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File: 1679508810971.png (165.41 KB, 540x960, 1679240714368.png)

No. 1793310

This is a series of threads about fakebois and trans-identified females (TIFs).

"Fakebois" are girls who pretend to be boys, either by becoming trannies or larping biological males (usually the former). Fakebois style and present themselves as androgynous or feminine-looking boys, or wearing girls' clothing and make-up while insisting on being addressed with he/him (or occasionally they/them) pronouns and take great offense at being gendered as female.

These threads are also now a catch-all for any minor TIF cows without threads of their own. Even "serious" troons, (like Kalvin Garrah and Ellen Page) are fair game, as are horrific troon surgeries and pregnancies. Just remember to spoiler that shit.

**TIFs, no one cares if you think you're ~more legit~ than the cows posted here.** Additionally, occasional discussion of fujoshis is fine, but don't sperg and infight about it.

Notable FtM-related subreddits:

Old threads by order of recency:

No. 1793338

File: 1679511465466.png (11.28 KB, 535x220, screenshot1.png)

Hating yourself for your Female characteristics and being FTM are hand in hand. This post just preaches to the choir every adult FTM knows exists but doesn't want to admit, that maybe teenage girls latch onto trans culture out of pure self hatered. Teenage TIFs will never be Male and they waste their time letting that fantasy occupy their mind instead of changing what they do have control over. 14-16 year olds have little to no control over their lives aside from self expression, but again, no one in their social circles tells them that being trans isn't the answer to their self expression problem.
The comments to this post say its referencing "transmed phases" but it refers to what makes teenage TIFs peak in adulthood more than that.

No. 1793341

I find it odd how often TIFs are uncomfortable with their bodies but make 0 effort to exercise or diet. Going on T isn’t going to melt off the body fat and grow a six pack

No. 1793348

File: 1679513088314.jpg (57.74 KB, 500x678, 337237721_1591981591284374_515…)

No. 1793363

This person have some unresolved anxiety/mental illness and is using troonism to hide behind

No. 1793378

What trans person doesn't have self hatred? Even when they're smiling, there's no light behind their eyes. All their smiles look so over exaggerated and fake. It would be exhausting putting on a performance every day of your life. The cognitive dissonance must be crushing.

No. 1793379

More like this girl has nothing going on on her life and needs to spice up her life and feel speshiul and tragic like a greek hero

No. 1793423

File: 1679521987174.jpeg (219.8 KB, 644x2050, E9536A17-6BCC-4017-9CF0-C2BB94…)

Tif thinks she passes when she infact just looks like a butch to a normie lesbian

No. 1793432

Wait, I thought trans people wanted the whole world to know they're trans and not a boring cis, so why is she so offended by people noticing she's trans. Don't get it.

No. 1793457

The out and proud kweer folx have long been at war with the stealth truscum over this

Normies can't win because you don't know which type you're talking to until they get mad at you for something

No. 1793462

File: 1679526071617.png (37.54 KB, 975x476, creepy.png)

No. 1793465

File: 1679526715924.png (118.21 KB, 1139x1265, "Transmisogyny".png)

Tifs are apparently mean to tims on reddit. I find it funny that even tifs don't want men invading their spaces.

No. 1793487

Ages 14-16 are prime for teen angst and body hatred. Why do they think they’re the only ones who deal with this?

No. 1793489

My guess is it's because a lot of media (especially the popular ones) is written by men and tends to glorify female puberty.

No. 1793520

File: 1679533075144.jpg (73 KB, 606x967, tumblr_43b5906609d44695c6e0c7b…)

This is so funny to me, because "TERFs" have never said that (in fact it's the opposite lol). They don't even why they hate who they hate.

No. 1793537

its completely normal to hate your body as a teen girl regardless of how fat you are. i was underweight and still hated having boobs. hated being sexualized. i wore hoodies every day. i would have trooned out if i grew up in this generation and that scares me.

No. 1793539

"i need hugs desperately right now!" gee idk dylan maybe they can sense your male entitlement

No. 1793592

Well from what I've seen spicy straight kweer girls usually have a colorful hairstyle and a shit ton of pronoun/flag pins and some sort of lolita/goth pastel outfit because only boring normies wear normal clothes, while "truetrans" edgy girls wear dull colors because of course only those nasty females wear something that is not grey/black.
But what is weird to me is how in male troons the distinction between straight and gay men is very obvious, almost always you can tell right away and even predict their view on troon topics. But with women, I can't always tell for sure who is lesbian/straight/bi. A lot of truetrans are "gay" fakebois and a lot of uwu pastel tumblr boys are actually SSA women.
>why does it seems like r/mtf is way friendlier to transmascs
Because those creepy men are desperate for real women, they will tell you anything in an attempt to get to your body. Even if it's deformed, it's still a body of an actual woman.
>than ftm to transfem
I'm assuming those traumatized women don't want to be around men, even the ones with crusty eyeliner. But I'm pretty sure most of the girls on r/ftm will coddle a male troon just as women expected to.
They just hate terfs because all kinds of trannies hate women and this is a group of women you can hate without being called out for misogyny.
1. Still not as vile as male trannies trying to lure women into their basements by pretending to be fellow girls (it's good that AGPs never pass)
2. How can she tell for sure those guys don't know she's a girl? A lot of men nowadays target tifs specifically because they know those women are vulnerable.

No. 1793607

File: 1679549231993.jpg (11.82 KB, 320x311, 1553713393496.jpg)

Because TERFs always say "they stand for the brainwashed tifs so they can see the light", according to them. Of course they'll stand for you since you're a woman too.

No. 1793629

from what i've seen, every sub that's for (all) trannies ends up being about TIMs at 90%. so it makes sense for TIFs to get annoyed when even their own subs have to be about the girldick lmao. but i'm surprised it's not the other way around when it comes to "friendliness", seems like TIMs are always making fun of TIFs and calling out their "transphobia" meanwhile TIFs apologize and defend TIMs. also why is the OP whining about being terrified and paranoid about it? jesus

No. 1793634

File: 1679555438322.jpg (82.33 KB, 1080x670, IMG_20230323_010942.jpg)

spotted in the wild via a single fb mutual. had 2 click on the profile pic and got a good laugh

No. 1793641

Note how she mentions being afraid to step out of her house as if someone is actually posing a physical threat to her. Troons have literally memed themselves into becoming agoraphobic with all the genocide fearmongering.

No. 1793646

>But with women, I can't always tell for sure who is lesbian/straight/bi. A lot of truetrans are "gay" fakebois and a lot of uwu pastel tumblr boys are actually SSA women.
I think the answer is if they pass or not. That's it kek. (checks out with blanchard's theory)

No. 1793650

>Why do they think they’re the only ones who deal with this?
maybe they're really not told teens, especially girls, are more or less trained to hate ourselves and all they see are tiktok girls showing off being hot

No. 1793653

>if you didn't ask bob with a beard for his pronouns don't ask mine
See they can't even make up their mind if little good cis allies should/need to ask about pronouns or not. Damned if you do, damned if you don't. Always the hypocrisy, you can never be right or good enough for them. Same group are often saying misgendering should literally be illegal, or classified as a hate crime or violence.
You can't ever please delusional narcissists.

No. 1793655

Buck Angel passes and she is straight

No. 1793727

File: 1679580345590.png (387.4 KB, 392x574, hhjjkkkl.PNG)

No. 1793741

I need the pooner memepost from tumblr where she goes to a gay sex party, urgently, thank you

No. 1793750

File: 1679582379681.jpg (377.56 KB, 1079x1957, 1679105900251.jpg)

nonnie it was posted in the last thread

No. 1793758

File: 1679583159986.jpeg (101.77 KB, 828x1480, 5D378E23-10AE-4FE1-ADEB-55D7E8…)

Transitioning into your average 4chan user. Bleak

No. 1793761

File: 1679583378388.jpeg (75.02 KB, 659x704, F3DE1FB8-8D79-4114-8451-BBA6C5…)

what's the point of taking T and identifying as male if your gonna act like the grisliest girl possible

No. 1793763

I wish society acknowledged the existence of autistic women. This girl mutilated herself because she literally didn't know you can be crusty and female at the same time.

No. 1793788

This made me want to kill myself and I'm not even a TIF kek

No. 1793789

>loose hope in cis men
>wants to be a man but understands that there’s a socio-difference between cis and trans men
I don’t even know why they didn’t just leave early, call a Uber, if it caused them so much discomfort- instead they chose to cry in the bathroom of a sex party like that would change anything

No. 1793805

What kind of asshole moid does this. If she had any spine at all she would cut that man out of her life, 100% he invited her to humiliate her.
She gets what she deserves though, she should have known this would happen.

No. 1793821

File: 1679590425330.jpeg (684.24 KB, 3268x1707, C59A1F15-657F-4C20-841D-F75156…)

>11 year old son whose actually her grandson
>has to refer to his grandma's spicy straight lover as "daddy bear"
>homeschooled in an RV

that poor kid, I hope he's safe

No. 1793847

File: 1679592562394.jpeg (108.29 KB, 1287x826, D5B07F11-D3B4-4B3A-B9DE-72E010…)

Tif asks others what their dumbest dysphoria triggers are. Have fun reading these comments.

No. 1793848

Best beard I’ve seen in a tif tbh

No. 1793855

Come on that's not milk. 'She' says the kid himself chose the name

No. 1793858

I kind that hard to believe that tbh

No. 1793880

Lil reactionary

No. 1793907

Holy shit. This is the exact same insecurity about appearance, performance, and obsession with how others perceive you, that female socialization drills into you, except their focus has shifted to how to look and act like a man. No smelly male thinks about his appearance this much, even when he's a TiM.

They're completely oblivious to the fact that these are female socialized discussions they're having. I guess if you aren't exposed to feminism at all because TERFS, you wouldn't even become aware that female socialization is a thing that exists at all.

No. 1793920

File: 1679597731243.jpg (293.39 KB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20221215_042027_Ins…)

Both have long hair and are wearing full facepaint, yet you can obviously tell whose actually male and whose the delusional TIF

No. 1793924

>Since day 1 he’s seen me as a man
So he’s a chaser?

No. 1793926

File: 1679598210284.jpg (1.2 MB, 2250x3000, lG-Sky-64-and-Mike-55-Palm-Spr…)

No. 1793927

op dropped thread 30 from the recents >>1769272

i posted the pic last thread. the story is funny but i agree that the catty gay scrote who put her up to it def did it to humiliate her.

No. 1793971

Didn't know tifs could grow so much hair. A worthy opponent for gayfag hairyshoulders

No. 1793974

Stg this exact picture was posted in a thread before…this screams vendetta

No. 1793982

Why do they look exactly the same?

No. 1793987

If TiFs and TiMs just dated each other like this and left the rest of us, minors, the English language and reality/science alone, it'd probably be ok.

No. 1793988

I distinctly remember seeing this post months ago, either a vendetta or selfposter

No. 1794005

You know what? Completely agree at this point. Instead of crying about the rest of us "uGh CiSgEndEr" people not being romantic with them, they need to go date each other then. They'll relate to each other's struggles and what not anyway, use the 'correct' language, and all that.

No. 1794012

the problem with those arrangements is for some season TIM and TIFs couple always seen to have kids and there's no one to protect the children

No. 1794015

Yeah, they can date each other inside a space rocket going to the sun.

No. 1794055

File: 1679615179547.png (155.59 KB, 1000x1133, ce2a489cb45f27b1e25c3f4ea6eecc…)

gay clones

No. 1794060

I learned to stop giving a shit and laugh when it comes my way.

Had a “she/he” lesbian refer to her bowl-cut gf as her husband… laughed hard and moved on.(sage your shit)

No. 1794085

buck angel refers to herself as a lesbian and only fucks men in porn, so bisexual(sage your shit)

No. 1794086

holy shit this is such a funny picture, they look like twins

No. 1794108

i thought this was called narcissism

No. 1794121

It’s a real thing.. one of my close friends (gay male) married a guy who looked so much like him it was creepy. They ended up cheating on each other and divorced within like a year so maybe it is related to narcissism kek

No. 1794132

half of the posts in these threads are reposts at this point

No. 1794139

imagine how they kiss with those beards

No. 1794155

hope it's okay to ask but where on radblr can i find this post? i always thought it came from this board

No. 1794207

Off topic but why is this so true the only gay married couple I know where I live literally have the same first name not to mention look alike.

No. 1794209

File: 1679640842694.jpg (228.46 KB, 1080x1501, Screenshot_20230323_155741_com…)

A popular artist came out as non binary. I don't know how tifs who have surgeries/are on T put up with these girls. There's nothing for her to be scared of when you dress and look like a straight girl.

No. 1794241

> I don't know how tifs who have surgeries/are on T put up with these girls.
They don't, the "transmeds" and the "tucutes" famously hate each other

No. 1794249

There's no legislation outlawing NLOGism. Wish there was, but there's not.

No. 1794253

Why are they all like this. What part makes her "not-female"? Is it that she hates sexism but thinks normal females love it? Is it that she doesn't like pink? Because she likes football or some "male" activity?

I swear these girls and women realize they don't "feel like a gender" the way the trans cult says they should, and instead of going "wait a minute, it's because gender isn't actually real and normal people don't feel like they have a magical gender spirit separate from their bodies" they just jump straight to "must be because i'm not of the female gender". They're frankly just so embarrassing.

No. 1794266

Its to the point where I honestly respect it

No. 1794270

File: 1679652928692.webm (1.04 MB, 320x554, 6p55LfEYfISjjcb2.webm)

the current Troon/TRA narrative is that there's a "trans genocide" going on i.e legislations that will keep minors from being mutilated. so by their logic this is considered brave and fearless, going up a literal fascist government.
I have this before this is a symptom of something far great, the youth are stripped of any identity and are fostered in a culture that praises being oppressed, so it’s not a surprise that some of them, especially the terminally online ones, turn to different forms of identity that allow them to be the victim for once.

No. 1794271

File: 1679652999671.jpg (518.06 KB, 3264x3264, collage.jpg)

ezra got her testosterone gel. https://www.youtube.com/shorts/wI43pCMMgV4

No. 1794273

File: 1679653674221.jpg (87.93 KB, 1125x1313, dwraapagcrn71.jpg)

Imagine your daughter demands you to call her Franklin Willis Latour

No. 1794274

File: 1679653725824.png (Spoiler Image,117.92 KB, 640x855, fha0hxopscq81.png)

What's the point of tit chop if your face still 100% female

No. 1794278

Pretty sure she doesn't think about anything like this at all, she just hops on a trend before it faded away. You kinda have to stay relevant as an interned artist/blogger.
Sad but I think "transmeds" hate "tucutes" because of the realization that they did not have to go through the tit chop and balding. They could have just thrown on a t-shirt and cut their hair and then go back to normal when the bpd manic episode is over. Now they are stuck in a cult and if they dare to publicly detrans everyone will harass them relentlessly. This is literally the reason why there are so few older tifs, once they realize they will never achieve that privileged easy mode male life they quietly leave without telling anyone.

No. 1794281

File: 1679655213217.png (214.2 KB, 412x600, upload_2018-1-3_15-17-45.png)

This type of images is literally the new "me vs the other girls" thing. The only difference between those two women is that one will just go back to normal life once the trend is over and the other will have to live with awful health problems and will go bald before 30.

No. 1794282

I think the shame and embarrassment keeps them quiet too. Who wants to admit publicly that they fucked up this badly?

No. 1794283

I like that they're infighting, who needs terfs when they're all taking themselves down from the inside kek

No. 1794297

wanting to look like an underage boy?

No. 1794338

I fucking thought that was her mum in the thumbnail or something but it's her "boyfriend" looking like an actual granny with the bleached hair

No. 1794365

File: 1679666265414.png (172.54 KB, 412x600, edit.png)

No. 1794369

genius nonna

No. 1794378

kek this is perfect

No. 1794388

I’m laffin, thank u nonna.

I used to draw cringy “punk rock is so much better than emo” art when I was in high school, this is basically the same thing.

No. 1794390

Excellent edit nona.

No. 1794396

Say goodbye to that clear skin and full head of hair!

No. 1794400

And both are dating dudes

No. 1794408

And both are totally (straight/bi) gay

No. 1794442

Kek accurate.

No. 1794450

>testosterone gel
No way this forever filthy looking freak will use this safely, she is now a threat to children in particular and women in general.

No. 1794464

>OOPS I accidentally caused a good friend of mine to go into menopause due to my careless handling of my T gel! Transition twins!

No. 1794472

Kek is this the girl who racefaked then got banned from tiktok after posting pedobait art of cutesy animals fucking each other in the ass?

No. 1794501

Threadpic material, excellent work nona.

No. 1794502

File: 1679682727839.jpg (27.83 KB, 1080x317, 1679603506388.jpg)


See this comment from another "they want to kill trans people!" TikTok.

No. 1794513

>stage 7
I had to Google what this was even in reference to. The 7th stage is preparation, eradication is stage 9, and literally the first 2 steps (identification, separation) are things they made a communal effort to do to themselves

No. 1794518

wait what?

No. 1794523

What is with the most basic white girls I've ever seen calling themselves non-binary?

No. 1794526

I don't think people who are being genocided make videos where they lipsynch to nightcore to talk about it. This is such a cuts way to tall about such a horrible subjectblogposting but as someone who is part of an ethnic group who did face genocide this shit just annoys me so much

No. 1794529

No. 1794543


If the tranny genocide is in Stage 7, I don't want to know what where they doing in the stages 3,4,5 and 6.

No. 1794544

I get you nonnie, sage for blog but my country dealt with a dictatorship and suddenly see these people saying that "they're in danger" because they want to protect kids to end like Eden (which ironically people were to protest to Saudi Arabia while stepping on SA flags), is frustrating. No, you're not going to dealt what people endured in real genocides, stfu.

No. 1794556

File: 1679688307692.jpeg (180.7 KB, 1170x1535, DA071F2A-2D56-45A0-812B-9496FF…)

Apparently she used to pretend to be “indigenous latinx” but i can’t find evidence

No. 1794573

File: 1679689408825.jpg (282.38 KB, 2000x2000, 1663912754518.jpg)

That Megan Rose Ruiz / Misia Illustrator girl who drew the porn bunnies in tiktok.
It does not surprise me she says she's nonbinary now.

No. 1794583

Their delusional mind thinks we're saying "trans man" but we're actually saying Trans Identified Males.

No. 1794603

File: 1679691649965.jpg (194.11 KB, 1158x849, hmdt stage.jpg)

When did the first six stages happen exactly?

No. 1794617

If they no longer had access to expensive HRT and mutilation surgeries, they'd essentially be "wiped out" ie: the trans fad would be stopped at the medical level and they'd have to cope in new ways. But they're not being gunned down in the street or sent to camps (like actual minorities have been), these whiny babies want to be genocided so bad, it would be the ultimate validation of their victimhood

No. 1794650

They never even reached stage three and the first two they did themselves, fuck right off. How can they justify being at seven? Oh, because they are denied 'civil rights' which no they are not, they have civil rights. Yes you can use the bathroom, it's the one for your sex, cry about it. The laws haven't changed they're just adding new ones so they can enter bathrooms, sports, events, spaces not meant for them. That sounds privileged to me!

No. 1794686

Let's be honest here, they are on 7 but they are doing it themselves and it's against women. 1. ciswomen, transwomen are more beautiful and better women because they worked for it. 2. Reverse symbolism, if you don't use the the transflag you are not with them. 3. Discrimination: trans are allowed trans groups, women aren't allowed single sex spaces. Anyone who is against them is doxed and their employers are being "made aware" they employ transphobes. 4. dehumanisation: they call women who oppose TERF, right wing bigots, nazis. 5: Organisation: they are in politics, governments, journalism. 6: Propaganda: KJK is a nazi on major news outlets. 7: They are growing more violent towards women. Women have been physically attacked. Women are put on lists. They tried to forbid access to the country for Kellie-Jay Keen.

No. 1794688

next threadpic please

No. 1794719

That's an excellent pov, nonna.

No. 1794746

File: 1679710964520.png (9.5 KB, 657x205, Screenshot 2023-03-24 10.22.45…)

see now that's just-

No. 1794749

File: 1679711280752.png (8.77 KB, 657x205, Screenshot 2023-03-24 10.27.21…)

idk maybe that feeling is misogyny over being called essentially a slur

No. 1794760

the whole NB thing is even more harmful when it's equated with not conforming to standards because it implies that it makes you less of a woman. all types of women calling themselves NB is the best way for this "identity" to become irrelevant/meaningless, as opposed to pretending that not being "basic" (?) or not being white (??) makes the identity more legit or more understandable.

No. 1794814

File: 1679720872837.jpg (36.99 KB, 444x574, tumblr_inline_o4xia9ET401ryokn…)

I would have tell her that donating organs is not just placing an organ and wishing the patient well. If your organ isn't compatible with the donor due your health in life, if you had an illness, etc, to the tomb it goes with you. But I don't even think she can understand that.

Not mention TIFS are the first in saying "if you can remove my ovaries, please give them to a poor trans woman" even if an ovaries inside a man can kill him, so her "discomfort" that a woman use her organs is both stupid and selfish and quite hypocrite.

No. 1794824

With all the horrible effects exogenous testosterone has on the female body + these people's various other comorbid poor life choices their organs are probably not even going to be viable for donation after they die.

No. 1794876

File: 1679748004189.webm (2.14 MB, 320x568, G6BzHY2WFSAzcZwS.webm)

>Trooning out over a fucking haircut

No. 1794878

File: 1679748404568.webm (4.81 MB, 576x1024, ssstik.io_1679748020400.webm)

ngl she dresses better then 99% of TIFs and even most men

No. 1794879

I hate that pedo and her groomer art of bunnies fucking that she knowingly pushes on children. Of course she's a troon

No. 1794883

those hips don’t lie

No. 1794884

File: 1679749702169.jpg (42.05 KB, 552x689, dood.jpg)

No. 1794887

File: 1679749886626.png (33.41 KB, 1152x648, truscum confronting trender.pn…)

No. 1794888

Why do these characters always have such big lips lol

No. 1794889

this is going to sound really spergy but she still moves like a lesbian. like the poses and movements just look so butch lesbian. yes i have autism.

No. 1794895

I dont get the lips on these drawings? They always kind of look like monkeys or something, I think the caricature would look way better without it

No. 1794896

It's so weird, it reminds me of racist caricatures of black people.
There is nothing about trooning out that give tifs bigger lips.

No. 1794898

It's the artist's fetish probably. Imo the pooner comics are mostly poltard retardation and generally gross and unfunny.

No. 1794899

lmfao i know this person. its good to know that people who act entitled in adulthood do well on tiktok

No. 1794900

I think it’s an over exaggeration of feminine characteristics?

No. 1794901

The "pooner" characters usually look even worse than the pic you replied to. I have heard they are actually drawn by self hating TIFs, that is how they see female body: comically big lips, boobs and hips, round face and eyes, wet/smelly crotch.

No. 1794911

File: 1679755111770.png (10.46 KB, 951x117, Screenshot 2023-03-25 103634.p…)

I genuinely find this pretty fucking offensive they would actual attempt to claim they are victims of genocide when literally 3-4 women are being murdered EVERY SINGLE DAY in the US and the rate has steadily been increasing. Meanwhile, you can count on one hand how many troons die a year.

No. 1794928

Is Corey a trending troon name? At my workplace two girls suddenly started using it at the same time, what celeb or fictional character is behind this

No. 1794931

babbybabybaby love to see you on lolcor again!

No. 1794936

The pooner has exaggerated female characteristics, like big lips (though this one doesn't make sense to me because I don't really notice TIFs as having big lips), large sparkly eyes, pink skin? I don't know why I bother explaining it, the only one that makes sense is the big sparkly eyes because even the most passing of TIFs still have very female eyes.

No. 1794943

File: 1679760638930.png (379.56 KB, 2146x1994, ogi9lv783kg91.png)

I know there was a similar image to this one, but it's so fucking retarded how one of the girls on this picture is referred as "he". I guess those pics are made by "truetrans" nlogs. Nlots. Nlops. (Not like other troons, not like other pooners).

No. 1794944

File: 1679760762816.jpg (212.17 KB, 2048x2048, average-bdd-ftm-v0-z0zgb64r4ly…)

I don't think any of those girls have this much self awareness

No. 1794947

File: 1679761174305.gif (642.46 KB, 500x289, P8Mc343.gif)

>would kill her entire family in a heartbeart it it meant she cound turn korean

No. 1794948

The actual lesbian still looks hot and puts in effort to "pass", but also still looks like a butch woman to any other lesbian. It's sad how they probably see themselves as a straight couple now.

No. 1794953

File: 1679761771947.png (359.26 KB, 1424x2489, yt2htr3tplv41.png)

The truetrans girls are somewhat interesting to me. Being a tif makes you nlog, but those girls are the nlogs of nlogs. Nlogs in square.

No. 1794954

File: 1679761821098.jpg (199.86 KB, 1079x1673, tumblr_95bae7574cdf9d29955cd1f…)

No. 1794956

File: 1679761918655.png (190.68 KB, 1208x1196, exf8crn5yqg71.png)

This one is especially kekable. This girl isn't even a crusty truetrans tif, she is literally an average feminine fakeboi. But she absolutely has to pretend she is different.

No. 1794958

File: 1679762023361.png (122.94 KB, 1080x726, 964.png)

Sorry, the autism pic parade is over, but I really want to post this one as well

No. 1794960

Samefag, I don't know why the lesbian girl has a nazi flag pin. Perhaps this pic was made by a seething tif.

No. 1794962

File: 1679762714694.png (428.92 KB, 839x571, Screenshot 3.png)

The super girly room really adds to the comedy of the statement.

No. 1794963

File: 1679762788629.png (251.74 KB, 2048x2048, all-tifs-be-like.png)

version 2

No. 1794964

Ash based on the Ash troon on youtube isn't she lmao

No. 1794965

i love the memes posted nona, I think memes and comedy are good for fighting troons

No. 1794970

File: 1679764419243.jpg (95.2 KB, 933x1005, Screenshot_20230325_181159_Sam…)

I hate that I know this but this chick has a wall full of shadman drawings…

No. 1794975

I’m guessing that they see it as a form of cultural genocide.
That culture being getting kids on Discord to take HRT.

No. 1794979

File: 1679765805883.png (556.5 KB, 1620x1080, Screen-Shot-2018-03-22-at-9.18…)

Late as fuck but they both transitioned to current day Varg.

No. 1794983

File: 1679766363531.png (136.74 KB, 750x848, 21kfqzj4p4x31.png)

looked her up and apparently she was/is armature porn performer and has an onlyfans, I guess she's a "femboy" right now

No. 1794989

I remember Indigo White. This girl is/was a racist tradthot and pickme who was obsessed with getting validation from Shadman lmao. Guess she saw the Greek towelboy meme.

No. 1794990

Ew, I thought she was like 15 or something

No. 1794993

She's 26 or 27, there was a thread about her here:

No. 1795011

Same. My parents and grandparents remember living through it. I have no tolerance for these idiots who just want special oppression points

No. 1795024

I remember that drawing and how TIFs started to draw both girls in a loving relationship, even if the right TIF said over and over she was uncomfortable because it was a self-portrait of herself. But TIFs didn't give a damn and still draw the pairing for a "real MLM couple".

No. 1795036

I mean most of them are fujoshis, so its not really surprising.

No. 1795037

Omg corey in the house

No. 1795043

Just a lil blog but I just saw a TIF comment on a picture of a gnc guy saying “omg I want his gender”. I replied telling her that bringing up his gender reinforces stereotypes and it’s cool when a guy can just wear whatever he wants without his gender being brought up. she was like “wtf I was just saying he looks cool”. So just SAY HE LOOKS COOL. Say you like his aesthetic! Why other him by bringing up his gender when afaik he’s “cis”. So cringey and annoying but I’m not good at explaining my feelings on the matter. I wish the word gender would die

No. 1795048

Is that what gender means in that context, that they think it looks cool? I've gotten comments saying my art is "so gender" or that they want to steal the gender of something I've drawn and a lot of times these comments are on landscapes or mixed sex group pictures so I had no idea what that was supposed to mean.

No. 1795050

So fucking good but honestly if I had to choose I think truescum are the more tolerable breed of trans. In a way I admire their commitment to the bit even though the mutilation is very sad. Fakebois are just the ultimate narcs and insufferable in every way

No. 1795052

Yup, they completely gave it the new definition of simply meaning something is aesthetic, particularly for whatever aesthetic they are or wish they were. So it’s barely even related it to masculinity or femininity at all at this point… idk like I could be Ok with the concept of gender not being real if we could all agree to acknowledge biological sex and the differences between men and women (and why we need separate spaces/sports/etc) but somehow that’s asking for too much.

No. 1795058

this drawing does the opposite of the author's intent, these two people look the same.

No. 1795080

fursuit faces

No. 1795084

Incoming blogpost
>know someone that’s a teacher
>mentions the students that have gender identity issues
>one kid changed their name FOUR TIMES during a school year and started changing their pronouns daily
>friend also commented that despite how insecure and “uwu I want to be accepted” these kids are, they spend far more time nitpicking other students’ appearances and throwing insults around than their classmates do

No. 1795085

Incoming blogpost
>know someone that’s a teacher
>mentions the students that have gender identity issues
>one kid changed their name FOUR TIMES during a school year and started changing their pronouns daily
>friend also commented that despite how insecure and “uwu I want to be accepted” these kids are, they spend far more time nitpicking other students’ appearances and throwing insults around than their classmates do

No. 1795110

Totally, but since some fujoshis do hate women characters, you would think they would make the other TIF as a man, but they kept the body shape and all. It was mostly to spit on the "truscum" artist.

No. 1795113

The outcasts/nerds/losers at school were always more likely to be talking shit about other students (speaking from experience because I hung out with weebs in highschool) The nicest kids in school were often the normies kek

No. 1795123

it's okay anon i thought the exact same thing

No. 1795185

Agree with you on this one, as someone who sat at the weeb lunch table we all had untreated autism and/or personality disorders and lashed out constantly + had weird persecution complexes for no reason. Fortunately gender ideology wasn't a widespread thing back then.

No. 1795215

There's still something off. Like in the movement and just the over all confidence of this lesbian. I do however like their fashion choices.
You can still be a masculine woman and dress this way. I mean, we all know this but you don't have to be a "trans-man" to wear men's clothing.

No. 1795217

Out of boredom I checked out this video and it was so cringey. Like this whole act of pretending to know how to be "a real boy" and "not caring what other people think" while being "quirky and mentally ill" is kind of overwhelming lol

No. 1795285

Can confirm. The weeb girls in my art class used to bully me and even made me cry once. It was humiliating for me because they were absolute losers and in remedial classes, meanwhile the rich kids and normies in my AP classes were always nice. At least 2 of those mean girls trooned out in the past few years though kek

No. 1795315

Does anyone else follow the JKR podcast? The TIF who spoke on this week's episode was really depressing. Here you had a young woman suffering from depression, anxiety, suicidal ideation and had no prior history or thoughts of wanting to be the opposite sex or acting masculine or in any way gnc but was pushed by medical professionals to transition as a way to fix all her mental health problems. This was exactly JKR's concern. How was this supposed to help the TRA side at all? She sounded really articulate and bright and it saddens my heart that girls as young as 13 are causing irreversible damage to themselves which "totally doesn't happen!!1" according to TRAs.

No. 1795319

Kek thanks nonnie im saving that

No. 1795329

omfg i remember stumbling upon that girl's socials and realizing she was an amateur porn actress (and quite 'successful' at that), she claimed to be happy about it and had a boyfriend, but on insta she said that she doesn't recommend this 'career' to anyone because you lose a lot (especially friends/family members iirc). i can't believe she trooned out, she obviously didn't seem to have any issue with her body and was feminine, is it possible she trooned out because of regretting her life choices? does she associate her body and women with porn now? sad af. can't watch her vid due to secondhand embarrassment but i wonder what's her reasoning, there's no way her "following" will ever take her seriously anyway lol

No. 1795336

I don't feel too bad for her tbh, nlots deserve to be mocked, and the original drawing was intended as mockery in the first place.

No. 1795337

File: 1679817054049.jpg (115.84 KB, 1080x802, lol.jpg)

Picrel was uploaded a week before her coming out

No. 1795338

literally "gays i do not respect" meme

No. 1795344

File: 1679819601544.png (9.27 KB, 1279x140, internalizedmisogyny.png)

In response to things they're looking forward to doing after having a phalloplasty. This is just sad.

No. 1795355

Probably just a publicity stunt to get more men watching her porn.

No. 1795357

>not feeling inferior to men
She's really saying the quiet part out loud, too bad armskin hotdog is probably not going to help her with all that internalized misogyny.

No. 1795372

File: 1679828766864.jpg (18.45 KB, 313x489, Screenshot_20230326-040334_Chr…)

Uh oh, That's not manly.

No. 1795373

Oh anon

No. 1795378

Oh no why does Ash look and sound like Noelle Stevenson

No. 1795397

Those hips give it away immediately.

No. 1795517

>camping trips, long hikes, rock climbing
Aren't all of these things easier when you don't have a sensitive surgical site between your legs? My vagina has never interfered with exercise, but I'd imagine major crotch surgery would.

No. 1795518

>camping trips, long hikes, rock climbing
Aren't all of these things easier when you don't have a sensitive surgical site between your legs? My vagina has never interfered with exercise, but I'd imagine major crotch surgery would.

No. 1795534


Someone is proud of her "boypussy".

No. 1795535

This is pretty cool, cat-nonna, but you're in the wrong thread?

No. 1795536

lmao nonnie

No. 1795537

Thank you for the cat interlude kek

No. 1795538

actual men would use gore and porn to derail kek. this is cute and interesting though

No. 1795539

You know you've taken a horrific turn in life when people can't tell which one's the mom and which one's the kid

No. 1795540

File: 1679848514394.jpg (140.54 KB, 1008x998, ENXX2DGXUAQkPRG.jpg)

Back in our ol' days, immature kids would use medical "gore" (surgeries, births, burning, etc) to spam users and think it would shock and trigger someone, but I always found interesting how the human body is seeing these photos. So it wasn't nothing you could find in a medical book.

No. 1795544

Right? Good luck doing any of those things when the phalloplasty inevitably goes wrong (I think the complication rate is something like 60% or higher).

No. 1795548

Shit wrong thread

No. 1795551

not a seething TIF, just a dumbass who didn't realize they were posting in the wrong thread

No. 1795553

this made me laugh really hard ty anon

No. 1795569

File: 1679851658355.jpg (269.76 KB, 1557x4218, 1679431416758.jpg)

Noelle Stevenson's hard life full of real problems 1/3

No. 1795570

File: 1679851690913.jpg (331.78 KB, 1324x4188, 1679431442315.jpg)

No. 1795572

File: 1679851790995.jpg (498.15 KB, 1613x8406, 1679431535373.jpg)

No. 1795575

this was already posted in a previous thread, but I hate how she draws herself like a child

No. 1795581

File: 1679852882545.jpg (147.8 KB, 1080x965, 1656791745489.jpg)

nta but this is from her recent comics, also I don't know her exact height but in IRL pictures when she's standing next to people she seems quite short, I guess that's how she see's herself.

No. 1795587

And this is why you don't transition yourself for your partner.

No. 1795590

File: 1679853944714.jpg (50.23 KB, 540x476, the angel from venus makes her…)

bump for CP

No. 1795595

File: 1679854302289.png (112.03 KB, 1080x2600, 1658710451832789.png)

Kek I'm obsessed with the pooner drawings. Also lo and behold, amab trans guy

No. 1795600

ftm have silky smooth skin?? Theyre always so acne ridden its like the surface of a concrete building

No. 1795616

File: 1679855234811.png (242.19 KB, 2223x1244, 1670717684331454.png)

There is something especially retarded about tifs pretending to be incels on 4chan

No. 1795618

Samefag but those pooner drawings are so deranged and bizzare, and as far as I know they are made by the girls themselves. It's insane women in that mental state are allowed to get unnecessary drugs and surgeries.
I definitely prefer the pastel yaoi larping tifs, they are cringe but at least they don't make me depressed.

No. 1795621

>pooner meme
Are you lost

No. 1795627

They're just gross misogynistic caricatures. I don't know what nonnies here find funny about them.

Is there even any proof they were started by actual females or that they're made mostly by them ? Because it all looks painfully male and I have a hard time believing a woman came up with a design like that. Self-hating or not.

No. 1795634

File: 1679856806528.png (19.99 KB, 1266x646, stayawayofnsfwsshitkiddo.png)

I just remember the kid from "my mom is homophobic, waaaa" and she's dumb enough to offer NSFW commissions, not mention also she's lying about her age.

Internet was a mistake.

No. 1795640

File: 1679857408081.jpg (797.22 KB, 3000x3000, MV5BOTA5YmUzODUtZmFjOC00ZGE3LW…)

You can't embed Spotify links here, but did any anons here listen to the new Witch Trials of JK Rowling episode? They had on the world's most stereotypical Aiden.
>Chosen name is "Noah"
>Was a feminine, nerdy little girl until puberty
>Was diagnosed with AD/HD, depression, anxiety, OCD before trooning out
>The therapist she's seen for anxiety since she was 12 happened to also be a "gender affirming" therapist
>"Realized" she was trans after watching a bunch of YouTube and Buzzfeed videos about FtMs
>Dislikes the future envisioned for her of "walking down the aisle" and giving birth
>Never felt like she "fit in," and always wanted to belong somewhere
>Still has stereotypically feminine interests
>Had a double mastectomy at sixteen, claiming that she'd have killed herself if she didn't get it (a line I'm sure she used plenty of times on her parents)
It's so obvious this one transitioned because she didn't like the roles women are pressured into and wanted a community where she could "fit in." This movement really preys on people's insecurities.

I'm also sick of the emotional blackmail these people encourage kids to employ when they don't get their way. The fact that trans suicides are novel, that they're infrequent enough to be newsworthy on an individual basis, speaks to how uncommon successful trans suicides actually are. Female people in particular are less likely to die of suicide (despite being more likely to attempt) because they almost always use pills, which are less lethal than guns, the most popular method among men. Honestly, "give me cosmetic surgery or I'll kill myself," is basically just "give me that toy or I'll hold my breath forever," on steroids (no pun intended.) People who actually end up successfully killing themselves don't use suicide as a bargaining chip, they just do it. Weaponizing that's the kind of unhinged shit sociopaths and cluster Bs do.

No. 1795656

They seem to have been created by self-hating TIFs from reddit and 4chan based on the KF thread?

Of course anyone can claim anything on the internet, so who knows

No. 1795676

>you lose a lot (especially friends/family members iirc)
>joining a cult where everyone is heckin valid

No. 1795682

Good luck for her peeing in a plastic bag
>tfw when my female vageen is the reason I am unable to survive long hikes
What even is the logic behind it

No. 1795692

Sorry for aloggin but
fuck this bitchcunt, fuck her stupid shit, oh a man in female body and always was oh sure I believe, while she wasn’t even into menswear and never clothed herself “masculine“ way, oh that’s new for her somehow (but she born with a male soul ofc and that does mean she neeeeeds to wear men fashion, idiot brained bufoon
>it’s ironic
>I’m not cis
Fuuucccckkkk ooooofffffff

No. 1795703

What makes me sad about it is that these students are in a middle school, and that's like when kids make the worst comments to each other. I remember I started shaving my arms around 6-7th grade after boys made comments about how hairy they were…if I were a kid now that'd be like a troonout trigger because hairy = male

No. 1795706

It's a whole hassle to pee outdoors as a woman, so I guess having a vagina does make it harder kek

No. 1795713

i think the
>on insta she said that she doesn't recommend this 'career' to anyone because you lose a lot (especially friends/family members iirc)
was about porn, not transition

No. 1795763

This is definitely normal people behavior! I too make up problems in my head and think of identifying as a man when I put on a pair of men's jeans and loose fitting clothing. So true.
Why would she admit this in public? Paypal cracks down hard on this shit, not to mention any adult knowingly commissioning a fresh 16 year old for porn is looking to predate or groom her.
>need to get sausage surgery to not feel inferior to men while hiking
I've been browsing these threads for years and I don't think I've seen a reddit poster that hated herself more for being a woman than this one more. She can't go rock climbing without feeling inferior to men because she doesn't have a dick. Really? You don't need a dick, you need to see a therapist to figure out that internalized misogyny and figure out why you want to kill yourself every day for going on a hike without a dick.

No. 1795771

yeah, she's a racist pickme who'll do anything for chan moid attention lol

No. 1795801

Nice post.

No. 1795828

could be a publicity stunt yeah, but how is the gender stuff appealing to moids? even trannies don't seem particularly into TIFs…

damn it would be equally sad if she transitioned only to get some sense of community and some "friends" back

No. 1795845

>Why would she admit this in public? Paypal cracks down hard on this shit, not to mention any adult knowingly commissioning a fresh 16 year old for porn is looking to predate or groom her.

Because "it is legal". And she's not even "fresh", in the "waaaaaa" post she said she's 15 and her carrd says her birthday is in May. She's lying in general, so I hope the mods ban her.

No. 1795865

despite your Sadgeing i agree lol that was the most striking of that detail to me. proudly displaying the retarded twilight series on a color-coded shelf of books, it doesn't get girlier.

No. 1795907

I can't tell if this is sarcasm or not…

No. 1795912

This confused me, too. Also the bit about TiFs having thicker lips is bizarre, too. The shape of your lips is based on ethnicity and genetics, not sex.

Whoever makes these must be a troon of some kind, given that their understanding of sexual dimorphism is this poor. Kikomi comics made jokes about things that were actually sex specific traits, like foot size, male pattern balding, etc. Pooner memes really make me appreciate the artistry of Kikomi posts, lmao.

No. 1795926

File: 1679890701040.png (11.31 KB, 871x110, hairstyle.png)

>Going on T isn’t going to melt off the body fat and grow a six pack
Most of them don't even do that. Transitioning just means "changing your clothes and hair". It's the laziest larp in history. Imagine thinking you're an "activist", viewing yourself as a martyr for human rights and genocide, because you support dress up.

No. 1795934

On one hand I'm annoyed that this many people have bought into dumb stereotypes about clothes and hair, but on the other I'm glad that fewer people are being medically experimented on

No. 1795967

yes, I mean that's why I think it's a way for her for new social connections, like >>1795828 said

No. 1796095

File: 1679919813152.jpeg (218.35 KB, 1439x2518, A31B233B-7EC6-4DCF-8306-6DF52F…)

Behold, the ugliest and most forced titchop art you could ever find.
I’ve seen terrible titchop art before, but this isn’t even “well done” by artistic standards.

No. 1796101

Parappa chan is that you

No. 1796116

>Is there even any proof they were started by actual females or that they're made mostly by them ?
They were originally started by an nlog ftm who has a raging hateboner for other pooners. Presumably by jealousy
>source: I was in a discord server with her

No. 1796133

From my experience, the only other group that has brainworms about ~feminine and masculine clothing/hair/whatever~ as bad as trannies is religious conservatives. Really makes you think.

No. 1796146

File: 1679927332080.jpg (247.24 KB, 1080x1908, Screenshot_20230327_162744_com…)

Fucking hilarious that you think anyone on planet earth would see a "boygirl bussy" get a grip girl youre fucking embarrassing

No. 1796163

Why is the non-pooner woman drawn like that? You can really tell some psychotic self-hating FtM with shame around her body drew that, kek.

No. 1796168

faghag or fujo?

No. 1796182

i thought it was disturbing too but i assumed it was drawn by a moid with that type of detail. eurgh

No. 1796183

she should shave her head and stop wearing makeup if being perceived male is really such a big deal to her

No. 1796191

Lol the hairy assed testosterone poisoned girls still get called girls how delusional can one woman be??!

No. 1796228

File: 1679938672136.jpg (49.51 KB, 598x562, sdadsf.jpg)

>CIS people loving TRA-

Loving someone that will bite the hand it feed them? No, thanks.

No. 1796229

>>Transpohbia I see online
>>Tired and scared
Log off then

No. 1796231

it's obvious the creator is imitating what she thinks misogynistic incel men would draw to appear "malebrained" as tifs on 4chan call it, "pooner" cartoons are too blatantly self hating to be made by a scrote.
whoa nonny I'm jealous, would love to witness it. Is it true she's mixed, has she ever posted her face? it would explain the reoccurring racial themes

No. 1796232

is there a term that’s the equivalent to AGP but in tifs? cause just like there’s tims obsessed with being a lesbian there’s teen girls obsessed with being a uwu soft gay boi. it’s a fetish.

No. 1796236

autoandrophilia, first used for OG gay fakeboi Lou Sullivan, a TIF who tricked gay men into fucking her and died of AIDs.

No. 1796240

Very close to realizing that you’re pretty much being used by liberal misogynists who just want to virtue signal while having an excuse to bully feminists and lesbians. Nobody actually likes trans people kek

No. 1796255

> Is it true she's mixed, has she ever posted her face? it would explain the reoccurring racial themes
No face posts. I never saw her mention anything about being non-white myself but anons on /lgbt/ lately have been calling her a "self-admitted n**r" so it's likely. The only thing she ever did in the server was lead conversations that were making fun of efamous tifs and some of the tif tripfags on /lgbt/. Nothing about her art is "malebrained" it's all a showcase of her jealousy of other tifs and bitchiness akin to a middle school mean girl that she plays off as humor.

No. 1796284

Any sauce on this? I believe you, I've just seen this argued about here so often and I've always felt that it was a self-hating woman making them. It's nice to have some confirmation. I'd like to stop seeing anons use the pics to dunk on tifs, seems to me it just encourages her mindset that she's the one tru trans above all those other silly bitches, which we all know is a crock of shit. I find the "logical" troons very odd. If you know it's all a sham then why bother?

No. 1796322

Out of pity, or do that many other people really think they'll be seen as pwetty gay bussy bois the moment they date a non straight person

No. 1796364

No man under the age of 65 wears tweed and suspenders, good grief. Every time she tries to dress "masculine" she just ends up back at futch lesbian. Men generally don't think this deeply about what they wear unless they're enormous flamers or literal celebrities. They just throw on whatever's clean or whatever their girlfriend picked out for them.

No. 1796377

File: 1679951241198.png (273.91 KB, 646x612, ddss3.PNG)

shooter today is speculated to be aiden/aubrey hale, a 28 year old TiF. she shot up a christian school people are saying she used to attend. do you think she was abused there?

No. 1796380

File: 1679951344096.jpg (189.04 KB, 1290x1612, FsQNsrOWIBkyIFT.jpg)

No. 1796384

OT but that Lion king picture they drew is terrible.

No. 1796386

I need this confirmed. If true, this retard completes the final boss of male LARPing only to be identified as female.

No. 1796390

such a fucking retard, If she was abused like decades ago maybe go after the same people who did that. Why would you go and shoot up innocent children. What a moron.

No. 1796391

the person who draws these memes is literally a coomerbrained scrote. Why do i see his shitty memes keep being shared here.
We are not owning the ''poons'' (gross term btw) by sharing things made by 4chan scrotes with porn addictions.

No. 1796393

shooter physiognomy transcending sex here
i don’t see any pronouns on her linkedin

No. 1796396

only 2 teachers and the shooter dead iirc, nonna
if it's a tif, i hope this brings attention to how bad hrt is on the female brain. retardedly hopeful it'll bring attention to how bad shit like birth control is for women too. fuck with your hormones, you can get psychosis.

No. 1796397

File: 1679952659963.png (3.87 KB, 278x86, audrey.png)

No. 1796398

3 kids and 3 adults dumbass

No. 1796399

no need to be rude, nonny, i said iirc. no one is posting a news link or screencap cause we all wanna know the sex, take a breath please.

No. 1796403

schizophrenia symptoms seem to become more severe when women are on their periods. but who knows if she was on testosterone

No. 1796406

wait so this isn't photoshopped?

No. 1796412

oh, it must not show on mobile then
are there any references to specific mental illness anywhere? to me she seems more like a traumatized autistic person. like too autistic to really arrange hrt tbh

No. 1796419

File: 1679954411048.jpg (67.77 KB, 694x555, 4567jfgh8678j.JPG)

posted on the trans circle jerk sub

No. 1796426

The biggest evidence that the shooter is a tif is that the news has already started the tranny mortal sin of deadnaming and calling her a 'her' kek

No. 1796429

File: 1679954860581.jpeg (95.54 KB, 725x896, C3985784-502F-4ACD-8855-290628…)

No. 1796433

im going to say it, if the troon shooter was a scrote, they would'nt dare misgender her.
Anyone notice that? Even in the news conference when asked if she was trans the police officer was like, "She does identify as transgender" if this was a scrote they'd made sure he didn't DARE misgender him.
Anyway, what a horrible fucking bitch and I bet the manfesto is about trans rights or some dumb shit. I'm not defending the troon, just saying what I see.
I'm happy to see people not playing into dumb shit, BUT it's funny it's done because it's a woman.

No. 1796436

Once and for all proved that troonism is just a mens-only club. The aiden proved herself useful

No. 1796440

>"Might be transgender"

What a load of bullshit to hide the fact they're humans and can be fucked up like "normal cisgender" people can be too.

No. 1796441

School shooters are men because of testosterone rage. If she was on testosterone and it exacerbated her mental illness, I hope this sparks more research into how hormones affect females and harder access to HRT.

No. 1796442

>like too autistic to really arrange hrt tbh
chris chan and worse functioning autistics get hrt tho

No. 1796443

This is a woman with 2 boyfriends who previously identified as a lesbian and had sex with only women because she was afraid of getting pregnant. When she started dating a man she posted about how insecure she was because she suddenly had “straight passing privilege” and she didn’t face as much oppression and discrimination as when she was dating women. She’s got a boner for flamboyant men like Freddie Mercury and David Bowie - I think she’s decided that she’s too special and unique to be a boring straight white woman so she became “trans” (microdosing T gel and painting a silly little mustache on her face) so she can keep collecting them sweet oppression points.

No. 1796451

that's true i just don't think it's smart to assume that she was on T. personally i think they would have made a reference to medical transition already if that were the case, but who knows

No. 1796453

File: 1679956870532.png (200.97 KB, 1466x872, wellthatagedbad.png)

Man talk about terrible timing.

No. 1796454

File: 1679956890486.jpg (1.9 MB, 4032x3024, image.jpg)

troon shooting baby killer looks kind of like fat grimes kek

No. 1796455

Even if she was there are literally billions upon billions of abused women who don’t shoot up schools?

No. 1796459

I still remember her comics and her reaction when BadWebcomics did a review of Yu+Me with her ex.

No. 1796466

File: 1679957929050.jpg (70.05 KB, 925x683, 4567jfgh8678j.JPG)

removed thread from the r/news post about the shooting

>better protect all those kids from trans people!

>the shooter was trans

>oh well who cares anyways? look how edgy I am

No. 1796467

Some are speculating it's rebellion against society in response to denying kids access to transitioning. Which if thats the case, flawless tranny logic. Let's kill kids to save them

No. 1796468

yeah exactly they do need to be protected from AGP’s and “trans people” because they’re gonna either try to molest or murder the child. time has proven this to be true again and again(sage your shit)

No. 1796469

>You’re not letting these preschoolers troon out so I’m going to kill them!

Water ain’t clean(sage your shit)

No. 1796470

Kind of what I thought. Trans shitstorm incoming loool

No. 1796475

File: 1679958542028.png (236.21 KB, 585x658, 1679958093512.png)

No. 1796477

Why go after kids? Why do all these edgelords go after the easiest targets instead of their actual intended targets? It's never going after the government, is it?

No. 1796479

of course they twist the deaths of children by a tif into tims being the real victims and jk rowling being the evil mastermind. do they ever stop whining?

No. 1796480

Because it's biology. Just like how the male lion kills the offspring of his rival, so, too, does the scrote chimp out. He goes for the easiest kill because his retarded brain can't handle anything more complicated than that. That's why moids nowadays shake their babies to death.

No. 1796490

She probably killed the daughter of some guy who fingered her or whatever. Much more cowardly in comparison to filing a lawsuit and getting paid

No. 1796495

>Doesn't even pass while doing the most masculine crime possible
Also, this bitch must be from a rich family to have been a former student. But I bet she thought she was oppressed

No. 1796511

>mass shooter
Maybe this one was actually male brained

No. 1796518

Yup. If the shooter was a TIM, people would be going out of their way to obfuscate his maleness and be really vague with pronouns, leaning towards referring to him as "she". Because it's a TIF, they have no problem consistently referring to her as female. Just goes to show you can't identify your way out of womanhood, even if you go to extremes and do the most male thing you can think of - murdering innocent people to prove some retarded ass political point. The discussions surrounding this are going to be so obnoxious. Can't wait to see what TRAs have to say about it. It's only gonna fuel the conservative backlash and probably inspire an actual moid to retaliate in the form of another shooting. Seven people, including little kids, are dead. And for what? So some autistic Aiden could exact revenge against her Christian school? To fuel the dumbest culture war to ever exist? I'm so tired, nonnies…fuck all of this…

No. 1796522


Best passing Aiden

No. 1796528

File: 1679962377335.jpeg (447.79 KB, 1633x1531, 16D6BBEC-9475-41CB-8F96-B2C532…)

People are talking about how disturbing her Jack Nicholson portrait is and I couldn’t help but kek at her definitely planning to go by Aiden at some point.

No. 1796529

Frankly, any TiF taking testosterone gel is a danger to herself and everyone around her. That shit is dangerous to infants.(sage your shit)

No. 1796532

File: 1679962816499.jpeg (59.32 KB, 750x697, FB90D3AF-4EC1-48C9-B705-ED46D9…)

Bordering on Nazi levels of least likable group

No. 1796534

File: 1679962910011.jpeg (82.36 KB, 1170x1018, EDF7A55B-40E6-4C55-9093-A4347E…)

Her socials are all Aiden Creates kek

No. 1796537

she would be hot if it wasn't for the pcos beard.

No. 1796541

>stop blaming them being trans as the biggest issue
>i believe it was trans rage

Literal below sea level IQ. Troons and fundies hold hands when it comes to justifying violence against people who disagree with them.

No. 1796542

I hope TRAs take the "trans rage" angle and fucking run with it because there's nothing that would mass peak people more than a bunch of clowns justifying child murder because Audrey went psycho on testosterone. Maybe finally normal people will start noticing all the brain worms most troons have from mental illness mixed with cross sex hormones

No. 1796543

Definitely not, this was in obvious response to TN's new drag law.

No. 1796547

making movie posters is like community college graphic design course 101. i thought FTMs were fujos who are great at drawing, this looks like it came from autistic hands

No. 1796549

File: 1679964150334.png (194.65 KB, 592x758, Screenshot 2023-03-28 at 01.40…)

whoopsie audrey

No. 1796552

>trans rage
they always come up with new terms & expressions to legitimize their insanity. a psychopathic troon shot up a school? just call it ~trans rage~ and now it's super deep and understandable! and imagine caring about a shooter being ridiculed? are these people out of touch with reality or lacking empathy themselves? wonder how they'd react if that was their relatives hurt by "trans rage"

No. 1796554

They would always yell at people for “misgendering“ Ezra Miller despite him being an insane pos who assaults women so ofc they won’t be sane about this.

No. 1796555

And god forbid you bring up Chris-Chan in any capacity. "You should still respect her pronouns!!!" Why should I respect anything about an incestuous rapist moid?

No. 1796556

Why troons are so cowardly? TIMs always go for women and the elderly and now this pooner kill children? If they feel so threatened one might think they will go for those pesky legislators.

No. 1796557

This past week TRAs were crying about being genocided and then a literal Aiden goes crazy. I hope they shut up about genocide now

No. 1796562

File: 1679965322859.jpeg (99.19 KB, 1242x689, E27B35EF-E6B9-4452-BB2E-000E9B…)

Apparently Aiden had a manifesto… I am a little curious about what it says

No. 1796563

the fights about chris chan stuff blows my mind. He literally admits he decided to be trans in an attempt to widen the pool of women available to him because in his eyes, lesbians were the only women not “accessible” to him and it made his chances better. He states this multiple times and writes about it at length. How can that be sidestepped lmao

No. 1796568

I bet it's all about trannies being genocided and having to do something about it.

No. 1796573

File: 1679965923295.png (4.56 MB, 1728x2304, 91B16ABD-A9E2-4CC9-87E1-4E141E…)

I’m not the best artist but these are from 2022 and she was 28…

No. 1796576

Kind of terrifying how unhinged TRAs can get when their reality is threatened… Making fun of murdered children just because he was made a fool of on the internet smh.

No. 1796579

do you remember when he said that?

No. 1796580

you don't have to be autistic do draw this bad, but you do have to be autistic to draw this bad and think you're a professional "illustrator graphic designer"

No. 1796581

all trannies need to be locked up until we can figure out what the hell is going on.

No. 1796582

will this tragic event kill the movement or at least kick start its inevitable demise?

No. 1796583

File: 1679966742513.jpg (522.57 KB, 1755x796, work.JPG)

holy fuck i think she was retarded for real. this is the "work" she puts in her professional portfolio

No. 1796585

File: 1679966926489.jpg (78.33 KB, 1507x880, work2.JPG)

a "calendar design" where the words don't even line up

No. 1796587

Kek, reminds me of one of my tim classmate's design work. That shit needs some serious work done

No. 1796588

People have a reason to be wary of testosterone ftms now, until now they were just ugly girls, now they can also be a threat. One even worse than a mtf bathroom rapist.

No. 1796590

File: 1679967133337.jpg (7.93 KB, 314x161, images.jpg)

>In b4 "Testosterone: Not even once."

No. 1796591

around when he first started calling himself a lesbian and tried to fish for women by saying he could please lesbian, straight or bi women- I think he wound up explicitly telling one of the trolls that it meant he was appealing to all types of women now

No. 1796592

i wonder if it will be confirmed whether or not she was on it

No. 1796593

File: 1679967262673.jpg (109.03 KB, 738x557, work3.JPG)

Like this is actual retard level work. I think she was slow.

No. 1796597

Maybe troons will finally shut the fuck up about how making death threats to radical feminists is okay, if anything so they don't get lumped with this literal Aiden

No. 1796598

i am not an artist or great at articulating how I feel about art, but the colors and perspective in her work reminds me of when you see psychotic people or schizos drawing during a breakdown, it’s all bad and seems juvenile for a 20 something year old but there’s something else that’s off about it even taking what she did out of the equation

No. 1796603

no fucking way, an actual aiden

No. 1796605

she had to have been severely autistic. like Chris-chan level autistic. the only time I’ve seen art with this same strange juvenile vibe to it is with a severely autistic kid in elementary school and with chris chan. they never seem to get better at their art, just keep drawing in the same weird cartoon style.

No. 1796606

File: 1679968170622.jpeg (12.62 KB, 499x217, 48DAD96F-801B-4219-AEDE-B1C774…)

I can’t help but have my mind blown time and time again by the complete narcissism and callousness of these people. 3 children were shot and all they care about is whether the perpetrator gets called a she

No. 1796608

fucking kek
Exactly what I'm thinking. Once again trannies are peaking the people themselves. We don't even have to lift a finger. I'm honestly curious about the normal people who are dating ftms right now. Are they nervous to bring the situation up around their unhinged gfs?
This gay Earth is spinning faster than I would like it to. Everything is a joke.
There's a photo of her in a Transformers sweater. She was defientely up there. Not a dig to any TF fans as I am one myself, but I'm just stating what I saw.

No. 1796611

TIMs will remain untouchable, I think. TIFs are an easier target of hatred for normies because they still see TIFs as women but TIMs are poor confused men, I mean look at how people demanded you respect Chris Chan's pronouns when he was arrested.

This is an awful look for a community that spent the past month or so talking about how they need to arm themselves against muh genocide though, holy shit.

No. 1796621

Shit opinion, I know, but maybe if more trannies do mass shootings, we will finally get some real gun control in the U.S. Gun control originally only happened as a reaction against militant anti-government Blacks who armed themselves in the 1970s and committed violent crimes against police officers.(racebaiting)

No. 1796623

yeah her work has a distinctly "outsider" quality to it that definitely gives me the vibes of significant mental unwellness, a lot of it reminds me of the art people tend to make while on hallucinogens too.

No. 1796625

File: 1679969044210.jpeg (118.31 KB, 1289x1000, A6F0761C-C199-46FE-8270-8936B7…)

Tinfoil but shooters who targeted children have had connections before to being pedos, I wonder if this aiden might've been, there was an emphasis on being "child-like" on her website. Maybe it's a stretch but either way, creepy

No. 1796626

You cannot blame HRT for deliberately planning to slaughter children at their school. That is ridiculous. You cannot convince me this isnt a psyop and they weren't groomed into doing this personally, not that it matters seeing as being mentally ill enough to kill children is unforgivable.

No. 1796627

File: 1679969145088.png (7.92 KB, 396x394, 1679961898606878.png)

In light of recent news…(sage your shit)

No. 1796628

File: 1679969169812.jpeg (94.43 KB, 480x640, 966418D1-01F1-4B5D-80F0-7D5C48…)

Also from her website.

No. 1796632

i guess her color sense is okay

No. 1796634

File: 1679969432280.png (425.08 KB, 675x566, AudreyHale.png)

ngl, as soon as I had heard it was a "female" shooter I was fully expecting a TIM, but I suppose a testosterone pumped TIF who self identifies with shitbag babykillers and edgelord moid characters makes sense too.

No. 1796635

Love that this is just going to be another excuse for raging misogyny, I'm sure we need more of that.

No. 1796636

No. 1796638

I doubt anyone knows about aidens, moids hog the spotlight (as usual).

Besides, one must best incredibly off-putting - serial killer vibes - to even approach the amount of disconcertion that troons arouse.

No. 1796646

I wouldn't be so optimistic.

No. 1796651

I'm not too optimistic because there are already tons of (male) troon criminals. Genderspecials are still platformed despite saying pedo-tier stuff (Alok Venom) or being convicted child sex offenders (Xena Grandichelli, raped a 3yo but later became an activist and gave talks for lgbt orgs and universities). But who knows, maybe seeing that even women in the gender cult are starting to shoot up schools will be the wake up call some people need?

No. 1796653

American feds have now found a niche of grooming Trans men online into committing atrocities just in time for their bills, methinks.

No. 1796654

File: 1679970773580.jpeg (217.36 KB, 1728x1134, CA50A5BF-2322-4C65-AF8E-4DF84F…)

Her face looks so different in the twitter picture it makes me believe she was on T. It could just be a little weight gain and the empty face she’s making but Idk.

No. 1796656

I dont think many of you even care to think of what this means for gender nonconforming women, it isnt just transgender people that are affected by this. This is the sort of thing where I think you need to set your hatred of transgenderism aside and see that if this sort of thing is not good for any of you.

No. 1796658

common stereotype. i know several at my college who draw themselves exactly like the pic on the right

No. 1796668

She has that boney forehead lump and creepy mouth skin that "ganer" from the ana threads has or had (or I guess ellen page too). I'd guess she was possibly an anachan back before HRT made her gain weight?

No. 1796671

affected by what exactly? gender nonconforming women are already treated like shit because of misogyny not transphobia

No. 1796674

You think that makes a difference to American law makers and conservatives? This entire situation glows, gender nonconforming women are going to be treated with even more contempt, and nothing good is going to come of this at all.

No. 1796678

I think the closest he gets is in the Stephanie Bustcakes video where he tries to whore himself out and says he's open to women of all sexualities and can either use his dick or do it "the lesbian way"

No. 1796680

I was thinking this too anon! EDs and Aidens go hand in hand. You'd have to have a fried brain to do something like this.

No. 1796681

What laws exactly will be put in place against GNC women because of this? Lesbians are treated like shit, but there's no laws against them specifically. Most women don't dress extremely girly either.

No. 1796682

(NTA) I don't see how a TIF writing a manifesto and shooting up a school (presumably over a law regulating transition for minors) is in any away comparable to GNC women. Plus for now there's only one picture where she appears to dress in a stereotypically "manly" way, and in any case this isn't about style, this is about TIPs' ideology. Or are you suggesting that law makers are going to want to regulate both HRT and how women are allowed to dress?

No. 1796683

im once again asking what the fuck youre talking about. i dont see how this is going to affect anyone who isnt trying to get on testosterone. theres also a real possibility that this wasnt feds but discord moids kek.

No. 1796685

I think she's just trying to make a slippery slope argument or say that those types aren't going to see the difference in TIFs and GNC women, lump them together, and they'll become more ridiculed. It is misogyny but under the guise of transphobia because they don't know the difference

No. 1796687

Not the anon you replied to but with the drag thing I could see them trying to ban gnc people from just existing and dressing the way they like in public

No. 1796688

yeah, but I don't think it'll even go that specific. She'll just be touted as "proof women are just as deranged as men" to shut down feminist critiques of male violence, despite the fact that outliers do not disprove an established broad pattern.

No. 1796689

Quick! Someone tell them these kids were queers, probably they'll feel empathy or something.

No. 1796693

Are you kidding. You think the villifying is going to end solely with being on hormones? It's all the same to these people.

No. 1796695

kekk female FBI agent is referring the shooter as 'she' in an cnn interview but the cnn journalists themselves have yet to use any pronouns
poor girl fell down the wrong rabbithole, she probably could've been saved but got brainwashed by fellow autistic discord grooming trannies

No. 1796699

anyone who could kill a bunch of little kids isn't someone who was ever savable.

No. 1796703

this is hysteria unless you seriously think theyre going to make it illegal for women to wear pants like were living in the fucking 1920s, its just not going to happen.

No. 1796708

Video was just released. So it's a religious school from the looks of it?
My tinfoil is that she was bullied for being a fujo weird girl, probably had repressed twans feelings, religious teachings of the school of course didn't help. TN releases new laws for trannies. She remembers being bullied at the school and blames Bible Belt religious practices on their transphobia, seeks revenge by shooting it up.
You know, instead of doing something that actually matters.

No. 1796709

I hear you, Nonnie. Blogpost but as a detrans gnc woman, I wonder if this could end up backfiring on us. I don’t look much different than Aidens, and conservatives don’t care about detrans women that aren’t feminine. I don’t think things will snowball so hard, but we have men in women’s prisons, it’s hard not to be a doomer in this modern age.

No. 1796711

If they were really autistic depending on the degree on the spectrum it actually could be possible this is a reverse Chris chan incident. Does not make the actions any less deplorable, but this is exceptionally abnormal.

No. 1796712

women who arent perfect housewives are already vilified. its not going to "end" i just dont see how this specific event will have an effect on womens rights or whatever fucking argument youre trying to make. you could try to actually explain yourself though instead of vaguely catastrophizing, though.

No. 1796713

We are going backwards in terms of many things in the USA right now, I don't know why it isnt within the realm of reason to see were this is potentially going.

No. 1796716

There is no 'arguments you stupid bitch. If this escalates any further and America gets another satanic panic in the form of twanny panic, it's not like transgender people are the only people affected by this. Any gnc person is going to be viewed as a violent pedo child killer by the same conservative people who used to beat up gay men and rape lesbians. They've been trying to ban abortion the last year and now they're banning books. The 'argument is that this isn't just to rid of transgender people.

No. 1796717

what's your point though, we should stop talking about her and the gender cult because it's bad publicity for women? sure, retarded men will use it as a way to vilify women even more, even though that kind of female violence is very rare, but we can't just defend/hide info about a school shooter because of them. also what >>1796703 said, we are very far from that but even if that was ever discussed, all women from radfems to libfems and even a lot of men would oppose this shit.

No. 1796720

It isnt, I'm just talking about the issue and worrying about the future that we are creating. I don't see how that's a problem, you're oddly defensive however, nobody is taking away your right to scream fuck twannies so you can relax

No. 1796721

look i get that youre scared of the way the world is heading right now, and i am too but most people dont care about this shit. just focus on actual womens rights and make sure to vote in local elections, thats all we can do to make things better right now.
youre talking to 2 different anons right now.

No. 1796724

>most people don't care about this shit
Are you living under a rock or is your head really shoved this far up your own asshole

No. 1796727

But anon what if they do take away my right to scream fuck trannies, what then. What are you doing to help me you bitch

No. 1796729

None of you infighting disagree on anything important, just about your predictions for the future. It's not worth getting so mad about.

No. 1796732

They weren't initially created by ftms actually, insecure ones just jumped on the bandwagon because they wanted to prove they were NLOP. They were created by men pretending to be women online, believing otherwise is gullible, most of the art you see is in fact man-made. Idk how retarded you have to be to see hoards of gorey and sexually mutilated/degrading art passed around by tens of middle aged men on kiwifarms that love throwing racial slurs and think "yes these were made as a self-own." If you click through the thread it's just incel after incel doing exactly what incels do, with a few gaycels thrown in.

No. 1796733

i feel bad for laughing so hard at pooner drawings but they're just so visually funny. sorry feminism.

No. 1796735

File: 1679975697597.jpeg (289.11 KB, 1728x2078, EC56EC41-C6E3-47AB-A8B7-1EBF90…)

The mother is a church coordinator and posted about religion often on facebook. She posted about gun control too ironically.

No. 1796736

The interesting thing is that, even on Reddit (a tranny safe space,) no one is using he/him pronouns for the Aiden that shot up that school today. People that have mentioned the trans thing are still calling her “she.”

No. 1796737

i feel so sad for the mom. imagine losing your daughter to the trans cult and then she fuckin dies but not before taking innocent children and adults with her. i would never get over it, poor woman.

No. 1796739

i feel so sad for the mom. imagine losing your daughter to the trans cult and then she fuckin dies but not before taking innocent children and adults with her. i would never get over it, poor woman.

No. 1796740

and nobody is taking away your right to wear buttoned up shirts so you can relax. the trans cult is way more damaging to the LGB and GNC women than this one incident, even if the shooter appears to have shopped in the men's section in one (1) picture.

so telling. even troon redditors are happy about this rare example of a female shooter and can't contain their excitement even if their behavior is ~transphobic~

No. 1796746

Pooner memes are scrote-tier and unfunny.

No. 1796748

This is so sad. Now the mother has to live with the trauma and guilt that her daughter killed all those children.
I wonder how much of the reason was due to religious trauma. Not that it makes her actions forgivable of course. Just a tragedy all around.

Fuck them. If this was an MtF shooter they'll be shitting and crying themselves and telling other people "to stop misgendering her you fucking bigot"
Just like they did with Chris Chan. Just like they did with Ezra.
They'll always disrespect and dismiss women.

No. 1796749

They keep calling her a “transwoman,” so I think they all believe she’s a TIM instead of a TIF. Funny.

No. 1796753

oh lol, then it's just them being subconsciously aware that a "transwoman" school shooter is way more likely than a "transman" so they haven't bothered to check. can't blame them.

No. 1796757

I'm glad I'm not the only one. Some of them are just so utterly deranged and autistic that I can't help but laugh. The ones that are like Dougal Dixon's drawings amuse me the most.

No. 1796758

i'm not familiar with those, can you post your faves? (everyone who hates pooners cover your eyes)

No. 1796759

File: 1679978916257.jpg (130.06 KB, 732x835, IMG_0085.jpg)

Taken from the other farms.

No. 1796760

File: 1679979129572.jpg (129.9 KB, 1024x768, FsRS307XsAAV3nb.jpg)

This was her room allegedly

No. 1796761

I can see what you're saying but you need to calm down. Conservatives don't see a difference between gnc and trans people and being anti-troon could possibly backfire on a lot of gnc people, you're absolutely correct. But on the other hand, what do you suggest? Being fine with troons and having more gnc women butchering themselves and being preyed upon in this regressive and psychotic orgy of insanity? There isn't a lot of great options in this extremely polarized climate right now. This may sound petty, but your vitriol and your opposition of "trans-hatred" reeks of tif.

No. 1796762

File: 1679979637457.jpg (50.55 KB, 352x250, 4894057-35f655533f331de4785f21…)

Why do they always go for the Columbine shooter look?

No. 1796764

Not surprised to see that's how her room looks. An utterly cluttered and chaotic mess with anime thrown in. I don't get people who can live like this.

No. 1796767

echoing what this anon said. i'm getting extreme religious trauma and adam lanza-esque childlike regression vibes from this shooter. based on the photos of them so far, i HIGHLY doubt they were on t, and if they were, it definitely wasnt any longer than a month or so.

based from appearance alone they appear more like a nonbinary transtrender type that goes by he/him because they wear pants from time to time, not full ftm. i would be extremely surprised if a medical report came out saying they were on HRT like conservitards are claiming, their appearance is pure estrogen

No. 1796769

the rolled up pants…

No. 1796770

File: 1679980102526.png (386.86 KB, 600x561, room.png)

Not her room, unfortunately. Been posted before elsewhere. No idea how to embed so here's a screencap.

No. 1796771

>Hate has consequences

The "consequences" being innocent children and adults gunned down by a lunatic. I hate how they try to victimize this loser for the majority of this letter, equivalent to the homophobes who are lowkey happy about gay club shootings. Fucking evil cult.

No. 1796773

i think it is more than likely both. given the mom was a god believer and likely put her into the school at a young age, i can only imagine what abuse/trauma she suffered there to fuel her to go back 20 years later to shoot the headmaster in the face. that is hatred deeper than a tn drag show law. plus how would killing kids in any way relate to that? kinda counterintuitive. if anything, they just recently started t and went full doomer after tn gave under 21s a year to detransition.

No. 1796775

what the actual fuck, how can they believe for even one second that this is a good look for them? a three-line paragraph for the victims, and everything else is about the poor troons and the fact that they manage to SURVIVE and thrive despite the "hate". imagine your average elliott rodger being defended because "it's hard out there for single men, it would not have happened if only women had done X". so fucking tone death and disgusting.

No. 1796777

OT but this interaction made me laugh

No. 1796778

File: 1679981188610.jpeg (Spoiler Image,111.43 KB, 880x1428, F8C30BEC-C86A-4477-A54C-149ED8…)

An instagram message she sent a friend before the shooting. Spoilered for talk of self deleting.
>>One day this will make more sense.
I've left more than enough evidence behind

The manifesto plus the other writings cops found in her car are about to be a horror show.(!!! TW: Mention of Self Deletion !!!)

No. 1796779

File: 1679981206440.webm (4.79 MB, 718x404, 4894082-11b44071a94465d6a34626…)

No. 1796780

File: 1679981209180.jpg (340.75 KB, 1079x2048, FsQiImFWcAI-CkT.jpg)

From shooters twitter account, her posts and retweets

No. 1796782

>girl juice acquired
>pic of TIM HRT
Shooter was a female to male, this can't be her account.

No. 1796785

This is going to sound awful, but the second I found out the perp was a TIF I came here. Thanks for delivering nonnas.
However I'm not too sure about this one, this person is a TIM but the shooter is a TIF.

I did find this on twitter:

No. 1796786

File: 1679981664462.png (78.67 KB, 397x378, pos.png)

So >>1796634 was accurate after all

Watching them try to spin it to gain sympathy for this child murdering piece of shit is enough to make any sane person peak. This was a mentally ill woman larping out her sick columbine themed male power fantasies on literal defenseless children. Trying to defend her actions or twist them into a "but poor lil ol us!" narrative is just beyond fucked up.

No. 1796788

What is your source that this is her? I went to that grove tender account and it’s a mtf and is posted 3 hours ago so it’s not her. I’m very curious to see her actual accounts if they’re not already scrubbed. She’s like a weird mixture of the average autistic TIF who is obsessed with cartoons and the edgy TIF columbiner.

No. 1796789

Hi anon please sage your post and post caps

No. 1796790

>won't someone please think about the poor school shooter qq

Clown fiesta. I hope they get insane backlash for this statement.

No. 1796796

Actual retardation. Trans people don’t have the hardest lives in the world, they just have the biggest victim complexes. This dumb piece of shit could have just killed herself and she could’ve even been a martyr of sorts, but she instead decided to murder the weakest members of society (children and elderly) and give all of her trans community an even worse image to the public during a time when new legislation is being written. Yet they will still defend her because of their retarded ass cult. I didn’t think I could respect trannies even less but here we are

No. 1796798

it's obviously a tif. you're seriously braindead if you think otherwise.

No. 1796799

Not the shooters room but why a NATO flag??

No. 1796803

File: 1679984457821.jpg (16.95 KB, 250x328, 4894129-eb53a980d0867802e75329…)

The video just pisses me off how she walks around. Rest in piss and may the victims rest in peace.

No. 1796805

the camel toes always get me.

No. 1796806


No. 1796808

Rosalarian is a huge personal cow of mine, reminder that she bragged about her art being present at the scene of a murder and got reamed by tumblr for it

No. 1796809

there’s so much autism running in my family i think i’ll get my tubes tied asap. my biggest fear is to give birth to a chris chan or demented aiden.

No. 1796810

KEK same. the columbine ones talking about their packers destroyed me

No. 1796812

File: 1679985276885.jpeg (664.98 KB, 1170x5520, 2BAC9BD7-71B1-4242-9BF2-7995B2…)

sage for OT but are you talking about Rosalarian?

No. 1796814

why couldn’t she off herself without the killing children part?

No. 1796815

File: 1679985487881.jpg (875.54 KB, 2048x1536, FsQ_v9NXgAAIc7S.jpg)

the shooter had a fucking thrasher bumper sticker on her car

No. 1796821

do you think the manifesto will be released (or leaked)? i'm not familiar with how US law enforcement works

No. 1796823

File: 1679987605799.png (381.91 KB, 695x400, fdurst__020.png)

was trying to place what her outfit reminded me of

No. 1796825

Don't know whether I want the police to publicly release the manifesto or not. She and her bullshit ""message"" doesn't deserve to be shared since it's most likely her motive. But then again I'd love to make fun of it and pick it apart.

No. 1796827

”childlike” and “naive” is a selling point for kid lit artists. Not saying there wasn’t something weirder going on but it lines up with the work she was looking for.

No. 1796829

First thing I thought of when I seen her. Fucking kek, why do so many TIFs dress like Fred Durst?

No. 1796832

Yep, that’s her

No. 1796833

Serial killers, murders, scum of all kind like to pronounce their actions as ‘justified’, ‘accidental’, caused by anything out of their own control, to the point that they will blame their victims for their actions when really they’re just piss babies that can’t get any control in their life and chose to hurt defenseless targets to have some form of control.
Fuck anyone of them that want to spread a “message” by hurting and traumatizing children and families

No. 1796837

File: 1679989431099.jpg (27.68 KB, 1069x285, lel.jpg)

No. 1796841

No. 1796842

Anons have been discussing this for hours. Scroll up before posting ffs

No. 1796845

File: 1679991824625.jpg (99.54 KB, 622x462, Clipboard01.jpg)

>Audrey - who drew under the male name Aiden - was an illustrator and graphic designer
Ahahahaha. What a way to become a meme!

Is it even legal to delete someone's profile just because they committed a crime? I'd sue LI.

Sounds like roid-rage alright.


No. 1796846

Now she has her own thread in Stink Ditch:

No. 1796848

now the misogynistic kiwifarms incels are going to ruin this thread

No. 1796850

she was a woman just like you are

No. 1796851

No. 1796852

And 99.9% of pedos are male just like you are. How does that feel kiwifag?

No. 1796853

The bottom line, should we as a society be normalizing women and girls to take testosterone by any means to alleviate body dysmorphia?
Is it not a coincidence the school shot up was named Green Hill? >>1796815
Are there any more photos of the car?

No. 1796854

No. 1796855

They do usually get released. I hope we see it because I'd really like to understand why anyone would think shooting kids would accomplish anything.

No. 1796856

Her art is Chris Chan tier

No. 1796857

File: 1679994373744.jpg (666.53 KB, 1594x2048, tumblr_744433810e0c8645873ac4c…)

What the fuck?! she can't even draw a rainbow correctly. It's not Red, yellow, orange… It's Red, orange, yellow. Is this actual mental retardation? The time this art was finished was in the past 5 months. especially for a 26 year old, she would know a basic thing or two about rainbows.

No. 1796858

begone tif

No. 1796859

Has she regressed mentally? This is what you'd expect from a 10 yo. She attended a normal school, not a sped one - what the hell. Was she on drugs when drawing?

If she had a manifesto, why didn't she post it on social media? I doubt the police or her family would be willing to release it in this day and age.

No. 1796863

ayrt and you're right about men being pedos but I'm not a man and only go on kf to read the mallory ortberg thread kek

No. 1796866

>Watching them try to spin it to gain sympathy for this child murdering piece of shit is enough to make any sane person peak.
I'm predicting they will have a harder time defending her because she's a female unlike the thousands of tims sexually abusing and killing others that they love to coddle. Having to stand up for a woman will make them seethe so this might actually go badly for them for once

No. 1796870

File: 1679995746852.jpg (78.76 KB, 1012x423, rage.jpg)

No. 1796874

The killer gives me vibes of being a CSA victim and psychotic.

No. 1796880

She's 100% not all there. Sick individual.

No. 1796885

I wonder why the other tif shooter was forgotten. Before Aiden there was another tif shooter too last year i remember it. But I think she wasn't successful in going completely through with it so thats why people forgot. If anyone remembers that also please let me know.

No. 1796886

File: 1679998032534.png (900 KB, 700x700, waow she is so based.png)

Sage for offtopic, but did you guys see this shit? Kek, the bodies are barely cold and they're already making edits.

No. 1796891

she must have felt so gender-affirmed senselessly killing little kids. need that manifesto, need to see for sure just how fucked in the brain this girl was…the photos of her look like turbo-autism, but I would guess she was schizo too

No. 1796892


That's already happening. Why do radfems find every way to blame women for the stupid shit moids already believe about us or want to believe about us.

I hope this tif gets sentenced to a male prison and makes a big stink about it kek(sage your shit)

No. 1796893

She has weird Rabbit and Tigger gay fan art in her likes. is this some kind of age regression CSA victim shit? I wouldn’t be surprised if some degenerate at that school fondled her

No. 1796894

I missed the fact that she was dead. Oh well(sage your shit)

No. 1796895

Sorry, but your slippery slope argument on why we should support troons is dumb, don't have to be rf to understand that.

No. 1796896

>I wouldn’t be surprised if some degenerate at that school fondled her
I had this thought as well. Christian upbringings can be super abusive. Troonism and Christianity are both a disease.

No. 1796897

I'm not supporting troons. I'm arguing the opposite. Defending this Aiden isn't gonna protect women.(sage your shit)

No. 1796898

Afraid of a suicidal auTIFtic failed artist? Please. There are hundreds of those. But almost none of them pick up a gun so I wonder if she was abused at the school or something, and for all the tifs making fan edits and ideas identifying with her, I hope it backfires and peaks people to even the most timid soft shy troon who never steps outside.

No. 1796899

100%. When mtfs kill they call them women, but ftms get called women. Because it can't be used to shroud moid crimes, they will allow 'misgendering' and not give a fuck.

No. 1796900

Idk why I accidentally wrote ideas my bad

No. 1796901

Okay. It just doesn't make much sense otherwise. Pointing out that men will use the rarer female killer to excuse male violence and men being 99% of killers and to try and skirt around addressing men being the more violent sex isn't defending the aiden tif.

No. 1796906

It's stupid and irrelevant because we can't mind control every woman on the planet to never commit violent crimes. It's not hard to point out that the rates of violence men commit far exceeds the rates of violence women commit. Stop worrying about what moids think so much. Misogyny dictates that we can't "behave" our way out of it.(sage your shit)

No. 1796909

The thing that makes me sad about modern TIFism is that, if they're not autistic, they don't want to be men, they want to be anime boys. They sure as hell don't want to be their dads or uncles, they want to be yaoi men and want other tifs and gay femboy scrotes to simp over them. It's like playing Warriorcats in your schoolyard as a child by with new layers of delusion and too much money on your hands.

No. 1796910

nta but anon brought up men using this incident against women in response to someone claiming that this would hurt GNC women specifically, when clearly it will be used against all women. that is all. nobody except the undercover TIF argued that this was the main issue about this shooting.

No. 1796911

Likely just autism, enough to function. In the security footage of her shooting, she had a waddle, too.
Also, it seems from her art having both Aiden and Audrey on it means she likely didn't care what others called her, she just liked the idea of what "trans" presented to her social life and followed through with the steps necessary to be accepted as trans; claiming he/him pronouns and taking testosterone. Seems like another case of TRA rhetoric targeting autistic individuals. She goes on a psychotic rampage and kills 3 children along the way.
I really can't wait to read the manifesto.

No. 1796912

you are wrong, but thats expected from you.

No. 1796916

I’m hoping so hard that the police will allow us mortal citizens to see the manifesto. I really want to know what made her shoot up a school beyond the obvious autism.

No. 1796918

It’s a shame but I understand her, women can get abused by everyone in their life but god forgive you step out of line after that ever. GNC queen! l just hope she hasn’t killed any girls

No. 1796920

she has some of the victims were girls. A 9 year old girl.

Im hoping you are baiting btw.

No. 1796922

the only GNC thing about her is that she shot up a school. she was using he/him pronouns just because she had short hair and a transformers t-shirt probably (so manly!) so she's the opposite of a "GNC queen" btw

No. 1796923

File: 1680003165108.jpg (735.87 KB, 1591x2198, 1679975157958.jpg)

Isnt this it? Or at least a little snippet of it?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1796924

Tifs are useful idiots who turn all their self hatred outwards onto other women. It's tifs at Wellesley college booing the president for saying women instead of people. I'll never sympathize with them.

No. 1796925

File: 1680003277563.jpeg (56.85 KB, 636x382, 15071434-0-image-a-56_15610942…)

yes! Alec McKinney. not sure why everyone forgot about her. maybe because she wasn't alone in doing it or was underage at the time?

No. 1796927

How is that wrong lol, find me a tif who isn't into yaoi or autistic

No. 1796928

Nice bait, go back to your ironypoisoned containment zone

No. 1796932

Yeah, I assume it was forgotten because it was her and a boy, and because of it raising the fact of her going to a female prison. For MTFs, there are the male killers who claim to be a troon posting killing, including many troons, and that gay club shooter. Another one was Randy Stair, the mtf tranny who shot up a supermarket and had an autistic fixation on Ember from Danny Phantom.

No. 1796935

nta it's true, there's a big portion of young tifs who just want to be pretty anime or kpop lookalikes. they even meme it among themselves because of how common it is. why are you so butthurt kek

No. 1796940

Nta but you're a retard and probably underage. Conservatives in America have more support because of the progressive party adopting non-progressive stances to benefit mens sexual predation and coom addiction (transgenderism), and becoming more black and white with good vs evil politics thanks to increasing progressive politics popularity. If they dropped tranny support, which these laws would force them to do/the support for the laws would show how unpopular the pro-troon stance is, then they would regain a stronger following. Embracing lunacy made them lose support, getting rid of lunacy via dropping pro-troon laws would actually make the democrats more popular, because trans politics are not popular with anyone. The only lasting blow would be recognising that this anti-women and science and reality ideology was shilled by 'progressives' (though it is all a paid for psyop and both conservative and progressive politicians can't be trusted because they're all bought/serve the same class, men, just in different ways, and conservatives also shill retarded shit, not to mention most trannies are men and conservative men are pro troon because it means erasing homosexuality).

No. 1796941

>butthurt for disagreeing
words have meanings

No. 1796945

i listened to this episode and what made me sad was how smart, sensitive and kind this girl seemed, but was caught up and deluded enough to think this is what she had to do to herself to not commit suicide. but she is still young (I think they said she was 17? ) and is yet to face the full horrors of her transition.
Her doctors clearly didn't want to address how puberty, body dysmorphia and anything that intensifies that like being ND or OCD can make you super vulnerable to this gender shite. The bit where Megan, the host, brought up her own discomfort about puberty and gender roles and asked how those feelings differed to her dysphoria. Noah said something like she had never thought about that before or never been asked that before and didn't really know how to respond. This is the thing. They don't understand how normal it is to hate your body as a teenager, particularly as a girl and feeling pressures of stereotyped roles.
At least she wasn't shutting down any conversation or debate and seems more rational about dealing with other people's opinions and choices, just not so much her own…

No. 1796946

Yeah, I’ve been seeing “gender envy” posts on Pinterest from time to time and the character they mention are always androgynous looking anime boys.
I’ve been as of lately liking a character that appears frequently on these charts due to just how much I relate to him and to be honest, even if I use him as my avatar at times I have absolutely no desire to ever be like one of those pooners because not only do I like him because of his personality, but also because his looks make me just consider him as a honorary female character (even though his personality is obviously male, as opposed to the romanticized males straight women write).

No. 1796948

So they support domestic terrorism to get what they want then.

No. 1796949

nta if you disagree provide your reasoning because all the tifs in this thread and on social media are closer to the weeb/femboy look than to actual "manly" men. "that's expected from you" on the fakeboi thread makes you sound like a seething tif

No. 1796951

You're so fucking retarded it's because butch women are already assumed to be trannies a lot of the time. Normies can't tell when someone is just a gnc woman, they think clothes=tranny. This will make it so gnc women are harassed even more and laws could start targeting looser and looser descriptions of what a trans person is.

No. 1796953

It's funny because the incel 4fags who make the drawings think that trannies are hated by people because of embarrassing aiden types being 'pooners' making transness 'look not real', not realising trannies are hated because their ranks are composed of incel men constantly threatening rape and being pornsick degenerates and chimping out about beloved children's authors.

No. 1796954

What is getting me the most is all the people who were so ready to be feel morally superior tweeting or posting about how "kids are dying but lets focus on trans and drag shows!!!". Even outside of the fact it aged like milk, it's almost funny how ready they are to make it about them and don't even bother waiting for the slightest amount of information to actually get released.

No. 1796955

oh so now we are using buzzwords and projections. I dont have to provide any reasoning to you, who the hell do you think you are except for some autist on a badly made basket weaving site.

Just like Tims there are also different types of tifs so the ''omg they are disgusting fujos who dare to like kpop or anime'' is very stereotypical and false. I highly doubt the shooter even knew about kpop or was a fujo.(sage your shit)

No. 1796959

I am the anon that you replied to and please point where I was referring to the shooter. I was talking about a widespread phenomenon that's been proven, stereotypes exist for a reason. I think the one that's been projecting is you, nona….anyway, look at the shooter's room, there's an Astolfo poster lol as if that's a character that's popular for having a dick and getting fucked in the ass.
Learn how to discuss and how to disagree without sounding butthurt tif.

No. 1796964

imagine calling someone retarded when you're arguing that a short-haired woman committing a crime will cause laws forcing women to be feminine. the US can't regulate gun ownership despite tons of school shootings, europe can't properly keep track of radical muslims despite tons of terrorist attacks, but you think that this shooting specifically will be the end of "masculine" clothing for women in a country that's still at the stage of allowing children to perform drag and cut off body parts? and again as was said multiple times upthread if you really care about GNC women you'll know that the trans cult prey on them.

No. 1796967

Nta, but this is just not true? Unless when you say butch women, you mean mtf men pretending to be women.

No. 1796968

Ntayrt but that is not the room of the shooter retard

No. 1796971

Radical Muslims are armed and dangerous men, of course they won't be targeted by the government. Gnc women aren't.

No. 1796973

it was literally debunked that room wasn't theirs, that room pic is a meme that existed way before this incident. Honestly it makes everything else you say invalid when your gotcha comebacks are debunkable.

Keep on bitching about dem evil fujos becoming tifs even though most fujos are literally east, sea and south asian women who have no plans of ever becoming men. But yes lets blame a huge number of women because people in the west are mentally ill. Your new boogeyman is the fujos just like how the retarded boomers would blame video-games for shootings.

No. 1796974

what the fuck are you talking about, have you seen roe v wade.
I know the mention of roe might be triggering to the boomer pro-life people here though.

No. 1796975

I can't be the only person who noticed she's wearing a Trans-formers shirt…

No. 1796976

>We must pretend people are the opposite sex and accept the consequences of this retarded behaviour eg. empowering rapist predatory men, mutilating children, erasing womens rights and achievements and inhibiting their potential, or they will force women to have long hair and wear dresses etc.
Such bizarre logic kek. Butch women are assumed to be trannies BECAUSE OF trannies saying short hair etc = man. It's why normal butch women are asked for their pronouns by retarded believers.

No. 1796977

the government doesn't even try to target them or be more cautious of other radical muslims due to fear of appearing not politically correct. of course they could target them if they wanted, they're also armed men and better trained. but after a terrorist attack there's almost more posts warning about islamophobia than posts about the victims, kinda similar to this >>1796759

No. 1796978

Yes, roe v wade was removed with a PROGRESSIVE GOVERNMENT in control who did nothing, while supporting trannies. Stop trying to psyop anons to think trans rights and womens rights are linked. They aren't. Women wore pants before trannies were ever pushed as progressive.

No. 1796979

this was not the point. The point was the other retard who said big laws cannot be overturned. YES THEY CAN moron.

No. 1796981

I am a butch woman in a lib city and I get grief all the time from boomers. They can't tell when someone is a tranny or butch. They just see gender as clothes like the gendies do.

No. 1796982

A large portion TIFs being fujos has been a thing for years (just look at tiktoks or twitter profiles, hell, even the author of the webcomic "Boyfriends" is a tif) by now and your point is

>B-B-But not all fujos!!! Actually most fujos are asians!! Th-they don't want to become men!

That's exactly the point, retard. Not even those TIFs want to be men, they want to larp as anime boys and live up anime fantasies. Of course they don't want to be men, they want to be cute twinks. I'm not talking about you, calm your binded tits, you're so vain.
There's a difference in between consuming yaoi as a media and consuming yaoi and saying shit like "omg I kin him so much, I want to be him!". Why are you taking it so personally? Who are you defending? Lol.

No. 1796983

>The point was the other retard who said big laws cannot be overturned
where? and is there a law allowing women to be GNC?

No. 1796984

No, butch women have been assumed inverts and perverts and "wanting to be men" since the dawn of time. Do you think Anne Lister faced nothing in her time? Idiot. Maybe the contemporary attitude is called transphobia now but butch women have always faced hostility similar to the shit aidens face from the homophobes. They read us as wannabe men. That is how they read aidens too.

No. 1796987

are you seriously now going to lie out of your ass and say that non-western, asian fujos now want to be tifs too? Wow well not surprised considering you keep calling everyone here in the replies a tif as a way to silence their opinion or the fact that you actually thought that was the tifs room…lol embaressing.

You are literally seething at the wrong group of people. Just like the certain people here who claim women wearing tight clothing are traitors.

>just look at tiktoks or twitter profiles, hell, even the author of the webcomic "Boyfriends" is a tif) by now and your point is

There is a huge difference between tumblr created content for tift made by other tifs and fujo content made for fujos. Or are you telling me you are too retarded to see the difference between those two.
Content made for tifs is so vastly different from what fujos consume.

No. 1796989

File: 1680007234819.png (1.62 MB, 1200x1855, troonshooterart.png)

To me the most interesting and also a little disturbing thing about the troon shooter is how demure and non-offensive she looks in all her pics and the fact that all her art is so childish to the point of giving serious retard vibes with the complete lack of any sort of edgefaggotry you'd expect to see. No pics of her wearing a trenchcoat, no reblogs of columbine fanart, no gallery of disturbing guro art (someone called the shining poster she made disturbing but come on, no it's not, not even in context), no incoherent agsty blogposts, nothing. Also the fact that she seemed to partially go by her birthname, whereas the angry edgelord type tifs usually tend to take their male larp very seriously.

No. 1796990

im not gnc but even i remember the abuse and discrimination gnc women would face and continue to face. Its weird how some anons here are pretending that isnt true. I guess this thread is filled with boomer boymoms.

No. 1796991

That and moids from Kiwifarms have been invading for quite some time now

No. 1796993

yeah the kiwifags have been here since last year when kf temp had its shut-down and back then we all know how the site was being handled (inactive team) so they latched onto here like parasites.

No. 1796997

This screams child sexual abuse to me. All of her art looks like someone who never mentally progressed past childhood due to trauma.

No. 1797000

Honey, no one's gonna force you to dress like a Kardashian. The public and legislators are going to forget about this shooting as soon as a TiM does their usual sex crimes or takes a women's spot/award. Then the focus will be back on men in dresses.

No. 1797001

>are you seriously now going to lie out of your ass and say that non-western, asian fujos now want to be tifs too?

Never talked about them lol, I was just saying that TIFs being fujos (and not the other way around) is a thing, even since the old gold tumblr days. The focus was not being a fujo in itself but being a tif whos "egg" has been cracked by pretty anime 2D boys and suddenly wanting to be he/hims without actually being an actual man.

>You are literally seething at the wrong group of people

I consume yaoi shit as well. Never said that fujos are bad as a whole group, I just said that, ahem, "TIFs being fujos is a thing, not all of them are, but a large portion is. Them "kinning" men fucking other men plays a role in them identifying as cute anime boys and not actual men"

>There is a huge difference between tumblr created content for tift made by other tifs and fujo content made for fujos.

No fucking shit, sherlock, but TIFs are more likely to be obsessed with M/M pairings, and not even in BL media, just look how many tifs cosplay My Hero Academia stuff or whatever m/m couples in maistream media or shit like live action tv series. Even kpop boys who stand next to each other. Is not about the media or liking the media per se, but being obsessed with men fucking other men, no matter what.

Your interpretation of my post is not my responsibility kek. It was pretty clear.

No. 1797002

I think if any dress code against gnc people in public gets implemented it'd be against feminine males and the reasoning would be that they're doing it for sexual reasons making it inappropriate in public (which is the reasoning behind the drag ban, and in the case of many AGP troons is true)

Pants and short hair for women are normal even in fundie churches, so that wouldn't ever get banned

No. 1797003

I am a gnc woman in a non-progressive country and people have attempted to hatecrime me several times, calling me a fag, a tranny, an "it" and all such things.
Thankfully when I actually start talking to people, they here my clearly female voice and back off, although not before calling me a "filthy dyke" or something.
I once almost gotten hatecrimed when I was wearing a FUCKING DRESS that was clearly showing my cleavage. But I am tall, have short hair and large arms/legs and don't wear makeup. Therefore I am clocked as a tranny all the time. Either a tranny or a fag for "why are you wearing that if you're a dude".

GNC women will never be free to express themselves as long as trannies and the sole concept of gender exists. Fuck them. I hope each and every one of them 41%s, make it 100%>>1796990

No. 1797005

agreed. autism + CSA vibes. and clearly something to do with that school, or at least what it represents in relation to her childhood.

No. 1797006

This case will invite hundreds of conspiracy theories, the likes of 'psy-ops by the deep state manipulating autistic people into committing killing sprees'.

I guess a disturbing social media profile is not present in every case like the one here: this was also true for the Colorado gay club shooter, who had no presence save for a dead LI page.

It truly must have been severe mental health issues in this case (other than falling for transgenderism). Or the deep state at work.

She would have targeted the preparator(s), not some random kids.

No. 1797007

anon i hate trannies but wtf is your logic. How the hell would getting rid of trannies make you become accepted in your NON-PROGRESSIVE country…like come one use some logic.

No. 1797009

Nobody said that misogyny and gender stereotypes would disappear without trannies, but they're objectively making it even worse for women. All we can do is fight the trans cult, we can't undo nor hide the fact that some TIF killed people, it's retarded to claim that people simply discussing the shooting are against GNC women somehow.

No. 1797010

I don't know why you're all fixated on a dress code that I never brought up. What I'm talking about is hostility out in the real world, we all know nobody wants to lynch white boys that actually commit most of the school shootings but if the target is some poor masculine woman? It's open season because men already beat and kill women with impunity. And if we're talking laws, the laws they're passing in the US right now affect things like students not being able to refer to their gay parents or recently little girls not being able to talk about menstruation before grade 6. The drag laws are also vague enough that you can twist it to non-drag situations. You should know this stuff.

No. 1797011

>You should know this stuff.
they dont, they are retarded boomers or kiwifag males.

No. 1797012

Please take a break. Your obsession is taking a toll on you.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1797013

If you'd actually read the posts that lead up to this tangent you'd understand that this all came up because people are acting like the only consequence of this shooting is that trannies get less rights and therefore it's a blessing in disguise.

No. 1797014

retard kiwifag you put sage in the email field.

No. 1797016

Local Redditors in r/nashville mention the school harboring a pedophilic teacher in 2008 when the shooter was a pupil there.

Here's an article regarding the scandal in 2013:


No. 1797018

File: 1680009365728.jpeg (469 KB, 1429x1850, 798B6DAD-B518-4BC8-8964-C105B6…)

yes i’m being ironic obviously
kek I meant in the way males are violent apes and most women are relatively well adjusted

obligatory tif with totes gay bf tax

No. 1797019

Trannies getting less rights? Are you using their talking points now? People realizing that trannies are mentally ill could lead them to need to get properly diagnosed instead of being allowed to change their sex on official documents and get all the drugs/hormones they want after one interview with some gender expert. That's the only positive outcome. What can we do about the fact that some retards will cite this shooting as proof that women are also violent.

No. 1797021

called it. CSA is the only type of deeply rooted rage I can think of that would cause a woman to kill someone 20 years later. this is way deeper than some TN drag show bill or testosterone or whatever other talking points people are using to scapegoat this attack for. this was a woman groomed and sexually abused by a moid in her church school, who proceeded to go the Adam Lanza way of “protecting children” by killing them. the thing we should be calling to ban is men and Christian fundamentalism, period

No. 1797022

Well currently they have the right to troon out without much resistance so moving towards taking that away or reintroducing medical gatekeeping (which I believe is good actually) would be less rights technically. So yeah less rights, not in the sense that it's bad. It's just less though.

No. 1797024

one of the kids she shot was a child of one of the teachers. Really makes me wonder what motivated this. I guess we will be getting new info on this case soon.

No. 1797025

even if this isn't a direct link to why she did it, it certainly gives an idea of what is/was tolerated and covered up at that school. and i know people are saying it's retarded for her to target the actual school + innocent children instead of just the perpetrator but retarded people do retarded things, so I don't think it's that hard to believe.

No. 1797026

TRAs love acting like trannies have less rights than the rest of the population when they actually have more rights if we indeed consider that them getting drugs easily and lying to their therapists is a right, so I don't think we should frame it that way, but yeah I see your point.

No. 1797028

I thought your posts were saying that laws were going to specifically target gnc women. The only way I could think to do that would be to ban gender nonconformity.

Is your point that moids are going to go kill gnc women in the street because of this one aiden?

No. 1797029

It's actually sad to see shit like this. So fucking obvious the scrote is just taking advantage of her.

No. 1797034

This is the most narcissist and deranged take on such a tragic situation I could ever imagine god damn. I used to read her Yu+me webcomics when I was sad bi teen girl, I always found the way she wrote tho made me think she was actually straight and wow, turns out she is and completely insane. Also her art hasn’t developed technically or in any way since her early 20s, damn.

No. 1797036

honestly her whole background and online presence is fucking OFF, i smell a glowing rat

No. 1797037

It's so bizarre this was the ultimate way to prove women are not taken as seriously as men, not even in their woke delusions, so if this makes people go against trannies, it's only gonna be against TIFs. For now, they now will realize nobody sees them as men.

No. 1797040

Does anyone have any decent links for testosterone causing severe issues in women? I feel like I see a lot of anecdotes in lesbian and detrans communities and common sense for testosterone says that it would cause aggression and psychosis in women but just wanted to find evidence for this before there’s damage control that hrt is safe. I’m looking myself as well sorry to ask for spoonfeeding

No. 1797043

File: 1680012315946.jpg (95.56 KB, 903x500, FLTYc2FaUAAPzHp.jpg)

>He's gay, he's only been with men, if he saw me as a woman then he wouldn't be with me

No. 1797044

>Yeah, we should let adult males have unrestricted access to children. What could go wrong?

No. 1797046

That line of the statement low-key sounds like a threat. I have no idea how they were so retarded to not realize how bad this makes them look. I hope this peaks people

No. 1797048

to any nonnies who come across these edits, please post them itt

No. 1797049

they don’t give a fuck about the victims, just optics and it shows. How did a movement so incapable of empathy make it this far

No. 1797052

Body cam footage released

No. 1797055

I am merely saying it is something that will tip people further against gnc people. The resentment does result in assaults and harassment yes. Not everything has to be an epidemic for it to be worth feeling bad about. As a regular butch woman who already faces hate crime attempts yearly this does bother me and I don't see things getting safer for us anytime soon. I'm just frustrated by the anons acting like this does not affect people like me, just because the urge to dunk on trannies is so strong.

No. 1797058

You're right and I don't know why everyone is being so dense about it. Proud Boys and other tradtards don't see a difference between a TIF and a normal masc woman. And since violent men are cowards they're absolutely going to target females instead of hulking TIMs that might fight back. I'm worried too.

No. 1797059

At least in the US you can buy a gun legally.

No. 1797060

I've done my research and ive realized these are the top 3 type people most likely to become Tifs

1. Girls who have a severe yaoi addiction, addiction to gay porn. Also consume nlog content.
2. Lesbians, especially the masc butch ones. (due to self-hate).
3. Celebrities who want to stay relevant or earn internet points.

No. 1797062

is this your first post in these threads

No. 1797063

crazy they showed that much of the body, I’ve never seen a past mass shooting incident where they showed body can footage and didn’t fully censor or stop the video before the killing of the shooter. huh

No. 1797064

Wait, she killed herself?

No. 1797065

this is the one the seals it for me, she was raped as a child
if you know, you know

No. 1797067

No she was killed by the two officers we see approach first in the footage. The only reason she was collapsed and probs dead when they got to her body is because they had fired at her 3-5 times when they passed the corner

No. 1797068

OT nonnie, that’s bleak, I’m sorry.

No. 1797069

I'm almost certain too. this one is so telling

No. 1797070

This was literally my first thought about why a woman would do this. Being raped can really make you vengeful.

No. 1797071

File: 1680015481629.png (1.03 MB, 1170x2532, AA0F318D-C1B1-4306-82FC-B53694…)

lmaoooo this bitch shipped characters from winnie the pooh

No. 1797072

plus it's well-documented knowledge that when women murder children, it's usually because they're trying to protect them from something

No. 1797075

It’s fucked up tbh, the whole video is so stressful, I wonder though, why not try to run away? She was right in the open, not hidden somewhere or something like that.
I guess it’s OT but tranny or not, I can’t understand how can anyone like, kill, I guess I get fantasizing about hurting your bullies/abusers or thinking of them dying of some illness, but like, killing or even torturing someone? It’s just too much.
I know she was a fucking piece of shit in a retarded cult, but I don’t know, this is the only time that I think that if she could’ve gotten help on the right time, she would’ve been maybe just a sperg and not a filthy murderer.

No. 1797076

Accidentally posted in the last thread but just grabbed this from the kf thread, would love to find a source to confirm it is really the shooters. If it is, holy shit is this a smoking gun to confirm the CSA theory.

No. 1797077

Testosterone stops you from thinking straight like a logical person and turns you into a rage-beast. You most definitely can blame it on HRT. Women get raped all the time and never go on to take revenge like this unless something is chemically wrong with them.

No. 1797078

File: 1680015833138.jpeg (198.05 KB, 830x1024, 2480F034-5CE9-490F-ABA5-EE027E…)

god damn it I forgot the image >>1797076

No. 1797080

This is hunter shafer from euphoria that deleted it off Instagram lol

No. 1797082

Can you elaborate for those who don't? Is it the POV of the legs/feet?

No. 1797083

okay maybe I'm convinced now too, this is grim as fuck

No. 1797084

hunter schafer made this

No. 1797085

Honey, this is from Hunter Schafer. The gay guy from the TV series europhoria.

No. 1797086

File: 1680015994290.jpg (110.49 KB, 890x972, WTF.jpg)

i looked at all of her likes and she definitely is a fujo.
Liking gay sonic fanart.

No. 1797087

lmao kiwis truly are retarded.

No. 1797088

there's a real significant lack of sex in the things she likes for a devoted fujo, wonder why

No. 1797089

I think they're slandering Schafer, he's such a schizo his ramblings could pass for that of a school shooters etc. Pretty funny.

No. 1797090

File: 1680016163094.jpg (23.32 KB, 489x328, yqLCR3jYH907y8FL84DyJ3-3lq_Pa5…)

No. 1797091

her likes are full of puss in boots fanart (???? is this a thing?) and don’t hug me i’m scared fanart. she was clearly very infantilized. if i didn’t know that she was 28, i would’ve thought she was maybe 12.

No. 1797092

File: 1680016206200.jpg (79.26 KB, 835x962, shooterisafujo.jpg)

alot of tif fujos are just like her, they like clean things which kind of border on shounen ai.

Either way more screenshots of her liked.

No. 1797095

File: 1680016300811.jpg (92.61 KB, 761x942, ummm.jpg)

she really likes male animal cartoon characters and shipping them together….weird.

No. 1797097

Women and girls who act out as violently as this are pretty much guaranteed to be CSA victims. Obviously there also has to be something else going on since most CSA victims never hurt a fly (except themselves) but it’s a necessary, if not sufficient, factor.

No. 1797098

Maybe she had a NSFW alt blog.

No. 1797099

File: 1680016416548.jpg (148.03 KB, 1045x951, huh.jpg)

this is Weird.

No. 1797100

My mom was watching the news and they are using female pronouns for her here in Brazil kek
I was surprised to see a female mass shooter… But I imagined it was a TIM at first. I think there's only one relevant female non-genderfuckery school shooter, that one ginger girl with glasses in the 80s or 90s?

No. 1797102

Oh so the men in that school abused her. Makes sense. Poor girl

No. 1797103

for an autistic and probably traumatized mentally unstable woman it really isn't that weird. also sage newfag

No. 1797104

File: 1680016621247.jpg (123.35 KB, 602x952, etffff.jpg)

what sort of autism causes this behavior.
her blog will probably get deleted soon. Posting this before it gets deleted. Also terms have meanings.

No. 1797106

thought the same thing but didn't wanna say it because there's going to be people who act like they don't know the thrulines

No. 1797107

File: 1680016729878.jpg (93.08 KB, 531x900, fffff.jpg)

No. 1797108

I think you're thinking of Brenda Spencer? The only other female shooter I can think of is the YouTube vegan.

No. 1797110

Ok so i think i figured it out, people are trying to make it a trans issue with this woman but in reality this has nothing to do with it.

After seeing everything related to her she has the same mentality and interests as chris-chan who is a well known autist and schizo.

Now i wouldn't be surprised that her manifesto is just some autistic shit about a dimension merge, finally meeting her comfort characters or other wacky stuff but i dont think it has anything to do with being trans.

Th reason for that is because she herself didnt seem to really care about being trans and has used her female deadname on various platforms and in general did not post about being trans.

If her manifesto gets leaked and it actually is about being trans them im taking back what i said, but for now it all looks like a psyop by the far-right using a mentally ill woman and lying that she did it because she wants to avenge trans ppl so they can find a excuse to panic over ''muh tifs are violent too''(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1797111

and it was pretty clear that Brenda Spencer was severely abused. she slept on the same dirty mattress as her father who was a violent alcoholic.

No. 1797114

Slandering? He literally posted it himself on this fucking instagram.

No. 1797115

probably was all part of a larger suicide attempt at hands of cops.

No. 1797116

Those are her likes, not what she posted herself, analyzing the captions and tags as if she wrote them is retarded. Some anons in here need to learn how to use social media before they post. Same goes for this poster who couldn't even be fucked to use image search >>1797078 I expect more ~media literacy~ from farmers in a mass shooting discussion.

No. 1797117

are you retarded or something? no one thinks she drew those, we understand what a fucking reblog is in the year 2023

No. 1797119

Again it's a like not a reblog, and again learn to read: anons were discussing the caption as if she wrote it. >>1797102

No. 1797120

Once again, we all understand that it isn't her work? What's wrong with you?

No. 1797122

Now that we're at this stage can't the women who just want to fuck ted bundy or the columbine shooters just do that while chopping their tits off and taking testosterone? Please, this is a much better alternative than retard-brained shootout to be like your husbandos Dylan and Eric. Just cut your tits off and join the 41% on your lonesome, please. Actually, I think we need to cyberbully columbine fujos more. I think they officially deserve it now if some of them are living out their ebin columbinerino sexy fantasies.
>she may have been preyed upon while in the christian school
That's even worse. This just keeps getting worse. There is nothing good to be found here.

No. 1797124

The tags that anons were analyzing were also not her tags. Get it yet?

No. 1797125

if her being a csa victim is true, i feel so bad for her. poor woman.

No. 1797126

no one said that she wrote the caption or the tags. the post you’re tagging is someone implying that she was abused and that’s why she liked winnie the pooh fanart.

No. 1797127

No one is analyzing tags; she's a 30 year old woman pretending that she doesn't have a vagina, obsessed with whinnie the pooh and other childrens characters in love with each other without the presence of sex
gEt It YeT?

No. 1797128

Oh okay if it's on purpose then please continue schizo-digging.
Thank you
and said comment directly refers to the post description.
>post mentions gay men
>oh so these men abused her
that anon clearly thought it was her post about her own childhood experience.

No. 1797129

the strangely capitalized words and short sentences give me heavy autism vibes. don't ask me why, but it's a dead giveaway.

No. 1797130

NTA but you really do have to learn how to read kek

No. 1797131

I haven't seen much of right wingers using the "this is to get back at the cissies" thing once news confirmed it was a natal female, thankfully, but yeah there's still those not really getting all the info saying it's still trans shit. It personally seems like her trans getup was only a priority for when she dressed herself.
I wonder if she had any more recent close friends. The only one we know of so far is a God loving woman. On KF they're speculating sometime around 2016-2018 she shifted away from Christianity. Likely got hyperfocused in shitlib politics during the Trump election due to her Tumblr and other social media exposure along with her interest in Disney media, we know the type of people who are hardcore fanatics.

No. 1797132

Wow, you must be a literal genius, the only person online who understands how tumblr works, please, show us your troves of knowledge(infighting)

No. 1797134

“the gay men” is referring to rabbit and tigger you absolute fucking retard.(infighting)

No. 1797136

I get that, did you when you rushed to post it?(infighting)

No. 1797138

I have been watching documentaries about cults recently. Most of them at one point start to arm themselves to protect themselves from outsiders. Seeing how much arming yourself in trans internet circles, I'm sadly not surprised of what happened. Having arms around is never a good idea. Armed people are more likely to kill themselves and hurt others.

No. 1797140

> conflating ugly people with being GNC

No. 1797141

> conflating ugly people with being GNC

No. 1797142

> conflating ugly people with being GNC

No. 1797143

men and boys can commit hundreds of mass shootings a year and have a combined body count in the thousands and shoot dozens of kids in the face point blank from close range and then when the extremely rare female pepetrated mass shooting happens it opens the flood gates for a million "are women the actual oppressors" thinkpieces as well as grotesque pooner memes from the very demographic thats responsible for thr concept of mass shootings. fuck the tranny who did this but also fuck all the males foaming at the mouth for yet another opportunity to degrade and hate on women

No. 1797145

Exactly Radfems fear mongering in here instead of focusing on larger problems that women face

No. 1797150

this is your sign to kill yourself.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1797151

not the anon you're replying to but i assume it's about the text, abuse victims often have arrested development

No. 1797154

Males are violent primarily because of testosterone affecting their prenatal and childhood brain development, this is why TIMs are still as violent as males even after castration

No. 1797155

this really isnt the way to go here. we cant get mad at trannies defending her because shes trans and then turn around and defend her because shes female. csa victim or not. most bullied and abused women dont shoot toddlers

No. 1797156

Thank you, I thought it was something more sinister (the leg POV with the background as if she was on her back and dissociating/mentally swapping out what she was seeing if that makes sense) because just the text kind of felt too common to be the smoking gun, a lot of people feel like that without having been sexually abused. Though I definitely agree that it seems like she was.

No. 1797157

Literally no one is defending her fatty

No. 1797158

that's not why, also nta to both of you, but if you don't know, then genuinely it should not be explained to you, anon should not have even hinted at it because she's right anyway, iykyk, and it's horrible

No. 1797160

Exactly Radfems fear mongering in here instead of focusing on larger problems that women face

No. 1797161

File: 1680020354205.png (23.66 KB, 1412x310, tism.png)

lo and behold

No. 1797162

We're in a thread speculating about a mass shooter being a victim of child rape, I think you can stop hinting around and just say it

No. 1797163

>oh yes radfems are the problem reee why don't the radfems do something useful
kys kiwi scrote

No. 1797164

Not defending her, but feeling empathy over knowing she was sexually abused. Also women usually don't shoot toddlers, but they find ways to kill children with a belief they're protecting them from whatever danger is taking over their lives. It's a sad way our thoughts manifest. It's sick, but it does happen.

No. 1797165

>The only women comitting mass killings so far has been injecting themselves with male hormones
>Y-y-you can't blame testosterone for this!

No. 1797166

yea no shit. the only troons nowadays who are not autistic are the calculating psychopathic middle aged men who have figured out that they can commit more rape without consequences as an mtf than as a normie male

No. 1797168

not even feeling empathy, champ, literally just trying to decipher how it came to happen

No. 1797169

NTA but nobody has posted any proof that she was on hormones, and neither was that other chick in the 80s.

No. 1797170

No. 1797171

Killing 2 isn't really a mass shooting. And of course she was on hormones, you can tell from her face alone.

No. 1797173

That isn't proof you cretin. Many medications such as antipsychotics (though I doubt she was on those kek) can make your face look like that.

No. 1797174

>believing Reddit
Half of r/Nashville are trannies, this is most likely made up

No. 1797175

OT but the new puss in boots movie is extremely popular on tumblr and it was legitimately a good movie imo so not that unusual

No. 1797176

the only thing you can tell by her face is that she of the breed of tifs who are obsessed with making themselves look younger than they are. you can also notice this from her juvenile baby art

No. 1797177

The source is legit.

No. 1797178

File: 1680021422328.jpeg (150.53 KB, 821x599, 8B915C22-F91F-4053-8E96-DA1C2A…)

No. This is the original from Hunter’s instagram

No. 1797179

The very first thing I thought when I heard it was a tif who committed this crime, and that she had gone to that school as a kid, was that she had gone there to kill a teacher who had molested her as a child. I immediately thought csa too. It just makes too much sense given the circumstances

No. 1797180

You aren't a guardian of some secret knowledge because you were molested as a child. Either say what you meant or you should have said nothing in the first place if you're gonna put forward speculation like that.

No. 1797184

How is this different from pretentious contemporary fine arts?

No. 1797185

>I hope TRAs take the "trans rage" angle and fucking run with it
They already do, sort of. On tiktok they complain about how "trans fem rage" can't be a trend the same way that "female rage" is.

No. 1797186

they have fully run with "trans rage" already and it has led to old ladies at peaceful protests getting jumped and beat up by 5 hulking male tim gorillas at once

No. 1797187

Because she was larping as a man and men always gotta hurt everyone else around them.

No. 1797188

I'm curious about this as well, it's possible that the shooter did not intend to shoot kids but they got in the way or she missed.

No. 1797189

sorry i deleted my post, i thought it was phrased badly. but that's very possible

No. 1797190

Research findings state one common reason a woman would kill a child was because they believed they are protecting the child from danger by killing them. Someone so disconnected from the world where they're about to kill themselves as well, means going out killing innocent children is part of their plan. Done with life, life is danger. It's true insanity.

No. 1797191

this is getting ridiculous. you dont shoot 3 little kids because you miss or they got in the way. this tranny went there to shoot anyone she came across including children

No. 1797192

ntayrt but could be that she felt she was "protecting" them or keeping them as kids "forever and ever" as per this art of hers >>>/snow/1796628 or maybe she didn't even intend to shoot kids, just teachers and some got caught in the fire. OR she is just a piece of shit who hated the world and wanted to go down in flames. just some thoughts off the top of my head. in any case it's fucked up but people do have some deluded ideas about afterlife and protection and justice. especially those brought up in religious cult-ish environments. mental illness and abuse doesn't help obviously.

No. 1797194

It's always autism. I swear to god

No. 1797195

When the manifesto comes out it'll be easier to understand the motive, we're just speculating on what might have happened. The "trannies are mad about legislation" option is already on the table anon nobody is saying she had to have a less insane intent or whatever. Just trying to think about what else it could be while we wait. Also reposting to add that the weapon she had on was an assault rifle, if she didn't know what she was doing it well could have caused unintended deaths.

No. 1797196

Pretty much when women kill and kill violently they have been abused in the past… It's not logical to lash out at males or their abusers only because it's an irrational reaction to the world. it's hard to find a woman who hasn't suffered some kind of harassment or abuse from moids on some degree though … But I find that all female killers have some significant problems caused by male abuse in their lives unlike male and boy shooters who are in general just lonely and angsty and think the world owes them something

No. 1797197

well my money is on severely fried brain caused by abuse, troonery and internet grooming and a resulting disastrous mental breakdown. the legislation might have been the last straw. shame because banning drag shows in venues with kids is entirely rational and logical

No. 1797198

File: 1680022651679.jpeg (61.53 KB, 1242x448, E9B86541-E140-4F71-891F-FBD62C…)

NTA but in an article I saw yesterday the cops said she had planned to kill more people than she did… probably from the stuff they found in her car. 1 could pass as an accident but 3 kids is intentional.

No. 1797199

It's common for autistic women to be somewhat infantile and enjoy childish things. I think some anons are reading into the CSA reasoning a bit too hard, we don't have any confirmation yet. I think it's more likely that she was bullied for being weird and autistic in a Christian school

No. 1797202

Didn't Adam Lanza have an essay defending pedophilia or some shit? I think it's tied but harming children like this makes me suspicious of the shooters themselves

No. 1797204

anon come on, you cannot compare the motives of a woman and the motives of a moid in literally anything

No. 1797205

The tinfoils about how "she was raped as a child and killed other children to protect them" is some desperate reaching. Maybe she just didn't give a fuck about harming the children, we don't need to make excuses for her gunning them down.
Her blog and art mostly confirm that she's autistic and the only hint of sexual trauma we've gotten was from the anons who refuse to reveal the universal secret code of CSA visual metaphor. I'll wait for the manifesto or more other information to come out

No. 1797207

>came on snow to check whether that female shooter was a troon (because let's face it, this isn't a crime done by women)
>turns out it's a fakeboi
now that's something new…

No. 1797208

think about how many women are raped
think about how many severely mentally ill women are raped
what are the odds that it didn't happen, even if it has nothing to do with the shooting at all?
and seriously, still not defending her, literally just trying to sus out the most likely scenario

No. 1797209

This is extremely true and also tbh even if she talks about "protecting kids" in her manifesto it's still a symptom of extremely disordered and sick thinking. Nobody took Adam lanza seriously when he went on spergs about protecting kids from adult society either

No. 1797210

I agree with you that saying she killed kids to protect them is retarded, but the CSA visual metaphor we all see is simply her being a tif lol

No. 1797211

>he's got
>petite feet
>feminine step

No. 1797212

the fact that she wanted to target another school at first casts doubt on the "she was going to kill a teacher that abused her" explanation for me.

No. 1797213

i know a lot of you nonnas can relate to being autistic/groomed into troonery/being victims of sexual abuse but you’re starting to sound like those retards who make excuses for male killers because they identify with them or whatever. She killed 3 kids, it wasn’t a mistake. It’s hard to understand why she would target children, but as an autist she probably had misplaced anger or wanted to copy what the columbine shooters did despite it not making any sense with what she was angry at.

No. 1797214

Same and considering that school was probably in TN this is more likely a response to the TN bill. Might have been a saving kids from transphobia reasoning. Just happened to choose her school first because she was more familiar with it, it's a Christian school, and she probably didn't have the best experiences there but not necessarily ones involving SA.

No. 1797215

how many times do we have to say that no one is defending her, please point to the people defending her

No. 1797217

NTA but I don't even see where that anon was saying anons were defending her?

No. 1797218

nope, yup, wrong person, meant to reply to >>1797213

No. 1797221

>Saying she killed kids to protect them is retarded
It's a reason found by studies. It's not an opinion that we believe in, we're just stating a fact it's extremely common finding. Anon calling the fact retarded assumes she's denying the fact. The killer could genuinely believe they are protecting children by killing them but no sane person would agree with that way to protect a child.

No. 1797222

Not straight up defending or condoning but anons are performing world class mental gymnastics in a way they would never do if the shooter was a male with the exact same speculated backstory as her. stop pretending you don't see it. someone said she maybe shot the kids by accident. Would anyone here say this if she was a tim? Even if he was a csa victim and had some bs reasoning of "protecting kids?" No

No. 1797223

We're speculating anon, not justifying anything she did

No. 1797224

people with severe autism are really easily influenced so she might’ve felt compelled to copy the columbine shooters just because that’s the most famous example of a mass shooting, and why so many other shootings are committed by autists who were obsessed with columbine. that’s why i think she did it right now anyway

No. 1797227

women and men are extremely different, anon, no one would be looking for the reason as to why a moid commits a school shooting because we already know why
this shit is unusual

No. 1797228

Maybe because she's a woman and we relate and feel empathy towards her? We aren't condoning her killing kids for fucks sake. You can theorize why someone did something and sympathize how they got there without saying you support them or what they did.

No. 1797229

nta, but can you post a link to a study saying that? i googled "female killers [think they are] protecting children" etc and haven't found anything, but i think the subject is worth knowing about

No. 1797231

Luckily not all TIFs were raped as children, come on we've been over the autistic girl to literal Aiden pipeline. Sexual abuse happens to a lot of women unfortunately but it doesn't automatically mean this specific woman got raped as a child. I'm not one of the anons claiming she's being 'defended' and I understand feeling empathetic towards her and trying to find reasons for her committing these murders, but it's still a massive reach when there are so many other possible motives.

No. 1797232

Can you people really not understand the difference between trying to understand the motives and defending the action?

No. 1797233

most cases of women killing children “to protect them” are done by their own mothers though, usually not in a huge attention-seeking way like a school shooting.

No. 1797234

Look into Andrea Yates for one

No. 1797236

Samefag I meant to reply to >>1797221

No. 1797238

You don't believe men and women are socialized so differently to the point where their carried out thoughts are not different in any way?

No. 1797239

Crazy to think every single mass shooting could have been prevented if all men and trannies shot themselves first. Terminal narcissism

No. 1797243

I don't see how it's strange to speculate on the motive, it's extremely unusual for a woman to commit a mass shooting, so they could be a million reasons why she did it. We can't know for certain until the manifesto is released, but her being a tif and targeting her old christian school can't be a coincidence.

No. 1797244

Of course all tifs aren't CSA victims, but enough are for that to be a reasonable area of speculation. The action of killing children is so extreme that my inclination is the inciting reason had to be pretty extreme. Yeah there's more possibilities, but that's a solid one imo

No. 1797246

> conflating ugly people with being GNC

No. 1797248

File: 1680026377752.jpg (62.55 KB, 1170x704, 20230328_115441.jpg)

Is there a chance the manifesto will not be released if it's related to TRA, so it doesn't "fuel the fire of transphobia" or some bullshit like that?
On another note, reddit troons are being more retarded than usual

No. 1797250

You already posted this same message three times before nonnie.. Check your internet connection

No. 1797253

Plenty of people are abused by religious institutions and don’t grow up to kill children. The fact that they even entertain justifying this is insane

No. 1797254

The thing is they're assuming she's extremely anti-christianity. Her actively Christian friend she said her "suicide note" was partially directed towards her told her she was praying for her and Audrey responded without backlash and said she was beautiful. This was less than an hour before she shot up the school. I doubt it was the religion, but more of the individual staff at that school that she has personal experience with. Someone said she might have shot the head of staff, so there's something there, on top of the news of the staff covering up a known pedo.

No. 1797256

The vast majority of shooter manifestos aren’t released unless the (usual) scrote himself releases it. I believe the police might only have to release it as a result of a formal FOIA request and only once the investigation is over. But I see a lot of scrotes celebrating this woman’s death and using this as evidence of a Christian v. tranny/leftist war when that’s not a conclusion they can make, either. Based on what we have seen so far, this girl trooned out recently, suffered from severe depression, and was probably battling with a loss of her Christian faith, but there’s nothing so far to suggest that she actively hated Christianity or had deeply held political beliefs, including the bullshit about tranny genocide. Of course, I may be wrong, but my instinct is to tell the scrotes to be careful what they wish for. I don’t think her manifesto will be all that illuminating.

No. 1797258

She did a moidlike crime that specifically targets young children, which indicates a desire to harm them. Sure it could simply be from copying other shooters, or maybe something is fucked up with her feelings toward children. I admit it's a tinfoil I'm just throwing it out there, it's more likely these people target kids out of a general disdain for society and showcasing the depth of their alienation from its values by going after the most vulnerable, and that kids are easy to exert your power fantasies over if you're an otherwise powerless outsider autist. Also whether she's a csa victim or just slow, it doesn't excuse what she did just like when abusers happen to be csa victims, it doesn't excuse them nor does it mean other victims are destined to do that. It's simply a look into that one individual's motives. The fact she wanted to target other schools does change how I view this a little now. I guess we all just have to wait for her manifesto.

No. 1797261

I'm finding it cringe how they project their own religious hang-ups onto others and this is coming from someone with religious trauma.

No. 1797262

Maybe she thought she was saving the children, like Lanza? From experiencing the pain of the world. If she got abused by someone at the school it would track.

No. 1797263

Whatever the case she just traumatized a bunch of them, good work aiden.

No. 1797266

About the shooter: my tinfoil is that she targeted children because they were weak and easier to kill than older teenagers or adults. There have been male mass shooters who failed at killing people, she's a woman who is of course physically weaker, maybe she was insecure and worried that she couldn't pull it off with stronger targets.

No. 1797268

This is going nowhere, talks are running in circles. Release the manifesto. Why the fuck are they having Biden talk to police to pry anything out of them? Moids are speculating they're not gonna release the manifesto because it'll reveal how fucked up trannyism is and they don't want that, but I just want to see the source, the manifesto. No more heresay and giving out bits and pieces, they're purposely milking the shit out of this.

No. 1797269

Most likely explanation even for other shooters that are outcasts. Our thoughts mainly went the csa route due to the weird vibes on her portfolio website. Fact is we just don't know

No. 1797270

The difference is that men commit murder at the drop of a hat, whereas women committing such extreme violence without themselves being severely abused in the past is unheard of. Dog bites man vs. man bites dog, if you will.

No. 1797274

Maybe T just does that to a MF

No. 1797276

Theres a fair chance they won't release it at all. Especially since the shooter is a tranny and there's a chance they're scared of other trannys turning her into a martyr and carrying out copycat shootings. I wouldn't even be mad at them withholding the manifesto since so many tims are two nanoseconds away from becoming shooters themselves

No. 1797278

>unheard of
Uh huh. Do go on, fantasy-chan.

No. 1797282

Dwight Schrute?

No. 1797283

Women mass shooters are extremely rare, moid.

No. 1797285

are you trying to promote your own account here?

No. 1797286

Agree, I hope they don't release it. Insane troons are already justifying her killing spree, her manifesto will be twisted into proof of a tRaNspHobiC society no matter what it says.

Now that violence has happened, I hope the police/fbi take openly violent threats from TRAs online and offline more seriously. They can't paint themselves as innocent victims anymore.

No. 1797290

No confirmation yet that testosterone was in her system or if she was prescribed it.

No. 1797293

Mods micromanaging, as always.(take it to /meta/)

No. 1797296

File: 1680031464859.jpeg (95.05 KB, 750x1120, B2E6A9DF-765D-4C71-A17E-B46BE7…)

aidens are a disease.

No. 1797299

Please let the first user be right please let this be the beginning of the end for real this time. But also I doubt it. Nobody realized troonism was a mental illness or a symptom of something severely fucked going on inside of your brain when tims exposed themselves en masses as pedophile rapists either

No. 1797302

>people like us have existed for millennia
what the fuck are they talking about when they say this shit

No. 1797305

Just because some millennials are trannies doesn’t mean there have been trannies for millennia.

No. 1797307

Some handmaid wrote a book claiming there were trannies in Ancient Sumer. As usual, the trannies were all high priests and spiritual leaders because trannies are the holiest of holy. Women, meanwhile, wore veils and were stoned in the street for blasphemy. Nothing has changed.

No. 1797308

the second post is sick. I hate how they are treating a tif killing children as an accomplishment

No. 1797312

What she meant by this is that some women 2000 years ago were a bit bummed with being treated like absolute dogshit and non-humans, which meant they were actually men. They troon any woman from history who has ever expressed the sentiment of "maybe society treats women badly"

No. 1797313

File: 1680032390642.png (409.87 KB, 1739x2048, 70254BD8-AE0B-448B-8637-CDEF9F…)

Prolly not the end for a lot of them, but will be the beginning of the end for trenders and fakebois. They go wherever the wind blows. Picrel slightly OT but got it from a thread with the replies full of truetrans people rooting for it

No. 1797314

if she's confirmed to be autistic that does add credence to the theory she was sexually abused in some way because autistic women face disproportionately high levels of sexual violence, some estimates at like 90% being victims. >>1797224
columbine shooters were in high school though. choosing to shoot up an elementary school would mean being inspired more likely by the sandy hook shooting. both had autism so that's already a connection.

No. 1797317

There have always been autists, retards, and schizos. We used to keep them away from polite society however

No. 1797323

will they release her manifesto?

seems like it would confirm or deny the CSA connection with the former pastor

No. 1797326

File: 1680033968589.png (59.64 KB, 1179x1096, Clipboard04.png)

>It took me MONTHS to use a paint gun in Splatoon
these people are beyond parody

No. 1797331

File: 1680034624356.jpg (28.39 KB, 352x600, Kizlar_Agha.jpg)

I wouldn't say being a Eunuch priest was an enviable position, they were Eunuchs so they couldn't pass on their political and social power to their family and were considered inferior to men, China also extensively used Eunuchs (like thousands of them) not as priests but as court officials for the same reason as in the Near East, so that they would not pass their positions on to their children and the Islamic world used Eunuchs as men who could enter between male and female segregated spaces, not because they were some special being that transcended gender but because they didn't have cocks so a man never had to worry about a man fucking "his property"

No. 1797336

I dunno, I think she didn't really care who she killed–since she also killed just as many adults at the school than children. I think the main motive was to target her former school(sage your shit)

No. 1797344

File: 1680035430962.jpg (23.08 KB, 432x690, fZ1VTEL.jpg)

No. 1797353

File: 1680035881627.jpg (360.23 KB, 1290x2403, mGVneyu.jpg)

No. 1797356

yep, that would have been almost her entire time in school

No. 1797359

File: 1680036122982.jpeg (207.48 KB, 1330x2880, download.jpeg)

No. 1797361

No. 1797363

Evidence of what?

No. 1797365

The pedophilia scandal at that parish/school was also mentioned here:

Not sure why some anons are trying hard to dismiss the CSA angle considering how much of her adult behavior it explains if it's true and how plausible it is in light of the fact that this particular school had issues with CSA during the time she attended it as a student.

No. 1797370

File: 1680036399435.png (10.03 KB, 385x112, evidence.PNG)

>this will make sense
>I've left evidence
Yeah we need to see that manifesto.

No. 1797382

she killed 6 people
i dont agree, she was super skelly in old pictures and looked 40. she probably was on medication that made her gain weight and thats why she looked like that.
the police said she had plans to target a different school as well but it was "too secure"

No. 1797406

>scrote shoots up gay bar
>"twansphobia caused this!11!1"
>tranny shoots up school
>"twansphobia caused this!!1!1"
And yet we live in a country where legal protections for trannies are more likely to pass than common sense gun control.

I wonder what the "arm trans people" retards are saying in response to this, lel.

No. 1797410

Why would she not have posted her manifesto online? At least one outlet is claiming the police are refusing to make it public currently, and LGBTQ organizations are badgering them to never release it. This is fucking annoying oml

No. 1797413

That fucking red text is sending me

No. 1797418

No. 1797420

it's honestly a little annoying how people are twisting this into a Christians vs woke liberals shit. I can understand discussions regarding gun violence, but the fact that people are ignoring the pedo stuff that was going down at the school and how the shooter was autistic (considering that autistic girls are disproportionally likely to be sexually abused) is baffling. I'm not certain on the whole CSA thing, considering that she was considering shooting another school instead, but I wouldn't rule it out

No. 1797421

Is this some kind of gayop to shit up the thread with as much misinformation as possible or are you anons genuinely just this retarded

No. 1797425

The former, troon forum sliding

No. 1797428

Eagerly awaiting your next post where you inform us about how water is wet and Momokun is fat.

No. 1797430

to be honest, since this pedo stuff is already a major cover up with no one being held accountable yet–i wouldn't even be surprised if msm/state officials start pushing that "Christians vs woke liberals" narrative, just to detract from the issue

No. 1797431

She was a troon. They don't think.

No. 1797434

File: 1680039211411.jpeg (176.78 KB, 2000x1333, Averianna-Patton-20230328_0140…)

this is the friend she reached out to, she has a radio show and seems to be a well-known local personality in nashville: https://www.youtube.com/@AveriannathePersonality
why do you think she chose this one friend to reach out to? from the reactions of Averianna, they didn't seem that close, just old school friends.

No. 1797435

fake shit

No. 1797436

It’s the daily Mail so I’m skeptical, but they’re saying Audrey was gay and not accepted by the religious parents.
>>Twisted school shooter Audrey Hale was at odds with her devout Christian parents because they 'couldn't accept' she was gay and transgender, DailyMail.com can exclusively reveal.
>>Church coordinator Norma, 61, and her husband Ronald, 64, refused to let Hale, who had recently adopted the name Aiden and used he/him pronouns, dress as a man in their home.
>>The 28-year-old loner would instead wait until she left their $700,000 Nashville property to change outfits, according to a well-placed source.
>>'She was Audrey at home but when she left the house she changed clothes. They did know about it, they just didn't accept it.'
>>Neighbors in the tree-lined suburban street where the family lived for three decades said they were clueless about Hale's apparent transition and remembered her as a 'skater, tomboy type.'
>>'She introduced herself about a year and a half ago as Audrey,' said one.
>>'I treated her like a female and she didn't correct me. She seemed artistic, quiet, and well-mannered.'
>>'We've talked to the father and the mother. We searched the home and found two more weapons there and some more maps, pertaining to thinking about some other incidents.
>>'We strongly believe there were going to be some other targets, including family members, and one of the malls here in Nashville and it just did not happen,' Chief John Drake told CBS this morning.

No. 1797438

Go back.

No. 1797440

Fuck off with the "Wahmen ekually bad as Men" shit. At least the Aiden was guided by an actual mental illness and possible abuse unlike your average scrote who kills random ppl because of "Based 4chan memes" or "Stacies and Chads".

No. 1797441

File: 1680039371003.jpg (78.87 KB, 432x767, 1680039140880.jpg)

There are just no words to describe how much I hate these people. They'd be as mad if the papers wrote "female" and ree about deadnaming. A transgender person DID commit this crime, suck it up and deal with it, take some responsibility for your unhinged insanity as a group and stop screeching about this imaginary genocide. For fuck's sake.

No. 1797445

Autistic people tend to latch onto specific individuals who were nice/friendly to them in their lives, even if they weren't extremely close. She probably had a crush on her.

No. 1797447

i saw the mum's social media accounts (now deleted), it's true that she didn't share any photos of the daughter looking masculine only the ones where she is wearing pink bows and shit. she also was fawning over how amazing her son was (audrey's brother) with very little mention of the daughter so some of this tracks. but it's hardly surprising from very religious parents.

No. 1797448

Nta but anon was right. The fujo-to-tif pipeline is overwhelmingly a Western thing.

No. 1797449

What the fuck was wrong with her eyebrows. Damn it really is true you can see someone is autistic just from their face. The autism even extended to her guns, she had random brand stickers on them. Did she think that would be cool and edgy?

No. 1797467

There's been a whole bunch of general disability hate on here lately for some reason. Also anons are foaming at the mouth rn because everyone wants to see the manifesto

It's not that deep. She's just a conventionally ugly woman who likes childish things, like many other autists.

Trannies didn't invent gender shit and sexism, were you born yesterday ?

No. 1797468

There's been a whole bunch of general disability hate on here lately for some reason. Also anons are foaming at the mouth rn because everyone wants to see the manifesto

It's not that deep. She's just a conventionally ugly woman who likes childish things, like many other autists.

Trannies didn't invent gender shit and sexism, were you born yesterday ?

No. 1797469

There's been a whole bunch of general disability hate on here lately for some reason. Also anons are foaming at the mouth rn because everyone wants to see the manifesto

It's not that deep. She's just a conventionally ugly woman who likes childish things, like many other autists.

Trannies didn't invent gender shit and sexism, were you born yesterday ?

No. 1797476

File: 1680041432971.webm (16.91 MB, 576x1024, download.webm)

Here we fucking go, they've started.

No. 1797480

File: 1680041545357.jpg (93.36 KB, 649x900, FsUmj_WXoAIx8-k.jpg)

No. 1797483

Did you discover lolcow yesterday?

No. 1797485

when they say she was “gay and transgender” they need to clarify whether she was a lesbian or a “gay trans guy” (aka straight fujo female.) the wording is unclear and could suggest two totally opposite things.

No. 1797498

integrate faggot

No. 1797500

People who say things like this should be put on a list. We always ask ourselves what kind of people are capable of killing children. It’s this kind, who only see enemies even in people whose brains aren’t developed and have no concept of politics.

No. 1797507

I dislike troonery as much as anybody else but people getting riled up bout "crazy troon wokies!!! The liberals!!!" as if mass shootings aren't committed by entitled white straight boys and men 99% of the time is dumb as fuck

No. 1797513

They consider "third genders" in ancient cultures "evidence" of trans shit existing back then, because they fail to understand that third genders have almost always been either a ceremonial thing or a means of othering gay people. That and there are a handful of schizos throughout history like Elagabalus who had like a gajillion other fetishes (based on unreliable accounts written by his enemies.) Finally you have plain old revisionist history, like saying Joan of Arc was non-binary or whatever because of her androgynous appearance and her belief that she was a servant of God and of France, not just a woman (i.e., her values were more important to her than adhering to sex roles.)

No. 1797528

What are the odds the manifesto is ever released? I want to know the motivation, because everything about this is genuinely shocking me. An autistic furry fujo liberal-adjacent dressing as a Colombine-wannabe managing to gun down kids and planning to shoot up half the city in rage is actually stumping me.
If it's directly against Christianity, that would give Christians the motivation to act like victims, and potentially catch everyone in the crossfire on their fight against trannies. If it's an exposal of CSA in the community, that probably won't get released. I think the biggest likelihood is that it's "trans rage" about all this legislation or transphobia, which was implied by the cops, then I also don't want that to be released because I think it will trigger way too many copycats, or just trolls. If the manifesto is never released, I'm going to have to assume it's probably about trannies.

No. 1797529

same I hate this kinda retardation

No. 1797544

Fucking evil.

No. 1797563

>their $700,000 Nashville property
weird how so many troons are overwhelmingly upper-middle class, isn't it? shame about that trans genocide coming to get them or whatever

No. 1797566


I noticed that the Wikipedia article about the shooting avoids using any pronouns whatsoever to refer to Audrey Hale. It just says "Hale" or "the shooter" over and over again so you get sentences like "Hale was an illustrator and graphic designer who graduated from the Nossi College of Art & Design in 2022.[12] A neighbor of Hale's said that Hale lived with Hale's parents.[29] Hale sent a message to a former middle school basketball teammate at 9:57 a.m. the day of the shooting, saying that Hale planned to die by suicide.[30]"

No. 1797568

What's the symbol supposed to be?

No. 1797572

Nonnie, that isn’t middle class, that’s rich. She wasn’t filthy rich, but rich nonetheless. I wonder how she afforded the guns however, the parents don’t seem to be aware she had them prior?

No. 1797575

$700k house isn't rich in America, it's just solid middle class. It's not her house it's her two boomer parents and probably a significant portion of their net worth over 60 year life.

No. 1797577

overbearing christian practices + homophobia causing dysphoria + autism is a recipe for disaster

No. 1797578

shes right, think about it deeper idk how to explain more

No. 1797582

no fucking way, we have now the first fujo shooter in the world

No. 1797584

700k in Nashville is a lot of money to be paying for a house.

No. 1797585

they need to release the manifesto
what is the concern, it's already national news and she's dead
the fact that she targeted her former school years later and while she was a student there was a known molester pastor at the school with connections to a US governor is too suspicious
her arrested development, art, and trying to desex herself all sound like signs of being abused as a child
if her parents were big in the local church community and audrey was already problem autistic daughter wouldn't be surprising if they ignored it

No. 1797586

Yeah, I was wondering the same thing. By "not accepting" do they mean disowning her for being gay or not pretending that their straight daughter can be a gay man if she wants to be?

No. 1797589

According to the /ot/Fujocoomer Cringe #2 thread, she may have been a fujo, so possibly spicy straight. But ther is much arguing over the authenticity of the claim.

No. 1797590

iirc she had a reddit account and she posted about a boyfriend

No. 1797591

you dont know how to explain because you guys are talking out your asses

No. 1797593

that account was creativeaidan but Audrey spelled it AidEN so it wasn't hers. this account was actually full of autism, graphic design and trans posts though so it was confusing kek

No. 1797601

The worst troons I have known were all Aidens from rich families.

No. 1797603

>wah they're misgendering aiden
>my fear is that the shooter being a tif will make us other trannies look bad
Why can they not make up their minds, do they want articles to call her a tif, or not?

>ok the shooting was bad BUT misgendering is so awful you guys
Priorities huh

No. 1797604

Maybe she didn't post anything about her daughter because she was a talentless embarrassment

No. 1797605

Do you live in a super HCOL city or something? Housing prices aren’t the same across the country. I live in a bigger city than Nashville and $700k gets you something really nice in the burbs

No. 1797607

It's a lot for Nashville. They aren't Los Angeles rich for example, but they definitely are Tennessee rich.

God this girl fucking sucked. The definition of a faildaughter. She lived in a nice house and her parents put her through art school even though she can't draw. She got everything handed to her but nooo she's mad that her parents don't want their adult daughter calling herself Aiden in their home that they let her live at. Just disgraceful.

No. 1797608

>God this girl fucking sucked. The definition of a faildaughter. She lived in a nice house and her parents put her through art school even though she can't draw. She got everything handed to her but nooo she's mad that her parents don't want their adult daughter calling herself Aiden in their home that they let her live at. Just disgraceful.
bruh. she was literally abused as a child.
obviously doesnt excuse what she did, but its obvious to see why she turned out the way she did

No. 1797612

We assume she was, but that hasn't been confirmed. And she still killed 6 people. I'm not going to feel THAT bad for her lol

No. 1797614

stop inventing, we don't know shit about troondrey

No. 1797616

i mean…
pretty big coincidences then

No. 1797619

>Charlie from LOST
Merry Brandybuck did not ride into battle at the Pelennor Fields and help slay the Witch-king just to be appropriated as a fucking fakeboi!
Sage for sperg.

No. 1797621

theres no evidence to say troondrey was a child he abused. most of us were probably were in close proximity to a pedo for most of out childhood because there's so many pedo scrotes out there, it doesn't mean that most of us are csa victims.

stop trying to generate any sympathy for this fucking loser.

No. 1797636

Most school shooters claim to have some sort of tragic background like being abused as kids or some shit, doesn’t excuse anything because thousands of other people go through worse and don’t take it out on innocent people by shooting them down because they want to die. Even if she was abused, this only happens because of mental problems, you have to be psycho to plan out a shooting like this. She can rot with the other males who wanted to mass murder as a way out of life.

No. 1797645

i already said that it didn't excuse her. but it makes sense logically, if she was abused, if she was mentally ill (being a tranny, yes, that's obvious) and clearly unhinged

i just don't see a woman doing something like this unless they are victims of abuse. clearly there was a motive and clearly she
left 'evidence behind' per >>1797370

anyway we really won't know ANYTHING until they give us that goddamn manifesto

No. 1797646

ntayrt but no one is defending or excusing a fucking child murderer. we're all just trying to build a background and picture but we don't know anything for sure yet so it's just theories. acknowledging that an abusive childhood could play a part in a motive isn't being sympathetic or downplaying.

No. 1797649

i'm not sympathetic for her at all lol. i just want to know why she did it

No. 1797655

Getting molested as a kid isn't a free pass to murder a bunch of people as an adult, ffs.

No. 1797662

wait for the manifesto then faggot

No. 1797664

>Perpetual bottom
Women aren't "tops" or "bottoms." You're just lazy in bed, Noelle.

The only reason those terms exist is to explain whose dick is going into whose ass. If you don't have a cock, it doesn't apply to you.

No. 1797665

literally no one has said that. nta but she was clearly just pointing out that rich family doesn't always equal happy childhood. you have to be pretty fucked up to murder kids so obviously they didn't have a perfect happy life. that's not sympathy it's just observation.

No. 1797668

700k is so much for a house, bruhhhh. and im in a HCOL area but 700k is beyond budgets for most middle class people

No. 1797671

Well taken card of, lives on parents dime, plenty of time to trawl online forums and imageboards full of indoctrinating hatespeech and ideologies. Just like all the other ones. CSA doesn't even really make sense as a motive in the slightest, you dont endure CSA and then decide randomly at almost 30 to kill random children and adults that weren't even faculty at the school when you were enrolled. Wonder what discord community she was a part of that convinced her it was an act of courage and valor.

No. 1797674

Oh they shouldn't have shot her in the chest this would have been a very informative case study.

No. 1797686

Because most female Columbiners are fujos.

No. 1797691

File: 1680052703886.jpeg (87.89 KB, 975x849, 78B2CB9F-159C-4C2D-98D2-05269D…)

It’s a little unsettling how childlike she was. High school yearbook pictures with little stuffed animals and kids movie quotes.

No. 1797697

It's definitely going to carry a lot of attention, likely like whenever female teachers are caught being pedophiles.

No. 1797702

it won’t get released unless someone leaks it. it’s probably full of schizo fear mongering about the ‘‘trans genocide’’ and calls to violence telling others trannies to follow her footsteps, so i’m hoping it never sees the light.

No. 1797704

That's a weird Tumblr niche that's been popular for years among autistic lesbians for some reason. I knew a woman who was into it through someone else and I was equal parts fascinated and confused. Weird stuff.

No. 1797706

I'm not saying a middle class 30 year old can buy a 700k house rn but a american boomer husband and wife having $700k house near retirement is not really rich imo.

No. 1797719

No one cares what you think move on. There are people living in their cars or in a trailer. To them a 700k house is a fucking castle. Girl's also wearing a real pearl necklace in highschool pictures. They are very well off.

No. 1797720

Nta but I think what you're failing to see is that all of this political chaos is likely going to regress back into the social climate where anyone who looks remotely gnc is targeted and essentially made miserable. Homophobia is returning full-swing, and now gnc women are going to be ostracized violently in the same exact way. Transphobia among these people is coupled very closely with homophobia, if you aren't distinctly xx or xy in a very straight and narrow way you're probably going to be bullied, once again. No sense in going in circles over an obvious social consequence.

No. 1797724

it's honestly hard for me to imagine noelle receiving during sex. i guess molly eats pussy for real kek

No. 1797725

File: 1680053963617.png (7.9 KB, 686x117, google.png)

Five seconds on google.

No. 1797728

Once again, that is rich and not middle class. Are you wealthy nonnie? I’ve noticed that rich people are terrible at realizing how much they actually have compared to true middle and poor class people. You quite literally reek of privilege, as the kids would say.

No. 1797732

>he’s gay! he’s only ever been with men so why would he like me if he saw me as a girl?
either a) he’s bi or b) he’s lying to you (most likely option tbh)

No. 1797735

he’s definitely straight btw, what GAY man would have a problem with hairy MEN? men are hairy lmao

No. 1797738

>Transphobia is coupled with homophobia
Transgenderism supports homophobia. It reframes same sex attraction as problematic and has emboldened incel men to harass lesbians. Women are literally banned from excluding men from their dating pool in some places due to troons. You must be a zoomer American. Prior to the rise in troon acceptance GNC people were more accepted, pre 2016 but post the 90s there was no harrassment save mistaken boomers and incels reeing about wanting tradwives. This is very terminally online neurosis. Stop trying to psyop it becoming the 1950s again if we stand against homophobic transgenderism.

No. 1797740

I think he’s outright lying, I can’t imagine a gay man guilting a woman about how much it comforts him to touch her breasts and fondle them, kek. I feel almost bad for how stupid she is, to even defend it after typing all of that rapist bullshit. She is clearly dating the scum of the earth when reading between the lines.

No. 1797744

Transphobia can be bad for GNC homosexuals because conservative bigots don’t care to tell the difference between “gay” and “turbo gay”. Gender ideology is homophobic however, full stop. Because there isn’t a clear distinct between all of this, it causes an immense amount of infighting. The root problem we need to solve is homophobia, first with the LGB”T”, and then outside of it. Not disagreeing with you, but reading what you wrote made me connect the dots in my pea brain.

No. 1797745

Yeah, prior to trannys becoming a forced thing in post 2015, women weren’t being forced to be ultra girly, at best scrotes would ree about wanting a feminine girl. But that’s not being forced to do anything, it’s just called bending to peer pressure and folding to be accepted by scrotes.

No. 1797746

I doubt they touch each other. Molly keeps Noelle around as an attention emitter, and Noell can't imagine being proactive in a relationship so she's a an uwu bottom uke

No. 1797747

If this were really a true M.O, there would be many female shooters. There are thousands of women who have suffered severe abuse and they have never picked up a gun and murdered a child or planned a killfest and manifesto. Something else has been going on. Scores of women are csa survivors of horrifying, debilitating physical and sexual abuse and don't say welp let me kill these random children. Not buying it.

No. 1797748

She was raised in a uber Christian community plus probably had autism.

No. 1797749

Agreed. Gender affirmation/transition is postmodern conversion therapy.

No. 1797751

File: 1680055819547.jpeg (143.79 KB, 759x1303, 2DFC81C8-4C17-4C22-892B-F0D2FE…)

A Tim and his gif begging for $9000 for rent is insane to me. Such a grift. How the fuck do you fall behind rent $9k??

No. 1797752

File: 1680055883897.jpg (96.48 KB, 900x900, 1673895399372063.jpg)

Alight let's cut off all the moralfags from this hypothetical.. Shouldn't we just subdue detained violent criminals with forceful estrogen shots so they'd stay docile from this point on?? Eventually to the point where they'd be rehabilitated into society?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1797753

File: 1680055957890.jpeg (91.46 KB, 1500x1000, F0762BE6-744A-4592-9199-F365C9…)

So I assumed the adults she killed were all teachers because they’ve been described as “staff” in a lot of articles. I just learned one of the victims was the school custodian… an old harmless black man. Not a good look for the people who want us to sympathize with Aiden. I’m genuinely surprised nobody has mentioned this (not that I necessarily think his murder was racially motivated, but race baiting happens with every other shooting)

No. 1797755

how is the distance between her eyebrows longer than her actual eyebrows in this picture. holy shit

No. 1797757

Gorl, that says $900 not 9k. still a lot though

No. 1797763

it would be cheaper and easier to just castrate them. not that it would solve the actual problem but at least men wouldnt be able to rape anyone. not sure how estrogen shots would help anyone, it would just put them at a higher risk for blood clots.

No. 1797765

I think controlling people with artificial hormones is what got us into this mess originally, actually. It also doesn’t subdued pedophilic TIMs who are on HRT, don’t be an idiot.

No. 1797773

jesus christ her voice actually makes me want to rip my ears off and kill myself

No. 1797774

Oh Nevermind I guess I am retarded

No. 1797776

I think a mtf has entered the thread and is trying to troll about estrogen.

I will say it's interesting. You know, the trend in autists troonihg out and also autists becoming incel mass shooters. Or doing both, now. Apparently.

See: Elliot Rodger, Adam Lanza, Randy Stair, etc

No. 1797782

Oh my god this is an evil statement, shit. Also his twitter is private and so are the replies for this tweet, kek.

No. 1797786

File: 1680057531186.jpeg (196.26 KB, 1620x968, FD40E581-43B7-43F5-9769-4E15D7…)

Fujo shooter confirmed, she shipped roxas and axel from kingdom hearts. Mega kek. This is a photo from outside her bedroom window.


No. 1797788

is that goofy in the green top? kek

No. 1797789

Yes. Yes it is, Nonna. Anyone who tries to claim she isn’t a fujo is dense, she looks like she positioned them to hold hands.

No. 1797793

Holy shit this is the fastest a tif thread has ever moved kek

No. 1797797

File: 1680058021157.jpeg (365.42 KB, 1620x1226, 00B97A8A-7D1E-4702-927F-691AEC…)

Rich people are so bad at cleaning, do they not know how to close the cabinets?

No. 1797801

lol nonnie this is obviously taken post-police raid

No. 1797806

>Authorities used explosive devices to make entry into the home at 3005 Brightwood Ave.
couldn't they just knock lol

No. 1797811

with deranged people like this they have to be worried about entrances being trapped so i kind of get it

No. 1797812

This is kinda sad,it legit look like she was perpetually trapped in the late '00/early '10 teenage years.

No. 1797814

Look, with so many celebrities coming out as anti bathing, it’s hard not to theorize. Why did the police fold the laundry back again then if that’s the case however? Not disagreeing with you, I only find it odd.

No. 1797815

ITT: Blind motherfuckers who can't differentiate between two different artists

No. 1797820

You are the only one confused here, poor anon.

No. 1797823

Her parents don't seen like the typical school shooter parents who are a combination of neglectful(spend zero time with their children) and enabler(give them guns)

No. 1797824

Genuine question, where do these women even find men like this to date? I usually just assume most meet on dating apps that allow and cater to straight men like Tinder

No. 1797825

why couldn't she just lose herself to fanfic and final fantasy or neopets or something

No. 1797827

Need to see the internet history. If her laptop is wiped. Definitely think whatever group she was in is going to disband immediately. There's no way she didnt discuss this with other terminally online degens.

No. 1797830

probably pulled it out in the folded pile and set the pile on the open drawers? They're not folded nicely, they look like they've been pulled out and thrown on top of the drawer. Think about it.

No. 1797831

wonder if it'll top elliot rodgers search history

No. 1797833

>on top of the news of the staff covering up a known pedo
Woah what?

No. 1797842

No. Im guessing it will be wiped or at least partially obfuscated per obstruction of whoever she was speaking to, although there's a chance not. She was probably really easy to manipulate, groomed into thinking it was a necessity and complimented for having the bravery and resolve to go through with it. Probably thought she was being as noble as modern Joan of arc. I do not underestimate an unhappy person with autism and their ability to lean into fixations of harming other people, and this includes niche groups of terminally online people with violent ideation. She's the perfect vessel really.

No. 1797850

I know a lot of nonnies are gonna defend/pity the retarded troon because she's female but honestly wtaf. I like so many nonnas have gone through CSA and other bullshit and wouldn't dream of doing this shit. If she was gonna kill her abusers she should have done that. It pisses me off to no end knowing the amount of people's lives have been ruined because some moronic troon had roid rage.

Honest to god for anyone feeling bad for her, you are retarded too. There are women who've spent their whole lives in hell and yet she's the one you pity holy shit

No. 1797858

File: 1680060082550.gif (196.71 KB, 90x90, 672AC5C8-786C-432E-AF43-D86D8B…)

>Mfw maid & butler misgender me

No. 1797859

What I wanna know is, as a fellow CSA "survivor" (stupid word), surely SOMEONE must have seen the signs. Someone must have thought that something was wrong with her. I've seen people like her slip through the cracks, hell that happened to me, and it finally took ME to realize what had happened.

No. 1797866

File: 1680060899347.jpeg (264.56 KB, 1170x1754, 614369D9-B6C9-4E4C-9CCE-29846C…)

this is just something i noticed, could maybe add context to her mental state. new york post (sorry lol) reported that she dedicated a tiktok of herself playing basketball to someone called “syd”. this same name appears in her weird winnie the pooh art on tumblr, which also mentions basketball (via depiction of pooh bear and piglet playing it). based on the tiktok and the “i miss you” stuff in the drawing, i figure “syd” is someone she was close to who recently died.

No. 1797868

i don't know but i'm so sorry to hear that nonnie. breaks my heart how many people have to deal with that and go on as normal, without any support (not talking about the shooter, who we don't even know was abused herself and whose actions are inexcusable). i think a lot of autism signs can mask other emotional problems and unfortunately, also masks signs of abuse.

No. 1797877

File: 1680062151443.jpeg (130.48 KB, 1186x1752, 0450218D-EEC4-4FDA-91B3-1E28B1…)

>tribute to the victims
>starts with gender ideology sperging

No. 1797884

Her mom is your stereotypical Christian PTA "Ban guns for Jesus!" person

Not sure how she managed to hide them under the same roof of her parents

No. 1797885

Her mom is your stereotypical Christian PTA "Ban guns for Jesus!" person

Not sure how she managed to hide them under the same roof of her parents

No. 1797886

File: 1680062625701.jpg (Spoiler Image,106.55 KB, 1476x525, Untitled.jpg)

>im so hot
>im a sexy hot gay boi making gay porn

No. 1797893

mental health isn’t an excuse either. there are millions of schizos and autists in this world who don’t do this shit, especially women. i think you have to be evil and brainwashed to even consider it. this woman was radicalized by a death cult that brings out the worst in people, and this was the result. arm trans people, day of trans vengeance and whatnot.

No. 1797894

File: 1680062480946.gif (8.89 MB, 320x352, 5D2AB086-D772-4913-8224-75B678…)

>along with the shooter

No. 1797898

The woman she texted the goodbye note to was a former basketball teammate from middle school >>1797434 i wonder if this "syd" was another person from this time in her life that she clearly clung to and glorified?

No. 1797899

Also she killed 2 little girls and 2 grown women. THEY deserve our pity (plus the boy and man but pointing this out for people sympathizing based on her sex). Fuck this sperg. I’m autistic and would never hurt an innocent person so that’s no excuse either

Such bad writing kek I hope whoever wrote this is a 14 yo angsty teen and not an adult who actually thinks this is a good poem

No. 1797902


Nonna why are you triple post spamming so much? It makes it obvious it’s you everytime.

No. 1797906

It's not one person, check the front page at any time and there are at least two double posts. It's been a problem here all over lolcow for the last few weeks.

No. 1797907

if there’s something we’ve learned from trannies is that injecting men with estrogen doesn’t do shit, it just makes them worse.

No. 1797909

its how laggy and weird the site has been lately, just happened to me on another thread. your posts dont post and every time you try to reload the page to check it tries to post it again so when they finally show up theres 3 of them.

No. 1797910

Call me sheltered but I've never seen so many terrible tattoos all on one person before. 90% sure they're all fake but still. Why even.

No. 1797911

yeah i wondered the same thing. i’m also curious about the first message she sent to her teammate. it mentions that the “post i made on here about you” is audrey’s suicide note. clearly she had some verrrrrry deranged feelings about this teammate if she decided to use a post about the teammate as a covert suicide note. why would she choose to announce the end of her life in a post about somebody else? even more odd considering audrey reached out via instagram dms—was she not even close enough to this teammate to have her phone number? all this to say—i do think it’s likely “syd” might have been involved with this basketball team and audrey has remained obsessed that part of her life.

No. 1797917

legit looks like the art a schizophrenic girl in my class used to draw

No. 1797924

oh shit this is big, someone needs to kiwifarm this

No. 1797926

Don't, I don't want their dumb scrote asses harassing this woman's family for info or defiling her obit page. I'm deleting the posts I made with identifying info and reposting, I didn't realize her full name was in my screenshot.

No. 1797930

That reminds me of the other dead unhinged KH troon.

No. 1797932

File: 1680066427237.jpg (88.42 KB, 458x743, tribute art.JPG)

You know, never mind. I wouldn't be able to redact enough info to keep crazy people from finding it. All people need know is:

>"Syd" was a girl Audrey played with on her middle school basketball team

>"Syd" passed away recently
>Audrey left a comment on her obituary wall saying she will "miss her forever" and that she is "free now" and bought the family flowers
>This loss could have contributed to her mental instability.

Picrel is the tumblr post she made about her, featured in >>1796857 . According to the New York Post >>1797866 She also dedicated "a tiktok of herself playing basketball to 'syd'"

I think this was probably a big trigger. I don't know how close they actually were, or if it was a one-sided perception of deep friendship, but it seems to have affected Audrey considerably.

No. 1797936

There's also a news article stating this Syd died in car crash (driver) a few months ago.

I wonder if it really were connected to what she did.
I don't really see how, but apparently she wasn't in the best state of mind.

No. 1797940

it's pretty abnormal to be 28 and still so incredibly attached to a friend from middle school that you presumably have not kept in touch with (I say this because all of her fond memories listed in >>1797932 date back to middle school era). It seems like Syd was one of the only people in Audrey's whole life who she believed truly cared about her, and so she was fixated on her. When Syd died, a sense of security and acceptance Audrey derived from thinking about her, likely died with her.

No. 1797946

The way her art looks coupled with how she trooned out, I honestly wouldn't be surprised if she got molested. After Syd died she probably had nothing else to lose.
They won't release her manifesto so I guess we'll never know for sure.

No. 1797947

She seemed like a typical autistic woman. Did the trans cult in whatever online trans spaces she frequented convince her to commit this crime? Was testosterone the cause? She had zero inclinations towards violence, no edgy TiF posts, innocent shipping and fandom interests, there's nothing. You don't become inclined to kill children overnight.

Can autistic people suffer psychotic episodes like bipolars and schizos? Even then, a school shooting requires coordination, it wasn't a sudden impulse brought about because of psychosis. She planned out a suicide note, manifesto, and DMed her classmate. This is such an abnormal story, I hope we learn more in the coming days.

No. 1797950

Sage for offtopic but god her kiwifarms thread is a nightmare (as most kiwifarms threads with anything remotely to do with women are). Don't bother going there. These scrotes are completely missing the mark and are convinced she's some sort of TIM-type predator. I was looking through the highlights and some retard said something about how "a dicking would have fixed her". 80% of the posts are some sort of religious or poltical tangent that boils down to "these wamenz need a husband" or "da joos caused this". I really fucking hate kiwifarms most of the time, I'm so glad lolcow is sane

No. 1797951

File: 1680069315634.jpg (473.42 KB, 1050x2019, 8sb9MWYAABvnw.jpg)

not really, by the legal definition its still mostly by adult men who commit most mass shootings, they just get less coverage cause they are happen in lower income communities
sage for OT

No. 1797952

Both sites are shit you goofy shut in

No. 1797953

go back to your favored shithole then. we like it here

No. 1797954

I think that was the motif, she seemed too retarded to have any strong political beliefs about the 'trans genocide' or whatever

No. 1797958

Typical of KF idk why it’s a shock when moid 4chan gossipers are exactly what you would expect kek they hate women as much as they hate trannies so it’s a double whammy here

No. 1797966

Sage for OT, but the shooting case really reminds me of a case that happened in my county in the early 70ties.
21-year old female (most likely a sperg) intentionally drove a truck into a crowded bus station, killing 8 people (guns aren't a thing here).

The letter she wrote stated she was condemning society for making her a loner and that she wanted to get back at the haters. She was also confused about her sexuality, I'm sure she would troon out if she was living nowadays.

I this shooting doesn't have to do with her being trans or whatever, but it's more about the victim complex.

No. 1797968

>Can autistic people suffer psychotic episodes like bipolars and schizos?
I don’t think so but I think some medications they use to treat associated symptoms can?

No. 1797969

NTA I'd say they obviously can suffer psychotic episodes, but it's not a symptom of autism itself.

No. 1797973

My husband is a caregiver for elderly people, so he watches the news a lot with them. I don't watch TV much at all and get most of my news from online. He mentioned this
when I was talking about hogwarts legacy and I was like, "wtf, no I didn't hear about a TiF shooter".

Amazing how none of my leftist friends are mentioning/don't know about this. sarcasm But I know a few fellow radfems irl and they haven't mentioned it either. I feel like this bullshit is going to be spun into, "boohoo poor twans. If only she could have transitioned as a minor. But now no one can do that :(.
> Transformers

No. 1797974

How are they confused lmao

No. 1797977

This. I’m autistic and have had 3 terrifying psychosis episodes induced by drugs. By looking at her there’s a 0.01% chance this girl did drugs, but it could have been brought on by something else like sleep deprivation or even high stress from losing her friend. Maybe it makes us more susceptible, but it’s not directly related to autism afaik.

No. 1797981


No. 1797983

I'm losing it lmfao this is too much

No. 1797984

I was thinking about the worst possible take on the tranifesto spree shooter and I think I have it:
1. He was just walking into the school with his gun to protect those kids from transphobes!
2. Yes, shooting the windows out was necessary, how else could he protect children from being deadnamed?
3. Those 3 kids who died as a side effect of the incident? They deadnamed him. While it's a tragedy that they died (and I don't see any evidence he was involved, bigots), they deserved it.
4. Those 3 elderly people were probably Christo-fascists grooming innocent children to be nazis!

Thinking about getting back on Twitter to harvest lulz.(harvest lulz somewhere else)

No. 1797985

I buy this. It's fucked. It's too bad she was retarded and likely abused but it's bound to happen given how many female children are raped and molested daily.

No. 1797986

More proof that you need to be 20+ to use the internet. Autists with rage cannot handle it and their special interests bleed into their trauma, creating this mess

No. 1797987

wow such insight haha totally funny observations that should definitely not be saged!

No. 1797989

On second thought it doesn't blame terfs, so this isn't the worst possible take.
5. If only we had anti-hate laws and those terfs were in jail, this would all be fixed.

The point of false-flagging is to put the absolute worst behavior of your opponent (troons) on display, while presenting the best side of your own arguments (which I'm not sure of).

You pretend to be your enemy to strawman their side (not hard in this case since troons are insane) and then you steelman your side. It's not plausible for a troon defender to make all 5 points listed above, so you must pick and choose arguments that fit together or you just decide roles in chat prior to the raid and push individual points while backing each other up. Raid are just your fellow shitposters flooding open comment areas on social media, where it's easy and cheap to sign up.

This is how the /pol/ swarms dragged the Overton Window to the right prior to Charlottesville and the great comment section shutdowns. Since none of you radfems are going to do something that stupid you don't have to worry about that.

You can accomplish a lot just from the internet. I'm happy to teach you what worked for us.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1797990

go back to retard farms faggot

No. 1797992

Not only unsaged but also retarded kiwi brand political sperging with reddit spacing? Do you know where you are? Go back to your shithole.

No. 1797993

please kill yourself

No. 1798000

as a schizo, i think you’re absolutely right about victim complexes being the main issue. people are more isolated than ever, most people’s mental health isn’t great, but when you allow yourself to wallow in self-pity and start thinking the world owes you something, that’s when you start becoming a monster. no matter how bad your situation is, never fall into the mindset that it’s anyone’s responsibility but yours.

No. 1798001

>this shooting doesn't have to do with her being trans or whatever, but it's more about the victim complex

Exactly. Nonnies here are trying to find a whole elaborate backstory, but I really don’t think there’s one. Serial killers, mass murders, hell people who even create documentaries on these assholes try to pass on the idea that they’re “complex” but they’re not. It’s the same story of them trying to get power from those who are weaker.

I’m probably a dumbass but I’m pretty sure that the most “noted” mass shootings in America that makes national tv are the ones where the rich are somehow impacted (this includes schools)

No. 1798004

Its not really about the wealth of the victims. It's about something being done that hasn't been done before. Columbine was shocking because of the (by 1999 standards) high body count and the fact that it was two retards perpetrating. Sandy Hook was another big deal because nobody had gone out of their way to shoot toddler before. Parkland was also massive because of the way it was documented via social media as it happened. This one is notable because it's the first time since the 60s that we have a woman shooter and the very first time we have a tif one

No. 1798010

File: 1680082391805.jpeg (72.72 KB, 750x710, 22BA046B-567A-4674-B615-FBFF38…)

she’s not the first

No. 1798012

I was fascinated by Olga Hepnarová's story for a while.
>It would be too easy to leave this world as an unknown suicide victim
this part in Olga's manifesto feels like a similar thing with Audrey. she wanted to die but the thought of dying unknown must have felt like there was no justice, in her eyes and they both needed their hurt acknowledged in this sick, twisted and egomaniacal way.

No. 1798022

Psychosis can be induced by various things like trauma, meds, drug use and alcohol. So you you do not necessarily need to be extremely mentally ill to to experience one.

No. 1798024

off topic and a little demented but Olga was so beautiful

No. 1798025

So this has me more thinking about autism and the way she went about shooting. It's abnormal for women to do what Audrey did, which makes me believe women carry out ways of killings as a result of socialization and expectations placed upon us. Most autistics either give into the sexist social conformity by masking or they reject it in different ways; Random bow in the hair, eventually saying she's Aiden, clinging onto people who probably didn't know her but are known to be nice and friendly. Manifesto please manifest, we got another Randy Stair.

No. 1798026

But how many of these fit the incelish radicalized internet type? If a black man mass shoots because of some gang drug shit it isn't the same as a white boy shooting up a school because he feels depwessed and thinks the world owes him something.

No. 1798029

she was romanticised (or fetishised) though, like a lot of killers are. that film made about her tried to make her into this cool, sexy edgy chick with a chic bob haircut. meanwhile she had a mousy bowlcut kek. these depictions definitely don't help when it comes to people idolising murderers

No. 1798030

no wonder the site's been filled with bullshit the past few days, we have an infestation. women who stand against troonism are on the side of truth and not some retarded agenda, so we don't need to pull retarded tricks or manipulate people. trannies are their own evidence against themselves, unlike the shit you spew. kys.

No. 1798031

>has nothing to do with the shooting
>ftm troon thread
What I don't care for is what feels like an attempt to muddy the waters with this post, along with the others. This girl was still some unhinged headcase who wanted to be seen as a boy, a fujotard, and it absolutely has to do with her being a troon because they all have victim complexes. I think it's retarded that we have anons here going soft because oh, it's a woman! Okay and? She murdered children and was another lost cause to the gender ideology morons. Call the spade a spade. Her autism can still be a component, but you're never going to convince everyone that this stranger things dressed looking headass wasn't also enraged by the fact that she wasn't a guy.

No. 1798034

I thought for lesbians top and bottom means giver and receiver

No. 1798036

ah yes, because children can be republican. retards like this shouldn’t be allowed on social media.

No. 1798037

kek go back to twitter

No. 1798043

this. poor people/drug addicts shooting eachother isn't really that surprising, and from looking up some of these cases, they generally kill eachother in confrontations and/or in drunken stupors at bars/clubs, or for money. meanwhile, middle class/upper middle class straight white men whose biggest problems are "tfw no gf", internet addiction and porn induced erectile dysfunction seem to get in their heads that children and random fucking people need to be killed, and they purposely plan it out in advance to try and harm as many innocent people as possible ("muh high score"). why? "i was bullied" doesn't add up when they don't even target their bullies specifically. even audrey didn't initially plan to shoot up her old school (and the same teachers/staff who might have abused her working there is kind of doubtful). she initially planned to go for a different school and a mall.

No. 1798045

I bet she scraped that thing off once the video ended. No way she's hijacking that money making tits for a body that will look like an overweight kid lol
Her pants are already starting to ill fit

No. 1798046

Why do so many of these gender sperg girls have the chipmunk overbite mouth? I know fish mouth was the thing for making fun of sjw years ago, but now it's like there's been some animorph shit going on.

No. 1798047

imagine doing the most male thing imaginable (taking down innocent people with you before you off urself) and still getting she her'd & to think tifs are celebrating the school shooting… you're still getting misgendered even when you break into a male dominated industry how does that not remind you of where you sit in the hierachy in this world

No. 1798049


I don't know why the anons here have such a holier than thou stick up their asses. You can find as much degenerate shit on here as you can with any imageboard on the internet.

We are going to see way more cases of this in the years come with the stupid shit this community puts in their members heads. They convince them that they are in a country like suadi ariba where you CAN get killed for crossdressing and not the USA. More "woke" people take for granted the shit you can get away with over here that you can't anywhere else. Not saying there is not tranny shit in other countries, but there is a lot of leeway with social media posts.

No. 1798050

It doesn't remind her of anything because she's dead, anon.

No. 1798051

why are there so many retards ITT that dont know how to read? where did you come from?
>to think tifs are celebrating the school shooting

No. 1798052

Its actually so funny how mainstream media doesn't gaf about her pronouns and treats her like a woman. Meanwhile if a tim did this we would get each of these media clowns walking on eggshells to respect his sacred gender identity to the point where they wouldn't even mention his troonism and just say he's a "woman". This is what everyone here has been saying for years. Nobody gives a shit about tifs. Not the media nor other troons. The whole diseased tranny movement is held up by the power males have. She did the no 1 most male thing ever and it was still not enough for people to see her as a man. I wonder if this will blackpill any tifs and make them detrans. It's truly hopeless for them kek

No. 1798053

I mean its been a couple days of heavy news coverage and there's still a whole lot of confused people saying shit like
> That is a biological man. They could never be a woman. Whyyy are you calling them 'she' when that is obviously a man? Why are you playing into his delusions????
Plenty of people insisting that she's a man lol

No. 1798054

Because the media and a lot of normies have no clue how to use trans terminology correctly and because it's completely unbelievable for a lot of people that a woman would enter a primary school with several massive assault rifles and start taking out kids. It's just hardwired into most people that women don't do this. Hurt their own kids yes. Pulling out the gat on toddlers no

No. 1798075

File: 1680099163831.jpg (35.28 KB, 812x590, TVcYOnx.jpg)

Why the red berret?

No. 1798086

This T gel shit worries me so much because there's no way a group of people, who regularly call themselves "feral bog slime sewer trash rat goblins" and avoid showering because they either hate their bodies and being naked or they'll get an autistic sensory meltdown, are willing or able to follow proper hygiene and precautions to prevent that shit from transferring onto other people. Like does she really look like someone who's gonna bother washing her hands properly every single time and keep her arm skin covered so she won't accidentally rub hormone gel on others?

No. 1798089

File: 1680101950050.jpg (138.28 KB, 1080x1065, IMG_20230328_115547.jpg)

I really, really hope this helps TIFs to see the TRA as the mysoginistic movement it always has been.

No. 1798093

Suppose if a TiF does transfer hormone gel to you. It can be pretty potent and cause hormonal damage to women. If you get it transferred onto you and suffer from the effects of unwanted T exposure, I imagine it would be grounds for a lawsuit.

No. 1798096

File: 1680102700334.jpg (63.8 KB, 750x550, fallout_Boone.jpg)

She liked vidya

No. 1798099

File: 1680103579296.jpeg (241.84 KB, 720x1600, FsWQyOVXoAEP3_S.jpeg)

How much exposure to pastel twans infographics gives you so much brainrot that you crowbar a rampage killer's navel gazing angst into a "tribute" to child victims? jw

I wonder how much (if any) infighting stuff like this is going to cause in the online transosphere. The public is starting to catch on that TRAs regularly minimize actual, literal violence while bloviating about how hurt feelings are the REAL violence. How many will double down vs. jump into damage control mode?

Saw picrel yesterday and was heartened, but I'm not getting my hopes up for the broader OL movement.

No. 1798102

File: 1680103920354.jpg (7.84 KB, 406x91, 94606.JPG)

Glad you screenshotted it anon because reddit admins themselves deleted the comment.

No. 1798108

I saw a comment on youtube yesterday where a guy was like
>Thank god nobody has mentioned video games as being part of this. video games always get a bad rep when these things go down. As a man who loves and play video games I'm so sick of us being dragged into these things and given a bad image.
Me me me. Some kids are dead.. but will someone please think of the poor video game players.

No. 1798112

How much exposure would one need for it to start affecting you? Like if you're in a crowded subway and some unwashed tif with the gel recently applied brushes past, id that enough? If so, new ick unlocked

No. 1798116

The only good that might come out of this is that these freaks might think twice about posting their violent murder fantasies against terfs online, and that it will be easier to report their online threats to police as legitimate since we have more proof that they'll commit IRL violence, but not holding my breath.

No. 1798119

The only good that might come out of this is that these freaks might think twice about posting their violent murder fantasies against terfs online, and that it will be easier to report their online threats to police as legitimate since we have more proof that they'll commit IRL violence, but not holding my breath.

No. 1798124

I've been hearing rumors that Hale was a lesbian, specifically a lescel because of her contacts with her middle school friends. Any evidence on this?

No. 1798130

read the thread before posting "rumors" that have circulated on here for more than 24 hours already newfag

No. 1798131

File: 1680107218691.jpg (75.44 KB, 665x1440, audrey.jpg)

she did tell avarianna that she was the most beautiful person she'd ever seen and known, and that she loved her. if she grew up in TN with christian (possibly homophobic) parents, i can definitely see her just being one of many nerdy, tomboyish lesbians or bisexual women with autism who got groomed into trooning out.

No. 1798132

Can't believe we're seeing tifs go full self-victimized-incel so publicly. If only they realized they look as pathetic as those teens making fanart of the Columbine shooters.

No. 1798133

Well she was a fujoshi so either bi or straight.

No. 1798136

a lot of fujoshi are lesbians, you can even see fujo anons talk about it here.

No. 1798140

the fact that she was fully ready to go by aiden takes me out

No. 1798152

The messages she sent her ex-basketball teammate before the shooting gave me the impression she had one-sided feelings for her or something. I’m guessing she was bi or les and her parents were disapproving which is probably one of the reasons she trooned out

No. 1798156

Because they think Alvin and the Chipmunks is “gender-affirming”.

No. 1798161

pooner memes are actually so unfunny. You will never be Kikomi chan

No. 1798164