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File: 1611204994139.jpg (2.32 MB, 1536x9008, 1607530100227.jpg)

No. 1137677

Old Threads:

This thread is for posting and discussing cringey fakebois who may or may not deserve their own threads.

Fakebois are girls who pretend to be boys for attention, either as trannies or biological males (usually the former).

Fakebois style and present themselves as androgynous or feminine-looking young men, even wearing girls' clothing and make-up. They insist on being addressed with he/him (or occasionally they/them) pronouns and take great offense at being gendered as female. Some are SJW transactivists, but for most their identities are entirely superficial.

Reminder to "truescums" and "transmeds": Nobody cares about how [[[100% REAL]]] your or any other tranny's ~dysphoria~ is. Don't derail about how you're actually a true troon unlike everyone else, save it for your twitter feed.

No. 1137764

File: 1611215152177.jpg (109.59 KB, 1308x870, 1f3ec42a-9fb3-57dd-8dac-648b09…)

Class traitors

No. 1137776

OP should've been more creative with the header you missed some gems

No. 1137963

I think there could be enough milk for a truefaggot thread, she deleted her tumblrs and her sockpuppets are inactive but I'm betting she's going to remake soon
Either way she's definitely one of my favorite personal cows kek

No. 1137972

File: 1611242537805.webm (638.47 KB, 540x960, Them.webm)

Why are they like this

No. 1138079

Sage but this comic makes me so angry
I looked up the original artist and her school bullying themed graphic novel was picked up by Dark Horse Comics of all places?
So I spend literally 10 years studying draftsmanship in order to draw in an appealing style to that genre and this style, this fruity softy little kids roundy, unchallenging, art gets picked up by Dark Horse of all places?
Like fuck learning to be a draftsman, just draw like Steven Universe and make stories about your uwu gender feelings and somehow you’ll get a book deal.
And it’s not just the drawinf style. The original comic is essentially her just saying “uwu I’m gender non binary I guess but i guess I’ve learned to accept myself” you don’t need to make this into a comic, that’s basically the length and style of a twitter post. It’s one paragraph of dialogue. It’s NOT a story.(no1curr)

No. 1138083

pronouns are they/them/attentionwhoreself

No. 1138096

File: 1611247841619.jpg (298.36 KB, 1944x1948, 1607481957887.jpg)

the author her and boyfriend, totes a super queer gay couple

No. 1138122

File: 1611249555428.png (1.42 MB, 1354x1210, Screen Shot 2021-01-21 at 14.1…)

big fucking kek

No. 1138546

File: 1611273896160.jpeg (58.97 KB, 560x589, 45FF6D47-1146-4628-A934-E24996…)

No. 1138552

Somewhat OT
but the dude in that picture is now a MTF troon, one of the really agp disgusting ones like Kevin.

No. 1138931

File: 1611314178916.png (36.59 KB, 597x345, 85.PNG)

wow brave and stunning

No. 1138955


God, these girls and women are insufferable. It’s the ultimate NLOG, we like to think we’ve come so far as a society but we have people like this having near-breakdowns because pink = feminine to them and they’re just *~*so special*~*.

Buy the fucking water bottle you want. I thought gender was a social construct and nothing has an inherent gender assignment and all that jazz. No need for the hand-wringing over the fucking color.

Their identities are so fucking fragile that they need to write all this shit just to convince themselves that the lie they’re living is real and they’re so brave and stunning.

Mental illness is one hell of a drug.

No. 1139196

File: 1611334914317.png (1.32 MB, 828x1792, 360941B4-52D2-4844-8DB3-6B26E0…)

Accidentally put this on the old fakebois thread, sage for repost

No. 1139297

File: 1611341797229.jpg (55.27 KB, 639x426, EsVDbPDW8AEMHxM.jpg)

How does one end up this fucking retarded

No. 1139318

ignoring all visible autism:
she said pink things cuses ''muh dysphoria'', but nevertheless bought it
oh, right: she sometimes like it

No. 1139327

File: 1611344320173.jpeg (405.05 KB, 1242x1695, D594BEFA-518E-42EA-8131-F94364…)

Wow, this retard tweets every second. What’s with this word salad?

No. 1139328

Show me a Transwomen that was forced by ger mother to go through an operation that is traumatizing, unhealthy, unnecessary, leaves you with a feeling of punishment for being a girl and to have rights to enjoy sex.
Fuck you and your misogyny. Fuck you to your axe wound and back.

No. 1139334

you have a right to be mad anon but this was in reference to TIFs

No. 1139345

She seems so depressed and tired. Buying all this shit makeup, hair dye and taking on all these bullshit, narc-tier identities still didn't help her.

No. 1139346

I think she feels bad for not having ~dysphoria~ despite transitioning and try to look valid with this mental gymnastic.
Her imaginary argument is completely retard tho nobody gives a fuck if a man have a pink item

No. 1139377

I sorta like her aesthetic, she looks cute and I really do wish she could just be arsty quirky girl

No. 1139977

>>>/snow/1139972 A little bit weird to see them thinking like that after all the "bi lesbian bad" carrd crusade

No. 1140762

File: 1611467045105.jpg (102.95 KB, 540x479, 20210124_004326.jpg)

Fresh twitter NLOG for the new thread

No. 1140771

This is it. The peak of internal misogyny.

Also ofc shes "ace" and has "kweer" in her user.

No. 1140778

File: 1611469104736.png (60.97 KB, 1066x614, a8526f6b-51d8-5c21-a39c-74f533…)


No. 1140796

File: 1611472695247.png (471.19 KB, 535x870, 248555.png)

Wow it's almost as though women are socialized like this or something. Who'da thunk it

No. 1140798

I mean they basically do all that shit to themselves, so it shouldn't surprise you that they're not shocked when it's forced upon other people.

No. 1140905

okay here's something I need help understanding
It seems most of the time the deep seeded reason most young girls become fakebois is being uncomfortable with heterosexual relationship dynamics and male misogyny, which is understandable, but they always end up becoming cute soft uke boys, who are women in all but name, where is the logic in that

No. 1140906

because they’re not actually men. it’s as simple as that. they want the privilege of being male but with the aesthetics of being female. they want something to distinct them from misogyny and sexualisation, so they think pretending to be a boy makes it empowering instead

No. 1140920

File: 1611499871122.jpg (26.79 KB, 400x209, 400px-Michael_Brandon_and_Scot…)

yes but most Trans-men who actually transition end up on the lowest totem pole of male hierarchy, short, scrawny. weak voice, viewed as feminine by other men and no dick
I mean even the most masculine "TIFs" seem inherently feminine next to any normal man

No. 1140923

File: 1611500156416.jpg (187.96 KB, 1920x1080, gottmik.jpg)

probs late but anyone watching drag race get weirded out by gottmik the tif queen trying so hard to emulate gay men? like we know full well gaydens do it but actually seeing it on a mainstream show like this is jarring. also the skull size + frame comparison to the others kek

No. 1140954

My friend told me I liked like her, and I had to sit and smile like it was a fucking compliment as to not be called a “transphobe.” Christ.
I’m so annoyed by most gay men that talk like that, and to see her emulate it in such a hyperbolic way. I almost wish she were doing a performance art piece on the way drags often seems to be mocking women and therefore mocking the men that do it back at them, but I think it’s more like when laganja was called out for playing it up to fit in.(no1curr)

No. 1140956


>anyone watching drag race get weirded out


No. 1140967

YES. I keep imagining her acting like that pre-transition and it's just sooo weird.

No. 1140987

I just want to see her win and then come clean about being a woman. That would be hilarious.

No. 1140991

I'm honestly glad a woman is making some money off this show where men get famous and rich by perpetuating the worst female stereotypes. If they were all women, everyone would absolutely hate on them. Kardashians are basically the same thing but female and everyone and their mother calls them stupid plastic whores but praises how catty and plastic drag queens are.

No. 1140994

What's wrong with drag kings? Why can't we have drag kings on the show?

No. 1140995

No. 1141004

File: 1611510591666.jpg (43.37 KB, 460x374, what-does-gottmik-look-like-ou…)

>sis really snapped huh gurl? omg slay hunty teaaaa and thats that on that chile!

pictured here with fellow fakeboi nats getty

No. 1141008

idk, i’m not opposed to a ftm forcing her way a “men’s” space and hopefully beating them at their own game (haven’t watched this season, idk if she’s any good). mtfs do this so damn often that it’s funny to see it turned around

No. 1141014

Her craftsmanship is great. I followed her on Instagram, because while I enjoy the look of drag, I find most maledrag queens insufferable, and her stuff was good.
I got one episode in to this season and found her to be so fucking annoying. I’ll just admire the costumes in photos.

No. 1141034

File: 1611513103971.jpg (435.24 KB, 1536x2198, 20201208_201709.jpg)

Sage for ot

I did an edit of this comic where the girl is a normal fucking person

I posted the whole thing in ot here


No. 1141037

FUCK NEVERMIND that links to a Shayna thread. Guess they don't work across boards.

Its in the dumbass shit thread in ot

No. 1141040

File: 1611513721114.jpeg (59.71 KB, 768x960, EsfAiypVEAA3fh_.jpeg)

So radfems and gcs on Twitter are going on about how pedophilic this non-binary style looks.

Notice how only the female nonbinarys get surgery for it???

No. 1141041


Nats getty is a fakeboi? Isn't she just a tomboyish bisexual woman???

No. 1141044

she's a fakeboi now, she came out a few days ago

No. 1141049

She recently came out as trans and lopped her tits off

No. 1141053

File: 1611514271764.jpg (76.8 KB, 634x693, 38230944-9166275-Coming_out_Na…)

She came out like 5 days ago, with Gigi posting video of her masectomy. It's something that seems to happen a lot with women dating troons, either due to the whole egg-cracking cult pressure from their husbands or just noticing that your SO talks about having a woman-spirit and woman-feelings and realizing you don't feel some internal sense of womanhood, so obviously you're nonbinary.

No. 1141055

Here's a proper link

No. 1141056

This picture is hilarious. Lady is obviously standing on a stool, gregigis shoulder-smaller angling and those conveniently too-big jeans to look soo smol and petite lmao

No. 1141059

Thanks anon

No. 1141068

Not only that but Gigi's face shoop is absolutely psychotic

No. 1141092

The whole point of FTM chest surgery is to go shirtless and not be sexualized for having breasts. All FTMs want is to be free tp be girly and maybe sexual without men taking their autonomy and fun away. It's all one big convoluted clusterfuck, but literally the only reason most NB FTMs get surgery is just an attempt to opt out of the male gaze… Except now there are gayden chasers and simp incels who will play along with any gendercuck fantasy for that sweet "boipussy". Men are such shit that girls turned to cutting off their tits to avoid them, then got swindled anyway by lonely losers who play along with their fantasy. It feels too muxh likw thw FTM trend is a direct response to girls being sexualized younger and grosser, and like it's just them trying to opt out of it and failing bc manipulative asshiles know all the right language to work these gullible, insecure girls starving for identity and approval.

No. 1141114

I think you're absolutely on point anon. There's that detransitoners photo article (its on medium for free now) where some actual former ftms talked about why they think they felt the need to go trans; one of them was suffering from childhood sexual trauma.

Too bad men are flexible with what can make them horny, and there will still be plenty of them willing to sexualize their female breast-free chests.

No. 1141149

Its kinda rad that theres a woman on the show kek..but she seems so out of place when they all stand in a row. It's just so obvious

No. 1141152

why does it have to be like this and not a drag king or even bio queen? iirc rupaul once said that even mtfs shoudln't be in drag race, did he change his stance since then?

No. 1141153

she's one of the weakest contestants tbh, her costumes and makeup r fine. However her delivery is akin to a 5 yr old stomping around playing dress up. disappointing tbh.

No. 1141157

rupaul prob hates women lel

No. 1141168

every single facet of her personality is literally just her attempting to emulate the most effeminate, stereotypical 'gay man' ever, and it makes me cringe every single time she's on screen. you can tell she's made no effort to properly socialise herself among cis gay men and has literally just ripped her personality from whatever 'gay best friend' trope she could. it's so weird

rp didn't change his mind on trans women, no. it makes no sense though, because he says trans women shouldn't be allowed on since they're essentially 'cheating' the game by gaining breasts or getting implants, but then he lets gott on who is like 5'4 with obviously feminine features even despite the hormones and whatever. gott being on is obviously just rp's management team trying desperately once again to prove he's definitely not transphobic, kek

No. 1141193

File: 1611524364458.png (17.28 KB, 380x267, saint-dionysus.png)

Just got made to see a post from saint-dionysus.tumblr.com and reading this fucking word salad everything at once bio is a trip.

No. 1141198

it feels like a teenage girl doing mocking gay male impression

No. 1141208

unrelated, but if transwomen are 100% women then why are mtf drag queens considered much more acceptable than "bio queens"?

No. 1141239

This. I can't tell you the number of times I've heard women/girls saying they want to yeet their tits just to "go shirtless at the pool/beach" and "not have people stare at my chest", etc. Except there's no real way to opt out of the attention, because when you're topless the mastectomy scars are almost always really obvious.

No. 1141243

iirc they fade away rather quickly for surgery scars, gaydens just usually have shitty hygiene and healing habits (like taking off dressings to show off their scars) that they stick longer, alot of women who had mastectomies for other reasons, or just plain breast reduction, don't have any visible scarring whatsoever.

No. 1141251

i dont usually like to shit on teenage girls,, but that's exactly what it is ugh.

No. 1141264

I stand corrected, thx. A quick google search for "ftm beach" didn't bring up anyone whose scarring was not visible, but I guess gaydens aren't your average mastectomy patient.

No. 1141269

If all those girls got the surgery in the last few years that makes sense, the scars take a bit to fade (to a closer color but not totally gone) topicals can help healing and with proper muscle development in the pecs the shadow can help conceal it.

…not that any of these women are that committed. They seem prideful of their scars and want to show everybody asap… even tho they might as well have "female! i used to have tits!" written on their chest. Idgi

No. 1141298


I think he just went where the money and views were. I do agree that it feels like a PR move. I think putting them in the spotlight to prove WHY they shouldn't be there isn't a bad idea. Case in point: >>1141153 She's probably going to get sent home early. But not TOO early. Don't wanna look transphobic.

No. 1141439

this person is really out here trying to be every letter in LGBT at once

No. 1141449

File: 1611542685623.jpeg (1.54 MB, 1242x1869, 03B99526-CABC-4BA9-BEBC-6BD316…)

Some of them deliberately make their mastectomy scars as visible as possible, pic related.

No. 1141473

The patchwork nipples always make me sad.

No. 1141526

>male dyke
>marimacho is literally a dyke
Also what the hell is bi gay

No. 1141549

File: 1611552930978.png (26.32 KB, 584x229, cult.png)

culty vibes

No. 1141554

she's not a drag king tho she's a totes gay ftm Regular Drag Queen

No. 1141566

What on earth is she saying? Can someone translate this to english?

No. 1141568

I'm a tranny who will only date date other trannies but cis men can still fuck me I guess

No. 1141587

God why are the nipples are sunken in? Even if you can't see the scars there's always something wrong with the nipples, just droopy and sad and wrong

No. 1141592

keyhole surgery doesn’t take away any excess skin which is why it looks like the chest is caved in. Probably didn’t have the money for double incision but then didn’t like the keyhole results so now she’s doubling down to cope.

No. 1141594

Wasn’t Gigi the one claiming to be more woman than actual women because he worked for it more? It doesn’t surprise me his gnc wife would end up believing she’s not a real woman.

She prefers to date other trans people but if she does get into a relationship with a “cis” person she’ll groom them into thinking they’re trans too.

No. 1141604

Fwhat? You're lucky enough to be able to get the minimal scarring type and you decide to highlight you're scars? Looks like me mastectomy was just another body mod for them. Infuriating if she got any insurance to help ugh

No. 1141606

Nipples look so weird after mastectomy because most of the time they have to if it them off for the procedure and they sew them back on afterwards. I’m not sure if that’s the case with keyhole surgery too, but it’s true of most mastectomies. Women who have mastectomy due to breast cancer or other issues usually don’t have the nipples reattached because it’s a cosmetic thing that literally doesn’t matter, but the fake bois insist on keeping them.

No. 1141646

are gigi's hands shooped to look smaller too? this is ridiculous.

No. 1141715

So if a straight man fucks her, he'll suddenly become a woman? Since he won't be cis anymore??

No. 1141736

Prob? Def.

No. 1141829

She wants to be a manic pixie dream girl, but forgot it's not 2006.

No. 1141834

Keyhole is the only mastectomy where they leave the nips in place. With keyhole they cut a semicircle under the areola and use that opening to dig out the breast tissue and remove it. (The scars she's tattooed over in red are prolly from additional liposuction.) If they took out too much tissue right under the nip, or not enough in other places, that might be why the results look sunken.

No. 1141844

Could've sworn Gigi was gay.

No. 1142073


He was the entire LGBT kek

First he was just your run of the mill feminine gay dude, then he came out as transgender, then in 2015 he said he was bisexual, then finally when he met Nats getty he came out as a lesbian.

No. 1142109

But now since Nats isnt a woman he cant be a lesbian anymore lmao. Maybe pansexual genderfluid demigirl next?

No. 1142305

We need to finally recognize "getting attention" as a legitimate alternative sexuality. Gigi is seriously whatever is going to get clicks.

No. 1142609

File: 1611683474023.jpg (129.34 KB, 540x493, 20210126_125007.jpg)

Even ethot streamers are them/thems now apparent. This girl needs to chill with the fake tanner.

No. 1142651

He dated Alaska Thunderfuck's brother for a bit. Doesn't he have a neovag? I thought he made a video talking about it, but maybe it was another troon.

No. 1142681

File: 1611688360735.jpg (77.65 KB, 540x393, 20210126_141137.jpg)

Couldnt find an IRL pic glancing through her media but this bio and her feed alone scream self loathing white girl.

No. 1142685

verified and still only getting 3 rts on a 10 hour old tweet? crikey

No. 1142686

File: 1611688616509.jpg (99.88 KB, 540x770, 20210126_141525.jpg)

This isn't even her full list of pronouns, it's only like a 4th of it (and it includes fucking emoji pronouns).

No. 1142688

File: 1611688707949.jpg (64.49 KB, 540x842, 20210126_141541.jpg)

I've noticed a lot of fakebois lately claiming to be native. They usually pic a specific tribe and shit but I kinda doubt most of them actually are.

No. 1142689

File: 1611688765159.jpg (51.48 KB, 540x852, 20210126_141552.jpg)

"Eww girl words are bad and yucky" self loathing white weeb girl confirmed

No. 1142690

Gigi hasn't had bottom surgery, another example of dysphoria ending where the coming begins. Crazy that Nat has gone FTM (although unsurprising, seems like many butches are going that way) but will keep her organs presumably, and so has Gigi. They're just like some kind of inverted heterosexual couple now.

No. 1142696

>"Eww girl words are bad and yucky"
I remember seeing a similar thing that spread around fakeboi Facebook of what gendered terms you were okay with, a list where you put a thumbs up or down emoji next to each term. It was depressing how many women I saw that couldn't handle positive or neutral feminine terms (miss, ma'am, sis, queen) but were fine with the degrading ones (bitch, whore, cunt).

No. 1142698

File: 1611689410120.png (94.7 KB, 927x195, Screenshot_2021-01-26 mu - Ho…)

Someone on /mu/ made a thread about a girl that was mentioned a few threads back.

The pronouns make me thonk this is a self post

No. 1142699

damn, the amount of self-hate…

No. 1142741

definitely seems like a self-post. she's probably hoping to get called a qt3.14 or some gay ass shit

No. 1142773

File: 1611693388789.png (2.95 KB, 322x99, Screenshot_2021-01-26 mu - Ho…)

This could be a joke but you never know.

No. 1142775

god, the fucking samefagging

No. 1142791

File: 1611694171847.png (2.97 KB, 370x83, Screenshot_2021-01-26 mu - Ho…)

Supposdly this is the rea one

No. 1142861

sage bc nitpick but wtf is that shade matching? these cunts are suffering without their fake tans

No. 1142876

I was randomly watching Kalvin Garrah's new video and she said that she's in the process of getting bottom surgery… Yikes

No. 1142919


No. 1142922

so apparently ellen page and her wife are getting divorced

No. 1142958

Does this mean she'll start sucking dick?

No. 1142963

£0 on her getting with another fakeboi and coming out as "gay"

No. 1142966

Nah. She'll either come out as bi or get with an actual dick haver. Don't have too much faith.

No. 1142983

" dick haver"

No. 1142987

with an ejaculator, you say?

No. 1142990

Kek but all jokes aside I mean it could be a trans woman. I just highly doubt it. Probably a cis dude because none of these women can ever resist them.

No. 1143023

nah I believe ellen will get with another woman, she's a lesbian after all. just a bi woman so her identity isn't ~invalidated~

No. 1143025

/mu/ normally doesn't respond to these obvious self posts outside of share threads. But then again I'd argue it's one of the more left leaning boards, so I wouldn't be surprised if a bunch of chasers responded positively.

No. 1143041

this reminds me of when idislikecispeople held her dildo to her pelvis for a fake dickpic selfie

No. 1143044

Most of those look like she photoshopped her asshole to be twice as big… what the fuck?

No. 1143056

I have to say Gigi’s mental illness is something fierce. She got all the money in the world thought nats and I just don’t think she’s happy. I don’t think her and nats will last either. I think nats is in love with Gigi hardcore, but I don’t think Gigi’s in the same boat. I get vibes of of fuck I married her now what? Well your richer then you ever will need now Gigi. I guess projecting your issues onto other people is what you are getting up to.

No. 1143084

She looks a lot better in older photos without all the blurring and resizing the eyes, these look like PS3 screenshots.

No. 1143113

Imagine hating yourself so much that shopping yourself to look like a slutty little boy is better then being a woman

No. 1143115

People still believe this ghost of Rock Lee goober? Every one of her photos has been through several editing processes and she never has a high-definition shot. Congratulations on finally learning to fake male nipples, though.

That grandma hairstyle kills me.

No. 1143123

wasn't there a Chinese twitch streamer who pretended to be a trap as well but when her real gender was revealed she lost like half of her average views, I mean it's really bizarre phenomenon

No. 1143133

File: 1611725188022.gif (Spoiler Image,1.54 MB, 535x250, AmpleFloweryHousefly-size_rest…)

Literally out of a horror film, its got the same uncanny gross look of the ending of Sleepaway Camp.

No. 1143135

File: 1611725641045.jpg (26.65 KB, 414x264, 91_1.jpg)

Is she trying to look like L from Death Note? That's all her makeup with the wide open eyes reminded me of.

No. 1143139

File: 1611725959338.jpg (Spoiler Image,39.5 KB, 431x575, 9OR1bp8.jpg)

I think this is the worst one, it looks like some matte painting to promote the world's first pornographic film, minus the fake dick and balls. Why do they all look like they were taken in the middle of space, anyway? Who could ever possibly jerk off to this even if they did believe it?

No. 1143151

There was actually a well-known female Chinese cosplaying duo(I’ll try to find their names later. Start with A…) that have been constantly editing their bodies to male proportions and even faking balls peeking out of their underwear for their ero shoots. Their fans swore up and down they were real Yaoi bois, despite their old photos existing. If there is tons of smoothing and strange skin textures, you can guarantee the femboy cosplayer is actually a girl. Actual dudes that release into erotic content always have rough and unedited material or real porn circulating, even if they look ugly in it.

No. 1143154

i thought the exact same thing .. oh god how do i bleach my brain ..

No. 1143162

i'm confused, is she releasing this fanart herself or does someone else make them?

No. 1143191

I wonder who does that dick actually belong to

No. 1143206

is this a 3d model dick and anus from an hentai game

No. 1143208

Looks like one of those bad celebrity fakes

No. 1143226

What fucking reality do we live in, like how did we reach a point where women have to pretend to me men dressing as women

No. 1143251

Just wanna link this video of her again. She's a basic cringy goth girl, who is she trying to fool. The gap between how she looks and acts in the video and in the photos is jarring.

It's also creepy how she's trying to look like a 13 year old boy. Imagine you had so little self respect you actually alter your whole personality to appeal to gay pedos. What a life to live.

No. 1143254

how does anyone even think this is a bio-male with that girly voice?

No. 1143257

Simple: scrotes lose all common sense once their dick is hard.

I vaguely remember her getting posted on /fa/ or something where everyone was foaming out the mouth over wanting to fuck her but then one person chimed in and said "I'm a gay man and wouldn't fuck that, he looks too much like a girl". "Femboy" chasers are all horny straight men and the closer something looks to a woman, the more they want to fuck it without thinking twice.

No. 1143262

now i'm very curious about who they are… anon pls tell

No. 1143264

but why do certain supposed "straight" scrotes prefer "femboys" over actual female women? make it make cents, luv

No. 1143266

genuine mental illness

No. 1143270

Prison gay incels, simple as. They think they have better chances with feminine boys (and """"boys"""") who are fellow autists and share their cringey /pol/itics.

No. 1143326

For the same reason why statistics show there are more self-identified bi women than bi men, scrotes are fixated on being straight even when it's blatantly not the case.

No. 1143381

File: 1611758767457.jpg (Spoiler Image,29.39 KB, 540x360, grossbitch.jpg)

What kind of yaoi brainrot is this?
Also, seriously. You have to be some sort of slack-jawed braindead coomer scrote to think any of these are real.

No. 1143576

Lmao at the dick positioning and size. Has she even seen an actual naked man

No. 1143602

What is with this Adam lanza looking freak?

No. 1143608

File: 1611779438062.jpg (Spoiler Image,319.36 KB, 1228x1840, 120541660_3473395506056842_689…)

pretty sure you're talking about yao and alma. they still do this shit. spoiler for obvious reasons

No. 1143609

File: 1611779510854.jpg (Spoiler Image,166.25 KB, 1440x1795, 139508920_3756250827771307_373…)

the obvious chest plate always makes me laugh when i see it

No. 1143620


The TINY HEAD mixed with the clearly photoshopped Yaoi Hands is fuxking beautiful. What an incredible gift.

No. 1143627

File: 1611780726403.jpg (Spoiler Image,119.76 KB, 1200x803, xessxx.jpg)

love that it says on their weibo and most other social media that they're both girls yet…

No. 1143633

File: 1611780905276.jpg (Spoiler Image,7.9 KB, 183x275, jjjjnj.jpg)

samefag but here's a super blurry picture of the other one with a very pale winky

No. 1143641

who are they even trying to appeal to with this? gay men? fujos?

No. 1143694

Fujos and straight men with a fetish

No. 1143696

wait source? last i checked up on her channel, she was quitting youtube and getting a real job because of all the backlash from that “trans guy reacts to CRAZY TRANSTRENDER” vid

No. 1143700

ok so now lesbians are photoshopping themselves into men to make weird fetish porn? and we are supposed to applaud this like it is normal.
these day time talk show guest freaks just do all the work for us now huh

No. 1143791

File: 1611789842776.jpg (Spoiler Image,207.73 KB, 800x537, XRW-461.jpg)

Fujos and the random straight guy w/ a kink is my guess too. Reminds me of picrel. There's plenty of ""IRL yaoi"" Japanese porn which is basically just lez porn with crossdressing and hilariously censored rubber dicks. Same audience IMO.

No. 1143870

Cause they're submissive straight girls, they can't just stop being attracted to men or being non-feminine, that's a losing battle

No. 1143872

She sorta passes as a gay guy when in drag tbh, she must get dwarfed beside real men though

No. 1143873

should probably get hat under-tit fat lipo'd, got a real odd concave look going on

No. 1143876

I'm surprised she was allowed keyhole, its obvious her tits were too big by how saggy her nipples are. She should've got double incision.

No. 1143883

I feel like she'll come out as queer and date nb feminine girls

No. 1143897

Seeing her in motion, with no attempt to hide her female voice, body and mannerisms, is a trip. She just has to be trolling, but coomers and virgin fujos are just too stupid to realize it.

You’re absolutely correct! That was who I was thinking of. They’ve been around for a while and I’m still surprised at the level of prosthetics, warping and body part pasting they do. Is it even cosplay anymore when the majority of it is digital manipulation? At least somebody is talented at editing.

No. 1144020

File: 1611808080476.jpg (158.03 KB, 540x852, 20210127_231942.jpg)

Huh what's this

No. 1144022

File: 1611808135869.jpg (156.97 KB, 540x844, 20210127_231957.jpg)

>being trans isn't enough to get certified as Not Troonphobic(off topic)

No. 1144231

this whole extension is cringe . i see people on tumblr use it and all it does is show everyone that you’re incapable of critical thought. also cringe that it’s named after something in death note

No. 1144237

The troon who made it, Wesley Bailey, is also a child rapist

No. 1144338

It's okay though, the REAL baddies are terfs. Block and stay safe and don't forget to support your local pedophile!

No. 1144444

Aka Laurelai Bailey? What the fuck. Isn't he also a rapist who sex trafficked his ex wife? Sounds like it might be worth xposting in the mtf thread

No. 1144493

I feel like I saw something deeply illegal having to witness those spoopy shooped images of oval eye over there. The internet has gone too far when you can catfish an entire sex and body to pedo bait for money. Fucking thrilled to see this disaster crumble though.

No. 1145315

File: 1611944185906.jpg (274.03 KB, 540x960, 141793152_5786436018049044_108…)

Personal cow of mine. She recently ran into some financial problems so she's selling her manly lewds while my libfem friends cheer her on. You may not like it, but this is what peak women's empowerment looks like.

No. 1145371

*peak manliness

No. 1145432

She's gonna have a hard time getting anyone to buy anything

No. 1145505

Hate to break it to your friend, but most scrotes don’t care about respecting uwu non-binary pronouns while buying $2 tiddy pics.

No. 1145680

I blame capitalism for this

No. 1145700

I bet most of these types will say FUCK CAPITALISM I HATE JEFF BEZOS then see nothing wrong with buying cheap ass slave made lingerie and slutty outfits from Amazon and shein.
This almost proves that these people will do anything if they see other people doing it and supporting it.

No. 1147552

File: 1612127290088.jpg (142.31 KB, 960x1280, Es_K1NtXAAQ2Q27.jpg)

The heck MrSoundlessVoice is 30 and still in that phase

No. 1147558

does anyone follow emiyannn on twitter? shes been locked for ages now and i miss her retardation

No. 1147564

Okay, I should have expected it with this username but I didn't knew she was a fakeboi omg

No. 1147595

I do but there's nothing milky lately though

No. 1147649

jfc i thought for a second that was me but i'd never do that to my hair.
sage for blogpost.

No. 1147655

Thatemokidalex is the perfect example of how social media harms teens. Hot Topic girl turned fakeboi.

No. 1147685

She used to be so much masculine a few years ago. But she changed from ftm to bigender and now looks like a femme lesbian. She detransitioned in anything but name

No. 1147735

there's a surprisingly high amount of Russian Fakebois, and also I remember reading somewhere that Serbia is the the only country in the world where FTMs outnumber MTFs, I mean there's clearly some cultural issues that are responsible

No. 1147761

Don't do this to me anon… I can't handle troonacy on top of all the problems we have already…

No. 1147877

Can't remember where but read that some countries have ftms who did it due to very strict gender roles and acknowledge it. To the point of helping their family by becoming a male "provider" which would otherwise not happen as a female, in such patriarchal societies. Basically confirms that fakebois everywhere are at least partially doing it to escape misogyny, those cases being extremes

No. 1148007

Lol who would want to be a woman in any Eastern European country.

No. 1148753

but being a woman sucks everywhere and there are regions worse then Eastern Europe and they don't have any FTMs

No. 1148856

nta but places that suck more for women than eastern europe usually have laws that make it impossible or just a lack of exposure to the concept

No. 1149794

My theory for Russians is that fandom culture and yaoi is huge on the Russian internet. One of the biggest (if not the biggest) Russian 18+ manga site is even separated in 'yaoi' and 'non-yaoi' section. I don't think it is because of misogyny or anything, average internet feminist over there is a misandrist radfem, so there aren't many places for queer theory to infiltrate in outside of fandoms

No. 1150367

File: 1612332299941.jpg (323.69 KB, 1220x813, GD_selects_019-1.jpg)

So I dunno if this DMO milk is too old but I just found out that the parents are evangelical megachurch preachers, which is probably why Ortberg felt the need to become male because women are subservient in the church. Then little(?)brother confessed to being attracted to children, and the dad let him work with kids at the church anyway. DMO to his credit peaced out after that.

Terrible wedding outfit with trans wife unrelated, it's just such a series of bad fashion choices and very much not passing on either side

No. 1150413

As a a fellow slav I imagine it's just hard for them to go on T without having social problems even if they have the access so the ones that would normally troon out in the west settle for fakeboism rather than the population that would be normal women in the west going fakeboi in russia, I mean imagine being a tranny in russia vs a normal girl that pretends to be a trap online, obvious choice

The only country that still does is poland and it's not that we have more FtMs than the west (probably less) it's that we traditionally don't really have MtFs so the ratios get skewed
When I looked it up it was like 8 FtMs for 1 MtF in the 80s but that had to be like 10 people a year or something at the time yet shit like that get reported as "more women transitioning" when the actual number on both sides is negligible

No. 1150420

So basically, if a troon would go out wearing women's clothing he'd likely be considered a pervert and get beaten up, while a GNC fakeboi wouldn't face to many problems

No. 1150421

I'm a slav too and I don't really agree with your opinion. Maybe it's different in your country. I don't think the numbers are skewed and honestly a few girls in my friend group low-key considered going on T and becoming males because they didn't like subservient gender roles forced upon them. MTFs I don't know, but we have a huge number of cross dressers and while I imagine it's rarer than in West, I meet a MTF from time to time working in Mcdonalds, etc… Girls in T are harder to clock. There's also nonbinary epidemic going on here amongst art students and it's so funny because the 'they/them' shit absolutely doesn't work in our language. They end up reffering to themselves as 'it' and it sounds hilarious.

No. 1150502


I'm a farrr East Slav and there's a a large skew towards FtM fakebois. MtFs are only really seen in coomer porn but fakebois haunt online like a plague. Though, it's only in the capital for some odd reason.

No. 1150524

File: 1612348991975.jpeg (302.32 KB, 750x926, 7A49735D-33B5-4B71-96DB-9DDF85…)

I know her. She’s a transtrender at 100%. She started this year the trans thing. Before all of that she was alterhacker on tumblr and instagram and you can find old pictures of her. This cow can have her thread tbh ther is a lot to say about her.

No. 1150526

+ IRL she didn’t identify as a boy. She identity herself as a lesbian girl. Her girlfriend identity herself as a tranny too but she’s just a cis women who need attention.

No. 1150540

Japan and Poland also has more ftms than mtfs, like 2x more ftms, then there's a lot countries with equal ratios like Iran or the west.

No. 1150541

I don't think a male in a dress would walk far on the streets of poland kek

No. 1150545

I've had 2 polish tranny friends and they told me its not difficult for them, but they live in the capital so it might be different.

No. 1150606

I mean both Iranian mtfs and ftms are majority gay men and lesbians who transitioned as an alternative to being well executed or lashed, there's even a Novel written by an Iranian author about a young lesbian girl who transitions to male so that she could be with her girlfriend in public
Women still get stoned to death in my country and suffer from honor killings, but you can find women wearing western clothing in the capital, so likely an exception

No. 1150623

japan has so much societal pressure for girls to be a certain way (modest, ladylike, serving men, taking care of children or working very hard in the workplace) that it's hard for them to troon out (or even have the idea to troon out) in the first place. of course men have similar societal pressure but the mtf trannies you see online are 99% crossdressers who hide their identities as a small liberation/fetish thing.

No. 1150640

Bacha posh might be what you’re talking about? It’s a thing that families in the Middle East do where they pick a daughter if they have no sons and present her as a son so she can have more freedom/work/go to school/not have shame in the family because it’s so gender segregated. These girls never transition medically or anything though. They just do it as kids once they’re pre teens or the family has a son they go back to being a girl, most of them seem to look forward to being girls again from the few articles on it you can find in English.

No. 1150644

i thought for a second that this was abby brown lmfaoo

No. 1150647

samefag, this shit doesn't work btw, i've seen trans people on twitter get flagged by it so whatever criteria it works on is piss poor

No. 1150663

I downloaded this a while ago for the shits and giggles when I saw it on Tumblr, anyone can download it and flag anyone as a terf or as trans-friendly. They claim to review each flag but they really don't.

No. 1150667

Some of them don't go back as girls and stay as men and get gfs, they don't medically transition though, probably because its hard to find hormones. But those are only the ones who choose to become bacha posh and convinced their parents to allow them.

No. 1150817

trans is very much a epidemic of the english speaking world. I live in a post soviet country and 90% of troons are teen or 20-something ftm's who are into internet culture (clearly social contagion). the rest are weird old men with agp. fortunately I don't have to she/her those freaks since we don't have gendered pronouns lol.

No. 1151206

File: 1612391607455.png (186.5 KB, 1202x669, wtf.png)


Think this belongs here. Girls on T afraid to go to the dr to get their female organs checked up on because "I'm a man, don't associate me with woman even though I have dying ovaries!". Then blaming the drs because their bigotry and ignorance killed them, not the hormones they decided to experiment with with no concern for their bodies.

No. 1151217

Imagine being so deep in your mental illness that you refuse to go get your health checkups and risk dying because i-it's b-b-being adressed as a w-w-w-women's health issue!! Also imagine trying to normalize this delusional, dangerous behavior.

No. 1151224

This bitch it's their own choice to not come, they are being excluded by themselves.

>transphobic by their ignorance

wow they don't owe you that. Gynecologists don't have to study effect of T on women bodies because it became trendy.

No. 1151229

Actually they have to a degree since it causes vaginal atrophy and other reproductive health issues and can happen with women having hormonal issues, but they don't have to study years of twitter backlog of transgender ideology to learn how to reason with a delusional client.

No. 1151278


this is like when men are afraid to touch something because it has "for women" written on it. maybe toxic masculinity is gender affirming

No. 1151404

File: 1612402901201.png (26.3 KB, 594x236, 8f5a3a486671664a01a4eefc72c231…)

If you won't get yourself screened for cancer because you don't want to go to a women's center that's your own problem lol. It's just Darwinism at that point.
Also found a "what about the TiMs" in the replies

No. 1151426

Not sure why you'd think that unless you get all your updates on Polish internal affairs from moviebob or something. It's not like there are deathsquads roaming the streets killing troons, gays and immigrants or whatever

No. 1151434

You're probably talking about sworn virgins, it's a thing in Balkans (mostly Albania).

I live in a major city, and I've met 2 MtF troons out on the street so far. One was typical HSTS and genuinely hard to clock at first glance, another one was pretty obvious agp. My mother knew several MtF trannies in the eighties. Then again, we live in the most LGBT friendly city in Poland, so this isn't particularly indicative of MtF troon tolerance here.

I know a number of fakebois tho. All of them coming from fujo circles. I'm pretty sure it's the same case in Russia.

No. 1151442



>"im trans MASC i cannot go anywhere aimed at women!!!"
>profile pic of a literal woman

No. 1151473


>I dont wanna go anywhere that’s aimed specifically at women

Well that’s too fucking bad cause you were born with female organs.

>It makes me uncomfortable

Proceeds to complain about literally risking death rather than being uncomfortable going to a women center

>I don’t want to make women uncomfortable

It’s a health center not a shelter or women only bath. I’m sure there are heaps of women going with a spouse or a male parent there. Newsflash, a lot of doctors or even gynos are men as well.

And the worst part is I 100% know that even if people bent backward to rename shit like Bleeder health center they’d move goalposts to rename it something else, then still complain they wanna kill themselves because of the evil cis.

No. 1151541


they say shit like this and then throw a huge fit any time a group for women doesn't want them around because "they deal with sexism too"

you can't eat your cake and have it too, dumbasses.

No. 1151586

>I know a number of fakebois tho. All of them coming from fujo circles. I'm pretty sure it's the same case in Russia.
Yeah for sure. I'm not active at all in the Russian fandom anymore, but it was and I reckon still is very popular to use male pronouns. 95% of users on Russian lolcow equivalent are he/him women in their 30s lol.

No. 1151600

>Russian lolcow equivalent
What site? Didn't know such a thing existed.

No. 1151690

File: 1612423330722.jpg (94.93 KB, 1080x580, Screenshot_20210204-080656_Twi…)

> pronouns =/= gender
> base their entire identity and will scream bloody murder if you don't use the right pronouns

This twitter thread is so exhausting to read through, a bunch of people (mostly women ofc) asking if they're trans if they are slightly uncomfortable in their body and trans people policing what you are and aren't allowed to do.


No. 1151706


reminds me of a girl i used to hang with before she trooned out. typical self hating fujo who embraced her newfound fakeboism by adopting every toxic masculinity trait in the book. when she got called out for being misogynist she cried transphobia cus she too had experienced sexism as a woman so somehow she was just like us and we were mean for saying we didn't want a sexist dude around. it's funny how they are literally never their birth sex and never have anything in common with it until it's time to answer for your shitty behavior. then they're just like us because something something transphobia.

No. 1151857

File: 1612437775059.jpg (75.99 KB, 750x750, 676.jpg)

i remember this girl, she went by crispy and used to get a lot of threads on 4chan years ago. her real name is chris washington. i think she craves internet attention but also resents how moids treat her for it, so she lashes out at them on twitter and started larping as a man to cope. a lot of her tweets are snapping at men for sexualizing her non-lewd pics, (which is valid but like, they are intermixed with lewd pics so its going to happen) or gaslighting fans about how shes definitely a man. tbh i dont find her super milky, i have kind of a soft spot for her bc we share interests and i find her and her gf very cute together just a mildly interesting case study on the effects of being an attention seeking 4chan pickme, perhaps? i imagine it must be hard not to get screwed up somehow growing up and forming your identity around being the "goth 4chan waifu" and never being perfect enough to actually live up to that fantasy. im interested if theres anything more milky on her though? off topic but the way her ocd seems to come through with her weird cosplay/cartoon interests kind of reminds me of nemu a tiny bit

No. 1151896

they're gatekeeping enby culture now? KEK

No. 1151913

Prolly holywarsoo

No. 1151934

I know about the girls like that too but it seems to me that they are lesbian butches not trans they don’t seem to want to be men the same way trans ppl do but idk I’m not middle eastern

No. 1151962

No. 1151970

Isn't enby culture just smelling like cat piss and naming yourself Rock

No. 1152005

File: 1612452660133.png (4.24 MB, 2048x1364, crispy.png)

i'd love a thread on her…

No. 1152299

File: 1612475889211.jpg (120.12 KB, 540x558, 20210204_165802.jpg)


No. 1152430

She looks like AngieSpeaks got into skin bleaching on the right

No. 1152458

File: 1612486704767.gif (8.25 MB, 600x300, 7844329602.gif)

oh shittt, are ftms and mtfs going to have a civil war of their own?

No. 1152557

Probably not, I don’t think there are enough mtf separatists to actually stir shit up

No. 1152882

File: 1612516793486.jpg (Spoiler Image,487.21 KB, 1080x2018, IMG_20210205_101925.jpg)

Why does everyone in this picture look like a wannabe Soundcloud rapper

spoilered because blood

No. 1152896

>an eternal playground
Yeah, nothing better than publicly showing how unstable you are, peak mental stability, totally not insane.
How do these people even get a job when they don’t even take themselves seriously? Imagine having one retard going to an office and saying that their name is Gerard until 12pm because then they’re Beatrice since they’re playing in the kwerr playground.
Truly, that statement sent me.

No. 1152913

people have periods, and people got breasts too… how are half of these people even comfortable showing off the fact they bleed?? the menstrual cycle is usually the thing that makes you dysphoric

Pretty much. Also, OP is right about all the she/theys and he/theys being purely performative, but the point is missed.

No. 1152918

>my queerness is my favourite thing about myself
Sad, but very telling.


No screencaps atm but this subject does come up occasionally in general trans and FtM subreddits. Many of them are very aware that FtMs get steamrolled by MtFs in practically every shared discussion, but they don’t want to come off as mean and “transmisogynistic” by calling them out. It’s very eye-opening to see the differences between male and female socialisation on full display.
>Excuse me sorry I don’t mean any offense but we were talking about a problem only faced by transmasc individuals, not transwomen, not that transwomen aren’t super valid and their problems way worse than transmasc problems, but there are currently 15 active topics about transwomen and only this one topic about transmen so can we maybe please keep this topic about transmen please, thank you in advance and sorry about my male privilege! <3
>o-oh ok sorry

No. 1152947

People do indeed get periods. And those people would be women, not men.

No. 1153046

>some men have periods uwu
what they think it means
>mentally ill women are still women
what it actually means

No. 1153259

This is what happens when girls with bad 8th grade syndrome are enabled instead of bullied

No. 1153276

File: 1612555039676.png (554.73 KB, 1080x1081, IMG_20210205_205448.png)


No. 1153280

These girls definitely have a fetish, I'm not sure why so many people say they're only suffering from internalized misogyny and homophobia because if they were they'd be overcompensating and acting like macho straight dudes.

No. 1153291

>could use some help. if you have the means, your mutual aid means everything$

No. 1153310

A very realistic description of how the discussion always goes down like. Poor dumbasses trip over themselves trying to lick the boots of their MTF overlords just to be able to talk about female-exclusive issues.

>if they were they'd be overcompensating and acting like macho straight dudes.
I… That's basically how you would act with internalized misogyny and homophobia though? Like all the HSTS MTFs who become overly performative bimbos talking about how they'll steal your man.

No. 1153398

Please. Take ALL traits from us until we are only wombs on two legs and end ourselves rather than be seen as subhumans.
Fucking degenerates.

No. 1153431

>That's basically how you would act with internalized misogyny and homophobia though?
That's what I mean, most of these women don't act like at all, they're obsessed with being vague 'gay/queer guys'. If they were really had internalized misogyny and homophobia they would not have done that photoshoot since no normal straight man would do it since its emasculating, they'd want to not draw attention to being females. Interesting thing but HSTS FTMs seem a lot more rarer than HSTS MTFs.

No. 1153525

>because if they were they'd be overcompensating and acting like macho straight dudes.
some of them kinda do if you've ever seen the sports or weightlifter ftms. unfortunately other than that they aren't very milky

No. 1153581

File: 1612578097903.jpeg (24.44 KB, 320x180, DCEF1B3D-DC21-44C4-9592-3F394B…)

Why do so many of these FTM youtubers roll their eyes like this?

No. 1153582

File: 1612578129614.jpeg (27.98 KB, 320x180, 6D0EF9CC-50F0-4B96-B020-6EEC55…)

Here’s another

No. 1153584

Noah Fince is the king of this shit he does it so many times in the thumbnail that you can make a drinking game out of it take an extra shot whenever he mentions he’s “gay”

No. 1153585

File: 1612578210838.jpeg (27.09 KB, 320x180, 95552BA2-BDB8-4D7E-8584-C8A27D…)

Oops forgot the image

No. 1153685

Plenty of cis women take t (I do for pcos) and I had no idea of the side effects until troons started talking about it. While I’m glad it’s being looked into more, I actually need it to function normally, and they’re haphazardly injecting it for body hair I guess?

No. 1153709

Good find anon, the article this is from is pure handmaiden material.

No. 1154094

>Plenty of cis women take t (I do for pcos)
you can take t for pcos? like low dose or what? how does it help?

No. 1154129

ime womens health centers are usually the main test centers for std/sti's unless theres a gay/lgbt test center extremely nearby.
Which means men also go there to get tested, to support their partners and to look into birth control methods/pick up cheap condoms.

I can see not feeling comfortable with gyno offices as a "man", but dont most doctors also do at least the basic/life threatening checks themselves or ahve another doctor in their office/clinic who is able to do it?

No. 1154160

Why would you take t for pcos, genuinely asking

No. 1154171

File: 1612638673549.jpg (28.7 KB, 380x518, h1.JPG)

No. 1154174

File: 1612638770950.jpg (28.49 KB, 287x514, h2.JPG)

No. 1154177

File: 1612638940335.jpg (31.56 KB, 286x513, h3.JPG)

No. 1154183

R.i.p. to potential lesbian partners.

No. 1154302

Testosterone is the last thing you'd take to treat pcos, that anon was talking out of her ass.

No. 1154427

>that anon was talking out of her ass.
i have a feeling that anon is one of our resident TIF posters

No. 1154489

File: 1612662504552.jpeg (239.98 KB, 1242x2132, D2BF7AB5-B6FA-4488-8D17-08B188…)

the level of delusion…

No. 1154539

I will never stop wondering about just how they can live constantly trying to justify everything they do to make it seem like it’s deeper than what it is. Really, it must be mentally exhausting.

No. 1154573

File: 1612669028837.jpg (143.57 KB, 540x580, 20210206_223653.jpg)

Why do all these girls insist on ebegging fof black people

No. 1154599

Because it's trendy, just like their identities.

No. 1154780

>social media strategy

No. 1155124

I saw this in my Instagram explore a couple days ago and this is a 14 year old child, don’t post about underaged children.

No. 1155188

i tried watching this video and it was literally just insane retarded nonsense that you have to be so deep into trannyism to understand fully

No. 1155351

File: 1612745038584.png (94.52 KB, 1279x298, 2021-02-06 19.38.23.png)

An update on Terje:
Apparently someone from the last thread said they knew her, so here was her response.

No. 1155386

>I bleached my hair
>call it fembrained
Why do people on that board categorize every fathomable thing as female or man-brained, it's autistic and frankly sexist.

No. 1155420

>autistic and frankly sexist
You answered your own question.

No. 1155468

Is she still claiming to be Scandi?
I remember her posts in Norwegian and the wording was off.

No. 1155475

I don't think she ever personally claimed to be. She mostly just ran with it when other users asked where she was from.
It also seems like she finally found out that her e-boyfriend had been cheating on her with another user all along.

No. 1155481

File: 1612753963812.jpg (88.93 KB, 1406x443, Capture.JPG)

>She mostly just ran with it
She also goes by Terje, which is a semi-common Norwegian male name. I always figured she was a boring white American who was pretending to be Norwegian to get attention from the sea of Scandiboos on 4chan.

>It also seems like she finally found out that her e-boyfriend had been cheating on her with another user all along.

Just found this. She seems pissed.

No. 1155485

File: 1612754418621.jpg (103.58 KB, 355x639, 1612733846527.jpg)

That repressor lives in her head rent-free. It's actually been a while since I'd seen that particular anon (they coined her as "homewrecker anon") post, so I'm assuming they'd just got back from an extensive ban.
They also enjoy trolling her with photoshopped pregnancy pictures and lewd drawings. It's quite entertaining.

No. 1155486

This person literally has an Onlyfans where you can see their dick. They're actually a tranny, but I also suspect these aren't actual lolcow posters since this person also has no milk.

No. 1155490

File: 1612754880820.jpg (82.51 KB, 550x543, anon seriously.jpg)

>This person literally has an Onlyfans where you can see their dick.
>They're actually a tranny
>this person also has no milk.

No. 1155493

>anon who brought them up kept using she
>anon said they were pretending to be a man when they have a dick

No. 1155501

How does this happen? Seriously, was this baby an accident or what? I feel I may have very mild dysphoria and would rip my skin off if I ever got pregnant.(no one cares)

No. 1155503

At first, I denied. Then, I went digging. Found the alleged dick pics.
Anon…they're Photoshopped as fuck. So obviously edited that even simps/neckbeards called it out. Why would you fall for that? She's a fakeboi from Tumblr.

No. 1155505

Her name is Hayden Cross, and she apparently got a sperm donor online to have the baby as a single 20-year-old.

Here is an article on her if you're curious:

>I may have very mild dysphoria and would rip my skin off if I ever got pregnant.

no one cares

No. 1155516

File: 1612757445725.png (15.9 KB, 511x159, 5756685665.png)

An unintentionally appropriate metaphor, given that it costs an additional fifty cents to use a penny press, and the penny literally becomes worthless afterward.

No. 1155517


> felt too faggy to go to the salon

girl shut the fuck up

No. 1155518

gaydens calling things "faggy" grinds my gears a little. blatant homophobia that they think they can get away with because they like men.

No. 1155562

Because they are piggybacking off the civil rights movement , just like they leech off the progress made for gay rights. They try to draw comparisons with those movements to justify their existence when they actually have very little in common. The modern TRA movement can’t stand on it’s own so it needs to attach itself to a host all the time. Notice how they try to force BLM, gay rights and feminism to become trans-centered?

The dick doesn’t belong to her, you idiot. The editing is also horrible on purpose. We already know what she looked like as a teen cosplayer. It’s clear you have never been with a man before.

No. 1155684

These girls love using the world fag, can't keep it off their mouths.

No. 1155686

Yeah, who do they think they are? Image board users?


No. 1155692

this anon gets it

it's cringe when they pridefully call themselves faggots outside of 4chan because it gives them some kind of euphoria using a homophobic slur on themselves, but this…saying fag on an imageboard is what literally everyone does. gay, straight, man, woman. we do it here where we call people newfags, samefags, etc.

No. 1155701

File: 1612777330673.png (1.63 MB, 1281x814, 1612766090998.png)

Someone commented in the thread "you look like you washed your hair with bird poop".

She's been sperging at people telling her to get help for her amphetamine addiction if she's worried about repeating her last psychotic breakdown https://boards.4channel.org/lgbt/thread/18976510

No. 1155706

It was a joke.

Like you said, there's a big difference between using "-fag" as a suffix in board culture and running around squawking about "uwuw I'm a fag" on Twitter with your real name and face attached.

No. 1155725

she annoys me to no end. There was another archived 4chan thread where she and likeminded anons were reeing about lolcow and i remember the thread ending with her describing herself as a "twunk". The twink part is debatable, the hunk on the other hand is completely unrealistic. Her whole persona doesn't radiate even a modicum of physical health. Or masculinity for that matter. "Tweak" is more like it. Delusional.

No. 1155744

File: 1612783877190.jpeg (428.21 KB, 750x1005, A0938E63-4AE2-4D93-9F4C-32E791…)

this bitch is beyond cringe

No. 1155755

I wonder how long she'll be able to keep up the facade before everyone catches on and she's left with only a half handful of simps to defend her. Surprised she's not on Kiwifarms.

No. 1155842

File: 1612792423297.jpg (54.08 KB, 1763x181, Capture.JPG)

>"Tweak" is more like it. Delusional.
kek anon
Though she's claiming she didn't say it. She does admit she's been checking back on this thread routinely, though. HPD trannies always need to know who's talking about them.

No. 1155889


no matter what context. if you're being called out about something… never ever link your following to the lolcow thread. if you do, you already lost.

>look at how unbothered i am. reading what completely anonymous people say about me. i'm totally not triggered. i was just googling my name and checking everything people say about me ever. even people who weren't even interacting with me in any way. i still care about their opinions - uh, i mean, i dont!

No. 1156024

Probably disappointed the kids not a boy lol. The daughter is gonna be messed up and have a lot of internalized misogyny if not even her own mother wants to be a woman.

No. 1156029

If she wasn't so crazy or her parents got her specialized help as a kid, she'd have just been a slightly autistic dyke/bi instead of a greasy balding ftm reeing online about her e-boyfriend cheating on her.

No. 1156741

ntayrt either this is bait or you're absolutely retarded, the pictures of "their dick" are photoshopped and this is 100% a biological woman and has presented as such up until this past year

No. 1156763

She looks like Millie Bobby Brown in the second season of Stranger Things

No. 1156896

sage for off-topic but please russian anons tell me more about the history and culture of russian fujos

No. 1156977

File: 1612884237802.jpg (95.14 KB, 1454x543, Capture.JPG)

Not to sound like a whiteknight but if someone was harassing me like this I'd probably lose my cool too.

It also does seem like >>1155485 is talking about herself if I'mma be real. Milk is cool but vendettas are cringe.

No. 1156987

Samefag, but I'll add that Terje is shooting herself in the foot by continuing to post on 4chan when she's disliked by virtually everyone there. She doesn't have many people to blame but herself for getting hacked and trolled.

No. 1157001

This. She has very few allies hanging around and this stuff aside has done far worse.

No. 1157004

Meant to tag the post below. It should be added that Terje is also a pathological liar and has been called out on it many times in the past, so there's no telling if she's innocent in all of this.

No. 1157013

To me it sounds like two crazy trannies going at it and bringing the battle to lolcow, which is funny itself I guess.

No. 1157052

I am very entertained

No. 1157124

Don't forget it's Terje's fault the e-boyfriend got doxed because she carelessly leaked his discord handle by uploading screenshots of their conversation without censoring out his name properly. The anon who stole/hacked him or whatever probably needs her head checked as well but you can't expect better from 4chan posters. Gotta keep your wits about you because that website is a breeding ground for psycopaths. That's why I'll never understand the idiots who get trips and upload pictures of themselves there.

No. 1157218

File: 1612898118704.png (105.51 KB, 720x934, Screenshot_20210208-234350_1.p…)

No. 1157233

bro what the fuck is wrong with weebs.

No. 1157382

Here's a fresh thread of him getting into it with some MtFs

No. 1157387

which of the mtfs in that thread are you?

No. 1157390

None of them. I'm just spectating what's going on once I'd seen the title of the thread.

No. 1157395

File: 1612913224578.png (20.3 KB, 837x252, 1612911950359.png)

all I'm seeing is Terje telling a tranny that he shouldn't email strangers to compliment their genitals. that is kind of a gross thing to do.

I think this is better suited for the mtf thread.

No. 1157401

It's one tranny telling another that their hackjob came out alright. Hardly anything to call someone a creep over. That's reaching. You're not Terje are you? I'd figured some tripfags been posting here anonymously and you've all been making it very obvious.

No. 1157406

>Hardly anything to call someone a creep over. That's reaching.
I don't know about mtfs specifically since their entire identity seems to circulate around fetishizing female genitalia but personally I would be creeped out if someone sent me a message like this.

I really don't care either way, I'm just saying this is the fakeboi thread and you're bringing /lgbt/ tripfag drama that's unrelated to fakebois.

No. 1157421

Terje IS the fakeboi
A very entertaining one at that.
The entire thread was pretty much confirming everything negative mentioned about him before it was nuke, but we can pretend this never happened right? I see you being one of two people from those threads both of which meet the requisites for being posted here.

No. 1157429

I think in actuality there needs to be an /lgbt/ tripfag thread for all of you guys to sperg in and embarrass yourselves. Would be funny for the rest of us.

No. 1157432

Yeah… This is definitely Terje herself.

No. 1157435

ok tranny. goodbye.(hi troon)

No. 1157936

File: 1612965750044.jpg (30.41 KB, 470x216, twitterpost9.JPG)

Why are they so against dating bisexuals? Like…either you chase gay men and end up alone/bitching about it forever or you can choose a partner from the only group of people that's attracted to you. your choice.

No. 1157938

File: 1612965794985.jpg (61.23 KB, 1080x1176, Et3rk3TXIAMtoeS.jpg)

Person owning this account. yeah, exactly gay mens' type, amirite?

No. 1157941

bc bisexuals aren’t kweer enough for these entirely self proclaimed ~queer gay faggot homosexual fairy~ ‘men’, and they don’t get as much validation from forcing their way into gay AND bisexual spaces as opposed to solely gay spaces

No. 1157943

When will trannies understand feeling sexual attraction to their mutilated bodies is not a right or an obligation? The level of entitlement these freak shows have I swear.

No. 1157958


no wonder no ones messaging her on grindr. this is literally just a butch. try like a tiny bit for fucks sake.

altough i think nothing could actually make her look good for a gay man (or anyone for the matter too). like, she shaved her fucking head and she still looks like a edgy 13 year old girl. i cant imagine a hairstyle that could help. just give it up and drop your fujoshi dreams, like its not happening for you girl.

No. 1158149

>trans people
>narcissism and entitlement
Pick two.
This is true for everything. If """cis""" people don't bow to their every whim, they lose their shit and cry transphobia.

I can't vouch whether or not that was Turd you replied to, but just because she's been posted in this thread doesn't mean other tripfags should think of lolcow as their personal army when she disagrees with you. Take it to discord.

No. 1158162

I’m so tired of all these non-binary women who will go on and on about how people should use “any pronoun” to refer to them or how they don’t identify as anything but if you refer to them in any feminine sense that’s a big no.

This “I exist beyond the bounds of space and time so I am all things but so help me god if you call me she/her”. Fuck I almost rather you just gave up the act and say you wanted to be a man. At least be honest with your internal-misogyny.

No. 1158380

I take both estrogen and testosterone to manage hormone imbalances. My levels were haywire with birth control, and I’m allergic to spironolactone, so while I’m a special circumstance, my doctor said it’s not too uncommon.

No. 1158581

>At least be honest with your internal-misogyny.

No. 1158601

File: 1613004220648.jpg (105.76 KB, 540x455, 20210210_194312.jpg)

"they/he" "lesbian" no

No. 1158603

File: 1613004284760.jpg (263.49 KB, 538x818, 20210210_194338.jpg)

Lotta words for "bored awkward fat white nerd girl"

No. 1158607

File: 1613004382401.jpg (124.19 KB, 540x541, 20210210_194325.jpg)

And of course, she is a dumpy fat nerd girl.

Imagine claiming to be exclusively attracted to women but still too full of internalized misogyny to identify as one even tho u call yourself a lesbian. These girls need therapy.

No. 1158801

the whole reason they transition is so they can LARP as gay men. If only bisexuals like them then that doesn't ~validate~ their identity

No. 1159014

theyve ben linking this thread to there threads. the likeliness of it being someone from there is very high.

No. 1159206

File: 1613075301881.png (235.11 KB, 418x504, Capture1.PNG)

What the fuck

No. 1160776

File: 1613240737958.png (509.67 KB, 760x831, Screenshot_20210213-152233.png)

This is straight up sad…they were a perfectly fine looking couple and now looks she dresses like Gibby from Icarly.

No. 1160819

Is GERD the hot new Munchie disorder thanks to Corpse Husband? kek

No. 1160833

What exactly does lesbian mean to these people? If sex =/= gender, "genital preferences" are evil, and you've rejected your femaleness, then how can you be a lesbian, i.e. a homosexual woman? I wish I could make it make sense.

No. 1160842

0 change they look the same

No. 1160844

OT but I noticed the uptick in it too and it makes me laugh. Not that reflux doesn’t suck, but that’s also like… 80% a fat person’s disease. May as well also list every other symptom of obesity as your “disability” while you’re at it.

No. 1160893

File: 1613249392991.jpeg (196.58 KB, 828x728, C7BC4F09-8CB2-4280-893A-88DF43…)

great shes gonna photoshop a new dick over her cunt for internet clout

No. 1160908

Retarded if GERD of all things is the new munchie trend because its super fucking common and TREATABLE. Unless you can't change your diet because you're nasty and stupid, or it's uwu "self care" to drink wine and treat yourself to junk because of course there's always mental twama. Pathetic. These narcs are incredible in their ability to make nothing into chronic.

No. 1160994

what's wrong with being straight and being in a het relationship these days, online clout is not worth it.

No. 1161313

They're still straight now, just with extra steps kek

No. 1161353

Oh, great. She’s just going to look like the boy from Ju-On with a pink wig and blurry dildo.

No. 1161395

File: 1613308692760.jpeg (1.19 MB, 828x1488, BF756FFB-5FFB-480D-9A22-3EBA18…)

ah yes… totally a boy…

No. 1161458

File: 1613319684440.jpeg (789.79 KB, 1170x1802, 2542A80E-DC00-43A7-8977-B630A4…)

The heritability of GERD is 30-40% and I unfortunately won that genetic raffle.

No. 1161708

So now that she's on testosterone and gotten mastectomy she's going full on girl mode? Why the fuck does this happen every time? Like half a year after getting the tit snip they always start presenting as fully female but a boi! with a full on coomer pandering e-thot look.

No. 1161711

>undermining the whole entire point

And what point is that? Sounds strangely biphobic though. What a surprise coming from a homophobic straight woman.

No. 1161837

Because they think they've become TRUE and HONEST yaoi boys instead of yucky girls by getting their tits lopped off. Internalized misogyny is a trip. They want to be kawaii slutty yaoi ukes, not slutty girls because girls have cooties or something.

No. 1161846

honestly it seems that by transitioning they hope to shed the negative parts of being a woman. Afterward they feel more free to show themselves off because they will not be seen as a woman anymore (in their head at least) or have boobs. I'm not a troon but I can see how the logic works. it might seem freeing to sexualize yourself on your own terms, not unwillingly every day by strange men who ogle your breasts. it's still not a healthy way to go about it obviously……

No. 1161933

The Impact of Yaoi and BL on these transitions is undeniable, yet fujos will never admit that their fetishes can lead to them psychology warped and broken

No. 1161936

Breasts were too feminine but a skirt and traditionally female fashion is fine, resulting in her looking like a pedophiles wet dream

No. 1161946

>straight couple spends three years getting bad haircuts and wearing ugly, ill-fitting clothes. KwEeR icons.

No. 1162100

old and no1curr, but it's not that they are he/him - the language is gendered and word "anonymous" is masculine

No. 1162208

I'm guessing she got instant male pattern baldness from the hormones (very common with troons, especially the finnish ones kek), realized she was going to age into a mutilated, saggy, defeminized body and started going all girly to make the most of her youth. I predict this being an issue over all social media in the near future. Who in their right mind would choose to grow up to be an old man?

No. 1162225

File: 1613403898159.jpg (549.89 KB, 1242x969, 1613393349257.jpg)

Another anon posted this in the mtf thread. This tweet is by a male troon so even they notice it.

No. 1162284

I mean anime and vidya makes troons in general
Japanese media is just autism incarnate

No. 1162286

then why don't Japanese people troon out en masse?

No. 1162289

Probably some combination of fatalism, growing up with a wider variety of media and far less access to prescription or under the table hormones

No. 1162309

Not Japanese media in general, but specifically Otaku culture. Even in Japan– perhaps especially in Japan– anime is for losers.

No. 1162312

because of "everyone needs to be the same" mentality (for better or worse) and kids growing out of their edgy phase

No. 1162325

File: 1613415448488.jpg (287.67 KB, 828x809, 20210215_135806.jpg)

why are fat white girls like this

No. 1162327

File: 1613415692801.jpg (Spoiler Image,39 KB, 773x683, makeout.jpg)

Of course she has to post pics of her sad udders. So masculine

No. 1162342

Kek I thought this was Johnathan Yaniv for a second

No. 1162345

nikocado avocado?

No. 1162347

Nikocado is far more revolutionary and counterculture than any fat and ugly girl that decides it is easier to be a fat and ugly man

No. 1162360

>looking for people to make out with
Ew, I pity the girl, and even the theylett that will inevitably end up dating that landwhale out of pity/brownie points.

No. 1162368

These people and the transbians make me want to be straight

No. 1162373

god you just know those titties stink because her obese ass certainly won’t wash herself properly

No. 1162422

radical self love is deciding your body is a they/he because you're too ugly and insecure to be a she/her.
you sure showed society.

No. 1162546

File: 1613435573574.jpg (107.49 KB, 535x509, 20210215_193220.jpg)

"it/ey/he" imagine preferring to be called "it" than she

No. 1162586

They get inoculated early and it doesn't affect them in late teenage/early adulthood

No. 1162597

i desperately want the mullet trend to die

No. 1162623

Dimitri the fat potato nosed lolicon that perpetuates the idea that he is a "trap" (he at the most he looks like a fat 2/10 woman) has OFFICIALLY been banned from Twitter(Imageboard)

No. 1162629

There's a thread for femboys >>>/snow/1144047

No. 1162823

How is it anti capitalist to be a massive media consuming obese fake boy? Literally in what way does capitalism stop you from eating all the food you want to the point where you’re addicted? What way does it discourage you from continuing with that life style filled with gluttony, self indulgence and media addiction? These idiots never know shit and always wanna act like they are some working class heroes when in reality they are the biggest capitalistic little piggies. I’m sure big pharma that’s lobbying and selling you those hormones is totes socialistic and anti capitalistic. Only thing that lazy idiot partakes in what could be called socialistic is the maybe future disability check for her obesity. I’m not saying she can’t be fat and criticize capitalism but the clear consumerism that just reeks of her is pathetic.

No. 1162962

File: 1613489663447.jpg (28.72 KB, 604x268, lol.JPG)

Another fakeboi complaining how evil fujos hurt poor gay men

No. 1163018

so ironic when the ppl bitching about fujoshis have stan twitter accounts. the only thing that could be more ironic is if a bts stan account tried to make a thread about harassing celebrities

No. 1163023

Fakeboys are truly delusional thinking that fujo's fantasies involve women with chopped off tits lmao
I legit have never seen an actual gay man crying about fujos it's always a fakeboy. It can be safely used as a gender marker

No. 1163027

File: 1613495229907.png (205.93 KB, 720x1218, Screenshot_20210216-220520.png)

Kek, just look at the replies, actual gay and bi men saying they have literally no issue with yaoi or Bl

No. 1163037

Agree. Most of these people are performing peak consumerism and it's every level of pathetic to act like they're ~fighting against evil capitalism~ when they're doing nothing but consooming whatever mass manufactured pop culture ideal is put in front of them.

Sometimes I'd love to see all the woke TRA fujos squirm when trying to debate tweets like this. Like I don't believe for a hot second that they see these crazy fucks as "legitimate gay men" and instead are well aware that they're women but can't deny them their "gender identity" or "valid experience as a gay dude" in fear of being called out as transphobes. At least I can hope plenty of them peak this way.

No. 1163042

It's basically projecting at this point. I remember a Fujo ftm friend of mine said "if you read yaoi you'll eventually come out as gay" and it's true because every yaoi obsessed girl I knew eventually came out or transitioned.

No. 1163047

The anons in the fujo thread keep on insisting that thay were gonna troon out either way and that their heckin bl stories play no part in the rise of fakebois, but it clearly does though

No. 1163125

kek at the obvious fakeboi troon in the middle trying to cope

No. 1163161

Honestly it seems like old-school fujos are more chill these days, the really annoying ones you have to watch out for are the ones in denial who now feel entitled to shove their gross porn in your face. Why else do they feel the need to keep sperging about ebil fujoshis when they have the same attitude people hated fujos for in the first place?
The mental image of some delusional fakeboi getting told to sit the fuck down by a gay man is really funny to me.

No. 1163167

Yep, 15 years ago the "anti-fujo" girls would be the ones smacking strangers on the asses with yaoi paddles and other infamously awful fujo behavior. The fujos that are honest about what they are tend to be pretty chill and older. The badly behaved creepy weebs are all fakebois and genderspecials now.

Pretty sure Japan has little tolerance for troon shit and that's why you don't see Japanese girls trooning out.

No. 1163319

I looked at the fujo thread and there’s literally no discussion about ftms or desire to be male aside from a debate from five months ago and a recent screenshot of some troon

No. 1163377

straight women who are honest with their enjoyment of bl yaoi stuff and are secure in their heterosexual womanhood are a lot more tolerable than trans non-binary mlms (straight girls in denial) who lament about the evils of fujoshis and think they’re exempt from being fujoshis on the basis of their gender identity .

No. 1163390

Both sides are fairly regarded though, fakeboism is just the end result of fujoshi brain rot and degeneracy
I mean Japan has more FTMs then MTFs and you know bl plays a part

No. 1163394

>"NSFWinkums says…"
>admitted fujo anime icon "baracollector"
>mlm "xyro"
I'm sorry, but all three of them sound like twitter fakebois

No. 1163400

File: 1613529051599.jpg (365.55 KB, 1840x2048, ETv1WzWXYAYG3Te.jpg)

WAY LATE but i was scrolling through and recognized this person. ive followed her for years because i liked her art (liked is a key word). she glorifies the shit out of self harm, it's featured in all of her art one way or another. its unsurprising that she does even more attention seeking shit like this

it's also really fucking funny to me that she's this far gone, done this much damage to her body, just to wind up looking like quinton reviews

No. 1163443

Every single time. Real gay men just laugh or don’t care. But it’s only the ftms that rage and obsess about their rival fujos. Despite the girly ukes serving as a type of self-insert character for women readers, all the men depicted are cis. How can these girls think they can appoint themselves as representatives for the remaining 99% of the gay male population? They don’t even interact with gay men in real life.

No. 1163510

I’m absolutely thrilled Eli ebzibop finally got posted, she’s been my personal cow for as long as I can remember.

No. 1163567

Lmfaoo!! The funny thing is how these clit brains are probably the same bitches that trooned out bc they were fujos at first

No. 1163623

not to derail, but aren't most Japanese fakebois actual butch lesbians rather than gaydens?

No. 1163647

Has anyone else noticed that ftms seem to either have a strong hatred of men (including mtfs) or they hate women? I don't know if the latter is genuine hatred or them trying to overcompensate by pandering to men but it makes me wonder what both sides' motivation for transitioning are.

No. 1163994

Because it's better to be a woman than a man in Japan's society(bait)

No. 1164018

it's not better to be a woman in any society, that's incel scrote logic

No. 1164183

fuck off, incel.

No. 1164199

the latter i see a lot but i've never known of any ftms who hate men outside of the small minority of them who get involved with radfem communities

No. 1164216

lmfao are you joking?

No. 1164337

not regarding the painfully obvious societal sexism over there, did you even hear about the scandal involving Mori and the Tokyo Olympics?

No. 1164344

When I think of this I think of Akira & other women who just enjoy & have fun looking hot while doing Danso or other Ikemen-girl models

No. 1164359

Oh honey you need more than a a haircut.

The projection is real lmao. I bet you a large amount of ex-fujoshis have tried to explain and rationalise their obsession for gay men by deciding they are in fact gay men themselves. That way, whenever someone makes fun of them they can cry "transphobia!!1!1!" and get everyone to kiss their little oppressed ass.

No. 1164566

i think many girls want to identify out of womanhood by becoming aidens because they feel uncomfortable "being perceived" and sexualized because they are women. and when they become aidens, they think they are being perceived as gay men and, again, sexualized by the same evil fujoshis that they used to be.

No. 1165673

Hate women, absolutely. Internalized misogyny has been one of the biggest reasons girls become fakebois since day one. Even way back when you had Kazakai being a raging misogynist in between insisting she was a kawaii yaoi boy.

I've some of the really SJWy ones hate on men, but it always seems like they're just parroting bog standard woke shit. I do think a lot of them are afraid of men though, which is why it's somewhat uncommon for them to pester actual gay men.

No. 1165695

>I do think a lot of them are afraid of men though, which is why it's somewhat uncommon for them to pester actual gay men.
I think it’s a combination of them knowing gay men would never accept a ftm as a male and the other being that most ftm are loveshy autists while gay guys are pretty horny.

No. 1165710

damn if you check her replies its basically other fujos telling her to shut up

They're all fakeboys too, gay men aren't replying to her. They're self aware to know that they themselves are just advanced fujos so when they see someone criticizing fujos it hits them personally

No. 1166052

File: 1613797460203.jpg (10.63 MB, 1448x22684, aap comic.jpg)

It's okay to be an autoandrophile if you make a pretentious comic about how you imagine you had a cock while jerking off

No. 1166509

File: 1613807947028.jpeg (64.35 KB, 1285x204, B33FA585-C6D2-4A91-86A5-C13F8D…)

Lmao,the comment before she posted before that

No. 1166555

The internalised misogyny in this comic is astounding. She says she wants to be allowed to take, allowed to have a normal life and good sex.

Hinestly I get it, as you get older, you get more and more screwed over because you're female. It's depressing as fuck though.

No. 1166568

File: 1613811185490.jpg (3.29 MB, 3264x2691, BeFunky-collage (4).jpg)

what she looks like and her boyfriend for three years

No. 1166603

File: 1613814120437.png (218.56 KB, 936x340, hiokve1.png)

Oh no, pelvic floor muscles. God, this and the fucking pussy void panel where she describes being referred to as "she/her" like it's some sort of insult have me rolling.
It's irritating how she writes being female out to be some horrible thing. Fuck off, you literally make it that way for yourself by living a life of depressing, lame sex and refusing to ever satisfy or stand up for yourself. Your body was never the problem, but your brainrot is. This person would be just as retarded and sad with a meat stick, if not more. Then we'd just have a comic about how women have it so easy because "I dream about escaping the suffocating grip of my foreskin and torturous testicles".

No. 1166606

She looks very bland. No wonder she opted for fakeboi attention seeking.

To quote Naomi Campbell:
"She's just a bitch with a face"

No. 1166620

Not trying to wk because the comic is insane regardless but based on how she words the line about her pelvic floor muscles I think she's talking about having vaginismus which makes sex painful/impossible due to muscle spasms. I can't imagine the anguish having this would cause but I can see how it could lead to hating one's own womanhood.

It's really fucking sad because I honestly like the style and presentation of her comic, it's refreshing and original. And there are things you can do to help vaginismus but our culture has led her to fixate on an impossible fantasy solution instead…

No. 1166654

why are fakebois on insta super old acting like they are only 16

No. 1166682

>i won't be a receiver
>i'll be allowed to take
taking = receiving aren't they the same?

No. 1166701

>"10 filipino comics you need to read right now
>And i'll still be called a she or a her in the profile
>A ma'am and miss in the comments."

Wow, lol, I mean if you don't want to be misgendered then don't post your face when you look like a generic straight girl and don't make comics about your pussy.
Gee why they are always like that

No. 1166703

Why the fuck do you keep bumping with pointless shit, sage your posts and read the rules you gremlin ass bitch

No. 1166725

Yeesh. About 10 years ago I suffered from a health problem that caused me debilitating vaginal pain, and it fucked my sex life up for many years. At the time I definitely imagined it would be better to as a man and have a penis. But I eventually got physical and mental health treatment, and I'm much better now. I hope this girl can get help as well so she can learn to be comfortable with her body.

I could see an anorexic easily making the same type of comic, except it'd be about her fat thighs and stomach instead of wanting a dick. A psychiatrist would never tell an anorexic "You're right, you are too fat, let's get you signed up for diet pills and liposuction" yet psychiatrists regularly give FTMs as young as 15 access to testosterone and breast removal surgery. It's so sad.(nobody cares)

No. 1166833

Ugh. So you want to have sex "like a guy", has nobody told you that pegging is a thing? You have a fetish, just own it + get on with your life.

I think the reason most dick-fetishizing fakebois get stuck in a body-hating spiral is because they are so poisoned with vast amounts of internalized misogyny that they can't bear the thought of "uhhh buying and wearing a strap-on", because only girls do that, ewww gross. Breaking news: your kink + your misogyny do not make you a man.

Maybe I'm retarded, but isn't vaginismus sometimes a psychological thing? Trauma/anxiety/whatever makes the muscles tense up. And there's things you can do aside from penetration.

No. 1167022

File: 1613879634782.jpg (155.72 KB, 539x539, 20210220_225212.jpg)

#mlmartists more like taco party of girls whose art all looks the same

No. 1167023

File: 1613879688807.jpeg (716.2 KB, 2048x1499, EuoETqdXAAAPGzI.jpeg)

I like how even in a drawing she has her boobs out

No. 1167036


Every single time.

No. 1167051

“I DON’T like my leg scar. Did I mention I have a leg scar? Please don’t ask about my leg scar!!! I hate the scar, which is on my leg, and definitely don’t want any attention over it!”

No. 1167168

File: 1613892824473.jpg (2.77 MB, 3264x2350, BeFunky-collage (5).jpg)

i scrolled my twitter page for the first in a long time and saw this

No. 1167190

File: 1613896414150.png (27.03 KB, 1161x163, Screenshot_20210221-092142~2.p…)

you mean hello fellow straight girls

No. 1167313

It says "leg scar being touched" tho

No. 1167317

File: 1613920180343.png (3.9 MB, 828x1792, BC65D2E6-0AB6-425B-8F61-FA7685…)

Found this in the wild and felt it would be appropriate here

No. 1167319

File: 1613920280767.jpeg (51.93 KB, 815x295, 1B84353E-C097-41D4-BAB1-377D82…)

She is onto something here kek

No. 1167322

she looks like one of those HD modded sims kek

No. 1167336

She may have had endometriosis or smth, which I had undiagnosed and made penetrative sex unbearable.

No. 1167353

How are you a they/them "cherrybomb"
It isn't just a cute phrase

No. 1167364

Kek that's just how most women look after one week of not shaving, that doesn't make her some kind of androgynous twink.

No. 1167534

pegging isn't the same as actually having a dick, she just needs to get over it since its an impossible dream

No. 1167539

guess she doesn't like dogs then

No. 1167548

"MLM" is just a dog whistle for troons at this point. No actual gay men use that acronym.

I came across this creature a while ago and is she actually Japanese? She's located in Australia, speaks native level English without an accent and even the Ko-Fi currency is AUD so that makes me a bit suspicious. So many people love to larp as Japanese that anyone who's currently not located there and tweets mostly in English triggers my bullshit alarm.

No. 1167556

don't Japanese people already have their own "nonbinary" label in Japanese? "x-gender" or something? why wouldn't she identify with that one?

No. 1167565

File: 1613941810038.png (38.46 KB, 600x324, google translate-jin.png)

Samefag from >>1167548 because I actually went to research her account. The rare times she actually tweets in Japanese her grammar is absolute garbage and very obviously Google translated straight from English. So in conclusion it's not an actual Japanese person, at least far from "bilingual", just some Australian larping as one. Pic related, this is 100% machine translated. The most embarrassing thing is that it's not the first or the last person I see doing this while claiming to be a "trans nonbinary totally authentic nipponese person", I guess they just think nobody would find out?

No. 1167617

I just scrolled through her Twitter for a minute and immediately found a podcast of her speaking in Japanese with another Japanese person. Looks more like an overly Westernized immigrant.

No. 1167677

idk, the grammar looks pretty ok by jp twitter standards.

No. 1167828

Does anyone else think that if they were growing up in this day and age they would've transitioned? I know when I was starting my puberty I was very uncomfortable and embarrassed of my changing body and I even said to my mum I wanted to be a boy just so I wouldn't have periods. I'm so glad she just kinda laughed and brushed it off; who knows what would've happened if it was during the trans craze and she took it seriously? I feel terribly sorry for girls going through puberty and thinking that because they are feeling awkward which is totally normal it means they must be boys and they gotta pump themselves with poison. Even more terrible are the mums taking it all the wrong way and allowing this shit to happen to their daughters in a misguided attempt to help them.

No. 1167852

File: 1613975527592.png (31.61 KB, 600x265, tumblr_037774d8ae6fddf688dbed2…)

Saged for late, but imagine earnestly posting this peek into your revolutionary kweer relationship.

No. 1167854

I think it’s honestly way more common for girls because of that. I feel like the common denominator is young girls drawn to internet who can’t cope with their sexualised body.

Online 15 years ago, I was pretending to be a boy (to play on mmorpgs, to join online comics groups, etc). I was treated way better that way and didn’t have to cope with a weird body transitioning through puberty that was a constant source of mockery from school boys.

Nowadays most trans kids are young girls, which isn’t really weird when you see how young kids are sexualised. Whether you want it or not, people will catcall you on the streets as young as 10. It doesn’t surprise me one bit that TIFS and Enbies suddenly feel ok being hyper sexual or putting their body on display once they convince themselves that they’re not women anymore.

Thankfully for 90s kids, we didn’t commit to our fake online persona and the trans cult was not as deep. I just kinda grew out of this one day and there’s no major record of my old online boy persona, nobody saw me as a traitor for giving that up.

No. 1167867

But that's… misogynistic? Christ these women, I don't know whether to feel bad for them or not.

No. 1167871

lmao I love this.
>maybe when he’s larping as a woman he’ll actually help me around the house sometimes
>nvm he’s still fapping and playing video games all day, just in a wig

No. 1168101

agree, the grammar isn't too bad (or maybe there's just so much worse that the bar is on the ground). she mentioned she identifies as x-gender on the second slide on >>1167168

No. 1168106

im struggling to understand the term transphobic. it’s transphobic to assumed a transitioned person is the same gender they were before. but it’s also transphobic to assume your transitioned partner is the gender they want to be???

like what she described is misogynistic which would be validating to a mtf I thought? I’m so confused.

No. 1168251

File: 1614033890238.jpeg (626.24 KB, 750x1196, CE22828F-F582-4368-9047-718D4B…)

I keep getting this ad on tumblr. This should be the spokeswoman for the dangers of testosterone

No. 1168372

This aidan wouldn't look as bad as most people ITT if she shaved tbh. Actually would be a cute butch gf if you ignored the voice.

No. 1168448

File: 1614056155072.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1242x1854, BD0899D6-9D31-47A7-9788-4D0ECE…)

>pregnant "guy"
>in comments she clarifies she's never been on testosterone

Apparently even if you get pregnant and you look and sound like a regular fat dyke whilst doing so, you are still a man if you say so.

No. 1168534

can you imagine talking to a pregnant chick and she starts saying she’s a man?? 60 yrs ago she would’ve been admitted to the psych ward.

No. 1168552

File: 1614070640958.png (28.94 KB, 720x241, Screenshot_20210223-105601~2.p…)

No. 1168636

Interesting that they'd bring up male seahorses because one could ask, since male seahorses don't have penises and get pregnant, what makes them the male? Not gender identity, because they are seahorses, and not a human social construct, because their anatomy contradicts all human notions about sex. No, a male seahorse is male because despite all its other characteristics, it produces sperm, and a female seahorse is female because it produces eggs, and that's all that matters in determining biological sex. So they do understand this after all!

No. 1168722

beautiful rebuttal tbph

No. 1168770

File: 1614103343478.png (Spoiler Image,1.26 MB, 1206x1216, eqf.png)

>i so pale

No. 1168810

Imagine the pressure on your mons pubis pulling it down by this…I wanna say meat sock?

No. 1168820

There’s no fucking way they get phalloplasty and are legitimately satisfied with this. The faux circumcision is the funniest part KEK

No. 1168824

Can’t she slap on some fake tan on it or something

No. 1168917

File: 1614117693976.jpg (123.3 KB, 533x556, 20210223_165927.jpg)

"they/them" girl this your pinned tweet

No. 1168920

Do they hate pussies that much

No. 1168965

hot take time: despite all the bullshit that seems to come with a neovagina, the ftm surgery is way more ridiculous and poorly executed. like at least from afar a neovagina kinda looks like a vagina but a frankendick just looks like the dick of a blow up doll. not to mention the horrible large skin grafts they take from the thigh or arm. like wtf is this surgery?? it seems medieval.

No. 1169003

As you can imagine, the complication and rejection rates are astronomical.

No. 1169027

I like how the lingerie is barely holding back her gut

No. 1169080

i can’t decide if all the clear problems and risks with this surgery are because no one ever really gives a shit about women’s wellbeing (even if they’re trying not to be women) or because there’s clearly no way for a woman to become a man and this is god’s way of saying “you’re a fucking idiot”

No. 1169121

i don’t know how mentally ill you’d have to be to willingly get this type of surgery . strap ons are way better for the purposes of sex and going to therapy and managing dysphoria is much better than getting a weird flesh attachment to your pelvis imo

No. 1169293

Never seen a realistic or even non-deformed phalloplasty result, once I've seen scrotoplasty on a gigacoomer ftm and that looked great but never phallo. I don't know why ftms keep getting phallo, metoidioplasty is better even if the result is a 'micropenis'.

No. 1169413

File: 1614178945118.png (Spoiler Image,84.09 KB, 198x266, tumblr_inline_ph4i0uko1s1qibp0…)

the fate of a frankendick

No. 1169414


No. 1169416


No. 1169419

it got necrosis and blisters and had to have leech therapy among other things https://thestruggletobecomeagain.tumblr.com/post/179395801579/phalloplasty-regret-part-3-more-details

No. 1169420

There's still time to delete this and fix your mistake

No. 1169423

holy shet… to think these girls would jump to get hold of a surgery that has yet to be completely functioning. cutting off tits is one thing but turning their vagina to this… mutilated hotdog is another. still, i hope the person is doing alright tbh.

No. 1169439

images you can smell

No. 1169557

File: 1614191087773.jpg (272.26 KB, 1080x1128, Screenshot_20210224-102008_Chr…)


No. 1169565

It looks like a bloated hotdog, I can’t believe there’s girls out there doing this to their bodies.

No. 1169567

we get it, fakebois bad, but this uwu cutesy teenage girl ass sanitisation of gay men knowing they’re gay by ‘falling in wuv with their best friend uwu’ just to prove a point is hilarious

No. 1169595

How do they not get dysphoric about being pregnant? Gotta assume most aren’t dysphoric at all.

No. 1169604

jesus christ this subreddit is nightmare fuel. i feel sick

No. 1169770

FTM surgery look way more botched but MTF surgery would look the same if it wasn’t hidden inside the body.

If you compare a normal healthy vagina and uterus it’s so different and more complex than whatever pocket hole with limited depth they create. And the fake labias are often horrendous too. So sure it might look sometimes ok from afar, in the dark, with their legs closed, but all in all it’s the same botched thing.

At least some FTM keep their original vagina sometimes so I hope they can undo the fake dick thing with minimal damage to their original organs.

No. 1170061

So I have been thinking, I get that the skin comes from arm/leg, but what is INSIDE of the tube dick? Where they harvest the stuffing?

No. 1170158

Its a full thickness skin graft. Pinch your forearm between your fingers and look how much gets pulled away thickness wise. Now double that thickness, because they make a tube with it, and that's where the "girth" comes from. If you're talking about the urethra, they delaminate skin from the same area and wrap it with the outer skin.

The surgery as a whole is incredibly interesting, just comes out looking tragic as fuck in most situations.

No. 1170298


The unfortunate thing on that front is that it started off as a surgery for men with micropenises, and that's still the best medicine has to offer…

No. 1170535

File: 1614295586635.jpg (Spoiler Image,577.27 KB, 4032x3024, whygodwhy.jpg)

I went through a fakeboi phase many years ago, but even at the height of my insanity I never wanted one of these surgical frankendicks like picrel. Who wants to pay five figures for a "dick" that needs to be inflated like a balloon animal, likely has no sensation, and has hair growing over the entire thing? Not to mention the arm/leg scars and the massive risk of complications. All that for a result that looks less realistic than a high-end dildo.

Sometimes they use a graft from inside the mouth for the urethra, I think. Different techniques.

Yeah, I was thinking that surgeons must have done actual reconstructions for dickless men in the past. Kind of a shocker that surgical techniques aren't any more sophisticated than this.

No. 1170547

This is one of the more realistic ones I've seen, but it still looks terrifying. It's all lumpy and hairy. Just use a packer or something damn

No. 1170552

children should be taken away from ftms. no child should live with the confusion of their mother forcing them to call her their father and all that other faggotry. absolutely ridiculous.

No. 1170555

the balls don’t look bad i guess. why tf is there a tattoo on the frankendick though? is it just bc of where they got the skin graft from? that seems dumb af.

No. 1170558

File: 1614296585672.jpg (Spoiler Image,216.78 KB, 717x874, 20210225_234158.jpg)

No. 1170564

Yep, it's a tattoo from where they took the graft. And they typically can only use the non-dominant arm bc the donor site will have such extensive scarring that mobility is reduced in that hand.

No. 1170576

jesus h christ.
How do people do this to themselves and then think a cis person is going to want to fuck them.
"oh wait, baby, I gotta blood pressure pump my dick real quick"

No. 1170656

a ftm dick going into a mtf vagina must be like velcro

No. 1170659

File: 1614303055536.png (405.74 KB, 1048x1660, redpill.png)

No. 1170743

File: 1614308512146.png (2.66 MB, 2080x1292, pregfakeboi.png)

Old news but pregnant fakeboi posts on r/malefashion. Most of the comments are simps telling her she's cool and the mods deleted all the comments asking why's a pregnant chick posting on a male sub. She constantly posts there, at first I was wondering whether she was just a mtf but her body gave her away even if her face is mannish

Its not surprising since r/malefashion has a lot of queer lefty guys posting on there. However one thing that's interesting is that most male orientated fashion subs have gotten overrun by women or fakebois, like 3 years ago on r/streetwear there were girls but they were a minority. Now most posts are women and fakebois.

No. 1170747

File: 1614308724317.png (2.88 MB, 1622x1328, fk.png)

No. 1170753

is this really a fakeboi?? she posts about being a woman on ig, and malefashion allows non-male posters.

femalefashionadvice is full of chicks who don't really pay attention to fashion and mostly wear greige sackcloth jumpsuits, crossposters from redpillwomen, and "traditional femininity" related subs, so people who arent into that post on malefashion instead

No. 1170756

& she posts on ffa too, nothing in her comment history about being a "boy" lol. but srsly discussion/fit quality on mf/mfa is higher bc ffa is a hugbox (with a few mtfs and genderspecials who get asspats) and poorly modded

No. 1170758

given the ripping sounds, I think you'd be correct

No. 1170768

There's a blog she did referring to herself as a nonbinary they/them but she doesn't have it on her patreon or insta. Maybe a short-lived phase`

No. 1170772

File: 1614311417956.png (36.58 KB, 1340x232, l.png)

Actually it was a promo, but yeah that was her pronouns at the time.

No. 1170799

how is it hilarious?? as a lesbian it was the same for me as a child

No. 1170802

that’s because you’re a lesbian, anon. the joke is that most gay men figure out they’re gay because of what makes their peepees hard, not because of “uwu love”

No. 1170810

File: 1614315769839.jpg (20.59 KB, 216x480, 154630286_1102704736862850_907…)

twinfools, a cosplayer, have come out and transition as a man before the fakeboi craze so i kinda forgive them for seeing themselves as the opposite sex. however, i still think their presence would justify fakebois from pursuing what they have done to their body, especially since they have done phallo either 2019/2020.

his transition was decent, imo, as well.

No. 1170811

File: 1614315816038.jpg (123.36 KB, 922x2048, 152982539_1384946165188511_613…)

No. 1170812

File: 1614316029574.jpg (197.75 KB, 922x2048, 154637454_2849651471944811_388…)

No. 1170857

She doesn’t look like a man at all and her sunken nipples are terrifying. Does she photoshop her scar, or did she not have any from her breast removal?

No. 1170859

i really don't know. it's been so long since i looked at her profile, ig and others. but she did document her breast removal surgery through youtube but i didn't bother to look at it.

No. 1170860

File: 1614320369546.png (360.89 KB, 1080x1627, Screenshot_2021-02-26-13-17-50…)

Totally not a fetish or mental illness

No. 1170925

no penis I've ever seen has had hair growing from the glans or upper half of the shaft, unlike forearm skin frankendicks

No. 1170939

Please keep us updated for the regret

I remember twinfools even when I discovered her ~2011 she was already presenting as a boy, but looking at her recent pictures she's still kinda butchy. She's doing a lot of (trans) activism so you're right about this point actually.

No. 1170945

she works under trans healthcare i think. iirc her voice has gotten deeper and mature tho, i think she didn't jumped into big doses of testosterone like many other ftm and fakeboi. she does look butchy and looks awkward with a beard, kek.

No. 1170970

hold up. they don’t even pee through the frankendick? so they can’t orgasm (i’m assuming it’s the same as mtf), they can’t pee through it, and they get huge nasty scars on their forearms from the skin graft.

what even is this surgery? this is lobotomy level medical fuckery.

No. 1171065

oh, sometimes they do “urethral lengthening” (shudder) so they can pee out of the fake dong. much like the MTF surgeries, phalloplasties are done many different ways and they’re all horrorshows. sometimes the graft comes off the thigh instead, sometimes they do it as a pedicle instead of just making a tube and slapping it on. sometimes they make a fake ballsack and sometimes they just fucking leave the vag underneath the fake dick

No. 1171493

couldnt that get … infected or something? that sounds absolutely horrendous

No. 1171881

File: 1614424279355.jpg (1013.74 KB, 3264x1632, Regret1.jpg)

I know we all like to point and laugh but this person's blog posts really made me sad. They got duped by doctors who told them complication rates were 5% when they're actually 50-60% and by a community who told them all frankendicks are perfect uwu – and ended up with a rotting meatsock, PTSD, thousands of dollars spent in aftercare and further surgeries, and no sex life whatsoever. This is the reality of transition and it breaks my heart that women get deceived into doing this shit to their body.

No. 1171882

File: 1614424426865.jpg (177.4 KB, 932x1261, Regret2.jpg)

No. 1171972

>had I simply had a surgeon who was transparent.
She’d have called the surgeon transphobic and slandered them online.

No. 1172053

File: 1614452608108.jpeg (482.94 KB, 1892x1036, 67156706-3E4E-4A92-B013-60620A…)

No. 1172186


Right. Once the wind changes and the "#trans scandal" breaks all the screeching twitter cunts and troon senators will dissolve backwards into the hedge, Homer style. It was those greedy surgeons!

No. 1172552

The first point sounded like what an mtf would say ("girly tehee")

No. 1173134

>(embed of spergy crispy vid where she's clearly female)
kind of surprised she hasn't deleted this vid yet since she has the fried tif tranny voice now in current twitch streams kek. Sad that she actually committed to the retarded femboy larp by permanently altering her voice

No. 1173149

File: 1614575671864.jpg (256.49 KB, 1242x1791, xKz69am.jpg)

I barely knew of this girl but it was so easy to find YEARS of photos and discussion about her in /r9k/ .The simps there followed her far more obsessively than anyone here would care to. Her attempts at erasing her online history are bizarre.

An interesting post I found in one of the numerous threads about her. They claim she is a spoiled daughter of a rich, white-passing Mexican family? The year this was posted, she started becoming more SJW online and adopted they/them pronouns. It seems like there was backlash from her orbiters and she had to find a new gimmick. Her/her friends constantly report Twitter comments pointing out she’s not cis while trying to spread her hideous pictures as a “real life trap”.

No. 1173233

File: 1614598691534.png (245.26 KB, 720x1446, Screenshot_20210301-163452.png)

Decided to do a little experiment and its exactly how I thought it would be, like 90% Aidens

No. 1173340

File: 1614614243438.png (365.97 KB, 584x1026, wat.png)

It's so weird to find straight women who write shit like that. You were nerver "gay". This is your brain on yaoi.

No. 1173350

File: 1614615379094.png (243.4 KB, 720x438, Screenshot_20210301-211601.png)

Kinda related, look up nblm or n-blm which stand for non binary Male loving male, Its not even just "heterosexuality with extra steps" its "heterosexuality with a single half step"

No. 1173352

This has the same energy as the "I'm an Uke" comic, and the energy is oh god why how are you lacking this much self awareness, just read the porn! You don't have to become the porn.

No. 1173362

File: 1614616991668.jpg (158.07 KB, 1080x1080, 1570033876710.jpg)

You mean this one, its my personal favorites and the fact she was around her 30's when she made this really is the cheery on top

No. 1173381


What makes fujos go in the fakeboi direction? I've known older fujos for years who are comfortable with being women and don't self insert into the characters, but what is with this recent trend of girls wanting to become uwu anime boys.

No. 1173382

I think a lot of it has to do with hating being a woman (understandable affliction) to such a maladaptive degree that you want to live in a fantasy where you can be a beautiful little twink

No. 1173385

Overexposure might also be a factor and a acceleration of degenarcy and brainrot

No. 1173391

Exposure to the rising mtf tranny community who really hammer in that being a girl is about liking nail polish and porn slumber party fantasies and being soft and a crybaby and headpats and uwu

No. 1173396

I wonder if they think by being ftm it makes their hobby of liking BL more “acceptable”. If it were ten years ago a girl would have been made fun of for obsessing over BL, and currently straight girls get put on blast constantly for shipping.

No. 1173411

I know for sure part of it is pretending to be a gay man to get the final say in yaoi arguments. I know one fakeboi who got everything done except the fake dick so far and she's from a super conservative religious household. She gets off big time to the shame and sin of watching slutty gay male porn and pretending to be him was the next escalation kek

No. 1173661

>Behind the scrotum
Medieval butchery. How anyone willingly goes through with this is beyond me.

Basically this. A lot of fakebois are autistic (like literally, not as a derogatory insult) and are easily manipulated and have severe trouble mentalization or figuring out their own motivations. There is a ton of research on the subject of transgenderism being linked to autism but since this isn't the GC thread I won't go into medfagging about it. But bottom line plenty of them think a genre created mostly by women to other women to offer a safe escape from their daily sexualization, harassment and objectification means they're actually, physically gay men.

The current ultrawoke "if you're a cis woman and like BL you're literally killing gay people" mindset enforced by other brainwashed not-like-other-fujos makes them submit, as nobody wants to be a bigot. Or a woman to begin with, since you'll always have the losing hand in everything.

No. 1173704

I had a super-long talk with an old friend this past weekend on this exact topic. We're both lesbian fujoshi and have seen countless other fujos turn into fakebois.

Like other commenters are saying, IMO it all comes down to internalized misogyny. Young girls tend to be ashamed of just being female, and especially of having sexual desires while female. BL/yaoi appeals by offering a good way to get off while avoiding anything that could trigger one's internalized misogyny; notice how female characters are pretty much 100% absent from BL, even as non-sexual side characters. That's on purpose, to make sure that readers never confront anything that reminds them of the stuff they hate about themselves.

But most people aren't content to just read/watch voyeuristic porn forever. At some point they want to have sex themselves…but trying to accept themselves as sexual beings necessarily forces these girls to confront their fucked-up beliefs about women. This is a painful process that most people would rather avoid, but up until the early 2000's there wasn't any popular way to avoid it, so older fujos had no choice but to work through it.

But now that trooning out has become mainstream and trendy, there's an escape! Just label those icky feelings "dysphoria" and start your transition, and you'll never have to confront how much it sucks to be female in a patriarchal society. /s

Pretty much this. Internalized misogyny is why we have brigades of "trans mlm" telling other, less-delusional fujos to stop "fetishizing them" by enjoying yaoi. Yaoi/BL has always a female hobby, and this knowledge makes fakebois deeply uncomfortable, so they want to stop all the other girls from openly enjoying it. The attempted guilt-tripping really shows you how fakebois never got over their own shame at liking the stuff.

As if BL readers would fetishize dickless, balding Ayydens. Kek

No. 1173715

I think it's largely a matter of what's trendy right now and a lack of common sense. Even if you hate being a woman, it's easy to see that taking HRT isn't going to make you a kawaii anime uke prince.

No. 1173739


As already mentioned, the demonization of "non men" liking yaoi probably plays into it a lot. Back in the day when I first had contact with the trans community the few trans guys I got to know were't fujos (for context: I've experienced dysphoria ever since puberty but I always aknowledged that my biological sex cannot be changed, "accept what you can't change" and all that I guess, plus I'm a feminist and believe in theories like social contagion so while I did get a diagnosis from a psychologist I never went down the route of hormones/surgery because I have no intention of wrecking my body plus I simply cannot stand the trans community, but that's basically why I've been "aware" of the trans community for the past 10 years), the fujos I knew were all women and it was widely regarded as something normal and acceptable (although I could never really understand it). I don't know when or why exactly but some time within the past few years people started adapting this whole "if you're not gay you're not allowed to enjoy gay porn" mindset and it's no secret that the amount of TiFs just keeps rising. I do believe that reasons vary from internalized misogony to trauma and fetishism but I think that in most cases it's just a mix of all of these things. I've seen people in their thirties turn from a bisexual woman into a gay man + SJW trans activist within just 24 hours and it's something I'll never understand (along with the tantrums those people throw whenever someone accidentally ma'ams them, idk but all the men I know wouldn't get so easily offended by this)

No. 1173742

Oh but a lot of people think exactly that kek, they see HRT as a free pass to a chiseled jawline and a deep voice and then they get upset when they turn into a hairy greaseball instead

No. 1173832

why are there so many lesbian fujoshi? hell i've been one for years and it doesn't make sense to me

do you read the porn too or are you just a pure-hearted romance type

No. 1173862

lol, ikr? And I'm into BL for the smut personally.

I think so many of us are into BL because most yuri/Girls' Love content is unrelatable. I'm not into "innocent chaste schoolgirl romance uwu" or porn featuring hypersexualized lolis with gag boobs, and that eliminates like 99% of yuri out there. The vast majority of the gay content drawn/written by women, for women, is BL.

No. 1173937

File: 1614658833028.png (369.68 KB, 515x713, DFCDD27C-7B92-47F0-A4B1-8CF227…)

Because a lot of yaoi has guys that look more like girls, has no male gaze and is usually more emotional based over anything else (at least the popular ones).

Personally I’m a bisexual fujo but I hope this kind of sums it up?

No. 1173962

File: 1614660527317.png (23.97 KB, 515x324, grooming.png)

Fujoshi to Aiden pipeline in action. OP implies that you're only allowed to like BL if you're not straight, so basically… women aren't allowed to like things for sexual reasons. If you have a vagina and like BL, they will harass you until/unless you chops your tits off, basically.

Meanwhile, crickets on the droves of straight men jerking it to lesbians.

No. 1173965

akshually i'm see more and more mtf troons telling straight men they're eggs for liking lesbian porn, but yes, it's not in the same vitriolic guilt-tripping manner like with gaydens and fujos

No. 1173966

What I'm saying is that people don't aggressively shame men for liking lesbians the way they shame women for liking BL.

No. 1173972

Anon literally only woke folks care about this bullshit, and most normie men only ever got offended when fujos start shipping batman with superman or something

No. 1173985

File: 1614664644726.png (114.96 KB, 792x253, hmmm.PNG)

maybe so
it's just an interesting fact to me. i've seen it pop up in a few yuri manga (written by female authors, this is from: https://dynasty-scans.com/chapters/takulez_meet_up_report)

No. 1174014

No. 1174023

I don't follow the fujoshi/BL world at all, but I do know that it is big in Japan and definitely BL is a girl's thing there. Does anyone know what the deal is with Japanese BL fangirls? In general they don't Ayden out, but are they gay or straight or what? Also it will never not be funny to me that "gay" FTMs are not even a known thing for normal gay men, while "lesbian" MTFs are bruteforcing their way into lesbian's lives.

No. 1174064

File: 1614673583336.png (1.27 MB, 1195x940, crispyfamily.png)

family pics are easy enough to find via facebook, the 4chan description is spot on. she seemed to have a cushy homelife and an rich/artsy/eccentric family from what i saw on there. no way they didnt accept her as a lesbian. if she really quit school, trooning out is such a weird life choice for her considering her "career". if she really wanted to sit back and rake in simpbux for a living, why work against what they want. i just dont get it. is it middle child syndrome? shes like the emo version of belle delphine and im curious to see what happens when they both inevitably age out of favor with their fans and find themselves with no skills or education to fall back on

No. 1174065

It's really no coincidence that the most hardcore fakebois are always from some bible thumping conservative family or environment that hates homosexuals and thinks women are made to serve men. When your sexuality awakens and you want to experiment in such a world you still think your only option is to date men. Even if you're not a lesbian horrified by the thought you still know it would mean abandoning your own needs and aspirations to lick scrote boots and bear children. Of course you decide becoming a man yourself is a good way out of it.

Critical voices are silenced immediately. You see all these influencers who take a microscopical amount of T (or lie about taking it) and claim to have an ottermode body with chiseled faces simply by the magic of HRT that turned them into elven princes despite all of it being angles, photoshop and filters. They don't talk about losing their hair, going through severe cystic acne breakouts, voice sounding like a chainsmoking 50-year old woman instead of a man etc. How are they supposed to figure out that you're probably being sold snake oil to?

Troonism is a pretty western concept. Japan has the traditional Asian "a nail that sticks out gets hammered down" mentality so attracting attention to yourself like a lot of narcissistic western troons do would be considered losing face. Plus liking BL there is traditionally pretty much synonymous with "you're a lesbian" so it's not like they need to do all these stupid mental gymnastics about how they're actually a gay man who's only attracted to other trans gay men but totally not lesbians ew.

No. 1174082

She's not working against what simps want though, she just found a niche. Loads of incel neckbeards are into "traps", and who could make a better trap than an actual natal woman? There are hundred some Belle Delphine's out there, lots of competition. Pretending to be a MTF who is truly convincing (because it is an actual girl) means way less competition.

No. 1174134


Having the same body as Trump in your 20s is anti-capitalist.

No. 1174143

Anons Japan is one of the few countries where the number of FTMs outnumbers MTFs, the idea that Its only woke western girls transitioning is very much unture, you just hear of them less cause they can't speak English

No. 1174238

>one of the few countries where the number of FTMs outnumbers MTFs
>you just hear of them less cause they can't speak English
Are you gonna post any information sources backing that claim up? That kind of information can easily be misinterpreted/manipulated.

No. 1174243

I just wonder if there’s going to be any repercussions if the -tq realize she really was/is female, you would think they’d be furious this person claiming they started transitioning young and became the ideal uwu femboi just existed as a cis female.

No. 1174250

gayden song. this is such a mess. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jK3wtnou_os(imageboard)

No. 1174336

The amount of troons is ridiculously low there to begin with and their nature is very different from entitled western ones anyway. The only MTF who threw a bitchfit about not being allowed in a lesbian club was an American expat.

No. 1174415

What does it even mean to "fetishize someone's sexuality"? I often see fakebois bitching about this on twitter, but I have no idea what it means or why it even matters.

No. 1174424

the way straight men treat lesbians, anon

No. 1174470

In the case of fakebois, it’s just projection. They see their ‘past selves’ as fetishizing gay people and try to shame women who are comfortable with their gender identity into trooning out.

No. 1174526

An example would be asking a couple to kiss in front of you because you find it hot.

No. 1174549

Watching gay porn, asking gay couples to make out in front of you and only seeing gays as sexual objects but feelings disgust when they want actual rights or just be seen as normal people for example

No. 1174645

Sounds just like scrotes but towards lesbians

No. 1174832

The irony is that fakebois are the true fetishists: they've taken their obsession with gay men to such extremes that they're LARPing as yaoi ukes 24-7. Ordinary, non-delusional fujos are not the ones out there harassing IRL gay dudes for refusing to sleep with them.

No. 1174883

Wonder how these ppl feel about the flavor of (typically softboi)straight dude that’ll make out w their friends for female attention

No. 1175494

Because now they can, well not really but they can mimic their fetish and ideal lives instead of just settle for being females. People, in particular girls, are more autistic and withdrawn cause of the internet

No. 1175815

i do get your point, however the thing i would argue is that she already seemed to have a huge pool of orbiters on 4chan who knew her as female, so it seems odd to me for her not to take advantage of it being there already. i dont think its necessarily advantageous for her to narrow her audience down like that, either. but most of all im just surprised shes actually committing to hormones. its likely to give her permanent side effects that wont even work in her favor as a "femboy" anyway.

No. 1175944

File: 1614865214533.jpg (84.21 KB, 538x642, aheterosexualwoman.JPG)

>Reading Code:Realize as Queer Allegory
>Yet it spoke to me, an enby transgender man
>Written by Naomi "Bez" Norbez |
Who would have thought that a game written with female audiences in mind would resonate with a woman? Shocking!!!
You can always count on AnimeFeminist to deliver the cringe.
Link in case someone wants to read the article https://www.animefeminist.com/reading-coderealize-as-queer-allegory/

No. 1175948

Sage for ot and ik no1curr but as a huge otome fan I hate when fakebois make a huge fucking deal about liking otoge despite being "toally not a girl guys" in discussion spaces. They always pop out of nowhere and act like they're so special and unique and demand asspats for playing a game with a female protagonist even though it causes them such great distress.

No. 1175972

oh nooo C;R is one of my favourite games and now it's suddenly an Aiden allegory?

The protagonist is a homunculus who carries a bomb in her chest designed to destroy an entire country, can poison anyone just by touch or if they stay on their proximity without ventilation for a while, was modeled after a dead girl and has never felt human affection before the game starts is totes the same as being an Aiden on Twitter. Holy shit just enjoy the game and please no one tell her about Hakuoki where the protagonist crossdresses

sage for useless otomege knowledge

No. 1175978

Kek imagine aidens freaking the fuck out over the beginning of Hakuouki where the crossdressing protagonist is immediately clocked as female by almost everyone and they give reasons why it was obvious

No. 1176023

Aren't there a lot of oteme games with similar plots, girls crossdressing and disguised as guys, I'd assume aidens would relate to that very well

No. 1176028

why are they always analyzing japanese-created characters to call them "queer" based on western gender norms though? i see this all the time, mostly with feminine gay male characters using feminine pronouns getting headcannoned as mtf or "enby" by westerners

No. 1176364

ot but is anyone else afraid to have short hair or an undercut, especially of an unnatural color due to hating fakeboi's and being afraid to have folks assume you're genderspecial? I live in a liberal city and have been uncomfortably (they looked like I had a gun) called a he and I'm like… what the fuck. I look 100% femme but because of an undercut, the trade-fucking-mark haircut, I actually sense strangers I interact with walk on eggshells around me.

No. 1176433

yeah.. just watch it

No. 1176450

There's a reason that surgeons say "it's easier to dig a hole than build a pole".

Anyway, question. The MTF thread has regular posts from r/mypartneristrans, where handmaiden wives post about their husbands trooning out. Many seem to stay way longer than seems reasonable. Are there any sex-flipped versions of the same phenomenon? Or do dudes always leave when their girlfriend starts taking T? I know a fair number of guys are willing to be "gay" as long the fakeboi stuff stays fake.

No. 1176461

I hear you, anon. I live in a somewhat liberal area and have an undercut + dyed hair (dark red, not pastel) and sometimes I do worry about being marked as some sort of dangerhair fakeboi, esp since I don't dress femme. But having my gf with me makes it more obvious that I'm just a lez, I think. And anyway I wish there were more women out there rocking some of these styles without all the gender stupidity that comes with fakeboy-ism.

It's really rare that the guy stays after the girl starts on T. Many leave as soon as she says she's gonna start. Most scrotes aren't even willing to pretend to be "gay" either; you hear lots of fakebois complaining that their boyfriends won't switch pronouns, won't use their new name, keep referring to them as a "girlfriend", etc.(Blogposting)

No. 1176548

Genderspecials doesn’t own the copyright to a specific haircut. Take it back from them (Think about how many busted ass TIMs have appropriated women’s clothing.) Prove that one can rock the undercut as a woman and still be sane.

No. 1176661

kek sorry i know this is a blog but i definitely got they/themed or asked my pronouns constantly bc of this when i lived in portland and it was the worst

No. 1176751

File: 1614945771407.webm (13.07 MB, 1334x750, FullSizeRender.webm)

what’s your fakeboi situation like in your country? (outside the usa)

No. 1176788


I'm a Brit living in a Bulgarian city (not sofia, but I think that's where most of them go) and I have seen a fakeboi in the local shopping mall that tries to look like a male kpop group member with the clothes and hairstyle and makeup but you can tell 100% it's a girl.

No. 1176790

have you spoken to her? how do you know she isn't just gnc?

No. 1176791

women are allowed to have short hair, deal with it

No. 1176798

They're all cosplayfags in a lesbian relationship (usually the gf ends up id as non binary).
I only saw one irl in a Uniqlo store (dyed blue hair) returning a bra sport she probably wanted to use as a binder

No. 1176808

this one tries to skinwalk jungkook or whatever his name is. I have only guessed she might be a fakeboi because of the overlap with kpop and becoming the boyfriend ect. It just seems a bit autoandrophillic. I think people who hang out on this thread would know that.

Gnc women usually just dress in unisex clothing and often have short or unfussy hairstyles. They don't actively try and look like or skinwalk men.

No. 1176854

>Gnc women usually just dress in unisex clothing and often have short or unfussy hairstyles. They don't actively try and look like or skinwalk men.
Yawn. A lot of k-pop male stars are androgynous with their looks and style, I don't see why it wouldn't pass as a butch/tomboy street fashion. This "they're trying to skinwalk men" is the exact sort of shit that makes GNC women troon out.

No. 1176868

File: 1614958328772.jpeg (153.1 KB, 1080x1087, 2E80F769-2BEA-4BED-BD26-CD8B65…)


No. 1176894

haven't met one irl but i have an inking feelings that a 12 year old girl who i was classmates with for a summer class, that identifies as a pansexual, will likely be a fakeboi. i'm sure there are more prominent in cities far more progressive than my own and there were a few who i kinda guess was a somewhat of a fakeboi from how… 'tumblr' looking and acting they were when i was visiting there.

No. 1176897

where is this from?

No. 1176913

i've met some people i thought were just fat femme dudes but nope, were actually fat women dating other fat women.

No. 1176973

why is it always a moustache. the first thing they do is grow out body hair then lop off their tits. it feels less like seeming masculine and just making themselves as unattractive as possible.

like good job sis. you’re a doughy boy with a pubey stache.

No. 1176999

Canadian here and we're cucked backwards by troons. I graduated HS in 2012 and most of my old friends trooned out and the one who didn't married a fakeboi (they're divorced now kek).
It's also illegal now to misgender someone and you can be dragged online for "twansphobia". I hate it here and I can't wait to leave.

No. 1177086


Wales (England, same laws)
Sperging teen gets criminal record for triggering troon police halfling.


No. 1177160

File: 1614984202009.jpeg (248.15 KB, 828x1792, 3933D128-E62A-44ED-B066-0C6D36…)

Seen in the wild(emoji)

No. 1177163

File: 1614984259711.png (1.61 MB, 828x1792, B38FAED5-B3FD-4A23-AC01-3B5C1A…)

No. 1177254

So your friends can't call you girl, but you're okay calling yourself "mom"… ok lady.

No. 1177268

File: 1614995801911.png (287.58 KB, 500x306, DEF3CB04-43FB-4AB1-BAEA-748517…)

>A teenager has been fined for abusing a transgender police community support officer by yelling: ”Is it a boy or is it a girl?”

>The teenager, 19, was ordered to pay £590 at Mold Magistrates’ Court on…

You can’t make this shit up…

No. 1177269

here you go

No. 1177297

I'm in a Discord group with a girl whose handle is "Raccoon Queen (They/He)"… don't try to apply logic to genderspecials with internalized misogyny.

No. 1177876

File: 1615057448780.png (Spoiler Image,678.91 KB, 800x978, kjn1.png)

This may be the worst thing I've ever seen regarding this topic. This is genuinely fucking evil.
Someone explain to me how it's not child abuse or mutilation. What kind of surgeon or parent would do this?

No. 1177880

This just broke my heart. For so many reasons this was a horrific and poorly thought out procedure. I feel so bad for that child. What the hell is that kid gonna do now?

No. 1177890


It's just some picture with no context.

If it really was a 13 year old then 'medically indicated' could mean extremely high genetic risk of breast cancer or actually having it. Learn to think more critically.

No. 1177896

I'm willing to bet on them being an adult midget.

No. 1177915

File: 1615061416470.png (560.11 KB, 786x1230, vljjv.png)

Did you actually click the link/read the replies?
Other replies were saying it was there under the "top surgery reveal" tag on TikTok, and this was the source, but it's private now: https://www.tiktok.com/@n1co_th3_bull

No. 1177916

File: 1615061562158.png (175.86 KB, 796x752, vnkkd.png)

Samefagging because people also ID'd the doctor. He specializes in transgender surgery. Also, the bio on @n1co_th3_bull's profile apparently read "13/TX" before they removed it and locked their account.

No. 1177918

File: 1615061734656.png (2.94 MB, 2838x1204, vksnjvj.png)

Samefagging again. Googled the username and got all this in the image results, proving it's the same user.
>dysphoriaaway Hashtag
So…no, I don't think this is breast cancer or a midget. Looks like things have just reached peak hellworld in the US.

No. 1177965


It would've been better for the kid to not post it all over tiktok but then it's mostly likely the fucking internet that brainwashed them into this situation in the first place.

No. 1178388

How would this turn out when the kid ages? Aside from the horror that these kinds of surgeries are, a 13y old is hardly done growing. I feel like the risk to end up with scarred-but-still-obvious breasts in the future would be high since they've tried to remove body parts not finished developing yet. Or can you really do this kind of surgery at 13 and then never grow boobs? It seems so unlikely and like it's setting her up for more surgeries down the line, or inability to have surgery to correct the results since it was already so fucked up when that young.

No. 1178468

I’m rarely speechless but this is one of those things I immediately thought “wow…” as I scrolled and wanted it to be fake. Maybe I sound like a grandma now but idc, what has the world come to?

No. 1178868

File: 1615169700920.png (6.56 MB, 1792x8192, fakeboi femboy angst.png)

Why does it feel like every Fakeboi wraps back around to being hyper feminine, they go through all the effort of transitioning just to call themselves femboys in the end

No. 1178870

File: 1615169736871.png (4.76 MB, 1792x4096, fakeboi femboy angst 2.png)

No. 1178877

the only femboys I see are asian boys who are 16-25 years old. Most are in porn and half transition to female.
Other than that small percentage all other "femboys" are delusional ugly men dressing like toddlers in thigh highs or girls who are too ugly/insecure to compete with other women.

No. 1178878

They want all the girly shit, but not be perceived as girls because either they are still trying to trick the patriarchy in assigning them a higher rank than women (which men will never do) or they're too afraid to detransition at this point.

No. 1178881

This is so pathetic. Why do they all need these mental gymnastics to like the shit they like?

No. 1178970

>lavender dude
>"i'm sorry you should be with a real girl"

you are a fucking girl

No. 1179065

So she desperately wants to be a femboy but she knows she's just a girl pretenting to be a boy pretenting to be a girl and blames society for that?

No. 1179133

My brain is being fryied here. I dont get what she wants. Nobody will see her as a man with the way she draws, acts, dresses but she still wants to be called a he? Lavender boy… ok. Also all these comments in the twitter replys. This is what I call internalized misogyny.

No. 1179137

Probably why the boyfriend doesn’t care. He knows he’s dating a girl no matter how she dresses.

No. 1179146

Literally what even is this reality, like I'm struggling to understand the mindset you need for this
So she likes certain feminine aesthetics, there's nothing wrong with that, why does she feel the need to identify as a cross dressing underage boy, what even is this reality

No. 1179149

That really does not look like the face or body of a 13 year old

No. 1179151

File: 1615213178660.jpg (820.75 KB, 1134x1591, lesbianexperience-pg62.jpg)

She really copied My Lesbian Experience With Loneliness, huh? Shameful.

No. 1179155

File: 1615213609973.jpeg (7.93 KB, 168x300, download (10).jpeg)

From Google, again. Image for ants, but you can see "13/TX" in the user's bio from before they locked it.
They also look like a typical chubby 13 year old to me.

No. 1179161

her comic is dumb but I dont see how it is copied

No. 1179171

It might've not been intentional. All the white fakebois I've met always have the same animu style.

No. 1179194

File: 1615217127518.jpg (703.65 KB, 1274x2048, IMG_20210308_162345.jpg)

she's literally just a normal girl I'm kms

No. 1179262

she's like a copy of heartmush who did the comic "i'm not a girl!" but goth edition

No. 1179275

Anime brainrot at it's finest. These people don't wanna be human, they want to be ambiguous anime characters who live in a perfect fantasy world

No. 1179389

so she rejected dresses because she rejected being a girl and now that she doesn't use she/her pronouns anymore she…circles back to just being a girl?
and we're just supposed to think this is totally valid and not at all a mental issue? bitch

No. 1179902

Doesn't even look like she's on testosterone either, this is shoddy work and it'll look even more terrible in the future

No. 1179908

The average 13 year old is usually pretty undeveloped if they're not fat, so they'd be getting keyhole. It'd look like a normal male chest without the scars if they also go on testosterone and there's less complications compared to top surgery on older developed females. This girl however is pretty obese, top surgery on obese females usually always look like trash. The breasts won't regrow much if they go off testosterone, they're permanently mutilated they'd have to get a boob job to fix it.

No. 1179910

Cause they're straight feminine girls ashamed of being straight feminine girls and liking it.

No. 1179924

File: 1615270639758.jpg (79.12 KB, 540x405, 20210309_011622.jpg)

We cant even have a day

No. 1179975

OT but I really like this person's art style and it's a shame they use it for troonery.

No. 1180111

Making everything about you is a male thing to do honestly. Maybe they're on to something. /s

No. 1180274

File: 1615320043785.png (355.52 KB, 720x1180, Screenshot_20210310-005913.png)

Because you are women with vaginas

No. 1180277

File: 1615320421179.png (374.38 KB, 720x1276, Screenshot_20210310-005807.png)

No. 1180399

i miss three minutes ago when i didn't watch this

No. 1180460

This is exactly why superstraights and supergays exist now.

No. 1180461

I hope more people peak after this. Real hate crimes have less real consequences than this.

No. 1180522

File: 1615341505264.jpg (578.15 KB, 1266x1571, the word woman is patriarchal.…)

a she/they reflects on how the very existence of women is actually patriarchal and racist on this International Women's Day, underlines mine

No. 1180568

they all sound rabid and ready to rape a gay dude. If rejection bothers them that much they can date another trans person. But they don't because even they hate the idea of not having dick. Gee, just like the gay guy

No. 1180700

it's interesting to finally see all the female rapists, they stayed pretty invisible until this shit cropped up

No. 1180731

How is everyone this confused??? Am I the crazy one for knowing what the fuck a woman is?

No. 1180736

Now they claim it has never been transphobic to have dating preferences to undermine it

No. 1180898


Her 99 year old grandma needs a break from this shit.

No. 1181181

this is why he had his computer wippd out when he died

No. 1181294

File: 1615423236898.png (779.3 KB, 600x628, 28243F0E-F08A-44E8-8B28-6900FD…)

Old posts, I know, but I guess it's time to dig up pics of Albanian burrneshas: Women who pledged celibacy to live as men in a patriarchal society.
It's not really a thing anymore (some still dress up for tourists), but it used to be both, a subversive but deeply oppressive system. Sadly, western journalists turned it into
>omg look at Albanians destroying gender norms for centuries
when that's not the case at all. Albanian patriarchy is so extreme that they had to give up their lives as women and their sexuality to gain some freedom.

No. 1181323

File: 1615427610602.jpg (222.07 KB, 1196x795, image.jpg)

It seems that this ~enlightened PoC third gender~ nonsense happens exclusively in cultures with extremely rigid (and female-oppressive) gender roles to the point where GNC people are just placed into another rigid and usually less dignified 'male' or 'female' category. There's a great article from a native author dunking on the new concept of 'two-spirit' for these reasons, but I can't remember where to find it.

No. 1181359


do kindly share the article if you ever find it again, I'd really love to read it!

No. 1182168

File: 1615503018046.jpg (52.37 KB, 500x632, b6thd9gex9l61.jpg)

yes. i'm sure you only relate more to women because you are simply not macho. absolutely "king"

No. 1182172

File: 1615503442148.png (473.89 KB, 727x716, really sis.png)

samefag and sage for blogpost but when i trooned out (desisted before T thankfully) i relished in the fact that i didn't feel pressured to wear make-up at all as it's something that i was never interested in spending all my money on. imagine being affected by both trans and beauty industry propaganda. now you have to pay for hormones AND hundreds of dollars worth of makeup to feel comfortable in your own skin for the rest of your life. congrats!

No. 1182176

What the fuck. A fat teen boy has tits too, completely unnecessary butchery. Probably would pass better with teen tits than a flat hackjob on a fat bodym

No. 1182307

>baby's first realization that "gender" is an inherently sexist construct and that her discomfort with her treatment in society isn't because of "dysphoria" but the construct of gender

No. 1182377

File: 1615519863820.jpeg (105.13 KB, 1080x1080, EwP7n-YW8AI_i6W.jpeg)

I want to know how this person thinks

No. 1182382

Forgot to mention they're talking about hysterectomies

No. 1182387

These fucking kids need to study up on their own bodies and stop with the tranny bootlicking.

No. 1182513

File: 1615531366736.jpeg (506.36 KB, 750x1168, 0BC8BF60-D78B-498D-8872-FB4005…)


No. 1182531

the more i see these kind of things the more i wonder what they mean when they talk about dysphoria.

No. 1182540

Probably that they're ugly and hate it so much that they think they should become another person entirely.

No. 1182614

File: 1615543330091.jpg (40.25 KB, 369x367, supa.jpg)

No. 1182639

File: 1615547200529.jpg (55.21 KB, 432x768, 2y8wbup2r8m61.jpg)

The ~trans mlm femboi~ ones really set off my bullshit detector. I don't understand the girls who want to be hairy bearded lumberjacks (fetish? autoandrophilia?) but the ones who want to LARP as girly anime ukes are transparent as fuck. Especially the ones who keep wearing skirts and makeup and expect you to believe that they're "crossdressing". Why yes, I too would like to magically acquire male privilege, stop hetero dudes from sexualizing me, and generally get taken more seriously by society, all without having to change anything about my clothes or body. Just slap on a pronoun pin and you're done!

Except that's not how society works. Nobody is going to look at a girl in a dress and and go "hmm, my psychic powers tell me that she thinks she's a guy, better treat her like one." At least male trannies are usually out there wearing female clothing, so there's some visual hint that the person wants you to read them as female.

Picrel, the "ftmfemininity" subreddit is full of pics like this. Yes, you're supposed to pretend this person is a boy.

No. 1182649

File: 1615548859335.jpg (80.98 KB, 415x767, 30cf1jxlarl61.jpg)

Samefag but this shit almost makes sense as some sort of elaborate cope. Sure, nobody IRL is going to read them as male, but their internet hugboxes will reinforce their fantasy of being a faaabulous gay male drag queen instead of a boring straight girl in basic girl clothes, and maybe that's enough to keep them going. I stg what so many of them think is "dysphoria" is just their internalized misogyny. Back in the olden days we just RPed as yaoi dudes online, same deal tbh

And then they get out in the real world and realize nobody wants to cater to their delusions, nobody will treat them like a dude unless they actually pass for one, so they have to jump on hormones to keep living the fantasy. And it's clear that so many fakebois don't want to actually look like men, just be treated like one. I think for some of them the makeup/skirts/long hair really come into play when they realize they're losing their feminine looks thanks to T and start freaking out.

No. 1182832

Why did they seperate "trans men" and "trans women" from men and women? I thought transgender people were just like normal men and woman and nobody can tell the difference, right?

No. 1183718

It's sad. They feel objectified and sexualized which drives them to troon out and become men, and once they're settled in with their new identity and mentally distanced themselves from "being women" they're now free to explore their sexuality and feminine styles they always wanted to wear without the danger of being objectified like a woman, and instead be glorified like a man. Then they have this whole horseshoe hoop ripping their cognitive dissonance at the seams. Happens all the time. The people who claim women are fully sexually liberated in this day and age don't even realize how wrong they are because if women really had sexual autonomy, shit like this wouldn't happen.

Like compare their situation to any popular male femboy. Even the milkiest maleslut cow will never have to deal with such roasting and constant ripping apart regarding his looks like a female thot would. He can walk away from the screen and just be turned on by rape threats and sleazy messages while a woman is much more likely to be assaulted and she knows it.

No. 1184118

you probably can't tell a TRA from a TERF if you think trannies are the same ones behind superstraight/agree with it. literally any google search of superstraight is filled with 1000s of retweets by now from any lgbt person with internet access ever calling out how it's a 4chan dogwhistle sockpuppet psyop or whatever new flavor of the week it is to troll the lgbts

if you're going to make a facetious point at least understand that the ideology in context is legit the opposite of the people behind shit like clovergender and superstraight, things literally made to make genderspecials piss their pants and cry over fake outrage.

No. 1184547

correct me if i’m wrong but can’t having a hysterectomy make your vagina prolapse?

No. 1184639

It's rare especially if you get it while young but yes, and many other possible complications

No. 1185123

ive befriended many fakebois/enbies lately. i dont live in a english speaking country and me and my friends use the word girl a lot. in the context of something like "what are you doing girl?". its not a phrase only aimed at girls and women. they always get very triggered online and type out an angry paragraph each time someone says girl in a sentence aimed at them. so i wanted to push it and do it to the same people irl. literally nobody reacted or corrected me for months. i even referred to them as girls as identifier explicitly. which makes me think most fakeboi's identities are mostly their online identity and they dont really give a shit about it either

No. 1185144

They may have angrily vagueposted about it on social media afterwards but most of these girls would never dare to confront someone in real life.
The only gender-neutral pronoun in my language is extremely archaic and sounds very silly when used in a modern context. Online, many NBs will insist on everyone using it (or some neopronoun) anyway but in real life they’re suddenly fine with she/her again. They know nobody’s going to humour them then so they don’t even bother asking.

No. 1185148

Wow, hilarious! I can tell these people have a great sense of humour. Just like I can tell they must be in opposite sex relationships too based on how they not only fundamentally misunderstand gay people but also think it’s transphobic for gay and bi people to have boundaries and date who they want.

No. 1185453

File: 1615856029434.jpg (128.05 KB, 1440x801, 20210315_195249.jpg)

This is the world we live in now.

No. 1185533

I met this girl years ago when she was in her Danganronpa cosplay phase. She would cosplay Chihiro, the series' resident trap. At the time she'd post a lot of irl photos of herself with her immediate family, who all had this quite honestly really cool Addams family vibes. They all dressed in goth-style clothing and looked like a bunch of vampires from a dark fantasy film. Her parents are very attractive and she also has two gorgeous older sisters, iirc. She is the baby of her family and her old style had Wednesday Addams vibes without being too try-hard like she is now. I remember thinking it was really cool her whole family was into the goth style and that they all pulled it off so well. So bizarre to see her troon out like this, but maybe the Chihiro thing should have clued me in.

No. 1185603

Can we not live in a society for 5 minutes?

No. 1185806

No. 1185895

i kind of understand what she's saying here (gonna be ascribing to her trans fantasy too, to try and make it easier to understand – i don't agree of course but anyway). basically "he's" trying to mimic what actual gnc men feel: they want to wear dresses and stuff while retaining the fact that they're men, similar to how i'm butch, but obviously still a woman.

in her case, it's "extra difficult" though, because "he" was born a woman and became a man. "he's" addressing and crying over what some people in this thread are questioning: why even transition into a man if you're still going to act feminine and wear feminine things; femininity was never gated off to you!

No. 1185903

>Albanian patriarchy is so extreme that they had to give up their lives as women and their sexuality to gain some freedom.
this is how i feel whenever the whole "he/him lesbians, stone butch blues" shit crops up. she only started going by he/him and dressing butch because the world made her fear being a woman into women

No. 1185914

That all sounds very cringe

No. 1185938

Femininity is gated to fakebois because they are terrified of womanhood(sometimes rightly so). It's all based in internalized misogyny. This brand of fakeboi desperately needs positive female role models.

No. 1185950

File: 1615917664773.jpg (367.64 KB, 1536x2048, EwmXG_rUcAcFr0V.jpg)

>With deep respect for those who came before me, gratitude for those who have supported me & great concern for the generation of trans youth we must all protect, please join me and decry anti-trans legislation, hate & discrimination in all its forms.

What a time to be alive, she transitioned into short hair

No. 1185958

>I'm fully who I am
Can't wait to see her eventually detrans.

No. 1185959

they can be terrified, but i'm pretty sure society expects women (pussy-having people) to act feminine. that's what i was trying to say

No. 1185961

oppression is the new drug

No. 1185962


No. 1185965

I can actually see it, I hate you anon

No. 1185968

File: 1615918733125.png (870.23 KB, 1178x1032, shinjipage.png)

Who wore it better?

No. 1185969

The cartoon looks more masculine, so probably him

No. 1185972

And she still just looks like a lesbian

No. 1185976

>Ellen talks in the Time article about how she's had more job offers than ever after coming out.
Wow, you mean your publicity stunt worked? I am shocked by this revelation!

No. 1185981

still looks like a lesbian woman

No. 1185983

File: 1615920345056.jpg (63.61 KB, 799x799, EwmsCKuXMAEnFg8.jpg)

The article truly hits all the notes
>they cut my hair and I liked it, so I knew I was a boy
>I knew it all of my life
>I was uncomfortable with directors sexulizing me and made less revealing clothing one of my conditions for roles, because I was a man deep inside
She also got top surgery already by the time she first came out

No. 1185986

She looks like Tobey Maguire's Peter Parker jfc. The Spider-Man 3 meme version.

Also my god I can't believe people will still write this shit out without realizing how regressive it sounds. "I hated directors sexualizing me and was a lesbian, therefore I'm a man inside", I'm so sick of this.

No. 1185992

He truly looks miserable. It kind of makes me feel bad for him. Wonder if he has some kind of substance abuse problem.
Maybe that’s why I’m being generous with pronouns..

No. 1185994


She ALREADY got top surgery?? Jesus fuck, how do you look at all those signs and decide a tit chop is more progressive than standing up for women and lesbians everywhere against misogyny

No. 1185995

I need you to know that I am not exaggerating when I say I screamed seeing this, it was a raspy scream that lasted for many, many seconds.

No. 1185996

She is so full of shit
I bet you she knows deep down what it is but wants to go the troon route for attention

No. 1185999

this whole look that's going on looks like some 35 year old british man who still isn't over oasis breaking up and tweets at liam gallagher on the daily asking him to please start talking to his brother again so they can get the band back together. it's like louis tomlinson if louis tomlinson knew what a bath was

No. 1186001

>He truly looks miserable. It kind of makes me feel bad for him.
This is pretty standard for transition timelines, there's often that awkward juxtaposition of "I'm so happy to be my True Self now" with the light leaving their eyes between the Before and After pictures.

No. 1186004

I also understood it as "transmen can still have feminine fashion taste" but that's just a girl with a femboy aesthetic I mean look at her picture

No. 1186005

I'm genuinely trying so hard not to read into this but she looks absolutely miserable. >>1185968 And here she just looks sickly, like a cancer patient. And to add to all that she got surgery before coming out. This all makes me so sad, I feel bad for her but also slightly disgusted. The pressure butches go through these days to transition is insane and she wasn't particularly butch to begin with, just kinda tomboyish.

No. 1186013

Sometimes I wonder if she trooned out to gain some autonomy back. I feel like she may have not wanted to be sexualized anymore. She played Juno, a pregnant teen, and in Hard Candy, she had the upperhand but was still being targeted by a predator. In Beyond Two Souls, a video game, Ellen tried suing them for making a naked model of her body and using it in a shower scene. She also accused the creators of another video game called "The Last of Us" for ripping of her image. Not sure if anyone has anything else to add, there could be more examples I'm unaware of.

I also wonder why she came out as "gay" publicly, if she always knew she was a man. By "gay" whe clearly meant lesbian since she began dating women.

It all seems like she's struggling with mental illness and trying to gain autonomy for herself. Hollywood has proved to be a fucked up place so I can only wonder what made her take extreme actions to mutilate her body for male privilege.

No. 1186014

> that's just a girl with a femboy aesthetic I mean look at her picture
that's the whole point of the comic, anon; that's why she's whining. she knows people are only going to see her as a girl with a fem(boy) aesthetic despite id'ing as a man (her twit/carrd/whatever says she's trans aka ftm)

No. 1186143

File: 1615931191919.jpeg (38.96 KB, 600x559, 1615907815083.jpeg)


Burn Gorman looking ass

No. 1186145

She looks like such a greasy autist and photographs so roughly… Isn't her wife still breaking it off?

No. 1186161

that’s the face of a person who has been told they have six months to live.

No. 1186165

At least (for better or worse) Anno had Shinji get over himself and move on instead of regressing

No. 1186172

File: 1615933240064.jpeg (470.99 KB, 750x1018, E042342F-F77F-4D24-91C8-E078DA…)

the detrans women weighing in. a bold take in a sea of “elliot page is hot”

No. 1186175

File: 1615933326161.jpeg (301.62 KB, 750x738, 36CF6FE8-29E3-4CEE-AF5D-172F9E…)


i love this song. it’s shitty these women were forced into transitioning but i love that they can’t be called TERFs cause they’ve first hand experience.

No. 1186180

Uggghhh please. "I hated all the forced-feminization and sexualization I endured as a kid/teen/young adult, therefore I'm really male." It's always the exact same shit. The only girls who don't have this kind of history underlying their transition are the ones who want to be sparkly gay femboy ukes; in those cases it's just straight-up internalized misogyny.

I notice this with women who troon out in particular. I don't know what it is, but they always look really depressed/defeated in the "after" picture. Males sometimes look more upbeat in the "after" (the high from living their fetish, maybe) but women never do. They also tend to lose all sense of style in their "after" pictures.

No. 1186185

She hates being feminized/sexualized by, likey, men, so she became a man? Doesn't seem like a logical solution. Why not stand up for yourself and other women in your position? Nah, she chose to troon out.

Any bets on how long it'll take her to detransition?

No. 1186194


if you're a feminine woman, you get sexualized. if you're a non feminine woman, you get harassed for being gnc. you can't win as a woman, so "becoming male" is a way to "opt out" of it all.

No. 1186195

She already went under the knife for breast removal, has a list of offers from directors that want that TRA funding for their movies, and probably other opportunities tied to her transness. There's no way she's not riding this wave for another few years.

No. 1186199

Let's not encourage women to be ashamed of a common medical procedure to own the troons

No. 1186218

I think her looking absolutely miserable is her attempt at passing more, she's also clearly pushing her jaw out. Smiling is for girls, don't you know? She needs to look like some miserable middle-aged man drowning his sorrows every night after his third divorce, because men are rough and coarse and are allowed to have wrinkles. Although I don't get why she doesn't just lift weights? Her arms look terrifying, even for a woman.

No. 1186222

Any woman who has had a mastectomy and tells you it’s not traumatic is fucking lying to you.

No. 1186233

someone pointed out its cause she could still be recovering from the surgery.

why do so many women rush into cutting their tits off. it’s the second brought after “i don’t like being a woman”

delete tits. as if getting rid of them solves all life’s problems.

blog but it’s almost upsetting to see women who despise their femininity so much they want to mutilate themselves. is being a woman really such an awful thing? it’s bad enough with that but trying to find a girlfriend and all the pretty butches are actually fake boys.

No. 1186244

In almost every country you are less of a human being by law, and in all countries women suffor from rape culture, unpaid care work, rape, violence, etc.
I like being a woman but I fucking hate the price me and my cisters have to pay.

No. 1186250

Bold move on twitter's part hyping her up as sexy

No. 1186253

God you’re right tho. Ellen’s tired of being sexualised and all the little fakebois on twitter are falling over each other to say how hot and handsome she is now. for ~~~validation~~~

cause doughy-faced twinks are hot i guess?

at what point will she realise she’s just dug a bigger hole for herself by trooning out. she still looks like a skinny little girl just now with a shitty hair cut and no sense of style.

No. 1186266

File: 1615940935374.jpeg (14.35 KB, 225x225, 9AE02D6E-9909-4A91-8060-E3402F…)

“Transgender people are so very real.”

No. 1186269

Yeah, society already calls women mutilated for having mastectomies, gives them BDD on top of the usual op trauma, and then doesn't apply those same standards to men. Just a pet peeve.

No. 1186297

Twitter usually can't wait to harass a woman for having shitty bangs. The only reason ellen's bowlcut is making these simps panties wet is because they are aroused by simping for troons

No. 1186313

Ellen, you brainlet, almost every woman is uncomfortable with being sexualized, unless she is a legitimately broken cumbrained woman. It doesn't make us men.

Do you think she'll get the frankenpenis to go with the top surgery eventually?

No. 1186384

She looks so sick, spoopy, and miserable. I wonder if she's already realized that she's ruined her life with this shit? She could have been remembered as the cute little soft butch out-and-proud lesbian actress, but now she's only going to be remembered for this public mental breakdown in the form of trooning into a 13 year old boy during her mid-30s. Fucking pitiable.

No. 1186452

File: 1615965503673.jpg (556.51 KB, 2642x2048, 743ew2.jpg)

Stolen from kiwifarms

No. 1186455

File: 1615966339219.jpeg (41.94 KB, 264x382, A74393C8-9E69-4365-B1D5-55FED8…)

No. 1186466

>Do you think she'll get the frankenpenis to go with the top surgery eventually?
Everytime the eventual SRS is brought up in this and the MtF thread I'm always "I wish lol", the best way to make them peak out of that shit even if it's too late. If not they will either be in strong denial or 41% but either way out of the reproduction pool

No. 1186601

I've met a few that say they were happy about it, like genuinely.

No. 1187217

File: 1616046884471.jpg (60.1 KB, 492x488, How to draw Shinji.jpg)

Doubly hilarious because Shinji was a slightly modified design of an earlier female character. It's fakebois all the way down.

No. 1187284

File: 1616059095307.webm (5.63 MB, 640x1136, 156429404_1605785962959120_801…)


The "you become sexually attracted to men after starting T" is so dumb, and so many fakebois in the comments were agreeing to this… Can anyone explain why this would make any sense whatsoever

No. 1187286

lmao his little crooked fingers sent me

No. 1187299

maybe T makes them so horny they'll have sex with anything

No. 1187302

>it makes you look musty and gross
>it gives you body dysmorphia by changing your face

Uh who's gonna tell her to detrans before Testosterone fucks up her voice and body even more. She's obviously not happy but trying to gloss over it with this bad bitch attitude.

No. 1187316

they were repressed bisexuals who only feel comfortable feeling their attraction towards men when they feel they as "men" are on equal footing with them

No. 1187324

they photoshopped the dog's asshole out
digital proctectomy

No. 1187624

T makes them hornier. Their latent straightness is coming out. Unfortunately, there are no men, gay or straight who are interested.

No. 1187797

>"you become sexually attracted to men after starting T"
I've seen detransitioners discuss this and it is indeed a thing that happens. No one for sure knows why though. I assume because Testosterone makes you hornier in general.(just like a moid) It is a hormone after all.

No. 1188217

File: 1616170873838.jpeg (1.85 MB, 2880x3840, F03FC2B1-F7AE-4B20-B64B-1DF9D9…)

sorry for shit edit.
i found a FTM that ticks all the boxes.
-either munchie or not built to live
-he/they lesbian
-MUST be supportive of her flavor of troonism but also don’t talk about discourse
-gender is actually just "fat and ugly"

No. 1188270

>ayyden wanrs his boicunt smashed by Chad

No. 1188351

So pretty much like actual men?

No. 1188359

>former foster kid
Seems like quite a few FTMs come from the foster system or are adopted. Gottmik talked about being adopted on the recent Drag Race episode. Gender therapist Dr. Wallace Wong (who is behind the father being jailed recently in Tranada for opposing his daughter's transition) has worked with a lot of foster children. Hmmmm.

No. 1188388

call me a fag if you want but she passes as a guy pretty well

No. 1188403

You're onto something. There's the ones you listed, Soren, and I'm sure a number of others. I've known a couple, myself. I wonder what the percentage of troons are adopted or foster kids? Might be a new flag like autism is.

No. 1188452

For plenty it's probably due to sexual abuse, either in the foster system and/or in the birth family leading to them getting taken away in the first place. Maybe also an aspect of trying to forge an identity if they don't feel connected to their adoptive family or feel adrift as a foster kid, coming out guarantees a community and "rainbow family".

No. 1188789

More troonie oppression olympics

No. 1189752

File: 1616358996786.jpeg (1.19 MB, 2880x3840, A81DBE8B-7578-4F03-8BAD-0982F9…)

Fakeboi thinks this trending hashtag is somewhat relevant to her. No one thinks you’re a man, love.

No. 1189758

> ✮°。Disabled
> #actuallyautistic

No. 1189855

these fake deep ones who read the sparknotes page for romeo and juliet once and thinks they’re byron reborn are the absolute woooorst. such cringey motherfuckers

No. 1189932

File: 1616374308296.png (39.66 KB, 752x372, socloseyetsofar.png)

They're so close yet so far.

No. 1190071

Its very odd and depressing how in the last 6 years(and espically during the pandemic) how many women and girls from nerdy and Alt communities have started trooning out or coming out as non-binary en masse

Kinda tinfoling here but I think this is a result of these communities getting overly political, you couldn't just like comics or videogames now if you were a woman, you had to bring up themes of white supremacy or the gender binary, it really did destroy these communities from the inside

No. 1190083

File: 1616389929012.jpg (38.07 KB, 735x349, Tumblr_l_238253811413435.jpg)

starting to hate fakebois almost as much as agps

No. 1190122

Hopping under your tinfoil: Occupy Wall Street was a test run to see if the powers that be could use identity politics to rip apart a “detrimental” movement and it’s just been downhill from there. There’s a lovely little infographic somewhere that I don’t have on hand that shows how the media immediately increased the frequency that racial and gender issues were spoken about after people started questioning bank bailouts. These issues were a major blow to OWS with how much infighting they caused.

No. 1190123

troon i know celebrated her testosterone anniversary by…putting on nail polish and eyeliner.
how is the irony not lost on them? that they can only enjoy femininity when they don't feel bound by it anymore?

No. 1190289

File: 1616419081324.png (3.07 MB, 1563x8028, screencapture-animefeminist-no…)

>Orochimaru answers Mitsuki with a surprisingly poignant explanation of genderfluidity and non-binary identity: “There have been times when I was a man, and times, a woman, as well as something not of this world.” With this admission of an experience of gender outside of the binary, the scene was quickly labelled by fans and news outlets alike as Orochimaru’s coming out.
I LOVE how the author accidentaly highlighed the delusion that many FTMs/nonbinary snowflakes have: that by being a confused mess, they somehow become ~space princes~, some cosmic beings of pure light that cissies can never compare to nor understand. Meanwhile they look like that one chubby kid in your class that always smells.TLDR 'Queerness' was a mistake

No. 1190314

Yeah, are they sure they want the creepy genocidal mad scientist as their uwu enby icon? Isn't animefeminist one of those poser geek crowds anyway?

No. 1190333

space prince enby starchild fakeboi-ism is just being a wannabe religious saint in new packaging, change my mind

they wish they were chaste pure beings without the burden of icky sinful womanhood

No. 1190425

Just found out the author of Hanna is not a boy's name turned into a fakeboi in 2018

it's so strange when obvious fujos decide to troon out

No. 1190451

Why do so many female indie authors and illustrators turn into fakebois and TiFs? Even the "cis" ones put their pronouns in their bio to show how good little handmaidens they are, isn't there anyone in the online art community who's at least slightly critical of the gender craze?

No. 1190459

I just posted about this a couple hours ago >>1190071 since late 2015 or so everything you do has to do with politics now, this is epically true for women creators who want to prove how woke the are

No. 1190509

File: 1616440433738.png (197.81 KB, 560x212, 8.PNG)

I mean sure kek

No. 1190653

Genuine question, why do they want this? And more importantly, do they all associate being a gay dude with being slutty?

No. 1190661

File: 1616452623961.jpg (269.31 KB, 1239x1920, h.jpg)

No way is this them. Don't even know why I'm surprised.

No. 1190671

File: 1616453017546.png (372.4 KB, 950x2450, its boring to be cis.png)

Probably cause they spend so much time in Tumblr/social justice circles they feel peer-pressured and encouraged to troon out. Being a cis girl means you're boring and priviledged, and fakebois and all other types of trannies are put on a pedestal.
Pic related, stolen from kiwifarms

No. 1190677

File: 1616453637700.jpg (177.33 KB, 1280x732, poptimism__ftm_tf_tg__by_solar…)

I think you're onto something here. A lot of fakebois seem to fancy the idea of being somehow (magically) acknowledged as male without having to change anything about their appearance, style or mannerisms. Being female is the original sin, and if they can purge themselves of that, then the rest is fine.

Picrel. I love how they have to draw the male symbol over the head, because otherwise there's no fucking clue that anything other than a hairstyle and clothing change is happening here.

You don't see this trend in MtF troons, who pretty much want to change everything about their hairy dude selves and come out looking like Stacy bimbos or qt goth gfs.

Internalized misogyny, anon. I think a lot of fujos who troon out are ashamed of their sexuality I think BL draws in a lot of girls who are like this in the first place tbh. And somehow "not being a girl" transforms all their fetishes from "gross creepy girl fantasies" into "normal healthy gay male desires". So when they get to the point of thinking they're Real True Bois, they finally stop repressing themselves and go buckwild.

No. 1190723

so if i wear pants, cut my hair, and tape my tits im a pop star? kek
Is she just envious of not being a male kpop star? i dont get it.

No. 1190728

File: 1616456406765.jpeg (500.4 KB, 750x963, EC2110A2-4BEA-44BA-BA8D-49C5B7…)

The sheer mental gymnastics these bitches use to avoid being a “woman”

For the record, this is a cis hetero woman with a cis hetero bf who does hair for a living and presents as female (giant tits and makeup, skimpy clothes etc) so this categorization is beyond me.

No. 1190769

Where does this person live that they had never seen women in men's clothing before? Is she Amish? Do the Amish go to rock concerts?

No. 1190777

Is this a boomer from the middle of nowhere?

No. 1190832

Yaoi 100% plays a part in this, these women have a very stereotypical and rather offensive view on gay men, they don't wanna be straight women they wish to be slutty gay bottom boys uwu

No. 1190847

Saged for OT, but is this not an AGP enby? Or is my troondar off? Glancing through his selfies he has a giant head, big hands, shovel chin, hips way narrower than shoulders, Hank Hill ass, plus the stereotypical thigh highs and cat ears.

No. 1190848

At least it's realistic in that her Aiden counterpart is terrible-looking.

No. 1190853

Her tits dropped to her lowest rib, that’s nightmarish, now her nipples will always bump with any table.

No. 1190866


and her arms grew freakishly long in #3 kek

No. 1191208

File: 1616518513087.png (631.79 KB, 720x1428, Screenshot_20210323-215452.png)

I swear the TIFs are the most annoying group of NLOG on this planet

No. 1191213

i mean i guess she’s not a woman with a sense of fashion.

No. 1191222

Honestly I can see myself wearing that………

No. 1191229

Yikes. Please don't subject the people around you to that, anon.

No. 1191234

I wanna reclaiming being Alt and dressing as weird as possible from the Non binary tards

No. 1191251

anon alt people exist

No. 1191265

And they dress like shit

No. 1191267

kikomi is becomming reality with ftm who dress like mft would

No. 1191269

File: 1616524748735.png (1.51 MB, 718x1396, Screen Shot 2021-03-23 at 2.38…)

anon you can wear schoolgirl skirts and fishnets without looking sloppy and tacky…….. just saying……

No. 1191344

Existing doesn't mean your outfit is cute. If "alt" means going out of your way to dress as ugly and mismatched as possible then I guess go ahead, but I'm gonna laugh at you.

No. 1191352

File: 1616531573219.jpeg (168.96 KB, 750x788, 74660E7C-9255-431B-AA0D-B6978F…)

damn that’s crazy it’s almost like impressionable teens want to fit in with their friends

No. 1191362


ROGD in action

No. 1191403

please say sike

No. 1191442

File: 1616541611026.jpeg (Spoiler Image,313.2 KB, 1170x1961, F47E423A-12D4-43DB-A15F-7E421D…)

“excellent result” of FTM GRS

what the actual fuck

No. 1191473

File: 1616544104985.png (1.48 MB, 1228x2048, Screenshot_20210323-195811.png)

"Surgery has gotten so good that you can't tell the difference!"

No. 1191484

this is the absolute worst thing I have ever seen with my eyes. Even’s Soren’s looked better than that. You can even still see the pores urgh

No. 1191486

File: 1616544639729.png (Spoiler Image,254.3 KB, 666x574, fuckedup.png)

I knew phalloplasty was horrific but I didn't realize until I was browsing trans subreddits for myself the extent of bodily mutilation required to get the needed skin. How is this shit legal?

very graphic wound pic under spoiler be warned. the post has a video: https://www.reddit.com/r/phallo/comments/m3qbsy/graphic_15_days_post_op_rff_stage_one_wdr_crane/

No. 1191515

File: 1616547190037.jpg (1008.84 KB, 1125x1491, 1616456036545.jpg)

/lgbt/ has a new "boy" in town. Meet bidenmoder:

>just turned 18 this month

>claims to only have social dysphoria rather than physical, but still wants to butcher her body with testosterone and surgery
>brags about being malebrained even though she types with excessive emoticons and acts like a girl in every possible way
The only good thing about her presence is that Terje is seething about being replaced by bidenmoder after she lost her simps because testosterone made her fat and ugly.

No. 1191565

File: 1616553522341.jpg (Spoiler Image,103.6 KB, 478x640, AzS68BlCcAMmR6j.jpg)

ftm goes through the "choose your dick" catalogue

No. 1191583

File: 1616555337258.jpg (923.07 KB, 1363x2048, MV5BMjM2NjQ5MjUwM15BMl5BanBnXk…)

There are more and more instances of trans men playing non-trans boys on tv, but most of the time they're instantly clockable like pic related from Tell Me Your Secrets. (Tbf i just started watching so if the character is supposed to be trans my bad)
They're always playing teenagers i guess because the patchy facial hair and squeaky pubescent voice precludes them from being believable adult men. Elliot Page next (this one's name is also Elliot kek)

No. 1191584

If you pretend the person is an agp (very convincing outfit lbr) the post becomes kind of based

No. 1191598

File: 1616557258184.jpg (78.81 KB, 1070x601, god_is_dead.jpg)

>Happy healing! :)

No. 1191600

Thats the one from Shameless right? They end up dating Ian, who is a closeted cis homosexual male at the time iirc.

No. 1191616

File: 1616561766563.gif (3 MB, 268x180, shameless.gif)

She also calls the gay character a faggot as he/hims love doing.

No. 1191621

But it's so progressive guyz!11!!

No. 1191622

That gif never fails to grind my gears. I feel like tras like making homophobia woke.

No. 1191640

i don’t think this one’s that clockable though. but it’s true that they can often only play teens, because no one wants to see a 5'3 male with no beard as the 35 year old main character or love interest kek

No. 1191663

saw this tiktok of someone with a healed phalloplasty scar and holy shit this looks horrible. this type of surgery should be illegal

No. 1191686

Is that gonna be "Elliot" pages career from now on, she's gonna be playing teenage boys while in her 30s

No. 1191688


I think shes even too short to play teenage boys kek (she's 5'0-5'1 tall)

No. 1191689

Compared to the average teenage boy/teenage boy actor (5'7 to 6' tall)

No. 1191690

Imagine willingly fucking your body up this bad

No. 1191694


Don't worry, it's current year and trans issues are the most important issues ever, there are going to be millions of movies about it that she can star in.

No. 1191697

neo vags are freaky but at least if you steer clear of fucking trannies you can live your life without ever seeing one irl.
but this? horrifying.

No. 1191700

In what vagina would this monstrosity even fit?

No. 1191707

I think it’s all about anal since they like to pretend they’re gay men, which leads me to another question won’t those things fall apart the moment someone squeezes too hard? I mean, at the end of the day, those things seem too short to have sex with.

No. 1191716

Ftms doing drag makes me wildly uncomfortable because drag is literally just "celebrating" harmful, sexist stereotypes of women. These women must have incredible amounts of internalized misogyny to not only opt out of womanhood but to also actively mock it and present themselves liking feminine things as a performance and a parody. Like the only way they can accept themselves as women is to add a "jk lmao" to it.
I know this girl who has a girlfriend and they both used to just be gnc/butch. But now one of them came out as trans gay man and also a drag queen. But they're still together because being gay means being attracted to masculine presenting people apparently, so her girlfriend counts. Oh and she no longers presents as masculine herself because she's a drag queen, remember? I just don't understand. The amount of mental gymnastics they have to go through to cope with being a lesbian couple… The level of self hatred is a sad thing to witness.

No. 1191729

fisting might be the go to with the wrist now skinnier than her trouser snorkel

No. 1191758

That one's got to be thigh, not forearm, which is what girls who prioritize length and girth over… anything else, go for. Usually when fatties get it, they end up having to get lipo after the fact, and between how much fat there is and the length, there's pretty much no feeling, no chance of erectile device, even HIGHER risk of complications, plus it looks like a Junji Ito monster with those pores.

It'd be funny if it wasn't so depressing.

No. 1191788

I can smell this screenshot…

No. 1191801

I'd feel sorry for the gf if she wasn't so self hating and stupid, the moment her 'trans bf' gets on testosterone she'll leave her for a guy. Actually she'll leave her for a guy even without the testosterone eventually.

No. 1191900

I used to find drag culture entertaining and harmless. Felt the same way about Judith Butler. I was an idiot

No. 1191906

Yep, she (the troon one) already uses grindr and talks about it all the time. Idk if they're suddenly in an open relationship or what. I'm kek'ing at the thought that she really thinks gay men will accept her into their spaces, let alone want to date her.

No. 1191912

File: 1616604629610.png (108.69 KB, 720x422, Screenshot_20210324-214849.png)

So TIFs are now finally trying to force themselves in male spaces and discussions

No. 1192158

File: 1616619625501.jpeg (224.57 KB, 828x714, F52D4C09-7E63-4309-8E27-485737…)

You know, it’s not lost on me that the fujos saying these things probably wouldn’t go near a vagina themselves.

No. 1192166

why do they think that a gay guy would want to fuck a vagina?

No. 1192175

… is this a reference to her self-harm scars creating "ribs" on her frankendick

No. 1192178

yes. the lack of self awareness is astounding. mutilating your body because you’re depressed is bad but mutilating your body due to uwu gender feelings is good actually.

No. 1192183

and what about cis gay guys who want to… you know… actually SUCK DICK and play with DICK? smfh!

No. 1192240

I like her haircut. So many cute tomboys have been lost to the FtM meme, it's sad.
She probably has the same mental issues Terje does, though.

No. 1192257

why can't they just fuck each other then, if having an extra hole is all that. why would they even want a cis gay guy. these straight girls are so embarrassing.

No. 1192266

>why can't they just fuck each other then

Because they're straight.

No. 1192270

kek she looks even more feminine than i do (t. dysphoria haver) also /lgbt/ is shitty to its ftm users tbh, it's basically a meme there to infantalize and objectify them

No. 1192287

Even in a clown world where this isn't homophobic, it's still laughably shitty to call people spineless cowards for not wanting to fuck you. Not a speck of self awareness on the horizon, how embarrassing.
You'll be comforted to know that nobody cares about your tif problems then.

No. 1192308

File: 1616631670065.jpg (1.16 MB, 1125x1484, 1616631431749.jpg)

>cute tomboy

She looks like genderbent Tommy Wiseau.

No. 1192483

Imagine reducing yourself to a hole…

No. 1192606

File: 1616672747645.jpg (49.08 KB, 600x591, Bt7lQJBCMAA2wYZ.jpg)

or the "I'm in me mum's car" girl who is coincidentally a tif as well lol

No. 1192612

That transmechanicus user is a dude iirc, a troonbian of course, so here we have two straight people dictating what gay people should do and like.

No. 1192637

File: 1616674939397.webm (1.86 MB, 640x1134, 161901953_2516994911938548_656…)

Me when I'm a fujoshi

No. 1192645

the way they'll just openly admit it

No. 1192676

So what she's saying is that any girl who likes bl relationships is actually a transman

No. 1192710

File: 1616681503944.png (447.3 KB, 720x1117, Screenshot_20210325-190717.png)

No. 1192714

File: 1616681592566.png (282.71 KB, 720x907, Screenshot_20210325-191329.png)

No. 1192720

women around the world are still fighting for pads and tampons to be more accessible, even now in the US where homeless women struggle to acquire any, and we're supposed to cry because a Woman: Bald & Woke Edition(tm) feels sad that the package is pink and references women.
Top fucking kek.

No. 1192723

Hell yeah! Fuck those women and girls constantly mocked and treated like shit for having a period, who the fuck cares about that? Let’s focus on mentally ill retards that has the outmost need to have female hygienic products called
>bleeding person products
Or how about?
>products for bleeding holes
>hole products
All in gray and black and maybe we could have a section for “men” with boyish colors like deep blue and green so they don’t get mocked for having a period, because men suffer a lot because of that!
i will just kms, thanks

No. 1192737

The worst aspect IMO is that she mentions that her school and her family were supportive when she started mestrusting, they explained that it was a normal and natural thing for women and girls but she still compains that they sepcifed it was only women and girls

No. 1192750

File: 1616684675226.png (247.85 KB, 1157x678, TRIGGERED.png)

No. 1192786

When he said cane user I just assumed he meant coke.

No. 1192848

>trans nonbinary
Am I retarded? Whats the point

No. 1192859

another label to sound more special and oppressed

No. 1192904

File: 1616692977865.jpeg (48.28 KB, 680x453, 29B2E27F-A452-48DC-80BA-999845…)

No. 1193027

>This was something I hadn’t been aware of before I explored my trans identity
>It’s kind of like getting a new prescription for your glasses
She admits it wasn’t a problem until she decided to make it a problem. If your new prescription is only making your life harder then maybe you ought to put your old glasses back on.

No. 1193160

File: 1616709856678.png (386.21 KB, 492x677, LKKlFyx.png)

enby woman on my tl just retweeted this. she's only a few years younger than me (so mid 20s) and she never struck me as the yaoi sick kind, but i guess i was wrong. being terminally online plus touching even less grass because of the pandemic manipulates them all into trooning out.

No. 1193166

are people too autistic to realize they actually mean to say personality?

No. 1193170

gender here means how people perceive them and also how they look on top of their personality.

one of the biggest tips to be happy is to stop chasing after impossible or incredibly difficult things so we're not torturing ourselves over unattainable shit.
but somehow wanting to become a male anime character when you're a 5'2 pear shaped autist is the key to happiness. aight

No. 1193173

This "gender envy" stuff is some unhealthy bs, I've seen some in some servers I'm in and it's always from yaoi material

No. 1193190

sage for blogpost but i'm in a 70s music server and it drives me insane when genderspecials post pictures of some quirky thin young white man and say "omg gender!!! i want his gender i'm gonna steal his gender!!" like what the fuck does that even mean? i also learned about the concepts of "gender envy" and "gender euphoria" through them and just… the mental illness. internalised misogyny off the charts.

No. 1193278

What the fuck. Are they using "gender" the way a sane person would use style? Is this a way to justify falling under the cool kid trans label, because you wish you had a 70s rocker aesthetic?

No. 1193338

>like what the fuck does that even mean?
It means they want to be a quirky thin young white man

No. 1193340

nta, but it's basically that with a sprinkle of delusion. i have witnessed some fakeboi say they were trans because they want to be a big buff guy like John Cena and she was 5 feet tall and stick-like.

No. 1193403

SAME I'm so tired of it, like what do you mean elias/elliot/eli/elohim #231, are you referring to STYLE?? Motherfucking AESTHETICS? I've seen the whole "omg gender!" thing applied to kids, adults, animals, paintings, random ass decorations, it's embarrassing lol. Gender identity is so holy and concrete but also a cartoon frog is omg gender. >>1193278 Yeah it's literally that. It's a way of expressing approval and admiration, like vibes.

No. 1193469

File: 1616739202735.jpg (475.43 KB, 1538x681, 1.jpg)

>your brain on internalized misogyny

No. 1193536

Sage for blogpost but I'm an ex fujo and recently found a pairing I like so I checked out some doujins and holy shit it really is just straight sex. The yaoi hole is literally just a vagina. The positions and roles/power dynamics between the characters are that of traditional male/female relationship. Insecure teen girls kinning uke characters is just them finding their sexuality as straight women but they end up confused by the drawn dick in bl and troon out to be "gay men". I always knew this but I had forgotten just how obvious it is in bl. Wtf.

It gets worse though. Lately I've seen my troon friends retweet "bl" where the uke character is a pussyboy. I'm not even kidding. They say it's validating to see a character whose anatomy matches theirs. It's literally just straight porn, anime pussyboys are drawn identically to flat chested women. I can't believe the mental gymnastics these people go through, they have to call themselves pussyboys in order to cope with being a gnc straight woman. Absolute clownery.

No. 1193584

As a fellow exfujo you are right regarding the dynamics and the mystical yaoi hole, however fujos will never admit it, they think any criticism of their stupid Japanese boys love comics Is misogyny somehow, I myself used to idolize male homosexuality to a bizzare degree and really stunded my ability to socslize with real people

No. 1193604

What's going to happen with these girls in 10 years (being generous here) when they realize they mutilated their bodies inside and out for absolutely nothing?

No. 1193610

Terj must hate herself a lot to say all that retarded shit kek
Oh well, hope she has fun being ugly and bald.

No. 1193637

It’s just like a year or so ago when people would say “~aesthetic~” about everything.

No. 1193658

I understand why people 25+ hate teens and make fun of them all the time. I probably sounded super retarded too kek

No. 1193687

File: 1616764865019.webm (10.79 MB, 640x800, enby.webm)

I don't even know where to start with this one.

No. 1193689

i think there might be mass detransitioning when they realise they don't want to be doughy balding middle aged men lol. wonder if it'll become harder to access HRT in future as a result. that being said i wonder if they'd rather be old fakemen than old women, lotta girls nowadays seem to have some insane complex about ageing

No. 1193691

So gender stereotypes only affect you if you're "cis"? This implies that identifying as nonbinary is the only way to opt out of living a life dictated by archaic, sexist stereotypes.
Also kek @ the -mon suffix being a digimon thing and not a pokemon thing

No. 1193696

>identifies as an enby
>still gets treated as a woman by a sexist scrote
She's so close to understanding and yet so far away

No. 1193741

the pacing on this is so terrible and the stereotypes are so…stereotypical. pure cringe.
someone please tell her that you don't have to be an "enby" to be above dumb scrotes comments.

No. 1193955

I also like how she is "nonbinary" but still going for the plastic sexdoll look that appeals only to the kind of men that she portays in this.

No. 1194024

ugh the truth really hurts. Here's hoping next gen of feminism is back to hating men (rightfully) and fighting for women only rights

No. 1194025

>being born with a uterus doesnt make you a woman
Why do they hate biology and women so much though? Imagine pandering this much to men

No. 1194108

File: 1616795009984.jpg (59.98 KB, 475x678, 148715446_10104213810612165_61…)

No. 1194136

Why are these people always so fucking unfunny?

No. 1194170

>Lately I've seen my troon friends retweet "bl" where the uke character is a pussyboy.

Wut? Tell me this was drawn by western artists. I really haven't seen any Japanese mangaka fall into the whole "this flat-chested girl in a hetero relationship thinks she's a boy and therefore this is BL" nonsense.

There's this Twitter artist one of my friends keeps liking, and their art is allll "trans masc gay bois", aka girls with no boobs. Actually sometimes their characters still have boobs and look 100% like women (soft curvy bodies, no facial hair, lingerie), and the artist still has the nerve to whine about people ~mIsGenDeRIng~ these characters.

No. 1194175


No. 1194185

i know a femme enby they/she and she's obsessed with midoriya from bnha. the projection on midoriya ships is so hard that she always writes him as having a pussy. she sometimes talks about how top surgery would be nice even though she has no dysphoria at all and frequently refers to her pussy as her large cock?? sometimes it's difficult to believe that she'll turn 30 in a few months.

No. 1194215

>she'll turn 30 in a few months
words cannot express the pain that this whiplash gave me

No. 1194390

Nope, japanese artists. And to make it worse a lot of it was fanart/doujins of established male characters.
And yeah that's what's throwing me off too. Pussyboys are pretty much expected from western fujos at this point because they're all aidens anyway but idk what the situation is like in Japan. Tbf my troon friends are all degenerates so they probably dig pretty deep to find this shit. It's kind of hilarious though how they feel uwu validated by it and still don't realize it's because pussyboys are literally just women and they themselves are women too. The denial goes deep.

No. 1194402

Some Japanese mangaka do cuntboy art once in a blue moon but it’s definitely treated as a fetish thing not a trans thing. Most of the ones I’ve seen are usually into western fetish stuff like abo where the boys have something kinda like pussy on top of a dick so it probably comes from that. It’s all pretty rare tho and tagged as cuntboy or hermaphrodite/abo if they got a dick too so people can avoid it when they do draw it cause azn artists aren’t gonna spring it on u & try to pass it off as just like normal yaoi!!!!

I’d say overall it’s pretty rare tho, i think if the avg jp yaoi artist wants to draw pussy they’ll do genderbent yuri. I actually had no clue abo had fantasy hermaphroditism until I read a dj without looking at the cover properly a while back. I thought it was all about dog dick shit lol

No. 1194540

I once met a ftm in serbia, she was extremely sexist/misogynistic, was into yaoi, very narcissitic and she was really short like 5.0 inches or lower.
She also thought she was hot and that she passed compared to other ftms who she thought were ugly (she was a short girl with a pizza acne face)
I just checked up on her and now she is going for the softboy aesthetic by wearing dresses and dressing uwu.

No. 1194590

Aren't all omegas in ABO technically cuntboys?

No. 1194600

File: 1616855768389.png (Spoiler Image,807.93 KB, 882x782, 2D5F2BDB-2B2B-429B-BB25-4F046D…)

I’m having trouble wrapping my head around this…
Apparently being on T for a long time makes women’s clitoris turn into a small penis?

No. 1194613

Its just a very big clit. By them calling it a dick or saying the clit turns into a dick is just cope.

No. 1194627

This person might have had metoidioplasty? I think just T doesnt usually make it grow that much.

No. 1194629

at least a micro-penis is shaped like a penis, despite being tiny.
that clit is…that’s a weird worm. that’s a homestuck alien penis. that’s a mystery appendage you’d find on a dead deformed animal. how do you even feel proud or satisfied with that thing?

No. 1194633

agreed, not once have i seen one that big (though tbf i’ve not seen that many kek). typically it just makes the clit poke out from under the hood and grow larger, but not by that much

No. 1194638

Thats obviously someone after a phalloplasty or metoidioplasty surgery.
Keep on coping ftm's, T wont make you get a penis.
Yeah T just makes women get a fat pussy, either that person had surgery or they are intersex.

No. 1194640

regardless, it looks freaky as hell. i wish it was T just so i could pretend she didn’t pay thousands for a weird tentacle.

No. 1194643

Jesus this looks so uncomfortable. Imagine this shit rubbing around your pants all dag

No. 1194644

File: 1616858146775.jpeg (Spoiler Image,88.53 KB, 933x789, B6407FA4-736C-42A7-AF8D-A82D59…)

Lol I knew that, idk why I called it a penis. They’re like female hyenas
This one looks a bit more penis shaped but is still fucking gross. Better than a fake dick made out of arm meat though.

No. 1194645

Apparently not. Apparently it’s just a hyper enlarged clitoris. Just like how E makes a mans dock and balls shrink.

No. 1194908

whenever i see ftms being sexists towards women its so funny because men will never accept ftm as actual men and instead see them as ugly women.
Gay men ignore and are disgusted by ftms, most straight men depsise them, a small percent of fetishists want them.
Which leaves us with only women bein the only ones to entertain and support ftm and mtf delusion, i feel like if women stopped supporting this then it would stop.

No. 1194911

I still vastly prefer this to that uncomfortable tentacle upthread, this doesn't look surgically altered or raw at least. Salvageable if she decided to present as a hypermasc stud.
You're right.

No. 1194921

That's why we should stop supporting them, I'm not saying be assholes to them but supporting them out of pity only enables their self destruction and loneliness (this goes for MTF too but MTF are more dangerous to go against)

No. 1194922

File: 1616874910887.jpg (Spoiler Image,203 KB, 2560x1440, 0mebpdlxi5m11.jpg)

Like all large clits, the T-enlarged ones tend to be vaguely penis-shaped. Few are ever that big though; most are just like an inch or two. Possibly the woman had a large clit to start with, some are just born that way.

Also, they pump their clits with vacuum pumps too, you can bet a lot of the "huge" ones you see are pumped beforehand to make them look larger. Picrel (very NSFW of course).

No. 1194968

jesus, are they stuck with that? like, if they stopped taking T, would it eventually go back to normal?

No. 1194996

no. it's the same with estrogen. any genital changes are pretty much permanent.

No. 1195081

fuck holy shit why did i open those spoilers

No. 1195119

Holy shit this looks so wrong. The other I can identify as large clits, this one looks like a horror movie practical effect.

No. 1195160

idk the results are kinda better (read: less horrifying) than MtF SRS, at least no surgery was done so they can claim it's "natural" kek

No. 1195182

Eh it's not that bad. Looks like a micropenis to me. Better than frankendicks.
honestly curious if it's an advantage to have it for masturbation since now they have better access to their clit while still having intact vagina

No. 1195191

another lesbian hits the ground smh

No. 1195229

No wonder these freaks end up stuck dating each other

No. 1195294

There's a former personal lolcow who draws nothing but yaoi and FtM shit to the point where she kins a favorite character of mine. Even to the point of drawing said (male) character as a loli being raped pre-transition. They really, REALLY need therapy. I want to namedrop them but they were so disgusting that I actually forgot their twitter handle (and I really don't want to pour through their account for caps and breakdowns). Might be a good thing. Might be better for the personal Lolcow thread, too.

Essentially. I've yet to see an exception. They may be hermaphrodites, or might be males who take a potion to become cuntboys. Or just subject to mpreg.

It's like what all that yaoi LARPing at anime cons inevitably turns into.

No. 1195314

File: 1616899298136.png (33.08 KB, 755x310, Capture.PNG)

It might shrink some if they go off T, but for the most part the growth is permanent. Just like how man-tits don't go away when male troons stop taking estrogen. If you browse the detrans subreddit there's tons of posts from women who regret their transition and are desperately researching surgeries to reduce clit size.

Agree. I'm much less grossed out by the monster clits than the horrible surgically-created skin hotdogs that pass for 'dicks'.

No. 1195547

>Which leaves us with only women bein the only ones to entertain and support ftm and mtf delusion, i feel like if women stopped supporting this then it would stop.

They won't ecause ftms expect women to conform to sexist gender rolls and bend over backwards to cater to everyone else. Enbys shit on women while simultaneously demanding that they still allow them into their spaces or even rip them apart to make the enbys more "comfy." I've seen numerous women's safe spaces have to change their names and mission statements because they got heat for not wording things to include gender neutral and trans masc identifiers.

No. 1195724

>detrans woman want to get another mutilating surgery

They don't learn their lesson.

No. 1195808

what do they do with these clits? do they actually try to fuck with them?

No. 1195841

Try to have some empathy anon. Imagine having so much internalized misogyny that you destroy yourself like this and only realize your mistake after you've irreparably changed your body. Adding one more 'mutilation' to the pile probably doesn't seem so bad in those circumstances.

Sage for sperging but detrans people are treated horribly both by outsiders and by their former community. I feel terrible for them and I think they deserve more support and encouragement than they receive. What a miserable place to be in life.

No. 1195895

It’s like fancy tribbing when they fuck other girls so kinda yeah. a few places do special mini flesh light things they can actually penetrate too

idk what the straight ones that fuck men do lol

No. 1196005

The straight ones who fuck men, I'm pretty sure their megaclits never get any attention. I've never heard of a fakeboi trying to get their clit into some dude's ass gag. The hetero ones are obsessed with LARPing as totemo gay sparkly ukes and for them, it's all about feeling validated by having their allegedly homosexual ~cIs GaY boYfRiEnDs~ use them as a hole.

FtM porn exists extremely NSFL, do not search for it, and 100% of it is the fakeboi doing PiV with some real dude. There's no fakeboi-on-girl and nothing with the fakeboi on top.

No. 1196068

I'm reminded of threads long ago when we were discussing the FtM porn subreddits. That shit is honestly really sad. I know many who troon out and the first thing they do is get an OF or do this kind of thing. It's terrible.

No. 1196088

File: 1616978755262.jpg (62.69 KB, 356x512, unnamed.jpg)

Super fucking sad, I agree. Like it's supposed to be "affirming" that you've become a niche-fetish sex object for weird creeps.

No. 1196089

Are most FTMs and female enbies really straight or are they just the loudest and most milky group?

No. 1196092

Oh god this is made even worse by the fact that testosterone can cause vaginal dryness and atrophy

No. 1196093

Funnily enough, allegedly tribadism originally referred to women penetrating either men or women with their clits.

No. 1196101

File: 1616980581111.png (226.8 KB, 862x470, Capture.PNG)

Yup. The hurting is either your vaginal walls getting thin/fragile enough to bleed from regular sex, or the wicked fucking cramps you get post-orgasm, both caused by your internal organs freaking out from lack of estrogen. Just like a real boi! /s

By far the vast majority are straight, but also the straight ones are the most obnoxious too. Lesbians often troon out from internalized lesbophobia, thus they tend to want to quietly blend in as hetero dudes and go stealth. They're totally different from the Ayydens who OD on yaoi doujinshi and transition from boring str8 girls into gay bishies; those are the ones running around in glitter eyeshadow and rainbow binders pretending to be "drag queens".

No. 1196192

Being a “hetero” TIF, must be one of the most painful existences ever lmao like literally nobody wants you. Why would anyone do that to themselves.

No. 1197984

Yeah, it's always the straight ones who have the shittiest attitude and expect everyone else to cater to them. Not to be "heterophobic" or anything but I really do think it's partly because they grew up straight and were used to not having trouble with their sexuality. I don't have any screenshots but they often sperg out because they find stories about growing up gay or bi to be unrelatable.

No. 1197992

Pretty sure the ayydens and they/thems date eachother

No. 1198080

Omg, the large clit + shaved bald literally looks like a baby dick and honestly is as upsetting to look at as the tentacle clit.

No. 1198189

File: 1617175730301.png (6.44 MB, 1125x2436, 49EF50EC-B680-4811-BFEA-21726F…)

I’ve seen several tiktoks on this subject and it’s horrifying that it’s something they think about. These kids need mental help not encouraged self-mutilation.

No. 1198204

Her mom walked in on her chopping her breasts off? What the fuck? With what? I’m almost afraid to ask.

No. 1198205

File: 1617177185033.jpg (337.04 KB, 1124x1725, efGU1DK.jpg)

This girl is so funny, I mean in a sad way. She has a tiktok where she basically uses a gc talking point to explain that she thinks gender roles shouldn’t exist. Not because it’s generally constrictive, but because her parents wouldn’t let her do “boy” stuff. So in order to dress how she wanted… she had to become a “boy”. GC is only good to aidens when it’s used to apply to their personal traumas I guess? She had her mom pick out her tranny name too. How does your “abuser” who wouldn’t let you troon out choosing your new name not count as some major dysphoria catalyst but the letter “F” does? kek none of this adds up.

No. 1198212

this might just be an exaggerated way of describing her cutting herself on her breasts which prob isn't unheard of in teen girls with dysphoria

No. 1198288

straight people and stories about same sex attraction never go well together. they just don't get it. i'd put more lesbian content (about the lived experience of lesbians i mean) on my social media if all my irl friends weren't straight girls who see ssa people like a weird fascinating fantasy race in a book. they just don't understand but they think they do, so they cover themselves in pride memorabilia and read tons of books about queer stories uwu because they think that makes them woke. at the end of the day, they will never get it. i always feel like a zoo animal or a strange exotic pet when they talk about their wokeness.

i read a lot about aidens who don't date other aidens because their aiden bodies trigger their aiden dysphoria. that's why transbians are preying on lesbians and aidens are on grindr harassing gay men with pussy pics.

No. 1198342

there's this meme that if you start cutting something off your body and call an ambulance they'll finish cutting it off safely for you, which would be cheaper than a planned "top surgery" (???)

No. 1198348

File: 1617193918140.jpg (360.19 KB, 1020x1081, omjmi0shwi751.jpg)

>it's partly because they grew up straight and were used to not having trouble with their sexuality
I hadn't thought about it this way before, but that makes sense. Also how they're outraged that gay men aren't into them…as straight girls they're used to attention from men, even if they're average-looking, so it must be a real shocker that most dudes on grindr just aren't interested.

It always gets me how fakebois breathlessly insist that their yaoi doujins are sooo ~relatable~ to them as "gay boys". Congrats, you're relating to an idealized romance story drawn by women, for a female audience, that probably features a less-sexist power dynamic than most stories about hetero relationships. Oh, you hate the thought of being viewed as some guy's girlfriend? That's called (a) internalized misogyny and/or (b) scrotes suck and don't treat their partners right. None of that makes you male or "gay".

No. 1198376

What is it with mha/jojo that attracts this kind of degeneracy?

No. 1198380

deku in particular is drawn very cutesy and less masculine than a lot of other characters so autistic fakebois tend to attach themselves to him

No. 1198395

afaik in jojo, gay jokes towards the characters, story and fans aren't hated. it's actually one of the most used type of humor you'd see in the fandom. also the aesthetics, from clothes, character designs and mannerisms in jojo could prob attract these kind of people.

No. 1198425

Lesbian FtMs are usually milky in a different way, their whole personality is to be the manliest man dude which often includes misogyny. One from my country wrote a cringy blogpost on what kind of boobs men (including herself ofc) like. And sadly they are more likely to get a frankendick.

No. 1198439

Wait this sounds familiar, was she finnish?

No. 1198468

File: 1617207325156.png (962.12 KB, 2048x1124, Screenshot_20210331-101407.png)

I knew one that is already 31. She started out as a lolita who loved yaoi (even boku no pico). Eventually she got into the kaweewee pastel style and finally trooned out. She's never dated anyone or worked and lives as a NEET.

No. 1198533

I hate this, God hori can you just beef him
up and have him SMASH that thicc ochako girl already?

No. 1198562

File: 1617214574484.jpg (264.1 KB, 972x2444, Screenshot_20210331-001828_Ins…)

sage for semi blog but a lesbian friend I've known online for a decade said this after I replied to her ig stories promoting hrt and surgery for children. I guess ig deleted the message when she blocked me but I mentioned that girls getting bilateral mastectomies at 13 is not cool

No. 1198572

I don't even see 'straight'/lesbian ftms, they're a dying breed compared to flamer gay mtfs

No. 1198607

Eh anon the trash took itself out. You probably wouldn't be able to change her mind anyway. Maybe she'll wise up in couple years.

No. 1198697

i'm so sorry this happened to you, but like >>1198607 said it's probably better that way. people have to peak trans on their own, you can't force or reason with them, sadly.

No. 1198701

These idiots don’t know what the fuck a bigot is. Refusing to see your point and throwing away a friendship over it seems pretty bigoted. I hope you find better friends who listen to your points, and aren’t brainwashed by TRAs. Shitty friend and you’ll do better without dweebs like that in your life. <3

No. 1199014

File: 1617242535654.jpg (81.41 KB, 601x523, Untitled.jpg)

This is so upsetting, i used to follow this girl years ago, she was gorgeous and had big boobs.


No. 1199071

Sage for no milk but I had a look around a "renaming" group for trans people who can't think of a name themselfs so have to ask others. Its mostly ftm or non binary teenagers and all the names suggested are the same no matter what the spec given is = Aiden, Kayden, Riley, Jacob, Ash, Elliot…
At least trans girls seem to have a bit o variety

No. 1199090

File: 1617250636046.png (330.65 KB, 589x373, 12847816478211.png)

wtf is bigender suppose to mean.

No. 1199093

So dumb, she ruined herself

No. 1199095

I'm guessing the opposite of nonbinary? Nonbinary being not adhering to the binaries and bigender identifying as both binary genders? Not sure how that works though in comparison to genderfluidity or whatever where you feel like one or the other at times. Like are you both all the time? What pronouns would that even be?

Honestly just looks like a cute lesbian now. I don't get the desperation to become scuzzy dudes instead of just being cute dykes. It feels like all the cute dykes transition out these days.

No. 1199098

I think it’s like one day, a girl wants to be a guy but the next day she wants to stay a girl. And if she transitions, which means chopping, it’s just a way to justify wearing dresses when she’s supposed to be the manliest of men amongst all men.
But like, she’s either one or another, not *“~in the spectrum of le gender~”* so I’m guessing she’s either a she or a he, never a themlet because that’s for the mentally ill i guess.

No. 1199100

>At least trans girls seem to have a bit o variety
Yeah, Sophie and Alice.

No. 1199103

An anon pointed out these names are often jewsish male names
They have the right amount of uniqueness to seem different but familiar. and also allows them the appearance of opting into oppression and adopting the ‘nice soft Jewish boy’ stereotype
you know the meek, scrawny, glasses wearing sorta of unmasculine young man

No. 1199104

Which is obviously utterly untrue because at this point whole arms have been able to be reattached successfully.

No. 1199108

I'd say more 'nerdy' names than Jewish names but perhaps.

No. 1199109

>It feels like all the cute dykes transition out these days.
Don't making me fucking cry anon. I hate this reality so much.

No. 1199118

File: 1617252903918.png (225.24 KB, 393x601, Screenshot_20210401-095521.png)

Well Jewish boys are often stereotyped as nerdy, so there is an overlap but either way it reveals that they cause they can't ever be masculine males they opt to become sort nerdy boys

No. 1199157

I kinda buy anons tinfoil. I know a few fakebois (tumblr trannies in general, across sexes) who picked Jewish names despite not having Jewish heritage or beginning a conversion process thru a synagogue.

No. 1199162

I can imagine absolutely hating your life for being known simply for "being gorgeous and having big boobs". Shit like that really causes girls to troon out, I'm currently witnessing a process of a semi-e-girl dabbling between transitioning after she kept being creeped on by men since young age for having an amazing body and a good fashion sense.

>At least trans girls seem to have a bit o variety<