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File: 1540421198555.jpg (194.41 KB, 692x788, 1525099159673.jpg)

No. 720444

Old Threads:

This thread is for posting and discussing cringey fakebois who may or may not deserve their own threads.

Fakebois are girls who pretend to be boys for attention, either as trannies or biological males (usually the former).

Fakebois style and present themselves as androgenous or feminine-looking young men, even wearing girls clothing and make-up. They insist on being addressed with he/him (or occasionally they/them) pronouns and take great offense at being misgendered. Some are SJW transactivists, but for most their identities are entirely superficial.

Reminder to "truescums" and "transmeds": no1curr about how [[[100% REAL]]] your or any other tranny's ~dysphoria~ is. don't derail about that bullshit, save it for your tumblr blog.

No. 720520

File: 1540427587270.png (510.79 KB, 1656x1198, homestucksatitagain.png)

Inb4 "who cares about homestuck" but homestucks are at it again, they released and confirmed Fakeboi: the character from their spinoff was a troons. Cue an endless swarm of smug girly fakebois giving people shit for daring to have assumed the character was a lesbian before the reveal because it wears fucking makeup and looks like a girl.

No. 720545

File: 1540430263126.jpg (19.12 KB, 300x230, IMG_2263.JPG)

Oliver in 3 years, Ash now

No. 720573

im pretty sure these people who are upset must be 21+ considering how irrelevant homestuck has been lmfaoooooo like just turn off ur computer and enjoy ur shitty web comic does random people online opinions about A FICTIONAL CHARACTER'S gender really affect ur daily life that hard

No. 720614

These same people will call he/him lesbians valid

No. 720699

How can trolls be trans, aren't they hermaphroditic? Sage for autism.

No. 720715

No, that's just fanon. It was never actually canon. They likely just have regular dicks/vaginas because everything else points to them just being gray humans, that's the whole joke.
Sage as well.

No. 720726

Which Ash is this? At this point looks like it's serious transition now.

No. 720727

You think any fakeboi doesn't consider it serious?

No. 720737

File: 1540448579491.jpg (45.81 KB, 768x388, 4-2-768x388.jpg)

Anon it's a photo of Macaulay Culkin, the OP anon was making a joke

No. 720749

File: 1540451666288.png (107.24 KB, 640x748, IMG_2271.PNG)

Speaking of Ash, I guess she stopped taking T kek

It must get less exciting past 22 to try and pass yourself off as a bishie dream boi

I expect everyone to start dropping T soon I think 2019 is going to have a lot of callouts about how people's friends made them think they were trans or needed HRT

No. 720765

2019 sounds a bit too hopeful tbf, they're neck deep in echochamber and with the trans right activism that got so big in the last years. If this is just a 'phase', now think of 50+ years old goths who are still very involved in the scene, act a bit milky and edgelord beyond their age? They can just say no to the society and there's someone validating them.

I have seen a self-professed transtrender who looked like a NEET neckbeard. Too masculine for Fakeboi thread but this is astounding as a look for someone to aim for.

No. 720863

>now think of 50+ years old goths who are still very involved in the scene
I wish there was more goth grandmas/grandpas…

No. 720865

>who looked like a NEET neckbeard
I've been wondering, who do so many transguys get pudgy after going on T? Is it because they can't control their growing appetite and overeat?

No. 720873

I guess it has to do more with the changes in fat distribution/fat cell structure and muscle building making you look stockier. Testosterone doesn't really make you get fatter, but it might make you look pudgier as, correct me if I'm wrong, but it kind of inflates your gynoid (female) fat cells to be bigger resembling android fat cells. That's why women tend to get fatter after menopause.

But of course this is something they don't think about, just like they ignore the hair loss, acne and other non-kawaii things testosterone injections cause.

No. 720881

>I have seen a self-professed transtrender who looked like a NEET neckbeard
Most ftms do end up looking like that. Imagine paying thousands of dollars to look like an overweight incel with a bratwurst stapled to his crotch and adult acne.

No. 720898

Not only is it the hormones but also they're often going from being unhealthy teens to unhealthy adults. The glory days are over where they could maintain slimmer silhouettes easily and even the ones who claim to starve themselves like that Sage girl have gained weight. They just say it's recovery for asspats.

They have all the qualities society doesn't want in men. They're short, feminine, no dick, no chin. They all look like fucking short Leafy.

No. 720942


There's a thing of being more than hormone affecting fat for some cases, many transgender people tried hard to be good looking in opposite gender. Then there are the ones who don't look like they shower, groom their look and doing basics things. Both MtF and FtM.

No. 721017


Haha, pretty much. In your teens and 20s, a lot of things are easier to maintain, but as SOON as you hit your 30s it's not the same. That reminded me. how long until people like Haku/mikhail detransition because they can never be the uke bishonen boy they wanted?

No. 721031

How old are they? There's a fakeboi who's married and I believe she's in her 30's and is into decora kei (I think). I've always wondered what her husband thinks of her acting like they're in a gay relationship. I forgot the woman's name but she is/was pretty popular on IG, and isn't on T to keep up with the "kawaii uke boi uguu*~" shit. While no one asked, my personal favorite fakebois are the wannabe trap ones. Posting pics in swimsuits and you can see their puss lips. How manly.

No. 721033

File: 1540490611537.jpeg (204.07 KB, 750x1092, 1B671B4D-57AB-460C-B5B5-36E56B…)

She’s a mess

No. 721045

File: 1540491192948.png (8.81 KB, 279x79, tumblr.png)

Some advice from someone's tumblr profile.

No. 721149

IIRC it was canon that all trolls could reproduce with one another regardless of sex.

No. 721327

In canon it states that they have two different sexes, plus the canon trans, and they use a 3rd party bio-engineered (Like all their tech) creature to reproduce. It's properly explained in the wiki somewhere.
Anyway STFU and stop triggering my autism.

No. 721532

File: 1540547448451.png (194.95 KB, 257x563, yoshi1.PNG)

I'm surprised how kiwifags are willing to call this a 'he' because she's getting top surgery. Also a camgirl

No. 721535

File: 1540547630634.png (367.45 KB, 489x325, tumblrtrans6.png)

The ones at kiwi thought that this is 'passing' for Fakeboi lmao, they all dress like this.

No. 721536

File: 1540547645369.png (511.49 KB, 505x550, yoshi4.PNG)

No. 721555

Kf loves trannies. Half of the posters are trannies.

No. 721558

They wanted to introduce a male jadeblood, but forgot that jades a female-only class.

This was neither confirmed or denied, but vulgarities in troll language seem to imply that both sexes have whatever a "bulge" is.

Literally the only 100% confirmed canon sexually dimorphic trait trolls have is breasts.

So yes, you can have a trans troll. Why the hell anybody cares is beyond me. Like >>720573 said, Homestuck isn't relevant anymore.

This milk is also like half a year old.

No. 721563

>come watch me monetize my cute lil tits before i chop them off uwu!!!

peep that dysphoria

No. 721590

File: 1540558270871.jpg (59.31 KB, 540x960, 38257364_2310269572323478_7366…)

>know a lesbian couple in h.s
>one transitions to a man
>the other one, who is smart but follows crowds easily also "transitions"
>theyre both in a "gay relationship"
my brain is absolutely fried

No. 721591

Lesbians who fetishize gay men have a huge amount of self hatred imo.

No. 721613

but anon i dont get why lesbians would fetishize any men at all, and ive known so many who claimed to be a lesbo but then read yaoi and shit

No. 721620

A lot of fujos are lesbians… I thought that was common knowledge.

No. 721639

“cute little tits” mmm that dysphoria uwu xD

No. 721643

These are my "love to hate" fakebois because at the same time they're just straight out trashy thots but because they're ~bois~ they get a free pass and delusional tranny chasers are all over them. They basically get to do what cis women can't without stigmatization because of those he/him pronouns on their profiles.

This. KF is a cesspool of AGPs and NLOG fakebois.

Internalized misogyny and lesbophobia has nothing to do with "le fetishizing gay men", anon. If anything, lesbians and women in general are fetishized to the point a ton of these "gay" FTM couples are so hellbent on escaping the stigma they're willing to change their gender to feel better about themselves.

No. 721677

Is it just me or do we have this convo in every one of these threads…

No. 721686

It's just theorizing the origin of fakeboyism, and perhaps lesbian fakebois are a little less common from the ones that are going for a dick. And even these little conversation helps a lot of people who stumbled in here as the result of realizing this 'smol gay boy' phenomena and had their friends troon out.

No. 722036

I’m pretty sure camming and selling clips is her only job. I wonder if she’s prepared for her tips to plummet once she starts camming again with her mutilated chest?

No. 722444

There have been studies conducted that indicate that women have the same neurological response to sexual media regardless of the gender of the subjects.

This is why there are lesbians who read yaoi and straight women who watch lesbian porn.

Also, yuri is usually written by men for men, whereas yaoi is written by women for women. So it's especially understandable that lesbians would want to read erotic media penned by other women.

No. 722925

Also the men are drawn to look like women, women indulge in fakebois and yaoi for the same reason. Lesbian Lite. All the fakebois that got attention hadn't started T yet, they got attention for looking androgynous and now are left confused and balding.

No. 723890

File: 1540914684484.jpeg (Spoiler Image,274.29 KB, 1125x1335, 75971CC5-218A-45CA-9D47-4325CF…)

I understand that keyhole takes a couple of months to look right, but that’s still a lot of swelling(?) even for 5 days post op. And the nipples are still huge.

No. 723895

her tit were cute rip, what a stupid bicth i'm sorry but she is going to regret this lmao

No. 723897

her tit were cute rip, what a stupid bicth i'm sorry but she is going to regret this lmao

No. 723912

I'm putting down the hope that fakebois are going to be able to healthily regret what they did at all. If they found transition unsatifying, it's either that they will keep living as a man unhappily or commit suicide.

No. 724037

I knew there was no hope when I saw pics of her getting boned by a tranny. SAD!

No. 724089

Nips look fine and proportionate but that doesn't look like swelling. What it looks like is there was a smooth tool that blurred the saggy skin that tightens up after keyhole (if you're lucky).

No. 724111

File: 1540941309977.jpg (Spoiler Image,75.22 KB, 852x852, 43322627_2106134409409371_2846…)

bleach my eyes plz

No. 724121

whats the point in getting top surgery is all she had before was an acup??? bitch doesn't even need to bind.

No. 724204

The funniest thing about fakebois is they all hate eachother but front it to stay popular
this fakeboi Sian started talking to me about how annoying her white friend Ruitzk is but how she doesn't know anyone else who likes the same things so she fakes it

No. 724206

why are fakebois even still a thing in 2018? why can't straight girls be happy with their straight female privilege?

No. 724222

They're valid because they don't have to start T to prove themselves anymore uwu

No. 724224

also they always accuse their friends of being fake trans behind their backs. I knew a group of girls that was all fakebois and i talked to one alone and she said she thinks the others are not really trans and are just doing it because it's popular

No. 724225

how can anyone believe that thing is a boy

No. 724239

Outside of tumblr and TRA no one really does. Or else go by this logic, if you say you are a boy you are a boy, other argument is transphobic

They are just advanced version of 'Not like other girls'.

No. 724240

Anyone noticed that fakebois always seem to post things in a very condescending sassy way? If they are in the good mood. It's clear that they are trying to overcompensate their insecurity all the time.

No. 724283

I think that's something people in general do when given a small platform

No. 724871

Why would a fakeboi call sexualizing lesbian ships (probably written by straight guys) icky and problematic while she sexualizing the shit out of gay men, exaggerating it as much of possible?

Don't they know this is pretty hypocritical? Just saw that on dumblr and made me roll eyes.

No. 725104

you all should check out the mlm tag on tumblr. it's a fuckin' gold mine of fakebois

"uwu trans boys can be feminine too!!!111!!1" kind of stuff

No. 725216

File: 1541133761649.jpeg (256.03 KB, 750x1067, F7D02A53-8658-4438-82B6-543453…)

A fake boi calling someone out is priceless. No you need to grow up. Take your own advice

No. 725217

File: 1541133796453.png (1.28 MB, 750x1334, 0954E114-AD63-41C3-9045-4F193B…)

He/him do not misgender

No. 725218

File: 1541133812810.png (1.25 MB, 750x1334, 2D7A3315-B60C-42AB-BDB1-C8ACB4…)

No. 725236

KEK this person got called out in Mickys thread for posting with her full name. She immediately deleted all of her posts.

No. 725452

Time to make her thread, milk material is here.

No. 726698

Anyone know whatever happened to zerodomon and the other classic /cgl/ fakebois? I know there's a thread on here with relatively recent updates on kazakai (who over ten years later is apparently still a scamming, fakeboi edgelord. Only now she is/was on T and even her mom and Eerie got sick of her shit) but I haven't heard anything about zerodomon or that fat ginger or any of the other ones.

No. 726913

Zerodomon is still around and believe it or not, doing the exact same thing she was doing back then. She still makes shitty softcore "trap" porn of herself wearing the most obnoxious 2008 tier western weeb fashion and she still draws shitty fursonas and hasn't improved one bit. Just check out her deviantart page, it's survived to this day.

Other fakebois I'm not sure about because Zero/Gutterface are the only relevant ones I can remember. I guess NanjoKoji (the one who photoshopped shitty manchests on herself and threw tons of her millionaire daddy's money at everything) is a functional adult now and fully presents as a girl. Her instagram is full of her living a luxury life and being a rich basic bitch.

No. 726958

Oh wow, zerodomon has to be in her early to mid 30s at this point. Does she have a bunch of dumb weeb fangirls fawning over her? Or have they largely moved on like kazakai's fantards?

That's just sad that ten years later some of these girls are still fakebois.

No. 727887

File: 1541578294881.jpeg (212.88 KB, 750x1105, 8D1BA8DB-3061-44FF-8BD8-AFA01A…)

What about this cazfhey person, they been on here yet? I honestly can’t tell whether it’s a man or woman, but either way it still fits the styles of other fakebois I seen on here.

No. 727905

ftm on t post-top-surgery but pre-bottom-surgery is my best bet.

No. 727915

That style screams fakeboi lol

No. 727926

File: 1541590281170.png (533.62 KB, 800x878, dec 16 2015.png)


Go to the beginning of their account. The effects of T are obvious.

No. 727986

Many of them like that just have a fetish akin to MtFs. Typical a bear fetish where they wanna see themselves as a fat dad with lots of body hair.

No. 728040

Sadly, they don't really look like an actual bear daddy. Most FtM even with T and beard still kind of have weird facial features.

No. 729043

File: 1541731270914.jpeg (131.29 KB, 750x857, F8F08437-27AD-44EE-82C9-5AC418…)

Oh boy

No. 729319

File: 1541741737773.jpg (212.19 KB, 495x708, Screenshot_20181109-013317.jpg)

Obviously a girl lol. Her face is round as fuck in tagged pics she just gives herself that typical yaoi doujin face proportion in photoshop.

No. 729719

I've heard of Cazfhey (courtesy of JNig lol), I think he said he was a transguy in an instagram story way back (been trying to find it but no luck), but it's obvious he's trans.

No. 729734

Oh now I realize that she is from my country. Why is she calling herself Rope? Thats not even a name

No. 729740

this is a girl. no truescum shit.

No. 729742

Theeere we go again. Back to gender critical!

No. 729777

>It's obvious he is trans
Lol fakebois look like this there's no point distinguishing ni matter what they try to claim

No. 729783

How long do you think these people will move on from it? Because it's always embarassing when they do. I know this girl who used to be a uwu transguy but now she seems really comfortable calling herself a woman. I'd post pics, but I'm too much of a pussy to do so.
It's obvious she regrets trooning out, but now she is too embarassed to admit and is going by GEndERfLuID, calling herself a man once every month.
Bonus points: she named herself after a planet.

It's obvious. Yes. We don't want to know about truscum and how oh so different they're, but we're here to laugh at cows. We don't give a shit about your personal beliefs either.

No. 729784

I'd say give it about 5 years and I can see this fad dying down, although considering how the push to transition is strong many will decide to medically transition and it'll be too late for them to go back, even if they regretted it. It's cringy but I don't see any optimism.

No. 729785

Does it annoys you when fakebois posts about how they are so short or sounding like '13 years old boy'? Ffs this shit makes my eyes roll everytime.

No. 730206

i am so glad that i escaped the fakeboi phase like two years ago before i could destroy my body because of internalized misogyny

man, was i insufferable though. i tried to be the softest pastel uwu transboi and now i look at these girls and it makes me cringe so hard because i KNOW the mindset and mental gymnastics.

the worst part was no matter how hard my little friendgroup of fellow fakebois validated me and told me i was a handsome boy and all that shit, i was MISERABLE. it sucks to hate your body that much and in that way. i was a socially awkward fujoshit as a teenager and REALLY hated my body so it was easy to sip that trans koolaid and pretend to be a boy, but i never felt like a REAL boy (because i never have and never will be one lol).

and the “support trans mlm uwu” and “fujoshi girls are fucking garbage dont fetishize gay men” rhetoric these girls screech is so funny because sis you’re dressing up as a boy to try to fool gay men into thinking you’re a *kawiiiwii little twink when 99% of them just look like fat butch women. if that aint autoandrophilia at its pinnacle idk what is.

sage 4 the blogposting and sperging but the delusion is really strong with these girls and i’m so glad i never cut off my tits and injected hormones and accepted being an average girl lol.

No. 730233

It's a lot like the pro-ana community

No. 730777

File: 1541993801122.jpeg (158.82 KB, 768x960, 4983B529-13DE-4B87-B9B2-8535E4…)

No. 730779

File: 1541993822667.jpeg (209.75 KB, 768x960, 82898ACD-F31A-46F2-B256-CA2EF0…)

No. 730786

They want to be cute bishie boys.
Imagine going through all the trouble of "transitioning" just so you can look like a child molester.

No. 730793

File: 1541995385090.jpeg (113.45 KB, 640x800, C81E0CBA-70A4-4990-9D60-77D7C6…)

Shitty fix eh

No. 730836

Too bad you can’t fix that haircut

No. 730840

she looks awful, like… a mtf trans twitter leftist christopher mintz plasse

No. 730862

I'm nearing my 30's and even I have friends aged 25+ turning to this shit. You see some extremely feminine person suddenly come out as "nonbinary" and before you know it, they have a buzzcut and male pronouns only uwu #supportsoftbois. A lesbian girl I've known for 10 years suddenly decided to fully transition at 30, with HRT, surgeries and juridical changes. I don't know, it just seems to have no end. The transgender organizations have a ton of money going through them and a lot of universities are receiving funding from certain parties to produce flattering research for medical transitioning. Maybe in 10 years when we have a ton of Aidens regretting their psychologists MAY speak up how the trans cult messed up their psyche and pressured them into transitioning in their late teens because they wanted to live as a gay anime boi. Someone made a pretty good analysis of how it'll end up and I feel this is the most probable outcome, basically people will just forget about it all and the detransitioners will be left to live as mutilated hermits, too embarrassed to speak up and would probably be silenced anyway.

It's similar to what all the AGP MTF trannies do, they fetishize being a little girl and only use "women" as a derogatory term. Similarly fakebois are afraid of men and don't want to be one, but ~bois~ are associated with the cuteness they approve of.

>the worst part was no matter how hard my little friendgroup of fellow fakebois validated me and told me i was a handsome boy and all that shit, i was MISERABLE. it sucks to hate your body that much and in that way.
And this is why using male pronouns on a fakeboi, even in this thread, is retarded as fuck and only feeding into the self-destructive collective delusion that this sort of thing is real. However, I'm glad you got out.

No. 730899

Just my two cents but I think a lot of the problem is that gender stuff wasn't really discussed in the mainstream until now, like, it's traditionally been relegated to "lol womens' studies who cares about that shit." Which is really kind of sad because girls aren't learning about internalized misogyny and how to deal with it. There should also be more discussion of the fact that what defines gender is different in different countries and different eras. You don't want to act like how modern American women act? Fine! Be you! No need to feel pressured to change your pronoun and body unless you honestly do feel alarm every time you, for example, menstruate.
That said, I do think some people are legit transgender. It's just not as widespread as Tumblr would have us believe. And I suspect that disphoria is equal parts hatred and "oh lord wtf is this"–if you just hate your tits, you're probably just internalizing misogyny (or have large enough ones that they're causing back problems, in which case, by all means get a reduction.)

No. 730991

File: 1542045909002.png (4.08 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2018-11-12-12-04-47…)

I seriously don't get how Tabby actually feels comfortable looking like this now.
He also has a Momma's Boy tattoo. The delusion is too strong.

I had a pretty brief fakeboi phase 4+ years ago while dating a troon. Unsurprisingly, all I wanted to wear were clothes that looked like something Darien from Sailor Moon wore. Everything else was me sperging "I hate my period, I can't even relate to other girls, I have some guy friends, I don't want children REEEEEEEEEEE" and one of the other main reasons why I wanted to fakeboi it out is because I had parents who wouldn't let me apply for certain jobs because they're "for men". It was a coping method of me trying to escape from sexism. Once I moved out of my parent's house, I didn't feel like I had to be a fakeboi anymore. Online was different, I had tons of SJW friends so I kept my identity on the down low, still pretending to be an enbie fakeboi. I think once my hair started getting longer and I stopped talking about SJW politics, a lot of interactions between them started feeling tense.

TBH it's very cultish, I have one internet friend who went as far enough to start taking testosterone. I'm actually kind of worried for her since she fell off the internet after starting T, but she probably realized the damage she was doing to herself and didn't want to upset everyone's expectations. She's still on Tumblr, but she rarely ever makes text posts like she used to, just only reblogs things now.(blogposting)

No. 731002

File: 1542049036533.png (616.51 KB, 813x599, 1_Zeeve.png)

Oliver/Criedwolves "boyfriend" Zeeve. And yes, this is a recent pic. "I go exclusively by he/him pronouns". For what purpose…?

No. 731006

File: 1542049429224.png (546.92 KB, 481x597, 1_Zeeve_2.png)

Eh, could be more recent… here's an even newer one.

No. 731007

File: 1542049481470.png (189.29 KB, 1266x654, Screenshot_2018-11-12-13-04-07…)

Because she's a fucking trender. Of course she'd talk about evil plastic straws, because it was the trendy thing at the time.

No. 731012

what's tabby's social media?

No. 731013

Off course she's a trender, but I'm so confused by the basic-bitch aesthetic, like… she's been claiming boy for years and is not a teenager, but nothing changes! This is some next level shit. I'm legit a bit surprised no one is calling her out or being more skeptical. She seems to excursively take on the trans-label/male pronoun thing for snowflake points. Where is "muh dysphoria"? So gender IS a choice?! Is that the message? It's just a personality-fashion label? And that's totally fine? I guess so!

No. 731017

No. 731021

extremely cursed image

No. 731027

File: 1542053773421.jpg (117.17 KB, 768x1024, 66e29bcb-4e3b-411f-9f0a-b68162…)

This is Luc. She's a nb transmasc artist.
She's known as peachdeluxe/deluxepeach on Tumblr and Twitter. Most of you might know her for her fanart and tutorials on how to draw black people, which she rarely ever practices what she preaches.

No. 731031

What a travesty this is. She was a total qt.

No. 731050

personally i think you can identify as whatever you want as long as it doesnt hurt anyone, its your identity, but these people are so goddamn sensitive and hypocritical it makes me sick

No. 731057

But you can't choose your identity. Your identity is composed of uncontrollable things you're born with, like race, sex, sexuality, and natural hair color.

No. 731078

The point is that you actually can't identify as whatever you want. If I identified as a lion with a million pounds in the bank everyone would think I was insane because it's demonstrably untrue, even though lions are real and some people are actually millionaires. Age, race, and sex are facts. It's the social constructs attached to those facts that are actually the problem, I wish people would spend more time trying to reject those instead of trying to bend facts to fit their impossible identities.

No. 731088

i have a hard time putting thoughts into words, this is more what i was trying to say. i wish people would stop making up genders and just break gender roles and not make such a big deal out of it. if youre a guy and you want to wear a dress its not my role to tell you otherwise you do you

No. 731258

Those brows and lips

No. 731270

Looks a bit like drag queen style makeup. Lots of fakebois are into RuPaul Drag Race, anyone noticed that?

No. 731315

They would be. Bois can wear make up!!1 see they do it so can we!!

No. 731342

It’s just bad makeup, nothing drag about it

No. 731668

File: 1542143555246.jpeg (108.47 KB, 750x630, 2C3300AD-B5CB-430A-A78F-98AF09…)


No. 731669

File: 1542143586314.jpeg (152.86 KB, 1080x1080, 163B1E09-F1F9-4891-BB2B-2C9F0B…)


No. 731670

File: 1542143671962.jpeg (192.26 KB, 750x897, EEF8F88A-C8E9-4907-B1DF-D27BE5…)

The caption was too good not to include this

No. 732069

File: 1542214863460.jpeg (167.74 KB, 750x1257, 59FCA5DD-130A-495C-B3E8-4F976A…)

I’m sorry but this Shion Ji person is just peak weeb embarrassment. Check out her yt featuring “voice acting” clips. Farmer who finishes the whole thing without vomiting out of pure cringe wins a prize.

No. 732125

Good find. Didn’t know she had a YouTube. this is so bad it’s funny

No. 732704

File: 1542314621936.jpeg (268.57 KB, 750x931, 329C1F9A-F34C-4806-ADEC-D29999…)

That IG name

No. 732723

What makes fakebois gravitate towards these flowery uguu names that make up like 1% of the actual male population? Fakebois named Oliver, Kayden/Jayden/Hayden/etc, Elliot, Zander/Xander are a dime a dozen but I've rarely met any guys irl named these things. They're not even particularly feminine sounding so I don't get why they all dogpile these names.

No. 733005

shota. why are these people so obsessed with little boys

No. 733052

they're giving themselves currently popular baby names instead of names that someone their age would have

No. 733146

Anyone knows whereabouts YaoiGoddessKeale is up to? Already transitioned with the whole pedophile stalking history but I heard she ended up in a prey awful spot, and being super awkward now?

No. 733148

File: 1542367912978.jpg (91.5 KB, 960x960, 29683206_1912314552158603_3795…)

>>732723 I know another Oliver, don't have any milk on them since I don't follow them but they are a she 100%
Bonus points: insists they are male, butch male, love fakebois, really into fucking vkei once upon a time and a god damn furry.


No. 733149

File: 1542368060873.jpg (75.89 KB, 500x667, 483216_401694153220658_6912291…)

Such manly

No. 733369

I think it has more to do with being unique but that's just my opinion

No. 733372

I don't get it. Doesn't dressing up in girly pastel dresses cause dysmorphia???

No. 733377

You'd think so. But from what I gather, it just makes you a smol bean pastel soft boi uwu

No. 733392

lmao I seriously would've thought this was a trans woman

No. 733740

File: 1542475420700.png (513.79 KB, 587x598, 1_Criedwolves.png)

Tell them what, exactly? I don't get how this is "amusing" what so ever, even. Basically got hard clocked!

No. 733809

Trap doujins are full of shotas (little boys), this is like the second time I've seen one of these women outright claim the title. Most tend not to because they're usually rabid SJWs, and they'd be kicked out of their circle if they came out as a borderline pedo.

No. 733881

They turn a blind eye or vague about each other only. Specterdeflector got hate for liking a Voltron ship but other smaller users like Leichenfresser get away with reblogging amputee shota porn because it's part of their uwu/edgelord combo persona.

No. 733944

why are danish names always popular with these crowds? Lucas, Emil, Oliver, Victor, Alexander, etc.

No. 733987

I think they just all sound like roleplay names, the more fantasy the better.

No. 733991

don't tell them anything because they're correct and you ARE a girl

No. 733996

File: 1542515198575.jpeg (83.81 KB, 750x323, C847FA15-C322-460C-A6F9-DFAE1E…)

still cant tell if she is blind or no

No. 734029

This has been bugging me too. They never pick names that were popular when they were born, and it’s such a dead giveaway when a 32-year-old “boi” is named Xandir or Aydian

No. 734038

sage for dumb, but how are any of those names specifically danish? tbh it would be funnier if they all called themselves Bjørn, Gorm and Eske

No. 734074

Lmao she's transcended from a woman to a man to a man that looks like he's trying to be a male. Amazing.

No. 734088

I guess her echochamber wasn’t giving her enough attention.
At a glance though, I’d guess she’s not blind, or at least nowhere near as visually impaired as she claims to be. Glancing through some of her posts, she switches through “I’m soooo blind!!” And “that’s so cute!!/I love the colour/something else that implies she’s can see.”

No. 734091

she's tying emojis. shouldn't that be enough proof she's not saying her words into a machine or whatever?

No. 734235

What's the point of faking blindness? She also makes pixel art too like how?

No. 734397

What’s up with these bois and constantly switching ‘I’s with ‘Y’s and vice versa?

No. 734445

I don't know, apparently I have seen it quite a lot on tumblr. My guess would be that it came from, like anything troons have co-opted, gay culture in general. (Because they are so GAY Amiright?)

No. 734478

there are people that have such bad vision they are legally blind but can see with glasses (or contacts possibly I'm no expert on the topic) so she could just be exaggerating. Some people who have bad vision joke and say they're blind as ab exaggeration

No. 734489

There's a lot of different types of blindness really. Not everyone who is blind is like the full on, completely dark vision can't see shit kind of blind. Also, people can use emoji keyboards with screen readers. I'm not trying to defend her or anything but I don't think there'd be any way to really "prove" that she's blind or not just based on her Facebook posts or the fact that she makes art.

No. 734505

No. 734583

God i want to pound her wet pussy so fucking hard and make her my bitch(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 735040

File: 1542682148197.jpeg (214.95 KB, 750x1033, D084B891-E713-41E2-A8D9-415FD3…)

Wears only girly clothing and has long hair, muh dysphoria!!

No. 735109

If having long hair and wearing pink sparkly things makes you dysphoric don't do it jfc
ngl she would be cute without that glitter on her face

No. 735855

File: 1542823134448.jpeg (1.35 MB, 1242x1995, 20B47998-B9EB-4D0F-9EB5-D254E3…)

No. 735894

bless this mess. how is she so old and still unable to fucking do makeup? jfc.

No. 737263

File: 1543076145468.jpeg (1.46 MB, 1242x2078, 7C257D83-B3DA-40A1-A62B-F74DCE…)

Forget the fake trans thing for a second—what the fuck is on their head?

No. 737303


>Ziggy Stardust

I'm glad David is not here to witness this.

No. 737329

File: 1543082895468.png (755.18 KB, 683x629, dumb.png)

There's a subreddit called /r/FTMfeminity and they're so delulu. I bet those creatures get angry when people refer to them as miss despite making no effort whatsoever to appear male. When radical feminists try to paint ftm as poor lesbians full of internalized misogyny, i have to laugh. They all are ugly dick obsessed fujo who couldn't cope with life as women.

No. 737471

Agreed, most insane FtM are just like MtF. Straight in their original sex, porn obsessed bunches. A lot of them definitely have internalized misogyny but their hot gay fantasy surpassed anything else.

Do I feel bad for them? yes. But if they are going to all come out as detransitioned after getting their tits chopped and beard growth realizing this is not what they want I'll just laugh.

No. 737778

Oh honey you just a girl in a bra

No. 737786

Her bottom half is so wide and feminine in shape, if she transitions she'll just look like a fat dumpy lesbian.

No. 737851

Unfortunately I don't have pics but I go to college with a particularly gross fakeboi.

She basically just looks like a fat, short-haired redneck girl, but she has these disgusting scraggly mutton-chops she grew after taking T. They look absolutely disgusting, and I assume she keeps them because they're the only masculine thing about her. She also smells fucking horrible, partially due to the hormones but mostly because she's nasty.

Luckily in this case not much of value was lost. It seems like she was ugly and gross to begin with, which is why I suspect she trooned out.

No. 738856

File: 1543285029401.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1242x1858, EF7F3963-C99B-41BC-898F-1EE98F…)

Do you ever think the reason you’re always being misgendered is because you look and act like a female?

No. 738885

>Trans flag coloring
Small chested women exist dumbass and the trans flag coloring is popular because of pastelfags

No. 739031

File: 1543312209958.png (568.81 KB, 898x635, 2018-11-27_9-49-04.png)

Not very cow, Twenty One Pilots fan. Must stumbled in the wild

No. 739039

*Just stumbled in the wild. Typo I can't edit

No. 739492

Hold up is this girl wearing cute colorful felamle panties? You’d think being trans she’d wear more masculine clothing and pick a binder that isn’t purple/magenta

No. 739662

>>739492 Bahaha didnt you know color knows no gender?? end sarcasm

No. 740168

File: 1543453441290.jpeg (174.73 KB, 750x984, D9039FE5-938B-4597-BB2F-12919B…)

Not completely related to fake boy shit but since Sei isn’t milky enough for a thread of her own (yet)
but a blind mutual posted this response in the comments to some v-kei tea and Sei responded
SHE hasn’t added my mutual which is hilarious so i guess Sei believe she is the only blind in the community both v-kei and fairy kei but my mutual is really up to date with blind-user friendly apps

I know Sei lurks here so
hey Sei! why not put some of your effort into helping the blind community since well, your apps give you the amazing ability to read these posts here

No. 740886

File: 1543535500049.png (1.44 MB, 1538x750, FbIj (2).png)

theres only one "cisgirl" in this pic

No. 740919

fucking cow crossover with the western weeaboos KEK

No. 741725

File: 1543638830532.jpeg (1.32 MB, 1242x1727, 78F3F5BE-2444-4778-A6F0-3740E4…)

YOU’RE!! NOT!! A!! BOY!!

No. 741728

File: 1543639042493.png (793.75 KB, 720x956, Screenshot_20181201-052623.png)

No. 741729

File: 1543639076242.png (692.15 KB, 720x988, Screenshot_20181201-052559.png)

No. 741730

File: 1543639107267.png (765.27 KB, 720x1031, Screenshot_20181201-052501.png)

No. 741731

File: 1543639146335.png (650.36 KB, 720x1028, Screenshot_20181201-052211.png)

No. 741733

File: 1543639173704.png (75.96 KB, 720x401, Screenshot_20181201-052243.png)

No. 741735


did we need 4 photos of this fakeboi in under a minutes time?

No. 741736

W-what is she obliterating? She's doing nothing significant.

No. 741737

Being non binary doesnt mean anything I guess

No. 741801

File: 1543654300670.jpeg (404.73 KB, 2048x1365, 33497319-10D0-483B-BF50-0CFA12…)

he/they, will bitch you out for using she

No. 741802

File: 1543654337971.jpeg (106.97 KB, 960x639, B4354596-FF5A-4E10-B0CA-B15667…)

still he/they.. don’t see how

No. 741803

File: 1543654373945.jpeg (234.42 KB, 960x1280, 76538D27-06D7-4188-8988-BF86B2…)

blonde, he/him

No. 741804

File: 1543654408388.jpeg (226.87 KB, 810x1080, C12F83CA-4FF0-4B1D-99D4-12F46D…)

serious fakeboi

No. 741805

File: 1543654459545.jpeg (374.03 KB, 1440x1440, 3D6B1191-3279-4DC5-AEF0-C67DBE…)

trying harder to pass as a boy….. she’s still a fakeboi

No. 741806

File: 1543654507481.jpeg (286.29 KB, 1200x1600, CD9493DF-F9CB-47A9-A36A-648996…)

they/them, has a twin sister that isn’t delusional

No. 741807

File: 1543654538555.jpeg (262.87 KB, 1200x1556, 5C1D815D-4F77-4F69-995C-8ADEED…)

i wonder if her boyfriend knows she’s a fakeboi

No. 741808

File: 1543654564712.jpeg (147.93 KB, 750x750, ACF0233C-E383-4F7D-861D-0B8881…)


No. 741809

File: 1543654607950.jpeg (356.48 KB, 1381x1809, A62FAB37-A106-4AD6-A421-17FAE5…)

newest picture, i think she’s trying to be more boyish

No. 741810

File: 1543654648352.jpeg (183.91 KB, 952x962, 3A3ACE44-FD74-42B0-98AD-DA0A1B…)

not even a passable boy…..

No. 741811

File: 1543654686771.jpeg (146.16 KB, 620x1280, 8BC4070B-02C7-459B-A499-D8D0A3…)

claims to be a lesbian but also only goes by he/they?

No. 741812

File: 1543654760305.jpeg (243.41 KB, 1136x1136, 4B5CD276-D39F-408D-8D0B-8A6574…)

don’t misgender, only he/they. likes to be called daddy. sexworker, does camming and nude shoots. in a poly relationship with a man and other women.

No. 741813

File: 1543654787693.jpeg (192.5 KB, 1080x1080, B57D1FBA-0DEE-41DC-BDD9-29DE0B…)

totally a boy guys, don’t forget.

No. 741865

>obligatory collar
this one could be cute if it weren't for everything and they seem annoying

so dramatic haha


No. 741907

god besides the thick glasses pixie cut fujos, these girls are the second type to most likely call themselves he/they

No. 741921

Her hair is super cute in this pic!

No. 742200

Is it just me or are a lot of fakebois even more feminine than your average woman who's honest about her gender? Like they have some weird hangup about being feminine as a woman, but are ok with being feminine as an uwu kawaii soft enby transboi whatever.

No. 742215

if lesbians like being women why do they insist on using male pronouns

No. 742297

being feminine woman is nothing special
being a feminine boy (and being trans and top of that) makes you break the rules and slay and shieeet

No. 742323

it's the new thing for teens who would be fakebois but have the self-awareness to know they're never going to transition. maybe it's a sign that this is dying down but idk
sis looks straight up like dahvie vanity

No. 742343

wtf with all of these new people who are posting wrong.
Hey new kids, don't put anything in the name section

No. 742463

Wait if she’s blind then how can she even be able to type on social media?

No. 742465

That reminds me of Chase Ross and how he constantly uses “hunty” because he’s such a “gai boi daddi”

No. 742467

It’s because they want to be anime traps or yaoi ukes because it’s hot to them. That, or because they want to be as gender non conforming as possible…even when it misses the entire point.

No. 742468

Kek it's in the rules, they only have themselves to blame for being reckless online. They always crypost after getting outed for spilling tea on their own friends, but kids need to learn that stuff on the internet has accountability.

No. 742792

This is sad she’s really pretty

No. 742860

without the editing/makeup she's probably average at best.

No. 742874

Hope she won't medically transition, which now she doesn't look so. I'm sure there going to be tons of formerly pretty women regretting giving themselves facial hair, deep voice and balding head over tumblr uwu aesthetic.

No. 743174

Looks super like a cis girl without a drag makeup.
Claims they're a cis dude.

Sure, every cis dude keeps talking they're cis. Sure, sis.(read the rules and usage guide)

No. 743542

god she tried to get that hideous tumblr nose irl. this fakeboy trend is some sad shit. i wont miss this decade 10-20 years from now at all.

No. 743624

File: 1543945726194.jpeg (691.27 KB, 1538x2048, B3F08BAD-2F91-41BE-927C-7ACC01…)

@gothfruits is on Twitter complaining that no one respects her male pronouns while looking like this. Straight girls with neon hair will do anything to try to be part of the LGBT community

No. 743633

This bitch is delusional

No. 744116

Name or ig? They look kinda cute(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 744404

File: 1544053371086.png (296.41 KB, 582x637, zellgod.PNG)

Oh boy, Zell's on T. The fucking sneeze in the beginning, lord. I honestly think she's just lowering her voice on purpose.

No. 744406

File: 1544053537114.png (16.66 KB, 257x360, zellin.PNG)

these comments lol

No. 744455

what fucking quack doctor allowed her to take testosterone. holy shit

No. 744471

Probably the same one who gave her ~boyfriend~ testosterone

No. 744599

She has such poor judgement with everything, waiting for the callout that her boyfriend forced her on T

No. 744649

imo you can have sex dysphoria only to your sex characteristics (so no gender like clothing, hair length - those obv aren't sex related, just gender roles), but this one is mainly treated with surgeries, not HRT.

Zell seems to me to be like Jude Karda: anorexic chick who is so obsessed over losing all body fat, she'll think going on T is a good idea. You can easily tell it's a big issue in the community, but try to tell other trans people about it, lol. Plus I reckon some people suddenly go trans because their also famous partner is trans and they want to be special too? It's not only trans, almost all Internet famous people who have a partner that is famous or at least a bit recognized and has a body/mind condition, suddenly also have a body/mind condition.

No. 744663

Wen is not trans.

No. 744665

She just sounds like a girl with a deeper voice (than most) wut?

No. 744672

No. 744694

File: 1544104700966.png (42.77 KB, 320x302, 9267858@2x.png)

That voice editing, dear God

No. 744920

Dad? Bitch where? More like Mom. How does anyone look at her and think “yes that’s a man”

No. 745009

File: 1544149294095.jpeg (839.92 KB, 2040x2048, 7A1667FD-0244-42B5-A9DB-D194B2…)

There are no words

No. 745210

When you're so fat that your boobs are too big for binders. Yes I see it under her shirt.

No. 745269

What the hell is "daddy" about this?

No. 745360

File: 1544213651072.png (815.87 KB, 935x598, 1_gothfruits.png)

Gothfruits is max cringe

No. 745395

>my gender expression has nothing to do with my gender
wait a second

No. 745399

why do bitches with a full-ass pussy looking like complete-ass women with all the expected feminine features a woman has gotta claim they're anything BUT female? bitch you clearly love looking like a female. just say you wanna feel special cause you've got no personality and go.

No. 745404

This is not my first time hearing the exact sentence from a fakeboi.

No. 745435

So a fakeboi I'm currently following (not milky enough) is dating a previously exclusively straight guy, they seem like a good friend and texted each other almost everyday. Since all fakeboi go REEEE for being misgendered (so is she), it's definitely that he validates her identity, at least pretend to.

From your experiences, do these guys really believes in them being a real gay guy or they are just lying to get pussy? Especially in the geeky/art school circle? The whole thing boggles my mind.

No. 745438

anytime she mentions that she's breaking boundaries or some shit for being non binary in the beauty industry its like…on the outside to brands, you seem like every other washed up scene/weeb girl turned MUA, I really doubt they consider you as a trans icon or some shit

No. 745441

tbh probably bi and is into having a "bf" gf

No. 745442

pick one
gothfruits is a whole ass cow I'm surprised she hasn't been mentioned in the MUA thread. Sad that women hate themselves this much to claim being boy to cope with the fact that they're just a girl who's into girly shit…

No. 745443

She does look like a twink yikes

No. 745448

Isn't it something she aims for then?

No. 745484

what the fuck? what even is her logic

No. 745702

File: 1544262734974.png (249.54 KB, 1080x1195, IMG_20181208_115138.png)

Yeah while ago gothfruits got into a fight with some transguy on insta cause the transguy guestioned does she even have body dysmorphia. Now she has been complaining on twitter and insta how she is valid.

No. 745703

File: 1544263020136.png (95.8 KB, 1080x436, IMG_20181208_115607.png)

I meant dysforia but u get the point. Here is her another tweet, she really is clueless.

No. 745710

File: 1544264585028.jpg (238.78 KB, 1080x1810, Screenshot_20181208-112205~2.j…)

Just recently stumbled across this account, has this uwu vampire prince been posted before?
>used to be a kawaii pastel Decora
>uses uwu
>calls self vampire prince
>loves yaoi
>seemingly not planning on transitioning

No. 745715

File: 1544265874990.jpg (181.41 KB, 1080x1382, Screenshot_20181208-114349~2.j…)

No. 745717

>The kind of special uwu name gay transboy likes to use

I'm suspecting that transguy is also like the McCoy-kin A-logging fakeboi in the last thread, "I'm a real tranz I have dysphoria" while being an equally lulzy being

No. 745718

Tbh I kinda like Kalvin

No. 745721

Kalvin Garrah is a ftm Youtuber who has taken on a few cows. He recently had a stoush with Lainey and Greg. I kind of thnk it's him? He's not a fan of transtrenders.

No. 745728

Atleast the Kelvin guy looks like a guy

No. 745735

I didn't know him before, just shooting off assumption as we've seen quite a few transmed who are also quite milky here. Thanks for the info

No. 745772

I'm pretty sure it is Kalvin Garrah. She's a strictly transmed FtM and is pretty rational about trans shit…aside from the fact she's trans in the first place.

No. 745787

No. 745803

I used to follow them a year ago. Very much a clone of Sei. She looks like she's cosplaying her Tumblr anime yaoi dream rather than being trans. She mentioned in a post long ago that she was spending more time with her family before transitioning because her father has said he didn't want to associate w/her afterwards? Maybe that's why they decided not to go for it. TBH if that's the real reason then it's understandable.

No. 745861


Kalvin Garrah has always looked like a chubby butch lesbian to me. It's funny cos she regularly mentions in her vids how you'd never mistake her for a girl…

No. 745886

File: 1544303380949.png (425.45 KB, 398x533, tumblrtransbad7.png)

Having gross ass neckbeard but otherwise looks like a girl, she's about 6 months on T.

Also KF calling this a he again, because for them T = always trutrans.

No. 745899

well to be fair, she does sort of look like the average MTF 4 years on hrt

No. 745915

Lmao the only example of NB, it looks simultaneously ftM and mtF
100% triggered by Kalvin Garrah

No. 745917

Yeah to be fair Kalvin passes the least and he keeps talking about it. Sam Collins, Storm Ryan and Jammidodger pass so much more than he does. Kalvin is androgynous for sure, but he hardly looks like a dude. He just looks confusing.

No. 746029

Oh no, now she is a literal neckbeard. Sad she is so proud of it

No. 746086

Please don’t encourage her

No. 746118

File: 1544335729158.png (4.31 MB, 1242x2208, FA73B44B-F7A0-4E28-BE46-C81630…)

one criedwolves newest photos—photoshopped, right? i feel like i can see the binder marks but i’m also blind

No. 746130

File: 1544338760268.jpeg (604.89 KB, 750x1000, file.jpeg)

So because someone mentioned earlier that she's still a fakeboi, I checked out Zerodomon's dA. Holy shit, that receding hairline.

Also she apparently has a patreon, in case you want to pay to see pics of a 30 year old weeaboo girls ass.

No. 746148

How after all these years does she still have the same basic 12-year-old-boy face?

Also please ppst links, holy shit

No. 746342

No. 746345

There's just no way she got her shoulders to magically be this much bigger than her hips, surely?

No. 746350

A relative of mine would id as bi until he discovered tumblr asspats and changed to allegedly 100% gay as he started dating some nonpassing fakeboi, probably to keep her from reeing while still getting pussy. And yes this was precisely in an art school circle.

No. 746385

this is like a super common thing, even before fakebois. i had a friend who was bi who became scene and pretended to be gay to befriend girls to take advantage of. he'd tell them they were the only girl he'd ever been attracted to. i'm sure it would have been much easier for him now to just exclusively bang fakebois.

No. 746425

No she doesn't. The lens distortion elongates her face a bit in this pic, but if you go on her IG, she looks 100% like a hyper-feminine girl.
Well, he did make a video about being called called a girl by some random person in a shop, so he's well aware that he doesn't pass all the time. His nickname is also Kale that's derived from his girl-name and he frequently calls him self a biological female when he explains trans stuff in general, so I'd say he's not the worst offender on that area.

No. 746427

File: 1544386374176.png (1001.76 KB, 1021x768, 1_Criedwolves_4.png)

Got top surgery at least a year ago. Periareolar, so no scars other then around the nips (which typically turn out a bit wonky, but better then those long double incision scars)

No. 746432

wew, even with the top surgery you can hardly even call her androgynous. she just looks like a normal girl.

No. 746436

This is sad. Girl arms, girl face, girl's neck. You don't turn into the opposite sex by having a mastectomy.

No. 746457

Agreed she just looks like a no-shave tumblrina with small tits.

No. 746479

If it's a guy in an art school circle then he's probably gay but hasn't come out yet so he hides behind a fakeboi gf. I know a gay guy who has done this before but instead of a fakeboi, it was a masculine lesbian lmao.

What a dumb hoe, cutting your tiddies off just to LARP as a pretty yaoi boy. Hopefully she doesn't start T, otherwise she'll be balding with cystic acne and will probably get fat which isn't kawaii at all.

No. 746496

File: 1544393460287.png (652.57 KB, 564x1001, 1_Criedwolves_2.png)

>What a dumb hoe, cutting your tiddies off just to LARP as a pretty yaoi boy. Hopefully she doesn't start T, otherwise she'll be balding with cystic acne and will probably get fat which isn't kawaii at all.

Well, she actually is/was on T. But my guess is on low dose or just for a period, then stopped. Because god forbid they should actually look like a dude! Without fortunate angles, the passability is even more crap.

No. 746503

what's the deal with asher lucas? did she stop T as well?

No. 746509

File: 1544394784260.jpeg (1.83 MB, 2592x1458, file (1).jpeg)

The actual fuck is going on with her chest

No. 746516

She looks like a flat chested girls. All these delusional ass ftms do. It's pathetic, but like mtfs, you cannot escape your biological anatomy.

She looks 100 percent female here especially.

No. 746523

those are top surgery scars….. unfortunate

No. 746562

Idk maybe, but something just looks really wonky about her chest in general, like her nipple is in the wrong place. Can't tell if it's bad surgery, bad shoop (which she has a history of), or what.

No. 746590

I feel like we should spoiler her topless pics, wouldn't want unwilling anons to behold her female presenting nips even if her titties are flat.

No. 746717

God she has the worst body shape, when the fakebois stop trying to be anachans and start T it’s like they really balloon. The only ones who end up with okay bodies are the fitbro type of ftm.

No. 746979

File: 1544474189764.jpg (73.37 KB, 960x1200, 43770112_346383206118275_37795…)

This girl got big into Homestuck cosplay (Dave Strider) and promptly decided they were really a man. The makeup and photoshop is just astonishing. They had this whole little clique of fakebois that were all just spergy girls that couldn't into social dynamics.

This was tagged with #gaywerewolf. Of course, she's dating another petite FTM.

No. 746987

File: 1544474435967.png (294.54 KB, 295x597, aaa.png)

The tragedy of the brows.

No. 746989

File: 1544474619012.png (527.28 KB, 922x577, bbb.png)

… And from 'before she learned how to do brows.'

No. 747024

Is this fucking Killing Stalking cosplay?

No. 747077

> twenty-one pilots t-shirt
of course

No. 747122

Asher would've been a normal Wattpad bad boi name, but of course she picked an "exotic" fakeboi name: Ascher. And it seems she got off of T because she started looking too masculine for the fakeboi look, why am I not surprise "Ascher" bought some shota art from a shotacon?

No. 747256

File: 1544493942368.jpg (91.31 KB, 1080x607, Screenshot_20181210-162818_1.j…)

That came out a year after that photo was taken, but it really does look uncannily like that. Guess that's what happens when you base your idea of masculinity on gay anime boys.

You'd think they'd realise they're just enacting a cliche by listening to that bilge, but apparently not. Goes hand in hand with the theory that these people are all just autistics trying to find community.

(One more including more of the group cosplaying 'mob psycho 100')

No. 748059

I always wondered, do fakebois prefer to date other fakebois or guys? because on one hand dating a guy would validate their GAAAAAAY UWU but on the other real guys are not uwu yaoi at all

No. 748078

They usually date other fakebois; see: Tabby. But them dating lanky men isn't out of the question.

No. 748088

i was wondering the same yesterday, anon. like, if you're a fakeboi and you date a guy, then you're…a straight female, in a straight relationship (according to any logical standards). it's a sweet irony, really. they become fakebois because they want to be speshul but end up staying in the mold and being as dime in dozen as they could be. AND if they date women then yes, technically they'd be "queer", but since they consider themselves boys then they're just…straight boys, so it's still not special at all.

fakebois are the ultimate snowflake paradox, lmao

No. 748109

No real gay guy would date them. They're left with either straight (which is a big no no because it invalidates them) or bi guys who see them as tomboyish gfs. Other delusional fakebois is the no-brainer choice.

No. 748121

Many of these fakebois are expressing as uwu yaoi (because that's all they can do), but still pinning for typically masculine men or even bear. some of them ended up with a straight guy and detransitioned… for some ironic reason. We have these examples in a few thread back. (Jude and Kaden came to my mind) Considering how they are going for all validation I'M A REAL GAY MAN and could mentally broke down with a hint of "Ma'm", it only gets to mean that they deeply know of themselves as a straight girl.

Or sometimes straight/bi guys pretended to be exclusively gay and these fakebois are so impressionable enough to believe them.

No. 748148

Like others mentioned, they always date other fakebois or sometimes regular bi-curious girls. Most of them are either lesbians in denial or just faking a relationship with another fakeboi friend to sperg about how totes kawaii gay they are. If they get a cis guy as their boyfriend, they "suddenly" turn more feminine, eventually drop the fakeboi act altogether and start identifying as girls again (see: Kaden/Jae). In rare cases they identify as men but have a cis guy as their boyfriend, but these relationships rarely last.

No. 748152

Any reasons why when they got with a cis guy they drop the act?

No. 748182

Take your pick:
>A. Been bullied for being masculine and invalidated as a woman
>B. Considered ugly as a girl but pretty as a man
>C. Scared of male treatment of women, becoming a boy as a coping mechanism
>D. Confused with sexuality and hasn't had the chance to figure it out
Most of these problems are solved with meeting someone that's right for you and makes you feel comfortable and beautiful in your own body. If they're not lesbians in denial, they're insecure straight girls.

No. 748246

Well considering that yaoi bishonen are exactly like the description you said, it seems like this is exactly what this boi wants.

No. 748252

E. They like yaoi (or as they call it “MLM”) but since they are afraid of being called a fujoshi they call themselves gay men since now they ARE the oppressed group and they can yaoi all they want without repricusions.

No. 748286

A. and B. are pretty spot on. a lot of them are just ugly women with no self-esteem, so they think that ""transitioning"" will make them feel better about themselves bc they'd have an excuse to change their appearance and fit into a community that's incredibly supportive of them and won't question anything about them as long as they put up the act.

i once read a testimony of an ex-"transman" that confessed they thought they were trans bc they felt like shit about themselves, but once they lost weight and started looking better they realized it was just a self-esteem problem. the truth is they hate being women because they're ugly and get treated like shit for it, so they think being a man will fix all their problems.

No. 748631

finally got rid of her bushy, shitty eyebrows

shaved her eyebrows off and is now drawing them on.
Still calls herself a twink but also trans masculine (they cancel each other out)

No. 748633

File: 1544723871369.jpeg (1.36 MB, 1242x1809, 2325FB06-04A6-4F39-AE8C-97D32A…)

sorry dropped picture

No. 748640

fuck she's so embarrassing. she needs to stop hanging out with college kids and get a life that's not this weird performative gender bs. i liked her better with regular eyebrows tbh.

No. 749161

Her breasts makes the shirt bend. Such a cis boy lol.

No. 749164

File: 1544803712950.png (626.39 KB, 636x661, capitnexttimefaggit.png)

here. i did the work for you.

No. 750483

File: 1545096286817.jpeg (224.78 KB, 750x905, 4F9F6961-9D65-4766-B79E-D555B1…)

Oh boy

No. 750840

File: 1545180588509.jpeg (148.98 KB, 750x905, 68418D77-6835-48B5-9285-920E8B…)

Calls herself a prince

No. 751286

File: 1545259035107.png (1.26 MB, 1440x1169, Screenshot_2018-12-19-16-35-07…)


No. 751332

This is sad she’s so cute! I wish all these cute girls would stop wanting to be boys

No. 751565

I wonder if most fakebois, who identified as male and not some nonbinary labels for a few years, have got their gender changed in their legal documents?

Now If they are to start getting bored of this fad, they might not back off due to laziness on working on paperworks? Are they going to be embarrassed?

No. 751628

of course not

No. 751649

Pity, this one could've just been a pretty butch. She has nice features, ngl

No. 752042

No. 752305

I don’t understand how transbois use the fact that GNC dudes wear makeup (and literally get called she, sis and queen while doing so by the way) as a defense that their pronouns should be respected when they act femininely. like, they really don’t get it do they?

No. 752337

>Shin Yoshiwara

She looks white to me, why does she have an anime name?

No. 752459

It’s yet another one hiding their race. Being a GNC white girl is just too vanilla for them. The overlap of fakebois and obsession with Asia is insane. Just look at the “non-Asians pretending to be Asian” thread at PULL. The majority of the white females faking Asian ancestry online also identify as trans or pretend to be biologically male.

No. 752477

She's half Japanese, regardless of race. Her fakeboi schtick is stupid and she'll tegret it
>Hey this is my last clip before I got my tits chopped off

No. 752481

'cis' GNC dudes got nothing to hide, they know they're men, that they're always one regardless what they do. The same thing happening to 'cis' GNC women too.

Their gender is all about identity, and can't hide the fact they're just straight girls playing dressup

No. 752492

File: 1545466585674.png (134.77 KB, 483x442, 1488670147748.png)

fucking hell those were like perfect breasts
I'm triggered

No. 752510

I’ve seen transmen who became very handsome and had nice muscle tone. But their chests always repulse me! I can’t deal with mutilated pepperoni and the weird way their chest sinks in even when they bulk up.

No. 752521

Has anyone seen the amount of transboi SWers on Twitter? Like, bit of a weird flex when most sex buyers are straight males (who assumedly like tits and not beards).

No. 752529


I'm not sorry you hurt.

No. 752692

File: 1545509180147.png (114.72 KB, 640x1136, 50FBE53D-7425-4C09-945F-F255B2…)

I honestly thought this a was troll account because it was so stereotypically tumblr

No. 752693

File: 1545509233636.png (1.1 MB, 640x1136, 0E197ED4-65D7-4410-9FFD-9FE460…)

Totally a Gay Man. Yep.

No. 752717

File: 1545510758216.png (229.02 KB, 640x1136, 587470B9-FB3C-4119-982E-429A62…)

When you’re so awful even other fakebois hate you

No. 752776

That is one of the reasons why I personally can't say they "pass", the actual ftm "guys" have an odd female thing (kinda like an aura almost) about them, like it's just so obvious. All of them are juicehead gymbro types, get ugly douchey lookin tats, have a fuckboy hairstyle and/or beard - like, it's legit just women becoming the men they're attracted to it's so weird. TL;DR I can tell a wimminz when I see one, even if they went to the extremes to look like a dude, kek.

No. 752880

of course

No. 752881

Kalvin just released screenshots of their messages and despite Kalvin being incredibly civil, Rin was still an immature, illogical brat who couldn’t answer a single question without insults or going off in another direction. I don’t believe her at all that Kalvin’s “100k” fans came after her. It was actually the reverse and her fans did the harassment, getting Kalvin’s Twitter account suspended again and bragging about it.

Gotta love how Rin has to resort to using white as an insult against Kalvin, who is mixed race. That’s when you know you have no valid arguments against someone. And Rin the narcissist is obsessively retweeting her followers’ ass-kissing comments today. Of course, they’re all “trans” and “enby” females. Strangely, Rin has not provided screenshots of “100k” Kalvin fans attacking her. It’s probably another lie from this drama queen.

No. 753031

File: 1545579278666.png (63.18 KB, 640x584, Screenshot_2018-12-23 RIN⚡️ on…)

Apparently Elliot Fletcher was the one who got Kalvin's twitter deleted. But to be fair, Rin and her fans tried (and are still trying), though.

And when it comes to "people attacking her", she posted screenshots of people saying her one needs dysphoria to be trans and invigilating her. Sure, there were some rude remarks, but to say she got viciously attacked was such a stretch.

Anyway, she claims her wanting a hysterectomy makes her transgender (non-binary male, supposedly), despite thousands of cisgender women wanting to have their "baby making materials" (Rin's words) removed/feeling uncomfortable with their periods.

No. 753045

File: 1545582332722.png (123.66 KB, 1438x554, Screenshot_2018-12-23-10-24-53…)

She's so unaware it's hilarious

No. 753080

I’ve known plenty of women who never wanted children or wanted to be sterilized as early as possible. Even girls that had a hatred of babies themselves and everything related to childbirth. None of these women were trans or wanted to be men.

The swarm of fakebois descending on Kalvin’s video comments is hilarious. A lot of girls with anime and kpop avatars, repeated the same exact words and phrases while obnoxiously using AAVE and drag slang. All of them claiming that Rin is the greatest, kindest, most down-to-earth and talented person who ever lived. Where? She’s shown herself to be a petty, insecure, rude asshole with birthday party face painter makeup skills. Is she really that popular because of her male pronouns and being conventionally attractive? The cult mentality is frightening.

Why can’t these dumbass fujoshi admit that they are just too obsessed with yaoi?

No. 753097

File: 1545590478521.png (13.68 KB, 667x160, tumblrbad6.png)

No. 753103

Wait, is this Maggie/letsmakeout or whatever? I thought her Dave cosplay was super hot. What the fuck.

>gay stuff
Cause men can't enjoy these sorts of things without being gay I see. This whole movement is so backwards.

No. 753155

>when your gymbro gives you quick pussy in the shower.

How are they not getting pregnant though? Once they start T and hit the gym, they pump themselves with cum like it's a contest. They literally jug cum by gallons.

No. 753185

File: 1545599787230.gif (1.59 MB, 500x279, 7F0901A4-DA99-4C71-895F-D40B38…)

Funny how she didn’t mention her claim of being “non binary AND a boy!!!1” and just said pansexual

Has rin ever even dated someone that wasn’t a tumblrina trans trender ftm? Or is she one of those who dates straight cis dudes and then yells “IM STILL LGBT EVEN THOUGH I DATE A CIS DUDE BECAUSE IM A BOY THEREFORE WE ARE IN A GAY RELATIONSHIP!!!”

>my gender expression has nothing to do with my gender

>non binary

“I will embrace my femininity”

No. 753323

File: 1545620995504.jpg (168.05 KB, 1200x1200, t79nrkd.jpg)

The latter. She’s just another heterosexual woman role-playing as a “totally gay gay boi” while falling into the traditionally submissive sexual role with a biological male. Pictured here with her boyfriend.

No. 753380

I don't understand this makeup trend at all it just makes you look clownish… Also the fact that she's at her most "masc" with less makeup on is sad. Like girl… You're still feminine

No. 753508

File: 1545667542058.jpeg (1.44 MB, 1242x1869, B47FF426-46A0-40E3-B1C2-2CD84B…)

looks bad, fam.

No. 754089

I think Rin is a complete cow. Between her crazy fandom, transtrending and now plugging her paypal every chance she gets she deserves her own thread. Can anyone direct me to where I can suggest she get her own thread?

No. 754098

second this. there's a request thread in pt but it gets like no traffic… if you can just try to gather some milk and start one. no rush

No. 754109

What about a combo thread for popular fakeboi youtubers? These people aren’t interesting enough on their own.

No. 754114

File: 1545798898490.jpg (782.52 KB, 1242x1791, wX0SVDi.jpg)

This seems like a good idea now. Kalvin's Twitter and backup account have been suspended for days yet she and her followers are constantly referencing him, leaving almost identical rants all over his YouTube and Instagram, and really showing what kind of manipulative person Rin really is. She's retweeting ass-kissers nonstop and stalking all mentions of Kalvin even on Christmas! All this over being called a she once in snapchat. I don't know if she's the type to eventually delete embarrassing tweets but she has become so ridiculous that I now see more of her fans publicly saying they are unfollowing her or they never realized she was this bad before. The more negative attention she gets from this, the more she doubles down.

It seems like her most aggressive supporters are Latina "non binary" weebs that latch onto her solely for cultural representation and they're telling everyone in their groups to get the word out about a "cis-passing white man" questioning their POC idol.

No. 754132

File: 1545802673792.jpg (229.06 KB, 1080x793, SmartSelect_20181225-015910_Sa…)

She's also constantly shiting on men, isn't she supposed to be one?

No. 754285

>also constantly shiting on men
most fakeboi are almost always ubercringy "twitter feminist" types

No. 754364

File: 1545866310710.png (1.93 MB, 2048x1536, PicsArt_12-26-01.04.13.png)

she's not trans at all, she hated being and feeling masculine and isn't willing to go through any changes to transition, the most that she wants is a hysterectomy, so many other women want one too but that doesn't make them trans and neither does it make Rin trans either, all she did was go through a fujoshi/tomboy phase and that's it

No. 754379

She had short hair and wore leggings and a tank top before, she’s tried the masc route and it wasn’t for her! Let her dress like a woman and wear large amounts of makeup and not be called mam!

No. 754389

Her masculine still looks pretty feminine or at most androgynous… It's amazing how people can still tell you're a woman even with short hair and little makeup lol

No. 754405

File: 1545881079891.jpg (473.49 KB, 1068x1329, SmartSelect_20181226-120047_Sa…)

No trans man would talk about their "titties" so comfortably.

No. 754406

File: 1545881138806.jpg (286.65 KB, 1077x1130, SmartSelect_20181226-140849_Sa…)

Pay her to pass, ridiculous.

No. 754409

>Shaven underarms
>Perfectly groomed, shaped and heavily arched brows
>Short but feminine haircut/style
>No muscle anywhere
>Incredibly tight pants that would probably be painful for someone with an actual penis to wear
Like, I get that some dudes look and dress like this but a natal male who looked like her would be seen as very feminine. The only slightly masculine thing shit her is the lack of tits which isn't an inherently male trait anyway.

No. 754470

Not speaking of her only, but why is it? Especially the ones who tried to dress masc most of the time (although they occasionally put on makeup and feminine clothing because it's drag!1!1) but still hold cringy uwu views.

Aren't you 'a man' now, why are you shitting on 'cis' men?

No. 754472

All these ridiculous fakebois are connected, Rin is friends with Zellfae.

No. 754511

File: 1545904136610.jpg (1.09 MB, 1415x2112, Screenshot_20181227-094707.jpg)


No. 754590

Just call “Rin” Arantza; that is her legal name she tried so desperately to hide. “Rin” was chosen from her yaoiboi days because it’s a character from that god awful swimming anime.

No. 754698

Ugh why do fakebois always have the dryest, crustiest lips?

No. 754724

How do you know that’s their real name?

No. 754738

HER, fuck. It's like her thread on PULL, everyone refers to her as him or they. No, just no, she's a she. Let's not try to give into their special snowflake "look how unique i am" bullshit.

No. 754746

they is a third person plural pronoun first and foremost before genderfags took it over. chill sped

No. 754751

here's rin's response, I haven't even watched it all the way through (I had to pause for a breather after she said "i don't know how to say this in english" about a runny nose……) but i'm sure it's bound to be terrible if I ever get through it

No. 754753

They're not dry, they just look that way because it's the foundation a lot of crossplayers put on their lips to make them look paler and less feminine.

No. 754755

not gonna sperg about this too much but anon could of just of easily said "how do you know that's HER real name" which is better grammar and makes it clearer for people to know who you are referring to as, like you said, 'their' refers to plural and I'm fairly certain Rin is just one person.
Sperg complete, sorry for derailing.

No. 754778

Idk why both PULL and lolcow users care (in opposite ways lol) about what pronouns other people on the thread happen to use? clearly using he or they isn't pandering when you're on a gossip forum and arguing about gender gets really circular and belongs more in the /ot/ gender thread. i don't really care either way i'm just here for the milk

No. 754788

People care because when every user is switching back and forth between using he/him, they/their and she/her, it gets really confusing and nobody knows who anybody is referring to.

No. 754789

People care because when every user is switching back and forth between using he/him, they/their and she/her, it gets really confusing and nobody knows who anybody is referring to.

No. 754790

People care because when every user is switching back and forth between using he/him, they/their and she/her, it gets really confusing and nobody knows who anybody is referring to.

No. 754817

it's funny because every main character in that anime has a girl's name

No. 754823

Pansexual isn't real anyway, it's just a pretentious way for people to say they're bisexual. I doubt she's even attracted to women, she's probably straight.

No. 754829

it is 100% pandering. pronouns aren't even used to the person directly.

also this is a fakeboi thread, it's about gender bs,

No. 754845

>Pansexual isn't real anyway, it's just a pretentious way for people to say they're bisexual.
obv were all on the same page here, but can anyone actually explain the difference here? never understood
it might be my reluctance to accept that troons are anything other than biological males/females "getting in the way" here, but it just seems so redundant to me.

No. 754853

pansexual is no different other than it implies the belief that there are more than two genders, "gender-blind"

No. 754860

reads to me like when many western liberals try to pretend theyre "color-blind". its like a socially acceptable way to pander/patronize people who they obviously see as different at a fundamental level (but were all the saaaaammeee duh). seems so backhanded from where im sitting. im surprised more of these idiots in the oppression olympics arent complaining about it yet

No. 754887

They like it because it makes them sound more open-minded and unique than regular bisexual. It doesn't really matter though because most of them aren't even really bisexual, they're straight girls.

No. 754990

She drew a chart that made no fucking sense LMFAO holy shit she's dumb.

No. 755008

>I don't present as a girl. I present as feminine.

what the hell does that even mean?

No. 755044

She's under the misconception that she could be perceived as a feminine male by the general public, rather than obviously a female.

No. 755061

File: 1545975470059.png (230.86 KB, 640x1136, 33364F3F-605B-4F6E-9859-373293…)

They come so close to getting the point, and yet remain so far from doing so

No. 755158

Yeah this, using male/"genderneutral" pronouns for a fakeboi is just validating their delusions and we don't want to do that here.

lmao the best way to spot a straight girl is to see if she calls herself "pansexual" or "gender doesn't matter to me uwu".

No. 755167

>plural pronoun
Ah, so the person in question is actually some sort of colony of worms in human form? At last I truly see. I will respect their pronoun.

No. 755186

I know we can't racebait in /snow/ but now most liberal hate the concept of colorblind due to the reason you're speaking of. (I don't, but it's not the point here) Also while it's a big issues in America the definitions of race is nebulous to be "fundamental" in biological sense as genetics don't fit perfectly in to our commonly spoken categories. Race is a much less scientific rigid concept than sex we're talking about.

I prefer people to not be pigeonholed in basis of race.

No. 755204

>humoring “kalvin” because she’s a real tranny!!!
all trannies are fakes no matter if theyre fake bois / girls. you cant convince me to call someone like “contrapoints” a woman.

No. 755226

I'm sorry! I think you are confused. This is the fakeboi thread, not the gender critical one. Not a place for discussing ContraPoints either.
You do know they/them is also used to refer to a single person in the third person, right?

No. 755235

jesus christ shut the fuck up about pronouns, anon.

No. 755258

They is singular ONLY when you don't know the gender of the person you're talking about. We know this girl is female. Nonbinary isn't a real thing, go back to tumblr.

No. 755261

>lmao the best way to spot a straight girl is to see if she calls herself "pansexual" or "gender doesn't matter to me uwu".

>I know we can't racebait in /snow/
sry wasnt my intention
was just trying to draw a parallel

>They is singular ONLY when you don't know the gender of the person you're talking about
ngl i use em interchangeably quite often. i dont like using the same exact pronouns repeatedly so ill vary it up with a "they"/"their" every once in a while for flow.

>Nonbinary isn't a real thing,


No. 755296

shut the fuck up handmaiden

No. 755297

Lol please fuck off, you stupid twat

No. 755307

they can also be used when you don't know someone's gender. ie. "someone yelled at me earlier." "what did they say?" but that's literally the only time it's appropriate. if you can identify their gender you should use the correct pronoun.

No. 755646

So much for the Ana-chan theory

No. 755841

They are borg

No. 756195

They all gained weight as they got older. Ruitzk is having a tantrum because she’s not an ana-chan anymore and the rest are either regular weight now or are sick off dope/other drugs.

No. 759912

File: 1546752362222.jpeg (1.49 MB, 1242x1860, 1E0A1E57-CBBB-4242-BFD8-0B0636…)

You’re either a boy a girl, Amy, pick one.

No. 760013

File: 1546784783823.png (3.19 MB, 1440x2629, Screenshot_2019-01-05-11-09-16…)

Happy New Year from kawaii fakeboi Tabby!

No. 760301

I’m probably late to the party but I just discovered that the hashtag #kawaiiboy on Instagram is like a 10:1 ratio of fakebois to cis males.

No. 760373

this person really disturbs me.

No. 760375


Her "boyfriend" is a fakeboi too right? Very feminine facial structure.

No. 760376

File: 1546865387505.png (777.42 KB, 931x553, Capture.PNG)

Saged for double post - I looked it up, yup a pair of fakebois at least the partner seems a little more dedicated to transitioning but seriously why cant these lesbians just be okay with themselves.

No. 760388

File: 1546872036886.jpeg (128.21 KB, 750x421, 0D18D802-8E8F-4408-B53B-ED977D…)

This person is hasn’t noticed that transtrenders are real, and won’t let anyone explain to “him” how someone can be a fakeboi.

No. 760394

Haha that’s exactly it though! Trenders are first world exclusive, they KNOW they aren’t facing any real repercussions because most of society just see their female presenting asses as snowflakes going through a phase and humors them. Your family hates you because you’re acting like a selfish delusional retard, not because you’re “trans”.

No. 760438

File: 1546884518401.png (7 MB, 3087x3087, 97B2FBDB-A280-4553-9B74-004868…)

This one is bothering me. She started the #TransLooksLikeThis tag on twitter and it’s full of Fakebois and she is trying so hard to cash in on Rin’s drama while also making fun of transgender teenagers, begging for money, and being horribly racist.

No. 760675

This girl needs to save money for a dentist. She seems to love showing off her crooked yellow huge gap teeth. Or plastic surgery. She is a something to look at. Nice find

No. 760703

>boys can have boobs too
why are special snowflakes like this?

No. 760802

kek, i used to be friends with her. literally was entirely female presenting since 2014 and never mentioned dysphoria, but did go by they pronouns. was kicked out by family (not sure why) and begged for donations. i see she hasnt stopped begging at all. shes well off and would post pics of weed, concerts, and clothes she got from the mall often on her snapchat all the time but then beg for rent money.

No. 760814

what's with all these fakebois and begging while being well off more than the average person? it's such a mockery of being actually poor lol.
i mean, all fakebois are narcs so i'm not completely surprised

No. 761137

Is she getting bald? Sad she used to be cute. But I guess it's going to be hilarious after all fakeboi detransitioned. A generation of them to be honest.

No. 761145

I'm so confused by this individual. No adams apple, no breasts, no "junk", facial hair, but yet dresses like hello kitty on crack. Seriously, what is this persons biological sex? Is it just a chick on T or intersex?

No. 761178

Just a chick on T.

No. 761243

File: 1546999338202.png (617.83 KB, 803x587, ouuy8.png)

Not nesscarily a "hardcore fakeboi", in that she doesn't make any effort to appear masculine or like a dude, just spams "emoboy" or "alternativeboy" hastags along with other lolzy tags like "lilpeep" or "model". Abuses photoshop too.

No. 761244

the hashtags alternativeboy or just alternative in general are FULL of special lil attention seekers. It's rather hilarious to go thru, just like the #nonbinary ones.

No. 761245

File: 1546999544210.jpeg (145.62 KB, 750x652, D2F6FA6C-F318-4FD3-90F1-9EBEA4…)

This is a piss poor excuse for wanting to be special. Is not being able to transition for medical reasons even a thing? She’s invalidating all the own people in her tag by saying the only reason she’s not cis-passing is because of medical reasons, while they’re not transitioning because they aren’t actually trans. This girl is dumber than a sack of rocks.

No. 761278

All that hair dye and her being on T maybe is thinning her hair. Look at that receding hairline. Also this girl needs to take care of her skin

No. 761279

I don’t see how you can medically not be able to have top surgery? Unless they’re allergic to propathol (anesthetic) but in that case, they have other anesthetics for people with propathol allergies. Besides that I can’t see a reason.

Now for bottom surgery they could have some sort of pre-existing bladder or vaginal issue. But I highly doubt it tbh.

No. 761288

She meant that she can't cause she's too 'broke' I think. She doesn't have any medical issues.

No. 761293

I really don't think she's broke. She consistently begs for money but then will post her gigantic mall hauls and new tattoos and post about throwing parties almost weekly it seems. She also only ever mentions being trans when she needs to gain victimization.

No. 761301

File: 1547006209877.jpeg (567.58 KB, 1936x1936, DF560442-33BB-4C07-94F1-6308CE…)

Introducing trans couple ‘Tyson’ (left) and ‘Anna’ (right)
They’ve both been on HRT for 9 months. Anna was the one who came out first (MTF) and everyone believes they manipulated Tyson to transition too (FTM). It appears as though Tyson takes it far more seriously than Anna does. Anna is your typical weeb, and is obsessed with the idea of having big anime tiddies, but won’t even make the effort to shave their facial hair. They constantly waste their money on pointless Disney toys and going out to eat, then had the audacity to set up a gofundme page and asked people for $43,000 (Australian dollars) for gender reassignment surgery!! They both they say they’re too mentally ill to work and are trying to apply for government disability payments, which is bullshit, they’re just lazy fucks. They also both believe there should be a FREE program which allows trans couples to simply ‘swap’ body parts. It’s a fun train wreck to watch.

No. 761302

So you have more pic? I want to see more of this train wreck. More like train crash

No. 761356

>FREE program which allows trans couples to simply ‘swap’ body parts
What kind of Buffalo Bill bullshit

No. 761501

The actual fuck? Why are there such people on earth I just don't understand. There are so many 'troon couples' like this on tumblr I've found and they've all have been with some kind of mental illnesses and strange obsessions. Guess no employers want them either but this is where I don't want to put my tax money to be spend on.

Can you show me more of their posts? I smell some good yet tragic milk.

No. 761505

yeah that's gotta be one of the weirdest ideas i've ever read

No. 762652

Their face looks so off.

No. 762656

File: 1547184543664.jpg (57.37 KB, 446x591, emiyannn.jpg)

emiyannn on twitter is a goldmine. 30+, has been a fakeboi for almost a decade, got their tits lopped off and spent a year on t, daily crying and furiously reeing that cis gay men won't date her, dresses like this on the regular and looks 40 when they're dumb enough to post photos without makeup+filters.

(They also constantly talk about being A Queer Japanese Man despite being like a quarter white and half Chinese. Their fam's lived in america for four generations but they're a real nihonjin, honest. I think they lived there for a semester in college tops, maybe.)

No. 762657

File: 1547184833459.jpg (240.78 KB, 900x1200, DvIjMIoVsAABwBu.jpg)

Shit, I forgot the best part: she's also convinced she's going to get murdered for being trans despite working a white collar job and living with her parents in a safe and affluent suburb near LA.

Also constant whining about being misgendered, naturally.

No. 762684

Any pics of her without makeup? How can someone live like this into their 30s? What job does she do?

No. 762689

her twitter says she's 20. the anon is lying

No. 762699

Emiyann is probably the one lying here. I followed her on twitter a few years ago and she definitely wasn't under 20 back then.

No. 762704

File: 1547204212959.jpg (549.65 KB, 2048x2048, IMG_20190111_204824.jpg)

Not sure on both counts; I know she's worked in the manga/comics industry? She got mad recently that some comics job never got back to her after she did a proofreading interview that in her own words she flunked lol.

No. 762712

File: 1547204550845.jpg (192.9 KB, 1079x1186, IMG_20190111_204955.jpg)

I know anon, I know. Reading is so hard. Doing a basic twitter search is even harder. Let me help you with that, you poor thing.

For future reference: if there's an upwards-pointing arrow next to the number 20 on someone's profile, they are trying to communicate to you that they are older than 20.

No. 762715

That Ramuda avatar. I knew fakebois would like him.

No. 762718

Of course. He's smol and pink just like them! His dick and their lack of is irrelevant.

No. 762731

"i'm 30 uwu" i mean is kinda obvious that she useps or some kaind of app to alter her face lmaom why are fakebois so… gross and fake? if they don't try to look like anime "ukes" they try to look like kpop idols

No. 762738

>Look young
>I'm 30

I've seen people past this age looking younger in the no-makeup pic. Do you know what moisturizer is?

No. 762740

lmao this person is apart of my ex friend’s friend group of other rude ~uwu sm0l queer beans ^_^~ cokeheads. seeing them get rted by rin and other trenders is making me laugh so hard

No. 762744

They've got to be a quarter white or something, there's no way they should look that bad for an Asian 30

No. 762747


Why do you even need to use 'they'? Obvious fakeboi is obvious.

No. 762750

Calm down. I use "they" most of the time because I'm lazy.

No. 762775

She actually looks like a dude without the pancake makeup+filters, thanks to that giant honker and ancient skin. Why does she feel the need to make everyone's life harder? jesus christ.

No. 762962

File: 1547250420162.png (261.45 KB, 583x394, aogu8u.png)

wow she's full of herself and just an all around cringefest. It's scary how many 30+ year olds still act 13.

No. 762963

File: 1547250573601.png (686.33 KB, 926x587, 1-11-19.png)

>>top 9 photos of 2018
>>only 1 looks remotely male

No. 762969

Why do so many completely average looking adults obsess over this delusion of appearing "YOUNG"? Even with the tryhard speshul kawaii pigtail hair she's clearly 30+. And even weirder that delusion is tied with her ridiculous defense of pedobait characters.

No. 762971

ot but lately I've seen more than one intro on mastodon that reads

~17, he/they, nonbinary, trans, lesbian~

ffs "retarded" is one word and basically means the same thing. they could've saved so much space.

No. 762975

The shoulder tattoo?

No. 763041

"Tee hee I look so young young young! Can't help these Asian genetics! Young!"

If that's your thing, how are you dumb enough to post photos like >>762704 that directly contradict your entire shtick? I used to follow her before I peaked and she never shuts up about how ~hard~ it is to be a soft, baby-faced trans man when she doesn't even look like that.

There's so much milk on her she might be worth her own thread, because her ridiculous appearance is probably only her third biggest cow trait.

No. 763049

I think she’s confusing feminine with young? either she’s completely ignorant of it or is just another desperate 30 year old clinging to teenage years (Guessing both though lel)

No. 763195

Just something for you to think.. Would she eventually get bored of that in her 40s when she started not to look so young? similarly to Zerodomon who's been doing it since the dawn of DeviantArt.

Imagine them waking up thinking how they spent their life chasing fantasy of being a kawaii boi for 20+ years.

No. 763205

I think killing herself from the ~dysphoria~ caused by no longer being young is more likely than her simply getting bored and moving on. There is no simple when it comes to someone this knee deep in trans bullshit.

No. 763232

There is an artist I like that is going fakeboi. She's been using they/them pronouns for a while but suddenly out if the blue wants to take T??? It's way too easy to get hormones in Canada jfc

Sage for rant/vent

No. 763528

I know how you feel. I'm perpetually grateful that all three TIFs I'm friends with live in transphobic countries. Well, they probably wouldn't BE in this shitty situation if their counties weren't also misogynistic and homophobic, but at least they can't ruin their bodies and make their shitty situations even more miserable.

No. 763640

Oh my god, isn't that the bitch that unironically defends Shinji Matou because he's an "interesting" character?

No. 763645

stop being a tumblr autist over her fictional character politics

No. 763652

File: 1547381463181.jpg (391.46 KB, 1199x1012, Screenshot_20190113-131013_Twi…)

No, the joke is that I've only seen people on 4chan ironically love that character because he's a rapist and abuser, just pointing out another special snow thing she does. Then she every once in a while she complains about people confronting her about it, saying how she's better, yadda yadda

No. 763689

Pretty much; of all the characters to get edgy and aggro about people not liking, why the character whose sole purpose is to unlikeable and unrelatable?

She used to be like this about Gil, but then caster Gil happened and I guess people softening on her former number disgusting man simply wouldn't do. Talk about a fake fan.

No. 763762

File: 1547407399687.jpeg (150.59 KB, 649x960, 1684D709-212D-4E22-8E52-423EA8…)

their logic never ceases to amaze me.

No. 763813

both sides are full of shit

No. 763851

No1curr but, when I was being a SJW, I remember fellow Tumblrites saying “hey, non-binary, gender neutral, agender aren’t actually trans they’re just teenage white girls obsessed with yaoi”. It’s wild seeing this being so widely accepted now, it’s like the moment you slap an ‘uh I’m oppressed uwu’ people fall for your shit. I mean, damn. We’re seeing this same thing with fucking pedophiles now. “I just fap to CP, I don’t harm actual kids! We’re an oppressed group, y’know?”

Ew, is this why FTM tranny porn was popular for like a millisecond? Real boiz drink gallons of cum uguu~

No. 763872


"Social dysphoria and euphoria" are things now?

>don't pathologize my identity

>but keep it in the DSM and ICD so I can get my hormones and top surgery as I please

No. 763900

I pity the cat it's based on.

No. 764873

It's a thing as old that being fakeboi is a thing

No. 766035

File: 1547511259648.jpg (84.09 KB, 768x1024, DwrxipbWkAEgAE-.jpg)

Good god emiyan's hands are rough

But she looks just like a child you guys, for real!

No. 766036

The ring's just there because she """married""" her emiya plushie or something.

No. 766037

File: 1547511408237.png (326.29 KB, 574x606, download.png)

No. 766056

Yes because face jewels, heavy girly eyeliner, cute pink wig with pigtails is totally what men wear. Are you blind? Men dress this way too!!1

No. 766064

I'm dying to know whether they were delusional enough to use the men's bathroom because it's like, crazy cool Japan, and they have like, the ikemens, which is totes the same thing!! Or if they chickened out and used the women's.

No. 766218

File: 1547554444847.jpg (451.58 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20190115_215109.jpg)

Am I going crazy or does the fakeboi of the moment not look all that japanese OR chinese?

I know happas can miss out on one parents genes, but something about her face and body seems really out of place?

idk maybe I'm just not as familiar with han chinese features.

No. 766250

is she half? she looks half or 1/4th to me.

No. 766281

I know a lot of people who are half asian half white (california) and many look anywhere from 5% to 100% asian. Not everyone looks 50/50. Some of them even get pegged as middle eastern or hispanic.

No. 766310

File: 1547574868933.jpg (924.81 KB, 1199x1570, Screenshot_20190115-185147_Twi…)

Honestly the tweets to these pics are even better, she also says she wears a lot of omocat. How come these people always hang out with each other? More of her friends are very feminine looking they/them girls and a male crossdresser.

No. 766314

that happens to my mom and she gets fucking pissed. she does look half to me at the least. my fiance is han chinese and he said she seems to be at least a little. especially face shape and nose.

No. 766322

This is why all of the race speculation here (and on PULL especially where it seems like everyone gets accused of faking being asian) triggers me so much. It's not always that neat and tidy in real life. I guess it's also due to weebs putting so much emphasis on race when it's really one of the leaat interesting things about a person.

No. 766689

File: 1547609105163.png (497.13 KB, 612x738, download.png)

I only brought it up because her twitter is nonstop "AS A JAPANESE" when she's a fourth gen american who barely looks japanese to begin with.

She's definitely secretly feels like a banana, just look at who her childhood friends were lol.

No. 766692

File: 1547609647037.png (33.81 KB, 585x132, download.png)

Bonus fresh milk from today: unfortunately fetishists are all you can ever attract when your personality consists only of garbage.

No. 766803


there's a fakeboi in my university's lgbt club that's like this except pre-everything and caused one of the gay guys who used to be a regular to leave because she cried to the president claiming he was transphobic for not wanting to date her and i'm mad about it still. not only are you not entitled to anyone's attention, how are you so deluded that you think you can get upset that a man who's exclusively attracted to men isn't attracted to your female body, on top of your zero efforts to present as anything except female. trans that demand gay men or lesbians fuck them are the absolute worst and sound like conversion camp counselors half the time. you feel so entitled that you say you're exclusively attracted to gay men because you want to be Validated as a man when you fucking aren't. sage for rant but i'm so tired of living in looney troons land and having my friends made to feel bad for not fucking someone.

No. 766807

Your friend needs to accuse her right back, of sexual harrassment. Because that's what this is. And since ~everyone knows~ trans men are just as icky as born and raised men, she's made herself fair game.

I'm completely serious, these incels can't keep getting away with this. Hit back.

No. 766808

100% dude this is sexual harassment.

No. 766817

File: 1547633537714.jpg (4.27 MB, 3000x2155, oh boy here we go.jpg)

You have no idea what kinda fresh milk you've tapped into. She's talking about this dude from her friends circle who targeted fakebois and thought of them as shota. He contributed to anime news sites and was an "anitwitter personality", attended cons and targeted teenagers and bought them alcohol.

Other fakeboi featured here:
>he bought me line stickers and little things I couldn't afford
>I didn't cut him out because I was struggling with money

Anyway this is just the tip of the iceberg a lot of female cosplayers, enbies and fakebois are writing about him so you might find more.

No. 766820

oh shit i just saw a thread about him on twitter a few minutes ago. i've never heard of this hazukari guy, i guess he was too anitwitter for my own feed.

No. 766823

Wait a second. I definitely remember emiyan rting a pic from this guy in that crossplay. I remember bc emiyan was telling him he looked great in spite of how off he looked (I'm not sure he even remembered to shave his arms…?) So they definitely know each other. BUT. Ferris makes "weh weh I attract predators" tweets WEEKLY, so idk if they're calling out this creepazoid specifically.

No. 766826

File: 1547634570479.png (31.07 KB, 623x413, incident.png)

He was trying to get close to a lot of anime journalists and big bloggers to give the impression he's somebody in the industry. It worked because people thought he was too popular to speak up against him.

I don't think he should get his own thread because he deleted his tweets and will probably play silent and dead now, but a lot of fakebois are coming out with info about their experience with him so it's on topic.

Bonus milk: he did a thread about his #metoo experience while he was doing this shit

I'm pretty sure this is about that because they interacted on twitter and hanged out. If you check her profile she also RTed that idolmaster fan who did a thread on this guy. https://twitter.com/EsperRider/status/1085308931453476864

No. 766828

My mistake, Ferris does this stuff all the time so I didn't expect it to be about something legit for once.

No. 766830

Nah that's fair to assume because she is really avoiding mentioning him by name or warning people against him, she's vague on purpose which seems suspicious.

If you search on twitter, you'll see there were hundreds of tweets between them so I think it's safe to assume she knew his kink twitter and is trying not to ruin her reputation by staying quiet.

No. 766831

Ohhhhhh shit you're probably 100% on the money, Ferris is the horniest person I know and a VERY loud "FICTION DOESN'T EQUAL REALITY I LOVVVVVVE PROBLEMATIC THINGS AND ANYONE WHO DISAGREES WITH ME IS AN INFANT WHO SHOULDN'T BE ONLINE LMFAO!!" type. She takes it really far.

No. 766833

File: 1547635932919.jpg (236.78 KB, 1080x1751, IMG_20190116_205137.jpg)


No. 766839

File: 1547636588737.png (42.75 KB, 631x472, new2.png)

Nice catch, these two were close.
>uwu I keep attracting trans fetishists
>this guy who openly talks about shotacon and fetishizing fakeboys is my friend

She was too old to be targeted, bu you have to wonder how much she knew.

No. 766840

The thing that really gets me is how he thinks that adding "dabs" at the end will soften his predatory comments.

No. 766849

File: 1547639147037.jpg (176.45 KB, 1079x1317, IMG_20190116_211322.jpg)

How sweet, they gushed over their favorite rapist together.

No. 766853

File: 1547639913492.jpg (241.85 KB, 1080x1650, IMG_20190116_214156.jpg)

Oh the irony.

No. 766856

God I fucking noticed that, he really is the Nick Robinson of anitwitter

No. 766858

File: 1547640084711.jpg (206.95 KB, 1080x1713, IMG_20190116_220032.jpg)

The tasty, tasty irony.

No. 766859

No. 766861

Apparently he used to send mobs after people who spoke up against him. Considering how much emiyan talked to him and displayed a bitchy "looking for a fight" attitude I wonder if she was involved in silencing people and that's why she's keeping her mouth shut.

She fetishizes the same things as him "I'm pedobait, I'm a real life trap" etc

No. 766862

Maybe. Just look at how she treats people who have the audacity to be unfunny in her regal presence.

No. 766864

File: 1547640679549.jpg (240.55 KB, 1080x1641, IMG_20190116_214241.jpg)

posted too soon oops >>766861

No. 766866

I read this all thinking it was some fakeboi writing about his imagined penis, then I realized "hanzu" was this bigass CIS male on the left and he wants to have sex with a "shota" aka a child, or a fakeboi, and that he already did non-con things with females (caps on right)

He types like a teenage girl on tumblr. Holy predatory creepo

No. 766889

>HF is their least favorite route

This bitch genuinely can't do a single thing right.

No. 766898

Literally his only purpose is to be a plot device to show how tormented Sakura is and how much suffering she has to suppress. He's a douchebag rapist who assaulted his sister on a regular basis. He's supposed to be an awful character that makes you angry. These people dying on the "uwu you just don't understand how ~deep~ shinji is!!" hill are just trying their best to be 2edgy.

Are there any trannies who aren't sexual predators and/or complete degenerates?

No. 766908

I guess the moral of the story is
>shinji matou stans: not even once

No. 766916

File: 1547653312879.jpg (226.86 KB, 1199x780, Screenshot_20190116-163626_Twi…)

The shinji stanning is the most fun thing about this situation for me tbh

Anyway, our girl remains the pinnacle of maturity and self awareness while avoiding direct conversation.

No. 766917

File: 1547653334496.jpg (200.74 KB, 1199x934, Screenshot_20190116-163439_Twi…)

No. 766919

File: 1547653421808.jpg (123.17 KB, 1199x485, Screenshot_20190116-164337_Twi…)

Forgot the best one

No. 766925

>how dare anyone in any way imply I was wrong for enabling his public garbage edgy kinks instead of feeling creeped out like a normal person

No. 767356

File: 1547780374364.jpg (123.44 KB, 1080x898, IMG_20190117_164929.jpg)

There's so much to unpack here, but making this tweet the day after your buddy and fellow shinji matou stan was revealed as a rapist is one hell of a spicy meatball.

No. 767423


i'm going to talk to him, yeah. i'm glad y'all said this cuz you're right. if a guy was complaining about a girl refusing to date him and making her feel unwelcome, 100% he'd be called out. i'm going to tell him that it's no different in this situation, even if the other people in the club don't do shit, at least he won't feel guilty for ~transphobia

No. 767511

If my phone wasn't dying I'd post the cap where somebody made an edit of shinji in a maga hat and she started attacking and shaming them so they apologized like 15 times

No. 767513

What an insufferable turd. Please post when you can, she's such a snake and emotional black hole it's shocking she didn't attract attention sooner.

No. 767634

I saw this too. But after the tweet was deleted and after the person was relentlesaly attacked and "called out" and made to tweet an embarrassing grovelling apology.

And this emiyan person lead the charge and they were clearly enjoying it. It really kinda come of to me as bullying. I never understood callout culture.

No. 767673

OT but I'm laughing my ass off at the thought of Shinji in a MAGA hat. He'd fit the insufferable incel part perfectly. Please post caps anon, I need to see this shit show.

I usually don't shame people for their fictional preferences or agree with the whole ~problematic characters~ discourse but if you go this far on your way defending a sociopath rapist you're SUPPOSED to hate and wish a painful death upon, there's definitely something wrong with you.

No. 767676

can you weebs stop shitting up the thread? you're getting just as cringy as she is. this isn't the thread for whining about weeby shit that's not related to her being a fakeboi.

No. 767678

This tbh. If you guys want to start a weebs thread or a thread for her, go ahead, but all you're doing at this point is talking about her shit taste she plasters all over the internet, which is incidental to her being a fakeboi.

No. 767725

If someone's going to make a thread for Ferris, be sure to mention she went by "Debs" as late as late 2016, it might turn up more milk that way.

And yes, Debs. A very masculine nickname for the very masculine name of Deborah. She's a joke.

No. 767732

Somebody please do this

No. 767809

File: 1547845882216.jpg (233.04 KB, 900x1200, f.jpg)

I've been seeing "traggot" a lot on Twitter. Yep you guessed it, it's "trans faggot", used exclusively by fakebois like this. I wonder how actual gay men feel about this?

No. 767845

Holy shit, not fetishising at all, nope not a bit

No. 767927

File: 1547855239164.jpg (157.76 KB, 1080x1080, FB_IMG_1545587636541.jpg)

Crazy Clown Fakeboi. Seems to go by Zander.

No. 767929

File: 1547855334786.jpg (210.1 KB, 1080x1100, FB_IMG_1545587810549.jpg)

When you try 2 hard to be artsy and cool. UwU

No. 767931

File: 1547855606877.jpg (767.35 KB, 1080x1826, Screenshot_20190118-165423_Fac…)

Edgy n kewl

No. 767936

Totally curious: how do you guys feel about drag queens? For me fake bois and drag queens are same level .

Saged for census taking.

No. 767940

Drag queens are to women as black facing is to black people. Shitting on traits of a minority group for entertainment's/comedy's sake.

No. 767993

Drag queens are problematic trash and should be called out instead of being worshipped. they are caricatures of women.

No. 768048

File: 1547875235281.png (1.05 MB, 617x1656, little miss sunshine.png)

>post a cos pic baiting for compliments
>kind people give the compliments
>tell everyone a day later that they're probably transphobic racists for giving compliments rather than empathetic people who wanted to make an insecure girl feel better

What a fucking narc.

No. 768095

File: 1547883630132.jpg (192.07 KB, 1080x1920, IMG_20190117_073644.jpg)

I'd be up for a weeb thread after this >>766817 happened, if people have material. There's apparently a lot of shit on that ANN trans-guy for example, but she wouldn't fit this thread I think.

Anyway, this was more about her social circle and how she lashes out on anyone outside of it.

No. 768099

File: 1547884028308.jpg (418.49 KB, 1199x1056, Screenshot_20190119-084505_Twi…)

And she keeps using this as an excuse to flex her "moral superiority" while vagueposting that no one should PM or question her in regards to her rapist friend.

No. 768110

I don't hate drag queen, and the work into costume can be an artistic effort.

However I hate fakebois who use it as their justification to be cringy.

No. 768114

A weeb thread is a good idea but imo Ferris needs her own thread otherwise she's going to 1. dominate, and 2. people are still going to complain about things going off topic whenever people try to discuss her fakeboiness, twisted morality and righteousness, bullying, cosplay, etc etc. Which is pain imo bc they're often wrapped up in each other, like with >>768048

No. 768117

The maga shinji guy is a headcase who wants to be a hero and martyr "like shirou emiya" and has caused needless drama before, but imo that's exactly why it's tasteless to go full guns blazing against a literal spastic. Like, good job, you kicked a retard until he cried and then kept kicking to teach him a woke lesson. Are we supposed to be impressed?

emiyan's cruelty is the only mannish quality she possesses.

No. 768144

finnish fakeboi, recently got a top surgery. big time yaoi fetish gone too far.

No. 768167

Has anybody else ever known a fakeboi who used to be fascinated by drag queens years ago? I have a friend who used to want to be a bio queen. She was really good at it, too. Now she's calling herself an enby.

No. 768178

>Male ♂
Is anyone buying their bs? I remember seeing fakeboys on devianart when I was younger and being very suspicous after noticing their photoshop and after a few photos their obvious female faces/bodies. But is anyone actually falling for it?

No. 768193

File: 1547908292195.png (85.86 KB, 1080x672, Screenshot_2019-01-19-15-30-23…)

No. 768229

File: 1547914161388.jpg (468.2 KB, 1199x1326, Screenshot_20190119-170706_Twi…)

Oh my fucking god, this is her on the topic of "western fans associate loli and shota with pedophilia". You can't be fucking serious, in other tweets she's saying she's a shota who is a loli and that's when she was already 30+

If somebody can dig up enough old dirt on her, sure.

No. 768235

File: 1547914909902.jpg (102.38 KB, 1199x476, Screenshot_20190119-172030_Twi…)

Speaking of old dirt

No. 768237

This fucking fakeboi is not a shots, she's a fetishist KEK
She's only projecting this stuff because she knows she has a thing for young boys.

No. 768241

How do you know? It's pretty hard to get top surgery in Finland and seeing how she presents herself as I find it difficult to believe that any sane doctor would look at this person and send them to have her tits lopped off. And as far as I know you're not even allowed to get top surgery before at least 6-9 months of testosterone (plus another 3-6 months of queuing for the operation) and she has a very high pitched, feminine voice in her recent videos so she's definitely not on hormones. If she's actually claimed to have gotten surgery, she's lying.

Judging by her audience they seem to be very young as in 12-15 year olds, girls who know she's a girl but want to pretend and fetishizing trap chaser males. So a generic boring instafamous fakeboi all in all.

No. 768246

The question is what does this have to do with being disabled?

No. 768454

Ah yes. >>762704 is truly the face of a young boy.

kek she was absolutely enabling that predator friend of hers who got outed

No. 768474

fakebois are all stupid fuhosjis lmao, like ok you like yaoi that ok sis, trying to be a shota tho that is gross and i hope she get call out or at last that her life get ruent by this

No. 768481

File: 1547944301901.png (156.32 KB, 613x835, download.png)

The thing that's so fucking shady about all of this and pic attached is: this was her initial reaction to her very close friend being outed as a predator.

Where's the shock? Where's the outrage? Any normal person would horrified and grieving over that kind of betrayal. If a normal person realized they'd shared and discussed kinks with a person for whom those kinks formed the basis of their predation, who wouldn't be disgusted in addition to all of the emotions above?

Ferris jumped straight to "friends of predators are blameless angels who dindu nuffin"

There's something deeply, seriously wrong here and we've barely scratched the surface.

No. 768511

this person needs their own fucking thread. lmao

No. 768546

File: 1547953722827.jpg (538.12 KB, 1536x2048, DxLECHpU0AErZjg.jpg)

No. 768581

how very manly

No. 768623

What's going on with her face?

No. 768698

Is this ddlg

No. 769144

File: 1548055146024.png (3.73 MB, 1920x1080, Ferris_Anime.png)

Did she seriously name herself after the trap character from sword art online

No. 769157

>Sword art online
He's from Re:zero

No. 769180

fuck lmao I even got that image from his wiki page and my mind still conflated the two. isekai game too weak.

No. 769261

File: 1548083039886.jpg (285.18 KB, 1199x889, Screenshot_20190121-160020_Twi…)

She says she didn't, but I doubt it. Changed her name in 2018 and was "debs" until then.

No. 769290

File: 1548088338580.png (34.49 KB, 603x158, download.png)

Always a classic: Ferris claiming that treating her the way she wants to be treated is nowhere near enough, and that nothing less than a complete and total invasion of other's privacy via actual mindreading can set her at ease.

No. 769309

These fakebois always say shit like this. I've seen a girl that claimed to be nonbinary with pronouns she/they, but doesn't like "she" if the people saying it are assuming she's cis. I even saw a lot of them say that if you're friends with them you can use she, otherwise you have to use they or he. It's just some weird way of making a special club that excludes ~boring cis people~.

No. 769311

Unspoken dissention is literal murder and the evil terfs are literally murdering trannies with their minds alone. pls donate so tranny can order pizza, cis scum

No. 769427

Anyone have any milk on sunny godinthreepersons/godin3persons/iratzeah on instagram?

No. 769465

Does… she really believe anyone at all would really believe she's a guy? Of course they're all paying lip service.

No. 769623

File: 1548119323429.png (1.03 MB, 1440x2784, Screenshot_2019-01-21-19-06-26…)

KEK, look who I found in a Facebook ad. Just today I found Wen, Zellfae's fakeboi partner in a different Facebook ad. No way it's coincidence.

No. 770458

Actually looks like a man. Just an avant garde drag queen. Any proof it's a fakeboi?
In unshopped pics looks super femme. Also, all colabs also done with people who have "MALE" in their bios and look femme on unshopped pics. If you're a trans guy, putting your pronouns or MALE in bio will make you seem super NOT LIKE a man. But Kaoru is defo a fakeboi,she enhances female aspects of her body. Some people posted here might be trans men, but defo not her lmao.

No. 770484

File: 1548263421273.jpg (392.61 KB, 1080x1353, IMG_20190123_180953.jpg)

No. 770513

File: 1548267166004.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1242x1708, 336323C6-CDAF-4458-BD04-48E378…)

What kind of day-to-day makeup is this? She wonders why people look at her mockingly and yet she does this shit.

No. 770519

she's been this way even before the fakeboi phase. it kind of sticks with me that she's as old as she is now and is on this fakeboi kick among 18-20 year olds.

No. 770660

I used to follow and even like Tabby some years ago when I was still into Decora and stuff, and I mean if she likes the way she looks rn (which is unimaginable to me but okay), fine… but she is def not trans I mean she just looks like a bearded girl?
She used to look cute in 2016 or sth and now she looks like a 40+ sexual predator
+ even if she was an actual man, that beard would look terrible (same goes for >>770484)

No. 771242

File: 1548362376452.jpeg (1.47 MB, 1242x1845, 9AE35C1A-5FDB-403E-AF75-1DB909…)


even when she’s not pretending to be a boy, she has to have a special tagline next to her name that makes her ~unique~

No. 771299

I’m not sure where her idea that to put on makeup is tricking her mom is coming from? If she had dysphoria she could have dressed in something baggy and not done what she thinks is makeup that’s “more feminine” than the shit she’s already doing.

The only thing she’s doing is not dressing with clown makeup

No. 771711

a "normal lady" doesn't have to wear makeup. kek this girl's delusional.

No. 771863

File: 1548469308499.png (Spoiler Image,497.09 KB, 617x533, fakeboi1.PNG)

>p.s. if you're gunna be rude and say trans boys cant show their breasts and body without being ashamed of it then just leave you're not wanted here these are for my boyfriend NOT FOR YOU

No. 771918

Good thing she's a trans man because she's shaped like a chubby guy with udder tits

No. 771933

>these are for my boyfriend NOT FOR YOU
>posts nudes publicly to be fawned over by orbiters

No. 771935

And people didn’t believe me when I said fakebois wanted to be anime traps

No. 771998

File: 1548488424210.jpg (85.21 KB, 750x1334, IMG_20190126_083454.jpg)

Back to LA and out of the weeb dream

No. 771999

File: 1548488454818.jpg (303.6 KB, 1199x933, Screenshot_20190126-083807_Twi…)

No. 772006

Japan is a worse trashfire but I guess a banana tourist could never understand that or care.

No. 772029

How people can type like this about sexual stuff without feeling grossed out and thinking of their actual parent is beyond me.

No. 772053

Ignoring the daily humiliation regular women endure because it's inconvenient for them is the mark of a true tranny.

No. 772055

I don't want to further a misogynistic stereotype but I think at least in some cases it really actually is "daddy issues" - in that their father wasn't a part of their life growing up, so there is no parent to think about.

No. 772218

Wait, lolita is great for her? How? It’s hyper feminine to the max! This girl is delusional!

No. 772979

But being hyper feminine to the max will make her gender-nonconforming, remember?

No. 774256

File: 1549058600672.jpg (Spoiler Image,99.74 KB, 675x1200, C7QzgVW.jpg)

dysphoric trans boy btw

No. 774260

Is that Borat Link cosplay

No. 774276

File: 1549063308143.png (81.18 KB, 1019x370, somanly.png)

From the photoshop thread. This chick is a wonderful mix of horrible photoshop, weeby goodness, and of course bullshit gender cluster fuck. It's kinda sad cause she used to be a normal kinda butch chick that was kind of cute, but ever since getting into cosplay and transtrending has turned into an attention seeking shoop addict.

No. 774291


anyone who wants to be called he/they is usually a huge attention whore. any of these oxymoron "nonbinary transboy" fucks have the most milk!

No. 774298

File: 1549066761387.png (247.32 KB, 500x741, tumblr_omcvhms0sq1tir2ddo1_500…)

I sure hope it isn't. I wish the fakebois would stop trying to rub their grubby little mits all over Link. I've already seen some retarded fanart where Link has those huge exaggerated top scars. It's like they can't relate to a character unless they project their insane gender cult onto it.

As an aside, Tumblrinas clearly have no idea how mastectomies work. The kind where a huge incision is made on the bottom of the breast is really invasive and not very common anymore. Most doctors do a keyhole or periareolar incision. I'm convinced that people started drawing those huge scars for fetishtistic reasons, and then fakebois who don't understand science just started assuming that it was the norm.

They're just turning Link into a fakeboi because they're fujoshi who think he's a "hawt trap" and want to validate their delusion that people with vaginas can be "kawaii yaoi traps".

No. 774299

What are you talking about? Peri-Areolar and Keyhole surgeries aren't possible for patients that have bigger than an AA cup and next to no excess skin on their chests, only around 5% of all top surgery is done that way. The double incision type is still used almost always unless the candidate lucked out and has a moob chest that allows keyhole. Most patients end up with huge, ugly scars across their chests.

However the scars are definitely being fetishized within the troons and seen as an ~aesthetic~ similar to tattoos and ear gauging though which is sick, the whole procedure is painful, irreversible and like every other surgery, life-threatening. But unlike surgeries you actually need to become healthy again, completely useless. I've honest to god seen fakebois talk about the scars like it was a cool new tattoo.

The reason why Link is such a popular target is just because he's cute and pretty despite being male, which ~obviously~ means he's a transboi

No. 774306

File: 1549069296617.png (6.34 MB, 1125x2001, FE81202C-AE64-4BE4-BAB8-951A63…)


!!! How can you dispute the bravery of young woman like this man

No. 774307

File: 1549069388644.jpeg (781.9 KB, 1125x1745, C44FD805-243C-4487-BFFB-C75ED8…)

No. 774310

File: 1549069758317.gif (566.57 KB, 295x207, 1515562508873.gif)

>those nails

No. 774311


Oh sorry, this is a fake boy thread my mistake

No. 774315

>>goes by Ryan
>>has a mustache, body hair and a buzz cut
>>posts shirtless pictures showing off obvious male anatomy
>>wants to be called "she or her"
This guy needs to fuck right off

No. 774316

Fuck this guys pathetic. Do these people not realize they are essentially mocking their "preferred" gender? Silly me what do I mean, of course they don't, all that matters is attention, sympathy, oppression brownie points and asspats.

No. 774323

Fair enough. But even on C or larger women, it's common for the incision to be in the underarm area. Tumblr is obsessed with the large, cartoon-y under-breast scars to an almost fetishistic degree.

Also, most trans men go on HRT for a while before top surgery, which often reduces the breasts to a size for which less invasive surgery is possible.

Like you said they pretty much view it as both a body mod and a badge of "speshulness".

No. 774368

What are you guys talking about? Mastectomy leaves very obvious scarring and a lot of women have trouble coping when they go through the horror of breast cancer/find out they have the inherited mutated genes. That’s why a lot of people reach out to survivors to offer free tattoos etc.

Clearly there’s an issue with tumblr kids fetishization of making their yaoi headcanons fit into their further weird imagery so they can self insert into anime worlds, but just confused by everyone being all “huge ugly scars” or “minimal scarring options are more available now” because both statements disregard that this operation has lost association with the women it was originally meant to help and is getting completely stigmatized when it’s already so traumatic.

I doubt anybody looking to cope would stumble upon this board or anything similar so it’s most likely a non-issue but let’s not erase women from this surgery and associate it with transpeople.

No. 774379


I tried to take him to task on his bullshit. I got TERF’d and blocked. He forgot to delete all this old posts when he merely a basic woman hating gayboy, “reading” young fat “poorly dressed” woman. Far from the utter phoney persona he’s adoptions for art college. I was half thinking of cataloging his old posts -now deleted- which would be at odds with his new phoney persona and the crowd that push it and sending it out to them all.

No. 774380


He’s the worst kind of transtrender. Being gay didn’t cut it when he went to college and bored with being the most middle of the road gayboy adopted the most attention-seeking, deliberately nonsensical identify who thrives off feigned offense and the world not having space for his misunderstood identity which he demands everyone understand accept and attend to. Vile.

No. 774385

I think anon is confusing masectomies with breast implants.

No. 774386

This anon is correct. It's possible to have breast implants via the underarm so you could probably remove tissue too. A lot of these trans men had A cups to start with, the giant scars are unnecessary and obviously won't help with dysphoria but have been fetishized at this point. Usually older women get masectomies so they are not considered in all the fetishized scarring, since the root of a lot of this is sexuality

No. 774410

> because both statements disregard that this operation has lost association with the women it was originally meant to help and is getting completely stigmatized when it’s already so traumatic.
There's a difference between the techniques used in FTM double mastectomy and breast cancer double mastectomy, the other is plastic surgery with an emphasis on aesthetics, the other is removing whatever cancer tissue there is. A breast cancer double mastectomy makes an incision right in the middle of the breast and removes the nipple completely. FTM double incision cuts under the breasts and thus leaves the nipple intact. They're two completely different surgeries, you really can't compare the results or intentions of the two types.

No. 774439

File: 1549113024839.png (563.29 KB, 815x581, 0889.png)

Feel like this guy is trying to be like Elai Menai except with less talent, no originality and double the attention seeking cringe. Elai might not be for everyone but at least he doesn't prance around labelling himself as "super fem nonbinary space fairy she/they" nonsense. He goes by he and that's that.

No. 774546

maybe nitpick, but some early-stage breast cancer patients actually do get the latter technique, they call it "hidden scar mastectomy" because the incisions are covered by the breasts after reconstruction. it's a relatively new thing but it's getting more popular for both preventative and aesthetic reasons

No. 774621

File: 1549155792733.gif (9.3 MB, 667x417, 6vs32vp46nky.gif)

To be fair, while Links have always been feminine, BOTW Link has a ridiculous hip to shoulder ratio. Him being shorter than everything else in that game doesn't help. I can see where they get it from even if it's stupid. Wish they would just make a female Link playable instead of this half-assed shit.

No. 774665

Just a reminder that this thread is for fakeboi / FtMs, not the usual male to female.

No. 774685

this mra chick spontaneously decided to start going "undercover" as an asian man… oh yeah, you're real undercover with that shitty excuse for a male voice lmao

No. 774692

oof that male persona made me cringe so hard I think I ruptured my spleen

No. 774718

File: 1549183190808.jpg (98.98 KB, 1185x269, Screenshot_20190203-093627_Twi…)

Ha, I remembered this post when I saw this. Muh problematic faves hypocrisy.

No. 775017

No anon, you are both wrong. When you have boobs on the bigger side, you don't just have excess breast tissue, you have excess SKIN that will hang as a floppy pouch after the tissue has been removed. That skin is the reason for most top surgery scars being two long'ish horizontal lines.

No. 775148

File: 1549335198771.png (169.13 KB, 620x865, 521543.png)

Funny how quickly they turn on each other.

No. 775175

How was that even transphobic in the slightest? All buck said is that there is a difference between transgender and transsexual. It isn’t even truscum, let a lot transphobic.

No. 775182

File: 1549340816863.jpg (699.64 KB, 1080x1797, Screenshot_20190204-232439_Ins…)

…but what does capitalism have to do with trying to be a boy?

No. 775183

I feel so embarrassed that teens and early 20 somethings are growing up like this. wtf

No. 775188

>mold of an adult, of a man
>is literally wearing plastic kids toys as a necklace
can we bring back what not to wear, but for fakebois?

No. 775197

File: 1549343447003.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1242x1868, FFA1DEDB-DF41-47C2-A73F-A4C8B5…)

this one is pretty cringe. obviously a girl, a hambeat, and a fakeboi.

No. 775224


….the absolute state of it all….doesn't anyone have a life anymore? a brain? dignity?

No. 775231

Makes me grateful my past self and peers were mere emo/scene kids. It could have been so much worse.

No. 775308

anyone here remember/heard of ciel star fakeboi with a voice acting youtube channel named herself after ciel phantomhive the cute shota she liked to rp as

No. 775309

File: 1549380504685.jpg (14.33 KB, 236x314, c1c61d0e76560b8fcf15f06daf14ac…)

pic of her

No. 775465

saw people absolutely flipping their shit about how that tweet was "invalidating" them even though it was literally about buck's preference and nothing else, these people are insecure as fuck

No. 775923

Hi, I’m sorry i don’t know how to use this website but I have some info on “ciel”/daniel biancardi recently there’s a warrant out for her arrest for having sex with a 12 year old. she seems to have totally deleted her internet presence and gotten away with it without any backlash. still has fan pages and everything with an alarmingly young fan base.

No. 775927

do you have any proof (photos/links to a document) that you can provide? this is very interesting since she openly was into ciel phantomhive in a very shotacon context.

No. 775934

Hey anon, if you're still there, could you post some screenshots? I'm super interested as well

No. 775935

File: 1549579134805.jpeg (327.03 KB, 744x713, 47F20550-0E40-4E1A-BDE2-2595AB…)

hey, so I have this screencap that the victim sent me because we were mutual friends on Facebook. I have further info from our conversation, but I don’t want to out myself. I have the date the charges were filed and the type of charges, but they must be under a different name because I can’t find them.. I know they were filed in New York. I know over the years she’s gone by Ike, Kenny, and Ciel. Also on the same day the charges were filed she posted a patreon message that said “Bad News” but I’m not a donater, so I can’t read what it says.This all happened when she was big in the South Park fandom. there’s still videos of her on youtube from that time, and also I know she had some drama in the Homestuck fandom where she was accused of abuse of an ex but I don’t think anything ever came of it.

No. 776079

Oh, shit. I remember her from her southpark cosplay youtube channel from around 11 years ago. She would make videos on their with her girlfriend at the time dressed like Stan and Kyle kissing and other weird things like that. Her girlfriend became a popular Homestuck cosplayer on tumblr. They went by something like mortison. I remember stumbling across her online after a couple of years and being disturbed at how little she seemed to have matured. Her being a pedo is disgusting but not surprising since it's evident she has an obsession with little boys.

No. 776084

Yes! i really wish I would’ve documented her shit better because before she purged and deleted her facebook she had some of the wildest stuff posted.. she said she got a head injury and afterwards like Really Believed she was Ciel Phantomhive and that’s how the black butler voice acting came about. I also remember she had a viral video on tumblr proposing to her ex in homestuck cosplay.. grey paint and all.. so cringey.

No. 776085


Check archive.today and the Wayback Machine. Someone may have archived her pages.

No. 776099

File: 1549609789042.png (144.97 KB, 297x375, Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at 11.0…)

I found an old screencap in reference to the head injury. i am continuing to look for more stuff..

No. 776103


Did you look up her Facebook account and other pages on archive.today and WM?

No. 776104

I'm trying, but its hard because i have no url because everything is gone. i found that old screencap on my phone, and im also going through my facebook messages. i found our chat, but her account is deactivated so i cant prove its her, but theres some weird stuff there as well. I'm still trying on the WM

No. 776114

File: 1549614037424.png (654.25 KB, 1087x633, Screen Shot 2019-02-08 at 12.1…)

No luck on the facebook but i found some old tumblr accounts.

No. 776115

File: 1549614084167.png (379.56 KB, 1088x629, Screen Shot 2019-02-08 at 12.1…)

Just cringey not really any milk

No. 776116

File: 1549614122122.png (293.04 KB, 1042x621, Screen Shot 2019-02-08 at 12.1…)

No. 776117

File: 1549614396478.png (34.52 KB, 400x482, Screen Shot 2019-02-08 at 12.2…)

Heres some caps about the fiance from our old pms. Apparently they had a miserable relationship but were semi tumblr famous so kept up appearances. These were also messages sent to me when i was underage and she was 19. seems just kind of weird and tmi to send to a kid youre talking to online.

No. 776322

Is that a PayPal donate button to send her money? wow subtle begging, classy

No. 776361

"kids are cute I want to kiss them"
just, lol, what a fitting post for someone being accused of pedophilia

No. 776986

File: 1549884185524.jpg (45.08 KB, 1080x377, IMG_20190211_122204.jpg)

Wow… they literally see transition as some cool aesthetic thing.
This is beastmac.tumblr.com, she has a thread here

No. 777456

anyone know anything about that tiktok user zoeisyourhomie? clains to be a cis make ‘trap’ uwu but clearly female with female vouce jawline hands etc

No. 777485

How do you guys usually deal with the ""Gender Euphoria"" rhetoric? There's always a brick wall to be hit when a fakeboi says "It's not hurting anyone", "gatekeeping is bad" and etc. Some of my friends are starting to parrot this type of thing and it's worrying. Word on the streets now is that gender euphoria has the same validity as gender dysphoria.

No. 777490

Would you guys agree there's a general kind of hierarchy as to how cringy or disgusting types of trannies are?

I mean "gay" ftms and "lesbian" mtfs seem a lot more worse and delusional to me, and nonbinarys are a whole other level of attention seeking schizos

To me straight ftms are just confused dykes and straight mtfs are probably confused fags too who could maybe be saved if they haven't mutilated themselves(derailing)

No. 777498

Where did that shit even come from? It seems so recent

No. 777500

File: 1549978034232.png (172.55 KB, 1080x1920, download (1).png)

I guess every girl is a trap now

No. 777566

I don't know, to be honest. But from my understanding it is the opposite of gender dysphoria in a way. If gender dysphoria is being uncomfortable or not fitting in with the sex you were born with, gender euphoria is not necessarily being disconnected from your sex, but feeling much better in another gender identity. It's a very complicated way of saying "Gender is a feeling, and i am X gender because i say so!" "Wanting to be a different gender is already enough!", etc etc. But that's the only way I've been able to understand it so far… It's sooo confusing.

No. 777615

File: 1550002022230.png (3 MB, 1440x2044, Screenshot_2019-02-12-12-03-52…)

ebeggar that calls themselves a "boi" and "man." Truly oozing with masculinity

No. 777631

Is this some kind of weird reverse psychology thing for girls who are insecure about their femininity (or lack thereof)?

I've noticed a lot of fakebois who try to be feminine often have very masculine faces and bodies, do they think calling themselves a boy while trying to be feminine will some how highlight what little femininity they have?

No. 777656

Yeah absolutely. They tend to be the boyish girls who don't get much male attention, or have male interests, or a masculine appearance. Obviously if you aren't a hyper feminine bimbo cheerleader type you aren't female. They can't be the princess they secretly long to be so they need to find attention in other ways. It's depressing that this is considered progressive

No. 777657

OT but seeing this cute gif was a nice palette cleanser after scrolling through all those selfies of ugly girls with peach fuzz and dangerhair.

Anyway iirc someone on the design team for LoZ mentioned that they wanted to make Link look slightly feminine so he'd be easier for female gamers to relate to. He's not androgynous because "OMG he's trans', he's androgynous because it improves his mass market appeal.

No. 777658

was just scrolling past this and, while i'm not a fakeboy, this really did hit me right in the feelings, ow

No. 777696

http://vm.tiktok.com/e64o5E/ obviously male …. totally not a female… just a male without a dick, breasts, curves.

No. 777742

File: 1550032841501.png (2.12 MB, 948x1188, Screen Shot 2019-02-12 at 8.39…)

met this kid through the local cosplay community, used to be semi-close with her but found out she'd been dating a 15 year old (she's twenty) for the last three years. she's super hardcore into the ~* drugs are kawaii uwu *~ aesthetic and makes her own fursuits. a 'selfshipper' (someone who ships themself with fictional characters). wasted twenty minutes to find her side blog. sadly she unlinked or deleted her 'kink' tumblr where she posted a lot of rick and morty vomit porn. she hasn't started t yet but is trying to which sucks because she's a super cute lesbian ):

No. 777752

>she hasn't started t yet but is trying to which sucks because she's a super cute lesbian ):
Sounds like she did you a favor and forced you to dodge a bullet.

No. 777771

you're more disappointed by their transitioning than by the fact that they're a furry degenerate who's dating a child? Wew lad those priorities

No. 777785

she started dating a 12yo when she was 17?? what the fuck where are her parents

No. 777791

Does anyone here knows any or anecdotals straight/bi men who date fakebois? Especially the ones that are in committed relationship?

How does that really work out? I don't really get it. Do they see them as 'real gay boi'?

No. 777795

most dudes just pump and dump them cause it's an easy lay. i've heard shitty con/weeb PUA shit that says to just blindly accept whatever they say and you'll get them, but i've not heard much about actual relationships. i'm sure it'd be the same thing though.

No. 777799

I just knew some fakeboi who's basically head over heels into a straight guy (in a DnD group) and they ended up in relationship started from just friendship. The fakeboi is actually the one pursuing him so I'm not sure how much PUA shit is involved but it kills my rational logic at the moment.

As much as anything fakeboi/troon related kills my logic.

No. 777820

Is she on hormones/does she actually try to pass as male? I'm sure some desperate straight guys would be ok with dating a fakeboi.

No. 777835

Not on hormones, no. Looks like short haired girl in streetwear on daily basis but sometimes will dress 'in drag'.

Wanting to be drag queen.. like any fakeboi here.

No. 777957

File: 1550096889056.jpeg (479.46 KB, 750x1334, E8420CFB-5364-4C35-AE1A-D9588E…)

I’m like 90% sure this cosplayer is a fakeboi, they play up the whole “anime trap” thing way too much and not only that their voice is way too high for a 17 year old male and they just look way too feminine, I’ll post a few more pictures of them.

No. 777958

File: 1550096937607.jpeg (569.09 KB, 750x1334, 5A9F109D-9561-4B18-BE0D-321E2A…)

No. 777959

File: 1550097068654.jpeg (681.94 KB, 750x1334, 92256C7C-383F-48D4-A8D6-4AEC10…)

No. 777966

If it looks like a duck, smells like a duck and quack like a duck. What is it?

No. 777974

When she's not cosplaying she's trying to look like a kpop boy. Gurl, you can't be a yaoi uke trap irl, stop reading manga.

No. 778033

File: 1550114395681.jpeg (20.75 KB, 250x248, DACA4859-A88B-469A-B3B0-6BFE35…)

Why do the eyelids look taped to fake monolids

No. 778040

>asking for donations so they can go to a con

These people really are all the same huh?
Just a bunch of e-begging weebs
get a job ffs

No. 778115

File: 1550146307009.jpeg (160.77 KB, 750x1189, 671077ED-7B26-4164-A7B0-075E34…)

Found one of their older accounts, they definitely look more white. Also if you look in their tagged photos you can see screenshots of their account where they just claimed to be American and German but iirc they recently claimed to also be part Korean and Chinese

No. 778134

Gross, that's some multi-level delusional fantasy shit.

No. 778527

These look like two different people sharing a similar username.

No. 778606

Please say you’re being sarcastic anon !

No. 778636

File: 1550281368093.jpeg (136.93 KB, 750x529, 81513163-741D-4306-AF80-E87CF8…)

I checked, it’s the same person…

No. 778672

File: 1550289358295.png (2.06 MB, 1361x2141, Screenshot_2019-02-15-21-12-15…)

Why do these fakebois go to these Facebook groups meant for posting heartfelt and cute things for validation?

No. 778674

This girl posted a response video to gothfruits who identifies as a non binary male but presents entirely as female. It seems very well researched and thought out(https://lolcow.farm/info)

No. 778753

girl you're embarrassing, get a life instead of making "well researched" videos about attention seeking girls

No. 778777

She's too pretty to be seen as a boy, that's not people cruelly misgendering her

No. 778901

>girl(no contribution)

No. 779005

Good to see the old pose where a boy sticks his tongue out to the side, it's definitely the most masculine thing that guys totally do

No. 779419

File: 1550568837702.png (4.07 MB, 1440x2323, Screenshot_2019-02-19-03-32-39…)


No. 779449

Mahou prince is STILL around, doing that same ugly ass decora bullshit?

No. 779450

She's actually a really nice person imo, if she stopped the fakeboi-bullshit I'd be cool with her

No. 779485

Most of these people don't really seem to wanna transition, more like they want an excuse to never grow up. Colored hair and pig tails? Not even grown arse women wear that. Makes sense since all these people keep boasting about how "young" they look

No. 780123

They get really into anime and specifically anime about boys so they decide to become boys just like their animes. Getting on T actually turns you into a (kinda) man though so that's a no-no. They want eternal youth like you said.
The difference between these girls and troons is that troons usually don't start doing it until their 20s and also tend to at least have some education or skills.
These girls are, just like a lot of girls who grew up online, pathetic NEETs. They have never had a job and never will, and instead they spend all their time trying to get E-famous so they can leech money from people.

No. 780153

My friend who's a gay guy does this a lot. No, she doesn't look anywhere near masculine.

No. 781166

File: 1551134208406.png (177.16 KB, 618x500, 20181231_052005.thumb.png.ed8e…)

fakeboi rin/gothfruits is currently under fire because it was revealed that 2 years ago she was dating a rapist & told 2 of his rape victims (who were her close friends at this point) that they were liars and even made one of them attempt suicide from her bullying. YIKES

more detail here: https://prettyuglylittleliar.net/topic/10853-rin-gothfruits/?page=37#comment-437897

No. 781216

Holy shit that tweet and all those likes, does Rin actually think she sounds intelligent? "It's your fault your drunk friend got raped, not the rapist's."

No. 781426

File: 1551228437433.jpeg (16.68 KB, 225x225, 6D8D249A-EBD8-4298-BB89-657160…)

Holy shit this is so fucked up.
Game over for her in the community she decided to be apart of if she can't get this to blow over with either not acknowledging it or a boo hoo apology. Unlucky for her to be in the middle of trying to be a nonbinary icon to have this in her recent past.

She won't fully recover from that misstep but if she, ”Waa he abused me and manipulated me into believing him ~” that's her only leverage here where she might save some face.

No. 782018

File: 1551411783173.png (435.81 KB, 597x495, Capture.PNG)

not sure if this has been done yet, but is this person a fakeboi? claims to be male (hence the he/him) and uploaded a photo of btow link cosplay, but i can't tell..


No. 782067

Is this a self post? Sometimes I wonder if anons ITT have ever even seen biological men when they think people like this look so male they can't tell if they're faking it.

No. 782212

File: 1551461792777.png (893.2 KB, 921x600, Capture.PNG)


This has just dropped in the news, can't help but feel bad for her. Has had top surgery but clearly is in the fakeboi camp - but has now decided she's an agender alien…

No. 782234

What, no more market for Crystal/Indigo children?

No. 782236

I’d vote yes, I think some fakebois post themselves if their role models with more followers get posted so they can hopefully be seen or reach out to them.

“Omg they’re posting about us here !!”

Also the constant addiction to being “invalidated” so they can virtue signal.

No. 782277

>can only see a hand, a shoulder, and an obscured face
>can still tell it's a girl

No. 782279

Oh gee

That's bad. Gotta look twice at all those virtue signalers on Twitter

No. 782324

Question, did Zell name herself after the male deer villager from Animal Crossing? She seems like someone who would do something like that.

No. 785625

File: 1552352540776.png (1.2 MB, 1916x1080, 4ggnvdsxy3l21.png)

found this being shared on on some Pro-Trans subreddits
any idea what this is referencing cause I can't figure it out ?

No. 785627

it’s making fun of men who date trans men but don’t consider themselves gay or bi, therefor they don’t see their partners as a real men.

No. 785639

It seems super specific though

No. 785640

after looking into her i reckon rin has enough milk for her own thread. Should I make one? I might make one.
she has a truly rotten attitude and no one here has mentioned how she begs for money

No. 785643

Maybe. I think it's just in the vein of those 'starter pack' memes. some of which can come across as really specific. who knows, the OP could have had someone in mind.

No. 785644

I'd be down for a Rin thread.

No. 785653

there is already a thread in snow!

No. 785661

oh shit there is. There's barely any posts in it though. >>785640 you should post whatever milk you have in that thread.

No. 785835

No. 785965

"radfem trans"(straight girl) lecturing terfs on transphobia

No. 786681

File: 1552598634894.jpg (308.34 KB, 1081x1254, 19-03-14-15-19-40-824_deco.jpg)

Looks like we got a shoutout from bigbucky (ruitzk is her url now). I looked and no one mentioned her for over a year so it's obvious she went through the old threads just to find herself. Of course she went ahead and deleted all of her bitching about lolcow.

No. 786705

This is pretty funny because it was all self posts

No. 787284

Idk girl you seem like every other Tumblr fujoshi to me, but it's ok you're only 18, hopefully you'll grow up.

No. 787876

File: 1552901946366.png (52.89 KB, 720x300, 20190318_103204.png)

I can't wait until she finds a doctor who's unethical and money-hungry enough to cut off her tits because at least then she'd experience REAL dysphoria.

No. 787878

Harsh, why would you wish this crap on any of these girls, it's gross that these seedy doctors are taking advantage of their insanity.

No. 787924

File: 1552924467028.png (555.19 KB, 1208x1194, 4e2799de-7c6a-44ed-9673-2ed4ab…)

I'm not a transmed myself I just thought this was funny

No. 787925

File: 1552924522099.png (377.98 KB, 1210x1196, 5bbf49fb-ac51-414f-a16e-e1c797…)

I wanted to save the best part for.last

No. 787993

File: 1552946210720.png (74.15 KB, 886x395, Screenshot_2019-03-17-08-04-43…)

saw this yesterday and wondered how you could fuck up your life that badly
wow a transman and a literal snowflake girl

No. 788008

>saw this yesterday and wondered how you could fuck up your life that badly
It's not uncommon; being non-cis is trendy among youths, the trans community encourages people to transition and largely sweeps the negative side effects under the rug/shuns detransitioners, health professionals have to affirm transpeoples' identities lest they be accused of conversion therapy, and even 'light' transitioning like binders can fuck up your body. In a decade there's going to be a large group of people who've done irreparable harm to their bodies because they somehow came under the impression that transitioning would make them unique, correct their body dysmorphia, or solve their problems. Even people with legit gender dysphoria sometimes end up regretting it (though due to the nature of the trans lobby, collecting statistics on detransitioners or people who otherwise regret their transition is off-limits for now). Everyone posted ITT who isn't a total histrionic nutter is going to regret altering their bodies or trying to become something that they are not.

the /r/detrans subreddit has some interesting takes on this matter.

No. 788174

She said she thought she was a man because she liked videogames. She's not even a typical tomboy. Does she have autism?

No. 788178

File: 1553006001988.png (81.79 KB, 1080x638, Screenshot_2019-03-18-22-20-16…)

found this gem while trying to find an article about bi men
i dont fucking see why this was even relevant to add in the first place
not sure if youre refferring to a tweet she previously posted or not

No. 788382

all i see are two girls

No. 788888

>identifies as a trans man but lives completely as a girl

No. 788924

File: 1553188754112.png (1.29 MB, 1440x1560, Screenshot_2019-03-21-12-15-47…)

I swear to God why do they want to be so unique. She's just a regular cosplayer who cosplays men too, it's not that deep.

No. 788932

I'm so tired of this nonbinary trend. When will these people grow the fuck up

No. 788934

I don't really understand your problem with this video lol

No. 789343

because they're annoying as shit

No. 789392

what about lars @chaoticthemme, kalvin and blaire have both made videos about her and she's quite the cow

No. 789411

File: 1553346436514.jpg (Spoiler Image,349.7 KB, 1080x1868, IMG_20190323_131402.jpg)


No. 789414

She really called in someone to take a photo just because she realised she could sit on a chair, huh

No. 789416

there’s this thing called a self timer.

No. 789420

Setting up a phone while she's covered in water and soap sounds like a recipe for disaster

No. 789422

can you sage your shit. this isn’t PULL.

No. 789613

lars and jasmine are infamous in the melbourne lgbt scene for being pricks, jasmine (lars' fiance) raped/assaulted women and then blamed the backlash on transmisogyny
their house burnt down and they started a gofundme for themselves and not their housemates, who lost more in the fire, and then spent the gofundme on docs and birkenstocks and other luxury items. constantly whine about a low uber rating because theyre gnc and disabled despite having two giant dogs they bring in the uber with them
oh and also said that someone in their polycule got lice so now they all have lice too

No. 789705

File: 1553440606369.jpeg (895.07 KB, 1084x1522, 9956E34A-F423-4085-9263-7B89E5…)

thought this was a fakeboi

No. 789715

I saw this on twitter and had the same thought! I still can't tell if they are a boy or girl. Scrolling on their insta page makes me think they are a girl

No. 789738

Thats obviously a girl

No. 789772

idk i see a proper adam's apple

No. 789794

women can have slightly visible adam's apples like that

No. 789826

yup 100% she's a girl, I used to follow her on insta years ago for her art. I had totally forgotten about her wow. She presented more androgynous back then, now she looks very feminine.

No. 789921

it's so funny that they made this post like "oh no i'm a female that's following strict gender norms look how edgy i am" i doubt this convo actually happened at all

No. 790011

nah I'm sure it happened but it was more like "you're so feminine, how can you be a boy?" but she twisted it so people validate her

No. 790506

Zell's testosterone progress. Showing off how her voice is cracking now. Jesus Christ…

No. 790586

Does she ever make actual talking videos? I feel like she's lying

No. 790587

ok she actually does and sounds completely female https://twitter.com/ZellFae/status/1105565929813893120?s=19

No. 791754

How is she not conforming with being female when she's got long hair, tits out, plucked eyebrows and girly jewelry

No. 791774

I doubt she's actually taking T, her voice would've been more scratchy by now. I can't believe people are falling for her shit, she's just lowering her voice manually.

No. 792375

ascher lucas really made an insta post begging for emoney so he could “buy testosterone” and then bought new shoes and makeup. people really still give money to this idiot?

No. 792409

She can't afford testosterone, which isn't that expensive, but she can afford cosplays and starbucks and makeup?
At least the ones ebegging for surgeries actually can't afford them but this is just blatant lying.

No. 792629

Because tits are still tits. There is a major difference between a female frame with small boobs and an actual flat male chest. Maybe it's because of the desire to have an actual masculine chest when topless or just the feeling of having a smooth flat surface and never having to wear bras again (cause yes, as a fellow a-cup, let me tell you we still need bras when playing sports).

That said, even if it might look like a waste of nice tits, if this person really is a transgender man then by all means it's good that he is actually willing to transition. Most of these fakebois/transtrenders would never dare to do stuff like this, because deep down they know they actually want to remain being female and keep their boobs. Which is silly because that just makes you genderfluid at the most.

No. 792668

File: 1554118867840.jpg (77.61 KB, 598x644, fuckurgendernormsuwu.JPG)

And of course all the Aydens and Skylars and Chases and Brookes use TDOV to flash their ~non binary tits! fuck ur norms uwu~ and bitch about how much they're masculine males.

I get being feminine. I get being a femboy. Cis or trans, either way, I get that, I respect that, I like that.
But downright being a cis female flashing your tits and having no dysphoria and crying you're oh so trans and oh so oppressed? It just ain't it, and this shit riles me up more and more by the day.

No. 792670

File: 1554119364101.jpg (33.78 KB, 398x531, D2_2RRXWwAAQdCD.jpg)


No. 792671

File: 1554119394500.jpg (50.08 KB, 578x531, yaaaaaaaaas queeeeeeeen.JPG)

No. 792675

Isnt this exactly what Tabby does too? Cant afford such but buys stupid ass weeb brand.

No. 792676

This, I doubt if she didn't have top surgery, will she be able to go topless without people losing their minds

No. 792686

File: 1554128547039.png (1.47 MB, 1440x1506, Screenshot_2019-04-01-09-21-45…)

This fujo thinks she's a bear…

No. 792690

File: 1554129070983.jpg (Spoiler Image,17.35 KB, 236x354, actualbear.jpg)

Truly the burliest bear I have ever seen.

No. 792870

way to make it obvious that you're just a yaoi fetishist

No. 792877

>Diverse character design
>Bunch of white or slightly tanned anime character drawings

No. 792895

>I get being feminine. I get being a femboy. Cis or trans, either way, I get that

anon i hope you realize the "femboy" term doesn't include ftms. it's literally meant for people with male bodies.

saged for obvious reasons

No. 792918

Should have said "hi my name is jake and i wuv stealing from gays and making a mockery of their terms and culture"

I bet this dumb bitch has the nerve to complain about appropriation too

No. 793918

File: 1554225742732.jpeg (837.91 KB, 1125x1514, 73A15605-EF14-4E12-9C26-0B444F…)

lars took to her finsta to try and cover jasmine’s ass!

it’s all fine now, because of reparation $$$ and giving marginalized people a free chance to “learn and grow from mistakes”

No. 794215

File: 1554305997463.png (637.07 KB, 598x598, 1_saelah.png)

In some pics she can look a bit andro, but next to a dude, it's pretty obvious this is a girl.

No. 794219

Also the fact that she has a male-symbol in her Insta bio is a pretty telling sign that we're dealing with a fake-boi.
(and jeeze, perhaps it's because I'm from a country where humbleness is more the norm… but I can't stand this kind of bragging about ones appearance. Just post the damn pic without so much narcissism!)

No. 794224

Wait… hasn't Ascher worked for Starbucks for a while now? I thought they had pretty good insurance for trans people? Also, Ash smokes a lot of weed, really has a lot of good financial priorities…

No. 794305

Starbucks in the US covers transition surgeries, you're right. They even cover other surgeries that are considered less ”essential” by insurance companies like facial feminization surgery, etc. AL is purely scamming, but that also explains how someone with no money can ”afford Starbucks drinks all the time” to be fair.

No. 794602

God, i hate how every social media nowadays is filled to the brim with these qweer artists that brag about how inclusive their art is. Ooh, you pander to people who start crying the moment they don't see a cartoon show with their exact minority status, you're so progressive! The fuck?

No. 794908

File: 1554457696835.jpeg (110.9 KB, 750x622, 2E1FEE0C-6A99-4315-98D6-151BDE…)

Ascher’s dysphoria is so bad guys we must donate money for a name change! otherwise we might not get…. lewd content….?

No. 794914

File: 1554462385931.png (812.19 KB, 882x546, Capture.PNG)

Has anybody posted about "lars" before? Used to go by chaoticthemme on instagram and recently changed their @ to dontmisgender.me

Seems pretty milky, recent stories have included a lot of shit towards "truscum" for being mean to trenders (she seems to actually identify as a trender?) and she's a total munchie.

Also winner for world's fugliest hairstyle/eyebrow combo

No. 794915

File: 1554462495375.png (657.12 KB, 888x603, Capture.PNG)

No. 794917

File: 1554462761963.png (915.36 KB, 891x582, Capture.PNG)

No. 794942

Pppf nice mullet. This looks like a wig that would come with a hair metal halloween costume.

No. 794951

Oh my god its real name is sebastian or seb they set a house on fire (incl husemates stuff) did a go found me and then fucked everyone there is soooo much milk on this psycho

No. 794954

Details pls

No. 794960


Please spill the milk

Also is this a male or female? I thought female but maybe I'm wrong?

No. 795002

>it’s moderately popular at local Facebook group

>woe me no money

>buys expensive teeth treatment

>woe me fake deep

>starts talking about needing money, always begging for money but buying tattoos and other unnecessary shit

> woe me anarchist punk

> woe me almost being homeless

One person of the group houses it for a bit and helps it with everything from food to clothes etc

>woe me I need more money and help

Person continued helping it until they saw Sebastian had 7k in its bank account

~ cut to spongebob “sometime later” ~

(can’t remember well because I suddenly had a life, but people from the group that hated it started compiling screenshots around a few months later)

Suddenly there’s a thread with 500+ comments

“Seb set the house on fire with a candle”

> woe me homeless go fund me pls help.

> raises a couple of thousands

>suddenly has expensive everything

Housemates lose everything have get nothing from the go found me

No. 795004

File: 1554480647044.jpeg (185.55 KB, 750x1049, A9A4D96D-3282-4E40-B85B-A88F05…)

No. 795008

How Seb used to look (black glasses)

No. 795010

File: 1554481080499.jpeg (187.31 KB, 750x823, 97CF0DFD-62A7-4278-8B23-D195F5…)

No. 795014

File: 1554481354502.jpeg (130.7 KB, 540x960, 95470A63-CD21-4748-9F3F-751BF9…)

No. 795017

File: 1554481888240.jpeg (71.17 KB, 750x332, C2C4EEDF-4470-4DE2-9BBF-1C72E3…)

No. 795018

File: 1554481952164.jpeg (94.38 KB, 750x402, 77678BF2-DB59-4C34-A3EA-45D105…)

No. 795165

File: 1554504827188.png (919.91 KB, 750x1334, FCD4C5C5-4EF0-4C1B-B22B-99EA76…)

so i looked at ascher and they got the full amount for their testosterone story, but now suddenly claim they need more money for new appointments? ok sis. cashgrab much

No. 795263

"kind of ludacris" kek

No. 795328

File: 1554556758447.jpg (77.09 KB, 593x790, notlikeotherfujos.JPG)

>A big gay bear
I sense high amounts of cognitive dissonance within this chick. She also looks like one of those mlm troons who "call out" other fujos for ~fetishizing her~ while larping as a gay man.

Oh look, I was 100% right. What a shock.

No. 795342

>I'm not a fujo, YOU'RE the fujo!
Why do they always do shit like this?
>Calling me a fujo because I'm trans
Literally… she's calling people fujos because they're "straight white" women, what's the difference between what she's doing? Why doesn't she ever think of "calling out" the men who fetishize lesbians? She's definitely a lesbian.

No. 795345

lol who's the "japanese bf"? is he even real?

No. 795346

She has a girlfriend who happens to be half Japanese, >>712050 someone made a post about her in the last thread. She's probably more delusional.

No. 795369

LMFAO this is embarrassingly delusional holy christ. I think there's a certain new level of being fucked up when you change your name to a video game character's, copy their tattoo and name your cats after the characters. And these are the people who are shaming other fujos for fetishizing?

Also loving the "I'm Japanese!!!" larp when she admits she doesn't even speak the language or live there. What did she and her "big gay bear" girlfriend say about fetishization again?

No. 795478

File: 1554596936233.jpeg (851.04 KB, 1242x1055, A49E2200-DB06-4E04-B2FA-5E4BD5…)

b-b-but it’s he/him!!!!!!!!11!

how does oliver think she’ll get away with this fakeboy shit?

No. 795636

File: 1554657759644.png (1.13 MB, 828x853, 1_Criedwolves_1.png)

Hasn't he supposedly been on T for more then 3 years now? He has to be on a really low dose and/or was on it for a period, then quit. He has a small adams apple, somewhat of a voice drop and a little belly hair (never seen a hint of facial hair), but the math for "3 years on T" really doesn't ad up. Not really my bussiness what people put in their bodies, but it seems kind of deceiving to his followers, in a way. And even tho I say "he" and consider my self fairly liberal by lolcow-standards, my brain has a really hard time seeing anything other then a flat chested female, I must admit.

No. 795649




anon don’t feed the troons

No. 795650

what is he even up to lately? Going through his instagram, just realized that's his face I've seen plastered in Sephora a while ago. wtf?

but yeah, he's (been?) on a really low dose - someone confirmed that in previous threads if I recall well

No. 795740

fuck what i wouldnt give to have access to that finsta

No. 796550

File: 1554912885612.png (343.08 KB, 732x519, behold a man.png)

Nothing says "'he/him' pronouns" like wearing female lingerie and makeup and posting hundreds of videos in which you stick things up your cooter.

No. 796609


i swear this is the peak of misogynist world where women hate themselves so much they try to be men, but also STILL degrade themselves as sexual objects for men

No. 796784

File: 1554948689408.jpeg (537.35 KB, 750x1207, F809E371-A8CC-4D5A-BC67-ACFAF8…)

Nothing is more dyke NB technoqueer than an ethereal stock photo presenting femme. She's in a "gay" relationship with a transwoman of course.

No. 796796

truly womens hellworld

No. 796823

I miss when you could tell a fujo "Fuck off, fujo" and they'd just reply calling you a homophobic jerk with no taste, maybe a kys if you're lucky, and return to whatever yaoi pig sty they escaped from, and you could just for the most part ignore their obnoxious community. Now you have to deal with these idiots running around claiming you've misgendered them and sending their hundreds of eager followers against you. They've all got that stereotypical BL artsyle too. But don't tag as yaoi guys, I-I'm not a fujo!

No. 797066

File: 1555005996799.jpg (Spoiler Image,685.63 KB, 1080x1510, IMG_20190411_200429.jpg)

she literally has her pussy out here

No. 797247


every time some tweet gets popular about gross straight fujos fetishizing mlm with yaoi i check the bio of the OP and sure enough: early 20s and Gay Trans Man

"you are what you hate" indeed.

No. 798069

File: 1555313783422.jpg (260.51 KB, 959x1280, tumblr_ok3hycrNuM1uaa0rgo1_128…)

hate this idiot. There should definitely be more of the 3dgy fakies here. Theyre my favorites(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 798102

reminds me of all the larper ftm troons crying when james charles said he want that gay because he liked a trans “man” before. i mean the guy is an asshole but he wasn’t wrong and it was both annoying and funny to see their tears when their reality was shattered.

No. 798103


No. 799408

File: 1555896402676.jpg (7.12 KB, 205x246, downloadefea.jpg)

is it me, or do a lot of annoying kagamine len fangirls grow up to be fakebois?

No. 799410

Totally agree with you. I’m pretty into vocaloid and the Len superfans are usually the most cringey on twitter. What makes len so appealing to fakebois?

No. 799420

len is kinda a gateway to shotacon things. just look at youtube comments from 2010 and compare it to how the fakebois treat len now. no difference between fujoshis in 2010 and fakebois now tbh.

No. 799421

File: 1555902686755.jpg (64.32 KB, 460x920, D4lK9shUIAAgxsQ.jpg)

you guys know zoeisyourhomie? yeah, it's a girl pretending to be a cis guy, in order to get attention. when called out she gave a bullshit excuse on twitter. shes seriously mentally ill.

No. 799422

File: 1555902846907.png (241.12 KB, 643x657, et.png)


No. 799425

File: 1555904582572.png (103.04 KB, 287x509, dwr.PNG)

girl who does fucking shota asmr

No. 799626

>my family is pretty conservative
>they don't care about biological gender

No. 799811

she means they don't care about her "real brain gender" because truscum are idiots

No. 799893

right. i was saying she thinks her brain is male or some shit

No. 799983

how do you know? pretty sure she's pretending she has a dick

No. 800213

File: 1556190802166.jpeg (259.25 KB, 717x1121, B2D65379-4905-43EB-9DD9-FA8652…)

Can someone explain what the heck a non binary LESBIAN is when they refer to themselves as HE/HIM like I always assumed lesbian was for females ya know?

No. 800214

don't think about it too much, they're just trying to be as unique as possible

No. 800217

If you delve into their mystical world you'll be told that he/him lesbians have always existed, much like she/her gay men have. Basically LGBT+ culture is full of people running away from reality.

No. 800223

A he/him lesbian is basically just a fakeboi with enough self-awareness to know that they're not really a man, but not enough to recognize that they still look stupid
Their "proof" is always drag queens and women who lived as men, as if any of that is related to their pronoun autism

No. 800576

File: 1556306389927.jpg (69.37 KB, 550x745, 7d87798bc495d99bb23f500bca34b0…)

>Female voice actress
>Vocaloid is newfag shit
>Cute design
>Looks like his twin sister, the main difference being that he wears shorts
>Is a shota
I think the main basis is just because he's an easily easily digestible (as in that he doesn't have any problematic elements to him unless the song writer wants him to) cute normalfag anime character.

No. 801263

File: 1556577740914.png (72.73 KB, 225x205, lainey.PNG)

whats up with her voice in this video. is she on testosterone? or just ill

No. 801286

Doesnt sound like it, and i highly doubt it

No. 801343

Oh cmon stop reaching. She sounds like always and she's not going on testosterone anytime soon if ever.

No. 801960

File: 1556885393164.jpg (452.33 KB, 2048x2048, 1556752995758.jpg)

What about geheichou/Julia? Looks like they started T

No. 801970

File: 1556895442394.jpeg (146.21 KB, 471x394, 07C63EDA-EB68-4DF7-912D-6CC01A…)

Lainey actually looking decent. Just embrace the fact that you’re a 24 year old mom with a pixie cut, not a boy.

No. 801986

Definitely, actually looks like a guy now and also has a normal male voice. I don't think this is a trender.

No. 802054

too lazy to search for them now but look up her recent candids (from cons, I think PULL has those). She's not on T or is still on low dose, she's just photoshopping more extensively. Her "look" is very inconsistent since she can't decide if she wants to look like a guy or more like a girl for her girly/shota/twinky cosplays.

No. 802056

huh I'm not sure I agree, they are on at least a strong enough dose of T to change their voice

No. 802057

I mean you can hear the voice here, and this is from a year ago. They're definitely on T.

No. 802121

With this I can agree; I remember gehe's ex spilled somewhere that she's on the low dose, so maybe she's taking more now, hence the more noticable changes.
But still for me she's a trender. There's a plenty of fakebois on T, and no one suddenly thinks they're legit because of that sole fact of getting hormones, right? Gehe played the cis twink card for a crazily long time and I believe it all stemmed from fetishization rather than gender dysphoria. She built her whole instafame and career on it. Now she's just too far gone.
But that's just my opinion.

No. 802149

I guess that's true, she's just fetishizing anime twinks, like the opposite of a transbian.
I wonder if she even thought about the future. She can have fun pretending to be a twink now, but being a 30 year old balding man isn't cute, and if she goes back to being a woman her voice is ruined.

No. 802193

I think about that when fakebois get tattoos that say Angel or anything alone those lines. Forty year old 5’3” balding creep with a ”Not You” heart tattoo.

No. 802196

Gehe is clearly on T, he's voice has dropped and facial any hair isn't something you easily get at all (especially not at a young age) if you're on a low dose. How ever he fucked up trying to be stealth before starting on T, pretty idiotic move that was doomed to fail.

No. 802623

File: 1557146571860.png (1.32 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2019-05-06-14-41-51…)

I found this obvious woman that has "male" in her bio and tells people she's just a trap.
Really weird.

No. 802669

She literally has her old pics kissing girls tagged as #lesbian lmao

No. 802800

they pass well as a female, so I don't get why he/she would want to mention they identify as male/born as male? wouldn't that give them body dysmorphia?

No. 802805

She's a TiF, not TiM

No. 802837

she wasn't born male, that's the point of this thread

No. 802845

File: 1557228238646.png (867.77 KB, 597x605, gayboiiiii.png)

UWUUUU why could i possibly feel like a fake ///

No. 802859

Fucking emi. Shes the worst. Her fucking moral high horse rants are hilarious

No. 802860

File: 1557237382084.png (21.72 KB, 599x193, cringe.png)

shit i didnt even notice the discussion upthread, i thought i was the only one following her escapades lol. anyway how can one person be this embarrassing

No. 802863

It's hilarious how only Tumblr girls that fake disorders and fakebois say this shit. I've never seen a real "queer" person say that they feel fake.

No. 808957

File: 1558273659284.png (2.26 MB, 1440x1951, Screenshot_2019-05-19-06-38-33…)

lesbian rin lover but now stra- a gay boi lel

always and only presents feminine

No. 809681

File: 1558390217118.jpg (198.74 KB, 1080x953, IMG_20190521_000940.jpg)

She's literally just trying to be an anime shota lmao, if she actually goes on T she'll regret it so much, does she realize there are more changes than just voice and facial hair? Plus most trans men have a weird voice

No. 809682

File: 1558390503251.jpg (131.11 KB, 1080x630, IMG_20190521_001506.jpg)

Also has no dysphoria

No. 810874

seeking to be a real life yaoi shota boy i see

> cool baby anime boy voice


No. 811767

File: 1558645086416.png (509.22 KB, 882x707, grtdfe.PNG)

<growls in disgust>

it's so fucking obvious this is a woman(growls in disgust)

No. 811887

File: 1558653231828.png (686.27 KB, 816x509, fackboiiii.png)

sometimes this idiot come in to my timelime becase i guess i follow her girlfreind/freind

No. 811905

>growls in disgust
what the fuck, anon?

No. 812012

I'm seeing more and more artists turn into fakebois. This trend is getting out of hand.

No. 812040

sorry. i was sleep deprived and meant that as a joke.

No. 812063

I can explain that. A popular undertale artist I met (my personal cow) explained that they love being female. They just use male pronouns for attention and so their female fans will bust their ovaries. That and it makes them feel special because unlike other yaoi artists they are actually "male"

so yuh, all for attention

No. 812231

File: 1558713278969.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1242x1307, 985D140F-2711-4D5B-B68E-DBC66B…)

found this good one on facebook the other day. posted this in a group dedicated to get in other people’s pants, absolutely flipped shit in the comments when female pronouns were used but she blocked me before i could cap lol

No. 812232

File: 1558713305673.jpeg (581.06 KB, 1242x1724, 813A6772-B3B7-4A9E-A802-45E1F5…)


No. 812246

Nobody: …
Some random: Um, by the way guys I'm genderfluid
They really love the attention lmao

No. 812345

didn't know cutting your hair off magically turns you into a boy and then putting on a long wig turns you back into a girl

No. 812427

I fucking hate girls on T voices. I have 3 friends that I honestly can't tell their voices apart. Ofc I'm a dumb bitch and am also on T. Fuck these girls saying they're on T and getting voice changes after 6 months. I was on forbarely 2 months when my voice lowered enough for my customers to notice.

Also I have this one friend who told me that me coming out inspired her to be her true self. A they/them that. .. Sometimes wears feminine flannel shirts and uses the same name and pronouns. She was fucking crying when she told me. I was like bitch, you're even more confused if you think I care. No you ain't trans. She also only goes for men, but says she's totally gay. Like gtfo of my pride

No. 812432

why are you on T then??

No. 812469

I am so embarrassed for you and the life you're living, get help

No. 812634

you sound like a misogynistic self-hating retard and I feel bad for your friend being friends with you.

No. 812639

I think most FtMs are misogynistic. There are a few who are even full-blown MRAs. It's partly a manifestation of them trying to emulate men's attitudes, and partly just them trying to free themselves from the female plantation, lmao.

No. 812640

File: 1558780840699.jpg (20.64 KB, 400x400, 1472528499413.jpg)

You realise you are just as bad, if not worse than the people in this thread, right? You realise you are worse than your fakeboi friends because you're going on lolcow, on the fujoshi thread, to bitch about them?

Your little "who's more trans" competition is fucking embarassing lol. Get help and get a personality trait that isn't being trans

No. 812652

Are you trying to be one of those "I'm a REAL trans, not like those girls" while saying you're a dumb bitch for being on T? Wtf is wrong with you, that's some extreme self hate, get some therapy

No. 812698

>Not like other twans

No. 812705

>my customers
Are you a camwhore on top of being a troon? L

No. 813020

I think it's the other way around (most of the time). It's not that they're trying to emulate men, but rather they already have problems with women and want to distance themselves from them. It's common for them to have extreme mommy issues even when their fathers are worse or absent.

No. 813363


Respectability politics not paying off for you, huh?

No one cares if youre the better tranny. People who dont like trans people dont like any of them. You're completely alone, aren't you? That's what you get when you play this stupid game.

Make some trans friends. We don't want you.

No. 813375

I want them here. Their post is dumb but it's good for >>812427 to challenge their echo chamber by visiting a totally different time of one.
We don't progress if we stay alienated from either other.

No. 813591

File: 1558981459300.png (1.46 MB, 754x1130, Screen Shot 2019-05-27 at 2.22…)

on the right, loves saying you're gay if you like them but only dates/fucks boys. calls self a faggot, tells everyone they "gaslight femmes", ask 4 their premium snapchat

No. 813673

Yeah I've been doing the troon thing for a few years and I've recently been feeling like a fucking idiot. Like ofc I was a weeaboo in school and had cringe stuff, and I'm starting to realize this cringe fest tumblr gender is the same sort of shit. But like. How do I get back? I'm honestly so fucking stupid. I drank the kook aid and now I'm waking up and thinking "well fuck"
I work at a coffee shop, so I have customers.
But yeah. Don't know how hating on myself and friends and talking about it here is worse than others talking about fake bois. I'm as fake as my friends. I just wanted to input that when you wreck your body with T it happens way faster than you'd think. And I was on a low does.

But yeah, I drank the dumb bitch juice and I'm fucked.(no1curr)

No. 813815

>Don't know how hating on myself and friends and talking about it here is worse than others talking about fake bois.
Pretty sure making fun of random people isn't nearly as bad as ruining your body to try to be an anime boy and hating on your friends for doing the same.

No. 813843

File: 1559014881342.png (706.23 KB, 922x793, bitch what the fuck.PNG)

This is a very fiery take my good men, but is it me…or are there more and more fakebois in the furry community?

It's weird, because there was a survey saying that the majority of furries are biologically male.

>calls herself a 'boy' despite being 23
>shitty furry art, bad by even furry standards

No. 813846

the furry community is where people go when they're rejected everywhere else so it's not really surprising that there are fakebois just as it's not surprising that there's a lot of pedos and kinksters

No. 813854


the "boy" thing… trans guys always seem to call themselves smol bois or beans or whatever. seems pedo-baiting

No. 813857

It's creepy as hell. A cis man wouldn't get away with saying this shit.

No. 813861


it's basically a transtrender giveaway

No. 813976

Imo they have some kind of issue with growing up, but it's easier for a woman to look like a little boy than a little girl, AND they also want to be trans for tumblr points.

No. 814203

File: 1559066495717.jpeg (1.47 MB, 1242x1845, 863847B6-210C-4C81-91ED-1E6624…)

continuing the trend of trenders being obsessed with being smol little bois and not a grown, functioning adult

No. 814217

File: 1559067284729.jpg (Spoiler Image,378.46 KB, 1080x1382, IMG_20190528_200940.jpg)

There's nothing smol about this kek.
I scrolled down her instagram and she was an average weight lesbian in 2016, wtf happened?

No. 814221

File: 1559067444464.png (232.98 KB, 1080x1427, Screenshot_2019-05-28-20-15-25…)

Also this is kinda sad. The tattoo used to just be a female symbol, but she "fixed it" by turning it into a trans symbol. They're literally trying to erase women.

No. 814242


I spy a wig on the wall for when she gets bored of pretending to be a boy.

No. 814245

One of the better done tattoos tbh. the rest are pure garbage stick n pokes

No. 814410

File: 1559076440197.png (1.03 MB, 986x722, Screen Shot 2019-05-28 at 4.46…)

fucking kek
if a girl likes you is it straight?

No. 814419

Where did you get this? She looks hyperfeminine in all of her other pictures and calls herself princess etc. I feel like she's joking here.

No. 814422

File: 1559077450001.png (52.43 KB, 986x204, Screen Shot 2019-05-28 at 5.04…)

sorry m8, not joking

No. 814433

Well shit. Also if that post isn't proof that trans is a new subculture then idk what is, replace trans with goth kek

No. 814590

File: 1559093467281.png (1.04 MB, 990x1164, Screen Shot 2019-05-28 at 8.57…)

The binder really offsets literally everything else from this photo

No. 814672

how old are these people

No. 814821

20-22 i think

No. 815093

Laineybot's new video… She refers to being attracted to girls as being 'straight' and being attracted to guys as being 'gay'. Keeps saying how her attraction to girls is more 'uwu let me hold your hand!!1!' while her attraction to guys is 'spit in my mouth'. so… heterosexual woman who thinks girls are cute. that's new and original!1!1

No. 815175

Lmao she said she has whole days where she thinks she's actually "straight" because she saw a hot girl, then she sees hot dudes and goes back to being "gay". Lainey you have a fucking husband.

No. 815465

Yeah, but her husband is super not hot and his personality is gross, and we know what he likes is dry doggy style every time. So I can see why Lame doesn’t factor that into her attraction equation at all.

No. 816421

Is a year on hormones too late to detransition? Should I detransition? I started later in life so the changes were not very dramatic. I have a deeper voice and more facial/body hair, and some fat redistribution, but I look more like a pretty boy than a man. My gender identity has not changed, and I feel fine about the changes, but I feel like a third sex in society. My female upbringing affected me too much for me to truly fit in as man. My chances for a partner are very slim as well, I'm just seen as a fetish and not a serious partner. I feel like I have made the wrong choice, but I don't know if it's too late to go back at this point and id just be making everything even worse by doing so.

No. 816471

No. 816483

there are lots of places you could or should go with this question. this thread and this site in general is not one of them.

No. 816516

In general, no, but you should definitely talk to a professional about this. Online communities aren't going to give you the best advice.

No. 816552

File: 1559436907208.png (595.26 KB, 483x687, TABBY.PNG)

/ourfakeboi/ tabby has showed up on my instagram feed

No. 817232

File: 1559564092923.jpeg (78.83 KB, 676x900, D7_plRhVUAA_FyF.jpeg)

uncanny valley edition

No. 817323

Laineybot’s new creative video consists of her dying her hair again (wow) while ‘naming trans people’ aka looking at pictures of underage trenders and giving them the most stereotypical trender names ever (Ezra, Levi, Skyler, Kayden, Jordan, Tyler, Eli, Carter, Ian and Luca to name a few)

No. 817786

Can't wait till her hairline starts receding and she's hit with the T acne. You can already see it in this photo.

Can't even really feel sorry for her or any other FTM larping as a gay man, iirc her old boyfriend came forward saying that she was a piece of shit, she absolutely lied about being a cis man and shat on cis female fujos extensively for ~fetishizing her struggles as a gay man~. Overall she is just your basic ass twans fuccboi who will most likely detransition once nearing 30 and not being able to play the kawaii twink part without ten layers of photoshop and ending up as a half-bald 5ft4 gnome with a vagina. Have fun Julia.

No. 817825

can't tell if this is botched keyhole surgery or terrible photoshop

No. 817833

It definitely looks like surgery to me. The results aren't very good most of the time.

No. 817899

You should def talk to a professional about this. There's also a sub on Reddit for detrans, perhaps check that out? (would normally recommend Reddit, but in this particular sub you might find someone to relate to)
Looks like periareaolar - they cut around the whole nip. Just looks a bit fresh (there's scabbing) but not botched.

No. 817966

File: 1559676275603.jpg (62.12 KB, 798x575, 1559640174917.jpg)

This one's pretty hilarious. I found her in the Phoebe Tickner thread. She actually has "He Him" badly tattooed on her neck, but then posts plenty of pictures with her boobs out. More pics incoming.

No. 817968

File: 1559676383381.png (Spoiler Image,1.38 MB, 1458x1070, Screenshot 2019-06-04 at 20.21…)

This is her with her boobs out on instagram. Very manly. Also a snippet of a rant she posted about things people say to her regularly. Most of them are things like "calls me a girl". I'm gonna post some of the best ones because the cognitive dissonance is amazing.

No. 817970

File: 1559676473052.png (117.25 KB, 564x768, Screenshot 2019-06-04 at 20.21…)

More things she's shocked about people saying to her, a girl

No. 817971

File: 1559676563482.png (89.03 KB, 508x622, Screenshot 2019-06-04 at 20.22…)

Last bit of the rant

No. 817991

File: 1559678211507.jpeg (619.05 KB, 750x2617, 3B75E5C8-80C2-494C-839B-AF3C8E…)

This girl is also from the phoebe threads, ig name “fibrofag” (it’s ok to say fag because she’s queer and uses they/them pronouns obv) who dresses exclusively in loud ass feminine clothing (Because she doesn’t owe you androgyny), wears ten pounds of makeup to her ~pain specialist to get opiates and posts videos of her rubbing lidocaine on herself in the bathroom with “cupping marks” to show how disabled queer she is

No. 818049


Im pretty sure half of Phoebe's customers belong here considering most of what she sells is poorly made pronoun pins.

No. 819975

File: 1560072733515.jpeg (242.65 KB, 743x1194, CE46464C-6467-429E-9254-FB0CFD…)

why do these tards always make premium snapchats to sell their botched bodies. lol nice going ascher it must hurt that no one cares about your “makeup uwu boi” looks in 2019

No. 820033


Wouldn't want to help fund their top surgery when you can just tell they're the kind to regret it six months later

No. 820047

If she has dysphoria about her breasts and (assuming) genitals, how could she make lewd content? She's ruining her body for nothing.

No. 820079

File: 1560097487198.jpg (35.83 KB, 455x457, 1.JPG)

She should just cosplay being a man like her whole account. Pretty fug to be hawking lewds, but looks okay here. I say keep the tits.

No. 820115

art youtuber transboy named the most stereotypical tranny name

No. 820249

guessed the name before I even opened it LOL

No. 820306

File: 1560132913601.png (76.19 KB, 210x185, this is ugly af.PNG)

imagine paying money to wear this garbage on a shirt

No. 820376

Wish she was super publicly milky more than this. She is just annoying af. Hate seeing her on mutuals posts.

No. 820431

No. 820461

She has a relaxing voice, actually. Too bad she's a TIF.

No. 820759

she literally copied ollie chadra (who copied another person) with that idea. talk about unoriginal

No. 820908


if you block it out from the eyes down it doesn't look so bad

If you look at that nose though, top kek

No. 821334

Wait why does she need a top surgery fund when she works at Starbucks which is going to FUND her meatbag surgery for fucking free? Did she get fired, or is she going to do the same thing as that one buttfaced Ghirahim cosplayer who desperately needed jaw reduction surgery but spent all her gofundme money for it on cosplay? In all honesty neither of those two scenarios would surprise me one bit, but since she hasn't removed "barista" from her Instagram page it's probably the latter. Asher has always struck me as the type to be an impulsive spender and even having two jobs + thousands of followers donating cash to her she's still broke enough that she has to result to e-prostitution. Lol what a pathetic cunt.

No. 821338

File: 1560365337747.jpg (807 KB, 1653x1122, Screenshot_20190612-144707_Chr…)

Sorry for samefag but does she realize that wearing your apron in the bathroom is a fucking health code violation? "Petty ass baristas" it's called actually caring about the health and safety of your customers, dumb bitch.

No. 821660

y'all got anything better to do than make fun of pre-transitioned people, kids, and men who dress more femininely?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 821668

Can we discuss the "real trans guy" ftm clique on YouTube and Twitter that try to be the ftm version of Blaire White? Kalvin Garrah, Ollie Chadra, NoahFinnce to name a few. Sure they have ~legit dysphoria~ but they're equally as milky as the cows already posted here, if not more.

For example, Kalvin uploaded a snapchat of herself recently fake crying for sympathy after getting death threats for calling a disabled person a retard, Noah making Riley Dennis-tier videos about her experiences as a "gay man" despite being an obvious straight female in a straight relationship, as well as a recent video about why she doesn't date other ftm trannies using the same arguments as cis gay men (but it's totally not bigoted like those guys, amirite?). Now they're all at each other's throats on Twitter like the catty bitches they are. I feel like discussing them is better suited for here than the GC thread, personally.

No. 821687

kalvin is one of the milkiest of them all. she loves to get involved in other people's drama for click like with that retarded MamaStef callout video and the Onion saga. called out Onion for using "terf propaganda" in a video but recently hosted a radfem on his channel. (respectable) loves to fence sit about the "non binary" shit because it keeps a captive audience. shits on fakebois for not passing when she looks like a young, bloated jodie foster. acts hurt when people point out that

at least she isn't storm ryan, who's "gay boyfriend" has PIV sex with her like lmfao

No. 821694

kalvin kind of used to make sense but nowadays she's just making the same "real dysphoric trans guy reacts to crazy transtrender" video over and over with the same boring arguments. if you've seen one video of hers you've seen them all. i also find it weird how much she goes on about "all transtrenders are female because females love attention". it's like.. i have bad news, kalvin.

if i was a gay man i would be annoyed at how ryan goes around calling herself a faggot and shit. you are just a straight girl and you'll never know what it's like to actually grow up gay. when you look at her and her boyfriend they just look like a straight couple

No. 821697


Kalvin could almost get her own thread. The amount of times I've heard her talk about how male she sounds and looks… girl your friends might tell you that but you look like a chubby lesbian to me. 'I pass' Err.. no

She's so good at dishing out bitchy impressions of other people but can't take any criticism back. And it has always been painfully clear that she tries super hard to keep her voice low and sit like a guy.. like painfully clear, but then she constantly touches her hair like a girl lol

No. 821698


Whole vid is like two twelve year olds messing about, who watches this?

I feel like barely any FTMs on youtube are over the age of 18/19 so this is their sad representation…

No. 821703

sam collins seems like the only normal ftm on youtube. she's not on any super weird shit like gothfruits and them and doesn't prostrate about being the only real tranny like kalvin.

i can't get over how she talks with her hands. it's one of the most clockable mannerisms i've seen and so fucking irritating.

No. 821712


Noticed her over the top hand gestures in her latest onision vid, she actually looked high as fuck in it too..

Sam is pretty ok, I like that they admit to sometimes being read as female by strangers.. they don't bullshit about being 'super passing'

No. 821721

>Kalvin uploaded a snapchat of herself recently fake crying for sympathy after getting death threats for calling a disabled person a retard
any caps of this? I watch Kalvin's vids sometimes but I don't follow his socials, so that's new for me, sounds milky

No. 821730

~real dysphoria~ isn't even a thing lmao, wait a few years and all these girls will realize they had other issues

No. 821741


It was some autistic teen that Kalvin called retarded, she claims she didn't know about the autism but she sure has a habit of picking people with intellectual disabilities to mimic..

I really think she's a fat insecure bitch that feels like life will be easier as a guy than an ugly girl.. anyone think she's on something in her latest vids? I know she has adhd but she was manic looking in her most recent one. Does she have parents?

No. 821756


Kalvin talking about that autistic teenager "I've never wanted to punch someone so badly in my whole life"

After the backlash she tweets about how she's learning and growing all the time, bitch get off youtube til you grow up considerably, she's forever picking vulnerable people to laugh at and then her followers go and bombard them with direct tweets. Her followers are lil shits. I love how even the tweets that I've seen giving out about Kalvin always use he/him pronouns out of respect..

No. 821795

File: 1560454025051.png (1.42 MB, 719x1280, IMG_2443.PNG)

>any caps of this?

No. 821858

thanks. that's so… pathetic lol.

Kalvin wants to be ~so manly~ he's acting just crass.
I guess he didn't know about the disability and it wasn't to ridicule the person for their autism, he used it just as an insult from what I'm understanding? Honestly lolcow is the last place to moralfag about the usage of "retard", he just goofed but posting pics of youtself crying with "uwu people tell me to kms" is pathetic and fucking weak. You're not as tough as you want to appear like, Kalvin, huh? Imagine being that fragile while taunting Onion for a debate. Bitch you would cry at live

No. 821962

the only other people I see acting like this are girls…

No. 821992


I wasn't expecting this much of a non-apology, I gotta say. In SJW circles you don't call anyone a retard even if they're not, so I think Kalvin is gonna get more shit for this.

No. 822028

Ty Turner seems pretty normal. Other than the constant ironic "real bros" "manly men" shit he doesn't seem like he's using trans a personality trait.

No. 822082

And she seriously wonders why no one wants to fuck her? yikes.

Is she trying to change her name again? She went by Debs for a long ass time, then she was Ferris, is she Emi now?

No. 822133

File: 1560513993633.jpeg (61.03 KB, 1080x809, 8FFC9CAE-9791-4FFB-ADA5-1D3E34…)

Isn’t Storm Ryan’s ‘boyfriend’ also a tranny?

No. 822194

i know she used to do benadryl gels (talked about it in a stream about a year ago) and she looks dazed as fuck so maybe that's it

lmaooo it looks like she got a bottle of visine and squirted it down her cheek

wouldn't surprised me, they look like a 16 year old boy? i never considered that when ryan said her bf fucks her boi pussy she meant with a didlo

No. 822196

he might be. he's quite short and has a snowflakey tranny name.

No. 822204

File: 1560531416979.jpeg (Spoiler Image,29.48 KB, 500x522, 300005C0-FD3D-4526-8301-D8CBBF…)

I should have just googled it, lmao

No. 822205

I agree, Sam Collins and Ty Turner are pretty okay, and that Jamie guy…Jammidodger?
Yup, he is.

No. 822209


Wait so Ryan is always calling himself a massive faggot (his word) but they both have vaginas.. okay lol

Jammidodger is prob the most normal of all the ftms, it's almost like the better an ftm passes; the more normal they start to act. All the non-passing ones have chips on their shoulders and act like pricks (Kalvin)

No. 822211

in some video ryan and his bf say that they have eaten pussy before and found it weird. sad

No. 822216


I was rewatching some of Arielles vids today and Ryan was in one of them showing her 'his clit dick' and saying his bf doesn't eat him out like a girl… he sucks it like a guy. Like whatever helps your dysphoria but that's not 'faggot sex' boi

No. 822275

I used to like Kalvin when she started dunkin on trenders but I immediately got sick of the whole “Such cis male very logic and unemotional” sprinkled with “females are drama attention whores”. Bitch, you make the same video over and over and cry about being depressed and wanting to die every other sentence. Check that internalized misogyny, maybe you’ll hate yourself less.

No. 822286


I remember watching Kalvin a good while ago before they were really known and my memory is of this non-passing fat transman making comments about how 'women are this and that, lol silly women and their ways'

I also remember them dating a girl that looked waay out of their league and making shitty comments about women in front of her while she awkwardly smiled

No. 822443

Same. I really don’t give a fuck about calling someone retarded but if that’s what it takes for people to drag kalvin through the mud then so be it. She’s been grating on my nerves for so long

No. 822578


I don't care about the word retard either, she goes way too petty when she puts on a voice to mimic people when half of the time its someone that looks underage and lost/intellectually disabled. Funny that a single word was what broke her down. Her emotional issues were always pretty clear in her earlier vids and I see she has them

No. 823295

File: 1560799974794.png (795 KB, 868x600, 1_girlfriend.png)

Oliver/Criedwolves "boyfriend" of 5 years or so… A seemingly well adjusted ADULT,zero attempts to present as anything other then female and has been doing this for years "but he/him pronouns only". Why, just why…

No. 823301

So something that's clearly a woman, but with crappy tattoos and animal print

No. 823923

File: 1560928194361.png (Spoiler Image,1.32 MB, 750x1334, F85161F9-14EF-452F-98E5-C6740F…)

and so our asch has shamelessly started posting full nudes for free on twitter, probably expecting some yass sexworking queen slay! customers

No. 823939

that's totally something men do

No. 824014


Can we not with kitty in the room?

No. 824067

I’d pay to put the clothes back on

No. 825491

am i missing something or can i find nothing about pronouns or trans stuff except for the TDOV post

No. 825539

>Fakebois finally admitting they aren't actually transgender
>Instead calling it 'trendercore' and turning it into a 'fashion statement'
>literally just a bunch of highlighter color shit and typical fugly tumblr clothes
>also making fursonas called trendersonas
I feel like someone made this up as a joke and they were all too stupid to realize it was a joke, the uwu at the end of the username of the guy who created it supports that, I personally am I excited for this new arc in fakebois.

No. 825565

File: 1561295542440.png (152.09 KB, 584x207, 1_Twitter.png)

I can't find the posts anymore, but Zeev HAS said "only he/him pronouns" in the past and when Oliver mentions "boyfriend" it's in regards to Zeev.

No. 825575

I'm a straight cis male, but I have to admit, I got two squares - I'm a white American, and I hate TERFs(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 825577

Thanks we really needed to know that

No. 825597

yw bb ;x

No. 825628

what the fuck is wrong with those ribs? those arent obliques. did binding really fuck them up that bad?

No. 825848

File: 1561348972019.png (404.81 KB, 1440x619, drgjuds.png)

I zoomed in to investigate as the ribcage looks too long for a female. Squiggly black lines, artifacts on arm and side of ribcage where she has dragged and reshaped the ribcage down in editing.

Aside from that, posting full nudes totally free on Twitter seems like a waste. She could probably get some money for that.

No. 826154

File: 1561411906002.jpeg (135.3 KB, 750x569, E4FAAFCE-C48F-4C45-9307-A91696…)

kek, yes, lainey the cis guy.

No. 826159

old content but i used to be mutuals with a fakeboi who dated "oliver" before she was dating zeev. they actually u kno looked like a fake boi trender. their relationship ended HELLA fast then they got with zeev but at some point oliver and the other person were using the same name while dating.

No. 826205

She probably stopped T because she gained weight, I either see these girls gain weight and bald or go skelly

No. 826410

why do they lie to each other like that lmao, even if you think she looks like a guy she doesn't sound like one at all, what a cult

No. 826566

I don't see anything abnormal, just general skinniness.
Nah, Ash's actually one of those people who are reverse. Loosing weight on T, actually gained a bit in the period off T, but has lost it now when on hormones again.
Either these people are near blind or just hugboxing embarrassingly hard…

No. 826846

File: 1561518121460.png (Spoiler Image,1.02 MB, 1334x750, DD47FDB2-B6F6-4D97-9D5B-8A13F5…)

She lost weight in her tits and moved farther from the mirror is all

No. 828281

File: 1561675451580.png (1009.96 KB, 750x1334, 50BC02CA-B1F0-48FC-8EF8-8E77FC…)

don’t you have more nudes to take and more ebegging to do asch?

No. 828320

uhm no I think those are the ones buying your nudes

No. 828323

Why do cows always think we’re (male) incels??

No. 828372

Oliver isn't dating Zeev he's dating a cis guy named wilder

No. 828434

Wow I completely forgot about her lmao. Guess she’s trying to stay relevant by bringing it up.
I wonder how long these people will keep this up for. With tumblr chilling out, I’ve only really seen fakebois hanging out in cosplay communities.

No. 828616

Are there any fakebois older than 21? When you limit your search to show 22+ only on grindr, all the fakebois disappear. It's so funny.

No. 828618

Yes, there's a lot of 21+ fakebois. I haven't checked grindr but tons of them on tumblr. Most bois posted on this thread are over 21

Mu ex friend who became the first example of fakeboi is 23 now

No. 828823

Source? I've only ever seen/heard about Zeev.

No. 829697

Once the trend stopped being androgynous fakebois and was more, "Oh you don't have to do hormones and don't even have to try to not look like a girl!" it's harder to spot them. Also they don't contribute to a lot of offline life, so I wouldn't expect to see any unless you go to a Con.

No. 830109

Can't watch it right now, but you know what? I'm ok with this. okay with this as in I'd rather have aydens admit they're not actual FtMs and just crossdressers fashion trenders or whatever the fuck, and separating themselves from us.

No. 830121

That's not what it is tho. It's fakebois trying to "reclaim" the word transtrender by making it a fashion statement or something like that. They will still insist they are "real bois".

No. 830393

File: 1562036151803.jpeg (168.02 KB, 1200x1233, 756060A0-6E08-4C8F-8242-DAD405…)

I found this person from a certain foot’s “naming trans people” video.

She’s a musician who’s turning fakeboi for (I think) publicity. Seems like her career started to grow after she started claiming to be trans and talking about it a lot. Not particularly milky, so saying, but potential.

No. 830394

File: 1562036247830.jpeg (96.3 KB, 1242x408, 2D96AC36-5B9C-4D66-B037-A9A433…)

the vid in question.
Her insta is @adsume

No. 830663

File: 1562079992210.jpg (358.04 KB, 1055x1442, Screenshot_20190702-110444.jpg)

Imagine thinking that this is a flattering picture. OP uses he/him kek

No. 830752

That’s because kalvins not actually trans he’s just a misogynist so bad that he doesn’t want to be a girl

No. 830824

This one's 31? 33? I forget >>817232 >>802845 >>768546

Sans makeup she looks rough >>762704

No. 830865

File: 1562097799892.jpg (71.66 KB, 610x662, hypocrite.jpg)

Getting real tired of these fujo in denial trannies larping as ~gay men~ and constantly taking a very aggressive shit on ~the other fujo~ strawmen. Bitch you're fetishizing gay men to the point you're blackfacing as a stereotypical caricature of one. Don't try to be slick you walking gay minstrel show.

No. 830888

File: 1562101176550.jpeg (13.6 KB, 182x278, 4799F5B9-6823-4D93-BC46-6A6326…)

is this beans from even stevens

No. 830933

File: 1562105239995.jpg (9.42 KB, 236x234, 54b7362f51120f5d3eb99baeb82097…)

Looks more like Lil Xan

No. 831023

lmao you're just a girl with internalized misogyny, shut the fuck up

No. 831703

Funny how fakebois are being really vocal about this, when they're the ones most often shipping any two dudes that even look at each other, real or not. Fuck fujos and Fuck trannies.