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File: 1636653093860.png (75.61 KB, 500x363, this.png)

No. 1366943

Old Threads by order of recency:

This thread is for posting and discussing cringey fakebois who may or may not deserve their own threads.

Fakebois are girls who pretend to be boys for attention, either as trannies or biological males (usually the former).

Fakebois style and present themselves as androgynous or feminine-looking young men, even wearing girls' clothing and make-up. They insist on being addressed with he/him (or occasionally they/them) pronouns and take great offense at being gendered as female. Some are SJW transactivists, but for most their identities are entirely superficial.

Reminder to "truescums" and "transmeds": Nobody cares about how [[[100% REAL]]] your or any other tranny's ~dysphoria~ is. Don't derail about how you're actually a true troon unlike everyone else, save it for your twitter feed.

No. 1367015

Who made the title pic? I can't find it on the last thread but it's a horrifying misunderstanding of Chinese and Cantonese basically implying that everyone in China used to be nonbinary before about 1920

No. 1367052

It's in the last thread towards the end. It's "antidotefortheawkward-art" on Tumblr.

Also nitpick but it's typically spelled Taoism, not "Daoism" (even though the latter is how it's pronounced.) She's not strictly wrong about Guanyin being genderless, but historians typically describe the deity as such because there are some regions and periods of time where she is depicted as male. But that more has to do with the natural shifts in cults ("cult" in the historical sense) over time. There are also Greek and Egyptian deities who were interpreted as different genders, or even different people.

Calling Guanyin non-binary is just being willfully ignorant about how religions, particularly ones as old as Buddhism, work historically. It also smacks of the noble savage trope, implying that binary gender was invented by the evil colonialist powers or whatever.

No. 1367072

pic above gave me brain damage. western chinese diaspora who act like this are always so goddamn embarrassing. mainland chinese love to rip on these types of people online for only knowing shit about chinese culture through the bastardized exotic american version

begendered retards truly know no bounds when it comes to trying to butcher the pronoun systems of other languages kek. ive seen someone on twitter try to claim that 他们/她们 (plural pronoun) is the same as english they/them that nonbinaries use, and i also saw a male troon claim that their pronoun was 它 (inanimate object pronoun) which just made me laugh

No. 1367205

File: 1636672595476.png (894.76 KB, 750x1334, 89224B61-F529-4804-98DF-26C23B…)

I’m sorry but if I ever leave the house dressed like this I hope someone shoots me.

No. 1367212


pouring one out for the medical professional blessed with this live round oops I mean patient

No. 1367292

It's called both Taoism and Daoism in English nonny

No. 1367294

Is that her birth year? Boomer non binaries is not something you see often

No. 1367333

File: 1636686072527.webm (1010.33 KB, 640x1138, 248428456_418955619631465_7403…)

I like how they always look more dead inside after in these videos.

No. 1367365

About breast amputation:
"Mastectochism: The Platonic Ideal of Self Hate"
Odyssee link:

No. 1367394

She looks hot.

No. 1367400

NTA But it's okay nonnie, I agree. The only reason I'm offput by her is because she's genderfucked. I love a good butch, but not if she's got so much internalized misogyny and lesbophobia that she thinks her butchness makes her a man or a "non-woman". Of course, this is if she's HSTS at all. Otherwise who cares, she's an AAP coomer.

No. 1367415

File: 1636695390592.png (981.99 KB, 728x1256, 2021-11-12_00.33.34.png)

love how all the fakeboys that make these edgy over the top "misgender me and i'll cut u" threats end up being about 5'2" and built like shrimp

No. 1367443

Sensational cure for gender dysphoria discovered!

No. 1367472

it's because in the after they've already gone through some transition and realized it doesn't solve any of their problems, but they can't just go back to being evil cissies/detransition because their entire online echo chamber that groomed them into transing out wouldn't approve. said echo chamber is also their safety net that offers constant validation so they much rather stay trans and unhappy instead of dealing with their actual problems.

also re: video, it's a shame because she looks nice with the buzzcut. too bad she's fucked in the head.

No. 1367530

File: 1636710395525.jpg (133.53 KB, 1225x1225, 2b4b3ponihk31.jpg)

Loving that Pee Wee Herman drip. Why is it FTMs are allergic to tailors though? I get all my suits tailored and I look much better for it. It's like they actually enjoy looking like picrel.

No. 1367576

sorry to derail but a woman who gets her suits tailored? sexy. how ur living the good life

No. 1367633

File: 1636727894559.png (1.05 MB, 828x2379, 1625495432644.png)

I'm saying this as someone on the spectrum, autists should not be allowed on the Internet

No. 1367660

Shaving your hair and being interested in androgynous fashion doesn't make you a man, god. If that were the case so many women in the 80s would be dudes. She is cute though.

No. 1367693

File: 1636737810732.jpg (871.38 KB, 3000x3000, 1636669042060.jpg)

Found this in the wild on moidchan

No. 1367698

Who is this exactly

No. 1367700

I dunno, saw the pic and thought it was funny.

No. 1367784

is this the ftm whos dating that mtf youtuber/streamer transgirl therapist who was in the mtf thread a few threads back? super random but i just happened to click on the clip and watch a bit, and the TiM talked over her the whole time and she literally appeared out of it/drugged up…. not sure if it's the same one tho they all have that sameface

No. 1367930

File: 1636764371642.jpeg (362.64 KB, 1242x1342, 2D1E58BE-E62E-4A41-BBDF-94FD20…)

The gigacoping

No. 1367970

>Homestuck fanart
The fuck is it with people in that fandom and trooning out? It seems like it's infested with Aidens and AGPs.

No. 1368053

A lot of autistic people were into the original, and the epilogues + Homestuck 2 were written by a deranged tranny and full chaser Hussie. I literally don't know anyone who read the original comic as it was coming out who could stomach the epilogues or sequel. It seems to be mostly tranny retards who decided to become fans after the epilogues were released, with the specific motivation of reading it for the troon content and to have sexual fantasies about underaged characters, since they're already pedos.

No. 1368156

Pieces of media with a cast of edgy larger than life characters with crazy designs, that lend themselves to OC creation by having an explicit set of simple, autistic design rules, always attract the kinds of people who desperately want to be their OC because they don't like themselves or lack a sense of self. Obviously this has a big crossover with theatre kids, autistic people, BPD-chans, terminally online people, the severely mentally ill and troons.

Incidentally, this is why the danganronpa fandom was suddenly full of insane DID aidens as soon as homestuck ended- they all migrated.

No. 1368176

>pretending to be cis and straight
So that means she is into men? This is so confusing because she still presents female after.

No. 1368180

tbf in this case the English dub really played up James's flamboyantness in a very tounge and cheek way, though I don't know where their getting Jesse being gay from, cause she's always shown interest in male characters

No. 1368186


No. 1368189

File: 1636813037947.jpeg (46.15 KB, 450x600, E8C759C1-3610-40F9-A14A-E18751…)

OT, but James gets married to Jesse, Pokémon feels like the kind of story that doesn’t really try to make their characters reach some sort of conclusion for the sake of money. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were to appear some qwerty representation in the future.

No. 1368192

Why do neopronouns exist in the first place? It's so stupid that they can't even pretend they're trying to be seen as normal or at least stick to they/them. At least that's good peak material because of how ridiculous it is. I miss the time when I thought people were being ironic with that bullshit.

No. 1368196

I mean she's a 14 year old terminally online autistic girl, you can afford to give her some understanding

No. 1368232

That manga is a different continuity/isn't canon and therefore doesn't count. James has been pretty GNC in the original Japanese version too, same with Jessie, but I really doubt that she is gay.

No. 1368245

>WANT BABY WANT BABY MY OVARIES ARE ROTTING still a man though don't misgender me.
>Homestuck tattoos
Fucking lmao

No. 1368250

tbh she seems kinda fun…

No. 1368257

If you think you can do it, please save her.

No. 1368624

File: 1636888238106.jpeg (215.01 KB, 828x1792, CEC2A063-0848-4629-AA64-5EF605…)

@beevanian formerly @frankievanian got her boobs lopped of and started claiming trans without hormones, now back to they/them, and not even trying to hide her womanhood. Mostly feel bad for her kid, who I will obviously not post here. Just weird. She’s popular on IG and tiktok but then her Twitter is straight porn

No. 1368673

Why do they all have kids/want kids so badly? I don't get it at all and I end up feeling bad for the children produced by these women.

No. 1368676

I don't know most narc women seem to desire having kids around their late 20's and early 30's

No. 1369300

What every woman asks for, an insecure little manlet with no dick who needs constant reassurance that you play pretend with her or she will weep. and that's even before we get to the little matter of most women being heterosexual and you being a self-hating lesbian

No. 1369324

So, the best time to have kids is when you're under 20 or over 40 but only narcs have kids between those ages.

No. 1369546

Why are some fakebois so ironically obsessed with stereotypically feminine hobbies/ interests?
>I'll be saying girls a lot in this video but i know girls weren't the only ones who played these games, gender is a ~complex and nuanced~ thing…if you don't identify as a girl you're included!
Shut the fuck up, who else but little girls in the 00's was playing these games?

No. 1369548

>who else but little girls in the 00's was playing these games?

GNC gay boys?

No. 1369549

that's very possible, but i'm referring to her insistence with reassuring fakebois in her audience they are not women, is just weird

No. 1369604

This is the most she/they looking girl I've ever seen

No. 1369636

I don't really have anything against this creator as she's pretty bland as far as libfem commentary channels go but I wonder if she realizes she's next in line to be cancelled- being a white woman and all. Kind of like what happened to Lindsay Ellis (though Lindsay deserved it).

No. 1369769

File: 1637047231815.png (2.89 MB, 750x1334, C0F1755F-BA3D-487C-8EE2-E68B8C…)

I was like “oh wow cool Lisa cosplay” then the bio said he/him!!! Like can we be done with this timeline already for fucks sake he / him yeah not with those milkbags bitch

No. 1369777

That's the age most people have kids anon…

No. 1369804

This is what riles me up the most about terminally online TIMs and TIFs. They talk big games about how they’re oh so tough but they can’t even take the mildest of heat without bursting into tears. One minute they’re reblogging posts about knifing TERFs and knocking out transphobes teeth, the next they’re suicide baiting and posting a link to their gofundme because the old lady at GoodWill called them “miss” instead of “sir” and they’re so traumatised that they need to take three days off work to recover.
If you’re going to make a whole reddit post begging for sympathy because someone said something sarcastic to you from the other side of a fucking screen, don’t even bother transitioning.

No. 1369806

tbf in this case the girl is only 14 and also autistic

No. 1369808

i hate this bitch holy shit. anybody who uses the word "cringe" while unironically dressing like a fucking clown needs to get a grip. shes too know-it-all about everything she doesnt even have a half clue about. half baked content.

No. 1369848

Homegirl is annoying just for being an NLOG they/them and ticking all the prototypical fakeboi boxes, even the Garfield one (what is it about mtfs and that character?). Everyone in the comments of her videos runs around correcting pronouns for her which is always a laugh.
I hate when people spew this misogynistic garbage about things meant for little girls. Cant they have one thing they don't have to relinquish to males (gnc or not) and attention-starved thembies?

No. 1369928

File: 1637088181091.jpeg (27.62 KB, 640x466, a5f.jpeg)

>even the Garfield one (what is it about mtfs and that character?)
OT but with Garfield, what happened was that Garfield became popular "ironically" among the online leftist memesphere a couple years back, basically the whole thing started out as a joke about how unfunny and generic Garfield is as a comic character but after a while it stopped being meta and they just stuck using him for their memes and then also started buying Garfield merch

No. 1369945

People in those kind of spheres are terrified of making an off-colour joke and getting turbo-cancelled, so instead of jokes they make meaningless absurdist meme pseudo-jokes about the most inoffensive things possible (e.g. Garfield) and pretend to find them funny.

Then you get weirdos like quintonreviews who are so terrified of being engaged with intellectually as one adult to another that they base their entire persona around putting way too much effort into these kinds of bland abusurdist memes about family media, interspersed with uncomfortable monologues about how pathetic his life is so you feel sorry for him.

No. 1369951

The only video I've seen by this chick was this one, where she argued that a severely bipolar black female gamedev who said she didn't include a black love interest in her game because she hates black men was…racist? It was such a bizarre thing to hear coming out of her white, clown-painted mouth.

No. 1369974

I saw his videos about icarly and I laughed when he referred to Demi lovato as “they”

No. 1369978

tbf in the case of Riley she was awfully racist and only seemed to have attraction towards white guys and said to an Indigenous woman that she should be grateful white men fetishize them

No. 1369981

File: 1637094408520.jpg (162.82 KB, 1017x671, 1632745116151.jpg)

Honestly he's a waste of good genetics, he's 6'7 and seems to have a decent enough looking face
he could be fairly attractive dude if he just stopped being a fatty but instead this is his existence

No. 1369987

watch him troon out instead

No. 1369989

I'm shocked clown girl didn't get called out for this since black women are top of the oppression olympics in that ideology cult. Even if you don't subscribe to "punching down" rhetoric, black women and their children are disproportionately murdered by black men compared to every other race so how a white clown they/them can call that "racist" and not get cancelled just solidifies how black women are nothing but attack dogs for the extremist left and nothing else.

No. 1369995

What the absolute fuck are you even talking about

No. 1370000

I wouldn't apply too much meaning to the things she said, she was clearly completely looney-tunes (OT-what is it with kickstarter gamedevs and psychotic disorders?)

No. 1370022

MTF and TIM are referring to males trying to be female, and FTM and TIF refer to females trying to be males.
You have to be some level of crazy or narcissistic to try to develop a game more complicated than a small walking SIM by yourself, and openly market it to an audience before completion.

No. 1370113


Dont know if vidrel works with ig links so forgive me if it doesnt - but does anybody need very masculine and very valid poopstache grooming tips

No. 1370134

My sister was the one who introduced me to og homestuck, and I actually ended up reading it with her until the end. She always loved it more than me though, and grew up into a full on far-left sjw mindset, yet also has no interest in the sequels/epilogues/whatever because of how ridiculous they became. Shit makes me sad because I still look back on the og comic fondly (though I was way too young to be reading it), and if they had handled the sequel stuff better instead of letting it fall into tranny hands it could’ve been a good way for them to capitalize on nostalgia. It was a huge part of a lot of people’s lives. I wish they had just let hs die instead of what they ended up doing to it.

For some reason I’ve seen a lot of millennial/older gen z fakebois cite Dave Strider as their “trans awakening” or whatever, which makes me die a little inside.

No. 1370159

They want to be the fictional man that they want to fuck

No. 1370186

This was exactly what I was going to say to that anon, lmao. Dave is the exact sort of character TIFs like to skinwalk, which is to say the kind average nerdy girls develop crushes on. He's masculine but in a dorky, non-threatening way, and he has a sad backstory about being abused/neglected. He's also bisexual, which draws fujoshis to him like flies to shit.

There's little difference between "Tumblr sexymen" and characters Aidens view as their transition goals. They don't want to be actual men– hairy, dirty psychopaths motivated mainly by putting their penises in things– they want to be ~soft~ GNC anime boys.

No. 1370196

Shit, I related to Dave and Roxy the most, so troons took both my favorites.

No. 1370199

Fujo TIFs target the Striders in general, there are many cases of het ones claiming Dirk as 'transmasc' and so on and so forth. The funny thing is one of the biggest fans of this delusional headcanon insists that Dave isn't transcoded (whatever that means). It is interesting to see the schisms in their tranny headcanons, I wish they openly fought with each other more.

No. 1370231

I feel like that's an aspect of their fujo tendencies, of autistically arguing over whose the top or whose the bottom when none of the characters aren't even gay

No. 1370235

Sage for OT but
Every female friend similar in age to me played this while I don’t think a single boy has ever heard of it.
It just annoys me how they have to gender preface everything even if girls were the only people playing these flash games.

No. 1370243

Damn is she a they/them nonbinary special snowflake? That's disappointing. I mean maybe I should've known from her clown make up, but other than that she's made interesting videos. The one thing about her which made me roll my eyes was during her Tumblr Sexymen video where she brought up a post saying "b-b-but most of the sexymen are white and tall and girls are attracted to them that's bad!" like that's not the whole entire point. Her comment section seems to be filled with fakebois too

No. 1370246

>The one thing about her which made me roll my eyes was during her Tumblr Sexymen video where she brought up a post saying "b-b-but most of the sexymen are white and tall and girls are attracted to them that's bad!"
God I'm not the only one who found that wierd, like who fucking cares and most of the characters she posted weren't even humans. so I don't know why she was hung up on all tumblr sexymen being white and tall

No. 1370249

Lol exactly, it's just teenagers fangirling over male fictional characters, it's really not complicated at all. Literally who gives a shit about the logistics of it - some people just reach way too hard and wanna find faults in everything so they can complain

No. 1370256

I found that weird too. Not even half of the characters she mentioned were white, what was her issue with that? Not to mention most of the tumblr obsessed girls were white back in the day and it's not weird or bad they would like white characters. I remember I commented something like that (very respectfully) but after a while that comment disappeared. It had quite a lot of likes. Not sure if she deleted it or if it was some kind of a glitch but it's sketchy to me.

No. 1370278

>seems to have a decent enough looking face
you must be seriously faceblind

No. 1370285

File: 1637144854302.jpg (89.95 KB, 700x543, wl.jpg)

I wrote decent as him having not a particularly ugly or deformed face, its an "alight" face
If he wasn't fat with his height could be somewhat handsome, cause the biggest problem with tall dudes is they often have weird disproportionate features which makes them look "odd"

No. 1370286

File: 1637144926609.jpg (271.26 KB, 828x1374, 1637139864233.jpg)

Fakeboi Jedis

No. 1370310

NTA, but the super wide set eyes and naturally downturned mouth just combine with the fat in an unfortunate way that makes him look like blobby the exploded blobfish. He'd look quite nice if he pulled a Jay Bauman.

It's like a breadtube thread in here.

No. 1370318

is this recent? because i swear every day is trans awareness day or whatever. i would give everything to have a single day during which i don't have to be aware of this clownery.

No. 1370332

Wokes mainly care about black women when they can use them to shit on "white feminism". Otherwise they don't really care, all the stuff they do to support black people is mainly for supporting black males.

No. 1370335

Sorry, not American, I am having difficulties understanding how can you be trans and non-binary at the same time. Aren't trans people pretending to be the other gender and non-binaries pretend to be especial and have a made up gender?

No. 1370340

According to them NB is considered under the trans umbrella. They consider anyone questioning their gender to be trans. It doesn't really make sense bc trans = transition and NBs don't transition to anything

No. 1370346

>NBs don't transition to anything
they transition into uncanny valley.

No. 1370349

Conservitards mainly care about porn when they can use them to shit on "crackers". Otherwise they don't really care, all the stuff they do to support porn sick crackers are mainly for supporting other porn sick crackers.

No. 1370410

>decent enough face
I get that attractiveness is subjective but I don’t see it.

No. 1370460

Wtf are you talking about? And is it relevant to the thread topic at all?

No. 1370532

File: 1637179947173.jpg (343.34 KB, 1313x656, MasonAlexanderPark-Gren-Cowboy…)

The netflix live action cowboy bebop cast a fakeboi as Gren, who in the original series is a man (male) with gynecomastia from abusing drugs (sounds weird but it's apparently a thing IRL). She also got cast as Desire in the new netflix Sandman, a character who can change their sex characteristics at will (and is supposed to be super hot kek), despite having never been in anything notable before.

No. 1370535

The Netflix cowboy bebop is going to be a disgusting mess no matter what they do. But Gren has been and will always be a mess. I'm so God damn tired of this fake woke trans agenda bullshit

No. 1370540

File: 1637180392389.jpg (135.41 KB, 401x530, Bob_01.jpg)

I hope netflix does a new adaptation of Fight Club and casts a fakeboi as bitch tits bob.

No. 1370547

File: 1637180805652.jpg (52.7 KB, 976x700, _107034792_maemartin.photograp…)

Why'd Mae Martin have to be a tif? She's so adorbs.

No. 1370550

File: 1637180834568.png (277.76 KB, 500x375, Screen Shot 2021-08-20 at 2.33…)


No. 1370551

Quickly browsing her twitter gave me faildaughter vibes.
I guess the main tactic these days for "gaining" a personality and salvaging your career is to join the kweers.

Pooner Bob.

No. 1370552

She's just not good looking enough for these characters

No. 1370562

To be fair, voice actors aren't usually attractive.

No. 1370565

It's a live action…

No. 1370566

File: 1637182560635.jpg (10.43 KB, 200x266, r10983_th.jpg)

crazy bitch eyes
she's a cute butch lady though

No. 1370568

Oh wow, oof. That's hilarious and will age poorly.

No. 1370578

File: 1637183939646.jpeg (262.14 KB, 1200x900, FDhIwAIWYAg_78W.jpeg)


No. 1370591

She told us she hates lesbians without telling us she hates lesbians.

No. 1370720

>cute butch
kek bitch looks like Jack Gleeson stop

No. 1370727

Shit I can see it. I think she has a really nice smile though.

No. 1370750

This picture has so many great details. The gigahon in the teal sweater, the disgruntled security workers, the MtF hidden by the yellow sign who's clockable from hair texture alone.

No. 1370759

The Netflix live action adaptation cannot recreate what makes cowboy beebop so iconic. The fact that Gren is even in this and was such a priority is just tiresome. He was only in 2 episodes.

No. 1370761

But he's nonbinary now. Isn't that cool.

No. 1370796

Approximately 38% of adults in the United States sought out recovery for drug addiction, so representation of potential side effects like >>1370532 noted is valuable. It is also worth noting that roughly 35% of men experience gynecomastia, in total. Compare those to 3% of trans-identifying people in the US, which I could have sworn was 2% not that long ago, and less than 1% shortly before that (social contagion is real). Trans is a disease that spreads the more you talk about it, whereas addiction is a disease that becomes less prevalent if spoken about honestly, and gynecomastia is a disease that will exist at the same rates whether it's spoken about or not. This change shouldn't have been made, and I feel that men with gynecomastia (and possibly intersex men) will be offended by the show comparing their health condition with troonery.

No. 1370807

I mean that's true and untrue, gynecomastia has highest rates in the middle east and south asia
a consequence of extremely high gluten diet of these regions, lack of exercise and they don't grow boobs or anything but about a quarter of the men here have puffy nippels
source live in the region and I've seen it with tons of guys

No. 1371020

Riley? Riley is a fakeboi herself and a nasty piece of work from early tumblr who would dox black teens for telling her to stop being such a hateful asshole, before that she was a bane of weeb RP circles on lj in the mid-00s and would do shit like harass minors into rping yaoi shotacon rape.

Surprised to see people trying to stan Riley here, I thought people were still generally aware that she's a piece of shit.

No. 1371075

File: 1637257003381.jpg (205.24 KB, 1066x982, cf50eb65b2a6911497001f6bb2333e…)

Wow, amazing similarity.
Casting a random troon in this role for the sake of woke points will just bite them in the ass. People won't be impressed - real life isn't like twitter.

No. 1371131

Gren is specifically a gay man who developed gynecomastia after being forced to endure experimental drug trials after being framed for war crimes. They turned a canonically gay male character that's just a victim of human rights abuses in a dystopian setting into an NLOG genderspecial girl

Something something erasure something

No. 1371153

Oh yeah she's a crazy retard, it just made me lol that the video tried to paint her misandry towards men of her own race as racism.

No. 1371368

nta, and I haven't watched the anime but after reading his struggles it sucks it's being downgrade to a fakeboi playing dress up…

i bet they'd erase his entire identity and character and replace it with something transgender-align. because they easily can. because despite how cherished cowboy bepop is, i'm sure there's only a few who have watched it these days than the amount of people praising it as a classic.

im sure we will see more adaptations like this tbh. i already thought of sailor moon for some reason, idk. I can see it having either one of the girls being a man playing dress up.

No. 1371404

I don't like Sailor Moon, but my money would be on Juniper (tall and tough) or Saturn ("smol and stigmatized uwu") being made into a TIM, and Uranus goes NB or full on TIF. You know they would try it. A tranny on board would probably push for Uranus as the TIM for transbian reasons, but I'm not sure they'd go that far.

No. 1371541

File: 1637301827434.jpg (29.66 KB, 592x578, Mason-Alexander-Parks-childhoo…)


Pretty sure the actor is male. The face, the voice, all the childhood photos available on the internet, everything points to man, but do correct me if I'm wrong

No. 1371545

I think you're right, looks like a feminine gay man.
There are topless pics of him and I don't see any scars.

No. 1371553

File: 1637304777932.jpg (130.37 KB, 960x1200, DFcVUP3XcAIkktv.jpg)

Definitely male, but the particular photo used did look kind of TIF-like. It's funny, that even with all the obfuscation (scrunched up face, tilted away from camera, posing to make himself smaller, far away), he can only pass as an Aiden with a particularly male jawline. But literally any other picture of him makes it obvious. Picrel, he's much clearer here. Maybe original anon just got confused because the indistinct picture, NB status (instead of TIM), and fakeboi haircut, so I don't think it was a tranny psyop this time.

No. 1371596

File: 1637320864249.png (931.85 KB, 1080x3340, 9B2BF042-6734-4D77-90F8-83B489…)

i absolutely guarantee none of this happened. kids do not care about your pronouns. a ten year old boy is not gonna apologize bc he dared to misgender you.

No. 1371655

Disgusting to see how these degenerates brainwash children with their "gender" propaganda shit.

No. 1371659

Well, he hot called an unattractive TIF, that should count for something.

No. 1371705

Wtf do they really get that many calls abou NB kids? Where the fuck is this camp? Portland?

No. 1371710

Hurray for the conversion therapy camps. Now all the girls can stop being icky girls to become nobodies and the boys can explore their sexuality at the age of 9.

No. 1371723

Unfortunately kids around 11/12 might be like this, my friend’s sister is that age and she’s going through enby shit. It’s so sad, my friend is distraught and her sister is such a sweet kid—just terminally online and isolated from others bc her mom sucks.

No. 1371724

this is so saddening. she could have been a surprising role model / first butch or sporty woman (or whatever the fuck she thinks defines her as not a women) to these kids, the rowdy boys growing up with some vague memory of respect to women in button downs and ties & the girls seeing that you don’t have to conform to stereotype… instead she teaches them that gender roles are the truest law and she’s a new category of human. pathetic

No. 1371726

File: 1637339002056.jpg (55.11 KB, 415x594, gettyimages-620686006-594x594.…)

No offense, but are you both legally blind. You know people can shop out titty scars? There's also a kind of surgery where they go through the nipple so there aren't any scars.

No. 1371733

Here's a vid from when she was a teen.

No. 1371737

File: 1637339725699.jpg (68.76 KB, 1200x1200, Kalvin-Garrah-1200x1200.jpg)

Also, Kalvin Garrah sometimes gives herself the illusion of a jawline by sucking in her cheeks + jutting her jaw out + photoshop. Does that make her male?

No. 1371747

File: 1637340778365.jpg (184.98 KB, 800x1062, Andy_Milonakis_by_Gage_Skidmor…)

Its possible he's a male with some serious Hormone deficiency
Picrel is Andy Milonakis he is a 45 year old man with Hormone deficiencies
his body basically produces no testosterone or growth hormones and so he looks like this

No. 1371753

I mean I guess but occam's razor says it's a woman on testosterone. Especially with those shoulders.

No. 1371756


No. 1371813

That Milo Stewart looking goblin bod says 'male' to you? kek at her trying to hide her hip behind her arm.

No. 1371838

this is definitely a TIF. look at the leg posing and that ugly outfit, plus the nailpolish, the ring and the haircut. it just screams soft bean mlem transboi.

No. 1371865

Puberty blockers are also an option.

No. 1371886

Yeah I literally know and fucked a TIF who had this and she passes phenomenally well. Legitimately thought she was a gay man, looks more like one than this person. Very very possible it’s a woman, but if the baby picture is real there’s no point speculating.

No. 1371887

Glad corpse has finally come out of hiding after the dox

No. 1371895

No. 1371911

File: 1637350295126.jpg (46 KB, 740x420, 5697c1_d7e1bafa1b4343d4885e746…)

This is not a man lmao. The delusions

No. 1371981

I mean I guess she succeeded at looking NB, since the reaction here is confused and upset. That doesn't change her chromosomes or medical needs, though.
Kek is that her? I guess it's true that troons can only pass as masculine older women and feminine teenage boys when they're not seen with actual women or men.

No. 1371987

I agree, this is one of the few cases where I am willing to just except using "they" because the NB commitment is so strong rather than some fakeboi teen girl larping her way out of misogyny or an agp man larping his way into a fetish. I watched the video here and thought "man" but the lack of Adam's apple is suspicious. Regardless, Mason is a talented person, but changing Gren's storyline was unnecessary.

No. 1371993

AYRT And I think the passing is interesting, but not meaningful. It doesn't matter if she "looks" male, female, or "neither", because it doesn't change the reality of what she actually is, and acting like it does reinforces gender roles. It would be far more powerful to look like this and not identify out of your sex.

No. 1371997

More like genderspecials or chronically online anons being "confused".
>Regardless, Mason is a talented person
Are you a fan or something? Literally no one knew who she was.

No. 1372019

I am not gonna comment on her skills because I don't know anything about it, but being in a netflix anime adaptation seems like a bad sign if anything. But anyway, so, they cast a nb who had her breasts removed to play a dude who has gynecomastia, am I getting this right? Are they going to make her wear some padding (thus making her dysphoric I guess) or just completely brush it off? But I won't watch it to find out, nice try Netflix

No. 1372087

No wonder TIFs are delusional ans think they pass if you think this is what a man looks like

No. 1372113

That's just her brain on kweer juice.

No. 1372117

She doesn't look like a man, but I have met teenage boys who look like that.

No. 1372129

I think anon was just confused because she found male childhood photos? Or what seemed to be make childhood photos

No. 1372253

File: 1637406858182.png (348.42 KB, 1108x628, 55555.png)

Ah yes the 2 Genders, Blonde bimbo Stacy or Emo boy who looks like he hasn't slept in days

No. 1372258

I'm a filthy, useless, and rowdy, does that mean I'm a moid? No, because I have two X chromosomes. Maybe I'll shave my head again, and wear flannels. It would probably piss them off.

No. 1372260

I wonder if TIFs are envious of males who have the exact "look" they covet for, you know naturally being to stay skinny, clear skin, no fucks given attitude e.t.c that males just possess without any effort while TIfs can only badly imitate those traits with starvation , hormones and surgeries

No. 1372312

They have to ruin so many characters lol. He can't just be a guy they have a crush on, they have to literally steal his personality and entire look as well. For trannies, both male and female, it doesn't just end with being attracted to a character, no they have to literally become and embody the character

No. 1372325

You are incredibly based nona

No. 1372407

File: 1637430189761.jpeg (624.77 KB, 750x1082, 7B3A0AA7-DCE2-41F6-AD8A-278FFF…)

Found this genderspecial tif’s account which is full of this kinda shit. Worth to look at if you want some good laughs

No. 1372411

>straight lesbians
lmao this has to be a joke. like saying 'cold fire' or 'soft spikes'

No. 1372413

She’s dead serious with all that bs

No. 1372427

What's a straight lesbian supposed to be? And Gaybian sounds like a made up name someone in my latam shithole country would name their kid because they misheard some Anglo name, then the kid gets bullied at school because "gay"

No. 1372438

File: 1637433447985.jpeg (125.84 KB, 739x653, E7BA2F0B-B859-493F-B890-E6CB4A…)

This is her explanation

No. 1372442

I hate this with my entire being.

No. 1372443

>for example a heteroplatonic who is also homoromantic

So…a gay person with straight friends? Most of these tumblrsexual labels are just redundant ways of saying you’re LGB and also a pretentious asshole

No. 1372444

what do those words even mean, THE FUCK DOES THAT MEAN

No. 1372446

File: 1637434121049.jpg (35.93 KB, 510x346, 2c81c9007904330f9d505b7dc6a7d8…)

No. 1372447

File: 1637434211617.jpeg (293.58 KB, 750x1004, 6EF6F234-0610-4B42-BE51-4F3381…)

Her explanations are truly great

No. 1372448

Genderspecial and sexspecial.

No. 1372450

>mspec lesbian/gays
what the fuck do these even mean

No. 1372451

wow i didn't know lesbians had to be homoplatonic as well, better get rid of my male friends

No. 1372453

It's better this way.

No. 1372455

>Homoplatonic refers to those who only feel platonic attraction or queerplatonic attraction to people of the same gender or similar genders. It is a subcategory of gay and/or lesbian. A homoplatonic person is not "only friends with the same gender". Platonic attraction is the intense desire to be close friends with someone specific, also called a squish, and queerplatonic attraction is an umbrella term for forms of attraction that bends the rules for telling apart romantic attraction from non-romantic attraction.
maybe the straight men were right regarding friendships

No. 1372464

ah fuck, i thought the platonic/squish discourse died with my aromantic phase in 2013

No. 1372465

File: 1637435252583.jpeg (119.21 KB, 1300x866, 2E9C7ED0-E8B7-4FC5-B232-35CE01…)

No. 1372484

what did the straight men say?

mspec is "multi-gender attraction spectrum" ig

No. 1372488

File: 1637436118992.jpeg (525.64 KB, 750x1119, CFC178CA-4A26-4F43-9E29-FAF10F…)

When are these people gonna stop using intersex people for their validation?

No. 1372489

Mspec is just spicy bisexual, nothing more

No. 1372495

I actually an Intersex woman, though she was XY she was still 100% woman, there were no TIM characteristic or interests were about her, she still suffered though due to her condition
It sucks that Intersex people gets used by these narcissists for their selfish self justifications

No. 1372500

on terf island twitter an intersex man recently got his business effectively shut down by TRAs bc he was gencrit:(((

No. 1372505

TRAs are fucking cancer

No. 1372536

Is sailor moon wasn't there a trio who were a boy band by the day and sailor senshi by night? There already were trans men in there

No. 1372555

They are so used to being friendless that having a friend is suddenly worthy of a special label kek

No. 1372612

In fairness I think a lot of people don't know how much testosterone can actually do to masculinise someone's appearance, because they're used to low T/ no T ayydens who also don't voice-train. Even Kalvin Garrah, one of the more well known truscum types, has said she takes testosterone very inconsistently (IDK why, presumably mental illness).

No. 1372651

File: 1637450842472.jpg (108.57 KB, 597x1041, front hole atrophy.jpg)

Fair enough. I called them genderspecials or chronically online because this whole trans fantasy is shattered whenever you interact with regular people IRL. Also, real men at Mason's age (mid 20s) wouldn't look like teenage boys. It's like people forget that healthy men still age like shit.
>inb4 hormone deficiency or some autosomal/genetic crap
Men with those issues tend to fat/pudgy and they still age (slowly, but they do). Andy Milionakis and Gary Coleman in their 20s looked like prepubescent children.

Btw, Kalvin takes T inconsistently because picrel. TIMs can gorge on E2V and the worst that could happen is an unstable mood (that's why they're always suicide baiting or thinking that literally everyone is out to kill them), while TIFs on any form of testosterone will be all messed up.

No. 1372705

Original ayrt who shared the childhood pic. I was confused just because she looks a lot like a flamboyant gay guy I went to university with and I hadn't realized how much T can change a person's voice (I've never interacted with a TIF IRL and I never watch them on YouTube). Also as >>1372129 said, there are quite a few childhood photos of Mason looking like a boy.

In terms of talent, I had never heard of Mason before but in looking for a video of her speaking voice I ended up seeing stage performance videos. I'm not a theater person, but she seemed good. I like what >>1371993 anon said, though, that being a visible gnc person who identifies with their own sex would be so much more powerful than being a gender special.

No. 1372715

File: 1637460070923.jpg (74.97 KB, 562x318, 20121121_seoulbeats_B12-4.jpg)

literally this

No. 1372740

>front hole
that term is so funny to me, it always reminds me of the terms front office/back office. i'll call my butthole my back office now.

No. 1372772


No. 1372810

I wonder if anyone has made a punk song called front hole yet, I think such a stupid, misogynistic term deserves a sarcastic song or two

No. 1372926

Just finished watching Sex Education s3. Fuck that binding scene made me recoil. The genderspecial shit totally ruined that show.

No. 1372933

Let me guess, they make it out to be (almost) completely harmless and totally positive and ~*liberating*~? Not like I need to ask, it's Netflix.

No. 1372997

I don't understand how intersex conditions disprove sex binary. There are still only two chromosomes and only two gametes. Intersex are extremely rare conditions were there is a rare combination of them not the existence of a Z chromosome.

No. 1372999

They only "disprove the sex binary" if you're a retard who doesn't understand the actual differences between male and female or what intersex actually is.

No. 1373009

The childhood pictures kind of threw me off too, are they confirmed to be her?

No. 1373016

The american phenotype lmao

No. 1373161

i will never not be baffled by the threats of violence for misgendering. firstly because it's insane to expect everyone to just know right away and secondly because none of these pool noodles could beat their way out of a wet roll of toilet paper.

No. 1373207

This is just so funny. Is she going to wear these things every time she goes out just in case someone might misgender her? Does she have multiple items like this? Imagine being this self-obsessed and caring this much about what other people think of you. Most people I’ve know who are GNC and not in the gender cult just correct the person or laugh about it and move on with their lives.

No. 1373221

also they always act like cis people get just as upset over being misgendered. i've had troons call me he to make a point, and it's still the least offensive thing they've ever done.

No. 1373260

File: 1637532759858.jpg (1.04 MB, 972x1236, gennaio-ardhanarishvara__slide…)

i have a friend who's a practicing buddhist who recently explained this to me too bc i was curious. the deities in buddhism are not "nonbinary" they are just beyond gender and will choose to call themselves male or female, but they're really "nothing". except it's not "nonbinary". they aren't human. such a reach lol

No. 1373273

The main issues presented in the show are that it's better to use an actual binder instead of bandages, and that you're a traitor if you succumb to following gender norms because of outside pressure when you're NB. Totally healthy lessons for teens in that show. The binding scene lasts the whole fucking intro of an episode and as you said, this modern breast ironing is presented positively.

No. 1373453

Christ this season was painful. It was so funny how they present the two nb characters as being in the fight of their lives to be accepted by a cruel society that will ~never left them live as their authentic selves~, meanwhile Eric visiting a Nigerian gay club at the risk of being arrested or murdered is just extra drama for his and Adam’s story. Priorities.

No. 1373638

File: 1637584066224.jpg (58.79 KB, 526x500, 0m7fgrp1o9z71.jpg)

Tell me you're a fujo gay LARPer without telling me you're a fujo gay LARPer

No. 1373647

Heterosexual and cringe.

No. 1373649

no nona it's a totally uwu kweer relationship!!! woman with short hair and man that sometimes uses other men for sex.

No. 1373759

File: 1637598501750.png (816.33 KB, 601x812, stalkers.png)

These three troons found JK Rowling's house and took photos outside it, doxxing her address.
>don't be a cissy
wtf even is this message.

No. 1373762

I can't tell whether they should go to prison for stalking, harassment, and doxxing, or if they should all just be sued and put in assisted living programs for being truly brain dead.

No. 1373765

This is such a great image. WTF did they think they were going to accomplish.

No. 1373772

File: 1637599471263.png (20.69 KB, 593x125, jkr.png)

I don't think they expected JKR to stop being "a cissy", but I think they wanted internet points since it's popular to harass this woman. It backfired, JKR tweeted about it and now they have all hidden their profiles.

No. 1373775

How did they take a look at that image and go 'Yeah, this is a good look for our community. This isn't massively embarrassing.'

No. 1373777

lol I really hope JK gets her lawyers together to get these people a restraining order. It must be a nightmare to have these types fucking around with you all the time.

I love how JK isn’t backing down. She shouldn’t. She’s not even wrong.

No. 1373783

If these people didn't have a social media presence I'd assume this was some kind of weird psyop to make transpeople look even worse.(sage)

No. 1373796

Troons in the comments responding that you can just look up her address and that her home "has it's own Wikipedia page". These claims are untrue, because the house they're talking about is the house she grew up in, not the one she's currently living in. She does own the house, but doesn't reside in it, and it's not the home that they shared the address of. This was, in fact, a doxxing. The other argument is that "she's rich, so it doesn't matter", which is a weak argument that I shouldn't need to explain the flaws with, and I sincerely doubt the people saying it genuinely believe it.

No. 1373814

Left is transitioning into the short burglar from Home Alone.

No. 1373836

My favourites are the ones trying to argue that JK Rowling doxxed the three stooges by @-ing them in her twitter thread, even though they @-ed themselves in the original tweet

No. 1373841

I love how obsessed they are with her. She hasn't even tweeted (twittered?) anything about them in months.

No. 1373937

I saw people say it's not doxxing because you can find her address on wikipedia…and claiming she used her security personal to inflict violence on poor transpeople…bc if those freak showed up at any other millionairs home they would be so much more inviting

No. 1373965

The house on Wikipedia isn't her current house. Rowling wouldnt willingly reveal her current address for obvious reasons: privacy and protection.

No. 1374140

AYRT And, as I said, the publicly available address isn't where she lives. It's her childhood home, which she based Harry's aunt and uncle's house on. I think it's been turned into a monument (or something like that) for cultural reasons. You're right that other celebrities would treat this sort of trespassing and doxxing the same way, though.

No. 1374236

File: 1637643572965.jpeg (402.75 KB, 828x1186, 93C5C06E-0F55-4EFE-ADBB-1913FB…)

same dumb black girl sperging in shock bc she was called the girl that she is…so desperate for attention it isn’t funny. “he/they” my fucking ass

No. 1374241


No. 1374243

Claims to be genderless but complains when someone calls her she. Shouldn’t matter what they call you if you’re genderless. Good luck with that.

No. 1374255

that classic "call me anything but a woman" internalized misogyny

No. 1374290

"Call me anything but woman" but also hyperfeminine, the truest NLOG pickmes with apocalyptic levels of internalized misogyny.

No. 1374359

File: 1637667098742.jpeg (401.36 KB, 750x1196, 152848B9-62F7-4454-9DFD-384D3E…)

I knew that “both” genital SRS was increasingly common but I didn’t realise they had a name for it and think it’s an identity. Subreddit is heavily FTMS who want phallo but also to keep their vag.

No. 1374371

there's a radfem blog about a woman that did this (including pictures) and she had it covered by Medicaid. Remember that next time you're paying for insurance or meds.

No. 1374385

>I love how JK isn’t backing down. She shouldn’t. She’s not even wrong.
i agree and she even has trans friends who support her message. so.

No. 1374387

you're also paying for obese people, smokers, reckless drivers etc. being mad about taxes toward idiots isn't simply a tranny issue

No. 1374415

File: 1637680418515.png (32.03 KB, 603x349, jkrlol.png)

Love this response to the "activists"

No. 1374427

"peacefully intimidate" kek

No. 1374428

>JK Rowling THREATENS violence at activist, wants them to crack their heads open against a wall. I am not surprised since this is the conclusion of terf rhetoric, violent dog whistles against trans bodies.

No. 1374432

JK Rowling SHAMELESSLY places her house in the middle of a protest for all the MURDERED trans people who are actually still alive

No. 1374439

Actual lol

No. 1374443

See? The ebbil terves are LITERALLY KILLING US

No. 1374486

Kek ily anon, actual lol here too

No. 1374497

I’d bet my next three paychecks that this was taken in a women’s restroom lol

No. 1374559

>She hasn't even tweeted (twittered?) anything about them in months.
She kept quiet and didn't wanna cause any further conflict, all she's been doing since her essay was promoting her new Children's book, an innocent Christmas adventure story that she was inspired to write by seeing her son and his pig plushies and yet rabid twitter trannies still replied with porn in those threads

I'm sure Rowling thought that ignoring was the best option and these retards would soon forget all about it but they didn't, they stalked her and went to her house

No. 1374604

so this is what porn did to society

No. 1375032

File: 1637735363279.jpg (Spoiler Image, 455.36 KB, 1080x1231, Screenshot_20211124-171728__01…)

Found a troon who watched interview with the vampire once and made it her whole personality. I'll let this photo speak for itself.

No. 1375099

the way the shirt is hiked up specifically to reveal her ass

No. 1375101

Everything about this photo is unflattering, but the lack of pants and the awful hair really sell it to me. I know people here will probably be critical of her weight based on her ass and cellulite, but to me that's fairly normal, and the self-harm scars on the front of her thighs speak more about her troubles than the cellulite does. The shirt looks like shit, the socks are trashy and unflattering, and this girl needs bangs–and an overall better hairstyle–stat. In summary: This screams weight and attractiveness based insecurities coupled with a persisting envy of mid-2000's internet goths and emos apparent "attractiveness" that she feels she couldn't replicate in her teenage years, and is far too autistic to understand how to replicate now.

No. 1375170

File: 1637762704458.jpg (341.32 KB, 602x2325, 989485045.jpg)

Hannibal may be a viscous serial killer cambial but at least he's not a transphobe, said without a hint of irony

No. 1375171

I’m pretty sure they are being ironic/silly but still fucking annoying and ridiculous kek

No. 1375182

File: 1637764245731.jpg (330.96 KB, 797x1099, 1605411207167.jpg)

Yeah I understood that, but I'd be willing to bet some of these "people" would be the types to stan actual serial killers

No. 1375199

Oh my god what
I’m laughing bc what the actual hell, I stand corrected nona my bad

No. 1375219

I wonder how they feel about the fact that Dahmer targeted, raped and killed mostly black and latino teen boys

No. 1375238

File: 1637778001017.jpg (12.98 KB, 640x194, jb21.jpg)

>I wonder how they feel

No. 1375240

Remember Dahmer fangirl Leonard Höglind? I'm wondering how she is doing in jail now.

No. 1375245

I used to like her really until she became super genderspecial. The titchop was the line for me.

No. 1375268

Nona why is her hair so nasty in most of her pictures? Has it always been like that?

No. 1375319

File: 1637787385909.jpeg (512.71 KB, 1170x1006, EACEF3F9-3655-44FC-AA1D-9FE55C…)

imagine putting a fake silicone penis in your pants just to sit on an airplane. then being shocked when TSA has to make sure that foreign object isn’t dangerous. lmao just lmao.

No. 1375334

She and her boyfriend are still in jail, waiting for the appeal to higher court. But they just got the denial in this week. So their life sentances (i think its 20 years in Sweden) are now final so they Will be transfered to a real prison soon. The girl was registered female when she was taken in by the police but is now legally a man. Good timing! We dont have any high security female prisons in Sweden anyway so in guessing she
Will be placed in a male prison for a few weeks, get what she deserves and then off herself or kindly send a new letter to the gender office to change back, maybe she can get a two in one deal and change her name to kikomi while shes at it

No. 1375346

File: 1637789577534.jpg (543.06 KB, 1080x1426, IMG_20211124_233151.jpg)

She is my fav cow. Also deludes herself into being an "artist" (her skills and techniques are nonexistant - see pic related) and tries to sell shitty craft projects at inflated prices. One mental illness brings another it seems kek

No. 1375374

I remember on tumblr I found an serial killers imagines blog taking requests from a non binary reader who wanted the blog to write up some fanfic about them and the columbine shooters. And they could NOT use she/her or else. I'll never get why these retards want to believe that fucking killers from the 80s and 90s would even understand this special gender shit. Let alone accept it. But it was tumblr so

No. 1375445

File: 1637798415458.jpg (275.08 KB, 1080x1876, Screenshot_20211125-005647__01…)

Gotta love when fakebois talk about their non existent dick to their simp base 🤌

No. 1375463

File: 1637801484256.jpg (545.2 KB, 1080x1749, 223422106_161363256105111_4883…)

Pretty much, his name used to be Emilia. Putting up a picture previous in one of these treads.
He's trying very hard to upkeep his emo/anime fantasy guy look. After he went on T he got acne (which he has complained so much about and is a massive side effect to taking T), chin pubes and a deeper voice. Which is why he did a voice reveal so late after being recognised. Personally I wouldn't pay too much attention to fakebois like him, but he is making his followers pay for NSFW pics of a silicone body pretending its his own. if his followers knew he wasnt this big dick cis emo guy lol

No. 1375487


No. 1375502

They probably don't care, they just care about whether Dahmer would fuck their transboy pussy or if he's a meanie transphobe

No. 1375509

Wait. WAIT. I HAD HER ADDED ON FB. she straight up admitted to lying about being a cis man for attention and said trans ppl ate it up so she kept going…. this was like four years ago. sage bc I doubt I saved anything but I was still deep in handmaiden thinking then and I was disgusted at how openly horrid she was and removed her. God cosplayers are fucking mental.

No. 1375603

And here we have again the reason I hate fandoms. What the fuck is a he him pussy? Will is not trans what the fuckk.

No. 1375611

>or if he's a meanie transphobe
Which is obviously worse than being a serial killer.

No. 1375662

>those clothes
I don't get it, don't vampires from IwtV dress like classy Victorians? What is she trying to say with this pic?

No. 1375701

They do, I guess she added the striped socks to show solidarity with male troons kek.
I'm really interested in what's going to happen, this is the first time I've heard of a TIF who wants to be in a male prison.
It was outrageous how the murderer Kristoffer Johansson was moved to a lower security women's prison after trooning out.

No. 1375703

Maybe she wants to go to the same jail as her moid.

No. 1375709

File: 1637850611775.jpg (191.98 KB, 1280x721, Anatoliy Petersson.jpg)

Seriously why do all of that shit for this ugly moid.
>be a rational autistic woman
>troon out
>base your look on fashion icon Jeffrey dahmer
>fall for mentally ill, paranoid and balding scrote
>murder the man who financially supported you both
>demand being placed in men's prison
Ah, love.

No. 1375713

I don't know, but it's not the first time I've seen a heterosexual woman go far beyond the necessary lengths for a moid who wasn't worth shit, and it won't be the last.

No. 1375766

i would be disturbed too if i tried to grab a blanket and instead i got my hands on an unwashed, discharge encrusted packer.

No. 1375780

Tough luck, one of the few perks of being a woman is the decreased chance of being victim of a very unhinged gay scrote who comits horrible sexually charged crimes.

No. 1375800

Yeah, instead we have increased chances of being killed by unhinged straight scrotes. Wait–how is having a larger pool of potential assailants a good thing, exactly?

No. 1375827

Men are murdered at way higher rates than women.

No. 1375854

Who are you defending? kek

No. 1375880

they're murdered by other men, dumbass. begone scrote

No. 1375915

File: 1637879404052.jpg (1.28 MB, 3464x3464, PicsArt_11-25-11.29.03.jpg)

Expectation vs reality

No. 1375952

Yeah, I wish men would take male violence seriously and police themselves. Kek. Shut up tard. Like KFers who ree about black on black violence, but then disregard man on man violence. Men are the problem. Men victimise men and women, while women victimise men 100x less and usually in self-defence.

No. 1375965

Looks like Lori’s Kevin kek

No. 1375966

Sue me, but I think the reality looks better. These fujos really have their perception of beauty rotted away by all the yaoi trash they read.

No. 1376005

I agree honestly. Right looks still like a cute if unhinged girl. Left just looks like a weird yaoi abomination. The chin is freaking me out.

No. 1376009

why is she wearing so much concealer

No. 1376028

She looks terrible in both. Is she wearing a shit load of stark white concealer, or what? She looks sickly. If she had more color to her face and didn't bleach her hair, she would probably be pretty in the second pic. She's not deformed or anything, and has nice enough features, but she looks like she has a terminal illness, and the lack of contrast makes her look washed out. I know she's probably making herself up and editing her pictures to look more like a vampire or whatever, but it doesn't suit her at all.

No. 1376131

That girl was totally into Tokio Hotel in middle school and used to ship the Kaulitz brothers.

No. 1376974

At least reality looks human, thank god she doesn't look like the expectation kek

No. 1377103


I’m mutuals with someone on Twitter who retweets from a user who does this. She always talks about “jerking off” and mentions her “balls”. I mean she’s also a ham planet so she might think her sagging fucking labia flaps are deflated balls :shrug emoji:

No. 1377449

Serious question, what is the appeal of being a gay man over a bi woman?

No. 1377487

The aydens who go ''gay man'' and were bi women didn't really interact with women, and everyone shames bi women for this calling them fakers.

No. 1377546

There's a stigma against bi women because usually they only date men and use women for sex so they're seen as promiscuous attention whores. Fakebois think gay men are innocent and cute and just have fun.

No. 1377605

It's more about being a yaoi man than a gay man. Both straight and gay people constantly shit on bisexuals (especially bi women), and if you ever bring this up you get accused of thinking bisexuals are more oppressed than gay people (?) so a lot of bis end up internalising other people's dumb prejudice or getting very hair-trigger about 'bad bisexuals' (those who embody one or more common negative stereotype about bi people) making other bis looks bad.

No. 1377650

File: 1638130841504.png (82.7 KB, 220x275, 1637665697036.png)

This fakeboi Lachlan Watson (you may know her from the Netflix Sabrina show) is on the cover of this French magazine. Crossposted from the celebricows thread (1/5)

No. 1377651

File: 1638130878540.png (Spoiler Image, 655.14 KB, 790x874, 1637665753813.png)

This one is creepy. (2/5)

No. 1377653

File: 1638130933532.png (169.11 KB, 275x275, 1637666400622.png)

No. 1377655

File: 1638130984642.png (Spoiler Image, 73.35 KB, 275x180, 1637668593099.png)

This one is also creepy. (4/5)

No. 1377658

Looks like an underage girl, ugh. I know some women are very flat-chested but has she had surgery?

No. 1377661

File: 1638131149958.png (Spoiler Image, 67.02 KB, 156x275, 1637668967584.png)

(5/5) Apparently this is her dancing shirtless in an elevator with some scrote before going to dinner with him

No. 1377683

>Headline is about her identifying as "they/them"
>Featured on the cover of a magazine named "SHE"
Get absolutely decimated.

No. 1377716

She looks like Arya Stark

No. 1377725

yeah she got a mastectomy at 18

No. 1377751

File: 1638140007320.png (1.56 MB, 1077x1472, imagen_2021-11-28_184942.png)

new ellen page pic just dropped
my mental health is being challenged by the people lovebombing her for her disgusting new torso

No. 1377756

She looks crusty as hell.
I struggle since forever with being female. Finally I allowed myself to eat and workout for real. Seeing her makes me happy? I'm so fucking glad I never transitioned.
Congratulation Ellen for looking like a crusty balding man and curing my body dysphoria.

No. 1377770

anon i feel this so deeply, these threads have completely dampened any urge of mine to masculinize myself

No. 1377791

she looks photoshopped, especially with the scars and the fake abs. She looks like she's working out her arms but it's still skinny for some reason.

Honestly, I won't be surprise the pic is heavily ps and they just put her face and scars on top of a man's body.(learn2sage)

No. 1377857

File: 1638147904425.jpeg (305.17 KB, 750x853, DE134E7C-5659-4BA9-85B8-6634E1…)

ah. such visible joy and gender euphoria

No. 1377864

>Has the best phone on the market
>Takes pictures in the lowest possible quality

No. 1377867

nitpicking but her house looks sad af. she’s also dressed so plainly since “transitioning”. it’s like all trace of a personality left her.

No. 1377873

Learning about gnc women who understand that masculinity is a social construct helped immensely. I can finally feel great about being a buff lady who dress comfortably.

She looks edited because her torso is uncanny as hell. It looks somewhat muscular but the rest of her body is skin and bones. It's impossible to gain muscles without gaining fat at that weight. I have bigger arms after working out six months and I'm not a rich hollywood star.

No. 1377881

It's fucked up how TIFs can get somewhat close to male looking in certain ways, but it just makes them look uncanny and alien instead of actually male. There's a disparity between her real features and the synthetic ones that makes her look like an alien who stole her body and is trying to control it while taxidermying it in real time, all with only a cursory understanding of human biology. I feel like I'm looking at a hivemind of insects wearing Ellen Page's face.

No. 1377884

fucking hell that's one of the best descriptions of troonery i've ever encountered

No. 1377931

File: 1638155531882.jpg (32.33 KB, 600x400, hard candy.jpg)

I don't get why she chose ab sculpting when it ends up looking like random lumps of fat later on.
Picrel her real abs when she wasn't sickly thin.
No shoop, imo. She didn't have a defined waist before, but combine that with surgeries + being underweight and she looks uncanny.

No. 1377961

Is this the TIF version of the AGP smirk

No. 1377983

I've never read anything more true than this. Never stop writing nonnie. kek

Every moids does this in their selfies but it shows how short her mid face is.(sage)

No. 1377994

File: 1638160632352.png (1.11 MB, 1375x1776, Screenshot_20211128-233312~2.p…)

Are you a straight 16 year old boy who has a genderspecial girlfriend and you're trying to be supportive while navigating your own sexuality? Well, r/mypartneristrans is here to tell you what a fucking monster you are

No. 1377998

This cult of entitled retards changes its rules of engagement every 2 years or so. How the fuck a teenager is supposed to know ALL about this crazy shit?
The cultist on the right said the right thing at the end, though (break up with the NLOG and move on).

No. 1378000

Troons really do think that natural biological processes like "sexual attraction", "lack of sexual attraction", puberty, and pregnancy are bigoted. It makes me think trooning out is a desperate attempt to escape existential powerlessness instead of accepting that the world is vaster than the confines of one's own mind.

No. 1378068

File: 1638173548807.jpg (266.73 KB, 1500x874, Yt3u3u2u2828.jpg)

Fucking sigh. The Sims fandom is so bad about this. it's chock full of autistic girls, AGPs and hatred/fetishism of girls and girlhood.

No. 1378072

so many agender girls turn to radical feminism, it's only a matter of time

No. 1378078

That's so sad. You can bet the pedos are happy about this trend.

No. 1378155

I'm not like in the fandom but I do watch plumbella's videos because I like her and God, please tell me she's not trooning. she's been very open about being autistic. I really worry these freaks will groom her.

No. 1378170

oh i used to watch some plumbella videos months ago when i was really sick… this is so sad. doesn't she also have a huge harry potter shrine in her apartment? the irony.

No. 1378177

this is just depressing, I like her content

No. 1378187

havent watched her since she joined the crowd of people shitting on jkr w/o reading anything she actually said about troons. not what i came for when i click on a sims makin magic video
i admire your optimism but this is a fully "drank the koolaid" take she has here

No. 1378241

File: 1638207523256.gif (1.73 MB, 209x213, 1468307407612.gif)

"I can excuse murdering and cannibalism, but I Draw the line at transphobia".

No. 1378255

The sim fandom is full of weirdos. They were talking about adding pronouns to the game & people got mad at a modder who rightfully said there's so much else they could be focusing on.
I always see angry grooms who act like they have no choice but to buy Sims dlc\play the game &complain about it all day. Not surprised she's on some weird shit.

No. 1378267

Would nonnis be interested in a Sims community milk thread?

No. 1378278

How would they even add pronouns to gendered languages? Or custom pronouns to languages like Hungarian and Russian that have a ton of cases? Damn it EA stop catering to troons, based on their e-begging they're not even that rich except for the tech bro to troon category.

No. 1378283

Who knows, but they rather put dumb meaningless shit in the game, the person who complained Zero Mods is a TIF I believe, so everyone got mad at her for thinking it's dumb and EA is pandering.
I would there's so many people who keep shit behind paywalls for absurd amounts of time, then act like they are doing the world a favor by modding a game.

No. 1378343

If the tech troons are rich why are they so grimey and gross looking, can't be arsed to put some money on soap?

No. 1378351

No, they put all their money on fetish figurines, animes, MLP sex pillows. The fakeboi equivalent buys yaois, figurines and cosmetics because girls have been taught to keep clean

No. 1378390

I have so many gripes with that community, milk thread would be great imo

No. 1378445

The AGP smirk now has a companion: the TIF thousand-yard-stare

No. 1378632

Is this that girl who was dating rtgame? I wonder if they broke up because of gender fuckery

No. 1380354

File: 1638349070191.jpg (Spoiler Image, 141.6 KB, 1280x737, 19477KlpMPJJN.jpg)

Her nipple is one of the worst results I've seen. It's almost like a spiral

No. 1380376

That looks like pepperoni.

No. 1380402

File: 1638354114226.jpg (118.28 KB, 640x1136, cavetown.jpg)

I recently discovered her music and I was very disappointed to find out she's a troon

No. 1380408

did you think she was a man?

No. 1380415

Before looking up pictures I wasn't sure, I couldn't really tell from her voice, sometimes it sounds more feminine and other times more masculine

No. 1380423

cavetown so clockable its comical but she really had lots of people fooled larping as a male softboy from 2018-2020. her fans would throw a fit everytime someone talked about her being trans until people stopped caring. im surprised you just found out about them in 2021 theres probably stuff on her in older fakeboi threads

No. 1380424

nta but I did too. I'd only heard more recent songs, where she sounds completely male to me

No. 1380427

listen to ‘devil town’ off of her self-titled album for her real voice and also because it’s a banger

No. 1380438

Kek NTA but that was my introduction to her music, and I was very confused to see people calling her male.

No. 1380444

Even if her face and voice passed, her lyrics are the most soft bean fakeboi shit imaginable.

No. 1380447

remembering when she literally had a song called “Dysphoric” and her delusional fanbase still insisted she wasnt trans

No. 1380469

Did they really think she wasn't trans? why? This is Home is one of her most popular songs, and it literally has a line about binding her chest. Though the thing that sticks out most to me is how her songs (boys will be bugs etc.) always portray boys as soft and innocent. It just screamed those 'male positivity' tumblr blogs run by horribly naïve teen girls in the 2010s.

No. 1380481

File: 1638366114597.jpg (124.52 KB, 1072x1240, 8fce6b69-15e2-5c34-b5d7-fa3f1f…)

I've seen at least a couple examples of this phenomenon, you know the well meaning liberal supportive straight boyfriend whose girlfriend gf decides to identify as he/they and demands they call themselves a queer and or gay couple
Its not even in the same level as the suffering and humiliation transwidows have to deal with but it seems pretty infuriating

No. 1380534

>explain them
They're a heterosexual couple comprised of an alt boy and a goth girl, it's nothing revolutionary. They're a dime a dozen in the west coast.

No. 1380804

Remember when she banned Kalvin Garrah from her concerts for truscum thoughtcrimes and Kalvin cried about it

No. 1380887

this annoys me to no end. especially the posts on tumblr (i know, i know) that are like "being in a straight relationship but in a bi way xD" like wtf does that even mean

No. 1380901

it means you each have homosexual flings on the side

No. 1380990

i like how this comment says the phrase "fully transition" is transphobic when that's literally the wording OP's TIF girlfriend used according to him? i thought policing trans identities was bad?

have you seen erika moen's comic about how she used to be a lesbian but has a boyfriend now, and one panel had them both making perverted comments towards a woman? it's something like that

No. 1381005

Isn't Moen hellbent on not identifying as bisexual for some reason? I think 'straight in a bi way' just means they're alt.

No. 1381120

random but i wonder what the difference is between an aap fakeboi's spotify wrapped and the spotify wrapped of one of the gay twinks they want to be

No. 1381190

gay twinks listen to ariana grande, taylor swift or shit like that. as long as the artist is a talented or attractive female then its twink music.
aap fakeboisthink that listening to some TRVE MALE shit like metal or the most quirky and boring indie music you can find, is peak gay male behavior

No. 1381254

I think she was just a polilez who dropped the act when a guy showed interest. I've seen pictures of her husband, and he's just not a guy you'd go straight for.

No. 1381300

They also seen to like those 80' bands like E,W&F were the guys dressed campy because that lookgay now even if back then it wasn't.

No. 1381453

You have no idea how annoying it is to find out all the music my ex friend recced me is by troons. This is the first I'm hearing this, I only know a few songs but in retrospect I should have known from the overwhelming soft bean vibe.

No. 1381599

Cavetown. My Chemical Romance. Mother Mother. Anything about being a rebellious self-destructive but sensitive teen boy (think jesus of suburbia). Some god-awful punk band you've never heard of comprised entirely of ftm that imploded after the drummer and the singer had a messy breakup.

The only real crossover between gayboys and fakebois is musical soundtracks.

No. 1381750

funniest thing is when aidens are obsessed with kpop boy groups whilst pretending that they are totally gay men, even though most gay dude kpop stans like girlgroups

No. 1381826

File: 1638425798888.png (236.37 KB, 1234x1248, Screenshot (285).png)

the comments are even worse

No. 1381876

I have literally never met an actual comphet girl or woman who wqs as open to or comfortable with physical contact with men as Jade is, but okay. They're obviously just queering straight characters from a kid's show with no idea what actual gay people act like kek.

No. 1382482

File: 1638471660418.jpg (545.93 KB, 1144x2144, 1638471398291.jpg)

never forget Jack Black and Jewish males have "transmasc" swag

No. 1382565

you have to have never heard a single tenacious d song to think this way about jack black and his career

No. 1382579

this almost makes me feel sorry for jewish moids

No. 1382580

tbf they are somewhat correct regarding tenacious d's music, a lot of it is just taking pissing out of hard rock and metal bands, though I feel that the parody aspect might be missed as rock band's aren't as relevant anymore as the era they were pardying from

No. 1382588

i dont feel bad for them but I do think the whole thing is funny in an offensive way, its just 100% racial fetishization based on stereotypes

No. 1382619

Woke racism.

No. 1382674

File: 1638478851175.jpeg (241.96 KB, 1536x2048, FFn81u2WQAoPJi7.jpeg)

Gender is on their mind 24/7. I thought clothes had no gender? Quit stressing out about it and just wear what you want. If you want people to use they/them just tell them. But nobody will ever not be able to tell you're female.

No. 1382695

It must be exhausting to be constantly obsessed with how other people perceive you. Gendies are experts at creating pointless problems for themselves.

This is a consequence of alphabet clout becoming the edgy popular trend with teenagers. Anyone who looks cool and hot must be kweer because everyone knows straight people are dumb and boring.

No. 1382731

This is so stupid, I don’t get why they do this to themselves.

No. 1382732

>always portray boys as soft and innocent. It just screamed those 'male positivity' tumblr blogs run by horribly naïve teen girls in the 2010s.

I honestly find TIFs perspective on boys and boyhood to be fascinating, TIMs fetishize girlhood and make into a pornographic fantasy and let's be fair TIFs also fetishize boyhood as well(I mean many are Fujos) but they go can beyond that
they perceive boyhood as innocence and adventure, they believe it's filled with understanding, compassion and "sexual tension", its an unbearably naive way but you can understand it

No. 1382770

File: 1638483177415.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1170x1165, 634549A7-C0F4-45E0-89EA-1F2544…)

> Some god-awful punk band you've never heard of comprised entirely of ftm that imploded after the drummer and the singer had a messy breakup

you can say GRLwood

No. 1382780

I'm pretty sure Jewish moids don't like being emasculated. I wonder if there is a Jewish version of r/asian_masculinity

No. 1382798

File: 1638484248728.png (74.26 KB, 149x500, Horikawa-1.png)

Her "boy" version look exactly like that kid from Token Ranbu. Those fujos has no shame.

No. 1382799

notice how they all say boy instead of man because of the tumblrized pinterest board image of what a male is in their heads. you dont want to be a male you want to be a girls drawing of one

No. 1382808

I don't think its on par with asian guys, Jewish men stereotyped as being ugly and grotesque with their features
though I've never seen this phenomenon of women lusting after Jewish men for whatever reason, is this a recent thing ?

No. 1382815

I don't get it tbh, males are very open about being gross, psychopathic and hypersexual, how these girls delude themselves into thinking they're "innocent" is a mystery to me

No. 1382822

Lol this is honestly so pathetic. Imagine just wearing the clothing you want to wear instead of this nonsense

No. 1382828

In the published South Park fanfic Peyton Thomas's self insert is Jewish, but that might just be because she's really Kyle Broflovski.

No. 1382832

I was talking about girls fetishizing jewish males, cause I've only seen this phenomenon in the last couple years

No. 1382833

I think they headcannon these boys/men with a level of hidden emotional depth and sensitivity that just isn't there. Like the 'bad boys' in romance fiction.

There's also an element of just wanting to be gross and free like boys are without being restricted by femininity.

No. 1382837

They do fetishize them but they also want to be them.

No. 1382839

>If I was a boy I'd be so gorgeous that everyone would stop and stare at me

kek, reminds me of those middle-aged AGP on reddit posting about how they were the hottest girl at the bar and all the men wanted them

No. 1382842

Yeah I know this, but I'm speaking about both TIFs and girls generally with regards to jewish male fetish

No. 1382868

>TIMs idea of girlhood comes from male fantasies
>TIFs idea of boyhood comes from female fantasies

No. 1382896

I've observed this too, particularly on Tumblr. I think FtMs have this stereotypical image in their head of young Jewish men as being non-threatening and looking like Timothee Chalamet or Finn Wolfhard. Basically, a handful of teen celebrities and fictional ~soft bois~ Tumblr loved happened to be Jewish, so FtMs latched onto that and started skinwalking them. Judaism is also a good way for a white person to be considered oppressed. You can tell a lot of these people have never actually known a Jewish man IRL.

No. 1382937

File: 1638492648303.jpg (31.43 KB, 413x454, IMG_20211203_005023.jpg)

>boys will be bugs

No. 1383063

Yeah, but he can also grow a full beard.

lol at the argument that men being fat and mediocre-looking is gnc now.

No. 1383365

File: 1638536675797.png (78.5 KB, 866x576, 655656.png)

This is totally nor mass grooming

No. 1383370

Myspace bisexual but on steroids (literally, sometimes).

No. 1383375

Autism and social contagion. Imagine if a friend group of anorexics were all like 'None of us were anorexic when we met, and now we're all anorexic! We must have just been spiritually drawn to eachother'

No. 1383379

>gay people often become friends, sometimes even before realizing they're gay, due to sharing feelings of social pressure, isolation, and shared experiences with bullying/homophobia
>genderspecials are often friends with each other before trooning out because they're interested in the same media as each other, and they end up liking media with troon propaganda and grooming in it or its fandom, leading to one or more trooning out, and everyone else following the trend
>"It's totally the same! We're both soooo queer uwu"
I hate the queerios.

No. 1383382

File: 1638537736231.jpeg (354.57 KB, 1536x2048, F107B6AA-5A01-4EF2-B8CC-BF5C3F…)


I used to follow this person years ago for her art. She is a storyboard artist and used to post a lot of artwork pertaining to that, fanart, little diary comics. The latter wound up overtaking her work. All of them are about gender. I don’t really care about troons much but she made being non binary her whole personality and it’s so annoying.


No. 1383389

File: 1638538389718.png (993.2 KB, 913x1024, E8jAPG_UcAMI87F.png)

Am I being uncharitable or is this just internalised homophobia

No. 1383391

Her Twitter is so fucking sad. She changed her name to something her wife said in passing, stopped celebrating her birthday, started celebrating the day she chopped her boobs off as her birthday, wrote "both Zelda and Link are FTM" shit as if the idea of a purely female or somewhat GNC character is beyond her, and just generally doesn't have a sense of self beyond gender feefees and having storyboarded for Trolls 2 and some superhero thing that no one has ever heard of (which is a truly gutwrenching set of things to base your entire self on).

No. 1383393

No this is totally internalized homophobia. She's basically "I wasn't comfortable being gay unless I wasn't a woman or fully gay", hence the tumblrified use of "Sapphic" instead of "lesbian". Those terms mean the same thing to any sane person, but tumblrtards treat "Sapphic" as "non-men loving non-men", and "lesbian" as "TIMs and TERFs".

No. 1383395

File: 1638538911366.jpeg (266.89 KB, 1052x1940, 3B0152C2-8957-44D4-8898-0FC0BA…)

Looking through her comics and found this lol

No. 1383396

Its an interesting that she doesn't even draw herself anything close an adult man, she draws herself like a 12 year boy

No. 1383397

So she's either bi and coomed her way into trying to be the anime boy, all while denying her attraction to men because "ew no I'm not straight", or she's gay and thinks the only way it's okay to be with a woman is by being an attractive man.

No. 1383401

To be fair, she's not full troon, she's just troon lite (nonbinary), so she's trying to draw herself as ambiguous (could be an adult woman or a teenage boy). It's definitely not what she looks like irl, though.

No. 1383413

I suspect the former, most actual lesbians who troon out tend to desire to be men as quickly as possible
seeing as she draws herself as more androgynous bit still feminine and her focus towards on a specific "type" of male(skinny pretty boy)
I suspect she's actually straight/Bi and has unrealized feelings regarding her genuine attraction towards men

No. 1383415

File: 1638539901811.png (282.4 KB, 540x405, 5AD9E4CC-95EC-4E1E-9201-1B7F51…)

Digging a little shows that before she trooned out, she did a lot of comics on asexuality. NLOGism at its highest.

No. 1383417

She has a wife and previously identified as butch for a while so probably not straight.

No. 1383419

AYRT, and yeah. I couldn't place it, but something about her posts screams "straight or bi but doesn't want to be seen as boring or, attention-seeking, or oppressive" to me.

No. 1383421

I suspect her version of butch was just short and wearing comfortable clothing

No. 1383429

See >>1383415 because I think a lot of women (especially autistic women) in the information age become so desensitized to sex/sexualuzation and unfamiliar with the difference between a romantic connection vs a friendship that they no longer consciously know what they're attracted to, focus on the social implications of their choice in romantic/sexual partners, and end up having a completely sterile pseudo-partnerships with their best friends. It's the same reason so many straight women claim to be bi or "pansexual". Speaking as a lesbian, the dating pool is just as full of straight women who will recoil at any actual attempt at intimacy as it is transbians. I can't even say I blame them, since the internet fucks us all up with regards to socializing and sexuality (porn culture is overwhelming and confusing).

No. 1383431

What the fuck is this word salad? They never make their words make sense, but I feel like the TiFs create the theory while the TiMs masturbate to it.

No. 1383436

I don't think the line between AGP/AAP (in it for the coom) and HSTS (internalized homophobia) are as clean-cut as people make out, at least not for women. It's possible for a lesbian to hate herself for her sexuality and fantasise about being a man to escape it, while also having terminal weeb/fujo brainrot that makes her want to be an anime boy. Plenty of lesbians are into yaoi (after all, male characters as written by women are just women with the construct of femininity removed). Sometimes HSTS men like Blaire White seem turned on by the whole bimbo thing as well.

I know in a strict Blanchard sense AGP and AAP refer to wanting to become one's own erotic object (and thus require heterosexual attraction), but people tend not to use them quite like that.

I don't know anything about this woman beyond a quick scroll through her twitter, but she seems to have a strong desire to become a self-created fictional character.

No. 1383443

So her wife isn't even getting any pussy out of all this?

No. 1383453

TIF/FTM music: "i wish i was just a little bug, just a little boy in the dirt…"
TIM/MTF music: I'd rape you and have sex with your bloated corpse with my massive girldick, punch a TERF in the face. Stupid whore.

No. 1383456

Kek >>1382937 didn't want to admit the truth of TIM-written lyrics.

No. 1383473

File: 1638543962202.png (1022.25 KB, 1082x1066, E3c7u0AVgAIq_gd.png)

No. 1383491

This is definitely something of high importance, nonnie, who cares about the rampant sexual abuse in office jobs? Or the annoying ass schedules and terrible working conditions in shitty ass cubicles? we need bathrooms for the mentally ill so they can jack off in peace. I’m so fucking mad.

No. 1383493

File: 1638545585995.png (151.98 KB, 600x800, img-0077-1_orig.png)

She's so obsessed with how people see her. It's worse than normal FtMs.

No. 1383517

File: 1638546815422.png (57.92 KB, 611x519, untitled1.png)

I know this seems like something a moid would say, but it's a braindead TIF. She's a bit of a personal cow of mine, also a DID-chan.

No. 1383518

> The latter wound up overtaking her work. All of them are about gender.
this keeps happening again and again, like every time some artists transitions all their work becomes about their gender. it's like their personalities are erased in some troon factory and they all get planted the same trans personality

No. 1383519

File: 1638546916817.png (26.6 KB, 607x252, Untitled.png)

Here's some more internalized misogyny. I think she goes so hard for TIMs because she was married to one for a while.

No. 1383524

Alright, so we aren't supposed to talk about how autism manifests differently between the sexes, and is underdiagnosed in women precisely due to this in combination with patriarchal society centering treatment of males? This TIF needs to pry herself away from the "ladydique" and check her misogyny.

No. 1383609

Yeah because a man with a bun and a long beard like that isn't totally just pretending he thinks that girl is an actual honest and true boi

No. 1383751

She used to draw a bunch of really grim vore fetish art (even slipping it into her SFW comic), and when she got made fun of she pulled the puppymilk 'you just don't understand the complexity of queer art' defence. Also drew a lot of pictures of FtM taking massive dicks and dildos. She identifies as an asexual nonbinary lesbian, and is currently going through a divorce with an MtF who is also a DID larper.

No. 1383756

I honestly can't tell if this woman's whole thing is just an autistic hyperfixation on gender or 1st world bougie boredom.

No. 1383766

File: 1638556833724.jpg (385.54 KB, 886x886, Tumblr_l_15073409446530.jpg)

Do you ever see an artwork and just know it was created by a self hating TIF?

No. 1383787

my late diagnosis - which was late because i am a WOMAN - led to years of mental health issues. nearly 90% of autistic women experience depression, 75% self harm at some point, and they're 3x more likely to attempt suicide than autistic men. being afab 100% plays a part in my experience of autism. i've been sectioned twice ffs.

No. 1383795

A little of both, probably. Her Twitter bio literally says she’s a “gender enthusiast”.

No. 1383801

File: 1638558266681.jpeg (283.12 KB, 640x730, A334B399-5DE3-4FA4-B610-7885CC…)

No. 1383835

This is my personal cow too! She's made her entire identity "I'm not a girl but I'm a huge gay butch dyke lesbian" while also thirsting over TIM cock constantly. I've yet to find someone as self-obsessed, it's pretty fascinating. I also keep tabs on her "ex-wife" Jeff/Rokko, who totally ripped off Gray's DID shtick and is the epitome of useless self-victimizing male.

No. 1383860

What's funny is that they KNOW she's a girl, they'll just be polite about that, but she's not convincing anybody.

No. 1383882

nta but i highly agree with you, i've looked on r/detrans and saw a decent amount of destransitioner lesbians admit that used to identify as "gay men" (usually while dating other TIFs who pretended to be "gay men"). i've also seen butch lesbians who admit to being autoandrophiles, and non-TIF fujoshi lesbians who date other fujoshis and pretend to be yaoi in the bedroom. there are also gay men who become autogynephiles because internalized homophobia makes them hate gay sex so they watch straight porn and pretend that they're the woman. the line is thin in a lot of cases

No. 1383887

oh my god, this person is a mild cow of mine too. i respect her skill with pixels and colors (also i do enjoy some of her story concepts that don't revolve around gender shit) but her hatred for TIFs (despite being a biological female who got surgery and takes hormones) that identify as "men" is insane to me. i'm somewhat sympathetic to her since she claims to be intersex and went through medical abuse as a result (which might explain the hardcore genderism) but the internalized misogyny is why i can't stand following her main accounts

the TIM she was married is apparently a DID-chan too, but they suddenly divorced for reasons i don't think were ever spoken about publicly. gray started going through an "asexual" phase (despite doing literal porn commissions in the past and having a now-deleted sideblog for horny posts) and claims she never had a partner that respected it, so i wonder if he was coercive in the way that's typical for a lot of TIM+TIF relationships

No. 1383893

File: 1638562465891.jpg (240.17 KB, 1920x1080, EcBRwhdU0AAwVsV.jpg)

Like if it wasn't obvious she was an awkward kid.

No. 1383894

File: 1638562506060.jpg (203.76 KB, 1920x1080, EcBRwhcUcAAfcnR.jpg)

Also lol at keeping the stereotype of troons not liking showers.

No. 1383901

File: 1638562674063.png (26.44 KB, 783x597, tantrum.png)

Do you remember when some TIF on tumblr (who in fairness also comes across as a cow) wrote a negative review of her comic and she got so butt-blasted that someone wasn't worshipping the ground she walks on that she removed every individual panel mentioned in the review from the comic, and replaced it with picrel? (despite what it says, she never redrew anything and they're still like that)

here's the review btw: https://web.archive.org/web/20181226071457/http://butchsnubbull.tumblr.com:80/post/181118688214/we-need-to-talk-about-grays-racism

No. 1383905

How many TIFs are women just afraid of getting older? Is like they don't want to be men, they want to be boys and transitioning give them the prepubecent boy look. They also think only men can be fun at an older age since society despise older women.

No. 1383908

i'm the other anon talking about gray, and i remember, it was actually why one of the side-story comics where the lola character meets her father again was taken offline because that reviewer was tearing into gray for being a white person (though she did try to deflect by pulling the "i'm also jewish" card) writing about a black-coded character being a drug addict with a deadbeat father was a bad look. i don't have a strong opinion on it either way on if that was offensive or an appropriate thing for a white person to write about, but the meltdown on both sides was nuts since the writer of the callout/review is a white person too

No. 1383917

She hates everyone except TIMs. She's always complaining about lesbians having beauty standards that don't include her (liking boobs, liking muscles, liking skinny women, liking women who aren't buttass hideous). She hates 'cisgender' women for ever acknowledging their sex in any context (see tweets posted above) and obviously she hates 'cisgender' men.

I refuse to believe someone who draws porn that viscerally depraved doesn't have a libido, anymore than I believe someone who lusts after cock is a lesbian. He probably was coercive and treated her like shit because it's a TIM-TIF relationship, although I'm sure she's an absolute black hole of misery to be around.

No. 1383924

She stopped posting selfies when she got obese, she's obviously really insecure about it.

No. 1383931

File: 1638564401418.jpeg (708.98 KB, 1034x1639, 5E1DFDEF-56C4-4EFF-9F74-CE9335…)

Apparently Jeff was cheating on her with an actual man. Picrel is from a comic she made about one of her "alters" "splitting" into two over her divorce.
Yes holy fuck, she is so fucking sensitive about any criticism she receives. Even just neutral non praise comments can trigger a day-long twitter rant. After she finished Drop Out, the ratio of "this was the best comic evar!!" to "I didn't like how it ended" comments was 100:1, but she took the negative ones so personally she swore off talking about the comic for like a year.

No. 1383939

File: 1638564817403.png (25.36 KB, 540x732, tumblr_86b10b39aa05bf27bb95c0b…)

the "queer" definition of "asexual" is "someone who isn't sexually attracted to people", so therefore in that easily-exploitable definition someone can have a libido and enjoy porn and be "asexual" at the same time (it's bullshit, i know).

however i've followed gray for years and she's been on various cocktails of medications including antidepressants and antipsychotics, sometimes at the same time, so it's possible that the reason she deleted that side blog and doesn't draw porn/fetish stuff (it used to be on her main art blog but is deleted now) anymore is because she truly lost her libido and doesn't want to have sex anymore, but it kind of contradicts how she claimed to always be asexual at the same time. especially if she goes by the "isn't sexually attracted to people" definition but then turns around and draws a comic about how her alter ego finds random women in public sexually attractive and feels guilty about it (picrel)

No. 1383945

The gender shit in her comic Drop-Out is literally what peaked me (well, that and TIM sex offenders in the news). It all seemed so stifling, regressive and misogynistic. "Do I walk masculinely or femininely?" "All anyone ever saw was an ugly woman!" etc.

No. 1383946

I think her "alters" have different sexual orientations. It's all just larp, hard to tell where her true feelings lie.

No. 1383959

sorry to artsperg but i re-read that comic after becoming gendercritical and it felt like wasted potential since i actually related to the protagonist's mental issues and have known lesbians who went through similar things; i feel like it would've been a more powerful resolution to have a butch lesbian that struggles with mental issues like schizophrenia, body image issues from being fat, and medical issues like being intersex realize that those things don't make her less female aka a woman and she doesn't have to be another gender to be who she wants to be, but instead it goes down the non-binary route. but i guess that's a story most people wouldn't want to tackle in a hyper-woke era anyway

No. 1383970

noelle stevenson archetype imo
>should i hide my pronoun pin

No. 1384015

I think the fact that she acknowledges her gender identity issues are tied into her self hatred and that being nonbinary doesn't even have a coherent definition, and then can't come up with a single reason to identify as nonbinary beyond "but it feels good", but still goes the nonbinary route anyway, is why it had such a powerful peaking effect.

No. 1384049

She reminds me a bit of Noelle Stevenson.

No. 1384056

that too, the line about how "all anyone saw was an ugly woman" (with regard to being too chubby to be androgynous) and how she blames herself for her trans-identified cousin committing suicide also struck as a form of self awareness about gender identity, but it just is portrayed as that she really is transgender and is having imposter syndrome. i notice that seems to be a trend for non-binary content from TIFs, they go close to realizing but then steer away in the opposite direction because the truth is too uncomfortable. i'd love to see a form of media that's more open out how these identity feelings don't come from nowhere

No. 1384102

I think Grey is a crazy, hateful retard, but this review is also insane kek. The author acknowledged that she and her "two indigenous wives" liked the representation and writing up until they realized the author was white. The problem they had wasn't that it was inaccurate, or that the writing was bad, but simply that the person writing the characters was white, and that that made the writing inherently racist when somehow the exact product wouldn't have been racist if made by someone with darker skin. The idea that a person can't write the real struggles of people of another race is inherently racist and an exercise against empathy. It's literally teaching people that they shouldn't create art with people different than them in mind, or try to emphasize with those who are "other" to them.

No. 1384105

>imagine the stress of analyzing your surroundings and making that choice multiple times during a 40 hour work week!
It makes me irrationaly angry how trannies deliberately create problems for themselves and then proceed to hold the rest of the world responsible for said problems. Especially these types who live a comfy and priviliged life in LA, working for some big animation studio. What more do you fucking want, you pathetic excuse of a human being. I swear to god, America was a mistake

No. 1384165

Yeah, zhe/zhir and her indigenous harem also seem like losers. But I appreciate her posting the DMs, it's amazing how fast Gray goes in for the guilt-tripping when zhe/zhir doesn't back down, as well as the exceptional take that randomly converting to Judaism in your 20s cancels out the fact that you're white.

No. 1384175

>don't perceive me
>is taking a selfie

No. 1384183

Perhaps a decent amount. I think people are onto something when they compare it to anorexia in that particular sense (as well as the not wanting to be sexualized).

No. 1384184

Ironically the attention-seeking, "my words don't match my actions" feeling of the picture is precisely how TIFs actually are.

No. 1384190

It's so funny how their sphere of the internet approaches conflict using their oppressed identities like pokemon. "I have three indigenous transgender wives and I'm a POC" "Oh yeah, well I have a trans POC wife and I'm poor and anorexic AND jewish!" all while barely discussing the actual issue at hand.

No. 1384198

File: 1638577917587.jpg (577.2 KB, 1280x1707, tumblr_o1q6m2gQvs1qes0fho4_128…)

>trans POC wife

He looks pretty fucking white to me

No. 1384202

in her defense, i'm pretty sure gray is actually ethnically jewish and reconnected with the religion/culture as an adult; however it's funny how she attempted to use that as a trump card in a minority slapfight when being white is a sin no matter what in queer/sjw circles unless you constantly broadcast your privilege and spend all your money donating to non-white people's venmos

No. 1384203

He is allegedly half japanese. Could very well be a larp though.

No. 1384209

File: 1638578604630.jpeg (1.62 MB, 1242x1796, 1637548468735.jpeg)

I'd give her the benefit of the doubt if troons converting to Judaism so they have something else to be oppressed about wasn't such a thing (for example this lovely lady from the MtF thread).

No. 1384221

oh god the furry shirt

No. 1384228

absolutely, i'm aware most jewish troons are LARPing (peteseeger was a cow of mine too and i see he's converting because being a christian TIM that thinks lesbians should suck dick is too boring and regressive) but i used to be a fan of gray (tsk tsk, i know) and followed her personal blog for years until i got sick of the internalized misogyny and trans-MRA shit, and she did talk about being jewish sometimes and it was a recurring theme in a lot of her planned stories that were scrapped in favor of drawing a million diary comics about her alter egos. that's probably why it's one of the least interesting things about her, because it's true

No. 1384235

That's fair. I also think the intersex thing is true, she was an FLK even before T fucked her shit up.

No. 1384241

If you've been following her for a while, do you know if the stuff about her mother abusing her is true? She seemed very vague about what actually went down, which reminded me of a schizophrenic I know who randomly decided his totally normal parents had always been abusive (I know schizophrenia is one of the million things she's diagnosed with). But I don't really want to assume anything.

No. 1384247

she has a Jewish father but her mother isn’t Jewish, so it doesn’t count

No. 1384260

Nta but I've also follwed her for years. There's no real way for us to actually know anything other than what she posts about the situation. I will say, she has been very consistent about her claims.

No. 1384276

Dressed like a fat midwestern pastor. I could find this man at any potluck, how terrifying.

No. 1384282

I'm write it up one day, but I think most gender obsession has to do with desirability. They/thems couldn't make it as a proper Stacy/Chad, they make a sour grapes version

No. 1384286

sage for OT but 70% of black women are unmarried and so it's not an untrue stereotype

No. 1384297

she never tags her posts (and when she does they're usually trigger warning tags followed by shit like "/-/-/-" so it's not searchable) so it's hard to search, but i do think her claims of abuse are legit when they're not sandwiched between cries of transphobia, i used to watch her drawing streams from back when she lived with her mother and i've heard noises like muffled yelling from another room being silenced in one. the gist seems to be that both parents suck but the father is slightly less shitty

some less strict sects of judaism accept people who are patrilineal

No. 1384304

File: 1638586794888.png (703.9 KB, 1157x1920, tumblr_a3a50025101522708a2d8dd…)

>both Zelda and Link are FTM
I thought you were joking but Jesus Christ

No. 1384315

Checked out her art to see if these were just unfortunate examples, but her art is bad. Terrible, even. It's extremely hard to decipher what's happening in most of her shit because of her use of color and how disjointed everything is.

No. 1384324

File: 1638590531735.jpeg (997.89 KB, 1242x1280, 9803575A-9C26-4323-A179-3E61B3…)

Yeah I have to agree, she posted picrel (https://anonym.es/?https://twitter.com/piuraithey/status/1466486239675228160?s=21) as a flex but she just made the image completely unparseable. Her style has become more and more illegible as she goes on.

No. 1384329

File: 1638591291116.png (83.42 KB, 800x985, 1.png)

Her comics are better looking fwiw. I found her art through her comics, I'm pretty sure they're what she's best known for, and it really looks like she half asses everything outside of them

No. 1384332

File: 1638592193852.jpeg (432.41 KB, 1936x1936, 966A4E2D-CBD8-4BDA-8848-C68D7E…)

I was extremely disappointed with how the art turned out from the start to the end. Supposedly it was because of Gray's eating disorder recovery but like…just take the time to accomplish what you set out to do. I guess we're derailing with this art sperg but I've never met other people interested in this artist lol.

No. 1384333

I still don't see the appeal.

No. 1384688

File: 1638621592846.png (7.19 KB, 348x259, e3c818a0424b8af11389c0f53240e4…)

if any of you like looking at embarrassing identity obsessed dumpster fires: listography's (aka what everyone used before carrd) homepage lists the most recently changed lists and you always find the funniest nonsensical shit on there.

No. 1384702

File: 1638622724897.png (137.57 KB, 640x810, tumblr_27a2c9d7384cb865d3c05a5…)

>She changed her name to something her wife said in passing, stopped celebrating her birthday, started celebrating the day she chopped her boobs off as her birthday
She calls it her "Lake day" as that's the name she gave herself

No. 1384708

she's so obsessed with herself, at this point it's like she thinks of herself as a super popular fictional character and not a real human being.

No. 1384729

different anon who follows gray, not to artsperg but i actually like both her old and new art; the art shift in the hospital comic was somewhat disappointing since the shading is less detailed but i think the interedting shapes are a "fair trade" in a way. if my memory is correct, a big reason for her art style changing is medication, gray used to be addicted to adderall xr, but had to go off it around the time the art became a lot more cartoony. the rest of the comic was drawn while on a non-stimulant adhd medication

No. 1384732

File: 1638627469321.jpeg (209.46 KB, 1920x1080, EcBRwhbVcAA1B9T.jpeg)

Wrong. I lurked more attentively than you. https://twitter.com/LakeFama/status/1279112199131160578

No. 1384738

File: 1638628187709.png (315.31 KB, 731x963, 1611078920454.png)

reminds me of this and the TIF who took the name of her sister's dead son as a way of honoring him

No. 1384741

I believe in the right to legally change your name, especially in cases of people trying to escape traumatic pasts, but troons really ruin it for everyone by straight up stealing the names and identities of people they know, celebrities, or TV/anime characters.

No. 1384758

I want to shake her and tell her to just be a GNC butch. She's making her life difficult for herself completely on her own.
Not wanting to be perceived is the ultimate female experience. You will not change my mind. Funny how they tell on themselves: it's clear so many of them have a trauma related to being sexualised as a woman. It's very sad
Kek I didn't even think about! Doesn't make any sense, unless she is taking a photo of what's in front of her. But that's a reach

No. 1384759

That made me laugh ngl

No. 1384765

Lake. jesus christ, if i was a troon and someone told me to choose the name Lake i'd think i was being hate crimed, thats so dumb. still, i guess thats what they're into.. why can't they ever choose normal names?

No. 1384785

because they are the ones deciding them lmao.

No. 1384795

It's part of the "I'm special" LARP. They want to be protagonists, not people.

No. 1384805

File: 1638632539856.jpeg (212.46 KB, 640x809, F1912C2F-6C81-42EF-9E21-5898B3…)


Oh man, an artist I followed a few years ago trooned out a while back and did something like that but chose the name of a dead uncle. Can’t imagine how weird that must be for the parent whose brother that was.

No. 1384811

If I gave birth to and raised a whole child I'd be pissed about this shit. I know she can't appreciate parenthood/childbirth unless it's a beautiful valid seahorse dad doing it tho

No. 1384815

I strongly suspect that the reason she's choosing her dead uncle who she has no memories off is specifically cause he was likely a gay male
It's like that so called "TIF pioneer" who would trick Gay men into having sex with her and then felt validated by getting AIDS, she even sent a letter to Blanchard talking about her experiences

No. 1384819

It's definitely that. She wouldn't feel the need to specify that he was gay, unless she thought it made him and the name inherently more special to collect. I personally would resent someone if the first thing they thought of when trying to list things they liked or admired about me was my homosexuality. It's not special or worth admiring, it's just a different orientation. I just love women instead of men. These retards need to stop fetishizing gay people.

No. 1384905

the troon trend has made me realize that there is a difference between people who have had weird names since birth and people who choose to have weird names. the vibes are just different. the people i know who have always had unique names have just this individualist vibe they have without trying to act like weirdos, i guess they've just used to being alone or something while the people i know who whose weird names give off desperate to stand out vibes.

No. 1384915

File: 1638643702684.png (34.08 KB, 515x603, alters.PNG)

kek holy shit

No. 1384924

She's a woman with alternate personalities who are transwomen, an unironic bio trans girl. Kikomi would be proud.

No. 1384946

This just made me sad, I was an awkward girl as well and I can somewhat understand what their feeling but this is just a false identity (gender is already loosely fabricated) on top of a fake structure. With a narcissistic and egotistical perfect simulation view of the acting out of being a certain gender.
I don't know if I have the vocabulary to get the point properly across. But it's just saddening.
To me TIFs are just like the awkward and nerdy girls who try to desperately copy from make up gurus and act out like an e-girl when she just wants to read YA or something. I don't know. Maybe I'm misunderstanding it, but it's simply what I see and I just hope these people can stop acting like this one day.

No. 1384971

I've known a lot of lesbian couples that act like roommates. One is always asexual while the other is bisexual. The "asexual lesbian" one always lusts after anime and vidya boys but has no desire to fuck a woman/her girlfriend/wife.
I've known multiple actual married couples like this. One thing they all have in common is that they all met online in their teenage years. Is this the female version of prison gay?

No. 1384988

What is it with people putting their boring-ass thoughts into a comic, just write a textpost and go. I stopped reading halfway, does nobody remember comics are supposed to be entertaining?

No. 1384993

Asexuality is not a sexuality, goddamn. It's so embarrassing to see people walking around saying "I'm ace" like it means fucking anything.

No. 1385001

i've never seen someone describe what "asexual" means in a way that makes sense, i used to think it meant someone who isn't attracted to anyone and/or someone who doesn't have sexual relationships but then there are "aces" who can be "romantically attracted" or "hypersexual aces"

No. 1385007

ig it just means you're not attracted to anyone. ik i've fucked people i'm not attracted to so i can see how it could make sense. though i think 99% of sexually active asexuals are just nlogs or socially inhibited autists.

No. 1385012

Asexuality used to be a medical term, iirc. As with all things it got coopted by munchies and gender specials on tumblr… and the rest is history.

No. 1385017

i see them as sociopaths using people for pleasure, honestly. i guess it doesn't matter that much as long as it's consensual (some people appear to not mind or enjoy being strung around) but even casual hookups usually involve some kind of surface-level interest. a lot of so-called "asexuals" legitimately do appear to be attracted to people but it doesn't resemble the kind shown in hollywood love stories so they make up stupid terms like "queerplatonic" or "squish" to be special

No. 1385022

yeah, it's the same thing as the pathologisation of random personality traits, a la "if u feel tired sometimes it's a sign of ADHD!!!!". people feel one emotion once and assume that it means they're [label].

No. 1385023

I believe there are actual asexual people but I think it’s rare. I used to think I was until I got over my repression and got on meds, I’ve known a few people with similar stories. I remember going into ace groups on facebook back when I thought I was ace and the majority of the user base being incredibly horny but swearing up and down they weren’t actually attracted to the people they were constantly fucking.


I had an ex (met online) who was like this. She trooned out (NB theythem) and claimed to be bi but rarely showed any actual interest in women (me included) but had a bunch of male actors she was obsessed with. Last I saw she had changed her orientation to ‘gay’, which I assume here means straight with different pronouns.

No. 1385040

The only "asexual" person I have ever had an honest interaction was a guy who reveled me that he was molested multiple times as a kid and was deeply uncomeatable with human sexuality including his own, IRL as well he was humorless, rarely displayed any emotions and disliked being touched
He's probably the only self described Asexual person that I understand and I think their genuine in their identification

No. 1385055

File: 1638656621327.jpg (375.17 KB, 1080x2209, Screenshot_20211204-161910_Tik…)

>has ugly boyfriend
Yup. I give it a few months before she comes out as a they/them or he/they.

No. 1385059

Samefag, my bad she's one of those "any pronouns but in a gendie way, not a radfem way" speds. Still, I bet the he/they social contagion will get her.

No. 1385062

File: 1638657313912.png (669.99 KB, 1440x900, 1632407224489.png)

does her bf look like picrel, this is Khadija "I'm queer, I'm non binary, I'm dark skin, with a Muslim background, who is now more spiritual" mbowe's ex-boyfriend btw

No. 1385065

i've known people like that too but they ended up growing out of asexuality after going through therapy

No. 1385066

File: 1638657639946.jpg (671.45 KB, 1080x2002, Screenshot_20211204-163834_Tik…)

Nope, he's in pic attached. That corny yin-yang tattoo kek.

No. 1385068

I mean he's not handsome but I wouldn't describe him as ugly, definitely not on par with >>1385062
needs to get rid of that pedo mustache though and also cut his hair(long hair works on some guys but not him)
y'all gotta stop random people related to cows Ugly even though their just average looking

No. 1385072

Why are you defending some random scrote. He looks like he smells like earwax.

No. 1385074

I'm not defending him I'm just he's mediocre looking but it would be a lit to call him ugly, like post an example of what you consider an average looking guy

No. 1385090

I'd agree it might work for most people but not him, other then the molestation he's still seen some other shit that just made him the way he is
he's in his 30's and seems to hate everybody for the most part

No. 1385095

File: 1638660608608.png (11.58 KB, 533x151, lesperging.png)

The constantly writing incomprehensible essays on her tumblr blog about the complexities of the butch experience and those evil cisnormative lesbians while her entire dating history appears to be a gender conforming autistic man who just had ratty long hair and pronouns is the funniest thing about her. Even funnier than the several metre long comics about her imaginary friends arguing with each-other that she honestly seems to expect people to read/ take seriously, or "furry vore is a complex metaphor for queer relationships". She's so constantly hateful and bitter on social media, so smug while saying the most profoundly retarded things,
and so perpetually miserable, I don't know how anyone could stand to be around her IRL.

Same. The colours in the comics are sometimes nice, but everything else is on a scale from derpy to incomprehensible. Plus it's furry art.

She got cucked for dick? That's hilarious.

No. 1385099

>gender euphoria from AIDS

jesus christ.

No. 1385109

File: 1638661236601.png (49.64 KB, 246x237, kikomi.png)

>that Kikomi-chan hair-texture

She was the blueprint

No. 1385111

File: 1638661364800.jpg (184.07 KB, 1200x577, Lou.jpg)

>It's like that so called "TIF pioneer" who would trick Gay men into having sex with her and then felt validated by getting AIDS, she even sent a letter to Blanchard talking about her experiences
Your thinking of Lou Sullivan, here's the exert of the letter she sent Blanchard about tricking gay men into fucking her and feeling validation as a "real gay man" by her AIDS diagnosis
She is considered a Transmale activist and Icon

No. 1385135

File: 1638663916783.png (29.91 KB, 540x618, tumblr_ba76fbb508cd2d4e3488245…)

maybe this is because i'm a meanie terf but what makes her different from an evil terfy lesbian-identified transman when she also takes hormones, got her tits chopped off, and claims to be a lesbian too? the pronouns she uses? even though she's functionally the same as a transman in any other context, and is aware of this according to one of her recent alter ego diary comics (picrel)?

also literally most of her recent horny posts on her blog are talking about pussy (so much for being "asexual"), so who is the "pussy for pussy" terf there?

No. 1385142

wait, that letter was sent to ray blanchard? TIL i guess, so that's why he coined the term "autohomoerotic" and claimed it's the female counterpart to autogynephilia (which i don't agree with, but if lou sullivan herself was the only TIF he encountered that wasn't a self-hating lesbian, i explains a lot now).

No. 1385144

She seems to think what you "identify" as inside your head is the only thing that actually matters. She's different from transman lesbians because she identifies herself so, and the penis she married was a lesbian because it also identified as one. You can see that someone who thinks she has people living in her head who are all individually as real as actual people might not have the tightest grasp on material reality.

No. 1385146

it's funny to me since a lot of these identity-obsessed troons are all about communism and whatnot, and while i'm no commie i still know "material reality" is a big part of their political analysis on society. why is gender the exception (rhetorical, obviously)?

it's also funny how she argue that if a cisgendered man started identifying as a lesbian to have sex with lesbians, that would be fucked up in predatory and therefore the same as a transman that's self-aware that surgery doesn't change her sexuality, but the thing is, men already do that, they just claim to be "butch lesbian transwomen", which gray supports and even has an OC of…

No. 1385151

File: 1638665960281.jpg (314.71 KB, 1280x960, tumblr_nkiefuwYzV1qes0fho3_128…)

She's not very good at critical thinking, to put it mildly. I suppose her idea is internally consistent: if literally the only thing that matters is what you identify as in your head, then transmen and actual men are completely indistinguishable (see her tweet upthread about how it's meaningless to talk about biological sex). Therefore, the men who identify as butch lesbians unironically are 100% butch lesbians, and the ones that say they're butch lesbians but are actually just lying to get into some gendery girls pants are 100% the dreaded cishet man. Nevermind that they're physically the same, and there's no way you could ever know what's actually going on in their minds to tell which is which, she's delusional enough that she probably thinks she can read minds anyway.

She literally married a butch trans lesbian, I'm pretty sure that lion character was based on him because they both have a long mane of hair as their one 'feminine' feature.

No. 1385164

did her ex identify as a "translesbian"? i actually don't remember but on his tumblr it says "pansexual" now and according to a post in this thread left her for an actual man. jeff/"rokko" was also on hormones and according to a post on the art blog, the "butch trans" lion OC doesn't want to transition and has a male intersex condition (klinefelter) despite gray being a biological sex denier, but the ex isn't intersex at all to my knowledge. i wouldn't be surprised if personality aspects of him were the inspiration (in one of the side comics he came off as a perv) but i'm not sure what my opinion is right now

No. 1385176

File: 1638667291811.jpg (358.37 KB, 960x1792, tumblr_177c19f30bfada03ea15602…)

TBH I know nothing about him (don't think I've even seen his tumblr), I'm just going off pics from her blog where he just looked like an average schlub with long hair and the fact that she portrayed the character as a self-absorbed autist. You're probably right, having your beloved wife be your self-inserts ex in your comic would be a bit much.

I hope her next romantic conquest is peteseeger. He's even jewish now!

No. 1385196

Oliver Schminkey's "poems" are a real treat. This one is just the tip of the iceberg.

No. 1385211

I see what you mean anon. He's no Adonis, but he's someone that could look pretty good if he had better hygiene/styling choices. Right now he looks grimy though.

No. 1385217

Literally the only people I've seen using "he/they lesbian" unironically are genderspecials and TRAs. Interesting how her first impulse when she sees her own community being retarded is to assume that it's a TERF psyop and not the sort of hypocrisy that arises from how logically inconsistent TRA principles are.

No. 1385223

it's also funny in these hardcore gender spaces, you can basically be a "transman" in every way besides identifying as one and still be considered a valid lesbian. you can use male pronouns, male name, take hormones, damage your ribs with a binder, get your tits cut off, wear a fake penis in your pants, but as long as you don't use the "M" word (man) you're perfectly fine. they're so obsessed with labels that reality doesn't matter anymore

No. 1385288

In an alternate timeline:
>I wish I was a girl so I could squat 4plate ass to grass and look like Ronnie Coleman.(in an alternate timeline: you'd sage your shit )

No. 1385309

That was one of the most odd aspects of the song, I mean some of the things she desired were understandable but shit like

>I wish I could put on eyeliner and glitter and actually look good

>And I wish I were a boy
>So I finally look cute in dresses and skirts

like what the fuck, does she really believe that schlubby or scrawny boys look "cuter" in clothing that is designed for women first and will always look better on a woman

No. 1385322

I would love to see the stats on people with genderspecial identities and their income/living situation. Most of them I’ve come across are either unemployed, working minimum wage jobs at Starbucks or McDonalds, or working in high-demand low-reward fields like animation. For people who want to rewrite the book on the gender binary, they seem to have very little personal drive or ambition.
Sage for blog but I had a brief genderspecial phase in college when I was completely broke and my grades were in the toilet, but once I graduated and started making some real money and hanging out with well adjusted adults suddenly I happily identified as a completely normal woman again. Maybe it attracts people feeling out of control of their lives who want to take control back in some way.

No. 1385346

In that vein I think it also makes them feel a little more important in the world

No. 1385407


I think its also getting an instant community and support as well. When my mental health gets bad I want support or control over anything. The easiest thing you have control is your body. I've totally spiralled into like, what if I'm not butch and i'm a trAnS. lmao. I'm LGBT (lesbian/ace) so like I know a lot of trans people from that community and 100% none of them transitioned during a point in their life that was good and stable.

Would they have done that had they had stability? Health wise, financially etc? Honestly, I don't think most would have. Only like the true trans people, not the fujos and flabby moob boys.(sage)

No. 1385413

Girl wearing girl clothes = giving into heteropatriarchal gender norms, being like the other girls
> plus the fact that wearing girl clothes while identifying as a girl does not guarantee desirable girl treatment, actually you may be laughed at, just ask any ugly girl or TIM

Boy wearing girl clothes = so subversive, so brave, not afraid of emasculation, avant garde
> also why so many TIMs get the yaas girl so stunning and brave treatment in leftist spaces(sage)

No. 1385417

Hello, lesbian ace woman here. Welcome to my blog. For me, its like I'm just not interested in sex or sexuality. I've never looked at someone and felt the urge to fuck them, or even kiss them. I've had a few sexual relationships with people (men, women, one trans girl regrettably), more out of obligation but it never really did anything for me, emotionally. Sex over all feels kind of pointless, I can genuinely do it better myself.

I'm not sex repulsed, I don't have trauma, sex just isnt interesting. lol. I had a girlfriend until recently (broke up because I moved and don't want LDR), we were good though. she's wasnt ace and wanted me so she asked for some every now and then. I'd just get her off because I liked her and it made her happy.

and no I'm not an autist, and yes my hormones' have been checked and theyre fine.(unsaged derailment )

No. 1385418

You are an autist who can't integrate bye

No. 1385430

>muh true twans people
>bumps thread every 5 minutes to blog
Go back to your designated shit hole dumbass before someone finds out you're transphobe-lite

No. 1385431

So having boobs is a sensory nightmare but wearing all those annoying necklaces that could get tangled in each other aren't? I don't get it.

No. 1385460

Wearing bras and binding are a sensory nightmare. She doesn't make sense at all.>>1385431

No. 1385480

i'm also a big titty sperg and live off of sports bras and bralettes bc they're comfier than structured bras, but binding??? nah that's just nlog theyfab bullshit

No. 1385516

1. you're allowed to have your stupid labels but it's kind of bold of you to announce you're "lesbian/ace" when this thread was loling over how asexuals are liars earlier
2. you have a point about mental/financial stability but there's no "true trans" since brain sex hasn't proven in the way transmeds argue it and "born in the wrong body" is a borderline religious concept
3. please sage your shit

No. 1385552

>I'm LGBT (lesbian/ace)
>true trans people
are you even old enough to post here?

No. 1385555

lesbian/ace = i tell everyone i'm gay but don't have to touch a vagina

No. 1385576

To be fair, some of the people who ID as ace aren't touching dick either. If it's just two autistic or traumatized people who love each other without sex, I don't see the issue, but unfortunately, most of the people use the ID falsely for queerio points.

No. 1385611

no offense but this doesn't make sense either, because how are you even a lesbian at the same time though if you aren't interested in sex/sexuality or never wanted to kiss someone you like? being pressured into sex happens to people of all sexualities so i don't think that disqualifies you, but you're probably just a snowflake that's on anti-depressants. finding women pretty or liking to hold hands with your girl friends doesn't make you a dyke lmao

No. 1385618

NTA But if romantic feelings are dependant on sexual feelings, why would you get married or stay married if you don't have functioning genitals (disfigurement, injury, hormone problems, old age)? If you can't give a cohesive answer, kill this derail.

No. 1385620

File: 1638721122757.jpg (149.4 KB, 800x1021, the face of validation.jpg)

>and in some… way feel that my condition is proof that I really attained my goal of being a gay man – even to the finish
Imagine being so brainrotten you're glad you caught AIDS.
Thank god straight TIFs these days are undersocialised and/or autistic to do this shit to themselves.

No. 1385622

the anon never mentioned having romantic feelings in her post, which is why i responded the way i did. you can be gay/bi/straight/etc and not want to have sex for amy reason, but i don't think that warrants a special label like "gay/bi/straight asexual" when it's just a relationship boundary

No. 1385624

I suppose that's valid, but is it not a helpful indicator of the kind of relationship a person is looking for or offering?

No. 1385628

Now we need to convince all other fakebois that this is how they obtain gender eurphoria. Kind of like a controlled forest fire.

No. 1385636

File: 1638722111270.png (82.11 KB, 589x860, alters.PNG)

Fakebois are so lacking in self awareness it hurts sometimes
You're right, nothing bad ever happens to men in real life. That's the whole reason you want to be one so bad kek

No. 1385642

The porn even the most coombrained women create will never come close to the depravity of the porn men create, and the things men actually do. Cope.

Also where the fuck are the fujoshis fetishizing trans men?

No. 1385661

Yeah lets not defend porn usage here, sure it will never reach the same levels of male depravity but it will still mentally fuck up its readers after too much exposure
Fujo culture is the reasons we have aidens in the first place

No. 1385665

>beanie hat

every time.

No. 1385666

also blog but similar. when i was at my lowest and my mental health was fucked i had no sense of identity and though it was nb.

turns out just lonely and depressed.

No. 1385684

>Also where the fuck are the fujoshis fetishizing trans men?
Lol, I know right? Women don't fantasize about "men" with vaginas. The only people who fetishizes TIFs are… other TIFs. I bet these people are just making up these scenarios in their head and then get all worked up about it, which results in these kind of retarded twitter posts

No. 1385714

File: 1638728513634.jpeg (165.51 KB, 500x500, B70B30BE-5337-4F11-B3DE-B21AC7…)

>Also where the fuck are the fujoshis fetishizing trans men?
They’re not, it’s just Aidens projecting really hard.

No. 1385718

i know a couple but it's more cuntboys than anything else. both think real tifs tend to be insufferable and dont want to associate them with their fantasies at all.

No. 1385881

File: 1638742989561.png (387.07 KB, 595x568, wayriding.png)

This girl who's a nsfw artist but mostly draws ggay porn and is constantly shifting identities between FTM, non binary, whatever the fuck. etc
Apparently drawing gay porn does that to ya. And they say it's not a fucking fetish/motivated by coomerism, even in women kek
She has a nice artstyle though, it's a pity. It's just that it's hard to appreciate art when it's men fucking each other in the ass all the time.

No. 1385921

the only fujoshis who "fetishize transmen" are TIFs self-inserting themselves. people like to use rcdart and whatnot as proof but rcd was an "agender" TIF last time i checked. i've seen some "cuntboy" art drawn by women (with no special gender identity), but that's mostly a thing i see bisexual men be into, and the whole point of that kink is that they're not transgendered, they're biological males with vaginas aka a fetish version of intersex (doesn't make it less weird/gross but that's their logic)

No. 1385980

File: 1638749133332.jpg (573.33 KB, 1080x2400, 1638748930183.jpg)

Did you know detransers are now in the genderspecial pokedex?

No. 1385982

Being exposed to this lowered my IQ.

No. 1386004

Kek didn't she detrans just a few months ago or something

No. 1386005

No. 1386007

is this from a TRA blog? i've seen some terfs make ironic pride flags but i don't think most detransitioners would want a pride flag for something that was a bad experience for them?

No. 1386020

There has been a harrowing increase of cuntboy porn in fandom spaces, it's become completely unavoidable. Every week I'm faced with yaoi that depicts small transboy bottoms, most of them being drawn effeminate and barely transitioned with cis male tops. A lot of times it is unaddressed or they pass it off as 'normal gays' meaning you can't even blocklist that shit. I see it come from woman but mostly non-binary girls and transmen who now completely dominate the community.

No. 1386027

She did. But apparently being obsessed with gay porn made her change her identity again. Lmaooo

No. 1386029

Try blocking the authors. It's what I do the minute there is even a hint of genderspecial. I was reading a f/m fic and suddenly they started referring to the character as Mx. Absolutely retarded.

No. 1386043

File: 1638755236031.jpg (232.37 KB, 720x1205, 20211205_204412.jpg)

I found it reposted in r/detrans
A lot of users there dont seem happy about it, and detrans already has a flag with a salamander on it apparently. I think troons couldnt handle that it didnt use the lgbtqasdf template so they created an "official" one. Imo it seems like theyre noticing people deprogramming and are trying to keep their hooks in

No. 1386045

NTA, it seems to be from this blog https://ur-fave-is-a-lesbian-transman.tumblr.com/

I can't really make sense of it, but I'm not sure it's a troll blog.

No. 1386048

File: 1638755779422.png (25.25 KB, 611x454, screenshot.png)

i've seen the salamander used as a symbol for detransitioners, which i think is interesting and meaningful because it actually means something as opposed to a bunch of mspaint colors thrown around

i think they're just weird centrists since they appear to be kind of TRA but kind of terf at the same time (picrel)

No. 1386085

You can spend your free time being overly emotionally invested in fanfiction and raging about what teen girls read on the internet after middle school gets out, or you can claim to be a man. Choose one.

No. 1386177

File: 1638771409365.jpg (1.57 MB, 1800x1384, EuYMyuX.jpg)

That is just pure homophobia! You don't get AIDS from having sex with only a handful of gay men! AIDS, Syphilis and Donovanosis are not primarily spread by gays

No. 1386180

File: 1638771996570.jpg (144.52 KB, 500x371, OLVTHtq.jpg)

Jeremia Butler, FTM

No. 1386183

Are you a new follower of her, anon? I've been following for a while now and it's only recently she started drawing gay porn again.

She used to draw gay outlast fanart, then detransed, and then most of her porn includes a petite girl and like 3 other dudes. Sometimes i wish she'd realize she's just a fujo lol

No. 1386227

do hate to play devil's advocate, but this thread is proof that tifs can't wear feminine clothing without being misgendered. so i want to say that her concern over people not going along with her fantasy isn't just something made up

No. 1386248

Yes, but the fact that she considers that a problem at all is retarded in itself. She played stupid games and won stupid prizes.

No. 1386265

This thread is proof that TiFs get "misgendered" when wearing "masculine" clothes soooo. Presentation is cope, she will always be a woman but she tells herself that pieces of fabric are reality altering magic.

No. 1386358

Notice how nearly NONE of fakebois are acting like scrotes/AGPs whenever they "drag" or "crossdress" lmfao, meaning they don't get AGp themselves. The genderbending and perverted factor is just not there lmao brain sex debunked(lrn2sage)

No. 1386363

both fakebois and and mtf are agp, except that mtf agp is severe and leads to them impacting women and not just being cringy in the internet compared to fakebois.

No. 1386364

TIFs are mostly autistic, but the 'extreme male brain' seems not to work here kek

No. 1386366

see moids are sexually unattractive kek lmao

No. 1386371

>male woman
>female man
words mean nothing anymor

No. 1386373

'sex and gender are entirely separate but equally real' is one way to reconcile it all, I guess. It's retarded, but I can see the appeal if you want to acknowledge the way biological sex impacts your life while still holding onto your transgender identity.

No. 1386376

i'm quite sure this was the dominant rhetoric among TRAs until like 2014-ish or so? idk what changed and why

No. 1386379

Moids realized that acknowledging the material reality of sex means acknowledgeming that women's only spaces shouldn't include them, and that hurt their feefees/killed their boners, so it wasn't allowed.

No. 1386380

I remember there were the truscum vs. tucute wars, and then the tucutes inexplicably won.

No. 1386384

why would a moid want to be included? wouldn't it be only the mtfs?

No. 1386386

MTFs are moids.

No. 1386394

File: 1638805239583.png (197.42 KB, 846x534, r-1.png)

Fakeboism is a resort for those who inherently can't butch themselves because they know whenever they lez out they're always the femmes so their only resort is transition.

No. 1386397

Wtf is this post saying

No. 1386400

It's weird because I think most normal people would have been okay enough with "we just feel more comfortable living this way" to not think about it. But then suddenly there's all this postmodern stuff about being a real man and woman and I'm walking into the kitchen and my female relatives are gathered around talking about how men need to be kept out of women's sports. Surreal.

What are you on? Most fakeboi are terrified of looking butch because it means they failed in their goal of becoming the anime boy (plus they're lesbophobic).

No. 1386403

Nitpick but boomer gen ended in 1963/64. She's an older gen x, a truly pozzed generation.

No. 1386407


Moid hands made this.

No. 1386412

"he" ain't a moid, I didn't make this either but found it on a truscum's blog

No. 1386421

nonnies they're probs referring to lesbian fakebois (classic TIFs)

No. 1386432

No way wouldn't it sound more truscum than tucute tho? tucutes want to fuck gender up yet claim biological sex is immutable while truscum have delusions of actually changing sex

turn up the cope factor kek
But sadly some butches aren't taken seriously for not being butch enough

wouldn't this be the start of a downfall? seems like even foojomers have standards since cuntboys are "eww it's back to gross icky yucky bog standard girls" and boring side characters

No. 1386436

tucute don't care about sex at all

No. 1386457

How tf are you so sure nonny, that AGP truscoomer is going nowhere and so are you
They know who exactly to push back into the kitchen

No. 1386474

File: 1638811410019.png (37.52 KB, 1091x346, 435345.png)

>who took the name of her sister's dead son as a way of honoring him
found it
also if my my sister did this, I would never speak to her again

No. 1386582

This is so fucking sad. The bits where she is still defending her sister’s gender break my heart a little — she clearly still cares about her and it’s tragic that’s not reciprocated and that she’s inevitably going to look like the bad guy here even though she’s clearly hurt by this and is justified in being hurt.

No. 1386639

>wouldn't this be the start of a downfall?
NTA but in my fandom, the fujos I've talked to don't like trans men shit but we just keep to ourselves because expressing any dislike of it will automatically get us dogpiled for "transphobia". But another fandom I'm in surprisingly has little to no tranny shit in it. I even saw some fics where it's tagged as cuntboy instead of "trans male character" (TIFs rage when a fic is tagged with cuntboy or futa because it invalidates their TMAM or TWAW ideology. They claim those tags are problematic because they fetishize trans people when though their whole existence is the fetishization of the opposite sex). I think most fujos don't like the idea of trans men and only genderspecials do, but genderspecials tend to congregate better. Still, it's fucking hard to call this shit out for the homophobia it is because you'll have a bunch of "trans and totally gay" TIFs coming after you.

No. 1386830

File: 1638836808532.png (323.03 KB, 588x860, 6745.png)

Huh, interesting

No. 1386836

Last I checked, twink was only for gay men. Even if you classify Ellen as a moid (kek), she would be straight. Unless she transed from homosexual to heterosexual, somehow (conversion therapy)?

No. 1386839

i honestly assumed that she's still a lesbian but in denial since she called herself "queer" in the coming out tweet, but i saw some recent photo of her wearing a green carnation on an outfit, which was a symbol used among gay men and was adopted by "mlm" fujo TIFs? unless she enters a new relationship while transitioned i'm betting she's one of those of those "gay man" TIFs who only date other TIFs (lesbians LARPing as gay men)

No. 1386843

File: 1638838281590.jpg (122.68 KB, 787x720, [euphoric facepalm].jpg)

>depressed lesbian with an ED

No. 1386844

If you have wrinkles you're not a twink

No. 1386895

Yeah, supposedly twink death happens around age 25

No. 1386928

No. 1386937

i wish i was as delusional as this no, fujos care about transboy yaoilings unless they are one

No. 1386991

Her hands are so tiny… she is the last person who should be trying to pass for male, she doesn't have a masculine bone in her body.

No. 1387008

has anyone noticed its usually the shortest delicate looking women who end up trooning out similar to how its always the 6’5 hulking military guys who become agps? Is it a way to gain power/avoid sexism and fetishization by moids or bc being a short feminine woman is less cool than being a short feminine yaoi uke?

No. 1387132

Anyone is afraid those retards will become conservatives later in their lifes? They are just straight girls with a fetish and when they get older and realize they will never be a yaoi boy, they will blame the LGB because they made them destroy their bodies or something. That if they don't sewer side before

No. 1387151

i'm worried too since there are quite a bit of heterosexual detransitioners posting online and we know damn well there will be more in the next 5-10 years. most of the current wave are mostly blaming tumblr/sjws for convincing them that they're trans than actual lgb people, but if being "queer" keeps becoming trendier we might have more literal "ex-gay" detrans later

No. 1387157

Well I'm a detrans bi woman and if anything my experience made me a radfem today. Many detrans women I know became radfems thanks to the experience of transitioning and coming to terms of what it means to be a woman and specially having the guts to be a gender non conforming woman.

No. 1387172

I understand the worry. Some of them swear up and down it's radfem grooming for some reason…? It must be tranny cope because who routinely gets caught with pizza is male troons, I imagine even more so in discord and reddit. I hope there isn't actual ex-gay shit though, religious organizations of any kind always want to pounce on those stories fast.

No. 1387196

See the pattern here kek, fakebois can't cash in naturally to masculinity because of how they look

No. 1387200

Same person, lemme add up just look at their fantasies, a lot of them are based on the female gaze and women's POV of two moid characters fucking each other

Same for male troons, their femininity are based on male gaze. And coincidentially they look like towering gorillas, and have hypermasculine faces. Coincidence much?

No. 1387233

You’re already too late, there’s a huge wave of ex-gay/detrans folks on places like TikTok and it’s growing every day

No. 1387253

i know, i see new detransitioners pop up frequently, but the issue is did they turn conservative/homophobic and blame the "LGB Agenda"? ignore this reply if they have, buy that's the thing some worry about. i actually saw a detransitioner on r/detrans who converted to christianity and went ex-gay but i wrote it off as one person, but will it happen more and lead to backlash?

No. 1387261

I think honestly it comes down to sensory issues. Trooning out and autism have some pretty strong connections so it doesn't surprise me that autistic women who think they're men don't understand it has nothing to do with "dysphoria". It has to do with not understanding sensory issues are at their worst when your brain can't process overwhelming sensations in combination with processing stress or a stressful environment. Water/Showering is a huge sensory overload even to normal functioning brains (it's why most people don't just randomly want to jump into a cold pool or why it's hard for people to shower in the morning) but non autistics can process sensations way easier just like with sounds and foods. It makes a lot of sense in her comic if you see it as a young girl who is calmed by water (like a lot of autistic children are) suddenly experiencing intense sensory overload while adding unnecessary confusion/stress (aka "disphoria") to a brain that's predisposed to being overwhelmed by outside stimulus.

Sorry to sperg, it genuinely makes me sad that autistic girls are so overlooked in society that they are forced to play their own psychologist and figure out why their brains are different from their other female peers. That and the shame involved. Men are allowed to be shamelessly autistic no matter where on the spectrum but women have to be either low or not functioning to even be considered autistic. It's a diagnoses that could save a ton of young women from experiencing a lot of confusion and self hatred growing up but I'm sure some of you nonnies don't need me to point that one out.

No. 1387272

Yes they do, boldfag. A lot of them say they were groomed via social media, most follow Jesus

No. 1387310

I will never defend AGPs, those degenerate fucks. But in the case of TIFs, it could be the smallest most feminine women try to transition to male because they want to escape abuse they experienced as a vulnerable class. They believe they were preyed upon for being "weak" and female. But it's much "easier" to try and escape the reality of the female condition and troon out than it is to accept the harrowing reality of being a hair away from being victimized by 50% of the population all over again.
But that's only a small portion of TIFs. Many of them are just yaoi coomers.

No. 1387326

It happens sometmes.

I would say bouncing from one ideology to another like that is a sign the psychological distress that made them transition in the first place (sense of community often being a factor) hasn't been treated. "Dysphoria" as nebulous a definition it has, is often a factor. Additionally, IDing as trans comes with a built-in support community of other trans people and supposedly the broader "queer" community. This can seem appealing to people who are feeling out of control, isolated, and having severe mental distress.

I could see someone converting to Chirstianity, or another religion, for similar reasons. There is the built in community around the religion. You have built in activities like attending church, church organized events, you have similar topics to discuss. There's bonding things, too, including holidays or ceremonial things like communion and baptisms.

They're latching onto things again because they feel lost and isolated. Whether that be oscaliting from one political extreme to the other, or just joining a new ideological group (a religion rather than a more "social" ideological community like trans shit) the motivations are similar, and can indicate the person is still feeling distressed/lonely. Detransing and being part of the out-group can probably extenuate that distress and make someone lean harder into things they used to disagree with, like conservatism, because that political alignment may welcome a detransitioner as "proof" if you get me, and do the same lovebombing shit as the initial group did when they decided to transition.

I find people who fluctuate from one group like to the next tend to not only be mentally ill and not receiving adequate treatment, but they also tend to be very uncritical about the ideas they are presented and the things they read online. I can't say if it's because they're too fucked to exert the mental energy to be thoughtful, curious, and think for themselves, or if it is because of a particular online culture that encourages disengaging completely from dissenting opinions in order to maintain purity of thought or some shit.

You see it a lot in TRA shit, where they tell you not even to glance at gender critical writers, or won't engage with gender critical creators even if the GC shit is irrelevant to what they produce. Online spaces that are influenced by algorithms are especially prone to that sort of gormless, insular thinking imo.

No. 1387333

I don't really blame them, it's facts that gay men started the whole trans thing

No. 1387338

Don't you people get tired of coming here to blame everything on gay men and inevitably getting in fights? Don't reply if you're going to assume I give a shit about moids.

No. 1387356

Based ily anon ♥

No. 1387403

I understand but lots of fakebois are straight up homophobic right now when they are pretending to be gay, as seen in the Fakeboi threads countless of times. They aren't just misguided that jump from cult to cult, they are religious or even conservatives and have a fetish. Have you noticed that with the rise of queer shit there was a rise of people that are proudly religius and will cry if you don't like religion (even christianity) before the trans shit emploded, mostly of LGB people on internet were also atheists.

No. 1387407

sure anon, let's go further and blame black gay men especifically because the loudest HSTS are black.

No. 1387427

Nta but I've seen more "straight girl thinks she's gay if she identifies as male since she still likes sex with men, and man + man = gay".

Sure many of these girls are pornsick or have indeed developed a weird fetish but most of those I know (who aren't pornsick, just jumping on the "oh there's a get out of misogyny free card?" identity bandwagon) it's as simple as "man + man = gay, me man so me gay" since they don't suddenly become lesbians by being "men". Ouch my head.

No. 1387446

that's homophobia(learn to sage faggot)

No. 1387449

Aren't there just more nonwhite hsts because most white mtfs are now agp?
Unironically if transgenderism was restricted to them, the whole movement would've not taken off.
I blame tumblr white sjw liberals personally

No. 1387450

please learn to sage before you subject us to your boring ass takes

No. 1387459

A lot of those women cannot take responsibility for their choices

No. 1387490

The LGBT as a whole was used to ultimately shill the trans movement, the gay/trans experience was sold as ~special and unique~" so of course teenagers would like it, with all the pride shit shilled everywhere, constant propaganda by corporations, celebrities and even media, i can understand why they would think the whole LGB is at fault even when actual gay people where never behind all this craze, is very unfortunate.

This was bond to happen, if the trans movement disappears, all the (fake) acceptance of diversity will too because is the only reason it got so far in the first place, this was all a massive larp where a bunch of mentally ill retards got to feel special at the expenses of a minority, with how insidious all this is, you could theorize zoomers are actually way more homophobic than older generations, i can see them devolving into conservatives.

No. 1387680

Weren't they the opposite? Like gay people is all aboutn not transing and accepting yourself and vice versa

No. 1387721

nta but transitioning is basically conversion therapy and favored by homophobes, it's insidious to tack a form of conversion therapy on the end of LGB but here we are.
Transitioning is all about pathologizing gender nonconformity and same sex attraction and making money from the ensuing medical procedures, nobody makes money from a gay person living their life so it's obvious why the mostly conservative and capitalistic media jumped on board so readily.

No. 1387766

File: 1638930148707.png (231.83 KB, 1433x703, kill_me.png)

>Complex multi-layered female character who resents the patriarchic society she lives in, said patriarchic society constantly undermines her and punishes her harder then her male counterparts
>well that proves she's clearly a transman


So yeah I got back into the GoT fandom and apparently this is a thing now, the shit smearing kweers have now almost universally decided that Cersie is a closeted transman, you have TIFs going "Cersie is clearly trans cause she had gender envy against her brother" but even an Idiot could understand she wanted to be her brother for 1)the societal benefits and 2)the physical strength of a male(Cersie has this whole thing of desiring the strength of a male warrior)

the whole fucking essay is every thing wrong queer theory, so much reaching and taking aspects of a character out of context to create their own narrative
Like Cersie is resentful for being born in a fucked up world but even she knows the problem is not her womanhood but society, She thinks men are mostly Idiots and It never once a came across in her POV's that she ever wanted to a man rather just wanted to be taken as seriously as men

also the essay also tries to use the fact Jamie and Cersei were identical twins and claim it as an example of how the "heteronormative gender binary" is made up cause they looked identical when they were pre-pubescent children and their current sex roles is only due to arbitrary choice(which in the essay's view are genitals), ignoring the fact they started developing vastly different when they were teenagers, Jamie is tall, muscular and extremely strong, It wouldn't matter if Jamie or Cersie were raised as the opposite sex cause Jamie would always end up bigger and physically stronger then his twin sister. its like these people have no understanding of how the insecurities all people have regarding their sex roles and also human puberty

also last note, a big part of Cersie's character is that despite everything she did somewhat enjoy motherhood, she was happy to bear Jaime’s babies, in being a mother to them, and nursing them at her breast, I don't know how a transman or enby could relate to that

No. 1387789

>gay people where never behind all this craze
Judith Butler is heterosexual? lol

No. 1387794

Hell no the holocaust victim on steroids again, at least not shirtless again. I was kinda ashamed of hating Ellen Page for dragging me down with her dead bottomless depression pit eyes but now that she is this monstrosity i just want it dead. Friggin animated mummy

No. 1387795

Kill it with fire!!!

No. 1387798

Not all, some will, the more mental ones for sure. Like anon said, I've seen people say it's all terfs fault for not stopping them, ignoring that terfs are actively silenced and often considered nazis and ignored by the very people claiming they should have stopped them. I've even seen people say 'well if you weren't such a bigot maybe I would have listened' ignoring any personal responsibility and ignorance and that they were the one branding them a bigot and not listening due to someone saying terfs are bigots and you shouldn't listen to them. Obviously, not all, probably not the gay ones imo, but the some of the more conservative or especially npd/bpd ones. Ultimately the ones to blame are the establishment people pushing it, and the people silencing those warning of it purely because they are told to rather than seeing what's being said by gc's and deciding if they disagree or not.

No. 1387806

Non-flamboyant gay men are fully accepted in conservative circles as long it's not religious fundamentalists or full blown nazis. If the backlash against LGBTQ comes lesbians will vanish into oblivion again and the flamboyant gay man, queers etc will be outcasted. Back to where we were exept for gay normies

No. 1387823

Maybe it's time for alliances based on sexual repulsion? Lesbians and straight men can relate over the aversion to penis and sex with men? Penisloving vagina repulsed gays and hetero women are friends already. Trannies, nullos and religious purity fetishists can have a "i hate my own genitals" community. Shared aversions are a great social binder

No. 1387863

Honestly this though.

Sage for blog, but at my previous job I had male co-workers tell me they wanted to shower with me, ask how frequently I had sex with my boyfriend, rub my thigh as a "good job" after presentations…and whenever I tried to bring it up to HR or even the union I was just told "that sound so hard and you're so brave for telling us" while the company went on to fix nothing. But they installed gender neutral bathrooms on all floors and implemented tranny friendly sexual harassment training and so were labelled as a "gender friendly company." FTMs just trying to opt out of misogyny by calling themselves boys and fighting for tranny rights makes me so angry when women are still subjected to so much harassment than any tranny ever will face.

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