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File: 1643779808754.png (13.59 KB, 79x97, IMG_20220202_132351.png)

No. 1432686

This thread is for posting and discussing cringey fakebois and ftm snowflake behavior who may or may not deserve their own threads.

Fakebois are girls who pretend to be boys, either by becoming trannies or larping biological males (usually the former).

Fakebois style and present themselves as androgynous or feminine-looking boys, or wearing girls' clothing and make-up while insisting on being addressed with he/him (or occasionally they/them) pronouns and take great offense at being gendered as female. Some are SJW transactivists, but for most their identities are entirely superficial.

Back off all trannies and your dysphoria because no1curr.

No. 1432689

No. 1433025

File: 1643827933098.jpg (413.96 KB, 1080x2038, Screenshot_20220202_191354.jpg)


No. 1433228

these are the most annoying kind of tiffies. they don't even try to look like men and then get mad when you refer to them with she pronouns. narcissism.

No. 1433336

File: 1643849601129.png (9.78 KB, 347x286, aiden.png)

for the anons in the last two threads are familiar with gray folie/gynandromorph/pluralthey and her antics: does anyone remember this panel from her 2nd webcomic? this always seemed funny to me since it's about women in a mental hospital, but there's the obviously-female animal with a stereotypical TIF name there. which would be hilarious and self-aware if a TERF drew it, but gray is a TIM bootlicker/biological sex denier, so it comes off as weird and hypocritical

No. 1433417

File: 1643855739919.png (74.43 KB, 589x515, how can i rewire my brain.png)

this whole subreddit is exhausting

No. 1433418

samefag, it's the mypartneristrans one fyi. imagine having to put up with this shit

No. 1433443

No need to feel sorry for retarded moids. No one "has" to put up with this kind of bs from TIFs because all TIFs are whingy grifters. He doesn't have to worry about being harmed or destitute if he breaks up with her over insufferable gender games. Really, what is a doughy fakeboi gonna do to him if he doesn't play along besides cry and not put out? Oh no, the poor moid couldn't get his willy wet today because he didn't perceive his girlfriend as an ungenderable being hard enough, boo hoo! Men who date TIFs are even cringier than their partners. They want mentally ill gfs they can manipulate into bangmaids and then have the gall to complain when she turns the tables on him and manipulates him back with gender woo. The chronic headaches he surely gets from this are well-deserved.

No. 1433446

>what exercises can i do to rewire my brain
dude just dump her. he/him pussy is not worth the headaches

No. 1433458

i think most men who seek out TIFs are predatory weirdos who just want a next level alt gf, but i don't think this post in particular is. if you read it, it says that they were dating for 2 years and the gf came out as gender-fluid months ago. honestly, it seems like the gf is being manipulative since she changes her feelings every other day and the dude is racking his brain on how to be consistent. this isn't a comic book like marvel where she's a shapeshifter, she's the same person who can't decide on what words to use, and people aren't attracted to words. he should dump her though

No. 1433590

Was searching tumblr and grossed my self out learning their is a detrans kink among fakebois. To my horror some of them even have pornhubs

An example:

No. 1433599

File: 1643878050114.jpeg (753.53 KB, 828x1430, 6ADD1A60-E98B-44A0-AB45-85E7B7…)

Why oh whyyyy do people feel the need to attach their face and personal info to their weirdo internet personas?

No. 1433601

File: 1643878230675.jpeg (293.63 KB, 828x1184, 0966C3F9-8DC9-457D-9FC5-8DF284…)

Alright I no longer have any sympathy for this thing. I hope she gets found out and kicked out of home.

No. 1433602

File: 1643878467113.jpeg (338.86 KB, 828x1178, 0754F550-19B9-4484-B077-8CBBCD…)

Samefag (again), I’m going on a scrolling spree, why is it that so many of these niche kinksters are overweight goblinas?

No. 1433624

This is breaking my brain

No. 1433632

So I can just start telling every tranny I misgender it's my kink and because kinkshaming is wrong I'm untouchable?

No. 1433698

File: 1643899958450.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.37 MB, 828x5830, 5CE9FE92-02AD-4A13-B84A-59AF6A…)

Spoilered for some graphic descriptions of idk what

How the fuck do these blogs exists? I swear some ftms are the biggest pickmes but this is next level coombrain

No. 1433714

I refuse to believe a woman wrote this

No. 1433721

it's an awkward elephant in the room but what's often a source of gender dysphoria is being abused as a kids, i think a lot of these coombrained TIFs were molested as girls, and it makes them nymphomaniacs that becomes more male-patterned porn addiction when they take testosterone. there's also a trend of TIFs who think acting constantly horny and porn-addicted makes them "real men", i only knew a few but they were all into (for lack of a better term) "female-patterned" kinks like DDLG (except they pretend to be a boy) and being BDSM subs. so they don't really pass at all, they just look and act like pornsick women on roids

i've seen similar blogs before the porn ban of "lesbians" who have fetishes for being abused by men, i'm honestly convinced they're run by men LARPing as their "ideal woman". but if they're really run by a woman, it's just the other side of the same coin as the "forced detransitioner kink" girls

No. 1433726

>it's just the other side of the same coin as the "forced detransitioner kink" girls

Maybe I'm just getting old but I can't wrap my ahead around the newest latest developments in the coombrain world. AGPs are one thing but I haven't even looked into the forced detransitioner thing

Do I even want to though

No. 1433730

AYRT, i never looked deeply into it (but some radfems and detransitioners i follow have complained about having to see it since these fetish blogs use tags like "detrans") but as someone who has sadly been in kink communities online a decade ago and had friends who were into things like that, it just looks like a new method of self-hating girls harming themselves to seek sexual validation from men

No. 1433763

Yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised if the vast majority of these girls who transition just got molested or even worse by some disgusting ass men, making them wish to get some power back or something.
It’s honestly really sad, because it feels like there aren’t many options for these girls, they either want to be hypersexual (Because of those stupid ass porn accounts on Twitter talking about how empowering is it to fuck) or they want to be asexual enbys, which I think are the most sad ones.

No. 1433788

yet we still own you lmao

No. 1433819

I don't think anything as fucked up as being assaulted even need to happen. Being a girl can be exhausting. Not wanting to be oneself can probably feel liberating. But it is also only a temporary solution. I've noted that not many of these girls seem to have friends. Spending time with others, especially other girls, can form really encouraging and healing relationships where they can feel heard and seen by another who understands them. And by that, I mean another girl around the same age and not weird older men who seek out girls to groom.

No. 1433866

Tinfoil, but I think these girls (and this goes for many fakebois) are considered to be unattractive so pandering to degenerate men is the only way they feel they can get male validation and attention.

No. 1433867

This just screams scrote fantasy

No. 1433869

>corrective rape fetish
>nerdy virgin girl transformed into slut fetish
>corrupted feminist fetish
>hypno/bimbo fetish
>blacked fetish
The Y chromosome can be smelt from Mars.

No. 1433914

i think sexual abuse is the motive for the TIFs who are into hardcore kinky stuff (that or fujoshi/yaoi stuff), but for everyone else it's usually a form of comorbid mental issues (autism, adhd, ocd, etc) mixed with social awkwardness and wanting to be special. speaking as someone who almost went down this path and see myself in some of these girls, female friendships made my isolation worse. i'm not a pickme (anymore) but i never had a "healing" normal friendship with the same sex that made me feel understood and less like an outsider, but i just chalked that up to being a loser who will never fit in. but i guess other girls use that experience as fodder to prove they aren't really girls

No. 1433971

File: 1643927623308.jpg (57.41 KB, 373x327, scrote.jpg)

No. 1434021

Wow. This is fucking grim. This girl got raped into developing kinks as a way to self abuse herself and then moved onto ruining her body and pretending to be a man. She needs therapy, this isn't a pickme it's a seriously mentally ill girl who's gotten addicted to to being abused and degraded.

No. 1434025

>Talking about how he owns women unsaged
>still gets no reply or female attention

No. 1434054

on a post from 8 months ago in a dead thread no less

No. 1434186

because hot women don't need to pander to male degeneracy or even try too hard in bed. bedroom acrobatics are for ugly girls lmao.

iirc there was even some study on how more attractive women are less likely to give head, go figure

No. 1434188

it's deffo a moid, all moids have this very distinctly wishful way of writing, like they're trying to convince you and themselves that what they desperately want to be true is actually true

No. 1434197

File: 1643945992894.jpg (30.17 KB, 736x413, 4887d97937efd0b864eba091a7d6aa…)

>seething about a post from 8 MONTHS AGO in an unrelated thread

Manifestofag detonating male anuses through spacetime

No. 1434633

OP why the hell did you make such an ant-sized image for this thread? You could have used that "OWO CHOCO??" image instead

No. 1434753

File: 1644008380539.jpg (297.7 KB, 2048x2048, IMG_20220204_225902.jpg)

She thinks she passes. Sad

No. 1434841

Lol always pube stashes and gauges

No. 1434879

Azis vibes

No. 1434993

Fighting the urge to anon this girl and call her a fat short little piggy and see how she tries to spin it into some kinky rp kek

No. 1435172


kek spot on

No. 1435173

OP here, the focus is on this goth tranny character, didn't have the right pic in a higher resolution for her

No. 1435207

File: 1644068739440.jpg (935.86 KB, 752x994, 1636957319884.jpg)

Johnny Righini has detransed or enbyed

No. 1435355

Nope, enbies still belong here in fakeboi thread. If she is really detrans you should carry it over to the other thread

No. 1435528

Nta but I think this is pretty relevant to the ftm thread even if it’s also relevant to the detrans thread

No. 1438636


No. 1438732

sage for blog

do any of you nonnitas have experience/advice with a friend who's expressed that she wants to troon out? ive dated a man who trooned out on me, but thats a very different thing.

Ive only known this girl fairly recently but she has a history of mental health issues. We normally support each other due to having similar upbringings and struggles. but yesterday she told me she spiraled the other day bc she "wanted to have a penis" and I still feel so guilty that idk what to say to that beyond telling her to see a therapist and that ill always be there for her. I'm so worried

No. 1438740

Honestly nonnie, if she has mental problems and is always online, she probably can't be talked out of it. Maybe you could tell her about the dangers transitioning has on the body, such as liver failure, depression, mood swings, uterine atrophy, etc. If she talks about wanting a dick and having bottom surgery, tell her about how SRS surgeons are incredibly sketchy and if a SRS surgeon messes up and doesn't want to fix it, she could not go to another surgeon because they do not operate on other surgeon's "work".

No. 1438743

Samefag, meant *vaginal atrophy

No. 1438757

appreciate the measured response nonna, I'll try to just keep a close eye on her behavior and explain why it's dangerous, out of concern, if things begin to escalate. the good news is shes definitely not terminally online so the social contagion aspect doesn't apply here

No. 1438924

Is she a lesbian, anon? Would the fear of her sexuality be the push, sexism, or just the full on mental illness? Best to figure out the route to help soothe the thoughts.

A general approach I would suggest is spending time with her in the real world doing things that make you feel connected to your body, like sports/walking, etc. No fulfilled person goes down this path, so try to find why she feels unfulfilled maybe? Also focusing on the things that make her enjoy being a woman. Sorry, it's not much help.

No. 1438997

great questions nonja, okay so I don't suspect that shes a lesbian? she's never been with another woman as far as I've known her (4 years?) and shes really dated around with. alot of different guys. she's always had a hyper feminine aesthetic so the thought occurred to me that she might be a femme lesbian when we met - but no, she is straight. we actually became tight bc we were discussing lolita coords lmao. shes also way past her yaoi phase if that matters lol. since she's straight AND so feminine, its really hard for me to imagine her being happy if she did this. I get some people get some gratification out of this if there's a fetish or if they've internalized homophobia, but neither are really true for her.

I mean my best guess as to why she might feel this way is trauma, but there are lots of ways trauma can manifest. I know she's always unhappy with her appearance, I can totally empathize with that as a trauma response, though typically it manifests as "I'm not pretty enough" and nothing overtly TIF-ish if that makes sense.

Last thing, a lot of the abuse she experienced was adolescence or later and it was mostly perpetrated by men she dated. so, maybe she wants to reenact male social roles or male behavior?

Another possibility is that she spends A LOT of time with moids. a lot of her friends are men, and she likes hanging around a lot of """"male spaces"""" like arcades and such. she loves moid shit like rhythm games. most of her long lasting friends are men, she doesn't keep a ton of close female friends. maybe there's something there?

I really appreciate the last suggestion! I will take it to heart, I do want to help her through whatever I can. it takes a lot to vent over someone youre concerned about, so I appreciate you listening too.

No. 1439256

File: 1644458564362.jpeg (583.11 KB, 828x1162, 1CEEF7BC-A907-4304-A60B-44EE06…)


No. 1439401

if she didn't troon and grow out that nasty scraggly facial hair, and lost a little weight, she'd be a hot lesbian. so sad, such a waste. When will the troon saga end anons?

No. 1439433

These people are delusional for even daring to think that they might be able to fool someone with a piece of plastic, even if they "do it in the dark". You do realise that people have other senses besides eyesight, right?

No. 1439485

The definitions of hot are pretty loose, it looks like. She would be normal and pudgy, what about her looks hot? Not only is it embarrassing to argue for someone to argue for her to live as a woman because she would be a "hot lesbian", but often those in question are the plainest or below average looking people. I guess it's not just troons who are delusional and face blind. Have some standards, nona.

No. 1439486


I was just wondering the same thing myself while reading about the effects of estrogen on mitochondrial function, and thinking about how doctors are yeeting the ovaries out of young girls left and right even though we KNOW that early radical hysterectomies lead to greatly increased risk of dementia.

But that is an externality that the surgeons and the people that own the gender clinics don't have to worry about, they just get the money and let everyone else deal with the long-term consequences.

No. 1439528

anon get some standards that aren't just "butch"

No. 1439538


A lot of girls troon out because they think it'll get them an escape from sexism. If she hangs out with lots of moods maybe she's convinced herself those relationships would be smoother or more fulfilling if they really would treat her as one of the guys? The other side of the coin is that lots of mentally ill people are told all their illness is because of dysphoria and if they just "fix" their bodies that goes away and so do all their other problems. This is why people with problems also get sucked into religion, anorexia, extreme politics, etc. They're looking for one answer to fix a bigger problem.

No actual advice but some thoughts on possible reasoning she might have so you can tailor your approach. Definitely encourage her not to rush into anything.

No. 1439616

File: 1644508524869.jpg (1.31 MB, 4032x3024, FD7CAjXUUAMuR-p.jpg)

I checked on Boyfriends' author's twitter, and saw this picture of her desktop setup.
Holy shit, I wouldn't be surprised if she's never had a gay male friend in her entire life.

No. 1439663

This is so ridiculously girly that I still don’t understand how the male brain shit makes sense to these retards.

No. 1439717

troons have forever ruined pastel colors kek, i wouldve thought this looked super cute back in the day but now whenever i see setups like this i just know they belong to either a perverted rapist or an insufferable pickme

No. 1439719

I'll be patient and observant and if she's being rash or her thoughts are spiraling I think that's when intervention would make the most sense. i think what's become fairly obvious to me is that there are tons of underlying reasons one might troon out, and it would be the right thing to do as her friend to understand what specific issues are at play here. I think I have a much clearer idea as to what sorts of issues I should be on the lookout for. thank you for the support kind nonna ♡

No. 1439730

fr even the most effeminate women i know wouldn't be caught dead with all that

No. 1439755

that's a $350 keyboard and i want it sigh

No. 1439802

Pretty much same, >>1439730 is correct, and at this point I don't think they'd specifically like to be caught with white pink and blue all over their bedroom.
I swear at this point that fujo fakebois don't even try to be like men despite claiming to be boys inside, if anything they sound to me like the kind to have thought boys had cooties until they started binging on yaoi and deluding themselves to be ukes irl.

No. 1439871

Please burn my eyes what did I just read

No. 1439878

Sadly irl I know of three teens that’s are ftm or nonbinary, and all of them were either touched or raped in elementary school. I kinda had this idea in my head for a long time, but never wanted to say anything. Happy I’m not the only one to think this. I hope they grow up to be okay. Apps like tiktok and others promoting this to kids really bother me. Fuck sake YouTube constantly shove that gay webtoon in my face with the gay roommates constantly. How do I fall under that advertisement?

No. 1440028

kek, i'm sorry anons, i'm just a sucker for really alt butches with tattoos
sage for no1curr about my thirst

No. 1440038

This is so artificially feminine, it actually gives me AGP vibes. I only know that this is a woman because it is somewhat organized.

No. 1440088

>literally everything is troon flag colours

No. 1440210

File: 1644541438080.jpeg (507.32 KB, 1361x1184, 9336B3E6-662A-4D87-BDDD-5DA820…)

Discovered on r/oviposition last night. This one’s the worst of around ten or so I found in the span of 20 minutes. Some of them look like legit trans guys who are just fucking weird but others are blatant fakebois and worse.

No. 1440216

>This is so artificially feminine, it actually gives me AGP vibes. I only know that this is a woman because it is somewhat organized.
That, and the fujo wallpaper to me. It really is exaggeratedly girly, and yet so many fujo FTMs refuse to call themselves girly at all. Its like being a "boy" made enjoying feminine things cool to them.
Couldn't agree even further, it's pretty damn ew.

No. 1440217

>legit trans guys
>implying there are “real” troons & “fake” troons

No. 1440240

File: 1644543406763.png (210.21 KB, 359x406, roast_me.png)

does anyone recognize this fakeboi?

No. 1440242

Negative. Pretty passable by this thread’s standards though. Who is this?

No. 1440252

is this an old pic of a detroon? self post?

No. 1440254

Once you start criticizing one type of trans person it should be impossible not to realize that it would be disingenuous not to hold the rest to the same standards just because they perform gender roles really well.

No. 1440258

my personal cow, goes by name tachyon on discord, plays pixel games. she's from canada. pre-T, pre everything. just wondering if someone knows her

No. 1440262

tbh she's very handsome, hope she stays pre-everything

No. 1440263

File: 1644545014689.png (74.38 KB, 927x491, tachyon.png)

No. 1440499

It's funny how people on lolcow seem to either have very high, or absolutely no standards

No. 1440520

Fr she looks like a crackhead rodent

No. 1440555

>that thing
Anon…. Come on…

No. 1440920

No. 1440969

Why are so many of them from Canada

No. 1440996

Is this that ticsandroses girl? She faked Tourette’s to promote her business about a year ago in case anyone’s forgotten.

No. 1441004

No, she’s fatter and a different type of ugly. Sage your dumb questions.

No. 1441759

File: 1644700876969.png (562.77 KB, 720x1356, Screenshot_20220212-232048~2.p…)

Found this on reddit. I'm pretty sure this is a fakeboi.


No. 1441760

Looks like Soren kek

No. 1441888

"Internalized misogyny" incoming, and sage-d as well.

I'd have more sympathy for fakebois if they actually had enough balls to admit that they're doing this because being female is an indignity. They have this obsession with maintaining that there's nothing wrong with being female, and are never willing to actually becoming masculine, instead remaining feminine and softboi uwu, etc.

In theory I have endless sympathy for FTMs. Being female is embarrassing, always has been. The fact that women have lived in subjugation of men for most of history isn't the gotcha that feminists think it is. Animals live in subjugation of humans; that's not because animals are secretly superior, lol. Truth is, females are weaker, smaller, insufferable, and generally noxious, and men see them as sex objects because if they didn't they wouldn't bother with them at all. I wouldn't blame any female for wanting to be male, those who don't want to be male are either useless or delusional. I'd certainly rather be male.

But at least commit to it. Jesus christ.(‘sympathy for the fakeboi’ blogpost)

No. 1441892

where is her chin

No. 1441903

File: 1644716565324.jpg (1.03 MB, 2688x1512, superiorkek.jpg)

>Thinks men are superior sex
>Literally murderous coomer degenerates with npd
Men are hysterical. Have fun coping coom chimp while fagfarms is down.

No. 1441926

"Noooo women haven't been subjugated throughout history by men stronger and more powerful than them!! We've actually been subjugated by weak pathetic men!!"

What did anon mean by this?

No. 1441928

>The fact that women have lived in subjugation of men for most of history isn't the gotcha that feminists think it is. Animals live in subjugation of humans; that's not because animals are secretly superior, lol.
what does this have to do with feminism? last i heard "women are superior because they suffer" wasnt a feminist value

No. 1441929

Schizo ramblings of moid terrified he isn't going to spread his parasitic lineage because women have more freedom to reject men now. Just coping.

No. 1441931

Animals are also literally a different species kek. Animals don't create humans. Truly the logical sex kek.

No. 1441936

By the scrotes logic bigger gay scrotes are superior to smaller het scrotes and should be free to oppress them.

No. 1441947

>Every female I meet is an annoying insufferable cunt that doesn't want to have sex with me
>This has nothing to do with my presence there though

Making me laff m8

No. 1441948

He sounds like Copebeef kek.

No. 1441964

Are you the same retard from that reddit post that got posted to the mtf thread by accident? Literally off yourself

No. 1441968

not to a-log, but im glad to hear you hate yourself

No. 1441970

>coom chimp
My sides

No. 1441976

Amen, King. I'm also glad you agree that Tyrone and Jamal are destroying your civilization because they're superior. I wouldn't blame any white moid for wanting to resign to BBC, those who don't want to are either useless or delusional.

No. 1441980

File: 1644723970510.webm (3.37 MB, 576x1024, ssstiktok_1644693181.webm)

This has to be the cringest TIF related content I have ever seen

No. 1441985

She would've probably been a wonderful quirky kinda nerdy woman if the circumstances had been different. Seeing shit like this honestly hurts.

No. 1441988

File: 1644724849828.jpg (678.97 KB, 1032x1188, gg.jpg)


>NOOO fakebois don't want to be proper missing link whychromos because it's being female that's an indignity!

Or it's because they obviously don't want to be you. That's what's been chapping your ass in the first place, isn't it?

The chasm between male and female troons is deep for a reason. Most FTMs believe that actual manhood is grotesque. They're trying to create is their own retarded, sanitized idea of what you should be. But as we both know, the actual state of you disgusts them. Their ideal is a male BJD doll or a hairless kpop creature, until the reality of testosterone settles in.

It's true that they do not want to be women - yet it's as an attempt to decrease their proximity to your unclean and lecherous nature, not increase it. You have correctly observed that there will be no effort on their part to emulate your tard strength or your adult skid marks, but you're not ready to accept the reason why.

I could expand on the irony of pretending that men are superior while being a man who pretends to be a woman who pretends to want to be a man, but you've probably had enough for today. Cope, seethe, jelq and mew.

No. 1441990

Not a conservative, just a normal woman despairing for this insecure woman.

No. 1442033

tldr hurry up and rope

No. 1442071

It is artificially feminine, but given she's a woman she would genuinely enjoy it no matter how much a fakeboi would deny if caught dead with her table unlike AGPs who have perverted intentions behind it.

I thought thats just a weird looking moid. Proof that is a she

No. 1442087

This is a massive cope and it makes me sad.

No. 1442129

Funniest part is, even if there were nipples and no scars there, it's still painfully obvious it's a woman. There's leftover boob there and it is very visible.

No. 1442150

Is she about to cry? Especially at the end
>get mad, get so angry
sounds as if she's actually in an argument with someone and they've hurt her feelings but she's trying to be loud and unbothered by it.
Total cope because she was sold a dream that this surgery would stop people misgendering her and would give her a stable sense of identity, peace of mind. Instead she's got two horrific looking scars, her mental health is clearly spiraling and she's still 100% a woman. That must be heartbreaking.

No. 1442164

Why would anyone get mad at her for ruining her life?

No. 1442173

>>1441988 indescribably based, couldn't have put it any more eloquently nona.

No. 1442174


samefag, fatfingered the new reply button on mobile. sorry for no sage

No. 1442185


I suffer from chest dysphoria and seeing these scars reminds me of why I don't want an amputation. I'm aware my feelings are caused by trauma and probably autism. It's disturbing that anyone would validate them and cut off healthy body parts.

No. 1442193

File: 1644764084425.webm (6.23 MB, 576x1024, Archie_7030558720941624581.web…)

I'm always amazed of how incredibly feminine TIFs can be, seriously look at one of her others vids
she's literally a foot smaller then everyone there

No. 1442212

Nah, that's @joerukunn on twt

No. 1442249

making a tiktok in an arcade full of people too ugh the secondhand embarrassment

No. 1442267

she looks like one of those pictures of dogs with their snout bloated because they ate a bee.

No. 1442328

File: 1644780614490.jpg (89.48 KB, 497x821, 2022-02-13 202929.jpg)

speaking of fetishes….

No. 1442338

So kinkshaming is okay suddenly? Good. Because I'm going to kinkshame the shit out of so many people. Starting from trannies and fujos.

No. 1442345

Reminder to stay strong with that shit, making the wrong move could ruin your life

No. 1442400


I am pro-fujo because they piss off FtMs though.

Honestly boylove seems to provide something a lot of teenage girls need and although it’s a bit cringe it’s not something that starts doing real damage until these girls decide being a fujo is so shameful that it’s less mentally painful to decide they are secretly male

Fujos = fine
deluded fujos larping as bois = stupid

No. 1442419

ok fujo

No. 1442429

school shooter face

No. 1442469

Sure it's not damaging at all to read stories where rape is prominent as a teenager with a developing brain.

No. 1442483


It’s not damaging on the same level as amputating one’s breasts and growing a megaclit, no. Kids shouldn’t be reading porn but that’s on their parents.

Pretending reading gross fiction is in the same ballpark as getting groomed into the gender cult and destroying yourself physically is dumb.

No. 1442490

You have a point. Still gonna kinkshame a little bit.

No. 1442503

i would rather a teen fujo read some doujin where a dude is raped by another dude than have the same girl read anything featuring violence against women

No. 1442511

I was like you once, I know you will be unwilling to admit but BL is a porn addiction that ruins your brain, Aydenism is a byproduct of porn consumption just like AGPness will come over consumption of too much futaporn
Instead of damaging your brain with over exaggerated gendered abuse and mpreg, young girls should read healthier depictions of love and relationships, that's what helped me get over my addiction

basically BL is porn and porn kills love

No. 1442521

>>1442511 agreed, I used to be alright with my friends gushing over yaoi to me because it's just a romance genre but nah it's straight up porn. Even the non-erotica ones are still grooming girls into idolizing MM relationships and devaluing heterosexual ones. If it was truly about the romance aspect, they wouldn't be so hellbent on not reading hetero romance mangas and shit. Sorry to derail and spill my homophobia but gay men are disgusting degens and young hetero girls shouldn't idolise them.

No. 1442537

And DOOM and Marilyn Manson cause school shootings

No. 1442549

This isn't the place to sperg about how much you hate gay people, fuck off back to /pol/

Young hetero girls preferring two dudes to a dude and someone they aren't attracted to is normal, cope

No. 1442553

"porn is bad"? methinks this is the same as saying rock and roll is satanic
I don't understand how can you be this delusional, do you really believe that majority of young girls are all into BL, just think about your highschool days, other then a couple of other porn addicts no one else gave a shit and were weirderd by just weebs in general

No. 1442563

NTA but weren't a shit ton of teenage girls into shipping characters from superwholock or whatever?

No. 1442566

>Nta, but porn is bad, though really only for males since they refuse to exercise self-control/enabled by institution moids and watch more violent stuff as they become desensitised. Girls are just embarrassing chasing an unobtainable fantasy as an uwu gayboi but no actual increasing violence.

No. 1442568

+ yaoi isn't real people while moid porn is.

No. 1442570

Don't reply to scrote

No. 1442575

Speak for yourself, I feel like turning fujo at nearly 30 was the best thing that's happened to my sex life recently. I even feel less uptight in my relationship. I can finally read porn about hot guys without worrying about how they treat the women, and it's actually made me appreciate men's bodies more just having them described more often or shown more often. Especially normal or chubby male bodies which are featured way more regularly than in hetero stuff. I still love hetero stuff but men fucking each other for my gratification is very fun for me. It's really not that serious and just like anything else it's only a gateway to bad shit if you were on the road to bad shit regardless. And there's tons of other ways to get on any road to hell. You can't block them all off you just need to have more people offering directions to get out. Anyway that's all I have for forced metaphors for today.(unsaged yaoi fetish blogpost)

No. 1442587

nta but that was tumblr not real life, using tumblr users as an example for average young girls is like using reddit as an example of average young men
the vast majority of people are normies who aren't even into basic shipping of any kind, like its okay to like yaoi or bl but pretending its something that its anything more then a sub-culture is very bizarre

source In my school there were only like 25 people(total) who were into anything "nerdy" with the exception of DBZ of course

No. 1442597

File: 1644823828513.gif (2.56 MB, 322x178, 1643020911635.gif)

>likes chubby male bodies
kek, opinion discarded
seriously you just outed yourself as a subhuman nonnie, don't get me wrong I'm not into overly muscular gym freaks but a man's natural state is to be fit and lean, that's what he evolved to be like
the thought of liking a man who is chubby just means that you hold subhuman thoughts and can be easily manipulated and thus your opinions are worth jack shit

now I know I can't change your opinions or lifestyle, but please In a couple years from now when your married to some ugly moid with moobs and fantasize about child like anime boys getting raped and having butt babies, please do not have children
you and your future fat husband's subhumanity should not be allowed to spread, think of it like a civil service you can for the human race

No. 1442599

this post is so autistic kek

No. 1442600

Sounds like you're projecting more than anything, and I'm willing to bet you're larping as a well-adjusted human being and less well-adjusted than the average fujo in reality. It wasn't the yaoi that made you autistic.

No. 1442608

sorry you're going through that. I have body dysmorphia and my boobs make me feel fat and sometimes i wanna CHOP, but yeah its mental illness. just bind, its more or less harmless.

No. 1442646


No. 1442647

File: 1644831057203.jpeg (733.6 KB, 1645x2547, E69E673E-B7B2-4015-B65C-8B1AD4…)


No. 1442649

File: 1644831194550.jpeg (391.03 KB, 1242x1710, 59B1EA09-2F6D-4DB3-B734-C48A8B…)

No. 1442656

Whats with trannies and wanting to rope people into non consensual relationships? The dude made it clear he isn’t into giant clit abomination, why’s he the bad guy for establishing boundaries?

No. 1442682

she transitioned to ace ventura

No. 1442691

I've never felt bad for a scrote before but this is it. Wish he'd tried to save the girl from taking hormones that are actively ruining her body. If sex doesn't matter and gender is a social construct, why does she need to run her health to become a man?

No. 1442973


There's no saving an Aiden. She should have dumped him when he said he wanted a traditional family and looked for her own housing. But no, she'd rather try and ride the fence. I feel bad not neither party. But I will say, it's crazy how scrotes and women react differently too their partners trooning out. The males nope their way the fuck out once hormones get involved, but usually women try and stick around and make things work until they can't.

No. 1442978

Usually don't mind is a moid is getting mind-fucked by a fakeboi but this is just disgusting. These trannies just wanna force everyone to play along with their delusions, fetishes and insanity and when they don't they wanna destroy the ppl's credibility. I hope he changed the locks before she has a chance to find a place. No sympathy for a delusional, self-hating TiF who is on her way to destroying her body for life.

When the troon train start to crash and burn, it will be the sweetest milk flowing from thousands of TiFs and TiMs alike who destroyed their bodies for a insane cult.

No. 1443048

Handmaidens need to learn from this.
>set clear boundaries
>boundaries are violated, she maliciously and deceptively betrays him
>terminate relationship, set deadline for moving shit out
>refuse to engage in emotional manipulation tactics, you can't lose a game that is rigged against you if you do not play it

No. 1443433

The way she's acting like a victim in this is amazing. Ex is making his boundaries clear and they are completely reasonable, why should he larp as gay if she really does think she's a man? And did she think she was going to continue living with him once they had broken up? Obviously what's going unspoken here is that she can't afford rent on her own, which sucks but suck it up and get some roommates. That's not his problem anymore. Never thought I'd side with a moid but he didn't do anything wrong here

No. 1444026


If that troon had any brains she'd know that it doesn't matter if she's on the lease. She has established residency there and can bust in with the cops through his changed locks lmfao

No. 1444031

It's a 100% mirror of the results in that study on encountering an available person of the opposite sex who is more attractive than your current partner. Men immediately start seeing their partner more critically even if the new girl doesn't want them, women double down on making things work with the current dude even if the new guy is also interested.

Women are ridden with guilt and pity. Men wouldn't get anywhere with their "patriarchy" if women weren't basically too nice.

If all women euthanized their inner guilty mommy tomorrow, in guessing most men would be dead by next week kek

No. 1444154

File: 1644964362918.jpg (102.38 KB, 1181x471, NcBjmdS.jpg)

Ok themlet

No. 1444169

That's so dehumanizing says a person who is in the same group with people who like to be called "it"

No. 1444174

Well first we call you a "he/they" and THEN we call you a "nOnBiNaRy peRsOn" complete with sarcastic air quotes.

No. 1444195

>Purposefully single yourself out as a NLOG by putting genderspecial pronouns in bio
>rage at people for assuming your pronouns or using they/them as a gender neutral pronoun because most people don't look at the profile of every random person they reply to on the internet
>demands all forms and workplaces accommodate your mental illness by forcing everyone else to write out their pronouns next to their name so you don't feel singled out when you tell everyone your pronouns
>Feel dehumanized when people refer to you using the pronouns you have chosen for yourself
>Assume the gender of the people that offended you by not playing the game the right way even though they're playing by your rules
How on earth do they keep up these mental gymnastics? We are meant to memorize special language rules for these individuals, but only within controlled circumstances they've defined, if we dare to use it in any other way we're dehumanizing lunatics? Language is used to convey meaning, and to say "nonbinary person" for both hulking hons and crying fakebois is completely ineffective communication. Especially retarded in the scenario she's given, "some he/they I met" is much more descriptive and appropriate for this imaginary conversation. It implies that the person in question isn't meaningful enough to you that you would bother learning their name, that the person is an unhinged self-hating woman who told you her pronouns, and that you will probably forget they ever existed in a few days time.

No. 1444217

Literally the only people who unironicaly use "some he/they I met" are other he/theys, they always use it on their memes, on their donation posts, on their bios and anything where they have to reffer to themselves, a group of people or a person. No one outside the genderspecial circle talks like that

No. 1444221

File: 1644970590105.jpg (432.97 KB, 1080x1235, Screenshot_20220215-191051_Red…)

the r/ftm sub is so milky it's bonkers

No. 1444223

File: 1644970798496.jpg (108.23 KB, 1171x659, kim.jpg)

No. 1444230

I think I know what is chapping her ass. When le evil cis people use the "she/they" to refer to the terminal NLOGs, it is just another reminder that they are still seen as women but with an extra quirk kek. Not even the somewhat trans friendly allies really see these women as genderless blob "theys" but instead "shes" with a "they" added on because the NLOGs insist on it.

No. 1444231

funnily enough they never get offended by a meme with "they/them pussy" even though "pussy" is a strictly female thing?

No. 1444235

Denying biological facts is like these people's favorite hobby

No. 1444248

Ugh why do these aidens always work at starbucks??

based mom

No. 1444275

Starbucks offers free gEnDeR-AfFiRMiNg procedures, but not stuff like free pap tests or breast cancer treatments for actual women

No. 1444325

>be jcshadow666
>live at home
>my mother administers vitamins to me
>don't even bother to look at the vitamin bottle because i am so used to my mother being responsible for my health
>also, i am a mature adult who can be trusted to take life-altering hormones

No. 1444327

If you can't talk her out of troonery, you can show her Buck Angel's video on female sexuality. It talks about why she decided to keep her vulva and vagina.

Also, try to find some videos/tiktoks from fakebois about how their surgery to get a penis went horribly, horribly, wrong.

Also, spend some time lurking on r/detrans and see if what someone says there might be what she is going through.

No. 1444389

It's the internalized misogyny. When female traits are portrayed as a good thing, they hop on board. Like when they go "omg so tru" on those "feral weird girl" tumblr posts.

No. 1444390

File: 1644986384198.png (1.07 MB, 826x1253, Screenshot (137).png)

Why do TIFs act like this, seriously If they want people to take them seriously as "men" why say shit like this

No. 1444391

Nonnie, I'm certain that this tif is making fun of the girls that talk about how small they are. Yes it's still retarded but this is definitely supposed to be a joke.

No. 1444410

Because they enjoy the attention they get both from being perceived as delicate/dainty and whatever yes-man they've surrounded themselves with there to affirm them in the comments

No. 1444416

yeah this is a tiktok trend where all sorts of people are making fun of girls calling themselves small

No. 1444426

as someone who had 3 brothers I can assure you all this is not how boys act
like I don't even know where TIFs get their ideas of what boys act like from

No. 1444435

on t for 6 years at 18, so she started at 12 and still shits on her parents despite them allowing that to happen? this is so retarded, hope she goes bald soon

No. 1444438

Imagine landing at your parents place after things fell apart for you and still having the audacity to complain about trivial shit like this.

No. 1444463


I am constantly amazed at how girly TIFs manage to be. Not just in comparison to boys but in comparison to girls as well. Like if you distilled only the most feminine tastes of every 14 year old girl on earth and molded it into human form. And the creepiest thing is that they don’t grow out of it. Even the 30 year old fakebois still act like that.

No. 1444477

>I wanna befriend bugs
>Climb tall trees, scrape my knees
>And show I am tough
>Only cry in the night-time, my bed is the thing I can trust
what boy actually acts like this IRL

No. 1444497

File: 1644996791981.jpg (15.7 KB, 414x432, 182428330_277601424086130_6863…)

>I wanna befriend bugs
>Boys will be bugs
Why are tifs obsessed with bugs? I've known one that was an expert on bugs too

No. 1444504

It's not really about bugs per-se, they just have pre-conceived stereotypes about what they think young boys act like
playing in the mud, climbing trees, collecting bugs e.t.c

like cavetown's entire discorpaghy
>I'm a dumb teen boy
>I eat sticks and rocks and mud

>Don't mess with me I'm a big boy now and I'm very scary

>I punch my walls, stay out at night, and I do karate

No. 1444506

>playing in the mud, climbing trees, collecting bugs e.t.c
that's exactly what i did too

No. 1444523

Whenever they talk about work it’s always a barrister or retail, nothing else exists for them. Is this normal?

No. 1444529

Its not exactly a TIF thing, a lot of layabout young women who don't know what to do with their lives end up in these part-time jobs while they try to figure shit out

No. 1444565

Is this really meant for trannies?
>I wish i had a a body you could be attracted to
Sounds more like being in love with a straight girl. IF its a troon i would Love to hear ger defend why she wants to be a boy since that mean she understand she isnt one

No. 1444590

It's weird isn't it? As gross as TIM are a lot of them have professional jobs.(sage)

No. 1444623

you forget to sage
I mean compared to some 32 year old AGP who trooned out when he was in his late 20's, Aydens tend to be younger, trooning themselves due to over consumption of BL in their late teen's

No. 1444647

This. TIFs are special ed kids ruining their lives early on because they don't know better. but degeneracy has no age in males, so we get literal boomers trooning on a dime.

No. 1444656

Lots of male troons have shitty jobs too, mainly because a lot of them were terminally online high school dropouts who can only work in retail.

No. 1444660

I thought you were making those lyrics up, but no they're completely legit.

No. 1444723

only a young girl could have made this song
Its just like >>1444463 stated, It captures all the feelings and thoughts one might have as a 14 year old girl
when I was a 14 year, I thought boys were dumb but I still found them cute and even endearing in a way, "Boys will be bugs| is exactly what a 14 year old thinks boys are like, this works better when sung by a female and makes more sense imo

No. 1444747

Some people are beaten out of their homes for being gay or lesbian but this brat here hates her house and family because they're giving her woman multivitamins kek

No. 1444767

is that a joke about the current state of the us harsh noise community? it's infested with troons more than you can imagine

No. 1444854

Right, also mens and womens vitamins have different levels of varying nutrients (like I’m pretty sure womens have more iron and calcium bc we tend to be lower in them), so in the end it’s still the best thing. Also though, imagine being EIGHTTEEN and waiting for your mommy to bring you your vitamins. Like she’s old enough to go pick out her own if it’s so bothersome.

No. 1445016

sounds legit (sarcasm for the autistic nonas itt). isn't randomly lifting the uke up what all sexy irl gay semes do after all?

No. 1445063

File: 1645059526469.png (88.69 KB, 752x694, jewish man newish misogynist.p…)

saged because it's shitty obscure jewish news, but an annoying missouri rabbi on twitter who obsesses over trans kids posted a twitter thread about berel-beyle, a ukrainian woman who "became a man" in a shtetl and married a woman. apparently, she met an important professor in odessa who helped her transform into a man.

this story took place in the late 1800s, when sexual inversion theory was gaining popularity. this conceived of lesbians as actually being male and that homosexuals had the soul of the opposite sex, which explained their "contrary" attraction. berel-beyle may have been a gnc woman who was convinced that she was really a female invert (homosexual) and should therefore have a wife, or maybe she was a homosexual who was convinced by a professor that she must become a man. i think this was probably the option that made the most sense to her, but it doesn't prove to me that trans identification is natural…if anything it just shows it as even MORE culturally influenced because of what european sexologists were doing at the time!

sorry for the infuriating sanctimonious read in advance


No. 1445092

Don't know if "Azrai"/Cheyenne has ever been posted here. Nothing milky, I just think it's pretty unfortunate she transitioned. I don't think her voice is actually this deep either, I get the feeling she's faking it. Her channel used to be called Larp House and watching her old videos legit makes me feel so sad.

Also, she said she was asexual and gay before she transitioned, and now post transition she still calls herself gay. Make it make sense.

No. 1445097

sage for autism but it makes me so fucking mad how actual women are excluded from noise music, we're just depicted on album covers being mutilated/raped. and there are plenty of fantastic female noise artists but they're overlooked in favour of troons like uboa or pharmakon

No. 1445100

nonnie pharmakon isn't a tranny (thankfully) but yeah i'm also tired of uboa, niku daruma, etc asskissers.
lingua ignota is our goddess and saviour and she makes noisebros mad

No. 1445159

File: 1645072163214.png (198.39 KB, 1420x700, jcshadow666.png)

looked up her accounts and yeah it's what I expected, a nerdy self hating young woman with body issues

No. 1445168

is it possible to have a real friendship with a FTM? just found out someone in my online circle is now trans identifying and i feel bad for wanting to pull back.

No. 1445207

You have to bite your tongue about a lot of things and it can make it very hard to feel a real connection. You'll also probably end up pitying them a lot and that can be hard, or getting frustrated with them for making bad choices. Some go into a reverse dysphoria spiral once T actually kicks in and it's awful to watch but so maddening because you chose this, wtf?

No. 1445208

noticing some common themes in both these songs

>I wanna befriend bugs

>Climb tall trees, scrape my knees
>And show I am tough
>Only cry in the night-time, my bed is the thing, I can trust

>I'm a dumb teen boy

>I eat sticks and rocks and mud
>I don't care about the government
>And I really need a hug

>I wanna be a boy

>Take up space when I sit

>I don't need manners, they're shit

>Don't mess with me I'm a big boy now and I'm very scary
>I punch my walls, stay out at night, and I do karate

again where do they get these ideas of how boys act like from

No. 1445212

I did like half of the things that this song attributes to be male traits. Am I a boy?? Nonnies help I'm having an identity crisis I climbed trees as a kid!! I have scars on BOTH my knees from scraping them does that mean I need a mastectomy???

No. 1445213


Sage for blogposting. In my experience: the older ones who transitioned pre-2010 sometimes yes, otherwise no. Anyone who transitions these days tend to spiral deeper and deeper into troon cult bullshit until you can’t hold a conversation with them.

I have maintained a friendship with an unusually chill FTM for a few years but I had to pull back a lot recently because they decided to go forward with phalloplasty and I couldn’t watch them go through that shit. (Predictably they already have complications.)

No. 1445214

File: 1645081699440.png (434.57 KB, 1075x535, Screenshot.png)

that depends, do you also want to skinwalk as your male highschool crush ?

No. 1445217

Yeah I had a phase like that but thankfully grew the fuck out of it fast. I'm saddened that I even fell for the genderfluid/tranny bullshit as a dumb teen girl who was just depressed and autistic with no diagnosis. The amount of girls on the spectrum trooning out around me now is truly horrifying.

No. 1445220

I spent hours playing outside as a kid, collecting bugs and having my knees scrapped but at the same time I had dolls and played girly games online. Help anons am I a boy or girl?

No. 1445223

proud of you nonna, but can I ask you regarding the whole "wanting to become the bf" thing, it seems aboustetly bizzare

No. 1445224

why you are nonbinary of course anon!!! hope this helps !!

No. 1445227

Well I didn't have a bf but I lusted over emo boys and jrock singers and wanted to look like them while also dating them. And yes I was a fujo too. Slippery slope.. I just didn't find myself attractive and the girly girls got mocked a lot for being vain and were called basic bitches. I didn't fit that and due to all the mocking I didn't have the courage to even try to be feminine. I felt alien to me too and really didn't suit me so I went the alt route and started thinking I was a boy because the thought of puberty freaked me out when I was younger. Now I'm embracing being a woman and I do whatever I want be it mocked or not. I am a woman and proud of it.

No. 1445228

again I'm happy you didn't go down that path, this is what I mean when I say, we need more healthy depictions of romance between ordinary(or GNC tomboy girls) and average nice guys and it being portrayed as a normal thing

No. 1445230

There are too many boxes that people are trying to be shoved into. People can't just be what they are without unnecessary labeling that could at worst make them end their lives. All in the name of being woke.

No. 1445241

Didnt sage lol but i figure you meant to. Hope your friend is alright. Admittedly I’ve got some ftm friends myself, one of which is thinking of phallo, and I’m struggling with that.

No. 1445297

anon, are you me? Literally same, down to the jrock and everything.
I'm glad nobody tried to convince me that I'm trans. At that time I dont think I even knew transgender is a thing that exists. (this was 15 years ago)

No. 1445365

I think it just means she's attracted to butches, but the butches identify as men now. Dunno about the asexual thing though.

No. 1445401

File: 1645115106358.png (66.85 KB, 806x475, Screenshot (640).png)

kek your right

No. 1445424

One of my best friends is a FTM…but of the ashamed butch lesbian variety. Comes from a very conservative Asian household that wanted her to be a traditional housewife and get married and have kids at a young age. I have to hold back some of my opinions and sometimes I have been called "TERFY" but she generally is self-aware of her desire to transition due to internalized homophobia/misogyny but doesn't care enough to work on it and would rather disavow womanhood entirely.
Frankly, unless you are particularly close to them, I wouldn't bother. It will sew a natural division and make things tense between you two if you hold GC opinions. It's not fun walking on eggshells all the time.

No. 1445456

Cheyenne was one of those youtube channels I would stumble on to every so often. Not my type of channel, but appreciated the artsy concepts, and is in my line of work - but last time I've noticed that 'so I'm trans' video my brain's just gone 'oh no' every time I see her.
Clearly she can't turn certain things around now, but man she was a perfectly fine gal. It's just too bad… Wish she'd gotten better mental help.
But gotta admit she's become more of a personal cow now (since she doesn't seem to be mentioned here much like you said), something something trainwreck.

NOW nonny is finally valid

No. 1445460

Anon, are you me? Almost exact same scenario with my best friend down to the type of household. How has it been for the most part regarding your relationship?

No. 1445461

One of my close friends became one and as long as the trans stuff doesn’t come up it’s been okay. I even told her how I felt about some things and she did try to lecture me a bit but I value the other aspects of our friendship so much I don’t really want to end it.

No. 1445469

It's been tumultuous honestly and exhausting and sometimes we take breaks, but have been friends for 10+ years now.
I honestly just feel so bad for her, when she came out as trans to her parents and started transitioning, her dad was just happy to finally have a son to inherit the family business and actually preferred that over her being gay. In East Asian society I guess it's better to have a troon son over a lesbian daughter. It made her parents happy so she stuck with it. Absolutely fucked.

No. 1445473

No. 1445475


And you shouldn't feel bad for pulling back, especially if they're the "tumblr/twitter gay" FTM type. There's basically no FTM that doesn't have some sort of cluster-b personality disorder. Stay away.

No. 1445500

normal people would just make OCs
aidens want to be them

No. 1445575

File: 1645128805129.png (115.72 KB, 1080x597, Screenshot_20220217-205220~2.p…)

Lol troon musicians are some of the worst musical acts of these past few years.

No. 1445626

i find it easier to be friends with FTMs than MTFs (since they still act like women), but it mostly depends on your beliefs. if you can't handle walking on eggshells about pronouns and basic biology, you're better off pulling back.

at this point, i can only be friends with transgenders who are aware they're still biological women/men and can't change that, which are basically a minority within a minority

No. 1445723

In the writing scene, they tend to be the worst writers too

No. 1445827

Chasm? Male coomer trannies don't actually WANT to be women either, similarly to how female fujotroons don't actually want to be men. Troomers wish to embody their own caricature of womanhood, just like fujotroons do. Even TIMs who hyperfixate on female body parts and physiological processes have TIF counterparts. Do a quick search on Youtube or popular subreddits and you'll get hundreds of results of TIFs obsessing over packers, plastic testicles, erection rods, cum tubes, etc.

No. 1445861

Sure, a lot of male troons want to be porn caricatures and all, but a lot of them also wish to experience menstruation, abortion, sexual harassment, bloating from pregnancy, and so on. Many think they look like "average women", and they revel in being able to pass as one. Fat, bald or tall? "I'm just a fat bald tall girl uwu". If it occurs in a real woman, no matter how unattractive it is, there will be at least one male troon looking to emulate it.

I've yet to meet ONE gaydyn who wants a beer belly, bald head or even anything resembling the average physique of a man pushing 30. The seething about fake troons was mainly aimed at them for a reason. Most if not all of them are downright repulsed with maleness and masculinity, with only a few ex-lesbian ones settling for looking like shit (male) if it means they can pass.

No. 1445931

File: 1645156277640.jpg (171.83 KB, 898x524, Ea384bIWkAAKc4e.jpg)

I don't understand if she's so invested in becoming a man, why can't she be a man about the situation and move on instead of pitty party asking for free money online, as if other random people have to pay the bills for he bad decisions in life.
The guy was an idiot tho, don't get me wrong, he wanted children, right? Why would you plan that with a FtM I have no clue.
Also, better do something else than Starbois if you want a real income, maybe learn a man's job like woodcutter, carpenter, plumber or electrician, the pay more and are more in demand than Baristas, trust me.

No. 1445959

There's been surprisingly many detrans stories on snapchat frontpage lately. All have been women so far from what I've seen. I hope this is a turning point. And I'm genuinely very surprised there's a public platform giving them voices.

No. 1445972

oh god… anon does she talk about it to you? what the fuck do you even say? "i'm so happy for your irreversible genital mutilation?"

No. 1445974

This makes Taylor Swift sound like heavy metal

No. 1445980

It's like being friends with anyone who's joined a cult. As they go deeper and deeper, they become unrecognizable and the relationship dissolves.

No. 1445984

The cult thing is so accurate. They start pushing their views on you too and if you disagree they get mad. You either agree with them or it's the end of the relationship.

No. 1446001

File: 1645163704247.jpeg (52.25 KB, 900x415, 53D3C271-FFB2-464B-BD03-AF8D74…)

does this count

No. 1446009

a year ago I would have said this is fake but I have come across a couple Individuals like this, TIFs have sissification/feminization fetishes
wanting to be force feminized and "made a woman" by another man

Just look up r/FTF_feminization(though it's NSFL)

No. 1446094

are there some mainstream troon musicians? except for Kim Petras that is

No. 1446099

Mostly hyperpop shits such as 100 gecs, Sophie, etc

No. 1446121

sounds interesting but I couldn't find the sub.

No. 1446129

shit, I meant r/ftmspunished

No. 1446139

Lol the tumblr kink scene is filled with ftms that want to be misgendered, detransition and impregnated as their "fetish". Like, hmmmm maybe they should take that as a sign that maybe they actually are just women, but no, its a "fetish" lmao and they feel like they have to fight against it and are ashamed of wanting to be women again. How delusional can one be.

No. 1446150

Really any common themes or background. It'd be interesting knowing what snapped them out of it

No. 1446157

Whoa there are some girls who are super cute, such a waste. Also r/bois is another fakeboi subreddit


No. 1446180

No one else goes through pain or puts it into their art. Did you guys know that troons are THE most oppressed people of all time??

No. 1446194

They've been public for a few years now. They are a lot detrans videos on youtube. And there is a subreddit, r/detrans. And there is Detrans Awareness Day.

There is detransvoices.org website and post-trans.com website. Post Trans also has a booklet about detransition.

No. 1446250

Most women don't get turned on by the idea of being pregnant or humiliated. They are self hating women who see pregnancy as some sort of taboo or something to be ashamed of. Many of them are childhood sexual abuse victims who have internalized the abuse. They're not psychologically healthy women. Please don't equate having a pregnancy or humiliation fetish with femaleness.

No. 1446309

I think the anon one is fake, its a female version of a more popular greentext about a guy who jacks it to gay porn saying boypussy to his gf during sex

No. 1446405

Honestly all the actually “successful “ Trans musicians are either degenerate mtfs or non binary females who aren’t actually taken seriously as trans ie, ashnikko

No. 1446432

so can women have AGP? what causes this?

No. 1446436

I have definitely met women who act like they have AGP but it's not the same. They are obsessed with performing femininity for approval and they over sexualize themselves and sometimes even borderline fetishize things like pregnancy and menstruation. A lot of tradthots act this way. If you want to see the phenomenon go and look at the subreddit redpillwomen. It's usually based on approval seeking and validation from other people, namely narcissistic scrotes as opposed to being turned on by your own body.

No. 1446528

>appreciated the artsy concepts, and is in my line of work

Wait, is larping your line of work? Or are you in animation? Sorry, I don't mean to derail, I'm just curious.

No. 1446547

AGP is being turned on by the fantasy of yourself as a woman. So no women can't have it

No. 1446632

File: 1645234103217.png (48.79 KB, 717x409, e.png)

reminder that only straight men are allowed to not like dick

No. 1446896

File: 1645267901844.jpg (634.98 KB, 1080x1705, Screenshot_20220215-190927_Red…)

more r/ftm milk. literally something new and crazy every day

No. 1446897

File: 1645267938763.jpg (71.53 KB, 1080x289, Screenshot_20220215-190949_Red…)

No. 1446900

TIFs can literally be more female if they tried, no TIM or man pretending to be female online could type this

No. 1446965

Why are TiFs such doormats? You would expect them to be bold when they call themselves Kyle or Jerric and cut their tits off.

No. 1446970

They are mentally ill and traumatized women.

No. 1446976

God damn, every time someone says something they don’t like they call it verbal abuse. It’s getting ridiculous. Gay guy has a right to be up front about what he doesn’t like. I agree the use of the word “pussy” is slightly vulgar and dismissing but idk. Tbh I don’t understand why he’s dating her at all unless just for appearances.

No. 1447046

If you cover the word 'boyfriend' or 'girlfriend', and compare with similar posts from FtM Reddit, you find the proof that biological sex is real.

No. 1447047

Compare with Mtf* reddit

No. 1447057

is is possible to have autoandrophilia?

No. 1447062

If you associate extreme escapist arousel with power, add some narcissism, associate cock/patriarchy with power, then I think you got the recipe for autoandrophelia

No. 1447072


Lol well sweetie there's the problem. Only retards or divas with personality disorders think the world has to align with your wannabe reality. She's fucking angry that people have eyes and ears and can tell she's not a man, must be the world's problem not the fake delusional fuck's.

I have no patience for this bullshit. First the fat people had their shit about how they're actually really attractive as they drown in their own bodies. Like fuck you, be fat if you want, but you can't just coerce the world into thinking that's sexy. Now dweeby ass girls that don't know shit about men listen to some shitty elevator music and think they're boys because they did normal kid stuff that only they seem to have assigned a sex role to. Lame shit.

No. 1447236

Not sure the best place to post this so I'll post it here.

-legally changed her name to Ryou Bakura
-has a weird autistic podcast called Chao Radio
-RPs and makes weird Yugioh content and claims to make a living off it
-says she is legally married to her cat
-looks like shmorky, says she looks like eminem and ryou bakura from yugioh
-claims to be fey and also a bunch of anime characters and intersex


No. 1447333

Eww she just made a post about being impregnated by her brother. T must be warping so many straight girls sexuality

No. 1447340

She could've just got a binder and a straight bf who's fine with larping yaoi sex every now and then. Now she's a titless pube-bearded goblin stuck with a gay dude who hates her lmao

High chance it is him. He reads these threads. He's hinted to it on Twitter, one of my all time favorite spergs from him is when he was whining about fakebois "pretending" to be femboys.

Many detrans girls say when they got on T they were extremely horny 24/7 and had weird sex fantasies.

No. 1447341

Eww she just made a post about being impregnated by her brother. T must be warping so many straight girls sexuality(Then post it)

No. 1447420

I guess it is possible, but because women’s brains aren’t overridden with coom, ftms are almost always transitioning because of internalized misogyny.

No. 1447464

What kind of real man would pick the username “froggyboy”?

No. 1447489

kek I didn't even notice the username, but god damm that is such a fakeboi username

No. 1447607

I saw screenshots of this on a random tumblr the other day and could not finish reading because it was so sad and the pathetic comments celebrating and fawning over it broke my heart

No. 1447727

TIFs have a weird fascination with frogs, and I don't know why.

No. 1447760

Because boys like frogs of course!

No. 1448140

File: 1645399803513.png (68.29 KB, 736x650, some things never change.png)

at the r/ftmpunished, its eerie and sad how they're unable to realize they're getting treated like objects/ garbage by "cis" men because they still see them as women, specially women selling porn, just "whores"

No. 1448158

They really think men who masturbate to women being tortured and degraded give a single shit about their boundaries. God, the state of it all.

No. 1448230

This is the Achilles heel of the entire sex posi/pro sex work movement. Do sweat shops suddenly become empowering and valid if the labourers working in them decide their work is radical and makes them boss bitches counting their money? No, because at the end of the day their feelings are completely irrelevant as long as the supervisors above them, the factory owners working over them and the final consumers treat them the same as they always did. It doesn’t matter if you’re a big name Playmate pornstar, an unemployed fakeboi making “empowering” onlyfans smut, or a $2 street walker. In the eyes of a coomer, these women are all just things to be raped and degraded. You don’t get a special pass out of misogyny, especially if you’re enabling degenerates who get off to fetish porn. When you set fire to a diesel can, don’t act shock and outraged when it blows up in your face. Sage for anti SW sperg.

No. 1448326

Blanchard, who created the term autogynephilia, says that women have autohomoeroticism, not autoandrophilia.

No. 1448385

File: 1645423630069.jpg (59.54 KB, 581x960, t5vp506ptud81.jpg)

speaking of Achilles, that novel has ruined a generation of young girls
don't get me wrong. it's well written and engaging but its negative lasting impacts have outweighed any of its merits

No. 1448404

File: 1645428067775.jpg (142.02 KB, 1080x1471, Screenshot_20220221-150502_Ins…)

Cosplayer I followed for years now came out as nonbinary in her 30s. Disappointed but I'm not really surprised to be honest.

No. 1448405

File: 1645428096282.png (605.07 KB, 1080x1428, Screenshot_20220221-150509_Ins…)

No. 1448406

File: 1645428194531.png (447.33 KB, 1080x872, Screenshot_20220221-150514_Ins…)

No. 1448407

File: 1645428225846.jpg (241.78 KB, 1080x1024, Screenshot_20220221-150523_Ins…)

No. 1448408

It's a fine book, decent even, but because TIFs want to LARP as Achilles, I've started calling it Greek myth yaoi.

No. 1448411

I can understand wanting to be a gay man instead of a straight woman to a certain extent, but ultimately if that happened you'd be stuck with nothing but anal and blowjobs for the rest of your life which sounds really unappealing to me. I don't get why so many girls think they want that

No. 1448416

Why doesn't she use hen/hennes, isn't that the Swedish they/them

No. 1448425

When they say no cis guys do they mean cis guys aren't allowed to look at the content or jerk off to it? How are they gonna monitor that?

No. 1448430

Trooning is such a midlife crisis thing now. It's probably the only type of midlife crisis which both sexes express.

No. 1448437

30s is not old enough for a midlife crisis

No. 1448457

It means that some of them don't want "cis"" men to engage with them or send dm's

No. 1448458

Language sperging incoming but "dom/deras" is prime snowflake retardedness:
Firstly it literally means "they/their" (so not even they/them) but unlike English it is never used for anything other than a group of people/objects.
Secondly "dom" is the incorrect "kid" version of spelling it and makes you look illiterate.
Thirdly there are gender neutral pronouns already in use "hen/henom"
And lastly it is completely normal in Swedish to use "it" (in a similar way you would say "the one who…") for a single person as well

She really went out of her way to make sure she looks as stupid as possible.

No. 1448465

Honestly fuck the passive aggressive scrote for keeping her around if he even doesn't want to touch her. I'm sick of men exploiting FTMs for sexual pleasure and people only accusing the women of "fetishization". Even if it is a delusional Aiden she doesn't deserve some moid stringing her along and purposefully saying hurtful shit to her.

No. 1448503

It's probably a straight man who wants to engage in anal sex and that's why he lies about being off-put by pussy. Would a lesbian be fine with a man as long as he didn't use his dick? Or a gay man fine with a woman alas they didn't do piv? Don't think so. Anyone who dates ftm are either straight or bi. No gay man dates women who act or try to act like men.

No. 1448538


Has anyone noticed when woman in theirs 30s and beyond troon out they just become non-binary, agender, bi-gender, etc? They never become full out troons (like the teenagers or early 20s FtM) meanwhile men in their 50s do become full out troons and demand you to call them "girls".

No. 1448542

prolly cuz they’re developed enough to realize that medically transitioning is retarded but they’re still emotionally unintelligent enough to wanna be a genderspecial. MTFs just go full girl bc it really doesn’t matter if they’re on E or not, really, they aren’t gonna pass so they just get mad at us for not pretending.

No. 1448550

Ah, thank you for clearing it up anon. Not surprising the genderspeshuls want to make things more complicated than needed regardless of the language.

t. Finnish anon whose entire Swedish vocabulary is like "bög :—-DDd"

No. 1448555

I think it's because men troon out for sexual reasons and women usually troon out for trauma reasons. A man must pretend to be a woman because he is attracted to women, while a woman just has to not be a women so she wont be a potential victim again/can disassociate from being victimised.

No. 1448561

hello nonas, i've been lurking for a while but this is my first time replying to a thread. wanted to share this article with you that made me roll my eyes into my skull.


sauciest bits:

>”There are a lot of misogynistic people who are internally feeling, Why doesn’t this person want to be a man? Or, This person can’t possibly be a man because they’re feminine,” she said. “There are a lot of harmful effects. It kills people in terms of the violence [transgender people] face, but also the mental health challenges and the suicidality it causes.”

>When Belderiver’s therapist rejected his trans status, the experience was more than just upsetting. Belderiver needed the therapist to provide a diagnosis of gender dysphoria, without which his health insurance company would not cover testosterone treatments.

>Belderiver describes his gender expression as androgynous and femme. A typical outfit includes shredded jeans with a pair of fishnet stockings and a crop top. Belderiver’s hair is partially shaved. He wears black eyeliner and occasionally tops off the look with an electric-green lipstick.

>Later, when Belderiver came out as transgender, his mother was initially in denial and confused because of his femme gender expression.

“She said, ‘I don’t understand. You’ve always been feminine. You were in ballet. You like pastel colors,’” recalled Belderiver. He told her, “That doesn’t change who I am.”

>“The combination of being fearful of their feminine energy (because it threatens their newfound masculinity), along with negative messaging around what it means to embody femininity, is what then leads to internalized transmisogyny (the intersection of transphobia and misogyny).”

>Hoskin adds that Western culture has forced masculinity to be at odds with femininity, even though it’s unnecessary to create an either/or antagonism. Masculine and feminine traits coexist within everyone, regardless of gender. Trying to silo them creates artificial boundaries and taboos.

>All Lukas wants is to be able to wear his hair long and not be labeled a “girl” because of it.

No. 1448562

true, its not old enough for a 'midlife' crisis
but ive seen people hit 30 and some people do experience a crisis
30 is the milestone many consider being the end of being young
this makes people consider where they are in their lives, their career and in their relationships and many people realise they are not happy and they panic as they are no longer young anymore in their own eyes
some choose to ignore it they contiue to blindly think they are still young people

you see it on tv, there are two british comedians who immediately spring to mind and there are definitely more, their entire routines and personalities are based on behaving like they are still in their early twenties yet they are well over 30 and it is incredibly cringey, it is literally 'how do you do fellow kids tier' most of their audience are 30 something laughing and thinking 'yeah were still young' deluding themselves and enjoying how this confirms their view

some people literally dont give a fuck about turning 30 but others genuinely do experience a crisis

No. 1448563

Kek, which comedians. I want to know if I'm thinking of the right ones.

No. 1448565

File: 1645451890925.png (876.58 KB, 807x1437, Screenshot Not Manly Enough Fe…)

hello nonas, i've been lurking for a while but this is my first time replying to a thread. wanted to share this article with you that made me roll my eyes into my skull.


sauciest bits:

>”There are a lot of misogynistic people who are internally feeling, Why doesn’t this person want to be a man? Or, This person can’t possibly be a man because they’re feminine,” she said. “There are a lot of harmful effects. It kills people in terms of the violence [transgender people] face, but also the mental health challenges and the suicidality it causes.”

>When Belderiver’s therapist rejected his trans status, the experience was more than just upsetting. Belderiver needed the therapist to provide a diagnosis of gender dysphoria, without which his health insurance company would not cover testosterone treatments.

>Belderiver describes his gender expression as androgynous and femme. A typical outfit includes shredded jeans with a pair of fishnet stockings and a crop top. Belderiver’s hair is partially shaved. He wears black eyeliner and occasionally tops off the look with an electric-green lipstick.

>Later, when Belderiver came out as transgender, his mother was initially in denial and confused because of his femme gender expression.

“She said, ‘I don’t understand. You’ve always been feminine. You were in ballet. You like pastel colors,’” recalled Belderiver. He told her, “That doesn’t change who I am.”

>“The combination of being fearful of their feminine energy (because it threatens their newfound masculinity), along with negative messaging around what it means to embody femininity, is what then leads to internalized transmisogyny (the intersection of transphobia and misogyny).”

>Hoskin adds that Western culture has forced masculinity to be at odds with femininity, even though it’s unnecessary to create an either/or antagonism. Masculine and feminine traits coexist within everyone, regardless of gender. Trying to silo them creates artificial boundaries and taboos.

>All Lukas wants is to be able to wear his hair long and not be labeled a “girl” because of it.

No. 1448569

I was thinking of these two but there are definitely others
Sara Pascoe aged 40 - "i dated two men at the same time without telling them oops, i called them by the wrong names all the time oops, hehehe i had an abortion arent i funny arent abortions funny"
Caraid Llyod aged 39 - "OMG im like totes fluent in emoji, smiley face, frowny face, sad dog, winky ghost, lol"

No. 1448571

>Hoskin adds that Western kvlture has forced masculinity to be at odds with femininity, even though it’s unnecessary to create an either/or antagonism. Masculine and feminine traits coexist within everyone, regardless of gender. Trying to silo them creates artificial boundaries and taboos.
"Broken clock is right twice a day" moment.
>All Lukas wants is to be able to wear his hair long and not be labeled a “girl” because of it.
Scrotes often wear long hair, wtf she's talking about?

No. 1448577

Exactly. You have to be really deep into English gender lingo bullshit to think that you can just translate they/them into Swedish 3rd person plural and start using that as your pronoun.

No. 1448594

Nice first post anon. I feel like a lot of the feminine FTM stuff must intersect with people thinking you don’t need dysphoria to transition (not a try’s um but 100% sure that’s where it comes from). Also why would anyone be so dumb and autistic to wear the most feminine dress possible for an appointment to get testosterone? How did she actually think that was going to play out kek

No. 1448672

>muh western culture

All masculinity in every place on this planet is designed to be at odds with femininity. It mostly exists to help young whychromos cope with the realization that they're not their mothers and never will be, which is why it's so testerical, compensatory and LARPy in nature. Masculinity lets a man believe that he's not a defective woman/female adjacent that can't do what women do, but his own unique thing with his own unique and dignified role that no one else could possibly perform. This necessarily implies artificial restrictions on women to create the illusion of females being highly specialized and unable to do what men do. Masculinity can't exist without femininity, much like a narcissist's false self cannot exist without supply. Because men can't reproduce, they need to believe that in exchange, women can't do anything but reproduce. It's their primordial "Yas king you don't need no woman".

Tl;dr what the fuck is that troon talking about? All gender roles are adversarial, especially outside of the west.

No. 1448710

This is just confusing to me.. Femme transmasculine? So he's a trans man who is femme? Or Just transmasculine but somehow not masculine but femme? What kind of bullshit is this? Just accept you're a woman and style yourself however the fuck you like and stop making up stupid labels for wearing clothes.

No. 1448787

>>Belderiver describes his gender expression as androgynous and femme. A typical outfit includes shredded jeans with a pair of fishnet stockings and a crop top. Belderiver’s hair is partially shaved. He wears black eyeliner and occasionally tops off the look with an electric-green lipstick.

I think this bit is my favorite. I can't with the level of narcissism these people have (idk who wrote the article though but it doesn't look like the girl in the pic did)

No. 1448811

File: 1645475706219.jpg (666.76 KB, 1255x1249, 1645475250446.jpg)

this is so depressing

No. 1448817

I have a feeling her "100% gay cis boyfriend" is just a selfish bi guy who doesn't want to reciprocate on her smelly roid-clit and saw the perfect out, kek

No. 1448819

All this to look like a slightly passing MTF troon. Kek

No. 1448828

Big Ebony Darkness Dementia Raven Way energy

No. 1448830

At first I thought this was a timeline of the same person getting their shit increasingly fucked up by T

No. 1448874

The only ones with passable faces are Dick and Elliott, the rest look like lesbians on unemployment

No. 1448913

Dick only "passes" because she has facial hair. Them pooner eyes don't lie. Elliot only passes because her parents started her on testosterone when she was 11 or 12 iirc

No. 1448928

>Elliot Roger

No. 1449023

ayden is an mtf "detransitioner" who has no actual interest in detransitioning. He was born male, the ftm thing is a total larp. you can find their timeline in their post records. His fetish is roleplaying as being born a woman. they used to go by lily on lgbt and have a deformed neovagina.

No. 1449080

These jokes would be equally cringey if said by 20-somethings, kek

No. 1449118

tbf the western sense of masculinity is different from those of other cultures, think of SEA
in those regions men have always work make up and clothing between men and women was never really that different, both genders wore make up, skirts and kept long hair

they were still patriarchies but there sense of masculinity was so far removed from that in the west

No. 1449200

know so many fujos that love song of achilles lol

No. 1449220

tbf SoA is probably the only m/m series that is actually well written and has merits outside the m/m aspects, The relationship between Patroclus and achilles is genuinely romantic and doesn't just happen out of nowhere or is caused due to forced rape like 99% of other fujo media

No. 1449231

>in those regions men have always work make up and clothing between men and women was never really that different, both genders wore make up, skirts and kept long hair
From where are you pulling this out of your ass? t. from SEA

No. 1449240

I'm talking about pre-colonial south asia, look at the accounts of ibn-battuta where he is disgusted by the fact that men and women wore nothing but skirts and the men of Java were too effeminate with their make up and jewelry

No. 1449243

Why are so many TIFs and fujos obsessed with Greek mythology?

No. 1449266

Ntayrt but surely an outsider from a completely different culture isn't the best guide on subtle differences in gendered clothing?

An outsider might look at an office today and conclude that men and women wear the same thing since blouses look like shirts, pantsuits look like suits and watches look like bracelets.

No. 1449267

I'm not saying they were gender non conforming or fluid in someway, rather they had very different standards of what we consider masculinity then compared to the west

No. 1449272

Dark academia + it's got gay men in it

No. 1449338

a lot of them are also very stupid, have no critical thinking skills and can't grasp complex concepts. dark academia is all about pretending to be smart, pretending to read, pretending to enjoy studying. it's all about pretending to be something, not about actually being something. dark academia is carrying a classic novel in your fake leather bag from aliexpress who literally gives off skull shaped toxic fumes. dark academia is not actually reading and enjoying that book. it's like how on twitter you can pretend to be a sexy, cool, funny, witty anime character, when in reality you're just an obese, boring, unemployed woman who leeches off of her parents.

No. 1449361

one of the books that seems to be considered foundational for dark academia is the secret history by donna tartt. it's a book about some pretty deranged private school college students who start out as pretentious classics students and devolve into murderers, among other things. i like the book when you read it as being about awful people who think too highly of themselves; i hate it when it's on tumblr because people treat these characters the way that they'd like to project themselves to the world, not the way they're written. it doesn't seem to click with them that none of the characters are ever written to be happy in the end, and that the way that they act has ruined each of their lives in some way. plus none of these 'dark academia' tumblrs ever seems to prioritize actual learning, as you said lmao. just posting about how super gay neil perry & charles macaulay are

No. 1449393

Exactly. The definition of masculinity could be "staying in the kitchen", and it would still be a ruling form of gender LARPing. It really doesn't matter how it's expressed, the only thing that's always consistent about it is that men have dominion over you.

No. 1449438

It is when many of these people aren't making it to 50/60.

No. 1449439

sh0eonhead says otherwise

No. 1449440

your right, kek

No. 1449516

They're just a flavour of "fujoshi who looks down on other fujoshis". They like the secret history because it has gay boys.

No. 1449525

This is more on the empty "want-you-to-want-me" mentality and its unhealthy

No. 1449537

idk as someone who is technically into Dark academia(though I don't like using the term personally), I think you all putting way too much meaning into it
for me it just has comfy fall vibes and a somber new-england background, yes there are some fujos present but you'll find fujos in southpark and dbz as well

I think this is one of the least problematic things teen girls could be into these days

No. 1449582

Taylor only passes because she looks like an mtf

No. 1449587

Not to mention the numerous fakebois who skinwalk francis because "uwu stick thin pale gay boy with anxiety uwu"

No. 1450058

dick just looks like a butch lesbian
"elliot roger" looks like the non-hot version of lady gaga's drag
taylor is the funniest one. maybe just give up at that point.

No. 1450106

Me too, I still do all those things. It sucks how there are still people who think things like bugs and climbing trees are gendered interests. You don't have to chop your tits off and call yourself he/they to like bugs.

No. 1450130

first anon's point was that dark academia is an aesthetic that pretends to focus on studying and learning, which is true because it's ultimately centered around image and the projection of that image toward others. not that you can't enjoy an aesthetic, but it's kind of a subset of people who think that buying pretty highlighters or moleskine journals is the same as studying and being a serious academic

if you just enjoy fall vibes + new england scenery, there's nothing wrong with that, but i still suggest you look up "dark academia mlm" for a good laugh at the 'uwu soft boi' heterosexuality of tifs. much funnier and less respectable than the rest of the aesthetic ever could be

No. 1450135

File: 1645625222499.png (42.5 KB, 363x461, darkacademia.png)

Kek, you aren't wrong nonna

No. 1450138

Imagine being a hetrosexual woman who's mad that a gay man isn't attracted to her or her pussy. No matter how much you bind your chest, pump your body with testosterone or cut your hair, you'll never be a man. I wish these women could just be okay with being GNC, hell, even non binary (whatever the hell that means).

No. 1450160

File: 1645628934648.png (864 KB, 638x1372, Screen Shot 2022-02-23 at 19.0…)

kek anon

No. 1450248

File: 1645639413881.jpg (105.83 KB, 700x440, 201703049_1_IMG_FIX_700x700.jp…)

let's not forget text posts that romanticize being a boiii at a new england college and lying in the grass and discussing greek mythology with another boiii. idk why these people can't just enjoy a movie like maurice or a book like the secret history without trying to project themselves into it. even when i was their age, i don't think i ever lost sight of reality like that. sure i had my obsessions, but i never thought i was a shinigami from bleach or something.

No. 1450274

Kek I saw that movie mentioned in one of those dark academia mlm posts and it was the first time I've ever heard about it. Read the synopsis on wiki and yeah, it sounds exactly like the kind of thing these softboi fujo aidens would be into

No. 1450344

how can you 'miss acting' when you're pretending to be a gay man every damn day? this woman has serious main character syndrome with that caption kek

No. 1450492

sage for ot, but the book and film is actually pretty good and I actually related a lot to the main characters too bad the mlm-lets had to ruin it. Wonder if they've gotten their grimy fingers on The Well of Loneliness and tried to trans Stephen yet…

No. 1450530

Percy Jackson probably

No. 1450636

Thankfully that would never happen, they dgaf about lesbians

No. 1450691

File: 1645671216682.jpg (212.9 KB, 1080x1151, 1645581385039.jpg)

repost from >>>/ot/914835, holy fucking KEK

No. 1450704

File: 1645671980567.jpg (58.81 KB, 1280x720, 1589949791706.jpg)

This is so unbelievably pathetic. You know what, if it makes them feel any better, i always felt ftms were just as nasty and rotten as their mtfs brothers, stinking up the place with their spoiled kebab arms.

No. 1450705

The stink is a larp. It cant trump their brothers or basically an actual moid.

No. 1450706

Let's just say the these ladies are degenerates in the feminine kind of way then. They are still gross and I have no sympathy for them and their porn sick ways.

No. 1450709

Because mtfs are actually manbrained and picrel is fembrained. Women are cautious of moids and their manbrains. Ftms don't actually want to be men, they want to be men as a precursor for something else (by including a real man in all their fantasies) while mtfs want to be women and they know how to center themselves around it without including anyone. Mtfs throw the word wommonly all the time because women are under men while fujo ftms always say gay because gays are under straight women. Basically they're picking on something lower than them but mtfs have higher privilege than the average woman because they are men.

No. 1450710

Troons are degenerates, but the main point is they wnbaw or wnbam (depends) and this is what makes them mad

No. 1450713

Most of them cant larp the rapist part properly (even the average female criminal who gets trampled by men is more badass lol) and they're meek. Don't expect people to treat you like a menace one day so suddenly, humans have compassion. Women see you as a target practice for their moid/butch larp,ftms.

No. 1450714

Men fetishize, women romanticize? this is sexist.

No. 1450736

It's true kek.

No. 1450737

Troons of every variety stay obsessed with how they're seen by a tiny-ass fringe minority of feminists, very mentally normal and healthy

No. 1450740

Love the Freudian slip there. She just admitted she sees TIMs as men and she wants to be feared like they are.

No. 1450750

This one gets worse when you zoom in. I didn't notice the testosterone acne and the shitty half-assed red eyeliner wing at first. As the twitards say: oof.

No. 1450758

Everyone can see the masculinity of TIMs, even moids. No wonder staying in womens sports is cheating

No. 1450759

this is common and frank in 4chan, no one sees TIMs as women even themselves

No. 1450760

Then where are the coomer girls

No. 1450766

There aren't any, that's my point. Men do it for coom, women do it for uwu want that cute fae boi lifestyle but aren't trying to become bimbos purely seen as coom receptacles. ESL?

No. 1450776

esl here, how did she admit that?

No. 1450783

So the only commer girls who troon are fujos.
Well my fakeboi little sister acts like a coomer moid and re-enacts AGP as if trying to deny she has a genuine interests in dressing like a normal girl (as if she sees it as crossdressing). She isn't into yaoi, her taste is generic 4chan shit. Though compared to moids this wannabe 4channer of a sister seems so tame, because i am her big sister and therefore consistently perceive as the stronger and more mannish of the two (I actually am not, it's just that she looks young and like a bisque doll she calls herself "loli" and cries over this fact). I have a little brother shorter than both of us but no1curr, though it maybe gives my sis a passing advantage. He wails why he can't have a normal sister behind her back because of her coomer behavior. Something unusual and worth pointing out. Sage for blog and derail

No. 1450792

She's been infected by 4chan scrotes femboy fetish?

No. 1450879

>i wish i was born cis

you are, you are a cis woman.

No. 1450892

No, rather generic boob and thigh fetish. She's really masculine for a girl (only if the coombrain is not a defense mechanism) and thinks she's a perv

What's a cis woman tho? i thought "trans women" exist? Are they cis men too? Men are transwomen/women are transmen kek

No. 1450915

but what if you hate vaginal sex anyways, I rather get punched in the stomach than endure vaginal sex. But if you are with a man they want to use the pussy especially when you say you dislike it.

No. 1450923

what the fugg, I never thought I'd see someone say they prefer anal over vaginal like this

No. 1450933


When a tif did attempt to larp moid's degeneracy it suddenly turns comical. Like they shouldn't be taken seriously for their "fetishes" the same way moids are.

No. 1450936

r/bois is just a masculine girl sub

Also why are you moaning over the discarded femininity of some girls by calling them "cute"? some of them hate their femininity and want to become masculine. i agree with tomboy respecters but u're certainly not one.

No. 1451021

baby you a victim lmao

No. 1451085

File: 1645721331426.jpeg (812.56 KB, 1242x1515, F4ECBB3D-A08A-42D7-B4A5-E72ACB…)

Gray folie proving again she knows fuck all about how anything medical related to trans works. Puberty blocked kids are often half the size of their peers and develop bone disease that keeps them tiny even after they come off the blockers because you never let their bones grow and develop like they are supposed to during puberty.
Also "the mutilation of puberty" lmfao

No. 1451094

these kids are so fucking coddled, they don't realize that puberty just sucks for everyone but that's how life fucking is and we all get through it. puberty was hell for me, i was bullied for being a bit chubby and i was incredibly depressed, but shit got better once i was like 20 and then i took another leap forward around age 26. like sorry that growing up isn't like twirling in a circle and suddenly you're in a new life stage like in the sims, but get over yourself. these people need to have all internet access removed and get a fucking job among normal people who don't entertain their delusions.

No. 1451186

Finnish TIFs and TIMSs seethe on twitter that the leading gender clinician is based af. Scientific evidence based trans healthcare recommendations are going to come from Europe/the Nordics, not anglos WPATH insanity

No. 1451194

They really love to dictate in the lives of others for a group of people that gets mad at the idea of others telling them to stop chopping off their healthy body parts.

No. 1451202





No. 1451205

>if even one transmasc kid can avoid short jokes
…do…do they think puberty blockers+hormones will magically make a little girl taller…?

No. 1451256

So what about short guys? They have to deal with it because it's just how they are but tifs are all sexy tall chads on the inside. These people don't live in reality

No. 1451262

>Telling me I'm short (which is true) makes me suicidal
Huh, interesting, kinda sounds like a mental illness. Almost as if someone experiencing this doesn't have the mental clarity to make serious life changing decisions such as pumping yourself full of hormones, electing to remove healthy body parts, or having your arm skin fashioned into a penis puppet and sewn to your crotch.

No. 1451316

File: 1645739609671.jpg (418.79 KB, 1080x1970, Screenshot_20220224-184739_Tik…)

fakeboi lolitas are something else, what's the train thought of this kind of person?
Literally the most female looking fashion out there, sometimes even actual men pass as women wearing lolita like Mana-sama himself.
Is it just for the sake of being the biggest attention whore out there? Im genuinely asking.

No. 1451329

These kinds of fakebois are attracted to or envy gender nonconforming men (who wear nail polish and skirts and etc) and so they think they're TOTALLY breaking stereotypes and making some radical statement by being women who dress femininely. So yes, it is about being the biggest attention whore out there.

No. 1451330

My guess is that they see feminine men as attractive and hate themselves. They want to be the feminine men because they view them as cool. And somehow it's more acceptable to be uwu girly if you're also a totally gay boi. Reminds me of Kaoru. Before troonhood she was a punk/alt and now that she's a tranny she's a pastelkawaiimenherauwusoftboi

No. 1451334

I've seen a lot of fakebois say they're attracted to men "in a gay man way" and not a straight way. What exactly does this mean? I'd think there's no one way for people of any sexuality to be attracted to men or women and I haven't seen anyone else saying it (maybe MTFs who say they're lesbians do though?), so what's it about?

No. 1451345

It means are only attracted to men when they imagine themselves as the men in the yaoi and BL that they read. They imagine their attraction to men as being somehow different from a woman's attraction to men because it's two men boning in the story, but their romanticized version of male homoeroticism is written almost exclusively by women and one or both of the male characters tend to look and/or act like women (or a woman's idealized version of men), so it's really no different than a heterosexual attraction. In other words they think their homosexuality is NLOG and that's what makes them gay men.

No. 1451346

File: 1645742608173.png (100.54 KB, 590x920, butchlet.png)

Oh god I love her raging insecurity about her height so much.

No. 1451347

They want to give him the strap LOL

No. 1451349

Heterosexual troons, both male and female, have fetishized gay people and their relationships to the point where they badly want to be able to recreate it themselves, but they're still only attracted to the opposite sex. Basically, they are saying "I want to be interesting and oppressed but straight people are boring, so everyone has to pretend I'm the opposite sex and gay."

No. 1451351

"lesbians aren't into anyone below 6 feet tall" you can tell she's never hung out with an actual lesbian in her entire life.

No. 1451359

File: 1645743619606.png (50.84 KB, 607x430, this is what porn does to your…)

Bonus: Some rando MtFs gather in the comments of one of her womanlet angst posts to cry about how no one will see the little girl inside because they're built like a brick shithouse. Which seems like the exact opposite of her problem, but whatever.

No. 1451367

Oh god not this motherfucker who thinks Minecraft Steve Is real and wants to fuck him

No. 1451369

5'5 in case you were wondering

No. 1451370

In a relationship taking the masculine role or being only interested in casual more aggressive sex, oral and anal only and being able to switch that up while everyone involved looks like a bear or gymbro

No. 1451388

>height makes my skin crawl
How is this not mental illness? A regular human thing such as height is disturbing to troons. Wow. I'm so glad we are encouraging this behavior by giving children cross sex hormones and cutting off their perfectly healthy body parts.

No. 1451394

holy shit, i wasnt expecting to see my personal cow here lmao

No. 1451396

Gender mental illness and love of hideous Ita fashion are two things that can coexist. You can love yaoi, want to become the yaoi, hate your own sex, get a nose ring, shave your head, bind your tits and shoot up testosterone, and then also put on a 100% polyester dress and unbrushed wig.

No. 1451403

File: 1645747505290.jpg (133.61 KB, 793x724, my country is invading ukraine…)

there's no better time to e-beg!

No. 1451407

kek holy shit

No. 1451412

probably because they like the fashion but hate themselves. So it's a constant massive cope of getting to wear pretty dresses, but disassociating to hell and back and convincing themselves that they're wearing it in a "heckin' valid soft boi"-way and not a not in a normal "icky female"-way.

No. 1451538

Yet if it's a man or transwomen wearing lolita he is a pervert? I guess the bar for gnc men is really high, if we're masculine then we're pervs

No. 1451542

So the straight women stacy stereotype are passed to lesbians too?

No. 1451549

Nona ur sister is unusual tho… i suggest better stay away from these types

No. 1451567

Transwomen are men. Being GNC doesn't mean being a coomer talking about being a loli and shit. No one thinks a masculine man is a pervert, only if they sexually harass or fetishizes woman.

No. 1451571

Men don't wear mens clothes to get off as a part of a humiliation fetish. A man who is GNC is not the same as a man who wears lolita.

No. 1451577

Scrote detected

No. 1451581

Seriously, there is a case of a woman being male-patterned coombrain in an anecdote mention. How are we going to prove either the fakeboi in >>1451316 is/larps as a pervert in a dress or that we're just hyper gnc?

No. 1451584

It's because women are reacting to the misogyny of our collective society and just want any out of being a woman. But knowing that men perpetuate misogyny, they don't want to be that either. So enby.

Male troons do it for the fetish so the more they stick out, the more people will look them, and thus the more they get to coom.

No. 1451587

>Male pattern coombrained in anecdote.
They could just be lying. Nooo, it's on the internet so it must be true kek.
>We're just hyper GNC.
You will never be a man Aiden.

No. 1451591

>How are we going to prove either the fakeboi in >>1451316 is/larps as a pervert in a dress or that we're just hyper gnc?
I don't care to debate whether a woman wearing a dress is a pervert or not. A woman wearing a dress and calling herself a man is not hyper GNC, she is a woman wearing a dress, a piece of clothing commonly associated with women. That isn't GNC, no matter the larping as a man.

No. 1451594

First of all she's a woman, so unlikely to be getting off on seeing herself as a woman since she actually is one. A woman in a dress is hyper gender conforming. Mental to think otherwise.

No. 1451595

File: 1645769439501.jpg (19.6 KB, 357x343, 1645510906611.jpg)

>what's the train thought of this kind of person?
you Have to remember that she thinks she's a man…and as we all know, if a man tried to rock this look he'd either be seen as a sex pest, a pervert, a tranny, or some flavor of homosexual. anything but a man, basically.

in aiden's case, i feel like it's sort of the ultimate form of validation. will people still feed into her delusion (the idea that she's a man) if she dresses according to the stereotypes associated with her SEX? if they do, then she totally isn't a girl acting girly – she's a strong, brave and stunning gnc man. kind of like pic-related is probably how she feels.

No. 1451620

This is a scrote he meant hypergnc as in wearing dresses as a hsts tranny instead of being seen as a sex pest

No. 1451622

Good for them to fucking pick and choose to be the "good man" as in gay man instead of wanting to be seen as the pervert. Girls will be girls, they think good man is a safe option for them kek

No. 1451626

ntayrt, What makes you think women cannot act the way an AGP does?>>1451594

No. 1451629

Dumbass I mean is there a possiblility that she is a coombrained or that trannies are just very very gnc men without the perversion?

No. 1451639

Are you fucking retarded and can't spell? I hope you're ESL.

Is there a possibility the girl is coombrained? No, a women wearing womens clothing is probably not getting off to herself as a woman dressed as a woman. Anecdote-chan, if we are to believe it, has a sister acting coombrained for the attention of scrotes, like straight woman who kiss girls so men will think it is like their lesbian porn, while anon's sister if true is acting as a femboy because coomer scrotes on 4fag where she browses are obsessed with traps, originally in an ironic way because they hate women and think men are better at everything, even being women, and now seriously as a cope for being gay incels who no real woman would fuck because they hate women. Women who bimbo-ify themselves always do it for the attention of men, men do it for their own coom. A woman pretending to be a man is doing it for the attention of others or to embody her fantasy as the perfect boyfriend, but without the focus on the coomer aspect of a mans physical traits, like dick and balls, etc. Coomer men pretending to be women focus on these things, breasts, ass, thighs, etc, showing it is for coom.

Are you saying do we think this woman is truly trans (not a thing), or a fakeboi pretending to be trans and that is why your sentences are retarded? If so, women dressed as women aren't fucking GNC men.

No. 1451642

A man wearing a dress is GNC, and is often done for coom purposes, but not always. A man wearing a dress calling himself a woman at the same time is likely done for coom purposes (back in the day usually they were just larping gay men). But the person in the photo you are commenting on is a woman calling herself a man, therefore it is unlikely for coom purposes, and in no way can a woman wearing close associated with women be gender-non conforming.

No. 1451654

Do not underestimate how much fictionkin contributed to fakeboism

No. 1451664

1. A gay man pretending to be a woman wearing a dress does it for mens attention, and can sometimes be done in a coomer way but is not for his own coom, but to attract men, therefore not a coomer.
2. A straight man in a dress pretending to be a woman is 100% a coomer.
3. A straight man in a dress not pretending to be a woman is possibly a coomer, depending.
4. A gay man in a dress not pretending to be a woman is not a coomer, as he does it to appeal to other men, same as number 1 but with less retardation pretending to be the opposite sex.
5. For bi men it can go either way.
6. A straight woman in a dress pretending to be a man is unlikely a coomer, again for the same reason as gay men pretending to be woman do it, she is likely trying to appeal to scrotes with a femboy fetish. It is only coomer if it is done to get herself off, not others. A woman pretending to be her ideal boyfriend is not coomer nor a scrote, it still degenerate, but not coombrained. It is only coombrained when it is about being a sex object.

For it to be coombrained they must be doing it for themselves. Sounds like a scrote trying to convince people women can be AGP, therefore a man pretending to be a woman is a real woman because women can be AGP.

No. 1451670

My first exposure to gendershit was through tumblr and screenshots of cringe otherkin blogs. First it was taking the piss out of “wolfkin” furfags, then seeing my mutual start posting about headmates and how no one could share their kinnies, and slowly but surely all of them ended up one form of genderspecial or another. Tumblr brainrot has done incomprehensible damage to our generation.

No. 1451683

Straight women pretending to be men wearing dresses also do it for entirely unrelated to any kind of coom or romantic reasons. In this examples case, she is likely doing it because she likes the fashion or wants to pretend she is being unique/rebelling, since men don't wear dresses often/it's frowned upon currently, while scrotes pretending to be women wearing pants aren't seen as unique since woman commonly wear pants now. She either likes the fashion straight up, or wants to larp as being unique. A woman wearing a dress calling herself a woman is not unique. A man wearing a dress calling himself a man is unique as it goes against current norms. Since she identifies as a man, she believes she is being unique, when in fact she is not, since she is ultimately a woman wearing a dress. A man wearing a dress calling himself a woman too is not unique since he is not going against the stereotype of only women wearing dresses.
Sorry for my autism, I'll stop now.

No. 1451704

Don't respond to scrote bait nona.
>acting as a femboy
It's more like she tries to emulate a fellow straight man scrote who fetishizes basic tier moid content like breasts and ass, how retarded is she that this will never attract a man if ever she is straight?

No. 1451708

Men who pretend/want to be women are still men, I'm just saying that why don't you believe women can't coom like a man? Aren't most of you anti brain-sex? Or radfems who can believe women don't need to become men to be ultramasculine?

No. 1451720

Women can't become men. They are physically female, even with injected testosterone.

No. 1451722

Women can get off, but they can't get off to the thought of themself as a woman, since they actually are one. FTMs can't get off to being seen as men as part of a humiliation fetish since men are not seen as the inferior sex and has been treated so historically by scrote controlled society (control gained through violence and subjugation), which fuels the humiliation fetish. They can only play being unique or the fantasy BF, since the fantasy BF role is about romance, it is not about coom. If it was about coom she would focus on being manly and how her fake dick behaves like coomer MTFs focus on boob jiggle, how hot they are and wank to themselves in the mirror, etc (probably doesn't even have one). So far this kind of behaviour has not been observed in FTMs as it has in MTFs.

No. 1451724

>My health will be in serious danger if I don't get testosterone
No honey, your health is in serious danger because you are taking testosterone..

No. 1451735

if they had a hysterectomy they need hormone replacement. A lack of sex hormones causes osteoporosis, weight loss and depression. Basically causes most health problems that old people suffer

No. 1451759

those should go to women who had hysterectomies because of cancer or other issues. if you're just a self-mutilating themlet, you're on your own. you did this shit to yourself and for no reason at all, now live with it.

No. 1451858

by that logic obese people with diabetes should not get access to insulin

No. 1451859

How about HSTS since they are attracted to the same sex? Trannies have a dream bf/gf alongside their actual partner? Are the trannies larping their partners?

Also those women are most likeoy taking a form of synthetic estrogen instead of testosterone

No. 1451862

Well, yeah, if you get obese to the point of needing insulin, maybe you should have listened to the doctors before stuffing your face with shitty food.
Just like how aydens like you shouldn't chop their healthy limbs and put unnecessary shit in their bodies.
Coddling the mentally ill has made the life of those suffering from actual illnesses an actual hell.

No. 1451863

obese people with diabetes are not the reason why teenage rapists walk into their school's women's bathrooms unhindered and sexually assault three girls. see: loudoun county's 'genderfluid rapist'.

No. 1451877

File: 1645809628738.png (278.79 KB, 1080x1288, Screenshot_20220225-180102~2.p…)

Some hyperfeminine they/he woman is being way too dramatic over the recent troon kids bill in Texas and acts like she's going to get beaten to death like the HSTSs in Brazil for being enby.

No. 1451879

These freaks think that preventing children from the health risks of giving them cross sex hormones their body doesn't even NEED is genocide. Their brains are rotted by twitter use and I don't think they'll ever see the truth of the situation.

No. 1451880

Is this a mtf

No. 1451886

>waking up to manmade horrors once a week
Your neovag and botched face?

No. 1451893

No, just a woman who calls herself trans because she changed her name and sex from female to nonbinary on her ID card.

No. 1451903

Then I have yet to hear about such fakebois who say "It's j-just a f-fetish! It's not that I like wearing lolita! I'm still a boi!", sigh this never happens

No. 1451941

Honestly from what I've read it seems like giving puberty blockers to kids is the equivalent of giving them a less worse version of hypopituitary, and from my own personal experience that shit makes you look like a midget if you don't get a proper medical treatment and even if you get treatment for it you'll still be a manlet or a womanlet. I wonder where the term "puberty blocker" comes from, who came up with it? Because it seems like people are assuming it's meant to be taken literally and your hormones are literally just physically blocked until you resume taking that treatment, then the hormones can finally do whatever to your organs. They have no idea what delayed puberty is and how it can ruin you physically and socially.

No. 1451960

These girls ruining their bodies just to present feminine because identifying as a femboy? Well I get it, that is pitiful af. I'm a soft butch (because physically feminine) that will never be a stone butch (goal) and still remain woman… the bar of gnc is so low for us yet reaching the masculine end is uet so far, as a woman. What makes these deluded tifs think they achieved masculinity by counterproductively wearing a dress just to invoke "gay"ness…

No. 1452111

Does anyone remember that one biracial ftm called Tynice? She got both top and bottom surgery and then detransed once she realized that she was just a lesbian who did all this to cope with being sexually abused by a man. This is mostly a life check because she snapped and started talking about how she was a primordial being (and changed her name to Being) made of light and love and then DFE'd months later and there is no trace of her so I just hope she's doing okay.

No. 1452151

She's making videos under her female name, mostly singing https://youtube.com/c/JALISA

No. 1452307

i've heard lots of women (troon or not) say that they're NLOG and more like gay men simply because they enjoy having sex. internalised misogyny is a helluva drug

No. 1452314

File: 1645849611428.jpeg (160.75 KB, 736x734, 6D3A041E-6891-473C-84A6-51A3A7…)

I hate shit like this. This is the most female thing I’ve ever seen. It’s basically those weeb spergs in the e-girl thread but make them an uwu boy for whatever reason.

No. 1452322

I love it, but only because it's indistinguishable from an anti-tif meme.

No. 1452327

Wdym anon? Obviously, girls can't like KORN, Silent Hill and Sanrio?? That's so weird!!

No. 1452329

Before I forget what flag is that underneath the tranny flag?

No. 1452332

It's the male gay pride flag

No. 1452336

Do gay men even use that flag? I only see ftm women use it kek

No. 1452344

No kek it's an instant clock for me

No. 1452441

i think using it is also deemed pwobwematic because apparently it looks like a "blue is for boys" version of the lesbian flag and it insinuates that gay men and lesbian women are basically the same. also because the original lesbian flag was made by a terf or something and using a flag that copies the look of the terfen lesbian flag is ALSO transphobic. it's also commonly referred to as toothpaste flag or listerine flag. idk what their issue is, both groups are same sex attracted– oh wait, same sex attraction is transphobic, now i get it. (i actually don't, someone who knows more about tqia+ discourse please enlighten me)

No. 1452512

File: 1645892217997.jpeg (167.31 KB, 1170x2064, 7056B63B-B7DF-4028-8F92-435EEA…)

They are always full of themselves.

No. 1452530

and yet ellen over here is also only posting about muh poor twans kids when there's a war going on. stop pointing at yourself in the mirror, ellen.

No. 1452531

It is always, always, ALWAYS about them. I feel like I am going crazy by thinking this is disrespectful amd narcissistic because so many people I know irl would agree with this retardo shit. There's a fucking war happening and these freaks think it's all about them and how 12 year olds are being prevented from mutilating their bodies and taking hormones that will also fuck up their bodies, and if that happens then of course a mass suicide will happen and it will all be the TWANSPHOBES fault!!!11

No. 1452564

The worst part is they're like "lives are in danger in OUR COUNTRY and you're worried about ukraine!" And like…no they aren't. Trans kids lives aren't in danger and I'm fucking tired of them pretending it's life or death not to trans and sterilize your child at age 5

No. 1452588

Puberty blockers are used to block puberty for children who go through precious puberty (when puberty starts before age 8 for girls and 9 for boys). They are only supposed to be on them for a couple years, max, until they are old enough to mentally handle puberty.

But then some Dutch fuckers were like "Hey we can give these to kids with gender dysphoria and then switch them over to cross sex hormones." So, these kids end up on the puberty blockers much longer than was originally intended and it fucks them up for life, even if they go off and don't start cross sex hormones. Because starting at 6 and going of them at 8 or 9, is much different than starting at 10 and going off them at 19.

No. 1452605

I know all of this, I read about what Lupron does to the patients you described and how it was meant to be used for cancer patients first. But what I meant was who came up with the words "puberty blockers" for medical treatments that weren't even made for that purpose in the first place? And that also taking into account how it's not even an accurate description either. You know how scientist will simplify concepts and explanations to inform the general public easily? It feels like a deformation of that idea. Calling it "puberty blocker" might as well be false publicity at this point.

>some Dutch fuckers

Actually what the fuck is up with these germanic countries? Nikkitutorials is from the Netherlands and was transitioned as a kid for being too gay for his parents I guess, same deal with Kim Petras in Germany, Lily Elbe (spelling?) was either German or has his surgery in Germany, etc. Is it some cultural thing that just spread to the west as a whole?

No. 1452631

NW Europe is the birthplace of modern liberal philosophy. That’s what’s up.

No. 1452634

good for her, glad to hear she's doing okay

No. 1453069

File: 1645956387206.webm (1.7 MB, 320x568, 94021156433.webm)

No. 1453264

It hurts so much nonitas. I wish she loved herself more.

No. 1453270

They always look how you expect them to.

No. 1453286

i forgot all about her. didn’t she come out as “gay” too? i’ve heard of both male and female HSTS turning (for lack of a better word) straight. not to derail but what is that all about? i just don’t understand, they transition to escape homophobia but then start dating the opposite sex?

No. 1453290

She was a proud lesbian, then she moved to LA (I think after her parents kicked her out) and then trooned and started calling herself "queer". She's a "totes real boi" but she couldn't commit to the act enough to call herself straight. Maybe deep down, her subconscious knows.

No. 1453327

File: 1645992669012.png (789.16 KB, 1080x942, Screenshot_20220227-145852.png)

Does anyone know of this person? I used to follow him for his fandom discourse takes but had to unfollow because I couldn't stand the constant blatant internalized misogyny and double standards. This is truly the most annoying flavor of genderqueer I've come across because they constantly talk about how they hate cis women and men yet are clearly only attracted to cis men. Also how men with cunts are superior to cis men. They are just as annoying as basement dwelling incels who have lots of pent up aggression because the people they're sexually attracted to don't want to sleep with them. And their following is just a circle jerk of other undesirable FTMs who gas each other up because they have shitty social skills and haven't the slightest amount of self awareness.

No. 1453434

Imagine thinking not allowing children to go through shady medical procedures is anywhere equal to hopelessly watch your country being invaded by an army commanded by a tyranical man, being forced to flee and live as a refugee or risking actual death in the process. Unbelievable lmao they're so self centered

No. 1453654


Are any of these people not autistic?

No. 1453813

just say she

No. 1453818

That's Nazi Incel Chaser from /tttt/

No. 1453831

File: 1646032453562.jpeg (216.82 KB, 750x467, 126E651A-219D-4336-A9AE-3C5BC8…)

I love this flavor of tranny, you can just tell they're mad about being straight women and not the gay boys they want to be so bad. picrel is my personal cow kek

No. 1453895

All these girls need to do is go read the reeing of AGPs for a few hours and they’d develop an appreciation for being female out of pure smugness and schadenfreude. Who wouldn’t want to exist as a female when you know it makes the MtF troons so mad that you have what they don’t lmao

No. 1453909

File: 1646054135537.png (37.52 KB, 1091x346, 435345.png)

Imagine losing your child(one of the most traumatic experiences a parent and especially a mother could suffer through) only for your narc ayden sister to take your dead child's name as a way to "honor' them, but still you have to tiptoe around your SITERS's narc behavior and respect her pronouns

No. 1453966

Is this a straight woman or dyspboric lez hsts

No. 1453967

You're saying aboht us or the picrel subjects?

No. 1453968

>who doesn't wannab a wommon?(?
Men who hate troons and know they WNBAW. Men see troons as insane

No. 1453973

Why does this keep happening? It can't be real, right?

No. 1453989


They want attention and to push their family and friends' boundaries to the limit in order to test how much of the trans Kool aid they've drank

No. 1454032

File: 1646070792127.jpg (415.17 KB, 1071x1605, Screenshot_20220228_190852_com…)

When your internet social trans bubbles are not representative of real life and 99.9% of people are she/her or he/hims.

No. 1454036

File: 1646071376835.jpeg (495.04 KB, 750x949, 24B637DD-FFDE-480C-ADF4-CD2E7F…)

Straight woman larping as a bi "transmasc" deeply in denial about being a fujo. She's one of the retards directly responsible for popularizing an m/m ship being an FtM and an "enby" male in the main fandom she's in. Calling her a faggot would feel validating to her, picrel is some of the annoying shit she has said.

No. 1454044

>tfw when you’re forced to confront the absurdity of your cults’ practices

No. 1454049

File: 1646072844932.jpg (228.78 KB, 1078x1508, pierrevogel.jpg)

reminds me of picrel

No. 1454121

File: 1646079336593.jpeg (97.85 KB, 720x1164, 66DEB453-3902-4BE9-888F-6B0E33…)

Literally saved this last night kek

No. 1454132

File: 1646080901314.png (2.07 MB, 1570x1348, Screen Shot 2021-12-06 at 11.1…)

I'm sad this absurd Philly they/them still has her social media locked down after her latest abusive housing situation (a.k.a. she got evicted again)

No. 1454141

Having your tits on full display is very genderless, kek.

No. 1454160

Why are these bitches always naming themselves rin adlkfsdjl

No. 1454224

Terminal weeabo/fujo syndrome. It's sad to see normal nerdy girls be brainwashed by 3d porn. Rip.

No. 1454226

>100% cishet looking girls
did she just assume their gender???? hecking yikes, pupper!

No. 1454284

Good. Feel singled out. Maybe then they will stop the retarded practice.

No. 1454299

>Omg I can't believe those fucking cishets couldn't just assume my gender
We've gone full circle kek. Thembies are the ones who pushed for normal people to have to announce their pronouns in the first place.

No. 1454312

I used to think that when I was a young fujo too, that I liked men like gay men do, not as women do. Now that I'm an adult and after years of being close with lots of gay male friends I realize that men in fiction written for and by women are nothing like men in reality kek
Their idealized homo relationship would be far from anything thats shown in yaoi

No. 1454365

One of the most NLOG things I’ve ever seen. Made me cringe inside.

No. 1454475

File: 1646105991680.webm (7.8 MB, 576x1024, xR0OCOs4Nj8dL3iV.webm)

reminds me of this gem, The backwardsness of this generation
also what’s with the retarded pseudo-accent

No. 1454477

Every time this video gets posted I always have to pause periodically. It's so embarrassing I can never just sit through it. Also her eyeliner is ugly and distracting.

No. 1454479

You're a girl, a she/her. I'm not sorry. Worse, you're a BPD woman. If you aren't a woman than you can't speak for women on anything, right? God, she seems so pretentious and self-centred.

No. 1454480

It's the red flag haircut, an e-boy or an insane girl depending on which sex wears it.

No. 1454484

This is why I don't talk to people

No. 1454487

File: 1646107762771.webm (638.47 KB, 540x960, Them.webm)

you think thats bad, imo vidrel is way worse
especially how young she looks, The covid lockdowns and their consequences has been a disaster for the human race

No. 1454499

File: 1646110043659.png (136.86 KB, 260x448, imagen_2022-03-01_004148.png)

it's the crazy bitch eyes for me
looks like she's going to kill someone at the end of the day for not doing what she wants

No. 1454547

She's got the Thomas Sanders stan, theater kid, listens to Mother Mother and McCafferty phenotype.

No. 1454550

insane girls act nothing like eboys. And egirls have equally shit hair too

No. 1454552

Don't they hate their pre-coming out pics? Sigh, men are better at being trans. Scrote-kun in earlier instance is right.

No. 1454559

Human aposematism strikes again.

No. 1454560

Men aren't better being trans. Tim are more likely to harm women and assault them while stealing opportunities and ruining female only spaces like facilities that offer support to women who have been sexual assaulted.
They/thems are just girls who think they're not like the other girls while comically fitting stereotypical female roles more than any woman

No. 1454564


In my experience:
[most psycho] neon green>orange>hot pink>teal>any and all pastels>blue>purple>artificial black>artificial white/silver>red>other [least psycho]

No. 1454595

I mean even if they are in "masculine" mode? Because there is no use forcing them to be tomboys if they want to surpass a tomboy's masculinity by a woman surpassing a PCOS woman's testosterone level.

No. 1454601

shit's gonna be so awkward when they're finally released into the real world with functioning adults and they realize that all women have rich and complex inner life and aren't walking stereotypes of forced femininity… then again, with that style they're probably gonna be stuck working at starbucks forever.

No. 1454604

In my experienve most psycho:
artifial blonde>obnoxious>shrill>annoying>gaudy>>>(TIF LINE ENDS)>>>sinister>creepy crossdressing man>axe murderer/serial killer>perv>rogue AI>normal people

Kek nona i have a colleage with dyed ash pink hair she is mature and nice and sensible. Well maybe only in my case tho

No. 1454613

you gotta sage otherwise you'll get suspended

No. 1454616

Simply write sage in the email field

No. 1454617

(Repost W sage) New here but I’m glad I found this site/thread. On the topic of internalized misogyny I really cannot fucking stand how many girls are utterly convinced they’re nonbinary or trans just because they don’t fit the housewife stereotype or they don’t like wearing dresses. Especially when they also say they don’t experience dysphoria at all. Like, according to these people, gender is fluid right?? Only a tiny minority of girls fit the stereotypical hyper-feminine/tradwife mold.

From what I’ve seen online, being trans/nb is kind of like entry into a club at this point for a lot of people. Really strange stuff.

No. 1454652

File: 1646134226457.webm (1.27 MB, 360x640, aih82m.webm)

how indeed?

No. 1454653

I thought clothes didn't have a gender. I must be a man too, I wear PANTS!

No. 1454654

1. The fact that no real man sans those found in a yaoi would wear this outfit, 2. The fact that it's being worn by a woman.

No. 1454655

>You can't tell someones sex just by looking at them, what are you going to force genital inspections or something.
>Seething because they somehow always get correctly gendered.

No. 1454656

She almost got the moid tantrum tactic down

No. 1454678

Damn, she went full Doofenschmirtz at the end there

No. 1454679

do they realize that real life isn't woke social media, no one over analyzes people's clothing to decide weather if they have any sort of "male or female" energy

No. 1454686

>Female face
>Female voice
>female (tryna be butch) body language
>dyed styled hair
>screaming about how much other people's perception of her hurts her feelings
Idk what it is… Maybe she needs another eyebrow slit to be read as male?

No. 1454687

>I dressed like a real YAOI! Why do people misgender me?!

No. 1454689

I think this is great. Since she wants me to not refer to her, I could just pretend she doesn't exist if we were in the same class or work group or something like that, kek

No. 1454699

Homegirl just looks like a lesbian with questionable fashion sense. I want them to define what a woman is to them. Like draw a woman.

No. 1454708

She looks like an awkward lesbian elementary school art teacher. If you want to present masculine, try wearing men's clothing. Not oversized women's clothing with a salvation army men's sweater.

No. 1454725

God she frightens me, like a crackhead that will stab you for no reason what so ever

No. 1454740

I'm glad these people bitch so much about how they use "they/them uwu" so I can straight up not refer nor interact with any of them.
Also, it fucking enrages me how they always zoom at their ugly ass faces, what's up with that?

No. 1454744

Bullying but woke.

No. 1454747

I love how they always say things like this like most people shouldn't be able to tell if someone's a man or woman just because of how they're dressed and have their hair cut. Some people truly are androgynous but their voice usually gives it away. Outside of the internet 99% of people don't even know non-binary exists.

No. 1454749

"you will use my pronouns or you will not refer to me at all" see its always about controlling other people. you can't stop me from talking about you when you arent there, little girl!!! what are you going to do, threaten me? your gender religion does not protect you from being small and female you fucking retard.

No. 1454751

I like how these ultra woke people always claim that things like clothes, hair and makeup have no gender, but theyre the ones applying the absolute most gender to those things. They think pants and loose shirts + short hair equals man, and dress + long hair + heavy makeup equals woman, and a mix is nonbinary.
Meanwhile normal people do not just look at your clothes and hair, thats not how gender works…

No. 1454757

bet she's 5'2 and meek as a mouse IRL

No. 1454762

Everything about this is so female omg… I don't think I've ever seen a man record something like this

No. 1454781

File: 1646154082629.webm (3.33 MB, 576x1024, download.webm)

Holy shit her tiktok is hilarious. She's a drag king of course, and she got a mullet because people said her hair is why she got misgendered kek

No. 1454795

This is her "drag" outfit and makeup? What? She just looks like a run-of-the-mill "queer" woman with a longtime boyfriend who she managed to convince to identify as a "demiboy".

No. 1454798

literally why do so many of these queer zoomer girls like that dumb show made by a pedo scrote

No. 1454804

There's a troon in it.

No. 1454856

Homophobic TIFs seethe to hell and back about being mistaken for lesbians.
Also sis, no man on this god forsaken earth has his bedroom styled that. Will you calm down after listening to Mother Mother and Cavetown?

No. 1454868

File: 1646162715250.gif (798.69 KB, 220x220, Frustrated.gif)

How are there people still genuinely believing in this garbage? It's like the cringe tumblr comps from 2014, but this time around it's infecting the next generation and they believe it.

No. 1454873

glad this was said because it's true. Be it their own IP, which it rarely is because they are lazy and unimaginative, or fanfiction, which it normally is because they also kin/alter/did that shit, they always find a way to make it about transness to a nauseating level.

No. 1454879

Why are all of these tiktok enbies trying to sound like glamdemon? She's like uber-feminine.

No. 1454888

well i guess she can call herself straight because few months ago she was dating a drag queen who looked quite older than her or maybe it's because she's got that permanent 12yo boy look that it made him look older

No. 1454917

File: 1646169842568.webm (3.88 MB, 720x1280, 273982041_151025410637351_7167…)

This is just how female school teachers dress idk how that's genderless. Do they think women are all supposed to dress like euphoria girls and if you don't like to dress like a stripper you must be trans/nb? Brainrot.

No. 1454923

Hot take and unpopular opinion but I don't think that gender dysphoria is real and whatever it is, is a combination of BDD, internalized misogyny, and just general insecurity. For TIMs, gender dysphoria is either internalized homophobia or a fetish or both

No. 1454934

For TIMs gender dysphoria is their dick not being hard

No. 1454943

Why does it look like the average TIF is more feminine than the average woman? The average women I know are more "masculine" than the average TIF. kek
Its like with MTFs, they look manlier than the average dude… what is this

No. 1454948

purple before anything
every single violent encounter I had was with purple haired women

No. 1454955

I'm so confused. What's genderless about long dresses, high waisted pants and shirts with quirky patterns?
I don't think that's an unpopular opinion here, I hope

No. 1454966

So if you could be the most perfect looking male or female, would you still rather stay your sex even if you are considered ugly?

No. 1454969

i'm pretty confused by this thread sometimes. i thought "female" didn't come with a state of mind, i thought it was material reality; why do you guys claim a fakeboi to be "fembrained" or "especially female" if she's into the color pink and ponies and unicorns and other girly stuff?

No. 1454973

Why does this bitch act like she's the sassy main character of the new generic sjw Netflix show? What is that makeup? Where are her parents?

No. 1454982

What does this even mean

No. 1455100

Of course, just look at all of the stallions posted in this thread, peak maleness, bite sized, with extra lard.

No. 1455155

I fail to see how this relates to gender dysphoria?

No. 1455169

I already am perfectly me-like, what's more to be desired? The container of my neurological system is intrinsic to me, as it is unavoidably and perfectly part of all individuals. Problems only come with interactions with others and if they're unhappy with your unique finger (human(?))print there are effectively infinite people to interact with so I wouldn't be isekaid no

No. 1455173

File: 1646180231263.png (256.07 KB, 464x553, 1526064360868.png)

I see it as a shorthand for female socialization. I don't think any nonas here are actually laughing at these girls' dumb female brains making her like pink girly shit with her girl hormones. I think it's more like 'this girl is claiming to be male but everything about her mannerisms, point of view and behaviour is extremely typical of a woman'. But those things are typical of women because of social and cultural influence and pressure.

No. 1455184

File: 1646180581900.png (254.6 KB, 981x744, 1592416309979.png)

I think it comes from trap (anime) worshipping. So coomer aiden wants to be like her japanese trap boys, but what's the point of being a trap if you're a girl? Well, just be a ftm and now you're a heckin valid femboy uwu.

No. 1455210

If your sense of self is so fragile that you have to constantly be reassured by everyone around you or you'll throw a tantrum, how and why are you even interacting with other people at all?
I have a name that sounds a lot like several other, more common names (one letter difference). If someone uses the slightly wrong name for me, I still respond because I know they mean me. I know what my name is! It literally doesn't matter! Other people's ideas of me are their own problem!

No. 1455212

To me, it's more that calling them fembrained is pointing out a contradiction in their own ideology.
While it's silly to believe that you were meant to be a member of the opposite sex because you have a relatively masculine personality, it's outright absurd that females with stereotypically feminine interests, personality, and behaviors somehow manage to convince themselves that they too were born in the wrong bodies. There's just absolutely no basis whatsoever for their conclusions, and the only explanation for their behavior is that they are following a trend.

No. 1455253

They don't like how they are treated as women. They don't realize that the problem is external, and nothing to do with them personally.

No. 1455323

What is it about their facial features that screams "gendie"? I've seen jokes about the tif physiognomy but is there a biological reason for this? I can look at a woman, long or short hair, and guess whether or not she's a fakeboi.

No. 1455332

I honestly think it's a combination of average to below average looks coupled with an obvious low self-esteem. And if they slouch, that can be another tell.

No. 1455335

i guess being mediocre-looking drives them to be a fakeboi. they want to stand out somehow.

i've noticed that ugly fakebois will try to make themselves look gaudier too. bad tattoos, multiple infected piercings, bad makeup, bad haircut that's brightly colored. >>1454499
i wonder if they think it actually makes them look good, or they're trying to do that "we're making ourselves ugly on purpose, so you can't make fun of us" thing. it's probably just to get more attention, now that i think about it.

No. 1455339

File: 1646193677419.jpg (145.61 KB, 778x744, tumblr_61ae19dad3f6e4384645649…)

thanks ladies

No. 1455355

It's the phoniness for me. It's easy to see who is just putting on a costume. Like when you see a heavily tattooed "alt" girl, some of them only adopted the look as an adult, and you can always pick them out.
You can tell these girls are trying very very very hard to be someone that is not authentic to them. All style, no substance.

No. 1455365

My brother has a FWB who looks exactly this, some NB they/them pussy bitch, same squirrely appearance dyed hair and mannerisms
she acts tough in front of other women but around men she acts super timid and submissively

My brother doesn't even give a shit about her and openly admits it and doesn't even humor her delusions, but I can still tell she pines for him

No. 1455367

Your brother is a gross scrote.

No. 1455369

a little, he's a loser and hangs out with other losers like her

No. 1455454

How dare she suggest that being born female means you are socialized as a girl and forced to conform to femininity at least somewhat in your life.

Godddd I can't wait for the constant troon bootlicking to end. No hate on this youtuber, just on the phenomenon

No. 1455455

>she acts tough in front of other women but around men she acts super timid and submissively
they all have that in common. also all those screaming tiktok enbies sit in class and never speak, and when they do, they start blushing and stammering when the professor tells them to speak up. they say maybe one thing when it's about trans stuff, but usually they keep their mouths shut. as soon as class ends you see them walking with their eyes glued to their phones and typing some angry twitter rant in all caps. they hate other women because they wish they were as confident as these women. quite literally a "they hate us because they ain't us" situation. they want everyone to be as miserable as them, so the best you can do is to live your best life, have fun and ignore their issues. when they rant about gender shit, pretend to know nothing. even better, just blink slowly and say "aight" and move on. the most they can do is ree about you on twitter or tiktok.

No. 1455459

File: 1646209943676.jpg (29.16 KB, 500x303, rmiwr.jpg)

It's literally average chicks with low self esteem thinking that womanhood requires performing hotness, and alt "not even trying to be pretty so fuck you" aesthetics. The irony is that especially the latter is just as performative and takes a ton of work and money to maintain just like the feminine looks they look down on.

No. 1455468

People are now realizing that? Two sides of the same coin LOL

No. 1455633

Meanwhile Wales is probably the most Christian (and fundamentalist Protestant) part of the UK besides NI. Why does my country have to be associated with insane zoomers online nonnas?

No. 1455648

Maybe that's just her, most of them complain about normal women acting tough towards them but act submissively towards real moid.

No. 1455654

File: 1646228707488.png (430.71 KB, 413x2000, hugbox.png)

Saw this in a Facebook group, Emily's comments made me lol

No. 1455671

She’s right, you know all the “maybe trim it” comments are really people wanting to say “it looks awful, just shave it” kek. It looks like pubic hair sitting on balls.

No. 1455690

File: 1646232470122.jpg (643.72 KB, 2658x794, 11.jpg)

posted this once before, with regards to TIF and facial hair
What's funny about TIFs is in their shallows attempts at trying to be men, they try to conform to every sort of superficial western standards of manhood and masculinity and comically fail
for e.g their stupid pube beards, many men in Africa and Asia are incapable of growing facial hair and yet they are still undeniably male, the male populations in South East Asia are shorter then most women in the world and they are still undeniably male and there are even cultures where men wear make up and make themselves beautiful but they are still undeniably male

No. 1455698

I like most of her videos but was really disappointed about her video on femininity. She ended up making it all about gender instead of social conditioning and beauty standards, which is what I've always thought the issue was. I swear I can't watch any video essayists on YT anymore because they always circle back to fake woke talking points.

No. 1455726

She just looks like a woman with PCOS. I've never seen even teen boys with such weird facial hair

No. 1455787


>[edit 2: though I do discuss trans women toward the middle + end of the video, I should have definitely included trans women in the opening sentence where I state that John Berger’s comments contextualize the realities of afab people, because without including the experience of trans women to that specific quote, I am erasing the reality that they experience this form of surveillance as well!! Thank you for the conversations you are having in the comments! I will be committing them to my brain. 🤍] original edit: Publishing me wishes editing me would have added this to the tangent section bc I know no one reads BUT much of the talking points surrounding the dissolution/de-emphasis of the gender binary has been co-opted by TERFs (which is why I mention it alongside their ideology). However, not everyone who advocates for deemphasized gender roles are TERFs! The main difference I have noticed in this time of research is that those who advocate for gender dissolution are seeking for society to NOT socialize people into binary gender roles based on biological traits. Therefore, people would be free to express themselves however they want without the threat of punishment for not ascribing to their assigned gender. It's my current understanding that TERFs use this rhetoric of dissolution to INSTEAD advocate for the dissolution of gender while maintaining the emphasis of biological traits as identifiers, which feeds their transphobia [see tangent for details]. In the very least, this is what I've gathered from other sources and TERF blogs in the past month. This theory is still very new to me so I would love some extra knowledge from you to keep in mind during my continued research! (Unless you're a TERF. Booooo tomato tomato tomato I'm throwing tomatoes).

jfc the mental acrobatics

No. 1455867

Why is she so long winded about this. All she had to do was say that trans women suffer from female beauty standards as well because of the pressure to always be feminine presenting. That's literally it. It's like she's so afraid of pissing off the trans community because she's talking about femininity. In my opinion her defensiveness only takes away from her argument. If she wanted to talk about gender roles so bad she should have made a separate video on it.

No. 1455872

I have not watched this video yet precisely because I KNEW there would be some waaah tervies shit involved. All of that explanation sounds like she actually agrees with terfie werfies but tries to not sound like it kek

No. 1455890

people with gender dysphoria rather change their sex and be considered ugly than be a perfect looking specimen of their current sex.

No. 1455893

File: 1646246492191.png (796.94 KB, 1080x1624, Screenshot_20220302-133419.png)

Came across this post on Reddit the other day and I'm so glad someone said something. I used to follow her but got fed up with her woke zoomer behavior. Also I'm like 99% sure her parents don't even use her preferred pronouns because they're Chinese immigrants which are usually pretty conservative compared to westerners.

No. 1455925

Can you explain the situation? Or is she just a themby?

No. 1455933

Xiran Jay Zhao is a YA author who got recognition from her YT videos about Chinese culture in media. But yeah, she goes by they/them and is on hyperwoke Twitter. She's been getting angry about people using she/her pronouns even though she presents as 100% feminine.

No. 1455943

She's a pet cow of mine. She's chinese diaspora living off her parent's money in the most expensive city in canada yet has the time to cry about hypothetical white people ruining her life and plug her shitty book, basically a printed out wattpad yaoi. Chinese netizens HATE her and troll her constantly. Diaspora they/them female author and lolcow is a career path in its own right at this point. (thinking about that nigerian nlog who got a hysterectomy to larp as an evil spirit)

No. 1455965

File: 1646251787181.jpeg (271.42 KB, 1170x730, 97A506C6-508E-4DDB-873B-F78D90…)

Both of these are true. Cope.

No. 1455986

they don't get that the point is that they're female no matter what

how they act doesn't change that

No. 1455996

Can you elaborate?

No. 1456005

native andean men are short, hairless, can't grow beards and sometimes they let their hair grow to a length superior to the average of latinas, but not even a tourist seeing them for first time can confuse one as a woman, because they have the rectangular anatomy and features that all males have

No. 1456062

File: 1646260406527.jpeg (64.11 KB, 720x666, 9EDEB217-FC23-4C26-9D73-841485…)

>thinking about that nigerian nlog who got a hysterectomy to larp as an evil spirit

No. 1456066

File: 1646260626565.png (184.27 KB, 631x390, 124618764178264781.png)

I don't know if this it's the right place but the case it's simply hilarious, recently it appeared a Vtuber who is part of a group exclusively formed by male members, but the person who gives the voice is obviously a woman that it's also an enby IRL this tends to be common in voice actting roles in Japan but it's weird in English-speaking vtubers, even more considering the character design and especially the girly voice, the character also wears a binder under his shirt and it's gathering a fanbase mostly of men that are into tomboys rather than girls contrary to the rest of his peers.

No. 1456070

File: 1646260774174.png (949.2 KB, 572x811, bruh.PNG)

Question, do scrotes care when there's a woman in their restroom? Because I think this girl is taking her LARPing too far.

No. 1456078

Men tend to look at the floor the whole time so they don't accidentally catch a glimpse of another man's wiener.

No. 1456079

that stringy, greasy hair KEK just what I would expect from an nlog fujo weeb that dresses like that.

No. 1456087

File: 1646261869420.png (16.93 KB, 864x138, Tamsyn Muir.png)

Sage for not a fakeboi but reminds me of Tamsyn Muir. There's something deeply wrong with YA people.

No. 1456096

Is there any place online that talks about Tamsyn Muir's obvious lesbian LARPING? Any time I look her up it's just headlines about how exceptional and brave she is.

No. 1456097

So the argument is that transwomen can't use male bathrooms because it's unsafe for them. But it's totally safe for someone who looks like that? Lol

No. 1456106

>if trans men are masculine
Cope harder. You act like a protagonist girl in a late 90s/early 00s show that tries to disguise herself as a boy to eavesdrop on her crush.
>if trans men are feminine
You displaying your female socialization disproves the "muh male brain" theory.

No. 1456109

File: 1646262979279.jpg (17.38 KB, 480x315, 1536833780-boy1.jpg)


No. 1456117

A woman looking like is fucking hot tho. I mean like a lesbian, not a mentally ill larper woman

No. 1456127

File: 1646264129811.png (66.41 KB, 531x355, Do you think this stuff keeps …)

People shittalk her on here occasionally in the lez thread or the book thread on /m/ (rip)

If anyone's wondering how she justifies this, she identifies their relationship as a 'moirail marriage', a fictional type of alternate relationship practised by the alien species from the popular webcomic 'Homestuck', where you're a codependent best friend who looks after your partner in a vaguely paternalistic way.

She is 36 years old.
Before anyone tries to argue this is some kind of weird catholic internalized homophobia thing A) 'Non-practising gay' types call themselves SSA rather than gay/lesbian B) She writes lesbian fiction

No. 1456128

I'm a bit late but kekking at all of the replies being from other women. Not an actual man in sight.

No. 1456175

File: 1646269920450.png (397.58 KB, 591x438, the whole spectrum.png)

she's a personal cow of mine too! i'm also chinese and i've found her annoying since that one video went viral where she victimizes herself for like an hour and plugs her shitty book. her twitter presence is also pretty funny. i'm tempted to make a thread on her but i don't know if there's enough milk. maybe whiny sjw diaspora authors general?

No. 1456189

she gives big LOOK AT ME I'M CHINESE vibes, this is why I stopped watching her

No. 1456199

no way they're in a "just fwens" marriage. what would even be the point? what is her husband getting out of this? honestly, she does not seem all there in the head if she claims to be a lesbian in a straight friendship marriage while also being a catholic homestuck fan kek.

No. 1456205

Is she implying that wearing light colors makes you more womanly and dark colors and short hair makes you more manly?

No. 1456218

File: 1646272457381.png (Spoiler Image,54.16 KB, 600x384, Screenshot 2022-03-02 205056.p…)

(saged for homeshit) I followed this person a while back because their tweets are borderline illegible to the point of hilarity. Picrel is just fandom discourse garbage. The mental gymnastics speak for themselves.

No. 1456223

Front 3 is pre coming out i guess

Oh my fuck god is she a tsundere irl

No. 1456237

>>1456127 literal autism. No way that she doesnt have some form of mental disability. Queer shit aside, talking about homestruck like a that at 36 is pure retardation.

No. 1456280

Like not only Homestruck thing, but how she describes a man putting a bandaid on her foot like a relationship defining moment. Seriously, what's wrong with this whole generation of nerdy girl who are unable to parse adult relationships, especially if there are sexual, and whose whole mental universe is reduced to books and manga targeted at young teens. Were they raised by the internet?

No. 1456282

>the whole spectrum
Woman in a blond wig
Woman in traditional-looking clothing
Woman dressed as a superhero
Woman in a white shirt

No. 1456289

Wasn't her debut book by her own admission a rewriting of Darling in the Franxx but with woke themes? There were some attempt at cancelling her on Tumblr recently, apparently of some fic she wrote long ago and because she used the very common trope in Chinese pop culture of Mongols as violent barbarians, which is imo hilarious for someone who lectures white people about their usage of racist cultural tropes.

No. 1456301

KEK this bitch is crazy, how can you pretend there is trans subtext for a character who was made trans a decade after the comic began… between this and that fauxbian in a "moirail marriage" i think we need to acknowledge homestuck as the harbinger of intense mental illness.

No. 1456322

File: 1646281548625.jpg (58.21 KB, 340x372, coolfuck.jpg)

>Were they raised by the internet?
At this point almost everyone is going to some terminally online mindset.

No. 1456333

File: 1646282616953.jpg (70.65 KB, 476x600, Boku.no.Hero.Academia.600.2231…)

Is the character a man or a tif? Reminds me of people struggling to call cwnter character picrel a 'she'. Come on, if thats a tif don't stick to ur 'husbando instinct' or 'ikemen instinct' or shit. Sage for derail and nitpick

No. 1456334

File: 1646282771264.jpg (78.13 KB, 1049x929, taz.JPG)

I have seen some variations of this type of relationship, they are rare but not unheard off
mentally ill borderline NEET womanchild married to a depressed but well meaning man, who is with her cause he fears being alone
I'm assuming with Tamsyn she is likely a straight(possibly bi?) woman who consumed a lot of "queer media" i.e BL in the start before branching into f/f ships, she likely believes that same-sex ships are superior to icky het-ships and so has created this lesbian identity for self so she wouldn't be a dreaded "straight white woman", but she is still very much attracted to men and her attraction triumphs her queerness
picrel is them btw


No. 1456337

Then who are the homophobes

No. 1456341

I always assumed her cow-ish behavior was performative since she literally dresses as a cow in marketed photos of herself.

guess I was giving her too much credit.

I do like her trashy book thou, reading trash is my vice. The end where she crushes her family to death was satisfying

No. 1456347

It sounds like a bot read woke twitter homestuck tweets and made a sentence kek

No. 1456413

Am not willing to read her book, but the reviews I have read(even the one's praising her) said that the world building was flat and didn't make any sense
how true is that ?

No. 1456417

File: 1646291331663.png (835.94 KB, 1004x606, Untitled264_20220303180721.png)

Identifies as a flamboyant gay man now and is getting leg muscle implants after getting them liposuctioned thinner multiple times previously. Already has had gender affirmation inception surgery™ where she got a "permenantly pumped" vulva through a surgery that almost fucking killed her (yes, this is actually a woman((female)) that suffered through the Christian gendie ->bimbo gendie -fakeboi elf gendie sewage line)

what gender does to a mf

No. 1456420

She's gonna die because of all the surgeries sooner or later.

No. 1456431

File: 1646292751270.jpeg (110.55 KB, 650x867, xiran_jay_zhao.jpeg)

i remember finding her book on zlib and wanted to give it a go because the comments were full of reeeing men because muh misandry, but the plot was just too much darlifra to my liking. the whole book feels like the chinese stereotype of "chinese people copy everything (badly)" - pretty embarrassing for her when she's so adamant about ed-yoo-kay-ting the evil white people. in general, this woman and her superduper chinese outfits seem to me like she's larping azula 24/7.

No. 1456433

wait, were white people the villains in her book set in ancient china
also could you answer >>1456413

No. 1456452

does it have a name??

No. 1456457

Mary Magdalene/Sebastian Pickles , warning that she is sustaining by prostituting herself/uses OF so research will result in large amounts of depressing poon

No. 1456458

This is just the sex-flipped MTF Jessica (Rodrigo) Alves. She's run out of plastic surgeries to have as a woman, so she's having more in the guise of being a trans man. It's just surgery addiction, and it should not be enabled. Whoever did those tits should be arrested.

No. 1456464

Will she get a mastectomy next? I can't wait to find out

No. 1456481

lol Vtuber ftm I was waiting for this one, what's the name I want to hear her voice?

No. 1456486

yugo asuma/noctyx. it's basically just a woman voicing a dude. idk how anyone would hear that voice and think that's a guy.

No. 1456515

It doesn't matter if it's a woman or man voicing, the point is that the character is a he therefore Yugo will be referred to as "he". That's like seeing a man playing a woman or a woman playing a man in a stage play or movie or what have you, even if the actor is of the opposite gender, the gender of the character doesn't change.

No. 1456524

Why do the default woman troon fantasy include men while the default male troon mtf fantasy revolves around themself as a woman? Its always women's fantasy where there is always an obligatory man why the fuck. Almost all instances of the word "trans boy" has a "gay" preceeding it wtf… while mtfs are just "women"… why are real problematic women so complicated… men even with shitload of problems are more straightforward than women somehow

No. 1456526

it's not just the voice, it's everything about the voice as well, the words that are used, the mannerisms. when voice actresses voice a male character in anime or videogames, they make an attempt to come off as at least a tiny bit masculine or androgynous in mannerisms - but this is literally just a girly girl voice for a dude, including vocabulary, expressions, voice tics. the immersion is zero. it's completely unbelievable. nobody really thinks this a male character.

No. 1456527

File: 1646308219620.jpg (146.36 KB, 720x743, Screenshot_20220303-124313_Chr…)

Seriously. When did burgers lost the plot

No. 1456528

File: 1646308316660.jpeg (Spoiler Image,489.27 KB, 1536x2048, FM3u95wVcAEh3ot.jpeg)

>while thinking of my lastest gay ship

No. 1456529

File: 1646308382947.jpeg (Spoiler Image,379.34 KB, 1536x2048, FM3u96KVgAEBXLZ.jpeg)

No. 1456531

File: 1646308535459.jpeg (Spoiler Image,158.98 KB, 1024x809, FM3u96KVIAAumwN.jpeg)

Last. Not sure if the "boyfriend" is another TIF or a male

No. 1456536

File: 1646309157768.jpg (56.5 KB, 326x800, Matt Hosty.jpg)

The only way this would make any conventional sense is if the husband in question was actually a lesbian FtM (still weird, but at least coherent). However, this is just not the body type of a Surprise Woman.

I think what's most likely going on is she's an Erica Moen type who identified as a lesbian in her teens/ early 20s, subsequently fell for an ugly moid, but by that point had made lesbian culture a huge part of her identity. Either that or it's just a grift to sell her YA books (#ownvoices stuff is looked on more favourably).

>butch lesbian aesthetic
>absolute normie gender conforming woman

No. 1456537

>I'm pornsick

No. 1456539

Isn't the vtuber model itself supposed to be FtM though? I also wouldn't really consider vtubers as characters, they're more like avatars.

No. 1456544

What’s the supposed age of the students that will have to read this? Because it’s honestly shitty to show this to some 13 years olds since it’s such a tough age, and tbh, I can’t see how there’s a right moment to show such things to a teenager, maybe during some “tolerance” event or something, but it really doesn’t have anything that could be of use, it’s literally a sexual fantasy with shitty drawings.
It’s funny how they try to show this like it’s some sort of
>oh noooo It’s just that I was born like this and I can’t help iiiiiit
When in reality this makes them look like the sex pests they are, so it’s all about sexual pleasure, there’s no essence that makes you even remotely feel like maybe they’re just like lgb people.

No. 1456546

world building was what you expect of a dystopian young adult novel tbh. had a simular style to hunger games in extremism and patchiness imo. And it left a lot out, but seemed to be more of a choice in trying to not spoil the premise of future books in the series cause the twist at the end. It's interesting enough but if you dwell on it to much there are a lot of holes.

nah bad guys at the start of the book is the shitty goverment system/moid based society and the gaint robot alien creatures they are fighting aparently. the twist at the end is that the robot alien things are originally the native population of the planet and the human population has being tricked into thinking they are the native population trying to reclaim land while the goverment is in the know because they are being ordered about by space people larping as gods so there are colonial elements I guess but I would say it's a bit of a stretch to make it about white people.

saged for getting off topic

No. 1456547

>art drawn awkwardly to conceal boobs
yeah, that's another fujo playing yaoi (also how many non-fakeboi male names do you know that begin with a Z)

No. 1456549

File: 1646310780157.png (1.19 MB, 1447x2161, 2022-03-01-Growing-Up-Without-…)

Remember that comic from the last thread about how the artist discovered her gender identity through a combination of yaoi shipping and fanart on tumblr that depicted cartoon characters as having gender identities? She posted a new comic about how she turned out this way. I actually feel kind of bad for her fuck

full version here: https://www.ohjoysextoy.com/growing-up-without-sex-ed-jey-pawlik/

No. 1456550

Do we know who the artist is? It looks like a generic American sjw tumblrina art style, I would have thought this was a parody instead of the real thing.

No. 1456551

Ah, so just like DiTF. Even the twist at the end.This kind of people's imagination and creativity have been depleted for the gender shit.
Is there any thread dedicated for general troon shitty writing?

No. 1456555

Gender Queer by Maia Kobabe

No. 1456561

File: 1646311515466.png (108.62 KB, 563x552, check the pronouns.PNG)

Thanks, I googled the title and the artist and guess what I find first kek

No. 1456577

Nowhere in the official site have said that Yugo is ftm, nor was it revealed in the lore, it's pure speculation. Somehow people speculated a binder under the clothes thus saying Yugo the character is a fakeboi/trans, which again has no official source, this might change when the reference sheet is released, but till then it's pure speculation, it could just be an ordinary top.

Even if vtubers don't stay in character most of the time the characters have their own lores separate from their irl selfs, so calling them avatars isn't entirely accurate. I was a fan of utaite/singer Piko before so a dude having a fem voice isn't that improbable for me, it ruins the immersion for some people but to each their own. Nijisanji applications allows a person to audition for any gender, so yes it could be a girl voicing Yugo, but the point is that there isn't an agenda, Yugo uses he because the character is a he, the "he" is not referring to the person playing as Yugo.

No. 1456579

wow this man is an actual accomplished human being
a classics professor and ancicent greek translator, I know he's an ugly moid but this is a rare case where I think HE'S too good for her


No. 1456596

jesus christ, so many girls grow up without a mother and they cope just fine because shit like the internet, biology textbooks and girls magazines exist and talk about stuff like periods and breasts in detail. you're nothing special just because your parents said "sex is bad" and you believed it for a while because you're a dumb kid. these women turn anything into a traumatic experience. i stubbed my toe earlier today and now i got trauma flashbacks, please make it so that there are no toestubby places in any place ever! otherwise you are toestubanxietyphobic!!! god.

soooo just a pornsick fujoshi and nothing else. again, nothing special, not a man, very much a woman.

No. 1456604

File: 1646317315741.jpg (41.92 KB, 327x500, 51a9zdh6zBL.jpg)

>Is there any thread dedicated for general troon shitty writing?
i'd love a thread for general ~woke~ media (so anything the TQ(I)A+ spits out), especially now that heartstoppers is getting a tv adaptation or something and all the enbies i went to university with are losing their minds because they are somehow projecting on two gay teenagers despite being women in their early 20s.

No. 1456612

a "woke ya media" thread would fit really well, there would be so much potential milk

No. 1456614

Any fujoanons know what ship that is?

No. 1456615

File: 1646317902460.jpg (514.15 KB, 1600x400, BannerPatreon.jpg)

Oh god the artist makes me so sad

No. 1456617

Generic white man #1 and Generic white man #2 (drawn with slightly more dark skin to be woker). They have no actual chemistry in the show and barely interact.


No. 1456619

Exactly thats what I mean and think of it. It's a counterargument to the classic tranny point of claiming they are "men in womens bodies" or that they have a "male brain". Same for MTFs.

No. 1456631

Okay, honest question, have any of you gotten actually traumatized because of puberty? Because I seriously can’t imagine someone measuring herself 24/7 to notice the changes. Trannies always make puberty seem like something that literally hurts every single second when it’s something you don’t even notice until you’re done with it.

No. 1456666

I had since birth health issues that directly impacted my puberty and that required daily medical treatment for me to not look like a literal 120cm tall child and grew up with an extremely violent and sexist father and a retarded muslim mother with a stick up her ass and I handled it better than these fakebois, I have no pity for them.

No. 1456682

i'm not a fakeboi but it honestly is traumatizing if you've been abused or don't have any female family members around to help you make sense of what's going on. losing someone as important as your mom that early is probably enough to make puberty traumatizing too, so i feel for her

No. 1456697

Yeah, I hated it. Boys started bullying me and old men started harassing me. I started being ashamed of my breast buds. Didn't know I should buy a bra so I just hunched my back all the time and wore more layers. After that, for the longest time I wore a bra at home because I felt ashamed being 'sexual' in front of my brother and parents. I still do sometimes.
My friend lately told me anecdote about her having an essay in middle school and boys laughing their asses off for some reason. She later realised it was because her breasts started growing and boys were laughing at her nipples. She told me she felt so embarrassed.
For me being in puberty sucked.

No. 1456725

It sucks and can be hard because of how others will start treating you differently in a bad way (aka like a woman). I used to be a tomboy with lots of male friends as a kid but once puberty hits suddenly you're sexually desirable (even by close male friends and relatives) if you're super feminine and conforming or you're trash and you get bullied if you still act "boyish". If you're ugly you feel like you're falling behind every other girl and you're made to feel "the competition" with other female friends. You become a woman we know women are inferior by society's standards. Not to mention that you have to start wearing make-up, shaving, bras (even if you often don't even have breasts), maybe you have to start covering up legs or other parts of your body depending on where you live and then there's periods (and you know how males go "hurrdurr you're on your period!!! Ewww is that a pad??"). You may be shamed for having sexual desire yourself.
It's a lot of senseless changes and it's traumatising. I myself had to worry about my older brother or father looking at me weird and my scrict religious mother freaking out about my genitals.

No. 1456757

I refuse to believe that is a he. If you're brave enough to call Chatora Yawara a she so be it.

No. 1456761

Oh god, the period shit. You just know boys pick up the misogynistic shit their relatives say like “never trust anything that bleeds for seven days and doesn’t die” hurr durr. Meanwhile men can’t be assed to wash their dicks or even their hands after touching them.

No. 1456851

I’m reeling over where she got her sex ed
pro-bdsm magazine for teen girls
>Oh Joy Sex Toy
lesbian fetishizing nlog and her moid

No. 1456857


There's no official information that confirms it (knowing how Japanese companies are in this area probably it won't either unless the woman behind the voice decides it)but the voice actress is non-binary so probably the design choice was not just a coincidence.

No. 1456876

Yeah, it also comes from boys not being educated enough. Maybe if they got punished for saying shit like that they would learn to respect their young female peers, but god forbid we discipline and educate boys on women and what they go through. And maybe we can laugh it off now because we're adults and we know children (boys) are idiots, but being called gross or disgusting for developing into a woman can really fuck a young girl up, especially if she herself is already frustrated because of the change (I remember having to be careful and hiding my pad/tampon while going to the bathroom because otherwise some stupid bitchboy would yell that I was on my period to the whole class) . It's sad because no one normally shames boys for being dirty or teenagers for being horny, pornsick, having boners or growing hair, they can be as comfortable as they want. I can honestly understand young women wanting that comfort and trying to escape all the unnecessary shit that comes with female puberty.

No. 1456953

I went through puberty at 17. The pediatrician was going to induce puberty with medications and stuff but I ended up going through it as a junior in high school. It was wild. I went to an all girls school so high school was fine since were all girls and we all go through the same shit. That was nice. I really just woke up with boobs. Period started shortly after in social studies. Called my mom to come get me, crying. I remember writing in my diaries at like age 12 that I didn’t want to go through what I learned about at school. Puberty can be traumatizing but like other anons said girls were never the issue to girls- it’s stupid boys or in high school, men.(unsaged blog)

No. 1456974

she's a themlet and writes yaoi? damn, I thought she was really cool but looks like I was totally wrong

No. 1457015

what is this absolute fucking degeneracy? it looks like all the comics there are made by trannies

No. 1457025

File: 1646346000896.jpg (177.18 KB, 708x1152, Screenshot_20220303-004354_Fac…)

Saw this pop up on my FB feed. Saged bc I'm not entirely sure it's milk or on topic but i didn't know where else to put it.

The gender weirdness seems like a good way to enable identity theft

No. 1457030

The laugh reacts warm my heart

No. 1457057

>vagina slime

No. 1457062

Could be any ship that is pale white boy + swarthy white boy.

No. 1457066

Just a clarification but Tamsyn Muir writes adult SFF, not YA. I've been waiting to see if she'll get called out for being a fake lesbian but it doesn't look like it. Either people don't know or are afraid of getting cancelled themselves for questioning her sexuality or whatever.

>teehee you can't misgender me because i wear different costumes
also xiran:
>reeeeee stop misgendering me!!1!
Make it make sense. Why are genderspecials so fragile?

No. 1457068

File: 1646348202186.jpg (134.54 KB, 540x705, bbb3_2950d0ac_540.jpg)

>“never trust anything that bleeds for seven days and doesn’t die”
NTA but this is the most fucked up thing I've ever heard in my life regarding periods. Anyone who says that should be lit on fire.

No. 1457079

File: 1646348580820.jpg (45.09 KB, 565x486, tomie.JPG)

Honestly I love it. It makes me feel like a cursed entity ready to bite moids heads off

No. 1457088

You just KNOW if men were the ones who menstruated we'd never hear the end of how manly and badass it makes them

No. 1457116

I'd definitely post in a thread like that. The lalondes South Park fanfic thing from a while ago was especially funny

No. 1457129

File: 1646350619827.jpeg (297.88 KB, 533x670, 95A1A60A-82D5-4549-8C66-2B3042…)

umm so a professor for an anthropology class i took assigned me and my classmates an excerpt from this graphic novel to read and analyze. not these pages obviously, but it still made me want to die. i never looked up the author to see what she looks like until now…holy shit.

No. 1457155

wtf kinda anthro class is that christ. My condolences anon

No. 1457162

So you want a thread in /m/ about woke ya media? It would be diferent to all the other sjw art thread because a) it would encompass everything (TV series, movies, graphic novels & books) b) it would be about professional productions (nothing about Tumblr retards with poorly-drawn amateur webcomics). I think it would be a nice place to discuss Euphoria and other degen shit.

No. 1457174

I’d like one!

No. 1457186

nayrt but i got a masters degree in anthro and everyone in that field is a total tranny shill. somehow its worse then sociology. i did research on menopause in ancient egyptian female skeletal remains and had two people critique that i did not account for "potential" trans people. immediately made me peak

sage for blogpost

No. 1457195

wow that's fucked, I took anthro and sociology courses a couple years back and we didn't have any of that shit.

No. 1457254

That would be a nice thread.

No. 1457302

Even if the ancient Egyptians were troons (which… lol) why would it matter what they identified as in research about menopause? That doesn't even make sense, and sounds like pure virtue signaling for the sake of asspats. This kinda shit is why I keep putting off going back for my phd, academia has been ruined beyond repair.

No. 1457398

>(which… lol)
These retards keep insisting Hatshepsut was trans rather than a woman who took the reigns and made herself king because she could, and presented herself as "male" just as a gimmick. Even in her king statues she is still extremely feminine which was what confused scholars until they realized the king was a female king.

No. 1457414

She simply was king, people made masculinization of her by increasing her shoulders in murals just because she got a male title. No one does this to Queen Elizabeth somehow.

No. 1457469

File: 1646384593184.jpg (59.3 KB, 1080x280, Screenshot_20220304-170301_One…)

Agps and these tifs are the same christ

No. 1457470

That's not gay porn.. Tranny fetish porn at best. Bunch of lunatics.

No. 1457472

I don't remember which language was that the word "queen" was originally used solely to mean "wife of the king" and not "the female ruler of a land", so when they had actual queens they'd just use the "king" title before it was officially changed. I'm guessing this could be a similar scenario, but TRAs have to spin everything to cater to them.

No. 1457473

I've seen their artworks and it's mostly cis dude. On their old twitt account they had occasional m/f pairings nowadays it's cis gay porn

No. 1457483

This is an ayden right? She's not IN the porn then? How is that affirming to her?

No. 1457490

if it is going of popular ships from the 2000s era, I'm guessing Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy tbh.

Lot's of western Fujo coomers started out with harry potter ships tbh.

No. 1457493

I can actually buy into the “puberty is so destabilizing” but for men on the basis that their voice cracks a lot and changes dramatically.
I don’t want to throw out anyone’s experiences just because I didn’t go through it so I try to have an open mind when listening to them

I’m half surprised she doesn’t have a thread here or on the other farms.

No. 1457514

I've been looking at her for a while too and she has cow potential. I remember liking her first video about Mulan but she started sperging constantly about china and how she's chinese and white privileged ppl ruin everything!! which is even more pathetic when apparently she doesn't live in China, she's rich, a themlet even if she presents herself in a feminine way (and badly done cosplays…) and writes shit fanfics while complaining all the time about others' shitty writing.

No. 1457537

Reposting because I somehow messed up formatting. I read the first part of this comic and holy shit, this girl never stood a chance. Raised by hippie parents. Partially homeschooled but couldn’t read until age 11. Not educated about puberty or periods until grade 7, then freaked out about first period and puberty. Convinced that low sex drive and fear of sex meant asexuality and body hatred meant no gender. No wonder she went genderspecial.

No. 1457671

as a trans person, my first puberty was horrible and I hated every single change, when I was 9 I tried to get fat in order to conceal changes, that didn't work so I starved instead but changes kept happening and I just didn't want to go outside anymore.I barely noticed my second puberty while every change was kind of nice.

I honestly do not understand how women just live with having periods, I rather die instantly than experience that constantly. It makes you unable to function just like having diarrhea with fever every single month(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1457672

Troons are “traumatised” by puberty because it’s so sex-specific. Normal people are traumatised during puberty by experiences related to their changing bodies.

No. 1457684

>as a trans person
fuck off troon. at least sage your blogposts and get mental help

No. 1457698

Please get off of the hormones and go to talk therapy. You will never be a man, you will never come close to being a man. You'll always be a woman with everything a woman has and that will never change. Godspeed, anon, I wish you a speedy and painless detransition.

No. 1457701

Why are you here?

No. 1457711

>I honestly do not understand how women just live with having periods, I rather die instantly than experience that constantly.
Honestly I can get by the blood (granted I have access to hygiene), just the pain that I have to go to the gynecologist for meds. I wonder why we were made like that, nature is bitch.

No. 1457714

I have yet to see a TIF taller than like 5'4. I guess it probably doesn't help dysphoria.

No. 1457724

pathetic that you think your experience was different from any other woman. 'when i was 9 i tried to get fat in order to conceal changes' yeah ok you grew boobs like we all did and you got sexual attention for it so you got fat and tried to hide from the fucking FEMALE REALITY YOU NOW LIVE IN. 'i barely noticed my second puberty' you grew a pube beard and felt safe because of your gender religion congrats you are all the fucking same. you think you are so special and unique that somehow YOU can escape femininity if you just stop performing it but you are delusional if you think anyone believes you are not female. you can't control how other people see or think about you and you have to fucking cope with that as a woman because it's a part of your fucking life. it's terrifying and it's what we ALL contend with. touch some grass and read a book written by a woman you freak.

No. 1457727

File: 1646416599681.jpg (65.14 KB, 500x750, 660b86613d3265124e82f9ee058c52…)

sage for blogpost but as an autistic woman puberty was incredibly traumatizing, a good chunk of tifs are also autistic so i guess its relevant, ever since i hit puberty i've had extreme disconnect from my body, whenever look in the mirror naked or wearing form fitting clothing i feel revulsion like looking at some uncanny twisted version of myself, the breasts and hips are the worst part because it was such a drastic change. Autists are extremely averse to change and having your own body change so much without your input or control messed me up in a way i can't put it to words, i feel violated by the universe, some punishment for something i dont know what i did.
For me it was never about men or boys giving me shit or lack of support from other women, my tiny little retarded brain just couldnt take such extreme changes to my body and hasnt recovered since, it feels like someone broke all of my bones and put them back wrong like a bloodborne monster.

Im in my mid 20s now, it hasnt gotten much better, therapy didnt help either, I still desperately want to loop my tits off but i probably won't because its way too much work and im kinda averse to surgery, i have a lot of control issues with my appearance too, i must look, weight, even smell a certain way and nothing can change without I agreeing to the change.

No. 1457748

Another autist here, and holy fuck is this relatable. I used to be afraid of puberty as a kid. When I heard what it does to your body, the hip thing especially, I didn't want to grow up. In my teens when I looked back on that fear I took that as a sign of being a tranny.. Because I didn't want hips and hated my breasts.. I also prefer very baggy clothes as they're more comfortable. I got labeled nlog at school because of that and that just pushed me deeper into the tranny hole, because of course I must not be a girl if I don't follow fashion and prefer loose clothing, men's flannels especially and boxers that don't constantly ride up my crack.
When it comes to the fear of puberty, I think I didn't want to let go of my childhood. Puberty comes with growing up and the world's a scary place when you have to be an adult and on your own. Thank god I am doing ok as an adult now but fuck do I fear the outside world. A lot. Working on that currently.
I'm glad I grew out of the tranny phase fast. And soon after I started wondering if I might be autistic. Ding ding ding. I'm still struggling with my body and myself and everything really. It's so fucked up how much better I'd be doing if my messy brain was noticed way earlier. I also relate to your control issues anon. I obsess over my weight, hygiene, look and changes (with anything) really are the worst. Only if the want to change something comes from me first it's easier to accept as I've probably contemplated on it for a long long time. Sorry for blogging and making it long and rambly but as a socially awkward person you don't get to talk about these things often and I took this as a chance to open up a bit.

No. 1457750

You really think we enjoy how traumatic puberty is, or that we don’t mind the awfulness of periods? Of course you didn’t mind your “second puberty”; it’s a body mod you’ve chosen to take. Actual puberty isn’t chosen.

Just because we’re confronting reality and dealing with it with our chin up instead of mutilating our bodies and pumping them full of hormones to end up as abominations with rotting nipples and deformed clits, it doesn’t mean our experiences with periods and female puberty was too different from yours. We’re both female, after all, and always will.

No. 1457760

>>1456631 sage for blog, but yes. Mine started a few years before the rest of my class and it was miserable. I grew height too early and fast that it took decades for the stretch marks in my thighs to fade. I had bigger boobs before eleven than I see on adult women today and grown men hit on me and offered me alcohol while still in primary school because they ~allegedly~ couldn't tell I was still a child. Add some turbo autism and well-meaning boomer parents who didn't want to give the talk and you've got a pretty sucky run through puberty from both my body and other people. I'm long over it now, but it was definitely traumatic at the time and has struggles that echoed for years. I'm just glad mine isn't a universal experience, because I thought it was and was so confused when other people didn't totally loathe puberty.
I'm also pretty glad I grew up and got used to my body before I could access a breast reduction like young me wanted. My mom had one and the recovery process was so brutal that it would have talked me out of it if I hadn't already. (If any nonas itt are considering it without medical necessity, don't. Recovery is long, miserable, and you have to work so hard not to lose range of motion in your upper body.)

No. 1457763

did nobody tell you what to expect? when i was really young my mom gave me books about puberty and sex and i think that made a big difference for me, since i knew what to expect. they werent creepy or anything they were age appropriate books with illustrations on how breasts grow, what sex is, etc. did nobody warn you?

No. 1457770


no one knows that Im trans and no one suspects it openly either, I lead a regular life just like any other male around me. Cows in this thread are something else, not every trans person acts like this. The majority is stealth and doesn't talk about being trans(uh huh)

No. 1457772

Hope you don't try to stealth your partners.

No. 1457774

File: 1646419186127.jpg (21.5 KB, 564x564, 91d2c0b6a23df934752406e9409fcd…)

>no one knows that Im trans
keep telling yourself that, girl.

No. 1457778

>>1457770 Then share your puberty story without bringing your genderspecial crap into it. Also seconding anon upthread with the hope that you aren't stealth with partners.

No. 1457780

File: 1646419428691.jpg (602.54 KB, 4194x2582, 26b250a738ea4abc7a5af4d42ad93a…)

Im glad i could make you feel less alone anon, i didn't have a trans phase because a few of my interests are kinda ridiculously feminine so i was like "how man if like doll?", kind of a dumb gender role thought line but it saved my ass. I feel the same about baggy clothes, i actually wore the male uniform of my school for comfort, people thought it was weird and i got bullied a little but i always valued my comfort over others opinions.
I was very much warned hahaha, I actually had a very good education biology wise from both school and my parents but for me its like someone warning you theyre gonna chop off your arm right away and its impossible to delay, doesn't make it less worse being armless yknow?
Heck where i live catcalling is extremely uncommon, i had very few creepy interactions in my silly little life, it's way more of a me problem i guess.

No. 1457783

everyone can tell you are a woman. they’re just not saying it to your face to be nice. you sound just like the cows in this thread. you will never be a real man and everyone calls you a girl behind your back

No. 1457785

School uniform sounds horrible. I am so specific with my clothes' fit that if it was the teeniest bit uncomfortable I wouldn't be able to concentrate on anything and I'd be fucking grumpy.

No. 1457787

she can't be stealth with partners, she has no dick, dumbass

No. 1457788

As another autist, I don’t get it. I never got traumatized by something so natural, maybe it’s because I was already getting bullied for being darker than the rest of the class and fat.

No. 1457789

Who knows if she's dumb enough to try the strap on thing in the dark

No. 1457791

I got fat during puberty and that sucked so bad. Didn't help with my uncomfortableness at all.

No. 1457793

The majority are not stealth. I could clock you a million miles away based on your facial structure, height, and your froggy T voice.

No. 1457794

Are you stupid? When even strangers can tell they're a woman, how would they trick partners? Stop interacting with her and she'll leave. She thinks she's owning terfs by lying through her teeth. And if she could really pass as a male, she'd send pictures for proof.

No. 1457817

>It makes you unable to function just like having diarrhea with fever every single month
I know this isn't exactly the time/place, but this isn't even true. The shitty symptoms of menstruation are a direct result of industrial society fucking women over. If you look at the fucking toxins in panty liners, pads and tampons and you can't pretend you don't know why it feels like death. There's other factors to this but womanhood does not have to be suffering lol

No. 1457822

Like oh my god you're the most special individual to ever walk the earth. You're totes right. No woman has ever understood how uncomfortable puberty is. Every woman is perfectly okay with oppressive gender role expectations but not YOU. Billions of people on the planet and fakebois think their thoughts are so original.

No. 1457840

I'd like know more about what the toxins in pads, liners and tampons can do. Irritation and infections are all I can come up with on the spot but they can't induce diarrhea now can they? Urinary tracts issues maybe..

No. 1457849

this!!! indigenous person here and traditionally in matriarch based societies periods have always been associated with cleansing and purification rather than the "gross uncomfortable toxic suffering" that current industrial and patriarchal society has gaslit us into believing it is. the reason it hurts has very little to do with the period itself and everything to do with the discomfort that arises within around it.

No. 1457855

Diarrhea is due to the hormones your body releases during your period. That anon is retarded for blaming it on chemicals in your pads/tampons.

No. 1457863

Chloreothane and styrene alone cause abdominal cramps, nausea, fatigue, poor coordination, etc. Generally makes things hell
I thought anon was comparing menstruation to diarrhea, not saying it caused them, as she said "just like having diarrhea with fever every single month"

See above, chill lmao

Exactly, they normalized it being terrible so that people won't question their garbage products

No. 1457865

File: 1646424024812.gif (1.97 MB, 268x268, 1560863817920.gif)

>not only am I not like other girls, I'm also not like other fakebois

No. 1457872

File: 1646424176153.jpg (48.21 KB, 498x456, 1610026728318.jpg)

We are approaching levels of NLOG never thought possible!

No. 1457873

Cupfags leave

No. 1457874

Pointing out a product is bad and causes side effects doesn't mean you're shilling for another product lmao

No. 1457889

I personally use toilet paper

No. 1457910

You're not living a regular life like every other man around you because you aren't like every other man around you. You're not a man. Men can tell you're not a man. You don't have their natural strenght, you don't have their body hair, you're not as tall and muscular, your frog voice isn't like a man's. Even if you take T, your testosteron levels will never be like those of a man. You can lop your tits off, but will you shave off your hips somehow? Will your ribcage suddenly become bigger? Will you grow a dick? Will your hands and arms get bigger? No, because hormones can't do that. You're still a woman and you will always be a woman, yet you feel different and not like other girls because you didn't like puberty boohoo. Get a grip.

No. 1457928

a lot of this comes off as projection since gray has posted about getting unwanted surgeries for her intersex condition as a child. normally that would make me feel sorry for her but that actually seems even more evil to me. puberty is not inherently traumatic, it a natural stage of life. just because you were medically abused during puberty doesn't mean that other kids should be.

sage for rant but why are transgenders so ignorant and don't even do basic research on the medical treatments they support? i have read horrifying things about "cis-gendered" kids who were on lupron for starting puberty too early. one woman has the bones of an elderly woman in her 20s and had to get her jaw replaced. lupron is also used to castrate pedophiles in prison because being chemically castrated and having their bones decay is a reasonable punishment for abusing kids. even for it's intended usage, adult men with prostate cancer, it's only to be done as a last resort for no more than a year. what makes people think that putting a mentally ill child who doesn't like their body (likely from abuse) will have a favorable effect compared to these other uses?

No. 1457941

i tried to use the men's bathroom one time in a club because the line to the women's was too long and two twinks were like SORRY MEN ONLY ! my friend tried to lie for me and say that i was a troon but they still wouldn't let me in rip. almost peed myself that night rip

No. 1458001

Saged for off topic an so sorry for that.
How did you got diagnosed anon? I'm in my mid twenties and I'm 99% sure I have autism, I show a lot of 'sintoms' of your average autistic women. I read some of the replies and even though I never had fear of puberty I always dressed with really loose clothes since I was a teenager and I was bullied for that lmao. My classmates believed i was going to troon because I dressed like that and also had short hair. Heck, I even started to think that maybe I was a guy but luckily snapped out of it quickly.
I started to persue a diagnosis but the psychiatrist that is seeing me right now is "not sure" if I'm autistic or not, where I live is still not that researched and some don't even know that girls have different kinds of showing their autism that boys.
Anyways, sorry for the really long post abd sorry for the potentially bad English

No. 1458002

>I honestly do not understand how women just live with having periods, I rather die instantly than experience that constantly.
Lol, I can't stop laughing at the disconnect between play-pretending to be a manly man and being unwilling to put up with the slightest discomfort ever without immediately breaking into overdramatic hysterics, while milliards of women just take pain meds if needed and otherwise go on their merry way. Anon, hope you don't get chronic finger tendinitis from all the furious and prolonged masturbating to your fav yaois that you do, or then you'll have no choice but to commit ritual suicide.

Can't help thinking that the current wave of fakeboi is caused by the absolute breakup of standards towards men, especially middle class ones, who were previously at least vaguely expected to have stoicism in face of pain and struggle, the ability to perform many maintenance if not outright construction tasks in the house, and intellectual achievements, things that adults of ALL sexes should have and do. But now that's all porn, gaming and being coddled by everyone, the fakeboi all went "oh, that's so me, I'm a real manTM!" That's not it, you're not a man, you're just a loser, sex unspecified.

No. 1458007

File: 1646432789259.png (474.77 KB, 2048x1439, chrome_screenshot_164643272044…)

No. 1458009

i honestly don't understand why so many "transmen" have such an us against them attitude. a lot of women go through a lot of the same body discomforts that female transpeople do, but transpeople write it off as something only a transgender would have…? i was horrified by my puberty and wished i could have a guy puberty, and i struggle with an eating disorder then and now. same with my periods. i have a medical issue that makes periods extra crappy for me, but i know that doesn't make me actually a man because there's a name for it. women live with periods as a tolerance thing, it's not because they see it as fun or "gender-euphoric". "transman" is a women's experience

No. 1458010

Wait is azis a ftm???

No. 1458013

>"transman" is a women's experience
This is great wording

No. 1458014

File: 1646433360731.png (911.6 KB, 720x1125, screencapture-twitter-Transani…)

No. 1458015

Samefag, forgot to sage above

No. 1458016

These are the types to reeee about everything being problematic or appropriation then do shit like this lmfao

No. 1458027

>Discount nudes for Ukrainians to celebrate your country being invaded! No need to thank me, just doing my part. Buy now!

No. 1458028

That acc is a troll but gotta love how realistic this post seemed

No. 1458029

Is that a parody account? If you check the original tweet, there is not even a link to an Onlyfans, and the general writing style doesn't seem genuine.
Still funny too

No. 1458036

Even if the account is false, the picture must be real and raises so many question. Like who is dating this? Is becoming a fakeboi the same thing that taking a chastity vow for Catholic monks is or something?

No. 1458069

Do you know why you came here to convince us that you're special and not like women at all? Because don't even believe that shit yourself. Go read up on detransitioners and realize you ain't special

No. 1458124

I can relate, I was too busy hating myself for being fat to even really notice I was going through puberty lmao. I’m pretty sure I had some kind of body dysmorphia because I didn’t see my body as feminine during or after puberty, even though I can look back at pictures and see it.

As for the period thing, it’s not absolute extreme hellish suffering for every woman, mine’s manageable with ibuprofen. Periods are just an annoyance I deal with, and for me it’s only bad for the first 2-3 days. I can still live my life lol.

No. 1458187

nta but your standards of masculinity and pretty racist and euro-centric
plenty of men don't have body hair and are short

No. 1458191

Fucking hell.

No. 1458195

I'm just against euro-centrism and the enforcement of western standards of masculinity on Indigenous people

No. 1458206

Lady, give it up. You're a girl. People can't change sex. Even non-euro men are still men. Just because they're men doesn't make a woman a man.

No. 1458207

Kek, but no man has a vagina. Men can only get stinkditches.

No. 1458209

I'm not saying that, I'm saying using facial hair, body hair and height as standards of masculinity is euro-centric and in a way offensive towards non-white peoples

No. 1458210

Who cares.

No. 1458211

people around the world I guess, who are forced to deal with these standards

No. 1458216

I don't think this is the place to protect the self confidence of third world men.

No. 1458218

File: 1646450211948.jpg (119.58 KB, 1024x683, o66rby717hl81.jpg)

Why do couples transition together?

No. 1458226

depends on what kind, if they're a same-sex couple it's usually because they don't want to be considered "straight" in gender standards, and/or the social contagion spreads. i've seen both lesbian and gay couples both trans out and they either pretend to be gay men or lesbians afterward lol. for straight couples, i don't know, maybe for the novelty?

i mean you aren't wrong but transpeople use white standards sometimes more than the "terf" side does. yes, some men of different races are naturally short or have little body hair, and transpeople either co-opt that to prove they are valid men too or get "dysphoric" about it, because they either think those men are womenly (???) or they want to be tall anime boys instead of looking like an average guy.

a gossip forum full of pinkpilled/blackpilled women who mostly hate men isn't the place to defend men who are oppressed for other reasons anyway lmao

No. 1458238

Oh no, Asian men feel inferior because they can't grow a beard. Give me a break

No. 1458240

Sweetheart, they are men. Hairless and small may they be, they are still men, and they know it. No one with a real dicknballs is sad about this. You know who feels inferior about not measuring up? Women.

No. 1458248

It's not just about asian men feeling bad, rather euro-centrism and western standards of masculinity being forced upon the global south and I think its wrong to use these as the pillars of what makes a man to use against TIFs

No. 1458258

No. 1458289

I don't give a shit about masculinity

No. 1458313

I used to have a cup but somehow that caused even worse cramps for me. But I remember feeling overall better during the time I used it though. The cramps were just too unbearable.

No. 1458325

why would banking work any differently for gendies?

No. 1458329

It's just the company preying on trannies by validating their speshul identity. The only gimmick is that they get their chosen name on the card.

No. 1458368

File: 1646467496718.jpg (743.31 KB, 1165x2566, gYxXXGU.jpg)

I was actually thinking of this and how much “pendulum swings back” has happened over the past few years and yet people in the post hold these contradictory views “radical acceptance of the self vs my waist makes me suicidal”. Obviously picrel doesn’t frame it as such.

No. 1458396

>Permanent, significant, intentional weight loss is scientifically extremely rare
i hate that people keep touting this shit. it just actively discourages people from trying to work on themselves. not to mention that i see a ton of successful weight loss stories everywhere. just because fatty over here can't put down the cupcakes doesn't mean that everyone is like her.

No. 1458397

I know anon, I was just listing things associated with men. I know not all men have those features. And plenty of them do BECAUSE they are male. Non-white men may be short and hairless, but they have the other stuff I've talked about like narrower hips, bigger hands or feet, bigger ribcage and a fucking dick.
Also, those standards aren't just euro-centric. Many "brown" and "black" males are taller and hairier than women on average. It's not racist to say that certain features are exclusive to men, even if some men don't have all of them. But I did leave out the most important thing that makes a man, and that's a mutated and retarded y gene.

No. 1458398

Arab men maybe, but I assure most africans are hairless and many are short as well

No. 1458452

Arab and indian men can grow beards just fine, as well as most african-americans. Black males are often tall. Asian men still have the anatomy and proportions of a man (and many of them can have facial body hair too). But you know what? None of them have vaginas or wide hips or curves. All of them are xy, unlike the "real" nlog trans anon who posted above.

No. 1458470

>comparing weight loss for morbidly obese people, since that's who the body positivity bullshit targets, to intersex babies getting surgery at birth
Now I've seen it all. This is enough internet for today.

No. 1458498

File: 1646491429440.jpeg (247.48 KB, 828x1426, 4E75DA15-35C7-4E26-9D6C-33FAF4…)

local retards from the small town I grew up in have been coming out as they/thems en masse

No. 1458499

File: 1646491458759.jpeg (72.28 KB, 828x430, DE66E6B9-EA2F-40CA-B3BF-68733D…)

No. 1458500

File: 1646491590890.jpg (1.05 MB, 2731x4096, FNCO-etWUAI6dyW.jpg)

nonitas do you think this is a moid or a TIF? @The_Cytherean on twitter

saged cuz OT

No. 1458502

Why is she/her okay but nothing else feminine is? Trannies are truly retards

No. 1458504

face reminds me of Seike so i'd assume TIF, chest also looks weirdly edited and body proportions womanly.

No. 1458505

if you inspect the tree in the background you can kinda see where the shoulders have been stretched and edited. I assume it’s a tif with heavy shoop

No. 1458509

Seike, the swedish musician?

No. 1458510

File: 1646492870880.jpg (357 KB, 1496x2048, FKIHOiBXIAAsiG9.jpg)

at first i thought it was a chest plate but there's other pictures where it looks mostly natural and there are no visible seams. if you zoom in under the right pec, it looks like she tried to erase surgery scars. the hands look pretty small and feminine, at least in this picture.

No. 1458512

File: 1646493124283.jpg (34.76 KB, 720x540, FG_zAW0X0BQHCTi.jpg)

this is the pic that puzzles me the most. they look like a boy here.

No. 1458525

yes, it's a she. insider information.

No. 1458526

Goddamn. Never would've guessed. Are you her friend or something?

No. 1458531

I was extremely close to someone who knows the family and that's how I heard about it some years ago already. I always thought the voice was a big giveaway as she had that very strange and specific tone of voice that all ftms have.

No. 1458534

They guest on this twitch, I think based on their voice they are gay or mtf

No. 1458540

if you look at her previous insta posts she tags "bodysuit" so i'm assuming she wears a buffalo bill skinsuit

No. 1458541

Has this been posted yet? Sorry if it has nonnas. Here we have a whole group of Aidens and Gaydens screaming at a man at Texas University. One of them REEEEEEEEs and is basically the female version of "IT'S MA'AM". I have downloaded for it's inevitable removal but Idk how to archive on here because I'm a newfag. Pray for me nonnas. I find the whole transcult incredibly disturbing.

No. 1458542

Samefag but the bit I'm talking about happens until 1:56.

No. 1458553

The clearly female face with the shooped man body looks so uncanny.

No. 1458565

>your highness
why are these narcs always obsessed with royal titles? nobody thinks you're a king or a prince, girlie.

No. 1458590

no word of a lie, I once came across a Tumblr FTm who used "Prince/Princeself" pronouns unironically

No. 1458598

Kek holy shit @ the second part of the video, the tiktok Aiden REEEEing about getting misgeDEEEEERDddd

A story from Youtube comments that made me lol:
>I worked with a girl who identified as some sort of bug/human type species and she changed her name to Cicada. Even her name tag had "Cicada" printed in it. One day our dishwasher called her " Ay yo, mosquito!" and all hell broke loose. It was nearly impossible for me to keep myself together.

No. 1458602

Idk man, the face would fit perfectly on a transbian. On the other hand, no Adam's apple, and hairline is feminine

No. 1458613

File: 1646503296170.jpg (401.58 KB, 756x1350, 2521625.jpg)

Not just mediocre even cuties like picrel do it

No. 1458619

please love yourself

No. 1458622

She went from plain girl next door-type to insanely hot butch. Looking a bit like a young Lea DeLaria even. Except I'm willing to bet money that this girl's not gay, like the majority of the spicy straights trooning out to be gay aidens.

No. 1458625

KEK at 1:12 tiffy tryna hide her fupa

No. 1458629

TIFs use these standards against those actual men too lmao. terfs are annoying but i don't see them saying that all men are tall and hairy (that comment is just aimed at one transperson in this thread) and that's why TIFs can't be men, they say men have DICKS and that's why TIFs can't become men.

take it up with the TIFs who says non-white men that don't live up to those standards are womenly or make them "dysphoric". a lot of actual non-white men in those countries have probably never met a TIF anyway and don't care

No. 1458637

File: 1646505933397.gif (1.56 MB, 498x278, muppets-miss-piggy.gif)

I hate this whole thing, do you remember the old Tumblr days everyone called themselves "asexual" and constantly talked about sex, periods and pubic hair?
"I hate the idea of being intimate with ANYONE" Fine, but then shut the fuck about sex, gender and all that.
Sorry to rant I hate these liars, they're not "confused" or anything, they resent other people's healthy sex lives and instead of doing something about themselves, they use "trauma" to justify their lazy evergrowing asses.
You're an adult, if you have problems try to fix it and stop being a child about it.

No. 1458649

Anon go to any mall in 2006 and you could find a butch that looks identical to this.

No. 1458657

Ikr. I knew a lesbian girl and this is how she looked in her old pictures when that style was in.

No. 1458664

Youre a WHITE GIRL, retard. Most fakebois are. Of course the "standard" for you would be other white moids, not indigenous asians fucking kek. And even short, hairless native men are undoubtedly male by their body structure and socialization. Their still didnt appear in this thread, but there is a whole wave of white fakebois trying to skinwalk east asian men, and they make a good case of why mentally ill women used to be locked out in the past.

No. 1458667

Anon, no one on the story of humankind even confused an shot indigenous men with a white women. That is colonialism propaganda "look at those inferior men they're even less than our women" but it wasnt an honest confusion. Trust me, unless they have the western propaganda integrated on their minds, they don't go "uh how unmanly i am" because biological men are men anywhere, anytime. And so biological women. "third genders" were a way to punish or other male homosexuality, and now "nb" is a way to punish female homosexuality. Simple as that.

No. 1458673

File: 1646509922973.webm (9.22 MB, 576x1024, part 1.webm)

The absolute state of they/them libfem handmaidens. She's a roided up troon so I figured I'd post her here.

No. 1458675

File: 1646509958891.webm (10.93 MB, 576x1024, part 2.webm)

No. 1458679

Yup checks out. These people are always obsessed with external validation and I feel like the concept between friendship and romantic attraction is very blurred to them. Reminds me of the whole "platonic life partner" thing I saw some of them talk about a while ago. I knew one who would say she was in a poly relationship, but they were just some random people online who gave her the tiniest bit of attention kek

No. 1458684

She's 17 years old.

I feel kind of bad for her to be honest. She's going to be so embarrassed in a few years.

No. 1458687

Why do i feel that the partner in question was so much older?

No. 1458689

Maybe it was suctioning to your cervix? I’ve had that happen and it can be really painful.

No. 1458690

Good. She should be embarrassed. She's a spoiled brat - they all are.

No. 1458695

>"it's never who you want to be polyamorous who's polyamorous"

No. 1458698

they took the bait. grandpa there did not give a fuck.

No. 1458699

File: 1646512760203.jpg (1.42 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20220305_223234623.j…)

Asian men can generally grow beards.

As someone who has been around a lot of them, virtually all of them have to shave.

Some have smaller beards but they all grow male facial hair. The remainder of their bodies isn't as hairy as European men but they are not completely hairless.

This myth needs to die already.

Modern east Asian cultures do often put a lot of importance on men being clean shaven. If you have a beard in china, Korea or Japan you will have difficulty being employed and people will think that you are a bum.

No. 1458701

Same anon. I'm post SRS, my chest scars faded considerably. I'm originally from the East, moved to the West. I never get clocked, never get questioned about pronouns and LGBTs don't like me, because we don't get along. I don't consider myself trans anymore. I always felt uncomfortable with female sex characteristics and it was fixed through getting male sex characteristics. As a child, I'd compare my hand and foot size with male kids and I was happy when mine were the biggest (I had very early puberty around 6-8, by 9 I was completely done, my gonads and genitals never fully developed, they were atrophied and I was going my entire life to doctors due to pain, post surgery they confirmed those issues). I don't care if someone would insist I'm female or a woman. I normally forget I wasn't always 100% male. I sometimes browse here to see if I have anything in common with troonies, but I don't. I just had sick, underdeveloped body which I got fixed and I live my life. I assume a lot of hatred here comes from desisters who failed to pass so they hate the thought that someone might.

I imagine it's harder for people who develop female skeleton, though. Due to my underdeveloped genitals, I didn't produce much estrogen so I developed pretty androgynously. On my school photos I have same skeletal proportions as other males in my classes, even in high school. A doctor proposed we could try diagnosing me for intersex, but that'd require postponing transition because they assess the natural body, so I opted not to, because I don't need a special label for this.

Yes, yes, I know no one here cares. I'm friends with a transphobic lesbian and she complains about troonies and how they mutilate themselves. She's the sole person I'd consider to might had clock me, but even if she does, I never had the impression as she always speaks of us as "us" in regards to being legiebete, knowing I only like men.

Anyway, it was interesting reading about people's puberties, because I legit didn't remember my body from before puberty due to how early it was and since being post all procedures, I don't remember my body from before them.

I got banned from an ftm porn subreddit, because they assumed I'm naturally male due to my genitals. I tried to spread information on how to achieve best results, but ftms online don't care. They reee if you don't affirm their 100% female bodies as male. I don't care about NLOG and other terms you have, but I don't understand why someone would insist on being ftm without actually adapting the 'tm' part.

I plan to stay a life-long virgin, because I don't want to hurt anyone's sexuality if they'd only be into males, but then upon seeing my faded scars decided it was rape by deception or something.

No, I don't have a meat sausage. I have about 3 inches from metoidioplasty. It's not much, but it's enough for me.

I wish all the self-hating trannies reading this thread well.

Looks fully female in all of them tbhon.(autistic)

No. 1458705

I wish people would shut up and stop sperging about these stupid cups already.

Not everyone wants to wear one.

Not everyone wants to look at a cup full of blood and decaying tissue.

It makes me feel sick just thinking about it.

Now you tell me this thing can get stuck and it suctions onto your internal organs?


No. 1458706

Ok. Let's say you are a true and honest man. Why the fuck are you here then?

No. 1458708

Get a diary, girl.

No. 1458710

It’s not like tampons are better and pads feel like you’re wearing a huge diaper all day. And they cost more money. What do you propose women wear instead?

No. 1458712

what pads are you wearing that it feels like diapers? because i feel normal when wearing pads.

No. 1458721

who gives a shit. it doesn't matter if you don't consider yourself trans anymore, or if your puberty was abnormal or if retarded reddit mods banned you from a coomer subreddit because your genitals "look soooo male!"

maybe you didn't have a typical female experience with puberty but you definitely did not have a male one, nor will you ever lead the life of a "sizzz" male.

No. 1458722

You know i love lolcow because it doesnt let my conception of mentally ill people get stale. For example, the hypersexualization of women genuinely destroyed the world perception of so many girls, and we can see it in many cows threads for example. But also the non-sexualization of autistic girls let them to to believe that they're sexless blobs and don't get any treatment for their genetic disorders (early puberty is no joke) like OP because they werent lusted by 40 years old moids at age 10 like other children. Is a very dammed if you do, dammed if you dont situation

No. 1458727

It’s literally the most hygienic period item I’ve used and if it’s inserted correctly you can’t even feel it. Do you work for the pad industry or something?

No. 1458730

I never really listened to the music she made. I didn't like it. The bunch seemed obnoxious as hell too so that didn't really help.

No. 1458731

So if I got it right, straight girl traumatized from early onset puberty uses bodymods to get butcher her sexual organs. Then decides to remain a virgin mostly because shes still not comfortable? That's not healthy and I know you're banned but if you're still reading this, please get some mental help.

No. 1458734

File: 1646516106050.gif (494.02 KB, 500x259, 1639837130468.gif)

You're not being very coherent here so I understand that you're a woman who used to be ftm and whose early puberty made her look androgynous, supposedly. How does that work? Since you say you have underdeveloped genitals I assume you stopped growing up early? Are you short or tall now that you're adult (assuming that you're not an underage anon)?

Why would your doctor suggest you get diagnosed as intersex and you refused? You gave a reason but that sounds like a stupid reason, I can't imagine a competent doctor suggesting something incorrect just to please or suggesting you're intersex and then completely giving up on that possibility just because it doesn't fit what you want. Did your doctor tell you which tests he wanted to propose to you? Like doing some bloodwork or something?

>Due to my underdeveloped genitals

>because they assumed I'm naturally male due to my genitals
Isn't that contradictory? I'm not saying I don't believe you but your description is weird. Maybe I'm biased because I had to induce my own puberty with synthetic growth hormone, so I had the opposite health issue.

No. 1458736

Ugh girls who shame other girls about what type of period product they like to use are the most insecure and obnoxious of my kin. STFU and wear a tampon, sponge, pad, cup, thinx, fuckin freebleed for all I care just STFU no one gives a shit if you think you're superior for how you stuff your bloody clam lmfao. Just shut up you dumbass bitches. sage for sperg

No. 1458739

What's a thinx?

No. 1458741

True. I love women, but sometimes we fight about the most retarded things. Use what feels the best. Listen to your coochie, nonnas, listen to its whispers.

No. 1458742

Period underwear

No. 1458757

File: 1646519200173.jpeg (894.46 KB, 1708x3464, F8CE38A9-008E-4BAF-9585-54FF4F…)

Saw this being reposted from the FtM detransition subreddit to Twitter. I still don‘t understand how ~twans~ people advocate that shit and see nothing wrong with a 16 year old person wanting to transition. Fucking retards are literally destroying peoples lifes with their brainwashing transagenda.

No. 1458765

Christ that poor woman

No. 1458769

wouldn't this be grounds for some kind of lawsuit? these girls are not being informed of the medical risks and it can't be legal to exclude this information from the informed consent forms.

No. 1458791

We haven't even seen the start of it yet nonnie. The Kiera Bell case was just the beginning.

No. 1458798

Had to look up what a metoidioplasty was… all that mutilation just to end up with a microdick

No. 1458842

>I got banned from an ftm porn subreddit
Kek, yes it's such a male trait to whore yourself out on the internet for men to see
go back to /tttt/ and stop larping, and go get tested for autism

No. 1458958

That’d be an awesome thread. Hoping for you to post it here once you make it.

No. 1459022

This makes me so sad. There are people on social media fighting against the bill in Texas that makes it child abuse to give hormones to children. We are physically killing any future these kids have, instead of helping society destroy real sexism.

No. 1459092

this is so crazy. How did I never realised her frog voice until now

No. 1459119

Do you think 16 year olds and their tunnel vision munchie parents read those consent forms they have to sign

No. 1459273

Not only that, but with how they’re groomed to act up in case their parents disagree with chopping healthy parts off their kid’s body, it’s kind of a recipe for disaster.

No. 1459290

>See, I'm not like other girls! I used to play a lot with boys and compare my body to theirs, and then I had some trouble with puberty (unlike other girls who have their puberty without any pain, unwanted changes, frustration and hormonal issues at all), I went to the doctor and together with him I decided, as a child, that since I was like an "incomplete" woman, I might as well be a man! No one can clock me I swear, I have a male body, I'm 100% male and that's why I'm on a female imageboard to make sure that I don't act like those other icky aidens. I'm not insecure!

This has to be bait.

No. 1459384

the woke media thread has been created here >>>/m/186892 enjoy, anons!

No. 1459594

>it's such a male trait to whore yourself out on the internet for men to see
not to play devil's advocate but the mtf thread and miscellaneous faggots on 4chan have taught me men love playing at e-whore too

No. 1459627

File: 1646605479197.jpg (73.29 KB, 577x502, 4yae35y.JPG)

Aiden murder on Twitter

No. 1459636

File: 1646606640748.png (216.59 KB, 1080x1025, 634B0484-9A01-4FA9-83E7-699B18…)

No hope for women

No. 1459645

File: 1646607506616.png (723.37 KB, 618x2364, Screenshot.png)

Megumi Ogata just came out as nonbinary apparently, and immediately started advocating for "gender neutral siyu awards", as if it's not the dumbest idea ever.

>"My roles are 70% boys so I must not be a woman"

I guess Keith Ferguson will start identifying as white any second now.

Gender neutral competition is so dumb, I can't believe women are doing this to themselves. A competition without sex segregation just means moids will win all the time.
Why do successful women feel the need to punch down on the rest of us, the moment they get recognized for their talents? Her speech pissed me off so much. If she doesn't want to be a woman, let others have her award. We truly are doomed.

No. 1459649

File: 1646607817375.jpg (171.91 KB, 927x634, Untitled.jpg)

i want to read a scientific study on why girls "transition" to male and then proceed to act more feminine than ever before

No. 1459665

No way. In true fakeboi fashion she dresses like a visual kei boy instead of like a regular man kek

No. 1459670

File: 1646609110508.png (28.65 KB, 755x75, 2022-03-07_00-24-04.png)

The solution is to troon out of course. That will reduce discrimination against women: Them no longer identifying as women. 200IQ, I expected no less from a gendersalad.

No. 1459764

First step is not to identify as women anymore, second step is depriving the weaklings who still call themselves women of the spaces and rights they fought tooth and nail to obtain

Samefag as >>1459645 sorry for the typos and bad grammar

No. 1459842

No Ogata, you're one of my lifelong faves!! Why can't you just keep being the cool hot androgynous lesbian you've been my whole life…just like I love androgynous men with long hair…why can't there just be genderbending anymore?? in breaking the binary people are making it more black and white than ever…sage for weeb sperg

No. 1459890

These women are just like tradwives. They can't have their nonsense all to themselves, other women must be forced to participate. Misery. Loves. Company.

No. 1459928

>claiming penises and dildos are the same

Interesting how both TIFs and TIMs do this.

No. 1459931

every single teen boy in media are voiced by a women

No. 1459963

>sexuality is based on presentation
it’s literally in the name holy shit, I hate this TRA rhetoric the most.
Based Rob for shutting that retard down.

No. 1459967

I genuinely want to know what jp moids think about this.

No. 1459994

These people are so far gone they’ve literally wrapped back around to clothes having genders.

No. 1460009

I hate asking for advice here, but i have a fakeboi cousin who i have to admit i subconsciously act tough in front of and treat her like a girl while she complains why i do not do the same to even my female freinds. At one point she keep asking "are you trying to be a man?" or "you think you're a man compared to me?" i feel like saying yes lmao even if i have no interest in trooning. I treat her the same way i treat more feminine girls than me, even though i am not a butch. Nonas do you call it "separating the women from the girls"? There is a subconscious difference in how i treat these 2 major types of females i am told of

No. 1460011

Don't give TIMs ideas

Because most of them are girlish as in childish womanchildren while the average decent woman to be friends with are mature ladies. Great job, nona, show her what relative masculinity they will never reach is like

No. 1460062

You should probably just treat her like the blatant child she is. Talk very slowly, and avoid using big words. Give her an encouraging thumbs up when she does something with a fraction of effort. Maybe give her some stickers too.

No. 1460069

If she's called you out on it, you're probably being way too blatant. Unless she's both shockingly insecure and confrontational, it would take a lot for somebody to call someone else out on something that odd.

You already know she's feeling insecure about it, so tone down the obviousness and just let her feel bad about her lack of masculinity. If you push it too far she'll just start coping about how "transmen don't owe u masculinity!" anyhow.

No. 1460095

File: 1646652867205.png (357.83 KB, 287x493, 1.PNG)

And she's over 50

No. 1460139

not gonna lie you sound like you actually are a misogynistic ftm, a scrote or 15 years old. Whatever you're doing probably isn't coming across as cool as you think it is to everyone else and is just sending her deeper down the troon hole. You seem to have some issues with women yourself considering you treat feminine women differently and so casually call women females on lc like this is a male dating strategy podcast. Get it together anon

No. 1460328

I am a 23 yo normal woman. The presence of a relative trooning can fuck up the brain by increasing aggression to especially female troons, nonas. It is because we do not have enough strength (unless you're strong af) to counter a irl TIM. But since you pointed out my earlier comment sounds like something an ftm would say, would it mean that fakebois aren't special and they're no different from us average women but tries some way to put us under the bus? Good thing but should I tell my cousin that there is no worth trooning? This opens my eyes.

She is really insecure and confrontational, bht because i did not know her well I thought for her it was a phase. She currently is 18 now and wants T. How should I deal with it every time she talks to me its all about T and hormone stuff

No. 1460345

You sound like an autist. Why are you treating feminine women like they're different

No. 1460352

Love Megumi's voicework but this is so cringy…

No. 1460491


lol, moids will always win? It's voice acting, not weightlifting. You must hate women if you think they'll always lose to men no matter what the contest is

No. 1460517

Ah yes, anon hates women, it's not the misogynists that give awards to men

No. 1460522


No. 1460624

Just tell her the truth. Her body is wired for female hormones, that is the only way it can thrive, introducing testosterone is just poison. Testosterone might give her those masculine traits she’s chasing but it will also kill off healthy female organs and parts she NEEDS to live and grow and be the healthiest version of herself she can be.
Why does she need surgeries and medicines (poisons) if she is a man? Surely her body as is is a man’s body because she is a man (and won’t suddenly be a man because she got surgeries)? And if it’s not a man’s body as it currently is maybe she should examine why?

Also if she starts taking topically applied testosterone (as in a cream she rubs in somewhere) be aware that stuff can transfer and cause problems for others in physical contact. Hate that this shit is being encouraged unnecessarily.

No. 1460634

look who it is

No. 1460658

Does she say anything interesting? I ain't watching this bitch for an hour. Her style is too much, she's probably the best representation of the tif soft boy stereotype

No. 1460672

i thought she might be having doubts/detransing that’s why she stopped uploading but no she left because of muh transphobia i guess. also lmao at her putting magdalen in that transphobia footage, she called her out on her non activism so well that it must be stuck with her for years, rip magdalen

No. 1460680

File: 1646693890807.jpg (60.69 KB, 721x274, Screenshot 2022-03-07 145619.j…)

kek at the description

I love this sort of shit so I'll report back in an hour or two with a recap.

No. 1460733

> kek at the description
"I started to see reason in their arguments and was almost persuaded, but by mental illness grabbed the wheel and isolated me from sanity"
These people are special.

No. 1460769

Troons seem to really seethe at this book, throwing shit like "REE ITS TRYING TO GENOCIDE MUH TRANS KIDS CAUSE THEY CAN'T MUTILATE THEIR GENITALS UNTIL THEY'RE 18, REE REEEEEE!!!". Oh yeah, I guess by restricting the use of alcohol by 21, we are running beer companies to the ground. Or having tattooing yourself be the age limit of 18, we are killing potential tattoo artist. All of their arguments are crockshit.
I have never seen a community of close-minded individuals as the Tranny community.

No. 1460775

I will never stop tinfoiling about how this whole tranny shit is just another way to groom children, first they say that kids can consent to get invasive surgeries and cross-sex hormones, then they will say that kids should be allowed to have sex at 5 because
>~It’s just how they express themselves uwu~
This whole tranny shit is seriously disgusting.

No. 1460776

File: 1646699484467.png (273.04 KB, 1010x276, 2022-03-08_01-29-28.png)

I have seen such hatred by a published author before, unbelievable.

Also that Tif has a passable male voice, but her vocabulary and inflections are 100% female. Can't change socialisation and brain, only mutilate the body I guess.

No. 1460777

File: 1646699504191.jpg (508.78 KB, 1338x1864, ash doesnt understand recommen…)

kk, done. jfc, I can't believe she's 29 years old.

So, the video starts with a long explanation of what happened from her perspective and why she's returning to youtube.
>Shows compilation of terfs and alt-right avatar youtubers making fun of fakebois.
>Then shows long compilation of fakeboi youtubers talking about how negative internet attention have affected them.
"Digital Abuse"
>The usual talking points used to portray trans people as horribly persecuted.
>Says that Irreversible Damage perfectly targets her insecurities, especially since it mentions her by name.
>Says she started to view herself and her transness as disingenuous after receiving many comments accusing her of being brainwashed and/or seeking to profit in some way off her aesthetic and following.
>Dismisses these beliefs she developed as a, no shit, "trauma response" to transphobic and bad-faith criticism.

Then, she explains that she plans to use her channel to show her "healing process" and provide arguments against common transphobic talking points or whatever.
>Immediately begins talking about internet radicalization with 0 self-awareness.
"I should still admit my bias. I really believe I have felt the effects of audience radicalization first-hand on my own channel!"
>Specifically criticizes youtube's recommendation algorithm and youtube prioritizing long videos lmfao
>Seethes especially hard over trans youtubers like Blair White and Kalvin Garrah

Her criticism of the algorithms is really bad, and she doesn't understand what she's talking about. She seems to believe that the youtube algorithm directly exposes people who watch long-form right-wing content to left-wing and trans longform content simply because both content types are long. While the youtube algorithm does heavily prioritize long-form content, there is very little recommendation between extremes of the political sphere unless you've sought out 'both sides' on your own via searches. If you look at the average conservative's youtube feed, there will be absolutely no content that supports trans people. She points to videos making fun of trans people made by Matt Walsh and Ben Shapiro as evidence, contradicting her point. Right-wingers are exposed to trans stuff because the right-wing creators they already follow are making videos about trans people, not because the algorithm is cross-recommending content.
This was so bizarre that I had to go back and rewatch this segment several times to make sure that I properly understood what she was saying. But this quote is pretty telling:
>"The algorithm that led viewers to radicalization also exposes viewers to content creators who represent the worldviews they're afraid of. Just watch Blair White's "I'm trans for attention" video. Up next are some folks unironically talking about their nonbinary identity. Enjoy! Be nice!"
And then she shows picrel on the screen.

This chick doesn't know that YouTube's algorithm recommendations are personalized. Holy fuck.

At least she has a correct understanding of the definition of a trans-exclusionary radical feminist.

She then complains about Magdalen Berns for a little bit, and then complains about Irreversible Damage for a long while. She's really salty that Abigail Shrier didn't use they/them pronouns to refer to her. She doesn't address any of Shrier's claims about the trendiness of transness etc, she just dismisses Shrier and her arguments as bigoted and not worth engaging with.

She also completely dismisses Ray Blanchard's contribution to trans medicine (like him or not, he was a massively influential figure in 90's and 00's trans medicine).

>Seethes about her lolcow thread and being called punchable in it.

Hi, cow!

Anyways, this vid was fairly boring and not super juicy besides the algorithm things. The whole time, she's cosplaying as a tiktok softboi enby, but it doesn't come across as a joke when she's not pointing out that it's supposed to be one. It's like if the girliest girl you knew wore a 100% pink outfit instead of a 90% pink outfit "as a joke". It just seems like perfectly normal behavior.

I wish she explored why she internalized trans rhetoric beyond just "omg they were so mean to me for so long that i started to believe it!!" Usually when people believe things, it's because those things are consistent with the rest of your worldview and have explanatory power from their perspective. Ash is either trying to hide the extent of her GC phase, or she's a literal NPC that just believes whatever she's most surrounded by at a given moment.

No. 1460794

thank you for the recap nonnie! lmao she's absolutely insane, she came so close to being self aware at some parts…

No. 1460853

>I will never stop tinfoiling about how this whole tranny shit is just another way to groom children
Because it is. Majority of gays before then never had interest in children or discussing LGBT in depth to them. At most, they would be part of the anti-bullying PSAs in highschool- but it never went beyond "there are some people who date their same gender".

I also noticed that during this time, a lot of corporations started being 'open' about their support of the LGBT after gay marriage of legalized. I think that this is the key for the shitshow we are witnessing now. A lot of these wealthy men tend to be predatory towards women (and children) and combined with how the younger adults tend to be more accepting towards LGBT values than their parents, you essentially get coomers taking over and turning it into a cult.
"Accuse the member of being creepy? How dare you, don't you know trans people suffer enough?!"
"If you don't date trans people, then you're a homophobic!"
And so forth.

Notice how most of the heinous legwork is done by TIMs rather than TIFs. At most, TIFs will have cat fights with women who dare not want to have men touch her without her consent, but they won't really confront men. I see a lot of them actually get nervous when they're around men, which is telling.

No. 1460915

kek why do they always REEEEEE

No. 1460937

I haven't watched the full video but the opening and first five minutes are the girliest thing I've ever seen, like there's nothing related to maleness
what is supposed to be "non-binary" about her aesthetic, everything about her is uber-feminine

No. 1460954

File: 1646719936839.webm (2.21 MB, 1920x888, IMG_8315.MOV.webm)

>radical feminism was found to villainize me!

No. 1461001

Ugh the way she talks, edits, just her aura in general, it annoys me. She's one of those quirky tumblr girls. That flower crown.. And those fucking flag candles in the background…

No. 1461077

is that a fucking flower crown, how can this woman this fundemtally girl be even real

No. 1461085

she has a girlier voice than any of the women i interact with irl kek

No. 1461088

>separating women from girls
>acting 'tougher' and 'masculine' in front of feminine women
I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you are in fact a woman, you sound like you're either an autist with internalized misogyny who's subconsciously trying to intimidate other women or an autist with internalized misogyny who's also a repressed lesbian

No. 1461091

Yes, I am a femme lesbian woman who is not diagnosed with autism. My cuz is, and to her the basis of trooning is that she is "really masculine" for a woman, and that any woman who dared challenge her "masculinity" she would say that regardless of the other woman's intention. So far only she points out that i am suddenly "masculine" to her because she is a fakeboi.

No. 1461092

Her reply: "You think you're a man? Why do you suddenly act so tough in front of me? Am I too much of a girly girl?"

But seriously… why are fakebois like this desperate to defend their masculinity if there was any to begin with? Any nonas with fakeboi relatives can relate to?

No. 1461094

"Women fighting to become more "manly" than each other" theory. Since the logic "fakebois are men" and they are no different from us women in reality the same logic applies and we are all trans now. Tada, seethe more trannies

No. 1461096

Toxic masculinity spreads to among women too. Cool.
>intimidate other women
But since women are doing that to each other whats the point of it? The "woman" of women being the ultimate loser?

No. 1461143

oh god nonas dont hate me but this one is handsome… would date

No. 1461159

I wouldn't say handsome but man that is probably the best TIF beard I have seen, like a real man beard

No. 1461165

ive seen stuff advertised that is sprayed into a patchy beard or bald spot and it makes it look like actual hair
its called hair in a can

No. 1461220

File: 1646757785228.jpeg (1.56 MB, 1125x1925, 3273E421-3FE5-4E68-8B40-76B540…)

How they don’t realise how narcissistic they sound is beyond me.

No. 1461225

literal based retard

No. 1461229

LMAO holy shit same

No. 1461232

If her sister is literally every 30 seconds saying hi to her, she should excuse the deadnaming since it sounds like the sister is a literal retard. What a bunch of whiney babies these trannies are.

No. 1461270

Most TIFs are shockingly female coded and most regular women I interact with also have more stereotypically strong, confident “masculine” energy (I think all of this is stupid but point remains that these troons don’t even attempt to seem male)

No. 1461279

No shame nonna, I can't hate TIFs as they are women so I can at least empathize with their distorted desire to escape misogyny. And what can I say, only based off the thumbnail they do look like a guy

No. 1461283

double posting but holy shit I decided to watch some of >>1460769
and wtf they pass as male. I've seen one other TIF pass before actually IRL….strange since no TIMs ever pass. I wonder why this is.

No. 1461295


I didn't say moids are intrinsecally better than women, I'm not insane. I said men are gonna win every competition because the patriarchy has brainwashed everyone into thinking women are inherently lesser, and worse, than men.

This has already happened. The italian edition of XFactor 2021 abolished sex categories, so men and women were lumped together in the same competition. The result? 20 male contestants, and only 2 women. How is that fair? And how can I possibly hate women for saying this?

No. 1461355

File: 1646767984051.jpeg (454.06 KB, 1170x1837, A93D886F-D785-4600-A9EE-3542D9…)

lol wut

No. 1461357

kek wtf

No. 1461365

What are you talking about?? So just because this competition went that way, then it means men always win? There are so many non-physical-strenght-related competitions where women and men win roughly equally. How the fuck can men always win in a singing competition anyway? There are so many successful female singers, actresses, voice actors or musicians. Men aren't better no matter what, even in a society controlled by men, because even if they have the most authority or advantages they're still too retarded to actually be superior.

No. 1461392

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