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No. 1821[Reply]

With the admin's verdict on /2X/ (and pink pill related topics as a whole) announced, where should farmers who want to discuss female politics head to?
The current options seem to be:
>New imageboard
>Migration to other, existing imageboards
>Migration to Reddit
As far as the first option goes, we may be able to create a space on https://8kun.top/ or https://endchan.net/ using their board creation functions. The only downside is that both places are also home to all sorts of unsavory males (virulent racists, pedophiles, pornography junkies, manosphere users, etc).
We could also create our own standalone board/site, though we'd need someone with the proper skills for that. Post any thoughts/suggestions on /2X/ migration here.
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No. 3717

Okay, where are the links then?

No. 3718

if the invite's expired, feel free to ask for a new one in the chat!

No. 3721

No, it's mostly one butthurt anti-gc/pp anon falseflagging like a lunatic.

File: 1576671614730.jpg (19.89 KB, 768x512, Knna2Lf.jpg)

No. 1[Reply]

This is a test-board to assess if a female space for politics will be sufficient in giving everybody what they want while removing some tension in /ot/.

This is not currently permanent but, it can be.
If this board works out then I will make it a permanent board next year. For now you all have the choice of posting in the /ot/ thread or making new threads here. It's your choice.

No. 2

/ot/ rules apply for now. If you have rule requests or any complaints then you can post about it here >>>/meta/11760
Don’t make threads targeting specific nationalities, ethnicities, or races. You can discuss policy and government all you like but don't racebait. It is a global rule violation, this isn't /pol/.

File: 1637582008671.jpg (41.29 KB, 640x714, e8sftobwn6121.jpg)

No. 3774[Reply]

While all religion are awful and subjugate women, none is worse then the religion of the Arab pedophile and that is undeniable, so this is a thread to discuss its evils and crimes against everyone but especially the women subjugated under it
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No. 12681

Muslim moids are playing the long game, they groom non-muslim girls here in Pakistan as well, its a form of holy jihad for them

No. 12686

Pakichan you're retarded and no matter how much you hate on your own people, you'll never be loved by that neonazi murderer varg. A marriage between two people of different religions isn't jihad, jihad is literally killing nonmuslims.

No. 12687

Are you a moron ? do you know what Jihad means? Cause it literally means to struggle
In historical Islamic context, Jihad was considered any action that furthered the will and laws of Allah, this included warfare but also non-violent proselytizing, but also slave raiding

Rewarding marriage, Mohammad the greatest human being who ever lived had non-Muslim wives that he took(one whose husband he had murdered and the other a slave that was given to him) and this is presented a good thing

No. 12688

Don’t worry most nonmuslim women feel repulsed by muslim moids, it’s just a one in million retarded one that isn’t

No. 12713

And they should be. I'm in a Muslim country and I see how they treat non-muslim women, muslim men should be avoided at all costs.
Varg or any of the neonazis you said you wanted to be a "stay at home slave" to would kill you just like how Mohammed killed that woman's husband. Didn't one of the neonazis you simp for also murder a man? But that doesn't matter now, does it?

No. 4635[Reply]

thought it might be cute to start a 2X related music thread… share any songs you love that are anti-moid! any genre, from light hearted funny songs to straight up murder anthems

i'll start out the thread by sharing a few of my favorites!

dixie chicks/the chicks - goodbye earl
>she held wanda's hand and they worked out a plan and it didn't take them long to decide
>that earl had to die… goodbye, earl
>those black eyed peas, they tasted alright to me, earl
>ya feelin' weak? why don't you lay down and sleep, earl
>ain't it dark? wrapped up in that tarp, earl?
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No. 12705

>Marrow made a wife of Eve
>But no one gave up a rib for me and mine
>My heart stayed exposed to the elements
>Calloused and untouched by a man's design
>Oh my ugly organs
>How lucky we are

>Time has changed the metaphor

>Now dust is not the origin of bone
>Little girl don't let them sell you any armor
>All your ribs are still your own

No. 12706

not this again, listen I's an atheist and will be the first tell you that bible is a misogynistic trashfire, but the way so many radfems and libfems seem to talk about religion makes me cringe, first no one wrote the bible with a specific intention, the old testament is a collection of myths and exaggerated historical events of a bunch of iron age Semites, regarding Adam coming from Eve through his Rib, In various Semitic creation myths, the creation of the first man and woman usually comes from the separation of a single joint genderless being by the gods
Adam and Eve is just one variation of this common Semitic creation myth, in the Babylonian version the first man and woman came from a two-sexed being (male and female) that was joined at the back like Siamese twins and the gods divided this being into two as an afterthought, despite this there are still traces of original telling, in Genesis
>“Male and female created he them, and blessed them, and called their name Adam”
i.e our first parent was originally both male and female

No. 12707

>not this again, listen I's an atheist
I don't think anyone asked kek
>i.e our first parent was originally both male and female
I'll take the christfags over the steam of consciousness that led to this conclusion

No. 12709

File: 1680418918440.jpg (7.67 KB, 250x181, 10169466_10201977968797551_213…)

>I'll take the christfags over the steam of consciousness that led to this conclusion
Its not an opinion, most Semitic religions thought of the fist human being as a conjoined(though not dual-sex) human being, you still find traces of this with early Judaism, God did not create mankind, he created Ha’Adam(from earth) and from Ha’Adam (humankind) God made them Ish (Man) and Isha (Woman). its stupid but in a different way, you can only dismantle faith when you truly understand it.

No. 12711

Epic levels of autism, no offense. But it’s not that deep. It’s a metaphor. This is a song. Relax.

File: 1648663380053.jpeg (411.01 KB, 1206x1761, 242F09AE-982D-407E-81BA-14EDA8…)

No. 4446[Reply]

Post your memes here, or request for others to make a meme for you.
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No. 12513

File: 1680063684256.jpeg (107.09 KB, 640x1422, kikomi.jpeg)

Ask and ye shall receive! I really want to know who came up with kikomi, I love her

No. 12514

It was actually a farmer of our very own in the MTF thread >>>/snow/1182616

No. 12518

Thank you nonnies. I didn’t realize they were 2 years old! This girl is so funny. I hope she’s still around and will make more for us

No. 12674

thank u nonna!

No. 12704

File: 1680410062002.jpg (176.57 KB, 945x1327, Fsonv3xXgAAt308.jpg)

File: 1677467085800.jpg (28.42 KB, 336x500, 6703615-L.jpg)

No. 10868[Reply]

I think this is a good thread to discuss here. There's some times when I see women online who once considered themselves to be radfems to completely change their views and get into other ideologies at large. They become spinsters, blackpilled, right wing, libfems, etc. I've even seen women start identifying as nonbinary or transition after they no longer interact in radfem spaces. While some of them do a 180° turn, others just keep some of their radfem views while not interacting with other radfems anymore. I would like to discuss this phenomenon here, and in the case any of you have decided to stop being a radfem, you can also contribute to the thread and say why you quitted and how your views changed. Please no hate.
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No. 12628

I think an issue with the current radfem community is that it's been diluted by former SJW types. The behaviour towards others is exactly the same only now it's for a different cause.

Tinfoil but the elites seem to use these people to destroy any movement they see as a threat because normal people find them so repulsive. They did it to the occupy movement, they did it during gamergate and the 2016 election, they did it to BLM and now they're doing it to radical feminism.

No. 12639

I like a lot of radfem ideas but I won't call myself one because the term basically means extremely online losers. I hate how much of it is centered on men and trans issues. Males are dangerous but it goes straight into fear-mongering at some points. No, not all men want to rape any child they can see, and if you don't realize that, you're fucked in the head. It's the same shit from the gendies as "every cis will murder you if you give them the chance," you're taking vulnerable people and telling them half the world literally would rape them if they were alone in an elevator? It's one thing to raise awareness of male violence and another to freak people out about being near men ever.

My interest in trans issues only relates to stopping the eradication of the idea of single-sex spaces, stopping the sexist ideas that are used to explain transition, and in reminding people that sex is relevant in society and you have to take it into consideration, like it or not. If some adult transitions for whatever reason but doesn't pretend to have changed sex and doesn't go around saying sexist shit about how estrogen makes them a bimbo or testo makes them stem geniuses, I don't care, I put that in the same category as other body mod people. The genie's out of the bottle and trans shit is going to continue existing whether we like it or not. So long as I can keep joining female-only groups and so long as a "trans man" recognizes they are female and vice versa and doesn't say sexist shit? This world has always had weirdos in it, and sex dysphoria is a weird condition and I think some people are always going to want to resort to trying to live as another sex. I believe we can come to a compromise that lets them live their lives without having to go head-on into gendershit.

But if you say this in a radfem or gc space, or even suggest a compromise at all, you're basically a handmaiden. It's the same extremist shit as suggesting compromises to gendies and getting called a terf. There's a complete and utter lack of realism on both sides and this idealist notion that everyone is going to be pro/anti-trans and you will never have to deal with anyone you don't like again. Real life is about compromise and negotiation. I left both the sjws and the gcs because each one seems bent on utterly destroying any trace of the enemies and 0 intention on getting to a serious negotiation phase where everyone involved can moPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 12654

File: 1680297480759.jpg (47.35 KB, 620x400, Matiullah-Wesa-arrested-in-Kab…)

One of things I have always disagreed with radical feminism is the fact that trying to look at humanity in terms of Oppressors–oppressed distinction (as defines by university pseudo-intellectuals from 1970's America) is moronic
For them it makes no sense for people to help people regardless of sex, picrel is a man who is in prison in Afghanistan for trying to provide education for girls, he had no reason for this, he gained nothing other then that he thought it was right. that's just how people are

I think people should recognize that the vast majority of post-marxist "intellectuals"(including most radfem theroists) have always been pseudo-intellectuals that don't live in reality. Which is why most people in higher education can only regurgitate what they have been told by "intellectuals".

No. 12662

Preach. I can no longer stand Louise Perry. She did great work with the “We Can’t Consent To This” project about women who got murdered by men who used “consensual violent sex” as a defense, and I saw her talk critically about porn and sex positivity online so I bought her book and I’ve never been so disappointed. She’s just selling a new packaging of conservative ideals, telling women that casual sex destroys them and that marriage and babies are the one true way. Sure, she quotes Dworkin, but she also uses Shulamith Firestone’s death (she died alone after years of suffering severe mental illness) as a warning of what apparently awaits women who don’t get married and have children. Of course conservatives are willing to interview her, she’s selling the exact same story as they are, just saying that it’s in women’s interests.

No. 12698

I fucking hate the classicm in this movement and only caring about women issues if its tranny related or celebrity wealthy woman related.

Say whatever the fuck you want about libfems but atleast they are doing actual real life activism to help women, helping underrated causes, financial help to struggling women, helping women with education, providing accomidation to battered women, fighting for womens bodily autonomy, most birth control resources and clinics being owned or donated from libfems etc etc

Meanwhile most radfems argue with troons online and their real life activism revolves atound anti-troon rallies.

IM tired of acting like libfems are the devil when modern radfems are just as bad.

And IM not going to go deeper on the high ammount of radfems in the movement who are pro-life (anti abortion), have ZERO empathy to women struggling financially and do not care how to help them or petition ways to help struggling women but are the first ones to cast the stone of judgement if that woman resorts to selling herself to survive. Many radfems also get exposed for racism and using lesbians like a cool girl badge to call themselves despite fucking men.

I saw a anon brag about her scumbag landlord father and then procedded to tell other anons to work multiple Jobs so they could afford the rent of scumbags like her father…and that to me is peak radical feminism or what most radfems are.

File: 1673183694740.jpeg (9.13 KB, 275x183, images (2).jpeg)

No. 7569[Reply]

A place to share moments in films, TV shows, clips from magazines, comics, interviews etc. that highlight radfem talking points or the insanity of trans ideology. Including points made accidentally.
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No. 12644

wow that's awesome!! I thought disco elysium was a game about ugly moids, so I was hesitant to give it a try. is this character there a lot?

No. 12671

No. 12695

It is a game about ugly, self-pitying moids. Women are barely in it.

No. 12696

There is this thread:

No. 12697

File: 1652095529688.png (223.14 KB, 500x470, 1646418551096.png)

No. 5125[Reply]

Vent about scrotes here! Share your experiences with annoying, terrible, worthless men you've encountered. Post screenshots of men being awful. Talk about how you avoid shitty men and why.

-Please do not respond to scrotebait. Taking bait will result in a 3-day ban from /ot/, no appeals.
-No femcel sperging. An example of femcel sperging is 'kill your father to even things out'. Posts in the vein of 'Aileen Wuornos did nothing wrong' 'rapists deserve to die' are allowed.
-No racebaiting as it derails the thread.

Previous threads:
872 posts and 180 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 12527

Long hair isn't an inherently female trait, especially since the post is pretty much talking about that kind of long hair that isn't luscious and cut into shape but just wild and unkempt. But the part about stone butches and calling their behaviour "male" when many of them are the way they are due to sexual trauma makes me want to punch a very feminine hole in the wall.

No. 12530

File: 1680084987261.jpeg (25.13 KB, 828x249, FC8611EC-BF67-4B4F-806B-FCD6BB…)

there wouldn’t be a reaction you absolute fuck tard

No. 12690

They are dumb, this is literally what most medical classes look like, at least in Central Europe where I’m studying. We have 10 women to like 3 men ratio. Most young doctors are women now.
What is bleak is that even female doctors don’t like that we have more women and I hear them complain about “wanting to have more male colleagues” and not wanting “another girl on the team” all the time. How fucking weird is that, imagine male doctors saying how they need more women, they would never. Males have an absolute advantage when interviewed now because every facility will take the rare (and in their eyes more dependable, stronger and less family oriented) male over another young woman. Even though on paper women outperform them.

No. 12701


Reminds of this Tokyo Med University that was altering womens exam results to ensure less than 30% pass. Considering women do better in school I bet most of those women did better than the majority of men too. Scrotes literally sabotaging womens future to ensure their own. I'm glad japanese men are sexless and lonely.


No. 12710

In an ideal world this would get the university of Tokyo getting hiroshima’d. They never learn.

File: 1670500644269.jpg (16.74 KB, 320x315, terf-axolotl.jpg)

No. 6924[Reply]

Thread for when you're at your peak and need to vent, scream or sperg about troons, TRAs, or related topics but don't want to shit up or derail other threads.

In a world where women are shunned for standing up for themselves, banned from using the word "woman", have their prizes and scholarships given to men, get told to shut up and take the girldick, that thier same-sex attraction is transphobic, that thier kids should have their body parts cut off - it's hard to not go insane.

The fear of getting cancelled, fired or shunned by TRAs and friends around you is weighing heavily on a lot of us, lc is one of few refuges where we are allowed to be honest. So go on, scream into the void about troons all you want.
779 posts and 103 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 12694

>So I think the thing that pisses me off the most is that there’s this huge facade of wholesome feelgood stuff surrounding transness, particularly TIMs
Absolutely agree. There's a special vibe of it that comes of as very pedophilic to me and it always turns out those guys have weird gross fetishes, sometimes being actual pedos. Some of them just seem childlike because they're autistic as fuck tho, and are copying anime girls because they've never interacted with an actual female who isn't their mother. It's gross and off-putting to look at but not exactly the same horrid vibe as the obvious pedos.

What pisses me off even more is that pretty much ALL tims know there are gross AGP fetishists in every single trans community. They all know at least one. But even the supposedly "good" ones won't admit to that publicly and instead deny it. But they fucking know, they see these people more than we do. If they're so good and innocent unlike the AGPs, then why do they actively try to protect the gross "harmful" ones in their community?

No. 12699

wow, thank you so much anons, i'm really blown away by the support and kindness here. long post ahead
i'm happy you liked my post. i really denied my own feelings of discomfort at that time. a big part of it was because "terf"s were demonised and presented as crazy out of touch women (a lot of misogynistic stereotypes basically). i think lots of handmaidens are scared to be seen as cruel and bigoted against a "vulnerable" minority. i know that's what i felt. what helped me peak was seeing r/MtF posts and reading more radical feminist books and opinions. radfem makes so much more sense to me than the confusing, constantly shifting trans ideology.
thank you anon, that's really kind of you. i wasn't personally suicide baited but everywhere i went suicide was used as a weapon. no access to hrt? no children transitioning? no surgery on the nhs? trans people will kill themselves. i felt too scared to even question this stuff because there was so much guilt associated with it. i hate how much i was manipulated.
thanks anon! i completely agree. the really good thing this has taught me is to think more critically and examine every possible viewpoint. YEARS ago i stumbled upon some radfem blogs and i found myself agreeing. then i cut myself off because i worried i'd mindlessly absorb all those opinions and accidentally become the evillest awfullest bigot ever. that's why all those terf blocklists exist on tumblr, that's why so many people believe terfs are obsessed with upholding gender roles and other random bs. they have no idea what they really believe. anyway, i never again want to be in a situation where i am against something without being able to explain why. this experience has helped me become more open minded, interestingly.

actually i feel like my best friend is going down a similar journey. she's a very sweet soul but she's getting frustrated lately with all the stuff about dylan mulvaney and the prison laws and everything. my cousin is the same way actually. all three of us have expressed such an immense amount of relief that we can TALK about these things and noPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 12703

What was it that ultimately peaked you and made you change your mind anon? For me personally I think it was mostly the so called genital preference discourse and pressuring lesbians to be available to TIMs

No. 12712

>the tide really is turning though and i can see it
I think so too! I see so much more public opposition to trans ideology, when before it would be completely silenced the second it showed up. The fact that Dylan Mulvaney is openly getting deserved hate and critic for his misogyny is so wonderful to see because I remember when everyone would have gotten banned on the spot just for saying "he" one time.

The misinformation on terfs is weirdly working in our favor sometimes, because TRA and handmaidens simply don't know their enemy. They've been told it's all conservative, straight, old white people who "lack education" on trans issues. But in reality the most outspoken people I've seen have been lesbians, minorities (in particular black women), highly educated people (often ones who've worked with trans people for years) and detransitioners. Naturally most of the old conservative white people are also against it, but they're typically busy being normies and only tutting at trans people on the rare occassion that they see one. The people actually working against trans ideology are all the other groups.

No. 12714

>What was it that ultimately peaked you and made you change your mind anon?
nta, but can we get a little "what peaked you" train going? It would be helpful to see how everyone got here so we can use the same things to peak friends.

For me it started with
>friend sending me gross AGP stuff from lolcows mtf thread
>I was vary in the beginning because I had been told those things were bordering on bad terfy things to say. However she liked a few HSTS/trutrans social media influencers who I knew of so she'd use them as an example of "good" trans people so I knew she wasn't a big bad terf.
>friend sent me videos making fun of trans cringe by other trans/lesbian/minority people so that made me see it was ok for me to laugh at them since even people in the trans community laughed at them
>lolcow + videos made me agree that transtrenders and AGP fetishists made the trutrans people with real gender dysphoria look bad and harmed them
>It worked because obviously I had "being trans is not a fetish and has nothing to do with sexuality" drilled into my mind, so seeing those with an obvious fetish talk about spinny skirt euphoria boners made it real easy to see that those people weren't the trans people I had been told about, and thus they weren't real trans and I was allowed to hate them.
>I eventually started going on lolcow on my own accord and peaked further the more I looked in the trans threads. My autism switched on and I started researching the medical side and found out everything the trans side says is a thinly veiled lie and that every "life saving" medical intervention actually just harms trans people, in particular children.
>Once I realized even the "good ones" are advocating for things that irreversibly harm people, mostly children, they lost me completely

File: 1679657913176.jpg (34.16 KB, 894x724, 61o6nLUuk4L._AC_UF894,1000_QL8…)

No. 12192[Reply]

A place to discuss news stories effecting women and our rights, safety, health etc. Plus any feminist gossip that makes the news.
21 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 12659

fuck this is bleak.
this is a big part of why we object to being referred to as uterus-havers. it plays into the commodification of women's bodies once again.

No. 12666

I see the phrase "people with penises" significantly more often, but I don't get why trannies find terms like "women" and "men" so offensive when GID is present in only 1% of the population? That means outside of "trenders" it's around 99% of the population that would fucking hate those terms. If not due to sexism and objectification, then due to the redundancy and clunkiness when used. I'd understand if someone called them a man or woman to their face, but not in any other case.

No. 12669

exactly. and it makes no sense to compartmentalise every bodily function relating to sex when there is already a catch-all term for people with those sex organs. they always say that it's "not just for them" but for women who've had hysterectomies or no longer menstruating, had their ovaries removed etc. but why would those women without wombs and ovaries object to things like endometriosis being a "woman's issue"? why would that invalidate them? it wouldn't. just as a woman who has no interest in having children wouldn't object to pregnancy and birth-related things being referred to as women's issues. unless they were crazy.
surely a doctor would know if a patient was transgender, since that effects healthcare, and can just adapt their language from there. unless they were specialising in trans healthcare, it's not likely to even come up that much.

No. 12676

I mean yeah, and there's already terms for the sexes; female, and male. If trannies still want to sperg about being called male/female, that's their problem, because sex is immutable. Even TRAs, at least the trutrans variant, are aware of and okay with that.
So that's another reason why it's bad, thank you for adding to that.

No. 12678

Hell they could even use amab and afab, it would still be dumb though.

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