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No. 185931

Lolita Lolcow thread #6

Previous thread >>143376

Sage your non-milk posts. Being fat and or ugly, while hilarious, is not milk by itself. Lying/shooping yourself excessively to hide that you are fat and ugly and crying about it when caught is milk.

Some milk recapped from the last thread:

Ryudenki (Plaque chan)
Kiwifarm: nonconsentual pronouns
lacemarket: ryudenki
>Posted an ita coord wearing a plaque mask and got defensive over concrict.>>143462
> Gets furious and starts shitting up kiwifarms with "Those bitchy lolitas" rant. >>143457
>Gets banned from multiple discords for extreme racism and vendetta/harassment.
>Posted Lolita discord mods on kiwi farm moments after getting banned.
>Sperged out on kiwi farm after getting caught shit-stirring.
>Ryudenki then goes on a mass reporting on /Cgl/. >>150541

Dollsmeat (Pisschan)
Instagram : Dollsmeat
>pisschan and her pals caught self WKing on /Cgl/ >>144007

yasmine wambot /kitsunetsukiii
Instagram : kitsunesukiii
Twitter : kitsunesukiii
>kitsunetsukiii and anons argue it out over photoshooping on /Cgl/ >>144832
> Close with Autumn, who was banned with her BF from Toronto Comm. >>164313

>UK scalper hoarding AP on lacemarket

> Crys over larasuzanne's TikTok jab joke and got blocked >>145102

Tyler Willis vs Dorian/ Of Herbs and Alters
>Tyler still doesn't give a shit on Dorian's trigger reaction video, and LovelyLor capes into shielding Dorian from "mean" lolitas.>>147150 >>147420
>Tyler now does clown makeup in lolita >>164432
> Tyler gets removed from attending RVR sjw convention.

May /princessmirellmay
Instagram/ Tiktok: princessmirellmay
>Claims to have a medical mystery >>149601
>Now has a GF (@ennuidrift) who lives in a different country >>149525 >>149524
>gets her mom into lolita and social media (princessmonikamay)
> got engaged with her long-distance lover >>153652

>sold her wardrobe and quits lolita

zoeosaki/Hamikami_bear (Anachan)
Instagram : Fantasayelephant
Lacemarket users :
Lou-ann rabiniaux to outbid bid
> Zoe became greedy over the AP that was sent to her on accident over the fuck up of SS. >>151379 >>151602
>The buyer on the other end, who bought the misplaced dress with SS, wanted it back from Zoe, who had already listed it for sale on lacemarket. Zoe has ignored the SS and buyer attempts in retrieving the wrongly sent dress. The misplaced dress Zoe had for sale was eventually bought, and the bidder knew nothing of it until Zoe got called everywhere. >>151404 >>151417 >>151419 >>151456 >>152961 >>152962
>Zoe sends her crew to manipulate and gaslight the dress buyer calling her out that she has done nothing wrong.
>zoe steps into /cgl/ and nuked threads in mentioning her >>151457 >>151460 >>152405 >>153151 >>153174
> More info comes out that Zoe has scammed people and filed false Paypal claims on sellers before. >>151464 >>153128 >>153137 >>153138 >>153139
> Zoe has refunded the dress bidder and returned the dress to its rightful owner. >>153431 >>153992
>SS announced that they'll close after zoe drama >>153427
>zoe deleted everything and made new accounts to hide. Leaving lolita sales >>153687 >>153688 >>153711
>>153713 >>153785 >>154140 >>158001
>>158244 >>158249

> SJW rants over European lolitas culture appropriation >>154560

Kyra /Bibelotrose (Biggot rose)
>Rose's ita Lolita 101 book was a fail and was an attempt to scam people for $100 >>156139 >>156140
>>156141 >>156142 >>156143 >>156155
> Sold shitty over expensive subscription boxes and starter lolita sets. >>156147 >>156397 >>156398 >>156401 >>157572 >>157573
>The book was supposed to drop in July 1, 2021 but never did after the entire community shitted on it. >>156380
> Rose's book was not up to standards and carried copyrighted illustrations.>>157328
>People who help kickstart the book were posted on cgl and were mass itas.
>hell breaks loose with rose being defensive
> Rose's comm called her out >>156127
>>156129 >>156130 >>156131 >>156132
>>156133 >>156134 >>156136 >>156166
>Rose sold all her wardrobe and deleted everything >>157479 >>162214

Liv /Dreamy_pastel_princess
Instagram: Dreamy_pastel_princess
Twitter: Dreamypastel8
Tiktok: Dreamy_pastel_princess
Youtube: DreamyPastelPrincess
>Got caught in the drama with rose's shitty lolita 101 book on /cgl/
>Nuked threads in mentioning her with rose's book drama.
>was caught by lolcow mod for reporting posts and self wking. >>156237 >>156260 >>156394
>Accused Mahou.momo for attacking her anonymous.
>Her ageplay history was exposed
>>156205 >>156225

Marina (Sjw chan)
Instagram: Marinakei_
Twitter: Marinakeidesu
Tiktok: marinakeidesu
> Marina calls out Tyler for being racist and a shame to the lolita community. >>158118
>Would obsessively post about Tyler not being kicked from the community
>sperg over anything Tyler and POC issues >>158119 >>159319

Jenna /Naturally racist /Naturally cute
Instagram: strawberrydollqt
Twitter : dollqti & dollqty
>Gets banned from PA comm after years of harassing community members with racism, Islamaphobia, and fatphobia. >>177079

Rose Nocturnalia
Instagram: rosenocturnalia
Youtube: Rose Nocturnalia (content has been removed)
Blog spot: rosenocturnalia (moved)
>Leaves social media after AP sizing drama with cupcake him and plus size loliats.>>149441
>>161861 >>162136 >>162170
>>162171 >>162172 >>162173 >>162183
>>162186 >>162187

GueenThepancake (German ita)
>Got caught self-posting with YT icon contradicting herself on Tyler's video.>>163806
>Anons noticed and she flipped out deleting her YT and changing handles.>>163922 >>163832 >>164119
>Was also posted on BTB and sperged in the german lolitas discord. >>163928

Autumn (Garbage chan)
Instagram : Voyeurism.s
> Autumn and her BF gets banned from Toronto comm for harassing members. Autumn blames her behavior on autism

Lolita Houston society
> fumbling over themselves and placed ita to be a mod. This ita didn't last a day being in a mod >>166251

> Pastelbabyluna (Diaperfag Aussie)

strikes back again and scalps AP used in her ageplay porn. >>167756 >>168620 >>168622 >>168673
Instagram : Pastelbabyluna
lacemarket : Thelillolita

>Kaneko_shop doesn't want fatties like killer_show telling her how to run her shop after asking how to cater to fatties >>169932 >>169934

>>169935 >>170349 >>170355

Cassie / anti-fem & BLM lita
Instagram: bunnakins
>shooked Instagram community with bio being anti-fem and anti-BLM >>185899
>Neorococomemes spurged and shared story caps of cassie sperging out on discord and forums. After this blew up cassie has lost over a hundred followers and has an interaction with lolita like Neo Nazi DeeDeezeeta. >>185674 >>185902

No. 185932

Previous thread admin left the chat

No. 185982

File: 1638808859282.jpeg (2.07 MB, 3024x4030, A6BBBE86-972E-42DC-A408-323DD0…)

Yasmine looking more Asian than me kek

No. 186009

File: 1638818963823.jpeg (337.46 KB, 817x1489, 64979B8A-7EBF-418E-AD83-DCD5A2…)

What’s the deal with her? I only see her post on closet of frills every now and then in old school coords.

No. 186012

so she uses a whitening filter and has the same black hime cut as everyone else. so what?
I can't stand her and her little edgy wankfest but you've got to be kidding if you think that deep set eyes (which you can see in the bottom right pic in >>185982) and dark hair with bangs immediately make an asian.

No. 186018

Good thread start, thanks OP

Is every old schooler just cringe?

No. 186019

Can someone please post the screenshots of bunnakins/FAS-chan/racist chan shitting up Discord?

No. 186024

Great, comprehensive thread OP.

>Tyler gets removed from attending RVR sjw convention.

Anyone have a source on this? Can't find anything about her being removed

No. 186032

i can't stand this cunt but this isn't milk. she's just a bandwagon jumper.

No. 186034

She explained in the intro of her last LWLN
Aug 6 2021

The host of Royal Vegas retreat invited Tyler to be a guest

>Drama with lovelyLor comes out and they no longer follow each other.

>Tyler gets criticized after the Dorian drama

>Tyler has triggered sjw litas and they want her cancelled. They labeled her as racist after telling people to get over their feeling with lor being caught in hot water.

>Tyler is dropped from the event

Pretty sucky year for Tyler

No. 186037

File: 1638831864665.jpeg (181.92 KB, 1080x780, 20D224E1-621A-44A0-A9C9-D0F413…)

No. 186040

The event was canceled in 2020 due to the pandemic. Tyler said they dropped her in March 2021 and have stayed quite on addressing the news of dropping Tyler. The prettyprincessclub / RVR page on Instagram removed their earlier announcement post on Tyler being a event guest. The attachment was the only piece of RVR announcement left found on Tyler’s Facebook page.

No. 186041

File: 1638832469654.jpeg (349.65 KB, 828x1339, D683B95C-D599-470C-A406-CC2D5E…)

No. 186042

Thanks for the detailed summary OP.

I wish one of them would break the silence and address the reason for Tyler getting dropped.

No. 186043

File: 1638833641803.jpeg (172.79 KB, 828x1322, ECC09767-E664-46D2-AA5E-70DF27…)

Found this Reddit post
A thread in R/lolita on Tyler going dark on patreon and social media.


No. 186047

File: 1638833816707.jpeg (353.04 KB, 828x1366, 1A9F1105-180F-4A97-B55F-7254FD…)

Any anon here have access to her patreon? There hasn’t been a update in 4 months

No. 186055

no1curr stop blogposting

No. 186079

God I forgot about the bridge troll. He sure is ugly

No. 186084

Update* can confirm Tyler is alive!
It looks to me that she’s enjoying her time away - possibly a social media hiatus or burn out.

I’d say it’s been a rough year for her and she needs some time away from the toxicness.

There are recent photos of her at a goth club “The church”, but please refrain from going out of your way to bother her. Let’s hope she’ll be back in 2022(post pics or sage your shit)

No. 186116

If she does come back I hope she drops the LWLN shit and drama digging in general.
I'd love to see her do more videos like the ones where she talks about dresses in her wardrobe. She has a real passion for lolita fashion and watching her get genuinely excited about it is really lovely.

No. 186120

This. LWLN was a gimmick that wore thin. Lolitas in general never like to see someone position themselves as authoritative figures in the fashion, so I doubt anyone even wants to see her give advice like she was trying to. What lolitas do like to see are large and impressive wardrobes which she has.

Sure her coords were never groundbreaking but I also loved watching her share her genuine happiness and excitement over the fashion. It would be a real shame if she decided to quit sharing her love and passion for lolita just because of the drama, but if she truly isn't coming back I would completely understand.

No. 186181

The LWLN videos were nice but, she has definitely took it a little too far. Some enjoy the lolita news bits, because It gives a quick overview on community happenings if you’re a busy or a older lolita. would be nice if she shared other things on her channel but, we all know people (even sjw Lolitas) would miss her shade towards community members being racist, sexist, fetishy, etc in rufflechat or in general. Now that Tyler is absent you see Lolitas scrambling and upset that no one talking about a “X” issue and shading them. All we just have is fame hungry TikTok Lolitas to run havoc on community issues and try to use Tyler’s way of shading.

No. 186183

Anyone got tea for the lolita royal Vegas retreat convention? I didn’t go but it looks decent for a 1st year con! My only issue was hearing on cgl that the event host was some sketchy ita.

No. 186187

I can’t stand jo but,,, this is the only vlog of the the event that was detailed.

No. 186205

File: 1638906358193.jpeg (209.94 KB, 750x913, 6FB613D0-605B-4222-8B5E-F40BC1…)

Normally I would agree but these literally look like two different people. Yeah it’s a pretty shitty photo, but that doesn’t change the whole structure of someone’s face.
Her eyes are only deep-set in her unshooped photos, not upturned like they are in >>186009 .

My tinfoil hat theory is that she started hiding her face in her coord shots so she could phase out the pictures where her face isn’t hidden and live out her “half-Japanese transracial kawaii dream” on the internet via mediocre photoshop when her parents’ names are literally Jennifer and James.

No. 186212

File: 1638909680862.png (995.04 KB, 871x636, 8F1EF217-30CE-4690-A770-620DB3…)

Jo should be banned from giving new Lolitas any coord advice

No. 186220

The girl’s face says it all

No. 186272

Which discord?

No. 186303

File: 1638931701438.jpg (47.8 KB, 750x270, no boys allowed >;(.jpg)

sage for non-milk but did autumn break up with her creepy bf and decide she’s a lesbian or something? As much as I dislike scrotes, adding this to your bio is kind of cringe when a man was literally a portion of the reason you were banned from your area comm.

No. 186332

damn, is that really her? literally looks like two different people.

No. 186340

i cant believe you tried to defend her she is clear as day asian/wasian fishing and its creepy. white girls like this are weird as fuck and need therapy. its okay to be white ladies

No. 186352

What were the details? Everyone says that it was drama between her and her boyfriend, but no one says what it actually is.

No. 186386

Yeah it’s her on the left.

kek this carries big “ew boys have cooties” energy. Bets on how long until autumn and yasmine announce they’re fake lesbian lolita gfs?

No. 186388

File: 1638972320120.jpeg (243.24 KB, 827x1011, 0F5C8284-630B-4DBF-9FF0-E4E65D…)


Anons she’s just “transracial”! How dare you assume she’s white and not a true Asian they/them like oli London.
The gender special shit in her bio doesn’t surprise me neither. Weebs are so delusional and start thinking they part jap after watching 2 animes.

No. 186427

File: 1638983460904.png (789.63 KB, 1172x2048, Screenshot_20211203-153414.png)

Who the fuck does she think is "ripping off" her style? Does she see a hobo and think they're copying her?

No. 186442

File: 1638991264737.jpeg (601.76 KB, 828x1411, 58AFB78D-46E9-4E5E-BDEB-4B981C…)

In the last thread she posted this Retardation. Maybe she was scrolling through on TikTok and saw someone dressing like her trash

No. 186447

Unless it's an exact copy of a coord, anyone in lolita whining about ""copying"" styles is retarded and probably under the age of 18 to even care about that. You didn't invent anything kek

No. 186455

There’s a fine line between imitating someone’s style to skinwalk them and being inspired by someone

No. 186472

While you are right, often times some lolitas just like to call anything skinwalking and copying to make themselves seem more interesting than they really are. One of the cases i can think of where it gets creepy is that girl who copied Ophelia's coord down the the logo on the blouse.
And to be fair, don't old schoolers often replicate snaps in magazines? Nothing is truly original.

No. 186476

> One of the cases i can think of where it gets creepy is that girl who copied Ophelia's coord down the the logo on the blouse

Kek Ophelia herself has copied coords from old snaps so this is just hilarious to see people complain about it with her as the example

No. 186480

Why do so many people worship her anyway? She's so self important with her shitty blog

No. 186697

Besides what was hashed out in the cgl threads and the drama with Tyler, the event itself was fine. The panels and programming were boring but the tea party/hotel/etc. were good and it was fun spending time with people. Not really any drama to come out of the con itself.

No. 186788

She only hangs out with people with clout so people want to be seen as her friend

No. 186949

she was banned for talking in a discord about how she hopes all fat people die. Her bf was banned for being creepy to other comm members.

No. 187048

File: 1639195807348.jpeg (201.59 KB, 750x604, 2CC5F3D0-59C4-41BB-9965-7BC2DD…)

FAS chan ended up changing her bio and turning comments off

No. 187106

A month or two ago she was “leaving instagram” and going to only post on her Patreon or something. Guess she didn’t get enough asspats so she’s back again. Being large and throwing on 5 layers of clothes is not (c) Avina

No. 187171

File: 1639264746700.png (60.41 KB, 750x395, sht.png)

No. 187172

Literal who

No. 187185

Every chance she gets she brags about her wealth and wardrobe but all of her coords are bad. She can't do her hair for shit. She has self proclaimed BPD and strictly talks about herself. Boring. I wouldn't be surprised if this was a self post.

No. 187186

Not a self post, was just wondering because I met her once at otakon and she seemed off it even then. Sorry for not wanting to talk about the same people over and over again.

No. 187204

Why would anyone have any milk on someone with so few followers? Nonnie, just because you met someone at a con and didn't like them, doesn't mean they belong here. Take it to personal cows if you really think she's that milky.

No. 187224

you didn't even try to hide your vendetta. litteral who

No. 187239

The passionate overly defensiveness of these two posts says otherwise.

You're on lc, people get posted and asked about, and if there's nothing there then you can ignore the posts and move on.

No. 187246

File: 1639329548980.png (372.98 KB, 519x582, 1405113450222.png)

>overly defensive
>posts are just "this is a nobody" and pointing out an obvious vendetta

No. 187300

you are all no life hypocrites(ok but sage your shit )

No. 187561

I don't know anon, why don't you enlighten us since you felt the need to post them here?

No. 187947

File: 1639639052680.jpeg (431 KB, 1080x1056, 82C202BF-6DF5-4795-BC39-F02769…)

So this 4chan troon “Maria” is losing it after being posted in the ita thread. Said to be unhinged and the one behind vendetta posting girls who turned him away on lolcow and cgl.
>anons claims he’s a psychopath and demands lovebomb favors back
>When he doesn’t get his favors he pursues to backstab lolitas on cgl and lolcow.
>A anon catches on being posted in threads after not showing interest with him
>Maria goes on cgl to Lurk
>Changes his handles and Privated his IG pages

Since he’s a massive creep and pose a threat to the community his handles are @/widowlifestyler @manglemarionettes

Don’t post others while being a bigger cow yourself Maria

No. 187949

File: 1639639650100.jpeg (57.63 KB, 487x604, 5287BE01-1B63-48F2-88C0-46D7CF…)

No. 187952

what did she mean by this? is she pregnant? is she ill?

No. 187953

File: 1639641771882.jpg (127.89 KB, 1080x1619, 1639518588990.jpg)

So CoF mods are now allowing this
Pretty sure it's a man, his last profile pic is him showing his bodysuit cleavage

No. 187955

posts this immediately after a "known lurker and poster" gets called out….

No. 187960

This isn't helping Lolita's image at all, any man wearing a fucking anime face mask needs to get the fuck away from a women's fashion community

No. 187966

Isn't he also the admin of the lolita group on facebook? Is there any more milk on him?
He seems to be a prominent figure in the community

No. 187969

Remember when males used to be mocked for even trying to get into Lolita? I remember, this hurts.

No. 187980

File: 1639670953433.jpeg (313.35 KB, 828x1429, 374883FD-EFE0-4EA7-B578-D1F50E…)

Unfortunately, yes. The Poland lolita community

No. 187981

File: 1639671409477.jpeg (117.11 KB, 827x859, 41FECDCF-4612-425E-BF8C-D9EF98…)

No. 187982

They dress ita most of the time and have the most cringe weeb shit on their profile

No. 187993

Oh noes i cant, Poland can you stop plz? PiS, inflacja and now dis? Cringe is real

No. 187998

May we have a crumb of translation?

No. 188004

Tyler is back

No. 188859

No. 188869

Now males get ridiculous amount of likes on their coords and it seems like it’s just so as not to offend them

No. 188941

(Un)surprisingly Nefferinthia still follows / interacts with Bunnakins insta,,

No. 188972

Nothing too relevant, it just says that this is a group for people that already know well lolita fashion and that it’s not intended to sell anything. Also links to a brief explanation of the fashion

No. 189000

File: 1639808512257.jpeg (937.22 KB, 2000x1835, 5A0AA493-E3D5-440E-8A31-1D0CB3…)

Can someone explain wtf is going on with these two?

No. 189001

File: 1639808558810.jpeg (376.83 KB, 828x1434, C247F8FC-D3F0-466F-A2D1-E1AF4F…)

No. 189002

File: 1639808910804.jpeg (2.48 MB, 4032x3022, C6AD9A63-C2F9-4290-B6F2-8512D3…)

No. 189003

File: 1639809008543.jpeg (2.42 MB, 4032x3022, DC7A4FB8-AB75-418E-A853-8C3AD1…)

No. 189004

File: 1639809105056.jpeg (2.02 MB, 4032x3022, 6A7C336C-7D6B-4B3D-A49A-F68FCD…)

No. 189005

File: 1639809211256.jpeg (229.95 KB, 828x1028, 11EADF59-3E08-402F-82C8-B76AD5…)

No. 189008

File: 1639809434386.jpeg (447.06 KB, 828x1535, 165EDD0A-CF33-4497-AFD7-389130…)

She’s accusing Mel /@fauuns of abusing her her and being stranded in Australia as a foreigner

No. 189009

File: 1639809525249.jpeg (286.2 KB, 828x1264, B958C056-7425-4A62-BFBD-DEFEAE…)

They’ve been together for about 8 years and met off from tumblr it seems.

No. 189010

File: 1639809608934.jpeg (249.22 KB, 828x1429, CEC3549F-8508-4637-8C99-FE079C…)

Screen recording upload on IGTv

No. 189011

File: 1639809679346.jpeg (318.49 KB, 828x1528, 980E9D86-3D51-4047-BF80-63A845…)

No. 189014

File: 1639809998615.jpeg (413.2 KB, 828x1393, 6BF43E84-9E8D-4AE5-80A2-C0E8DA…)

I would say @fauuns has a pretty big lolita following on tumblr and IG. It’s upsetting to hear such news like this

No. 189015

File: 1639810424880.jpeg (326.72 KB, 828x1355, CBB8A65D-B2AE-484A-BD3E-6236BF…)

No. 189016

File: 1639810538504.jpeg (283.14 KB, 828x1337, 1610ADDE-FD7F-4D5C-80FA-C20240…)

No. 189017

File: 1639810658250.jpeg (305.5 KB, 828x1187, A7E01803-16C9-4419-B00E-F91C6A…)

No. 189018

File: 1639810775876.jpeg (237.81 KB, 828x1401, B225DFBE-A7B3-4A60-939A-7C3C85…)

No. 189021

File: 1639810874972.jpeg (337.33 KB, 828x1418, 9FD6BE8F-F9D6-40D0-846C-DAFAB5…)

No. 189022

File: 1639810980116.jpeg (312.06 KB, 828x1291, 93C009F1-FF79-4AD1-82C7-E2A8EF…)

Before everything gets erased

No. 189025

None of this seems abusive… what are these screenshots supposed to prove?

No. 189029

Just like Lovely Lor and holly’s relationship huh? Terrible endings

No. 189035

Think that anon is just posting them for archive purposes, since they're broken up these posts will obviously be deleted

No. 189051

This girl has a history of abusive behavior it seems, years ago I recall another pretty well-known Australian lolita having to distance herself from her local comm in fear of @fauuns. She’s a compulsive liar and manipulator, glad that her ex is able to finally shed some light on this.

No. 189064

I’m aware that fauuns took a break from lolita, but, I didn’t know she was creating issues for others. Last time, I recalled seeing her post about falling out of wearing lolita for awhile. She recently went back to going to her comm and making TikToks (fauunsy) in lolita. Not sure what was her reasoning of falling out of lolita towards the end of 2019 - May 2021.

No. 189117

this, it reads like this apostemate person is having an episode. none of the screenshots provided are proof of abuse? the so-called "abuser" just sounds upset because her gf and her best friend don't get along but she lives with her best friend and can't afford to not have her as a roommate, how is that abuse?

the last slide that's a video is just apostemate sending walls of mania-induced texts to a confused fauuns and it conveniently scrolls by too fast to actually read anything

No. 189136

OT but her legs and arms are so thin and doll like it's actually beautiful

No. 189179

Back to the ana cows thread with you.

No. 189203

Curious to know what happened

No. 189331

Definitely a episode but I’m confused how she ended getting cops involved.

No. 189392

Why do COF mods keep allowing this guy and those two furries to post? I'm tired of seeing shitty fetishy fursuits and kigu cosplays.

No. 189404

I hope she does some lolita-related content without the LWLN shtick again. Got 30 seconds in before her LWLN voice became unbearable.

No. 189418

No, you idiots don't remember when the community was infested with them. Every comm was full of "brolitas" and the same kind of predatory asian photogs who groom on costhots tiktok. Creepy +1s in shitty vests were welcomed openly and no one called out cringy behavior from anyone. The only difference is trannies weren't a big thing, but one was in my comm back then too so…

No. 189429

This, my comm has been plagued by gross men for as long as I can remember. Pre-Facebook the mods would automatically delete membership applications from 99% of men but girls would still bring their creepy SO’s to meetups all the time. Once we moved to FB we got an influx of weird crossdressers because some of the new mods were very concerned with looking more welcoming, open-minded and non-elitist. Mana is a man too, after all! Guys with obvious fetish shit on their profiles would get screened out but anyone with the forethought to make a clean account would get the benefit of the doubt. The fashion itself was much less accessible back then so standards were low, and standards for men who obviously couldn’t fit brand were nonexistent. They would show up in steampunk or renfaire goth costumes, cosplays, random “loliable” women’s clothes from the thrift store and eventually in Milanoo or Fanplusfriend shit. As long as they “““tried””” and it couldn’t be proven that they were sissies we had to tolerate them.

The biggest difference is that back then, handmaidens who virtue signalled their open mindedness by gassing these creeps up were in the minority. The rest of us avoided them as much as possible and quietly tried to ice them out in the hope that they would lose interest and leave. You didn’t see as much of them on social media because almost nobody felt obligated to follow them or like their posts. Nowadays we’re expected to actively “validate” them and admitting that they make you uncomfortable is social suicide. Even the ones who are open about fetish stuff can’t always get safely kicked out because bla bla kinkshaming bla bla Contrapoints bla bla transphobia (even if they don’t identify as trans). The main thing that’s changed is that the sex pests are now considered an oppressed minority rather than a nuisance.

No. 189437

Why post this boring ass shit if no milk? Anyone got caps or anything?

No. 189445

That was hard af to sit through, so boring

No. 189452

okay my comm is the exact same. we started up again with a huge comm (40+ active members, 20 some a meets) and at least 10 members are cross dressing men or lesbian transwEmEn with shit aliexpress coords. I had to deal with a girl (who is a minor) crying in the bathroom because one of 30+year old creeps followed her into the stall and asked if she needed help getting undressed (he thinks u need to strip to piss??). TLDR they dont want to ban him because hes a "woman" and neurOdIverGent. its fucking frustrating. we have a few trans guys in our group and they're chill af and actually know how to dress and behave. but like these men cosplaying as little girls fucking freak me out. they just play the kawaii victim whenever they mess up and make people uncomfortable. I really love my comm and the fashion, but sometimes I just want to leave it forever.

No. 189458

>Troon uses lolcow
Make it less obvious anon. Troons are known to be unhinged with the horse piss pills they intake.

No. 189462

Getting tired of my comm bringing their stupid Hubbys to every single meets. It’s always ruins the attendance of reservations and making the meet max out preventing other Lolitas from coming. My comm is large and it’s getting worse when, new members are shy and wants their boyfriend/Hubby to tag along meets. I hope my comm leader starts enforcing rules on bringing +1s that doesn’t wear the fashion Or giving the girls creep vibes.

No. 189463

Cope troon

No. 189465

File: 1640031528952.jpeg (829.76 KB, 828x1413, 3F8CFCEF-E27B-405F-8A9F-66F4B0…)

I’d quit the Poland comm if this was my ringleader.

No. 189479

No, it isn't.

No. 189481

This is easy to deal with, you make a meet and you create the rules. Just say that its only for people who wear the fashion or space for +1 can only be if there is extra space. Dont wait for other people to do the work for you, you create the comm you want to be in.

No. 189495

probably because she's having a very obvious manic episode that they could tell over the phone she needed police

No. 189542

>I had to deal with a girl (who is a minor) crying in the bathroom because one of 30+year old creeps followed her into the stall and asked if she needed help getting undressed (he thinks u need to strip to piss??)

Post this in the MTF thread on snow if you haven't already since we aren't really supposed to discuss these things outside the containment zone and also it's a good story to add to the pile.

No. 189620

wtf was this all about? nothing lolita related? is this an attempt at hontra topics? And she's back with the huge lashes.

I seriously miss just regular lolita content.

This. I think people need to also get comfortable with enforcement. If someone brings their plus one despite the explicitly stated rules saying they can't, then tell them the plus one can't stay. Way too many people in lolita cannot deal with assertive confrontation. It doesn't have to be a scene, but enforcement only works when everyone agrees.

No. 190435

File: 1640478248669.jpeg (578.45 KB, 739x1106, 1D512C7B-E947-4B10-ACB2-606C8D…)

Isn’t she pushing 38/40 and that guy is like in his early 50s? How genetically deformed will this child be?

No. 190453

Why do lolitas always pick ugly male partners

No. 190476

nonny, it’s allllll about money

No. 190484

The pestilent penis must purchase pretty pinafores plus petticoats to penetrate pastel pussy.
Sage for retarded

No. 190491

Kek nona

No. 190505

ageplayer vibes

No. 190506

You say this but tbh I haven't seen a couple where the guy was batting completely above his league, so…

No. 190509

This is a cringe announcement but it's weird as hell to assume shit like that anon. If it was a cow then sure but this girl has no milk.

No. 190537

File: 1640541081158.jpeg (383.33 KB, 828x1429, 76D78CAD-8DE7-4DE9-B462-EA3195…)

Late cap post. why do these retards insist that this trash is lolita? And must make a stupid topic post

No. 190540

Maybe Biellie didn’t ask for concrit on her SNL coord kek

No. 190555

File: 1640546265388.jpeg (849.12 KB, 828x1172, 9DA0B356-C1E4-4CF8-88E1-D787E6…)

It’s a Simone Rocha dress lmao. I wonder if this girl projects her lolita “critical lens” onto all of the normies in her life

No. 190872

Selfhate which leads to having low standards

No. 190909

For… announcing her pregnancy…?

No. 190930

saging for stale milk but does anyone remember when she would pretend to not be a white Canadian? I think I still have screen shots of her purposely speaking broken English on her LM.

No. 190992


Try a comm with a couple hundred people and no vetting. Most of it's rando normies that never get pruned but there are so many men and sissies lurking and able to see event posts it's alarming. the mods are too stuck up their own asses to do anything about it and between the creeps, normies, and +1 boyfriends everyone is forced to do private meets with a core group if they don't want to feel even more like animals in a petting zoo. Sucks for anyone that's genuinely new and interested but ig they're annoying to deal with anyway.

No. 190997

>her petti is out
KEK lolitas really don't know shit about styling huh
reposting bc i forgot to sage

No. 191023

Sounds like the Dallas comm

No. 191149

I left it ages ago when it was small, what's up with it now? Are they letting sissies into it with no cares?

No. 191166

Our sister comm imploded and essentially died because of troon nonsense. The only well-dressed lolitas were kicked and they come to our meetups when they're in the city.

No. 191227

There’s one that still hasn’t been kicked but I don’t know of any others. He hasn’t been active in 2 years though

No. 191243

Less sissies, more of creepy boyfriends and bedbugs.

No. 191308

FAS chan keeps posting on COF by hiding her face like a wuss or maybe because she understood she passes the sticker test. Her coords look much cuter with her face hidden honestly

No. 191309

What's the sticker test?

No. 191321

>Guys should wear beards in lolita because it's going towards the lolita spirit of reversing gender roles
What the fuck is Tyler smoking. This guy sounds like a fetishist anyway.

No. 191338

Guy is probably a sissy or in it for the wrong reasons if the absolutely must maintain a beard. But she wants to get back into public view as open-minded, accepting, lovely adjacent. Tyler. ffs just talk about the fashion instead of fluffing beards.

No. 191339

Tyler is an edgy SJW, she believes the same shit but is more blunt instead of talking to her fans like morons and using a fake baby voice like some other YouTubers. In her EGL LJ video, she was saying it was bad because they were being transphobic, lmao. You can't even call out sissy cringe anymore.

No. 191343

>Neorococomemes spurged and shared story caps of cassie sperging out on discord and forums
anyone got the screenshots?
just means your coord doesn't look bad once you hide your face under a sticker

No. 191362

I lost any respect for her when she babytalked fakeboi TIFs asking her if it was okay to wear lolita as a tranner. Anything to look incluwusive. Now she's stuck as a SJWtuber

No. 191429

I wish she'd stop with this awful eye makeup, it makes her look deranged

No. 191447

She’s always had crazy eyes. It isn’t the makeup. Back when she first started LWLN people commented on her facial expression being off putting and the fact she looked like she was going to murder someone any second.

No. 191484

the sticker test is so stupid. uggos and trannies use it but it's useless. just put your coord on a mannequin.

No. 191498

As long as you're not fat or ana levels of thin it works t b h

No. 191502

Can you say least sage this bullshit?

No. 191505

it's the truth sorry you're mad about it

No. 191506

All care about is that you stop acting like such a newfag and sage non-con posts

No. 191537

>forgetting to sage one post is being a newfag
not everyone spends their life on imageboards nonny but i understand why you're so bitter now lel

No. 191543


No. 191616

it's still an uggo cope.

No. 191904

File: 1641506633864.jpeg (357.57 KB, 359x889, 43F3A7DB-8A7A-4509-ADD9-5568ED…)

And yet she claims to not be fat despite her huge upper arms

No. 191911

I wonder if there's something going on with Tyler and her boyfriend/fiance/what the fuck ever he is? She mentions her sex life is careening into "not being straight" and he's not present until the end of the video.
Either way, enjoy Tyler being a drunken mess and still making the same cookie cutter coord she usually does.

No. 191913

Those blouse sleeves are doing her no favours and the mismatched blues are jarring.

No. 191914

I'm no prude and I know Tyler is a massive edgelord but this drunk video was just try hard and cringey to watch. I want to see her wardrobe post not her stumbling around making weird jokes about her sex life. We get it, you're not straight. All her videos since she's been back have been pretty bland.

No. 191917

She creeps me out. She's the sex worker that pretends to be wholesome on tiktok and loves being uwu so smol next to her giant bf right?
It's nice to see her back but this is not it. I was wondering about her bf and if her break was due to a break up because he seemed to be replaced by a tripod. Which I appreciated! Most couple banter in annoying regardless of the couple.

It's kind of sad to see how much wasted potential her wardrobe is. Like literally every coord is sax and pink. Would it kill her to wear a jewel tone or contrasting color?

And I don't mind drunk lolita content but acting like a 21 year old who can't function and needs everyone to know she like SOOO DRUNK isn't cute at her age. Just talk about clothes sipping on a cocktail ffs.

No. 191931

alco vibes

No. 191936

she could have even made the alcohol related. like lolita themed drinks or something. she's just going for edge

No. 191956

Being fat, ugly or ita isn't milk. Come back with something better next time.

No. 191957

Caps please

No. 191966

literally who

No. 191969

at least sage your vendetta newfag

No. 191970

have you children been in a coma or something?

No. 191974

no, we just don't care. This isn't milk it's boring as shit.

No. 191991

Seriously what is this video, I got 3 minutes in and it’s just sad. She’s also doing this with her real name just out there? She certainly is not supporting herself off just YouTube and Patreon so has she given up on getting a real job and is letting cameraman pay for everything?

No. 191993

She has another job as an editor I think

No. 191998

Her legs are also massive. Every time I see them I think how painful it must be to try and force her ham-hocks into socks.

Not saying Hi Cow, but here’s a friendly reminder that Olivia was called out for false mass-reporting posts here as “doxxing” and crying about being posted ITT by farmhands so any accusations of vendetta are hilarious and highly sus.

This is depressing. If she’s willing to put this out there she needs help. It looks like she has a problem with alcohol if she can act this way on camera and find it entertaining.

No. 192024

She was drunk last video too, it is not a good look for the new year. Her BF sounded exhausted as hell too. But there's still no explanation as to why she left for months. It's sad that Lor and Tyler are the faces of the lolita community on Youtube. If Misako pulled the same crap, there'd be a shitstorm.

No. 192042

Don't forget the smear campaign she started about Momo. Her vendetta towards that girl is the definition of what a jealous narc looks like.

No. 192051

This is old milk
She’s still fat and cringe but post when she actually does something else

No. 192060

I brought it up because of people crying vendetta over her ITT, which that and her false reporting shit got called out by farmhands in the last thread. I agree there was no point in bringing up the momo stuff again though because it’s not relevant to what’s currently happening ITT

No. 192108

This was like watching someone discover alcohol for the first time.
I feel like something is seriously going on with her. This video was so uncomfortable.

No. 192263

I think she's definitely having some sort of breakdown or has not recovered from the backlash of the whole lor cancel saga.

No. 192557

What's her tumblr?(sage)

No. 192647

Half of my comm consists of they/thems what's up with that being a thing in lolita spaces I see it everywhere

No. 192649

This isn’t milk unless you have specific people to talk about and milky stuff they did, take it to /cgl/.

No. 192691

It's called internalized misogyny.

No. 193022

Tbh that makes so much sense

No. 193153

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to peer in at who is the one with the mental illness in this relationship.

>Frail ana thin

>Makeup wings massively distorted across eyes
>Woe is me-victim complex (meanwhile posting private texts publicly to embarrass the other)

Yeah - if there was abuse, it was both ways. You can't seriously be painting the walls with your ex's dirty laundry and not have that be abusive. There is a such thing as silently moving on and being an adult.

No. 193162

It's almost as if being in an abusive relationship makes you mentally unstable

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