl' or whatever.
like why can't they just be a straight nerd couple together?

No. 1944765

Lmfao this feels like a parody. Like I can't believe people actually look, act and talk this way after age 18. Perpetually stuck in high school.

No. 1944766

They act and dress like middle schoolers, it’s weird

No. 1944767

extra funny is the man fighting the urge to just lean into any of this naturally. Also this chick obviously just didn't have friends, let alone guy friends. Girls do this. Also why is it that tifs are chronically not even "one of the guys" girls? it's like they've never talked to a man in their life. Then again, maybe that's why they hold romantic ideas of men wheras girls who actually were guy friends tend to make girl friends after high school

No. 1944774

A lot of fujo tifs who are also yumes know their husbandos will never be real so they try to become the husbando to fill in that void. A lot of people say autoandrophilia isn't real or it's extremely uncommon which is something I don't believe. I do think that to some extent TIMs tend to be AGPs more because they're moids and moid coomers are more than female coomers (which makes sense considering how menstruation works so women just aren't that horny on average), but I don't think AAP is THAT uncommon it just manifests differently and not as terribly as AGP.

No. 1944777

This also explains why yumes who troon out tend to do so more subtly than moids who do the same. They don't make drastic changes to their appearance, because the coom doesn't disrupt their lives as much and they think more clearly not to make stupid decisions. I remember seeing so many studies that evplain how they biggest difference between men and women tends to be our libido. It also explains why when TIFs go on testosterone they have a very high sex drive. That's just my theory though.

No. 1944785

Off-topic but apparently there are some psychologists who don't believe DID is real.(derailing, sage)

No. 1944788

File: 1702935007393.jpg (61.87 KB, 461x368, tumblr_mc3mp9Aa1e1qaecjjo1_500…)

This shows these kind of people have no idea how DID works in general. You don't "choose" your alter egos, they appear after a traumatic situations, not where you saw a cute anime/video game character and decided he would live in your head. And believe me, you don't want to have tons of voices or scenes in your head 24/7 and you cannot shut them down at your own will, like they do.

Picrel an infamous they/them with tons of alters.

No. 1944790

>A toddler and a flying dog
Do they HEAR themselves lmao

No. 1944793

File: 1702936300708.png (143.03 KB, 549x1565, Words on a Platform.png)

She's one of the most infamous DID/multiple alters (I think it has a thread here?). But yeah, there was a time she had a time offline and her excuse was that Derek (one of the alters) killed all her headmates except for her. Then she had a problem with her parents, her moid and his girlfriend and even fought with the other girl she was sharing the account with. So I'm not surprised the DID cases exploded after Tumblr was created.

Last picrel, all the "headmates".

No. 1944797

I’m pretty sure this account was satire/a troll.

No. 1944801

I do remember seeing it live back then, but it wasn't confirmed if was satire/troll. But I wouldn't be surprised if was satire.

No. 1944809

TIFS and a good chunk of nonnies on LCF are basically the same with the exception of peaking/trooning out.
So it's not a surprise that you also have the same interests. You probably would have been bffs or mutuals in 2014 or something

No. 1944815

I've seen zoomers lesbians call themselves bottom just because they're shy or have feelings or something, I thought we'd all gotten over "receiving doesn't mean you're submissive" but apparently not

No. 1944821

I've experienced family making life plans behind my back and threatening homelessness if I didn't comply. The solution is to compromise until you can move out, you womanchild. Her parents don't even sound controlling they just don't believe her fake DID, she just wants to rely on mommy and daddy without criticism. Let me guess her uwu DID alter would be depwessed if she even thought about leaving home.

No. 1944825

Shut the fuck up, hetero.

No. 1944826

i'm a lesbian dumbass. i've been dating women for years and almost all of them don't ever refer to themselves as "tops" or "bottoms." if anything, it's heteronormative as fuck and/or trying to LARP as gay men. we're women, our identities don't revolve around whose hypothetical penis would go inside the other if we hypothetically both had them. that's fujotroon shit.

No. 1944835

this is the most pathetic shit I’ve ever seen jesus christ

No. 1944837

lesbians who were raised by the internet and/or spent too much time reading fanfic call themselves 'tops' and 'bottoms' and then spread to their dumb friends.

No. 1944841

wow it's literally what i just said. so why are you arguing and telling me to calm down? retard

No. 1944842

why would you even be heated about it unless you thought it's a big deal or a common thing? you said you're only mad because you don't like being a bottom but if you're a lesbian you know that isn't even really a thing so why even be that mad about it?

No. 1944846

yeah it's bullshit, some people genuinely believe they have other people living in their head but it's just a delusion, all the stuff like them having different handwriting styles, acting autonomously, having different memories etc. are nonsense

No. 1944855

female game dev events have been invaded by TIM trannies anyways

No. 1944857

>weird ugly husbandos
>jet set radio
>kingdom hearts
>shitty indie music
>artsy fartsy movies
most of these are extremely feminine interests

No. 1944859

how can humans over the age of 6 be so useless

No. 1944872

NTA There's at least 3 people talking about this. You're just swinging wildly. You also were the person telling others to calm down. Is it insecurity that makes you want to turn this into some lesbian pissing contest?

No. 1944873

She's so annoying and girly no matter how hard she tries. I hate how tims try to mimic girls mannerisms and I can see his dick print gross

No. 1944876

I disagree because how do you explain gay men who are pinged as effeminate without doing any of that. How do you explain these manly tims dressed to the nines but still being masculine

No. 1944887

SA it's the fact that the tit wants to enforce heteronormativity into her relationship with her baby gay girlfriend and uses gender dysphoria to manipulate her into it. This tif was deliberately trying to make her ex look bad and said that her struggle with dysphoria was "worlds away" from the girl not wanting to be strapped. You are acting like you're the only lesbian in this thread and explaining obvious shit to us, even the person you replied to said they didn't get the top/bottom thing. You missed the point of the initial post which pretty much boils down to how tifs try to treat other women the way men treat us.
Personally it's why I refuse to have sympathy for them. They know of the pain that being under the patriarchy causes and instead of just wanting to opt out, they want to be the oppressor. I've seen this over and over with how they mimic the the most grating qualities of men (gaslighting and general disrespect) but still play victim because they're trans. Just go to any women's college where they insist on being and you'll see how they act.

No. 1944890


And personally I detest the tifs who look down on femininity more than I do the dumb ones who swear they're special fem boys. Those types of tifs are always turbo nlogs and it shows in the way they treat normal women.

No. 1944899

isn't this the asmr deku chick kek

No. 1944943

why is she dressed like a 7 year old? the shiny green wig sells the look

this is so funny sitcom material i love it

No. 1944970

File: 1702970610302.jpg (35.66 KB, 564x463, toshi-yoshi.jpg)

>My name is Toshi. I have an alternate personality called Yoshi
>I hate being trapped in a disgusting fat body
>Genderless ASTRAL BEING
>I am a flying dog! and yes, i can talk! .I don't eat meat because i can physically feel the pain of other animals
That's an insane cast of characters for anything

No. 1944985

From here would be a valid basis for an argument that supports why it is very misogynistic that having those interests in that tif's pasted images collection makes one a man. You need to be mature and wise enough to know this, but too bad the brainrot spreads even within tif circles. It's misogynistic to us too, leaving a more vulnerable position open to lure us in into being groomed and believing these lies, moreso if we are young enough. We do not want that, but it's been half a decade we have yet gotten a chance to speak up (significantly so).

That though, leaves a hole in the reasoning why tifs are transitioning in the first place.(sage your shit)

No. 1945002

this is the kind of person you show to normies to peak them on trans people

No. 1945010

What’s there @? I can’t find the video of them talking about shitting in a male bathroom

No. 1945033

File: 1702988387440.jpeg (12.64 KB, 225x225, images.jpeg)

I'm extremely confident she's one of the Tifs trooning because of MHA (picrel).
>isn't this the asmr deku chick kek
Well that confirms my belief if so kek

No. 1945062

Guaranteed at some point in her life she's been receiving and giving head-nods and has at least once been initiated to 'dap up' but only now notices because of her hyper awareness of fake gender rituals.

No. 1945092

Tifs have latched on so hard to deku because he's a wimp crybaby just like them kek and cos his most popular ship is a yaoi one with this hothead character who bullies him. In a superhero show why wouldn't you skinwalk someone for being strong and capable, but no tif is that, so.

No. 1945107

Deku is such a lameass character like 99% of the MHA cast tbh, I don't get why TIFs latched on him, is it the low self-esteem?

No. 1945116

File: 1703006441191.jpg (123.31 KB, 1200x630, gabriel-mac-magazine-interview…)

The NY Mag troon is actually (self-reportedly) 5'10". No wonder she could pass to some extent. Hard to believe due to her silhouette, thought she's like 5'5" or 5'6". Just found this pic and she's not dead yet.

No. 1945135

he's short and somewhat feminine looking so they can imagine he's one of them

No. 1945162

That, and also the fact that he's perhaps the most "submissive" mainstream shounen character let alone protganist ever, he's incredibly meek and passive. Plus he acts like a battered housewife, constantly apologizing to his bully and expressing a desire to be friends.

No. 1945178

File: 1703014720951.png (662.09 KB, 1375x1568, qNB5nXU.png)

samefag, Usually in terms of top/bottom HC's, a main character and his rival character will typically be evenly split, causing many debates and arguments. However, this is not the case with Deku, as he is overwhelmingly portrayed as the bottom/omega in the vast majority of ships involving him.
LARPing as Deku is admission as being one of the most heterosexual woman imaginable.

No. 1945182

he's a former weakling who, due to a strong male figure believing in him, gets supercharged and surpasses a bitchy bully seme who can serve as enemies to lovers yaoi. Their dream scenario.

No. 1945187

It's the shoulders and arms that always give it away. They look like men with dwarfism.

No. 1945190

File: 1703017017789.png (10.56 KB, 648x53, Trans-Midoriya-Izuku-Works-Arc…)

He's also the most transed character on ao3 (from my own research) so that tracks.

No. 1945197

Thanks for all the discourse on this, nonas… my bff's daughter is one such Deku (wannabe) Tif, so good to know.
I'm also pleasantly surprised that the possibly most transed character 'only' has 1752 fics, which says a lot about the state of things.

No. 1945203

File: 1703019847323.png (486.95 KB, 1000x563, simon.png)

back in my old days this kiddo would have made tons of TIFs too.

No. 1945205

File: 1703020012457.png (9.95 KB, 599x47, Trans-Character-Works-Archive-…)

Oh lol that's not including every other fandom and character ever transed.
Whoops wrong pic, this is more accurate

No. 1945208

slight blog - when i was a teenager i was real big on one direction. and naturally, where there are teenage girls, there is gay male fanfiction (as we all know). these are not just cutesy vanilla fics, either. my peers were on some other shit entirely. sissification, hardcore BDSM, and everything else 15-year-old girls shouldn’t know about but did. and yet, only one girl that i met during my nine years in that fandom has become an aiden. just a couple months ago in fact. she was a super cool lead singer in a relatively popular all-female punk band for quite a while, and then after the band broke up she’s suddenly on testosterone the next time she pops up in my feed. i was so bummed.

now it could just be my specific social circle, but i don’t know. i keep up with a looot of people from back then. were the teenage girls from those days of yore simply lucky and missed the tranny cult by a few years? or are there so few of these boyband-fans-turned-totes-real-bois because men are (mostly) to blame for the tranny epidemic, and there weren’t that many men in one direction circles to infest the fandom with their ideology? i look at the girls we post here and i don’t understand why they can’t just admit they find sex between two men hot and leave it at that. the rest of us did. quite a few of my tumblr mutuals were girls who were into drawing the type of art you’d now associate with a tif. softer, more “romantic” stuff that is clearly by women, for women. quite a few of those mutuals turned out to be lesbians who were into yaoi for whatever reason - maybe they were exploring same sex relationships in a safe way through comfort “characters” (1d members); maybe they just found it hot to imagine two attractive young men having passionate sex. i don’t know. all i know is that nobody back then ever decided to strap on a curly wig and skinwalk harry styles because he fucked other men in made-up stories.

i myself consumed so much garbage and yet i turned into a relatively well-adjusted adult woman who does not need to LARP as a teenage boy to feel like a human. i was the perfect candidate for tiffing out, too - zero self esteem, no father figure, with bonafide OCD and undiagnosed autism to top it off. so what is it about anime specifically that entices women to want to look like 12-year-old boys? i never wanted to BE the members of one direction, i just wanted to fuck them, or watch them fuck each other. i never even entertained the idea of becoming a boy. why are things not that simple anymore?

sorry if this all sounds retarded, i am an autist so i could very well just be thinking too hard about it but coming to this thread from the MtF thread always gives me whiplash. the TiMs disgust me but the TiFs just fucking confuse me(Autistic blogpost)

No. 1945213

IMO, I always thought the reason this happens amongst girls that are anime fans compared to those into "real life" things (IE: boybands) was because anime almost seems more attainable? Anime is not real, so there's no true real life comparitive, therefore they can more easily choose what elements would make them a "totes real yaoi boy" compared to an actual man who looks a certain type of way and has traits that would be largely unattainable.

No. 1945215

This is interesting because my experience has been the opposite. Most 3D slash shippers are the most insistent that "x is gay" and usually the one's who end up trooning out the most for some reason, while anime shippers stay in their lane and are content with it being a hobby.

No. 1945219

NTA but can we please not deviate into another "ackshully my cooming isn't that bad" session. Take it to /g/ if you wanna play top trumps with your degeneracy.

No. 1945227

It's a social contagion the same way being emo or being anorexic were social contagions in the past. You simply missed the timeframe for when trooning out is in vogue.

No. 1945239

Late reply, just catching up on this thread but got jumpscared when I recognized the bathroom she's in because we go to the same school. The TIF situation at HWCs is so insane. We're one of the only remaining HWCs that has a "woman only" admissions policy instead of "gender marginalized folx" and TIFs here still throw a fit any time they refer to students as women or use she/her pronouns for us. At least 25% of campus is genderspecial in some way.

No. 1945243

Oh I know lol, I just mean if he's the most trooned, I was expecting a higher number.
I'm autist/OCD/anime fan/lesbian fujo too, and never considered trooning out, because it just wasn't a thing. The 'option' wasn't there, so I never considered it and never made that horrific mistake. Only thing that makes me feel better is that there is no way in hell my mother would've let me.

But I do also think that it's so rife in anime fan culture, and the women are portrayed so badly (the binary is like… 'cool androgynous man' or 'sex doll woman'), plus all the AGPs lurking around there too, so it's definitely a worse fandom to be in. At least something like 1D doesn't have a load of creepy skinwalking men involved in the fanculture.(not your personal blog)

No. 1945257

Actually to be fair it's stereotyped by personality, and Deku is surprisingly not your avg shonen protagonist whose hotheaded and confident.

No. 1945259

Bruh she doesn't look like a mtf troon

No. 1945268

Sorta relate. In my teens I would have been called a "man" like if it was an offense (then again, it WAS an offense), so that never made me think "if they call me male, then I have been a man after all". It was "if they call me male, is because to them my hobbies are ridiculous in a girl in her teens and should be mocked about it".(blog)

No. 1945269

Interesting that katekyo hitman reborn was huge in the mid-2000s fujo community yet its whiny, crybaby protag with a male friend harem never caused a mass troonout

No. 1945277

I was about to say that, he also had shitty friends and the bad guys had sexy guys, yet no one thought about "kinning" the MC or trooning put to skinwalk him or his friends.

No. 1945279

When you have a retarded social contagion that tells you can totally become your favorite heckin' anime boy or girl is when it happens. Speaking of why is it generally unacceptable and obviously cringe to emulate and make your entire life around an anime character while troons get a free pass? There's people planning their entire transition around the character they sexually imprinted on, but if you point it out you're the bad guy?

No. 1945280

In the end, being a troon is just a convenient solution to being canceled because how can you cancel the ultimate victim that's being genocided 24/7?

No. 1945281

Trooning is entirely a product of the times for straight females. Of course none of this was happening in the early 2000s. I think young gen z and gen alpha would have been safe since by the time they are old enough to understand, trannyism would become the thing "uncool adults" do just like any other fad, but unfortunately they are going after young kids on purpose to expand their cult ranks

No. 1945282

I didn't go to a women's college, I went to a super liberal co-ed university with "all-gender" restrooms where I resented getting jumpscared by a male entering at any moment. Unfortunate to think that not even exclusively women's colleges are safe from this bullshit. Women are such traitors.

No. 1945300

File: 1703039849221.jpg (138.94 KB, 763x770, Natural-Hamster-3998.jpg)

Trans widowers aren't as common as trans widows, but apparently it can happen when you get advice from r/ftm. She has also posted in r/FTMOver50 that she doesn't pass and that both she and her husband are autistic. Further post history shows she's 5'1", has given birth (no other mention of kids), and thinks that amputations can be therapeutic for people with body integrity dysphoria. It's hard to wrap my mind around how someone can be in such a juvenile echo chamber of a community in their 50's and make drastic decisions to blow up their life like this.

No. 1945303

she thinks SHE'S being used by HIM?? he sounds like he was just trying to find a way to cope with his wife trooning out, and stay together with someone he cares about.
>I want to radically upend my life well past my midlife crisis with a man i've been married to for half of my life, but he's in the wrong for not immediately acquiescing to everything i demand of him
i wouldn't have thought tifs would be as self centred and self righteous as tims but apparently they can be

No. 1945309

Tifs at hwcs are absolute nightmares. One of them tried to fight against sharing a scholarship opportunity for poor women of color because the organization had the word "women" in it.

No. 1945311

you know, this just means one more woman free from a moid and i'm OK with that kek
and you're a retard sped for siding with a man who seemingly instead of telling her to seek help would rather sexually satisfy himself even though she's too manly for him. so yes, she actually is being used by him, even if she's probably unhinged.

No. 1945312

>he doesn't want to have sex with me because he doesn't like my body hair but happily took a blow job
Sounds like a regular moid I don't get it

No. 1945315

Yes, he was using her sexually even though he doesn't like her anymore, and you're siding with a geriatric moid.

No. 1945318

OT but what band was she in? I am always terrified of my precious female fronters transing and I need to know so I can mourn accordingly.

No. 1945320

she thinks that if she’s hairy it makes her a man so it’s gay. She thinks he’s a gay man engaged in gay sex.

No. 1945322

for real. Those dumb libfem accepting, exclusivity is important type of women who kissed tranny ass ruined it for everyone. We need segregation back for so many women only spaces. It's so frustrating.

No. 1945334

Tora & Magnetroon isn't good enough for TIFs? The series have literal trans-identified characters in them and yet TIFs want to make Deku a troon…

No. 1945337

>girls don't like led zeppelin and kingdom hearts

No. 1945349

File: 1703057275306.png (539.21 KB, 816x509, Screenshots_2023-12-20-10-23-4…)

why are troons and their handmaidens so obsessed with making everything obese and ugly? picrel is something i found on Pinterest (watermark says 'tsiirockin' i think) vs the actual michael afton. (well, technically just the most popular version, but those pixelated models weren't fat either kek)

No. 1945353

Projection. TIFs should stick to their uncle stans and leave the rare cute characters to normal women.

No. 1945363

File: 1703060967402.png (1.02 MB, 1200x816, 1640172233022.png)

She's nasty the original article is the most deranged thing
An extract:
>I second-guessed myself constantly. I’m asexual (yes, you can be asexual and have a boyfriend), and what that means for me is my penis was just for me. So what was even the point of having a lot of it? Was I greedy? Crazy? Weeks before my procedure, I got a block of clay and sat meditating and molding by feel, letting my body answer.
>The resulting phallus was the exact size I’d been requesting. For days, I lay on the floor on and off in the sunlight coming into my living room, asking my ancestors and transcestors for guidance. Some people might kill for this kind of access and choice. Certainly many, many, many, many people have died in the fight for it.
>One night, I woke up from a dead sleep, and all I heard was: Take the big dick.

>So I did.

A runner up was the article where she prior to transition had rough sex to cope with trauma of helping a rape victim.
She got critiqued a lot for it

No. 1945367

Also there new site is pretty crazy
Stands for faggot which whenever
>it seems they've been having a mental health episode for more than a decade and everyone is just cheering them on

No. 1945368

jfc that is grim. i don’t know the context behind this person but i saw this on the front page and just got so sad.

No. 1945372

Yeah. I found her site just recently and am shocked to discover her height (if it is even true) tho. Maybe it saved her from getting the most shit since she passes the least and looks the most uncanny (but considering tifs are usually fat and dumpy).
Crazy for even a tif.

No. 1945373

This is weird but I think this might be someone self inserting. If you took away the context, most people would assume this is a self portrait, god knows why she would want to kin/self insert as a child murderer but that's aidens for ya

No. 1945374

Theres a incest abortion story on there with gross pics of what they look like now
>I'm not sure if the stories are real or fake
Either way its pretty messed up

No. 1945377

They also had some article on mental health that they got interviewed for cspan

No. 1945386

I love how after all the extreme body mods she's still a heterosexual woman servicing a man she's not attracted to for the sake of social pressure and good girl points. There's no rebellion in her heart.

No. 1945395

The shoulders of a tall woman looks like those of a 155+-cm moid, no wonder it looks so fucking off putting. Tall TIFs are not immune.

No. 1945401

Either that or an embarrassing thing they did in their early teens. I know a few older gen alpha TIFs. It's highly doubtful they will stay that way. What 15 year old wants to be like their 11 year old self?

>It was embedded directly into my tissues the time my father raped me when I was four years old and said it was what happens to little boys.
A quote from the incest abortion story that makes me think it's not true. Why would he say that, when she was a girl? She really needs to learn to edit. A lot of that was totally pointless fluff.

No. 1945420

dollskin is the name of her band. i was just creeping on their instagram and i should’ve seen it coming from a mile away but i was so sure she was just an edgy woman grrr i need this shit to fucking end

No. 1945431

File: 1703077877998.png (1.66 MB, 804x2048, kqgsBcn.png)

nothing is good enough for these losers.

No. 1945433

What kind of help does she need? She makes it sound as if she is in danger because her roommate would theoretically date a TIF. Maybe she should move in with one of those "socialized as a woman" TIMs and tell us how that will work out. And how is it bordering on "chaser" and making her uncomfortable? I doubt she is interested in dating her paranoid ass. You know you can tell who was socialized as what just by reading their posts, no man would react like she did.

No. 1945438

>lesbian says she’d theoretically be willing to date a TIF based on her personality
Does chaser just mean anyone who might genuinely be attracted to a trans-identified person without having to be pressured into it? I can understand wanting to avoid “chasers” who are pornsick moids because pornsick moids are repulsive and potentially dangerous but a lesbian who thinks she could still be attracted to delulu women with bad haircuts is no danger to anyone.

No. 1945443

She got helped out of homelessness by her terf coworker and is throwing a huge fit bc she said she'd be fine dating a tif. embarrassing. ungrateful. I wonder if she'd be throwing a fit about "chasers" if a moid took her in. Of course not because it would be perfectly fine if a moid misgenders her and "breeds" her for some kink, right?

No. 1945444

Yeah, I wonder about that too, and really gives a bad image to trannies if you think about it, because then what? Everyone needs to completely ignore but also acknowledge the fact that trannies exist, but only in the ways that the trannies wants to be acknowledged, which could be offensive to other trannies, which means you will get labeled as either a terf or a chaser depending on how the trannies in the vicinity feels like labeling you.
Like what's even the point of interacting with those people at all? Whatever you do (from looking around to leaving a place) or say (from compliments to mentions of random things) will be used against you.

No. 1945463

It’s all about playing along but not TOO much. Only when it suits them. By saying she’s T4T she’s practically admitting to being a LARPing lesbian who only dates other LARPing lesbians who won’t challenge their shared fantasy world. Anyone who doesn’t play along with the LARP is a transphobe and normal lesbians who don’t play along but still like her underneath the costume are “chasers”. Which is ironic because OP is the one for whom being trans is a prerequisite to having a relationship; terf roomie made it clear she could take or leave the costume stuff. If OP isn’t a chaser, would she be open to dating a “gay” “cis” man? Or are “cis” women and trans men the only two options for her? If so, why? Does she not see trans men as men, or is she only interested in “men” when they’re trans? Hmmmmm

(I’m assuming she’s a lesbian because I’ve never seen a straight TIF claim to be T4T. If a TIF does end up in a relationship with a TIM it’s because he trooned out later or she was coerced into it. Women do not seek out TIMs to date but TIFs do seek out other TIFs).

No. 1945468

File: 1703088610247.jpeg (Spoiler Image,484.48 KB, 2048x1536, IMG_3976.jpeg)

Spoiler for gross top surgery.
Was browsing a tattoo artist's portfolio and this popped up. I am so shocked that someone who got surgery with such bad results chose to get a tattoo directly in that area. Where are the nipples?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1945471

How is she a chaser when it doesn't even sound like she'd WANT to date a TIF, just would if she had no other options from the sounds of it.
>I don't think trans women were socialised as men
It doesn't matter what you think, they either were or they weren't and most troon out later in life. Also wtf do trans kids have to do with this?

No. 1945472

what exactly did the surgery accomplish??? she still has tits LMFAO just ass ugly scars and no nips

No. 1945473

File: 1703088863904.jpg (603.75 KB, 1080x1706, 1000003047.jpg)

Wild that you didn't include what she LOOKS like kek

No. 1945474

don't you know? REAL men don't have nipples

No. 1945475

This is a classic botched surgery. It's not that she still has tits, or better she does, but surgeon don't actually remove all of the tissue so the fat expands again. Testosterone, unless they work out or are skinny as fuck, makes them eat more and they regain the fat in the area, sitting in the lower part like a fat pocket, Ezra Butler is going to have the same results.

No. 1945477

I can only assume you were looking at their portfolio for entertainment because that tattoo is almost as bad as those surgery results.

No. 1945479

Isn’t that another user, and she’s just sharing the post?

No. 1945480

Why do her shoulders look bigger on the left

No. 1945482

File: 1703090440268.png (75.52 KB, 652x710, 0v2va.png)

no matter how many bad decisions you've made in your entire life, at least you can be proud of the fact that you've never been this, a fujoshi transman MRA.

No. 1945483

Is that the woman a few threads back that trooned out because of sexual trauma that wasn't even hers to begin with or I'm confusing with someone else? Cus that was truly sick, a whole different level of mental illness

No. 1945486

Nothing was said about trans men nor gay men specifically. It's about all men. It's the TIF's own choice to identify with the more violent sex. You got your cake now eat it.

No. 1945491

>"men literally kill women because of misogyny"
>"omg you can't say that because this is so mean to me who is a trans man also it's homophobic somehow"
Thank god I'll never be this fucking brain dead

No. 1945495

Every time I see a new form of botched surgery I assumed it's some new "enby" surgery. Like this one could be "removing the nipples but keeping the breasts" because the nipples are the naughty part that can't be seen so in their mind they could just be shirtless if they didn't have nipples. Wouldn't be the same as a topless woman, because they're "not women" and they don't have the part that "should be hidden". They're autists most of the time so I guarantee at least some of them have actually done this on purpose.

No. 1945506

Honestly, if she wasn't a gendie, she'd look like someone's quirky aunt. She's a dorky, middle-aged woman with short hair who enjoys crafts, and there's nothing wrong with that. You'd think by that age, women would know to just embrace who they are instead of chasing after whatever trends are going on with people half their age.

No. 1945509

This is one of those rare cases when I can't actually tell what sex the person is. The behavior says TiF, but the Neanderthal brow ridge says TiM.

No. 1945510

>she and her husband are autistic.
Doubt it. She probably self diagnosed from two tik tok videos she saw. I'm sorry but I find really hard to actually believe people that from the get go say "I'm autistic" like it's quirk

No. 1945511

"Inclusivity means giving leeway to murderers and rapists because they are men" is an interesting take. Surely this won't bite her in the ass one day. I don't think a rapist murderer is interested in her mlm alignment.
>you're reactionary for pointing out male violence against women

No. 1945514


The way they elevate shit that offends them into being this serious. I swear to got there's not reasoning with them. It's also why I refuse to be friends with them.

No. 1945515

Kiribaku is the superior ship because they actually get along and Kirishima isn't an annoying woobie crybaby. But TiFs always go for the ships that ate basically just abusive straight relationships in terms of dynamics because they're the same types of straight women who would've gushed over Edward Cullen's abusive stalker ass if they had been born ten years earlier. They just love the idea of a "bad boy" emotionally and physically abusing a vulnerable partner because that's what straight women have been indoctrinated to find titillating.

No. 1945517

nayrt but you definitely see straight tifs who call themselves t4t, usually the ones who date low-effort "enby" moids

No. 1945518

Love how at the end she basically acknowledges that TiFs are socialized female, but that "cis" people aren't allowed to mention it. Also love how she ostensibly describes a woman liking vagina as "sick," how woke.

No. 1945520

These nlog bitches aren't woke. They're the most asleep MFS alive.

No. 1945521

T4T usually means one of three things
>AGPs and AAPs settling for being prison gay because lesbians and gay men are repulsed by them respectively.
>Dating someone they're not actually attracted to because they're narcissists who prioritize validation over their own sexualities and refuse to date outside the hugbox
>Straight couple who drank the kool-aid together

No. 1945525

The invocation of trans kids was weird to me, like isn't her entire anger centered around how her roommate likes vagina? WTF does that have to do with kids?

No. 1945526

Her point was that trans kids could be socialized as one way so to assume is basically a hate crime. Honestly though, I've noticed the time to be more out there and dress more provocatively while the kids are more reserved. Also you're right, the roommate made the mistake of assuming her not wanting girl dick with it's "special mouthfeel" was ok and implied due to being a lesbian

No. 1945534

Example #4546986897 of why going no contact with troons is the only way forward. No matter what you say or do, it will be held against you. Don't fuck troons? Bigot. Do fuck troons? Chaser. Ignore trans problems? Cis scum never care. Acknowledge trans problems? Keep your cis nose out of troon business! These people are impossible to deal with and should be left to rot.

No. 1945536

Also, even the ones who transition young act like their biological sex. Kim Petras, Hunter Schaefer, Jazz Jennings: they're all entitled with weird attitudes towards sex and women. They basically act like preteen boys. Believe it or not, socialization begins before a baby is even born. Research has shown that women behave differently when they think they're carrying a male baby versus when they think their baby is female. Socialization runs really, really deep.

No. 1945537

This has been posted before. Blocked and Reported did a whole episode about this crazy bitch.

No. 1945538

Not to derail too much but I hope they're not being more reckless with a girl baby or something

No. 1945539

I wonder if OP omitted details to garner more sympathy? What she wrote kind of makes her roommate sound polilez, but it wouldn't sound polilez if she mentioned having socialization in common with other women as a benefit of her exclusive same-sex attraction rather than the cause. It also seems suspicious that OP doesn't mention what prompted her roommate to say that.

No. 1945540

that tranny is just a homophobic straight woman who thinks the "predaratory" lesbian is going to rape her. if she was living with a man she would jump at the opportunity to choke on his cock. she wouldn't mind the misgendering then.

No. 1945546

It's subtle, but you can see it in the way expectant mothers talk about the baby when they believe they know what the sex is. They ascribe different personality traits to it and such. It's similar to how people gender inanimate objects (boats are often gendered female, for instance.) The mother may make conscientious dietary decisions knowing that male babies demand more nutrients, for instance.

No. 1945547

>choke on his cock
Gross, don't talk like a moid.

No. 1945562

Was about to say the same anon.

No. 1945596

Not keeping the nipples is common. One of the reasons is because it takes longer to heal if they keep them, and because they're all teenagers with the attention-span of a TikTok they can't conceive of waiting an extra couple of months for something that will be there for the rest of their life.
There's also ones that don't want nipple-pops because trying to desexualise, and ofc the nonbinary ones. I wonder if some do it to be more 'anime' though…

No. 1945602

in fairness bishonen michael on the right probably also isn't scott's vision

No. 1945604

least clockable tif

No. 1945619

She's claiming a kid who transitions as a teen wasn't socialized female kek. They sometimes act like socialization happens at puberty as if female toddlers aren't literally disciplined for acting like children. Or as if a teenage transdom causes you to be mostly male socialized in life and reverse what's happened before even if you're definitely less than double the age since "living" male.
So basically this was her attempt at a "gotcha". She's saying a tiffany who transitioned in highschool is actually the same as a regular dude so if you date tiffanies you're not actually guaranteeing a female socialized partner trying to poke holes in the roommate's logic on top of the transphobia gymnastics. It just shows how little they actually understand gender and socialization in the first place

No. 1945625

He's not really a child murderer, his father is

No. 1945631

File: 1703114230146.jpeg (652.82 KB, 828x1370, IMG_7912.jpeg)

>gotten a lot of flack for this

Hmmmmm I wonder why

No. 1945665

"if you're just a woman or just a man this design isn't about you". Right, like TRAs will pay for postcards when they're the first to do gofundme to pay the rent.

No. 1945751


I don't feel bad for the scrote. He whines about her hairy legs because they are too 'manly'(and women naturally grow leg hair, btw) but is more than happy to accept some fellatio. He wants his maid and chef to stay around, he does not love her, he loves what she does for him and he's an older scrote so he also wants a hospice wife.

No. 1945768

Are you positive this is a TiF and not just someone who had a mastectomy because of cancer? I'm assuming it's a TiF and you cropped out her face/identifying information, but I figured I'd ask just in case your picrel was the only context you had.

No. 1945771

>Why do so many of you despise gay men?
Not gay men specifically, just men in general. Gay men are not exempt from being criticized for misogyny simply because they're gay. That's like saying it's homophobic to hold someone accountable for being racist if they happen to be gay. I can support the right of gay men to fuck and marry whoever they want while also telling them to fuck off for calling women "cunts" and "fishy." Too many gay men have got it into their heads that sucking cock is a pass to be misogynistic and it needs to stop. They should be held to the same standards as any other scrote.

No. 1945774

This feels like it goes full-circle and is somehow troonphobic in its misguided attempt to pander. I thought the party line was that "twans wimmin are wimmin!1!" not that "some men are women." The ideology says that you can't acknowledge that a trans person is anything other than their current identity, so saying that some men are women sounds like it's obliquely implying that all trannies are both. I guarantee you that at least one of the negative responses the artist got came from an offended troon for this exact reason.

No. 1945775

The thing is she has no idea what men in general are like, let alone gay men are alike, I mean look at her pfp, it's zagreus x thanatos

No. 1945776

I don't doubt that, but Thanatos and Zagreus aren't actually yaoi, they just end up a couple as one of the possible endings in an otherwise normal video game. I'm pretty sure they're voiced by gay moids, too. You're right that she probably gets her idea of what men are like from fiction. I often wonder how likely TiFs are to have older brothers, because that's a good way to immediately know what men are actually like from a young age. All of the TiFs are know were the oldest siblings or only children.

No. 1945791

Yup and she has a new website >>1945367

No. 1945853

NTA I looked it up and it's a premium episode. Does anyone have any idea how to find it for free?

No. 1945860

this has gone full circle lmao, straight up admitting that troons will never change their sex, we don't even need our own manifestations, they already discriminate in between themselves

No. 1945874

File: 1703170020987.gif (16.82 KB, 220x164, 1000004071.gif)

I knew a TiF who was the oldest daughter but her younger brother was non-functioning autistic masterbates in public at random and can't form coherent sentences. Wait she also had a much older step brother she never wanted to talk about, I just keep looking back and wondering how much of that affected her trooning out. She killed herself a couple years back, but we lost contact some time prior. I still feel so guilty as if I could have done something to stop her but I long since tried and she insisted the girl I was friends with growing up was already dead when she became her ""true self""

No. 1945900

File: 1703175758453.jpg (385.06 KB, 1079x1007, Screenshot_20231221_172221_Pho…)

I bet she could've used hearing this

No. 1945901

honestly her tiffing out could be related to the typical boomer marriage. Imagine being told your whole life servitude to a man you're not attracted to and having no personality is just what women are designed to be and suddenly you're told you can stop trying to be a "woman" cause you're actually a man aka free. If this boomer moid hadn't been a leech her whole life and made her hate being a woman he wouldn't be here. I bet you he expected his wife dressed to the nines every day he came home from work with dinner on the table. Let him be an adult for himself now, his sexual selfishness is just representative of his attitude for her. Women's lives shorten caring for husbands

No. 1945916

Christ that sounds so horrid.

No. 1945960

Most TIFs that I know are eldest daughters.

No. 1945971

That is so sad, I’m sorry anon. I also used to have a close friend who became a TIF after high school. We lost contact but I periodically stalk her instagram to see how she’s doing - and a decade later she’s still complaining about TERFs and misgendering and how hard it is to be taken seriously as a true and honest gay man. She hasn’t posted anything in about a month, and I’m always worried when she goes dark that it means she’s killed herself.

No. 1946051

"Gender Affirming Care Saves Lives!"

Y'know, ignoring the 41% suicide rate, the roughly 20% detransitions and they 1 in 4 chance that they're trans has any indication that it's a false narrative.

No. 1946055

File: 1703214055616.jpg (302.66 KB, 694x1256, 20231221_205800.jpg)

>requires men who lie to her about being gay for sex for validation
>is sent spiraling by one man finally being honest with her
Girl, get a grip. This shit is pathetic

No. 1946058

This post is so pathetic it sounds like satire, but you just know those comments are gonna be full of "if he likes you that's gay!" cope and refusal to believe desperate straight men (aka most men) will absolutely use Grindr if it means easy sex.

No. 1946059

Reminds me of a BPD TiF I came across on tumblr. She had big self harm cuts up her arms and all over her chest, stomach, and back. She would complain about muh validation but I genuinely felt so bad for her. She would write paragraphs about how much she hated herself too. Wonder how she’s doing now tbh.

No. 1946061

I could see an explosion of straight men using grindr for ftms not because they like them or anything, literally just out of desperation, especially the ones who don't really pass well.

No. 1946063

There was a mass debate on kiwi farms about this very topic. Some argued that it was immoral, others said it was a perfectly good thing for both parties. Either way, I find it funny as hell.

No. 1946064

it's good for the men and shit for the women, as casual sex always is. in my heart i know the ftms dont believe the man is seeing them as another man. i know they are constantly wondering if it's just a straight man looking for easy pussy.

No. 1946067

I'm lucky enough to not have seen a single retarded tif claim ttgl for themselves, specially because they show delves into the concept of manhood a lot and having to watch a genderspecial girl try to embody all of it while failing would be the end of me.

No. 1946070

Is she not also looking for easy dick? She wouldn't be on Grindr otherwise

No. 1946071

No. 1946072

She's looking to have sex with gay men that in of itself is extremely homophobic and she deserves to be disillusioned. But I'm sure she's gonna go back to her one man conversation therapy camp ways and whine on twitter about how gay men need to shut up and put their dick in her pussy.

No. 1946075

Both TIMs and TIFs are homophobic. But I find it interesting that TIMs will go into lesbian spaces and yell that everyone who won’t suck their girldick is a terf, while TIMs will go into gay spaces and just quietly delude themselves the men who sleep with them are 100% gay. The gender socialization can’t help but leap forth kek

No. 1946077

>i don't sleep with straight men

Instantly know she's not a gay man, because gay men will literally sleep with any man on earth that isn't downright revolting

No. 1946087

Kek gay men would just assume they were dl

No. 1946088

lol right? Gay men notoriously love sleeping with straight men as a “challenge.” And they won’t turn down a bi man either. It shows deep down she knows she isn’t a gay man, and is just avoiding any situation that may threaten her delusions.

No. 1946101

It's just a fetish. They call closeted men straight as a fetish, and the actual straight men they have sex with they often are very pushy to and even though the straight men are cagey and refuse to look at them or see them as anything other than a grotesque fleshlight, they dont care because they see it as a conquest.

No. 1946113

congratulations for shaming an obvious cis woman breast cancer survivor because you're a terminally online moron. anyone who actually knows what a masectomy looks like can tell this wasn't one done for top surgery, she still clearly has breasts, even by "botched" top surgery standards.

even with retard >>1945475's reasoning, this persons waist as seen in the bottom of the photo is skinnier than it is fat. even if this person was gorging themselves their waist would be obese before their tits "grew back" post masectomy.

you browsing a tattoo artists portfolio which would have no identifying information about this person in addition only furthers the obvious, that you made a gross assumption and just posted a breast cancer survivors scar coverup tattoo to lolcow.

critically think next time. this is gross.

No. 1946116

NTA but has it been reported already.

No. 1946132

File: 1703228834906.png (868.69 KB, 864x853, tiffy.png)

i thought this girl was just a regular tomboy alt girl but nope, she just had to be a tif. talk about disappointing.
>calls herself dude but has the girliest mannerisms
>is heavily into body modification like most tifs
>considers herself in a gay relationship with her boyfriend
>thinks thirsting over anime men on twitter constitutes as gay behaviour (not pictured)
>considers faggot to be a slur that can't be used by icky "cishets" because it doesn't belong to them
>…it doesn't belong to her either
i think the weirdest thing this girl does is that she sells prints of her topless body (the dysphoria one) at conventions. who the fuck is buying that except for perverts? she really thinks she's being artistic and progressive. we live in SEA but even western queer gendie bs has made its way here, though i have noticed it mostly happens in the capital where it's more modern and westernized. i'm praying for the trans trend to die out before it completely spreads everywhere

No. 1946133

>we live in SEA
Thailand? cause I see a lot asian TIFs always being from thailand for some reason

No. 1946148

She looks Malay or Indonesian, which if either is true make kinda sense.

No. 1946150

Type less like a twitterfag and integrate next time

No. 1946152

If she truly had the brain of a gay man she’d be using her female body to sleep with as many straight men as possible and would be crowing about it. That’s what a gay man bodyswapped into a female body would do and it’s what HSTSs try to do. She’s clearly trying but she’s still far more concerned with these men’s feelings and opinions of her than any man would be in that situation. I hope she doesn’t get hurt.

No. 1946190

File: 1703247284282.jpg (27.51 KB, 382x383, GB6xw8pW4AA1QOM.jpg)

>"Realizing" being trans
>Join heavy mentally ill people group where they reject femininity in every form
>"Nonconforming trans male" (so a nlog)
>Get kicked out because she's too triggering, when in reality she just wants the special pronouns without any effort
>Waaahh Wahhh, toxic masculinity!! Wahh

Can't they be more retarded.

No. 1946195

File: 1703248097011.jpg (141.87 KB, 764x766, 0H4CRPBWT84hbb.jpg)

No. 1946197

File: 1703248302098.jpg (137.45 KB, 764x766, 0HefCEou64r6Tb.jpg)

No. 1946199

every tif i've known irl has a backstory, lost many friends to trooning out. one girl who ended up believing she's a "gay man", when our moms met her mom said "i wanted another boy" (she had two older brothers, the "favorite child" was her eldest gay brother). so she had a boymom and a controlling father who would get mad when she cut her hair. my gay coworker who went to the same high school ended up finding her grindr profile a few years ago.

No. 1946201

that’s because they have to project their troon fantasy onto every little thing because no one actually takes them seriously

No. 1946203

I can recognize her Homestuck roots from miles away

No. 1946215

The doodles are so ugly and lazy ffs

No. 1946229

File: 1703255361911.png (32.69 KB, 252x270, Screenshot 2023-12-22 063036.p…)

why does her depiction of herself look like this

No. 1946243

Of course they “Get each other.” They’re both spicy straights. The delusion is strong here.

No. 1946283

Both of these are accurate, which is bizarre. It's like she went from larping her tranny Johnvris lovechild OC to identifying as a furry-influenced queer theorist version of Stonetoss.

No. 1946325

Hopefully this will peak her. Why would you want to hang with such a rigid group of people

No. 1946411

can't stop laughing at the pre-dysphoria "hyper-masc" self, the delusion of these women

No. 1946466

Nah, back in the ol' days these TIFs would be called "truscrum", and seeing the comments, most of them are still supporting at the idea that a TIF is a TIF no matter how many skirts and make up she wears.

No. 1946471

File: 1703303899090.png (237.02 KB, 588x524, udderlunacy.PNG)

how does this even make sense

No. 1946478

File: 1703305437142.jpg (46.09 KB, 500x382, e080082ed6d202db86abd11c88d3ef…)

Satyrs are exclusivity males in Greek culture, so the equivalent would be a nymph. Either she has no idea about Greek culture or used the Roman one. Still, that's not even how a cesarean scar looks like, neither if they had "udders".

No. 1946510

Men bully other men for being effeminate all the time so I don't know what she was expecting? No wonder her friend group was other retarded women because if she'd tried this with a male friend group she'd get laughed at even harder. In fact she's literally getting laughed at by moids in the quotes now

No. 1946548

File: 1703323267669.jpg (502.92 KB, 1069x1393, Screenshot_20231223_162012_Chr…)

Her brainrot is severe

No. 1946555

File: 1703328873962.jpeg (Spoiler Image,36.83 KB, 466x659, 03085E20-4C24-4F33-93CC-A6B8E5…)

The right isn’t supposed to look like a cesarean scar, anon. It’s meant to look like the removal of the mammary tissue in a bovine udder leaving a smooth appearance, the imagined “before” to this “after” would look like picrel (spoiler for furfaggotry). Retarded either way.

No. 1946563

Lmao, I love that a girl that doesn't wear make up is at the same level of non conformity as all the silly trannie gendies.
A cis girl? Not wearing make up? How scandalous!

No. 1946590

File: 1703341930144.jpg (910.89 KB, 1080x1867, IMG_20231223_163011.jpg)

I'm honestly so curious where they get this idea that trannies are getting killed left and right from. Also kek'd at the flower tit scars

No. 1946593

"cis girl who doesn't wear makeup" "nonconforming" nonnas, is the newborn baby girl 3 seconds out of the womb nonconforming for not being caked in chemicals?

No. 1946600

>all female characters
>thinks that "men" having long hair is gnc
>not wearing makeup is gnc
>women having boobs is gnc
>turning into a chicken is gnc

No. 1946601

I have never met a woman who turned into a chicken.

No. 1946604

No. 1946606

Sometimes I want to draw how tifs think they look like because this is just ridiculous looking as fuck. Like yeah, cool, flower titscars like the whole flower disease Tumblr thing, but why the demon stuff? Kek, it's just fetish play at the end of the day.

No. 1946607

File: 1703345209966.png (50.34 KB, 326x312, Screenshot 2023-12-23 10.26.53…)

No. 1946619

Silly anon, if the girl toddler doesn't want everything in pink and doesn't want to wear princess dresses with a full face of make-up then she's obviously a boy, duh

No. 1946626

IIRC there’s an actual psychiatrist (or some other very influential TRA) who says that baby girls ripping barrettes out of their hair and baby boys unsnapping their onesies is a sign that they’re trans.

No. 1946631

I remembered, it was Diane Ehrensaft. Who was also one of the main instigators of the Satanic Panic, which targeted female daycare workers and scared many working mothers into giving up their jobs and going back to being SAHMs. This woman has done so much damage.

No. 1946632

The demon thing smacks of Homestuck fangirls to me.
Omg, wtf at that legacy.
Omg (again) they cut fat off the stomach to make antlers (like phallo logic)? Do they seriously think antlers are made of fat…? Or is this a partial rib removal?!

No. 1946636

regarding >>1946471 I just assumed she meant the scars are antler shaped since TIFs are obsessed with having noticeable zippertits.

No. 1946637

Women not wearing makeup is GNC, though. And men having long hair is GNC in some cultures, too. GNC doesn't mean trans, and it doesn't mean performing the exact opposite gender roles, it just means not conforming to the gender roles ascribed to people of your sex.
In the case of women, our natural state (no makeup, no shaving) is GNC, because unnatural states (makeup, shaving) are socially expected of us. The TIF artist is still retarded for thinking that a woman who performs femininity is GNC if she claims to be a man, among other things, but not everything she said was wrong.

No. 1946645

File: 1703360465338.png (405.25 KB, 816x1156, Screenshots_2023-12-23-22-26-0…)

nonnas i think ive just found the funniest thing on earth

No. 1946657

I know it was meant to be an udder removed, but doe do not have udders like that. Besides, I noticed the anatomy is exactly like a man, with chest scars. Why TIFs are so afraid to draw feminine bodies? (We know why, but still).

No. 1946658

File: 1703364273118.gif (1.98 MB, 345x260, 1535301769469.gif)

last updated: 2022.

No. 1946697

we did it, we finally found a tif webcomic uglier than what happens next

No. 1946766

Why the fuck does the one on the left have boobs and udders? They're the same thing, the fuck sense does that make.

No. 1946767

File: 1703402838332.png (342.71 KB, 1752x913, 9EF89B30-D886-476A-9E1F-960727…)

Ok she actually draws herself as a bird thing, it just looks unusual without any colour

No. 1946770

Nah. For TIFs it's
>men having boobs is gnc
because they actually see themselves and other TIFs character as men, at least the ones that are more dissociated than the others and aren't trutrans. So they see a TIF having boobs and they think it's like a fat man having boobs or those bara drawings where someone very muscular will have a chest that reassembles boobs

No. 1946771

File: 1703403176706.gif (500.21 KB, 500x280, url.gif)

>They misgendered my oc!!1!!

No. 1946772

Then again from the way she draws I have the feeling she's 14 so it's not comparable at all to what happens next

No. 1946775

>risking your health with one night stands solely for ~le validation~
Bippie moment

No. 1946776

She said herself that she's looking for validation. She wants gay men to fuck her because it reinforces her delusion that she's a True and Honest man, not purely because she wants sex.

No. 1946780

Genuinely who the fuck is calling TiFs monsters. They have panic attacks when baristas call then "ma'am." The only trannies getting called monsters are murderous TiMs like Dana Rivers.

No. 1946795

Have any of you encountered a TiF who basically agreed with radical feminism and GC feminism but…. Is a TiF anyways? I am actually extremely confused by this because I have encountered them.
I’ll discuss the most recent one. She’ll be really into GNC characters, say women and men are more than just stereotypes, how women are uniquely oppressed for our biology, the general stuff… then it’s like. Ok? So what made you think you were a man? She says she just “feels like a man” but I can’t get her to tell me what that even means since it contradicts everything else she believes. Is she just taking the easy way out? She recognizes how shit women have it and wants to liberate herself? I can’t grill her or push bad too hard.
Sorry this was mostly a blog post but I’d like nonnas to tell me their theories and give some examples of others if you’ve seen them.

No. 1946797

I have and I get the same response. It makes me think they just have body dysmorphia but heard about the symptoms of troonage first. Like how do they think normal women feel as women. We just are

No. 1946804

>rib removal to achieve antlers
I didn't even think of it at first and was confused but now that you said it it makes sense. Imagine being so mentally ill you end up glorifying rib removal, absolutely bleak. Also reminded me of the type of phalloplasty where they literally take a bone out of your leg to bury inside the skin hotdog, just the thought of it makes my legs ache.

No. 1946807

The evidence I get for troonism is shit every single woman I’ve spoken to has struggled with and had to process with in some way. Being traumatized over how your body is perceived is a universal woman experience actually and has almost nothing to do with being a man on the inside. I doubt any man has entertained half the shit most teen girls go through, not even as thought experiments. So weird girl, you’re not special we are ALL in this shit but you thought you found a cheat code out.

No. 1946812

it's possible some people just have an intrinsic biological fault in their brain that makes them strongly and irrationally believe they're opposite sex, we know relatively little about how the brain actually works. There are also plenty of religious women who are very articulate about how misogynistic their religion is, but still fundamentally believe that God is Real, i think it could be a bit like that given how spiritual the belief in gender is. I've come across a number of tifs who really surprised me with how knowledgeable and reasonable they were.

No. 1946823

I think only women are capable of having religious or religious type beliefs, faith, dedication, basically believing in some kind of greater cause outside of yourself, even something that would cause you a material and spiritual disadvantage.
Men would not follow any religion that isn’t explicitly catered towards their earthly interests and satisfies their egos in some way.

Maybe this is why I have encountered very progressive TiFs in regards to feminism and the effects of misogyny (on the basis of sex). I have yet to meet a TiM who was critical of gender roles or transgenderism who wasn’t a closeted chaser pickme or trying to run damage control. Seriously, I have not met a single one who didn’t fly into an apoplectic rage when seriously pressed on the issue, even if they claim to be “critical” of it. As soon as you threaten the basis of THEIR identity and privilege their emotions overwhelm them and they predictably display male pattern violence/violent ideations.

No. 1946832


No. 1946834

fentanyl mixed I cocaine charged as dual drug offence caught white driving. Kalvin is not detransitioning just finding it hard to get test, still seeing a doctor for bottom surgery.

No. 1946835

ug ow did that happen. The prison stay was only one night.

No. 1946848

>troon doe women want antlers to feel like real bucks
>reindeer women: are we a fucking joke to you?

No. 1946877

File: 1703433075668.jpg (44.65 KB, 720x479, 7777785584.jpg)

My exact thoughts.

No. 1946900

The genocide delusion started in America. I have no idea how, but according to gaydens the southern states are just brimming with concentration camps run by white evangelical radfems. Gaydens are terminally online and so even the ones across the Atlantic in the UK are slinking around in fear of yee haw cowboy flavoured churchfag death squads from Oklahoma or some shit who are hunting them down

No. 1946911

Do not forget the gaydens wanting to leave Florida for the genocide as well because is dangerous for troons in general… Even if Florida is dangerous in general.

No. 1946914

File: 1703440437306.jpeg (Spoiler Image,18.04 KB, 275x450, Ladysatyr.jpeg)

In her defense, some art describe the satyress with or without antlers, even a male satyr might or not have them. The thing that bothers me is that they have male bodies, no female bodies. Yes, there are woman with wide shoulders, but the artist made them look like straight men, no women with high level of T.

picrel, a sculpture of a satyress without her antlers (in spoiler just in case).

No. 1946927

File: 1703443748928.png (843.07 KB, 1124x1242, TTjmc3W.png)

She's also a prison abolitionist as well.

No. 1946928

>genocide delusion
Ever since an actual mass killing started happening they've been real quiet about that though, which is something. To make that event all about them though they're all posting cutesy tiktoks about reading the quran kek. I want them to put their money where their mouth is and come to a Muslim country and get treated the way so many of us have been. I want them to shut up.

No. 1946935

Ayrt you can just go down south and not be rounded up into a camp. That's what I don't understand about these people, no hick in blah blah bumblefuck texas is flying into a homicidal rage at the sight of a fat thembie in a cosplay wig. They don't even go rabid for regular irl gay men it doesn't make sense

No. 1946936

I have and I genuinely think those TIFs only continue their transition because it gives them a hope that things will be better as men. Like they understand how as women, even if they accept what they're experiencing applies to other women, they'll be stuck feeling like this because they cant escape it. If there's an escape from misogyny it will take long for it to happen and they might not even be alive at that time.

No. 1946937

Maybe if YOU were at gun point too your view would change. Because you're so narcissistic that unless something you dislike happens to you, it's not a bad thing. But when it does happen to you, that's when it becomes bad

No. 1946938

My point stands because even when she tried to make an argument here she talks about transphobia first and then she adds "racism too I guess". She thought, first of all, to talk about something that directly concerns her. And then she ends it with gay men, which she also thinks she's a part of. You're not the sun and we aren't the rest of the planets, the world doesn't involve around you.

No. 1946940

I think I agree with your analysis. What’s the prognosis here? Are they more or less likely to detrans than the fujo/aidens and libfems?

No. 1946943

gender dysphoria is still real by the end of the day, and much like other delusions, the ill can't control them

No. 1946948

The genocide delusion has spread like wildfire through the internet and it’s not just American who are affected. I’m in Western Europe and the town I moved to after uni is ever so slightly more religious and conservative compared to the major university cities, which isn’t really saying much. We had a HUGE month long Pride event and all the churches here perform same sex weddings. There have been no recorded homophobic hate crimes in over five years. But all my gay friends from uni act like “2SLGBTQ+” people get lynched in the streets here and it’s unsafe for them to walk hand in hand from their car to my front door in case my neighbours see them. It’s insane. It’s like they want to be persecuted so bad that they’re just fantasising about it now. It reminds me of stuff I’ve heard about cults like Scientology, where cult members tell each other that everyone outside of the cult is an enemy who wants to destroy them.
Meanwhile, practically of the lesbophobia I’ve witnessed over the last decade has been from (soon-to-be) TIMs and self-hating TIFs. The call is coming from inside the house, people!

No. 1946957

pretty sure trannies kill themselves more than anyone kills them

No. 1946959

thailand transes the gay away, it's an accepted part of the culture and a lot of kids disconnected from their culture don't know the implications and end up happy and celebrate that they come from a "progressive" culture and never dig any deeper. the non gay transitioners are usually kids very far removed from the culture growing up in the west but the ones more connected are pretty much exclusively hsts cause it's a homophobia thing. also pedophilia but that's its own issue mostly at the male hsts of the culture, I don't think it affects the girls but a more knowledgable anon can probably correct me
rib removal is smarter than what they came up with. the scar wouldn't make sense for rib removal but they weren't thinking past their scar fetishes when drawing this with one hand on their (female) clit
sadly true and people like her are reinforcing this shit
>not purely because she wants sex
and yet she still calls herself a man kek
dysmorphia/dysphoria, believe troon logic, want to escape and think due to the troon logic that this is actually possible. these are the girls who wonder why more girls don't troon out too cause if the world worked that way, who wouldn't claim to be men if it gave us a male life? sad really cause the wake up isn't exactly happy
her tune would change if the homeless man had kidnapped them then got off free to do it again and again if she had a shred of empathy

No. 1946962

File: 1703452227780.gif (1.07 MB, 255x192, 1477756029227.gif)

>my mom, my sister and her boyfriend were in danger, but I'm glad the man didn't end in prison because he doesn't deserve it.

No. 1946963

File: 1703452376800.png (28.98 KB, 598x280, straight.png)

Straight woman defending moids thinking that makes her one of them. More at 9.

No. 1946967

The most patriarchal societies are literally the opposite as she's describing, where the bodies of males(pre-pubescents boys) are considered most ideal.

No. 1946968

File: 1703453026358.png (27.81 KB, 500x267, Screenshot 2023-12-24 4.24.13 …)

No. 1946969

No, you're going to get raped by a 60 year old that makes less than your dad. I need to kill her(a-logging)

No. 1946972

File: 1703453499701.png (22.37 KB, 598x198, straight2.png)

Her tweets are so full of "Terf this and Terf that", I wouldn't be surprised she agrees with some points but doesn't want to admit it.

No. 1946976

Remember that story on reddit of some fujo pretending to be an asian trans man forced into an arranged marriage with a closeted gay man? People fell for it hook, line and sinker.
https://web.archive.org/web/20200322034022/https://www.reddit.com/r/relationships/comments/fmh7w1/how_can_i_29m_ask_my_husband_26m_of_9_months_to/(this is an imageboard)

No. 1946978

anyone over the age of 12 who fell for this shit should be institutionalized

No. 1946988

I'm from a culture where arranged and forced marriages happen, and have both happened in my family. Lavender marriages and stuff like that to save face with the family and not get disowned is nothing to romanticise you fucking idiot. I've had to think of this depressing prospect myself. I know these straight fujos get this from reading their uwu dark academia forbidden love and tragic forced straight relationships stories, but it doesn't make it any less annoying to know where it comes from. This retard daydreaming about turning a loveless marriages with a closeted gay into a romantic getaway to Europe what the fuck is she on.

No. 1946989

>the type of phalloplasty where they literally take a bone out of your leg to bury inside the skin hotdog
Excuse me WHAT

No. 1946990

File: 1703458071052.png (388.41 KB, 447x667, Screenshot 2023-12-24 at 22-39…)

Crazy themby is giving her husband 48hours to 'apologise' for saying he is straight and thereby not acknowledging that they're in a 'queer' relationship.
According to her, he likes ALL 'vagina-havers', regardless of gender, so therefore he's not one of those boring, fetishist heteros.

No. 1946993


Pleas post the link

No. 1946994

File: 1703459249524.png (132.06 KB, 1080x1000, 1000002458.png)

Also it's giving

No. 1946995

Kek, whatever happened to affirming everyone's self-identification no matter what? I thought it was "dehumanizing and problematic" to judge anyone's assessment of themselves to be inaccurate? TRAs always contradict their own supposed beliefs the moment that being ideologically consistent becomes emotionally inconvenient for them.

No. 1946996

These women are the ultimate nlog so much so they deny the gender female the vagina will always be a feminine organ stay seething tifs, I wouldn't care less if a adult tif did whatever to her body but them acting like the word woman shouldn't even be uttered is so disgusting it's always about them never about the women who are happy with their gender, fucking narcs

No. 1947000

>”non binary woman”
KEK can you imagine admitting that you’re going to be a woman no matter what and then STILL getting mad at your husband for saying that he’s straight and not “queer.”

No. 1947016

File: 1703467369352.mp4 (12.77 MB, 720x1322, libsoftiktok - 173893625891387…)

Sorry, I took the screencap from a reaction vid. I've sourced the original video now; Merry Christmas nonnies!

No. 1947017

>vagina owners

No. 1947027

Is she suggesting that it's possible to accurately judge a person's self-identification as being inaccurate and offensive based off of their observable circumstances? How terfy of her.

No. 1947030

The way she speaks is like she’s trying to be a satire of the spicy straight tifs kek. She calls herself a “non binary woman” and tries saying he “likes vagina but not penis! So he’s queer!!” And is somehow still too retarded to admit being straight.

No. 1947035

Is she going to say the reverse is true? That women are body shamed because men are trying to keep us ugly and themselves beautiful as another way to say they’re better than us? Because lol.

No. 1947039

god this is so stupid. what if this hypothetical boy is ugly instead of a real life bishie? fantasy ruined kek.

he does business for the business company of his business family. so real!!!!!

No. 1947069

How did this girlie get "picked" kek. Scrotes are always saying "don't stick your dick in crazy" but I'm guessing her scrote is a major fucking soyboy.

No. 1947075

fucking evil

No. 1947076

I want these women to be forced to live int he Central African Republic for their anti-law nonsense

No. 1947078

>not allowed to even acknowledge ugly men without a whiny TIF screeching at you about "misandry"

No. 1947088

>Scrotes are always saying
they also say crazy=better sex aka they say whatever validates what they want in the moment. either by justifying fucking and usually manipulating and using a mentally ill woman or washing their hands clean of the inevitable aftermath

No. 1947092

Scrotes say this because they all want mentally ill women. They aren’t telling each other to avoid grannies, burn victims, women with HIV etc. They are trying to use incantations to break the spell beppies have over their minds.

No. 1947094

File: 1703493337001.png (162.89 KB, 614x471, horrors beyond my comprehensio…)

>The free fibula flap seems appealing as it has internal rigidity and in theory abolishes the need for an erectile device. However, anchoring of the fibula to the pubic bone is problematic. Erosion is another issue that has made this a less desired flap choice.

No. 1947095

kek is that her real voice? she sounds like one of those animated chipmunks

No. 1947100

Sigh theres article about Elliot Page and Jes Tom having a "bromance"
>I remember when they were lesbians and I was a fan
>Jes has a frog voice now(post links/caps or sage this)

No. 1947102

Huuh? It's not even that low, I know women who talk in that pitch it's perfectly normal for a woman with a slightly lower voice

No. 1947105

>I'm a non-binary woman
> I'm not a woman

No. 1947106

>artist made them look like straight men, no women with high level of T
Is this just inaccurate that women with much higher levels of T tend to troon out? Why do you project yourselves over high T women to attempt to turn logic upside down to show TIFs are low T by default and if you all are "more GNC than those yucky tiffanies therefore its weird they're the ones who call themselves men and we get insulted cuz they have no basis" just to set the standard.

No. 1947108

>>Join heavy mentally ill people group where they reject femininity in every form
>"Nonconforming trans male" (so a nlog)
All tifs are like nlogs. Not just her. I can see your bias I thought you're "supporting" actually gender identity disordered TIFs for a moment

No. 1947111

I thought gays predominantly find other gays?

No. 1947117

That is most commonly used for butch lesbians because they are masculine, and that this tiffany still calls herself a man? Wtf I thought they are gatekeepers who want masculinity for themselves? Kekk lmao i cant it confuses the fuck out of me like tifs playing the victim like girls do. Is she sabotaging herself and her TIFery at this point?

>rape her

But moids rape women and rape is usually male-on-female and she's willing to be a female compared to another woman who doesn't even tif out? What the actual fuck is going on with tifs like her? What's this kind of thought process? I just… can't decipher what tifs even go for.

No. 1947121

Samefag; its like a sabotage of HERSELF and the other woman. She doesn't even care for herself anymore and i pray for her.

No. 1947124

And then you all want to outmoid a tif?
All women would mindlessly sabotage one another. There is no logic at this point. I'm losing hope.

No. 1947136

No, I'm saying her voice is surprisingly high.

No. 1947137

I think the fujos will stop it once it's no longer popular to be trans and they'll look back at it as a cringe phrase or change their pronouns to she/they at most. These specific ones… I think they'll be less likely to detrans and just continue life pretending everything's fine, some might even kill themselves especially if they had bottom surgery, and those who detrans will still be unhappy.

No. 1947139

People in Italy and Greece won't accept you if you're a TIF.

No. 1947143

File: 1703508274696.jpg (47.44 KB, 520x500, 8afuv0.jpg)

>People can identify as whatever they want and they're valid!
>Unless they identify as something I don't want

No. 1947145

File: 1703509416869.png (670.77 KB, 598x957, trans_jesus.png)

I hate religion as much as anyone here, but even I think that is actually disgusting and offensive, and mind you she's trying portray this as a positive pro-palestine thing.

No. 1947154

The pope kinda indirectly gave his blessing for shit like this to happen. As a lapsed Catholic I say retard on retard violence

No. 1947155

Im not even christian but this pope is a satanic degenerate

No. 1947163

Well they realized you can escape the pedophile ring allegations by becoming woke. What a fucking joke it is..

No. 1947172

>"God make you at his image"
>"his image has chest scars"

How can this be pro-palestine if Jewish religion do not accept any prophecy related to Jesus?

No. 1947177

Now they should do one for the Prophet in support of Palestine too, that’ll go over even better!

No. 1947192

Some of those frog voices end up sounding like a chipmunk

No. 1947194

Palestine is muslim, not jewish

No. 1947207

Nta but Palestine chirstian and Jewish people exist although they are a minority

No. 1947218

File: 1703532185129.png (766.14 KB, 821x1077, U0Z39CN.png)


No. 1947220

Honestly this just makes me sad. Imagine having such low self-esteem that you transition at 47 instead of just accepting yourself and living as who you truly are.

No. 1947226

It’s really common for women whose husbands are AGP and troon out to disavow womanhood sooner or later. Imagine one of the most important people in your life telling you on a daily basis that being a woman is being a vapid sex object, a hole, a porn category. You either become a TERF or you become a TIF, and for many of these women being a TERF would mean losing everything.

No. 1947227

based tbh. That's right your god has a vagina scrotes.

No. 1947228

I'm just glad this moron has stopped acting like an authority on lesbianism

No. 1947238

What does drawing Jesus as a TiF even have to do with Palestine? Bizarre.

No. 1947257

Has a vagina but hates herself? That's dumb. If anything, the based thing is showing how trannies love their supposed enemies ("Bible thumping fascists") by trying to appropriate the symbols of their religion.
Just horseshoe theory things.

No. 1947323

Why are the gradients and rib cage design so ugly together?

No. 1947326

File: 1703562029172.png (526.69 KB, 1367x836, romance at tiffany's.png)

I know Mengele comparisons get thrown around a lot but these trannies are seriously being used for heavy fucking experimentation. It's extra sad cause there's no recourse, they're literally signing away their rights in that regard, they just don't realize what the true experiments are and that they can be thrown out when no longer useful as the point isn't to succeed at transition
kek, troons out, gets no male roles, lose wife, suffers clear health problems, zero profit minus being used occasionally as a troon voice. considering what she did to emma I'm hoping ellen is already forced to go t4t and claim to be a gay/pansexual man without even a hint of "straight" life with some self hating bisexual or lesbian woman, it'd just be the icing on the shit cake she's made and deserves.
don't have to kek, a muslim believes Jesus to be a great prophet too and to see him depicted is as bad as anyone else, let alone turning Jesus into a tranny so going around Gaza with this wouldn't be accepted on the best of days. peak "artists against war" actions
also it's funny cause like 10 years ago it was trendy to know about the dead sea scrolls so tumblr girls were all about jesus*mary magdalene shipping (probably also cause of dan brown). wonder what's next

No. 1947336

Stfu moid(infighting, not even saged)

No. 1947358

>In 100 years my bones will still be HUMAN
I bet OP felt this was profound, but it's an incredibly meaningless statement. Not only does it not contradict the fact that bones prove female and male sexual dimorphism in humans, but it feels hollow and insensitive in a similar way as statements like "I don't see gender" or "I'm not a feminist, I'm a humanist."

No. 1947360

Some lesbian with unrequited love for her childhood friend became a TIM in a desperate ploy to date her, was rejected, so chained her up and burnt her alive.

No. 1947361

File: 1703571564838.jpeg (125.37 KB, 1023x1024, 8A605D39-1BC4-4F8E-91F1-9FF8AC…)

No. 1947362

What the actual hell.

No. 1947364

File: 1703572651207.jpg (99.06 KB, 720x635, 428.jpg)

No. 1947367

Hey, she managed to do the most male thing ever, kill a woman for rejecting her

No. 1947370

Testosterone, misogyny, and personality disorders may as well be considered a foolproof recipe to make violent criminals. Men have a monopoly on that formula for obvious reasons, but it's as if gender physicians are attempting to recreate male violence in women by encouraging their misogyny and delusions, and dosing them with T. You don't see ordinary women being this malicious and violent, but it's becoming increasingly common to see TIFs doing horrific shit like this. It's disturbing.

No. 1947371

I wonder what role testosterone played in this. Like, I'm not excusing what she did, but considering what we've seen with TIFs, it wouldn't be out of the question that it played a factor.

No. 1947374

There's no way normal scrotes can compete with such women. They definitely come out of it more damaged. Scrotes are desperate and think with their dicks, so they need to be reminded not to do it (and they still do it anyway).

No. 1947386

It’s a chicken egg thing imo. If a woman wants to be a man and thinks being a man is superior to being a woman, it shows that she idealizes violence, misogyny and cruelty, because thats the essence of what it is to be a man really. So it’s no wonder that tifs end up acting out like moids do to ‘prove their masculinity’. The tumblr hybristophiliac community was 95% ftms as I recall and full of chubby awkward teenage girls wearing binders under their ‘Natural Selection’ and ‘Reb and Vodka’ shirts.

No. 1947398

nta but I've seen pretty reasonable women turn into absolute monsters as soon as they started taking T. The increase in sexual desire is the most noticeable thing, but the aggression becomes more blatant as well.

No. 1947403

beyond the t alone though, being mildly unstable and then being given hormones designed to help causes issues on the best of days, let alone experimental hormones given to mentally fucked up people for cosmetics. also think about how many women have serious mood and mental shifts from menopause in older adulthood. now these are women enduring a sudden menopause they couldn't have possibly expected while already unstable and on weird hormones with everyone telling them they're men and literally all problems in life stemming from them not believing in their manhood enough or others not doing so so they cannot reflect on their side effects and worsening symptoms

No. 1947435

But she didn't transition because she idolized men and misogyny. She did it because of homophobia and the belief that only men can be in relationships with women. Did you even read the article? It's the fujo TIFs like >>1946963 who transition because they literally worship men. Lesbian Tifs have very different motivations.

No. 1947436

I don't know if this might be considered racebait, but an Indian TIF wouldn't have much of a problem with passing and maybe even finding a wife. Indian men are pretty short, usually unfit and have patchy facial hair.

No. 1947437

and the closeted indian lesbians probably wouldn't mind getting with a tif if she shaved her facial hair and didn't try to larp as a super masculine man

No. 1947439

The fact that testosterone IS a literal drug is rarely discussed (in trans contexts), people see it as "natural" because our bodies produce it too. Weirdly though in body building communinites for men it's often known that taking anabolic steroids (which is what t is) can badly fuck up and even kill a (fit strong) man.

No. 1947440

Nta but I’ve met enough misogynistic lesbian TIFs and even regular lesbians who take their “one of the boys” syndrome to a point where they’re verbally abusing other women to fit in with men and feel powerful. Add severe mental health issues and exogenous testosterone to that mixture and I’m not entirely surprised one of them ended up murdering a woman for rejecting (and probably “invalidating”) her.

No. 1947441

There's this formerly 'misandrist butch lesbian' who transitioned into a male talks about her experiences(named griffin hansbury). She wanted to be a man because that's what most women wanted, and she thought it would be easy for her. However, she realized that despite being butch for a woman, that was not the case when she had to live life as a man. she claimed she started appreciating/sympathizing with men more ofte.

No. 1947464

You're both right kek. scrotes are always saying shit they don't actually believe, and they think mentally ill women are easier to manipulate and abuse.

No. 1947465

File: 1703603302862.jpeg (Spoiler Image,852.3 KB, 3408x2578, 5A9CE921-C217-4069-A4DF-9D6817…)

No. 1947478

The one that made that shirt was that infamous TIF that said "I would rather have cancer than have gender dysphoria", IIRC.

No. 1947486

>an intrinsic biological fault in their brain that makes them strongly and irrationally believe they're opposite sex
Yes, its called autism. Not even joking

No. 1947513


No. 1947523

> I am not a woman
> nonbinary woman

No. 1947536

File: 1703620905730.mp4 (17.32 MB, Thegravelbro-20231222 150009-G…)

>A tree told her that her coworkers are transphobic

No. 1947558

Makes me think about how many were in my cosplay community before I dipped. The three I remember the most were a Naruto cosplayer who latched onto a character so hard she decided she had to be a man, she's still around I think posts super infrequently been years since she trooned out, but dead eyed stare when she posts her face always makes me a bit sad. I'll check her page now and again to check in on her. Another who did a lot of twink cosplays with her then gf decided to troon out because saying her new name at starbucks felt right and that she identified more with her twink cosplays anyway. GF left her for a man shortly after the top surgery, many of us wondered if the gf was the driving source behind the shift. She went dark about a year after that and never heard from her again. The last realized too late she was in fact not her perfect yaoi husbando and was fine being a woman. But by then the hormones did such a number and she'd had just done top surgery, she made it about 6 months before her roommates found her.

No. 1947570

Kek I had the same experience with a psycho in a popular horror game franchise, she read gay fic of the most popular male character being railed and instantly realized she was actually a man because she needed to be fucked exactly like that and her tranny male name was literally this character's name she was not subtle

No. 1947580

Thanks, it’s a simple concept but there’s so many of these acronyms sometimes they get mixed up. Meant TIF, female born tranny(learn to sage)

No. 1947581

Kek was it Leon? In recent threads we've had MGS troons and Homestuck troons using the characters' names…I don't know how they can handle their own cringe.

No. 1947586

File: 1703632832891.png (22.96 KB, 598x286, ana-chan.png)

So it turned out she had anorexia with her "I want to be a skinny twink faggot" mindset.

I wish her the best, but if she still think she can be a twink…

No. 1947588

sounds like dead by daylight

No. 1947594

ana girl who wishes she could be a twink instead because males can have lower body fat (forgetting twink death exists)
many such cases

No. 1947605

Not always the case. Most autistics aren't even TIFs or TIMs.

No. 1947607

You must have a much longer vocal tract (>16.6cm) to avoid that frog voice.

No. 1947609

IME with anachan tifs it's the other way around.

No. 1947612

But all trannies are autistic

No. 1947640

Got it in one, she literally called herself Leon too, but went by "Leo" to pretend it was less obvious

No. 1947642

bad selfpost. you need a bmi of <17.5 to meet the diagnostic criteria, btw

No. 1947647

if these girls actually understood that working out would make them pass so much better than literally doing the most girly thing possible and dieting for their appearance they might actually have a chance at not being fembrained(sage your shit)

No. 1947650

I wouldn't say all, I think a lot of them have the hyper feminine urge to simply do whatever they can to fit a group.
You know like in how in the old times there were schoolgirls all getting the same weird fainting spells or like that dancing plague?
Some girls just really need to identify with what their peer group identifies with, so if one in the group says they are trans and enbi and have autism and adhd the others are compelled to believe they have the same things and are the exact same. Notice how usually fakeboys are only friends with fakeboys and adjacent males that date some of the fakeboys. I don't think even 10% of those that say they are autistic area at all in the spectrum.

No. 1947659

File: 1703643800998.jpg (16.59 KB, 639x475, LJfKUlf.jpg)

am i the only one who feels these replies are kinda callous considering the original post ends with someone's suicide? like i get it, lol fujoshit cosplayers are cringe and ugly hur dur but damn

No. 1947660

You should probably leave

No. 1947661

First cosplay anon and nope. Second girl was obsessed with Link. Third was, I shit you not anime version of Cosmo from Fairly Oddparents She even wanted people to call her Cosmic cause it was her truth as she said. But I do know of a few Leons kek.

No. 1947663

100% certain i have been here longer than you

No. 1947665

No. 1947666

just saying, lolcow is my personal hotel california and the tranny wing didn't even exist back when i first stepped in kek

No. 1947681

>He likes anyone not based on genitalia
>But based on who they are in the heart
>And he likes vagina owners
Wait which one is it(learn to sage)

No. 1947683

>have a chance at not being fembrained
Wtf do u even mean

No. 1947684

You mean having a long vocal tract before dosing on testoserone? Like women with already naturally deep voices can avoid the frog alien voice?

No. 1947693

This is the worst way possible to prove to everyone that you're a man. The things they do to women in India are horrible, I don't even know what to say.

No. 1947694

If random men did this with like AI generated photos of before transitions for a side by side talking about speaking to trees and astrology I would 100% believe they was hard carrying a pussy no matter how jacked and masculine they are.

No. 1947698

don't give the TIM lurkers any ideas

No. 1947701

Why are they so obsessed with Leon and not Chris?(sage your shit)

No. 1947708

Chris is boring and ugly compared to Leon

No. 1947711

nta but you can have sympathy for them and find their circumstances to be ridiculous because it is ridiculous

No. 1947724

To be fair laughing at fakebois has been a thing since /cgl/ days, it was only less prominent because being a fakeboi (nowadays tif) wasn't as popular. Remember neo-classic-neko?

No. 1947726

she's a long standing cow, lurk moar newfag

No. 1947728

Leon’s more popular with women IME. Has a huge fanbase of husbandofags.

No. 1947737

Chris is more associated with TIMs. Two big examples.

No. 1947752

Ime TIMs are more interested in the female characters that have the most porn being made of them at the time. Most fandom TIPs are just heterosexual retards who want to skinwalk the characters that they want to fuck.

No. 1947756

Chris-chan and MrBeast Chris

No. 1947782

I was specifically guessing/referring to the survival horror TIF who AFAIK didn't kill herself (I guessed Leon because there are only so many attractive male survival horror protags, and I've seen gendies circling him). Obviously I'm not laughing about the one in the earlier post that did.

No. 1947785

File: 1703685447252.jpg (319.26 KB, 1548x674, xkdn7pqcn68c1.jpg)

copy and paste

No. 1947794

Abusive household = parents being tired of their shit.

No. 1947795

Not everyone who believes on Jesus is catholic and Christianity claims that the Pope is God's representative on Earth, but so is a random person on the street, for that matter. So the Pope's opinion on something doesn't make it better than anyone else's.

No. 1947803

>self diag. autistic
If she's smart enough to write such bullcrap in IG, she's smart enough for being a cashier in any small job. But no, donations are easier to do.

No. 1947808


I often forget that males testosterone is what makes them violent retards and not the Y chromosome alone.

No. 1947810

>named herself like a league of legends character

No. 1947812

I can’t believe that there are people who fall for the troon e-begging shit. 99% of the time when these troons say they “need money to escape an abusive household” what they really mean is that their parents won’t play along with their tranny delusions and won’t let them freeload off of them.

No. 1947813

File: 1703692967672.png (1.99 MB, 816x1620, Screenshots_2023-12-27-18-58-1…)

What the fuck is tiktok recommending to me? I think this is a tif but honestly the eyes (probably contacts) are so soulless the only gender spectrum i see is the spectrum of degeneracy and misery. The @ is starlit_wolf and all it posts are kink videos lmfao. sage since the content isnt really about troonism

No. 1947816

>> 1947361
This is beyond horrifying like the poor girl was friends with this bitch TIF since they were both like, 6 years old. She stayed friends with this mf after the latter transitioned and the TIF even got the IT job thanks to her! WTF how can someone be this ungrateful and vicious I can't believe it

No. 1947819

Kek the girly pose. Stood out to me that she's selling on Mercari, which implies she's in Japan. Go back to America, weeb

No. 1947823

There's Mercari US, I doubt she means the Japanese one because she'd need a visa.

No. 1947825

Looks like a man to me. Even all that makeup and filter can’t hide the 5 o’clock shadow or Adam’s apple. If it’s a TIF they’re pulling a very convincing Kikomi.

No. 1947833

Looks like an actual heckin boyo. The kind who masturbates in front of schools.

No. 1947854

Idk if this has been said since it is last year news but I wanna mention it because I just recognised her, the blonde model on the left screaming like the tranny moid is Casil Mcarthur, her original name is Dani Rose, I just wanna mention this because it's a huge irony for her to join in with her moids to fit in with the dudes, she has been in Miley Cyrus music video, a model for Milk Makeup and many others, she has a Dailymail article but nobody gives a shit so far

Sorry I deleted my previous post, my spelling is retarded

No. 1947857

absolute degen.

No. 1947862

It’s also been around for almost
10 years, anon’s living under a rock

No. 1947891

why do they always give themselves multiple dumb as shit names

No. 1947893

Because they want to be an original NLOG and end having the same name like other NLOG

No. 1947912

The stick thin legs paired with no hips and gut straining against that bodysuit is giving male to me. I agree with other nonnas, either moid or unintentional kikomi

No. 1947951

Anon isn't American, and has to use a proxy to shop Mercari. Sad times.

No. 1947992

You do need proxies to buy from mercari JP

There is a very good reason they tend to be eldest daughters despite having younger brothers, because tifs with older sisters give off some kind of vibe different from most of the default ones.

No. 1947994

But why do women with various timbres end up with (the same) frog voice? ITT previously one nona mentioned she noticed that and its sad

No. 1948021

It has a lot to do with where TIFs talk from, if you talk from your chest you’re going to have a lower pitch and if you talk from your throat you’re going to get a more froggy/classical TIF voice. Most TIFs have female socialization ingrained within them so aggressively that they constantly feel the need to uptalk in a customer service voice to be appeasing and cute so when their voices finally drop it’s not “dropping” in the right area and is instead scratching the hell out of their throats because that range is forced, which is why it sounds so froggy and weird—versus when moids try talking in a falsetto or a woman’s voice, because they have spoken from their chest even before puberty made their voice drop, they can more easily “access” that higher pitch without distressing their vocal chords, whereas most TIFs assume T will do all the work so they never try to find their natural lower pitch from their chest to build off of once they start T

No. 1948094

i honestly wish i believed in woo woo spiritual bullshit. those people seem so free.

No. 1948112

Ignorance is bliss, but its consequences are disastrous, nonna. Be glad you aren't stupid enough to troon out in the first place.

No. 1948122

I used to feel that way, until I realized that for all the affirmative, carefree healing they always talk about, nothing happens. They're always "healing" always finding new things that totally fixed them and made them happy, but they're still miserable. If the faux spirituality was actually beneficial they wouldn't be constantly trend hopping and would be content. These people are living in denial searching for something they say they've already found. They can't admit the problem is them. If trees and rivers spoke the truth, you wouldn't need to share that, you'd be content in the knowledge of the tree and not still histrionic about your job. Also LOL at the Amberlynn style u-haul lesbianism
>>My beautiful spiritual healer friend Luna is teaching me totally to nature
So manly

No. 1948216

It's a dude, look at his instagram (I know, I know, imageboard, I would post pics but they're not rly relevant to this thread)

No. 1948274

File: 1703830081434.jpg (464.59 KB, 1689x1387, GCcmsp3XoAA-zeS.jpg)

Another ~muh dysphoria~ TiF comic in a super girly art style to add to the pile. Does it not occur to her to just work out and eat better? The TiFs that come closest to passing (if you ignore that they're 5'2") are the ones who work out a lot.

No. 1948277

>self diagnosed autistic
I fucking despise people who do this. You’re not autistic, you're just terminally online. They make things difficult for actual autists by claiming that they have autism and exhibiting a higher level of functionality than autistic people are capable of. If you can afford the latest iPhone and Nintendo console, you can afford to go get an actual, clinical test done. They just refuse to because they know it'll come back negative.

No. 1948282

>Does it not occur to her to just work out and eat better?
Seems like a lot of the time girls trooning out is specifically to avoid doing just that. They hate being fat and want to distance themselves from their body and the way it's perceived, and they also intentionally 'uglify' themselves to pre-empt other people finding them ugly (someone like Charms is an extreme example of this - she got fat and immediately doubled down on unattractive body mods and surgeries). Emotionally fragile fat women often go to serious extremes to get out of actually fixing their diet and exercise.

No. 1948286

A tif I know whom I'm certain did so cause she felt like a fat failwoman was a chronic failed dieter. Her parents left her to founder at diets as a kid so the moment she reached adulthood she felt certain that diets just didn't work on her or were just miserable as she couldn't tell child portions from ana portions. A sentiment she'd already started having at 14 so clearly she'd been suffering for a while. As much as we shit on some fatties for obviously eating too much, there are a lot of people who were given adult portions as kids, got fat while and used to bloat as fullness, then through a lack of guidance have no idea how to eat themselves out of being overweight. Then the women get shit on while the men are called "husky" or whatever so the younger online girls all just trooned out or at least turned to enbys

No. 1948304

>Self diagnosed autistic
You think being autistic is just having a special interest/hyperfixation (god forbid normal people enjoy thjngs a lot), like "stimming" because its quirky and are just terminally online so much you forgot how to speak like a normal person. Having no social skills because you're autistic isnt the same as having no social skills because you havent talked to anyone because youre online all the time

No. 1948306

I'm so angry how society places such a value on a woman's appearance. Even when people claim that "this is all in the past" it's obviously not, you'll notice how ugly men can have other skills to make up for their appearance, but an ugly woman is considered invisible by society and treated subhuman even if she has other skills.

No. 1948313

This is why i dont blame most tifs from trooning out, they are trying to escape from retarded societal norms that only apply to women. Worst is they have to heard retarded incel moids say being female is ''playing on easy mode'', when it's obviously not the truth.

No. 1948318

Funny thing, I always got haircuts at a barber's shop since I was 5. The shop was run by Muslim men in an Indian market.
Sorry for blogpost but I fail to see how getting a man to cut your hair at a barbershop is a revolutionary thing for a westerner.(learn to sage)

No. 1948320

Perhaps transitioning is the best option for many unattractive women. At least if they pass as a male they can have a well paying career (very important for women who will never have a husband because of their looks) and be safe from constant bullying.
I won't blame a woman at all if she decides to transition for these reasons. Being an ugly woman is social suicide.(bait)

No. 1948329

The only ones who have even the slightest chance at passing are those who take testosterone, and testosterone at the levels given to TIFs is poison to females. Being an ugly healthy woman is infinitely better than being an ugly woman with debilitating health problems at 40.

Really? Muslim barbers in my area won’t touch women for religious/cultural reasons. That’s what first came to my mind when reading that post, except those guys would never have given in just because a woman stared them down.

No. 1948334

If you're ugly, you're ugly. Unfortunately ugliness is social suicide by default.(taking the bait and not even saging)

No. 1948340

>trooning out is a good decision
Wtf?(taking the bait)

No. 1948351

You're all replying to a baiting faggot. Stop that.

No. 1948398

File: 1703869933199.png (571.25 KB, 800x450, 5vicoortiz.png)

Finally sat down to watch Fiona and Cake and I liked that they made huntress wizard a cute butch gardener woman with a husky voice, but this show is meant to be gender swapped right and sure enough this is meant to be a guy and is voiced by the gendie pirate from our flag means death. Sigh. At least I have my headcanon.

Repost cos dropped pic.

No. 1948401

is that the troon from star-trek?

No. 1948433

that post isn't entirely wrong though? being an ugly woman is a social suicide compared to being an ugly man. ugly men aren't hated as much as ugly women are hated so it's understandable that some women think it's better to be a fat guy than a fat girl.

No. 1948453

It’s understandable that some women think that but they’re objectively wrong if they conclude that transitioning will improve their life. If it were actually possible for women to become male, maybe. But it’s not possible. TIFs are just harming themselves, not becoming men.

No. 1948485

vico is a proud out lesbian and a woman lol. she just likes having flat breasts. ive had an ex-friend enby get angry at me for calling her a she when she calls herself she all the time.

No. 1948491

Sorry for bringing bad news but her IG description is literally "Caribbean Enby" lol

No. 1948492

File: 1703888618279.png (283.87 KB, 1065x1386, Screenshot_20231229-232410~2.p…)


No. 1948512

I know there absolutely are some troons who exercise a lot but I feel like I have never seen any like that IRL. I just know a MTF that was deathfat huge and a FTM that went from being overweight to speedrunning into anorexia and trooning out - just starving, no exercising. They’re currently bone and flab. Even an acquaintance whose kid trooned out wanted to join the school track team and she said they were just going to be a benchwarmer because they do fuck all for exercise. Do autists find exercise as tedious as teeth brushing and other habits?

No. 1948532

File: 1703898992962.jpg (113.5 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Anyone else notice izzzyzzz cultivating a mustache and chin hair? Pretty sure she goes by they them also, I really hope she doesn't go all the way, she seems like a sweet girl and I like her videos aside from the occasional tranny bullshit she mentions. It doesn't sound like her voice has changed so hopefully she isn't on testosterone, I know some women grow facial hair as they get older, but damn she seems a bit young to be sporting teen boys first goatee, it just looks bad.

No. 1948535

Is this the woman who got top surgery because she saw fanart of her character from the mid pirate show getting the titchop

No. 1948537

File: 1703900060899.png (1.01 MB, 916x764, Out supports transing gays.png)

that's sad. she seemed like a girl using them pronouns because being a female into feminine things means you're a vapid airhead vs celebrated if you're a gay moid doing the same (at least in leftist circles) so she just wanted to distance herself from being a "vapid girly girl". a lot of them start caving into the medicalization side of things out of feeling fake after a while instead of just being stronger and learning to unlearn their hatred of their girly personality given by society. hope she snaps out of it but i can't see a way she would in the world we live in
also odd question but is "girly girl" used at all anymore? what would you call a girl who mostly likes girl-associated things like dolls, fashion, cute bugs/frogs and horses and stuff?
i googled it expecting this to be some obscure lore on an instagram comment she'd made but holy shit it's true and this was being celebrated in a gay magazine

No. 1948539

File: 1703900371063.png (147.71 KB, 907x568, psychotic.png)

the reasoning is psychotic
she saw a surgical fanart involving her character and another one and then decided to role play it irl with a real tit chop and then made it canon in the show roping this poor other actor technically into it too.

No. 1948541

That kinda looks like standard hairier woman face rather than the beginning of a HRT patchy pube beard. She does come off as someone who would legally change their name to Rat Pee Goblin Boy Trash and get a green mullet but tbh it's probably just normal facial hair

No. 1948543

Pls she got so attached to her character that when she saw fellow gendies make medicalisation fanart of her character, she just saw it as a natural next step?

No. 1948567

>Bizarre makeup
>Tiktok styling
>Ugly trendy facial piercings
>Regular tranny pandering
Looks like it's already over, anon.

No. 1948596

Does anyone happen to have the fanart she might be referencing? I’m morbidly curious now. She sounds mentally unstable to blur the lines between herreelf and the character on the show like this

No. 1948671

>As much as we shit on some fatties for obviously eating too much, there are a lot of people who were given adult portions as kids, got fat while and used to bloat as fullness,
And parents that scream at you to finish your whole plate even when you are full.

No. 1948693

yeah i hate to break it to you nonna but it’s written all over the walls kek i give it a couple months before she’s reeing over people they/theming her

No. 1948770

She's actually just a drag king afaik, but I feel you, anon. Hunter should've had a male voice, especially since he looks like a Chad.

No. 1948780

it would be hilarious if izzy trooned out, her channel is one of the girliest things on youtube and 99% of her followers are women. She doesnt even have gay male folllowers like make up channels, it just attracts women.

No. 1948786

I did notice her voice sounded a bit froggier to me as well, and I’m sad but not surprised. I knew it was a matter of time. It’s too bad, her videos are fun to watch, her voice is pleasant and she’s got a cheesy/wholesome kind of humor I appreciate. I like the stuff she covers in her content. The gender woo is just a fucking cancer smh

No. 1948798

She seems like the type of NLOG to microdose testosterone but then get pushed to go full T and he/him because she read a little too many mean tweets making fun of "AFAB nonbinaries" and just by the look of her she has zero backbone or concrete identity. She already whines about being called "she" and then also whines about people using her "correct pronouns" but who still only see her as a girl kek I'm so surprised she hasn't self-diagnosed herself with autism. Imagine having stereotypically female interests, which have like a 99% female fanbase, and STILL striving for male approval this hard. NLOGs are traitors to woman-kind.

No. 1948799

Fuck, I dropped my sage. My bad, jannies.

No. 1948807

>trooning out is NLOG erasure
this is true, never thought i'd want basic typical NLOGs to come back. at least their delusions didn't render them permanent patients

No. 1948897

File: 1703987506669.jpg (155.69 KB, 900x900, graysonsprojects.jpg)

She looks so much like graysonsprojects I'd have believed it was the same person

No. 1948918

File: 1703991582879.mp4 (6.64 MB, 720x1280, roach jim surgery joke.mp4)

googled again, came across this video I hope it's this stupid joke. Also apparently it's a beloved fandom joke now that roach did some diy butchering. Next two picrels related

No. 1948920

File: 1703991629840.jpg (422.78 KB, 1125x1642, mutually supporting self harm.…)

supporting cosplay with real surgeries

No. 1948921

File: 1703991699128.png (424.33 KB, 975x672, woman's breast is meat.png)

the fandom
I've seen this on a t shirt too

No. 1948924

Trans knives are knives, kek

No. 1948925

>Fan Art Encouraged
At this point…..

No. 1948927

>butch woman
>genderswap, in the way the protagonist finn becomes fiona
Is the character supposed to me a moid or a tif? Why are people equating tif troons to butch women as if they still are butch women?

No. 1948928

Reminds me of one of those situations where people's fantasy role-playing turns into actual delusion and cult behavior, Fandoms are weird and scary sometimes.

No. 1948955

File: 1703997454812.jpeg (24.9 KB, 602x534, main-qimg-9876e4db03247e466b3a…)

Knew a tif who would prefer standing alongside tall women so she can look wider. It doesn't work all the time because otherwise are women and the general rule applies to height and shoulder width correlation for the same sex.

I think she based it on the "men and women of the same height makes the woman look taller because women are more slender than men" part, see picrel

No. 1948965

Impressionable adults are an extremely vulnerable demographic I see

No. 1948978

the woman here only looks taller because the artist gave her a smaller head, nona. it's a trick alot of chinese influencers use with their beauty apps too. it makes you appear taller and slimmer to be 8-8.5 heads tall compared to 6.5-7

No. 1948988

99% sure this is the Dani tif. It was obvious from this old vid alone this chick is a troon, very quirky uwu “ooo I’m a baby boi, baby fag uwu”. Interesting to see how Milk makeup was ahead of the curve with all this gender shit in their makeup tutorials with at least one other vid with a Tim and two other try hard“enby” nlogs

No. 1949028

yeah she's def on T. she's going to look like an actual crackhead lel

No. 1949090

Fuck, this is genuinely sad. She's a girly girl and her content is too. It's so fucking sad that autism makes otherwise well adjusted women do this to themselves

No. 1949094

I really like her. I really hope she doesn’t troon out.

No. 1949099

Ayrt I thought it was a butch woman because of it's voiced by a woman who apparently is some enby, until I remembered this is a gender swap and this character is probably meant to be male.

No. 1949130

File: 1704044228805.jpg (146.24 KB, 890x593, Its-over-for-us-izzzcels.JPG)

Let us all hold hands and pray she doesn’t troon out next year.

No. 1949242

Butch women are not immune to genderswap either

No. 1949250

>its over for us izzcels
Moid train of thought, you are no different from tifs nonas except where you project the girly part where you dont want to be on tifs while they do that to you. You're only useful in confirming how this moid tier thought process makes them tifs so congrats on filtering out the low iq women from the higher iq ones i guess?(sage your shit)

No. 1949255

>unsaged retardation
go back

No. 1949256

Nta but I read your post 5 times and I still have no clue what you're trying to say; flush the toilet and get back to your new years celebration.

No. 1949260

The character is male. Look at the wiki.

No. 1949273

oh tbh i figured this was just part of her "makeup for art, not for beauty" approach to make up. like as a feminist thing, similar to not shaving your pits. and this look is along those lines, using make up mainly for decorating her eyes. but not for attempting to cover up skin blemishes or shave off natural facial hair or other "imperfections". if she's like me she might just get some upper lip and chin fuzz, and is just embracing it. her channel has always been memorable for being zany and creative with makeup and willing to be ugly for the sake of a vision. i'm a bit tired of her content and tbh her sense of style isn't my taste, but i do respect her for being weird with cosmetics and using them more like stage make up and face paint i think it's a good influence in the mix when most of her peers are doing airbrushed beauty looks(sage your shit)

No. 1949279

File: 1704083401283.jpeg (Spoiler Image,972.31 KB, 3464x3464, 4EAFB489-73B5-443E-8A75-041500…)

Does anyone know about this TIF? She’s a more personal lolcow of mine because she was a friend’s roommate once upon a time. But I thought I’d share with all of you because I’m sick of making fun of her in private
She goes by Axel online, unsure of her real name
>in mid twenties
>ham planet
>dyed hair
>ugly makeup
>no sense of style
> slob (roommate said she left food out to rot and would get drunk when requested to do chores)
< munchie (fakes did, autism, physical disability such as using a wheelchair, and tics)
I refuse to redownload tiktok, but last time I checked her @ was axie.smal.boi

No. 1949280

Fuck I made a mistake at the end with the greentext, spare me

No. 1949295

Is she some kind of low-effort Juggalo?

No. 1949299

File: 1704087317067.jpeg (84.03 KB, 304x372, IMG_9116.jpeg)

Not even, she just puts on fugly makeup and calls it a day. But she’s definitely a boy guyz!!
I’d like to attach a video of her faking did and tics but I’m going to be honest, I have no idea how to properly attach the file as I’m using my phone. I’ll try and figure it out because you need to see this shit to believe it.

No. 1949306

I kind of like her style it's fun and interesting. The black makeup is pretty cool imo. Why are all the interesting quirky girls now calling themselves boys?

No. 1949310


No. 1949312

File: 1704093745000.png (71.25 KB, 826x739, image.png)

I like how wearing the most feminine fashion imaginable doesn't give them dysphoria, but shaving their pube beard does

No. 1949323

She's so ugly, not just run of the mill ugly but more like a deformed creature. Not human.

No. 1949324

autistic lumpy tifs wearing lolita with unshaved pubestaches, cant image how great thatd look

No. 1949335

And isn't the lolita community bitchy as hell? Surprised they haven't come after tifs who look like that

No. 1949363

>wearing the most feminine fashion imaginable doesn't give them dysphoria

You made me think on this TIF. Is the "slutty" version of a Chinese character.

No. 1949375

I thought I didn’t understand it because of the wine Kek.

No. 1949396

Bitchy but publicly very SJW as well, so at most she’ll get a few comments about how it’s supposed to be a feminine fashion and facial hair might look a teeny tiny bit out of place. Most lolita comms nowadays will ban you for calling out a sissy. Nobody is going to risk their reputation over some hairy ita who’s ugly but not hurting anyone other than herself.

No. 1949402

File: 1704136172069.jpeg (206.04 KB, 1500x844, angel iris brown.jpeg)

looks like Angel Iris Brown (Mel B and Eddie Murphy's lovechild) is now a TIF

No. 1949409

For a second I thought she was one of Will Smith's child.

No. 1949410

Don't let Xiran Jay Zhao see this

No. 1949413

This is what Xiran wish she looked like.

No. 1949445

You don't have to imagine. The early fakeboi threads are full of overweight TiF lolitas with gross facial hair.

No. 1949462

why is it always the ginger twink from kingdom hearts whose name gets taken by these hefty bags in Crayola eyeliner

No. 1949484

Axel is very popular with female KH fans. They're skinwalking what they're attracted to.

No. 1949495

>"stimming" by playing with body hair
Puke. That's not stimming, thats just being gross. She's probably self-diagnosed and not actually autistic.

No. 1949497

I must be old, I was thinking of Axl Rose. Kingdom Hearts makes more sense. TiFs listen to garbage like Carseat Headrest, not Guns n' Roses.

No. 1949525

File: 1704156508360.jpg (811.23 KB, 1080x2190, Call_me_unimaJOnative.jpg)

"Build a cunty masc outfit with me" the outfit:

No. 1949529

how normal is it to think this women looks good with facial hair? genuine question. tifs are usually the only women you see with facial hair, but i wish it was less demonised for females across the board.

No. 1949538

This is how I imagine a character with down syndrome would be styled in a Netflix original series.

No. 1949555

maybe she’s talking about arm hair and not something like armpit hair?

No. 1949560

Why is she wearing a crop top that looks like the bib of a pair of overalls with a pair of overalls? Could she not decide between overalls and showing midriff?

No. 1949561

Lmao you can see her wig cap.

No. 1949562

>Decides to bleach testosterone poisoned hair
>Hair falls off, both from the hormones and both from the horrible bleach work
>Well! I shaved because it looks better! :) It feels lovely!!

The absolute copium she's already inhaling is insane but she's too late to go back. Her skin is horrendously breaking down, she's getting fatter (and that will fuck up her tit chop because the fat will deposit under the scar giving her a fat, middle school boy chest), her stache looks patchy and her voice sounds like a smoker aunt.
How can someone hate themselves so fucking much? How far does NLOGging go? The light in her eyes has already disappeared.

No. 1949566

Damn I bet she misses being a girly anachan now

No. 1949571

idk it looks like a baby or masonic bib lmfao

No. 1949636

She looks so bad she reminds me of that tif that was posted here ages ago that went from a normal girl to typical tumblr goblin disaster and then simply vanished from the internet. I wonder if the same will happen to this one. Also I sure hope that girl quietly detransitioned and thats why no one can find her anymore.

No. 1949664

Masc = no skirt or dress

No. 1949672

File: 1704186931827.png (1.64 MB, 816x1421, Screenshots_2024-01-02-12-15-4…)

gemder affirmation is when male presents

No. 1949673

two deodorants and a body wash. I think the theme here isn't "male" but something else… I've never seen a man get deodorant as a gift.

No. 1949687

imagine thinking candy and body wash, AKA the most "Honey, girls like sweets and nice smelling stuff, right?" low-effort presents possible, are MASC!!1 because the body wash is the variety marketed to men. Jesus, testosterone really does fry your brain, doesn't it?

No. 1949701

When you can’t find any manly scented candles at the grocery store so you check the next isle over

I have and the message was explicitly that the recipient was a stinky motherfucker and his colleagues didn’t want to deal with it anymore. Maybe this TIF is stinky too, but I think it’s just as likely that this is the age-old “whatever just get her some soap” but oh wait she thinks she’s a boy now.

No. 1949749

Disappointing but completely unsurprising. The totally ironic clowncore eksdee - styling is a big red sign that this girl is insecure as hell, combine that with tumblr-poisoning, you get a tif. I'm genuinely surprised strange aeons isn't a they/them yet.

No. 1949766

>smoker aunt
Nah its the frogvoice even if it isnt that low. Dont ruin my tastes for husky smoker ladies I can listen to all day

No. 1949776

File: 1704213147268.jpg (9.19 KB, 300x250, tumblr_1e239ccfd3f479696e93aa5…)

Sageblog but male body wash is amazing when you have greasy hair for the first wash, same with the deodorant. Is like those TIM buying feminine body wash or deodorant or cologne (and never use them).

No. 1949785

I've given a male relative a bath set cos it was on sale, he didn't squee and thank me for affirming his gender, he thought I was trying to say he stunk kek

No. 1949789

Is quite common that you feel you stink when someone gives you a bath set unless is a brand or smell you enjoy, but for men is just "this one and that is". TRAs using bath set to affirming their gender is funny.

No. 1949803

didn't want to blogpost but it's not bad after serious workouts I agree. But I don't occasionally it bc it's for "men" (all soap is for everyone, just use what you like). There's a sandalwood and orange deodorant marketed to men that feels like a goddess scent imho. I get it when I see it.

on topic, I do think she got these gifts bc she smells, especially if she's fucking with her hormones

No. 1949844

Retard here, why would messing with your hormones make you stink?

No. 1949852

hormones regulate everything in your body. Hormones aren't just sex secondary characteristics, they affect your mood (serotonin), development (no shit but stuff like metabolism), heartbeat (adrenaline) brain activity (dopamine), hunger ( ghlerine and leptine) and such.
Hormones regulate your sweat and the bacteria in it, so testosterone basically makes you stink if they are a little fucked up or during puberty when they're stabilizing.
When the body gets their natural balance fucked up by synthetic hormones, all of these get scrambled randomly, that's why tifs gets fat, angrier, depressed, their skin breaks down, smellier and overall look like shit, because they aren't supposed to be like that and the body rejects them.

No. 1950042

File: 1704248992012.png (197.56 KB, 612x612, old spice body wash wolfthorn.…)

I like the ones marketed with "ocean" scent, it makes me feel fresh or the citrus ones (picrel).

>on topic, I do think she got these gifts bc she smells, especially if she's fucking with her hormones

Wouldn't be surprised, "here, is to reaffirm your gender but please do not be a full moid and take a shower" lol

No. 1950130

Not to be classist or whatever but who the fuck gives out deodorant and granola bars as Christmas gifts? At least go for a pack of socks jfc.

No. 1950135

"women's deodorants are based on smells and men's deodorants are based on concepts." - someone online

wtf is wolfthorn? i know men's deodorants usually have some sent to it like "ocean breeze", "mountain mist", or whatever but i think about that quote whenever i see SPORT scented deodorant.

and also to stay on topic: tifs probably internalize the fact that men's hygiene products have 'cool', 'manly' packaging while women's is like daisies and shit. completly missing the point that it's just marketing.

No. 1950136

File: 1704271656795.jpg (27.6 KB, 500x673, 300000023232.jpg)

You could make a dress more masc than that easily.

No. 1950162

You will never be a TIM, closet Kikomis.(unsaged & retarded)

No. 1950172

File: 1704281073618.jpg (59.86 KB, 398x800, old-spice-whitewolf-tuhy-deodo…)

The Witcher collab ones smell very fruity and fresh, even the ones marketed at men. Male/female deodorant distinction feels mostly arbitrary just to sell more products imo.

No. 1950175

File: 1704282756401.jpeg (510.69 KB, 870x937, GCxEzb1XQAA-Cwd.jpeg)

I was having a great time reading the replies on this person's 'my pronouns' tweet yesterday.

No. 1950177

These look like usernames in a cutesy online game kek

No. 1950221

File: 1704290253750.jpeg (427.58 KB, 1125x1843, IMG_5695.jpeg)

Tag yourself I’m OFFHUMAN

No. 1950222

Sanriogender, because I cannot identify with anything other than expensive mass produced corporate cartoon products from Japan. Look into the soulless black eyes of Hello Kitty, and witness me. Witness my gender.

No. 1950228

Sweetgender to cope with being morbidly obese for only consuming sweets, because my palate has never evolved and I would rather die of a fat induced heart attack than eat a vegetable. Ugüu.

No. 1950229

im dreamgender i haunt the dreams of troons proudly telling them im comfortable in my body and theyll never be a man/woman, BE SCARED FOR I AM A TERF

No. 1950230

Moongender because I'm Heliosphobic. (Helios: sun)

No. 1950232

TRAs: We are the evil transpeople that conservatives warned you about! Are you scared of us? boooo!

Also TRAs: Oh no, a TERF, my life is in danger.

No. 1950237

I’m stargender because I have five pointy ends.

No. 1950240

File: 1704292566799.jpeg (320.29 KB, 872x644, IMG_9728.jpeg)

>waycest gender
I don't wanna be here anymore these yaoi brain rot feverdream ideas make me wanna a-log just for liking MCR
Is it not enough to fetishize gay men? Do they have to be brothers too? Is just being gay not angsty enough?

No. 1950251

File: 1704294194535.jpeg (286.69 KB, 910x1721, GCyJp_zWcAAc_PP.jpeg)

Damn, I wanted Sanriogender. Just because I love Hello Kitty.
But never fear nonnies who didn't find their gender in the last image! OP linked to a whole website for it, and I saved someone else's selection for you to peruse. Personally I'm really liking 'dumb transgender' and 'evil autistic gay'.

No. 1950252


No. 1950253

TIMs better than TIFs at being a troon(sage your shit)

No. 1950254

I, also, identify as an Irish.

No. 1950263

??like tupac?

No. 1950288

I identify as jinglebellgender from mid-november until the end of the year. Rest of the time I'm just normal

No. 1950302

File: 1704303002126.png (93.6 KB, 415x556, Screenshot 2024-01-02 at 23-20…)

They ended up disabling the comments kek

No. 1950311

the juxtaposition of "evill darkness blood vampire satanic murderkill demon 666" with "irish" is killing me

No. 1950316

File: 1704306435899.jpg (202.96 KB, 1080x1586, Screenshot_20240103_235152_UPX…)

>wears the girliest outfits possible
>is obsessed with danmei novels that are written by women and cater to women
Kek, what makes this even more embarrassing is that she's 31. I'll never be not surprised at grownass adults purposely drowning themselves in the gendie soup because of fiction.

No. 1950319

Waycest has been a thing for a while, as well as other yaoi ships like ryden so yeah maybe to these girls just being gay is boring, even in the 2010s before the fandom became full of tifs. And now that it is full of them, of course they'd pick a degen ship to make a "gender" smh.

I wonder if emo bandom is full of tifs now because there's been an influx of tifs from tiktok or whatever, or that it came from the existing fanbase of chronically online edgy nerdy fujo girls trooning out. Or both. Either way, sad times to be an mcr or old era patd fan.

No. 1950322

Ah yes, Chicagoan, my favorite gender. Go Bears.

No. 1950323

The plushies on the bed as well. You know, just like real men do

No. 1950326

Omg you detransition from jinglebellgender every year? How transphobic!!!

I'm alien cat gender, because the regular cat gender one in the list wasn't special enough.

No. 1950342

What stuck out to me it’s that everything is “gender” now. People have been writing weird smut fic for decades but that used to be an (embarrassing and private) interest, not a “gender”. What does gender even mean anymore? Do these people come out as realpersongayincestenjoyers to their families at Thanksgiving? I mean it has a flag and everything.

Jinglebellfluidity is VALID ugh #truscumDNI

No. 1950348

Sage blog post
but in my family it's been done for a long time. My parents started doing it when we grew up and toys were no longer an option, and they didn't want to risk buying us clothes that didn't fit or that we didn't like. Last year my dad gave me an expensive conditioner and shampoo, I personally like these gifts and I never thought it was a bad thing. I guess every family does it for different reasons.(sage goes in the email field)

No. 1950352

"gender" has pretty much evolved to mean personality traits for these people. Which is why they obsess so much over clothing, hairstyle, interests, etc. Gendershit is the emo/scene/goth of the current times

No. 1950379

Did anyone notice how they have two versions of queer and gay but no lesbian label.

No. 1950383

im bloodyvampgender, i put up my middle finger at preps and all my clothes are from hot topic.

No. 1950389

File: 1704318388964.jpg (90.48 KB, 750x750, tumblr_0cf812ddfdae7e40cbb9865…)

No. 1950532

Is her way to say she's straight and love vampires.

No. 1950581

Giving luxury hygiene products as gifts is perfectly normal, but not fucking Dove shampoo. That's like the second cheapest stuff just after "generic store brand".

No. 1950603

A woman (a delusional one albeit, with a beard) talks about spirituality and intuition, nothing new kek

No. 1950604

I definitely packed many a dove products for gifts when I worked at a drugstore, but it mostly seems like stuff far away relatives gift each other.

No. 1950606

If only this dumb TIF artist realized almost every woman feels this way especially masc and gnc women, including those who are overweight or those who just have more fat on breasts and hips

No. 1950613

File: 1704356973912.jpeg (693.72 KB, 750x895, IMG_2665.jpeg)

Samefagging because I’m a stupid phoneposter but you’re basically describing dreamytabby kek testosterone has aged both her and her wife to shit

No. 1950646

I'd love for these girls to one day self reflect about the fact that they hated women so much they wanted to sever all ties to womanhood. The fact that they wholly and totally accepted the idea that if a woman likes pink and fashion she's a airheaded slut but if a man does he's quirky and interesting.Especially because these girls love to act like NLOG are the worst women around and love mocking them on their Reddit pages. Meanwhile pot calling kettle black over here.
The crossover between the Tim threads is usually porn and misogyny, I bet you the tif threads it's misogyny (nlog hating subs, "Karen" fail subs, etc) and stereotypical women's interests like Lolita. If nobody else does before I can, I'm going to do a crossover sub check later. I'm seriously betting there's going to be barbie or some other girly shit up top

No. 1950664

They still look so unmistakably female. Eye masculinisation surgery when

They’re always so open about the fact that they didn’t want to be into stereotypically girly things “as girls” but finally feel free to pursue those interests “as boys” but get extremely hostile when people question them on this, even in good faith. I think they know it’s all rooted in misogyny but don’t want to admit it because it’s easier to think of themselves as special than confront how widespread and deep-rooted woman hate really is. They hate NLOGs because they are NLOGs, but less honest.

My bets on crossover subs:
>kawaii shit
>anime (especially MHA)
>academia aesthetics

No. 1950670

File: 1704372846497.jpg (175.74 KB, 720x1350, lel.jpg)

I used the userbase overlap site to check, and these were the top results. Also, the very first fandom subreddit on the list was r/stevenuniverse (9.26), and the second one was an Animal Crossing subreddit (7.35). The top three hobby subreddits with big userbase overlap are r/knitting (5.75), r/fanfiction (4.76), and r/crochet (4.50), in that order. Particularly kek-worthy overlaps were r/starbucks (8.25), r/menwritingwomen (4.71), and r/hpfanfiction (2.77). The whole list is a mix of bleak and hilarious

No. 1950671

Here you go nonna! https://twitter.com/Silly_blackcat/status/1741842813292089649
The QRTs have gone from 60 to 600 since I looked at it kek.

>Not a girl
No, you're a grownass woman, holy shit.

The image is literally meant to be all one person's many 'genders'. And being a lesbian might be too close to implying that she's an icky girl, ew.

No. 1950675

Samefag, r/1200isplenty, a subreddit for low-calorie diets, has an overlap of 5.35 with r/ftm. The rules of the subreddit explicitly say that "1200 kcal/day is not enough for men".

No. 1950708

File: 1704381727331.jpeg (749.78 KB, 3449x4096, GC8tpCMWMAAv44j.jpeg)

Do you wanna bet the nsfw version has chest scars too?

No. 1950775

Possibly further evidence for the ED/FtM connection mentioned upthread, methinks.

No. 1950776

Hold on, isn't that the guy from Across the Spiderverse? Hobie or w/e?

No. 1950822

Ayrt and I agree, that's what I first thought too. Another section of the rules says "we don't encourage EDs", which is something that probably wouldn't need to be said if it actually were true.

No. 1950826

The overlap with autism, cptsd, bipolar, and calorie restriction subreddits is pretty grim. I can't help but think the mental illness thing is related to them being asexual and/or polyamorous too.

No. 1950832

Imagine declaring yourself to be male because of completely arbitrary traits and then having the phantom balls to post on that sub like you're not just as (or more) retarded as the things posted there.

No. 1950841

File: 1704403302731.jpg (26.19 KB, 600x191, askteengirlshowtobemen.jpg)

Identifying as asexual is indeed very common in people who are autistic, have sexual trauma, or have porn addictions. Polyamory meanwhile is often connected to bpd, low self-esteem, and abandonment issues.
There's also overlap with r/arethestraightsok (8.55), r/badwomensanatomy (8.55), r/fakedisordercringe (6.33), r/illnessfakers (3.28), and r/confidentlyincorrect (3.10) kek.

No. 1950855

Isn't that subreddit specifically for calling out munchies, which tifs commonly are? Maybe they think if they make fun of it then they can't be criticised for the same, but oh you can be.

No. 1950867

I used to browse that sub a few years ago and it was really funny to see a munchie get posted and then an "expert" would chime in and it would be revealed that the "expert" was also a munchie.

No. 1950870

Yes, he is.

No. 1950874

File: 1704408722887.jpg (9.64 KB, 214x148, download.jpg)

we are doomed to repeat history

No. 1950877

File: 1704409573091.jpg (27.07 KB, 641x201, retardonretardviolence.jpg)

It is. A significant amount of the posts on there now are about tifs faking DID. In a way, it reminds me of trutrans-type tifs. They're all so self-hating, and their only cope is comparing themselves to tifs that they see as "crazier" than them, desperately hoping that it makes them look rational and "valid" by comparison.
The current pinned post is picrel kek.

No. 1950878

>What do we get TiFfany?
>Just find some shit that says MAN on it and she'll be happy

Iv'e seen posts online about men getting bodycare products before, but they never seem too happy about it. It was on Reddit, so I can only assume it's because they stunk.

No. 1950892

File: 1704413400800.jpg (39.2 KB, 750x878, human-anatomy-drawing-sketches…)

There are tons of TIF art these days, the ones that bother me are the one that the ones that grab a moid, give them scar chest and call a day. Just say drawing a woman gives you dysphoria or something.

No. 1950908

I assumed those were the small items that were in the stocking and there's bigger gifts later in the video.

No. 1950941

File: 1704426297621.jpg (70.01 KB, 524x612, istockphoto-529007171-612x612.…)

That's a really shitty drawing and it looks like it was created by a teenager. It unintentionally downplays sexual dimorphism. The man's torso is too narrow and his legs are too tapered. The neck is also too thin, and his shoulders shouldn't be at a 90 degree angle like that on either sex because you can see a little of the trapezius muscle from the front. The feet are also way too small on both of them. Picrel is much better.

No. 1950944

File: 1704427384389.jpeg (647.64 KB, 750x1082, IMG_2666.jpeg)

Here’s that misogyny you ordered nonnie kek

No. 1950961

woman is when thigh gap

No. 1950988

This is such a shitty drawing, I will never understand why people who clearly can't draw anatomy right make these "guides". That could be a man with klinefelter I guess

No. 1951000

Wow, that’s kinda insensitive to assume knives are knives, some of them might be spoons.

No. 1951006

File: 1704450526813.png (32.69 KB, 462x352, I'm a fujo but I still lol'd .…)

Thank you for introducing me to this site kek(learn to sage)

No. 1951010

If they dont want to be sluts why dont they be modest girls? Do they want to be seen as modest deep down?(sage your shit)

No. 1951013

File: 1704451462281.jpg (88.79 KB, 671x416, 20240105_043434.jpg)

>Troons out because of anime porn game for women
Never change, tifs. Never change.

No. 1951015

Fujo tifs are truly the mirror image of AGP tims

No. 1951016

The similarities between the two full lists is somewhat uncanny, but I feel as if we can't safely talk about this without putting the thread in the witness protection program. Every time this topic comes up, it starts a slap fight that derails the thread.

No. 1951017

They're far less creepy and dangerous honestly because at most they larp and whine while navel gazing. AGPs on the other hand can be some of the most dangerous troons out there and they don't even pretend to act like normal people.

No. 1951033

I used to think autoandrophilia isn't real but fujo tifs changed my mind. I hate the way they talk to women too. Always very vulgar and sexual.

They're a danger to other women and children. Some women are beyond saving and need to be isolated for everyone's safety. They talk and act like male rapists.

No. 1951036

> One of those creeps who fetishised gay men
That’s so funny because you literally are.

No. 1951038

>Porn game with a focus on fucked up fetishism written and drawn to be women eyecandy (DMMD has seriously pretty art), with characters written like they were women but with dicks made me, a straight woman, hate my body because I'm not a pretty 2d man

No. 1951040

What makes anyone over the age of 18 years old believe that liking anime gay porn means you're a gay man? Sometimes it's crazy how words and pictures can make people commit self-harm in the ways that tranny shit does.

No. 1951050

File: 1704461364941.png (344.09 KB, 500x387, tumblr_inline_p7gd4wrsHz1svy7a…)

The idea to 'be a man' to dress like this because then it's 'transgressive' and 'brave'…. but what they end up imitating is ugly perverts (AGPs/APPs lol).
>Thought I was one of those gross fujoshi
Every time.
Wdym nonny? This (picrel) is exactly what real men look like and aspire to be kek

No. 1951053

It's really weird too there has to be major cognitive dissonance going on in these women, alot of women become fujos since most het or yuri is usually by moids so women made a category they could express themselves in and make moids seethe. I've been a fujo for a decade and I've never self inserted myself into characters since obviously they were scrotes?.. even as one myself I can't understand why anyone would want to larp as a gay moid

No. 1951057

They larp as gay men due the stereotype of gay men acting "fruity"/"fabulous" and because dating a bi/straight man still makes them seen as women. Like a hag fag with extra steps.

No. 1951059

Funny how DMMD would have been cancelled into oblivion for certain themes and these TIFs would call the game a gross MLM fetishist game. Man, I miss the yaoi era on the '00-'10, at least the fujoshi didn't need extra steps to like that shit.

No. 1951060

They've actually had some light meta discussions about the fact all of the people posted identify as 'genderqueer' but it got shot down by mods not for transphobia but because they straight up said the sub might get banned if they let it up.(learn to sage)

No. 1951063

I only saw the fujo to troon pipeline start when muh appropriashun became a hot topic on tumblr. Before the woke left started calling for segregation, liking yaoi was just another cringe thing that cringe girls did in their free time. Now they all think you need to be a gay man to read sasunaru or the FBI will show up at your door and execute you for internet crimes.
Saying the silent part out loud huh. I wonder how long it'll take for them to notice that gender and mental health go hand in hand in the way they don't want to admit.

No. 1951097

File: 1704474322254.png (4.63 MB, 3004x1804, delusional.png)

This is just rage bait at this point. Complete with the top surgery grift at the end, kek. Now can you please give ME some money for screencapping this milk?

No. 1951114

Ah yes, woman pretending to be man so she could be a doctor is a pure tif, just like Mulan. Also kek at the tif being happy to die from aids like other gay men.

No. 1951130

When exactly did leftists start hating fujoshis?(sage your shit)

No. 1951137

This starts on a total misconception and flat out sexist take on Mary Read's gender non-conformity; who it says was bi? But fuck it, I guess that's gay enough, details schmetails amirite? Unless they're gonna say Anne Bonny went by Andy, kek. Then there's yet another woman who had to disguise herself to do something. Of course it was gonna include the proto-fujo Sullivan who raped by deception and made the touching quote "I'm dying like a fag lmao" but ok, sure, she was a "gay trans man" so at least we're factual this time. But then she just straight up goes "idk if this is one is even female" before sprinkling in a couple more fetishists. Great history lesson, Tiffany!

No. 1951140

I think it was around the time "representation" was coming into the discourse, mainly with criticisms on how white writers wrote non-white characters as kinda racist caricatures and stereotypes, which then morphed into "only [x] people can write about [x] people accurately". Then this line of thinking was taken to gender and sexuality and straight women became evil for writing about gay men since it's not their lived experience. Of course, the Internet is incapable of nuance and cringey teen girls writing dumb gay fanfic were put on the same level of evil as racist writers

No. 1951141

Yeah, successfully trolled by 4channers into cutting their tits off. So many of them will do the whole pipeline of 'oh I was SO worried I was one of those gross [fujo] fetishists, but thank goodness I was just a [skinwalker] gay man instead!'

No. 1951144

Why are they so obsessed with the word "fag"?(learn to sage)

No. 1951187

File: 1704488661466.jpg (481.93 KB, 726x1826, Screenshot_20240105_145051_Sam…)

this has almost 11,000 notes btw

No. 1951191

>i think we should start slicing off gendered parts in public
wait til she finds out every last cell in her body is "gendered" with XX chromosomes kek

No. 1951199

>Boob have no purpose outside of BABY, and me no want baby, so boob useless!!
What purpose does the external part of my ears and nose serve? I may as well chop them off. The same goes for my outermost toes or fingers. And wouldn't I be better off removing all my teeth and replacing them with superior synthetic teeth? In fact, wouldn't it be nice if I weren't human at all, but some sort of free-floating sphere of energy that maintained my entire personhood, somehow? The "trans" in "transgender" stands for "transhumanist".

No. 1951205

This is so try-hard and cringe, I've got second hand embarrassment for her. Trannies can't just disagree with someone, they'll write like they're Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Ray about how awesome it is to mutilate yourself and how they're just so cool and unconcerned despite the paragraphs they've typed out hinting otherwise. Also, I just checked and that TIF is 24, KEK. She should be legally declared a retard who can't care for herself with this level of immaturity at her age.

If she wanted to continue that line of thought, she could always sell a kidney for the tit chop. I mean, I get that they serve a purpose but two? That's just overkill, I'm sure one will do just fine!

No. 1951211

I hate shit like because since most TRA get their "history lessons" on social media we just end up with more lies/misinformation spread like with what happened with stonewall. trannies claim that "nobody can decide someones trans except for themselves uwu" but then go and rewrite historical figures as trans. And the fact that they're trying to trans important women who wouldn't even have been able to accomplish what they did or even just lead full lives if they didn't pretend to be men in their time period is so blatantly misogynistic as well.

No. 1951263

Why do we need a large intestine and a small intestine? Shouldn't one do the trick? All they're good for is carrying the waste from the stomach to the anus. It would be like having two mouths; How pointless! Having more than one just takes up space! Why does everyone say that I can't just customize and "optimize" my body like it's a computer or a Spore creature? It's so ignorant! Human bodies are clearly made of a miraculous putty substance that can become anything you sculpt it into, and you can safely remove or replace parts of yourself whenever you want with absolutely zero consequences.

No. 1951295

>Boob have no purpose outside of BABY, and me no want baby, so boob useless!!

Under that premise, hysterectomies should be done for any woman that do not want kids neither, but the ovaries is an important organ in women anatomy, and getting rid of it at such young age means early osteoporosis and hormonal problems. She'll enjoy it for few years until she cannot have a good arm range movement or her nipples start to rot.

Even some plastic surgeries requires psychological help, it shouldn't be different for gender surgeries. But we know that doctors see their desperation like "stonk!".

No. 1951314

the pen truly is stronger than the sword

No. 1951350

The belief that the uterus is just a useless burden and that it's not a big deal to remove it has been floating around for quite some time. So many women have internalized misogynistic notions about their own bodies that they genuinely believe that the uterus is just an incubation machine that just happens to be in their body, serves no other purpose besides making babies, hurts them for no reason, and can be removed without any real consequences to their health. I've even seen a number of women consider hysterectomies as a form of birth control, it's extremely bleak.

No. 1951402

sage, but did anyone try to defend fujos at the time?(learn to sage)

No. 1951412

nonna, for future reference, you sage by writing it in the email field
reading this in the signature tif frog voice truly elevates the experience, kek.

No. 1951437

I mean, I have heard some TRAs unironically use the "why would natural hormones be better than synthetic hormones, that's ebul bioessentialism!!" argument, so I wouldn't be surprised if they defended plastic surgery and those Frankenstein-tier operations where they actually remove your teeth and replace them with a perfect cast etc. You gotta ask though, why is it always female-specific body parts that they want rid of so bad? Only a minority of TiMs get their balls chopped but mastectomy for TiFs is nearly universal and hysterectomy common as well. Makes you think.

No. 1951441

You already know the answer to your question, you're just not allowed to say it publicly.

No. 1951604

Because no one is getting sexually harassed for having balls

No. 1951617

File: 1704570624684.jpg (158.27 KB, 1080x906, Screenshot_20240106_164932.jpg)

The kettle calling the pot black with the "internalized misogyny".

No. 1951628

The blatant hypocrisy of that Tweet is almost overwhelming. Also she has shit taste.

No. 1951633

File: 1704574951104.png (366.23 KB, 345x851, Screenshot 2024-01-06 210312.p…)

I wouldn't be surprised if in the near future the next bitter fight will be about the legitimacy of PCOS as a hormonal disorder

No. 1951637

File: 1704575578375.png (189.23 KB, 786x513, Screenshot 2024-01-06 211214.p…)


This is probably evil but I want gendies to discover the "carrying angle", it was something I discovered in an art group. Since the difference is theorized to be the result of evolution in response to carrying babies or something it will definitely make them dysphoric or whatever. What surgery will to alleviate their discomfort over their arms.

No. 1951645

Ewwww I hate this, this gave me dysphoria without even being trans. Is there anything in the frmale body that actually serves the owner?

No. 1951648

Don’t worry anon, this is just being a living organism. It’s the same for other species, of BOTH sexes. The body is only a vessel.

No. 1951653

Ofcourse there is you use those genetically superior hands to claw out moids eyes. be proud of your arms nonnie! Because they will always make a troon seethe! Be proud of the female body

No. 1951659

I just saw a screenshot in jillians thread that prompted me to ask this–do surgeons often make their nipples way too high on purpose to mutilate them, or do they request it?(sage your shit)

No. 1951660

I'm pretty sure I already saw TIMs claiming that their arms bend like that.
But I find it can be another fun way to clock troons, same as their knobbly joints (esp their knees).

No. 1951669

Lungs, heart, etc. and if you're looking for female-specific then the clit is the only human body part the exists only for the sake of the pleasure of the person it belongs to. Also, having biology suited for having kids doesn't mean women only exist to have kids; That would be like saying animals with biological self-defense capabilities exist to defend themselves from being attacked. "Can" and "have to" are two entirely separate things.

No. 1951677

This kind of moidbrained response makes you pass better than most of the TIFs posted ITT.

No. 1951681

Accusing me of being moidbrained for wanting my body to work for me and not someone else is pretty troon tier logic so right back at you.

No. 1951689

It's moidbrained to assume that just because you have the option to have a baby, your body isn't working for you. Genuine question so we're on the same page here: what do you mean by that statement?

No. 1951691

Why are you viewing it in such emotional terms? It’s your body making sure that on the off chance you make an offspring (or whatever you want to call a baby that won’t make you want to off yourself) it’s easier and less stressful for you? Stop viewing your body in such antagonistic ways
Or think about it this way
At least your body doesn’t kill itself after ejaculating

No. 1951697

The interests of a mother and her fetus are basically antagonistic to each other from the jump if you want to get into that.

Just that so many parts of the female body don’t seem designed(or evolved, whatever) for the comfort of the ‘user’ but for the comfort or wellbeing of others. That it exists for others and not you in a sense. Yes it’s true you don’t have to if you don’t want to, it’s still really visceral. Even stuff as small as arms. Ranging from that to the infamous brain restructuring from pregnancy. And that’s a nice comparison but human males don’t die after ejacularing they just get to do whatever.

No. 1951714

File: 1704583646027.gif (3.73 MB, 339x339, 1698511475517942.gif)

Saw the same "discourse" in the Gale fandom recently and just rolled my eyes, god forbid women bring up their gender when discussing a character who was CREATED to appeal to the female playerbase (though to be fair, a few Gale fans seem to be actual gay men while I have yet to see a single Astarion "fanboy" who wasn't born with a vagina)

No. 1951716

Bet she uses the word dude for everyone

No. 1951720

The male body isn't designed for anyone's comfort, even that of males. It has shit survivability and is basically designed to fuck at any cost then die early. Male genitals are basically prolapses that serve as an irl example of an obvious, self-signaling weak point that practically screams "hit here to incapacitate me!" No one considers the weaknesses of the male body for some reason, though, but I'm sure it's totally unrelated to misogyny and androcentrism.

No. 1951775

File: 1704594376524.jpeg (20.22 KB, 500x162, IMG_5315.jpeg)

No. 1951798

Funny thing is that she's a "they/them".

No. 1951799

Carrying angles develop in adolescence to accommodate the grown width of the hips.

No. 1951818

It's more like tifs have no idea what male nipple placement is cos they've never seen a male chest before, and don't even necessarily want a male chest but just want their icky female chest gone, so they let the surgeon play pin the nip on the tranny and cant tell that they're botched when they see the results

No. 1951819

File: 1704605510193.jpg (230.3 KB, 1080x1078, Screenshot_20240107_105933_Chr…)

>The "trans" in "transgender" stands for "transhumanist"
A bit ot but they're such consumers that these retards have already admitted to it themselves kek.

No. 1951825

>pin the nip on the tranny
That’s a wonderful idea, nonnie. I bet gendies would unironically do this at a party to celebrate top surgery kek.

No. 1951846

File: 1704613369537.png (Spoiler Image,2.28 MB, 1072x1202, C13434B4-443A-48AE-A6E4-9D1A23…)

Kek i’ve seen a top surgery party before, it had games pretty similar. Sage since i’ve posted it before months ago.

No. 1951858

>A lot of us aren't girls or women, thanks.
She's right though. A lot of them aren't girls or women, all of them are. You evil terfs would never get how it's like to be a woman enjoying things for women and being called a woman for it when you're going through your nlog phase, it's such a struggle that must be expressed through a pathetic tweet.

No. 1951861

File: 1704618804066.png (455.54 KB, 703x2065, chrome_screenshot_7 Jan 2024 1…)

Seems like prison lesbian/yaoi larp isn't going that well for these two kek. It's a bit funny but I also feel like she (who I assume is at least bi) should just drop her straight gf, and well, gain enough braincells to not get the fucking surgeries done. How can you be like this at 27?

No. 1951881

Yeah, her girlfriend is straight and using her for money and convenience, imagine "dating" and spending money on someone who won't sleep with you nor take any responsabilities, she's got herself a child. The fact the straight girl freaked out about op having some guy over despite retarded open relationship tells it all, she is just her piggy bank and she is afraid to lose it. I'd ask how op can't see it but then I remember she is so self hating she believes she can change sex, so of course she wouldn't see the obvious.

No. 1951898

File: 1704629925235.png (644.64 KB, 666x3642, psychotic.png)

There is an absolutely deranged but thankfully rare subset of genderspecial transhumanists in Russia called angelomorphs. They basically claim that abolishing gender is impossible without abolishing sex and advocate for removing sex as a whole. Literally Skoptsy 2.0, I found out about them from some mentally ill moid that tried to castrate himself on multiple occasions as a way to prevent getting ruined by puberty and retain holiness/fix sexism. Saging because it's not a tif exclusive content, but every time I see your average surface web enbie talking about flesh being a prison that needs to be artificially "fixed", I think of these psychos.

Not really related and I might be reaching, but attitude like yours falls under the same misogynistic and purely subjective view on biology and evolution, albeit not as extreme.

No. 1951899

File: 1704630039855.png (52.73 KB, 653x332, psychotic2.png)

No. 1951910

>Men realise they're parasites but project their degeneracy on to women.

No. 1951923

File: 1704636540138.jpg (189.29 KB, 828x807, asagayman.jpg)

No. 1951925

There's something charming about the way this is ESL. Pure insanity but also ironically clings onto the very same stereotypes it claims to oppose.
>Eudaimonia and lack of menstrual cycle due to a chemical castration
Meanwhile, fucking with your hormones often causes depression.
While I understand why anons were jumping you on this, I have to admit that the original post >>1951637 made me kinda uncomfortable too, because it immediately makes the assumption that something in the female body is the way it is because "durr woman carry baby"

No. 1951932

>children aren't requires to perform sex based stereotypes
That's only because they don't know what they are yet but parents and teachers and movies are sure as hell teaching them

>as children your bodies are practically equal to each other, its only natural to resist the sudden change of this during puberty

If you are aware of this, why is your "solution" to just make this feeling into a "gender"

No. 1951940

Children's bodies are not "practically equal to each other", either.

No. 1951943

Nonna everytime you feel lonely remember you have about 25 billion white blood cells in your body protecting you with their life.

No. 1951949

Goddamn. It's sad what mental illness will do to someone. Especially dissociation and schizophrenia, it will turn people into "philosophers" and will have the same effect as doing Angel's Trumpets. I remember when I was struggling a lot with my self-esteem and I was legit delusional, I constantly wrote junk like this at 3 am about how my body and mind are separate entities or whatever. And then I look at them 2 years later when I'm fine mentally and I realize how absurd they sound. Nonnas I'm afraid there's absolutely no way to have a coherent talk with these kind of people, it's like trying to teach math to someone who's drunk, they won't get it. If you want a glimpse into this insanity, I urge you to find more psychotic people on Tumblr and follow them around for a bit. Almost all of them will be trans and queer and disabled and have other mental illness as well. But if you're searching for them you can't just use normal hashtags, they're in very niche communities that will be difficult to find.

No. 1951982

I'm so sick of tifs coming to female fandoms and demanding everyone accommodates their delusions. I get it you hate yourself but stop making it our problem.

No. 1951995

I hate even more that they make moid characters as TIFs for THEIR liking and "representation". No, a moid with vagina having PIV sex is not "gay sex".

No. 1951999

Say it louder for the people in the back!! The M/M fanfiction tags are full of F/M, it's disgusting (not het, but calling F/M homosexual).
I think it depended on the fandom. Last fandom I was in when all this was really going down was 18+, so people were quicker to say 'yeah, no'. But the younger-skewed fandoms who really internalised all this woke bs took being labelled the thing they considered 'evil' way too hard. And people found it funny to see these puriteens have this bs turned against them, but idt anyone expected the outcome it got.

No. 1952003

I'm online friends with a lot of random girls and 8/10 of them are TIMs. Each of them is a cow in their own right. One of them is chronicling her journey to becomig a Ryan Ross lookalike. A lot of them are skin-walking Gerard Way/Ryan Ross/Adam Lazzara and it's genuinely horrifying.
I miss the days when it was just gay ships.(blogposting, not even saged)

No. 1952004

Stupid autocorrect.

No. 1952022

These women are chopping their breasts off, I think we have better things to worry about than your ao3 porn tags

No. 1952023

>Say it louder for the people in the back!!
go back to reddit

No. 1952032

Good grief, she has such a round, feminine face. Why have such an invasive procedure done if it will do fuckall to make her pass? She won't look like a man, she'll just look like a flat-chested woman.

No. 1952034

They think that a handful of weird, nerdy girls writing fanfic is on the same level as large swaths of the male population obsessing over lesbian porn and fantasizing about raping lesbians. They also just hate women and will jump on any opportunity to denigrate us, including on the basis of inane shit like "fetishizing gay men." Women pose zero risk to gay men, while many lesbians have been specifically targeted for sexual assault by moids. It's the usual false equivalence shit retard lefties do online where they pretend that men and women are perfectly identical outside of clothing and stereotypes.

No. 1952035

Absolutely, but my point (not articulated, wasn't expecting to be controversial) is that the mass influx of these fics in the tag reinforces the delusion that women can become 'gay men', or that these mutilated women are 'totes having yaoiboi sex'. I mean, I do think the homophobia is disgusting too (whether you do or not), but so many TiF's were/are indoctrinated through fandom and uwu BL fanfic, so seeing the constant glorification of this self-harm in such fics IS gross to me.
I'll take 'Say it louder for the people in the back!!' as being unacceptably cringe (though it sounds more like Tumblr than Reddit, which sure isn't better), but it's true that people were going 'harhar the woke puriteens are getting a taste of their own medicine', and those girls WERE very committed to being seen as 'woke' (and used that word to refer to themselves). Didn't realise we weren't allowed to say 'woke'- do I need to check my 'cis' privilege too rme?

No. 1952042

You can say whatever you want, you just sound like a retard

No. 1952043

The stuff about Mary Read was straight-up nonsense. Her mother encouraged her to pose as a boy, and she continued to do it on-and-off simply because she wanted to serve in the military. So many of these so-called "historical FtMs" are actually just women who posed as men in order to enter their desired career or to date other women without persecution.

The claim about cesarean sections isn't true, either. The first recorded instance of a woman surviving a c-section is from the 1500s, and there were many other (rare) successful operations in the 1600s and 1700s before Dr. Barry was practicing.

No. 1952045

I bet so many dollars that she'll regret using T when she notices she's looking more like her moid brothers/relatives than a cute uke character.

No. 1952046

This is an image board, we all sound like a retard.

No. 1952047

No one cares. Post milk.

No. 1952049

The other retards don't act like their being oppressed when they get called retarded, retard

No. 1952050

I cannot think of a more stereotypically straight-girl hobby than fangirling after tortured vampire sexymen. It's so obvious that the devs put him in the game to attract female players, and it worked like a charm.

No. 1952052

The inclusion of Animal Crossing sent me. Nothing says "man brain" quite like harvesting peaches to give to little animal people in a children's game.

No. 1952062

>In this space I have entered, I am unimportant and unnoticed, yet think of myself highly so I demand everyone to cater to my needs as well
>I am spoiled and not used to people telling me no, therefore I my empathy is lower than that of my peers
>How will I convince other people to cater to my needs? Ah! I will try to appeal to their morality by suggesting that if they don't, they're evil and something is wrong with them
>It works for me all the time, as I am easily persuaded by empty threats, therefore others must also be
>My belief that others operate the same way I do can be explained by my lack of empathy as I mentioned above
>But my critical skills are not enough to make me self aware and realize that it is unfair of me not to accommodate others needs but for them to accommodate mine, because as I mentioned above I am spoiled, and one does not have to think hard if everything is served on a silver spoon

No. 1952065

File: 1704660287599.gif (1.6 MB, 228x180, 1505523200514.gif)

No. 1952098

Why are ftms so obsessed with pee?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1952104

Why don't you know how to sage?

No. 1952106

It's a common gay moid perversion, and I think a lot of TIFs have picked up on that and now either mimic it or have genuinely meme'd themselves into finding it arousing. It also ties into the "stinky feral rat boy" aesthetic these unwashed atrocities love so much.

No. 1952110

>I thought I was one of those creeps that fetishize gay men
NLOF: Not Like Other Fujoshis

No. 1952111

ah another victim of women being shamed for even daring to have sexual thoughts that arent oily pirate novels and abuse depicted as BDSM like 50 shades

No. 1952138

Dramatical Murder is also abuse fetish shit, though.

No. 1952140

File: 1704673988845.png (1.64 MB, 1280x1389, tumblr_cc78b58c2db6ba5cf874bf8…)

now that "masc" has replaced butch we've come full circle

No. 1952147

This is such creepy, bizarre behavior on the part of both the TiF and her weird, enabling mom. She's celebrating a cosmetic procedure the way a normal person would celebrate a pregnancy or engagement. Can you imagine how cringey and ghoulish this will be to look back on if she ever chooses to detransition?

No. 1952148

I like how she describes "bottoming" as her partner just being a lazy starfish. In their case, they're just LARPing as gay moids, but I'm sick of the whole tops and bottoms thing being applied to sex between two women. That's generally not how it works unless a strap-on is involved, and these labels being wrongfully applied to women demonstrates how hegemonic gay moid culture is in the LGB community.

No. 1952151

>oily pirate novels

No. 1952161

Absolutely revolting. This youtuber fits that description imo

No. 1952166

What is it about emo bands specifically? Other genre boybands like one direction have had a wealth of yaoi shipping, look at how popular Larry stylinson is, but I've not heard any tifs become one direction skinwalkers the way I've seen tifs foam at the mouth about gerard giving them gender envy and whatever. Which is funny considering that their inspiration is Gerard during the Black parade or something but in reality they're either obese neckbeard gerard or greasy haired malnourished gerard.

No. 1952178

1d was for the normie girls and emo bands tend to attract people who are outcast or disillusioned. tifs are dysfunctional and mentally ill so it makes sense they'd be attracted to the idea of being the disenchanted alternative guys they larp as

No. 1952217

They think trooning out will turn them into the hot twink emo boy they want but can't have.

No. 1952243

most of them are pornsick

No. 1952245

Try being in a lolita group and starting a post with “Hey ladies…” I guarantee you there’s a 100% chance of some TIF replying with “Umm aCkShUaLLy not everyone here identifies as female!”

No. 1952253

File: 1704694645614.jpg (Spoiler Image,102.74 KB, 794x708, what.jpg)

I know, I also just found this Etsy listing for top surgery party games and one of them is for guessing the weight of the removed breasts? It just sounds like something Leatherface and Buffalo Bill would do for fun. https://www.etsy.com/listing/1401400379/top-surgery-party-games-pdf-canva?
It’s a meme fetish, too many girls who spent too much time on Tumblr in fandoms or into fanfic would supposedly have omorashi fetishes.

No. 1952254

yeah but its moids getting abused which is based

No. 1952255

it's really funny its not even a tif doing it. What do tifs feel that a cis woman is proffiting off their tit chops?

No. 1952270

It's an oversimplification to attribute it to "pornsickness." Paraphilias cluster, particularly in people with autism and personality disorders.

No. 1952274

I think they are obsessed with pee because they don't have a penis to ejaculate with (yes I know women can ejaculate too but I feel that is quite rare/hard to do) so they probably just piss during sex/masturbation for gender euphoria

No. 1952275

Nonnitas let's not start this shit again.

No. 1952284

File: 1704701356618.png (56.4 KB, 914x692, Screenshot 2024-01-08 161012.p…)

Something's underlying but I can't pinpoint it.

No. 1952285

Actually 'cis women' were guilted long ago by groomers

No. 1952288

probably made to pick up after a spoiled younger brother and developed internal misogyny, I've seen many such cases where little brothers especially get prioritized over female siblings.

No. 1952289

This reminded me of "noah's" pop-punk anti-terf song she just released.

No. 1952308

>Female Harry Potter character in thumbnail of "anti-terf" song
She lives rent free in their heads. Also kek at a "punk" wasting the platform to criticize a woman who survived poverty and abuse to become a successful children's book author known for her significant philanthropy, all because she stated something controversial in the name of wanting to protect women, girls, and LGB people. Clearly there's nothing more punk than calling someone who civilly stated a controversial view in the name of human rights for minorities a "genocidal fascist", right? The troon life must be very peaceful and privileged if someone like Rowling is enemy #1.

No. 1952323

All the while tifs will go calling literally everyone gay left and right

No. 1952346

Women don't have paraphilias(bait/derailing)

No. 1952359

I hate how people still believe that children are androgynous when it's so easy to notice the differences between them, maybe not of a very small baby, but toddlers already have physical differences between each other.
If anything, whenever anyone claims that kids look the same and only show their physical differences during puberty, I will always assume one of these two things: 1) The retard has never had to hangout with children for more than a few hours. 2) The retard is a pedophile that truly believes kids are some weird idealized beings.

No. 1952380

File: 1704722488254.jpeg (96.68 KB, 604x680, EguEqalWsAA0bPl.jpeg)

Is because they see this image and tend to ignore that punks will be racist, sexist, homophobic and transphobic if that offend the gendies.

No. 1952388

File: 1704723025479.png (179.3 KB, 598x839, 1704670281952.png)

Is like this pic, somehow: They all start the same, then they have their interest, then Internet tells them they're trans and start to self harm.

No. 1952392

>woman is when dress, man is when pants

No. 1952397

Man is shirtless without an ounce of shame too, nonnie, man is confident and woman is sexy sex boobs sexily boobieling.

No. 1952463

There's something so repulsive about drawing a baby with troon flag diaper. Nobody is born trans, babies do not feel like they're in the 'wrong body', thinking they're even capable of that reeks of pedos attempting to imply that babies and kids are smarter than we think and can definitely consent since they're that aware of their own bodies. Troons are vile.

No. 1952467

File: 1704741838023.jpg (278.81 KB, 720x534, Screenshot_20240108_192403_You…)

Nonnies speculating on Izzzyzzz possibly being on T: the mustache has now made a thumbnail appearance

No. 1952479

She is not on T. This the moustache all women get if they don't wax. Are there any real women left in this thread?

No. 1952492

Nta. I agree that it's unreasonable speculation, but upper lip hair varies a lot, and not everybody's is visible when they don't wax.

No. 1952494

>This the moustache all women get if they don't wax
Maybe for you. Sorry for your moustache nona.

No. 1952495

I wonder how the person who made this would react if they ever heard an explicit Dead Kennedys song.

No. 1952503

I've mentioned this before, but oldest daughters often experience some of the most rigid gender roles because they're ostensibly forced into becoming secondary moms to their younger siblings (particularly boys.) It doesn't shock me at all that TiFs are disproportionately likely to be the oldest and have younger brothers.

No. 1952504

Women don't need to feel sorry for having body hair.

However, it's probably true izzy is more comfortable with exhibiting gnc stuff because shes a nonbiney she/they, and not because she's a woman embracing her natural appearance.

No. 1952507

are you referring to Holiday In Cambodia? because the choice of language in that song is supposed to reflect on the type of yuppie that is the subject matter of the track, rather than reflect the opinions of the group

No. 1952527

"But what intersex babi-" stfu, not even interesex people want to do nothing with TRAs for the same reason.

No. 1952539

thats what i think about all the time! if they truly cared about exposing "bigots", they would spend half the energy they spend on jkr on male celebrities who have said (and done) worse things about trannies, but they only see the poor lady as an easy target. women in general are expected to be on the trannies' side and get worse backlash than a man when they express the opposite, but other nonas have talked about that before.

is the kid with the football helmet wearing boob pads?

No. 1952544

>boob pads
I think it's just a poorly drawn football and hand.

No. 1952551

>woman is when dress
That is a portrayal of a tim