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No. 1400739

Old Threads by order of recency:

This thread is for posting and discussing cringey fakebois who may or may not deserve their own threads.

Fakebois are girls who pretend to be boys for attention, either as trannies or biological males (usually the former).

Fakebois style and present themselves as androgynous or feminine-looking young men, even wearing girls' clothing and make-up. They insist on being addressed with he/him (or occasionally they/them) pronouns and take great offense at being gendered as female. Some are SJW transactivists, but for most their identities are entirely superficial.

Reminder to "truescums" and "transmeds": Nobody cares about how [[[100% REAL]]] your or any other tranny's ~dysphoria~ is. Don't derail about how you're actually a true troon unlike everyone else, save it for your twitter feed.

No. 1400741

>Serial killer fan art supporting trannies
Now I’ve seen it all.

No. 1400748

What happened to the phalloplasty one

No. 1400749

I think it got deleted

No. 1400792

>I've officially peaked on

OT but Is this a common thing people say? I feel like it describes very nicely how I turned against woke culture. After a while you just hit the peak and it completely reverses your stance.

No. 1400824

It's common in radfem circles. Sometimes specifically referred to as hitting "peak trans".

No. 1400842

File: 1640358190977.png (8.31 KB, 486x115, 2021_12_24-16_02_43_chrome.png)

I should have just googled it, thank you it does mean that

No. 1400933

File: 1640367919947.jpg (50.63 KB, 1000x600, West-Side-Story.jpg)

>How Anybodys' Trans Identity Fixes A Problem With The Original

>In the 2021 remake of West Side Story, Anybodys' character, played by non-binary actor Iris Menas, is no longer a tomboy and is instead a trans man, fixing a MAJOR PROBLEM with the character in the original. The musical-turned-motion-picture West Side Story takes the story of Romeo and Juliet and sets it in 1957 New York City as tensions are rising between the Puerto Rican Sharks and White American Jets

>The original 1961 movie version, directed by Robert Wise and Jerome Robbins, differs greatly from the 2021 remake of West Side Story, directed by Steven Spielberg, mostly to appease a modern audience. Spielberg adds a few characters, like Valentina played by Rita Moreno from the 1961 film, and he changed the order and staging for some of the songs. Most importantly, many of his changes add sociopolitical context that's necessary to understand the nuance of the musical. One of those changes is taking the tomboy character Anybodys and making him a trans man, which fixes the problems with the character in the original movie.

>Anybodys in the original West Side Story doesn't make a lot of sense as a character, and that's mostly because she doesn't serve much of a purpose. While other characters have direct roots from characters in Romeo and Juliet, Anybodys doesn't have an equivalent, so the addition of her character was a choice Ernest Lehman actively made in the original, but then they don't do anything of substance with her. In the original 1961 version of West Side Story, she doesn't sing, and her subplot of a girl trying to join an all-boys gang is played for laughs. The gang is terribly rude to her, declaring that she's a girl and will always be a girl, and they exclude her from their group even though she's desperate for their acceptance. She does eventually earn their respect by warning of Chino's plan to kill Tony, but then she immediately participates in the terrible things the Jets do, calling into question if earning their respect was even worth it. In the end, she's again exiled from the Jets to protect her from the other boys in the gang, ending her story in the same place it began. The character is a strange choice in the original movie.

>In the 2021 remake of West Side Story, director Steven Spielberg and screenwriter Tony Kushner decided to make Anybodys' character a trans man. This decision fixes a lot of the problems with the original character because it adds meaning and nuance to his subplot. Instead of the story being played for laughs as a girl tries to be one of the boys, it's a serious and heartfelt story of a trans man seeking acceptance and trying to prove himself to the Jets. The rejection from the Jets when they call Anybodys a girl who will always be a girl is no longer funny but instead cruel abuse from a group Anybodys trusted and looked up to. When Anybodys warns the Jets of Chino's plan to kill Tony, he's recognized and validated as not only a member of the gang but as a man. In the biggest change from the 1961 West Side Story, Anybodys isn't exiled by the group, but instead, his story ends in a better place than it started as an accepted member of the gang. He actually has a character arc.

>By making Anybodys a trans character, West Side Story adds a layer of representation that wasn't there before. The LGBTQ community already saw themselves in Anybodys' gender non-conforming character in the original. For many, the character was already trans. Confirming the character's identity validates what viewers already saw and related to. Without these changes, Anybodys' character would just be a throwaway joke like the original.


No. 1400941

Passes better than most fakebois, but eh fakebois are generally low effort troons so this girl can get my credit

No. 1400961

They ruined her character.

No. 1401022


>The rejection from the Jets when they call Anybodys a girl who will always be a girl is no longer funny but instead cruel abuse

This CAN NOT be real. Holy shit I want to A-log so bad.

>a female character experiencing misogyny doesn't matter and does not make for a good story, but now that she's a man instead it's heart-wrenching sociopolitical commentary.

>in the end she's validated as a man and is finally accepted as a member of the gang
You hear that ladies? Just become a man instead and escape misogyny! There is so much wrong with this on so many levels I could rant all day.

No. 1401045

>Original Anybodys was used to show that GNC women are normal and how toxic masculinity results in males devaluing women, no matter how competent or similar the woman is to them, and that men who behave in misogynistic ways on the surface level will not turn out to be "worth the effort", as they do not have underlying non-misogynistic sides of any substance
>Tranny propaganda Anybodys portrays that GNC women aren't normal and are secretly "not women", and that misogyny isn't particularly bad unless it's being pointed at a man or someone who thinks that they are a man, and that misogyny can be meaningfully wiped away by the victim simply claiming not to be a woman
>Somehow the latter is more "woke"
TRAs are sexist universally.

No. 1401065

> Instead of the story being played for laughs as a girl tries to be one of the boys, it's a serious and heartfelt story of a trans man seeking acceptance and trying to prove himself to the Jets

they couldve just rewritten it and made Anybodys’ motivation for seeking acceptance and validation from men come from misogyny and it would’ve been just as serious, plus it would add emotional depth to her rejections, but fleshing out a female character is way harder than transing her obviously.

No. 1401166

File: 1640384115561.webm (1.61 MB, 720x1280, 43443804_1305117009961080_2174…)

Either this never happened or she needs to fire her therapist. I'm scared for the future of psychology if therapists are taught to encourage trans delusion and shut down any actual critical or dialectical thought around it.

No. 1401224

It's either a woke "therapist" like Pixielocks' or a christian therapist taking advantage of this gay conversion therapy that is troonism or it didn't happen at all.

No. 1401227

>"I have never heard a woman say that she's insecure about her breasts because they make her feel fat (among other reasons)"
The alleged "therapist" has never spoken to any other women.

No. 1401251

If the serial killing cannibal condones the message then it must be right lmao

No. 1401256

File: 1640389655738.jpg (1020.35 KB, 3000x4000, nonbinary trans guy.jpg)

a personal cow of mine who claims to be an asexual nonbinary transguy or whatever and jerks the usual 'enbies don't owe you androgyny' mantra. also writes funny blog entries about how she's going to deck someone for calling her miss or lady, because she's so very obviously not a miss or a lady. these are recent pics and in the middle of her profile, not hidden or anything so it's obvious that she makes no effort to transition. she also frequently cosplays female characters in dresses and with her tits very visible, and of course she calls herself elliot.

No. 1401337

A repetitive question here: both fakebois and mtf agps like femininity… so whatever masculinity makes one an "oppressor" and unwelcome?

No. 1401341

i hope this is lying for views but a part of me believes it, since a lot of typical therapy these days is hugboxing (speaking from experience sadly). i've read when it comes to gender, therapists try to be affirming from the start in order to not risk being accused of practicing "conversion therapy"…

you're onto something, but i also think when it comes to agp vs fakeboi interest in femininity, they come from different places. a lot of agps think performing it will make them "more suited to be" women or a form of personal degradation to them and is thus sexually exciting to them, while fakebois want to be feminine in the way a twink or even drag queen would be, aka they want to look the same without being mistreated for it like a woman (although a lot of "gay man" fakebois do sexualized being a so-called "twink", and there's a whole reddit sub for TIFs who want to be degraded, so in some ways it could be two sides of the same coin)

No. 1401362

I mean masculinity is less common in woke circles while femininity is paraded

No. 1401372

File: 1640406184051.png (734.97 KB, 700x940, 34260D7E-F548-46F4-A855-773A31…)

No. 1401373

File: 1640406209440.png (767.35 KB, 700x892, 3B7E7377-4AB3-4F64-8CFC-508329…)

No. 1401391

I think this is because femininity was historically derided more since it is associated with women, the lesser sex according to old societies like the romans and in biblical text taken from the mouths and minds of men, and enforced as such through social pressure. With things becoming less pressured, only masculinity was and is considered to be better as it is associated with the 'better' sex, so men taking on femininity is seen as more subversive and revolutionary as it is trying to change the perception of women being lesser and it being embarrassing to be feminine wilfully when not specifically enforced through etiquette culture and threat of the old days. In a world where a woman is a man if she says so, and a man being feminine is revolutionary/supported due to its previous lack of support, we get shit like FTMs being femboys and men being hyperfeminine since they would still be recognised as a feminine man and are looking to be recognised as a woman, plus the porn shit for men and more lightly for women with yaoi.

No. 1401473

File: 1640432634266.jpg (176.33 KB, 1125x788, 112.jpg)

What too much Yaoi does to a bitch

No. 1401478

>I paid 8000 to not have to wear a shirt
>8000 real dollars
>for the privilege of not having to wear a shirt around friends

No. 1401488

I've been thinking of the thread pic forever but lost it, it's an oldie but a good one. I remember a farmer commenting
>trans men are men and I will eat ​them
>trans women are women and I will kill them
I've lost my shit, but it's exactly what the picture is saying lmfao. What a time to be alive

No. 1401495

so TIMs whip out their dicks in public, and TIFs whip out their transition scars. both are roping the public into their fetish larp. before anyone misunderstands, i'm definitely not a prude and i don't care when men take off their shirts (or when women breastfeed in public) since i don't see these moments as sexual. but you know with TIFs that it's a sexual thing and that they only do this because they don't have a dick to flash at innocent bystanders. they're in the same group as the perverts in my town that keep their fetish gear (whips, ball gags) on the rear deck of their car.

No. 1401499

Is that a fucking leash?

No. 1401503

Looks like it, actually knew a TIF who would post about wanting to be "femboy sex slave"

No. 1401525

I agree with this. My ex left me for a TIF and all she does is openly talk about her balls and dick and it’s just really unattractive. Tbh idk what my ex sees in them. I certainly wasn’t allowed to be lewd with them but this chick can talking about fapping her dick? Jesus Christ. It really is just a fetish role play for ugly woman who are commonly unattractive to most so they gotta make up for it by acting like the men they’d get turned down by.

No. 1401563

File: 1640454618817.png (41.13 KB, 923x320, wtf.png)

so i was looking at r/detrans out of curiosity, and i found what appears to be a TIF counterpart to buffalo bill trying to soak up pity/advice… if you look at the rest of her post history (at your own risk) she posts in necrophilia subs and talking about wanting to eat women (asian women specifically? i think she uses that chinese slur in one of the posts)

No. 1401565

Sorry… Eating women?

No. 1401572

File: 1640470724505.png (Spoiler Image, 21.83 KB, 925x236, Untitled.png)

yeah, cannibalism/sadism because of her internalized misogyny, and racism to boot. i can't tell if this is edgelord posting or someone extremely sick in the head, or both. she also posted about a violent CP producer being her "hero" but it was taken down. i tend to pity pornsick TIFs but this woman needs to be institutionalized or something lmao

No. 1401584

kek either an edgy teenage girl who thinks hating women will make her a real man or a tim larping to show that "women are just as bad you guise!!!"

No. 1401587

File: 1640472190713.png (Spoiler Image, 18.07 KB, 925x283, hero.png)

this screenshot i mentioned in my last post SCREAMS "moid" but her post history are also in subs like "truscum" and "xenogender" (some moids are in trans subcultures like this, but they're mostly female), so for now i'm betting she's a pornsick female. i don't understand why some TIFs think being porn-addicted and misogynistic will make them seem like convincing men when they act identical to the nymphomaniac pickme NLOGs i used to know

No. 1401635

Either this is a really convincing moid larp, or she's schizophrenic, sociopathic, NPD, and pornsick with infinite internalized misogyny. If she's actually a woman, I doubt she's anything larger than a psychological threat to the people around her, and she's more of a threat to herself. She needs to be institutionalized either way.

No. 1401641

File: 1640478628691.png (Spoiler Image, 30.77 KB, 925x289, problem.png)

her pity posts in r/detrans were talking about wanting to make female friends or be in female spaces but having "sexual problems" towards them, so i think she's aware she's a danger to people. another post i found in another reddit sub has her admitting to thinking a gore video of a woman was hot and saving it. maybe she'll get busted for illegal possession of something and get v&'d is another best case scenario.

No. 1401648

I don't know, I just read this as a pornsick woman who gets reminded of her misogynistic porn fantasies when talking to women and wants to jack off to it, but also struggles to make female friends because she's an insensitive freak. I don't think she would actually go through with hurting anyone for her fetish like a moid would, unless maybe she somehow got consent for regular sex from a woman, but it doesn't seem like she'll get that far, considering she can't even make a single female friend. She's still crazy and horrible, but I can't consider her the same threat that a moid posting this same shit would be, since she won't get the same benefit of the doubt moids do and doesn't have the tard strength that moids have. She still needs to be locked up, though. And if she ever roams free, she shouldn't have access to the internet and should have restricted media intake.

No. 1401658

I hope she’s just an edgy pornsick 14 year old roleplaying, and not an Isabella Janke in the making.

No. 1401675

i saw a documentary about the civil war and slavery and they were interviewing these teens from dc and one was a tif who said she understood struggle because she tries to present as masculine as possible but is still called a girl. Literally beyond parody.

No. 1401687

Trannies are all racist.

No. 1401772

Woah I thought that's a TIM and you all are affirming his "gender". To be fair this is more "manly" than the average TIF who keeps claiming she has a "male brain" but doing none of these, and also than the types who secretly like and fetishize men instead of women but can't admit it. All TIF fetishes so far i saw are openly directed at men, even if they know they cant act on it. Hmm i wonder.

No. 1401773

Janke isn't a troon and yet TIFs are only roleplayers compared to her HAHAHA so much for "muh moidbrain" fakebois

No. 1401775

>edgy 14y/o
Are tifs really that fucking immature/young? Why are there less adult women who troon and more who are detransitioners kek

Of course she's a girl plus too bad for her she can't be more masculine if she wanted to. A few butches who dont troon can look like a teen guy/a moid but most troons know they can't so therefore they troon

No. 1401777

>no benefit of doubt
Are ALL trannies so tsundere in varying levels that whatever they post contradicts their real needs and desires? It seems like the AGPs have pseudo-androphilia towards normal moids and then go transbian(read:straight)

No. 1401782

>nymphomaniac pickme NLOGs
My fakeboi sister acts like a pornsick man (minus the eat and kill women part, that's fucking crazy) but every time i ask her if she wants to have a boyfriend she cries and shouts she doesn't want to be abused or be accused as a honey trap, and don't want to be seen as a sex object. In "girlmode" she dresses like a total prude. Now i can't tell whether she is a prude or a pervert. Sage for blogging again but how is the correlation of fakebois who act pornsick become so sex-crazed and therefore attracted to men too?

No. 1401795

File: 1640501583877.jpg (21.87 KB, 540x540, dda.jpg)

Kikomianon needs to draw a new picrel inspired post. Because the most passing(kek) of TIFs are one who act like TIMs (peaking irony) but of course which woman would commit that irl? The transgirl roleplay here

No. 1401829

Nobody can ever convince me troonery is not a mental illness to begin with. They say that trannies kill themselves because of tRaNsPhObIa that causes mental illness after they come out, which is partially true but gender dysphoria and sexual paraphilia are literally mental illnesses in the DSM.

A lot of "professionals" never talk about how gender dysphoria can also be a symptom of depression, cPTSD and abuse, and instead shoot them up on HRT and surgery for the cash. I've seen multiple people and even myself where this is the case, because abuse can make you feel like you have no identity and therefore try to change as a literal coping mechanism.

No. 1401876

It is a mental illness, but looking at today's state the younger people troon is comparable to fakedisordercringe

No. 1401899

Eww Peter Scully’s CP is what Josh Duggar got arrested for. And the child victims were Philippino, so that checks the Asian hate box.

No. 1401911

She deleted her account. Guess someone saw the posts in this thread and DMed her

No. 1402001

AYRT, that's sad and interesting but what i meant is that TIFs who think being obsessed with porn and sexually inappropriate will make them seem more like men, to me, they end up acting more like the nympho women i knew who were also addicted to porn and hated women (but it manifested into a NLOG mentality instead), since inappropriate sex-crazed behavior manifests in specific ways depending on sex (but there are exceptions, these TIFs just aren't one of them)

>how is the correlation of fakebois who act pornsick become so sex-crazed and therefore attracted to men too?

for the fakebois who actually take hormones, i think that's a factor in why they become sex-crazed… i knew a TIF who was initially modest and "asexual" (she claimed to be "biromantic but preferred girls") end up losing her shit with sexuality/inhibition when she started taking testosterone, and later decided she was "gay" aka becoming more sexually interested in men now (i know some bisexuals have their preferences shift and consider that normal, but it was like the hormones flipped the switch instead of a natural flow)…of course she still considered herself "asexual" while taking nudes and tweeting about constantly masturbating, though. that's for the prudish ones though, i know a lot of TIFs had high libidos before and after trans-identity, usually from hormone imbalances or sexual abuse which are sometimes why they go down the trans rabbithole

someone has to show the artist, i'd love to see her spin on this lmao

i found out about him from various true crime youtubers i follow, and apparently the CP he made was so violent it traumatized the FBI, and the philippines almost brought back the death penalty for him. anyone who sees him as some "hero" should be shot

not to be a moralfag but that might be because i actually reported her reddit post about wanting to eat chinese women, because it used a racial slur and therefore considered hate speech

No. 1402096

File: 1640551028287.jpg (298.13 KB, 1080x1887, Screenshot_20211226-203429_Tin…)

i'm straight. how the fuck does she think any straight women are going to be attracted to her. delusion

No. 1402133

I'm a lesbian and I'm not attracted to her, either. She looks like she's dressed for male attention.

No. 1402188

That's supposed to be drag? Kek. She looks just like every other pansexual snowflake

No. 1402238

Sage for slightly OT but Whatever happened to the TIF who was addicted to heroin and ripped her cock off straight out of surgery? Can’t remember the name

No. 1402239

I think you're talking about Soren, and she's most likely dead. It's unclear if it was suicide, OD, or frankenpenis related complications.

No. 1402241

Where can I read about this?

No. 1402260

One of my older friends I barely talk to but really liked now identifies as a she/they/he lesbian with preference towards male descriptors and is dating a he/him lesbian, and her ex identified as "aromantic" even when they were dating. I don't understand why they even use words at this point, when none of them have meaning. She's also retroactively making all her characters MTF or enby genderspecials. Can someone explain this insanity to me? She used to be just a normal, if somewhat pornsick, autistic girl. Now she's well past retarded and surrounded by a fart cloud of other women who act exactly the same type of retarded. Is this just a terrible cope for lesbianism combined with internalized misogyny and homophobia? Or is there more to this?

No. 1402346

Yeah this shit is common in fandom/oc circles unfortunately lol.

Tbh with these cases it can sometimes be hard to tell but I feel like a good chunk of the time they end up being bisexual. Could be a lesbian deep in the bullshit tho.

No. 1402358

File: 1640586818508.jpg (17.98 KB, 720x480, b3c95b4033691162.jpg)

Do you anons think Conor Mason from the band Nothing But Thieves is a TIF? Or is he just a male that happens to look and sound weirdly feminine? I look at pictures or videos of him and end up so confused because all I see is a butch lesbian.

No. 1402370

Can't clock this one, all I saw was a random moid until context

No. 1402387

The eyes are really close together so this is likely an unfortunate looking moid

No. 1402393

File: 1640592967687.jpg (107.09 KB, 1024x681, Nothing-But-Thieves-TO-1024x68…)

Here's another pic. I read that a lot of speculated that they are trans.

No. 1402395

File: 1640593037699.jpg (70.2 KB, 1280x720, 45435.jpg)

*a lot of people

No. 1402397

File: 1640593335488.jpg (19.71 KB, 401x300, conormason.jpg)

Seems like an ugly moid from old HS photos?

No. 1402398

She ID'd as bi for a long time vefore this, but I couldn't get a good read on her, since she always talked about how horny she was for men but only ever seemed to show or portray what kind of women she was attracted to. She's not attractive and doesn't dress femininely (both of which are okay), so I don't think she could get a whole lot of male attention. I've seen some vent art from her that implied she's desperate for approval and love, but also she's posted about how she knows her art is becoming more flat and boring, and she's losing energy and passion for art. I think she's fallen in love with the idea of the queerio crowd and thinks she can find unconditional love there, but is killing her creative drive trying to appeal to them, and possibly driving herself into a downward spiral in doing so. She seems lonelier than ever, honestly, but also draws distance from others. I just wish I could have the messy, passionate, creative autistic woman friend I met back, "problematic" parts and all, but I'm left with a distant case study of how the gendercult breaks people down and destroys creativity.

No. 1402399

I thought this was hbomberguy and that I was in the wrong thread.

No. 1402407

nta but if that really is him then he "passes" as a butch lesbian more than actual transbians do kek

No. 1402409

He's got a really weird body and face, and ge even sings in the same vocal range as Adele. Either he is really uggo or maybe even intersex but doesn't realize it.

No. 1402413

He sounds and looks like the non-binary girl in my class who got top surgery and is on T.

No. 1402418

remember transbians are compensatory therefore they have no choice

No. 1402449

I feel this anon majority of the art community I knew is all they them women now or various flavors of "queer". Sounds like she might just be bisexual but I feel like when you fall into this shit you do get obsessed with be subversive and being seen as not straight so they start to obsess about how "gay" they are when they aren't. Idk if that made sense but just my own observation on these types

No. 1402477

File: 1640608121120.jpeg (1000.93 KB, 1080x1229, 1640490501767.jpeg)

i hope her ex-wife is thriving.

No. 1402495

who's this tho, looks weirdly familiar

No. 1402502

ell(en/iot) page

No. 1402512

File: 1640613137534.webm (911.06 KB, 576x1024, hell.webm)

I have so much to say, I don't know where to begin

No. 1402525

>If you don't like me when I'm skinwalking the men that hurt me to avoid my sex-based oppression
>you DONT deserve me after I've walked it all the way back to where I started, misogyny and self harm via sex and stereotypes
Ok, girl. All that running in place and for what

No. 1402539

I told her it's okay to be lesbian, her reply was "she'd be a monstrous gorilla while I'll be back to being a loli? That's fucking unfair! I can't be a lesbian! People assume those normal girls are the masculine ones when it comes to having a relationship! What if she gets the "father" title on legal documents instead of me? People make more weird assumptions when I'm a lesbian than I'm straight!"(read:"straight" as in she became a "man" and gets a girlfriend kek) Sage for blog

No. 1402542

that really sounds like a woman

No. 1402543

File: 1640616069031.jpg (52.32 KB, 650x650, Conor-Mason-in-a-picture-that-…)

yeah this is a girl she doesn't even sound like she was on hormones

No. 1402546

Wait until u hear Chase Strangio's voice


No. 1402550

File: 1640616792449.gif (330.05 KB, 220x163, conor-mason-dominic-craik.gif)

i mean look at those hands, this is a woman

No. 1402551

>Yassified bimbo nonbinary slut
Do they think identifying themselves as "nonbinary" removes all the weird and misogynists connotations their actions have? The amount of misogyny in this word salad is disturbing, she should seek therapy asap

No. 1402553

Lucky for her it ain't disproportionately small unlike most fakebois

No. 1402570

File: 1640620999874.jpg (39.87 KB, 640x641, tumblr_e5b993ea4f45baab2680ae2…)

If that is a woman I want to know what surgeon he went to

No. 1402586

File: 1640621822260.jpg (38.25 KB, 564x564, 88f9087a3904136b278f5d90bbda2b…)

yep, no scars as far as i can see. god why are we so autistic.

No. 1402591

probably a male with a legit hormone issue or something

No. 1402593

that's what i thought. males can look and sound feminine without being TIFs.

No. 1402607

yeah he looks like a teenage boy in between puberty, not a TIF

No. 1402624

jesus christ I was about to ask how old this connor is

No. 1402693

now i'm not surprised about women being able to pretend to be men back in the days anymore lmao you're delusional

scars can be photoshopped out and if she had small boobs she could have gone for the ring whatever shit it is called which won't leave huge scars

No. 1402704

File: 1640631708569.jpg (Spoiler Image, 315.93 KB, 900x553, rtrtrt.jpg)

keyhole incision top surgery

No. 1402714

there's no evidence he's a woman, apart from him looking/sounding feminine. there are worse tifs out there, chill out.

No. 1402715

>you're delusional
says the person convincing herself some random androgynous moid is a tif. go outside
that looks nothing like a male chest

No. 1402813

look at that fucking hand and a wrist. >>1402550
that is not a man

she doesn't even sound like a man

No. 1402815

File: 1640639599275.jpg (55.13 KB, 562x298, tretreyrty.jpg)

LMAO look at this shit her old pictures, no one but lesbians had/have this hair!!! she's a dyke guaranteed. see you in the future when some kind of ShOcKiNg nikkie de jager-tier revelation happens again hahahaha

No. 1402841

File: 1640641117451.jpg (1.42 MB, 1964x1491, 20211227_223724.jpg)

This thread is for fakebois not for your weird conspiracies about everyone being trans

No. 1402852

she is trans. deal with it. i wasn't even the one who brought her up so stop minimodding retard, she radiates dykeness

No. 1402854


No. 1402857

File: 1640642492666.jpeg (428.9 KB, 2048x2048, 97EF851A-A194-46E4-9A94-CD3B0E…)

Agreed anon. She almost got me, but that soft face comes through in certain pictures. Plus the dainty hands.

No. 1402861

That picture doesnt even make any sense, the female jaws match perfectly, what retards make these?

No. 1402877

Without non-circumstantial proof, you're playing with fire and just sound like schizos. I don't really have an opinion whether this is a TIF or a moid with fucked up hormones, but it doesn't really matter because 1. you're just speculating and 2. there's no milk other than "lol this person looks kind of like a woman, cringe". Come back if something more substantial comes up, otherwise you're just going to look like a vendetta sperg and derail the thread.

No. 1402882

Not every man looks like chad. I literally know a guy who has very girly hands, I guess he's a tranny

No. 1402883

I seriously can't tell if this is a TIF or just a really weird looking bloke.

He's 28.

No. 1402894

No. 1402896

someone definitely needs to do some academic kind of studies on this type of thing

No. 1402898

File: 1640646220309.png (453.94 KB, 920x456, shehermiss.png)

It's very obvious she's a woman when she's around actual dudes

No. 1402901

none of us are trannies. it's conspiracy theorists like you who fuck up the whole discord. people can be GNC and intersex people legitimately exist. take ur meds.

No. 1402909

Looks and sounds so much like a butch lesbian in that video. If this is a man then he must have some intersex disorder.

No. 1402911

i think he's intersex. 0 evidence apart from "hmmmm i think he's a woman". no pics of him as a girl, no visible scars, 0 mention of him being trans anywhere. he looks more male as a kid.

plus if he was on T he'd be able to grow facial hair.

No. 1402923

Literally where? His head is massive. Post proof or gtfo

No. 1403075

Lookin like wax figure there Ellen

No. 1403076

I can fix her.

No. 1403091

if he is intersex he would have trouble peeing

No. 1403102

It's funny because this is the exact reason why I thought I was trans as a teenager. I used to bind because I hated the way my breasts made me look fat. And then I got over it. Like most of these kids would if they were given the opportunity.

No. 1403107

File: 1640673530594.jpg (130.9 KB, 800x927, 800px-Stephen_Whittle_(OBE)_at…)

I feel bad for conor when I found this ftm professor here

No. 1403110

File: 1640673997915.png (178.83 KB, 253x279, kek.PNG)

I saw a video of her before knowing she was a troon thought she was a slightly shorter than average old men. Most old men are short anyways

No. 1403111

Who's the centremost dude? He looks like a fakeboi

No. 1403200

Holy shit if this really is just moid then he is one of the only moids that could "pass" lmao

No. 1403293

File: 1640700787533.png (Spoiler Image, 1.47 MB, 1080x1443, Screenshot_20211227-223542~2.p…)

TiFs comparing the mutilation of healthy body parts to high art and aesthetic beauty is one of the most disturbing things of the trend imo.

No. 1403308

>none of us are trannies
You have no way to confirm that, we are anonymous
>it's conspiracy theorists like you who fuck up the whole discord
Discord? Wtf are you talking about?
>People can be GNC and intersex people legitimately exist
I could believe "he" is intersex, but is kinda suspicious that so many people have asked if he's trans but there's no answer from him, if he was just some guy he would disclose it "oh I'm just intersex lol" but the fact there's all this mystery is very strange
She has normal sized head, stop forcing it because no one is buying it
Even when they're trying to larp men, they want to be seen as aesthetically beautiful beings

No. 1403310

>hiding a painting of someone being tied up and executed against their will under a picture of someone who voluntarily chose to cut up their body for cosmetic reasons

No. 1403320

File: 1640704337340.jpg (219.66 KB, 1000x523, Uroš Predić (1).jpg)

>Even when they're trying to larp men, they want to be seen as aesthetically beautiful beings

I mean who wouldn't, I can relate to certain TIFs cause I think of myself as some one who appreciates male beauty
not the way Fujos or gay men lust after male bodies, I appreciate the aesthetic more then anything

the oh-natural muscles, the straight or curly hair and the clear skin
Young male beauty is truly unique and great in its own way but no woman could ever replicate it, just as no man could replicate female beauty

No. 1403335

Her toxic femininity is showing, kek.
>”suffering” but I’m so uwu aesthetic and totally beautiful
It’s seriously hilarious how their “male brains/souls” won’t filter out the female socialization to let them act like “true and honest males”

No. 1403352

There's a schizo scrote (who unfortunately visits lolcow) who's developed a conspiracy theory that a bunch of random celebrities are actually trans. Most of the 'this celeb looks trans' posts are probably from him or a fellow schizo, though this guy >>1402857 truly does look like he could be FTM imo.
Kids are increasingly failing to learn how to cope with their circumstances, body dysmorphia included; it's going to cause serious problems for them when they have to leave the nest.

No. 1403354

Never heard of this person but that's obviously a woman, I'd bet my fucking life on it. How could anyone think she's male? I googled ''conor mason trans'' and there are close to 0 results, what the fuck?

No. 1403366

>Don't tell me all trannies are inherently lolcows as a group
yes, scrote.

No. 1403368

>And before you call me a chromoid I have a sister so i do understand women more than the average goon.

Most men have female relatives, that doesn't mean they understand women though. Understanding is a personal journey+work+undertaking, plenty of moids with sisters who are still misogynists.

No. 1403377

>I-i know women, i have a relative!
Chromosoid waste of space and resources.

No. 1403381

>And before you call me a racist, I have a black friend, so i do understand black people more than the average white guy.
Kys swiftly and silently, thanks.

No. 1403382

XY is a chromosomal disorder? kek

No. 1403387

>I have a sister so i do understand women
do you steal your sister's panties like every tranny? so understanding!

No. 1403389

Almost like that's not "obviously a woman"

No. 1403396

Gross wtf, and i'm literally defined as the opposite sex of all women why should i step in women's doors

Plus since you said that it would mean women with bros are in constant lookout of if any of her brothers would grab a chance to steal her undergarments. Also if I need girly panties I would have purchased my own. I too have enough of AGPs so I came here. Idiots(tranny)

No. 1403402

File: 1640713669152.jpeg (34.5 KB, 1024x680, DC1B8D1C-2A91-4C27-ABC9-50D372…)

No. 1403411

You sound autistic

No. 1403418

from my old post
>I have a sister so i do understand women
And she isn't any different from the majority of women here who overuses "moid" and more recently "chromoid" as if XY is a chromosomal disorder kek.

No. 1403422

The Y chromosome is a defective X. cope

No. 1403425

Say the same for girls who get bone marrow with a Y chromosome. See, acquired chromoidal syndrome, tada. Go sperg elsewhere

No. 1403427

Males do not belong here.

No. 1403435

File: 1640716423716.png (732.43 KB, 1080x1197, imagen_2021-12-28_143032.png)

oh, the joy of roleplay

No. 1403438

File: 1640716692697.jpg (12.11 KB, 225x225, images (16).jpg)

What are you even saying. Go away.

No. 1403441

I, too, hate acknowledging my faults and failures, what I look like, what my circumstances are, and who I am in general. But I know I can't just easily change any of that, and any meaningful progress will take a lot of time and effort, not just a change of clothes, a new name, and a couple of surgeries.

No. 1403453

yes, girls can be disabled too. What shocking news

No. 1403543

She got facial masculinization surgery? Looks like it>>1402477

No. 1403560

There is a lot of speculation that he is actually female and Conor has responded to people saying his voice and body resembles a woman’s with “HAHAHA thats crazy! I can’t believe you would think that!”

He also likes the color pink and wearing feminine clothing because he said it’s comfortable for him. I mean men can do that too but Conor is just really suspicious to me.

No. 1403613

Like, that some beautiful and spit on it, that's what they're doing

No. 1403642

Not sure if it’s been mentioned here before, but there’s a theory that men with sisters are more likely to be misogynistic because they saw how their parents treated their female kids as opposed to their male kids and internalized that, whereas men without sisters wouldn’t have that kind of framework for how to treat women. Not saying it’s true but I can’t help but wonder…

No. 1403643

Might not even be on T to be honest. I know women on T who look more masculine than that. Conor looks like a butch lesbian who had top surgery, and "Conor" can be a female name too.

That is possible

>That mechanism appears to be housework. Watching their sisters do the chores “teaches” boys that housework is simply women’s work, and that leads to a traditional view of gender roles ― a position linked to a predilection for Republican politics, say Healy and Malhotra. Boys with all sisters were 13.5% more conservative in their views of women’s roles than boys with all brothers.

>When the boys with female siblings were seniors in high school, they were nearly 15% more likely to identify as Republicans, but as they grew into middle age, that effect diminished sharply. On the other hand, having sisters instead of brothers has no significant effect on girls, Healy and Malhotra found. Other researchers have found that people with traditional views on gender roles are 25% more politically conservative.

My own brother used to tell me I should wash the dishes and he shouldn't because he was boy.

No. 1403661

File: 1640735994465.jpg (62.17 KB, 806x1024, 6fc829e854b7d0d3.jpg)

Ok I was like 90% convinced this Conor was a stubby, doughy man with an unusually butchy vibe. Like this guy was just on the extreme feminine end of the spectrum and that's fine, everybody's body is good.
But then I heard the voice and that's actually just a whole ass lesbian! Not even a froggy testosterone edge.

No. 1403674

File: 1640736720259.jpg (180.04 KB, 900x1200, DkeV5XxX0AANqPH.jpg)

>Ok I was like 90% convinced this Conor was a stubby, doughy man with an unusually butchy vibe.
Opposite of me. I thought 90% chance of being female and 10% chance of being an unusual-looking male. Conor with "his" gf look like a butch/femme lesbian couple lol.

No. 1403690

Conor has a really good singing voice. This band would be so much cooler if they just admitted to having a butch lesbian as their lead vocalist.

No. 1403894

what about the teenage photo? he looks like a typical boy into pop punk. I think I see a shadow of Adam's apple too? The option that he is intersex makes the most sense to me

No. 1403931

Not making larval moids do chores makes them betas unsuitable for long term relationships in the future so good job there tbh

No. 1403992

Moids should have to learn how to do petty labor, it's what they're built for. The only reason they don't know how to clean is because we don't make them do it, and they know doing a shit job will result in someone else doing it, instead of being forced to do it again until they get it right.

No. 1404100

No. 1404123

>no pics of him as a girl

lol all of """his""" pics are of her as a girl she doesn't look like a man at all.

also i actually know TIFs in real life and lot of them can't be able to grow a proper beard even after taking T, some of their voices don't even drop properly. i wonder if many of you actually know and have seen TIFs in real life and that's why you can't clock them.

No. 1404125

You all have let this doughy bait creature derail this thread completely, and I will never forgive you for it.

No. 1404126

i am a biologically female and have a adam's apple and low voice for a woman. you're just used to all women looking like dainty princesses.

No. 1404140

I dont think that butches or ugly women don't exist, I've never seen one with Adam's apple tho. I admit I didn't know it's apparently possible for a woman to have it. To be fair, it's barely visible in the photo.
If this person is FTM, how the fuck did they manage to keep it a secret tho?

No. 1404153

Ironic considering you're all derailing this thread because a man looks too feminine

No. 1404157

Remember when NikkieTutorials made his coming out video and at first everybody was surprised, but then we realized the evidence was always in plain sight (like that infamous pic with Ellen)? Maybe it's the same with this guy (if he is even trans to begin with), also I've never heard of this band before, it's not like they are Metallica.(derailing)

No. 1404353

They only love feminine males, fakebois try to emulate that which gives them some pity praises from other females that feel bad for them

No. 1404385

File: 1640807418412.png (120.52 KB, 1200x510, tumblr_490adb9bdcb9ae2fb9b83f4…)

I wonder why the homophobic woman is is cool with your totally 100% gay relationship Ayden
Its a mystery

No. 1404454

>just a few surgeries
Ok, how many are they? From top to bottom
>Face masculinization surgery
>Breast removal
But then you need to get a nosejob too, because just doing the jaw throws everything off balance, and I’m guessing that the phalloplasty can’t be done at once with the hysterectomy like the face masculinization surgery and the nosejob.
It might be a short list, but I’m pretty sure you can’t just do all of these surgeries in a week without some horrifying consequence.
At this point, I can’t help but find this ironic, because if another woman said that she just needed a boob job, a nosejob, a bichectomy, her labia reduced and a butt lift to feel like herself, she wouldn’t be considered brave and stunning.

No. 1404516

Both men and women have Adam's apples.

No. 1404618

File: 1640829168521.jpg (446.49 KB, 1920x1080, Ezra McCandless.jpg)

In honour of this very special serial killer edition, here's Ezra McCandless. Fakeboi who flipped out, stabbed her ex-boyfriend to death, mutilated his penis, and then carved the word BOY into her own arm kek.

No. 1404629

I can’t help but feel bad for fakebois, most of the times they seem to have gone through some shit that made them go insane. Unlike male troons, who are driven by coom, with the exceptions being the ultimate fujo idiots who are into larping their Yaois.
It’s probably just me being sensitive I guess.

No. 1404671

I thought this was Elliott Page.

No. 1404737

Kek why are so many fakebois name "Ezra"?

No. 1404841

In honor of Ezra Miller probably

No. 1404853

they love appropriating Jewish maleness. it's been spoken about before in these threads.

No. 1404857

File: 1640864484332.jpg (545.93 KB, 1144x2144, 1638471660418.jpg)

as anon said >>1404853 they seem to have a warped view of Jewish males, viewing them similar to how they view korean guys
also being non-threatening, ~soft~, not hyper macho and always being skinny pale with dark curly hair

No. 1404872


what god did this person sacrifice to in order to avoid the FtM curse of only being able to grow a neckbeard?

No. 1404873

one of the only ftms that shouldnt be among the masses of the fakeboi thread. I was surprised too initially

No. 1404883

tbf not all men are even capable of growing beards, just a bit of fuzz on their face
probably only european and MEAN men can grow proper beards and even then its a crap shoot cause many grow awful pube beards as well

No. 1404896

Kek thought the one on the right was Repzion

No. 1404922

Did she detransition or does she just fail at presenting male?

No. 1404950

i hate this pic every time it gets shared, these chicks have known jack black as a nickelodeon funnyman and nothing else, they legit dont even know WHO theyre talking about. i know much of tenacious d's lyrics are tongue-in-cheek but idk how you could listen to any of their albums and not realize jack black is as perverted and crass as the next male, even if he's funny. 'transmasc energy' fucking crist, say that to me with a straight face while 'fuck her gently' or 'cock push ups' play in the bg

No. 1404961

OT but What is MEAN men? Also how are europeans the only ones who grow proper beards? Last I checked asian, amerindians and pacific islanders were the only ones who famously couldnt

No. 1404966

Its why I love it, its such a ridiculous conclusion that only some one drunk of TRA kooaid come up with
In fact I love ftm headcanons

No. 1404967

She did detrans

No. 1404970

I see, thank you.

No. 1404973

i think anon meant MENA, middle eastern and north african

No. 1404981

File: 1640882183067.jpg (128.06 KB, 1357x628, hair.jpg)

sorry meant to write in MENA and in terms of body and facial hair growth Caucasoids are the only one's who grow a significant of either

No. 1404983

This whole topic reminds me of an obvious tif youtuber that larps as a cis man
I don't know whether Conor is trans but it wouldn't be shocking, Nikki was stealth, and currently there's that tim netflix baker but hardly anyone knows

No. 1404989

My country is deffo higher than 6% to 24%, map is kinda shit with the boundaries

No. 1405018

sage but where are you from ?

No. 1405050

File: 1640888555094.png (2.51 MB, 828x1792, 2D66A654-D42F-4A7F-BD62-9A8739…)

the lack of self awareness is so perplexing

No. 1405056

>Fucking mongrels
This makes the post

No. 1405057

File: 1640889485145.jpeg (724.71 KB, 828x1529, 11DD4AD1-5462-4675-ABAA-BBD578…)

>> Your favorite autist
>> Obsessed with American Psycho
>> Probably cosplays as Patrick Bateman

These types scare the shit out of me. I know it might just be edgy creep crap, but it’s giving psychotic.

No. 1405068

File: 1640890273914.png (166 KB, 500x522, キンクシャミング.png)

>Cannibalistic vorist
>chronic masturbator
>Has jerma/gygis icon

I know this is coming from a girl, but all this gives me the image of some /R9K/ basement fiend

No. 1405085

Anon no scrote these past 2 years care about Jerma

No. 1405090

Is this the person who ran that Jerma fan tumblr that called themselves a yandere and they deleted immediately when someone posted screenshots of their weird Jerma yandere behavior?

No. 1405128

It's a little more complicated than that. She'd jumped between a variety of gender identities since her teens. She changed her name legally but to my knowledge never medically transitioned. During the trial she dressed all in pink and really femmed it up as part of this weird narrative she was pushing that her ex-boyfriend had preferred her in fakeboi mode and attacked her because she wanted to desist, forcing her to kill him in self defence (another big-brain move she made was pretending to have amnesia). She had short hair during her sentencing but judging from the instagram page where she sells terrible art from prison https://www.instagram.com/dirt_fiend/ she seems not to be doing the fakeboi thing currently.

No. 1405302

lol wtf no way are siberians more hairy than southeast asians

No. 1405307

This is so fucking funny to me. Makes me want to double down on owning the term fujo tbh no matter how stupid it is. We have to reclaim yaoi.

No. 1405314

File: 1640910357741.jpeg (1008.78 KB, 828x1441, 15AEA6FB-EEF9-44F9-992C-8C652E…)

The new matrix movie got me thinking about buck angel being left by his dominatrix wife for one of the wachowski’s. How is being objectified in porn better than doing the same in modeling?

No. 1405415

Buck is an odd one

No. 1405418

File: 1640918413124.png (217.2 KB, 1599x794, 5624215343443.png)

Here's another map but it counts indigenous populations instead so the Americas are way less hairy now haha.

No. 1405424

I find Siberians and Southeast Asians to be similar in terms of hairiness. Japanese are easily the most hairy of all East Asians. Most hairy people in the world are from the Middle East and Mediterranean.

No. 1405438

she is still hilariously female in her behaviors even, despite the degenerate moid larp. her wannabe edgy guro art doesnt even come close to how demented and disturbing erotic gore and guro from actual men is. her art is almost tame in comparison

No. 1405458

names fakebois like

No. 1405567

I wish she could have just created her own identity, whether it was a "feminine" or "masculine" one, without any coercion from other people, instead of thinking her only chance at even the most minuscule of freedoms was to live-disect her body, fill it with foreign chemicals, and demand everyone around her validate her LARP as reality. It's so sad to me that every aspect of self-presentation feels politicized to young women. I wish every woman could choose what they were actually physically most comfortable in and enjoyed aesthetically without it involving how other people would perceive them.

No. 1405581

That's fucking hilarious. In Finland Matti is an old man name as in picrel. No or very few fakebois or NBs would pick that name.

They go for neutral (Viima, Sumu, Kuura, Otava, etc) or retarded (Panda) nature names or cutesy young man names.

No. 1405625

Now i start to feel bad for women who really just can't be masculine without hormones because their body is naturally loli-like

No. 1405657

Are there a lot of fakeboi jerma fans? Is it like because of the short jokes or something? Seems kinda similar to that Jack black stuff, he's short(for a dude) and high energy so they think they can relate to him.

No. 1405661

I know it will probably upset a number of GNC nonas here to say this, but I truly feel terrible for both GNC and "conforming" women. There's no winning as a woman under the patriarchy. GNC women are straight up ignored or responded to with revulsion, but feminine women are constantly bombarded with visceral male attention. I imagine there are a number of women who would be feminine without exposure to men or patriarchal values, but deliberately choose a style and manner of behavior that they wouldn't have picked otherwise in attempt to minimize psychosexual bombardment from males. It won't stop the hate you recieve from men, but there's a chance the hate could become more sterile and distant.

No. 1405687

Here is a problem where GNC-presenting women still get male attention because they are somehow still too feminine in nature, while feminine (performative) women are ignored because they are "ugly".

No. 1405689

>implying these women are naturally feminine when men are out of sight
>adopting more aggressive behaviors to avoid objectification
This is it, the summary of most fakebois

No. 1405700

Do you really think that all forms of femininity only exist as a vacuous costume and performance for the sake of male consumption? If so, that has some pretty damning implications about how you perceive femmes.

No. 1405725

NLOG behavior. Not every woman has to like the same things or look the same way

No. 1405743

Even less accurate now

No. 1405754

What bothers me most about the "absolutely no women are feminine when not beholden to the male gaze" NLOGisms is that it just perpetuates the idea that things that are considered traditionally feminine are all superfluous, and that only masculine people truly have agency. Also, it includes elements of total utilitarianism, something that humans just aren't built for. Emotion, expression, and art are all without utility, and are often detrimental, but they're part of being human. I want to strip away the rigidity of gender roles and be rid of demands for people to look and act in very narrow ways– For everyone to wear what they like and find comfortable, and do what they enjoy doing, without any social baggage. That includes people having the choice to wear things or do things we consider "feminine" now. Skirts and ribbons aren't inherently evil.

No. 1405890

File: 1640987728048.jpg (32.67 KB, 1080x427, 8jqheg9l8d581.jpg)

this would fuck up my brain forever as a teenager. i absolutely hated my body growing up, hated my boobs, hated being female and thought of transitioning even back in the early 00s when i was in hs. i shudder to think of all the pro-self-hate shit i see regarding this online these days. there's been multiple studies done on how ftms often transition in groups, as in, friend groups, to a disproportionate degree. these are self-hating girls and women mutilating themselves. it is fucking horrifying. i wish i could remember the name of the woman doing this research. she has a book on it.

No. 1405894

34 years old and so fucking wrinkly. that's not normal. drugs, stress, who knows what else

No. 1405896

File: 1640988340113.png (82.1 KB, 531x619, qpobftw8lgq61.png)

i have absolutely no clue why jerma is the genderspecial favorite. i think because he's an "attractive" (quotes bc i dont think he is but the internet does) cis white man "ally" or something. i don't know, i find him and his humor fucking obnoxious but he is beloved by women so of course fakebois love him too. actually a lot of mtfs shill him too.

No. 1405904

That and Aidens prolly also like him and his humor because it's "unproblematic"

No. 1405994

File: 1640998764114.jpeg (113.79 KB, 579x960, 3D0CAE8B-DA78-4AA4-A3E4-DDCDDD…)

kek why does she edit her jaw and mouth like this she looks better without all the editing

No. 1405996

File: 1640998909783.jpeg (78.54 KB, 530x800, 8EA80F9C-5662-41FF-8030-4B7246…)


you might be thinking of this! one of my best irls is letting me borrow her copy and I have been reading it

No. 1406005

File: 1641000505969.png (226.92 KB, 1080x1080, 889274F3-342A-4383-8F28-DABA52…)

Anyone else here keep tabs on thiingamajiig on tiktok/IG? She’s so obviously a fakeboi larping as a gay man who is “into dilfs”, I don’t understand why so many fakebois claim that they’re attracted to the same 7 middle aged male characters, is it the ftm equivalent of being an NLOG? This is the cover for her “BL” furry webcomic kek

No. 1406007


A book which can be found as a download (epub of pdf) on z library. If I encouraged piracy, I'd send anyone interested in reading it (but has no cash for a hard copy) there. I've also heard that TRANS the audiobook is available for download on mobilism. Damn pirates, aaarrrrr.

No. 1406025

File: 1641002258812.png (20.18 KB, 174x252, 6012727B-FF5B-419B-BA9D-72E412…)

Does she seriously wants to fuck Ed, but as an elephant? This is a new low.

No. 1406035

i want to support this author but i'm genuinely afraid of owning anything that could be hysterically misconstrued as "anti-tranny" and having my life ruined, somehow

i will check out that link and try to donate to her in another way. thank you

damn this has a lot of attention for such ugly characters, even by furry standards

No. 1406055

Femininity is fake, anon. Just like masculinity.

No. 1406057

No it's more accurate. I don't know why you trust the other map that suggests Japan is more hairy than India.

No. 1406066

I agree with the idea that femininity and masculinity are bad words for what they attempt to define, but we currently lack alternative words to differentiate two opposing stylistic and behavioral trends (practicality vs artistic expression, strength vs intellect, rough vs soft) shorthand. Almost nothing about femininity or masculinity is inherent to women or men respectively (except biological trends), but I have no other words currently to easily convey a clear and obvious dichotomy of one presentation being considered better than the other, and the other being purely objectified.

No. 1406067

this just sounds like genderspecial shit.

femininity and masculinity are real, but men and women should not be expected to conform to them. if this was the case there would be no trans people.

No. 1406070

File: 1641008630387.png (312.88 KB, 405x353, Untitled.png)

Three decades ago, these girls might have hankered for liposuction while their physical forms wasted away. Two decades ago, today’s trans-identified teens might have “discovered” a repressed memory of childhood trauma. Today’s diagnostic craze isn’t demonic possession— it’s “gender dysphoria.” And its “cure” is not exorcism, laxatives, or purging. It’s testosterone and “top surgery.”


No. 1406089

nta but look at the irony. "Trans" TIFs are still feminime and TIMs still masculine, just as much as a sex-match normie. They aren't any closer to butch women or flamers

No. 1406094

File: 1641012405408.jpg (53.49 KB, 498x750, Dravadian_woman.jpg)

am Indian and I guess should explain, the entire south population of India(the Dravadians) are just African-tier hairless, same with the the north east and the untouched tribal groups
If you factor in those population group then India in terms of % does start to little less hairy

No. 1406096

No, it's genderspecials who think gender is real and the radfems who think it is fake. Get your head out of your ass.

No. 1406098

>this just sounds like genderspecial shit.
>femininity and masculinity are real


No. 1406099

You'd be surprised, ed edd n eddy in the early days was full of slash ships and self inserts
the most popular character was double D but Ed was also pretty popular, he was always the designated Top in any pair

No. 1406101

Even Rebecca Sugar, creator of Steven Universe, once wrote and drew Ed Edd n Eddy R34 yaoi fanart. Somehow Edd Ed n Eddy had the most legitimately autistic fanbase ever

No. 1406107

You two are really reaching here by reading "gender is real" or "all women are feminine/all men are masculine" into what that nona said and disregarding the more eloquent post on the matter right above it. All she said is that the concepts of femininity and masculinity are real and applicable to people, she never said that they should be associated with either sex (in fact, she said the opposite).
Now, this isn't coming from personal experience, and I think the attachment to the show is quite silly, but could this have something to do with the whole "romanticized perception of boyhood from the angle of a woman who had to endure girlhood" thing? The show is fairly free of any actual sexuality, outside of the occasional joke, and is mostly about being young, stupid, and chaotic, which seems to be a primary target of envy from TIFs.

No. 1406110

I think the fact that the only female characters were a one dimensional bimbo, a raging bitch and three ugly rapists might have something to do with it

No. 1406112

Femininity is a retarded and oppressive concept invented by men

No. 1406114

Naz was a skater chick, dressed pretty normal, and didn't particularly sexualize herself. One dimensional is right, but most of the characters were one dimensional. Also the Kanker sisters weren't particularly ugly, though the fact that they were rapey is really bizarre, but I can't say "rapey women" is a stereotype I've ever heard. Sarah was just the typical bratty younger sibling stereotype. I think you're reading sexism into something that honestly doesn't have a whole lot. Granted, I may be misremembering things since I haven't watched any of it in a decade or so.

No. 1406117

It is only oppressive because it is forced upon a specific group of people and assumed of them. Some people will just like things like skirts or nurturing no matter what, and instead of just tersely saying "femininity bad" like an absolute retard, we should be more specific. The individual elements of femininity are neutral, the collective elements being forced arbitrarily upon one specific group of people is oppressive and stupid.

No. 1406143

This. I'm tired of the tomboy politicians lol

No. 1406147

too bad i like certain feminine things just as much as certain masculine things and i don't let it define me as a woman. categories are nice. stereotypes about people are not. i will not apologize for not wanting to identify as a sexless nonbinary blob.

No. 1406155

TIFs and TIMs are transgressive, which makes them better than normie feminine women.

In both cases the answer is the same: a woman presenting as a feminine woman is buying into toxic patriarchy, trying too hard, competition, attention whore, and if you fail your presentation by being dowdy, slutty or ugly, that's just embarrassing.

If you're not really a woman while presenting as a feminine woman, you're cool, transgressive, radical, enlightened, and if you fail at your presentation it just adds to the transgressivity.

No. 1406173

File: 1641030812232.jpg (138.33 KB, 976x549, nothingbuthips.jpg)

Very conflicted. Absolute sperg ahead. Looks like he has a masculine brow in that video that is rarely seen on a woman but that's his only masc-leaning feature. Look at this tiny torso vs hips. And literally everything else. Voice doesn't even sound masculinized when talking. Singing voice is androgynous (I have heard men produce some of the same tonal qualities, but not all of them - the more extreme the sound they are making, the more sexless it becomes). I probably wouldn't have thought of it at all if not prompted, though.
Honestly, looking unfortunate for either sex makes such a thing hard to gauge for me.

No. 1406178

Masculinity was invented by men too but you don't have a problem with that

No. 1406188

This is so concise an cutting. Like there are actually some radfems ITT who think "natural" an "practical" are virtues. I guarantee the'll respond with "no, masculinity is bad too because it's also a restrictive concept made by men", but then they perfectly perform masculinity.

No. 1406250

I wish things were different. Being a woman shouldn't be that difficult. Men need to go. kek

Femininity and masculinity are collections of behaviors. Femininity sucks more because it's used by men to dehumanize and exploit women. Cooking is considered as feminine when it's done domestically but it becomes masculine when done professionally. The only difference is that men are paid and women are expected to do it because it's "natural" for a woman to cook. Fashion is another example. It's a feminine interest and an obligation to women but high end fashion is dominated by men. It isn't as simple as something being masculine or feminine. A woman and a man wearing heels don't have the same meaning. Women are excepted and even forced to wear them. Men on the other hand are free to do it. No one is going to be mad at a man for not wearing heels.

No. 1406258


On the being forced to wear heels, it's always been very difficult to buy flat shoes other than sneakers/trainers or ballet slipper/slip on shoes. Everything else has at least a 1 inch heel, usually more. So you're very right in that we are forced to wear heels (aside, men's shoes are better quality if you can find ones in your size)
With the fashion industry it's also insidious because men are choosing what we wear and then judging our morality by our limited options, for example selling lacy underwear, bras and thongs to women and then judging them as sluts for wearing them, when that was their only option other than a black cotton 5-pack of briefs.
Bras usually come with thongs/g-strings rather than a full brief so if you want a matching bra and underwear you're now a slut.
Most women's clothes are short skirts and sleeveless with flimsy material, whoops you're a slut again despite that being all that's available. (Again, try the teenage boys' section if you want more variety in shirts and such)
And then wearing more covered up clothes used to be ok, maybe you're a tomboy or career woman.
Fetishists now tell women who don't want their ass and titties hanging out while wearing stripper heels that they must be a they/them/he and reject feminine gender roles when they are over-enforced. They even manage to sexualize stuff like gym leggings (so many thots doing coomer livestreams in gym leggings, and men leering at women on social media or even extrapolating that they're sex workers for wearing gym leggings) and sweater-dresses/bodycon dresses.

The workforce is a huge problem, statistically it's more like 50/50 male and female line cooks but the head chef is more likely to be male. Yet get back to the kitchen is a common sexist throwaway statement. They can't decide if fashion/cooking/art/whatever is a feminine thing but you can bet any high paid role in those areas will be occupied by a man. The cognitive dissonance is unreal.

No. 1406285

File: 1641054706412.jpg (153.11 KB, 1080x1080, 4d8e8d9c463d8fa1799390ddcd6d59…)

Note her skull to face ratio. It is absolutely, definitely a woman. She doesn't have a masculine brow at all. Interesting how she got away with it for so long.

No. 1406312

where are they? female politicians wear makeup, heels, get plastic surgery and wear stuffy skirt suits

call me when you see a normie chick in flannel speaking up at a podium

No. 1406317

Think about my post a little more, anon. I didn't say politicans are tomboys.
It's a joke about tomboys who think their tomboyhood is a political stance. Not liking femininity is valid, but it doesn't mean femininity itself is Satan and everyone who wants to have kids or likes pink is brainwashed pozzed slave of the patriarchy lmfao

No. 1406321

Probably because outside of child caring its more useful

No. 1406323

A woman can wear anything and a man will call her a slut. It isn't cognitive dissonance. It's not a bug, it's a feature. Men are victim blaming and controlling women's life.

I wear masculine clothes and men still treat me like a whore and even worse if they think that I'm a lesbian (a woman who refuse to fuck them). That's because the "problem" is my body, I'm female. That's why women like Buck transition. There is no way to escape men's control as long as patriarchy isn't abolished.

Not conforming to femininity is a political stance. It doesn't make anyone better but a woman performing masculinity isn't treated the same way as a woman conforming to femininity (that she wants it or not). Why do you think that we have so many labels who normalize and naturalize women's gender nonconformity? There is a reason why women don't describe themselves as tomboys now.

No. 1406326

This thought process is restricted to niche woketard online spaces

No. 1406328

>Most women's clothes are short skirts and sleeveless with flimsy material
Uh… Where? Women rarely wear skirts nowadays. This post is such an exaggeration and for what

No. 1406331

You should probably reread the conversation from >>1406112, your reply to me kind of seems like a non-sequitur. Femininity is not inherently evil. It's a construct that either men or women may fit based on their own personality/tastes/etc, that's all anyone has said

No. 1406351

why are we arguing amongst ourselves. post more fakebois

No. 1406355

Adding onto this: Please make it confirmed fakebois, I'm sick of the speculative nonsense over a literal nobody that has been going on for days.

No. 1406361

File: 1641062944945.jpeg (82.59 KB, 1015x571, 19E83AFD-6D56-433B-9D6A-FFFC67…)

Alright alright anon you have a point. This story is about a month old, but wtf is with the correlation between transness and pedo/furry shit? They don’t want to research that huh?

> The politics of sexual identity permeate the introduction of “A Long Dark Shadow.” There, Walker advocates for the inclusion of MAPs as part of the larger LGBT community by approaching attraction to minors as an orientation, and stating that “the fact of children’s inability to consent to sex is irrelevant to the application of the term ‘sexual orientation’ towards attractions to minors.”

This is homophobic as hell, disgusting, and I see now why the LGB wants to go their own way.

No. 1406365

Transexualism, furry, and pedophilia are all paraphilias that develop in people with comorbid mental issues, with particular emphasis on a combination of a particular subset of autism spectrum disorder (hyperfixation, lack of nuance or empathy), narcissism, and various degrees of delusional thought. Basically, they all often stem from the same sexual psychosis and disregard for others. It's also why all three are often into BDSM.

No. 1406371

Men hate femininity though?

No. 1406375

I cant believe the sperging about this man is sill going. >>1406285
This site has been going to shit for a while now.
When lolcow was at its peak clutter spergy posts like this by schizoid males would be deleted and banned.
So many threads are becoming unreadable because they either filled with so much sperging, bait, trolls or the frequent gore and p0rn spam.
It obvious that the admins are barely active now so this site is starting to be filled with newfags who wont integrate, males, trolls, trannies. nlogs etc etc.

No. 1406378

do you have sources on this? i'm very interested if there's any free reading available about this shit

No. 1406389

Fakebois who want to be uwu gay men do it all wrong. Height aside, their fucking language, taste and hobbies clock them instantly as women.
They don't even like the same shit as gay men.
Just collect dolls and stan some diva like Taylor Swift or Arianna Grande. That's the quickest way to start blending in. Get rid of your milquetoast indie band bullshit or MCR. No twink faggot listens to that.

No. 1406395

File: 1641066466766.png (3.81 MB, 750x1334, 6CBA7F1A-E127-4449-A297-272A0A…)

Why do they always look like that

No. 1406404

Unfortunately all my knowledge on the matter comes from high exposure to this kind of heath in my personal life, and I'm not sure if there's any studies on this stuff because it's all so recent, studies of sexuality that put it in a bad light are few and far between, and the topics are so deranged sounding. Also, I think it's fairly obvious as to why this must be, but there are little to no studies avaiqble on paraphilic interests (other than AGP itself) in transgender people. There may be nonas here who are better at finding sources and documentation on this than me, but otherwise it's just general perception of individual and group behavior, combined with things these degens will just outright tell you in private. Here's the best I can personally give you though:
>10-15% of furries have been diagnosed or self ID as autistic https://www.duq.edu/news/featured-stories/how-furry-culture-can-help-people-on-the-autism-spectrum
>7.8% of transgender identifying individuals have been diagnosed with autism https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1750946719301540
>Approximately 1% of all people have autism https://www.cdc.gov/ncbddd/autism/data.html&ved=2ahUKEwid25KOqpH1AhXKlIkEHV9QC00QFnoECCoQAQ&usg=AOvVaw3N26ZNiN8GlI1QuTpfSKRW
>30% of low-functioning autistic males had inappropriate sexual behaviors, and 24% had paraphilic interests https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6047840/
>Approximately 2.4% of average people have paraphilic interests (PDF warning) https://www.cicc-iccc.org/files/prod/publication_files/Joyal_Carpentier_2016_Journal_Sex_research.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwilk4fQqZH1AhVhkokEHWWtC_cQFnoECD4QBg&usg=AOvVaw1qVFXe9gD7vfw7j6M2Ri0h
>Pedophilia is classified as a paraphilia, and can be associated with elevated psychopathic traits https://www.psychiatrictimes.com/view/psychopathology-and-personality-traits-pedophiles

No. 1406413

Samefag but I want to clarify that I'm unclear on the total percentage with paraphilias, because there are a few studies that came up that had wildly different results (one had a value in the 90% zone), and none of them really list there criteria for what counts as paraphilic. I think this is just one of those things that goes without much research because one one side men don't want to think about how weird and shitty they are, and especially don't want women to have access to confirmation of their degeneracy, but on the other side there are men who want to normalize hypersexuality and paraphilias, so they will define it as loosely and inclusively as possible. Sorry for my errors, I'm fairly sleep deprived.

No. 1406423

I feel like neither of you are actually from planet earth. The answer is neither of these extremes.

No. 1406435

File: 1641070755038.jpg (76.63 KB, 800x1000, 0a178bddbd2a469c313923f52207b2…)

So sorry you feel dykey because your uwu softboi fave is a woman.

No. 1406439

tfw dating troons is so gross and hard to do that even other troons think of it as a political act of self sacrifice, rather than something u do bc u enjoy it.

No. 1406442

You are obsessed. Post actual fakebois aka people we know are female pretending to be male. Enough with this nonsense until you get proof.

No. 1406443

NTA But it literally doesn't matter if this irrelevant hack is or isn't trans if there is 1. no substantial proof outside of being a doughy tardlet, or 2. no other milk aside from "lol this busted ass musician may be a troon/woman". You keep posting this shit even though it's derailing the thread, which just makes you seem like you have some sort of vendetta towards this literal who. If proof shows up at this point, no one will believe it simply because you went so schizo.

No. 1406505

This is such a weird vendetta. What did this person do to hurt you, anon?

No. 1406524

99% of ftms i see look really stinky. sometimes they clean up well and present as decently unclockable but those are one in a million.

the cope is real

No. 1406560

We didn't even know who he was before you starting spamming the whole thread with his pics. Keep your celeb crushes to yourself

No. 1406562

i always wondered if buck angel doing trans-porn was some kind of maladaptive coping mechanism for something. i watched multiple interviews with her scattered all over youtube and i know in a few she talked about how she used to be a prostitute to pay for a drug addiction and was almost murdered by a john; it makes me wonder if her claims about how the porn industry was so good to her and the only people who were mean about it was other TIFs are just lies, and her trying to reinvent herself into a more unique object (a "man" with a vagina) is just an evolution of that. sage for armchair psychologist BS lmao

i know several butch and GNC women who were sexually harassed by men with fetishes for "fixing" or forcing them to be feminine. it's not surprise these same men go after fakebois

i think you might be referring to lisa littman's study on rapid-onset gender dysphoria. i honestly think if i was a decade younger, i would be transitioning now and ending up like all these detrans. when i was a teenager i actually wished i could just get surgery and be a guy but i didn't know transgenders in real life, i just read about it online or saw them on shows like jerry springer (lmao), and i knew i wouldn't look "convincing enough". if i saw these fakebois with wide hips and curves using he-him when i was 15 i definitely would've jumped onto that bandwagon. puberty was also traumatic for me due to abuse and if i was a younger kid i would've begged my parents to put me on blockers that so-called "paused" puberty

this book is a decent introduction to the trans subject but i personally disliked it since it came from a very conservative angle. i know the truth is the truth no matter who says it, so i'm glad someone is talking about the dangers of puberty blockers and whatnot. i think "trans" by helen joyce is much more logical since she comes from a more free-speech perspective than a republican one

No. 1406721

File: 1641099213125.png (129.65 KB, 1204x520, Screen Shot 2022-01-01 at 11.3…)

Sage for slight derail but re: Abigal Shrier - Yeah she is obviously coming at this from a conservative perspective (picrel) rather than a radfem one. Yes, 'the truth is the truth no matter who says it,' when it comes to facts and statistics, and it's good that she's getting the truth out there, but radfems should be cautious of aligning ourselves with conservatives, IMO, because a) they are against gender ideology for different reasons than we are (namely to uphold their own traditional, misogynistic form of gender ideology) and b) because it will give liberals another excuse to decry 'TERFs' as racist, misogynistic etc. and further alienate libfems/prevent them from peaking.

No. 1406751

lol never stick your dick in crazy.

No. 1406802

Sage for irl instance but my tif friend and seatmate who say if she doesn't transition people would assume her girlfriend would be the man in the relationship, and even if it's a 50/50 she said "but most men don't have this problem! if my gf is the "man" half the time just because we're both still girls thats why i wanna go trans! it's unfair she gets to man up while i'm a dainty doll! I just wanna avoid the chance it happens!" She gets jealous her elder sister (firstborn) gets treated like the son of the family but not her, and she's treated by her parents as if she needs constant protection from her big sis. The only girls she find annoying are the big strong masculine ones.

To be fair she is quite like the dainty doll she described herself no matter how much she hated being in that state, like everyone (yes my POV) sees her a girly girl forcing herself to be tomboyish/masculine overall based on her appearance. She said "radfems say girls can be masculine but it doesn't mean all girls can! it's unfair and only for certain girls! Like they still see trans guys as feminine dolls that still need to be protected by men and normal, stronger women!"

Incidentially why are most fakebois 'dainty dolls', no matter if they are proud of it or ashamed of it? I understand that they are young, but those past 18 can't grow to the height of avergae woman. Is this a pattern here? Like they naturally just can't be masculine because of their physical features.

No. 1406803

still the anon but why are some fakebois curvier and have narrower waists and smaller hands than the average woman? That's the irony and yet before all this shit happened i thought tifs have genuine mental illness and are more masculine than butch lesbians… is the demographic shiftinf or what?

No. 1406837

They're mentally ill, that's what they think they can still pass as a man despite being a very feminine woman. The trans mental illness doesn't discriminate based on body type. They also know that transphobia is a big no-no in the current year society (at least in North America and Western Europe) so they feel more confident about their delusions because they are being coddled and anyone who calls them out publicly gets shat on.

No. 1406865

a lot of tifs are actually more feminine than your average woman.
just like how a lot of tims are more masculine than your average man.

No. 1406891

>a lot of tifs are actually more feminine
>fakebois have smaller hands and are curvier
>girly girl forcing herself to be tomboyish/masculine

The anon with the fakeboi sister here from #16 and earlier here, but whenever i accuse my sis of femininity she denies it (as if it was her fetish kek press x) as if she just doesn't wanna admit it, then gives the excuse of why are people surprised when a tomboy has a feminine interest but for her it's expected. Also idk about the fakeboi op anon described but it seems a lot of them are self-aware they are small and feminine, and it seems compensatory to want to adopt masculine habits and actions outside their scope. Tomboys and butches sure are tomboys and butches like op anon said, but it seems fakebois can't resolve themselves to admit they're just as feminine as the girl next door (mental illness idk) plus since they tend to look/be physically feminine they get envious of normal people. Just want to know how are the fellow nonas here with their experiences with irl fakebois versus their internet edgelordery haha

No. 1406898

it seems like TIFs and NLOGs have this in common. they’re just as if not more feminine than the average woman but their own misogyny keeps them in utter denial. they see femininity as somehow toxic or terrible so they go to extreme lengths to hide it.

No. 1406906

I often see most fakebois being "toxic femininity" (as a phrase) as if they are proud of it tho…

Also male misogyny has a different dynamic with female misogyny

No. 1406922

Slight ot so sage - what is it with tifs who insists anyone slightly masculine is also a tif, but are all feminine as fuck themselves and still expect to be called male? Thought about this when I saw a girl on my explore page who's very feminine but she's another he/they. She's even got a scrote to play along somehow, someone in her comments called her a pretty girl and she said she's not but the commenter insisted, so her boyfriend came in and sperged typical scrote shit like "shut up floppy tiddies I'm your step dad". Is the enlarged T pussy that good bro?

No. 1406944

If you’ll excuse the blogpost, I (used to) fall pretty squarely into very feminine tif trying to compensate. I hate being small and how small my features are, this was (is) probably the biggest aspect of my dysphoria, and I definitely overcompensated by LARPing as super edgelord masculine (mostly online because I’m terminally shy lmfao, shocker). For me it was absolutely a kind of self protection as well, I didn’t want men to view me as a little girl they could harm easily so the edgelord masculine LARP was a way of trying to put them off. Trying to puff up my fur and seem bigger and scarier, so to speak.
I also wanted more than anything to be seen as masculine and handsome to women (the “man” in the relationship like previous anon was talking about), particularly because my first gf dumped me to try to go through conversion therapy which fucked up my view of gay relationships really seriously.
I think the former at least is probably true for a lot of tifs. You feel like you have a target on your back being a woman who is distinctly fetishised for being small (in general too tbh), and it sucks so much to be constantly considered by people/described as “delicate”, “weak”, “like a little bird”, those sorts of things, when all you want is to be just considered a person who is strong and capable and powerful.

No. 1406969

AYRT, i agree, which is why i personally pirated the book and only think it's slightly good that it sold well, as a way of visibility, since this is the only book i know of that actually talks about the dark side of child transition (correct me if i'm wrong. i think it's fine to read things by people with different opinions but non-conservatives should read the non-trans parts of the book and the author critically

No. 1406976

File: 1641141679271.png (170.48 KB, 809x835, Screenshot 2022-01-02 at 18-37…)


Wasn't he accused of sexually assaulting minors along with other members? Woman my ass.

No. 1406984

File: 1641142227865.png (2.08 MB, 2048x1198, 2022_01_02_0vd_Kleki - Copy.pn…)


No. 1407014

>She's even got a scrote to play along somehow

You know a lot of them will do anything for a shag, right nonna

No. 1407183

File: 1641159972978.jpeg (412.19 KB, 828x898, 06861959-3ACA-4123-A215-F50F90…)

So I don’t know if it’s been posted, but Onision’s fakeboi may have another fakeboi on the side. Muh bad if there is a dedicated Onision thread for this sort of thing.

No. 1407195

t4t aka beggars can't be choosers

No. 1407201

Unsurprising. I bet she's a teen, too. Lainey's just grooming her for Grug.

No. 1407219

File: 1641162166396.png (337.42 KB, 1815x1305, t2.png)

'Non-binary' mother grooming her daughter.

No. 1407246

If this isn't a troll, the way this person writes sounds really immature for a 43 year old and something isn't mentally right with them, no wonder they fell for this shit.

No. 1407303

A friend has fallen back into gendershittery after being sorta terfy for so long and I don't know what happened. Do you think this sort of thing is a cope for other issues.

She started dating someone and completely changed her views to the point where she's not recognizable as herself. Now she's going back into a fake boi era and I have no idea what happened.

Sage for blogging but I'm worried and trying to figure out how you can go backwards like this

No. 1407310

Good job confusing the shit out of your kid that young. Shit parenting.

No. 1407355

I hope this is a lie, but then again, this is what’s going to happen/it’s happening to the kids of these tranny freaks. Kids shouldn’t be crying over these sort of things.

No. 1407367

women tend to do this no matter the political belief tbh. Start dating someone and completely change themselves to fit them. It's sad.

No. 1407368

File: 1641173172670.jpg (386.53 KB, 1080x1687, Screenshot_20220103-012258_Ope…)

Looked up the profile but it's only a couple hours old so nothing else there. There are some people half talking sense in the comments, picrel, but from the way the original poster typed they're either fake or extremely immature mentally. She drove the father away by coming out as gender special and now is forcing this shit on her child. I feel sorry for the kid.

No. 1407391

not saying this is 100% what is happening to your friend, but when someone close to me was in an abusive relationship, she literally threw away her personality, interests, and values for him. she was a typical liberal progressive and he was aspiring to join the military (back when trump was in office) or do shit for ICE, and they still stayed no matter how much me and others protested this was against her views lmao

i've had multiple ex-friends who went from being terfy to genderist (or they were in a weird in-between transmed space but still went back to gender identity in the end), the reasons were usually being under 25 (no offense lmao), being rejected from one group and wanting to fit into another, and general emotional/mental instability so their opinions were easily swayed

No. 1407402

If its not bait, the mother is legit just a coping tranny that's bitter about not being able to troon while she was young so she's vicariously living through her daughter now.
This is just about her own unresolved conflicted feelings.
It would have been better if she got her wish a decade ago so she'd be too infertile to fuck up her kid (yes I know some tifs can get pregnant but many get infertile).

No. 1407536

how very nonbinary of her to refuse to let her kid play with “girly” toys. so much for gender roles being made up.

No. 1407597

This actually makes a lot of sense for her. She's not in an abusive relationship but I do think she found a group that makes her feel good and now she doesn't have to fret about having the "wrong opinion".

No. 1407626

File: 1641206751823.png (296.95 KB, 760x974, Screenshot_20220103-024414.png)

This is the most dramatic narcissistic rant I've ever read lmfao…. Has a trans person even been murdered in cold blood in the UK in the last couple years or is that just complete horseshit?


No. 1407648

File: 1641212331329.png (374.19 KB, 1440x1968, sarah.png)

There were 0 transgender people killed in the UK in 2021 (and 0 in 2020, 2019) this stat is specifically mentioned frequently on Twitter because the UK police posted something about honouring a trans day of rememberence in Nov 2021, meanwhile a working cop in London raped and killed a woman walking home in Spring 2021, Sarah Everard.
So more women have been killed by cops (1) in the UK than trans people killed by anyone, which is 0.
102 women have been murdered in the UK last year SINCE MARCH according to picrel.

So what news exactly are they reading with LGBT attacks on the front page (which implies UK physical newspaper) or transgender murdered in cold blood which is literal fabrication and has literally not happened in the UK nevermind been on the front page, and lesbians beaten on the tube(?), all I can find is a story from 2019 where two lesbians were beaten on the bus, but statistically your chance of getting beaten on the bus is gonna be non-zero due to it being cheap and easy for criminals and youths to board and escape from+likely to be going through disadvantaged areas, people tend to not get beaten on the tube for the opposing reasons.
And that story was from 2019, they wrote this in August 2021.

This is all invention from a self-victimising fool.
If you read the whole post it's even worse:
>NHS has a wait time from two years to ten years
For one I've never heard of a ten year waitlist, two years is right, and hardly anyone was getting gender treatment ten years ago since it's a recent fad, so? How can this possibly be verified?
>7 years from one appointment
They are a compulsive liar, there's no other explanation.
>illegally obtaining hormone drugs from dealers.
HAHA you can just borrow some horsepiss pills from your mum, it isn't that serious. Many women in the UK have had hysterectomies so HRT is common, or is this dealer OPs mum?
>Transgender people are dying everyday
Like…from suicide because 0 transgender murders? Or are we counting crimes from other countries while you specifically claim the UK is so dangerous for transgender people with absolutely no evidence? Not one statistic in their post.

No. 1407649

The trans murder rate in the UK is pretty low if i recall correctly, last time I checked it's under 10 murders a year and we don't even know if said murders were hate-crimes over identity or something else. Which is funny since most of the trans who love to talk about how they're constantly at risk for being murdered are usually white and either rich or middle class, and usually attracted to opposite biological sex; meanwhile in reality it's the gay non-white crossdressers that are very poor getting murdered.

No. 1407656

Samefag, I just realised they're a transmasc so they'll be wanting testosterone, I'm sure that's easy to get too but not as easy as female hrt, I'll give them that. All medication in the UK is very cheap, literally a few pounds a month so whatever they would want won't cost them much either.

I think they're sorta collating all their self-induced fear into a narrative which implies all these things are happening in the UK which they aren't, if they're afraid to go outside it will be because they're a ciswoman and see picrel for murder stats, there's also been a rise of street harassment in the UK to the point politicians have been publicly sympathising with women in their droves, and considering law and rule changes regarding women's safety.
But this post is about them being a victim due to being trans? Nope.

No. 1407658

File: 1641213766452.png (138.78 KB, 1440x873, 7856775.png)

It's under 10 a decade and 0 in the last three years, it seems insane to even need to verify this, such is the self-victimising narrative, but op is well and truly talking out of their ass.

No. 1407659

The narcissism and lies is really off the charts
Amazing how people just believe this shit with no sources posted

No. 1407665

13,897 notes so at least that number have seen it and believed it, a literal fictional rant from some NEET.

No. 1407702

Ladies, one of my lesbian friends just came out as a picrel. Sage for blogpost but what do I do? I’m certainly not calling her the new shit she wants to be called but that’s essentially social suicide. This is extremely saddening, fuck these groomers making lesbians do this to themselves. She uses tiktok and I just know this is where she got this idea from

No. 1407727

AYRT, thank you for correcting me, that's actually even lower than I was told! I thought the whole point of SJW culture was to "check your privilege", so you'd think these people would be thankful they live in a country with a low hate crime rate and decent healthcare…? It's the poorer countries where gay crossdressers get murdered too

No. 1407823

Insane genderspecial moms who force their kids to be trans sound like a new "woke" incarnation of pageant moms who force their daughters to train and compete in the beauty pageants that they never got to do as kids. Sad, really.

No. 1407850

I've only seen 2 trans murders, in like over 1 decade in the UK and one of them was just a gay crossdresser not even out as trans or identified as one

There was 1 killed in 2019 and the other in 2018

No. 1407864

File: 1641239505903.webm (3.62 MB, 720x1248, XRecorder_Edited_03012022_1447…)

@acethetransmascenby16 on tiktok

No. 1407867

I've just seen a fb friend of mine seemingly desist rapidly and now she and her fakeboi gf look like a lesbian couple.
She still keeps a male name but has totally physically desisted and looks like a girl. They started the relationship when they were both fakebois.

This has got me wondering, when a fakeboi detrans while in a "gay" relationship with another fakeboi how does the remaining fakeboi feel.
They were obviously only in it to fetishize gay men and I doubt they'd be thrilled to be in a lesbian relationship suddenly. Even a "hetero" relationship with a woman is a downgrade to their yaoi fetish.

No. 1407869

File: 1641239851721.webm (4.05 MB, 720x1258, XRecorder_Edited_03012022_1454…)

No. 1407898

I've seen this happen and they both came out as lesbians

No. 1407900

Anon I can't even tell what she's saying

No. 1407904

depends on what labels they identified with, i've seen multiple instances where a TIF4TIF couple desist and if both of them were "trans gay men" it usually ends with both admitting that they're actually lesbians (or bi) all along

No. 1407930

Gorl let's not shit on literal retards for being confused about gender.

No. 1407948

This is just sad and not very relevant

No. 1408042

I can't even make fun of this, she's literally too mentally impared to know any better and has been force-fed tranny rhetoric through the internet. She shouldn't be using the internet at all, especially not social media like TikTok, her caretakers are failing her in trying to allow her to be "normal".

No. 1408048

File: 1641253725922.png (104.52 KB, 408x467, 2022-01-04_00-48-38.png)

No. 1408057

Big talk from someone who is probably shorter than the average woman and stutters her order at McDonald's. TIFs don't have penises and can't impregnate women.

No. 1408058

lol rape us with what? a clit?

No. 1408150


Thanks a TW is more likely to rape us than some small immature girly "edgelord" larper who fakes this for the sake of recognition

No. 1408151

When a regular woman is more likely to rape us than this freak

No. 1408152

Why do i feel that tifs are more likely to get raped before attempting to rape a human being?

No. 1408214

Why are tifs and fakebois so laughably feminine through text? At least if they can make an effort to type like transwomen but they just can't. They take edgelordism instead? Lmfao… i'd be better off worrying about a woman who's honest being a woman than a tif about rape lool. Sorry i feel bad for their poor cope for being too loli-like

No. 1408280

No. 1408288

It looks like she deleted or something kek. No account by that name comes up anymore. So much for the "strong, unbothered chauvinist" bit.

No. 1408292

>I just don’t want to push it too much and have him worry I’m turning against him or turning into a TERF

When will they realize it doesn't matter how politely skeptical you are they'll call you a terf anyway

No. 1408311

File: 1641285156525.jpeg (622.97 KB, 3120x1270, 93F865FD-A117-426B-99F6-49B372…)

No. 1408325

I thought the whole "yassify" meme was supposed to be a bad thing

No. 1408362

File: 1641295253626.jpg (543.44 KB, 1080x1347, Screenshot_20220104-121848.jpg)

Dem nails doe, super manly

No. 1408363

Only when women do it. This is a they/them so it's obviously a totally different thing.

No. 1408370

Nails undone, how unmanly kek

No. 1408377

And I thought we were advancing past looking like Kardashian clones smh

No. 1408400

File: 1641300304400.jpg (717.22 KB, 1080x1760, 20220104_134605.jpg)

based nepal

No. 1408405

they legit take for granted the life they have in the west. and yet they see progressive countries like the uk as hell incarnate. english-speaking western countries are the best places for troon acceptance.

No. 1408413

>most progressive Asian nation in terms of gender
They literally still have and use menstruation huts

No. 1408419

File: 1641304641706.png (10.34 KB, 722x153, whitemaninapoorasiancountryhow…)

But UK has a literal 0 for trans murder rates, Is jK rowling really this effective at negatively mindbeaming troons? Also this is a 56 year old scrote not a fakeboi kek

No. 1408424

If Nepal is considered lgbt friendly it's to their own people, not obvious white foreigners. It sounds more like they are laughing and taking photos of the clownish white person which is customary treatment of foreigners in all Asian countries.

No. 1408429

Just don't be a hooker and you'll probably be fine if you're a tranny in south america

No. 1408432

youre right but i realised i was in the wrong thread too late

No. 1408434

If it makes you feel any better nonny I only noticed I'm also in the wrong thread now that I read your post lol

No. 1408491

I watch those stories on snapchat(yes I use snapchat kek) and one of the series is called "our sex ed" which covers a variety of sex related topics which is interesting.
Sometimes they bring up the occasional trans person too and today I watched a story about one TIF who had bottom surgery and basically she said she can have sex now and that her flesh dick has some sort of rod inside which she can adjust and have penetrative sex(or the closest she can get to it) and I kinda freaked out I didn't know this was done too.
I have seen the freaky pics of those surgeries on these threads but I still can't wrap my head around it

No. 1408494

>Nax was a skater chick

That is true for the first 3(?) seasons. She was the chill skater girl but in the 4th season when they all go back to school, they changed Naz's personality and made her into a ditzy, airheaded cheerleader stereotype. You're right about the rest though.

But I feel like the other anon might be onto something because the she mostly revolved around the male characters and when you take the Kanker sisters out of the equation since they weren't in all the episodes, the main gang only had two female characters who fit some negative and/or unrelatable stereotypes. Not so much Naz in the first few seasons but definitely in the school seasons. The male characters were one dimensional as well but there was variety so a potential TIF could glob onto one of them be it the smart guy like Edd, the "cool jock" like Kevin, the sensitive feminized boy like Jimmy or even Ed who in recent years I've seen referred to as a "himbo" in some of the shipping fans put him in…

No. 1408495

*because the show mostly revolved

No. 1408533

Based Nepal, Mexico, and Costa Rica

No. 1408574

Cranking your dick into action, just like a real man, shoulda just used a strapon and saved her arm/leg skin

No. 1408576

i'm seeing a conservative hyper feminine backlash within the next decade, as a reaction trans/sjw politics

No. 1408683

Sounds like social contagion in a different way
That anon that said women often completely change themselves to fit their partner was right >>1407367
Don't get me wrong its much better than mutilating yourself but it still screams no sense of self

No. 1408772

I think it's on the verge of happening right now, a lot of otherwise liberal/progressive allies are turning into new-wave conservatives (just look what happened to Arielle Scarcella lmao)

No. 1408779

>thought I was a transguy
>while wearing make up, plucked eyebrows, woman haircut, woman hair dye

No. 1408905

You dropped your pic nona?

No. 1409004

You don't even have to wait for the conservatives do it. Alongside this uglyfing Aidenism we had the "woke bimbo" shit they tried to make popular. Of course this goes without even mentioning the hyperfeminine they/thems, see: >>1408311
These are also the same demographics who cry about "girlbosses" and any kind of assertiveness in women.

No. 1409028

The ex-LGBT movement is close enough, right? this is a joke but I do see this happening in the next few months

No. 1409091

Assertiveness is good for women, and we should be encouraging it. Girlboss content, on the other hand, is shit. It pretends that women can get by in society just as well as men if they just try harder, putting the blame for women's struggles under the patriarchy on women. Also, it often portrays acting like a man (low empathy, selfish, destructive for one's own fulfillment) as aspirational.

No. 1409096

File: 1641369294765.png (564.97 KB, 533x862, asdfghjkljhgfddtjhukjhrg.png)

wearing a sweater vest does not make you read as male lmfao. Being a nerdy alt girl doesn't make you male

No. 1409099

Any scrote who dressed/had hair like this would be called a faggot non stop

No. 1409100

samefag but tiktok is literally a nightmare

No. 1409103

This look isn't even particularly masculine in any way. In fact, it's a bit feminine. Not that it matters, because femininity isn't what defines someone as female, and the lack of femininity isn't what defines a male.

No. 1409111

I am genuinely troubled by trans men and fakebois in a completely different way to trans women. With MTFs, this shit is a coomer fetish, but for FTMs? This gender LARP seems like the literal height of cowardice.

You live in a world that you slowly and increasingly realise is hateful towards women - pointing and heaping scorn on them with one hand and stroking its cock as it objectifies and pornifies them with the other. And you're rightly horrified. But rather than stand up and fight back and say, "No! Fuck you!" and try to change the world and make it better for everyone, you decide to take the easy way out by saying, "Lol, none of this applies to me because I'm really a man!"

The patriarchy has already decided what you are, you stupid girl. If you want to be a man, wouldn't the quote-unquote'manly' thing to do be to stand up and defend others, rather than attempting to try and swerve that with baggy clothes and a fucking ludicrous pube beard?

No. 1409114

File: 1641372141585.jpg (20.1 KB, 427x193, Tumblr_l_1299814222063516~2.jp…)

A piece of bizarre creative writing from Tumblr. I feel like if a guy was taking a crap and a rubber dick rolled into his stall, he'd assume it was a prank. Also the idea of her putting the packer back into her underwear after it rolled around on the floor of a public restroom makes me want to puke.

No. 1409119

butch ma'am

No. 1409123

and she would think that this would be "validating"

No. 1409126

File: 1641373756634.jpg (42.66 KB, 604x604, 3ef1f52db610ab373b3029b9304f4d…)

Men don't dress like this, but artsy teenage lesbians do.

No. 1409127

Why not we start to call her a faggot see if she could withstand the hard life kek

No. 1409129

Then wtf is the point of "transition" if mtfs and ftms don't wanna blend the fuck in kek

TOPKEK gender equality lets go bash her for being a faggot since she wants to co-op male experiences

No. 1409135

We live in a world that is a big tsundere (torturous hell; no one can take a tsundere head-on irl) to women as a whole, and then some women attempt to escape that torturous hell and troon but you're right the cowardice is there

God lolis are the biggest cowards.

No. 1409162

The "point" is delusion either fueled by coom-addiction (AGP and fujo TIFs) or self-hatred (HSTS and TIFs with internalized misogyny). All groups are retarded, misogynistic, and homophobic.

No. 1409183

Video where a detrans male analyzes the mindset of FTM Jackson Bird in her video "Am I Really Trans?"

A bit of a long watch, but it's really interesting to see the mental gymnastics, circular reasoning, and denial laid out so clearly.

>if you're not sure you're a transman, just fake it! force others to validate you as a man, even if you don't believe it yourself! then, maybe you'll grow into it and start seeing yourself as a man! it worked for me, even though I still have doubts 5 years into transition!

if you like this video, the "confronting my gender therapist (remastered)" vid is morbidly fascinating. Most his other videos are pretty bad though, and aren't worth sitting through.

No. 1409192

>not sure? just fake!
>general consensuous: don't assume anyone is fake
I'm pretty sure 90% of them are fake, and fake and real (kekwtf?) alike the reasons are almost the same: misogyny

The homophobia is actually justified but with an extremely weird reasoning, e.g. >>1406944 when this nona was a tif

who allowed moids here

No. 1409202

File: 1641388809032.jpg (18.32 KB, 350x263, JadenYuki_4141.jpg)

I see what her inspiration was..

No. 1409247

This. I'd really like to question a fakeboi in detail about what does she think women are like and why she's supposedly different. Bet she wouldn't be able to say a single thing that's not misogynistic bullcrap. I do feel bad for some of the younger ones, though. Imagine being stuck with a pubestach for life just 'cause you were dumb at nineteen.

No. 1409292

For many ftms its just coomer shit, I'd say for the majority it is

No. 1409307

Why do so many of them have piercings? A few of the trutrans and most of the fakebois do this, but mainly fakeboi genderspecials.

No. 1409348

It's because they want to go very far so far to look like a moid which no sane woman would.

No. 1409353

she'd enjoy it, much like mtfs enjoy being catcalled or degraded

No. 1409360

They want to look like alt pretty boys but they fail to realize they don't have a male skeleton and facial bones to pull it off, in the end they're just doughy and short

No. 1409424

Edgy e-boys are really trendy right now. I mean even during the weeb years of visual kei it wasn't very rare but tiktok e-boy culture has made it even more common.

No. 1409439

Isaac is MTFTM.

No. 1409450

Because being a tranny is about making your whole identity revolve around body mods

No. 1409455

I don't think anonita said anything implying otherwise. You might just have the pronoun subjects confused. "Her video" is referring to the original video made by the FtM.

No. 1409474

File: 1641414855674.jpg (22.33 KB, 299x400, frankredhair.jpg)

I remember one of those TIFs on youtube talking about her "Frank Iero lip piercing" and honestly.. I get it. It's always the same fucking lip piercing, every single time. Once you see it, you can't unsee it.

No. 1409549

File: 1641420264922.jpeg (542.46 KB, 616x921, 5CDF9199-BB64-47A8-93F9-21E519…)

i can’t imagine being chronically ill to the point of needing a cane and still making the big girl decision of pumping myself full of cross sex hormones

No. 1409582

File: 1641422911288.jpeg (7.82 KB, 225x225, images.jpeg)

Is Casey mongillo a fakeboi?

No. 1409585

That's a male and an obvious one

No. 1409591

Anon are you blind? In what world does that neanderthal browed fag look like a female

No. 1409613

Truly manly kek. Could clock by interests alone.
>Collection net.
Consoomer rising.
Yes, a black comedy.

No. 1409622

I think someone else pointed this out in the last thread but while I do think you can sum up transition motivations into 3 categories (fetish, self-hatred from trauma/homophobia, or social contagion), I think they can overlap as well. Somebody can become trans due to homophobic trauma but also get a sexual thrill in the process (Blaire White is considered a HSTS but is aesthetically AGP due to the amount of surgeries he has, and I've known lesbian TIFs who have AAP behavior). Just something I observed back in "queer"/liberal nerdy spaces

No. 1409629

i know he looks like a manly manly man but he sounds super fakeboy

No. 1409634

>Blaire White is considered a HSTS but is aesthetically AGP due to the amount of surgeries he has
Because he's trying to gain the sexual attention of straight men, but the men into that look are just gamp chasers and often agps themselves.
>I've known lesbian TIFs who have AAP behavior
Most of them turn into gay trans men once they transition, identifying as a lesbian pre transition is cope to feel more masculine.
I once chatted to a lady like that, very odd lol
To have stuff like agp/aap one cannot be exclusively homosexual, but individuals can often larp as gay due to dysphoria especially if they are bi and hetero relationships can trigger them.

No. 1409670

File: 1641429250912.jpg (471.77 KB, 1235x695, cover2[1].jpg)

Not this again.

No. 1409695

Vendettanons keep coming to this thread specifically with ugly people that they can't prove are TIFs, but will fight anyone who tells them to shut up. This is another literal nobody who we have no reason to give a shit about until we have undeniable proof that it's a troon or and has milk.

No. 1409708

File: 1641432021096.jpeg (425.42 KB, 2048x2048, 97676B85-1143-4EC8-8EDA-079595…)

In today’s episode of, why are they like this? This is a he/they actor from star trek. Reminds me of the fakeboi who was ebegging to escape her abusive religious home, and the parents blamed her autism on her lack of faith.

No. 1409713

Had to stop watching star trek because of the annoying troonism

No. 1409714

File: 1641432684895.jpg (82.71 KB, 700x1000, 254036.jpg)

Testosterone really does make you age like milk

No. 1409715

terrible acne, terrible hair, terrible style and she's 5'0, absolutely delusional

her old height rage tweets is funny, some shit she said below

"i'm SICK and TIRED of cis men saying they're short/small/little because they're 5'7 or 5'8"

"im trying to love all of myself but im so insecure about my height ):
maybe not [tall] in the US, but in vietnam i’m definitely average height"

"“omg ur soooo cute and tiny, ur so small i could put u in my pocket!” some of us have height dysphoria, Karen"

No. 1409728

Karen is a dumb term but fits no one better than troons. Literally the embodiment of entitlement expecting people to deny reality for them.

No. 1409733

It's so sad that they did that. Haven't seen anything newer than DS9, and probably never will.

No. 1409736

File: 1641434702883.jpeg (583.14 KB, 828x938, CAA25C59-7F84-4F1C-93DC-39E03D…)

>height dysphoria

No. 1409743

KEK. Little gremlin woman.

No. 1409752

File: 1641436340301.png (1.85 MB, 1226x808, ianalexanderinstagram.png)

>terrible acne
I can barely picture the pain, testosterone is a curse

No. 1409759

don't post this shit

No. 1409762

File: 1641437381425.jpg (103.08 KB, 885x450, Untitled.jpg)

holy fuck this is painful. i know she's trying to act like she doesn't care about her acne but tmi/blog ahead, as someone who had bad hormonal acne, that shit is soul-destroying. not only does it make you feel disgusting and ugly but it's so incredibly painful. looks like she had decent skin before, only a few zits at times like a normal person. now it's cystic. how awful.

No. 1409771

lmao that mentality reminds me of JS Steinman from bioshock

No. 1409782

Could be the lighting but check her pupils she's on drugs, probs helps her mentally check out and deal with how terrible she looks now

No. 1409786

Ayart honestly even without that shit discovery is just plain bad lol you're not missing out. There are better sci Fi shows out there

No. 1409789

I use to get terrible cystic acne like this… Like is this shit really worth it? That shit was painful and fucked up my skin I can't imagine choosing to do this

No. 1409799

File: 1641440980168.png (483.29 KB, 407x583, asdfghjkokjuyhfgdsfgyhjuhfgdvg…)

ofc she's straight. I've never seen gay men call themselves fruity in the same numbers as these tifs.

No. 1409828

I understand that it might be hellish living as a diminutive female but the group that would now targets you for looking like 'that' is worse

No. 1409838

Hes a dude who is a they/them special and photoshops his pictures so heavily to look like a fakeboi.
Its pretty damn obvious.

No. 1409856

Don't forget the obsessive overuse of twink, fag, top/bottom. I've heard actual gay men drop a word or two in relevant conversation, but these TIFs can't contain themselves from literally pushing them into every conversation whether it's relevant or not. It's like they think if they repeat the magic words enough they might wake up tomorrow a real boy.

No. 1409857

It's so deeply offensive acting like a caricature of how they think gay men are

No. 1409861

File: 1641447040500.jpg (87.92 KB, 487x649, IMG_20220106_132949.jpg)

No. 1409864

The dissociative TIF stare gets another.

No. 1409867

>white women appropriating gay men appropriating black women


No. 1409882

no one cares about that faggot

No. 1409899

how is calling themselves fruity/twink or any of the like appropriating black women?

No. 1409901

not those terms specifically but a lot of white gays use AAVE and act “sassy” so its kind of funny that now we have white girls copying them to act like gay men - kind of like that FtM on drag race. Not being that serious about it just a funny observation

No. 1409926

there's a decent amount of TIMs/men who identify as non-binary that purposely try to emulate TIFs and their aesthetics. it's like a weird alternative form of AGP

No. 1409942

She and other tifs could have got it from queer spaces or even lesbian spaces since most formerly identified as queer/pan/bi girls
Gen z queer girls love to copy gay men and their terms often like top/bottom, even fruity which doesn't even make sense when directed at a female

Yeah they kinda sometimes get it from black gay guys/trans who get it from their family members
Or from black female singers, some of my white gay friends say they think they're sassy and cool

No. 1409988

File: 1641466318326.jpeg (848.88 KB, 3249x2367, BC8711AF-119E-45E4-8652-297404…)

Glad people are talking about how i/me/myself isnt about troonery but about a “cis” gnc man rejecting his genderqueer identity

No. 1410018

Trannies trying to coopt the art of GNC people, especially the ones who have been harmed by their bullshit ideology, are pure evil. They're the same monsters who will cry out "transphobia" if you don't fit neatly into their ideology or point out the harm it's done to you, and yet they have the nerve to still take your work and claim it's about them and their feelings in some grand, insulting act of appropriation.

No. 1410022

File: 1641472617247.png (248.02 KB, 760x1023, Screenshot_20220106-043554.png)

Holy shit anons we're so close to aman trans men being a real thing kek

No. 1410023


No. 1410025

Lol. If a TIF were to refer to herself as transfem, a bunch of males would accuse her of “appropriating language that belongs to transmisogyny affected people” or some retarded shit.

No. 1410026

someone did this on radtwt and it was marvelous

No. 1410043

Yes but they were fucking around lol this person is serious

No. 1410390

There's a detransition story on the front page of snapchat today. The same chick got interviewed by blaire white some time ago I think. I wonder if she gets any backlash from the trans community for detransitioning. I wish snapchat had a comment section so I could see what people were thinking about it.

No. 1410434

Just watched it, it's crazy how her voice "passes" much more than most tifs and she doesn't even want it that way anymore.

No. 1410458

somewhere out there some trannies are seething

No. 1410538

WHAT(sage your shit)

No. 1410572

File: 1641517793445.jpeg (404.88 KB, 750x839, 45791D94-AD5E-48E1-A6F0-93310C…)

i don’t have snapchat, is it aliaxismail? she has the troons assmad on tiktok all the time and i’ve seen plenty of people ripping on her in video responses for not being a tru twans

No. 1410577

File: 1641518175832.jpeg (310.14 KB, 422x677, E0227C2F-2279-49E0-842F-49D372…)

Was it this one?

No. 1410578

Yeah it was this one

No. 1410605

File: 1641520079387.jpeg (46.51 KB, 640x480, 2A887D35-6B66-4EE4-8894-12C95F…)

Oh my god she sounds more like a man than some bio men I know!

No. 1410630

I wish I screenshot it but I followed her personal twitter for some while and she said that JKR sent her flowers and also reached out to her via email.

No. 1410637

I fucking know him/her/ idk what the fuck their og gender is
They're from Montana and in my "group", try to fuck around with other people's boyfriends and then get rejected. Their tits look like sad deflated balloons and their boyfriend sexually harasses rando underage guys about their feet. Not even joking. Their name is Laurel? If I'm not mistaken. I have tons of milk on them. They also have an STD

No. 1410640

File: 1641523177611.jpeg (321.44 KB, 539x1154, 108BE0A8-BFAF-4CF1-9806-C88727…)

I couldn’t find it, but this twitter exchange is so telling.

No. 1410645

I haven't watched many of her videos but what you're saying doesn't align at all with my idea of her. Are you certain you've got the right person? Poke around her channel and make sure.

No. 1410646

Unmistakably her, she goes by Elle for short? Her "male" name was something like Luke or Lucus. Doesn't surprise me most troons and their followers are sloppy

No. 1410676


I don't fucking get it. Isn't that just a tomboy?

No. 1410681

come on spill the milk nonny

No. 1410701

I’m honestly not that surprised. Her Twittersona was very different from how she came off on her videos. I remember her sperging about her right wing Nigel boyfriend on Twitter. She would constantly give little nuggets of her personal life on Twitter and then delete them within the same day.
Nonny please spill the beans.

No. 1410706

What happened to good ol transtrenders from the '10s and girls pretending to be boys online but know they're still girls from the '00s? I wish the new '20s took the wrong turn, that's right we need to be regressive for a bit before turning the right way. It's too difficult to deal with the immature snowflakes of the 2020s. Saged for slight derail

No. 1410750

My memories of them were just them being very problematic, they also recommend sex work to my boyfriend when he was underage. Elle goes to school for some bullshit degree and they were into BDSM community and constantly trying to discuss with minors.

Elle, is a complete spoilt failure of life. The only way I know her is via a group I will not name made for kids who essentially flunked high school. Her and her boyfriend cheat on each other all time like crazy and are toxic towards each other. Other than being failures my biggest problem with them is how much they try to butt into others relationships and have weird bizarre sexual conversations with minors well past 18-19 and when she was going to college. I do know where her college is located as well and ofc she goes to some shitty low tier uni like the shitty low tier person she is

No. 1410769

got any proof, vendetta-chan?

No. 1410770

ngl makes sense. For a sec I had a phase where I consumed a lot of ftmtf detransition content, and initially most of them seem like they've gained a great deal of self awareness in a short amount of time.
But keeping up with them, I've seen
>many boobjobs
>severe mental illness
>mental illness larping
>countless disappearances and reappearances on social media
>constant suicide-baiting
>hypersexual asexuality

Recently, I watched a detrans video where a woman said all sorts of crazy shit. (Linked)

Before her detransition, she
>had autism
>had "'chronic' fatigue syndrome" intermittently
>went to cons and cosplayed but couldn't go to school or work

About 6 months before this video, she went on an all meat diet because of Joe Rogan and Jordan Peterson which
>led her to detransition
>cured her autism
>cured her chronic fatigue syndrome
>turned her into an extrovert

But in the video she
>claims she cannot experience emotional pain, only mental pain
>had delusions of being a cyborg a WEEK before making the video
>spergs out about the Aliens franchise, Transformers, and Detroit: Become Human many times

Sure, I respect detrans people more than people currently living the trans delusion. And I do respect the choice to make videos and speak out against transition. But most detrans people are still fundamentally very, very unwell.

No. 1410771

I've seen a number of women detrans and then jump back into gender shit it's always sad and seems like a cope.

Crashchaoscat or whatever her name was slide back into being a rampant TRA. It feels like they all need ideology to cling to and have very black and white thinking. That or they lose their sense of community and it makes them lose their sense of self it seems unfortunately.

No. 1410803

>they lose their sense of community
i think this is it. i watched a bit of detrans content and many people talked about the "lovebombing" aspect of TRAs, how you are "so brave" and "so valid" for coming out as enby/transmasc/ftm and how every step you take is being cheered on by hundreds of others on twitter or tumblr. you try a new name? that's so cool! you use new pronouns? that's so amazing! you call yourself a sexy hot boi? damn right you are! and then when they detrans, all this falls apart, you are the enemy now, you are on the "ftmtf to terf" pipeline, you are litchoorallee killing dozens of poor vulnerable kweer black transwomen in america every. single. day. just by committing thought crime. suddenly your friends are no longer your friends because you are no longer just as miserable and self-loathing as they are. of course the easier thing is to retreat back into the shell of gender woo and continue calling yourself an enby transmasc soft boi called ezra-poseidon who talks about his (non-existent) fat veiny cock on twitter all day.

No. 1410871

Uhhh I’m pretty sure her name is elle

No. 1410880

A lot of undiagnosed bpd

No. 1411003

A trans scholar in my field wrote a guide for doing research on trans subjects and basically said that you should almost never study correlations between assigned sex at birth and any other variable without an extensive theoretical justification, and that if TERFs use your research in support of them, then your design was bad or you misspoke. It's maddening. Amazing how they're the only people who've figured everything out and will never be wrong in the future.

Also full of nonsensical garbage like "you can't really tell people's sex, you only guess people's gender" (how are trans people clocked so often then if not by the effects of hormones, which correlate quite well to genitals at birth?) and "doctors often get babies's genitals wrong" (intersex people are a small minority with their own issues, and most trans people are not intersex). They've otherwise done some good research but these low-effort quips are gonna be repeated by well-intentioned people in the field forever now and you won't be able to counter them without being accused of being a TERF. My field is full of people like this so that's a social death sentence. Social science is whack.

No. 1411180

The solution is to include both sex and gender in every study and pretend to be surprised when gender consistently has half the explanatory power of sex.

No. 1411232

The most self aware ones don't really have an internet presence, the ones that are on youtube etc are attention whores. But yeah there's a reason these people transitioned in the first place

No. 1411259

Yeah, sounds about right.

One of the more sane people I followed was one detrans woman who just made a few vids before stopping, since she said all she had to say and just wanted to move on.

She was going to leave them up, but even after a year, she got countless dm's from fakebois in full-on crisis mode. It was exhausting, so she completely got rid of her channel and locked down her socials, which probably looked like a bpd instability thing to viewers that didn't know the reason behind it.

It's hard to be sane and have an online presence tied to your IRL identity. The parasocial insanity of the internet will push you to delete everything or get you hooked on the attention. Sometimes, it'll do both.

No. 1411392

File: 1641600360099.jpg (606.46 KB, 1080x1880, Screenshot_20220108-010336_Twi…)

been noticing this for a while. being a tranny is a goal in and of itself now. freaks who can't pass have convinced some people that being a weird mix of a dumpy woman and a teenage boy with huge scars and hideous stubble is a "look".

No. 1411398

cosmic levels of copium

No. 1411401

I'm completely fine with that look. I don't care if she looks like shit. It's just this cope that evil cissies can't deal when she tells them she loves being trans. If someone is the kind of person to directly reply to tell you that you will never be a man, and your response is basically "I know", that's the desired outcome. No one's having breakdowns or "frothing at the mouth" about it.
Not to mention the "We get treated like men and still get to look pretty" cope. No one's treating you like men. No one really believes your shit.

No. 1411403

>Sounds like they’re just jealous

Whenever people attribute any criticism as a projection of jealousy, it’s always so embarrassing and inaccurate. Why would we be jealous of TRAs in any way? Most of them seem miserable and dependent on validation for every little thing 24/7.

No. 1411418

>hypersexual asexuality
what exactly do you mean by that?

i think one of the things about why a lot of detrans end up sometimes equally crazy as trans-identified people is because gender identity is becoming less niche and more mainstream, so the stereotype of "butch lesbians who get pushed to transition and become radfems after detransitioning" is not as universal anymore, now that people with different sexualities and political views end up getting introduced to transitioning and regretting it. a lot of detrans straight girls who go conservative (like helena on twitter) are lolcow material in my opinion, same with this "robosexual" or whatever woman you linked to here.

crashchaoscat/ky schevers was a huge disappointment because i thought her past tumblr posts were very insightful and mature even when i disagreed, but then she suddenly cycled back and became a hardcore TRA. i lost all respect when she called a big name radfem on tumblr's zine about writings from women abused by TIMs to be "propaganda"

No. 1411430

File: 1641602313412.jpg (243.55 KB, 889x685, hypersexual asexual.jpg)

When I said "hypersexual asexuality," I was poking fun at how many detrans women (and snowflake women in general) claim to be asexual while actively seeking out sex, having hookups, doing sex work, and posting coomer-bait.

I don't think that having had sex (or even semi-consistently having obligatory sex for a partner) disqualifies you from being asexual. But if you're taking the initiative and looking for sex, you are way closer to allosexual than asexual.

No. 1411443

Virtually everyone who says they're asexual is just collecting labels, in my experience. Most of the rest are coping about something or autistic.

No. 1411444

that makes sense. i used to follow ryan barnes and was kind of shocked when she made an onlyfans because she only did it because she made a joke about it and people egged her on to do it. she had a really childish outlook on doing it too, since in one video she says she "doesn't know what sexy even is" and doesn't see what the big deal about naked photos are. i unfollowed her because her gaming videos were boring, but now i'm curious about that "no longer asexual" video is, since i thought she seemed like a rare case of an actual natural asexual (she talked in that third video about how she was never attracted to any of the people she dated and only had a libido while on hormones), and the onlyfans thing was solely out of pressure, but i might be wrong.

No. 1411450

I'll save you the watch. In short, she says that she's really just demisexual, aka normal.

No. 1411455

lmao, typical. i remember in her aromantic asexual video she talked about wanting a "queerplatonic relationship" and the closest thing she had to that was with a guy, so i guess she really was immature and haven't met the right person

No. 1411492

honestly i would be perfectly fine with trans people if more of them accepted that they are trans and not biological men/women.

No. 1411500

same. even if i don't agree with the ways they choose to change their appearance, i can't stop anyone from doing it, so it's likely healthier to acknowledge it won't change your sex, and at most you'll be is a "transperson" as opposed to magically becoming a "woman/man"

No. 1411521

Helena has been a personal cow of mine for a long time, whenever she was in that group with other detrans girls. I still want to know why she’s distanced herself from them. I know that the one she was dating when they were both fakebois had a massive falling out with her. Something about Helena being racist on Twitter and saying racism is natural because humans are tribal idk. It’s so weird how she’s gone off the conservative deepend but I’m not shocked at all. I used to be in a discord with her and she was ultra conservative on there way more than she let on on her Twitter.

No. 1411532

the other women in that detrans group seemed really thoughtful, I hope they're doing well.

people hop onto the gc label as their new group identity like with the gender shit. seems like helena found a new group identity

No. 1411568

this tbh. a certain kind of alienated young person is attracted to anything that is edgy and radical yes but also purports to start making some kind of explanation for the whole world. when inevitably they find that this isn't the case, they're apt to adopt something equally all-encompassing. I wouldn't be surprised to see some of these people wind up in conservative religious spaces in addition to in feminist ones while reacting to their disenchantment with troonery.(sage)

No. 1411589

Ha, that's interesting, deets on how she really is in private? I wonder if the "politically homeless" stuff is a LARP and the tradwife stuff isn't actually a joke. I know she went downhill after she and her ex-gf broke up and she "came out" as straight afterward, it seems to be a private affair so I don't know a lot, but I do remember her ex tweeted that she used to listen to Ben Shapiro type shit a lot, so maybe her right-wing awakening started sooner

She's been on my radar for awhile after that Youtube channel she did with other detrans, and her politics shifted a lot, according to her she went from anti-SJW, to SJW "gay transboy" communist, to bisexual radfem, to anti-vaxx straight tradwife conservative, which is probably a result of growing up in Tumblr groupthink and being young. I wonder what her next phase will be, maybe a diet white nationalist if she isn't already in secret lmao

No. 1411623

These types of people seem very susceptible to any type of group think or new ideological influence. I've listened to Ben Shapiro and Jordan Peterson before out of curiosity and it didn't suddenly turn me into a right wing anti feminist just because I may agree with one or two points lol… They just lack a sense of self. I feel like I'm maybe repeating myself a little but it's the realization I've come to.

No. 1411639

She would listen to Tim Poole a lot and seemed to align a lot of her political beliefs with his. She was leaning into the tradwife thing a lot I’m not sure if she still is I just know she got herself a moid. On Twitter she would post a lot about Poland and how “based” it is. I know she also posts a lot of antiporn stuff and things akin to what you’d see in the coof thread. She’s honestly really hard to read at times I’d honestly be down for a detrans cow thread but idk if that would shit up /snow/ with too much troonerism

No. 1411644

Samefag also I’m pretty sure she said on her discord she voted for trump or at least heavily implied it. I remember her and her right wing moids in her discord having a complete meltdown when Biden won. They were saying conservative doomer stuff about how America can expect 4 years of BLM and antifa riots something along those lines.(learn2sage)

No. 1411645

Was it lee?

No. 1411715

copium is becoming an endangered resource

No. 1411724


No. 1411730

AYRT, former youtuber leoaica motanelu. She was a detrans woman who made some fairly prominent videos (in my opinion at least) within the detrans space. she deleted her whole channel a while ago but you can still find her interviews with other youtubers.

No. 1411738

Nah, it was someone much smaller. Below 1k views on most videos.
From what I understand though, Lee was in a similar situation, but I think she got more out of helping people and didn't mind spending a bunch of time helping other detrans women.
I think her disappearance might be more due to other personal issues. Her behavior seemed kind of… odd toward the end of her channel's life.

No. 1411794

she and other "anti-woke" people like james lindsay and benjamin boyce praised trump for banning critical race theory, so it makes sense she likely voted for him because of that. she also was heavily implying being anti-BLM for those same reasons up until she got backlash for her tweets about how racism is natural to a degree because humans are naturally tribalistic, which the radfem detrans memed on her for

i'd be all for a detrans cow thread, it'd only be fair if we have ones for the femboy and radfem crowds since they're just as milky despite having seemingly opposite identity politics

i used to follow lee and she deleted her channel and social medias after having some breakdown over how she regrets being featured in a documentary against transing kids and feels so guilty for "being terfy" - which was weird as hell since she was actually not "terfy" at all in my opinion, she self described herself as a transmedicalist and thought transpeople were valid, but the most radical stance she took was that puberty blockers are bad, which should be common sense… she's older than most women in the detrans-sphere (mid-30s) so seeing her record a video of herself crying over thoughtcrimes and reassuring the viewers that she now believes TWAW and TMAM seemed very immature and left field

No. 1412052

The problem is "girlboss" has joined the 2010s feminist-y buzzwords that don't mean anything anymore and can just be a punching bag for whatever you don't like. There is a very real phenemenon of these progressive aligned women (troon or otherwise) who are practically sleepwalking into tradthot nonsense just because they are uncomfortable with women embodying traditonally masculine qualities (leadership,assertiveness).

Well, I suppose they need something to feel better about themselves.

No. 1412135

the word feminism has become so diluted. people keep coming up with these brainless woke takes like "homelessness/climate change/communism/protecting moc is a feminist issue!!"

we're at the point where people can claim to be feminist activists without supporting women. i agree that many social justice issues affect women and woc disproportionately but they need to be recognised as separate issues.

the conflation of multiple issues with feminism is what got us into this troon mess. we've come full circle to the point where people are closing down rape crisis centres in the name of feminism because of troon tears.

No. 1412174

File: 1641676747500.jpeg (309.3 KB, 828x660, 34A7F49E-554A-4462-A1DA-62AF60…)

Sage, but imagine how much these a holes seethe at gendered languages. It’s inherently elitist and fascist to tell other countries to change their language because of muh dysphoria. “Latinx” is considered offensive and dumb by over 70% of Latinos/ Hispanics and libs are forcing it on people.

No. 1412204

admittedly i do find this annoying, but the upside about heavily gendered languages is that the they/thems can't exist in them. i know some people try to make non-english alternatives like "elle" but from what i read only woke bilingual queer spaces use it

No. 1412215

File: 1641679234707.webm (7.85 MB, 576x1024, b300f8340c7708e7f8e13b99fdb86f…)

Not sure whether to put this here or in the DID thread, and I normally don't agree with the trans hate, but I would rather be a monkey than whatever the fuck this is. Any doctor who enables this needs their license revoked urgently. I am disgusted I really hate it can we go back please

No. 1412219

I've interacted with trans DID people and they're harder to interact with than those who solely identify as trans. One case I can think of is when I joined an 18+ server. I made a sex joke and was scolded because people had headmates that were underaged.

Anyway, is it wrong for me to feel bad for this person? They seem to be in legitimate distress but deciding to pursue medical surgeries is such a wrong way to go about it.

No. 1412223

assuming this person isn't being edgy for attention, wouldn't some kind of therapy to merge the alter egos together help avoid this? since it's a maladaptive coping mechanism? but i feel like some of these people are such snowflakes that they enjoy the aesthetic suffering of it

the concept of having no ownership of your body is a scary one no matter what

No. 1412227

Funny how it's always the "original" person creating these videos and DID content online. Not suspicious at all. Why didn't the personality who wants to transition come and tell the world he's gonna fuck this girl's body up? Lock this bitch up. Or don't. If you're this dumb you deserve your faith.

No. 1412236

File: 1641680684595.jpg (Spoiler Image, 227.63 KB, 960x671, 1641668221251.jpg)

No. 1412244

Just like the real thing. She must be so pleased with the results.

No. 1412248

The way the head looks so red is concerning. What the heck happened? I'd never be able to cope from losing a chunk of an arm and money for something like that.

No. 1412253

It’s coming out of the complete wrong spot??? How are these butchers allowed to perform surgery this is so gross

No. 1412254

It looks like it’s way too close to the bellybutton and off center? I’d be so fucking mad if I paid for a bitch job like this. No revision can make this look any better.

No. 1412258

*botch job

No. 1412277

File: 1641683280845.jpg (1.8 MB, 3464x2309, nuscience.jpg)

Sage for OT but her explanation for various discrepancies is that it's "old science" despite fucking right off as soon as anyone asks for sources on her convenient interpretations
Can't knock you for sympathizing but how she responds in the comment section comes off as martyring herself for her imaginary friends to me. I feel worse for >>1412236 personally, how bad off do you have to be pre-op for a lopsided frankendick to make you feel better about yourself?

No. 1412289

Yeah…if Christians see this shit it’s going to fit with their whole SRS is an insult to god thing. And I don’t blame them. This is insane. I’m mad it’s off center.

No. 1412294

Body horror and nightmare fuel
How is she even going to wear pants?

No. 1412313

This is just murder, I’m sure that at some point, she will kill herself, just how long can the copium and validation from perverts on the internet can last?

No. 1412331

It looks like a fuck up umbilical cord, silent hill shit.

No. 1412348

i know this gets said every thread but

why do they always look like that

No. 1412351


No. 1412352

I'm very confused by this - how can it attach here when her clit and urethra and everything else will be down… where they're supposed to be? I was thinking they might put it here because to use abdominal skin and they'll take it down, but how would they then rig it all up to the essential parts without butchering her all over again? This is pure mengele shit

No. 1412383

My country has a gendered language (even plural pronouns are either male or female, even the word "non binary" is gendered) and I'm very thankful because it does stop it.
Unfortunatelly I have seen some libtards (by some I mean one or two) try to do the x ending thing but it's so awkward reading that I think we're completelly safe.
I go around art communities and I swear more than half the girls from my country there have tried to do the they/them stuff before, so I know that if the language weren't gendered we would have a wayyy stronger nonbinary community.

My country is sorta small, but from spanish speaking people online I notice they'll usually just resign themselves to she/they

No. 1412419

even the most woke genderspecials get tired of it, either they resign themselves to he/she (el/ella) or grow out of it and act like the genderspecial phase never happened. only a dedicated handmaiden can endure the torture of morphing already gendered pronouns into "elle" (they/them rebranded)

No. 1412424

i know there's a lot of reasonable skeptism about DID but the whole point of the disorder that it's from childhood trauma that's so intense that someone's personality fragments into different roles to cope with it…? it just seems like an attempt to be special for clout to claim that having a fragmented identity is just naturally having multiple people in your head (not possible, especially when tulpamancer shit is memeing yourself into schizophrenia) or that's functional to live with "multiple personalities" that want to do different things

honest question, do the ESL genderspecials pick the the identity things up from talking to western/english-speaking people? that seems to be the case for most of them but i'm not sure

No. 1412450

I too would love a detrans cow thread, there's so much milk in the detrans community and there's a radfem cows thread, so I don't see why we can't have a detrans cows thread

No. 1412478

As I recall she got into some interpersonal issues irl with someone (i think the person was ftm? Maybe not, but im pretty sure they were family too) and so she dialed it back before fully deleting. I think that was probably why she had the whole thoughtcrime breakdown, and iirc she said had already said what she wanted to say about trans and detrans issues for the most part and wanted to talk about other things. Really unfortunate though, because she was a really articulate woman with great videos.

No. 1412505

i watched her last video before she deleted (didn't save it, doubt anyone has it archived but i'd like to rewatch if it is), but i think she also claimed that some old friends intervened about her political changes? but…like i said, she wasn't all that "radical" or arguably "transphobic" (as in she hates trans-identified people), she was mildly genderist with the transmedicalist beliefs and going back on hormones near the end of her channel, she just didn't agree with little kids transitioning because it's risky. so i think that says more about her friend(s?) than her. i liked her despite not agreeing with some things and i know she attempted to become a vlog about other things like speaking spanish, but then the transkid documentary happened (i don't even know if it's out) and she broke down

No. 1412524

um sweaty you're repeating traumascum rhetoric right now, which is super harmful to non-traumagenic systems. also, every one of my alters is a completely unique personality that developed just as organically and naturally as your singlet personality.

-komaeda, he/they, protector of the orion system

No. 1412551

No. 1412569

I’ve only been following the Helena saga. I’m not sure how milky she is by herself, she just seems kind of like a rightwing tradthot that would post here on /ot/. But if someone is more widely versed in the detrans community I would love a thread especially if someone followed ryan barnes more closely and knows the milk there.

No. 1412614

File: 1641718340500.jpg (229.55 KB, 700x700, tumblr_dfd8b8f24c22a02798e656a…)

> pink TIF
> blue TIM, also tallest and without girl eyelashes
> AFAB nonbinary (girl eyelashes)

the jokes write themselves

No. 1412623

You have a link? I'm curious

No. 1412624

They pick it up from exposure to twitter, queer/progressive instagram accounts, or/and university courses. Then the social contagion happens.
At least this is just from observation. Its kind of wild because if you speak to them in English they’re going to hold a grudge against you for using gendered pronouns because you caused feelings of dysphoria but switch to our highly gendered native language and that problem disappears. You end up talking with a “decolonise this and decolonise that” person entirely in English .
Very rarely does anyone question the whole ordeal because no one is critical except homophobes and they don’t want to be seen as regressive/uneducated.

No. 1412628

Actually quite nice to represent trans people with those accuracies instead of coomer fetish fantasies or ugly Tumblr art. Trans men and trans women will always be anatomically distinct from cis men and cis women, and those differences are medically important. Presenting realistic expectations of what transitioning can achieve seems a lot more responsible than telling young fujos and femboys they can become the impossible sex objects they saw in hentai comics.
Why does the TiM have to be in the middle though? The flag puts gnc's in the middle. Amabs still need to be the center of attention no matter how they look huh?

No. 1412629

File: 1641720817474.jpeg (145.56 KB, 640x633, 55EBA648-6AE0-444A-A8E9-9DE022…)

It's not out yet. They said on the 5th that all the art was finally finished, and they expect to be shipping around Feb. We might be able to get a digital comic as early as late Jan.

No. 1412641

File: 1641722155501.jpeg (208.57 KB, 1280x586, 53D63435-4983-43D9-97E7-53DBB9…)

Surprisingly based.

I know this is probably supposed to be a "closeted trans man" perspective, but it's presented completely without context lmao

No. 1412647

not to crinkle your foil, but i think it's cause the tim is the tallest, you usually wanna put the tallest character in the middle, cause it looks the most balanced compositionally

No. 1412651

No way to feel bad for her since it's her decision to please the scrotes in her head for some reason. Why are they allowed to be happy and to make her the original one miserable? Pure insanity.

No. 1412655

Absolutely thought it was an mtf with some self awareness, but your explanation makes more sense. "Other girls look all cute and stuff but I look like a potato" is very much an nlog experience
Too late! Looks like the creators are primarily afab. They could have made the gnc tallest but then the trio would be majority amab and it seems like afab gncs are more common
still think awarding amabs undue focus betrays some sad realism though, art imitates life I guess

No. 1412658

File: 1641723599203.jpg (60.18 KB, 1280x720, t27a8098f92e8_maxresdefault.jp…)

sage for OT but seeing genderspecials and their creativ make up attemps always makes me think of a speacial someone from german reality tv

No. 1412669

"elle" is "she" in french. But worry not, the gender cultists creeped into our language aswell. It sounds atrocious, but libfems and wokies are adopting it and pushing it unto everybody.
To give you an example, to say "I'm happy because I made a friend", you would usually say :
"Je suis heureuse car je me suis faite une amie" (female form)
but now they want to push us to write :
"Je suis heureux.se car je me suis fait.e un.e ami.e"
or even worse, make new words that sound like shit:
"Je suis heureuxe", I don't know how you're supposed to say the rest and I don't want to learn. They're basically changing the whole language. It's some 1984 tier shit. Scary.

No. 1412697

what the fuck is this???? jesus christ

No. 1412710

I think it's supposed to be an egg, like the term used to refer to trans people before they 'crack'

No. 1412722

What's funny is that inclusive writting was already in use in various papers way before that shit started like citoyen(ne), étudiant(e), heureux(se), etc. at least it was readable but they wanted to have their own special language.

No. 1412728

File: 1641730773334.jpg (222.01 KB, 750x949, Ytho.jpg)

Mfw every new interpretation makes my experience of this comic worse. It does look more like an egg than a potato but that term is new to me, I only know "cracking" as having a mental breakdown so that doesn't seem like a good look. Why? Why this humpty dumpty looking ass, fuck

No. 1412763

honestly as someone who used to follow barnes she's not really that milky besides her "asexual with an onlyfans" schtick, but she actually deleted it since she didn't like doing it anymore. she's detrans but mostly posts gaming streams and isn't radfem or conservative or political in general besides pissing off SJWs once for wearing dreads in a few vids, she just moved on and doesn't bother with trans politics. she seems to be a normie since in an interview with her mom she admitted she doesn't understand the enbie genderfluid thing

i think the detrans that are milky and thread-worthy are helena and her orbiters (there are other right wing detrans who agree with her), daisy chadra (more lowkey politically but she became a christian and is an aspiring tradwife now), ky schevers and the other "repentant TRA" types, james shupe (most detrans men tend to be cows if they're AGP), courtney coulson (the robosexual who cured her autism), laura reynolds was a huge personal cow of mine but she got suspended and doesn't post youtube videos anymore, probably more honestly…

No. 1412782

File: 1641737025019.jpg (80.73 KB, 1200x675, Koembo-roedder-gendern.jpg)

No. 1412851

the french wokies came up with something new entirely which is the pronoun "iel". not sure how its meant to be gender coordinated though

No. 1412863

yeah, they call the period before you start ruminating about gender being an egg, and when you "realize" your trans is when your egg cracks

see r/egg_irl

No. 1412881

I'm a pagan and I see this shit as a crime against nature lmfao.

What is even the point of attempting these insane procedures? How validating can it possibly be to have a necro-crotch? Stuff like that has to be why the suicidal ideation rate gets worse post transition.

No. 1412883

Some particularly irritating non binaries over here in Ireland are have tried to use the pronoun “siad/‘iad” to mean “they/them” when it’s exclusively plural (the “neutral” singluar pronoun is really just the male one). The others seem to use words that literally translate to “this/that” (sin and seo in Irish). No idea what they’ll do about the rest of the language though, even our prepositions are gendered lol.

No. 1412896

File: 1641747501152.jpeg (450.15 KB, 758x1429, 853C11C0-99FA-4460-B08A-717262…)

This is from one of their other comics Magical Boy. The trans boy main character is really supposed to be some goddess warrior like her mom, but all she wants is to be a boy.

No. 1412903

And it's in the fucking dictionary to boot.

No. 1412915

Right nona we can't abandon the natural born desires. There are hsts of both genders but most trannies are straight trying to parody themselves kek. That crazy woman in question is probably roleplaying

No. 1412921

> Aine

so is this person not even burger and wants a hyper American name like Max Owen?

that's kind of sad. why don't gender people appreciate their own cultures.

No. 1412961

who is this?? WHY IS IT ON HER BELLY

No. 1413438

This isn't exactly the answer to your question, since I've never heard of non binaries in my country outside of the internet and this is more about old people but I have a story I heard from a university that I think is kinda related:
The council of the university was having a reunion and they asked if anyone present had suggestions. One teacher suggested gender-neutral bathrooms (for the nb's) but everyone else thought he was joking and laughed at him (he was being serious). The teacher that suggested it was actually from an english speaking country. And I should also mention this was in a uni considered to be one of the most leftwing in the whole country.

No. 1413511

People here talking about detrans like they are surprised that mentally ill, easily influenced people remain mentally ill and easily influenced after detransitioning.

The trans cult doesn't make people sick and weak, it preys on people who are already sick and weak. Anyone who doesn't do a lot of work on themselves after detransitioning is going to fall into more bullshit.

(And even that might not be enough, especially considering how hard it is to get non-"affirming" treatment for gender dysphoria these days because the cult doesn't want to lose potential members.)

No. 1413549

Owen is a celtic name/surname
thug mé, thug sí,
thug siad, thug life

its only a matter of time before theres a need for a detrans idiots thread, I love a cow with a cause

No. 1413570

That's one weird hernia

No. 1413653

this is a long shot but does anyone remember lee/annie christ/5moked5almon/fenri from tumblr? she used to be a really big kingdom hearts and voltron (? I think) fanfiction writer who went on to write some comics for dream daddy (??). Trooned out at some point and then got cancelled for grooming other ftms or smth. She used to be a personal cow but all of her accounts are abandoned now, anyone know what happened to her?

sage 4 no kahntent

No. 1413715

Exactly. These people obviously got no treatment for their mentally illnesses, because there isn't any. Nowadays if you're delusional and go to a therapist you're fucked for life.

No. 1413739

You're conpletely right, but personally that's why I'm not surprised they're mentally ill, I just find them trading one unhealthy obsession or form of groupthink to another (like Helena going from trans sjw to terf to conservative) or trying to mask their guilt for past behavior by being martyrs to be funny in it's own right. Some people seem to think they "should" be more logical for not being trans anymore, but by that logic the femboy thread wouldn't exist despite those types still knowing they're men, or the radfems still being prone to drama despite making more sense than libfems

Mental healthcare in general is awful, all they do us give you pills at ages young as 10 and shrug you off if you get side effects, and sent to therapy that coddles you. And the trans lobby has lumped non-affirming therapy for dysphoria (a mental issue) under "conversion therapy" so any therapists who questions why someone is uncomfortable in their body can get in legal trouble.

No. 1413837

Nobody wants to use this. Nobody uses it. Yet it's in our fucking dictionnary, supposed to reflect the language used by french people. It should be obvious that by pushing the language to change, this small group of wokies try to change the way we consider the world, and ultimately to make us lose our grasp on reality, and think their delusions are normal.
Sage for rant.

No. 1413852

File: 1641836183368.jpeg (264.02 KB, 383x627, CD381A3A-9C2B-408D-A590-6898CC…)

I was surprised they live in northern US and not a more liberal state, but I guess it’s all over burger land at this point.

No. 1413856

that poor child

No. 1413874

Yeah, most people who escape abusive and religious households become junkies.

No. 1413878

Funny how i can still tell who's who

No. 1413881

someone save that little girl

No. 1413883

File: 1641838498846.jpg (111.24 KB, 1200x630, alaska-sea-lion-hauloutsea-lio…)

>there are terf lolitas on this websites and they're not my irl friends

No. 1413900

File: 1641839956731.gif (18.76 KB, 112x112, 9214-pepe-puke.gif)

America discovery was a mistake. No offense to burger terves here but how sick in the head did a population have to be to come up with shit like this

No. 1413944

File: 1641844726363.jpeg (274.26 KB, 1170x640, 1933D3EF-4575-47AC-BC34-7C04EE…)

apologies farmers if this doesn’t post correctly but literally anyone else been seeing a clip from this video on all over twitter? it’s going around bc its cringe inducing.
>animation of a webtoon comic called ‘boyfriends’
>written and drawn by a stereotypical pastel rainby he/they fakeboi (if it wasn’t obvious from the art style.)
>the goth character is supposed to be trans but is given a voice like he smokes 40 a day

No. 1413945

link for anyone whose more technologically advanced to post if they wish

No. 1413973

This is repulsive

No. 1413981

File: 1641848213260.jpeg (349.7 KB, 449x1412, 089D4D49-9BF9-4642-AD0A-483991…)

KEK why do they make gay male characters like this?!

No. 1413985

this is the most female thing i have ever seen. whoever made this has clearly never interacted with a gay man (or a man at all).

the goth sounds like corpse husband

No. 1413986

>gay tennis player looking ass character
>he moans and whines
>me wanty hot choccy
>uwu nestles his face into some other boy's chest
>blushy wushies!
>emo catboy vocal fry gayass
>pink cat headphones and pink controller plus le epic gamer chair
Ah yes this is exactly how I remember gay people

No. 1414002

i skimmed the comic once and it's interesting how the TIF self-insert has boyfriends that are gay, bi, and "pansexual"… i know it's clearly wish-fulfillment but it's funny how there's a weird "collect em all" vibe

No. 1414011

File: 1641850451308.png (309.69 KB, 540x540, imagen_2022-01-10_172752.png)

the amount of actual young gay male teens that do relate to this kind of shit isn't to be ignored, but the fact that this was made by a fakeboi is what makes me feel repulsed.
How much do you want to bet that the creator is a coomer woman in her mid 20s

No. 1414014

I love how some of the comments are like "noo this video makes the comic look bad because the script only works in comic form" No. It doesn't work in comic form either, and this just exposes how shit the writing actually is. I'm glad I'm not the only one who cringes uncontrollably every time I'm exposed to this webtoon

No. 1414015

File: 1641850653982.jpeg (114 KB, 720x988, 807E190B-2D0E-4610-98C2-3CB8C8…)

There are girlfriends too uwu. The faux gay fantasy world they create is frightening.

No. 1414031

yeah, i know some (actual) gay dudes with dorky weeb interests like this kind aesthetics and cutesy relationships but it being made by a female is why a lot of it feels "off" and twee- because they're attempts to imitate men who like men

No. 1414033

Girl is transitioning to prepubescent Justin Bieber.

No. 1414036

terrible chart. thought it said the siblings are dating

No. 1414043

File: 1641852951377.jpeg (296.08 KB, 1170x850, 143551F4-28B8-4EAA-B0C3-6F2045…)

author on twitter wrote this banger too lol

No. 1414045

File: 1641853002527.jpeg (440.3 KB, 2048x2048, 4D6A8E41-7BD8-44D2-B7E2-FF557C…)

Yep, you were right kek.

No. 1414049

Did they just (poorly) edit the goth fakeboy's voice instead of getting someone with a deeper voice? This is like those terrible fansubs, is it just a passion project or meant to be something professional? But I do admit I find the art cute even if the aesthetic is already dated.
When not even twitter takes you seriously

No. 1414054

This is such a boring chart, I’ve seen fan relationship charts of random ass fandoms with more personality than this.

No. 1414088

this is what moe anime becomes in that french movie where men and women switch gender roles

No. 1414105

Me too anon

No. 1414142

kekk i thought the same thing

No. 1414179

It is so dangerous for these people to have daughters. TIF moms will project onto them because they can't show her how to be a confident woman (for obvious reasons) and TIM fathers will resent them for being female and abuse them.

No. 1414190

I made a detrans thread. It’s not very good it’s my first time ever attempting one. It’s up in /snow/

No. 1414338

Anime. Too much anime.

No. 1414340


Also why do trannies appeal to the neko gamer aestheitc? Like they dress like leftists

No. 1414341

In summary TIMs present themselves as women of whatever sorts… TIFs present themselves as gay/disabled/special/not like other guys guys and generally avoid the normie male vibe… what kind of mutation is the left going through?

No. 1414343

Wait, are the siblings dating?

No. 1414365

They are gay and lesbian respectively so no. No incest eww

No. 1414385

File: 1641888220563.jpg (36.98 KB, 828x408, FIrpoZlVkAAPNd1.jpg)

blog but one time a friend said that i sounded ftm whenever i had laryngitis and i was deeply offended because no i don't. but now that i heard this TIFs voice - yeah. i do sound exactly like that when i get laryngitis. i hope i never get laryngitis again.

No. 1414399

That'd be a cherry on top of this ridiculous comic if the only, god forbid, STRAIGHT couple was incestuous.

No. 1414404

File: 1641890929695.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 49.61 KB, 487x629, C80CA72A-2826-42B0-B132-2B5ED3…)

holy shit i used to follow her when she drew bts ship art. i can’t believe she made that comic. her art is cute though i can’t lie

No. 1414427

File: 1641895690668.jpg (178.85 KB, 1080x1311, Screenshot_20220111-120617_Ins…)

This was in a post about how to get better at remembering people's pronouns.. cringe

No. 1414435

2 + 2 = 5

No. 1414439

you've gotta be deep in the trans cult to use they/them pronouns in your own thoughts. it'll just give you a headache because people are so obviously biologically male/female.

fakebois would probably hate to know that as soon as they leave the room, everyone refers to them as 'she'. you can't make yourself the main character in other people's lives.

No. 1414455

You gotta be even deeper to comply with these childish rules they make. Why the fuck would you compliment someone 3 times because you accidentally misgendered them. The first slide said something along the lines of "just quickly correct yourself and move on with it", why is that not enough?

No. 1414464

This is peak mid-aughts fujoshi autism, amazing.

No. 1414470

File: 1641904062717.jpg (12.73 KB, 559x560, 4yq5f6wo93751.jpg)

>bts ship art

No. 1414472

File: 1641905174900.png (81.07 KB, 280x594, Tiger_Anime_Profile.png)

This, and I almost mistakenly call this bulky ass anime troon a 'he' kek. Fiction is unrealistic

No. 1414473

File: 1641905273864.jpeg (30.91 KB, 554x554, 83012189-86FC-4220-B500-66D756…)

i have no shame

No. 1414493

that's like when coomers jack off to a drawing of a kid and say it's okay bc she's actually 1000 years old. that's clearly a drawing of a man, no amount of troon lore is making that a TIF.

No. 1414503

no way. she's indonesian ? or malay ? what happened to LGBT is in danger and stoned/lashed there. you'd think they'd do something about this… but to be fair last i went when i was younger some tranny prostitue terrorized me for money when i rode on a bajai i am so ashamed.

No. 1414514

Holy shit this tweet

No. 1414548

File: 1641917285091.png (11.98 KB, 835x63, tiger, kek.PNG)

No. 1414551

Did nobody tell them to floss and shower before this picture was taken? This is disgusting even without the troonacy

No. 1414553

Sorry to be a fujo, but the sound effects in this are all common effects used excessively by thai BLs, especially the ones that got popular in 2020-2021. Just further supporting the claim that all fakebois are fujos who fetishize gay men.

No. 1414556

How about those lesbian ones who remain lesbians in denial mode type (e.g. tifs who marry women in a happy marriage?)

No. 1414568

Kek I love it though

No. 1414571

you can be both a lesbian and a fujo/bl fan

No. 1414581

Dysphoric lesbians. They still tend to be pretty misogynistic just like the fujos.

No. 1414667

Same anime made a TIM (kek unshaved stubble doughy brickman) that looks far uglier

No. 1414675

File: 1641926625798.jpeg (124.83 KB, 1049x828, EECBB679-40FD-4F1E-AC6F-49B2A4…)

When I watched the full video with pics of the mom pretransition, all I could notice were her disgusting crusty yellow teeth. They’re “affirming” the child’s gender but are they teaching her basic hygiene?

No. 1414777

File: 1641937003161.jpeg (571.19 KB, 1936x1936, 4DDE6374-084E-4AEB-8F40-833958…)

I couldn’t decide if I should spoiler or not…

No. 1414785

She became Weird Al in a bikini

No. 1414795

Does her tattoo say Space Cunt?

No. 1414798


Space Cadet surely

No. 1414822

Why is she wearing an even more revealing bikini? Goddamn

No. 1414857

I'm convinced that these kind of hairy goblin clown transitions are some form of self harm. Only people who have gone through traumatic experiences would ruin themselves like this. It's like they are desperately trying to mentally detach themselves from their bodies by ruining it beyond recognition. It's sad. But most of all, it's disgusting that society is just allowing this to happen

No. 1414888

And coom

No. 1414969

>being ftm
>literally tattooing “cunt” on your chest

It definitely doesn’t say that but I wish it did.

No. 1414985

she's now an inverted triangle. cope and seethe for other trannies tho

No. 1414999

I think it's more about not getting male attention anymore with FTMs. No one in their right mind would want to touch that goblin. They're abused women coping in strange ways.

No. 1415011

I've read about how some women end up becoming obese after being sexually assaulted as a form of "protection", I would not be surprised if a similar case applied to a lot of female trans

No. 1415034

goddamn lucky T did shave the thigh weight for her.

No. 1415070

It irks me how much gay porn and childish fluff fakebois post on tumblr. It's so contradictory and creepy. It gives me pedo vibes.

No. 1415074

It does… but whenever a tif does moid stuff they seem to be damn tame compared to even the normal "non-perverted" moids, e.g. brothers and male friends

Why do female perversion work in odd ways? Like it's pedoish but compared to the conventional male gazings they're really tame tho. I guess brain sex is real but these trannies aren't acting like the opposite brain sex most of them claimed to be.

My belief of the uttermost GNC women are those with moidish fetishes and act like AGPs.

No. 1415086

TIFs have this schtick where TERFs treat them like little young girls (especially if they really are) and act misogynistic towards them they wouldn't do to normal girls to be seen as "the man", "the butch", "the adult woman" making TIFs seem as the feminine loli (as they should be kek) in comparison, then get mad jelly when the same terfs squeeing over moids/their female friends/girlfriends/general interests. Seems that TIFs are the babiest people in the world Kek

No. 1415102

I just read this 4 times and still have no idea what it says. Am I having a stroke or was anon high when writing this?

No. 1415110

File: 1641971638001.png (45.28 KB, 1402x179, lel.PNG)

found the pic, i think she dropped it

No. 1415312


TERFs are just as cow as trannies. If they claim to "help all women" they clearly see ftm trannies as inferior kek. Also anon i can't help but see this girls as lolis.

No. 1415315

What do lolis have to do with anything? What do you mean ftms are inferior? >>1415086 this shitzo rant is more than likely yours as well, you make no sense.

No. 1415318

That isn't mine, also I suspect the above is either a moid or a pornsick woman. I'm just disappointed that the radfems and TERFs don't see our fellow ftm women as equals.

No. 1415323

Translation: TIFs are jealous when sane women treat them like little girls who don't know any better, and are jealous and mad of normies because they are not treated like a normal adult human instead of being seen as childish (which most are)

sigh for this anon, idk if this is a pornsick scrote who lurks

No. 1415344

TIFs are uniformly immature, unstable women and girls who make poor life choices and actively put themselves in harms way for the sake of their mansonas. Of course TERFs treat them like the tards they are.

No. 1415368

They put themselves in harms way as a byproduct often for other men too

No. 1415400

Idk if this is some kind of disorder but minorities with a victim mentality are the absolute worst. It could be due to some form of PTSD, I'm not sure.

No. 1415462

Why do you refer to real women with the word for pornified little anime girls? It's weird as hell

No. 1415538

i'm not a TERF but most of them kind of treat them the same as tradwives or republican pro-life women - yes, they're women, yes, they are in danger and oppressed, especially in ways that will backfire on them (TIFs bending down to TIM politics with the "transmisogyny exempt" deal, tradwives idealizing dynamics that statistically lead to financial dependance on men, and pro-life women who vote for republicans that only care about rich people will be miserable if they are forced to carry an unwanted pregnancy) but both of those demographics don't listen to women who criticize their lifestyles, so what else can you do but educate those who want to listen and hope they change their mind one day?

especially when "loli" is pedophilic? weird thing to call a real person. TERFs and trannies are both cows but so is this person too, lmao

No. 1415674

So gnc women should not cross the moid line too? men can say it all they want but if it's a woman then its "proof you're female" time or being a cow. kek i lost faith in lolcow

No. 1415719

wtf are you on about retard

No. 1415727

she's not saying you're a moid for using an anime porn word, it's just fucking weird in general to call an actual person that. same when moids do it

No. 1415838

File: 1642048775908.jpeg (261.78 KB, 1242x932, 61688B6F-E80C-48DF-96F0-10B8F7…)

So it’s made by a straight girl with short hair. This is some dumbass shit.

No. 1415890

Tifs dress more femininely because they'd get no form of attention or praise/validation if they acted like actual men. Femininity is more eye catching, they want to be treated like girls but special.

No. 1415971

File: 1642059646240.jpeg (136.93 KB, 750x469, 2D357DEF-AA95-4A2B-B15F-EB6145…)

>desire to sexually harass
idk nonnies maybe there is something to this(namefagging)

No. 1415986

File: 1642061828752.jpg (Spoiler Image, 575.37 KB, 1280x1920, 21111.jpg)

How can you look at this artwork and not see it as anything else but an example of self-destruction, self-hatred and internalized misogyny

Spoilered for mild artistic gore

No. 1415989

the troon character should have been the rainbow kpop fan. instead she made the goth one a troon because goth style is usually considered feminine from make up and accessories so men got laughed at for it. instead she played into her own internal misogyny to make the effeminate goth a straight up chick. the voice is gravely just like an ftm attempting to lower her voice by making it gruff, god damn.

No. 1416001

File: 1642064876782.jpg (91.1 KB, 748x960, 70957882_1228905057291756_5403…)

Lol testosterone is rotting their brain.
Also this reminds me of the "excluding trans people from your dating pool is stupid because you can't assume what genitals they have" discourse.
Yes I do know, actually. If you're a trans "man", I know for a fact that you either have a vagina, or a rolled up piece of skin stapled to your crotch. Both are things I'm not attracted to, so cope and seethe

No. 1416021

>Trans people have ALL TYPES of bodies and genitalia
uhh.. what does that even mean? What is it supposed to change in my views? Trannies have either their biological sex's genitals or mutilated ones trying to mimic the opposite sex.

No. 1416027

i'm only attracted to dick that looks 100% bio. if there's no way of knowing what a trans person's genitals look like, as troons claim, then why would i take that risk. the chances of a cis man not having a bio dick is nearly zero, whereas it's a lot higher in trans 'men'.

if i agree to hookup with a tif, get naked and she has a vag, what do TRAs want me to do? leave? they'd think that was transphobic as well.

No. 1416032

They want everyone to guess the latter is a right answer kek. Wait but male trannies seem to have no problem not chopping their thing off kek

No. 1416033

Guess what trannies have the most fragile ego. Also sasuga from the troon author and his nonsense troon propaganda

No. 1416043

Not related to what you said but I just wanted to point out that the author of that comic got called out for tracing pictures of real children for his nasty furry diaper fetish art. He's still making comics and getting support because he's ~trans~ but just thought a reminder wouldn't hurt.

No. 1416049

Don't wanna date a tranny? dIE TERF SCUM
Be a pedo and trans? OMG I LOVE YOUUUU
… I want this all to end immediately

No. 1416095

>men can say it all they want
are you retarded? men that use that word should be shot

No. 1416096

Why do I get the vibe this artist draws degenerate porn too?

Do troons not realize that gay and straight people are attracted to biological sex and not traditional gender stereotypes, and that most bisexual people wouldn't want to deal with "mismatched genitals" even if they like both (and the bisexuals I know who do like that are not into most transpeople's immature personalities)? A transperson could superficially fit the bill for "my type", but being the wrong sex and getting a million surgeries would leave an awkward uncanny valley appearance. I wouldn't date someone who had plastic surgery either, if that's a prejudice then oh fucking well, the bedroom is not a civil rights protest

No. 1416113

if you cant go and kill yourself can you stop coming into this thread and calling women "lolis". at the bare minimum learn to sage. but i really think you should consider suicide first

No. 1416125

honest to god like, i believe this artist THINKS they're doing something tasteful by posting this shit online but all it does is disgust me. it screams soft fakeboi all over and the fact that the human in the drawing still looks like a female haunts me.
sage btw

No. 1416140

they absolutely think this is an empowering, deep pic

No. 1416180

I can't serve as an example of femgnc myself? I'm referring to little younger teen fakebois girls, not grown ass teen/adult women. Also when women are butch everyone is ok but when a woman exerts scrote-like behavior y'all treat me like shit. Everyone here should sage for misogyny. A (possibly) woman got banned as a scrote before. Wanna complain the lack of gnc females? Then seriously trust me like the general atmosphere: trust all based women (except gorilla troons of course). I seriously want to empower women to be scrote-like to scare off men.

No. 1416182

>gender is a social construct reeeeee
>akchually, lesbians, you're attracted to a social construct, not the human body

No. 1416209

because they think that gender roles are constructed and "a performance" (thanks, judith butler), then sexuality is based on attraction to gender role behavior. makes no sense lmao

No. 1416263

NTAYRT but I don’t know who told you that being “scrote-like” is synonymous with being ~strong and empowered-. Being scrote-like is inherently disgusting and anyone behaving like a sexist dudebro calling actual people lolis needs to get institutionalized along with them. Being disgusting is not empowering or “gnc” kek Just own up to your retardedness and give it up

No. 1416491

Even if you're bi you can have a strong "genital preference" t. bisexual who prefers vagina I'm not sure how attraction even works for some of these people. Not convinced they're not just attracted to anime bishies and famous men they'll never meet.

No. 1416583

You have 0 brain cells, you seem to think we love how moids act. Here, let me make it simple for you: we hate misogyny, we hate when men act like misogynists, so we ALSO hate when women act like misogynistic men.

No. 1416651

>grown ass teen
enough already

No. 1416652

i feel like young trans are socially stunted and sexually stunted by prox, instead of going out and interacting with people and figuring out who or what they like they just sit at home and think about their pronouns, or consume porn and make up theoretical self-insert fantasies that are impossible since they involve a body they can't have.

the bar of "gnc" is low for women since being a hyperfeminine barbie isn't naturally possible. masculine=/=pornsick scrote behavior (since a lot of incel men are pretty soy, in fact), and masculine=/=empowered. you honestly remind me of TIFs who think being a porn addict and acting horny constantly makes them "real men"

No. 1416874

Gender roles being socially constructed means literally the opposite. It means gender isn't tied to sex. There is nothing inherently female about skirts and make-up. Gender is context dependent and changes based on the time period and culture.

Sexuality is based on sex more than gender, a lesbian may be into femmes or butches (gender performance) but she's never going to be into penises (sex). Even if the penis haver is dolled up like a high femme (sex).

Judith Butler has since bowed down to the almighty girldick but that doesn't mean Gender Trouble isn't a useful framework.

No. 1416928

File: 1642155124702.png (9.6 KB, 331x234, 5.PNG)

Even fakebois don't like it kek

No. 1416929

there's pictures of him as a kid and shirtless. I think he's just a low-T man, possibly has some intersex disorder

No. 1416934

just a nonbinary male that took HRT and used to identify as mtf

No. 1416953

File: 1642160179965.png (286.33 KB, 500x714, 5611d9f9c99a52ee500621de5bb365…)

I swear there's never been a fandom that has had a higher density of fakebois then the Percy Jackson series, I mean say what you wanna say about Harry Potter but at least there are some actual males that are into it but with PJO my first assumption is that I'm speaking to a fakeboi If I'm interacting with anyone with male pfp in fandom spaces

idk what even attracts them to the series, it was quite literally made for hyperactive 12 year old boys not 20 something women pretending to have DID

No. 1416963

tbf they probably read it as hyperactive 12 year old girls and never grew up

No. 1416987

File: 1642165643325.jpeg (406.96 KB, 2048x2048, 9C33E200-3E81-4F3D-9BF6-529BBD…)

It reads like a fanfic where all the Fujo’s favorite gay male ships are the only focus. Empty fetishized characters.

No. 1416996

Everything about this art style and the dialogue screams "I am a girl"

No. 1417002

File: 1642167453190.jpg (230.05 KB, 1600x900, cover6.jpg)

for some reason that art style is so flat and devoid of any life, it reminds me of corporate art.

No. 1417019

File: 1642169004507.jpg (29 KB, 298x499, Nico_di_Angelo.jpg)

One of the main character in the series is almost tailor made for fakebois, he has every single fakeboi character preference that I can think off

>he's short

>he's edgy cause of his dark past and uses dark humor as a coping mechanism
>scrawny, pale skinned and has black curly hair
>he's canonically gay
>his love interest is kinda normie and more masculine male and people would describe said character as having "golden retriever energy"
>picrel is actual art from the series depicting him

No. 1417032

File: 1642170866306.jpeg (70.46 KB, 422x750, 750x750bb.jpeg)

It reminded me of the art style of this app called Pastel girl.
It's looks really 'robotic' to me. Idk i can't explain it

No. 1417038

I keep getting this ad on YouTube and it drives me crazy. I actually know a mtf that thinks this is a healthy relationship and awwww so cute goals. My other mtf friend thinks it’s hot af, but not healthy. It’s just like how can you two romanize this?

No. 1417047

Somebody knows why the op on Twitter deleted the post/limited the views? Kek

No. 1417066

File: 1642174895287.png (4.48 KB, 335x125, binding at 13.PNG)

hell world

No. 1417070

Kek I'm surprised you all could still tell i'm a woman. Also there are sex differences in perversion dumbass, you don't see pornsick men and pornsick lesbians acting alike even though both are attracted to women

No. 1417075

>TIFs think pornsickness makes them a real man

Seriously… but when the behavior comes to TIFs they'll be accused of faking pornsickness while regular people would be taken seriously

No. 1417091

kek I was going to post about that here too. That persons mental breakdown over it was kind of hilarious.

No. 1417093

File: 1642176977096.jpeg (25.47 KB, 225x225, 3DA48468-6105-4F3C-9B00-16918E…)

It looks like that one shitty picrew that every troon uses as their avatar

No. 1417101

make it make sense

No. 1417104

>will fuck anything
>lesbian fetish
you're welcome

No. 1417108

kek thank you, nonnita.

No. 1417154

AYRT, i agree with you but something circled backwards and now people think gender=gender roles and sexuality=attraction to gender roles, so therefore a lesbian "should" be attracted to a hyperfeminine man but not a masculine woman

i actually thought a TERF or TEHM wrote this but this appears to also be a transperson lmao… it seems like even people who drank gender kool-aid have some kind of pattern recognition

No. 1417202

File: 1642186185369.jpg (240.69 KB, 768x920, Screenshot_20220114-182848.jpg)

It was mentioned in a previous thread that to raise money to finance the next Alice game, American McGee is selling a series of plushes. He's now unveiled the prototypes on Instagram, starting with the 'dysphoria bunny'. It looks every bit the hideous cheap shit you'd expect. So naturally, thousands of Aidans will fork over their money to clutter their rooms with one.

It's funny, because a couple of weeks ago, dude was trying to make money for his next game by trying to sell NFTs, and pissed literally everybody following him off. Personally, I find myself wondering just how much worse for the environment NFTs are than Chinese sweatshop produced future landfill plushes for mentally ill fat girls who've convinced themselves they're boys.

No. 1417203

File: 1642186238626.jpg (46.83 KB, 768x194, Screenshot_20220114-183047.jpg)

Typically manly responses common of masculine macho men in the replies.

No. 1417211

honestly i don't see this as trans-positive as others do, wasn't this design in a series of dolls based on mental illnesses? pretty "transphobic" to imply that's a mental disorder in the TRA view

No. 1417213

File: 1642186889443.png (315.65 KB, 425x636, Nico_di_Angelo.png)

oh nonnie that's the fanart all the fangirls want to be real. that is the image all the fakebois who like this series skinwalk but hilariously enough that character looks like pic.

No. 1417214

Yes and she's apparently anti-pan, surprising considering she's ~mlm~. She somehow believe that her Voltron shipping is totally not fujoshi tier and it's ~different~

No. 1417220

File: 1642187357709.jpg (92.51 KB, 800x480, homer.jpg)

Do fakebois ever just realize that no actual "cis" male (and especially a cis-gay male) are into the same stuff most fakebois are into it
Like American Mcgee's Alice and the Percy Jackson are all series that I remember having a majority female audience

same with the music they like, actual gay men aren't into sad boy indie bands, in fact those bands target demographics are alternative teen girls(which is what they were)

No. 1417221

to be fair i think it's fair to be against pansexual since it's a redundant label, but these same people tend to support "nonbinary" too so where is the line on dumb labels?

i saw the disclaimer on her carrd about how she thinks voltron is bad but she's still attached to klance shipping, and while "proshippers" tend to be gross i can't imagine how miserable "antis" are with how they have to justify every media interest that isn't 100% PC. you can like your retarded yaoi all you want, it just doesn't make you a man lmao

No. 1417223

File: 1642187683953.jpg (201.05 KB, 768x879, Screenshot_20220114-182911.jpg)

The virgin dysphoria bunny and the Chad mad cow.

No. 1417224

American McGee confirmed for crypto.

No. 1417243

File: 1642188938943.png (53.17 KB, 748x407, nsync.png)

>same with the music they like, actual gay men aren't into sad boy indie bands, in fact those bands target demographics are alternative teen girls(which is what they were)

reminds me of this tweet lmao

No. 1417254

I'm sure the male fans of Hannibal aren't the ones reading fanfics but okay

No. 1417257

…that's literally the point she's making. hormonehangover is a detrans and is poking fun at TIFs thinking they're men for interests that are common for females like fanfiction, because she used to be like that

No. 1417294

real gay men like female pop stars like Ariana Grande and collect dolls like Barbie and Rainbow High

No. 1417448

…While TIFs hate Barbie and preppy female popstars, as if they have massive internalized misogyny and inferiority complex towards hotter girls kek

No. 1417482

File: 1642205749642.png (689.07 KB, 1080x1344, 1637045472248.png)

That's why if a TIF does like Ariana Grande and Barbie dolls, it's only proof that she's actually a real gay man!
Post hoc validating your transness has never been easier!

No. 1417489

File: 1642206100399.png (81.26 KB, 925x554, lol.png)

wow, this subreddit is a treasure trove of milk.

No. 1417530


Most don't hate barbie, they just pretend to do so. Their interests in barbie is just as much as the next girly girl

No. 1417581

This is so shamelessly homophobic in a way that only fujos with zero self awareness can be fucking kek

No. 1417604

I said Barbie, not teddie bears, but not like any of these TIFs would be caught dead admitting they like Taylor Swift

No. 1417609

God this video is so girly
>the tone
>the humor
>the music taste

No. 1417733

File: 1642231249203.png (256.23 KB, 604x579, nope.png)

>maybe not [tall] in the US, but in vietnam i’m definitely average height"
Average male height in vietnam is 5'4, so even if she was born in the vietnam she'd be the equivalent of a 5'6 male in the west kek

though her post reminds of some non-binary black fakeboi who claimed that beards were an inherently racist standard of masculinity enforced by white masculinity that other "males" can't conform too, cause asian men, black men and "transmen" can't grow full beards
I don't know if any black guy has ever been insecure about his masculinity cause he can't grow a beard

No. 1417736


lol can confirm, I owned a special edition book with shorts and this was the official Nico DiAngelo portrait (it came on a little card) - uwu trans boys have reinterpreted him to be and uwu edgy shy ~cute~ gay boi like them

No. 1417764

That was the first batch of art made then Rick got Viktoria Ridzel to redo all of them maybe cause he liked the style more and at the time she was pretty followed for her fanart. I think in the 2nd series he was also aged up which is the newer portrait anon posted. Idk why that character is getting so much attention after all these years though theres probably way more gayboi options now.

No. 1417773

File: 1642238069507.jpg (217.01 KB, 1000x1676, Jason_Grace.jpg)

That's the funny thing, despite them admiring the "representation" of the queer non-white characters in the later book, they still seem to prefer the mostly straight and white characters of the first five books, hell probably the most popular character that wasn't established in those first books was a straight, white male "All American boy" whose also a Jesus allegory

No. 1417821

I love how the video starts off with "I'm just a guy on the internet who plays genshin impact"
Yeah, I can tell…

No. 1417832

>repulsed by traditional masculinity
>meanwhile MTFs are fine with femininity even if they are the ones who made it repulsive
MEN. ARE. BETTER. THAN. WOMEN. AT. BEING. A. TRANNY. Gosh why can't we fight the same crusade together here, I don't wanna be antagonized anymore tch…

No. 1417839

being a degenerate weeb autist is the opposite of feminine. Agps dress femininely but they're not really "ok" with it, that's actually precisely why they do it, because it's all a humiliation fetish. Hsts were already feminine men to begin with. Thanks for coming to my ted talk

No. 1417841

Bro the point is no the fuck one did masculinity, because it's inherently less sexual than femininity, just look at all drawings of "sexy"… shoulder-to-waist ratio of "muh hero" males would suffice. As if every sexy character have their waist cinched

No. 1417872

what? are you having a stroke from all the horse piss pills?

No. 1417910

Im not sure what kind of troonery this is but your cope is retarded and so are you. Men aren't even better at contributing to the 41%

No. 1417914

Trans identified male seething over trans identified females. You can pretend to be a woman but your misogynistic rage is still there. Kek.

No. 1417930


No. 1417987

Don't jump to conclusions I'm a non-troon man(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1417999

Also if I were to be a troon i would have hesitated in calling myself a man.


>horse pills
>=exposing me and blaming me for things i am not =aka. being a tranny when i'm just a """moid""" normal passerby who enjoys lolcow
I'm not this >>1417841, stop calling me horse pills and estradiol pills whatever. what makes me give off the tranny vibe? I can strip off my anonimity at a crucial time, I have enough of this bullshit. Turns out lolcow is made of raging foids, when the ""moid raid"" has just ended.

No. 1418026

no wonder you're so fucking retarded

No. 1418046

Jfc this is why moids aren't welcome. Stop shitting your pants over an anon comment where you're also anonymous and move on

No. 1418068

contribute to the moid suicide rate or go back to 4chan. first, why are u on lolcow, second, why are u admitting ur a scrote on lolcow.

No. 1418254

I know there are three types of gay trans men (straight women, bi women with internalized biphobia and T4T only lesbians), these are definitely the straight women right?

No. 1418332

i would consider the "gay transboys who only like cis men" to be straight women who don't relate to heterosexuality, yes. either that and/or they're fujoshi

No. 1418438

They're definitely straight women with deep internalized shame. When she mentioned her christian upbringing that raised so many red flags, she thinks shame about feeling attraction is internalized homophobia. Because only sinful evil sluts want to have sex

No. 1418637

File: 1642327228564.png (1.24 MB, 858x1221, jzru.png)

whats even the point of transitioning

No. 1418674

Attention and validation

No. 1418683

It's too repetitive to the point both male and female troons look like femboy imitations, with the mtfs more disgusting of course.

No. 1418686

nothing wrong with being a plain tsundere lol, instead they trooned to cope

Yeah it looks like the general aesthetic of trannies and fakebois and girls who pretend to be "cIs MeN"

I hope relationships are not all just vanilla… For example i come from a family where my grandpa and grandma most of the time argue even thought they're married 50 years ago

No. 1418713

>real woman who is afraid of sex because of religion upbringing
can you weebs stop being embarrassing?

No. 1418743

File: 1642340843293.jpeg (182.52 KB, 828x784, B686773A-1635-4E20-91B0-2DB0E9…)

This woman just posted a long rant about how some girl her boyfriend knows is transphobic because she continued to misgender her for a while by not calling her a “them/he”…I wonder why.

No. 1418745

File: 1642341105588.jpeg (429.85 KB, 828x1489, BDBA2409-DF04-4198-B119-A49215…)

here’s a portion of her rant kek

No. 1418795

Is about control. Usually they are the kind of people who have little to no control on their lives, that or they are narc.

No. 1418838

Hating the fact you're female is woke and celebrated now, depressing

No. 1418861

File: 1642352256247.png (201.92 KB, 607x1007, sdad.png)

even when whining about height she comes across as a girl

No. 1418944

File: 1642358852360.jpg (223.76 KB, 644x1500, FTM Case Study .jpg)

I saw a degenerate post in a normal subreddit and thought, "This seems like a troon thing." It was, but an FTM instead of MTF. Anyway, you can see how a girl with mental health issues and addiction problems winds up trooning out and becoming a piss fetishist.

No. 1418973

If psychiatrists somehow found out how to magically cure BPD there would be no more FTMs.

No. 1419008

File: 1642362811549.jpg (391.77 KB, 1079x1257, Screenshot_20220116-135010_Twi…)

Looks like this is making rounds. Hilarious how assmad the TIFs get when people dare insult their "totally kweer" comic made by a real "gay man"

No. 1419009

i hate that infantile woolowoo shit too as does any self respecting woman only trannies and retards like that stuff

No. 1419011

I have no idea what this is, but I just got an ad for it on youtube and the voice acting made me cringe harder than I have in years.

No. 1419028

Because the only people into infantilised weeb 'wlw' content are MtF moids, and the only people who sperg about fetishization are women.

No. 1419060

File: 1642366033083.png (124.66 KB, 800x565, 8E42B78B-D006-4865-B174-054165…)

We've been discussing this in depth after somebody saw the same ad around a week ago >>1413944
Just a normal hyper-feminine fujo comic by a "gay trans man," complete with a self-insert and polyamory.

No. 1419065

this is actually really cute but i'm fujo trash. I don't understand why they can't just be fujo and still be women instead of fucking self inserting too hard as the uwuke and destroying their entire bodies with testosterone and making an arm skin sausage as their pp

No. 1419081

lmfao OF COURSE they chose the martyr St Sebastian, paintings of his execution were popular with gay men flying under the radar as a way to signal their sexuality to one another
OF COURSE the TIFs want to be St Sebastian

No. 1419117

I'm confused and dumb. Are the fakebois mad about the comic "fetishizing" gay men or do they support the comic because they're fujos?

No. 1419157

Fakebois are mad that other people are shitting on the comic for fetishizing and saying that gay men don't act like that IRL. Also they would never call themselves fujos because they are the bad people at all times or something

No. 1419196

File: 1642379443756.png (348.33 KB, 590x598, g.png)


No. 1419405

Lol her porn name used to be Bunnie Hughes, she used to be cute. Her Pornhub lists her old videos and they are far more popular then her current

No. 1419408

That picture is so wrong kek, predicting her future I guess.

No. 1419419

ikr, literally anachan/kinderwhore smol tortured ballet angel tier posting. also lmao at KILLUA

No. 1419420

File: 1642401336554.jpg (41.8 KB, 600x729, E2p2U7HUUAYU0WT.jpg)

No. 1419426

it's unironically based tbh, as women obtain more economic independence they're more likely to select against untrained cumpeddlers
yfw mothers are kinder to boys, prefer boys and put undue pressure on their daughters in presence of male offspring. boymoms are cancer because they have chromoid brain contamination. it's dangerous to assume that every cumgargling poster on lolcow is a moid because sometimes they're boymom scum with leftover y chromoid tissue in their brains from being infected with moid larva for 9 months:



No. 1419467

They would never want to do that. The dysphoric HSTS are more prone to these surgeries tho

No. 1419582

literally looks like any other skater chick

No. 1419656

File: 1642437529410.png (75.86 KB, 767x579, dgdgg.png)

>Dumbass TIF has sex with men and didn't realize she could still get pregnant
>still took testosterone and the baby was exposed to testosterone
>baby girl comes out with likely signs of reduced IQ and autism

what a goddam moron, she potentially ruined the life of her child just so she could live out some fake gay fantasy

No. 1419660

>"Incidentally, the baby born in this case study was exposed to testosterone during the fetal period because of the hormone treatments received by her mother (a transgender man). Thus, it is important to be aware of the effects that hormone therapy can have on fetuses. For example, multiple reports discuss the exposure to testosterone of female babies because of their mothers' polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), and others show that congenital adrenal hyperplasia raises their likelihood of having what have traditionally been considered male/boy-oriented tastes and behaviors, increasing their risk of developing PCOS and the risk of autism. Indeed, the female child in the present case has shown some characteristic symptoms of autism, so careful follow-up is ongoing."

No. 1419676

One of the worst things about this is that the troons will laugh at this because "AHHH NEUROTYPICALS THINK AUTISM SCAWWY!!!!"

No. 1419687

This passage needs better editing. For a while I thought they were saying that having male-dominated interests raises the risk of developing autism and PCOS which makes no sense.

No. 1419689

Life of an autistic can be pure hell. If you can prevent your child from having autism please fucking do so t. autistic and very bitter about it.

No. 1419697

as someone spectrum I 100% wish I wasn't autistic, If I knew that my mother's idiotic decisions led to to my condition I'd hate her for my entire life

No. 1419710

all the data that will come out of this will be very "interesting", especially the study of the sexuality of children exposed to cross sex hormones.

No. 1419739

Reads like a case for reproductive rights to me. If that kid grows up severely disabled she could sue for wrongful birth, there's precedent for it.

No. 1419746

we do have some similar data, mostly of Eastern belt Olympic athletes who had children years after taking steroids, there was a higher of instances of males being born with with XYY syndrome
mostly they had children born with intellectual disabilities and clubbed foots

>XYY syndrome is a genetic condition in which a male has an extra Y chromosome. There are usually few symptoms. These may include being taller than average, acne, and an increased risk of learning problems. The person is generally otherwise typical

No. 1419804

disliking girly stuff isn't "massive internalized misogyny" , save that language for serious stuff

No. 1419811

what is it with asian TIFs dressing exactly like that? i know many white TIFs do it too, but asian TIFs have this very specific kuh-why style combined with pretending that they are the main character in everyone's lives and that people constantly stop them and ask for pictures or compliment their outfits. i used to be friends with one and she had meltdowns on twitter for being called "young lady" by the employee at starbucks, even though she was such a handsome princely kuh-why anime boi.

No. 1419825

they will learn when their kids turn nonverbal and life-long dependant of their progenitors

No. 1419836

lmfao ive been waiting for these. thank you "men can get pregnant too" aydyns and the invaluable medical data you're providing, honestly nobody would allow a mengele tier trial like this in humans without the tranny card

No. 1419842

this timeline is so bleak

No. 1420061

how many ftms do you think genuinely have a fetish for the irl mpreg thing and get off to it?

No. 1420108

File: 1642467601165.jpg (338.99 KB, 972x2192, 20220118_005855.jpg)

I found this in the wild. Dont know whether to kek or just feel sad. At least she acknowledges her friend is still a woman but isn't smart enough to question the rest of the bullshit and neither do the replies. One reply is close to getting it but just accepts it too. What is this timeline

No. 1420217

Not really… it's more of pitiful cope for most with the ftm preggers thing

It extends to asians too? Is it 1st world or even 3rd world asian countries?

Imo the premise of ftm saying reproductive rights is not just for women, it opens a gateway for mtfs to attack women.

No. 1420227

Kinda off topic but East Asia and SEA(Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore) are in a odd position
they aren't part of the west but they are extremely westernized but still have traditional asian levels of misogyny and a lot of the current zoomer generation is taking a lot of influences from western woke spaces and trying to force those ideas on their own nations

No. 1420245

I just realised this the other day - most fakebois start getting into the cult and transitioning in their teens, around 15 or 16 usually. However you rarely see this with TIMs, the majority of them seem to start their transition process well into their 30s or 40s. TIFs and TIMs are very similar in a lot of ways, but this is a key difference between them. I wonder why this is, some part of me thinks the persuasive influence of social media and getting bombarded with tranny propaganda makes teen girls get this idea planted in their head, as most teens use social media. But that doesn't really explain why teenage boys don't seem to call themselves girls. And there's also ROGD - the majority of victims are teenage girls.

No. 1420255

She's literally named Cayden, fucking kek.

No. 1420257

>what has to be done to protect transgender students in schools
Nonnies, what should be done to protect unmedicated paranoid schizophrenics in school? The other students avoid them and sometimes tell them there are no tracking chips in their salad and nobody is shooting them with microwave guns. How do we stop this bullying and gaslighting? The schizophrenics are far more likely to suffer from depression and anxiety and many of them die from suicide! This is purely because society doesn't accept them! We have to take action and normalize their perceptions! All realities are valid!

No. 1420272

Lots of gay trans men that date other ftms are fetishistic straight women too, there's just a lot of coping involved like in transbian relationships where they're just 2 fetishistic straight dudes

No. 1420277

I don't know about being "better", but in ftm spaces heterosexuality and masculinity is pretty demonized in a way that heterosexuality and femininity is not in mtf spaces, its encouraged in mtf spaces.

No. 1420315

File: 1642494256995.png (345.31 KB, 609x505, 1642486498032.png)

tragic when fat before is much better than thin after

No. 1420320

many TIMs transition when their wives get pregnant because being jealous of the attention your wife/newborn receives gets conflated with "i must be trans because i want my attention back and i can only do that by being a woman!"

No. 1420380

TIM reactions to pregnant women in irl social settings like work, friend group or family reunion is hysteriously funny. The seething when women are bonding over the pregnancy and cooing at the baby bump is just mwahhh delicieux.

TIFs are more likely to be r/childfree style vocal baby/mommy haters though, because internalized misogyny and knowing they could end up pregnant.

A TIM that starts spewing anti-motherhood stuff in a group of women risks being called out even by handmaidens, a TIF less so because women instinctively see TIFs as in-group regarding pregnancy

No. 1420394

File: 1642504846915.jpg (974.04 KB, 1429x1821, Läski.jpg)

No. 1420417

Singapore is an exception actual moids tend to be called aidens and down the letter b,c,d

No. 1420418

The other troons are lune and june made me kek all dag

No. 1420419

Sg troons tend to be all HSTS

I wonder why tho, asian parents seem to choose simple english names

No. 1420421

masculinity is demonized by woke full stop

No. 1420478

I find it interesting that this case study was conducted in Japan, as there isn't a strong TRA movement there to pressure the medical field into acquiescence. I imagine that the study would give an unbiased review of the impact of hormones on fetuses. (And they called the FTM the "mother" so good on them)

No. 1420533

File: 1642525382991.png (324.6 KB, 682x647, Screenshot (439).png)

Japan is actually one of the few countries with a higher FtM population then MtF, another one is Serbia(which is actually the Hub for cheap FTM surgeries the way Thailand is for MTFs)
one thing you'll notice about these nations is they are westernized but also less egalitarian and far more misogynistic, caught between 2 clashing eras in a way
another factor might be that there are many Fujo online communities for young girls who stay at home all day, reading Yaoi 24/7 and becoming more brain rotted

No. 1420550

I'm from Serbia and it's the first I hear of this. Lots of Americans come here to get dental work done cause its cheaper here in comparison. Probably the same is happening with these surgeries. I do know one ftm person but that's it. She was never into anime, not by a long shot, just a butch lesbian. Maybe a younger Serbian nonna knows more about fujo communities, that was not of my time.

No. 1420551

While misogyny is definitely an issue in Serbia, the homophobia is more overt. You risk getting beaten in the street, so it's not weird that people will transition to appear as a straight couple. Having a lesbian prime minister doesn't solve lesbophobia sadly enough.

No. 1420568

who the fuck cares? are you a tradwhore or something

No. 1420569

Japan has a interesting situation, its a societal level don't ask and don't tell policy, as long as gay men don't flaunt being gay they are ignored and that seems to have worked
there is no big "out and proud" gay culture like in the west

No. 1420605

As if pronouns in your bio were going to change the way people treat you.

No. 1420634

the one comment on the bottom saying "That's pretty smart tbh"
Jesus christ do all zoomers share one braincell or something???

No. 1420656

Both photos scream depression to me, but the second one is sadder because what she tried to fix the depression didn’t work.

No. 1420680

Not really, there's huge segments of people who like it but its less so in ftm spaces.

No. 1420704

all men have mommy issues

No. 1420748

maybe if your conception of masculinity is the toxic kind

No. 1420783

They pretty clearly got it from this retard and retards similar to him
>it’s time to replace all these useless tubes
>good for you!

No. 1420787

Dude I need to move to East Asia then

No. 1420790

ntayrt but literally all masculinity is toxic kek

No. 1420793

it was very clearly said ironically anon lol are you retarded ? its entirely the point of this series.

No. 1420800

this is the same as ‘I was just pretending to be retarded’.

No. 1420815

File: 1642543561630.jpg (58.1 KB, 1080x1080, lackofintrospection.jpg)

wow trannifyied mulan really makes me want to kill myself

No. 1420818

Also why is she suddenly black? Or at the very least, southeast Asian?

No. 1420820

And aren't autists more likely to troon out? The vicious cycle begins again.

No. 1420823

Way to ruin her story and erase her womanhood..

No. 1420826

Of course she has to be trans because she did something "manly". The whole point of the movie was surely that she's a tranny and not a strong independent woman no no, she's a tranny. Because she didn't "act like a lady" she must be a man.

No. 1420828

I don't think TIPs have any object permanence honestly, it explains a lot

No. 1420861


This and people who headcanon Utena as ftm need to burn

No. 1420919

between ftms and mtfs (and nonbinary people) which group is the most likely to have autism?

No. 1420927

I think nonbinary people have a lot of cluster B personality disorder, MTF have a huge population of coomers and FTM have a lot of trauma and social contagion. It's hard to tell how the autism percentages shake out.

No. 1420967

the tif moustache activates my fight or flight response.

I’ve been called a moid for this before but how can any woman be so “disphoric” that tit and stomach hair suddenly makes them feel more comfortable in their body?

No. 1420973

File: 1642554209632.jpeg (951.19 KB, 1242x1490, AD241F71-4822-4F22-A5E3-1CE37F…)

Trans act so obtuse when it comes to surgery, tifs and tims alike. All their expectations are based on a fantasy that doctors are magicians who can transplant any organ into anybody but simply choose not to because they're so mean and transphobic. They would absolutely agree to get paid do it if they could, but they can't because sexual dimorphism exists. Literally making up reasons to be mad.

No. 1420990

lol how can a front pole be complete without a front pole

No. 1420992

>What is the difference between reconstructing the body of someone who was mutilated through injury, and experimental plastic surgery as treatment for mental illness?
The real travesty is people who get mutilated through accidents or illness have to jump through hoops and get told at every turn to deal with it, to get even minimal aesthetic support, while you retards get a million dollar worth of surgery for your flavour of the year mental illness.

Men have front poles, women have penises.

No. 1421074

File: 1642562796295.jpg (257.8 KB, 828x1559, fujodelusions.jpg)

No. 1421076

Same for the people who claim Hatshepsut was a transman.

No. 1421077

literally what is so offensive about that blurb? reconstructing a natal penis that was lost or damaged is so much different from building an imitation of one using arm/thigh skin lmao. but gynandromorph/gray folie is such a huge biological sex denier of course she would be

semi unrelated but are the anons in the previous thread who follow the person in that screenshot still here? i love this person removed their breasts, takes testosterone, and wants a neo-penis but still hates and denies being a transman lmao

No. 1421082

File: 1642563313683.png (115.64 KB, 1510x386, 1ff8e0e0-dbfa-50a1-9cbf-468bc0…)

reminds me of this retarded take, this actually fills me with rage

No. 1421093

kekk nona nta itt but she is my cow too i was gonna mention the same thing! the hardcore projection and hatred meanwhile shes looking at phallo now…

No. 1421105

in the last thread she talked about how "transman lesbians" are TERFy, but it's like…that's you… ironically TIFs who acknowledge they're women on roids have a more realistic outlook on who/what they are than the person who thinks having PAIS means biological sex is fake and that identifying as a man is more oppressive than getting surgeries to look like one

No. 1421109

I hate that transman lesbians are a thing. Fucking stone butch blues and unironically I think mtf's push hormones on us because they're jealous of everything that makes us female. I'm glad they can rationalize and cope but it's just sad what's happening to lesbians in the wave of trans politics.

No. 1421111

i don't care honestly about that part of transpolitics, i just think it's funny how this one self-hating TIF in particular hates other TIFs despite being one in every way. technically gray isn't a lesbian since she was in a long-term relationship with a TIM but divorced because he cheated on her or something, you'd think that experience would peak her but she still sucks up to TIMs constantly on her blog and non-artwork twitter

No. 1421115

dont forget pretty much all her ex partners have been mtf not just the divorced one but youre right it is funny

No. 1421118

i know she was "poly" with another TIM several years ago, and e-dated a third person, but i'm not sure what sex the other one was? i forgot that person's url (icon was of munna from pokemon) but the about page said "agender" so i assumed a TIF lmao. several years ago i actually found her NSFW blog (so much for being "asexual") and she talked about how all her past partners were "AMAB", the blog is deleted now and i have no caps so that's memoryholed

No. 1421139

no youre right i also remember her bad nsfw blog she nuked when she came to her senses that her degen partners were coercing her into sex she didnt want but that STILL didnt peak her is what kills me tbh

No. 1421144

oh wow, that's sad in hindsight since i think the annoying "aromantic asexual but also still a lesbian at the same time" thing started was before the divorce happened. literally every woman i knew who dated an abusive TIM were able to realize it was a man, even the ones who still supported transpeople, but she won't. some kind of stockholm syndrome i guess

No. 1421148

Why do fujo aidens always act like such a stereotype? They’re always so easy to tell apart from actual men on TikTok and Tumblr. Same goes with AGP TiMs versus actual women on Reddit.

No. 1421149

AGPs from these groups tend to be more likely to have autism compared to HSTS. There’s research on there regarding this.

No. 1421154

which makes sense, autistic people tend to not understand social roles/cues, have black-and-white thinking, feel like outsiders to their social group, and can even have sensory issues regarding their body parts.

that's kind of one of the many reasons why the "transkid" thing is so insidious because if they're not gay or uncomfortable with their bodies because they've been sexually abused (or both), they're autistic and have a black-and-white thinking of "girls/boys are like X, but i'm not X, so i must be Y" which the munchausen-by-proxy parents take advantage of

No. 1421286

would also explain why hsts' are often popular and socially adept, and agps are shut-ins

No. 1421336

I love how they just so happen to gloss over the fact that those positions in world history had women barred because of sexism and misogyny. Those women went through a lot to hide their identity and risked their lives while still making accomplishments so that one day women in the future wouldn’t have to go through those situations again. That is why they are discussed about in women's history. It shouldn't be such a difficult concept to grasp but then again it's Tumblr.

No. 1421346

File: 1642600607491.jpg (Spoiler Image, 58.45 KB, 1080x1179, 271787353_244156664401739_4002…)

>be browsing art of Parappa on instagram
>see some really cute and well done art
>check into the artist's account
>see suggestive drawing of him, and it doesn't help that he is basically a minor too
>the artist is a 15 year old he/they fakeboi
I could be a puritan, but when I first saw this image I pretty much got the fucking creeps.

God, at this point almost no male character can escape the fakebois' gaze.

No. 1421392

We did it! Gender equality!

No. 1421421

honestly, ftm utena would make more sense than mulan, since the trauma of her parents dying, but its still retarded, because at the end she realized that the root of her and anthy problems were always men and patriarchy, and that there's was nothing wrong with being female or butch
that retarded headcannon ruins the whole purpose of the show

No. 1421499

sometimes i wish doctors would just do these procedures

but then troons would just cry about how the inevitable organ transplant rejections are transphobic doctors fault

No. 1421528

Troons have been saying this shit about Mulan for years. And they fucking looove "Reflections."

No. 1421542

the artist is the same age as the character so it's only slightly weird, but i know for a fact pedo adults are jerking to this because they like that a kid drew it lmao

i actually hope a uterus transplant on a TIM happens, and he ends up dying from it, so everyone (even the liberal allies who want to be on the "right side of history") finally realize that it's impossible for a male body to be able to accommodate and use a female organ. even intersex men with persistent mullerian duct syndrome have to get their uterus surgically removed because its placement can cause cancer

No. 1421580

File: 1642617025034.jpg (1.14 MB, 1382x2048, MV5BMjA0NjA4NjE2Nl5BMl5BanBnXk…)

No. 1421592

i know about him, but a lot of TRAs write that off as being a long time ago and that modern medicine can do better (it can't)

No. 1421597

liberals are willing to sacrifice thousands of troons and thirdies (for the organs) until they realize that its impossible to make fully functional sex organs into the other sex without getting necrotic or sepsis reactions because…sex is real and immutable
firstly, were the fuck can the prostate be placed in a woman? how can you connect brain stimulus to make an erection with the new stolen penis of a trafficked brown person? troons are anti-science and pro mengele tier shit after all

No. 1421619

>firstly, were the fuck can the prostate be placed in a woman?
i've honestly never heard of a "prostate implant" surgery for TIFs (but i wouldn't be surprised if at least one tried to do it), but in general they seem to have a very childish view on biological sex in general. you'd think if they wanted to get plastic surgery so badly then they would do research on how the procedures works, but it's literally just trying to make an approximate replication of a body part, it doesn't rewire your skeleton and chromosomes and makes you change sex like a clownfish or frog. it'll just be a woman who looks like a man with a non-functioning sausage made of arm skin sewn on your crotch and a fake ballsack made from labia.

>how can you connect brain stimulus to make an erection with the new stolen penis of a trafficked brown person? troons are anti-science and pro mengele tier shit after all

i guess if the troons are transmedicalists (which they usually aren't, since they're becoming more fringe) they would argue that they have dysphoria because they were born with the opposite sex brain and body map, so if you implanted someone's penis onto a TIF then it would work, but that's not founded in actual science. if it was then brain scans would be required before surgery, but they're not, so it's a theory rooted in emotions

No. 1421758

this reads just like weebs fanfic'ing about how demure and submissive and perfect japanese girls are

No. 1421764

the white aydene version of "i am literally like black women because black women are disgusting and manly like me, now let me into women's sports because your transmisogyny is like racism"

No. 1421772

>the fact that these illiterate casualties of american education think that organ transplants, let alone CROSS SEX ones, are this easy and effortless

immunologists HATE xhym! one aidenina solves graft vs host issues with ONE tweet!

No. 1421777

admittedly that post is interesting since i'm not familiar with jack black, but it also reminds me how aydens talk about "jewish masculinity" (similar to racist men talking about how asian women's feminity is better and different), adopt hebrew names, and even attempt to convert to judaism because it's like a PC counterpart of being transracial lmao. they can't change their race, but they can attempt to opt into in non-christian (but not muslim for obvious reasons, although some TIMs fetishize hijabs) religion that's oppressed in a way they think it'll cancel out being white

No. 1421825

File: 1642629254997.png (77.96 KB, 861x794, 1612821082257.png)

understanding one's socialization requires self-reflection

No. 1421843

File: 1642631058461.png (176.33 KB, 469x254, unknown.png)

i often forget how some of the gayden stuff actually isn't all that new. i saw a bunch of trans zines ("gendertrash from hell" or something like that) from the early 90s archived online and the first issue was basically a pre-internet gayden crying over how she wishes she was a gay man and that gay men are too penis-obsessed to give her a chance. i can find the website if anyone wants to see this for themselves. i really wonder what happened to make this go from being niche queer theory that was discussed in zines to leaking into actual gay rights and communities (not that TIF queen lou sullivan didn't rape-by-deception gay men and got "gender euphoria" from getting AIDs but i highly doubt it was as common back then as it is now)

No. 1421856

File: 1642631424614.jpg (374.04 KB, 1068x1226, 20220119_172803.jpg)

nah sis, it's just misogyny

No. 1421882

File: 1642633060753.png (14.51 KB, 1035x133, Screenshot 2022-01-19 at 17-56…)

she is an incel now, all tifs become incels

No. 1421892

>2 months on T, no surgery, 'but i dress kind of masc and have small boobs!'
this regular ass pick-me tomboy really rolled up expecting gay men to have sex with her to avoid hurting her totally manly masculine feefees if nothing else KEK

No. 1421902

that friend is a dick for inviting her

No. 1421915

this is the fate for straight people who troon out to fuck gay people of the opposite sex. gay people won't like them for obvious reasons, they refuse to date bisexuals because they'll see them as the sex they really are, and detransitioning and trying to date fellow straight people isn't an option if they've been changed by hormones or got surgery

he was probably just trying to be a typical liberal ally and "validate her gender", but if was a get-together with the intention of hooking up instead of hanging out he was at least very stupid for bringing a female there

No. 1421929

>the artist is the same age as the character so it's only slightly weird, but i know for a fact pedo adults are jerking to this because they like that a kid drew it lmao
And furries, because he's a cartoon dog.
And since both pedos and furries would probably fap at this kind of stuff, it's not hard to assume that pedofurries would too.

No. 1421999

i see this same retarded sentiment reworded by tifs and nbs literally every time i look at twitter but we haven't made enough room for it yet, apparently

No. 1422006

in the end it's just the garden variety narcissistic urge to be seen EXACTLY the way the narc wants to see themselves, through vigorous narcissistic supply and external validation.

No. 1422017

File: 1642641542520.jpg (252.2 KB, 1080x1074, 1593089280931.jpg)

>mfw one of my friends' therapists is nonbinary

No. 1422018

my experience with having PCOS was always not feeling like a woman because of being hairy, having hell-like periods and overall greasy skin. it's hard to connect to a retarded ideal of womanhood in these conditions, so these rhethorics become true when you have seriously low self esteem. however, once you grow out of it or start taking birth control, the realization of how stupid the whole femininity is strikes quickly.
but since that agenda is being pushed into teen girls with autism and/or PCOS, being clearly young enough to not grow out of it or taking birth control, and also disconnected of "femininity", social contagion takes place

No. 1422061

File: 1642644834124.jpg (615.57 KB, 1666x847, 1642626582642.jpg)

>this is the fate for straight people who troon out to fuck gay people of the opposite sex. gay people won't like them for obvious reasons, they refuse to date bisexuals because they'll see them as the sex they really are, and detransitioning and trying to date fellow straight people isn't an option if they've been changed by hormones or got surgery
You would think that tifs would be able to look like non-incel men, but they can't pull it off.

No. 1422075

She completely ruined herself. Very sad.

No. 1422078

Cute tomboy surfer to Griffin McElroy with longer hair and pube stubble and woman hips. Sad.

No. 1422092

Wow it’s like you can’t change your sexual attractions. Incredible.

No. 1422109

File: 1642650352183.jpg (94.61 KB, 585x638, Untitled.jpg)

hardly defending CMBYN, i just find it really funny when women try to lecture other women on gay male issues.

No. 1422115

>transmasc butch lesbian
What does the word lesbian mean?

No. 1422121

I love it when they tell off the evil straight women cause they're definitely the real predatory problem in that and every other community uwu

No. 1422130

not to be this person but i really wish people wouldn’t misuse the term pedophilia. yes a relationship between a 17 year old and a 24 year old is weird and predatory but it is an entirely different thing to an adult sexually abusing pubescent and prepubescent children

No. 1422131

projecting and over-compensating. they know deep down that they are the predatory straight women who fetishize gay men.

and yeah, 100% of discourse you see on Twitter/Tumblr of "gay men" whining about women objectifying them comes form fakebois. as if anyone is fantasizing about their gross ass.

No. 1422133

welcome to what's become of fandom discourse these days. people throw terms like "pedo", "abusive" etc in regards to basic-ass things in fiction.

No. 1422135

what do they say to people who aren't interested in dating blondes? or people of a certain height? or white people? are those not valid preferences too?

No. 1422168

This was truly a classic. I wouldn't be surprised if he humiliated her on purpose to show that she will never be a man and that men will never see her as one.

No. 1422232

non men loving non men silly

No. 1422280

That's exactly how my lesbian sister dresses(sage your shit)

No. 1422303

She looks like a female teacher from the 1980s.

No. 1422341

Ahahahahaha, absolutely BASED homo friend.

No. 1422342

File: 1642683262886.png (98.62 KB, 403x452, h.png)

I hate Noelle (ND now, apparently?) Stevenson so fucking much, putting on a fanny pack does not make you a man. >shirt with Xs over her chopped off tits
Trooning out really is just a fashion statement for them, huh?

No. 1422345

I've only ever seen women with those Xs over breasts shirts or X stickers over their nipples. Such a man.

No. 1422347

Butch lesbian fall loox

No. 1422364

All this clothing looks painfully female lmfao

No. 1422368

Did she seriously troonout just to wear baggy clothes? It’s seriously retarded, I bet she can’t even go out on a walk shirtless because she’s still self-conscious about the negatits.
I just don’t get the aidens that just wear layers upon layers of clothing, they never show the confidence that trooning out was supposed to give them, they wear ugly, baggy clothes and never workout.

No. 1422379

Just reeks of both hating and being completely obsessed with herself

No. 1422407

Women transition because they hate being women. Girls who have a hard time getting used to getting sexual attention from disgusting men, getting looked down for being a woman, suffer from internal misogyny are going to transition. Yeah fujos are a thing but I can't help but think most ftm do this as a coping mechanism, just like how, teen girls used to be anorexic in 2010s,it's now transitioning.
For men it's a fetish. Either gay or straight.

No. 1422417

Its also a fetish

No. 1422419

This is extremely female

No. 1422431

There's tons of TIMs trooning out in their teens, they get brainwashed on discord, 4chan or with porn. You're just not in those spaces.
Trooning out in your 30s or 40s is getting less common amongst TIMs, its usually mid 20s now.
Biggest difference is there aren't scores of older women trooning like in males
I think its because women with families are less likely to want to abandon or burden them unlike men.

I think its a combination of misogyny and a fetish, I'd say the majority who aren't gay do have a fetish and are coomers but they also have internalized misogyny.

No. 1422443

Trooning out in middle age is definitely a white moid thing. It just gives them that extra little spurt of euphoria to do it after baby trapping their wife so she has to coddle a man-baby's "gender issues" on top of raising actual kids.

No. 1422565

moids really are envious of babies and want all baby-rearing effort and need-anticipation to be directed at them instead (also known as "marriage")

No. 1422782

straight men transitioning late in life is literally a known phenomenon because crossdressing is an addiction for them, and their autogynephilia gets harder to control the older they get. not only that, but the praise they get from TRAs for being a "late blooming translesbian" (i literally saw a 60-70yo TIM post a selfie in a late bloomer lesbian subreddit) and how they can twist their narrative to make people see their wife and children as villains for not coddling them too.

No. 1422927

Troons are incels by default. Who wants to fuck a freak???

No. 1423096

File: 1642772633327.jpg (195.33 KB, 1125x1556, N1zYVsi.jpg)

No. 1423098

How can they just decide that these people were nonbinary without ever talking to them personally? They're just trying to push a narrative at the expense of these people which is wrong. It's just as "-phobic" as assuming someone's gender and whatever else bullshit they spew..

No. 1423100

By this logic, every gnc women is nb.

No. 1423113

I actually feel anger at how so many of these retards keep claiming historical figures as nb/trans just because they dont adhere to the same regressive 50s standards

No. 1423130


Gertrude Stein is undergoing the same revisionist history at the moment. Women - butch dykes especially - are being erased from culture past and present and it’s honestly terrifying.

No. 1423285

I know this woman is a diagnosed schizophrenic who thinks there are real people that live in her head, but does she honestly not understand why it's different transplanting an organ that was never supposed to be there? Like she thinks people work like Mx. Potato Heads?

Also yeah, get a cronendick, that'll help your chances of finding a girlfriend.

No. 1423342

this person has been a lolcow of mine for years and apparently she claims she was "misdiagnosed" as schizo and actually has OSDD (DID-lite) or something. i try to be sympathetic to her because i think her weird "biological sex isn't real you guise" schtick is a cope for getting genital surgeries as a child for intersex reasons, but that logic does more harm than good for women and intersex disordered people

No. 1423429

File: 1642804107146.png (31.34 KB, 608x287, cope seethe get a frankendick.…)

I'm pretty sceptical about DID as a legitimate, distinct condition. I think it's a delusion brought about by a psychotic disorder, BPD disassociation, retard disorder, or some combination thereof. I don't buy the idea that there are actually a bunch of personalities in their heads with different memories and shit.

I'm glad she draws that comic about her furry DID headmates though, both because it's a window into her personal life (getting cucked by real dick and such) and because it reminds me of Sonichu.

No. 1423432

File: 1642804133410.jpg (18.37 KB, 283x320, 6931757.jpg)

No. 1423446

File: 1642805093205.png (20.41 KB, 604x254, my genitals don't get caught i…)


Really really funny thread (posting it here because the replies are primarily female).

No. 1423455

For me it's the way she hates lesbians but going by her bio also desperately wants to be one. Very unoriginal btw

No. 1423459

I'm not a lesbian but this seems false

No. 1423460

Bleak. Reading this just makes me want to leave the internet, where most normal people don't even think about this stuff.

No. 1423478

this is just plain retarded, and worse, i think that even a retard can figure out why she needed to use short hair and men clothes. how women must fight in war? with dresses, acrilic nails, long hair and make up?

No. 1423479

AYRT, i'm a skeptic but i'm also not going to rule out the possibility of DID happening in very extreme cases of early child abuse (aka it's an unnatural coping mechanism and not something that's inborn or healthy to live with, like some who claim to have it say), but at the same time it's considered very trendy to pretend to be and it's easy to use as an excuse for bad behavior to claim your "alter" did something bad, so i take things i read about it online with a grain of salt.

is that second tweet referring to her TIM ex-"wife"? because i checked his blog before and he claims to be "pansexual" now, so even if you pretend he is a woman, that would count as a bisexual (pansexual is snowflake bi) cheating on a female for a man lmao…

she hates actual lesbians (aka female homosexuals, bi women who like women and TIMs and transbians are fine) and hates TIFs, but she strongly identifies as the former and is actively getting surgeries to look like the latter. very confusing, it's sad to me how much she hates herself but every time i see an MRA-tier post from her part of that sympathy washes away

No. 1423517

No idea, I just used it as a picrel because the bald-faced assertion that there's an epidemic of lesbians having sex with men behind their girlfriends' backs is absolutely psychotic seethe.

What's his blog BTW? Has he ever posted anything interesting?

No. 1423525

i think it really was a vague about the ex since i think he used to identify as transbian but left her for an actual man and identifies as pansexual now, kind of unhinged to act like that's something that happened to tons of lesbians and not just a "her" problem

the tumblr url is kitsunerokko, it's similar to gray's blog in the sense it's mostly untagged personal posts, i don't doubt there's something interesting (especially if you go back in the archive to whenever the divorce happened), but it's mostly boring DID-chan stuff

No. 1423536

Thanks. Also unhinged to act like she's talking about a lesbian and not, you know, an autogynophile.

No. 1423588

The TiM ex is hilarious he goes on his blog to shamelessly talk about how he is too lazy to do anything but it's just his mental iwwness not that I'm a lazy meet moid who's mother coddled him. Personally I speculate this is one of the huge straws that broke their relationship aside from the clear cheating with the poly cope label

No. 1423590

God this guys boring. Indistinguishable from every other self-pitying autistic male apart from the DID thing, and even that isn't much different from those autistic guys that go on and on about their OCs.

No. 1423652

it's probably not relevant to the thread but i wonder who the guy he cheated on gray for is like, there's a high chance he's some kind of autistic furry cow like he is too, but who knows

No. 1423664

anytime a person says they have DID online I just assume that they have BPD are are mistaking their mood swings for “alters”. Or just straight up lying for attention.

No. 1423666

File: 1642821063579.png (23.69 KB, 486x398, man larping as woman larping a…)

I don't think this is the guy he cheated with because IIRC he and Gray broke up late 2020 and he didn't meet this guy until March 2021, but he met his current boyfriend (no idea if TIF or man) on a goddamn otherkin forum.


No. 1423673

>values a partner who isn't condescending

Kek, no wonder he and Gray couldn't make it work

No. 1423688

yeah, but going by this other anon here, >>1421139, "rokko" (or the other transbian she e-dated who goes by kexx or something) might've been coercive too. it was likely a mutually shitty relationship, but at the same time almost every TIM+TIF couple i've known ended predictably (same as a regular straight couple with a shitty man) so i may or may not have a bias. i'm not sure what i believe for now but it's interesting to speculate lmao

No. 1423738

File: 1642827803490.png (68.09 KB, 516x708, screenshots.png)

I didn't mean to imply that I thought she was 'the bad guy' in the relationship. Looking at the things she's said about him in her blog paints a picture of a very typical TIM-TIF relationship.

I've noticed a pattern in TIM-TIF relationships I've observed through lolcow where the TIM will constantly demand that his 'gender identity' be validated, while doing shit like preventing the TIF from transitioning medically because it would ruin his lesbian larp. Some of the gender shit she mentions reminds me of that. Like you said, they're just shitty narc men.