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File: 1515457914777.png (252.02 KB, 500x429, 709fa9d00527d5ad71e4b54fad749e…)

No. 465430

last thread >>>/snow/276054
first thread >>>/snow/26392

This thread is for posting and discussing cringey fakebois who may or may not deserve their own threads.

Fakebois are girls who pretend to be boys for attention, either as transmen or biological males (usually the former). These girls are not really transgender because they experience little or no gender dysphoria and usually don't transition, although some of them take male hormones (made possible by informed consent transgender clinics which require no diagnosis) and later regret it.

Fakebois style and present themselves as androgenous or feminine-looking young men, even wearing girls clothing and make-up. They insist on being addressed with male he/him pronouns and take great offense at being misgendered. Some are SJW transactivists, but for most their identities are entirely superficial.

No. 465447

File: 1515458824929.jpeg (142.34 KB, 750x919, 8AA9E76D-8611-43FD-9243-5D330B…)

Found this crazy girl with no eyebrows while surfing the net.

No. 465450

File: 1515458883753.png (1.18 MB, 750x1334, 3A344C6F-BBC5-412E-B9C3-BE0967…)

No eyebrows is also fond of female tank tops and glitter

No. 465453

File: 1515459060379.jpeg (191.51 KB, 750x901, AB5E64FD-F427-4419-BDD8-C753B7…)

It gets better. No eyebrows is engaged to another fake boy

No. 465455

File: 1515459082410.png (829.16 KB, 750x1334, F3B70E9F-26ED-46FA-B9C4-CF9A72…)

No. 465458

File: 1515459111091.png (1 MB, 750x1334, 33BDC4FD-3293-46C7-A08A-A82846…)

No. 465473

File: 1515460400110.jpg (301.17 KB, 749x1331, IMG_6185.JPG)

No. 465475

File: 1515460509015.jpg (277.29 KB, 1364x2128, IMG_6193.JPG)

>sharpie beard that's not fooling anyone
>obvious tits are obvious
>cries transphobia when her tit pics get taken down

No. 465477

File: 1515460550939.jpeg (121.5 KB, 750x915, 676CE8F5-C0CB-4DDE-B276-844F9F…)


No. 465478

File: 1515460568481.jpeg (112.51 KB, 750x827, 21E78F93-2848-4D13-9018-049688…)


No. 465479

It’s so bad I almost feel sad

No. 465492


>suggestive fold in the sheet

No. 465503

File: 1515461320989.jpeg (86.06 KB, 750x497, 23D67C61-2ED3-4F59-B2A5-248405…)

They actually put Boi in the bio

No. 465504

File: 1515461347099.png (767.12 KB, 750x1334, IMG_6186.PNG)

"Trans boys can wear makeup too!"
They CAN but shouldn't

No. 465513

Is this how you look tough? No this is how you look if you want to get punched in the face

No. 465528

this is really grotesque

I'm living for this anon

all at the same time. I'm out

can these tumblr cunts please stop pretending to be goth? it's embarrassing. you kids have no idea what you're talking about

No. 465532

The photoshopped abs too, holy shit

No. 465546

File: 1515463527162.jpeg (118.95 KB, 750x863, F1C5940D-425C-43D6-8528-828941…)

No. 465550

File: 1515463801319.jpg (223.82 KB, 750x1203, IMG_6195.JPG)

Same fakeboi

No. 465556

Calls cellphone photos in a dank bedroom a “shoot” kek

No. 465558

I have no idea why fakebois think they can do "sexy male cosplay"

No. 465605

File: 1515466501905.jpeg (287.07 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180108-215329.jpe…)

This one keeps popping up in my feed occasionally but the terribad shoop in this picture killed me. All her pics are stupid blurry but only around her body like it's not obvious.

That awkward nipple placement took the cake for me though.

No. 465617

That messy background yikes

No. 465638

File: 1515468172231.jpeg (376.26 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180108-221723.jpe…)


Yeah, it's all bad shoop and blurred out messy backgrounds. Like, clean that shit up if you're gonna post it.

More shopped out tittage. Cuz ya know fabric lays like it's going around a book on a dudes chest. Also, pretty sure there SHOULD be nips showing.

No. 465647

File: 1515468529900.png (6.74 KB, 504x62, 44JR1782.png)

This trons just admitted to wanting to be used as some dude's fetish material basically, how pathetic.

No. 465679

File: 1515470840843.jpg (244.38 KB, 1024x1024, PicsArt_01-09-01.04.50.jpg)

Just five minutes scrolling down the transboy tag on tumblr

All also said (he/him) in the description, because wearing make up and bras is very masculine and wouldn't trigger and actual transman's dysphoria at all.

No. 465691

my response to that fakeboi: then go into sex work ffs

if it exists as a concept there's a man with a fetish for it.

No. 465716

Yeah, because letting AGP trans fetishists pretend to actually be trans is a good thing /s

No. 465724

Real goth men wear makeup sometimes (death rock goth or jrock etc) but they still look like men. That’s part of the appeal is the androgyny and challenging what a guy should look like, but they don’t say they’re women.

No. 465835

never said it was a good thing, but they're going to do it anyway. better for them to at least be somewhat honest regarding it being fetishized.

No. 465903

lmao, so gay!

No. 465905

File: 1515498795488.png (889.69 KB, 725x630, Capture.PNG)

No. 465906

File: 1515498931235.png (36.76 KB, 438x359, Capture.PNG)

No. 465908


i can guarantee that the anon who sent the question is also a fakeboi

No. 465910


Girls in dresses? It's a girl in a dress

Nice new thread header image btw Anon, summarizes the thread well

No. 465931

mlm tag on tumblr is just too fucking good
even the text posts don't look like anything actual man would write

No. 465949

>tfw she did cosplay porn videos on manyvids
>she didn't even sell them, just allow people to download for free
>i jerked off the her Chris vid because he's my husbando
I have no shame.

No. 465998

Jesus Christ that's hilarious. I wonder if she didn't charge because she thought she was doing something nice, or if she just knew they wouldn't sell.

No. 466000

Is it bad that I want to see this? I'm curious.

No. 466070

her profile, she deleted the videos but i have the Chris one in my porn folder, i'll try to upload it
i actually think she/he is on at least small dose of T, judging by her crotch hair
or she/he is just hairy

No. 466155

Ok, I've known this guy on Facebook and Instagram for about a year. He's actually trans. His voice is deep at cons, so I think he's been on T for a while. And he's made posts on FB about actually having top surgery scheduled.
He seems pretty masculine outside of cosplay and probably passes irl. He just seems to gravitate toward cosplaying cute/pretty males because that's what gets him attention.

No. 466162

>probably passes irl
I seriously don't know about that, anon.

No. 466164

What are your thoughts on girls who transitioned into boys to follow the gay boy aesthetic
Then transitioned back once the yaoi boy phase was over with on Tumblr and Insta

No. 466167

Jesus Christ those pubes

No. 466171

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that the textbook definition of a transtrender?

No. 466172

No matter how "masculine" he is, I refuse to take him seriously as a man if he shows off his tits and vagina on the internet. How does it feel knowing that your friend makes bad cosplay porn?

No. 466200

He's been talking about boudoir a lot and I'm iffy about it because it seems like he just wants attention, but he's an adult and allowed to do whatever he wants.

No. 466202

I just don’t understand why so many of these cis girls decide to change important key details about themselves like their presentation, ideas, or name-because of reasons, then deny or never talk about that
phase. It’s even worse when they get mad about people being confused and get defensive about people asking their gender. Or get everyone to call them by their trans name even if they’re not trans anymore. Own up to your mistakes and say that it was a confusing phase that you went through just because your friends were doing it and go back to being yourself if you’re not actually trans. Sorry for sperging.

No. 466221

I completely agree. These tumblrtards and Instagram hoes are awful at admitting when they've made a mistake. They'd rather start drama and cut people out of their lives.

No. 466235

>lists breast size


No. 466238

File: 1515530750653.png (884.26 KB, 750x1334, IMG_6196.PNG)

Haha, this is the same fakeboi who's pictures started an arguement about sexy aged-up cosplay in /cgl/. I don't know why I'm seeing so much of him all of the sudden. My guess is someone has a vendetta and exposed how much of a mess he is.

No. 466239

"Someone has a vendetta"
Lmao is that "someone" you, anon?

No. 466242

They also listed their "dick" size
>Implying that having a transboy dicklet is something to be proud of

No. 466245

File: 1515531427142.jpg (Spoiler Image, 220.85 KB, 1274x955, IMG_6209.JPG)

>"He's masculine outside of cosplay!"

No. 466254

File: 1515532401608.png (384.51 KB, 597x540, e1.png)

Somehow I forgot how much this person would be suitable for this thread.

I guess this is a bit of a spin-off from the Pixielocks/Jillian thread. If any of you were following Jill's earlier threads, you might remember Alyssa (whom Jill worshiped in her last year of high school, right around the time she started her "queer" couple phase with colin) who is the gayest of all gays on the island of PEI.

Well turns out Alyssa wasn't only gay, she's also trans, and non-binary, and even gayer. Her fakeboi name is Emery or Emerson and only accepts he/him pronouns. She regularly poses in underwear and girly lingerie to show off her packer, only to get into debates about ~bois wear makeup and skirts too~ while constantly bringing attention to her packed crotch. She's deleted many of these posts now and seems to have cleaned up her timeline since starting testosterone (possibly to prove her ~body dysphoria~ after so many people starting calling her out). She also constantly posts herself kissing different people regardless of gender. Never clarifies about whether she's dating any of these people, it's like she wants to come across as mysterious. Again she's deleted a lot of those pictures.

>IG handle: @onlinepixie

>Pic related: high school prom summer 2016

No. 466255

File: 1515532462390.png (174.46 KB, 211x563, e2.png)

>during her high school days, 2014

No. 466256

File: 1515532469398.png (Spoiler Image, 2.84 MB, 1920x1080, 153252335.png)

No. 466257

She went to high school prom with her tits out??

No. 466260

File: 1515532508300.png (509.79 KB, 590x580, e3.png)


No. 466261

File: 1515532552866.png (319.01 KB, 594x402, e4.png)

>Beginning of her transition period

No. 466264

File: 1515532671242.png (337.43 KB, 591x504, e5.png)

>Emery now

Yup, she even got the suit designed for her. And they had a gay smooch during the ceremony. That shit got people in pei going wild, she was the talk of the town for months.

No. 466265

File: 1515532701757.png (538.81 KB, 587x560, e6.png)

>Emery in ~drag~ recently

No. 466269

I can't believe you were able to jerk off to this

No. 466271

Jesus, I thought this was dodie

No. 466272

uhhh he has the most disgusting mustache ever

No. 466285

I'm surprised he actually has the bodysuit tbh. Most cosporners don't go through the effort of real cosplay. Still disgusting though.

No. 466288

File: 1515533812944.png (185.42 KB, 750x1071, IMG_6211.PNG)

>has the full cosplay
>hasn't taken a non-disgusting picture in it

No. 466289

>born a girl
>transitions to male
>dresses like a female again
>calls it "drag"
That shit is so annoying

No. 466301

Why did this thread become focused on the same two bitches?

No. 466308

File: 1515534763611.png (780.98 KB, 927x591, autistic cringe.png)

~destroying the gender binary uwu~
the worst part of it is this girl is 21

No. 466316

File: 1515535383853.jpg (355.03 KB, 1347x1003, IMG_6214.JPG)

Hungry boy

No. 466321

Even if you're making fun of someone it's not okay to leak their nudes/lewds

No. 466327

they were posted on a public site that isn't leaking anything

No. 466328

Go the fuck back to tumblr

No. 466330

Idk about fakeboi in their underwear, but didn't fakeboi sucking dick take it down?

No. 466346

File: 1515536584782.png (151.88 KB, 750x1334, IMG_6216.PNG)

lol fakeboi got mad

No. 466349

"Short pee pee now watching" and "Tyrone watermelon"
You're retarded

No. 466350


No. 466357

>calls someone retarded
>makes a typo

No. 466483

…is that a fucking attack on titan wig

No. 466500

File: 1515547481413.png (406.5 KB, 718x515, S22M870.png)

You'll never experience homophobia because you're a straight girl, lol.

No. 466515

If she didn’t have that shitty dye job she’d be a generic cute dyke

No. 466823

File: 1515614421787.png (689.55 KB, 929x595, autistic fakeboicringe.png)

you sure about that

No. 466892

Does anyone else have porn saved of this fakeboi?

No. 466928


Sage yer wank bank requests.

No. 466948

File: 1515629072336.jpeg (211.01 KB, 750x1014, 0E17EBB0-BFA2-424D-8363-8EE249…)

No. 466949

File: 1515629094461.png (1.67 MB, 750x1334, 9CEC33AA-8CCD-4531-8C1E-B832E9…)

No. 466950

File: 1515629239386.jpeg (303.78 KB, 750x1010, A29DCA9A-7A33-4552-A913-34D99A…)

I don’t understand if they are nonbinary why he/him pronouns? As far as my knowledge goes nonbinary people use all pronouns because they go back and forth

No. 466951

File: 1515629268467.png (2.22 MB, 750x1334, DD252659-029D-4CD0-90B8-B8FB33…)

They or He plz

No. 466952


This was posted already in >>446396.

No. 466954

File: 1515629311069.jpeg (224.07 KB, 750x908, 2C29EC18-6423-4405-84B6-77CD4A…)

No. 466958

Is s/he wearing a chest binder with that dress?

No. 466959

File: 1515629603101.jpeg (266.89 KB, 750x1015, A81251D6-186E-412C-A9EE-03B003…)

The autism is strong in this one. So is cheeseburgers

No. 466960

File: 1515629618819.jpeg (156.66 KB, 750x722, 1A00F0EC-F438-40E2-B164-00213E…)

No. 466961

File: 1515629645214.jpeg (80.1 KB, 540x960, E0491003-EE93-4ED7-859B-FB5DCA…)

Autistic fat stare

No. 466962

"Wank bank requests"
>implying that anyone can fap to that
I'm literally just looking for dirt but ok

No. 466967


Apologies, anon. Your post reads just like a request for pr0n for pr0n's sake.

No. 466968

File: 1515629793962.png (1.54 MB, 750x1334, 94FD83DE-AA58-4A4B-BC9D-8A743A…)

No. 466969

File: 1515629821705.jpeg (164.46 KB, 750x1030, 5F70DEBE-54BA-4E88-A56D-285E3D…)

No. 466972

Still just as disgusting as before

No. 466974

>uke :3 at Yaoi

Please let this be a troll. It hurts so much.

No. 466977

No she/it is serious. Just look at their page. And their art is tragically ms paint trace bad

No. 466979

Wtf, her hair is a disgusting mess.

No. 466984

I can understand the desire for a flat chest in that sort of dress but that binder isn't making her flat at all… She didn't even look flat chested in the thumbnail. She really needs to go for a binder brand that ISNT the GC2B tumblr shit (I'm assuming that's what shes using). I bind for aesthetic reasons occasionally and I bought a GC2B binder and it stopped working + started to fall apart within a month. Fakebois love them though because the company is run by a trans guy, and will post fake ass promotional shit for them declaring them THE best binder, even though other binders do the job much better…

sage for politeness

No. 466987

Ugh why don't you ever see normal people do fairy kei anymore? It's all obese fakebois with fried hair now.

No. 467021

Just her hair? You sure?

No. 467041

This bitch used to be all over my dashboard on tumblr. this style is so ugly and unflattering on her and the gender bullshit is just the cherry on top.

No. 467117

Different binders work for different people I guess. I wear gc2b for cosplay sometimes and it works for me because I only have a small B-cup. I've noticed that people with big boobs tend to get a monoboob from gc2b. Which is why it's so cringe when landwhale tumblrtards with made-up genders squeeze into them. Bigger-chested people need sturdier binders like underworks or that one Thai brand that sells binders in the $70 range but Tumblr doesn't listen.

Also, I understand the choice to wear binders for lolita. The black binder straps with the light pink dress + the lopsided monoboob are just fugly lmao

No. 467141

Sage for offtopic but does anyone know where that sweater is from?

No. 467149


Hi, nonbinary anon here. Most NB people I know, myself included use they/them pronouns.

Those who go "back and forth" usually refer to themselves as "genderfluid" not "non-binary".(Back to tumblr you go)

No. 467233

No. 467239

File: 1515652034355.png (153.08 KB, 275x246, lol.png)

>Hi, nonbinary anon here

No. 467242


laugh if you want, I was just providing clarification on a question about pronouns

(no, i'm not a fakeboi, a cosplayer, or autistic)

No. 467243

This thread is about people like you, do you not realize this? Leave, please.

No. 467254

This is exactly like when a man comes on here and goes "male here :) this is what i think cuz im a man :)))" Absolutely no one cares.

Come back if you're still ~nonbinary~ in 10 years when you're 26 lmao

No. 467627

File: 1515699989195.jpg (Spoiler Image, 244.86 KB, 954x1273, IMG_6247.JPG)

Not saved, still on her MV. But she looks like she got high and splattered glue on her face.

No. 467667


is that supposed to be lewd? it just looks like she was drinking milk and it spilled..

No. 467770

File: 1515709549582.png (Spoiler Image, 600.81 KB, 741x480, yoosung1.png)

I'm not going to spam this thread with porn. I'm assuming the anon here "looking for dirt" (requesting porn) is the same anon "looking for dirt" in /pt/ so most of it is there

No. 468551

The first sign of a fakeboi, even the ones claiming to be biologically male; always pick names like Sebastian, Leopold, Jasper,Milo,Theodore,Tobias, Dorian or some combination of two, very obviously chosen names rather than given names as those as given names are much more unusual whereas nearly every fakeboi has a ~special artistocratic prince boy~ name. So cringey

No. 468587

This is aweful. She looks retarded

No. 468949

What’s the difference between GNC (gender non-conforming) and fake boi?

No. 469095

A gender non-conforming person doesn't claim to be trans or non-binary and demand special pronouns, name change and oppression points. It's just males who likes feminine things and females who likes masculine things. Gender non-conforming is kind of cool imo and what all these trenders SHOULD be doing if they want to prove that "gender is a social construct".

No. 469101

A GNC girl doesn't pretend to be a boy.

No. 469150

>tfw I've seen this same cosplayer pissing themselves in that same cosplay

G-God, why. I wanted to forget

No. 469166



No. 469167

I feel like I've gone blind just by looking at the thumbnail. Who knew this many colours existed?

No. 469197

No. 469203


She has her own thread >>>/snow/468671


Ditto and learn to sage.


Delete your empty post.

No. 469223

File: 1515879830927.png (980.71 KB, 914x590, lolhehimguys.png)

ah yes this one is the epitome of this thread:
if you go way back before she fuck herself for life she was a really cute girl. shes dating a trans man too but he actually tries to look and pass as a dude.

No. 469229

lmao they are such an annoying bitch. but they are on T. they also spend a TON on expensive j fash

No. 469237




No. 469240

They've complained publicly on social media about being in debt or not having money for x and y but always buy up every good thing in fairy kei sales and a LOT of people are bigger about it. Personally I don't mind them they're definitely one of the more harmless pastel jfashion trans boys.
Also their husband is a gay man not trans.

No. 469248

They look like a girl with a mustache…. That's terrible. Why would you want to look like this? I don't mind feminine trans men but this…

>Also their husband is a gay man not trans.
He posted pics of testosterone shots on his insta… He's definitely a trans man.

No. 469270


I never understand the girl with a moustache thing. Turn into a man, great, that's what being a trans man is. Be a girl* with a moustache is just??
I saw a (biological) guy on Insta who looks and dresses a lot like a girl but also has tons of stubble/light beard in every pic.

I DON'T GET IT. Bearded lady is not hot, whatever your biological gender was to start with

*girl= dresses, makeup, dyed/styled/colored hair, non-muscular body, breasts or suggestion of breasts, a la thread

No. 469439

About the husband: Once I was looking at old dreamytabby's pictures and they used to be lesbians basically.

It's weird because I used to believe she's trans since she went on T, but she was always realllly girly and only started thinking about her gender after her husband started transitioning, and they used to be into cosplaying some anime guys as a couple so I guess she's just one of those fujoshis that become ~kawaii yaoi uke bois~

No. 469466

Yeah, she pretends to be stupid/sound ghetto because she's half Mexican and likes to gain SJW-points for being a walking stereotype

No. 470567

This looks like a drag king, >>466260 actually looked cute.

No. 470568

They can buy whatever but don't expect anyone to cover your ass once you're broke

No. 470603

did she call herself yuri because yuri on ice?

No. 470673

Sage for off topic,
But why is it that fake boys are either overweight or trying to starve themselves? I never actually seen one with a healthy body or attempting to gain some muscle definition?
Is it as dumb as I think it is? Are they worried that muscle isn't kawaii?

No. 470718

they want to be cute twinks if anything. or they claim they are too sick to work out.

No. 470724


Why ARE so many "bois" also claiming to be tragically ill?

No. 470784


She does have a youcaring for everyone else to pay for her top surgery so…she does expect everyone else to cover her. While she blows her money elsewhere.

Which is a serious trend for fakebois, they always expect everyone else to pay for their surgery. Like bitch, what.

Sadly she's raised over 1k already, maybe I should start a fakebois account.

No. 470842

the same reason they go into fakeboiery

No. 471096

File: 1516047164438.jpeg (192.6 KB, 750x1047, 5DF51D40-60E3-430A-9D28-09D019…)


No. 471144

File: 1516050715921.png (523.72 KB, 1011x598, catmisa.png)

So posted her in one of the previous threads as somewhat know her through a friend. Discovered she has a sarahah on her IG so been having some fun.

Basically sent her one saying like "you dont try very hard to be considered male" and she was like "oooo Ive been getting this a lot recently woe is me"

I wonder fucking why

No. 471171

Her coords are cute if you censor the face

No. 471388

File: 1516061474919.jpg (106.6 KB, 1024x576, snuggle_time_by_zerodomon-dbpn…)

Anyone know the latest on Zerodomon? Has she transitioned yet or is she still a fakeboi?

This photo is from October 2017 so she obviously hasn't given up the male identity.

No. 471587

Abused as children. Lol

No. 471651

File: 1516070706192.png (1.68 MB, 1030x1192, 0A81812D-7B59-4859-B24A-12DC98…)

It’s so bad it’s funny 1/2

No. 471654

File: 1516070758613.png (1.93 MB, 1654x1174, C24D3F31-2AF7-478A-95C9-DB76EE…)

“His” everyday makeup

No. 471684

>winter slime monster
At least it's self aware.
Jesus, those lips? I can just imagine all the "Joker" comments this person gets in public.

No. 471699

Did she contour her collarbones?

No. 471840

File: 1516078959106.jpeg (617.72 KB, 2048x2048, 41C8675C-A9AA-4F2D-92CC-DDE881…)

@0ni_bug looks so bad irl

I can’t belive 4chan robots saying she’s clearly a trap

No. 471853

Girl has a witch nose. She could poke someone’s eye out with that

No. 472146


good spot!

No. 472469

Photoshop will turn even the nastiest hags into cute androgynous waifs. How many other popular fakebois look like trash in real life?

No. 472674

A lot most likely

No. 474739

File: 1516306699835.png (437.47 KB, 794x514, XI22M4.png)

This ugly fakeboi keeps talking about how she dates older "Brown" men and how she looks like a 12 year old Mexican boy…Why do transtrenders love pedophilia and racism?

No. 475154

Dang she should just embrace being female, she’s not bad to look at

No. 475160

She looks brown and ostensibly Mexican to me so uhhh how is that racism

No. 475225

they're mexican, how are they racist? I've also followed them for a while now and I've never seen them refer to themselves as a 12 year old boy.
This reaching is absolutely incredible anon

No. 475229

>them, they're

No. 475331

Because being trans in itself is just a sexist kink, and people with kinks like this tend to have other fucked up kinks. That's why so many trans people turn out to be pedophiles, rapists/perverts/sex offenders, furries, fujos and lesbian fetishists, or excuse those types of people.

No. 475388


i understand your vitriol about people who lie about their identities but you also sound like you live exclusively on the internet.

No. 475391

SHE is half Mexican and half English and literally white. Mexican isn't a race you inbred losers. She is racially white and from the fucking suburbs and speaks in a fake and racist "Mexican" accent for SJW points.

No. 475500

File: 1516387146551.png (277.82 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180119-192900.png)

Who the hell is this

No. 475550

no clue, but maybe we should have a thread on someone who claims to have somehow not died from a gram of heroin. (lethal doses range from ~300-500mg)

No. 475626

I think that's Soren.

No. 475687

>>475626 are you shitting me

No. 475726

Oh my god, it is. I hope someone can manage to follow her on IG and provide more milk bc she was by far one of the most interesting cows on this site.

No. 475909

File: 1516419593415.png (1.28 MB, 947x814, Untitled.png)

yandere_oji pretends to be male and tells everyone she is a boy, but she clearly isn't. When she speaks in her stories, it is very clearly a female voice.

No. 475919

File: 1516421412143.jpg (132.74 KB, 1080x1019, 21294799_113946742654598_24649…)

No. 476330

yeah no that's a chick for sure. she wants to be that "uwu kawaii shota boy desu"

No. 476354

Is she using coal to do her brows?

No. 476709

Sure, lethal without a tolerance. Former heroin addict here- my tolerance got so high I was able to do a gram. No one stays at the same dose with heroin. With that said, this person is still full of shit.

No. 477217

File: 1516579121810.jpg (136.57 KB, 1080x1043, 26187344_171387910291143_10093…)

>I'm a boy

No. 477221

File: 1516579269560.gif (847.99 KB, 275x155, 7D100DD0-3673-4017-80A6-3E7E49…)

To be completely honest that actually looks like a closeted sissy

No. 477224

File: 1516579450003.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1125x1678, D073B3B9-F475-4258-AD3E-D55F5D…)

Totes a guy desu✨

No. 477227

>4chan robots saying she’s clearly a trap
The saddest part is they'd probably still believe her even after seeing the unshopped photo.

No. 477300

robots are retarded and think tons of features are 'too manly to be girl features' when lots of girls just, well, have those features.

they're used to people posting pictures of real girls and saying they're traps, so they're really just fucking stupid… not that we didn't know that about them already, ofc

No. 477465

File: 1516599013650.png (3 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_0985.PNG)

Idk why anyone thinks oni is a boy…….why hashtag a photo girlslove????

No. 477829

I’d love to see more of this mess!

No. 478407


because lesbianism gets likes.

No. 478585

she's literally brown lmao you're dumb as hell

No. 479498

File: 1516753648021.jpg (70.04 KB, 451x602, 1465178766756.jpg)

She is literally white, having half Mexican blood doesn't make you "brown"

No. 479534

She may not be brown but she definitely doesn't look full white. In fact, she doesn't look Caucasian at all.

No. 479539

It's cause she's trying to look Asian here

No. 479553

Well she's doing a decent job because I thought that was an Asian girl at first glance. Got any candid photos of her?

No. 479574

File: 1516756422630.png (186.91 KB, 218x597, JNZ2ss982.png)

No. 479575

File: 1516756463699.jpg (385.6 KB, 1280x1123, JYZ1sif4t5o1280.jpg)

Granted these are a few years old but it's a testament to how white she really looks.

No. 483935

Does anybody know the new social media accounts of haku, kain, em and co?
Kaden is laying low, completely living as a bts fangirl now, so i wondered what the others are up to

No. 484251

File: 1517174435462.jpg (130.08 KB, 640x854, IMG_3617.JPG)

Oh dear god, here we go with the obsessive, obnoxious racial politics that have completely taken over the board. This isn't lipstickalley, shut up.

She's Mexican. Stop going full autistic over semantics. I know it hurts you but your bleeding heart obsession with policing over culture is tired and doesn't belong on lolcow. Anyways. New blog is bathsheban and she's just as annoying as ever.

No. 484261

File: 1517174862770.jpg (133.72 KB, 640x792, IMG_3619.JPG)

Looks like she wants to be Bianca Cassidy real bad.

No. 484448

looks like a mexican girl in weaboo makeup to me. you're not the race police lmao give it up

No. 484570

Wierd that she is trying to emulate Bianca as one, her look is not the most visually pleasing and two I am suprised many young girls have even heard of Cocorosie as they are a very underground and obscure band. Props to her for knowing who they are though.

No. 484588

Oh did that hurt your lite-n-brite feelings? She's still half white and grew up in white suburbs, her being half Mexican doesn't grant her the right to use a fake "Chicano" accent and look like an idiot.

No. 484595

Oh here we go.
Bitch I'm a negro too. Doesn't mean I want to listen to your hotep autistic bullshit every four posts. Nobody cares. Go write for Bossip or something.

Cocorosie isn't at all underground anon lol.

No. 484602

I've been a massive fan for years and everyone I ask about them know fuck all about their music (the odd few only knowing of collabs with Anohni formally Antony & the Johnsons) It's a relief that a fellow farmer knows them. Sage for just being a music nerd.

No. 484606

Hate to break it to you but Lemonade has over 10 million views

No. 484895

lol they're literally not as obscure as you think anon

No. 485177

If all of you have finished fighting, could somebody please answer my question…? >>483935

No. 485183

I don't know who the others are, but Haku's insta is https://www.instagram.com/mikhxii/

No. 488716

File: 1517442238666.png (2.13 MB, 1688x1188, 6A0E2DBF-05C4-4422-87EA-5BF031…)

No. 488750

nonbinary isn't the same as a fakeboi
I wish these basic flakes normally identified as nb instead of outright claiming to be men

No. 489629

This person has also claimed to be a trans boi

No. 489657

File: 1517518654751.png (1.93 MB, 1740x1182, Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 3.56…)


"#trans, #transmasc, #femme" ALL THOSE THINGS CANCEL EACH OTHER OUT!!!

No. 489683

i knew this cringe pile IRL back when she was just a boring rockabilly bitch.

No. 489686

Where the fuck does trans come in with nb??? You can't transition from one gender to another if there's no gender binary.

No. 489689

for anyone else who may know her, she used to go by Amy Danse Macabre on fb

No. 489694

i know her in passing (stayed in a room with her once long ago for a con, total c*nt). wears dresses and makeup and yet she's trans? sure.

No. 489746

File: 1517522518872.png (371.69 KB, 930x428, Screenshot-2018-2-1 Publicatio…)


Some weeks ago I stumbled upon 0ni_bug's insta and she posted a pic of a collab with another fakeboi (@snowbunnyem, her looks are convincing because she's got a masculine chin - probably photoshop - but the "male" in the bio and the cropped half neaked selfies give it all, those are all fakebois things). Anywayyyy, this other fakeboi, snowbunnyem, posted the same pic with a caption saying something like "go follow 0ni_bug, her make up are great and she's nice" so I wanted to find this to post it here but I just realized she changed the female pronouns to male pronouns. Guess 0ni_bug asked her to correct it.

No. 489838

Yeah pale ass Sophia Griffin is so obviously a brown! how could anyone be so stupid..
Has anyone mentioned she had a doofy
christian phase where she pisted scripture that directly followed her first year of college sexual awakening “I LOVE ANAL!” phase?

No. 489875


snowbunnyem or 'matt' is the fucking worse. a while ago on fb he started accusing another pastel fakeboi of copying him because god forbid anyone wear pastel fashion and started all this bullshit drama. wish i had screenshots but he was really quick to delete it after he was accused of bullying.

No. 489923

File: 1517532408163.jpeg (71.89 KB, 559x342, B0BBA8F3-9A48-4123-99BE-C2A195…)

No. 490033

any proof that snowbunnyem is female?

No. 490113

She still does that, talks about her love for Catholicism and then makes posts about shoving fingers up her ass and taking "9 inches" from her countless brown boytoys.

No. 490131

File: 1517545494238.jpg (80.93 KB, 540x675, J1vd611fo1_540.jpg)

No. 490133

File: 1517545517240.jpg (91.12 KB, 540x721, w361vd611fo1_540.jpg)

She's sew male guize!!!

No. 490342

I don't understand because those are actually tits.

No. 490365

OT but can these fuckers get in their heads that "Cømet" would sound something like "Kermit" it's just retarded, stop.

No. 490372


No. 490380

Wow, they look exactly like Laineybot. I wonder if they pull inspiration from each other.

No. 490429

File: 1517580009440.png (888.19 KB, 929x601, lolimadude.png)

No. 490441

Tabby it's actually really cute. I've been followed the account since a time ago and she suffered from dysphoria since always. What I find weird it's the amount of expensive jfashion and still being unable to pay surgery and being on debt.

context please!

No. 490523

File: 1517586850458.png (68.33 KB, 864x235, 22H31M.png)

No. 491611

File: 1517671655226.png (1.24 MB, 705x876, twank.PNG)

Here's a lolcow. Name is Hansel. They have tons of items indicating how they're a boy, princess, tomboy, and a bottom. The hat says twink. Label obsessed. I've been keeping an eye on this fakeboi for a couple months.

No. 491777


No. 491828

Okay but.
She's still Mexican you sperg.

No. 491928

Okay but.
She's still white you sperg.
Her dad is literally a white dude.

No. 492064


why do you idiots do this? they are girls and you are enabling them by entertaining their bullshit.

No. 492286

I feel like some of the people that do that might be fakebois themselves, hating on other fakebois for other reasons while pretending they aren't one.

No. 492782

No. 492855

Man she's cute I dunno why she thinks she's a dude

No. 492856

I remember seeing criedwolves getting posted to 4chan and a bunch of retards were saying she was clearly biologically male due to having broad-ish shoulders and narrow hips. Then when given proof that she's female they argued that she must be intersex.

4chan men are so autistic they believe all women must have the bodies of anime characters or else they are traps.

No. 493152

The only label I see there is twink, which is fine since he seems like a real trans guy with facial hair and stuff. The picture you posted seems old but idk, I don't think he belongs here.

No. 493506

File: 1517805624078.png (23.27 KB, 548x260, SM2X3u1.png)

Local girl invades a space for gay men, more at 11. It's funny because she honestly knows a real gay man would never accept her fakeboi self so she chases after bi guys.

No. 494591

These threads attract a lot of fakebois judging by all the "I'm a ~reeeeal~ nonbinary/transboy and I'm not at all like these losers :))" posts that show up. I wonder what their reasoning for shitting on their own kind is? Maybe some kind of ~I'm not like the other gurls uwu~ type deal.

No. 494599

Just knowing some gay guys personally, it's a big pet peeve of theirs seeing ftms on Grindr, and that's not even including the Tumblr/Instagram fakebois that are literally just girls with short hair. I feel bad for anyone she attempts to hit on.

No. 494744

It's because they all hate eachother, especially the Tumblr ones

No. 495205

File: 1517938545506.jpeg (1005.45 KB, 1090x1309, DDDA165D-77B8-426D-98A3-56944E…)

Just curious…does this person look biologically male to you guys? They’re a widely hated tripfag on 4chan for being generally stupid and annoying, but a lot of people are also obsessed with them because they claim to be a cis gay femboy with a dick and balls and everything. I just thought they looked suspiciously like an underage lesbian, and with no adam’s apple, a slim neck, tits clearly visible in some photos, obvious short stature, female proportions and no dick bulge in full body photos. They also type and argue in a very feminine way. It makes it seem like they’re either a straight cis girl pretending to be a gay boy for attention from thirsty 4chan men or some uggo male who stole a girl’s photos.

No. 495206

File: 1517938582147.jpeg (356.83 KB, 1200x1191, 5F1ABC41-83CD-45B3-8556-77C196…)

Here’s a full body photo for reference.

No. 495210

File: 1517938694368.jpeg (107.69 KB, 1080x1021, 19605506-66CF-4972-82FA-C6790A…)

And another. Suspiciously girly room for a boy, and also note all the makeup brushes in the previous pic.

No. 495214

no shit this is a girl.

No. 495226

File: 1517939158387.png (1.44 MB, 2208x1242, 5E867885-8D7A-41A9-B425-5FD3E5…)

Yeah that’s what I thought but she and her fanboys will tear you apart and call you a jealous mtf hon for suggesting it.

Anyway, Here’s a screenshot of a thread she made to give you an idea of her personality.

No. 495240

Based on this picture alone I could believe this was a 13 year old boy (you can see what appears to be a mustache on this pic though it could be shooped in) but the other pictures make it probably just an ugly woman pretending.

No. 495243

A hairy upper lip is a common female problem. I have it and know a lot of other women who do, it requires frequent waxing or plucking.

No. 495244

This shit's as bad as MTFs trying to shame lesbians into fucking them. Just stop.

No. 495246

Yeah I'm not saying women can't have hairy upper lips, especially women with dark hair. I'm saying I can see why a moron on /r9k/ or /soc/ might take a first glance and think this was a young boy. Obviously they didn't take any other glances though.

No. 495250

The grey thing in the background in the box is a training bra.

No. 495253

this definitely doesn't look like a boy even at a glance. they just look like all the other foot faced hetalia cosplayer fakebois.

No. 495255

So she’s probably way underage lol. She claims to be 21 on 4chan so I’m putting bets on disgusting neckbeard posing as a little girl.

No. 495270

or panties??? it's too blurry to tell.

this looks like the exact type of 'trap' that goes on 4chan for attention.

No. 495361

File: 1517946153002.png (347.3 KB, 2424x1512, lilbearsperging.png)

>this looks like the exact type of 'trap' that goes on 4chan for attention.
Yep, just your average 4/10 out-of-shape girl who can't get IRL attention from men so she attention whores on 4chan.

Anyway, here's more screencaps of her posts and you can see that she is a major fucking sperg. These were only from the first 3 pages from the archive. It's pretty evident why everyone hated her guts despite still believing she's a cute little femboy.

No. 495392

oh lord this whole thing is gross yaoi logic

>despite being a literal male with a dick straight guys helped to undress me and slapped my ass


No. 495412

>gets defensive when people call her a woman
>says "I use the girls bathroom because I like people thinking I'm a girl" in the next post


No. 495630

>I'm just a femboy who takes HRT
Lol ok
>being a cute skinny emo girl
I thought she wasn't a girl

No. 495636

File: 1517963555038.png (9.36 KB, 842x97, no more trip.PNG)

>I thought she wasn't a girl
She alternated for a while between identifying as a male-to-female transwoman and a cis femboy, finally settling on femboy.

She was hated so much that she decided to drop trip permanently because everyone tore her apart in every thread and I guess that hurt her feelings despite being so confident and conceited lmao. Anyway, she still pops up in anon literally minutes after her picture is posted by (supposedly) someone else. Then she derails the entire thread into sperging about "you're all just jealous fat neckbeard hons who're mad you'll never be as smol, cute and feminine as me" when people tell her to fuck off back to her hole. Easily one of the most cancerous people to post on 4chan.

No. 496410

File: 1518007102114.jpg (181.01 KB, 427x640, sweet_candy_by_kohakunoyume-d5…)

Another day another fakeboi.

Somebody on /lgbt/ posted her picture in a femme ftm image dump thread and posted this
>Femboys women are ugly, the picture you post as a starter does not help your case, males ftw

Just wow.

No. 496423

I actually found lolcow via the scene thread. I was trying to find this person from. WAY BACK WHEN and I just realised this is the thread to ask for your expertise on it.

They were a fakeboi who posted on Deviantart around 2005 as a boy and everyone fell for it. We all thought she was just a anime-scene cute boy. Black hair, a little gothic looking. I dunno why we were all convinced but they never misgendered themselves and were consistent with it, unlike these people in the thread

Eventually there was a big reveal where she was outed as a girl, some photo evidence of them and posts about it. Does anyone know who I mean/remember the name? Big drama of 2005. The mystery must be solved

No. 496425

File: 1518009541833.jpg (596.22 KB, 552x1000, kitty_kitty_kitty_by_zerodomon…)

Are you referring to this person >>471388 ? Zerodomon/Aki is what she went by.

I don't know if this was as far back as 2005 but it's pretty ancient milk.

No. 496435

Lolcow provides! Thanks Anon.
If not the same person, very similar and on DA for 13 years so the timeline tallies up. Maybe there was an outbreak of scene fakebois back then.

No. 496436

It most likely was Aki. There's always been fakebois on DA but the only other one I could think of who had just as much drama was Gutterface, and she didn't show up until 2007-2008.


No. 496772

I really wish cute girls would stop wanting to be guys. She looks great but no she is such a BOY

No. 497270

File: 1518062910037.png (640.54 KB, 750x1334, 57EBBB39-86D6-4ECC-A9A0-705A0C…)

Local fake boy named Matt
Also why all the fake bois pagan!?

No. 497271

File: 1518062952412.png (910.39 KB, 750x1334, 45915D44-BD01-4542-89B3-FB6DA1…)

Such man toy are Matt

No. 498067

I feel like the fakebois don't just sabotage their life with hormones, but with their whole idea of what's cool.

It seems a lot of them fucked themselves over thinking self sabotage was cool. I see a lot of the old popular people living in shitty apartments, doing drugs, and maybe going to cons. I can think of maybe 5 who were able to springboard off their popularity and head towards a career (half being MUAs).

They always flunk out of school, or are in their 20s working at McDs with no goals for what's next.

I'm generalizing but it seems exactly how it was with scene kids, they worked so hard on their alt online image that they fucked themselves for the future.

No. 498703

File: 1518188013256.jpg (51.71 KB, 750x528, 22220589_121368625197937_52065…)

Dunno how you fell for it with her hilariously bad early 2000s photoshop chest which 1000% lacked nipples.

Still active btw, but moved to Instagram and may have actually gone trans or just got better at Photoshop. Still tagging shit like femboy though so..still living the uke dream.

No mention of klinefelter's anymore, sad. I'm surprised more fakebois didn't latch onto that in there I'm a boi shit.

No. 498713

File: 1518188931920.png (Spoiler Image, 2.14 MB, 1036x931, 1518054428402.png)

Update on this boi. She posted this yesterday. She also said she's been camwhoring on 4chan and 8ch's /cuteboy/ board since 2015 so my guess is a packing prosthetic, although it's hard to tell because of how shit the quality of the picture is.

No. 498742

There's a decent looking fake dick because everything else about her body is 100% female. she is soft and pudgy with zero shape either. Do people really fall for this lie?

No. 498747

File: 1518191005605.jpg (Spoiler Image, 191.25 KB, 600x557, reelmagik ftm prosthetic 8.jpg)

Packers can be pretty realistic-looking, especially when taken from a distance in a blurry pic, and aren't that expensive.

She has the exact same body as my former best friend: weird, blocky potato frame with fat arms, chicken legs, and A-cup breasts. All of this is the exact opposite of the ideal female body (for men) which is likely why she resorted to being a fakeboi. No one in a million years would fap to an awkward flat chested potato like that unless it claimed to have a dick.

No. 498884

That can so easily be a packer, doesn't even have to be a high-end one, since the pic is so shit quality anyway. She looks 100% female, who does she think she's kidding?

No. 498912

>who does she think she's kidding?
You’d be surprised how brain deficient 4chan men can be. Why is it that women on /cgl/ and lolcow are the only chan posters who can tell apart fakebois from twinks? Lol

No. 498958

I think she has a nice body (maybe your feelings about your ex pal affecting your opinion) BUT it is totally female looking for sure. Men don't have thick arms and legs combined with a small torso, if his limbs look like that he has a beer belly to go with it

That fake dong looks so bad up close? Like why are the balls septic?!

No. 498970

I dunno how I fell for it either (I definitely wasn't alone) but I'm thinking shitty low-resolution computer screen+lack of actually seeing a naked guy at that time, and not realising how different they looked.
If guys fall for it presumably they are not attuned to what is/isn't a female feature but yeah…we dumb hangs head in shame

No. 498990

what is that red line on her thigh right next to that plastic dong? the thread she used to bind it onto her hips?

No. 499048

File: 1518210298151.jpeg (918.98 KB, 1242x1025, 6BA89EE8-1504-4FF4-B6C6-F269BA…)

I can see why a woman can think it’s attractive because we tend to appreciate beauty differently than men, but usually (sexist) men want big tits, tiny waists and thick thighs, all of which she clearly lacks. Just judging by the fact that I used to browse /soc/ I can tell you that a girl with that kind of body would be laughed off the board. It’s no wonder she switched her online identity to male. She looks blatantly like a biological female and that’s all that “straight” femboy chasers want regardless of what their body looks like.

Pic related is a post that a FTT posted which I think is pretty accurate. Men are not capable of common sense.

No. 499058

2005 was long before the fakeboi epidemic was a known and common thing so don’t feel bad. Even the smartest people can be fooled sometimes.

No. 499089

She made it bad quality because if it was HD you could see her dick is fake

No. 499091

File: 1518213393422.png (2.33 MB, 750x1334, 991C76D6-4FEF-4CC6-B8B8-6AE708…)

Labeled as nonbinary boy lolita

No. 499093

File: 1518213525772.jpeg (310.66 KB, 750x922, 2BCBF795-B6FD-4961-A9B6-317360…)

She’s freaking out if someone calls her female

No. 499155

God, that "neopronoun" shit is so stupid. It reminds me of this website I saw a long time ago - have fun.


No. 499641

not to b an anachan but that weight is literally disgusting, how does she think she can be cute?

No. 499737

is miles mckenna a fakeboi? either way i hate her

No. 499745

Nothing anachan about that statement, the girl is really overweight and probably unhealthy.

No. 499768

She went from being ~nonbinary~ to being ftm on T. There’s some rumors she didn’t actually have gender dysphoria despite transitioning but I haven’t been able to find evidence of that myself.

No. 500319

File: 1518319616286.jpeg (147.36 KB, 640x960, C457ADE1-184B-4AB5-9A85-9D6D72…)

Why do these “boys” always cosplay girls?!

No. 500331

because theyre girls

No. 500544

Because they think by doing that, it means they are traps. They call it crossplay too.

No. 500615

File: 1518370143256.jpg (45.12 KB, 787x575, CnJHdEdVUAALEEd.jpg)

Ah yes, Taylor Alaska. She's been a fakeboi since as early as 2011 when she was 13-14 years old, possibly even earlier. She used to camwhore on /cuteboys/ and other trap sites when she was barely out of puberty, trying to get adult gay men twice her senior to fap to her but was supposedly permabanned because they found out she was an underage girl and people became enraged and attempted to doxx her. Sadly, she didn't learn a lesson from that incident and shifted over to Gaia and 4chan, still roleplaying as a trap.

She camwhored on /b/ and /soc/ for years, spamming her discord and twitch accounts and begging for money for a while and then started claiming she was mtf on HRT.

She went on a huge begging spree after claiming she was homeless because her boyfriend kicked her out (probably a lie) and went to post on /r9k/ where she claimed she was biologically female so that she could convince the beta robots to give her all their money. A few anons recognized her from /cuteboys/, warned the others that she "had a dick" and wasn't a real girl and therefore she didn't receive any. Here is the /r9k/ thread by the way:

Last year, now a legal adult, she moved to /lgbt/ as a tripfag alternating between calling herself a femboy, a trap, and a mtf and as posted above, caused a ton of drama and now a bunch of people on /lgbt/ are outing her as a fakeboi (presumably farmers who saw this thread) which caused her to have a huge meltdown.

The only social media accounts she has right now is Instagram (username is @taylor.alaska) and Gaia (tayloralaska).

Pic related is a post she made at age 13, along with her 13-year-old mug.

No. 500952

is spokane washington like some kind of haven for these crazy people?

No. 501339

File: 1518431022908.jpeg (265.39 KB, 1080x1080, FC794FE6-D7DE-4522-B16B-440EBF…)

I’m honestly surprised no one has ever mentioned Kingkitsu Cosplay before. She always surrounds with other saw types so she lives in this giant hugbox. There was a huge post on Facebook by someone trying to call her out as being a fakeboi and said she has a history of jumping on bandwagons for sjw points.

No. 501341

File: 1518431063320.jpeg (372.08 KB, 1536x1877, 2582041D-3D3B-44E9-B36B-B6A93E…)

Here was a post from Trans Day of Visibility

No. 501434

File: 1518449931030.jpg (1.96 KB, 64x32, BQxNP.jpg)

Somehow stumbled upon this cam girl/prostitute turned fakeboi. I think she goes by Bunnie Hughes and Blake. It looks like she's on hormones but still works at some brothel. Posted a video on youtube about ddlg after coming out. Calls herself a "trans kid" in the description of her videos. Made a video about retiring from camming but is still selling gross shit like toothbrushes she used to masturbate in high school.

No. 501442

I don't know what happened to that photo link, but a video is all you really need.

No. 502136

File: 1518568176583.jpeg (174.98 KB, 750x1013, 6674C369-388E-4F8F-98E7-CFEE08…)

Kill it

No. 503351

File: 1518667455716.png (876.25 KB, 750x1334, 00D72688-EB5B-486E-A59F-002490…)

This transtrender posted to the confetti club asking advice from underage girls about being a women. Now this guy wants advice.

No. 503352

File: 1518667493642.jpeg (292.48 KB, 750x1125, 79115A5E-0498-4291-948C-AF2EAB…)

2/3 mind you this is an adult man

No. 503353

File: 1518667524997.jpeg (147.08 KB, 750x552, 216B66A4-2DAA-4AAF-8E79-59540A…)


No. 503546

reminds me of sithlordali anyone remember her? like, the original fakeboi

No. 503552

>the original fakeboi
Calm down Gaiaonline, fakebois were already incredibly widespread by the time she jumped on - especially 'emo' ones

No. 503635

I don't get it. If the post is by a man then why is it relevant

No. 504316

It’s because they fall under the category ttanstrender. This man claims he is a women but can’t even look a female because he is lazy

No. 504581

There's a thread in /ot for that Anon, this one is just for fakebois

No. 504826

Is it the one on the picture? That looks 100% like a female

No. 506779

I hate that all this girl seems to cosplay is girls. Like just be happy being a girl

No. 506881

She cosplays as guys too.

But all the girls she does do tend to have booooooooobs or are scantily clad. Like how are you uncomfortable with your body but you constantly put it on display.

C'mon now.

No. 508038

>transphobic trans men complain about "fakes" on a girl gossip forum(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 508062

File: 1519009782064.jpeg (133.78 KB, 872x1163, 8CC54654-4079-49C8-987B-1ED792…)

This girl Sei is always complains about misgender. Says she is blind but draws on the computer and blogs with tiny text

No. 508064

File: 1519009808851.jpeg (160.51 KB, 793x1057, EBB65C8E-83A8-4519-8740-758DCC…)

He/him plz

No. 508072

File: 1519010117926.jpeg (191.57 KB, 750x1005, D1F62CDC-153A-4949-B35D-0DD585…)

No. 508083

>implying we're all a bunch of freaks with iNtErNaLiZeD TwAnSpHoBiA or something
Lol. Trucums are retarded though. All trannies are full of shit, there is no "true trans."

No. 508288


She made posts about having a sugar daddy at age 17 and that her dream job was literally to be a sex worker, and how she 100% can consent to a sexual DDLG relationship even when she was underage. She’s apparently also sold kink photos underage as well from her own admission. The other fakeboi and her are engaged to be married when at most they’re both 18 now.

No. 508291

would explain her aesthetic

No. 508408

File: 1519054350834.jpg (82.2 KB, 768x960, dirtstache.jpg)

Nothing screams kawaii quite like a disgusting dirt stache

No. 508414

Genuinely confused as to what this is. Cute chubby girl on T or femme guy who refuses to let go of the patchy tash?

No. 508424

File: 1519055401819.png (1.37 MB, 709x713, dirtstache 2.PNG)

Creepy looking girl on T who uses the disgusting facial hair as a gimmick. I feel like I need to shower just from looking at it.

(Dreamytabby on Instagram)

No. 508428

File: 1519055556555.png (1.11 MB, 716x710, dirtstache 3.PNG)

Nothing about this is cute

No. 508453

I am still disgusted by their facial hair
I remember first thinking it as dark peach fuzz then looking properly and thinking WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT

I remember once they had taken outfit photos with another "decora" instagrammer.
I don't think they are still in contact
maybe they had enough of looking at that face fur

sage for irrelevance

No. 508550


I’m just amazed that Tabby complains and whines about needing money for top surgery, and how he won’t take out a loan/put it on credit, but he’s fine just running up credit card debt for clothes. I don’t get it one bit.

No. 508570

File: 1519065026327.jpeg (67.87 KB, 722x349, 1507371037414.jpeg)

>tfw people on cgl were saying this creature was cute and a bio male when someone posted them

Rest in peace, cgl

No. 508575


She wants it only if it’s paid for by someone else. Meaning, she only “wants” it for the sake of wanting it for trans points.

No. 508576

lol this person is pissing me off so bad even tho when I clicked the pic I couldn’t stop laughing for like five minutes straight jesus what a mess hahah

No. 508580

Wow wow, she’s going to regret being on T so much, she’s not even bothering to pass Her body is wrecked for nothing.

No. 508581

Bruh I still remember when the term fakeboi was coined on cgl. Back then one of the big time fakebois was akiwarumono and people tried claiming she was bio-male too.

No. 508582

You're one of them too, huh

No. 508585

Yup okay, I take the “cute” back. They must have used one of those eye-widening apps and I got bamboozled.

No. 508586

He? Really now, anon.

No. 508605


Not one of them, I just thought the general consensus on here was that if a fakeboi is on an actual dosage of T, they’re likely not a fakeboi, but they are still probably obnoxious, insufferable and whiny. I’m totally cool with being mistaken though.

No. 508612

That used to be the case, but these days ~gender is more fluid~ and it’s a lot easier for fakebois to get on T.

No. 508720

Blogpost but the fakeboi clique at my all girls school are on T. I think one girl is just socially transed, won’t take T because she’s an actual hypochondriac and is super scared of it. Her illness is doing her a solid, you ask me.

No. 508759

It does seem like many of the posters in these threads are butthurt ftms and nonbinary girls who are just here to shit on each other because of some superiority complex they have. Tbh I wish there was a different thread for “transtrenders” because the only funny fakebois are the ones like Zerodomon and the Taylor Alaska chick who claim they are biologically male whilst surrounding themselves in drama, not just some 16-year-old who wants to be called “they” but otherwise has no milk.

No. 508937

This girl could pull off being full trans if she stopped dressing like a girl. She looks like Mexican middle school boy

No. 508981

Isn’t she married to another fakeboi?

No. 509226

Oh yeah

People like Cain and Em get off to shit like this, they used to have some private shit talk twitter or something too.

Then there's people like nocturnal prince and poet bastard who complain about non binary people while subscribing to the nonbinary lifestyle.

It's all pot meet kettle bullshit

No. 509677

There is milk on some of the people posted, it's just usually shit up by one off fairykei Bois.

Kingkitsu for example is a trip and a half, keeps posting scantily glad female characters (like the ever group), then bitching about misgendering when that inevitably attracts the spankbank men.

And once claimed to be a crack baby hard knock life…while living in her parents middle class house rent free in her mid-20s.

No. 509700

Cain wiped out insta, wonder what happened.

No. 509954

File: 1519170228208.jpeg (214.52 KB, 750x1002, B197C156-0589-406E-8A6C-A1E131…)

Why do these girls always have their pronouns in every post? I have trans friends and they don’t ever do that

No. 510036

According to their friend Car Cain stole money from a commissioner and never followed through but I'm not sure if it's reliable

No. 510307

File: 1519190547122.png (543.59 KB, 529x1251, pathetic.png)

No. 510453

Cuz their whole identity is based on their gender so if you get the pronouns wrong they get triggered

No. 510470

whats with all the fakebois and the pastel schemes? will any of these people ever get a job with the dyed hair?

No. 510564

>will any of these people ever get a job with the dyed hair?
Like 90% of them are high school or college aged living off of mommy’s income so they don’t need to worry about jobs.

No. 511316

>Huge eyes
>Low brow ridge
>Small nose
>Thin, narrow jaw
>Soft features
>Dark eyelashes
>Fucking Tits
>Delicate hands, thick thighs, wide hips etc.
Anyone who thinks that's a cis male for more than half a second is retarded on multiple levels. But you really can't expect more from 4chan tranny chasers obsessed with weeb traps.

Holy shit this is what happens when you spend your adolescence as a socially rejected girl on 4chan surrounded by perverted men.

No. 511320

tis a cosplay from a video game. her tits give her away

No. 511479

I wondered if I could get some advice here, I've befriended a possibly fakeboi through tumblr and we are into a lot of similar interests. Although 'he' (I'd use he at the moment). Although he seemed to resemble a real transman in some of his viewpoint. A lot of things seems worrying to me. 'He' struggled a lot with depression/anxiety problems lately and I did not wished him to regret even more if he realize he doesn't want to be a guy anymore.

Here's the characteristics observed, don't know if fakeboi or not.
>Very much into yaoi/slash fanfiction, big shipper in all fandoms he get into, including homestuck.
>Cosplays, although he made his own costumes many times.
>Usual bleached blond,anime/alternative haircut. Cute boy fashion.
>Draw a canonically craggy manly character as a cute, baby eyed flamboyant type. The character was previously masked in the earlier episode but after face reveal he got attached to it.
>Saying boi and 'I'm so gay' all the time.
>Into drag queen scene
>Doing a good job for not posting about real life on tumblr much, but a lot of times would complain about being too feminine, or people who think using makeup is not 'manly'
>Very squeaky voice, not very feminine but obviously a girl. nothing masculine about it either
>Art school, wanting to do animation
>Being from devout religious family and seemed to have some problems with them. Proclaimed that in childhood he only knew gender roles from christian standard. And being unhappy being female because a rowdy personality
>Used to be in bad straight relationship where ex-boyfriend demeans 'her' a lot
>complains about feminine issues, binding, or even period on blog
>Used to dress as a cute/pretty girl before being 'trans', stated that it made him unhappy later on
>Saying that he got so angry that his friend made him 'misgender himself'
>Get really angry with people commenting on his gender in real life
>One of best friend being near fakeboi territory as well, also into Drag.
>Was actually looking to get T but seems to be rather wishy washy about it. usually commenting about not having authorization and scared of health effect from wrong dose.

He looks like he has some kind of dysphoria though, so 'he' could be legitimate, but seemingly only after he decided to be 'boy' and get into tumblr movement 2-3 years ago and does bind chest.

Generally very nice with opposing viewpoint rather than usual rabid activist view, but all spot on with yaoi fantasy everyone's mentioned here. He does seem to be rather logical and civil about opinions and not overplay the 'trans' part as another counterargument for being legit. Generally feels very feminine in the way he complain about things.

Currently in early 20s, if 'he' really feel like a man I wish well in his journey, but so many red flags too.

No. 511505

sage for necro but just wanted to say.. I have no problem with this.

Rest of the thread is a shitshow tho

No. 511519

It couldn't be anymore obvious that she's a fakeboi. How daft are you, dude? You're describing a straight girl with AAP.

Does she have a stupid name like Aiden, Zander, Lyric, etc. too?

No. 511520


>Being from devout religious family and seemed to have some problems with them. Proclaimed that in childhood he only knew gender roles from christian standard. And being unhappy being female because a rowdy personality

I was like this until my early 20s. When I found out about gender roles, it dawned on me that what I hated wasn't being a woman, it was how I was expected to act as a woman. I'm still furious about them but I don't feel that being a woman is inherently unsuitable to me. S/he may be going thru a similar thing (which is kinda infuriating to me now because it feels like these girls are opting out for an "easy way out" instead of trying to live with the "underdog" gender.)

No. 511544


Nope he isn't from English speaking country, his name is just a basic dude name.

I have talked to him once about 'his' decision to be a guy and that I strongly doubt him. Saying that if he was sure about that or it is just following some homoerotica fantasy. He told me it's just a thought in my own head and would not get offended, he get why I thought he was a 'fakeboi' but as long as I don't insult him for it more he will be fine.

Now I pretend to play a supportive tumblrina role to him although dropping hints occasionally.

I used to be in similar position to him and later find acceptance in my own body which made me even more worried. Especially 'she' was straight as a girl, if he happened to take T and has undergone surgeries and regretted the choice it will ruin his future much more. Even more than lesbian butch regretters.

What should i do, don't want to lose this friendship either

No. 511597


I'd suggest you to try to keep being friends if it will make you happy, but be prepared for a "friend break up". It's very difficult to keep any kind of relationship with young people who have identity issues.

No. 511632


You should read these posts:



No. 512398

I find it funny that Jude Karda stopped taking T because she only wanted facial hair (that she shaved off) and top surgery (even if she's as flat as a table) and the other effects of T scared her and she didn't want them and she is the embodiment of every fakeboi ever

No. 512688

Jude is just gonna get top surgery and pocket the funds, top surgery is covered even for "nonbinary" people in Ontario.

No. 512950


this is the worst thing i've ever seen on this site and that's saying ALOT
holy fuck i want to die now

No. 512976

Here I am No. 511479 coming back again with this 'concerned' friend. Sometimes we could just be laughing at cows, sometimes we should hope some is not beyond saving from degeneracy.

I just wondered if there's anyway to distinguish between real deal gay transman and fakeboi that might regret later.

My 511479 case seems to blend between two, since s/he's not the pastel uwu type and seems to be very humble on LGBT conversation ,'slowly learning' and seems to dislike usual SJW culture. Slightly more masculine in presentation than a lot of cringy examples here but obviously filled with fakeboi flags.

Here's more stuff
>S/He seems to write 'straight ship' fic sometimes but will never get into smutty level, very nice and appreciate every ships
>Found his/her homestuck years immature and cringy
>Recently posted butch Transbian pics. (Not to be transphobic but some are just, oh the horror)
>Usual 'Fakeboi' abs shot with boobs half covered by shirt
>post transman feels sometimes, 'you're a real man even if you don't pass' Usually from another cosplay fakeboi-y people
>Do like shipping old, manly or non-conventionally attractive characters. Find usual bishie boring but do appreciate them (except that one character mentioned above).
>Get attached to headcanon sometimes that would ditch real later revealed stuff
>Not so big into Japanese media, more of a gothic/horror person. (Would ship the heck out of everything and still dress like a cute streetwear boi)

The thing that confuses me a lot that s/he seems to put some effort into transition more than cringy fakes here(still doesn't seem to pass) and complaining about wanting to get rid of boobs/dysphoria on tumblr. And being generally very civil and nice person to talk online. Also NOT a non-binary in his identity.
It also does look like that his/her mother accepted that 'he' is a guy/transgender now at the moment. (which he complained that he didn't want to be treated as "toxic masculinity'/boy don't cry" type. Nice but occasionally whiny)

It's just lately s/he got very whiny about family after being away in college, which is understandable if they were strict and religious to begin with and becomes extremely stressed out with works and exam. Depressed with episodes where s/he did not want to leave bed, not showering.

I would like to help, s/he is not obviously not blaming gender for the issues but there are definitely underlying trauma.

No. 513000

Are you referring to yourself? Either way, I personally think there are real trans people around. However not much else can be said since lolcow isn't the kindest place for trans. Perhaps it is the hate for fakebois and perverted men pretending to be women, or that they themselves are salty fakbois. But yuh, I find most trans don't display their gender/transition as a fashion accessory or their only identity mark. They just casually live life. They are also aware they are not the real thing, and just used surgery to feel better, like how a cis woman gets breasts implants to be happier.

No. 513023

Tired of this #realtransmen meme that keeps getting passed around in these threads. The “real transmen” are still either straight women fetishizing the fuck out of gay men or butch dykes who took their gender noncomformity too far.

Lots of transmen ITT are like “b-b-but I’m legit!!” Even though they’re basically the same as every other “gay” fakeboi. Stop acting like you’re superior to the others, you’re not.

No. 513038

my point proven. lolcow isn't the place to talk about lgbt matters. On this site, it doesn't exist.
my advice to you friendo, is to never bring this topic up again here

No. 513049

Mmn, well if it is someone else then honestly… kinda think of them as going through that weird emo phase "It's not a phase!"
these phases last from a couple months, to a few years. Who knows

No. 513051

No, I am not a trans just cis lesbian who once contemplated this shit passing by, so your point about #traltransmen is not valid

Though I do believe legit transman could be real but not for him/her. It just the complaints get too often and this gets on my nerve a lot lately.

Don't know if there is a place to discuss somewhere else, they'd just tell me to believe 'him' at face value.

He does seem to be rather casual but it just feels so wrong.

No. 513161


Lolcow is LGB-friendly.

Many anons are trans-exclusionary because trans reinforces gender, and gender is oppressive.


Have you visited gender critical boards and websites?

No. 513176


Gender isn't oppressive except in the context of LGB as people may want to "hide" their sexuality under gender to please others. Trans is not an oppressive thing. Anything can be oppressive if someone/something makes it so (e.g forced to be trans to please others) Idk OT but "gender is oppressive" is a little sweeping

No. 513209

The delusion is real she need help

No. 513212

I saw a list of “cases” somewhere on here and think Jude Karda fits into one that wasn’t mentioned: “has always been considered beautiful and as a result loses sense of identity beyond being a pretty girl, and so rejects everything about being pretty and female by becoming temporarily trans”. Doesn’t really work nowadays though because you’ll always have adoring fans whether it’s for being pretty, being trans, or both.

No. 513216

Gender IS oppressive. The idea that you as a person are “conforming” or “non-conforming” just for existing in yourself can be pretty heavy. Biological sex is just a fact of life. It’s when people start to conflate the two - the mental weight of gender being equal and attached to definitive biology - that “being trans” becomes a thing. As for “trans” not being oppressive, how is a construct that reenforces oppressive ideals NOT oppressive?

LGB is oppressed because you don’t choose your sexuality. T is not, because you definitely do choose your gender and nowadays you can ever choose your sex (apparently, kek).(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 513217

I can’t stand Sarah Marie/Judas. She’s such a fakeboi. She started dating that girl who decided she wanted her tits lopped off and then Sarah all of a sudden went “trans” when she saw all the love and followers her girlfriend (now “boy”friend was getting)
Sarah was tumblr famous for being thin and pretty and was always pretty and girly.

No. 513218

Gender isn't oppressive, gender roles are. Being trans is literally just wanting to be a different sex because your body gives you dysphoria and it has nothing to do with other people, idk what that has to do with "conforming".

No. 513221

Genuinely curious how the fact of Gender is oppressive.
Gender roles are oppressive depending if you like following them or not, otherwise no, gender in itself isn't oppressive.

No. 513239

>Saying boi and 'I'm so gay' all the time.
>Into drag queen scene
These alone are some major red flags for a transtrender who watched WAY too much Drag Race and has a ton of internalized misogyny because "it's cool for guys to be effeminate and sassy but not for women". Just a reminder though that there is no "legitimate" transgender, even the person with the worst dysphoria biologically can NOT possess the opposite gender's "brain" (or "soul", whatever). There can however be people with dysphoria who are not completely whack fetishists.

>What should i do, don't want to lose this friendship either
Start telling "him" that it's okay for girls to like this shit and be boyish. Do NOT abandon your friend, she will only sink in deeper and possibly take up HRT and go through irreversible SRS. Support her as a woman. I come from a similar place and all it took to wake up was to see my situation mirrored back at me a lot.

No. 513244

Going on testosterone and not wanting clitoral growth. She must be retarded because thats the one thing you are guaranteed to get

No. 513808


Gender ascribes the quality of masculine or feminine based on social and cultural norms. Gender is not inherent to sex.

Put another way, gender is social norms.

Gender dysphoria occurs when a person's internal sense of gender does not match their sex.


Gender is oppressive regardless of whether or not you conform. See, feminism.

Gender dysphoria is a response to the oppression of gender. If gender did not exist, gender dysphoria would not exist.

No. 513994

What you're talking about is gender roles, not gender.

No. 514401

Trannies don’t choose to have dysphoria just like people don’t choose to have any mental illness. Then they’re pushed into transitioning by money hungry therapists and doctors because they’re told there’s no other way to ease the suffering. So saying trans people choose to be the way they are is a pretty ignorant statement, even if you’re right on some of your other points.

No. 514530

Unnecessary update again, I didn't think of this particular person as being mysogynistic him/herself. There are good and strong female characters in his/her works.

But recently, Just for a few moments, I have recently talked to him/her and s/he recently told me that lesbian fictions are usually bland, gross and overly sexualized. Which I agree tbh, a lot of time it panders to straight male gaze which I am a bit icked myself. And we don't have a lot of good, complex female characters to begin with in fiction for it to work. Mostly gender roles and the limitations from that.

And s/he was expressing that a story would be better if it keeps a particular girl/girl relationship as just cute and sisterly


then at the same time s/he gay slash ship out of everything s/he touches, in a very sexualising way and seem to dick-worship a lot. Not that I don't dislike it, but it feels much hypocritical to say that when s/he could be enjoying people doing the same thing. But with dudes and dicks.

Unless the conversation calls up for gender issues, I'll keep it quiet of my opinions. Also worth mentioning that s/he loves roleplaying speaks referring to self with he/him pronouns

No. 514814

File: 1519627145488.jpg (49.9 KB, 719x719, 26166452_10212400973113770_315…)

My old favorite lolcow from high school got a twitter. @jmilhouserecord. They had a lot of mental issues, to say the least. Looks like they've gone on T instead of antipsychotics.
They go by Glitter now.

No. 514823

File: 1519628483608.jpg (57.8 KB, 640x640, 23379829_10212031314472535_868…)

Glitter, please, for crissakes, wear an actual shirt.

No. 514840

I don't get people that say it's for money, my therapist made me wait a year and was initially going to wait 2 but I needed it. There's just not even enough knowledge about how it works to find another treatment.

No. 514867

What is gender, other than prescribed roles in society related to sex? Gender roles IS gender.

Gender is not gender dysphoria. That is an illness. You can choose to diet and not be anorexic. There’s clearly a difference, and the existence of trans-trenders is pretty indicative that what I meant is indeed a thing.

Sorry for OT but wanted to clarify what I meant. Saged and won’t discuss again, mods.

No. 514922

Gender is basically just the sex you identify as, so for 99% of people the words sex and gender have no difference. If someone has dysphoria and wants to be a female it's not because of skirts, it's because they want a female body. Just because there are girls cutting their hair and pretending to be gay boys because they like yaoi doesn’t mean trans people choose to feel bad about their body.

No. 514927

>Gender ascribes the quality of masculine or feminine based on social and cultural norms.

I mean this is disregarding the fact that generally men are taller, wider, stronger, less emotional than women as a result of the natural hormones produced by their body. Why is a MTF "passing" a thing if gender is invented by society?
Gender is an expectation of behavior and appearance based on either ideal or common hormone levels people of either sex have post-puberty. It is not invented by society.

No. 514945

>less emotional
Anger is an emotion. Judging by the fact that they commit well over 90% of violent crime, something like 94% of murderers, and all the other retarded things they do, I'd say they're a lot more emotional than women, but less emotionally stable. Testosterone really rots your brain. They are all that other stuff you mentioned too, but none of this has to do with gender. It's a part of biological sex.

"Passing" is a thing because trannies build their identities around portraying sexist stereotypes (which were indeed created by society).

>Gender is an expectation of behavior and appearance based on either ideal or common hormone levels people of either sex have post-puberty.

How did you type this out and not realize that it's pure bullshit created by a shit society? There is no innate desire inside a woman to wear a dress or makeup or anything like that.

No. 514946

Other Anon got it right, you're talking about skirts and makeup here, that's gender roles and not gender.

No. 514953

But gender is gender roles. We already have a term for biological sex: it's biological sex. TransGENDER people act like shitty, sexist stereotypes because that's all gender is.

No. 515147

File: 1519670099518.jpg (78.65 KB, 965x584, 1516230933411.jpg)

>derailing into trans politics sperging
Can we not? The thread almost got locked the last time this happened in the previous thread. No one cares if you think trannies are oppressive, and no one cares if you're one of the #realtransmen. We're here to talk about delusional fujoshis who pretend to be men, not the concept of gender.

No. 515179

File: 1519672116265.png (1.86 MB, 1110x1191, 1_1.png)

>Istagram consist mostly of this
>"I'm a boy!"
>"It's drag!"
>"don't I look like Ms Fames daughter?"

This "drag" shit is just getting really old real fast…

No. 515204

Oliver obviously enjoys looking like a flaming fag. Wasn’t she a dyke before the trans shit? I’d expect this more from a straight female trying to impersonate the gays.

No. 515229

Oliver really likes to talk about how "gay" s/he is. But I've never read/seen anything regarding actual relationships or sex, so I have no idea. But most of these gay trans bois seem to end up with other gay trans bois, so…

No. 515238

She had a girlfriend a couple years back before starting T, so maybe it was a fake relationship for show or something.

No. 515242

File: 1519677773645.png (295.29 KB, 599x597, 1_2.png)

Ooor, she's actually lesbian and just got sucked in to the fujoshi hellhole and is now a gay-boi for show. Who knows…

No. 515314

can these people either grow a spine and admit to being a girl who sometimes dresses feminine or grow a spine and admit they don't like girly shit?
it's like they never felt right being a girly girl but they can't stand to miss out on all the fun and not wear makeup, so they have to come up with an elaborate scheme that comes down to "n-no! i'm not a feminine! this is just dressup!"

No. 515377

its social currency these days

No. 515466

>cosplaying from that garbage yaoi comic

Not even surprised

No. 515496

>Cosplaying from that godtier yaoi comic.

No. 515522

Sorry about your shit taste anon :^)

No. 515528

>shit-taste hurr durr
Lacking comprension skills must suck eh anon?

No. 515548

That massive gut hanging out oh man

No. 515565

Every time something gets called garbage I have flashbacks of tumblrinas clashing with normal fans while drawing baby furry

No. 515573

>>508062 This person is one of the most annoying little snowflake fucks EVER
really hard to believe they are blind too

>>508408 Another annoying brat who begs for money for top surgery and then spends it on jp brand and vintage wank, she is so fucking annoying, her and her GIRLFRIEND
she recently tweeted about having her period (lol) and called it TRANSPHOBIC ?????????

No. 515623

I think they just put those "he/him plz" on their bios to pique people's interests and because they know they cannot get shit called on because of the whole TRANSPHOBIA!11 drama shield.

No. 515813

File: 1519740267772.png (65.87 KB, 1026x280, Capture.PNG)

Apparently got drunk last night and made an embarrassingly obvious attempt at whiteknighting herself, and didn't even think to alter her typing style to make it convincing. lol, this chick is fucking ridiculous.

No. 516214

Okay so, you told me to come to lolcow to address this.

First off, in 2011 I was 14-15. Not 13.
That picture of me is of me at 19. I updated my avatar throughout the years.

You are completely fabricating a really weird story that makes no sense. I was on gaiaonline as a normal boy, I didn't know anything about traps when I used to be on gaia. You can check my gaiaonline forum posts.

Nobody permabanned me from anywhere, nobody ever attempted to dox me except for some people that hated me for being a "little faggot gay boi" on unichan. Unless that's what you are referring to, your story is horseshit.

I was in fact homeless, but my boyfriend did NOT kick me out. My parents kicked me out. You can re-read my twitch bio if you have a screenshot or something, but you've got a lot of details wrong. I never lied about being homeless. During my time on twitch, I had many different backdrops and different people in the background. My twitch audience watched me go from a shitty fishtank room, to a hotel, to a trailer with an abusive roommate. It's all there.

I don't "alternate" between calling myself a femboy, a trap, or an mtf. I am all three. I am MTF because I take hormones. I am a trap because i'm a bio male that looks like a chick. I'm a femboy because that's the same thing as a trap. Feminine boy = looks like a girl. Makes sense to me.

That r9k thread, yes, was me shilling my twitch channel. That means nothing.

I never had any 'huge' meltdown. I have these 'huge meltdowns' all the time. You mean where I respond to bullshit and address it? Yeah, I have huge meltdowns all the time.

I have more social media than that, as well. and I don't use my gaiaonline account anymore, but feel free.

Why would I be calling myself a male for years and years and years? There's even a picture of me shirtless as a young boy, looking completely male, on the boxxy forums. You are purposely ommiting this information just to spread the narrative that "TRAPS CAN'T BE PRETTY AS HER." When that merely is not true.

No. 516219

No, that seriously isn't me either.

Why is it so surprising to you that given how much you talk about me and share me, that I acquire people who like me as well?

You are making me more popular. It makes sense that once in a while somebody comes along and likes me. Why do you assume it is me? You realize that I am a common 4chan name? Of course I have people that know me or like me, you just have to find them. Well, here one is. That thread on lgbt was made by someone else.

No. 516236

no one is calling you pretty, you look like a doughy 12 year old. also, you're a girl, give up we don't care.

No. 516260

I hate to break it to you but you aren't pretty, not even "for a boi uwu."

Them's birthin' hips chica.

No. 516266

>Literally three posts two weeks ago about you
>"Guys are you REALLY surprised you're making me famous?"

Replace HRT with antipsychotics 2k18

No. 516287

When did anyone call you pretty?
Everyone seemed to reach the general consensus that you look too much like an ugly, overweight girl to be a guy, not that you're pretty or cute.

No. 516296

You’re mentally ill. You need to spend less time posting on imageboards and more time finding medication to fix whatever is wrong with your head.

Even if that story was fabricated your version of it doesn’t make you look any better.

No. 516329

I fucking never understood oliver. They got top surgery, but then dors shit like this…

How do fakeboi fujoshits get laid with dudes? Doesn't make sense.

No. 516625

You're "male to female" and also a "feminine boy", that makes sense to you?
>Why would I be calling myself a male for years and years and years?
For attention that you can't get as an average ugly girl and because you're insane?

No. 516767

File: 1519833812583.png (1.12 MB, 1500x599, 1_Crypwolf_2.png)

As far as I know, most of these "bois" don't get laid with "dudes", just other "bois". But that doesn't stop them from sperging about how gay they are!

Speaking of oh-so-gay-bois, Crypwolf apparently got called out for being trans. I have to give it to him, tho… he handled it quite well and came out to all of his followers. But I'm still baffled there ws actually people who thought he was a cis guy, there's clearly tits in some of his photo's and he's posted clips of his voice, which is clearly not that of a cis dude.

No. 516776

pre-op ones do.

No. 516786

Men, gay, straight or bi are all so desperate that they will fuck anything as long as it has a hole. Hell guys fuck chicken fillets in a glass, water ballons, bottles etc, a fakeboi is a step up for a lot of them.

No. 516788

can you stop posting this stuff?you're a retard. you've posted this in 3 different threads now.

No. 516789

I know some of these “gay” transboys. They all have cis boyfriends that just humor them and use their pronouns even though they still see them as tomboys.

The trans”boys” often complain about their boyfriends “misgendering” them during sex and it’s because their boyfriends still want to fuck them in the vagina and not go along with their yaoi buttsex fantasies all the time.

The ones who date other fakebois are likely faking their relationships online and go home to get dicked by real men.

No. 516793

I was just about to say this lol, men are too horny to have standards. A lot of betas go for bottom of the barrel girls like this. Someone posted in the gender critical thread about how /v/irgins like to pander to naive fujos' gender bullshit at cons so they can get into their pants. Kind of sad, honestly… A lot of them are underage and insecure.

How did anyone not know she's a tranny? Are fujos that gullible?

No. 516807

>Someone posted in the gender critical thread about how /v/irgins like to pander to naive fujos' gender bullshit at cons so they can get into their pants.

lol no, virgins don't do this shit fuccbois do. robots and virgins hate fakebois for giving up their kawaii womanly looks and not being 6/10 mousy asian girls.

No. 516821

all /v/ users are /v/irgins, whether they're fuckboys or not. beta males are all the same, a lot of robots who go on about that online do this shit too. it would be stupid to pass up such an easy lay.

No. 516831

Well, I have to admit I don't know any "bois" irl. But several of those I've seen online are in to others of the same kind. Crypwolf was dating another boi (but don't know if they're together any more), Ascher Lucas is engaget some "they/them" person (who is clearly female), Jude Karda - another non binary snowflake - dated a transdude, but recently broke up, Oliver/Criedwolves was dating some chick. And the MLM tag on Tumblr is full of fakebois dating each other that are "oh so gay relationships".

No. 516832

Have to mention, I would think of their relationships as gay, but I have a hard time seeing it as anything other then lesbian-gay…

No. 516840

You're seeing it right: they are lesbians.

No. 516996

Interesting. Sounds like something bi dudes might be Into.

The more I look into this, I think these fakebois all have bad cases of autoandrophilia

No. 517012

File: 1519851000474.png (1.45 MB, 1080x1465, Screenshot_2018-02-28-21-47-39…)

This is the first time I have posted that but alright.

Jude is hanging out with her ex boyfriend(before cody) again, and he does drag. Wonder when she will start to pretend her dressing as a girl is doing drag lmao.

No. 517222

i've been hoping someone would mention jude karda

No. 517394

>Men, gay, straight or bi are all so desperate that they will fuck anything
>gay men

I really don't think there's a lot of gay men that actually would be desperate enough to get with a fakeboi because they still have vaginas

No. 517589


Honestly I can understand Jude's mindset, after claiming in the video about T that she doesn't like body hair besides sad mustaches and peach fuzz, why are you still saying that you want to be/look manly? You can stay perfectly as an androgynous person like Tilda Swinton and work in your model area in both fashion ways with masculine and feminine clothes.

Her emotional and psychological problems won't go away with those "changes" that she crave so much, gender expression it's not such a big deal and doesn't define your personality, jfc.

Sorry and sage for the rant.

No. 517609

I've seen a lot of gay men (usually bear tops) who think of trans men and men with a bonus hole. But yeah, you are right, its rarely the fakebois they go for. But many are fine with post-T, post-mastectomy trannies.

No. 517613

A lot of gay men are actually bisexuals who call themselves gay because they "chose a side" or are only attracted to women sexually but not romantically.

Vaginas of women on T are also prone to infections and atrophy so I find it hard to imagine gay men being into them.

No. 517615

>Unnecessary update again, I didn't think of this particular person as being mysogynistic him/herself. There are good and strong female characters in his/her works.
Doesn't really prove a thing. If anything, it only shows that she's longing to be one but due to the negative societal pressure placed upon women doesn't want to identify as one. It's a common issue with these "transmen". The dislike of g/g stuff is understandable because a lot of lesbian stuff IS directed towards men and not lesbian women, just like gay m/m stuff is directed towards women and not gay men. Your friend just seems like another fujo who got bitten by the trans bug due to internalized misogyny.

No. 517617

Depends on the country and the clinic. In my country trans people get their treatments supported by tax money covered public health care, so the screening is often thorough and you're made to go through gender counseling and a long process of tests and therapy before you get an access to HRT and SRS. As far as I've understood American clinics vary a lot and some money-hungry doctors give hormones/surgeries to anyone willing to pay up. I've heard a ton of stories of trannies switching therapists/doctors until they find the one who's willing to prescribe them hormones.

Internalized misogyny, my good anons. It's icky and demeaning when a woman is being feminine, but progressive and rule-breaking if a man does it.

god fuck off nobody cares

No. 517918

File: 1519934322200.png (444.55 KB, 599x448, 1_jude.png)

Jude has this weird obsession with facial hair. She even glued on hairs on her self with eyelash glue to create a pedo-stache and went around like that in public! So pretty much the only thing she wanted from T was facial hair, but was some how surprised by all the other changes that T brings (despite dating a trans-man) and stopped.

No. 517942

File: 1519936023673.png (10.02 KB, 609x191, sarahmariekarda.PNG)

She's always had issues. It's since been deleted, but back in 2013 or so she ran an eating disorder blog where she labeled herself as bulimic, but I think if anything it's clear she's anorexic b/p subtype.

However, pic related is from her blog http://ill-eat-your-heart-out.tumblr.com/ and was made in 2014 - way before she started dating her trans (now ex) bf, and isn't a criteria of being trans by "truscum" definition having gender dysphoria for a prolonged amount of time?

No. 518099

File: 1519945197466.png (1.22 MB, 750x1334, 5FE603C6-67C9-4828-98E9-C17C49…)

“Dean” names after supernatural chracter is sooo gay. Note she is dating an equally ugly guy

No. 518101

File: 1519945245842.png (1.45 MB, 750x1334, 50DECBB5-722E-406A-A90C-2732CE…)

Why people chose tv names is beyond me
More of dean

No. 518162

File: 1519948949470.png (953.36 KB, 750x1334, 1C0D3D70-23AD-444C-8D04-9960CA…)

Ashton has actual tumblr nose make up on

No. 518164

File: 1519948965957.jpeg (82.31 KB, 576x576, 293DECCC-7848-4336-B835-86E4E0…)

No. 518222

File: 1519952233774.png (Spoiler Image, 981.28 KB, 720x1280, 01D45983-6ECC-4C77-858C-95CEB3…)

I’m typically not one to skinny-shame but Jude is frighteningly underweight. You can probably see her organs pulsating under her skin.

No. 518526

She's thin but not that thin, she knows her popularity goes up the more thin she looks

You can see how she really looks in her runway and modelling pics

No. 518564

It must be mentined that she has recovered slightly since breaking up with her ex. She actually looks slightly better. Still super thin, but not quite as skelly as she was

No. 518906

Got to talk to him/her again today, apparently the 'dysphoria' is not bodily one. But it's because s/he can't fit into female expectations and perhaps socialization.

It's dysphoric because s/he is so much into believing that she should have been a guy, and she doesn't pass irl.

Also being all into drag and guys being feminine. it feels so fakeboi it hurts.

No. 518929

the VAST majority of other women can't do that either, I don't know if there's even one who can. tell her to get over herself, jeez.

No. 519065

File: 1520033678401.png (966.5 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180217-225506.png)

No. 519371

New Gender Critical thread!


No. 519418

File: 1520063570104.jpeg (101.52 KB, 750x647, FDB661CA-6863-4623-A037-649DA0…)


No. 519853

No. 519857

>>519853 her mum is right, she is an entitled brat

No. 519902

She's so full of inconsistencies, now because it's March she's going full blown Irish pride. Also she posted about how she's so not a TERF/truscum but she doesn't believe "nonbinary masculine people" aka men can be Troo tranz like her!!!!

No. 520213

>Vaginas of women on T are also prone to infections and atrophy so I find it hard to imagine gay men being into them.

i can't imagine one being into them at all. the gay general on /lgbt/ hates ftms and usually accuse of bi"scum" as enablers.

No. 520238

in the same breath she thanks her mom for buying her a 12,000 car but then gets mad because her parents didn't donate "even $10" to her youcaring for top surgery??

wew lad

No. 520369

Jeebus… Her mom is just being… a mom! I'm flabbergasted by the comments talking about "abuse" and "toxic" parents! Her mom doesn't seem to be anything like that, she's just worried about her adult kid not getting her shit together! I can't deal with this victim-mentality over petty normal shit.

No. 520370

Also forgot to mention her constant begging for money for top surgery. She's an adult who is living with her mom, this would be the perfect situation to work her ass of to save money for top surgery her self! I'm saving up for the same, and I work retail, bought a tiny house and I've almost saved up enough for the procedure (plus setting of money on the side for emergencies). It's completely doable if you set your mind to it and don't spend all your cash on clothes and weed. What an entitled brat! Sorry for slightly OT.

No. 520396

The thing that bothers me about Jude is that she’s getting top surgery to be the smolest. She’s not even going fakeboi anymore just diving full force into androgynous pro ana model. The amount of young fans she has and encourages is rage inducing too

No. 520432

This! She probably sees her boobs as chest-fat.

No. 520569

What do you think will happen to these fakebois years from now, do you think they'll detransition/regretted?

The sheer amount of similarity of each ones are creepy, like social contagion epidemic, what is going to happen to them in their 30s-40s?

No. 520615

She is so pretty she doesn’t need to butcher her body. I hate seeing beautiful girls get into this.

No. 520625

I always thought her wanting a 'boy' body has to do with her eating disorder

No. 520641

The gay men on /lgbt/ are /pol/ rejects who worship Ben Shapiro and voted for Trump so it’s no wonder they hate trannies.

The ones I know irl are some of the biggest tranny apologists imaginable, including ftms and nonbinary retards. I actually got in a huge argument with my gay cousin over some nonbinary chick’s identity (him being the one defending her).

So gay men don’t universally hate ftms.

No. 520658

They’re going to detransition and become radical feminists most likely.

No. 520734

It's covered here by OHIP, she's just begging for pocket cash.

No. 520756

File: 1520209267358.png (115.11 KB, 500x346, bug chasing uwu.png)

either this or suicide. that must have something to do with their suicide rates rising after they transition. once they realize their ~identities~ uwu are bs and they're going to be stuck looking like freaks forever, it's game ogre.

FTMs are also prone to heart problems, strokes, and various other health conditions caused by HRT, so it's not uncommon for them to die young despite their lower murder rates https://ftmark.wordpress.com/2011/11/04/ftm-health-issues/amp/

MTTs are also prone to health conditions because of HRT, especially weak bones, cancers, and things like infection, necrosis, mold, etc. in their neo-vaginas, but this isn't the thread for them.

some of the really far gone AAPs like "Lou Sullivan" (pic related) might get pozzed to make them feel valid. here's another quote from her:
“I feel like it’s almost a poetic justice that I’ve spent my whole life trying to be a gay man and running into a lot of opposition and being told that I couldn’t do it, that it was impossible, and I feel like in a way this AIDS diagnosis - because AIDS is still seen at this point as a gay man’s disease - that it kind of proves that I did do it and I was successful. And I kind of took a perverse pleasure in contacting the gender clinics that rejected me and said that they’ve told me so many years that it was impossible for me to live as a gay man but it looks like I’m gonna die like one”

No. 520837

because that's what they are in public because everyone always goes "MUH CIS GAY MEN". otherwise they think they're disgusting or hate them because they see them as women.

No. 520855

>all gay men hate women and think they’re disgusting
I’m not a gay man but I think you’re over-generalizing. Also, this is the fakeboi thread. The gender critical and man-hating threads are in /ot/.

No. 520861

File: 1520219070510.jpg (356.81 KB, 801x946, Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 9.59…)

Local fakeboi who I run into a cons sometimes. She tags her shit "crossplay" and "cute boys" even though you can literally see her sideboob hanging out in this picture.

Also is it so hard to put away your laundry before camwhoring like goddamn.

No. 521238

So Jude/Sarah marie karda has apparently accused their ex of busting her lip open so she needed stithes.

No. 521422

>>521238 proof? This is an image board

No. 521483

File: 1520284896049.gif (189.2 KB, 174x174, 59d14223805942138cfac88a0c7b17…)

No. 521485

Anon, that girl is 16 and you just linked us child porn. Fuck off.

No. 521512

There are people commenting on it like
>He was born a boy!!
But then there's pictures like this out there: https://www.instagram.com/p/BWkPur0l92z/?taken-by=diebreado
What a male boy totally not woman!

No. 521521


The breasts are pretty convincing tho, how the fuck are they even that flat?.

EDIT : I changed my mind, that's obviously boobs https://www.instagram.com/p/BSxXYwnFUli/?taken-by=diebreado

No. 521524

It's an imageboard, post pictures instead of just links

No. 521526

She photoshopped her chest to look flat. It's still a picture of an underage girl's boobs.

No. 521764

Sarah seems like she just wants to be the victim because she got "dumped sniffles when she needed him the most"

No. 521812

File: 1520315003135.jpg (357.32 KB, 1000x936, pt2018_03_06_06_40_11-1.jpg)

According to PULL, she had it on her instagram highlights.

I do know that she has claimed her ex was abusive, but she has deleted every post and comment about it. I did find some of her fans echoing her and her family though.

No. 521817

What is this Vicky Shingles shit. That was so cringy.

No. 522129

File: 1520360034606.png (890.86 KB, 599x599, 1_fake.png)

That chest-shoop is worse then Knitemaya's! I'm baffled there's so many fooled by it!

There's not a shadow of doubt in my mind this was born with a vagina.

No. 522138

No. 522186

No. 522210

Jude is just trying to play off this for sympathy, it's what she does. She lives in my city, everyone who knows her drives her around and coddles her.

She tried to relate to him with "transness" and she still got dumped so she's trying to take something away from it still.

No. 525416

One of the most annoying thing is that somehow they tend to put the word gay into everything they say, I'm so gay for him, my gay ass, gay boi etc.

It's like they're reverse gay in closet this way and needs to overcompensate.

No. 526427

They're the female equivalent of mtfs who always point out they're lesbians in nearly every caption or hashtag. See: Riley Dennis.

No. 527223

File: 1520876736769.png (160.24 KB, 743x693, ohno.PNG)

It's really bizarre how being a gay boy is so important to them, and also why do most of them tend to be cosplayers or makeup "artists"
Do you guys think this fakboi charade will end soon?

>Also those people arguing about a yaoi comic upthread and all the infighting mostembarrasingbehavior.jpg

A good read but ugh the mention of deviantart and this pic accompanied by it

No. 527286

>Do you guys think this fakboi charade will end soon?

Hope it ends really soon. I don't know how long will that be, but the faster it is, the less young girls that would fall into this trap of getting T and Surgery that are likely to regret.

I am here initially to seek advice for my friend, as much as the cows are laughable. This is a real, serious issues that is more sad than anything.

>A good read but ugh the mention of deviantart and this pic accompanied by it

Take it this way… Just to prove a point that it's all social infection of kids on the internet and echochambers.

No. 529002

File: 1521044600826.png (1.4 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-03-14-17-21-59…)

So jude/sarah has posted on her insta story that her mom needs to grow up because she doesn't know her.

Also too bad that testosterone fucked her voice up and she will permanently be stuck with a raspy boy puberty voice

No. 529014

File: 1521045227063.jpg (1.01 MB, 1920x1499, 2018-03-14 17.33.25-1.jpg)

Her sister

No. 529023

File: 1521045483845.png (169.47 KB, 1080x1306, Screenshot_2018-03-14-17-36-56…)

Talking shit about her siblings on tumblr

No. 529028

File: 1521045783045.png (869.24 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180314-163902.png)

Jude sounds like an ungrateful brat even with only the info she puts out about her 'situation.' I'm so triggered that she thinks she's being abused. I'm triggered by the fact that she called the police over a minor dispute. She's trying so hard to make herself the victim.

No. 529048

File: 1521047303421.png (1.05 MB, 797x1143, 1_D_1.png)

"I was born with a dick!"
Where? It's certainly not in your groin!

No. 529052

So, Jude is fucking up her relationship with her family just cause mom won't pay for her non-binary bullshit? Hope her mom kicks her entitled victimhood ass out!

No. 529071

File: 1521048565803.png (152.42 KB, 455x810, 7b3ac4ff-ca4a-484e-946a-270d03…)

So abusive, having to do basic chores

No. 529079

Wow, such abuse! Much toxic!
This is beyond stupid stuff to complain about. Why on earth would she post this and expect people to sympathize with her… Oh, I forgot, Jude's followers are as dumb as she is and will totally take this as evidence that her mom is mean!

No. 529087

File: 1521049502453.png (30.83 KB, 316x454, 1_Jude_2.png)

Wow, mom actually kicked her out, haha!

No. 529118

"so get this, my upper class, totally reasonable parents bought me and my siblings a brand new car to share, and didn't even make a further payment on my surgery to lop my tits off to chase my anorexic fakeboi dreams! THEN she sent me this incredibly abusive text asking me to clean up my shit uwu"

No. 529281

File: 1521060793083.jpg (87.39 KB, 1078x354, Screenshot_20180314-205247.jpg)

I hope her parents cut her off completely.

No. 529551

File: 1521082939630.jpeg (1.81 MB, 1242x2022, B3B8A9D8-463B-48B3-85B7-57F31A…)

“Transmasc” “twink” don’t those two cancel each other out??

No. 529609

That tiny arm coming up on the left of a big face, this is like something from the Bad Art thread except it's real

No. 529718

This sounds distinctly like housesitting instructions. Whining about this is ridiculous.

No. 529808

File: 1521124489869.png (41.92 KB, 289x510, IMG_8832.PNG)

I feel like if her pro ana lifestyle hadn't been a success for her she wouldn't have followers to baw too and might have actually worked on her life

She's gonna age like milk with her habits and it's going to be hilarious, you can already tell she's gonna get jowls

No. 529813

File: 1521124849686.png (59.58 KB, 640x567, IMG_8833.PNG)

Also she photoshops herself so ridiculously thin with spindly legs etc seeing her candids or irl is very disappointing

No. 530733

I went to high school with her and 4 years ago she really was anachan but she is short as shit, for model, and the time sitting around doing nothing with her life in the small ass towns really have not helped her in anyway

No. 530958

File: 1521215110439.png (67.5 KB, 1080x418, Screenshot_2018-03-16-16-43-25…)

For supposedly being so abused at home, she sure acts like a smug ass bitch

No. 531134

are my eyes mistaken or are those shooped in armhair?

No. 531154

File: 1521233068068.jpeg (180.42 KB, 768x960, 0E020888-1966-4261-AD7D-85700D…)

No. 531156


lmfao what the fuck
that's the epitome of transtrender
a girl who wants to be a cute feminine gay boi to cement that hyperfeminine male status
what a weirdo

No. 531162

It was too weird and off putting not to share

No. 531186

Sage for nitpick but that lip size disparity is amazing. She’s actually really unattractive up close…

No. 531193

kek i already posted her here>>469223

No. 531690

File: 1521386887537.png (1.05 MB, 1194x595, 1_Oliver_3.png)

I think Oliver is not on (low dose) T anymore, just looking more and more femme and female presenting by the minute. I don't think anyone meeting them irl will think "male" when looking at that, just flat-chested girl.

No. 531702

she looks cute in the pic on the right. also
kek. go back to tunglr.

No. 531709

I have no idea why I wrote "them", I meant "she". Brain damage by special-snowflakes… If it's any comfort, Oliver would probably be just insulted to be called them.

No. 531760

oh, nbd. but would she seriously be insulted by being called "they," while simultaneously expecting to be called "he" even though she looks like that?

No. 531761

File: 1521392409633.png (195.92 KB, 390x500, 1_Jude_2.thumb.png.68a62683a83…)

God, sarah must be an insufferable sister

No. 531809

>>531761 I hope her unprofessional conduct loses whatever 'career' she has. Then she'll have to go crying back home to mommy for money kek

No. 532030

I'm ngl Oliver looks amazing compared to before, if Oliver is on T at all it helped shape more definition into the baby face I'm used to

I think considering everyone in this thread had almost unanimously agreed Oliver is pretty and with the right makeup or lighting maybe even beautiful while maintaining a bit of androgyny (very little because there is SO much femininity)

No. 532316

It's ironic Erin says "I'd love to show you […] a video of them coming into my work and verbally attacking me". Because… well… she can. Jude uploaded it herself to her tumblr.


I'll transcribe the audio.

Jude: -secretly filming with phone out of sight of her sister-
Jude: I don't know I was just…. are mom and dad not answering, or?
Erin: No
Jude: -starts crying- And all I have is -loud sniff with inaudible dialogue- and my backpack and I came home from my fashion shows last night and I couldn't get in so my friend put me up at his place -hyperventilates a bit- and I still can't get in today. So I don't understand how mom would like me to pack all of my stuff up and get out of the house by the 15th when I can't even get into the house in the first place.
Erin: Well when did you get home?
Jude: Last night, and Mitch said–
Erin: But what time?
Erin/Jude: -inaudible talking at same time-
Jude: I called Mitch and he said "I will be home in 25 minutes." -still crying- 25 minutes went past, still didn't show up. So we drove home our friend, came back to the house, called Mitch, wouldn't answer, wouldn't answer, wouldn't answer, texting him, wouldn't answer, called him this morning, pretty sure he blocked my number. -sniff sniff- So… -sniff-

-silent pause-

Erin: (Flat, unimpressed tone) Well…. I don't really know what to say to you, to be honest.
Jude: Wha-
Erin: After everything you said–
Jude: -completely stops crying, total tone change- Ok no
Erin: –to me and–
Jude: Ok– but– ok but– who's the– who's the insurance then? You're the insurance person so, you're–
Erin: You have NO personal right to do anything with the insurance!
Jude: No I'm saying who's the– who're the people, who're the renters, so I can get their numbers. [Background note: Jude's family is living in a rented home, she's hoping to get let into the house via the property owners]
Erin: I don't KNOW Sarah! I don't even know their NAMES.
Jude: Ok my name is not Sarah. It's Jude.
Erin: (pissed tone) K I GREW UP with you for 22 years–
Jude: I don't care!
Erin: I'm sorry for ONE SECOND I for–
Jude: My name is Jude!
Erin: Get out of my office. Please.
Jude: This is not your office.
Erin: Yes it is.
Jude: Nooo it's not.
Erin: Actually I work here, THIS is my office. Leave. Please.
Jude: Grow the fuck up, this is not your office, this is your parent's office.
Erin: No, actually, you need to grow the fuck up. This is where I work.
Jude: No, you need to grow up.
Erin: Get out.
Jude: Wow. -pulls camera up to show Erin's face- I love that all of this is on camera too, you're fucking hilarious.
Jude: Yea it is.
Erin: You can leave my office now!
Jude: You're a fucking child.
Erin: I am telling you that I CAN'T help you!
Jude: I hope you know that your child [Erin is pregnant] is gunna be so fucked up from you smoking all that weed and shit.
Erin: That's great. Fantastic. Can you leave my office please.
Jude: No.
Erin: You're just attacking me personally.
Jude: I'm not attacking you.
Erin: Yes, you are now.
Jude: No, I literally-
Erin: You're telling me that I'm going to be a bad mother, that my child's fucked up, that–
Jude: I didn't say you're gunna be a bad mother. I didn't say you're gunna be a bad mother.
Erin: LEAVE. Leave the office!
Jude: I'm saying you're hurting your child.
Erin: I'm telling you I CAN'T. HELP. YOU.
Jude: Yes you can!
Erin: There's nothing I can do! I don't know their name, I can't tell you, I'm only telling you to call mom and dad. You're saying that you've already told the police, and the police have called mom and dad. What the fuck else do you want me to do?
Jude: You're the insurance people–
Erin: There is nothing else that I can do.
Jude: So you don't have their– any information on them at all–
Erin: NO! And regardless of that, the privacy act, the law states that I cannot give you that information, even if I have it!
Jude: Alright. Alright, if you wanna act like a bitch then act like a bitch. Ok. Go for that.
Jude: It's not your office.
Jude: Yes you work here, this is not your building.
Erin: Except that I am the only one HERE. So you an leave the office, because I am actually the one in control of this.
Jude: See? This is my family.
Erin: And I am telling you that I CAN'T help you!!
Jude: Yea cuz you don't want to.
Erin: There is nothing else that I can do!
Jude: Ok. Alright. That's fine.
Erin: What–
Jude: No worries, have a good one!
Erin: Ok! Leave!
Jude: Bye! Have a good day!

No. 532422

>trying to get a "gotcha" video of her sister but accidentally reveals herself being a rude brat who when is denied something she wants will attack an unborn baby

That's pretty rich anyways coming from someone who looks like Pepper from AHS irl

Cody dumped her and refuses to talk to her now, so she calls him abusive and milks that for attention

No. 532630

Her sister's was actually trying to say sorry for letting the "wrong" name slip.

Does anybody knows exactly what happened between her and Cody?

No. 532660

File: 1521455905294.jpg (123.09 KB, 540x960, goth.jpg)

No. 532668

Wtf? “Masc” suggests subscription to traditional ideas of masculinity, just like “femme” does for femininity. Otherwise what do they mean by “masc”? So uh, makeup isn’t gender neutral, it’s biological sex neutral. (Not quite as snappy though lol.)

No. 532672

File: 1521458908361.jpeg (241.58 KB, 640x911, 036D5D97-C226-4582-A191-A4F85B…)

“them”? it’s clearly a girl lmao
and if she’s so “transmasc” why is she wearing heavy makeup in all her pics? such a masculine thing to do

No. 532701

You’ve commented at me to reiterate my point? She’s not ”masc”, as I said lmao. I used them by habit… before this transtrender shit it was just a neutral way to refer to other people.

No. 532841

Well, it's not the tiny amount of T that has done much, it's more that she actually lost some weight again. She had a phase where she was a bit chubbier, but seems to have lost most of it now.

No. 532879

Oh I follow this person on insta because of cool make up looks, but I am super weirded out by "his" gender identity. Saged.

No. 532927

Why do non-binary people always say, "They/them," and "he/him?" If you're non-binary, why is it ok to be referenced as a male but not a female? Almost as if GASP, they are just running away from being a woman.

I lack so much respect for them.

No. 533192

She says here that if she was born male, she could be non binary. As she was born female, she's trans nonbinary? Why is male seen as the default gender?

No. 533215

Because a shockingly large number of girly nonbinary "FTMs" have no problem with their bodies, girly things or makeup and dresses, they hate how society and men perceive girls and they don't want to be associated with that stereotype.

No. 533255

it is weird because these fake bois act more girly than the average girl? They are more emotional, obsess about their looks, always doing their hair, obsessed with weight and figures, make up, fashionable clothes. It just seems like a case of "I'm not the average girl" evolved into "I'm not an average person. I'm more unique than any of you and I should be supported for being feminine but wanting a masculine name."

No. 533279

no, they just fetishize uwu gay bois
notice how thay all always say "boys" and not "men"

No. 533380

That reason "non-binary" as a female means male and as a male, being female is because there is no such thing as "non-binary" even in their own minds
They automatically adjust to dressing as the opposite sex
Unless you want to be that alien Asian guy who dresses up in Vaseline for a living
Intergalactic, non-binary alien may catch on eventually

No. 533657

I Googled Jude Karda and found a MPA thread on her. Pic attached is of her before social media - I’m seriously of the opinion that this obsession with top surgery is an ED gone too far and now she hates being female, because women have a naturally higher percentage of body fat.

Link in case anyone wants to lurk her ED tumblr or read the thread: http://www.myproana.com/index.php/topic/1394610-jude-karda/page-1

No. 533663

File: 1521545930849.png (255.63 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-03-20-12-37-24…)

No. 533664

File: 1521546035810.jpg (15.24 KB, 500x400, yftRuj1_d.jpg)

Seems like sarah has always been angsty at her mommy

No. 533728

>>533657 in her top surgery video she says her boobs are large which kinda confirms she just sees them as fat

No. 533792

I don’t know why for the past few years I’ve had this impression of her being a mature individual. I mean she took the whole brand of Tumblr selfie narcissism and turned it into a legitimate signed model career as a teenager, so she seemed like kind of a self starter? Now I see she’s an absolute brat and has no clue how the world works. Anyone who thinks their literal tantrum in someone’s workplace is a “gotcha” and has the balls to publicly post it is just… wow. Unstable, entitled, and purely delusional. If someone wants to lop their tits off then I say go ahead, but I understand her family’s refusal to fund that. She can’t see past the end of her nose, let alone make responsible decisions for herself.

No wonder Cody dumped her ass. I can only imagine what hell it is to live with that selfish banshee.

No. 533807

File: 1521559513299.jpg (101.56 KB, 1355x611, jude.JPG)


her old tumblr is still available, she very clearly is anorexic still. Thanks for sharing the MPA thread, a lot of info in there on it. I completely 100% agree the top surgery is an ED thing. Maybe she even believes it's to look "nonbinary" but deep down she is obsessed with being that specific type of tiny waify skinny and this is a huge part of that.

No. 533808

this sincerely made me angry. what an entitled little fucking shithead, attacking her sister's unborn child and putting that info online no less. I fucking hate sarah.

No. 533861

In her "new" blog she hasn't deleted everything she's posted including "ugh ate too much because my family's watching"

This weirdo should do therapy before considering any surgeries

No. 533867

File: 1521563230368.png (62.46 KB, 640x499, IMG_8887.PNG)

When she didn't get what she wanted she painted Cody as abusive, too.

Also imagine being awful to people and still feeling like the victim when they dump you.

No. 533911

She’s going to be so embarrassed by this in 10-15 years. I mean mostly everyone goes through cringey phases as teenagers but it’s usually not put on public display like this.

No. 533913

I feel bad for Cody. He actually tries to pass and be a dude. Imagine being around her claiming she has ~sooper severe dysphoria~ but all she wants is top surgery because of her ED; she’s fine with makeup and looking feminine and drawing on obviously fake mustaches and “playing pretend.” The moment HRT got too much for her she stopped it. “Body hair?? Icky!!!!” Imagine her saying shit like “we’re so similar” while she’s just a transtrender making a joke of his entire life and identity.

No. 534014

Her sister was so composed, I feel so bad for her family that they got used to this entitled piece of shit

No. 534035

I didn't even know about this girl but she seems like an absolute cow. Should she get her own thread? This milk is amazing.

No. 534038

I'm ngl I don't think it's worth it to have her own thread, she fits fakeboi perfectly and other fakebois like Oliver didn't get one despite how much content is posted

No. 534072

Imagine being the mother of a chick with long term eating disorder… I've seen some documentaries about it and someone with ED can be an absolute monster to their family. No wonder she and her mother has a tense relationship.

No. 534074

Aside from Knitemaya, individual fakeboi threads typically die pretty quick. I haven't seen the Geheichou thread bumped in months even though she's a classic fakeboi (pretending to be a cis gay male instead of some boring nonbinary fairy kei chick) and was pretty fun to trash. So all discussion on her is pretty much lost.

Don't start one for Jude because in the event that the thread dies we won't be able to talk about her here.

No. 534141

>>534072 at this point it's not even about the eating disorder. She's dragging her mother publicly to a very large audience over being asked to do basic chores. She's just a brat who happens to have a eating disorder, she's not acting like a brat because of the eating disorder.

No. 534144

I think it's both - for some reason, people with EDs tend to not really grow the fuck up when they've had it for a long time. It tends to stunt their mental growth.

No. 534171

File: 1521584463701.png (424.54 KB, 772x598, 1_Gehe_3.png)

Speaking of Gehe, have some Photoshopped stubble.

No. 534205

File: 1521586158731.png (559.95 KB, 822x596, muscles.PNG)

The photoshopped muscles are the best. Look how awkward they are.

No. 534206

File: 1521586182368.png (950.61 KB, 925x594, real arms.PNG)

…and how they magically disappear…

No. 534216

I actually saw him at a Convention recently and he/she whatever looks like the little sister of the person Gehe portrays on the internet
The feminine features are still very recognisable.

No. 534227

So she hasn't been on T like people are saying?

no, anon.

No. 534331

Didn’t people only say that cuz she edited her voice?

No. 534355

>be friends with transboy for four years
>always presented as male, always insisted on his preferred name (the only name I know him by)
>always used the men's room like it was nothing
>dating a guy now
>started presenting more and more feminine
>been watching this concerned
>admitted to being jealous of pretty female cosplayers and insecure
>even posting pics of himself in a bra
>trying to cosplay girl characters now
>so used to him being a boy can't even overwrite pronouns in my head

are any transboys actually real?

No. 534401

>defending trannies

No. 534421

File: 1521596667269.jpeg (179.2 KB, 960x960, C9D1EACF-91CC-4C7D-9089-82E1F9…)

>are any transboys actually real?
Pic related doesn’t look like a fakeboi even with the modeling shit. I guess this is what a “real” transman looks like according to the people in these threads, although half the posters ITT are probably also fakebois themselves taking a dump on each other. Doubt any of them fit their own definition of “real”.

As for #realtransboys the ones who actually look like they are biologically male and don’t slather themselves in girly shit get a pass in my book, but underneath it all they are still women who were socialized as female and thus act the part. So what exactly does not being a fakeboi amount to?

No. 534423

I wish we had a thread for Marcomacro because he's a cow himself with shitty clothing/underwear

No. 534470

there's trans people out there who don't just alter their appearance, but try to socially integrate and conform with people of their target gender. obviously that's difficult and would be ridiculously uncomfortable for fakebois so they're all DOING DRAG and BREAKING GENDER ROLES

No. 534509

I might be mistaking this guy for someone else, but wasn't he on some reality television show about transgender models along with a girl that was on Top Model?

No. 534511

She looks like a giant fleshy spider with less legs

No. 534572

Who’s this??

No. 534598

a transgender model named laith de la cruz

No. 534646

She definitely stretched this pic, she's 5'8" and how many doors are that narrow

Nice try Sarah

No. 534729

lol at least she doesn't claim her shitty shooping are "prosthetics" like how knitemaya does. does anyone have any more news on the drama between them? both seem to be really quiet on that even though gehe could easily ruin knitemaya's cosplay career for shittalking her for a year on PULL.

No. 534734

Ah, so she's jumping upon this train too? Surprised she didn't tag it #crossplay and go on about how I FIT CROSSPLAY SO WELL I LOOK SO GIRLY LMAOOO UWU

No. 534812

Well the HnK gems are ~nonbinary uwu~ so maybe this isn't crossplay enough for her. At least Knitemaya showed some cleavage

No. 534838

>being a real fake man
No such thing. Suppose some trans men don’t fit under the “””fakeboi””” umbrella since fakeboi has always meant fujoshi who watches too much anime and wants to become a 3D anime boi (instead of an icky grown man) and you would never see someone like Buck Angel posted here. But all trans men are fake men. Not being femme doesn’t suddenly make them more “legit” than the others. Both fakebois and masc trans men are female with vaginas and XX chromosomes and no amount of cross dressing or hormones will change that.

No. 534854

Late teens/adults who call them selves "boys" are usually the fakers. Trans guys/men are another deal imo.

No. 534943

The only reason Buck Angel wouldn’t be posted here is because no milk. She’s still a woman desperately wearing every masculine trait possible in an attempt to legitimatise “being trans”.

No. 534988


Buck does not deny having a vagina and, to the contrary, talks about it at every opportunity.

No. 534999

I haven't seen any hyper-masculine TIF like Buck posted in fakeboi threads, because TIF doesn't necessarily mean fakeboi. All TIF are deluded or confused women masquerading as men but fakeboi is just a sub type of them rather than an overall descriptor.

Speaking of Buck, she's apparently widely hated by a lot of people for some supposed drama within her community and being "problematic". I haven't really looked into it but should.

No. 535060


Buck's vagina pride is considered traitorous and triggering.

No. 535072

Politically speaking she's also a female version of Blaire White, albeit slightly less of an edgelord and doesn't talk about it as much.

No. 535090

No. 535153

all trannies are mentally ill

No. 535158

What are you greentexting “she” for? If you’re trans-friendly you’re on the wrong site, anon.

No. 535180

Because it made me laugh

No. 535199

The ~trutrans~ are no more valid than the other fakebois. It's literally all the same.

No. 535275

Fuck off. This website is largely gender critical.

The only difference I can think of are between the “straight” tif (self-hating butch lesbians) and “gay” tif (narcissistic attention-seeking fujoshits). I have a shred of empathy for the former since yeah, a lot of shit comes your way if you’re a masc lesbian and wanting a way out is understandable depending on your circumstances but no tranny is more “valid” than the other. They just have different motivations for transitioning.

No. 535293

What about the people who look like men because they genuinely like to look like men

No. 535497

Holy shit, anon, I know someone exactly like this. Is her name Thomas/Adriana?

No. 535716

You're still not more ~trutrans~ than the fakebois, and should probably seek help for body image/bdd issues before permanently damaging your body with cancer-causing hormones.

No. 535831

File: 1521739414788.jpeg (276.62 KB, 750x988, F2ABF655-4BF8-4F60-B872-B04C8F…)

No. 535847

This is just objectively, scientifically wrong. Do your research.

Your transphobia is showing, fellas.

(Sage for not contributing)(no1curr)

No. 535849

lmao kill yourself

No. 535854

Learn to integrate or leave then cause your ~*~NewFag~*~ is showing.

No. 535859

File: 1521742371116.jpg (63.11 KB, 460x691, 1doqddwq8il01.jpg)

why cant transgenderism be a mental illness anon-chan? is being mentally ill ~b a d~ uwu?

No. 535860

No, tony

No. 535869

>she doesn't know that SRS was developed to erase gay and lesbian identities and 'fix' intersex babies without their parent's consent

>she doesn't know that the qualifications for being ~trans~ are based on 50s era gender roles


No. 535879


different anon, but one reason there is debate on classifying tansgenderism as a mental illness is that a lot of trans people don't want to stop being trans, or see it as a problem in their lives.

broad psychiatric diagnoses involving large clusters of behavioral traits arguably need that component. there is similar debate around whether schizotypal personality disorder, for example, should be a dsm diagnosis. Basically because schizotypal patients are fine with how they are, living in their fantasy heads, and being unable to connect with other people. so the argument is that transgender or schizotypal people are abnormal, but their transgenderism or shizotypal tendencies in and of themselves are not substantially hurting them or other people. Of course, abusive and dangerous people can be transgender or can have schizotypal disordered personalities, but those antisocial behaviors are not diagnostically related to transgenderism or STPD.

hope this helps u in your understanding. mental illness is "bad" in the sense that it harms people & is a public health problem, it's not just like vaguely morally bad, and it's different than just a taxonomy of the weird and annoying people of the world.

No. 535892

What even? So with this logic, it's totally cool to be unmedicated bipolar if you love your mania. And people like Ashley Issac are fine. She just wants to be a skeleton, that's not hurting anyone, so who cares?

No. 535894

Great post anon

No. 535898

File: 1521746612995.jpg (408.24 KB, 1365x1365, 28336267_10212877787393829_880…)

Glitter continues to shine. I'm not sure what's going on in this picture, but it looks like they tucked a fat roll into their sports bra to look like tits.

Personally I have no issue with most transfolks, but no doubt there are some people who lie about it for attention or are just straight up schizo/crazy.
This girl used to be normal and was on a bunch of meds. Tbh it's a shame she went off them and turned into this.

No. 535911

Why are trannies so keen on shitting on marginalized groups in order to feed their egos? There’s nothing wrong with being labeled mentally ill. Stop stigmatizing mental illness and accept reality.

No. 535917

File: 1521748866969.jpg (49.9 KB, 570x960, yDuN2SQ_d.jpg)

they're mentally ill, mental illness can be treated. when bein a gay or a crip brings you social currency, they use it as a stick to beat over the everyone's heads.

after all you're a bigot if you suggest they're not totally better than you normals.

No. 535926

This is a constructive post, but I agree with anon. By this logic, ED people are fine, schizo people are fine… in fact, everyone is fine until they start to affect society. Which trans people clearly are - gender identity issues are costing the NHS millions and bio-women are being erased in their own spaces.(derailing)

No. 535964


Hi, same anon. Yeah, this is why there is debate in the psychiatric field around these disorders.

I think you're misunderstanding some parts. Anorexia is only diagnosed in patients with a bmi of 17.5 or less, so patients who don't want treatment can only get diagnosed if their disordered eating is doing harm to their body as evidenced by a low BMI. Patients who are psychologically distressed by their disordered eating but who maintain a normal weight are diagnosed with EDNOS instead. Those who both maintain a normal weight and who aren't distressed by disordered eating cannot be diagnosed under the DSM criteria in the united states.

People with Schizophrenia are generally extremely distressed by their symptoms and want them to stop, which is why that is across the board seen as a valid diagnosis. Schizotypal personality disorder is different, because the patient usually acts weird as hell, but doesn't hurt anyone and doesn't mind being outcasted at all. That's why there is a debate around whether STPD is a valid psychiatric diagnosis.

I don't really understand this response, i'm not trans. i'm just trying to help give some factual context on the debate of whether to view transgenderism as a mental illness.

Homosexuality used to be labeled as a mental illness too, until people realized that the difficulties gay people experienced weren't inherently due to their behavioral abnormalities as much as they were due to a negative social reaction towards these abnormalities. No one considers homosexuality a mental illness anymore because being gay has not proven to be treatable, and it doesn't fuck your life up so bad these days.

Some people view Transgenderism as a mental illness that should be treated with HRT and transitioning. Some people view it as a mental illness that should be treated with some kind of conversion therapy. Some people view it as a mental illness that should be treated with other forms of therapy that help patients accept themselves as trans and experience less distress over their gender identity. Some people say transgenderism is not a mental illness, just another human abnormality that society is really biased against right now.

hope this helps.(derailing)

No. 535969

I genuinely thought Oliver was a cis male when I first found his/her Instagram so imagine my confusion when I started scrolling down.

No. 536014

God, just leave already. No one cares about your hurt feelings and posting shit like this will only derail the thread.

Fakeboi threads aren't meant for you to whine about "le fake trans" but rather to talk about milky trans men in general.

No. 536018

The infighting is annoying. We're gonna lose this thread one day.

No. 536037

File: 1521756629123.jpg (165.78 KB, 732x814, tranny_hecks.jpg)

ikr??? some of them are totally normal!! all these transphobes can choke xoxo(infighting; derailing)

No. 537597

Any help on trying to get a fakeboi back into track? This may feel like conversion therapy that could be seen as wrong but she's obviously an effortless boi with no real dysphoria with yaoi obsession.

No. 537953

File: 1521984733010.jpg (74.86 KB, 1080x1350, 22221164_354442474992059_28251…)

>obviously shoped/covered chest
>hair looks like animu wig

No. 537974

Are you trying to tell me that's not a wig?

No. 537986

She’s already been posted in this thread anon, and twice in the last thread also. Please at least skim through the thread before posting.

No. 537995

If she has no plans to physically transition then just leave her alone, she’ll grow out of it eventually and feel stupid about it.

If she plans on taking T or getting surgery, remind her that life extends beyond her 20’s and 30’s. Ask her to think about how she’ll feel as a man in her 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, and beyond, and that eventually she will not look like a kawaii femboy anymore as she ages. She’ll either have to choose between aging like a man, which means hair loss, increased risk of heart disease, a potbelly, and other shitty side effects of becoming an old guy, or stopping T to age like a woman with a male voice, excessive body hair and no breasts. If she chooses the latter route, she won’t look like a twink anymore, but instead an aging lesbian with PCOS. If she still follows through with the transition after hearing that, she’s a lost cause, unfortunately.

No. 538066

I never understood oliver. She's definately a really cringy fakeboi, though it does appear, she's actually gotten top surgery

No. 538130

File: 1522003692810.jpeg (179.53 KB, 750x700, FDF78367-66AF-4B14-AF51-184630…)

No. 538233

>Angel was married to Karin Winslow (also known as Ilsa Strix), a San Francisco dominatrix. Angel filed for divorce when Winslow left him for her client, Lana Wachowski.

I smell drama

No. 538341

>chronic fatigue
What is it with these snowflakes and that shit?

No. 538750


Apparently she doesn't refrain away from this 'daddy fetish' a lot of girls have, so I am not sure if she would mind aging like a man.

The only thing that hold her away from T is fund, her family does not seem to support transition and feel like they need to wait for a bit for her to grow up.

I feel like asking for help in here would not be good, but her mental health is spiraling downwards. Due you know any place I could ask for a proper discussion?

No. 538854

File: 1522100481728.jpeg (61.37 KB, 291x500, 68A312AB-68F2-474C-B5AC-198A71…)

No. 538952

wow her standards really dropped… he looks too average for her, like typical overweight nerdy guy. I'm surprised she didn't go for someone more "alternative"

No. 539032

She's so plain and kinda ugly irl

Knowing her she did it because she saw Cody upload a pic with another girl

No. 540396

Fatigue is a side effect of antipsychotics…I know from experience. Wouldn’t surprise me if most of these delusional fakebois were type 1 bipolar. That illness definitely makes you act like a fucking cringey weirdo.

No. 540802

I mean, when I used to be apart of the cringe worthy site "gaiaonline" I'd pretend to be a boy all the time. Mostly for rp purposes.

No. 540842

Why is this Bananas idiot shitting up all the threads with their blogposting and whiteknighting. No one cares

No. 542060

Pretending they don't have dysphoria is the saddest but most generous thing I've got.
Actual trans people in deep deep denial often eat their feelings or try to starve out their sex characteristics.

No. 542653

File: 1522526181073.jpg (221.65 KB, 1152x2048, IMG_20180331_154545.jpg)

Implying any of them would actually go to a psych and get diagnosed/put on meds.

No. 542663

what in tarnation

No. 542683

File: 1522527907006.jpg (246.48 KB, 1152x2048, IMG_20180331_162218.jpg)

Oh you know just your typical he/him/ze/zir "fat gay disabled trans guy"

No. 542749


Jesus, the shape of his face.

Cabbage Patch Dolls don't age well.

No. 542752

You know, I am on of those moralfags who can totally get behind accepting being ugly or not conventionally attractive. Shit, I can even get behind body positive movements too to an extent. I’m all for the love yourself shit.

But god fucking damn this person doesn’t care about themselves whatsoever

No. 542755

Yeahhhhh there's something wrong on the genetic level with this one. Diet isn't gonna fix that pinhead and ugly facial features.

No. 542760

is being so fat that no one can tell what your biological sex is an offical fakeboi lifehack?

No. 542780


Something about how tiny lil those lips look with the fat folds (?) extending them almost triple in width is hilarious to me.

No. 542788

File: 1522536560388.jpeg (412.27 KB, 750x861, 59AACB26-56F4-4CAE-AF26-A32B9D…)

She’s in the fucking men’s room

No. 542814

jesus. it's like the slaton sisters and the confetti club had a baby that turned out to be a hartley hooligan

No. 542923

File: 1522548639871.png (52.61 KB, 640x355, IMG_9011.PNG)

Just some candid Jude from YouTube videos, her fan page posts stills from the videos and it's hilarious

None of her shopped beauty extends to real life and definitely not of her photo stretching does

No. 542926

File: 1522548779451.png (119.14 KB, 622x808, IMG_9018.PNG)

Sorry I'm on mobile so can't make a collage, her new friend helps bring to reality the truth of her not being extremely thin and lanky

No. 543024

Who is it?

No. 543141

File: 1522575561191.png (94.9 KB, 216x177, tumblr_m2lhqyFSl31rnc95p.png)

No. 543184

File: 1522584450484.png (318.74 KB, 400x533, tumblr_p6h8i1HexI1qc2306o1_400…)

"on this trans day of visibility id like to congratulate myself for being an incredible boy with incredible titties ✨ he/them"

She said showing her tits is how she survives her dysphoria.
Seriously what's wrong with these girls? Is she just insecure cuz she's a fat whale?

No. 543193

File: 1522587413040.jpg (15.8 KB, 339x155, google.JPG)

Even Google knows!
Who is she though?

No. 543194

what the hell is that on her thigh

No. 543263

girl is elliebeanz on tumblr, her page is a goldmine of the same sorta shit

No. 543297

i feel like people like this must be a really uncomfortable slap in the face to insecure transwomen, especially ones who don't pass. it's like she's bragging, if that makes sense. "teehee i'm such an incredible boy! look at my huge womanly boy-titties! i'm ~not a girl~ but don't you wish you had these big old titties?"

No. 543428

>b-but the poor insecure trans wimmin will be insecure unless she hides her entire body!
get out tranny

No. 543440

Her tumblr is hilarious. She got lots of blacklash for that post and she’s just whining about truscum or whatever.

I can’t wait to see people like this in 5-8 years when they move on from this phase but it’s plastered all over the Internet for them to suffer from for eternity.

No. 543489

Dude, she's clearly fucking skinny, look at those arms and the pants falling off her none-existent butt… But yeah, she loves to photoshop her self to look 6'2 tall, and she clearly is more like 5'8

No. 543496

File: 1522614319825.png (671.11 KB, 533x599, 1_trender.png)

From her instagram. It's full of pics of her fat tits, girly underwear, feminine make up and poses and "cute" too-tight dresses. There's not ONE masculine thing about this girl, this has to be the least convincing trender I have ever seen!

No. 543520

TiMs do the same shit only 10x worse, take a look at the "#girls like us" tag on tunglr sometime.

Also fuck off, handmaiden.

No. 543526

>#girls like us
lol is this the ugly transbian version of the #mlm tag?

No. 543563


ok after having to block like 45809238 truscums by now can i just say they are just so fuckin dense… like its almost amazing. how does posting a selfie mean to them that i Never Feel the Dysphoria and am Fake Trans like what … how do you even make that broad conclusion from a pic? obviously trans people don’t have to hate their bodies to be trans but even with that flawed dangerous logic a selfie doesnt mean i dont struggle with body issues. like honestly i dont like my body most of the time, wish i didn’t have these incredible bobbies, am on a path to changing how i look, but guess what! this is the body i have now! this is the (public) expression that makes me feel comfortable right now! im working with what i got and im not about to willingly sink further into pool of self loathing to seem “more trans” because as someone who’s severely mentally ill and recovering from an ed thats down right dangerous for me. and like cant a bitch feel sexy? like everyone on here is like “let boys be feminine uwu boys with lipstick uwu boys in skirts uwu” and im like “great, here i am” and theyre like, losing their minds. aaaalso, while i do identify as trans masc, i also predominately identify as nonbinary and genderfluid like im not a binary guy, never have claimed to be, so why are they so obsessed with me looking like one? why would anyone waste so much energy to be mad over my titties?? omg and not only that but theres suddenly so much questioning about me and sleens relationship that doesnt even make sense… like weve both been trans and out this whole time, weve both been gay this whole time, weve referred to each other as boyfriends this whole time, both have been using they/them and still use they/them now, but as soon as i start publicly requesting additional he/him pronouns suddenly they are foaming at the mouth about the Validity of our gayness …. ah anyway this sucked, on tdov of all days, im bummed about it but so many of u beautiful ppl have sent me beautiful encouraging messages so its all good. love yall!!

fucking kek.

No. 543575

File: 1522619173987.jpg (Spoiler Image, 247.58 KB, 961x1280, 3e8e2012-6b0d-43d8-93f2-025a74…)

Yeah lol. I highly recommend checking it if you want to laugh at some hons, it's funnier than /r/transpassing

found the awesome "femme" lesbian" trans girl in pic related after scrolling for a mere 10 seconds. she/her pronouns uwu

No. 543696

File: 1522626533114.jpeg (1.6 MB, 1242x1754, DCD0C18B-3C6D-4550-ACCB-D16C60…)

Yeah wow this is creepy. I don’t know if these creatures belong here or in the GC thread though.


Literally no one cares.

No. 543706

NTAYRT but not everyone here hates trans people. I too sympathize with real trans people who actually try to pass and fly under the radar and generally not be huge cows but still have to look at or be compared to transtrenders like this. It’s why this is a fakeboi thread and not a trans general. You can ree all you like in the gender critical thread >>>/ot/231926

No. 543712

that fucking pic
>when you detonate gay boy in local Blood and Honor chapter

No. 543730

These threads weren’t meant to be a hugbox for trans people to circlejerk about so-called ~fake trannies~ either. We’re laughing at cringey fujoshi bio females who claim to be men, including “trutrans” on T. You need to grow a backbone and understand that not everyone agrees with you or your lifestyle. Also, no one here thinks every last trans person in existence is a lolcow. Obviously some aren’t malicious which is why we don’t talk about them, you don’t need to constantly shove “b-b-but not all trannies!!!” because we already know.

No. 543825

What kind of people uwu gay fakebois even date? Other fakebois?

No. 543828

Straight bio men, or lesbians. Their relationships with other fakebois are usually for show.

No. 543842

File: 1522635395095.jpg (364.38 KB, 1280x1707, tumblr_p6j1ihxHcG1swwo43o1_128…)

mlm tag is tu gud
>Me and my boyfriend!
>They/them for me he/him for him!

No. 544427

Why are all fakebois so fucking short? I'm yet to see a fakeboi who would be 165+

No. 544432

cause tall women can be intimidating and command respect without pretending to be men.

No. 544456

I've wondered a little, what about that small percentage of fakeboi that identify not as uwu uke but as so sexy and dom seme? I assume they date uke fakebois, right?

No. 544532

File: 1522705493453.png (1.52 MB, 1280x986, tumblr_on4eovxybF1qc2306o1_128…)

Found this pic and it had so many fucking notes. i fucking hate this "I'M GAY" tumblr humor posts that are so popular among fakebois and fakegaygirls.

you have huge tits and wear tons of makeup. but you're a "boy". and you're gay… so that means you date men, right? what you're saying is that you're a girl who likes looking feminine and only dates men? so, the complete opposite of the queer/gay lifestyle? okay gotcha attention whore to the max. i hate lgbt leeches so much. i didn't dig through her profile much but i bet she's "queer" and "they/him".


>wants to be seen as a thicc goddess

>also wants to be seen as a cute small boy uwu

get the fuck out of here with that. you don't get to have both attention whoring points at the same time! how many validation and compliments could you possibly need? pink hair, posts nudes on social media, fake trans, fat as fuck, this person is a cow in every sense of the world.

No. 544535

File: 1522705944382.png (300.12 KB, 590x542, cfgvjkl.PNG)

also from the elliebeanz chick. she has a boyfriend. totally gay stuff. and she talked about having top surgery, and like a week later was back to bragging about having huge tits. In what earth is she a gay transboy?

No. 544718

Can someone please explain to me the transtrender obsession with constantly saying things and people are VALID?

No. 544806

File: 1522723091175.png (2.6 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_1294.PNG)

Her "boyfriend" is another trans but could almost be more passing than her :/

No. 544813

isn't this that one girl?
I think she went by the name slayboybunny or something but I remember her posting about fat positivty and how she was too good for any man lmao
they look similar

No. 544815

File: 1522723662290.png (25.18 KB, 579x248, ftghjkl.PNG)

>for praising myself

she's literally in love with her own reflection jfc calm down


so its a lesbian couple pretending to be gay males??? literally what the fuck. these are too many levels of tumblr. i can sort of see her gf actually wanting to be trans… but this eli girl is literally that caricature from ops pic who is obsessed with yaoi. taking fag hag to another leven m8.


not sure, the blog that posted goes by ellibeanz. but she could be! because her "artstyle" is centred around bunnies, so it wouldn't surprise me if that was her old url. and yeah she seems like the type who would post that.

No. 544823


That's her old username….I remember when she was in a poly relationship with two others

No. 544829

File: 1522724250405.png (637.65 KB, 512x689, username change.png)


it is her, anon. as you can see in the pic she just changed usernames. also https://www.instagram.com/p/prCMN4vgpm/?taken-by=ellibeanz is the same look as http://hiddlesstolemyaddiction.tumblr.com/post/90871159868/slayboybunny-drunk-selfies-from-last-nite

please post slayboybunny screencaps if you have them. she sounds messy as hell. deleted most of her posts and changed usernames for a reason.


ah, classic tumblr cow. more milky details??

No. 544868

File: 1522727067614.png (1 MB, 868x980, wertyuiop.PNG)

i wonder why they keep misgendering her?

No. 544889

File: 1522728311626.png (237.24 KB, 1225x968, IMG_1296.PNG)

She's not in one anymore
It's been awhile but I could of sworn the other two people ended up dating each other instead
Or they both decided they didn't want to date her anymore
I'm trying to see if I can find the post about it but it's been awhile

No. 544896

oh hey anon, I went to high school with her too. Small world

No. 545104

I guess because people keep calling them fake, and they know it themselves so if they repeat it a million times it'll become true.

No. 547497

No. 547539

File: 1522974540538.png (396.78 KB, 426x543, dfghjiko.PNG)


pro tip: cis males don't write "cis male" in their instagram bio

No. 547541

File: 1522974627986.png (567.04 KB, 434x530, vhbjnkml.PNG)


this seems like a fake bulge if i've ever seen one

No. 547547

File: 1522975197989.png (19.53 KB, 467x187, rftyuiop´ñ.PNG)

she knows she's a cow.


wish you had gotten a screengrab of that caption. she reposted it about two days ago, but without the original "boy with titties" caption. girl got dragged. >>544815

No. 547956

I know that feel anon.
I already like tomboys but when she says she's transboy/genderfluid/demigender/whatever it makes them even more attractive for me

No. 547957

I always wonder how their parents feel about this bullshit…

Yeah,people like this are bored attention seekers. What's worse is even if you're legit gay and reject trash like this, you will get called out? like wtf. i can smell a straight girl pretending to be gay for attention a mile away.

No. 547988

The post is still on Tumblr tho

No. 548026

There are such thing as mtfs who “pass” to the unsuspecting eye, but there are always signs that they are biologically male. Mtfs have long faces, protruding brow bones, and large, angular skulls. The “passing” ones who’ve gone through facial feminization surgery might be able to shave down some of their male features but most remain, and also those who have said surgery turn out looking like plasticky bimbos rather than normal girls. That’s how you know this “passing mtf” right here is full of shit, because she doesn’t look like a plastic bimbo nor does she have a single male feature. Just goes to show you how stupid and easily fooled 4chan incels are.

No. 548731

File: 1523101452923.jpeg (607.79 KB, 1074x2174, 12E87D82-80BC-4EB1-9927-774B1A…)

I don’t think I’ve ever seen another fake tran that’s stuck up and arrogant as this chick.
nice shrek ears. kek.

No. 548770

What rights are they even talking about? Is america suppose to make special laws for trannies? How can they expect special treatment when they’re lucky they’re not all forced to get help for their mental illness? Like you already have every right as an american citizen, but we aren’t going to change the way sane people think just because your feelings are hurt that some people won’t except you. It’s not even the government that doesn’t like them, so i’m not sure why they go on about rights all the time. The government can’t make laws telling the citizens they have to think a certain way. I guess their icon shows a lot on how they think.

sage for rant

No. 548798

>violent cistem

Why do they always use cis like it's some kind of insult? kek

No. 548861


It is an insult, even more so when used seemingly innocuously. Using "cis" serves to other men and women when trans is the other.

No. 548933

File: 1523124976047.png (2.18 MB, 1028x1028, 1_spottheman.png)

Spot the real gay man

No. 548935

And yes, all their "fashion" is terrible.

No. 548962

Is the blonde one Criedwolves?? Cuz if no, they just look like a flat chest woman.

No. 548973

No, that’s like saying heterosexual is an insult.

No. 549030

Yep, that's Criedwolves/Oliver. For a MUA, that make up is pretty meh… And not to mention the muddy contour of the boi in the middle, looks dirty in the face!

No. 549209

I actually had to check this person’s Instagram to see if they were really biologically female because damn, that is one hell of an unfortunate man-face. Also lol @ her use of the #gayboy hashtag. Imagine what it must be like to be an actual gay man looking at these larping fujoshits, because oftentimes they make Grindr accounts to hit on gay men.

No. 549565

She's actually taking testosterone, that's why the man face I guess.

No. 549584


The word "Heterosexual" has a distinct meaning.

Transactivists coined the prefix "cis" as part of their agenda to redefine "woman" and "man" to include trans.

The prefix "cis" has no reason to exist. A "ciswoman" is a woman.

No. 549603

Your opinion isn’t fact, you're like Tumblr kids getting triggered at words.

No. 549967

I've seen some odd fashion trends before but they look fucking awful. It looks like they bought a bunch of ugly over-sized crap from Hot Topic and made a special effort to put together the most unflattering outfits imaginable. Like seriously this belongs in an /fa/ cringe thread.

Also criedwolves claims to be 5'8" but in every full-bodied photo I've seen she doesn't appear to be any taller than 5'5", and is always the shortest person in the shot. Anyone here seen her IRL and can confirm?

The only triggered one here is you, handmaiden. Quit derailing the thread every time some stupid little thing offends you Jesus Christ.

No. 549988

Their outfits should be a joke, but unfortunately isn't… These people are in their mid twenties too, just makes it worse.

>Also criedwolves claims to be 5'8" but in every full-bodied photo I've seen she doesn't appear to be any taller than 5'5"

I've noticed this too, also look at the platform shoes in the pic. Even in pics with other girls, they are always taller some how.

No. 550003

File: 1523225293020.jpg (180.99 KB, 720x1280, tumblr_nix46cmQ9Q1tlq940o1_128…)

>oftentimes they make Grindr accounts to hit on gay men.

"Gay" TiFs are delusional faghags who see young, attractive gay couples featured on TV shows and movies meant for girls/women and seem to think that transitioning will make their wet dreams of finding a hot twink boyfriend come true. But then, once they find out that most gay guys over the age of 20 are hairy, masculine, and look their age just like straight guys, they freak out. They also seem to think that gays are pure and exempt from being misogynist pigs like their straight counterparts, which is far from the truth. The level of entitlement and delusion among TiFs is hilarious.

No. 550075

"escape gross men from hitting on me" because a gay male hook up app is not a place where people get hit on…

No. 550139

There’s a Tumblr blog full of screenshots like this. So many of these girls get angry at the men who ask to have sex with them when that’s the whole fucking point of a gay hookup app. They actually expect a bunch of horny gays who are just looking for a quick fuck to be perfect gentlemen who offer dinner and a movie. It’s no wonder most gay men hate ftms, it’s not just the fact that they have vaginas but also their attitude.

No. 550158

>featured on TV shows and movies meant for girls/women
featured in their uwu gay animus meant for girls/women
they want to be swooped by some handsome seme prince

No. 550167

grindr should've been deleted like the craiglist ads. it's full of tims with their ugly chasers too.

No. 550485

File: 1523265929866.jpg (20.21 KB, 250x333, tumblr_p6vjtgExOf1r8s71do1_250…)

"Hate cis boys? Try me! I’m just as terrible but with no where near the confidence."

>derails thread
>complains when someone replies

No. 550535

lmao do they expect to get some nice guy beta orbiters on Grindr?

No. 550565

Probably, lol.
The app is literally called GRINDR. What, do they expect tea parties and dinner dates? As if all gay men are pure uwu bois just waiting to worship that smol bean twink.
Also, >>550003 isn't even "gross". He seems to be genuinely interested and at least isn't blowing her off right away like many gay dudes rightfully do with FTMs. Calling someone cute isn't being gross and hitting on them.

No. 550569

I don't know about you guys but what I found pretty fucking funny is amount of manhating/radfemness fakebois have, for people who supposedly have bad case of internalized misogyny they have quite a lot of externalized misandry
and then they have guts to shit up twitter/facebook with their (((FELLOW MEN WE NEED TO TALK))) bullshit

No. 550574

>Also, >>550003 isn't even "gross".
Maybe it had something to do with his appearance rather than what he said, like maybe he looked like an actual grown man and not the smooth barely legal twink she was hoping for. Still incredibly rude and uncalled for and it's mind-boggling how much praise she got on Tumblr for telling off that dirty cissie. Hopefully that guy learned his lesson to avoid ftms at all costs afterward.

No. 550619

Nice guy beta orbiters that buy em stuff! That's the most important thing!

No. 550627

probably some bi guy which sets them off

No. 550720

sage for rant
As a gay man I can confirm that me and my friends avoid most ftm because they are much too sensitive. They claim to be gay but shout they hate cismen, even gay ones. We are only friends with one, but most make their whole lives and personalities revolve around being trans or about genders. Kinda like how people with ED's only focus around food. We honestly don't give a fuck about gender most days as long as your cool to chill with. But these people have no chill, every little thing sets them off.

There was once this "gay" tumblr artist. We assumed she was female because she took pretty good BDSM nudes of herself in leather corsets with her breasts out. She lectured us how you can't tell a transboi they have breasts even though they are C cups. She then proceeded to tell everyone we were the basic cismales that bring down the trans movement for mentioning her breasts. So your assumptions are correct

No. 550743

Mental illness tends to come in bundles, it's why so many trannies are complete loons aside from the sex change itself.

No. 550767

The more I see/read, the more I feel like the current trans community is damaging progress of LGB people. in the past they just lived their lives the best they could, but now it seems like they have to make everything about them. I also feel like they don't belong in the LGB community because they have medical issues and mental illnesses, which are different from sexual orientation but that's a whole other topic…

No. 550777

i mean their existence literally advocates conversion therapy

No. 550783

holy fuck
No wonder fakebois mostly date other fakebois.
Do you have a link to that tumblr?

No. 550786

No. 550805

File: 1523300213382.jpg (47.76 KB, 422x750, tumblr_nwu0kfXnKk1s8m3f2o1_500…)

I don't understand this logic. Like if they're going to meet up for sex then why isn't he allowed to ask this? It's not as if he isn't going to find out anyway. God I'd love for there to be a blog of horror stories about people meeting up with troons for sex, because they constantly have people walking on eggshells when it comes to talking about genitals yet they still take part in hookups.

No. 550811

File: 1523300863537.jpg (408.75 KB, 1280x1226, 1521978716539.jpg)

No. 550817

too bad this isn't even true. the one on the left doesn't just "want to live her life" she wants to reject her lesbianism and give into her internalized misogyny so she can gain more respect as a man.

No. 550844

If "Damion" wants to live a normal life then why is she lopping her tits off and making bad Tumblr art complaining about non-issues?

No. 550847

as they should, and they mostly just do it to soothe their egos while chanting "I'M VALID" when they're really not.

No. 550858

Lol, what trucum faggot made this garbage? In reality, I'd honestly rather fuck with skye; at least her trans stuff is just a phase.

No. 550860

our groups "daddy" who is around 60 mentioned this. THat it was never this bad. You wouldn't even know they were trans unless you dated them(Even then, if they kept it secret who knows). In fact, we are cool with trans. However, we trust it less now that being trans seems to be a fad. It is pissing us off just as much as people pretending to be bi to seem cool. Gender benders have always been a common thing in the lgbt community. But they aren't even doing that, most are literally just girls who want to be treated like a princess. The ONE friend we have is literally just a person we drink with after work or just hang out with. They rarely bring it up. Again, we just wanna hang with someone cool who doesn't freak out.
While I don't like most fake boys, I do believe some people are just transphobic. Plastic surgery to make you happier has always been a thing. Some cis girls do have surgery to have a flatter chest. I feel like arguments like this is dumb. May as well complain about everyone who had plastic surgery.

No. 550862

no one cares who you want to fuck

No. 550865

"fuck with" means hang out with, stupid.

No. 550881

"fuck with" can imply sex. Even so, you would still prefer to hang out with tumblr scum. take your pick from anyone in this thread

No. 550919

this entire place is "transphobic"

No. 550929

lol we do, plastic surgery isnt a fix for mental illness.

No. 550930

So how do you know he's into women?

No. 550931

It doesn't, you just don't know what the phrase means. And yeah, because teenagers on tumblr are going through a phase. I'd take a pre-everything fakeboi with a 92% detransition rate over one of those truly insane freaks any day.

No. 550986


The transgender community of today is a far cry from the transsexual community of 30 years ago when "T" was added. Decades ago transsexuals usually identified as homosexual before transitioning; they were already part of the community. Now the term "transsexual" is derided by transactivists as not PC because it "medicalizes" trans and precludes their claim to be trans without dysphoria.

A good number of LGB are clamoring for T to be ousted from their spaces. The presence of aggro militant transactivists at lesbian events during Pride month is a more contentious issue with each passing year.

No. 550996

This creature is something else. Post more.

No. 550997

They can be delusional together!

No. 551006

Can we stop the infighting and bitching. There's no need for prepubescent slapfights, this isn't a transhating thread. It's a fakeboi hating thread. Go to >>gendercritical if you want to argue about that.

No. 551044

lol can't see fighting here, just trans-critical anons turning peak trans, sorry tranny.

No. 551113

This is what happens when you try to start a truscum circlejerk on a site where 99% of users hate trannies, kek.

No. 551198

>she wants to reject her lesbianism and give into her internalized misogyny so she can gain more respect as a man.

I'm triggered as fuck by transmen who keep trying to enter lesbian spaces (almost as much as the lesbians who actually allow them in).

No. 551218

File: 1523324302036.jpg (342.22 KB, 1280x1707, tumblr_p6xud2XkQB1swwo43o1_128…)

much masc
so manly

No. 551223


imagine his personal life and him exmplaining this shit to his straight bros
>hey real quick! pls dont call my gf a girl in front of her. it bothers her
>uh? but she's a girl. she's not even a tomboy or something, she just has short hair…
>dude you're gonna make her cry just pretend like you can't tell. jull call her a "he" or she's gonna complain about it all night. trust me its for the best.

No. 551253

>dude you're gonna make her cry just pretend like you can't tell.
tbh that sounds pretty fucking adorable
I would def watch a series with plot about shit like this.

No. 551256

yes, really adorable to have to pretend you can't/don't notice things to feed someone elses delusions and also drag your friends and family into it… "adorable."

No. 551258

>As a gay man
No one cares, read the rules faggot

No. 551294

the people in this thread actually hurt my head, what the fuck

how can you look 100% like a girl and demand to be called a boy

No. 551457

This, the previous threads were lot more chill then this and focusing on actual cringy fakebois and leaving others out of it. Wtf happened?

No. 551523

It was relevant tho

No. 551524

This is the truth.

There should be a thread about you too, you snowflake.

No. 551559

Trans people off Tumblr are pretty often very open that being trans isn't normal, most of the ones I've met talk about how they can link it to trauma or see it as a mental illness but transitioning makes it easier to live their lives.

Trans people on Tumblr are worse because I see them convincing themselves that, "If you have doubts or don't feel like a man it's ok! We all have doubts about transitioning!" which is so scary considering everyone on Tumblr is trying to be like the older people who get attention for it. Your everyday Kaiden/Aiden/Hayden/Oliver is going to be some bald, kermit-voiced weirdo into their mid-twenties because young teens have no foresight.

T scripts in my province went up by 310% recently, now that's fucking scary. This shit isn't a hello kitty themed knuckle tattoo kind of phase. Truscum accepted trans or not, they're gonna be living miserable lives.

Even if people in this thread exaggerate or bait the fakebois that read this it's in the favour of the fakebois if it keeps them from actually transitioning.

Remember kids, women have chest dysphoria too. That's why implants and reductions exist.

No. 551584

ftm transgeder people actually have pretty high passing rate after a few years. They're definitely not all bald kermits.

mtf is different, there way less are passing.

No. 551604


Gender critical feminism asserts that FtT are women. The fact that radical feminism does not exclude FtT is one of the primary arguments against the slur "TERF".

No. 551720


I'd love to agree but most ftm have that weird nasally voice, Buck Angel (Who has been referenced previously) even has it. When they're not using their chest voice it's pretty rare. They may pass visually more than mtf but unless they look homely as hell they will be mistaken as lesbians. Maybe not everywhere, but in more liberal cities there's often a lot of women who like to dress masculine or androgynous.

I know that seems like a reach but I've seen a couple waiters at a hipster vegan place dance around using pronouns when they can't figure out someone's gender. Obviously more isolated, but even the camp gay men and trans men have clear differences.

Someone I knew just detransitioned, I'm sure it had to do with her height (5'3"?) and it's weird because she had top surgery. I have a feeling most trans guys under 5'7" will try and revert desperately when they're old enough to realize "not being like other girls" didn't make them a guy.

No. 551774


Honestly… My brain has never had a clear distinction of it's own gender. It's annoying as hell.
Gender dysphoria is such an uncomfortable thing, and it irks me to no end to see these kids bragging about how "trans" they are. Having a skirt and a mustache doesn't make you special. It just makes trans people look like freaks. It's super trendy right now to "smash the gender binary." But realistically, most people are okay with the gender binary, besides the small percentage of people who actually suffer from gender dysphoria, and would give anything just to be normal.
These kids make a mockery of real trans people's existence, wearing the label as a fashion statement, to the point that people think it's a fad to not be taken seriously.
They're just perverts who get off on being de-feminized/masculinized.

Can we please stop arguing and post some men in dresses.(derailing)

No. 551818

lol, you can always tell transmen from a real men. How often do you encounter a grown man who is 5'2, has narrow shoulders, small hands, a weird voice, and has the fashion sense of the average butch lesbian?

No. 551848

Trans people look like freaks because they are freaks, not because some teenage special snowflakes on Tumblr ruined your reputation. There are 30+ y/o trans men getting pregnant and bullying doctors into removing the word “mother” from their vocabularies, who then go off to raise their child “genderless” because raising kids as their biological sex is oppressive to trannies. Those trans men tend to all be fully transitioned with beards, receding hairlines and mastectomy scars, so not “trenders” by your definition. Whether or not you hate your body you’re all insane.(derailing)

No. 551952

anon have you ever stepped outside? not every man is 6' 3" with massive man-hands and muscles.

No. 551967

File: 1523395143226.jpg (16.2 KB, 320x320, 28751407_703632480026722_15341…)

Not all transmen are short and have a weird voice and there are definitely some that can pass as cis man. Jammidodger for example. Just accept that transmen pass easier than transwomen

No. 551973


Men in dresses get posted in the gender critical thread. This thread is for girls who pretend to be men in dresses.

Can we move the general gender discussion to the gender critical thread?

No. 551983

File: 1523396984936.jpg (160.32 KB, 1280x975, oklol.jpg)

where I live (NYC) men that short are generally from south america and still look like men because they have broad chests.

nice job choosing a pic that hides their narrow shoulders, pencil wrists, and dainty hands.

No. 552018

You're no more bearable than them, aiden. You and all the other trucums are even crazier.

No. 552409

stfu tranner defender

No. 552412

There are lots of cis men with narrow shoulders and small wrists.

If you only know either muscly manly men, or fat lardos then you should maybe leave murrica for once.

No. 552413

You should stop assuming things.

No. 552415

You have to be 18 to post here

No. 552417

ayden you can easily tell the difference between the male skeletal structure vs a females

No. 552421

Have you only ever seen white men or something

No. 552422

If you're a person with lots of complexes on the hunt for Transmen then: yes you can spot them. Doesn't make them freaks or non-passing.

No. 552423

Also see this: >>552413

No. 552431

File: 1523439728323.jpeg (62.16 KB, 480x353, D539D85D-5857-4118-A6AE-1A4660…)


fuck off already aydens. you’re all fujo freaks, why do you spend time defending yourself here when most people already think low of you? back to tumblr you go.

No. 552432

No. 552434

See this: /backtowhereyoucamefrom/(infighting)

No. 552436

U mad?(infighting)

No. 552440

whatever appeases your ego

No. 552447

File: 1523445041850.jpg (78.12 KB, 634x423, 315628D600000578-3452542-image…)

Nice job picking an older picture in which they are obviously earlier on in their transition. Seriously, I hate transtrenders (not transgenders, necessarily) as much as the next person here, but there's no denying Jamie looks like a cis dude.

No. 552456

>not transgenders, necessarily
then fuck off. this isn’t the place for your white knighting.

No. 552457

No, just an artist with friends of all sorts, who spends a lot of time looking at people of all sorts, and who's spent years drawing from live models of all sorts. This person looks nothing like the average white man. I'm sure it's even more obvious IRL as they have been socialized since birth as a female.

Because the average non-american man looks like a holocaust survivor? Do YOU ever go outside or associate with anyone aside from transmen? Funny you mention fat people, it's actually easier for them to pass because all the extra padding covers up their bone structure. That is if they are lucky enough not to have female fat patterns.

lol I have no clue who this person is or what "stage" they are in and I really don't care. I just pulled an image from google. But it's obvious that they are conscious of their body not looking right because almost all of the images on google are of them in chunky and baggy clothing that hides their quite obvious feminine bone structure.

I'll leave now.

No. 552461

If you don't look like the average white guy you are a freak? Okay. I hope you stay away.

No. 552462

if this all triggers you, why are you here?

No. 552467

>Muh circlejerk

No. 552469

okay, tranny white knighting-chan, keep on the good fight while most people recognize that trannies are mentally ill cunts. guess you’re masochistic.

No. 552472

Now who does sound triggered here?

No. 552473

the one that keeps defending trannies on a non friendly tranner board?

No. 552482

so looking feminine/androgynous is only a problem if you're a "fakeboi"? okay. stay hypocritical.

No. 552483

There is a difference between being not "completely manly" and showing your tits proudly while saying "I'm A BOII WITH GREAT TITS!"

No. 552484

because it's ok for a man to have a vagina, but it's not ok for a man to have tits?(infighting)

No. 552485

It's ok to have tits, but if you're proudly presenting them instead of feeling disphoria you are not trans.

No. 552490

Do terf farmers realize that being a terf is not a requirement for posting on lolcow? Just shut up and go to the gender critical thread.

No. 552500

Do handmaidens realize that they don't have to sperg about the ~true trans~ meme all the time in a motherfucking thread about making fun of troons? Just shut up and go back to tumblr.(infighting)

No. 552501

>this level of gatekeeping
how sad. it's like a group of schizophrenics deciding that anyone who hears less than two voices in their heads is not a real schizo.

No. 552502

I just want to laugh at fakebois. I'm not the same anons you've been arguing with lol.

No. 552504

No, it's more like shizophrenics not wanting to be compared to tumblr people with 900 self diagnosed disorders.

No. 552510

I wasn't one of the people arguing either, I'm just saying. Crazy people making fun of crazy people because they don't think they're crazy enough to call themselves trans are shitting up the thread.

No. 552511

So you're saying every transgender is a transtrender?

No. 552514

More like the other way around. You're all crazy, trenders are slightly less so because they're mostly just following a trend. Trenders are to aspies as transgenders are to low-functioning autists.

No. 552515

trans people are mentally ill and trans isn't a real thing, get over yourself.

No. 552517

>trans people are mentally ill
So we can't treat em with respect?

No. 552520

No. 552521

And this thread is to make fun of the "aspie" equivalent. So why are people making fun of the "low functioning" equivalent??

No. 552522

moot point because neither transmen nor fakebois are real men.

No. 552523

everyone stop responding to the tumblr sperg

No. 552525

Because they're all equally as hilarious and cringey, plus they're all fakebois at the end of the day.

No. 552526

questioning fakebois is gender crit as well, anon

No. 552529

File: 1523456279580.png (1.1 MB, 1080x1451, Screenshot_2018-04-11-16-14-39…)

Shows of feminine body, wears makeup, feminine clothes but has short hair so totally a boy

No. 552531

File: 1523456312345.jpg (299.46 KB, 960x1280, c68974c8-52a5-4b5f-a8c7-0977b4…)

No. 552532

File: 1523456336683.jpg (289.07 KB, 960x1280, 943bf0a7-e0e1-4b56-9184-063443…)

No. 552536

He's gonna be a nice papa one day giving his kid milk.

No. 552599

is there a ~fakegirl~ thread or is this only for females pretending to be men when they're clearly women?

by ~fakegirl~ I mean the boy equivalent (I'm sure you knew what I meant, just wanted to make sure)

No. 552606

File: 1523463947347.png (105.57 KB, 438x831, little sun boi.PNG)

She has a Patreon to sell lewd photos, lol.

No. 552609

anon please no

No. 552632


We had separate Transpassing and Transwomen threads, but they were locked and amalgamated into the Gender Critical thread.


No. 552643

This is also not the place for trans-hating. Get yourself over to the gender critical thread and let me enjoy laughing at transtrending fakebois.

No. 552663

Stop infighting. This thread is for fake bois, not trans in general.

No. 552665


Ok,off topic but real question, I'm not exactly a GC supporters but how would you distinguish between real ftM and fakeboi? No one here seemed to properly answer that before.

I have a friend who's your typical ayyden with depression who definitely hated 'his' boobs and being generally civil until getting misgendered. But then there are also so many bois traits.

No. 552747

File: 1523475306990.png (535.16 KB, 767x599, 1_fakeboi.png)

A fakeboi has no interest in actually being a dude, they want to preserve their femininity and be a "smol soft boi". Many don't take T at all, or some do it for a period or take a very low dose, cause they're actually afraid of many of the masculine effects (often end up with the so called Kermit-voice) But god forbid you misgender them even when they look 100% girly!
If they make you cringe, it's probably a fakeboi.

A fakeboi can also be a girl who lies and photoshops to fool people in to thinking they're male, for what ever reason. (pic related)

No. 552824

Oh god,this is the most hilarious Photoshopped tits so far.

No. 552885

Why the fuck are you using the term fakeboi, you do know that not every trans person is just an attention seeker or faker right. Educate yourself, being trans fucking sucks and any little bitch transphobic cis kid can tell anyone who’s “trans enough”(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 552887

okay you can off yourself any time.

No. 552891

I don’t give a shit if I can leave at any time, you people are sick, why can’t you just leave everyone the Fuck alone and let them live their lives?

No. 552892

uwu smol cinnamon prince is angry that we don't think she's passing as a male. maybe if you fakebois dropped the whole "you don't need dysphoria to be trans!!! clothing has no gender!!!" we'd take you more seriously.

No. 552895

Do you people literally just go around assuming all trans people are fakers who want to make their lives more complicated(:/)

No. 552896

no i said off yourself. like kill yourself. cause you're not an uwu kawaii yaoi softboi

No. 552898

fakebois and transtrenders are the reason that ACTUAL trans people with ACTUAL dysphoria aren't taken seriously. 5 years from now you're going to be on to a new fad, a new phase, and a new identity that isn't a fakeboi because the majority of you are just looking for another fucking tagline to put with your fake illnesses and otherkin statuses.

sage your shit if you're going to bother us here.

No. 552899

Not all trans people are like that

No. 552900

>photoshops to fool people
Didn't Gehe shop Adam's apple and arm hair into his photos?
>falling for weak b8

No. 552902

this. people can do whatever without forcing labels onto themselves.

no anon, actual trans people aren't really legit either. trans isn't a real thing.

No. 552905

as the mods said earlier, this is a fakeboi thread, not a thread for you to spread hate on actual transgendered people. move it to the /ot/ thread if you want to argue about that.

No. 552918

lmao so they can ban me. you handmaidens will move to that thread yourselves eventually.(derailing)

No. 553118


no one takes trannies seriously because they are mentally ill.(derailing)

No. 553191

as much as I dislike the obvious phobia in this thread I agree with this statement. The clothing, make up, and showing off of an obvious feminine body is ridiculous. The "de transitioning" rate is so high because these people moved onto the next fad or found other ways to gain more attention. That is very obvious.

While fakebois and trannies are always 90% cringy, people who spazz out like this are almost just as bad/hilarious. The mental breakdowns on both extreme sides are gold.

No. 553203

File: 1523504919519.png (516.63 KB, 837x400, rtyghj.PNG)


look at these two "males". the blonde one is the one who pretends to be a cis boy. the red head girl is a he/they. who the fuck looks at this and thinks they are men. legit looks like genderbent cosplays, fuck off.

No. 553204

File: 1523505034256.png (582.09 KB, 837x465, rtghjk.PNG)


>cis male

>looks like this

pick one

No. 553315

File: 1523519605265.jpeg (498.94 KB, 750x1250, 6BE56088-5161-4E78-A6DC-2FE277…)

Idk anon I think that may just be an anorexic twink. The lack of body and facial hair is sus (pic related) and that could easily be a packer, but they have a man’s face.

No. 553321


its also why afabs on low testosterone or none at all date afabs on low testosterone injections or none at all. the 17 year old instagram twink look isnt possible for most guys due to testosterone and facial and body hair making people hairy as fuck. once all those twinks reach 20+ they no longer have the look anymore which is why they have to look for one another and not cis gay guys

No. 553324

File: 1523521731619.png (452.76 KB, 447x592, df.PNG)

check the hips though. it's hard since these fujis are so damn ugly, but i think it's a woman

No. 553325

those arms and hands look very feminine as well
hands are usually a dead giveaway

No. 553327

I’ve met him irl a bunch of times lmao, he’s not a fakeboi he’s just a really twinky teenager. Might be anachan tbh. Can see how you get that impression tho.

No. 553328

File: 1523522311250.png (299.4 KB, 383x562, sds.PNG)

you sure it's not a fuji on one round of test that she soon dropped? that's some pretty sus fat distribution

No. 553329

File: 1523522391975.png (621.2 KB, 526x575, idk.PNG)

odd thighs for a male

No. 553330

Nah the Ontario cosplay scene is literally 98% populated by obnoxious fakebois and they all run in packs so you can always tell. If you meet him irl it’s pretty easy to tell he’s just a fruit. Either that or he’s way more convincing irl than online.

No. 553344

File: 1523525991934.gif (7.37 MB, 480x480, youreafakeboiharry.gif)

Yeah sure, 100% real male there.
Every cis male has a weirdly shaped upper chest and must put contour on EVERY DAY on areas that will make them look more manly.

No. 553350

File: 1523526908863.jpg (161.71 KB, 1127x652, datsocktho.jpg)

Just a fruit, no socks here.

No. 553354

This gif is particularly complexing because in some frames it looks distinctly male and some distinctly female.

No. 553356

Really? It looks all female to me.

I won't go over female bone structure because we've been through it more than once in this thread, but she almost exemplifies it.

No. 553361

The frames where it looks off to the side and presumably stretches out the jaw have a masculine almost Bowie-like look but it isnt hard to look masculine when you push your jaw out.

No. 553380

Anon, she's like 5'2 or 5'3.
also that voice

No. 553382

No. That’s a girl. Nice try tho.

No. 553400

Yes. That was my point.

No. 553401

fakeboi special soft space prince xi/xir =/= trans

No. 553402

Sorry, there were too many (most likely self) posts claiming she was a dude that I couldn’t detect your sarcasm among it

No. 553424

Um yeah, okay. Stay delusioned.

No. 553449

Nice self-post.

Seriously anyone can see this is a female lmao

No. 553493

How much yaoi did read as a kid, Royalkaz? Damn. We’re all adults who all know what biological men look like, even the cute 95lb little twinks. You’re not fooling anyone.

This may be convincing to a 13 year old virgin.

No. 553747

Well that is definitely a lady. I stand corrected. This video is a bad example because it’s not as well done, but in her selfies you can tell she wears a lot of pink and purple eyeshadow around her eyes to make them look more sunken, thus making the bridge of her nose more prominent and giving her that scene twink look. I wouldn’t say it’s imperceptible because obvious she’s wearing makeup, but it did have me scrolling her insta for an hour last night unsure as hell.

While I was scrolling I noticed that she would caption any photo with fake blood with “no period jokes,” which is probably a sign of ~dysphoria~ or whatever. I’ve never known any real dude (especially a gay one) to make that sort of disclaimer.

No. 553772

File: 1523571221126.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 196.22 KB, 750x1253, 3E4BD53E-CE85-496B-A386-BDEF24…)

Royalkaz has a nsfw tumblr blog called princelynsfw. All the nudes are of their ass. Front pictures and videos she’s always wearing underwear.

No. 553785

that's fake cum?

No. 553790

File: 1523571836043.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.53 MB, 332x332, 4A4DB1DC-0842-4A5E-B809-CF7ADD…)

Yeah, it’s from a dildo she also shoved up her ass. Gif is of the dildo.

No. 553794

Definitely looks like that fake cum sold on bad dragon.

She looks like a femme dyke here. It's so obvious she's female.

No. 553806

File: 1523572686034.jpeg (175.41 KB, 750x1247, F14DCC2E-9B03-49A1-B6A6-9B5414…)

Something in each hole? Don’t cis males only have an asshole?

No. 553811

i think the 'eaten out' part is weirder. "each hole" could be mouth and ass, but no one says to eat out an asshole.

No. 554022

They're on testosterone now and have been going by he/him pronouns since before 2012 I think they're serious

No. 554033


She’s severely deranged and histrionic, if that’s what you meant by “serious”.

No. 554052

TBH you're the one being overly dramatic and attention seeking so idk bro(infighting; derailing)

No. 554057

Yep, she is seriously attention seeking. Injecting hormones doesn’t make her “serious.” It just gives her body hair and cancer eventually.

No. 554058

no she's not. that post is hilarious and true af. head back to /tttt/ or tumblr if you're this upset

No. 554074

File: 1523586865727.jpg (344.08 KB, 2048x2048, C44FAB7A-B417-4492-8265-DE1F35…)

Anyone talk about mxkahel yet?

No. 554078

Stop namefagging and go back to tunglr, you fucking loser.

I hope that you guys realize that by buying into the trucum ideology, we're just inviting these people to come cry about misgendering and shit.(infighting; derailing)

No. 554087

Do you think she would get real cum? No fag wants a girl in girl underwear with a fake penis.

No. 554094

>make anonymous post with no mention of myself or anything about me
Wow ok dumbass, sorry I hurt your feelings with my honest criticism I guess.

Is there a post going around Tumblr that's leading all these fakebois to their thread or something?

No. 554107

Where does she claim to be a boy?

No. 554121

File: 1523589727294.jpg (666.08 KB, 2048x2048, 4AF44DC8-B4C9-420C-AC86-24A06E…)

Multiple times, also using the term "boi"

No. 554129

This isn't a TERF containment thread, it's a thread for hating on girls who pretend to be men for internet points.

No. 554195

I'm pretty sure there's a reason nobody talks about this female James Charles

No. 554202

>also using the term "boi"
boi is actually a subtype of lesbian, a young butch/tomboy. it's the dyke version of a twink

that's probably not what she meant though, idk

No. 554263

File: 1523603320825.png (657.53 KB, 1080x1247, Screenshot_2018-04-13-08-57-21…)

Some findings from tumblr

No. 554264

File: 1523603337784.png (1.04 MB, 1080x1367, Screenshot_2018-04-11-12-04-40…)

No. 554265

File: 1523603358658.png (Spoiler Image, 505.22 KB, 1080x1143, Screenshot_2018-04-11-16-14-23…)

No. 554268

File: 1523603625826.png (1.06 MB, 1080x1536, Screenshot_2018-04-13-09-10-49…)

No. 554282

How ridiculous can you look? Hahahah!

No. 554285

>of this bra. (he/him)

That's b8, right?

No. 554304

>using terf unironically(infighting; derailing)

No. 554321


>being a TERF unironically
(infighting; derailing)

No. 554329

…Are you lost?(infighting; derailing)

No. 554340

Gotta be the same person screeching TRUCUM
They definitely don’t know where they are.

No. 554480

File: 1523631110717.png (111.17 KB, 633x964, 1_Criedwolves_twitter.png)

No. 554481

File: 1523631125891.png (359.26 KB, 638x1011, 1_Criedwolves_twitter_2.png)

No. 554497

>useless homosexual
She wants to be a gay yaoi boy so bad lol. Too bad she’s a straight faghag and always will be. No gay man would touch her.

No. 554503

Excessive use of the 😂😂 face is a sure sign of butthurt.

No. 554563

It still blows my mind how normalized transtrenders and mentioning your pronouns are. A few years ago, people never did that and I can't remember so many girls pretending to be "bois" or transmasculines or whatever.

No. 554616

>trasphobic 4chan boards
/lgbt/ has a fakeboi thread?

No. 554621

I always thought gays dislike FTMs only because of their vagoos.
Guess I was wrong lmao

No. 554677

the l&g are getting quite sick of the t

No. 554808

I remember people pretended to be gay boys during the peak height of scene days in 2003-2006ish..? It was mainly on forums like Gaiaonline, but they grew out of it.

This is a whole new level of weird straight girls pretending to be fakebois, but also gay men? I don't get it.. but it's more annoying because they're able to be much more vocal about it in the real world.

No. 554897

File: 1523663504350.jpeg (695.33 KB, 1242x1978, CE57CB01-5B32-4B30-AF17-D19730…)

She thinks every chan site is 4chan because she’s retarded. But obviously she’s talking about lolcow because previously itt people were speculating if she lies about her height and guessed it was 5’5” rather than 5’8”.

She’s extremely butthurt about these threads, lurks here regularly and if something offends her enough she bawwws on social media about it to get reassurance from her other fakeboi friends. She sure is going to feel like an idiot in 10 years when she figures out we were right about her being a fake all along.

No. 554962

It doesn't really matter how she feels tbh, like the older she gets the more she is reverting even if she doesn't realize it

She's just another chubby MUA who has to edit her makeup to look better than it does irl, her Toronto trips and SFX stuff bombs because it looks like shit

All she does now is dress as a girl and model her roommate's "designer clothes" that look like they came straight from some storeenvy shop

If these girls weren't getting social media attention there'd be nothing for them in this life, I don't blame her for trying to milk it

No. 555217

If she actually attempted to pass I’m sure it would be a different story. She just wants to be the “prettiest boy uwu.” Sure, there are super feminine gays who wear full faces of makeup and dress in drag, but they get that luxury as men because they are men. When you’re a woman performing hyperfeminity, people will percieve you as a woman. If you have to ask or tell people to use certain pronouns, that should be indicator enough that you’re failing at being trans.

Also I feel like the “dysphoria” she feels from HAVING to wear a binder is just her resentment towards having to uphold this charade she’s concocted for herself. I sort of feel like that’s why a lot of fakebois end up on T, because they feel they have something to prove after shrieking about MUH PRONOUNS nonstop.

No. 555402

File: 1523714012732.png (3.08 MB, 1080x1797, Screenshot_2018-04-13-09-16-20…)

Another hilarious totally-a-boy

No. 555403

File: 1523714029563.jpg (789.96 KB, 1123x1920, 3aba29fa-2bbd-4137-ad61-0b1466…)

No. 555484

>Sure, there are super feminine gays who wear full faces of makeup and dress in drag, but they get that luxury as men because they are men. When you’re a woman performing hyperfeminity, people will percieve you as a woman.
This basically. Every time a ftm puts on girly makeup/clothes or cosplays a female character and gets criticized for it, they throw a tantrum and bring up the fact that “cis guys do it too!!!” “what about jeffreee star/james charles/mannyMUA” and “still a boy!!!!” But like, no one’s going to take you seriously and call you he when you look 150% female. Even ftms who’ve been taking T for years and “pass” still look like girls when they put on a dress and makeup because of their skull shape, tiny rib cage, narrow shoulders, etc. Like sorry, if you wanna be a man so bad then you have to give up your makeup hobby, or at least get a job putting where you put makeup on other people if it’s that important to you.

No. 555497

File: 1523723554335.jpeg (2.5 MB, 4096x4096, CDDE8056-1AAD-4303-AFCD-0BB38A…)

I don’t know about you guys but i’m 100% certain this is a cis male now.

No. 555501

Stop whiteknighting yourself, it’s embarrassing. Your shitty contouring and penciled-on facial hair doesn’t make you look male, rather you look like a girl with dirt on her face.

No. 555503

It was sarcasm, anon.

No. 555801

that first picture is pure gold, looks like she put noodles on her face and called it a day

No. 555887

File: 1523761320474.png (2.77 MB, 750x1334, 1D7548D0-208F-4CEB-9C25-3E09A1…)

How about this one chin hair? Wouldn’t be surprised if it’s glued on tbh.

No. 555889

File: 1523761508846.jpeg (2.09 MB, 4096x3072, 9A7A99B2-E82A-4AF4-BADA-E6B28B…)

I have a feeling she reads here. As soon as someone pointed out the fake facial hair she starts posting a bunch of photos showing off some peach fuzz in the sunlight.

No. 555944

See >>553327 >>553330
Those posts are obviously her.

No. 555956

Why are these people so afraid of being normal lesbians or girls that just have short hair? How can you buy so much into the gender meme?

No. 555977

It's always funny to see people rip on anons
here, as if they don't do the same and talk shit with their clique of friends
Like c'mon

Also don't a majority of gay men dislike transmen? I feel like cis gay men can smell the bullshit from a mile away

I want to say because that isn't special enough/or they want attention from both males and females. A lot of them have straight bfs that play into their charade anyway so at that point it's just for attention

No. 556096

>Also don't a majority of gay men dislike transmen? I feel like cis gay men can smell the bullshit from a mile away
yes, they do >>550003

No. 556177

kek she put the wig way too low down on her hairline, makes her look like a neanderthal. fakebois never realize that male foreheads/hairlines are very distinct from female ones

No. 556278

File: 1523812775339.png (939.66 KB, 1200x597, 1_Ascher.png)

Ash's been off T for about a year now, it's starting to show…

No. 556306

Why’d she stop the T?

No. 556309

>why would fakeboi stop the T?
gee I wonder why

No. 556315

I mean, there’s a variety of reasons why she’d stop the T other than regret just -yet-. Health reasons, pregnancy, etc. which is why I asked.

Calm down you dumbass.

No. 556374

Said it was because of financial reasons and would start again as soon as possible. Could be an insurance issue? I dunno, but it sounds like it wasn't completely voluntary.

No. 556380

File: 1523819658278.png (526.4 KB, 843x600, 1_Ascher_2.png)

No. 556433

is it healthy to start and stop taking hormones whenever? thought once you start taking them you can never really stop

No. 556472

It's not usually dangerous to your health, but a lot of the effects of the hormones will slowly vanish. Some are more permanent tho, like voice and adams apple. But body fat redistribution will go back, period/fertility will come back, body and facial hair will diminish and so on. Could probably cause some hefty mood swings too.

No. 556559

File: 1523831075185.jpeg (425.54 KB, 750x1080, 8E534254-2D38-477D-B4D4-C46CB1…)

looks like someone lurks

No. 556603

>”lol idc about those whiny terves on lolcow :D but let me rant endlessly about them anyway”

No. 556607

File: 1523833968408.png (959.65 KB, 1439x700, fruits.png)

How about this one?


I've been following her for a while, recently she's been featured on some viral makeup articles.

>hobby makeup artist √

>any pronouns as long as they're not female √
>weeb √

No. 556620


is that the same person in >>532660 or do they all just look like each other

No. 556622

Has anyone else ever noticed that whenever someone is saying how little we matter/they care they always pretend that the entire website is dedicated to them. No, you are a tiny feature of a thread about many people. You're not even on the most popular subsection of the site, you don't even have your own thread, let alone have an entire website dedicated to you. So desperate for approval, validation and attention that you have to lie about how much you matter to people who dislike you. Absolutely pathetic.

No. 556624

>finally made it on

Now you can finally make the post you've had in drafts about how queer you've been your entire life

Nobody really knows yet, but it's not healthy for any person to have violently fluctuating hormones anyways
If a fakeboi were to have gotten a hysterectomy she'd have to keep taking T or take E, however

Also that hair isn't going anywhere, permanent changes include bigger clit, thinner vaginal walls, thicker face/body hair, deeper voice

I know why she stopped T, it's because she was balding and you can tell

No. 556630

Is it weird I care less if they're hot? It's like if your girlfriend wants to be a witch or some shit so you pretend magic is real.

No. 556633

She probably loves the attention so she can whine and play a victim to all her followers. Why else would you rant about the thread and give direct links? Any sane person would be embarrassed to have their shit called out. She’s so delusional.

No. 556635

The part where she says she “ finally made it on” as opposed to something like “I just found this site that happened to mention me” makes it completely obvious that she’s known about us and been lurking here for some time, so she is probably a farmer herself.

No. 556643

I think a lot of times fakebois post themselves here so they can be noticed by their fakeboi senpais~

No. 556648

yeah it is

No. 556795

>self-hating eggs
omg, how could this be… we've all been closeted fakebois this whole time

where are those chasers, though? they are all busted fujos… do they just tell themselves that anyone who makes fun of them wants to hatefuck them?

No. 556859

There could be some “good Samaritan” cowtipping like they used to do with the proana thread, because Oliver found this thread pretty fast and Kaz was here WKing herself.

This is exactly the kind of person that’s going to kill themselves before they turn 24 because they live in an absolute fantasy and the real world just doesn’t facilitate that sort of thing. Keep telling us how unbothered you are, though.

No. 556914

isn’t it interesting that a lot of weeb chicks these days have dypshoria all of a sudden?

No. 556924

>presenting as a prettyboy
So being pretty is part of your gender? What a narcissist.

No. 556976

File: 1523875044738.jpg (309.06 KB, 750x1236, FullSizeRender 12.jpg)

Has she been posted here before?

No. 556977

File: 1523875077099.jpg (133.51 KB, 750x1242, FullSizeRender 13.jpg)

She also pretends to be half japanese which is even more pathetic

No. 557000

How can you be non-binary or gender-queer if you still want people address you in a gender specific way? Like I truly don't care about true trans or gender queer people -they can do what they want- but what annoys me about these fakebois is the fact that they play into the gender binaries only to allow them to wine about oppression. The level of hypocrisy is blinding and counterproductive for actual trans awareness. But its also hilarious which is exactly why there are such threads in the first place, it's not all part of the trans hating spergers agenda.

No. 557054

Yeah someone’s definitely been cowtipping, Zanderqueer mentioned in a comment on that post that someone PM’d her about it.

No. 557057

What makes her think she looks part Japanese?

No. 557310

because there's no such thing as non-binary
like that anon said >>533380

No. 557328

File: 1523902101878.png (133.44 KB, 640x1097, IMG_8124.PNG)

Jude/Sarah's new friend

No. 557367

I can't stop thinking about how weird the fakeboy echo chamber is.
At the same time they reject the stereotypical performance of the girly/womanly stuff, they selectively keep the most demeaning parts of the performance like self objetification, infantization and porn imagery and dress that up with the disguise of, not a man, but as a prepubescent costume ot an idealized "boy" charater created for and by teenage girls. It's like they project the slutty teen basic girl image at the same time they reject it.

No. 557492

File: 1523913213833.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 4.82 MB, 2048x2732, 90A39DA1-A5D3-4D99-8717-2D256A…)

was just gonna mention that with >>556624
these girls love to cry “fetishization” but they do a more than adequate job of fetishizing trans people by themselves

No. 557502

fucking thank you.
i'm tired of these fakeboi trending assholes. it's almost like trans men just want to function as regular men in society!!!

No. 557520

>It's like they project the slutty teen basic girl image at the same time they reject it.

I think these are related. They enjoy hyperfeminine things even more than the average woman and they're ashamed of it. They see slutty basic teen girls constantly get called stupid, shallow, unfeminist, etc and they're terrified of being seen that way, so they've found a "loophole" where they can wear and do the same shit but it's ironic and gay and revolutionary. Some people see these fakebois with pink lipstick and floral lace bralettes and say it's all about attention but I really think it's teen girls who are ashamed of being normal teen girls.

No. 557527

samefag. meant >>556559 ,not >>556624

No. 557635

I feel like if a few of these girls opened up and said there's a difference between dysphoria and wanting a flat chest for their androgynous aesthetic it's save some stupid kids from making impulsive decisions

I'd genuinely believe a lesbian to have Cher dysphoria than someone like Ellie

No. 557693

Kinda hard to do that when everyone is telling them it's the same thing.

It probably is dysphoria in a lot of them, but they're not as completely batshit as "true trannies" and they end up regretting HRT and all that once they grow out of it.

No. 557983

So she can afford to make a bunch of cosplays + buy several plane/con tickets over the past year but not T? IIRC in the states the injections are only like $70 for a month supply without insurance.

>it's almost like trans men just want to function as regular men in society!!!
Then why don’t you do that and stop acting like some teenage fujoshits on the Internet impact your quality of life at all? They don’t. Getting this buttmad over some harmless snowflakes makes you equally as cringey as them.

No. 558154

File: 1524000404042.jpg (583.75 KB, 1080x1704, Screenshot_20180417-222540.jpg)

I'm hoping this means she got kicked out for real

No. 558164

Pretty soon she is gonna cry “homeless”

No. 558351

She's staying at Ryker's lol what a drama queen

No. 558596

File: 1524039403293.png (167.14 KB, 720x676, wp_ss_20180418_0003.png)

wuphfthequeen, the manliest man that ever manned

No. 558598

File: 1524039461891.jpg (85.17 KB, 1080x841, 6tag-7363601444-17468099249893…)

Big ol' manly face here

No. 558600

File: 1524039784200.jpg (170.42 KB, 1080x1080, 6tag-7363601444-17509382963341…)

What you doin' fam

No. 558662

This always annoys me as well. And these non-binary's often will be fine with any pronoun (he/they) EXCEPT the one that refers to their birth sex, then they'll throw a fit! Even when they present 100% female and there's nothing andro about them what so ever! I'm totally cool with people who are gender non-conforming and likes to present androgynous, you do your thing! But these snow flakes that are only in it for the political reasons and oppression points are seriously starting to rub me the wrong way…

No. 558664

>So she can afford to make a bunch of cosplays + buy several plane/con tickets over the past year but not T?

That's a damn good point… didn't think of that. I used to kind of respect Ash, but this "dropping T for financial reasons" seems a bit iffy when you put it like that.

(and I think that other anon was agreeing with you, you just misread their comment)

No. 558692

File: 1524053060863.png (606.94 KB, 500x598, 1_fakeboi.png)

More edited arm hair from this boi. I'm baffled anyone would actually believe this is a cis dude, like fucking hell…

No. 558709

File: 1524054682972.jpeg (109.08 KB, 749x1038, 74847F97-A4AA-4CEE-A2BE-E65976…)

This girls regular instagram cracks me up. She turns off commenting on all of her photos so no one can hurt her feelings.

this is what she actually looks like under all that photoshop

No. 558712

File: 1524055242403.jpeg (138.38 KB, 750x540, 3E12C4A2-ED47-4923-9018-CC0C05…)

That’s opinions, not truth. Not even close.

No. 559323

lmao kaz is raging on her istagram story GUISE CIS GUYS ARE SHORT TOO

No. 559441

I love how they pretend to be male even though their nudes are out there for anyone to see.

No. 559451

>but I really think it's teen girls who are ashamed of being normal teen girls.
Exactly. That'a pretty sad if you think about it.

No. 559680

Those brows so straight
Man she needs help

No. 559898

File: 1524137448676.jpeg (162.19 KB, 750x1011, D58367A5-C06F-4170-8F00-824563…)

The funny thing is that she does them worse now in more recent photos. What the hell are those? This girl is all types of delusional. She has no sense of self.

No. 560390

Lol check this out


How do you insist you’re a boy when you do this shit

No. 560394

Prettypinkqueer on Tumblr(read the rules)

No. 560405

Wtf, you can even see how she doubles the thickness of her eyebrows with make up while shaving off their natural curve. I don't understand, is it a failed attempt at quirky eybrows?

No. 560406

Don't post emojis here.
Link or pics of the tumblr?

No. 560424

File: 1524189877724.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 965.13 KB, 1242x1397, 2B4C1A5E-EDC6-4B70-8459-DFAE61…)

Nayrt but I looked them up and their most recent post of themselves

No. 560430

File: 1524190166451.png (Spoiler Image, 134.21 KB, 618x1097, IMG_8152.PNG)


Also posting a pic of their twitter page

No. 560438

This one actually looks like a boy … (a slim nerdy boy)

checks blog The state of their reblogs, and the period video they are trying to sell for $10. Are trans boys not dysphoric about their periods? Seems like this person is just "trans" to try and make money selling shitty porn

No. 560450

File: 1524192145734.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.23 MB, 1242x1658, 3B3DA09A-7CCA-4079-8FFF-90ACB5…)

No. 560459

I love how triggered this site gets over trannies, it's so pathetic. As if anyone on here actually reads anything besides Tumblr and lolcow kek(Calm down.)

No. 560461

>This one actually looks like a boy … (a slim nerdy boy)
Not with those flaccid boobs.

No. 560462

nice b8 m8