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File: 1647781900437.jpg (190.25 KB, 720x1262, 1647551027332.jpg)

No. 1474951

This thread is for posting and discussing cringey fakebois, fujo male larpers and ftm snowflake behavior who may or may not deserve their own threads.

Fakebois are girls who pretend to be boys, either by becoming trannies or larping biological males (usually the former).

Fakebois style and present themselves as androgynous or feminine-looking boys, or wearing girls' clothing and make-up while insisting on being addressed with he/him (or occasionally they/them) pronouns and take great offense at being gendered as female. Some are SJW transactivists, but for most their identities are entirely superficial.

Back off all trannies and your dysphoria because no1curr.

Old Threads by order of recency:

No. 1474992

File: 1647785627668.png (65.4 KB, 601x490, Screenshot 6.png)

They really eat their own, don't they

No. 1475013

File: 1647787916323.png (Spoiler Image, 254.13 KB, 850x488, Composite-phalloplasty-using-a…)

I have a question Ive been wondering about, how does these neo-penises work??
Like I get they take a graft from the poor womans arm or leg, but like… how does the penis become hard?? Arm/leg muscle dont have the ability to swell up like a real penis muscle does. Can it just not get hard?

No. 1475014

Why is anyone even in the gender cult when it's just nonstop competing to see who can be the wokest and most pure?
>I rarely see black/dark skinned characters being called gender envy
Yes because you are surrounding yourselves with aidens who are 99% of the time white, that is why.

No. 1475018

they inflate it. not even kidding

No. 1475021

File: 1647789362804.jpg (14.9 KB, 600x431, 76e.jpg)

>they inflate it
I'm sorry what ?

No. 1475022

at first glance this looks like something straight from a butchers shop or slaughter house

No. 1475023

File: 1647789531331.jpeg (24.21 KB, 330x244, 31CA66C8-2A42-4CF6-8991-677F47…)

No. 1475024

every time i click the spoiler. every time i regret doing so.

No. 1475027

They put a pump mechanism in the constructed penis that gets "hard" if they squeeze the balls. It's like the only way for an aiden with bottom surgery to get hard.

No. 1475029

I knew it was going to be bad, but I wasn't expect that

people are doing this to themselves willingly and I'm going to vom

No. 1475034

It looks even worse because of the tattoo. It looks like a patchwork quilt.

No. 1475036

The hell, even If I was a delusional Aiden who wanted to be a man, that would not be anything close to a human penis

No. 1475044

Can they ever feel pleasure or orgasm?? Like where is the clit in all this? Theres no way that big chunk of arm meat feels anything

No. 1475047

I mean, they’d probably get mad too if a white girl said “gender envy” about a black character. It’s just looking for something to complain about.

No. 1475051

No, they can't. At least that's what I can recall from what I've read about it. It's basically just a big flap of skin that sometimes has a pump mechanism inside of it.

No. 1475058

File: 1647791628029.gif (Spoiler Image, 8.75 MB, 640x480, penis.gif)

No. 1475109

The poor clit is either still present behind the surgically made sausage, just hanging out in all of its testosterone elongated glory over the smoothed skin of the false balls, or even worse, is buried deep under the horror sausage with the idea it will somehow get stimulated this way.
Frankly, burying a clitoris seems like the worst thing to do, like horror movie scenario level, but what do I know as person who can have normal, satisfying orgasm whenever she pleases, right?

No. 1475116

This is nothing close to a human male penis though, It doesn't even look like one
there is nothing to be gained from this

No. 1475132

imagine doing that to your poor clitoris. all she wanted was to make you feel good and this is how you repay her? smh.

No. 1475141

File: 1647795448298.jpg (Spoiler Image, 63.36 KB, 1200x743, phalloplasty-2.jpg)

The clit is left at the base of the cronendick. They sometimes hook up the nerves from the graft to the pelvic nerves, allowing the patient to have sensation in the flesh sausage itself, but it costs extra.

No. 1475150

I'm terrified to ask, but because you know these people want to use their frankendick like a real dick, have there been any reports of it just rotting off or coming apart yet?

the only solace I can take from this is that at least frankendicks are built outside the body instead of the perpetual rotholes men are getting drilled into their bodies

No. 1475161

File: 1647796739876.png (Spoiler Image, 183.42 KB, 570x426, penileprosthesis.png)

When they squeeze the ball pump, the saline is forced out of the reservoir and into the cylinder, simulating an erection. The pump has a button on it somewhere that releases the saline back into the reservoir when they're done having a boner.

No. 1475176

Yes, of course they rot/fall off, you know how moids can move their penis through the connective ligaments and they're consisted of empty blood blags that makes it mostly lightweight and convenient anatomy wise. Imagine having the stump which is consisted of a transplanted heavy meat roll attached solely by scar tissue. thus starts every ftms fight against gravity to keep her hot dog attached. Luckily you get at least a few attempts to try and transplant the cylinder from different sections of the body so surgeons get to try again and again for that $$

No. 1475178

That looks like a recipe for disaster, theres no way those pumps wont eventually break

No. 1475181

They last an average of 15 years and then have to be replaced.

No. 1475183


Christ, If you asked me 10 years ago, I would say trans people don't bother me at all because they're just trying to do what makes me happy. But how can anyone say they're accepting their 'true self' when they do this stuff to their own bodies? What the fuck. The accepting your 'real self' mantra only makes sense when you're gay or bi because it's something innate and you don't need to change anything about your body. This is just doctors exploiting mental ilness.

No. 1475184

it doesn't get hard. Penis tissue is different from any tissue on your arm, leg, stomach and you can't really recreate how specialized it is.

These thangs either: have a rod inside them, which is attached to some bone; or inflated. You get a pump in the "balls" and like squeeze it til it sticks out… slightly. It doesn't change in size like an actual dick. It just sticks up a bit.

With these fake ones, the size you see is what you get. Without internal structure like a rod its just floppy meat chunk prone to UTIs and weird hair growth. I would be amazed if they had any erogenous feeling in them at all. Like just get a strap or one of those stand-to-pee thing for when you're camping.

No. 1475199

File: 1647799586733.png (355.46 KB, 405x565, no.png)

as a mads appreciator, this fills me with rage

No. 1475211

They really trying to force the tranny shit, in a JKR film? Please

No. 1475225

Lmao you see his entire dick in Pusher 2

No. 1475256

Back when I was thinking I was a Tif as a self-hating teenager with dysphoria and (you guessed it) an untreated mental illness, reading about those surgeries and finding a picture like this one is what snapped me right back away from the ledge of troonery because it made me realize in a single second how messed up mentally were doctors pushing this kind of mutilation as a solution to anything and how suffering on my own was a way better solution that having anything to do with them. I don't get how other people cannot see it.

No. 1475309

This is such a cope lmao. Mikkelsen agreed to star in a movie written and produced by a terrible TERF bigot who is LITCHRULLY GENOCIDING TROONS, he doesn't give a fuck. Also he's clearly a man IDK why they troon out the most man-looking men every chance they get.

No. 1475323

i'm pretty sure that this is supposed to be trans grindewald aka the character mads plays in the next movie, judging from him holding grindelwald's wand in the pic. so not trans mads himself. … then again, these are mentally ill people so maybe they trans both mads and grindelwald kek

No. 1475336

File: 1647810747075.png (119.42 KB, 1200x720, AB0AF3AC-A8AF-45DC-85A1-C999A8…)

No. 1475339

They trooned out Grindelwald because they probably want to fuck Mads Mikkelsen.

No. 1475396

i know this is just SJW/woke stuff but this doesn't make any sense because most vocal transgenders (especially enbies) in US/UK are bored white people, who are more often than not weeaboos/kpop stans/etc, so that's why their "gender envy" characters are white or light-skinned asians. if a white or even non-black person took a pic of a black character and said their hairstyle or features gave them "gender envy" that would be read as "trans-racial" (which is equally logical as transgender but it's more taboo for some reason) and therefore problematic

No. 1475422

is she larping as damiano david?

No. 1475438

i'm not a HP fan so correct me if this is inaccurate, but dumbledore is the gay character and he was in love with grindelwald, right? so i feel like this is a way to stick it to JKR/"transphobic gay TERFs" by making her only gay man character attracted to a biological woman

No. 1475459

Here's a reddit post by a woman whose neophallus rotted off: https://archive.ph/UOn3D
The archive only saved the pics as thumbnails, but if you want to see them in all their glory the other farms has got you covered: https://kiwifarms.net/threads/dr-kathy-rumer-do-the-butcher-of-ardmore-rumer-gender-surgery-rumer-cosmetic-surgery-delaware-valley-aesthetics-pllc.85963/page-42#post-10625592

No screenshots because I don't want to get banned.

No. 1475461

File: 1647818616958.jpeg (1.24 MB, 1242x1577, B27480AB-04A6-4740-99E8-D3D7A8…)

Why does the tranny trend attract the most ungodly looking creatures?

No. 1475476

I don't know whether to thank you or not, but you certainly answered my question


No. 1475485

File: 1647819608219.png (1.49 MB, 1153x1191, 6.png)

Somebody please take her daughter away.

No. 1475489

this is so disgusting, i can't even put my disgust in words. something about this feels weirdly sexual because of the boob cookies?!

No. 1475490

The fucking cookies are sending me

No. 1475491

I feel like fat danger hair trannoids have a very high chance to use a cane while virtually no regular fat people use one, it's insane. I'm convinced it's a prop for their victimhood larp.

No. 1475494

Disturbing, unsettling, disordered on many levels.

No. 1475496

File: 1647820051941.png (64.96 KB, 696x469, ITS ALIVE!.png)

Another necrosis case (due to loss of blood flow from a clot). Thanks to swift medical intervention, 'only' two inches rotted off.

Pics: https://www.reddit.com/r/phallo/comments/q7eu1x/15_weeks_post_op_emergency_blood_clot_surgery/

No. 1475501

File: 1647820390305.jpeg (450.74 KB, 828x656, B1B7125E-3030-45BD-AE32-C2A142…)

lurked to find age of daughter, found this hilariously. censored daughters “name” because this kids clearly underage still, even if it’s a larp

No. 1475517

i'm not religious but i hope all these munchausen-by-proxy "transkid" parents burn in hell for this shit. they're making their children lifelong medical patients for the sake of looking woke

No. 1475529

Easy punchline is that gendieism is a white people thing

No. 1475608

eww gross i dont want a moids penis made of fluid bags

No. 1475639

File: 1647828302423.png (68.33 KB, 595x442, stephanie daughter.png)


seeing this lady here is a surprise because i've been following her for a bit. i thought about posting her in the personal cows thread, but stephanie's entire online presence basically milks her tif daughter for clout, and i didn't want to spread her page more because the kid is so young (pretty sure she's 16 or 17 at the moment?) and her mother already plasters her name and face all over the internet.

the daughter clearly has intense trauma (picrel) and instead of stephanie getting her into trauma therapy, she is validating her transness and convincing her daughter that the way to be happy is cutting off her tits. i would bet the whole trans thing is a coping mechanism for this poor kid, who allegedly has ocd, ptsd and more, which her mother openly talks about yet insists has nothing to do with her daughter feeling trans. stephanie loves to get a ton of clout from being a "transmom momma bear" and drags the daughter to all kinds of pride marches for attention. she is also generally annoying on twitter and frequently spouts takes such as "texas should secede from the united states since they are genociding trans children". it's really sad to watch and i hope in a few years the daughter grows up, breaks away from her crazy ass mother and somehow gets her name and the countless pictures her mom posts of her off of the internet.

No. 1475645

holy fuck. yeah that's some trauma right there

No. 1475716

Who the fuck just trauma dumps on a public forum like that. I feel so bad for her kid, clearly she doesn't attract safe people into their life.

No. 1475726

File: 1647831728498.jpeg (673.05 KB, 828x1207, C08CD65E-0F48-4A23-81CB-039ED2…)

Personal cow of mine, havent seen them in many years. The hashtags kill me

No. 1475728

she looks like a moderately buff butch woman

No. 1475732

She just finished working out but has literally no visible muscle definition even at this point?

No. 1475772

yeah its actually the exact same device used for men who get erectile disfunction. gender euphoria ig

No. 1475773

She talks about her frankenweenie like its her sickly infant son.

No. 1475785

File: 1647836191355.jpg (17.83 KB, 214x232, 1629233701004.jpg)

>She talks about her frankenweenie like its her sickly infant son.

No. 1475786

Imagine you're about to hook up with a guy and then he just starts pumping his left testicle like a grip strengthener

No. 1475788

File: 1647836378319.png (452.42 KB, 1389x472, Hetro.png)

This is the most Hetorsexual post I have ever seen, like this girl is just 100% straight and yet she refuses to acknowledge it

No. 1475805

>he figured it out and saved my little guy and I am forever grateful to him and his team <3

oh my god

No. 1475812

The denial

No. 1475876

File: 1647844737326.webm (3.52 MB, 576x1058, 4790f61a660c5a9dba2b79bd2a4af4…)

From normal to frog

No. 1475879

can't blame that tho… my male classmate sounds like the 6 months on t

No. 1475880

Woah nta but don't creep me out for thinking my moid brother (literal meanie) is my mum's d*ck (she spoils him every now and then) like picrel treats her phallo frankendick

No. 1475882

Groomer parents are worse than trannies because the kids have almost no say and it's the parents who benefit. Someone call child abuse

No. 1475889

What in the Oedipus complex

No. 1475899

she wants to be a cute uke boy when having sex with her boyfriend and not a disgusting cis-girl


No. 1475910

File: 1647848501746.jpeg (471.28 KB, 828x901, 24A9CDD5-74F2-4E9C-8B69-FE93FD…)

what is it with all the self-hating girls trying to be nonthreatening dainty fake-asian boys from their preshus animus? the mental dissent between that and the ddlg obsessed tumblrinas in other threads is a small margin.

pic semirel. ~smol bean~ behavior,
wants to be a man but not a scawwy big man unless those are the ones that want to fuck

No. 1475916

Does the boyfriend even knows about her transition project lol She most likely going to be rejected but took his body for granted

No. 1475929

File: 1647850345826.png (33.42 KB, 783x298, god has abandoned us.png)

the boyfriend needs to be studied in a lab

No. 1475987

File: 1647863391584.png (65.63 KB, 314x368, Screenshot (2).png)

r/FTM is such a gold mine for unironic uwu fakebois, seriously no actual male on reddit has ever made an account like this


No. 1476005

TWAW, TMAAW… Its all so unsymmetrical… why? Men are more mature after all, even when in tranny mode.

No. 1476013

the differences in tranny syntax are fascinating to me and extremely telling every time
mtfs sound like entitled men obsessed with sex, ftms sound like insecure women obsessed with being "soft"
like why bother

No. 1476022

File: 1647868144381.png (41.92 KB, 1076x334, Screenshot (444).png)

based dad

No. 1476032

>You mean mentally ill
I love her dad holy shit

No. 1476034

This one is actually kind of sad, it is mental illness on the kid’s part but something about this still comes across as homophobic, unless he knew “gay trans boy” really did mean straight girl? Are parents more aware of woke culture nowadays? I’m so used to dealing with homophobic people who assume “gay trans boy” means “hyper dyke” and having to hear about how gross lesbians are so I’m kind of shocked he understood the context right away. Either way, something is weird about a grown ass adult throwing judgement on a child in general. I don’t think what the dad said was wrong exactly, but if I heard that as a young dysphroic lesbian I still would have felt weird about this. Am I just being sensitive nonnas?

No. 1476040

It should feel bad when seeing someone being somewhat abrasive to underage fujos, it's not really their fault they get all retarded up by the world. & Trans awareness is increasing enough nowadays that people can easily see through and autocorrect the doublespeak so, ((he knows)). The making fun of a "ally"/homo fandom enjoyer that unfortunately comes off as homophobic by proxy to actual gay people somehow.

No. 1476047

File: 1647871338652.jpeg (777.07 KB, 2048x1583, 7A9050B6-30C1-488C-9686-ECF880…)

Saw this going around on Twitter. Practically reads as a parody of the stereotype of a yaoi-loving Aiden who wants to be a gay boy like their Japanese animes, but no, this is a completely serious comic.


No. 1476054

The amount of likes. I despair. She just seems like a bi tomboy who has never heard of bisexuality.

No. 1476056

File: 1647871861350.png (1.34 MB, 3300x2550, FOKx-R1UcAAujlr.png)

at least she drew her self accurately

No. 1476058

File: 1647871918332.jpg (68.46 KB, 609x467, Screenshot (118).jpg)

No. 1476060

File: 1647871962042.png (1.42 MB, 3300x2550, FOKx-UKVkAQVjGK.png)

Kek at the last panel. Why do some lgb people support trans people when they're literally fetishizing them?

No. 1476061

File: 1647872028066.jpg (215.84 KB, 1500x500, ugliness.jpg)

Why do TIFs always have this ugly cartoon style when they draw?
Look at the scars, it's her and another TIF.

No. 1476062

File: 1647872117833.png (1.52 MB, 3300x2550, FOKw5ZoUYAQ4ENT.png)

here's the basic sctory for anyone confused
>Yaoi porn addict from a young age
>convinces herself she's gay cause of too much internet and for the aesthetic
>has first interaction with IRL male and realizes she's not gay
>doesn't know how to comprehend her own heterosexuality and so convinces herself she's trans after immediately discovering the concept
>LARPs as a gay boy now

what porn addiction does to a mfer

No. 1476065

I thought she was straight too until the end, she is together with another woman and pretending they're male.

No. 1476066

this is just fucking tragic.

No. 1476071

>"how can a lesbian like boys?"
It's funny because these girls are usually the ones who end up in a gay relationship with another TIF. They don;t actually like boys, they just like to larp yaoi

No. 1476074

yeah, i rarely see them dating a gay man. It's either a straight/bi guy that they've dated before they transition or it's another tif. There's the rare instance of them dating a girl, who identifies bi/asexual/etc.

Rarer if it's a tim.

A gay man actually said that tifs act like guys the same way "a middleclass white girl pretends she has lived in the hood/ghetto all her life." So, that's why he's not attracted to them.

No. 1476077

>i wished my life could be like a gay romance story
and i wish my life was like a cheesy hallmark movie where i move to the boonies and meet the local grumpy hottie and when i finally leave to go back to the big city he stops my cab and confesses his undying love to me. but you don't see me mutilating myself or actually moving to the boonies because that would suck.

also i guess she got her gay romance story, it's just a lesbian one since the other character has tit scars too.

No. 1476080

and yet Fujos will still claim that too much yaoi doesn't rot their brains

No. 1476083

Oh shit you're right, there are scars on the other "guy" KEK

No. 1476090

File: 1647874139944.png (203.54 KB, 541x747, trans kayne.png)

Kanye west is trans cause he's short and likes going to Broadway

No. 1476092

Agreed, we should start treating everyone under 6ft as what they are: women.(sage non-milk)

No. 1476102

Lets be real, most ftm are more like 5"0

No. 1476105

Don't pander to transcrotes at that height wtf

No. 1476106

also all men in ye olde times were trans too, most of them never even got close to 5'7

No. 1476113

File: 1647876032528.jpg (47.48 KB, 640x425, main-qimg-0c72ce2f499f40616b47…)

also most men around the world right now, the average height for SEA males is 5'3, only slightly taller are hispanic mestizo men, hell many male ethnic groups in Africa are short and yet their still all still undeniably male

No. 1476121

What I don't get is that men in yaoi tend to wear simple, fashionable clothes and blush all the time. They're not neon monstrosities, and they certainly don't use they/it pronouns. So where does all that shit come from.

No. 1476127

It does not. In the best case, it just is there, hanging around like the limp flap of skin it is. In the worst case, it just rots and falls off. Technically you could apparently insert a pump to get it harden manually, but that surgery is hardly ever performed because of the risks.

No. 1476131

they never actually sound like men, just middle-aged women who have been chain-smoking their entire lives

No. 1476140

The FTM fujos couples have always confused me since in their own comics, they always show themselves as 100% straight, falling in love and dating boys their age willingly, with all their drama around it coming from not wanting to be like the other girls. So they clearly seem to have a firm, strong sexual orientation, and yet they end up paired up with a woman deformed by injecting testosterones and cutting her own tits, hardly a partner that anyone of any orientation would want, unlike the MTFs with dicks who at least enjoy some popularity among bi male degenerates.
So for those FTM fujos, is it some kind of pseudo bisexuality like in straight MTFs? Do they really find the mutilated bodies of their fellow Aidens attractive (because even if you like the girly men in yaois, the FTM Aidens are not it)? Is this just a pairing of despair because no one else was interested?
The bad anatomy in the panel is bothering me so much, it looks like the left character is lying on her side and the right one put her butt over her knees and is holding her bended legs up in the air, which seem super painful for both.

No. 1476141

There are different types of fakebois. You have the run of the mill fujo fakeboi, but you also have the "trash gremlin" type of fakeboi that knows they could never come close to being an attractive man (because they are women and tend to be overweight) so they try to dress weird and amp up their ugliness to, I guess, shock and disturb people. They tend to be attracted to wiry male characters that are erratic, neurotic, and most likely a chaotic-neutral.

No. 1476147

Yeah, you are being sensitive. Nitpicking is for people who are invested in a topic, and too much of it puts off potential Joe Public support.

No. 1476159

I've noticed a lot of TIFs calling themselves asexual. Probably because they know deep down they can't get laid by a normal man and they also wouldn't wanna have sex with another woman with mutilated tits and scraggly chest hair. ALso because they are grossed out by their own female body probably. It's sad.

No. 1476173

she's a triggered Fujo

No. 1476240

File: 1647882871477.gif (169.44 KB, 300x314, this shit.gif)

The era when yaoi was at its most popular in the western world happened to overlap with the era when people made those edits of anime characters with scene/ emo aesthetics and gifs of emaciated whiteboys with terrible, terrible scene hair making out.

Plus, the anime Gravitation was pretty big in the early American fujo scene, and that had possibly the worst fashion of anything ever.

No. 1476250

File: 1647883135090.jpg (125.58 KB, 750x1057, gravitation.jpg)


No. 1476269

File: 1647884157233.jpg (273.52 KB, 1080x2088, EjDsKoZVkAAMpa5.jpg)

In case anyone was wondering

No. 1476290

A lot of these couples meet online. If you spend most of the time when you're courting someone not able to see them and just communicating through text, that has to have an impact on how your feelings develop.

No. 1476297

A lot of tomboyish autistic girls have kind of a fixation on wounds and scars and stuff like that

No. 1476301

File: 1647885358704.jpg (1.17 MB, 3300x2550, FOKw5WrVIAQwdQu.jpg)

It's a callback to this page, I guess to establish the passage of time.

No. 1476306

Curiously she draws herself more femininely

No. 1476407

File: 1647892749193.jpg (60.23 KB, 564x540, 7e10a0047a7d81152591df6236452a…)

It's such an interesting thing that has been around for a long time. Every time I see an OC with colorful + edgelord shit tacked on I automatically assume woman. It's not just OCs either but they also do it to kpop idols or streamers, where they make them wear bright colored girly shit the dudes would never actually wear in a million years. Like, they don't understand that IRL men simply don't dress like that, even the gay ones.

No. 1476412

It all looks so juvenile too, like almost to a pedo-pandering degree. I dunno, makes me uncomfortable.

No. 1476433

File: 1647895035324.jpeg (242.71 KB, 791x717, E376C5CC-4B0B-4D90-9962-C1C167…)

>bf didn’t even request this
the autoandrophilia of it all. i get the feeling amazing boyfriend is only supportive for internet clout and self delusion.
i cannot imagine any man blindly asking for his girlfriends non-functional frankendick to be twinsies with his own, not if the person in question took two fucking seconds to google what those things look like.

No. 1476445

Any time I see an OC with decent quality I assume it's a woman. If they wanted to larp men so bad then they should make their OCs boring and badly done

No. 1476450

Tbf nonnie, whenever I see someone draw gross fanart of minors it's an ftm so never be surprised by this shit. It's so disturbing

No. 1476460

File: 1647896967256.jpeg (81.97 KB, 569x900, 9FEEE8B3-B928-4F18-AAAB-437210…)

with kpop idols i can kind of understand because they are sometimes styled to wear colourful pastel outfits, but outside of what they’re styled in for their jobs that are usually not dressing that way. what i don’t understand is drawing them in these types of outfits (picrel)

No. 1476497

Aidens on Tiktok and that DreamWorks smirk, ugh

No. 1476508

Lesbian who has always liked femenine looking girls since before puberty here: just my two cents but they ain't gay. They just use other frankentroon failures to emulate the delulu shit they see on yaoi, since no living man, gay or straight, would put up with this and if they would, you can be hella sure they don't remotely look like the ones in yaoi so they are not interested.

I was confused for the longest time as well regarding TIFs who became "lesbians" through yaoi addiction, cause despite both of us being lesbians, i had nothing in common with them neither their experiences matched mine growing up, but theirs matched those of a straight woman. Then i realized it is because they are straight women, but just very very mentally ill about it. Through accidentally stumbling onto these specimens and dealing with them over the years I realized they have this very distorted image of GNC women/butch/masc lesbians and/or tifs where they see them as a straight woman would see a man. I don't fully get it myself as I'm not fucking mentally ill like that but i think i got pretty close to figure out what the fuck is wrong with them. Think about is as the Tims who end up fucking each other to enact on their extremely delusional Yuri fantasies and you'll get it. That said, take into account i frankly doubt most fujotifs even have actual lesbian sex with each other other than cuddling and maybe probably making out a bit since they are probably disgusted as the sight of each other's vagoos lol, so that's probably how they delude themselves into it.

No. 1476528

because she fat.

No. 1476540

He's dumping her the second she goes through with this holy shit

No. 1476557

You know, this clears up a lot about why futa became so prevalent in f/f fic written in female dominated spaces in the last 10 years or so.

I still think it's hilarious that /u/ bans it but you get cancelled for saying "nobody wants to read about dick in f/f" in AO3 type places.

No. 1476630

it was so bad, the animation, the fashion, the plot, the characters. but the music was like good? i still listen to it sometimes, it had some real bangers.

No. 1476722

She's a moron if she thinks he will not immediately cheat on her for a normal non mental woman. Or he will leave her for a man because he's a faggot

No. 1476754

i haven't read those comics but i used to follow random troons on tumblr and browse tags and that's literally just jailhouse gay, or psuedo-bisexuality. these fujo-to-males identify as gay men, want to date gay men, but gay men don't like them for obvious reasons (vagina). some of the fujoTMs who brag about having "cis gay" boyfriends are either lying or fucking bisexual men who call themselves gay. but the ones who aren't that "lucky" to date an actual man just settle for pretending to be gay with another woman who pretends to be a gay man. from what i read from detransitioners and whatnot, these couples are almost never actually attracted to each other or enjoy sex (either because both are straight girls or because they're ugly), but no one else will date them

i knew an "asexual" TIF who drew fetish porn and posted photos of her sex toy collection. they're usually just horny celibates who are more interested in looking at porn and masturbating than dating, which is why they call themselves asexual

i've known some weird lesbian fujos who imagine the guys in yaoi with vaginas and crossplay their shippings with other fujo women, so it's like they're TIF-chasers. but they're self aware about it to know they're not men

No. 1476771

File: 1647918871402.jpg (Spoiler Image, 217.27 KB, 1280x1024, Anonymous voresexual.jpg)

The great Anonymous Asexual herself has a vore fetish of all things

No. 1476774

it's a trend i notice about most people who identify as asexual do, their definition of asexual means "doesn't want to have sex with people", but that doesn't rule out enjoying porn or enjoying sexual things in general. if your only sexual interest is a fetish like vore or tickling or "monsterfucking" (i see a lot of "asexuals" into that too), that's just being a so-called "allosexual" with a fetish…

No. 1476775

I think it's unironically an autism thing

No. 1476777

i agree, there's a study about how autistic people tend to have a more overactive imagination (especially with regards to sexual fantasy), and sensory issues, so typical PIV or genital stimulation and whatnot can feel either really good or really bad, which i guess leads to developing fetishes that are clearly sexual but involve non-genital body parts or types of interactions.

the fact they still think that qualifies as "asexual" is still funny to me, though.

No. 1476779

File: 1647920062247.png (29.14 KB, 656x264, autismsexual.png)

Maybe we should let the mogai people have this one

No. 1476826

If you added gigantic top surgery scars the middle would be indistinguishable from your average tif self-portrait

No. 1476892

I'm positive it's just desperation and I think I've figured it out, but I can't tell if they're conscious of any of this or if it's only something that can be observed. They're straight women and addicted to fetish porn that they can't embody because they will never be men and deep down they know that, but their addiction is so strong it just makes them even more desperate to emulate it. Unless every example I've seen has been the same type or I have a selective memory, doesn't most yaoi use non-gendered terms for shit like "hole" because they know their demographic is a bunch of Aidens anyway? I can never remember if its TIFs or TIMs that say "boypussy" or if TIFs stole it from TIMs or what, ugh vomit

They know their sexuality but it isn't married with their identity because in retarded attempts to validate themselves (coping with sub/consciously knowing they're a straight girl addicted to gay porn kek) they think how can they be a girl if they get off to reading/watching/hearing "boy" all the time, not realizing it's just Pavlov's porn bell. They threaten to become self aware by realizing they don't have the primary sex characteristics but immediately cope with "I could probably look like a twink" and fixate on the secondary sex characteristics that can be developed with T. By this point, straight men don't want them, certainly gay men don't want them, and like >>1476508 said
>they have this very distorted image of GNC women/butch/masc lesbians and/or tifs where they see them as a straight woman would see a man
As a result of being so undeniably straight but still wanting the social credit for the demiromantic clownsexual "uwu i luv everyone idc whats in their pants" along with mounting desperation, they try to perform but as they are not attracted to women, they can only bring themselves to seek women that look like men in their eyes, and obviously no lesbian in her right mind would ever want to be with a science experiment freak either.

All of that means their dating pool is now exclusively other Aidens with the same fetish because they're the only ones that will actually go along with their sick fantasies. The pool is not large enough for them to be selective about attractiveness because it's not like they'd be attracted to a woman's body anyway, let alone another science experiment that could potentially be more "passing" than their own. If their insecurity doesn't outright drive the other Aiden away, their frankenstein bodies are probably too mangled to even masturbate anymore anyway so they probably just cry and hump in the dark kek

No. 1476894

You just described AGPs except it’s autoandrophilia in this case. For some reason AAP is never talked about even though it absolutely exists. I guess because aidens don’t rape men.

No. 1477002

File: 1647950916423.jpg (113.27 KB, 662x867, Lou-Sullivan-after-top-surgery…)

Blanchard (who coined the term AGP) thought women had autohomoeroticism, rather than straightforward autoandrophilia. This is based in part on his correspondence with Lou Sullivan in the 80s, who told him that AIDS gave her gender euphoria because it meant she was a real gay man.

No. 1477011

I literally had a deeper voice when I was 12.

No. 1477030

File: 1647953027183.png (377.25 KB, 983x618, gay little boy.png)

I know what you mean, no male acts like this

No. 1477046

When looking at this picture, I feel like I can't focus on anything other than her eyes. They look so dead, even by TIF standards that I can't help but stare at them and wonder what happened…

No. 1477087

The majority of fakebois seem to have this empty, hollow look in their eyes, I've noticed, especially when they start going on testosterone. It actually is astonishing how it happens to almost all of them.

No. 1477094

boypussy comes from gay moids and it refers to the anus. It got picked up by fujos, and possibly tifs, and still refers to the butt.

No. 1477095

oh, there are definitely straight women writing f/f. i think that pairings like clexa or the supergirl one got super popular and they like the characters/ship them together, but they're also straight or at least heavily male-preferring bi, so they write one of the women with a dick and act like it's still totes lesbo! like just switch the gender of a character at that point if you can't stand lesbian sex damn. they're the type to date "nb amabs" or identify as nb themselves eventually but still call themselves lesbians. insanely annoying to see

No. 1477096

>who told him that AIDS gave her gender euphoria because it meant she was a real gay man
this is the most depressing thing i've read on here in a long time. i hope this newer generation of them wakes up before they're that far gone..

No. 1477097

>autohomoeroticism, rather than straightforward autoandrophilia.

What's the difference between these two?

No. 1477100

it's not the AIDS that's giving them euphoria while also killing them at the same time.

No. 1477105

they're not sexually excited by being men, they're sexually excited by being gay men/engaging in gay male relationships or experiences. the 'gay' element has to be there or it's not sexual for them. weirdly enough i knew a self-professed agp who believed that tons of women were also turned on by the idea of being men, we just wouldn't admit to it lol

No. 1477108

Good to know

No. 1477117

Not all that much, Blanchard is one of those types that believes most women don't have a sexuality or something along those line
So to avoid too much comparisons to men/transwomens he made up ahe.
His speciality is strictly with men, so I wouldn't really listen too in-depth on what he has to say with women

I think Lou Sullivans tried to claim not all his fetishes were about being a gay man, other times it was about being man but Blanchard didn't wanna go that far with his diagnosis

No. 1477128

one time i posted that i felt this autoandro thing bc i definitely have gotten off on the idea of being a man and having sex with another man, and it was deleted by mods lol. i think it was some tranny sub that pushed the idea that all women are turned on by their own bodies. i was posting it to be like, nah, and in fact i fantasize about being male sometimes

i think if women were able to just say this without being shamed maybe they wouldnt mutilate themselves(no1curr, sage your shit)

No. 1477162

I don't know too much about Blanchard, but I can't imagine a woman standing in front of a mirror crossdressing while masturbating furiously, but that's pretty much my entire image of AGPs

No. 1477172

Seeing all these people together like this really makes me realize how insane they sound. The blue haired re-parent woman and the tranny trying to breast feed his kid were especially disturbing.

No. 1477224

damn. i know mental illness is really bad here in the united states but god damn is it worse than i thought

No. 1477339

File: 1647972024902.png (79.49 KB, 602x549, XX.png)

the further replies, one of the wokies is mad that aydens don't kin fatties

No. 1477350

This whole argument is really stupid but
>litebrites + yts can't extend the same enpathy?
I don't get this part, she wants white fandomfags to pity kin and pity gender envy darkskinned characters? How would they not be torn apart by other wokies for doing that without having experienced the struggles of being a black/dark skinned person? The only way to win this game is to not play at all it feels like.

No. 1477367

we're at the End Times for sure

No. 1477388

>everyone with a vulva is a woman
i know libfems always shit on the 1984 comparisons (probably because they don't understand the book or because hating classics is cool in libfem circles) but goddamn, the 1984 vibes in today's current climate are chilling.

No. 1477457

Nonnie, you're optimistic that the current crop of libfems would want to read a book that isn't YA or at least where there is no fanfic-level romance, they just have heard on Twitter that 1984 was a right wing book, so they reflexively shit on it. The modern discourse is all about fitting in with the current crowd, not about really knowing what you're talking about or deepening your understanding of the various causes you purport to defend.
After all, we have always been at war with Eastas…TERFs!

No. 1477623

Sage for sperg but while I'm happy the guy who coined AGP is also bringing awareness to women who want to be gay men, I think both AGP and AAPs can be that without being "autohomoerotic". There are AAP TIFs who want to be straight men fucking women and AGP TIMs who want to be a woman being fucked by a man. AGP-TIMs who want to be lesbians and AAP-TIFs who want to be gay men are the most common so they overlap but it's possible to not be both.

>I think Lou Sullivans tried to claim not all his fetishes were about being a gay man
Lou Sullivan's diary is archived online somewhere, and I skimmed parts of it. The only times she talks about wanting to be a man was when she was having sex with men, and at one point in the diary when she was exploring LGB communities in the 80s and talked to drag queens and transvestites, she didn't see what the point of getting a sex change would be if she couldn't get a penis. So she most definitely had a fetish for being a gay man the most.

No. 1477624

File: 1647987846933.jpg (242.54 KB, 1080x1336, Retard_Moment.jpg)

the arrogance… not to mention the stench

No. 1477641

Kek is that image a Saw reference? It's like their autism gives fakebois a hivemind

No. 1477676

>Using LTG meme
>When he thinks you are female and hates troons more than "terfs"

No. 1477686

It does. Thinking is so hard, that is why they use Tumblr and Twitter to replace ideas. All fakebois are the same person, different font. That is why we barely have standalone fakeboi cows and instead we lump them here and in the personal cow thread. Terminal NLOGism ends like this.

No. 1477731

Blanchard is just washed up psychoanalysis for anglos who can't stomach actual psychoanalysis and trannies to justify themselves (nearly everyone in tranny infested places like kf & /lgtb/ is a true and honest HSTS who hates AGP "hons" lmao right whatever) if you want to investigate gender from that angle, youre better reading some women psychoanalysts. Blanchard falls short and overall lacks substance, and as other anons are saying, he barely talks about women anyways because his object of study are ftms.

Yes i actually study psychoanalysis i'm sorry nonnies

No. 1477732

File: 1647991459375.png (104.5 KB, 915x1203, Archetypal FTM.png)

It's because as many detransitioners have pointed out, there's a certain "personality type" of girl that gets caught up in the ROGD trans-craze, picrel. This post is locked for subscribers-only but what I can see publicly is pretty accurate, as someone who has most of these traits and questioned gender a lot. https://funklife.substack.com/p/the-archetypal-ftm-sensitive-quirky?s=r

No. 1477746

out of curiosity, what are some good female psychoanalysists that touch on gender topics?

No. 1477748

no offense nonnie but that is kinda… General. That could be a list of traits of women that spend a lot of time online and it would be almost the same imo. I think there is something deeper running with ftm. I think that poor home life, lack of undestanding of puberty, overall distant relation with other girls of the same age, early access to pornography & grooming experiences are more important archetypes. Without to mention any neurodiversity of course.

No. 1477756

AYRT, like I said, the whole post is paywalled (which is frustrating) but the woman who wrote it is a detransitioner who fits all these things and has C-PTSD (she wrote another article about how a lot of so-called "dysphoria" are PTSD symptoms), so she's able to identify the signs. I think those things are big factors too, obviously.

No. 1477854

File: 1647996251550.webm (1.4 MB, 720x1280, 277017111_541305227304121_4091…)

you're straight, it's not that deep.

No. 1477902

File: 1647998063132.png (91.61 KB, 206x221, nani.png)

This is so annoying, we used to have definitions in order to DEFINE things. Why every "newfound identity" doesn't indentify with ANYTHING in particular… even when in the tile says Autism, it goes back to: it's not even about autism at all, more about your feelings…

I'm so done.

No. 1477929

checks out

No. 1478133

File: 1648008151358.png (186.66 KB, 862x1098, 555.png)

Its so funny you can instantly pick out the fakeboi just by their profile picture

No. 1478157

Some of those traits seem to really fit autism and BPD too

No. 1478306

who are they talking about?

No. 1478344

when i thought i found a sane tif she turned out to be a total degenerate, her twitter is full of shotacon porn, furry, gore, cuntboy and a combination of everything.

No. 1478357

No. 1478370

File: 1648024567042.png (591.14 KB, 1080x824, unknown-198.png)

most normal ftm

No. 1478378

kek imagine being more worried about whether or not your poo "passes" than about the fact that you're severely constipated. i can't even be mad because this is pure hilarity

No. 1478380

just eat more fiber and all your problems are solved.
but I bet this one is also ana-chan.

No. 1478402

File: 1648027673331.png (102.05 KB, 984x730, Screenshot (666).png)

The comment section of boys will be bugs by cavetown, I wonder if their is an actual teen boy in the world who related to these songs


No. 1478404

kek only girls can relate to a girl's romanticized version of a boys life.

No. 1478405

The last female only space

No. 1478412

I posted this in the previous thread, but really only a teenage girl only a young girl could have made this song. It captures all the feelings and thoughts one might have as a 14 year old girl
when I was a 14 year, I thought boys were dumb but I still found them cute and even endearing in a way, "Boys will be bugs but I like bugs" is exactly what a 14 year old thinks boys are like, the song works way better when sung its sung by a female singer

No. 1478448

I just realized taking the opposite hormones make FTM and MTF sound exactly the same.

No. 1478467

Hormones don't change mtfs voice though, they have to train it

No. 1478482

File: 1648037457960.jpeg (117.18 KB, 702x545, FJ6rxFiXwAEUHtX.jpeg)

Do fakebois ever even wonder why no actual "cis" male (and especially a cis-gay male) are into the same stuff most fakebois are into, actual gay men aren't into sad boy indie bands, in fact those bands target demographics are alternative teen girls(which is what they were)

No. 1478513

I think it's interesting that this is also fairly new phenenomenom, before the late 2000s/ early 2010s sad indie bands were mostly listened to by men, Its like fakebois are trying their hardest to roleplay as some 1999 hipster softboi whose favorite band is Weezer. Again their whole idea of what a man is comes from media.

No. 1478516

This girl is great, made me love a song that originally feels like a profound misunderstanding of what men think from someone who's allegedly a "man" on the inside. When a woman sings it it's more cheeky and touching. Otherwise I absolutely hate Cavetown.

No. 1478524

I'm ESL, I don't understand how the message of the song changes when sung by a female, can someone explain it to me ?

No. 1478534

It's more like the impression the lyrics give is "boys are actually sensitive deep down and don't know why they do the things they do" is a teen girl's idea of men rather than it being a syntax thing with the English language. Like "oh boo hoo, I ghost girls and punch walls because I can't share my TRUE FEELINGS" rather than the reality that hormones and a lack of proper socialization make young men lash out inappropriately. Also a man would never say "I'm very scary," that feels more tongue-in-cheek and sarcastic when a girl sings it.

No. 1478537

lmao, isn't that cartoon written by a TIF? wouldn't that make it valid represeshuntation then? i love how they eat their own

No. 1478540

File: 1648043962711.jpg (762.72 KB, 2000x2400, 8778123.jpg)

at this point they are all trying to be dan humphrey.

No. 1478601

OMFG thank you for this laugh.

No. 1478617

File: 1648048273560.jpg (1.74 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20201212_224321.jpg)

imagine being this fucking entitled, you can't even pay them a compliment that is supportive of their male identity, cause its somehow the wrong type of compliment

No. 1478621

File: 1648048334992.jpg (1.43 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20201212_224535.jpg)

No. 1478624

Whenever someone says
>as a…
>insert random label here here
I disregard their opinions.

No. 1478658

reminds me of the TIMs who complain on reddit that being affirmed by libfem handmaidens who use their pedophilic little girl names and female pronouns make them feel like they are being mocked because they (the TIMs) know they're not really the sexy teen girls they think they are and everyone else who plays along with their delusions knows this as well. not being able to read anyone's thoughts kills them.

No. 1478671

why do they all skinwalk omocat's art style

No. 1478803

File: 1648056091831.png (281.06 KB, 694x814, 6f52617ca65e26781463a45b7b24a1…)

Because this stupid crewneck has lived in their heads rent free since tumblr 2013.

No. 1478838

reminds me of that anon who posted a pic of her personal tif cow getting a pretty boy throat tattoo.

No. 1478866

File: 1648060021649.jpg (26.32 KB, 540x396, 0463ea72a94a611e91c3c0cf45f325…)

i'm convinced these omocat sweatshirts are legitimately cursed in some way. something about them makes ftms/enbies way more insane after purchasing, saw it happen to 2 people irl

No. 1478935

its incredible how downright SCARED most ftms are of actually being seen as male/masculine in any tangible way. they know that if they were actually seen as men and jugded by standards of masculinity, they'd be ugly manlet incels that no one cares about, instead of super special edgy not-like-the-other-girls girls

No. 1479010

File: 1648065710057.jpg (974.08 KB, 2048x2048, 7b8_f1e4682d_2048.jpg)

It's like they want to get bullied. I'll never understand women who like being feminine but still want to be seen as male. Males don't even see them as males they see them more like easy pussy than anything, it's a scrote thing to say but it's true. Even retards can smell the insecurity from a mile away.

No. 1479065

Sorry to derail for a second but this bag is very cute, anyone got an ID on it?

No. 1479115

>girliest fucking bag
>he/him pin
Why are they like this. I swear, they ALWAYS become more comfortable with their femininity AFTER deciding they're trans. I knew one who desperately wanted to wear pink frilly dresses, but not until after she had top surgery and testosterone. It just absolutely baffles me that they don't realise how fucked up that is.

No. 1479268

It's a bag by bodyline, but it's been discontinued for a long time.

No. 1479294

such a haunted expression. what's up with tifs and thousand yard stares?

No. 1479299

I used to be like this. I was a feminine girl but I didn't want to be sexualized so I started dressing like a tomboy then I found troons and figured that was a safe way to be feminine

No. 1479312

Do men even listen to cavetown or is her entire fanbase angsty teenage girls? I don't know a single male who is into the "feral awkward middle school girl who is having an existential crisis at 3am" genre.

No. 1479326

>compliments miss the mark
>you go dude
>totes manly king male
lmao is it because you know they're lying and overcompensating

No. 1479337

I wonder how many troons deep inside know this. Especially consider how OTT the praise always is, surely anyone with any social instincts can tell it's all fake.

No. 1479474

"feral awkward middle school girl who is having an existential crisis at 3am" lmao ily

No. 1479633

not to be autistic but i never understood why this was considered a double standard. people can technically call themselves anything they want, but there's nothing about charlie's "gender" being a boy besides her self-declaring she is one. they're not both boys with different bodies, that's not how it's work since brain sex isn't 100% proven, one is a boy and the other wants to be one, so of course people will walk on eggshells around the girl to not hurt her feelings

also, i never understood the weird control freak shit about wanting certain compliments at a certain time, or wanting to be referred to in a specific way, like do you want me to pretend you're a man or not? why do i have to ask what kind of nice words you want at that moment? but that could also be because i grew up an autistic weeb that was bullied a lot… beggars can't be choosers if you're going to be a dork

i'm unironically obsessed with that one tweet that says something like "i hate when people use my pronouns but it's obvious they see me as a man"… they don't want basic respect, they want to police people's thoughts and perceptions. gay people don't suddenly stop being gay if someone mistakes them as straight, so it shows how fragile their identity is

No. 1479665

>they don't want basic respect, they want to police people's thoughts and perceptions
Exactly, and their identity is solely based on external validation.
If a tranny falls in a forest but there's no-one around to hear them, are they still heckin' valid?

No. 1479672

Don’t you think it takes a lot of effort to be this level of narcissistic?

No. 1479808

nah, if you're in the right echo chamber it becomes second nature. for example, a few years ago my entire retarded online friend circle at the time was acting all schizo about 'being perceived' and how eye contact with strangers was about as perverted as showing someone your butthole unprompted. it made me think about how i rarely make eye contact with anyone, even in my family, and noticing that made me hyper aware of when i did make eye contact. same for when i was walking somewhere and suddenly realized the cars driving by me actually 'perceived' me. i snapped out of it after i deleted my twitter account and, needless to say, i'm not in touch with these spergs anymore. but just constantly reading about being perceived and having eye contact with strangers planted the seeds already. i guess the same happens with shit like gender woo.

No. 1479843

I notice this too. If it's because they don't want to be objectified by creeps they don't realize that "wait, I'm a boy tho!" doesn't halt objectification. Creepy scrotes don't give a fuck about you saying "it's gay to oogle me bc I'm male!" It's honestly very sad they don't see this. But if it's because they hate being associated with "other women who like girl stuff" when they partake in feminine dressing or hobbies that shit is unforgivable. Reminds me of Kiko the They/Them Asexual Cam Star.

No. 1479852

File: 1648135356384.png (43.36 KB, 737x468, CixiEunuchs.png)

really based dad

No. 1479901

i remember the whole “being perceived” and “the ordeal of being known” fad lol you couldn’t escape that shit in 2019

at the end of the day these spergs are just self conscious with learned helplessness, they just come up with a new stupid trend once every few years to lazily pretend what they are feeling is normal instead of picking up some self help books about self discipline and confidence

No. 1479922

>Stop being nice just to show the lesbians 'masculine straight men arent' bad'.

That's hilarious. I love his "lesbians think men are bad so I'm going to be nice to prove them wrong" homophobia. Way better than the other types.

No. 1479952

in my experience, this same type of people whines about being a gifted child just because they got praised once in elementary school and then struggled with their grades a few years later. every single american on the internet is a gifted child, it's peak american exceptionalism to claim this as a subtle brag about how talented they are. yet they are also the ones who sit at home all day and do nothing.

No. 1479994

File: 1648144214550.png (226.61 KB, 598x733, Joe_1.png)

I posted in the previous MTF threads but it truly fits better here

So this is "drama' that happened over a year ago but its still perfect example of why you can't ever win with TRAs, Joe Hawley the former frontman of the 2000's Indie pop rock band Tally Hall(the one's that made the Ruler of Everything song) got DM'd by an underaged nb Ayden who asked him if he could put his pronouns in his bio, he politely refused and got into argument regarding non-binaryism and pronouns and in this conversation his "problematic" views were revealed
see he thinks trans people are "valid" and believes Transphobia is real, but he doesn't buy into that Idea that anyone can be non-binary, he also believes that children don't have the mental capacity to know if their trans or not and shouldn't allowed on hormones and referred to some "trans affirming" surgeries as multination(which they are) and that got him cancelled, like the whole of woke twitter fucking hates his guts now for views that aren't even remotely offensive and likely what the average normie lib believes in

No. 1480000

File: 1648144505210.jpg (246.82 KB, 584x2034, Joe_2.jpg)

TIFs and enbies especially were heartbroken cause his music was already popular with that particular demographic

No. 1480016

>"men are born gay but women chose to be lesbian"
what a fucking dickhead

No. 1480017

It's so funny how high the bar of not being "transphobic" is. I know a lot of these N-B Ayden's are usually white straight zoomers but it shows they wouldn't survive being gay/LGB at all in the Reagan or Bush era. Transpeople have corporations bending down to them, putting pride flags on everything, changing the rainbow flag to have the trans flag pasted onto it, gender is being taught in liberal state schools, liberals are letting them change definitions of words for their feelings, and yet some musician who doesn't mind transpeople but doesn't want to put "he" in his bio (He's a guy? What else would you call him?), doesn't think kids should be castrated, and thinks third-genders don't make sense is the bad guy? Meanwhile decades ago I had teachers who would talk about how glad they are that gay marriage is illegal, and classmates that would brag about how they wouldn't hesitate to beat up a gay person lmao

No. 1480180


I didn't know about this, but now I like his music even more

No. 1480199

File: 1648158687581.jpg (754.4 KB, 1074x1276, SmartSelect_20220324-175010_In…)

I don't get it
>troons out to be a male
>still an e-whore

they always undo the male they try to become just to e-whore.

No. 1480232

File: 1648160376629.png (Spoiler Image, 423.7 KB, 727x559, if you gaze into the abyss the…)

jfc i made the mistake of checking out her twitter. she's just an e-whore with funky nipples and an enlarged clit. peak female behavior.

No. 1480242

no no no you don't get it! being feminine as a BOI is cool and she's not like other girls. plus dressing like a "trap" is a guaranteed way to win male attention (perverted degenerate males but males nonetheless)

No. 1480244

Now I love their music even more. I don't even know if what he said is fully based, but I'm here for it.

No. 1480248

No. 1480270

Yeah, those NB and assorted gendertrenders would never have existed at a time when being LGBT was actually dangerous and limiting socially! There were no asspats to be had, for one.
It's weird how conservatives used to fearmonger that legalizing gay marriage was going to be a slippery slope to us pushing for legalizing some degen stuff, but instead it's just straight people who started to go full retard and play pretend at being LGB because it became trendy. I hate this timeline.

No. 1480329

File: 1648165392209.jpeg (1.24 MB, 2477x3454, 497A85FE-54D4-4EA0-B38E-255FE2…)

So close

No. 1480432

AYRT, it's also why I don't believe the claim that there are more kids transitioning because we're so open-minded now and it's easier to come out. A lot of these vocal genderspecials are straight or prefer dating the opposite sex, and the LGBT (with the T added) community has actually become more homophobic to "cis-gays". I've read detransitioner stories where when they came out as gay, people were suspicious, but when they came out as trans, those same people welcomed them with open arms. Acceptance rates overall and among straight people have been going lower since 2015, and we all know why. We're probably going to have a Republican president after Biden because people are getting so fed up by white straight people (and anyone else they brainwashed) playing the woke pomo game.

No. 1480502

File: 1648174027667.png (940.77 KB, 528x827, kekytjy.PNG)

It honestly sucked seeing girls I admired get into this and try to convince everyone they're men. Omocat was a plague

No. 1480552

You're a woman that needs therapy because you were sexually abused and terrified by men so you don't want to be a woman because you think it will make men stop abusing you. Solved your query dear.

No. 1480561

>I am a man because I want to feel in control of the way I'm treated by men and I also want to fuck women like men do because men have sex with women and not other women, just men.

>I wear outfit that man will coom to and present my very female body in a way that appeals to an audience of mostly men because I am a masculine man in every way possible and not because I also seek approval from men though I am fearful of men because of previous trauma that I will not seek help to correct.

No. 1480605

sage for OT but holy shit that bodyline bag from twenty years ago takes me back

can't believe i'm not the only one who recognizes it, damn

No. 1480627

File: 1648184460530.png (914.01 KB, 1080x1617, Screenshot_20220325-124027_Sam…)

I found a goldmine of tifs being homophobic because gay men won't fuck them in the vagina or be pegged by them.

h t t p s :/ /photos.app.goo.gl / S g z 9 a R 2 B x P H 4 J g q A 7

No. 1480628

>wants fags to be locked up because they won’t fuck “his” dried out testosterone shrivelled vagina and want to fuck each other in peace
That’s actually scrote levels of perverted and evil, holy shit.

No. 1480633

File: 1648185065917.jpg (755.05 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20220325-011018_Tik…)

This is just a heterosexual relationship. Male tranny + female femboi. It's not surprising. This is no different than smelly gamer boyfriend and bisexual e-whore gf.

No. 1480637

File: 1648185186374.jpg (834.48 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20220325-011236_Tik…)

Omg. I totally can't tell who the biological male and biological female are in this situation!!!

No. 1480702

damn, i was on tumblr during these dark days. didnt the artist turn out to be a shota loving pedo too? lol not that anyone was surprised.

yeah, its a way to cope with being a woman. it fucking sucks being a woman sometimes because people treat you like shit and they see it as freeing to be a "man", that theyre not bound by how their gender is perceived. these girls really need to have more positive female role models and see a therapist about how societal trauma is affecting them.

they think that if you cant beat them join them, but no one sees them as any thing other than a soft/pastel butch at best

i feel for them, I was like that for a year or two when i was like 19-20. i learned dressing in mens clothes and wearing short wigs stopped harassment, and i got positive attention from women. I didn't troon out, thank god, but many of my IRL friends did and now theyre all hella depressed/drug addicted he/theys and she/theys now in their late 20's, early 30s with one that committed suicide. some have shaved heads, apparently gender is stored in the hair.

at least its all relatively harmless compared to tims who prey on women, tifs only hurt themselves and get victimized by others.

No. 1480706

This is extra funny to me as someone who has spoken to her. Afaik she identified as a gay boy kek. She probably views her partner as male just as much as he probably views her as female.
On a side note, has anyone noticed that T4T hetero couples are often just dating each other because no gay man would date a FTM and no gay woman would date a TIM? If it isn’t that and the ftm isn’t bi, she’s normally a self hating homosexual that’s going to come out with trauma from having to touch a weiner

No. 1480709

i have this transmasc tif friend who was ranting about clothes the other day. she said like "why are all non-binary clothes companies basically only selling button downs, theyre just mens clothes made to fit AFAB bodies."

I was like "oh what are you looking for?"

She says "I want like a company that sells clothes for AFAB trans people that are just regular clothes, like comfy sweaters and dresses but for AFAB"

Me, "so like a regular clothing store? like H&M? "

Her, "No, it needs to be H&M but GENDER"

I love this girl, but some times I dont even know what she is talking about.

No. 1480711

and they say clothes have no gender but they're the first people to gender clothing.

No. 1480712

So close to realizing non-binary just upholds default=male

No. 1480769

A narc, entitled and pornsick women NLOG. What a combo. She needs to be put down.

No. 1480770

God sorry for blog but i can't help but wonder where this one girl i kindated for two weeks is nowadays. i told her that she'd regret getting on T and that i was praying for girls like her to reconsider it and she wrote a callout about me. i'm so glad she did because the response i got from tumblr tranners for saying something so innocuous was insane and helped cement my decision to desist. so thank you Adam wherever you are; as horrible as you were to me, i still wish you well and i hope that when you realise how much damage you've done to yourself you don't go insane. it's OK to be a straight girl, i promise

No. 1480777

File: 1648199529947.png (367.67 KB, 888x1124, seethe.png)

Holy shit, I thought TIMS were bad kek. I didn't realise the homophobia among TIFs was so widespread.
Also you can tell they haver had sex with an actual man before when they talk about "all the dicks I have in my drawer to choose from" Like they seriously think a dick is just a phallic object you stick in a hole, just like the TIM logic that is "strap-ons and girldicks are totally the same thing!!"

No. 1480780

When will they realise, people want to have sex with a person with a set of real genitals that they find naturally attractive. They don’t want to submit to some confused, entitled, chopped up mutilated pervert with a fake gelatine dick. Do they want gay men to lie with their face in the pillow quietly sobbing while they violate them with a draw full of unwashed sticky cheap dildos? or something? These dudes don’t want to fuck you! Why is that such a hard concept to grasp?

No. 1480784

i have a theory on why opposite sex attracted fakebois love yaoi so much, from someone who used to be one, and who used to like yaoi.

as sex-crazed virgins (which should be an oxymoron in any normal society) who hate their bodies yaoi is the perfect outlet for their sexuality. they can imagine themselves as having a male body instead of a yucky girl body.

when i had actually gone and had a bunch of experience with both men and women, revisiting yaoi years later just didn't work for me anymore. it's so exaggerated, fetishistic and just all-around gross.

i'd gander a lot of these girls are going and doing permanent damage to their sexual organs (i include breasts in this because a lot of them get their nipples fucked up too, and God knows what the long term effects of artificial testosterone are) without even having had sex. grim

No. 1480884

AYRT, agree, you can plainly see, even in all the pics posted in this thread, how more people started to identify as trans not because it's easier to come out but because of the definitional shift that happened in what trans even mean. The slightest discomfort with your birth sex or the stereotypes associated to it mean you're trans. I have even seen that to be a woman you're supposed to be taking some kind of active joy in your femininity because MTFs do and for some reason they are the arbiters of womanhood now.
And yeah, spicy straights' take over is ruining things for the real LGBT because they play into the slipping slope arguments and because they push for the stupid discrimination argument since people accept them as friends but do not want to have anything to do with them romantically or sexually. Frankly, many modern rights movements from trans to fat activists are more about trying to convince unwilling people to fuck said activists than anything else.
I was going to say that there was still hope for Biden being reelected because I feel that the Ukrainian crisis will play a big role in the next election, but maybe it's not that big of a hope kek

No. 1480892

Why removing her breasts but still keep posting picture sexualizing herself in a very feminine way? I can still understand in a way women transing to protect themselves from male sexual violence and degradation, but those internet addicted coomers defy imagination. She's not trying to become her yaois neither, like what can even be the motivation, unless it just means that people ewhoring on the internet were always irremediable broken in their heads.

No. 1480910

Yeah, most Asian BLs and their Western fans and imitators just ooze that sex-crazed but terrified of sex virgin energy, great way to put it. There are even very different vibes between women writing MLM stories even out of a fetish and yaoi fare, mostly because the former try to write sex as a way for humans to connect and the latter just as wank material over objects, very like moid porn.

No. 1481369

sage for blogpost but I’ve finally lost my little sister to this cult as they hoover up one more mentally ill woman. she spent most of lockdown going more and more schizo (think believing police trying to kill her), finally breaking down totally when her ex dumped her. since then refusing/unable to work and spending the few hours she’s awake constantly watching breadtube and other pro-troon shit. thinks being nonnbinary is of huge importance and drama to us all when she’s delusional and probs gonna end up homeless cause she’s mentally ill and can’t work

No. 1481371

That's terrible, I'm so sorry for you.
Normally your sister would need mental health care and probably institutionalisations since it sounds like she has some severe mental illness going on, but nowadays they would shoot her up with testosterone and mutilate her body with surgery if you sent her for help.
What is one supposed to do? Can you maybe cut her internet?

No. 1481391

File: 1648247367601.png (752.17 KB, 1450x2048, Screenshot_20220325-133236.png)

They are all so annoying

No. 1481393

she has her own place, so limited what we can do. she was assessed by an emergency psych team but they saw no issue (how the fuck I don’t know). cuz she’s aware of some terfy opinions I have I’m apparently to blame for all the problems in her life, not her severe mental illness, inability to hold a job, maintain a relationship etc. she’s exactly the prime target to be groomed into this shit - socially isolated, mentally ill, trauma, attracted to women, and now has an explanation as to why her life has gone so poorly that isn’t her responsibility, can be pinned on unsupportive troonphobic relatives and society

No. 1481402

File: 1648248339385.jpeg (856.25 KB, 1170x1361, 2F84E73E-CD6F-4F1F-AC14-AC1E59…)

are we allowed to post personal cows here? anyway:
-former anachan
-shitty fried neon hair
-cheap e-thot/lolita outfits
-true and honest he/him gay man (fujoshi)
-uncomfortable with feminine terms but calls herself a bimbo
-majoring in forensics because it’s the closest she’ll get to living out her necro/eroguro fetish

No. 1481407

She should become a Courtney Love impersonator, ngl. She sounds cute too, sad that she’s larping as a gay man.

No. 1481411

>”sounds cute”
Nonnie are necrophile e-whores your type?

No. 1481416

I dig her retarded hair honestly, as well as her makeup and I think she's really cute (really ugly clothes aside). It's no wonder she's a he/him, it's another trend to follow and she looks like the typical e-trend hopper. Sad.

No. 1481417

why should anyone strive to be an impersonator of anyone else? just be yourself

No. 1481419

Tell that to trannies

No. 1481479

based psychoanalysis queen. come over
i would always recommend klein, kristeva, cixous (not a psychoanalyst but heavily influenced by freud, although she was also influenced by d*rrida). riviere is wonderful too, womanliness as a masquerade is super interesting and her understanding of the oedipus complex in women is so legit.
please excuse the kind of necro response

No. 1481495

Unfortunately yes. I like crazy women a little too much, I’d probably get killed for having such a type but luckily women don’t actually kill their partners kek. Sage for embarrassing blogpost.

No. 1481552

She's way prettier than Courtney.

No. 1481575

>when too many other girls are nlog so you become not like the other incels instead

No. 1481612

these types always whine and cry about how gay guys dont wanna fuck em bc they "view them as women" but then go and fuck straight guys who view them as women but theyre totally fine w that so long as theyre getting dicked down like their fav yaoi bois

its like being an actual man doesn't matter to them, they just want someone with a dick to fuck em so they can live out their own personal delusions

genuinely pornsick

No. 1481625

No. 1481663

The scrote changing his alter at 3:30 killed me

No. 1481708

How can you stand to be friend with a troon? Genuinely asking because I feel too bothered by them to give them a chance

No. 1481721

I hope this becomes a rallying point between us and gay dudes.

No. 1481766

the gay male online community is extremely terfy, every time an ftm tries to post on a gay subreddit they're like fuck off, we're not into pussy you homophobe. they then always go back to trans reddit or tiktok to cry about the evil cisgays kek

i'm not surprised though, the way the trans community treats cisgays is so narcissistic and entitled. gay men have been brutally murdered and suppressed for thousands of years for their sexuality and they continue to be opressed and murdered outside the liberal west, yet some white middle class troon that will never face real violence and is oppressed by "misgendering" wants to lecture them on how drag is transphobic against mtfs and not eating pussy is transphobic against ftms and how cisgays are all privileged KKK members that need to shut up and make way for the so much more opressed troons.

No. 1481793

does anyone here understand the psychology behind /r/ftmspuninished? it's so bizarre!! like they have to be aware that this fetish exclusively appeals to straight coomer men that see them as very degraded women, right? how do you simultaneously troon out and larp as a very gay male and whore yourself out on an extremely straight misogyny-fetish sub? they could have skipped all that effort and just stayed straight women with a musky daddy dom to satisfy their urge for misogyny cooms. I guess by doing it as "gay men" they think that it's not gross and pathetic and boring but totally kweer and gender and not-heteronormative?

No. 1481798

File: 1648282966092.png (57.13 KB, 619x516, girl what.png)

What did she mean by this

No. 1481803

why, because they still have uterus tissue in other body parts? If thats the issue, they should see a doctor

No. 1481807

women with internalised misogyny and deep self loathing performatively present as men to escape said self loathing, but can’t quite shake becoming aroused by objectification and abuse of themselves as female. Add in testosterone upping your sex drive/coomer tendencies and you have ftmspunished

No. 1481830

Every single time you see a frenchfag on twitter saying something and ending their sentence with "c'est réel" you just KNOW they're saying something retarded beyond human comprehension. This doesn't apply just to trannies by the way.

No. 1481832

>There are even very different vibes between women writing MLM stories even out of a fetish and yaoi fare
>mostly because the former try to write sex as a way for humans to connect and the latter just as wank material over objects, very like moid porn.
Not really, it's basically two different names to refer to the exact same stuff, different writers and artists will then create stuff that will have different vibes.

No. 1481985

Two theories:
1- obsession with being uwu, so smol and consooming too much nasty ageplay shit
2- bone rattling pro ana behaviour masked under the socially acceptable guise of heckin’ gender validation

No. 1482104

Actual suicide fuel.

No. 1482227

yeah, that's what i was thinking, endometriosis. see a gyno oh my God it's fine, i'm sure nowadays there's gynos out there who call themselves andrologists so they don't trigger you

No. 1482481

they're stunning and brave if they're a guy e-whoring, not just a woman e-whoring herself because all women are inherently whores blah blah blah.

No. 1482651

Pretty much. Same reason fakebois will have the girliest tastes in jfashion while insisting they aren't girls. Being sexualized and feminine as a girl=you're a yucky boring shallow slut, doing it as some flavor of Not A Girl=Stunning and Brave.

It's cope to deal with internalizing a bunch of fucked up ideas about women and femininity.

No. 1482897

File: 1648353699176.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 271.64 KB, 1049x940, D5F3C281-59BE-4ED9-9362-585902…)

Posting from the mtf thread, this tif claims she can ejaculate post srs. Its a pretty impressive result compared to most phallos, apparently taking four surgeries and two medical tattoos

No. 1482920

it looks deflated and flat.

No. 1482924

I wish theyd embrace femininity and declare theyre a girl. Nothing wrong with hyper femininity. Its a shame society bashes women for being feminine

No. 1482929

Based misandry

No. 1482931

Gay men are privileged moids kek
Im glad women are treating them like garbage. Gay moids are some of the most sexist and nasty moids out there. They have a whole culture of calling vaginas fishy and gatekeeping femininity from women. Fuck them.

No. 1482934

What happens when she gets an infection in her bartholian/skenes gland (which have been left intact for some reason) and all that shits surgical trapped inside of a person, I mean that's kind of acidic vaginal discharge substance thats seeping down the neorethra. What happens if it dries? why is it staying trapped inside her for 30 seconds. there's a femcoom fluid pocket inside isn't there

No. 1483009

The formation of pouches in the extended urethra is not an uncommon side effect, since the donor tissue is not designed to handle the pressure of urine, has no muscles to keep urine/ejaculate moving through the skintube, and has suture-puckered scarring all along its length and where it joins the actual urethra.
If I recall from years ago, the complication rate for this surgery is 80% with an average of 5 revision surgeries and a 60% failure rate. It shouldn't even be on the table.

No. 1483010

>Bashes women for being feminine
I don't know where you live anon but that's expected of women lol

No. 1483037

shes really nice and supportive, we have the same hobbies and have been friends for years. Im pretty used to calling her they but people here will roast me for that lmao. She can be kinda cringe sometimes, but idk we get a long, new friends can be hard to find.

No. 1483357

>sometimes i worry if i am taking up too much space in this subreddit
lol so masculine

No. 1483393

>society bashes women for being feminine
LMAO no it doesn't, that's the biggest most retarded libfem cope to ever come out of social media. Zoomer girls want to call themselves feminists but actually challenging gender expectations (like performing femininity) is hard and very socially unacceptable so they convince themsleves that consooming clothing and makeup and being tee hee bimbos and fitting every single patriarchal expectation of women is somehow subversive

No. 1483427

>society bashes women for being feminine
Anon. Society ENCOURAGES women to be feminine, which is what these fakebois hate. They want femininity to be a choice, not have it forced on them

No. 1483481

I don’t remember if it was this troon or someone else, but some TiF on reddit mentioned she could not “ejaculate” until her urethral strictures were fixed. More evidence in support of the coom pouch hypothesis

No. 1483619

>the complication rate for this surgery is 80% with an average of 5 revision surgeries and a 60% failure rate
that is fucking horrifying. barbaric. literally mutilating people with mental illness to appease liberals. it's essentially a BBL, the kind you have to go get done in a third world country because they have no laws and will inject cement into your ass or whatever, or like, that eye-color-change surgery where they just inject dye into your eyeball which is also illegal so people again go to some shithole country with no regulations to get it done. cant believe this is done in first world countries.

No. 1483622

File: 1648394305920.jpg (131.65 KB, 905x488, Untitled.jpg)

it will hurt forever

No. 1483653

I feel you, nonnie. I wish she would have been happy to remain a GNC lesbian instead if trooning out. I wonder though if this was her way of trying to escape scrotes fetishizing her, reddit was super obsessed with her as their tomboy manic pixie dream girl for a while.

No. 1483660

couldn't swallow the pill of becoming an old white woman so she became a geriatric-looking teen boi instead

No. 1483710

Male tranny can troon steadily while his gf is a "femboi"??? Why are men more straightforward at trooning gosh, they really are better in trooning.

No. 1483715

>soft/pastel butch
There are no classic stone butch-to-TIF trannies? This era is fucked up, TWAF (Trans Women Are Feminine), TMAF, most TIFs claim to "crossdress", while TIMs just want to be women and nothing more (even at the expense of shitting on women catastrophically becauae theyre men and their masculinity when juxtaposed is like a man playing unfair sports against women because curbstomp) while TIFs dont want to be proper men.
>tifs only hurt themselves and get victimized by others
Are they able to hurt non-troon women? A lot of us are talking about how misogynistic they are too. Misogyny from TIFs is harmless? But they sell us out to men wouldnt that be collateral damage too?

Most gays are m4m, they are all "no femmes no fats" therefore they shame women and gnc men.

No. 1483718

Ah yes when #20 comes we can change the desc to

"This thread is for posting and discussing fakebois, fujo yaoi larpers, e-whoring with extra steps and ftm snowflake behavior who may or may not deserve their own threads.

even the nonfujos are ewhoring, god.

No. 1483790

File: 1648405904952.jpg (191.3 KB, 723x717, 1647838035577.jpg)

>Most gays are m4m, they are all "no femmes no fats" therefore they shame women and gnc men.
see i always wonder what kind of gay men go for these uber feminine gay men that have all these weird sassy black woman mannerisms and act like mean girls (the movie). there's nothing more unappealing than a guy who acts like mateo from superstore and i just can't imagine any gay guy liking that sort of behavior either

kek i agree, we should include this.

No. 1484107

I think this and a barely concealed eating disorder did this to her. And the fact that she was low-key balding for a while, might as well lean into it.

No. 1484126

can someone please explain the obsession people have with "trans kids" and how children seem to be brought into every argument also does "kids" mean 17.5 year olds or people in kindergarten

No. 1484139

I feel like the link between transitioning and EDs in women is so obvious but no one in the mainstream ever mentions it. There’s a lot of teenage girls in specific claiming to “recover” from anorexia then transition into the world’s most skeletal fakeboi- entirely unrelated, I’m sure! Very depressing to think actual medical professionals are encouraging girls with known, documented body image issues the to chop their tits off and take testosterone (which just so happens to aid in weight loss)

No. 1484144

They mean children, like prepubescent. The younger the better, really, there are kids transitioning under the age of 5. The entire argument is the eariler kids transition, the better chance they have at passing successfully. Allowing your GNC kid to go through puberty normally- instead of prolonging it indefinitely and putting them on a regimen of lifelong cross sex hormones- is literal violence now.

No. 1484254

this is interesting to me because it employs the same manipulative tactics that right-wingers use to say that abortion or whatever is bad. "think of the children!!!" adults need to stop using children as this bulletproof shield for any political or moral argument they have.

No. 1484285

And transing young, prepubescent children is integral to the communication strategy of MTF AGPs and become-the-yaoi "gay" FTMs because transed children cement in public imagination the made-up idea of an inner, soul-like gender in contradiction with your material body. Because children are prepubescent, they obviously can't trans for the coom, so the logic goes that they can only trans to follow the dictate of their ~inner gender~, and the older troons expect the general public to apply the same logic to them and not look too closely at how many panties stolen from their female relative they have masturbated in.
And of course you have the brain dead retards who think that for some reason children are immune from outside influences from society and more in touch with their true nature, so if a 8yo says they are a boy, then it's a pure, deep truth and not a 8yo getting influenced by parents or not understanding how the world work, which also serves the AGPs by once again validating the existence of ~gender~

No. 1484334

File: 1648436830822.jpeg (774.25 KB, 1170x1843, 78376DE2-49A8-4206-9C50-B34F78…)

>knife kink & pyrophiliac
this bitch isn’t gonna live to 25 even if she doesn’t take the 41%

No. 1484346

Does any nona have the wojak types of TIFs pic with the coomer, kpopper etc? I feel like it could come in handy in these threads

No. 1484443

File: 1648441708149.jpg (781.47 KB, 1303x1629, 2022_03_27_23_27_35_552.jpg)

Speak of the devil.
Looking nice and fresh on the red carpet.

No. 1484449

Looks like a little boy with some sort of disease causing premature aging getting his make-a-wish come true

No. 1484457

She looks like she's dying

No. 1484481

I just can't get over the jaw implants. If she weren't transitioning she would absolutely be the subject of eating disorder speculations but she's protected rn by her status as trans boi. Of course I don't want her obvious mental illness to be picked apart in public, but it's disturbing to watch this happen right in front of our eyes.

No. 1484502

She’s in TERRIBLE shape. It’s scary to see someone’s health/looks degrading so rapidly.

No. 1484535

She looks like a ventriloquist dummy and giving me Chris Kattan vibes. She looks as small, stiff, and high off opiates as he does.
Seriously. Looks like some pedobait shit. She looks like an "erosmenos"

No. 1484715

god she looks like a moron
i wonder if she's the same type of fakeboi to love being ~smol~uwu~ though and this doesnt embarrass her

No. 1484718

File: 1648452202273.jpg (165.23 KB, 894x545, Untitled.jpg)

oh god i forgot about chris kattan u rite tho

No. 1484742

THOSE LEGS OMG not even Lucinda at this point. This level of ana + testosterone is a call for a heart attack i'm not even kidding.

No. 1484799

>they really are better in trooning.
is the tif hating moid back?

No. 1484801

File: 1648460971048.jpg (253.06 KB, 640x1581, xcl4dawqg0n81.jpg)

which one. all i came across is this

No. 1484814

it's so tragic to see her like this. if she feels dysphoric she has made sure she will never heal or overcome it. being a tiny skinny feminine looking "boy" AT BEST, chasing the ideal male body (as we know she does or she wouldn't have gone full speed into several intensive surgeries) that she can never achieve no matter what. and as a lesbian it's gonna be nearly impossible to find someone who's attracted to her, lesbians don't want a mutilated body made to look male and straight women don't want to date a woman. i hope she hasn't been so brainwashed she has "unlearned her genital preference" and has to date girldick transbians, although the milk would be great kek
i wonder how long it will be before she detransitions

No. 1484825

Tonight was the first time I've heard her voice since she trooned out, and all I can say is woof. Didn't she say that Vanya would still be a woman in Umbrella Academy? How the hell is that working now that she's wrecked her voice? Physically she still looks pretty female, albeit incredibly sickly, so they could probably just toss a wig on her and call it a day, especially since Ellen looked pretty haggard in s2 anyways, but how are they going to deal with the fakeboi voice when it's so blatant?

No. 1484832

File: 1648464930735.jpeg (288.48 KB, 1170x1354, 9AB1416F-3F70-4273-9E1C-6E1C5D…)

Not trans related but Kristen Steward on the other hand, looks amazing with her fiancée.(derailing)

No. 1484925

There’s a reason why “you don’t need surgery to be valid” has become a popular position. Can you imagine if those images were spread around in discord and queer spaces instead of “packers uwu” and fanart

No. 1484930

How come this never happened in Japanese fanbases. You only ever see this in western and westernised spaces

No. 1484931

Easy you’re either actually straight but spent too much time on tumblr or a bisexual woman in denial.

No. 1484936

It's starting to happen over there but iirc it's more themby shit than tim or tif shit.

No. 1484949

I heard people talking about how Vanya was going to transition.

No. 1484951

in japan, bl is for girls so if you like bl that’s like, natural. You are the target audience of bl. They don’t think they are gay for liking bl. Westies convinced themselves that if they like bl they must be gay due to stupid tumblr bullshit

No. 1484953

lol she looks so girly next to actual men, this is hilarious but also sad

No. 1484963

File: 1648481199197.webm (3.58 MB, 720x1280, y2JtheFk163eHQOM.webm)

Its even funnier in motion, Gyllenhaal isn't even that tall of a man(5'10 1/2) and yet he towers over her, not just in terms of height but body proportions as well

No. 1484964

god she is perfect

honestly? feels like japanese women dont sperg out on each other about liking m/m. like i have never seen a man in any culture start screaming at other men who like lesbian porn that they're fetishizing lesbians and women and are so fucked up and wrong to do that. western women especially love to just rage at other women for liking things.

No. 1484967

youre looking at jake, im looking at maggie. jfc every woman ellen stands next to dwarfs her, and here she is in her little boy cosplay, who tf does she think shes fooling. i bet everyone who stands next to her just feels pity and like they have to make her feel better, like a mentally handicapped person

No. 1484973

It's always the 5'1" womanlets that troon out, I don't think I've ever seen a tall woman go the fakeboi route.

No. 1484999

tall women get roasted from childhood to the grave for being unfeminine. Too tall, feet too big, voice too deep, testosterone too high, etc etc. My theory is that a lifetime of dealing with that a) insulates you against gender nonsense because you already know that you’re a woman regardless of how cleanly you fit into gender roles and regardless of how many scrotes ask “are you a boy or a girl?” and b) makes you consistently resent those gender roles from an early age, thereby making you significantly less likely to agree to play along with them by doing the whole “I’m tall and don’t take any shit so I must not be female after all uwu” nonsense

No. 1485005

I also noticed that about the height of FTMs! I wonder if it's because small women are treated even more condescendingly by men and like ~cute children~ so for them, the usual misogyny is even more difficult to put up with. You do get some more respect being a tall woman.

Wow, thank you for your insight that men, white or other wise, don't give a shit about other men's fetishization of women! Truly examples to follow for women all around the world.
You can also maybe consider what the word fujoshi means in its original Japanese and how even otaku media (not BL itself) always has the fact that women love m/m as an hilarious oddity or an extremely shameful thing that must be hidden. The other nonna >>1484951 has it right, the issue in the West is not with people mocking someone else's fap material, but with how Western fans for some reason decided that reading BLs has anything to do with gay men or protecting LGB rights and coupled with the modern trans discourse plus misc factors like SM, social isolation, autism, NLTOGism, etc created a breeding dish for "gay" FTM.

No. 1485016

File: 1648485512572.jpg (233.29 KB, 812x838, Untitled.jpg)

these girls are like caricatures. they all look the same, all draw the same. i've seen this art style at least 200 times.

No. 1485018

>I also noticed that about the height of FTMs! I wonder if it's because small women are treated even more condescendingly by men and like ~cute children~ so for them, the usual misogyny is even more difficult to put up with. You do get some more respect being a tall woman.
Definitely. As a 4'11" woman who almost became a themby, even in a 3rd world country where most people are already short (women are five foot even on average) I definitely do wish I was like the taller nonas so people could actually take me seriously, especially abroad.

I swear, there are only 3 fakeboi artstyles: the one you pictured, extreme cartoon proportions with lots of bright colors for "eyestrain" and soft pastels with kawaii uwu proportions.

No. 1485021

>thank you for your insight that men, white or other wise, don't give a shit about other men's fetishization of women! Truly examples to follow for women all around the world.

not sure if you're being sarcastic but in this case, yeah, who gives a shit. men are degenerates but this is also fiction and liking some fictional men fucking does nothing to harm irl gay men. idk why women and ftms (aka just still women) seethe and rage about it so much. men never do that for the lesbian fetishization.

No. 1485036

>I also noticed that about the height of FTMs! I wonder if it's because small women are treated even more condescendingly by men and like ~cute children~ so for them, the usual misogyny is even more difficult to put up with. You do get some more respect being a tall woman.
i think it's also a defense mechanism because of the fact that moids often see smaller women as defenseless targets, and there are… a lot of aidens who've trooned out after experiencing sexual assault. it would also explain why so many of them suddenly become hypersexual after taking hormones or getting their breasts removed

No. 1485039

I heard that Vanya wasn't going to be in S3.

No. 1485042

File: 1648486709844.jpg (51.63 KB, 900x900, 1635963001245.jpg)

I don't get this, are you really claiming that a bunch of wokies calling out the fetishes of some fujos online is somehow leading to girls transitioning, like really ?
what porn sickness does to a mfer

No. 1485044

File: 1648487084946.jpg (88.59 KB, 1200x1200, Nick-Camryn--1200x1200.jpg)

No. 1485048

File: 1648487525968.jpeg (84.22 KB, 700x1036, 2D14925C-5C13-4500-975D-DDD4F4…)

Don’t forget the fakebois that do the dark and broody type art, that can feature things like self harm, EDs, and of course gay dudes also thrown in. They all seem to draw the same things too.

No. 1485052

File: 1648487741985.jpeg (158.86 KB, 828x832, A5B02A3D-3C24-4EDC-873E-117C6C…)

No. 1485061

Aidens and he/him lesbians will reblog this shit and completely miss the entire fucking point.

No. 1485070

this one also started testosterone at like 14 so that's not much or an argument

No. 1485100

no woman is respected by moids. They shit on tall women different to how they shit on short women but trust, they still shit on us.

No. 1485132

Wait ,I’m sorry, but is this a drawing if a man scraping off his forearm with a spatula? Wow that’s so deep, this really says a lot about masculinity or whatever

No. 1485137

what deep commentary is this supposed to be representing

No. 1485138

File: 1648495294197.png (434.43 KB, 1075x535, Screenshot.png)

TIFs desire to be their ideal male partner is truly fascinating to witness, picrel TIF's type is one that majority of girls have been interested in since forever but instead of trying to peruse that guy, she instead wants to become him

No. 1485144

At first I thought that the character was supposed to be a girl trying to cut a graft of skin from her arm to make her own inflatable sausage. But it’s something about ED, I can’t take seriously anything about EDs in men because they literally have no excuse to be fat or to want to be anachans. This is just a new kind of “won’t someone think of the meeeeeeeeeeen?!?!?!” pickme shit.

No. 1485150

File: 1648496117341.jpg (268.27 KB, 1386x1732, 718bf3c7af757f9e5990942061d3f0…)

That's pretty much all they do. They call it "gender envy" whenever they have a crush on a male celebrity or fictional character, too. AAP is real lol

No. 1485161

They both look like they're not trying to look at her too much. There's a weird combo of disgust and pity in their eyes.

No. 1485168

She literally asked to be in the middle, making herself look even shorter. They look like two parents and their child, there's no way she doesn't know that (especially with all the other post-transition event photos where she looks ridiculously small).
I didn't even realize how short she was until she transitioned. Is she doing this on purpose? Why?

No. 1485175

File: 1648498224152.jpg (73.78 KB, 800x533, 9da21-16267778990148-800.jpg)

I've said it before and I'll say it again: the supposed mysterious "male" creator of the Walten Files has the most emblematic FTM art style I've ever seen. Apparently "he" had a brief Tiktok face reveal and demanded no one screen shot or share it out of respect. This is an FTM troon, right? Just based on the way "he" draws "himself?"

No. 1485205

they made 'him' balding HAHAHHAHA

No. 1485213

> >“She presented as a man when it suited her, she presented as a woman when it suited her, she toggled it on and off,” Jenkins told Inverse before correcting his pronoun usage. “I mean, they, right? It probably was they.”
God, these people are unbelievably ignorant and stupid.
>Woman pretends to be man to do things women aren't allowed to do
>still is a woman around people she trusts
>clearly she is trans!!!!! enby pride!!!!!!

No. 1485215

>Apparently "he" had a brief Tiktok face reveal and demanded no one screen shot or share it out of respect.
That is definitely troon behavior. Major fakeboi vibes all around.

No. 1485218

Yoonbum wearing the Chris Chan Classic, I see

No. 1485228

What is with troons (both TiM and TiFs) and their obsession with those Demonia boots? I used to like them in my 'edgy' goff phase but I just associate them with troons now

No. 1485229

File: 1648502584409.png (1.07 MB, 1080x1565, Screenshot_20220328-172142.png)

Why are TIFs so cringy?

No. 1485234

Transvestites ruining those boots, lowkey Doc Martens and generally kneesocks is such a fucking tragedy.

No. 1485246

>gender envy
More like race envy lol

No. 1485249

Gender ideology is big in alt spaces

No. 1485253

Nta but a few years ago people on tumblr pointed out the similarities between fujoshis and straight men watching lesbian porn. “Stop fetishizing gay men” was kind of a thing for a while.

No. 1485258

does anyone know if testosteronetwink on tumblr is trans or not? i thought it was a woman but now i'm unsure.

No. 1485260

guess i won't be watching this show.

No. 1485262

I honestly think the whole "stop fetishizing gay men" definitely lead to a lot of tumblr girls transitioning (not directly, but it certainly helped) because in the circles they're in, no one wants to be the icky straight girl gushing over handsome anime men having gay sex.

No. 1485270

god what a travesty. full body cringing at the "on HRT" label for normal hairy legs. how could a generation of perfectly fine and lively women be convinced to poison and mutilate themselves like this

No. 1485316

>Body hair is a masc feature
>Liking yaoi is a masc trait
It's straight up the most feminine or straightest thing in fandom spaces. They're rewriting history it's crazy, you liked yaoi because it turned you on seeing "forbidden love" or you liked seeing two dicks there is no other deep reason anything else is just rewriting your own history and experience.
>identifies as a boy
>Society's expectation that he be a "girl"

No. 1485333

I saw the first episode, you’re not missing much. I maybe chuckled twice but it’s not that funny. Nowhere near as good as What We Do In The Shadows

No. 1485385

I had a 6' tall ex troon out, but she seems to be a rare case.

No. 1485391

oh good. i have my whole tl swooning over kweer rep and shit. i've read that they straight up use they/them for this jim character and i don't think i could suspend my disbelief enough to watch it without getting angry

No. 1485404

Did she edit out her surgery scars? Kek

No. 1485407

It's probably because they were tumblr girls for years, and then moved to twitter when tumblr banned porn in 2018. That's like a typical tumblr art style. They're trying to be ~aesthetic~

No. 1485443

They have a nun in the 1700s calling her daughter they/them, it's so fucking retarded. Love when the only women in the cast isn't actually a woman, she is gender: nlog

No. 1485475

They always resort to femininity like "whore" and being in a relationship with a man, why? Men are more fucking independent and has a straight fucking goal nothing else even if theyre trash. Its so funny

Most mtfs are straightlaced agps, why brand the fujos as female equivalents? Its fucking unbalanced

No. 1485501

No. 1485535

File: 1648521920754.jpeg (635.25 KB, 828x813, 04BEEA84-3081-40A6-8C8A-51DE4A…)

This one is super weird considering the artist looks like this

No. 1485566

holy shit yeah, notmusa right? i remember this one. i went to her blog, she draws her ocs fucking a lot and none of them have top surgery scars.

No. 1485575

Her choice of decor just screams mental illness (inb4 anyone goes after me I love kitsch, it’s just a red flag for tifs)

No. 1485583

File: 1648524402778.jpg (12.55 KB, 340x338, 1614754328239.jpg)

why are all three of the live action guys asian dudes ?

No. 1485601

File: 1648525453842.png (113.39 KB, 900x957, i.png)

I love Manlybadasshero but his audience contains so many fucking annoying gender kweer girls

No. 1485609

Last I saw, Musa mentioned getting her tits chopped off on her nsfw twitter where she puts art of her OCs fucking lol

No. 1485611

*wanting to get her tits chopped off

No. 1485634

Yeah hated that too! Why not have one of the male pirates be played by a TIF ugh…
They are all cheering for NB lady pirate, as if one any of the actual women who disguised themselves would have done so, if crews were actually accepting of women…

No. 1485715

What video was this on?

No. 1485727

because libgirls "hate" being objectified, kek

No. 1485740

Though Crona isn't canonically male nor female so hard to be said which gender this girl really envies

Though AAP can be real but its vanishingly rare because women suck at finding men attractive and know that the perfect male 9s and 10s are out of their reach including metamorphosis to "become" those men. So most of this kind is like becoming trans for the sake of being trans, and their real crush is a real living moid instead of transforming into their crush which at least they know the boundaries are impossible for them, like being trans for them is a pickme for their crush. Don't overestimate them. Fucking tsunderes, these zoomers.

Because men think straighter and more to the point. Yes including AGPs therefore seemingly more real. Girls love trends and are lazy therefore trans is the next available thing for them.

Because girls love romance while guys love emotionless sex or hard matters such as being goal-oriented while women find the men they want before they start to work towards their goal. I bet their men or fathers pays for their top surgery in most cases.

Lol she give men self-harm scars to make men relate to her, is this some kind of cope or what

Wtf why is her content so crass and gross? AGPs only draw single women as if representing themselves, like a high-class lady they cope, seethed and dilated super hard to become. I don't encourage AGPs but goddamn, fakebois and their boyfriends are homophobic as fuck.

Irrelevant here anon but this troon has put women on pedestal therefore hating them because he wants the pedestal for himself. Their hate is because they want to troon in peace but due to being freaks of nature he should 41% like all troons.

Which one? I can kinda understand >>1483710 has a point but can't properly elaborate it, probably referring to innate realistic sex-based mental traits

t. completely straight anon

No. 1485789


No. 1485805

File: 1648552721861.png (Spoiler Image, 68.37 KB, 387x352, Untitled272_20220329221349.png)

I want to get off Mr Bones's wild ride

No. 1485810

They're girlier than us regular girls and yet more horny… is that either genuine or a cope

Is this a scrote or a 4tranny? No sir you ain't welcome

No. 1485811

Back to 4chan/KF

No. 1485814

pls learn to integrate autist, you sound like a scrote

No. 1485822

There's literally no proof I am a scrote or a tranny. This is the internet.

No. 1485832

the manga says he's a male multiple times. troons and genderspecials just watched the unfinished anime.

No. 1485852

I mean your sister was already a huge mess, being trans is only one of them

No. 1485885

do you have a source? i'd love to have some ground to fight these idiots on

No. 1485960

I assume all of those kink blogs are men until proven otherwise.

No. 1485961

File: 1648567303344.png (87.14 KB, 657x238, 1648567213043.png)

its actually a little more complicated then that, in the original Japanese Crona was referred to with gender neutral pronouns, In Japanese using a specific pronoun isn't definitive proof of one's sex, though the english translations of the manga defaulted to male pronouns, In the last chapter of the manga, it was revelaed that crona was biologically female
crona's sex was never meant to be some deep commentary about non-binaryism, it was nothing more then a running gag

No. 1485966

>guys love emotionless sex or hard matters such as being goal-oriented while women find the men they want before they start to work towards their goal
begone scrote

No. 1486024

File: 1648573134803.png (7.55 MB, 2776x2712, 11woiiz4who.png)

Why do TIFs have to ruin everything I like? I can't even look up content of Nu:Carnival, a yaoi game with an all-male cast, where everyone very explicitly has a dick, without these freaks infesting the fandom and projecting their insecurities onto the characters. I don't want to see these beautiful men with frankenpussies and chest scars. I find them attractive because they have dicks and pectorals. You will never be real men, and nobody will ever want to fuck you except other mangled, insecure, terminally lonely women.

No. 1486027

File: 1648573397843.jpg (419.55 KB, 756x756, 1600016257545.jpg)

I mean you go to a space filled with retards and porn sick people and your surprised that its filled people acting like retards, kinda your own fault in this case

No. 1486028

File: 1648573532889.jpeg (627.7 KB, 1170x955, A462C29A-6CC7-4082-AF3C-507295…)

hoe go to the dentist

No. 1486030

To be fair, tifs do infest anything that includes 2d men that looks a bit feminine it doesn't even have to be nsfw. Just look at the enstars Fandom

No. 1486031

>wokies calling out the fetishes of some fujos online is somehow leading to girls transitioning
Literally yes. Fujos troon out so that they can continue to coom without being “girl who fetishizes gay men”. Truly female behavior. A man wouldn’t give a single fuck about his fap material being considered problematic by dangerhair tumblrinas.

No. 1486036

or just hear me our, over consumption of porn over a period of years can rot one's brain and lead to behavior like trooning out

No. 1486040

Eh, you're right on that. I miss when women could consume erotica without feeling the need to mutilate themselves and distance themselves from womanhood though. As >>1486030 said, they're basically inescapable. Ironically, the most actual men follow something, the less TIFs are in the fandom. Both because of female socialization, and because actual men call fujos out all the time, trans identified or not.

A good thing about NU:C is that the game producer seems pretty based, they explicitly said the game is targeted to women and written by women. They even sent in-game gifts to the players for International Women's Day. I hope the trannies who played it seethed cause of it.

These statements are both true. Tumblr and its unique intersection of identity politics and fandom has been a major factor imo. You had to be socially and politically aware while reblogging anime boys, there was no distinction between your real life politics and what you enjoyed in fiction. Not only it's the reason why so many tumblrinas troon out, it's also why there's so much discourse, to this day, about 'consooming problematic content'. All the people who reeee about 'problematic ships' are trannys, literally all of them. It doesn't help that everyone who believes having problematic ships is some revolutionary political act is also a tranny. They're sides of the same coin. You can't escape.

No. 1486046

When NU:C first released tiktok was full of comments saying it's only for nblm and mlm.

No. 1486051

That is why i think the Women's Day thing was intentional on their part.

No. 1486105

>Ironically, the most actual men follow something, the less TIFs are in the fandom. Both because of female socialization, and because actual men call fujos out all the time, trans identified or not.
Exactly. I used to be active (and still lurk) in this Discord server dedicated to moe anime (or at least a gacha game associated with moe anime) since 2018 and almost everyone in there is male, surprisingly none of them have trooned out in the years I've been active (if anything they seem to be either critical of it or third worlders that don't know/don't have any sort of desire or resources to troon out) and/or lurking there, and none of the female posters, especially the active ones are TiFs.
If anything, I've noticed that TiFs actually avoid communities that consist of mostly men, such as 4chan even more that other females do. Some pick-me enbies do post about Love Live and 2hu but that's the absolute most they do.

And overall I just like watching just how girly their interests usually are, to the point that I can clock them through that alone, and it unironically makes me prouder of not being an Ayden.

No. 1486125

File: 1648580026125.jpeg (593.85 KB, 1170x1445, 37B00F4E-1951-4C85-9781-B179BB…)

>sanrio icon
>pink platforms
>acab tattoo

No. 1486131

So I have a genuine questions and I really hate to ask something like this because it makes me feel so judgmental but I just have to ask.

Are most women who "identify" as "transmen" or "non-binary" or use all those weird ass 'genders" that are nonsensical bullshit tend to unattractive and/or unappealing physically?
The reason I ask is because there's this group I used to follow on social media where 2 of the girls trooned out and became FTM but they were for lack of better word, unattractive women by conventional standards (both were a bit overweight, one had really short curly hair that didn't really do her any favors and the other just had light purple hair and not the best teeth).

Seeing this made me go down and look at other self-proclaimed FTMs and "nonbinary" chicks and a lot of them just look physically unattractive and I can't help but feel that the only reason they try to distance themselves from being women is because they look unattractive and internalize it instead of accepting it and working with what they can.

Again I hate saying it likes this because I'm no prize myself but still, it's just something I can't help but notice with a lot of these delusional young women.

No. 1486133

Kek for calling an Asian company publishing yaoi games as "based" for recognizing that their public is 100% female and acting in consequence. Like double kek. In all of Asia and even the West until about 10 years ago everyone knows that BLs/yaoi/danmei is just fanservice for women and has nothing to do with gay men or is something that could even interest gay men. That's why it's called BLs/danmei in the first place; genres for gay men have a different name. Saying something is BL is exactly the same that saying it's for women, and is probably made by other women, too.
It's true that you can always find gender specials on Tiktok/Tumblr/whatever making claims about how yaoi is totally for real trans men only, and we in this thread love to see them to laugh at them, but pretending that it's some kind of overwhelmingly existing content that shames people into transitioning is ridiculous. First because on site like Tumblr and Tiktok, you customize what you see on your feed, if you don't want to, you can literally never see that shit. We don't even get to see the reblog/views numbers in the picrels, if there are low, it doesn't mean anything. I can find literally any existing opinion on Tumblr with 3 reblogs.
And yaoi fandoms are isolated from the SWJ discourse except some outliers; I have been in one recently that has a surprisingly decent live adaptation where they rewrote the main relationship as a normal gay love story which attracted a normy public, and you could see clashes between OG book fans dismissing everything they perceived as criticisms and gushing about all the romanticized noncon, even when being super woke on topics relating to race, and LA fans who were like "wow the book was extra gross." Gender specials and SWJs were parked somewhere in their own little corner of the fandom where they cancelled each other and had no influence on the discourse unless you sought them out.

The issue is that the exclusive consumption of BLs seems to fry the brain of a given category of autistic girls that have issues with their womanhood (understandably in your society!) and conceptualizing their attraction to men, coupled with the exclusive consumption of porn when too young as their only model of relationships, being too online without real life friends, self-hatred (as a psych diagnosis), troonery as a current framework governing our understanding of our sex and gender, the death of real feminist discourse in the mainstream, etc. They glomp to yaoi as the only thing that makes them happy and offer them a way out of being a woman by becoming the uke but without becoming men, which as we have seen many of "gay" FTM don't want to be. No one normal would look at an Asian porn genre for women and go "wow, totally me IRL" without other factors. Yaoi fans were shamed and mocked way harder 20 years ago, people really kept their interest in it on the downlow, and no one was transing because you'd be laughed at by everyone if you said that porn cartoons made you realize you were a man. Not anymore.
Bring back shaming and good safeguarding practices for transition.
source: was considering trooning +15 yo ago, thank god for therapy and radical feminism.

No. 1486140

that is definitely a factor in it. i think it has something to do with feeling ugly/inadequate as a woman, maybe being a yaoi coomer who wants to live out their anime twink fantasies, and liking the aesthetics of being a "gay man". autism and hating your body is probably related as well and it's easy to feel disconnected from your body if you're objectively ugly

No. 1486186

Yes, I think that this certainly plays a role, maybe even double so when you're autistic or just not interested in fashion/make-up which is something that you feel even more pressurized to do when you're not objective beautiful. It's like in our society, if you're not physically beautiful, are you even a woman? You're disadvantaged on both sides, you get the full brunt of misogyny but none of so-called advantages that beautiful women get (not that they are worth getting but you get my drift).
There are some rare very pretty women who trans too, but imho those are just BPD women who latch on the latest current thing as an identity.

No. 1486189

sage for blogpost and rant

There's this theybie that I share a vtuber community with and I'm pretty sure that she's crushing on this vtuber just bc they friends on the same games they play. He was talking about liking girls and whatever but she was like "but you rejected me -cry emoji-" and "chat he's ignoring me reeee" in the chat. Like bitch, you use they/he pronouns.

Point is theybies insists they're totes-not-a-women until they find a guy. Then they only identify was women when it benefits them. God, that sounds sad.

No. 1486192

admitting to being part of a vtuber community is more embarrassing than being a thembie tbh

No. 1486217

This game was localized in English though, I think they're perfectly aware that their english speaking playerbase attracts a lot of trannies. For fuck's sake the main character's name is literally Eiden.

>on site like Tumblr and Tiktok, you customize what you see on your feed, if you don't want to, you can literally never see that shit

I wish that were true. The mute function of Twitter and Tumblr is ass, and they censor a lot of words so to evade it. Idk about Tiktok, I don't have it.

>We don't even get to see the reblog/views numbers in the picrels

Sorry about that but my interface is not in English and I don't want to be clocked.
@NuConfessional has 2k followers and 100~400 likes per post. @NUCarnivalHCs is way less popular but the other account follows it and reposts its stuff, so some tweets go to about 100 likes as well.

No. 1486258

>theybies insists they're totes-not-a-women until they find a guy.
KEK it's true though
it's like that one girl who use to get posted here years ago on here that would go through lengths to shoop her chest to prove she was a real dude. When she ended up getting a boyfriend she did a complete 180 and is now a feminine woman and ditched the fakeboi act.

No. 1486281

File: 1648587962565.jpg (720.9 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20220330_000532_com…)

Vanya is now Viktor

No. 1486291

Well, Ciel, Levi and Mello are white but I see what you mean kek.

No. 1486294

Vanya is already a male name in Eastern Slavic countries though? The writers could've said it was short for Ivan or something.

No. 1486295

What the fuck, gerard you fat scrote went and ruined it.

No. 1486296

this must be annoying for any writers/directors. they probably would have had an emergency meeting to decide what to do with her character

No. 1486297

How is it explained in ua universe…

No. 1486300

Haven't even played the game yet and I already hate the fandom, well at least these types are somewhat easy to avoid for when I do play it.

No. 1486389

File: 1648597219185.jpg (25.04 KB, 740x370, Crona-feeling-bad-in-Soul-Eate…)

Crona had an identity in flux that caused him to lash out and struggle with obsession and rage issues. Constant suicide baiting and fishing for attention. No wonder cringe enbies identify with him, it's not an admirable thing.

No. 1486412

Elliot Page’s ‘Umbrella Academy’ Character to Come Out as Transgender in Season 3 as Viktor Hargreeves


No. 1486415

There are a handful of TiFs that kin balding middle aged men, the Herbert West fandom is probably the most noticeable example if you spend a few minutes on Tumblr.

No. 1486445

and there goes one of my favourite shows

No. 1486446

i cant wait for them to see how everyone stopped watching when the tranny shit started

No. 1486460

You're predicting "get woke, go broke"?
I never watched it or wanted to watch and know nothing about the audience.

No. 1486483

I wonder if she's a pewdiepie fan back in the day because that's how most kids (especially tifs) seem to know Gary Baseman judging from the Ahwroo figure in the back and that she looks toooo young to remember Teachers Pet

No. 1486503

Gross. I was actually looking forward to s3 too cuz Jake Epstein's in it but now that's down the drain

No. 1486508

Watching the rest of the characters pretend she's "one of the boys" is going to be peak comedy. Bonus points if Vanya has tranny voice. They're trying to save the world (again) and ol' Number Seven looks like she's about to keel over any second.

No. 1486513

Viktor is a ~soft~ masculine name. It's also a very common name for TIFs I think because of the Corpse Bride. Victor was a pale, dark haired skinny boy that all the emo girls had the hots for.

No. 1486526

It reminds me of Viktor Krum from Harry Potter

No. 1486536

Idk wtf you’re saying or what you expected from vcoomers but there’s big sector of TiFs and NBs who quietly detransition after getting a long term boyfriend. They may still pretend to be “gays” but they sooner or later go off hormones and get pregnant. Really play into the disgusting male fantasy of fucking her straight.

No. 1486554

But they were straight in the first place? Like moids harassing lesbians is bad, but in this case, modern TiFs and NBs are for the most part straight women role-playing an identity from the internet. If they manage to come to terms with that and have the boyfriends and children they always wanted instead of pretending to be a gay men, all the better. That's the good ending.

No. 1486557

I know nothing about Umbrella Academy, but I really hope the show runners won't insert a storyline that Vanya actually discovered she was Viktor because she was so logical, and mentally strong and NLTOG. This narrative is so fucked up and damaging for women.

No. 1486580

If you go even deeper it comes from Victor Frankenstein, which TIFs love for some reason (ironic considering the moral of the story warns against biological monstrosities kek)

No. 1486603

So happy to live in Florida right now
Yankees gtfo my state

No. 1486612

I'm not someone who stops watching something out of outrage but I legitimately have no interest in the show now. Like what are they even going to do with this. >>1486296 and >>1486297
are right this must have been such a pain in the ass and I feel bad for the writers, they probably had to do a major scramble.

No. 1486638

S2 is shit anyway. I stopped watching it after 2 episodes.

No. 1486640

This literally happened to a college classmate. She documented her gender journey in comic format. it was so obvious she trooned out because she was the ugly awkward girl in middle school and consumed too much yaoi. in her own words, only beautiful men have worth(sage your blog)

No. 1486645

File: 1648619183114.jpg (49.24 KB, 612x408, 1639239244156.jpg)

This might be a controversial to certain radfems but I've always believed that a lot of these girls just need to find understanding boyfriends, I feel potential aydenism would decrease by 70% if they got good bf's

No. 1486693

while I agree, some still troon out while in relationships, which usually results in the boyfriend leaving them unless it's fully performative and they have no plans of medical transition at all

No. 1486700

No they need female friends. As other anon pointed out, trooning out when they have a bf would further push them live out the "gay male" fantasy.

No. 1486739

Friends and therapy! But I think that the nonna were are responding to is onto something as well, TiFs just need more positive interaction with people of all kind in the real world, especially not SWJs one, including boyfriends if they are straight, but also all the spectrum of women instead of our limited representation in media.

No. 1486775

I’ve followed this artist for a bit (not really sure what she’s up too now) and I don’t even know if she’s trans? That’s her OC, it’s not supposed to be her, she just uses him for messy cope/depression art that usually has to do with alcoholism and self harm.

No. 1486816


Sage, but the character in the show has been the biggest emotional/psychological mess of the whole cast, struggles with self-worth issues, used by the only man she dated, tried lesbianism but society punished her for it, feels worthless and useless compared to her siblings and is the least interesting and popular of the cast.

so the typical desperate Aiden, actually. kek.

No. 1486834

What do you mean using gendered pronouns isn't indicative of sex in Japanese? It definitely is. You have kare or kanojo and it's literally him and her. Or do you mean something else?

No. 1486897

Haha, it really is fitting for an Aiden character! At last, they'll finally get realistic representation, but not the one they wanted lol
NTA, but kanojo/kare are very rarely used because Japanese will use names or titles or just context when English would always use pronouns. Picking one of those amongst available choices also gives information on your closeness and relationship with the person you're talking about. This also allows Japanese writers to not come clean about the sex of a character if they don't want to for basically as long as they wish. From the top of my head, Kurapika in Hunter x Hunter (on purpose) and Hanji Zoë in Shingeki no Kyojin (unvoluntary at first, but then the author played into it) were those kind of characters where the Japanese fandom couldn't make up their mind about their sex.
I just realized that Japan is the ultimate shitlord country for non-binary attention seekers kek

No. 1486925

File: 1648653668362.png (7 MB, 1841x4035, Terfs fucked my gf.png)

Nona in mtf thread was asking about how many troons lurked these threads. In relation a while ago I found a whole advice subreddit of usually anonymous trannies asking how to avoid obsessively lurking lolcow. Picrel one of its least tarded posts that I badly edited because it gave off extreme horror cult vibes

No. 1486942

if they were secure in their identity, it wouldn’t be “self harm” to visit these threads lol

No. 1486983

File: 1648658304540.png (7.3 MB, 2176x4500, rtg.png)

Never forget

No. 1486989

WTF happened here

No. 1487012

Who's the long-haired girl/mtf (can't tell but reason is slight racebait)?

No. 1487014

I mean 2nd pic from the top

No. 1487041

Who’s that? What’s the context?

No. 1487100

Miyavi anon from m is this you? But lord help me I know some creepy TIF who is trying to be a guy because she's Indian so she had a lot of baggage with her misogynistic parents and community alongside being sadly sexually assaulted and given zero care for that, unfortunately I've given up trying to be nice to her because of how gross/creepy she is to women who are secure in themselves especially if you have big boobs (imagine some ugly cretin trying to touch your tits and calling them mommy milkers, fucking freak) but seriously why do so many of them think this is okay? How self-hating can you get? Beyond pathethic

No. 1487122

Iirc he said once that he questioned his gender in the past and relates to tranners or some shit. And being progressive may get the ratings up, or at least placate Ellen to stay and keep playing Vanya.

No. 1487166

Whoops it didn't occur to me that there were newer anons in here but she use to have a thread on here way back when LC was new.
Here it is:>>>/snow/70404

But basically she was a fakboi that would hang out with other fakbois, only to then get a bf and drop the act altogether. The shift was insane. This is when the whole fakeboi thing was rampant on tumblr in 2015. It's a shame it's only gotten worse tbh.

No. 1487170

Fucked up the link

No. 1487207

She got some good dickin’ and realized being trans is retarded

No. 1487419

^^^ this entirely. A lot of fakebois are bare minimum troons who just slap on new pronouns in their bio and call it a day because they want clout in their insular ass communities whether it is to coom to yaoi without get called out or have a voice in LGBT discussion if they are super involved in online discourse.

No. 1487693

Watching so many TIFs fixate on Paul Dano in the new Batman is so funny but looking like a middle aged lesbian is realistic for them so it makes sense

No. 1487704

I think the reason they fixate in paul dano is cause he's a white man(like themselves) who has managed to age without his skin turning into leather like most white dudes

No. 1487715

File: 1648702801047.jpg (46.63 KB, 800x446, 1648653715494-1.jpg)

This is why watching porn is bad for you, imagine feeling oprsssed cause people find your shota porn disgusting

No. 1487832

God, Kale and her victimhood when it bite her ass. I wonder what she is doing but at the same time I don't want to know

No. 1487926

It is in fact justified to confront people for performing their fetish publicly. It's an act of sexual harassment to force unconsenting people to partake in it, including by openly displaying it while fully knowing they did not consent to seeing it. Ostracizing someone over them publicly indulging in a fetish seems pretty appropriate tbh.

No. 1487953

Yeah that was not what I was saying. Anon said using gendered pronouns doesn't indicate sex. When you use the gendered pronouns kare and kanojo, you definitely indicate someone's sex.
You can skip pronouns and use names and titles instead but when you do use them, it indicates sex.

No. 1488159

does anyone have that reddit thread of the tif trying to suicide bait a gay guy?(spoonfeeding)

No. 1488179

So many of them are just trying to emulate guys they find attractive. I have no idea how it got so fucked up that they think they have to BE the cute alt guy.

No. 1488267

Why are you posting this again witht the same image

No. 1488332

File: 1648757925244.png (10.84 KB, 408x110, solidarity.png)

old milk but this author thinks that their gender identity exists in a vacuum

funny how other people's sexualities (see: gay men who don't want to date TIFs or lesbians who don't want to dates TIMs) only feel that way bc of mean old society's influence, but no TIF's gender identity is ever influenced by society

No. 1488349

>Join a discord for a show I like(first mistake)
>Very small, maybe 50 people and 20ish regulars
>Most prolific poster is the most sterotypical gayden ever, to the extent that it makes my head spin
>Won't shut up about her gender, is open about a 14 year old anime boy being her "transition goals", thought she was a fujoshi but only likes "gay" pairings between a real man and a fakeboi, spams her awful titmangle genderbent art of the anime boy she's trying to skinwalk getting fucked in the pussy by a (canonically gay no less!) male love interest in the art channel-no, it's not intended to be nsfw but no one stops her. she also nonstop overshares about her period, being a huge fat fuck, and how sad the evil 'cis' gay and bi men not wanting her in "MLM spaces" makes her kek
>Gets constant validation despite being a normal nerdy girl in every respect, laughed about her mother crying after she announced her intentions to transition
>Calls her older sister 'terfy' for not being unquestioningly supportive of her decision to destroy her own life, also is clearly upset that older sister is more gnc than she is but is still perfectly comfortable as a woman
>Recently made a big deal about finally settling on her "true name" after "a lot of soul searching"
>It's fucking Rufus
Sage for blogpost but goddamn, these girls are so fucking predictable. Are they forced by law to be as hilariously, stereotypically feminine as possible? It's like they're made in a factory somewhere. I feel so bad for her poor mother and sister

No. 1488430

anon are you me? i swear to god i've met this exact girl, but they're so dime a dozen it's hard to tell. every time i try to reach out to people who have similar interests to mine, i just find more insufferable aidens. i don't have to completely agree politically with someone to have fun talking about a show or comic i like, but holy shit, these girls make being ""cute gay bois"" 90% of their personality so inevitably it comes up in all conversations. i wish it was easier to find transphobic/terfy ladies in fandom.

No. 1488432

Most They/thems I know are in a long term relationship or even married though. Usually to very nice and supportive men who totally enable them in their gender navelgazing. Maybe they're in a different category than teenage aidens though, there's a big peter pan syndrome elements to it. The sheer cringe of seeing a 27 year old woman describe herself as just a boi or a smol bean kek. I believe most of them will desist once they have children.

No. 1488440

They're unavoidable, it's so frustrating. If there are any fellow terfs in the fandoms I'm in, they're certainly hiding it well. Though so am I kek

Though even the genderlets are unintentionally 'transphobic' sometimes. I was reading a popular fake dating fic(I know, I know…) written by one of the dime a dozen NB NLOG in my fandom, and one of the lines has the gay male character offer to let the questioning-his-sexuality-but-clearly-bi male character practice on him to see if he "really likes dick or not". I was surprised none of the gaydens were screeching in the comments about equating dicks to men.

No. 1488450

gaydens only care about "some men don't have dicks!!" outside of their porn. when it comes to fanfic, they still wanna read good old fashioned swordfighting it seems… interesting how that works! and i could never make fun of you for your taste in fanfic anon, mine is the same. i'd be curious to know what your fandom is, though…

we need to invent some ACTUAL terf dogwhistles so i can befriend women who aren't at risk of putting he/him in their bio. i can't even enjoy my fujoshit in peace anymore.

No. 1488453

Oh god I just had to break the news to muh 5'6 Nigel - he's trans!

No. 1488500


Rufus? That's only one step above naming yourself after an anime character. A long-time friend of mine wanted his name to be exactly like his favorite fictional Japanese boy for a while. It was so stupid, and later he admitted it was stupid, yet he was considered smart enough for testosterone? I feel negligent for just avoiding him until I figured he'd come to his senses instead of telling him to his face his "chosen name" was stupid and he was too young to take T.
Though he may have already sussed me out for not wanting to be called a bitch. He calls his female friends that now when he didn't before, because having many female friends makes it harder for him to pass to teenage boys, so he's pushing them away. Its sad seeing his younger friends take it because they don't know better, no one ever thought them they should grow a backbone when they're called bitches unprompted.
I wonder if pushing old female friends away is common in fakebois when they start transitioning, especially younger ones who don't realize having friends who give a shit about you is rare in adulthood.

No. 1488517

No. 1488521

File: 1648769523105.jpeg (636.54 KB, 1170x1437, E2486D5A-7C9C-4A49-A991-849CDD…)

licensed mcr rib breakers. truly the darkest of timelines.

No. 1488537

Tell everyone your favourite author is JK Rowling. Lesbians have been doing it to find other women on dating apps. Either you get a normy with no reaction, a troon-supportive normy who is a little more reasonable and won't have a breakdown with no reaction, a based person who talks about how terrible everyone is treating her for stating basic facts, or a delusional person who starts reeing, letting you know exactly who to avoid. Fool proof. If you get a lunatic and fear that they could retaliate in a damaging way, just say you don't know about the controversy and aren't online much/don't watch the news often.

No. 1488540

File: 1648770546159.png (234.36 KB, 540x325, 02257FB0-7438-4DC4-ACDE-409C9F…)

lol made me think of this

No. 1488561

File: 1648772566948.jpeg (182.7 KB, 379x2046, 7CD2F677-4FCC-4F4F-A80F-BAC276…)

so close to getting it yet so far

No. 1488568

File: 1648772913438.png (36.12 KB, 770x41, 2022-04-01_02-28-31.png)

Oh my god, why.

No. 1488571

>Everyone avoids troon
>"Wow, this must be how men feel all the time! Women really are privileged."

No. 1488585

Its either Rufus ShinRa or Rufus the naked mole rat from Kim Possible.

To be fair, some phalloplasties look like naked mole rats so…

No. 1488589

this is so fucking surreal and hilarious

No. 1488624

>when it comes to fanfic, they still wanna read good old fashioned swordfighting it seems…
unfortunately there's tons of male/male content involving fakebois, though of course always with a real man

No. 1488642

File: 1648780237757.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 385.98 KB, 750x886, 2672E937-3889-47F9-8B3A-D72FA0…)

I think I’ve seen it all, they straight up removed her nipples

No. 1488643

imagine self-flagellating for men when they wouldn't spit on you if you were on fire. Pathetic handmaiden behaviour(sage)

No. 1488644

is this person a dwarf or just unfortunate looking?(sage)

No. 1488646

File: 1648780467930.jpg (558.13 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220331-112011_Ins…)

it's becoming a trend.

No. 1488648

what the hell? why? do they not realize that actual men have nipples? is the goal to look like a mutilated alien?

No. 1488651

iirc reattaching the nipples during top surgery is optional so i presume some just opt to not have them anymore but when you see the outcomes of when they decide to keep them they just look weird as fuck a lot of the time anyways (like uncanny and stretched pepperoni looking) but yeah its stupid either way

No. 1488652

The surgeons who do this surgery offers them the opportunity to remove the nipples entirely. Either way, I hope they enjoy their phantom nips. Apparently that shit hurts a lot.

No. 1488653

iirc, she hates how top surgery caused her nipples to look like dried pepperoni and it causing her dysphoria. im just paraphrasing but it's what I kind of summarize from her posts about removing her nipples

No. 1488654

She is a dwarf.
I don't think it's a trend. I may be wrong but probably the nipple died after the surgery. It's one of the complications of a mastectomy.

No. 1488657

these women don't want to be men, they want to be "transmen". hence why they never shut the fuck up about their pussies

No. 1488667

They 're basically low effort trannies for the sake of being trans

No. 1488675

>only likes "gay" pairings between a real man and a fakeboi

Fucking projection, this is what separates the fakebois from regular fujos. They also scream 'le evil fujoshi' along with 'evil cis gays'

>also is clearly upset that older sister is more gnc than she is but is still perfectly comfortable as a woman

Though howso is her sis more gnc? By having more normie activities? Or being a huge tomboy

No. 1488683

>don't think it's a trend. I may be wrong but probably the nipple died after the surgery. It's one of the complications of a mastectomy.

No, it's a trend. Exulsanic has some videos on it. They call it "free the nips"

This subreddit is two years old:

No. 1488684

File: 1648782961727.gif (565.67 KB, 498x399, rufus-kim-possible.gif)

Nona I think Rufus is based on this:

>pushes female friends away

I think this is the pressure of 4chan calling fakebois "fembrained" and clocking her for having a bunch of female friends and no male ones because it fits the model of female socialization, which to ftms are a detriment for being called "fembrained". Most mtfs on 4chan are still proud of their "malebrain" (as in not giving up masculinity) and retain in their frathouse, as if being mtf is just am extra layer.

No. 1488686

>free the nips
there's something really perverse about taking the feminist "free the nipple" slogan about breasts being oversexualized and changing the meaning to glorify mutilation of the female body. jesus

No. 1488956

File: 1648821503024.jpeg (292.85 KB, 1242x1599, 4B674D2E-EF16-4850-9105-1ED902…)

what a joke

No. 1488958

Unfortunately not even after having children, you will then have the next stage of the annoying gaiden/themby lifecycle, the upper-middle class SAHM with 2 non-toddler children and a white picket fence and a husband who never has to do any chores or childrearing, an icon of straightness and Amuhrica, who tries to dispel the existential ennui and extreme banality of her existence by adopting pronouns other than "she," almost never physically transing, and harassing everyone she can about the kweerness of her hetero family unit and the terrible discrimination they suffer. Usually met in fandom where she criticizes the horrible sexism in the way female characters are written in the media while exclusively reading or writing about ukes getting raped or dubconned or kidnapped by alpha semes.

I think that we can come to the conclusion that the main thing that creates gender specials is not any experience they had or not in their life, but only their own desire to be oh!so-special. This stupid desire naturally decreases as one ages, but in some, it never disappears.

No. 1488967

Do those fuckers really believe that they are as much as or even more oppressed than your regular butch lesbian or even a normy woman who refuses to waste time on make up and dressing up? Do they?

No. 1489021

File: 1648826853120.jpeg (2.05 MB, 3024x2401, 55DE1387-436D-4B3D-B2EC-5B7732…)

wow so creative and insightful

No. 1489022

did you post this knowing that this is actually the tif that is married to the hideous and talentless troon from 100 gecs?

No. 1489031

I would bet my next paycheck that she did not take this photo in the men’s restroom

No. 1489049

what the hell is that haircut. she must have cut it herself with safety scissors because no sane hairdresser would ever let a client looking like that out the door.

No. 1489068

File: 1648829339841.jpeg (57.32 KB, 369x742, D12FC684-0355-479C-932F-CFF31F…)

she definitely cut this herself

No. 1489070

ehh maybe but i dont think so. again her troon husband from 100 gecs gets his hair "professionally" done and tags his guy with it looking like a frizzy fucked up hideous untoned rag with 0 shape so i think they all just pass around untalented arteest friends of all types and overpay them for shit

No. 1489081

File: 1648830588297.jpeg (141.11 KB, 828x749, 9F5A2EAD-E2D4-4BD5-8B2B-F52321…)

100 gecs troon is with a different tif who calls herself Gabriel

No. 1489085

File: 1648830745263.jpg (70 KB, 828x824, 74ccbaaaff7b192519c1cad3fb50d4…)

nope, that's 100% her with "laura les". what do you think "riel" is short for? gabriel. hello. she switches between mason, riel, gabriel and hides her last name, etc. it's the same girl

No. 1489086

I can literally smell the stench coming from this image

No. 1489088

didn’t know mr crocker was a troon

No. 1489090

I know it’s not her because I know Riel irl and she is not married to Laura Les. It’s an odd coincidence, but they are different people.

No. 1489093

I love this, lol.

No. 1489096

so this one that happens to look exactly like her is modelling herself after the efamous one married to laura les? interesting but not surprising. it's almost amazing the way they take these opportunities to completely skinwalk identities. for real though the resemblance even facially is uncanny bc when the efamous iteration of riel/gabriel is not posing and sticking her lip out she looks exactly facially like that one. what the fuck. these people are insane.

No. 1489099

Almost all the tifs I know irl suffer from a sort of same face/same style where they all generally skin walk each other as well as their favorite fictional male characters. “Riel” was extracted from her full first name Gabriella

No. 1489110

File: 1648832250770.png (293.34 KB, 506x469, gecsone.PNG)

the gabriel/any version of it is likely the same as for its origination in the efamous case too w "laura's" wife. amazing how they look exactly alike facially though. then they often go on to copy the same exact styles of dress, hair, even glasses. it's so bizarre. i guess this type of thing probably necessarily attracts the type of girl that has a sqaureish jawline that they mistake for masculine (which is unfortunate because they should be appreciated for their aesthetic nature) and they all just go off the same stupid art school aesthetic from there i guess because she literally looks exactly like pre-t gecs one here pictured. their commitment to having 0 actual individuality while trying so hard to be individual remains incredible

No. 1489176

I completely thought the same thing as>>1488571
People aren't avoiding you because you "pass" as a man. It's because women see a self-hating, mentally ill woman whom they pity, and men see a mentally ill woman they don't want to be friends with.

No. 1489328

File: 1648845034605.jpg (39.6 KB, 409x548, dfb2d96633d107b74e1effcf79e724…)

Don't fakebois call themselves gabriel because of the archangel and their desire to be androgynous but only in the way that pale skinny men can be. The same reason they thirst for apollo and achilles.

No. 1489423

frank iero is such an annoying manlet

reminds me of that one time he opened a tweet with “while i’m not a lesbian in the classical sense” as if he could be a lesbian in any sense.

No. 1489495

>There are no classic stone butch-to-TIF trannies?
I used to know a few of those but they just identify as women on steroids for aesthetic reasons (which isn't healthy but at least they're aware) instead of "straight transgendered-men".

>This era is fucked up, TWAF (Trans Women Are Feminine), TMAF, most TIFs claim to "crossdress", while TIMs just want to be women and nothing more […] while TIFs dont want to be proper men.

I don't believe in "misandry" as a systemic thing (or an actual issue at all, lmao) but I think the superficial woke backlash against men (while still worshipping them) is why so many soyboys and white incels turn into TIMs out of male guilt and why TIFs either call themselves agendered or want to be anime prettyboys instead of actual manly men

The ironic part is that "puberty blocking" would only theoretically benefit TIMs to be able to look like women, for TIFs it won't even masculinize and they make them seem even more childlike. I honestly think the "transkid" obsession is being pushed by pedophiles since kids tend to be really shallow about gender (I used to want to be a boy because they had cooler toys), and therefore easier to groom

No. 1489570

File: 1648863421135.jpg (357.21 KB, 635x2481, 58f.jpg)

Because animu boys don't have nipples, nonnie

No. 1489576

It's always "disability and chronic illnesses" with them, along their play pretend queerness. Since I'm sure that their illnesses and disability are as much made up as their pseudo-masculinity, I wonder if fakebois are not just some kind of weird new category of munchies or if it's just that munchies and fakebois attract the same kind of personality.

No. 1489653


I think a few threads ago a couple nonnies pointed about that fakebois flock towards Hebrew and Biblical names in general. The speculation was because of the softness and non masculinity associated with Jewish men

No. 1489662

It's also because pretending to be Jewish is a socially acceptable alternative to trans-racial since it cancels out being white on the oppression pyramid. These girls are usually former Christians but aren't edgy enough to be Pagan or Satanist so they pick the Abrahamic religion that's hyped up as being more liberal since some less strict sects of Judaism are more agnostic belief-wise and okay with abortion and gay marriage (and of course they love to co-opt the Hebrew words for intersex disorders as "third genders")

No. 1489705

they do in yaoi

No. 1489809

Pagan/Satanist are too much of a white granola witch girl thing.

No. 1489845

Gabriel, Ollie, and Aiden makes one imagine the guy you're talking about, the guys these girls are attracted to. A non-threatening androgynous dude. Meanwhile names like Brock, Michael, or Chad immediately makes one think of a big hairy muscular man, which is not kawaii nor are they what these girls are attracted to.

They think Jewish dudes are all kawaii ukes because they're attracted to mainstream femboy guys in media who are all oddly of Jewish descent. Timothee Chalamet is very popular amongst these kinds of girls, but so is Finn Wolfhard, also Ezra Miller. I think it's like AGPs where the girls can't have these guys so they morph into a hideous Jewish stereotype, complete with an old man name like Mordecai.

No. 1489981

File: 1648910364149.jpg (270.36 KB, 1080x1107, Screenshot_20220402-170042_Ins…)

they really enjoy complicating things. idk what this means.

No. 1490036

it means NLOG with extra steps

No. 1490047

They’re miserable with their scrote. Being in a long term relationship with a man induces early onset of midlife crisis, especially if they had inferiority complex about being plain and boring. Theyre women who get their sense of self erased in relationships. Same thing going on psychologically like Lainey.
In classical terms, speshul snowflake.

No. 1490082

>I perform for the male gaze (but I wish it would be seen as drag and not just being a regular girl)
>I'm attracted to femboys and want to be one (anime brain rot)
>I pretend to be critical of gender but I'm obsessed with it
Simple as

No. 1490089

Narcissism. Occam’s razor or something

No. 1490189

>music artist likes going to broadway
>must be trans!1!!1

No. 1490219

File: 1648924453281.png (Spoiler Image, 664.61 KB, 465x622, 1irufhn2ihrvdfn.PNG)

the rest of the photos are nightmare inducing, so beware. imagine getting your boobs removed only for them to grow back. still has female fat distribution and apparently has a fistula that leaks urine.
i can't imagine this being a better option to therapy.

No. 1490227

File: 1648924730242.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 39.07 KB, 400x300, 4102EDF0-8443-4D2E-9DEA-1D6888…)

sorry for semi blogpost but i decided to check on an ex-friend of mine and

No. 1490245

I know just by looking at her that she has a tumblr blog.

No. 1490300

oh definitely. she mostly blogs about her onlyfans e-whore gf and schizo ramblings about her acid addiction. before she was a normie fujo lesbian but ever since she moved out of her fundie christian household its never been the same.

No. 1490327

Nta but acid addiction? How does one get addicted to acid?

No. 1490342

File: 1648929137975.jpeg (357.43 KB, 1170x910, 5BE53B0F-9EF7-4DA9-9893-859C6F…)

forgot to mention this but she’s one of those new age pagans and takes acid often to speak with her “spiritual parents”

No. 1490488

File: 1648936351347.jpg (76.44 KB, 694x913, 8s0FvWC.jpg)

No. 1490491

“I’m so queer/unique/counter-culture”

No. 1490501

traduction "I don't know myself"

No. 1490508

>testosterone makes you want to skateboard a wagon down a hill or duct-tape your friend to the wall
I never would have thought that the tumblr version of “boys will be boys” (as in boys are actually silly, aloof, and do dangerous things for dumb reasons) would overlap with with transitioning. I’m sure I’m her head she felt like she couldn’t do all of these things because “that’s a boys thing”

No. 1490509

>white imperialism
How is that tangentially related

No. 1490585

Would anyone here be interested in destroying the tranny flags on r/place like 4chan's /b/ is currently doing?

No. 1490596

this is just depressing. unfortunately even if you tell them that gender brainrot wont solve anything the troon cult doesnt like detractors so they just think that they have uwu internalized transphobia like no bitch thats misogyny

No. 1490635

behold, the root of all ftms.
all of them cannot deal with the sexism and trauma of being a woman, so they try to escape. truly sad

No. 1490795

the fact that she’s saying this with a full face of makeup too is the icing on the cake. what’s wrong with being a woman?

No. 1490845

File: 1648949210218.jpeg (111.42 KB, 640x579, A9555AA5-7681-451B-8705-350143…)

As soon as I saw Paul Dano’s incel getup in the new Batman movie I knew he was going to be a TIF magnet.

No. 1490982

>>1486925 Sorry to necro but nonita, please link the thread because i want to laught.

No. 1491011

the costume look like stan twitter yass queen aesthetic to me.

No. 1491114

Wtf this was so upsetting to open. This is the first time I've ever been so taken aback in these threads, I don't know why. I know and love this body type, she's so clearly a woman with these extra… parts just stapled to her. Or sawn off. She said she had her clitoris 'buried' but kept her 'front hole' and I can't help but think that would lead to an infection. What did her poor clitoris ever do to deserve being buried underneath all that misplaced skin? They call these ethical, life saving procedures, but the results look like someone tinkering with parts as an experiment.

No. 1491122

I think the background is a k-pop idol. The profile picture is an entirely different girl so I don't think she is using her own photos

No. 1491233

For some yes. It's kind of obvious that how they look is a factor in their trans identities. They feel so "unwomanly" because they're fat or have "manly" features. Some of their comics straight up say they transitioned because they're fat.

No. 1491236

It's not her. It's kind of common for people on tiktok to use kpop idols as a representation of them or use them in the background of their rants.

No. 1491280

why do tifs pick the weirdest men to get obsessed with lmaoo

No. 1491282

jfc everyone in the comments praising how great and natural it looks, cult like behavior

No. 1491317

TiFs are the ultimate pickmes, they like hot guys, or hot girls if they’re lesbians, but for brownie points and Not like other girls checklists, they pretend to be obsessed with ugly moids and hide their love for anything womanly, even women themselves, so everyone can give them ultimate asspats
>Oh look at her, it’s a TiF, so brave and inspiring as a mentally ill woman who got groomed by some moid
>and she likes this ugly man, she’s so kind and nice unlike other girls
>You go King! What you’re doing isn’t totally pathetic!

No. 1491321

I will never understand their priorities, instead of developing some implants or bone shaving surgeries to make the frames resemble the opposite sex, they go straight to the least relevant shit that would make someone “dysphoworic”. Does she seriously looks at this picture displaying her womanly figure and thinks “yeah, this is a true and honest man”?

No. 1491322

This should count as evidence toward why trannies 41% post-op. I’d wanna unalive myself too if I paid to look like that.

No. 1491324

My guess is most of them are autistic, sex repulsed and unattractive looking (this is blunt but - how many aidens actually take care of their physical appearances versus the ones that are homely, short haired women in boys clothes from pacsun). These characters appear in whatever nlog media they follow and it’s their literally me! counterpart with all the same negative traits.

No. 1491330

File: 1648997784117.jpeg (83.62 KB, 828x542, F9FC4C65-E938-4885-9069-09B27C…)

No. 1491333

File: 1648998057509.jpeg (354.57 KB, 828x1307, CE13F6FE-EF57-48F9-A7EB-FE3D49…)

She lives vicariously through her GTA character and majority of selfies posted are full body shots complete with lingerie. I wonder how soon the regret will set in enough for her to de-transition.

No. 1491334

kek even her gta character looks like a tranny

No. 1491335

File: 1648998365920.jpeg (66.33 KB, 725x413, 00001BB7-6A5C-4071-9B24-CF797D…)

No. 1491338

File: 1648998588897.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 206.53 KB, 828x1385, E79292B1-11D0-4F43-B075-ED08FB…)


oh no she has a troony tim gta character too

No. 1491339

What causes the breasts to grow back? It looks like real breast tissue to me and not just fat. Is this a common thing that happens to them?

No. 1491342

Not a doctor but my guess is that its weight gain/not all the breat tissue was removed.

No. 1491351

If not all your breast tissue was removed correctly, it will come back with weight gain. Even women who lost their breasts to cancer can sometimes grow some of it back if not all the tissue was lost, although because of the surgery and the scarring it might look slighty or very off.

No. 1491352

I want to know this too. Wtf.

No. 1491362

Sounds like delusion…I think it’s just aidens claiming their vaginal fluid is “totes a males uwu”
And if they had the surgery, there’s no way “cum” is coming out of their fake penis because that penis hole is only connected to their urethra and bladder.

Her whole photo shoot is cringe. It looks like she’s trying to emulate a manly gay bear taking a manly porn shoot (that photo of the underside of her “penis” nearly made me barf), but her figure is still obviously womanly. She tries to flex, but has noodle arms. The yard gloves make me kek. Apparently she has a boyfriend that she pegs too…is this an actual male fail or is it another tif?

No. 1491434

>trying to emulate a manly gay bear taking a manly porn shoot
I was wondering if that’s why the hands are covered with gloves

No. 1491547

plz does anyone know what that hole is behind the "balls"…

No. 1491567

File: 1649012955515.png (8.29 KB, 80x53, 673335880903163915.png)

apparently she identifies as "salmacian" which is a horror show in its own right..
>A subreddit for people who desire a mixed genital set (for example, a penis and a vagina).
its her vagina….

No. 1491682

Fyi this persons tits didn't grow back, she got breast implants. http://reddit.com/u/nonbinaryphallo

No. 1491763

I'm now 100% sure this girl has a futa/trans fetish, she wants to become a "dickgurl" but fake penises can't really penetrate well as they're all floppy arm or thigh. I feel bad for her vag, just sitting there in the back behind the lopsided silicone balls looking sad and abused.

No. 1491794

File: 1649032677824.png (29 KB, 589x368, 1iedrufhds3.PNG)

how does she even "stealth"?
i can't imagine any sane girl wanting to have sex with a hairy, floppy armsack. and there's degenerate males, but would one really try to fuck her vagina when there are a set of balls right there? she's either lying about having sex or finding insane trannies and/or tras

looking at her post history, she could be a cow on her own.

No. 1491797

File: 1649032834895.png (13.9 KB, 605x226, 1ewuerhdfj2.PNG)

samefag, but this has got to be a larp. no way is she getting into gay bathhouses and having sex with men in said gay bathhouses.
she's got a "femboy" fetish too.

No. 1491914

Do you mean she got her breast removed and then paid to get breast implants again? The answer is maybe in your link, but I'm afraid to go in there.
And if I remember correctly from seeing her being posted on the other farms, she dates a tranny but now I see that she speaks about having a boyfriend… does that means that she dates a woman as porn sick as her?

No. 1491923

yes her “boyfriend” is another FtM tranny with a fake cock and is just as gross as she is. and I guess it’s an “open relationship”, because she goes on Grindr and apparently has sex with gay guys all the time.

No. 1491948

whats her tiktok?(learn2sage)

No. 1491954

She says “implants” which can refer to the fake dick, she doesn’t say “breast implants” afaik

No. 1492068

Its in regards to her breast implants. Her comments state she hasn't had dick implants yet. Ill see if I can find her tumblr

No. 1492132

holy shit this is next level kikomi

No. 1492209

File: 1649083715215.png (415.95 KB, 688x781, 29F9F393-7B9B-403F-8B60-272C06…)

>Nurses would call him a “mom” despite having male identification and a beard
Hm I wonder why that could be?

No. 1492215

What I don't get is why they pick and choose when it comes to their language/gender war BS. Like, who said you have to be a woman to be a mom? Anyone can be a mom if they fill the role. Sounds like internalized transpobia sweaty. The term "guy mom" would be very on-brand for this era, too

No. 1492219

Medical staff should have let her and the baby die. fucking gross . This is an abomination. Where is the self hate when you are doing the most women thing out there? not all women give birth but only women can get pregnant(a-logging)

No. 1492222

tifs should not be able to have kids. There's no way the hormones don't affect the babie's development. If you wanted to have a baby, why transition? Isn't that dysphoric?

No. 1492224

damn it, not Bert too

No. 1492226

wtf happened to the music guys from 10+ years ago? We are living in the darkest time line.

No. 1492318

These sickos have an mpreg fetish. That baby is going to grow up sick and neglected, because babies are just props to these pieces of shit.

No. 1492487

>gay guys all the time.
i think you mean, bisexual guys all the time.

No. 1492524

More like nobody none of the time, she's probably lying

No. 1492589

Don’t want to post a picture because they even put their face on it, but an FTM put up posters begging for top surgery donations at my college. Not sure if it was intentional but someone tacked a poster for a “period positivity” seminar right next to it in one of the buildings

No. 1492593

Post it

No. 1492604

File: 1649107006130.jpg (19.62 KB, 640x350, holy-water.jpg)

Can we have a trans day of invisibility please?

No. 1492680

Poor baby looks so small and vulnerable on the chest of some bloke and not that of a mother with breasts. Even a newborn born to a mother with double mastectomy looks more fulfilled, bonded and safe than this.

The newborn already looks so pissed off that they're denied basic human rights, while the mother only considers her own.

Good luck kid.

No. 1492692

File: 1649112410132.png (264.69 KB, 1040x916, nytimes.png)

if a soft yaoi twink shits in the woods and there's no one around to validate it is she really a soft yaoi twink?

No. 1492698

she’s delusional and thinks they are gay men.

No. 1492704

File: 1649113339703.jpeg (555.43 KB, 1170x1689, 4F797306-34FA-4F19-AE53-5A03BF…)

they’re not even trying to hide it anymore

No. 1492707

File: 1649113444362.jpg (Spoiler Image, 780.92 KB, 4032x3024, mboc2ach0s581.jpg)

she has obvious top surgery scars. she is not stealthing lol

No. 1492715

File: 1649113899442.jpg (Spoiler Image, 553.05 KB, 2342x2919, izbui1900aa71.jpg)

I found the funniest account
All this dork draws is shitty coomer misogynist TIF x normal woman porn, except her obsession just feels like cope

No. 1492800

Trans men are men

No. 1492805

File: 1649118595283.jpeg (114.55 KB, 1280x1274, 1BE29CB6-26B0-44E0-B564-BA2F39…)

No. 1492807

I hope all you terfs realize that when the conservatives get their way they will consider lesbians an abomination and have them lynched or raped. If you side with the anti trans politicians and they win you will be the next to go. Quit whining and shut up(are you lost?)

No. 1492809

Please don’t take the bait nonas. Just report and move on.

No. 1492810

>hmm..I don't agree with everything you say but at least you want the "trannies" gone so I'll vote you in
>Yay! The "trannies" are all finally lynched! Now I can live a safe happy life with my lesbian wife where we will never have to see another penis haver ever again
>Wait what do you mean being gay is a sin? I love my wife…
>No please don't kill my wife, we didn't do anything wrong, we supported death of "trannies"
>Please don't rape me…I don't want to be with a man
>I don't want to have a husband..I'm not even a Christian why do I have to follow the Bible
>Praise Jesus, I love my husband, I denounce my evil prior lesbian ways (just kill me already, I wish I had sided with the "trannies"

No. 1492814

Both TIMs and TIFs want to correctively rape women, good to know.

No. 1492820

Just another rape threat against TERFs and lesbians, you know, absolutely normal and not completely unhinged.

No. 1492823

In a way, the sperg that the tranny posted two posts above is also another rape threat disguised as fanfiction.

No. 1492825

You freaks are obsessed with raping and murdering women, just stfu tranny.

No. 1492829

Conservatives and trannies alike hate lesbians so whatever. I'm not even lesbian but I'm not fucking blind, I can see it clear as day, male trannies want lesbians to be raped and excluded from society as much as extremist religious men.

No. 1492838

Holy shit, I fucking thought this was drawn by a TiM at first.
Ew, wish I had never seen that in my life.

No. 1492849

Just like the "detrans" kink tumblr was probably made by a moid. I refuse to believe this was made by a woman.

>normal woman
>only men can be perverts

Umm… in this case it's probably a GC woman being depicted. But I think most TIFs still are vain and have the female bodyform envy but can't express it lol. They can be perverts but most of them are not in the way moids are.

Timmy when did you side with the conservatives? They hate you so much and yet you're against us.

No. 1492853

kek sorry nona, i meant normal woman as in non-trans, not normal porn.

No. 1492868

Yeah when all the normal women went full handmaiden

But though i feel sexist stereotypes can exist even outside the trans circle like "only men can draw porn", yes there are certain TIF art styles covered in many of the fakeboi threads but if a woman can draw it she doesn't exist? Maybe, but truthfully speaking this is an outlier. How is this different from TIMs aside from maybe different socialization or something

Why do all of them have the femboy(tm) fetish all the time? Moids have "being woman" fetish yet the reverse is poorly mirrored.

No. 1492874

Do the TIFs get raped themselves tho? this is fucking sad… i thought TIFs were the most prone to rape threats given the present situation. Women are already hardened by rape threats even those from moids are no longer scary. This is just sad cope, reminds me of a different funny rape threat from a TIF

No. 1492878

They dont hide their love for lolita fashion, dressing up and camwhoring. Some are straight and genuinely love men.

Because they pick the ones they can skinwalk. The real obsession they want are the hot guys.

No. 1492879

Samefag, wrong number order but your get my point

No. 1492916

"Dolls" is slang for a bimbo-presenting TIM (usually a self-hating gay man with plastic surgery). So this person is saying if they were a "lesbian" they would go suck dick…? Bisexual moment

No. 1493219

File: 1649146750707.jpg (87.24 KB, 462x632, haku.jpg)

slight necro and OT but speaking of her, whatever happened to haku ?

No. 1493249

File: 1649149993741.png (38.34 KB, 1096x375, Tiny brown TIF.png)

OT, I don't know if that fakeboi was non-white or not but I have seen this rhetoric every now and them from different wokies, implying that current standards of masculinity are inherently western and imperialistic and so inherently racist towards non-white peoples, so liking a guy whose tall is racist cause white people are taller on average, liking a guy who can grow a beard is racist cause black and asian men can't grow full beards and liking a guy who has muscles is racist cause certain non-white races have higher storages of fat
its comically really

No. 1493276

kek at the female type fat distribution and sausage between legs

No. 1493296

The only people interested in them these days are mostly fakebois that love the emo aesthetic and the homoeroticism in bandom
These guys are pretty much has beens now

No. 1493415

I think she's still living in NYC doing art fashion crap. It doesnt matter since her family is pretty wealthy. But now i'm curious too. I think she has the same IG as months ago.

No. 1493455

most black guys can grow full beards and lot's of ethnic groups are taller on average, weird argument for them to focus on

No. 1493464

some but many can't, I have seen devout black muslims who were incapable of growing beards, not a single man in my paternal family has ever grown ever the least bit of hair on their bodies or faces

No. 1493488

kek what a cruel world, she would have loved to be a MTF

No. 1493506

File: 1649178080759.jpeg (724.82 KB, 828x1384, 079BA910-7AE0-4CCC-A4C2-CDBA45…)

There was an anon who posted this cow before but i checked and was not disappointed
Looks like a pig

No. 1493533

Most of the devout muslim ones I've seen can grow beards, but I'm not gonna argue further on this because its weird and not the right place lol

No. 1493613

I'm talking about Sudanese men anon, most can't grow facial or body hair, there's no real argument about it

No. 1493621

Most gc women believe in those stereotypes. They think all women have this female solidarity and can't be depraved, and ignore anything that suggests the opposite lmao. Same way they think not as hideous male troons are all automatically "hsts" and all the plain ugly ones are "agp". I don't get it either.

Women can always pull of being androgynous, I think that's why most tifs claim to be femboys, less surgery and less hormone usage. It doesn't help the most popular "femboys" online are obviously women in binders with short hair.

No. 1493681

File: 1649190688045.jpeg (160.73 KB, 1080x896, 6112AD0A-5BE4-4FA8-A331-F94071…)

At least she knows it’s an inconvenience. I know this is one that IDs as NB and not a man but it’s all so tiresome.

No. 1493707

Sad but kinda funny that she thinks the moids react that way because it's "challenging their heterosexuality" or whatever and not because they're put off by the mentally ill gender larp

No. 1493710

Lol right, they don’t give a shit. They just want to get laid. Men are not that complicated.

No. 1493719

Exactly lmao men aren’t threatened by your gender conforming pussy having form. They want to fuck even if you are annoying and insisting that penis in vagina is gay.

No. 1493747

File: 1649194050912.jpg (63.32 KB, 736x1147, 8d7f22b266b73ae6346bc4752d3351…)

a "straight" scrote might doubt his sexuality when perusing femboys or trnnies but I am 100% assured no male has doubts when you look like some trashy mall goth from 2003

No. 1493994

File: 1649208309080.jpg (99.58 KB, 1104x824, Capture.JPG)

originally posted in the mtf thread, my mistake

She calls this "roachification"

No. 1494009

Women just want to be lazy slobs sometimes but now it has to be a gender thing apparently

No. 1494119

This girl had a threesome with 2 of her male co-workers that were in their 30s (one married) as a minor

No. 1494209

Sage for blogpost / venting / bs

I'm super upset. If there's a place I feel comfortable to rant about this, it's here. Anywhere else, I feel I will be judged, and have been judged.
I've just lost my girlfriend of years to this shit. We just broke up a few days ago. We were in a happy, lesbian relationship one day, and the next she tells me she wants to start taking T to transition and "become a femboy". I really fucking wish I was exaggerating here. Those were her exact words, and I was aghast.
I, a lesbian go "uhhh well what does that mean for us, I'm not attracted to men?" and she freaks on me, saying that she can't help what she feels, and I go "well… neither can I, I'm attracted to women" and she gets super pissed at this, and when I bring up the very real complications of T to her. But, she's blind, and wants to become a uwu kawaii yaoi femboy.
Things got messy, we broke up, and now I'm crying. I feel so unwanted, and blindsided. It came out of nowhere. One second she's my lovely girlfriend the next she wants to ruin her body with T. I'm just sad. I'm gonna miss hugging her, cuddling her, and running my fingers through her hair. (She chopped it all off w one of those stereotypical nb hairstyles yesterday too lol) I don't think she understands how much this hurts me, and I don't think she ever will, or ever will even care… I can't even vent to anyone because somehow I'm the asshole for not loving someone who wants to transition to a man even though I'm a lesbian.. (I also have trauma with men and my now-ex knows this, and was still trying to force me to love them as a man)
Life sucks right now lol we are losing way too many to this shit, and they are being engulfed in their own egotistical narcissism, and not even caring what those around them think, or feel.
Sorry for blogpost, just had to get this off my chest.

No. 1494228


I wish nothing but peace and love for you. No one deserves this shit to happen to them. Was there any signs/red flags before the bomb dropped?

No. 1494240

her last pic almost passes, not as an adult man but if you told me that was 14 year old boy, I'd believe you
that's as best as they can do, they can pass as little boys but not men

No. 1494262


I'm so sorry, nonna, it sounds like it really came out of nowhere. its so tiring to see ppl we care about ruin their bodies/looks to try to achieve some impossible weirdo anime fetish. it sounds like she dosn't understand what she is doing, I really hope for her sake doctors can turn her away from doing something so drastic. I'm sorry you lost your girlfriend to the yaoi coom, I really hope you can take care of your body, mind and spirit. whatever you need to do to heal, you earned it. breakups suck but this is really on another level.

No. 1494272

I find it interesting that they expect the world to change for their silly little rules.
>"um sweaty lesbians aren't attracted to transmen that would make you bi duh same sex attraction isn't real lol"
>k if you troon out, i'll stop being attracted to you
>"no! you're straight now! you aren't allowed to reject me! ever!!!"
MTFs do the same thing when they force their hetero wives to pretend to be "lesbians". It's like they want you to be props in their narcissistic fantasies.
The best you can do is show her the results of trooning like those hyper intense euro psas and if that fails, just let her go ig.

No. 1494277

Breaking up with her may be difficult but this is for the best in the long run. Better be direct with her asap rather than endure having a fakeboi gf you're barely comfortable with just for the sake of saving your relationship.

No. 1494304

why would she be angry you just respected her gender identity kek

No. 1494362

Is she a femme befoee trooning

No. 1494365

Sage for no milk/on the off chance that an anon can answer

Has anyone ever done research into places with extremely limited/restricted internet and rates of coming out as trans? For me Cuba is the first that comes to mind. Wifi cards are expensive and connection is pretty lousy/restricted. Not to mention, from what I’ve heard, women living there are treated pretty poorly.

(The trans ‘Cubans’ on twitter are always middle class + grandchildren of immigrants wanting that latinx cred kek. I’m taking about those actually living there)

There’s several outspoken gay/lesbian activists but I’ve personally never heard of a Cuban trans one. To me it’d make a pretty strong argument that twitter/tumblr/insta etc are to blame for the ‘popularity’ of the T identities.

No. 1494368

Isn't this what that Arachnid girl did to her gf? Why are so many girls trooning bc of femboys, they're literally ugly af. All one has to do is look at the femboy threads on here lmao

I feel like Tumblr is the origin of a lot of this stuff, tbh. Even on 4chan's troon board they just regurgitate shit that was said on Tumblr in 2013-15.

No. 1494379

I know one enby girl in Pakistan, extremely sheltered and basically a NEET, spends her entire social life online, she talks about shit that doesn't even effect normal pakistani's, shit like anti-blackness, discrimination against femmes, transphobia e.t.c, its like she lives in an separate reality for

No. 1494479

I have a childhood friend, we’re third worldies. Everyone knew she’s gonna grow up a lesbian. I knew even before I knew what a lesbian was. She got called unfeminine all her life. Well, after two years of studying abroad, she’s on T now. The way western wokies groom and brainwash vulnerable lesbians with sexist/homophobic trauma is absolutely disgusting…

No. 1494509

Sorry for your loss. Same thing happened to me. I know how much it hurts to see someone you love turn into a completely different person, body and personality. It will hurt for a while, but it’s better for you in the long run. You wouldn’t want to be with a hairy, angry T-addled woman that will never be pleased. You even acknowledged she would be a ‘man’ and she got angry about it. It’s not worth it. Troons take and take and it’s never enough.
> they are being engulfed in their own egotistical narcissism, and not even caring what those around them think, or feel
You described so well what it is like. When my ex started “transitioning”, she stopped caring about me or my feelings. She stopped thinking about how her actions or words could possibly hurt me or have consequences. She became more reckless, and did things that she specifically knew would hurt me. If I confronted her about this behavior, she got mad and said I wasn’t “letting her be herself”. We were together for years, so seeing the sudden shift of mutual love to completely disregard and selfishness was extremely difficult. I’m not sure if trannies were narcissists all along before “coming out”, or if the ideology brings out the narcissism in them. She used to be selfless before becoming a narc monster. She’s an alcoholic and drug addict now and I just know she isn’t happy, but she can’t figure out it’s because of the trans nonsense. She thinks they “love her for being herself” and whatever bullshit, but she’s not “herself”, she’s a husk that only talks about herself and troon nonsense.

No. 1494643

During the years I was living in Ethiopia I never saw a single gendercultist, so yeah, without social media, the cult can’t thrive. So the question appears again
>If a tranny needs validation in the middle of a deserted island, is there really a tranny looking for validation?
If they were actually busy, trying to survive, to avoid starving and getting murdered during an eternal war between tribes, they wouldn’t be trooning out. Trannies are so, so utterly, extremely bored that they troonout because they have absolutely nothing else to do with their lives, they’re the ultimate high class people who to get some excitement in their lives, they need to experiment with their bodies in a way that will get the attention of everyone, in such a different and “special” way, that tattoos, piercings and wacky hairstyles will never compete.

No. 1494799

I’m a third worlder and to respond to you and add onto what the other nonas said, I have noticed TRA rhetoric is an indicator of privilege around me. I grew up poor with null internet access until my early puberty in late 00s internet, but had a shift because of my parents. My father moved to a first world country and I nearly succumbed to the social contagion when I temporarily lived there (like other nonnies have said the sexist violence when you’re GNC makes it very hard not to fall for the rhetoric). I find it hilarious how troons are brought up as this ultimate minority of sorts when, back in my third world shithole, it was mostly upper middle class and above people who had enough acquisitive power to be bilingual (which I acknowledge is a privilege I have). TRA nonsense is very contained to rich nations. My country is still concerned with women not getting raped and killed, same with LGBs. It feels like a parallel dimension sometimes and what I hate is it sets the debate on sex-based discrimination back.

A cosplayer I knew locally trooned out in 2020, changed her name to Noah (despite living in Latin America speaking Spanish) and paid for a double mastectomy out of pocket in the middle of the pandemic, all while her mom was battling cancer. She now posts on TikTok about being a transboy uwu and how to transition, most of which refers to private clinics. She was in a longterm heterosexual relationship, ready to marry and have children, and gender conforming before that— but a massive fujo, so one of the standard fakeboi pipelines. Most of the poor troons are HSTS TIMs who very often prostitute themselves. It’s a rich people thing, nona.

No. 1494831

I'm so sorry nonna, you don't deserve this. Same thing happened to a close friend of mine; her girlfriend semi-spontaneously decided to take T and they broke up over it. I don't know your situation at all, but in my friend's case the girl had other issues so their breakup was ultimately a good thing.

The ones who take T because they want to be "femboys" just blow my entire mind. Like OK, if you're an AAP who happens to be into hairy balding manlets, maybe you'll be satisfied with your appearance after a few years on hormones. But actual moids take estrogen and androgen blockers in pursuit of femboy androgyny. The only silver lining is that fujos who start out with the goal of looking like a "feminine guy" are playing a game they can't possibly win, and most of them realize that sooner or later.

No. 1495455

Thankyou anon and others for replying. It’s sad but, I suppose kind of interesting to see how this is literally on par with fancy accessories. Not to tinfoil but I suppose sometime in the future when fancy, cyberpunkesque implants/treatments etc become a thing there will be top of the line ones marked fo rich people with featured that make you ‘pass better’ or some shit whilst those less well off will have to settle for the less ‘real and validating uwu’ ones and they’ll be opening gofundmes and all that crap even then.

I saw a petition recently for my country’s medical system to start including gender affirming surgeries in its Medicare. One dude in the comments said ‘I’ve always identified as a stallion, can I get a massive 10 inch cock for free?’ Hate this term, but all I can say is based for making people seethe kek. Any arguments anyone tried to make against him could so easily be twisted back against TRA

No. 1495480

File: 1649346925264.jpg (335.3 KB, 1080x1879, Screenshot_20220407-113812_Twi…)

The worst takes are the ones that pop up on the timeline with no warning

No. 1495481

These girls are gonna end up hurting themselves, like could someone post that tiktok of that fat gay dude who went to a gay bar and tried to ask a guy out but was mocked and called a fatty and he left the place crying

No. 1495502

>Born an inconvenience. The one thing we have in common.

Ouch, the edge.

No. 1495504

File: 1649350124599.jpeg (244.28 KB, 1170x480, 5CE23EEC-7383-48EE-A522-61F2C8…)

Your mother should have disowned you.

No. 1495508

>they're not going to call themselves trans to do it
So it's ok to go into gay spaces if you're a straight woman with a vagina and tits IF you genuinely believe you're trans. It's so stupid

No. 1495515

This gives me the same vibes as the guy who invited his fakeboy friend to the gay sex party kek

No. 1495517

>who deserve to fuck
This incel tier mindset is the only masculine thing about TIFs

No. 1495527

File: 1649352447536.jpeg (504.99 KB, 1170x1113, 9861BD2A-14A6-417B-AA23-135A44…)

This thing showed up on my feed and if I have to see it so should you.

No. 1495537

is there a counter gofundme to keep her out of the u.s. bc i will donate

No. 1495545

What's the point of medical inadmissibility if it doesn't apply here?

No. 1495572

this reminds me of that reddit post where the ftm went to a gay orgy and was rejected lulz

No. 1495629

lmaoo link???

No. 1495643

I wonder if the TIFs who follow this advice will end up locking themselves in the bathroom to cry too

No. 1495651

No. 1495682

File: 1649367059087.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1021.05 KB, 1079x1957, Screenshot_20220407-163035_Gal…)

Reposted for nsfw but there's a drawing for it aswell kek

No. 1495715

File: 1649369348511.jpeg (350.79 KB, 1573x1061, FB048911-9E98-43C2-8892-AD99B0…)


No. 1495725

Of course they do. Troons always tell on themselves. TiFs go in the bathroom and cry when rejected by gay men, TiMs rage like incels when rejected by lesbians. It's like poetry.

No. 1495726

she looks like albino paul dano after living in the wild for 2 months

No. 1495734

LMAOOO you know the friend did it just to be mean. like saying, take ur shirt off. WILD.

you'd think she would know gay men who go to sex parties are just degenerate coomers, but I guess tifs don't really know that many actual gay men.

No. 1495742

nta but ty lmao ur a saint

No. 1495765


No. 1495769

late but
>the voice of Nagito, THE tumblr sexyman, and uwu ukes like Makoto and Shinji has become heckin' cute and valid
She interacted with her w*stern fans too much, didn't she? The Great Satan's tentacles know no limits.

No. 1495775

In the comments there were other gay orgy enthusiasts
But why girls want to go to gay orgies specifically, if they want to have sex with a bunch of male strangers

No. 1495816

wtf. This is me at work vs me at home on the weekend playing Elden Ring. I guess women cant dress up or down.

No. 1495820

I'm so sorry, anon. This is heart breaking. I feel as if we are losing so many lesbians and women in general to this gender pandemic. Women always get the short end of the stick and we should be fighting for our rights. I dont know why trans stuff is so bad in places like America, Canada and the UK. I really hope she'll realize her mistake and de-trans. I hope you'll find someone better and is a terf, nonnie.

No. 1495825

Sad. Instead of having a lesbian daughter, now she has a weirdo.

No. 1495829

>cries in the bathroom
>"I think that girl is in there"
omg, you are a blessing, anon

No. 1495838

I just went back to the old thread and re-read this. I know Japan has degen men, but i thought the women were better. She's too old for this bullshit.

No. 1495960

>trans men
>they're not the cishet women who gawk at us

Yes, they are

No. 1495969

Why can't they go for straight men like mtfs do to straight women and lesbians indiscriminately? why always the gays lol though it seems their target are unmatched and to go after a guy for them the guy needs to be feminine to some degree. Like straight men are unbothered and kept in the dark.

No. 1496297

Well for one, straight TIMs' coom comes from AGP, so they get turned on just by imagining themselves as women - dating "as a woman" just comes with extra coom. The bonus element is that at least subconsciously (mostly consciously) TIMs know they can overpower a woman who might dare to point out they're in the wrong bathroom, for example - if they're ballsy enough to overcome their own female socialization habit of keeping quiet. They don't assess the threat of rape from women. So if they want to intimidate a handmaiden into dating them for any reason, they can theoretically do that.
Straight TIFs not only know they can't beat most men in a fight, they transition because of it. A lot of these TIFs are obsessed with the idea of being a specifically gay man - their coom lies equally in the "man" part as well as the "gay" part. Also, they're brainwashed into thinking that gay men are all super nice since many of them act feminine. As you already know, gay men can be as nasty and misogynist as straight men. The only benefit is that they won't want to rape you (if you're a woman).
Straight men are often attracted to TIFs because they're women and 95% of them don't bother trying to convincingly pass, but if TIFs go for het men, that won't fuel their fantasy. If anything, they'll say it makes them more dysphoric - they know they're straight women and they know that's why most straight men want to fuck them instead of the gays that they desire.

No. 1496533

File: 1649460120515.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.51 MB, 1106x2031, That's a yikes from me.JPG)

Bidenmoder from /tttt/ aka u/Skippymoder2's body progress

No. 1496650

>The transparent glasses and fresh cut hair

Oh no this is another 2022 movie Riddler larper isn't it. Why are the fujos infesting this character.

No. 1496652

File: 1649471996201.png (Spoiler Image, 3.42 MB, 1624x750, C03EA21C-E3D5-4D93-A7C7-DD1D05…)

Idk if someone else here watches Good Mythical Morning, but today they posted a clip of an Aiden with freshly chopped off tits at the end of the episode and congratulated her for it. I feel sick to my stomach, why are we congratulating people for self-harming? I finally unsubscribed.

No. 1496672

Oh gross, honestly I always thought they were pretending to be progressive to keep their chill and friendly image, so it surprises me to see this. One of their crew members was a lesbian and people made awful comments about her but they never said or did anything about it as far as I remember, or even took the comments down. I assumed they just avoided ever addressing anything controversial.

No. 1496685

I think it's the edginess factor combined with the achievability/normy looks and the terminally online-ness of the portrayed character and his personality being vaguely autist or something. They have to ruin everything I like. Sigh.

No. 1496738

File: 1649481891637.jpg (547.15 KB, 1080x1838, Screenshot_20220409-012402_Fir…)

This Twitter thread is so fucking annoying and gross. Picdump incoming.

No. 1496742

File: 1649482183117.jpg (776.7 KB, 1080x1690, Screenshot_20220409-012600_Fir…)

So basically just short men, pretty men, etc.

No. 1496743

Just rename the thread women coping.

No. 1496745

File: 1649482375323.jpg (315.55 KB, 1080x1689, Screenshot_20220409-013107_Fir…)

Last one. The medical daydreaming is too much. Ehgg.

No. 1496746

>we don't enforce gender
>also every man that isn't 100% masculine is actually a woman

No. 1496748

What the actual fuck is wrong with these people? We need to bring back shame

No. 1496833

a truly depressing cope as well as a brutal takedown of john legend

No. 1496844

I hate this artist with a passion, why does he draw TIFs with lips like this? It's such a scrotebrained and ugly art.

No. 1496845

File: 1649489749983.png (3.65 MB, 750x1334, 1643804817320.png)

>can't be feminine as girl, instead be feminine as gay uke boy

No. 1496848

File: 1649490046905.jpg (21.88 KB, 474x454, pepe1.jpg)

There is truly no hope for women in this world.

No. 1496855

File: 1649490376152.jpg (33.3 KB, 375x591, go_back.jpg)

minus the elf-ears, I knew tons of girls in the 2000's who had the exact same style and despite being labeled the "weird kids" they were normal, had relationships with boys and weren't identifying as kweer gay bois
wtf happened in a decade that changed all that

No. 1496859

Trying to turn personality in to an innate trait so you're actually a bigot for bullying them for looking and behaving as they do I think.

No. 1496873

It's so funny to me that some FTMs insist on "becoming male" but are otherwise very attracted by femininity and women. There's this one FTM I follow and goes on and on about how she will kill herself if she doesn't get top surgery, she's a man, she wants man clothes but then calls herself "cowgirl"? She draws boobs everywhere. She's lesbian apparently and she's your stereotypical horse girl. She strongly relates to female characters and wants to be them. If you're sexually attracted to women, you're attracted to their bodies, you're attracted by anything feminine and you relate to female character, why the fuck would you want to chop off your tits, take T and become a "man"? Just be a lesbian.

No. 1496895

What is it with TiFs and elf ears? It's at least the third one I see with a pair of them, were they horny for Legolas (or more like Thranduil given their age) back when they were normal girls?

No. 1496899

likely, also the fact that elves are always depicted as ageless, androgynus beautiful men in pop-culture

No. 1496905

>After all that surgery still looks like a woman.

No. 1496909

I see a lot of tif on tumblr having a "fetish" for being misgendered and being treated like a woman by men, specifically having focus on their breats and vagina, hmmmmmmmm I wonder why?

Its so funny. They look like women, act like women(more feminine than most regular girls, most women myself included act way more "masculine" than your average tif), even want to be fucked like women, yet they somehow are "men".

No. 1496910


Now that’s what I call narcissism

No. 1496913

I'm worried for a family member, who identifies as ftm.
For a 17 year old that says they are ftm but hasn't even taken hormones yet, what is the likelihood of them actually 'going through' transition?
or what is the likelihood of it just being a late phase as a 17 year old, and they'll forget about it soon?

No. 1496920

When did it all start? Or is it just all of a sudden

No. 1496923

It's actually the self. They hate femininity/female characteristics on their bodies, as if not wanting it on themselves. If she is attracted to femininity does it mean she wants it for herself or as a gift from her partner. To clarify is she a butch lesbian?

No. 1496924

The 4chan caricature of TIFs imitating black culture is propagating, like they draw hons ultra-white neanderthals

No. 1496927

Unbeknownst to them gay moids are ultramasculine because m4m and no femmes, they have this idea of gay moids wanting moids = women because they too want moids (except lesbians) therefore they attach traits commonly feminine to the idea of a gay man and it turns out it is an easy costume for them to skinwalk.

And no one cooms at the idea of being a man, moids are uncoomworthy fucks (except to gays). For a moid to be "attractive" he seemingly needs to be equated to women somehow

No. 1496929

can I give my own two cents on this, I don't have sort of gender dysphoria and have never desired to be a male, but I still hate my breasts and If there was a method that could just remove them from my body without surgery I'd take it, there's a feeling of unnaturalness with breasts that never went away for me, they just don't feel right on my body and I have always felt like this, I would constantly look up how to remove my boobs. I found out about chest binders and briefly considered it but then decided against it because I didn’t yet have a credit card and I didn’t want my parents finding out.
I also would pray (I’m not even religious, and never have been, but I gave “God” a shot bc that’s how desperate I was to rid myself of boobs).
It’s not that I dislike being female, I like “feminine” things, I always have. I feel comfortable in my gender besides the fact that I have boobs, its just because actually I enjoy every other aspect of womanhood, idk I just have this weird thing abt boobs.

I feel like your friend may have been similar, they didn't hate being female but had issues with their boobs and wanted to remove them and thought that made her trans

No. 1496933

There was a trend on tiktok a year ago with primarily 16-17 year old girls making fun of themselves for having thought they were trans a year ago. I've also seen teens silently switch their pronouns back to she/her.

No. 1496936

Good, everyone bullying the trannies now kek

No. 1496943

>I've also seen teens silently switch their pronouns back to she/her.
Same, I've recently seen an artist in a fandom I'm in change her pronouns from he/they to she/they (that is, no longer being a TiF and just downgrading into a handmaiden)… just to come out as an anachan and end up breaking one of her closest friendships over that.
So just because they have desisted doesn't mean everything will be roses and sunshine for them after that.

No. 1496947

File: 1649508380274.webm (4.05 MB, 720x1280, 1988168015_NJTsToei.webm)

yeah, "If if you wouldn't love at my "thought i was a trans guy' then you don't deserve me at my yassified bimbo nonbinary slut" trend on tiktok, I really hate zoomers so fucking much

No. 1496967

Yeah I can understand that because I'm kind of the same (sorry you felt that way too anon) but I'm talking beyond boobs here. I get that someone can be attracted to boobs without wanting them on themselves, but this person relates to women a lot (calling herself cowgirl, putting "this is me" captions on pictures of women etc) and even draws lesbian softcore porn. Maybe she hates herself too much? Or is afraid to be a lesbian? It's like she's trying her hardest to go the opposite way of what and who she's attracted to and wants to be (which she already is). She says she wants to be a man but male and masculine stuff aren't anywhere among her interests, her identity and behaviour.
I can kinda understand the fakeboys who are into yaoi and bl wanting to become uwu uke boys because they're autistic and that's what they're attracted to, but what if they're lesbians wanting to transition?

She indentifies as a male.

No. 1496972

I think anon memes like, is she actually masc.
I'm kind of like the woman youre descibing (L). love breasts love women simple as, but not on me, despite being detrans now I still love it when I pass as male to strangers. It's probably because it fucking sucks being a lesbian a lot of the time and sometimes you just think, wow none of the awful shit that has happened to me would have happened if i was male. This has already been discussed at length in previous threads tho.

No. 1496975

i know a cosplayer that recently refers herself as she/her now. she used to an enby and was dating a tif but i guess going to a diff college and town made her mellow down and actually surrounding herself with a group of normie woman with 'masc' hobby like hockey helps too iirc. she broke up with tif and rarely does she hang out with her former tif-infested friends anymore after graduating.

tif just need friends that defy their logic but i doubt. troons sure know how to lure people into their club so my hope is split.

No. 1496978

Depends on whether she strictly refers to herself as male or whether she’s enby.
If she enby or hyperfeminine like wears dresses/makeup then yes it’s a phase, but if she’s tries to be masculine and only refers to herself as a male, no he/they then yeah very likely to get on hormones.
Not much you can do, she’ll have to realize she can’t be male herself to stop.

No. 1496986

File: 1649514226385.jpg (68.95 KB, 847x381, emedkit.jpg)

well I'm straight, I have attraction to dudes but don't want to be them but I sometimes wonder how comfortable they are not having to deal with the awkwardness of breasts, even the guys I dated who had pectoral muscles(which I know some ayden on twtter would refer to as bara tiddies) were hard and flat in a way that my soft breasts just couldn't be, male chests just seem so more functional and practical, I don't think that's gender envy cause I don't wish for anything else related to maleness

No. 1497002

someone posted in another thread? an earlier iteration of this thread? idr that women with autism struggle with growing breasts because it's a nonconsensual surprise change to their bodies, and they go on wishing to reverse it. im not a TERF like most posters on this thread, but i wish both sides could understand that it's okay for women to present in a masculine or non-binary way without having to ID as those genders. i feel like the real peak is going to be when people stop trying to label themselves to fit their every mood and stops caring about the issue and it'll just become normalized, same as gay/lesbian marriage. tying gender roles to appearance is stupid and the world will get better once everyone stops screaming about how you have to be a lesbian/nb/closet trans if you're a woman who wants to be flat again

No. 1497005

I'm not autistic but I do have ADHD and yeah I do wish I could somehow undo my puberty, I think many younger TIFs are struggling with the trauma of puberty and that's why they think being trans is a way out

No. 1497044

File: 1649520269702.jpeg (459.79 KB, 750x955, 260E230B-8E26-4760-BE99-07DFAE…)

they always look like this

No. 1497048

File: 1649521177345.jpeg (178.33 KB, 828x1219, 38BE7010-1E7F-4B2D-AB5D-9DCB0C…)


No. 1497051

So they’re another enby that dresses like a butch and gets upset when people assume they’re butch

No. 1497052

she's probably a kid

No. 1497055

surprised she's actually brown, unlike most racefaker fakebois

No. 1497057

No, not the same trend. This was girls laughing at their past selves for thinking they were trans and having dumb haircuts and names. It died pretty quick once the "this is transphobic" crew arrived to harass teenagers for daring to say that being trans was a bad phase for them.

No. 1497094

I came here to post that too. Imagine agreeing to be part of a segment on how WOMEN are harassed online and then getting mad bc they referred to you as a woman.

No. 1497105

This girlie looks like Cardi B if she was born into a cult that didn't practice personal hygiene

No. 1497114

File: 1649528923504.jpg (Spoiler Image, 9.74 KB, 314x133, ftm_ba4_thumb.jpg)


Relatable af. For so many women with ADHD and autism self included, puberty is an unwanted and unwelcome change: periods suck, strangers stare at your chest and make comments on your body, etc. Another thing you notice in before/after pics for top surgery is how many TIFs had huge, back-pain-inducing breasts. Like, it's almost no wonder they wanted them gone.

I think this is a big reason why so many fakebois want to be sparkly gay ukes rather than manly men. Because for so many of them it's not about gaining male qualities, but about shedding the unwanted "burdens" of female biology and misogyny.

No. 1497117

I find it odd that some women who remove their breasts are also overweight but make 0 effort to exercise or diet. Going on T isn’t going to melt off the body fat and grow a six pack

No. 1497149

kek, they actually do that? i have yet to see that

No. 1497158

most of them pretend to be jewish but quite a number fake indigenous or black ancestry

No. 1497237

is this thing even chilean or argentinian? probably just faking it. brown people also do that white thing of being 1/54 cherokee so they cancel out their whiteness.

No. 1497438

She looks nothing like Cardi B?

No. 1497441

What’s up with Jewish girls pretending they aren’t hwhite

No. 1497447

Anyone else get irrationally mad when they see an Aiden. Especially with the Pube beard, wtf

No. 1497496

It always makes me feel weird. I feel a strange sense of pity plus a rage that they throw women under the bus, including themselves. They just make it hard for all of us.

No. 1497510

File: 1649558265994.jpeg (240.49 KB, 828x1432, 4D33B95D-A6D6-4D5D-B89B-CC9632…)

when u look like an unkempt coomer male troon more than an uwu fakeboi…why do they always show off their gross ass scars?

No. 1497517

>unkempt coomer male troon
Passes better than most other fakebois and ftms lol.

No. 1497527

Why did they even ask this theybie's opinion about harassment faced by women? Asking her in the first place is twansphobic

No. 1497579

This. Looking like a grimy AGP MtF is really the best a lot of them can hope for when it comes to passing. They need to start Kikomimaxxing

No. 1497592

those hands look 100% female kek

No. 1497595

touché, nonna.

No. 1497622

File: 1649575663942.png (Spoiler Image, 414.26 KB, 1328x539, vittuhankiapua.png)

Because transing is easy and actually addressing your ED and body image issues is hard. Picrel is case in point, 2018 vs. 2021.

No. 1497624

File: 1649576171784.png (491.14 KB, 900x582, transform.png)

Stumbled upon an unironic FtM otherkin with a very large portfolio of art and fanfic about her fetishes

The author:
>34 year old FtM that's "pretty damn gay"
>has gender AND species dysphoria, identifies as a transgender otherkin guy
>obsessed with sonic
>"I can get hormone replacement therapy, I can get surgery, but my body’s still gonna be human shaped, and most of my dysphoria is still gonna be here, always. It absolutely sucks, it hurts, and there’s approximately fuck all I can do about it."

Notable bits and quotes from a cyberpunk transformation fanfic where the author uses custom gene therapy referred to as "mods" to transform herself into Sonic (picrel)

>Laws enacted by "skin-pure human" lobbyists are about to go into effect, making unconventional body transformation mods illegal. The MC decides to undergo a full-body transformation before her most reliable modding connection skips town.

>MC gets misgendered by the receptionist at the modding clinic and chastizes the receptionist for not using augmented reality so that she can see clients' preferred forms.
>"I sighed, scowling as she checked me in, and hoped the large, AR dragon clipping through most of the back wall ate her once—I checked their pronouns in my HUD—once zi was done. Sure, zi might be getting a less bulky form modded, but a guy could dream."
>MC's modder friend is a doctor that has modded himself into a squid.
>"My doctor replied, undulating forward on ten orange tentacles. Jer, or Dr. Jerald Cone, was the most heavily-modded individual I had ever met. […] He’d shown me photos, including from the few years he’d spent as a particularly blobby human with tentacles and a beak. His trek to squid-dom had been a truly awkward one, but he was a beautiful creature now, his arrowhead-shaped head nearly five feet tall, his rounded diamond-shaped eyes large and deep."
>Extended transformation sequence where the MC becomes a more realistic, 3 foot tall Sonic
>"My proportions continued to redistribute as I shrank, my torso and arms maintaining more relative length as my body began to edge its way towards a shape that would be just as comfortable on two legs as four. Bone popped and separated in my backside, and I groaned as a tail, at long last, started to form. […]
My organs fizzed as they readjusted, and my previous female anatomy flowed into a new configuration. I reverently ran a digit over the new growth, finally satisfied with what was between my legs. As the changes slowed, the satisfaction spread, and for the first time in my life I was wrapped in a deep, pervading sense of peace. Everything was alright. Everything was good. I no longer needed to block large parts of my experience out, or filter from myself, or just be aware of feeling absolutely terrible in my own body. Because finally…finally everything felt right."
>The MC is invited to work at the squid's clinic for the remaining month that it will be open.
>A friend of the squid comes into the clinic. She has a PhD in marine biology and is (non-morphic) trans-orca. Unfortunately, she commits a microaggression by assuming that the MC is unskilled at her job for no clear reason.
>The clinic shuts down but the MC and squid doctor continue performing mods illegally.

No. 1497625

File: 1649576313082.jpg (1.79 MB, 900x8202, whinny.jpg)

She's working on a comic that was last updated less than a week ago. It's about a girl who inexplicably transforms into the creature she always felt she was on the inside.

No. 1497626

File: 1649576406554.jpg (842.38 KB, 899x2724, transspecies egg crack.jpg)

Last post.
Canonically, when she's talking, she's actually communicating telepathically, as she's only physically capable of whinnying.

No. 1497628

Deffo not a mental illness.

>FTM troon

>Autistic sonic obsession
If only she and Chris Chan had met, maybe it could have all been prevented.

>Sonic Spirit Studios


No. 1497632

>Non-modded trans orca
Even in fantasy land trannies don't try.

I can't believe this woman is a decade my senior. No one gets to tell me that older people are smarter and more put together from experience jfc.

No. 1497637

File: 1649579078802.jpg (157.01 KB, 783x596, nonmorphic.jpg)

The orca was indeed non-modded at the start, though she did have an orca avatar in augmented reality. She did intend to fully transition into a non-morphic orca, meaning she literally just wanted to look like a normal orca. Contrast this with the MC, who transformed into a slightly physically anthropomorphized blue hedgehog.

No. 1497654

Fucking grooming in a nutshell where AGP trannies convince kids theyre trannies too

No. 1497658

File: 1649584528176.jpg (70.32 KB, 444x618, Capture.jpg)

No. 1497718

File: 1649590883209.jpg (430.45 KB, 1158x2020, 20210302-CrystalMeth-Homosexua…)

>I wish my life could be like a gay romance story


No. 1497726

what the fuck?

No. 1497727

No. 1497737

> i wish both sides could understand that it's okay for women to present in a masculine or non-binary way without having to ID as those genders
That’s entire point of gender criticism or TERF‘s gender abolishment. That people can present/express however they like without it having to be a greater identity. Gender, being the cultural associations made to sex, is what creates these boxes. It’s why radical feminists for example, specifically acknowledge ‘sex based oppression’ rather than letting “woman” or “lesbian” become generic terms that don’t represent concrete groups. “TERFs“ have also been trying to highlight the forms of gender dysphoria that specifically affect girls who are physically uncomfortable with puberty and a wider, stifled understanding of what womanhood means. Sorry this is long, I just felt that you had a misguided idea of real feminism.

No. 1497745

I used to watch them but i guess they're part of the tranny pandering crew now
Why is it always normal women and lesbians who get shat on but we must celebrate mentally ill people?

No. 1497749

We need to eliminate the XY. It really is a broken chromosome.

No. 1497758

puberty = nonconsensual
Go back troon, you're implying that puberty is akin to rape.

No. 1497767

Shed deffo be jealous of Christine's blue hair and large chesticles.

No. 1497786

I am yet another autistic ex-TIF with the same experience. I wish autistic ressource pages would talk about this instead of encouraging us to troon out.

It's also why a lot of us latch onto NB labels rather than going full FTM. It's some kind of fallen angel syndrome (as cheesy at it sounds) what we want is to go back to an ideal "above and beyond all this dumbass shit" state, not transform into a lame earthly moid lmao.

It might not be the case everywhere, but in my country at least, surgeons usually demand or at least very much recommend losing any excessive weight before top surgery for optimal results.

I think they're a weird type of pick me that wants to be loved for the things they hate about themselves (and are often harassed/bullied for) but the despair mixes weirdly with porn addiction and creates fucked up fetish crap.

No. 1497796

Damn yeah, you could replace the words and tell me this was ED vent art and I’d believe it. This aspect of girls trooning out makes me sad. I really believe therapy would be much more help in these cases.

No. 1497803

Yeah saying that you should be able to consent or not consent to puberty is so strange. It’s just a natural process that your body goes through, that it should go through bc it is healthy, even though uncomfortable. I fear the days when lawsuits will be coming back out over puberty blockers and all their awful side-effects.

No. 1497845

>>1497622 Just fucking work out. Eat a salad, Jesus christ. Flobby troony fucks.

No. 1497925

File: 1649614036503.jpg (331.04 KB, 2048x1346, ExCZ_gxWEAQ-jMi.jpg)

Not as extreme as some of the other shit ITT but here's some fresh he/they cringe. It never ceases to amaze me how TIFs always manage to fumble spectacularly right when they're on the cusp of being actually GC.

Source: https://mobile.twitter.com/heartmush/status/1234972224236355584

No. 1497928

Filename checks out, how the fuck can anyone just stand by and watch

No. 1497933

I hate these fake deep monologues so much.

No. 1497946

>I'll never understand women who like being feminine but still want to be seen as male
Why do most post-2018 male troons put in zero effort? In the current year first world, putting on some labels is enough to rise in the progressive stack and coom to yourself while living in the exact same way as you did before.

No. 1497975

Sorry for ot, I’m gonna be a faggot loser and ask if anyone knows where girl in OP pic got her sweater

No. 1497995

transformation fetishes scare the shit out of me

No. 1498040

What is it about sonic and autism?

No. 1498064

as a person that used to interact a bunch with these sad indie boy bands fanbases, ive found that they have about an equal split of real boys and fakeboys

No. 1498067

File: 1649624582874.png (1.19 MB, 591x1236, g.PNG)

I don't know if you've seen her but this is what heartmush looks like. I think she was brought up in saltart several months ago or near the time that comic came out. People thought she was a gay boy and then got mad at her for pretending but are ok with her he they shit.

No. 1498071

wtf where is this from

No. 1498167

Wtf?? Legit want to call the cops on everyone in here the fuck!!

No. 1498170

I want to kill myself.

No. 1498195

why yourself - them

No. 1498206

Wow just when I thought I was getting over my homophobia. But seriously what the actual fuck is this i’m so disturbed

No. 1498218

I think they just have a fixation with all types of body modification and/or with non human creatures. I've also seen a themlet put on some vampire teeth fake veneers and post something on along the lines of "omg teeth are so gender"

No. 1498399

File: 1649655754163.jpg (453.8 KB, 799x1847, Difference-Between-Male-and-Fe…)

they think just cause these men are thin and or short that must mean their somehow like FTMs, but there's one crucial difference and I'm not even talking about sex organs, the biggest and most crucial difference is that they have a male skeleton and robust structure, the fakeboi is doughy and has soft features no matter if she was even an anachan she would still be "soft" compared to men

No. 1498438

File: 1649660819257.png (Spoiler Image, 238.77 KB, 672x898, porniscktroon.png)

Why is it always Jerma?
spoilerd for rape fantasies

No. 1498549

So this is what happens when you're rich and bipolar

No. 1498566

The male torso is still longer compared to womens

No. 1498610

File: 1649681060477.jpeg (212.65 KB, 828x1048, 72C700D4-310A-4E22-BFEC-6AB487…)

i had yet to encounter a neo nazi fakeboi. jfc.

No. 1498612

there was some case of a nazi transman some time back, she was some white trash junkie who became a nazi and became a FTM later on

No. 1498616

come on it's not always jerma. sometimes it's dream

No. 1498634

this is the kind of autism that always reminds me of the crystals guy. there's something kind of melancholy about it.
deviantart nostalgia aside though, there's something really sinister about how ubiquitous transformation fetishes are at the moment. forgive me my tinfoiling but i think its psychic priming to force people into metaverse shit. some autists are just less able to repress their fantasy lives than normies, so dA shit is a good represntation of whats going on in the cultural unconscious.

the whole concept of nonconsensual puberty is like nonconsensual shitting. i didnt consent to taking a shit so its actually traumatising kek

No. 1498681

File: 1649690743816.jpg (176.33 KB, 1125x788, 112.jpg)

this is what too much yoai does to a bitch

No. 1498736

I've met a couple. One was white, the other was some self hating hapa girl. The white one envied the "masculinity of nazis" and wanted to be filled with it (this is a double entendre) and the hapa one really hated brown and black people for whatever reason and wanted to be a "vampire twink"
shocker surprise, trannies are mentally ill.

No. 1498742

What reading too much Hetalia does to a mf

No. 1498782

File: 1649698907086.png (146.25 KB, 834x742, 23653753.png)

what's with fujos and having the worst taste in men imaginable

No. 1498786

probably read a lot of real life shipping ao3 fics, highly likely ships minecraft youtubers as well, anyway this is what reading porn does does to someone

No. 1498823

File: 1649701630843.jpeg (622.97 KB, 3120x1270, 93F865FD-A117-426B-99F6-49B372…)

I hated that trend just as much as regular fakebois

No. 1498836

I thought that was Obama for a second. Link to full comic?

No. 1498847

File: 1649703989206.jpg (30.3 KB, 881x689, 6d37319d.jpg)

No. 1498879

File: 1649707068837.jpeg (119.45 KB, 851x457, 25B11431-D3CE-46D6-9AF4-8D4A7E…)

It's only about 50 pages right now so it's a pretty quick read, and there's easily enough insanity to justify the time spent.

No. 1498926

according to these people women can either be desexed mutilated pseudo-men or pornified bimbos, there is no in-between and they exhibit this pattern of thinking even behind the nonbinary facade

No. 1499072

sorry to radfem sperg but raunch culture has truly ruined a generation of women

No. 1499197

literally not even a radfem opinion, most feminists and sensible women are against raunch culture as well

No. 1499376

She apparently has a NSFW twitter for her more graphic sonic fetish art and for retweeting tranny fetish art, because of course, and a patreon where you can see the autism before she posts it.

No. 1499382

These people are so down on all positive, nonpornified types of women. Moms are embarrassing mumsies with no life, career women are toxic white feminism bossladies, old women are embarrassing and disgusting hags who should not exist in public, self care 'that girl' is toxic white feminism and ableism, sport girls are either body negative fitness bimbos or pickmes, and on and on it goes

No. 1499410

File: 1649756309998.webm (2.72 MB, 540x960, kao.webm)

I've never seem someone describe my personality but this is me 110 %. Doctors think I might have autism or BPD and I've been diagnosed as bipolar too. I've been bulimic for 9 years. I used to be a selfharming lonely fakeboy fujo as a teen. I constantly feel suicidal and empty. I get bad anxiety attacks and I seriously believe I will kill myself during one sooner or later.

Maybe I should get help for a possible BPD? I'm so sorry for offrailing. I've just never seen someone describe my personality like this before and I've had these issues since puberty and I'm soon 22.

(my fav fakeboi kaokitsune in the video. has been on HRT for over 1 year.)

No. 1499450


Well there's huge overlap between autism and being a TIF, and it happens for autistic women to be misdiagnosed as bipolar. I think you should go to one of the dedicated mental illness threads.

Also, is she really on HRT ? She looks the same as in 2019 and really sounds like someone who couldn't handle the extra body hair.

No. 1499460

File: 1649763849344.webm (1.95 MB, 540x960, kaoki.webm)

Thanks for help, I will go and look for them.

Roni (formerly Rebekka) started HRT a little over 2 years ago, judging by her youtube videos. Don't know how consistently she's been takin T. She indeed hasn't changed much after starting it, still has very feminine figure and face. I don't know how she manages to tell herself she's a male while acting and looking 100 % like a woman.

No. 1499478

Voi ei, she also started larping as a cis boy with some condition at some point? Nlog to the max

No. 1499482

I've followed Roni for 5 years now. Yes, she has larped as a cis boy the whole time. Even pre-T she always talked about her past as a boy. I can't imagine how her larping has affected her very young finnish audience. Majority of her following is like under 11 yo. I think she has made quite a many young girls larp as a boy too. She truly has a genetic condition called episodic ataxia. Other than that, she's a master at larping.

Her boyfriend is quite a lolcow too.

No. 1499487

The two genders: Bimbo and male

No. 1499492

There's literally people out there who knew her as a girl and there was even that old ass magazine makeover thing with her mom where they called her by her real name, what a cow. I don't know anything about her bf, do post if there's some milky ftm related stuff kek

No. 1499500

File: 1649769081883.jpg (403.66 KB, 1080x1691, Screenshot_20220412_160411_com…)

No. 1499508

she's a huge yaoi brain. very sad case.

No. 1499608

Are you capable of putting yourself in someone else's shoes? Yes? Cut off your tits right now.

No. 1499677

>kpop poster
>mlm fiction
and some of y'all will argue that BL has no adverse effects on girls

No. 1499685

Autohomoerotic applies to AGPs too, the transbians at least.

No. 1499719

Why do all the fujoomers look like that?

No. 1499800

Ok so we all know aydens are obsesed with pathologizing girly behaviors like "mlm" fanfiction as a sign that youre actually a bravr and stunning transboy but something ive been thinking about lately is… why do NONE of them ever latch onto straight romances with male POVs and stuff like that? Its the same thing, except the love interest is a woman, so why do we never see aydens saying shit like "[insert random romance with male pov] made me realize im a straight man"? its almost as if… theyre all pornsick yaoi coomer gay fetishists… really gets the noggin joggin

No. 1499815

>why do NONE of them ever latch onto straight romances with male POVs and stuff like that? Its the same thing, except the love interest is a woman, so why do we never see aydens saying shit like "[insert random romance with male pov] made me realize im a straight man"?
Most romcom anime is nowadays aimed at straight moids, and lesbians don't like dick.
I think that's the simplest way to explain it.

No. 1499827

I don't think it's just m/m crap but also the lack of good female representation on media. These girls consume media that is simply sausage party.

No. 1499897

File: 1649803482048.png (1.8 MB, 1622x1565, Screenshot 2022-04-12 154403.p…)


No. 1499928

"tavkat" kek tavros and karkat are the uke characters in the comic

No. 1499929

Because if they were pretty they wouldn’t be online so much and actually offline having fun with friends (which they don’t have at all)

No. 1499941

There are plenty of pretty girls who are terminally online. Sometimes I feel like fujos were not taught proper hygiene. I don’t know anymore.

No. 1499946

oh shut the fuck up, i'm enjoyed m/m all my life and turned out completely normal aside from being a nerd.

seriously some of the 4channer dorks are/were beautiful

No. 1499947

The entire continent of Asia houses the most and hardcordest faghags of the world and they’re not all trooning out. Tranny propaganda bullshit is clearly the other half of the equation. Women in those sexist ass countries do wish to escape their female fate but 99% of TiFs in those places are traumatized lesbians and not fujo (aka straight women).

No. 1499954

File: 1649808416431.jpg (73.56 KB, 800x450, stacey fujo.jpg)

asian fujos are based and we should all be proud to be fujos. look hot and piss off retarded moids while you're at it. win/win

No. 1500173

I'm a lesbian who consumes entirely gay content/ships when it's anime.

Female characters in anime suck; they're 1 note personalities with their main goals wrapped around the main male character. Unsurprising when they're writen by Japanese male creators who don't leave their bedrooms. An anime obsessed girl will always have male characters as her favorites, it's no surprise she wants to be one of them rather than the pitiful female characters.

On the flip, straight romance geared at men is embarrassing. The male character is always designed to appeal to the lonely incel moid so that they can pretend an anime waifu would actually love them. No girl is going to want to be that even if she thinks she's a straight man.

No. 1500298

File: 1649843814656.png (854.09 KB, 1000x966, enola x Tewkesbury.png)

call me crazy but have you ever thought of gee I don't know, consuming actual good m/f or f/f written by women, rather then reading doujins of anime boys or rlp fucking, also shit like that nagatoro and that pedo big boobed series aren't even romance marketed towards women, they are very clearly meant for a male audience, its kinda disingenuous using them as an example of modern romance

No. 1500311

>why do NONE of them ever latch onto straight romances with male POVs and stuff like that?
>pornsick yaoi coomer
This argument always circles back to anime and manga. Most women don’t like romance anime made for men unless they’re an anime club princess/pickme. The majority of BL content is made by female artists and writers. Some aidens will claim to like the male content (geicomi, bara, which are usually very graphic with rape) but it’s a cope to prove they’re a real gay mayun

No. 1500327

Hence I said anime. I consume f/f fantasy books,shows and movies but when shonen is your favorite genre of anime sue me for only liking the male anime characters enough to pair them together (fmab and jjk being some of the exceptions where I do prefer the m/f and f/f ships more).

Anyway, female anime characters rarely make the top 5 in Japanese popularity polls. Like I said, it's very easy looking at male vs female rep in mainstream anime to see why an anime obsessed girl would rather be a boy and relate to male characters. Now we also have the community supporting kinning characters we have girls thinking that relating more to male characters makes them boys.

No. 1500355

There are some good m/m content that doesn't involve hardcore shit, why are fujo haters so hellbent on stereotyping the genre? Also I don't care about romance in general so I don't read vanilla shit, what's the big deal?

No. 1500624

I'm the same anon. I was just talking to my gf about this yesterday. It's difficult finding media centering around female characters that doesn't center on them being female (either their sexual appeal or their place in society), and I really think that's one of the problems. Stories with male characters don't have to center on their 'maleness' or their sex appeal, they can just be bomb ass stories about people with all the other stuff sprinkled in instead.

It's hard to find that with stories centered on women, even in ones with female leads or are f/f, and it fucking sucks. People who say jUsT cOnSuMe F/F are REALLY missing the point. Why can't we have cool shit like Fullmetal Alchemist but with a woman lead? Why can't we have Haikyuu! or NGE but it's all women? I've yet to find anything equal to something as badass that treats women characters not as sexual objects ("she's cool but still cute/sexy/pretty!"), not as empowering ("she can do what the boys can, see! She's a strong woman!") but just let's them do those things without saying any of that. That just takes men and misogyny out of the question entirely.

Anyway sage for ranting on this. I don't really care about fujos who like m/m porn b/c who cares about policing what women sexually enjoy. I think the fujo pipeline stuff is just a symptom of the actual problem. I highly doubt if yaoi stopped existing women would stop trooning out, even if it seems to be a facet of it.

No. 1500665

Some me good f/f m/f weeb shit written by women right now. Good josei yuri content is rarer than a unicorn on crack. BL is abundant and encompasses many genres, made by women for women, some of the very last bastions of female dominated creative spaces. It's not always just porn, you clearly don't know shit. I don't like those loli bait you mentioned either.

No. 1500698

> It's difficult finding media centering around female characters that doesn't center on them being female

AMEN. I keep trying to find good f/f content (or even shows with good female characters) and I keep getting let down, so I go back to m/m. Tons of shows I had recommended to me as "good yuri-ish anime with zero male characters" either turn out to have female characters who look/act like pedobait wank fantasy stereotypes, or somehow those "nonexistent" male characters still manage to screw with the plot anyway. (I am going to lose my absolute shit if I have to hear "oh our pure lesbian schoolgirl romance can't last bc I'm engaged to a moid" one more goddamn time.)

Yuri is basically just a subset of the romance genre. If you want anime with some plot/action besides relationship drama, but don't want to put up with sexist female characters who exist as props for male power fantasies, you have few choices aside from BL stuff. And guys in BL are written by women so of course lonely fujos can identify with them moreso than "women" written by dudes.

>I think the fujo pipeline stuff is just a symptom of the actual problem.

Agree here too. I think BL is (in many cases) just an escape valve for girls who are already so sick of societal misogyny that they want to flee into a fantasy world where their gender is irrelevant.

No. 1500736

>I've yet to find anything equal to something as badass that treats women characters not as sexual objects ("she's cool but still cute/sexy/pretty!"), not as empowering ("she can do what the boys can, see! She's a strong woman!") but just let's them do those things without saying any of that.
Yup this is one of the main reasons girls troon out in my opinion. It's not just about stories, look at how many TIFs are obsessed with male bands, or male youtubers. There's almost no representation of cool women that aren't sexualized ANYWHERE. Men can just do whatever they want and be cool, women have to be cute or sexy and never too masculine

No. 1500794

I've only heard of one ftm who said they realized they were trans and liked women (aka lesbian) when they wanted to be the male lead and date the girl instead of the reverse
Straight identifying ftms are quite rare honestly

Most of them aren't lesbians, they're just hetero or bi
This doesn't just apply to anime, it also applies to western chick flicks

No. 1500910

shut the fuck up

No. 1501056

again your trying really hard to defend this shit, 99% of women around the world aren't into BL, no one in muslim countries are fujos, its just one demographic of overly online porn addicts that really should stop watching porn and stop consuming content from a country where the age of consent is 13,

No. 1501226

Not exclusively just a yaoi issue but this is part of the reason women would rather pretend to be boys. We can't enjoy anything without being judged for it. No one is going after the loli loving middle aged men on twitter at the same rate that a 16 year old girl will be treated like scum for liking m/m.

Apply this to every other hobby too; sports, books, activities. It's either a girl doing it for the attention of men, being fake or being judged for being too girly.

Why would anyone want to be a girl when you can get the world celebrating you for a touching a book as a boy. Thank fuck I'm not a teenager, social media has only highlighted the way the world praises men for the bare minimum, I can't imagine what living as a 14-16 year old girl is like right now.

No. 1501318

File: 1649932644854.png (38.54 KB, 583x503, main-qimg-42527c2ccfbb7807742b…)

>country where the age of consent is 13
You're a fucking retard

No. 1501330

File: 1649934259326.jpg (298.73 KB, 1080x1344, Screenshot_20220414-040330_Chr…)

Does turkey count as a Muslim country?

No. 1501332

You'd be surprised by how many muslim girls are into yaoi. As always the fujo haters don't know what the fuck they're talking about.

No. 1501334

Lolz depends. If they're in Turkey or Indonesia, I wouldn't be surprised but if you asked my friend from Afghanistan what anime is she wouldn't have a clue wtf ur talking about. generally most of the Muslim girls ik aren't even into regular Manga let alone yaoi.
And the actual religious ones would stay away from anything gay.

No. 1501337

clearly you dont talk to many people. all my classmates were into yaoi and pressured me into liking it in the ninth grade and we were poorfag arabs. i have tiktok and since it shows you videos from your region ( mine being MENA ) i get nothing but underage fakeboi arab fujos anywhere from saudi arabia to jordan to egypt and morocco all the time and i have to block them all. it was the same when i was on facebook back in 2011-2018. have you heard of spacetoon ? literally every arab person i know watched it as a child, its a children's TV channel mostly featuring anime. of course maybe a country like afghanistan isnt big on anime but i know lots of paki anime fans AND fujos.

No. 1501350

File: 1649937087918.jpg (56.47 KB, 680x659, FQOT1BiX0AAf6rZ.jpg)

This is just fucking sad

No. 1501358

God that looks hideous, it just looks blank and wrong. Why are the nipples removed? Don't they usually just cut breast tissue and leave the nipples?

No. 1501361

She probably wanted it done as cheaply and as soon as possible because ROGD, plus fakeboys wear their disfiguring scars as a badge of pride for the two or three years before they detransition kek. Still, can’t wait to see the butchers who perform these “surgeries” on the chopping block once enough actual men start detransitioning because god knows nothing will be done so long as the bulk of victims of this are young girls.

No. 1501362

They can often opt in or out of keeping the nipples. Some think having no nipples make them more non-binary or some shit. They're clearly very mentally ill

No. 1501365

File: 1649939093203.png (703.37 KB, 655x2867, tif Ls.png)

Lol it used to be cool to make fun of men for being unable to use hygiene products not explicitly targeted at men, but now male fragility is woke! Win!

No. 1501371

blog but this is exactly it ime. all the cool characters in the stories i liked were always men. feels like you cant just be a person if youre a woman, with a womans body- that always trumps anything else about you.

No. 1501372

Don't men tend to kill themselves rather than try to live with their mutilated bodies though? I feel like if that's not already a confirmed pattern it's the one we will see.

No. 1501378

I personally knew two muslim girls, one very into drawing cute bl and the other almost trooning out. The major forums and facebook groups in my country are yaoi themed and they're full of arab girls looking at smut gay doujinshi. Sorry to burst your bubble, but even "pure" religious traditional muslim girls look at anime and yaoi shit.

No. 1501395

Seriously tell me more about MENA fakebois. I had no idea this shit has spread there too, but sadly I'm not even surprised. I'm assuming they'd be predominantly middle and upper class, but do they have any chance of getting hormones or surgery?

No. 1501401

A gay porn dude uploads video called "how to eat pussy for gay guys", he had to change the title because of the backlash but the video is still fucking stupid. Gay men dont want vagina.
Also the difference in the shoulders on the obvious man and the obvious woman in the video is pretty astounding lol, beard or not we can still tell from a mile away

No. 1501424

My god, I wish lesbians would be allowed to act like the gay men in the comments when they get told to suck trans dick so they're not twansphobic.

No. 1501428

is the dude in the red striped shirt a tif? oh she is. despite the ugly facial hair and hairstyle, accessories and tattoos and voice. her body still maintain a female physique. it's weird to look at. worse, when her mannerisms, which is obviously feminine, was a contrast to the guy, born and raised as a man, beside her.

No. 1501431

Oh I can answer that, but back in the Gulf we had a lot of what would be called soft Butch lesbians, who would often troon out because it gave them more freedom in general.

And fr I know so many Muslim girls (both Arab and like especially Malaysian/Indonesian girls) who are INTO yaoi + kpop so pour one out for the bts members from the sick shit I've seen them featured in if you can understand the languages these girls write in

No. 1501437

Reminds me of a vid I saw on the other farms where someone took a box of menstrual products and spray painted it to have a Fortnite logo bc the teen girl was too ashamed to have it look like a box of menstrual products. If I can find it again I’ll post it. It was just so stupid. I can’t even remember giving a shit what the box looked like because like most normal girls/women, I just took some out to throw in my bag for late. They get so upset about the most mundane shit.

No. 1501442

Same. Tbh that’s one reason this yaoi argument in the thread annoys me too. There are so many double standards for men and women in all this trans shit. Lesbians have to accept the girldick but gay men can say no to vaginas and no one says shit. TiMs can talk about their AGP and desire to hurt women all day online but heaven forbid some TiF brings up the yaois or she’s fetishizing gay men.

No. 1501488

That tif looks like a corpse. You just know she is rancid

No. 1501496

who would have thought that male characters written as self inserts by girls for girls would be relatable..TO GIRLS?

No. 1501498

AYRT there isnt really a predominant class, i knew fakebois who didnt eat daily due to financial problems and fakebois who went to private french/international schools ( most expensive education you can get pre-college ). it all depends on how much time they spent on the internet like any other country, and since the pandemic the number of young girls with pronouns skyrocketed tenfold. in my country i havent heard of any of them going on T, im assuming there is definitely no way they can do that since there is huge outrage whenever people even joke about being gay let alone trooning out. however if they come from money they usually go to france or some similar country ( but usually france ) and troon out there, if they dont then they just present masculinely but never really come out in my experience. i havent yet heard of FTM suicides in my country only male homosexual ones. well i hope for the teenagers that it is only a phase and that they peak soon…

No. 1501509

To be fair, teen girls are made to feel ashamed about tampons and periods. I remember having to be careful carrying my pads to the bathroom during class because if a dumb male saw it he would instantly howl "OMG A PAD EWWWWWW ANON ARE YOU IN YOUR PERIOD??? HEY EVERYONE ANONS ON HER PERIOD THAT'S WHY SHE'S ANGRY HEHHEHEHE". My own mother encouraged me to carefully hide pads or tampons because they're "gross". It's really not uncommon for young girl to be ashamed to buy tampons.

No. 1501526

Yeah but this was just the box that is kept in a bathroom drawer at home, not something she’d be carrying around at school (which trust me I do get the period shame young boys throw at you). I don’t know, turning it into a fortnite box bc a white box is too girly just seems silly. It reminds me of the people who were upset pad wrappers had a female symbol on them- like does that REALLY effect your life so much that you’ll have a breakdown over it? It’s a piece of plastic that’s going to get thrown away, and it was full-grown adults having that reaction to the wrappers.

No. 1501545

The most disgusting thing I've seen online today.
She is so obviously a woman, although one that has gone through an uglification process. Tragic. NO gay man will lick your pussy despite this unappealing propaganda.
Isn't that an otome game though?

No. 1501549

This is actually interesting to hear, thanks! This shit is all over the place where I live (North Europe) and some people call it a first world problem, but imo there has to be something more to it than privileged kids being bored.

No. 1501550

urgh i’m late and it’s a sperg but all the lil tifs squeeing about how he’s finally wearing suits abs looking so comfortable. Ellen wore suits all the time. and she looked happy and healthy. she looks dead inside now, it pisses me off so much. sage for my lil lesbian speech but i hate that she got sucked up in the gendie bullshit so much.

No. 1501552

We all feel that way sis.

No. 1501563

File: 1649956285501.jpg (65.3 KB, 1024x610, tumblr_pj6r7kfxRu1w3ryav_1280.…)


No. 1501566

This almost made me laugh. Like yes, men are misogynists, but being a misogynist doesn't make you a man lol

No. 1501570

And moids somehow stand for better things?

No. 1501578

it should be that both are bad in differing degrees, that's all.

No. 1501579

ah yes, the female agenda.

No. 1501591

Anyone dysfunctional enough to embellish on their taste in erotica unprompted on a public platform is bound to have some kind of issue practicing proper hygiene.
Same, I've read m/m stuff since I was a teen and even at my lowest never once thought I was a gay man because of it kek. I do wonder why it's so common for fujos to troon out though, maybe it's an autism thing? Though I get the feeling a lot of "gay trans men" are normal girls who just put up a tranny front online so they can enjoy their hobby without being called at fetishist

No. 1501599

File: 1649958998889.png (136.04 KB, 312x179, Homophobes.PNG)

That thumbnail is the third one and is trolling the 'haters'. The first thumbnail was this one.

No. 1501646

>I do wonder why it's so common for fujos to troon out though, maybe it's an autism thing?
Aside fro