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File: 1657495095414.jpg (27.07 KB, 275x275, 1657011611175.jpg)

No. 1585143

This is a series of threads about fakebois and trans-identified females (TIFs).

Fakebois are girls who pretend to be boys, either by becoming trannies or larping biological males (usually the former) Trans-identified females who are serious in their transition (a la Kalvin Garrah) are relevant too, so are their surgeries.

Fakebois style and present themselves as androgynous or feminine-looking boys, or wearing girls' clothing and make-up while insisting on being addressed with he/him (or occasionally they/them) pronouns and take great offense at being gendered as female. Some are SJW transactivists, but for most their identities are entirely superficial.

Back off all trannies and your dysphoria because no1curr.

Old threads by order of recency:

No. 1585150

Troonism is gonna be illegal soon. Consider this a vision.

No. 1585154

File: 1657496166983.png (87.59 KB, 760x383, Screenshot_20220710-160725.png)

This self own

No. 1585175

why not kermit suicide hue hue

No. 1585207

Nice OP image, the Jack Frost/Onceler/Dave Strider really takes me back to 2012 tumblr kek. "Become the bf" really stays the same no matter which fandom is currently popular.

No. 1585233

File: 1657507814396.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1316x1561, F67EAECD-7F55-4664-A299-C41131…)

I want to be a girl but not a Girl, you know?

No. 1585272

WTF does that mean

No. 1585276

Fine, whatever. Call yourselves that. But stop demanding the rest of women everywhere give a shit about semantics when so much else is constantly beating us down or being taken away. They’re so fucking nlog it feels like they legitimately hate women.

No. 1585286

This is so retarded

No. 1585287

File: 1657514800509.png (167.72 KB, 750x611, 16D7827E-D0E6-4B8B-A969-C3A3B4…)

No. 1585288

what are womanly things sarah

No. 1585290

I want to scream

No. 1585299

Do they think all women have to hyper consciously act feminine and abide by the strict law of make up and dresses.

No. 1585302

And don’t they realize being non-binary IS a performance? Putting any importance on your actions based on your gender is a performance. If you’re a woman who actively tries to appear feminine because you feel that’s what it means to be a woman, that’s performing yes. If you’re non-binary and you actively try to appear as gender neutral as possible because you consider anything feminine or masculine to be strictly coded by gender, that’s mega performing.

No. 1585325

Because woman is when pink and makeup, not vagina or XX chromosomes, obviously. These people are unbearable

No. 1585398

bear with me nonnas, does anyone else have think that this troonery insanity was largely propagated by fakebois, enby snowflakes and handmaidens?

they basically enabled and allowed moids into female spaces because of their nlog on roids and misogynistic views.

No. 1585399

I hate these people more than words can describe. They really are the ultimate NLOGs. They think that the only reason "cis" women don't renounce our womanhood because we are content and/or complicit in our oppression.

I used to feel some semblance of sympathy for tifs, but I just can't anymore. They are just as vile and misogynistic as their tim brothers.

No. 1585421

Yes and no, I disagree with the "because of their nlog on roids and misogynistic views" part, I think they let men in our spaces more because of that typical thing girls do when they want to include losers in their social circles only out of pity. Kind of how James Charles isn't an amazing makeup artist yet he's been praised because "oh look, a gay boy using making up, how brave and stunning" regardless of skills. And he isn't a troon but that's why he's a good example, because at the beginning of this troon bullshit the women including men in their social circles and spaces just saw troons as friendless, vulnerable and harmless gay men.

No. 1585435

It’s so fucking reductive. If she wants to play that game, every person on earth is non binary because literally no one wakes up and thinks “oh boy I better be as womanly/manly as possible today” (maybe with the exception of some of those braindead “alpha male” podcaster types). I’m so tired of this idea that because I am a woman, I like everything that is typically associated with the stereotypes of womanhood, both positive and negative. This is probably why I personally had one of those phases but then I realized pretty much every other woman on earth experiences the same thing whether she likes “girly” shit or not. No woman enjoys the oppression that’s forced on us, and I think were it not for being sort of brainwashed into it, no woman would inherently be shaving her legs or performing other beauty standards that have just become accepted because otherwise we’re called ugly or tired or homely or whatever else. Now apparently it means you’re a man. The thing I hate the most is it you tell any of these people these feelings or thoughts, they’ll be like “have you considered you might be trans?” One, yes I have because this shit preys on young insecure women, and two, have THEY considered that all this is even a thing because of society’s huge issue with taking women seriously about anything? Newsflash trans men and non binaries, you can’t opt out of that shit just by saying you aren’t a woman. This is why even your trans woman friends talk shit about you and talk over you all the time. They still see you as the women you are like the rest of the world does and do not give a shit.

No. 1585460

Of course acting according to stereotypes is performative, humans aren't born to wear high heels, put paint on their face and remove their body hair. How are these women so retarded

No. 1585464

File: 1657544643493.jpeg (173.01 KB, 1170x1879, 03BAC266-0ED0-4B13-8EA6-09F687…)

Vogue puts woman on cover of magazine. Somehow this is novel and noteworthy.

No. 1585470

File: 1657545014121.jpeg (412.72 KB, 1000x563, 53DAED27-087E-45D8-8A44-866AFB…)

Same energy as these two non binary icons performing a duo together (man and woman sing song together?? Wtf?!)

No. 1585519

The hatred for women couldn't be more obvious. To NLOG to call yourself a woman but too cowardly to go all the way and go on hormones and mutilate your body for real. So they settle for this "im a girl in a boy way" shit that has terrible implications for everyone who's just a woman. The implications being that every other women is a dumb whore, and if they weren't a dumb whore, they would adapt some flavor of pronouns nonsense too

No. 1585537

I really hate how they keep perpetuating the idea that being a woman is something to be ashamed of, because that’s the kind of thing we are told from men our entire lives. NLOG “culture” from the start has always been annoying, but this takes it to extremes where women are being harmed by trans ideology and it’s just pushing us further into the ground. I don’t know why the idea that one is either female or male AND can have whatever interests/aesthetic/etc they want is such a big reach for these people. It’s insane to me that they even take it as far as transing women from history because the women in question dressed or acted like men to escape oppression or to be with other women and not be ostracized for it. That is and has been a major issue with a patriarchal society, not some individual failing at performing womanhood the “correct” way.

No. 1585564

Breaking News: wealthy, conventionally attractive famous actress is put on the cover of a magazine. Stay tuned for more shocking updates on what she does next on her navel gazing journey. Will she write a book? Will she create an overpriced skincare and beauty line? Will she enter a totally queer relationship with a non-binary male? Only time will tell

No. 1585570

she couldnt look more like a stock image of "average white woman" if she tried

No. 1585575

What are womanly things she did I wonder, and couldn't she just stop doing them without changing her identity? I'm a woman and me and my bf do the same things to prepare for the day. Shower, put on pants and shirt, eat, go to work. Should I be caked in make up and high heels? Am I a man?

No. 1585577

Yes, nona. You are. I hate to inform you of this, but women don’t actually shit. All of our waste just dissolves within so we are constantly smelling like fresh roses.

No. 1585583

i actually can't believe how someone wrote this up and multiple people signed off on it

No. 1585599

>too cowardly to go all the way and go on hormones and mutilate your body
I get what you're trying to say but I wouldn't call hrt and getting mangled brave.

No. 1585601

Need I remind you: women = dumb silly boring lame sex object whores. The easy solution to this is just to stop calling yourself a woman today and you, too, can do all the things you normally do, but without being a dumb stupid slut about it. like all the other women without fancy pronouns or gender

No. 1585611

A million percent the exact logic going through a tif's mind, the internalised misogyny is real

No. 1585635

File: 1657558304016.png (2.42 MB, 1334x750, B8719FCE-8180-47B8-9222-81E9C4…)

No. 1585640

She should ask herself why that’s her automatic response and question why she isn’t unpacking her homophobia.

No. 1585645

>Leo Xander
kek did she play Fire Emblem Fates and named herself after her two husbandos?

No. 1585658

KEK, great thread image. Sadly I recognize all but two characters here

No. 1585662

No. 1585670

File: 1657560377709.jpg (280.06 KB, 1080x1330, Screenshot_20220711_194115_com…)

Eddie, a quirky white man from season 4 of Stranger Things has become this month's panty dropper among women.

No. 1585679

this is so creepy… i would be so creeped out if someone did that to me wtf

No. 1585682

Holding her when she tries to pull away and then holding the back of her head? Oh dear kek. How gender confirming. Looks like he very much respects her sacred malehood

No. 1585686

I’ve had people do that before where you’re trying to break a hug or whatever and you end up feeling like that cat that pepe le pew was always trying to feel up. Like let the fuck go not everyone is all touchy feely especially with strangers.

No. 1585702

Sigh, don’t have anywhere else to whine about this but my best friend decided to show me one of her friends, a fakeboi tranny that demands being referred to as he/him while making absolutely no effort into appearing masculine. None. No binder, haircut, anything. These people are delusional and just do it for either attention, internalised misogyny or both.

I’ll take “things that never happened” for 200, Alex.

No. 1585708

the eddie actor guy needs to watch out because people get in worse shit for a lot less now

No. 1585725

I feel like the online tif and Tim community were very sperate so even if you didn't have girls on Tumblr discovering their nb identity these coomer men woul still probably have their forums(reddit 4chan ECT…) Where they enabled their own shit

No. 1585743

kek anon same. the only one i don't recognize is the one on the very top

i can see him turning out like ezra miller

No. 1585745

File: 1657563977955.png (92.7 KB, 601x674, Screenshot 18.png)

she seems very insecure about her height and lack of body and facial hair, this comment especially is telling
>Sometimes my brain is like damn i wish i was half whitebc i wish i was taller and had more body hair. My cousins are half white and they’re so tall

No. 1585750


You can really see why they do so badly on places like LSA. TRAs always try to say black people are inherently conservative or something, but it's really obvious that things like being first on the cover only had meaning because a lot of people were explicitly banned from doing this stuff.

So doing stuff like this for people who were never really persecuted feels like a sincere and more idiotic liberal version of the way some conservatives call Elon Musk african american. It feels like stolen valor.

No. 1585752

Not even hiding their homophobia in the slightest anymore.

No. 1585754

No, but they pretend to think that because then they can also pretend they can identify out of sex based oppression.

No. 1585755

>i am a man
>not wanting to fuck me is misogynistic

No. 1585756

It’s Reigen from Mob Psycho 100. It’s got some cute parts but it’s not surprise they latched onto that character tbh.

No. 1585762

Omg nonnas, the gender neutral nonbinary energy is too strong! What even is gender?? I legitimately cannot tell who is a man or a woman in these photos! Kek

No. 1585779

tbf in comparisons to asians most white people are really tall, like fuck going to Europe made me feel like a midget

No. 1585796

Just dudes being bros, amirite? I'm gonna guess "Eddie" doesn't get that hands-on with his "cis" male fans lmao

No. 1585800

What did Eddie do to make himself a heartthrob? I don't watch Stranger Things so I have no idea

No. 1585820

I don't get it, I watched a few episodes and he's a generic 30-something white guy who kinda looks like Pauly Shore playing a high school student. I think he gets some type of hero arc at the end. Beyond that I can't figure out why all these women are throwing themselves at him, but he may want to chill out on the unwanted touching unless he wants to be the next Ezra Miller kek

No. 1585822

he is definitely the type of non threatening, femmy alt male character aidens identify with.

i think non-aidens like him because the type of women who are really into stranger things know every other male character would be WAY out of their league. he is the type of guy a fat, d&d playing becky could realistically date.

No. 1585825

File: 1657567263164.jpeg (72.84 KB, 601x401, 1657307240226.jpeg)

my understanding is this, for a decade we have only had boring safe protagonists, wierd gender netural fishmen(like ezra) or literal scumbag sociopaths as male love interests in media, so something about a small town metalheads(classic) when its not forced, is cool and there is genuineness in that style, I don't think it was ever expected for eddie munson to become this popular but he did
which is weird cause he's literally the son of a violent criminal, also I don't get any "femme" vibes with him

No. 1585826

I had to google him he looks like Zuckerberg in a shitty wig

No. 1585828

ok maybe femmy isn't what i meant… it's more like he's just so not threatening i guess? like I can't really view him as a man, he doesn't have any presence. it felt like if he really did get into it with the jock basketball guy, the jock would have snapped him in half even though they're about the same size

No. 1585832

sage for OT but we didn't really ever see him fight, but I feel like eddie(the character) could handle himself if he had too

No. 1585840

Reigen is basically a bishonen Grunkle Stan, less threatening and in anime format, so of course they latched on him.

No. 1585841

>I don't get any "femme" vibes with him

He has long hair and he's smiling nonna, didn't ya know enbies and aidens consider those "woman things"?

But yeah, you're probably right. He's a quirky "nice guy" character who seems nonthreatening and attainable, and the bar is in hell for moid love interests anyway. The only other male characters I saw were the evil jocks, the evil scientist, the dad who spends his screen time covered in filth, and a bunch of literal children so Eddie became the default heartthrob I guess.

No. 1585849


It's more like they categorize people using fictional character archetypes. Even if you're not the "barbie pink high heels and glitter" type, as long as your assigned archetype is one associated with female characters you're fine. The misogyny of Aidens comes from the misogyny that influences the way fictional women are written.

If your personnality type is mostly represented by male characters though… Aidens will headcanon you as a transmasc egg kek. These people's understanding of the world is entirely based on comparing it with fiction.

thread pic is truly on point

No. 1585853

This is a really strange interaction, part of me thinks maybe she’s over exaggerating for cool points to show off that some celebrity was just oh so comforting to them just like some tumblr fan fiction. I’ve been to a bunch of cons and usually don’t see the actors getting overly affectionate like that unless the person is freaking the hell out and they’re simply trying to calm a crazed fan. Imagining a celebrity I admire doing that is creepy and I’d very much be taken aback if it went past a simple hug.

No. 1585861

It’s either exaggerated or a tranny’s fantasy about being AcCePtEd by their ‘comfort character’ or whatever. And I agree, I’d be weirded out too if an interaction with a celeb went past a simple hug.

No. 1585870

File: 1657569488100.jpeg (287.72 KB, 1351x725, 016CB32E-A4B6-4997-87F6-24AA00…)

“Wow, I really don’t want a scrote in a dress in the women’s bathroom!”

No. 1585893


they likely would've won the bathroom thing if they never adopted self id. i've seen so many people in favor of it until it's explained that trans essentially just means anyone who wants to go in can go in.

No. 1585909

i know this troon irl. we work together lmao it's a glasgow he/him and she literally keeps telling everyone all about it. so fucking annoying we were talking about how it sounds like bullshit in work and she just would NOT stop talking about it. like we get it. you were creeped on by a celeb? not really a brag hen.

No. 1585914

File: 1657571543339.jpeg (71.28 KB, 671x717, jsd1lj0rlyo51.jpeg)

Clicked on this redditors profile because she kept posting about her "trans wife" and how much harder he has it than she ever had in her transition, because she's passing 100% of the time, and talks about her "wife"'s 38H boobs. Something about bottom left being in her "male period" when she just looks butch and flips the camera off got me rolling.

No. 1585916

are you sure you want to share this info? Don't want you to get in trouble nona

No. 1585987

Unless anon and the other chick are the only females working there, I think she'll be fine. Even then, what's the troon gonna do? Whine to their boss that someone was anonymously posting about them on an image board?

No. 1586035

What's a glasgow he/him?

No. 1586042

A self-hating Scottish lass

No. 1586049

When did tumblr start uwufying men

No. 1586051

Milk? Or since this is concerning the tim I think it belongs to the other thread

No. 1586053

You all talk like incels for a women… i think this site is 10% moid infiltrated

No. 1586054

File: 1657582151961.jpg (3.98 MB, 4096x4096, GridArt_20220711_182739057.jpg)

think she's regretting that HRT? kek

No. 1586055

Nitpick and OT but women is plural. Should be "for a woman". Sorry this just bother me a lot.

No. 1586076

I don't think this is new but it's definitely gotten worse

No. 1586094

Crazy horse girl but make her spicy.

No. 1586165

She looks cute, I don't think we need to pretend women become hideous swamp beasts when they grow a little pencil mustache lol

No. 1586168

Lmao you should ask her to film a dramatic reenactment and post it here. And I agree, male celebs acting sleazy toward fans isn’t novel and isn’t remotely a flex.

No. 1586169

She still looks feminine af with the little beard kek

No. 1586217

there's entire threads dedicated to criticize everything about specific weirdo women online. I don't know what you expect

No. 1586344

I think I've seen her on tumblr, her trans "wife" looks hideous as fuck. Both of them look hideous but the trans "wife" takes the cake to deformity.

No. 1586355

File: 1657628518246.png (134.83 KB, 733x527, x69zc6zvf4a91.png)

Gen Z aydnes discovering breaking bad has been a disaster for the human race

No. 1586357

Never thought I agree with the neo-nazis on something, jfc the kids are legit so retarded now days

No. 1586364

all the bad characters are twansphobic and the popular characters respect people's pronouns even though it makes sense for them to be,

No. 1586368

>Gen Z aydnes discovering breaking bad has been a disaster for the human race
God yes, recently got recommended this and it is beyond cringe

No. 1586372

File: 1657630912019.jpg (3.69 KB, 220x194, DqDwtmy.jpg)

The literal hitman of the series reacts with "hey, listen. I don't know a lot about this stuff but I know it's very important to some people"? Aidens are a goldmine of delusion and cringe

No. 1586376

That bit of
>I know it's very important to some people
Is so annoying, no it isn't, pronouns only matter if you don't want people to get all confused while talking about multiple things and people in a row, and those people and things aren't often in the same fucking room, for fuck's sake, so it literally doesn't matter. at all unless those retards are such huge ass narcs that they have to police the language usage of others.
I'm just so sick of this shit, there's people out there dying of hunger and getting trafficked but all these absolute assholes care about is if the way someone speaks about then outside of the fucking room they are at, how can anyone know this and just go along with it?
>oh it's not a big deal, cat emoji just wants me to refer to meow when nya isn't in the fucking room, that's so normal and totally not insane and controlling as fuck of cat emoji
Fucking kill me.

No. 1586398

I had to read your example sentence a couple of times to even understand it and all I can say is that speaking that way is so fucking retarded I hope the narcs who demand this shit step on a lego every day

No. 1586406

I mean if we are being accurate here, marie would be supportive of troons, like she is a fucking narc taht needs validation at every turn, definitely a TRA type

No. 1586436

Bet the bosses in Netflix are pissed they can't use him in next season to get that sweet thirst money.

No. 1586473

File: 1657641629399.png (24.08 KB, 352x90, :snow: - Fakeboi:trans trender…)

No. 1586487

File: 1657642949648.jpg (168.16 KB, 1080x1846, Screenshot_20220712-172104_Ope…)

Sage bc I don't know if this is interesting this is. I checked up on this otome game called Arcana I used to play (review: it was OK but not amazing), which has garnered a gendie and woke audience for being lgb and tranny friendly, and jt was bought by some other company whose default character base is female. You can imagine what backlash that's caused kek. Even though the company clearly advertises itself as being for women. Even before this the fans had woke non-issues with the game like one of the creators "fetishising gay men".

No. 1586488

>Sage bc I don't know if this is interesting this is
I meant how interesting this is, excuse my retardation

No. 1586491

Damn did they really have to type out Walt Jr. struggling to speak clearly? Would love to see them called out for ableism for that one. Though they'd probably somehow twist it into it actually being more ableist not to make it obvious that he has a disability. And there's no way in hell Jesse is trans or would be down with trans bullshit besides maybe humoring a TIM with "she" after being lectured about it. He definitely wouldn't react kindly to being asked his pronouns and the insinuation that he doesn't obviously look like a man. And >>1586406 is right, Marie would absolutely be a crazy TRA lady and would be lecturing Hank about saying tranny. I wonder what vaguely manly/male audience oriented media they will latch onto next

No. 1586535

He's charismatic and I assume they like his style of clothes and hair. I liked the character a lot, don't share the obsession but I understand it. Both the actor and the character are charismatic, Eddie is constantly labeled a freak and excluded by the jocks and "popular people" which these people might find relatable. He's the leader of an outcast nerdy kids group who plays DnD, is in a band and has that 'cool big brother' attitude. He's basically a friendly alt guy who's a metalhead and dresses as such.I can see the appeal. TIFs are probably in a mix of wanting to be him or wanting to fuck him rn. lol
I posted some threads back about how someone I know got in trouble with some TIFs because she had written straight Eddie smut because the TIF was insisting Eddie is gay and that its "disrespectful to her male readers" that she was writing straight fics. lmaoo
Things no single human born male cares about #10930

No. 1586554

File: 1657646463721.jpeg (100.71 KB, 827x581, 1657094067176.jpeg)

might as well post this as well, the fact there is more then one person in this world who trooned out over fucking Jesse Pinkman disturbs me greatly
don't worry I think your attraction is valid, I have a crush on eddie too

No. 1586567

What makes them think Jesse Pinkman of all fictional characters give a fuck about gendie issues?

No. 1586582

It's crazy how much gen z/millennials make fun of gender reveal parties when they have the exact same woman=pink dress and make-up equation in their heads. Like none of these geniuses ever realized that you remain a woman whether you wear make-up or dresses or heels or not.

No. 1586625

File: 1657650529604.png (2.68 KB, 520x32, yzabSd6nEw.png)

makes sense

No. 1586627

I think it’s cliche to tell people to “touch grass”, but that may be the best advice for people who spend time debating the sexual orientation of fictitious children’s show characters.

No. 1586657

kek if she wasn’t 22 i’d have thought this was another glasgow trooni know. why are they all round with gross neck beards.

No. 1586664

File: 1657653908390.png (186.35 KB, 1170x662, IMG_4460.png)

No. 1586667

They always say any guy who isn’t insanely physically hypermasculine is actually born female even when he’s played by a male actor, same with Paul Dano, and people are actually supposed to believe this isn’t regressive sexist crap

No. 1586698

File: 1657656293376.jpeg (62.59 KB, 740x413, 144FBC42-0539-41BB-9D0F-5DC560…)

stay the fuck away from BB you fucking trannies

No. 1586709

File: 1657657427414.jpg (95.41 KB, 815x1145, 909879887hh.jpg)

how dare these assholes project their idiot genderspecial problems on jesse pinkman… fucking zoomer retards, jesse is MY comfort character, MY, i was there, following the series when it came out, suffering from substance abuse and having episodes of acute stimulate psychosis while watching jesse get high, get sober, get high again, think those mormons were biker gangsters… jesse belongs to junkies, you hear me, HE IS OUR GUY, and not some fucking tranny wooby soulless carebearificated tumblr sexytwink aidenbait cringe character…. how dare you, how dare you…

No. 1586751

it’s SO ironic that so many troons have decided to put their horse-piss stained hands on the show considering since the only tranny representation is one scene when an ugly tranny hooker (tim) was running away in one of the montage scenes in the beginning of the show. it’s so pathetic.

No. 1586752

jesse pinkman is NOT a troon. jesse pinkman is a MAN who suffered from drug abuse and extreme guilt later on. FUCK the pieces of shit who chalk up all his struggled to dysphoria, i hope they kill themselves.

No. 1586796

File: 1657665603101.jpg (328.51 KB, 1169x1788, IMG_3049.jpg)

thanks for all the nonnas defending jesse itt. doing God's work

No. 1586804

for real. why do they have to fucking troonify everything they get their grimy hands on?

No. 1586814

pls kys anybody who's troonifying him. He wouldn't give a shit about gender in any scenario that makes sense

No. 1586864

He loves goth chicks and milfs, leave the deep voiced King alone. I don’t see how it’s not super objectifying and perverse to force the perspective that a character is transgender, it’s really intrusive and fucking creepy. Focus on the ducking performance and storyline instead of fitting everything into a nu-binary of everyone being on the trans spectrum. It’s less than a couple percent of the population, fetishizing someone’s sexuality is one thing but fetishizing an imposed transition is a whole other thing.

No. 1586874

i have no clue but im pissed that i havent even started s4 and i already hate this guy due to the obsessive troon slobbering

No. 1586884

File: 1657673550931.jpg (381.33 KB, 601x785, sherman_8.jpg)

Old shit but I stumbled upon this TIF performance artist and I figured you'd appreciate some diversity since she's extra fucked up. She did a performance about "becoming a high school wrestler" (her words) at 26 yo. The performance also included an album with recordings of her frog voice and is called "Intricate Rituals" from Kruger's work, which was a very popular meme on Tumblr a few years back. I don't know what to add because there's so much shit. Something went very wrong with the psychosexual development of this woman

No. 1586926

File: 1657676571542.png (2.43 MB, 1334x750, 9BC3A34A-9151-491F-971A-BFD9FA…)

No. 1586928

They’re all the same

No. 1586945

honestly at this point its a bit hand-in-hand. I watched the "trap" culture start in 4chan in the early 2000's where it was more older moids grooming younger moids to sexually exploit them for the "le meme", and how it evolved into out right sexualization of "fembois" and "futa" once the generation that had been groom aged into their late teens and young adult years. It just seemed like a generation of moids that had been sexually exploited as pre-teens/teens grew up to further push the sexual exploitation and grooming of others. Then it evolved into what we see today. Troon's gleefully cracking others "eggs" and harping on how its child abuse to not let children transition.

I feel TIF's help evolve the language to describe these things to appear more palatable to the wider public to help push it to public policy. Which was used by pre-existing Trans right groups to push public policy on the coat tails of the LGBT movement that happened thru most of the western world in the last two decades.

TIF's really just being used as shield and cover for a more exploitative ongoing thing moids have being pushing for and doing to each other for centuries.

No. 1587007

>corny white midwestern girl
>homophobic hetero fakeboi
>converting to judaism

i wish they knew it's ok not to be special.

No. 1587032

File: 1657694364016.jpeg (805.94 KB, 2771x2413, A8F15BF0-4E00-4CF4-86A4-AF3FA7…)

No. 1587038

I ship her with Cafebeef

No. 1587039

File: 1657696775419.png (55.85 KB, 275x248, pepenona1.png)

This is just fucking tragic. No hope for women.

No. 1587041

File: 1657696860542.jpg (38.43 KB, 512x411, firefox_2022-07-13_09-21-09.jp…)


No. 1587044

They come off as psychos in the worst way possible.

No. 1587061

i can’t be the only one who thinks that top surgery scars have gotten more visible, raised and unsightly looking recently? people used to have ones that were thin and relatively well healed but nowadays it seems like tifs proudly show off absolute travesties of scars that look like the surgeon hacked at their chest with a blunt axe

No. 1587063

>dead af eyes
Every goddamn time, they are so going to regret it in a few years.

No. 1587116

My theory about mastectomy scars is the (male) surgeons are so pissed off at having to remove perfectly good titties that they do a hackjob of the surgery.
Notice women who get breast implants always have much more narrow or smaller scars compared to the tif mastectomy scars, despite it being a similar surgery.
Also probably a little to do with the depression and self hatred any tif has, they are unlikely to take proper care after surgery so will heal badly, but mostly I think it's surgeons halfassing it.

No. 1587117

Obvious women being on grindr is about as rapey as tims demanding lesbians fuck them, I know most men will fuck anything, but it's really disrespectful to homosexuals (disclaimer: I know they are generally gross sexpests like all men, but semantically) to present yourself to them as a """match"""" when you know full well you're the wrong gender.
Men showing up on lesbian apps is the same. The action of being on a same sex dating app at all is violating consent of those users.

No. 1587122

i honestly don't think they're pissed off about it, i think they get off on it. kinda like fatfetishist get off from imagining women ruining their bodies, i think the surgeons like that women are mutilating themselves

No. 1587136

It’s really weird to me considering at one point it was all about fitting in with normal society and actually being seen as a man. These women don’t want to be seen as real men, they want to be seen as whatever their artsy softboi ideal of a man is. They romanticize the scars so much which is why they draw every character with them now and constantly show them off. Without the scars they wouldn’t feel as interesting or special for whatever reason. I really don’t get it. Side note, but I used to be on the fakeboi track and what woke me up was realizing how few people actually played along with it seriously and how the more I thought I hated my body the more I really started to. I started trying to focus on other hobbies and associating with friends who weren’t obsessed with this stuff and all that “dysphoria” I had vastly improved bc I wasn’t dwelling on it anymore (don’t get me wrong, there are still parts physically that make me uncomfortable but I don’t think it’s super unusual when women are as scrutinized as we are). Anyway, seeing girls who went ahead and got these surgeries makes me feel a lot better about myself now, like I accept myself a lot more. I kind of hope that when women younger than me see it, they see it for the trend it is and will be thankful in the future that they didn’t go down that road when so many of the ones who did are already miserable and are just going to continue being that way while coping through their teeth.

No. 1587140

God yall are retarded on here. They require different incisions for complete removal of the ducts. Quit nitpicking summerfag.

No. 1587147

File: 1657715647301.jpg (164.2 KB, 900x1350, D108jWVWwAEF_jU.jpg)

the scars are relative to the type of surgery/incision

picrel from a TRA twittard

No. 1587151

I don't get this pov at all. why is trying to "actually being seen as a man" any better than the softboi ideal? do you think that trutrans/old school tifs got the real male essence figured out? they're both chasing a female imagined ideal of what manhood is. honestly I can feel some compassion for the fakebois because they're quite blatantly seeking attention and it's the men on grindr who use and deceive them, not the other way around. the "real men" larpers are flat out just trying to deceive everyone they cross paths with. peak dishonesty and mental illness. makes me want to a-log when people can't clock them.

No. 1587154

No, I don’t think that. I’m just saying the oldschool “tru trans” were more about fitting in and now it’s about standing out. How is that hard to get? I think it’s stupid either way.

No. 1587155

The fact that there's women out there looking at that picture and thinking it's okay is just sad.

No. 1587162

File: 1657716642219.jpg (158.84 KB, 900x1440, D108j_KX0AEbF8N.jpg)

it gets worse nonna

>"dog ears"

No. 1587164

I think its insane how a bunch of turbovirgin socially inept teenage girls have normalized fucking nipple removal. Before tra shit this was considered a hardcore form of body modification. Even among the body mod community nipple removal was considered pretty edgy and extreme. And now here we are. 14 year old girls are dreaming about removing theirs and are making pastel uwu graphics about it

No. 1587165

File: 1657717130677.jpeg (34.57 KB, 480x480, E4836ED7-2657-4CBC-BFBC-C465C5…)

This is just horrifying, dog ears?? That's how they call it?? This is miserable.

No. 1587166

Very informative. How they don't end up blowing their brains out after waking up from surgery I'll never understand.

No. 1587167

Good god, I follow a chick who chopped her tits off and she complains endlessly about the dog ears. She's had three revisions to "fix" it, and at this point her doctor told her "enough is enough" and left her like that. Looks fucked up, and of course she posts pictures of it constantly.

No. 1587173

TBH anon's theory does sound a bit tinfoil-y, but poor results becoming more common is entirely plausible, as transition becomes mainstream and more and more greedy butchers enter the market. Another possibility is that even the shitty results get displayed online now, whereas before tifs would stay quiet about them.

No. 1587177

nayrt but it’s really not even super out there imo. There are tons of regular plastic surgeons who don’t give a shit and end up botching their patients for money, why would this be any different now that it’s become so mainstream?

No. 1587179

File: 1657718188743.jpeg (93.59 KB, 750x944, F284E904-9EA1-477D-94D2-B3B3AA…)

It's hard for me to see people who do this shit to themselves and imagine that they aren't picking at/fucking with the scars somehow. Some of these women have scars that look like those belonging to people who used lemon juice and toothbrush bristles on their scarification to get it raised and puffy. It just seems like the scars always get worse when they're home away from the doctor, and the incision itself isn't as gruesome comparitively

No. 1587186

Seriously what the fuck? Is this a fetish? What is happening to women in the west?

No. 1587189

This is such an unsettling image

No. 1587192

tfw u were super duper molested

No. 1587221

What goes through their minds and think “chopping off tits = gay male validation”

No. 1587223

So they acknowledge that gay men don't care for breasts but somehow totally still wanna fuck vulvas..? Ludicrous.

No. 1587228

I don't know why seeing TIFs flex like this in photos is so demoralizing to me. It's hilarious and embarrassing to see them attempt to look all athletic and macho when they look so flabby and soft. They end up looking more meek and feminine than the average woman who weightlifts regularly and has some degree of self confidence. Why didn't you hit the gym before hopping on testosterone?

No. 1587248

My biggest question is, why don't they use testosterone as a tool while hitting the gym? It should make them get buff and shit, right?

No. 1587253

It's nowhere near as rapey wtf
only one biological sex has the ability to physically overpower the other.

even on T, even 1v1 a vegan homo soy boy

No. 1587270

I haven't kept tabs on these threads in at least a year so I'm late but I just want the person who made the >>1541490 picture to know that it's the best and most factual FTM alignment chart I've ever seen, it's genuinely insightful and perceptive for once instead of relying just on "hurr fujo brainrot NLOG" slobbering. Every Aiden I've ever met in my life fits in some of those categories. The more people realize the mindset of women trooning out the more we can do something about it.

I think it's because 1.) a lot of them are in a hurry to get rid of the compressive bandages and neglect scar care in favor of showing off the results and 2.) they go to all sorts of money grubbing quack gender clinics that have no experience in aesthetic double mastectomies so they end up damaging the skin tissue and don't properly advise the patients on rehabilitation.

No. 1587291

Nah, wound care is feminine and chicks dig dudes with scars. That's why chicks who think they're dudes dig their self injury so much.

No. 1587296

Explains all the RFF neopenises with previous self-harm scars along them kek

No. 1587301

>"where did the monster high kids go?"
>dressed like Frankie Stein
>"we became them"
>self hating girl with unnecessary scars and surgeries

What is up with TIFs comparing themselves (intentionally or not) to Frankenstein's monster? Is it self awareness disguised as self deprecation?

No. 1587307

File: 1657733968231.jpg (136.82 KB, 1080x1098, FXiYAzfWYAAoNXk.jpg)

Even the gender specials are not like the other gender specials

No. 1587308

she really drew a boy with a bow

No. 1587321

They don't wanna be buffed. Just soft uwu smol beans.

No. 1587323

File: 1657735067262.jpeg (1.43 MB, 1668x1694, 6843551E-D59F-412C-95EE-934783…)

Fixed it for you

No. 1587325

File: 1657735290774.jpeg (Spoiler Image,64.11 KB, 1024x751, 069052DB-0026-4430-93A2-36B492…)

Just came across this on twitter in regards to "dog ears". Truly nightmarish

No. 1587326

Please never used the term 'milf' again thank you.

No. 1587327

File: 1657735315317.jpeg (291.28 KB, 1170x1656, 2B129EC3-E6C8-44A4-A550-1277FE…)

No. 1587328

I sure hope he gets some help for that manly ED he’s struggling with…oh, wait…

No. 1587329

I mean all else aside, that so called surgeon had one job. How do you remove someone's breasts but still leave them with a cleavage?

No. 1587332

These troon surgeons really hate troons don't they kek

No. 1587333

KEK why is losing weight such a big deal? It's not like the dog ears are secondary tits, she can also just not eat like shit and log off Twitter to go on a light walk around her house or some shit, hell, if she had enough money to pay for her tits to get removed, she can just go to a nutritionist or something like that.

No. 1587336

It's funny how these girls compare themselves with Frankie when she's a ray of sunshine that actually accepts herself as she is because she's "Unperfectly Perfect".

No. 1587343

When will the lardtubbs realize that doctors ask them to lose weight because it's DANGEROUS to put them under and operate on them when they're obese. And to be having a non medically necessary surgery, it's just dumb. So fucking dumb.

No. 1587376

To be fair, "dog ears" has been a pretty common term for that kind of leftover skin bit with women who get breast reductions and breast lifts, as well. It existed long before the Aidens came around.

No. 1587387

File: 1657739496721.jpeg (100.64 KB, 472x477, F9A86097-DFE6-495E-8785-899C0A…)

Speaking of which, reboot just dropped and she’s now a they/them with a prosthetic leg and voiced by a TIF with zie/her pronouns. The one from the West Side Story remake.

No. 1587390

God, I hope this stupid, ugly garbage bombs.

No. 1587425

Nta but do you know why it happens?

No. 1587449

This is the TIF equivalent of what that Hunter troon wrote. What's with troons and schizo mindmaps?

No. 1587453

File: 1657745941293.jpeg (43.65 KB, 481x373, F3850439-63CB-4331-B9E9-579F76…)

They’re all trying to basically game misogyny—TIFs want to avoid it, TIMs get turned on by it. It’s one thing for women to try to sneak by in sexist societies by publicly passing as male in order to access things women are restricted from, but to genuinely believe one can regulate misogyny’s impact on one’s life by changing sexes, you’ve got to be engaging in some pretty deranged, circular thinking—the kind of thinking that needs a schitzo mind map to even follow wtf they’re thinking/saying.
In other words, they all produce crazy bullshit like picrel because they are all fucking crazy.

No. 1587459

I don’t know if anyone here knows about CallMeLaddie, but she is a TIF who got famous being a trutranny dunking on Milo Stewart. But after Milo stopped being a big story, she became a radical trans activist herself. Recently, she stopped testosterone and identifies as pangender. She presented as female for a month. I think that she wants to detroon but still hates TERFs too much to do so.

No. 1587480

It's a common thing to happen with any procedure that removes skin. The doctors make a specific shape when they remove anything (think of a boat), and when you stitch the remaining borders together, the skin at both ends might bunch up. Like when you grab a clothing at the middle and create creases. It's too tight in the middle because skin is attached to the tissues below, and at the ends there's now too much skin. Skilled surgeons try to avoid this but all the scarring in these theeds looks like the surgeons just didn't give a flying fuck (and being fat doesn't help)

No. 1587513

>prosthetic leg
She's a zombie, she has prosthetic everything. But gotta get those woke points ig, as if they/theming her and having a tranny voice actor weren't enough.

No. 1587622

How will Dorian buying out the Arcana affect the gameplay. Sorry for being a retard kek.

No. 1587705

SRS surgeons are the ultimate TERFs. They take the troons’ money, they cause them extreme physical agony, and many troons end up killing themselves because the surgery results don’t lead to happiness, and in some cases the surgery leaves them unable to ever enjoy sex again.

No. 1587707

uhhh the shit on the left is absolutely infected. look up infected tattoos, they look exactly the same

No. 1587729

File: 1657776113760.jpeg (252.35 KB, 1284x2021, 5883DFD1-57C8-4B26-ADF1-2B3C11…)

Name was already marked out, I saw on ovarit.

No. 1587733

File: 1657776548700.png (243.52 KB, 392x680, screenshot--.png)

found the op

No. 1587736

thanks nona

No. 1587745

Rare example of a moid being useful there, demonstrating why you can't just opt out of being a woman as a "political identity".

No. 1587752


Not surprised by this, she got harassed by the right-wing and incel side of twitter a few weeks ago. A couple Tweets went viral calling her “mid” and “fake Hawaiian”. I don’t remember what she did to make them so mad angry, but she’s a woman so existing was enough.

No. 1587850

>Imagine thinking they/them isn’t political but she/her is

Get me out of this clown circus called Earth! How retarded are these people to think that being a woman is an abstraction when it’s a biological reality?

No. 1587854

File: 1657798387277.jpeg (647.08 KB, 828x1442, 7D78615F-69D3-40DD-B1B7-EF0010…)

Thank you based queens in RTs

No. 1587878

Oh nice, we get new labels every week, so being a woman is:
>a feeling
>a political identity
>an abstraction
>a way to be raised by your parents
>someone that gets pregnant
>a sex object
>an alternate meaning for prostitute
>someone who experiences misogyny
>someone who can be abused by males
And so much more! How weird that trannies don't want to be women even more than ever since they love labels so much.
But wouldn't it be nice if we had a single meaning for woman? Also, I feel like this blurring of the line between womanhood and anything else has a more sinister meaning but I probably just have been reading the tinfoil thread a bit too much.

No. 1587881

Ayrt, I don't think it'll affect the original game but now any new stuff will be on there I think? I don't know. Don't even remember much about the original game, they froze my account because I was using an unlimited coin hack kek

No. 1587888

File: 1657806335513.png (2.48 MB, 1720x1757, schizo wall.png)

kek this is an actual picture of her

No. 1587890

here pretending to be a table i guess? any artistic nona than can confirm?

No. 1587956

Oh goddess, we should abolish art schools. All mental masturbation.

No. 1587970

She is so fucking annoying and full of braindead takes so this isn't surprising. Her Hawaiian larp is the most annoying. She's just a white girl with some Hawaiian ancestry (less than half I'm pretty sure) and thinks this gives her the green light to call herself indigenous or that she's not included in criticisms of white women. No one would look at her and see her as anything other than white.
Also love how much the "mid" comment bothers her but she tries to act like it doesn't. I hate to agree with right wing scrotes on anything or to use their terminology but shes literally the dictionary definition of a butterface. Her face is unfortunate looking and she wouldn't have any social media following at all if she didn't post super revealing selfies all the time. Whatever girl, do your thing but don't be surprised at the type of audience you cultivate with that

No. 1587974

File: 1657815264101.jpeg (743.39 KB, 1225x1913, 176D2613-6C71-41C8-866E-F27090…)

>>We are Hawaiian
Sure ma’am

No. 1587979

>I'm not a woman, I'm Hawaiian

No. 1587985

can any actual hawaiians speak to this

No. 1588004

this "poc are inheritely queer and genderless" bullshit has hurt black and brown women so much. theres no difference between a racist white man saying theyre not women and some braindead uppermiddle class twitter retard, without any real connection to the reality of most black and brown womens real material lives, saying that theyre just too enlightened and noble and ethereal to be dumb stupid lame debased women

No. 1588011

The genderspecials think that the cross-dressing identities that so many poc cultures have (such as hijra, two-spirit, fa’afafine) are proof that every poc is automatically “kweer and genderless”.

No. 1588027

lmao the irony of them not realizing this was all just a role created for people who didn't fit in gender norms like affeminate men. They act like white men invented gender and indigenous people lived in a genderless utopia. Gender roles existed in EVERY society

No. 1588028

This and even if gender roles weren’t exactly the same for some indigenous communities as they are in modern western society, I’m pretty fucking sure every group of humans on earth were able to figure out what male and female were. Sex was not like some mysterious thing to poc, it’s so insulting.

No. 1588065

if someone walked up to me and said me being poc is an “uwu queer and genderless act against the patriarchy!!”, i’ll a-log.

No. 1588066

im an artfag and i can say with confidence that this he/she/dumbass bitch is emanating a retard.

No. 1588080

So going by this logic, men make better “women” because they have agency and personhood and normal women do not ? I want this to end already.

No. 1588083

Crossdressing cultural identities are often just moids going “no homo” or women wanting away from men with extra steps imo

No. 1588168

File: 1657834797428.png (447.45 KB, 1081x2074, chrome_screenshot_165783455977…)


No. 1588175

How can you be an abstraction of a girl if a girl is just someone who identifies as a girl? So you're an abstraction of a your own subjective opinion on a social construct supposedly invented by white people? Just say you're female and shut up.

No. 1588176

Hadn’t heard of that one. How many fucking subreddits do these people need? Why are there so many?

No. 1588177

They're just taking over Reddit and turning it into trannit.

No. 1588189

I’ll take things that never happened for 500 Alex.

No. 1588192

And Jesus was there and he clapped and bought everyone drinks at the restaurant. I was there, I was the menu QRcode taped on the table.

No. 1588202

File: 1657838299395.png (93.8 KB, 496x1349, dumblr.png)

Why does that second "women are friends" part remind me of the way some vegetarians and vegans talk about animals? Also, girl? That's you!

No. 1588215

Annoying but it’s less annoying than when they get hilariously mad at fujos for fetishizing mlm lol. That always makes me laugh because these girls are the same girls they complain about so often. So in a way, it’s refreshing to see them being nice about other women for once.

No. 1588237

Thank you for the explanation. That's quite sad.

No. 1588285

File: 1657843878642.jpeg (119.73 KB, 1125x880, 79465FC0-113C-4F84-96AE-980B31…)


No. 1588296

Oh no, how will her family ever get over her having a traditional wedding between a man and woman?

No. 1588309

Fine arts fag here, I already don't like the pretentiousness that some artists suffer from and I dislike even more when idiocy larps as pretentiousness. Glorified table parkour kek

No. 1588318

>Something my teacher said that was helpful with my sexuality - I am hawaiian. We aren't bound by western ideologies of sexuality and gender.

Yes, you are bound. By fetishising being indigenous, thinking it's sooo kwerky and kweer while white is yucky and boring, you're still thinking of white sexuality stuff as the default and poc sexuality as somehow different and exotic. I'm brown and think this shit is so condescending, acting like you're enlightened for fetishising yourself and those who don't agree must be brainwashed by ebil yt.

Is this Kamele friend 1% "hawaiian" too, or full hawaiian and just twitterbrained?

No. 1588321

the girl who became the literal face for the scrote "mid" meme wants to escape womanhood? i'm shocked i tell you, shocked.

No. 1588323

>or if they would even let me have a wedding at all
Genderspecials grow the fuck up and become independent adults challenge.

No. 1588330

File: 1657848566214.jpeg (303.9 KB, 1212x1855, 9B0E41B7-8564-424A-B89F-3D5541…)

>>You’re Polynesian?
Nah she’s a woman

No. 1588380

This is weird because Polynesian is the name that western people give to a group of islands that already had their own names like own Easter Island is called Rapa Nui

No. 1588383

File: 1657855517828.png (483.7 KB, 1170x2532, 5119A4E1-6383-48BD-BFA4-5F6AC0…)

fake boys being dick devotees as usual. she’s post top and bi but obsessed with having sex with straight men?

No. 1588389

Cringe, this feels like overcompensating on her part to prove she's attracted to men "in a male way" instead of the icky way icky women are attracted to men

No. 1588396

She is probably a kisless virgen that's why she can't relate to her friends. Also most men aren't like she described them. Someone should call her out for being obsessed with wester beauty standards or fatty discrimination.

No. 1588428

only on twitter would you find a sentence this stupid

No. 1588440

I almost feel bad for her because TONS of (mostly straight) women (including me) used to think they're weird perverts for having graphic sexual thoughts about men, because sexualizing/objectifying a man is seen as a brazen move even among female-only company and you don't see it much in media, excluding porn ofc. Until they get to know their female friends more closely, they just think they're gross - and it's obvious this person didn't get that, so her thought pattern is as follows: "women rarely express sexual desire for men"->"this is normal female sexuality"->"i guess i'm too horny to be a woman so guess im a man".
I remember Contra stating he doesn't understand straight women for this reason - "straight women don't even like men, wtflol?". Even as a fan of his at the time, that pissed me off so much for what seemed like such a strange reason at first. But one reason was obviously "Yeah, no shit Nik, you aren't either of those things, how would you know?", the second was that he was perpetuating the little-spoken-about myth that straight women have a more dormant, or submissive, or unenthusiastic sexuality. Third is that straight women can't express they want to fuck since there's already a physical power imbalance between men and women, and most sane women don't want to invite unwanted sexual attention back to them on the off-chance they're dealing with a very opportunistic rapist.
There may be some SSA anons saying bi/lesbian women have it harder, in most cases this is true, but in this case the taboo comes from the clash between desire for men and their inherent predatory nature, plus women who express their desires openly are seen as easy, or too forward.
Might be unintelligible and ramble-y because i haven't slept but this is something I haven't seen touched on, even here.
>gymbro mirror selfie
>"aura of ancient archetypal heroism"

No. 1588483

…do girls these days not realize you can just be a butch dyke?

No. 1588490

IMO it's somewhere in the middle. Society doesn't let women express horniness like it lets men, but I think liberal spaces have (on the whole) overcorrected for this, which is why you see so many straight women with perfectly normal sexualities and sex drives opting to identify as demisexual or grey-asexual. While I think it's important to acknowledge that women can have a high sex drive and its not shameful at all to speak about, I also think it's important to understand that there's a legitimate discrepancy in the average interest in sex. In short, women who have very high sex drives (comparable to those of average men) aren't wrong to notice that they're different. However, I also wouldn't say that this motivates most TiFs that are attracted to men.

I do totally get what you're saying, and I think it holds for a certain mind of TiF. I'm just hesitant to say that this is the case for most TiFs, largely because of how often it's the case that TiFs identify as ace, bi, or lesbian until the testosterone sex drive kicks in, and suddenly their number one priority is chasing cock.

No. 1588544

I literally know ten people like th left image LOL

No. 1588549


No. 1588568

I remember a horror movie about a surgeon who really needs money, and there was a scene were she removes a woman's nipples, and this situation is portrayed as something unnerving and creepy, and the surgeon girl asks her several times if she REALLY wants it. Now it considered to be a normal among edgy teenage girls
(The movie is American Mary, 2012) if i remember correctly)

No. 1588569

Crazy sage idea, nonnas, but what if i pretend to be a fakeboi to get my uterus deleted? I bet i won't even have to cut my hair and buy an ugly binder with stupid kawaii special boi stickers. Good thing i have some pants from mens section wich i bought because of the pockes

No. 1588594

Unless you have something wrong with your uterus, I don't see why the fuck you would want to amputate an healthy organ, I also don't think any doctor you might wanna get close to your body would go for that but I guess it would depend on the country

No. 1588602

Learn to sage or fuck off.

No. 1588615

So you think hetero women are oppressed because they desire men? Lmao. A lesbian woman would get berated much worse than a straight one if she expressed her sexuality, your only issue is men rightfully seeing you easy if you keep mentioning inappropriate stuff at wrong time and places. Your logic is the same as these trannies where you think you'd get shamed for having natural urges even though a lot of normie women talk about this stuff between themselves without judgment, only neet women think they'll be shamed for liking men.

No. 1588630

I don’t think that’s really what nonna was saying. I’m not straight either but I can see what she’s saying about the way things work for straight women, the way society kind of places them in this more submissive role where the man is supposed to be the only one interested in sex and that there’s something “wrong” with her if she herself takes too much interest in it. I don’t think she was saying straight women are oppressed more than lesbians just that it’s a shitty situation to be in when most men are fucking dumbasses at best or dangerous and abusive at worst. The lesbian tendency to more often hide attraction is another issue and women having to subdue their sexuality at all is sad, but in context related to the fakeboi post maybe that really is how that TiF thinks. That in order to express any of that shit she must be a man. It’s fucked all around.

No. 1588651

No, bc that's a yucky thing to be.

No. 1588661

They're straight so no.
>There may be some SSA anons saying bi/lesbian women have it harder, in most cases this is true, but in this case the taboo comes from the clash between desire for men and their inherent predatory nature, plus women who express their desires openly are seen as easy, or too forward.
She actively says straight women have it worse, that's why I wrote the reply. Her main issue is being seen as easy and that's literally a non-issue to anyone who can read social cues and act accordingly. While it's true straight women who fail to make female friends will feel alien about their feelings, their feelings are still largely accepted by normies. Do you know any girl who's in a happy relationship that actively feels disgust or indifference towards her bf romantically or sexually? Me neither. Straight women who are with male partners they like will feel attraction towards them and it's always been accepted long as they don't mention inappropriate details in wrong places - same thing goes for men.

No. 1588664

Fuck off and leave butches alone.

No. 1588674

Fair enough. I wrote my reply when I first woke up so re-reading things now that I’m actually alive I see what you’re saying. I do think all of it is somewhere in the middle, else we might not have TiFs who are so afraid of just being straight women. The double standard that exists for men and women is just annoying.

No. 1588683

Sorry girlie, I may be attracted to men but they aren't gods and I ain't inflating their already huge egos.

No. 1588687

It made me laugh, esp the penis worship. Why would I inflate a male’s ego about his stinky dick even more than it already is.

No. 1588691

Why would you worship a man like a god when it's literally supposed to be the other way around

No. 1588709

I was joking nonnie I'm butch

No. 1588711

I'm relieved

No. 1588720

Are there any fakebois that aren't tradwives or tradwives-in-the-making? Christ.

No. 1588776

I feel like the straight ones are always like that. Extremely normal and straight but so NLOG they just can’t deal with not being seen as special.

No. 1588820

File: 1657909464034.jpeg (191.9 KB, 1170x1560, E5D62753-F005-4757-A8A4-A531A6…)

Fresh cringe from my local goth bar

No. 1588828

I can smell this image

No. 1588832

I’m honestly glad that men are being pushed out of gay spaces the way lesbians have been. I’d hope that an actual gay man telling you to fuck off when you try to get him to do PIV would be enough of a wake up call to tifs. And we all know men only start caring about things that affect them

No. 1588833

I'm guessing north carolina..maybe asheville

No. 1588839

ngl i kind of love when the overweight ones realise getting their breasts removed didn’t solve the problem.

No. 1588845

File: 1657911260603.jpeg (34.12 KB, 225x225, 9985EFA5-C2A9-4DC5-94BD-9578B0…)

No. 1588849

Nice thread pic kek the artist is a massive misogynist lolcow

No. 1588877

Most of them are lazy and the only part of their body that gets exercise is their thumbs as they type twitter threads and message their Achillean Softboy Discord group. If you go on T and exercise you will gain muscle faster than a woman who isn't on T, but if you don't you'll just get fat which is why most tifs are so doughy. Women with PCOS are usually overweight for similar reasons but tend to gain muscle faster than women who don't have it.

No. 1588895

Haha what's up fellow NOLA anon! Wondering now if I've unknowingly seen you around but I've only been to the goat twice so probably not. Not a single twink to be found in this photo. If these losers are gonna co opt gay slang they could at least learn what it means first

No. 1589005

Why do they all look like… that.

No. 1589025

Neither twinks nor goths kek. That bar is cancer.

No. 1589130

Why is it such a recurring theme for them to call themselves twinks? When I think of twinks I think of younger Justin Bieber or something, like a kind of dumb, hairless, lean, blonde under 25 guy.

No. 1589132

Because twinks are the type of gay man whom they fetishize.

No. 1589135

File: 1657935932514.jpg (92.55 KB, 1080x788, potato twinks.jpg)

Most twinks look like they've never touched a vagina in their entire lives and would die if they tried to. Maybe it's the unattainable part that makes FTMs like them so much, "become the bf" or something?

No. 1589145

tbh feels like a cover for female pedophilia to me. A lot of gay men who prefer twinks are pedos too.

No. 1589155

I've thought of this
I have PMDD

No. 1589225

File: 1657944110396.png (28.69 KB, 732x216, tqqryir.png)

this sub is a goldmine

No. 1589233

> he doesn’t like penises and has never slept with a guy
> he looks just like a gay pornstar!!!!!!
Porn and it’s consequences have really been disastrous for the human race.

No. 1589253

This makes it sound like, if the guy is hot then she doesn't mind that he's only fucking her because he knows she's a woman. Anything for the coom I guess, whether that's larping as their sad approximation of a twink, and then promptly throwing it aside for some quick dick.

No. 1589302

isn’t the arcana like, completed? They finished the final 3 routes last year. Who gives a shit about the owners at this point lol

No. 1589362

File: 1657957720071.png (197.06 KB, 604x495, paskea.PNG)

More like another sad case of opting for the tit chop instead of trying to fix your ED and body image issues. She does occasionally post this kind of "look at me, i'm so horny and not showing emotions, totes one of the guys!!" crap.

No. 1589386


do you have more milk on her?

No. 1589399

The fact TIFs are so often fujos absolutely checks out when you read their /thathappened posts, like what reality does this person live in when you're like yes um sir please fuck an actual man before me so I know you're *really* gay and not just any hole will do and in this reality you also make an exception for hot guys

absolute madness

No. 1589429

File: 1657976639916.png (797.54 KB, 634x569, american_pie_milf.png)

Milf. Milf. MILF.

There you go.

No. 1589480

i lost all my brain cells while reading this, thanks

No. 1589481


Why do they ALL have that same dumb mullet

No. 1589490

I automatically see mullets as a red flag now. I genuinely don’t understand how it’s popular again. It’s one of those looks you can only pull off if you’re exceptionally attractive. And even then, you’re attractive in spite of the mullet not because of it

No. 1589493

NTA but afaik you can make your own stories there, so the original Arcana fans are wary of the shitty fanfictions people will make about the game. But they're also pissed because the game only allows a female avatar, which I thought was based until I saw the Dorian team saying they're "working to make the game more inclusive", so retarded considering the app was supposedly female-focused

No. 1589510

In a way, even this change still maintains a female-focus since it is catering to delulu females with a snowflake complex kek.

No. 1589528

>I should have been in Ancient Greece so I could have been one of the boys who constantly got molested to "enrich their masculine growth"
>five foot nothing Aiden gets laughed off of the acropolis for not knowing her place in society

No. 1589583

You must be a pornsick scrote. Scrotes aren't allowed on this website. Fuck off.

No. 1589585

Reported. Fucking sicko.

No. 1589589

NTA but she's a reoccurring topic in the Finnish thread in /ot/ and more of a depressing, cautionary tale than a cow in my opinion.
>Girl from the countryside with a traumatizing childhood featuring a physically and emotionally abusive alcoholic dad who beat his kids and drove them out in the cold threatening to shoot them
>Got abused and openly cheated on by her first girlfriend to the point she attempted suicide multiple times at 17 and got institutionalized
>Became a NEET for years, never finished high school, started dating men who treated her like garbage to feel needed, gathered male gamerbro orbiters for more validation
>Found a decent boyfriend, started gradually becoming more sociable
>Gained a name for herself and her comics after she got involved with the local LGBT art scene
>Severe eating disorder and body dysmorphia, very vocal about how she felt too fat to be a beautiful woman foreshadowing the inevitable
>Gradually got over the trauma of her first girlfriend and the more she became accepting of her gay side the more she drank the gender koolaid
>Finally got into a poly relationship with her already existing then boyfriend now fiancé and the girl she fell in love with head over heels (the guy left after around half a year)
>Over a course of roughly a year went from nonbinary to changing her legal name to a unisex one, then to fully identifying as a trans male, started saving up for top surgery
>Got diagnosed with autism while being screened for gender dysphoria, remarking another neurodivergent woman being fooled into trooning out
>Went on illegal hormones and recently gained enough funds for her top surgery which she went through with
>This is where we are now

No. 1589700

Yeah she's very sad story. This chick trooning out is full trauma plus eating disorder plus social contagion from becoming a part of genderspecial clique that rules finnish indie comic scene. She had a long term relationship and engagement with one guy who seemed nice but fell in love with the current gf and had and open poly relationship while getting more involved in the genderspecial clique. result is her stable multi-year relationship with boyfriend broke down. He wanted a gf, wife, babies and she distanced herself from anything femininity related.

Incidentally that clique is horrible towards women and girls, make fun of basic normie women specially anything to do with traditional femininity, motherhood etc.

and if you're basic bihet girl or terf lesbian you're not going to be invited, included, or promoted in local comics events, plus you're viciously trash talked behind your back. About famous comic bloggers from 2014 to 2020 almost all trooned or quit.

No. 1589766

anglos need to stop saying the word finish when they are finished because its so confusing to us finnish people

No. 1589789

i love u nona

No. 1589793

You lay it out like it's a bad thing that she lost her "tradfemmeness" or that peak femaleness becoming a mother. It's clear that she was never happy performing femininity, feeling alien and uncomfortable even when putting on makeup and her current relationship with her girlfriend seems to be her first one that's actually healthy and balanced. The previous boyfriend was nice enough but they were fundamentally incompatible as the guy was looking for a feminine wife to have kids with while it was clear he wouldn't find one in her. It's just a horrible tragedy that instead of living out her life as a masculine woman in a lesbian relationship she immediately adopted the "if I'm fat and interested in women, I must be a male" mindset.

No. 1589896

Surkea's uncomfortableness with femininity is largely because of the ED though. She's tomboyish but has expressed multiple times sadness that she's 'too fat' to express cute femme. Previous anon is also correct that the lgbtq comic clique is horrible about trad/,,cis" femininity. It's very sad all in all that Surkea feels she has to deny a side of herself even when she has a fitting relationship with a girl, and pretend to be 100% manly masc man which she is not. She's a cute fat futch lesbian and it's a fucking crime that all even partially masc lesbians are pushed into trooning.

No. 1589941

Off topic and nta but I live outside of NOLA and have been told to visit the goat by people in the area. Now I know to avoid it. Seemed like a cool goth bar though. And yeah if by twinks they mean greasy girls with bad mullets then they nailed it kek.

No. 1590037

how is it every single one of them look the exact same?

No. 1590183

File: 1658077537495.jpeg (431.6 KB, 1085x2304, C0E3C344-A54E-49EB-814E-10E240…)

Hopefully the surgeon didn’t leave her with dog ears.

No. 1590186

>I can be a curvy enby
But not a curvy woman? That's mighty fatphobic and misogynistic isn't it? tsk tsk

No. 1590219

File: 1658081574334.png (66 KB, 444x201, depressing.png)

Famous last words before the botched dog ears tit chop

No. 1590220

Eagerly waiting to see her rite of passage topless beach photo. I do doubt we'll never get that because either the surgery was botched or she's too self conscious because she's still fat and hates that.

No. 1590223

They draw shit like this and think it's "inspiring" but it only proves anyone who's an enby is a misogynist by default. Enby tifs only hate their breast because they are female body parts and being see as female is so horrible to them they don't even want to be associated with female words such as girl or miss. She's literally admitting here that she's fine with her curvy body and only doing this because she thinks it will makes others see her as "less female". She's so clearly making a stupid mistake that she will come to regret for the rest of her life. Also thinking boob size makes someone less or more of a woman is pure misogyny in itself. Only trans people insist a boobjob makes someone a woman, and amputating your breast makes you not-a-woman. There are plenty of naturally flat-chested women and no one mistakes them for male, these people are so delusional.

No. 1590227

Every single enby at the top looks female

No. 1590230

Ugh it's so obvious she's just a self-hating fat girl. Genuinely sad

No. 1590236

File: 1658083569739.jpeg (Spoiler Image,204.3 KB, 607x886, A358AD72-70D2-487A-B6DA-111E26…)

This cringy ftm keeps posting her utterly botched masectomy to her professional ig page. I think she used to be a gold star lesbian but is now dating some narc male drag queen, a relationship she signals 24/7 with that retarded bdsm chain lock or whatever that is. Absolute nightmare existence. What have the butches done to deserve this fate?

No. 1590238

Wtf that looks downright painful

No. 1590241

Looks like mutilated pizza dough

No. 1590271

She's treating her ED by cutting off fat. Once the high wears off and the ED starts making noises again, what's she going to cut next?

No. 1590276

File: 1658087734612.jpg (558.58 KB, 1080x1800, Screenshot_20220717_222333_com…)

Same energy

No. 1590278

Gen Z is absolutely doomed lmao

No. 1590326

God this is so fucking stupid. When women say they are NB it now just makes them immediately less interesting to me because it means nothing except for the fact that they hate womanhood and don’t have respect for any of their fellow women.

No. 1590337

Again, its not looking feminine or doing feminine things that makes them uncomfortable. Its being associated with the category of women? Why? Because they hate women, they thinks its the worst and most debased state a human can have. they hate you and theyd rather kill themselves than be like you. tifs are not more acceptable than tims

No. 1590359

Infinitesimal reach

No. 1590370

Even before she trooned out she made several comics about how she experienced late puberty when nearing her 20's and grew large breasts and a shapely body almost overnight, seemingly becoming unable to pull the androgynous look off and the only other possible option in her head being to become femme-presenting. Something she didn't feel comfortable about and what most likely triggered her eating disorder as she couldn't reach the impossible body standards she absorbed from her pornsick male orbitors.

Diagnosed autists such as her have high difficulty connecting the dots between their own feelings and actions so as a professional armchair psychologist I'd assume that she wanted to be thin and petite (as it equals to "beautiful and desired") in order to to gain more acceptance from the men in her life to fill the void left by her deadbeat dad. In one of her recent comics she said that identifying as a man (and dating a woman) helped her to accept her own bigger size which would point towards her obsession with becoming thin being a manifestation of her desperate need for male validation caused by her daddy issues. It's a common tale for many "transmascs".

No. 1590384

File: 1658095422215.png (20.99 KB, 586x176, f5.PNG)

kpop fujo

No. 1590389

Why do they always think media written by women for women makes them men.

No. 1590397

File: 1658096867509.jpeg (Spoiler Image,217.46 KB, 1080x1695, E3A12D4D-62CF-4F87-A878-B417DE…)

Why would she even consider top surgery? For literally what?

No. 1590403

That can not be serious, maybe the scars are some kind of badge of honour

No. 1590407

For attention. she wants people in the comments to tell her she doesn't need it

No. 1590410

I would almost be wiling to bet it's one of those 4chan dudes that post random pictures of real men in FtM subreddits to make them all hate themselves. They do it to MtF's, too

Even the flattest of flat women don't have breasts or a body like that. If by some off chance that IS a real woman… what the fuck is going through her head that she needs to get top surgery?

No. 1590420

Look at the negative waist. That's a man with tiny hands.

No. 1590424

This is probably a woman posting a picture of a man as example to her goal body post-op like some trans identified males want specific results for their surgeries so they take pictures of real women whom they fetishize.

No. 1590425

Why does this moid have such large nips usually moids have them pointy and not flat but they're also too far apart for a female

No. 1590429

That's either a TiF who actually passes fairly well or a guy trolling. Looking at the abdomen, I'm willing to believe it's the later. Like >>1590412 said, the nipples look like they belong to a man.

No. 1590433

yeah, those are pretty chunky and wide nipples for a scrote

No. 1590440

didn't know new orleans had so many ppl like this, i moved from louisiana ages ago and most people would bully they/thems. times have changed. i wonder if people are introducing themselves with pronouns there now.

No. 1590442

For the same reason she's injecting testosterone: autism.
To the nonas who say she's a moid, I swear yall fucking retarded. You wouldn't know a TIF if she got into your pants. Go check her profile she's spacedseeker13 on Reddit I'm not going to download tranny pics on my phone. She has the typical Buck Angel's Down syndrome face.

No. 1590459

that's what i think. the chest looks very male

No. 1590467

File: 1658107908683.jpg (1.07 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20220717_203012.jpg)

Yeah she just wants those scars.

No. 1590472

OK that's a full ass a cup

No. 1590477

Need some help from you nonas. My best friend asked me about my opinion on one of her closest friend that is considering trooning out (she knows I’m gc). I told her about the fact that I doubt transitioning will help her with her mental health (told her about Detrans people and the possible risks related to her health) and that the fact she wants to chop off her tits probably is just another way of self harming (she used to do that). What else can I say to help her do the right thing?

No. 1590484

this is not a blog space and also there is nothing you can say to stop her. Hope that helps.

No. 1590491

Also a NOLA anon (hi ladies!)and omg Bywater crusties are a different breed, why are they ALL like this?? Literal white gentrifier Karens who think they’re being radical bc they dye their hair green and use they/them pronouns kek

No. 1590523

Perhaps the «subtle peaking» in /2X/ might help you?

No. 1590524


sage but this shit is also just so cancerous

No. 1590535

might be, you are correct that twink fetisization comes from a literal pedophilia from gay men, but "twink death" usually occurs after 25 and after that they are considered too old

No. 1590679

"Female pedophilia" is a retarded meme in itself but a subset of "pedophilia" that likes clearly adult looking men that just aren't haggard dadbods? Are you high?

No. 1590700

File: 1658143414222.jpg (56.71 KB, 720x925, FXsspSMUsAALKP2.jpg)

Imagine being this fucking entitled

No. 1590703

This is a parody, right?

No. 1590719

File: 1658146394449.png (658.17 KB, 608x1060, capture (2).png)

no its genuine

No. 1590725

Who's gonna tell them that suicide is a sin?

No. 1590727

The fact the whole God created you perfectly in his image, it is God's will stuff is completely ignored for the purposes of this meme. God would consider it a sin to gravely mutilate and alter the body he gave you, surely, therefore Mabel would be warmly welcomed and the tranny is going straight to hell. Not religious but these guys can't even meme right

No. 1590729

kek I saw an AGP I know irl post this on fb (I keep him there just for milk) and it’s like. Dude you abandoned your wife and kids to coom. Grandma doesn’t get a pass over something she doesn’t even understand?

No. 1590731

What if your grandparent has alzheimers disease or just bad memory in general so they can't keep up with your gendernonesense? Ageist assholes.

No. 1590750


Even if they don't have those issues, they're fucking old and got other shit to worry about. Ur arthritic, tired grandma loves you but cannot keep up with ever changing pronouns

No. 1590774

It's always so weird to me when I do see Christians who are onboard with trans shit (I know it's only because they're just that homophobic that they'd rather a straight "son" than a potentially gay daughter). But I thought God made no mistakes, right? Then why didn't he make you male to begin with?
Also kek at this person choosing a picture where Jesus and the angels are all white and blonde. Someone should point that out and watch the shit show unfold. "It has come to my attention that the Jesus post I posted the other day was steeped in white supremacist undertones so I'm deleting it. Apologies to all my BIPOC followers. I will work hard to do better in the future"

No. 1590800

Wtf? Some women have no waist, you guys are retarded af

No. 1590817

File: 1658161432156.jpg (1.4 MB, 1429x2798, Picsart_22-07-18_17-17-09-527.…)

Only mildly funny but I'm in a dumb stardew valley meme facebook group and of course this happened

Context: when making your character you type in what your "Favourite Thing" is and then (this is a surprise for most people) that's what the game says Stardrops, a rare power up, taste like when you eat them.

I had a double take when I saw this. Cringed so hard and asked myself who on this gay earth would name scrotes as their favourite thing.

Well, a fat fakeboi furry would. (and yes I censored their name and the group and all that)

No. 1590834

I misread that as mom at first and im not sure which one is worse

No. 1590843

File: 1658162851272.jpg (Spoiler Image,202.79 KB, 1080x1576, spacedseeker13_reddit.jpg)

Her breasts look flatter when lying down, like any other breasts, but yep she's a tif

Repost bc forgot spoiler

No. 1590857

Oh fuck me too anon, I’m going to blame it on my shitty eyesight

No. 1590860

When you defend women so hard you end up sounding like a ten-a-penny moid. Horseshoe theory is real.

No. 1590904

I read it as "Mom" too and was immediately disgusted, then thought "oh, maybe like… mom's cooking"
If I saw a guy (or a TiF) topless and s/he looked like that I'd not even bat an eye. There are skinnyfat guys with bigger breasts

No. 1590905

Every day I get more and convinced that fakebois are the real tradthots.

No. 1590917

They would become tradthots once the gender hysteria wash up, the ideology is already here.

No. 1590930

File: 1658172937315.jpg (808.67 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_2022-07-18-14-33-48…)

Nah the dad is a retard and the sister is based. This shit has 146k likes on Twitter, this generation is doomed.

No. 1590989

File: 1658178404049.jpeg (78.02 KB, 1080x729, F902DC43-9441-4D7C-A7BF-7F2500…)


No. 1590997

No. 1591006

I honestly can not comprehend any female writing that her favourite thing is men

No. 1591023

Looks fake to me, has those obvious reddit karma farming flags like saintly single dad, bridezilla, etc. It's sad 146k people fell for this.

No. 1591027

Maybe he ruined the wedding, but personally if I were the sister I'd have a positive outlook on things and just think that the trash is taking itself out.

No. 1591062

I don’t get this shit at all like. She isn’t uncomfortable with being AFAB, she’s uncomfortable with how women are treated in society. Regardless of if she “feels at home” or not, her body IS her home, and she is female regardless. The problem is with how the patriarchal world views and treats people who are born female, not some intrinsic thing of something being wrong with the self due to femaleness.

No. 1591068

File: 1658184781755.png (364.3 KB, 648x733, slasherfandomtranny.png)

>got in trouble with some TIFs because she had written straight Eddie smut because the TIF was insisting Eddie is gay and that its "disrespectful to her male readers" that she was writing straight fics. lmaoo

The slasher fandom is no different. Often the loudest in the fandom demanding content will be the ones who contribute nothing of enjoyment to it.

No. 1591069

And then the whole reception clapped

No. 1591073

I fucking hate the onslaught of trans reader or male reader or even "anatomy not specified" they/them reader fics. They're always horribly written too, but Im not going to make a post demanding that those authors stop and tell them to write shit that appeals to me kek, what an entitled retard. People are going to write what they want

No. 1591075

If she hates it so much she should write it. Don’t expect other people to do pointless shit for free. And I don’t even understand her issue bc obviously the majority of readers of that stuff ARE straight white women. From my own experience reading some x reader fics, skin color and sexuality aren’t usually even specified anyway.

No. 1591081

You know you can just specify things like disability or male reader when searching fics, right? And for race, its usually pretty vague like the rest of the reader character, skin is (skin colour), hair is (your hair type). And if you want something really specific just write it yourself - "he called me over so I struggled with my cane" and "I held her with my hex code #4c3228 colour hands" and "I took my rotting frankendick out of my pants" kek.

No. 1591084

Maybe because those girls are the ones writing the stories for themselves, especially when the subject is things like horror villains kek imagine preaching inclusivity when your fetish is murderers.

No. 1591091

This too lol. That just reminds me that a lot of these people always want diversity in their stories but then if someone who isn’t like them writes it they get upset and find fault in it somehow. She should just find another fakeboi to do it if she’s too lazy. I would say she could probably pay someone to write exactly what she wants, but knowing how much TRAs ebeg, I doubt she would.

No. 1591120

Why does "Nia" have to pretend to be a boy to wear the clothes she likes? Probably fake, but I wonder how all these "suppotive" parents are going to fashion themselves as victims in 10 years when their children are deformed, broken adults and the troon fad has long since ended.

No. 1591130

>know a TIF from a video game server
>most stereotypical fakeboi in existence, keeps changing her name from aiden to finn, is a "fujoshi"(but only likes fakeboi!female/male, not male/male), draws the male characters she "hyperfixates" on with titmangle scars, complains about "cis gay men" being mean to her in mlm support groups(kek)
>derailed an interesting conversation to bitch about how her troon-positive therapist keeps referring to her as "miss" or her "deadname" Rebecca(literal Becky)
>this comes right off the heels of her mom and dad pointing out that she's not masculine in the least, so they don't believe her troon identity
>everyone else stops what they're doing to console her, i'm just cackling
these women are so fucking stereotypical. do they come off a factory line up? she's not a child either, she's 23

No. 1591147

I have a dream that some nona on here will be in one of the same servers as me and mention someone we both know so I can make a throwaway email and we can talk about it. I know some fakebois in my servers too but thankfully a lot of them don’t talk much about it, just have their pronouns in their intro or might mention it from time to time or are artists who draw mastectomy scars on characters but don’t share the art very often. I’m always surprised though, I guess it’s because the games I like tend to draw an older audience overall, we have a lot who are over 25 and some 30+. It seems like it’s mostly the younger ones who are drawn to the trans stuff and I’m thankful they usually keep quiet about it.

No. 1591349

tbh i wouldn't go to a wedding where i'd have to wear a sundress.

No. 1591388

Only men use the word sundress when regering to dresses. Check out any redditor question directed at males and they'll always go on about how how and sexy sundresses are.

No. 1591419

File: 1658220251966.jpeg (65.55 KB, 221x275, panda.jpeg)

Kek this reminds me of when a Finnish TIF enby activist made a post about her grandma dying along the lines of "she died knowing my real name." How compelling. What's her real name you ask? Literally Panda.

No. 1591451

Must be the secondhand embarrassment that took her out

No. 1591454

Thats what being groomed does to a bitch yep. Thats why they all act so alike.

No. 1591455

Kek i was about to say the same i can imagine her passing out when she heard her braindead grandaughter telling her her totes real name is now Panda

No. 1591458

RIP grandma but honestly she's in a much much better place now

No. 1591461

You have to admit this bullshit is such a good filter of pickmes tbh

No. 1591517

Really hoping Parappa isn’t one of her comfort characters. If he is, then I want to beat her up. Anyone else doesn’t matter to me anymore.(global rule #4)

No. 1591541

Parappa-chan! I haven't seen you in a while, hope you're good you autistic son of a gun. I thought of you the other day when I was going through my PS4 downloads and saw the first two Parappa games, kek.

No. 1591552

They probably don’t even really know what a sundress is.

No. 1591694

Exactly and most of them do not have a "twink" body anyways. Sans the obviously male proportions, the usual tif is overweight because of the extra weight they put on through HRT and their lack of interest in exercise but especially cardio. So it's really just delusion on their part.

No. 1591696

So I was watching this livestream of an artist I follow who is friends with two younger tifs who think they are "gay men" and usually when her troon friends are on, I don't tune into them because so much delusional bullshit is spewed (seriously, they were talking about their consultations for "top surgery) but something has been on my mind since I watched it.

So these girls are heavily into Marvel comic books and when I think about it, the comic book industry is mostly dominated by men even though more women are getting into them in recent times but still, overwhelmingly a men's hobby. It got me wondering if maybe another avenue for why these girls develop internalized misogyny is if they get heavily involved in comic book culture? Like is there any validity to that? I would imagine so because even when you look at female characters in comics, they're usually softcore porn models that are figments of the male coombrain which could create a disconnect towards female readers who aren't viewing and consuming these female characters in the same way the typical guy is.

No. 1591714

write your own shit then. it’s not that hard. i will never understand people who demand white writers to write poc people, because as a poc person, i know in the end that their works will be subpar in every degree and completely unrelatable to those it’s trying to include. use your brains for five seconds retards, please!

No. 1591721

i think you’re onto something anon; the comic book industry is filled with gatekeeping moids, and i’ve seen again and again how these moids would mock women for getting into shit and assume it’s to “impress” their nigel or something demeaning like that. much of the moids are nerds who think women only like pink stuff! not batman! although in recent years it’s slightly changing, i don’t doubt that if you go deeper i to the community, it’s still filled with misogyny that causes these women to be like “i don’t like pink! i like batman! so im a guy!” and then transition

No. 1591750

A woman I used to follow on tumblr years ago trooned out and got super into masculine comic book characters and her old fashioned, masculine Fallout 4 OC. She's overly defensive of fujos too so I think the het shaming played a part in her transitioning too, because now she's totes gay with her Nigel and she says things like "hole", "hog" "sloppy toppy", etc and our delicate little ladybrains can't process words like that because we're so polite and sexually inoffensive so she's definitely a moid now. From time to time I check her AO3 and comics blog for what she's reading and writing and it's very illuminating. A lot of feminising fics with a "male wife" where the tops talks about knocking up the bottom and how "she" is a good little housewife. It just screams "I repressed my heterosexuality and femaleness because of tumblr trends and clout". I'd almost feel sorry for this Aiden if she wasn't part of such an evil movement.

No. 1591758

I'm glad I'm not the only one who's thought about this because going back to the livestream I mentioned, these girls o have a vast knowledge of certain Marvel IPs like Spiderman and The Avengers and I just can't help but feel like they must've gotten involved in the deeper end of these fandoms and saw and/or experienced the misogyny that the moids would have towards women as well internalizing how most of the female characters are hyper-feminine.

I'm not sure how deep it goes for them though because one of the aidens is only 22 years old and the other one is 18 going on 19 which is why hearing them talk about getting consultations for their "top surgery" while the artist friend who is older than them is encouraging, it was just so surreal to listen to.

>"hole", "hog" "sloppy toppy", etc
Fucking cringe. I know a few gay men and they don't talk like that at all KEK. She's definitely fetishing homosexuality. You actually just reminded me of another completely retarded thing those girls talked about on the livestream. One of them was talking about how they went to a powerpoint presentation that was called "how heterosexuals ruined the world" and when the presenter was talking about how gay relationships wee simple as there is a "top" and a "bottom" and how sex is important in gay relationships, the TIF interjected saying that "as a gay man, I'm ace. Asexual gay men are a thing" and then the other tif chimed (18 year old) said the same thing where she's an "ace gay man" as well. It was the most fucking retarded thing I had heard in awhile, especially the "ace" shit which honestly, I don't believe in,at least when I hear it from girls who aren't even 30-40 yet.

No. 1591768

This isn't regular heterosexuality, it's tradwife heterosexuality. These chicks are the real superstraights kek, no normal straight women I know fantasize about being some guy's fucktoy.

No. 1591775

god i hope so too, i hate having to pretend to be a gendie to enjoy my hobbies. cannot wait for this shit to end and all ayyydens and transbians to self-checkout or leave the internet altogether
worry not parappa-chan, he isn't. she likes link and the yakuza guys for the most part, they're her "transition goals" (she's a 5'1" fat girl, as you probably could've guessed)

No. 1591778

File: 1658261835513.jpg (80.01 KB, 800x450, boot.jpg)

>Asexual gay men
Let me take a wild guess… they're autistic, right?

AYRT and I completely agree. Before trooning out this woman was just a nerd posting about her fandoms and nigelposting. She LARP'd as bisexual but it was so half-hearted and sanitised in comparison to how she spoke about her attraction to men that I don't think anyone bought it, not even herself. It's weird to see her talking about being "free" now while making weird, fawning posts about GNC women (butches in particular) like she's admiring that we can be GNC without trooning out, and she's clearly sexually repressing herself. The "oppression" these "gay" TIFs face reminds me of picrel, kek.

No. 1591781

File: 1658262120100.jpeg (224.78 KB, 828x1413, B52A1678-2D04-4F12-ACDA-AE2DE8…)

it is so retarded when women who dress hyper feminine have this entitled attitude where they try to rope everyone around them into some Olympic level mental gymnastics power play mind games.

No. 1591784

File: 1658262159393.jpeg (241 KB, 828x1415, 3355E446-988E-44B4-A4E3-EB0813…)

No. 1591785

File: 1658262243119.jpeg (220.53 KB, 1118x2048, EACC9486-94E1-4F35-9FC1-BABFBA…)


wonder if her boyfriend completely agrees with her identifying as a “he”.

No. 1591791

>poc people
nonnie please

No. 1591794

File: 1658263111071.jpg (147.18 KB, 1061x973, pm8lgjrbefa41.jpg)

This is why I don't get fujos when they claim their "sexulizing moids" when its clear the bottom male is depicted as a submissive woman, and with mpreg it loses all pretense, it just becomes a story of a breastless women being violenty ravaged by a big strong man and baring his babies

No. 1591820

I mean not all fujos are into mpreg I’m one and I find it gross but I understand your point in popular pairings using tropes from heterosexual relationships. A lot of straight aidens want to be the “uke” in a relationship with a dominant (read: toxic) male.

No. 1591824

why are these gen die women always either tradthots in the making or greasy mop-heads? and they always have that vacant/semi-coomer stare…. ew…….

No. 1591825

same anon, gendie* not gen die lmao

No. 1591850

Might as well be called that lmao

No. 1591861

Male pregnancy and the self-insert tranny shit is considered an anomaly and a taboo in fujo circles, not the norm. Haven't you seen all the fujoanons on this site complaining about this nonsense being forced on by trooned out husbandofags shilling their hetbending like this on ships?

No. 1591862

Did she really name herself after one of the Mario turtles

No. 1591865

You're thinking about Koopas, anon. Cooper is a male name.

No. 1591874

>trooned out husbandofags shilling their hetbending
imagine reading this in 2009

No. 1591876

one of my nb coworkers got her tits cut off, they actually give you a booklet at her clinic with how to care for scars (she showed me, she thinks we're besties because I have a female partner??) , and its a process of compression and creams to flatten and lighten them, but she just didnt do it because she likes how the scar looks, she wants to look trans. before people wanted to blend in, now they want to stand out. they see their scars as a badge of honour.

she also opted to get her nipples removed instead of keeping them, tbh it looks kinda cool and i wouldnt give a fuck about it if my tax dollars didnt pay for this.

No. 1591880

Please explain how nipple removal is cool anon

No. 1591895

It is as bleak as it sounds, in that period of time I would've never thought that a decade later all the girls who were drooling over their tumblr sexymen would start identifying as male and demanding all fujos to make their fanfics heterosexual with tit scars and vaginas just so they could self insert better.

No. 1591903

god i wish people were given booklets after all kinds of surgery where i live. doctors just send women home after a c-section and hope for the best. and trannies get scar treatment instructions for their cosmetic shit and don't even follow them kek

>she also opted to get her nipples removed

wise choice cause they rot off like half of the time

No. 1591971

Interesting, she showed you? I only ask because I saw the same thing irl last summer and it totally freaked me out for a second, and I see surgery scars and healed amputation sites all the time at work. I think just knowing the thought process that went into it made it worse. It's so weird that your coworker wants a shitty scar. It's like the natural progression of all the art in the '10s that featured self harm scars for some reason, like look at me, I suffered, I'm the ultimate victim.

No. 1591991

File: 1658284647076.png (39.71 KB, 698x345, nlogolympics.png)

Jesus H Cringe

No. 1592028

Men hate you more than you hate yourself Aiden.

No. 1592045

sage for unrelated sperg but whoever made this knows nothing about Xtianity

No. 1592048

File: 1658289208922.jpg (283.89 KB, 1665x1542, 42kcjjwjtex81.jpg)

OP looks exactly what'd you expect her to look like, also unsurprisingly she started out as a fujo and most frequently posts r/cutegayshit

No. 1592125

The least male post on reddit kek. Very uwu.

No. 1592168

>warmth in their smiles and kindness
>holding hands

I mean we know she's talking about a TIF and not an actual man, but amusing to list these gender non-exclusive traits (or, y'know predominantly female traits) in your "man appreciation" post

No. 1592170

hope they don't convince this autistic girl to chop her tits off and take kermit candy

No. 1592180

I was thinking the same thing. I'd bet my life savings that most traits mentioned in that thread are non-exclusive and/or predominantly associated with women.

>kermit candy

No. 1592198

Repeat after me, there is nothing special about liking men. Aidens are the special kind of pick-me’s that revere moids as gods. Even the types of moids they worship wouldn’t go near them with a 50 ft pole.

No. 1592250

File: 1658323668753.png (315.19 KB, 576x573, Screenshot 35.png)

kek this sub is a goldmine of ayden fujo cringe, also picrel is the funniest thing I have seen all weej, an ayden finally fulfilling her yaoi uke fantasy

No. 1592256

The blonde chick used to have quite a following on tumblr and seems to have turned to porn almost immediately after hitting legal age. She also posted the iconic "I was getting called 'she' by gay guys but I thought it was in a cool gay way only it wasn't" that was posted in a previous thread. She had fillers in her face to look more masculine but there is no fixing that face. Honestly I can see her slowly turning into a horrorcow if she keeps it up with the porn and plastic surgery.

No. 1592259

Taking bets for the Sopranos, if it hasn't already happened. Mark my words, nonnas

No. 1592260

File: 1658324852998.jpeg (1.59 MB, 3024x4032, 8D86E821-5DDF-4532-90CA-7677CC…)

>Kermit candy

No. 1592265

File: 1658325466104.jpg (321.31 KB, 1889x857, I HATE THESE PEOPLE REEEEEEEE.…)

As a Sopranosfag it breaks my heart to acknowledge this article, but it's already started to happen. This article was written by a lesbian on testosterone who made the reach of a lifetime by claiming Carmela has "transmasc" taste in blouses. I wish I was making this shit up.

No. 1592280

because being on T gives them frog voices.

No. 1592293

File: 1658328034566.png (754.05 KB, 559x1891, Screenshot 61.png)

God this article is so fucking pretentious and hard to read, doesn't even talk about the actual subject matter till half way through
>The most surface-level queer appeal of The Sopranos is the way its characters express themselves through style, but also in that style’s uniformity. The mob wives all have big hair, patterned blouses and French-tip nails that gaudily show off their wealth and the comfort in which they live. Tony’s wife Carmela leads them all as an icon of Jersey style, with her sequined outfits, deep V-cut sweaters and permanent gold crucifix positioning her at the apex of mafia MILF fashion. Meanwhile, Adriana La Cerva is always donning crop tops, jumpsuits or animal print — it feels like the stylistic blueprint of so many high femme tops I’ve dated.
>The men also communicate who they are through their presentation. Always slicking their hair back and strutting around in loose-fitting tracksuits and polos, they present themselves as everymen. The only time they don something well-fitting is when they wear a suit — a symbol of the respect and power of their position.
>Even if they don’t realize it themselves, every man and woman on The Sopranos is performing gender at such a high level that the show smacks of the stuff. And because many queer people live outside the confines of traditional gender roles, we’re more used to recognizing that all of us are performing gender, whether we know it or not.
>But the genderedness of The Sopranos goes beyond the loudness of the presentation — it also comes across in the rigidity of their roles. Far from being just a show about masculinity, The Sopranos rigorously examines the interior worlds of both genders and their respective dissatisfaction with the expectations that come with these roles. It’s just that for the men in the show, that dissatisfaction usually leads to them lashing out with violence and bigotry.
>Critic and horror author Gretchen Felker-Martin[a TIM] says that rather than being into the show in spite of its characters’ small-mindedness, queers may be attracted to it because of it.
>Freelance critic Sam Bodrojan argues that The Sopranos, more than any other contemporary work, understands the social tracts of performing gender in accepted society. “It gets what cis people mean when they say ‘act like a man,’ and what they think they mean, then interrogates that on its own terms,” they say.
>Perhaps people who describe The Sopranos as a show simply about a bunch of violent white men killing each other miss the larger points because their societal placement never forces them to consider it. Through Tony and Carmela, the show explores how people can feel trapped by gender roles and why they might want to escape them, even if its characters can’t bring themselves to. These roles provide safety, comfort and stability, and the show understands that venturing outside of them — as many queer and trans people do — comes with a lot of risk. But, as The Sopranos shows us, staying confined within them can be just as painful.

>Dickson argues that The Sopranos’ core narrative explores a dilemma that isn’t too far off from many queer peoples’ experience. “The show is all about this one man’s internal struggle between his inherent nature and how he was brought up,” she explains. “There’s something to be said for how much queer people relate to that push and pull between your true self and society’s expectations of you.”

>Between December 2019 and April 2021, I rewatched The Sopranos in its entirety five times (I did this on my own — my girlfriend held no interest in it). As previously mentioned, I’d post about it on social media incessantly. Much like Tony befriending a race horse or his nephew Chrissy shooting a bakery worker in the foot, my Sopranos posting was, in essence, an act of depression. Writing and other forms of creative expression had become difficult, every therapist I’d reached out to was booked up and my friends were far away and struggling just as much as me.
>I was looking for an avenue of expression through which I could begin to feel something familiar again, as opposed to the nothingness that came with each day stuck inside. I did find some of that, realizing more and more that my sympathy for the messy Sicilian twink that is Chris Moltisanti was in seeing him as a mix of my anger-prone Sicilian father and my occasionally chaotic self. But even better, what I found was other gays to chat with about my favorite mobsters. Psychoanalysis is sewn into the very fibers of The Sopranos, and while it can’t replace actual therapy, having other queers who could understand my positional feelings on its subject matter was therapeutic in its own way.
>In the show’s pilot, Tony begins his first therapy session by bemoaning his lot in life, particularly where he stands in the history of this “thing of ours” (that’s the mafia’s code word for, well, “the mafia”). “It’s good to be in something from the ground floor,” he tells his therapist, the incredibly layered Dr. Melfi. “I came too late for that and I know. But lately, I’m getting the feeling that I came in at the end. The best is over.”
>But writer and gay porn performer Ty Mitchell says “coming in at the end” might be exactly why The Sopranos has become so beloved in queer circles now. “We’ve definitely reached some threshold of distance from that era [in which the show originally aired] to where we can mine it for what we missed,” he says. “I think with that distance we’ve also been able to watch The Sopranos on our own time and alongside our own critical voices, instead of being subject to the mainstream conversations that took place around it when it was airing.”
>As things go, I recently started my sixth rewatch of the show, this time with my girlfriend. She’s mostly enjoying it, though she thinks all the men and women look too alike for her to tell them apart. When I asked what finally got her to change her tune and give the mob drama a shot, she said, “Seemed like you were having a mental breakdown about something, and I thought it might make you happy.”
>Well, she wasn’t wrong.

Did it ever occur to her, that maybe Thr sopranos is just a good show overall with well written characters and you can like it without making some deep statement about your personal sexual identity, also she has her own unfunny tweets littered throughout the article

No. 1592296

Ohhh so this is why the zoomer girl in my discord made Sopranos part of her identity

No. 1592310

AYRT, what makes me laugh the most is that as a butch lesbian I never saw anything like what she describes about gender performance being an integral part of the show, and I've watched it all the way through 15+ times since the late 2000's. You have to be a self-obsessed navel gazer to see it that way and also lack comprehension skills to boil it down to "gender conformity bad". I've always judged gatekeepers harshly for their actions but now the zoomers are watching The Sopranos? I understand why people feel that way, kek. A sidenote I want to make: in that tweet where she says trooning out would've saved Chris and Adrianna? That actually makes sense for Chris to be an MTF as he's violently abusive and controlling towards Adrianna and knocked up his wife because he pressured her to let him take the condom off. Love it when troons tell on themselves like that, kek.

No. 1592321

File: 1658329476757.jpg (1.2 MB, 2048x2048, PhotoGrid_1658329188886.jpg)

In the comments she states her boyfriend 100% respects her and tells his own friends that he's in a queer relationship.

No. 1592324

Yeah and I'm the fucking pope.

No. 1592340

Yeah and I'm the fucking crack pipe

No. 1592356

File: 1658331307904.jpg (450.57 KB, 1920x1080, LloydsTSB_PhoneBanking_01.jpg)

The boyfriend looks like a straight up Lloyd's TSB cartoon.

No. 1592360

TIF logic: doesn't wear makeup, doesn't sexualize one's body. Must not be a woman then.

They're like the ultimate not like the other girls taken way too far.

No. 1592370

I mean if a woman wants to wear a tie to a wedding, why the fuck not? You have to wonder why this girl had so much internalized misogyny.
The sister was a bitch, pushing performative femininity on her sister when it obviously makes her feel insecure. I wonder what her mother was like when she was alive and whether or not performative femininity was an obsession of hers. TIFs often have misogynistic fathers and narcissistic mothers who over perform femininity and hold their daughters to that same standard. It would make sense that one daughter followed and the other internalized the trauma. And what even is a sundress? Because I have some really casual dresses I wear only when it's summer and I can't imagine they would be appropriate to wear to a wedding.

I'm all for calling out TIFs by saying not performing femininity doesn't make you male, but forcing women to perform femininity is not based.

No. 1592377

File: 1658333242497.png (564.75 KB, 1072x488, Capture.PNG)

Went to see her post history out of curiosity and that's the most recent one…. depressing

No. 1592385

samefag, didnt scroll enough before posting but apparently her reddit is full of porn of herself, not just nudes but also explicit vids, troons really are messed up in their heads

No. 1592406

I'm into slashers too and I see this a lot. Sorry TIFs but most of us are unashamed women, if you want to read about a delusional self-insert character with mutilated tits pretending to be male write your own shit. Not womens fault you're mentally ill kek
Why can't she just write her own shit really? The audacity to demand it of others… Why must she demand of other women who write as a hobby, for their own enjoyment and for other women? Why are they treating Michael Myers pornography as a social affirmative action that must include diversity or something? Bizarre… I miss fandom in the 00s and early 2010s.
Superwholock crazies were nowhere near as annoying.

No. 1592413

File: 1658335695060.jpg (92.51 KB, 800x480, homer (1).jpg)

Do TIFs ever just realize that no actual "cis" male (and especially a cis-gay male) are into the same stuff most fakebois are into it, Like Slasher films and the Percy Jackson series are all fandoms that have a majority female fanbase
same with the music they like, actual gay men aren't into sad boy indie bands, in fact those bands target demographics are alternative teen girls(which is what they were)

No. 1592433

Kek I love you fellow bong(?) nona. Anyone with half an eyeball only needs to look at that pic for 0.5 seconds to know who the TIF is in the relationship

No. 1592437

Exactly… Who else did they expect these fics to cater to and be written by? I was the anon who a few posts above mentioned that in the Stranger Things fandom some TIF pretending to be a gay male complained that there were people writing straight fics of a supposedly gay character and this "offensive to her male readers"… as if there's a single actual male reading Eddie Munson smut fanfiction, lmaooo get a grip… I feel like they get whiny like that because it makes them insecure seeing just how female oriented these spaces. It makes them self conscious, like, even in their tastes and past times they can't escape womanhood. And maybe seeing women unapologetically enjoying themselves and not embarrassed of their femaleness when writing smut makes them extra self conscious kek

No. 1592452

nta but youre so right. Whenever I see one of those posts that go "all gay people like horror movies" I check the OP and it's a straight female fakeboi each and every time. Actual gay scrotes are not into bugs or mud or embarrassing retard heckin yearning boyo music like cavetown. They're into sticking each others faces into each others buttcrack. Something the soft uwu aroace soft mlms are too scared to even attempt

No. 1592474

>Let me take a wild guess… they're autistic, right?
Same anon you replied to but yeah, I know one of them is autsitic (and has ADHD) since she never shuts up about it when it comes to certain talking points and she pulls the whole "lulz I'm autistic gUyZ, it's okay". I'm not sure about the second one (the 18-19 year old) since she doesn't talk as much about herself compared to the 22 year old but I wouldn't be surprised if she was autistic as well.

I also just learned that the 22 year old one considers herself a "twink" when she's actually fat because she complained about how men on grindr are "transphobic" and she thinks what causes it is the fact that she has breasts which is part of why she's getting "top surgery" because in her words "I think they're turned off by fat men with tits than a fat man with no tits". As I said, the delusion is strong with this one and her tots "twink" self.

No. 1592475

>They're into sticking each others faces into each others buttcrack. Something the soft uwu aroace soft mlms are too scared to even attempt

This is especially funny when you consider how most of the ones who call themselves "Gay men" also are "Ace". It's clear that they don't understand the moid sex drive because they aren't moids.

No. 1592476

Does she have the typical breast scars that TIFs usually get from the breast amputation?

No. 1592484

File: 1658340898134.jpg (264.67 KB, 1017x1147, 1653870429369.jpg)

Please lord take me back to 2009 so I can just enjoy looking for Hetalia and Final Fantasy BL fanart and talk to non-mentally ill fujoshi in broken English online in piece and quiet.

No. 1592486

AYRT, yeah I figured at least one was diagnosed. I'm a sperg myself and it's very common for autistic women in particular to have trouble understanding and expressing our sexuality.

>in her words "I think they're turned off by fat men with tits than a fat man with no tits".

I don't mean to sound so bleak but I really don't think there's any hope for this one. Not until it's too late anyway. Maybe if the surgery doesn't turn out how she planned and when she accepts the fact that gay men won't fuck her and her only dating prospects are bottom of the barrel straight men. But I think she's got a good few years ahead of her in full delulu mode.

No. 1592489

File: 1658341163134.png (45.54 KB, 1368x288, ao3.png)

I remember back in 2017 there was a term for this phenomena on tumblr, it was called something like "the boyfriend/brother media transfer" or something akin to it, it was about how tumblr(now twitter) girls would get exposed to traditionally male media by either their boyfriends or brothers or fathers, they would end up enjoying it but being tumblrtards they would immediately try to "wokeify" it, it was mostly about how fujoshis would gay headcanon the male characters and so you'd end with shit like this

No. 1592533

Funny because her boyfriend is the most lukewarm ginger man. The only reason she could be seen as an uke is because she is literally a woman.

No. 1592540

ok nonnies, what shows have TIFs marred for you? for me it's MASH.

No. 1592542

i miss mid 2000s fandom so much. you could actually look up fanart of your favorite characters without being hit in the face with a million disgusting self mutilation "top surgery" scar drawings

No. 1592543

>embarrassing retard heckin yearning boyo music like cavetown

my sides, this is the most accurate description of tif music ive ever read

No. 1592546

for me its the saw movie franchise. i cant stand 2 minutes on its tumblr tag. ive never seen so much tit chop scars art in my life. they completely troonified my favorite character.

also breaking bad has been trannyfied to the point of no return. its impossible to engage in its fandom. they completely ruined jesse

No. 1592548

File: 1658346395242.jpeg (338.06 KB, 1170x991, BAE237D2-CCBC-4AF3-B847-F8BD98…)

Who’s gonna tell her

No. 1592550

I watched a tire roll down a hill when I was a kid and it was the best entertainment I knew for a while. Guess I'm a man.

No. 1592552

aint nothing masculine about her. honestly im very curious how an average moid would react to this stuff. obviously men will never accept her but i wonder if a guy would feel some sort of insult or disgust or amusement at looking at the drivel of larping women. no man on the planet has ever had the thought processes she had here. because theyre men. and shes not

No. 1592556

sounds like shit normie women do tho

No. 1592558

AYRT and though not a series, troons have ruined the Stardew Valley fandom for me. I just wanna see farm layouts, game tips and cute fanart but there's reams of tranny OCs (who are all stereotypical and predictable), tranny headcanons and explicit smut.

No. 1592566

I wouldn't say "ruined" actual shows or books or games, but they've ruined the fandoms for Dangan Ronpa and Persona with their bullshit discourses because they have no reading comprehension or just don't even play the games, watch some cutscenes on youtube and fully admit it. Same thing with Ace Attorney to a lesser degree.

No. 1592589

File: 1658350495787.jpg (44.73 KB, 700x1000, 4a1681fc7664283a0b4557c8c72225…)

I hate how they insist any crossdressing character is a tranny even when the games explicitly tell you they crossdress because of how people treat them and not because they want to

No. 1592592

Derailing but I don’t remember any tranny stuff in ace attorney. Are you talking about the gay fat french guy? I only vaguely remember people headcanoning adrian as a transbian because of her name.

No. 1592593

Felix Argyle comes to mind

No. 1592596

i think anon is talking about tranny infested fandoms projecting troonery on ace attorney characters for no reason other than to massage their egos

No. 1592597

No it's about popular headcanons by teenagers with no reading comprehension who think they're Ace Attorney megafans because they read some wikipedia pages about it once. Next time I see one of them saying that Apollo is a FTM because he's short, shy at the beginning of his debut game and cute or that Klavier is femme genderqueer or whatever the fuck because he has long, pretty hair and gets gay fanservice with Apollo I'll kill someone.

Yes, they'd have a heart attack if they read the rose of Versailles.

No. 1592613

the apollo thing pisses me off because he's confrontational and brash in the jpn translation

No. 1592622

Yeah, it's just that he speaks in keigo constantly because he's trying to act like a formal, professional guy but it's kind of hard to show that in English I guess, so these people think he's kawaii shy uguu just because he was stuttering in his very first lines, while ignoring that he's a sassy little shit and sometimes acts pretty much like a shonen manga protagonist that happens to have a job a pay his bills and rent like a grown man.

No. 1592717

Project Sekai. They're from the same breed that brought Enstar kinnies upon us. I just save art from Jp twitter artists but run away as fast as I can from western stan accounts.

No. 1592722

Is nothing fucking sacred from shetrannies holy shit, just wear your goofy ass outfits and leave the rest of us alone goddamn. I’d rather stick with moid mob larpers who post shitty memes about respect, not needing anyone or fake friends with Scarface/Sopranos/Goodfellas pics as the backdrop. God, fuck off.

No. 1592736

>saw movie franchise
I wasn't aware trannies like it, do I dare ask who they troonify and why.

No. 1592738

Why tf are you are tumblr?

No. 1592741


No. 1592762

Yeah unfortunately I figured it had already happened. I swear I may have even seen >>1586355 made with Sopranos characters.

Haven't been huge into movies/tv these days, so I can't speak for myself, but going off of what I've seen on social media, they seem to see whatever retard scrotes are reviving because its "sigma" and then pooners are co-opting what they co-opted and saying it's "for the "girls" (she/they) and "gays"(mlm)/theys", or the ones that waren't being girly about it are trying to skinwalk these incels proclaimed "sigmas" because they need to keep up the totally hypermasculine LARP. Definitely a lot with American Psycho currently, and wouldn't be surprised if they start going for Fight Club because both are written by gay men, and it will somehow be MLM representation. I'm sure they'll find some way to make Wolf of Wallstreet, Taxi Driver, and Drive actually woke, like saying Travis Bickle is actually transmasc and autistic or something kek. One that kinda hurts is seeing nonbinarys swarm over Lain… but self proclaimed schizophrenic 4chan scrotes already ruined her for years now. I am a little worried they are heading towards Yume Nikki and there will be some BS about how Madotsuki is "totes a a girl but in a male way" or whatever the fuck.
Hm, other media I'd say are def Hannibal, >>1592741 that was a really good one. Moomins, Studio Ghibli, Frog and Toad are also obvious ones and more just childhood media being made annoying.

No. 1592809

Hannibal is a HUGE one, but I don't watch many shows or movies. I'm mostly into vidya and my vidya interests overlap almost 100% with TiFs. The big ones are Cry of Fear and Bloodborne, holy fuck, I can't even think about trying to find good fanart for CoF because some 18 year old ayyden drew the protagonist with a binder or titcop scars.
No wonder they kin the protag tho. A suicidal, pathetic, mentally ill, (arguably) misogynistic guy who only wears hoodies? It's a mirror image. Their characterization is always wrong too, they make him so woobified, that's the worst part. Any character they latch onto gets reduced to an uwu trans softboy.

No. 1592812

File: 1658366250754.jpeg (566.71 KB, 1648x2070, E5B8FEA4-5F5F-48F9-A44A-534498…)

Prostasia coming for the female shota readers. What’s this supposed to prove? Young hetero women can possibly be pedos too? I don’t like shota but they’re treating this like a gotcha or something. Allyn Walker the fakeboi assistant professor works for them as well.

No. 1592814

File: 1658366598508.jpg (174.61 KB, 1024x994, tumblr_1cd3f4a7974170d05ee7674…)

AYRT no doubt TIFs have already reclaimed all the media you mentioned.

when I said MASH, it's not about klinger if anyone's wondering, but it's aydens assigning pronouns to each character and posting pictures of alan alda captioned "GENDER."
actually for me it isn't even the troonification of media, but just the fact trannies inevitably turn everything they touch into shit. I remember this one gayden commenting on dirk bogarde's letters and saying he gave strength to gay men like her or whatever. like girl please. for some reason old movies and shows that aired before I was born I keep them sacred. they have this very limited audience but it's all autistic TIFs kek. also hate when they call themselves "gay filmbro".

No. 1592822

why does the map support club has the same colors of the tranny flag? ah yes.

No. 1592826

I think Ftm larping as little boys is some kind of autopedophilia like DDLG

No. 1592860

Trooning Bloodborne is such a funny concept to me. Ebrietas has transfem energy uwu

No. 1592867


Is there any proof that the shit women/teens produce featuring "shota" actually pedophilic and not just uwu cutesy shit that some teen girls like? Kamichama Karin is a popular, mainstream shojo with a romance which has a similar cutesy chibi style and it was definitely marketed at the preteen-teen demographic. I read it as a young teen. It didn't seem pedophilic to me. Like, there was no emphasis on childlike proportions or actual child qualities - the mangaka chose a type of stylization that many think is "cute". I'm not saying cutesy stuff can't be aimed at pedos or that shonen ai with actual children isn't too weird and transgressive even in Japan but not all chibi shit is pedophilic. If a shonen ai version of kamichama was released I wouldn't peg it as CP.

No. 1592907

File: 1658372013298.jpeg (440.68 KB, 750x1041, C86E8943-65F0-497B-98C1-265216…)

woman with imaginary delusions of being a man calls out other people with imaginary genders kek

No. 1592914

There was a tranny in my gaming discord who used to lump in all the afab enbies with the girls and talk shit about them in DMs, she thought being the ugliest and fattest in her friend group made her the truest trans

No. 1592926

derail but jfc how is protasia still in business

No. 1592927

"Enby" is the most childish sounding label. It sounds like the name of a fictional anthropomorphic bus in a children's show. Btw, didn't Storm Ryan stop being friends with Kalvin over nonbinary shit?

No. 1592934

File: 1658373815354.jpeg (181.38 KB, 750x563, E6CA1ED8-463A-458C-90BF-AA862E…)

you get infantilized because 1) there’s a boom of girls and young women trooning out 2) if you’re not young and impressionable, then you must be really fucking stupid and sick, seriously.

No. 1592935

Watch her whine in /detrans in a few years about how she was misinformed and has regrets

No. 1592969

File: 1658377516810.png (212.93 KB, 597x528, Screenshot 95.png)

kek at wokies trying to campaign elliot rodger page to be cast as wolverine in the new x-men films, saying it would be more comic accurate cause canon wolverine is a short(5'3) however he's also 180 pounds of pure muscle and his appearance is based off Danzig

No. 1592971

I know you jest but I see so many posts along those lines. I just wanna enjoy my comfort game and talk to other fans and these people need to shit it up :(
Although, maybe it's fitting, the way that lore-wise anyone's pursuit of a new body ends in them being miserable or some kind of disgusting being. So trans <3

No. 1592974

If by "jacked" they mean comically puny with weird ab implants then yeah I guess she's got that going for her

No. 1592976

Is it just being chronically online that makes people like this call her buff when she’s clearly just a roided out anorexic with ab implants and the result is that she looks like a malnourished wiry meth addict? At most she now looks like a dying Victorian boy, not some beefcake superhero.

No. 1592978

she tries so hard to look sexy as a guy and fails miserably. she was a cute soft butch, but as a tif she looks like very small and old emo boy.

No. 1592984

I feel like a lot of this thread is just people who are into the exact same things as these people but get mad because they call themselves "trans men" instead of muh based fujos

No. 1592997

Wait, have Aidens actually tried to transition into the characters in the OP? How would you transition into a skeleton or a pyramid thing??? Or whatever that thing is at the bottom that looks like a cartoon sun wearing sunglasses??

I get the general concept of Tumblr Sexymen but some of these things don't make any sense as "transition goals."

No. 1592998

even still, it's completely different

No. 1592999

Not the anons you're vagueposting about because this is only my second post in this thread, but honestly, yeah. I'll take cringey fujos over schizo misogynists who saw their own tits off any day. Like if all of these Aidens had just stayed fujoshis they'd still be mentally ill, but at least they wouldn't be destroying their own bodies and trying to rope other people into a dangerous bodymod cult.

The issue obviously isn't the "things they like." It's the things they do– to themselves and to others.

No. 1593004

there are too many reasons to hate self-mutilating nlog retards but you're obsessed with fujos so you picked only one

No. 1593026

Dangan Ronpa
Ages ago, obviously at this point but holy hell the fandom is just brain rot. I never touched them but always laughed that half the fanart was tranny copium from doughy live at home failures.

No. 1593030

Fujo this fujo that. You bitches literally never shut up about fujos.

No. 1593032

Gendies have a victorian mindset of men and women. Women like tea parties and dresses and men like physical activity and alcohol. How is it even possible for a society to regress this much.

No. 1593035

Please don’t tell me that is a subreddit to ask for people to describe rape fantasies about them… omg

No. 1593040

Everyday I’m glad I was able to experience the game and fandom when it first came out. After the second game everything fell apart and it has not been the same since.
>inb4 chirhiro is twans arguments from 2012 tumblr

No. 1593042

Your fujosperging is retarded but tbh I think this thread has a lot of posters who almost could have trooned out but didn't. They see a bit of themselves in tifs but also enjoy making fun of the things which make tifs delusional trainwrecks. It's not surprising imo, the proana scumbags thread is also full of anas and ED'd girls, the tradthot thread has a concentration of SAHMs, and the radfem thread has constant radfem sperging and so on and so forth.

No. 1593045

wait, TIFs have gotten to MASH? Wtf, that show should be too "boomer"-ish and slow for them, how?

No. 1593047

No. 1593060

File: 1658392657265.png (1.5 MB, 1349x657, lmao.png)

yeah I don't think so, small as wolverine may be (Hugh Jackman was not that short either, disney/marvel doesn't want manlets to play heroes anyways [robert downey juniors hilarious heeled boots]) he is also hyper masculine and hairy.

No. 1593075

I have no idea what makes you think women are the demographic for slasher movies - now and then both
it was always a dudebro thing
also slasher movies are a thing for gay men, but ones that are on the campy side
maybe you are confused because you are seeing in your mediabubble more teengirl fanarts in which males pounding each other and being all uwu (because fujo fans can't process media in any other way than romancing and mating characters) and thinking they "contributing in fandom" more

No. 1593076

selffix: dudebro and also male nerd thing
like capeshit - both are into it but with a different approach

No. 1593078

nta but its more about fandom activity, there probably are more men who watch slasher films then women(that's a fact) but they never really engage with the material, its 99% women who make fanart, fanfic and actually discuss these films online

No. 1593085

well, I mentioned that
but most forum discussions, archives, database, preserving, reviews, blogposts, yt videos etc are still male, so idk

No. 1593086

File: 1658397989868.jpg (505.48 KB, 1001x859, Screenshot_20220721-025855_Red…)

Imagine looking like this after filler

No. 1593089

File: 1658399337289.jpeg (63.87 KB, 736x738, 2Gi4I5I.jpeg)

this is their version of the triangle thing

No. 1593103

I hate this woman's face, there's something so uncanny about it I can't quite put my finger on it, but everytime I see a pic of her I recoil. She has that Miss know-it-all vibe despite being a complete retard, and the porn doesn't help.

No. 1593116

ya and a stimblog no less. from stim to onlyfans. it seems like he started it after top surgery

No. 1593153

KEK nona we're onto something, the game was clearly trying to warn us that attempting to TRANScend humanity results only in hideous extradimensional monsters and murderous beasts.

No. 1593196

File: 1658408843290.png (122.49 KB, 1268x883, TheDynamic.png)

the main characters are two men and straight girls naturally love that. ever been on tumblr? kek

No. 1593202

gotta say i love the nb vs tranny fights. they get a taste of their own medicine.

No. 1593205

File: 1658409487823.jpg (203.53 KB, 951x789, Untitled.jpg)

also, no matter how much testosterone you inject into your body, you cannot bulk like a man. men who take these capeshit roles go on crazy diets and workouts that won't build women the same way at all. they're so stupid about basic body anatomy.

No. 1593218

I used to think Micolash was kind of funny and pathetic and liked him because of it. Now fakebois have latched onto him completely and I no longer find him funny, just pathetic like them.

No. 1593237

It looks like she's on the verge of crying, is there anybody around her who is trying to save her?

No. 1593300

Insane watching people pretend she looks good or attractive or even anywhere similar to the average 35 year old man

No. 1593322

She always looked young but this pic in particular looks like an orthorexic 15 year old boy who's pathologically working out to get rid of the voices in his head. Who's even attracted to this? Her wife divorced her iirc. Her only shot at a relationship seems to be t4t with another tif. A normal lesbian woman isn't going to suffer her

No. 1593393

Anon this is so specific it hurts. I’ve always loved weaselly evil guys in fiction but they seem to be troon favorites now, and I hate it.

No. 1593394

Ellen is just a circus clown at this point, purposely being set up for failure by the producers and other hollywood staffs. The filming crew will make her do ridiculous shit, look out of place when surrounded by actual buff men, then laugh behind her back.
Eventually when she realizes the truth and sudokus, people can grift by saying "oh how terrible and mean everyone is to her :(((".

No. 1593399

worst part is she could have just had her hair cut short like that and not identified as a man; bet she would have looked super cute. Sucks she fucked herself up.

No. 1593406

kek someone mentioned trooning Bloodborne and it was just my first thought because I see it so often with TiFs who are into it

No. 1593420

File: 1658422617041.jpeg (2.02 MB, 1516x1917, 200308FE-A3F8-41C5-A4CD-DCA02B…)

Bi male degenerates? I still want to know if her wearing that green carnation means she sees herself as a gay man. Or is she a queer man because she’s still a lesbian?

No. 1593454


Not a carnation

No. 1593465

>Oscar Wilde romanticised old dudes fucking young dudes
>Oscar Wilde hung out with those "Uranian" poets (lol ur anus) who were also into that specific brand of degeneracy
>Ellen allegedly wore the green flower as a nod to Oscar Wilde
>Ellen now looks like a 15 y/o boy at most, not mannish at all
>Ellen is in the nonciest profession on earth and has already been harassed
Uh oh.

No. 1593483

File: 1658426817425.gif (224.6 KB, 220x293, scout-team-fortress2.gif)

offtopic but troon shit appearing in the fromsoft fandom has been getting more and more prevalent.
>go to archive to shlick to Seluvis lewd fics
>find this good yandere one that fits my needs
>suddenly, cunt boy
>click off in disgust
I miss the times where you just had to deal with marysues because at least you can filter that shit with the right search terms. This shit comes out of now where.

No. 1593501

>shlicking to seluvis
Kind of based tbh

No. 1593543

Please go to >>>/m/195093 or >>>/m/192164 and stop derailing here please. This thread is supposed to be about rl individuals.

No. 1593574

I can't see her ever being attracted to males or going through a period of pseudo bisexuality like male agps do. No idea what she thought she did here because by her logic she's a "straight man". She's 100% a lesbian. Maybe she's just so fucked in the head that she's now about to asexually larp as an "mlm" because she doesn't want to lose her gay label

No. 1593599

File: 1658433610950.png (205.26 KB, 720x393, 42447C56-3676-434D-9687-CFD25B…)

why did you assume the kid’s gender? kinda terfy

No. 1593622

and everybody clapped
shes joking about the retarded tranny being a hypocrite by assuming other ppls gender when they hate it happening to themselves

No. 1593626

It's a joke you sperg

No. 1593660

She depresses the fuck out of me but I have to laugh because you're right, she's an evil straight boogeyman now. I think at most she'll call herself a queer man and have done, that's the ambiguous nothing term they all like to use when reality hits them in the face.
Kek anon

No. 1593662

>Ellen now looks like a 15 y/o boy at most, not mannish at all
She has the height and weight of a 10 year old girl, but the face of a 50 year old woman who smokes two packs a day since age 15. No way does she look like a teenager, just a haggard, sad little womanlet.

No. 1593670

The performative faux-thristing after he when she first trooned out was hilarious. Yeah "trans ally" straight women, I'm sure you'd find an actual 5'0", anorexic, leather-faced man thousand-yard staring into your soul "sooo hot", kek

No. 1593676

Honestly, take out the part where she calls herself transmasc and talks about her man-LARP and this would fit in perfectly in the tradthot thread. The servileman worship, the sugary-sweet hyperfemininity, the construction of men as some female-written-fanfictionesque softbois that exist only in the minds of delusional women and inexperienced girls- it all fits.

The only thing that separates women who identify as transmascs and women who identify as tradwives is the kind of cheap AliExpress garbage they wear.

No. 1593701

Last month I went on tumblr for the first time in ages bc I was looking for good Bloodborne art; kind of a shocker to see all the 'Micolash is twans' shitposting. I guess it's kind of fitting bc he's stuck in a delulu fantasy world of his own making, though I don't think that's the angle the fakebois were going for, kek.

Legit can't fathom why a game that focuses on body horror/nightmarish mutations/insanity caused by injecting yourself with stuff you shouldn't, is so appealing to troons. You'd think they would want the exact opposite of that, some sort of transhumanist utopia where all the modifications are positive.

No. 1593719

You can see the sexual trauma she’s endured right on her face. Imagine mutilating your body instead of getting actual help.

No. 1593739

OT, but I get the general gist of what Nigel is supposed to be, but where did it come from and why? Genuinely asking because I haven't been on here in a bit and starting seeing it again in the spicy straight thread and generally used in regards to NLOGs. Is this relatively new? Or has it been a thing and I'm just retarded and missed it? Or maybe both kek

No. 1593759

Nigel is a term for boyfriend.

No. 1593783

nicest guy who ever lived

No. 1593788

>body horror/nightmarish mutations/insanity caused by injecting yourself with stuff you shouldn't

I mean that's exactly what transitioning is so no wonder tbh, even if they don't want to admit it out loud

No. 1593831

this feels completely inevitable, but personally i’ve witnessed a lot of ex-snowflakes maturing in tandem with their taste in media. there is still a lot of stupid faggotry in some circles - ie jesse pinkman transmasc swag - but it’s a drop in the bucket in comparison to the fandom as a whole. also coincidentally i started desisting/peaking as soon as i started watching the sopranos. some shows are ambiguous but the sopranos has a level of grit and realism that is not easily compatible w/ trans ideology.

No. 1593843

fucking kek, never knew it was an acronym, always figured it was an XTC reference because "not my Nigel", when used in greentext, has the same kind of razzing-an-idealized-relationship energy as "Making Plans for Nigel"

No. 1593880

File: 1658452992393.png (70.39 KB, 305x172, Untitled.png)

this is all the proof you need that she has ab implants. theyre so clearly unnatural. so nasty.

No. 1593909

ntayrt but kek I'm glad I wasn't the only one that kept thinking of that song every time I read Nigel on here

No. 1593939

I fail to see the issue, nitpick.

No. 1593956

sage for blogposting but i wonder if ellen or other TIFs had poor relationships with their mothers? my mom was checked out thru my childhood and never taught me anything about being a girl, hair, makeup etc and i had an awkward adolescence. i truly believe had i been born in the 2000s i would have been a victim of transitioning all because i didn’t feel secure in my femininity until post high school and was too scared to talk to other girls about it

No. 1593962

>sage for blogposting

No. 1593964

NTAYRT but she looks like Ricky Martin's nephew

No. 1593968

Sometimes women just aren’t feminine and there’s nothing else to it. Ellen always struck me as uncomfortable when she presented feminine. We should be telling women that it’s okay to never be feminine, doesn’t mean you’re a man. Being female is all there is to it.

No. 1593982

File: 1658460289596.jpg (114.61 KB, 1080x798, Screenshot_2022-07-21-22-23-59…)

No. 1593988

I honestly feel bad for her. The second she became a he/they instead of a lesbian people started acting like she was the best thing that ever happened

No. 1594052

Isn't "The Dynamic" just Red Oni, Blue Oni but retarded and kweerified?

No. 1594074

I swear I thought Nigel was a term for sons. I always envisioned upper class, east coaster boymoms complaining to schoolteachers that their little Nigel is a saint and an angel and would never do anything wrong ever.

No. 1594090


kek. the game about childbirth and feminine blood? the college is literally named after menses.

They do with media what they do to their own bodies. anything to fit their fucked up narrative.

No. 1594130

I always picture 'Nigel' as Mr. Thornberry.

No. 1594145

Given that she posts in that FTMs punished subreddit and other coombrained subs, she probably wishes she was him.

No. 1594493

No, I don't think there are tranny game devs in Japan. You might be thinking of the tranny who made a remake with PS1 graphics

No. 1594557

File: 1658512272291.jpeg (225.74 KB, 926x1200, 5B5BFE60-BC12-4E5D-B012-2363E0…)

KEK glad I’m not the only one who does that nonna

No. 1594644

File: 1658518001472.png (264.35 KB, 1080x1625, Screenshot_20220722-152250-418…)

Sweetie, a Real Boy would never do that and everybody knows it.

No. 1594651

Top surgery at 16 or even younger. These people are butchering children

No. 1594656

And making bank on it! And being called heroes for affirming their gender! And they can't get called out not matter how much the surgery fucks up because "gender affirmation prevents suicide", so a butchered child is still better than a dead one!

At this point only people who truly deeply hate trans people and wish to harm them for life would be willing to perfom these surgeries.

No. 1594669

Big phara is making bank off each child too. more than they make on transitioning adults.

No. 1594694

+1 anon. Looking back those times were kinda cringe but I take that era in a heartbeat over the bullshit we have now with the gender tards. Little did we know back in 2008-2009 that it was only gonna get a lot worse 5 years later.

No. 1594708

AYRT, yeah I'm diagnosed autistic as well and I totally get what you mean because I was a bit repressed when growing into my own sexuality. My parents weren't necessarily prudish but I didn't get the sex talk from my parents and got it from my aunt kek.

>I don't mean to sound so bleak but I really don't think there's any hope for this one. Not until it's too late anyway. Maybe if the surgery doesn't turn out how she planned and when she accepts the fact that gay men won't fuck her and her only dating prospects are bottom of the barrel straight men. But I think she's got a good few years ahead of her in full delulu mode.

Unfortunately I agree with you that she's far gone at this time but I honestly can't say I feel too bad for her because she's low-key kinda arrogant. She playfully calls herself a "bully" and though she's not like antagonistic from what I've seen, she thinks that being bluntly rude to her friends is just totes her personality and part of me thinks she does this to compensate and appear more "masc" which she unironically calls herself which is fucking hilarious because her voice just sounds like a woman's voice that sounds deep, especially when she laughs.

But yes I agree with you that she may finally get the wake up call she needs whe after getting top surgery, she realizes that gay men still don't to fuck or date her and she realizes she done fucked up and mutilated her body and that she's now just a fat chick with no tits. It makes me wish I could see what she looks like because she hasn't shown herself on her social media at this time.

Though honestly I'm much more worried for the 18-19 year old, I know that she's technically a young adult but her voice sounds so young like that of a 15 year old girl and hearing her talk about how much she hates her body ad wants to be taken seriously as the "boy" she thinks she is as well as the coaching that the 22 year old is giving her with where to get testosterone and encouraging top surgery, I just feel awful for this girl.

No. 1594713


Oh god Bloodborne, I've got a glimpse of that and I quickly withdrew from looking at fanart for it because I don't want it ruined for me.

I'll say Genshin Impact even though I haven't played it. It kinda intrigued me at first because the ads for it were everywhere but I never got around to trying it out. Then I see that here are a bunch of troons who love that game and trannify the characters and it turned me off from bothering playing it.

I'm really hoping that these freaks don't get their hands on the Dynasty Warriors franchise…

No. 1594717

I have to kek at troons who play pretend commie while participating in one of the most ~ bourgeoise ~ navel gazing, capitalistic hobbies a person can have. And yes is really is a hobby, one look at their social medias and places like etsy selling tranny fandom merch will confirm that.
>but you don't need surgeries or hormones to be trans I'm already a real boy reeeeee
Cope. Trannies only say that until they can afford the hormones and surgeries that are usually paid for either by parents who got threatened with suicide or "mutual aid" which translates to "guilt tripping teen on social media to give me their pocket money". The fact troons think they'd just be given this shit under communism is hilarious. Not quite as hilarious as a bunch of basement dwellers thinking they can pull of a revolution, but still pretty funny.

No. 1594772

“ Well, you'll work harder
With a gun in your back
For a bowl of rice a day
Slave for soldiers
Till you starve
Then your head is skewered on a stake”

DK rings true forever. Capitalism is bad but so is communism.

No. 1594809

Sounds like a troll post. The minimum age to get a mastectomy is 18-21 depending on state.

No. 1594834

And yet it still happens. She might also be outside of the US

No. 1594835

Oh my god, you're so lucky you didn't fall prey to Genshin Impact. I'm a victim of Genshin and holy fuck I hate the community so god damn bad. I can't even be a fujo in peace, so I just don't interact with other Genshin retards online.

No. 1594850

Genshinfags stick to your own threads. No one cares we’re just here to make fun of trannies.

No. 1594864

File: 1658535778015.jpeg (702.11 KB, 1170x1978, 2323EE46-F434-4552-A25A-945459…)

>woman: i was a victim of misandry

No. 1594896

File: 1658538622949.jpeg (340.31 KB, 827x1012, 0C516A49-87AB-45C6-8238-21F260…)


No. 1594946

File: 1658541699637.png (111.3 KB, 740x739, 1658461726874.png)

so are gay men just blissfully unaware of the levels of fetishization that go on or what? a genuine question

No. 1595048

Only women care about the plight of the poor fetishized gay men because they want to attack other women due to their own guilt. Never once seen a gay male care about fujoism. I’ve seen straight males get insecure and angry about fujos, that’s it.

No. 1595142

willing to bet the "abuse" was her partner asking why she's walking around with her massive fat girl tits half out in women's clothing while demanding to be called a man.

No. 1595192

No actual gay man actually like shit like this. They'd feel insulted and infantilized. Gay men are too busy having unsafe sex behind the dumpster with strangers to enjoy corny drawings like this

No. 1595237

I can relate to this. I received a diagnosis as a child and was treated inappropriately for my age as a teenager and young adult. I went through special education and was in the system. I feel like the people around me who had any authority completely desexualized me and infantilized me. I don't have significant learning disabilities and the interesting thing is I can live independently, but I am a bit socially impaired and can come off as more naive and stupid than I actually am.

My female body was treated like a ticking timebomb that everyone wanted to control. I was forced to take contraceptives and lectured heavily if I even looked at a boy. I felt like for other young women my age they were given much more freedom and agency than I was.

I felt so much shame and resentment that I left my home country and I no longer speak to any of my family or any of the people I grew up around. I now have a husband and children of my own but still really struggle with my sexuality and gender. I can't talk about sex and I don't experience sexual pleasure. I have sexual fantasies but they are completely degenerate and usually involve things I don't want to go into and I have no desire to experience them in my own body or even masturbate. I mean I'm OK with clinical feeling PIV and I don't find it traumatic but I will not let a man touch my body with anything but his penis and I struggle with emotional intimacy when it comes to sex. I admit I have fantasized a lot about top surgery and surgery to have my external genitals removed.

I'm not going to do it though because I know it's all down to trauma and the things I have experienced. I don't share these thoughts or feelings with anyone around me. No one knows how I really feel and I distract myself with daily life. It's when the sun goes down or I am left by myself to think that I have these thoughts and fantasies.

No. 1595245

File: 1658574477548.png (100.66 KB, 311x392, Screenshot 1.png)

This is a 12 year old girl, whose parents allowed her to be injected with hormones and she's terminally online on reddit all day

No. 1595250

File: 1658575219842.jpg (328.32 KB, 3464x3464, 3b7r4wglv3a91.jpg)

how the fuck does a 12 year old gain an obsession with femboys

No. 1595253

Based DK fan.

God, I remember seeing this chicks scribbles on tumblr years ago, she has not improved at all. Lucky for her that the fakeboi market is so lucrative.

No. 1595271

We should report her for being too young to be using social platforms in general, truly disturbing. I’d also outright suggest to find a way to get her parents involved because she’s way too young to be online in general, but if her parents are actively encouraging her to mutilate herself despite not even reaching her teens then there probably isn’t much hope. Wouldn’t be surprised if within 3 years she posted in detrans about how she was groomed by the gender cult at such a young age.

No. 1595273

File: 1658579265737.jpg (227.57 KB, 1080x1237, Screenshot_20220723-142739_Chr…)

No retard, it's real and legal

No. 1595277

File: 1658579951484.png (174.46 KB, 382x216, sims4highschoolstream.PNG)

no wonder the Sims 4 high school pack has been all trans femme style icon this, queer fashion that, cis girl pain in the *.

No. 1595280

It’s legitimately scary to me how early kids get exposed to porn now. I’m a millennial and obviously it was still out there on the internet when I was a kid, but I feel like it’s easier to find now and there’s so much of what’s essentially softcore porn on social media. Idk if kids stand a chance with it right now. I saw an article about how kids (read: boys) moaning sexually in classrooms has become a major issue, and while I remember them doing that kind of shit in middle and hs, it’s apparently happening with kids in elementary and has become so disruptive female teachers everywhere are having issues with it. I feel like all this shit is really fucking people up, and the idea that so many young girls are finding out what kind of hardcore objectification women go through makes me insanely depressed. It’s no wonder they don’t want to be women.

No. 1595283


No. 1595286

anon might be referring to the lead designer, SimGuruJessica's gender. The Sims has always been open minded but in the recent years there has been a massive focus on transqueer themes. A few years ago when they added the rainbow flag in an update, they had to patch the lesbian flag color in later because sOmEhOw that was the only flag they fOrGoT to add

No. 1595297

File: 1658583713079.webm (474.14 KB, 486x1080, redditsave.com_i_recently_came…)

her mom seems to have sense and is trying to save her daughter the best she can

No. 1595302

Does no one else see how disturbing it was for her to go into porn as soon as she hit the age of 18? Combined with the fact that most TiFs just so happen to be sexual assault survivors? She had that same boyfriend who in my opinion, looked much older than her at the time as well who was having sex with her on camera, who she seemed to have been living with for a while. I don't personally feel comfortable making fun of her, something about her situation doesn't feel right.

No. 1595305

Her mom mentions her being 11 jesus this is insane

No. 1595322

File: 1658587181466.jpg (420.48 KB, 3464x3464, k28jzsw3h3791.jpg)

This is why I call out parents for dumping their kids in front of their tablets or computers all day, this is the type of shit this leads too, I feel awful for the mother and I feel awful for this dumb girl who doesn't realize she's being groomed

No. 1595324

But keep in mind they teach this shit in schools, promote kids who call themselves lgbtbbq+, then give them special treatment and such. It sounds hard to escape this shit especially when adults are stressed by the current shit economy caused by covid.
I do agree taking the internet away from kids would be helpful, or maybe embarrass their passions.

I would be sympathetic, but the way these brats act ungrateful towards their parents makes it hard for me to feel bad when they eventually learn they were groomed and post their manifestos on /detrans.

No. 1595325


I've been noticing that a lot of millenial and gen X parents actually peak faster. They seem to have more awareness of how social media works and a lot of times aren't actually hard pressuring their kids into gender roles in the first place so it's immediately apparent something is wrong when a kid with no real masculine traits or interest starts doing this shit.

No. 1595327

>human fleshlight/freeuse
women rejecting womanhood only to whore themselves out to bisexual males for validation as dickless twinks: not the win they think it is

No. 1595328

This kid is going to be on tumblr in a few years if they aren't now, but I mean is, being one of those people that makes the, "Hey guys, I'm a Transmasc, NonBinary, Identity as Black, two-spirit and disabled I need your help! I am living in an abusive situation and my mom is kicking me out. Donate ANYTHING YOU CAN! Thanks! Boost this!" post.

>fun Fact, I'm a minor

yeah, no shit.

No. 1595332

you clearly don't understand nonnie. she's not calling herself a woman while she's degrading herself as a "human fleshlight" so it's totally different and harmless

No. 1595337

This child has also posted her location and face on Reddit too. Society is fucked.

No. 1595338

100% same, I played the first two when they were just cracked PSP fan translations. within a year I noped out, just found the art style neat and I like puzzle games

No. 1595340


It makes me think back to how at the same age the internet for me was basically the games on the cartoon network and pbs websites. I don't know wtf I would do with a kid today.

I feel so sorry for the mom because there did used to be an actual children's part of the internet where you could play around without worrying all that much.

No. 1595342

>thinks this straight man must not be fully straight because he's fucking a basic straight woman who thinks she has a mansoul
KEK this idea is so common among fakebois, it's hilarious. One I knew in college was adamant that her HS boyfriend, who her mother complained acted a little gay(he was just Dutch), actually was gay on the inside because he found her attractive. She was also a completely normal girl at this point mind you
Exactly. Gay men might find the 5'0" Aiden-Caydens in the gay bar weird and annoying, but fakebois are no real threat to them so they largely don't care. I've never seen a gay man care about fujos beyond thinking the men they draw are too girly for their tastes, but that's it.

No. 1595358

File: 1658591654539.jpg (1.42 MB, 3464x1995, yeah and I'm a pigeon.jpg)

>Memes about some kid having Corona as a surname
>Names herself Crow

No. 1595363

File: 1658592376150.jpg (422.54 KB, 1080x1083, Peak Trans.jpg)

How to know if you're happy and healthy:
>You want to butcher your own body

No. 1595365

Mason Corona is way better than Crow, Ayden, Kai, etc

No. 1595369

Why do so many younger teens always think that the generations above them have no understanding of what it's like to be that age? A ton of us felt this way as kids and I've seen nonnies time and time again say they are thankful they weren't exposed to some of the things that exist online now because they would have been transed for being tomboys or GNC. I know every generation does this where they act like the one above them is completely removed, but it's so grating sometimes. I feel like it's worse now more than ever just because SM is so influential.

I think it's just because they experienced more of the world pre-internet or at least with early internet and can see how fast social contagion spreads through things like tiktok and twitter. I really do wonder how it will be when more gen Z is having kids and if all of them will allow their children free reign of the internet or if some of them will kind of push back against it, especially people who are detrans.

No. 1595374

this is why parents should only give their children internet access at 16, ive never seen a well-adjusted person who was on the internet at a young age, especially NOW with how many degenerates/pedophiles lurk in every fucking community

No. 1595376

>I’ve seen straight males get insecure and angry about fujos, that’s it
Clearly you haven't met Paki-chan.

No. 1595379

Why hasn’t she been eternally banned yet

No. 1595386

Because she's a pillar of the community. Same reason c(rap) chan is still around

No. 1595426

i actually really like her art style but she has no creativity left and only makes shit like this so i quickly stopped following her

No. 1595436

File: 1658598591604.jpg (32.33 KB, 404x380, l83pdbd5lfb61.jpg)

good thing these women don't have functioning penises to rape anyone

No. 1595442

TRAs also want men who look just as masculine to violate women's boundaries so this argument isn't as strong as they think.

No. 1595447

File: 1658599265225.png (965.96 KB, 1085x629, Screenshot 2.png)

kek all of those "manly transmen" these memes show off, who work out and take steroids still look dainty and small standing next to regular men, not just height but shoulder length and the fucking size of their skills

No. 1595456

Yeah and they're all 5 feet tall and cry when you call them ma'am

No. 1595508

I would use the bathroom with them way before I would a TiM. Why would I be afraid of other women? Most of the TiFs who act really misogynistic online are all bark anyway.

No. 1595511

The only scary thing about sharing a bathroom with Buck Angel is hearing that faggy frog voice of hers.

Exactly, kek. This attempt at reverse psychology is truly pathetic.

No. 1595517

hwhite people gasping when they realize "corona" in spanish means "crown" and is an extremely commonly used word

No. 1595523

It's called coronavirus because of it's crown-like shape.

No. 1595545

nayrt but yeah I’m white but I realize it’s a stupid shitty joke that’s lowkey sort of racist for making fun of the kids name. You think one of these terminally online sjw kids would recognize that.

No. 1595567

>lowkey sort of racist
Her obsession with wojaks and posting on subs like r/traaaaans which is full of alt-right incel to MTF alt-right incel pipeline rejects makes me think she might be courting that sort of audience. At her age though it could go in literally any direction, a groomer of any political persuasion could target her since she's so open about her age and strained relationship with her parents.

No. 1595584

I don't know what it was that bent her life out of shape, but I wanna help her, a part of me really believes that I could just start a conversation before she does anything drastic to herself

No. 1595617

You're a sweetheart for wanting to help her, nonny. But I think the moment you bring up anything relating to transgenderism she's gonna shut you down. She thinks radical feminism is a cult and post in r/TERFisaFetish, she's deep down the rabbit hole. I know it's still cow tipping if you contact her, but Godspeed if you do try, anon.

No. 1595660

I still sympathise with this girl, I truly believe that I could have ended up like her If I was born a decade later, not because I grew up as a transboy, but rather a terminally person whose only friends were online, which is what this girl likely is

No. 1595739

File: 1658617928236.jpeg (64.89 KB, 528x514, F2755454-A0AC-4CBF-841B-D538BA…)

This is obviously bait but some TiFs really do think like this

No. 1595775

> Never once seen a gay male care about fujoism.

A certain type of misogynistic gay man cares deeply about fujoism. Because they can use it as a socially sanctioned way in fandom to hate on women. But it has to be the type of gay man who hangs out in AO3 type fandom spaces, and those are rare.

No. 1595796


I feel the same. Every time I try to explain it to anyone Gen Z though they think you're actually trans in denial or in the closet or something. It's very hard to convey that a lot of insights don't come from being trans they just come from being an adult and you don't have to have any kind of super special identity to experience these things.

Like when JK Rowling flat out said she knew these people would've fucked her up had they gotten to her as a child, they still took it as her being a closet self hating trans. It's like in their heads "Cis" is the NPC meme. The idea that billions of people go through this shit and come out "normal" by just growing up is anathema.

No. 1595812

What's crazy is this person has the exact same artstyle as rory/rcdart and it's not the only example I could think of that draws like this. So many of them have this primal ugliness to whatever they draw.

No. 1595882

The only gay men I know who even remotely care are actual real """cis""" weaboo gay men who read ship M/M pairings frequently and who read BL manga more rarely, their opinions are usually that they don't give a shit. And I'm only talking about gay guys I know irl here, all of them are TRAs to some degree and even they don't care that much. You'll see teenage fakebois whining that fujoshi fetishize gay men because Sebasciel was a popular pairing, while a gay classmate in university wanted to befriend me because we were into the same anime and video games and to this day he posts about how he wanted Sebasciel to be canon when the first season of Black Butler started airing and he was a teenager and how Sebastian was his husbando.

No. 1595898

this. and i’ve seen quite a few cis gay guys (usually teens or early twenties) making tiktoks with all the girls about the thai BL dramas they like. the majority do not care

No. 1595910

Tbh seeing things like this where it's so undeniably obvious to anyone with eyes and half a brain that being trans is a social contagion and trend for young people makes me more hopeful that the trend will eventually pass. Although what will happen before then I have no idea

No. 1596023

File: 1658652804535.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1150x1637, F3C7D8BB-AAB6-43FD-AD4C-D1D085…)

semi famous fakeboy who frequents r/4tran which is basically the NLOG tranny subreddit. she’d make a cute butch lesbian and in some photos she passed as a moid but in some she doesn’t? she admitted to getting jawline filled kek and she’s 5’6

No. 1596026

I see alot of white ftm’s get “subtle” lip filler and they always project the insecurity as being a gay/flamboyant quirk which makes me cackle. Can’t even accept natural traits that would have made them “pass” better kek.

No. 1596036

White twinks are pumped full of lip filler so it checks out.

No. 1596045

>she'd make a cute butch lesbian
Quit saying weirdo, hyper misogynistic straight women would make cute butches. Why is it that any gayden who actually dresses masculine has to be a lesbian? You're enforcing the same stereotypes as troons.

No. 1596047

>she’d make a cute butch lesbian
You're aware she makes straight porn with her boyfriend, right? Straight women can't be masculine or what?

No. 1596051

calm down nonna, i said that because she said she’s bisexual . I don’t think straight women can’t be masc

No. 1596061

Why is everyone itt getting mad when an anon compliments a masculine woman or calls a bi woman butch? I feel like most of the anons itt hate trannies because they don't look feminine enough. Appreciating a gnc straight/bi/lesbian woman will get you attacked.

No. 1596067

AYRT, I'm a butch lesbian myself. No one's attacking you for finding a gayden cute, there just seems to be an intolerance for masculine straight women. They're almost always said to make cute lesbians or cute butches. Why is it so hard to accept that not all masc women are gay? We make fun of troons for being so rigid with their view of how men and women dress but then a very obviously straight woman should be a cute butch instead? C'mon.

No. 1596090

That isn't why people are mad you fucking retard. The woman is obviously not a lesbian so the anon was retarded for saying she'd make a cute butch lesbian, that is why anons are upset.

No. 1596120

Calling a straight woman a butch lesbian is a compliment? Can you read?

No. 1596164

go back to twitter instead of seething on here, you off-topic illiterate autists. why does this thread consistently attract the most retarded 'mean lesbian in bio, lesbian flag border on their piccrew profile pic' twitterfags humanly imaginable?

No. 1596189

Either I took bait or you’re retarded. That anon said she thinks anons here hate trannies because they “aren’t feminine enough” which isn’t the case at all. A few anons itt just thought saying an obvious straight woman could be a cute butch lesbian is retarded. Dunno wtf twitter mean lesbians has to do this schizo

No. 1596265

File: 1658685131763.webm (Spoiler Image,10.1 MB, 720x1280, BFq2zNPW8vdlJOTU.webm)

I wish autistic women stayed in their little niche hobbies instead of going he/him ewhore.
This one linked her profile (twitter @lewdsuccubae) in an online game and couldn't even go past this post, she looks special needs.

No. 1596283

She looks like she has downs.

No. 1596312

she looks like a fat child

No. 1596354

Autopedophilia indeed

No. 1596360

effeminate lipfiller twinks emulate women, hence why the gay cope from trannies holds no grounds.

No. 1596362

wtf is this… did she get the tit chop or is she really just that unfortunate to not get any tits from being overweight?

No. 1596411

Sorry people calling out your retarded post triggered you kek

No. 1596590

The manga/anime “Banana Fish”, was a really good underground psychological thriller anime about gangs and government corruption but the TIFs got to it and unfortunately I can’t even mention that I’ve watched it anymore without attracting the wrong people. It’s sad because I loved discussing it with other fans before it got onto tiktok and blew up

No. 1596615

From experience, teachers that try to talk about gendie shit only make up a small percentage of each school (not counting college kek). So unless you live in some liberal hellscape, this is purely the internet's doing.

No. 1596617

its gotten even more depraved, too, vs. back in the day, imo… like the whole choking bullshit. kids think of that as a normal sex act.
I'm your age and I think we're utterly doomed as a species

No. 1596767

File: 1658715178536.jpg (Spoiler Image,237.06 KB, 972x1847, Screenshot_20220725-030318_Ope…)

From picrel as far as I can tell she hasn't gotten the chop, though for obvious reasons I don't want to look closely

Same, I've both seen and read it and thought it was pretty interesting but of course the tifs identify with Eiji

No. 1597040

Picrel makes me wanna slap the genderspecial who made it

No. 1597041

Not everyone wants big boobs anon. I wish I had a chest like hers. I think small boobs are inherently cuter and you can wear so much more. We all have our preferences and I find my big breasts repulsive.

No. 1597044

I'm kind of jealous that she gets to be that weight and doesn't have to have boobs. I mean she has about a handful. It must be nice not having to wear a straightjacket aka bra.

No. 1597066

What is the Eiji character like? I’ve never watched or read it. I’m just always curious about the characters they latch onto and the patterns there.

No. 1597075

File: 1658751468313.jpg (513.27 KB, 1080x1883, Screenshot_20220725_050125_com…)

People likely stared because of the unshaven armpits.

No. 1597077

i know anons say froggy voice but i feel like her mouth looks like a frogs also god damn that is a nice bathroom

No. 1597084

I doubt it was the armpits, plenty of women don’t shave there these days and there is nothing wrong with that. It was probably because she was a woman on testosterone with her breasts out in public and that’s weird to most normal people.

No. 1597094

No one thought you were a bloke, trust me love.

No. 1597107

i don't think that's what anon meant. you can't "want" for your body to not retain fat in certain places. considering her weight, it's unusual for her to not have at least some fat in the chest area.

No. 1597130

File: 1658760187799.webm (14.25 MB, 640x360, videoplayback_9HN9VUBC.webm)

so I watched this whole ass vid(I don't even know why) it was just pure retardation, not a single moment where anyone made any sense, but vidrel was the worst part, its about "trans history"
>pink haired enby argues that its not possible to tell the difference between male and female skeletons, she also argues people were trying to "trans" themselves with horse piss thousands of years ago
>then she argues that Loki(a god of trickery and mischief) who can transform into anything, proves that ancient peoples were tolerant to non-binary identifies
>they they claim that this wonderful trans history died off cause of christian infleunce
>a couple moments later, greenhaired deathfat then chimes in and claims that Judaism is actually progressive and accepting of trans identity. she also brings up an Ethiopian Eunuch who was baptized, as an example of trans people in bible
>then the blue haired enby claims that its actually white supremacy which is the reason transphoia exists and that black and brown cultures had so many genders before the evil colonizer came

No. 1597141

File: 1658761721839.jpg (92.27 KB, 700x525, e42.jpg)

>greenhaired deathfat then chimes in and claims that Judaism is actually progressive and accepting of trans identity
Who's gonna tell her that not all Jews are like the watered down western Jews who let any freak join up, unleashing a wave of Levi's, Noah's and Ezra's upon us. It's the same shit as "Israel is super accepting of gays!" coming from some tourist who spent a week in Tel Aviv. Must be wonderful to live in such a bubble.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1597156

don’t be dramatic anon, it’s the complete opposite; just earlier in the thread an anon jokingly said that butch lesbians are ugly and someone got mad LMAO. as far as im concerned, they’re the crop de la crème here, even if they’re the ugliest whites girls you’ve ever seen.

probably a pedophile, fat, likely autistic, and so fucking annoying. how do these people live without a single redeeming quality?

No. 1597159

Japanese teenager, is general pretty “soft” especially at the beginning of the manga and is protected by the main character. Definitely understand why TIFs would project into that role. It’s ironic because he’s the most feminine character in the manga, even moreso than the only female character

No. 1597163

Sad. Hate how they always latch onto GNC characters.

No. 1597203

File: 1658769474335.jpeg (37.92 KB, 379x529, tumblr_556fd7512e883471d8b37ea…)

This one is a disaster. She was allowed to take hormones as a teenager, but complains endlessly about her twansphobic parents. Her reddit account has her posting in degrading porn subreddits one day, and then crying about her ED the next day. She also seethes constantly about bi men using her as a fetish.

Pic is her before all the butchering

No. 1597264

Heartbreaking. She should have gotten actual help but her parents got sucked into the TRA cult.

No. 1597329

they cherrypicked the five most passable ones of all history and time

No. 1597356

don't worry i know exactly the type you're talking about lmao they're fucking exhausting

No. 1597436

She looked like Greta Thunberg

No. 1597452

what about this warrants redtexting kek

No. 1597534

Literally. I thought we all agreed religion is bad.

No. 1597572

File: 1658792320270.jpg (86.08 KB, 750x696, Capture.JPG)

I just stumbled across this TIF tattoo artist and she's too special not to share. Being trans is 100% of her identity and she's helping other young girls further ruin their bodies by giving them tattoos depicting top surgery-scarred chests.


She'd definitely check all the boxes on a fakeboi bingo card.

No. 1597584

File: 1658792896753.jpg (144.88 KB, 1388x628, Capture3.JPG)

She literally got the words "I love my trans body" tattooed across her chest. Her entire existence seems like a cry for help. I feel bad for her, she clearly is struggling under a ton of self hatred, but chopping her tits off and taking hormones, plus glamorizing it to encourage her followers to do the same, is not the answer.

No. 1597664

I can't wait to see how dated these shitty ass tattoos look in ten - no, two - years from now. Imagine Grandma having a "I LOVE MY TRANS BODY" tattoo

No. 1597668

File: 1658798687686.jpeg (520.41 KB, 1170x1159, 91E1B155-A622-4929-BC10-205120…)

>tras: ftms experience female socialization
does this mean mtfs experience male socialization?
>tras: uhhhhhh no they don’t something something patriarchy (whatever that means)

No. 1597729

double irony when the backpedaling about how transwimmin don't experience male socialization (something that's far more toxic than female socialization) is more of the aforementioned making themselves small, being nice and pandering to males

No. 1597737

It basically checks out all the TIM boxes for self insertion. Passive, cute looking, insecure to a degree and in love with the other male protagonist.

No. 1597767

Do we need to share pics of people as little kids

No. 1597798

What does this drivel even mean? the beginning almost reads like insight; also, she looks like a cute butch lesbian but decided to troon out, sad many such cases etc

No. 1597801

>as someone who's looked at a lot of skeletons you can't tell what sex they are!!!

Tell that to every archaeologist ever kek, most of the time they can make accurate estimations on sex as well as age and diet. Though if an archaeologist ever found the body of the green blob next to the one speaking I doubt there'd be any bones to analyse jesus

No. 1597802

Loki also fucked a horse IIRC

No. 1597832

File: 1658812883417.jpeg (499.02 KB, 1170x1554, 8C921729-76C2-44FC-AC67-39711D…)

(Fujosperging) They’re so fucking heterosexual it hurts.

No. 1597833

>has visibly never been even close to underweight her entire life

Please self diagnose with something at least half believable like narcissistic personality disorder, I’m begging you

No. 1597843

I get they suffer from yaoi brain rot, but this is literally just hetrosexuality with one extra step, what is even the point of pretending, why can't they just be regular straight women

No. 1597846

This isn't even fujo related, it's full on tradwife heterosexuality

No. 1597871

Many responders of that post say "as a coochie owner" and… Don't even TiFs know that vaginas aren't the be all end all of Female phenotype? I wonder where the descriptors of Female characteristics begin and end. I've noticed most TiFs draw themselves skinnier than they are in real life with lower hip-fat ratios, more pronounced shoulders, thinner legs, no pubescent pedo stache many of them have… etc. Testosterone does change fat ratios but it's strange even in the TiFs imaginary acceptance bubble they still don't accept their bodies or the bodies of others kek. Even when they do draw themselves as bigger, they don't draw fat layers or the joints (elbows/knees) in a way that's supposed to be accurate to what they look in real life.

I think the lack of women with more pronounced features in roles as hero, antihero, villain, etc. is partially to blame for this. But Japan will never do this, so another big factor is laziness, childishness, and refusal to acknowledge that this effects them.

Also when did coochie become gender-neutral? Just a little research makes it clear it's ether referring to 1) vagina 2) cake 3) belly-dancing and all of this is only in the USA. It's not even a masculine word? They've failed at their one self-proclaimed job.

You can have an ED without being underweight.

No. 1597874

Eliott Rodgers vibes

No. 1597878

why do they only value pussies on so called men

No. 1597905

Too much yaoi and brainrot. They wanna be the ukes so they make do with what they got.

No. 1597958

rattle rattle

No. 1597960

This has to be the absolute cringiest I've seen, might as well call it het with extra steps.

>Also when did coochie become gender-neutral? Just a little research makes it clear it's ether referring to 1) vagina 2) cake 3) belly-dancing and all of this is only in the USA. It's not even a masculine word? They've failed at their one self-proclaimed job.
Coochie only became "gender neutral" because of the TiFs, who deep down know they're female and that it is a gendered term, but pretend not to in order to validate themselves.

>Too much yaoi and brainrot. They wanna be the ukes so they make do with what they got.
As a yume, I honestly believe that many ofthe "fujo" Ayydens who self insert into one side of the relationship, usually the bottom and troon him out to be actually husbandofags in denial.
I guess it is a middle ground between voyeur fujoism and husbandoism, but it sure is the worst of both worlds.

t. has had to deal with seeing way too much art of people shipping her husbando with two other male characters, mostly as the uwu uke bottom and seeing these artist also make art that troons him out

No. 1597965

Why do you dislike slash shippers? I honestly miss the days of mid 00s internet where yaoi and slash was a 100% female space and you were allowed to actually prioritize yourself in what you wanted to see sexually

No. 1597971

why do they always make the scars so grotesque

No. 1597976

File: 1658840732017.png (112.62 KB, 294x269, ff.png)

why do they do this… if a troon takes care of her scars they won't even be that visible. they draw these super disgusting scars like someone hacked at their chest with a chainsaw.

No. 1597985

Yeah I don't think these women are even fujos, honestly. The ones I see don't even like actual m/m, just m/f(akeboi). If they ship a pairing comprised of two men in canon they'll troonify the smaller/more docile one, their OCs are always of fakebois, and their gross porn is full of pussies and r/ftmpunished level torture of the women depicted. They're more like weird, masochistic yumes, though I hesitate to call them even that ken

No. 1597989

they 100% are fujos, they just foomed too hard and convinced themselves they're men. when they fakeboyify every male character they like, that isn't because they secretly know they're women or whatever (though i'm sure many do) - that's just the narcissism shining through. they're troons, so everything has to be about them, after all - even their gay ships and shitty fanart.

No. 1598005

Maybe the pic is a little bait-y but i thought that Israel's pinkwashing was a well know fact. Gay marriage is not even legal there yet they proclaim how inclusive they're. Which makes aidens more laughable.

No. 1598058

Modern burials practically mummified the death do it will be more obvious in the future.

No. 1598128

Fujos don't like vaginas anywhere near their ships. I know you hate fujos with a passion anon, but those fakebois are just masochistic husbandofags trying to get easy kudos and likes on fanfic sites or social media since BL is easy mode for followers and attention

No. 1598154

i honestly miss fujos who don't like vaginas in their yaoi

No. 1598155

please do not start the fujo sperging again i'm begging you nonas it's getting tiresome.

No. 1598180

I don’t understand it to be honest. Fujos make up such a small percentile of people and I keep seeing accusations left and right about anons being fujos when it doesn’t even make sense or have contextual relevance. Is it really just a small niche of one or two anons that cannot contain their tism or are too many farmers really exposing themselves to this type of person on purpose?

No. 1598183

why do all the background pics of fictional men fucking feature big toothy steven universe grins. why are all these guys grinning and smiling while fucking

No. 1598189

no one cares about the “glory days where us fujos would coom and be happy!” like holy shit stfu you degenerates, we’re here to mock trannys


you’re telling me that she decided to take horsepiss and change her entire identity because of… fujo headcanons? KEKKKKKKKK this will NEVER not be funny

No. 1598193

Then stop mentioning fujos as if yaoi really is the gateway drug to trooning out. Self-insertfaggotry is looked down upon in BL circles which is what these aidens do

No. 1598194

>tells nonnas to shut up about fujos
>instantly makes a remark about them
I don’t even give a shit, but this is either trying to bait them or hugely lacking in self-awareness.

No. 1598205

THIS. Why can't this stupid site understand fujos HATE self inserting trash? I've been into BL for many years and never once did I want to be a ''gay uwu anime boy'', I just pair up anime boys together and don't project onto them in any way whatsoever. Most actual fujos are like this. Sure some Aidens ''like'' BL too but they really just use one of the characters to project onto.
That's still the majority of actual fujos nonna. We just can't speak up on it in most spaces because they're full of these mentally ill girls.

No. 1598233

File: 1658862189038.jpeg (1.57 MB, 1167x1668, 1653571339507.jpeg)

don't worry they are still around, they just reached the natural end result of their fetish
and how do you explain picrel and this >>1598144, all of these started out as fujos who coomed themselves into thinking their actually men

also thought on this entire twitter thread of hundreds fujo coomers talking about how they started as fujos before coming out as transmasc

No. 1598254

This looks like a parody. This idiot needs to learn how to draw at all before worrying about not being allowed to "draw anime" in art school.

No. 1598257

simplifying the fujo issue into "cooming" is not correct. women read m/m fic because the female characters in their shows are one-dimensional love interests. the male characters are the only ones with an actual personality beyond "girlfriend". it's not the same as mtf porn addiction. do some actual analysis or stop sperging.

No. 1598268

>When I do thing it's okay, when other's do it, it's bad.


No. 1598271

This is getting pathetic, spoilers consuming eroticezed gay porn and dojusnhi everyday, is cooming and doing this effects your brain chemistry

No. 1598274

This, it's just one of those "I'm a real one" trannies anyways I'd wager.

No. 1598278

File: 1658864041518.jpeg (628.06 KB, 1479x2229, 9BF797F5-76D5-4157-9FE8-38951D…)

A Filipino panel at comic con kept getting called Filipinx and the discourse is kinda funny.

No. 1598288

>how do you explain picrel and this
They're not ''fujos'', they are mentally ill women, if they used to be fujos before then they got groomed by twitter posts saying shit like ''if you enjoy m/m fiction you must be a gay male!''. They trooned out because of mental illness, not because they liked anime boys kissing lol. And honestly most trannies tend to enjoy BL from a self insert angle which makes them closer to yumes anyway.
I consume gay porn of fictional boys, I have for many years and I don't try to insert myself into it at all, I know that in real life I'm a woman and not even attracted to rl men. I have never thought that I might be a gay male, lmao.

No. 1598290

It's still cooming to porn lmfao

No. 1598296

File: 1658864770708.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.01 MB, 1233x1773, AEB644D7-0472-4935-9F03-1B4214…)

She doesn’t need the tit chop but watch her get it anyway for the scars.

No. 1598302

I feel like using language such as "destroy it" creates even more TIFs as things like that make a lot of women uncomfortable.

No. 1598304

imo cooming is masturbating everyday, creating jack off shrines for your coom sessions and dedicating your life to coom through your identity/actual sex life. a lot of fujos aren't coomers

No. 1598306

Actually you convinced me there, fair enough if it's in moderation I guess it's like any vice.

No. 1598311

Goddamit fujos, stop embarassing yourselves, if you consumed and still consume chinese cartoon gay porn and didn't troon out, great for you. But I think there is enough indication throught these threads that for a lot of mtfs, it isn't just coincidental. Also, who cares if one fujo faction looks down on what other fujo faction does, things have always been like that among fujo. Also if the female characters in your favourite media are shit, the male ones probably are too.

No. 1598323

Reading yaoi won't shape anything about your life unless you're a fucking retard

No. 1598385

Because it's a cult ritual and rite of passage

No. 1598386

Fujosperg-retard is trying to emphasise yaoi as the cause (rather than the symptom) as usual to cover up for her regular degular scrotes like Varg. These girls troon out primarily because they're uncomfortable being women and because moid-scum eyerape them and treat them like shit every time they walk outside. Janice Raymond already noted this shit in 1979

Now watch the trad tard try to say
>UGHH you always bring this back to men can u stop talking about men!! stop talking about men unless theyre pedophile sodomites!!!

No. 1598404

She's really missing the point. Yaoi/BL doesn't make girls troon out just like the shitty anime transbians watch isn't what made them troon out either, it's just incidental. People who really like anime/manga/vidya are often autistic(more exaggerated facial features/expressions=easier time understanding their emotions is a big appeal), social outcasts dependent on their online community, or both. The people who are predisposed to trooning out are drawn to this media, but the media itself isn't what makes them do it.

With girls becoming fakebois there's definitely a bit more going on, since they have to contend with sexism and the growing awareness that the men who are in their soon-to-be or current dating pool view them as meat puppets meant to serve them and put out on command. It's a depressing realization that half of humanity views you as lesser than just for how you were born, it's no wonder why they try to escape it.

No. 1598427

File: 1658874110732.jpeg (97.24 KB, 720x1560, DD3A7580-C937-481A-BBF4-ECD0FF…)

I kinda miss when identifying as the opposite sex would land you in a psych ward.

No. 1598433

if anyone deserves it it's these awful fucking soulless bastards. jesus christ

No. 1598452

I hope she was ripped apart in the comments. I sure hope there aren't other terminally online braindead zoomers "same"ing in the comments.

No. 1598454

Samefag; I fucked up that sage. My bad.

No. 1598456

Good news for them, both every gender can get breast cancer. Fingers crossed.

No. 1598474

let this be a warning to anyone still including tifs in their feminism and considering them their sisters

they are NOT your sisters. these women would rather get cancer than be associated with you. theyd rather die from a terminal illness than be in the same category as you. they hate you so much theyd rather die than be understood as similar to you

No. 1598500

The guy calling Ellen jacked is obese, so… Show you what he knows, kek.

No. 1598508

no no no why is her nipple SO far to the left??? She has all the money in the world to invest into surgeries and THIS is what she walks away with? Holy shit… She is going to kermit suicine in the next 5 years for sure.

No. 1598538

You sound like Trisha paytays

No. 1598544

>gets three cancers at once

No. 1598552

>chops her tits off
>takes hormones and grows a neckbeard
>goes obese to hide female figure
>still has the girliest fucking stickers on her phone
>still depressed as fuck

maybe she is not euphoric, but I am.

No. 1598674

made me kek irl

No. 1598746

Why do they always have a Sanrio theme and/or a Suicide Boy or Killing Stalking profile pic

No. 1598783

Fakebois and enbies are so fucking obsessed with gay men and gayness in general, it's driving me insane. Their life revolves around everything being gay. They're gay according to themselves (straight but in denial). They headcanon real life people as gay, even when they're not and everything the person does is gay or makes them gay. "He flicked his hair like this so he's gay.", "He sits like this so he's gay.", "He wears this so he's gay." And then they fantasize about fucking them with their nonexistent dicks. Adult women stuck in 15 year olds' mindset.

No. 1599146

>They headcanon real life people as gay, even when they're not and everything the person does is gay or makes them gay. "He flicked his hair like this so he's gay.", "He sits like this so he's gay.", "He wears this so he's gay."
I hate this shit so much. They have this notion that being gay isn't "i am a man who only likes men" and instead is some nebulous, aesthetic choice (I dress this way, I talk this way, I do these things) so then when they do those things (I dress like an old man in sweater vests/camp/whatever, I say misogynistic shit, I love drag) they already meet 99/100 qualifiers for being gay except for the one and ONLY thing that matters; actually being a male who likes males.

You see this a LOT with bisexual zoomer women, too

No. 1599251

exactly nonnie! im glad so many of you guys don’t lack empathy, but they’d sell your soul if they could even have the CHANCE of becoming an ugly moid. spare your kindness to only those who are deserving of it.

No. 1599264

Ugh this reminded me of a tif I unfortunately had in my class. She and her girlfriend went down the lesbians to troons pipeline together, judging by her insta anyway, and the classmate tif insisted she was totes a gay boi instead of a lesbian female. And talked about this and that being gay, and when one of her friends asked why she does that, she said well because I'm gay teehee. Not even the most flaming gay moid does this I swear

No. 1599327

These people care way, way too fucking much about what people think. If you can't understand why anime isn't allowed in your art school portfolio, you have no business being in art school. Also who fuckin' told you to stop shipping? Like bitch, I am in my 30s, and believe it or not, a cis-het normie, and I have never stopped gay shipping and never will. Who fucking told you to not do that? Why does shipping have to mean you're genderspeshul?

GOD I hate this generation. I fucking hate you people.

No. 1599359

Nobody cares that you watch anime gay porn to cope with having a cheating husband. Speaking as a fujo myself stop with your autistic whining. Curate your own spaces if you don’t want to interact with these people.

No. 1599413

Why is everyone here a fujo? Why not just watch porn? How do you get off to drawings?

No. 1599431

She also met that boyfriend and began dating him when she was 16 while he was far older than her and an adult. I’m pretty sure she was groomed into doing porn as soon as she turned 18.

No. 1599452

Sage because blog but i’m so tired.

girl at work got a quirky hair cut now she signs her emails off as she/they. what a joke.

No. 1599539

The "wishing for breast cancer" thing is very popular with tifs so they likely were same-ing in the comments.

No. 1599568

>Why not just watch porn?
>Radfem forum

No. 1599570

porn is made for men by men, retard. fujoshit may be infested with aidens but it is obviously a female domain.

No. 1599608

I do think some of it is internalized lesbophobia/biphobia. The way a lot of them act you'd think they thought being a lesbian or bi woman was the worst thing in the world so better pretend to be a gay man instead

No. 1599705

>wow I have discovered I can dress myself in different ways, unbelievable

No. 1599712

File: 1658983028697.jpeg (Spoiler Image,313.3 KB, 828x1353, 152BE934-E232-4399-89AF-9408A5…)

It never ceases to sadden me how being victims of CSA gives them the tendency to troon out. Reading this entire thing gave me goosebumps, it's just so heartbreaking. Spoilered for potential triggering subject matter

No. 1599730

At this point, I don't think most fakebois talked about in this thread really want to be transgender/transexual. They don't see a main problem in society that deeply effects them, IE, the lack of Female class consciousness availability to younger girls. Many growing up during Covid expirence things online they cannot talk about to their Female friends and family, so they keep it under locks, creating a distance when there wasnt one before the Internet. Many don't learn cooking, don't know any masculine women, don't learn sewing, don't get relationship advice, etcetera. Many don't see any benefits to womanhood and see themselves exhiled somehow.

I have had a buzzcut for around a year. I'm often in public due to my job. The only people who question my gender (not just get it wrong; question it) are gendies and small children. They haven't seen how the women of 1950 look very different than the women of today. A woman of today may have a fursuit, only fans, many husbandos, dyed hair and a corset. It's inevitable the idea of a modern woman changes. But fakebois themselves are such narcissists they don't see any irony. Especially "NB" ones.
They'll detrans once it's more socially acceptable for women to be like the one described. It'll be like nerd culture once was in the 80s.
The "distance" problem between generations of women contributes greatly to this fakeboi thing.

No. 1599925

This is not a radfem board nonna we're just aware trannies are trannies

No. 1599926

That said the "just watch porn" anon is retarded

No. 1599934

>why not just watch videos of women being sexually abused?
What are you on?

No. 1599955

I don't believe this person has been raped and its all just part of her disgusting fetish.

No. 1599998

i would expect it would be more '''gender affirming''' for tims to wish for breast cancer, do tifs want it for the boob job or?

No. 1600076

File: 1659007379639.jpg (230.34 KB, 828x1792, FYvHlb7X0AEG6yg.jpg)

Imagine actually putting up an advert for lbgtq+ with a person who has done such serious self harm, as a representative of trans??

No. 1600078

Very realistic, I like it

No. 1600079

I thought this was Lucinda (or whatever the crazy unicorn anachan is called)

No. 1600091

Please tell me this is fake. That self-harm photo doesn't belong in public spaces, where it can negatively affect people (especially mentally ill and children)

No. 1600100

It's meant to appeal to tweens/teens and convert them into the cult. The more adults peak and object to it, the cooler it becomes. Grooming noncery.

No. 1600132

this is horrific, what the fuck

No. 1600139

2020's and pride is all about gender and being trans. where are the lesbians and gays?

No. 1600157

its always the abuse to changing gender pipeline but no one connects the dots? the women clearly want to escape the trauma by becoming someone else

No. 1600181

She looks so sad

No. 1600186

>dead eyes
>massive self harm scars
Can't wait for the usual suspects to claim how thriving and happy that TiF looks thanks to the gender euphoria.

No. 1600222

Even if you're pro trans, blasting cutting scars like that is sick. I know this sounds really tumblr-y but this could be so triggering to someone

No. 1600279

What the absolute fuck. Apart from the obvious, this is extremely irresponsible. I'm not even that anal about visible self harm scars but this is is some coldnessinmyheart shit. And THIS is their rep for tifs? Someone very obviously extremely mentally ill and self hating? If this was a tim with scars the entirety of timdom would be rallying to get this removed because this is horrendous representation

No. 1600296

It’s obviously meant to be controversial and inflammatory but I’m just wondering… why? What does this achieve for TIFs?

No. 1600318

It almost looks like an ad to turn people AWAY from this shit

No. 1600341

Man made horrors beyond my comprehension indeed.

No. 1600413

But which straight men would actually be attracted to a completely mutilated women with her tits cut off and arms full of swollen gashes. The average straight man isn't into mangled obviously mentally ill as fuck women. This poster is either a hilariously tone deaf misstep (if we assume that they tried to do something profound here) or (if you're shizo) an intentional psyop against tifs/ purposefully bad representation to elevate tims in comparison

No. 1600437

Here is the youtube interview with her, its in dutch but you can put on subs. What an incredibly sad sad girl, her entire story is nothing but trauma and sadness, no wonder she ended up in the trans cult

No. 1600464

She literally looks like she's on deaths door. How insane to realize that she thinks she's a man because she didn't enjoy her trauma

No. 1600513

Massive tinfoil but could this be a reverse psyop to try and turn normies against the trans movement?

No. 1600553

This 24-year-old woman is so severely mentally ill and barely functioning that she needs an emotional support plushie, but we're supposed to believe she's happier and healthier just because she got a tit chop? How is this any different than putting Lucinda or coldnessinmyheart on a billboard? Aren't normies getting tired of this doublethink propaganda?

No. 1600584

I want to believe

No. 1600603

File: 1659040979792.jpeg (Spoiler Image,259.53 KB, 1153x763, 8333712D-95A5-41F0-B701-C09A7A…)

Why do TiFs always have the shittiest art and narrative ideas JFC.

No. 1600613

This can't be real … can it? Every day we stray further, etc etc.

No. 1600620

>to escape his life as a nun
I've spoke to a lot of a nuns and they're very smart, insightful and oftentimes funny women to talk to, so of course a TIF would want to escape a life of women making sense and being interesting characters because that would trigger their NPD. Only troons and men are allowed to be interesting. I'm not even touching the flowers up the ass thing, I don't have the mental fortitude.

No. 1600641

Wow I was not expecting the synopsis to be written like a 13 year old rambling on Twitter. Sounds incredibly boring, doesn't make use of the setting at all (you can be a tranny criminal in literally any setting anywhere)
Yeah it'd be cooler if it was about nuns

No. 1600683

File: 1659046386328.jpeg (176.45 KB, 1169x745, F16C80CD-C036-4D41-ACDB-129D1A…)

her name is literally dirt kek

No. 1600731

This is not a forum, nor is it specifically for radfems. It's a female imageboard for ridiculing lolcows.

No. 1600742

File: 1659048408156.jpg (85.44 KB, 790x1285, https___bucketeer-e05bbc84-baa…)

Noelle changed her name and made a big pretentious blog post about it. Seems like she's doing the whole trooning thing backwards– most Aidens pick their ~boy name~ before sawing off their breasts, but what do I know lmao.

Full post: https://www.imfineimfine.com/p/nate

No. 1600748

So are we just going to ignore the bit where the brunette is sticking plants in the blonde's vagina or

No. 1600752

But noooo trooning out is totally not a symptom of intense self hatred. Anyway I'm dirt

No. 1600763

File: 1659049198887.jpeg (1.81 MB, 4000x4000, 71BCFC7C-0F3F-4A93-A58A-492EF5…)

48 year old VA for Silco from Arcane, Jason Spisak, is dating a 22 year old they/them (she later became an exclusive them) Jinx cosplayer he met on Twitter. This man has 2 children (at least one of them is a girl) and recently divorced his 46 year old wife. He got into some controversy shortly after Arcane released for liking Jinx/Silco ship art, and had to come out saying he only interprets their relationship as father/daughter. On his streams and cameo he’s known for trying to come across as “sexy,” speaking in his Silco voice and interacting with a lot of the young women in the fandom in an obviously grooming manner. The cosplayer nuked all of her socials so this was recovered from the wayback machine. The dd/lg grossness is so obvious, he even commissioned a Silco cosplay for himself that he probably wears in the bedroom with her dressed as Jinx.

No. 1600764

I guess being nonbinary stopped getting her the attention she wanted, so now she's trooned all the way out

No. 1600766

It's just a nickname/screen name. You can see that her initials are "H.A." on that ugly comic book cover.

No. 1600772

Why do the people who work on this show seem so strange? Wasn't there something that happened where the animators were shipping Jinx and Silco, and the writers had to say that their relationship wasn't romantic? Anyway, kill all men who date women young enough to be their daughters.

No. 1600777

Honestly, nuns were better off than most other women in the middle ages. They got an education and wouldn't have to die in childbirth. Seems like a nice deal.

No. 1600794

>What does this achieve for TIFs?
Nothing. The type of people who would make an ad like this think being controversial and inflammatory are good in and of themselves. They never grew out of the "stick to the man" phase of teenagehood.

No. 1600803

No. 1600845

It’s not a radfem forum but most anons here are anti-porn

No. 1600851

Nothing good has ever come out of League

No. 1600901

>I wish it was radical fems and they all had skateboards and were from the 90s because that would be more cash money of them
gtfo aiden

No. 1600902

twitter user spotted

No. 1600907

>Porn usually ends up turning all women(and frankly gay bottoms)into sex objects for both genders to coom to and abuse so yeah not the best.
KEK. what? Please read your own reply again and explain this shit to me.

No. 1600914

this is how men type right? they can't tell i'm a FtM, right? oh heckerino!

No. 1600928

Why can I hear cavetown music playing

No. 1600929

she went to go cry on discord that the mean TERFs on lolcow are, like, so fucking ,mean,,, guys!

No. 1600937

Can someone give me an screenshot? I want to read the tif too

No. 1600939

File: 1659063279870.jpg (1.82 MB, 1536x11460, why.jpg)

she talks about feeling regret and disgust at her surgically altered chest and then tries convince you that actually it's okay guys I like this!

No. 1600947

Thank you for the recap nonna!
Also, where did the "transphobia only exists because of the ebil white Christians" come from? I swear I've only seen the troons start talking about this within the last year and it's usually indigenous people saying it.

No. 1600948

kek at her including the horrifying "dog ears" in every panel

No. 1600949

File: 1659064148440.png (2.56 MB, 1536x12080, oof.png)

the mom is rolling in her grave

No. 1600957

>Both genders to coom to
It's extremely rare for women to be aroused by the pain/suffering of others, and when they are, it's the result of unaddressed sexual trauma or mental illness. Men on the other hand often find at least mild sexual violence arousing, which is why the exclusively male-targeted porn industry produces so much content with slapping, choking, spanking, "pretend" rape, gangbangs, etc. Our culture socializes men to value competition/winning above all else, and therefore enjoy the suffering of "losers" like sex workers.

It's no wonder that nuerodivergent women see that normalized violence and contrive ways to escape it. But it's all cope. As evidenced by creeps like the voice actor in >>1600763 , scrotes are opportunists who view young women as easily manipulated sex objects regardless of whether they chop off their tits. There is no escape of systemic misogyny, and I don't mean that in a "reee I'm suffering so everyone has to," way, I mean it as a factual observation that people theoretically have the power to change if they actually acknowledge it and stop trying to solve all their problems by trooning out.

No. 1600961

Unfortunately some personality types develop these fetishes as a result of rape. It's typically people who are already predisposed to mental illness/psychopathy and never developed healthier coping mechanisms for dealing with sexual trauma.

No. 1600966

A lot….

No. 1600967

And then they make fun of you for it until you have to say it again and again and again in public and they dont apologize.

No. 1600969

Nah, not after these last 4 days.

No. 1600970

>It's extremely rare for women
Pure lie to GATEKEEP

No. 1600971

We have an example of 'women' being mean to someone and not believing they were raped over on /meta/ because everyone wanted to expose who owned the site.

No. 1600985

It's not gatekeeping, it's just a fact. How many women have you met that are aroused by the pain of others, seriously? It's uncommon, stop being retarded. There's a reason why male "dommes" are so much more common than female ones.

No. 1600991

This is disgusting, how can someone draw this shit and think it's okay and yay so funny and nice? I hope this idiot enjoys her stupid ass "dog ears" and that they flop around whenever she does any slight movement.
Of course.
They're a hive mind, and enbies are the most mentally ill, imagine trying to spend your whole ass life seething because not everyone caters to your delusions.

No. 1600992

File: 1659066700332.png (15.6 KB, 112x103, peepoTinfoil.png)

this is exactly what i thought

No. 1601002

How is she okay? This is what I hate of this stupid tranny cult shit. That woman needed psychiatric help, not to get her tits chopped. But now she's getting applauded for this and it gives, not only the retarded kids and teens that at ending raised by the internet and groomers, but to her, a terrible message saying that the more you self harm, the more you dwell in your misery and the more you change your whole self to escape from trauma, the better person you will be because your old self is a corpse now that shouldn't have existed I guess.
No wonder most of them kill themselves after a while, they're just playing extreme self harming olympics and getting a high from the positive attention they get from everyone.
Just think about it, if everyone around you told you that you're brave, stunning and awesome whenever you cut, would you stop cutting or would you cut yourself more?

No. 1601004

She looks normal to me. The problem is her personality and political views. Congratulations, by insulting this woman for her normal -looking face, you're part of the problem. Literally the exact same thing incels we're doing by calling her "mid."

She can change her retarded views on women, and she can stop LARPing as a Hawaiian, but what the fuck do you expect her to do about her face? Run out and get tons of surgery? How does holding women to these retarded standards do anything but exacerbate the Aiden fad?

No. 1601059

This was in the related videos. I don't speak Dutch so I was skimming around and came across this scene (at 16:16) where she is stimming with a rubix cube while watching a video about mastectomy. Really dark shit. This whole documentary has a very ominous and sad feeling. I wish I understood Dutch because it looks kind of morbidly interesting.

No. 1601065

File: 1659071324789.jpg (50.34 KB, 450x437, freud.jpg)

>being attracted to a woman who is more than half your age dressed as your fictional daughter
Maybe I'm being an autistic prude but with moid sexual psychology, you never know.

No. 1601083

J-jill? or do you mean the spergs on /ot, in which case you'll also know the worst anons (as in the ones shitting on people's traumas) are usually males larping. You can identify them by the walls of wordsalad they post of their "wisdom" and "humor" which they expect people to read.

No. 1601114


No. 1601127

OJST is always beyond cringe but this is like, Cronenberg shit

No. 1601129

literally just here to whiteknight men like what else does this add

No. 1601160

anon please my sides

No. 1601167

There's something so sick and twisted about the way TiFs portray getting their boobs chopped off. Everything is all cutesy and quirky and bubbly and over the top. It's just weird.
>J* meaning beautiful flower, soft-haired, vivacious
>this equals girl
Conservative christian or "progressive" liberal? You decide.

No. 1601210

File: 1659095410635.jpg (Spoiler Image,391.11 KB, 1080x1062, Screenshot_20220729-074658_Fir…)

please do not bring up fujos again but it's really disgusting how i can't scroll through self-insert fics for my husbando on ao3 without seeing some mentally ill TIF's piss kink even when i have filters on to try to weed this degenerate garbage out. maybe not the milkiest, but it made me instantly think of the thread.

No. 1601222

TIFs being degenerates is nothing new. Lie with dogs and you get fleas, husbandofag.

No. 1601246

File: 1659100671864.jpeg (Spoiler Image,527.53 KB, 2048x1440, B9F5278E-75F1-4B8E-AF3C-4B143D…)

Of course they have to troon him out. They probably trooned Jotaro out too either because of their fetish or to avoid being called out for their shit, but to be honest I really feel bad for you when stuff like that happens, as it happens pretty often to me too, like in picrel.

No. 1601280

File: 1659106360625.png (46.56 KB, 557x474, tifsclownery.PNG)

this is making my actual blood boil.

>women are just emotionally crazy because of their estrogen!! now im not hysterical anymore because im a boy!

they are literally pushing the centuries old sexist myth that we cannot control our feelings??? it's why we got lobotomized?? they are just adopting toxic masculinity.

someone i follow tweeted about how men in their culture/tribe actually cry all the time and are very open about it. jeez, it's almost like acceptable forms of emotional expressions are both socially and culturally informed, not hormonally predetermined.

No. 1601286

They’re mentally ill. Their “cross sex” hormones act similar to an SSRI. This only proves they shouldn’t be taken serious and need an adult to make their decisions for them since they clearly aren’t capable and mature enough.

No. 1601287

I was going to a-log about this TIF but I'm too busy crying in rage. This silly womanbrain of mine! For real though, I have PCOS and emotionally all it's done is make me have to undergo anger management, kek. I always had issues with expressing frustration with from childhood but "boy juice" just makes me completely unreasonable and I'll get assmad over the dumbest things. I know other women with PCOS who experienced similar things so I'm not buying for a second it makes you communicate better, it's literally the opposite effect.

No. 1601292

first place my brain went to was PCOS. so many women with PCOS experience crying/mood swings as a side effect of having a slightly higher testosterone amount. also statistics on murder, wars, conflicts, and general violence says otherwise on who has more "emotional" outbursts.

this also goes COMPLETELY against their statements on gender being a "construct."

and it's hilarious that they don't even go straight to "i'm more happy after I transitioned, so that's why I don't cry as much." like why is that not one of their arguments?? oh right, because their "dysphoria" is just wanting to have moid privileges and distance themselves from womanhood.

No. 1601306

>It sounds like “plastic surgeons are telling young girls to get nose jobs.” I had a suspicion it might be “doctors are trans allies and supporting transmascs’ desire for top surgery

>plastic surgery is bad!

>unless it’s underaged girls going under the knife and getting their perfect healthy bodies mutilated the it’s good!
Totally not grooming everyone.

No. 1601313

>"Julien" is "too masc"
fujos are so fucking stupid lmao.

No. 1601314

File: 1659110460746.jpg (161.34 KB, 800x527, Southern_Chivalry.jpg)

Patently retarded. Plenty of men cry. I've seen male athletes cry after hard losses. Male relatives of shooting victims and natural disasters crying at vigils. President Nixon cried on live television! TIFs are just LARPing outdated macho stereotypes because they feel the need to compensate for being female "men."

I was just about to say, it's fucking absurd that the sex characterized as irrational and emotional is not the one responsible for 80% of the world's violent crimes. Women struggle to be elected to public office because "what if she has PMS??1!?" and yet men are the ones doing irrational garbage like fucking their administrative staff, spending campaign/public money on hookers, and physically assaulting each other on the Senate floor. But yeah, apparently women are the ones whose emotions disqualify them from public office.

It's very hard to feel sympathetic for TIFs who espouse worldviews this toxic. I have to remind myself that they're indoctrinated, self-hating, and overly reliant on the approval of others, just like tradthots. Like these women are fuckheads, but at the end of the day, they're not the cause of the problem; they're only one of the many symptoms. I'm confident at least half of these women will detransition, although who they end up blaming is a toss-up. I'm sure some of them will contrive a way to blame radfems, despite us constantly trying to tell them what huge mistakes they're making.

No. 1601321

File: 1659111374384.png (1.14 MB, 778x1559, Julian_NH.png)

Whenever I hear the name Julian, picrel is the first thing that comes to my mind, and it's probably also where most TIFs get the name. Although in "Jey's" defense, Julian is an anglicisation of Julius, as in Julius Caesar, and I think most people would consider him to be pretty masculine.

Also Jey is an unbelievably retarded way to spell Jay, I can only read it as "Gee," like I'm someone with a really thick Canadian accent saying Jay. I've probably mentioned this before, but troons of both genders are incapable of picking age-appropriate names. Instead they choose things popular with babies being born right now, which causes them to stick out like sore thumbs in their own age group. I'll eat my hat if I meet a millennial TIF with an age-appropriate name like Brandon or Jason.

No. 1601326

>so many women with PCOS experience crying/mood swings as a side effect of having a slightly higher testosterone amount.
is this real? my T is elevated and the mood swings I get with my cycle are insane.

No. 1601338

File: 1659113106024.jpeg (789.57 KB, 750x1103, D1110F52-2A8F-4DC1-B1BD-1750AE…)

No. 1601339

>"my parent were homophobes fully aware that I was a lesbian so I took a page from the HSTS handbook and transitioned into a man to stop being gay"

No. 1601347

>i had masculine features
whatever you say

No. 1601351

>i like being girly in a boy way
There must be some sort of brain eating bacteria in tap water, that’s the only explanation i can think of for this level of cosmic retardation

No. 1601354

forgive me for blogposting, but this makes me so fucking sad. I've been a fan of Spisak's work for ages and I even met him at a meetup many years ago where he signed a thing for me. He spoke fondly of his wife back then, so I hoped he was DIFFERENT. But once he made his tiktok account I started feeling uncomfortable and lo and behold my gut feeling is usually right. Why do moids gotta be moids?

No. 1601356

Why do they always want to be “boys” it’s so embarrassing and sounds borderline pedophilic

No. 1601358

Be happy that shit is tagged at least, I can't even name how many fics I've read that throw surprise cuntboys in my face.

No. 1601385

so i can see the jinx cosplayer is luu, but who's this temp person she's talking about?

No. 1601390

KEK at her censoring her name like it is a slur? What in the world…

No. 1601393

I have no sympathy for TiFs, really. Fuck these bitches.

No. 1601408

It’s because they think that

Woman who likes being feminine and wearing dresses and makeup = boring, basic bitch, evil cis oppressor


Man who likes being feminine and wearing dresses and makeup = brave, stunning, revolutionary

I blame it on the popularity of Rupaul’s Drag Race among genderspecial and spicy straight girls.

No. 1601411

the girls who were openly internally misogynistic from middle school to high school (who also made friends groups hellish) are all tifs now, and i feel zero sympathy for them either. they dedicated their lives to villainizing other women while crying about the impacts of sexism ..but then they trick themselves into thinking it's not sexism that they hate, it's just their body's inherent sex that is the "problem."

the levels of hate you have to have for other women to reach that conclusion is insane.

being in fandom spaces that are filled with tifs and you can see how much they want every girl to disappear in favor of their favorite damaged boy. idk if there are any weebs in the thread, but have you noticed how shoujo has disappeared? it's all just fujo-bait shows with all male casts.

No. 1601420

what nonsense is this? i have an ex tif friend that got worse emotionally after taking t, she was always snapping at everyone and her anxiety increased, she could barely sleep from pissing all the time (something to to with t) and non-stop doctor's appointments. the t made her extra horny so she used to complain about not being able to use her 'dick' because she still lived with family

No. 1601421

>complain about not being able to use her 'dick' because she still lived with family


No. 1601424

the testosterone made her clit bigger. one of the 'benefits' to transitioning for fakeboi coomers

No. 1601427


No. 1601430

"Julian" sounds like it came straight from an uwu pseudo-yaoi anime or an uwu video game like you mentioned. It's a pretty feminine name for a boy, origin notwithstanding, and it feels like one of those names that could make the M->F jump (Eden, Madison, Vivian…) That these Aidens hear "Julian" and think "wow that's super masc" and not "he's a good interior decorator" is just too funny and shows how detached they are from the world.

No. 1601467

File: 1659126283713.jpeg (628.87 KB, 1391x2237, 82F8E5B7-29A7-4B91-A071-FDCCC7…)

A group of so-called feminist anarchist archaeologists are trying to troon up their own field.

No. 1601469

this is sooooo retarded but i am not that surprised anymore

No. 1601479

I'm dumb as a bag of hammers but even I know the difference between male and female skeletons, top kek.

No. 1601480

'don't categorize their race' what? so race faking is valid now?

No. 1601506

Throw away your anthropology PhD folks, all ancient remains are now neutral gender, no race.

No. 1601581

NTA but that was clearly sarcasm you fucking autist.

No. 1601589

It's this site so I expected someone to go omg male skele bros and did not even think you were being satirical, I honestly feel like a fool.

No. 1601595

Happens to the best of us, nona.

No. 1601598

She feels like she can't match up to beauty standards, so the more comforting alternative would be to think of herself as a guy trying really hard to look like a girl

No. 1601600

Yeah who hasn't played the clown before? Pick mes that's who.
>>1601598 she really should just hit the gym and start lifting I agree.

No. 1601612

File: 1659133594369.jpeg (838.11 KB, 1170x1971, 3B9BDAFD-918A-4785-84A4-C84D38…)

I was happy there was a butch lesbian doujin, but the artist identifies as non-binary. Is a surge of TiFs in Japan incoming or am I just tinfoiling?

No. 1601617

RE: feminine TIFs.

They have internalized misogyny they are unaware of, therefore being female is degrading to them, but most of them still grew up feminine and most of them are straight, and because we live in a society that rewards women for performing femininity, they enjoy the male attention and derive reward from femininity. They’re just calling themselves men because it’s unconsciously their bandaid solution to misogyny. There. Can we stop asking this question five times a thread.

No. 1601618

>calls self a lesbian
I feel like she's just using "non-binary" as a superlative descriptor for being butch or a tomboy. As if to say "It's not any sort of tomboy phase, I'm actually a fully GNC woman". Not really the same as how TIFs use it

No. 1601623

Maybe I'm giving them too much credit but I also feel like the Japanese understanding of "nonbinary" might be something more like "dresses androgynously". I feel like Japanese attitude with regard to trannies is similar to how they used to be viewed in the '90s in the western world: a self-identified TIF might be more like "I'm woman who wants to dress/act/be treated like a man" rather than "words mean nothing and I'm 100% male and my pussy is 100% male too".

No. 1601625

> I feel like Japanese attitude with regard to trannies is similar to how they used to be viewed in the '90s in the western world
Better times.
> "words mean nothing and I'm 100% male and my pussy is 100% male too

No. 1601698

Imagine doing all this shit just for thinking: “I look really good”

No. 1601705

that and they sound like they have a devastating addiction to yaoi and gay media and they're living their wildest femboi fantasies kek

No. 1601712

This is so fucking on point: this dumbass just self owned herself by putting “girls don’t do x and y” as a valid reason to “ungirl” and go gendie and not as an example for stupid sexist stereotypes in the society

No. 1601717

File: 1659139448259.jpg (Spoiler Image,319.37 KB, 1040x1124, 3578974312587336.jpg)

Screenshotted from refrainbow's Patreon archive at kemono.party. How can she reconcile her fakeboi identity, her yaoi addiction and her newly discovered fetish for dickgirls with being a Muslim?

No. 1601720

File: 1659139483246.jpeg (542.11 KB, 702x2027, 79CC0A9E-9D94-4575-9CD9-1D2BC3…)

A mission statement from the groups website. They’re legitimately trying to change reality.

No. 1601722

File: 1659139584092.jpeg (654.79 KB, 1170x1670, F9071E17-BC61-4264-BC1E-730A2D…)


No. 1601730

all i see is the scary word trans exclusionary and nothing about the supposed science that says trans ppl existed in the past kek. i bet all their supposed examples would be gays getting othered or women having to hide as men. i still can't understand why race isn't allowed to be identified. if anything that benefits the 'i don't see color' white supremacists

No. 1601737

the way the pink haired dudes thigh is drawn in the right picture is driving me nuts it makes no sense whatsoever

No. 1601741

>neither sex nor gender are fixed
>expansive understandings of gender

Afaik archaeologists can be trained to estimate the person's lifestyle, diet, cause of death, digital recontsruction of their face, and you guessed it, their sex, all from the skeleton. And none of that changes if the skeleton happened to belong to a she/they/it/pup, so why pretend it does? The most that information does is add (depressing) context to their life. Plus an archaeologist inserting biases into their findings, the above greentext for example, might get their input scrapped, no?

No. 1601745

No. 1601748

With all the dogpiling Refrainbow has been getting, I'm surprised that no one has brought up her pink haired transbian character.

No. 1601776

The art on the left is not much better, either. Disgusting shit.

No. 1601793

Article mentions race but mission statement and tweet only mention gender? Is this more of them bringing race into it to legitimize their bullshit cause? Like >>1601741 said, this kind of information contextualizes a person's life. This context is very helpful for historians and anthropologists. Between this and purposefully obfuscating medical information and criminal statistics, I'm starting the trans liberation is going to push us into an informational dark age lmao

No. 1601798

Since men tend to be more violent than women, does that means that TIFs taking male hormones will also make them more violent? A lot of them hate fujoshis. Could this actually lead to one of them trying to physically attack a fujoshi?

No. 1601830

Because good Muslim women aren’t allowed to be interested in sex, clearly the fact that she cooms to yaoi means that she’s a tru tranz gay boi on the inside!

No. 1601891

you would think archeologists would be more sane about this but the younger ones are very much not. I have a degree in archeology and during one of my field schools we had to do a pronoun circle and i was the only woman in a group of 40 who refused lmfao. this new generation is literally turning every established scientific discipline on its head for men's fetishes (and women's unhealthy coping mechanisms) while our professors look on in helpless bewilderment

No. 1601902

Another recent university anon; it is a total fucking joke now. I went to a half arts half STEM university and every single fucking professor was MANDATED to list their pronouns in their emails, and at least 25% of all my online classes had people with their name and then pronouns ("nonnie (she/her)") no matter the class, no matter the demographic. I had a class where half the class was literally spent talking about a nonbinary headcanon for some anime character.
I worry a lot for zoomers

No. 1601925

To religious people who are religious in nothing but name, then suddenly amp up their holiness for religious events - I thought your gods see you when you're sleeping, know when you're awake, and know if you've been bad or good. So he can see you masturbate to trannies whatever month it is.

Sure people reconcile their religions with their sexuality, but that doesn't change what their holy books or the rest of their community will say. For example the quran says gays should be killed, and this girl seems to like girls albeit of the tif flavour.

No. 1601948

Yes I had a FTM friend who got really aggro and loud when she started taking T. It fucks with you

No. 1601953

Trannies on either end are going to feel the effects of this shit HARD in years to come, be it contaminated vials or various internal fuckups or cancer. I don’t feel bad for them.

No. 1602049

No, for three reasons. First, Aidens are often fujoshis themselves, despite vehemently rejecting the label. Their hatred of other fujoshis is just performative, it's their way of trying to prove to other people that they're True And Honest gay men and therefore have a "right" to enjoy gay porn because they aren't "fetishizing" it. Second, it's rare for fujoshis to meet each other IRL without intentionally going out of their way to do it. Third, even chemically unstable women on steroids have female socialization, and are usually too scared of being judged by other people to throw hands in real life. They'd probably just get into an argument and run away crying, then whine about it on Twitter.

No. 1602051

They're just as anti-science as climate change deniers. Horseshoe theory in action.

No. 1602055

>your gods see you when you're sleeping, know when you're awake, and know if you've been bad or good.
I think you have God mixed up with Santa Claus. Not that there's much of a difference, lmao.

No. 1602063

File: 1659174900623.png (43.54 KB, 593x318, misogyny.png)

This reply to the original thread of Tweets almost drove me to a-log. Notice how female historical figures are almost always the ones they strip of their identities like this. There are hundreds of male pharaohs, yet they just happen choose to do this to one of the few female ones.

The false beard worn by pharaohs was just part of their regalia, like the crook and flail. Hatshepsut probably didn't even wear it very often in real life, she's just depicted with it in art and statues as a way of signifying that she was pharaoh. Even then, there are many statues where she doesn't have it. This is basically like saying Elizabeth I wasn't a woman because her subjects at the time jokingly referred to her as a "female king."

It's almost as though they think women in the past enjoyed being subjugated, and that if they did anything to oppose that mistreatment, they must secretly have wanted to be men. Here's a thought: maybe women deviated from their gender stereotypes because they didn't like being treated like fucking property! I swear to Christ, if these retards start saying that Rosa Bonheur wasn't a woman, there will be blood.

No. 1602073

The more I hear about modern universities the more I want to liquidise my three sisters university savings and encourage them to become village idiots. At this point the village idiot is more informed than your average uni student.

No. 1602154

I feel the same, Spisak is so talented and I love his work. I hate this.

No. 1602256

Ayrt yeah that was the joke

No. 1602258

The point of porn is to fetishise something though so their "stop fetishising yaoi" thing doesn't even work

No. 1602285

I fucking hate that they put my girl Hatshepsut in their trans agenda. Leave HER alone. The called herself pharaoh because there literally wasn't a word for "female king." King was king. Next thing they'll be saying was that Neithotep was trans. Get the fuck out of Egyptology, retards

No. 1602414

I got my master's degree in bioarchaeology
these people are absolutely the worst type of mother fuckers in the field. While yes, there are instances of "two-spirit" type skeletal samples in the archeological record….how the fuck do they think archeologists were able to determine they were two spirit? By seeing their biological sex and comparing them to other skeletal samples of the same sex and seeing different cultural expectations of gender. You literally have to know their sex to know they're "Trans". Any fucking retard that is in the field that doesn't understand why determining sex in bioarchaeology is necessary to understand literally anything about a sample population will never get funding, nor do they deserve the funding to do research. Finding skeletal remains is already rare enough depending on the region you are excavating and the likelihood you find a "trans" skeletal sample is so astronomically small that it doesn't even fucking matter in the initial research.

Sage for sperg

No. 1602421

Also to add more, the fact that they feel like they aren't given enough of a platform to "center Trans voices" or fucking whatever is ridiculous because they are so fucking coddled in the field of anthropology to the point that it is pathetic. There was a girl in my cohort who was a Tif who did the bare fucking minimum for any of our classes or her research yet managed to keep getting special exceptions for not meeting deadlines on her work, when these exceptions were never acceptable for anyone else. Even at anthropology conferences you'll see men walking around in dresses with their dicks hanging out whining about Trans rights and they always get treated like they're so fucking smart regardless of whatever bullshit comes out of their mouths

I just wanted to dig bones and contribute to the understandings of human culture anons

No. 1602439

TIFs in Japan hook up with other girls in lesbian bars, they're not as delulu.

No. 1602481

Yeah I met TIFs in lesbian bars when I was in Japan on my honeymoon. They were chill and celebrated with my wife and I. They acted like any other lesbian there. That being said, I don't see their sanity holding out for long though. It's only a matter of time before the ideology spreads further and it's already getting worse. A bar owner was telling my wife and I how she barred one TIF for talking about how she's a biological male because of HRT, so the owner turned it back on her and told her to GTFO because males are banned, kek.

No. 1602482

I'm so sorry, anon. My profession is infested with them, too, but the small business I currently work for is staffed entirely by normal women. I hope you find a similar work environment at some point, but in the meantime you're going to have to tough it out.

No. 1602526

File: 1659217577830.png (185.97 KB, 1044x694, Screen Shot 2022-07-30 at 2.33…)

this is so sad honestly

No. 1602532

I genuinely feel so bad for her.

No. 1602541

biohazard symbol? this bitch has hiv too lmao?

No. 1602559

People are dying from covid, her mother has late stage cancer, tons of awful shit is going on in the world, and she's upset that people can't see her pube beard? Cry me a river. And maybe stop trespassing in the mens room if you don't want to get assaulted.

No. 1602601

File: 1659221887241.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.55 MB, 1170x1860, AADEDA2D-F4BC-4604-BA5A-0D118E…)

(Spoilered just in case) I don’t understand how they cannot kill themselves when they look like this

No. 1602605

My mistake. This one identifies as a “cis woman” but takes testosterone? How does that even make sense.

No. 1602614

Idk, makes more sense than the ones who think it makes them real men.

No. 1602636

Why is she pumping herself with male hormones then?

No. 1602652


i've seen women take T for weird sexual purposes, like enlarging their clits. fucked up.

No. 1602659

File: 1659226483850.png (35.94 KB, 594x362, utada.png)

i'm afraid it might be. japan is horribly sexist

No. 1602729

>japan is horribly sexist
not saying i disagree, but in what way do you mean?

No. 1602754


Strict gender roles. Women expected to be ultra-femme and demure. Extreme sexualization of underage girls. I can see why girls living there would want to opt out of womanhood. (I'm not trying to racebait or something, I feel sympathetic to those women.)

No. 1602826

It say homosexuals should be killed, those are straight couples.

No. 1602998

To the delusional tranny that keeps posting schizophrenic, unmedicated psychobabble shit every few hours: please keep your posts up instead of deleting it every 20 minutes so we can all point and laugh at you.

No. 1603073

You’re deluding yourself if you think Japanese people are interpreting it in any other way. The American brainrot is infecting everyone. Anyone that has access to the internet is seeing the same shit you’re seeing

No. 1603113

somewhat related, americans really underestimate how anglo-centric higher education is around the world, pretty much everything comes from western nations

No. 1603161

He just dropped his Silco cosplay on Arcane and I am sad because it looks great, but knowing the relationship just makes me wanna throw the whole man in the trash.

No. 1603222

>men run screaming
lmao how

No. 1603256

Ty anon I actually started working as an office administrator for a corporation when I realized how much I wanted to get out of the field and all the women i work with have an understanding of reality and aren't into the tra nonsense. It is honestly insane to me how night and day it is

No. 1603347

At the very least they’re two consenting adults and he didn’t cheat on his (now ex) wife or something. Seems like they’re both just living out a cringey fantasy with each other. It won’t last.

No. 1603373

I was wondering too. Like, what? I’ve used the mens bathroom in an emergency before and just got some weird looks, explained myself, used it and left. Most men are just rightfully awkward about it but it’s not like they’re afraid of some woman being in the restroom.

No. 1603693

When I found that people from non-English speaking countries buy and read manga in English even when it's available in their native language, I understood how anglo-centric everything is.

No. 1603738

"Why is this being downvoted"
Cause it's a fucking lie dipshit

No. 1603769

Still he’s preying on a clearly mentally ill woman by using his status as the voice actor for her favorite character. I wish there was a boundary between fan and creator, it never ends well when they meet.

No. 1603801

Yeah I'm butch and get mistaken for a TIF a fair bit and the few times I've had to use the mens room the responses have ranged from ice cold glares (totally understandable), "wait, you're a woman!" to "just do your business and go". No one runs away, let alone screams. Moids do not fear women, not even if you're a roided up TIF with a beard! I'm over 6'0 and a bodybuilder and they might make a rude comment about my appearance but they never fear me (that's more often the response in the ladies room). That part is a pure Aiden power and/or oppression fantasy, kek.

No. 1603832

Yes I love posting about having to use the mens room because of brainlets like you. Oooh that really makes my shenis hard! If I didn't nerf myself with HRT I'd be so close to climax!