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File: 1697413812902.jpeg (134.26 KB, 1343x1080, 8FAB2FCF-FF85-40DF-AA1B-8029B3…)

No. 1914147

This is a series of threads about fakebois and trans-identified females (TIFs).

TIFs are girls and women who take on the 'trans' label to any extent, including undergoing ("gender-affirming") surgery under that label.

"Fakebois" are girls who pretend to be boys, either by becoming TIFs or larping biological males through the screen (classic move). Fakebois usually style and present themselves as androgynous or feminine-looking boys, or wearing girls' clothing and make-up while insisting on being addressed with he/him (or occasionally they/them) pronouns and take great offense at being gendered as female.

These threads are also now a catch-all for any minor TIF cows without threads of their own. Even "serious" troons, (like Kalvin Garrah and Ellen Page) are fair game, as are horrific troon surgeries and pregnancies. Just remember to spoiler that shit.

**TIFs, no one cares if you think you're ~more legit~ than the cows posted here.**

Additionally, occasional discussion of fujoshis is fine, but don't sperg and infight about it.

Notable FtM-related subreddits:

Old threads by order of recency:

No. 1914153

>She's 5'5" and her "gf (cis)" is taller than her
Why every single fucking time KEKW im laughing!

No. 1914167

>Doesn't look like any kind of vampire
>Not appealing in the slightest
What are the odds that she's not a lesbian, either?

No. 1914178

There are people who still remember that movie?

like almost all the "kinnies tifs".

No. 1914180

>Doesn't look like any kind of vampire
No human would. What are the odds that she's not bi, either? Its always a breed of straight girls.

No. 1914205

You know what I mean. There are many different stylistic and physical characteristics that can convey vampirism, and the look she went with has none of them. It's almost impressive, given that there is a pretty diverse variety of creatures recognizable as "looking like a vampire".

No. 1914245

None convey vampirism. What r u on?

No. 1914251

This clicks so much. Firstborn girls with especially all sisters would tend to conflate age/size with masculinity, and this thought process would make her prone to tif out because constant comparison with herself and sisters.

Like since she's the oldest, she had to lead, had to take care of the younger ones and she'd start to perceive herself as "too masculine" if naive enough, kinda like that. They tend to resemble the HSTS types, as eldest girls with all sisters are very VERY GNC to begin with(as in not exactly tomboyish, but there are masculine traits firstborn girls are able to get away with). This makes her susceptible to conflate it with maleness.

No. 1914261

typical post of a woman who never read anything except tertiary information through the tumblr/instagram pipeline. Wonder if she's even read Carmilla kek
also what did any of her entire spiel have to do with ~fluidity~ after she brought it up?

No. 1914278

File: 1697433594116.jpg (32 KB, 374x500, peter-steele-white-shirt.jpg)

Come on, its pretty universal what a vampiric style is, and a fat girl wiggling her botched body on stagebin clown makeup isnt it

No. 1914299

File: 1697438834824.jpg (328.44 KB, 2000x2000, F8aBvlqWkAA4hrT.jpg)

No. 1914312

>SomeDay, THings arg gonna worK o ut

No. 1914320

The term vampiric refers to the mutilation, I believe…

No. 1914327

Anons your theories aren't bad but all sisters are equally likely to troon out. All you need is groomers and mental illness.

No. 1914328

>"even if it kills me"
It's not "yourself", but it will kill you.

No. 1914329

File: 1697447277824.jpg (396.72 KB, 1080x1814, Screenshot_20231016-045300_Chr…)

TIF "fairly certain JK Rowling is a closeted transman":

No. 1914340

vampiric style is universal, sure (not like every country/age group has vastly different views on what a vampire even is), but Steele is a misogynist retard whose ideal womans age "starts at menstruation" (his words), and before he was wannabe goth metal daddy, he made shitty unlistenable moron music with no vampire style in sight. hey, is using close up shots from porn with green tint vampiric?

No. 1914343

>Women who think sexism with a modern coat of paint is still bad are actually men.
Tif takes never fail to disappoint.

No. 1914354

>X is closet tranny
Fucking groomers, always causing trouble. Meanwhile, rampant jealous gatekeepers are seething
Let them infight

No. 1914369

They're projecting it the wrong way around. They see women like JKR saying things like "I never liked being treated as a sex object, and was always a bit tomboysih and disliked feminine things more than my female peers - that's why I see through the trans lies because none of that makes me a man or less female". These tifs are the same kind of tomboys at the core so they know those feelings, but instead of realizing and admitting they're just tomboys who dislike sexism too… they think it must be the other way around so that those tomboys are actually trans too!

No. 1914370

It is truly hilarious how trannies themselves use "maybe you're a tranny?" as a way of offending/attacking people. You'd think that "you're one of us" would be the last thing they have to say to someone who is supposedly promoting genocide, and yet it is not the first time I see troons trying to get back at J. K. Rowling by implying that she's a transman. It's not only an embarrassing self-own, it also shows that they have zero principles and will gladly disregard their own rules ("do not assume/contest people's gender, it could kill them!!1" etc) if they think that they could potentially offend their opponent by doing so (of course, nobody will ever be offended by some delusional self-hating TIF's theories).

No. 1914378

The point

Your head

No. 1914380

She forgot yo add the franken weenie in the last picture.

No. 1914385

Like the classic "Men are homophobic turn out to be self-hated closet gays" or "men hates gay men because they're afraid to be treated as women"

JK just used a male pseudonym to publish her book like many other women did back then, and it was quite recently, in '97. You would think sexism to publish would have ended time ago, but…

No. 1914386

It's shit stirrers who invoke unspoken envy on many.

No. 1914398

Jesus, how does a two year maggot infestation in a living person even happen? Was she secretly roleplaying blowfly girl? Was the phallo already dead?

No. 1914404

File: 1697461822960.png (603.83 KB, 646x2089, a.png)

Here's another TIF projecting. Tt's obvious this one transitioned because of her trauma and assumes "Rowling must also be a trans man in denial!"

Did you find this article from the r/ftm sub? Kek, I saw the post this was commented under. She claims is Hermione a self insert. Why, just because she happens to be a woman?
>Harry should have died in the final battle because Rowling was forced to kill off her masculinity in adulthood.
Holy shit. This article says more about this girl's narcissism than Jk Rowling's gender. She also spends half of the article writing about her own experiences with troonism. Does she think every possible story that exists has to reflect the writer's opinions and identity? Does she think Harry Potter being abused and an orphan means she projects onto him? Orphans are one of the most common tropes in stories. Not everyone is as delusional as her. Not everyone constantly thinks "I should make this about me" when writing a story.

No. 1914412

JK Rowling had said before Hermione is her favorite character, so most of the TRAs always want to write Hermione as a TIF (which wouldn't have worked because she would have stood in the girl's room anyway) to piss her off. Trannies think Rowling is going to act like Anne Rice when she doesn't give a fuck.

No. 1914427

I mean yea it's possible to criticize something that you are because you are ashamed of it, but it just doesn't work for J.K. Rowling. She's not hating on women with dysphoria or women that aren't feminine - in fact she is consistently defending women's rights (including that of TIFs!). At most she is mocking the TIMs who send her death threats on Twitter (and ofc it's not physically possible for her to be a TIM) so this theory is dumb.

>A mental exercise to understand J.K. Rowling and why she may be a transman
>She wrote a book with a little boy as the main character
>Maybe her real abuser was in fact a woman but she's scared to say that
Jfc they are truly retarded and unable to think about anyone but themselves, more than half of the post is actually about the poster projecting her childhood trauma on JKR

No. 1914434

you newly peaked types are so fucking annoying. i can tell you used to rule your woke little enby friend group with an iron fist with your trigger lists and marginalized identities, constantly having meltdowns in the groupchat over someone not remembering to tag pictures of christmas elfs or because they were being acephobic against you or whatever.

No. 1914441

this sounds so oddly specific and online. were you "newly peaked" at some point?

No. 1914442

File: 1697465643218.jpg (66.46 KB, 834x958, F1E1mUsaQAMpNxV.jpg)

A YouTuber by the name RadPax has been my personal lolcow for past three to four years that slowly evolved into more of a sadcow. She is chronically ill, disabled and clearly suffers from her maladies on daily basis, and yet, has been taking testosterone since 2021. I used to laugh at her old videos, they are your typical tumblr breed tif coming out stories that boil down to gender being a set of incoherent feelings and aesthetics.
The sadcow transition (pun intended) to me happened when she started taking testosterone. As funny as these types of trannies are, there is some line that gets crossed eventually where you aren't watching some moronic child saying stupid things online, but someone actively killing themselves. I don't know why, but her being chronically ill unlike most trannies who started abled, makes it all even more disturbing, and even though I peaked long ago and stopped caring about these freaks mutilating themselves, checking up on her hit me somewhat differently. Trannies love to talk about genocide, but they seem to fail to realize that trannydom itself is a genocide tactic against mentally ill, disabled, often SSA and/or autistic individuals.

Picrel always made me chuckle because both are stereotypical feminine outfits.

No. 1914444

File: 1697465683431.png (2.15 MB, 2978x1900, tweets.png)

No. 1914447

>At most she is mocking the TIMs who send her death threats on Twitter (and ofc it's not physically possible for her to be a TIM) so this theory is dumb.

Oh yeah, specially the ones that each time she tweets about women health, jump with "what about me??" and expect the handmaidens to defend them. TIFs should understand that these moids are not going to defend them in anything because they're the real victims.

No. 1914449

nta but are you mad someone called out your favorite misogynist nonce with shit-tier music?

No. 1914451

>lol jk rowling looks like a man
they try so hard being progressive, yet never were

No. 1914497

gender destroys brain cells

No. 1914505

>Picrel always made me chuckle because both are stereotypical feminine outfits.
"What do you mean both you idiot dunce? Left is my casual pajama wear I can only wear in the comfort of my own bed, and I'm forced to wear Right outside while I'm killing myself inside!!!"
Slight OT but I feel like the comparisons are desperate cries for help. I cant see the same way, nona.

No. 1914513

most tifs arent even tomboys

No. 1914537

i am mad that there retards don't actually understand what other people are saying, just like you. the other anon just said that vampiric looks means a specific thing and used that dude as an example and the retard anon flew off the handle about completely unrelated shit. it's always the exact culty tranny style they do it too, oh no the vampire guy is problematic expect that wasn't the point the point was he looks like a damn vampire and the fat tif doesn't.

No. 1914544

>wanna find out if her bark is worse than her bite?
Pls, the only stuff she looks likes she bites are Big Macs

No. 1914545

>I know I know it's a tranny sin to tell other people their identities, even though it also seems to be a tranny commandment, but cos she's a public figure I can say whatever I want!!!
People genuinely don't see public figures as people huh, and when you're chronically online it's even more pronounced

No. 1914567

It was probably some sort of roundworm, rather than myiasis. Myiasis typically only lasts a couple weeks even if untreated, and is a condition that can be immediately resolved by surgery, so if it were just myiasis, it would have been identified and treated by her surgeons fairly quickly. Roundworm infection, meanwhile, is typically a digestive tract infection, and is treated through medication. Surgeons don't usually treat roundworm except in emergency cases like obstruction of the digestive tract, and the location of the infection in this case would be somewhat unusual, which would explain the confusion around her condition and the delay in treating it. Also, many kinds of roundworm are exclusively referred to by their scientific names. Something like "ascaris lumbricoides" is definitely harder to remember than "fly larvae parasite".

No. 1914596

>"I was beaten and sexually abused by men in my life, but my mom is just as evil as that because she hurt my feelings sometimes."
>"I can tell my mom was more evil than the men who abused me, because she, the woman who literally raised me, has a stronger impact on my personality than the men who did nothing but terrorize me."
>"JK was confirmed to have been horrifically physically and emotionally abused by a man who later stalked and harassed her, and even broke into her home— But more importantly, what if her mom made her wear dresses? Who would be her real worst abuser, then?"
I know these kinds of women would accuse me (wrongfully) of thinking all women are perfect angels who are incapable of doing harm to anyone, but I can't help but find the misogyny in this line of thinking to be incredibly glaring. "Mommy" is always the most evil person in the world, even if there are men in their lives who have repeatedly assaulted them. I guess familiarity really does breed contempt.

No. 1914632

Why so triggered over an anon acknowledging your dead husbando was a pedophile? Get a grip.

No. 1914672

File: 1697489763922.jpeg (Spoiler Image,980.69 KB, 1170x1711, IMG_7383.jpeg)

More Johannestevans on tumblr. The way she describes herself is insane. Crazy coombrained woman, and if you scroll her blog for even a few seconds you’ll find she’s a fujo. I don’t want to beat a dead horse with fujo to TiF pipeline but she’s yet another example of it. It’s especially interesting how she not only is desperate to (and obsessed with) being seen as male, she acts like she’s a great arbiter on gay men/gay culture. It’s just… delusional. Writing pirate yaoi doesn’t make you a real life gay man. A shame because her fashion is pretty fun (minus the strange symbolic face paint).

No. 1914741

>a skinny white man's body from the side, showing the curve of his small arse compared to his much smaller waist
Wth is that image description, girl's deadass trying to fool blind people because she knows no one with eyes would see her as a moid kek.

No. 1914761

File: 1697499774200.jpg (44.44 KB, 600x600, zuckerberg-notepass.jpg)

>"JK was confirmed to have been horrifically physically and emotionally abused by a man who later stalked and harassed her, and even broke into her home— But more importantly, what if her mom made her wear dresses? Who would be her real worst abuser, then?"

"Yes, JK Rowling have been in an abusive relationship and live in the poverty while he harassed her and stalker her… but does she know the PAIN I had to endure when I didn't want to wear a dress and mom told me I had to??? I SUFFERED EVEN MORE THAN THAT TERF WITCH"

Holy fuck, look at that victim complex!

No. 1914863

That's true. But because of grooming, tomboys are sesceptible to being groomed due to the most 'connected' train of thought rationale that being a masculine girl=being a boy.

No. 1914865

>But more importantly, what if her mom made her wear dresses? Who would be her real worst abuser, then?

Doesnt mean you can project, Tiffany

No. 1914877

do you understand anything you read. like you just making stuff up about me isn't actually clevre. actually i think you are a tranny moid baiting. are you angry because someone insulted your fat tif wife, is that it? you mad for all the fatty tifs that don't look like vampires? you have a fat tif fetish? you tranny?

No. 1914889

To be absolutely clear, those weren't literal word-for-word quotes. I can't blame anyone for not wanting to read some TIF's autist rant about how women who don't perfectly embody femininity aren't actually women and how women are more evil than men.

No. 1914896

I admit I didn't read it because that rant sounds insufferable with all the victim complex and the "Rowling must be also a trans man like us".

No. 1914910

these people are more sexist than my muslim family, absolute wankers

No. 1914917

This story really sucks. Genuinely sad. That said,
>But I felt deaths cold hand.
>And I am traumatized /gen

No. 1914977

File: 1697528429083.jpg (305.83 KB, 1080x1172, Screenshot_20231017-033759_Chr…)

Hmmm…I wonder why kek:

No. 1914979

I assume no one tells the truth in those 289 comments

No. 1915003


No. 1915124

How the fuck can you be so deluded and retarded

No. 1915144

Kek this HAS to be satire, there is no way they aren't all ~triggered~ from being confronted with the obvious truth rn. Deep down (not that deep tbh) they know.

>I can't help but find the misogyny in this line of thinking to be incredibly glaring.
Definitely, I mean you have to deal with intense internalized misogyny to troon out in the first place. This one has to be particularly disturbed though, I can't imagine that even the average TIF would immediately ask "what about her mother tho?" upon hearing a story of domestic abuse/rape.

No. 1915146

File: 1697555173094.jpg (92.82 KB, 1080x445, Screenshot_20231017_203424_Chr…)

Fellas is it gay to be a straight woman?

No. 1915153

File: 1697555678364.jpg (23.97 KB, 887x174, Screenshot_20231017_203535_Chr…)

I know I'm samefagging without providing any milk but holy shit, that thread is a treasure trove filled with comedy gold kek. You can literally feel the uneasy atmosphere among them through the screen because no one wants to acknowledge the elephant in the room and when they do, it's 'just a jokeee, did you see the /j at the end?'

No. 1915196

Same reason why most TIMs are "lesbians". Same reason why majority of the population is straight.
The most common response is that cis "men are also gay/bi and don't know it or want to show it" or "straight trans people don't want to get involved in the community". Straight moids have the weirdest concept of sexuality, but I don't like the argument that everyone's a little bit gay. Would their reactions be different if they were told that every gay person is a little bit straight?

No. 1915204

>every gay person is a little bit straight
This is already a commonly held belief and is the fountain of like 90% of homophobia

No. 1915223

Considering this is the group who thinks that lesbians do dick and gay men do pussy, Idk. I think they'd be mad, but they wouldn't be able to explain why.

No. 1915246

>I don't like the argument that everyone's a little bit gay

If you're not gay/bi joking or indulging in a little wishful thinking, this is literally the most false statement and I hate it too. Straight people exist, and are 90% majority, as much as the internet makes it seem otherwise. And straight people are absolutely repulsed by the thought of fucking the same sex. As evidenced by all the "gay" troons, proof that sexuality is unchangeable and genetic kek

No. 1915376

File: 1697589997205.gif (4.62 MB, 640x350, neo-dodging-bullets.gif)

>TIFs trying to avoid to admit they're straight women.

No. 1915569

I don't know, my oldest sister is the girliest out of all of us.

No. 1915587

Sage for blogposting, but why are TiFs so feminine? There's 2 in my course this year as well as a they/them and they're all the most feminine girls in our class. Having cutesy stickers and pins about being trans/nonbinary, using pastel clothes, having dyed hair and even dyed eyelashes, trying very hard to seem masculine by using black colours but just looking instead like a punk girl. All of them get misgendered and the most tryhard one gets deadnamed even at times by teachers, the enby one always goes and corrects them (I think this girl also has some trauma cuz she sucks her thumb like a child all the time). It's jarring cuz my class is mostly women and we all have a simple fashion, the TiFs just try too hard and end up looking less like men in consequence.

No. 1915596

Seen this with a tif I met in my course too. There was one tif who was just a short tomboy and sadly felt the need to troon, but the other was this shy, also short, and nerdy girl who liked furries and yaoi and cried when someone criticised her work once kek. I had no idea she was a tif until I heard her normie friends call her greasy hair ass a "he". Stalked her on social media and it turns out she trooned out together with her equally nerdy girlfriend. Sad.

No. 1915602

When I saw the words trans and chronically ill in the same post I automatically assumed it was going to be a munchie and had to do some self-reflection.

No. 1915619

File: 1697653556989.png (286.85 KB, 452x970, Screenshot_20231018-142251-251…)

Speaking of TiFs being stereotypically feminine kek

No. 1915629

Lmao. Yes Tiffany, think REAL hard.

No. 1915666

I blame it to the "You don't need surgeries to be trans" TRAs/Genderqueers for two reasons: Instead to tell them that people can enjoy stuff even if it doesn't fit their gender, they insist that if you're into this or that, you must be the opposite gender. So of course you'll have a woman with her body intact saying she's not a woman, because women are not like THEM.

And also that most of them cannot afford a surgery (I think that dodge a bullet in their future), but with that they'll have to admit they're women, which again, "eeeew but I'm not a woman at all!".

I hope is a fade for them, but also with the raise of butchers doing "surgeries for poor trans people", I doubt the fade will stop soon.

No. 1915817

File: 1697689027535.png (14.64 KB, 657x124, Screenshot 2023-10-19 12.15.44…)

this one is great

No. 1915819

File: 1697689334107.png (18.19 KB, 657x124, Screenshot 2023-10-19 12.18.45…)

>mwahahaha you can't call me a fetishizer because i am a gay boi! take that fellow chronically online losers!
it's so obvious which ones are doing it to not get called a fujoshi (which isn't even a terrible thing to be)

No. 1915823

>you must be the opposite gender
Its 2023 and why are the groomers not in jail

No. 1915824

All women are equally likely to troon out, which basally is low until certain conflations arise such as groomers and the types of tra >>1915666 mentioned. Its not that tomboys are more susceptible to trooning, is that they are more easily conflated due to the enough overlap of tomboy and being the classic tif.

No. 1915827

does anyone have any ideas why a lot of (autistic) cis lesbians are kinda drawn to 'yaoi' as teens as opposed to sapphic content? i have a few theories myself as this happened to me and definitely warped some of my perceptions. i would find a lot of gay fanfic that was written by lesbians too or written by lesbians for their girlfriend, it's always fascinated me. and many of these girls have later been brainwormed and gone on to attempt to be real anime boys

No. 1915847

File: 1697696342722.jpeg (980.22 KB, 828x1440, IMG_4022.jpeg)

Dreaming tabby always makes me depressed. As the years go by she looks worse and worse.

No. 1915850

File: 1697698002658.jpeg (1.06 MB, 2048x2048, 23C2083C-C89C-4435-8A1B-3222FA…)

>Yaoi IRL

No. 1915867

I think fujoshis are the most susceptible to trooning, out of all kinds of women.

No. 1915868

agreed, or at least they are the most likely to troon out but avoid any kind of medical transition, or give it a try and back out when the hrt starts showing in other ways than giving them a frog voice kek

No. 1915872

It pisses me off so much when TIFs try to LARP their anime yaoi fantasies. It makes me physically sick lol, imagine being so pathetic and self-loathing.

No. 1915873

You can still tell they're women under all that facial hair

No. 1915874

lurk previous threads more, this was posted just last thread as well as several threads before too
I kinda agree with >>1915824 all kinds of females are capable to be pushed to troon out, like in school classes where 90% of the class come out as trans they're clearly not all fujos or autists. There are so many "versions" of tifs that there's one for everyone. But I still also think certain groups are more vulnerable to it.

No. 1915900

File: 1697711787091.jpg (94.68 KB, 1080x686, F2EfNbOXsAAoagW2.jpg)

Literally some 4chan(?) trolls decided to own the fujos on Tumblr by using their own 'appropriation' dramatics against them, and this is the result. The greatest 'own' they could've ever imagined. These girls are just so tragically stupid and easily tricked, it really frustrates me.

I'd never describe myself as 'cis' or 'sapphic', but as a lesbian it was simply that male characters are usually better written; the writing of women was doused in misogyny; and it was never lost on me that the yaoi boys acted more like lesbians than the weird fetish school girls in the yuri genre (for good reason, since yaoi is written by women and yuri usually by men).

No. 1915911

2nding yuri isn't catered to women most of it comes off as retarded and unsexy to female-SSA sensibilities and yaoi is written by women for women. Though personally I convert slash into femslash via genderbends to preserve and translate the dynamic into something more interesting since then they are both women with the same quirks and personalities but the layer and implications of girl/womanhood thrown into it. Sage for segue

No. 1915912

idk, i think if i saw this picture without context i'd assume they had some kind of horrible chromosome disorder rather than jumping straight to them being female

No. 1915925

File: 1697721896276.jpeg (785.51 KB, 828x1234, IMG_4023.jpeg)

Nope. You have to be completely blind to ever mistake her for anything other than female. Look how tiny she is and how extremely feminine she still dresses despite having wispy 14 year old boy facial hair.
She has never been masculine and probably trooned because her partner who was also a woman trooned first.

No. 1915957

File: 1697727150576.jpg (763.32 KB, 2757x3221, F8pqasSWoAARhWm.jpg)


sageblog but I used to be quite tomboyish in my teens. If I had those groomers/TRAs telling me that I'm a boy rather than having a psychiatrist telling me is normal for women to enjoy "male hobbies", I would have butch my tits time ago. Is a big mix of reasons why women would transition and in the end, women are the ones that end up losing.

Picrel: No, getting your tits off is not going to get rid of your dysphoria. Is going to give you a relief until certain time.

No. 1915966

>but as a lesbian it was simply that male characters are usually better written; the writing of women was doused in misogyny; and it was never lost on me that the yaoi boys acted more like lesbians than the weird fetish school girls in the yuri genre (for good reason, since yaoi is written by women and yuri usually by men)
Pretty much this. So much yuri and GL has been written by men for men and it tends to be overly sexualized and made for the male gaze (hence why TiMs love it and think that because they’re into yuri that caters to men it means they’re lesbians). In contrast, a lot of yaoi is overly romanticized and caters more to what women like to see in media, regardless of sexuality.Thankfully more lesbian media is coming out that’s actually written by and made for women, but historically it feels like that hasn’t been the case.

No. 1916005

That's kinda hilarious, that tims think they're totally real girls by relating to 2d women written by and for moids, and tifs think they're totally real girls by relaying to 2d men written by and for women.

No. 1916015

Yep, it’s really telling. Especially because both tims and tifs tend to interact with media and fandom the way the majority of other people of their same sex do.

No. 1916019

This is the kind of vent art a middle schooler would have made fifteen years ago, except with the added element of troonshit. It's not a phase, mom!

No. 1916025

The fandom is a very female-dominant space with predominantly female creators. It's easy to see why you'd want to hang out there if you're attracted to women or even just prefer having female friends.

No. 1916026

I think it's autistic women more broadly, and because they're drawn to that particular nerdy hobby, TRAs have hijacked it to use as a recruitment tool. TRAs and other troons pushed for the idea of "if you like fiction portraying [x] it's because you secretly are [x]!" They also use shame as a recruitment tool, accusing anyone who enjoys [x] of being a bigoted fetishizer if they don't troon out. Very manipulative, insidious stuff, and it's particularly effective against women.

No. 1916028

My retarded ass meant totally real boys for tifs I just noticed smh

No. 1916030

Can't believe troons from here have jumped on the grift train as well, though I guess it was just a matter of time as they are always turbo online and americanized to the point they can't even string together a complex sentence in Finnish. Hope she knows that collecting donations without a permit is illegal here kek

No. 1916037

Yet another TIF e-begging image with a furry fetish character that already has tit chop scars. This sort of thing is always unsettling, since you just know OP is either an insane degenerate, or someone who was groomed by insane degenerates.

No. 1916044

nta but why do fujos have such a hard time admitting that its mostly fujos trooning out of their own volition?

No. 1916047

The idea of everyone being ‘a little bit gay’ I could only see working with romantic attraction, but it certainly isn’t true for sexual attraction lol. Even a lot of girls who call themselves bi would be repulsed by eating a woman out. I think there’s just a weird misunderstanding of sexual vs romantic attraction.

No. 1916066

Sensitivity to criticism and disinterest in actual self-reflection, largely because of either a typical nerdy girl history with being bullied, or just genuinely having poor introspection skills as a result of autism.
Get this split attraction model garbage out of here.

No. 1916067

>"if you like fiction portraying [x] it's because you secretly are [x]!"

Also the "If you like [x] character in certain media, you have it inside of you! You're a [x]-kin". I noticed most of the tifs also have "I'm also John doe kin" to reaffirm their gender.

No. 1916099

Half the entire comment section is filled with TIFs.

No. 1916100

I remember when 'otherkin' and 'soulbonders' were the laughing stock of the internet. They were literally my favourite things, they brought me so much joy.

The affirmation/TRA shit ruins everything.

No. 1916101

Honestly this is also true. Know a lot of friends who met their girlfriends that way.

No. 1916165

The words you're looking for are "normal" and "lesbian," anon.

No. 1916209

Same. At least thinking you were married with Sephiroth in another astral shit was funnier than seeing someone thinking they're a real Goku and Toriyama doesn't know the character like they do.

No. 1916224

File: 1697778486217.jpg (787.4 KB, 1350x1350, 5788644467809.jpg)

So happy about the changes brought by testosterone her selfies have progressively stronger shitty filters.

No. 1916248

When I was mega into yaoi and slash as a teen, I didn't know I was a lesbian. Funnily enough, I was exposed to yuri first through getting into Sailor Moon as a kid and reading Haruka/Michiru fic, but I guess I was too young to get any kind of enjoyment out of it. I think yaoi is more popular simply because there's more of it created by women. There was a huge boom of f/f shipping because of Bubbline, Steven Universe, and She-ra, so it's not like it's the fact that it's two male characters in a relationship that makes yaoi more appealing, but moreso to do with quality fic and art created by women to fuel certain ships. Men create coomer shit for pairings, that never appealed to lesbians. Women relate to other women in the stories we tell about love, even when our sexualities are different.

No. 1916262

>Women relate to other women in the stories we tell about love, even when our sexualities are different
I'm morbidly curious. Are TIFs an exception?

No. 1916291

To be fair, when I see "creepy underage anime girl figurine" I immediately jump to the conclusion that its owner must be a degenerate TIM coomer, so I guess this TIF got me.

No. 1916323

I wonder if the person who replied was trying to flatter a tim by guessing woman, and it backfired

No. 1916334

>I'm morbidly curious. Are TIFs an exception?

I would say they're more in denial to see or think that women can love too either in a homo/heterosexual relationship and believe the one real love is from men… Like Antique Greek 2: Electric Bogaloo.

No. 1916352

Blog incoming sorry, but can't stop thinking about what would happen if I went undercover to talk to a therapist claiming to think I'm possibly trans. I fit the stereotype really well, am an autist, grew up as a tomboy who always hated girly things, wanted the boy stuff, I don't wear makeup and so on (healthcare is near free here so I wouldn't have to worry about that part).
I don't think I'd have to lie about anything other than the fact that I don't believe in gender identities and that I'm a terf. I mean I genuinely do not think my gender is female (since gender isn't real), that's true - so going by trans logic I am a real trans/enby non-woman person.

I wonder just how many red flags I could raise without them getting suspicious and still giving me access to hormones. Would my autism make them question it? Sexual trauma? Would me saying things like "I don't like wering a dress, so that's a clear sign I'm actually not a girl" make them object or challenge my views in any way? Would one session be enough?

And if I did all that and discovered they'd throw me to the wolves without question, and affirm my delusions right away, I would write an article about it and post it somewhere. Maybe send it to the local newspaper/sites. I'm so tempted to do it, even though I'm sure in the end they'd sue me or something for misusing their medical service lol(blog)

No. 1916381

File: 1697820564844.png (Spoiler Image,1.53 MB, 1080x1295, Picsart_23-10-20_09-49-05-243.…)

No. 1916386

>get breasts removed
>still be a fat fuck
>have side boobs
Her whole existence looks very uncomfortable, she looks like even breathing is difficult to her.

No. 1916388

Something about her fascinates and horrifies me so deeply. It really does give the sense of a VERY pained existance

No. 1916400

While troons take gender nonconformity as a big trans sign, it's also true that anyone can be trans. You don't need to have grown up as an austistic tomboy to be groomed into transness, all you need is discomfort in being female. So many tifs were feminine, gender-conforming girls. And many of them were (and still are) just weird girls that don't fit in a box. Straight, lesbian, bisexual– it does not matter. Skin color, it does not matter.
All the trans cult needs to groom is discomfort, be it tied to sex, gender, not fitting in, unhappiness
… anything can be used to suck girls into their cult.

Gender and transness are insidious.

No. 1916403

Married on the astral plane! Good times.

Did you ever see the FF7 House saga? The website documenting it might still be up, but it was a house full of these soulbonded otherkin, and it basically became a mini-cult full of gaslighting and abuse.

It's crazy, because it was like a micro version of what's happening everywhere now. And at the time, everyone thought the story was unbelievable because of how crazy these people were.

No. 1916404

God I was so into that ship as a little kid, but there was a lot of coomerish content about it so whem interacting with the fandom I got more into the genderbent male version cos it just seemed nicer (cos it made by women). There's good bubbline content too now though.

No. 1916409

I remember one of the victims of the FFVII house even wrote on that website that she does not want to be associated with that story not just because it was traumatic for her, but also because she is a TIF teaching english in Japan now.

No. 1916431

File: 1697826093883.jpg (84.56 KB, 640x487, 1689765168450.jpg)

With the fresh scars she looks so sad I can't even make fun of her being shaped like a potato.

No. 1916441

Is this retard claiming women aren't fetishized? Lol, lmao even.

No. 1916445

Nah. I am into anime figure collecting, and this one is considered a wholesome figure. That's why the redditor guessed a woman (and they were right) Men are collecting sexually posed figures, busty playboy bunny figures, or figures where you can remove all the clothes. Or dbz or gunpla kek TiMs are also into the sexually provocative figures.

No. 1916533

And she thinks she's a victim because she's a "gay man".

No. 1916560

Look like pedo shit(sage)

No. 1916566

File: 1697843720209.mp4 (1.08 MB, 576x1024, v12044gd0000cjq1bnjc77uf8ak07q…)

>”why do people think our mentality is cultlike?”

No. 1916567

well, madoka IS pedoshit, quite literally

No. 1916576

Madoka is weird, because it's very much made by a creepy pedo man who has violent fetishes, but it somehow accidentally conveyed themes that resonated with a sizable female audience, too.

No. 1916581

File: 1697845080872.jpg (48.68 KB, 1080x231, Screenshot_20231021_002332_Ins…)

>saying religious word salad to romanticise being a tranny
Tumblr user detected. And if being a tif is so beautiful and perfect why are they mostly ignored and people focus on tims? Even when normies make edgy tranny jokes it's never about "cuntboys" and always about "girls with dicks", picrel found in the wild. Though, with the amount of "jokes" moids make about this I think they genuinely have a fetish for it and want dick deep down. And misogyny of course, I've also seen this type say stuff like "boys make the best girls". But sure tiffany all troons are revered kek

No. 1916585

Nona I beg of you as a Burgerland fag, I’ve been wanting to do this so bad, but healthcare here is so expensive, if you do it you have my whole hearted support.

No. 1916588

In my experience with trying therapy I kinda got nudged about the trans shit by my therapist and by others around me. I was just talking about my life and how I kinda have trouble integrating with society because autism and that I wish I could understand women better, she just got all quiet and looked at me with this weirdly intense look and just asked in a low voice "What's your gender identity?" And it kinda spooked me a bit. I sorta backed away from therapy after that. She already knew I was just an autistic woman. Dunno what made her say that. She was one of those spicy straight queer people but I didn't really pay that much mind since she wasn't openly homophobic or anything.

No. 1916589

That’s so awful! I’m sorry to hear, that’s enough to make anyone uncomfortable and never return to an office. Where you an adult when that happened?

No. 1916592

Yes, I was an adult. I would've been much more freaked out if it happened when I was a kid. I mean, me and my friends, we'd get some prodding when we were kids but it was a lot more subtle and it was coming from just ignorant adults who didn't seem to know any better.

No. 1916593

The therapist class (along with journalists and the majority of medical professionals) need to be eradicated, truly.

No. 1916597

that's so creepy. i wouldn't say it's sexual but people must feel some kind of power trip at influencing or feeing like they helped someone discover their "true self", and have some kind of savior complex. you did good by leaving that therapist.

No. 1916600

What the fuck. The therapist needs her license revoked, truly I hate this push to transition someone. What happened to accepting yourself for who you are?!

No. 1916603

Someone needs to take away all the internet access from mentally ill people because what in the word salad is that?

No. 1916617

Holy fuck did he really? Fuck you really can’t like any scrotes can you

No. 1916639

In Burgerland they’re required to push trooning out or they will lose their license. Spoilered for blog; I’m detrans and more or less have to go to a ‘back-alley therapist’ because my treatment plan could be viewed as conversion therapy, which is totally banned where I live, even for consenting adults

No. 1916641

Nonny how did you find your therapist?

No. 1916646

Word of mouth from a detrans girl on X/Twitter who also lives in the same metro area that I do. Unfortunately, I can’t really give too much more information away without doxxing myself.

No. 1916649

Fortunately I don't think she sees any kids since she said she mostly just deals with older people. I probably should have dipped out when she told me she was queer and liked cross-dressing men out of the blue. I was just glad she dropped the subject real quick. Why would you say that to someone who's your client? Anyways, yeah therapy is kinda garbage in burgerland anyways so whatever. I'm just going to stay the hell away from any queer people honestly, they're not the kind of people you can trust or put good faith in.

No. 1916680

File: 1697865733249.jpg (123.29 KB, 1301x774, Screenshot 2023-10-20 222054.j…)

Sage for nonmilk but holy FUCK I was watching this and this TIF was so fucking gorgeous before. I would have KILLED to look like her. WHHHHYYYYYYYYYYY

No. 1916681

SA, here's the video

No. 1916692

>butch lesbian goes through religion trauma with shitty family
>meets gender special bisexual feminine woman
>Troons out

It's not surprising but I've known that Sierra girl's existence for a while and I find her obnoxious. Her "masc" look is more feminine than what I wear daily and I don't call myself with dumb labels. Her gf is gorgeous and it's a shame she doesn't realise her religious trauma and opts out to troon out instead.

No. 1916700

Glad to know you recovered from the gendie shit nonnie so sorry that you had to go through that. hopefully you weren't too far in transition,so many lesbians are lost to this shit its sad really how normalised gay conversion disgused as gender affirming!! Is..

No. 1916707

What too much yaoi manga does to a bitch

No. 1916708

god she's still so feminine you can tell she was probably in so much pressure as an attractive woman that even after trooning out she still covers her mouth while laughing, i feel sos sorry for her

No. 1916752

is this that one TIF whose married to some ogre fat korean dude and posts daily vlogs about her "BL relationship"

No. 1916816

AYRT, I’m actually heterosexual now, turns out my SSA developed as a trauma response to CSA by my mom(blog)

No. 1916854

maybe it's cause I have a thing for andro/masc women but she looks just as fine now, minus the TiF thing

No. 1917017

File: 1697908138369.gif (889.2 KB, 498x368, squidward-hell.gif)

>A girl without a dick is like an angel without wings


No. 1917143

They unironically say shit like this becaus they love thier dicks. So where's that "sucidial gender dysphoria"?

No. 1917157

>being trans is a superpower
yet they commit suicide when someone calls them "she"
>total awareness of yourself
girl… you literally think you're a boy
>saying fuck you to the system
you're actively making yourself into a milky cash cow for the medical system to exploit you for the rest of your (shortened) life
>is the secret to everything
well it is the secret to a life of delusion, pain, exploitation, harm to yourself and others

No. 1917273

File: 1697919642670.png (204.21 KB, 1080x1080, VauA14.png)

While all of these factors may have some role to play, as another user pointed out, the one factor that cannot be ignored is autism. Unlike everything else, autism has shown a proven correlation with transition, another factor is that autistic people are drawn to media where people tend to be less "complicated" such as comics, mangas, and fan-fiction. Obviously this does not mean that the majority of those who enjoy this content are autistic, but autists are disproportionately represented.
So I think In order to deal with the troon issue, I believe that providing resources to help autistic people manage their conditions is the best solution.

No. 1917282

File: 1697920539546.gif (2.41 MB, 390x277, e8a.gif)

>being trans is a superpower
>yet they commit suicide when someone calls them "she"

Not mention also how many of them treat "being a trans is a curse, so I have to chop off my healthy parts to then delete myself". Bunch of hypocrites, pick one.

No. 1917399

File: 1697931981619.jpg (294.94 KB, 1079x1717, totallly masculine..jpg)

….where's the mlm?

No. 1917412

would be super cute lesbian art

No. 1917419

is this the same tif that draws jotaro x kakyoin as a straight couple?

No. 1917446

are those self harm scars on her shoulders or tattoos? wtf

No. 1917459

Is obvious the girl is selling Avon products.

No. 1917494

fresh self harm scars

No. 1917502

Holy shit, yes you're right. It's the same TIF.

No. 1917504

that moid has one of the grossest neck humps ever, i feel so sorry for her

No. 1917507

File: 1697951728404.png (2.34 MB, 810x4084, conceivablyfakeboi.png)

Because real men tape their breasts kek:

No. 1917510

It's amazing to me that most of the hobbies that normal people accrue in their day to day lives are just normal neutral things and 99% of the people you meet are like: I'm into soccer, breaking bad, pop music, playing the guitar, and scrolling tiktok all the time. and then every tif is like: I'm into makeup and fashion and knitting and neopets and yaoi fanfiction and I wear skirts and fake eyelashes every single day, and I need to repeat one thousand affirmations daily to remind myself that I'm a man, but trust me, I am definitely a man. my lifestyle, personality, and every possible aspect of my life being hyperfeminine means nothing. do not pay attention to this at all.

No. 1917524

I'm just going to pretend that they're lesbians who met in church

No. 1917533

The way she totes this literal ugly bastard around is so cringe. Like does she even have eyes

No. 1917534

Did you overlook my post? Because this is pretty much what I already said: >>1916026

It's tricky to tease out exactly why the confluence of autistic people and the trans contagion often occurs in "nerd" spaces, but if I were to speculate, I'd say that it's a combination of applying escapist logic to the real world, and parochialism begetting radicalization. Autistic people are naturally drawn to escapism because it's easier to understand than the real world. They congregate with like-minded people who share their hyperfixations and politics. Their perception of reality is further distorted because their knowledge of other people comes primarily from fiction and others in their socially maladjusted communities. These homogenous communities self-radicalize as echo-chambers often do. Insular cliques like this are ripe for social contagion, especially if the participants are young. I can't help but notice how similar the otaku/trans overlap is to the emoscene/cutting correlation was fifteen to twenty years ago. Except in that case, instead of autists being the vector, it was bippies.

No. 1917553

Really nona? Hetero or bi?

No. 1917556

So the "cis men" are winged demons?

No. 1917565

That's a chaser phrase.(sage your shit)

No. 1917570

This is obviously multi level marketing, because I don't see any men whatsoever.

No. 1917578

I think its really easy. Autists are literal and dont get nuances. They know they dont fit in with their sex, and think its bc they are the opposite sex when its the fact they have no social skills. Then they get asspats when they transition, which validates that they are achytually the opposite sex bc they dont get that people are just being nice to pander to them, not bc they are actually viewed as tru honest men/women. Mix that with "if I get off to gay men/lesians that must make me one" hyperfixation.

No. 1917585


he's a literal fat ugly bastard, it's a shame because she's kinda cute

shouldve been me with her instead fr

No. 1917603

File: 1697973389034.jpg (436.91 KB, 1080x1757, Screenshot_20231022_161922_Chr…)

Holy shit everything is BL to her kek. If you took a shot everytime you saw BL in her title, you'd drop dead within 3 seconds. It also seems like her whole life revolves around her landwhale bf, this girl legit got a surgery for benign tumour on her leg and still spent more time talking about him and praising him for doing housework for a few days, when she usually does that 80% of the time without expecting a single 'thank you' in return. The bar is that low, at this point idk whether to laugh or pity her. At least she didn't go that far with her surgeries though, so maybe she can detrans in the future without too much trouble; she claimed to have only done top surgery and doesn't plan on getting a rotten meat banana since her body doesn't make her 'uncomfortable' even during piv (she emphasised it over and over again for some reason).

No. 1917607

Sage for blog and yaoi coombrainerism but I hate when I’m looking for m/m fic for newer media and one of the characters has been made a tif by the author. It’s happened three times across three separate fandoms. Just write a self-insert tif character if you’re so desperate for that sweet sweet representation, instead of categorising your fic as m/m and burying ‘transman character’ in the tags.

No. 1917618

Hetero. I don’t experience SSA anymore. Completely unintended but made sense considering my ACEs.

No. 1917658

And meanwhile TIMs be like, "I'm into grindcore and technical death metal, hacking vintage gaming consoles, the history of WW2 tank battles, and I'm a ~*~giiiiiirl!!!~*~"

No. 1917671

lol, you're lucky if you've only run into 3 fics like that. Making a male character a tif has been popular for years and some fandoms are infested with it. I used to hang out at a fandom anon meme, and the 'true' fujos would always be complaining about it. The mods are handmaidens so they'd always have to virtue signal being ok with troonery when complaining about it, so they'd would phrase it like "I don't have anything against making a character trans, I just really like dicks. And I just wish it was tagged. I hate unwarned for vagina." (Some tifs never tag their troon characters, saying things like "I'm fighting against cisnormativity in fandom, and, anyway, if you have a problem with surprise vagina, you hate transpeople.") I remember them talking about Genshin Impact, Spiderman (especially MCU), Nu!Voltron, My Hero Academia, Homestuck, Magnus Archives.

No. 1917684

Nonnies, I feel your pain. I use AO3 Savior to block any fic with trans in the tags/description, but since I didn't opt to vanish them completely, I still see how many are blocked and it's like half of them. So many people in my fandom make one of the guys (the feminine one ofc, so progressive) a TiF, it's like mass brainrot. I don't want surprise het wearing gayface, ugh.

No. 1917694

File: 1697987425150.jpeg (227.65 KB, 1125x1491, IMG_4699.jpeg)

No. 1917699

I'm so tempted to go and comment how this is twansphobic and you shouldn't call trans woman he(I know this is a tif) but I wanna see the shitstorm it causes..maybe that'll let them know how retarded this shit is

No. 1917715

And Roger Rabbit's pronouns are she/her uwu!!! Trans representation!!!

No. 1917730

Idk nonna, the TIF would probably love it and find it uwu gender validating if you mistook her for a TIM kek

No. 1917749

Average woman

No. 1917752

File: 1697993623423.png (1.11 MB, 1208x1516, transmasc.png)

"bi-gender transmasc"

No. 1917762

>literal balloons for breasts
>I need new lip injections sub to my of teehee

No. 1917771

Something something "men boobs aren't sexualized, so calling myself a man means my boobs are from a man so they're not going to be sexualized" something something. Which also explains why most of the TIFs are c-d cup and don't want surgery neither. Denial is not only a river in Egypt.

No. 1917772

I would say "do it", because some moids might join you telling these tifs that they deserve representation as well and she's totally a trans woman and all. But by other hand, is adding gas to a fireplace, so don't do it.

No. 1917773

Considering they want to been seen as angels/TIMs, probably.

No. 1917782

This girl, Charms/LotteOddities has been a lolcow for a literal decade, she even used to have her own threads active here in /snow/.

No. 1917817

Troons were never fond of making sense to begin with.

No. 1917818

It's just about social control like how drawing >>1917399 and saying its two men is about social control. It's the power of being able to say transparently ridiculous things about yourself and having a system that backs you up and says you can't be questioned. women with weird control issues who feel powerless and meek or who like bullying other people are always doing this

No. 1917853

No. 1917862

this would be cute lesbian art but nope. gendies gonna gendie

No. 1917865

this hilariously shows the massive disconnect between TiF and TiMs. you'll never see TiMs draw their transbian ocs as obvious looking men yet TiFs will draw the most feminine female couple and say they're gay gnc men kek

No. 1917893

late reply but I did mention you, "as another user pointed out" and you were the only other one who correctly pointed out the autism connection, I also agree with pretty much all your other observations, I have some autistic members in my family and they are as exactly as you described, however for the most part they can manage it and I think what's most important.

No. 1917926

File: 1698017864550.png (1.32 MB, 2162x2581, terfypooner.png)

>I only like cis women and trans men
Found a TERFy pooner kek:

No. 1917933

she is fucking based. Hope you stop taking T one day queen

No. 1917941

why is the term pooner now being used all the time, i fucking hate it. nasty moid terminology.

No. 1917957

The meme isnt even accurate to how tifs are. I hate men, they are unfunny and not clever and lack the ability to see female stereotypes beyond fuckable/not fuckable

No. 1917962

i can fix her

No. 1917964

I wonder why this poster was not put through the coal rakes.

Can you kiwifags learn to integrate? That scrote /tttt/ shit has no place on lolcow.

No. 1917980

>Can you kiwifags learn to integrate? That scrote /tttt/ shit has no place on lolcow.
There's literally a fakeboi thread titled pooner edition:
>>>/snow/1251681(sage your shit)

No. 1917990

"terfs welcome" is the main giveaway this is likely a larp, probably a troid tbh.

No. 1917999

is a term for a female 4chan user who larps as male/tif

No. 1918000

And then tifs want to be 'not fuckable' so they ruin themselves for a sliver of respect from moids because 'fuckable' women are shit on.

No. 1918001

Yes, and people complained about it. Try actually reading the threads and not just the OPs. The pooner meme was created by a misogynistic, self-hating doomer TiF who self-posted here and on 4c. The caricature doesn't even make sense and it feels more like the product of a random tranny's BDD rather than any actual observations about how TiFs look/dress.

No. 1918002

Probably just throwing everything at the wall and seeing what sticks. She probably figures "transmasc" is a porn category she could attempt to profit off of without understanding what it means. Just my optimistic guess.

No. 1918004

I dont understand how being male is the default, it's always troon-TIF in the same sentence, no TIMs. Sage for OT but a mtf tranny is a tranny/troon while a ftm is a tif, how?

No. 1918008

honestly on this website specifically it's probably because tranny is meaner

No. 1918011

>4D chess-ing regular lesbian so she doesn't have to deal with men in her dating pool
Kek, kind of based honestly if a real ftm/women claiming to be an ftm so she can avoid dating men.

No. 1918014

This is actually smart if she’s a lesbian pretending to be trans for dating purposes. TIMs will leave her alone bc most of them don’t want to date other troons. It’s also hilarious to keep saying “I have a misgendering kink, treat me like a girl and pretend we’re having lesbian sex!” if she really just wants lesbian sex kek

No. 1918018

TIMs may turnaround and claim we're supporting them bc they're not outright misgendered, then proceed to one-up TIFs if that's not enough.

No. 1918019

I thought TIFs want to be the 'man'? Seems to me that >>1916262 doesnt even apply.

No. 1918042

File: 1698041249489.jpg (Spoiler Image,449.42 KB, 1080x1216, Screenshot_2023-10-23-09-02-41…)

Hey nonitas remember the crazy tif with retarded pony fetish art? She detrooned and doesn't take t-drug anymore. I'm so happy for her, I hope she will be able to fix her life.

No. 1918048

I hope she isn't a trad though, ex-TIFs always seem to become trads.

No. 1918049

She just needs to get rid of the porn brainrot now.

No. 1918060

>baby bottle
Oh no please god no don't let this be what I think it is..congrats on her for detrooning but please let her delete her twitter account

No. 1918069

hold the fuck up
>4-9% of autists estimated to be trans
>1 in 3 (so 33%) report to having had their gender identity questioned by professionals because of their autism diagnosis
This is blatant grooming of gender non-conforming mentally disabled people, wtf

No. 1918084

>ex troon
>old sh scars
>degenerate fetishes
She's clearly been through some shit but I'm rooting for her, praying that she'll make it to the sane side.

No. 1918130

File: 1698063375195.png (1.16 MB, 864x1230, Tavistock.png)

Self-harm scars all over her legs…
Good for her for ditching the gendie shit though!

That's still better than a TiF, and they'll probably pendulum swing back to a happy medium at some point. Also she has a dildo in her selfie so idt there's much risk of that.

Yeah it always has been. See picrel for Tavistock clinic stats on this, really shocking.

No. 1918140

More like straight tim undercover

No. 1918146


It's funny how she looks more like mtf now

No. 1918152

No she doesn’t.

No. 1918184

File: 1698076401099.jpeg (445.21 KB, 750x962, 871E7C8A-E992-47D5-9A3E-2EF6C1…)

This woman was one of my favorite cowish sideshows I checked in on every once in a while who dropped off the face of the earth after tweeting this. Apparently she was taking T for 14 months as of posting but "passed" worse despite (because of) it due to weight gain. And of course it's a yaoi porn weirdo

No. 1918185

She looks like a woman who's been on T.
Most average women will end up looking more androgynous after hormone drugs, but even with her masculine traits like the veiny hands, she still has the bone structure and smaller frame of an average woman.

I don't blame you for being confused by the fuckery of trans people. Learning how to clock them can be hard because they will always employ all the tricks thet can to confuse the average person, especially of those who only look at superficial appearences.
But all this shit does not matter anyway, what matters is that they're male or female.

No. 1918186

Transition saves livez!!!

No. 1918230

File: 1698082594512.jpeg (331.99 KB, 628x695, IMG_6638.jpeg)

No. 1918231

She was so cute, she could have just been an average masculine androgynous woman instead of this miserable butchered mess. Oh well.

No. 1918237

So full of life now that she found her true self kek

No. 1918240

File: 1698083708742.jpg (656.11 KB, 962x1282, 20231022_152033.jpg)

This female gnome pic was posted as trans positivity

No. 1918243

File: 1698084203488.jpg (500.15 KB, 1080x1132, 125826.jpg)

This trend is cool

No. 1918249

Ew that 2020 they/xe/bun named arson haircut, I'm glad it really was just a phase mom and this trend is better

No. 1918255

(sorry for slight blog) I enjoy cosplaying as my hobby but every time I meet a cosplayer who seems cute and nice she turns out to be a they or often even a he despite looking completely like a woman. Any anons who share this hobby how do I go about finding normal women cosplayers to be friends with? Maybe it's a lost cause in my age group because I am quite a young adult.

No. 1918256

What trend? What did the pictures say? I can kind of guess the right one, but comprehending the left picture is harder than Ellen page to not look dead inside.

No. 1918259

For some reason I feel more like it's a desperate tim over a terfy lesbian tif (I could also be wrong though). Although, 'she' is claiming that she'll send pics, it could be an attempt at catfishing (which is probably easier if actual women are exchanging nudes with this person on some retarded subreddit) or a tim who believes that he passes in some angles, which isn't rare because moids have always been delusional.

No. 1918267

Just keep putting out feelers for based peak women your age, I know it feels hopeless because they genuinely swarm us and will relentlessly shut us out of social gatherings once they get a whiff of terfyness but that's just the risk that comes with it. High risk high reward

No. 1918272

the fact that she's sporting a beard, yet still looks like a woman with hirsutism rather than a man

No. 1918365

Looks like another talented fanartist obsessed with Shiro from Voltron if I remember/recognise right. An oddly specific trend among TiFs.

There's a cohort of TERF (female) anime/manga fans on Twitter, nonnie! I imagine there are cosplayers among them!

No. 1918367

kek the bearded lady from american horror story made me realize you really can’t just slap a beard on and go full moid mode

No. 1918399

>Is not because I'm actually a woman and t was a mistake.

Oh she almost go-

>It's because I'm a man and there's nothing else I can do to make that happen.

nvm, she still believes she has a male brain.

No. 1918403

File: 1698103624125.png (209 KB, 1204x419, screenshot.png)

sure thing, jan. unfortunately an artist I used to look up to

No. 1918421

Straight gendies are insufferable

No. 1918435

tifs larping as gay is annoying as ever but i hate all these moids entertaining their yaoi delusions even more especially if they dated before the tif trooned out. you know you're a straight man go back to accidentally misgendering your "bf" instead of this cringe shit

No. 1918451

this sort just continually detroon and retroon ftmtftmtftmtftmtf their whole life sadly.

No. 1918461

The video of the moid answering the "haters" is way more cringe.

No. 1918481

Ayart. My post exclusively referred to TiFs. I use troon and tranny to refer to both TiFs and TiMs. Sorry for lack of clarity.

No. 1918482

what video is that?

No. 1918483

Are you sure she isn't just joking, or did she actually make another post saying she quit T? Sometimes TiFs and genderspecials will jokingly call themselves "girl."

No. 1918487

transitioning into Jordan Peterson

No. 1918489

Yea she posted about how she can't cum anymore because she is not on t

No. 1918497

One where supposedly the moid is trying hard to say he's not a straight chaser sending a message to the transphobe haters.

No. 1918503

If only, Jordan is actually unconventionally hot and radiates the IDGAF energy that a TIF could never achieve

No. 1918510

Ah yes, homosexuality, the attraction to hormones that everyone have. You date someone who's inducing hormonal imbalance on purpose and suddenly you're no longer straight. The more T, the more gay.

No. 1918511

post it then?

No. 1918524

File: 1698125029888.mp4 (903.35 KB, 480x852, 70Z4JtcsujhjqJGO.mp4)

what part of "imageboard" do you not understand

>>1918482 >>1918511

No. 1918525

of COURSE he's white LMAOOO(sage your autism)

No. 1918526

File: 1698125421307.jpeg (1.12 MB, 895x1973, 9DEEF0F0-ECD1-48CC-9DB9-D04630…)

first pic says, “behind every girly girl trying to grow out her hair” and second is picrel kek

No. 1918528

Kek he looks exactly like the kind of guy you'd expect to say this shit. Desperation written all over that droopy face and got a laugh of someone being held at gunpoint.

No. 1918534

File: 1698129274438.jpeg (130.09 KB, 828x1468, F4E6CBA7-383E-4874-9902-CE731E…)

I’m glad the zoomers are starting to snap out of it. Maybe there is hope after all

No. 1918537

File: 1698129980257.jpg (53.75 KB, 718x960, dvM4X9j.jpg)

and here's what she looks like irl.

No. 1918544


No. 1918545

Another dime-a-dozen they/them female with the same generic social media fashion and cheap jewelry as everyone else. I hope she enjoys the painful and permanent bottom growth.

No. 1918555

>>1918243 it makes me chuckle seeing fully adult tifs shitting on teenage girls getting out of the gender cult before permanently disfiguring themselves when they’re purposely destroying their own lives out of a mix of spite and sunk-cost fallacy

No. 1918560

I love when the kids do it so casually and admit it was a silly trend they hopped on. It doesn't have to be a big scary "coming out as detrans" thing, it can be a casual "oopsie imma stop now, look how silly that was of me haha" allowing others to do the same and openly laugh at themselves over it. It's growth and moving on.
Don't get me wrong I want groomers held responsible, but I would really like it if kids made the trend die quicker becasue it's not cool anymore, stopping the harm that way.

No. 1918561

This also, again, shows how much compassion they have for detranses and desisters. You'd think they would be happy for the people who are no longer suffering as much, maybe they got rid of the dysphoria too and now accept themselves and don't want to kill themselves, but of course that's wrong and bad because it means there's one less tranny out there. Culty shit.

No. 1918572

To most tifs this means "staying a (no matter how masc) woman" which translate to "pls stay feminine", which ironically pushes them deeper down the hole.

No. 1918579

If she keeps at it she will have to have a hysterectomy, or risk literally dying. Not in the far future but within a few years even, are these women even aware of that? And if they think that's a non-issue, do they know the uterus does more than just sit there and wait for a baby but actually affects your health in plenty of other ways? You think you can yeet out organs for fun at no health cost?

No. 1918586

File: 1698143585932.jpeg (815.16 KB, 750x1153, 77CC1934-405E-4A0B-ABD6-0E338F…)

No. 1918587

File: 1698143608891.jpeg (200.86 KB, 750x453, E57BE749-CB7D-45C2-882A-F600C7…)

When this is actually the same case

No. 1918588

Happy for these lesbian chickens.

No. 1918591

i bet not a single person bothered to check or considered if it causes the hen pain or distress to have a disorder that causes unnatural changes to it

No. 1918598

File: 1698146386532.jpg (18.12 KB, 360x250, 5340370-3c3faec63e98f1d3f5d1fb…)

No. 1918601

Is she on T? Is that why she's aging to horribly?

No. 1918603

I think so, but also pretty sure she has an eating disorder which is also very rough on your body/ages you significantly

No. 1918604

I saw many comments along the lines of "see it's natural even animals sometimes change their sex"

No. 1918605

This chicken is a better tranny than trannies themselves.

No. 1918608

Yeah, plus I imagine the stress from the divorce and the psychotic episode that caused her to troon out were hard on her body. She's rumoured to have anorexia too.

No. 1918619

yeah, a deadly combo. ED in particular means you're losing fat and your skin begins to sag, combined with the aging effect of testosterone. google "ozempic face" (ozempic is a weight loss drug that can make peoples faces look gaunt/old due to the rapid loss)

No. 1918650

Haha I remember a few years ago seeing a compilation post with lots of girls laughing about their stupid gender phase… the person posting it was all butthurt about them saying they 'went back to normal'. Since when did these attention seekers want to be seen as 'normal' anyway…?

No. 1918700

she doesn't even look androgynous enough to pass as a feminine looking asian guy

No. 1918711

While most of them ignore that the shit they see on nature don't happen to the homo sappien.

No. 1918719

File: 1698165718215.png (14.57 KB, 1013x788, Its a heckin boyo folx.png)

No. 1918726

Wait till they find out some insects and animals eat their own partners after mating, they'd think it's natural and totally normal for humans too kek.

No. 1918747

Tracking your period is beneficial for planning, making sure you don't ruin your bedsheets, and also your general health. If you're too early or late, you can catch that. These girls are so immature and childish, maybe that's why they think they're men

No. 1918752

File: 1698169202601.png (44.84 KB, 598x337, thatsnowhowitworks.png)

Or some of them eat their own kids, never ask to the "partner" if they want to have consensual sex, there's incest, etc. Nature is not something people should use as sample of "see? this bear killed that cub so the mother can be on heat again! THAT'S NATURAL! We should kill children now".

Someone should tell her and picrel that T is not a magical shit that a female body can handle. That's why birth control is used to control PCOS and T levels on blood.

No. 1918755

something tells me she's just been watching what she eats for the first time in her life and doesn't realise just how bad she was treating her body back when she was an icky "weak" girlie. if you don't get at least 20 mins of heart pounding per day you really start to break your body down like an old man

No. 1918757

I'm not surprised. Any time I see a TIF wanting to use T, I want to tell them to see their male relatives.

No. 1918763

They're stuck to their "eeww period is gross feminine woman thing I'm not a lame feminine girly girl ewww" phase they have in middle school. Most tifs are very childish and need to grow up.

No. 1918766

Also saves you the embarrassment of not knowing when they ask you when your last period was at the ER

No. 1918773

ot but this is the most retarded color combination i've ever seen. couldn't she have chosen a darker color for the text? it's barely discernable. makes me so irrationally mad kek

No. 1918776

File: 1698171502333.gif (902.21 KB, 460x338, grinds-my-gears-peter-griffin.…)


Sageblog but I used to track my period because my pcos was a bitch and used to give me two months without a period to then came back quite strongly.

It grinds my gears TIFs do not take their period problems seriously because "men cannot menstruate" or "SOME men do menstruate" or like >>1918763 says, they're stuck in their "ew period blood gross".

No. 1918820

>im a man not a queen
I didn't know Pixyteri had a tumblr

No. 1918841

File: 1698184315785.jpeg (161.83 KB, 1170x1536, IMG_5255.jpeg)

Surprised he hasn’t trooned out himself tbh

No. 1918943

she also calls herself a lesbian despite being obsessed with tranny horsecock so i don't know if i'd trust any of her schizo rambling shitposts.

No. 1918949

What? I thought they tru and honest moid?

No. 1918957

File: 1698206743341.jpg (158.13 KB, 828x1214, tumblr_1b061e72af88ecfc2af5a19…)

He/It pronouns.

No. 1918979

File: 1698212166853.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.1 MB, 1125x1531, FC37D6B1-0278-4B9B-A0DA-4FF4C9…)

Saged for personal cow. As well as being FTM with advanced testosterone toxicity she claims about 10 mental disorders and now uses AAC to communicate. I don’t doubt she’s got something wrong, but she’s like a poster child for not going on T.

No. 1918983

File: 1698213917772.jpeg (360.14 KB, 828x1931, IMG_3612.jpeg)

Horrifying local he/they/it/xe “drag queen” tif I had the displeasure of encountering

No. 1918985

File: 1698214572737.jpg (55.51 KB, 736x736, Heather_attending_troon_event.…)

>desire to dress as vulnerable, feminine and/or sexualized horror characters
How very female of her. Did she even play the games? SH3 literally has themes centered on her womanhood ffs

No. 1918994

File: 1698220888586.jpeg (759.95 KB, 828x1339, IMG_5468.jpeg)

No. 1918995

Insane troons of both sexes can probably write a thesis on why Heather is trans tbh

No. 1918996

You can't boost your testosterone without hormones. If delusion is what it takes for them started exercising and eating healthy, so be it

No. 1918997

>Horrifying local he/they/it/xe “drag queen” tif I had the displeasure of encountering
Tell us more you tease

No. 1918999

God she is such a tragic case. "Gender euphoria" only lasts for a little while, how long until she breaks?

No. 1919000

She's hot, I can forgive her if she's topping women and not pretending to be a yaoi boy

No. 1919004

She mostly posts stuff with TIMs, weird mommy dom stuff calling them her daughters and shit. It’s putrid. She’d make a hot lesbian but she’s obviously just a self-hating bi.

No. 1919007

nonnie what's wrong with you, clown wig giuseppe the bricklayer eyebrows and smug mouth is all she has beyond gendiness… love yourself

No. 1919008

If you looked at the shit she posts on her Twitter, you'd hopefully rescind that statement. But I wouldn't recommend looking. There are uncensored graphic images, and she talks openly about her preferred "kinks", which include "age play" (pedophilia), "primal play" (rape), "blood play" (abuse), forced drowning, and incest.

No. 1919022

Kek that shrill, high-pitched cackle of hers. So manly. Her ugly moid looks exactly the type of guy who would go "yes, honey, me so gay for you" in order to get some pussy. I hate straight trannies and their homophobia and gay larp. It's incredible how badly they want to pretend to be gay while simultaneously hating gay people.

Sad. I know I should be more empathetic towards Ellen and in a way I am too, because she's obviously mentally ill and probably has a ton of internalized lesbophobia to go through the troon pipeline and in such a rapid pace. Then again something about her also irritates me to no end. Maybe it's her attention-seeking whining about how wearing a dress almost liderally murderedt her, and promoting this stupid idea that transition is the key to happiness to her fans. Anyone in their right mind can tell she's miserable and doing poorly, but probably some equally miserable people buy into her troon propaganda and I dislike the fact she has a big platform to promote it.

No. 1919036

File: 1698232509274.gif (3.29 MB, 250x250, NotComplete.gif)

Wow, nonnie was right about TiFs gravitating towards horror media.

The plotline in Haunting Ground (Fiona, also pictured) had a LOT of themes about motherhood and the female body too (there's even a deranged character who literally refers the womb/ability to give birth as the 'essence of woman', without which she is 'incomplete'. Actually, with her crazy misogyny and womb envy, she'd be a good one for the TiMs kek. But Daniella deserves better and the troons could never look so beautiful).

No. 1919037

Why do i feel the vibes everyone defaults tifs to being bottoms? It makes me sympathize why tifs even try to choose to trans out.

No. 1919039

Because they're women.

No. 1919042

But women can top men, but why tifs specifically? Shouldnt they get first dibs based on supposed logic? They all still get jealous of women… who they think are more masculine than they are.

No. 1919051

quit appropriating gay lingo. it's fucking weird. those are sexist terms to begin with.

No. 1919054

because most tifs are straight women who are uncomfortable with their sexuality and sexually insecure. if they weren't insecure they wouldn't be tifs it doesn't disappear just because they call themselves he.

No. 1919057

>those are sexist terms to begin with.
nta but how? they refer to how taking the lead in sex depends on your physical position. nothing sexist about it.

No. 1919066

oh my god they don't mean taking lead in sex, they mean top = one who does penetrating, bottom = who gets penetrated. that's it. this is what straights appropriating gay lingo does, you all don't even know what you are talking about.

No. 1919098

Why do nonnies here have such low standards tho kek. Like there's plenty of beautiful lesbian and bi women in this world, yet at least 2-3 anons are always going on about how some schizo straight woman would be a 'hot lesbian' (not the exact case here with your post anon, I'm just generally speaking). While tifs would definitely be happier and less dead inside-looking if they stopped ruining their health, but please, she isn't even into women, she hates us and herself. She'll forever be straight (if she already is, I mean), just not a troon.

No. 1919108

Damn who would have thought that eating healthy and exercising would lead you into a more energetic person, what a scoop! Hopefully being a healthier person will lead her to drop her porn addiction and her delusions (wishful thinking I know, but I think she's not too far gone yet).

No. 1919116


Apparently this often happens after ovarian infections in chickens; if their left ovary is significantly damaged, their right ovary will start to turn into an ovotestis. Sad!

No. 1919122

File: 1698245804934.png (2.11 MB, 1691x770, Untitled10_20231025105454.png)

Retarded ftm TikToker insults detrans people doing a trend because she’s easily influenced and decided to be a frog voice having uggo.

No. 1919125

trannies always seen detransitioners talking about their own experience as a personal attack on them. like if they really think that they are oh so 'cool and hot' why does it affect them so much

No. 1919134

So she admits she'll change her entire life based on what's trendy. This is such a self-own.

No. 1919137

Willfully admitting she's so vulnerable to social contagion that a tiktok trend can change her life trajectory, yet if you tried saying the massive increase in girls transitioning during the last few years was due to social contagion she would have a fit

No. 1919142

It's what the troons want too, separate sexuality from our bodies even further and turn sex into a s/m power play where one is on top and the other is at the bottom. The words carry inherently negative meaning and part of is because bdsm, leather and humiliation is one of the pillars of gay male culture, where this "dynamic" was born. You can see this inherently negative aspect in how males online started memeing the word "top" as a positively while "bottom" as a negative and the online girlies followed suit to this memeing.

The only time, online or offline, where I saw top and bottom be used almost without prejudices was between annoying tumblr yaoi fangirls who were so politically correct that they could not use the words uke/seme anymore (which honestly imo are preferable words as it's unrealistic, comic book tropes applied only to fictional characters) because they felt those terms were unrealistic and fetishizing, so they applied top/bottom to their fictional pairings and tried to distance themselves to the uke/seme dynamic by trying to make their pairings appear more "realistic". It's funny as fuck because fandom pairing dynamics (yaoi, yuri, straight, w/e) still quickly devolved back to seme/uke dynamics with the extra step to use the gender-approved terminology top/bottom.
If you read any tif post with the words top and bottom they start making more sense if you replace them with "seme" and "uke" anyway lmao.

No. 1919191

what's the detrans trend on tiktok?

No. 1919202

>being trans is cool and hot
Nothing about it being her 'true self' or anything, I notice. Just what she thinks is 'cooler' (and she still got it wrong kek).

She's talking about the trend posted here: >>1918243 >>1918526

No. 1919262

top and bottom aren't bdsm terms. you guys are retarded. the terms aren't even gay.

No. 1919308

Top and bottom did come from the gay community. Straight women weren't calling themselves "bottoms" before the internet.

No. 1919349

>this is what straights appropriating gay lingo does, you all don't even know what you are talking about
Right some straight people seem genuinely unable to separate penetration from "being the leader", and think that top = dominant i.e. masculine which for obvious reasons is misogynistic. I don't mind women referred to as top if she has a strap or whatever, but tifs wanting to be yaoi boiz so they can call themselves "bottoms" while using their "bonus holes" barf is just dumb.

No. 1919402

File: 1698289382305.jpg (186.53 KB, 1080x1165, Screenshot_20231026_082654_Chr…)

>Like am I not manly enough or I don’t look like a man?
The fact that she had just personally experienced how terrible moids truly are, yet this was the only thing on her mind.

No. 1919405

Why are they surprised when chaser males are the only type they attract

No. 1919406

File: 1698290376432.jpg (164.65 KB, 1080x1083, Screenshot_20231026_083805_Chr…)

Based mom. I feel a bit sad for her, she obviously loves her daughter enough to subtly hint at her that she wouldn't change a thing about her, yet the tif is too busy larping as the anime boy of her dreams and took offense to that instead.

No. 1919409

File: 1698290620335.jpg (210.29 KB, 1080x1348, Screenshot_20231026_084432_Chr…)

Ignore me samefagging… yet again. I was just scrolling through the subreddit and found some interesting posts. This one caught my eyes the most because you can literally smell their copium through the screen and witness cult-like behaviour at its finest: https://www.reddit.com/r/ftm/comments/175wuc7/rdetrans_is_scaring_the_shit_out_of_me/

No. 1919410

File: 1698291166904.jpg (163.29 KB, 1080x1074, Screenshot_20231026_083859_Chr…)

Tifs should just stick to anime or corny greek god names at this point because wtf is this? What kind of brain damage could make one feel 'gender envy' towards a dead relative they've never even met? And of course, although there aren't that many comments yet, all of them are either supporting her decision or relating to her instead of finding it at least odd in the slightest. alright it's my last post for now, I swear I won't spam again kek

No. 1919416

File: 1698291899132.png (Spoiler Image,564.63 KB, 1259x642, boy-pussy.png)

>"bonus holes"

At least is not "boy pussy", although I have seen some tifs using it seriously.

No. 1919417

File: 1698292102405.png (13.08 KB, 971x170, perverse.png)

Some of the comments of that thread are so manipulative, specially knowing OP is a minor. What happened with "do not talk with strangers"?

No. 1919419

i really wants those sheets

No. 1919421

I think this is the first time I've seen a TIF do this, but I've seen a lot of TIMs do it. Truly narcissistic behavior, regardless.

No. 1919424

Oh what the fuck, not going to blog but from experince feeling jealous of a family member who died before you were born is a special kind of fucked that only TIMs get to.

No. 1919425

>get jealous of women… who they think are more masculine than they are.
I feel for lesbian tifs, these are some of the problems when they stay women and therefore want to troon out.

No. 1919428

>This is perverse
Got it, wanting your daughter to love herself is 'perverse' but grooming teens on the internet so they'd butcher their bodies is not.

No. 1919438

anytime an attractive person calls themselves nonbinary or the opposite gender my vagina snaps shut

No. 1919439

File: 1698296461894.png (30.51 KB, 842x210, Screenshot 2023-10-26 130112.p…)

What logic is this nonas i don't understand trans language

No. 1919440

TiFs often have the urge to skinwalk everyone, there's no logic it's just retarded

No. 1919442

File: 1698297021216.png (39.49 KB, 841x242, Screenshot 2023-10-26 131030.p…)

More context

No. 1919445

From her Edit I assume the only advice she wanted was encouragement to keep going with the surgeries and hormones and for someone to label the detrans subreddit bad and untrustworthy

No. 1919473

I know exactly which ones you're talking about! one was a TIF trying to use the name of her sister's dead son, and the other was a TIF taking the name of their dead older brother. It's beyond messed up, and yes, absolutely disrespectful.

No. 1919546

Isn't this just autism?

No. 1919551

It seems more BPD to me.

No. 1919553

I'm autistic and I understand what the poster is going for. I used to feel similar feelings but only about men. I can't explain it and it still happens sometimes. I wish I could be this and that but reality is that I'm me and that's it. I suspect it stems from insecurity and self hatred. Everyone wants to be pretty and have a pretty partner.

No. 1919561

I think the implication is that they think they wouldn't be sexually harassed if they were fully perceived as men. Bleak.

I hated 'boy pussy'/'bussy' when gay moids were using it, and now we have TiFs using it too. Can't help but feel like gay men using it that way helped create the idea that 'penetrated object=vagina/women'.

No. 1919564

These people are so fucking dumb, she saw a bunch of women crying about having their bodies butchered because of the troon cult and immediately went to Cult HQ to ask if troonism was a cult that made people butcher their bodies? Is there any hope for these idiots? I guess it's good that the detrans subreddit planted the seed of doubt in her walnut brain but you can never tell with these types, half of them quietly detrans and the other half double down to quell the evil thoughts until they're too far gone to do anything but wallow in their self-loathing.

No. 1919575

You are ignorant because top and bottom are terms tied to gay (homosexual male) culture, the fact that anyone who isn't a gay man is using those terms is a sign that gender propaganda has been insidious enough to make normies and people like you think these are normal words everyone should use.

Fandom has been so intrinsic to modern queer culture that now you can't even talk about pairings without the word top and bottom popping up everywhere. Then we get idiots like you who think these words were made up by fandom and thus we're "retarded" for criticizing them, or bleeding hearts who can't bear to see their poor precious gay male culture/queer culture criticized.

No. 1919580

>Can't help but feel like gay men using it that way helped create the idea that 'penetrated object=vagina/women'.
It is exactly just that. It's not exactly a modern concept and gay men just reinvented things in generally thought up by men through ancient times.
Stuff like third genders who were just GNC gay males that men could fuck guilt-free, or the thought that fucking young boys or teen males was fine because they weren't quite real men yet.
It's a concept we see multiple times through history and various cultures were men divided people between "I can fuck it" and "I can not fuck it", and the latter category of people is comprised of those they find lesser, that they want to humiliate or someone who is just weaker than them.

Now, I don't believe every modern age gay men thought or thinks like this, but there has been a good chunk who does and still do. Twink death shows none of them wants older bottoms and in general bottoms are subjected to many jokes (esp. Self-depracating ones).
Most tifs see all this with rose-tinted glasses, but then others fetishize the real, depressing world of gay men.

No. 1919583

idk I think it's just confusion related to being bi and having the tendency to skinwalk your crushes speaking from personal experience. These girls just added gender retardation to the mix.

No. 1919591

Look at the misogynistic disparity of how she describes her crushes

No. 1919711

File: 1698338884801.jpg (361.43 KB, 1200x625, 20231023_125026.jpg)


No. 1919733

>Most tifs see all this with rose-tinted glasses, but then others fetishize the real, depressing world of gay men.

This. They want the "faggy fag fag twink bottom kawaii" world while ignoring the homophobia for gays in general, thinking "is ok since I'm trans anyway so it doesn't affect ME".

No. 1919735

I agree w/all of this. And re: the second part, I've seen more than one TiM/detrans say that avoiding 'twink death' was a large part of why they transitioned. And we already know that the stigma of being a feminine gay man is a huge reason for younger HSTS doing it.

Grass is always greener on the other side, or something.

No. 1919745

>Grass is always greener on the other side, or something.

Except in this case, Grass is only greener in the fiction side. If they really, REALLY knew the deaths or abuse in the LGB collective they wouldn't even dare to try to act like gay twinks looking for a daddy top, they would move their ass to speak about homophobia. But being trans gives them more "euphoria" while acting like victims or not questioning why they want to remove their healthy breasts, why even bother about the other letters in the TQ+???

No. 1919755

Faggot = feminine PRETTY man. Insecure straight girls want to be seen as pretty and beautiful above all else. She isn't comfortable dressing uber femininely, understandable, but she hates the thought of being seen as ugly. Gnc women and lesbians are labeled ugly by society, gay men are not. Gay men are praised for drag, their makeup skills, their fashion sense. On top of that, they are allowed to look like straight men, no one cares how men look. Women are not allowed to exist in the same way. What are lesbians or gnc women praised for? The worst thing you can be in this world is an ugly woman, you are invisible at best, discriminated against at worst.

No. 1919762

File: 1698344380935.png (26.93 KB, 906x214, keltonny.png)

Oh she's a teen, she might change her op-

>MFW she's 31 and still want to be a fag.

No. 1919780

why does detransitioning to certain people mean "wear makeup and look feminine". you could still dress "masculine" without lying to yourself that you're a man. detrans doesn't have to affect anything besides "stop taking hormones".

No. 1919804

Because they were never natural tomboys or masc to begin with they were dorky normally feminine girls who fell for trends because they couldn’t overcome their internalized self misogyny and also are literal midwits. kek

No. 1919812

File: 1698348060702.png (59.27 KB, 499x430, monstrostooth 5-12-23.png)

couldn't respond when i first saw this but yeah this is real, although she hasn't peaked or anything, she just doesn't take T.

No. 1919815

I hate gender ideology so much jfc

No. 1919816

Kikomi real

No. 1919821

"I identify with transfems" to me just sounds like a fancy way of saying you're a porn addict and/or misogynist

No. 1919824

File: 1698349423700.jpg (69.87 KB, 1080x526, clownstongue 10-3-23.jpg)

both true (this image was created by her)

No. 1919835

Well at least she knows she has a problem at least.

No. 1919973

File: 1698369030891.jpeg (266.91 KB, 828x1326, IMG_5047.jpeg)

No. 1919998

>sexual trauma=hypersexuality
Color me unfazed. Most sexual trauma (even the minor inconveniences that is the same nature as CSA) leads to avoidance and serious abstinence. I hate the freedom and the way these girls show off their sexuality in the open.

No. 1919999

Above all else, then why do they bother waking the trans path just to achieve that if women may be objectively nicer-looking even on average than the average man? Why do they have to be the outlier of a man just to be seen as pretty if this is a basal instinct characteristic to women? What a mindfuck.

No. 1920001

On top of that they need to stop lying or gaslighting themselves or others that they are really the opposite sex too. Some tifs stopped hormones for a while because because.

No. 1920003

File: 1698374224735.png (46 KB, 836x287, Screenshot 2023-10-27 103609.p…)

>tfw you're still jealous of women
>you have 3 goddamn brothers and there's like no 'gender envy'???

No. 1920004

Now this is quite depressing.

No. 1920014

Women are pressured into being pretty, men are praised for being pretty. Hell, men get lusted after for wearing some shaky "e-boy" eyeliner and not having skid marks in their underwear. But instead of seeing the problems with that, tiffanies accept this double standard and just see themselves as the special exceptions who are gaming the system.

No. 1920088

I thought the common consensus was sexual trauma leads to hypersexuality being more common than avoidance? Or is it just because that camp of people is far more vocal and the abstinence crowd tends to be quiet? I hear the "victims want to feel in control" as an explanation for the ramped up promiscuity angle often.

No. 1920089

Can’t it be both? Either way, they are denied healthy and normal sexuality.

No. 1920090

i hope TIFs invade drag queen spaces and drive problematic gay pedo moids out of it, please please please

No. 1920094

>if women may be objectively nicer-looking even on average than the average man?

This is true. But since every other girl wears makeup, you stick out as plain/average/ugly if you don't. Since men never wear makeup, men can look "pretty" in no makeup. A woman will never be called pretty or hot without makeup, except by people she interacts with irl. Of course, all of this is retarded beauty standards, but TiFs buy into this made up hierarchy as much as the girl using ten pounds of makeup on tiktok. Because she still wants to be praised as cute, but doesn't want to wear makeup or dresses, she becomes the boy.

No. 1920127

Both are true and common. I do believe the sex-repulsed people tend to be quiter because not being interested in sex is seen as loser/frigid/insecure behaviour while being hypersexual is almost cool because society is already hypersexual (and most likely because one doesn't benefit men, while the other does.).

No. 1920152

You really think some tifs can get rid of drag queens when is always the opposite?

No. 1920157

File: 1698412335022.jpg (174.36 KB, 1034x689, F832bTGXsAE8jyM.jpg)

Mind you, this is about as Masculine a TIF can get, even with Hormones, Steroids and working out like crazy.

No. 1920162

For both tifs and tims it’s always the bellybutton that looks so bizarre to me. I never knew we had male/female bellybuttons, but I guess so. I can’t tell if it’s the shape or the placement or what

No. 1920193

The TIFs in drag spaces are also pedophiles because so are most drag queens

No. 1920198

It's the placement, female bellybuttons are lower on her body closer to her groin. Male bellybuttons are in the middle of his abs.

No. 1920206

File: 1698421109878.png (45.29 KB, 601x394, 1696718552173.png)

TIF stop failing in history 101

No. 1920211

Connor McGregor tbh

No. 1920216

'If you can't beat them, join them', I guess.

Makes me think of the girl in that comic that keeps being posted, who thought it was a 'waste' because she was a decent looking girl, but could be a super cute boy. Thus, trooning out.

No. 1920250

Does she also know that pioneering trans researcher was also a pedophile advocate?

No. 1920255

alot of people back then were pedophile advocates though.(sage your shit)

No. 1920279

Nah he has a boxer's physique, not wirey and malnourished like this poor yoke. Sadly I realised she was a woman on the front page with no glasses on

No. 1920405

I bet this girlie also supports Hamas and Islam in the current thing. The irony of talking about any level of antisemitism against trans in the current climate, does being trans make one a jew now?(derailing)

No. 1920483

File: 1698455019836.png (4.17 MB, 1021x5841, IMG_9355.png)

This post threw me for a huge loop because upon first glance it reads like it’s written by a MtF due to the level of aggression and the posting of something from “autogynephiles anonymous”. But upon looking at the profile and seeing the last comment, this is an actual self-hating woman speaking. Really bizarre.


No. 1920489

File: 1698455199834.png (510 KB, 479x764, Screenshot 2023-10-27 180553.p…)

swear to god every single one is like this. all ugly, all making themselves uglier on purpose with shit hair and shit clothes and shit piercings and shit tattoos, all disgustingly childish, all self-dxing every trendy mental disorder under the sun,

No. 1920545

Wtf is "neurodiversity affirming"? Actually mentally ill people don't want things that "affirm" their mental illnesses (whatever that means), they want accessible resources that help them combat their symptoms.

No. 1920560

File: 1698461101100.jpeg (333.69 KB, 946x2048, IMG_4705.jpeg)

No. 1920561

File: 1698461172516.jpeg (224.28 KB, 946x2048, IMG_4706.jpeg)

No. 1920579

i think she just means "dbt for autistic people", which is stupid because i'm autistic and dbt was really helpful for me as it already is
is a fancy word for not being able to name emotions, which isn't necessarily an autistic thing but can also be a result of emotional neglect. it shouldn't be accepted as a part of you that you can't change, since healing from that should be a major treatment goal
dbt skills are useful for managing emotionally intense episodes, whereas i think this person is probably going to imply that meltdowns are just part of who she is and not something that needs to be treated (false).
>sensory differences
I guess she's referring to things like self-soothing which suggest sensory based soothing things? she could just ignore the stuff she doesn't find useful and come up with other stuff instead, which is how you're supposed to do it anyway

No. 1920606

wtf is "masculine body language"?

No. 1920607

Of course saying you're a lesbian and only attracted to actual women is somehow "offensive" because we're regressing back to old school homophobia where homosexuality is treated like something dirty and to be hidden. Anyways had she not said she was a tif I would've believed she was a pornsick agp man so props to her I guess. She's still a fucking horrible person though and that isn't gonna change unless she actually does some serious soul-searching.

No. 1920618

File: 1698469985568.jpeg (421.31 KB, 1125x1207, IMG_0988.jpeg)

Sage for personal cow.
This pooner worked under me for ~3 months as a CSR at dog boarding and was the least functional worker I ever met.
>Cosplay/ski walks Eddie from Stranger Things. Multiple Eddie tattoos and came to work in leftover fake blood from Eddie cosplays.
>Shit dog owner. Refused to spay dog bc it would “stunt her development” kek
>Called in sick ~35% of her shifts the day of, meaning I had to cover (thanks for the overtime but fuck you all the same)
>Frog voice, raging faggot “gay boy” who was dating another pooner over the internet.
>Thousands in personal debt owed.
>Finally sent in the fakest doctors note I’ve ever seen when asked. Quit suddenly when she was called out on it bc “muh transphobia”
>Lazy, terminally online, SUPER inappropriate with customers

No. 1920630

So basically
>"My symptoms are an inherent and unchangeable part of me"
>"Everything I think or feel is factually correct"
>"My symptoms don't make me toxic, other people are toxic for not enabling me"
>"I don't need to improve"
I guess troons have consistency with their approach to mental health issues, but I can't really praise them for that when the approach is this self-destructive.

No. 1920639

>what the fuck else can I do dawg
Just look in the mirror and stop being delusional.

>SUPER inappropriate with customers
In a sexual harassment way or 'everyone is a terf and out to get me' way? She sounds like a real piece of work, if the work was created with shit.

No. 1920647


I'm dying to see the cosplay, Eddie fans really are the wordt of the worst.
Hope the poor horse in the picture is okay at least and that it doesn't have to carry this fatty around.

No. 1920654

File: 1698477799547.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.34 MB, 715x8167, A5A25BDC-AC03-4C14-82DC-905F55…)

kek at first glance I interpreted it as being DBT that’s extra helpful to those with alexithymia, meltdowns, and sensory differences and as a BPD-chan I thought that could actually be sort of neat.

so I looked it up and nona’s are half right. it’s a normal DBT book with less information than Marsha linehan’s book, except it’s in color and has some bad advice sprinkled in.

>meltdown prevention tips = reducing vulnerability to emotion mind

>check if it’s helpful = check the facts
>meltdown mapping = distress tolerance
>special interests = distress tolerance/accumulating positive emotion

everything else is completed retarded and goes against everything that someone should be learning with DBT.

DBT was specifically designed as a treatment for BPD and the other pages are antithetical to getting better.

The affirmations page is stupid.
>My brain works exactly the way it was designed to, and I deserve to find ways to support my brain.
No. If you’re using DBT, your brain has gone through trauma and you’re trying to specifically change the way you think about things so you stop fucking up your life.
>My sensory differences are real and valid, and they deserve to be accommodated.
Okay, who’s going to accommodate them?

Why would anyone need a page of stims? Don’t they happen unconsciously?

The page that pisses me off most of all is the meltdown tip sheet for friends and family. only a troon could come up with something like that. it’s your responsibility to manage your meltdowns, not someone else’s.

Seeing a few of these pages really drives home the fact that it was written by a terminally online tif, for other terminally online tifs, because who else would take a therapy that was made to help you be self-sufficient in managing your emotions and then make it other people’s problem?

No. 1920662

Blog incoming. My TIF sister told me that her male friends with only female siblings and female friends with only male siblings feel a characteristic way which is not relatable to their siblings to a certain extent, and that she felt ironically bad about herself "being the exception". She told me she the deeper she dwells on it the more distress she feels about our relationship and dynamics. She is constantly jealous of me.(blogpost + male)

No. 1920666

What the fuck is up with grifters and wanting to make workbooks. Get a JOB.

No. 1920674

>masculine body language
Is she trying to do to hip thrusts in public like our queen?

No. 1920676

I think that is a TIM. The last comment seems like a badly worded joke. The name plus icon screams TIM.

The special interests page is super weird. Surely a special interest should be persistent since childhood? It also seems unhelpful to take up half the space with suggestions that lots of autistic women wouldn't like. You can tell this is written by a TIF, because she wrote the girliest hobbies ever (also neurodiversity as a subject to deep dive is unintentionally hilarious)

No. 1920696

According to some TIF post I read years ago, man is when you check your nails by closing your hand instead of spreading it out, kek

>Surely a special interest should be persistent since childhood?
They switch every few years for most people it seems, at least until teenage/adulthood where they sometimes settle.

First of all what the fuck.
Second of all I always felt bad about being a mentally ill retard failure as an eldest child, and used to think maybe trooning out and brainwashing my whole family into forgetting my sperg antics would reset the balance sort of and I could start over as immaculate nii-chan. Then I got lucid and realized that this IS another sperg antic. I'm not saying this is what's going on here since many TIFs seem to harbor genuine petty hatred for their relatives. Also it's entirely possible to "relate" to an opposite sex sibling especially if you have just one or sometimes two, what she's saying mostly applies to those that have a bunch of same sex siblings to get ultra-involved into a dick measuring contest with imo

No. 1920725

>I'm sick of women and womanhood all you terfs and cowardly prudes!
1. The fact that she's willing to transition because she's "sick of women" proves that people mainly transition for societal reasons.
2. Why is she so pissed that lesbians have sex less and don't want to have it with men? If she wants dick so bad she can go get it, other people don't have to follow along. LGBTQ people online are one of the most insecure demographic–enough people of their sexuality or gender needs to be doing exactly what they're doing, or else they don't feel heckin valid and a community meeting needs to be called.

No. 1920731

>I think that is a TIM. The last comment seems like a badly worded joke. The name plus icon screams TIM.
I thought that too, but her older post history shows her asking about taking T and growing her clit and before that she seemed slightly more normal.

No. 1920785

>neurodiversity listed as an example of a special interest
self-diagnosed TIFs really think their obsession with playing the victim is a special interest lol

No. 1920793

they can just write about themselves even more and then try to charge for it. dream come true.

No. 1920827

File: 1698514184598.png (2.91 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_4708.png)

If you were a gay man, why would you get mad if someone said straight women don’t belong at a gay bar?

No. 1920828

telling on themselves just like tims lel

No. 1920846

>Pete wentz
Why are there so many emo tifs? I used to love interacting with emo bandom, fell out of it but now that I'm coming back in its just a rats nest of tifs ugh

No. 1920884

>Why are there so many emo tifs?
For a while there, starting in the mid 2000s, writing fanfic about My Chemical Romance, Fallout Boy and Panic at the Disco was very popular among m/m writers. It fell off in the early to mid 2010s but it's still there.

No. 1920898

File: 1698524328764.jpeg (496.97 KB, 3024x4032, 20231027_115839.jpeg)

>someone bought a Lucario plush with tit scars

No. 1920899

File: 1698524435461.jpeg (515.56 KB, 3024x4032, 20231027_115532.jpeg)

My fucking sides

No. 1920904

I honestly think what Nona's TIF sister said is pretty ignorant, since the disconnect between male and female siblings is largely the result of either the female oppression/male privilege dynamic, or the result of testosterone-fueled anger issues and tendency towards abusive behavior. She may as well say, "I feel dysphoric that I wasn't raised to either view you as my servant, pet, or personal punching bag."
That insecurity is almost entirely coming from the TQA. Even most of the self-proclaimed "lesbians" and "gay men" who act like that are just hetero (bisexual at most) people LARPing as whatever they think gay people are like. They're insecure because they know they're not actually gay, and the only thing allowing them to claim that they are is the insistence that there is more to being gay than just being same-sex attracted. They're literally riding on the homophobic concept of "the gay lifestyle".

No. 1920915

>Tit chop scars on a character that never had boobs to begin with
>Character in question is of a nonhuman species that could never have boobs
I'm starting to think a significant percentage of TIFs share a single retarded brain. Also, slight sperg, but that OC design is so fucking bad kek. It looks more like a preexisting furry fetish OC with a Pokémon-themed palette swap than an it does an actual Pokémon. FFS, the head and mouth shape doesn't even look like it's from the same species. It reminds me more of a chow chow than a jackal, and it certainly doesn't look like Anubis. Furries are such terrible artists.

No. 1920921

>Character in question is of a nonhuman species that could never have boobs
Even funnier when they did this with the build a bear frogs, I guess they just ignored that frogs aren't fucking mammals.
>It looks more like a preexisting furry fetish OC with a Pokémon-themed palette swap than an it does an actual Pokémon
I mean, it IS an actual pokemon just with blue hair and tit scars, but the design for Lucario was always pretty shit so agreed.

No. 1920931

How would those tifs react if they met a gender critical jewish person like Jessie Singal, Bari Weiss or Abigail Shrier

No. 1920934

sage for stupid and unrelated question but why do people on tumblr put water filter on things they find dumb/disagree with?

No. 1920940

I think it's partly to distinguish it from the rest of the post, and partly as a sort of tone indicator.

No. 1920951

the page of stims and special interests is the most mind boggling thing i have ever seen. even if you mask, you mask because you were taught not to stim. if you literally have never stimmed before and don't naturally do it and you have to get someone else to tell you what it is, that's not stimming. that's literally just learning to act autistic. same with the special interest… you don't pick a fun activity to hyperfocus on. no autistic/adhd person has to have help deciding what their special interest is because again, it's something you naturally have. how do you need suggestions on how to better pretend to be retarded and somehow think you're still actually retarded? who are all these people who want to be tistic and hyperactive?

No. 1920968

TRAs have a weird violent and sexual fixations with jesse singal, him having moderate views and not macho but still a "cis man" sets them off. with weiss and shrier not too sure on specifics, i assume they mostly write them off as older women and conservatives.

No. 1921005

I'm the older sister, which greatly reduces her chances of being perceived as male. She wanted the dynamic of opposite sex siblings that negates the "dick-measuring" or "status/looks-measuring" contest. Our relationship had been the typical same-sex sibling kind, which she feels "dysphoric" when finding out her friends' background.

No. 1921006

"Male mannerisms".

No. 1921062

Feels like tit chop scars have become way bigger than a surgical procedure for a "manly" chest. It's like it's symbolic of the whole social contagion aspect of TIFism

No. 1921097

I’ve said this before on LC in other threads, but I’ll say it again: I think that lots of TIFs fetishize mastectomy scars because they represent suffering, and TIFs fetishize the suffering they go through (suffering in a way that only women can experience kek) the same way that Christians fetishize the noble suffering of Jesus by displaying crucifixes in their homes and on rosary necklaces.

No. 1921121

It's basically cutting reinvented.

No. 1921138

Mastectomy scars fulfill several categories all at once:

> tribal markings

It's a signal of belonging to a like-minded group
> sign of suffering
Troops have a suffering fetish and surgery scars are an easy way to get "You have to take care of me and my needs" points. Cutting scars don't cut it because unlike surgery cutting is not "life saving" or "medically necessary".
> signaling that you are rejecting women's role as a fuckable object
Troons 100% swallow the idea that women's role is to be fuckable bimbo objects for men, and boobs along with long hair, non-tattoos, and non-colorful makeup are seen as markers of acceptance of trad women's role. Cutting, removing, or subverting those signals you're not like other girls. Also, it's a rejection of maternity - fuck you mom and not like those tradwifes all rolled into one.
> fat removal.
A sizable number of tifs, especially those in the 25-35 are range, have internalized the skinny beauty standard and have body image issues. Body image issues and eating disorders make you want to get rid of fat - boobs are mostly fat, and it's not possible to really tone them out. Almost every tif I've met IRL has this, and the fatter the tif the more they're after double mastectomy.
> boob standards.
TIFs with saggy boobs or otherwise "nonstandard" or ugly boobs feel like the next best thing is to cut them off. Body positivity is embarrassing copium for fatties, and all media tells you is that if you have uggo boobs your only solutions are die a virgin, get implants (which is a fuckable bimbo object marker so no go), or cut them off for that acceptably cool androgyny and validation.

No. 1921146

>You can tell this is written by a TIF, because she wrote the girliest hobbies ever
The whole list is kinda offensive, I mean really, dinosaurs? Is the intended user 8 years old? And like you mention there's the girly hobbies like make-up and baking, when in reality many autistic women have more stereotypically 'masculine' interests and have gotten make-up and dolls shoved in their faces since they were young.

No. 1921174

I wish a survey was conducted regarding TIFs, TIMs and their relationship in the past past with religion. A lot of the ways they operate seems cult-like. I wonder if most of them grew up as Christian or Muslim and parrot a lot of aspects from those religions. I wonder why they share the belief that the mind is separate from the body.

No. 1921191

that thing looks miserable

No. 1921200

File: 1698592863161.png (1008.43 KB, 1080x2400, gay.png)

In what universe is she gay?

No. 1921205

Fucking Christ, she needs to know that being a straight awkward teenage girl is the norm.

No. 1921214

>not like other guys

Of course she’s not, she’s female. The image that she uses would tell anyone that she is female too kek I swear these women have never talked to a man in their lives.

No. 1921220

File: 1698598418120.png (306.69 KB, 1170x2532, IMG_4712.png)

Today, a tif learns what sexual diphormism is.

No. 1921224

>spends hours doing my hair and makeup for my eyebrows

ah yes, those things men do.

No. 1921229

>other guys: literally just guys
>me: a girl

No. 1921231

You know what? I feel her, I once got an ad for 'what bread am I?' quiz on picrew. I knew it was a sign that, deep down, I'm actually a banana bread. I can't believe this breadphobic world assigned me a species at birth without even asking if I'm bread-brained or human-brained. The trans movement saved my life, I'm currently typing this post with my bread fingers after a bread reassignment surgery, I'll have to replace my bread fingers every 2 weeks. You terfs would never understand my struggle.

No. 1921232

Some of them put so much effort to pass meanwhile TIMs go outside dressed like shit, the only difference is they have long hair and a skirt, with a gun in hand and they say ''if anyone misgenders me I'll fucking kill you''.

Also is she your personal cow, nona?

No. 1921236

File: 1698600750271.png (388.17 KB, 1031x642, guysvme.PNG)

sorry for low effort

No. 1921241

Kek. I actually laughed out loud.

No. 1921242

next thread pic.

No. 1921259

>spends and hour doing hair and makeup for my eyebrows

This is why you're being clocked as feminine. Makeup sticks out like a sore thumb, and men aren't the ones walking about with gunk on their face.

No. 1921275

>what if we were both male stereotypes… and we kissed

In the same vein, in what universe is the one on the right a "male stereotype?"

No. 1921280

File: 1698607926864.jpeg (271.31 KB, 828x999, DF053F9D-593E-4D73-8EA0-09A316…)

Reminds me of this without the bully part. I’m fascinated by women who want a shitty boyfriend only to make themselves seem better in comparison.

No. 1921288

File: 1698609285619.png (240.55 KB, 720x755, Screenshot_20231029-125147.png)

lol this girl's posts
from her other posts at least she's aware of how autistic she is, but only in the "I'm a quirky feral dirt boy" way

No. 1921294

A lot of the ones I've met grew up in very religious households and/or communities. So far it's mostly been Christianity, Judaism, and Mormonism.

No. 1921301

That T is doing a number on her libido, her sexual interests sound moid af.

>hardly wear makeup

Please, I almost never wear makeup. WEAK.

No. 1921303

It must be so hard coming out as straight and having had a bicurious phase where you treated SSA women like toys— Sorry, I meant "a trans gay man who went through comphet".

No. 1921349

>but try to experiment with calling yourself by the label "gay"
Ah yes, because same-sex attraction was never a part of homosexuality. The so-called 'label' is there to use as a decoration rather than to describe something, so all that matters is whether you like (mis)using it on yourself or not. You're immediately gay if you like the word gay, just like how I'm a bread because I like the word bread.

>or experiment with trying to think gay thoughts

Kek trying? Girl they just pop-up like shady ads on a piracy website when you're actually gay. But then again, obsessing over stories about '2 boys falling in love' that are written by women, target women and you're enjoying as a woman, falls under the definition of 'gay thoughts' for her so what else can I even expect? A few crumbs of sanity? Nah. I feel bad for her girlfriend though, imagine dealing with her for almost 2 years.

No. 1921393

File: 1698623382058.png (72.08 KB, 536x667, Screenshot 2023-10-29 7.47.26 …)

this tif is certainly something.

No. 1921394

There's a drawing of a stag with tit chop scars too.

No. 1921396

Needa know. If concealing your sex during an act of sex is rape by deception, then going into the workforce obscuring your sex is… hired by deception? It is illegal to deceive a corporate yknow. Wonder how TIFs survive in work.

No. 1921402

i feel like hiding your sex during intercourse is different though. for most jobs you can do it regardless of sex but if you're having intercourse your sex is literally the point. especially since gay men are same sex attracted, they would rather have sex with an actual man even if a lot of men would screw anything.

No. 1921405

File: 1698624659802.jpeg (215.83 KB, 1073x869, IMG_6475.jpeg)

That girl is so fucking funny kek she’s too idiotic for her own good

No. 1921410

"illegal to deceive a corporate" is one of the few things you could say that's stupid enough to make me side with troons but I don't care if a company that would deny employment to a woman hires her because she's pretending to be a man.

No. 1921428

>me: I reject the societal stereotypes of one sex just so I can force myself into the societal stereotypes of the other sex, please accept me now
>society: nah

No. 1921434

>so straight men can't be attracted to trans women?

Yeah tifs just see both sexes as stereotypes, and cos males get more positive stereotypes tifs want that, but they're jumping from the frying into the fire cos by their own logic they have to conform to those stereotypes too. The solution is obviously to realise people are more than that but I wouldn't expect a terminally online nerdy girl like the average tif to know what a real person is even like.

No. 1921439

Why the fuck did you think this was relevant, or even appropriate? This is like comparing theft to torture.

No. 1921456

I lol'd but in all seriousness, there are bi moids to date wi- oh no, not gay enough for these TIFs.

No. 1921462

rare menalez W, good for her kek

No. 1921471

There have been a few Reddit rants reposted in previous threads where TIFs are upset their bi bfs don't view them in a gay enough way, iirc

No. 1921482

File: 1698641432587.png (401.09 KB, 660x400, Chris-Jericho-list.png)

I mean, what do they expect? I have a list on why gay men wouldn't sleep with a tif.

No. 1921483

kek gay couples are mostly so dysfunctional, I don't know why she wants to be in a shitty relationship so bad

No. 1921485

>I would read comics or books about 2 boys falling in love, and since im an artist id'd even start drawing gay couples

I bet, like most of us think, she only read stuff written from straight women like her. If she read gay romance from gay man, she wouldn't even feel the same.

No. 1921499

File: 1698644212932.jpg (1.12 MB, 2500x2500, F6kYONrXAAAVLKy.jpg)

Absolute cringe.

No. 1921541

TIF art is always so immediately clockable. I can't tell if it's the cringe wording or the composition - when there's actually anything drawn it's even more obvious.

No. 1921542

File: 1698653545236.png (2.01 MB, 1024x768, image_2023-10-30_191254022.png)

The irony of the use of false dandelion should not be lost on anyone, kek

No. 1921543

Samefagging to say that false dandelion is a noxious weed as well

No. 1921546

File: 1698655403620.png (556.55 KB, 1080x2400, lol.png)

"All of my TIF friends are psychologists, teachers, artists, work in human services and my TIM friends are programmers or in STEM…" Hm I wonder why.

No. 1921548

I think that's the point: they are presenting themselves as weeds that no matter how hard society tries, won't ever go away.

No. 1921550

Specifically a weed that kills poultry and livestock? Very nice analogy.
They could have choosen any other weed, like a milk thistle which is a hardy weed that's hard to remove and edible, even with its protective stinging thorns blah blah symbolism etc. etc.

No. 1921552

File: 1698657723961.jpg (425.64 KB, 1080x1673, Screenshot_20231028_104708_Ins…)

So even content where a harry potter book is merely present is enough for this handmaiden spiel, and for these delicate tifs to wilt about their mortal enemy jkr like "I was gonna block you for this". The post was just about crystallising flowers inside a book that happened to be HP, and it looked pretty.

No. 1921554

File: 1698658351747.jpg (157.46 KB, 907x1043, Tumblr_l_145110807912399.jpg)

>no tits, a dick and a deeper voice than them
i dont get why shes trying to deflect the argument with an imaginary scenario when shes literally just a feminine girly girl. not to mentiom the chances of an ftm having a frankencock someome wont clock as a meat tube and a deeper voice than a male is so low it might as well not even exist

No. 1921560

>very based
The least based thing I've ever seen. It's so weird how the gendies have started using the word 'based' to refer to the most snooze worthy takes. Like sure it's sooo based to parrot the same non-controversial shit that everyone is saying

No. 1921567

>kek gay couples are mostly so dysfunctional
Sorry for ot, but isn't it a stereotype? Especially about lesbisn couples? Or it is like "rarely monogamous (for what gay male couples are known for) = dysfunctional"?

No. 1921570

The nona you replied to is just homophobic.

No. 1921573

File: 1698663978692.gif (4.26 MB, 498x498, 1692589460989.gif)

>such as teaching and childcare education
Nothing disturbs me more than troons being around children.

No. 1921610

File: 1698671483088.png (706.52 KB, 664x732, very manly.png)

and it fucking happened again
i used to think the BAB frogs were adorable, now i just associate them with tifs

No. 1921612

I'm sorry they ruin everything anon. I'm trying not to let them ruin breathing and being alive for me too

No. 1921628

but frogs aren't mammals.

No. 1921629

nta but I think it's worth mentioning that neo-gays and lesbians are very easily led into dysfunctional relationships because people around then will say "lol that's not bad it's just not heteronormative". Take for consideration that one woman who uploads the saddest tiktoks ever about how she's dealing with bad emotions around her poly relationship "like an adult", she's clearly someone who didn't want to be in this position and is now humiliating herself online to cope with how her husband goes out and fucks women. People are applauding her and telling her what a shining example she is of "queer relationships done right". kek there are gay men who are being told that actually being raped by older men when they were younger was queer culture that the straights don't understand, women being told that actually their kinkcentric relationship wasn't abusive when their dom was literally raping them and it was just kweer relationship structures. Shit like that tbh the whole thing is a whole new level of insanity and it's almost all of them. Why do you think it's always the non binary mullet nail painted men who turn out to be manipulative mega abusers?

No. 1921630

Transmasc jobs: crystal healer, tarot reader, youtube voice actor, bonus hole pornographer, twitter activist, cat sitter, "herbalist", nanny, cold stone creamery cashier

No. 1921633

they're obsessed with growing mustache hair and cutting their healthy breasts off and you're expecting them have the sanity and curiosity to know frogs lay eggs

No. 1921642

NAYRT but she isn’t wrong. Gay moids in particular abuse each other at higher rates than straight people. The same can unfortunately also be said of lesbians even though it’s not as high as gay moids. I’ve noticed that DV in the LGB community isn’t really discussed in depth.

No. 1921648

Let's not mention the specie of frogs that keep their eggs under a layer of skin and it ends with tons of holes on its back as soon as the tadpoles leave. These TIFs would claim it's feed their Trypophobia.

No. 1921649

I always wonder how much this has to do with people in same sex relationships being on a more even playing field than hetero relationships, like they have more similar levels of strength. Plus it's so much more of a cultural taboo for men to attack women (not that it stops them of course), and they have the pressure of not wanting to look "weak" by resorting to beating a woman.

No. 1921650

I think is most likely because most of the time there are no help for LGB people in DV situations, even more if they were kicked out of their family. Same with women that married TIMs, they cannot say their husband is an abusive ass because "transphobia".

No. 1921658

Ffs let’s not derail the thread about this

No. 1921662

AYRT, it’s relevant because of what >>1921650 said. Troons will exploit this to keep women trapped in abusive marriages.

No. 1921666

File: 1698682078133.jpeg (125.54 KB, 750x332, IMG_7967.jpeg)

I struggle wrapping my head around the retardation that is knowing your connective tissue sucks, knowing kinesiology tape (what is being referred to as “trans tape” here) is stated to worsen pain or injury if misapplied, and still choosing to use it to flatten your tits for days on end which isn’t even a medical use. Please be a munchie cause when I think of disabled people making their illnesses worse for the sake of trannyism it makes me want to vomit

No. 1921684

Reinventing gender conformity with literally everything.

No. 1921685

I can see this happening to straight tifs too, the ones who wanna pretend they're totally gay bois so much that they'll excuse any red flags as special kweer relationship dynamics, when it might just be the scrote taking advantage of how they drop their pants the moment they hear he/they/it. I don't know what it'd be like for HSTS, and prison gay tifs who date each other, though.

No. 1921716

It's the same as extremely pious Christian ladies becoming Sunday school teachers. Gender cultists like to indoctrinate the young and the vulnerable since they won't be able to question retarded troon logic.

No. 1921723

Holy hell, if you're that cheap ass to get a binder, buy a sport bra. It's annoying like a binder, but safer than using any kind of tape.

No. 1921727

But then how could they show off their transboi martyrdom?!

No. 1921771

File: 1698698103181.jpg (197.68 KB, 1080x867, 1667222194563861.jpg)

Used to know them before they got perma nuked off insta. Haven't seen them in a while and decided to check on them a few weeks back.

To say they have declined is not anywhere damn near a surprise. I feel like they're either gonna get a KF thread or end up getting nuked and moving platforms again.

No. 1921772

It's definitely a thing. After a life of religious rules and regulations queer theory gives them an new theology to follow. They gravitate to it because it's spiritual in nature and religious in its application.

Right on the money. Or lack thereof.

No. 1921775

Welcome to lc, learn to sage if you aren't posting milk and don't be so scared to call a woman 'she' just because she happens to be mentally ill.

No. 1921790

>"Gay people abuse each other more than straight people!"
>Cites cases of queerhet women being abused by queerhet men
>"It's not homophobic, it's just true!"
Call me when the gay men murder/suicide their entire families at the same rate hetero males do. Also kek at you thinking lesbians abuse each other more than hetero males abuse their girlfriends and wives. Let me guess: Your source on that is that extremely vague survey that asked any women who happened to be in a same-sex relationship at the time if they had faced DV at any point in their lives, with absolutely no elaboration on who abused them? I'm so sure there's nothing unaccounted for there that could massively distort that data, like the inclusion of previously het-partnered bi women, or the fact that it asks about ambiguous DV instead of specifically IPV from a female partner.

No. 1921793

Gentle reminder that this is not the "tardfight about homosexuals" thread.

No. 1921802

File: 1698701763608.jpg (258.58 KB, 697x855, tumblr_889a591adfc4d691648b0cd…)

They don't care, they'll literally put titchop scars on aliens. Remember that these are the same tards running around acting like HRT literally erases the differences between the sexes and claiming that rare intersex mutations mean that sex is a spectrum. They're retarded.

No. 1921808

NTA but didn't she detrans

No. 1921828

Nta. Yes, there was a discussion about it upthread. Although it's not clear if she's fully detransitioning, or if she's just going off T while still identifying as "a nonbinary girl" or a "she/they." She could also end up being one of those TiFs who endlessly toggles between trans and detrans (I know one like this IRL.)

No. 1921829

File: 1698704711844.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1179x2075, IMG_2492.jpeg)


No. 1921830

False-flagging tranny trying to make us look homophobic. Nice try, go dilate.

No. 1921847

You'd think these retards would learn to be less obvious kek.

No. 1921853

Yeah she kind of did (or at least just stopped taking T), doesn't make her less mentally ill though when she's still being like this >>1919812 and is a 'ddlg' furry and who knows what else. But I don't really get how it's related to my reply to that obvious newfag?

No. 1921854

>Call me when the gay men murder/suicide their entire families at the same rate hetero males do
>at the same rate hetero males do
Can't even say I'm surprised because troons were never known for their reading comprehension. Your kind can't even survive for a single second without using retarded anime references and shit kek.

No. 1921855

Nonnas what is the correlation between games with traditionally reddit moid infested basement dweller audiences and tifs? ex: tf2, half life, COD, overwatch etc. ESPECIALLY team fortress 2? and they almost always have an intense fixation on medic / soldier / sniper.

No. 1921857

File: 1698708485947.jpg (212.18 KB, 1200x843, EcXZLVOU4AACJ8Q.jpg)

That's what it gets me: You'll use a binder under your clothes like you do with a sport bra. Unless you want to dress like this fanart.

No. 1921860

I’ve noticed this too. Probably because their sexuality is so twisted to the point where they’ll only lust after ugly/old characters. This is likely a result of grooming. Which reminds me of that TiF who made those grotesque comics where her self-insert version of Scout was fucking her step-dad Spy.

No. 1921871

>youtube voice actor
Give all with this job a chance

No. 1921873

Gay abusive but there're more straights in the world so straights more abusive.

Just not in the way you think, most DV are women abusing men(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1921884

File: 1698710614738.jpg (Spoiler Image,607.23 KB, 1500x1125, F2vPLlXWYAArKWR.jpg)


kek I know exactly what you're talking about. a huge shame imo. I personally really liked her art style (picrel), its reminiscent of gross out MAD magazine comics and its kind of based considering the boring ass bishie art that does numbers on twt / insta / tumblr. Complete waste of talent.

No. 1921887

Literally I've seen tifs write fanfics of themselves x Medic, the butcher experimental doctor character, and have him wespect their pwonouns instead of what he'd obviously he doing to them instead. Maybe they want to force their hobbies to be more male but end up just writing fics of the men in the games which is normal for a straight girl in a fandom to do. But cos they're tiffanys they're totes special when they do it.

No. 1921888

nta but who's the artist?

No. 1921892


tempural / scumsuck. i haven't checked her twt in a hot minute but i think she's more active on her website anyway.

No. 1921893

File: 1698711777653.jpeg (275.99 KB, 828x1204, IMG_5140.jpeg)

Personal fakeboi Bunni is complaining about being healthy. Why are fakebois like this?

No. 1921895

File: 1698711847952.jpeg (120.32 KB, 720x1600, IMG_5141.jpeg)

The comment that triggered her into a rage

No. 1921896

File: 1698711953634.jpeg (101.06 KB, 607x1080, IMG_5143.jpeg)

She is 300 pounds at minimum
She has the blue hair on the right

No. 1921897

File: 1698712061700.jpeg (232.17 KB, 1080x1920, IMG_5142.jpeg)

She wants people to pay for this. She is a sex worker but she’s a male sex worker don’t forget

No. 1921902


> "i need advice"

> gets decent, if not basic advice

I think it's genuinely the tiktok / chronically online brainrot.


First time I've ever been able to smell an image. I'm getting aromas of sweat, piss, and freebleeding.

No. 1921907

I love how she clearly didn't actually want advice and was just baiting for people to tell her she's uwu valid for wanting mobility aids despite not actually being disabled but just a fat munchie, and then this autistic guy with zero ability to read context clues just waltzes in and tells her to eat a vegetable

No. 1921913

yeah. Madoka was really important to me as a young lesbian going through puberty when it came out.

No. 1921934

I really can’t tell if this is parody or not.

No. 1921942

Mobility aids will do nothing on her if she's THAT heavy. It's like Homer "hiring" a monkey to make a job for him, but MoJo ended being lazy and fat.

No, is not a parody. The artist was quite impopular back in the ol' days of Hamilton.

No. 1921944

>kind of based considering the boring ass bishie art
So women making art of attractive men is counterculture now? Interesting.
In all fairness I agree she’s talented. Too bad she’s schizo kek.

No. 1921953

>most DV are women abusing men
I wish. Manifesting this

No. 1921989

File: 1698724793378.jpg (737.31 KB, 1200x1293, Transphobic_powerpoint.jpg)

I was not prepared for the plot twist about the ages of the people involved at the end kek

No. 1921998

File: 1698725826031.jpg (282.89 KB, 974x785, delusional.jpg)

It's so depressing that they let actual schizophrenics medically transition

No. 1922024

Supposedly have thick skin but is quick to have a meltdown over someone's presentation. At school. Over a proj that lets them argue both sides of a topic. Id worry for the classmates life and reputation if tif is willing to burn the ground down. Considering two of the options she had thought of was reporting them rather than being upfront to the classmate and have an adult discussion like the 30 year old she should be.

No. 1922025

She's 30 and is losing sleep because someone said trans isn't real kek. Even Christians aren't this sensitive after talking with atheists.

No. 1922032

>Thick skin
>Being thirty and writing a spaghetti essay on Reddit because a teenager asked what a woman was in a slideshow
Pick one

No. 1922073

Behavior like this is what peaked me. TRAs cannot handle having their views questioned at all, even with valid points. I used to be like this & it’s embarrassing as hell.

No. 1922087

File: 1698748300256.jpg (560.44 KB, 1171x869, stupid.jpg)


No. 1922088

wearing something like this is telling everyone that you're a woman while you simultaneously scream "it's SIR"

No. 1922096

'Bunni' much manly
TF2 was really popular on Tumblr at some point, and so many of these TiFs based their identity on the yaoi fanfic they were reading/drawing. Also, the fanart made the characters look a lot cuter than they actually are kek.
It's giving me hope for the kids, at least. Most Gen Z and the transbrainrotted millennials are a lost cause, unfortunately.

No. 1922104

peak "not like other girls" to want to show you have a mutilated female chest even when wearing a shirt

No. 1922113

I saw someone tweet about how straight men are using grindr to hook up with desperate ftms, I'm wondering if actual gay moids are then going to pretend to be ftm to get the straight men to sleep with them, or if they're just mad straight people are on the app

No. 1922118

It's not reinventing. It's the usual status quo: autistic male nerds are programmers and nerdy female creative nerds are in teaching fields.
Troons act extremely in line with the stereotypes of their birth sex. All of their theathrics are superficial bullshit compared to how they truly are.

No. 1922133

>had covid
>a troon herself (so obviously biased)
>posts in a biased subreddit for opinion
>"i have this gut feeling…"
>obviously paraphrasing her classmates' words and they still don't sound harmful

No. 1922141

they are so obsessed with this disgusting shit that i'm convinced it's advanced self-harm

No. 1922147

From what I've seen they're just mad about it lol (the Tiffanys that is).

No. 1922150

Look at r/askgaybros. They're just mad at str8s for using this app.

No. 1922155

grindr with desperate ftms is like tinder on easy mode

No. 1922163


It really makes me nervous how absolutely weak and lame-brained so many people are. 30 year old woman crying bc a teenager made a powerpoint arguing against pure idiocy. These types are too comfortable in their cushy lives with their made up problems, unable to meaningfully interact with differing opinions, no grit, paper-thin skin, can't handle criticism, selfish… how would they react if/when something happens like war or a big disaster?

No. 1922186

>how would they react if/when something happens like war or a big disaster?

They'd turn back into women so fast. Their lalaland larp wouldn't matter if their house was bombed. Something fat lazy Americans will never have to worry about. Troonism only exists in the most privileged of societies.

No. 1922189

lol that eddie guy wasn't even being malicious or "fatphobic" he was just giving advice
she sadly looks like some porn addicted obese mtf in that blue hair picture

Also "sex work" isn't real, get a job faggot

No. 1922199

File: 1698769154292.gif (975.77 KB, 500x214, mrw-thinking-back-on-the-thing…)

Would be interesting seeing a woman with a c-d boob wearing that shirt. It would make it look like haunted boobies.

No. 1922208

File: 1698770403252.jpg (142.66 KB, 1028x542, Screenshot_20231031_163933_Ope…)

Like that Ukrainian tif. And apparently there were tims being forced to stay and fight because people saw them as male kek.

No. 1922225

What in the knockoff Roseart Batman symbol is this shit?

No. 1922227

based students. glad to see zoomers rejecting the trans cult

No. 1922228

they drop the larp real fast once the shit hits the fan

No. 1922230

What gets me though is these girls never even seem to actually like real scars, only these cartoon versions. Not that liking a real scars makes it better but it's almost like an edgelord really trying to convince you they get off to gore when you know they'd faint at a paper cut. If these girls got an "ugly" or unfashionable scar I'd bet you they'd be crying into their silicone scar sheets.
The other farms has a dude who does exactly that. Manipulates these girls saying what they want to hear and getting a guaranteed easy lay. The straight ones are crazy desperate for male validation, more than girls you'd find at a bar.

No. 1922240


war happens


No. 1922247

File: 1698779751804.jpeg (686.19 KB, 960x1392, IMG_8832.jpeg)

sure, jan.

No. 1922268

They don't live in reality, they just see the cutesy, artistic scars in artwork and don't think about the reality. Plus that artwork made jagged botched scars 'cool' too, sooo….
Not seen any 'dog ears' on TIF art though.
>The other farms has a dude who does exactly that. Manipulates these girls saying what they want to hear and getting a guaranteed easy lay. The straight ones are crazy desperate for male validation, more than girls you'd find at a bar.
There were a couple of guys on KF talking about doing it, someone posted a cap.

No. 1922278

Have they transed Prince yet? No short man is safe

No. 1922279

I mean, despite them clearly thinking that gender non conforming = troon adjacent, I don't see them ever go after big icons like Bowie or Prince. Maybe because their whole visual thing was that they looked like that and were not trans

No. 1922281

They genuinely both want to be and be with this dude who looks like a manlet gas station attendant from New Jersey. What a sad life that TIFs live.

No. 1922307

no way she's a tif… ur breakin my heart anons

No. 1922320

>They don't live in reality, they just see the cutesy, artistic scars in artwork and don't think about the reality. Plus that artwork made jagged botched scars 'cool' too, sooo….

Which explains why most of them do not want the "scarless" way, they want the scars due "AesTHetiCs".

No. 1922341

> its kind of based considering the boring ass bishie art that does numbers on twt / insta / tumblr
drawing ugly men will never be based, if it were ugly women abusing hot bishies that would be based. no wonder she trooned out

No. 1922342

Scars on fictional characters are cool, enviable signs of strength and exciting life experiences. Tifs want to look like the IRL version of their Tumblr sexyman but don't want to put effort into improving their lives or getting a personality. The reality of undergoing elective surgery doesn't factor into their fantasy at all until they're crying on the phone to their surgeon because their uneven dog ears are necrotic and they can't afford yet another round of corrective surgery.

No. 1922348

Nta but let's not start this again. It's like some of you are always looking for reasons to infight over the most boring shit ever.

No. 1922369

File: 1698803354996.png (349.01 KB, 603x773, wild on X.png)

TIF being misogynist with art she sells. More news at 9.

No. 1922375


I have never understood the whole purchasing premade characters / adoptable thing and why so many creators of these get so fucking butthurt when you try to change something you purchased. Why the fuck does it matter if a person decides to change a design you literally created to profit from? Blatant self-hatred / misogyny aside, how stupid do you have to be to think you have any control over what someone does with a product they purchase from you?

No. 1922377

File: 1698804047239.jpeg (85.68 KB, 1284x923, F9ydGQNXoAE0mhZ.jpeg)

And even more when it was straight from the TOS. Is as stupid than someone thinking they can copyright the mix of a shark and a fox.

No. 1922379


> self hating misogynist tif

> twitter artist
> goes by Ashton

suddenly, everything makes perfect sense

No. 1922382

>i don't allow for my designs to change their gender
>is a troon
Kek she wants to change hers but can't bear to see someone do the same with her characters. I'd kind of get this if she wasn't selling them I often get coomers begging me to turn my lesbian couples into two 'femboys' or one of them into a 'futa' so it's understandable why someone would hate genderbending their ocs but both the decision to sell and the reason behind it is utterly retarded, to say the least.

No. 1922384

File: 1698804607845.jpeg (43.89 KB, 1270x250, F9tiHTqXwAA1WYN.jpeg)

Instagram, but still. She's the live image of Tom using a rifle before to shoot at himself.

I would understand that, but seeing picrel makes me think she's just a women hater.

No. 1922449

Based customer. What a seething tif, kek

No. 1922457

Honestly, the phrasing used by the customer makes me think this is a slapfight between two TIFs.

No. 1922487

File: 1698823374816.png (188.72 KB, 920x500, where can a guy buy purple ita…)

You're totally convincing everyone that you're not a girl by picking the girliest possible weeb hobby ever, "man"

No. 1922491

To them, butch lesbians are not 'masc' because 'masc' essentially means 'male', just with all the conservative meaning reduced because conservatives are their enemy.

No. 1922494

Actually yes, this is even more common among normies on TH (toyhouse), which sellers TRACK their characters with the reason to look out for obscenity/re-selling using their characters people buy from. But this is too far.

No. 1922495

No cap because I didn't save it and now can't find it, but the artist took the genderlocking? out of tos, and gave an apology. Some people are buying it, some aren't, but it's been interesting to compare this and the ffxiv Susan Calloway thing in the tim thread.

No. 1922497

File: 1698824550023.png (126.95 KB, 954x611, Screenshot 2023-11-01 154235.p…)

Whats the diff between a genderbend and a separate character who is supposed to be a 'female/male version' of an existing character? I don't understand, if the buyer is trying to explicitly change a character or just trying to make a separate interpretation of the character, like Batman and Batgirl etc.

No. 1922517

Why are TiFs the most sensitive girly girls ever. Like, will her hand burn off if she has to draw a woman. Maybe the cognitive dissonance becomes too real when she draws a female body and is confronted in real time that her body looks just like that. It's always funny to me that so many TiF artists draw humans. The first thing you realize when you learn how to draw is how different male and female bodies are.

No. 1922520

>Why are TiFs the most sensitive girly girls ever
Honest answer, because they're all mentally ill as fuck. A mentally sane girl isn't deluded enough to think she's not a girl.

No. 1922524

I saw this on Artfight, TIFs giving large disclaimers above their characters saying "all characters go by he/him only!!." It wasn't that they were bad at drawing women either. This type of TIF seems only able to draw women, but insists that every single one of them is a man. Half their characters have top surgery scars. Wish I had screenshotted one of the profiles, they were instant-avoids for me.

No. 1922567

>restricting yourself to only drawing furry moids/troids with short hair
cowards like these shouldn't have the right to call themselves artists. she's just a petulant child who hates herself and everyone who reminds her of what she really is

No. 1922581

File: 1698844266697.jpg (216.67 KB, 991x1528, Screenshot_20231101_183953_Chr…)

The entire subreddit is so kek-worthy, like these girls aren't even subtle about their nloggery.

No. 1922583

The consequences of Yaoi and Drag race

No. 1922584

its like agp for girls. they're attracted to feminine men, but not actual women.

No. 1922588

File: 1698846266014.jpg (75.83 KB, 700x555, 1d6842cf356e73a4d0120435f3384c…)

>psychic damage
Not funny anymore. This world will always seed into your mind the hatred of your own kind. The message -often implicit- is in every little cranny and you can't escape it. We vary in our reaction, but this type of coping is just the saddest.

No. 1922591

They don't want to be objectified like feminine women are but at the same time are too brainwashed by society to not heavily perform femininity. This is their solution.

No. 1922613

>The other farms has a dude who does exactly that. Manipulates these girls saying what they want to hear and getting a guaranteed easy lay. The straight ones are crazy desperate for male validation, more than girls you'd find at a bar.
I hate men so much it's unreal

No. 1922618

Yup. Femininity is only celebrated in men.

AAP (autoandrophilia).

No. 1922619

Or maybe they like femininity but think women being feminine is demeaning, stupid and braindead. On the other hand feminine gay men are always amazing and leagues above every other type of human being.
The media in the west in the last 20~ years put campy gay men in extremely positive light, showing how witty and funny they are, while on the other hand feminine women who act similarly to those gay men are vain and mean "bitches" nobody likes. Couple this with all the misogyny and self-hatred a tif feels (and throw in some anime and yaoi) and that's how you get their mindset.

No. 1922620

More like autohomosexuals. Autoandrophilia barely exists in women, you never see them wanting to be a big muscle daddy.

No. 1922621


No. 1922622

File: 1698851501494.png (1.31 MB, 1318x766, Screenshot 2023-11-01 081131.p…)

this is based as fuck. too bad she can't admit she's just a girl who likes m/m despite celebrating that??? the fuck.

No. 1922625

you can tell she thinks she's going to look like a beautiful boy, when in reality she's going to look like dreamytabby i.e. the hairy goblin version of however she looks now

No. 1922626

File: 1698852060922.png (601.28 KB, 1170x2532, IMG_4721.png)

2000: Same sex attraction is sinful.

2023: Same sex attraction is transphobic.

No. 1922630


This is such a common occurrence in the TF2 fandom! Genuinely talented fujo artists with unique art styles. Why the fuck do they all troon out?

No. 1922633

File: 1698852985534.png (180.32 KB, 639x449, top secret furry account.png)

It was.

A genderbend is a "cis" version of said character in the opposite sex and not a separated character, that explains why no one use "genderbend" because "transphobia".

No. 1922667

Autohomoandrosexuals? I get your point, though I don't think it necessarily rules out AAP if they want to look like feminine men, I think as long as it's a perception of looking male it counts. I could be wrong though!
It also makes me think of the one that said if you're a woman attracted to men you should transition cos then you can get excited looking at yourself, basically. And yeah, a lot of these girls want to look like unrealistic bishounen or gay dudes that'd never be into them, but it's a male image that they're attracted to nonetheless.

No. 1922672

I will never forgive trannies for destroying gay communities. The last time we had it good (in the US at least) were probably the years between 2016-2019 and then after that it all went to shit because covid led to the trannyplague proliferation.

No. 1922688

File: 1698862281967.jpg (299.8 KB, 1357x774, Untitled.jpg)

lmao at her super tensed upper body trying to hide the dog ears. and the stupid stuffed frog with tit scars.

No. 1922697

blanchard called it autohomoeroticism

No. 1922722

Fr, it's sent me right back into the closet.

Ah yes, no nipples, just like any other man.

No. 1922727

And if the scar had faded too much, she'd just tattoo it back on, like a real normal bro dude guy would!

No. 1922744

>It also makes me think of the one that said if you're a woman attracted to men you should transition cos then you can get excited looking at yourself, basically
Kek this has to be the most desperate tif I've ever heard of in my life. Do you perhaps remember that post or who she was/her username?

>"This is a safe, body positive place for trans, non-binary or otherwise gnc people who no longer have nipples (or who have them but don't want them)"
The fact that there's enough of them to create and engage in a subreddit of their own…

No. 1922748

File: 1698867948502.jpg (349.4 KB, 1080x1775, Screenshot_20231102_011304_Chr…)

No. 1922751

File: 1698868190814.jpg (82.8 KB, 1080x788, Screenshot_20231102_011643_Chr…)

Some bonus cringe. Nobody is safe from troons saltiness, not even the moids they usually worship if they aren't fucking them, guess both tims and tifs have that in common.

No. 1922752

what the actual fuck is going on here? does she have false memories?

No. 1922753

Does she think that Shame is just something inherent to being gay and not a product of society’s treatment of homosexuality? The fuck

No. 1922761

>Does she think that Shame is just something inherent to being gay and not a product of society’s treatment of homosexuality?
She probably does. To troons, homosexuality is anything but same-sex attraction. It's something shameful, it's something transphobic, it's something you can identify as if you just find the label cool.

No. 1922765

The persecution fetish is strong with this one, wanting to get asspats for being oh so ashamed and struggling. But it just sounds like she grew up straight in a religious household or something, which funnily enough could also give you a penchant for glorifying suffering.
>as a straight girl I always felt shame for being attracted to males
>I found Chris Evans hot but I was embarrassed that I could ever like a boy!

No. 1922779

>Does she think that Shame is just something inherent to being gay and not a product of society’s treatment of homosexuality?

EXACTLY. Holy shit. Her post is so telling and explains how straight women love to fetishize the "tragedy" of gay male love. Gay people feel no shame in our attraction towards the same sex. Even when I was thrown negative comments for liking girls, I never felt shame over that feeling. The hurt came from being treated like I was disgusting because of how I was. Those are two separate things. Straighties love to assume all gay people struggle with internalized homophobia and are disgusted by our own gay thoughts. Because they're disgusted by the thought of loving the same sex, pure projection.

No. 1922786

The consequences of "everything is valid" culture. Some thoughts/feelings you have are stupid and irrational and you should delve into why you feel that way instead of just leaning into it and cutting your tits off and giving yourself a hormonal imbalance for no good reason

No. 1922788

This reads like the struggle of a religious girl having sexual thoughts about men for the first time. Religion shames girls for their sexuality, and labels their desires as sinful (no sex before marriage, no masturbation, sex is for baby-making only) It's sad how many layers of delusion she's fallen under. If she found radfeminism before troonery and yaoi fic she might have turned out ok.

No. 1922809

>Straighties love to assume all gay people struggle with internalized homophobia and are disgusted by our own gay thoughts.

And the most popular YA books are about that rather than… You know, the problems of being gay in a conservative nation. Of course people will say "I want to enjoy stuff without thinking in the real world", but you know is a straight author when they write gay characters like that.

Sageblog but ugh I have been in a religious school and is exactly how you describe it: sex is after marriage, masturbation is for lust, do not even dare to abort, but also do not dare to give your kid in adoption, but you're condemned because your local church will judge you rather than help you… That TIF should understand that "turning in a moid" is not going to change the misogynist problems she's dealing with.

No. 1922810

>Ah yes, no nipples, just like any other man.

Like my animu characters!

No. 1922822

File: 1698875958936.jpg (343.41 KB, 720x1520, Leave-Me-Alone.jpg)

"Free the nip" was a social media movement with the intention of stopping censorship of women's chests which didn't work because ofc female objectification wasn't solved by women publicly posting their nudes on the internet for free. I know they'll say "it's just a joke", but calling this subreddit "freedthenip" suggests that the people who post there are women who "solved" the issue of sexualization of their (female) chests by just cutting their boobs off. It reminds me of that art piece, "Just Take Them And Leave Me Alone" (picrel). Any time this piece gets shared online, men "joke" about how they could still assault the woman depicted in the comments, though, so I can't imagine this "solution" has done much to help these women.

No. 1922828

File: 1698877034021.png (691.13 KB, 773x652, Screenshot 2023-10-02 at 12-40…)

>Kek this has to be the most desperate tif I've ever heard of in my life. Do you perhaps remember that post or who she was/her username?
Found it! Here you go nonny!
Being horrified to realise she was straight. I cannot.
Fr lol, I never once felt bad about liking women.

No. 1922835

>"you can be attracted to your own body"
This is not a normal experience for actual gay people.

No. 1922839

File: 1698879551516.gif (2.06 MB, 400x210, patrickbateman-pointing-at.gif)

yeah this is reserved for mentally ill people

No. 1922854

I'm straight because I like moid bodies than women bodies, TIF. You should know that because you're not attracted to women neither.

No. 1922859

File: 1698882277272.png (270.65 KB, 637x593, Screenshot 2023-11-01 7.36.10 …)

It's so disconcerting how much tifs worship at the altar of male biology. a testosterone molecule necklace(?) will only further sustain your self-hate.

No. 1922861

File: 1698882478838.png (298.87 KB, 635x632, Screenshot 2023-11-01 7.48.04 …)

laughed out loud at this

No. 1922864

Ah thanks nonnita! she somehow turned out to be even more unhinged than I originally thought, that's some stage 3 brainrot going on inside her head and I doubt anything can cure it at this point.

No. 1922865

She probably says that out of fear because what the actual fuck is that eyeliner?

No. 1922887

>Dear ladies, my #1 recommendation is to be a man!

No. 1922890

>”lesbian fujoshi”
Go back

No. 1922899

In this climate wouldn't the "distaff" counterpart be a "safe version" of the "genderbend" concept?
Just curious, nobody has yet to find pacwoman/supergirl/batgirl/she-hulk transphobic.

No. 1922909


Trans Exclusionary Handsome Man

No. 1922914

File: 1698889178475.jpg (61.8 KB, 720x540, 62a8c15900153caef63c063eb06ade…)

>Just curious, nobody has yet to find pacwoman/supergirl/batgirl/she-hulk transphobic.

Because they're characters on their own, no a genderbender. GB is like grabbing Superman/Clark Kent and make him a full woman on his own, not taking a random woman and write her as Superwoman.

No. 1922932

kek I have more sympathy for HSTS troons than these poor confused girls

No. 1922946

fuck off retard(infighting)

No. 1922963

Sage blogpost but holy shit kek good to know I wasn't delusional because as a teenager with the internalized homophobia angle shilled everywhere I couldn't relate since I never felt guilty or ashamed of being attracted to women especially sexually which is the easiest way to get me giddy, which is such a disconnect from YA depictions and mainstream opinion I thought I was the weird one for it. I grew up Catholic too and my family was more devout than all of my friends and I didn't experience that religious guilt everyone else talks about, I never felt tortured over it.

No. 1922992

Pacwoman is clearly a misogynistic copy of pacman lmao.

No. 1923003

I thought this was going to be some polyamory bullshit but surpisingly it's worse. Being a "man" is her excuse to act like a gross degenerate? I hope youtube takes down this shit

No. 1923011

That fetal alcohol syndrome face really adds to the stupidity

No. 1923017

I’m a lesbian and sometimes find my own body hot kek

No. 1923029

Then your experience isn't normal.

No. 1923035

AGPs are not normal men in the first place, they are the worst subsets of men.

No. 1923036

You're right, but this is the TIF thread. That post was referring to an AAP woman.

No. 1923044

Oh wow just what every straight woman wants, more options of shitty men to sleep with. You didn't need testosterone to achieve that sis

No. 1923096

You can see yourself as hot, but it's not normal to be turned on by looking at your own body.

No. 1923223

File: 1698960389952.jpg (217.53 KB, 1080x1172, Screenshot_20231103_025229_Chr…)

Reminds me of this. These tifs are just narcissists and believe that makes them gay kek.

No. 1923235

this girl really thinks every other straight woman on earth is an npc and she's the only one with thoughts or feelings

No. 1923246

NLOG: the game.

No. 1923267

Jfc, the cringe. How far will that self-love really go when no real gay guys will want to fuck them?

No. 1923273

nona if this chick wasn't fat she would fit the description of some other TIF i know personally, which terrifies me knowing there's more than one like this out there.

No. 1923304

So much for 'muh true self' here.

No. 1923305


>they're characters on their own

>Pacwoman is clearly a misogynistic copy of pacman lmao
So which one?

No. 1923326

File: 1698980145922.png (3.23 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_4723.png)

Another incel.

No. 1923329

File: 1698980449233.jpeg (415.58 KB, 828x1472, 925F19F7-71F4-4A1D-9960-34050F…)

the deflated peen pouch (for lack of peen) is such a perfectly symbolic image

No. 1923336

File: 1698981400394.gif (593.7 KB, 200x200, 1461588839595.gif)

>no one is into trans dudes

More like "gay people do not like my boy vagina and I'm too proud to sleep with bi men".

No. 1923338

File: 1698981508688.jpeg (Spoiler Image,722.52 KB, 828x1370, IMG_5480.jpeg)

I’d like to see you try, girlfriend.

>>1923329 samefag & also realized this needs spoiler, being a total mobilefag rn sorry

No. 1923348

Only an extreme narcissist would get off to their own image

No. 1923383

File: 1698993737773.jpg (502.95 KB, 1080x1727, Screenshot_20231103_063700_Chr…)

i feel so bad for her

No. 1923390

>I have been gently letting myself explore my sexuality
Is this what trannies are making people call gaslighting now

No. 1923391

>he wore an outfit that reads very strongly as a lesbian outfit
Wtf is a lesbian outfit kek.
Was it a plaid shirt and dickies? Or a Canadian double denim tuxedo?

No. 1923397

If she is a lesbian why doesn't she just leave? Unless she doesn't really see her partner as a man which is very transphobic

No. 1923422

with her legs positioned like that she looks like an amputee, which makes the image infinitely more disturbing.

No. 1923434

File: 1699003508765.jpeg (324.21 KB, 1170x1458, IMG_9701.jpeg)

No. 1923452

How does someone get facefucked by a 2cm clitoris? Kek Tiffanys are so delusional. Also fucking gross @ using violent porny moidspeak to try and ‘pass’ better.

No. 1923453

This is true, men get praised for the bare minimum. Just look at all the nonas in the attraction threads thirsting over ugly pencil necked nerds who look like shit and praising them like they’re gods gift. Moids literally get praised just for wiping their ass.

No. 1923461

File: 1699008539629.png (268.67 KB, 782x2198, TrueAuthenticSelf.png)

if only someone told this girl that posting her steroid clit on twitter isn't a sustainable form of income (and that men don't give a fuck about her mental wellbeing so venting on your porn acc is pointless)

No. 1923462

File: 1699008684478.png (405.21 KB, 763x1295, normalTM.png)

bonus degeneracy

No. 1923463

The expression/poses are so female (porn) coded too…
I'm seeing so many of these posts lately KEK, when will they learn.
Sis isn't doing her gf any favours by playing along. She'll end up leaving her anyway, and it might make gf think twice to know that.

No. 1923477

File: 1699014309990.png (37.52 KB, 1091x346, 435345.png)

Imagine your sister doing something this offensive, and yet you still choose to honor her made-up delusions. she's a bigger person than I am.

No. 1923481

>they don't make men like this anymore
>there's women like that out there tho

No. 1923489

Because people in the trans community believe that being attracted to someone who was "actually (secretly) the opposite gender all along inside" retcons your entire sexuality. Hence why now she's "exploring her sexuality," probably because her partner transitioning implies to the both of them that she must not really be a lesbian after all, or something. Otherwise how was she attracted to the manly essence of her girlfriend- I mean boyfriend. kek

No. 1923504

These posts read like suicide baiting attention whoring. But it's over the fact she made a stupid delusional decision and she cant larp as a sexy gay porn star. The fact that she has barely any interaction makes it even funnier.

No. 1923509

I'm afraid she'll end up transing herself too somehow. If you are pushed to explore enough something will come up

No. 1923510

I remember when 'Elliot' Paige had her big trans coming out party, and everyone was messaging her then-wife saying 'haha, guess you were bi all along and didn't know it!!' until she got really pissed off and popped off at them.

I also remember people on ONTD having no idea why her wife would want to leave her. Yeah, she's still a woman, but she's gunna be a delusional woman trying to make herself look as 'male' as possible (in theory kek).

No. 1923520

Troons have oddly high confidence. They think they're so special that their choice to transition affects other people's sexuality.

No. 1923566

>Andy biersack
>Ryan Ross
>Ronnie radke
Yeah unfortunately feminine emo type boys these days turn out to be tims. Tbh even girls who look like this are tifs cos troons jumped on being alt as yet another way to stick it to mom while injecting themselves with hormones. which sucks cos cute emos are my type, 2023 emos are either ugly and/or trannies ugh

No. 1923569

Creating porn destroys your mental health, what a revelation. Gen Z seems even more doomed than millennials are when it comes to the trans cult with the added pressure to get into porn. The thought of porn being so mainstream and normalized was unheard of 10 years ago, now onlyfans comes up in normie conversations, I hate men.

No. 1923590

Troons and their supporters are retarded and have zero understanding of sexuality beyond believing people are attracted to ~magical gender identities~. It's why you have TikTokbrained women claiming every man that has ever been attracted to/dated them is gay now because they have he/they in their bio.

No. 1923605

I used to think I was gay because I DIDN'T find Chris Evans hot, lmao. Kina feel vindicated with his recent bad cover

No. 1923614

File: 1699039872212.jpg (122.42 KB, 1080x455, Sage.jpg)

No. 1923642

File: 1699043754738.jpg (36.44 KB, 540x397, tumblr_2e1bb4aa8f336074fed3277…)


These people are so dumbfoundingly self-centered. She needs every person in the world to conform to gender roles because "mah dysphoria!!"

No. 1923644

It’s really interesting that an author on that flawed study is Liz margolies, Wolfe Barrett’s adoptive lesbian mother, wolfe or drrty pharma was a soundcloud rapper and fb lolcow whose brand was open pedophile who went to jail on heroin, cp, and CSA charges. Liz was the first lesbian to get gay married in nyc and later divorced her wife to be the first to marry a ftm named scout. Interestingly still identifies as a lesbian despite now being in a “straight” relationship. In a gay publication she was interviewed about adopting her son and how she specifically was looking for an aryan blonde blue eyed boy. The gay lobby has some really mentally questionable, unsavory people as members.

No. 1923646

>Just look at all the nonas in the attraction threads thirsting over ugly pencil necked nerds who look like shit and praising them like they’re gods gift.

Could be worse… TIFs trying to transition to look like those ugly pencil necked ne- Oh nvm.

No. 1923656

>Gay lobby has questionable members
That's true for every demographic though, arguably the numbers are exponential for the non minority cohort.

No. 1923691

But "sex work" is totally normal, emotionally fulfilling work am I right guys

No. 1923692

This is exactly what I was going to say. Name a lobbying group that isn't connected with some kind of shady shit. Lobbying is basically just nagging lawmakers and throwing money at them until you get your way. It's not exactly a classy enterprise.

No. 1923695

Troonshit is tearing through the lesbian community the way AIDS tore through gay men.

No. 1923701

I see that the homophobia false flagger tranny is back.

No. 1923704

I'm not a tranny, anon, I was just being hyperbolic. Obviously the trans fad isn't as bad as AIDS, I'm sorry you're autistic and take everything you read at face value.

No. 1923728

File: 1699063573849.gif (3.6 MB, 498x247, 6C6FB202-38C1-4E62-8E98-E1A56A…)

“ other women have to be bimbos so I can be a man” loser thinking

No. 1923740

The tranny fad is worse than aids because it mostly negatively affects women(derailing)

No. 1923746

I think the trans fad is worse, because while AIDS was and is horrible, nobody argued AIDS was a good thing (except fringe loons and homophobes).
On the other hand, troons and gender ideology are poisoning minds and right now they're the ideologically protected by the system in the west.
It takes brain rewiring to convince people this shit is bad and the issues it caused and causes are devastating and never-seen before.
Unless someone was/is a bug chaser, no one willingly got AIDS, it was a horrifying death sentence for many and it was impossible to sugarcoat. On the other hand, we are witnessing 1% of the population willingly go through a slow death of unnecessary hormonal drugs and surgeries, complete with cult ideology having their brain on a chokehold and making sure they won't reach for actual help. 1% is a number too high for this kind of insane cult shit backed up by governments, big pharma, big corporations and the general (blissfully unaware) public.(derailing)

No. 1923758

File: 1699068959759.png (232.36 KB, 747x785, stfu.png)

mooom the fakebois are having another slapfight again

No. 1923759

>Gigantic, painful-looking scars

No. 1923762

File: 1699069732810.jpeg (223.67 KB, 1152x2048, 6C8AEEA3-F54A-4BC3-830D-EFE057…)

Ez is seven weeks post tit chop now and looking as greasy and unwashed as ever
Cant help but wonder if she’s depressed considering how much weight she’s put on

No. 1923771

>Sperging about femdom hentai
Why are these threads always such a fucking trainwreck

No. 1923773

It's "Ms. Pac-Man," which is somehow worse, like she doesn't even have a name of her own. Ms. Pac-Man is the better game, though.

No. 1923774

Don't be obtuse. Having high self-esteem about your appearance occasionally is not the same as jerking off to your reflection and you know it.

No. 1923785

She was so cute when she was an average Forever 21-looking girl, always a sad case when the decent looking ones troon out and overdo it on the body modification

No. 1923787

All the bodymods are like social currency. You get fawned over for just having some tattoos and piercings. The more you have the cooler you are.

No. 1923796

Oh shit, the implication being that Greg was the name of the OP’s now dead son? Grim.

No. 1923847

File: 1699097013191.png (354.12 KB, 395x694, I_wanna_play_call_of_duty.png)

What BL does to a mfer.

No. 1923857

Well that's a cosplay… at least I ASSUME she's only got body paint on??

No. 1923863

This was posted before and if I'm not confusing it with a different case, the girl is the blonde one playing real life yaoi with her male boyfriend

No. 1923865

yaoicore ~

No. 1923869

Is she trying to transition into William Murderface?

No. 1923893

Do TiFs realize they look like tit-less women? Unless they work out and build muscle, their bodies look 100% female at a glance.

No. 1923895


No. 1923896

File: 1699112089891.jpg (14.69 KB, 294x348, picrel.jpg)

That's the problem I think they don't realize or not want to do: If they want to start T to look like a man, they should see the faces of the moids of their family first, because that's exactly how they will look.

People, specially older tifs, have told them they're not going to look like a yaoi uke bishie faggy faggy fruity gay man, they're going to look like a lost relative of them. Even more if they chop they healthy tits. But they don't want to listen.

No. 1923898

I recently realized that when I was a tif for a brief moment I never imagined myself as a man in my head, I only looked at pictures of beautiful men who I wished I looked like. I also read yaoi. It was very delusional thinking, I'm glad I knew I could never pull off a cute anime boy look, that everyone would laugh at me, so I just stuffed it down and luckily grew out of it pretty fast.

No. 1923901

File: 1699112698203.jpg (235.97 KB, 1284x2778, not my photo.jpg)

Part 1

No. 1923903

File: 1699112786901.png (813.42 KB, 1080x1697, i love when they infight.png)

Part 2.
Btw In the next thread, can someone add reddit.com/r/transmasc in the list of links? There's a lot of cow material there.

No. 1923906

File: 1699113381109.png (24.34 KB, 654x173, Screenshot 2023-11-04 085434.p…)

how does she not know how picky gay men are?? literally welcome to gay dudes, they play build-a-bitch with their preferences, stitching random body parts and likes into some kind of frankenhomo that perfectly matches what they want and they won't fuck anyone outside that narrow set of preferences. it's COMMON for them to want a hairless guy especially since they're all addicted to porn featuring hairless men, where a "hairy" man will be tagged as such, even if the only hair is on his legs.

No. 1923908

File: 1699113423029.png (6.11 MB, 2160x3840, photos aren't mine.png)

No. 1923915

Sageblog but I look a LOT more like my dad more than my mom, so if I was a TIF, I would have ended like either as a clone of my dad or my brothers, no like a beautiful bishie from yaoi. I'm glad I have never thought I was a man for my hobbies.

No. 1923918


ez is genuinely one of the most insufferable people I have ever seen on the internet. At the VERY beginning, I thought she was sort of cute (when she did not speak) and her whole 'push yourself out of your comfort zone' thing was great. Now, she looks unkept and it looks like her surgery got botched. She also has gained so much weight and I can't imagine that feels good

No. 1923939

call me a cringe coomer(i am) but i hope my femdom porn drawings helps at least one of these mentally ill tifs realize being a tomboy>beign a mutilated woman.

No. 1923940

She's uncomfortable forever now, inspiring us to leave our comfort zones by never being comfortable in herself ever again

No. 1923942

File: 1699120710349.jpg (385.36 KB, 1547x2048, micodraw-1555912226376060928-2…)

why are tifs so obssesed with tit scars? this gay(bi? chaser?) guy i follow on twitter is obssesed with drawing tifs and even if the character looks 100% like a woman he will find a way to slap titty scars into it to show how much of a twans boi the character is. Pic rel is my favourite, the chest part is completly covered by clothing but he still slaps stitching to simulate titty scars wtf

No. 1923943

So I had to look Magdalena Ventura, she was just a woman with some hormonal condition(or was intersex) and was basically a sideshow freak for the crown.

No. 1923959

Gay men don't want to fuck her, because they are homosexual men and she is a woman. Those comments are coming from straight (or at least OSA) men who are browsing Grindr for one of the most insecure types of woman available right now and using negging on them to make them even more desperate.

No. 1923960

Online communities with majority younger girls generally tend to glorify self harm, mostly of cutting and/or anorexia. So it's a combination of social contagion + hip and trendy thing + trying to be edgy and own muh transphobes.

No. 1923963

I did think the left one was passing oddly well LOL. Also, warning for MHA spoilers (I've not actually seen it), but aren't those two characters brothers?
I remember people commenting on Tumblr that young girls were transitioning, expecting to look like cute eboys, but then getting a shock because they started to look like 'men'. And yet, the grift and lies continued.
Glad you escaped the cult, nonny! Also that story reminds me of that red-haired whackjob whose transition 'mood board' was entirely fanart (not even canon pics lol) of ultra feminised bishounen. Deranged.
I hope they do too. Meanwhile, I feel horrible guilty for any and all M/M fic I've ever written or promoted (and continue to).

No. 1923969

I always draw women with body hair and lately I’ve drawn some women with mastectomy scars because I think detrans women are worth drawing especially since were gonna be seeing more and more of them as years go by but I know troons think I’m glorifying it and that I’m “one of them” which is the worst part

No. 1923982

based, godspeed nona

No. 1924017

File: 1699134142648.jpeg (211.43 KB, 1431x2048, FwepMORWYAEpIcH.jpeg)

>And yet, the grift and lies continued.

Don't you know T is totally reversible??? Boobies will grown up as soon as you realize you never were a man? 41%? What's that?

These TRAs love to preach these stuff and yet they wash their hands when young kids/adults detrans.

I love to draw tomboys too, I can't wait the day these tifs will grab my poor ocs with their "but she's a man!" HC or "I adopted them from this terf artist, so he's mine now".

Picrel, more "scar ideas".

No. 1924018

Can’t help but feel like Ez’s jump into all the tranny shit was a rebound from her ed, she was all over all the body positive postings for a hot minute then 180’d into deciding to mutilate herself instead as a coping mechanism. Doesn’t help that she’s dating another TIF who more than likely influenced her decision to do all this. At the end of the day most of them are just extremely self-conscious and seeking control through the most impulsive and dangerous means

No. 1924021

these scar designs would be really cool if it wasn't tranny shit. sad.

No. 1924026

This guy is so strange to me because he's not those "queer polyamorous pansexual lefty Western moid who only likes women/TIFs" types people meme about but a SEAsian guy who came out to his homophobic dad. Like I don't even understand what possesses you to have a TIF fixation in those circumstances

No. 1924031

All this effort for some titty scars and they never EVER use the correct anatomy. A female (and by extension tifs) will never have those barrel torsos, adonis belts and narrow hips. It's ridiculous how careful and delusional the artist was with this kek

No. 1924044

File: 1699137856654.jpeg (49.09 KB, 1174x346, breatsdontgrowback.jpeg)

If I hadn't already been peaked, seeing the lack of understanding these kids have about the permanence of these procedures would've got me there.

No. 1924061

File: 1699140780684.jpg (39.2 KB, 750x878, human-anatomy-drawing-sketches…)

You know, your comment made me think in >>1922369. All the OCs from that Ashton artist were male/tifs because "women anatomy is hard/gross for me to draw" (her words, not mine), so each time I see a TIF character, I notice they never have a female body at all, just a male one with scar titties.

Granted, art rules are meant to be broken but come on, some stuff cannot being broken like male/female anatomy, wherever they like it or not, even if you try to make an androgynous character.

No. 1924083

this is the inverse of "draw a flat girl with a penis and call it a boy" syndrome now it's "draw an actual boy with double mastectomy scars and call it a trans boy"

No. 1924103

stop posting this woman and her scary nipples

No. 1924114

Oh my god I love watching woke people fight with eachother.

No. 1924119

>King Bee
Sage for autism, but there's no such thing as a king bee. Male bees are all just glorified sperm donors. They're so disposable that many types of bees remove male bees from the hive during winter, leaving them to freeze or starve to death outside, just to save on resources. If it were possible to turn a female bee into a male bee, it would be a massive downgrade, even if that bee were just a worker bee. A queen bee turning into a male bee would be the ultimate debasement. Of course, the type of TIF that would make this likely has too much internalized misogyny to think that males could ever be lesser than females, despite the fact that, in nature, males very frequently are lesser than their female counterparts. Most of the time, males only exist to breed, and maybe to protect their kin (typically from other males of the same species, rendering their existence practically meaningless). In the case of bees, they only breed. Male bees are much slower than female bees, and they don't even have stingers. Because of this, female bees are the ones who protect the hive.

No. 1924127

You're talking with people that think anything that goes against TRAs's nature knowledge is terf or transphobic (like "homo sapiens's genetic problems still fall in male or female", "there's no such thing as third gender" or "humans cannot have two functional genitals"), of course they'll ignore the fact that there's no King Drone.

No. 1924153

File: 1699152651726.png (4.52 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_4725.png)

How do you tell a trans man apart from a woman? The former wears more makeup

No. 1924155

SEA is quite westernized imo. Artists from not only USA but europe and even asia/middle east if you will.

No. 1924159

What way does she manage to reframe intrasexual competition

No. 1924160

I'd say Jack Spicer but this kid looks like she was born after Xiaolin Showdown ended

No. 1924161


No. 1924200

I wonder how many male artists are gonna start manipulating TIFs now considering they're an easy prey

No. 1924201

File: 1699160654461.jpg (383.42 KB, 1569x2048, micodraw-1619697939122888705-2…)

considering he's gay i imagine most of his friends must be TIFs or faghags. He makes me depressed because he's incredibly talented but twitter poisoning ruined his art.

No. 1924208

The hell with those eyes? Looks like it belongs in "bad art" in /m/.

No. 1924221

File: 1699165843735.png (746.61 KB, 731x776, image.png)

i fixed the eyes and tif scartattoos

No. 1924222

anon i think you've been fooled, this is 100% tif art, not a gay man

No. 1924223

File: 1699168144891.jpeg (446.74 KB, 1512x2013, 71594361-ECFE-453D-B720-CBC8CA…)

NTAYRT but I think he's a gay man, picrel is his face. He also has a tweet from 2020 (didn't start posting tranny stuff until 2021/2022 it looks like) about feuding with his dad over being gay. I doubt an asian dad would care if his TIF daughter "came out" and said she liked men even if she was delusional about her own gender.

No. 1924226

there are many moids who draw like a girl, a lot of them are manipulative, abusive and mentally ill assholes and they usually end up trooning out

No. 1924236

File: 1699172432943.jpeg (Spoiler Image,445.11 KB, 1284x2048, why.jpeg)

you reminded me of this art i saw on tumblr the other day. i didn't notice the TIF character's scars at first, so scrolling down and seeing the troon's dick gave me whiplash. the artist clearly knows how to draw male and female bodies, so why not swap them round? at this point, their blatant denial of reality is insulting.

No. 1924242

I'm so sick of seeing this guy's art, anons keep posting it in the Bad Art Thread and Artist Salt and it's always the same three images

No. 1924281

>stickers spelling "cunty" on his shoulder

No. 1924288

>The one with the penis (man) is depicted with a beautiful female body and is human
>The one with the vagina (the woman) is an animal
The just fucking hate women so much. Men are always superior in some ways for them. Women have to mutilate themselves to be "worthy" while men are super beautiful and clever and they even associate female beauty to them (troons) now. If you're a beautiful woman you're a gross whore who only needs to be raped, but if the beautiful female body belongs to a male? Then he's ethereal, wonderful, brave, graceful, powerful. Women have been brainwashed into believing that being born with a vagina makes you absolutely worthless but if a sperm-carrier imitates everything you do then he's fucking amazing.

Nooo anon that isn't possible!! Everything female is bad and inferior, even if many instances in nature show us that males are literal mutations who are only needed to switch around the sperm and are meant to die early.

No. 1924293

File: 1699190590871.mp4 (5.99 MB, 848x464, xzpjCDX6EtQDDJAY.mp4)

Wonder what happened to her

No. 1924308

You should have deleted the cunt tattoo to make it perfect. Incredible how the face changed a lot with just making the eyes smaller.

No. 1924311

File: 1699198011766.jpg (51.45 KB, 407x468, 1687317923360.jpg)

>the TIM has woman body shape
>the TIF has make body shape

And then they ask why no one take their art seriously.

No. 1924316

The implication here that becoming a TiF gives you dominance and power and strength (and height kek) over feminine men when in reality >>1924293 the moid stays an aggressive moid, even with lipstick. And notice the short chubby TiF on the left too. Nothing changes but the window dressings.

No. 1924318

That beard is giving me TIF vibes. So before she made the troon tweets, she said she was gay? That mean she likes girls. If anything she's attracted to other TIFs at this point if she's continuing to call herself gay.

No. 1924320

We could make a thread for her but she doesn't do anything cow-ish except being annoying, and considering how she spends majority of the time talking about her transition, it's better to post her here.

No. 1924326

File: 1699201764136.png (23.54 KB, 609x247, mico.png)

>trans flag

Have some bad news, anon.

No. 1924327

File: 1699201945948.jpg (421.06 KB, 1547x2048, micodraw-1570062718882971649-2…)

it's a moid, he just drank the kool-aid. His existence is super weird to me, i have never seen a gay man pander or have a fetish for tifs. His older art was really normal.

No. 1924328

File: 1699202276146.png (398.04 KB, 598x440, mico.png)

Yeah, he's a moid. It seems TIFs will pay a lot for horrible art as long it has the scar titties. Which is a shame because he knew how to draw.

No. 1924341

File: 1699206146453.png (136.75 KB, 1194x576, Screenshot 2023-11-05 at 12.42…)

here you go autistas, he's male. the Elle character in question is an ugly mtf

No. 1924345

Reverse Kikomi

No. 1924347

File: 1699207467018.gif (1.63 MB, 360x270, 1462666218517.gif)

>using Heartstopper for gender afirmation

Could be worse, could be that tif wet dream comic called "Boyfriends".

No. 1924348

Kek average trannyfag bisexual male. It's always the effeminates from shithole countries who defy all expectations

No. 1924350

called it.

No. 1924354

He seems like a very confused gay man. He may draw "TiFs", but his characters are drawn like men, who he's attracted to. Maybe when his brain finishes developing at 25 he'll snap out of it.

No. 1924378

File: 1699213361841.jpg (265.32 KB, 1080x1733, Screenshot_20231106_005234_Chr…)

Troons just never want to be an adult and have this creepy obsession towards childhood of the gender they want to be (and are attracted to…), there was literally a tif in the comments crying over seeing dinosaur pajamas in boy's section at some store and it's killing me how she was acting like girls are banned from wearing dinosaur-themed clothing kek.

No. 1924382

File: 1699213735160.gif (1.04 MB, 374x280, the-simpsons-mr-burns.gif)

Proving once again how the root of these TRAs is always homomphobia. These days no one would lash an eye for seeing a moid drawing moid drawings. But better be a "straight woman" to draw tifs than a gay man, right?

No. 1924385

File: 1699214107502.jpg (52.67 KB, 640x468, 0f78d5a2e4f74dafcb881f1db3ffab…)

They always act like cashiers would refrain them to buy them. Kiddo, a cashier wouldn't give a damn on what you buy as long as you don't steal it (since trannies are infamous in shoplifting because "I'm poor, I deserve make-up shit")

No. 1924423

File: 1699219755055.jpeg (61.68 KB, 828x248, IMG_5262.jpeg)

I see a running theme with begging for money with these girls
Bunni is asking for money cuz it’s her birthday

No. 1924424

File: 1699219830601.jpeg (167.1 KB, 1080x1920, IMG_5263.jpeg)

I think being terminally online fried her brain(not milk)

No. 1924451

>Male bees are all just glorified sperm donors. They're so disposable that many types of bees remove male bees from the hive during winter, leaving them to freeze or starve to death outside, just to save on resources. If it were possible to turn a female bee into a male bee, it would be a massive downgrade, even if that bee were just a worker bee. A queen bee turning into a male bee would be the ultimate debasement

TIL bees are based and we should learn from them.

No. 1924458

I mean tifs do it too. The author of heartstoppers is a tif and is also the majority of the audience at least online

No. 1924461

File: 1699224760287.gif (2.02 MB, 300x226, 1466445621378.gif)


I know, she made herself "agender" after many "gay people" were offended on a straight woman writing a gay love romance that became popular. Funny thing is that no gay moid cared about the book, so you know it was those MLM TIFs throwing the stone to their glass house.

No. 1924469

Almost every woman who writes m/m fiction is a nonbinary queer whatever now so they don't get hit with the fetishizing mlm accusations, the Captive Prince and RWRB authors are like this. It's pointless anyway because TIFs will call you a fetishizer if you're a "non-mlm" who likes gay fiction even if you identify as a genderqueer bisexual. I wish for a better future where women are no longer kowtowing to these mentally ill 15 year old he/it's and instead write their gay anal sex with pride.

No. 1924484

All popular m/m romance is written by women because women like reading romance, not men. Even when it's gay, majority of gay men don't read romance. It's always funny when TiFs discover their True Selves by engaging in media targeted at women.

No. 1924488

He's not. It's that he's a nonbinary TIM now.

No. 1924491


But only TIFs and TRAs say 'mlm', that's for sure. m/m is probably considered a 'TERF dogwhistle' at this point, so I'm sure to always use it kek.

No. 1924493

Jeez your internalized misogyny is so disgusting it manifested even in this way. Are you a secret TWAW stan? It looks very implicit.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1924505

nta but what are you trying to say here?

No. 1924506

File: 1699232840711.gif (917.67 KB, 500x281, 1461742938973.gif)

I wouldn't be even surprised that straight women will have to go to JK Rowling route and write a male pseudonym so people can leave them alone writing m/m like in the ol' days.
And no, this is not a "won't someone think on the poor straight women". Even Japanese female artists had to take this route for the misogyny regarless women having fun hobbies and not wanting to date and get kids.
This whole "if you're straight, do not even dare to touch our (shitty) themes in the TQ+ community!" shit is depressing, and quite backwards.


For a second I read RWBY and I almost got confused.

No. 1924531

nta but please say sike. troon is a harsher insult than tif, while tif is a factual label. scrote troons don't deserve even a modicum of kindness.

No. 1924535

File: 1699238977375.jpg (212.81 KB, 1230x710, bunny.jpg)

Might be a reach but why do I feel like she's trying to pose like that viral lipstick-shade bunny here kek

No. 1924560

Isnt it just a barbed wire tattoo?

No. 1924561

I think you're just insane honestly. I scrolled through their art and it doesn't have anything with the scars. That one piece has a tattoo of barbed wire, and the other is literally just stitching in the shirt to emphasize the chest. Unless there's some art you just haven't shared that isn't on his twitter, you really are just an asshole lol

No. 1924571

NTA but the art in >>1924327 literally has tit scars if you look near the armpit and there's a rainbow sticker with the trans colors on it, why are you guys acting like anon is schizophrenic? The stitches in >>1923942 are obviously supposed to allude to scars too and it also has a rainbow sticker w/ the trans colors. The artist is a TIM (nonbinary) so any lines around the chests in his drawings are more likely than not supposed to represent masectomy scars but just drawn in an aesthetic way.

No. 1924663

File: 1699278142093.png (250.89 KB, 1080x1020, s.png)

Kek. TIFs are so sensitive. And the comments are so bleak. https://www.reddit.com/r/ftm/comments/17oy4vx/rdetrans_makes_me_feel_feel_bad/

No. 1924673

questioning and unsure? where's the trans joy

No. 1924675

I thought that encouraging people to explore their gender identity was very much a good thing that the trans folx do themselves kekk

No. 1924692

File: 1699285081206.png (29.85 KB, 598x358, 1699046718175.png)

You're not longer welcome in the cult club if you turned out to be a non-gender conforming cis.

No. 1924694

File: 1699285683556.jpg (140.92 KB, 1080x474, IMG_20231106_124819.jpg)

Are you blind or just retarded?

No. 1924716

I heard that the Tranifesto is in the hands of Steven Crowder, but he's going to paywall it. Idk how to navigate any of that stuff, but maybe it'll be easy to find by people who aren't total boomers in a few days?

No. 1924730

File: 1699291680130.jpg (166.08 KB, 1080x1520, Screenshot_20231106_224354_Chr…)

This entire thread made me kek. Tifs name themselves EXACTLY how you'd expect them to, it's not even a joke at this point, it's the reality. 70% are just Leviathan, others are either using old-fashioned/outdated names you'll only see a 80yo grandpa have or straight-up greek names, some are weebs obsessed with Japanese names that even Japanese people don't give to their own children, a few are giving themselves even more feminine names like Ariel for whatever reason, and then there's picrel.

No. 1924738

File: 1699292286199.png (739.5 KB, 1080x1920, photo68.png)

From the same thread. TIM fights with TIF about detransition. Kek, what do you think nonas? Would be based if he wasn't a moid and especially not a TIM.

No. 1924740

File: 1699292721273.png (633.41 KB, 600x800, 1699287525086.png)

Here are some pages courtesy of the other farms.

No. 1924744

File: 1699292816645.png (654.64 KB, 600x800, 1699287534036.png)

Obviously not all of it but they did nab these.

No. 1924748

File: 1699292916106.png (642.37 KB, 600x800, 1699287550171.png)

No. 1924749

File: 1699293075825.jpg (251.1 KB, 1080x1543, Screenshot_20231106_230645_Chr…)

Bold coming from the same crowd who cries over 'trans kids' not being allowed to shoot hormone blockers into their bodies. It's apparently 'insane' if you use their own logic against them.

>Does she think I felt like a girl as a baby?? I didn’t feel like a girl OR a boy, I felt like a fking baby.

No shit sherlock, even adults don't feel like a gender. But then you'll go and say in the same breath that you were 'male-brained' since birth because you played with toy cars instead of barbies.
>Does this woman actually think I understood the concept of gender as an infant?
Yet troons think literal children understand the same damn thing.

No. 1924753

>been excited for past 2 weeks
>but I'm ready, I hope my victims aren't
>I hope I have a high death count
I wanted to read the rest but I just can't bear to. I hope she rots in hell and may no more "oh she was just a traumatised victim taking revenge", "she was probably molested, I have no proof but she was", "here's an article talking about how raped women kill kids thinking they're protecting them and I believe it's the same case here" pop up in this thread like they did last time she was discussed. I get 'theories' and all, but she deserves no sympathy or understanding. I find it awful when these school shooters are assumed to be the victims in one way or another. Targeting kids is the worst thing a human being can ever do.

No. 1924765

>"70% (of detrans people) are just TERFs according to their own polls"
Assuming that this is true (I saw no such poll), it's fascinating that the second commenter immediately concluded that no "real" detrans person would ever self identify as a TERF, and that a community having a large population of non-experts means that most of the actual content is made by those non-experts. The posts there are overwhelmingly made by provably detrans people discussing very detrans-specific and personal topics, such as their own regret with the procedures they went through, alienation from the trans community they used to belong to, struggles over what they want out of detransition, and so on.

No. 1924772

This is interesting, did she think she wasn't a cracker with a well-off family who could afford to pay for her shit? I don't think she worked, and wasn't that also the school she attended? Idk if that's just some pretty severe autism rambling or if she was on something.
Also we really need to study the psychological effects of testosterone on women because something's definitely wrong with many tifs on T.

No. 1924780

What typical male behavior, coming in to a women’s space (r/ftm) to mansplain why they’re wrong about something!

No. 1924781

Wait, how the hell did he get a hold of it and how is he allowed to make profit off of it?

No. 1924786

Of course they would pick Greek names! Antique Greek is sooooo painted like a "lgb paradise" while ignoring the misogyny, homophobia and even pedophilia back then. These TIFs would have a bad time when they realize no Greek man, even straight ones, would see them as one of them, but as a woman that is doing a poor job to do stuff where she doesn't belong to.

>some are weebs obsessed with Japanese names that even Japanese people don't give to their own children

Japanese people have tons of traditions to give a child a name: A name that can give them fortune or health, how much luck the kid is going to have for the number of strokes of their name's kanji, the meaning behind the name (hence most of names with a negative meaning are forbidden by Japanese law) and many more.

That explains the famous rakugo story about "Jugemu" where a couple asked to a monk for a good name for their kid, he gave them a list (Jugemu Jugemu Go-Kō-no-Surikire Kaijari-suigyo no Suigyō-matsu Unrai-matsu Fūrai-matsu Kū-Neru Tokoro ni Sumu Tokoro Yaburakōji no Burakōji Paipo Paipo Paipo no Shūringan Shūringan no Gūrindai Gūrindai no Ponpokopii no Ponpokonaa no Chōkyūmei no Chōsuke) and since they couldn't decide which name would suit the kid, they picked ALL the names on the kid.

They're weaboos but they're doing a wrong job being a weaboo to pick a Japanese name in general.

No. 1924787

thanks anon for posting these. they really are bizarre. the kill those kids page feels fake edgy, like she wrote it just to prove how edgy she was after death. it also sounds like she didn't really hate the kids, and had to make up basic insults (mop yellow hair?) and reasons to hate them.

i know she really was a school shooter, but this reads like a school shooter larp. the death day page is surreal. she really wrote out a whole schedule for her school shooting. i admit i know very little about mass shooters, do they normally do shit like this? it's all extremely weird

No. 1924788

It's not surprising that these people are completely detached from reality and themselves. They perceive themselves as perpetual victims against the cis-hetero white patriarchy(their global "ZOG" equivalent". In that mindset, the enemy is simultaneously weak and cowardly, yet strong and far-reaching.
They identify themselves as part of the oppressed queer-POC class, destined to fight and ultimately triumph. I have witnessed both White Tims and Tifs discussing the extermination of all white men, women, and babies. This level of self-flagellation defines their mindset, yet they indulge in consuming fan-fiction and Rule34 content predominantly featuring white people.

No. 1924789

Why so much hate against rich white people, when she lived a comfortable white middle class life? She uses the f slur, can't wait to kill kids, it's like she's parodying a school shooter moid. What a strange case, it sticks out because this was a woman. I wonder if her T use had anything to do with her going psychotic.

No. 1924790

Is there any way to confirm the legitimacy of this? Because this seems really out of place within the context of this case. This page in particular >>1924744 strikes me as a false flag. The narrative being written here doesn't seem in-line with the rest of the information available on Hale.
This definitely makes it even more suspicious. The police won't release it, but Crowder has it and is allowed to sell it? And it just happens to be inflammatory in a way that perfectly suits Crowder's particular agenda? I'm not normally one to tinfoil, and I think Hale was an unhinged monster, but this all seems very questionable to me.

No. 1924791

Wouldn't it be extremely illegal for Crowder to spread misinformation like this? Even Alex Jones had to pay up for his years of defamatory lies. The local police could verify if this notebook was legit.

No. 1924792

yeah, I call bullshit. None of this fits Hale's previous digital footprit that was extremely childlike and autistic.

No. 1924793

I'm not a lawyer, but it seems questionable whether Crowder selling this information would be legal or not even if it wasn't misinformation.

No. 1924794

File: 1699299947542.jpg (53.04 KB, 386x250, 5462178-17766ed9876900b35de560…)

No. 1924796

People speak differently online, offline in public, and in their private diary. I've written things in my diary I'd never say out loud. We're on an anonymous board right now talking shit about TiFs. This notebook looks real to me, the doodles on the first page match her horrible art skills.

No. 1924799

They'll throw the biggest hissy fits when you "police their identity" but they get to pull a no true scotsman and decide who identified as trans and who didn't. It's always troons who caught on to the social contagion during the pandemic saying this shit, when there are detrans women living their lives openly and chilling after 10-15+ years of medicalization and likely having spent much more time in real-life gay (and kweer) spaces during those years instead of screeching online. TIFs are terrified of confident detransitioners accepting and loving themselves because being trans is the core of their entire world, social interactions and identity, it'd all fall apart the second they'd be remotely invited to look in the direction of someone who questioned their own choices. But it's totally not cultish.

No. 1924800

If it is true, the theory is that Crowder does not have the true manifesto but has images of it leaked to him.

No. 1924801

I mean, we didn’t know about these pictures, it’s kind of expected that most people would assume something really bad happened to a woman in order for her to do the shit that the shooting retard Tif did, because women aren’t savages like moids.
Wether these pictures are true or not, I’m glad she died like a swine in a slaughterhouse because in the end, killing children isn’t the therapy she needed.

No. 1924805

Some absolute Chad/Chadette in the TBI took photos and sent them to Crowder

No. 1924819

kek the word "home" is inside a heart, how manly

No. 1924821

What a bizarre schedule. Something about stuffed animals, then home with a heart around it, mention of dad's things then murder. It all seems too soft for a massmurderer.

No. 1924832

Does anyone else remember that email she sent an acquaintance right before the shooting that said "one day this will make more sense"? It makes less sense now than ever, Audrey.

No. 1924834

She was probably just repeating what she read in Columbine journals verbatim. Nothing she ever made had the slightest spark of creativity in it.

No. 1924852

If she really is repeating school shooter jargon then that makes me think that at some point she may have had a special interest in school shooters. I just struggle to picture a childish woman obsessed with volleyball, winnie the pooh pictures and stuffed animals going on a killing spree without some kind of influence.

No. 1924856

File: 1699309229959.jpg (23.87 KB, 444x250, 5462456-e432b62dbb34b7a3cf5d49…)

No. 1924862

I'm inclined to believe the death day one was more genuine because her autistic ass included something about stuffies in it kek, though the rest is obscured by the sticky note.

No. 1924863

File: 1699310025614.jpg (254.4 KB, 1080x1632, Screenshot_20231107_035819_Chr…)

The way she said all that and tried to hype it up just to reveal that the name is Peregrin. Idc about the meaning, it looks goofy as hell on a modern person. Imagine just walking around being a Peregrin. Imagine meeting a Peregrin. Imagine sharing this world with a Peregrin. What the hell.

No. 1924865

Their name choices always remind me of the names girls I knew in middle school would give to their yaoi boy OCs.

No. 1924866

File: 1699310465609.jpg (146.3 KB, 1080x1302, Screenshot_20231107_040956_Chr…)

Also imagine being a Dragonsbane, Kippy, or Oppy. Where do they find these terrible names?

No. 1924867

oppy? as in short for oppenheimer?

No. 1924868

attempting to profit off this is pure evil. i hope he gets charged for disseminating this shit. what good does releasing the ramblings of a violent retard to the general public do? is it supposed to dissuade future killers by being embarrassing as fuck?

No. 1924869

it’s always “soft boy” names like oliver, Theodore, ezra, felix, asher, etc in my experience

No. 1924870

It literally says it's after the opportunity rover in the post. Still retarded, but not offensive like "Oppenheimer" would be.

No. 1924871

Kek I won't be surprised if some edgy tif actually decided to name herself oppenheimer.

No. 1924873

Profiting off of it is pure bullshit but why not release it? who cares?

No. 1924874

>What does Peregrin mean? Short form of Peregrine, Derived from the Latin peregrinus, meaning "traveller" or "pilgrim".

"Cis people love it"? I would think she's a peregrine for the Camino de Santiago (Way to St. James).

No. 1924876

I was told something similar, so I looked at the polls myself and saw no such thing. They don't allow people who aren't trans/detrans (w/rare exceptions for medical professionals etc) to join, so why would they even have such an option in the poll questions? The troons are just regurgitating their own hugbox platitudes without actually looking for themselves.

Allegedly the selected pages are very misleading and she hated EVERYONE, but being a white middle-class girl obsessed with hating white middle-class people would be awfully Twitter of her.

No. 1924877

AYRT and the more "normal" names I see them pick are almost always from the Victorian era, Japanese, Jewish, or names of characters from trashy media they like, such as Daves who like Homestuck or Deans who are into Supernatural. The majority of the OC names I saw when I was younger were like that, too, and I saw my fair share of OCs named after animals, objects, or natural phenomenon (think "Lake" or "Stone") as well.

No. 1924880

Where's this idea about profiting coming from? He posted them for free on his Twitter: https://twitter.com/scrowder/status/1721545965402726734

No. 1924881

That writing IS childlike and autistic. She was closer to 30 years old than 20 writing like that, riddled with errors and completely retarded. Chris chan was more coherent at a younger age than this is.

No. 1924904

Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold had a schedule as well. She probably was at least partially inspired by Columbine.

No. 1924910

File: 1699318988865.jpg (243.94 KB, 768x1152, 3pZhxk6.jpg)

Did She seriously copy off of Eric Harris?

No. 1924925

I think you are perpetuating the idea that male=default.

No. 1924948

this is childlike and autostic tho considering her age. she was nearing 30 but the handwriting is retard tier and it reads like an extremely edgy middle schooler's fantasies. like i'm no shooter expert but i bet most adult killers don't add cutesy little gun doodles on the margins of their manifesto.
>dnd username
lol i'm pretty sure this nerd named herself after a damn hobbit.
pippin's from lotr's full name is peregrin took. she probably roleplays as him with another tif who calls herself merry

No. 1924953

Fujoshipper fandom name choice strikes again.

No. 1924966

>i'm pretty sure this nerd named herself after a damn hobbit
Kek yet she was being so condescending with that 'since clearly y'all don't know how to use Google' like girl, is your name even worth googling and trying to figure through that word-salad you typed out? She tried to make it sound like there was a deeper meaning behind it, as if she pondered for decades to come up with that awfully cringey name, but all she did was name herself after a hobbit. She should've named herself 'tryhard' instead, it's much more suitable.

No. 1924974

File: 1699333198542.png (203.2 KB, 712x1136, chrome_screenshot_7 Nov 2023 1…)

Troon persecution fetish is off the charts with this one kek. A tiffany also had to sneak 'being a little boy' in there, both tifs and tims just love to view themselves as children.

No. 1924977

>parents control her not to look 'too masculine'
This happens with women who want to be 'reverse traps' or tomboys to a very high degree

No. 1924985

Same energy as this song. Being trans really is just goth or emo for zoomers (and some retarded millennials).

No. 1924992

copycat effect, school shooters take after columbine and each other

No. 1924998

don't you dare take the only decent man in the Old Testament's in vain/

No. 1925006

The columbine obsession has flourished even without the release of the ‘basement tapes’. Just the act itself can be the catalyst for copycats. It should have been released early and only any names mentioned redacted, the fact it didn’t makes me think she’s written about historic crimes that weren’t reported or investigated properly, makes the police or school look bad. Now some asshole Internet moid is making bank off a community’s tragedy.

No. 1925027

Reminds me of the kind of shit rock stars in the seventies used to name their kids, like Moon Unit, Zowie, or Pendragon.

No. 1925028

File: 1699342044994.gif (1.64 MB, 498x280, oprah truth.gif)

>Children can know that they're trans as young as age two!!1!
Also TRAs
>Babies don't have genders, stop gendering babies!!11

No. 1925030

>straight women will have to go to JK Rowling route and write a male pseudonym
This is honestly what I would do. I would just give myself some extremely generic name for a guy born around the same time as me, like Jason Brennan or something. It would still be extremely obvious that the book was written by a woman, but I'd have plausible deniability and people would actually judge the writing by the merits instead of identity nonsense. The YA writer community online is particularly toxic and they basically believe that if you write any character whose identity isn't perfectly identical to your own, you're a Literal Nazi. It's a giant crab-bucket full of highschool mean girls who use social justice as a pretext to fuck up the careers of their competitors.

No. 1925046

So we agree that being trans is exploring, just like fashion phases, "detransing" is like going to your wardrobe and donating your shit when you grow up the teen phases but that's okay because you explored your identity!
Which is it, then?
I love how they can't fucking make up their own definition.
"Being trans is a medical condition!"
But you don't need dysphoria?
"Being trans is being uncomfortable with your sex!"
But you can say men can have vaginas and get fucked in that vagina and get pregnant?
"Being trans is about identity!"
But you can change it/take it off when you're tired?
"Being trans is about not wanting to fit into gender roles!"
But it's not some sexist bullshit?
"Being trans is about having control over your body!"
By giving money to money hungry doctors who will mutilate for some bills?
"Being trans is about feelings!"
But they demand medical care?

I want this bubble to explode nonnies I'm tired…

No. 1925049

>Your identity and sexuality can keep changing and evolving over time!
But also
>We must mutilate these questioning children IMMDIATELY or theyll kill themselves because their state is permanent and even implying that you might be able to grow out of it is transphobic!!
I feel you nonny I'm so sick of this twisted up shit too.

No. 1925051

>feminine names like Ariel
Ariel is traditionally a male Jewish name iirc, but it's dumb since people automatically think of the little mermaid.

No. 1925064

She also said
>explored surgeries
As if that's a normal and reversible thing.

No. 1925084

Manosphere moids and incels love to pass the popcorn while setting up a fight between TIFs and TERFs because they love to see girl-on-girl competition in a different name. More proof troons will nbaw.

No. 1925095

Miss peregrine's home for retarded children

No. 1925097

Oh I was thinking it's the caterpillar from Tim burtons Alice in wonderland

No. 1925126

I tend to sign my art with my surname first, so it works somehow. The art community is also toxic with not drawing enough TIM/TIF characters.

No. 1925133

File: 1699373018999.png (599.99 KB, 1170x2532, IMG_4728.png)

“You’re saying that Palestinians are homophobic? They accepted me, a straight woman”

The correct argument is that even homophobic people deserve safety and rights.

No. 1925156

Lol does 'he' even live in Palestine? Or is she enjoying the privileges that come from living in a democratic society while claiming the oppression of those that don't?

No. 1925160

No one in Palestine with access to the internet is using it to talk about their "gay" marriages lol

No. 1925163

releasing the manifesto of a violent retard is going to encourage more violent attention whoring retards to start killing and have their manifestos spread.

No. 1925164

Fr lol. Ig they've found a new deranged LARP.

No. 1925166

>in a gay marriage
They see you as a quirky straight woman.

No. 1925173

I've seen dozens of "well I'm gay/trans/queer/xyz and Palestinians accept me" tweets in the past few weeks and without fail they are always written by someone living in a Western country. They somehow get tens of thousands of likes from retards who believe fundie Muslims have no problem with the gays. Why these people don't just say what Palestinians think of LGBT is irrelevant to what Israel is doing to them instead of blatantly lying is beyond me. Even worse coming from OP who is a straight woman.

No. 1925191

Checked her profile and she lives in fucking Melbourne, the jokes write themselves.

No. 1925193

Ironically, Israel is more LGB open than Palestine. You can make a pride day in Tel-Aviv, but no in Palestinian zones.

No. 1925196

It's mostly because most of the time they want to ignore what Middle East/Muslim countries do to LGB people to support Palestine. And is obvious that they're repeating what they hear from leftists without knowing the full context about the Palestine-Israel conflict (that started even before WW I). Even then, most of the "Trans" surgeries that gay people are subjected to are male gays. Lesbians are not taken seriously, neither if they call themselves a TIF.

No. 1925199

These people are delusional. A "queer" woman or a trans "man" (aka woman) would be straight up honor killed in those places. Idk why they feel the need to treat Islam as this super progressive religion that accepts LGBT people when it's the one that where you would physically punished or killed for not having a veil on your head. Like what makes these tifs with colorful hair and piercings and tattoos and rainbow/trans pins think that that kind of religion would even remotely accept them? It is because they're blatantly sheltered and racist and think Islam = a lot of non-white people = automatically good?? Like that gendie Xiran that said Ancient China was LGBT friendly? Idk

No. 1925214

They think liberal Muslims in the West are representative of Muslims in MENA. And even the people who acknowledge MENA Muslims are often homophobic will blame it on colonization or that the British made them homophobic (as if they can't repeal those laws themself). Literally just projecting the noble savage trope because they can't comprehend that some nonwhite cultures/people hold bigoted views.

No. 1925219

Reminds me when fifa was hosted by Qatar and it made white "activists" take their heads out of their asses to realise you can't be kweer there… and then fell over themselves to DEFEND it. Of course not only would they split hairs about being kweer in a country currently going through a genocide omg does this mean they'll stop whining about "trans genocide"? FINALLY., and make excuses for muslim majority Palestine too. Lgbt activists in non western countries meanwhile are against their anti lgbt countries and against Islam. Agree with >>1925160 this person is likely not living there and is just talking about their Palestinian family in the west.

Sry for sperg I have such strong feelings about these retarded troons taking over lgbt activism, overshadowing how many non western countries need genuine help, and even people in the west if they like me were raised by homophobic parents, who are homophobic specifically cos they are from those countries.

No. 1925221

>people who acknowledge MENA Muslims are often homophobic will blame it on colonization or that the British made them homophobic (as if they can't repeal those laws themself)
This, my family is from a country where anti SSA laws are from British colonisers, yet so many of the people living there today agree with that staying in place because it syncs with islam

No. 1925224

>It is because they're blatantly sheltered and racist and think Islam = a lot of non-white people = automatically good??
This is literally it, they think brown = tolerant and progressive and white = evil and conservative, despite the fact that western "white" countries are the ones bending over backwards to enable their delusions.

No. 1925237

There's even a video of many Muslim moids angry at some Mexican fans for bringing a "rainbow" flag, that turned it out it was the flag of their city.

People can defend Palestinians after all (no one deserves to die like that), but claiming that they should be defended because "Israel are colonizers and white and evil and homophobic" are just pathetic.

No. 1925253

Brown men are some of the most sexist and homophobic men I've ever met, and every brown woman alive knows it. But that only makes the lives of the lesbian and gay people living in Muslim countries that much more horrific. Supporting war/ethnic cleansing/anti-Islam won't make their lives easier. This ongoing conflict has nothing to do with gay people anyway, so it's disgusting for either side to use it as a talking point.

No. 1925264

File: 1699393201881.png (295.34 KB, 588x693, theirony.png)

>Like that gendie Xiran that said Ancient China was LGBT friendly?

>This ongoing conflict has nothing to do with gay people anyway, so it's disgusting for either side to use it as a talking point.

No. 1925274

File: 1699394088066.jpg (149.58 KB, 1284x1628, 20231107_114116.jpg)

Update on the manifesto

No. 1925290

File: 1699396608686.png (488.92 KB, 864x982, Screenshot_20231107-233518.png)

Tel Aviv is legendary for being gay-friendly, about 1/4 of the city identifies as LGB and the numbers keep going up. Pride isn't just for a day or a week there, it's basically all year long.

On the other hand, Hamas killed one of its own commanders because there were rumors he was gay.

No. 1925299

>Idk why they feel the need to treat Islam as this super progressive religion that accepts LGBT people
Not an American but I've observed that black sheep resentful of their families are quick to justify their anger by claiming they were abused by racist nazi homophobes. Interesting that a lot of American tifs in particular claim to be "raised by a cult", but when you examine this they're just an arty person who grew up in a very plain looking probably vaguely Christian family unit. When you feel out of place in your family it's easier to justify your anger by rationalising it as being abused by nazis than it is to say that you were simply an excentric/autistic person in a family that didn't really get it

No. 1925305

Xiran should learn how to shut up about things she doesn't understand in the slightest. She's born into wealth, has lived in Canada for most of her life, and is as straight as can be, no matter how much she insists she's "super kweer". She's not Israeli, Pakistani, Jewish, Muslim, or gay, and she's certainly never lived anywhere ravaged by war. Any views she could have on this conflict are less than meaningless, as is the case for most western twittertards freely offering up their unsolicited "insight" on this conflict.

No. 1925309

Am brown woman, am seconding this

No. 1925316

What was even the point of posting this when being gay or not has nothing to do with the Israeli military bombing people, if anything she should be highlighting how lgbt Palestinians are losing loved ones too but are unable to grieve in their countries because they're closeted to their countrymen, Xiran you retard. Stick to writing your straight girl fantasy yaoi fanfic of ancient china or whatever.

No. 1925336

That's what it gets me more of this situation: People that have never grab a book to say that the Palestine-Israel is an oppressed/oppressor situation from WWII when the Zionist were made even before WWI. Wanna blame someone? Blame Britain! Oh yeah, let's ignore them in the meantime while we can call any Israeli people a "nazi" so they can get off while using Palestinians as their "poor POC that must be saved" (And they should, but that's another story that it seems is not going to end at all).

Xiran tried too hard to show "the poor queer people in Palestine" while ignoring they also suffer for their religion, but that would make her islamophobic… Like she did when she ignored the concentration camps that were in Mulan's live action movie.

No. 1925372

TRAs and other wannabe-"leftist" posers are so susceptible to polarized thinking that they are incapable of thinking of a conflict between two countries that has lasted over a century as anything other than a good vs. evil situation.

No. 1925384

Yeah, even some of them defend Hamas with "you created it, Israel, is YOUR fault", when none of them weren't even born when Hamas was created.(derailing)

No. 1925415

Do pooners really skin walk fictional male characters?

No. 1925416

strange thing is more then half of Israelis are Mizrahi(of middle eastern descent)

No. 1925430

File: 1699421787299.jpg (227.89 KB, 949x678, 1693352330446.jpg)

At the risk of a derailment, I honestly hate that literally everyone, including a bunch of extremely ill-informed, sheltered Americans, had been made to feel like they have to weigh in on this extremely complex conflict. This is not purely a colonizers vs. colonized situation, or any other easy-to-politicize dichotomy. Western powers basically utilized the marginalization of a group they displaced to displace another one, and even that's a simplification. I know a lot of anons around here aren't fond of them, but BARpod has talked at length about how whenever there's some kind of major crisis, everyone rushes to re-contextualize it around their pet political issue, in this case gender ideology. Identitarians don't understand that a group can be marginalized in one sense and oppressors in another, because everyone is either purely a victim or purely an aggressor in their eyes. This conflict is the exact wrong application of their ideology, and I cringe to see it.(derailing)

No. 1925431

Do you not know what greentext is

No. 1925433

What is pooner? A 4chan tif user?

No. 1925434

"at the risk of derailment, i'm gonna derail the thread into israel vs palestine"