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File: 1574101037595.png (99.56 KB, 500x605, l-call-myself-a-smol-gay-bean-…)

No. 895014

Old Threads:

This thread is for posting and discussing cringey fakebois who may or may not deserve their own threads.

Fakebois are girls who pretend to be boys for attention, either as trannies or biological males (usually the former).

Fakebois style and present themselves as androgenous or feminine-looking young men, even wearing girls clothing and make-up. They insist on being addressed with he/him (or occasionally they/them) pronouns and take great offense at being misgendered. Some are SJW transactivists, but for most their identities are entirely superficial.

Reminder to "truescums" and "transmeds": no1curr about how [[[100% REAL]]] your or any other tranny's ~dysphoria~ is. don't derail about that bullshit, save it for your tumblr blog.

No. 895021

File: 1574101575459.jpg (25.34 KB, 576x575, final-rainbow.jpg)

No. 895263

kalvin looks more and more like a chubby dyke as the months pass on. the voice cracking, the animated hands. she constantly talks about how she's the most passable of all of the truscum youtube clique and it's so embarrassing lol. at least sam collins admits she sometimes doesn't pass.

No. 895317

Kalvin literally is starting to look like he's detransitioning.

No. 895324

She now looks like a butch lesbian, which is so funny and ironic because this thing used to bully butch lesbians and didn't she say some nasty stuff about that butch Ariana radfem?

It's funny because kalvin doesn't even look like a good looking butch…..she looks plain ugly.
Because most young butches have nice bodies but kalvin's face looks like melted clay and her body looks like McDonald's.

No. 895339

Gotta give him a shred of cred tho… he actually said him self in the video that he looks more like a woman lately (probably weight gain, his face looks rounder) and made a de-transition joke. So at least he's a bit self aware.

No. 895351

She just joked about her voice but thats it…there is no shred of self awareness in kalvin.
If they were self aware they would get triggered when reading the ''he/him pussy'' part because kalvin is a self-hating lesbian who wants to be a man.

Kalvin is also such a shitty and bitchy person,she reminds me of those passive aggressive people who always start fights/arguments.

Also i hate to be that person but why does kalvin look like she smells,idk she looks like someone who smells bad.

No. 895359

Like soup, right? She looks like she smells like soup… At least to me lol.
What did Kalvin say about Ariana?

No. 895378

File: 1574192870688.jpg (49.15 KB, 1080x1080, 74917703_954925878194716_11255…)

(pictured ariana)
I dont remember everything since it was almost a year ago but kalvin went on a hate tirade against Ariana Reeves by calling her a man,saying she looks like a man and some other stuff.
Kalvins followers actually called Kalvin out and said that Kalvin should not missgender people but kalvin backtracked and said ''Terfs missgender people so im allowed to missgender terfs''.

Kalvin seemed so jealous and mad that Ariana a gnc lesbian radfem passed more masculine meanwhile kalvin has to take her hormones everyday and still looks like a woman.

No. 895425

lmfao, goes to show how flimsy their principles are - “You can’t misgender anyone ever but I can if this one person makes me mad!!!”

I would expect more from Kalvin if she weren’t an emotionally stunted woman child whose obsession with becoming a real boy backfired to the point where she looks more feminine than not.

No. 895713

File: 1574254736676.jpeg (Spoiler Image,500.62 KB, 750x1058, AEC52270-7F95-42C5-A248-648229…)

when ftms post shit like this it makes me cringe. u don’t have a dick and those are ur tits

No. 895725

File: 1574261826773.jpg (105.2 KB, 733x1279, photo_2019-11-20_15-54-58.jpg)

when you 'transition' just for the sake of cosplaying yaoi and doing fanservice…

No. 895726

File: 1574261945284.jpg (82.33 KB, 760x1279, photo_2019-11-20_15-55-01.jpg)

This fucking clown changed his official name from 'Michela' to 'Matthew EREN' i'm gagging

No. 895729

From the way she looks, she probably needs to up her Aromatase inhibitors. Chances are her testosterone is being converted into estrogen/proestrogen, which would explain the weight gain.

No. 896350

would bang the shit out of her tbh
I have a yuge fetish for fakebois/femmy FTMs/wannabe irl ukes(male)

No. 896364

She’s so ugly tho, get better taste

No. 896602

File: 1574455957670.png (857.71 KB, 600x938, img.png)

Remember, she's totally a guy suffering from muh dysphoria.

How do these girls function outside of their social media hugbox? There's no way anyone addresses her as a man offline.

No. 896604

File: 1574456295229.png (119.95 KB, 601x904, so dysphoric uwu.png)


More whining. If it weren't in the context of ~transmen~ then I would agree with her point.

No. 896659

her point makes perfect sense. you look pretty wack posting a completely rational point of view and pretending it isn’t just because a trans person wrote it. weak as shit tbh(Moralfagging)

No. 897216

File: 1574600074088.png (83.02 KB, 574x363, screenshot1.PNG)

I'm dyyyying she literally posted a story at the pride back in july with the trans flag on her shoulders. There was a drawing of herself with the "trans rights" text as well of an old pic of when she was a little girl to compare to her present self (now deleted). I hope it's just a private joke, the desilution hurts if she's unironic

No. 897217

File: 1574600232056.png (442.21 KB, 799x593, screenshot2.PNG)

Aw shoot, I forgot to link this as well.

No. 897218

funnily enough she likes all of the post mentioning her except this one, wonder why.

No. 897281

File: 1574619692179.jpeg (6.64 KB, 225x225, Unknown.jpeg)

No. 897361

Is this the girl who pretends to be her "totally asian" cousin?

No. 897401

haha what? sorry for spoonfeed but deets?

No. 897425

post larger version, can't read text

No. 897889

File: 1574725572603.jpg (112.78 KB, 1080x1350, 74656350_278201653083125_12818…)

Yeah this is her now, (the pretend asian) and it's funny how she has old pictures online that basically prove she's not a guy. Even some of her close "friends" admit that she's faking her gender…

No. 897944

File: 1574730815568.png (165.3 KB, 308x500, 5b65603b72416_Capture_2018-08-…)

Some older photos

No. 897946

File: 1574730934435.jpeg (12.8 KB, 225x225, images.jpeg)

No. 897948

File: 1574731005335.jpg (28.14 KB, 400x400, 61r8gMr1_400x400.jpg)

Finally, her before becoming a fakeboi.
(she was honestly quite pretty)

No. 897950

Sorry for late reply. She has a thread on the other gossip site. She basically was Asianfishing and when people were calling her out for not being as asian as she claims she started dressing up as "her super totally asian cousin" which due to beauty marks, backgrounds, and general similarity had people speculating that she is dressing up as a dude for the sole purpose of claiming to be PART asian at least. Lmao

No. 897959

She actually used to bully one of my friends for being gay, still stalks their social media

No. 898025

File: 1574749695565.jpg (49.78 KB, 898x898, ewwanthea.jpg)

Anthea lee/ lee/ Anthea Vanmoriel
>claims to be FtM and uses male pronouns
>constantly wears wigs and dresses in overly feminine clothing
>draws self as a knock off kat von dee
> was told what a fat ugly pig she is, overly cringy facebook stories gloating about looking "sexy as fuck" in response
>constantly claims to have a new mental illness
>e begging and selling nudes

No. 898031

File: 1574753564309.jpg (108.98 KB, 960x960, what.jpg)

this mess is "rory mae" self proclaimed male that flip flops genders on the regular
>every mental illness under the sun
> sells shitty kindergarten crafts for top dollar
>extreme sjw that will claim anything is sexist, misogynistic, cultural appropriation you name it
>"I'm homeless uwu"yet posts online every second of everyday
>collects others tragic backstories and strings them together to make a trainwreck full of plot holes
>Wears straight up clown outfits and tries to pass it off as art
>cancels anyone who refuses to donate
>"I cant work or walk send me money and food"
>selling nudes until breakdown then resort to e begging

No. 898057

File: 1574765908074.png (46.58 KB, 581x295, Capture.PNG)

No. 898092

whoever has that ig handle is an unrelated 14yr old girl. does she have a different insta?

No. 898287

File: 1574810623660.png (206.82 KB, 469x456, reply.png)

it took me a second

No. 898740

is it just me or are uwu trans bois pretty much always exclusively attracted to men (penis)? i hardly see any straight-identified ftms but i see a shitload of "mlm" fujoshis. is it because being straight is too boring for them? in general it seems like the kweer community on tumblr is mostly male attracted females, and being attracted to vagina is seen as too terfy.

No. 898745

mostly likely. some anons will say they're all lesbians, which sounds like projection most of the time. but i really think they just date other women (or w/e they 'identify' as) for woke points despite not being attracted to them. you'll find so much fakebois calling themselves pansexual so it's hard to tell, but also the nasty ones who unironically call themselves faggot (a sure sign they're straight as fuck)

No. 898829

They're lesbophobic butches who think they're too edgy and unique to ascribe to the #basic terminology they associate with ugly fat women with crew cuts and plaid. They want the Tumblr clout that comes with being a tranny. But they all date other fakebois and none of them ever transition and stay wanting to look effeminate. There's a history of butches binding or taking T for a while to look more masculine but still obviously like women.

No. 898831

I dunno, I mostly see these fakeboi types in relationships with each other.

No. 898960

Honestly yeah all of this.

No. 899288

File: 1575052501103.png (242.83 KB, 890x355, screen.PNG)

No. 899459

nta but i believe that person is under the age limit to be posted?

No. 899527

so they're all lesbians but they like dick??? make it make sense.

No. 899536

>lvl 14
what a weird and unnecessary addition

No. 899555

There has to be at least two different kinds of fakeboi.

No. 899627

In my experience ftms who like women usually at least try to be masculine, like Kalvin. And the ones who go full smol boi uwu are "gay." They are both like caricatures of men, of manly straight dudebro or feminine bottom twink.

No. 899630

No, its just one lesbian here on lolcow who insists every fakeboi/fujo must be a lesbian. The thing they have in common is "not being like the other girls", not their sexuality.

No. 899685

A lot of them are extremely confused due to all this inconsistent LGBT rhetoric and sexism and homophobia. Tons of fakeboi/fujos identified as lesbian before becoming fakebois, and then all of a sudden they are with men while living as a "man". Because all this TRA shit has made them think that their homosexuality is homogenderality. They also wanted attention and to seem different before transing so they probably identified as lesbian (or "gay") for that as well. It's really sad

No. 899686

Samefag but I wanted to add I'm not saying they actually are lesbians. I'm saying that they want to feel special and think being quirky makes them "BIG GHEY" and often they will date people based on what makes them appear most homo. It's like "I'm not like other girls" taken to the extreme because of sexism.

No. 900067

File: 1575211144756.png (361.43 KB, 480x960, Screenshot_20190824-195353.png)

These are the same people who love calling radfems/terfs ugly.

No. 900076

Is that Lena Dunham?

No. 900077

Not sure about the ones not on T, but it’s super common for trans men (and women for that matter) to start becoming attracted to people of their current gender after starting hormones. It’s likely cuz they were bi to begin with, but dysphoria limited their attraction to something that reinforced their gender identity (being the butch partner in a f/f relationship or being the more effeminate partner in a m/m relationship). Once they start feeling less dysphoric, their comfort with other partners expands.
With these fakebois though, I think it’sa matter of just finding someone else willing to call you a dude
sage for no milk

No. 900205

File: 1575235234435.png (35.48 KB, 651x544, 01.PNG)

Same girl from last time, I wasn't aware of the guideline sry. (As long it's not a picture it's ok?)

It only took her a month to transition to a "B O I", but what are those tags? Who do you want to attract??

No. 900242

https://www.tiktok.com/@toxic_glich Can I post a tiktok. "oh my god i'm such trap giggle"

No. 900243

Faggot me cannot link, it's the 8th tiktok from the account posted.

No. 900260

"Cosplayer ‼️HE/HIM‼️ Pansexual/ace 🖤Taken🖤 Lgbtq+ safe" for fucks sakes
i could POSSIBLY understand if she was actually masculine looking or androgynous but she looks and sounds unambiguously female. dysphoria is one hell of a drug i guess

No. 900303

File: 1575247607660.jpeg (507.53 KB, 750x958, 3C6E7207-48F3-413A-A523-2F2E21…)

What happens when these people try to interact with actual gay men irl

No. 900355

honestly these gay men were probably worried and on guard because these trans types like to screech transphobia whenever a gay person expresses an ~exclusionary genital preference~ so they couldn’t truly be themselves here

No. 900361

oh no the gay guys didn't wanna have sex with you, a woman?? goddamn transphobes

No. 900420

File: 1575265900088.png (303.71 KB, 1280x964, fu1.png)

why don't these girls just pursue bi men instead? i don't get it, at least a bi man would have more chance of being attracted to them. is it that they get more validation from being seen as attractive by "gay" men? or is it all part of their fujo fetish for gay guys? someone help me out here.

No. 900424

because everything is all about validation to straight trannies. if they can't be the "exception" for an actual gay person it somehow doesn't count to them. it's completely about wanting to "turn" gay people and not about wanting a relationship with mutual attraction

No. 900443

I think a lot of them are addicted to the “persecution” aspect too. Many are decently attractive and would have an easy time dating bi men, but they almost want to be denied by gay dudes for the pity points.

No. 900601

I don't have anything to share but I digged a little bit more on a fakeboi I posted, I learned that she have Asperger, why I am not surprised. Mental illnesses are often related to trans issues for young people.

No. 900632

File: 1575313740183.jpg (89.18 KB, 1080x1085, 73024781_429281334638374_59458…)

Spotted this one randomly on FB. She was whining about being misgendered in a group because how dare not everyone realize someone that looks like this uses he/him pronouns only.

No. 900647

that guinea pig tho

No. 900667

File: 1575322003601.png (532.83 KB, 1024x768, fakeboi_83942834723.png)

>i'm a gay man, i've always watched enough Simon Curtis Super Psycho Love AMVs
Can we also talk about how many of these fakebois like to say "as gay men" or "we gay men" as if they're some sort of authority? They also seem to love to pretend they're better than fujos even if they act pretty much the same. These girls have such a high level of narcissism it's not even funny, they brandish being a "gay man" like some sort of war medal, lmao.
>pic related is Boyonetta, a semi-famous tumblr funnyman

No. 900682

who is that?

No. 900714

tiktok is absolutely heaving with these girls.

No. 900730

This is actually fucked up. It amazes me how this is literally the inverse of straight men becoming "transbians" and feeling entitled to lesbians attention.

As another poster here mentioned why can't they just date bi men? And when you think about it more? It's obvious it's a fetish. It's autoandrophilia. They want to be seen and treated as gay men even though they don't have the right genitalia.

Pretty much what you said yes.

Probably. It also shows the poster wanted to be the center of attention

No. 900754

Fuck this site. You all are judgemental assholes! Glad people are reporting this shit!

No. 900765

File: 1575337287182.gif (1.77 MB, 280x154, F8DC1FFB-D255-47B5-A5B3-58633A…)

No. 900776

just leave the gays alone jeez

No. 900814

No idea, just some random fakeboi I stumbled across in a group. Saw her whining about being misgendered, had a hunch she was probably a fakeboi, clicked her profile, and yep. Fakeboi. I think her FB name was like Eren something (which I only remembered because it was like ofc a fakeboi names herself after a popular anime character).

Honestly like 9/10 times when you see someone whining about being misgendered on the Internet it's a fakeboi.

No. 900824

File: 1575344727912.png (112.51 KB, 1280x354, D6217196-412C-4D29-BAB2-AEB670…)

This hurt my brain

No. 900864

Everyone on here harassing people for no reason stfu and quit stealing peoples pictures and insulting them. Fucking creepy and wrong. Pussy ass people all of you. You'd rather say shit behind their back than to their face because you're scared lmfao. They'd prob kick all your asses hahahahaa(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 900867

If you want people to stop making fun of you all you need to do is stop being an embarrassment. It's that easy.

No. 900868

File: 1575354752763.jpeg (13.46 KB, 284x178, EE802A5B-8330-4E7A-8299-A7DC90…)

Testosterone tantrums don’t make you intimidating. If they don’t want to be picked on, they shouldn’t post their mugs publicly along with a list of their biggest fears, their school address, and their antidepressant regimen everywhere.

No. 900876

File: 1575356240873.jpeg (528.07 KB, 750x855, 46A8C681-DAA5-4609-AD9A-01E783…)


No. 900880

File: 1575356556930.jpeg (602.2 KB, 1944x2592, 5DF728EF-B1A6-46D2-A115-E419D0…)

Why do they usually have this expression if they aren’t grinning like a clown?
Stoned? Stupid?

No. 900895

You people here commenting are stupid mother fuckers lmfao(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 900899

You will always be a woman

No. 900902

File: 1575359977678.png (84.86 KB, 270x340, 1525181631481.png)

t. girl who calls herself "tedward" and looks like pic related

No. 900924

Is this the one who's coming to kick our asses?

No. 901195

File: 1575417756237.jpg (20.77 KB, 425x425, 41lu0DnIBAL._SX425_.jpg)

No. 901655

File: 1575486135572.jpg (124.98 KB, 704x552, gutsgod.JPG)

I'm so tired of this tryhard. So embarrassing. Transtrender EBOY DADDY from tumblr. Girl you're ugly as fuck who are these people kidding

No. 901962

this was ages ago but does anyone have this girls social media or something? i never usually look at threads like this but she’s kind of attractive???lmao i’m sorry if this isn’t the place

No. 901976

File: 1575540745168.png (330.28 KB, 1080x1807, Screenshot_2019-12-05-17-11-02…)

So, emoji is a pronoun? I hope this is satire

No. 901979

File: 1575540944301.jpg (54.34 KB, 1080x390, IMG_20191205_171521.jpg)

Update: it is not

No. 902007

i also thought this was satire. i couldn't stop laughing. there's something truly special about this that I couldn't put my finger on. is it the fact that by this logic one in theory could be transcene? as in practically "cis" but perhaps uses h3/h1m with close friends as they acclimate? slowly opening up….a bracelet…a single streak of dyed hair until one day your (hair) teasing and eyeliner are done/on and you finally see what you've always wanted to see in the mirror…. or is it the whiplash of remembering that's pretty much exactly how middle school was and probably about as seriously as kids take this gender shit now?

Sh3/Pwurr/Owo for me thanks!

No. 902024

File: 1575548783418.jpg (54.46 KB, 1080x274, IMG_20191205_192003.jpg)


I thought so until I saw this.

Also I was looking up their personal account to search whatever the fuck transcene means, and the whole acc looks like comedy. I really do hope it's just some hard satire.

No. 902026

File: 1575549300142.jpg (1017.69 KB, 2289x2289, PicsArt_12-05-07.33.42.jpg)

some selections (also wtf is trendercore?)

No. 902064


trendercore is an aesthetic inspired by the "transtrender" memes. It overuses pride, pastel, transflags and everything that's over the top about LGBT+. Its faily popular on tumblr among rly young people.

No. 902149

These fucking teeth

No. 902176

i scoured google looking for her when those posts were made and only found a deactivated twitter account. sorry anon.

No. 902191

File: 1575584639065.png (317.23 KB, 539x801, Untitled646-2.png)

>wears dresses
>gets acrylic nails
>wears loads of make-up
>whines about not passing and not getting recognized as a gay man

can't believe debs/ferris/emiyannn is near their mid 30s and acts like this

No. 902192

File: 1575584687816.png (14.06 KB, 534x98, 1874459b943e78817ac29beb6b65ff…)

No. 902195

File: 1575585272539.png (272.18 KB, 529x500, Untitleasfsadd-2.png)

Honestly don't understand how this is "trans masculine"

No. 902203

File: 1575585982059.jpg (105.42 KB, 760x736, efag.JPG)


>Columbine serial killer fangirl, calls herself godlike

>Led people on to believe she was a real boy until she got exposed, then suddenly becomes trans all along
>Hops on every bandwagon trend
>Fakes drug use and self harm for attention
>Fakes mental illness. You guessed it, borderline
>uwu I'm going to make out with cute boys from therapy
>Sends hate anons about herself to everyone to start drama because shes uninteresting on her own
>Started looking for fuck buddies on tumblr before she turned 18
>Harem of underage and teen girls on instagram all calling her "handsome boy" , flirts with all of them


No. 902205

I will admit if people are willing to get this Dada with gender maybe it will just get cancelled. Like all of gender will be a stupid meme we get over and people can just have sexes and personalities again?

(edit forgot to sage)

No. 902289

File: 1575594806673.png (341.92 KB, 1080x1078, Screenshot_2019-12-06-08-12-52…)

Looking up the term is like opening the hell's gates

No. 902295

>gay antifa twink

i feel so bad for people who had their kids turn into this. jfc, i want this trend to end . fake bois are the worst

No. 902338


Aspergers isn't a mental illness, but a neurological difference.

Though there is a huge overlap between trans people (especially trans men) and autistic people.

No. 902385

i can't believe this isn't a joke

No. 902391

These kids are going to look back on this in a few years and realise how fucking cringy and idiotic they were. They might claim to be reclaiming the term trender, but they'll still regret it. 99.9% of teenagers grow out of their stupid phases.

No. 902395

File: 1575614312795.jpeg (104.44 KB, 720x1280, g73shs6jog1trhg05dkb0000604409…)

No. 902400

File: 1575614923020.jpg (706.52 KB, 2289x2289, PicsArt_12-06-01.45.02.jpg)

they migrated from tumblr to instagram apparently. This account for example is not a clown, it's the entire circus. I'm more surprised that their followers actually take this shit seriously rather than the fact they have 3k of them.

No. 902419

is this girl really using the strawberry emoji as a pronoun???

No. 902441

File: 1575629753500.png (1.41 MB, 1080x1536, IMG_20191206_115317.png)

God I just bought these same pins yesterday and now I gotta throw em away

No. 902476

holy shit that skin. wash your face and hair once in a while jesus christ

No. 902526

should've never bought this cringe shit, unless it's for your toddler

No. 902563

File: 1575655403154.jpeg (229.03 KB, 1242x1486, E8D08AA1-B295-4AC1-92FD-7CB4B4…)

Not sure if this belongs in the personal lolcow thread but I have posted about her before in the fakeboi thread so I’m posting again.

I’m getting real sick of this girl in my city. Her music career is taking off locally and it’s all because she’s pretending to be trans.

>not on T

>always been skinny, didn’t change body
>posts pics like this in her binder
>seems like she thinks of herself as a “trans activist” / has a savior complex
>released an entire single based around people being “transphobic” to her
>pretty sure she’s dating a man

No. 902586

It honestly looks like she's just wearing a sports bra kek. Also, wouldn't those panties trigger her alleged gender dysphoria. Wouldn't taking a photo like this be impossible if she were actually a trans man?

No. 902604

I don’t think she actually says she’s a trans man

No. 902623

File: 1575661666724.png (27.17 KB, 521x195, 15594aa274e1dd141bc5352d3cfb15…)

how old is this character??? he's from a kids game so he's probably a minor…… and she's over 30… hard side eye

No. 902705

he’s a fucking cartoon you clown

No. 902793

I'm surprised no one seems to have any info on her, because she was huge on Tumblr/4chan in the early 10's. Her semi-nudes got leaked (not sure. She might have sent the photos to the guy who posted them on /fit/)

Never thought I'd see her on this site.

No. 902949


Emi is such a fucking lolcow. Should prolly have her own thread. Isn't she like delusionally married to 2d husband or some shit?

No. 903024

File: 1575744067691.jpeg (370.2 KB, 1225x1459, 0389DA0A-8B7C-4DBB-BB3A-4735EE…)

yeah she’s “actually married” to someone from Fate

I’m almost starting to doubt that she actually started HRT, and talks about it for “woke points”. The facial changes look like aging is catching up to her vs testosterone taking effect.

Her act of “uwu im a soft JAPANESE boi, even with testosterone i still look like a feminine kitty MEOW!!!!!!!!” is honestly sickening.

No. 903053

>20 months on HRT
Lmao the fucking lies. Who believes this. Which is the before and which is the after. Chella Man is also asian and it took her 6 months to go from the softest of butch to manlier than half of kpop. Do we really not have a thread for this bitch?

No. 903088

Dang, that's quite the transformation! Not just in voice, but everything else also. He looks and sounds like a dude. Sure, still biologically female, but would generally pass as a dude to the general public. This is what makes me so skeptical of a lot of these other fakebois on T, like… they gotta be microdosing or hopping on or off cause they're scared of ending up looking like an actual man and not a soft animu-boi (read:woman)

No. 903095

Why do so many fakeboi love to pretend to be a guy in drags or a "uwu soft boi"? Like… Of course they can look feminine… They're female. What's the point? I'm confused.

No. 903158

File: 1575770399361.jpg (194.41 KB, 692x788, 1540421198555.jpg)

i'm a dysphoric lesbian but recently i've been feeling some envy towards fujos aka gay trans guys. i don't really know why this is except that i have a lot of self-hatred over my sexuality and the way gay women are treated right now in the lgbtqiapasdfgh community. an acquaintance recently "came out" as a trans ~mlm~ after saying they were a lesbian for a long time and it makes me feel something i don't know how to name.

pic pretty much unrelated, i just think it's funny. which cows could get a bingo here?(blog)

No. 903159


No. 903222

i feel like most east asians have it easier when it comes to passing

No. 903224

I was going to say at least her blending is nice but when you view the pic in full size, it's really obvious her whole face has been smoothed out with facetune.

not going to acne shame this girl, but letting your hair get this greasy makes it worse.

No. 903319

Yea emi is a good poster girl for someone who should be fucking institutionalized.

While I'm not sure they are on HRT they did have top surgery.

Usually these fakebois want to larp as gay men and get fucked as validation for their larping.

But emi is confusing. How is one married to a fucking fictional character. Wtf?

No. 903401

Autism is a disability

No. 903488

File: 1575847555776.jpg (388.34 KB, 1080x1485, IMG_20191209_062512.jpg)

HRT acne?

No. 903491

looks like normal acne to me

No. 903492

File: 1575847900996.jpg (250.2 KB, 1080x1341, IMG_20191209_063118.jpg)

i'm actually shook she had top surgery

No. 903495

Nah that’s T acne (near facial hair growth, on chin which is typical of hormonal acne). She’s probably shaving too close and irritating her skin further to keep up with the kawaii aesthetic

No. 903511

she probably would have been OK w/o it because it looks like she got keyhole surgery (for small breasts). I guess the one true thing about her being japanese is her itty bitty titties

No. 903512

Are you sure she isn't just memeing when she says she's married to the character?

No. 903532

No… You should see her other posts…

No. 903559

Honestly even with small tits she should have gotten mastectomy if she was gonna do top surgery at all. Her lumpy pepperoni chest looks awful.

No. 903579

is there a way to find out more about past emiyannn? sometimes she mentions /clg/ but i cant find anything about her in archives. someone here called her debs, is that her real name? sry for the autism/feed me shit but shes one of my fav lolcows

No. 903582

File: 1575865175712.jpg (1.47 MB, 1920x2560, 19-12-09-14-39-55-414_deco.jpg)

Idk if this counts as a personal lolcow because I technically know her irl, we actually went to the same school. But that's largely the reason I know she's full of shit. Myself and many others watched as she jumped from progressive bandwagon, to bandwagon always at the height of it's popularity on Tumblr. Now she's gone full blown retard (not even kidding) Romany, as it's called now identifies as a disabled man as some substitute for actual personality, and partially because she gets high on appearing morally superior. From her humble beginnings as a pansexual poor kid who spends way too much time on Tumblr, to her transformation into a physically/mentally disabled man and self proclaimed antifa - in typical fashion you can be sure there's been a slew of GoFundMe's along the way. Her link is: https://m.facebook.com/peregrine.latham and it's a gold mine of crazy. Pic related. She started captioning her pics like this a few years ago to seem more like an authentic autist kek.

No. 903584

File: 1575865516818.jpg (284.02 KB, 1080x1645, Screenshot_20191209-143549__01…)

Samefag >>903582
This is a tame example of her posts over the years (this isn't her only public transport themed post kek)


No. 903585

File: 1575865628832.jpg (252.84 KB, 1080x1708, Screenshot_20191209-152616__01…)

Last one I swear lmao

No. 903625

What sort of human chooses to name themselves after a group of people who are fucking hated?
Like people naming themselves gypsy wasn’t gross enough.

No. 903631

>Romany is a female given name. It is the feminine form of Romanus, which means "a citizen of Rome".

No. 903636

Huh I’m just dumb and overly jumpy about my folks. Cheers anon.

No. 903639

That actually just looks like small tits that are poorly photoshopped…

No. 903640

I don’t believe for one second she’s on T. It’s acne from being a greasy bitch who touches her chin too much.

No. 903686

I had a look and don't see anything deeper than "mai waifu" memery

No. 903734

Actually, adding onto this, is anyone else familiar with Boyonetta aka Zach?
>long time tumblr user
>former sane anti sjw
>https://zachariedraws.tumblr.com/ art blog
>huge fangirl
>typical repressed fujoshi
>huge zelda fujo, has talked about changing her name to Link
>was friends with someone called shameless-fujoshi before turning on them overnight
>brief appearance on kiwifarms (anti fangirls yaoi thread page 12)
>she and her friends lurk kiwifarms and deleted all selfies
>has two discords: a public one and a private discord all filled with drama
>several people have left the private discord due harassment/disagreement(?)
>has no actual ties to the gay male community despite constantly using this as an argument point
>public server has been raided more than once
>has a whiteknight fakeboi friend called bee who goes by sloppopshop on kiwifarms https://speedbee.tumblr.com/
>another repressed fujoshi fakeboi friend that goes by lee and is obsessed with Len Kagamine (trooned out recently) https://lee-kagamine.tumblr.com/
>constantly dispenses Hot Takes about politics and Trump on her blog
>has promised to not stir up drama anymore but has a long history of shit stirring and then blocking
>also a long history of accusing people of suicide baiting and then back-tracking once called out
>"extremely dysphoric gay trans man forced to live in the closet"

No. 903789

>Fakeboi that likes girls
That's a first

No. 903826

I've seen them before. Often tomboyish lesbians who were convinced that you have to be trans if you're like that.

No. 903892


Kek she used to be a personal cow of mine anon. Haven't kept up on her since a few years ago. Is she still whinning about muh abusive family despite being 30 and refusing to get a job because "muh disabled liver"?

No. 903908

You know it. She mostly seems to bitch about her mother these days though; also muh dysphoria too. She also recently has been claiming to be part native after seemingly years of never mentioning it beforehand? She conveniently announced it when arguing with somebody on tumblr. Correct me if I'm wrong, but that's pretty suspicious timing.

No. 903960

File: 1575952971001.png (25.2 KB, 512x286, 2019-12-10 01_33_40-Don't forg…)


Tbf i feel bad that he has a shit family but this is a 26 years old who hasn't worked a day in her life, and has been for more than 10 years now LARPing as a gay male and getting into various autistic internet slapfights. She is almost /snow thread worthy kek

No. 903961

File: 1575953093697.png (37.72 KB, 568x314, 2019-12-10 01_37_25-Don't forg…)

Also she is getting a little terfy saying that gay males have penises kekk i see she is still as milky

No. 904030

>he's from a kids game so he's a minor
That dumbass logic lmfao. There are a lot of adults in pokemon

No. 904050

Reading through her post history is genuinely demoralizing. She does almost nothing to try and improve herself. I feel like she would be /snow/ worthy if she put out more milk to the public. Unfortunately after the kiwifarms scare and a brief instance in which her private discord was getting raided by people taking screenshots (i believe by a blog called sjws-against anime?) she has gone and hidden everything, including selfies, in her discord.

No. 904091

its a fucking drawing. unless she's retweeting drawings of it in a diaper sucking a pacifier i don't give a shit

No. 904155

Well… her results are far from perfect, so I'll guess she was a borderline candidate for the procedure. Meaning her breasts were probably a bit too big for that kind of surgery, which is why it's lumpy, there's some tissue left and the nipples are a bit oval.
This. What she ended up with really isn't a great result. Just look at… littlesunflowerboi or what ever the fuck their called. Small tiddies, but still went with double incision and now that the scars have faded, it honestly looks a hell of a lot better then this!

No. 904354

https://www.instagram.com/glitchdroid/ Hard to tell if that's a fakeboi or a good trap

No. 904356

100% a fakeboi.

No. 904358


are you self-posting looking to be called a totes “100% real kawaii trap” and not some fugly fakeboi whose totes 100% real penis bulge disappears in and out of photos ???

who female proportions and has old photos taken in women’s restrooms?

or are you some retarded newfag who brings 0 milk and posts a link to an account on an imageboard??

please, please prove to me that you’re not an attention-starved female looking for online pretend yaoi boy validation points

No. 904359

File: 1576039186971.jpeg (564.04 KB, 750x1095, FD33D4D0-F6CC-47FA-BA7D-C16B46…)


she’s on the right in the blue tank top with bleached hair. obviously wearing a binder underneath. it’s very easy to tell she’s a fakeboi if you look through her older posts and especially the old tagged photos.

there’s a lot of inconsistent photoshopping of bulges but this is fairly common with fakeboi cosplayers.

No. 904366

automatic fakeboi

No. 904402

File: 1576052296078.png (733.76 KB, 588x620, 0101.PNG)

Calm your tits her post back in 2014 showed flat and she seemed to look like a underage male asian (other pics) since she was 14 at the time

No. 904453

are you a scrote or something? fuck off

No. 904506

Is https://www.instagram.com/snowbunnyem/?hl=en a fakeboi? Or is it a rare example of an actual dude that just shoops himself to the point of looking like a fakeboi?

No. 904514

Anon, if you even have to ask…
This is most definitely a fakeboi.
>really feminine waist/stomach area & weight distribution
>super faint body hair
>dainty girly hands
>short, wears platform shoes to look taller but is still the same height as the girls next to them
>shows off collarbones or lower stomach but never the actual chest, nipples always conveniently covered by clothes or stickers

No. 904533

Having "male" in your instagram bio means 100% female

No. 904539

You know I was about to disagree with you and refer to the "voice reveal" video but now I think you're right. I think the "voice reveal" video is straight up fake, like lip-synced. The music over it and the light background noise used to mask the fact that the voice-over was recorded on higher quality mic located much closer to the mouth, likely without any associated video. And probably by an actual man. If it was just a recording with a webcam mic, the quality would be much tinnier, and the background noise much worse (notice the running fan in the background). Even with editing to reduce noise, not sure it would pick up the mouth/breath noise like this one does.
Hilarious if this could actually be proved.

No. 904655

Kek this is probably the easiest way to tell. Majority of sane people don't need to advertise their "gender" as if it's some foreign concept

No. 904748

Tyince (24 year old YouTuber who transitioned ftm including phalloplasty) regrets transitioning, says she “isn’t detransitioning” but doesn’t care how she’s gendered anymore.

I feel like if she didn’t get bottom surgery she would’ve detransitioned, seems like she got to this point after being in therapy for childhood trauma? Makes me kind of sad.

No. 904850

File: 1576176583453.png (169.58 KB, 608x1222, boyo.png)

Boyonetta has talked about her server suffering from a brief unsuccesful raid, was it one of you? I wouldn't really bother unless you have a plan, Boyonetta and her friends run away to her exclusive private server to shit talk the public server.

Here's her talking about god knows what (may be related to the falling out in her private server) and possibly backtracking a bit on her identity. Pure conjecture but she might be setting up to detrans but still stick it to the bigots and ebil fujos

No. 905175

the way this girl talks about gay men is so fuckin creepy. can you imagine any gay dude on the face of the earth wanting to be friends/~wingmen with a weird fujo who is only friends with you because she wants to fuck you?

No. 905216

are more gay men starting to stand up against this kind of thing? i've seen a few tehms on tumblr aka "trans exclusionary homosexual men" who seem to be getting sick of it and overlapping a bit with radical feminism.

No. 905228

There's probably very few gay men who care about the shit that happens on Tumblr or cosplay communities in the first place. Fakebois always pick niches with almost zero men so no one can call them on their bs

No. 905235

They don't seem to be affected, like most TIFs rarely ever try to go on Grindr and if they do, they rarely ever get hit up by the men.

No. 905265

Pretty much. I'm sure a few fakebois have wandered into places where gay men hang out but it isn't common. Fakebois stick to places that are more or less taco parties. Gay men aren't interested in shit like Voltron shipping and pastel kawaii shit. Even feminine Gay men aren't interested in that shit.

As much as fakebois like to think they're just feminine Gay men when you compare a typical feminine Gay man to a fakeBoi they're not even remotely similar in terms of looks, interests, mannerisms, etc.

No. 905461

File: 1576299049129.jpg (80.97 KB, 900x435, 87.jpg)

found this on twitter. all the milkiest fakebois are either skylar, neo or of course ash

No. 905490

it's hormonal acne bc it's on the chin. testosterone makes u break out and sweat more, ur skin just goes to shit

No. 905559

Aside from what other anons have said, there's also the fact that most gay men like it in the ass to some extent and many are even exclusively into being penetrated. That automatically disqualifies TIFs with their dildos or bizarro neodicks for the absolute majority of gay male community full stop.

No. 905598

I know you guys typically don’t like trans men posting their perspective, but gay men can be fine with the strap. I’ve been successful on grindr as an exclusive top, but that could just be top shortage.

No. 905625

File: 1576347740828.jpeg (340.81 KB, 1239x1379, 1D387A94-6CB4-4577-AD91-4C14C3…)

debs, you realize youre a woman right?

No. 905627

File: 1576348200306.png (502.91 KB, 1080x1423, IMG_20191214_192851.png)

also fond of this dude following her instagram probably assuming shes an actual guy dressing up as a girl like bruh

No. 905632

Didn't she called herself a trap in one of the previous thread screenshot? (probably related to her lolita dress "You can't know what's inside")

No. 905739

ironically years ago she set her gender as male on facebook as a “joke”. Someone made a comment about why it’s set to male and she replied with something along the lines of “I like to confuse people muahaha >:3”

It’s just so bizarre to me that someone who was a trap as a joke, is now a virtue signally freak who shoves trans rights down people’s throats. Glad I cut this bag of crazy out of my life.

No. 905759

Not to be twansphobic but it's a known fact that plenty of "straight" men in long term relationships with cis females also use grindr for some dirty fun on the side. Actually gay guys tend to have 0 sexual interest in trans men or cis females. They're all about cock, ass, muscles and everything else male..

No. 905839

this cow keeps bringing this back up on facebook for whatever reason. She refers to lolcow as 4chan to make it seem worse than it is and her echo chamber validates her..I think they’re faking literally everything, like her race, how they can’t get a job, how different they are from cis people.

No. 905880

What about the FTMs being pounded by gay men in porn? They’re usually highly masculine but there’s still twinky ones too.

No. 905887

Porn isn't proof of anything. Many straight men star in gay porn.

No. 905919

Gay men are attracted to dick, not dildos

No. 905934

>gay men
How do you know? It's not like people have sexual orientation written on their faces, an actor could simply be a bisexual for all that matters

No. 905953

a lot of the performers in gay porn are gay for pay.

No. 906674

File: 1576597962717.jpg (151.28 KB, 675x900, IMG_20191217_164524.jpg)

"started my period, first catcall of the season"
This thing identifies as a they/them yet introduces its selfies by proudly proclaiming it's having its period. It also got totally catcalled u guize straight men everywhere totally want to fuck this living amorphous blob

No. 906677

File: 1576598233592.jpg (139.2 KB, 675x900, IMG_20191217_165422.jpg)

Gender is over because she ate it

No. 906694

there's too many posts to reply to and i'm too lazy to >> them all but:

i'm a transitioned gay trans guy who's been living as such for the past 3 years in a LGBT-heavy city. i can confirm that its very rare to see fakebois in predominately gay male spaces like gay bars, they're usually scared by the men and the dicks (many of them are "i hate men" people and just use being "gay" as an explanation as to why they're feminine). i've had success on grindr, but i'd bet that most of the guys i've hooked up with are "gay-leaning" bisexuals. i do not expect ALL gay guys to want to fuck me and i'm not offended at all when they don't, because i'm realistic about the world and my genitals. but, in my experience,
more gay guys are fine with dudeginas than you might think. it's just a hole, and like another trans anon said, strap-ons are a thing. although, as some people have said, the "i'm totally a guy even though i wear eyeliner and skirts and bows!" people get mostly ignored by gay men (including me).

inb4 "who cares", y'all keep talking about it so i might as well input my actual literal experience(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 906842

File: 1576627959117.png (265.23 KB, 1196x1212, boyo2.png)

Ok, now that the gayyden retard got banned we can go back to making fun of fakebois

saged for just being boyosperg being herself

No. 906924

File: 1576645661464.png (234.4 KB, 1080x1303, Screenshot_2019-12-18-12-06-05…)

No. 906994

i never see real gay men saying anything about fujoshis, they don't give a shit. anyone who rants about fujoshis this much is clearly projecting.

No. 907015

She bitches about them so much. She's soooo defensive about it and tries to hide behind "we gay men tho". If I posted every single one of her rants I'd end up spamming the thread.

No. 907197

Probably because she knows she’s a fujoshi

No. 907198

>Disclaimer: I'm gay, trans…

No. 907481

File: 1576758185977.jpg (Spoiler Image,259.32 KB, 1500x1000, EDICXAAA7.jpg)

Something I saw on twitter

No. 907486

Biological woman with tits and a pussy is mad gay men won't fuck her part 348285. But its really interesting how they turn against themselves and start to self loath while male trannys just attack lesbians with rape and death threats. Hmm.. almost as if we were socialized differently…hmm

No. 907499

"misgender transwomen to "save' their ships, completely ignore the existence of transmen/misgender us" cry me a river you delulu straight woman

No. 907505


i can see the projection visibly seeping from this post

1000/10 bet this bitch reblogs shit-tons of yaoi and decided she “was a gay man” from the fucking penis envy she got from reading yaoi

if anything, these “trans uwu softboi mlms” and “trans gay men” are the ultimate fetishizers, they fetishize gay men so much they want to literally wear their skin ewwww

so fucking glad i got away from the retarded fakeboi scene, it’s just all girls cutting down each other and narcissistic delusion

No. 907515

How the fuck is your brain male? The only time it can "act" male is the way it brings up symptoms for different illnesses.

No. 907520

>if anything, these “trans uwu softboi mlms” and “trans gay men” are the ultimate fetishizers, they fetishize gay men so much they want to literally wear their skin ewwww
Exactly. And the fact that they don't realize their hypocrisy… I seriously hate fakebois so much.

No. 907524

File: 1576770945504.png (1.56 MB, 750x1334, 2736139D-9D5E-42BC-8F8C-DCF57B…)

why must this bitch complain every damn time ppl unfollow bc they dont wanna see that rancid “trans posivity” microbikini and furry art? take a fucking shower

No. 907543

this is peak butthurt

No. 907580

File: 1576781231729.png (196.65 KB, 426x541, wattt.png)

It was a while ago I found on a random ""male"" instagram account. Technically straight so.

No. 907597

File: 1576785250121.jpg (72.83 KB, 500x667, tumblr_3bee8504baa67bc01fbfc13…)


#gay face tag #nb selfies #bi selfies #gnc selfies #transtrender selfies #transtrender #trendercore

No. 907647

She used to have a guro blog filled with gay porn, but it seems to either have been deleted or moved. His little fujo fakeboi friend seemed to also have a yaoi blog before trooning out called melons-yaoi, but again, it was either moved or deleted. I know they existed about a year ago, so they must have been working hard to erase their tracks to appear "pure".

This "Socksu", then "Melon", now "Lee" friend of hers is really interesting too, huge ass fujo in denial but as soon as she trooned out this year she went and erased any mention of yaoi. It appears some of the drama that originated from the private server was because someone got upset at Lee because they were trying to get them to like yaoi(?), and ended up leaving. It would be really interesting to find concrete proof that boyo has a tryhard fujo friend in her server, despsite him going on her blog to shit on random fujos. I wonder if she'll move the goalposts while trying to defend her transmasc nb friend being creepy kek

No. 907660

This shit grinds my gears to no end. "I'm a hetero woman, but this cis man who calls himself nonbinary is attractive so I guess I'm bi"

No you're not. It doesn't matter what the guy calls himself when he's a cis man who fully looks like a man.

No. 907684

File: 1576799535915.jpeg (Spoiler Image,309.62 KB, 412x698, CE807DCD-9AE8-46C8-BCE0-B4B7A9…)

the shitty sasuke tattoo looks like extreme armpit hair

No. 907687

This is disgusting. Who would fuck this? Why do these people constantly post vomit inducing thirst traps when no ordinary human would ever fuck a freak like this. The chasers probably love it though.

No. 907948

You can see the outline of her clit through her underwear, I need eye bleach

No. 908736

File: 1577053372173.png (601.18 KB, 460x590, 05.PNG)

Have some They/He ~twans artist~ drawing flags on everything

No. 908765

File: 1577057744465.jpg (Spoiler Image,231.26 KB, 750x563, tom-of-finland-750x563.jpg)

Tom if Finland eye bleach

No. 909925

File: 1577331156026.jpg (106.45 KB, 674x897, asdfghjkl.jpg)

Much misgendered…such boy…

No. 909955

File: 1577340318921.jpg (649.38 KB, 1080x1381, 20191226_010501.jpg)

I've never met a trender that wasn't a fat they/them weeb.

No. 909960

I don't see gay people in this thread. With all the bright colored hair,clothes and creepy smiles I see a bunch of clown fetishists

No. 909991

Gay is a feeling~

No. 910987

Is that Ashley Bailey (aka Lucinda Luke)?

No. 911773

File: 1577735106300.jpeg (256.38 KB, 1242x762, 021D5014-5C9B-4619-91E8-FCD88E…)


No. 912005

says the girl actually being into that shit

No. 912442

Being a "transboy" is the ultimate gross female fetishization of men/boys.

No. 912480

Imagine being this upset about fictional gay anime men written for women to enjoy. rofl

No. 912510

I had to go to a NYE party last night and this woman presented 100 percent female and i thought her and her wife were cute until she caught calling the other person her 'husband' and 'he' and it hit me that it was a fakeboy. I dont get these delusionals. they were at least 5'0 and 100lbs with zero muscle and long hair. how the fuck do you even consider yourself a man? because you dont shave your legs??

No. 912566

Can y'all help me to report this fakeboi to kick her ass out the minimal age to register is 13, I feel like my report alone won't be enough to make them notice https://www.instagram.com/cream._.cos/(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 912568

Fuck off. Not your personal army.

No. 912585

oh my fucking god I know some of these people I'm literally gagging


this clown is an acquaintance of mine… used to cosplay as a man and put on tons of make up and heels even in male cosplays, totally speared and then… she got pregnant and named the poor child ORION… was talking all the time during the pregnancy of how she could not wait until the child was out to do cosplay with him… god that was a wild ride, I still have her on facebook and it's absolute

I also know Sas'ke!! S/he an italian cosplayer who did some disgusting borderline porn videos with the gf at the time… total yuck, still has a yt channel somewhere, but those videos man I really hope they're lost

No. 912651

anon provide FB caps if you can. the fact that one of these ya-whos have a kid is wack. poor kid got a bad name too (no pics of the kiddo tho)

No. 912728


I am going through her fb anon, will take some time to delete all names (obvs no pictures of the child, that btw turned 1 already… poor creature)

No. 912738

File: 1577975321400.png (243.98 KB, 515x632, Screenshot 2020-01-02 at 14.28…)

No. 912739

File: 1577975745406.png (253.65 KB, 520x580, Screenshot 2020-01-02 at 14.35…)

had to modify all cosplay plans around her being pregnant…

No. 912754

>having a child as a cosplay prop
the fabled time is upon us

No. 914819

File: 1578419529735.png (923 B, 95x30, wat.PNG)

I keep scrolling at some he/him crossdressers (" ") but I'm getting disturbed at this

No. 914847

ye olde selfpost

No. 914885

Those are just captions for blind people kek.

No. 914914

File: 1578437229612.png (3.58 MB, 2105x1200, retquits.png)

Artist found on twitter ft how they draw themselves

No. 915244

File: 1578505179273.png (366.64 KB, 605x523, 88616446-0CD8-4E52-B57C-626C32…)

Anyone seen this snowflake? Yet another ftm who took after Blaire White by trying her hardest to be the biggest edgelord on Twitter.

Now I’m not someone who usually shits on others for politics but her whole “the far right has done more for LGBT acceptance than the left” attitude is kinda lol.

>inb4 “but she’s real twannzz not a fakeboi!1”

If we can discuss “Kalvin” here then certainly this should be allowed?

No. 915245

File: 1578505264619.png (49.8 KB, 602x430, 2DFD07D0-199A-47D2-B550-72F9CD…)

I’m sorry but I can’t take anyone who looks up to a cow like Blaire seriously.

No. 915628

File: 1578598884455.jpg (201.19 KB, 1080x1495, sketch-1578598990867.jpg)

No. 915742

a fakeboi I'm checking time to time (makeup & pic are really nicely done) changed to he/they after being questionned about being genuine abt being trans, interesting to see the phase live

No. 915766

that chubrrub girl is so embarrassing. it would be hilarious to attend that event though. i bet all the people in the audience for the "male body image" panel are fakebois kek

No. 915770

Imagine being a normal dude who decides to go to the panel in order to feel a bit better about his dadbod and seeing… that. Or an insecure teenage (real) boy looking for advice. Fuck her for taking up space that she doesn't belong in.

No. 915774


I have secondhand embarrassment for her, and anyone else on the panel. If she was at least trying to pass then that'd be one thing…

No. 915784

File: 1578617601701.png (753.27 KB, 553x730, Screen Shot 2020-01-10 at 00.4…)

This is Lev and Alexei. They are 'husbands' so at least not attempting to date actual gay men.
They are also Jewish converts who have, over the years, gone from regular white Americans to now refering to themselve as 'brown' . They had a lot f GoFundMes, and of course have a Patreon for people to indulge their hobbies. Obviously they're both handicapped for oppression points.

No. 915796

This literally reads like a Tumblr parody. Please tell me it's not actually real.

No. 915853

No. 915912

File: 1578645013582.jpg (316.28 KB, 2289x2289, PicsArt_01-10-03.29.37.jpg)

Checked the patreon of people in >>915784

"Pls donate bcs I don't wanna work" kek.

No. 915913

>We are both mixed race trans queer crips; Aleksei is a Ukrainian-Portuguese Sephardic Jew, and Lev is a Filipino-American of Cherokee descent with a Mexican grandfather of Sephardic and indigenous ancestry.

The description on their Patreon is the funniest thing I have read in a while. This is like a bullet list of disadvantage and self-pity and reads like a Tumblr fanfic.

No. 915932

that's an elaborative way to say white

No. 916027


I've never seen a Patreon where people list their living expenses as funding goals before. I guess they did too many GFMs already and had to find a new way to grift.

No. 916075

Who the fuck even knows their ancestors this much? And what does it mean to have so much mixed ancestors but no info on %? Seems like turbo bullshit. Plus they look whiter than my toilet paper. I don't get Murican attention hoes. How about they find a way to be valued for themselves rather than for whom their ancestors cummed in.

No. 916118

'ukrainian-portugese sephardic jew' that's a LOT of words for caucasian holy fuck

No. 916140

Jesus what is it with these people and their obsession with Jfashion? They don't do it well, they think Harajuku is still like this, and they try to be models despite being fat fucks. I like 2000's jfashion but I hate being lumped in with these people and having to associate with them SO MUCH.

No. 916146

I'm so afraid for the future if this shit is acceptable. Just what the actual fuck. Two hairy women pretending to be disabled for pity points (and a gay male couple??)

No. 916148

This is awful. Imagine having a baby and thinking 'cant wait to dress it up.' The cosplay community is such a shitstorm now a days.

No. 916157

Cause they're all closet weebs/yaoi fangirls who think they're flowery ukes. It's an attempt to make their yaoi fetishes/victim complexes seem less degenerate because "I'm a boy inside uwu" and lumping in bullshit politics.

>with a Mexican grandfather of Sephardic and indigenous ancestry
God this is hilarious. It's literally the thing basic bitches do where they go "I'm actually a cherokee princess muh grandfather was 1/16th native". Tfw being Filipino-American isnt oppressed enough and you have to mention your grandfather's 2% Mexican blood.
Pretty depressing that people actually donated to them though. What a waste.

No. 916163

Yeah any time somebody recommends me to sites like Ota-Q or Kei club or whatever I wish I could deck them, I don't want to buy tshirts that say "Respect my pronouns uwu" or read articles on why we need identity politics in lolita fashion, I just want to wear some cute shit. If they liked the fashion they'd make an effort to look nice and not just try to shield their gay fetish behind it

No. 917983

File: 1579001801076.png (1.44 KB, 257x34, ah.PNG)

update, went back to he/him with an important statement (yet still cosplays only anime girls pretenting it's crossplay)

No. 919625

File: 1579260827514.jpg (583.93 KB, 1852x1574, ECmDjZ9WkAUgKm3[1].jpg)

Three grody ass lookin' they/hes for the price of one

No. 919626

File: 1579260861447.jpg (200.26 KB, 1123x960, Dio-C3jXkAYxCBm[1].jpg)

all of these people are trans, apparently.

No. 919632

On their Patreon it says ''and Aleksei draws, paints, and studies ballet, history, and suffering.'' How can such a disabled person study ballet? What exactly does ''studying suffering'' mean?? I'm beyond confusion

No. 919634

To be fair, dance studies is a thing. You don't need to actually be able to dance to study dance from an academic point of view.

No. 919828

Could be history of ballet, could be adaptive dance for people with disabilities. Strange nitpick.

“Suffering” is an odd word choice, but there is a lot of academic work in sociology, neurology, biology, and philosophy on the topic of pain.

No. 920006

Is the pink haired balding one the same Caspian who ripped off his fakeboi s/o's resin work?

No. 920074


yeah but these two are just NEETS kek

No. 920192

File: 1579383343130.jpg (466.77 KB, 1080x1189, 20200118_143109.jpg)

Those eyebrows, I can't
3 facial piercings? Amateur.

No. 920388

File: 1579431802509.jpg (229.6 KB, 2048x1365, EORpPRCVUAIJ7oc.jpg)

I have no idea what debs/ferris/emiyannn thinks she's doing but she looks grotesque

No. 920397


yes honey, yes you are.

also what is it with these fakebois and their obsession with being underage? is it part of their yaoi obsession and being a smol uwu underage uke? is it part of arrested development ? somebody please elaborate for me because even in my fakeboi phase i couldn’t figure it out.

No. 920435

i always assumed they always mentioned it to disuade people from calling them out on their shitty behaviour. because they're minors so they can't be held accountable for things obviously!

No. 920469

It's basically >>920397 and an element of what you said. Nowadays, putting "minor" (rather than just whatever age they are, even if they are a minor) in their social media bios gives them an opportunity to be seen as a victim in any possible controversial circumstance, and fits along with the "smol frail shota twink" image they try to achieve, even when they're a "minor" who has a car and a job.

No. 920537

File: 1579469275713.jpg (211.7 KB, 2048x1364, EOmHvezWkAAyB_I[1].jpg)

I know you're wondering - yes, this they/he does their/his makeup like this every single day.

No. 920538

File: 1579469304807.jpg (453.37 KB, 1536x2048, EMpPJqaWsAEKg9c[1].jpg)

She dressed like this for Christmas… her poor, poor parents…

No. 920543

lol the crusty nails and the bronzer abuse in the second pic

No. 920662


this reads like an offbeat bride post jfc

No. 921329

People are weirdly obsessed with labelling anybody underage as a smol uwu minor baby who needs diapers and is still learning and has no braind owo when they're fucking 16 with a job, car, and boyfriend. It's creepy as hell to me but it's mostly loser 16 year old girls or they/thems who have no life outside the internet just trying to get attention.

No. 921427

This is the worst! As much as I dislike the "preferred pronouns in bio" nonsense on Twitter in general, can't you at least pic ONE and stick with it?!
And that makeup is really doesn't look very good without careful lighting and editing, yikes… (not that it looked that good to begin with)

Very majestic cat, tho.

No. 921459

File: 1579643063899.jpg (587.15 KB, 1080x1882, 20200121_223846.jpg)

what is it with fakebois and bad makeup + bad editing?

No. 921588

I chalk it up to the desire to look like a Real Yaoi Boy combined with a lack of actual knowledge & skill in makeup and editing techniques (plus a dash of self loathing)

No. 921821

File: 1579704562145.jpg (517.72 KB, 1080x1245, 20200122_154807.jpg)

seems logical

No. 921824

ot but damn that's a nice cat

No. 923111

I think I'll start calling these he/him cis girl; it's comparable to he/him lesbians.

No. 923574

File: 1579935549624.png (5.42 MB, 1242x2208, C868C565-D6B4-4195-BBF7-E4D967…)

Wow you can really see how testosterone aged and wrecked emiyannn’s face is outside of the heavily edited selfies. I don’t get why anyone would do this to themselves.

Also in this video she’s talking about why she’s so into pink despite being a ~gay man~

No. 924052

Chella is hot(no1curr)

No. 924093

Why can't they just accept they are tomboys, instead of damaging their bodies (mainly the liver) with HTR therapy? It intrigues me, really(namefag)

No. 924121

File: 1580058396402.jpg (56.72 KB, 886x902, external-content.duckduckgo.co…)

This is why tomboys need good representation in the media since nowadays we get told we're FtM by internet gender psychologists.
I'm half joking but not really.

No. 925915

Aren't you tired of fakebois pretending to be asian?

No. 926318

File: 1580486896864.jpg (11.54 KB, 247x45, 5456456.JPG)

She only does that when she's cosplaying male characters

No. 926797

File: 1580589653766.png (1.11 MB, 1262x712, Screen Shot 2020-02-01 at 3.41…)

No. 927389

>unironic smol bean shirt
I'm dissassociating

No. 927812

File: 1580769076427.jpg (204.11 KB, 740x1063, IMG_4408.jpg)

this shit pisses me off

offered the surgery for free, "can't wait" three years for a NON ESSENTIAL SURGERY so gimmebux

not to mention the waiting time is psychologically beneficial, rushing into it can lead to regrets as this is a phase in some people

No. 927960

File: 1580801863701.jpg (16.17 KB, 631x100, uok.JPG)


No. 927961

when you hate women but you hate men even more

No. 928083

When you hate women and men and don't realise it's really yourself you hate the most.

No. 928396

I think the illustrator was having a laugh honestly, like this was a commission they whipped up in 20 minutes for fast cash. Look at the S tattoo on the thing on the left. It has to be a joke on some level lol

No. 928763

Did y'all actually look at the article? It's satire you fucking tards

No. 928810

File: 1580983803248.png (10.4 MB, 3064x4096, unfortunate.png)

this is a self-proclaimed man. she dresses up like this every day afaik

No. 928822

File: 1580988983250.png (2.04 MB, 828x1792, 7E84C92B-17DD-4EAD-A73D-6B5B12…)

Do I have a Fakeboi for you

>Infamous in associated fandom for wanting favorite character she self inserts on to be gay, had a meltdown when he had sex with a woman for plot purposes

>has spent six months or so claiming to be a victim of homo/transphobia for ranting and main tagging the cast for not validating her OTP

>the extra irony is her fave character DOES have subtext with a male character, but that male character is GNC /possibly ace (and portrayed by an out cis bi man!), rather than the Straight Passing Masc Guy type she likes

>Also attacked the main f/f ship getting subtext and blocked a bunch of lesbians who called bullshit on her behavior

No. 928823

File: 1580989090745.png (728.8 KB, 828x1792, 8F2EF073-456E-4426-A24E-3AE8DF…)

Bonus: regularly claims that the guy portraying the character her self insert face down is Homophobic for shitposting on his main

No. 928836

Obviously not. Lol calm down

No. 928854

interesting icon OP. kpop twitter invasion confirmed

No. 928876

Get the fuck out kpoppie

No. 929214

No idea what show it is but it sounds like Tumblrbait: the series.

No. 929218

why am I not surprised a kpop stan obsesses in detail over some lunatic fujo

No. 929568

File: 1581138360881.png (174.34 KB, 669x1157, pb.png)

This is legitimately weird and bad.

No. 929576


i get majorly creepy vibes from this.

No. 929577

the amount of self hatred and infantilization on display is legitimately sad but normal for a tumblr aiden I suppose

No. 929596

Getting major fetish vibes from this

No. 929600

>portrayed by an out cis bi man

assuming this is about critical role (which that fandom is fucking insane to begin with, so I wouldn't be surprised), when did Matt Mercer come out as bi?

No. 929631

File: 1581162207151.jpeg (521.95 KB, 750x1057, 7311D5C3-F463-4986-80CC-D30AD3…)

wow epic dysphoria dude pushing ur tits together for a desperate instagram pic

No. 929699

she looks mtf

No. 929832

Not Mercer, Taliesin Jaffe, been out for a couple years. The loads of characters make it confusing, I know

It’s been days and I’m still seeing vagueing about the related fakeboi. This is why I don’t go near reddit or any discords for that fandom.

No. 929833

I’d say OP in the pic needs therapy, but a therapist would probably encourage this.

No. 930380

Paradoxical self-hating fetish vibes. It's surreal how much they both hate and praise men and femininity.

No. 930451

File: 1581351316524.jpg (183.93 KB, 1304x673, aaa.JPG)

Don't let the fujos be aware of this
(this pic related is just a random cis girl cosplayer not related to the fakeboi mess)

No. 930489

I already know a fakeboi who got one and they’re overweight so it looks hilarious

No. 930511

Is this just a silicone chest piece? It's definitely cool for cosplays like Ace from One piece, but that's all i can think it's good for.

No. 930512

She looks like shaggy from scooby doo.

No. 930517

Yes that it's point. In the video she even got an ask (it was a Q&A) if it can be worn all day for a trans, like, work out.

No. 930518

Forgot to mention is cost up to $600 (can be found around $200 during sales apparently)

No. 930567

Do you have pics anon?

No. 930654

This person wishes they were born as Abbacchio I bet

No. 930704

File: 1581394855031.jpeg (332.83 KB, 795x950, 6DA8F8D0-32E9-4574-BF7B-D03068…)

Sorry if I sound autistic, but can fakebois be classified into groups? I know it’s all fake but you have your Aschers, Tabbies, Olivers, Kalvins, Geheichous, and mini cows like each individual one which, although they share traits, they all seem to be different breeds of stereotypes/milk.

I saw pic related posted on 4chan’s /lgbt/ and it had me thinking. Maybe a similar meme could be made featuring our bois with their individual categorization/description and it could be the next OP pic? I kinda like it when OP pics feature the actual cows, but maybe that’s just me

I probably sound like a retard, but what do you guys think?

No. 930769

What would be the fit version of Aidan, like… a Colby? I'm thinking almost same behaviors as Aidan, but extremely buff and does camshows/onlyfans

No. 930791

File: 1581420511251.jpg (251.77 KB, 1080x1350, 1581338198162[1].jpg)

Encountered this beast on /cgl/

No. 930792

File: 1581420859815.jpg (215.41 KB, 1080x1349, 1581414547868[1].jpg)

It gets worse

No. 930795

say what you will, those outfits are cute.

No. 930801

I agree.

I don't really mind cross-dressing, to each their own, I guess, but he could have at least shaved those Chewbacca legs…

No. 930810

File: 1581425340399.jpg (48.67 KB, 540x405, 1529447793663.jpg)

expensive outfits wasted on a human abomination

No. 930833

Tabby is a well known fakeboi in these threads. God, and she admits she spends insane amounts of money on shit for aesthetics. She bought a collector's item that's extremely rare for about $300 and sought after by many video game fans and she admitted she never played the damn thing in the comments.

No. 930850

Tbh it's not even crossdressing because that's just a woman on male hormones lmao

No. 930921

possibly unpopular opinion but i don't even see anything bad in that. isn't that a well established concept in butch lesbian communities to take T just enough to get hairy and big while still obviously being women? a lot of these fakebois have a hard time letting go of the image of their womanhood despite obviously having serious misogyny and self hate issues to admit it.

have like…. any of them toyed with the idea that they're just lesbians? 2woke&progressive4u butches?

No. 931037

the dirty sanchez and the smirk they always has kills me. their outfits are always nice yeah but…. the stache and that smug smirk just. gets me every time.

No. 931578

and it’s funny? Y’all ever meet these ppl irl

No. 931633

File: 1581580361473.jpg (41.2 KB, 768x431, IMG_2305.JPG)

>tfw you're Ash

No. 931634

you could write an academic study on this lmao

No. 931658

Tabby's precisely a lesbian, she's dating another fakeboi, except she's trying to mimick a glam rock band member.

No. 931729

>I'm aging fast, I need to get my tits off immediately so I can live out my kweer fairy prince roleplay for the 5 years before I have before I turn 25 and become spoiled milk because that's the thought I've internalized as a woman!!!

I'm bordering on if this is some stream of consciousness sort of serious rant or actually poetry to point out the tragedy of the fakeboism and double standards of between genders. If latter, it's actually pretty powerful, but I doubt it's meant to be it.

No. 931857

I've thought about this before. They all want to be an uwu soft small boi, but none of these girls have thought about being an adult man.

I think that's when they'll start to regret it.

No. 931951


Nice to see this image is getting so much mileage.

No. 931986

>>but I want it NOWW

These types are so entitled

No. 932217

Is this Nightingem? Because she is a fucking mess.

No. 932690

File: 1581831067722.jpg (940.78 KB, 1440x2243, Screenshot_20200216-002940.jpg)

If you seriously think that SJW trash would be on here that's laughable. Trash heap tried to add me on Facebook and was all pissy that people didn't want to call her a stud because she looks like clown vomit

No. 932691

File: 1581831229107.png (298.86 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20200216-003349.png)

Same fag

No. 932694


Why are fake bois so obsessed with trashy drag culture?

No. 932767

>>930654 abbachio doesn't deserve the disrespect from someone trying to copy his appearance

No. 932798

It's nice when narcissists reveal themselves. Very helpful.

No. 932806

so they can be instathots but also sooper brave.

No. 933121

File: 1581962506406.png (196.17 KB, 606x429, wtf.png)

TIF, who takes a lot of "erotic" photos with her pussy out, had her breasts cut off and now wants to buy plastic breasts in order to cosplay as female characters.

No. 933149

No. 933151

She could have saved a lot of money by simply not having mastectomy surgery in the first place.

No. 933536


This shit is why I think any cosplayer who is also "trans" is just addicted to attention/image. This is the definition of "coming full circle".

No. 934420

File: 1582241379873.png (173.59 KB, 1124x682, 1486548238124.png)

My BF's online friend in an Aidan and hates how much of a degenerate she's becoming and made an edit of her

No. 934697

why doesn't your friend just stop being friends with them instead of making bitchy unfunny memes behind their back? are you 15?

No. 934709

File: 1582296873747.jpeg (293.72 KB, 1365x2048, 0FF68FBC-38A7-4BF3-B684-0A4530…)

Wow she looks so haggard. HRT really fucks up the skin of TiFs

No. 934714

Every time i look at this and think it's a parody of fakebois, i just remember that's how a lot of them speak. Gay feels, Gay mood, Gay hands, Gay kiss. Bonus for calling themselves "Former fudanshi"

No. 934744

I've met this fakeboi who was into cosplay that made the leap into he/him territory after getting a fucking boob job and becoming a drag queen lmao

No. 934922

goodness she creepy

No. 934941

The real kicker is when they start start calling themselves twinks.
I genuinely wonder what actual gay men think when they see that shit. Can't imagine it's anything nice.

No. 935907

File: 1582481349314.jpeg (7.51 KB, 225x225, images.jpeg)

do they/thems count as fakebois? Heres emiyannns friend “chas“ (@rockolla on twitter) staring into your soul

No. 936293

File: 1582543225766.jpg (181.39 KB, 1080x1446, IMG_20200224_181922.jpg)

"Intimidating" my ass.

No. 936337

no, because they aren't pretending to be boys. sage this dumb shit

always makes me kek when they have to post their pronouns along with their cringe ass pics because they so obviously don't look like men

No. 936793

File: 1582622642798.jpg (262.98 KB, 1288x2289, fujoshi.jpg)

I lost my braincells trying to make sense of this.

It's just funny those fujoshi are just shamelessly gonna call themselves fudanshi when they troon out. Bonus point the username is IRL-uke.

No. 936855

File: 1582644110472.jpeg (Spoiler Image,454.15 KB, 750x839, 202891D5-8081-4898-9BBD-A384BD…)

gotta hide that desperate bnha porn ur making behind a paywall now thanks to the sjws right asch? the deku jizz icon is already yikes

No. 936878

Ash is such a sad human being lmao
I can’t imagine there’s many people into this kind of thing.

No. 936884

This happens so often and it makes my brain melt.
>I hate fujoshis, but I'm a FUDANSHI so I don't count! It's okay because I'm a MALE FUDANSHI!!
Like what the fuck? How are you lacking so much self awareness? Not even self-proclaimed fujos are this retarded.

No. 936924

File: 1582659761612.jpg (7.82 KB, 243x208, images.jpg)

what is this penis? is this an animal penis? it looks like one of those all-natural strawberry rollups. is this for furries?

No. 936926

Very much so. It's a generic animal penis

No. 937020

File: 1582672437925.jpeg (Spoiler Image,214.93 KB, 750x1106, F47ED502-4DF4-441B-BA63-54B602…)

he’s so fucking disgusting sexualising a 15 year old in a desperate attempt for clout. also nice tits melon headass

No. 937021

File: 1582672637165.jpeg (Spoiler Image,430.58 KB, 750x996, 0B9FAAA2-8ED3-4413-A310-EFEAA1…)

people are already commenting deku is 15 years old on twitter. watch them delete this and whine about how antis are destroying their “livelihood” on their story again

No. 937022

this is so obviously a woman?

No. 937645

anon is probably respecting her ~pronouns~ and hasn't realized she's on an imageboard yet.

No. 938178

File: 1582863952620.jpeg (290.25 KB, 1522x2048, 62E93D76-DC73-4BF6-9AB1-717CC0…)

Yeah I can now empathize with why criedwolves copped out of womanhood and transitioned. I always knew she had an unfortunate mannish frame but after seeing this I’m shook, looks like a mtf from a clearance shemale porno. /lgbt/ may have been on to something with their cis hon meme.

No. 938180

did she ever have top surgery? she literally has a guy's body.

No. 938187

NTA but if a friend troons out it's infinitely easier to just smile and act nice around them to get along than to do anything to rock the boat. You know these are the kind of people who will write callout posts about you and tell and your mutual friends to stop talking to you.

No. 938242

File: 1582878528688.jpeg (89.81 KB, 720x960, C80A680F-9728-4C3E-92A7-15A4F4…)

Got suggested an artist named Jazmin Bean via Spotify and it turns out she is actually a transtrender ""they/them"", which is a shame, because I like her makeup (which is usually a lot freakier and more horror like) and aesthetic. Sadly she's also already had top surgery and chopped her tits off.

No. 938286

she hasn’t already had top surgery, she just binds and edits her chest.

No. 938314

File: 1582901539773.jpeg (Spoiler Image,445.88 KB, 828x796, 771146CE-4BD0-48D6-B90C-1DE8C2…)

No she did have the surgery, the wrinkly nips from hell do not lie.

No. 938320


That’s not the same person

No. 938325

Don’t you have to be an idiot someplace else? They came from the same Instagram.

No. 938330

isn’t she only 17? i don’t think you can get top surgery in the uk under 18

No. 938335

Are -you- an idiot? Those are clearly two different users. Anon even says that the one is Jazmin Bean, the other is Criedwolves.

No. 938345

Oh shit you’re right, for some reason I thought they were replying to the anon who asked if criedwolves had top surgery. Myb, I’m a dumb phoneposter.

No. 938447

She's had top surgery, but she certainly does not have a guy's body… at least not anymore. She always had wide shoulders, but now that she's off T and gained weight, she by no means looks passable anymore. Just looks like a broad shouldered woman.

No. 938456

File: 1582920245538.png (573.68 KB, 597x599, 1_C.png)

Another recent photo. You'd think she was detransing just by looking at this, but still insists she's a "boy". Even admitted on Twitter to being told she was in the wrong bathroom recently when in a public men's rest room. For someone who's been at this for so long, it's kind of impressive how little she passes!

No. 938620

File: 1582934080711.jpeg (235.83 KB, 828x1443, AF1C96D1-280D-48DD-8180-194431…)

don’t know if y’all have ever discussed them before but this is “kaiisyourhomie” on tik tok. used to be “zoeisyourhomie,” then they took a break for some reason that i don’t remember, now they’re back and cringier then ever

No. 938640

File: 1582937013737.png (1.14 MB, 1080x1603, Screenshot_20200228-173803~2.p…)

I wonder how long Zander will stay in denial? He was close last time by going off T. At this point I think he's only doing it so nobody can laugh at him for fucking up his life.

No. 938652

god, all of these people are the same

No. 938655

we used to be in the same highschool but I think she dropped out? As a girl she was pretty but hung out with a really bad crowd. Such a shame she ended up like this but also unsurprising.

No. 938832

File: 1582973782767.jpeg (278.1 KB, 750x776, 8B68F509-8713-4939-9BF6-A11278…)

saw this galaxybrain take on another cows thread
>throws fit if called woman
>wants to use womens resources

No. 938843

Hahaha, wow… they're only "men" when it's convenient. What an absolute joke.

No. 938848

looks like a disturbed casey frey. is that a mullet?

No. 938851

tiktok is absolutely heaving with these girls. Is punker_irl 16 yet? because she absolutely belongs in this thread.

does itz_jacob_33 count as a fakeboi? She makes a genuine attempt to pass but I kind of get the vibe that she's an isolated autistic lesbian from the middle of nowhere who latched onto the trans thing because it's more popular to be a twans boi than a butch lesbian.

No. 938855

what a fucking joke lmao. how's the poll looking? are their followers at least telling them to stop being such a retard?

No. 938871

most of her followers are also fakeboys and feed her delusions. yes you are a real man and a “mlm” married to a fictional character.

No. 938873

just found this weirdo in the wild on facebook and all she shares on her profile is absolute garbage about being 'asexual' and non stop tumblr screenshots

No. 938874

File: 1582981879228.png (175.65 KB, 765x635, cringe.png)

sorry i'm a retard and forgot the screenshot

No. 938875

File: 1582982019659.png (270.05 KB, 766x613, cringe.png)

same anon but 'he/him' while still looking like a fat dyke… at least half of the fakebois on this thread cut their hair short if nothing else

No. 938881

why do they type like that? wtf is with the m's?

No. 938884

its a group where you post pictures of long animals/object and you type with m's instead of n.
But her post is still stupid since it has nothing to do with the topic of the group.
Oh thats interesting what was she like?

No. 938886

in the webcomic that shes named after (vriska from homestuck) most, if not all, of the characters are given typing quirks different from the rest. just some weirdass roleplay shit

No. 938899


yeah it’s a typing quirk but it doesn’t even seem like she’s consistent with it kek. should’ve guessed the fakeboi who half asses passing would also half ass her role plays.

No. 938950

It’s definitely her face that clocks her (and possibly voice too) but for sure that is an unfortunate as fuck she-hulk body. If she went on a full dose of T for long enough she’d pass perfectly but she chose the “f2femboy” route which is why she fell flat on her failed face when it comes to truly passing as male.

No. 938955

File: 1583003715804.jpeg (1.64 MB, 3264x1840, 94B96DB2-B861-45EA-87A2-C982D7…)

Felt like this would be funny to post here, does anyone still browse the shithole that is 4chan’s /lgbt/? I recently went back to lurk for lols and they have a new queen named “Boris”, an ftm tripfag who identifies as “transmasculine bisexual woman”. She’s on T, currently getting a round of transitional surgeries that have gone horribly wrong. She’s clinically obese and instead of losing the weight to pass better she decided to get lipo on her hips to make them narrower. The lipo proved to go haywire and she’s been bleeding like a stuck pig, making multiple threads about herself to whine for sympathy crying “I’m gonna DIIIIE” and all the ftm chasers are trying to comfort her. Like you should have just stopped eating so much, you fucking pig.

Other fun facts about Boris:
>REEEEs at other any other ftms who get posted, especially skinny or better looking ones, calling them ugly or unpassable when she looks like picrel because she’s a jealous, insecure cunt
>is incredibly rude and snaps at people who try to be nice to her
>posts pictures of her ugly, obese dyke face in threads where it’s unasked for, calling herself “hot” (lel). she’s done this in threads about other ftms claiming to be hotter or “pass” better than them
>makes threads about herself to blog about her dull ass life everyday because some of the ftm chasers for some reason will act like they care, so she keeps going back for more, once got posted on /fit/ and made a thread “any /fit/ and /lgbt/ crossboarders here, I just want to continue the discussion about me here since the thread there archived…” it got about 3-4 replies of people telling her to piss off
>is a crazy vegan who also REEEEs at people who eat meat

I might be forgetting more, but yeah she’s a fucking whackjob and half the board hates her guts, but she returns for the positive attention she receives. Proves that even ftms who go through transition are crazy too.

No. 938988

File: 1583015376203.png (62.45 KB, 1861x519, wowie.PNG)


Glad you brought it up because everyone on that board is batshit. It's funny how similar /ftmg/ is to the more unhinged lolcow users.

No. 939038

Thank god these women will sterilize themselves and die alone.
It's a shame they had to be born at all, really.

No. 939048

it truly is. lmfao i totally get autistic lesbian vibes too, their videos make me so viscerally uncomfortable. i can’t tell if i feel bad for kids like syd or not. kai gets absolutely no sympathy from me - imagine marketing yourself as a fake trap because you want attention that bad

No. 939050

i had to read the first paragraph three times bc i felt like i was having a stroke. a transmasculine bisexual woman sounds like something somebody would make up to make fun of trans people

No. 939083

I’m pretty sure she does it so that the more ~transphobic~ posters respect her. Trying to be unlike the other transboys(tm). I had some fun messing with her when she was butthurt at people complimenting criedwolves’ body.

No. 939154


Wait till you faggots find out that costhots sexualize Misty from Pokemon

No. 939195

File: 1583045913058.jpeg (73.58 KB, 600x549, B40D1721-6E38-4323-A6C3-4FDD5C…)

imagine being this mad about cringe ass girls online. pic related

i thought that board hated trans and bi people? either way that is one fucking hot mess

No. 939215

Was thinking the same, but tbh sounds like they got some real issues lmao. They need therapy.

No. 939225

Can you post screens of any of this? It seems like a vandetta posting. You just posted someone's selfie.

No. 939271

File: 1583066901865.jpeg (75.49 KB, 750x314, 0891DDA2-790C-4928-9B41-F05B1A…)

ntayrt but i found their tripcode. “Boris !lEW022ox.I” would be nice if anon uploaded screens though because I can’t find a lot of pictures of them.

No. 939274

File: 1583067478568.jpeg (511.16 KB, 828x1251, 18F79C24-48A2-4C41-BAE7-4D8692…)

Yeah sorry, I was gonna but got sidetracked.

No. 939276

File: 1583067685265.jpeg (583.54 KB, 828x1324, 08B4B500-E44E-41C8-A935-47FEC4…)

Here is thread on the liposuction.

No. 939282

>>939271 Do you have context? Else we can't prove the first thing.
>>939274 Nothing interesting apart from posting a selfie. I guess it proves the name tho.
>>939276 Nice receipts, but someone getting surgery isn't really lolcow. Can someone post proof of the obesity? Not that being obese is lolcow either, but if we also have receipts of outright shitting on people over being skinny while being obese that'd be retarded.

I used the trip to find threads via Google:
http://boards.4channel.org/an/thread/3267277/bought-a-water-plant-got-a-bonus-tiny-snail-i - nothing interesting, just posting about snails
https://warosu.org/fa/thread/15005783#p15005789 - /fa/ - someone linked screen of her posting selfie thread
https://archiveofsins.com/lgbt/thread/14546640 - just made a comment
Nothing interesting much. Hardly a lolcow. More of an average 4retard.

No. 939284

File: 1583068924840.jpeg (393.35 KB, 2048x2048, 8EA2E8A0-7D15-4E5D-97D3-2983E9…)

She makes some “normal” posts but also plenty of cringe to go around. I’m having trouble finding a post in the archive where she brings up her exact weight but all the other anons will call her fat, obese, etc. and she doesn’t argue with them. This is a photo that gets passed around often.

No. 939286

>>939284 That's pretty boring. Also, not answering someone isn't a proof at all? She's using a name on an anonymous site. You're giving her attention and over pretty much nothing. Also, the surgery thread is recent. Pretty shitty to post the dyke now out of all the times.

No. 939287

File: 1583069830289.jpeg (593.38 KB, 828x1476, B36B0F06-1A45-4CB5-B313-FA0FE5…)

Don’t know anon, thought she seemed like a cringelord myself and plenty on the board agree. Do you mind at least saging your shit if you’re not gonna contribute though?

No. 939289

>crying about passing
Another deranged girl.

No. 939296

File: 1583071250415.jpeg (1.02 MB, 828x1549, 61E41457-AA16-4BA9-A4CA-6D7C84…)

Lot on this but
>sometimes I get mad that I can’t rape people because #tfwnodick
>but I am still a staunch feminist and not like those other commie ftms, huehue

Not defending other trannies but seeing people turn against their own kind to make themselves look “good” when they’re just as retarded makes me lol

No. 939305


lol even when they say they don’t want to look like women they always have to brag about how curvy/thicc/feminine their bodies are

gotta remind the males that you’re totes still fuckable and hot

i’m gonna puke; these girls are so delusional. “boris” seems like she’s stuck in a deep hole of denial she just can’t crawl out of; she admits to sex being immutable and how she doesn’t think transition really does anything.

she’s SO CLOSE to breaking free but she fucked up her body all for a combo of fetish and extreme body hatred. what a shame.

No. 939326

I don't know much about this girl but you made me curious so I searched her up and I found a post of her talking about how she wants to brutally murder her father because he is Jewish so she can steal his DNA.


No. 939331

She tries too hard to seem intellectual, and she talks so much. She's very unlikable.

No. 939459

File: 1583098877156.jpeg (188.14 KB, 828x386, F90B7BFB-EEE2-4977-A3D7-878271…)


Speaking of her going off on other ftms, I found an old post of her going off on Geheichou in the /ftmg/. Don’t know if this is hugely milky since Gehe is well, another fakeboi known for Photoshopping except hasn’t it been confirmed at this point that she’s on testosterone as well? Videos of her speaking in a male voice and all. The facial hair is more than likely real if that’s the case. Though the other ftms were calling Boris butthurt, accusing her of being jealous as usual, etc. because Gehe isn’t really bad-looking outside her Photoshopped pics (if you see her in motion).

No. 939820

Oh god this girl, I remember why she left. She was proclaming herself as "uwu smol boi trap" and parading around as a cis male. Some videos came out of her when she was younger, like twelve-ish and she was most obviously a female and not the cis-boy trap or whatever she was trying to pass as. People called her out on this and she completely backpedaled and played the "I was only pretending to be a trap to cope with muh dysphoria!!" She's quite lulzy even now, worth a look.

No. 939909

Fucks sake, these retards always invade random unrelated Facebook groups with their MUH TRANS RIGHTS bullshit. I just want to look at cute animals, fuck off.

No. 940044

yep and the most annoying part is that everyone eats that shit up and she’s got thousands of stans that drool over her on the daily.

No. 940460

File: 1583269428622.png (57.48 KB, 1062x718, Screen Shot 2020-03-03 at 20.5…)

anyone know why kalvin got suspended?

No. 940504

Was the third or fourth time that she got banned for ban evasion.

No. 940562

File: 1583283695669.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1600x2409, 61AC44FF-F09B-4418-8E28-238498…)

Her original ban was for going apeshit after this freak, right? Elliot Fletcher, the troon from Shameless, just because she made some tweet about nonbinary genders?

Kalvin is insane. There’s responding with criticism and then there’s flat out harassment.

No. 940838

File: 1583336907296.jpg (492.5 KB, 1275x1650, ESOBIKTXsAYcP4A.jpg)

Girl dresses like a girl, acts like a girl, likes girly things. Girl needs to feel uwu special. Girl decides she's not a girl. Girl realizes she doesn't feel comfortable with not being a girl. Girl continues to insist she's not a girl nevertheless because SJW brownie points are the only things that matter in life.

No. 940839

File: 1583336942819.jpg (624.3 KB, 1275x1650, ESOBI3bWsAAYYOS.jpg)


No. 940840

File: 1583337062511.jpg (587.52 KB, 1275x1650, ESOBbDxWsAEcNrG.jpg)


No. 940842

File: 1583337171958.jpg (391.39 KB, 1275x1650, ESOBbzoWsAILz1L.jpg)

No. 940844

This is why you need to go outside. Not sit inside and ask yourself dumb ass questions.

No. 940853

Internalized misogyny

No. 940912

“i’m just me!” like enjoying cutesy shit is intrinsic to being female. reminds me of jill, like all this plastic shit is essential to womanhood, transgenderism is so first world. and watch this poor excuse for self reflection get thousands of likes.

No. 940935

What a shame. This art is very cute.

No. 940947

File: 1583354955561.png (314.13 KB, 568x852, why.png)

26 year old grown ass woman who claims to be trans, autistic, have multiple personality disorders and bpd will rather spend her money on ahegao hoodies than therapy and looks like a complete wreck.

She also has panic attacks over animal crossing

No. 941347

It just hurts me to see talent being wasted like that

No. 941645


lol, they found this and are blaming an entirely innocent person for 'doxing' them, like there could only ever be one person who dislikes their bullshit

woke warriors labeling someone they don't like as a Nazi and a TERF b/c they couldn't possibly think of anyone else who might find their dramatic batshittery eyeroll worthy

fuckin love it

No. 942008

File: 1583526561512.jpg (15.24 KB, 781x33, hh.JPG)


No. 942318

File: 1583583927639.jpeg (109.3 KB, 750x417, DBD851A4-64B2-4F40-8F94-BB6144…)

this is so delusional. transition goals!
>anime character
>anime character
>that’s it

No. 942321

26 years old. ahegao hoodie…

No. 942357

she's literally the same as agps

No. 942372

This is so depressing. Every stupid person obsessed with anime/video games seems to be a tranny now. You're never gonna look like a bishounen irl

No. 942382

File: 1583598379444.jpg (90.24 KB, 720x952, tumblr_b1f44bf786549105ba34f92…)

No. 942827


This is too good! Does anyone know who they're blaming it on? Sounds like a YA author but I can't think of any who fit the "Nazi TERF" description.

No. 942900

File: 1583710511949.jpeg (378.51 KB, 1242x2005, AB4271BB-C8B3-415D-A0B5-800A5F…)

this is the quite possibly the dumbest shit I have ever seen.

No. 942901

File: 1583710580626.jpeg (1.43 MB, 1242x1519, F7024BAB-12B7-481C-899D-4850DF…)

this is the gender-expansive enby bemme in question.

No. 942902

This is honestly a real insult to any women out there struggling. this stupid bitch

No. 942922

File: 1583719452549.jpg (137.46 KB, 810x1440, IMG_20200308_210354.jpg)


No. 942929

a fellow queer Jewish author, believe it or not.
they've been DMing people about it and providing no receipts whatsoever, unless outrage counts as receipts

I wonder what she did to piss them off so bad. probably called them out on their bullshit lmao

it honestly never ceases to scare me that there are literally people out there who call anyone who disagrees with them nazis. like you expect it to be a bullshit stereotype but nope. even if you're openly Jewish you can be a nazi to these types of people

No. 943046

I mean I'm fine calling this a he, kinda look like a failed mtf

No. 943172


> don't call me a woman

> girl is okay

Someone doesn't wanna be a grown up

No. 943250

meanwhile, she's grown up to be the equivalent of about three adult women.

No. 943269

she's cute… girlfriend material. man what is happening to all the former dyke lesbians, they're going extinct

No. 943306

Actually lesbians are rare now because all these stupid fakebois are girls who hate themselves and anything remotely feminine. It's so shitty and sexist.

No. 943406


This is hilarious, but WTF at "you disagree with me so you're a literal nazI" being an argument that apparently smart people use.

No. 943435

Could all these "this ambiguous cartoon character is actually 15 what a pedo!!!!!!!" spergs just be banned? Pretty sure you're the same newfags who blogpost about their totally real non-ayden dysphoria.

I mean she looks like an ugly man and has the aggressive, entitled male behavior down to a T so good job passing I guess?

>i thought that board hated trans and bi people?
You were dead wrong. 4chan's /lgbt/ isn't nicknamed /tttt/ for nothing. It's literally all AGP hons and self-hating FTMs.

Woof. The art is too cute to be wasted on this.
>I'm a feminine girl who loves traditionally feminine things but hates the societal pressure and fetishization placed on me because of my gender so instead of working on that together with other women I'm just gonna be a not-girl, so progressive uwu

No. 943454

I feel like a lot of these women are just scared of growing up. Leaving the safety of being immature. So they live online in a bubble.

No. 943615

theyre only fine with femininity as long as they call themselves males while preforming it -cause you know, being fem in an XX body is grody and for normies

No. 944150

Kinda funny who it wasn't well perceived to self diagnose depression and such other things because how serious the subject was but know you can claim anything and it's valid

No. 944471

So I have a question for you lot, I'm a NB person. But I don't agree that non binary people are Trans, or are like trans w/m. I've been called a turf for a while, because of my proclaimed self hate. I've tried for the longest time to get people to understand why I feel NB, but because it isn't the traditional stance on NB. I am called a Terf. But I do nothing put respect trans people. I recognize that being NB and Trans are two different things. But NB people have filled this stigma that being NB trans is gender non conforming, but then turn around and use (she/her/him/his/he) pronouns. This confuses me. Because I don't resonate with that stigma. When I claim to be NB I don't want to be a man or woman. I am a biological woman by the way. I don't want identifying features that show me as a man or a woman. I actually hate being called she/he. That is a very hard thing to achieve, I know. But to put it in a visual aspect I don't want breast/pectorals, or a genitalia/genitals. Removing all forms of my sex/gender completely, because that is the body I feel comfortable in. But I know that, that is impossible in this day and age, we just don't have the research or the technology. I don't like Transtrenders, and NB's that claim to be trans, when NB is to not want to be in the binary. It completely contradicts the term "non-binary". Maybe I am confused. But I feel the Trans NB are confusing NB with gender fluidity. I feel that is far more gender conforming as to how they say they are. I apologize for the wall of text by the way. I know forums like this don't really like stuff like this,but I am new and I really don't know the etiquette. I would like the insight on people who don't Like trans trenders, and NB's that do what I stated above. Because I've been told by NB people that I am not NB, I'm just a Terf hurting the NB agenda, but their agenda is really confusing with all the contradictions that they spew. I thought going to the other side of the spectrum would help me understand why I feel the way that I feel. I have been going to therapy for this for 3 years, and I am sure that is this how I feel, and what I want. I just need to find a safe way to achieve it. If this make sense to you. I'd like to have a discussion about it. Thanks for your time, and insight.(blog)

No. 944476

just be gnc like a normal person

No. 944478

this isn't the place newfag
go back to tumblr.

No. 944479

That's the point though. I'm not GNC. Being in the binary is not what I want to achieve.

No. 944480

Don't get your titties chopped off for the love of God.
I went through a phase of not wanting to accept my gender, you're probably fairly insecure- maybe look in to why you can't accept yourself for the way you are instead of looking to change it

No. 944481

If it's really that bad then just dress and style yourself ambiguously, there is absolutely no need to go through treatments

No. 944482

Like it or not, unless your intersex which is a disorder, your one of two sexes so you're just gonna have to get the fuck over it. Maybe get a job or hobby instead of pondering gender all day. I promise, with a fuck load of work you wont give a shit what made up gender you are. You dont havecto be a feminine woman or masculine male, either just do what you want. It ain't hard.

And this is a gossip board so do, please tell us about your friends. The embarrassing ones.

No. 944486

I do have a job, and I do have hobbies, that's silly thing of you to assume so, I'm working as we speak. I can just multitask. I know what intersex is. That's why I want to get surgery to remove those features. I know I will always be female sex wise, but to feel more comfortable in my skin, I'd like to removed those telling features.

As for a friend, she is the one that called me a terf. She identifies as Male, even though she presents as female. At first I was very supportive because I thought she was pre opt, she doesn't have dysphoria (as far as I can tell) I have trans friends who I've asked about, and they said what she was describing as dysphoria is so shallow and surface level that it's laughable. But she still claims to, and claims that she is trans. I asked her when she's getting surgery. She said never, and that she didn't need to. And she started asking to be called he/them around a 4 years ago. She claims to have dysphoria, and I for the life of me can't see how that is. She wears dresses, She doesn't take hormones, nor does she present as male. Now in the present, she no longer claims to have dysphoria, and that you don't need it to be trans. She respects me as a older friend (underclassmen), and I don't want to hurt her feelings, but I feel it's going to result to that at some point and time. << That a good enough story for you?

No. 944487

what's her tumblr/twitter/Insta?

No. 944488

She doesn't have them anymore sadly, she has a facebook, but I'm not really into doxxing, ya dig?

No. 944498

This is so not the place for this but I feel bad for you so, ur prob an old school gnc tranny, read stone butch blues and testo junkie by Beatriz Preciado which r two wild different takes on the sameish gender or lack thereof, and read actual rad fem lit.

I’m of a similar condition? I guess? I’m transitioning but I have no desire to do the social song and dance, it’s basically really gatekept cosmetic surgery to me. If you go thru w any sort of treatment you have to really truly understand and come to terms with the fact that androgyny is a lie and you always be gendered as either a woman or a man even if ur a weird one, the gender binary isn’t something anyone chooses to live under. And since you don’t want to move your social position in the world as a woman this means that if you do go through with any sort of procedure you then have to live the rest of your life being seen as a freak ass woman, or maybe man. If anyone clocks you as a tranny it’ll rarely be what you hope.

No. 944499

Samefag but it’s really weird but they call anyone a terf now back in the tumblr days saying you believed someone needed physical dysphoria to be a real tranny just meant you were truscum

No. 944524

You know what? Sometimes I think it would be fun to be a squirrel instead of a human. Think about it, squirrels don’t have to get a job, they don’t have credit cards, student loan debt, they don’t care about how they look, and they don’t know anything about war or genocide. They just run around and eat nuts all day! Unfortunately there’s no surgery that will make me into a squirrel so I’m just gonna have to suck it up and get over it.

You should probably stop spending so much time wishing a fairy godperson could magically zap your genitals and boobs away because this is how dumb you sound.

No. 945137

File: 1584136887202.jpg (222.38 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_20200313-175900_Chr…)

Spotted on FB. Sigh.

No. 945313

>I am a biological woman by the way.
Shocking. I could've never been able to tell by your obvious repulsion of being sexualized like women are. Call yourself a "nonbinary" all you want, it won't make your sex go away. Learn to live with it like the rest of us and help change the society to see women as respectable people. And take your blogposting elsewhere.

TERF is a catch-all muffler for anyone who trannies dislike now, even if you're supportive of trans people. It doesn't mean anything anymore and it's basically hijacked by trooncels to demonize women.

>You should probably stop spending so much time wishing a fairy godperson could magically zap your genitals and boobs away because this is how dumb you sound.
This. These people can throw tantrums and write bleeding heart vents all they want about how they wish to get rid of all traces of their sex but it will not happen, sex is a biological binary and people will always assign you one no matter how androgynous you are. Accept it and move on, it'll make your and everyone else's lives easier.

No. 945318

File: 1584180119616.jpg (486.31 KB, 1080x1169, 20200314_110059.jpg)

Stumbled upon this complete horror show on twitter,enjoy this mini dump.

No. 945319

File: 1584180160698.jpg (701.18 KB, 1080x1849, 20200314_105415.jpg)

No. 945321

File: 1584180321610.jpg (749.93 KB, 1080x1857, 20200314_105341.jpg)

No. 945323

File: 1584180583059.jpg (784.18 KB, 1080x1843, 20200314_110759.jpg)

So many horrifically disfigured-looking fakebois insist on calling themselves ultra hot and it always seems like a desperate cope to me.

No. 945325

she's actually disgusting to me. that pre-teen mustache and the faces she makes are truly repulsive

No. 945326

That's because it IS a desperate cope. They know they fucked up and didn't turn into the magical hot pixie boy/burly hunkster they were going after, instead they got a busted face with acne and scarce teenage facial hair while still standing at 5ft5 and possibly going bald. That's why they can't stop posting about how they ~totally slay with their looks truscum fuck off~, they really need that validation each and every day. Can't blame them.

No. 945337

Imagine having facial hair and STILL not passing

No. 945376

Guy probably moved because she reeked of BO or something, not because she's soo attractive. Or maybe he got up because he realized his stop was next, or wanted to make room for people who need to sit more than he does. Or any other mundane reason to move on a train, because the world doesn't revolve around one cookie cutter fakeboi.
It's so embarrassing when cows try to involve strangers in their delusions, like I guarantee these people are just going about their daily lives and never gave you a second glance. You're not special.

No. 945380

Do trans-men trannys have some reverse BDD where they all think they are hot and the most beautiful thing on earth when in reality most of them are ugly incel looking dorks.
Even a trans-man that i knew in real life was just like this and she would call everyone ugly while talking about how ''hot'' and ''handsome'' she was.
Trans-men are just vapid,insufferable and shallow,narcissistic clowns.

No. 945401

100% cope from ugly women

No. 945438

if only you know how that fakeboi looked like anon…they looked like a rat and they were super short but they out of all people would constantly comment on other women's and other fakebois appearance.
One time i got tired of that shallow bitch constantly shitting on other people's appearance so i called her out and told her that she shouldnt be the one to talk and you should have seen her shocked reaction and her ego wounded.
Oh and she was also a yaoi shipper before becoming a tranny.

No. 945454

she was actually kinda pretty, but now she looks like a weirdo creep that spends a lot of time on r/mgtow. i can't imagine she passes irl, she's probably really short like they all are.

No. 945474

Hey there's one now
Fuck off back to /lgbt/

No. 945477

It's always short people who act rude af.

No. 945484

>implying being a fakeboy isn't the ultimate cope from ugly women

No. 945510

im pretty sure that anon was saying that trans-men are ugly women coping which i agree with.

No. 945724

How come this thread is allowed when discussing trans ~women~ has been practically banned?

No. 945729

admin is a tranny CONFIRMED

No. 945757

It's not banned, there's literally a thread right here >>867400

No. 945759

I think it's been auto-saged

No. 945762

Just checked, it hasn't been.

No. 945770


AYRT, its always the ugliest fujoshits who think they’re hot shit ain’t it?

calling themselves MLM’s, thinking the equivalent of a social game makes them more woke than the average fujoshi and they have entitlement to gay male dick bc they “identify” as such

No. 945781

Why is always short girls (like 5ft tall and under) who troon out? All the fakebois and enbys I've seen are ridiculously small for women standards.

No. 945797

Haven't noticed this trend because most female trannies I've met are around 5'5" (or 165cm). But I would guess it's because they're already in a weakened position as a short woman and think testosterone and lopping off their tits make them a manly lumberjack that can't be threatened.

No. 945826


This. Every fakeboi/transtrender FtM is just trying to run away ftom their vulnerability and insecurity as a female.

No. 945902

>calling themselves MLM’s
I’ve ONLY seen trannies do this. Never an actual gay man. Seeing “mlm” in someone’s username or bio is basically a giveaway that they’re a woman.

No. 945914

God about this comic I sadly stumbled upon the artist the post on instagram jesus:
"i wanted to make an accessible piece that didn't lead with gender, that framed things in a way that didn't strictly define things with terms or jargon. i wanted to make a comic everyone could read and empathize with. 🎀 labels can be confusing! i haven't even found mine yet— i don't even know if i'll ever find one… and that's okay! to be honest, i was really nervous to post this… i only recently thought about my gender, and it scared me! i thought i was faking it… i was scared! 🌸 but i guess these are just my thoughts in the most simplest of words! i hope in the future that media like this will become commonplace, so that kids growing up will have access to it… i'd like to share this kind of thought with everyone!"

No. 945919

File: 1584300434674.png (1.64 MB, 1275x3300, impressionable.png)

The first part of this comic as well, how can you be this easly influenced and focus so much on gender where it doesn't even freaking matter lol…

No. 945922

It always confuses me when ppl dress and style themselves hyper fem yet insist they're a boy

No. 945932

I think they just have a trap fetish. Crossdressing hyper feminine men are a staple in BL, I think hyper feminine TiFs just want to be cute girly shota ukes

No. 945943

>only like feminine clothes
>draw everyone wearing feminine clothes
>people mistake your male characters for girls
>this makes you not a girl

No. 946043

confirmation bias. I'd say there are as many tall ftms as short ones

No. 946760

File: 1584486069612.jpg (64.98 KB, 650x572, 96c.jpg)

this is literally the "Draw a girl, call it a boy" meme

No. 946765

File: 1584488436830.jpg (208.94 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_20200317-155858_Chr…)

>>945137 popped up on FB again. I guess at least she's not wearing makeup this time but lol@"masculine". Honey you look like a perfectly average girl, not the hot gay man you imagine yourself as.

Curious if her fiance is another fakeboi or if she's ones of the ones with a (straight or bi) cis dude.

No. 946768

so is she one of those girls that just doesnt grow armpit hair? As far as I know men dont mess with their pits unless their faggots because the hair actually helps keep the sweat in.

No. 946823

>so is she one of those girls that just doesnt grow armpit hair?
She probably just shaves it so she can be a ~cute uwu yaoi boy~

No. 946834

She just looks like a soft butch with nice cleavage, really cute actually. Hope she grows out of these delusions before she starts destroying her body with hormones or heaven forbid has one of those arm skin bologna meat tubes made.

No. 946885

In the first cap/time I saw her she claims she's been on T for 6 months. I assume she's either on a super low dose or lying since she doesn't seem to look at all like its had any effect. She just looks like a normal girl.

No. 947344

File: 1584600162442.jpg (526.78 KB, 1080x1853, 20200319_023629.jpg)

Not 100% cow but cringe nonetheless.
>Netflix actress from that wokey bastardization of the CAOS comic
>enby and "trans guy"
>insecure tomboy/butch vibes

No. 947345

File: 1584600197194.jpg (940.78 KB, 1069x1851, 20200319_023732.jpg)

No. 947346

File: 1584600223780.jpg (569.97 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200319-023157_Ins…)

No. 947347

File: 1584600257424.jpg (480.33 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200319-023300_Ins…)

Of course she is.

No. 947368

late but she's expansive alright

No. 947378

>I think gender is a man made concept
Ugh, these people don’t understand that they’re propagating the exact belief systems they claim to be against.

No. 947532

Notice the reoccurring theme of "I identify as everything but a girl"

No. 947663


So many 'enbies' are just self-hating women who want to detach themselves from femininity because they, (and society as a whole), perceive it as inferior to masculinity. It doesn't matter what pronouns you give yourself, the world will still see you as female. Maybe they could fight for fellow women instead of sticking their heads in the sand and slapping PC-jargon to what is essentially the 2020 edition of 'I'm not like other girls.'

No. 947760

These girls would be on the lower tier of women in society and were almost definitely bullied for it.
Hey you can't lose a race you're not running in.

No. 947785

Holy shit, anon, you need some therapy because your views on your body are seriously fucked up. Were you abused as a kid or something? This is such an unreasonable and insane way of thinking about yourself. You are deeply unwell.

No. 947790

Some of them are simply not feminine and were probably shamed for it.

No. 948465

>I live my life outside of gender roles

A r e y o u s u r e a b o u t t h a t

No. 948537

I've seen some hyper feminine women (long hair, make up, presenting cleavage…) calling themselves enbies, and getting really angry when you call them "she". They harp about how being NB has nothing to do with looks, that they can look like anything, then what does it even mean? Rhetorical question, I know non binary is bullshit, but what's going on in your mind to want to identify as something so nebulous?

No. 948741

File: 1584926969490.jpeg (372.46 KB, 1800x1198, D65BE955-35AE-43A1-8256-DE13D7…)

Has everyone seen this already? It’s a girl who took her kpop obsession too far and got PS according to twitter but I can’t find any sources.
But I love how everyone is saying “he” and “guy”.

No. 948743

File: 1584927200481.jpeg (75.96 KB, 750x740, 68303519-1079-4475-BB67-EE5634…)

It looks like latex but it’s still a troon I want deets on

No. 948744

holy fuck i hope this is not real. this is legitimately sleep paralysis demon tier. i just want to rip off that piece of skin, it's so thin and is so far forward from her actual eye…

No. 948834

Even taking racism to this extreme. this is legit terrifying.. what the fuck. We got another Oli london?

No. 948835

?just because my body is female, doesnt mean my mind is too

uhhh?? except i understand people not catering to gender and social norms, but this non binary shit is always the total opposite, it seems. You can be a woman and not care for gender stereotypes or you can be these fake bois and do more harm to women than good. i hate how dumb these bitches are. You cam be a woman and not be a stereotype set by a man made system

No. 948837

Yikes. I really feel bad for our society when women this young as already throwing themselves into 'enby/trans' route… this is sad.

No. 948977

There's literally no words I can use to describe how scary this actually is. My god. It doesn't even sit properly on her face.

No. 949021

File: 1585013402889.jpeg (91.31 KB, 711x388, 7A882E55-FE25-48A3-95FC-C9506E…)

This is all I can find and since the tweet is deleted and I’m a smoothbrain, I can’t see more.

No. 949024

File: 1585013750685.jpeg (170.06 KB, 750x979, E49EE80F-B518-4F11-877E-8DA6C5…)

Maybe “”””he”””””” really did it lol

No. 949035

>just because my body is female, doesnt mean my mind is too
I’d love to see her try to respond to someone who asks her what a “female mind” would be like. You’d see the internalized misogyny jump right out of her.

No. 949036

those eyes are straight up uncanny valley. Legitimately terrifying and alienesque, in the worst of ways

No. 949039

File: 1585017783143.jpeg (19.39 KB, 600x311, F62C8A6B-11BF-4294-8DBE-610888…)

Fire in the sky head ass alium

No. 949042

File: 1585019082521.jpg (40.01 KB, 634x390, 3C12451B00000578-0-Heart_wrenc…)

Is this what she was aiming for???

No. 949047


I found the cache version of her being abusive but not the PS shit
(It looks like she deleted completely because her account is gooone)

No. 949048

File: 1585024539358.png (32.08 KB, 180x219, 38502037-4a04-468b-9352-ad73a2…)

She threaten to commit suicide if the OP didn't take down the thread lmao

If anyone wants to read the thread about her, it's been archived already: http://archive.is/uiUZp The cached version doesn't work for me anymore.

She was known as nintendicc on instagram (deactivated when her pictures went viral) and she goes by Misha. The surgery really fucked her up. She used to look like a cute e-girl before she started cosplaying as a kpop boy.

No. 949051

kpop truly is a mental illness

No. 949054

>She threaten to commit suicide if the OP didn't take down the thread

of course, i wander if we can get some more milk out of this

No. 949066

>Is of Navajo decent
Bitch where? if she was substantially Navajo she wouldn't need that monstrous PS. Dumb bitch is just LARPing what ever she can to not be a basic white bitch.
I'm glad she fucked up her face

No. 949079

Wait so that surgery is actually fucking for real?

No. 949096

Ugh, that person….at first I thought the art was kinda cute so I checked some other places and found out that I crossed paths with her long ago in adc server we both were in. Shot into my dms and went berserk on me when I talked with others in a channel about something and made it all about her. Such a waste of talent.

No. 949097

File: 1585055407340.png (75.58 KB, 589x764, fgd.png)

All her accounts are on lockdown so sadly not.
Yes lol.

No. 949139

Hoooooooly shid I thought there was no way it could be real.
How do you explain to a surgeon that you want to “look asian?” How does a surgeon agree that “yes, I will make you look like another race.”
Ah, but how could I forget. Surgeons will cut tits and dicks off for money. Of course.
>yo what you want
>just fuck my shit up with that asian face fam
>say no more

No. 949192

When are they going to finally ban kpop and yaoi bullshit? This shit is clearly harmful for teenage girls

No. 949249

File: 1585085307385.png (1.04 MB, 861x1011, 1_Fake.png)

Come on guys, this is just someone (or several people) trolling. In this pic in particular, it's very clearly a thin latex film and makeup. Here, I increased the contrast and marked where the edges are. Perhaps it's hard to see on a phone screen, but on a proper monitor it's clear as day.

No. 949258

This, especially on that right eye (our left) lmaooo it had me cackling though, fucking deli ham face

No. 949261

It looks weird by the nostrils too. What if that’s just where the skin graft attaches? I have no idea how skin grafts work so feel free to call me a retard.

No. 949267

Skin graft is an actual surgical procedure (mostly used on burn victims and to cover large wounds in general), but I reckon you meant the latex. The areas around the nose I think is just a missed spot where the make up didn't stick. A typical spot to miss when using a sponge to apply foundation.

No. 949272

Yeah I was saying what if it’s not latex but skin and that’s where it attaches. But seems unlikely now.

No. 949275

Does really look like a scar over the nose, and didn't some Brazilian faggot have the same kind of thing done or was he trolling?

No. 949288

oh please, it's not that shit fault. i blame more the tumblr culture and letting people do whatever they want and never criticizing them. we grew up in a weird time where you cant judge anyone or anything, Yaoi and music have nothing to do with it. if someone is retarded, anything can set them off, even shows or movies.

No. 949330

File: 1585102480588.jpeg (266.92 KB, 750x923, 6AC6BD62-461D-4231-8355-1A436F…)

Disgusting as always

No. 949347


My fav thing about Tabby is that she's turned herself into a greasy manlet with a pedo-stache, receding hairline and the most grating voice known to humankind. She literally looks like a creepy uncle.

No. 949352

Yet despite all that, manages to look instantly clockable as female.

No. 949399

She's even milking her comic by selling it. Curious how you know it was her if it true (lol), was she already making art?

No. 949401

I saw her online last week but wasn't sure if she was just a dude with terrible taste. She doesn't use any trans hashtags or mention it in the bio. But my first thought was female due to the body size, facial expression and eyes.

The bearded lady trend is definitely the weirdest one.

No. 949405

Not only does it look fake AF, but how can anyone seriously believe this random kid would even have the money to afford multiple surgeries to achieve this look? These racist lame cosplayers never have jobs and they refuse to pay for anything themselves. Definitely wouldn’t have sugar daddies funding them. It’s just makeup and PS.

They don’t use skin grafts to create a fake epicanthic fold, they use hyaluronic acid(dermal filler). That’s how that Brazilian guy, Xiahn, shaped his eyes and a few others have done it. Especially look how bizarrely the “skin” lays over Misha’s eye corner, creating a pocket that would be a infectious hazard or just tear in real life.

No. 949425

File: 1585139094619.png (135.82 KB, 590x1212, boyonetta1.png)

Boyonetta is back to sperging about fujoshis, so here you go. It's funny, considering her discord server is literally a fujo den full of aidens. Also, I'm disappointed she doesn't post more selfies. Kiwifarms gave her one little scare and she nuked all of her selfies and never posted any publicly again. Reminder that this bitch is almost 30 and has never worked a day in her life.

No. 949426

File: 1585139187895.png (997.43 KB, 1224x2220, boyonetta2.png)

She also did a fujoshi tag dive with her spicy opinions. If you're not interested in my hack job montage, here's the post https://boyonetta.tumblr.com/post/613514200991596544/so-im-on-lockdown-and-bored-and-what-better-way

No. 949443


probably an unpopular opinion but tabby could be a cute girl if she dropped the fakeboi shit

ain’t nothing gonna save her hairline though; she fucked herself with that

i wish these girls would love themselves and realize that they don’t need to be men to be valid human beings (which is the impression i get from a lot of them)

No. 949449

She has such a nice wardrobe, I don’t understand why she makes herself look like a greasy pedo. Does she hate herself? Is this some form of self abuse like cutting?

No. 949452

i hope that isn't real even if people say it is she's going to regret this so much oh my god

No. 949465

File: 1585151592097.jpg (689.4 KB, 1080x1728, 20200325_114122.jpg)

I always find it funny when some modern native Americans look at their own culture with noble savage vision. Hate to break it to you but NAs had gender roles too. Every society does. It's almost like the way to change gender roles is to stop obsessing over it and do whatever. Society will adjust naturally.

No. 949466

that's the most tragic thing about her, she wasn't originally ugly, she made herself ugly, and for what, so that she could look like ageplaying little gremling.

No. 949475

How does any of this shit even correlate?

Two spirits is not the same as trans mental illness loonies. Once we stop focusing so hard on gender roles, we can stop this bs, but it's never going to with people who are so obsessed with trans

No. 949479

This pisses me off! "Two-spirit" people in tribes and other "third gender" people all over the world were among the lowest in social ranking. They included gays and lesbians and (some fine erasure there) and they were not allowed to get married and have children. They were more of an "other" category that didn't fit their hetero world view and traditional gender norms. Just gotta love how all these Tumblr two-spirit non-binary tards never talk about that.

No. 949483

wasn't the term two spirit invented in the 90s anyway or some time recently and it's actually not some ancient identity

No. 949484

Hell in some cultures, women who couldn't get pregnant or didn't want to were social pariahs and deemed as "not women".
Nonbinary is just sexism with extra steps.

No. 949579

I used to be in some dumb RP group when I was younger and she was in there as well. Saw a character she used back then and a drawing with her old username, connecting the dots. Funniest shit is she used to be friends with a lolcow but now I don't see any mention of that person anymore.

No. 949615

i go to school with this person. i honestly thought that they had some kind of face condition…it's definitely real skin, i've seen them in several lightings. this is crazy.

No. 949622

No. 949658

Two-spirit is more like a term created to encompass a bunch of diff terms/identities that are Indigenous.

Tho, pretty sure anyone who isn't Indigenous would get mocked for using the term

No. 949664

I want to habeeb you badly but without evidence I can’t

No. 949928

Post a yearbook photo of her (with her name censored if you don't want to doxx her) or some other form of evidence or gtfo

No. 950062

sorry for not having pics, this is my first time posting to lolcow. we go to the same college (scad) and i see them on the bus regularly. i assumed that they were a really feminine gay man from their voice. school's shut down cuz of corona or i'd try to get a creepshot of them. i'll be back with one in a few months lol

No. 950066

Holy shit please deliver, I need to see this

No. 950070

No offense, but her going to Scad has been mentioned publicly already upthread so I'm not going to believe you until you deliver some proof, anon.

No. 950089

File: 1585272298655.png (81.72 KB, 617x367, Screen Shot 2020-03-27 at 01.2…)

Lev Mirov spins another tall tale. Not content with being queer, trans, disabled, indigenous, Jewish etc. he's also a cult survivor! Three times over!

No. 950092

File: 1585272324486.png (86.95 KB, 622x320, Screen Shot 2020-03-27 at 01.2…)


double post for second image

No. 950195

Fuck that's some creepypasta material. Wow.

underrated post

Boy bands and BL existed within girls for decades without this tranny bullshit. It wasn't until girls were excessively shamed for liking it for the faux-woke muh fetishization reasons that they were guilt tripped and manipulated into changing genders (and in this case even races) so they wouldn't be evil people anymore. If people would just shut the fuck up about it, young girls would be comfortable with themselves and their interests without going down the full Ayden route.

Yeah this is the shit I was describing above.
>these OTHER girls are just cringey fujos who need to turn in their LGBT card right away, they're fetishizing US, the gay men! And by gay men I mean the female fujoshis who took their yaoi RP way too far and crossed the line to troondom, thus earning our God-given rights to shit on other LGBT women endlessly!
As a funny tidbit I actually saw some people blaming TERFs for the anti-fujo movement too. The word doesn't mean anything anymore.

This. Knowing this I always wonder if these ~two-spirit native princes~ are the white americans that have 0.0005% native blood and are now out to ~reclaim their noble heritage~.

No. 950204

Does she even have a boyfriend to make this kind of claim? From what I've read she's a neet, but she always talks like she has decades of experience in the gay dating scene.

No. 950345

I don't know if she's e-dating anyone, but anything she says about ~as a gay male~ is a LARP. She still lives as a woman irl.

No. 952183

File: 1585644584972.png (473.1 KB, 596x867, yaoi hole.png)

No, she doesn't. She is not a virgin however, she has hooked up before. I don't know when or how (she might be lying) but she sure as fuck doesn't have years of experience in the gay dating scene. A few posts back she was bragging about how good of a wingman she'd be, wtf. I'm pretty sure her "years of being in the gay dating scene" is doing yaoi ERP with other fakebois and trannies.
Lmao, she's "an extremely dysphoric trans man" closeted because of her "extremely transphobic family" that takes pictures of herself in dresses. She also admitted to feeling almost no pleasure from anal, so she wants to do exclusively vaginal sex. That's a woman if you ask me.

Another fakeboi, apologies if this was posted before.

No. 952266

the funny thing about that book is that the point the author was making on that page is how she felt an attraction to men and BL only because it didn't involve any real male anatomy. See the title of the book?

No. 952316

File: 1585679877214.jpg (132.32 KB, 640x1136, EUdRbJCUYAAYgGa.jpg)

This is a 27-year-old he/him "gnc trans man" — or, as anyone who doesn't have brainworms would put it, a woman.

No. 952538

File: 1585708210429.jpg (765.17 KB, 1080x1673, 20200331_222627.jpg)

I don't even know what to say. Major transtrender e-begging bullshit.

No. 952580

The Venus symbol tattoo really makes this.

No. 952585

"Pay these people simply for existing" is the most narcissistic thing ever.

No. 953108

File: 1585836672406.jpeg (561.08 KB, 828x1258, A054D08D-6E0A-4366-BD77-AE9A34…)

Let me out of this mortal coil

No. 953138

I'm getting huge guro vibes from this drawing.

No. 953157

“Black trans post your info in the comments so I can get more visibility, interaction, boosts, and likes for and on my post. With my cash app in the bio, so I can get more money than usual. But im actually totally doing this for others, I’m so selfless!

P.S. ppl will barely see your small scrolled down ass comments so GL thx don’t forget black trans are the creators and beautiful n stuff lol


No. 953203

That looks like Shmorky's art style. $10 that this artist draws fucked up porn, too.

No. 953204

File: 1585849226595.png (17.49 KB, 602x140, ugly.PNG)

I didn't know she was back on social media, I found her twitter and fucking yikes. I love how she brands herself as a lesbian feminist but retweets stuff like this, all while being TOTALLY NOT A WOMAN, YOU GUYS.

No. 954885

Who is she? That face seems familiar to me but I don't recognize her…

No. 955158

File: 1586202979672.jpeg (182.53 KB, 733x399, E8ABB8B3-8C79-419C-99F8-9ABE30…)

ascher lucas gets grosser every day

No. 955587

She really does, and it's honestly hilarious to watch. Judging by the "I just want a big bara daddy", does she honestly think gay men are going to fap to embarrassing videos of a random hairy woman sucking a dog dick dildo and pictures of her boobs and enlarged clitoris?

No. 955674

File: 1586305177678.jpeg (477.08 KB, 750x973, 1D34854F-10AD-4AE7-AD1B-0F5D62…)

ascher is actually engaged to a 28 year old woman- sorry i mean a manly transmasc nonbinary, kieran. she took down most photos but the proposal was as cringeworthy as the rest of their existence
aschers weird ass shiro wig will never fail to make me laugh

No. 955681

File: 1586305726033.jpeg (542.73 KB, 750x1012, FB060C3C-C5BC-4197-8431-ADF159…)

sorry for double post but i understand why ascher never posts this mug to their instagram

No. 956612

It's pretty rude basically because is like Ascher doesn't want to let his followers know that he's engaged with Kieran.

No. 956678

I have always wondered about the Male SO's of Fakeboi's, most of them seem like normal dudes who go along with their girlfriend's delusions, apathetically going "yes dear" when they spout their tumblr talk

No. 956731

i don't know about that. it seems like fakebois would be especially targeted by predator creeps, because most other men would want nothing to do with them. all these men have to do is lie and say they're soooo gay to get into the pants of a desperate chick who looks and acts just like a girl (because most of these girls will never go on t). seems like something that would happen regularly: straight man says he's gay so he can fuck a woman or date a woman who's delusional, as long as he calls her a boy all the time.

but i do think the guys who started dating these chicks before they became fakebois and continued dating them after seem mostly normal. that's probably who you're talking about, but it's in no way representative of all of them.

No. 956773

if this engagement happened in 2018, and the pictures were deleted, do we have no evidence it wasn't quietly dropped? seems like quite a long engagement, and even Kieran's most recent pics with Ascher are about as couply as your average cosplay pics.

No. 956803

Yeah I think most of the men who are with fakebois are straight/bi guys who just want easy pussy. Fakebois are probably quick to put out for any dude that humors their nonsense. And as a bonus, the guys get to look woke as well.

No. 956987

File: 1586567024033.png (16.77 KB, 1235x165, psa 1.PNG)

Just came out of an enlightening and slightly alarming thread on /lgbt/ that both confirmed the existence of FtM Ayyden chasers and also let me know what the appeal is. I almost feel bad now, whenever I thought of them hitting on dudes I thought of them invading gay bars, but imagining anyone who hooks up with someone who thinks of them like this is kinda sad.

Apparently boys with a thing for this kind of person are on the rise because of TikTok cranking up their visibility, it's like a tomboy kink with bells and whistles attached.

No. 957005

I remember a post on reddit by a guy who claimed to have been straight, finding himself in a relationship with a TIF after he/she pressured him into sex, It honestly seemed like the OP was raped and in denial about it

No. 957060

They seem pretty split between users/players who know they'll get an easy lay by calling an obvious woman "they" and desperate soyboy nerd dudes who get into a relationship with a nerd chick who drank the tumblr kool-aid and then get browbeaten to come out as pan. There's maybe a smaller portion of chasers, but most of them go for MtFs.
A friend of mine is the second type, it's been supremely depressing to see him get slowly pressured into "coming out" since he's dating "a boy".

No. 957069

imo most MTF chasers are just gay/bi in denial who are attracted to femininity rather then female sex, with FTM their's very little femininity and once they go on T its pretty much over for them

No. 957078

>who are attracted to femininity rather then female sex
There's some legitimacy to that. A lot of chasers are Gyno Andro MorphoPhiles (GAMP) meaning they're attracted to the femininity of MtFs and their estrogenized male bodies rather than being attracted to women and counting MtFs as such. This also has a large comorbidity with AGP, with many chasers popping boners for someone "transforming" into their ideal sex object because they wish to do the same and they can project onto the MtFs they date.
I don't know the equivalent in FtM chasers, other than a general fetish for someone transforming.

No. 957081

File: 1586594473786.jpeg (Spoiler Image,569.12 KB, 750x980, 4E7E665D-196F-4A1C-8913-289875…)

that tailbone. the butthole tattoo. click at ur own risk
they’re still together, screaming about antis in kid shows communities together. kieran comments under aschers nudes on twitter

No. 957098

The male SOs I've seen so far have been, for the lack of a better word, co-dependent cucks. They never object to their girlfriend's whims and the relationship always ends up with the girlfriend wanting to go polygamous and taking another fakeboi into the relationship, which is where the male SO either retreats completely or hangs into it while being left out in the new relationship dynamic.

And the chasers are an entirely different thing and they're the ones who make me fucking sick. There are so many predatory men who know young aydens are desperate for validation and will spread their legs for any cis man who tells them what a handsome gay prince they are. It's essentially grooming and these men get to play the woke card if anyone ever questions their intents.

Nah, they're attracted to the power trip of taking advantage of people in vulnerable positions. I don't think sexuality plays that big of a role with them.

No. 957192

Hard to feel bad for them althought I admit this is creepy shit

No. 957193

Reflecting on the fact that a percentage of these people gravitated towards the idea of transition to live the ‘gay’ escapist fantasy of being seen as safe non-female equals to their partner, to think that they may well wind up with someone who thinks of them as delusional, desperate, easy pussy is kind of tragic.

No. 957272


No. 957296

butthole tattoo? Are you talking about the galactic republic symbol on the arm?

No. 957420

what the fuck is geniunely wrong with their tail bone? every time i see a nude of them from behind it looks like they fucking chopped off a legitimate tail from that thing.
also peep that arm muscle shoop, i know shes flexing but thats so fucking fake looking

No. 957487

I was thinking about this the other day and I’m glad someone put it into words. I knew men would take advantage of their delusions eventually. It’s just too easy.

No. 957663

File: 1586715995661.jpg (244.38 KB, 1536x2048, EVaWqu9XQAM-bGm.jpg)

Sometimes I see people on twitter and just immediately know they're pretending to be trans. Like this supposedly human example, who uses they/them pronouns

No. 957707

Pilonidal cyst maybe?

No. 957743

File: 1586731946450.jpg (Spoiler Image,257.37 KB, 1192x1825, EVb6i4PWkAEdssP.jpg)

I'm always wondering why fakebois tend to post nudes all the time. This is from a french non-binary they/he retard on twitter. (If you understand french you can always try and peak a look: https://twitter.com/RiverBlackQuinn)

No. 957755

Same boring crap that's on the English speaking sphere, really, troon memes and lingo have infested every part of the internet. What I find extremely funny is that french is a heavily gendered language (with no gender neutral pronouns), so french enbies always use the masculine and the feminine forms at the same time when talking about themselves, they sound so spastic.
I love how she posts some nudes and then complains how fetishist accounts are following her.

No. 957759

Exactly, it's just shows how much this trend has spread.

No. 957770

holy shit. i thought we were safe from this degeneracy?

No. 957771

Well turns out you were completely wrong.

No. 957773

I fucking hate inclusive language, and I hate how it's slowly seeping into official documents and normie environments, why do they not realize how awkward it looks?

No. 957775

seriously didn't want to know about this. if it becomes mainstream, i'm leaving the country lmao

No. 957916

It became mainstream for quite a while though. I see inclusive language almost in all important documents and I see more and more normies suporting them.

No. 957946

well it can't become any more mainstream cause were going through a pandemic, as well great depression and its only gonna get worse
The unique cultural circumstances that led to the rise of TIMs, TIFs, Inceles e.t.c are ending now, cause now we are all in Dire straits

No. 957957

Everybody’s thoughts on r/ftmspunished? It’s a subreddit dedicated to FTMs who get off on being sexually degraded based on them being biologically female. I thought as chasers have entered the topic I’d bring up this example of objectification.

No. 957977

Oh my fucking god that shit is fucking sad on a whole new level. Nothing in this is healthy. I feel like this is the peak of ftm madness, although I can be wrong.

No. 957995

Its basically FTMs that have a femnization fetish, its bizarre

No. 958008

That goes against everything they've "fought" for. It just shows that deep inside they simply want to seek unhealthy environements.

No. 958163

It's so hilarious though, across the globe, no matter the culture or society, troon communities are the same everywhere, MtFs, FtMs and enbies alike. They all look the same kind of ugly, they are all unkempt/jobless/"mentally ill", they all use the same speech patterns, they complain about the same "problems" (despite each country having different laws and norms)… I know, american soft power and all that jazz, but it really looks like they are coming out of a clone factory.

No. 958494

Okay, that was absolutely disgusting. Why do they look so fucking ugly? Doughy female bodies with half of them still having their tits and covered by massive amounts of hair, overgrown clits and this gross look on their face. I thought MTFs were bad, but I guess it's about equal

No. 958497

That's what happens when you start injecting hormones that go against what your body is suposed to do. It's basically creating bodies that dont function normally because of all that hormone disbalance.

No. 958511

File: 1586852616967.png (293.71 KB, 2048x1536, cool.png)

her twitter is thotacchio, idr her tumblr but she used to be semi-popular in anime kin/rp circles there and i think she's been posted to a few cosplay threads before too.
i wish i had screenshotted it, her carrd used to say something about how dressing up like a jjba character (and previously a danganronpa character) every day was how she relieved dysphoria as a totally legit trans man or something like that but it's since been changed. it's definitely NOT all about the yaoi guys, i NEED the crusty makeup and $100 wigs to transition!!!

No. 958520

The JoJo anime was a fucking mistake, this is the absolute state of the fanbase.

No. 958551

yeah i hate it too. especially when they/thems say shit like "singular "they" pronouns have always existed in the english language so you're transphobic if you don't use them". like yeah singular "they" pronouns have always existed…to refer to someone whose sex is unknown to the speaker, or someone androgynous who an observer can't immediately tell is male or female. they've not been used to refer to some special snowflake who looks like a chick and is obviously a chick when you speak to her.

in that case it's unnatural and clunky. you have to be constantly thinking in order to use the right pronouns and that goes against the reason why pronouns even exist. of course attention whore troons love that though. everyone has to go out of their way for them. little do they know that everyone's calling them by she pronouns behind their backs.

No. 958561

I was specifically talking about the french inclusive language, where if you don't use both masculine and feminine forms of words at the same time, you are a sexist monster. It's usually written like "The actor.resse.s", it's redundant as fuck, impossible to render aloud and most of all a grammatical heresy. Keep in mind that literally everything is gendered in french, so you get tedious twitter threads where the person puts inclusive language on 1 word out of 3, it's exhausting to read. I 've seen people use inclusive language even when the definition of a word is tchnically neutral (like "person" is a feminine noun, but can still refer to a man or a woman), it's ridiculous.
There's also no gender neutral pronoun in french, so they try to push for one ("iel") they made up a few years ago, but I don't think it will catch on.

No. 958653

oh my bad i didn't realise that was a thing in french speaking countries. that's ridiculous and sounds exhausting.

No. 958830

Oh god the "iel" pronoun is one of the most retarded things I've ever encountered. You can't be taken seriously if you use it.

No. 958977

Totally agree. What is funnier is that those assholes don’t understand that they’re making it even harder for foreigners or minorities to understand even half of what they’re writing because they’re making it so much more confusing than it already is (And French is already hard to grasp in the first place).
And I’m not saying that as a bleeding heart SWJ but just as someone with many friends who are trying to learn the language to be able to live in France and adapt.

No. 959022


I hate it too, and this is even funnier in spanish. Our gender neutral pronoun is the equivalent of "him" for english speakers, if you try to use "they/ellos" in spanish it's immediately explicit that you're talking in plural.

The non-binary shit is bullshit, there's nothing wrong with having an adrogynous look and swinging between both female and masculine aesthetics should mean that you DON'T CARE about how you are percieve as a gender, being trigered just because you want to feel special is stupid.

No. 959034

what about when people go latinx, chicxs, ellxs, how are you supposed to pronounce that out loud?

No. 959060

I’ve heard english-speakers pronounce latinx like “lateen-eks”

No. 959100

The worst part in that is that inclusive language has always existed in a way that was natural (like saying "Madame, Monsieur (family name)" at the beginning of a letter when you don't know the person's gender). And before putting dots everywhere when I was learning how to write and read in primary school we used to use parenthesis to show how to write feminine and masculine adjective. Like for exemple "il/elle est doué(e)" instead of "doué.e" but that's just for the purpose of teaching the language. They're so retarded that they don't get that written language is supposed to transcribe what you would say out loud. And I say that as someone who automatically say "elles" instead of "ils" when talking about large groups of people when there's obviously more women than men.

What I hate the most is that when French troons try to write in inclusive language on social media they use so many dots that sometimes the websites will automatically think the fucked up words are links to other websites that don't even exist.

No. 959136


It's sounds something like "chik-eks" and "Ei-eks", which again sounds very stupid when the already gender neutral pronoun in spanish is the masculine one.

No. 959137

Wait it might be why so many nb chicks & fakebois use "Ciel" as a new name (aside for their shota wannabe thirst)

No. 959171

File: 1586951652057.jpg (32.29 KB, 300x300, tumblr_ppwxvp3Tl71u1ycqw_540.j…)

Always thought it was because they are fans of Black Butler for some reason lol.

No. 959234

apparently the x is supposed to be silent and you say ‘lateen’

No. 959306

File: 1586968655456.jpg (13.06 KB, 307x132, elh.JPG)

Not surprised anymore

No. 959318

the ‘x’ is a placeholder to avoid ‘a’ or ‘o’ binary gendered suffixes. I’ve heard it pronounced or silent.

No. 959362

I've only seen latinx pushed by english speakers. You come say or write that shit in a real latino country and you're gonna get made fun of. They're also trying to push this stuff in Brazil too, with Ele/Ela/Elu (He,She,They) even though just like in spanish "eles" is already a plural "they". It's basic grammar 101. Anyone who does this deserves to be mocked.

No. 959387

File: 1586978142895.png (6.34 MB, 2560x1894, 1.png)

So know they relate to AI robots 1/3

No. 959388

File: 1586978164765.png (4.81 MB, 2560x1856, 2.png)


No. 959392

File: 1586978266476.jpg (411.33 KB, 1280x1673, 3.jpg)


No. 959396

Maybe i'm dumb af but none of this made any sense to me.

>not wearing a dress

>I'm non binary
why do they all do this?

No. 959404

The middle part explains it all, they don't mind being females but don't like being refered as one, being unnecessary confused and drive into the "i'm not a girl~" phase

No. 959408

The worst offense of this comic is drawing D'Arcy Carden so badly it looks like she has a pencil moustache.

No. 959429

I haven't seen the show but is she really equating a character who is a robot and thus can technically be said to be "not a women", with her just not wanting to be referred to as a woman?

I've seen it said before, but these comics just come off as being uncomfortable with being women even though they act, talk, and look like one.

No. 959445

janet is a supernatural being that takes on the form of a lady for people’s comfort. she also knows everything in the universe and appears and disappears at the call of her name; she’s not a girl because outside of being summoned she both is and isn’t. it’s a comedy show about philosophy. idk why somehow people take it as nonbinary representation

No. 959449

File: 1586982806580.png (471.97 KB, 800x1178, f-f-f-fakebois.png)


I saw this one get posted on cgl a while back. But this fake boi also likes to fake stutter. If you listen to any of the tiktoks that she actually speaks, it's a painfully forced stutter. Anyone with a real speech impediment doesnt sound like this. They clearly do it to go along with the uwu I'm a-a-a-a s-s-s-soft boi

No. 959461

is that amount of followers the norm on tiktok?

jesus this kid gives me second hand embarrassment

No. 959463

When you spam the fuck out of cosplay tags almost daily yeah. You can see where' she'll do like 4 different tiktoks in the same outfit so just a lot of posting + tag spamming similar to instagram.

No. 959636

That always has reeked of internalized misogyny to me. It's like these girls are ok and even like girly shit but they don't want to be girly as a girl. I guess because they think girls are yucky gross shallow sluts or something.

I think it's pretty telling that it's always nerd girls that do the fakeboi shit. Like you never see preppy, popular girl cheerleader types doing it. Other than the yaoi aspect I think a lot of these girls being nerds felt like outcasts or were bullied, particularly by other girls. Resenting other girls for picking on them evolves to resenting simply being a girl, combine that with flicking the bean to yaoi, and you get fakebois.

No. 959639

Oh okay, thanks for explaining. It definitely sounds really sexist. The whole 'i'm a girl, but i hate being called one.' does scream internalized misogyny.

No. 959669

File: 1587004066169.jpeg (180.37 KB, 828x1442, 15A2EB0A-A624-4BAF-B9A3-D164E2…)

The link doesn’t work when I try to copy and paste it, but I found a video of her talking with her fake stutter. It has a thumbnail like this if anyone wants to get some second-hand embarrassment. Anyone who has met someone with a stutter or has seen videos of real stuttering knows that it sounds nothing like this.

No. 959691

Holy shit they always stutter in the same rhythm it's always two of the syllable before the actual word they say. That is the biggest giveaway it's fake as fuck.
Also looking at the other videos where she talks its always has the same intro with the same pattern "Hi! M-m-my n-n-name is Rhys!"

Stutters are uncontrollable and random this isn't how it works. I'm just shocked how gullible people are to think this is real.
That's not how people with speech impediments label themselves but okay.

Search up Drew Lynch he's a comedian who stutters and you'll find the most part they can speak well with only occasional stutters per every 10 words or so. Not every other word like this fucking mongoloid.

No. 959715

i once heard a heavy stutter speak and he kinda sounded like a cat about to throw up. that stuttering is so fake

No. 959791

File: 1587029227371.jpg (440.15 KB, 1152x2048, 54564.jpg)

Not-a-cow but she lusts on Sylvain from Fire Emblem just like all of the other they/he you can find on this community. It's just funny that once out of cosplay they completely look like and ARE just chicks… (it was always the case but they aren't ~naturally androgynous~ as they want to believe)

No. 959804

I'm sorta willing to give a pass to fakebois who at least try to look vaguely androgynous (short hair, unisex clothing and not shaving being the bare minimum), but I'll never get those unmistakably women who are "not a girl uwu" and want to be referred with they/them. Reminds me of one of my cows, a hyperfeminine camwhore who is extremely vocal about being enby.

No. 959846

adults that actually stutter have normally been stuttering since childhood. they know they have problems with certain words and sounds, and by adulthood they have the vocabulary to pick words they are comfortable with to replace them, so they rarely stutter. i've heard it described as "saying everything in your head first and then replacing words that would cause problems with words that are easier to say before you say them" by an adult with a stutter.

no surprise that a fakeboi would also fake something like this. just like there's tons of them with "d.i.d" and every single one claims to have some sort of mental health problem (beyond delusion).

No. 960063

Her Carrd: "I don’t like to use the word kinnie but I strongly identify with Abbacchio".
That's cringy af.

I think she's pretty… But has a gf.

No. 960172

File: 1587076124504.jpeg (19.79 KB, 205x246, ED0EC5EB-9A48-4F7F-994C-A0E83F…)

I know this isn’t a cow, but how do we feel about Saff from Tiger King? I don’t know nor care if he’s on hormones, but his entire approach to not giving a shit what “pronouns” people call him and genuinely dressing and acting like a dude make me way more willing to accept his preference, even if I did think he was a cute girl while watching the show.
I just don’t get why more of these fakebois don’t just chill and do their own thing like he does. It’s like they need outside validation to back up that they’re actually “a guy”, almost like they deep down don’t really believe it themselves.

No. 960177

I was bummed because I thought she was so hot and then I found out she identifies as a guy. I miss butch lesbians

No. 960185

Same. But I feel like this has become less of a problem. I see more butch girls than genuinely masculine-presenting fakebois nowadays, at least in person.

No. 960296

she doesn't care what pronouns people use about her though

No. 960299

Lurk more. Post less. Read the rules. Learn to sage.

No. 960328

Jesus that's horrifying

No. 960378

Because it's becoming trendy again to be a lesbian while the fakeboi trend has been called out enough times it's unappealing to enter this phase anymore. Fakebois are mostly futches too self hating and lesbophobic to accept it.

No. 960380

There's this girl at my school who's nOnBiNaRy and she ticks off all the boxes for the bingo
>uwu so goffick
>im totes bbi guiz (only dates dudes)
>super edgy for absolutely no reason
>long hair
>always wearing makeup
>seems autistic
no doubt she's a nlog

No. 960492

She looks like a washed up, 50 year old j-rocker

No. 960515

Nah fakebois are mostly straight and bi girls that don't want to admit it because they think straight people are evil and girls are yucky or some shit. Also most of the people I see calling themselves lesbians these days will still insist they're nb or some other genderspecial nonsense or are troon men.

No. 960576

File: 1587145816704.png (131.74 KB, 500x498, ughhh.png)

She's also a big fan of shuwu for reasons but another nlog liking someone whose entire brand is "cool girl" makes sense

she is pic

No. 960598

File: 1587148253091.png (514.86 KB, 898x648, img.png)

Sh0e is an absolute doormat and hates women, it's no wonder why enbies and trannies latch to her. It's just some weird form of self harm and further enforces the "not like other girls" trope because, well, of course i'm not a girl! i don't want to make my boyfriend a sandwich or be objectified! They're probably the most insufferable type IMHO.

If you have any pictures of her feel free to share. Also, remember to put the word "sage" in the email field so it doesn't bump the thread, newfriend.

No. 960605

File: 1587149444708.png (31.73 KB, 600x336, Screenshot_2020-04-17.png)

Why is it that every time someone wants to whine about muh MLM fetishization by the evil icky straight women it's always a fucking fakeboi? (Seriously, do any actual gay men ever even use the term "MLM", because to me it seems like only Aidens use that term…)
Do they not realize that literally deluding themselves into thinking they ARE a cute soft gay anime twink is way more fetishizing and disgusting than a straight or bi girl who simply likes to draw two male characters boning? It really enforces the idea that 99% of these fakebois are NLOG to the extreme. "Yeah I also create and/or consume copious amounts of yaoi but I'm MLM and not like those dumb straight girls doing the exact same thing! It's okay for me to do it because I have he/him in my twitter bio!"

No. 960615

Lol, she’s probably having some cognitive dissonance and made this tweet to try to convince herself she isn’t one of those icky m/m fetishists (even though she is).

No. 960619

nah, actual, real gay men don’t use ‘mlm’ in the same way that only weird insecure dykes, ‘pansexuals’ or mtfs use ‘wlw’

kek at that thick ass eyeliner

No. 960695

> Yuri as a profile pic

No. 960698

File: 1587157733218.jpg (21.97 KB, 586x127, mmh.JPG)

Also semi-related to this one

No. 960737

Do people not use the term Yaoi anymore? Kek mlm reminds me of those Instagram moms trying to sell leggings.

It's weird how the tumblr/twitter woke community puts so many rules in place to police themselves to the point that it just feels like they're making shit up to seem more woke than the next person. There are plenty of problems with porn but lesbian porn directed by men for men and gay porn directed by women for women (when does this happen other than anime ships btw) seem relatively harmless? Like porn by nature is voueristic and go hand in hand with fetishes? It's not abnormal to be sexually attracted to those kinds of things and it's so weird to gatekeep "you can only be interested in men kissing if you're a man".

Like cant they choose any other hill to die on than some anime artist making ~problematic~ doujinshis of their ship or is that the biggest crime against the LGBT community right now?

No. 960849

This was one of the things that moved me into a suspicious space in the beginning in regards to some Ayydens. They’re absurdly precious about keeping ‘maleness’ as a safe space where no-one can even think of them unless they give their consent or something, it’s a dead giveaway that they’ve gravitated to it to escape from the ‘straight male gaze’ and don’t like that some women can sexualise stuff with vigor as well.

All this is aside from the fact that I’ve never had any of these people in mind while I was making the fake anime boys kiss, yet they always act like I’m victimizing them personally because they see themselves as inseparable from their romantic ideal. They think that just because they’ve got more ‘sensitive’ taste in fanfiction that they’re somehow more entitled to command authority over the people who want to use art and fiction for their own personal ends as well. Fandom <i>made</i> these people by giving women a space to freely fantasise, and now they want to turn around and censor it based on the frail pretense of identity politics. This particular branch of ‘MLM’ drives me nuts.

No. 960906

No. 960907

You really showed them!

No. 960955

File: 1587183664449.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.12 MB, 1547x850, Screenshot (113)_LI.jpg)

wouldnt shock me if she likes Brittney Venti

No. 960972

what does Crime and Punishment have to do with nlog ?

No. 960988

Yeah I’m pretty sure this person would immediately be btfo’d by cis gays for trying to control what people consume. They usually see through this dumb bullshit.

No. 961044

I feel so bad about this, everytime I see the word "lesbian" on a twitter and tumblr handle, I immediately think it's a troon male. Even then, most online millennial and zoomer lesbians call themselves gay, as if lesbian was a slur.

No. 961073

Because they're mad that the evil straightie white cis heterosexual fujoshi/fudanshi strawman doesn't find them attractive, only the men in the comics who aren't pictured as 5ft4 pudgy natal females with a vagina. From what I've seen that's pretty much all there is to it. They don't only hate the "mean straight fujoshi staceys", they're also surprisingly hostile towards cis gay men. It's basically a mix of NLOGism and penis envy. The fakebois know they will never become the fictional male characters they're trying to model themselves after so they're sort of lashing out because of it and overplaying how much of a ~real gay man~ they in fact are. Think back to that one Reddit post some FTM wrote about being hurt for not being invited in a gay male gangbang because they saw him as a woman.

The fact that a fair share of fujoshis and BL artists are lesbian/bisexual only seems to make them ever madder for whatever reason, can't count the times I've seen the "YOU CAN FETISHIZE GAY PEOPLE WHILE BEING GAY YOURSELF YOU KNOW REE" spergout happen. I don't know, maybe it's because of internalized homophobia and being jealous of how someone else can be gay and cis while still enjoying BL material. And some are just going with the flow because it's the woke thing to do.

They really do. I love how these ultra woke "MLM" activists claim that fujos are fetishizing for the "I made a heterosexual man gay" trope when it's like the most common power fetish for actual gay porn created by gay men. They seriously have no experience interacting with homosexual men at ALL because they're afraid of men to begin with, and the men don't have an interest in someone without a dick. Yet they try to rebrand themselves as "the gay males" in the court of deciding what's wrong and what's not.

No. 961170

File: 1587216731949.png (532.63 KB, 643x619, grfefrh.PNG)

She is dating a TiM, so the classic hets with extra steps, but since they both identify as NB, they are "super gay" together.

No. 961179

Wow I’m glad I’ve avoided your internet circles. I’m seeing an almost militant resurgence of ‘lesbian’ among the people I follow, and I love it.

Also rant time, but there have been ‘he/him lesbians’ for a long time. A lot of butch women a generation and two back were more comfortable being seen as pseudo male, even with no desire to change physically. I don’t think its always internalized misogyny; the few older lesbians that I’ve spoken to that feel this way expressed that they align themselves with a sexual and social role that is more ‘male’ than ‘female.’

I think this is a different breed entirely from the Aidens (who are usually ‘gay’ anyway), but I’ve met a few dykes that have questioned identity to some degree for these reasons, but they all seem more fluid and carefree á la this one >>960172

No. 961190


No. 961201

>fujoshi staceys
lmao, I've heard it all now.

No. 961268

Why are so many fakebois fat? You’d think if they wanted to be a gay man so badly they’d put as much effort as cis gays do with their bodies.

No. 961272

Because they are unkempt neets, just like their fellows the MtFs. They were not active or fit before transitioning, and they did not see a point to change their habits after since now you can claim to be any gender you like without having to prove it.

No. 961276

It's incredibly easy to put on weight as a woman when you have conditions with excess testoterone in your system like PCOS. These women are creating that situation for themselves and them on top of it, not bothering to eat well and exercise despite feeling hungrier. It's a horrible downward spiral of mental and physical health going in the toilet.

No. 961357


you're right but even then i don't think 'excess testosterone' is an excuse in this case, i've seen plenty of ftms who are ripped or extremely fit off of testosterone. i've talked to one who said before t he couldn't even lose weight but thanks to t his bmi, weight, and body are better than ever. they're definitely harder to find, but imo that's because they function like regular everyday people and actually give a shit about their body and health, whereas most trenders or fakebois who end up overweight from testosterone don't give a shit about themselves to begin with.

No. 961630

Being fat is an easy way to look androgynous

No. 961643

File: 1587297283111.jpg (621.55 KB, 1080x1778, 20200401_213051.jpg)

She's super cute but retarded kek

No. 961729

i feel like there are three types of fakebois.
>The Fujoshi: Decided to become trans due to being pornsick and obsessed with yaoi. Fetishizes gay men.Most of them were yaoi cosplayers in the past.They are very deluded,narcissistic and lack empathy. They try dressing like their favorite anime boy. Most of them call themselves stereotypical names like Ash,Ayden,Luke or something from a television show. They have a very warped view of both men and women.

>The ''not like other girls'': Likes having a female body and doing stereotypically feminine things but doesn't want to be labeled a female or the oppression that comes with it.These types tend to identify as either nonbinary or trans. Alot of them are very sexist towards women because they think it makes them more of a man.

>The self hating lesbian: Most of them were influenced by their trans friends or used to live in a homophobic community. They try to reenact stereotypical male behavior even though most men do not act like that. Copy the most toxic male traits. Think if they objectify women it makes them more of a man. Are obsessed with terfs and constantly argue with them. Most regret their transition when they are in their 30's/40.'s

No. 961738

File: 1587319886273.webm (1.53 MB, 640x800, 93166526_226223665480773_74859…)

Stumbled upon this cringy fuck on instagram

No. 961740

File: 1587320187648.png (69.71 KB, 1254x502, wwllwwpk.png)

And the stereotypical fujoshi choker and agheao face lmao these fakbois are really proving our points.

Also her tags are even WORSE her tags consist of kpop,bts,gay boys and anime.

No. 961741

File: 1587320370747.png (82.57 KB, 1170x460, rrrttt.png)

Bts really out here with the most fakeboi fans who fetishize them.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 961800

omg thank you, i was looking for this kid's account but couldn't remember the name. that stutter is so obviously forced it's insane.

No. 962030

I'd expect them to at least try to pull the fitgirl look since that reduces breast size naturally and gives them defined abs, but apparently not.

No. 962169

File: 1587373364516.jpg (697.82 KB, 2040x2048, 93475500_266927491134112_56213…)

found this one in the wild on a facebook group. yep this is a "he/him". a few people were discussing military uniform fashion in goth, and her opinion was that people should be more considerate of what they wear as to not offend others (comparing uniforms to nazis). clearly she hasn't taken her own advice, looking at her profile pic lol

one girl disagreed with her and then she did the typical ayden thing of REE-ing about being misgendered and transphobia even though she was the only person bringing her gender up.

No. 962170

File: 1587373692073.png (99.88 KB, 982x396, screensho0t.png)

this is the first time gender was mentioned at all (by her) because clearly when you're not winning an argument, all you have to do is cry "twansphobia!!" and "misgendering!". the other girl was generally pretty polite but then she started to defend herself from the transphobia accusations and it all went downhill cos then ayden (claudius lol) could play the victim, no doubt as usual.

No. 962172

the muffin top and filthy mirror give me strong Raven Sparks crazy vibes

No. 962179

File: 1587376085804.jpg (373.25 KB, 2289x2289, realityisoftendisappointing.jp…)

Fakeboi expectation vs reality

No. 962186

Their goals are literally to look like an anime character yet they fail to realise that its impossible to look like one. Even models that specialise in cosplay do a lot of work and search for the perfect photo angle to look as anime as possible for that one particular shot.

No. 962188

It's telling and sort of sad when artist Aydens draw themselves as these idealized versions of themselves. Their drawn portraits show them as this manly, wide-shouldered bearded guy and after you see a photo of them it turns out they're this average height, either chubby or rail thin obvious fucking girl with a very scarce low-T beard. Or you see selfies of another where "he" looks like a fucking k-pop model, then when you meet "him" IRL it's a short girl with wide hips and a very feminine, round face. I feel sorry for them only being able to live in their online fantasy world.

No. 962250

File: 1587395866922.jpg (132.29 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_20200420-111108_Chr…)

Spotted this they/them on FB. I like how she has a nlog frame and everything. In all her pics she looks like a basic white girl because of course she does.

No. 962257

File: 1587397233695.jpg (260 KB, 2048x2048, 83883771_10220480780159153_810…)

Apparently she's aussie but ofc she's a white chick whining about "colonization"

No. 962258

ive noticed that the majority of these transboys are white girls, same thing with transwomen its mostly white men

No. 962269

File: 1587398414514.jpg (38.29 KB, 1500x500, 1500x500.jpg)

is this her? She seems like the basic sjw,her fakeboi-ness seems more influenced by her ideology.

No. 962270

File: 1587398473104.png (252.89 KB, 976x578, jaajaaa.png)

No. 962293

Kind of like how there are more white goths than any other race. Just lost idiots looking for a trendy identity

No. 962296

File: 1587401184027.png (967.76 KB, 1456x1062, Screenshot 2020-04-20 at 17.42…)

"flaming faggot" ew. this one's dating a cis man, who no doubt has a thing for butch girls. she also recently got top surgery. she seems to larp as a gay man in a bunch of her pics and it's just gross.

No. 962301

Yep, and I assume her gender nonsense is because she's a basic straight white girl that desperately wants SJW cred. Not completely the same thing as the wannabe yaoi bois but I figured it was still worth mentioning (especially since there's a lot of overlap between the SJWs and fujos anyway).

No. 962307

Its deff worth mentioning anon. I get bored of seeing the same wannabe yaoi fakebois here so its nice to see different types of fakeboi lol

No. 962322

God this one is really attractive, too. It’s a shame that it’s crazy.

No. 962323

>fujos consuming media with fictional men fucking is exactly the same thing as men fetishizing actual real lesbians
Ok retard

No. 962340

File: 1587407716374.jpg (242.06 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_20200420-143116_Chr…)

Here's a post she made whining about how people will never instantly realize she's infact a super special nonbinary snowflake instead of a bored white chick

I come across girls like this all them time in certain parts of FB, I think I'll make it a habit of posting them here when i find them (as well as the weeby yaoi ones).

No. 962343

>I don't wanna fit the mold of a cis girl BUT there isn't a mold out there for me to fit! I need rigid gender stereotypes to defy or else I have no identity & my life grinds to a halt!

I can't believe anyone remains a fakeboi/transfaggot after the age of 13-15, tbh. The lack of self awareness among these kids is amazing.

No. 962351

I assume the reason these girls keep doing this shit into their 20's and beyond is because they never matured beyond the level of a dumb teen. They're probably coddled by their parents/families and thus never really forced to mature and grow up. They don't have any real problems and never developed a personality outside of dumb SJW idpol bullshit, and at this point are too deep in it that they don't want to leave because if nothing else other SJWs would eat them alive. It's kinda sad.

I'm willing to bet money that this girl, along with most of the girls ITT, probably grew up comfortably in the suburbs and had a more or less healthy, if not mundane upbringing. She desperately wanted to feel special and like a victim so she latched onto SJW gender bullshit. 15 years ago these girls would've been on dA and Myspace claiming to be bisexual soulbonders or some shit.

No. 962381

It might just be where you live. I live in a state with a sizable African American population and there are plenty of black fakebois and they/thems in our lolita community. I think most of them are weeb girls who took their yaoi RPing a step too far. Most of them tend to be Kpop stans as well.

No. 962421

Most of the fakebois I come across are white or half black (actually quite surprising how many of the latter exist), it just seems like such a suburban teen issue to me. We could go into ridiculous depths analyzing why this happens but I think it boils down to not having developed a proper identity to hang on to and feeling rootless, and the tranny cult gives them a feeling of belonging. I've noticed that a lot of them don't have consistent hobbies or passions or even career goals to help form their own unique identity, they just sit on social media all day and seek their purpose for existing from their peers. I guess that's also why they all are such carbon copies of each other.

The correlation between gender dysphoria and autism has been proven a lot of times at this point, it's really no wonder a lot of them are immature and underdeveloped. Girls are much less likely to be diagnosed with autism or even suspected of suffering from it, which causes them to act out in other ways.

No. 962447

File: 1587417280442.png (204.3 KB, 328x552, ee.PNG)

Just found this shit

No. 962515

I would counter-argue that a big part of reactionary SJW mindset is based on resentment and trying to subvert your surroundings, it can be a 'I know who I am by knowing who I'm against' thing. I wouldn't be surprised if there was a lot of resentment based conflict at home.

No. 962646

Quite obviously raised on anime if she thinks that's what a "man" looks like. Yeah, a man in Sailor Moon maybe. Men look like the creepo who replied to her, and enforcing "I'm a man" to perverts just makes you look mad and vulnerable as far as they're concerned. Keep your yaoi roleplaying among other women and nb folk if you want to be safe.

No. 962702

Can we talk about mileschronicles?
>when from being a lesbian and would talk nonstop about girls girls girls and was a tomboy/futch
>became nonbinary and said (real shit) that she always knew because she was masculine and when she was a kid her male friends called her "one of the boys"
>got testosterone and top surgery in less than a year and is a "trans guy"

No. 962732

The thirsty boomer isn’t falling for her bullshit kek

No. 962735

>"asexual heteroromantic"
so, a lesbian then?
i love how obvious and recognizable the aiden artstyle is, all their art looks the same. i can clock someone just by looking at their art style for two seconds, whether it's ftm or mtf. is it just me?

and all their blogs and interests are the same too. these are just evolved versions of the girl who was too into warrior cats in 5th grade lmao.

No. 962739

Why does this happen so much? What’s wrong with being a tomboy/butch/futch?

No. 962740

File: 1587441589681.png (1.22 MB, 1305x1160, 790FA944-C6BA-433B-AC8B-2BA208…)

>so, a lesbian then?
Yes, a lesbian who doesn’t have sex, I’m assuming. It’s “hetero” to her though since she thinks she’s a man.

>i can clock someone just by looking at their art style for two seconds, whether it's ftm or mtf.

Anon YES ME TOO. All of their art is very steven universe/cal-arts/cartoon network-esque but with especially shitty anatomy. Found pic related on tumblr’s “#mlm art” tag.

No. 962774

File: 1587451885657.jpg (129.57 KB, 1024x1024, EGzfZWoUYAAXpVZ.jpg)

>i can clock someone just by looking at their art style for two seconds, whether it's ftm or mtf. is it just me?
It's not just you. Even when there's not the obvious tells of fakebois drawing like Steven Universe or TiMs drawing like knockoff yuri, I feel like I can clock from drawing style pretty consistently. Men and women construct faces, bodies, and expressions differently; I'm curious as to why though.

No. 962779

> i can clock someone just by looking at their art style for two seconds, whether it's ftm or mtf
Nope. Especially MTFs are extremely clockable, most of them draw cutesy kids' cartoon-like creatures involved with fetishes done with clunky linework. The FTMs are more of a generic tumblr style and obsessed with drawing self-portraits for some reason.

No. 962789

File: 1587454735488.jpg (39.14 KB, 297x444, fytgu.JPG)


There's a whole thread on kiwifarms dedicated to this. https://kiwifarms.net/threads/sjw-art-and-extremes.8410/
It's almost unreal how easy it is to recognize them.

No. 962792

File: 1587455182491.jpg (617.58 KB, 1080x1255, Screenshot_20200421-084354_Ins…)

this cow is unbearable, constantly begging their "friends" for money and as asspats because their life is soooooo hard guizzzz

No. 962819


Holy shit, this bitch. I found her through her constant ass-kissing of a nonbinary lesbian who, despite needing to remind everyone 24/7 that she's GAY GAY GAY 100% GAY, only seems to date men.

Lex is absolutely fucking exhausting. She's the perfect example of the young neoleftist Melbournian who uses social issues to replace the existence of a personality. She didn't need to tell us she's autistic, it only takes a minute of scrolling through her twitter to see that she is.

No. 962821

why are we calling this obvious woman "they"

No. 962841

File: 1587468588402.jpg (559.55 KB, 1080x1045, 20200421_122935.jpg)


No. 962954

Personally I'm always suspicious of whether or not these types are actually autistic or just self diagnosed snowflakes who slapped the label on themselves because its trendy in SJW circles. Just like with gender and sexuality nonsense kids like this will falsely claim to be autistic even though they almost certainly aren't. It's a huge part of why they make such a big stink about self diagnosis being totally valid and you're an evil ableist if you say otherwise. They're all self diagnosed because deep down they know a doctor isnt gonna give them a diagnosis.

Not surprised at all that she only dates men, I would expect no less.

I'm an Amerifag and I know fakebois are pretty bad here in nerd and LGBTQ circles, how bad are they in Australia?

No. 962992

The elf ears really get to me. It really just does look right.

No. 962993

sorry fast typing lol

No. 962995

another fakeboi who nlog herself to being a boi. what a irrefutable pattern here that fakebois will deny
she apparently ids as "queer" and not straight
hmmm i wonder why

No. 963076

File: 1587505922830.jpeg (241.87 KB, 828x1361, 28341071-0ED7-4EF9-9756-BD7526…)

How are they a fakeboi when they don’t even claim they’re trans

No. 963077

why r you censoring shit

No. 963132

I used to absolutely love Amanda, and it meant so much to be able to watch her when I was younger and have a lesbian to look up to. Didn't help when she came out and I was already questioning the whole gender shit.

She keeps saying she's so much happier, but I honest to god can't see it. Maybe one day there'll be a detrans, but until then…

No. 963144

I would expect fakebois like this, who LARP as ~*Kawaii trap yaoi boiz*~ 24/7 to be in pain, those binders are fucking uncomfortable and annoying to be taking off. This one's IG is hilarious, pics with socks shoved in her coochie lips and the comments are full of cumbrained men who honestly believe this is a man.

Honestly, at this point I've come to the conclusion these butch girls think becoming a tranny will fix their lesbianism. They're trying to be normal, meaning straight. It's sad to watch, and it's the same thing with the MtF who seek other men. However, in that case it's usually ugly masculine gay men who didn't look as feminine as they wanted.

Lol, I think that anon is a kid. Probably 15-16, they don't know any better, kid'll have to lurk a bit more.

No. 963175

Because it could out them, genius. kek.

No. 963180

>I would expect fakebois like this, who LARP as ~*Kawaii trap yaoi boiz*~ 24/7 to be in pain, those binders are fucking uncomfortable and annoying to be taking off. This one's IG is hilarious, pics with socks shoved in her coochie lips and the comments are full of cumbrained men who honestly believe this is a man.

I mean their have been cases of women/girls pretending to be traps on 4chan, just to mess with scrotes, hell I've done it once
but lately I have seen women/girls pretending to e traps on twitter and reddit, unironically

No. 963232

It's more like girls on tumblr all get exposed to the same art, and take from the same influences, and focus on different subject matters from men. Even gay men usually don't draw bishounen-type boys with pastel colors, or fashion/makeup-focused art. And I've honest to god never seen a guy draw in the stereotypical tumblr-steven universe style like >>962740

No. 963255

Tbh there seems to be a pattern with some ftm transtrenders being autistic straight white girls into yaoi, feel some kind of guilt for it so they call themselves gay men uwu so they don't get their shit called out
>I assume the reason these girls keep doing this shit into their 20's and beyond is because they never matured beyond the level of a dumb teen. They're probably coddled by their parents/families and thus never really forced to mature and grow up. They don't have any real problems and never developed a personality outside of dumb SJW idpol bullshit
This too. The ones I knew irl were just like this to the t. Very socially awkward too.

No. 963288

100% a self post

No. 963312


This 100%. People without problems get bored and make their own in an attempt to convince themselves that their lives aren't totally boring and that they're completely devoid of any interests or hobbies.

I can't stand people whose only personality trait is 'gay', who need to bring it up every 5 seconds because there's nothing else that makes them remotely interesting. Being gay or trans or whatever isn't a personality, but these people seem genuinely convinced that it's a good substitute. Plus, it means they're soooo oppressed! It means that if anyone says anything mean to them, they're a MEANIE TRANSPHOBE!!! It's an easy way to win any argument, which is great when they haven't evolved beyond using buzzwords to shut up anyone who disagrees with them.

No. 963399

I've also seen a lot of SE Asian fakebois, more on twitter than instagram though, mostly in art, video games or animation circles. It's always so disappointing to come across a new interesting artist, and then you see the they/them in the description.

No. 963445

This is my reaction everytime, to the point that I actually sigh in relief when I read "female"

No. 963461

I'm always happy when I don't see any pronouns anywhere in the description, especially now that orbiters and libfems have adopted the practice to support the troons. Thanks to that, I never see anything trans related on my timeline!

No. 963592

I do not understand why people even bother with writing pronouns on their bios. The whole point of being transgender is passing enough so that people call you by the pronoun you want naturally. Showing the pronoun you want to be called on your bio and expecting people to be naturally calling you like that doesnt make sense.

No. 963644

>I'm always happy when I don't see any pronouns anywhere in the description
This. I feel relieved every time I come across someone who doesn't list their pronouns. I refuse to follow anyone who does because that's how you know you'll be into countless RTs about muh transphobia.

>People without problems
To be fair I think you have to have at least some developmental or mental problems or trauma to even buy into this tranny shit. They might be living a comfortable middle class lifestyle but normal, healthy minded people don't get roped into this shit.

No. 963646


i think it's mostly to avoid -initial- misgendering in casual conversation, passing could be easy outside the internet but online you're just a profile picture and some text on a screen

No. 963679

And normal people usually don’t care if someone gets it wrong.

No. 963701

File: 1587593247963.jpg (416.02 KB, 1538x2048, ETXCxZsWAAEsR7h.jpg)

wutheringsufjan/godhandjotaro on Twitter.
She insists on being called "Bones" or "Guts." Dates another "trans" man who seems to put little effort on transitioning or presenting as male. Uses Twitter to voice how offended she is by everything in an unnecessarily aggressive manner, while pulling the trans and autism card to absolve herself from any criticism. She tries to police the evil fujos because muh fetishizing, despite constantly trying to include herself in gay male spaces. The cherry on top is the literal daily ebegging in the form of new tweets with her paypal/venmo/cashapp, retweeting said posts, and replying to those scammy "free money! drop your paypal!" tweets. Seriously, this is an every day thing. She's posted less frequently lately, but I'm suspecting it's due to small suspensions here and there by Twitter for her aggressive/violent tweets and comments.

No. 963835

File: 1587607747950.png (324.17 KB, 1063x1397, 1118BE1B-CAF4-4457-95C0-C14ED7…)

Had to make this after constantly encountering these types of people on tumblr. These types are probably common on twitter too.

No. 963961


as a tranny myself i agree, I never quite got why being misgendered -over text- is such a big deal, I can get that it would bum you out in voicechats, videocalls and IRL, especially if youre not even fucking trying like some people i see on r/transtimelines, but on text just fucking move on, who cares

No. 963962

Pronouns in bio are mostly for people who don't pass or if it's hard to tell from the name alone. I'll never understand why a person who posted a picture of themselve (cosplay idk), clearly looking like a girl, even have a girl name like Jenny need to put she/her

No. 963970

I think it's ok to add pronouns in bio if you don't add a name, just to have the basics covered (age+gender). But other than that, yeah it's unnecessary.

No. 963990

Virtue signaling, as said earlier a lot of cis allies put them in their profiles to show how NOT transphobic they are.

Reminds me the last time I went to an anime con, I came across a lot of people, mostly young women (visitors and dealers) with pronouns badges, and a lot of booths at artist alley had pride merch. I was so disappointed, it was not like that even two years ago and I don't even live in an english speaking country.

No. 963994

File: 1587642197533.jpg (766.61 KB, 1673x1345, EWRLN30WkAAUHTH.jpg)

They are not the same person, both trannies

No. 964011

>Virtue signaling, as said earlier a lot of cis allies put them in their profiles to show how NOT transphobic they are.
Yep, not to blog but my ex-bf ended up putting he/him in his bio (he didn't even have a twitter when we were together ftr). I tried doing some subtle jabs about it being obvious he is male since he actually uses a photo, but it went over his head and his reasoning was that it was recommended to "show support."

I agree with the anon that said it should not need to be said if the goal is to "pass". That's obviously why trannies want "cis" people to put pronouns in their bios as well - so it's a little harder to discern. Aside from the whole pandering thing of course.

No. 964052

but according to these genderspecials pronouns ≠ gender .
the reasoning i’ve heard for making cis people put their pronouns in their bio is so if everyone does it then transgender people and non binary people won’t stick out like special snowflakes for being the only people who do it

No. 964111

kinda annoys me when VA do that shit

No. 964277

Woke allies have started to put their pronouns on their bio for "solidarity" reasons due to "wanting to normalize preferred pronoun informing in support of trans people". It's ridiculous and I can't wait until this shit is over. Nobody is pressuring you to put "heterosexual" to make gay and bisexual people feel better but everyone's willing to bend over backwards for trannies.

No. 964697

I don’t agree that this should be done, but that comparison is stupid. They argue that putting pronouns up front for everyone makes it easier for trans people who do need to present pronouns to blend in. Sexuality isn’t used to address people.
I agree that it’s stupid, but this is an easy point to argue and makes us look ignorant instead of people with basic common sense.

No. 964774

File: 1587764823105.jpg (159.99 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_20200424-174257_Chr…)

Fresh nlog from FB

No. 964948

File: 1587792903879.jpg (175.75 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_20200425-013322_Chr…)

Girl put her pronouns on her goddamn cats Twitter account. What the fuck.

No. 964953

File: 1587794140528.jpg (205.41 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_20200425-015345_Chr…)

More twitter fakeboi nonsense.

No. 964963

>just transition already!!
These people don't deserve rights.

No. 964966

>the central dogma of every fujo fakeboi and their eggs

No. 964967

Oof, she's flat out saying yaoi characters are the exact same thing as gay men. Ten years ago she'd probably be thinking Japan is just like her animes.

No. 964993

The absolute delusion.

No. 965059

Why is the community not swooping her ass for fETishiTAzIoN? Oh yes she got the trans card

No. 965171

File: 1587841744409.jpg (185.24 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_20200425-145955_Chr…)

This description alone is enough for me to know these are two straight girls and not actual gay men. No idea what their comic is like but I imagine it's pretty cringey like everything created by fujo-turned-SJW types.

I don't even really need to dig to find these girls either, it's like you throw a rock on any social media site and you hit 10 of them.

No. 965178

christ, no actual man would ever refer to himself as "small".

No. 965220

Elliot is such a fakeboi name, I don't think I've ever seen an anglo man with that name (Alex is gaining some popularity).

No. 965262

File: 1587855087552.png (274.98 KB, 1075x1369, Screenshot_2020-04-26-05-49-36…)

As expected

No. 965331

File: 1587862963222.jpg (233.78 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_20200425-205718_Chr…)

Yeah Elliot is like the most common fakeboi name after Aiden, I swear.

Looking through their media it's just the same couple drawings of their shitty OCs, who are all 20 minority pileups like most shitty SJW OCs. Like this is apparent a trans ADHD multiple system. To their credit, at least the character actually looks male unlike other "trans man" OCs other shitty SJW artists create that are just busty, feminine bimbos ala rcdart and fairytale's abominations.

No. 965332

File: 1587863162932.jpg (201.48 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_20200425-205628_Chr…)

That description, what the actual fuck.

No. 965511

Sounds like it's a single person running this account with a "system" and the bf is just in her head

No. 965642


No. 965714

File: 1587936534282.jpg (208.26 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_20200426-172543_Chr…)

Just spotted this winner on FB. Who wants to bet she's a middle to upper class trust fund kid with approximately zero non-white friends?

No. 965717

File: 1587936803076.jpg (234.29 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_20200426-173205_Chr…)

She must be a blast at parties

No. 965720

File: 1587936872969.jpg (232.99 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_20200426-173028_Chr…)

Images you can smell

No. 965722

File: 1587937309956.jpg (206.49 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_20200426-173705_Chr…)

And of course she's buddies with other fakebois. Here's another one I found replying to her posts.

No. 965833

Lmao this is such bullshit, it's totally the other way around. People who don't suck troon dick or enlarged trender clit are the ones who have to pretend that they're onboard with all the TQ shit or risk being ostracized or cancelled or threatened with violence. Transphobia is the single biggest social crime one can commit these days, most people aren't willing to anger the Aidens.

No. 966033

Yeah I'm sure her social circle consists entirely of other fakebois/troons and their enablers. I'm sure she fantasizes about being the hero of a and then the whole bus clapped story taking on a mean, evil transphobe though.

Even just thinking you need dysphoria to be trans or snickering at painfully obvious trenders is enough to get you excommunicated from certain circles these days. Particularly nerd/weeb circles.

No. 966381

File: 1588097254470.jpg (136.35 KB, 1242x862, 1588095620644.jpg)


No. 966430

File: 1588106005419.png (846.26 KB, 1572x775, why.png)

What the fuck is wrong with straight women.

No. 966449

How cringy. If you replaced "faggotry" and "faggot" with "womanhood" and "woman" some of this would've been much more tolerable to read.

No. 966460

File: 1588109440955.jpg (30.17 KB, 338x601, 45641.JPG)


No. 966503

This is actually painful to read. How do you even get to this state? By consuming gay porn like you drink water?

No. 966540

File: 1588123728392.jpg (693.5 KB, 1280x1514, 1.jpg)

Fakeboi comic

No. 966541

File: 1588123800857.png (609.92 KB, 672x399, 2.PNG)

No. 966542

File: 1588123853984.png (580.16 KB, 683x394, 3.PNG)

No. 966543

File: 1588124050661.png (622.96 KB, 711x396, 4.PNG)

No. 966544

File: 1588124175596.jpg (881.24 KB, 1280x1514, 5.jpg)

No. 966548

I love how this only exemplifies that "identifying" outside of womanhood when you're a woman is functionally pointless. Nothing changes and everyone still thinks you're a girl. I hope they figure this out soon.

No. 966549

File: 1588124850133.png (111.02 KB, 1122x739, spicy heteros 1.png)

Don't forget OP's defense.

No. 966550

File: 1588124979175.jpg (369.31 KB, 1280x1707, spicy heteros 2.jpg)

And a picture of the totes queer couple.

No. 966552

Interesting how she depicted her boyfriend as being non-white and "ethnic" looking in her comic. when in reality he's just a white dude

No. 966553

this art is good, but the message is horrendous.

No. 966557

File: 1588125752230.png (626.93 KB, 419x511, theartisgood.PNG)

>the art is good

No. 966558

No. 966562

Straight girl rebrands her white boyfriend to be a kweer pee oh see so she can feel different and woke. So quirky, so not like other girls.

No. 966563

File: 1588127477247.png (802.76 KB, 696x586, lol.PNG)

but you missed the best part in the replies

No. 966564

Even a Filipinx they/them cannot get away with the social justice sin of dating Chad.

No. 966566

File: 1588127801913.jpg (64.91 KB, 720x897, 3hmrrhcst4d41.jpg)

sage for off-topic but reminds me of this meme, overly woke woc dating a generic white male has become a cliche at this point

No. 966567

I've seen this with a biracial chick I know who constantly rails against white dudes, but that's all she ever dates. I think it's because that's the only group that will put up with the special snowflake behavior, and the only group they can really use the oppression card against to win arguments.

No. 966570

I also find it curious and hypocritical. they must suffer from tension because of this. but I hate these kind of libfems because they arent ONLY hypocritical, they also have no problem with degrading themselves with terms like "A White Mans whore".

No. 966587

God, I'm not going to call this relationship in particular a sham because I can't know for sure, but this just spells out the morbidly exploitable psychological loophole that we discussed earlier. He could be as much of a hippie as her, but how many more people do the "yeah sure ok whatever" act because they see an opening in the weird (damn near self-inflicted) mental desperation to be accepted 'as they are'? I'm worried about what this bizarre worldview discrepancy means to these relationships, because homie over there has good reason to keep his trap shut about the identity thing, so they may never be on the same page in that sense.

No. 966588

The “black queer femme” who drew the Shiloh art that’s the OP for the current Onision flakes thread is also literally married to a member of the white patriarchy.

No. 966592

WAIT WHAT? is she married to just a conservative white guy or a literal white supremacist

No. 966595


my friend just named her kid Elliot and I hope this trend is over by the time he hits high school

No. 966656

>being straight is now "queer" uwu
fuck. i just. no.

Lmfao I was thinking the same thing. Need to get those extra woke points to make up for the cardinal sin of dating a white boi.

Holy shit this had me laughing way too hard

From what I've seen this is usually an issue mostly in relationships that are based on the female partner's gender issues when the male one finds an opening to exploit someone in need of validation. When it's a straight couple that has the female falling into troondom it's usually the male being too much of a pushover to create a conflict or voice his true feelings about it and defaulting to the "Oh well, it's just a phase" mode before they break up completely when she demands him to refer to her as his boyfriend or something.

No. 966658

Someone post pastel_art_boy, she's 30, hides her age and is UwU soft boi.

No. 966666

File: 1588166835067.jpg (50.83 KB, 530x850, hehimcisgirl.JPG)

Bio as "cis male😳😜"
I really wanted to give the benefit of the doubt and searched older tiktoks to see I dunno, a voice that sounds legit, or Adam's apple? Maybe that's an actual male somehow really androgynous?

Well that's what she want to believe. Trap fetish all over this app and generation

No. 966668

I have knows girls like this on 4chan as well, women who pretend to be traps to mess with 4chan users

No. 966670

at leat they've done this for the fun of it, without actually believing that crap (?)

No. 966678

File: 1588169028925.png (1.16 MB, 1180x757, 24J7EDP.png)

I don't know how she's hiding her age because if she's really only 30 she looks rough. it's like if present day pixyteri was still into kawaii shit. (sorry for comparing the queen to this peasant)
she doesn't seem that active? this is from 2018 and I didn't scroll down that far.

No. 966708

Hides it on social media and with filters. I recall seeing her years ago posted on weeb cringe blogs but back then she was into Lolita fashion and Alice Cooper.

No. 966723

These dudes stay around and go along with the roleplay because theses woman almost never go on T or get surgery. The only sacrifice made is that her clothing choices and hairstyles become uglier, but all the rest stays the same. Only when these “queer” hetero women bring up HRT or top surgery do their boyfriends bail.

Lol. That’s obviously a pudgy little teen Fujoshi, drawing on blocky “boy” eyebrows and constantly hunching over so you don’t notice her figure. Besides, actual cis-male traps never whine about being mistaken for a girl, don’t get angry for people not thinking they’re boys and would never “explode” at the fact that straight men were in their dms. They instead wear all of that like a badge of honor.

No. 966762

Literally know a girl like this irl. Same fucking haircut and carpan tunnel issues, with a rape fetish and into K-pop boyband too. Holy fuck.

No. 966780

Just shows how some people are literally walking stereotypes.

No. 966783

kek that reply is a fucking masterpiece

No. 966826

File: 1588195836217.png (7.94 MB, 1242x2688, DD41C43B-3C11-4FD1-BF14-487F80…)

This is the most obvious case of binder bod I’ve ever seen

No. 966832

This is a girl cuz no Adams apple, small hands and round face. These features might work if they were asian, but it's a white chick (of course)

That and in gay culture, cross dressers love going by she when they are dressed up. In fact gay cross dressers find it VERY flattering when someone confuses them for a girl. It validates they are just as pretty/attractive as a real girl.

These chicks who are more feminine than other girls just want something to be offended about

No. 966918

>when you head-cannon your real life boyfriend

No. 967514

I also don't get people who are against white people who date white guys. Like my cousin used to rant about white people all the time to her white boyfriend. I would be creeped out if someone I was dating hated my race.

No. 967523

File: 1588322979439.jpeg (Spoiler Image,802.56 KB, 1242x1869, 2D0C348E-C805-4CB5-A0A4-EC9D24…)

funny when they/them females think they're doing anything by posing for playboy in drag. you're still a woman and men are still jacking off to your tits, taped up alongside hairy armpits or not.

No. 967546

Shit looks fucking painful

No. 967555

File: 1588333511505.jpg (50.12 KB, 640x640, 93f18f76507f2c2ce624fa85e521c7…)


Oh my god Dorian Electra is such a cow, I think she should be posted more.
She's almost 30 and is the epitome of a straight woman rolplaying as a flamboyant gay man, it gets to a point that its kinda gross.
Just look at that tracklist. "Flamboyant." "Guyliner" "Adam & Steve."
Also her music is utter garbage.

No. 967558

File: 1588335070634.jpeg (161.5 KB, 1124x794, 4918C10B-01C0-43AB-B815-AB2EA4…)

how can a soul be- nevermind

No. 967563

oh wow i never thought id see Dorian here.
I stumbled upon her ''music'' a year ago and i thought ''wow a girl who is a drag king thats cool'' and then i see her correcting how people gender her in the comments and saying she is non-binary.
I felt kinda disappointed when i saw that.
If she said she was just a drag king who made her music for fun i would like it but knowing that she actually takes herself and her ''music'' seriously is embarrassing

No. 967575

Yeah for real, we need drag kings that do it for the fun of it instead of turning the act into serious statements about identity and oppression. I think the reason queens are much more popular is because they take it for what it is: campy/cheesy entertainment

No. 967581

Drag kings are just a vessel to show off that uwu so forbidden masculinity in a fun extra way, i don't fucking get why no one even researches stuff like this before just claiming to jump from gender to gender.

No. 967683

File: 1588355687083.jpeg (349.78 KB, 1242x1515, 5BEBA920-85C6-47F6-9B9D-33F4D0…)

omg this bitch is hilarious. I went to her HS in Texas, and have been been acquaintances for years.
> has rich parents and has been making music videos (her early shit was really funny feminist parody stuff) forever, but until at least two years ago, she wasn’t paying bg dancers.
>she still doesn’t pay bg dancers in live performances in houston.
>recently said bg dancers are all men or trans women. she is the only masculine/gender bending female allowed.
>when I spoke to her about politics last (about 10 years ago) she was a fucking libertarian, contradicting all the political shit she was saying publicly, because she truly only cares about her and her parent’s money.
>her bf (picture) is disgusting. I personally find it hilarious.

No. 967708

In all fairness, I think she started drag in a fun way, but then she realized she could get extra Woke Points by claiming she’s trans.

No. 967764

Ive quite noticed that some fakebois also tend to be pro-ana.

No. 967769

and still fat

No. 967771

wow i honestly thought i was the only one who thought this, i know few people who are legit diagnosed on the spectrum and have gone thru the whole tumblr gender shit. wow.

No. 967772

gender weirdness, eating disorders and autism are all kind of linked.

No. 967806


When i saw that her parents were rich artsy types and she went to a woke montessori school i just knew she had to be the rich stuck up better than thou art kid, unbelievably on spot lmao.

No. 967863

File: 1588381665927.png (19.53 KB, 595x186, dd143b8446178e8d4851c531d31e1d…)

sage for off-topic, I used to know someone like this, according to her she hated "whiteness" and "cis white hetro patriarchy" but not white people, she explained that its the same as some low-tier feminist tweeting "menaretrash" on twitter while still having male friends and a boyfriend
honestly its a lazy justification imo

No. 967867

>>967683 oh, god. I really love her man to man song, and a few others but i think she's overdoing her drag make-up and I CAN'T why she's putting a false gap between her front teeth, it's getting more obvious and worse tbh.

Her song album isn't the same as her previous one. The quality is going downhill.

No. 967869

>>967683 didn't she made a song about some dude with socialism? and she somehow ended interviewing them?

No. 967904

I’m fine with her makeup. She’s always done pretty extreme shit, and I think she intentionally tries to look ugly/uncomfortable for a lot of things. I don’t have to think she’s cute to respect the choice. It’s this recent attempt to be political and weasel her way into lgbt recognition when her shit is generally mediocre otherwise that’s milky to me.
Also how she rips off the people in “tha community” when she has the money and dates an ugly cuck so she can feel superior in every aspect of her life.
She also used to collaborate with a lot of cool feminist artists and has slowly favored more and more male collaborators. I think she wants to be “the” nonbinary girl in pop, so she’s stopped trying to give others any sort of exposure.

No. 968111

File: 1588436979534.jpg (22.42 KB, 302x446, 52.JPG)

The fuckboy smirk™

No. 968129

It's always gotta be an underage shounen protag.

No. 968132

File: 1588439991347.jpg (138.25 KB, 720x1064, IMG_20200502_190525_680.jpg)

>and they are still fat
yeah they fetishize pro-ana, and want to be dainty fragile soft boys uke….and then you look at their profiles and they're all fat.

No. 968133

wowww, I honestly liked her for a bit, but like it’s annoying how she keeps piggybacking off of other artists like 100gec kkb etc, idk. She’s obnoxious to me now.

No. 968152

when I saw this pic on insta I felt so uncomfortable, I’m honestly tired of people trying so hard and then saying they are nb / genderfluid just cause they are boring.

No. 968155

Tanjiro doesn't deserve this blasphemy

No. 968196

>body check
I’ll check it for ya, you still look like a big ol fridge.

No. 968365

No. 968370

File: 1588502478401.jpeg (88.35 KB, 828x433, 994C6265-DFBB-4787-8B0B-FA664D…)

weird Dorian Electra tinfoil because I was reading this thread yesterday then looking at Jonny Craig’s baby mama’s IG… Dorian follows that account… and Syd doesn’t follow back. Dorian doesn’t follow Jonny or anyone else that would signify that they’re somehow friends & if Syd doesn’t follow her/isn’t a fan, why would Dorian follow Syd?
Tinfoil = Dorian Electra is a farmer who is following Sydney for the drama (like I did) bc there’s p much no other reason for a bigger account who mostly follows celebrities/other artists & fans to randomly follow Sydney, who didn’t have any sort of following before dating Jonny. Just a weird ass fact I noticed. Maybe I’m going insane. If a bored farmer wants to cross reference some more cows/cow adjacent people & see if Dorian is following more, I feel like that’d be kinda interesting lol.

No. 968436

File: 1588515353237.jpg (101.05 KB, 944x651, hmm.JPG)

So uhh
she forgot the tag crossplay as she used it on other girl cosplays

No. 968713

File: 1588577286833.jpg (655.49 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200504-032405_Ins…)

Our society really hates tomboys,huh?

No. 968714

File: 1588577322274.jpg (863.91 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200504-032351_Ins…)


No. 968784

And we're supposed to respect that mindset and think it's "valid"

No. 968826

File: 1588609767851.jpg (635.47 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200504-032416_Ins…)


No. 968852

I will always refuse to acknowledge non-binary as something legitimate, nobody identified as such before tumblr.

No. 968853

Man this person’s illustrations are cool. What a waste.

No. 968926

I think there's a flaw in the name 'tomboy', it kind of paints a picture of someone young in a phase. Hard to imagine going through one's entire life under a diminutive nickname, so people try to feel out something more solid.

No. 969093

You may have whatever opinion you like, but there were people who called themselves non-binary long before Tumblr. The earliest I’m aware of is The Public Universal Friend, who died in the early 19th century.

No. 969177

>The Public Universal Friend
I don't know why NBs try to hold her up as a shining historical example, I'd think her choosing to renounce gender after severe fever dreams and a belief she'd died makes the whole thing sound even crazier.

No. 969206

File: 1588649099264.jpeg (Spoiler Image,171.91 KB, 640x806, 91F375F7-D89B-49D7-82FF-E45ADE…)

Ascher’s onlyfans is a waste of money. Did he seriously see this and think it was sexy or cute?

No. 969242

I really don’t know who she’s trying to appeal to with these pictures? It must just be a small group of fetishists. I wonder how many subs she has.

No. 969246

No more than 20 is my guess. There was never more than 13-20 likes on all of the posts.

No. 969254

That's actually sad to see her desperate about trying to get more exposure for $$ pity

No. 969258

There were only 17 who answered a poll that was up which was the most interaction I’ve seen on Ascher’s. I don’t feel sad about it, Ascher’s a stuck up bitch with a inferiority complex.

No. 969279

File: 1588668086387.png (1.21 MB, 640x1136, A51E85F9-27B9-4B16-9688-E43D94…)

Lul ascher lurks and is still pissed about people calling her out about the pedo baiting

No. 969297

>twink dyke

No. 969299

Yep, troons and enbies have this habit of claiming GNC or crazy people as their own (see Elagabalus for example). Ffs, I've seen people calling Jeanne fucking d'Arc a trans man

No. 969329

She wore men clothing to avoid getting raped, can't they see it's NOT about "being in the between uwu" but just a societal issue?

No. 969418

File: 1588697198963.png (22.11 KB, 587x196, not it chief.png)

this is truly a read but not the read they think it is.

No. 969420

File: 1588697368498.png (115.38 KB, 598x793, not it chief truly.png)

the responses are what you'd expect.
Big fan (/s) of the mindset of "REEEEE FUJOS REEE EW EW EW F*JOS" but when it's pwecious transmasques doing it it's just fine. Big fan of how the only acceptable outcome is to troon out, otherwise you're a pervy disgusting cishet fetishist.
Not that there's any difference, anyways.

No. 969458

I've followed dorian on ig for a while because they've done collabs with a lot of artists I like and I've noticed that 25% of the time I look up a cow's ig, dorian is following them

No. 969510

File: 1588708966020.jpg (1.37 MB, 2392x1546, 20200505_210216.jpg)

Totally a boy, guys. Jeez, those fucking hashtags

No. 969675

it's because dorian spends a lot of time on imageboards. She's infamous for self-posting on /mu/ and is obsessed with internet drama.

No. 969693


hot tip: foot fetishists don't want gnarly feet, they want delicate non-hairy feminine feet with painted nails

(source: my friend is a foot fetish model)

No. 969783

>Wow, I just heard of this quick-fix snake oil that lets me get rid of all the sexualization and oppression I have to take in because of my body instead of fighting to change the society for everyone! Have fun dealing with that shit ladies, I'm outta here!
Stunning and brave.

No. 969803

i don't think you even need to have the fetish or know someone who is connected to it to realize that all fetishes want the over idealized and perfect version of the thing they are hyper focused on.

No. 969861

File: 1588782617123.jpg (117.24 KB, 1080x1350, 95606259_1005442373219293_7450…)

This is sad
>My mom doesn't accept me being a lesbian so i will ''become'' a straight man
Tell me how this isnt conversion therapy……

No. 969895

>was in a friend group that was about LGBT issues
>full of ftm and libfem lesbians, with one gay guy
>one ftm goes on a on about how she loves guys and how gay she is and how dumb and pretty fEmAlEs are
>a bisexual girl is a pick me despite having a bf
>gay guy slowly distances himself
>group starts getting into some cringy antisjw stuff
>more and more about how lesbians are crazy and women bad
(But the ones in the group chat are "one of the good ones")
>I distance myself

Tl;dr peak degeneracy ftms are sexist and homophobic with extra steps

No. 969897

File: 1588787227554.jpg (1.41 MB, 3282x3195, imgonline-com-ua-twotoone-50HG…)

"He/him". Because y'know, nothing says "male" better than having your tits out in almost every photo

No. 969908

As someone who’s actually survived that I can guarantee that they don’t recommend transitioning as a way to “fix” homosexuality. This is not it.

No. 970027

But anon! Look at those armpits! Would a woman ever grow out their armpit hair? No, never! This is clearly a he because women shave!
But seriously, I hate how often I see women "realizing" they are nonbinary and somehow the next logical step for them is either shaving their eyebrows or letting their armpit hair grow.

No. 970274

How the fuck can they lack so much self-awareness they put this shit up for everyone to see and NOT think it's so wrong. This is like some GC edit meme making fun of trannies but it's real.

No. 970488


i thought peak degeneracy was entering friend groups that's only purpose is being "about" lgbt issues or some other social issue

you should be making friends to be friends with people. sounds like you set yourself up to be in an environment where you're surrounding yourself with people who were sexist and homophobic. them being ftm is just an afterthought.

No. 970752

File: 1588925322579.jpeg (Spoiler Image,632.7 KB, 750x948, 13B86D96-79D1-4532-B2D3-BB2E47…)

imagine walking into the bathroom and seeing ur coworker do this

No. 970763

How has she not been fired? Does she place of employment know about her account? I'm no expert but if I ran a business and found out one of my employees was taking nudes in the bathroom, I'd fire them on the spot.

No. 970790

ascher works at starbucks, big corporations probably dont care until it’s brought to their attention or causes problems

No. 970810

File: 1588944095721.jpg (664.64 KB, 1564x1847, imgonline-com-ua-twotoone-1wgB…)

Apparently this is a "trans nonbinary demiboy"(?)
The bio really says it all. Someone needs to tell these people that gender isn't a personality trait. All they seem to talk about is how trans and oh so gay they are

No. 970813

And this is how you know they do it for attention. It's the same kind of narcissism Vicky has the (even if she's not a troon) or the weird agps.

No. 970818

It's funny bc I scrolled as far back as possible on that one's Instagram and in the first post from 2015 she looks like a fairly normal girl with a normal girl voice, albeit very cringey. Then scrolling up you see the evolution to total retard

No. 970851

File: 1588949603199.jpg (441.06 KB, 2048x2048, 0g2lS2r.jpg)

>some of yall have never spoken to a single gay/bi man before and have learned your viewpoint on us through shitty yaoi fanfiction or gay stereotype media and it Really Shows

Quoted from the very masculine, virile hunk of a “Gay man” who draws trans-centric yaoi and lectures gay men on what it means to be gay. Really hates femboys for some strange reason. Most recently garnered attention for her one of many rants against gay men only liking men. Gay men hilariously dragged her.

No. 970862

Holy fucking shit, I'm wheezing, this is hilarious. They're calling her a trans incel - transcel lmao. That tweet sounds so rape-y. "Sexuality isn't a choice but you HAVE to fuck me or you're a transphobe uwu".
I feel so sorry for actual gay men who have to put up with this bs. Her art is also disgusting

No. 970867

how come when lesbians say the same thing towards mtfs they get dogpiled with insults?? That is a glorious thread of calling her out though.

No. 970930

>ok incel
The replies are wonderful.
Her bio made me laugh:
>fujoshis, "problematic" artists DO NOT FOLLOW
Because male troons turn into some of the most vicious creatures on earth when their entitlement to lesbian vagina is questioned.

No. 970936

What kills me the most about these people is that I just want to bust the party and scream how they weren't born male, they're not perceived as male by the society and they have no experience of the life of a gay man, but I can't. I'd be executed on the spot for being ~twansphobic~. Instead people dance around the subject and try to come up with any other reason to tell them to shut the fuck up instead of addressing the ginormous elephant in the room. It's both infuriating and mindblowing to witness what lengths people are allowing their cognitive dissonance to reach.

Because gay men have their male socialization and can aggressively tell these little cunts off with no ramifications, after all ~transmascs~ are women and socialized to feel smaller to men. Women always end up trying to reason with them because we know we'd be doxxed, ostracized and attacked until we're in shambles if we stepped out of the line and refused to lick girldick or questioned a he/him tumblrina trying to lay down the laws of being a gay man.

Anyway I'm going to start using the term "transcel" someone coined in the replies to refer to these kind of trannies in the future lmao. And christ her art is nasty, bitch trying to be all woke but if this shit ain't fetishizing then nothing is.

No. 970938

TIFs take inspiration from all the TIMs that shout about how "genital preference" is transphobic but what they don't get is that this pressure won't work with the opposite sexes. There hasn't been a culture of women pressuring men into sex and acting violent and threatening towards any male who dares to speak up. Men don't have to fear women, TIFs have no social status either. Men can just tell them to fuck off. An increasing amount of women are telling TIMs to fuck off though. I hope the tide is turning.

No. 970947

I've always thought of it as an "Emperor's New Clothes" type deal. These fakeboi tards come along and say "I am a man and if you can't see that then you must be a -insert buzzword here-". So of course everyone pretends to agree because if they disagree then they'll be labelled as transphobic.
But secretly everyone can see that this fakeboi is a woman; she looks like a chick, acts like a chick, dresses like a chick etc. Even she knows it, which is why she gets so defensive.
As soon as a couple of people stand up, the filter is turned off and everyone is allowed to say the truth.

No. 970951

File: 1588962506346.jpeg (102.08 KB, 745x420, 65807769-E462-4654-B1D3-F51F41…)

"Gayness is my whole life i just love men so much uwu"

bitch is a straight fujo lecturing gay ppl on how to be the right kind of gay, fucking wild

No. 970964

This fucking condescending attitude. Note that the deviantart fujo era is pretty much done but she's still living is here

No. 970972

File: 1588965512627.jpg (191.28 KB, 1080x514, Screenshot_20200508-201712_Chr…)

lololololol how retarded can you be. Also I swear bara is primarily made by gay men for gay men. That's real gay men, not whatever she is.
The more of her tweets I read, the more braincells I lose