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File: 1578980825578.jpg (65.24 KB, 1128x635, el-viento-se-levanta-imagen-de…)

No. 1821[Reply]

With the admin's verdict on /2X/ (and pink pill related topics as a whole) announced, where should farmers who want to discuss female politics head to?
The current options seem to be:
>New imageboard
>Migration to other, existing imageboards
>Migration to Reddit
As far as the first option goes, we may be able to create a space on https://8kun.top/ or https://endchan.net/ using their board creation functions. The only downside is that both places are also home to all sorts of unsavory males (virulent racists, pedophiles, pornography junkies, manosphere users, etc).
We could also create our own standalone board/site, though we'd need someone with the proper skills for that. Post any thoughts/suggestions on /2X/ migration here.
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No. 3717

Okay, where are the links then?

No. 3718

if the invite's expired, feel free to ask for a new one in the chat!

No. 3721

No, it's mostly one butthurt anti-gc/pp anon falseflagging like a lunatic.

File: 1576671614730.jpg (19.89 KB, 768x512, Knna2Lf.jpg)

No. 1[Reply]

This is a test-board to assess if a female space for politics will be sufficient in giving everybody what they want while removing some tension in /ot/.

This is not currently permanent but, it can be.
If this board works out then I will make it a permanent board next year. For now you all have the choice of posting in the /ot/ thread or making new threads here. It's your choice.

No. 2

/ot/ rules apply for now. If you have rule requests or any complaints then you can post about it here >>>/meta/11760
Don’t make threads targeting specific nationalities, ethnicities, or races. You can discuss policy and government all you like but don't racebait. It is a global rule violation, this isn't /pol/.

File: 1637532646336.jpg (27.62 KB, 474x362, mds.jpg)

No. 3744[Reply]

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No. 7166

File: 1672442221231.jpg (96.58 KB, 960x906, RDT_20220420_02143487370948735…)

>no one listens to male rape victims
>little boys are taught that their teachers are prizes and they're lucky if one molests them
>MILF porn programs men to think women are doing the assaulting and also that it's hot
>Meanwhile bro code is shielding male on male rapists from accountability while society pretends they don't even exist
>this must be womens' fault

I'm so exhausted nonnas.

No. 7174

Okay, I get I'm autistic but I hope I didn't word it THAT badly.
I'm not sympathizing with scrotes at all. They dug their own hole and are greatly exaggerating the like 1% of perpetrators so they don't have to admit that it's actually their own male family members doing it. They just use media tropes and porn to form their opinions about the world, and grown men are absolutely doing it too.

No. 7185

oh thank God sorry haha

No. 7224

Right? Don't get me wrong, I think anyone who wants to fuck children is a nutcase who needs to rot in jail, including female offenders, but I don't get why we are pretending male children are traumatized by sleeping with their "hot older teacher" as seen on the news every few years. Admitting it doesn't make them feel the same as girls molested by older males doesn't mean condoning it. There is a distinct difference and it comes not only from other males but from the boys too. Degenerate

No. 9858

You fucking retard you date 5 year older guy and can't even tell him you don't wanna be with him. You're 18, not 2.

File: 1672922932953.jpg (118.25 KB, 1280x720, coomer.jpg)

No. 7420[Reply]

A thread for discussing the cancer in society that is pornography.

>pornography is the orchestrated destruction of women’s bodies and souls; rape, battery, incest, and prostitution animate it; dehumanization and sadism characterize it; it is war on women, serial assaults on dignity, identity, and human worth; it is tyranny

-Andrea Dworkin
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No. 9626

Drawn porn is far worse in that respect. No restriction on depravity at all. It has all the extreme violent fetishistic shit. Also the references for drawn are real and it exists in the same space. People saying it's fine are coping or stupidly believe the only problem with porn is abuse/exploitation. I feel like those people are actually trying to defend porn. Or trying to disassociate different types of porn.

No. 9727

[Citation needed]

No. 9765

Feel free to provide a counter example of you can kek

No. 9854

There’s nothing wrong with being horny occasionally but I hate how people who are massive degenerates will shit on someone by saying that they’re a prude just for finding their paraphiliac habits gross. These people will always play their behavior off as something ironic or funny when it’s obvious they’re sick and twisted, same people that’ll complain about never getting laid mind you.

No. 9857

Kek kek I'm keking my keks off to that one keketta kek

File: 1670500644269.jpg (16.74 KB, 320x315, terf-axolotl.jpg)

No. 6924[Reply]

Thread for when you're at your peak and need to vent, scream or sperg about troons, TRAs, or related topics but don't want to shit up or derail other threads.

In a world where women are shunned for standing up for themselves, banned from using the word "woman", have their prizes and scholarships given to men, get told to shut up and take the girldick, that thier same-sex attraction is transphobic, that thier kids should have their body parts cut off - it's hard to not go insane.

The fear of getting cancelled, fired or shunned by TRAs and friends around you is weighing heavily on a lot of us, lc is one of few refuges where we are allowed to be honest. So go on, scream into the void about troons all you want.
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No. 9827

File: 1675787583957.jpg (31.16 KB, 726x702, FkJa16-WYAA9ilm.jpg)

I'm a digital design major in a big costal city right now and my program is full of TiMs. A lot of trans nonsense works its way into the curriculum as well, I have to read dribble written by some perverted man about how hard it is being a woman in games. Being honest about my beliefs would be social/career suicide. I make a lot of work that would be considered "terfy" because it focuses on womanhood and our biology. No one's called me out and I don't think they would based on my art alone but they say dumb shit like "oh this really captures the experience of femmes" during critique.

One of my closest friendships is with a gay man, we never discuss politics but he just assumes I agree with him on everything which is getting annoying. He goes on and on about how terfs aren't REAL feminists while simultaneously calling me gross for not shaving my legs and asking what my boyfriend thinks about it. I kind of want to distance myself from him. He thinks just because he's gay he understands what it's like being a woman and ends up mansplaining feminism to me. I need to find some radfem friends.

No. 9829

>He goes on and on about how terfs aren't REAL feminists while simultaneously calling me gross for not shaving my legs
I get that being surrounded by mouthbreather compsci moids is hell and not having friends is hard, but troon classmates or not, you're never gonna grow a spine in any environment if you're actively close friends with a gay scrote who thinks he has a say on feminism or calls you gross for having hair. Cut him off immediately. Passively letting men be misogynistic in our faces and refusing to stand up against even the most blatant sexism is what got us to where we are in the first place.

No. 9831

File: 1675794505287.gif (1.96 MB, 640x474, 7BAA7257-AC7E-4BF2-B198-5030AE…)

I hate dylan mulvafaggy I hate him I hate him so much why is he being shoved down our throats by every media outlet who the fuck is this tranny and what does he have on everyone that they post about his ugly troony faggy man face all the time he gets all the opportunities in a month that women work YEARS for, just because everyone wants to pat themselves on the back for being an ally fuck this fucking bullshit

No. 9832

The one thing Dylan Misogyny is good for is he is perfect for proving that men get everything and anything they want without effort at the expense of women, no matter how much of a parody he looks like and how much women say it's offensive (even some other trans people say he's offensive, they're right but lol get a mirror) companies give 0 shit about the women and just give him female only products for free, lets him have free facial surgery, which he then gets a highly produced film team for to show off his plastic surgery (worse than even the kardashians), he screams at bugs and acts like girls are weak and pathetic, he gets to meet the fucking president of the US because of it - all within less than a fucking year of "coming out" as trans.
No woman would get these opportunities. He only got them because he's a man.

He's going to be a highly used example of male privilege of the trans craze era in the future, that will be his only legacy.

No. 9855

File: 1675883573394.jpg (132.63 KB, 1180x1180, 1605120895835.jpg)

A friend of mine decided he's no longer a man but instead a trans woman, this is so frustrating but at the same time I knew it would end up like this.
He was always awkward with women, sadly he was taken advantage as a minor by a horrible sexual abuser, never told his parents or a therapist so never got proper help for that. He never really made any friends when he started uni, also wasn't very successful at it so he's not working on what he studied (at least he has a job thankfully unlike most TIMs), and always told me how much he would prefer to be a woman because of sexual reasons and because life would be "easier". When he said that to me a few years ago I didn't think much of it cuz I was more naïve but now thinking about it it annoys me very much, ignoring what women go through just because he thinks girls get everything for free just for having tits, disgusting. He then started crossdressing a bit before Covid started, I thought it would be a one time thing but then he started doing it more, getting cheap clothing that no woman would wear. Then he started wearing it in public, using cheap wigs as well with skimpy clothing that from afar would make him look like a prostitute. This was all during Covid, I didn't have the heart to tell him his fashion sense was awful.
It definitely all got worse with Covid, isolation, being unable to talk to women in general made him have the idea of what a woman is with anime and video games. He got very aggressive one time I told him to buy male clothes for a change for how awful the clothes he was buying were, and he also got very aggressive one time when another friend of mine called him a femboy. Then last year he started going by he/they, later genderfluid, and now a tranny. He was always the super lefty type complaining about TERFs and being a TRA, it was inevitable.
He just came out to his parents and he's already ordering needles for fucking estrogen, no time to waste I suppose.
We drifted apart during Covid, he's not as close as before and I can just say "hope this is good for u!" cuz I don't wanna cause another scene of him being aggressive to me because I think something different. He's an adult now so he can do whatever he wants, but I know he's just a male in cheap women clothes, he's just an autogynephiliac. I feel partly at fault because I never told him to snap out of it and what I really thought and I'm still not doing so, I just don't know how without losing the other friends I carPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1648973794950.png (166.66 KB, 540x332, maleapprovalpoints.png)

No. 4526[Reply]

A place to discuss and vent about pickme or fake self-serving feminist behaviour you have witnessed or experienced, online or IRL, to post cringe screenshots or memes, theories and tinfoils etc.

This is separate from the tradthot general as it’s not just for discussing particular women with particular belief systems, as there are many kinds of pickme out there. However, trad-thottery can still be discussed as it is classified as pickme behaviour.

Pick Me General #1 >>>/2X/627
Handmaiden Thread >>>/ot/398608
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No. 9810

I was specifically talking about Marxism, I don't agree with everything Marx said but he could understand reality better the morons who claimed his name for their own brand or retardation

whether you like it or not the type of person to lead an actual successful revolution is a soldier first Saddam and Stalin for e.g were not Leftist activists, they were street thugs for their political parties
the Shining path(a Peruvian marxist group started by university students) ended up being completely taken over by mountain farmers who used the group as a drug trafficking operation
Khrushchev was a factory worker for his entire youth and didn't possess literacy till he was an adult
Ceaușescu(dictator of Romania) had no formal education and was an apprentice shoemaker
Enver Hoxha had nothing more then a peasants education

these men got their positions cause they were good at war and ruthless and they could got the peasants on their side with populist rhetoric, that's the furthest thing you can get from modern commies and intellectuals

No. 9834

And something they all have in common is that their leadership devolved towards totalitarianism, because it was ideologically empty and valued power as an ends instead of a means. That kind of power is not interested in serving any other principles and instead just continues to subjugate and exploit the working class. They led successful coups, not successful revolutions. Being uneducated is no more a virtue than being educated; letting education be the domain of the bourgeois at all is the problem, not to mention the idea that universities have a monopoly on education and discourse.

I still don't get how this turns women into handmaidens.

No. 9842

Why do you sound like pakianon

No. 9844

>Just saw a female surgeon try to propose a law to have disabled women be used as surrogates.
That doesn't mean she hates women, it just means she hates disabled people (which is also a problem but it's offtopic). Do you have other examples?

No. 9853

Honestly, this particular example sounds like she's just a sociopath, not a pickme.

File: 1646761113549.jpg (103.49 KB, 1200x900, 1_CD6061239ROBERT-MAUDSLEYfram…)

No. 4319[Reply]

the holy mother goddesses has erased all human males from the face of the planet however tasks you the choice to spare any male or group of males(you have to choose at least one)

My choice is Robert Maudsley
he had a childhood where he was constantly was physically and sexually abused and worked as a teen callboy, he murdered a client who had a collection of child smut porn almost immediately after he showed him, he was sentenced to life imprisonment and so murdered 3 more human cockroaches in there(2 Pedophile rapists and a wife beater who beat his wife to death)
imo he's a better man then 99% of scrotes on this planet
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No. 9769

Maybe I would let my male friends live but if I did they'd have to play some sort of gladiators game for my entertainment. They'd have to earn it and they'd really need to fear for their lives so they don't end up even more entitled because they have been the chosen ones. They should be grateful.

No. 9845

Lol no, somebody post that quote he said about women secretly enjoying rape or rough sex or whatever that was

No. 9848

>let them live.
thats sweet because your male friends would never do that for you.

No. 9849

I don't hate men as hard as most anons do but I honestly wouldn't spare any man.

No. 9856

Lol yeah but I’m a hardcore man hater. I’d be out there blowing out y’all’s brothers and fathers brains. You spared him, not me

File: 1652095529688.png (223.14 KB, 500x470, 1646418551096.png)

No. 5125[Reply]

Vent about scrotes here! Share your experiences with annoying, terrible, worthless men you've encountered. Post screenshots of men being awful. Talk about how you avoid shitty men and why.

-Please do not respond to scrotebait. Taking bait will result in a 3-day ban from /ot/, no appeals.
-No femcel sperging. An example of femcel sperging is 'kill your father to even things out'. Posts in the vein of 'Aileen Wuornos did nothing wrong' 'rapists deserve to die' are allowed.
-No racebaiting as it derails the thread.

Previous threads:
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No. 9805

Still don't know who you're trying to respond to.

No. 9807

Can we discuss about men laziness?
It baffles me how can they do nothing if not ordered around.
How can these creatures have absolute no sense of self organization? They are like ants who lost track of their nest.

That must be why they literally idolize to death any moid who may be somewhat productive.
That's also why they dislike women entering "male dominated" fields, since any woman can easily replace about 5 moids.
Idk, just give them back to the mines or something.

No. 9808

It was SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN that it takes men less time to shit and piss but they consistently spend hours in the bathroom purely because they're lazy pieces of shit. Next time your man is occupying the bathroom for too long, just shit on his bed instead.

No. 9836

I used to think it was about upbringing (which in turn I blamed on mothers and not fathers, stupidly) but then I had to raise one, worked on teaching all the housework and DIY skills I had acquired on my own growing up, and it was a fucking nightmare he resisted the whole way (he's an adult now and just as grubby and lazy as the rest of them). I realised I had just assumed men had been coddled growing up when actually it's possible for them to be like that even without coddling. So now I don't know what their fucking problem is. Genetic? Cultural? Probably both.

People say it's because these men were never taught; my housewife mother did all the chores for us and never taught me any of them but when I moved out at 18 I taught myself how to do laundry, wash dishes, clean a toilet, mop a floor, change a tyre, maintain a car, and unblock drains. I have female friends who have the same story but every male flatmate was fucking useless every time. They could teach themselves but they don't. I've read that "testosterone makes effort feel good" but I have never ever seen the evidence of that.

No. 9847

daily reminder that the happiest demographic in society is women who never married or had children

File: 1646779844008.jpg (223.2 KB, 1203x799, peak.JPG)

No. 4326[Reply]

How did you peak? Are you currently peaking? Are you trying to peak someone else? Have you noticed others peaking over certain events?
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No. 9313

I was all in support of troons the first few years, but then it started to feel weird how they suddenly started to pop up like mushroom everywhere. Even people I knew that previously had no issue with their genders suddenly trooned out or called themselves the opposite sex despite still presenting as man/woman, cosplayers that mostly dressed up as male characters suddenly "relating a bit too much" to the character larp, etc. I'm sure all of you already get it.
Then the fucking whining and moving the goalpost slowly becoming more obvious to me. You couldn't criticize troons nor bring up detransitioners without someone crying violence, bullying, or make up their own logic as to why someone would detransition.
Then both I, my straight friends and my lesbian friends, started being called transphobic for not dating troons and I had it.

No. 9654

Starting to question if it's worth trying to peak people or not. They kind of have to be ready to peak on their own or they won't listen, typical cult behaviour after all. But then again, if you don't plant the seed and let them know they're allowed to question trans ideology will they ever get there? And there are many normies who are just going along with it without thinking at all, maybe those are the only ones worth trying to peak.

No. 9697

i peaked a couple of people, some more than others. You gotta do it softly. I tell them various tranny stories like the testosteronejew story or that i saw that "dick" covered in hair, tampon thief… You tell them like 2 stories a month so it's not forced and it worked well. Must be more difficult to peak burgers though.

No. 9846

i think what fully peaked me is that gender dysphoria disorder was removed from the DSM-5. even though, there's a statement within the criteria of each mental disorder that states that a disorder is fully recognized as long as there's a great amount of distress that affects every aspect of a person's life; physically, mentally, occupation, relationships, and etc.

it's ironic for trans people to say you don't need gender dysphoria to be trans or that therapy or psychological evaluation is a long, unnecessary process. even though they need hormones, surgery, change their names, address them in a different pronoun. they also can't stand looking at themselves because their ideal and real self clashes from the disparity and for them to be addressed by their deadname causes dysphoria. they also change their relationship with friends and family and even their workplace either for the better or worse.

what they're dealing with differs from people who are bisexual and gay and yet they want to be lumped to a group of people for oppressions points and forced unity, now they're trying to force themselves into women's space even tho women only managed to receive their rights only a few years ago.

it's not fair they get people to kneel in front of them and yet women and LGB and other minorities of society have to fight for years, losing lives and face actual oppression.

No. 9851


Cosplay is the worst scene for this. We need a secret peaked cosplayer club.

File: 1675675527697.jpg (77.25 KB, 1024x762, IMG_20230206_042413_504.jpg)

No. 9754[Reply]

Any nonas in the US depressed at the way things are going and how many people support a party that wants to force 12 year olds to give birth?
14 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 9830

My 12 year old daughter should be legally forced to use her body's resources so an old, bald pedophile scrote can get their rocks off? Fuck off.

No. 9833

I know this is bait but I suspect you're wanting people to illustrate the point. By crimes, you're meaning rape? Why punish a woman or girl for the crimes of a man but then fret about an embryo which is not even a person yet? And why don't we ever force people to donate a kidney, lung, or liver portion to people who will die without them? Why not go through the pain and risk of that to keep an actual person alive if we're going to force women to do it for non-persons?

No. 9835

It's not a person. Remember, the fetus doesn't have a neural network that has any kind of consciousness until the 3rd trimester. It can't survive unless it's a parasite attached to a host with no ability to assign a sense of self. Only religious retards believe that conception,differentiating cells and less ability to function than a vegetable in critical care has a soul and deserves to "live."

No. 9838

Interestingly enough, it wasn't always the way it is now. Before the 80s, the idea of life beginning at conception was seen as some weird Catholic belief. It was adopted later by fundies who never pass up a chance to punish women for having sex.

>In 1970, a poll conducted by the Baptist Sunday School Board found that 70 percent of Southern Baptist pastors supported abortion to protect the mental or physical health of the mother, 64 percent supported abortion in cases of fetal deformity and 71 percent in cases of rape.


No. 9839

File: 1675813519819.jpg (27.05 KB, 600x600, 2718.jpg)

Also,a lot of them don't even really believe it's a person deep down. They just play stupid to push their sick agenda.
when you post what an abortion before 10 weeks actually looks like, right wingers just say it's "clearly not a baby" and "liberal propaganda"

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