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File: 1490309681296.jpg (51.39 KB, 600x829, Cd4l7KOUYAAab3J.jpg)

No. 276054

last thread: >>45564
first thread: >>59715

this is where we post cringey fakebois who may or may not deserve their own threads.

for those who don't know, fakebois are girls who pretend to be boys for attention (either as transmen or biological males, usually the former). these girls are not really transgender because they experience little or no gender dysphoria and usually don't transition, although some of them take hormones and later regret it.

starting off with the cringiest fakeboi of the new year, milo stewart! you can catch a glimpse of her insanity here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E5Brqo0vSNE

No. 276055

and somehow i managed to fuck up the thread number by copying it from /pt/, oops

here is the real first thread

No. 276066

Milo's on T

No. 276080

He needs his own thread tbh.

No. 276092

That fucking chin, good god.

No. 276093

Um. Excuse you. It's "Quinby" now. She just couldn't BEAR to be associated with that OTHER Milo.

No. 276095

File: 1490314023631.jpg (58.24 KB, 640x498, 1463512322727.jpg)

No. 276107

>non binary


No. 276114

Well.. Girls who look like lesbians turn me on…
But she doesn't looks like a man or a dyke, kill with fire.

No. 276119

There is so much wrong here. I don't know where to begin.

No. 276130

ngl milo looks kinda hot here

No. 276143


but if we're going to talk about names, apparently her real name is nady.

No. 276144

I'll never get why these people feel like they need to change their name so often, guess it's a ~gender/I was going though a bad time when I had that name~ thing. I've seen a couple teenage girls go nb they/them and turn into girl she/her, but keep their nb name and say it's their real name. Do you have to be specific age to legally change your name? Bc this is why confused Internet influenced teenagers shouldn't be in charge of changing their name, thy can't make up their mind. Changing your name doesn't do anything if you change your gender back you're still your birth name at school and to family.>>276093

No. 276149

Love yourself anon.

No. 276151

Omg won't "Milo" stop with that shit already? Everyone knows she's fake as fuck and the epitome of a fakeboi. I mean, non binary …boy.
Just choose one. Boy or non binary. You can't be both.
When is this trend going to die out? Ffs

I hid the last fakeboi thread but when I saw her face I wanted to scream

No. 276156

Have a shot whenever she says transgender and cis. Also, the comment section is hilarious

No. 276232

I honest to god feel bad for parents raising kids in this generation… What the fuck

No. 276235


No, anon.

No. 276273

it's almost exclusively ugly girls that do this. i hope these transtrenders bring transgender ideo down. it's all bullshit, this is just the more flagrantly retarded flavor

No. 276410

File: 1490365296762.jpg (45.4 KB, 640x640, 17266295_622841024590515_92162…)

what about ya webbs edgy forever squinting bois Poetbastard and N0cturnalprince? If you dig their instagrams it's clear they're girls, I don't think they're on T as well, just our usual fakebois with horrible editing skills. I don't think they've ever adressed their gender? The only thing I found is "Why would you call someone a ‘’girl’’ when they obviously present as a ‘’boy’’?" from Xia's tumblr. So yeah

No. 276413

weebs* ugh

No. 276421

File: 1490365930680.jpg (53.4 KB, 1842x901, riley_scsht.jpg)

Since this thread includes transtrenders, does Justin Dennis belong here? He's probably one of the cringiest transtrenders right after Milo despite being amab.

No. 276424

File: 1490366328933.jpg (86.27 KB, 960x906, 394436_495858280425806_3541585…)

This is him before the tranny makeover. He is actually really fucking cute and would be so much more likeable if he dropped the cringey feminist shit and lived as an effeminate man.

God, why are so many attractive people crazy?

No. 276425

That's not always true, a few transtrenders are quite pretty, just stupid snowflakes, but yeah. Most girls who are into it are ugly as sin. Maybe becoming trans gender fluid asexual is a way of compensating for your own looks. Like, if a girl has a more masculine face she can just claim to be a dude inside and good for her, she can stop worrying about people looking at her and seeing how she fails miserably at being feminine and pretty. She can even keep her moustache. And the asexual thing: you don't have to find excuses why people don't want to fuck you

No. 276432

What's interesting about him?

No. 276433

No. 276434

No. 276438

i dont like those jewy long faces. so many guys have this face. no thanks.

No. 276439

Anyone who believes biological sex is a social construct needs to ask mommy and daddy where do babies come from and go back to school to take proper biology classes. >>276433

No. 276441


i wouldnt date someone who's trans because theyre crazy as fuck

No. 276442

dat adams apple.

No. 276443

I'm sick of these trannies yelling at lesbians for not liking penis. If you're so against discriminating against penises then go bother some other trannies if you really want a girlfriend.

No. 276446

ofc they wont tho. they want lesbians. they're fetishising lesbians and want to blame it on women like the other MRAs. they're not feminist advocates in the slightest.

No. 276451

Skip to 5:38 in this video. They're now teaching this horse shit in university courses.

Our future generations are going to be so fucked if no one stops these idiots.

No. 276453

MILO IS SO CRINGE WORTHY. She's so fucking annoying. She seems like a nice person but I really hate these motherfuckers who are taking attention away from real trans

No. 276460

Ngl, n0cturnal does look like a guy and is pretty hot

No. 276462

Why are all Milos cringe?

No. 276466

They'd probably have more luck with bisexual women but for some reason most of them only chase after lesbians.

Plus Riley isn't even trans, he has said he has no dysphoria and no desire to take hormones or have surgery. No fucking shit lesbians won't sleep with you.

No. 276469

File: 1490371001448.png (620.96 KB, 2048x2048, tmp_14052-PicsArt_03-24-03.55.…)

Time to post this girl (no milk, just cringe). I don't know her personally but we have friends in common on fb. She also has a "nonbinary trans boyfriend" and they are in a polyromantic asexual relationship.
A few days ago she had a job interview, went there with what looked like a sharpied on beard and then complained about muh transphobia when they didn't hire her (she's deleted the picture sadly).

No. 276472

>A few days ago she had a job interview, went there with what looked like a sharpied on beard and then complained about muh transphobia when they didn't hire her
Oh my God, I laughed so hard. How are these people even real?

No. 276475


No. 276476

Tbh part of why she is going so far is likely not just due to the influence of spending years in an echo chamber of "gender is a construct!" "cissies are inherently bigots!" etc., but also in retaliation to the mass amount of mockery she has gotten by hundreds of thousands of strangers saying she's not "really" trans or a boy, during some of the most formative years of her life (she is legally an adult now, but when videos of her first started being widely passed around for public ridicule, she was an underage kid). 80% of kids who experience gender dysphoria spontaneously lose it one day without any need for intervention and can go on living happily and normally. Meanwhile Milo has been forced beyond the brink of return by a need to prove herself to LGBT peers and to "haters" online.

No. 276477

anyone know bugbae? says she's a trans boy yet presents herself as entirely female. has stds, attempted to rape an ACTUAL trans man named emerson aka siikroadceo on twitter

No. 276481

File: 1490373900589.jpg (127 KB, 446x421, Unnamed image (32).jpg)

This was fun and I'm not sorry.

No. 276483

He could actually be cute if he got FFS and started HRT. Sadly he's a fake and I'm surprised at 24 he still hasn't grown out of it.

No. 276492

Damnnn, if those two are actually girls then I'm really jelly of their androgyny because it'd be great for crossplay.

t. 5'2" loli bitch

No. 276525

File: 1490379994954.jpg (86.68 KB, 658x859, tmp_2769-C5w8phmUoAAF8Ld-26915…)

This is someone I'm in similar social circles with but don't know very personally. I do know they're a hypochondriac with a medical phobia, so top surgery and HRT trigger them. They're asexual but have sex with their girlfriend (but only if their girlfriend will RP as some male dungeons and dragons character they're in love with).

So mostly cringey as opposed to milky; there have been meltdowns about how awful it is to be misgendered because 'he's trying his best' and one time they flipped out because someone said their hair cut reminded them of some female anime character.

No. 276588

>>276469 has she deleted her fb or what? We were fb friends for years but i cant find it?

No. 276607

File: 1490392599664.png (739.34 KB, 816x601, Capture.PNG)

Here is a fakeboi I posted in the last thread right before it died.

I wonder if anybody ever called her out? It's so fucking obvious this is a girl lmao

No. 276633

No. 276770


i really think they're living out their uke yaoi boy fantasies. for some reason, tumblr is really obsessed with feminine boys. take omocat's pretty boy comic for example.

No. 276793

File: 1490411894864.jpg (3.3 MB, 3196x4540, Loveless.full.166566.jpg)

it really is
that photo just reeks of ritsuka from loveless and some self-fulfilled fetish dream where she's the perfect femme ukeboi some hunk wants to fuck silly

No. 276798

Omg I loosely followed their crew for a while a last year but when I went to check up on them again after a few months suddenly Emerson & bugbae weren't associating anymore.

Is there any caps of what happened? I know Emerson can be really cringe too.

No. 276803

It's not a boy or a girl it is a, wtf animal furry crap is this? A fox? A deer?

No. 276867

oh please "Emerson" is a fakeboi too
what are the details of the rape thing?

No. 276877

File: 1490419410001.png (264.98 KB, 536x352, 438943834903.png)

what? how are you nonbinary? you literally fit into the female binary so well.

No. 276888


sounds binary to me but idk

No. 276889

I miss when lesbians were just dykes and tomboys. I hate this fakeboi shit so damn much.

No. 276890


This dude is a fucking loon and legit thinks he's a lesbian. He also thinks lesbians are transphobic if they don't want his boy body and limp dick. fucking asshole

No. 276892

Legit, this asshole is no different than any man demanding a woman to date him because reasons. He just hopped on the tranny train because really stupid women are 'empathetic' and don't think trannies can be sexist or some bullshit when they're usually worse than cis men.

No. 276893

Good question. Here's the answer: No. No, they are not. You don't have to fuck anyone you don't want to. As a lesbian, i don't want a tranny dick.

No. 276894

File: 1490420821543.jpg (20.42 KB, 583x161, 1443052408037.jpg)

because it's cool

No. 276901

how about if someone doesn't want to date you they just doN'T WANT TO FUCKING DATE YOU

As if educating them on how allegedly transphobic or anti- whatever they are will suddenly turn it into a great relationship? What

No. 276907

Is this fucking English

No. 276909

Agree with other anon about missing when lesbians weren't all fucking ftm's

I wouldn't date an mtf because I don't like the male structure !!
I wouldn't date an ftm because I don't want to be with someone who identifies with what it means to be a man!
I like androgynous women who still giggle and are soft and dainty even if they have a shorter haircut and don't wear dresses.
Doesn't mean you have to completely disregard your womanhood and honestly a lot of these fakebois seem to have internalized misogyny ??
Like what the fuck is so wrong with being a woman that you're crying about being called one?
Why would you give up your gender one day at random because everyone else is and trade your natural body to be hairy with some clitdick for the rest of your life?
The whole thing just disgusts me really, especially since a lot of the ones I see on IG were really attractive women beforehand.
People who are truly trans go through the process and move on with their lives, they don't hashtag it constantly for validation and attention.
Idk why it irks me so much but it just really, really does.
Every mtf I've ever met hasn't been like that at all.

No. 276911


these men are just as sexist and perverted as your avg dude. they exploit this. these men are just dudes with fetishes anyways. that people are comparing this bullshit to actual issues like schizophrenia, depression, whatever else, is so, so insulting to those with actual disorders.

No. 276913

Ok I'm genderqueer and I use all pronouns from she/her, he/him to they/them.
I don't bitch about being called the wrong thing. You can tell the days I'm machuline or feminine or nothing at all. But I hate this whole idea of people parading it on the internet like it's such a big deal. It's a daily thing and if someone mis-genders you, so what? Don't get butt hurt and pissed. Gently and kindly correct them but don't add stuff like "don't assume my gender" that's just rude. Be mature about it. And if the person thinks you are opposite of what you are wanting then maybe look in the damn mirror and fix your appearance. Dont wear a skirt when you want to be adressed as a man. I hate these brats acting so entitled. I'm fed up and so are my trans friends. I have buddy who I showed pics to and he's disgusted at these fakebois, as a trans man himself he was in shock to see these girls acting like this. He didn't understand why they would dress like a girl and want male pronouns. He felt insulted and told me this gives a bad name to the tens community

No. 276916

File: 1490427300621.gif (297.15 KB, 196x275, 1489027238555.gif)

>Ok I'm genderqueer

No. 276943


gurl bye

No. 276998

I don't get the whole genderqueer/agender thing. It seems so elementary school. You can be a guy who likes "feminine" things and clothes. You can be a girl who likes "masculine" things and clothes. It doesn't make you any less or more female or male if you don't fit a dumb stereotype of your gender, and by saying shit like "O I'm feeling very male today tee-hee short hair and baggy T-shirts uwu #genderqueerbby", you're actually exacerbating the issue. Gender isn't anything deeper than a simplified classification system usually based on sexual characteristics, and creating your identity based around it to the point where you feel upset when someone doesn't care to take notice that you might prefer "they" over "she" or "he" is quite shallow IMO. It's fucking meaningless. You are yourself, regardless of your sex or gender. If you're so against the gender binary, don't support it by rallying for new gender categories. There will never be a perfect descriptor for every type of human.

No. 277000

the scary/hilarious thing is that they think they're "queering gender stereotypes" and think what they're doing is progressive. it's 100% regressive and nothing but conservative chauvinist hogwash to believe in "brain sex".

No. 277003

You're still a fakeboi even if you're not as edgy about it. "Genderqueer" is a made-up identity.

Three years from now you will have moved on to living full time as the girl you are, just like all of the others.

No. 277008

>implying they're lesbians
Nah, these are straight girls who wish they were pretty gay boys because they watch too much anime. I imagine some of them have autoandrophilia, which in the vast majority of cases they're born heterosexual females.

No. 277042

wtf is autoandrophilia? So what you're saying is they're living memes? Like extreme fujoshis?

No. 277048

autoandrophilia = being sexually aroused by the thought of being male. the male form of this is called autogynophilia. Some people with aap/agp are trans and experience dysphoria but usually not.

I feel like a lot of the Tumblr ftms who present themselves like flaming faggots have aap, since effeminate gay men are fetishized on that site. Too much anime can fuck with your mind.

No. 277052

sounds fucked. I'm sure these aap types "Fit in" really with actual gay men… lol

No. 277056

Oh, Sweetie, you're not REALLY a lesbian, you just haven't met the right tranny cock yet.

No. 277057

I'm not lesbian, I'm a gay dude. But I know what you're getting at. Fortunately I've never run into any FTM trannys trying to pass off as gay guys.

No. 277061

god that fucking face in the bottom right. my fucking "nonbinary genderqueer" friend always makes that stupid fucking face like "teehee im a quirky boiii girl arent i so quirky." amusing part is she came out as gay to her mom so now its just frustration of wanting her to just shut the fuck up about muh boob dysphoria and be a butch lesbian already

No. 277066

trans is not real.

No. 277070

it's fucking hilarious because this makes so much sense with my cousin's friends that are super weebs(more into anime than me at least) and stay on Tumblr 24/7 complaining about shit that really doesn't matter
saging for blogging

No. 277082

so this is where the terfs are

No. 277090


No. 277092


ngl theyre pretty hot

No. 277095

No. Terfs wouldn't be here, ragging on other tru womynz. They would consider making fun of women for not meeting patriarchal beauty standards misogyny. But based on the way you type, you're probably a tumbltard yourself.

No. 277098

is this the 'die cis scum' girl?

No. 277100

right, everyone that disagrees with you is a "terf". everyone on this site that disagrees with your bullshit ideology just also happens to be a radical feminist despite the fact that radical feminists are the serious minority. back to tumblr with your attention seeking allyship, pointless "gender" obsession and your faggy flag waving.

No. 277112

you're acting like terf is an insult lmao. do you not just hate trannies.

No. 277113

back to tumblr

No. 277116

So the way to trigger a terf is to call them a terf. Kek.

No. 277123

i mean calling all trans women fetishist men and trannies is like…. trademark terf. why take offense to being called what you are lol. do you just dislike the term bc you're memes now like nazis calling themselves alt right and hwat not.


but did you die

No. 277124

literally no on is offended by you calling them terf, unibrow. it's just a """"trademark"""" of your dumbassery not recognizing that everyone else in the real world doesn't subscribe to tumblr-tier politics

No. 277127

Nobody saying ''tru womynz'' and ''tumblrtard'' is an actual terf, do you not understand sarcasm? This is why fakeboi threads don't work, they always devolve into tumblrinas screeching.

No. 277153

it doesn't work because ppl can't understand it's not trans-hate thread. It's transtrend-hate. shit like >>277066 makes turds like >>277082 spawn. It's inevitable. If ppl just left their ideology out of this, that would be great. Because fakebois and transtrending has very little in common with actual transexuality and that's pretty much the point of this thread

No. 277160

Eh, it's pretty inextricably related, because determining who is "real" or "fake" is highly dependent on trans being an actual disorder. And to be fair, many mtf are autogynephiles in every way but the name.

No. 277177

They're both hot af ngl

No. 277191

I've seem them on video. you're sure they arent cis?

No. 277193

I have a hard time believing these two are trans.

No. 277204

Tbh being a tall(ish), skinny white chick with something of a manface, no eye makeup and short hair seems to make this thing a whole lot easier.

No. 277225

No. 277231

No. 277232

Dude looks like both Neil from the Inbetweeners and his movie girlfriend Lisa at the same time.

No. 277246

they sound like men but they could be taking T… idk the way xia types on instagram is very womanlike, lot of female slang

No. 277248

Yea, idk, its very hard to tell if they are actually dudes or not, if they are trans, I think they pass REALLY well.

I didn't get any trans vibes from them, maybe I don't see it? I'm just a gay dude, I dont hang out around tranies so idk?

as for Xia's terminology he uses, it could just be he's really gay, and english isn't his first language.

No. 277249

no wait, sorry i think it was the darker haired one that wrote like a woman. idk but how likely is it to see actual, european gay men dressing and acting like yaoi characters come to life?

No. 277251

IDK? Germans are fucking weird man. But you might I have point. All this trans shit makes me confused. I don't wanna end up falling for some dude and then it turns out he doesn't have a dick.

No. 277261

I guess they're actual gay guys living out the yaoi fantasy some straight women could only dream of.

No. 277286

A shot of them without their shirts on would solve this debate

No. 277293

No. 277296

Very possible. Idk this shit confuses me. Why can't people be honest about this shit?

No. 277297

I'd love to know how actual transgender people feel about the fucks that do this "uwu just a smol kawaii nonbinary poly-queer-unicorn prince genderfart, my pronouns are x,y,z" garbage.

No. 277298

File: 1490480594320.jpg (42.76 KB, 960x586, booobs.jpg)

check the tits on xia in this one

No. 277300

File: 1490480736139.jpg (88.43 KB, 631x631, 10171702_437041053109305_17052…)

clearly a woman

No. 277301

>He is actually really fucking cute

For other gay men. He sends my queer-dar off the charts. I would be able to tell there's something up with his sexuality. He has the look.

He'd do better with long hair and going the androgyny route. He'll never look 'normal' one gender or the other.

No. 277302

They hate the subjects of this thread more than you do.

No. 277310

Okay, you got me convinced. Very clearly not biologically male in these shots. They must be a few years old.

What about the person on the left in >>277298?

No. 277311

i maintain that they're taking T or are contouring/shooping like mad. the person on left is still nocturnal price afaik

No. 277318

Continuing on my point early. Idc if these people are trans or whatever, but why the need to hide that?

my theory is they have a bunch of oogling rabid yaoi fangirls who like them and if they learned they were trans, its a deal breaker for their fans.

No. 277349

Usually actual trans people don't want to disclose that they are trans because they want to be seen as whatever gender they're representing as and not as a "former woman/man". They keep it to themselves unless it's on a dating website where it needs to be discloses due to genital preferences. The sane ones at least. It's really not that much of tin foil hattery and this Yaoi Fantasy theory is retarded as well lmao they just look like two faggots into j-fashion

No. 277352

File: 1490487648568.jpg (128.67 KB, 1080x1080, 14482062_1008140069295534_3931…)

both Haru and Xia look like girls crossdressing here.
You can see how much they contour and wear heavy makeup on their instagrams, they also squint their eyes to look more masculine seme style. Not to mention the lack of any trace of adam's apple.
They try hard to pass and actually look quite good. It's obvious they are not cis tho, at least for me.
I think maybe n0cturnal is taking T, he looks way more like an actual man, but idk about Xia. He still has pics wearing long hair wigs and dresses, maybe he's transtrending or still doesn't have his shit figured out completely.

I think you are right, the same case is with Geheichou. He's pandering to fangirls like crazy, taking pics of his underwear or stomach, telling stories how his classmates thought he was a girl 'cause he jokingly wore a dress!!! haha!! he!! a girl!! omg!! So yeah, learning they're fakebois or trans would cause a drop in thirst hence the drop in their following

No. 277369

File: 1490489320235.jpg (214.05 KB, 750x1150, IMG_1145.JPG)

no.. a lady that looks like a lady..

No. 277381


i literally don't know what's wrong with this girl. she's had a lot of really fucked up things happen to her (i used to follow her personal tumblr blog) and she's super mentally ill. posted a lot about being abused by her parents who pay for her college, is a waitress and makes big tips and parties all the time and does hard drugs. it's unfortunate because she has a really tight body lol. once she posted about smoking and some anon had an autistic meltdown and told her not to because they "were concerned for her wellbeing," but she was quick to call them out.

No. 277396

Do you think she Shoops? Her body looks pretty average in most pics except where she's obviously trying to look curvy. Her shape looks totally different in some pictures

No. 277398

File: 1490493356004.png (427.26 KB, 485x481, Screen Shot 2017-03-25 at 8.54…)

i'm interested in fairy kei but there are soooo many fakebois. if you don't want to be misgendered why the fuck would you wear the least masculine fashion ever? i'd be interested in to see an actual male pull of this fashion, but 99% of the "guys" are fake as fuck. ugh.

No. 277403

If you spend tens of thousands of dollars on a sex change, wouldn't it defeat the purpose to go around telling everyone you're not really that thing?

No. 277408

I only noticed from what I could see in Video, both have man voice, so they are on T. so its in still photos it's more obvious that they are trans.

Xia looks trans, the other guy? I'm not so sure.

No. 277413

File: 1490496545042.png (62.87 KB, 152x179, 1487387649776.png)

what is it about fairy kei that attracts these people?

No. 277417

… I hate this new trend. It needs to stop.

No. 277421

damn, so much shoop happening here too.

No. 277422

Yeah, these two are clearly girls.

No. 277424

This thread is less a fakeboi thread and more a "let's speculate whether or not these people are trans also i hate trannies" pretty sure if they're on T and work hard to pass they can't be considered fakebois

No. 277428

what fucked up things happened to her?

No. 277525

I remember in a momo thread there was a cosplayer brought up that was apparently a fakeboi that wanted to be a girl
I might be remembering it wrong though because it sounds fucking stupid and pointless

No. 277533

Wtf is trans-masculine???

No. 277549


ftm who don't want to call themselves men, so transmasculine will suffice.

No. 277550

that makes absolutely 0 sense

No. 277555


i know, but they only call themselves transmasculine because calling yourself male means you have privilege points. it doesn't matter if you don't pass and look 100% female, if you identify as such then that means you have male privilege!

No. 277644


The reason they are so skinny is because they are FEMALE

Seriously, even the skinniest gay twink won't have a body like that, or how they do in yaoi manga. They won't have hourglass waists or small shoulders because they are MEN.

There have been years now of these girls fetishizing gays in yaoi and now they are trying to live it out even more, beyond just RP or cosplay.

There are fakebois trying to date gay men using this shit now.

No. 277645

I think it means nonbinary people who present more masculine.

No. 277647

>There are fakebois trying to date gay men using this shit now.
I can imagine how annoying it would be for a gay man to have some aap fakeboi begging him to fuck her pussy. It's hard to find gay men who would have sex with a post-op ftm, much less some obnoxious little girl in makeup who doesn't resemble a man at all.

No. 277648

every ftm i've seen on dating sites/apps only goes for bisexual guys i've rarely seen any go for gay men except tumblr fakebois. sad

No. 277651

non-binary is bullshit

No. 277652

Actually, it's mostly mtf trying to date lesbians. It's shitty both sides. I want this trans bullshit to stop

No. 277655

I mean "this trans bullshit" has been going on for centuries upon centuries it's not going to stop any time soon whether you like it or not. It's part of human biology/sexuality/psychology. Though I agree the whole tumblr movement has escalated it to dangerous and incredibly unhealthy degrees where people feel entitled to have sex with others simply because they think/pretend that they're trans and anyone who refuses their sexual advances is transphobic in their eyes and the sjw movement backs that up because of the fear of being branded as transphobic as well. It's really frightening and that's just the tip of the ice berg. Lots of these fakebois are really fucking delusional and don't experience any form of dysphoria and aren't trans at all. Especially the ones who claim to be genderqueer/non-binary/some other bullshit and it leads to loads of mental problems that go unchecked because of the constant hugbox they find themselves in that tells them it's all okay.

>Inb4 all trans ppl are delusional and unhealthy

I mean that's really up to a psychiatrist to say and before anyone is allowed to go on T/E they have to go through extensive evaluation which is why a lot of fakebois avoid therapist visits like the plague because deep down they know they'd get told to fuck off

sage for rant

No. 277696

No. 277714

Does anyone have any transtrender friends that they have to deal with IRL?
I have one 'close' friend who I would drop immediately if we didn't have so many classes together and mutual friends. But god, walking around with them is so cringey. And they talk like they walked straight out of Tumblr too.

No. 277725


I have two trans coworkers. One of them I gladly talk to at work, and the other one just a few sentences here and there since we rarely cross paths. They are both mtf and are dating each other. I was afraid at first because the way trans folk from Tumblr talk is really extreme, but I've been lucky that the few trans people I talk to are always really cool and barely talk about being trans unless it's good news about surgery or a milestone on the estrogen or whatever.
They just talk about games and their normal interests. I would probably have a trans person as a friend if they acted normally and we got along really well, I don't really care what's in between their legs because it doesn't concern me.
Never met male to female though, I feel like those are rarer.
Also some kid in grade 12 at the school I used to attend committed suicide somehow about a day or two ago (they found him/her? dead at a local smoke spot in the forest near the school). The rumour is his parents weren't supportive of him wanting to transition and I guess was probably mentally ill because he just gave himself to the cold Canadian winter.
I feel like a lot of trans folk need some sort of therapy, just in case.

No. 277726

I have quite a few, I used to go to anime events and I met lots through there

No. 277727

This should be in the bad make up thread holy shit i laughed at this,, wtf is that mask of a border between their actual skin color and face lmaooooo

No. 277739

A friend-of-friends is supposedly ftm, insists on being called a "prince" (no, it's not Lainey) and doesn't want HRT because body hair is icky. She's mostly harmless and I don't want to cause drama so I pretend to respect "their" pronouns but honestly I roll my eyes at so much of what she says and does. I expect her to grow out of it eventually but she's already 26 so maybe she'll be special forever, idk.

I've only personally met one mtf and he was apparently post-op. I didn't check though obviously. At first I even thought he was just a tall ugly biological woman but then the voice gave him away. He was nice enough for like five minutes but soon revealed himself to be a sexual predator ("It's okay because we're both girls teehee!"), online stalker and huge drama queen. He was booted from the group but continued harassing several members for months afterwards, calling them transphobic and threatening violence. As annoying as fakebois are, mtfs really creep me out.

No. 277747


Only one, thank god. I do know other trans people but they are not trenders. This one is a "MtF" but they don't take hormones or want to, and they don't want any surgeries. I knew her as a man and a woman, and I can tell you that he only became she because of drug abuse and mental illness. Now they spend their days posting sad statuses to Facebook every day. Literally "I can't even function, everything hurts, I just want my brain to stop"-level attention whoring every. single. day.

No. 277764

Gay guy here. I'm taken, but I can tell you these fakeboi's piss me off.

"I can imagine how annoying it would be for a gay man to have some aap fakeboi begging him to fuck her pussy."
I don't want to imagine that. But I'm sure its happened.

I used to really be into femmy/andorgynous guys who cosplayed. But not anymore, because of all these GIRLS who want to look like uke's from the gay chinese cartoons.

For what its worth I don't hate them cause they are trans or whatever, its the ones who don't disclose that piss me off. It's infuriating.

No. 277792

Actually all my F2M friends are lovely, it's the M2Fs that are insane in my experience.

There are some friends of friends who act like this but there's no way I'd even bother to getting to know them, why would anyone? They're horrible based on the few minutes I had to suffer from them.

No. 277801

I knew one person in middle school and high school who transitioned from female to male. They were not cringey at all, they were actually one of the chillest people I have ever met. The only thing unusual about them that I didn't really notice until after word broke out that they were trans was that even though they dressed and looked like a typical girl, they had the personality of a man (and talked like one too).

After graduating he pretty much fell off the face of the Earth and no one knew until someone discovered his new Facebook account. I respect him and his decision to transition because he was really cool and I'm glad he's comfortable with himself now.

I agree with you about disclosing the fact that they're trans but only if the transguy in question is trying to date you or have sex with you. Otherwise, what does it matter if they were born a different gender and don't feel like sharing that with other people? It seems like most normal trans people would prefer to blend in and not talk about their genital reconstruction, as they should.

No. 277842

File: 1490560448465.jpg (121.59 KB, 589x803, lc.jpg)

I often wonder why fakebois hate body hair? And they often think that they are superior, even when they are not.
She dates a genderneutral girl, which dresses like a girl. She claims to be gay, even though she is dating a girl.
On her tumblr are a lot of photos under the tag ftm. And it's either just me, or is she still looking extremly female on all the photos, she didn't edit? I always wonder what all the other ftm think about fakebois.

(And it kind of baffles me: why do they wear fairy kei, when they don't wanna be misgendered? And even when they aren't wearing fairy kei, they still prefer girly clothes. How can you hate being female so much, when you prefer dressing and acting like a girl?)

No. 277883

I had a "ftm" friend. Obnoxiously loud omg so gay and fetishised asians. Acted born and bred out of tumblr. Decided to detransition and convert to a christian sect to woo one of our asian friends.

No. 277888

Holy shit, that's hilarious. Tell me more, I want to hear more about this story. lol

No. 277899

Ngl body hair is pretty gross but it's part of being a man and they can just shave it off if it bothers them.

No. 277911

File: 1490565295215.jpg (52.59 KB, 392x500, 1376274200010.jpg)

I used to work with one, I felt like a complete retard when I found out, I thought she was just a tiny, very slender guy with a lesbo haircut and a weird voice. I thought she was just some tiny feminine twink and then another co-worker told me about going to high school with her when she was just a lesbo. Ngl, I'm pretty uncomfortable with all that but I'd already talked to her a few times and wasn't going to suddenly give her the cold shoulder because I found out. She was alright, mostly talked about work stuff, blah blah blah, so I friended her on FB and holy fucking shit was an obnoxious person.

Every single day was post after post after post about nothing but tranny shit. News articles about trans stuff, how kids should be recognized for being trans, how parents shouldn't try to raise their kid in a way that brainwashes them to 'conforming to social and gender constructs', LGBT pride pictures and articles, crazy tumblr reposts about how every movie or tv show that comes out has harmed trannies in some way, theories about what tv characters are actually trans/demi/biromantic, constant whining posts about just how hard life is for her as a trans man, reposting other trannies instagram pictures and how hot they are, how cis people make every second of her life a constant struggle, and constant pictures of her making out with her girlfriend. I have never hated someone online as much as this person and just defriended her. She seemed alright IRL but holy shit what an annoying drama queen, her whole existence was just about me me me and I couldn't take it.

The only other was a girl I went to high school with a few years ago that was such a sweetheart, started dating a girl that basically looked just like her but fat, and every week changed what she was. She was bisexual, she was biromantic, oh wait make that nonbinary, nevermind she's finally figured out she's demisexual, complete with her new preferred pronouns, and so on. Defriended her because of the constant whining ('I like to wear a button up shirt and a tie and everybody keeps asking me about it waaaaah they don't automatically understand I'm genderfluid waaaahhhh') and her girlfriend getting engaged after two months of dating when they both lived at home and she wrote ridiculously long posts about their tru wuv and how she would simply die without her and their five week anniversary! six week anniversary! six and a half week anniversary! you are the light of my life and my soul blah blah blah. One of those people that couldn't wait to be asked if they were gay just so they could get on their high horse. 'I honestly find this pretty triggering' Want to know what my triggers are? Your non-stop bullshit.

Sorry, I know this was rambling but God how I wanted to get this out.

No. 277919

tbh i've noticed this amongst more than a few trans people that i know.
it sounds really cruel but i honestly think there are men (and women) who decide to transition because they think they'll somehow 'do better' as the opposite sex.
one of the guys i used to go to school with was basically a walking stereotype of /r9k/ MRA meme-spewing politically-incorrect incels for the three years that I knew him. he was always going on about how women had it so much better than men because we were coddled by society and could get sex whenever we wanted. nearly a decade afterwards, he's on hormone therapy, growing his hair out, and wants to be referred to as 'she'. he's also already married but his wife is autistic and doesn't seem to mind. He sure does like talking about all his hardship and struggle on FB, though.
i've also known a guy who decided to go trans because his court-appointed therapist told him to. seems she thought that it would help him cope with the PTSD that arose out of encountering sexual trauma at an early age. that lasted a few years and then he decided to give it up. after all the hormones, his body's never going to be the same again, and he also had adopted a lot of mannerisms (like using a high, cutesy voice) that had prevented him from becoming employed or led to him being harassed before.
it's strange to me that people can go 'trans' like it's a teenager's 'goth phase' or something.

No. 277931

They have serious issues, I know people are incredibly dramatic online and talk themselves up, but every one of these people I've seen are incredibly immature and attention seeking to an extreme, or loudly proclaim all of their issues like crippling depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, PTSD, and tons of other really terrible mental health issues…and apparently that has nothing to do with their gender issues.

I think they're running away from themselves, they just want to become a completely different person so they can pretend they don't have these issues. The old co-worker went on constantly about their depression, crippling social anxiety, insecurity, etc. and the other girl seemed to be constantly trying to figure out who she was and find herself as long as she was unique and special and the center of attention on top of whining about how socially awkward she was and didn't ever fit in. I think they're just very unhappy people and are running away from their problems or claiming that their only problem is needing to transition, but then afterwards all those mental issues are still there and they've just ruined their lives. Most people would rather just look away and let them do it instead of telling them the ugly truth that this isn't going to magically solve everything.

With guys transitioning there seems to be so much self-hatred and jealousy and need to become someone they see will automatically get love and adoration and affection, when in reality (this is cruel to say, I know) they've just turned themselves into a freak.

No. 277958

Yeah, I have one transtrender friend (ftm or genderqueer. Oh no wait, excuse me - she's now a "demiboy"). I've bumped her down to "friend of a friend" status though because I'm pretty sick of her bullshit.

She posts on Facebook every other week about feeling suicidal, dysphoric, wanting to kill herself because of the dysphoria, etc. She wears lolita sometimes but claims it doesn't trigger her dysphoria because she feels like "a boy in drag" while wearing it.

I finally commented on her wall the other day to say "If you're feeling dysphoric and suicidal, why don't you go to a psychologist or a psychiatrist?" and she came back with "ABLOOBLOOBLOO therapy is too expensive!!!" but then later she posted "Can someone take pictures of me and my squad all day at [local anime con]? I will pay you and pay for your con badge, food, etc." I guess taking pictures in your weeb gear is more important than therapy?

She hasn't posted anything about wanting to kill herself since then but a few days ago she posted on Facebook "message me if you want to see my naughty photos ;) ;)" and after a few hours she followed it up with "how come nobody messaged me to see my nudes???" so maybe she's decided she needs to try a different attention seeking tactic.

No. 278354

new here lol, I dunno if I can quote an old post but this one captured my attention, Geheichou, this fakeboi is getting me sick, saying everywhere that he's male when you are not male until you go on T, he's lying everywhere about being cis, he's pretending to be a cutie anime cis boi, idk, just a fujoshi who wants his fangirls attention, what do u think?
Did u know Geheichou?

No. 278355

I'm not the anon of the original post but I saw it and I wanted to now your opinion too

No. 278368

Generally people who say they're nonbinary but look like that are cases of "i'm not like other girls" but also why is she laying on her fucking tiled floor for these pics cause she looks like a bigger idiot..guess mommy and daddy aren't home at the moment

No. 278426

>convert to a christian sect
Is that asian friend korean? lol I also want to hear more, anon.

No. 278442

>they can just shave it off if it bothers them.
This. Just fucking shave it like you shave your legs. Or use some hair removal powder. Plenty of cis men shave their chest and stomach hair.

It's retarded how these fakebois in their early 20's are pissed that T turns them into men rather than hairless pre-pubescent boys. Delusion at its finest.

No. 278456

I always thought geheichou was cis. The guy that got somewhat popular for cosplaying Levi from SNK, right?

No. 278457

It's me who mentioned Gehe. I also posted him in the old thread right before it got moved
Gehe's ex said that he's been taking T but I'm not sure if I believe it, mainly because he's the same as always. No changes. There was an interview with Gehe, where he was introduced as Julia, his voice was clearly feminine and he had no jawline of course lol. It's on yt.

If he's not a fakeboi and truly trans, I still find him problematic because he's lying to his fangirls for thirst, attention and money. He's too deep in the shitpit now to come out, just as you anons said, with lying about being cute uke anime cis boi and being hella defensive about it.
I don't really know how he is now, I stopped following him when I realized he'd been lying. So if someone has got some fresh milk on him, I'm all ears

No. 278458

and Jack Frost, always inaccuracy cosplays

No. 278460

I have it, lol, I'll write all in a few hours, a lot of to talk about him here lol

No. 278471

Me too

No. 278489

File: 1490636218460.jpg (159.75 KB, 407x472, g8QlLHD.jpg)

sage for irrelevant but i got really excited for a second thinking you were talking about this jack frost until i realized there was that terrible pixar or whatever twink jack frost

No. 278511

my respects to Megami Tensei's Jack Frost.

a lot of people is cosplaying Jack Frost when the film was bad, same with Hiro Hamada, Big Hero 6 wasn't even good for me…

No. 278512

Geheichou yelled at a little girl who told him she instead of he. At a Con. lol

No. 278523

hah well that's very 'him'. He's been always so petty about it, making long-ass instagram posts about some little comment left by a rando 12 y.o, so I guess he's even worse irl

No. 278582

yes he is, do you think that there is a kind of trend of fujoshis who wants to be a boy to have a BL story?

It's pretty weird the high number of otaku-fujo-transboy.

No. 278585

Did you read what happened with the girl called Dina?
I read it on 4chan on the past event and I was like: omg…… poor girl…

No. 278588


can you please elaborate?

No. 278589

Do you mean explain what happened?

No. 278591

No. 278592

sure, I'm going to paste here the 4chan's posts

No. 278598

File: 1490647807959.png (52.26 KB, 628x325, 1487116800907.png)

All started with this, Gehe saying that Dina was saying everywhere that he was a girl.

But this it's not true, I'm gong to paste here too what the anon said on 4chan to defend Dina. Who is obviously innocent, Geheichou knows it and he didn't apologise yet.

No. 278600

File: 1490647892463.png (317.46 KB, 503x1069, 1487120126841.png)

The anon said:

Geheichou's tweet is from 5 Jun of 2016 as you see.

So if someone said it, it must be before, obviously.

As you see on my screen capture, she started to have this kinds of problems on Dec 2015.

This information is public, you can go to her Facebook, scroll down and see this post and a few more about the same person starting to spread fake info about her.

This person keep on it a few months more and it's not crazy to think that the hack was real, it's not like if her didn't have this problems before and there just a few months from when Gehe tweet that bullshit to when all this started.

So yes, she's innocent.

No. 278601

File: 1490647985431.png (50.02 KB, 635x417, 1487157446915.png)

Anon also posted that there was a lot of people licking Geheichou's ass.

No. 278602

File: 1490648056500.png (49.24 KB, 632x329, 1487120928143.png)

Anon also posted:

Even Gehe called Dina retarded. And all Gehe's crew called her terrible stuff too.

No. 278606


There's also a topic on pretty ugly little liar about him, he has a lot of screen captures being an ass with his fans:


No. 278612

In the screen you can see how a person is spreading fake info about her, she made it public on her FB on Dec 2015.

No. 278829

File: 1490660179189.jpg (Spoiler Image,79.69 KB, 600x622, gehe.jpg)


No. 278852

she/he is just an AAP cosplayer. They want to be seen us the super cute uke bottom boy, even though they are clearly female. Fuck, that.

No. 278876

Where did you find this Pic?

No. 278915

Sage for OT, but I love that Jack Frost. Makes me sad the pixar or whatever film got all the terrible cosplays.

No. 278917

Thanks for the link. Seems like an asshat.

No. 279087


Sage for no contribution but I just wanted to throw in that not all mtf trans people are crazy.
I know this one girl that's mtf and she's so sweet and lovely and shy. She just wants to be a girl and not bring tons of attention to herself. I knew her pre-coming out and she already acted in a very stereotypically feminine way even as a boy so when she came out it wasn't a surprise at all.

On the other hand I know a ftm person who is the epitome of Tumblr, had a cocktail of mental illnesses as well as autism and basically if you piss him off or say anything against him, regardless of topic, you can't argue with him you're being transphobic if you don't agree with him. As far as I know he's not a trender but I just wanted to say that all kinds of people can be crazy assholes and that not all mtf people are creepy

No. 279089

File: 1490680577967.png (1.73 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-03-24-23-21-29…)

Here's a fake boi who also claims to be Sasori from Naruto. Lmao

No. 279196


Lying about being cis to pamper his fangirls.

OH MY GOD. So Transphobic.

No. 279197

No. 279225

One of my closest friends since highschool is going down this path. It's depressing because we both clicked due to being kind of weird and doing our own thing, being our own kind of women etc. To see her say "oh I'm not really a girl!" because of all this is such a punch in the gut.

Sometimes I think "maybe I'm just being selfish because she's kind of the only close female friend I have" but she has SO many issues that are obviously behind this. It's clear that she thinks running away from her problems by becoming a different person is going to fix everything. It's heartbreaking.

No. 279242

Trash is right
This is hardly even a cosplay jfc

No. 279244

She looks just like Maddie from the last thread.

No. 279245

Where is "his" dick?

See >>277048

No. 279254

Thank you

No. 279257


All these scrawny little Tumblr bitches think the fact that they have no hips and no ass makes them pass as boys but they have no idea how retarded they look to anyone who isn't an oblivious 13-year-old.

Maybe I've been interested in cosplay for too long but it's gotten way too easy for me to clock a fakeboi. Gehe's tiny little shoulders, girlish face, and small rib cage were an instant giveaway and I'm surprised so many people fell for it. Even skinny faggots like Frank Wolf are that not petite, they still have masculine proportions and their faces look distinctly male despite their soft features.

No. 279258

No. 279260

File: 1490715024128.jpg (840.92 KB, 838x1200, lc2.jpg)

And when you point it out, you're transphobic and a hater.

No. 279261

those long painted nails…

No. 279273

Well I'm bad at telling stories but I'll try my best.

So when I first met this girl I thought she was a lesbian. Short with short hair, obviously feminine. But nope, she was apparently a transman. Went to the only tranny clinic in the country, was supported to get on T. And she wasn't just a transman, but a "I'm not like the other transmen", transman. Would constantly talk about how other trannies were fakeboys, but she was legit trans. And by talk I mean screech in the loudest, most insufferable way. She also cried constantly about everything. The smallest problem made her burst into tears. Real manly lol.

She was also totes a gay man and fetishised asian men to the point it got very uncomfortable. And my friend group has a lot of asians since we group together. She forced herself on my viet friend and tried to make out with him just because he is asian. And then she fell in love with a filipino christian guy in our group.

She could not grasp the fact that he wasn't interested in her. One, because he is straight. Two, because he is a part of a very religious sect where being tranny or gay is a no no. Even when we straight up told her why, she just thought it was because he wanted to save himself for marriage and thats why he didn't want to date her.

Then Idk how, but she finally realised that he wasn't interested in a tranny, and detransitioned and got baptised in his sect to try to win him over. Went from dressing like a boy and talking about sjw shit, to dressing in long skirts and acting modest. This happened overnight, and was even weirder than her being a tranny.

He still isn't interested in her tho, and I wonder if she will retransition if she ever realises she has no chance dating him.

No. 279276

I usually don't make fun of other people's appearance but DAMN DAT CHIN HAHAHAHA

No. 279292


so much for being actual trans.

No. 279312

If she felt like she should detransition just for a boy then she's full of shit about being a true tranny. I read on Susan's that only like 5% of trannies detransition and that's usually because they don't pass or they can't deal with the discrimination, not because "lol this cute azn boy would like me better if I was a girl".

Was she a crossplayer by any chance? I noticed a lot of Tumblr fakebois decide to be trans after they get into crossplay, because they get their ass kissed by other fujos.

No. 279321

File: 1490722423722.png (286.83 KB, 1242x1114, IMG_4432.PNG)

>butch trans dykes are valid

i thought this was a joke or some sort of satire. but, nope. completely serious.

No. 279337

>butch trans dyke
so a straight man

No. 279341

File: 1490723964295.gif (499.37 KB, 500x246, tf.gif)

>I'm a butch trans dyke

No. 279363

looks like if the amazing atheist decided to transition

No. 279365

Links, pls

No. 279443

Nah the guy in that pic is 100x more attractive than blubbery TJ, but I can see the slight resemblance.

saged for ot.

No. 279495

Nope, not to my knowledge. She apparently was a "not like the other girls" and very into tumblr culture. So I guess thats what made her "trans"

No. 279498

File: 1490734454992.png (1.18 MB, 1080x1502, Screenshot_2017-03-28-22-46-03…)




Saw a thread about this wonderful person on Kiwifarms a while back. Admitted to sucking their dog off. Posts furry porn and guro on her tumblr. On T but talks about regretting it. Crossdresses but totes a boy so it doesn't cause dysphoria. And is kin with a billion animals

No. 279499

>Admitted to sucking their dog off
please tell me somebody reported him for animal abuse or something, jesus christ.

No. 279501

Oh and I forgot to mention that they are a paedophile

No. 279539

The first time I was really really into a girl they ended up coming out as ftm trans a little while after they graduated. It sort of made sense, they were very much butch before. I did find it interesting that they chose a name that pertained to their interests… I feel like I see this on tumblr a lot - people naming their new selves after characters they like, be it anime, video games, bands, etc.

Two of my best friends from high school also ended up what I would consider "transtrenders". One of them is genuinely exactly the same as before, dresses and acts the same way, does their make-up the exact same way, but is really offended when they are not referred to as a boy. They have also turned their tumblr into a piss-fetish furry porn blog.
The other is some sort of genderqueer persona, I am not sure.

I myself teetered off into "genderqueer identity" territory for a while… idk, in some sense, tumblr is sort of like a cult - people must adapt if they want to stay and fit in. So, quite literally, all the people I know who still are active in their niche on tumblr have adapted to fit into the culture - new names, new identities, new ideologies.

No. 279557

Was he a lolita?

No. 279612

Does it have the chicken pox?

No. 279621

Ew, she looks so dirty, wtf.

No. 279622

Why do they do this?? They all look like such obvious girls… it's pathetic. Who falls for this bullshit?

No. 279628


Idk how people for geheichou's act either. Have you heard their voice? Its very feminine sounding. I doubt gehe is on T.

Guarantee you there is some hillarious dirt on gehe out there

No. 279660

You will find that the majority of the human race thinks those things. And radical feminism as far as I know is pretty niche? Idfk all I know is my business woman grandma is not a radical feminist but she doesn't believe in QUEE FEELINGS either lmao

No. 279670

Not all twanz people are crazy but honestly I come from a scientific background (dad is a biologist, mom is a doctor) and the criminal NON SCIENCE of the "born in the wrong body" is just something I just can't get past.
Like, I grew up with a guy who is now MTF and he's not a shitty person but though he passes well he's just not female.at.all. And I kind of resent that I have to treat him like we had similar childhoods when we didn't at all.
Like idk what I'm trying to say here, it just feels creepy sometimes when my childhood friend follows me to the bathroom and tries to copy me when I fix my makeup and wants to have "girly sleepovers" even though we're 26.
On top of that, I told him I had my period once and he went into a big sulk and told me later that I made him dysphoric. I swear, he's gotten more and more dysphoric the longer he's been "out". It doesn't seem to have helped :\
Sage for rant

No. 279709

what the fuck with the Crayola marker eyebrows hahaha

No. 279731

What a waste, so many of them could have been the cutest soft butch lesbians :(
Legit makes me sad, I'd date half of these women if they were less retarded.

No. 279851

there's no real scientific basis behind it. it's the pseudo progressive version of chauvinist, conservative gender essentialist bullshit. it's very offensive, actually, and women would fucking realise that if they weren't strongarmed into acting like these men are more oppressed than women, because they want to wear a fucking dress.

No. 279905

I don't know what it is about weeb cosplay girls, my brothers used to befriend or date them and they'd always magically pretend to be bishie gay guys sooner or later like clockwork.

Don't know what you're talking about- they sound and look exactly like women who have been injecting testosterone. There's something very telling about a 'male' voice when it has had a natural female puberty for so long before taking male levels of androgens.

They're always the biggest fucking self-absorbed caricatures of fujoshits. + Sure-fire way to tell a ftm trannytrender is if they have male/he/boy tacked everywhere on their profiles, and don't have any shirtless pictures. And to check how assblasted they get when called a girl, whereas an actual male would find it funny, flattering, or at worst ignore it.

No. 279909

No. 279910

File: 1490786440311.png (226.38 KB, 300x394, gehe.png)

Gehe at Cons, fans photos, lol

No. 279917

Looks totally different here too than in pictures. Clearly gehe shops herself.. lol

No. 279921

The whole "don't mention female body biological functions it makes me dysphoric :(" shit pisses me off so much, especially when non-trans people validate it. It makes it so clear they're (at least partially) delusional. Don't mention this one fact of life because it makes them sad to be reminded of reality? That's some Pixyteri "don't call me a white girl" shit.
If some aspects of your body make you uncomfortable, that's a you problem. You can't silence everyone around you from talking about their own lives because that bursts your bubble and hurts your feelings.

No. 279922

Why are you even openly talking about your period anyway? Gross.

No. 279927

I was replying to >>279670, who's apparently childhood friends with the guy. I don't talk about my period with strangers but my close friends and family know that when I mention cramps, I'm talking about my uterus. Plus I've heard people say that it's transphobic to have a tampon accidentally (!) fall out of your purse around a MTF person because that might trigger their dysphoria.

For the majority of women, periods are a fact of life. I don't believe we should be telling everyone the gory details but we should definitely not let these men dictate what we're allowed to talk about because being reminded of the reality of their bodies makes them have a sad.

No. 279930

she often runs around with this sort of eyebrows. Must be super manly for her? And even for a Goth her makeup is way too girly.

No. 279937

Sometimes girls talk about periods with their friends. Are you a girl? Do you have friends? Don't be such a child.

No. 279946

Same, because I've seen this happen in regards to educating teenagers and adults about complications and problems that can happen with periods which pose health risks and for me someones health comes before another persons feelings.

Grow up.

No. 279948

I haven't read the last thread but this girl's name actually is Maddie, she used to go by maddieatsbrains or maddisazombie or something like that on tumblr. I remember a few years ago her having long ginger hair and coming out as "trans" kek

No. 279960

You are either under 18 or male. GTFO

No. 279963

I totally get you, anon. Nothing is worse than MTFs who cry about oppression and the struggles they have as a woman when they were born male and grew up male. It's hard to get passed.

No. 279964

Seriously, I don't know when butch lesbians died out, but it was in the mid to late 2000s. It's so depressing.

No. 279965

They're so pathetic (and sexist too, mind you.) They don't like hearing about real women and their biologies, like menstruation and getting pregnant. It actually makes me laugh how triggered they are.

No. 279973

Ah I see. Well im not as well versed in tranny voices so I'll take your word for it.


Now that you pointed out the squinting thing i cant unsee it. Is it like the the ftm fujoshi calling card?

Like fedoras and neck bearss on mras? And hornrimmed glasses on female sjw's?

No. 279975

Is there any news on gutterface/Kazakai/whatever the fuck she's calling herself now? She was my first and still one of my fav fakeboi trainwrecks to follow. Last I heard her dad finally booted her and her sister/cousin/wife out of the house and she was killing neighbors pets for her shitty bone jewelry scam. This was over a year ago though. Any news since?

No. 280015

She looks 100% like a little 14-year-old girl with short hair, lmao. You can always tell someone's true gender when it comes to regular unedited photos taken by other people.

No. 280016

And the lack of shirtless photos as another anon said.

No. 280101

Ah, same girl then. She used to have white hair and called herself "Jack Frost-kin" or some stupid shit. She also claimed to have like 10 different mental illnesses and a number of chronic diseases.

No. 280114


This reminds me, everyone's acting like this comic is so sweet and progressive, but I feel so annoyed by it. Why do people actually think there's anything amazing about this?

No. 280151

File: 1490822225277.jpg (32.85 KB, 553x344, Capture.JPG)

Bigbucky aka I practically only cosplay girls BUT DON'T YOU DARE CALL ME A GIRL

No. 280224

Attention whore

No. 280256

wow this is a blast from the past
Maddie is from my hometown, i remember at one point they were trans-kenny from South Park

No. 280310


The more the trans movement pushes, the more women are agreeing with you. But god forbid you say anything, or you're just a TERF. I'm all for trans people having rights, they deserve the same respect any human being does. But I'm not going to bend over backwards, or accept things I'm flat out not comfortable with, JUST because someone is trans. I've had people disagree with me on the internet and serious pull the "as a transwomen…." as their opening argument, as if that makes their words more valid than mine.

I only know one reasonable MtF, and I actually feel bad about the things I used to say about her. She passes really well and doesn't fetishes women the way a lot of them seem to, which is nice.

No. 280331

You sound like a really shitty friend.
I'm not sure what the point of saying you come from a "scientific background" is considering that gender dysphoria is fully proven with scientific evidence but yeah, alright.
Why not just admit that you hate change and can't get used to it? Because that's what it sounds like.

No. 280332

Haven't the Teen Titans suffered enough

No. 280404

Why don't you just go back to tumblr, hon.

No. 280411

>Yeah, sure, Becky. That sounds fake, but okay. You just keep living in your cishet white male fantasy world.

No. 280422

Your poor use of the green text here makes my heart hurt, anon.

No. 280545

>trans-kenny from South Park
lolwat? I need you to elaborate on this. I found her somewhat milky back in the day just off of Tumblr. curious to know what she was like irl.

No. 280579

url pls

No. 280582

No. 280617

File: 1490868839059.png (672.89 KB, 508x633, binder.png)

Am I the only one who see a binder in this photo?


No. 280620

Poor kid, they seem young. I wonder if they haven't been able to get on T yet because of age. I say give all these people some more years to grow up and see what they do with their lives. Maybe some will end up being truly trans, maybe some will realize they are not. Let kids be kids.

No. 280675

he'll be 20 this year. He's not a little kid, grandma.

No. 280676

Nope, looks like a typical bound chest

No. 280698

How old is she?

No. 280747

Geheichou is at uni

No. 280766

No. 280981


Formerly known as Jessi Slaughter, claims to be a transgender, wants to transition to male, but wants to keep her boobs?
Dresses like a female, but claims to be a male.
it's all a bit fucked up.
Plenty of bad milk on her about her accusing dahvie vanity of raping her, and the whole "you done goofed" bullshit, she's also renowned for going on chaturbate for money, there's people asking her on her tumblr, by all means, rip this bitch apart, i can't stand her and i'd love to see her shitty little world burn.
PS, she's also a massive munchie.

No. 280995

Jessi slaughter from Myspace era?

No. 280999

Yes, THAT Jessi Slaughter.
What is this medical condition she claims she has that " Due to my medical issues I cannot walk or stand for very long so I need it in order to go places like the museum of the grocery store."

No. 281000

Was there another Jessi Slaughter? What a nightmare thought.

No. 281007

>we've called the cyber police!
>you'll be ARRESTED. End of conversation!!

Damn she got fat. Thank you for this "where are they now". Holy Christ..

No. 281009

File: 1490909183404.png (739.32 KB, 588x582, criedwolves.png)

How about criedwolves/Oliver? Personally I think he's a cutie, but he seems to have jumped on the MUA bandwagon so there's a lot more feminine makeup on his IG than there used to be. I think he's been on T for a while now but I don't remember if there was any milk on him from the last threads.


No. 281024

she went on chaturbate once and got banned immediately

No. 281026

File: 1490910062365.jpg (107.77 KB, 640x640, 83406879df6cfd770f0ab983d3ec2c…)

I'm not a fakeboi and even I'm kind of jealous of his looks tbh, he pulls off both feminine and masculine well even though he's pretty plain otherwise. Here's him cosplaying a girl.

No. 281027

she claims to have fibromyalgia, I honestly believe she's just gotten fat and is still a compulsive liar.

She's also got bpd, bipolar disorder, anxiety and depression, which i feel like is just her being an attention seeking bitch.

Yes, this is the jessi slaughter from the myspace era, and yes, she got fat and fucked up.

>>281007 thank you for the laugh, anon.

No. 281030

greentext that story, anon

No. 281049

I'll see if I can find it on her tumblr where she's admitting to using chaturbate


Found it "#Im having a month long period" lmao okay then, let me guess, endometriosis can go on her list of munchie illnesses.

No. 281170

anon, really

No. 281202

looks like a girl to me

No. 281268


more proof of Geheichou being born female. look at the behavior, voice and mannerisms, very female.

No. 281339

a tranny boy (lets remember that a trans man use to be a girl) playing a girl, ohhh the irony hurts my sides. im dying here.

No. 281351

>a girl dressing up as a girl

No. 281490

That's not a proof.
The video where you can read Gehe's birth name is.
Gehe's old photos being a normal girl are.
Old Gehe's cosplay being a 100% female characters are.

No. 281493

Did you see Gehe's Marshall Lee cosplay? Why do you think he's wearing Marceline's instrument instead of the Marshall one?

He even has photos with his Marceline cosplay lol

No. 281581

He's actually a certfied beautician now, he graduated his school recently. So I guess he's just advertaising his skills/uploading looks he does for portfolio.
Ugh I remember him being soooo fakeboi tumblr goals. He had lots of problems with his family, his parents were quite abusive (from what he wrote). They didn't accept him and he posted about them threatening to kick him out from home regularly. Idk if they made up eventually. Seems like it.

Well, about milk, I remember him asking for stuff from his followers. And I see he has his wishlist in bio so I guess he's still a fucking beggar.
A bit of reaching - seeing how well he is now, maybe all the pity parties on his tumblr were just for free stuff people would bombard him with. Because he's oh-so-poor-space-prince. Who knows.

There's something off-putting about him, I don't know. His face pisses me off for some reason.

No. 281686

I may be wrong but I'm still convinced the trans thing is a phase for this one. Before the T they made no effort to pass - still dressed like a girl all the time (even in "boymode"), yet still got pissed every time someone misgendered them (a la bigbucky). The only thing they did to "pass" was get a dyke haircut.

Now they're on the lowest dose of T, because obviously they didn't want any major changes in their appearance so they could still dress up like a girl and be a kawaii uke in makeup. I guess actually looking like a 23-year-old man was too icky for them.

Give it a few more years and then we'll see. There's probably going to be a period of denial before the actual detransition, which won't take any effort at all really because almost nothing has changed in their voice or appearance. "He" is just a slightly masculine girl.

No. 281688

What's wrong, anon? Did you just discover Blood on the Dance Floor and you're mad that you didn't get to sleep with Dahvie Vanity when you were 11?

I'm betting you're like 15 by the tone of your posts.

No. 281738

She's unbearable in real life as well.

No. 282372

jesus. is being a butch lesbian or a tomboyish straight girl so horrible? all of these dumb kids are pumping their bodies with hormones doctors dont even know the long term effects of. the people who are enabling this should be ashamed of themselves.
also, its funny how they're all obsessed with like… yuri on ice, like thats an accurate representation of how grown men act. i want to take one of these girls to a bear bar or something

No. 282379

I have one but she doesn't make a big deal of it and doesn't mind people calling her a 'she', just wants to look masculine. Idk if that counts, but she's cool.
~I'm a lucky girl...whose dream came true
but underneath it all...I'm just like you~

No. 282382

>Jordan Peterson
All hail the king. [spolier]I hope the trenders don't murder him.[/spoiler]

No. 282442

File: 1491092670648.gif (616.07 KB, 500x336, eyerollgif.gif)

Honestly, i feel this entire trans movement is more anti-gay than anything. ' Oh wait! James is gay? No, no, nevermind. James is actually Jaime and she's a beautiful woman trapped in a man's body. No son of mine is a faggot.'

I'm a tomboy, not butch lesbian because i still love skirts/dresses/makeup. But honestly the loss of the butch lesbian era is sad and definitely being replaced by trans trenders and straight cis girls who think they're not special enough or some bullshit. Sage for blog
Never underestimate ones ability to control the elements. You will be surprised how the tides can turn.

No. 282736

No. 282737

why this person wrote 'male' at it's instagram's bio?

No. 282738

No. 282754

I knew him irl for a bit, and as far as I can tell none of the abusive home life stuff was true. He was employed by his dad so he never had to actually go out and get a job and a lot of the shit he complained about was them not buying him a whole new wardrobe when he came out and them asking questions because they didn't understand the deal with pronouns.

I don't really interact with him any more but it seems like he's chilled ever since he actually went to school and started doing shit in the real world and not just camwhoring on tungl.

No. 282771

File: 1491161535874.png (851.02 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170402-153042.png)

Nice piercings, i'm sure she won't regret those when she tries getting a job.

No. 282913

There's jobs out there for people with body mods, even extreme ones. The bigger issue is this person probably doesn't have one of those jobs, or any training, or an education beyond high school that could assist them in landing one of those jobs. They could still probably land a shitty min wage job if they put retainers in though.

No. 282962

My god anon, what the fuck am I looking at. She's covered in cutting scars too. Nice.

No. 283002

It looks like she has mouth herpes.

No. 283030

I'm not normally against heavy mods at all but oh my god that's so bad & with that cheap jewelry too? I hope to god this kid's still a teen.

No. 283254

Most of these Tumblr cunts make shit up for sympathy and asspats. She appears to come from an upper middle class white family who probably spoiled her silly.

Her parents probably wondered why the fuck she thought she was a boy when she's girlier than most cis girls. Just look at her mannerisms in this video >>282736 . 150% female. Of course retarded drama whores like her consider her family situation "abuse" cause MUH PRONOUNS MOM.

I swear all these spoiled white girls know nothing about real child abuse, it's actually kind of hilarious seeing them kick and scream over their parents telling them the truth. They were being rational when they tried convincing her she isn't a fucking boy.

No. 283268


Criedwolves is 100% female and it drives me nuts every dumb bitch on tumblr is sucking her e-peen. This trans movement needs to stop.

No. 283269

Complete with massive self harm scars. These bitches are always a walking stereotype

No. 283381

she's ruined her body, plain and simple, she's vile.

No. 283434

criedwolves doesn't look as good she used to. She looks heavier set. Also she does this fake flamboyant gay male voice. Because she could be lying about being on T. I use to think she looked beautiful but I feel she tries too hard for attention.

No. 283438

Seconded, anon. A lot of LGB folks are complaining about this trans trending erasing lesbians and it's true. If these girls were born 10 years earlier, they'd just be dykes. However we might be a more accepting society now and all that good shit but seriously, gay people are still being treated as second class citizens and it's extremely hard for teenagers especially to accept their homosexuality. It's still not a norm in our society.

It's also really shitty to be a woman. Sure we might be able to support ourselves and everything but we still have to work extra hard to be our own person. We have to grow up with sexual harassment and being objectified all the time, having to be afraid of being raped, always being considered weak and ridiculed etc. Our bodies go through massive changes during puberty, more than the male body does. And now that transgenderism is a trend, of course young girls who are uncomfortable being sexualized, having to deal with their new body and developing sexuality, they take the trans route. Imagine being a kid like this and being told there's a way to get rid of all the unwanted attention and the shame women have to face in the society and get off the hook "easily"? You'd take it without batting an eye. That's the fucking reason all these fakeboys exist. If you're not a woman, you don't have to go through all this bullshit women are expected to. It's so fucking sad that in 2017 we're this backwards.

There's nothing wrong with crossdressing if it gets you off and you like it, but actually assuming an identity of the opposite gender and picking your pronouns and even starting HRT/Surgeries is fucked up.

No. 283440

Why doesn't milo or trilby or whoever the fuck become a butch lesbian? Why be a makeup wearing "transboi"

I hate these Tumblr whiny faggots. They take legitimacy away from real trans people

No. 283442

File: 1491249249665.gif (123.85 KB, 590x333, Bokuxs5.gif)

jfc get out

No. 283447

Lesbians aren't special enough, plus a lot of them want the D too much to even pretend to be lesbians.

No. 283554

I know we're all bitches here but I feel like judging her (them?) for her SH scars is a bit of a low blow. They seem to have healed and she's covered them up well enough for us to assume it was a while ago.

Focus on the piercings and stretchers and obvious 'hiding boobs because I'm ttly a boi' pose instead.

No. 283606

>It's also really shitty to be a woman. Sure we might be able to support ourselves and everything but we still have to work extra hard to be our own person. We have to grow up with sexual harassment and being objectified all the time, having to be afraid of being raped, always being considered weak and ridiculed etc.
You do realize sexual harassment, objectification, being called weak and rape arent gendered issues right? Those things happen to both genders. Sorry if i sound cringey but you shouldnt complain about being a woman (rape, objectification and sexual harassment have nothing to do with being a woman, it has to do with being a human). Being a woman is fucking wonderful and should be celebrated sage for mini "rant"

No. 283610

Is anyone else creeped out by how much teenage girls (especially straight) fetishes gay men..?
They want every relationship to be boy x boy and they tolerate sexism if it's from a gay man. the fuck?

No. 283611

its gross

No. 283639


No. 283663

>what is the patriarchy

No. 283684

Do you also ~not see color~ anon?

No. 283884

File: 1491283155891.jpg (29.75 KB, 576x521, 1464984596335.jpg)

>When being woman is so shitty you can't bring up things like sexual harassment, objectification and rape without some asshole trying to make it about men

No. 283909

File: 1491284040108.jpg (55.96 KB, 564x415, transcomic.jpg)

You sound like a tranny
>inb4 catcalling is not the same as rape etc

Not saying it is with this comic, just illustrating why you sound like a tranny and think everything as a woman is great when it isnt. Either that or maybe you're /r9k/

No. 283927

I've got a question:
Why do so many FtMs/transtrenders/fujos pick really poofy sounding male names like Oliver, Victor, Sebastian etc? 'Olivers' make up like 40% of the tumblr tranny population, it seems

No. 283928

because real guy names aren't kawaii

No. 283942

Yeah both genders deal with all of those problems, in very different ways to different extents. You're kidding yourself if you think there aren't gender specific issues within objectification and assault.
>Being a woman is fucking wonderful and should be celebrated
This logic sucks. Celebrate overcoming the statistical odds of humans existing in the first place or something else that's more meaningful than which chromosomes you have. The fucking participatory prizes, man, I swear to god.

No. 283955

File: 1491286981114.jpg (100.87 KB, 500x444, rotten.jpg)

OT but these comics make me gag.

No. 283973

>becoming a woman and being this clueless about vaginas

No. 284006

>our penis can have a fishy smell
>resembles the odor of a cis woman's vagina

Of course vaginas have an odor but it's not fishy? That's one of the smells that would warn you something odd was going on, not one of the smells you'd accept as normal.

I'm usually cool with mtfs but one thing I can't stand is the way they perpetuate sexism, myths and lies about women. I'm sick of people thinking they can't be sexist because they're LGBT+.

It's always "haha fishy vaginas", "the hardest thing about being a girl is makeup and clothes!", "I can only like pink cuz I'm a girl now", "it's ugly to wear jeans and flats, women should try harder", etc etc.

No. 284047

I doubt this guy's ever been near a vagina, he was a gay man before he started transitioning. Now he dates straight men apparently.

No. 284068

I wish there was a feminine FtM named Chad just to piss off the robots

No. 284089

This comic makes me fucking sick. These thirsty as fuck mtf trannies reversing DECADES of feminist work are the reason why I got so fed up with the transgender movement.

>Sorry if i sound cringey but you shouldnt complain about being a woman (rape, objectification and sexual harassment have nothing to do with being a woman, it has to do with being a human)
holy shit pick up a book will you and get back to leddit

No. 284105

When I first saw these comics i thought they were satire, because i didnt think someone could be this stupid.

One of the many reasons i stopped supporting the trans movement.

Exactly this. One of the things i found with mtf is they honestly think anything that happens to them is what must happen to women because "sex is a social construct and they are biologically women". Ugh.

Saged for ot

No. 284110

What. The. Fuck… This is sickening.
Hormone therapy and increased estrogen increases risk of yeast infections, so this dumbass is infected and not getting treatment because ~just one of the girls!~

I'm so glad I actually know a couple decent mtfs that are educated and against ciswoman-shaming.

No. 284121

What the fuck the only time a vag smells fishy is bc of bv

No. 284142

These people have no clue about human anatomy. I also hate it when trans fucks perpetuate wrong sterotypes about the female body.

No. 284157

It's worrying that there seems to be no move from the normal trans people to separate themselves from these misogynists. Why aren't trans people calling this stuff out?
It's not right to expect any group to apologize for things that only bad people do, but it feels suspicious that I have never seen a trans person do it. Feminists often say stupid disclaimers, softening any man hate vibes so that they don't appear threatening. Muslims constantly throw up fb statuses against terrorism, dropping disclaimers into their public interactions out of fear they will be associated with radicals. Black and Asian people have a terrible history of having to assimilate with 'safe' white culture.
I have never once see a out trans person act sensitively about the transgressions (lol) of radical trans. It's probably the same reason as why cis 'allies' don't call it out, because the tumblr hate machine will jump on them immediately even if they are trans themselves.

No. 284166

File: 1491316018735.jpg (165.78 KB, 732x814, tranny hecks.jpg)

>All the tranny apology ITT
Definitely a normal and ok thing to be and not a mental illness guys

>It's part of human biology/sexuality/psychology
Shine on you crazy fucking diamonds

No. 284183

File: 1491318938769.jpg (71.8 KB, 500x631, IMG_3250.JPG)

lol this. Oliver is probably only popular because of criedwolves, but there definitely are meme ftm names. It's most embarrassing when they change up the spelling to make it sound more snowflakey.


No. 284184

For the same reason straight men are turned on by lesbians.

Fujos are definitely more cringey about it though.

No. 284187

Lol you can tell they're men because of how upset they get when someone doesn't cater to them

No. 284191

Transsexuals are such a tiny ass minority in society that they can't have a voice like feminists and muslims can. Transtrenders make up the majority of the LGBT community now, and they are literally dangerous against anybody who disagrees with them. Every time a normal tranny tries to open a truscum blog on Tumblr to criticize transtrenders they get harassed and threatened off the website, occasionally doxxed too. It's beyond fucked up.

Blaire White has been doxxed, her family and friends given death threats. Though, that was partially because she criticized BLM but she receives constant harrassment from transtrenders as well. Theryn Meyer is another one who puts up with this despite her being extremely tame and reasonable, even compared to Blaire.

t. somebody who has a couple trans friends who are actually cool people and watches what they have to put up with. when it gets to the point that you have to hide from what was once your own community for your own safety and psychological wellbeing, you know it's bad.

No. 284197

I feel for those people, I really do. I don't care what people want to identify as so long as they don't act like insufferable shits about it and believe the world revolves around them and whatever pronouns they use. I have no doubt in my mind that there are trans people out there who act normal and keep their mental issues to themselves, just like people with any mental illness. If they stop throwing tantrums over gays and lesbians not wanting to have sex with them and stop trying to dictate people's speech like the anon above said with periods, I'll call them whatever they want me to. Just be a decent person and I'll be decent back.

No. 284215

why are you using blaire as an example? he's the epitome of one of those misogynists, I'd say he's even worse since he's an anti-feminist on top of it. glad he got doxxed, fuck him.

No. 284227

I don't mind Blaire. I don't care what her political views are because at least she isn't threatening people with violence when they disagree with her like many of her opponents. She's harmless.

No. 284689

ikr those ebul sjws, so violent & cruel! :'(( what makes them think they can just go on the internet and threaten to violent??

No. 284705

File: 1491365480287.jpg (93.4 KB, 1022x710, hecks tumblr.jpg)


No. 284851

Why is it that every Tumblr ftm almost 80% of the time have the same names as gay anime bishounen from yaoi manga?? Are they trying to live out their BL fantasies or something?

No. 284946

I'll second this, as a person with mtf friends who I guess would be considered "stealth" and don't like confrontation. The reaction from these young tumblr kids against the old school transwomen such as my friends would be too overwhelming. My friends have just been through too much and worked hard to both blend in and be happy with themselves. They don't need a hundred Sebastian Aoba Space Prince's terrorizing them and potentially ruining the lives they have built.

No. 284951

No. 284964

Like Geheichou

No. 284982

oh fuck off

No. 284983

File: 1491408815130.jpg (418.3 KB, 647x884, kill me.jpg)

I'm convinced that's exactly what they're doing. Like how girls will cosplay male characters and then basically RP gross shit in public/at cons. They're just taking it a step further now.

Pic related, two gross weebs acting out their yaoi fantasies

No. 285017

File: 1491412098449.jpg (63.08 KB, 890x336, are you fucking serious.jpg)

Saging just in case this shouldnt be here (its tumblr but again not sure) but this shit is why i stopped supporting transwomen.

No. 285048

Whoever drew these comics are actual pieces of shits and have zero idea what it's like to be born a woman. Damn.

No. 285050

What?! I'm sorry but only MEN will talk about 'tuna' and that 'fishy' smell vaginas have because they have no clue about female biology. that isn't how it works. this whole comic is making me sick wtf!

No. 285051

This is legit why it should be LGB and not LGBT, trans people are on a whole nother level of cringe. They have nothing to do with sexuality, but gender stereotypes and sex change, which isn't gay or bi, just … ugh. I want trans out of LGB.

No. 285053

File: 1491414771428.png (213.84 KB, 444x449, 1457997163200.png)

Haha, so true.

No. 285054

Even if you disagree with Blaire, she isn't threatening people or sending an army after them or doxxing anyone. In the end, she's actually harmless and should not be receiving death threats, esp her family. I'm so sick of the 'we're on your side, until you disagree with us from the lgbt communities.' They have been taken over by sjws and trans trenders. fuck them

Yeah, it's sad.

No. 285056

Pretty sure a uterus and ovaries does make you a woman. Why do these idiots hate biology so much?

No. 285148

File: 1491422826763.png (440.97 KB, 760x440, what happened.png)

Because apparently "biology is a social construct and transwomen are biologically women and are even MORE womanly than you so check your privilege uwu" (I seriously wish i was making that up but i keep hearing this whole "biology is not binary" argument shit and its like where is this argument coming from? its even to stupid for tumblr)

No. 285183

Who is this creep, url pls

No. 285187

gregory gorgeous, now goes by gigi gorgeous now. he seems pretty milky, but i really dk too much about him.

No. 285193

Ty anon

No. 285202

That whole transwomen are more womanly than biological women has affected me a bit. I feel like without surgery like a boobjob and being ultra feminine, I can't be a real woman, even though I have a uterus.

No. 285206

is this the person that started out gay, turned trans and is now a lesbian? I wonder what's next.

No. 285209

Men have always been doing that to us by making us play along to their shifting definitions of "femininity" that never accepted what our female bodies actually look like.

No. 285225

I'm sorry to hear that anon, dont listen to these idiots, pumping yourself full of silicone doesnt make you a real woman, you already are one.

No. 285247


No. 285303


They aren't ultrafeminine, they're gross fetishizations of what they think femininity is. Most of them dress and appear like hookers, ffs. It really pisses me off when men who elect to maim their bodies think that somehow makes them fucking experts on womaning, as if their 2 or 3 years of living as a modified charicature of a woman somehow makes them experts on female socialization and experiences. 99% of male to trans can fuck right off.

No. 285311

sorry for replying to a comment so far up in the thread but this shit annoys the fuck out of me. biological sex is fucking BIOLOGICAL there is no "socially constructed biological sex". holy shit someone sign this kid up for a science class

No. 285482

This stuff makes me angry to look at, but that's exactly what they want right? So they can be like "see, we ARE oppressed after all! I'm making a big sociopolitical statement wahwahmuh feefees! " but like…. the way I see it, its not the wearing eyeliner and shaving your head and dying your armpit hair that makes me mad, its that while doing it they have this show-offy attitude and make such a big thing of telling us exactly what they're doing and why. To me, it means way more if that is just a natural extension of who you are and you just nonchalantly go about your life while not giving a fuck. I don't care about a guy in a dress or a girl who decides to become a guy, that's awesome, but when they have to label themselves genderfaggot and get different pronouns than everyone else and make such a thing of distancing themseleves from us EVIL SCARY CIS (who are actually pretty bomb, yo), it detracts from their message and their cause and makes it all about them and their ego. I feel like of these people don't even do this sort of thing because they have to or want to, but because the smugness of their ego keeps them from relating to everyone else and being on our level, they think somehow they're so wounded and everyone cares about their sad story and they're the only people who have ever gone through bad stuff and they have it the worst. Its become some sort of pissing contest these days to see who has the hardest life and also who can feel the most sorry for oppressed classes and who is the best at being a good person. We cant even make jokes anymore because some special snowflake fake gay asshole will go out of their way to be offended by something. I am so glad this thing didn't gain more traction in mainstream society, it is still disgustingly common but I had less faith in humanity and assumed people were dumb enough to believe in this. I feel like a lot of the normies I know think this stuff is also bullshit

No. 285524

Pay no attention to it anon. Most of those kinds of mtf are gay, and if they were ever with a woman you can bet that they had misogynistic ideals.
Womanhood is whatever you experience as a woman, you don't have to look like a plastic blow up doll to be female.

It can help to get some positive role models, look for older women that have careers outside of their looks that appeal to your hobbies/interests.

No. 285562

No. 285648

I think out of all of them this one might be the most out of touch. My reaction as a cisgender woman to being catcalled is NEVER one of big sparkly-eyed joy. Glad that this person's epitome of femininity is being desired by men. Real progressive

No. 285701

File: 1491504165712.gif (1.26 MB, 275x207, 1480310791124.gif)

Seriously, plz stop.

No. 285737

Greg is a person who transitioned and became famous for it way too quickly imo. Like I feel like he got every surgery done within such a short amount of time, people were concerned about it. Also is ultra-feminine now and constantly showing off wonky tits and masculine legs and whatnot. A movie was made about him recently, forgot the name of it though.

No. 285778

File: 1491513795160.png (1.33 MB, 2219x1409, Screenshot_2017-04-06-16-20-52…)

after all that surgery, how does he still look this shitty w/o makeup?

No. 285780

I'm sorry for shit posting a 'vine compilation, but it was too cringey not to share.
Also why is every genderfluid girl the same person?

No. 285837

That movie/documentary/whatever about him is being heavily promoted on Youtube, I see ads for it constantly popping up whenever I view a video there (and I've never viewed a video by or about him/her/whatever.)

No. 285918

what the fuck thats him?!

No. 285948

File: 1491539866464.png (1.17 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1119.PNG)

One of the boys from my local comm
Such manliness

No. 285949

File: 1491539931368.png (884.8 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1120.PNG)

More of her. Excuse me I mean him

No. 285956

File: 1491541306904.gif (548.94 KB, 932x650, tumblr intensifies.gif)

No. 285957

File: 1491541762357.png (175.06 KB, 750x1028, IMG_1121.PNG)

The fairy kei community is ripe with fakes
I mean this fugly GIRL is in a skirt

No. 285958

File: 1491541813331.png (158.2 KB, 750x1090, IMG_1122.PNG)

I mean she is ugly enough to maybe pass as a boy??

No. 285960

kill yourself faggot :^)

No. 285961

Why does fairy kei attract this shit? No doubt they'd get their panties in a bunch if you misgendered them too.

No. 285963

I think that tranny blaire white chick is right, you're either a girl or a guy there's no in between there's only two fucking genders. and these fake fags are atention whores. I also hate gay trans men they are so disgusting, me and my gay male friends make fun of them all the time, I mean gay men love the peen they don't want no fishy pussy. so a guy that has a vagoo and acts like a total fag is fucking stupid.

No. 285964

Why are so many fat white girls drawn to the fake trans shit??

No. 285967

>wears girly shit
>wants to be called "him"
>acts femenine

Umm yeah… Attention whore much?

No. 285968

Wait, this is gigi gorgeous? the person who basically shat on women and then became mtf? fuck, are all mtf sexists assholes?

No. 285970

Girl, no! You are fine. In the end, you will ALWAYS be a real woman because of your chromosomes and real vagina those mtfs no matter how money they spend will never have. Please, love yourself. Don't let those men doubt you. Isn't it funny how mtf are still MEN in their mindset of bringing real biological women down? Yeah, they can fuck off.

And esp people like Blaire white who have a following of neckbeards who want to fuck him and say shit like 'why are you better than real women and have a dick? it's not gay, right?'

No. 285971

>are all mtf sexists assholes?
are you.. from tumblr?

No. 285973

This. They think being a real woman meals wearing high heels, bright lipstick and having giant tits/showing cleavage all the time. Also, you ever noticed how most mfts love to be ultra sexual? they should just be fags and leave women alone.

No. 285975

File: 1491543686180.gif (765.77 KB, 244x180, 1465727987638.gif)

Hahaha omg, he looks like a man in a wig who works on a farm.

No. 285977

No, are you?

No. 285981

File: 1491544295093.png (116.71 KB, 750x986, IMG_1123.PNG)

No. 285982

File: 1491544342330.png (147.71 KB, 738x933, IMG_1124.PNG)

No. 285983

File: 1491544637545.png (1.73 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1127.PNG)

One of these is a boy named Christopher

No. 285987

>no u
then stop saying shit tumblrinas would say

No. 285997

>they don't want no fishy pussy.

kek another butthurt tranny I see

also that whole reply, muh edgy, you auditioning for the role of ebony dark'ness dementia way by any chance? fucking kek

No. 286001

sweetheart I am no fucking tranny trash, I actually find transgender people fucking disgusting specially trans men. they are a bunch of manipulative shits who play the victim wayy too much

No. 286010

Disgusting penis haver, average cis gay male.

No. 286011

god their hair looks awful. if you touched it, it would probably break off in your hands jfc

No. 286012

nice b8 m8

No. 286013

man anon get off tumblr

No. 286091


I know this girl who showed up to school one day in a beard she drew on her face with marker and a shirt explaining that she was genderfluid. She wears fox tails like it's 2009 and watches gender videos on her iPad during the entire class. She did her sociology project on "third gender representation" and my sociology teacher basically told her that there were only 2 genders. She posts ddlg shit on Facebook where her family and classmates can see. She is so obnoxious.

No. 286097

I know a MtF. Very tall and lanky, very masculine face, terrible hair and skin. Don't know if he's on hormones but he gets his friends to call him his "female name". He also says he has several personalities including a few furries I think?
One time he explained his whole thing to a dude who's very nice but not aware of this kind of internet bullshit and he was just like "so this is roleplay right?", it was pretty funny. Another time we were hanging out and he was here with his friends who were calling him by his fem name. There was a guy who's your typical frat dude type who looked at them with the most puzzled face going "what? what the fuck?" while they tried to ignore it, it was pretty funny too.

He constantly shares stuff from transtrender pages on facebook, mostly screencaps from tumblr. It's all pretty dumb. Other than that he seems chill.

No. 286098

Um, "sweetheart," you have to be 18+ to post here. please stop embarassing yourself and go back to reddit or wherever you came from.

No. 286106

>doesn't bitch when people don't want to use their snowflake pronouns
>Advocates snowflakes grow thicker skin
>Agrees wearing girly clothing when wanting to pass as a man is stupid
I don't actually get why we're all laughing at this person, aside from their blogposting. I would rather have 5000 more of these than even one Gigi Gorgeous misogynist

No. 286156

Many trans people say that their sexuality "changed" when they transitioned. Make of it what you will

No. 286364

aww what's the matter did I hurt your feelings, I am 30 btw

No. 286365

>calling out people young just because they dont agree with your mind set

oh wow so mature anon, you showed them for sure

No. 286384

>no fishy pussy
this is why god hates fags. hating trans men and typing like a retard at the age of 30 won't make your parents hate you any less nor will they stop hiding you in the attic on thanksgiving

No. 286395

in what world is >>285963 written by a thirty year old? I don't even disagree with what they said, it's just the way they said it was so embarassing that it sounded like it was written by an edgy 12 y/o retard.

The fact that that anon is 30 makes this a lot more embarrassing, actually.

No. 286397

hi same fag :^)

No. 286473

kek not even close also learn how to sage you filthy faggot

No. 286739

da self projection is real here
"faggot" ;^)

No. 287126

Ohh, I know plenty. I just run with the worst crowd sometimes.
>Meet a new person when seeing some friends, thinking she's a butch lesbian. Suddenly notice that everyone is talking about her as a guy and uses a male name when addressing her. She looks like a girl and sounds like a girl. I feel like I'm being set up for a prank but apparently she's a transman and not a very convincing one at that
>Friend asks me if I know a guy called x, I say no but I know a girl called x. Friend insists that he's a man, shows me his picture. It's the girl I know. I tell her it's a girl, she turns awkward and tells me "he's" a transman. She's not on any HRT and roleplays as a gay animu guy lmao
>Meet another person, very very girly, looks very girly, sounds very girly, acts like a stereotypical girl. Find out she's also a "transman", gets triggered whenever anyone misgenders her despite clearly acting and looking like a girl. Calls herself "gay" because she likes men.
>One person has always been a girly cis girl, then suddenly decides she's genderfluid, assumes a male name and asks for info to fool doctors into giving her HRT.

There are plenty more but these are some examples of the lunatics I've had to deal with. I hate how so many people around them play into their delusions and you feel like you're the only sane person in the room.

No. 287213

One thing that I've seen this type of person do a lot that really gets my goat is when they include intersex people in their trans bubble and hold them up like SEE GENDER IS NOT BINARY BECAUSE NOT EVEN BIOLOGICAL SEX IS BINARY!!! INTERSEX PEOPLE EXIST THEREFORE THERE ARE MORE THAN 2 SEXES!!!

Like jesus fucking christ. It's a deformity. IT'S NOT AN EXAMPLE OF "HOW HUMANS ARE MEANT TO BE". It literally just happens when something in their development goes WRONG. There are people born without limbs but that doesn't fucking mean you can't say humans are a species with four limbs because that is what they have if nothing went wrong goddamn

No. 287242

File: 1491696977633.jpg (30.83 KB, 988x245, Capture.JPG)

Kagoma aka one of the biggest fake boi there is

No. 287248

Self post? You posted this like 2 minutes after it was posted on tumblr.

No. 287250


I'm a real boy… stop..

No. 287252

File: 1491697857741.jpg (119.19 KB, 692x692, realistic sex dolls are my pas…)

No. 287256


I used to follow her and at one point her dog Eren ate something (and was foaming from the mouth) and she asked Tumblr what was wrong with her dog instead of taking the dog to the vet.

No. 287274

The level of filtering

No. 287278

>her dog
Ugh, weeaboos.

No. 287340

File: 1491708520848.jpg (101.82 KB, 843x877, Capture.JPG)

No wonder her boyfriend claimed to be asexual/aromantic to get away from her ass.. She's so full of herself

No. 287343

>Posting yourself on this board and then sending yourself asks so that you can pretend to laugh about it

No. 287353


She got caught and now she's trying to hide it

No. 287382

So many sloppy self posters lately. I can't imagine my life being so lame you want this attention so badly.

No. 287387

You don't get money when people visit via mobile lol
Kagoma is actually typical Tumblr though and made a call out recently when Wen dumped her for being crazy

No. 287399

Okay so this is just asking an overall opinion, do you guys believe transgender can be an existing condition (not really sure how to word that idea properly) beyond just transtrender/fakeboi's?

No. 287400

as someone in the medical field, yes, it definitely is a condition. the frustrating thing now is we don't know how to handle it. previously when someone showed all the correct conditions we could treat it accordingly. now people are starting to fake it and it's becoming dangerous for us to deal with it.
it's very frustrating. being transgender is a serious problem for anyone who has to deal with it. i genuinely want to help them, just as much as i want to help all my other patients. these transtrenders have made it so much harder to help the actual people in need. they make real transgender people look like a joke. you may or may not like trans people- i think most people however, will agree that it is a real mental disorder that some people possess… just not the highschoolers that are bored and want to hop on a trend.

No. 287401

Yes, but they need to be locked up, not given hormones

No. 287420

I feel like the reason we have so many transtrenders is the internet (Captain obvious here)
You know how everyone wants to be different to get a couple of more likes on their picture.

I just feel very conflicted about the fakebois. While I feel like going through phases like these build your character in the end because you get smarter when you stop being sp stupid, it's unfair to people who actually struggle with transition and all that. I wish all these transtrenders would be banned from the internet and I bet we would have 70% less of them. What stranger would actually compliment them on the street for being like that ? They wouldn't have their daily ass patting so they would quickly drop it.
I wish I could talk with a transtrender but they get offended so easily.

Sorry for the sage I just needed to get this off my chest.

No. 287435

Sorry for saging again but does anyone here have an idea what non englisch speakers are want to be called in their native language??
I mean the they/them shit.
Like in German we don't have an equivalent to they/them we only have he/she/it and they/them basically translates to she
I don't have any close trans friends I follow some on social media but all they are speaking English on there
Maybe non-natives can answer me ?

No. 287465

We don't have truly neutral pronouns in Polish too. They/them is gendered female or male. I know one Polish trans person (ftm) and he wanted to be called male pronouns. I think that's only logical. They prefer pronouns of what gender they feel like. "They" pronouns I think suit agenders, genderfluids and such. But if you feel like a male, why use neutral pronouns? Just go with male ones

No. 287479

I swear like all of these people have the backwards thought process of
>Makeup, clothing and hair has nothing to do with gender!!! Destroy gender roles!!
>I'm not a girl because I don't dress up or act like one!!

No. 287481

Riddle me this, Ms. Medical Field: How come transgenderism is a "real thing" but transracialism isn't? How come a man can claim to be a woman or a woman claim to be a man but a white person can't claim to be black? How come otherkin are considered crazy but transgenders aren't? It's all faking things based on genetics and basing your "identity" on an external person's view, i.e. stereotypes and supporting the idea that it's somehow normal to consider yourself to be the opposite gender is feeding into someone's mental illness and only expanding it further.

I used to be hardcore into Trans rights and believed that transitioning was a lifesaver and the only thing to help people with gender dysphoria but then I realized that you can NEVER know what it's to "feel like" the opposite gender. Your feelings are NOT valid. Often with fakebois it's just a ton of internalized misogyny and the belief that because they don't fill a traditional 1950's role of a woman, they can't be women.

No. 287539

No. 287547

I'm a trans guy who lurks this board because I know a couple popular trans people from Tumblr (not the pastel milk kind, sorry)

I've told them before I feel like people are thinking they're trans based on not liking pink or "feeling like a guy/feeling not like a girl" and it just seems the new rebellious thing and I'm pretty sure in five years it'll die out like scene did.

My clinic ran out of testosterone around Christmas and all I could think about is how T must be the new iPhone. That's as much as people from tumblr touch my world though, they literally only do that shit online and it hardly spreads.

Anyways besides the blogpost my friends are close with the fellowship and know a bit of milk that I'd love to spill but am paranoid to be found here lol

Most of the users have private twitters they've softblocked their tumblr friends on to talk shit and someone has robbed a commissioner for hundreds of dollars.

No. 287552

Oh I forgot the whole reason I was writing the post

I do consider being trans a sort of mental illness, but I feel like the "treatment" is the transition. Not sure how to explain exactly, but the dysphoria itself is what drives the thought that you're mentally ill home.

I don't understand people like Kagoma who want to look like a girl? Since Kagoma is here (doing exactly the cringey self posting and then replying via blog that everyone does when they get caught here) I wonder what the plans are. Present as a girl forever?

No. 287563

The fellowship eh? Now that's a group I haven't heard of in awhile. I thought they all disappeared or went into hiding

No. 287731

It's a stupid form of treatment. Sorry if it sounds rude, but you're never going to be a real guy. Why not just try to accept that instead of wasting money on hormones and shit? T can't change your chromosomes/remove that uterus/etc.

No. 287734

File: 1491760948560.jpg (41.36 KB, 614x449, tranny hecks.jpg)

>I feel like the treatment is exactly the thing I want it to be

No. 287737

I hate when people compare transgender with "transracial".
A person has a chance of their sex being either male or female, that's why trans people exist because their brain had the opposite hormones as their body, but your race can only be one, there's no chance of you coming out white or coming out black and race is purely stuff you can see like skin color and face features, while gender is your brain sex which hormones play a huge part on and that's why people have dysphoria, because they have the opposite hormones their brain expects.

No. 287754

Of course it's stupid, it's very lose lose imo
Go ahead and be rude I prefer talking about this stuff bluntly because normally I have to tiptoe around people's sensitivities

>implying that people should go the through conversion therapy
People consider the rest of LGB a mental illness too

No. 287756

Hormones, top, hysterectomy, phalloplasty etc is all covered here actually

Well hormones are like $60 a vial but I have insurance, everything else gets paid for by OHIP

I waited until I was sure, I didn't make any decisions til I was an adult and I did try to live as a cis girl but it's hard to put into words because how do you describe the colour yellow to someone who isn't able to see it

Just feels wrong and repulsive, I know some lesbians have chest dysphoria so at least they'd know that but transitioning has made my life do a complete 180

If I wasn't transitioning I'd probably be on a lot of meds to cope with dysphoria and mooching off the system or smth while I hid from the world

I know that sounds pretty dramatic but it's a shit time

No. 287757

Couldn't agree with you more anon. Dysphoria is a mental illness and it often happens to trans people. To treat it, they need to transition. It's pretty simple but tumblr makes it so complicated with the whole "you don't need to feel dysphoric to be trans" thing.

No. 287763

There is no such thing as "Male brain in Female body" or vice versa, anon. There are literally no scientific studies to conclusively confirm this. Yes, there are slight differences that are found when comparing transgender brains with normal brains but plenty of people who are NOT transgender (such as homosexuals) share the same traits. Transgenderism is a product of the environment and a psychological condition related to dissociation that should be treated with therapy and medication like any other form of body dysphoria such as eating disorders. Around 90% of kids experiencing gender dysphoria grow out of it (and often turn out to be gay instead) by the time they hit their adult age. If you're "born with it" you wouldn't grow out of it.

No. 287791

>I've told them before I feel like people are thinking they're trans based on not liking pink or "feeling like a guy/feeling not like a girl"

Funny you should say this because I commented on this video which although is about "nonbinary gender" talks about transmen (Milo is in it too) And I took issue with them about what you describe, about the statement they made that they realised they were transmen because "they like the colour blue and trucks as a child" and tbh the response i got from them was-eh should i post it? Because all it seemed to do was reinforce gender binaries but i didnt want to go on at them.

No. 287807

Non binary could be such a cool thing but it's ruined by them being like "I don't feel like a girl/guy because sometimes I like pink and sometimes I like trucks" lmao

Instead of not conforming to gender stereotypes they are literally out there labelling themselves as fluid between male and female based on how they feel like dressing or acting

They'll say "Guys can wear makeup, girls don't have to" then present visually masculine on their "boy" days and visually feminine on their "girl" ones

It blows my mind that these kids are literally catering to gender stereotypes while denouncing them

No. 287808

Mooching off the system feels pretty good, actually. Me and keeks are living it up.

Anyways, I still don't get it. How does transitioning really help the dysphoria if y'all know deep down that you'll never be what you want? And how does it help more than accepting your a.s. would? No one sees trans people as what they want to be seen as, they just see them as trans people. Seems like the high suicide rates among trans people have something to do with that… Trying to cope just makes more sense to me idk, but if you're really contempt, kudos.

No. 287814

once the transitioning euphoria passes they get disillusioned and the depression rates/suicides are back to old numbers. this movement to have the world play along to their delusion just disguises the real issue - you can't cure body dysmorphic disorder by changing your body surgically. what they need is therapy to learn to accept themselves but that is not the PC thing to say.

No. 287817

All these 19-20 year olds going on HRT and surgeries while they have 60 more years left to live in their mangled bodies. Once they get tired of roleplaying as the kawaii yaoi boysu when they're nearing their 30's they'll be so depressed and blaming everything on the doctors who let them do this to themselves. Young gender dysphoria patients should hear more experiences from detransitioners to hear the realistic risks of the treatment instead of sugarcoated tumblr "you will kill yourself if you don't transition so do it!" bullshit.

No. 287833

I think it's a legit mental illness, I'm sorry. Being born in the wrong body is not a thing. It should be treated the same anorexics are handled in a facility, not given hormones and everyone has to pretend said person is a man or woman because feelings.

No. 287835

I never got this either. but i guess 'progressives' gotta cater to one thing at a time.

No. 287837

You sound like a radfem all pic is rape piece of shit honestly. Not all of us all militant lesbos, deal w it

No. 287839

I disagree. I think letting someone transition is wrong. It's like letting a cutter keep cutting or someone who likes fire too much burn a building down. I think people who think they are born in the wrong body need a form of actual treatment, but seems like the medical field has no idea what to do yet aside from hormones and surgery and forcing society to call them what they think they are.

No. 287841

I'm happy with being seen as trans, I know it sounds odd but off Tumblr the rest of the trans population just takes what it can get

We just wanna live as stealth as possible, at least I do

Tried to live the "Ruby Rose" way of just trying to be butch and androgynous, attended therapy, went to support groups
Tried to live vicariously through writing etc

I didn't know anybody else who was trans before I transitioned so I went into it very slowly and after a lot of research

I saw the ED comparison earlier and I feel like it's a fair comparison, but I feel like conversion therapy and staying assigned sex would be like telling someone suffering from anorexia that it'd be better for them and everyone if they just ate sticks of butter every day for the rest of their lives

"You've just got to have body positivity, you'll learn to love the butter"

Yeah it's shit and doesn't make sense but I'd rather say female to trans especially because when you're raised as a woman but you are seen as male it makes you feel like some third gender

Also the fear of catcalling or the anxiety of walking home alone at night never leave, so it's like going from girl to vagina boy anyways lol

No. 287842

your tumblr is showing

No. 287844

Grow up, seriously
You guys are always derailing with petty shit

No. 287847

You seem mad chill and i really hope everything works out for you.

No. 287848

>I saw the ED comparison earlier and I feel like it's a fair comparison, but I feel like conversion therapy and staying assigned sex would be like telling someone suffering from anorexia that it'd be better for them and everyone if they just ate sticks of butter every day for the rest of their lives

That's basically how therapy for anorexics work, they're being fed forcefully and encouraged to have a bigger calorie intake. Because they're unhealthy for not eating and they need to be forced to eat more in order to be cured. Your argument really doesn't work. No mental illness is being treated with "Fine, we'll play into your delusions and support them instead of working to make you mentally stable" other than transgenderism. Whoever heard of alcoholism or a drug addiction being treated with giving them more because they have withdrawals? Or depression being treated with just letting the patient stay in bed doing nothing? A neurological disorder such as ADD or Tourette's syndrome being left untreated because "that's just how they were born like"?

Look into Body integrity identity disorder, a disorder that makes you think you should be disabled instead of able-bodied. How is that any different from gender dysphoria? It's a legitimate mental illness but nobody is helping them to cut off their limbs or losing their eyesight even though the disorder causes them huge distress.

No. 287862

That's why I said stick of butter specifically, like I said it's lose lose.

If you want to bring up addiction hrt is like sticking a dope addict on methadone, there's no real "cure" for heroin addicts since your brain chemistry is fucked so you shove shit into your body

I understand your point I really do but we're always gonna disagree because you're anti-trans and I'm living what you don't agree with

I'm emotionally involved here, to you it's just a discussion of what is medically reasonable but to me it's the rest of my life

I would have taken a cure if it had been offered, I wanted my life to be easy and I wanted to keep the "trans" hidden (and I did until I was starting hrt) to spare my family (especially the older ones, I'm mid-twenties and my grandparents are obviously going to die soon they don't need the stress) but conversion therapy is just something that only sounds good on paper

No. 287870

You speak as if detransitioned men and women and recovered anorexics do not exist.

No. 287876

See, telling an anorexic that they just have to eat more and they're not fat makes them freak out and every smallest portion seems like a butter stick for the rest of their life to them. That's not normal. It shouldn't be treated as normal or they'll never recover. Just like a person suffering of gender dysphoria shouldn't be told "You're right, you're a man living in a girl's body". During their psychosis (because let's face it, that's what it is) telling them they'll just have to live as their natal gender is like telling the sick anorectic that they'll have to eat more. They both disagree and see themselves as normal/sane and the offered treatment being worse than death. Because they're not sane and don't have a mentally sound view of reality. Treating mental illness should NOT be enabling the patient's delusions like they're being sane and rational.

No. 287885

I feel like you're reading what I'm saying and then just disregarding it for no reason

Oh well

It's hard to take people seriously when there's a possibility they're one of the predatory lesbians ITT who get a sour taste when their 18 year old butch dream starts hrt

No. 287890

get off our board tranny :)

No. 287894

Nobody feels like a man in a woman's body, that's just what trans people tell cis people because there's no way to convey understanding

No. 287897

Not muh triggers!!1!

This is more fun than watching 30 yr old women cry over criedwolves weight gain

No. 288013


You seem very comfortable where you are, and I hope things continue to work out for you. I sincerely applaud how much thought you have put into this issue, as most of my exposure to "trans" people are people like Riley Dennis and Milo and those other clowns in >>287791, who are clearly, in my view, autogynophilic/ autoandrophylic fetishists, and not trans as such at all.

If you don't mind my asking, when did you first feel (what age) as if you were trans instead of, say, a butch lesbian?

No. 288019

my best friend from high school is a transtrender. she was always disgustingly obsessed with gay men, and as soon as she found out what trans is in high school she decided she wanted to be a boy. she eventually ghosted me on our friendship, i suspect because i refused to call her by her video game character name and fakeboi pronouns. all so she can try to fuck gay guys (lul she's a 23 year old virgin who has never been in a real relationship) i look up her tumblr every once in a while, she went and got T from planned parenthood and is now growing her hair long and has a disgusting neckbeard. also its really lulzy when she tries to wear a binder because she has like triple g tiddies

No. 288045

kys faggot

No. 288047

I don't know why but I really hate trans men more than trans girls. Because they have this little victim complex and they always seek atention, some try to act gay and applaud homosexual relationships. Is their hate towards women that bad?

No. 288055

When I was a toddler I was confused why guys stood up to piss and I didn't, I even tried to but stuff like that is probably a coincidence and childlike curiosity, it's just funny now looking back

Besides that there was never really anything until puberty because there was never any pressure to wear dresses or pick gendered toys etc as a child, I was given a lot of freedom growing up

Then the dysphoria came, it became obvious there were differences in people who were comfortable with themselves and then me, and I was always like wishing really hard to "wake up as a guy" (Thats just a summary bc I'm not sure how to explain the feeling again, just more of a timeline thing) because I didn't know being trans was a thing lol it was a small town without (out) gay people even so it was never anything I knew about

Despite the entire thing I was constantly trying to be very feminine looking, because I was scared people would find out but at the same time if there was any interaction where I didn't have to show my face (forums, etc) I would just always use male pronouns for myself-the entire time without knowing what gender dysphoria was and it's actually something my mother found out and it became a problem in our family until I hid it even deeper

I don't think I even thought I might be trans until I was at least in my 20s, my doctor diagnosed me with gender dysphoria and I started hrt a few years later

It's actually kind of boring despite what I was experiencing personally, nothing traumatic or weird has happened to me

No. 288058

This thread has entirely too much blogging and arguing about trans ethics. Use it to discuss Tumblr Fakebois and keep the political gender stuff in /ot/.

No. 288059

That's because when you're ftm you're never going to be in any danger, you have to make it up

Also a lot of them just cut their hair and are androgynous, trans women have to go through an ordeal most days and even with hrt they will usually have masculine voices etc

I find the people who complain loudest are probably going through the least

No. 288060

>Is their hate towards women that bad?
Is yours? How can you be this blind to the fact that trans girls literally do the exact same shit to women (way worse more often than not) and just get their dicks sucked for it.

Afabs are pretty harmless since no one takes them seriously, but as seen in >>285202 , amabs are a lot shittier

No. 288066

see >>288058 and fuck off to /ot/
bye Felicia

No. 288079

Post fakebois

No. 288094

or you go and take your sagging pants and strap on back to lipstickalley?

No. 288202

sure thing, Jan
btw learn to sage you faggot :^)

No. 288262

This is not Tumblr, you can't make people back off by yelling "radfem predatory lesbian!!!111".

No. 288275

Who said radfem

Also all the predatory radfem lesbians are literally tumblr based lmao

No. 288287

The high suicide rate is by far from lack of support, especially the rejection by friends and family members. There's a lot of places that still deny employment too, and being unemployed and financial unstable is a major factor of suicides in general.
I guess you could tie "not being seen as what you want to be seen as" with the social rejection, especially if hormones/surgery aren't available options or if their living situation is hostile and expression/transition would be unsafe, but the thing is, many trans people who have committed suicide passed just fine (obviously this excludes the whole 'I willingly dress up like a fairy ballerina but don't you dare call me a girl' idiots). So it doesn't seem so much to be "I'll never truly be a girl/guy" and much more so about lack of support once the cat's out of the bag, regardless of transition/passing status.

No. 288297

File: 1491806011790.jpg (74.03 KB, 960x915, 13092188_1281001305260837_7460…)

No milk besides bohoo my EDs, full cringe though. Posts new selfies like every single day and all of them have this level of make up and wigs. But don't you dare call her a girl. The nose contouring is my fav part.

No. 288323

lol, no, if you had been trans people irl you can always tell, but they genuinely believe you can't. it's quite pathetic.

No. 288454

You're thinking about libfems not radfems fam

No. 288478

You're right they don't feel entitled to any female body they see

No. 289274

Anyone got any dirt of geheichou? he screams of fakeboi

No. 289419

That lip shop

No. 289502

File: 1491951700205.jpg (42.82 KB, 400x400, IMG_4761.JPG)

do y'all remember sassymemes?

>said dressing up as a witch for halloween is cultural appropriation

>doctors misgender babies at birth
>will try to ruin your life if you don't refer to her as "they/them"
>used to refer to herself as the "gender police"
>will get mad if you call her sassymemes, even though that used to be her twitter handle before she had to change it because of all the hate


No. 289643

File: 1491965850511.jpg (76.22 KB, 781x960, 17505226_1647234981970799_5785…)

but she only shops the lighting!!!

No. 289680

>use make up
>dress like women
> but don't you dare adress them as "her"
>he or them pronounds only

lol shit these people are really mentally ill, either that or they are attention whores who just want dick like chicks that say they are lesbians but they aren't. Maybe that's a new variant to that. I really want to punch these bitches

No. 290429

All Geheichou is dirt

No. 290430


look at this video of Gehe at a CON, it's pretty recent and those movements…

Truly manly. 100% not fake.

No. 290431

Geheichou seems to wear a bra here.


No. 290489

I find it funny how he tells no one he is trans when it's exceedingly obvious from their voice and mannerisms

No. 290573

he's not trans, he's a grill

No. 290618

Anyone who thinks in all seriousness that Geheichou is a legit man needs to get a fucking reality check. I hadn't heard of her before this thread and after checking out her IG I'm just shocked at all the people gobbling down the claim that she's a man and not even a transman but born as a man with a dick and balls. How delusional do you have to be in order to believe this? She has very feminine bone structure in both body and face, very feminine hands and arms, no adam's apple. All photos are taken from the same flattering angle Asian crossplayers use. I could believe she's been on a small dose of T for a short time but definitely not a long time.

No. 291461

I hope this is relevant enough for this thread, but what do you guys think when people go on about how "rates of gay people/trans are increasing" and the like?
Saw someone linking to some poll one day and like half of the people who said they were gay also considered themselves non-cis.

Do you guys think that more people just feel safe coming out, or is it the same thing as transtrenders. I personally feel like people don't realize that these communities have giant amounts of peer pressure to be different and non-conforming. But at the same time, sure more people could have safe about coming it, but I doubt it's that much.

No. 291463

File: 1492166274016.jpg (332.59 KB, 449x1003, gwtf.jpg)

I think he's not on T, he's not masculine, he just has meitu on the phone and photoshop on the PC, just look at the photos where he's with a fan and were meitu hasn't been used.

Geheichou is 0% masculine.

No. 291464

This person is an example of that 'trans increase' but it's just a fujoshi pretending to live the yaoi fantasy irl

No. 291465

I think the increase of gays are just men coming out. No man born a legit man is going to pretend to be gay, lets be real.

The increase of trannies are just fetishists, people trying to be different or people looking for oppression points.

No. 291466

Yeah that was basically what I'm guessing too. I wish there were more places where you can have a somewhat civil discussion about this stuff. I think it's honestly kind of interesting from a psychological standpoint since it concern teens and young adults the most.

The amount of people I see with "they/them pronouns uwu" on places like twitter is incredible and ridiculous more then anything.

No. 291467


>half of the people who said they were gay also considered themselves non-cis

So basically straight people who have snowflake syndrome.

Trans ideology is so incredibly sexist I can't believe genderists can't see it. Plus it's often rapey as fuck, like how they get mad at lesbians when a lesbian says she wouldn't date a transwoman or suck their "girl-dick". Lesbian is female homosexual, aka experiences same-sex attraction. Transwoman is not same sex with a cis-woman. "Gender" is bullshit and sexist. So much of the stuff genderists say is similar to what they say in "gay correction". "You must like dick even when you're lesbian!! Or maybe just don't have sex with your partner!!"

Sage for rant.

No. 291470

It's really creepy and I dislike how any discussion gets shut down because you can never ever question anything.

When you're a 15 year old girl who can't come to terms with puberty or even when they have a past that makes them dislike female sexuality it's an easy escape from feeling uncomfortable.
You get people telling you that you don't have to worry about becoming a women because you can be a man or genderqueer instead! Not only that, they'll shower you with affection for being so brave, and you even get to sit on moral highground on any issue afterwards.

So I can see why they flock to this shit like flies. But because it's such a sensitive subject, nobody wants to be the person to sit them down and tell them it's okay to not always be comfortable, and that it's normal.

No. 291474


what. the. fuck. Only infected vagina smells like fish, healthy one never. Only men don't know that. this guy is disgusing.

No. 291499

>A person has a chance of their sex being either male or female, that's why trans people exist because their brain had the opposite hormones as their body, but your race can only be one, there's no chance of you coming out white or coming out black and race is purely stuff you can see like skin color and face features, while gender is your brain sex which hormones play a huge part on and that's why people have dysphoria, because they have the opposite hormones their brain expects.

No. This is a bullshit explanation people give when they can't afford to say "We don't know, actually, might be XYZ…" If it were that simple, we'd be able to fix it.

No. 291619


Jordan B. Peterson = basically god

No. 291643

Somehow transwomen are the creepiest and worst about this kind of stuff. They're romanticize stuff like periods and cramps and cry when people tell them they'll never have those.

Seriously why is such a huge portion of transwomen raising massive red flags in regards turning everything into a creepy fetish?

No. 291646

lol all I see here is atention whore girls

No. 291651

No wonder nobody wants to have kids now a days, with disgusting things like this running around. I can't wait for a nuke world war 3 to start and wipe humanity out

>inb4 "now thats edgy as fuckk" "careful with dat edge anon"

No. 291713

Because they're technically men so they're more important than women. At least in their eyes and they eyes of a lot of society. Better protect these men in dresses and let them be creepy fucks. Don't want to hurt their feelings, they're men, remember?

No. 291738

lol I guess "non-binary trans boys in dresses" translates to ugly ass girls who try to wear dresses and end up making complete idiots out of themselves

No. 291776

That's what kills me, in the end, they are still men and still have more rights than real, biological women. It's so fucked.

No. 291816

this is why men and society itself never take women seriously because of people like this. Fake bois should just kill themselves, why wear a dress if you want to be a boy? why do you do this? why? so moronic

No. 291851

Gehe is so full of shit, such fujoshi wanna be uke boy faggot.

She's disgusting both inside and out. God damn degenerate bitch wishes she was gay gu.

No. 291853

Gehe's lucky she has all these bi guys lining up for her, as she is thoroughly repulsive. She doesn't tell the facts, as an example she preteneds to be male, but, she does a shitty job at it! Everyone know she is a fakeboi that is in to be "Le kawaii uke boi" shit. She will hang her self in despair when nobody finds her attractive anymore after schtick that wears off

No. 291871

she reminds me of littlecloud (some dumb bitch who was obssesed with cloud from final fantasy and portrayed herself as a boy who dressed as a girl, lol i know wtf right?) the sad thing is that there's many dick hungry atention seeking girls like that out there

No. 292102


"Male brain" or "female brain", and "brain sex" do not exist. Like pls read some biology and studies, like from actual sources, not from tumblr or tranny ally sites. Dysphoria is just a result of sexism in society.

No. 292110

I just skimmed this thread but this is so annoying.
The best indicator of a fake boy is… they still present female in every way. How can these people have the balls to dress feminine, put make up on, and proudly show off their bodies, breasts included and call themselves male? It makes the real trans community look like a joke.

Some of the trans boys here looked okay. But so many of them are such try hards who wanna be some kawaii uke. I really thought it was a dumb stereotype but 98 percent of them do this for attention

No. 292139

File: 1492276117846.jpg (492.63 KB, 712x1367, criedwolves.jpg)

Criedwolves, I just see fujos doing yaoi cosplay lol

No. 292141

File: 1492276246456.jpg (171.83 KB, 1080x1920, C9dvPZrVoAEygbI.jpg)

A friend of Gehe did a direct and, wow, what a surprise, Geheichou looks like…

Yes, is the one on the right.

No. 292188

this is why I started hating on male trannies honestly this is why nobody takes the LGBT community seriously because of this bullshit. This is why so many hate exists towards it, because of people like this who just think it's just a fricking trend. At the end of it they end up being girls who want dick.

No. 292190

all I see is a bunch of ugly ass girls trying hard but literally failing at it. I hope they are part of the suicide statistics of the trannies someday. I know sooo edgyyy!

No. 292215

File: 1492283826838.jpg (32.03 KB, 400x400, .....jpg)



why am I not suprised, also the hot glue on CW's cosplay is triggering me

No. 292217

I think that criedwolves is beautiful, or at least in this photo looks beautiful, Geheichou it's just a fail

No. 292227

You know Geheichou and people like her and criedwolves just make me sad. Well, sad and angry. They're living this make-believe fantasy of being a handsome anime guy and their hordes of fangirls support this roleplay of theirs. They're not even trying to be real-life men but instead this princely fantasy character that's based on fiction instead of reality.

But because they have literally no experience of being or socializing as a man they still think they're legitimately male and possibly go on HRT and surgeries. When the novelty of being a ~kawaii yaoiboy~ wears off in 10 years they'll be stuck with a.) permanent damage to their body and b.) feeling isolated due to growing up and socializing as a woman but as they're now physically male-passing they can't enter female spaces like they could before. They'll probably be in their late 20's or early 30's then and they have around 50 years left to live with that body they decided to ruin at 20. Their ~tumblr squad~ will be disbanded after the people who did not go through trans treatments grow up, possibly enter a serious relationship and get new friends and interests. Nobody will be supporting a 30-year old roleplaying as an anime character. Finding a partner will be hard and you constantly have to live a restrained life hiding your past. Just fucking imagine the despair you will go through when you realize what you've done to yourself.

If you want to roleplay as a anime man then fine - do that! Plenty of people take up stage personas. Drag queens create a whole new character for themselves to present as. But for the love of god and all that is holy don't mix your fictional character with reality. Don't claim to be male when you're not. Don't do drastic choices at 20. I really hope some transtrender reads this and takes it to heart.

No. 292234

File: 1492287336595.jpg (54.75 KB, 512x512, whatthefuck.jpg)

Didnt Milo change her name to Quinby for like a week? Anybody know why she changed it back?

No. 292269

She changed it to Quinby to distance herself from Milo Yiannopoulos, but got mocked by Breitbart so she went back to Milo, I guess as a "fuck you". Sure showed them.

No. 292340

lol amazing how Gehe looks totally fem here, and nothing like she does on instagram. Amazing what technology and makeup can do

No. 292488

File: 1492321602768.png (130.7 KB, 292x361, fff.png)

I don't understand this fucking bio

No. 292490


How these two can be the same idiot?

No. 292504

same, anon. I know a girl who keeps trying to pass herself off as some jrock visual kei whatever boy, it's annoying as fuck but so many people kiss her ass, I have to just hold my tongue or get lynched by the fangirls
but pretty sure she'll drop this shit in a few years

No. 292530

Do u know Gehe irl?

No. 292549

Gale is worse tbh she's nasty as fuck and used to glue hair on her cheeks to make it seem like she had a beard… she also has her ego high as fuck

No. 292550

No. 292554

>>292550 what?, r u Gale?

Gale did it for a cosplay, he also has a pic on insta where you can see some real face hair, despite or being or not being n ass Gale is on T, Gale's voice is not a forced voice

No. 292558

File: 1492341063205.jpg (799.01 KB, 1423x1364, Criedwolvesbunny.jpg)

Moar of Criedwolves, I think that Oliver is the one on the center

No. 292672

Life Hack: if you dont have the money or talent to buy or make an actual cosplay, then just wear a cheap slutty bunny outfit from SamuraiBuyer, put a wig on and call it a cosplay!

No. 292674

What ever happened to all the crippling dysphoria that criedwolves is always whining about? dont you think that putting on a stereotypical female outfit would make him cry about ~the dysphoria uwu~

No. 292675

File: 1492368375348.gif (333.38 KB, 420x315, awesome.gif)

No. 292678

Dysphoria is a meme.

No. 292688

No I'm not, I meant I'm that anon lol
Hmm but I mean in Gale's daily life. I saw Gale and wasn't doing cosplay, it was a normal day in the middle of the week. I'm not sure if what I saw was dry glue or dry as fuck skin tbh but anyways it's nasty. And it's funny how Gale takes pictures with wigs, makeup and clothes to look like a girl and is like 'don't misgender, still a dude'. It's a walking joke that used to complain about elite chans and now is part of the so hated elite chan…
Ayuru is nice, the times I've been with her she's been really nice.

No. 292696


They are all such beta females I swear
Lemme guess, they all say they are gay males to

No real gay guy is going to buy into their shit. So they are stuck dating other fake bois or staying within that group.
It just these girls really bother me

No. 292710

You can see Gehe's face without photoshop and his voice here. He totally looks female, and his voice sounds like it too

No. 292717

How can anyone give these fakebois attention? Call them out on their bullshit already.

No. 292719

I always see ftms doing feminine cosplays or bishie cosplays. hahaha.

No. 292754


This one is better:

No. 292757

No. 292759

the video you shared is a video made by him/a friend so yeah, it can be reaaaaally edited, even the sound, but these two are not edited.

No. 292879

nope, someone else. They have less than 2000 followers though so not really worth posting.

No. 293004

File: 1492409898509.png (1.57 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1308.PNG)

Meet Tobais. In "his" info it says Trans-male and BOY. No joke

No. 293005

File: 1492409968412.png (1.29 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1310.PNG)

An attempt was made

No. 293012

File: 1492410606392.jpg (429.62 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_1312.JPG)

From the fairy kei group
Creepy AF

No. 293031

File: 1492415134380.png (577.08 KB, 536x539, 1492378189393.png)

is that a marker beard

No. 293034

>still calls her a "he"
anyway yeah that is not a fucking man and it has never been a fucking man. Yet she still has the balls (pun not intended) to call out someone >>278598 who called her a woman due to, I don't know, her looking and sounding like a woman and being one?

In addition to that >>278601 boils my fucking blood, how can she take "compliments" like this with a straight face?

No. 293083

Geheichou is very rude so if someone lick his ass that way is ok for him.

(sorry but I need to use he/him with him even if he's a fakeboi)

No. 293122

>(sorry but I need to use he/him with him even if he's a fakeboi)

Why? It just validates their dumb asses. If you (generic you) want people to stop being transtrenders, then in my opinion you shouldn't play along with their stupidity and delusions.

No. 293140

Maybe I'm too much respectful to trans ppl, even they r faking it, I just can't, I think that Gehe is a fakeboi but I just can't tell a trans an incorrect pronoun, even if it's faking that it's trans, srry

No. 293199

Geheichou's topic on PULL has new comments.


I was waiting for them!

No. 293204

Nako GanGan?

No. 293231

i'm disgusted

No. 293244

I'm going to be disgusted if I do that, so just deal with it, sorry.

No. 293245

Is her Dina?

No. 293361

I never understood why fakebois put makeup on their lips to make them look like straight lines
they realize that real men have lips, right?

No. 293444

I never understood why fakebois draw hair on their faces so badly or paint it with photoshop, like when Geheichou did it, I can't find it but it was son weird.

No. 293449

then you need to grow a back bone

No. 293459

It's not that, it's just I don't like to do it, I really can't, it feels bad for me

No. 293461

File: 1492470462292.jpg (150.08 KB, 756x1280, tumblr.jpg)

I found it!

No. 293463

File: 1492470701274.jpg (55.58 KB, 500x504, large.jpg)

Yes, this person >>293461 it's the same as this person, look at the T-Shirt:

No. 293465

I'm finding really weird Geheichou's photos, tomorrow I'll upload more

No. 293482

File: 1492472038599.jpg (120.81 KB, 510x381, 3.jpg)

Another one

No. 293597



No. 293672

No. 293694

Thoughts on people who have fully transitioned? Like who are actually going through HRT? I hate fakebois but I think there are (very rare) cases in which people are fully trans

No. 293698

If they've actually transitioned, they're not fakebois.

Fakebois are girls pretending to be boys for attention. Trans men are men who were born female.

No. 293711

is it that rare? fakebois arent anything to do with being trans its just another thing tumblr has brought us
i think there are a lot of genuine trans ftm i always think they look pretty cute i had a crush on a transboy forever and then they got a bf :( lol sorry blogging

No. 293736

Lol they're having such a pathetic argument on what is transphobic or not, I facepalmed so many times

No. 293739

gtfo and kys :^)

No. 293829

">If they've actually transitioned, they're not fakebois."
What? The're a lot of fakebois who go on T

No. 293830

No. 294111

I used to be hugely into trans rights but now I'm just seeing HRT&Surgeries as a countdown to their upcoming detransitioning and/or suicide when they regret their choice.

No. 294137

File: 1492549986329.jpg (28.04 KB, 225x350, 213229.jpg)

Pretty sure this is a cosplay of Mike from SNK (but…without the upper lip hair…?). Still fucked either way.

No. 294846

File: 1492646214470.png (207.89 KB, 745x1198, IMG_1327.PNG)

Yes because wearing pink lipstick is so manly. . . That girl with the lipstick only wants to be recognized as a real man

No. 294848

File: 1492646403128.png (128.83 KB, 749x995, IMG_1326.PNG)

Another from this gal, also she recently had a meltdown after someone misgendered her. I'm off to get caps. She also cropped her friend out of her Facebook header because he made a vague joke about her not looking manly. After that she blasted him publicly and posted his private convo with her all over her wall. Even though he apologized. She then went on to say things like he disrespected trans people.

No. 294864

File: 1492648019814.png (185.73 KB, 750x1045, IMG_1333.PNG)

No. 294865

omg i hate how much they post in the fairy kei community. i;m glad someone else hates this snowflake


do you know them?

No. 294879

How did fairy kei become such a fakeboi shit show

No. 295011

File: 1492669732464.png (192.23 KB, 750x1136, IMG_1371.PNG)

Yes, Sei. Show how mature you are by bitching at this person

No. 295021

File: 1492670601404.png (156.95 KB, 750x921, IMG_1374.PNG)

False eyelashes and winged eyeliner…..really now?

No. 295022

File: 1492670664760.png (194.27 KB, 750x1104, IMG_1373.PNG)

This person is also a homestuck

No. 295038

File: 1492672009095.jpg (134.38 KB, 750x1020, 1492654086284.jpg)


No. 295039

Those lashes are ugly and cheap-looking.

No. 295050

You have tits and you're wearing a skirt. You are not a boy.

No. 295255

Jfc these weebs are the worst.

No. 295455

File: 1492729199144.jpg (139.94 KB, 734x600, 1491424522292.jpg)

this is what happens when you read too much fanfiction and begin to believe that love only exists in anime BL. it's literally warping people's brains.

No. 295675

They want to become anime

No. 295788

Her highlighter males her look like she's drenched in cooking oil

No. 295789


No. 295790

i'm fucking crying ahhahahahhaha what the fuck is this outfit

No. 296051

So a few of my friends (we don't talk anymore though so I guess..acquaintances) are going through this trend.
My thing is, why are you only wanting to be a "boy" and not a "man"? Most trans I know have an end goal of being the other gender, but at the age they are. So if you're in your 20s, why are you striving to be a teenage boy instead of a 20something year old (minus a few of the pics I've seen here that look like actual men).It's irritating. Plus seems a bit like internalized misogyny.
"Wah I want to do things that are stereotypically girly but without the responsibility of being a woman so don't call me a woman ew!"

No. 296075

kinda looks like halsey

No. 296153

This is some pathetic bullshit. These girls are so boring they gotta hop on that oppression train.

No. 296155

I'm so glad this was not the era of my chunibyo stage. jfc. This is such a shitshow now.

No. 298298

Uggg a friend of mine is suddenly trans AND gay. Like she is allllll about hot guys now she's suddenly gay? How lazy can you be. Plus she has a super girly face so she's never gonna pull of the look of a man. She is getting T but it's going to look so out of place on her thin fem face. Like I'm going to really have to keep my mouth shut once she gets a beard if even if she gets that. Knowing her she won't do it, she's all about that smooth skin. Which will only keep the female look going strong.

No. 298312

>I don't know what confirmation bias is, hurr durr.

No. 298317

People in this thread keep throwing around 'horribly mutilated' and 'permanent damage' and shit but like honestly the worst-case scenario is a transition with complications followed by a detransition with more complications… And then what? They're a 40-year-old woman with facial hair, acne scars, a chain-smoker voice, and a mastectomy? That's not the end of the world. Plenty of people are just ugly, or have fucked up skin, or pcos or breast cancer or some shit.
Maybe I'm a callow optimist but like I fucking hope these kids are at least taking twenty seconds to think 'what can I do if this isn't right for me?'
At least like 80% of them seem to be really hesitant to undergo medical shit. Literally no fucking harm in having a weird experimental art school phase in your twenties where you worship the moon and reject gender and look for Deep Truths in shitty indie films or whatever.

No. 298319

File: 1493079260664.png (2.07 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1423.PNG)

Facebook said I should be friends with a guy named Oliver. I laughed. Hard.

No. 298321

File: 1493079318054.png (1.66 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1421.PNG)

No. 298324

If you were her real friend you would tell her she's making a horrible mistake that will permanently destroy her body.

No. 298325

man the botdf fanbase has not aged well

No. 298328

File: 1493079808828.jpg (513.29 KB, 2048x1365, IMG_1425.JPG)

In the bio it read "trans agender gay dog"
Also a furry

No. 298334

I did tell her to rethink this through, because she is a STUNNING lady. I said that if she truly was indeed trans she'd fix her entire lifestyle from female to male. That it's not something you acquire overnight because you have a tomboy day. She is a poster picture lolita and truly elegent women. I never got a response back. She ignored me now

No. 298549

File: 1493108900338.png (1.57 MB, 900x1350, 60100fb09b6a51099a3a3be25ce4c3…)

>truly elegant women
I know we're hating on transtrenders here but I can't help but imagine this poster as an incel orbiter now. Just imagine getting a message from a sweaty neckbeard reeeing like pic related

No. 298585

jfc that hair and the thousand yard stare

No. 298636

She won't get any hot guys with dicks, if that's her goal. Only dumpy, frumpy transboys with ugly hair dye jobs.

No. 299529

Ive seen a couple fakebois with actual cis boyfriends over the years, usually geeky straight or bi dudes who are willing to humor their gfs delusions for pussy. More of them than not just date other fakebois though, and either way actual gay men aren't going anywhere near them with a 20 foot pole.

No. 299538

Seriously how fucking easy it is to get medical hormones? I feel like every fakeboy announces beginning to take hormones like 2 months after they "came out" (a.k.a. cut their hair). That shit shouldn't be available like chewing gum, it's gonna cause irreversible damage to your body.

No. 299543

What's up with this recent trend of "wearing a beanie hat makes me a boy/masculine"? It's the weirdest thing.
No boy I've ever known has worn beanie hats. My brother never wears beanie hats. My bf never wears beanie hats. None of my old classmates ever wore beanie hats. It's fucking weird.
Same deal with backwards baseball caps. I definitely know people who have worn them of course but wearing one doesn't make you look masculine just by default.

No. 299545

They have a pretty warped view of what being male is. Thick, colored-in eyebrows, bowties, dyke hair and clothing etc. They basically dress up like stereotypical butch lesbians and think it makes them male.

No. 299566

To me it's always been a lesbian thing, which is a pretty femalr thing to do..

No. 299572

Oh, I know. I've seen some of these girls' goofy bfs on Instagram too. But that is why I put emphasis on the word hot. They want real life Yaoi, but get the dollar store version with irreversible, non-kawaii changes to their body.

Hot, confident butch lesbians are a dying breed. Getting sick of all these adult women who emulate fictional little Asian boys and animals.

No. 299573

Oh yeah, the bow tie thing. I had forgotten about that because of how dumb it is. The only men I've ever seen wearing a bow tie in real life were in tuxedos.
It's like they haven't met an actual man in their whole lives, their understanding of masculinity is so bizarre. It's not just on like a pantomime level of exaggeration, it's weirder than that because it's actually incorrect. Tumblr is a hell of a drug.

No. 299575

I know this guy and he is on T. I don't really get the trans men dressing feminine thing either (he wears lolita dresses and cute/pastel shit like this) but he is physically transitioning.

No. 299576

That means almost literally nothing in the current year, unfortunately.

No. 299604

>It's like they haven't met an actual man in their whole lives, their understanding of masculinity is so bizarre.
That's pretty much it. Their perception of men are based on how media for women portray men as, which is why they always end up looking like butch lesbians. It's kinda like how fetishist MTFs think all women dress up like 12-year old girls and throw on any single piece of clothing they think is stereotypically feminine like flower skirts and glitter hairbands. Makes you think how they can "feel" like the opposite sex when they have literally no clue how they can socialize or present as one. The fakebois don't really even try to be "men men" but instead this idolized fantasy role they've created for themselves. It's usually sort of like a coping mechanism to deal with sexual harassment, sexual frustration, homosexuality and/or loneliness.

No. 300133

>Hot, confident butch lesbians are a dying breed. Getting sick of all these adult women who emulate fictional little Asian boys and animals.

Truer words have never been spoken. I grew up in the 90s and haven't seen any legit dyke and butch lesbians in a while (I have a wife now, but my teenager self went crazy over those kinds of women.) Sage for rant

No. 300288

There's a kind of pressure these days to turn trans instead of a butch lesbian. When you're being spoonfed the idea that if you don't fill the traditional femme gender role, you MUST be trans and you HAVE TO transition or else you'll kill yourself, a lot of people cave under the pressure. If I believed in conspiracy theories I'd say this is some scam to erase lesbians altogether by turning the butches into transboys.

No. 301029

seeing people pretend to be trans or milk it for attention {milo stewart}, especially in the transmasculine community, makes me extremely dysphoric and makes people think that being a trans dude is an advanced form of ~uwu not liek da otha girlz!!1!~ it's sickening

No. 301034

Lol these girls aren't lesbians, they aren't into girls. They just want to fill the bishie yaoi uke role.

No. 301038

i think men can dress however they want as a nonbinary person who wants to be seen as male (ironic right?), but if you're pre-T or don't pass as male and wear feminine clothes, people will think you are a woman and treat you as such. you can't be mad over that, either, especially if you put emphasis on how cute and feminine you are and rarely present as being somewhat masculine. most of the people in this thread fall under that category and it sucks that trans people have to apply to gender roles more than cis people, but you can't expect people to call you 'him' or 'sir' if you slap on lipstick, dresses and wigs for everyday wear and look girly all the time. it's implausible(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 301069

File: 1493490580222.jpg (106.68 KB, 1050x657, ESIS.jpg)

Can someone tell me if esispadion is a fakeboi? I'm really confused, sometimes "it" looks like a girl and sometimes "it" looks like a male

No. 301073

I feel like that has to be a woman. Their hairline looks pretty feminine (look at male balding patterns to see what I mean) and those hands are super dainty and slender, men's hands don't look like that, even young/skinny ones.
However, they're more convincing than most fakebois I've seen. I guess she got lucky with androgynous features or something.

No. 301079

File: 1493491850772.jpg (62.48 KB, 750x636, 12960056_222121411496266_77782…)

typical fakeboi shot.
this is clearly a girl, and she edits her pics to hell and back; she has androgynous features, but PS/facetune helps too. the way she smooths her skin is atracious

No. 301081

File: 1493492141920.jpg (63.47 KB, 477x600, ESIS2.jpg)

I was thinking the same because in some pictures he/she looks very feminine, buth then in this video the voice sounds like a male voice to me

No. 301082

yeah IKR no topless pics looks very tricky

No. 301088

If you're an Eastern European woman who already has a deep voice, it's not hard to make it sound deeper.

No. 301108

it sounds really throaty and forced, like a girl imitating a male voice

No. 301119

Give me a break. this is 100% a woman.

No. 301120

She's very pretty. She should just be a cute tomboy.

No. 301138

I'm absolutely positive these transtrender tumblr girls hop on the fakeboi trend bc it's cool or cute or whatever and the gay thing isn't "in" anymore. It's like the straight girls who claim to be ace/aro because they don't fit into the tumblr popularity contest. It's definitely homophobic as shit, and transphobic for the people who are in actuality really a trans person. Being gay was "cool" a couple years ago, now it's being trans.

No. 301179

File: 1493502654223.png (532.39 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-04-29-18-45-14…)

I'm pretty sure she's a girl too, i was just a little bit confused because i asked my boyfriend about the voice in the video and he thinked he was a boy lol someone asked a friend of her if she was a boy or a girl and her friend said "he is a man"

No. 301187

I dont see an adamsapple tho

No. 301196

their features are so…unsettling. not ugly, but strange. like an anime character or smth.

No. 301214

File: 1493505736793.png (387.49 KB, 1022x710, hecks tumblr transparent.png)

>as a nonbinary person who wants to be seen as male

No. 301216

File: 1493505772824.png (Spoiler Image,61.83 KB, 267x182, yr.PNG)

I think it's the nose

looks like something out of a horror manag

No. 301219

People who doubt this is a woman have once again never met a man in their whole lives.

This is very forced deepvoice, you can tell during the laugh especially.

No. 301246

cool story bro but i dont participate in tumblr gender discussions and avoid sjw shit like the plague

No. 301266

You apparently participate in namefagging, though.

No. 301284

absolutely, that's what I was thinking of too! the mouth is too wide.

No. 301286

go home, tranny. no one cares what you have to say.

No. 301292

dunno man, I've known many real males who looks like bishounens irl so i don't get your point

No. 301301

nothing about this person looks male

No. 301354

>i dont participate in tumblr gender discussions
>But I use a made-up tumblr term like "non-binary"
>Also I'm a fucking namefag
Story(learn to sage)

No. 301358

Please stop replying to a poster who's already been banned >>301038.

No. 306275

File: 1494126790029.png (192.9 KB, 750x979, IMG_1572.PNG)

Her name is Rope…
Ima let that sink in

No. 306308

>barbie bedsheets
I'm triggered

No. 308561

Every fucking lesbian in my town is now some type of genderspecial I swear to god, and every other alt-girl is "bi" even though they literally only ever get with dudes. The only cute girls around here are completely un-dateable. End this shit!

No. 312650

What's weird is that a lot of these types are girlier than many women who are OK with identifying as women. It's like they've got some kinda issues with feminity and internalized misogyny where they are squicked by being girly unless they can do it as ~pastel soft trans boys uwu~ because being girly while a girl has cooties or something.

No. 313233

No. 313235

A lot of them are nerds who never felt good enough for standard femininity, were intimidated by it or felt too different from other, "popular" girls at their school so they think the answer is they must not really be a girl at all

No. 314467

File: 1494996833314.jpg (83.82 KB, 821x686, Capture.JPG)

there goes Zell photoshopping herself to hell and back

No. 314502

wow another teenager who doesn't fear death

No. 314508

Zell confuses the shit out of me because idk how people are still fooled by their photoshopped makeup, like there's a pic of them I think as Sango and the eyeliner looked like those makeup filters also are they really hafu?? Cause they look straight up white

No. 314583

reminds me of when basic bitches on myspace circa 2008 would post high-contrast black and white selfies with "deep" quotes on them

No. 314585

heavier set? i dunno, man. criedwolves is obvious in shape, if that's heavy, i don't know what fat is to you…

No. 314589

I'm gonna go out on a limb here, as a fully transitioned FtM myself, and say a lot of the shit in this thread is unwarranted. On the fakeboi front, I agree 100%. Why wouldn't I? They make the rest of us who just want to be a part of society comfortably look like assholes. Some of you sure are pieces of work yourselves, though. You damn sure don't have to support trans people if you don't want to, but you could at least extend those of us who don't want the spotlight and just want normal live the courtesy of not voices your "all trannies are freaks" opinions.

But honestly taking tumblr as an example for all trans people is ridiculous. The fakebois and trenders piss us off too, we're not stupid.

Yeah, yeah, this is lolcow, no one cares, no hugbox etc etc I know I've been here for years.(blog)

No. 314638

its a fakeboi thread, so? and yeah if someone says "all trannies are freaks" then theyre an asshole but yeah people are assholes lol

No. 314642

>I've been here for years
Yet you don't know how to sage your stupid blog posts?

No. 314852


no one cares about your transition.

No. 314875

as sad as it is, that's how it is, all of you -are- freaks. i think accepting that there's something wrong with you is important. being trans is terrible, dysphoria is fucked up, it's a mental disorder, it's not good to treat it with therapy like we do. but it's nonsense to say that trans aren't messed up, they're the same as anorexics.

No. 314879

Trannies aren't just freaks, they are self important freaks. No1currs about you crying over tranny mocking in a tranny mocking tread.

No. 315069

>Wao such edge

No. 318635

File: 1495429012018.png (159.75 KB, 750x1088, IMG_1767.PNG)

More from Rope

No. 318637

File: 1495429181185.png (158.54 KB, 750x1098, IMG_1768.PNG)

No words

No. 318805

How many fucking times will we get these "umm excuse me but I'M a transgendered person and _I_ don't act like this!" good job now get out we don't care

No. 318872

They legit all look the same. wtf. Always pasty and fat/chubby with no makeup skills or style. Also, always fried/ugly hair.

No. 318983


I find it weird that trans isn't more commonly comparable to just having plastic surgery or even being gay. It's not the same as anorexia; though I'm neither trans nor anorexic they appear to be very different kinds of dysphoria despite both being bodily… being trans doesn't innately lead to death or physical health problems, either.

Sage for obviously not about these transtrenders, I just think you guys look like raging retards when you go full ew sick freaks over a general people's private lifestyle choices that shouldn't effect you in any concrete way whatsoever. Reminds me of Micky flipping shit about how DUMB religious people are and how they could ~be smart and just google otherwise~

No. 319099

Donno, maybe fried dyed hair is the new thing for fakebois

No. 319117

This is still not the right thread to discuss trans politics. There's one in /ot/ for that. This is a final warning to keep the politics derailing out of this thread or it will be locked.

No. 320347

File: 1495596155381.png (774.52 KB, 1608x1194, Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 04.4…)

Jude Karda is drawing her brows now thick & dark, started hrt (a patch on her ass?!?!) and uploaded a photo of her nonexistent butt and people are not asking where’s the dick. Too much polite? I don’t even believe hrt bullshit will last long, she will quit after first pimple pops in. Not to mention shaving.

Those spherical cows on tumblr/ig with bio info indicating their gender/sexuality (he/him, they/nonbinary tumblrfag/spherical idiot), seriously make me squirm. Usually looking at photos/reading blogs you can instantly spot a guy or a girl, just from the content and style of writing itself. But that’s not the case with fakebois… Before all this nonsense it was kinda inappropriate to mention your sexuality, because nobody gives a shit! It’s like telling the world what color was your poop last time — come on, kids this is private! Keep it to yourself.

Pity though I don’t see so much milk from tumblrinas, unlike anorexic lolcows. Is it because they are plain boring outside of the tumblr/ig bubble? Anachans and fakebois are kind of comparable in my opinion, because
a) they often have ED,
b) photoshop,
c) delusional, and the most important one,
c) INFANTILE in the very core.

Does anybody know why are they so fucking immature in their 20s? Government welfare, maybe? But at least anachans are all different at some degree, fuckbois are produced in the same incubator.

I think at some level tumblerfags realise they are not any close to their desired gender, that’s why they shout it so loud, “Can’t uuuuu seeeee I’m a booooooi!!!” Bummer though it’s kind of inappropriate to call them fags, they’re just a bunch of infantile girls.

No. 321041

does anyone have dirt on edkinko?

No. 321057

That's what I was wondering… What will you do when your skin starts acting up ;;;

No. 321736

OP here. Thank you admin-sama. I just came here to post obvious girls pretending to be boys.

No. 321743

Also OP. Forgot to add to this post - Apparently there's some kind of statistic (I'm retarded and don't have any links, sorry in advance) that says non-tranners/fakebois who go through medical transition end up detransitioning after an average of 4 years. So do you think our previous fakeboi cows like criedwolves and spectredeflector, who have been on T about a year, will regret it by 2020?

If anybody can prove me right/wrong that'd be fantastic. I'll keep Googling to see if I can find it.

No. 321970

All the fakebois that I know off who started HRT keep it on an incredibly low dose. They might get a slightly lower voice but they drop the hormones immediately when they start getting acne and balding.

No. 322360

anyone else feel like suddenly there is a boost in fakebois getting HRT? Or their boobs cut off? It seems like it's on the rise

No. 322692

cursed image

No. 324121

I'm ftm and honestly i would NEVER say i'm trans in public, unlike this tumblrinas, i'm stealth and would only tell someone i'm trans if they plan to get in my pants bc its rude to expect a gay male to have sex with me when I still haven't had SRS. Being trans is terrifying and I dont get why these tumblrinas ans transtrenders think it's cool? Like for example yesterday I got my chest surgery approved so I went to ask a coworker if he would cover for me after I had the surgery and accidentally said mastectomy because I was a bit too exited by it. I actually considered quitting because I was afraid my coworker would tell other people and I would get assaulted or worse. being trans isn't cool or funny and I hate these fucking fakers with everything I have in me. like fuck off with your anime yaoi fetish and stop making actual trans people look like garbage

No. 324142

>stop making actual trans people look like garbage
I think actual trans people are usually the ones who make actual trans people look like garbage. btw nice blog post, fag.

No. 324150

fyi anon don't put your email, you ended up doxxing yourself

No. 324157

Names Danni : with an "i" because that's so manly
Puts name and email up
I'm "stealth"
Actual trans
Not a tumblrina


No. 324224

File: 1496036273778.png (72.98 KB, 226x350, _insert_heart__by_soffiah_d9sm…)

You need to be 18 to post here, Sofia.

No. 324230

File: 1496036949515.jpg (89.3 KB, 960x960, lr01OBE.jpg)

No. 324231

File: 1496037000188.jpg (327.71 KB, 632x778, IMG_2825.JPG)

No. 324268

File: 1496044550516.png (358.18 KB, 460x627, tumblr_opurfl7w1b1w2bp8xo4_500…)


>Demonocts is a rather well known fanfic author

>Admittedly, I liked their FFXV stuff
>Start following on Tumblr
>Notice that they get a lot of horny asks
>Demnocts claims to be a CIS MAN (answering questions about how cumming with penis, anal sex etc)
>See people calling them out now and then, resulting in butthurt
>Demnocts has audio posts where they sound like a woman and no doubt about that
>Demnocts has an older, personal blog going back 5 years
>Anons start to dig and question based on the old posts
>Demnocts deletes all posts on old blog

They are pretty harmless but lying about being cis is just ridiculous. They also get a lot of "I have a crush on u hehe" type of asks from horny fangirls.
Demnocts has a "boyfriend" (@ffxv-edits, a transtrender) and fangirls ship them. Yaoi fetish confirmed.

>Demnocts posts a selfie, looks female AF

>Also denies being any part asian despite old blog posts claiming filipino

I think otherwise they are pretty harmless but I wish they never claimed to be cis when they clearly are not. Also, lying about your ethnicity, wtf?
(I've some of the audio posts etc. backed up in case of someone being interested of the milk)

No. 324272

Ugh, sorry about repeating stuff. I was pretty tired. (sage)
here's an audio post I ripped of their blog. I think they're removed now.

No. 324676

she looks disgustig now

No. 324879

Looks just like an Asian female. Claims to be a cis male and not Asian
Who does she think she's kidding??

No. 325029

File: 1496121139063.png (1.63 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1849.PNG)

No. 325030

File: 1496121186731.png (1.22 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1850.PNG)

No. 325137

Their fans. Demnocts/Dys seems like a nice person but their lying about everything makes them questionable.. They even admitted to lying their age. There are many things Dys has claimed to do, such as being a "camboy" before and going to art college/art school but one can only question everything they tell..

No. 325508

"you don't have to donate" but mentions donations 1000 times

No. 325518

Wrong thread, anon. This is the fakeboi, "FTM" thread.

No. 325526

how is she a fakeboi lmao??? she is MTF trans

No. 325536

No. 325584

No. 325800

File: 1496203783208.jpg (150.06 KB, 1226x694, stef.jpg)

gee I wish strangers on the internet would donate thousands of dollars to me so I could afford to pay my medical bills. Maybe I should become trans

No. 326066

you're so childish. give yourself cancer then

No. 326076

What's stopping you from starting a fund, then? You can even raise money for a skateboard if you want.

Not only is this not relevant to the thread, but Stef has been talking about this for a long time.

No. 326564

I don't know why they call it sexual reassignment surgery when it doesn't even change your sex……..more like a freak cosmetic procedure

No. 326568

Nice job calling someone childish then proceeding to tell said person to get cancer.

They're right anyway it's retarded but I'm fine with it being done this way instead of coming out of tax payers pockets. People willing to donate to something this fucked up can do so and sane people who know you can't change sex don't have to be forced into involvement.

No. 326984

respond to fire with fire
also, no one is forcing you to donate lol.

No. 326987

File: 1496334729457.png (401.35 KB, 579x617, 5655455.png)

I smell bullshit

No. 326992

omg how many dicks would that be lmao

No. 327012

That's only like max $1000..Looks like someone got their monthly pay lol

No. 328812

File: 1496569537901.png (244.73 KB, 1106x595, Screenshot_2017-06-04-16-43-22…)

need someone who is in or know a lot of people the Sydney cosplay community to verify this, s.o says pretty much everyone know this about Knitemaya, is it true?

No. 328960

I love how the 1s are proudly displayed first

No. 329011

well it literally says knite.

No. 329014

Duh ?
I mean that s.o says this info is well-known among the Sydney cosplay community, even though Knitemaya never reveal anything like these online. Just need someone to verify if what the person said is true

No. 329078

it probably is, because the person is Knite himself lol
this user has a looong history of advocating him on PULL. I would bet like, idk, 10$ it's Knite

No. 329643

lol i know just better to have one more thing against "him"
Also seems like Knite has been talking trash about "his' fakeboi friend Geheichou a lot behind Gehe's back a lot

No. 329757

File: 1496702391284.jpg (397.96 KB, 957x845, 8e2ce1230dab02aaf013f5ed78d5b8…)

Anyone know about this person?

No. 329782

Afaik he's a man, just a kinda feminine one. But I could be wrong.

Also, hello, fellow Finn.

No. 329817

File: 1496710067751.jpg (795.48 KB, 2560x1920, IMG_8658.JPG)

Has anyone seen heyhavoc on instagram? she's obviously a girl but she put "cis male" in her bio which is frankly embarrasing (no cis guy would ever do that.) also can we talk about how every transtrender calls themselves a "prince" of some kind? she gets triggered when people call her a girl even on accident and posts screenshots of herself blocking them.

No. 329842

File: 1496711573886.png (252.6 KB, 460x460, tmp_8578-naoto1925616438.png)

>also can we talk about how every transtrender calls themselves a "prince" of some kind?
whenever they do that it reminds me of naoto calling herself the "detective prince" lol

(saged4 ot weebshit)

No. 329863

That is Simon, who is in one of my friends' cosplaying circles. He's actually a biological male, although he is quite skinny and only 163cm tall. There are unedited and candid pictures of him out there that show his natural masculine features.

No. 329872

File: 1496714562799.jpg (14.08 KB, 480x423, 6746456.jpg)

>also can we talk about how every transtrender calls themselves a "prince" of some kind?

They're just roleplaying their bullshit yaoi fantasies, anon. I swear, most of these people were the middle school weebs we all knew who read BL manga in the middle of class and wore fishnet fingerless gloves.

No. 329926

That Tabby trans person is ebegging to get both boobs chopped off now.

No. 329929

>Possibly abusive childhood causing dissociation
>"gender dysphoria" starts around puberty when every girl gets disgusted by their body
>Marinated in yaoi invoking the autoandrophilic fetish
>Also constantly cosplays girl characters and seems to have no problem with it
yep tell me again how she's "ttly a guy yall just bigots"

Unlike these fakebois, you can tell it's an actual man due to the face and body structure. He just slathers on a ton of convenient angles, circle lenses, make up and photoshop.

No. 330067

bc they want to woo all the ladies

No. 330192


I didn't realize that waitressing tips counted as dick suck cash. Also, nice anon ask using the word 'stacks' implying much wealth.

No. 330258

That actually makes sense because Dys works as a waitress and they often say stuff like "oh I work 70 hours a week!"

No. 330260

Oh and needless to say Dys probably sent that message themselves

No. 330338

File: 1496787897291.png (238.54 KB, 540x378, tumblr_olurshP60k1u75cpro1_540…)

No. 331031

the emo fandom on tumblr is 98% full of fake boi's, and thats a guarantee

No. 331206

So the pull admin has confirmed that Knitemaya has been sockpuppetting on PULL to wk herself & backstabbing her fakeboi friend Geheichou

No. 331215

No. 331216

File: 1496904051645.jpg (31.74 KB, 300x379, knit.jpg)

knite right now

No. 331241

File: 1496908372419.png (309.32 KB, 750x423, thattrollfacetho.png)

It's not far from the truth

No. 331272

Lmao finally
I've asked many times before but at least she's been exposed. Also Its quite hilarious that all cows immediately try to get the police involved as soon as they're caught with the shit that they've done/ they're doing.

No. 331312

I can't believe people donate to this assholes when legit people are struggling to pay their bills and sacrifice not eating over rent. I am done with the trans trend and the ass kissing they get.

No. 331315

He's a biological male. He's just ugly.

No. 331451

File: 1496952623931.png (65.05 KB, 640x860, IMG_8692.PNG)

Lol when she posts an obviously shooped picture to "prove" she's a cis man. She has people jumping all over her, praising her and assuring her she's cis. How stupid can these people be?

No. 331551

That shoop is so fucking obvious. wtf…

No. 331579

What in the fuck is that nipple

How can you be so blind

No. 333303

File: 1497096086333.png (9.1 KB, 299x116, a29d177571b2c84718e5c663debdd1…)

Is Spanish lol

No. 333304

Y en la bio no pone si es chico o chica, Alex es un nombre unisex

No. 333306

In English: in the bio she erased the part where she said that she's a cismale, Alex is an unisex name

No. 333597

why he looks so ugly now ? looks anorexic and sick

No. 333617

Has Gehe said anything about this yet? Because all the comments I've read on pull by Knite were truly salty and seemed to have some kind of grudge against her.

No. 333656

I'm getting violent zerodomon flashbacks, holy shit.

No. 333931

File: 1497208033506.jpg (540.61 KB, 655x920, lc.jpg)

"Don't misgender me!"
Has been on T for over a year and still looks like a girl. Most of the selfies are extremely shooped and on photos taken by other people her face is usually erased.
How can you wear make-up, jewelery and clothes like this and expect people to call you a man? Even the cosplay choices are really odd for someone, who hates being misgendered.

No. 333942

nah the jewelry and makeup doesn't make her look feminine, just looks like a visual kei fag

No. 333964

This is maybe a shitpost but is is timmythick considered a fakeboi?

No. 335668

timmythick is just an ugly wannabe whiteboy thot
not sure if he's biologically a boy or not though

No. 335690

Old post I know, but did you really mean to type pic instead of piv; As in, penis-in-cunt? I hope it was a typo because if not, man, you sound real bitter.

No. 336787

File: 1497666943124.jpg (86.7 KB, 822x735, Capture.JPG)

How do these fucks expect anyone to take them seriously? and nice photoshop on your eyes there, Zell.

No. 336808

Her whole face is shooped into a triangle shape mask…

No. 337042

lol I remember when Zell photoshopped themselves to look like another fake boi (Mikahel or whatever her name is) and Kahel called her out for it. It's obvious she photoshops her eyes to look~kawaii japanese desu~

No. 337196

lol got screen caps?

No. 342880

emerson is so totally a fakeboi lol. she's bipolar and only thinks she's a republican mra right now because she's delusional and has literally copped up to it. just a few years ago she identified as nonbinary and had self diagnosed personality disorders.


(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 342884

when raine came to NC to visit emerson purportedly when emerson was "fucked up" on account of being a drug addict raine tried to take advantage of him and have sex with him, and apparently intended to have sex with him while planning the trip. before the incident everyone in the friend group was totally all over raine and defended her against "transphobes" and after this happened they threw her to the curb and called her fake nb. everyone in that friend group is a fakeboi and attention whore, emerson especially for riding the coattails of his dead "best friend". sage for doubleposting and irrelevancy

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 343454

File: 1498758407202.png (1.2 MB, 758x839, 1498757544859.png)

I am not sorry either.

Riley is getting FFS this week apparently, maybe he/she will turn out to be pretty.

No. 343883

File: 1498814206680.jpg (321.39 KB, 1440x1960, PicsArt_06-30-10.06.19.jpg)

This super manly man has been showing up in my Instagram recommendations forever. The only thing transitioning here is her circumference. Becoming more landwhale with each pic.

She also has a "girlfriend" who is just some beardy dude with bad eyeliner and a dress.

No. 343981

>riding the coattails of his dead "best friend"
Very OT but damn that's accurate. I've been loosely following Emerson and some of that crew and it's disgusting how everyone parades Emma around as their best friend/soulmate/martyr and constantly use her death to fish for attention. Awful.

No. 343988

Why are SJWs so supportive of blatant fakes like this identifying with a marginalized minority but flip their lid when someone like Rachel Dolezal wants to be black? I'll never understand.

No. 344007

ew why tf did you give her weird pug eyes. sure that's a somewhat "attractive" person in the shoop but that's not at all how FFS works so don't expect anything like that.

I actually find Riley weirdly attractive as she is (she looks like a hanson brother.. err sister? lol) and am disappointed that she's caving in to the status quo of the trans community and going down the road of mutilating her body. That's just opinion tho.


No. 344013

File: 1498835562654.png (1.2 MB, 758x839, riley edit.png)

I've fixed it since then since some anons on 4chan told me the same thing about the bug eyes (lol). I'm surprised I didn't notice it before.

If she looked like this, I'd touch her limp dick, no joke.

No. 344022

lol. and he still looks weird, especially the right one.

No. 344027

Whatever anon, photoshopping is fun and as I said before I am not sorry.

No. 344028

imagine riley's voice coming from this face.

No. 344031

But no1curr about your fucking Photoshop. It contributes nothing.

No. 344034

Why should I give a fuck that you don't care, you autist? People do PT shoops all the time.

Save your salty tears for someone who gives a shit. :^)

No. 344077

pic made me look them up on Insta and it's just a treasure trove of cringe. i've never seen an uglier person.

recommend other anons check it out because her hairstyle is enraging

No. 346529

honestly Riley's opinions drive me crazy and I hate the way she echo chambers herself, but I've always felt it was wrong for everyone to so vehemently doubt her being trans, and now she has to get surgery to prove it.. I hope it goes well. sage for rant

No. 346869

Riley constantly defends transtrenders by saying you don't need dysphoria to be trans and nothing about her appearance had noticeably changed throughout her YouTube career, so it was a justified assumption for people to make.

I'm also curious and hopeful about the outcome of the surgery. Hopefully the surgeon is good and doesn't make it a hackjob like Gigi Gorgeous' face. Yikes.

No. 347183

File: 1499348535482.jpg (298.27 KB, 601x602, the fuck is this.jpg)

god is dead

No. 347194

those fake ass beards fucking lol

No. 347233

These praise come from male trolls. They just want more girl pictures. Eventually it will lead to hardcore lewds. They are grooming these confused chicks.

No. 347246

Yes. Im over 25. All of this non binary genderqueer stuff seems like a step back to the '50s. If I was a kid now I would be told to transition to male I was 5'8 in elementry school. But I became super fem looking at around 12. So that means I wouldve been fighting hormones. They are trying to put women back in the kitchen then transwomen will take all the jobs.
Non of these fakebois are encouraged to work. So they are suppose to get a transwoman lesbian and stay at home cause of depression. Its kinda scary.
The transwoman act like princesses but they take all that make up off and go to work when no ones looking. What is quinby doing? Nothing but being a girl.(blogpost)

No. 347273


Sage your blog post

No. 347299

File: 1499358435722.png (75.97 KB, 750x467, IMG_0146.PNG)

Is there any evidence to suggest whether or not Geheichou is stealth ftm or just a cis girl playing on gay attraction? Their face is looking a bit more masculine than it has in the past (although the more you stare at it, the more girlish it looks).

I ask because I currently have a gay friend who just discovered Gehe and is obsessed with them. I tried explaining that it's a girl for his sake and he told me there's no reason to believe Gehe is not ftm.

It's hard to tell whether or not the slight masculinization is T or the liquify tool in Photoshop(which has become extremely user friendly in the latest versions so it's easy as fuck to make it look convincing even with little photoshopping experience).

No. 347314

Gehe has her own thread. I'm not sure how to link it, you can find it in the Catalog.
Most evidence says she's a cis girl roleplaying her yaoi fantasy for the interwebz fame. She still uses her name (Julia), her voice is clearly feminine and she looks the same - definitely not on T. Her "more masculine" look comes from shooping, the proof is in her thread - on candids you can see just a short goofy-looking girl. Definitely not some cute bishie she shoops herself to be
She won't address it not to ruin her cis boi facade, you can only draw you own conclusions

No. 347346

Ah, didn't know about the other thread. Thanks for the heads up.

No. 347452

Look at how she used the liquify tool to make that awkward fake ass Adams apple. Sad.

She and all the other fakebois try so hard to be androgynous "men" even though they could get the same amount of attention if they passed themselves off as androgynous girls. With the latter they wouldn't have to conceal anything or worry about potential backlash from being outed.

Unless you have GID that's causing you extreme emotional distress, there is no good reason to go online and pretend you're a boy. Andro girls are just as hot and are practically unicorns nowadays since they all claim to be boys now.

No. 347485

File: 1499379527150.jpg (268 KB, 1535x2048, IMG_0148.JPG)

No. 347487

File: 1499379612314.jpg (289.31 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_0149.JPG)

No. 347495

She went back to Milo because apparently Breitbart mocked her.

No. 347506

I dont see how this is different to transwomen calling themselves "Goddesses", well ok Goddess is higher up but you get my drift.


No. 347572

Such a little girl. Reacting to everything.(learn to sage)

No. 347799

Reily lied about being on hormones though, 10-11 months of being completely the same. So still trantreader.

No. 347841

HRT hardly does shit if you've gone through a full male puberty. All it does is shift your fat a bit and give you tiny cone tits. Anything else requires surgery or fat transfers.

The only way HRT will make you look like an actual female is if you started taking it at 11-13 years old.

Riley started at 23 so his/her bone structure is permanently male and the voice can only be changed with speech practice. He/she would have been completely fucked if it weren't for YouTube money to pay for surgeries.

No. 347848


No. 347892

I'm just comparing to the other videos of grown people who were on HRT, they had a bit more compared to Reily who doesnt even have some fat for tits for being on it for 10 months at least. Or some voice change.
I dont know i think the last video of telling FFC was just a pity party so "we" can believe he was sincere, yet didnt even know he was trans when he started youtube.

No. 347899

I mean he hasn't even tried make his voice more feminine himself, which i notice alot tries to at least.

No. 347905

I feel like Riley is way more of a boy's name than a girl's name anyway. People only started naming little girls Riley in the past 10 years or so. Why do trannies always name themselves after popular baby names of the current era, rather than what was popular when they were born? IE: All these Oliver, Isaac, Damien, etc. transtrenders.

No. 347941

I don't get this shit. My brother's FTM and won't cosplay any woman because he's so dysphoric. How can these fakebois get away with pretending they're trans when they're not even dysphoric?

Sage for minor blogposting.

No. 347964

I love the name Isaac, but yeah it's definitely not a common 90's or even early 00's name at all. Back then if anyone was named Isaac it would most likely be a middle name with names like James, William, etc. as the first.

They must search baby name websites and look at the popular name list instead of searching names that were popular in their birth year.

No. 348175

File: 1499477757503.png (Spoiler Image,1.52 MB, 1080x1696, Screenshot_2017-07-08-03-31-16…)

>fakeboy goes on t
>regrets it
>mental gymnastics to try to justify it instead of admitting to done fucked up

Every time

No. 348201

File: 1499479441745.png (172.58 KB, 742x742, IMG_0150.PNG)

This person confuses me. They're on T but present completely female otherwise. What's even the point?

Anyway, the solution to the body hair issue is to invest a couple bucks into some hair removal powder. This is what real men have to put up with so ftms should stop crying about it and handle it the way actual men do.

No. 348405

It's kind of strange to me how so many of these people LOVE using the word fag to describe themselves, and no one sees a problem with it. But they're essentially just straight girls following a weird fad. I wonder how actual gay men feel about this.

No. 348416

They're not even popular names, just whatever sounds the most dashing and suitable for a genteel ukeboi a la Ciel Phantomhive, which is what most of them want to be thanks to reading too many yaoi doujins

No. 348424

Man, people I've known personally who have gone on T are most excited about the body hair aspect of it all. If you're trying to be a male - how is having body hair not fitting "societies norms"? Fucking shave then if u don't like it

No. 348444

Because they're not even trying to appear as young men. Even though it is way easier to go on T and get body hair and increased muscle mass, cut your hair short and wear normal men's clothing compared to being MTF, these girls don't actually want to just be men. They're just indulging in being "different" because they're young and grasping at finding some sense of unique identity based on any actual life achievements.

No. 348456

i think thats what pisses me off the most about the transtrender ftm group… real MTF probably struggle the most as their transition is much more difficult and there are often way more steps they need to go through before being actually female passing…. yet these girls are out here personally making themselves look like a transitioning mtf with the long hair/makeup/overal girly outfits and the masculine features…. like they just want the oppression points despite the fact that many mtf struggle so much mentally due to that fact … ugh
srry for angry rant but im sure we can all agree

No. 348586

As if there aren't just as many MtFs who don't see a problem with having a beard and wearing men's clothing, and then whining when lesbians won't go near them.

No. 348614

This has to be really painful to recover from. I can't imagine having that many surgeries on my face at once, so props to Riley being brave enough to go through all that, even though they're still a complete lunatic.

Most of the voice changes for adult mtfs is done through practice rather than HRT itself. And the lack of noticeable boobage is understandable since Riley was (and is) extremely underweight.

Maybe some of the mtfs you're referring to are within the 18-20 range so they still have a little leeway when it comes to changing their face structure. I've seen a lot of trans people online talking about how 24 is the ultimate cutoff if you ever hope to pass at all, and Riley was just a few months from turning 24.

Or they could be like Blaire White, the tranny JNig, who lied about getting surgical work on her face.

No. 348730

>that neckbeard

she just looks like a typical girl with pcos

needs a haircut and a different wardrobe if she wants to be taken seriously as a man

No. 348853

Geheichou's topic:

No. 349526

File: 1499634208972.jpg (481.69 KB, 1056x1552, Screenshot_20170709-170144.jpg)

I hate this chick. She's ugly as shit and has a "woke" style of blogging.

No. 349533

File: 1499634929062.jpg (536.77 KB, 1053x1545, Screenshot_20170709-171237.jpg)

She also never dresses or acts masculine at all but god forbid you don't use they/them pronouns for her or she'll throw a fit via a whiny caption on one of her Instagram posts.

No. 349545

These fakebois…. its like they want to wear a gay guys skin. the evolution of fag hags. Liking yaoi as a boring cishet is problematic so now you can BE the gay. I wonder if they make gay men creeped out like transbians do to lesbians. Because they don't know anything about being a femme gay man. Its like cosplay. Or do they just date other fakebois. Probably. Two girls dating and calling themselves gay men. 2017 is wild.

No. 349553

i thought that was that guy from we need to talk about kevin but blonde. she does have a very masculine face tbh.

No. 349587

I heard HRT makes you gain weight? if it does I'm surprised Reily gained nothing from it. But I did correct my statement about his voice, and still, puts no effort in it- I still don't believe he's a really transgender. .

No. 349588

File: 1499640028763.png (85.21 KB, 1080x640, Screenshot_2017-07-10-00-29-01…)

On the topic of vegfag/teethingpuppy/cumpuppyyy, why tf would you go on a life changing hormone if you aren't 100% certain?

No. 349589

File: 1499640180765.png (48.87 KB, 1080x648, Screenshot_2017-07-10-00-41-16…)

"As a girl I wish I was born a girl and thats dysphoria"

No. 349673

File: 1499650373598.jpg (65.22 KB, 960x960, IMG_0155.JPG)

It made Blaire fat that's for sure, but she's been on it for years. HRT can take a few years to have noticeable effects.

No. 349704

Isn't she also a self admitted pedophile and zoophile?

No. 349714

If you are not a gay man and a drag queen, you don't get a drag name. BITCH

No. 349759

so… they identify as persecutedkin? FTMTF? like… if i was a transgirl this would piss me off. trying realllllyyyy hard to be oppressed here. Some dull teen girl lol

No. 349800

You don't have to be gay to be a dragqueen….?

No. 349852

File: 1499676467531.png (38.32 KB, 393x201, cf594bd3-e66a-4765-8aa0-5dbef2…)

Yep, they have an old thread on kiwi if you want to read about it


No. 349969

Is she mentally ill or something? Aside from being a disgusting pedo in the first place, who in their right mind openly admits to watching child porn?

No. 350186

I hope she's just being a tryhard edgelord, but given how many actual pedos are on tumblr there's a good chance she's being honest.

No. 350275

She and her gf had bo problems grooming a 14 year old, so actually watching cp doesn't seem so far fetched

No. 350291

Don't know whats scarier, this or the fact 3+ people liked this

No. 350495

They mostly date other fakeboys because actual men often scare them. Becoming a fakeboy is a defense mechanism in itself as being a woman makes you vulnerable to uncomfortable male attention such as sexual harassment and now being a cis girl fujo is, like you said, ~problematic~. So they just date each other to live out their yaoi fantasies. It sucks.

No. 350582

>I wonder if they make gay men creeped out like transbians do to lesbians.
Gay men don't really care from what I've gathered. There's no gay equivalent of a "TERF" (before anyone yells at me over that term, I put it in quotes for a reason).

Lesbians are more outraged at transbians hitting on them because women in general have a long history of being victims of male violence. A stupid teenage girl who claims to be a ~supa ghey femboy uwu~ Isn't going to make grown men feel intimidated.

No. 350931

i bet these girls complain about the "aces" and "inclusionists" but are oblivious to how they are just as annoying and pseudo oppressed

No. 352116

heres one.

No. 352172

File: 1500000176227.jpg (764.1 KB, 1039x1230, Screenshot_20170713-223850.jpg)

gayexboyfriend is a typical "femme gay boi" on insta and always throws a tantrum whenever people call her a girl, even though she posts pictures like this. But when you ask her what her gender is she says it's "nobody's business but her own".

No. 352175



Sounds very masculine…who knows though? There could be manipulation in the audio.

No. 352212

Wow that's an ugly person, man or women there's no saving that.

No. 352259

I had to read this 3 times… so she wants to be born male, but a trans girl…?
does she realize that any dmab girl wouldn't want to be dmab…? she should consider herself lucky that she got to skip the dmab part…… That's every trans girl's dream

No. 352260

File: 1500015041695.png (30.47 KB, 540x335, tumblr_inline_oc6so9E6o91t8mml…)

On Tumblr they call themselves "circumgender" and they even have a flag for it.

No. 352341

I'll never understand what it is with fakebois who grow a forest under their arms, despite wanting to "crossdress" and be ultra feminine? Pretty much all camp gays and other cis men who crossdress and dress up in drag shave their damn armpits, as well as the rest of their bodies.

It's as if this is their only clue to being a "man" is to have hairy pits, which is kinda gross when they show it off like that.

No. 352420

He's also a ddlg kinkster.

No. 352429

That and having hair under your arms isn't a guy-only thing…? Like if you're going to have hairy armpits and dress entirely feminine then people are still going to see you as a girl, just an non-hygenic one.

No. 352497

File: 1500055286473.png (27.62 KB, 830x231, Screenshot_2017-07-14_21-00-43…)

Just no.

No. 352514

>Lesbians are more outraged at transbians hitting on them because women in general have a long history of being victims of male violence. A stupid teenage girl who claims to be a ~supa ghey femboy uwu~ Isn't going to make grown men feel intimidated.
This, MTF lesbians are actually extremely aggressive and capable of rape, FTM fakebois can't do shit to gay males and they're afraid of cis men anyway.

>has been on T for years
>gone through surgery
>but no dysphoria!

No. 352642

File: 1500068817739.png (Spoiler Image,576.28 KB, 476x598, the horror.PNG)

Not sure if this belongs here - but I found the Instagram of a ftm who dresses and acts like a typical fakeboi, although he's obviously been on T for some time and is post-op. It's unclear, but the main reason I had to post it here was for the sheer shock-value.

Be warned - this is what happens when a woman with a BMI of 14 takes male hormones:


No. 352679

what a masculine belly button piercing.

its like these kids don't even make a token attempt at passing lmao

No. 352763

File: 1500078644988.jpg (148.79 KB, 540x675, jfklsjflksj.jpg)

I think he looks pretty legit. There are plenty of feminine cis men who wear girly clothes, so we shouldn't completely dismiss the idea of feminine trans men who wear girly clothes. with a gangly hairy body like that, I imagine girl clothes don't cause him any dysphoria like they would all these smooth skinned fakebois

No. 352765

but trans people usually cope with their dysphoria by making themselves reminiscent of their preferred gender, if you don't have an issue with your gender of course you'll wear anything you want.

No. 352769

But I'm saying, his body is already reminiscent of a male enough that he doesn't have to rely on clothing to convey that he's male. Unless he's got a lady voice, I imagine he's not constantly misgendered, so he's able to wear whatever he wants without repercussion. If I didn't already know that he's trans I'd think he's just a cis gay man

No. 352770

Total speculation and armchair psychology but it almost seems like this person has fetishized/emulated gay men. straight women do borrow from gay culture a lot and there's the whole "gay best friend" trope that's thrown around pop culture. when a gay man is effeminate, sexual and sassy he's a queen; when a woman is she's trashy and rude. maybe this is a rare case of ftm autogynephilia?

No. 352786

If he was born with a penis he'd just be a typical flamer. I don't see anything wrong with his presentation since he's not being obnoxious about it.

No. 352989

I used to watch this guy years ago when he had a YouTube. He focused on his ED and was very informative about it. He was born male and is just a gay man.

No. 352994

File: 1500138505663.jpg (192.5 KB, 960x960, 19761763_237723723408936_14211…)

Did he mention being born male? Dunno, his bio on ig says "male transgender"..
I went through his entire ig and am still perplexed.
pic related

No. 353058

nah he´s FTM

No. 353106


No. 353322

File: 1500177809972.png (178.32 KB, 729x996, IMG_3645.PNG)

Rope just keeps dishing out the cringe

No. 353557

Fakebois having dumb cringey names is nothing new but usually it's shit like Aydyn or Khyle or the name of some vidya or animu character they like… why Rope?

No. 353567

Looks like he was a hot girl at one point before fucking up his face and body with anorexia. Good for him not giving a shit though.

You can see his mastectomy scars in shirtless photos and he also has a very small, feminine build not found in biological men.

No. 354238

I just managed to connect the dots and learned this person is in my local J-fashion community. Kill me.

No. 354785

File: 1500404466968.jpg (376.09 KB, 1040x1470, Screenshot_20170718-145814.jpg)

I found this one on Instagram. She shoops her face to hell and back so that all her photos make her look like she's a Sims character and cosplays Yuri on Ice, Killing Stalking, and is into Kpop like any other girl who's into ~pretty ghey boiz~

No. 354835

File: 1500409448685.jpg (157.31 KB, 634x541, Screenshot_20170718-150658.jpg)

She even airbrushed her hands why

No. 354992

Wtf why did she do her eyeliner like that, I hate that this girl says she's biologically male when in this pic you can clearly see her chest under her shirt. Also I hate how her pasted-on jaw clips through her neck, this is so obviously photoshopped. Who would believe this shit?

No. 362182

If anyone wondering her name its sorten from Roope witch is common Finnish boy name.

No. 362196

i love how the dream daddy game is bringing out these girls in droves. you can play as a trans daddy uwu with a binder uwu and date a trans daddy uwu. its so ironic they complain about people ""fetishistic straights" playing the game but they are living a yaoi and fandom fetish lmaoooooo.

also they all dress the same. freaky.

No. 363981

My friend had a girlfriend like that, he actually fucked her straight, she had started taking hormones and everything, but he got her to wear women's underwear in bed and stuff cause he told her it was hot, and eventually she just stopped even pretending. TBH it was a huge relief, she once told me how she wanted to cut off her tits and get a hysterectomy, I
honestly nearly cried when i got home at the idea of some nice cute girl like her utterly fucking her life irreversibly at 18.

No. 363985

File: 1501514780330.png (868.47 KB, 639x638, Ciri dubs.png)

Has anyone ever even seen a Ftm that acted like a normal dude? Ive never even hear of one that does, at best they act like super effeminate gays, who are themselves kinda acting out stereotypical female traits.

No. 363986

Anyone else think she looks really Irish, these look like really Irish facial feature to me?

No. 363988

ugh i thought men werent welcome here

No. 364019

A close friend of mine who is FtM has a receding hairline thanks to the hormones and honestly, I dont' know if these "boys" have experienced what it's actually like transitioning. E.g. extreme body hair, smells, swelling

No. 364024

They are, as long as they don't make a point of announcing how male they are.

No. 364025

>arr Irish peopre rook same
I've only seen one, a black yank youtuber whose online handle I can't remember. There's another FtM youtuber from the UK I've seen (Jamie something?) but he straight up acts like a girl. Not even effeminate/gay, literally female like.
I feel like gay men in general are usually very aggressive and in-your-face with their campness and act very different to women, so it's easy to spot.

No. 364053

this is so fucking creepy and weird and the fact that you thought it was normal enough to announce it to the world is really fucking unsettling. get help dude

No. 364096

I have nothing against guys dressing in fairy kei/pastel but I am so tired of fakebois dressing in it. It turns out that 90% of the guys who wear fairy kei are FtM which says a lot, imo. If being considered feminine is giving you so much distress, why the fuck would you want to dress up in the most feminine possible fashion? I feel like I've said it a lot but it really needs repeating.

No. 364262

that's a Finnish name though

No. 364536

File: 1501584235886.jpg (54.75 KB, 400x411, IMG_3714.JPG)

One of zell's less shopped/unfliltered selfies. Totally "half" Japanese. Also I heard that zell's ex broke up with her because they found out she was lying about being hafu, even a couple days back her ex posted an indirect story on IG saying s/t like "be careful who you meet online" bc they hooked up through dumblr

No. 364539

Not to mention zell always claims to have done "double eyelid surgery" (at the age of 16) to reinforce that she's hafu and used to have kawaii Nippon monolids?

No. 365493

There are some who act like dudes but let's be real - even the non-fakebois will still act or talk like women to some extent because they were raised and socialized as girls growing up. Skylark11 is one transguy I accept, but his way of speaking is very feminine. I don't think having a few feminine mannerisms makes you a fakeboi necessarily, it's just a forced habit.

No. 367224

File: 1501972011008.png (1.56 MB, 1794x733, 1501971847433.png)

aaaaaaaaand the results are in.

barely anything's changed. now just looks like a slightly androgynous boy. kinda cute though imo.

No. 369004

isn't this just out of touch normal baby boy names?
God, my brother's sister-in-law is pregnant with a boy and decided to name the thing Kaisen(Kaysen? Kayson?). I've only ever heard it. I actually shit all over it to him and then was a little more polite to his wife. Those names are terrible.

No. 372233

File: 1502712013458.png (6.1 KB, 529x111, fakeboi propaganda.PNG)

There's a growing number of fujoshits who are claiming to be trans and 'mlm' probably because liking yaoi is now problematic and "i can't fetishize gay boys if i'm gay myself!"

No. 372663

Most of those are popular baby names from recent years. Trans people seem to prefer naming themselves after what's popular in the year they came out as a trans, rather than names that were popular in their birth year.

Seeing names like that, especially if they're butchered into some bizarre snowflake spelling makes me cringe so hard my head spins. If you were born in the early 90's, being named "Bradynn" is going to make you stand out as an obvious tranny, even if you pass.

No. 374206

File: 1502993095061.png (106.26 KB, 750x849, IMG_3670.PNG)

No. 374265

wtf is that around her nips? from binding probably? or shoop?

No. 374348

Might be from top surgery. If they were an A cup before they remove fat from the top and then put the nipple back on. Idk though, that's just what I assumed.

I don't think Oliver is a fakeboi at this point, he's been on T for a year or two.

No. 374355

Every time. It's always either Oliver, Damien or Julien.

No. 374364

Or Alex

No. 374366

How much is top surgery in the UK?

No. 374367

bonus points if it's a name of an anime character that was popular at the time

No. 374375

It's free privvy to certain stringent criteria being met.

No. 376074

I've never got the pastel/ultra 'girly' trend during Non-Binary people as well. I've seen people who identify as non-binary wearing lipstick, heels, a dress and a bra all at the same time. Because clothing is just a social construct? For sure it is, but don't get mad if you get called a girl looking like that.

No. 376075

Dunno why the fuck I wrote during, I meant among.

No. 377197

File: 1503425967091.jpg (464.29 KB, 1113x1920, tumblr_nfxrn0YCQZ1qgj9ilo3_128…)

Oliver was more than an A cup. Obviously she's shopped the scars out, cuz keyhole is impossible when your tits are over a small B-cup.

No. 377241

I fucking hate this discourse. There's nothing wrong with straight girls enjoying BL and interestingly enough a lot of fujoshis are NOT even straight themselves, BL is not fetishizing homosexuals. And even if it was, what's the big deal? It's fictional characters that just happen to be men because girls often like looking at idealized men. Every single form of media is fetishizing if we look at it through SJW glasses. This whole narrative is causing a generation of insecure fujo girls unsure of their sexuality to turn into fakeboys because they feel pressured into it and in 10 years we're having a fuckload of bitter detransitioners unless they already committed suicide when they hit 30.

No. 377491

>he's been on T for a year or two.
At a strikingly low dose that's hardly made any physical changes and still leaves her with a girl's voice, yes.

No. 377501

Free?! Well, i guess anyone can just claim they're trans and get free cosmetic surgery. damn

Just looks like a flat chested girl now

No. 377524

Oliver doesn't want to be a real man, she wants to be some uncanny teenage anime femmeboy for the rest of her life despite being what, 24 at this point? Imagine if she were given the option to be reborn a biological male, with normal male hormone levels, and not having the option to stop T once she got too masculine. Would she accept it? Obviously not. Because being a grown man isn't kawaii enough for these fakebois. At least her microscopic dose of T isn't going to have any permanent damages once she outgrows this stupid phase.

No. 378424

File: 1503557557671.png (160.26 KB, 750x1044, IMG_4267.PNG)

Local Austin fake boy.

No. 378425

File: 1503557606370.png (202.28 KB, 750x733, IMG_4265.PNG)

Austin fake boy crying

No. 378447

I hate people whining about being o so poor, but than being covered in tattoos from head to toe. We know that shit is expensive too!

No. 378847

File: 1503604451415.jpg (4.76 KB, 150x150, d30m9.jpg)

>still daddy material
Bitch where?

No. 379017

File: 1503618342133.png (837.01 KB, 750x1334, IMG_4280.PNG)

Totally a man

No. 379019

File: 1503618441464.png (1.44 MB, 750x1334, IMG_4279.PNG)

>has no money for T
>has money for shitty cat headphones and Tattoos
>still broke but continues to get new full cosplays every con

Sure Jan

No. 379103

File: 1503623912219.jpg (101.04 KB, 1080x1350, 17932221_260383264427119_42575…)

Can someone help me identify if this person is a fakeboi? I'm seeing some of the telltale signs but I'm still not 100% sure for some reason.
>Claims to be totally biologically male guiz
>Is 20 but still looks like a little kid
>No video footage of this person anywhere to hear their voice
>Very little to no third party candid pictures
And crucially
>Absolutely zero topless pictures below the collar bone

No. 379124

>>Absolutely zero topless pictures below the collar bone
And that's all you need to answer your question. That an the fact that she has h/male/boy plastered all over her page. Real men don't specify that they are male because they don't have to.

She/it could possibly be a transitioning ftm but either way there is a 0% chance this person is biologically male.

No. 379134

wow i thought this was the cow knitemaya and was gonna tell you to just go to the next page to find out, but it's a different person. fakebois is the same.

No. 379140

File: 1503626693280.png (92.38 KB, 741x1075, IMG_0226.PNG)


>boys can like pink

>boys can wear skirts
>boys can wear makeup
>boys can be lolitas

>boys can [insert stereotypical female trait here]

This ought to be the official slogan of fakebois because you can find it written somewhere it on each and every one of their profiles. Every. Single. One. Without fail.

No. 379145

seriously. mtfs do the same thing when they have full beards and nothing even close to women's clothing and enjoy full male status in society.

No. 379155

samefag but they both love to cite stone butches and femme twinks to justify their inconsistencies but the thing is, those people are unlikely to be the ones to talk about how they feel their gender in their soul. They're GNC. Some of them have even had full-fledged gender dysphoria of their own but they're not weak-minded enough to think that the only options out there are being gender stereotypes or trans.

No. 379166

I don't think this girl is trans or even a transtrender. Just a cis girl who puts on short cosplay wigs for photos and slaps "boi" in the description. She probably has long hair and identifies as a girl irl.

No. 379172

transtrenders throw their trans status out the window whenever it's inconvenient or awkward too, but I agree.

No. 379175

One of her facebook posts is like "My favourite thing is to make straight boys question their sexuality lol" and I was just thinking lmao
She posts all over her stuff that she is 100% born male totally and her followers just believe her

No. 379177

>male attracted to female
>should question their sexuality

i know what she means but kek

No. 379178

File: 1503630840079.jpg (110.68 KB, 960x944, fasto and jack.jpg)

lol yep

No. 379182

tfw you would never feel remotely comfortable wearing something this girly but you've never wanted to be trans. when they do this it almost implies that being female inherently makes you like girly shit, so even the fakebois are girly, but maybe i'm just insecure and reaching.

No. 379186

>but maybe i'm just insecure and reaching.
No I 100% relate. It'd be hard finding a cis girl to force into an outfit like that, ignoring the fact that it's just plain ugly to begin with.

No. 379210

Not reaching, it's the great irony in the whole transwhatever movement. They equate 'female' with femininity which has been defined just as anything perceived as being attributed to being female, but that's completely man-made and self inflicted crap. Female means you have two X chromosomes. It doesn't mean you like dresses and pink. Know what I mean?
They're perpetuating the very "gender" roles they say they're trying to break.

No. 379230

No. 379231

Before I click on it, on a scale of 1-10 how cringe is it?

No. 379234

I don't know I got through the intro and to the two girls sitting. Just seemed like slumber party game thing

No. 379241

Oh I definitely agree that they're perpetuating stereotypes just in a weird reverse way. I just wasn't sure if I was overthinking part of it but I guess I wasn't!

I will always think GNC cis people are doing so much more for breaking binaries like the transactivists claim they do.
So often, to claim trans is to agree, very literally, with the normies who told you you're not man/woman enough.

For some trans people it's not that simple but for a lot it really is.

No. 379450

File: 1503674862318.png (579.52 KB, 594x410, makeup.PNG)

Off-topic but the girl in that video has the worst makeup skills like wtf is this? lmao

No. 380034

File: 1503739196880.jpg (114.71 KB, 720x960, IMG_1083.JPG)

Wow it's actually really disappointing how onifake looks

No. 380035

File: 1503739241004.png (836.36 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1086.PNG)

Profile for comparation

No. 380036

File: 1503739544872.jpg (978.56 KB, 1200x1599, IMG_1091.JPG)

Kawaiii desuuu

Also that's a girl not a trap ?? I went to school with her

No. 380197

This is horrifying Jesus Christ. How old is she? I thought she was like 14-15 from her photoshopped pictures.

No. 380202

All of this. The pronouns alone are a dead giveaway and the topless photos with everything below collarbones cropped out confirm it.

No. 380222

dead give aways of a fake boy
Claims a special sexual orientation other than gay, straight or bisexual. "guys can wear make up to/wear dresses." calls themselves a prince. daily reminders "i'm totally a guy my dudes."no full shirtless pics. says they are gender fluid but totally has a penis, more suspicion if they talk about their dick too much.

Does anyone want to add anything else? There are other signs of a fake boy but I think these are the biggest give aways.

No. 380227

>"MALE" usually in caps in the insta bio
>If cosplayer, has a photoshoot where two boys kiss (her and her other fakeboi friend
>Squints furiously because women have bigger eyes, right

No. 380402

Agreed. Sage for blog, but I went thru a fakeboi phase a few years ago bc of what you're talking about. I wanted a "right" to be able to be into mlm fics and whatnot. I finally came to the conclusion that I really just don't give a fuck and will do what I want regarding fictional characters. The policing of this shit is getting so old.

No. 380455

>dozens of hashtags with "boy" in them, i.e. #demonboy #wolfboy #cuteboy #kawaiiboy
>if over the age of 18, still calls themself a boy instead of a man
>"LOL I totally look like a grill with makeup on, who knew I was so androgynous? XD"
>has some unusual or oddly spelled first name, +20 points if it's Japanese
>is never "straight", must always be gay or at least bi/pan with a preference for men
>gets angry/throws a tantrum when somebody "mistakes" them for a girl, even though an actual crossdressing man would take that as a compliment
>instantly blocks anyone who questions their real gender, and/or sends their fans to flame them instead of just ignoring it
>only friends are girls or other fakebois
>is incredibly narcissistic/takes tons of heavily edited selfies and fanservice photos of legs/stomach but never shows nipples
>no videos of them speaking, or has videos of them talking extremely quietly or monotone to disguise girl voice
>boasts about turning straight men "gay" for them (personally I've yet to see a real man brag about tricking straight men)
>often never shows their real hair, it's always short cosplay wigs, which means they probably have long girly hair underneath for their secret offline identity
>if they do show their real hair, it's almost always silver, pink or bleach blonde
>sometimes excessive and obvious contouring even out of cosplay to make people think they have a manly face (always lolworthy)
>Jfashion, meitu, and bishounen cosplay galore

No. 380598

damn she look pretty old. And her smile looks really awkward

why do fakebois always do that weird thing with their lips ?

No. 380599

God the squinting/scowling thing drives me insane

No. 381113

Ever notice how these fakebois always say 'boys can wear pink/tutus/makeup/etc. too!' not because guys actually do that but because they want to still wear all that shit and be called a guy? They point to famous male stars who wore women's clothing or makeup as examples but seem to forget almost all of them did that WHEN THEY WERE PERFORMING. NOT EVERY GOD DAMN DAY, they don't fucking go out shopping for groceries like that.
And then they have so much self-loathing over being born female because that somehow makes them less interesting or whatever that they become FURIOUS if perceived feminine but still wear all this ugly shit that looks like a cupcake took a large dump on them (because boys wear pink frilly tutus too!!!111!). They tend to hate women and god forbid some heterosexual 'ship' comes along in their favorite animu, they'll be ready to murder that fictional person with their rage. They try to cover their asses by pretending they like lesbian girls as much as their yaois but don't actually, they just shove them off to the side as irrelevant so they can have their gays.
They're just totally obsessed with dick. Except not to the point to fucking man up.
Trans guys (the actual ones, not the fakebois) just don't have such a fucking problem with women, at least not that I've see. So it can't be 'oh they hate their body so they hate all women as a result'. The fakebois just have this fucking weird misogyny going on. What the hell is up with THAT?

No. 381773

idk, cis men can look feminine and people praise them. having sex dysphoria doesn't necessarily negate people's interests in fashion

No. 381805

>>299575 do y'all have any tumblrs? i'd love to follow y'all i'm sick of being the only one who's tired of this shit(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 381820

Just go to a libfem blog with links to "TERF" tumblrs that "should be avoided." kek

No. 381835

that's exactly what i did when i first reached peak trans. they post the most well known and often best radfem blogs and you can go on a following chain from there

No. 382008

didnt realise how many rad fems are here i love it

No. 382017


Admin told us not to talk about radfem/transactivism stuff here or else the thread would be locked. See >>319117

This thread is going well please don't fuck it up.

No. 382130

hey guys idk about this board or how to use it so apologies if i was to sage or something. but a post is circulating about this board and how it's putting up pics of trans boys on tumblr adn it's pretty polular so idk get the pics when u can i guess. that's how i found this place

No. 382131

oh god ok no problem! i should've read more of the thread. i won't mention it here again.

No. 382143

You said this so perfectly, fucking thank you

No. 382151

File: 1503976539276.jpg (317.99 KB, 1070x1313, Screenshot_20170828-221405.jpg)

No. 382157

>those evil, privileged cis lesbians are rubbing their hands together and oppressing us gay trans bois ((straight females))
love that homophobia. no one wants to fuck these ugly fujoshits.

No. 382173

WOW yeah a lot of us are indeed lesbians but i doubt it's all or even a majority. Veeeeery interesting that that's the first thing they jumped on

No. 382298

What the hell is 'truscum'?

Also how should this be interpreted? It they are oh so male, when why would a lesbian want to fuck them anyway? That makes zero sense… unless, to put it in their words, they are erasing the sexuality or whatever of lesbians and think they also must be attracted to cock…?

No. 382346

say something like "he would be cute as a butch lesbian" and here they are, fapping to the thought that wE wAnT tO FuCk TheM omggGG
and Ascher didn't even call out the blatant homophobia in this question. >lol isn't it funny<, for someone who wants to be accepted and respected so much. Fuck you even more, you transtrender.

No. 382364

Either erasing the sexuality of lesbians which is awfully ~problematic~… or admitting that they are fakebois (i.e. just masculine girls) so it would make sense for lesbians to be attracted to them… either way it doesn't help their argument

No. 382368

half of them aren't even masculine. they're literally just girls who look and act like girls but want male pronouns so they can feel special.

No. 382383

ok, homophobia or no, how immature do you have to be to think that someone has to disagree with you JUST because they want to have sex with you?

No. 382459

File: 1504017155413.png (35.13 KB, 647x432, body she deserves.PNG)

Honestly I've read through spectredeflector's Tumblr a couple times and I couldn't help but see her as a blatant narcissist. You see a lot of self-absorbed bitches on Tumblr and Insta but she takes it to a whole new level.

Pic related is just one of many small things, from her GoFundMe. The body you deserve? Wtf? Even if I was a huge fan of somebody and they posted that somewhere asking for money I'd raise my eyebrow. It's like she believes her fans OWE her that money because she "deserves" it, not because they're simply donating out of the kindness of their hearts.


No. 382576

>They are erasing the sexuality or whatever of lesbians and think they also must be attracted to cock…?

Some trans people do in fact think it is "transphobic" for lesbians not to want to fuck someone with a "girlcock." See Riley Jay Dennis, et al. (Although i realize there is some debate if he is actually trans or not. He certainly seems to have issues about lesbians not wanting to fuck him.)

No. 382637

From what I've gathered, there is a huge chunk of trans people (both mtf and ftm) who despise Riley and disagree with him on that, thank God. I'm glad I'm not trans because it must suck to be lumped in with these crazy, self-proclaimed "lesbian" fetishists.

There are a lot of bisexual people, both men and women, who are open to dating trans people yet retards like Riley are all about harassing gays and lesbians. He needs some sense and decency slapped into him. I mean, his own girlfriend (also a retard) is bisexual and that goes right over his head.

No. 382777

File: 1504041992340.png (127.79 KB, 750x1029, IMG_4362.PNG)

>has "Japanese" name dispute being Mexican and fluent in Spanish
>is a real boy
>goes out in public to malls in cosplay
>wants to be called daddy
>doesn't want to cut long girl hair
>no money for HRT but plenty of money for new cosplays every con and tattoos

No. 382784

File: 1504042197392.png (104.25 KB, 750x908, IMG_4364.PNG)

Rory is a real boy guys
Can't you tell?!
He/him pls

No. 382786

File: 1504042260421.png (1.75 MB, 750x1334, IMG_4363.PNG)

Totally male. Do not misgender, you transphobic skum

No. 382798

File: 1504042389847.png (136.15 KB, 750x961, IMG_4365.PNG)

Pink skirt.

No. 382804

File: 1504042971894.gif (486.17 KB, 540x405, 4iaf2591.gif)

both of these idiots need a serious reality check

lol isn't it funny when you thorw one opressed group under a bus just to appeal to another opressed group

No. 382809

My ex is trans and used to beat the shit out of me as a male. Now they are a woman and it is hard for me to accept? Weird as shit to me.

No. 382817

its almost like male entitlement doesn't disappear when the male in question has a fetish for being seen as a woman. seriously, look up sissy fetish and autogynephilia it explains so much

also to keep it on topic here, why do all of these fakebois dress in shitty amazon knock offs and storenvy stuff? its like they specifically don't want to be read as men ever, to fuel a persecution complex

No. 382870

She only believes that because we posted her nudes in the first thread.

No. 382871

File: 1504056127979.jpg (Spoiler Image,65.84 KB, 400x533, IMG_0247.JPG)

And we never forget.

No. 383376

They are weebs

No. 383396

Lol true. They model themselves after yaoi characters, not human men of any sexuality.

No. 383400

Of course! Unlike the average female, who would make barbie look like large marge, this person is so virile and brimming with masculinity that they went the distance of shaving part of their head! How could you think this is anything but a man?

No. 383560

Joking aside. PINK LIPSTICK

No. 384351

Fakebois are a stain on humanity and fucking disgust me
Does this make me a bigot?
I think I'm ok with that

No. 384953

>attracted to cocks
U mean deformed hormone induced microdick clits? Lol oh god yes how thirsty for fake dick us lesbians truly are
How can people so ugly be this narcisstic kek

No. 385948

File: 1505305570415.png (420.83 KB, 646x783, fakeboibingo.PNG)

Made a fakeboi bingo to help the "is this obvious 20-something girl posing as an anime guy male or not????" babies out and to entertain others. Seriously how do you look at someone like Knitemaya and actually doubt her being female?

No. 386219

you forgot dead giveaways like a tacky pastel aesthetic, bad haircuts, stupid names, self diagnosed autism, being a part of some shitty, fujo infested fandom (i.e. homestuck), etc.

No. 389269

File: 1505796962403.png (113.49 KB, 721x1087, IMG_4783.PNG)

Fake boi wants to be called a true man. Has long ass girly hair and reposts this video.

No. 389468

File: 1505844074237.png (175.44 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0357.PNG)

Boo hoo

No. 389498

File: 1505849946344.jpg (651.99 KB, 2048x2048, A116C04E-5655-4454-A171-C57307…)

So how about "Oliver" (lol), aka @crypwolf on Instagram / crypticcanine on Tumblr?

Appears to be an obvious wannabe copycat clone of criedwolves, trying to copy his style and using both his first name and an obvious ripoff of his username.

I can't seem to find any obvious signs of being a fakeboi of transtrender, other than the fact that they're clearly an autoandrophile who is most definitely not on T. They call themselves "male" but don't seem to deny they're trans, but they also don't confirm it (other than plastering he/him all over their social media, which is a trenc started by Tumblr trannies).

Thoughts on this person?

No. 389614

File: 1505866031573.png (353.15 KB, 646x783, 1505305570415.png)

That's definitely a girl

Also holy fuck, the internet is always reminding me time and time again that people have absolutely no shame.
This person is straight up a crywolves clone(even right down to the user name and first name), and I'm sure there's more clones out there trying to profit off their fakeboi train and getting randos to buy shit for them from their wishlist. This shit is so creepy

No. 389621


you've gotta be an utter retard to believe she's male after watching this vid
Her voice makes it so obvious

No. 389656

You forgot "Wearing a backwards cap"