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File: 1599115775843.jpg (277.26 KB, 1080x1080, fakebois.jpg)

No. 1032764

Old Threads:

This thread is for posting and discussing cringey fakebois who may or may not deserve their own threads.

Fakebois are girls who pretend to be boys for attention, either as trannies or biological males (usually the former).

Fakebois style and present themselves as androgynous or feminine-looking young men, even wearing girls' clothing and make-up. They insist on being addressed with he/him (or occasionally they/them) pronouns and take great offense at being gendered as female. Some are SJW transactivists, but for most their identities are entirely superficial.

Reminder to "truescums" and "transmeds": Nobody cares about how [[[100% REAL]]] your or any other tranny's ~dysphoria~ is. Don't derail about how you're actually a true troon unlike everyone else, save it for your twitter feed.

No. 1032795

Why do they always make this strange Tiktok grimace face like in the first photo? It's like the AGP smile for fakebois.

No. 1032825

File: 1599137758023.jpg (53.22 KB, 603x467, 123.JPG)

Not that fakeboi-worthy for this time but I thought the "tranniversary" funny

No. 1032833

Is this the thread to post they/them enbies or are only more ~masc of center~ cows allowed

No. 1032834

op image
>the cash register girl "ma'am"ed me
this is the part ill never get over

No. 1032839

They/them enbies count as fakebois imo, this thread is basically "female snowflakes who try to be not girls".

lmao I know right, the icing on the cake is that the person who wrote it presents completely feminine but still has this "crippling dysphoria"

No. 1032855

I like to think the cashier did it on purpose.

No. 1032875

That's the woman who is making that magical girls pseudo anime on Crunchyroll that's never coming out, right?

No. 1032892

Yes but the show seems to be finished Crunchy just isn't releasing it yet(?) So she's making gay comic instead

No. 1032915

How rude of her to assume the cashier’s gender like that.

No. 1032940

File: 1599160457473.jpg (569.87 KB, 750x938, Photo Apr 26, 11 33 48 AM SMAL…)

Have we discussed self-described non-binary and gender-nonconforming actor Quintessa Swindell, of Euphoria and Trinkets fame?

>Telling the world about your gender identity can be challenging, and we often hear about the negative experiences people have to overcome. Do you have any positive experiences you can share about how people have reacted to you telling them you are non-binary?

>Yes. When I first began seeing my current partner, I was very reluctant about voicing my gender identity. However as months went by and I began to grow increasingly comfortable I mentioned one night that on some days I don't feel like a girl. That I feel like I'm trying to understand and explain how I want to be identified, gender-wise. His response was welcoming and loving, and I wondered why I hadn't mentioned it earlier to him. It was like he knew the entire time, and he was supportive from day one.

Reminds me of OP pic of the last thread kek

No. 1032941

File: 1599160564764.jpg (1.54 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20200903_201645414.j…)

It worries me how quickly this happened

No. 1032950

Watch this guy bail out when she starts talking about cutting her tits off and going on T kek

Holy shit what the fuck. These changes always seem to happen overnight and they go on T in like two or three months.

No. 1032963

>Some days I don't feel like a girl

Wtf is feeling like a girl? What does that even mean?

No. 1032964

I love how zoomers rebranded being a butch lesbian as actually being a male.

No. 1032965

Such is the nature of a fad.

No. 1032998

In all those six months she probably discovered yaoi, liked it, related to the soft uke and now is on her path to become a soft uke uwu herself. Amazing. Cannot wait for her to get her top surgery + hormones in a few months and then cry next year over how being trans ruined her life

No. 1033019

>apply makeup and use faketune
>no makeup or filter, and cut hair

No. 1033102

File: 1599180174005.png (886.2 KB, 720x1152, Screenshot_20200903-213616~2.p…)

why do zoomer fakeboys now have all the same cringe aesthetic?

No. 1033122

It's just that there really aren't any scene or emo kids group anymore, cause it all but died off and the only groups where it's socially acceptable to dress like this is the "queer" community as of now

No. 1033173

fun quarantine project: destroying your body for life with an impulse prescription of cross sex hormones

No. 1033244

Not wanting to wear dresses, makeup and long hair of course. Wanting to wear legitimately comfortable clothing and not bothering to put on your face means you're definitely experiencing gender dysphoria and actually identify as male. Are you dense, anon? It's 2020!

Most of these normie tier FTMs just discover troon tiktokkers and youtubers who present transitioning as this empowering journey that makes you special and admirable. Most of them try to play it so that even homosexuality means "gender dysphoria" and looking at this girl's profile it seems she realizes "she was a man" because she got a girlfriend. Good old internalized homophobia.

I always get shivers down my spine when I read accounts from parents who tell about their 13-year old daughters one day just cutting their hair and starting to wear male clothing and announcing they want to be called Ayden from this day on because that's what everyone else is doing. If I recall correctly, in the UK it's even lobbied to be child abuse if you don't comply with your kid's transition plans. So you better let that 14-year old get on T and cut off her tits so she can continue making those cool transition tiktok videos!

No. 1033258


Lol that's a story post from a_smile_and_a_song now known as minteaprince. One of the most popular fake bois right now. She constantly spergs about how oppressed she is for wearing makeup and being called a girl when shes a "trans boi"
Apparently she went on a 6 month hiatus from Instagram for her "transition". We'll see how that goes.

No. 1033277

File: 1599207650603.png (360.48 KB, 1080x1939, Screenshot_2020-09-04-15-21-28…)


Wow. Googled her and saw this as a second result


No. 1033282

Riss/a_smile_and_a_song/minteaprince/whatever is a fakeboi cow for sure but the author of that IG account is even a bigger fakeboi cow herself. She spammed the cosplay cringe and costhot thread multiple times with the milkless drama featured on it. Most of it is just her being assmad that Riss is a fakeboi more popular than she is because they can't focus on the actual comedy being that Riss is an obvious female cumbrain despite identifying as a "transmasculine asexual" or whatever because that would be ~transphobic~.

No. 1033306

this isn't true at all. that girls just a wannabe peep clone but cis/non transitioning theythem ekids love the scene and emo look so much so that there's a huge faction of them who make scene revival a part of their little brand

No. 1033321


Well of course anon. You can never question someones identity nowadays otherwise you're clearly a transphobe.
That insta is shit for sure but they are right about Riss' obsession with skin walking "uwu wittle pretty boys" granted that's nothing new. Riss does the same thing all the other fakebois do, she's just more popular.

No. 1033407

File: 1599230417974.png (287.02 KB, 720x1246, Screenshot_2020-09-04-15-38-19…)

Stopped T and is now trying on bras, heels and lacy crop tops "for a friend" okay, miles….

No. 1033448

le ftmtftm femboi time

No. 1033512

This person has one of the ugliest faces ive ever seen. How is she this popular?

No. 1033527

Photoshop lol

No. 1033586

Assuming the cash register girl's gender is woke and funny, assuming my gender is triggering and makes me cry. Tran logic.

No. 1033603

If you go to the cosplay cringe thread all the anons insist that riss is a trans man and is somehow the only fakeboi worthy of respecting her pronouns when her entire identity is cosplaying male characters she wants to fuck

No. 1033614

i love making fun of riss being a shithead about her uwu twans boi dysphoria. i wonder if disney is going to hire her back as a waitress after all this shit is over or if she’s never going to work in public again bc “lady misgendered me give me pity donations”

No. 1033655


This. I don't fucking understand it and just chalk it up to her being ~*cosfamous*~ because I guess you only get taken seriously when you are. She's probably one of the cringiest fake bois and does all the same shit the rest of them do, but for some reason she deserves respect. I don't get it.

No. 1033657


That's a whole other thing that makes 0 sense. Apparently Disney is pretty open and doesn't care if you're trans so long as you wear the correct uniform, so she'd have to wear the male one, yet she wears makeup and insists on wearing the female one, then cries about dysphoria? And cosplays girls with her tits out? Makes no sense and all the more reason to believe she's fake.

No. 1033679

She uses a ton of photoshop and some of her cosplays went viral (probably the Zelda one?) which got her some cosplay guest spots. Then she trooned out which got her additional woke points.

To my recollection the only person who "respected her identity" was the fellow fakeboi tranny in question trying to force the stale ass "s-she cosplays as young boys what a pedo!! and she tapes her face like a yellowfacing racist!!" IG drama and got upset when anons laughed at her and her obsession with Riss. But it was hilarious to see her insisting on using "they" pronouns for Riss and constantly correcting anons to call her a trans man while shit talking her lmao.

No. 1033686

I just don’t understand how you go from being a lesbian to going full troon and calling yourself a gay man. totally not internalized misogyny.

No. 1033736


That's what most of these troons seem to do isnt it? It's funny too because I'm pretty sure Riss said she's still only attracted to women but that she's gay. If you were a trans man and attracted to women wouldn't that make you straight? She can't even lie correctly.

No. 1033773

i guess being bisexual isn’t sooper speshul enough. gotta rake in those oppression points from somewhere, especially since being a half baked trans man is the new normal now

No. 1033793

File: 1599267576694.jpg (510.98 KB, 1080x1670, 20200904_205148.jpg)

this is just misogyny with a million extra steps. who is even saying this shit to her and the three other people she shares a gender identity with anyways? 1/2

No. 1033794

File: 1599267599888.jpg (414.05 KB, 1080x1379, 20200904_205203.jpg)

No. 1033795

Wouldn't this belong more in the MtF thread?

No. 1033798

I don't get how this person wrote this many words with no point whatsoever

No. 1033799

she is a race-faking girl pretending to be a bio male who identifies as a "boygirl femboy" shes been posted to the fakeboi thread before, not sure what thread is appropriate for this specific flavor of crazy

No. 1033821

Ah, I apologize, hadn't seen previous posts about her.

No. 1033828

File: 1599275738820.jpg (696.77 KB, 2258x1656, 0484546130.jpg)

I've only seen her mentioned once or twice here, but this is 0ni_bug (formley Onyx Psybug). I never really used chan boards but I know I've seen a post of people trying to discern her biological sex and a depressing amount of them seemed convinced she was a super androgynous guy.

Credit to her, she doesn't really sperg out about pronouns anymore but did go through her insistent 'I'm a cis male' phase.

All the jaw editing is depressing, really. She's in her mid/late 20s and the stark difference between how she edits herself, and her actual appearance are only going to look more ridiculous as she gets older. Enjoy your yaoi fantasy while you can, gurl, 'cause it won't last forever.

No. 1033838

File: 1599278934141.jpg (450.13 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20200904_194642.jpg)

This hoe still putting socks in her shorts to make people fall for the "it's a trap!!" meme

No. 1033841

Lmao another former lesbian now suddenly I'm a twink boy. Last I knew of her she was dating a girl and out as a cis woman?

I swear all these chin editing fuckers look the same with their uncanny valley edits.

No. 1033845

She still is in a relationship with that woman iirc, I don't think she'll go full gay-fakeboy, she just seems to get off to being called a trap online

No. 1033878

It always fucks me up to see how much these people edit their photos. Any time you see a fakeboi that has this perfect chiseled face of an anime character you always need to remember that you wouldn't be able to even recognize them IRL. I sure as hell was confused when I came across a fakeboi I knew from online and she was super short and had a round, very feminine face despite being on T for years despite her online selfies being pretty much like this person's. It's sad, they've been faking this for so long they've started to believe in it themselves.

No. 1033904

Similar to a mtf I know who edits the hell of out his pictures to look round and softgirl™ but he sets himself a very high bar because hormones won't make him look like that once he starts them. I can understand editing for cosplay purpose but the coping excuse is fucking cheap

No. 1033950

idgaf she's still the most attractive person ive ever seen. i dont get why she gets posted in these threads when shes definitely the prettiest and least insane out of all of them.

No. 1033953



This is why she gets posted here. She's a female presenting fakeboy. It's not just a thread for ugly chicks.

No. 1034027

File: 1599329252652.jpg (103.59 KB, 1000x750, 42106829_312524976216118_73377…)

She looks much heavier (normalweight) in the bottom pics. She's very thin now. Is there any recent pictures of her taken by other ppl? Her face must've changed…

this pic is 2 yrs old

No. 1034029

Narcissist much? That's probably why you get posted here.

Also ew lol

No. 1034031

What do her looks have to do with anything? She's still a mentally ill fakeboi crying about a cashier ~misgendering~ her.

No. 1034041

Ikr, I kept reading on and on and yet nothing was being said. Surreal.

No. 1034090

File: 1599337270015.jpg (323.85 KB, 1080x1254, 20200905_161820.jpg)

What a narcissist. Why must she always use so many meaningless words to insist that men are better than women lol

No. 1034138

Don't know if this counts as blogposting since it's technically on topic, but why are there only like 5 fakeboi names in circulation?

I knew there'd be a they/them in one of my courses this year and sure enough, there was a girl (obviously female by chat group pfp alone) named Kai. And she's nb. Of all the fakeboi names Kai's gotta be #1 or 2.

No. 1034141

If it's not Ayden, Brayden, Cayden or Jayden, it's Kai.

No. 1034151

>potato faced girl that probably gets all saggy and bloated when gaining a little bit of weight or in her period

No. 1034282

File: 1599385607117.png (32.9 KB, 534x268, trinitybee.PNG)

>Ayden, Jayden, Kayden, Kaiden, Jaiden, Aiden, Brayden, Braiden, Aydian
>Kai, Oliver
>Luca, Lucas
>Julius, Julian
>Damian, Damien
>Ash, Ashley, Asher
>Elijah, Eli, Elliot, Emil
Every time I see a "male" using one of these names I have to check if it's a woman, especially when they claim to be gay.

I guess Trinity's lurking these threads because she had posted this along with "terfs be checkin on my posts and screenshotting them, sad!!!". Say hi everyone!

No. 1034308

it's funny that seems to be trend in other countries too, here where i live fakeboys have all the same names too but of course the names we use here. it's funny.

No. 1034319

File: 1599395064064.jpg (145.15 KB, 1406x519, 0001.jpg)


These are from the last ~2 years or so. She and most of the Sydney fakebois always wear mask accessories to clubs to hide those lil chins and non-existent adam's apples, so it's hard to find exposed faces. She definitely lost her chubby cheeks; in the past she's alluded to subsiding on single cheese slices and beer, not to mention that MDMA/general stimulants are basically a prerequisite for attending weeb events in town.

That's the thing, you've never actually seen her. IRL she's a petite, confused lesbian who is otherwise dull and dim, with no personality to speak of.

No. 1034322

File: 1599395583257.jpg (197.54 KB, 1119x877, 00002.jpg)


I tried to find some pics with her actual figure visible. Also from the last two years or so, featuring bonus fakeboi Nathan. WE'RE TOTALLY TRAPS GUISE.

No. 1034893

https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMJSw3nuS/ theres just something so funny about this.

No. 1034904

>men loving men men (?)

The only people I've heard call gay dudes "mlm" is fujo troons

No. 1034939

That and wlw are such dumbass, useless terms. Just say gays and bisexuals or lesbians and bisexuals.

No. 1035231

Is her fan base actually made up of thirsty, brain dead men or are those men actually other ftms/enbies egging her on? She is so obviously female and the fact that she is never shirtless should make it apparent. I’ve never seen a male e-thot who desperately tried to hide his chest or only teased a weird bulge and no nudes.

Lol. No fujo is thinking about butchered, goofy looking mentally ill girl when they read yaoi. Depictions of idealized cis men with illuminated dicks have nothing to do with sloppy little ftms. What’s worse is these girls are moving on from visualizing themselves as scrawny teenage twinks designed by women for women and are trying to colonize the bara fandom too. So a woman(or possibly men too)can’t even enjoy manga of handsome, manly men written by real men either because balding fat girls stuffing themselves into pastel button-up shirts are calling themselves “big titty” bara hunks now. Not exaggerating that description.

MLM and WLW are exclusively used by heterosexual larpers.

No. 1035254

>are trying to colonize the bara fandom too.
Good. At least the gay men over there have the privilege to tell those stupid fucks off and their "w-we need to talk about the transphobia in the gay male community!!!!" doesn't fly because they're natal women going up against cis men i.e. not even their pwecious trans community will back them up. But on the other hand it causes them just settle with bullying cis fujos minding their own business with the "stop fetishizing my sexuality!!!!" crutch when they want to feel superior to those other dumb WAHMEN.

Agree about the fakebois larping as bara guys too, it's been a huge growing trend to witness pudgy 5ft4 girls with a teenager beard and no chin flexing their nonexistent guns and drawing themselves as this buff bear daddy type character that looks absolutely nothing like them. I gotta admit though most of them are just lesbians with extra steps because they only date other fakebois so they barely even pose a threat to gay men. When they get "misgendered" at a gay orgy they just lock themselves in the bathroom to cry instead of getting rapey and violent as witnessed by many accounts.

No. 1035355

File: 1599577141189.jpeg (323.59 KB, 828x1102, 7E2B7C94-E493-42D9-835A-FC3264…)

Amelia “wolfgender/pupgender/transgender/whatever-gets-the-most-attention-gender” Rourke at it again

No. 1035426

wlw is also used by lesbians and bisexual women who don't want to look at or be associated with some scrotes fetish porn. "Gay" doesn't have the same immediate sexual connotation to people as "lesbian" does.

No. 1035461

That sounds like a you problem.

No. 1035476

File: 1599592372869.jpg (379.81 KB, 1080x1740, Screenshot_20200909-051231__01…)

I had a good kek at this one

No. 1035479

File: 1599592440744.jpg (745.92 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200909-051225.jpg)

>Dead ghost trauma holder alter

No. 1035487

On the plus side, I’ve heard some gay men say that they steer away from people that use MLM. It’s a red flag for them lmao

No. 1035504

File: 1599594727307.png (378.03 KB, 334x444, fgfzdgfdhzf.png)

imagine being in your garden having a good time and suddenly you see your neighbor doing this

No. 1035517

File: 1599595713588.png (198.1 KB, 208x443, fhfdh.png)

No. 1035518

Day anatomically incorrect nipple

No. 1035519

File: 1599595828077.png (178.54 KB, 281x349, gfdsgsd.png)

No. 1035521

File: 1599595864575.png (164.03 KB, 177x391, hgfhhgh.png)

No. 1035523

File: 1599596035115.png (326.34 KB, 301x390, gfhfdh.png)

wtf is going on in his abdomen

No. 1035530

in the photos he upload he looks tall, masculine and seems like a real men. BUT in the videos and real life he looks super small, thin (anorexic), with a huge and creepy head

No. 1035531


that’s because she is a woman with body issues pretending to be a man, anon

No. 1035532

File: 1599596704784.png (189 KB, 318x297, ggfdgdf.png)

he really tries to look masculine but fails and results in these photoshop fails (dat abdomen bone and this square mandible)

No. 1035538


can you please stop calling this girl “he”? it comes off as self-posting tbh. do you want attention from the meanie anonymous women that bad?

No. 1035540


lolll are you retarded? what are you talking about, i'm only updating about she*(https://lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1035545


no sage, posts one person very quickly, refuses to call an obvious woman in a fakeboi thread “she”

idk either you’re a retarded newfag who can’t learn to integrate or you’re a self-poster looking for attention

any way the wind blows, stfu or learn to integrate

No. 1035564

Honestly, this one is really cute. Should have stuck to being a butch lesbian, I'd date her.

No. 1035566

sincerely she needs to stop faking being trans, making drama and photoshopping to hell his photos, after that, i think she can be a good person and start again, but for now she's absolutely ridiculous

No. 1035668

File: 1599612030372.png (21.67 KB, 591x189, totesintersex.png)

I would say it's half and half, but the half that it's composed of creepy men who like her body because she looks like a child is too overwhelming for me I can't really notice the girls that want to imitate her.
Also picrel I think she's lurking since she again tweeted this ''UwU stop assuming I'm x gender intersexuality comes in so many ways'' statement recently. I really wish she would stop attentionwhoring by packing and calling herself a boi. But whatever, being a lesbian is not what attracts simps anyways.

No. 1035824

File: 1599640423236.jpg (472.56 KB, 1536x2048, 2wcH5cZ.jpg)

I don’t think she can fake it if she has already mutilated herself and wrecked her body with T for a while. But it is a waste of what could have been good looking butch girl. They are all disappearing and it’s sad.

The fact that she looks more like an underage child than an actual feminine man her age is something I didn’t consider. That makes more sense now. I didn’t know much about her. I have just seen her mentioned here and there since her photos and fan comments are so obnoxious. Doing more research, it appears she was presenting online as just a normal petite goth lesbian up until last year. But now she does everything she can to edit herself to look like a little boy and mostly it’s her friends that keep pushing the real boi stuff. Maybe she is actually trolling and self-aware?

But I don’t know what she thinks gender identity has to do with biological sex characteristics. Intersex disorders don’t change the fact that she’s a girl stuffing her pants. If she were upfront about doing “reverse trap” cosplay or even being trans, it wouldn’t be a big deal. But if she’s deliberately letting people think she is a cis guy, my issue is that it violates consent since she is selling erotic content to people who believe they are interacting with a man.

No. 1037044

File: 1599861223541.jpg (110.01 KB, 927x597, fake.JPG)


>"Marty (he/him)"

>doesn't want to transition
>dresses like an average hollywood thot
>demands everyone respect her male pronouns

No. 1037083

Forcing transgendered people to buy new clothes, hormones, and risk their health in expensive surgery wrongly enforces hyper-consumerism. Just accept his pronouns you capitalist bigot.

No. 1037121

File: 1599868762646.jpeg (60.62 KB, 600x632, FEEB646F-1C06-44DA-9BA3-E80B1B…)

What website do you think you’re on newfag? If she’s not going to do anything to make herself appear male then she shouldn’t be surprised when ppl are gonna she’d her on the street. But according to her trans people can be “transphobic”.

No. 1037122

Hey, newfag who's calling others newfags, she's being sarcastic.

No. 1037187

You just have internalized capitalism. Body consumerism is the worst forms of exploitative capitalism that has historically targeted and harmed women in the form of cosmetic surgeries. And now it is targeting non-binary, trans, and GNC free spirits.

By perpetuating the belief that one needs to affirm an identity through consumerism, you're endorsing the inherent exploitation in the system.

Check yourself you shitlord. I bet you are fascist.
#smashcapitalism #consumerismispatriarchy

No. 1037311

File: 1599889868764.jpg (64.93 KB, 1080x1350, 35415363_276505676229057_67415…)

started as nonbinary they/them, went to he/him and now claims to be totes a cis man. this one is just a boob trick you guys.

No. 1037325

File: 1599891896738.png (245.99 KB, 480x431, Capture _2020-09-12-02-19-56~2…)


Yeah, at this point it's just for attention. Being the generic goth short girl it's not so profitable anymore when her friends are more physically attractive than her for the regular simps.

No. 1037406

File: 1599902996433.png (240.65 KB, 418x674, finally.PNG)

He finally came out after saying he's a cis man for years because he was being cancelled for saying the word "tranny"

Apparently he also said some antisemitic stuff and was being racist on Twitter

source: https://twitter.com/CAVETOWN/status/1302806856071630848

No. 1037408

he is so obvious, i don't know why he even tries to hide it. Heck, there's still audio of them before testosterone.

No. 1037489

Get a job faggot

No. 1037536

she didn’t have to “come out” to apologize for offending people. everyone in the replies is like “i’m so sorry KING that some bigot forced you to come out” when she could have just said she was sorry and that she would “be better” instead of using her transness to deflect valid criticism. but i guess she got the attention she wanted in the end.

No. 1037633

File: 1599942956202.png (607.95 KB, 908x966, Cavetown_Sept_2018.png)

As if anyone with a brain couldn't already tell this was a girl. She's probably on a microdose of T too.

>also from the thumbnail it looks like she's pointing a gun at her head, kek

No. 1037642

In Cavetown's wikipedia page on Personal Life he said:
"I got a boyfriend recently, I'm very excited about it and I like him and I'm going to write a song about him sometime" (btw the "boyfriend" is also a tranny).

Instantly as a girl because he speaks like a straight one.

No. 1037760


the (now ex) "boyfriend" is pretty milky too. i think theres been a couple posts about avery in the past.

No. 1037810

know of this piece of shit, extremely fake eboy who likes manipulating ppl lmao

No. 1037823

File: 1599966442473.png (256.64 KB, 588x710, cavetown.png)

I never cared about Cave Town but the moment I saw pic related it was plain as day she was a fakeboi. It's always straight girls who are into the whole, "I'm gay, but no homo" shtick

No. 1037851


Hugging, kissing, being tactile with your non-romantic friends is a very female thing.

No. 1037902

File: 1599992408161.png (637.48 KB, 1440x1845, Screenshot_20200913-121344~2.p…)

Another smart tweet going around saying people whos dislike certain genetalia are transphobes

No. 1037948

Could've been a real cute butch lesbian, shame about the mental illness.

No. 1037964

From the inset image:
>Many transgender people have penises or vulvas that look exactly like genitals you are attracted to

Hell-to-the-fucking-no they don’t! Franken-corn dogs that have an apparatus that needs to be pumped up through their labia-balls? A scarred, weeping flesh tunnel with shriveled “labia”, if they were lucky enough to have them included at all?

These people never want to deal with the consequences of the choices they deliberately made with their bodies. They chose to be removed from a viable dating pool. No invisible force injected those hormones for them or scheduled those surgeries.

No. 1037990

File: 1600011053271.jpeg (662.94 KB, 817x1327, 2C0DD06E-ECF0-4A9D-BBBD-9F624F…)

At least she didn’t get disowned on the spot. I feel so sorry for her mom because this chick seems like a spoiled brat.

>how dare she blatantly messed up my pronouns?

Still puts no effort into presenting male. Normally, it takes people a while to adjust using new pronouns because you know, her mom raised her for nearly her whole life.

>Trump-loving Republicans respect my pronouns

Didn’t happen. This is just a way to make the mom look bad.

>But I don’t want to cut my family off

That is not a smart idea. Even as an Asian American, she has the privilege to still be able to talk to her family. She pisses me off so much because most AA kids get disowned at the spot if they come out.

Sage for blogpost

No. 1038020

Love how all these troons pretend they look indistinguishable from their desired sex and try to force everyone to play into their fetish fantasy. FtM or MtF, a tranny is a tranny and you can clock pretty much all of them with relative ease. For the rare one that does pass with clothes on and serious angles, there's 200 who don't even come close.

No. 1038036

File: 1600017520460.jpeg (481.85 KB, 828x957, 4EEDA62F-66F9-47B3-8159-7AB651…)

No. 1038037

File: 1600017543490.jpeg (70.72 KB, 370x493, 08DC2C79-1423-41A4-9941-442A17…)

No. 1038038

File: 1600017573972.jpeg (62.56 KB, 370x493, 977EECF2-249E-480E-96B0-2A9A2D…)

No. 1038039

File: 1600017596907.jpeg (48.16 KB, 370x493, 1F3E7886-A66C-4F3C-92EA-E10B07…)

No. 1038040

File: 1600017636598.jpeg (49.95 KB, 370x493, CB840374-2F30-4309-9787-E93A0B…)

she’s also “catgender” and goes by a bunch of retarded pronouns kek zoomers are terrible

No. 1038063

File: 1600020646254.jpeg (37.02 KB, 323x454, E167537B-E9AB-4F29-B677-B76A62…)

She doesn’t even got the top surgery done, she can’t look like an uwu trap, why even bother?

No. 1038091

why are all the women in here so hateful? which tranny hurt you so bad ,that you have to waste your time talking about them ?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1038114

File: 1600027442609.png (844.27 KB, 1080x1137, 78614f0a1be0_d6982406_1280.png)

I'll never understand their obsession with being called "fag"

No. 1038115

File: 1600027476603.png (113.54 KB, 1080x725, b46c0215_9a8e18a7_1280.png)

No. 1038117

I always wonder if I should just start identifying as a man despite being an obvious female and being super obnoxious about it like this and see how far I can take it before the super woke people crack.

It's the same as AGPs calling themselves "dykes" all the time. It just feels like they're intentionally trying to hurt gay/lesbian people and get their kick out of the powertrip.

No. 1038123

What a disgusting thing to say. You know she'd be the first person to shout homophobia and cancel a celeb over nothing as well.

No. 1038124

File: 1600029367408.jpg (121.7 KB, 714x397, IMG_20200913_213611.jpg)

Is she really complaining about cringe trans people? The irony.

No. 1038130

>I always wonder if I should just start identifying as a man despite being an obvious female and being super obnoxious about it like this and see how far I can take it before the super woke people crack.
Go forth anon. It is your calling.

No. 1038135

This has to be some sort of a social experiment or an augmented reality game like that one rich youtuber girl. The production value in her photoshoots is way too high and the captions are way too calculated for it to be just someone taking this seriously.

No. 1038193

She looks really cute in this dress.

No. 1038196

I mean, yeah, but remember, silly anon, she’s a man in drag, not a girl.

No. 1038210

Where are you seeing production value? She just goes to exhibits for the more "out there" locations, photoshops vivid skies into her photos, and hangs around SF. Anyone can do that. The photos are phone camera tier, but she has a good eye, I'll give her that. I wouldn't be surprised if it was really just her staging all these shoots and writing the captions because she really believes in them. I knew someone almost exactly like that (tall, attractive asian woman obsessed with gender politics after experiencing a ton of sexual abuse as a child, took measures to remain attractive and was very into women's fashion but hated getting male attention)

No. 1038228


Here's her website. She's putting way too much effort into this for a troll


No. 1038304

“i’m totally a male guys!! my imaginary balls dropped at the same time that I developed breast tissue!!”

No. 1038310

>I was done putting out so much effort, only to make absolutely no progress whatsoever

Where? When? She has done not a single thing to transition. All her efforts have been focused on trying to force others to change.

>I’m a boy male man man boy!!!

Screeched no man ever.

No. 1038321

Why is the he/they variety of fakeboi so much more obnoxious than the standard he/him?

No. 1038322

>not putting effort into trolling
Anon step up your game.

No. 1038325

You're right. I can't guarantee whether she's trolling or not. But I did make a post on reddit replying to her that it was great we were both trans. I got hundreds of upvotes so apparently you can be like that and still be trans these days. kek

No. 1038327

It calls back to non binary shit, and enbys are way more obnoxious than "regular" trans people imho, it's peak NLOG. What I don't get is non trannies putting she/they on their profiles, what does that mean?

No. 1038329

She/theys are peak "not like other girls, but not enough to commit." They're basically just handmaids who convinced themselves they aren't women because they don't act like a female stereotype 100% of the time, so they're nonbinary

No. 1038331

No, I'm talking about regular women who don't identify as non binary, I've seen a lot of them on Twitter (mostly in art circles) put she/her they/them in their bio. Do they feel some kind of shame for being boring cis women, or is it some kind of "it's okay to use gender neutral pronouns with me uwu" virtue signaling?

No. 1038337

You summed up my friend and her gf, their social circle consist of respecting uwu genders and some fujo ships.
It all start because if they can question it, they think they should do something about it. From "I'm supporting the trans" she/her to "What makes me a girl?" she/they to "I don't know who I am" they/them, add some misogyny and she mutates into a he/they.

Probably as a way to say "trans rights!", kinda funny when they put "any pronouns" why even bothering with that

No. 1038339

The girls I've seen using she/they are always the obnoxious straight girls who are desperate to belong to the Cool Queer Kids block they hang around with so they just bullshit everyone by adding she/they and "pansexual" or "asexual" to their bios to look more "kweer" than they actually are. It's kinda like all the white Anglo Americans who have like 5% cherokee/latin blood and claim to be PoCs.

>is it some kind of "it's okay to use gender neutral pronouns with me uwu" virtue signaling?

Basically yeah. Also the she/they pronouns don't require them to actually commit to being "nonbinary" or "genderfluid" or whatever the fuck but it's a slippery slope to turning full twansmasculine enbie baby uwu in around 9 months, like a gender disaster pregnancy. Just recently witnessed another straight girl I know go down this route.

No. 1038340

Even more insufferable than "any pronouns" is when they have this huge fucking list you have to memorize regarding what they want to be called.
>okay so you need to use they/them and he/him only on wednesdays and whenever I have this emoji next to my Twitter name but NEVER she/her!!!!
>but you still can call me queen, keep in mind "lady" is never appropriate and triggers my dysphoria. btw dude is ok but using "bro" is NOT!!!! it's my cptsd trigger keep that in mind but "bruh" works
Fuck we get it you want to be anything but a woman. It's simply a power trip for them, they love to watch people squirm trying to figure out how to address them without causing them to have a full meltdown and it's a golden ticket to win any argument when you can just explode all over the place instead of remaining sensible.

No. 1038345

>the she/they pronouns don't require them to actually commit to being "nonbinary" or "genderfluid"
As if being nonbinary requires any kind of commitment, the number of hyper feminine girls who go by they/he is staggering. At least they are not ruining their bodies by going on testosterone, so there's still hope for them I guess?

No. 1038346

Most of them still have a conscience cultivated by female socialization i.e. they don't want to force themselves in a space they don't belong into. They'd feel bad claiming to be "nonbinary" when they know they're gender-conforming cis women. But she/they is just an inch off the status quo so they feel at peace putting it on their bio. It's a compromise.

The hyper feminine nonbinary girl is just their next step after marinating in the ideology for a good while to the point they've alienated themselves from all their normal friends and are now surrounded by all these genderspecials influencing them. However I've witnessed so many girls go from putting she/they on their bios while referring to themselves being "cis allies", then at some point start dropping hints they're questioning their identity, then come out as nonbinary, then get a buzzcut and start dressing like an autistic hipster and boom two years later they're 2 months into taking testosterone and making a gofundme for their top surgery. The "It's like a cult" meme has been repeated over and over again but that's basically what it is. When all your friends are neck deep into this shit and constantly lowkey shaming you for being "cis scum" you really don't have much choice other than to leave and risk losing all your social circles.

No. 1038452

Those are the exact names shitty single mom's give their "little kings."

No. 1038462

lmaooooo i thought i was the only one who noticed this

i get so confused when i see a fakeboi obsessed with femininity. but not as confused as they are. i think all fakebois who still sexualize women are just lesbians who can't or won't admit it, and thus they try to take on a masculine identity to feel more comfortable about it

No. 1038577

It's virtue signaling, but tends to just make people doubt your gender when it's a cis person putting their pronouns in

No. 1038671

If my work ever forces me to put pronouns in my contact information (I see in creeping up more and more in email signatures), you better bet I'm gonna put "any pronouns". I'm not gonna waste a second of thought on it but I'd love to see the idiots who push this bs to sweat bullets because the can't decide which pronouns to use to demonstrate their wokeness enough. Maybe it will even make them think, but I'm being too optimistic.

No. 1038956

you’re so brave, thank you for sharing your story

No. 1038997

I've been putting my pronouns down as you/your.

No. 1039073

Some of my colleagues in a big nu-tech firm have put their pronouns in their company profiles but thankfully it's very rare and limited to the most wokest virtue signalers. Normies still think it's a stupid practice so I doubt it'll ever become and universal thing. Imagine contacting a car repair shop and the burly guy fixing your ride introduces himself with "I'm John and my pronouns are he/him" kek

No. 1039309

File: 1600193585544.gif (Spoiler Image, 3.96 MB, 375x500, img_5605_lively.gif)

Don't know if this belongs here since this is for fakebois and I don't know if ftm counts but this person got dick and balls stitched onto them but kept their vagina too. Like that one dude who kept his penis and drilled a pussy. Just thought it was interesting.

No. 1039313

This looks so painful.

No. 1039316

Isn't the dick supposed to attach where the clit is? This seems like it would be way too high on this person's abdomen lol.

No. 1039318

the balls are made of what? I hope it's not from a deceased organ donor

No. 1039319

That pale white, dead, flesh tube "penis". Why are doctors allowed to do this without losing their licenses?

No. 1039324

File: 1600194928197.gif (Spoiler Image, 5.07 MB, 375x500, img_5613_lively.gif)

The 'penis' is so fucking weird in motion too. This is an nsfw gif of her peeing and the bendiness of the dick off the fucking charts. Peeings looks like a chore carrying all that lump of flesh.
Here is an archrive of her blog I saw on kf where you can tell the surgeon stiched the dick a little off centre

No. 1039325

what the fucking fuck NSFL

No. 1039329

Jesus fucking Christ that’s awful
This is just like Sorren’s. Honestly this kinda shit should be banned. It does not seem worth it at all.

No. 1039344

Actually cis woman just put it in there, because they don’t mind the pronounce she/ they but hate to be misgendered as “he”. Someone explained that to me in a more normal way which I can relate to. It’s just easier for us to tweet about a person etc. I honestly don’t care to get called he/she/they, which is why I say “any pronounce is fine, use whatever I don’t care”. A troon for example likes to rage every second they get misgendered in their lifetime as “he”

No. 1039350

This is not an uncommon procedure especially for people who want to keep the ability to orgasm/have feeling in their genitals. With the procedure where the fake peen is built onto/connected to the clit there's a very high chance sex is not going to be satisfying since the nerves of the clit are only on the base and not in the penis sleeve itself. Iirc there's also another method that doesn't require butchering your arm or thigh but that essentially just creates a micropeen since there is usually no additional tissue added.

No. 1039352

The only way to turn a clit into a penis is in the mother's womb during fetal development.

This is worse than what the nazis did to people and these idiots do it to themselves.

No. 1039364

Oh my god how horrifying. What the actual fuck. No. How does any surgeon do shit like this to a healthy body? Fucking unreal.

No. 1039384

Wait wasn't her all thing about being asexual ?

No. 1039397

What the hell are you even talking about? Putting pronouns in your bio is just pandering to troons and virtue signaling anyway, nobody had their pronouns written anywhere before 2014.

No. 1039451

I've had to give out my pronouns before and I just say any

No. 1039465

I glanced at my bfs laptop while he was working, and his email signature has he/him at the bottom. I was shocked like sir you have a masculine name and presence who is this for?

i know it’s to show solidarity/inclusivity for his students but damn

No. 1039466

thank fucking god I dont live in the US and we don't have to deal with that shit here

No. 1039471

This. My native language has no gendered pronouns so I would go nuts trying to remember every ma'ams she/her and Obvious Girl's they/them/xir/xer. And no having to unwillingly humor tranny madness either.

No. 1039474

Not yet, I don't live in the US either but I feel like woke shit is slowly creeping on us. Pronoun stupidity is still confined to twitter, but my language is heavily gendered, and some newspeak inclusive language is making its way into the mainstream, I hate it.

No. 1039475

what do the troons in your country get outraged about then? this is non-binary erasure and as a true ally you should fight for the introduction of gendered pronouns

No. 1039479

Gendered words like using the words "girl" and "boy" and your basic menstruator discourse and so forth. There are plenty of possibilities to gender someone (Like when describing them) and suffer through their forced outrage but at least no pronoun crap. But kek I'm actually surprised they're not mad that the one universal gender neutral pronoun is erasing muh gender identities.

No. 1039558


Jesus those balls are so tight they look like they belong on a French Bulldog.


all the girls want balls and a catheter. totes a real boy now.


I'm actually a cis woman and I've been misgendered as "sir" multiple times because i have very short hair. It doesn't bother me because it's an honest mistake not a dig.

No. 1039688

I think the outer lips cause they're gone in this pic. I am mortified.

No. 1039728

File: 1600248496273.png (286.62 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200915-095835.png)

Shitkweers are so shit at threats, this is "step on a lego" level. They never leave their house anyway, nobody would take them seriously.

No. 1039731

This, but also I've noticed that many of my enby and fakeboy acquaintances have started using english in all of their social media, even facebook where they don't have any english friends on, just so they could paste their special info on their profile and screech about it. We have only gender neutral pronouns in our language and no-one calls anyone madam or sir here so I guess they have to make up something to be mad about? I hate how USA-centric everything is, like we have our own problems here, but no, everyone wants to be mad for the burgerfags and their problems smh

>This is worse than what the nazis did to people and these idiots do it to themselves.

It's so tragicomic, don't know whether to kek or cry

>But kek I'm actually surprised they're not mad that the one universal gender neutral pronoun is erasing muh gender identities.

I've actually witnessed this once, but thank god she got criticized by the other enbies and trannies for it and found something else to cry about. It was a couple of years ago tho, so maybe it would be taken differently now. I wish I had gotten screenshots, it was surreal

No. 1039741

Same and even after living in an English speaking country for years I still sometimes mess up pronouns when I'm tired/drunk or speaking fast because my brain automatically wants to use just the same pronouns (she/her for some reason) for everyone 'cause that's what my first language uses.

I haven't had anyone yell at me for misgendering them yet but I guess it's bound to happen soon

No. 1039770

File: 1600256022989.gif (2.45 MB, 480x354, nope.gif)

The absolute state of the world

No. 1039834

> and some newspeak inclusive language is making its way into the mainstream, I hate it.
Me too, anon, it sucks and the ~*inclusive*~ way of writing makes stuff look retarded, at least there’s neutral speech in other languages so it a bit less annoying to read if you ignore the context.
But fuck, something inside me dies whenever I get to read a word like “latinxs” or “hermanx” it’s so fucking lazy.

No. 1039872

File: 1600271753419.jpg (48.91 KB, 596x420, 456.JPG)

I was checking some mutuals from my old friend's social circle (mostly troons) and they are evolving, I don't know if going from trans boi to demi-boy sounds like an in-coming detransition or a further denial. I noticed most of them started to promote their paypal.me in bio and share e-begging posts for transitions. One of them even RT tweet about "Not dating a trans is transphobic" that was posted in the MtF thread, surprised to be dissapointed.

No. 1039935

Absolutely OT, but wtf is hermanx supposed to mean?

No. 1039940

a substitute for hermano or hermana, meaning sister or brother (if i remember correctly).

No. 1040011

File: 1600289241232.jpeg (875 KB, 1242x1321, DBBDB6AA-828A-4938-9D2D-ABED1D…)

this cannot be serious jfc

No. 1040151

She made a neutral statement that only slightly criticized the tra movement and they all got so pissed. Godspeed JKR!

>tmw you made conservative religious fanatics lose their shit internationally and now a decade later you make left wing gendercultists lose zeir shit too

No. 1040202

File: 1600311879248.jpg (628.98 KB, 1080x1994, IMG_20200916_230402.jpg)

Fake and basic is off her rocker. Ah, yes, those mundane cissies so satisfied with their womanhood

No. 1040208

what the fuck, but isnt that racist in a way to change someone's else's languages because 'muh gender'? i want off this ride

No. 1040215

anyone else find it weird that majority of these are traditionally Jewish male names

No. 1040275

No. 1040277

I don't want to enable any /pol/ tier (((they))) tinfoiling but I guess it's because so many entertainers (singers, actors) are young Jewish men so that's where they get their skinwalking names from.

No. 1040322

People on the internet saying "I am a boy" just means "I'm a dumpy, somewhat unattractive girl", I swear.
I don't get how they don't notice actual males pretty much never casually call themselves "boys", either. Only fujoshi and LARPing tomboys.

No. 1040323

Those are "cute" names you can easily imagine on an effeminate anime character/emo boy, that's why. Especially
>Damien, Ash, Eli, Kai, Aiden

No. 1040409

File: 1600359421228.png (262.68 KB, 828x542, rgggbferg.PNG)

I used to know this girl back in college and she recently came out as a trans man on her social medias. I'm so disappointed, she was alway very butch and out as a lesbian, her parents even supported her, and now she has fallen for the trans meme. She says that she's always felt this way, but I'm calling bullshit on this, being active in the libfem lgbt community probably influenced her. I'm really wondering how her girlfriend (very femme but very loud about being a lesbian) feels, she's somewhat encouraging her on social medias, is she happy that she is going to become more masculine? Is she going to become one of those fabled "bi lesbians"?
Pic related is her latest tattoo, she's even going for the fakeboi uwu shit, this woman is at least 28 ffs.

No. 1040411

She’s not even giving people an option to give a real opinion.
>do you transition anyway and risk losing your partner?
>or do you stay in your relationship and give up a crucial part of your self-expression?
Bitch, just admit you want to keep that guy locked in a basement and that you will stab any woman who passes by your house.

No. 1040486

why don't they ever pick something like Harold or Steven or Peter. names that instantly make you think "man" (rhetorical question of course)

No. 1040514

I've seen a lot of fakeboys who call themselves "Al", but the full name always turns out to be something like Alphonse or Alistaire or something equally egregious.

No. 1040519

I actually read her essay, apparently she broke up with him, then got back together with him only they're not engaged now but in a FWB relationship. She's getting her tits chopped off in a few months. Honestly the worst case of NLOGism I've seen here and possibly some slight autism.

No. 1040521

>soft boy
Why do they always have to be “soft”
This is practically a meme at this point

No. 1040596

File: 1600379244285.png (30.49 KB, 599x352, transphobic doge.png)

something they should all be reminded of.

No. 1040848

Can't count the times I've come across someone from my past that trooned out. Recently found this one extremely feminine but kind of awkward girl's instagram and she had gone the full trans route with surgeries and testosterone. Totally out of left field. She never gave any masculine vibes, at least not 5 years ago when I last saw her.

No. 1040888

AYRT and this is the first time someone I used to know trooned out, man or woman, this is probably why I'm so angry. She was always very masculine (she was already binding her breast back in 2015), so I can unfortunately see where it's coming from, perpetuating the now common stereotype that butch lesbians are not real, only trans men in denial.

No. 1040999

an anon pointed in the last thread that these Hebrew names have the right amount of uniqueness to seem different but familiar. and also allows them the appearance of opting into oppression and adopting the ‘nice soft Jewish boy’ stereotype
you know the meek, scrawny glasses wearing sorta of unmasculine young man

No. 1041021


>Why do they always have to be “soft”

because 'fat' doesn't have the same ring to it

No. 1041025

this is dark. i love you anon

No. 1041098

because of internalized misogyny. the only way they can be comfortable with being perceived as feminine is by larping as an uwu softboi

No. 1041118

A lot of women find that type of man attractive, especially ones who are more introverted and nervous.

They are becoming the boyfriend.

No. 1041248

ugh, someone I knew from highschool turned into the exact same. started T, changed her name, used to be a full on femme lesbian but now only dates other trans men and masculine enbies yet tags herself as “#gay af” while posting pics of her dream wedding dress on her insta stories. i checked her socials recently and saw she changed her pronouns from he/him to they/them. not subtle at all.

No. 1041272

>tfw too nervous to get a bf so you become the bf

You're onto something there anon.

No. 1041291

Are fake boys so insecure that they become a boy or is it weird perversions about being a man? Do you think yaoi has something to do with it?

No. 1041293

Does testosterone really fuck you up bad? I just saw a girl I used to know who's like 27, been on T for several years and legitimately looks like a 45 year old man. It's shocking. Is this just shit genetics or fucking with synthetic hormones?

In addition she was a male-repulsed lesbian for years, then trooned out and now he's a "gay man" i.e. attracted to men. What the fuck does this culture do to you

No. 1041295

Are fake boys so insecure that they become a boy or is it weird perversions about being a man? Do you think yaoi has something to do with it?>>1041293
I think its synthetic hormones and yaoi.

No. 1041300

Japanese fujos don't troon out en masse and fujos pre-2015 were just lesbians. The big wave of them transitioning started happening once transgenderism became a forced trend and liking BL/yaoi was declared "problematic" if you're a woman because you're "fetishizing gay men". Because nobody wants to be an icky oppressor they decided they'll just become the gay men and that's that. If nobody intervened with girls figuring out their sexuality like this it wouldn't happen so much, a lot of "gay" FTMs are just lesbians with extra steps as they tend to date only other fakebois.

No. 1041301

Are fake boys so insecure that they become a boy or is it weird perversions about being a man? Do you think yaoi has something to do with it?>>1041293
I think its synthetic hormones and yaoi.>>1041300
That is a really good point,I personally don't find yaoi problematic, but that breed of fujoshi does since they want to also fit in with mainstream societal trends.

No. 1041305

it’s internalised misogyny and self-hatred mixing to combine into someone who legally changes their name to castiel 99% of the time

are you okay? can you learn how to reply to things before you start trying to post? this is a mess

No. 1041318

I'd say mostly genetics but lifestyle surely plays a big part in it as well, from what I've seen plenty of trans guys are going for the ~gay bear~ look these days which is basically just looking as chubby, hairy and ungroomed as possible (because letting yourself go and drink beer everyday (because that's such a manly thing to do) is obviously a lot easier than going to the gym and eat healthy foods)
As for the question why such a lot of them suddenly turn "gay", I honestly have no answer. With fakebois it's obviously just an obsession with yaoi in most cases but with people who seem to be genuinely commited to being trans men (inb4 "all trans men are fakebois!!1!", I didn't ask, not the point of this post) who went from being lesbian (or mostly female-attracted) to being "gay" I really can't think of an explanation. Maybe it's related to hormones? idk

No. 1041329

She's not even particularly soft (whatever that means), her main hobbies are skateboarding, fitness and she wants to become a tattoo artist, it really is a meme.

No. 1041334

Agreed. Depends on your genetics and lifestyle. But it can absolutely fuck you up and is a lot more common than people think. Anytime you mess with your hormone levels you're essentially rolling the dice and it's a gamble on what the end result will actually be. But I'd say more often than not it turns out badly, hormones are a rough time.

No. 1041345

File: 1600474033378.png (635.33 KB, 499x652, tiktok.PNG)

>In addition she was a male-repulsed lesbian for years, then trooned out and now he's a "gay man" i.e. attracted to men.

I've been lurking a few places where de-trans people talk about their experiences and that seems to be a sorta common a thing. Not sure why, but it is for sure related to the hormones/T.

I don't think yaoi is solely responsible, but I do think it's an amalgamation of insecurity, confusion, and coomer brain. Cosplay seems to draw these people in too. Saw this in the reccs of that girl crying about "stop fetishizing mlms" up thread. LIKE it's obvious this is not a real man but maybe that's the appeal to them? And I'm sure these kind of people get off on the attention. Just feels like one big role play.

No. 1041362

i’ve seen too many women troon out bc they were tired of being the “ugly girl” or they wanted to escape misogyny or they were so insecure with their looks as a woman that they turn to testosterone instead of therapy. it’s much easier to be an ugly man than to be an ugly woman.

No. 1041364

why do so many of them start out as hyper feminine, man hating lesbians but then choose to transition and boot licking soft boys?

No. 1041386

video from a female detransitioner with one explanation

No. 1041548

File: 1600504425093.jpeg (170.23 KB, 828x1396, B48D23B3-87F7-4618-9CE8-CF965F…)

fuckin degenerate

No. 1041579

i saw someone on twitter refer to themselves as a bonus hole boy the other day is this the new thing because i absolutely DESPISE it it is vile

No. 1041592

>bonus hole
Yeah, I'm sure gay guys LOVE fucking testosterone induced shriveled and dried out pussy, this is like peak homosexuality.

No. 1041614

Gross shirt aside, I've noticed there are some fakebois that could pass if you squint but insist on painting their nails and can be clocked by that alone. Not saying men can't paint their nails but it draws so much attention to their blatantly feminine hands.

No. 1041618

I hate that I know this but. There was an ftm porn site a few years ago called bonus hole boys, run by an ftm and starring them. Lots of the content was 'look I'm totally a twink faggot and real gay men fuck me'

But every cismale featured on the site was bi. The one 'gay porn star' that perplexed me at the time…actually went on to change his porn name and do the crossover from gay porn star to doing all straight porn. Dunno if the site is still up, can't imagine there's huge demand for it.

No. 1041628

Oh no, the hand looks like it got photoshopped into the picture. Kek, it looks so out of place, like a really ugly gremlin type of guy took a selfie and then photoshopped a woman’s arm there.

No. 1041638

kind of a long vid, but explains it perfectly. the lgbtqa+++ community has gotten incredibly toxic and overrun by men and fakebois.

she talks about going to a festival where only women born as women are allowed and i 100% support that. trannies always cry terf to that because they have to be involved in everything and enjoy making actual women uncomfortable

No. 1041691

This was insightful and sad. I cried. And she’s right, people hate women so much, that girls/women are turning theirselves into gay men because that’s more accepted. I mean think of shows like queer eye or drag race? Is there a lesbian butch equivalent for that?! Where it’s normalized and funny like gay men are? Sorry if I’m sperging, but it really is so sad… the trans community is so fucking fucked up and hypocritical. It’s either mtf(men) trying to align themselves with cis/bio-woman experiences and completely invade their spaces, or girls hating their femininity so much that they convince themselves they are GAY MEN?! Like what?!!!
I’m so happy she made this video though because it could really help a lot of girls and women. I have a client who is ftm and is dating another ftm (top surgery, hormones, and all) and I’ve always thought that was weird because wouldn’t they just be lesbians? And now after watching this I feel so sad for these obviously misguided girls.

No. 1041693

I agree. Like female only doesn’t mean straight female only. I don’t get why lesbians are essentially being forgotten or wiped out right now? Imagine being a ftm at a festival full of butch women… I somehow feel like that would not go well. It’d be like some Jehovah’s Witness shit but like “hey did you know you’re probably a trans gay man? My friend told me…” and they’d be like “no, I like pussy dipshit”

No. 1041730

people like this will sperg endlessly about how there’s no “gender binary” and how they can wear and present any way they want and they can still call themselves “men” but god forbid any woman ever challenges the idea that you have to be strictly hyper feminine to be considered a woman. masculine woman? nah you mean not yet realized trans man.

No. 1041943

File: 1600575566374.jpg (118.1 KB, 540x541, 20200920_001956.jpg)

Oh no

No. 1041944

File: 1600575753369.jpg (121.53 KB, 540x514, 20200920_002307.jpg)

Of course she's just a white girl with hairy armpits

No. 1042020

Of course. Xenogenders/neopronouns are just a new level of retardation now that being a fakeboi isn't special enough anymore

No. 1042130

Holy shit this video.
>"When I learned about what a lesbian was the only "lesbians" I knew were like non-binary women who called themselves pansexual but only dated.. females. Like at the time I couldn't identify that but now I can."
>"MTFs like males who call themselves lesbians, those were really the only people I knew who were lesbians for my teenage years."
>"Like the first "lesbian" I ever met was a trans woman who came to give us sex ed at one of the youth groups I used to hang out at."
My god that's sad. I didn't even know it had gotten this bad now. It's no wonder so many of them are just "gay men" i.e. nonbinary transmasculine AFABs dating other women.

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