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File: 1668331498515.jpg (42.74 KB, 384x564, IMG_20221113_041846.jpg)

No. 1698862

This is a series of threads about fakebois and trans-identified females (TIFs).

"Fakebois" are girls who pretend to be boys, either by becoming trannies or larping biological males (usually the former). Fakebois style and present themselves as androgynous or feminine-looking boys, or wearing girls' clothing and make-up while insisting on being addressed with he/him (or occasionally they/them) pronouns and take great offense at being gendered as female.

These threads are also now a catch-all for any minor TIF cows without threads of their own. Even "serious" troons, (like Kalvin Garrah and Ellen Page) are fair game, as are horrific troon surgeries and pregnancies. Just remember to spoiler that shit.

**TIFs, no one cares if you think you're ~more legit~ than the cows posted here.** Additionally, occasional discussion of fujoshis is fine, but don't sperg and infight about it.

Notable FtM-related subreddits:

Old threads by order of recency:

No. 1698865

>projection onto gay men addition
Hello, fellow ESL-chan. Don't worry I still get edition and addition mixed up from time to time too, kek. Thanks for making the new thread.

No. 1698866

Damn I didn't even catch that sorry this auto correct on my phone is killing me lmao

No. 1698891

File: 1668338567280.png (292.02 KB, 1260x715, Screenshot 6.png)

>autistic kpopboo with a bad relationship with her mom
she never stood a chance

No. 1698911

hopefully less shoehorning "I bet she just watched too much yaoi" this time

No. 1698919

all fujos are potential aydens

No. 1698922

Hopefully less unsaged fujo coping and seething.

No. 1698978

File: 1668352627383.png (30.37 KB, 586x438, 2.png)

r/gaytransguys sub. The "dick" = enlarged clit. Absolutely retarded

No. 1698980

>sends pics of vagina
>is surprised that the degenerate moid wants to fuck it and didn't read her profile
I'm a lesbian and even I know more about male behaviour than these shut-ins. How is this interaction surprising in the slightest?!

No. 1698987

I don’t get why both TiFs and TiMs call the parts they have by names that they aren’t. A dick is not a clit and vice versa. People know this, so why would they want to get with someone who is so delusional they can’t even call body parts by their proper names? If it is that distressing to you then you should probably seek therapy rather than a hookup.

No. 1699002

Bi dude wants to have sex with woman. She sends him pictures of her vagina. Inevitably confused when she tells him they were "dick pics" and leaves

No. 1699005

File: 1668354871437.jpeg (472.04 KB, 1280x1707, 09C0EAB8-EE42-48AB-8C7B-8DE189…)

Shirt made to be worn by an adjusted human being

No. 1699103

i don't understand what the point is of establishing that "you don't have to have a penis to be a man! women can have dicks and men can have vaginas!" if you're going to immediately turn around and claim that your vagina is a dick so you feel more like a real man.

No. 1699120

also obviously made by a female hands

No. 1699142

It's so undeniably feminine… the typeface, the art style, the plaster, the medical diagram. If a moid designed a testosterone shirt it would be in like, the Metallica font and have a slogan about how it makes them chads or w/e. It wouldn't look a thing like this.

No. 1699189


tbh i much prefer it when troons do this, no matter how delulu it is, bc it means i can keep calling myself a woman instead of a front-hole-uterus-haver or whatever the fuck

No. 1699231

I didn't even know fujoshis existed until I came to here. It's just funny seeing posters force "totally transitioned to live out her fujo fantasy" on every subject posted in here. especially when the person being discussed hasn't mentioned yaoi or anything like that. it's the equivalent of kiwifarmers screeching about AGP like it's some weird trump card

No. 1699251

Why is the word "pussy" censored, but "dick" and "anal" are fine? Do they think any male on planet earth is scared of the word "pussy"? Even MtFs don't type "dck" or "pnis" but leave the words for female genitalia uncensored.

No. 1699269

I'm guessing she was worried it might trigger another person in that sub

No. 1699403

This is the most female playlist I have ever seen, how do they not realize very few men listen to songs featured in this play

No. 1699427

>This is the most pathetic part about tif's to me. Nearly all of them still perform some form of femininity and your average butch lesbian 'passes' better and more often with barely any effort and none of the constant hand-wringing and navel gazing that troons do over clothes and hair and muh euphoria.

Disagree. "Passing" is a myth because of how normies largely regard sex. Everyone processes their senses differently when determining in their head whether someone's Male or Female. Butches/Masculine women don't get misgendered really unless by passing glance or misogyny. Having a beard and/or a mustache is the only way to be misgendered seriously, and even then, it still confuses normies because Females never fully can emulate or even imagine how the Male version of themselves would react in any situation. Every movement, emotion and process of thought would have to change to some unknowable "correct" response given what formed them in childhood is different, yet the same, from their peers. This is something TiFs don't like doing anyway for various reasons beyond NLOG, so it's exhausting very quick.

Once good-looking feminine moids start saying gender is largely a myth in society perpetuated by a defeatist attitude and over-segmentation of the sexes, TiFs will detransition like flies because like hell women can convince them of anything. Fakeboi era over and covered in tarp.

No. 1699449

>how do they not realize very few men listen to songs featured in this
because they think men exist in the same spaces as them

No. 1699563

>front hole

i hate these women more than they hate themselves.

No. 1699626

The comment session is depressing, it's full of teen girls talking about how they hate being female, refered to with she/her pronouns…

No. 1699667

The song sung by an mtf (30:17) is easily the only song that's notably moid-y. Coincidentally, it's also by far the worst song on that playlist.

No. 1699693

File: 1668452341096.jpg (467.73 KB, 2048x2048, InFrame_1667907840910.jpg)

testosterone is actual poison

No. 1699696

>Once good-looking feminine moids start saying gender is largely a myth in society perpetuated by a defeatist attitude and over-segmentation of the sexes

Because in the end they are bratty sub superstraight women engaging in an elaborate ritual to make their visceral need to lick male boots look like that's not what they're doing, aktually.

No. 1699701

Off topic, but stuff like this is why I laugh my ass off when midlife crisis moids get on exogenous T to "anti age" themselves and then (predictably) become disabled and decrepit. The thing is, there's no way to actually do this with a male endocrine system. Testosterone is pro-aging while also being vital to male sexual function, which is associated with youth. Ray Peat forums are a bottomless pit of this kind of entertainment.

No. 1700125

File: 1668482834292.jpeg (304.13 KB, 1170x905, CAB0ED50-7CAA-47B7-A44A-7966D3…)

My autistic womanchild ass likes her videos can’t stand her gender bs though. Sage for vendetta.

No. 1700131

You already get all the attention you need Izzzyzzz, pleaaaase. I enjoy her videos as well nona.

No. 1700246

File: 1668496243112.png (3 MB, 970x2414, Screenshot 2022-11-14 225004.p…)

I will never understand the mindfuckery going on in these women's heads.

No. 1700247

I found out about her through Andrew Tate fan boys roasting her on my FYP. Honestly I feel kinda bad for her, how the fuck does your parents let it get that bad?

No. 1700249

i started watching her videos a little while ago but the constant protecting of trannies she does is annoying, and even without that there is something about her that is really depressing, like she has these sad eyes, i just want to hug her and tell her to stop being retarded.

No. 1700250

i am convinced it's some elaborate form of self-harm dressed up as self-expression. sorry if this has been brought up already, but are you guys aware of the subreddit ftm_punished? it's a nsfw "kink" subreddit where ftms post themselves to be degraded as worthless whores and "failed men", and there is a lot of "daddy" stuff going on. it's one of the most fucked up things i've witnessed online and i've seen all sorts of gore etc.

No. 1700255

really sucks that one of the very few female creators thats gnc and makes videos about internet culture has the gender autism bug.

No. 1700259

To be fair if you’ve watched any of their videos it’s clear Izzy has the autism bug in general

No. 1700264

File: 1668499941252.png (110.95 KB, 384x768, Screenshot_20221115-030554.png)

There is this shit called "YouTube subliminales" that a lot of fakeboi's listen to and genuinely believe are going to change them into the opposite sex. Chromosomes and all.

No. 1700265

go back izzy

No. 1700288

File: 1668504678370.webm (11.64 MB, 640x360, jcv2.webm)

a TIF protestor at the let women speak event, she probably does pass better then 99% of other TIFs(taller as well) however once you get a close look at her her femaleness becomes obvious, first is the obvious mastectomy scars, then is her shoulder ratio that stands out whenever she's in motion and finally her small hands and forearms, and apparently she's been in testosterone for 8 years as well

No. 1700293

This gender shit is a fucking plague. I like Izzyz, I like the weird way she dresses in her videos and her extreme makeup looks.

She could just be a cool girl with a kooky fashion sense, but no, if you're a woman who wants to dress weird this non-binary bullshit is just the price of admission now.

No. 1700295

What do they actually think nonbinary even means? Do they legit believe they are some special magical third gender? Do they they actually think saying it makes people see them as any less of a female and sexism magically doesn't apply to them anymore? "OOHH you're nonbinary! My bad, I will stop oppressing you now because I only oppress people who identify as women. I'll just go and rape someone with the correct pronouns for my sexuality instead." It just means nothing, evidently so even to the woke crowd she panders to.

I want to like her but it's so sad that izzy is so woman-hating and misogynistic that she rejects and detests the idea that she could possibly even be seen as one.

No. 1700312

They basically think it means "not female" which is interesting, because there's a whole controversy around TiMs feeling entitled to Womens prisons, and yet absolutely no TiFs or nb's seemingly want to talk about it on their ends other than regurgitating "twaw" like good puppets. It's almost like when it comes to things like jail, they suddenly don't want anyone see or question them on being "not female" but all the rest of the time they expect some special male'esque treatment because CLEARLY they arent (yuck!!) women!

No. 1700314

We should let them larp, but that means they're not allowed in any female only spaces and they are not allowed to speak on female issues or experiences - as they don't see themselves as female anyway. And since females are oppressed and nonbinary people are not (violence like genital mutilation only targets females and males, gay oppression only targets gay people and you can't be gay without same sex attraction and nonbinary people can't have that since they're not male or female, sexist stereotypes don't apply to nonbinary people because they only apply to males and females etc) so that means nonbinary people are essentially compliant in oppression and should be regarded as oppressors.

No. 1700317


No. 1700321

seems really 'happy' now.

No. 1700323

AYRT, I didn't listen to it at first but I just did and holy shit… suicide baits and threatens to expose her genitals in less than a minute, how very male of her, KEK. The body language just screams "straight girl who watched too much RPDR" and she seems utterly miserable. If you're going to counter protest women excersising their freedom of speech it doesn't exactly paint a happy image of ones life. Maybe yelling at women and telling them how to think and feel gives Kikomi-chan gender euphoria.

No. 1700330

File: 1668515986519.png (463.88 KB, 571x592, Screenshot 6.png)

>straight girl who watched too much RPDR
that was pretty obvious

No. 1700338

straight up looks like she's on drugs lmao

No. 1700339

such karen energy kek
So why does taking testosterone matter if saying you're a man is what makes you a man, and the testosterone doesn't? Good the hypocrisy and mental gymnastics are so annoying

No. 1700344

100% she is or is hooked on ~le gender euphoria~ hahahah this is like the lovechild of a fruity gay man and a karen…

No. 1700347

its probably iteral roid rage.

No. 1700348

Yeah I work with an FTM and ever since she upped her dose of T she's been having regular meltdowns at work. Hell, I have PCOS myself, testosterone is one helluva drug and will make you rage over the most insignificant shit. It's poisonous.

No. 1700349

she passes….but not in the way she wants to kek. She looks more like a deranged mtf.

No. 1700350

god i cannot stand this bitch and her clown makeup. her videos are interesting but her voice and her look is so gross

No. 1700353

again she "passes" from the distance(I think its mostly cause of her height) but once you get a good look at her body and proportions her femaleness becomes clear, I mean just look at her hand size >>1700330

No. 1700355

if she's taking an unneccesary not-life-saving drug that makes her unfit for her work, she should just be fired

No. 1700360

Yeah at that point she's no different from a drug user working "differently" depending on how trashed they are/n't. Why would anyone tolerate a tranny like that when keeping around even the best-behaved ones still make the company look gross.

No. 1700361

>terf thinks I'm an mtf
>jokes on her, that means I'm a hecking valid man
>because mtfs are really men… wait…

IRL kikomi. Kinda weird that this particular kind of misgendering is welcomed when it still means she is ambiguous looking. Almost like obscuring sex is more important than affirming gender.

No. 1700373

tbf going to prison is much more of a real concern for tims than tifs since they actually go around committing violent crime

No. 1700383

File: 1668522478897.jpeg (1.44 MB, 1284x1299, 0344FDA9-E80B-415D-99F4-5BAF60…)

jesus christ

No. 1700384

Black women are always being put down and told they're manly. This is so gross. Trannys are the worst

No. 1700393

AYRT and I completely agree. Work handles her with kiddie gloves though because she's trans and has a history of framing any negative interaction as transphobia. Me and like, four other women (important to note that she NEVER talks shit to males) have been accused of it but thankfully we've had others back us up so these accuasations have never stuck. Starting to believe she has a full blown persecution complex because there's absolutely no pleasing her and she's rabidly obsessed with the """bigotry""" troons face.

No. 1700397

File: 1668523733092.jpeg (974.21 KB, 1200x5436, 1660410144631.jpeg)

just reminds me of these pics that get posted to the TIM thread kek

No. 1700402

14 years old ohhh helll nooo

No. 1700428

The photos with the two men and the gold medals make me so angry. Holyshit

No. 1700447

File: 1668528662563.jpg (130.27 KB, 1170x871, FhnQtKiXgAEwS-E.jpg)

Dumbest cope ive heard to date

No. 1700449

Isn't that just admitting that it's a mental illness if it's having such an adverse affect on ones physical health?

No. 1700545

what’s the @?

No. 1700570

they should be jealous of trans women, who are the only naturally manly 'women' out there

No. 1700602

The feminine way she talks, and clapping her hands when she talks, gets her clocked too.

No. 1700641

tbf I think that's intentional, she wants to be "femme" like a drag queen

No. 1700684

File: 1668548450634.jpg (999.08 KB, 1000x2390, casil.jpg)

No. 1700688

I would say that I hope her career is hindered by her telling people how to think, suicide baiting and then saying that she'll get her pussy out but A: troons are bulletproof and B: nobody cares that women can't have freedom of speech and freedom to protest without this shit kicking off. Defending basic human rights is "Karen" behaviour to them. Honestly though I can't even bring myself to give a single fuck if modelling since 10 years old fucked her up, that one minute video is more than enough to show what a nasty piece of work she is.

No. 1700705

I love that the female enbies them'd out to be nlog but seethe because the gender cult just sees them as women-lite anyway.

No. 1700707

>into cosplaying
>on T since age 15

The nerdy autistic girl to troon pipeline strikes again

No. 1700713

How exactly do you "present" with low bone density?

No. 1700734

Dude, I miss the old "I'm not like the other girls" phase that only consisted of dressing in black and liking boyish things

No. 1700767

Presenting in the medical sense, nonnie, kek it is an actual medical expression afaik

No. 1700769

Holy shit she looks and sounds like a passing trans woman kek

No. 1700770

Really puts the whole "I'm an emotionless titan of fax and logic!!!!!!" moid LARP into perspective kek

No. 1700818

No you don’t

No. 1700820

Honestly fooled me, the first time I saw her I noticed a scar on her chest but I thought I must've seen it wrong. Props to her, she has the tranny look down

No. 1700853

File: 1668560992498.jpeg (849.59 KB, 828x1442, 0B994D67-C7AD-491B-83DB-4C6324…)

‘Tis the season for “that definitely happened”

No. 1700856

Yes. That shit was everywhere in the 2000’s. In every female-oriented children’s media the protagonist would be an badass tomboy who would never cry, except in that media because something so bad would happen. The mean girl was always some pretty rich popular girl. Femininity was demonized, while tomboyish/alternative behavior was portrayed as strong. Entertainment like this is a dark stain on the female self-image.

No. 1700868

Don't tell me what I feel sperg

No. 1700870

It’s puberty blockers that cause that

No. 1700912

File: 1668566008379.jpg (134.08 KB, 1080x1194, tumblr_67c3d65648816d028b3e49c…)


No. 1700913

how is she gnc? she always looks and acts and presents female

No. 1700923

it never makes sense. twannies can have whatever genitals they want but they are still male/female. also, gender doesn't matter at all. but also how dare you not call me by the correct pronouns because i present as a certain gender. but also i am not trans i am a man/woman. but also i am trans. trans pride! i have such transmasc swag!!! but also i am a man and you better see me as one and not trans.

No. 1700939

File: 1668567913199.jpg (1.31 MB, 3000x2958, 5798eadea57d726bee54d267_0916.…)

she's only 21 years old. I thought she was at least in her early 30's, she was also really cute butch as well, one of the most naturally boyish looking one's I have ever seen

No. 1700949

File: 1668568742281.png (384.59 KB, 680x378, 458.png)

the 3 genders:
masc presenting
femme presenting
low-bone-density presenting

No. 1700964

Current media still does sometimes, off the top of my head the emoji movie. Everyone clowns on that movie for many other reasons of course. But yeah one of the main girl characters was a princess emoji who became emo cos she's so independent and don't need no man.

No. 1701007

Butch has never been accepted, but pure/hyper femininity is not universally praised either. Tomboys are somewhere in the middle and have gotten a lot of focus since the 90s. Just looking at Disney, Mulan and Merida are the obvious tomboy princesses, with Moana and Raya being maybes. The rest are girly. But there's no butch princess.
Media doesn't defeat the rest of society when it comes to socialization, so it's totally possible for feminine girls to bully the tomboy even if she gets media that says she's better, and butches get left in the shit no matter which of the other two is marketed as ideal on the tv.

No. 1701040

File: 1668580622305.jpg (583.05 KB, 2775x2184, oaP98iMoit5Bk4Jj.jpg)

tiktok offers content truly unlike any other platform in that I have never seen so many people post their own Ls on an app completely unprompted. tiktokers will tell you shit for a couple thousand views that you couldn't get out of me at guantanamo bay

No. 1701092

kek they're starting to fuck up by even admitting it's true that "lots of trans youth"s bones are fucked up. You can't do that when you're in a cult, the whole thing will start to fall apart once you start pulling the loose thread. It's gone from
>hormones are perfectly safe for kids!!! they're reversible and save lives!!
>well of course you can't reverse T, everyone knows that so shut up stupid detrans idiot
>trans kids just incidentally all have the same terrible health problems that other depressed kids don't have

No. 1701094

No. 1701095

>she's only 21 years old
holy fuck, drugs sure age you fast I thought she was in her mid 30s too

No. 1701111

>We rot away!
Rather apt line given the fact that it's quite common for reattached nipples to rot while still attached and sometimes drop off completely, much like phalloplasty, kek.

No. 1701117

How the fuck is this woman a lawyer?

No. 1701122

>it's quite common for reattached nipples to rot while still attached and sometimes drop off completely
could have lived without knowing this, barf

No. 1701125

I mean she's been on T for 8 years straight, that shit fucks up women long term, here's just a general list of side effects from the Mayo Clinic. They include:
>Producing too many red blood cells (polycythemia)
>Weight gain
>Developing male-pattern baldness
>Sleep apnea
>Elevated liver function tests
>An abnormal amount of lipids in the blood >(dyslipidemia), with a higher risk in those who have polycystic ovary syndrome
>Worsening of an underlying manic or psychotic condition
>High blood pressure (hypertension), type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease, when risk factors are present


No. 1701143

Be thankful you've not seen pictures of it, kek. Whenever I see a fakeboi topless now I avoid looking at the nipples like they're Medusa's eyes. It's quite shocking how many of them look like pepperoni slices taken from the floor of a Domino's pizza after a 12 hour shift.

No. 1701144

>ftms post themselves to be degraded as worthless whores and "failed men"
interesting how the TIM equivalent is them wanting to be degraded as worthless whores but not as "failed women" but as even better than actual women. very telling.

No. 1701173

File: 1668602409566.webm (5.81 MB, 720x1280, 315883575_1299180087572856_241…)

ellen looks and sounds like she's constantly on the brink of tears and yet her instagram is being flooded with people saying "omg king your voice is so yass i love that for you heart eyes emoji"

No. 1701176

I wasn't expecting that voice, my younger used to sound like that at some point, also why are her hands so veiny ?

No. 1701177

why can you see the veins on her whole arm. it's gross

No. 1701178

Those veins makes me seriously fear for her health. If her veins are growing so is the main organ regulating them, her heart. Trans identified women are at a very high risk of dropping dead at pretty much any second from blood clots, heart attacks and strokes

No. 1701179

She probably did some push ups or something on purpose to increase the blood flow and make them pop more to look more "masculine". At least I hope so.

No. 1701182

Nahh she probably has bands around her upper arms

No. 1701183

How does it feel to have constant brain fog, to get unreasonably angry for no reason, for bottom growth pains and having your medically enlarged clit painfully rub on your clothes all the time, the itch of your chest scars, all because of your internalized homophobia?

No. 1701185

to this day I still don't understand why she transitioned, she was openly lesbian, was married, in a hit tv show and popular with lg

No. 1701186

>tiktokers will tell you shit for a couple thousand views that you couldn't get out of me at guantanamo bay


No. 1701190

Wouldn't be surprised by either. I'm friends with a detrans woman and when she was FTM she was obsessed with looking vascular. It's a weird fixation of Aiden's.

No. 1701192

Mental illness isn't rational

No. 1701201

She was constantly sexualized for being a woman, and she thinks if she doesn't like being sexualized by men as a woman that means she IS a man because all "cis" women like being sexualized (and that makes them women). She's a misogynist.

No. 1701205

Still, I can't make my female arms do that. Her veins have definitely grown from her trans drug intake which is incredibly bad for her health.

No. 1701206

File: 1668606534863.webm (625.67 KB, 320x568, iB3_48cqY6HqW47m.webm)

I hate TIFs fucking so much sometimes also kek at her using a meme song popular with fujos

No. 1701207

>She's a misogynist.
NTA but I'm so sick of people overlooking her misogyny. "oh but poor Ellen she looks so suicidal" yeah well she made her bed, so let her lie in it. Even as a lesbian she was a libfem traitor to women by supporting troons. She's simply evolved into her final misogynistic form now.

Mine do it occasionally due to PCOS and it freaks me the fuck out. How anyone can view it as a desirable trait is completely beyond me. If mine were as bas as Ellen's I'd be going to a doctor ASAP.

No. 1701216

speaking from experience, i've faced more racism in the past 5 years from white trans people than any trumper.

these retards are incapable of interacting with people outside of stereotypes

No. 1701217

Elliot always looks and sounds like she's on the brink of busting in tears. Where's the trans joy?

No. 1701219

that's why black women pile on the heavy makeup, weave and get BBLs to become as feminine as possible. That's why they make all these femininity groups and subcultures and courses for femininity. That's why they obsess over male approval; why the term "pick me" was invented. I understand why these women overcompensate when everyone around them tells BW they're so "masculine" and undeserving of love

t. GNC black woman who grew up with a feminine mom

No. 1701225

File: 1668608067071.jpg (53.67 KB, 625x421, 870bd5ccc1942ec0c09ee5771e4110…)

feel like pure shit just want her back

No. 1701227

its cause they have literally no one else to talk to, these people dont even have online friends or anything lol

No. 1701228

How is she GNC? She wears feminine things and does extensive makeup while talking about internet history that mostly girls partook in.

No. 1701231

I'm middle eastern but same. I've been told I'm lucky to be naturally hairy and masculine, lucky to have grown up outside the influence of "white supremacists" (read: normal white people just doing their thing) in a place where "gender is more flexible" (that one left me speechless kek) and even got asked if I needed help "communicating my needs as a POC" like I'm some sort of non-verbal retard. It's fucking crazy how rampantly racist these people are without being aware with it.

No. 1701238

Why don't we see low bone density in neets then? Even anachans don't have those rates until they've been starving themselves for months.

No. 1701240

reminds me of my libfem days, when wesstern wokeoids were trying to convince me that people who try treat you as a person first and not care about your race are actually more racist and that race should always be a factor in daily conversation

No. 1701242

Calcium is transphobic, obviously. It's clearly not the off-brand use of cancer drugs, sorry, I mean totally-safe-for-consumption and reversible puberty blockers.

No. 1701246

She's a woman in Hollywood. Straight women don't do well mentally after being on the casting couch, so I'd imagine lesbians fare much worse after having to have sex with scrotes for a promotion.

No. 1701249

Ellen Page is a fascinating study of the root cause of trannyism right before your eyes. She starts to look like shit a couple years before trooning and continues to look worse. You can see she is suffering mentally and physically. She is just deteriorating

No. 1701250

If she wanted to look like an anorexic heroin addict she could have just gotten some score off another actor and gotten huge publicity from the train wreck to revitalize her career with a comback after some public time spent at some actor's resort "rehab". Straight up would have been ten times more successful than whatever this is (and I'm still convinced the timing was related to the Kira Bell case so if that was it her use is over and she's already thrown out)
All these operations and permanent body mutilation inside and out and for what? Just to stomp her career into the ground further? Unless she did actually crack under the pressure of being told to stay feminine while in Hollywood and not getting roles that weren't straight damsel and the timing and everything was totally coincidental. Maybe she actually thought she'd get male roles and clout for being trans. Unfortunately her people don't care for trans people, only straight scrotes in drag. Should have pulled a Michelle Rodriguez and just kept her dignity and refuse roles that aren't characters if she wanted happiness

No. 1701254

>I'm still convinced the timing was related to the Kira Bell case so if that was it her use is over and she's already thrown out
Can you expand on this? I'm genuinely interested in this tinfoil and certainly wouldn't put it past trans organisations using a celebrity to divert attention away from all the shit surrounding the Tavistock clinic.

No. 1701276

You'd be very surprised to see how quickly people can shift from
>xyz isn't happening
>xyz is maybe happening but it's very rare/not a big deal
>xyz is happening but here's why it's a good thing

No. 1701286

Not only that, she was a child actor in Hollywood as well. There's no way she didn't get molested.

No. 1701311

File: 1668616535521.jpg (43.29 KB, 500x605, d6109ff47e131becd2ebd56536249b…)

Hhhh ghhhhgvh

No. 1701313

You just described the entirety of medicine as a field

No. 1701322

I concur.

No. 1701355

>cant make my female arms do that
I don't know how it happens but mine can, I think it has to do with increased bloodflow in general. I didn't know testosterone makes your veins grow, is this really true? And heart?

No. 1701407

I actually think it is determined by extreme thinness mixed with good blood flow. I have PCOS and my arms have never been vascular, I just have shitty fat distribution. Your arms are fine, anons are just associating everything with test when it's probably because Ellen is so anachan she has little fat.

No. 1701418

File: 1668625602466.jpg (2.1 MB, 4096x6144, GridArt_20221116_130506981.jpg)

looking through the #trans tag on tumblr is always a guaranteed kek.

No. 1701426

yaoi brain rot and its consequences

No. 1701430

>history hates twans men
No, its present day that hates and wants to erase women who had to socially be like men for a chance to be treated better. While trannies are celebrated for thinking that if they don't agree with the shit women get, that must mean they're akshully #notagirl.

No. 1701434

They rant about it because they know it’s true and it hurts
People who don’t care just say “I don’t care” or say nothing and move on

No. 1701435

this bitch is lost forever, i rather see her die and go away from this world because of her stupidity instead of having pity for her. she doesnt deserve my pity anymore. shes a grown ass idiot woman who wants to ruin her health bc of this stupid trend. if she dies then it was her own fault, her own stupidity.

No. 1701449

Did no one ever tell these girls that scrotes will say anything for sex? I don't doubt men will fuck them, I just doubt those men are actually gay.

No. 1701450

Because pickme behaviour like needing male sexual validation is actually yas queen behaviour as long as you do it while larping as a yaoi.

No. 1701455

>mask off moment referring to us as radfems instead of terfs because trannies truly just hate feminists
>bragging that moids want to fuck you because you have a "wet hole"

No. 1701475

sis was telling me about vid rel. It's a documentary about a gay teacher in japan coming out to his students and it's inspiring and all. Then she told me about how he had a trans man bf and I was knew an lgb japanese documentary was too good to be true lol.

No. 1701496

Anabolics, maybe? I'm not entirely sure

No. 1701497

My heart breaks for her every time she pops up; how can you do this to yourself? and so fast too, she announced she was a tranny and directly chopped her tits and got implanted abs

No. 1701501

File: 1668631456561.jpg (118.96 KB, 720x861, Screenshot_20221116-154231_Bra…)

GNC female character=trans!!1!

No. 1701511

incredible how they say shit like this while having picrew and anime boy pfps

No. 1701515

tifs need to take their damn dirty hands off of haruhi

No. 1701522

What about Haruhi is GNC? She's very feminine. For anime standards, I suppose she's not conforming to feminine norms, but compared to real life its nothing. I feel part of TiF view is negatively impacted by media as a whole, especially Japanese media where gender-expectations are blurred because they see it though western eyes. If they related to Haruhi, they'd relate to what's feminine in a western country. To be recognized as GNC in a western country, you have to be masculine, not bishonen.
It feels so removed from the society their peers live in, it's insulting. They're able to live in this fantasy and say they're oppressed in real life.

No. 1701529

Only Haruhi's dad would count as a trans egg. They were basically just a man in a wig who was tall and had freakish strength
Haruhi herself had long beautiful hair and was pretty feminine. It's canon that they cut their hair only because a neighbor kid cut it and they temp stopped caring about their looks to focus on their studies. Hell, Haruhi wore a summer dress to a lot of beach episodes. If anything Haruhi just didn't care and was chill. She even told everyone "I never said I was a boy. You all assumed. I'm a girl"

No. 1701543

you shouldnt feel bad, because she did it for retarded reasons (thought it would prolong her Hollywood career) and worst of all she promotes this tranny shit to the whole world.

No. 1701547

Learn to sage

No. 1701550

congrats to him for being a heterosexual !

No. 1701573

sorry i just realized i have been writing it in the subject thing instead of email, i'm stupid. thank you for saying something otherwise i wouldn't have noticed.

No. 1701727

File: 1668646648618.gif (1.99 MB, 540x377, tumblr_o7aapywk251qlr8pbo2_540…)

Her hair is only short because gum got stuck in it and she had to cut it off. The rest of her clothing looks like that because she couldn't afford Ouran's uniform; her being poor is pointed out constantly in the show.

Like none of her GNC traits are her choice. They're just happenstance.

No. 1701761

they’ll still say she’s trans because “FTM femboys!” and because she said she doesn’t care about gender nor how she’s perceived

No. 1701774

these people are all about bi visibility until it comes to acknowledging most moids with a thing for ftms are bi

No. 1701848

right, if they were true and honest men they'd be using dragon ball pfps or shirtless pics of muscular guys, not androgynous anime boys

No. 1701961

Of course they'd come after Haruhi, they'll trannify any girl outside their perceived norm, despite the very first episode setting up that she's comfortable being a girl and only becomes a "male" Host to pay off a debt. She's LGB rep more than anything for accidentally kissing a girl and realising she's into it.

No. 1701962

A visit to askgaybros shows the complete opposite

No. 1701986

File: 1668684677809.png (1.37 KB, 180x36, a5a5.PNG)

A TIF artist I used to follow slowly evolving? I notice they usually go she/they -> they/them -> they/he -> he/him -> he/they -> anypronouns. Hopefuly she'll complete the circle and grow back to just a woman lol. It's funny to observe this kind of evolution especially with two or more people old friend currently in her they/he phase in her private account

No. 1701997

hopefully she stops, did she start testosterone or anything? i recently remembered a small youtuber i stumbled on a couple years ago only to find that she got into the gender retard stuff too and went on testosterone. her last update was two years ago, one month on T, and she just disappeared. i like to think she stopped and was too embarrassed to say anything, but i have a bad feeling about what may have happened to her because she seemed a bit unstable and probably on the spectrum.

No. 1702008

Sadly she's already on T for 2 or 3 years and got the procedure done. But I know the other friend would never, she just want to not been seen as a woman while 100% looking like one.

>i like to think she stopped and was too embarrassed to say anything

Best case scenario but she might have just rebranded lol

No. 1702032

Just because bi dudes who use grindr fuck you doesn't make you a ~valid gay man~
bi men will fuck ANYTHING including TIMs, whose identity is invalidated in this mess? kek

No. 1702041

>men will fuck ANYTHING
ftfy, no one should ever seek male validation for anything because they're utter slaves to their urge to fuck ANY hole

No. 1702050

We can’t have stories about girls crossdressing without tifs making it “uh ackshully he’s an egg” No you testosterone overdosed pick-me, she’s still a girl no matter what. Femboys can still get away with identifying as male but girls can’t be gnc without getting pressured into trooning out.

sage for blogpost

No. 1702053

File: 1668695383122.jpg (39.24 KB, 473x170, ftmsub.jpg)

On r/ftm. It's all a fashion statement for them and they'll throw a fit and suicide bait over it…

No. 1702091

Scars are a fashion statement to these types in general, saw some gendie looking girl om tiktok put on a scar face filter and say she wanted it as a tattoo kek

No. 1702292

File: 1668717712794.jpg (82.98 KB, 1073x361, no.jpg)

But trannies totally don't transition because they're trying to looksmax; that's a transphobic stereotype with no basis in reality, remember.

No. 1702311

File: 1668718932262.jpeg (90.4 KB, 1170x314, 6D6FC8DF-6CEC-476A-897E-BCB482…)

kek, she probably thinks that T will transform into her desired type of male. literally can't get the bf become the bf

No. 1702313

how old is this bitch yikes

No. 1702314

>accidentally admitting that the bullying of "weird" girls contributes towards them trooning out

No. 1702328

They are nowhere near as hot as they think they are. Trust me sis when a girl wants a "hot emo bf" they don't mean a 5'2" pudgy aiden with a pubestache…

No. 1702330

Detrans here & when i had been on testosterone for some time my veins were way more noticeable, like some veins in my hands looked like they'd pop out. Not literally but it was a big change. My cholesterol levels also became very high as thats what testosterone does. And from what i was told by doctors i assume that those things correlated. Cause if you have high cholesterol thats what increases blood clot risk etc. So it isn't just that she did a few push ups to get them more visible, it's actually a danger to her (which of course testosterone is)

No. 1702334

even the most feminine emo dude who wears make up is 1000x more "masculine" then some pudgy moonfaced TIF

No. 1702472

File: 1668729828473.jpg (389.62 KB, 1200x858, 20221117_175338.jpg)

The whole little "I wish I could be straight sometimes. I've struggled so hard to get over my internalized homophobia and accept myself!" thing straight troons love doing is so obnoxious. It's so obvious they romanticize the idea of being a poor opwessed gay and don't mean a word of it even in a delusional way

No. 1702483

>if I was with a woman then it would be clear that I am a man to them and I wouldn't have to worry about discrimination for being gay
Kek you heard it here first, lesbians are men and don't face discrimination for being gay (?). This bitch keeps crying about homophobes when she's the biggest straight homophobe herself

No. 1702509

>if I get in a relationship, he’ll be perceived as a man
It’s funny to me how “gay” Aydens always assume their future fantasy boyfriend is a male homosexual and not another TIF. Like trust me, NO ONE will be assuming maleness in your future relationships.

No. 1702512

This is your brain on gender ideology and yaoi. The number of circles she runs in when the only actually "deviant" thing about her is trooning out, she's fantasizing about people being "homophobic" towards her because it "validates" her "gay" identity.

No. 1702625

this person would 100 percent have a heart attack if you called her a lesbian. she wants to be a beautiful gay bishie, not a gross muff muncher!

No. 1702661

File: 1668751415185.jpg (27.58 KB, 600x600, aps,504x498,small,transparent-…)

exactly like transbians and why they cope so hard with "t4t"

speaking of, i always wonder if there is genuine attraction or if it's only ever pure desperate projection because who is attracted to this

No. 1702698

File: 1668756548070.png (Spoiler Image,478.99 KB, 651x657, vB1bDmm.png)

this one is so close to admitting that she is just a straight woman, and that she lost her breasts for no reason.

No. 1702703

>don't talk to me if ur straight
girl you are straight

No. 1702706

File: 1668758226365.jpeg (784.87 KB, 1242x2155, 79C23175-899B-411B-8A64-EE76D2…)

I hate this earth

No. 1702710

This has already been posted but it's still fucked up none the less

No. 1702717

troons are hilarously retarded, they would call everyone else racist and homophobic when they're the ones who are spreading racist and homophobic rhetoric

i hate this so much nonnas

No. 1702734

File: 1668763117788.png (88.8 KB, 640x635, help.png)

>I kind of wish I could have a heteronormative life and not deal with the chaos of the gay dating thing as well.

No. 1702779

how did her hands get so big

No. 1702794

They look normal to me

No. 1702801

File: 1668776062892.png (47.37 KB, 1123x598, xadres.png)

This survey comes in Spanish too
>the page translates ''back'' as ''espalda'' (body part) instead as ''volver'' (to go back)
>pulled a nonexisten -e suffix out of their ass
What the fuck is a xadre and why are these people so blatanly against languages? Were they so fucking cheap to use google translator for their precious survey? They could afford an Ellen Page tiktok. Transactivism is incompatible with health and with linguistics.

No. 1702871

xek xords xean xonthing xnymore

No. 1702903

los gringos destruyen todo

No. 1702971

kek nonitas
>You can't take this tinfoil from me, I am wrapped in it

No. 1703000

File: 1668797483323.jpg (262.81 KB, 1080x1614, 20221118_182928.jpg)

At least some of them have the sense to be embarrassed. And the username kek, she wishes.

No. 1703003

Samefag I dont know why I replied to a nonexistent post

No. 1703010

File: 1668799467856.jpg (104.88 KB, 1111x1080, s-l1600.jpg)

AYRT and holy shit, it all adds up! This is me and you rn.

No. 1703013

panicking over basic conversations with people is such an edgy villain behavior

No. 1703019

File: 1668799865275.jpg (32.83 KB, 489x250, dumbass.jpg)


>gets butchered

>almost dies of infection
>still shits on those who warned her

they never fucking learn

No. 1703020

Shits on those who offer sympathy and blocks them so they can't retweet and spread her message. It's like a type of continuing self-harm.

No. 1703036

Self-hating butch lesbian self-harms and gets mad when the very people she betrayed (lesbians, GNC women, feminists) try to wake her up. Must be a day ending in Y.

As a butch lesbian I feel like I should feel sorry for her, but she's been spouting vile shit for so long now that I just don't care. It's impossible for me to give a fuck.

No. 1703040

File: 1668800986819.png (25.72 KB, 744x254, whale.png)

samefag, but damn this is fucking cold (but also hilarious in a very morbid way). they are cashcows throwing themselves, and pushing eachother, into the slaughterhouse. she almost died due to ruthless medical malpractice, but it's very difficult to feel sympathy for her.

No. 1703046

this makes so much sense, you could be onto something.
omg i haven't actually seen what ellen looks like since the news of her trooning out broke, and i don't know what i was expecting, but this is so strange. her face looks so fake and plasticy and unnaturally smooth, yet her arms are so weirdly veiny. her voice sounds like my 14 year old brother. and she looks so dead inside… i thought she was adorable as a lesbian so it's quite sad to see what she has become

No. 1703050

>"terfs" have been calling out dr gallagher for months since she's known being careless and risky, which is obviously the opposite of qualities you want in a surgeon, and even botching her patients
>this girl goes with her as her surgeon anyway, not even looking into the allegations against her and dismissing it all as transphobia
>gets botched exactly like terfs warned her that she might
>still blames the terfs

No. 1703052

the level of racism they all show is always terrifying. black woman are harmed by TiFs routinely

No. 1703054

why didn't she think being the only surgeon with no bmi cap and not doing drains would be a warning sign?

No. 1703058

File: 1668802085183.png (21.34 KB, 601x172, bmicap.PNG)

>seeks to get a surgery that disregards safety measures like BMI cap
>gets mutilated AND a failed surgery anyways

she can't be dumber

No. 1703066

File: 1668802652228.png (Spoiler Image,656.9 KB, 827x775, horror.png)

warning extremely nsfl/gross

holy shit she was BOTCHED

No. 1703071

Wow, it's almost as if the BMI cap is there for a reason…

No. 1703074

Sorry to samefag but if these freaks are so serious about this surgery that they're willing to threaten 41% without it, why can't they lose some fucking weight for it? Anything but the option that requires hard work and dedication, huh.

No. 1703075

At some point it's natural selection i swear.

No. 1703078

I love it when these "healthy at every size" dumbasses get a reality check

No. 1703080

File: 1668803783741.png (98.88 KB, 1310x322, Screen Shot 2022-11-18 at 2.33…)

I wonder what'll happen to her mutilated chest when her body tries to lactate.

No. 1703082


No. 1703083

if they just exercised to begin with, they'd probably realize they don't have dysph0ria and just want to be skinnier. the thin tifs always have eating disorders for a reason. they see boobs as fat.

No. 1703085

>"Yeet the teet"
Fuck this butcher has a cutesy nickname for all her horrifying exploits
I'm assuming she believes in HAES (health at every size) which means she thinks not being able to operate on fat people is a sign of a lack of skill and/or fatphobia and not just a result of fat being bad.
She wanted the impossible because "flat" doesn't exist when you're fat, male or female, so even with the best of intentions a surgeon would be kind of running blind on how much to take out in terms of fat and tissue that's related to being female or being obese. I doubt this cow will lose weight but if she did it would be morbidly interesting to see how lumpy her breasts would end up from the guesswork
So are they men or not? God I hate that they are free to say contradictory bullshit and we're painted as evil for pointing it out

No. 1703089

they remove her mammary glands too. can u imagine immediately taking away the best form of nourishing a child, while also wanting one? Obviously formula is totally fine, but some infants would've preferred actual breast milk if given the chance, especially with the important stage of immune system weening.

i hope she doesn't bring life into this world

No. 1703091

File: 1668804274087.jpeg (350.07 KB, 1080x1021, 1666909442430.jpeg)

Not necessarily. The cow we're talking about wanted to be completely flat, but only one of her boobs got 100% lopped off. The other is still half-formed.

No. 1703093

Wonder if she's actually Jewish or faking for clout
TIFs really seem to like RPing as Jewish

No. 1703094

she says she is a convert, so faking for clout

No. 1703096

File: 1668804884272.jpg (60.66 KB, 543x627, girlsdrugparty.jpg)

Her future children really don't need this in their bloodstream though.

No. 1703098

Relevant video. Says most people don’t do it because risks. So well anyway
>>54% of my patients are obese

No. 1703099

File: 1668805128497.png (81.61 KB, 1304x278, Screen Shot 2022-11-18 at 2.55…)

that's just one of her many clout identities

all TiFs are the same

No. 1703104

NTA but KEK, I knew it. I'm a Palestinian born and raised Jew and LARPers like her make it very clear they've never spent any significant amount of time in the culture. If she did she'd run like hell, but western Judaism has become very watered down; they'll prick an enlarged clit and call it a "circumcision". Ah, but who really cares if the religion clashes with your troonism and sexuality? Gotta get those oppression points somehow!

Autism I can buy as she's fixated on gender shit and has been for a few years now. Kek at fibromyalgia, bitch you're tired and aching 'cause you're fat.

No. 1703115

File: 1668806566857.jpeg (Spoiler Image,702.17 KB, 1170x1124, FDAD6006-FC89-4105-9A8E-3B5D44…)


No. 1703116

Maybe kinda tinfoil, but I'm starting to suspect they find autism label appealing because they see it as a "get out of consequences for inappropriate behavior free" card

No. 1703117

I can't stand tifs that aren't even willing to commit to the larp but will have the biggest spergout when someone "misgenders" them. How are getting pregnant and birthing a child not the most dysphoria-inducing things imaginable from a trans perspective? Fucking crazy.

No. 1703121

I weep for younger lesbians who have these kinds of freaks in their dating pool alongside an avalanche of MTFs. I thought I had it rough with bi-curious women who use you as a free trial of homosexuality and unicorn hunters. I'd rope if I was single now.

No. 1703125

Yep, plus the fact that autism can't be fixed with therapy. If TiFs admitted all their problems were BPD + an eating disorder, they'd be expected to fix their shit. Autism and trannyism are the perfect labels for victims.

No. 1703127

i am a lesbian in college and on lgbt dating apps (i know…) i get an insane amount of tims yes but also see a surprising number of morbidly obese females on testosterone with weird hair and sometimes beards. they always look like that picture. 9 out of 10 times they are polyamorous too. "nonbinary transmasculine lesbians" are the new butches. it's a struggle to find attractive, normal gay women who aren't sucked into the gender madness, i wonder if they exist anymore tbh.

No. 1703128

>i have no nipples and no way to release any milk
kek i have no mouth and i must scream. jokes aside this sounds fucking horrible. imagine your chest being full of fluid, it hurts like hell, there's no way to get it out, and doctors may have no answers and no idea what to do about it. this sounds potentially dangerous, but what do i know…

No. 1703130

I hope those liquids don't start rotting. What the fuck is she thinking asking for help for something like this on reddit? She should go to a hospital asap. What a fucking retard. Just gross.

No. 1703131

TIMs be out having full on it's ma'am spergouts at min wage service workers and TIFs just sit quietly and cry to their friends about it later. The gendered socialization in troons is so strong it's astounding

No. 1703133

What do you mean, the overlap with trannyism and autism is huge? BPD isn’t a catch-all reason for every trait you dislike. Also sage your shit.

No. 1703140

the bows..this can't be real

No. 1703155

File: 1668809443505.jpg (334.39 KB, 1080x1689, IMG_20221118_230459.jpg)

Alright, but why the hell does becoming her favorite character trope have to involve getting on lifelong testosterone? Especially if living to romanticized old age is part of this trope

No. 1703158

These people literally spend all of their money - or gofundme campaigns - on these operations, they can't afford actually the basic medical aftercare if they live in America. And that's if their local doctor is capable of dealing with these Frankenstein side effects and they don't have to fly out to their og butcher wherever they are in the world. Canadians who get things done in Montreal quite often have to fly back out to Montreal if they want any hope of getting their issues fixed like Yaniv. However some of their butchers are known for ghosting them lol (again like Yaniv)

No. 1703163

You have to be an old man to wear trousers and read books? Have I time travelled to a pre-feminist world? Good grief.

No. 1703165

who's gonna tell her that she can have a comfortable house and get married and wear pants without chopping her tits off and becoming a lifelong medical patient?

No. 1703178

>no nipples and no way to release milk
Holy shit, for all the times I've seen nipple removing top surgery, I never thought about this scenario. Apparently the doctors who perform the surgery never did either, this is lowkey body horror.

No. 1703195

Look at this image and tell me it's not cult like behavior

No. 1703198

I'm sorry for the ignorance but what the fuck is that brownish looking lump down her scarring ?

No. 1703199

lol no way, I used to be “mutuals” and spoke a few times with this girl years ago when I still used twitter. she was a normal, slightly alt girl before she started trying to look like every other crusty enby swamp creature. many such cases. ironically enough, she sowed the seeds for my radfem awakening as a teen. I remember her and a few other accounts being critical of porn, prostitution, makeup etc. when it was extremely unpopular to do so, but I guess the cognitive dissonance is just too strong when it comes to troons. I hope she peaks soon.

No. 1703200

because being an old woman would be hell for her i guess

No. 1703202

NTA but I believe there are two common sorta TiF camps: One full of autistic and self-hating women who think they have to become men. And the other being BPD or narc or just general attention seeker who wants to troon out and often doesn't commit to the larp very well and tends to be more aggressive.

Also the part about autistic people being more prone to trooning out isn't actually entirely true. Yes, they are more susceptible to it, but not as much as people say. The study that claimed autistic people were more likely to be trans had a lot if self-diagnosed participants who were probably attention seekers deranged enough to want to hijack a study to feel special. I'm not gonna deny many TiFs and even some self-diagnosed people could be true and honest autists, but I'm not gonna believe the LARP of someone who definitely has some mental issues, and is likely an attention seeker.

I'd take a TiF over a TiM any day because at least they aren't likely to hurt me at all, but I'm definitely not tolerant of their self-centered and attention seeking behavior. They should seek actual help, not attention for their trans identity and whatever disorder is trending.

No. 1703203

I think it's less about autism and more about poor relationship with their family. That autistic people usually have but its not exclusive to them

No. 1703216

Karens are more masc than this, can both at least try

No. 1703218

File: 1668816392027.jpeg (64.55 KB, 1074x498, 7D0B38DA-63FF-4A42-B9D7-D6157D…)

No. 1703243

jesus fucking christ, surely the milk would have to be surgically drained??? sounds like a recipe for mastitis. what a fucking idiot. this betrays something a bit evil in me, but i really, really think that you should not be approved for transition unless you consent to sterilisation procedures before starting. maybe that would make people think a little harder about it too.

No. 1703261

Fuck man, just whyyy do they do this to themselves? Mutilating your perfectly fine (if overweight) female body for what? So that in the best case, you can look like a parody of homer simpson with a lump of numb flesh sewed over your vagina and in the worst case fucking die of infection from all the frankenstein procedures? How did society reach a point where this is seen as an acceptable way to treat girls that are unhappy with their femininity?

No. 1703266

She's not going to have any of that in this economy. Wanting to be an old man is just a cope. She knows she won't get such ordinary common things, so she moves the goalposts to the impossible task of being the opposite sex because it helps divert her focus from "I'm a failure and I can't have a simple comfortable life" to "Being someone I can't be is the only way to have nice things"
The TS Eliot reference sent me tho

No. 1703287

It goes beyond that. If you go for formal autism diagnosis in tranny-friendly areas, you might be asked about gender dysphoria.

No. 1703296


Are those maggots…?

No. 1703300

>patient has a big hole in her side
>"looking valid and good mx rylan"

Do they want their patients to die or something?

No. 1703308

Being a literal fucking psychopath is the only way you can butcher obviously mentally ill girls and still sleep well at night.

No. 1703335

Does it not betray something a little evil in them to have a child after purposefully fucking up the equipment they'd have and nourish a child with? An extreme lack of knowledge at the very least.

No. 1703362

JFC she's a fucking landwhale, but of course, it's "gender dysphoria" not, you know, feeling like shit because she's a fucking morbidly obese waste of resources.

No. 1703367

all that gone to waste… think about what she could've saved up that money for that wasn't sexist confirming bullshit
she could've had so much fun.

No. 1703426

i wish tifs would tell me where they got their money.

No. 1703474

File: 1668845801903.jpg (47.16 KB, 680x476, Fh2rD7nWQAc6lbY.jpg)

How dare the evil terves try to manipulate her like this??
Block all sympathy!

No. 1703487

it's so fucking sad that she can't imagine an old woman being like that or doing those things. no hope for women in this world i wanna vomit and scream

No. 1703491

There is literally nothing of that, that an old woman can't do.
Except she would be a woman, so not as cool and important in sexist minds.

No. 1703506

File: 1668854463390.jpg (34.72 KB, 610x164, delusional.jpg)

No. 1703510

What's her end goal? Surgeries aren't sustainable if they fucking kill you. I don't know why adults prioritize surgery for children over living, it's super duper cosmetics in a world filled with ugly fucks. If you're ugly, you blend right in unless you choose to be have atrocious haircuts and flashy outfits.
This video may be of interest [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZILGGTzJRWE] and this YouTuber has similar videos relating to trans healthcare. The comment section is filled with people saying their own stories relating to shitty doctors. I'm too squeamish to watch it though.(learn how to embed)

No. 1703513

File: 1668855336642.jpeg (68.57 KB, 828x1792, DAF435DF-B8DF-4B88-BDE3-5EC3D0…)

she’s still getting bottom surgery after all of this

No. 1703516

i do tons of things on that list and i'm a young-ish woman. so yeah. what a weird person. old women rock. They keep the world turning more than old men do.

No. 1703525

>wants to give birth
>also wants to have bottom surgery "in a couple years"
but i thought hysterectomy had to be completed before phalloplasty. does she plan on having and recovering from this surgery while she also has an infant/toddler to care for?

No. 1703534

I'm a lesbian in college also and the dating scene is hopeless lol. I have started seeing older lesbians and bi women for friendship and community and they keep telling me to try find girls in my college because apparently there's an abundance of ssa women but idk how to tell them that there's no one, I only know fakebois and trans women in here

No. 1703541

Those damn TERFs trying to harm troons by… pleading with them not to have unnecessary medical procedures that can lead to horrendous butchering and life-threatening infections? Wow, how evil.

I have seen other Aiden's on reddit talk about having phallo or meta while intending to give birth, so it is possible and some surgeons really are morally bankrupt enough to do it. I feel bad for the midwives. Not only do you have to constantly remind yourself to not say "mother" or any female pronouns, but you've also got a gigaclit or frankenpeen dangling in the way while they're in labour. It's fucking Lovecraftian.

No. 1703566

This woman is literally psychotic. There is no way that anyone who is mentally sound can come with that. Yet the medical system is allowing her to follow her delusions.

No. 1703567

File: 1668864697019.jpg (352.32 KB, 1080x3704, 1657170868030.jpg)

do TIFs really believe that a scenario like this could ever happen?

No. 1703570

KEK, it's literally the other way around. The girls who bully GNC girls then go on to troon out themselves because they want to be popular and stay current, and being a feminine straight woman is so not cool.

No. 1703574

The last part is obviously unrealistic. But the first part could happen: A girl bullied for not fitting in and liking "boy things" so she troons out.

No. 1703578

File: 1668865937528.png (1.53 MB, 1268x1000, 1657390561235.png)

the way fakebois portray themselves with sharper facial traits compared to their soft, round, femenine faces is sooo pathetic. picrel

No. 1703580

These girls need to know that everyone just think they look like nerdy autistic women - and that's fine. Just please use a lint roller. They will never look like anime guys. That's fine.
If everyone just collectively decided to be truthful, there would be a mass-detrans wave. No validation? No troonery.

No. 1703604

Oh my god. Why wouldn’t all of this have been taken into consideration beforehand? This is horrific.

No. 1703619

Could've paid for a gastric bypass and some lipo and she'd be happy in her body. But I guess feeling special and being called "brave" is what they crave more.

No. 1703636

Already know it’s fucking Gallagher, she’s a modern day mengele

No. 1703642

Her sheer delight in "yeeting the teets" from healthy but confused young women is so disturbing. Total psychopath.

No. 1703651

The way she still pretends to not regret her botched surgery only so she can stick it to the evil terfs. Pure mental illness. Yeah women who don't want girls to chop off their completely healthy breast tissue and get experimental body horror surgeries are so "bigoted". That doctor (and the medical system in general tbh) are taking advantage of you, fucking up your body for life but women who warn you are the real monsters here.

No. 1703654

File: 1668872573769.jpg (3.15 MB, 3732x3056, volcorn.jpg)

TIF self-delusion is almost on par with TIMs

No. 1703683

Well, at least they see themselves as giga Chad's and aspire to become stronger. The males cosplay as preteen girls in diapers.

No. 1703703

The way she plays up the silly quirky memey bit to market herself to children is so fucking ghoulish. You can see her patients, young girls, I think one even as young as 13 (might've been a tad older but I think it was 13) and you see they're all fat, anorexic, dead eyed, or fucking covered in self harm scars. How does she sleep at night?

No. 1703713

File: 1668876212084.jpg (124.6 KB, 1080x1577, psycho.jpg)

I wonder if there is enough material for her to have her own thread?

No. 1703727

maybe not enough for her specifically but we do have a plastic surgeons thread


No. 1703736

Just set up a gofundme and say your a trans man who needs money for top surgery.

No. 1703737

>aspire to become stronger.
literally when have you seen a tif want to excercise?

No. 1703739

She's got a kiwifarms thread, not sure how long it is but someone could make a thread using their intro as a starting ground. I think there's a lot of milk here but it might get repetitive after the initial talks are done on her big issues. She's a horrifying woman and I think is an honest to God sadist.
She got on the jazz show as a surgeon who also "hires" jazz (who at one point sits in on a nipple revision for show lols). Jazz also got a trans man friend that season who happens to be dating the sister of the surgeon. They're totally involved in production and are being marketed. For bonus nasty points the sister works at the clinic too and the surgeon was the one who removed the breasts of her girlfriend. I actually don't know where they met (at the clinic or if the sister referred her gf to her sister) but I can't help but wonder if there's some sick thing these sisters have done involving the girlfriend. The surgeon almost exclusively promotes her work towards gnc lesbians and tomboys and her younger sis at the clinic is a lesbian who dates trans men. Something's up

No. 1703766

Lol, even her "OC", which is an imaginary version of herself …. Is ugly. Look at that face. Jesus, all these poor girls have os much self hate, it's insane.

No. 1703770

Replace the tif on the bottom 2 panels for a lumpy fakeboi with wide tits and a mutilated arm, the gf witg a ghoulish mtf, and the girls speech bubble for lol and it's accurate

No. 1703772

>wishing you healing and strength

No. 1703777

Obviously the surgeon is the one to blame for this and I have more sympathy for TiFs with internalized misogyny than for perverted TiMs living out their fetish (in the case of latter - just get the dick chop, see if I care kek). But holy shit this person is also retarded for chimping out at "TERFs" who are the ones trying to bring out some awareness about these butcher surgeons

No. 1703781

>at least 3 of them are severely obese

No. 1703788

her arms might be full of these too

No. 1703791

atp let them die and see how fucking retards they are. i have no sympathy for them anymore, if i act kind with u bc u got thru some shits but u rejects me bc of my ideas then die idgaf

No. 1703793

ewww nicocado looking ass

No. 1703803

nta and sorry for blogpost but i already tried this one time but i only earned 50$ as a fake tif so i was mad af, i learned that tifs dont earn a lot than tims(obv bc theyre females lol), but when larped as a tim for a month and i got 5000$ on my gfm

No. 1703805

Stacy behavior

No. 1703811

I wish i was able to so something like that. Maybe, someday.

No. 1703815

Nonna you are truly based.

No. 1703819

Very manly behavior: putting pink bows on syrringes. Every bodybuilder I know who shoots up T does this, surely.

No. 1703851

>those chonk arms

Now I'm no anachan, but eugh.

No. 1703854

Do you have any more examples?

No. 1703861

I really really do not understand why fakeboys decide to have kids. PiV, pregnancy, lactation, birth… all are aspects of womanhood in its most visceral form

No. 1703865

Because they dont actually believe/feel like men. They just hate being ugly women in the society that gives women value only if they are good looking and fuckable. Add a bit of a need to be seen as "special" and there you have it.

No. 1703870

is "genero" even used by spanish speakers? I thought latin languages usually referred to sex instead of gender

No. 1703881

i can make a gallagher thread if people are interested! she is kind of a horrorcow with how botched and injured her patients end up, and she's also extremely milky as is her troon chaser lesbian sister

No. 1703887

I'm interested, she seems like a total horror cow.

No. 1703890

I am also interested. Go for it nonnie!

No. 1703900

Nonna I wanna be like you when I grow up

No. 1703904

"Genero" is used in a linguistic sense and not in a whatever the fuck is the gendercult trying to make it about, actually, some schools have to make the clear distinction of the difference between "gender" and sex, because back then it was logical, now you have to explain that gender refers to the grammatical gender as in a table is feminine and a car is masculine, and that such depictions of gendered words are completely arbitrary if not nonsensical, so therefore there's no deep meaning to them, they're just used to identify inanimate objects so texts can be easier to understand.
And that sex refers to the biological sex of living beings like animals, people and moids, referring to those by the right pronouns is necessary so a text is easy to understand, and pandering to whatever nonsense are the gringos doing, only makes shit more difficult than it is.
God I'm so fucking mad, I refuse to experience having to read some shit with stupid ass progre bullshit, and having to consider it well written, I'm glad that it seems like kids are not taking that shit seriously irl, online, I don't give a fuck, but at least they're not telling us to call them "alumne" or some stupid shit like that during class.

No. 1703906

No. 1703934

Those are retractable safety caps for the syringes.

No. 1703954

If any trannies don’t want to be sterilized they’re just announcing to the world that their “gender identity” is actually just a fetish. Nobody who feels dysphoria would ever want to father children or birth them.

No. 1703974

File: 1668894243226.jpg (Spoiler Image,4.69 MB, 4096x4096, GridArt_20221119_154247897.jpg)

nsfw. i actually feel sick

No. 1703983

So sad to see the effects of climate change. The ocean is now so cold that whales have started growing fur as an evolutionary response.

No. 1704014

File: 1668895673498.jpg (138.59 KB, 1440x1080, Fgb4FSuXgAMmERf.jpg)

This is a recent picture of her and she still doesn't look the slightest of what she portrayed herself as

No. 1704017

File: 1668895800541.png (41.32 KB, 593x398, enough.PNG)

Also adding this, so close to get it and yet.

No. 1704019

Not the same anon and I regret not screen recording, but I saw a tiktok of a TIF who said that in a hypothetical situation, she'd choose becoming a cis man over ending racism worldwide.

No. 1704023

Is that really racism though? IMO it's not offensive. It's a hypothetical situation and the TIF probably just wanted attention in any form for being a real and honest boy. I'm not denying TIFs are racist as I've experienced it myself IRL, but this is a reach.

No. 1704038

Correcting myself. Perhaps not racism then, but definitely a weird situation to come up with unprompted. She ended up deleting the video and her account after pushback but it would have been funny to post here had I remembered to do so.

No. 1704041

Oh it's definitely weird as fuck. As a pee oh cee I would make a mental note and avoid that person for sure. The fact she deleted it is quite telling; an edgelord would stand their ground, but maybe that was a lil mask off moment for her or something.

No. 1704066

Doesn’t they/them apply to everyone by default in their worldview since it’s a neutral term, i don’t understand why someone would even need to specify it

No. 1704074

Holy based, good job nona! What are you gonna spend your trooncoins on?
Is it just the lighting, or is there something extremely wrong with her nipples?

No. 1704125

No. 1704131

kek I'm sorry but this one drawing
>do the cringe anime lineart
>add some shading
>trace some nike air force 1s

No. 1704164

Sadly though climate change is only getting worse and they're attempting to set up colonies on dry land. I wish them luck, I can't imagine losing my home.

No. 1704167

Instructions please

No. 1704187

Extremley based. Time to start larping as mtfs for cash.

No. 1704267

fucking hell thank you for that one

No. 1704310

Holy shit how did you do it

No. 1704318

File: 1668917620829.jpg (502.74 KB, 1301x1513, 1HO0KzX.jpg)

TIFs discovering breaking bad and ruining it with their memes and hc's

No. 1704326

Saul was married to Kim who would probably hold terven beliefs and ended up willingly going to a men's prison so I don't think he's a fakeboi. And Jesse would definitely make those stupid helicopter jokes. Nice projection from whoever made this image though

No. 1704348

i did this but with cash app and tumblr last year. made over $2000. i wrote a script that identified the blogs that boosted donation posts, and another script that populated new blogs with backdated posts and made them look years old. then for the pics i used selfies i found on /soc/ discord servers of "boymoding" twinks on estrogen. put pronouns in bio along w a typical ftm name like "oliver", "kade", "dakota" "ayden", "sebastian", etc.

No. 1704359

you are a queen. pls tell us how you pulled it off!

No. 1704360

im so tired of the tendrils of fakebois latching onto and destroying things i like. not that i care about breaking bad but its just yet another fandom that was doing perfectly fine before the tranners showed up and now you cant turn around without seeing how "transmasc swag" a male character is and ugly fanart and stupid memes like this.

No. 1704362

Don't expect these people to have any level of foresight. Long-term consequences just aren't on their radar. In a few years, she'll have moved on to whatever the next fad is. I'd be surprised if she ended up with a baby or a crotch corndog.

No. 1704373

They're straight women who want to have their cake and eat it, too. They think they can "opt out" of experiencing systemic misogyny while still continuing on the life trajectory they were indoctrinated from birth to want: marry scrote, have mediocre sex with him, and pop out babies. They want to appear woke/non-conformist while following a lifestyle that is extremely adherent to gender stereotypes, while also demeaning non-troon women with babies and Nigels for being "boring."

You can't opt out of systemic misogyny, and the whole existence of the troon phenomenon and all the seashorse bullshit that comes with it is a testament to that.

Also, for the record, male seahorses don't actually "get pregnant." The female just lays the eggs in the male's brood pouch and he incubates them. They're not attached to his body in any way like the fetus of a placental mammal. This is like saying Surinam toads "get pregnant" because they carry their eggs in the skin on their backs.

No. 1704400

File: 1668925778998.jpg (545.94 KB, 1080x1950, 33 535353355242262462.jpg)

All these young girls thinking that loving bl means they're trans… Real life isnt a doujinshi, youre not wanting to "love a boy like a boy loves a boy" you want your lifw to be like a romantic fiction

No. 1704402

yaoi and its consequences

No. 1704404

she's just looking for an explanation for being the way she is. wish these fakebois would just leave yaoi out of it, but i guess its a good thing they're heteros because i won't have to interact

No. 1704405

I will never understand this.

No. 1704410

Unironically farmers should pimp out their boyfriends to pose as "pre everything trans whomyh" so it's more believable in case someone tries to verify if it's a catfish (+parasocial factor). Holy shit women do naturally lack sociopathy because it's just amazing how nobody does this.

No. 1704470

please nuke japan again

No. 1704472

i did this in 2020 so my trooncoins got already spent on some boujee stuffs, i was kinda depressed during the lockdown so i spoiled myself with some Gucci Prada Vivienne items lol, now i have a big collection of that, and i think i will do it again bc it was easy money

No. 1704476

>identifying as a lesbian at 10
Jesus Christ, kids really rush into labelling themselves these days. At 10 my biggest concerns were beating the Elite Four and playing football. I hadn't thought about what sexuality I might be even though most people around me seemed to know I'd turn out gay, it just wasn't on my radar at all. It's like zoomers are speedrunning childhood.

No. 1704494

reminds me of when my friend told me she sent several fake letters to transanta pretending to be a transbian and got a bunch of stuff off of her amazon wishlist. it's probably a little late for anyone who wants to get in on that this year, but definitely something to keep in mind.

No. 1704495

File: 1668943159012.png (Spoiler Image,1013.9 KB, 1528x1094, troony nonni.png)


okay nonnies so there is the timeline of how i did my little scam, i will spoil this bc of blogpost again
>went into a niche subtwt (i went to edtwt but i will recommend u to also go in another subtwt like dreamtwt or mcytttwt, just a platform where theres a lot of troons who will believe everything they see)
>so i did my introduction blahblahblah i also added that i was previously suspended just to not be seen as a newbie, i pinned that stuff incase ppl say that im a fake or smthg
[spoiler]>i added that i was heavily dysphoric and i had issues w my parents just to get some pity (worked)

>also added that i was in a transphobic muslim country so i will get more compassion
>so i massfollowed people, created my troonsona and his own story
>copied their tweeting manners just to be seen as one of them
>often tweet troony cringe stuff, like "can someone use these pronouns for me thank uuu" or "uguuu i feel so much dysphoric im so afraid of my twansphobic parents"
>meanwhile i was writing the description of my fake gfm campaign (picrel)
>so i stayed cringe like that for a month and half, i made a ton of mutuals and interracted a lot of them just to gain a lot of sympathy
>made the gfm, i was preparing the finale tweet with the gfm campaign
>tweeted some stuff like omg i think my parents know im trans omg im gonna be homeless
>i also kept some @ of big trans account that rt your campaign
>today is the day for the finale tweet
>"please help a trans woman almost homeless living in a muslim transphobic country to flee her country" attached to the gfm link lol
>got 700rts and a lot of likes and qrt of ppl qrt me for boosting for helping me
>sent dms to a lot of trans influencers to rt my tweet which boosted a lot and a lot of ppl donated to my gfm campaign
>got my money, withdrawed on my paypal account w the help of my friend who knew what i was doing
>went inactive on my account after tweeting that i was looking for a rent in another country and fleeing it
to this day nobody know that i was a fake troon, i deactivated my account and nobody tweeted about me lol
if any nonners want to know more i can help yall w that!

No. 1704527

At least when I was a kid I used that word because "sexo" sounded bad even when I obviously wasn't speaking about sexual relationships.

No. 1704531

Unfortunately this shit is the result of young girls getting shamed and ridiculed for liking BL in the early 2000s. If they had been moids, they would just have ignored it and kept enjoying their interests like male otakus do but since so many women are brainwashed into crumbling under society's pressure, they just started pretending that they are gay males trapped in women's bodies to get away from the stigma of being a fujo. Now I even see people on tumblr/twitter claiming that a girl liking BL must be an early sign of future trannyhood.

No. 1704545

It’s so wild to me. I do hate that I didn’t know more about exploring that side of myself as a teen (considering what my sexuality was), because it was something no one talked about back then, at least where I was from, but it seems like with all the gender stuff mixed in it just makes kids even more confused. There are days I feel envious I couldn’t figure out my feelings for women earlier but then I’m happy I missed out on getting HRT or a mastectomy at 16 because I probably would have been confused enough to fall for those or at least beg my mom.

I think this is true. It sucks that when girls and women are shamed for enjoying things, it produces NLOGs to the nth degree. I don’t even blame them in most cases, I mostly blame society and men for making women feel ashamed of their interests. Yaoi has its issues but I’m just speaking more generally. It’s not like men ever feel bad or ashamed for fetishizing lesbians, or at least real women playing them in porn. I don’t want to start some yaoi fight but I never really got the vitriol directed at girls who like it apart from sometimes they just act annoying. But as far as people getting mad at them for “fetishizing gay men”, I have to laugh since 99% of the time it’s anime or cartoon characters. There’ obviously something to be said about this contagion of girls who are into it and thinking they’re men because of it, but I think the real culprit comes down to your point about women being shamed for every little thing to begin with, especially when it comes to exploring their sexuality or what they find pleasurable.

No. 1704546

>Unfortunately this shit is the result of young girls getting shamed and ridiculed for liking BL in the early 2000s
are you retarded, like It wasn't society shaming poor fujos, it was cause they were consuming excessive amounts of pornography daily and started suffering from brain rot, its why all the dudes who were into hentai trooned out alongside TIFs

No. 1704557

Nta. Let's not have this debate for the millionth time. Everyone is sick of it.

No. 1704558

Appreciate it but the spoilering of it all is kinda annoying to read

No. 1704560

fujocoomers are the primary cause for 99% of modern TIFs, that's a fact the have to accept

No. 1704592

>w the help of my friend who knew what i was doing
What did the friend helped you for, it's hard to get the money alone? I've always wanted to pull that shit with an art troon persona lol Is your name doxxed in the gfm page if you do that tho?

No. 1704597

i'm neither of the previous anons, but please kill yourself already.

No. 1704602

I find it so funny when they act like it was society at large shaming them and not just braindead social media users. Yes, most people think you're weird for reading BL. But the push to troon out came from tumblr and then migrated to twitter and other social media sites. Just log off!

Go back to self-inserting as the seme, edgelord.

No. 1704604

sorry i didnt wanted to be banned bc of blogpost lmao

No. 1704610

no i used a fake name at first and when the campaign gained less traction i used her info (because i live in a country where gfm doesnt work) so all the money went to her bank acc and she gave me one of her paypal so i could spend the money

No. 1704636

File: 1668959628057.jpg (30.98 KB, 567x561, 1472418403477.jpg)

I'm not into anime so I keep seeing this word and reading it as "seem", like you're going to say semen but forgot the n.

No. 1704653

Nona this was inspiring and I want to try it too. If, say, someone were to copy your homework but try not to make it obvious, do you think anyone would recognise the grift? And if the someone were even to try it more than once?

No. 1704687

>>1704495 would something like this work with a cashapp link? i need some pocket change but i'm an autist and i feel like gfm leaves too much of a trail but i could be wrong lmao

No. 1704700

the threadpic breaks my brain all over again every time i see it
the gaydens are making me empathize with the moids they harass

No. 1704728


Same nonna, I hate it when trannys try and make it seem like gay people are in the same community as them and that gays have to support them. She would never say this shit to a gay man in real life and would probably get her ass socked or made fun of.

No. 1704734

The fact that women can freely pass as troons but troons can never pass as women even through text is sending me

No. 1704735

I wanna try some shit like this but with an art account on twitter. Do any of you guys have tips on what I should draw on it or how to make it seem like its really a troon artist?

No. 1704788

it sucks that this is the narrative. "you can't like male/male media unless you're a gay man because otherwise you are fetishizing them you nasty female!!" just the same old narrative women have always gotten that the things they find sexually appealing are wrong and bad. im a fujo who happily continues to be a woman and idgaf but it's pretty sad that all m/m i encounter online tends to be created by "trans men" these days.

No. 1704818

your also spreading an equally false narrative, you cannot truly believe that the masses of young girls trooning out was simply due to people making fun on you

No. 1704878

File: 1668971745748.jpg (48.04 KB, 519x662, EEHLFo6UcAIZMlM.jpg)

That one meme
>when your art style develops
and others of the like you see those redraws of an anime scene or just emulate Twitter art from profiles with the flag and pronouns in the bio

No. 1704899

I'd do this but like >>1704687 said I'm scared it would be traced back to me and I'd get in trouble. I'd absolutely love to donate their money to fund female only shelters and such. Absoultely stacy move nona kek

are you going for tim or tif?
For tif make sure to draw breast mutilation scars a lot, draw pretty boys, more cartoony than anime, and add girly words and phrases like "smol", "i love boys, i'm so gayyyyy"
For tim make it more anime and over sexualized, nothing too cute because only the pedo tims draw that, add phrases such as "i'm cute/sexy af", "I will fuck ur husband terf" etc
For both, add in dysphoria tweets every now and then and if anyone asks for selfies say you're too dysphoric to show yourself. Pronouns and flag in bio is a must kek

No. 1704901

Honestly I don't think it's yaoi's fault that girls trans out (and neither it's yuri's fault for troon moids). It's easy to blame unrealistic media but it's not like yaoi is deep and engrossing to the point people almost unwillingly fall into the troon delusion due to it.
The way I see it is that liking yaoi is, at least in the fakeboi's case, more of a consequence than a cause. You don't feel inadequate as a girl or woman because of unrealistic anime male characters, that is just an easy explanation for outsiders. Honestly put yourself in a fakeboi's shoes: anime is obviously escapism from her bigger, personal issues with being born female and its expectations. The reason why they love to consoom yaoi and pretend they're anime boys is not because of the media itself but because their own personal issues attract them to it. If you take it away from them they'd still have to deal with their real problems and face reality, which is the true medicine to troonism in general.

And that is without taking ROGD and peer pressure in consideration. So imagine being into anime boys kissing or something juvenile like that: if your gendered friend group says you're homophobic for liking it, you can easily identify as anything other than a "cis" girl and be left in peace. There is a bunch of fakebois that do this and they tend to care less about gender and be less into these diabatres because it's obvious it's just a pass for their cringe hobby.
If you have ever been in a bad friend group where peer pressure ran abound you'll understand this very well.

No. 1704921

hi scamanon here
i think that cashapp works too and its better to hide urself w that, i couldnt use cashapp bc its unavailable in other countries than us and uk so i had to deal w what i have, i also saw some troons sending their venmo and stuff. also be careful w paypal bc theyre very annoying when it comes to prove ur identity so i dont recommend it, took me a month to get my approval for the 5000$ in my wallet

No. 1704924

hey nonna, no worries u can copy the homework since ive done that thing in 2020, people will obv forget it since theres soooo much tweets of troons e-begging, so u will just be perceived as another troon. i will also recommend to say that u are from an oppressed country/family (ex muslim or smthg, it works), and precise that u are 18 or smthg, bc people told me to go to a trans shelter or smthg but i rejected that and used the "im in an oppressed region" card

also i would advise u to not do it every month, bc that would be recognizable at some point, maybe once a year will be fine, but u have to be consistent and prepare your troon history n shit, also try to not larp for a week or 2, try to larp as long as u can so they wont be suspicious abt ur account. good luck !! and if u need more tips im here

No. 1704926

steven universe/danganronpa/mcyt/fnaf/undertale/genshin/friday night funkin or some weird fujoshit (if u want to pass as a tif) are the best

for the tim they arent rlly into art tbh, they are more into talking abt geek shit and talking how much they spin in their skirts

No. 1704927

A legitimate dark triad Stacy move would be to make some kinda merch for some retarded moid driven vendetta campaign (think justice for johnny Depp or Gamergate or whatever), collect the shekels from incel simps and donate the proceeds to an uncucked feminist charity or the subject of their vendetta. I'm an artfag and I think I'm beyond the point of clutching pearls over how "immoral" it would be, so next time the sperm vermin come up with some new online beta uprising I'll definitely psyop it.

Bonus: if you do a grand reveal they'll seethe and won't trust anyone grifting these movements, which will damage their credibility.

No. 1704931

oh shit nonna u gave me another idea, ill wait when something like the amber/depp trial will be popularized again, or just another misogynist who will have his platforms and his cocksuckers. i will open a redbubble merch in a second just to see how much retards will buy it

No. 1704933

hey dont worry, its not that easy to trace rn since everyone can identify themselves as troons. like come on, rapists goes into women's jail in the second they say they are women but WE cant pass as troons when we e-beg ? im 99% sure u wont be into big trouble if u collect less than 10k
but if u are still worried u can still say that it is for ur troon friend (in that case u need to prevent one of ur friend who's gc) or if u larp as a tif u just say u couldnt transition irl and just ivl bc of muh oppressiuh

No. 1704955

File: 1668978456684.jpg (139.5 KB, 1024x1593, sexy_anthro_plane_girl_by_cryp…)

Actually you can simulate tim art kinda, but it's gonna be hard. You need to really channel the low IQ coomer in you and it's a level of method acting most normal people can't grasp imo. It has to be proper horny retard shit, like imagine the kind of stuff a low functioning autist would begin fapping to when he enters puberty. It also has to be vaguely shitty, you can't actually have good fundamentals. Hardcore gacha moeshit would probably be easier to simulate, but it's also very easy to make anime art clockably female - I'd go with weapons grade autism just to be safe.

Pic related is something in that direction. That would be solidly a male troon art direction, and other male troons would believe you.

No. 1704959

True - people have habitually scammed more on tumbler, no one's gonna go after you for this.

No. 1704973

In theory you could do it now for the people sucking Elon Musk's dick during this whole Twitter thing but you might get into actual legal bullshit over using his likeness

No. 1704976

Ayrt, okay so larp as a troon OC with typical troon interests, then make a gfm with a backstory that sound like nothing will help except donations. And cashapp is easier than paypal, and tims tend to get more donations. I searched for if anyone has done smth similar, and found an actual tim who scammed people out of $350k to buy an apartment and a car, debbie crankin.

>good luck !! and if u need more tips im here

Thank you scamanon! I'm gonna do it, and I have no guilt cos its scamming people who think they're helping pay for elective mutilation

No. 1704992

File: 1668981150641.png (3.39 MB, 750x1334, B8DEDA5B-DB0F-445B-8CA5-1610F0…)

kek when a four year old can clock her with a beard

No. 1705004

also add that ur family is very oppressive/gonna kick u out, u feel hella dysphoric to the point u cant take selfies, and live in an area where its so conservative and u good lol
dw nonna, its a pleasure

No. 1705007

Regardless of clocking or not, kids say things like that all the time but only a troon would be bothered enough to go and post about it online. Imagine being so unstable that you let a four year old get under your skin and still think having children is a good idea holy shit

No. 1705014

Okay? Does she want us to call her 4 year old kid a terf?

No. 1705027

Yeah as a mother she should know kids say all sorts of silly stuff. One of my sisters thought it was the funniest thing in the world that I look like I work in a bank when I wear a certain suit. Kids that age are amused by that stuff, it's so silly to get butthurt about it. Poor girl is gonna grow up walking on eggshells and panicking about every little thing she says being misconstrued. So much for the "I know I'm a real man because I feel like one inside" schtick if you're vendetta posting about your 4 y/o daughter, kek.

Probably thinks the TERFs are gonna try and groom her since they portray us as evil, genocidal child snatchers.

No. 1705048

imagine getting mad at your toddler child because she accurately called you a female. if you are that emotionally fragile you should not have kids. it must be so confusing for that poor girl to suddenly have to call mom dad
why do tranny women become mothers? would that not trigger their dysphoria? you can't have your cake and eat it too, it doesn't make sense to live a traditionally feminine life and become a mother like you are socialized to aspire to as a woman, and then get mad when people call you a woman/mother

No. 1705072

I'd like to see this also

No. 1705178

Aren't you fucking over your friend? Since it would be traced back to her, if anything happened she would have her info out.

No. 1705250

File: 1668998223825.jpg (26.11 KB, 396x600, Early_premarin_ad.jpg)

Because self-hating lesbian TIFs and CSA survivor TIFs don't real, apparently. Internalized misogyny is the common thread between all the reasons people troon out. Focusing on the BL-to-TIF pipeline is failing to see the forest for the trees.

In the early 2000s, the Women's Health Initiative published a study indicating a strong link between the use of conjugated estrogen drugs in post-menopausal women and increased risk of stroke. Suddenly, doctors became understandably gunshy about prescribing it to menopausal women, and would often wean patients off of it after a couple of years to mitigate the risk. When Wyeth (which was later consolidated under Pfizer) bought the patent, it began marketing the drug hard, even going so far as to claim that it makes women look younger. That WHI study and others like it represented a hit to their profits, since patients were going from taking the drug for thirty years to taking it for three. They needed a new off-label use for the drug to maintain their margins; off-label uses are appealing to drug companies, because it's a lot harder to sue if you weren't using the drug for it's "official" purpose. Enter trannies, who are increasingly on the public's radar, especially following the social justice boom catalyzed by the Great Recession. They're the perfect cash cows; they take a steady, high dose of conjugated estrogens for their entire lives, and will happily disregard side effects like blood clots because they believe that transitioning prevents them from suicide.

Rising winds lift all sails. If the drug companies are going all-in on TIMs, they're also going to support TIFs for plausible deniability (and hey, a few extra steroid sales won't hurt.) These women– the fujoshis, the lesbians, the abused– they were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. They're outcast, self-hating women who had the misfortune of coming of age at a time when pharmaceutical companies commodified and exploited mental illness and self-hatred for personal profit. If 95% of these TIFs had been born fifteen or twenty years earlier, they wouldn't have trooned out, no matter how much yaoi they read or sexual abuse they endured. What we're seeing is the medicalization of self-hatred, because if low self-esteem is a physiological illness, that means someone can make a profit off of selling the cure.

No. 1705251

Based. I never knew the female Jimmy McGill posted ITT

No. 1705268

The worst tif I ever met wasn't even into BL or yaoi. She ended up getting obsessed with wrestling and wanting the big beefy men to have sex with her.
We only see the fujo ones because of how they engage with fandom and connect to each other by drawing. They're insanely visible in female cartoon/anime art circles and not because they're necessarily the default.
It's got to be why so many of the posters itt are fujos complaining: their hobby is being made harder for them to enjoy. Meanwhile the tif I knew would've been invisible in the crowd of women thirsting over buff men, so nobody would even notice she was one unless they knew her personally.

I'm not a fujo and don't really get why they like yaoi/bl, but I get why they're aggressive itt. Fujos are already made fun of, now tifs are ruining their fun time, they come to complain about it, and then they end up lumped in with the people they hate.

No. 1705277

your "hobby" is cooming to fake gay porn, and trooning out is an expected end result

No. 1705312

File: 1669003657064.jpeg (90.46 KB, 800x450, 1611554705232.jpeg)

I'm begging you guys to hash this shit out in the fujoshi thread in /ot/. I'm so, so, tired of the milk being drowned out by endless arguments about yaoi.

We get it, some of you are weirdly passionate about hating fujoshis, and others of you are weirdly passionate about being fujoshis. You're not going to change each others minds, so just give it a goddamn rest already.

No. 1705314

File: 1669004258246.jpg (1.69 MB, 2048x1447, MeetTheArtist.jpg)

Make a'Meet the Artist' post and pin it. Honestly I dont think they are going to question whether you're really trans or not thats taboo for them

No. 1705315

My point was meant to be that fujos and tifs can't be intrinsically related because they don't overlap reliably, so it's a false lead on why they do what they do. I think it has more to do with women/girls who get into communities where there's a lot of men on display, but the only represented women are artificially hetero-standard pretty, so they feel they can't compare. But I didn't explain that very well, sorry Nonnie, please forgive me, I didn't mean to start the argument again.

No. 1705318

You forgot about how they enjoy the power trip that troonism gives to them. Aidens aren't ANY kind of lesbian or any kind of fujo (i rules out csa survivors because that one is a mixed bag) they're specifically narcissists,or at least PD havers that love the idea of dominate women "bellow" them. In earlier times they would have a maid or a slave to mistreat, nowdays they have to settle for yelling at random women online and have their mothers clean their mutilated scars on their deformed bodies. They suck so much dick (figuratively and literally, and even objectively more than the average straight women) because they think that there is the secret of male power, when the power of males is born from their brute force and ape brain mode, something that they never could imitate. Hence why their pds get worse not better after trooning out. Anyone who is fed up on tifs has all the right to do so, and i'm tried of some anons insistence on wking them. The mythical CSA survivor lesbian TIF is almost like the genderbend version of the mythical South American HSTS prostitute that both trannies and their supporters love to bring it as a standard of validness and to save face: it's a minority of a minority, has almost nothing to do with the current state of queer ideology (aka the actual problem here, the ideology that it's promoting all the vile shit we see) and the only reason they come up the discussions is to make other trannies look better, and try to make it appear that there are legitimate reasons to troon out. Guess what? There is none. There is no such thing as a good or valid tranny (Do not confuse with GNC) and I'm not going to elaborate more because I'm already tried but this should be the abc of anyone who tries to analyze aidens: they're not poor little victims, an even if ten years ago they wouldnt have troon out, they would still be a problem. Because it's way complex than that.
It was boring even for izzy's standards. Maybe that's why she's doubling the admout of gendie discourse on her Twitter. She knows her yb career has already peaked.

No. 1705326

"Meet the Artist" sheets can be so milky, even outside of the TIF aspects. I'm tempted to make a post on /m/ about them…

No. 1705327

It's alright anon, my post was mostly directed at the other person, who I suspect is one of the same two or three sperganons who always brings it up.

No. 1705368

Go for it anon

No. 1705392

Sorry for blogpost, but I'm gonna do it, I'm gonna become a fellow scamanon. For all the groomed and medically harmed children with their futures ruined, I don't care if I take all their troon money. They deserve much worse. If I can't fight publicly at least I can do this.

No. 1705422

>dislikes: myself :)
What a surprise

No. 1705458

No. 1705494

I trough this person was a teenager until I saw her birth date … she is fucking 24.

No. 1705499

lol ikr i was like "its not a big deal we were all this cringy when we were 15" but shes a full adult

No. 1705506

I am going to do this. How would an American go about pulling off the Muslim tranny background and when it comes to th handling of money, how should I go about avoiding possible fraud and or jailtime?

No. 1705508

File: 1669047048602.jpeg (72.49 KB, 828x962, 46F71CC5-89DD-41D2-892E-2D668D…)

KEKK this ig account is a goldmine

No. 1705521

say you live in a red state and have trumpie parents

No. 1705533

File: 1669048503609.jpeg (130.95 KB, 828x1030, 85EF555C-A7D5-49B4-BA9B-FD2469…)

Wyd when the dysphoria monster swings her tits at you

No. 1705727

This reminded of me of my late tif internet friend who died of a drug overdose and now I’m upset.

No. 1705804

another troon wipped from this earth is a success

No. 1705812

missed this post but holy fuckin keeekkkk i love her stacyness

No. 1705876

File: 1669062689133.jpg (677.25 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20221121-074944_Red…)

Any other psychedelinonnas here? TIF trips and shrooms show her the cosmic truth that she is a woman and will always be a woman kek

No. 1705889

>Thin lips
>Cleft chin
>Sharp wide cheekbones
>Stringy, greasy hair
>Thick neck
>Buff veiny arm
>Giant hands and feet
>Tube tits

This is definitely a TIM

No. 1705984

tfw you're so batshit insane that being on a psychedelic trip makes you sane and rational in comparison

No. 1706004

Holy shit, please do nona!

No. 1706008

File: 1669069027851.png (423.89 KB, 802x1274, troons.png)

troons and gender specials are still stalking rowling's twitter likes lmao

No. 1706022

I heard this on a fruitfarms thread as well. It was a different story but another TIF took psychedelics and it made her trans delusion go away. These drugs soft reboot your brain.

No. 1706033

This reminds me of how demented old troons revert to their OG gender

No. 1706045

Before zooming into the picture I thought that guy she drew was meant to be Dio Brando with Eggman's face and glasses.

No. 1706048

I remember reading BL manga as a teen and thinking making them R18 was a bit excessive because the ones I read had sex scenes but weren't all that explicit… Now I think it's justified because of retarded kids seeing stuff not for their age and reading them and not understanding what these books are even about to the point of amputating their healthy body parts. I don't fujoshi my age or older being this stupid unless they were way more mentally than that, and even then, not always.

No. 1706051

Works different for everybody. While i'm glad to hear it opened this woman's eyes to reality a tif i know personally did psychedelics and it just made her troonery worse. Once she realized everybody is actually One and the same thing, the whole world and existence lost meaning. Like if you aren't really you then nothing is true, something i dissagree with, from my psychedelic experiences Truth definitely exists. She is extremly self obsessed. It somehow affected her identity badly and she had a breakdown and started to take testosterone after that as if now that nothing matters she can do whatever the fuck she wants.
I remember seeing a detransitioner on youtube once and she said the god she met while tripping has no problem with transitioning and she isn't detransitioning because of any psychedelic ecperiences. I think god doesn't give a fuck about it indeed but humans should because physical experiencess matter a lot more than people too deep submerhed in god think.

No. 1706200

funny because when I took LSD one time I got strange ideas about my gender and being "really" a man but because I'm not a weird social media-poisoned zoomer I took a valium, chilled the fuck out, and forgot about it

No. 1706380

KEK i had this exact same thought. glad i'm not the only one

No. 1706392

thank you for this genius tutorial nonita you’re a saint…i’m definitely going to do this, there’s no reason not to and besides it’s their own fault for giving away money so freely. they made this e-begging environment so prevalent kek

No. 1706411

damn dem shrooms transphobic af we gonn eradicate em from earth

No. 1706414

kek im so pissed rn i finished typing my gfm sob story and twitter intro and as soon as i posted it twitter locked my account fuck…is there anywhere i can link my gfm to tranny worshippers without a twitter account? spent all that time for nothing

No. 1706418

Plus performative donating from people who wanna do armchair activism, like during the height of the Instagram black square #blm stuff when there were posts asking any random black person to drop their cashapps so white people could give $1 and feel better about themselves kek. This but with trannies now

No. 1706419

Put your gfm in a link tree, and post the link tree on twitter?

No. 1706422

It reminds me of how fat people drew themselves skinny on deviantart. Time really is a flat circle.

No. 1706525

>"it's literally a matter of life and death"
This is such a dangerous manipulative lie that gender ideology keeps spewing about gender dysphoria. And then they tell you trans people don't need gender dysphoria, or to transition at all, and assuming so is transphobic. I can't with all this hypocrisy nonas I'm at my limit

No. 1706529

what got you banned? so I can avoid it myself kek
she doesn't even consider that some of them might be following her out of spite, or to "disprove" what she's saying, to harass her, or to report it to other troon spaces. A twitter follow = worship to her I guess.

No. 1706534

sorry for shitting up the thread with blogposts, but scamnonas which big trans accounts should I follow and tweet at for it to seem realistic?(offtopic)

No. 1706550

Thought the same thing, and then I was like damn shes older than me. Straight up looks like something you'd see on some teens art blog.

No. 1706625

how did it got locked ? do u have a 2nd number phone or another laptop ? i got locked multiple times bc i create too much accounts on twt but dw if u have another device u should avoid that (like if u created ur new twt acc on ur laptop try it on a phone instead)

No. 1706627

gfm link on link tree wont be visible, remember that troons are lazy fucks. i would advice her to go on tumblr instead if twt still lock her acc

No. 1706630

she might have been locked only bc her acc is new and she already done things too quickly (like putting the pfp and banner + tweeting at the same time), but that can be avoidable if u have another device bc twt bans ppl through their MAC Adresses, not IP adresses

No. 1706633

i would say Erin Reed, Katy Montgomery, 444xen, lot of ppl that are on the mtf troons threads, i think twitter will recommend u a lot of accounts when u will follow them, rn i dont have enough time to do a list but as soon as i have ill make it for u

No. 1706686

File: 1669132418029.jpg (100.39 KB, 640x1136, FiK_V9oagAUB4k-.jpg)

Oh but its not grooming at all

No. 1706688

File: 1669132481517.jpeg (Spoiler Image,203.03 KB, 828x1009, 142A5869-1DBF-4500-9B0E-A72050…)

apologies if this has already been posted here but i really, really, really hope to God this is a fucking joke.

No. 1706694

ftmpunished is a kink subreddit for TIFs who fantasized about being fucked and degraded by men, just with he/him pronouns

No. 1706727

>all that shit
>no misgendering
there's so much to unpack here

No. 1706770

Love you nonnas but none of you have any idea how the internet works. Good luck with the Twatter thing

No. 1706779

nonna i said twitter locked my account, i don’t want my scam to get traced back to my other established accounts so i made a whole new one for that sole purpose
i did nothing, just made a new account and tried to tweet my fake story and it got locked in less than a milisecond
got locked because i didnt have a phone number i think, i tried using a fake one and it didn’t work
sigh shitblr is so hard to get attention on but i guess i have no choice
makes sense, kek i guess troon larping is harder than i thought

No. 1706783

>got locked because i didnt have a phone number i think, i tried using a fake one and it didn’t work
Yes you are required to have a phone number linked to your Twitter, stop acting like you got locked for no reason. This scam thing just brings out all the retards

No. 1706801

Nta but that would be pretty helpful, and as for tifs there's people like buck angel and ellen page right

No. 1706840

I don’t think most TRAs like Buck Angel because of associating with Blair White and other people like that.

No. 1706841


i thought this was nikocado avocado on first glance…

No. 1706853

I was under the impression this sub was mostly pickme "i am your uwu submissive and breedable boywaifu please insult my birthing hips" type stuff but this is really another level, holy shit

No. 1706866

sorry nonna but it seems like u arent that smart when it comes to scamming..
yes twitter requires u a real phone number, nobody can trace that number since i asked a lot of friends for theirs and i havent been doxxed nor anything, and no larping as a troon isnt that hard imo its just that u have to prepare urself instead of quickly jumping into something without knowing where to start first
and no u cannot already tweet a fake story and quickly put a gfm link after creating an account, u have to make some fake mutuals, interract w them at least some weeks in order to create confidence and use them as boosters. otherwise they would already know that you're faking. please think twice before doing something like that, it gets easier if u think like a real stacy

No. 1706917

You can use email instead of phone, it'll send you a verification code there. I made a throwaway one in my troon OC's name.

My scamnona journey has begun, now the boring part of pretending to be the troon, then dropping the e beg in like a few weeks? Which is a while, I hope this pays off lol.

No. 1706989

File: 1669159052461.jpg (1.12 MB, 1080x3148, Screenshot_20221122_231611_Twi…)

Do she/xe/fe/fi/fo/fum women count, cos if so girl what are you doing

No. 1707011

Shouldn't take long to get a nice chunk of money off them
I did the same thing a year or two ago and was able to get almost $4k from pretending I had to leave texas because of transphobia
Oddly it wasn't even hard but if you need tips then I'll happily share what I did.

No. 1707052

i would recommended that scamanons get a really cheap burner phone as well as investing in a VPN subscription. like honestly these are just the most bare essentials for it, please get them to avoid getting busted.

No. 1707060

>if you need tips then I'll happily share what I did
Ayrt (I came back this soon bc I was bored ok) and yeah that'd be helpful! My tranny story is similar to >>1704495.

Yeah there are browsers like brave that have a built in vpn, and browsers like Firefox where you can get a vpn browser extension.

No. 1707099


Make sure your using a fake email that's not attached to your real name and take the other scamanons
advice about protecting yourself from doxxing.

Okay so first thing involves figuring out if you want to portray yourself as a mtf or a ftm and then create a profile pic from picrew Pick whichever style but the more cartoonish the better.

2nd , try and create a bio with all most of the following : pronouns/flag/blm/trans lives matter/ 16 personality type results/ Include a mental disorder/and add plant mom or something. Don't reveal where you actually live. Put a fake country that's considered transphobic. And don't put your real birthday either just in case.

Then start following ppl that are popular with trans activists , get into a niche group on Twitter that's popular with the gender crowd. But try not to make every comment about being trans just in case.

Comment supportive comments under troon posts. Try to add emojis at times though.

Keep this up until an event involving LGBT ppl happen so you can post a guilt trip or watch out for popular threads telling trans ppl to post venmos/etc.

Best time to post would also be around LGBT history month.

And finally stay safe. If someone starts sprouting doubts about u and you can't find proof to show them that would get them off your back , then just delete your account. No replying to ppl. Just delete

No. 1707122

plebbitors shouldn't be allowed around animals or children

No. 1707255

Being called “she” causes suicidal panic attacks but being degraded and impregnanted and giving birth as a “trans man” is perfectly fine

No. 1707258

samefag I remember I read article few days back about one TIF giving birth and in the interview the TIF said that giving birth didn’t make her feel feminine because it made her feel strong…… and I'm like WTF, like how can you hate womanhood that much

No. 1707303

They're hoping their innocent kid has suicide-inducing gender dysphoria that WILL make them kill themselves if they don't get to medically sterilize and mutilate their healthy body for checks notes ah yes, your own social media clout and savior complex. People like this need to have their children taken away for real, they're grooming and abusing them.

No. 1707376

File: 1669209894529.jpg (46.32 KB, 436x621, 20221123_142429.jpg)

Anon this is a man… I could tell after looking at him for a second. Look at his massive Adam's apple

No. 1707415

File: 1669213272720.jpg (395.19 KB, 1080x1930, 86357e5e757e753.jpg)

Fucking block head

No. 1707419

she's fucking hideous????

No. 1707426

it's giving dumpy woman cosplaying wolverine at a small town convention kek

No. 1707447

Nah she's a normal woman underneath the pube beard and bad haircut

No. 1707456

Bruh I thought she was a really unfortunate looking woman, I gotta stop giving the benefit of the doubt.

No. 1707520

Saged and I am so sorry for bringing up Izzzyzzz again, but, even as a fan of her content, I would not be surprised if she got her own separate thread in the future.

No. 1707528

File: 1669221879678.jpg (106.94 KB, 700x794, 87306446.jpg)

Kek everyone sees them as the women they are

No. 1707577

File: 1669226156449.jpeg (421.98 KB, 750x1036, 288471DC-74B0-45CD-BAEB-4AE873…)

I’m in this maximalist community where people post their lovingly crafted interior idesign and here enters a literal basement dwelling zippertits to show off her unironed TQ+ flags in her visible filth while she recovers from her double mastectomy. TiFs in the post are posting their attempts at making the flags look half aesthetic- it impossible, you cannot police a turd.

No. 1707580

File: 1669226275198.jpeg (341.45 KB, 2048x1542, 22F68DF1-4888-497C-92AE-FA9B64…)

Samefag. Not the pillow without the case (no hope there being a fresh doona cover or anything else on that bed) and just general squalor of filth. Very sanitary post major surgery conditions!

No. 1707588

File: 1669226565163.jpeg (244.03 KB, 960x960, FE201662-005C-435A-84BC-FBD836…)

Kinda had a stroke at the end there, my bad. Here is said TiF to make up for it (yes, it’s a TiF, I checked, she just happens to look like a TiM but the lack of coom material on her walls is an easy give away).

No. 1707589

oh my god that looks like hell. If I woke up there I'd think I was kidnapped

No. 1707591

also holy shit the dirty brown edges of that pillow, BARF

No. 1707594

imagine needing a flag for every tiny aspect of your "identity". it's already stupid when they put them in their twitter bio, but seeing just ONE of those flags in someone's room would make me leave immediately.

No. 1707595

Of course she's a maximalist, as in maximising the filth in her room. Imagine that sling of ratty greying stuffed toys above the bed rips, and falls on her while she's sleeping.

No. 1707602

I’m going to get myself kicked from that group nonnas, I couldn’t keep my mouth shut about the filthy sheets but I found out those flags are wrinkled mess because they’re made out of that cheap plastic and can’t be ironed. So not only are they absolute eyesores but they’re terrible for the environment too. Thanks troons you consumer pigs.

No. 1707615

that attempt at Steve Harrington hair is ridiculous

No. 1707621

I've shot up heroin in nicer looking places than this.

No. 1707631

File: 1669230385169.jpeg (753.61 KB, 828x1189, 98BEC12D-4DEB-47F0-8B8D-2A136D…)

Needs her own thread atp, but one of my favorite fakebois. The tradcath to addict tranny pipeline is something else.

No. 1707634

>tradcath to addict tranny
sounds intriguing, pls post some of her milk!!!

No. 1707646

>Avogado's art
An awesome illustrator, still sometimes deal with tranny themes.

No. 1707653

I thought this was Grimes at first

No. 1707683

Genuinely crazy she gets away with the “i’m a homeless addict and i do sex work for hrt” clamoring and then posts pictures at her dad’s miami beach condo and videos explaining her parents’ insurance covers her steroids

No. 1707690

No. 1707691

Love that smudgy 'little kid dressed as a hobo for Halloween' beard

No. 1707703

Makes me sad every time I hear about one of these narcissistic adult children having a kid. Poor fuck doesn't have a chance

No. 1707724

File: 1669236621778.png (126.1 KB, 652x1071, Fh6k_5xXkAAr5Pw.png)

It's cause men don't take lil girls trying to act like men seriously. TIFs can't even confront men with the same amount of confident TIMs do with women and the reason is quite obvious. cause TIFs aren't a physical threat to men

No. 1707737

we need to be more meaner to those bitches. yeah see me as an actual demon, more evil than men idgaf, those bitches needs to be afraid of us

No. 1707754

>those bitches needs to be afraid of us
Have you ever met a TIF IRL? They're afraid of everyone. They're only brave when in large groups or online. Whenever any of the TIFs I have to deal with get yappy, I make sure I fix my posture and stand in a confident way while giving firm but calm responses. I also make eye contact even though I'm an autist and hate it as it makes them squirm. I highly encourage all women to do this. You don't need the stature of a moid, just have confidence, pride and be firm but fair. Those are three things a tranny won't have and cannot do. They are narcs who need other people to tell them they count, the only "pride" they feel is artificial and derived from a false sense of superiority, and they've never been firm about anything in their life - hence why they fell for a dumb fucking fad.

No. 1707759

never saw a tranny irl bc my country is full of muzzies

No. 1707765

AYRT, I never met any 'til I emigrated from my shithole patch of sand and tbh that probably factors into why they're weird around me, given that a lot of them are racist as fuck.

No. 1707794

Nayrt. Yeah if that tiktok upthread is anything to go by they think we're "more masculine than they are", but honestly if it makes them cower irl why not use it kek

No. 1707853

File: 1669244236044.jpg (540.42 KB, 1080x1137, Screenshot_20221123_235500.jpg)

oh wow your "boyfriend" who looks 12 sure is… hot. sure.
(yes they're both adults)

No. 1707877

literally my hair looks like this and I have to get a haircut wtf(wow, no one cares)

No. 1707919

Imagine spending thousands just to look like stuart little’s brother

No. 1707943

>men don't give a passing thought to a bunch of five foot nothing teen girls with hormone imbalances that are afraid of their own shadows
Imagine my surprise.

No. 1707947

File: 1669248895346.jpg (12.39 KB, 443x332, cad3c42311e60e1fc7d6c405782481…)

Chicken little gijinka

No. 1707952

The gamer lights and filthy pillow really accentuate the kitschy old lamp she got from her grandma.

No. 1708028

just saw a tif complaining about how some fandom discord server is "so bad at thinking of fic ideas" and how she "has to make it better". bitch you write the characters as trannies. i feel violent quite frankly.

No. 1708154

completely average lesbian couple kek

No. 1708179

Jacob sartorius as a TiF

No. 1708251

She is probably an adult, but looks like a little zoomer who is about to blast rap music on a loud speaker under your window and discuss how the math teacher is a meanie while he plays mobile games with his friends. Wild.

No. 1708333

unrelated but i hate when people put their stufftoys up like that. it looks so messy

No. 1708335

First of all, why would you post this. Second of all, the way this is such an obviously feminine room


No. 1708344

I was thinking this KEK

No. 1708363

File: 1669275083387.jpeg (774.32 KB, 828x1469, 5F1E7EC1-4E7A-46EF-9D85-55FAD6…)

in the same vein as >>1702472, a straight woman who wants to be oppressed so bad
> I wasn't attracted to girls but I really wanted a girlfriend anyway.
no wonder she was rejected, the ’just experimenting’ vibes would’ve been palpable.

No. 1708365

File: 1669275210466.jpeg (465.26 KB, 828x1300, C0953DDB-03A6-47F8-8173-5144AF…)

(2/2) the comments are equally delusional word salad.
> There's no butch-like identity for masc females who are sexually or romantically attracted to men.
Yes, because haircuts are not identities.

No. 1708378

>There's no butch-like identity for masc females who are sexually or romantically attracted to men.
like have they ever known a single woman who does sports in their lives

No. 1708381



No. 1708382

File: 1669276799970.jpg (53.72 KB, 736x736, 9a01ee81447667789ec55c89456672…)

no its Steve Harrington from stranger things

No. 1708391

Scamnonnys please familiarize yourselves with your country's tax codes. Tax agencies will be very interested in your sudden influx of income, and I'm assuming it's dependent on what platforms you choose. In the United States, donations are not automatically considered taxable income, but it can vary on GFM if it reaches a certain threshold. Platforms like cashapp may open you up to an audit since you can't prove that this income isn't illicit. I'm not a lawyer or expert so if anyone else is more knowledgeable, please chime in!


No. 1708424

They’re straight up admitting they’re butch straight women. I actually agree that if butch straight women were accepted we’d have fewer FTMs. This is insightful really.

No. 1708441

I feel like these people are living in a different universe. I mean, even if they have never met a masculine straight woman in their life, what's stopping them from becoming the first one they know? It certainly seems easier than forcing everyone around you to refer to you as a "boi" and engaging with a community that encourages you to chop off your tits one day

No. 1708478

Oh, they've seen those women. They're just misogynists who think being masc automatically makes you a lesbian.

I'm a butch lesbian but I've met a lot of masc women through volunteering and friends of friends and it's interesting how similar our experiences are regardless of sexuality. Women are judged looks first, so being straight is often quite useless as a supposed privilege because it's not gonna stop weirdos yelling "dyke" and trying to harass them. As a butch, trying to find spaces to vent where you won't get blocked, called a TERF, harassed, etc, is very hard, but there are some spaces for us. Bi and straight masc women often have nowhere to discuss these feelings due to being ostracised from a lot of straight women due to how they dress and ostracised from other masc women because of sexuality. For the next generation of girls to be able to resist trooning out people need to stop viewing masc OSA women as aliens and give them a community where they can actually talk about this stuff without getting prescribed HRT and the tit chop.
It's never gonna happen though. Troons can't handle GNC people being happy and big pharma can't handle potential loss of profits.

No. 1708484

I was a tomboy as a kid and looked up to cool gnc/masculine women, even though I grew up to be more feminine as an adult seeing those women was incredibly important for my development. It really saddens me to see you treated like this

No. 1708511

File: 1669298207304.jpeg (1.69 MB, 1170x2114, 46A5CF4B-8170-47E3-962D-F8FEA9…)

Why are they so mean towards detrans people.

No. 1708513

Because it's a cult in all but name.

No. 1708518

Because they're debile meangirls doing the same debile meangirl enforce conformity zealot act all the other meangirls did since time immemorial.

No. 1708521

Has anyone noticed there isn't a single MTF who thinks this way? They'd never want to be the ugliest woman on earth just as long as it means they're a woman, but tons of FtMs are fine with being ugly (or they deliberately go for that) kek

No. 1708526

Wait? She's a gendie? I thought she was just a cute girl into alt clown makeup…
Her entire channel is her talking about girl topics? Like pretty stereotypical girly likes you'd be seen as weird for being the girl not into these things as a kid
It's the difference between wanting to be seen as a person or wanting to jerk off to yourself in the mirror

No. 1708529

Yet these are the same retards pushing " if you like gay anime porn your probably a guy secretly" shit. These people were probably bullied in highschool and want their little pick me Regina George moment.

No. 1708531

You know she'd be crying too if she went bald. These are just mean girls bullying the ugly girl

No. 1708535

>Wait? She's a gendie? I thought she was just a cute girl into alt clown makeup…
Her entire channel is her talking about girl topics? Like pretty stereotypical girly likes you'd be seen as weird for being the girl not into these things as a kid
Yeah no, she's a they/she who whined about being seen as female.

No. 1708536

same anon, sorry for the formatting here. I'm on my phone kek

No. 1708539

Radical feminism emerged long before their gender bullshit had even begun to emerge. It's not even centred around TRA, it's centred around the oppression of women as a class. Sage for sperging, I just hate the misrepresentation of what radical feminism actually is

No. 1708544

kek why did she do that to her eyebrows?

No. 1708548

Yeah, most of them have never actually read any sort of radfem theory. I have a feeling if they did, they would agree with many facets of it and that’s what they’re afraid of. I think it’s why they always tell people not to go read what terfs are saying, because most women can relate to parts of radical feminism simply due to their lived experience as women and the bullshit we all go through on a daily basis. The only reason the trans stuff is such a big part right now is because it’s actively helping to further oppress women. But somehow they think it’s only based on hate or mockery.

No. 1708549

It was a gay thing for a while, similar to how gay men wore on earring

No. 1708553

same fag sorry i meant this lmao >>1708511

No. 1708554

I know this might count as blogspot but today I had such a funny situation I can’t not share nonnas.

Found a stand at my uni featuring a few people from LGBTQ club that was formed here this year. Since I learned they will be present there for a certain mini event, I decided to come to them and start a little debate.

I came up with a passive-aggressive question what do they think about sexism disguised as progress. There were two TIFs, both being enbies (and both using male pronouns I think). The one which stood closer to me seemed confused. Anyway, I started talking to her, saying how I was curious to ask her about it all, what if trans rights are actually a vehicle of sexism, etc. Surprisingly she didn’t throw a fit at first, we were discussing it but she was only repeating how it actually works so people can be respected etc. Then she brought up some bullshit about “feminine people”, when I asked why she didn’t just say “women”, she replied what she meant is “women and people socialized as women”. My point was that this is all dehumanizing bullshit, same with speaking of “bleeders” or “menstruating people” when period is something that only the female sex can get. She brought up NBs and FTMs but I said their identities are all based on sexist ideas and trauma.

Another fun part of the conversation was when she started to tell me how she supposedly never “felt like a woman”, once she mentioned she doesn’t like her body (kek) and always tried to deny my point that such identities are result of trauma/negativity fixation. She said she doesn’t know anyone who would be like that so I replied I actually knew trans people irl and online (that’s true) so this is what I learned about them.

About the second TIF: she was present nearby at the beginning of conversation, disappeared soon and came back near the end, when I had to go somewhere else and leave it all. The second TIF, like first, had kinda boyish haircut and also dyed in pastel colors. My little tinfoil is that she could have gone to the bathroom to calm down herself when I misgendered her. It was a bit like:
>TIF: says something
>me: asks her a question and uses a female grammar form (just the details of my native language, some words are gendered)
>TIF: corrects the word to male form
>me: “you don’t look like one”
>TIF: angered/shocked face
>me: “people have different faces but well..”

Then she went somewhere else and I was left with the TIF that I had most of that conversation.

Also funnily in the second half of it a random girl joined too, turned out to be also a TIF (different appearance though: long wavy hair and clothing that would be perceived by most as feminine and nerdy but not too much nerdy).

We had some discussion too but it were the same points all over again. At least she said at some point she knows she won’t make me believe her arguments and I won’t make her believe mine either so that was the only thing we agreed about, kek. Also, she didn’t belong to the queer club I mentioned but just happened to be around this stand and overheard part of our debate, deciding to discuss with me now. The TIF I talked to was then busy with talking to someone else and the TIF who left came back later.

Another moment worth mentioning is when I said to the TIF from the club (the one who didn’t leave) that there is an issue with moids criminals, for example rapists, who suddenly say they go by she/her pronouns and get transported to prisons for women, thus becoming a danger and source of discomfort for women who are prisoners there. TIF’s reply was that the transition is a long process that should be actually proceeded by therapy, someone should know that a person wants to change identity in some way, etc. Then I told her it might be right but she can’t deny some people will tell others to respect their new gender no matter what and any attempts of investigation will be seen as disrespectful and invalidating. Although it’s not a thing that happens in our country (I hope it never will), I was just shocked how much she didn’t care. I never heard myself of any scumbag rapist being checked whether the trans identity is “genuine” or faked.

These TIFs all came across as sad girls who were mislead enough in their lives to believe this gender nonsense, even outright mentioning self-hatred and not caring about comfort of other women at all.

When I was leaving the spot I told them all they’re sending women rights back and that they’re still deeply in sexist stereotypes and perceiving people by superficial things.

No. 1708558

watch this bitch regrets those words as soon as she starts balding too lol

No. 1708562

File: 1669305393133.jpeg (296.47 KB, 613x2048, 3749546A-A003-4E6C-94C3-065E49…)


No. 1708566


Trannies are so stupid. Like obviously you aren’t going to regret it if you believe to be male. Once that believe is gone, then what? You are just a woman with amputated breasts.
They act like detrans people have never been “trans” so they themselves could never detransition.

No. 1708568


Samefag, sorry I’m a newfag and forgot to sage

No. 1708571

>tif jesse
i’ll never forgive them for what they did to my boy

No. 1708596

Isn't chase the tif who works for the ACLU but thinks certain books should be banned

No. 1708601


and it makes no sense since he is homophobic and has used the word faggot multiple times. Can't wait till the new breaking bad hype train dies down. It's either teenage boys who believe in the "sigma grindset" or troon teen girls. The internet once again manages to make good things cringe because of the fans.

No. 1708605

>there is no butch straight woman identity
Tomboy. If not manly enough for them just use masculine woman. People use these two labels so often, do the TIFs live under a rock?

No. 1708621

troons are very homophobic though and would "ironically" pretend to be homophobic to pass better

No. 1708640

So basically
>I wish I could be a tomboy/masc/butch as a hettie, but I can't because the stereotypes tell me that's not allowed for hetties and I believe everything I'm told.
All the whining they do is for self inflicted problems that they don't even realise are self inflicted bc they lack critical thinking.

No. 1708671

File: 1669318664282.jpeg (801.74 KB, 750x1270, 29BE9804-1D26-470B-A3CE-22C743…)

So close. So close to realizing

No. 1708678

File: 1669319496869.jpg (Spoiler Image,106.65 KB, 900x716, manmadehorrors.jpg)

"Body Masculinization for a transgender patient🏳️‍⚧️.

Top Surgery, Vertical Thighplasty & Reverse Tummy Tuck."

It really is just another way for plastic surgery grifters to profit off of insecure young women, huh

No. 1708679

She really isn’t close at all. I’d like to know what she thinks straight women are attracted to

No. 1708689

File: 1669320400630.jpg (57.91 KB, 720x465, Screenshot_20221124-150514_Bra…)

If trans men are men, how are they lesbians?

No. 1708691

I will never understand why some women are attracted to fat, hairy men. It must be some internalized self-hatred.

No. 1708692

What the fuck? There was almost no fat on any of those areas to begin with?! What was the point in these procedures?

No. 1708693

Female fat placement is most apparent in the thighs and I guess her dysphoria got a lot worse after the initial surgeries that she couldn't even stand that amount. It's some pro-ana mentality fr

No. 1708694

The thighs are the only area where i can see any difference. She had no breasts to begin with and what is the tummy tuck for? Those scars are horrific.

No. 1708695

Your knee isn't a sex organ, and surgery for a torn ACL isn't elective. If a person isn't old enough to consent to sex, they're not old enough for a cosmetic procedure that modifies their sex organs.

No. 1708698

This is bleak.

No. 1708704

No. 1708709

She’s talking about “transmasc/hehim” lesbians - aka butch with extra steps.

No. 1708736

I'm so confused, she had a flat chest to begin with

No. 1708746

It’s interesting to me, in my experience, TiFs always have a lot of bark online but if you speak to them one-on-one they never actually seem to want to debate. They end up backing down or trying to get out of it or speaking to you like you’re a child. Meanwhile, a TiM would have instantly gone into male rampage mode. It’s easier to speak to TiFs in general because since they are women, they can understand the pain women go through. I think the fact that you even see this on twitter and subreddits speaks volumes, how whenever TiFs bring up TiMs being abusive or talking over them, they just get ignored or attacked. No matter what, the people (men) that keep women in place continue to exist. It doesn’t matter how much you lean into being trans.

No. 1708751

How would it be weird? There’s a reason so many women fawn over muscular men with beards and body hair and even dad bods and it’s not because they’re gay men.

No. 1708753

In my own experience, the more I fixate on a “problem area” of my body the more I start to hate myself and obsess over it and want surgery to fix it. Just like with other forms of BDD, I think therapy and radical self-acceptance would do wonders, especially for teens and younger adults who get sucked into this. It really is like a massive ED wave all over again.

No. 1708758

File: 1669326472084.jpeg (Spoiler Image,621.88 KB, 828x1271, E9FB7382-9648-437D-BC5B-739ACE…)

“body masculinisation surgery” and the only difference is she looks skinnier after having some fat taken out & her boobs are missing. fucking horrifying. she looks like a rag doll

No. 1708779

How did you not get banned for the emoji lmao

No. 1708785

what the fuck is the point of any of that? bleak. she had a flat chest and was slim anyway. the massive incisions on her legs are so disturbing, it looks like cloth sewn together.

No. 1708786

didnt realise this was already posted my bad
It is just so scary & dystopian. What is it that will lead to people snapping & finally saying no to all of this? I see a lot of people talking about “when the pendulum swings back” but I feel like this is going to stick around for a long time.

No. 1708791

File: 1669329322148.png (428.6 KB, 1584x1326, twitter replies.png)

surprising amount of based replies to that tweet

>What is it that will lead to people snapping & finally saying no to all of this?
my personal opinion is that resistance will happen in the same way hook up culture is being resisted - as the young people who believe in it get older they're going to reevaluate, and the younger generation will see how it screwed people over and resist from the get go. as time passes, we will see the longterm health effects of those who transitioned young, and there will be more lawsuits. trooning is also clearly a fad and inevitably it'll fall out of favor since the next generation of young people is going to have some new retarded trend. maybe it'll take 30 years, but i think we will live to see it end.

No. 1708829

File: 1669331535338.png (417.27 KB, 628x900, 1669140588050.png)

>it's a munchie crossover episode

Fascinating that TiFs are always self-destructing while TiMs take their issues out on everyone around them.

No. 1708857

Women internalize, males externalize. Psych 101.

For example, that's why depression is so radically different in moids and women.

No. 1708867

nta but you only get banned if you're just saying it for no reason; it's not an auto ban the mods do it manually. If you're quoting something it's fine

No. 1708944

AYRT, I agree. Personally I had body dysmorphia and dysphoria myself but I snapped out of the feedback cycle & hardly have any dysphoria now by avoiding mirrors and practicing body neutrality. It's so sad that so many young women are being duped into not only thinking that surgery is the only way out, but also that they need to push away anyone who suggests otherwise "for their own safety."

No. 1708974

This is one of the worst things I've ever seen. Thighplasty?!??! These surgeons need to be on death row.

No. 1709077

does anyone know how old this patient is and if any similar surgeries have been done? i'm only guessing but i have a feeling this could be a dysphoric lesbian/hsts and not a straight girl with a fetish for gay men considering how many of the latter only go for the tit chop and embrace femininity

No. 1709109

Surely those fucking massive scars spanning the entire width pf your torso and length of your upper legs would make you more miserable than the miniscule amount of fat that you could just exercise off
This type of surgery should be illegal, it's just medical experimentation and butchery. No health improvements gained, and I can't see these huge scars having a good impact on mental health either. Just awful.

No. 1709143

A tummy tuck? For fucking what? There's no loose skin or fat in that area.

No. 1709177

Scars tug and can make movement painful, so to have something like this on your limbs for any other reason than, I dunno, losing 400 pounds and suffering from a shit ton of excess skin, is just fucking retarded.

No. 1709204

That would actually be completely in character for a tif kek

No. 1709228

File: 1669369207111.jpeg (289.8 KB, 1170x893, C6DF51FC-1C4B-48EB-9D43-4B98EB…)

Just normal comments under a video of a gnc woman.

No. 1709236

Why is it mainly black ppl calling this shit out

No. 1709237

File: 1669369982970.jpg (426.65 KB, 934x1527, Badbodyday.jpg)

a non insignificant number of TIFs believe that trooning out will revert their body to a neutral state before puberty

No. 1709261

"oh gosh i love them" in the second as a person is identifying as a troon is so fucking weird. their admiration over trannies is so fucking odd

No. 1709263

trans people worship the straight white man, just in a dress and clown level makeup, and that's the most racist group and thus they spread their racism which black people are used to spotting and calling out

No. 1709282

Insane. It's like they cut a line on the chest and cut out the nipples just to stitch that back the same. Like a placebo scar. The strangest thing to me is the huge scar line that is popular amongs the surgeons. Do they know it can be done witch much less scaring? a Tif i know has teenytiny scars next to the nipples, almost not noticable, and she had reasonable sized boobs, wasn't a problem at all to make the scars this way. Seems like surgeones in the west have a frankenstein fetish or something. The more horrid looking the better.

No. 1709287

I think cultural differences might play a part too. I'm middle eastern and have had to argue countless times with my family to defend my sexuality and fight their misogyny, so when troons came along and said "ackshully you're a uterus haver and lesbianism is non-men loving non-men" I just wasn't having it. From speaking to my wife and friends who aren't white I also hear the same sentiment: that we've heard enough misogyny and homophobia growing up, so we'll call it how we see it with troons. I think western white people in general are more likely to view LGBT identities as fun and games though, especially if they're into shit like RPDR. They're much more susceptible to troons moving the goalposts with fixed definitions like man, woman, homosexual, etc. There are exceptions, it seems being from a strict religious background can make some white people resist troon shit, but then again others will go along with it to spite mummy and daddy. Idk I think there's a lot of factors involved like how strong-willed you are (because you will face social repercussions for speaking up), what kind of friends you have, where you live, higher education, etc.

No. 1709327

File: 1669379610966.png (Spoiler Image,1.58 MB, 1440x2331, Screenshot_20221125-072857~2.p…)

A TIF is posting on tiktok now about the results from going to see "Dr. Teetus Deletus". Has to keep reminding themselves "I definitely love my amorphous blobby scarred up top surgery, I only regret my surgeon choice". Spoilered for disgusting medical images.

No. 1709328

File: 1669379706778.png (Spoiler Image,1.73 MB, 1440x2006, Screenshot_20221125-072910~2.p…)

>>1709327 Part II of Dr. Gallagher's mutilations

No. 1709336

Reducing tights…
Shrier is right in saying troonism is just radical anorexia for a new decade.

No. 1709339

File: 1669381327812.jpeg (704.48 KB, 2560x1920, 60B34FA4-5E97-4E59-8912-9B240E…)

Same TIF, in July, laughing at detrans and complications from surgery

No. 1709343

No sympathy for her at all. She reaped what she fucking sowed, and she's gonna reap even more when she gets bottom surgery.

No. 1709348

>you making a mistake doesn't mean i don't get to make the choice you did
I hope she remembers tweeting that when she has to live with the complications for the rest of her life. You made your bed now lie in it.

No. 1709356

I don’t think any of this will deter or peak people because it’s just an irresponsible surgeon from their pov and any surgery can go wrong

No. 1709361

'surgery as an adult' after being groomed for 5 years by the internet/your shit tier society.

No. 1709372

She seems to purposely be selling the image of looking like a prettyboy, which works for her she has many simps kek, though when asked I think shes open about being female.

No. 1709377

File: 1669385557762.jpg (111.73 KB, 691x425, oof.jpg)

What kind of creature even is Gallagher?! How is that looking good? A literal hole with meat and pus inside. I think she's the most psychopathic woman i've even seen

No. 1709378

holy shit she’s in for a world of hurt when she realizes how ugly she looks…she’s already flat chested in the before, wtf. starting to think these troon doctors hate them and just get the job in order to purposely botch these mentally ill people to teach a lesson lmfao. she’s totally butchered & deformed now

No. 1709389

>it's looking good
Holy hell this surgeon actually hates her patients

No. 1709423

Same, I was a tomboy too and wish I had more masculine women in my life specially other straight masculine women. I transitioned and lived as TiF briefly when I was younger, I figured since I wasn't a lesbian I couldn't be butch and there was no other explanation for me being this GNC. It sounds real dumb. But these thoughts have roots in my childhood and things I internalized, I thought I'd be better off living as a man or whatever close to it.
Positive GNC representation is very important specially to children, boys and girls..

No. 1709464

So, she regretted the surgery she got underaged but no the one she got as an adult after years of deliberation? Curious..

also I don't know her medical history, but I highly doubt some surgeon just cut into a perfectly healthy knee for the shits and gigs and caused all her knee issues. It's way more likely the subsequent knee troubles and surgeries are because of the original injury and not the surgery. This is one of the top lawyers of ACLU, everyone.

No. 1709492

This person is a living example of wht they have maximum weight requirements for these surgeries. Just lose some fuckin weight!!!

No. 1709502

Yea. Same actually. So she hated women and being female so fucking much that she'd rather butcher her body than be in the same category as women. There's not a shred of sympathy left for tifs after realizing that they hate all women and are disgusted by women. They actually prefer the repulsive full body scars to having boobs or a female body shape. Because they think being a woman is the worst and most disgusting and degrading thing one could ever be. They're much happier being carved up messes than being a woman. It's what they wanted. Why are they so upset now? Isn't this what they wanted? The same way they think every female who calls herself a woman wants to be abused and identifies with misogyny?

No. 1709528

Lmao she should have just lost a little weight and called her boobs moobs. She's fat so it's harder to tell the difference with them, top surgery definitely wasn't necessary. But, oh well. I'm sure she's very happy in her new masculine chop shop body.

No. 1709539

What is it about the shit-tier Tumblr webcomic combined with the professional signature in the corner that looks like something from a wedding photographer? Funny juxtaposition

No. 1709546

I see four black people, two white people, and four accounts with unclear profile pictures and names. That's not "mainly black people" it's your own bias.

No. 1709549

Anachans looking at this photo must be really conflicted

No. 1709552

Lack of self-worth.

No. 1709558

Am straight masc, have been called dyke and lesbian my entire life. This comment is cathartic because someone recognizes what I go through, thanks

No. 1709596

Do they not get that everyone has “bad body days”? That’s just a consequence of living in society today, our insecurities are exploited so brands and doctors can make more money off of us. Someone else said it earlier but body neutrality does wonders for the mind. It annoys me that they act like only trans people experience any sort of discomfort in how they look and that, rather than deny what those companies and surgeons want, they think it’s their bodies that are the problem. It’s depressing.

No. 1709602

This. I think a lot of younger adults haven’t fully matured and get held back by their peer groups, especially when said peer groups are filled with people intent on making their entire personality about being victimized. Plus, some of these people have been on puberty blockers for a while which also fucks up their brain development. And yet they still never show sympathy for those kids who’s parents got sucked into it too and now have their kids existing as perpetual patients.

No. 1709613

she realizes that there are plenty of hairy, muscular straight men, right?

>hot transmasc shirtless pics
>surgery-related shitposting
HAHAHAHA, serves her right for going to Dr. Mengallagher, the Butcher of Miami.
Reminder that "anti-trans" sites like Lily Maynard and Kiwi Farms are the only sources for information on Dr. Gallagher.

No. 1709623

File: 1669402677049.jpg (205.94 KB, 1080x736, Screenshot_20221125_184807_Twi…)

uwu very manliness such quirky!!!

No. 1709630

File: 1669402866227.jpg (813.72 KB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20221125_185243_Twi…)

A shame though because I like some of her stuff (ignoring the they're twans caption) but why does troonism infect every self expression of tifs

No. 1709669

File: 1669405048131.jpeg (382.89 KB, 1024x1304, 855F6CE9-2970-476B-9035-22BAD0…)

One artist whom I used to follow in my teenage years trooned out. A woman who became some variant of nonbinary/transmasc - her art associated with the trans identity (picrel) comes off as a short-haired woman with a goatee.

Over the years her style changed too, she became famous for a sort of Burtonesque/grotesque and a bit edgy but humorous art style, recently it shifted more to manga-like. Guess she’s a weeb, at least it’s known she likes the Yakuza (Like a Dragon) games and some character from that might be her husbando or just a character she likes a lot.

A silly thing is how she has trans flag in her Twitter bio along with Colombia flag. I always knew she’s Latina and American, she always lived in the US, yet it seems she might present herself as Colombian-only. Perhaps that’s to be woke enough or let people know she’s POC.

As soon as I learned around 2 years ago that she’s trans now, I unfollowed her. Quite disappointed to see someone you liked from afar to turn out that way.

No. 1709672

That's some grade A quality m/m brain rot

No. 1709674

File: 1669405351486.jpeg (513.83 KB, 1702x1536, 60386C99-9F33-417E-8380-C31368…)

samefag but here’s a thing from her social media, for some reason she’s happy that colors in art of her ancient OC align with the trans flag, as told by her friends

Let’s just hope she won’t troon out the poor fictional girl. Sophia deserved better.

No. 1709683

I don't think these straight girls would survive a day as an actual gay man Or actual homophobia lmao. A couple of months ago this gay kid got his ass jumped for being gay. back in 2018, a kid got bullied so hard in an elementary school for being gay he killed himself.

No. 1709688

>friends made me realize how my OC's colors are the transflag
Social contagion, season 44. You know what? I don't mind when some bored as fuck, terminally online loser wakes up one day and thinks "Geez, I have nothing else to think about because I have to problems, priorities or responsibilities to deal with in my life, what if I'm trans?" But I loathe the fuckers that go around telling everyone stupid shit like
>hurr durr you don't like pink so you're actually a man
>hurr durr dresses are for women and you wear pants so you're a man
>oh em gee! You put these colors that form a color palette that has been used forever for no particularly reason other than they look nice! That means you're a tranny!!
>you like women, and only men like women! So that means you're a man!!
>if you don't like to wear crop tops, tight tops, tight pants, heels, makeup or other random shit, that means you're a man!!
Fuck that stupid ass weird regressive shit. This woman probably has gone through some shit and her "friends" told her to use the ~solve it all miracle tool to live on "easy mode"~ which is trooning out.

No. 1709690

No wonder so many TIFs are anas.. I knew so many anas who transitioned, I've been in the ed community for over 12 years (I could never get proper treatment mentally.) and SO MANY of these women would be just regular anachans back then

No. 1709693

File: 1669406400641.png (4.16 MB, 1764x2048, 611C2648-EBC0-43BA-ADAD-22449F…)

Omg I just saw that character on the left a day or so ago and thought it looked like a really nice female design. The colors and lack of sexualization were nice. I didn’t notice the binding around the chest.

No. 1709806

File: 1669411463902.jpeg (Spoiler Image,872.33 KB, 1170x1437, 2E7B2CA0-D254-476A-8481-2F533E…)


No. 1709810

Fucking EW!

No. 1709820

You're welcome, nona. Straight masc women will always be my sisters. ♥

No. 1709830

kek the character not being sexualized is a major sign that it's supposed to be a twans boy. These people can only create unsexualized and decent female designs if she's also a tif. Whenever they create an actual woman character (very rare because they hate all women) she's some sort of porn trope and massively sexualized. Because that's what women are to them. They think all women love being fuckdolls

No. 1709845

but not all aydens are fujos(sage)

No. 1709879

zoomers are so pornsick, warped by the most degenerate kinks. what's she going to do with her life when her libido runs out?

No. 1709883

I'm baked and this is really scary as fuck,.,

No. 1709897

KEK me too, this image is definitely an effective appetite suppressant my god

No. 1709940

File: 1669419267857.jpeg (191.22 KB, 828x1412, ADAED7C7-7270-4955-BF42-43CA31…)

imagine willingly trying to get into a relationship with a faggot. fucking grow up kek

No. 1709950

this has been posted but yes it's idiotic

No. 1709958

Imagine how much happier with their bodies these women would be if they just did daily cardio instead of sawing their breasts off.

No. 1709967

This smacks of "BDD patient who was talked into a bunch of shit they didn't need by a slimey opportunistic surgeon."

No. 1709983

Can't see what's not there.

No. 1709986

File: 1669422895093.jpg (45.52 KB, 1280x720, troypaytas.jpg)

No. 1710035

This is so damn true and is the number one reason I became convinced that I was a lesbian even if I was definitely bi, I don't think there would be nearly as many GNC straight/bi women larping as lesbian if there was less social-ostracizing surrounding their status. But for some reason normies cannot fathom the concept of GNC people without immediately calling them gay/trans.

No. 1710101

I've been delighting in calling myself a heterosexual woman whenever I get asked for pronouns/identity. It's actually incredibly euphoric and validating to state the reality of who I am versus the labels the shallow question asker is CERTAIN apply to me. They're almost offended when you're comfortable being who you are.

No. 1710104

Being effortlessly more masculine than every fakeboy you meet is a joy if ever there was one

No. 1710124

Karmic justice. I wonder if anyone responded to her tweets about the complications with
>Take some responsibility as an adult for consenting to a major surgery and its risks.
If it's detrans peoples' fault that they were coerced (often when they were underage or barely eighteen) then it's Rylan's fault that she chose to get surgery from a doctor she presumably knew had no medical malpractice insurance. She had to do a ~mountain of paperwork~ after all, and I'm sure one of those papers mentioned it.

No. 1710168

Every single one I’ve debated has blocked me after making the same snide female twitter user type insults, or they accuse me of being a conservative while never actually addressing any of my points. Very female behavior! They never seem to realize that their very stereotypically female hobbies and syntax out them without me even having to see them.(sage ur retardation)

No. 1710189

No sage + moidposting, pick a struggle

No. 1710205

I’m not even a moid I just wanted to point out that they can’t even properly act like what they claim to be, even less so when they get emotional.

No. 1710240

>gay gay homo gay
classic tif

No. 1710254

Truly the IRL Riddler with her tranny larp, kek.

No. 1710269

>decidedly unqueer

it really is just about being nlog isn’t it.

No. 1710281

>service dog
A pet you drag into public areas because going grocery shopping is “too twiggewing” what if someone looks at her and she can tell they think she’s female.

No. 1710288

Probably teaching the dog to bark over the words "she", "her", "ma'am", etc.

No. 1710306

File: 1669470125778.jpg (146.01 KB, 1027x706, 4c66-ae42-ea26dc88434d.jpg)

usually don't cape for moids but anyone else think its creepy that TIFs in their 20's and 30's often sexualize the existence of being an underage teenage boy

No. 1710308

lmao is she not just describing obsessive homophobia? and misogyny kek. she is really so disgusted by women and women's sexuality

No. 1710309

theyre obsessed with a specific, neatly labelled "identity" though. they dont want to actually do anything. bet all those girls are extremely feminine in behaviour, dress and hobbies.

No. 1710329

Yes they sexualize and romanticize it in a weird, unreal way the way that TiMs objectify the experiences of little girls to college age women (skirt go spinny, wahhh I never had a sexy sleepover, I can’t be a sorority slut, etc.).

No. 1710339

File: 1669474292952.jpeg (Spoiler Image,322.99 KB, 1170x2532, 035F5852-C73F-4624-91EA-F4985F…)

Please proceed with caution nonnies but good lord. The fact that there are women who do this to themselves on PURPOSE…

No. 1710342

This is the only thing that makes her feel insecure??

No. 1710350

They're literally the same as tranny moids but they're women, trannynism should be studied but not in a "hurr durr men with women brain and women with men brain" but in a way that shows how both sides of the same coin are pedophiles.
It's way too coincidental that both men and women who identify as trannies fetishize youth and wish they could go back and be the kid they wanted (and still want) to fuck in highschool.
I wish there was something that explained just why the fuck they won't fucking grow up and cope with being adults like most of the world's population, being a pedo tranny is like Peter Pan syndrome on hard drugs.
And I know #not all trannies and that they have lots of subgroups, specially the girls that want to be guys, but this particular group baffles me.

No. 1710352

Nonnies, remember. They'd rather have a greenish smegma ridden microdick dangling from what was once a human groin than be seen as a woman. Tifs are not your friends and they're not to be pitied

No. 1710355

awe sweet, man-made horrors made beyond my fucking comprehension….

No. 1710364

I like the topics she talks about in her videos but I always am on guard for when she gets into shallow social commentary like going on a tangent of Sims 3 a game made in 2009 depictions of mummies not being accurate to Egyptian culture

No. 1710381

File: 1669477063952.jpg (107.11 KB, 950x1000, 3dd8471144833febc21711c993880b…)

She has the same syndrome as the fishmen from Bloodborne.

No. 1710394

Sorry if this is old milk I haven’t kept up with the other threads but wasn’t her “personal trainer” Harley Pasternak? The guy who threatened Kanye and turned out to be a fed working for some Mk Ultra thing in Canada?

No. 1710462

Danofags are bleeding out of their eyes right now

No. 1710506

According to a quick google, she did train with him at one point. Not sure if it's ongoing, but there is a link. You can neatly fold that little detail into this >>1702926 theory that Ellen came out specifically on the day of the Kira Bell case ending to distract the masses. Great catch, anon. Btw write "sage" in the email field if you're just replying to other people, otherwise you might get banned.

No. 1710523

I support her journey from Shinji Ikari into Elon Musk

It's not that her hands got bigger, she just lost all the meat on her arms

No. 1710539

This is a T side effect I didn't know existed. Women can naturally have fordyce spots on their labia but not pearly papules.

No. 1710561

someone watched too much free! kek

No. 1710619

I'm gonna put this one down to two lesbians who have a better time passing as two males in public for misogyny reasons, she obviously isn't dysphoric since she shows her female body in a bikini.
Imagine how many steps these girls could skip by simply being a straight woman and dating men, like 0% of the men who will date a tif are gay so?? just save yourself the bother of transitioning. You can date a bi man for your gay points without taking hormones or mutilating your body.
Also like…these girls went to school right, teenage boys are monsters, idek what they are even imagining

No. 1710636

Is this what Lovecraft warned us about

No. 1710637

wtf that looks like std is that really a t side effect

No. 1710638

>these girls went to school right, teenage boys are monsters, idek what they are even imagining

They seem to have most of their interactions online or with yaoi boys in fiction, and view both sexes through stereotypes, I don't think they know what irl boys OR girls are like kek

No. 1710696

echoing what everyone else has already said, but once I realized that TiFs are literally the female counterpart to AGP, it all made sense.

No. 1710778

File: 1669500221137.jpeg (433.1 KB, 750x974, B79A8908-37F6-4CAC-9B67-BAD81E…)

NLOG much?

No. 1710813

Troons forever lying about the magic powers of HRT and then blaming the people they suckered in for believing them.

No. 1710837

>reddit username has faggot in it
straight girls calling themselves faggots will never not be incredibly cringy
also funny to act like detransitioners are retards for not knowing what HRT actually does when the trannies who are actually on HRT don't seem to know much about it either. they literally think it's a magic drug that will turn them into the opposite sex and not have any harmful impacts and that it can change their bone structure and make them grow new organs.

No. 1710841

The effects of T are far from the miniscule effect estrogen has on MtFs though, that shit wrecks a woman pretty hard, while MtFs can walk away with advances gynecomastia and some dick problems.

Most rational Aiden argues for 12 year olds to shoot themselves up with anything they desire if they "want it enough"

No. 1710844

I hope she gets butchered tbh. No sympathy for traitors who laugh and think they're superior to us mere mortals (women).

No. 1710862

Not Like The Other Trewnnn

No. 1711061

Unironically these eldritch clusters of worm eggs is a normal occurrence in cismoids.

Imagine doing all this and the only things that pass about you are the absolute most revolting facets of male existence. Unimaginable L

No. 1711068

File: 1669513278833.jpeg (228.78 KB, 1824x1250, 2EC3B058-4BAC-4608-A193-10A3EC…)

We’ll be seeing her in the detrans threads soon, nonas

No. 1711071

File: 1669513529627.jpg (Spoiler Image,643.51 KB, 1080x1685, Screenshot_20221127_014511_Ope…)

Oh ew you're right

No. 1711111

probably becuase beauty is often equated to worth when it comes to women (in the societal sense), men not so much. So FTMs dont care if their ugly

No. 1711121

File: 1669518139649.jpg (179.46 KB, 1024x1024, FLm_MlkXwAQ8Kkt.jpg)

No. 1711190

File: 1669522281359.png (1001.96 KB, 900x709, f3aadfefaaf49ed6f0f75f057ce88c…)

I'd like to give my perspective as someone who had thoughts of gender dysphoria and did fixate on my teenage crushes well into adulthood, the guys I had a crushes on didn't even know I existed and I was too scared to ever talk to them, so I just fantasized from afar, I even had a brief fujo phase where I sorta shipped with them with their friends(yeah, I know) I was just so enamored with them but I dealt with a lot of self hatred so I thought I was unworthy of being with them, the only way I could see myself being with them was not as a male but more as a sexless inbetween, that was the only way my mind would allow me to feel worthy enough to be with attractive boys, I don't know how many TIFs have a similar experience as me, but I doubt that most haven't dealt with experiences of extreme self hatred of their very self

No. 1711216

File: 1669523719301.jpg (406.87 KB, 1200x1333, 20221126_222101.jpg)

Was trying to look up shit about service dog training because I was pretty sure legit service animals start being trained from an early age, so her "rescued from people who didn't like that their puppy grew up" story was a big red flag to me. Thought it was funny that this was a section in general info page about service dogs. The munchies have gotten so bad, major orgs are having to put out statements condemning them now kek

No. 1711222

your picrelated better not be an example of those "attractive boys" kek. Also attractive males are a lot less picky than obese redditors, just sayin

No. 1711277

>I want hugs
>I want lean muscles
>I want to run with friends and have fun!
kek does she want to be a teen boy or a golden retriever? The men and boys you fawn over in fandom spaces are not real. Your husbandos are basically women with dicks.

No. 1711283

Like, even if teens act like this now is still completely different like how they acted back then. I'm in my thirties and bullying was ridiculous back when I was a teen, you had students AND teachers being homophobic as fuck.

No. 1711291

Not just the munchies, mostly it’s the crazy pit bull owners who like to pretend their shitbulls are service dogs to bypass rental unit breed restrictions. And to have an excuse to bring their murder mutts places that don’t allow dogs.

There’s some Asian chick on TikTok with a shit bull “service dog” for her anxiety or something stupid that she brings to fucking Disney world.

No. 1711324

File: 1669536126649.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.48 MB, 1465x2320, 58A432BF-2EC0-41A3-8D6C-B75651…)

Was remembering this from a previous thread and went to check, hoping it was a LARP or some shit. I feel soul deep pain for this future child

No. 1711331

Bring back forced sterilization for the mentally ill. I'm fine with it catching some people who are not insane to make sure creatures like that don't get to torture child for decades.

No. 1711337

these children are going to be the hippie children of our time, but instead of just growing up with a stupid name like ''dream'' or ''rain'', they are going to reach adulthood druged up, sterile, mutilated, probably molested and with a fucked up perception of sex/love.

No. 1711340

File: 1669538190309.jpeg (255.88 KB, 1920x1398, 7C5699F9-088C-4601-A738-85565D…)

sorry nonnie i'm sobbing i looked this up and being amab is a risk factor for it

No. 1711364

For the life of me I'll never get why degenderates absolutely want children, I'd hope they'd see it as some kind of trad thing and thus antithetical to troon but no, they keep on reproducing and being horrible parents.

No. 1711377

This bitch draws FUCKED UP fetish tranny porn and most likely got pregnant due to a fetish. Imagine creating a human due to a fetish. Abhorrent. Terrified for that child.

No. 1711381

Is the father present in her life or did she just convince some moid to go without protection in order to fulfil her mpreg fantasy?

No. 1711407

post the art, now i am curious but i cant see her art unless i have a tw acc

No. 1711410

File: 1669546601575.png (Spoiler Image,243.63 KB, 581x445, aaaaaaa.png)

holy shit no, why did i look at it. Imagine your mother posting preggo pics nexts to porn art of pregnant women, i would kms

No. 1711418

File: 1669548933330.jpg (586.51 KB, 1080x2117, Screenshot_20221126_133837_com…)

There was a viral audio on tiktok going round that said "oh how I love being a woman". It was full of young women posting clips of their lives. Now a male version has been made with "I'm proud to be a man on a day like this" but there is not a single man under this sound.

No. 1711420

File: 1669549228722.jpg (1.47 MB, 2048x2048, PhotoGrid_1669549186443.jpg)

No. 1711446

Can't wait to see her crawling back online to cry about balding or vaginal atrophy if she's gonna shit on other women like that.

No. 1711469

>being called "boyfriend"
>I love loving others boys
tell me your a fujoshi without saying your a fujoshi

No. 1711480

All I see is internalized misogyny.
>commanding a room by clearing your throat
kek i bet you do
>learning to exist outside society's expectations
You internalized the expectations so hard that you deluded yourself into thinking that not conforming to the sexist imagery fed to us by the society means you are not a woman and you need to chop off your tits, young lady.

No. 1711528

File: 1669563017483.jpeg (1.39 MB, 1170x2032, C5DCB11E-B487-4745-971E-1CFC1D…)

She’s nonbinary and genderfluid.
So when she feels masculine she can just remove her wig? Is that the explanation

No. 1711567

This is actually really sad because as "men" tifs embody all the traits women want in men but are fucking nonexistent. It's like instead of accepting men are shit their brains short circuited and they decided to be the men that are missing in the real world.

No. 1711683

Holy shit I was mutuals with this bitch in 2016

No. 1711691

When you say it like that it makes me wish it worked

No. 1711707

not to mention, that its proven that children born from women who had taken steroids had higher chances of being born with intellectual disabilities, slight physical deformities and long term hormonal imbalances(especially for girls)

>Birth Defects: Anabolic/androgenic steroids can have a very pronounced impact on the development of an unborn fetus. Adrenal Genital Syndrome in particular is a very disturbing occurrence, in which a female fetus can develop male-like reproductive organs. Women who are, or plan to become pregnant soon, should never consider the use of anabolic steroids. it would also be the best advice to stay away from these drugs completely for a number of months prior to attempting the conception of a child, so as to ensure the mother has a normal hormonal chemistry.

No. 1711731

What's the sauce on that image? Can't find it using tineye.

No. 1711747

My friends stop dying their hair when they are pregnant, as to not harm the baby. Trannies not only keep dying their hair and using other harmful products, but they also shoot up testosterone throughout the pregnancy.

In a few years there will be raising kids with various health issues that could be totally prevented. What disgusting humans…

No. 1711777

This is the kind of shit that makes me hope reincarnation isn't real. Can't imagine dying then ending up in Aiden's chemical cocktail cesspool of a womb.

No. 1711950

>putting on a fresh shirt and tie every morning
That's how you know it's a woman kek

No. 1711952

why do they always do this to Zhao he's literally just a man who wears jewellery

No. 1711971

I drew it because I couldn't find the original that someone made in MSpaint on radblr

No. 1712018

File: 1669592891045.jpeg (467.75 KB, 1170x2019, 3E8C66BE-9AE2-4A51-9D82-C2F002…)

Is this actually a thing? because if it’s true then it’s both hilarious and sad.

No. 1712024

Why is there so many angry videos about detrans people on tiktok nowadays? Detrans videos themselves aren’t common in the slightest. Is it really all because of that balding video going viral on twitter?

No. 1712025

File: 1669593121379.jpg (106.52 KB, 2000x1331, CCV_iStock-619079366-2000x1331…)

>detransitioners were never trans in the first place!
>always respect everyone's gender identities, they know themselves better than you!
>gender is fluid and switching is fine and common!

No. 1712077

Behold the great circle: you can't have been trans in the past if you detransitioned, so trans people have 0% regret rate in transitioning because being trans is permanent and eternal, which we know because everyone who has detransitioned is really not trans.

No. 1712080

File: 1669597106424.jpeg (319.21 KB, 1170x919, A8C4CB11-15E2-4C23-9DBE-B46239…)

There’s more.

No. 1712086

File: 1669598221179.png (1.66 MB, 1180x1106, Screen Shot 2022-11-27 at 5.13…)

Mady G has been a cow of mine forever but it still blows my mind that there are women out there that are obsessed with and want to look like an Oliver Tree fakeboi

No. 1712098

Everything is valid until it isn't

No. 1712105

>shocked at how similar we look
He's an ugly moid, how unfortunate that she's happy to look like him
>same age
So she's 29? I didn't know gendies exist past early twenties

No. 1712112

If you detrans you were never trans, but it you transiton at 40 you were trans the whole time, make it make sense

No. 1712114

unless you detrans at 41 i guess?

No. 1712118

File: 1669601650924.jpg (979.47 KB, 1080x1822, Screenshot_20221127_201322_Tik…)


No. 1712120

I know the moid is cis but Oliver Tree does sound like a fakboi user name kek. Wish she'd just accept being a quirky woman.

Trannies stay losing and hospitalized

No. 1712126

Wonder how many of the comments are telling her she's doing a transphobia by alerting people to the medical dangers associated with transitioning.

No. 1712134

Many people who see this will probably use this absolute fail as another argument in favor of """life saving surgery"""

Just look at the lengths these poor young self-haters have to go to in order to hide any semblance of womanhood on their bodies. Poor little misogynists. They've gotta have their top surgery or they'll crush their wittle lungs with binding.

No. 1712140

detransitioner K.C Miller semi recently went viral for a thread she posted about wanting to detransition because of all the awful things testosterone was doing to her body. Troons were sent into a tailspin because no one is allowed to acknowledge the damage of the poison they’re willfully giving themselves, otherwise the entire thing would fall apart.

No. 1712147

File: 1669603645148.jpg (563.98 KB, 1786x2048, troooooo.JPG)

recently I have found out that the author of the comics I see now and then is a fakeboi, it was just very slightly disappointing

No. 1712151

File: 1669603690887.jpg (896.16 KB, 1861x1861, yrrrrrr.JPG)

a situation that didn't happen

No. 1712164

What do you anons think she'll name the baby

No. 1712169

Dissent breeds doubt and the doubters are doubling down to overcompensate.

No. 1712171

that balding video going viral on twitter
Post here please?

No. 1712175

Were you art mutuals? What was she like back then and how much changed?

No. 1712180

>Fakeboi that likes E.M. Forster
No way I am absolutely shocked.

No. 1712188

File: 1669606212257.jpg (119.92 KB, 1200x378, 20221127_211336.jpg)

She better not have killed her cat with this shit

No. 1712193

I knew her back when she was still a tif but before she physically transitioned. Massive spoonie. She made gross troon fanart of venture bros/metalocalypse characters but it was still SFW on her public acc. I eventually got access to her NSFW and was so disgusted I ended up ghosting her. Sorry I don’t have any screenshots (you can dig up her tumblr archive if you’re curious).

No. 1712197

I read somewhere that test gel is very dangerous to infants and not unproblematic for older children, and there's big issues with it sticking to skin and clothes for hours after it was applied, so by just touching things you can turn those objects into time bombs for children. Really puts those tranny teachers into a new light.

I hope her cat is fine, but it's very possible that it isn't.

No. 1712202

Someone tell TiFs men don’t own cats so this doesn’t happen again.

No. 1712209

Please stop nonna, you are erasing the trauma of my "sensitive male" ex

No. 1712215

Jesse Trevor Sans Grimoire

No. 1712246

I think I know someone irl, another FtM, mutuals with her wtf. Small world. Very telling these girls are into bondage stuff, anything that degrades women gets them off. Peak internal misogyny.

No. 1712299

i don't know how to explain it but she has every single feature that makes men so fucking disgusting while also having every single thing that makes her female prominent.
the weird teen boy skinny arms and gross lankiness, the hairline and psuedo sideburns, her stomach somewhat looks like a beer gut
but then you have the undeniably feminine face in every possible way from the jaw to the eyes, the tiny girl hands, the EXTREMELY obvious top surgery, the female fat distribution, waist, thighs… this hurts my eyes

No. 1712302

>I've never seen someone look so young yet so old, so feminine yet so masculine, so pretty yet so ugly. i’m truly disturbed

No. 1712332

File: 1669615729631.jpg (48.8 KB, 713x687, luzvubdv4r4z.jpg)

Reminds me of this.

No. 1712384

>>Was trying to look up shit about service dog training because I was pretty sure legit service animals start being trained from an early age
It's actually pretty common for task-specific training to start later in a dog's life. The majority of service puppy training is what we call public access training ie socialization, basic obedience, handler focus, and environmental indifference. Most service dog work isn't insanely specialized seeing eye dog type shit like people think, it's things like helping a wheelchair bound person put on their socks, picking up dropped items, retrieving items by name, opening doors, alerting etc. You can teach almost any dog to perform these behaviors, it's staying on task and performing consistently under distractions that's difficult and distinguishes service dogs from pets and ESAs. Trained service dogs also cost around $10,000 and have years long waiting lists so you're not getting one unless you're Make-A-Wish disabled.

t. Working dog trainer

No. 1712410

File: 1669620645073.jpg (738.84 KB, 1080x1734, Screenshot_20221128_022900_Twi…)

There are truly some tranny horrors in nsfw twt spaces. I just want weird porn, not disgusting troid selfies. Look at her media tab with extreme caution

No. 1712426

>I just want weird porn

Why would you moid like this

No. 1712438

pornsick women exist anon

No. 1712439

>egg egg egg
Well, at least she isn’t lying about how her head looks

No. 1712440

You can smell those pictures. Would it kill them to not be filthy in a rancid room?

No. 1712458

File: 1669631762422.png (634.3 KB, 600x600, tiny hands.png)

hahaha oh wow those are some small hands, i though she was wearing those fake small hands

No. 1712525

File: 1669641583332.jpg (45.83 KB, 917x663, 7ivlx9cgqcx71.jpg)

one of the top posts r/transman, literally what is the fucking difference

No. 1712526

It's a fetish.

No. 1712528

We exist and I'm tired of TIFs on my monster porn drawings.
It's different because they're not a yucky boring straight woman attracted to boring straight cishetties but a cool queer gay man (in her head)

No. 1712533

File: 1669642501920.jpg (391.99 KB, 1218x2208, coinslot.jpg)

>7 months on T! My body is definitely more masculine!
Literally HOW? This level of delusion warrants hospitalisation.

No. 1712534

how old is she, cause she genuinely looks like a 12 year old boy

No. 1712535

I think the number of TIFs would go down by about 80% if they just picked up sports and/or weightlifting. Just the confidence alone from being fit would be enough

No. 1712536

File: 1669642775692.jpeg (201.61 KB, 1250x496, 684BF35F-58DB-4AEE-892F-3AD6A0…)

Yeah, it’s horrifying. I don’t know what it can do to animals, but a few months back a family talked about how their son was accidentally being exposed to his father’s testosterone gel through touch without them even realizing it at first. https://www.insider.com/testosterone-gel-toddler-puberty-early-2022-06?amp

Sorry if this is OT but it was alarming to know how potent it can be. I hope the cat is okay.

No. 1712538

18, but I had to check because I thought she was like 15 max and it alarmed me that she was on testosterone at that age.

I'm into combat sports and bodybuilding and I agree 100%. I used to feel "dysphoric" and weird as a naturally muscular, broad shouldered woman, but embracing it and working out regularly has helped me immensely. I met other women like and slowly shed the internalised misogyny that had me thinking I would look better if I tried to "pass" as male.

No. 1712540

The first time I heard this sentiment was several years ago from a friend who was a self-hating lesbian. Her gf was an enby and my friend used to make comments about how her gf’s love for men was so beautiful and reminiscent of how gay men love each other. Was so bizarre. They were both obsessed with being ugly and acting disgusting, which I guess is common in these circles because womanhood has been so associated with being pretty and clean and acting kind. I don’t get it though because you can still have basic hygiene and not be an ass no matter what you want to believe about yourself.

No. 1712542

did she just have surgery and that is gas in the tummy because otherwise how do you even achieve that shape?

No. 1712559

this one is sincerely disturbing, she looks fucking underage, are you sure she isnt?????

No. 1712562

A lot of them are just suffering from some kind of eating disorder, self esteem or insecurity over being overweight/out of shape too, from my experience and time observing in these communities. Like SO MANY girls who would have been just regular anachans 10 years ago ID as trans now, or who would have turned out perfectly fine if they picked up a sport they liked for the confidence boot and getting some more muscle.. and like you said it can also help to meet other women

No. 1712567

It's hard to avoid TiFs gross furry porn when you're cruising for drawings of your fav old men. They go hand in hand closely on twitter unfortunately. All I can do to avoid them is turn off retweets or block once I start seeing them rt gross shit and selfies kek

No. 1712600

>I'm into combat sports and bodybuilding
>naturally muscular, broad shouldered woman
>embracing it

embrace me

No. 1712631

She's stunning, what a shame she trooned out.

No. 1712653

File: 1669652350028.webm (1.27 MB, 360x640, 1664307417818.webm)

its like these people think that life is like a 2D anime world, where a simple change in clothing and a haircut can just completely negate noticeable sexually dimorphic characteristics and features

No. 1712660

I've never seen a guy dressed like this, either in the 90s, 2000s or 2010s. She's dressed like a nerdy tomboy with shit taste, not like a guy.

No. 1712663

I know this is old but watching this again reminds me that social media was truly a mistake.

No. 1712674

Scam nona here with a question about getting handmaiden tifs. Ok so for a few days I've pretended to be a tim who is using twitter as a diary, reposting cutesy shit, spinny dresses, and sad vent posts about being a tranny (kek). Now how do I infiltrate troon spaces to get tifs specifically to handmaiden for me, and my eventual go fund me, because I've seen how they bend over backwards for tims. Thanks!

No. 1712678

Same fag to mention just by doing that I've gained a couple followers, who I've followed back, but none of them engage with my posts so I haven't interacted with them

No. 1712684

I haven't scammed anyone but TIFs are notorious for taking over fandoms. Scope out a fandom where you have some knowledge of the source material and try interacting with posts like you're any other fan. Specifically look for a fandom where there's a big gay ship or tranny headcanons. Try saying you relate to a female character or some male character is an egg.

No. 1712687

Never really understand why they need so much validation from other people. As someone who chooses to be GNC, I do it for myself because I like how it makes me look and feel. I don’t expect other people to treat me a certain way because of it, that seems very entitled and insecure. That being said, I also don’t have beliefs that anyone would see me as anything other than a woman or try to play thought police. Sorry to blog but they really come across as lacking in confidence and expecting everyone around them to be able to read minds. How can you expect a stranger to know everything you feel or think about yourself just by looking at you for a few seconds?

No. 1712688

The girly room really adds to her rant. Tell me this is an elaborate troll.

No. 1712696

>Specifically look for a fandom where there's a big gay ship or tranny headcanons. Try saying you relate to a female character or some male character is an egg.

Thanks for the help. Ok I'll just use popular ones like attack on titan, I know it's fandom is big on gay ships, and say omg this random character is such a tranny muh euphoria

No. 1712707

You need to pick a sausagefest hobby like speedrunning or something because otherwise the generic nature of your social media presence is too obvious

No. 1712709

My tim's interests are anime, video games, reading and music. Tried to keep it surface level because tims are vapid.

No. 1712727

Reminds me of when some time ago I was on Discord watching this one TIF rage about the balding detransitioner. The lack of empathy was astounding, it was just "but what about ME, I'M the real victim here, these DUMB CUNTS are making things harder for ME". I told her that she was being a bit too harsh on someone who started transitioning at 16, a very vulnerable age especially if you're struggling with mental health issues like dysphoria, but she kept calling the detransitioner a stupid bitch because apparently you're supposed to know whether HRT is "right for you" within the first few months. And if you keep going after that point but end up regretting it later, it's your own fault and you're a "stupid cunt and should shut the fuck up about trans issues".

No. 1712802

seconding what that other nonny said about speedrunning. narrows it down to something a little more autistic. my other suggestion is something TRPG related like D&D or Warhammer.

No. 1712842

Honestly if you could make those more specific (ie have one favorite anime fandom to infiltrate, something gender neutral with a large female following but a TIM wouldn’t look out of place in) I think it would really help you look more believable and gain more traction

No. 1712850

Most TIMs are programmers so definitely add some intensely nerdy special interest in there, whatever you are knowledgable in you can convincingly sperg about

No. 1712869

Make a soundcloud under the name “cybercvnt” to post midi edits of the sonic adventure ost.

No. 1712880

Literally all of these things are achievable as an adult woman tho lmao. Like girl just hit the gym and go hang out with your friends more.

No. 1712898

Samefag to say thanks for all the advice nonas. So I'll hone in on specific animes like attack on titan, specific games like sonic and pokemon, and I know how to hack animal crossing so I can make that the tim's autistic programmer interest. I don't wanna stray from popular stuff because it might not be available in my tim's muslim, developing country.

No. 1712900

Extremely underrated post kek, real Kikomi hours.

Honestly just make some insanely grating and autismal noise music, or maybe some weebshit nightcore. This is possibly the most troon thing one can do. Another troid classic is shitty-ass RPGmaker games with some mildly pedo/vengeful sperg theme, potentially about murdering terfs or something like that. You can actually grift a shitton of money just ebegging for that particular game to be made.

No. 1712913

File: 1669672241718.jpg (13.29 KB, 626x45, oh i hate you so much.jpg)

Checked out her tiktok and somehow that's her most masc look - despite claiming to be a drag king, KEK. Picrel made me laugh, I guess the infamy of being posted to libs of tiktok kinda counts as being famous?

No. 1712918

I think straight troons heard "I like you in a gay way" and misunderstood it as meaning "as opposed to how straight people like someone romantically/sexually" rather than "as opposed to platonically because sometimes it's confusing whether someone's being friendly or flirty when you're both the same sex"

No. 1713063

File: 1669682421744.png (249.61 KB, 515x511, 2.png)

Saw this on my feed on twitter and felt such a huge fakeboi aura from the art and the description … Check profile… Confirmed. Why are they all so obvious

No. 1713071

Spoiler this shit ew

No. 1713130

File: 1669686620092.jpeg (194.4 KB, 1170x600, E708718F-CF68-49A4-90A8-9C1F2B…)

The comments are about as expected. A lot of “oh no I’m also binding!”

No. 1713134

File: 1669686720028.jpeg (159.69 KB, 1170x439, 3BDE64C2-D692-47D4-8018-DA0F1B…)

But you also have comments trying saying how binding is perfectly harmless. There were also a few comments seething at how surgery is hard to get and they’re blaming her lung collapsing on the lack of surgery made available

No. 1713197

issue here is that many TIFs don't see very real medical conditions (i.e. obesity) as a danger and will not consider these factors when binding "safely and properly"

No. 1713306

She has a serious question, but something tells me she doesn't want a serious answer

No. 1713327

From the neck up this woman looks like me. For a lot of people, seeing a short haircut on a short woman looks just like a prepubescent boy. I've gotten comments that I look 13 where I work or that I look too young to work. I'm early 20s… It's like how many prepubescent Male actors have stunt doubles that are women in their thirties. It's amusing now personally but as the years go on I'm sure I'll hate it.
If its dyed though people assume woman.

No. 1713338

File: 1669705522958.jpeg (278.76 KB, 750x1049, BA2BEEB5-A84B-48AE-9FAC-FD3C61…)

No. 1713342

same. part of why shorthaired women look so youthful is that when the sides of the face aren't obscured, it looks more rounded rather than rectangular

No. 1713343

ehhchch i hate this stuff
she has a weird bump on her clitoris and she is still refusing to use the correct terminology… gah

No. 1713349

I've recently seen many tifs say binding is perfectly safe WHILE exercising, and that people saying it's unsafe are transphobic. Honestly I'm at the point where I no longer feel any sympathy for these things… ignoring logic and facts just so some feelings aren't hurt, and then being shocked at the outcomes… play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

No. 1713351

can someone explain how testosterone has so many drastic side effects on women, I mean estrogen makes men into soyboys and gives them uncontrolled diarrhea and that's as far as it goes, but every story I read about TIFs taking testosterone is about how their bodies literally get destroyed and suffer unbearable pain

No. 1713353

Attack on Titan is a good one, a huge tif staple is the character Levi. I have never, EVER, seen a non tif be obsessed with that character. Only ever seen tifs cosplay as Levi aswell. For some reason they flock to him kek

No. 1713357

its cause he's short(5'3) and gets paired frequently paired with a taller more masculine male

No. 1713358

For anime TiMs are really into those slice of life series featuring hyperfeminine school girls like K-On and Azumanga Daioh

No. 1713362

You're forgetting that tim's tits hurt too when they grow. Pain is individual, some girls experience it too during puberty, I'm pretty sure of that.

No. 1713366

as someone whose studied medicine I'd like to give my perspective, see when a woman takes exogenous T during the first trimester of pregnancy, it can't be beneficial to a embryo/fetus, but there might be mechanisms at work in the woman's body that provide a protective effect.
so the potential negative impact that TIFs' testosterone use on their offspring might be more indirect, and more complex, than simply a matter of the exogenous T taken in the first trimester getting to developing offspring. Taking T reduces the elasticity and the overall health and fitness of the uterus. This might make it harder for the uterus to expand to the size that is optimal for the offspring particularly in the late stages of pregnancy, and it might mean a TIF is likelier to miscarry - and to miscarry in the 2nd or 3rd trimester. Women with hyperandrogenic conditions like PCOS have a higher risk of low-birthweight babies, and one theory is that it's because of the impact of high maternal T on the uterus.
Also, because taking T over time changes the uterus in ways that are not for the better, TIFs might run a higher risk of false labor, premature labor and premature births.

Taking exogenous T also really harms women's cardiovascular systems, overall metabolism and general health. This lead to TIFs having higher risks and rates of conditions like HBP, heart disease and diabetes in normal times, so I imagine it would lead to higher risk of these conditions during pregnancy. I wouldn't be surprised to find that as more TIFs with a history of taking T become pregnant and have kids, it will turn out that they have a higher than usual risk of preeclampsia and gestational diabetes. But that's just theorizing on my part.

No. 1713416

>insanely grating and autismal noise music
or just HNW, troons seem to only do easy shit and copy others, do shit tier HNW with “le dark hello kitty” (you don’t even need to get gear lol)

No. 1713470

I think it also has to do with power dynamics. These people are retarded and think women must take a subservient role in a relationship and let the man take control over both the relationship and their life, whereas two men can see eye to eye and have equal power in the relationship.
So if you want a healthy relationship with a man you need to become one yourself.

No. 1713472

Jesus, that's horrifying.

No. 1713504

This is well known. T gel transfers for hours afterwards, and it transfers through clothes as well. Meaning if a transman who takes gel for example sits next to a pregnant woman on public transport it can cause her to have a miscarriage and she will never even know why. If you're pregnant stay the fuck away from transmen. If you're a lurking t gel tif, do not go near any pregnant woman or child ever. No one who takes t gel should be allowed to have/work with children, it's a highly potent drug that WILL spread to the innocent kids.

No. 1713520

> No one who takes t gel should be allowed to have/work with children, it's a highly potent drug that WILL spread to the innocent kids.
I do wonder how schools handle this. I bet my ass 99.99% of school admins have no clue about this and the trannies themselves of course don't either.

No. 1713548

Even if they did know, it’s discrimination to bring it up

No. 1713621

Holy shit, my wife and I are trying to get pregnant atm and work with a TIF who uses the gel. Yet another reason to avoid her like the plague. Thank you, nona. I knew the gel was bad, but didn't know it was that bad. It should be spoken about more with trannyism on the rise but you know they'll just call it troonsphobic fearmongering.

No. 1713622

> my wife and I are trying to get pregnant atm

No. 1713624

IVF with sperm donor?

No. 1713625

Yeah I figure if I we do it enough times one of us should be impregnated, right? Obviously there's science involved, retard.

No. 1713627

good luck to you two <3

No. 1713677

Womens hormones depend on a very specific set of conditions and processes to work properly. It's more complicated by magnitudes than male hormonal systems (that's why there's an entire medical field dedicated to female-specific problems like hormones and birth)

No. 1713714

theres so much text and the viewer still knows nothing about these characters. i fucking hate TIF artists.

No. 1713802

>18+ marked post
>"17 yrs old"
Not surprised Reddit's 18+ markers don't actually do anything.

No. 1713804

Keep in mind the age you're going for. Those ones are considered outdated now, but since TiMs often obsess over media from when they were children or teens it could still work.

No. 1713822

i haven't been on here in a couple of months but i swear we were on thread 70-something kek

No. 1713824

maybe you mistook it with the mtf threads, those do go very fast

No. 1713832

File: 1669750098929.jpg (1.47 MB, 3029x3264, collage.jpg)

something something "I want to be him"

No. 1713865

Imagine being a doctor and having a patient saying nonsensical bs like this.

No. 1713866

How is something this harmful even allowed at all? Can these idiots just take pills or injections instead of ruining other unrelated people's health? That shit reminds me of parents smoking cigarettes all the time and giving their kids severe asthma from birth.

No. 1713895

What disney character is she trying to skinwalk

No. 1713928

Have you ever seen a man with these expressions in your life, because I haven't. It's always such feminine clockable women who decide they are actully not women. Like where in a man, even a fictional man, do you see yourself represented?

No. 1713949

"Gender envy" is either a normal crush, or liking someones fashion style as gender=fashion for a lot of them. I'm betting it's mostly crushes that they're embarrassed to admit to themselves because crushing on those cis straight white fictional men is cringe in hindsight when you've gotten over it. These girls are ashamed to admit they have any kind of sexuality, when they finally confront it they do it in a way so they can't be female in any way - they must be gay gay gay, not a dirty sinful whore female

No. 1713954

Thank you. ♥

>crushes on fictional men
>zomg that must mean I'm a special gender!
Or maybe you're just a fucking nerd, ever consider that?

No. 1713956

I thought she was cosplaying Deku from BNHA kek.

No. 1713963

Maybe the kids from Luca, look at the curly hair. I never watched the movie but the amount of italiaboo cringe tifs it spawned was pawinful.

No. 1713993

I knew JesuOtaku in real life, she was universally despised by her peers and a shrieking autist of massive proportions. She was also intensely homophobic, misogynistic, and racist. It was incredibly easy to trigger her and people made sport of that fact.

No. 1714009

File: 1669761115950.png (1.27 MB, 1199x749, 0bc80dbe2ecf97415799e8b3c1fc28…)

sorry for the shitty paint collage but of course she's yet another typical case of a woman opting out of womanhood while whoring herself out under the guise of cosplay to a coomer audience.
>will probably confuse your sexuality and gender identity at some point (they/them)
why do they always think some pronouns and gender delusions have any bearing on someone's sexuality? they (plural) want so badly to think that being attracted to them makes it gay in the yaoi kind of way.

No. 1714013

Who's gonna tell her she's far too big headed and pretentious to attract anyone but coomer moids who 100% know she's female?

No. 1714062

File: 1669764742481.jpeg (519.27 KB, 828x1180, ACE21217-3DD8-4772-8678-BA2412…)

Sub-5 foot FTM posting a passage about the death of spirituality because of UGG shoe covers being advertised and neglecting the “chemicals and surgery” portion/that trans people and trans identities are more of a product of and contribute to capitalism than rubber shoe covers. The logic jumps these people make to morally justify blowing $5000 because it’s on mutilation instead of a designer bag are so crazy

No. 1714065

also peep "obscure sexualities" and "fadism" kek

No. 1714143

They’re ashamed of being boring oppressive straight women because they were raised on tumblr

No. 1714172

OT but I have been trying to find out what the fuck was up with my labia for YEARS now (the fordyce, not PPP) and I just kept getting recommended herpes over and over by Dr. Google and this is actually what it is. truly thank you so much i thought i was a freak of nature

No. 1714271

really ? I knew she had issues cause she was raised by christian conservatives but didn't know that, its surprising she isn't more famous considering she was one of the first anime reviewers on Youtube

No. 1714305

What is even going on in this image? All im seeing is a weird brown shoe with completely unrelated word vomit next to it

No. 1714306

I must know more…

No. 1714409

Uggs are such shit shoes that they absorb every drop of water from the streets so in order to keep your feet dry you'd have to wear shoe covers for them. The tif is apparently mad about the fact because making shoe covers for shitty shoes wastes resources and decided to spout out a bunch of nonsense thinking she's some enlightened philosopher. (btw shoe covers used to be more common in the past before the invention of properly waterproof materials, so there must also be some starving victorian poet larper type tif who'd wear them gladly as part of her larp).

No. 1714423

This is peak NLOGism. I love how on every post/tik tok about the not like other girls craze of the early 2010s, you have a bunch of TiFs talking about "turns out I'm not even a girl at all teehee!". You are the NLOG in question and you are way fucking worse than the previous editions.

No. 1714471

File: 1669812143326.png (309.98 KB, 567x534, 1650304472731.png)

I feel TIFs are just so mentally fucked, that even if they weren't trans, they'd latch onto some other dumb identity to define themselves

No. 1714473

I'm guessing she's just looking for any elaborate way to self harm, considering that moid is also ugly as shit.

No. 1714510

ben shapiro Is my favorite tif

No. 1714519

File: 1669816440780.jpg (56.08 KB, 500x500, tumblr_72ca4df9804f1ff79b825ac…)

i must say, trans ben shapiro is a funny meme

No. 1714533

No. 1714536

Go back retard

No. 1714537

It's all part of the plan, kek.

No. 1714541

Oh wow who would have thought that in a world where there are almost no well written or interesting non sexual female characters, a girl might start looking up to fictional male figures as a child. Stop the presses, this is clearly a very unique child who is not like other girls who absolutely adore "sex object #5 who never has a conversation that passes the Bechtel test"

No. 1714550

File: 1669819538170.jpg (91.75 KB, 960x960, are you shitting me.jpg)

I didn't think you could top that "valid" neck tatt on that one detransitioner until I saw this absolute gem on r/ftm_selfies.

No. 1714560

File: 1669820454006.jpg (42.81 KB, 347x635, ftmmoment.jpg)

The fuck??

No. 1714563

Yeah like only people who are into women are into her… what's so confusing about it? I doubt any fags would feel "confused attraction" over her kek

No. 1714571


Different anon but to clarify - the IRS wants money reported but they will not ask where it came from or if you scammed it. They do not report to other federal agencies. Get your cash, Nonas, just make sure the gov gets its cut and no problems. Source: my ex-roomate used to sell a ton of party drugs through cashapp and always paid taxes on it and the IRS didn't ever ask where it came from. Her back up story if anybody asked was that she was selling lewds.

No. 1714580

Imagine changing everything about yourself for society, even swapping out your favorite hobbies and interests for things supposedly more appropriate for you and in the end still thinking you haven't gone through female socialization kek. Also if she decided that everything she liked was girly, what does she even think makes her boy except for having a personality (that she's now denying herself anyways)?

No. 1714588

File: 1669822922322.jpg (103.13 KB, 1500x1000, author_William_Horn_March_2019…)

I feel awful for Lesbian TIFs, they permanently fuck up their bodies(both externally and internally) and will never be anything close the handsome guys that women are attracted too

>I Thought I’d Make a Handsome Man. I Was Wrong.

>“You can do anything you like, just make it look deliberate” says my older brother as he hovers over me, a pair of scissors in one hand, a razor in the other. He snips at my beard for a few minutes before stepping back to reveal my face in the bathroom mirror. It took me three years of monthly testosterone injections to grow my facial hair.

>He’s right; it looks more deliberate. It’s less scraggly around the edges. I no longer have a jagged neck beard hanging out under my face like a patch of pubes. Less pube-y — that’s apparently the best I can hope for when it comes to facial hair. Great.
>Going through female puberty was a living nightmare for me. First puberty for most transgender people is pretty traumatic. It feels like your body betrays you every day in new and terrifying ways.
>But male puberty seemed like another story. To wake up one morning tall and muscular, my jawline chiseled and dotted with scruff, my voice cracking as I tried to speak — that was the dream, an actual dream I had more than once. As an unhappy girl child, I longed to wake up one morning and be jacked, the kind of big guy that most little boys look at as the paragon of masculinity. I dreamt of washboard abs and big biceps, of a body that looked the way I felt.
>“I can’t guarantee anything,” says my endocrinologist as he hands me a prescription for testogel, a topical testosterone cream I am to rub into my gut every morning. “Well, your muscles will get bigger,” he says, “that’s all the science we’ve really looked at.” I’m a human guinea pig, I think, then swallow the feeling, to be dealt with in a later panic attack. “Can’t wait for big muscles!” I tell him, smiling wide.
>I came out as trans a whole two years before I did anything surgical or medical to my body. I told myself I was being responsible — not rushing into things, not changing everything too quickly. At the time I was most afraid of what might happen if I took hormones and ended up unhappier than before. But in truth I was being responsible for other people’s feelings about my transness. I was waiting for them to catch up with me before I did anything too “radical.” I didn’t want to lose anyone I didn’t absolutely have to.
>There are a lot of things no one tells you about second puberty when you start hormones. They do tell you about the menopause (it’s coming) and hot flashes (more like brief, unplanned excursions to the surface of the sun) and possible cancers and complications (all a terrifying blur). They say that maybe your heart will get bigger, like the Grinch, and maybe it won’t; maybe you’ll grow an inch but don’t count on it. Some people say their hands and feet get bigger, some say their skin feels different, some report that they cry less frequently, and some people’s uteruses just fall right out of them (fodder for further panic attacks).
>But they don’t tell you about all the invasive questions (How do you have sex and with whom? Are you possessed by a demon? How do you pee?) and that even the people you thought safest will ask the strangest things. They don’t mention that the hot flashes are hot enough to have you outside in shorts during a snowstorm.
>No one ever talks about the in-between days when you’ve still got boobs but now also a thin mustache and a chin strap coming in thick, and your government-issued ID looks more like your cousin or your sibling. Cops don’t give you tickets because they don’t know what to say, and you look just enough like a white guy to not be worth the trouble.

>When I started hormones, I had a vision that it would be like that scene at the end of Beauty and the Beast. A part of me would die (the ugly, beastly part) so the rest of me could be reborn into the body of a handsome prince, a golden Adonis awakened into manhood by the kiss of a fair maiden.

>The important part there is probably the fair maiden bit. Sure, it would be nice to be jacked like the Rock, but I think the most important thing was to be visibly, undeniably male. To be read by women as a man, a desirable man, would mean that I was passing as someone not trans. I wanted my handsomeness to hide me.
>I got hairier, I got thicker, more Beast-like. My muscles grew — but all of the fat in my body regrouped over my stomach, so it was a much less impressive transformation than I envisioned. And now I have a beard, a strange straggly thing I can barely control. It saps all the moisture from my face and varies in thickness so I can never seem to clean it up just right.
>Male puberty didn’t make me heart-stoppingly handsome, but it did make me able to smile in pictures again, to look at myself in the mirror, to put on clothes and go out into the world. Most of us aren’t as good-looking as we’d like to be (or as good-looking as our mothers say we are), but there’s something especially painful about cisgender standards of beauty when you’re stuck in a gender that doesn’t belong to you. As a girl, I was always being told to reach for a standard (Get thinner! Have a better fashion sense! Do cuter things with your hair!) that felt impossible. A perfect six-pack is probably impossible for me (I like pizza too much), but now when I workout or put jeans on I feel like I’m at least reaching for something that’s closer to the truth.
>I regret a lot of things I did in my teens and early 20s — drunken college nights and so many girls I ran away from because I was stupid and scared. I regret not liking myself more and treating myself better and not taking myself more seriously. But I’ll never regret transitioning, even if I am just a mediocre-looking dude.


No. 1714592

how can they type all of this out and STILL not see how reductive & backwards what they're doing is? holy shit

No. 1714617

still typing in an unmistakably female way after all that kek

No. 1714625

It’s so wild how even when they’re trying to be masculine, there’s a softness to their eyes that’s unmistakable. Usually if I see a TiF who I think actually passes (not that the one in your pic does, but the ones who put work into their appearance and work out can usually pass more to me), I look at their eyes and the roundness/softness of their face. That plus the voice usually gives it away.

No. 1714626

File: 1669828231198.jpg (473.37 KB, 1080x1947, 5732557256256652.jpg)

Everything, including the fact youre crying over this

No. 1714628

Do these retards not understand that women were all kinds of clothes and nobody in their right mind will call a woman a man because she doesn't wear a frilly dress or whatever porn uniform is popular at the moment?

No. 1714631

She looks like Molly Ringwald

No. 1714633

I could misgneder her on the text alone, no male types like that

No. 1714643

She's a pretty girl, she should work on accepting herself instead. Ridiculous

No. 1714653

>and some people’s uteruses just fall right out of them (fodder for further panic attacks)
What? Somebody hold me

No. 1714654

AYRT and I know what you mean. I "pass" as male from time to time and the funniest thing a co-worker ever said to me is "I did think you were a man at first but then I saw your kind eyes. Men never have kind eyes." kek. I always think I'm robotic because of autism so it's actually quite reassuring to know I don't have the soulless XY stare.

>be brutally honest pls ty
£5 says she'll block and report anyone who actually is brutally honest, kek.

No. 1714685

Uterine prolapse. My understanding is that the testosterone atrophies the supporting structures greatly increasing risk of prolapse and/or infection.
Turns out if you expose a female reproductive system to unnatural levels of testosterone for years at a time it causes health problems. Shocker.

No. 1714689

This is shocking and quite sad, not just because she's changing everything about her preferences and personal taste to fit some arbitrary societal expectation (and does so not by acutally having more male friends but just watching 'incel tv shows', very autistic of her) but also the simple fact that she will never reach her goal. There will always be a part of her that feels not enough 'like a man' that she will constantly try to assuage. Constantly chasing the gender high. All for naught, because after all of that pointless bullshit, she probably still passes worse than a soft butch with short hair and no makeup. For once, i feel bad for this retard.
Then I look at the part where she said she quit self-harm because it made her look like a woman and that feeling passes.

No. 1714717

the monster energy cans kek
her parents need to take all forms of technology away and send her to a horse camp or some shit, she looks like she hasn’t irreversibly destroyed her body yet, cute girl but she clearly has mental problems if she’s shocked that strangers can tell she’s a girl

No. 1714740

File: 1669838442111.jpg (323.5 KB, 1170x1847, Fi0BPApWYAEMeYI.jpg)

No. 1714741

Truly the most pathetic thing I've read in a while. These delusional tifs should be sent to a tundra farm to detox from the internet

No. 1714750

I'm pretty sure this is a joke.
>now I'm anorexic and an addict and I punch walls

No. 1714772

Isn't this illegal? Like purposefully leaving blood on the floor - which could be diseased for all anyone knows - seems like something you should get arrested for.

No. 1714784

This is all a product of misunderstanding male aging and aesthetics.

The "handsome" hunky look lesbian TIFs are going for, assuming it was present in the first place, doesn't even last in REAL men past 25, which is in part due to inherently pro-aging, pro-wear and tear nature of testosterone. It would be a pretty long tangent, so let's just say it's something that aging cismoids on TRT find out the hard way. Yes, T levels fall with age, but you also can't de-age yourself by supplementing T - quite the opposite in fact. The male endocrine system favors a "fast life history", with a massive peak in anabolic growth that later causes accelerated decay. TIFs are just speedrunning it.

Bottom line is, the weird fat shitbeast look is the sub-30 cismoid norm, so why on earth would she expect something different as a tranny?

No. 1714787

File: 1669840605283.jpg (449.1 KB, 1920x1080, animals_hero_hamadryas.jpg)

The eyes are a really underrated part kek. Aydens, 2d husbandos and some gay men have this perpetually "human", compassionate, deep expression in their gaze.

Natal moids generally look like picrelated, which also is why they always make entirely psychotic looking "women". Every time a male troon smiles, it looks like the demon from Smile the movie. And no amount of browbone shaving can ever remove this look, so it's not even their facial structure. Honestly, what is it? How can it be so impossible to train That Look™ out of your eyes?

No. 1714793

No. 1714819

File: 1669843399164.jpeg (633.8 KB, 1170x1330, 74D62AD8-F675-4F1E-9A63-BFEC64…)

Kek at the forced perspective

No. 1714827

why do cute muscular butches troon out…

No. 1714828

A tim would just continue his autistic hobbies and insist he's female despite them.

No. 1714836

I don't think the first thing a moid will say is "omg a twanny left a pwesent for me! Men have periods too uwu". Truly living in a fantasy world.

Ikr, she's pretty. But knowing that she's probably got the tit chop and thinks she's a man now turns me off :(

No. 1714838

Thumb looking motherfucker.

No. 1714841

KEK a single drop of blood
imagine a male doing the same in a woman's bathroom
He'd probably piss all over the toilet seat but she's so fembrained she can't fathom actually inconveniencing someone

No. 1714844

Testosterone does actually do this to a woman (if she gets any exercise). Most TIFs just don't put any effort in and get fat instead.

No. 1714845

Stacy to fat Elliott Rodger, what an L

No. 1714991


I looked at more of her pics and actually she looks kind of like Elon too. Absolutely fucking horrid

No. 1715014

You know, maybe these retarded cartoons that had "just be yourself uwu" as the morale of the story are actually necessary after all. Because she needs to follow this piece of advice.

No. 1715015

I would say she should have left a used pad or tampon instead but we all know men have fetishes for those things now.

No. 1715025

I was thinking earlier because so many cute butches go trans, would any nonas date a detransitioner? Would it depend on how far off the deep end they went? I think I’d date someone who didn’t take testosterone or only did for a little bit, but if they got their breasts removed or a sausage installed forget it. And of course this goes without saying but they would have had to renounced all of this crap.

No. 1715029

Nothing says "being your authentic self" like trying to forcibly change everything about yourself to fit an image in your head of how you should be kek

No. 1715067

Yeah, the only way I'd date a de-trans is if they didn't go that far off the deep end. I guess I'd draw a line at someone who did hormone treatment for less than a year, at max. But I'd have to really like them otherwise. But mainly I'd say I wouldn't want to date someone that could ever hate womanhood enough to do stuff like take hormones and get surgery to change it.

No. 1715155

i wouldn't date a detrans woman who had been on hormones or gotten surgery bc it would be hard for me to get past the teenage boy voice or a more masculine appearance. i'm mostly attracted to butches but never women on T kek also obviously it's a red flag to willingly mutilate yourself… if this hypothetical person trooned out very young and regretted it and came to her senses that might be different but if she was still deep into gender ideology absolutely not

No. 1715163

Would def depend on the person -although arm flesh tube is a dealbreaker for me too. The eldritch horror genitals make me want to vomit and I can't imagine sleeping with someone with one. Would consider it a red flag behavior wise though even if she had denounced it, especially if she hadn't addressed the underlying reasons she was drawn to the ideology in the first place. Who's to say she isn't going to jump on a new ideological bandwagon in a month and cut out everyone in her life who doesn't agree with it? With people drawn to extremist ideologies, it's often a pattern of behavior- not with the specifics of the ideology itself, but just with extremism in general.

No. 1715194

If she had been very young, realized it was stupid, and renounced then maybe. Helps if she had never been hyper into the gender ideology stuff in any serious way, especially as it says a lot about a person to get into extreme ideologies regardless of what the actual content is.
But surgeries would be a hard no, and hormones would be pretty difficult to get over. The T voice is wildly unattractive and very difficult to ignore in my experience.

No. 1715203

i wouldn't date a woman with phallo but tvoice doesnt bug me, i already had a thing for butches with super deep voices. if she was an "transitioning just didnt work for me but i respect other people transitioning!" desistor I couldn't stand it, but if she went full KC miller I would ask her to be my gf in a heartbeat

No. 1715248

the hair looks like she watched stranger things one too many times and decided she was gonna skinwalk steve. what is up with trannies and that show?

No. 1715327

I came in here to repost this. What a loss. She was beautiful. Unfortunately her posts have gotten more unhinged since her transition began, it’s really sad and weird to behold.

No. 1715331

Samefag as last post but you are delusional if this is what you consider a “butch” she was just a normal looking woman in a tank top.

No. 1715479

i honestly don't know if i could ever fully respect or relate to someone who had fallen for trans rhetoric to that degree. it sounds harsh, but it's true. i've seen way too many detransitioners who carry way too much ideological baggage to ever consider dating one, T and surgery aside.

No. 1715522

Maybe nona meant the after picture? If a woman, who is happy and comfortable being a woman, was muscular like that I'd be into it.

No. 1715562

ayrt and sorry if i was unclear with my wording im esl lol. i meant if she got buff and had short hair like the after picture without trooning out she could have been a nice looking butch imo. and the after picture still just looks like an androgynous lesbian to me, she doesn't look like a man at all. but there are like no women that look like that without transitioning anymore.

No. 1715569

you can tell she's just using an upward facing camera angle to make her chin/jaw bigger, moids do this all the time too. plus the extremely awkward neck tensing/positioning to make it appear thicker, if she wasn't doing those things she would probably just look like a buff version of pic 1 with a haircut

No. 1715570

she still looks like a woman.

No. 1715572

why do they always want to look like the white trash dude at walmart whos yelling at his wife and children while everyone tries to ignore it

No. 1715580

It definitely suggests a certain fickleness and weakness of character in many cases. Predictably, many detroons just fall into a new cult.

Wanting to dodge crazy is completely understandable.

No. 1715602

If an anorexic asked for lipo and thigh reduction they'd be thrown into a mental asylum but trannies must be affirmed by any means necessary..

No. 1715622

>cw preg
Why does pregnancy need a content warning? What kind of a weak minded person gets triggered from someones pregnancy post? I've started seeing cw and tw signgs for the most mundane shit ever. How do these people live? Isn't it exhausting to get triggered over everything constantly?

No. 1715623

I smell thalidomide vol. 2 electric boogaloo

No. 1715659

That's the reincarnation of Mac Miller you're talking about, show some respect.

No. 1715674

a lot of these girls (especially the younger ones) dont actually hate womenhood they just dont know any better as a result of being raised by lgbt internet spaces
if they actually went to a gender specalist that wasnt zogged/had nonliberal parents theyd be fine

No. 1715680

Honestly, who cares? Insecure black women need to get over themselves. Same goes for butches and lesbians. If what these aidens say makes you insecure, you're ngmi.

No. 1715682

I've literally cleaned blood out of the men's room at one of my shitty jobs before. Men are retarded and injure themselves a lot, I doubt anybody will think anything of it (if they even notice at all.)

What planet are you from?

No. 1715713

Sorry people get offended at… racism and homophobia? Like, how are they insecure

No. 1715763

The differences in socialization really show… TIMs write a long ass reddit post on how they hate women who are just naturally female and why can't they have it and they'll wear her skinsuit REEE
TIFs post sad tiktoks lmao

No. 1715786

i think tw pregnancy started being used bc of male troons who would sperg about being triggered and jealous they couldn’t get pregnant

No. 1715801

Saying black women are more masculine is hardly racist if they have measurably higher testosterone levels. It's that simple.

No. 1715803

don't they have higher estrogen levels then most women

No. 1715822

Ikr, men leave worse things than blood in their bathrooms (and outside of them), tf is this nona smoking

No. 1715828

bait harder tranny

No. 1715836

No. 1715867

Women who aren't on steroids can have Fordyce spots on their inner labia that look similar. Humanity is kinda gross.

No. 1715932

File: 1669920247220.jpg (872.51 KB, 2880x2880, 20221201_183405.jpg)

Excuse the mobile collage, the troon has something to say. The age old "if you hate me, t-that means you're actually the problem and I'm superior, so I feel sad for you gotcha" is all she can muster, but sometimes you just have to laugh.

No. 1715945

>you reacting negatively to my internalised misogyny means you hate yourself and are in pain
I can bench more than you weigh and people like me because I'm not insane and misogynistic. Nice gaslighting though, tranny.

No. 1715986

>i still struggle a lot, i feel shitty a lot, i have plenty of problems and i know i am not alone in that. but when i close my eyes to sleep, i feel my body relax; i know i am myself. my name is kristofer and i am a man
Totally doesn't read like a desperate cope

No. 1715991

Projection and cope martini.

No. 1716121

>but when I close my eyes to sleep o feel my body relax
That's supposed to happen when you sleep retard, though with the unnecessary surgeries and drugs I'm sure they'll turn into painful nights of no sleep.

No. 1716124

So are we not going to talk about how obviously shooped the "after" is…

No. 1716128

I'm usually shit at spotting shoops but the chest area looks smoothed out? As someone who actually works out her biceps/triceps look odd too. In good faith that could be her position and how she's flexing but… nah she shooped that shit didn't she. Look at the fucking gigachad chin, KEK.

No. 1716133

File: 1669934522625.jpg (440.97 KB, 1080x1818, Screenshot_20221202_003830_com…)

> audio: oops I accidentally created a false reality

No. 1716140

I can’t imagine having to gender every little aspect of what I do from clothes to interests all day every day in case someone couldn’t read my mind to figure out how I really feel about myself or whatever. It’s so freaking weird how they put so much stock in outsiders perceptions of themselves. It really makes the insecurity and need for validation jump out. I think people who are really secure with themselves don’t feel a need to assign a gender to things based on how they look and feel and act (outside of biological functions and abilities that can’t be helped like periods). It’s so stupid, just do what you want and call it a day. Most people who are really GNC don’t go about their lives thinking like your pic rel. I don’t get it.

No. 1716142

They’re so obsessed with gender that they have to stereotype everything into one box or another. It seems like something that would just get worse with time the more you did it. I don’t understand why TiFs are so eager to opt out of womanhood instead of helping change how women are perceived and treated, because it seems like most of them have severe internalized misogyny and pretending you aren’t female when everyone can clearly see that you are isn’t how you escape that.

No. 1716152

Will someone tell her that anorexia is also a “”feminine”” disorder? Maybe she’ll recover right there and then

No. 1716195

>I cough a lot now
Sounds like a weak immune system.

No. 1716209

Tbh just sounds like a kid who has no idea how to smoke but keeps forcing herself to, hoping the mean girls (mean she/theys?) will like her kek

No. 1716239

No matter what I do I can't see man for the second one. Just looks like a masculine woman

No. 1716249

To all the scamnons I just got my whole list bought from the trans Santa thing a few days ago, totally worth it.

No. 1716256

>its surprising she isn't more famous
Wasn’t she blacklisted from companies like Anime News Network and Crunchyroll? Her ex-husband got her a position at ANN before they married, he and killed himself during the pandemic after she trooned and divorced him. His sister blog posted that Hope was hoarding his hard drives and sold his other belongings.

No. 1716269

The fact that she looks prettier than 90% of real males as a tif lol

No. 1716279

Ah yes the facial expression of a well-adjusted individual.

No. 1716306

wouldn't you be a thembo?
>will confuse your sexuality
nope, people who are sexually attracted to females will be attracted to you, gay men and straight women won't
>and your gender identity
what? how does wanting or not wanting to fuck someone change my gender?

No. 1716313

File: 1669950787231.jpeg (273.64 KB, 1170x958, 149E1D46-F9EA-4F43-8387-16EAD9…)

>cw menstruation

No. 1716326

File: 1669951733577.jpg (173.4 KB, 1023x682, gothefuckoutside.jpg)

No. 1716332

I only read the word digital and thought she used some computer program to alter her appearance but… she just looks like that.

No. 1716338

No, because if it wasn't the trans cult, it would have been a different one. Being that susceptible to manipulation is a massive turnoff.

No. 1716372

Nothing manlier than being embarrassed about your period pads. If moids did have a period they wouldn't care enough to feel shame over a crinkle, "Dominick" is really out here showing us her female socialization.

No. 1716373

most men would be clueless enough to think the person making the crinkle was opening a bag of chips

No. 1716385

if meen bleed out of their peehole every male bathroom