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File: 1629319862947.png (2.92 MB, 2082x1422, fakebois.png)

No. 1303022

Old Threads by order of recency:

This thread is for posting and discussing cringey fakebois who may or may not deserve their own threads.

Fakebois are girls who pretend to be boys for attention, either as trannies or biological males (usually the former).

Fakebois style and present themselves as androgynous or feminine-looking young men, even wearing girls' clothing and make-up. They insist on being addressed with he/him (or occasionally they/them) pronouns and take great offense at being gendered as female. Some are SJW transactivists, but for most their identities are entirely superficial.

Reminder to "truescums" and "transmeds": Nobody cares about how [[[100% REAL]]] your or any other tranny's ~dysphoria~ is. Don't derail about how you're actually a true troon unlike everyone else, save it for your twitter feed.

No. 1303027

File: 1629320152277.png (697.15 KB, 751x1712, vanessa.png)

Made a new thread so I could a-log about this lunatic who is actually a professional journalist who writes for Slate. This is actually straight up evil, testosterone isn't a magic drug, it fucks up your body permanently and gives long term health conditions like eventually needing a hysterectomy.

And yes, I have noticed that every single tumblr/lj anachan I knew from five to ten years ago is now a trans man. That's not an improvement.

No. 1303039

this is repugnant. I have to log off.

No. 1303062

>So can someone explain to me why pregnant ftms are a thing?
Their desire to have a child overrides their internalized misogyny for 9 months. There's also retarded pooners out there who still have PiV sex and assume they can't get pregnant anymore because their period became almost non-existent after a few months on T.
>Where the hell is the logic in this?
There isn't. They just repeat "men get pregnant too" ad nauseam and pretend pregnancy has nothing to do with being female.

No. 1303094

That happened to dome dumbass fakeboi on 4chan didn’t it? Or was that just an attention grab?

No. 1303148

File: 1629329657082.png (187.25 KB, 1080x248, whew.png)

kek I called this thread "please use contraception" partly because of that fakeboi. She also self-posted in the last thread a few times too.

Also one of the girls on the banner (the one feeding the baby) says in a video about her that she didn't even realise she was pregnant. picrel >>1283308

That said mpreg is a pretty common thing in ABO fic, so maybe some of them get off on it too.

No. 1303188

Imagine telling an ana-chan to get her tits removed as "treatment"

No. 1303283


>"Dear parents, there is one miracle procedure that solves all your child's mental health problems instantly: Lobotomy."

That's what this reads like and it's disgusting. No mental illness should ever be treated with surgery, it's ethically wrong and I hate the person who once upon a time decided that gender dysphoria was an exception.

No. 1303292

File: 1629350254252.png (1.23 MB, 1188x1114, Screen Shot 2021-08-18 at 10.1…)

This is tragic.

No. 1303314

Sage for blogpost but I can't even find the words to describe how much this angers me. I've struggled with eating disorders, self harm and other mental issues for many years. I also identified as trans and desisted once I realized that my dysphoria was a result of trauma, autism and body dysmorphia. In hindsight, transitioning would have made everything worse in the long run. Whoever this Evan guy is, I hope someone pisses in his cereal for the rest of his miserable life.

No. 1303323

imagine giving yourself permanent, irreversible facial hair that you will have to shave off every day for the rest of your life.

No. 1303333

File: 1629358602817.jpeg (155.54 KB, 750x507, 5DB59096-0642-4618-A9D3-9B574B…)

She’s a trans man, formerly named Vanessa. I’ve come across so many disgusting MtF coomer rapists and yet somehow this woman promoting transition as a “miracle cure” for self harming young woman to parents makes me feel the most ill. I guess it’s true sometimes that the most evil shit had a smiling, earnest face.

No. 1303363

The irony of the only thing needed to change a beautiful girl into a gross neckbeard is HRT yet it doesn't work in reverse.

No. 1303376

It's fucking evil. Like ok you want to play pretend for the rest of your life? Fine. Your life, your choice. But ffs don't promote it as a wonder cure to things like self-harm and eating disorders which are VERY common among teenage girls. I have a history of mental health issues and even got diagnosed with "dysphoria" but when I had a testosterone spike from PCOS and started getting hairier I freaked the fuck out, and that's just a fraction of your average T dose for FTMs. I can't imagine the panic a girl would feel when those effects kick in. No wonder suicidal ideation and attempts are so common. And Evan is allegedly one of the "sane" trannies.

No. 1303394

Do people ever snap out of it? How would you even try to undo this kind of damage?

No. 1303396

She still calls herself a woman. I can't decide if I hate more people thinking that they were born in the wrong body or transhumanism shits like that.

No. 1303407

Pregory looking fucker right here.

No. 1303611

File: 1629393260520.jpg (173.81 KB, 539x659, 20210819_131222.jpg)


No. 1303616

anything to be different

No. 1303675

File: 1629397282599.jpeg (100.33 KB, 1280x506, lel.jpeg)

I'm a former figure skater this gave me a huge laugh. There's such a massive difference in tech between men and women and the scoring for men is more heavily based on quads/jumps/endurance compared to how you can sometimes get talented women who get better overall scores even with less complicated jumps than their competitors. (See: the YuNa Kim vs. Mao Asada rivalry, I highly recommend watching their competing routines if you wanna see some sublime competition in women's sports.)

That said, part of me is kinda tempted to troll True and Honest twitter by claiming it's another sign of trans man privilege.

(On a more serious note, I do have some major concerns around this opening up the sport on the female side to things like puberty blockers. Puberty is one of the things that can seriously derail a female skater's career, many girls never recover. I wonder what would happen if someone claimed to be trans/nb and went on blockers, would they be taken out of the women's div the moment they took T? It would be doping.)

No. 1303708

Yeah there’s a whole detrans subreddit and lots of detransitioned people on Twitter and Youtube who talk about their experiences with leaving the gender cult. It’s mostly girls (FtMtF) who realized they only wanted to transition because they’re autistic, didn’t fit in with their female classmates, had internalized homophobia and wanted to be a handsome boy instead of a gross dyke, and hated their female bodies due to puberty and sadly sexual trauma in many cases.

No. 1303731

File: 1629400019433.jpg (643.96 KB, 971x1788, Screenshot_20210819-140539_Bra…)

the logic makes no sense

No. 1303840

File: 1629403932769.jpg (78.84 KB, 768x576, ranieresalzman.jpg)

so she transitioned into Keith raniere

No. 1303853

She says she's a butch woman though, not a man

No. 1303856

File: 1629404761342.jpg (172.58 KB, 900x1470, 71k9zhY1DwL.jpg)

Her endocrine system is working overtime to keep her sane, but it's all just a game for her. Just some bodymod, just a little bit of T, teehee~ if you're not the girliest girl who had ever girl'd you should do it too!

Btw, but this crazy logic ("i'm butch therefore i'm trans") isn't new. Picrel, published in the 90s.

No. 1303857

still has the gendie brain rot

No. 1303860

In a way I almost prefer this… yes it is absolutely still fucked, but much easier for girls to come back from this than from being FTM. They still identify as girls somewhat, there won't be a huge pressure to continue with surgery as there's no expectation for it, no need to publicly detransition because they already publicly ID as lesbians, and it's easy to stop T without anyone noticing when you don't pass to begin with.
It's still insanely harmful to the body and I hate to think of what it does to them psychologically, but idk, if they have to do it at all at least this is the 'safest' option.

No. 1303869

Past a certain point it's almost like extreme body mod. I don't think it's common among HRT-users, though.
I took a class in college where we read another of her books and I struggled to grasp a lot of the xi/xir gender stuff at the time (10 years ago) now my youngest sister knows numerous classmates who identify this way. Crazy.

No. 1303901

Oh yeah that's a very butch outfit there, a womans top showcasing her tits. Fucking idiot can't even figure out what butch is. I hate this twisting of specific labels definitions. Like how fat chicks on T think they're twinks because they look like 12 y/o boys.

Feinberg is a dark stain on lesbian history. In Stone Butch Blues (technically fiction but heavily inspired by her life) she writes about how when she lived as a "man" she had sex with a straight woman by stuffing a strap on in her trousers, that's rape by deception and it's never touched upon that maybe, just maybe, that's a little bit fucked up.

Yeah this is marginally preferable. Still harmful but I think it would be easier to talk sense with someone who at least acknowledges their womanhood.

No. 1303923

Unless these women have a shitload of money, it won't be easy reversing male-pattern baldness, excess body hair and the damage done on their reproductive system (if it isn't completely destroyed during their ~journey~, like it happened to Buck Angel). Also, the effects on their voice are irreversible. Deep frog voice for life.
Yeah, they've only drank half of the Gender Cult's kool-aid and so they won't be pushed down the path of deleting their tits or getting a fleshsock attached to their groin, but they're still fucked either way.

Whoever is pushing this (T for XX and E for XY), they're making bank. It's a gold rush and I don't see it stopping any time soon.

No. 1303924

she can call herself a butch lesbian all she wants. Now I don’t speak for all lesbians but I like my butch women to still look like women.

If she only thinks she looks sexier 40 pounds heavier and with so much hair she’s either got the brain rot or she’s just straight.

No. 1304066

I agree. On a surface level it's easy to relate to her if you're a masculine woman who also felt punished and ostracized for your masculinity and orientation, but if you spend any time actually reading and analyzing what she has to say she's just as insane as the rest of them. Marginally less so in that she can acknowledge her womanhood but still fucked. I can't believe everybody just skipped past the rape in stone butch blues and yass king'ed her for being so brave. Blogging a little but I had friends who pointed it out and nobody ever cared and those posts never gained traction. I guess it didn't fit with the narrative.

No. 1304139

TRAs recommend SBB left and right to anyone vaguely lesbian, but clam up as soon as you mention the rape scenes. Absolute clownery.

No. 1304204

lol I was just about to post this. why would anyone want to look like that? mental illness I know but jfc way to make yourself look like the stereotypical "bearded lady" at a freakshow.

No. 1304426

Didn’t the detrans sub get banned though?

No. 1304445

nope still here.

No. 1305008

>she had sex with a straight woman by stuffing a strap on in her trousers
100% a degenerate fantasy. It being in a shitty book doesn't give it any more credibility than Reddit posts where post-op AGPs claim to have to have passed during sex with "lesbians."
In old photos, I suppose she passes as a really unfortunate looking, terminally ill man. However, straight women generally aren't attracted to "guys" who look like prepubescent cancer patients. This nonsense also reinforces the retarded narrative that gay people are chomping at the bit to rape and/or "turn" straights.

No. 1305053

File: 1629503704841.jpeg (228.66 KB, 828x1472, 831A6479-1A5A-4512-B3B8-8E8CE1…)

Another day of no self awareness on the bird site

No. 1305062

I wouldn't be surprised if they're still teaching her stuff in LGBT lit classes. No wonder so many normal gays leave college confused. Between this and the peer pressuring that goes on on campus.

No. 1305138

it's upsetting to me that a lesbian or bi woman would be shit on for saying the same thing about other women.

No. 1305196

that's so gay i can't

No. 1305342

it was on the reading list for one of my lit classes last semester, but we didn't get around to reading it. i only saw on wikipedia that she was a lesbian who got raped repeatedly and that, for me, explained why she begins identifying as male. i don't know why people always gloss over horrible trauma in a trans person's history and never connect the dots.

No. 1305362

IKR. If a lesbian started tweeting about tribbing with her gf she's be hit with "umm ok good for you but it's the way you associate pussy with womanhood for me". Fucking depressing.

That's another thing about SBB, there's a very clear correlation between trauma and trooning out but it's never mentioned. You can only discuss gender shit as a positive.

No. 1305365

Either that or she would get told that tribbing "isn't even good" by a TIM.

No. 1305547

sounds pretty good ngl
i hope mine grows soon

No. 1305575


No. 1305588

You’ll always be a woman no matter how much scraggly hair sprouts from your mutated body

No. 1305590

>i don't know why people always gloss over horrible trauma in a trans person's history and never connect the dots.
Because if the trauma aspect is discussed their ideology begins to crumble (right along with Big Pharma's dirty business with TRAs). Abigail Shrier pointed that out on Irreversible Damage and people went at her throat.

Ignore it, it's either a TIF or a scrote.

No. 1305621

If you're so content in your transness, why are you lurking in this thread? Could it be you're not so sure of it after all? Don't worry, many of us peaked after reading these threads, there's no shame in admitting you're wrong.

No. 1305628

File: 1629578119014.webm (541.57 KB, 576x1024, It's Just Different Clothing.w…)

This is just wearing different outfits, How can anyone take this seriously ?

No. 1305689

Zoomers on tiktok can't just wear clothes, they gotta craft a whole identity for it first.

No. 1305699

love how the she/her is showing body contour, then progressing to hiding body and focusing on her face as a hehim. Almost like the societal view of women is degrading and misled young women try to escape it and be seen as humans. I'm sure this is very effective and not a soul knows she is a female she she assumes the boy stance at her phone.

No. 1305758

Idea for trolling fakebois: Since pronouns aren't gender identity, can I be a she/her transman? Or can I make neo-pronouns shee/hurr and narcissistically demand people to use them backwards. So instead of "She drives her car", it would be "Hurr drives shee car". Saying trans men need to use he/him pronouns is "cisnormative" and transphobic after all.

No. 1305862

>why are you lurking this thread
because it's amusing
same reason you might lurk in tranny threads or follow tranny twitter
at least I'll pass as male (pussyboy), that's good enough for me

No. 1305866

You type like a woman

No. 1305906

kek I would love to see this happen, do you think anyone has?

It's so painfully evident that it's trauma telling these girls that their feminine nature is "bad" so much that they feel they need to do this to feel comfortable.

No. 1306113

>at least I'll pass as male (pussyboy)
People will only ever see you as a hairy woman with a frog voice and a mental illness. "Pussyboys" do not exist, please return to reality as soon as you can.

No. 1306122

>same reason you might lurk in tranny threads or follow tranny twitter

Honey, I'm lurking because I used to identify as trans because I was a severely dysphoric woman and it's always interesting for me to see the mental gymnastics and "arguments" y'all come up with to reassure yourself that you're "truly trans". Jokes on you, that's what I thought as well, until I realized that gender dysphoria can be caused by many, many different things, and in particular if you're female. But if you'd like to think we have the same reasons, sure.

No. 1306145

Please continue to hateread these threads, eventually the evidence that being trans is a trend and a mental illness will overwhelm you and you'll peak and detransition.

No. 1306252

>pass as male (pussyboy)
we understand it, your only motive of transition was for the excess of pornography

No. 1306255

so much for dysphoria kek

No. 1306269

File: 1629661934868.jpeg (32.36 KB, 323x365, 79FC98A9-1FEA-41AD-97E0-5E5645…)

>I was a severely dysphoric woman and it's always interesting for me to see the mental gymnastics and "arguments" y'all come up with to reassure yourself that you're "truly trans". Jokes on you, that's what I thought as well

Lol figures lolcow is full of ex-transmeds. "Transmedicalism" is a woman's mentality, excluding other women because of jealousy and your own self-loathing. Men don't care about that kind of shit.

Being a cuntman is based. Sorry it wasn't for you, but your thought process of "Well I regretted I'm gonna make sure no one gets to enjoy it," is part of the reason no one took you seriously as a man. And why in general people don't take women (especially straight women) seriously.

Living as a man is easy if you conform to the societal expectations of men. Which none of you did, as is evident.

Guess which thread subject I am.(no1curr)

No. 1306277

no amount of learned 4chan edgelord writing will change you sounding like the girl you are

No. 1306282

File: 1629663089138.jpeg (355.14 KB, 828x822, 96FBE883-4797-406A-A3D7-681A87…)



Eat this pussy, jannies(gross)

No. 1306299

>straight women larping as lesbians and unironically thinking they're oppressed by men and trannies

Straight women never apologized for making men misogynistic, nor did they apologize to lesbians for making people unironically think lesbians are anti-GBT

I'm bored and high lol ban me or something(as you wish )

No. 1306301

If you're a thread subject you should knock this shit off and take care of your child.

No. 1306307

>TIF who can only aspire to being a "pussyboi"
>Can't even grow a beard
>Hatelurks on lolcow of all places, says it's "amusing"
>MOTI about lesbians not liking troons, insists they must secretly be straight women
>"hi mod, ban me"
If you want to make people mad, you might want to stop dropping info that could make them pity you.

No. 1306312

Bruh there's like three of us trolling this thread

No. 1306313

You'd think if she's gonna go to the effort of hormone injections to make her voice more masculine, she'd at least try to use less of a typical woman's speaking affectation. I have second hand embarassment kek.

No. 1306321

'nother thread subject chiming in

https://voca.ro/1gUY34yAPILU(autistic tranny)

No. 1306326

Youre a damaged mentally ill girl that hates her body and larp as a male. Sane people laugh at you kek

No. 1306329

this is so funny. trannies are so damaged, mentally ill, worthless individuals. men dont see you as male. Youre still a roastie to them and you’ll never escape misogyny kek
Let me guess, you have trauma which is why youre trans? Kek

No. 1306330

i >>1306321 am a different person you glue-eating retard

No. 1306333

File: 1629666233117.jpg (87.81 KB, 640x720, lioqdr9r49v51.jpg)

No. 1306335

Ah, I see you went to the PhilosophyTube school of Talking Like a Posh Faggot with a Speech Impediment.

No. 1306336

So you really all sound this similar?

No. 1306337

File: 1629666413519.jpg (72.13 KB, 500x701, gnaisqyjpv271.jpg)

(pooner autism)

No. 1306339

File: 1629666518040.jpeg (504.66 KB, 828x829, 5B577ED7-6E9C-4D4B-B229-22C651…)

Misogyny doesn't exist lol.

I used to think people were misogynistic towards me, but turns out that was homophobia and straight women were the worst perpetrators of it

Lemme guess, you're a straight woman turned gayden returned political lesbian?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1306340

Bad bait. Taking incel talking points wont make you a male.

No. 1306342

i think its one schizo tranny or scrote clogging up this thread.

No. 1306343

>Lol figures lolcow is full of ex-transmeds. "Transmedicalism" is a woman's mentality, excluding other women because of jealousy and your own self-loathing. Men don't care about that kind of shit.
That's retarded. Transmedicalism is more "male" because it's rational and scientific and based unironically on facts and logic while tucuteism (??) is based on feelings and superstition, so more female (based on traditional gender stereotypes of course). There are more women who truly believe in gender identity that men, that's a fact, the same way there are more women who are religious, have spiritual beliefs etc. Very weird cope on your part to pretend it's the other way around tbh(responding to bait)

No. 1306344

I mean both voice recordings were obviously female, they could be recycled if it's a scrote but this seems like just a sad attempt at a raid from tif frequenters of /tttt/. Funny how they think "roastie" would be hurtful coming from female owners of labia lmao.

No. 1306345

>incel talking points

Lol retard, it's the talking point of someone who's lived as and appears male to strangers. Did you make it far enough to getting on T or did you only get up to the blue-haired "truscum" aidan phase?

No. 1306350

>seething roastie who takes a girl gossip seriously pretending truscums are malebrained
Now you see why YWNBAM, ayden

No. 1306352

can we ignore the bait like in the mtf thread? These abominations just want attention

No. 1306357

Why are all fakebois ugly white girls?

No. 1306358

I think theyre from kiwi or 4chan. trannies seethe at lolcow kek

No. 1306359

kek do you think I'm a transmed ayden? Don't worry I think you're all equally retarded, just saying your view of gender roles is very strange and unnatural and warped into a sad cope for why you're totally not like the other girls. Hope you get better

No. 1306360

Gotta get them oppression points somehow!

No. 1306362

I'm literally MTF but go off, roastie lmao(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1306365

interesting how we never see mtf trooncels defend ayydens to the extent fakebois will defend them and their nasty dilated pus wounds, i wonder why that is?

No. 1306376

I noticed it's mostly an Anglo problem, but I don't think it has anything to do with racial/ethnic groups since most of them are middle-class and above (a few poorfags & working class here and there).

No. 1306387

Kek I'm saving this

Also fucking stop responding to the hatescrolling coping /tttt/ aidens, they want attention and that's what you all are giving to her

No. 1306389

Well you see more ugly fat girls doing it because they can't compete with pretty and average girls so its easier to say fuck it "I'm a man/they" than admit you're ugly.
They're mostly white girls because of more liberalism in high income western societies or at least subcultures, they don't have much issues and have more free time to focus on inane shit that'll feed their ego.
I do think the individualistic irreligious nature of some anglo cultures can make people feel isolated and aimless so its easier for trends like this to flourish to feed people's ego.
They also want to be taken more seriously and be seen as edgy but they get away with this behaviour because no one is threatened by a fat white girl calling themselves they/them and crossdressing in the west therefore people don't really care.

No. 1306393

How the hell do you deduce that they're "competing" with the "prettier girls"? A woman's worth shouldn't be based on how attractive she is to the scrotes around her and the reason they troon out is exactly because they're constantly ridiculed for not conforming to the expectations of performative femininity or feel insecure and fake doing so. And as for why they're "all white girls" it might be because they have the best access to the online anglosphere you visit unlike a lot of the non-English speaking fakebois. Young women trooning out to escape the openly misogynist society is a massive phenomenon in India for example, pushed by various big pharma lobbyists. There's a whole ass documentary about it and it's called "Dysphoric" by Vaishnavi Sundar, it's available on Youtube.

Why are male troons hatescrolling this thread anyway? Angry that these cisbitches threw away and dismissed their femininity while you're stuck being a fridge with a rot pocket?

No. 1306399

The incel to tranny pipeline is fuckin real

No. 1306422

Lol that happened to me

No. 1306427

Uglier women are not valued to the extent of prettier girls at all and can't compete. I didn't say women's worth is based on attractiveness, but that's how it is irl so its easier for some to give up early on and rebel in the opposite direction.
I've already stated that more income and a liberal environment helps these girls troon out in the west, are you really trying to say non-liberal cultures outside of that will make it easy for females to troon out, most non-western cultures with third genders are for gay men.
Trooning out is not a big phenomenon outside of Japan, Thailand, Iran and the West.

No. 1306433

Forgot to add some parts of south america, tho there's more of an increase in mtfs but still there's an increase of ftms too. Enbies have it hard cause of how Spanish and Portuguese is gendered lol

No. 1306442

you sound german. are you taking advantage of the german healthcare system to fund your larp? cringe.

No. 1306444

File: 1629675218237.jpg (27.49 KB, 214x275, 1612197804940.jpg)

>F-fucken roasties..!
Whew, you sure got us there buddy.

No. 1306549

File: 1629683821427.jpeg (30.96 KB, 415x130, 7078C9A4-4B54-4654-ABB4-B8632A…)

Ftm loli artist here.
When you motherfuckers gonna retrans so I can have more hot boyfriends? Detrans is a Jewish psy-op. All women should be transitioned for the sake of the empire.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1306578

>Enbies have it hard cause of how Spanish and Portuguese is gendered lol
I’m glad, but the tranny cult is really pushing hard the ~mby speech~ with shit like “elle” or “latinx” not everyone buys it, but it’s on social media and such.
I miss the satanic panic days.

No. 1306657

File: 1629695508057.bmp (Spoiler Image, 371.1 KB, 2048x1453, E9bL1GSXoAEh0YQ.bmp)

Why does every TIF artist have the same fugly ass style with the same fugly ass version of hairy manlet with dark hair for an OC that they obsess over? You can spot them from a mile away, it's so pathetic.

No. 1306660

File: 1629695809545.bmp (Spoiler Image, 1.26 MB, 3977x4096, E85AYSGWYAIS_qQ.bmp)

Case in point.

No. 1306666

6’8? she’s so stubby and those thumbs look like mini dicks

No. 1306676

Go back to twitter faggot

No. 1306679

The first one I unironically liked the concept, this character could work in a freaky graphic novel.
The second one I saw countless clones on tumblr, it's same art style and alt aesthetic (piercings, tattoos, a bit of blush on lips, nose and cheekbones) minus bodyhair. lol
>Why does every TIF artist have the same fugly ass style with the same fugly ass version of hairy manlet with dark hair for an OC that they obsess over?
Idk, maybe it's their default man-sona.

No. 1306685

It's the genderbent version of every troon who either imagines themselves as a big titty goth animu girl or super skinny dream loli.

No. 1306696

The fact that they even "troll" like insecure women is cracking me up. Can't help but post their retarded little voice notes that intimidate nobody, call women r-roasties to try and fit in with their male counterparts, then end up getting triggered themselves. It's not even annoying or upsetting, it's just hilarious

In the MTF thread the seething trannies spam gore of dead women and kids like typical mentally unhinged men, they prove everybody's points without even trying or realizing

No. 1306717

But anon did you not see the sassy Carlton Banks pictures? That totally pwned our basic logic! Kek. I'd bet anything that "AMAB" was fake too. Males caring about females? Nah, I don't buy it.

No. 1306721

The one calling women roasties and spewing incel tier shit was a MTF, he admitted it himself. >>1306362

No. 1306724

Good ol' male vs female socialization.
Had a hearty kek at that, it's exactly what it is.

No. 1306730

Is there a reason why almost all of them call themselves some retarded variation of *-boi instead of man? Could it be that this their subconscious telling them they'll never look like any more than a pimple faced tomboy with hirsutism? kek

No. 1306736

Most Aydens don't wanna be "men" (I mean who does) they want to be a eternally cute and carefree boys, sorta like TIMs desire to be fantasized hypersexual teen girl

No. 1306740

I love how my radar spotted the crossdresser gay man in denial several posts before admitting it. These retards think their entitled larps are believable.

No. 1306747

Reminds me of Onision's wet napkin Taylaineykai trooning out but iirc when probed, she said she only wants a deeper voice.

Theydar on point, kek.

No. 1306754

Lmfao is this that stuttering tranny from the femdom video in the mtf thread? He sounds exactly like him.

No. 1306767

I always have a hearty kek when fakeboi artists draw """transmasc"" characters like plain old males they slap a pussy on.
>o-of course trans men can be this tall!!! I'm not at all coping because I'm a 5'2" girl who can't even look at my elderly grandmother in the eye because she's taller than me.

No. 1306792

File: 1629718801661.jpg (275.2 KB, 1080x1494, Screenshot_20210823-133018_Pho…)

It's funny when fakebois keep whining about misogyny, refering to men as "you guys"
Aren't you supposed to be a 'man', too? lol

Also that profile pic, I never watched danganropa but I always associate that charcter with trannies. Even if the flag wasn't there it would still be a dead giveaway

No. 1306799

Convinced this is how they look in their heads now that they have a tiny patch of chesthair. Gurl, you will never be Guts from Berserk your name is literally Emily and up until a few years ago you carried around a One Direction Trapper Keeper. Why do Aidens have such a hard time differentiating between "I find him attractive" and "I need to become him" is this your brain on endless yaoi?

No. 1306820

not even surprised its a danganronpa tranny, they all have awful takes and retard/retardself pronouns

No. 1306882

Idk why but Komaeda is a fakeboi magnet

No. 1306885

File: 1629733105524.jpeg (190.67 KB, 1366x768, DCE06F11-E41A-4CE3-A19A-66542B…)

Same, he seems hard as fuck to project onto since he’s always been depicted as not a tranny and just a gay guy.

No. 1306891

I don’t get it either. Is it because he’s extremely self depreciating? It would make sense if they identified with that

No. 1306904

It's autoandrophilia at work. Get close to whoever draws this, and you'll eventually find out they also have some kind of intense gore/mutilation fetish, among others.
Many TIFs are (or used to be) furries, too. Like half of them would draw spakledog OCs and shit back in the day.
You know how TiMs have the whole HSTS vs AGP thing? Someone needs to make the same dichotomy for TIFs. There's AAPs (women with paraphilias, ranging from soft fujoshi "I'm an uke" types to the more "extreme" range, which typically have a lot of kinks all at once, and a big thing for hair and muscles) and then there's very tomboyish/masc-leaning self-hating lesbians.

No. 1306915

I know a bunch that are obsessed with big bear type anime men. Idk what category this puts them in.

No. 1306921

I think the furry relation has to do with dissociation and mental illness. Making a dog alter ego on the internet and the development of a new male alter ego aren't that different.

No. 1306986

I think that it's for the same reason TiMs project into characters like Samus Aran or similars. If they can't get their waifu/husbando, they want to become their waifu/husbando.

No. 1307100

>Fakebois glom onto an expy of Kaworu, the OG fujobait
God, they're all so steretyically feminine it makes my head spin

No. 1307114

So it’s no different from the Blanchard typology. Its just “straight women who troon out act like this” and “gay women who troon out act like this”.

No. 1307244

sage for weebsperg but
All the girls/fakebois who like him are certified yaoi brain rot basketcases.

No. 1307402

It’ll never not be funny to me how much they latch onto characters specifically made for women (Komaeda, Kaworu, Akechi, Ouma, Genshin bishounens, etc) and then get mad if you point out that they’re characters made for women.

No. 1307403

He’s literally the only good character in DR2 though.
Sage for more weeb sperg

No. 1307404

they all suck, including komaeda

No. 1307420

He’s fucking nuts just like them

No. 1307479


The funniest thing about Evan Urquhart is that she’s always making statements like this putting down older people, but it’s painfully obvious that she’s doing it in the hope that no one will notice that she’s in her forties

No. 1307531

Gundam and Sonia do not suck

No. 1307576

File: 1629824873053.jpeg (136.74 KB, 720x960, 239F66F9-0D4E-4429-81C7-613DD4…)

Gotta love how much this shit specifically targets young children

No. 1307578

File: 1629824991456.jpeg (125.71 KB, 720x960, 8D185C7B-6D79-421E-8F80-D065E2…)

Next step: GnRH analogues and continuing to be groomed by random pornsick adults via discord

No. 1307586

It's devastating to see shit like this that is clearly made to groom kids who are GNC in any way. The amount of girls I've known who wanted short hair but were forbidden from it by their parents is about as large, if not larger, than the amount of girls who had long hair and genuinely liked it. They're so full of shit when they say gender usn't stereotypes and that they "want to abolish the gender binary".

No. 1307587

The people who make this garbage should be ostracized from society and die alone and unloved.

No. 1307595

Oh yeah,short hair - the No 1 evidence that someone is male

No. 1307614

File: 1629828795177.jpeg (139.72 KB, 720x960, 195F5795-DFA9-4E5C-8467-833BB8…)

This is the library where they have those troon-groom books for children.

Indianapolis Public Library - West Perry Branch
6650 S Harding St, Indianapolis, IN 46217
(317) 275-4390

No. 1307621

Brb, going to replace those shelves with Harry Potter.
Why are libraries (and bookstores) always at the forefront of societal rot? When I was naive I thought they were supposed to be sacred places that housed the sum of human knowledge. Sage for non-contribution.

No. 1307715

They want to couch that nu-gender brainrot in stuff like "science" and "knowledge." Only stupid people believe in two genders, nonnie! Smart people who read know that Aiden is a real man!

No. 1307848

it's terje from /lgbt/ i recognize her typing style and reaction pics and use of "roastie"

No. 1307858

Terje is a fullblown retard who proves that 4chan users are truly beneath the average person when it comes to intelligence, creativity, and charisma.

No. 1307873

I'd hate to think of some little girl equating wanting short hair with wanting to be a boy. Plus there are so many GNC children who grow up to be gay, pushing them towards transitioning like this feels like some twisted conversion therapy plot. "Abolish gender" but also short hair means boy and long hair means girl. What a great way to abuse a kid's black and white way of thinking.

No. 1308012

>a barbie movie for kids is a trans allegory because the cat barks instead of meows
This is either some grooming shit to get kids watching this troon out, or she's actually brain dead.

No. 1308023

brain dead, rotten. she's actually reaching for some sort of representation to a show aimed at little girls, sad. there's been cases of cats barking, or meow that resembles like a bark. however, it's just basic behavior, animal observing and mimicking other animals, especially if they've been raised in a mix species home.

they've also been saying the same with the show, my life as a teenage robot. since jenny, who was shown hating being a robot and wanted to be a human girl, resonated with what's like being trans. even the creator or someone who worked on the show agreed with the theory.

No. 1308041

Terje go back to /tttt/ you schizo druggie

No. 1308054

Haven't finished the vid yet but my first thought is the cat is still explicitly called a "barking cat". Wouldn't the trans equivalent of that be like… "Flatchested woman"? "Masculine-sounding woman"? What a reach, every single thing can be turned into trans relatability nowadays

No. 1308056

Transing your kid is child abuse tbh, any kind of unnecessary medical intervention on a perfectly healthy (or unhealthy, y'all get the point) child is gross, predatory and abusive. A child is too young to know if they're trans - there are a billion other reasons why they might be or feel non conforming: being gay, autistic, peer pressure, family expectations, coping with trauma or neglect, having sensory issues, being bullied, disability, being a minority… literally a never ending of list of possibilities. The child will only know "I don't like having long hair" and the abusive adults are the ones saying "oh that means you're a boy because only boys want short hair" but in reality they probably just had sensory issues.

No. 1308067

Transing anyone is a medical malpractice.

No. 1308105

I mean there doesn't even have to be a big reason for gender nonconformity, maybe the little kid just thinks short hair looks nice.

No. 1308250

File: 1629904982430.jpg (109.98 KB, 712x448, 102-PKJ-5-a29d8f21.jpg)

Come on lil baby girls, take just one and try, for uncle ayden

No. 1308312

ftm gets busted trying to get a 14 year old dicking, first excuse is "I'm a lesbian!"

No. 1308346

She and Mallory Ortberg fall into the category of “woman who trooned out because she was terrified of turning thirty” IMO.

The way Mallory especially writes about “how terrible it would have been to become a thirty year old woman with interests like gardening, it’s so much better that I’ve become a guy who plays warhammer and has group sex with my two girlfriends.”

No. 1308372

That’s so fucking grim. So tired of seeing people think once you’re a woman over thirty you’re obsolete and can no longer have interests or a life.

No. 1308374

When your male LARP goes TOO far. Points for accuracy though

No. 1308423

Fucking scumbag. She wants to be a man when it's convenient but at the first sign of trouble reverts back to minority status. This is why I have no time for people who think FtMs are harmless just because the MtFs are far worse. I know it's easy to think "oh but she's a lesbian like me" because I used to think that too but don't let them fool you. Plenty are degenerate nonces and the others still promote this harmful rhetoric and effectively groom people. All Trannies Are Bastards.

No. 1308472

how's your rotting neovagina doing?

No. 1308484

You can't be a girl who wears masculine clothes and have short hair, you have to transition. Wow so progressive

No. 1308490

my vag is doing pretty good, ready to be pounded by a janny(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1308504

Any pooners want some cis pussy? Asking for myself(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1308505

most of them are dicksexual sadly aka straight women

No. 1308507

>>1308506 i prefer to be a pillow princess, top me or else

No. 1308534

What level of POMO brainrot do you have to be on to think being a normal woman with normal, productive hobbies is worse than being a useless sex pest vidya NEET?

No. 1308565

Is this a big clit or a normal clit?

No. 1308574

Looks like the labia not the clit

No. 1308579

That's not a clit nonnie, that is the clitoral hood / labia minora poking out and is completely natural and normal.

No. 1308597

>two girlfriends
lol Joe and that blonde only use her as a prop, they don't give a shit about her.
Mallory was already insufferable pre-trans, now she's just coping 24/7.

Suburbian libfem brainrot.

No. 1308601

File: 1629936283295.png (225.46 KB, 2082x1228, womancard.png)

This comment, lmao. Now, if someone had said this about a transbian doing the same shit, all the pink-haired kweer theybies would be out in droves to yell about transphobia.

No. 1308611

…That's his takeaway from this? Lol.

No. 1308627

File: 1629939974498.jpg (13.89 KB, 112x146, 20210825_210337.jpg)

That he should have tried to fuck a young girl instead. EZ prey.(bait)

No. 1308684

File: 1629945989270.png (16.24 KB, 520x172, fuckinggross.PNG)

These trannies are overdosing on the copium, jfc.

No. 1308848

File: 1629977424872.png (1.29 MB, 871x1009, D47D6E12-A403-46F8-BF03-AA801B…)

She’s even said that her past self would clutch her purse and cross the street if she saw her current self but takes that… as an own? I feel bad for her in the sense that in the past her mother straight up forced her to get a liposuction, but also she went from “women’s intellectual interests are important” to “only men are smart.”

She’s and her disgusting husband have got a pretty comprehensive thread on KF (although there’s also a certain amount of tradthot autistic sperging there since evangelical types are ex toast fanfigirls lel). https://kiwifarms.net/threads/grace-lavery-daniel-m-lavery-joseph-lavery-mallory-ortberg.77242/

Yah it’s a little depressing how the actual man with two girlfriends is her “wife.” Honestly the whole thing makes me feel slightly bad for her since he’s clearly very abusive but also I think the way she capitalised on her brother maybe being a pedophile for publicity was disgusting.

No. 1308943

File: 1629992122055.jpeg (205.96 KB, 640x669, B07D1434-BF24-41AE-A4FE-9BA9AF…)

I love and hate that thread, you can find anything the Laverys are up to but there's so much useless sperging.

The only thing that makes me feel bad for her is that she clearly jumped from one cult to another (evangelical to libfem queerdom) and so that may be one of the reasons she ended up with Joe, but all the rest? Eh, not so much. Everybody goes through some shit and finds healthier ways to cope, but getting married to a narcissistic bong and cutting her tits off is clearly not the answer.
All she does these days is seethe at her family online… she's in her mid 30s, therapy when?

No. 1308946

Why did Mallory take Joe's name if she's the "man" in the relationship? Obviously men can take their wife's name if they want, but given that how obsessed troons are with reductive gender roles you;d think she would've insisted on Joe becoming "Mrs" Ortberg

No. 1308965

File: 1629994323030.jpg (506.27 KB, 1079x641, af985cc1531d25732a803fa277bd51…)

From 16 to 22. This is so sad. The girl obviously has untreated mental illnesses, openly shares videos of herself having mental breakdowns on Instagram, brags about psych hospital admissions, and still thinks she's happier because she looks like a hairy manlet now? How has the mental health system managed to neglect her so badly?

No. 1308978

It’s funny that all these aidens and enbies still wear very feminine looking makeup. Like if you are a retard and don’t want someone to call you “she” probably chill with the neon hair and cat eyed liner

No. 1309009

URGH her tits are hairy. i’m gonna fucking vom that’s so gross.

No. 1309032

I'm more concerned with that huge zit. I've never heard of stomach acne.

No. 1309055

it's probably an ingrown hair…

No. 1309114


No. 1309117

After of her extremely dramatic family estrangement she got rid of the Ortberg last name. Originally they didn’t take each other’s names.

So many of them post long essays about their feelings there instead of content about either. There’s also the private r/laverysnark on Reddit but it’s full of trannies watching every post in order to report anything the tiniest bit disparaging towards Joe’s behaviour as twansphobia. They sometimes discuss Mallory’s terrible advice on r/advicesnark. Maybe they’re both ripe for a thread here even though they aren’t the usual e-thot cosplayers.

No. 1309683

File: 1630087428788.jpeg (103.5 KB, 828x1001, EE1C5ADF-DB8E-4713-ABC1-3DFBC3…)

Compelling argument.

No. 1309688

Guess the uterus,ovaries, fallopian tubes, cervix don't exist. Because having those would make a difference. But that would be living in reality and that is not allowed cuz it's not faaaaaaair. Don't you know that the prostate is a butt womb that's almost like a uterus??? Suck it terfs. I would not be shocked if they claimed that.
If you can get a haircut and change your clothes to be treated like you don't have the organs that are the axis of women's issues, then you aren't oppressed at all, prissy male.

No. 1309701

I've seen this posted elsewhere. The worst part is that this person's an actual nurse. How can you study human anatomy and say this shit? What are these insignificant differences that don't involve like the whole fucking structure of the organ? I guess my ears, mouth and asshole are inverted penises too.

No. 1309713

In the same way that a submarine is 'just' an underwater aeroplane, they're both 'just' flesh tubes. The fact that each is incredibly specifically structured for a particular set of functions is irrelevant I guess.

No. 1309717

Vaginas contain a mucous membrane, penises don't for a start.

No. 1309750

To be fair, if you either transition or detransition because you read something on a forum, you're retarded.

No. 1309754

>compelling argument
If you say literally enough times you're bound to convince some brainlets. The empress is literally clothed you know

No. 1309842

yea not liking hairy breasts makes me a scrote. i’m a lesbian you fucking walnut.

No. 1309890

what is the actual point of pretending penises and vaginas are the same, though. surely we can acknowledge their differences without ~invalidating~ anyone's gender? or else why would things like bottom dysphoria even exist? btw, penises and vaginas could look as identical as two belly buttons but because penises can "literally" get you pregnant i'd say that alone is one pretty significant fucking difference.

No. 1309922

>trannies defending Joe's slimy takes
>no one bothers defending Mallory
lol I guess "presenting as a man" didn't grant her some sweet male privilege.
I'm interested in a thread about those two over here, tbh.

I've seen plenty of genderist weirdos who happen to be STEM graduates saying similar takes. It's like they read "X is an analogous organ to Y" in a basic biology or human anatomy book, assumed that means "X is literally the same as Y" and ran with it.

No. 1309959

… Am I retarded or am I just out of the loop?
Bitch, what?

No. 1309966

it's just the joke of censoring things you don't like as if they are offensive. in this case she doesn't like her mom so she's censoring it.

No. 1310105

This is just plain mass societal grooming, I mean god the Alex Jones types were right all along

No. 1310145

File: 1630130650835.jpeg (396.67 KB, 750x790, 1CBD3962-F475-41CC-8F1B-43FB8B…)

Honestly it might be worth it just for the fact that apparently Joe’s “security team” keeps a dossier of everything said about him on the internet for “safety” purposes, so every time someone on KF calls him fat he’s paying someone to print it out and put it in a binder.

He’s definitely the bigger cow of the two but Mallory does give some insane advice at Slate.

No. 1310181

File: 1630136130524.png (565.1 KB, 720x1021, 1621249286162.png)

I don't know how many times this has to be said but male sea horses don't get pregnant
The female seahorses lays the eggs and The male seahorse has a POUCH that he carries the eggs and later babies in so they don't get eaten by predators

No. 1310190

File: 1630139406947.jpeg (59.28 KB, 750x171, AD741794-7B71-46DA-9E76-2133BF…)

Well like everything trans related, if they actually had any working knowledge of biology they wouldn’t be doing this.

Mostly it’s also worrying what the effects of T might be on fetal development even if the women stop taking it for pregnancy.

No. 1310200

The amount of studies studying the impact of steroid use, PCOS and other hormonal imbalances on pregnancy compared to literally none for TIFs except "durr durr we can go back to produce eggs". No care for the babies whatsoever, even on trans forums. Clown world.

No. 1310234

File: 1630145833741.png (1.62 MB, 728x5203, 2015-09-01-Pierre-Packer.png)

>my closeted tranny chaser husband loves it when I wear a packer

No. 1310239

Oh god I hate her, she used to identify as a lesbian but then ditched that label after sleeping with a male "fan" of her comics, her current husband

No. 1310251

File: 1630148726047.png (Spoiler Image, 269.81 KB, 547x812, 517849B8-DC38-412B-8BF1-29529B…)

The no nipple top surgery just sets off my fight or flight instinct tbh.

Just so much medical malpractice going on.

No. 1310255

File: 1630149485996.jpg (21.4 KB, 300x275, 1468622756552.jpg)

>that stereotypical pooner
>i don't have penis envy
>my wife… but with a cock!

She condensed half of the trans crazy into a single strip.

No. 1310259

I'm trying to think of a product placement she could've used in the infamous "I love being a cuck" comic.

No. 1310281

i’m sure that tif go through the same grief and loss of womanhood feelings that cancer survivors go through after mastectomy but they have to double down on flashing their mutilated chests cause it was a conscious decision they made and paid for.

No. 1310285

I remember reading her online comic like 10+ years ago when she was a lesbian (?) but also fell in love with a man (I guess he is her husband now). I seem to remember her being a massive cow. Anyone have any more info?

No. 1310289

File: 1630153295074.png (296.24 KB, 481x473, Sam Hyde.png)

>when the state enforced homosexuality makes you transition into sam hyde

No. 1310298

Iirc they can't really save the nipple in case someone has larger, heavier breasts, because they need to be taken of and reattached and often just become necrotic because they fail to connect to the blood supply. At that point maybe it's better to let them stay delusional, because if you wake up, realize gender ideology is bullshit and you lost part of your body over it… can't even imagine the despair.

No. 1310327

File: 1630158446046.jpg (81.97 KB, 540x720, 1550291594832.jpg)

Her husband is going to troon out and from then on her comics will all be about her "wife" and how she actually was a lesbian all this time after all. She might even start calling herself a gold star.

No. 1310372

This was amusing as fuck.
What a mentally ill degenerate.
Hopefully they neck themselves one day. Absolutely sicko. Goes to prove that fakebois are obsessed with youth and not growing up.

No. 1310383

if he troons out and gets a bull to come over and tell her to 'get out because he's going to fuck her wife' the circle will be complete.

No. 1310669

File: 1630187868353.jpg (71.97 KB, 469x500, 20090217trans.jpg)

I think Erika and her husband Matthew are fairly good about keeping any ridiculous emotional outbursts/cowish behavior off of social media (or at least limiting them to subscriber-only Patreon posts).

Erika recently announced her intention to quit writing their webcomic Ohjoysextoy without going into much detail as to the reason why. For the comic's entire existence the authors have bent over backwards to make it as "inclusive" as possible - pretty much all of their strawman OCs are black disabled genderqueer Muslims, or something equally "diverse" - yet Erika has incurred dedicated hatred from the same uberwoke people they seek to appeal to because she drew a "transphobic" comic fetishizing FtMs like 15 years ago, picrel.

I wonder if Erika finds it difficult to function in woke society as a white woman married to a white man, she's throwing in the towel because her target audience doesn't find her woke enough?

No. 1310701

I somewhat blame her for popularizing "queer" as an identity as she made a big deal about it being her new orientation/label when she revealed the whole "whoops, most my comics are about me being a lesbian but now I'm with a man!" sitch because she didn't want to call herself bisexual and pansexual wasn't really a thing yet either.

No. 1310744

Continuing my tinfoiling from >>1310669, maybe Erika's quitting Ohjoysextoy because she feels burnt out because she's handmaiding as hard as she can, making comics about being sex-positive, kinky, and gender diverse, yet her target audience keeps shitting on her for being a vanilla white woman in a cishet marriage with a white man.

No. 1310869

>still gave the FTM a womanly physique
Maybe she's quitting after finally TERFing out

No. 1310878

That comic is from her old site which she stopped posting to in 2009. Which I just checked to see it's still online only to be reminded of this: https://www.darcomic.com/2009/12/08/queer-marriage/ Calling her heterosexual marriage "queer."

No. 1310904

Erika transitioning from libfem to radfem and making comics about it would be amazing. She could replace JKR as new supreme TERF queen.

No. 1310916

Oh shit, they got Erica Moen :(

No. 1310925

What do you guys think would be more likely - Erika and/or her husband trooning out, or Erika becoming a radfem?

No. 1310930

Her husband. He's gonna provide material for her comics and up her handmaiden game.
Perhaps she could even become a he/they pooner, since being a filthy cis white woman < stunning trans woman.

No. 1310990

File: 1630218717374.jpg (59.61 KB, 1068x601, gigachad.jpg)

Ladies why can't you accept that deep down you want to be a handsome little boy with a cute and well sized tdick ready to recieve BBC
Become a cute mpregger KING insted of remaining an ugly ass foid.
Nobody wants some weak,smooth, booba riddled freak, the dfc and cute little pussy a pooner can offer WHILE being the superior gender on the streets is just too much to compete against.
Join the winning team, you will be happier, you will actually have sex.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1311001

File: 1630222004237.jpeg (31.57 KB, 500x336, C63A3159-D0BF-45FB-979F-304330…)

kek at the filename

No. 1311209

Is the "advanced biology" they always rant about and say TERFs don't know just the premise of all babies starting off developing the first X chromosome features first, then the extra X or Y after that? It would explain why anyone, especially a college educated person, would make this argument, as retarded as it is. They forgot that step two of that process is more crucial, though. The uterus/eggs and testicles/prostate are more indicative of sex than the outer parts, hence intersex people still being identifiable as their actual sex.
She's a retard who wants very badly not to be perceived as bihet, and her husband is either a chaser or going to troon out.
They always had her, it's. ot a loss. She's a woketard sex addict.
I don't understand how the guy is supposed to be "GIGACHAD", he's ugly as shit. Then again, I guess most TIFs are attracted to/"want to be" caricature-level, nasty representations of masculinity, see >>1306657 and >>1306660

No. 1311324

I've seen it up close before. I didn't expect to feel this weird, intense sadness, idk why I just felt sad. Not even disgusted.

No. 1311360

File: 1630271085931.jpg (48.57 KB, 461x529, lavlienandwolfoty.jpg)

@Lavlien and @Wolfoty
>skinwalkers of Levi and Eren from SNK
>Lavlien cut her tits and hides the scars, got a nosejob and went through transition
>very weird marriage
>fanservice and +18 photoshoots of the shipp of these characters
>delete every comment that exposes them
They're a couple. Both live in Russia, Wolfoty is registered as a woman and didn't go through any kind of treatment. Lavlien had surgery and went through transition, registering as a men.
Cosplayers from the anime Shingeki No Kyojin / Attack On Titan.
They've a history of pretending to be the characters Levi and Eren, skinwalking, lying about their ages, heights, and physical characteristics in order to look more like them. They never clarify that they're trans and hide it, claiming to be biologically real men.
They photoshop absolutely all their photos, exaggeratedly and deliberately. The photos of the conventions and some old ones show how different they're and how edited all their content is. They use Patreon and other platforms from which they make enough profit to afford all the luxuries. They find themselves constantly traveling and taking photoshoots to make even more money.
Homosexuality in that country is illegal so they traveled to another country and got married there.
According to their claims, Lavlien and Wolfoty have a lot of age difference, they got married when Lavlien was 30 and Wolfoty had just turned 18, but they already had a relationship for years.
Taking advantage of how famous this shipp is, the explicit +18 photographs that often deal with kinks and fetishes, manage to gain popularity. Most of his audience are minors and fujoshis.

No. 1311387

Remarkable and creepy.

No. 1311390

File: 1630275810363.png (1.5 MB, 1500x1500, wolfoty.png)

Some candids and comparations i did.

No. 1311391

File: 1630275840139.png (1.25 MB, 1500x1500, candids.png)

No. 1311394

their natural looks look better, what a bunch of idiots

No. 1311396

File: 1630276576012.png (1.11 MB, 1500x1500, candids2.png)

No. 1311439

File: 1630279493839.jpg (21.03 KB, 413x266, 1.jpg)

>we're totally men, and gays, and we do yaoi

No. 1311444

File: 1630279648336.png (1.11 MB, 1500x1500, candids3.png)

Above there's a photo uploaded by Lavlien and a photo taken by another cosplayer. Below is Lavlien before transitioning, when she had her nose and tits.

No. 1311462

Ftm Lolicon artist, back again.
Any of you transition yet?
List boyfriend applications below, but you’re not allowed to have a shit BMI. No fat fucks. Can provide sugar daddy treatment. Include height and face shape, years on T, and vague age.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1311468

File: 1630282432186.jpg (12.06 KB, 250x334, pre.jpg)

I agree.

I noticed Dantelian/Lavlien's shoped pics vary between having an L shaped jaw and V shaped.
Good on them for making their fujo lifestyle into an actual business kek, but living through a fake image must be exhausting.

No. 1311490

File: 1630285242759.jpg (164.15 KB, 640x480, 20191127_180713_medium2.jpg)

No. 1311503

what a female thing to do

No. 1311506

File: 1630287640564.jpg (93.07 KB, 598x591, 20210829_223738.jpg)

you could cut a paper with these sharped giant chins

No. 1311507


homosexuality isn't illegal in Russia - sure, it isn't accepted but not illegal

No. 1311515

kek i hate that those are actually kinda cute

No. 1311520

Pooner stopped

No. 1311537

File: 1630290418411.jpeg (260.8 KB, 793x2444, 4BB523C3-9CAD-48D7-B172-1795A7…)

did they just give themselves away? lmao the lack of brain power is amusing

No. 1311544

it’s always the lesbians who actually tend to pass but it’s always as the most bottom barrel trashy looking dudes

No. 1311546

File: 1630291486542.jpg (21 KB, 400x400, TQ7UO-5i_400x400.jpg)

It took me a long hard stare for me to realise this that the TikTok wasn't Deadwingdork

No. 1311552


This has probably been said before but I'm so sick of them "reclaiming" the word faggot. I know another one who has that word tattooed across their deformed post-op chest.
Even if they're "hetero transmen" and not "gay transmen" they still love to cop that as a proud phrase. Like… that's not your history, sweetpea. That privilege is for gay actual men and nonnies

No. 1311577

File: 1630296406715.jpg (93.22 KB, 700x1054, 2391.jpg)

Seahorses are also monogamous and mate for life, which is the exact opposite of trannies, who are content to torpedo their marriages and form autistic polycules. If they want to be like seahorses so bad, they should work on their relationship skills.

No. 1311578

Wool isn't supposed to get wet. What are you supposed to do when those things inevitably get discharge on them?

No. 1311579

the guy has two hands, that's a dead giveaway right there kek

No. 1311580

Anon my sides

No. 1311583

File: 1630297360573.jpg (20.76 KB, 500x368, ab9f97b17c02d91c5cd865b8f1cfb3…)

>Calling her heterosexual marriage "queer."

No. 1311587

File: 1630298977869.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 40.15 KB, 800x800, DC74614E-4ECC-402F-A120-3B22B6…)

Why would they get discharge on them? You're not supposed to put them inside the vagina, they go on the mons (pubic bone) and are typically worn inside the "boxer dick pocket"

No. 1311594

It disgusts me that these people live in the same city as me.

No. 1311611

File: 1630305193355.png (Spoiler Image, 35.6 KB, 524x586, wip.png)

Last saturday i made some bad OC inspired by some past ftm friends who fell into the pipeline
Was it kinomatika? I remember her doing something like that but I think it might've been a tramp stamp. How's she doing, anyway? I haven't been keeping up with these old timer ftm artists like her and yaoigoddesskale/kalematsuba because they haven't been making milk. Begging for these chicks to make vtubers or something.

No. 1311641

he's repeated the "trans rights are human rights" mantra so it wouldn't even surprise me

No. 1311710

You'd be surprised nonnie, i've seen my woke TRA friend admit they prefer TIFs because it's like having a boyfriend that understands the shit women go through. I think the "trans men are better bfs than cis men" narrative isn't considered transphobic

No. 1311730

anon that would be horrendous optics

No. 1311735

Yeah, I don't want her on our side

No. 1311737

File: 1630332376208.jpg (643.72 KB, 2658x794, 11.jpg)

What's kinda funny about TIFs is their shallows attempts at trying to be men, they try to conform to every sort of superficial western standards of manhood and masculinity and comically fail
for e.g their stupid pube beards, many men in Africa and Asia are incapable of growing facial hair and yet their still undeniably male, the male populations in South East Asia are short then most women in the world and their still undeniably male and there are even cultures where men wear make up and make themselves beautiful but they are still undeniably male
what do they have makes them male in any sense

No. 1311780

Either you're male or you have a really dry vagina, because it's normal for discharge to get on your underwear, particularly when you ovulate. If you put something in your underwear, it's going to get discharge on it, not to mention sweat. Even if worn by someone with decent hygiene, it would smell like death after a single day of use.

No. 1311916

File: 1630349588110.png (Spoiler Image, 934.8 KB, 755x756, 72d11e518594f831de1c39d714aecb…)

This is no nasty. I don't know how these creeps manage to get past Instagram's nudity and adult content rules. So many of her followers are barley legal girls and she makes it blatantly obvious that she wants people to comment on her hairy, deformed body. The pubes on her face are so unsettling alongside the boobs.

No. 1311920

File: 1630349806932.jpg (Spoiler Image, 283.55 KB, 618x760, c192c3098da49106b15d8ca2f476d8…)

No. 1311922

File: 1630349829575.jpg (Spoiler Image, 316.72 KB, 606x754, 8891261b0de424abfbda59b59bf20d…)

No. 1311993

Whatever happened to wokies caring about cultural appropriation? That AliExpress satin cheongsam/child's pajamas hybrid isn't a good look.

No. 1312040

File: 1630356611824.webm (1.35 MB, 408x720, non-binary-tiktok.webm)

imagine actually dealing with someone like this IRL, how can any human being be this insufferable

No. 1312044

No sense of self, nothing to make her interesting. Same with her retarded friends who think "identifying" as a man is what gives men privilege.

No. 1312067

I'm so confused. Who is this for? Men with fetishes? Other pooners? I just can't grasp how someone could find this type of atrocity sexy.

No. 1312079

other pooners for sure. they're the only ones who can stand to be with girls who look like this

No. 1312281

File: 1630376488716.jpg (142.44 KB, 1080x1350, 80869478_424475624927343_30541…)

This is her boyfriend. She calls him "girlfriend". Does she not have eyes? Lmao. He posts softcore porn on Instagram, but he's fit and hasn't been tainted by hormones, so not nearly as gross as deformed rolls. They started as a fairly normal straight couple before the devolution took over both of them. I'm not sure who started it, but it hit her harder. It's such a shame because he's a pretty conventionally attractive guy and has to settle with, well…this.

No. 1312312

I mean he looks okay-ish but he's likely a massive degenerate

No. 1312314

He needs a shower

No. 1312315

File: 1630378870975.jpeg (302.95 KB, 828x906, 408D53A7-9753-4F8A-8EBA-429C97…)

They’d scream their heads off over fujos objectifying gay men and then tweet this shit

No. 1312325

you sure he hasn’t been on hormones? his hair and complexion are screaming for help like a typical troon.

No. 1312359

File: 1630385136528.jpg (14.9 KB, 600x431, 76e.jpg)

>bakugou pfp
>catboy in username
why are they such clichés

No. 1312365

Don't testosterone medications dry out your vagina and/or effect the muscles? Penetrative sex would hurt a lot after that.

No. 1312379

Looks like those freak show bearded ladies from the old times

No. 1312421

Yes it causes atrophy. Not a question of if but when, look what happened to buck angel: he had bad cramps after sex, turns out his reproductive system fused together and got infected.
but knowing them "he/him pussy" just means sex with a girl that has short hair.

No. 1312459

Does that dress exist anywhere without being see-through?

No. 1312926

I mainly see TIFs larp as femboys/manly men. Where are the TIFs named Kyle that drink monsters and wear Osiris at?

No. 1312930

File: 1630451645251.jpg (226.74 KB, 2048x1646, E8SXd0xWYAQXddc.jpg)

Ah Kino, yeah she still posts her art but goes by nb they/she lesbian. Her UN is kinodraws now and recently bought a house with roachpatrol. I think she's still trying to run from people calling her out for scamming furries a couple of years ago and deletes tweets frequently. She's working on something with ironcircuscomics and STILL begs her followers to buy her things. She still screeches about terfs and tranny rights , but at least she's not claiming to be a man.


No. 1313277

File: 1630507985995.png (293.25 KB, 310x620, download.png)

I wonder why. Clown outfit, obvious trender makeup, he/him pronoun pin, I wonder why you'd be looked at twice. If you want to go to a public bathroom, maybe make an effort to blend in for your own safety? Maybe.

No. 1313278

File: 1630508242694.jpg (194.99 KB, 1080x1350, 194499850_555944092478915_4493…)

No. 1313280

this looks like an Elvis impersonator in my area omg

No. 1313281

I’d bet $100 this girl was molested or sexually assaulted at some point, and now she hates herself and is deliberately making herself look as weird and unappealing as possible in hopes of protecting herself from being victimized again. It’s so terrible that woke culture is encouraging her to look like a literal clown and celebrating that instead of getting proper counseling for her trauma.

No. 1313295

>women wrting cringe fanfics about their two favorite male characters boning is fetishistic and unacceptable
>women who are so extra with their fujoness that want to BE the yaoiboy of their fantasies doing shit like this is perfectly fine

No. 1313359

People like this deserve to be beaten up in a public bathroom.

No. 1313361

She looks so gross. Why would someone do this to themselves?

No. 1313373


are people like this aware how abnormal and scary they are? she legit looks like a serial killer. the baby in bondage gear tattoo she has further cements that this person is beyond sick.

No. 1313381

Sexual abuse, most likely. A lot of TIFs troon out as a way to escape the sense of vulnerability to assault that most women feel.

No. 1313646

>it would be easier if I were invisible
Stop dressing like an attention whoring clown, you will attract less stares little girl

No. 1313846

how did i not from this shit show before who is she? sadly she's someone's daughter

No. 1313847

steven universe looks different here >:/?(lolcow.farm/rules)

No. 1313865


This is the look of someone who has completely given up on life but instead of comitting suicide they just mentally detach themselves from their body and ruin it for the lulz

No. 1313870


this is the brutal truth for every FtM. They can screech all they want that they're NOT GIRLS. It will never, ever protect them.

The TRA handmaidens treat them dismissively while fawning constantly over the brave transwomen. TW still get the male privilege, and TM get ignored. Because the whole movement is based on affirming men's feelings.

You can see FtMs almost realize it sometimes, but in order to grasp what is really happening, they would have to admit to themselves that no one in the trans movement really believes that trans people are their chosen gender, and they can't handle that.

No. 1313899

File: 1630588142302.jpg (2.73 MB, 1523x6542, 11.jpg)

A NB Smol bean comic, about how she struggles explaining her LARP to regular people, also claiming Colonization is the only reason we have for the Gender Binary

No. 1313905

i love how they are so obsessed with making up arguments in their heads where the other party is super silly stupid while the gendies themselves are sooo educated and smart. you just know that they cry when asking for ketchup at mcdonalds and that their voice gets shaky and squeaky when they speak in class.

No. 1313913

I hate this "based genderless designation in other cultures argument" because 90 percent of the time you look up the term and it's still within the gender binary (woman whi is physically strong/man who is androgynous and feminine) and they're playing symantic games with a culture they don't even understand. Also what the hell does colonization have to do with this? Pretty sure strict gender roles are still enforced in a lot of indigenous cultures if not all.

No. 1313914

File: 1630590069583.png (330.17 KB, 487x273, 2021-09-02_15-30-51.png)

When I was a kid, we called those kinds of people "humans".


Nice colonial, materialist language. For all their pontificating about foreign cultures the people who bitch about colonialism are some of the most myopic and culturally blind people I've met. It continues to baffle me how someone can live in the modern world and have no clue about the lived experienced of other peoples. I guess certainty really is not the result of knowledge, but of the absence of questions, and the greater the ignorance, the greater the blindness to that very ignorance.

Sorry for sperging, but these people annoy me a lot.

No. 1313915

These such and such culture had a third gender or more is cool and all, but it never seems that they say it's literally the same as being male or female.

No. 1313916

What else can you expect from people who reeee when they come across a language with no ability to implement their ridiculous pronouns?

No. 1313929

>because 90 percent of the time you look up the term and it's still within the gender binary (woman whi is physically strong/man who is androgynous and feminine)
Not even that, its always gay/feminine man who isn't deemed "man" enough for that society and basically kicked out of the male club

No. 1313953

the best part about the third gender arguments is that most if not all of them were based on sex characteristics. many third genders in ancient societies were just designated for men who were castrated/sterile and women who were infertile. it’s always been about biological sex and adherence to gender roles. they like to pretend that a native american in the 1700s was allowed to say “i feel like a femme boi today!!!” and the whole tribe celebrated and applauded them.

No. 1313997

>some days I'll be a little more femme than masc
this is the twitter woke version of me trying to persuade the tesco checkout lady that I only look ugly because it's laundry day

No. 1313998

It means some days she feels like wearing pants and some days she feels like wearing a dress. Because nonbinaries’ arguments always boil down to men = pants and short hair, and women = dress and long hair. Nonbinaries seem to have forgotten that women in the West have been wearing pants and having short hair without controversy for the last 70 years…

No. 1314062

File: 1630603279977.webm (1.68 MB, 408x720, non-binary-tiktok-s-720p-hd_W1…)

True 99% of their identify is based around "aesthetic" and what clothes are in their closet

No. 1314108

I have a feeling this encounter did happen in a way, but that the therapist was more eloquent, direct, and on-point than the TIF would like to remember or admit.
As for her examples
>Hinaleimoana Wong-Kalu is a modern TIM (born in ~1972) who is HSTS (has a husband)
>The "third gender" used by Wong-Kalu, Māhū, is a male to female identification used by (primarily homosexual) males who teach hula (they were allowed to perform in some temples that women weren't), and were known to "always be available for sexual conquest by men"; It is a role for gay men who act as performers and sex objects for other men
>Naomy Mendez Romero is a modern TIM (I couldn't find a birthdate, but he looks younger than Wong-Kalu; I would say he was born in the 80's)
>The "third gender" used by Romero, muxe, is a male to female identification used by (primarily homosexual) males who dress in "female" clothes or otherwise behave "like women". They do jobs associated with females. It is a role for homosexual and GNC males.
>Keyonce Lee Hang is a modern TIM (again, I couldn't find a birthdate, but I would say he's around the same age as Wong-Kalu, so 70's or 80's)
>The "third gender" used by Lee Hang, fa'afafine, is supposedly an identification used by males to signal "being between male and female", but the term itself means "in the manner of woman". So, once again, it is a male to female identity. Fa'afafine are known to do housework, care for families, and only having homosexual sex (sex with other men). It is a role for homosexual males.
Every single one of these roles was homophobic and an attempt to "correct" GNC males. They are all seen as "inferior men" or "men who are similar to women".

No. 1314131

>It continues to baffle me how someone can live in the modern world and have no clue about the lived experienced of other peoples. I guess certainty really is not the result of knowledge, but of the absence of questions, and the greater the ignorance, the greater the blindness to that very ignorance.
glad you wrote this, nona.

No. 1314167

Thank goodness somebody found it, I love that even perfunctory goohle research can dredge this stuff up. If you name a culture at random and a factoid you saw on Twitter about genderless people, everyone just accepts it and says fakebois are justified by history. Come to find out the facts prove the exact opposite. But the average internet-enjoyer will never look so we're stuck with "not all people with vaginas are women" being plastered over everything.

No. 1314232

A lot of the articles on this were trans-positive, and hid the information a few paragraphs down, beneath gender positivity stuff and assertions of colonization and transphobia. The Wikipedia article for fa'afafine was the worst in that research, because it repeatedly asserted that it is a "third gender" that is "fluidity between female and male" before admitting that it's a title given to males exclusively, giving the translation/meaning of the term, admitting that it's a role for homosexual and GNC men, or revealing that there is a separate term/role for females who are "like men". They bury the truth under reassuring lies that suit their agenda.

No. 1314239

Based research

No. 1314307

Additional frustrating details about this:
>Specifying that the therapist is "cis-hetero" and giving her an ugly silhouette because she dared to…ask questions (part of her actual job)
>Being stopped almost entirely by someone questioning why they're relating to the gender binary (she says "spectrum", but it's just shades of grey between two extremes), weakly replying "w-well, I mean, I see it differently–" then sperging out completely to try to derail the therapist's train of thought
>"Defining our identities with gendered stereotypes is good, actually! So long as the stereotypes were made by people with dark skin. S-So what if they're the same stereotypes used by light-skinned people, white people are bad, and black people are good!"
>Using "femme", a lesbian term/identity, as shorthand for "feminine"
>Referring to native Pacific Islanders as "black", and relating her African American experiences with theirs
>Only gives a brief, vague mention to gender in Africa after spotlighting 3 Pacific Islander people and identities
>"My gender queerness is influenced by a non-Western experience" claims an English speaking (presumably exlusively) American woman who lives in LA, trying to explain why she's lifting her identity from cultures completely unrelated to her own
>Relating exclusively to (gay) men
>Ending with the therapist being a stupid bumbling transphobe, when in reality she probably was genuinely trying to understand, but just got more confused by this literal retard's incoherent babbling throughout a session with her

No. 1314310

>claiming Colonization is the only reason we have for the Gender Binary
>Also what the hell does colonization have to do with this?
This is the woke version of the "noble savage" myth.

*"Poor [insert non-western european/non-white ethnic group here] were so understanding and innocent until the whitey came along, bringing them the destructive awareness of their own bodies and their distinctive functions, which created evil cultural roles~ oh no."*
Ironically, it's a bunch of white western genderspecials or old bag orientalists saying this shit, while pretending the elders of said non-white cultures aren't around to contest it; also, it's usually the younger ones (born in the mid 20th century) who adhere to these… guess it's better playing along with whatever Western academia is making up than acknowledging the glaring homophobia in their own cultures.

No. 1314509

File: 1630646808964.png (254.6 KB, 614x780, 7535868F-7B08-47B8-8018-5DE856…)

Today Vanessa is backtracking on her original Slate reporting on Wii Spa calling it a hoax that was picked up by other news outlets.

Truly I mostly just feel bad for most fakebois, but this chick is actively making the world a worse place. Also truly it’s “protect black women/BLM” until a black woman doesn’t stay in her place huh, then she’s “squirrely.”

No. 1314513

File: 1630647012872.jpeg (610.66 KB, 750x1083, 67CD18B9-2409-41D9-B0E9-54D747…)

Also the woman who posted the original video had social media, she could have reached out and done some proper reporting but I’m not expecting too much from Slate’s LGBT vertical which once published an article claiming that being into BDSM is “queer.”

No. 1314517

Straight people really do think men abusing women is a "queer" sexuality.

No. 1314547

File: 1630652030819.png (104.65 KB, 377x167, chuckling-and-when-everyones-s…)

Soon enough, everything will be "queer". And when everyone is queer…

No. 1314563

File: 1630655063262.png (355.14 KB, 1194x1062, vanessa.png)

So she's comfortable calling someone else a liar in the national press without investigating—although imo the journalists who just copied her take without fact checking themselves are retards too—but now locking because people are pointing out that she's actually the one doing the hoaxing… ok.

No. 1314577

I could not agree more with you. Why is it necessary to artificially define traits as masculine or feminine? Is this comic saying a woman can only display certain traits, otherwise she isn't a woman and is instead NB? I feel like genderqueer communities - here I mean forums for that - in 2010-2012 were much more adament about not needlessly gendering behaviors or preferances. I was only reading about this stuff during that time, but it was so much more… normal than all of this. Those forums showed me that my beef wasn't with my own "gender experience" (lol) but with the bullshit we are fed by society.

No. 1314581

Even the 2012 forum types were all about dudes wearing stripper heels, pencil, skirts and lipstick a la Jacob Tobia or Alok V Menon. Like I think people should wear whatever pleases them, but in hindsight it was all about attention seeking. Also the fashion was bad lol, like there are loads of dudes who wear stuff from designer women’s lines—shirts, suiting, coats, etc—who don’t look like clowns and also don’t think it means something about their gender.

I will say the current mode of pushing genderqueer/nonbinary/etc types to medicalise and take HRT as fast as possible and get double mastectomies is definitely worse though.

No. 1314585

maybe I just happened to look at a forum that seemed to be populated by biological women. I don't remember the name, it was a genderfuck forum

No. 1314590

File: 1630661096868.png (63.53 KB, 1045x697, fa'afafine.png)

Anyone who thinks fa'afafine are a trans thing has never lived in an area with a sizable Samoan population. It's something a son is designated if their family has no daughters, they usually aren't gay at all and many of them would have been far happier being raised as a normal man.

No. 1314618

Just be a tomboy or something you dont need those extra steps

No. 1314619

>Since pronouns aren't gender identity, can I be a she/her transman?
It's unironically a thing

No. 1314621

Pixielocks new style

No. 1314637

File: 1630670145604.jpg (179.46 KB, 931x1024, E-Wub8pWYAI3pfZ.jpg)

She just looks like a hairy girl…

Does anyone know what surgery she got? Her tits already got chopped off a while ago.


No. 1314638

This is kind of upsetting and it's pretty nasty of the artist to use this hurtful designation to make a point. Funny, almost reminds me of the parents who nurture their daughter into being trans if she wants a short haircut or their son if he likes pink from an early age.

No. 1314646

Maybe a revision to the surgery?

No. 1314648

To be fair, it seems she cited a TIM who identifies as fa'afafine and trans, and is a native.

No. 1314650

are there any mainstream articles or news sources pointing out Ellen Page's obviously fake abs? I want to read what normal people are saying and I keep getting these articles deliberately not discussing it

No. 1314708

File: 1630677207659.jpg (50.64 KB, 480x640, 945038_1387372021561269_832903…)

Lol funny to see her being posted by someone else, she used to be super weeb and well, girly with no problem but ever since she transitioned she started to be super insecure about it and would go "fuck gender norm i can have a pink bottle if I want uwu" I mean she used to try to avoid telling her gender even around 2013/2014 with it/its pronouns But to answer I don't know if it's related to troon surgery she used to mention bad health

No. 1314776

File: 1630684016612.jpeg (179.61 KB, 1576x1230, E36CCA7F-0EAD-42EB-8EE9-280883…)

She’s back and now angrily tweeting that actually the crime is so rare that it doesn’t matter but is entirely conflating statistics for sexual assault and indecent exposure. Retards gonna retard.

No. 1314781


All I have to say is EW at the amount of dumb. Also like, female only spaces NEED to exist. Men are pigs. I don't want to share a bathroom with bovine.

No. 1314787

>neither is confiding women to single sex spaces
>not a strategy
TIFs are the ultimate handmaidens, jfc.

Btw, she's slowly being ratio'd because Glenn Greenwald @ her and posted screens of her Slate article lmao

No. 1314788

god the pecs are so uncanny valley, looks so funny next to her twig arms. anyone else think she looks a little ana? she's a lot thinner than she used to be now that she's transitioning, also the sadness in her eyes that didn't used to be there is apparent… why do they all get that dead stare.

No. 1314789

It's only "rare" because, thanks to you assholes who probably can't even use a public bathroom without having a panic attack, it's a relatively new development where sexual predators can enter vulnerable areas completely legally. You can tell these TIFs are fucking privileged.

No. 1314790

>it's just not
wow what a great argument, I'm convinced

No. 1314839

File: 1630688944288.png (134.25 KB, 564x454, narc prayer.png)

We moving real fast damn.

No. 1314904

File: 1630693099410.jpeg (197.32 KB, 750x617, 670C074C-2E8C-4F21-976C-E568DD…)

It’s so tiring…it’s okay to “generalize” when only like .001% of the population identifies out of womanhood and is somehow fine with getting pregnant. I liked how Lil Nas ignored people butthurt about his penis preference but I guess if it doesn’t have to do with getting his dick wet he’ll be progressive.

No. 1315024

why is he still going with it.. what a retard

No. 1315026

sis pulling a kikomi

No. 1315193

I hate to be THAT anon, but pigs are porcine, not bovine (those are cows).

No. 1315211

File: 1630717144116.jpeg (457.25 KB, 750x906, pinkmantaray1.jpeg)

Repost from the Celebricows thread at /ot/: TIFs are mad at Lil Nas X. Again.

No. 1315215

File: 1630717265846.jpg (73.8 KB, 640x800, pinkmantaray2.jpg)

Samefag, there's more.

It's a ton of whining (+10 text posts), so I'm not gonna post everything here. See for yourselves:

No. 1315252

how do they know that lil nas x isn’t trans. i thought assuming someone’s gender is wrong

No. 1315253

"Lil nas is literally killing trans people."

I think he did this on purpose because of what TiFs were saying about his dick "preference", this was a way of getting them back and making them seethe whilst also pretending to be an innocent ally. The way this guy hides behind the fact that he's gay is irritating but I guess that's the point. What a troll kek>>1315211

No. 1315255

I genuinely don't get what they're complaining about here. If pregnant TIFs are beautiful and natural and wholesome, why would it be bad for this guy to emulate one? There's no obvious sign that he's poking fun, he's playing the pregnant man thing pretty straight. Why shouldn't a cis person be allowed to larp as trans when trans people usually larp as cis?

No. 1315262

The definition of being trans is larping as cis lol. Cis is just their way at saying 'privilege of not needing to larp'. Cis is their blueprint. That's why they're all pissy. When we larp as them it makes us looks stupid and hence brings attention to how much of an inferior version they are. Lil nas literally pulled a kikomi.

No. 1315395

very manly of them to get pregnant

No. 1315450

I agree with you, I believe he's trying to look like an ally but he's probably just as tired of this shit as we are. I hope he keeps trolling them, I doubt he'd ever outright admit to being annoyed because it would probably cost him 90% of his fanbase

No. 1315475

A TIFs perspective on masculinity and manhood


>On the subject of “What Are Men, Really?” and “why do I relate and connect so strongly with gay/bi men, but straight men feel like a strange alien species to me?”

>I’ve partly clarified what the difference is between my strong affinity for masculinity and whatever it is straight men are doing.
>Straight men’s attachment to masculinity is reactionary. They lean in to masculine norms out of fear of being perceived as unmanly, as gay, as effeminate or feminine, as inadequate. They fear demotion, loss of status, loss of privilege, a fall from grace. They’re not embracing masculinity so much as they’re backing into it, out of fear of what lies outside it, as one might back into a safe compound while brandishing a gun at an approaching zombie horde.
>Whereas my attachment to masculinity stems from 2 sources:
>1) “I’ve had femininity crammed down my throat my whole life without my consent and now I’m freeeeee” AKA sort of reactionary, but in an empowering, liberating sense. Throwing off the chains and rebelling against society’s rules.
>2) Sincerely relishing and enjoying masculinity, enjoying things like suits, waistcoasts, neckties, leather jackets, sweater vests, pocket watches, cologne, visible sculpted musculature, showing off one’s physical strength, sitting or standing with one’s legs spread, direct blunt communication, confidence, assertiveness, taking the lead during sex, a million little things society has arbitrarily coded “men stuff,” are things I take enthusiastic delight in, like Ariel gushing about her collection of human paraphernalia. I’m like a weeaboo, but for masculinity.

>(And yes, there is a heavy element of eroticism for me in a lot of what I listed above.) (Insert autoandrophilia joke here)

>In Daniel Lavery’s book, he noted that Gomez Addams has FTM energy because Gomez seems to relish being a man so much, whereas Herman Munster is simply phoning it in, and therefore lacks that vibe. And it’s true! A lot of cis straight men really are just phoning it in. In fact, if they put as much energy and enthusiasm into performing masculinity as I do, they’d probably be perceived as gay! Or at least as a dandy. (Gomez is something of a dandy.) The straight male role seems to demand phoning-it-in. They have to sleep-walk through it.
>And the thing is: Women aren’t like this! Some women phone it in, but I can think of plenty of women who sincerely enjoy certain types of femininity, and aren’t doing it because society told them to, or to please men. Femme lesbians are an obvious example, but also straight women who are into goth or lolita fashion, or who volunteer to be surrogates because they enjoy being pregnant and participating in motherhood, or who buy sexy underwear purely because it makes them feel good. Or look at the way women who are hardcore into makeup culture react when some man, unsolicited, says “You know, men think you’re prettier when you don’t wear makeup.” Said man usually gets thrown to the wolves for his impertinence. They’re not doing it for you, bro!
>But it’s hard to think of any men in my life who really relish masculinity in that same way except for, well, the gay and trans ones. I feel like the few straight men who do that in our culture get labelled “dandies” or “metrosexuals” and are seen as proximal to gayness.

another different TIF replying
>here’s my take on the situation:
>men with traditional views on gender have largely painted themselves into a corner. they only find affirmation of their gender in expressions of male supremacy, and there are fewer and fewer of those all the time, because men aren’t actually inherently better at anything than women are, because it turns out gender doesn’t work like that. men as a class have to actively suppress women as a class to maintain superiority over them, and even then, as we’ve seen, women can still push back effectively, and gender variant people throw wrenches into the works too.
>joyous, voluntary expressions of masculinity are gay because they’re not reactionary, because they’re not violent, because they don’t respect the established hierarchy of strong men over weak men and all men over women. finding men beautiful, being a beautiful man that loves other men, is not traditionally how it’s supposed to work. taking the outward forms and gestures of domination and repurposing it into something reciprocal is scary to people who have only ever seen the binary of hurting and being hurt. playing with gender has to be taught to people who only know it as a fight.
>i’m a trans man. i’m also a committed feminist. i’ve had to come to masculinity after a lot of thought. i’ve had to learn to like men and to forgive them. i’ve had to figure out how to be a man apart from the forms and functions of men trying to be better than women. i’ve had to try to explain this to my dad. adherence to male supremacy isn’t the only way to express your masculinity. it’s just the only way a lot of men are ever taught.
>i do like being a man, though. it feels good. i’m not zipping around with the ecstatic abandon of gomez addams, but i’ve got time to learn.

No. 1315491

What a mess. There's so much mental illness in those lines. That girl gives so many details that should suggest to any normal person that she's just a larper and that the concept of gender itself is oppressive and mostly a larp even to """"cis""" people, but then goes sideways and draws insane conclusions. Most of the "masculine" things she listed are just aesthetical things she admits she thinks are hot, but she doesn't step back to think about whether wanting to become the thing you think is hot in others is maybe not a sane thing. It reminds me of the AGPs.

>if they put as much energy and enthusiasm into performing masculinity as I do, they’d probably be perceived as gay

>like Ariel gushing about her collection of human paraphernalia

No. 1315495

maybe it seems like that men are just phoning-it-in with regards to masculinity is cause its natural for them, regular normies know that their men

No. 1315498

It just sounds like she wants to be a drag king.
>women who like femininity so much they become surrogates because they love being pregnant and motherhood
What rich romantic planet is she from? Most people become surrogates out of financial motivation. You don't see rich women being "hobby-surrogates" for random infertile couples.

No. 1315502


>Sincerely relishing and enjoying masculinity, enjoying things like suits, waistcoasts, neckties, leather jackets, sweater vests, pocket watches, cologne, visible sculpted musculature, showing off one’s physical strength, sitting or standing with one’s legs spread, direct blunt communication, confidence, assertiveness, taking the lead during sex, a million little things society has arbitrarily coded “men stuff,” are things I take enthusiastic delight in, like Ariel gushing about her collection of human paraphernalia. I’m like a weeaboo, but for masculinity.

You can do and wear all those things and still be a woman, you reactionary dolt.

She throws in some lip service about "society has arbitrarily decided these things are male," and then shows by her actions that she thinks society is right: that only men do these things, and doing these things makes you a man.

There are fundamentalist churches that are less sexist than this, I swear.

No. 1315505

>I’m like a weeaboo, but for masculinity
WTF does that even mean

No. 1315509

weaboo = western person obsessed with Japan and its culture in an overly stereotypical manner
It's actually quite a self-aware description for transgenders. At least these tifs are less obsessed with the organs and bio aspects, unlike the creepy tims.

No. 1315511


Such a lot of words for "I'm a masculine woman"

Also, correct me if I'm wrong but isn't the whole e-boy aesthetic basically just being a more "feminine" man? And from what I've gathered most of them are straight, and lots of teen girls seem to desire them? Sure, they will be ridiculed by certain parts of society, but I feel like nowadays "feminine" straight men are accepted more than ever before (except by trannies who are trying to push them to "admit that they're just a trans woman in denial", of course)

No. 1315514

I know what weeaboo means, but Im jus scratching my head of the description "weeaboo, but for masculinity" does she LARP with masculinity, have certain masculine idols

No. 1315524

So they aren't fond of cultural roles applied to females… like most women on the planet feel every once in a while.
I can't decide if the first account is a verbose confession fueled by autism and trauma or just the innermost thoughts of a sheltered womanchild who used to throw tantrums whenever she heard "no" from her parents. Hell, maybe it's the second since she quoted the living example of bourgeoisie boredom (Mallory/Daniel).
What's the point of becoming a "man" if she refuses to see the world beyond her perspectives? I mean…
>sincerely relishing and enjoying masculinity, enjoying things like suits, waistcoasts, neckties, leather jackets, sweater vests, pocket watches, cologne
Wtf. Yeah, most social norms suck, but she could've joined an urban subculture (steampunk, goth, lolita) or become a cosplayer.

The second one is just an insane straight fujo. She didn't even try hiding her fetish lmao

She's hyperfixated on whatever it's culturally attached to males. That's just it, she tried making it sound like a deep self-realization with a dash of sarcasm (calling it a "weeaboo" thing).

No. 1315588


>sincerely relishing and enjoying masculinity, enjoying things like suits, waistcoasts, neckties, leather jackets, sweater vests, pocket watches, cologne

Funniest thing is that almost none of these thing are commonly worn by men these days except suits and neckties, and most men hate wearing those. And cologne I guess, but that's just perfume with a different oil concentration.

Not worth chopping your tits off and going bald over.

No. 1315589

even gay men don't wear that shit, their ideas of masculinity are completely based on fiction(likely anime and whatever's popular on Tumblr)

No. 1315595

Lil nas has fuck you money. He could pull a JKR if he felt like it. I don’t think he’d risk his bag like that though. He always bounces back from controversy.

No. 1315601

She's complaining men "phone it in" like HSTS always harp on actual women because they don't want to go full bimbo sugarbaby. In the end she's just mad they're something she's not.

No. 1315637

God, these people need to get dicked down

Anyone notice how they are always "gay" and "omg boys are so hot" but they are usually virgins or they have only dated either girls or other TIFs because straight men are "a strange alien species" like the one in this post said. I just read this kind of insane sperging as sexual frustration

No. 1315647

Cringiest and girliest shit I've seen

No. 1315657

Nayrt but given the state of the cows here I don’t want to share with either.

No. 1315801

I'm not watching this basically mute waste of 3 minutes. It looks and feels like something a group of middle school girls made together with no experience, from the 15 seconds I could make it through.

No. 1316015

File: 1630804920339.png (28.66 KB, 627x215, untitled2.png)

I'm not convinced

No. 1316131

he prob got bullied for his sexuality as a kid, had to fight back to be taken seriously after coming out in his singing career and now fakebois are screaming at him with insults and slurs because he's not attracted to them. the dude's probably tired dealing with bullshit at this point. but i don't think he'll say anything to offend to troons though.

also when james charles did the pregnancy bump, people got offended for pregnant women or women who can't. but when it comes to lil nas, it's transphobia. i'm sure his tweet from before caused all this, but not one have brought up women getting hurt for seeing a man with a fake bump.(sage)

No. 1316473

This is why TIFs have a weird hatred toward GNC women. We do all the same things, but for us it's natural, for them it's a LARP. And GNC don't have to inject themselves with synthetic hormones to look like an uncanny valley version of a man.

No. 1316549

File: 1630872786172.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 254.9 KB, 828x1035, 7E849B70-6B09-4EB2-8F09-057432…)

Porn under the spoiler text

On twitter dot com, gay male sex involves vaginas, and lesbian sex involves penises

No. 1316558

Imagine hating being a woman so much you take it up the ass to own the terfs. Just kill me.

No. 1316566


shit like that makes me think it's ironic but I just can't be certain

No. 1316568

and they're both women, the other is wearing a strap

No. 1316578

File: 1630875309698.png (311.1 KB, 750x545, ace-9-e1413348057244.png)

just gonna put this here because the venn diagram of "woman calling herself a they/he and also being asexual and needing to feel oppressed" is constant

No. 1316585

File: 1630875671306.jpg (61.57 KB, 723x440, dfsa.jpg)

No. 1316589

File: 1630876334670.jpg (74.59 KB, 638x297, 183457459_10223468067837120_71…)

Ffs, I wish these girls would understand that they're not being threatened with corrective rape because they're an asexual, it's because our society hates women, especially women who won't put out when men demand it. And calling themselves they/he doesn't make the problem go away, it just sidesteps the issue by allowing them to believe "now oppression of women won't impact ME because I'm nOt a WoMaN". The obvious solution for these girls is to stand up and say "Stop telling women what to do, women are human and allowed to say no to sex if they want" but then they'd be an evil TERF and SWERF and that's bad.

Liberal feminism is basically accommodating to the demands of patriarchy - telling women that they should say yes to sex (and yes to men buying sexual consent) and yes to men being in women's spaces (as long as the men "feel like" women) - but reframing it as empowering to do so.

No. 1316604

yeah idk i've never heard of "corrective rape", like sweetie that's just a thing women have to deal with. men will push you into having sex no matter what. that isn't an asexual exclusive form of oppression

i still dg why asexuals think they belong in the lgbt group since a lot of them are just straight people either but that's for a different thread

No. 1316606

Asexuality is a real sexuality, it's just that most people who identify as such have hormonal imbalances/sexual trauma. Doesn't belong in lgb.

No. 1316611

People who make these supposedly informational comic strips are always ironically the least informed and most full of shit, with seemingly zero actual life experience. Like if an alien read one wikipedia page on a topic and then decided to try and explain it in comic form.

No. 1316616

This isn't the "shit on every type of woman you hate" thread, it's the fakeboi thread. If you want to make an asexual thread, go ahead, but I guarantee most of your milk will be about TIFs/TIMs being genderspecial or autistic instead of just asexual, rendering the thread pointless.
Most of the actually asexual people I've met have been the options you've listed and highly autistic, non-genderspecial people. There's also a subgroup who uses it as a step to disconnect themselves from performed heterosexuality (like claiming they have crushes on the opposite sex, when there's no real intent on pursuit) and internalized homophobia before coming out as gay, which I don't think should be shamed (it's hard admitting to yourself that you're gay, in a homophobic society). The only cow-like asexuals I've seen are milky because they're genderspecial, retarded wokies, or their behavior actively counters their claims of asexuality, not because they're asexual. Not sure if they belong in LGB, because most of the abuse is misogyny, but I do also know a moid IRL who got disowned by his parents for being asexual, so I'm not entirely sure.

No. 1316636

File: 1630879465178.png (421.69 KB, 833x495, idgi.png)

ayrt. Reason I say they don't belong in the community is because whether or not you belong in it isn't really dependent on the mistreatment you face. LGB isn't a sanctuary for the mistreated or anyone who calls themselves not cishet. Asexuals can't really make their own community because of all the people who claim to be asexual but aren't really, but they could try I guess. The LG and B experience mistreatment differently but they formed a community because they all share same sex-attraction. Most asexual-identified people don't.

I genuinely don't know what to say. Picrel

No. 1316638

No. 1316659

AYRT And I can understand that. Honestly, I find "ace-het" women annoying, too, even though a lot of them genuinely don't have sexual attraction or any desire for or comfort with sexual contact, because they do tend to label the misogyny they face as "aphobia" and claim to understand/relate to LBG people. I was irritated by this even when I IDed as ace (mix of sexual trauma, low libido, and stepping stone to admitting I'm gay), but couldn't place why, at the time. It's just frustrating, because there seems to be no way to distinguish between "people who want to be perceived as oppressed" and "people who are genuinely troubled", in this case, and most people from the outside seem perfectly content with the "burn them all" strategy.

No. 1316660

these mfs really cant wait to pounce on any black creator for anything

No. 1316680

It’s not cuz he’s black it’s cuz he’s a sick man appropriating (I bet you love that word) women’s culture

No. 1316692

Kek, pregnancy isn't "women's culture", unless you consider impregnating women "men's culture". Biological functions aren't a culture. I don't think he was being serious in any way with the prosthetic belly, though, the TIFs are probably right in that he thought the image if a pregnant man was funny. The initial tweet here >>1316015 was also based as hell, even if the "correction" he did was retarded. He didn't have to extend help/offer use of his platform to pregnant women, but he chose to.
Not a stan, I don't even listen to his music or know anything about the guy, aside from what's posted here.

No. 1316694

the term corrective rape is used to describe the phenomena where lesbians are raped by men to “correct” their attraction. this is often facilitated by their families and afaik occurs a lot in african and middle eastern countries. obviously rape is a really common part of just being a woman regardless of sexuality but i think the term corrective rape should be used in these circumstances to describe this specific type of homophobic violence

No. 1316695

so ftms are mad about biological women's rights or something? weird how mtfs never are

No. 1316699

i don’t really care about what lil nas x did although it was maybe a bit insensitive due to the recent abortion ban in texas but it’s just funny seeing leftists try to out woke each other

No. 1316705

haha i dunk on twitterfags 4chan big funny

No. 1316712

I exclude asexuals only on technicality. Just like how TiMs even if they are HSTS can't come in women's single sex spaces. It doesn't matter how respectful or at risk you are imo. Saying this as a woman who doesn't have a hormonal imbalance/sexual trauma (or any trauma) yet lacks any sexual interest. Was raised in a liberal household and had lots of lgb friends. But yeah, I wouldn't say LGB for aces.

(sorry for the derailing)

No. 1316730

Whoever drew this must be a cow.

No. 1316734

He’s not getting backlash because he’s fucking black. Let a white man do that shit. You’ll see the same reactions. Get over your skin babes, you’re still cute.

No. 1316739

Are you the same anon that posted and deleted this same reply earlier, but less specific and with a racial slur?

No. 1316741

FtMs who get pregnant are irresponsible retards who expose the developing fetus to steroids. Most of their pregnancies are accidents because they're so uneducated about sex that they think testosterone works as a contraceptive.

No. 1316752

I sure am. I felt it was extra and uncalled for. Call me a 4chan dunker and you make me really wanna talk like one. I’m fucking black but I’m tired of this race bullshit. You’re in a MTF thread that explicitly shits on men. Because they’re men. And act like it. And do stupid shit like this(which frankly idgaf.) it has nothing to do with race though.
>more specific
You get the gist from either post.
>racial slur
Shut up faggot. There’s a sexual one for ya.(infighting)

No. 1316753

Oops fakeboi same shit all degenerates

No. 1316781

I know her mastectomy scars are obvious, but those hips really dont lie, huh?

No. 1316825

Yeah… is that supposed to be a look to aspire to? Her face passes alright I guess, but shirtless is pretty obvious

No. 1316840

It’s the slender neck for me lol

No. 1317153

File: 1630945148942.jpg (172.34 KB, 852x475, Screenshot_20210906_120145.jpg)

What's up with fakebois and their obsession with picarto/avatar makers.

No. 1317160

File: 1630945731569.jpg (36.77 KB, 700x560, d949b2f2b53e96ea1718cd727c6ab6…)

Those are the suffragette colours, how strange.

No. 1317165

File: 1630946156349.jpeg (224.94 KB, 1242x463, DE83FBB8-0492-4DDE-AFCF-F3AFD2…)

I think this is what she was going for but that's a funny coincidence lol

No. 1317166

File: 1630946192595.jpg (95.08 KB, 1200x593, DoPnh18U8AEnzk5.jpg)

In my personal experience sharing time with a bunch of TiFs, it's as if they didn't feel like they're attractive enough as women, so they rather transition into a "cute boi" to cope with their body dysmorphia.
That's why they don't really seem to try nor to struggle to appear as an actual man.

No. 1317167

That’s trannies in general, not exclusively ftm

No. 1317232

All my life most fandoms I have been in have always been like 99% women. I very rarely see/saw men in fandom spaces writing fanfiction and drawing art specially of the romantic variety, even if the normie audience is very balanced between genders (ex, Supernatural). Nowadays, strangely, there are so many "males"….. Just need to dig a bit in each of these profiles and I find that they're FTM. Sad. This is exactly like the weeb to MTF trans pipeline. lol

No. 1317238

File: 1630952653606.png (238.27 KB, 954x669, Uwu.png)

This isn't really that milky, but the original artist who drew the original shooting stars Mordecai/Twilight Sparkle pic is a gay transboy
There's something so "girly" about her and other transboys

No. 1317323

File: 1630959604930.png (130.58 KB, 594x686, 1560691057690.png)

this is the ftm version of this lmao

No. 1317341

Trans is conversion therapy, that last bit about "huge LBGT ally" confirms it. As if there's something inherently odd or suspicious about being an LGBT ally, trans 'em quick before they come out as lesbian, for god's sake!

Women dressing in black, wearing trousers, having short hair and not enjoying bleeding or being sexualized by scrotes doesn't mean we're men. 100% of all females on the planet do this at some point in their lives, usually quite often to constantly depending on their personality.
Transing females is incredibly misogynistic as a trend, as it assumes unless you wear pink spinny skirts and love being fucked 24-7 you must be male, (and if you do like doing those things and have a penis you are in fact female) since obviously those two things dictate your gender more than the body and its related sex-specific hormones and organs you were born with.

No. 1317353

File: 1630964414375.jpeg (170.51 KB, 1080x1696, 3006B59F-82E3-4AB4-98B2-0FC93D…)

This probs belongs in personal cows but idk. There’s a gay trans man who moves in the same circles as me on twitter. One of her favourite hobbies is writing m/m gay smut where one of the participants has a vagina, and never putting it in the tags, because as we all know, trans men are men.
Well a few weeks ago someone dared to question her on this and the resulting tantrum went for days (1/2)

No. 1317355

File: 1630964577727.png (146.88 KB, 1837x803, 6E34E84B-4D19-484F-92A1-91D873…)

No. 1317358

File: 1630964962490.jpeg (164.67 KB, 1080x941, BBCD67EE-29D4-4B99-BDBC-76A946…)

And bonus content of a different reader asking the same question and the writer refusing to even acknowledge that they made a mistake.
Given that a popular argument in defence of fujos is that they’re survivors of abuse/have hangups about their own sexuality and that m/f turns them off at best and triggers them at worst, tagging it at the very least seems completely reasonable.

No. 1317370

Unintentional GC moments are so funny because they expose that a lot of wokies aren't totally fucked in the head and that "trans men are totally male!" is just lipservice to hysterical troons. That fact that these moments had to occur in reaction to BNHA fanfiction of all things is just the cherry on top kek

No. 1317376

It’s just fujos trying to not be like other fujos. When the FTMs call out regular fujos for fetishizing gay men it’s hilarious bc the TiFs have done exactly that taken to the extreme.

No. 1317401

Say what you will about fujos, but at least they fully understand gay men want nothing to do with them lol

No. 1317415

It's the subtle homophobia that gets me. Do these women really think gay men want to fuck "male" pussies? These TIFs ruin every fandom space they touch. It's even more embarrassing when they get simple details about their own female genitalia wrong because they've clearly never actually had sex outside of fantasizing about their two ~gay~ men. I hope this shit dies soon and gets exposed for the homophobia it is and all these larping TIFs delete their fics out of shame in the future. How did we go from demonizing genderbend fics that turn gay couples "straight" to promoting literal gay conversion therapy. Trans gay fics are gross because all I can imagine is some straight woman/man self-inserting and writing about their fantasy of converting gays/lesbians to cope from the reality that nobody wants to fuck them irl.

No. 1317423

has she deleted these comments and turned on comment moderation since you posted this here? i went to check her fics and these comments were gone. does she already know she's been posted here, or did i just miss the comments somehow?

No. 1317433

These are from her twitter. She said in the replies she deleted the comments kek.

No. 1317441

ah thanks! i thought i was going crazy kek

No. 1317466

File: 1630976301602.jpeg (422.42 KB, 1170x2087, FB790DC0-9542-46C6-8244-BCFAE9…)

Here's the full convo here. So she thinks creating an a-ha moment for fujos is more important than just making a transgender tag so that she can be seen by people who’d actually be interested. That’s a special level of petty. She knows damn well piv sex will never be homosexual in any context and her story will get less hits if she mentions trans so this is her way of getting back at the fujos. What a bitter so and so.

No. 1317467

>fandom gets woke, decides fujoness is fetishistic
>the women and girls who like fujo stuff don't want to be fetishistic towards gay men
>decide to BECOME the gay men they fantasize about to enjoy their hobby in peace
>go on to actually fetishize and harass actual gay men, in real life, sometimes to the point of rape by deception
What level of mental gymnastics does it take to get to this point?

No. 1317481

This happens a lot in her work. I read another M/FtM piece she wrote for another fandom where the character isn’t revealed to be FtM until halfway through. She’s really excluding herself from and audience who would appreciate it because “muh fetishism” and then getting mad when people are surprised that the smut about cis male characters played by cis male actors features one of them as trans with no warning.

No. 1317489

File: 1630977678574.jpeg (20.21 KB, 341x254, 7B467B02-143C-406C-BAA3-0D64BE…)

samefag but would you believe me if I told you they’re one of those freaks who think people should be allowed to write and draw porn of whatever they want (including rape, violence, and underage sex) because “don’t like don’t read” and “fandom is not activism”? And yet here they are trying to bring about universal trans acceptance through the medium of bnha fan porn. I’d laugh if it wasn’t so pathetic.

No. 1317499

>I'd love to help change the notion that all characters are cis unless tagged otherwise

like okay, except you're writing fan faction for an existing franchise with existing characters who already exist a certain way? I don't get this logic, just fucking tag it
or idk, write your own original story and tag it however the fuck you want, this is just intentionally deceitful

No. 1317502

I’d love to be surprised but I’m not either anon. These people can’t survive without putting their politics into everything even if it means being homophobic under the guise of being woke. It’s just really telling that they’re into extreme and gross genres like rape and ua but if you even question why there’s piv sex in a yaoi fanfic it’s the worst thing ever. This timeline needs to move on from this bullshit fr(learn2sage)

No. 1317506

lmao they really just take regular male characters, give them a vagina, and act like that's what trans men are when in reality they're usually non-passing women who don't resemble the bottoms they self-insert as in the slightest. The ones who read and fetishize trans smut fics are usually other troons/chasers anyway from what I've seen so it's funny how she doesn't want to tag her fics. I'm going through a similar thing in my fandom with one TIF and pretty much none of the fujos read her fics except for her fellow troon friends. Her fics always come off so fetishy with how much the "gay" man loves to fuck the other guy's "pussy". And it's not like cis gay men are even here to tell these TIFs off because fandom is primarily a female dominated space, so all these trans gay larpers are acting like they can dictate what's homophobia and not. I can't wait for people to look back on this 10 years later and realize how disgusting and homophobic this all is. Sorry for the sperg, I just can't stand homophobia.

No. 1317534

File: 1630982807445.jpeg (269.17 KB, 632x490, 4CBD0780-74FD-4CD1-B83A-0AE9A8…)

>lmao they really just take regular male characters, give them a vagina, and act like that's what trans men are
Case in point, they wrote a fic that tried to sell picrel as an ftm. Kek.

No. 1317546

Sorry to this man, this is disrespectful.

No. 1317556

lol i bet they try to trans him because he's an emotional and empathetic man compared to other gangsters in the show. fucking embarrassing

No. 1317557

Shoko Asahara vibes

No. 1317560

ftms online literally never type in the cadence of men. im a woman and have constantly been mistaken for a male due to the way i type and lack of exclamation/emojis etc. ironically, a lot of mtfs type like dudes. i can pick them out so easily. show me some text and i can tell if it's a ftm or a mtf. their typing patterns particularly in these spaces are bizarrely homogenous.

No. 1317562

File: 1630986831845.gif (945.54 KB, 500x236, tumblr_053dfa7e4a72e94d9d468e2…)

they can't do this to my boy michael mando

No. 1317566

File: 1630987383795.jpeg (55.79 KB, 1280x720, 82EC940B-8004-4F03-A4A0-0882DD…)

Anon that’s - that’s his whole character down to a tee. The past three seasons have revolved around him trying to keep his dad safe from the cartel. Are they really that predictable??

No. 1317568

File: 1630987494560.jpeg (98.17 KB, 750x558, E9664E78-E6C1-4E9D-A973-96F28F…)

kek i've been waiting to use this

No. 1317571

christ why are TIFs so delusional. I'm pretty sure the only reason why they screech "trans men are men" so much is because their only frame of reference are cis dudes that they literally headcanon as trans. they'll never write about a female character transitioning into a man, only cis male characters that everyone already sees as male.

No. 1317576

File: 1630989602455.jpeg (344.4 KB, 750x920, CD75C78A-E3B0-4AAB-BD02-B855F7…)

Would you also bet that the guy she ships him with his bigger older kingpin boss who’s also a violent sociopath?

No. 1317580

Honestly surprised he's not a white guy, so many TIFs have a fetish for bland white guys

No. 1317594

Vaas wouldn’t stand for this tranny insanity

No. 1317597

File: 1630994389110.png (364.87 KB, 454x753, stkasgmt.png)

anons who are in fandom spaces, post the most ridiculous instances of this you've seen. I'll start kek

No. 1317600

File: 1630994876479.png (982.52 KB, 860x1456, 37239942-B1F9-4A32-8500-25BA02…)

I’ve seen tumblr and Twitter weirdos argue that Octane from apex must be a FTM because he’s built like a woman kek. Way to stereotype.

Same with Seer from the same game. It was fun seeing 15 year old he/theys loosing their shit over his voice actor following and liking tweets by apparently ‘twansssphobiccc’ creators. The solution to that was apparently to headcanon him as a trans guy

No. 1317606

He’s built like a malnourished gamer kek. Why do tifs lose their minds any time men are depicted as big and broad and women are small and curvy, and then project onto every small male character?

No. 1317610

Agree, a ton of fujos read M/M content because they want to escape their personal sexual trauma in the hands of men as women so I can actually understand the point about sudden PIV in the story making them uncomfortable. It's just sad that troons are higher up on the oppression totem pole that female-specific trauma just has to be overlooked for the benefit of tranny validation. What were those narc percentages again?

No. 1317617

File: 1630998901173.jpeg (64.14 KB, 1080x518, F1A4BDCA-E81E-436F-925B-3FE32E…)

Goddamn it who cow tipped

No. 1317620

LOL the fact these people don't see how stupid they look. What's the point of her being shirtless though? This is too good.
disappoint's comment was a good read and had some based points that break their fantasy. All Rrismo could come up with was "fuck yew!1" Typical response. They never want to face reality.

No. 1317621

File: 1631000996242.png (366.33 KB, 588x624, 4775.PNG)

A little bit a fujo projection, sage because no milk

No. 1317623

File: 1631001108259.png (1.33 MB, 1689x1881, D528A691-15A4-43C6-9E19-1E690F…)

these are the same girls who make will graham trans art in the hannibal fandom. i will never understand

No. 1317625

oh god why, I don’t know if I want to imagine how much worse it could be if gk was more popular in the west. Thank you Noda for the bara filter.

>15 year old he/theys loosing their shit over his voice actor following and liking tweets by apparently ‘twansssphobiccc’ creators
It’s always funny to me when idiots who are trying to be edgy get mad about shit like that

No. 1317627

Sage because I don't know how AO3 author stuff works but how are you able to see and approve unreviewed comments? I checked and I certainly can't see this comment but maybe i'm a retard (deleted for typo)

No. 1317629

Likely the author posted this screenshot on her twitter but hasn't approved the comment on her story

No. 1317630

No. 1317631

Ahh I see, does anyone have her twitter? I tried to find it but couldn't.

No. 1317633

File: 1631002508581.gif (1.4 MB, 338x338, -pinkman.gif)

What an entitled retard. Her stupid cult is mostly an US & UK thing, there are readers all over the world and literally no one wants a tranny surprise. Is it so hard tagging as AU or leaving a note in the 1st chapter ("he's twans~ uwu")? People are going to be nice to her face for woke points, but readers in general are going to see her name and ignore her from now on.

>straight guy, quiet
>knows the nature of his business but isn't into excessive violence
>only wanted to make money and look after his dad
>therefore, he's actually a woman
kek wtf
I won't be remotely surprised if Jesse was transed in their sick minds too.

No. 1317645

oh he is. if you scroll through his tag on tumblr most of the popular recent posts are about him being trans

No. 1317653

File: 1631007406289.png (667.02 KB, 1151x1078, 4B1F97D0-F39B-47CB-BB1B-76A030…)

Finally I get to sperg about this. Trans dirk strider makes me so autistically angry I hate the homestuck fandom

No. 1317655

Hah, of course they would. He's the perfect TIF mansona (white, skinny, somewhat attractive, troubled, empathetic).
Thanks for reminding me of staying away from that hellhole.

No. 1317659

File: 1631008108758.png (1.78 MB, 828x1792, 498D72C5-D628-422A-91FA-713319…)

No. 1317660

yeah trannies don't pass through text either and that's one of the most hilarious thing about them i'm esl and still notice it

No. 1317666

I hate this.

No. 1317670

File: 1631009192100.png (260.95 KB, 1080x1195, Screenshot_2021-09-07-17-03-15…)

Sage bc old but this topic abt fandom and fanfic reminds me abt this 'a guide to write ftm sex' post. Topkek the delusion


No. 1317673

>I’ve had so many conversations with other trans guys where we salt about cis people writing trans guys in fic & calling it a clit
Have you ever considered talking about… something else? Possibly things that don’t have you seething into the void?

No. 1317678

>He is a man. He has a penis.
UH-OH! Way to be transphobic linking in this manner having a penis to being a man! Don't you know not all people with penises are men and not all men have penises? This is SO invalidating and triggering to your trans sisters. Go to your room and recite 10 Hail Marsha's and 20 Our Fxther Who Art In Heavxn.

No. 1317679

repeating and italicising AND holding something makes it 100% true and factual, as we all know! everybody say thank you to these trutrans kings for establishing that genitals do, in fact, equal gender, and for acknowledging they will never, ever be real men

No. 1317686

ffffucking. what is it with dicks?

tims push their “girl dicks” in lesbians and tif will insist their hormone wrecked clit is a dick.

Dicks aren’t even that great. they either look sad or angry.

No. 1317689

File: 1631012168879.png (430.07 KB, 740x370, Ehjv6BK.png)

they think that giant X scar (which he got from the guy who killed his brother so… this scar has a lot of meaning to it and all) looks like top surgery scars. there's also fanart of ftm luffy running around with his shirt open and a binder underneath.

No. 1317696

Kek anon my sides

No. 1317724

Funny how this whole post would be deemed problematic today.
This subculture is so unsustainable, must be exhausting being in it.

No. 1317731

I miss how fandoms used to be now it's just a bunch of transgender shit. At least back then the drama was funny, now it's just a bunch of women LARPing and sperging about how they're true gay males and have gay male sex

No. 1317736


lmao imagine spending your time worrying about what words other people use for genitals in their weird fanfiction

Also note that MtFs mostly don't give a shit if people refer to their dicks; in fact most of them love talking about their dicks themselves.

Gosh, it's like for one side it's largely a sexual fetish, and for the other it's a desperate flight from femininity in an attempt to feel safer and more powerful, and this might affect how they want people to talk about their genitals?

No, that can't be true: they're all simply true and honest transgender heroes who were tragically born in the wrong bodies, because that makes sense.

No. 1317741


And then they call out other women for "fetishizing" gay men like them, kek

(Funny how MtFs never call out anyone for fetishizing lesbians… FtMs might be cringey, but MtFs are too coombrained to criticize any type of porn or fetishization)

No. 1317745

File: 1631018507823.jpeg (140.99 KB, 828x828, BDC9F4C2-35CE-43FB-970C-799647…)

I post in the Fujo thread on >>>/m/ but my god what I wouldn’t give for TIF free fandom spaces. I swear they want to relabel BL as a TIF only fandom and kick out any women who doesn’t adopt a trans label, which leads to arguments like pic related.

Good luck doing that to all the Japanese/Korean/Chinese women whose BL comics you don’t spend real money on. I saw at least one Korean artist go nuclear and refuse to take her comic off hiatus because the illegal translations were getting more traction than the official English release.

No. 1317749

you cannot pee with it, so its no dick

No. 1317754

Damn she will make the world B U R N, anons. Retard on retard action.

No. 1317780

File: 1631022627532.jpg (60.34 KB, 1920x1080, Nimble-Jack-The-Nevers-Season-…)

was watching and really enjoying the show The Nevers on HBO Max until this ftm showed up with her woman-voice and the audience was supposed to believe her character was a ~cis~ guy. straight up looks and sounds like a soft butch dyke.

No. 1317786

The character is trans and the actor is a they/them. Sad.

No. 1317790

the character is supposed to be trans? what period is this set in? HBO are some of the worst for pushing tranner shit, i swear to god

No. 1317793

This is a screenshot from an HBO show? It looks like a Drunk History sketch

No. 1317798

File: 1631023750534.jpg (14.47 KB, 288x450, Onceler_v.2.jpg)

same vibe. Tumblr culture has truly taken over the real world kek

No. 1317801

oh I had no idea the character was meant to be trans kek I guess I wasn't paying attention
1896, I think? it's a sci fi AU but there's def an emphasis on realism otherwise (so a canonically "trans" character is ridiculous)

No. 1317803

unrelated but if you just edited that hideous flag to dirk's black hat tank this would be like the perfect fem!dirk..

No. 1317807

Yeah it's completely historically inaccurate. There were no transmen back then.
There were plenty of women who dressed as men for different reasons though such as taking on male-only jobs, comfort and protection from rapey men. But fuck context, they must have been totally trans.

No. 1317809

Unironically a cutie, that's pretty sad she's not just committing to being a gnc woman instead of playacting as a man. Half the time they jam these ftm/mtf characters into shows they justify their presence by giving them a "trans arc" or origin story and the other half they just kind of pretend they are the gender they say they are. I cannot decide which is worse.

No. 1317814

Trannies that entrench themselves on fandoms are terminally online and wanna make everyone as miserable as possible, so unless people become anti-woke and bring back the edginess of the 00s and early 10s, they're here to stay.
Good luck with the fujo wars, though. I think it's easier kicking them out than TIMs.

No. 1317822

Reminds of how Assassin's creed added a transman in their 19th century game for woke points, and even though she is CGI she stills comes across as a woman kek

No. 1317826

File: 1631025593536.jpg (32.29 KB, 225x350, 13394002111.jpg)

Maybe not the most egregious, but I still find it baffling that trans Shinji stuff is so common when the most infamous scene in the series is the aftermath of him jerking off to his comatose friend. But given that he's a near perfect fakeboi magnet it's not too surprising.

No. 1317830

The fujoshi have always been at war among themselves and anyone who is shipping some het, most likely canon, ship, it will go on forever

No. 1317831

True. But fujos should do some good work and remind Aidens that they're female and just like them each time they start to sperg about mlm fetishization.

No. 1317843

Shipping "wars" are just normal slapfights kek, they're not as destructive as TIFs wanting everyone who reads BL to be a miserable pooner just like them.

Gotta do it outside of twitter though.

No. 1317844

and some headcanon him as mtf slowly transforming into the cute redhead who wouldn't fuck him

No. 1317880

Yeah, I actually agree with you, I used to casually browse tumblr when "activism" and politics started to be part of fandom, was weird and just came off as a way to defend ships sometimes mixed with hate towards female characters that might or might not have been internalized misogyny crazy how it is affection people now. Otherwise I find fujo's belligerence kinda endearing

No. 1317935

I'm reclaiming these characters. They're both butch lesbians now.

No. 1317977

I really hate what the hannibal fandom has become and I feel like it's bryan fuller's fault for giving attention to the worst part of the fujoshi fandom, I'm surprised he hasn't tweeted anything related to hannibal or will saying some shit like " trans rights "

I don't know if it goes here but I remember an artist who drew tom hiddleston being fucked by an ftm

No. 1317990

Based and butchpilled.

No. 1317996

As they should be.

No. 1318004

Fuller definitely has to see his fujo fans for the weirdos they are kek I hope he stays silent
AYRT I absolutely love femdirk but the ftm abomination homestuck gendies come up with is horrid. I want my beanpole flat chested lesbian dirk, not the het female they self-insert into to ship with jake

No. 1318009

in some of the bl discords i'm in most normal women won't let aidens tell them what to do. honestly i feel beside myself because i agree trannies go overboard but i don't like how most fujos are shitty to 'antis' and anyone who doesn't love every kink

No. 1318136

This seems like just a weird alternate way of self inserting at this point. Like you'll make this character a transman (basically a woman) so you can live out your fantasy without getting called out for trying to make it hetero.

Very true.

No. 1318221


Surprised to hear that since I feel like 99% of Gayden types are “bottoms”.

No. 1318342

I thought those were hard to breathe in. Also they confirmed he had a dick. I notice that it's all the scrawny/androgynous characters.

No. 1318364

I've always found fujos annoying for going out of their way to harass other female het shippers, but they're becoming unbelievably based by slam dunking ftms in a dumpster these days. Any fujos ITT please keep doing that, much better target!
This is so pathetic, desperately begging fanfiction artists to call clits "dicks". What are you going to do if they don't? Spend all day crying in their AO3 comments until they change it? Hahaha
I dig the accelerationist cryptoterf artists/writers too who pretend to be pronounies and tell troons to sit down without accusations of twansphobia, mad respect.

No. 1318368


Fujos are cringe but at least they're just standard weirdos that you can ignore most of the time. The TiF horde is like a cancerous growth that can't handle the existence of anything that does not constantly validate their bullshit.

Sorry to get metaphysical-sounding, but today's trannies can never be "whole" because their existence is built on a lie (that they are actually the opposite sex) so they're constantly leeching validation and assurance off others and lashing out when reality doesn't line up to their beliefs. They will fuck up any group or system they join because they can't function in it like normal people.

I'd take a hundred fujos over a fandom TiF any day.

No. 1318371

If you didn't tell me I'd never think this character was supposed to be read as a man. The voice, the mannerisms, the body shape/size? Even the way they animated the hair looks like it could be a bun in the back under the hat.

Hilarious and accurate in terms of being a non-"passing" TIF tho

No. 1318414

Ayrt. Now I noticed I didn't word that properly, sorry.
I meant kicking out TIFs from a fandom is easier than kicking TIMs. These girls don't really have hordes of handmaidens at their beck and call.
Fujos are alright when they're not in a slow descent into madness for too much coom in brain; also, their shipping slapfights are hilarious.

No. 1318471

File: 1631068259203.png (711.2 KB, 456x601, 9849c93e1dc4255c2f51a99173764c…)

As somebody said last time I posted this girl, she has definitely suffered some sort of trauma, most likely sexual. I cannot confirm or deny, but it's more than likely. As I said, she claims that she has BPD and many other disorders, flaunts her psych hospital admission sheets, posts videos of her having mental breakdowns, and has a full stomach tattoo of some scribble scrabble with the word faggot in it because we can't forget how much of a gay man she is, etc. It's astonishing how far down the drain her mental stability has gone. Please, somebody put this girl in treatment. Holy shit, how do her parents cope with this, lmao.

No. 1318477

Following up to my original thought, she has all of these psych forms, but it doesn't seem like she actually wants help. It seems like she's getting admitted in order to prove something to her family/followers because then they can't accuse her of wallowing in self-pity. Also, she used to have videos that were apparently filmed in the mental hospital. What? I thought mental institutions didn't allow any electronics? They don't even allow fucking aerosol cans, nevermind a phone to somebody that is clearly unwell. I don't think I've ever heard of phones, electrions, etc. in mental hospitals unless you sneak them in. Even then, wouldn't the full body check rule that out? I don't know. It could also be that she's lying about being institutionalized, which is not too out of this world.

No. 1318507


Ayrt, don't worry I see what you're saying. I've never actually seen a TiM in a fandom but maybe I'm just not in the ones they target.

It's hilarious how the trans movement is full of women simping endlessly for TiMs, but no one gives a shit about the TiFs even when they're supposedly being targeted. Take away the dresses and makeup and binders and it's the same boring patriarchal shit with everyone fawning over the white males and getting nothing in return.

No. 1318560

File: 1631076120069.jpeg (22.6 KB, 300x267, 2E7164C2-46C9-4E6D-93E7-4E5809…)

Sh0eonhead unfiltered and without makeup

No. 1318644

File: 1631084201150.jpg (421.21 KB, 1078x1036, Screenshot_20210908-014732_Ins…)

No. 1318657

does that mean she's 15 ? that's so young, how can a parent pay for their child to scare themself ?

No. 1318688

TIMs are all in fandoms, too. At least, the AGP ones are, due to their extreme coomsumer nature. You're right about probably not being in any of the groups they're in, though. It's mostly extremely male-coded or coomer shit.
Here's a list of fandoms AGP moids are regularly in, for anyone who doesn't already know
>Moeshit anime (slice of life, yuri, idolshit; mainly "cute girls doing cute things" stuff, with little to no male characters)
>Military/Weaponry/History of war (there's a particular fixation on the world wars, Roman history, and Chinese history, but mostly just the violent or nationalist parts)
>Video games (mostly FPS or strategy games like Civilization, but they also like MMOs, nostalgic shit like Zelda and Pokemon, and popular indie games like Undertale or Doki Doki Literature Club)
While they mainly stay in these "safe" places, many of them also invade communities for hobbies that are perceived as being female-only. I mostly see them in knitting, makeup, fashion, cooking/baking (mostly bread baking for some reason), or yoga/pilates communities, when they do branch out. They're never all that good at these things, though. You'll never really see a TIM who's a fujo, or into trashy shows with male leads bihet women like (Supernatural, Sherlock, Hannibal). If you did, I can all but guarantee it's a HSTS.

No. 1318708

They are only in makeup and fashion comunities to get "validation" and compliments, and sometimes show their boner to random women.

No. 1318711

AYRT and thanks for adding this. I spend time in both the MTF thread and this one, so I didn't think to mention that joining the "female-coded" hobby spaces was done for "validation" or sexual gratification. It was just common knowledge to me, but not everyone here might know that.
To try to re-rail this, can someone provide a list of FTM hobbies? So far, I've only seen them in fujo spaces and those same "trashy show with attractive moids" fandoms I mentioned before.

No. 1318720

good job they didn't post a 'before' pic because that would've been illegal and obscene

No. 1318744

Putting shirtless pics of your 15-yo online…fucking dangerous shit parents throwing their kids to the wolves (pedos who appreciate the flat chest)

No. 1318755

they love playing dnd! I see tons of FtM stuff there.

No. 1318756

wow anon we are both farmers and femdirk appreciators. we should kiss…
this is just evil

No. 1318762

was about to mention dnd, yeah. probably because you actually larp and pretend to be your weird hot twinky gay character or whatever. (usually the tifs who ship their dnd characters also end up dating, at least that's what i witnessed with irl tifs who play dnd) many of them also like goth/witchy stuff, so tarot reading and collecting crystals and stuff. they're super into space aesthetics too. also many of them like podcasts like the magnus archives (which is actually enjoyable but the producers are also TRA garbage). i don't know how popular flightrising still is, but it was near impossible to find any non-gendered people there. same for goatlings. for all their supposed rejection of femininity, they sure are obsessed with caring for and nurturing 2d children on pet sites.

No. 1318780

Now I'm worried, since I have a friend who is autistic, GNC, into DND, and a handmaiden, kek. I don't think she's a fujo, at least.

No. 1318879

Anon I'm obsessed with her so I might fall in love with you js
This could have been so based if only she were an explicitly gnc female character

No. 1318923

File: 1631117304579.jpg (688.05 KB, 2500x1874, Gentleman-Jack-paper-upload-22…)

The worst thing is there even existed a famous and influental 19th century English GNC lesbian: Anne Lister. If the character was a butch lesbian it would be more historically correct, but they went with modern genderist nonsense instead. Isn't it amazing that they managed to be more regressive than an early 1800s lady?
OT but Lister was based as fuck, there is a great tv show about her life, Gentleman Jack.

No. 1319019

TIMs try getting their dirty hands on traditionally female hobbies like knitting and embroidery, but their crafts are shit so they don't get enough attention. lol
When it comes to fandoms, yeah, they're all over yuri, but it's easy to dodge their cancerous presence if they're 100% about moe or porn-y shit and completely ignore josei stuff (which they always make sure to tell you without ever being asked).

I've seen a few TIFs and themlets on GL fandoms and other female-oriented hobbies but they usually behave. I guess they don't feel like LARPing as being super manly since they just transed their gay away but still wanna be around women.
It's a weird phenomenon but it happens.

No. 1319386

Haven't been lurking for long, hope I'm doing this right. Milk is somewhat stale, but I'm only just coming across this.
I had the misfortune of having this video recommended to me today. Long video short, fakeboi (with a terminal case of frog-voice) creates a caricature of a bisexual woman and proceeds to get angry at it. This caused a bit of a shitstorm in the comments (check pinned comment's replies especially) which then led to the kid uploading a response video.

I love stumbling across stuff like this in the wild.

No. 1319388

And here's the response video. Our pal Nicholas has gone on a comment-hearting rampage in the comment section. Only comments that agree, of course. (But once again, check pinned comment for discourse)

No. 1319395

While I have met my share of women like the one she's satirizing (mix of performative bisexuality in hetero women and actually bi women who don't want to seem "too straight", so they play up loving women while only actively dating scrotes), I think criticizing that kind of woman as someone who is so in denial about her own identity and issues that she feels the need to shoot up T and assert her "manhood" is extremely rich.

No. 1319405

Why do gendies keep using this nasty oily curl look? It's so genuinely repulsive. Her hair looks like you dipped a partially cooked ramen block into canola oil.
Also kek at "I have a very similar experience to bi men as a pansexual man". Girl, no, bi men and bi women face very different treatment. Also every single comment about making men feel bad is weak. I don't care about men feeling bad, scrotes are all shit. If they want to stop being called shit, they ought to stop being shit. I don't get paid to lie, they just expect me to.

No. 1319406

File: 1631158104777.png (92.35 KB, 935x639, oof.png)

Some shit-slinging from the comments. Context (from what I can gather) is that she pinned a comment on the first video that said something like "I'd rather bisexuals disappeared than this".

No. 1319415

Kek, they call her a hypocrite, but their "solution" is probably just saying "all of us are perfect and right, no need for questioning anyone ever uwu". They're all retarded idpol hypocrites, including her. They come so close to accidentally admitting that all their gender/sexuality feelings are bullshit, and everyone in their "queer" circle is a total fraud, whenever they go after one of their own. Hopefully they tear each other apart fast enough for LGB to go back to being about homosexual attraction, sex, and relationships within the next few years.

No. 1319470

File: 1631166333056.jpeg (37.85 KB, 298x450, 8DCC19BF-8A98-4D96-9AD3-9BBA8B…)

Pitchfork writer and previous Tumblr fandom monster Peyton Thomas (I think her real names Beth) finally released her debut novel, which was quickly outed as a fucking South Park gay trans boy fic with the names changed.

its luckily getting ripped apart by book people on Twitter lel

No. 1319507

File: 1631172611763.jpg (466.71 KB, 1080x1697, Screenshot_20210831-105423.jpg)

is that miles mckenna too lmao

No. 1319514

Anon you can't just mention something like this without posting the milk lol. I want some excerpts about Tranny Kyle Brofloski.

Ngl the guy on the left is pretty hot. Shame he's an Aiden chaser, he probably fucks them because they have low self-esteem and are more willing to do anal than normal women.

No. 1319633

kek book twitter kept calling this fanfic writer 'he' and I was able to clock this person I have never heard of as an aiden by the fact that she wrote fanfic

No. 1319652

File: 1631192392089.jpeg (534.81 KB, 750x887, 1245090E-2B99-4EAB-A632-917682…)

I love how the person who wrote the thread cancelling the book for racism is……. a fakeboi weeb.

Cancellation: https://twitter.com/biheretic/status/1432337809797525507

No. 1319653

File: 1631192505137.png (486.66 KB, 828x1168, 27557CEB-8E9E-4EEF-81AC-99D638…)

No. 1319654

File: 1631192621760.png (114.06 KB, 828x300, DBDD9092-50E1-4F33-8931-7C7AEE…)

honestly just search beachdeath on Twitter the whole book is like this

No. 1319656

File: 1631192654251.png (78.25 KB, 600x981, c.png)

Kyle is trans and Cartman is persian (?), the rest of the milk is just Peyton trying to be progressive throughout the book… and failling.
It's being hated by wokies on twitter but praised by other wokies on Goodreads.

How the fuck did this get published? lmao

No. 1319657

making CARTMAN a man of color is really cracking me the fuck up

No. 1319658

Lmao. So blatantly, obviously written by a woman about a woman.

No. 1319659

File: 1631193216804.png (272.74 KB, 837x425, ftm book.png)

The entire thing is on libgen free to download if you're interested btw (epub but you can covert to pdf)

No. 1319660

File: 1631193484094.jpeg (299.43 KB, 683x531, C3A63A1B-5DB1-4F4E-9643-E823AF…)

No. 1319663

>it's a nice dick
>you've got a good taste in dicks
this is how girls imagine that teenage boys talk with each other. i bet even tina belcher writes better erotic friend fiction than this entire book.

No. 1319666

He does handle her with kids gloves and despite that she is having half a mental breakdown lmao

No. 1319668

File: 1631194057552.png (258.16 KB, 909x752, cringe.png)

No. 1319670

File: 1631194086057.png (259.52 KB, 888x835, sure jan.png)

No. 1319672

File: 1631194178354.jpeg (345.92 KB, 1242x934, 6DEE611D-96FA-4A4A-A71A-F61BA6…)

Oh god which one of them is fucking Filipino omfg kahangalan

No. 1319673

File: 1631194189243.png (20.62 KB, 857x75, humor.png)

No. 1319675

> like skittles
I know these are aidens but does the term titty skittles irk them too or something

No. 1319676

Is this LALONDES? KEK. She got published because she has connections and an inflated sense of confidence that makes people think she’s smart. She’s also insane, enough past milk for a thread, though unfortunately she’s been wise enough to cool her online presence in the past few years. Funnily enough I remember TIMs cancelling her for being transphobic back when she was going by Beth. If you can’t beat them…

No. 1319677

I think it's the main character's friend Jonah?

No. 1319680

But is it Stan or Cartman? kek I’m kidding ty anon

No. 1319684

File: 1631194856838.png (280.39 KB, 794x2277, peytonology_status_14056036625…)

This book was written by a fujo virgin with a gay conversion fetish.

Yep, it's her.
>She got published because she has connections
That explains why people are kissing her ass on her profile and no one is @ing her.

No. 1319686

File: 1631195229415.jpg (671.71 KB, 970x2470, Screenshot_20210909-094556_Tum…)

nta but I'm not at all familiar with fanfic/BL/fujo stuff but I looked up this person and most of the results for "lalondes" were talking about how she was an evil terf lol

No. 1319690

File: 1631195460628.png (30.87 KB, 794x125, 2021-09-09_15-51-00.png)

Oh fuck off.

No. 1319695

File: 1631195680884.jpg (182.26 KB, 1080x674, Screenshot_20210909-095443_Tum…)

No. 1319697

File: 1631195748230.png (243.3 KB, 1371x1072, 1.png)

The main character is a selfish little brat too, her family's struggling for money and she complains about her "life saving" surgery (having her tits lopped off) being delayed

No. 1319698

File: 1631195805996.png (153.96 KB, 839x425, wtf.png)

This entire book is a mess

No. 1319701

These fantasies always come across as straight women wanting men to fall in love with them for who they are instead of it being because they're vaguely human female shaped objects. That's why they get off to being "the exception" in these stories.
Pretty sad when you see it for what it is. Also sad because it has no basis in reality.

No. 1319704

File: 1631196388660.png (240.03 KB, 508x3316, peyton-finn.png)

>2012 and 2013
lmao are they trying to retroactively cancel her? She fucked herself over by saying "AMAB", but the anti-organized religion stance was normal at the time.

Picrel, the weirdest shit about her that I found is that she was obsessed with Finn Wolfhard.
There's more old milk here, but most links/images are broken.

No. 1319706

the dad is hilariously based though because most TIFs are hardly in any danger, yet they have deluded themselves into thinking they have a life expectancy of 35 or something.

No. 1319710

TIMs obsessed with Finn Wolfhards youthful quasi-androgyny is not shocking but very creepy

No. 1319711

I love how there's an asshole dude bro memey character that makes no sense for them to hang out with, but the guy still has a POC name

No. 1319716

wasn’t there literally an episode South Park where multiple characters go trans to use a special shitter

No. 1319725

I think it was just Cartman and Wendy tbh

No. 1319727

So this is what happens to the brain when you spend your formative years on tumblr. Meth would probably be less harmful.

No. 1319731

His androgyny is called being a literal child

No. 1319742

this is how white people try to get away with using the n word

No. 1319745

File: 1631200117577.jpeg (49.29 KB, 600x337, 82FCC9DE-32ED-4E67-B686-0EBF07…)

Should’ve gone full Randy instead

No. 1319759

Christ this reads like literal fanfiction. I mean I know it is, but honestly if I saw writing like this in a published book I'd be very skeptical. Fanfiction can have good writing but this isn't it. I don't know why this kind of writing grates me. Aside from the obvious self-insert, it comes off as pretentious and whiny, and not as a deliberate choice on the author's part, but because the insecurity and self-absorption of the author just bleeds through these pages. It's South Park fanfiction but I'm not even sure who's who anymore. Is the self-insert supposed to be Kyle? Fucking hell the female projection and socialization is so glaring in this writing, but this is totally what boys think and act like kek. And I just realized she's writing self-insert fanfiction based on characters that are canonically 10 years old. What the fuck.

No. 1319767

Samefag but nothing irritates me more than TIFs going all "uwu i-i'm not a REAL gay man to you, am i? you wouldn't fuck me because im trans and you like dicks?" and then writing their comfort characters who are totes gay (and cis of course) tell them that they are a TRUE gay man and they would totally fuck them despite them having a pussy. These people have never interacted with gay men irl and it shows.

No. 1319770

Kek this was a south park fanfic?
>self inserts as a 10 yo character
>Obsessed with child actor
Red flags everywhere

No. 1319828

Both TIMs and TIFs are obsessed with children of the opposite sex. It's so weird.

No. 1319843

I also wanted to comment on the fact that the main character named herself Finch. Why do aidens always pick such ~speshul~ names for themselves

No. 1319867

for them, trooning out is like creating a dnd character or a ffxiv character or a sim, so they always pick palatable or unique "main character" names. which is also why they are obsessed with pronouns: they think they're the protagonist not only in their own, but also in everyone else's lives and everyone's thoughts and conversations revolve around them and them only.

No. 1319885

can't help but read it in south park voices

No. 1319911

yeah they think they are all destined to kill themselves if they don't do extreme body mods like getting their tits off, which isn't a minor surgery. they're far more likely to die of a heart attack in their 50s because of the strain high loads of testosterone have on the female heart. tumours in the reproductive system is also common. it's almost as though the endocrine system is incredibly complex and impacts all parts of the body, not just secondary sex characteristics like voice and facial hair. fucking depressing.

No. 1319957

File: 1631212622172.jpeg (144.99 KB, 828x828, 25EAB185-27BD-4C4B-99F4-49F451…)

For context, this is supposed to be a character from an R-18 Chinese BL Novel

At this point I prefer they just say they find two men fucking hot, than jump through all these hopes to appear woke

No. 1319976

>These people have never interacted with gay men irl and it shows.
You sometimes see them complaining that actual gay men are nothing like the uwu sensitive pretty boys in the fanfictions and are too cock and butt obsessed, too vulgar, too… male. Kek. They don't seem to realize that gay men are just men, but gay.
How did all this nonsense begin? I remember fujoshis being super common in fandom as recently as 2015, but after that it was like a switch was flipped and now all of them are fakeboi Aidens and Calybs, even the older ones in their 30's and 40's.

No. 1320011

>congrats on the tit chop moron

No. 1320047

>They don't seem to realize that gay men are just men, but gay.
Regular fujos are like this too, but at least they leave 3d men alone and stick to 2d. For that alone they are better than the tranny fujos who try think gay men are okay with pussy as long as it's coming from a "man". They always make their tranny self-insert character so insecure about being trans too so they can make the gay man coddle them about the validity of their gayness kek. Gay men irl would just kick them out of their spaces or walk away, as they should.

No. 1320049

My theory is that a little part of them envied those BL relationship because it's something that they could never have because they were women and all..which was feeding their self-hate more.

Then trans propaganda started getting more louder around 2015 and they bought into the whole "You can change your gender and be whatever you want! Dream about being a anime homosexual man? Of course that's valid tm"

(Except the real reason why BL is something they can never have is that the BL is FICTION and FANTASY and has very little to do with real life male homosexual relationships)

No. 1320060

Amanda needs therapy for her internalize homophobia.

I have this horrible feeling that she will 41% before/on her 30th birthday

No. 1320074

TIFs don't really 41%, they just detrans and disappear or settle down with a bisexual and become "normies".

No. 1320154

I think people are wrong for cancelling honestly. Fifty Shades of Grey was a Twilight fanfic with the names changed and nobody cared, but I guess the difference is Peyton tried to make it woke and represent different groups which at this point just opens you up to being cancelled by Twitter busybodies. Not really defending Peyton btw, the writing sucks ass and is cringe but I just think cancelling for no reason sucks more.

No. 1320174

>only liking one type of genitalia is bad

Does this mean "Finch" also likes pussy? Or is he exempt from this rule?

No. 1320210

It's hilarious how many bi men pretend to be gay men because they know how thirsty TiFs are around these supposedly "gay men". There used to be threads on /tttt/ all the time where bi men would talk about how TiFs would be throwing pussy at them if they pretended to be gay.

No. 1320211

>the sadistic rapist emperor character is a tif

No. 1320214

i think a lot of it started when tumblr and other internet spaces got really woke about ‘fetishizing gay men’ in fanfiction/manga etc. because so many girls and women wanted to still enjoy this content about fictional dudes fucking without appearing unwoke they decided to trans themselves to escape scrutiny

i have so much respect for self aware and sincere fujoshis who stay women and enjoy their gay content. aidens and enbys and tifs are so cringe and annoying

No. 1320217

Most straight women would never fuck bi men so the mass Aidenism has been a blessing for bi men.

No. 1320225

TiFs are just extreme fujos.

No. 1320228

>danmei avatar
I remember enbies, aidens, queerios, and myspace bis having a spergout when the Wikipedia entry said that the danmei genre was "typically created by, and targeted towards a heterosexual female audience" because they don't want their genre or themselves to be considered heterosexual.

There's a mini edit war now with fangirls constantly removing the "heterosexual" part of the Wikipedia entry or even changing the "heterosexual" to "homosexual", kek.

No. 1320257

It's not a real sexuality and nobody gets disowned for being ~asexual~. They've tried for so long to force themselves into the actual gay community that he likely got disowned because his parents thought he was actually gay.

No. 1320305

>Responding to a conversation from 4 days ago with a provocative response
You deserve a long ban, if this thread gets derailed because of this.
Kek, I wonder if TIMs also seethe when the read that lesbian porn is produced for heterosexual moids. This is the funniest seethe I've seen so far. I hope to see more people saying outright when a piece of media is made with a certain sex in mind, it would cause a lot of tard rage if it became a trend to discuss how K-pop is most popular with girls in the West, yaoi-lite like Black Butler is written for girls, and moe anime is made for moids.

No. 1320316

K-Pop is most popular in East/Southeast Asia. The 'pretty boy' look is a Confucian male beauty standard.

No. 1320357

AYRT And I meant "the Western audience of K-Pop is mostly female".

No. 1320387

I see but even most of the K-Pop audience in Eastern Asia is female. Japanese idols are a male-dominated interest (and far more creepy).

No. 1320399

I thought that Miles McKenna was a self hating lesbian with a very religious family so she trooned out hmmm…

The dude she is dating is also a drag queen.(sage)

No. 1320443

The fujo take was that not liking yaoi was homophobia so the “actually BL is fetishising” stance was a “no u” to all of them. In the end both sides ended up damaging one another.

No. 1320522

Why do so many TiFs pretend to be actual, biological males ("cis men") while you don't really see it that often with TiMs? Is it because they all see the male body as "superior"?

No. 1320524

i'd say because "pretty boys" have an easier time than "mannish girls" so ftms pretending to be bio-males have more of a reason to do so. bio women who look "masculine" are constantly mocked even by the staunchest trans activists while trannies with worse features are constantly given asspats

No. 1320531

TIMs claim to be "cis" all the time, but it's usually on dating apps instead of Twitter, where TIFs claim to be "cis". Also, TIMs make for ugly women, and TIFs can mostly aspire to be cute or pretty men, and TIFs generally aren't as voyeuristic as TIMs, and can keep their profiles clean of selfies.

No. 1320542

T and E are almost solely used by cis men and women.
There's no big pharma conspiracy.
This is retarded.

No. 1320544

Men get handmaidens worshipping them if they call themselves "trans women". If they call themselves "cis women" then people either don't give a fuck about them or hate them.

No. 1320572

I bet TIMs would be more bothered by moe blobs being called straight than "lesbian" porn

No. 1320978

why does the url lalondes seem familiar, did she used to art or just general homestuck posting?

No. 1320981

File: 1631318794950.jpg (178.96 KB, 922x775, reeeeeeeeee.JPG)

I love going on r/truscum when I need a laugh. It's all transmed/binary trannies REEEEEEEEEing about younger kids who use star/bun/rockself pronouns and "cis people pretending to be trans bc it's trendy" without realizing/acknowledging that they're doing the exact same thing.

No. 1320986

self righteous busy body girls policing other girls, name a more iconic duo
bet you this chick's parents are taking the piss after all the shit this self absorbed snowflake has put them through

No. 1320990

These tumblr callout posts are just as stupid as the people they call out.

No. 1320991

TIFs want male privilege and TIMs want to keep theirs.

No. 1321011

File: 1631323345882.jpg (27.66 KB, 413x395, doubledraper.jpg)

>"i'm just a regular man"
>trooned out and still suffering from NLOGism
What's wrong, Aiden? It's just their journey, those kids just wanna escape womanhood explore their ~gender~… just like you.

All that seething and can't even realize her mother is most definitely trolling. lmao

No. 1321020

>ive been suffering my ENTIRE LIFE from a condition everybody treated me like a second class citizen for

It's called being a female.

No. 1321024

Andrew himself already ruined Dirk by undoing all his character development from the original comic and turning him into a cartoon villain in the prologues.

Speaking of which, so many Aidens are former Homestucks. That fandom was truly overrun with SJW clownery back in the day, and when the comic jumped the shark the fans spread like a cancer and ruined other fandoms in the same manner. Now everything has retarded tranny fanfic and racebent fanart.

No. 1321031

The epilogues weren't written by Hussie, they were written by a group of retarded furry genderspecials, including that one TIM who kins as Vriska and is notorious for having ruined fandoms before Homestuck. He's still a retard for having friends like that, and allowing them to take charge, though.

No. 1321057

tell me this shit isn't a harmful social contagion that is only fated to get worse and most of the damage will be to girls and young women. fuck this nlog btw

No. 1321064

Fucking kek based mom. Their entire identity is built on the idea of "oh they just want to be seen as the opposite gender, what's the harm, it doesn't hurt you" and now she's mad when it gets thrown back at her because she can't be the only tranny anymore. I actually hope all these kids make it hell for the school administrators and teachers so they'll quietly stop supporting this shit. Eventually it'll all be seen as uncool by the kids anyway once the fad dies.

No. 1321070

>aidens NLOGing other aidens part 500000
This will never not be funny to me. Imagine living your whole life as a snowflake and getting ditched for shinier and sparklier snowflakes. How embarrassing honey, just detrans since you want to be transphobic against heckin' valid xenogenders

No. 1321214

>every single one is visibly afab
lol why did you feel the need to point that out

No. 1321339

Because TIFs hate little girls almost as much as TIMs want to be/fuck them.

No. 1321699

File: 1631421675108.jpeg (172.13 KB, 2048x687, AE0C9B17-A2C2-4E97-8BC4-53ABA7…)

Another day another gay conversion therapy tweet.

No. 1321728

lmfao shes mixing up "bear" and "bdsm neckbeard"

No. 1321750

File: 1631427632066.jpg (143.87 KB, 675x1200, ENmXtEWVAAEFBk5.jpg)

Lol the author is probably most known as Beachdeath and used to be a huge cow in big tumblr fandom spaces Johnlock or Homestuck. Also might be seen referred as "Bill Hader tulpa guy" as she once commissioned ship art with her and her tulpa Bill Hader. This one is the tame one but she also commissioned art of Bill Hader eating her pussy.

No. 1321753

The main character (Finch) is Kyle, the love interest (Jonah) is Stan. Nasir is supposed to be Cartman. Now you can read those excerpts in their voices.

No. 1321827

File: 1631438635332.jpg (366.45 KB, 1080x1440, Bill_Hader.jpg)

Hetero nonnies, can you tell me if Bill Hader is attractive enough to create a fictional head version of to eat your pussy out in your fantasies, or outright aspire to troon out into? He looks like a concussed big toe to me. I've been thinking about this post for the past two hours.

No. 1321837

nta, but i've seen a lot of enbies and fakebois having a crush on him (or worse, be him) because of the IT movie sequel. Some are mild and just ogle over his character.

No. 1321859

I don't know why but it seem like many straight girls are into the sloppy-looking male. Maybe because that's what the majority of what straight males look like so it's more relatable to them.

No. 1321873

He looks like tall Gollum and his voice is like a Saturday morning cartoon villain. I would rather go blind tbh

No. 1321898

I want to remove the part of my brain that lets me understand this series of sentences

No. 1321918

I'm bi and no. Looks like an artist fucked up while drawing his proportions. 50% forehead.

No. 1322040

It doesn't even look like him kek. That artist has same face syndrome but for a squinty attractive model face and you can kind of see it bleed through here.

No. 1322065

I’m 100% straight and no, that guy looks disgusting with his huge ass 10head, his weirdly beady eyes, his nose is too small for his weird ass squared face and that ugly, pubic hairesque beard makes him look like he will take away xanax anon’s xanax with a plastic knife and tard strength.

No. 1322112

it reminds me of those "looksmax" manlet motivational pua types. All the grooming and weird fixes can't fix your underlying misfortune.

No. 1322363

I remember reading a copy of my older sister's magazine (probably More or Cosmo) Around 1997 when I was 9 years old and a woman wrote in to tell her story about a 'man' she was dating who called himself Thorn. Thorn wouldn't have sex and always had heavy bandages around 'his' chest apparently because he had been in a car wreck. This woman had been dating Thorn for 6 months before she found out that Thorn was actually a fakeboi when she walked in them getting dressed. Thorn hadn't been in a car wreck Obviously and had written checks in this woman's name and had racked up tonnes of debt. You would have to be an idiot not to guess that something was up even in 1997.

No. 1322370

Tricking someone into dating you, knowing you're not what they want, and then using their identity and putting them in debt? Troons have always been scum.

No. 1322382

>bear dick
Does she mean chubby hairy middle-aged (straight) man dick?

No. 1322384

bi here and it's a fuck no from me. but i'm curious now, where can i find the pussy eating art?

No. 1322660

File: 1631497540847.jpeg (113.24 KB, 463x544, D7443D60-38E5-4415-A63D-625584…)

The pussy eating art was never published as far as I know, she just ”threatened” to commission such art and posting it in public. Anyway here’s the infamous tulpa story.

No. 1322736

Basically, Bill Harder is her imaginary friend..

This is not fun anymore, this is just sad.

No. 1323015

this has me speechless kek. all of this for BILL HADER specifically just makes it funnier. good lord

No. 1323116

She was also semi-involved in the Mitski sex trafficking accusations, she contacted the original insane fakeboi who started it and wrote an article about it. There's many layers to this onion and all of them stink.

No. 1323202

God I remember that shit. I feel so bad Mitski had to deal with that.

No. 1323443

File: 1631583869422.webm (3.75 MB, 916x504, 21-09-13-18-28-561.webm)

Damn, between her ill fitting suit and dead eyes, I'm more convinced than ever that Ellen is about to 41% any day now. She isn't even trying.

No. 1323445

what homophobia does to a mf

No. 1323448

>Page revealed that at the age of nine, "I felt like a boy… I wanted to be a boy. I would ask my mom if I could be someday".
Isn't this super common among gay children though?

No. 1323449

she looks like a kid lost in a supermarket

No. 1323450

her face seems strange and weird, she's so sad

No. 1323460

Only lesbians would consider her attractive but she doesn't even think she's a woman lmao.

No. 1323461

To be honest, this just looks like standard red carpet behavior, if not a bit more attention-seeking. As a celebrity, you're supposed to pose for some pictures, but she listlessly goes back for more, on demand. In order to obey the paparazzi like this, she's either very desperate for more attention, or she's a living doormat.

No. 1323504

I've heard that said though never experienced did that myself and, at the same time, a lot of "trans" people immediately dive into claiming they were always that way, grasping at the gay/"born this way" narrative, and claim to have said such things as a kid in an effort to retcon their life.

No. 1323539

I came across this site and ended up reading this thread. I'm in my 30s and currently seeing a therapist because I think I'm worried I'm FtM. Genuine question, if you don't believe in transition what do you think I should do about it?(not an advice thread)

No. 1323552

If this isn't bait I'll answer. Why do you think you're FTM? Or rather, why do you want to be a man, because we all know it's bullshit that you were "born in the wrong body." Being trans isn't about being born as the wrong gender, it's about wanting to be the other gender when you know you're not and that's why it's a mental illness. If you transition because you think you'll get male privilege out of it, then you're fucking retarded, and if you transition because you don't conform to female stereotypes like being "girly" and dressing in pink, then you're also retarded because none of us do but that doesn't make us any less of a woman. However unless you're willing to concede that trans ideology is a political movement rooted in sexist stereotypes and has no biological basis, none of us can help you.

No. 1323555

Look at your naked body and put a sausage between your legs and see how stupid that looks.
Gay men will be repulsed by you and hetrosexual men will not even humor you. The only people who hate trannies more than TERFs are men so there is no way you could be a man.

It's ok to be an ugly girl and find your body ugly, especially now days where people actually think being ugly is some sort of progressive statement.

No. 1323557

Why do you think you might be FtM? Most people don't adhere to the "gender binary" by the way. It's a bunch of fucking stereotypes. Seriously, read some actual feminist theory. Not lib fem shit either. It may sometimes be bitter to read, because you realize just how much men hate us, but it will also help you realize just how many women out there have spent some time in their life wishing they could opt out of being a woman. In the end, I'd rather be a woman, no matter how hated, than spend my life LARping as a filthy fucking scrote.

No. 1323559

she looks like an orphan boy wandering lost on the streets of victorian london with only her late father's old suit to her name, looking around uncertainly as strangers try to entice her into becoming a child laborer at a notoriously unsafe garment factory

No. 1323565

Now her wife divorced her I'm very worried she'll neck herself.

No. 1323580

Please ask yourself why you think that "being a man" and "being a woman" are mental states one can be in, rather than just biological realities. There is no answer to this question that isn't reductive, sexist, and vaguely religious. Confront your internalized sexism and misogyny. Confront the anti-science nature of trans ideology. You cannot make a man into a woman (or vice versa) any more than you can turn a frog into a newt. They are simply two different biological realities, everything else is cultural fluff that we're better off without (most if not all of it is harmful to women). If your therapist is encouraging "exploration of your identity", get a new therapist. Any encouragement comes from an ill-informed place, at best, or a capitalistic/opportunistic mindset, at worst. Allow yourself to be a gender nonconforming woman. You are allowed to have short hair, have body hair, go makeup free, wear "men's" clothes, enjoy hobbies and careers that are trafitionally male, all while being a woman. Being a woman doesn't define your whole, it just defines a part (your biology). Remember to love yourself, even if you're confused.
Kek, NTA but you're all so aggressive, it probably won't help.

No. 1323597

Anons repeating "nobody fits stereotypes perfectly" ad nauseam isn't going to change that really gnc women are an extremely hated demographic. Even with many non-genderspecial lgb people, who see very gnc people as bad publicity. Everyone irl already probably thinks you're trying to be a man if you're gnc and that shit can easily get to you. Transitioning would be proving them right, it's not going to solve the stigma. You'll be trading stigma for stigma, with added health consequences. Is it really worth it? You need to find your tribe and befriend/hangout with more gnc women. Also, therapists are retarded about this shit, even the conservative ones go all "male soul/demon" bs.

No. 1323612

False anon. Lesbians are into women. Not whatever Ellen’s turned herself into.

She’s so dead behind the eyes she looks like a sleep paralysis demon.

No. 1323614

not only did she show up to the met gala in a suit. but an ugly suit.

she’s like a little boy playing dress up. i want to be sad for her but she chose this.

No. 1323633

She looks like a ventriloquist dummy version of Eddie Redmayne now, tragic

No. 1323639

I was in a similar predicament. Growing up gay and GNC in a strict religious country did a number on me. I ended up getting diagnosed with "gender dysphoria" about 4ish years ago (I'm 30 now) simply for stating my discomfort at being an """unconventional""" woman. So that tells you what the medical industry think of FTM's - broken women. But what's important is that trooning out will bring you no joy. You're here, you're posting, you know it's all a sham. I know this sounds like libfem BS but you really do just have to embrace who you are. Why should I care what other people think? I love dressing masc, I love my hobbies. It's society's problem that I'm seen as defective, not mine. In the mean time try reading some radical feminist stuff, I don't ID as a radfem myself but trust me it's helpful to hear from people much older than me that you can carve out a niche for yourself no matter how different to other women you think you are. And trust, you're not that much different. NLOGism is easy to fall in but hanging out with other butches and GNC women made me realise we share a lot of the same neuroses.

Most celebrities get crucified for not putting in effort for the Met Gala but watch her get praised for dressing like a 10 y/o boy at a family wedding.

No. 1323641

I don't know about your life experience but check on detrans stories and perspectives, you need to see both side to understand the choice you're going to make. i'm going to quote reddit but /r/detrans and r/Scrambled_Eggs_irl (mostly memes but relatable apparently) are the only spaces I know

No. 1323642

Could you elaborate on why you think you're trans? I'm detrans and I was 100% sure I'm trans. I even got diagnosed (which doesn't mean shit, obviously). If you have any specific questions I'm fairly certain I could answer them, seeing I went through the whole thought/emotion process of "I'm trans" myself. I also strongly recommend r/detrans on reddit.

One of the many, many things that were really eye opening to me was that "cis" people do in fact not have a gender identity. According to gender ideology they would be agender. Because, surprise, it's your biological sex that really matters.

No. 1323645

why do gc always go on about race blacks need a better hobby(racebait)

No. 1323646

File: 1631611632945.png (253.82 KB, 1080x1343, Screenshot_20210914-112322~2.p…)

Almost all the comments on Twitter look like it, complimenting her like she's a ten year old boy who put on a suit for the first time for a relative's wedding. It makes me feel uneasy, not only are they staying blind to her obvious discomfort since she started her transition, but also treating her like a retard.

No. 1323667

Ellen is still a woman. Just a really delusional and mutilated one. Gender surgeries and hormones can't change your sex because sex is an immutable characteristic.

No. 1323673

File: 1631615483127.jpg (Spoiler Image, 274.25 KB, 3000x3000, EE7Ol0lXYAEQufm.jpg)

Tell me your "deeply ingrained gender identity" is a fetish without telling me it's a fetish.

Courtesy of "jockbuns" on Twitter for the morbidly curious.

No. 1323686

No. 1323703


Your therapist will inevitably tell you you are FtM because if she says anything else she is in danger of losing her career.

Congratulations on being in your 30s and literally never noticing you were "actually a man" until now lol. Being born in the wrong body is not a thing. You are your body. I can't believe we even have to say that.

Start figuring out the actual sources of your issues, because growing a giant clit and getting male pattern baldness is not going to help with those issues, no matter what your love-bombing friends tell you.

No. 1323706

i actually like the short hair on Elliot lmao but those surgeries Elliot had were so unnecessary and invasive

No. 1323709


No. 1323721

this is your brain on yaoi

No. 1323724

Yes! I recently found a (very cute) lesbian couple on tiktok and one of them posted a video of her as a little girl saying something along the lines of "mommy, I'm a boy!" with the caption "how did anybody ever think I'd grow up to be straight". Since fortunately the video didn't make it to the troon/sjw side of tiktok the comment section was just lesbian women saying they made the very same experience, as a child they always expressed the wish to be a boy until they realized they're really just lesbian women when they were older

I'm bisexual but I can relate to this as well, not to blogpost but as a child I too went through a "I want to be a boy, please let me wear boys clothes!" phase. Back when I still identified as trans I'd often bring this up as "proof" that I've been trans all along when actually I'm just a gnc female who loves women

No. 1323727

>many things that were really eye opening to me was that "cis" people do in fact not have a gender identity. According to gender ideology they would be agender.
whoa everything make so much more sense now, thanks anon

No. 1323735

Many gay children desire to be the opposite sex because they are surrounded by heteronormativity. A little gay boy might have crushes on other boys but because he has been told that girls fall in love with boys then he might start thinking he is actually girl and try to mimic feminine behavior. Same goes for lesbians trying to mimic maculine behaviors.

This isn't the case with all gay people and you can also get straight kids who act gender non-conforming, but there is a strong connection between gender non-conforming behavior and homosexuality. Homosexual children demonstrate the most gender non-conforming behavior, and heterosexual children the least. Bisexual children are in the middle. Though of course, homosexuality itself is a type of gender non-conformity.

Nearly all children who get trans'd are actually gay and they would have grown up into healthy gay adults instead of mutilated "straight" people.

No. 1323737


I didn't realize until I got out that just the idea of having a "gender identity" is a fucking cancer, it literally just pushes you into a role that you then have to conform to, and those roles are really fucking sexist and constraining.

And that includes 'nonbinary' as well, having to make a big deal about the fact that you are not 100% stereotypically masculine or feminine, like that is unusual instead of the norm for everyone, that's sexist as fuck AND it messes you up. Constantly focusing on gender roles is unhealthy and stunts your personality.

People who haven't fallen into the cult (or been raised in it) don't think about their "gender" every day, because their sex is physically male or female, and thinking about that would be like constantly thinking about the fact that you have two legs.

No. 1323739

It's crazy how people have embraced gender so much. In second-wave feminism it was criticised for creating a hierarchy between the sexes where women played the inferior, nurturer roles to men's superior, destructive ones. Now it's like "gender is great" and "I switch between boy and girl genders". The fuck.

No. 1323748

Drop your therapist, transitioning is the newest gold rush and you will be hooked on meds for life. Also, plenty of therapists fully believe on the sexual inversion theory (masculine souls on female bodies and vice versa) and modern trans ideology heavily relies on that, even though the whole human body is sexed.
If you're a lesbian or bi with a preference for women, transitioning is just gay conversion therapy; if you're straight or bi with a preference for men, transitioning is just a way of getting rid of gender non-conforming women… and gender is just sociocultural norms and stereotypes, which no one is 100% comfortable with. Like this >>1323597 anon said, if you transition you will be trading a stigma for stigma. A woman can't possibly know how being a man really feels and vice versa, we only have an outsider perspective of the opposite sex.
Besides, did you ever notice that whenever you listen to/read someone's reasoning for transition it's always a short list of sexist stereotypes? This whole thing isn't progress, it's just misogyny with shiny clothing.

Whatever you do, I wish you good luck and I hope one day you learn to be comfortable with yourself, even for a few moments. You should check out /r/detrans on Reddit (asap, tranny jannies are constantly brigading that sub), there are plenty of accounts of people who actually went through the process and can speak about it better than I do.

No. 1323761

The way the camera does a double take on her nontailored pants and her Roblox shoes after she stomps, lol.

No. 1323765

excuse the ot but the funniest thing is it wasnt even a fakeboi who made the original allegations, it was a full on fugly fat linebacker scrote tranny. lmfao

No. 1323768

File: 1631625190169.jpg (89.36 KB, 900x670, maslow-5.jpg)

Psychology works. People just need to follow Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs and Myers and Briggs

No. 1323769

Nobody listen to psychologists. The problem will always been their sample sizes are too low, or they do clinical stuff like depression and anxiety, both of which are treatable with exercising. It takes 8 years of med school to become one.

No. 1323775

The psych industry just exists to get people back to working their jobs to protect the economy. Most psychologists focus on your bog standard depression/anxiety. They are shit at treating trauma, especially CPTSD which is prevalent in people with gender dysphoria.

No. 1323776

File: 1631625763781.jpeg (149.2 KB, 615x520, D354852D-65A1-4F26-B975-3C2310…)

Totally not edited double mastectomy scars lmao

No. 1323778

Wasn't Ellen the one who initiated the divorce?

No. 1323779

File: 1631626013238.png (621.66 KB, 776x756, Screen Shot 2021-09-14 at 11.3…)

got them crying cat eyes

No. 1323781

Everyone else is longposting so as a desister myself i have some short and sweet advice for you: grow the fuck up lmao

No. 1323783


Psychiatrists go to med school, not psychologists. And anon is probably seeing a therapist, not a psychologist.

That said, you should not trust any of these three professions for tranny issues, because even if they don't believe in gender woo, all of them know that a wannabe tranny might report them or complain if they feel that the mental health professional is "gatekeeping".

So even if you are obviously mentally ill, and transition is obviously going to make you worse, they will not tell you that, they'll just give you a referral to a gender-woo professional of some type because you are not worth risking a career over.

No. 1323786

Tinfoil sperg but there's something so off about this, she constantly looks like she's being held hostage at gunpoint, is this tranny thing a punishment by the hollyweird cabal? Whatever the case she looks legitimately miserable and dead eyed

No. 1323792


I replied before and I was trying not to be too mean but imagine thinking about becoming FtM in your 30s lmao, that's like getting into pokemon when you're 25

Have fun crying about being rejected by 'cis gays' with a bunch of 15 year olds called Noah, anon

No. 1323795

They really should go to a neurologist.

No. 1323796

Not a radfem but I think those women are good at beating some sense into trannies and dysphoric people if you are willing to listen. You could try reading their essays about why gender is bullshit or just go tag them on Twitter for advice.

No. 1323800

Maybe it's dawning on her she still feels like shit, tanked her career for nothing and will be hard coming back from being "Elliot" after parading herself on the media.

No. 1323803

From my experience a lot of medical proffesionals like psychiatrists are pretty based. Trannies complain all the time how their doctors tell them gender is bullshit and try to have them focus on the obvious mental issues instead. Sadly it only takes a few bad doctors to create a generation hooked on artificial hormones.
Psychologists and therapists generally believe in esoteric bullshit like gender though.

No. 1323807

first ftm MMA fighter

No. 1323812

tumblr radfems >>> twitter radfems imo
way more batshit, way less concerned with niceties or looking approachable for the most part.
psychiatry on the whole is a fucking scam to be honest. everyone who has any illusions about the benefits of the psych industry should read up on thomas szasz. clinicians/medical doctors do tend to be more reasonable about the gender bullshit. thats changing, though. plenty of fresh brainwashed registrars chomping at the bit to be the worlds wokest good doctor, kek.

No. 1323813

Truth. It took one session with a pychiatrists to figure what was wrong with me after years of psychologists being useless.

No. 1323819

I guess anon can go leave a message in one of their Tumblr inboxes either anonymously or in a throwaway account. They usually give pretty good advice. Both Tumblr and Twitter radfems are lame compared to late 90s to early 2000s radfems with their Web 1.0 websites though.

No. 1323826

Depends. Twitter is way larger and Twitter radfems can be complete bonkers, like Korean radfems on Twitter are definitely not “nice”.

No. 1323830


ayrt. That's good to hear, but I think a lot of the based ones get burned after they try to help a tranny who then kicks up a fuss and threatens them and makes trouble, and after that they're still based but make the decision to just refer any future trannies on to gender-happy clinics and let them dig their own graves

No. 1323834

File: 1631628572080.jpg (49.22 KB, 833x624, 19-Instagram-team_patricio_man…)

No. 1323836

Lmao my psychologist kept trying to convince me to accept TIMs as women even though I was a victim of sexual assault and terrified of men. She said that not everybody fits gender stereotypes and said “look at lesbians for example, they are still women even though they are not attracted to men”.
I don’t trust psychologists. My psychiatrists were also shit. If anon tries to ask the psych industry to free her from dysphoria, she might end up trooning out instead because they all validate gender feelings.

No. 1323840


30s is too old for that shit. You should consider assisted suicide if you're seriously a grown ass woman thinking your life would be so much better if you just had a penis.

Why can't men be feminine and women be masculine if that's what makes them comfortable? All these labels and hormones and surgery, do y'all not see this is all a money grabbing scam?

No. 1323841

Both psychiatristists and psychologists are useless

No. 1323843

Lots of sociopaths who get into psychology bring their agenda in and push it on patients who are vulnerable. They know they’re in a position of power and authority, and that the patient is economically invested.

No. 1323849

she looks like a baby monkey that got separated from its mother and some tourists are taking photos of it

No. 1323854

Remember that episode of Malcolm in the Middle where all the brothers wore secondhand suits too big for them for a family gathering?

No. 1323855

>”look at lesbians for example, they are still women even though they are not attracted to men”

christ everything comes back to men. why does everyone have to shit so hard on lesbians.

No. 1323861

You should shut the computer off and spend some time in the real world with people who don’t have colored hair and septum piercings.

No. 1323894

File: 1631633770870.jpg (90.02 KB, 800x533, 96a054c518571eb2a87e1f6c9bd480…)

No. 1323932

It's so…inhuman. You see someone who's clearly unhappy, but to fit the narrative, you type, in allcaps, "IT MAKES ME SO HAPPY THAT THEY LOOK HAPPY TO BE THERE". This shit is like a cult.
Worst part? If she ever detransitions, these same people will let the misogyny loose and fling shit at her, call her an attention whore, etc. Abuse and objectification of the dysphoric. I don't think she can go back, even if she wants to. This is a horrible predicament.

No. 1323963

And if she 41% the same people are going to claim it was because of "muh transphobia" instead of her realization that she made a life altering mistake that she can't come back from

No. 1323980

So Leonard Höglind the Swedish murder TIF is getting a life sentence.
Does anyone know if it's in male prison? The news refer to her as "the boyfriend".

No. 1323991

no, "leonard" is getting 18 years while her boyfriend is getting a life sentence.

No. 1323992

wait sorry, i'm retarded and didn't finish the video. both of them got life sentences.

No. 1324058

File: 1631643623171.jpeg (75.88 KB, 750x312, F23E90DE-D99D-4770-B1EA-C9E412…)

Ellen page calls herself a man. Cuts her tits off and wears a suit and it’s a statement.

She wore suits when she was a normal woman.

No. 1324060

File: 1631643671088.jpeg (43.04 KB, 532x800, 7526DA66-F937-474C-A962-AACFB5…)

pic rel

and she looked fucking good.

now she’s a malnourished twink wannabe

No. 1324074

Was she really? So her wife tried to stay with her even with this embarrassing gender nonsense and Ellen kicked her to the curb? Well at least her shitty behavior matches her roleplay gender.

No. 1324077

I hate how no news source (that I've seen)acknowledges that she is female. I really want to know where she ends up.
The trans movement loves erasing the past.
It's so fucking tragic. It's obviously not helping her mental health. I can only hope she wakes up and detransitions.

No. 1324100

File: 1631647011235.jpg (14.9 KB, 321x156, Screenshot_20210914-195637__01…)

Flashback doesnt seem to know yet of its male prison or not, but am i crazy or is this not a female social security number? Taken from public court documents but i scribble out the year/date part of the number and her last name because its not relevant. As far as i know the second-to-last number is even for females aand ought ro be changed after a sex change. She is consistently refered to as a man in all official documents, but what the hell? If she is in the process of having it changed om sure shell quit that process in a hurry. If she is still registered as a female legally then its fucking wild how the court refuses to acknolodge that.

No. 1324102

She hasn't transitioned physically either AFAIK. It's like we are in Canada or something.

No. 1324126


She changed her legal sex while still in custody. I don't know if that changes anything; might be her old number. You're correct about the third number being even for women and uneven for men; so unless they're using her old SS number something's really weird. She's listed as male on Ratsit and the only way that could be is if she actually had it legally changed.

Still gloating over the fact that lying, sniveling, manipulative little cockroach didn't get her sentence lowered because of her pussy like she hoped she would. She initiated, planned and helped complete the murder, and then cut up the body and grilled hot dogs at the burial site after having put the body parts into the ground. Have fun in male jail Leo, you chose it yourself.

No. 1324202

The psych industry is just there to help prop up the economy. Everything is about making you a “productive” member of society (wage slave). Look at how meditation has been completely commodified into McMindfulness, shitloads of self-help books get published every year, and Silicon Valley’s immortalists have adopted Stoicism as their philosophy to make people work harder to achieve a “cure” for death (even though the Stoics believed dying was a good thing).

No. 1324206

If they live in America they might see troons in the real world though.

No. 1324214

No ethical psychology field under capitalism.

No. 1324252

>“look at lesbians for example, they are still women even though they are not attracted to men”
She's not wrong but something about the way she says this rubs me the wrong way.

No. 1324279

Ahahaha, she looks like a freaking clown. Like a little boy dressed up in his father's clothes and the family laughs and takes pictures because it looks so silly. Except this little boy is a sickly, deeply distressed looking middle aged woman.

Get a job.

No. 1324294

File: 1631664306230.jpeg (933.52 KB, 828x1440, AF07ECC4-7F1F-402F-9F9A-8EE71C…)

saw this on twitter. i’m confused because if ellen was a lesbian doesn’t her now being a man mean she’s a straight guy?

No. 1324295

File: 1631664344010.jpeg (356.06 KB, 1248x1087, 49E99F73-F587-4614-B050-48D811…)

Not the obvious jawline implant… Along with the abs and shoulders she's gotta be 80% silicone now.

No. 1324299

If it's intentional, she's probably using it just the way the image defines it– "queer", not "homosexual". LGB culture is appropriated by AGP/AAP, and distorted by HSTS. She likely doesn't want to think about how she's committing several acts of conversion therapy on herself.

No. 1324302


You and I both know the truth anon

No. 1324303

Was cute before and now she looks like an inmate sigh

No. 1324304

Looks like a holocaust victim

No. 1324315

You gotta remember "queer" means anything but homosexual these days.

Regular straight guy with an alt aesthetic = queer
Regular straight woman who says she's bi but will never, ever date a woman = queer
Straight couple into BDSM = queer
Shinji Ikari having a mental breakdown and refusing to get in the fucking robot = queer

No. 1324331

I looked into Scrambled_Eggs_Irl, and god, what a depressing place. It's full of people who are only on the cusp of peaking, and are constantly dancing around the elephant in the room so that they don't hurt the feelings of their tranny lurkers or get banned. The AGP/AAP detrans ones will flat out say they transitioned for sexual reasons, and the HSTS will say they stopped having issues after they admitted to themselves tgat they were gay, but then they turn around and say "TERFs are bad because they stereotype us as being in denial or sexually degenerate, and that's wrong". Meanwhile full on still-trans people post comments like "haha I'm still trans though uwu" or "trans is still valid though", in the world's most obvious reminder that detrans spaces on reddit are not safe spaces for dissent, and you are being watched. What a shitshow.
If she were really being radical or challenging, she would be wearing a suit as a woman, perhaps with a violet on the breast.

No. 1324333

>>1324058 but I thought they wanted to be treated like real men? why is twitter pointing page out as the exception to the "men at the met gala wearing black suits are BORING UGH" tweets? seems pretty transphobic to me to single her out as The One Man who can dress lame at an event made for dressing up. if you're going to shit talk all the guys showing up looking dull, but leave her out of it, they're just showing how they don't see her as a real guy right?

No. 1324335

That's exactly what they wanted to do to r/detrans, I think. There were even some psychotic trannies here, on this site, who were like "Good! BTW JK Rowling is a terrorist!!" when a butthurt Reddit mod tried to take it down after they couldn't take over it (thankfully, it was brought back up).

No. 1324351

i don't. what is it?

No. 1324367

I work at Silicon Valley which is why I'm saying psychology is being used by these big corporations to exploit and manipulate people. Sorry you're a retard.

No. 1324371

File: 1631669967988.png (41.25 KB, 593x352, 3432432.PNG)

No, she can't be a straight man because you can't get oppression points out of that. There was this male athlete who "came out" as "bisexual" but said he's "not attracted to cis men". He is just straight with extra steps.

No. 1324374

File: 1631670219206.png (75.15 KB, 584x600, 654654.PNG)

No. 1324433

Oh no, not the sad baby Rheses monkeys in that attachment experiment! I'm sad now.

No. 1324450

It's a shame; on one hand, hosting this stuff on reddit means that it reaches a MUCH wider audience than it would anywhere else, but otoh the usual suspects are breathing down their necks at all time.
You clearly don't work on a product team, otherwise you would understand the difference between clinical psychology, experimental/research psychology, and the exploitative shit that gets implemented to boost key metrics.

No. 1324464

She probably works in biotech. They absolutely do have fucked up psych shit there.

No. 1324502

I'd be happy to hear there's a good reason for all the "all psychologists are bad all the time" sperhing ITT, so these replies gave me a shred of hope. Speaking as someone who has had more bad psychologists than good ones, the good ones are brilliant. The trouble is that the people who need it have extremely personalized needs, so finding the right one is a pain in the ass. All the benefits get thrown out the window if the psychologist has ulterior motives, though, so troonshit has greatly damaged the field.

No. 1324619

based anon

No. 1324673

No lies detected. The mindfulness shit really aggravates me.

No. 1324680

File: 1631710647284.jpg (179.78 KB, 828x1039, IMG_20210915_085346.jpg)

It's extremely amusing to me how people on twitter dare to call this a man.
Even is she passes as male, she has the look of a damn 12yo.

Oh to be a petite lesbian with aap.

No. 1324687

>like an autistic 12 year old boy
tinfoil but ftms troon out to not be 'old women'. I mean she has been successful in that respect.

No. 1324691

She still looks completely and utterly miserable and drained.

No. 1324699

How can you be an AAP lesbian, lesbians don't feel sexual attraction to male bodies. I think she's an HSTS because she had dysphoria since her childhood because her homosexuality makes her GNC. Being a gay person in a heteronormative world can be extremely alienating so a lot of them troon out.

No. 1324709

Agreed with you anon. I don’t think she trooned out as part of a fetish but due to trauma. She’s always suffered from a lot of internalized homophobia and misogyny because of how constricted she was by gender.

No. 1324711

I’m 19, almost 20, and I’ve always said if I was a few years younger I would’ve been a FtM. I wasn’t very…female, when I was young. I thought Barbies were so dumb and stimulating and mutilated my classmates’ dolls. When they cried, I’d tell them to grow up. I was ugly, bullied, and I hated dresses. My teachers would sometimes join in on bullying me. Or they’d mimic my speech disability. When I painstakingly worse a dress for a school dance/performance, my teachers told me to change and not come back.

My family was worse. They couldn’t understand why I acted like a “boy”. When people hit me, I hit back. When my siblings cursed me off, I’d tell him to off himself. When a boy cut in line in front of me, I pushed him off the stairs. When I took a huge shit in our school’s bathroom and all the older girls in front of my stall to bully me, I went out and said, “What, so you don’t shit?”

Point is, I didn’t feel like a girl. At all. I wanted to be a boy. So bad. I felt like one. Or rather, I didn’t feel like a girl, so the natural thing would be a boy, yes?

I became online, and I discovered NGC historical women. Non-gender confirming ones. Julie D’Aubigny was my favorite: she was a bisexual swordswoman who died after her girlfriend died, presumably out of heartbreak. Did you know she set a convent on fire too because she wanted to sleep with one of the girls, too? Crazy bitch. There’s also Anne Lister, her diaries are interesting (lots of NSFW content). Reading about those women helped me, showed me that there’s a different way, that no matter how hard my life became I’d shut up and move on because if Julie D’Aubigny was wilding in the 1600s, then I sure could get over myself, no?

It’s fine to not feel comfortable with your gender. To want to become a cute anime boy. No one is home at their body, anon. What is being a woman, anon? Besides some biological differences and material signifiers?

There’s also the terminally online. I’ve been noticing a pattern: extremely online tween girl develops dysmorphia due to being online, online girl becomes convinced she is a hulking male-like creature with a huge alien head, online girl binds her chest and wears oversized clothes and becomes convinced she’s a trans boy. You have a normal body, I promise. Join a BJJ gym or take some dance classes, put on some muscle and take take of your body. You’ll realise it’s fine later on.

The best thing I could tell you is that you prolly don’t have a concrete self-image. What can you do to cultivate one? The first step is to become independent-minded. The only validation you should get is from yourself. And the rest depends on you, to be honest, and what kind of person you are.

I recommend reading this: https://www.npr.org/transcripts/5171860. If you don’t want to click on the link, google Norah Vincent: the Woman Behind Self-Made Man. It’s about a butch lesbian who foes undercover as a man. It might trigger some uncomfortable feelings in you. However, these feelings are normal, and you should develop enough mental stamina to properly deal with conflict.

No. 1324712

I was the same as a kid, at 11 I saw that Lady Gaga article where she had a male persona and it made me start planning out cutting my hair short and wearing boy clothes out in public so that people wouldn't think I was a girl. So many things on the internet can mess a child up.

No. 1324719

OT but little you was based

No. 1324722

That's a fucking rose, not a carnation.

No. 1324735

I want to be your friend, nonna.

Reading this thread makes me so sad for all the genuinely lesbian and GNC women. And Elliot page still looks her age to me, just now she's also a bobblehead with a bad haircut who wears ill fitting men's clothes.

No. 1324748

Everything you said is correct. The psychiatry industry has been a scam ever since its conception.

Lmao I saw a post on tumblr saying all the men showing up wearing basic black suits need to be punished and everyone in the comments was like "b-b-but not Elliot!!1! He's different because of the extremely complex relationship with gender and clothing and he's just starting to dress like how he feels" and all this bullshit. They really trip over themselves flailing around like morons desperately trying not to ever say anything bad about genderspecials.(derailing)

No. 1324764

>spend thousands and thousands of dollars on ab transplants because your feminine form triggers you so much
>don't spend a few thousand to get a custom fit suit
seriously, those sleeves lmao wtf is she doing

No. 1324797

The oversizedness of the jacket just screams 'eating disorder' to me. I know we've speculated in the past since she looks so ill

No. 1324847

this post should be hang up in all gender clinics lol
anon i commend you for going through all that bs and not changing who you are to suit other people. being gnc female is hard for basically the whole life but you giving me hope

No. 1324974

Now how long is life sentence in Sweden? Actual life or some bs like 25 years or something?

No. 1324975

i don't know if this is off topic or where it would belong, but has anyone else encountered people claiming to be MTF on social media that you're almost positive are actually female?

I don't want to name anyone in particular to give them an ego boost but its really strange

No. 1324986

That is soo cisphobic!!!

No. 1324990

it's indeterminate. you could be imprisoned for the rest of your life, but you could also get it commuted at some point. it depends.

No. 1325055

There's the vintage Tumblr user idislikecispeople, the one who coined the terms truscum and tucute, don't know what she's up to nowadays. She has a thread on KF, there's confirmation that she's a real woman there.

No. 1325087

Exactly this. The psych industry is focused on how to re-integrate people into the broken capitalist system by giving them a bunch of coping mechanisms. The very system that causes all these mental illnesses in the first place.(commie derail)

No. 1325117

So what the fuck are you supposed to be? A fucking NEET who lives with your parents forever? I'm sorry, but if the psych industry is designed to help with the mental strain of capitalism, I'll take that help! The system isn't going away any time soon, as much as I hate it, and I'd rather have help for the problem instead of no help at all. Yes, the world would be way better without the root problem, but we can't uproot it at the moment. I wouldn't need boots to protect me from poison ivy, bugs, and thorns, if none of those things ecisted, but they do, and I can't change that. I can't believe this thread is getting derailed by this stupid shit.
Holy shit, idislikecispeople was an irl Kikomi? That's quality milk, even if it's a bit old.

No. 1325121

Trying to live out her fantasy of being a 17 year old boy going to prom in his dad’s suit

No. 1325186

i love you anon
this is so based
she looks so tired… so weird

No. 1325216

In 5 years he'll troon

No. 1325230

Sage for sperging but its not uncommon for aaps or agps to claim to be homosexuals before trooning.
The whole agp/aap thing is way more complicated than it seems, even the main researcher for it said agp gay men exist.
I'll be honest I don't know what's up with Ellen's case, the appropriation of gay male culture and calling herself queer screams aap, but that is in vogue in sjw circles. Being a "straight" masc ftm is heavily frowned upon in these circles.

No. 1325293

>even the main researcher for it said agp gay men exist.
Who was that? And source that they said it. I don’t keep up with sexology research.

No. 1325444

I had the same thought. It's like she is hiding her body, she is still not comfortable with it even after changing identity and getting surgery. Trooning out solves nothing.

No. 1325450


Blanchard I reckon

No. 1325480

Yeah Blanchard, he's stated he's seen one patient he believes was truly homosexual and agp, so its rare but not impossible.
Can't find the direct source anymore but he did make a comment on it when answering questions on 4thwavenow.

No. 1325505

I'm the only one who think she has a very childlist concept of transition? I mean she named herself Elliot for ffs and seen to think since she is a lesbian she need to be gay when transitioning as a man.

No. 1325592

> The system isn't going away any time soon, as much as I hate it, and I'd rather have help for the problem instead of no help at all.

Genuine question: why do you outsource your help? I can see how therapy is useful for those who suffer from PTSD and paralysing anxiety, but if you’re a NEET who wants to kill yourself on some days and is perpetually demoralised, how do you think therapy is going to help you?

In such cases, therapy is just palliative. You go there to jerk yourself off emotionally. Actually, it’s like an ouroboros, where you’re both emotionally jerking yourself off forevermore, stuck in a feedback loop. And in the end, you get that weary, gross, deflated post-jerk off feeling. You’re still in paralysis.

The thing is with “talking your feelings out” and “introspection” is that you can do it forever. In fact, you can do it for so long, you start avoiding doing anything concrete to improve your life a little bit. That’s the whole shtick of a lot of online self-help/therapy/improvement businesses, actually. Maybe it’s “feminine healing” blog subscriptions that you have to pay for every month, or maybe it’s emotional counselling from some equally unstable retard, or maybe it’s a “How to Be a Masculine Man” self-help bs for undersocialized BPD guys whose parents divorced at an early age. Dress it up however you like; it’s all the same, and it’s hard to trust someone whose business model entirely depends on you never getting better. You need to keep coming, after all.

So, why do you think you’re helpless?

No. 1325600

What the fuck? This is the FTM thread. Also, psychoanalyzing an anon isn't the anti-psychology gotcha that you think it is.

No. 1325607

I’m aware. I’m not anti-psychology at all, and one is trying to analyse anyone. It was a general example.

No. 1325916

File: 1631822444148.jpg (41.5 KB, 400x400, vXiUAr_n.jpg)

Anybody think the Walten Files guy is an ftm? He apparently facedoxxed briefly but nobody caught it and he "respectfully asked those who saw not to share it." He draws like an ftm. If ftm had an art style it would be this.

No. 1325941

I have no idea who that is but judging by the art style alone I'd say yes lmao.

No. 1325961

On one hand, I'd be happy to know the person who made the new popular indie project was a woman, especially since it's just a superior take on the FNAF lore, since it would be a woman beating an older, conservative Christian man at writing his own story. On the other hand, I'd be depressed to have more proof that a woman can only make it in the indie creative if she pretends to be a man, and an otherwise good project would be marred by the fact the creator hates herself for being a woman and supports a misogynistic and homophobic ideology.

No. 1326044

File: 1631833152425.jpeg (97.94 KB, 828x828, 371AC43C-364A-48F1-88AF-4C527D…)

The replies were filled bishounen anime characters

No. 1326071

I was wondering how much euphoria she was feeling by having all those men call her Elliot.

No. 1326204

she only named herself elliott because it's the male version of her real name (ellen)

No. 1326290

i wonder how fakebois will react this time when lil nas x is faking a pregnancy bump again, this time in a video

No. 1326343

Hoping this guy turns out to be a terve, just to see the mass butthurt it'll cause kek. So far so good I think? I know he equated men with dick (oh, the horror!) and that "pregnant people*" thing seemed like him quickly going into damage control before the trannies started crying again.

No. 1326346

He is doing it to piss off conservatives and doesn't give a fuck about people who identify as uwu cute soft gay boy.

No. 1326347

another misogynistic fag

No. 1326365

A lot of kpop boys being posted too as if they don't unambiguously identify as men. It's very strange. Why can't genderspecials just admit they like someone's aesthetics or fashion choices?
Just imagine all the fakeboi seethe about being put in a dumpster by an actual gay man and not some sad fujo larp. Look how personally they took it when Lil' Nas talked about liking dick, they acted as if he personally broke into their houses and shit in their rice bowls, ftms are about as easy to offend as toddlers.

No. 1326442

The great thing is he didn’t even say he didn’t like pussy, literally all he said was he liked dick and that was enough for them to get mad.

No. 1326464

The funniest thing with them posting male kpop idols is the fact that their masculinity is made to please the fans who are "cis" women.

No. 1326469

That's because the male beauty standard in East Asian countries but especially South Korea is the Confucian "scholar masculinity". The ideal man is expected to be beautiful, pedantic, cultured, intelligent, and somewhat frail-looking. Basically the opposite of what a soldier or warrior would look like because that's considered low-class and barbaric.

No. 1326471

A lot of them call their roided up clits a dick but the moment an actual gay man says he likes dick they drop the act and whine about not being included like hang on a minute, I thought you had a dick already, Aiden??? Sounds like you got some internalised transphobia there, buddy. Kek.

No. 1326480

sage for OT but do you have any more information regarding this, I remember reading a Tumblr post about Hwarang and how such a style never took off in the western world cause for most of history the western world was ruled by various dirty northern barbarians

No. 1326518

>Some claim that the success of South Korean and Japanese pop culture lies in attempts to make it mugukjeok or ‘culturally odourless’ by downplaying their national specificity. But for many others its popularity can be largely explained by its representations of Pan-East Asian soft masculinity.
>Pan-East Asian soft masculinity has its roots in the Confucian tradition of scholar masculinity shared by many East Asian cultures, such as the wen (literary attainment) masculinity in China or seonbi (scholar-officials) masculinity in Korean history. The talented scholar is physically weak, delicate and handsome, with androgynous beauty. He is desirable to women by dint of his knowledge and literary gifts.
>At the same time, the current popularity of these images of masculine beauty also reflects the influence of the metrosexual trend from the West. This indicates that masculinity has become increasingly pluralistic and hybridised in a rapidly globalising East Asia.


>In her book Korean Masculinities and Transcultural Consumption, Dr. Sun Jung defines the key aspects of what she calls East Asian soft masculinity:

>Soft masculinity is a hybrid product constructed through the amalgamation of South Korea’s traditional seonbi masculinity (which is influenced by Chinese Confucian wen masculinity), Japan’s bishonen (pretty boy) masculinity, and global metrosexual masculinity.
>In traditional South Korean seonbi and Chinese Confucius wen masculinity, the exemplary man is one of the culturally refined gentleman/scholar. His values could be described as the exact opposite of the traditional Australian male. He is theoretical, intellectual, culturally nuanced, self-restraining, and obedient to authority, especially that of the father and other elder men.
>Rain personifies those seonbi/wen values first in terms of his personal motto – “Endless effort, endless humility, endless modesty” – and second by the completion of his music degree from Kyunghee University. Education is so important even in the K-pop world that most K-pop agencies require that their idols and trainees complete undergraduate degrees at the minimum and preferably complete a Masters degree.
>Physically, the Japanese “pretty boy” phenomenon, which is mostly consumed by women, enables a play of gender possibilities by erasing the lines between male and female. Metrosexual grooming frees men to care about their physical appearance through the consumption of clothes, cosmetics and accessories.
>All of which is present in the male images in K-pop. All K-pop men rock serious guy-liner. On the pretty boy spectrum, G-Dragon, the lead singer of the K-Pop group Big Bang, models for the make-up line The SAEM — becoming their first male endorser of red lipstick. On the metrosexual spectrum, Rain endorses the Metholatum grooming line.


No. 1326613

File: 1631893470203.jpg (235.32 KB, 1080x1172, tumblr_pr23doDgQz1umnzaw_1280.…)

super interesting, however I'm confused regarding the bishonen thing, I've often heard that general bishonen archetype was based on the looks of Björn Andrésen, like Bishounen existed before Bjorn but when he came, part of bishounen in Japanese media was inspired by him.
mostly in Shujo manga depictions before also further migrating into Yaoi

No. 1326615

>when he came
Behave, anon.

No. 1326653

I mean to write when he came to Japan

No. 1326686

He could be misogynistic but mocking the "pregnant man" thing isn't misogynist. Its just surreal humour.

No. 1326875

File: 1631908459596.jpg (1.6 MB, 1920x3416, PhotoGrid_1_20210917204222.jpg)

Accidentally posted in the mtf thread because those moobs sure fooled me. In her second to most recent post she says she's a lesbian and in another said she's now trying out she/her pronouns so maybe she regrets it all. Instagram is ty._lowell

No. 1326888

Damn he was utterly beautiful though

and he was also the old guy who was sacrificed in Midsommar.

No. 1326890

I'm very confused by this picture.

Maybe they're a FTM with PCOS.

No. 1326892

just admit you fucked up and get your shit together please

No. 1326895

>them arms

No. 1326897


Hey if you look at the bright side This picture fucks with assbackwards nudity rules on Instagram. If insta doesn't sensor these nips they're transphobic cause they belong to a woman now. But they shouldn't sensor them from her he/his days lmao.

No. 1326925

does T make your boobs shrink? i legit don't understand what I'm looking at here

No. 1326935

Looks like a really botched mastectomy. You can't see the scars very well, but when they remove your tits they have to paste the nipples back on. You completely lose nipple sensation.
So if these stupid girls ever want to be women again, they won't be able to breastfeed. This combined with TIFs ripping out their wombs really makes me wonder if TIMs support this shit to get rid of competition kek

No. 1326949

I wonder if she had smaller boobs in the first place so just had lipo or something? I can't imagine they'd grow back looking that sad and like troon boobs

No. 1326960

Not always, she could have naturally ugly boobs like lots of women.

No. 1326968

File: 1631912266763.jpg (136.5 KB, 919x532, tyy2.jpg)

maybe it's the anorexia, here she talks about it messing up her development? so maye she got sad boobs from ED and taking T after that didn't help


No. 1326990

The self harm scars alone would tell you this was a woman even if everything else passed for male

No. 1327041


No. 1327085

why does the body hair somehow look worse than on actual men. it’s so repulsive.

No. 1327092

Yes bishonen is also derived from the Chinese concept of "scholar masculinity". Then Japan in general was influenced by Eurocentric male beauty standards like having larger eyes and more prominent noses. Nowadays East Asians are obsessed with having large eyes but historically they believed large eyes were disgusting.

No. 1327151

It’s been a month so let me tell you guys about the fakeboi I met on a flight back to Canada. We were basically talking to each other in the line and she mentioned it was her first time meeting her gf in person after a year of dating. I said “that’s cool it’s awesome when you’re together but the moment you leave sucks” and she says “oh I don’t intend to leave Canada I just want to stay there forever”. I made the mistake in asking why because this girl kept going on about “muh health problems” or “muh disability” and how they’d live on disability checks while living in Canada. I hope the girlfriend knows that all this filthy troon wants is a free meal ticket and doesn’t have pure intentions on being with her.

No. 1327218

He was beautiful, but it was kinda fucked up he was a in a pedo film and that his grandmother who was his only guardian forced him in that role

No. 1327221

What film??

No. 1327277

Death in the Venice, the summary of the film is
>In this adaptation of the Thomas Mann novel, avant-garde composer Gustav von Aschenbach (Sir Dirk Bogarde) travels to a Venetian seaside resort seeking repose after a period of artistic and personal stress. But he finds no peace there, for he soon develops a troubling attraction to Tadzio (Björn Andrésen), an adolescent on vacation with his family. The boy embodies an ideal of beauty that Aschenbach has long sought and he becomes infatuated. However, the onset of a deadly pestilence threatens them physically and represents the corruption that compromises and threatens all ideals.

A lot of pretentious film snobs will give seem deep meaning to this film about how its actually about the nature of beauty and art and some other pseudo-intellectual bullshit, when its just some pedophile stalking a young boy

No. 1327411

yeah the movie apparently kinda ruined his life

No. 1327655

>is this tranny thing a punishment by the hollyweird cabal?
She's probably being used as a ''little boy'' fuckdoll by higher ups.

No. 1327664

I think she might suffer from dysphoria because she mutilated her body so it no longer aligns with her sense of self, but she can't admit that to anyone and even if she did, there's nothing anyone can do about it, and it's eating her from the inside. She was always an annoying spastic but her previous causes were just superficial things she could leave at the door when going home. This time she can't escape from her dumb stunt, ever, and even lost her long time partner.

No. 1327698

File: 1631998305408.png (17.3 KB, 622x307, dust.png)

And torched her career in the process. After coming out as a lesbian in 2014 she still had acting roles two or three times a year.
Now? Only Umbrella Academy and voice acting.


No. 1327699

Because casting her as a woman would be problematic but she doesn’t look like a man either.

No. 1327703

Funny how her voice acting role of 2022 is a woman.

No. 1327711

A fakeboi I used to be friends with got herself a "gay boy" who supposedly sees her as male. He has the typical AGP face and dresses like her. I told her to be wary of men who date TIFs and she blocked me.

Just curious to see how that goes.

No. 1327718

No. 1327743

Her career tanked once she came out as gay tbh

No. 1327748

Coming out made her a permanent B-lister but compared to other openly gay actors in Hollywood, she was doing fine.

No. 1327751

How many successful 5 feet tall, 90 pounds male actors do you know

No. 1327755

I only know Danny DeVito (shorter than 5 feet though).

No. 1327761

And Peter Dinklage, shorter too. They're exceptions and found their niche.
I wonder where will Ellen land, if she can even salvage her career…

No. 1327786


There's nothing masculine about having large eyes, you dont see as many men getting double eyelid surgery as women.

No. 1327812

It's not about trying to look masculine, it's about trying to look more "Western" and "international". Also East Asian beauty standards prefer men who are more youthful and beautiful. Women get it the most because they get put under stricter beauty standards but it's still pretty common for Korean men to get double eyelid surgery too. Some big businesses in SK won't even hire people if they don't have double eyelids.

t. korean

No. 1327823

I'd say c lister, not really fine until she got that academy gig

No. 1327824

They can still cast her as a nonbinary character. The few jobs she’ll get she is going to occupy roles that were meant for women, never for men.

No. 1327826

File: 1632013839686.jpg (530.81 KB, 2174x2898, PicsArt_09-18-03.09.21.jpg)

No. 1327828


Lol koreans with double eyelids still look korean just like white women with lip fillers still look white (not black). White people arent the only ones with ""big eyes"" , do you guys forget the rest of Asia ? Philippines? Malaysia? India? Majority of those countries have double eyelids.

No. 1327829

I think its possible she'll get small roles originally meant for men.
There's always been a history of rewriting male characters into female.
Its gonna be hard for people to take any roles she gets seriously tho.

No. 1327849

She's like a deer in the headlights of an oncoming car. She clearly is uncomfortable and doesn't want to be there. Hell I'll bet her 'homage' wasn't even her idea but whoever manages her desperate to keep her semi relevant knowing full well she's not getting any work beyond voice actor. Not that it worked really everyone's too busy creaming over Nas's shitty Saint Seiya cosplay

No. 1327872

Duh, but Koreans are racist as fuck towards SEAs. They do it to emulate white people.

No. 1327884

File: 1632021411185.png (552.81 KB, 934x513, shinji.png)

That ill fitting tux was Balenciaga (it's supposed to look gaudy), that green flower was probably her idea since now she's all about advocating for transness/queerness and all that…

No. 1327966

Her eyes look so fucking sad jfc

No. 1328010

'bout to 41% anytime soon

No. 1328126

Now this TIF I actually feel bad for, she's a transman in Egypt
I mean Egypt is awful for women even by Muslim standards(just look up the harassment culture in Egypt) so I can completely understand why a woman would choose to completely abandon her womanhood to just survive in that society

No. 1328128

Same happens in India. Women are trooning out to escape misogyny and acquire male privilege.

No. 1328130

I thought you only had HSST Trannies who were mostly beggars

No. 1328143

Gosh I can't bear to look at her now, she looks perpetually uncomfortable

No. 1328193

File: 1632061598421.jpg (84.89 KB, 720x403, Screenshot_20210919-112014__01…)

Transition goal reviewbrah kek

No. 1328300

File: 1632068744169.png (185.62 KB, 620x350, imagen_2021-09-19_122142.png)

i swear to god i hope they never regret this in their entire life because the unholy guilt you must put yourself through after turning yourself into an uncanny looking humanoid has to be unberable.

i feel so bad for these people and how they believe without a doubt that this will make their lives better

the transgender agenda grooming insecure teen girls has to stop at some point in time.

No. 1328325

I wonder if she posts to her own account. Just trying to imagine what is more horrifying: she looked at this photo of herself and was all "yup, I look great!' and posted it or a social media manager looked at this photo and thought "~he~ looks like ~he's~ having a blast! Oh! that's the caption!" and posted it.

No. 1328332

Why picrel? You think they took anime guy physiology literally and think men have no nipples kek?
Also concerning anime rotbrain: I looked up a manga character to check something yesterday and there were comments on the page saying how he's "gender goals" and they feel "gender envy". What the fuck does that even mean, it's just a manga guy in a bodytight turtleneck.

No. 1328345

File: 1632070969318.png (228.31 KB, 528x352, imagen_2021-09-19_125917.png)

We could take the idea that nipples are considered a sexually stimulating part of the body and that society gives lots of attention to them alongside the breats.
Knowing how traumatized with sex TIFs are, it wouldn't be surprising to me that they straight up decided to remove their nipples so they wouldn't have to deal with the uncomfortable scenario of "being sexualized thanks to my nipples being visible".

Ask any woman if they have ever been ashamed by the reactions men have when seeing their erect nipples under their clothes.

>You think they took anime guy physiology literally and think men have no nipples kek?

I wouldn't doubt it, knowing how mainstream anime is nowadays and how it has distorted the reality of many socially recluded teens.

No. 1328350

any news on what's going on with Cristina transtrender cursedarachnid?

No. 1328428

Nonny kpop isn't that popular in Korea. The average man doesn't want to look like an idol because they aren't masculine in a traditional way. It's a fake masculinity created to please young women.

No. 1328450

Just because she's all about it doesn't mean she puts in any research beyond twitter talking bits. The fact they couldn't even get a carnation is hilarious to me. It looks like they rolled her 'any day now' ass out of whatever hovel she's been in. Threw the suit and flower on and ditched her there.

No. 1328560

sage for total autism but why does coming out as gay/lesbian in hollywood seem to have such negative repercussions? do people care about actors's personal life so much that they'll straight up stop watching a tv show/movie if they find out said actor is gay? or is it the directors who are homophobic and don't hire gays for roles? this is a real question, i just can't figure it out

No. 1328567

You should watch the documentary Dysphoric: Fleeing Womanhood Like a House on Fire.

No. 1328568

The TIF should take this as a compliment. They love rats.

No. 1328572

Both audiences and filmmakers are homophobic. Homophobia is pervasive throughout society no matter how much Hollywood tries to look progressive.

No. 1328590

File: 1632092015851.jpg (22.15 KB, 209x242, Untitled.jpg)

has anyone ever noticed that TIMs online frequently adopt this "sarcastic grumpy asshole" persona as if they think that makes them more masculine… idk all the TIMs i see either act way too girly and friendly still and dont pass, or they have this weird tryhard personality of attempting to emulate what they think a badass is

No. 1328592

The whole transmed community was like this.

No. 1328595

Like other anon said, it's mostly homophobia. Hollywood can be as liberal (and degenerate kek) as possible, but the rest of the world isn't. Filmmakers will hire gay/lesbian actors, so long they're closeted.
Also, it's not like people really care about actors' personal lives, it's about the strong parasocial bond some audiences may feel with their entertainers. Even though it's literally an actor's job being someone else, the attachment may be "ruined" if they're gay.
It's so stupid, but it is what it is…

No. 1328600

oh i knew a tif who doubled down on being the most abrasive cunt as soon as she “came out”

she bleeds friends then cries victim if anyone tries to call her out. was posted on here once and tried to blame an ex partner shes obsessed with. She’d be cow worthy but she’s also dull and boring.

sage for no real contribute.

No. 1328602

fakebois are TIFs

No. 1328622

Some do, actually. I think there some examples upthread and I've seen one in person, it's very unsettling and sad to look at.
It just means they want to look like him. Although they'll say gender about anything really.

No. 1328653

Yes, part of the appeal of an actor is often their manufactured images that their fans can fantasise about romantically. Being gay ruins it, and usually prevents you from getting leading roles. Its better to stay closeted.
The tide is sorta changing in the West, but China is now getting more control in the film industry and they're tightening codes on onscreen same sex relations, so its probably not gonna change in a long time.

No. 1328822

oops my bad

No. 1328944

File: 1632131903548.jpg (229.24 KB, 1080x810, Screenshot_20210920-125356_Ins…)

I keep seeing this retarded post on IG and it's annoying as hell. This doesn't make you look cool or badass, it just proves that your entire identity is built on trying to police how other people perceive you.

No. 1328948

i saw a tumblr post that was essentially “in school i was tomboyish and quirky so you can imagine my gender now” kids are basing their identity around normal personality quirks and thinking they must be non binary or male cause they’re NLOG.

No. 1328993

and then all of their next door neighbours burst in through the front door and started clapping!

No. 1329155

They have a very immature and stereotypical idea on how guys are, like from a child's perspective almost. Just like TIMs think that acting dumb, vain and childish makes them a woman, fakebois think being a rude snarky, edgy asshole makes them a guy. It's almost creepy in a way. Spying on the opposite sex like a lot of them describe and trying to copy and emulate them. It sounds like the plot of a horror movie lol

No. 1329167

Oh my god, and I thought my family dinners were dysfunctional

No. 1329206

Re: the comic, who is fetishisizing TiFs? I’ve only seen other ones doing that.

No. 1329231

A good chunk of straight guys pretending to be bi/chasers are into TIFs

No. 1329418

Yeah I guess that’s true but I thought it was more of the dudes acting like they’re tomboys just to get some rather than other TiFs who will draw characters or OCs w like huge clits and top surgery scars and fetishize each other wrt that stuff too. The first one just seems like men being men to get laid.

No. 1329536

If you browse any of the bi guys threads on /tttt/ you'd see a lot of the bi men admit to pretending to be gay because it makes them super popular with TIFs and they get huge amounts of pussy for it.

No. 1329658

File: 1632191534198.jpg (830.02 KB, 1650x2364, Tumblr_l_393732061997451.jpg)

It's just in: if you don't enjoy Tooka and Bertie, you're a man apparently.

No. 1329677

(kinda spoilers)
I wonder if the author has even watched Tuca & Bertie because a major theme of it was sexual abuse/assault of women and how we're expected to just suppress it and carry on.
Even if you no longer identify as a woman, it's something anyone raised female would identify with.

No. 1329680

This is just internalized misogyny and homophobia lol. Of course a lesbian might feel discomfort with the female gender, but that doesn't make her the male sex.

No. 1329706

I hate how TIFs are always so, so extremely close to getting it, but then they just give us the most annoying twist in which they think they’re men.

No. 1329752

She's not even a lesbian, she's currently in a throuple with a man.

No. 1329788

She's one of those bisexual women who just calls themselves a lesbian because it's trendy?

No. 1329840

>fakebois think being a rude snarky, edgy asshole makes them a guy.
They also want to become this kind of guy because that is what they find attractive in males. the traits you described are basically the default for the quarter of male love interests in YA fiction, even the drawing of guy in pic >>1328590 looks like a YA love interest

No. 1329903

Pretty much. I imagine Shelby was the first and only woman Amber ("Danny") dated seriously and she elected to call herself a lesbian based on that. After trooning out, being a trans "man" exclusively into women would make her straight, so she decided to be open about being into men so she could say she's "queer" or "bisexual" or whatever instead of being a yucky straight.

Not sure if the concept of pseudobisexuality would apply here since neither of the people she's dating are troons.

No. 1329967

File: 1632224058416.jpg (2.17 MB, 1280x5239, gay_fantasy.jpg)

Still one of the funniest comics I've ever read

No. 1329968

File: 1632224117652.png (111.02 KB, 1122x739, OP.png)

Her defense of the comic

No. 1329970

File: 1632224179929.jpg (369.31 KB, 1280x1707, average_queer_couple.jpg)

And here's a picture of the "queer as fuck" couple

No. 1329979

I'm so tired of these people

No. 1329980

>I-im not like other girls!
>it’s okay, I luv u
>b-but I thought you only liked the other girls who wear makeup and heels!!
>I don’t like other girls sparkling I like you, you’re not like other girls.
>Oh Roderick!
>Oh Sam who used to be called Samantha!

No. 1329986

File: 1632226793487.png (802.76 KB, 696x586, 1588127477247.png)

bringing this back from an earlier thread kek

No. 1329997

File: 1632227585553.jpg (447.11 KB, 1280x1514, I can't.jpg)

Yeah, the bf isn't some enlightened woke person who see's past gender, he's just a guy who is cool with his girlfriend not wearing make up and wearing comfortable clothes
Also tell me this isn't her literally self inserting as an "Uke" in her Yaoi fantasy

No. 1330006

i mean good for them if they're happy together but this is not a "queer" couple in any sense. i wouldn't be as annoyed by the overuse of that fucking term if these people ever actually dated someone of their own sex

No. 1330013

popular fakeboi names are the same as names popular among suburban/Mormon mommyblogger types (Aiden, Caden shit).

What is the overlap here? Do women just like these milquetoast male names?

No. 1330020

Mormons tend to be religious and pick names out of the Bible, names like Joshua, Ezekiel, Caleb e.t.c but there are a lot of OC donut steel misc actual Semitic/Semitic sounding names that were in the Book of Mormon
names like Cohor, Ethem, Emer, Nephalat e.t.c and TIFs given themselves Semitic anglicized names as well, so there is an overlap

No. 1330028

I cannot explain how angry this makes me, as a lesbian. She is straight.
>"He loves me, for who I am, queer as fuck"
I'm going to a-log.

No. 1330032

Lmao. This is the most heterosexual Couple Goals! pic I've seen in ages.

No. 1330034

This was this discussed the last time this was posted but It still bugs me, she depicted her super white bf as being ethnic looking in her comics when we all know he's a white guy
you go though her twitter page and its just wokeism after wokeism with the conclusion always being "white people bad" end of discussion

No. 1330042

This is the girliest shit I've ever seen, right down to the shoujo manga poses and the dialogues.
She even drew herself whiter than him with pale skin and blue eyes, but she just looks like any other SEA girl.

No. 1330055

I don't think she tried to make herself white, more like how Japanese girls are usually depicted in shoujo mangas