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No. 185931

Lolita Lolcow thread #6

Previous thread >>143376

Sage your non-milk posts. Being fat and or ugly, while hilarious, is not milk by itself. Lying/shooping yourself excessively to hide that you are fat and ugly and crying about it when caught is milk.

Some milk recapped from the last thread:

Ryudenki (Plaque chan)
Kiwifarm: nonconsentual pronouns
lacemarket: ryudenki
>Posted an ita coord wearing a plaque mask and got defensive over concrict.>>143462
> Gets furious and starts shitting up kiwifarms with "Those bitchy lolitas" rant. >>143457
>Gets banned from multiple discords for extreme racism and vendetta/harassment.
>Posted Lolita discord mods on kiwi farm moments after getting banned.
>Sperged out on kiwi farm after getting caught shit-stirring.
>Ryudenki then goes on a mass reporting on /Cgl/. >>150541

Dollsmeat (Pisschan)
Instagram : Dollsmeat
>pisschan and her pals caught self WKing on /Cgl/ >>144007

yasmine wambot /kitsunetsukiii
Instagram : kitsunesukiii
Twitter : kitsunesukiii
>kitsunetsukiii and anons argue it out over photoshooping on /Cgl/ >>144832
> Close with Autumn, who was banned with her BF from Toronto Comm. >>164313

>UK scalper hoarding AP on lacemarket

> Crys over larasuzanne's TikTok jab joke and got blocked >>145102

Tyler Willis vs Dorian/ Of Herbs and Alters
>Tyler still doesn't give a shit on Dorian's trigger reaction video, and LovelyLor capes into shielding Dorian from "mean" lolitas.>>147150 >>147420
>Tyler now does clown makeup in lolita >>164432
> Tyler gets removed from attending RVR sjw convention.

May /princessmirellmay
Instagram/ Tiktok: princessmirellmay
>Claims to have a medical mystery >>149601
>Now has a GF (@ennuidrift) who lives in a different country >>149525 >>149524
>gets her mom into lolita and social media (princessmonikamay)
> got engaged with her long-distance lover >>153652

>sold her wardrobe and quits lolita

zoeosaki/Hamikami_bear (Anachan)
Instagram : Fantasayelephant
Lacemarket users :
Lou-ann rabiniaux to outbid bid
> Zoe became greedy over the AP that was sent to her on accident over the fuck up of SS. >>151379 >>151602
>The buyer on the other end, who bought the misplaced dress with SS, wanted it back from Zoe, who had already listed it for sale on lacemarket. Zoe has ignored the SS and buyer attempts in retrieving the wrongly sent dress. The misplaced dress Zoe had for sale was eventually bought, and the bidder knew nothing of it until Zoe got called everywhere. >>151404 >>151417 >>151419 >>151456 >>152961 >>152962
>Zoe sends her crew to manipulate and gaslight the dress buyer calling her out that she has done nothing wrong.
>zoe steps into /cgl/ and nuked threads in mentioning her >>151457 >>151460 >>152405 >>153151 >>153174
> More info comes out that Zoe has scammed people and filed false Paypal claims on sellers before. >>151464 >>153128 >>153137 >>153138 >>153139
> Zoe has refunded the dress bidder and returned the dress to its rightful owner. >>153431 >>153992
>SS announced that they'll close after zoe drama >>153427
>zoe deleted everything and made new accounts to hide. Leaving lolita sales >>153687 >>153688 >>153711
>>153713 >>153785 >>154140 >>158001
>>158244 >>158249

> SJW rants over European lolitas culture appropriation >>154560

Kyra /Bibelotrose (Biggot rose)
>Rose's ita Lolita 101 book was a fail and was an attempt to scam people for $100 >>156139 >>156140
>>156141 >>156142 >>156143 >>156155
> Sold shitty over expensive subscription boxes and starter lolita sets. >>156147 >>156397 >>156398 >>156401 >>157572 >>157573
>The book was supposed to drop in July 1, 2021 but never did after the entire community shitted on it. >>156380
> Rose's book was not up to standards and carried copyrighted illustrations.>>157328
>People who help kickstart the book were posted on cgl and were mass itas.
>hell breaks loose with rose being defensive
> Rose's comm called her out >>156127
>>156129 >>156130 >>156131 >>156132
>>156133 >>156134 >>156136 >>156166
>Rose sold all her wardrobe and deleted everything >>157479 >>162214

Liv /Dreamy_pastel_princess
Instagram: Dreamy_pastel_princess
Twitter: Dreamypastel8
Tiktok: Dreamy_pastel_princess
Youtube: DreamyPastelPrincess
>Got caught in the drama with rose's shitty lolita 101 book on /cgl/
>Nuked threads in mentioning her with rose's book drama.
>was caught by lolcow mod for reporting posts and self wking. >>156237 >>156260 >>156394
>Accused Mahou.momo for attacking her anonymous.
>Her ageplay history was exposed
>>156205 >>156225

Marina (Sjw chan)
Instagram: Marinakei_
Twitter: Marinakeidesu
Tiktok: marinakeidesu
> Marina calls out Tyler for being racist and a shame to the lolita community. >>158118
>Would obsessively post about Tyler not being kicked from the community
>sperg over anything Tyler and POC issues >>158119 >>159319

Jenna /Naturally racist /Naturally cute
Instagram: strawberrydollqt
Twitter : dollqti & dollqty
>Gets banned from PA comm after years of harassing community members with racism, Islamaphobia, and fatphobia. >>177079

Rose Nocturnalia
Instagram: rosenocturnalia
Youtube: Rose Nocturnalia (content has been removed)
Blog spot: rosenocturnalia (moved)
>Leaves social media after AP sizing drama with cupcake him and plus size loliats.>>149441
>>161861 >>162136 >>162170
>>162171 >>162172 >>162173 >>162183
>>162186 >>162187

GueenThepancake (German ita)
>Got caught self-posting with YT icon contradicting herself on Tyler's video.>>163806
>Anons noticed and she flipped out deleting her YT and changing handles.>>163922 >>163832 >>164119
>Was also posted on BTB and sperged in the german lolitas discord. >>163928

Autumn (Garbage chan)
Instagram : Voyeurism.s
> Autumn and her BF gets banned from Toronto comm for harassing members. Autumn blames her behavior on autism

Lolita Houston society
> fumbling over themselves and placed ita to be a mod. This ita didn't last a day being in a mod >>166251

> Pastelbabyluna (Diaperfag Aussie)

strikes back again and scalps AP used in her ageplay porn. >>167756 >>168620 >>168622 >>168673
Instagram : Pastelbabyluna
lacemarket : Thelillolita

>Kaneko_shop doesn't want fatties like killer_show telling her how to run her shop after asking how to cater to fatties >>169932 >>169934

>>169935 >>170349 >>170355

Cassie / anti-fem & BLM lita
Instagram: bunnakins
>shooked Instagram community with bio being anti-fem and anti-BLM >>185899
>Neorococomemes spurged and shared story caps of cassie sperging out on discord and forums. After this blew up cassie has lost over a hundred followers and has an interaction with lolita like Neo Nazi DeeDeezeeta. >>185674 >>185902

No. 185932

Previous thread admin left the chat

No. 185982

File: 1638808859282.jpeg (2.07 MB, 3024x4030, A6BBBE86-972E-42DC-A408-323DD0…)

Yasmine looking more Asian than me kek

No. 186009

File: 1638818963823.jpeg (337.46 KB, 817x1489, 64979B8A-7EBF-418E-AD83-DCD5A2…)

What’s the deal with her? I only see her post on closet of frills every now and then in old school coords.

No. 186012

so she uses a whitening filter and has the same black hime cut as everyone else. so what?
I can't stand her and her little edgy wankfest but you've got to be kidding if you think that deep set eyes (which you can see in the bottom right pic in >>185982) and dark hair with bangs immediately make an asian.

No. 186018

Good thread start, thanks OP

Is every old schooler just cringe?

No. 186019

Can someone please post the screenshots of bunnakins/FAS-chan/racist chan shitting up Discord?

No. 186024

Great, comprehensive thread OP.

>Tyler gets removed from attending RVR sjw convention.

Anyone have a source on this? Can't find anything about her being removed

No. 186032

i can't stand this cunt but this isn't milk. she's just a bandwagon jumper.

No. 186034

She explained in the intro of her last LWLN
Aug 6 2021

The host of Royal Vegas retreat invited Tyler to be a guest

>Drama with lovelyLor comes out and they no longer follow each other.

>Tyler gets criticized after the Dorian drama

>Tyler has triggered sjw litas and they want her cancelled. They labeled her as racist after telling people to get over their feeling with lor being caught in hot water.

>Tyler is dropped from the event

Pretty sucky year for Tyler

No. 186037

File: 1638831864665.jpeg (181.92 KB, 1080x780, 20D224E1-621A-44A0-A9C9-D0F413…)

No. 186040

The event was canceled in 2020 due to the pandemic. Tyler said they dropped her in March 2021 and have stayed quite on addressing the news of dropping Tyler. The prettyprincessclub / RVR page on Instagram removed their earlier announcement post on Tyler being a event guest. The attachment was the only piece of RVR announcement left found on Tyler’s Facebook page.

No. 186041

File: 1638832469654.jpeg (349.65 KB, 828x1339, D683B95C-D599-470C-A406-CC2D5E…)

No. 186042

Thanks for the detailed summary OP.

I wish one of them would break the silence and address the reason for Tyler getting dropped.

No. 186043

File: 1638833641803.jpeg (172.79 KB, 828x1322, ECC09767-E664-46D2-AA5E-70DF27…)

Found this Reddit post
A thread in R/lolita on Tyler going dark on patreon and social media.


No. 186047

File: 1638833816707.jpeg (353.04 KB, 828x1366, 1A9F1105-180F-4A97-B55F-7254FD…)

Any anon here have access to her patreon? There hasn’t been a update in 4 months

No. 186055

no1curr stop blogposting

No. 186079

God I forgot about the bridge troll. He sure is ugly

No. 186084

Update* can confirm Tyler is alive!
It looks to me that she’s enjoying her time away - possibly a social media hiatus or burn out.

I’d say it’s been a rough year for her and she needs some time away from the toxicness.

There are recent photos of her at a goth club “The church”, but please refrain from going out of your way to bother her. Let’s hope she’ll be back in 2022(post pics or sage your shit)

No. 186116

If she does come back I hope she drops the LWLN shit and drama digging in general.
I'd love to see her do more videos like the ones where she talks about dresses in her wardrobe. She has a real passion for lolita fashion and watching her get genuinely excited about it is really lovely.

No. 186120

This. LWLN was a gimmick that wore thin. Lolitas in general never like to see someone position themselves as authoritative figures in the fashion, so I doubt anyone even wants to see her give advice like she was trying to. What lolitas do like to see are large and impressive wardrobes which she has.

Sure her coords were never groundbreaking but I also loved watching her share her genuine happiness and excitement over the fashion. It would be a real shame if she decided to quit sharing her love and passion for lolita just because of the drama, but if she truly isn't coming back I would completely understand.

No. 186181

The LWLN videos were nice but, she has definitely took it a little too far. Some enjoy the lolita news bits, because It gives a quick overview on community happenings if you’re a busy or a older lolita. would be nice if she shared other things on her channel but, we all know people (even sjw Lolitas) would miss her shade towards community members being racist, sexist, fetishy, etc in rufflechat or in general. Now that Tyler is absent you see Lolitas scrambling and upset that no one talking about a “X” issue and shading them. All we just have is fame hungry TikTok Lolitas to run havoc on community issues and try to use Tyler’s way of shading.

No. 186183

Anyone got tea for the lolita royal Vegas retreat convention? I didn’t go but it looks decent for a 1st year con! My only issue was hearing on cgl that the event host was some sketchy ita.

No. 186187

I can’t stand jo but,,, this is the only vlog of the the event that was detailed.

No. 186205

File: 1638906358193.jpeg (209.94 KB, 750x913, 6FB613D0-605B-4222-8B5E-F40BC1…)

Normally I would agree but these literally look like two different people. Yeah it’s a pretty shitty photo, but that doesn’t change the whole structure of someone’s face.
Her eyes are only deep-set in her unshooped photos, not upturned like they are in >>186009 .

My tinfoil hat theory is that she started hiding her face in her coord shots so she could phase out the pictures where her face isn’t hidden and live out her “half-Japanese transracial kawaii dream” on the internet via mediocre photoshop when her parents’ names are literally Jennifer and James.

No. 186212

File: 1638909680862.png (995.04 KB, 871x636, 8F1EF217-30CE-4690-A770-620DB3…)

Jo should be banned from giving new Lolitas any coord advice

No. 186220

The girl’s face says it all

No. 186272

Which discord?

No. 186303

File: 1638931701438.jpg (47.8 KB, 750x270, no boys allowed >;(.jpg)

sage for non-milk but did autumn break up with her creepy bf and decide she’s a lesbian or something? As much as I dislike scrotes, adding this to your bio is kind of cringe when a man was literally a portion of the reason you were banned from your area comm.

No. 186332

damn, is that really her? literally looks like two different people.

No. 186340

i cant believe you tried to defend her she is clear as day asian/wasian fishing and its creepy. white girls like this are weird as fuck and need therapy. its okay to be white ladies

No. 186352

What were the details? Everyone says that it was drama between her and her boyfriend, but no one says what it actually is.

No. 186386

Yeah it’s her on the left.

kek this carries big “ew boys have cooties” energy. Bets on how long until autumn and yasmine announce they’re fake lesbian lolita gfs?

No. 186388

File: 1638972320120.jpeg (243.24 KB, 827x1011, 0F5C8284-630B-4DBF-9FF0-E4E65D…)


Anons she’s just “transracial”! How dare you assume she’s white and not a true Asian they/them like oli London.
The gender special shit in her bio doesn’t surprise me neither. Weebs are so delusional and start thinking they part jap after watching 2 animes.

No. 186427

File: 1638983460904.png (789.63 KB, 1172x2048, Screenshot_20211203-153414.png)

Who the fuck does she think is "ripping off" her style? Does she see a hobo and think they're copying her?

No. 186442

File: 1638991264737.jpeg (601.76 KB, 828x1411, 58AFB78D-46E9-4E5E-BDEB-4B981C…)

In the last thread she posted this Retardation. Maybe she was scrolling through on TikTok and saw someone dressing like her trash

No. 186447

Unless it's an exact copy of a coord, anyone in lolita whining about ""copying"" styles is retarded and probably under the age of 18 to even care about that. You didn't invent anything kek

No. 186455

There’s a fine line between imitating someone’s style to skinwalk them and being inspired by someone

No. 186472

While you are right, often times some lolitas just like to call anything skinwalking and copying to make themselves seem more interesting than they really are. One of the cases i can think of where it gets creepy is that girl who copied Ophelia's coord down the the logo on the blouse.
And to be fair, don't old schoolers often replicate snaps in magazines? Nothing is truly original.

No. 186476

> One of the cases i can think of where it gets creepy is that girl who copied Ophelia's coord down the the logo on the blouse

Kek Ophelia herself has copied coords from old snaps so this is just hilarious to see people complain about it with her as the example

No. 186480

Why do so many people worship her anyway? She's so self important with her shitty blog

No. 186697

Besides what was hashed out in the cgl threads and the drama with Tyler, the event itself was fine. The panels and programming were boring but the tea party/hotel/etc. were good and it was fun spending time with people. Not really any drama to come out of the con itself.

No. 186788

She only hangs out with people with clout so people want to be seen as her friend

No. 186949

she was banned for talking in a discord about how she hopes all fat people die. Her bf was banned for being creepy to other comm members.

No. 187048

File: 1639195807348.jpeg (201.59 KB, 750x604, 2CC5F3D0-59C4-41BB-9965-7BC2DD…)

FAS chan ended up changing her bio and turning comments off

No. 187106

A month or two ago she was “leaving instagram” and going to only post on her Patreon or something. Guess she didn’t get enough asspats so she’s back again. Being large and throwing on 5 layers of clothes is not (c) Avina

No. 187171

File: 1639264746700.png (60.41 KB, 750x395, sht.png)

No. 187172

Literal who

No. 187185

Every chance she gets she brags about her wealth and wardrobe but all of her coords are bad. She can't do her hair for shit. She has self proclaimed BPD and strictly talks about herself. Boring. I wouldn't be surprised if this was a self post.

No. 187186

Not a self post, was just wondering because I met her once at otakon and she seemed off it even then. Sorry for not wanting to talk about the same people over and over again.

No. 187204

Why would anyone have any milk on someone with so few followers? Nonnie, just because you met someone at a con and didn't like them, doesn't mean they belong here. Take it to personal cows if you really think she's that milky.

No. 187224

you didn't even try to hide your vendetta. litteral who

No. 187239

The passionate overly defensiveness of these two posts says otherwise.

You're on lc, people get posted and asked about, and if there's nothing there then you can ignore the posts and move on.

No. 187246

File: 1639329548980.png (372.98 KB, 519x582, 1405113450222.png)

>overly defensive
>posts are just "this is a nobody" and pointing out an obvious vendetta

No. 187300

you are all no life hypocrites(ok but sage your shit )

No. 187561

I don't know anon, why don't you enlighten us since you felt the need to post them here?

No. 187947

File: 1639639052680.jpeg (431 KB, 1080x1056, 82C202BF-6DF5-4795-BC39-F02769…)

So this 4chan troon “Maria” is losing it after being posted in the ita thread. Said to be unhinged and the one behind vendetta posting girls who turned him away on lolcow and cgl.
>anons claims he’s a psychopath and demands lovebomb favors back
>When he doesn’t get his favors he pursues to backstab lolitas on cgl and lolcow.
>A anon catches on being posted in threads after not showing interest with him
>Maria goes on cgl to Lurk
>Changes his handles and Privated his IG pages

Since he’s a massive creep and pose a threat to the community his handles are @/widowlifestyler @manglemarionettes

Don’t post others while being a bigger cow yourself Maria

No. 187949

File: 1639639650100.jpeg (57.63 KB, 487x604, 5287BE01-1B63-48F2-88C0-46D7CF…)

No. 187952

what did she mean by this? is she pregnant? is she ill?

No. 187953

File: 1639641771882.jpg (127.89 KB, 1080x1619, 1639518588990.jpg)

So CoF mods are now allowing this
Pretty sure it's a man, his last profile pic is him showing his bodysuit cleavage

No. 187955

posts this immediately after a "known lurker and poster" gets called out….

No. 187960

This isn't helping Lolita's image at all, any man wearing a fucking anime face mask needs to get the fuck away from a women's fashion community

No. 187966

Isn't he also the admin of the lolita group on facebook? Is there any more milk on him?
He seems to be a prominent figure in the community

No. 187969

Remember when males used to be mocked for even trying to get into Lolita? I remember, this hurts.

No. 187980

File: 1639670953433.jpeg (313.35 KB, 828x1429, 374883FD-EFE0-4EA7-B578-D1F50E…)

Unfortunately, yes. The Poland lolita community

No. 187981

File: 1639671409477.jpeg (117.11 KB, 827x859, 41FECDCF-4612-425E-BF8C-D9EF98…)

No. 187982

They dress ita most of the time and have the most cringe weeb shit on their profile

No. 187993

Oh noes i cant, Poland can you stop plz? PiS, inflacja and now dis? Cringe is real

No. 187998

May we have a crumb of translation?

No. 188004

Tyler is back

No. 188859

No. 188869

Now males get ridiculous amount of likes on their coords and it seems like it’s just so as not to offend them

No. 188941

(Un)surprisingly Nefferinthia still follows / interacts with Bunnakins insta,,

No. 188972

Nothing too relevant, it just says that this is a group for people that already know well lolita fashion and that it’s not intended to sell anything. Also links to a brief explanation of the fashion

No. 189000

File: 1639808512257.jpeg (937.22 KB, 2000x1835, 5A0AA493-E3D5-440E-8A31-1D0CB3…)

Can someone explain wtf is going on with these two?

No. 189001

File: 1639808558810.jpeg (376.83 KB, 828x1434, C247F8FC-D3F0-466F-A2D1-E1AF4F…)

No. 189002

File: 1639808910804.jpeg (2.48 MB, 4032x3022, C6AD9A63-C2F9-4290-B6F2-8512D3…)

No. 189003

File: 1639809008543.jpeg (2.42 MB, 4032x3022, DC7A4FB8-AB75-418E-A853-8C3AD1…)

No. 189004

File: 1639809105056.jpeg (2.02 MB, 4032x3022, 6A7C336C-7D6B-4B3D-A49A-F68FCD…)

No. 189005

File: 1639809211256.jpeg (229.95 KB, 828x1028, 11EADF59-3E08-402F-82C8-B76AD5…)

No. 189008

File: 1639809434386.jpeg (447.06 KB, 828x1535, 165EDD0A-CF33-4497-AFD7-389130…)

She’s accusing Mel /@fauuns of abusing her her and being stranded in Australia as a foreigner

No. 189009

File: 1639809525249.jpeg (286.2 KB, 828x1264, B958C056-7425-4A62-BFBD-DEFEAE…)

They’ve been together for about 8 years and met off from tumblr it seems.

No. 189010

File: 1639809608934.jpeg (249.22 KB, 828x1429, CEC3549F-8508-4637-8C99-FE079C…)

Screen recording upload on IGTv

No. 189011

File: 1639809679346.jpeg (318.49 KB, 828x1528, 980E9D86-3D51-4047-BF80-63A845…)

No. 189014

File: 1639809998615.jpeg (413.2 KB, 828x1393, 6BF43E84-9E8D-4AE5-80A2-C0E8DA…)

I would say @fauuns has a pretty big lolita following on tumblr and IG. It’s upsetting to hear such news like this

No. 189015

File: 1639810424880.jpeg (326.72 KB, 828x1355, CBB8A65D-B2AE-484A-BD3E-6236BF…)

No. 189016

File: 1639810538504.jpeg (283.14 KB, 828x1337, 1610ADDE-FD7F-4D5C-80FA-C20240…)

No. 189017

File: 1639810658250.jpeg (305.5 KB, 828x1187, A7E01803-16C9-4419-B00E-F91C6A…)

No. 189018

File: 1639810775876.jpeg (237.81 KB, 828x1401, B225DFBE-A7B3-4A60-939A-7C3C85…)

No. 189021

File: 1639810874972.jpeg (337.33 KB, 828x1418, 9FD6BE8F-F9D6-40D0-846C-DAFAB5…)

No. 189022

File: 1639810980116.jpeg (312.06 KB, 828x1291, 93C009F1-FF79-4AD1-82C7-E2A8EF…)

Before everything gets erased

No. 189025

None of this seems abusive… what are these screenshots supposed to prove?

No. 189029

Just like Lovely Lor and holly’s relationship huh? Terrible endings

No. 189035

Think that anon is just posting them for archive purposes, since they're broken up these posts will obviously be deleted

No. 189051

This girl has a history of abusive behavior it seems, years ago I recall another pretty well-known Australian lolita having to distance herself from her local comm in fear of @fauuns. She’s a compulsive liar and manipulator, glad that her ex is able to finally shed some light on this.

No. 189064

I’m aware that fauuns took a break from lolita, but, I didn’t know she was creating issues for others. Last time, I recalled seeing her post about falling out of wearing lolita for awhile. She recently went back to going to her comm and making TikToks (fauunsy) in lolita. Not sure what was her reasoning of falling out of lolita towards the end of 2019 - May 2021.

No. 189117

this, it reads like this apostemate person is having an episode. none of the screenshots provided are proof of abuse? the so-called "abuser" just sounds upset because her gf and her best friend don't get along but she lives with her best friend and can't afford to not have her as a roommate, how is that abuse?

the last slide that's a video is just apostemate sending walls of mania-induced texts to a confused fauuns and it conveniently scrolls by too fast to actually read anything

No. 189136

OT but her legs and arms are so thin and doll like it's actually beautiful

No. 189179

Back to the ana cows thread with you.

No. 189203

Curious to know what happened

No. 189331

Definitely a episode but I’m confused how she ended getting cops involved.

No. 189392

Why do COF mods keep allowing this guy and those two furries to post? I'm tired of seeing shitty fetishy fursuits and kigu cosplays.

No. 189404

I hope she does some lolita-related content without the LWLN shtick again. Got 30 seconds in before her LWLN voice became unbearable.

No. 189418

No, you idiots don't remember when the community was infested with them. Every comm was full of "brolitas" and the same kind of predatory asian photogs who groom on costhots tiktok. Creepy +1s in shitty vests were welcomed openly and no one called out cringy behavior from anyone. The only difference is trannies weren't a big thing, but one was in my comm back then too so…

No. 189429

This, my comm has been plagued by gross men for as long as I can remember. Pre-Facebook the mods would automatically delete membership applications from 99% of men but girls would still bring their creepy SO’s to meetups all the time. Once we moved to FB we got an influx of weird crossdressers because some of the new mods were very concerned with looking more welcoming, open-minded and non-elitist. Mana is a man too, after all! Guys with obvious fetish shit on their profiles would get screened out but anyone with the forethought to make a clean account would get the benefit of the doubt. The fashion itself was much less accessible back then so standards were low, and standards for men who obviously couldn’t fit brand were nonexistent. They would show up in steampunk or renfaire goth costumes, cosplays, random “loliable” women’s clothes from the thrift store and eventually in Milanoo or Fanplusfriend shit. As long as they “““tried””” and it couldn’t be proven that they were sissies we had to tolerate them.

The biggest difference is that back then, handmaidens who virtue signalled their open mindedness by gassing these creeps up were in the minority. The rest of us avoided them as much as possible and quietly tried to ice them out in the hope that they would lose interest and leave. You didn’t see as much of them on social media because almost nobody felt obligated to follow them or like their posts. Nowadays we’re expected to actively “validate” them and admitting that they make you uncomfortable is social suicide. Even the ones who are open about fetish stuff can’t always get safely kicked out because bla bla kinkshaming bla bla Contrapoints bla bla transphobia (even if they don’t identify as trans). The main thing that’s changed is that the sex pests are now considered an oppressed minority rather than a nuisance.

No. 189437

Why post this boring ass shit if no milk? Anyone got caps or anything?

No. 189445

That was hard af to sit through, so boring

No. 189452

okay my comm is the exact same. we started up again with a huge comm (40+ active members, 20 some a meets) and at least 10 members are cross dressing men or lesbian transwEmEn with shit aliexpress coords. I had to deal with a girl (who is a minor) crying in the bathroom because one of 30+year old creeps followed her into the stall and asked if she needed help getting undressed (he thinks u need to strip to piss??). TLDR they dont want to ban him because hes a "woman" and neurOdIverGent. its fucking frustrating. we have a few trans guys in our group and they're chill af and actually know how to dress and behave. but like these men cosplaying as little girls fucking freak me out. they just play the kawaii victim whenever they mess up and make people uncomfortable. I really love my comm and the fashion, but sometimes I just want to leave it forever.

No. 189458

>Troon uses lolcow
Make it less obvious anon. Troons are known to be unhinged with the horse piss pills they intake.

No. 189462

Getting tired of my comm bringing their stupid Hubbys to every single meets. It’s always ruins the attendance of reservations and making the meet max out preventing other Lolitas from coming. My comm is large and it’s getting worse when, new members are shy and wants their boyfriend/Hubby to tag along meets. I hope my comm leader starts enforcing rules on bringing +1s that doesn’t wear the fashion Or giving the girls creep vibes.

No. 189463

Cope troon

No. 189465

File: 1640031528952.jpeg (829.76 KB, 828x1413, 3F8CFCEF-E27B-405F-8A9F-66F4B0…)

I’d quit the Poland comm if this was my ringleader.

No. 189479

No, it isn't.

No. 189481

This is easy to deal with, you make a meet and you create the rules. Just say that its only for people who wear the fashion or space for +1 can only be if there is extra space. Dont wait for other people to do the work for you, you create the comm you want to be in.

No. 189495

probably because she's having a very obvious manic episode that they could tell over the phone she needed police

No. 189542

>I had to deal with a girl (who is a minor) crying in the bathroom because one of 30+year old creeps followed her into the stall and asked if she needed help getting undressed (he thinks u need to strip to piss??)

Post this in the MTF thread on snow if you haven't already since we aren't really supposed to discuss these things outside the containment zone and also it's a good story to add to the pile.

No. 189620

wtf was this all about? nothing lolita related? is this an attempt at hontra topics? And she's back with the huge lashes.

I seriously miss just regular lolita content.

This. I think people need to also get comfortable with enforcement. If someone brings their plus one despite the explicitly stated rules saying they can't, then tell them the plus one can't stay. Way too many people in lolita cannot deal with assertive confrontation. It doesn't have to be a scene, but enforcement only works when everyone agrees.

No. 190435

File: 1640478248669.jpeg (578.45 KB, 739x1106, 1D512C7B-E947-4B10-ACB2-606C8D…)

Isn’t she pushing 38/40 and that guy is like in his early 50s? How genetically deformed will this child be?

No. 190453

Why do lolitas always pick ugly male partners

No. 190476

nonny, it’s allllll about money

No. 190484

The pestilent penis must purchase pretty pinafores plus petticoats to penetrate pastel pussy.
Sage for retarded

No. 190491

Kek nona

No. 190505

ageplayer vibes

No. 190506

You say this but tbh I haven't seen a couple where the guy was batting completely above his league, so…

No. 190509

This is a cringe announcement but it's weird as hell to assume shit like that anon. If it was a cow then sure but this girl has no milk.

No. 190537

File: 1640541081158.jpeg (383.33 KB, 828x1429, 76D78CAD-8DE7-4DE9-B462-EA3195…)

Late cap post. why do these retards insist that this trash is lolita? And must make a stupid topic post

No. 190540

Maybe Biellie didn’t ask for concrit on her SNL coord kek

No. 190555

File: 1640546265388.jpeg (849.12 KB, 828x1172, 9DA0B356-C1E4-4CF8-88E1-D787E6…)

It’s a Simone Rocha dress lmao. I wonder if this girl projects her lolita “critical lens” onto all of the normies in her life

No. 190872

Selfhate which leads to having low standards

No. 190909

For… announcing her pregnancy…?

No. 190930

saging for stale milk but does anyone remember when she would pretend to not be a white Canadian? I think I still have screen shots of her purposely speaking broken English on her LM.

No. 190992


Try a comm with a couple hundred people and no vetting. Most of it's rando normies that never get pruned but there are so many men and sissies lurking and able to see event posts it's alarming. the mods are too stuck up their own asses to do anything about it and between the creeps, normies, and +1 boyfriends everyone is forced to do private meets with a core group if they don't want to feel even more like animals in a petting zoo. Sucks for anyone that's genuinely new and interested but ig they're annoying to deal with anyway.

No. 190997

>her petti is out
KEK lolitas really don't know shit about styling huh
reposting bc i forgot to sage

No. 191023

Sounds like the Dallas comm

No. 191149

I left it ages ago when it was small, what's up with it now? Are they letting sissies into it with no cares?

No. 191166

Our sister comm imploded and essentially died because of troon nonsense. The only well-dressed lolitas were kicked and they come to our meetups when they're in the city.

No. 191227

There’s one that still hasn’t been kicked but I don’t know of any others. He hasn’t been active in 2 years though

No. 191243

Less sissies, more of creepy boyfriends and bedbugs.

No. 191308

FAS chan keeps posting on COF by hiding her face like a wuss or maybe because she understood she passes the sticker test. Her coords look much cuter with her face hidden honestly

No. 191309

What's the sticker test?

No. 191321

>Guys should wear beards in lolita because it's going towards the lolita spirit of reversing gender roles
What the fuck is Tyler smoking. This guy sounds like a fetishist anyway.

No. 191338

Guy is probably a sissy or in it for the wrong reasons if the absolutely must maintain a beard. But she wants to get back into public view as open-minded, accepting, lovely adjacent. Tyler. ffs just talk about the fashion instead of fluffing beards.

No. 191339

Tyler is an edgy SJW, she believes the same shit but is more blunt instead of talking to her fans like morons and using a fake baby voice like some other YouTubers. In her EGL LJ video, she was saying it was bad because they were being transphobic, lmao. You can't even call out sissy cringe anymore.

No. 191343

>Neorococomemes spurged and shared story caps of cassie sperging out on discord and forums
anyone got the screenshots?
just means your coord doesn't look bad once you hide your face under a sticker

No. 191362

I lost any respect for her when she babytalked fakeboi TIFs asking her if it was okay to wear lolita as a tranner. Anything to look incluwusive. Now she's stuck as a SJWtuber

No. 191429

I wish she'd stop with this awful eye makeup, it makes her look deranged

No. 191447

She’s always had crazy eyes. It isn’t the makeup. Back when she first started LWLN people commented on her facial expression being off putting and the fact she looked like she was going to murder someone any second.

No. 191484

the sticker test is so stupid. uggos and trannies use it but it's useless. just put your coord on a mannequin.

No. 191498

As long as you're not fat or ana levels of thin it works t b h

No. 191502

Can you say least sage this bullshit?

No. 191505

it's the truth sorry you're mad about it

No. 191506

All care about is that you stop acting like such a newfag and sage non-con posts

No. 191537

>forgetting to sage one post is being a newfag
not everyone spends their life on imageboards nonny but i understand why you're so bitter now lel

No. 191543


No. 191616

it's still an uggo cope.

No. 191904

File: 1641506633864.jpeg (357.57 KB, 359x889, 43F3A7DB-8A7A-4509-ADD9-5568ED…)

And yet she claims to not be fat despite her huge upper arms

No. 191911

I wonder if there's something going on with Tyler and her boyfriend/fiance/what the fuck ever he is? She mentions her sex life is careening into "not being straight" and he's not present until the end of the video.
Either way, enjoy Tyler being a drunken mess and still making the same cookie cutter coord she usually does.

No. 191913

Those blouse sleeves are doing her no favours and the mismatched blues are jarring.

No. 191914

I'm no prude and I know Tyler is a massive edgelord but this drunk video was just try hard and cringey to watch. I want to see her wardrobe post not her stumbling around making weird jokes about her sex life. We get it, you're not straight. All her videos since she's been back have been pretty bland.

No. 191917

She creeps me out. She's the sex worker that pretends to be wholesome on tiktok and loves being uwu so smol next to her giant bf right?
It's nice to see her back but this is not it. I was wondering about her bf and if her break was due to a break up because he seemed to be replaced by a tripod. Which I appreciated! Most couple banter in annoying regardless of the couple.

It's kind of sad to see how much wasted potential her wardrobe is. Like literally every coord is sax and pink. Would it kill her to wear a jewel tone or contrasting color?

And I don't mind drunk lolita content but acting like a 21 year old who can't function and needs everyone to know she like SOOO DRUNK isn't cute at her age. Just talk about clothes sipping on a cocktail ffs.

No. 191931

alco vibes

No. 191936

she could have even made the alcohol related. like lolita themed drinks or something. she's just going for edge

No. 191956

Being fat, ugly or ita isn't milk. Come back with something better next time.

No. 191957

Caps please

No. 191966

literally who

No. 191969

at least sage your vendetta newfag

No. 191970

have you children been in a coma or something?

No. 191974

no, we just don't care. This isn't milk it's boring as shit.

No. 191991

Seriously what is this video, I got 3 minutes in and it’s just sad. She’s also doing this with her real name just out there? She certainly is not supporting herself off just YouTube and Patreon so has she given up on getting a real job and is letting cameraman pay for everything?

No. 191993

She has another job as an editor I think

No. 191998

Her legs are also massive. Every time I see them I think how painful it must be to try and force her ham-hocks into socks.

Not saying Hi Cow, but here’s a friendly reminder that Olivia was called out for false mass-reporting posts here as “doxxing” and crying about being posted ITT by farmhands so any accusations of vendetta are hilarious and highly sus.

This is depressing. If she’s willing to put this out there she needs help. It looks like she has a problem with alcohol if she can act this way on camera and find it entertaining.

No. 192024

She was drunk last video too, it is not a good look for the new year. Her BF sounded exhausted as hell too. But there's still no explanation as to why she left for months. It's sad that Lor and Tyler are the faces of the lolita community on Youtube. If Misako pulled the same crap, there'd be a shitstorm.

No. 192042

Don't forget the smear campaign she started about Momo. Her vendetta towards that girl is the definition of what a jealous narc looks like.

No. 192051

This is old milk
She’s still fat and cringe but post when she actually does something else

No. 192060

I brought it up because of people crying vendetta over her ITT, which that and her false reporting shit got called out by farmhands in the last thread. I agree there was no point in bringing up the momo stuff again though because it’s not relevant to what’s currently happening ITT

No. 192108

This was like watching someone discover alcohol for the first time.
I feel like something is seriously going on with her. This video was so uncomfortable.

No. 192263

I think she's definitely having some sort of breakdown or has not recovered from the backlash of the whole lor cancel saga.

No. 192557

What's her tumblr?(sage)

No. 192647

Half of my comm consists of they/thems what's up with that being a thing in lolita spaces I see it everywhere

No. 192649

This isn’t milk unless you have specific people to talk about and milky stuff they did, take it to /cgl/.

No. 192691

It's called internalized misogyny.

No. 193022

Tbh that makes so much sense

No. 193153

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to peer in at who is the one with the mental illness in this relationship.

>Frail ana thin

>Makeup wings massively distorted across eyes
>Woe is me-victim complex (meanwhile posting private texts publicly to embarrass the other)

Yeah - if there was abuse, it was both ways. You can't seriously be painting the walls with your ex's dirty laundry and not have that be abusive. There is a such thing as silently moving on and being an adult.

No. 193162

It's almost as if being in an abusive relationship makes you mentally unstable

No. 194116

File: 1642713348635.jpeg (112.54 KB, 961x487, D9B88677-342D-4D87-9A09-E9FB08…)

Liv is reporting anons on cgl again. Noticed thread count is dropping

No. 194125

Are you really surprised?

No. 194140

File: 1642718520977.jpeg (80.52 KB, 546x744, D4F5DCE1-E735-4471-81E4-59FCA8…)

No. 194159

Her coord looks decent here, but she does look compressed. Seen her a few times at rvr and she looks like a in between for her size. I will say, she has no room to be talking about others if she really in threads creating drama.

No. 194163

How is this milk? Her coord is fine and her boyfriend is still a creep. Nothing new.

No. 194164

What did her boyfriend do? He looks like a pedo

No. 194167

I don’t think he’s done anything other than be unattractive?

No. 194171

Obsessing this much over some fat girl is retarded anon

No. 194173

Look at the thread cap and the previous thread newfags

No. 194179

once again, it’s just about them being fat and ugly.

Funny? I guess, but if your brand of humor is just “look at this fattychan existing” then get some better material this year. Milk? Definitely not.

No. 194182

Ok liv. Remember when you threw girls under the bus and supported rose’s $100 book scamming business?(hi cow)

No. 194250

Liv sperging out and reporting anything that mentions her isn’t just her being fat and ugly though. She got so obsessive with it last thread farmhands had to make a call out post telling her to knock it off kek. It absolutely deserves to be posted here if she’s continuing her milky behavior

No. 194273

It could have just gotten deleted for vendetta. Not everything that gets taken down is because someone reported it anon.

No. 194275

File: 1642787035687.jpeg (450.81 KB, 750x1114, 6D599901-363B-45DB-A654-4DC1B5…)

Are people this dense? You have to be this autistic to create a callout post and think that anyone would buy from fluffy tori. Not even lor buys from tori with the free sponsorship trash she get thrown at her. This been happening for years now, but newfags are just finding out.

No. 194277

File: 1642787088882.jpeg (146.47 KB, 750x1259, CE72B7C9-B7B4-472D-B3AD-D72500…)

No. 194279

File: 1642787360098.jpeg (324.84 KB, 828x1453, 54331D2E-3954-49CE-9015-04C3DC…)

Torfags probably

No. 194280

File: 1642787847813.jpeg (239.28 KB, 828x1160, 680E5951-C260-4A18-B1D1-081F65…)

No. 194281

You’re really dense if you think that’s why. Posts like that about other people stay up. Liv has a PROVEN history of mass reporting anything about her. This is as simple as 1 + 1 = 2

No. 194282

Who would have a vendetta on a well known thread dramacow.

No. 194284

If you think this is a vendetta, then you must be liv. Caps were posted when zoe and friends were nuking threads. Since you retards report anything on cgl it’s obviously going to be reposted here.

Let’s not forget farm mods calling out liv for reporting claims of doxxing last thread.

No. 194287

Doesn’t she have some contact with taobao sellers for manufacturing her things?

No. 194288

I think it’s important to note that Liv spergd so hard that it wasn’t just once but TWICE that farmhands had to tell her to knock it off

No. 194289

Jo is based for scamming newfags

No. 194338

Who posted this? I’m sure no one had plans buying from her

No. 194452

File: 1642881835597.jpeg (817.92 KB, 828x1021, E19FEA05-69EB-427E-BF16-2D9036…)

Yasmine is posing with dead animals

No. 194458

This is repulsive

No. 194462

File: 1642884861819.jpeg (665.53 KB, 750x933, 5F968189-63BD-4A02-BF5B-67C04F…)

This one is worse

No. 194471

The poor little mouse!! Stupid cunt and her ps face

No. 194473

File: 1642889007930.jpg (212.49 KB, 984x772, captura_220122.jpg)


No. 194476

File: 1642889465382.jpeg (163.89 KB, 1036x930, 72C60CE5-2BA0-4710-97D2-5BDB70…)

Fucking kek. Shut the fuck up Liv. No matter how hard you reee and deflect it’s not going to change that you were a sexworker and an ageplayer and probably are STILL an ageplayer with how you LARP as uwusmol despite weighing 200lbs

No. 194478

isn't that the same girl who sold her hair on ebay?

no1curr the retarded obsession some of you have with this boring fatty is surreal

No. 194481

She said no animals were harmed you retards

No. 194484

she picked up a random dead mouse from the street to pose with, including putting it near her mouth. that's fucking nasty even if she didn't kill anything herself.

No. 194485

fake mice and pet store bought mice exist nonita

No. 194486

This. Like if she has no problem picking up and playing with animal corpses, I hate to think what her limit for acceptable grossness is. Like does she wash her dresses? Does she have hygiene issues? Did she remember to wash her hands?

No. 194502

Likely_sugar story

No. 194505

Shut up Yasmine. People who had went to your High school said that you were a unhinged Retard
>>166426(hi cow)

No. 194506

File: 1642899354775.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 480.9 KB, 828x920, 282CEB2C-F566-4872-8084-1CBBFB…)

No. 194507

She’s going to squeeze herself into this MTO and look clownish as usual.

No. 194510

File: 1642900446139.png (2.33 MB, 750x1334, CEF99EE0-3B2F-41B5-9054-00FAFC…)

Did anyone get caps of Cotton Candy hime sperging out? Looks like she deleted parts of her story. That’s what Liv’s post is in response to

No. 194514

No one is sexualizing the motifs, they literally just know better and don't want to be a walking red flag and target of harassment.

Also why is it fine that she is(was?) an ageplaying sex worker and is now trying to be an influencer? Her squeezing into dresses is slightly less offensive to me than pretending she wasn't actively degrading the reputation of everyone who wears the clothing for her own profit.

No. 194515

File: 1642901756603.png (48.5 KB, 275x183, 1589940384389.png)

How do we know it's not just the person who "tried to ruin her life in highschool"

No. 194517

The girl had it coming trying to defend Bondage chan and being around autist autumn. These picture >>194452
>>194462 proves that anon >>194506
was right on her hoarding dead cats and animals in her room.

No. 194518

My god she’s worse than pisschan aka dollsmeat

No. 194527

Aren't these two friends? Why are they trying to stir up shit?

No. 194551

Finally the horror cow we have been waiting for

No. 194578

Olivia’s discord team after they tried to mass report and wk her in last thread

No. 194581

I feel like that little circle of old-schoolers try to outdo each other in terms of horrifying picture

No. 194585

File: 1642952005981.jpeg (571.34 KB, 828x1210, 4081AC0C-F69D-43DD-8443-8E0AE1…)

Jo is going on her explanation tour

No. 194587

File: 1642952099886.jpeg (244.17 KB, 828x1286, F89DF3E9-94A2-41CE-8D32-3925F5…)

No. 194589

File: 1642952198324.jpeg (216.71 KB, 827x1214, 8B27530B-A5A0-408F-9286-01D98B…)

No. 194590

that shop is reseller lmao they are extremely marked up too. holy shit.

No. 194621

File: 1642960972689.jpeg (315.7 KB, 960x1640, 6F01D89A-D807-4E90-AC22-7DCC55…)

Liv’s circle is full of cringe dramawhores. Any mentioned of liv, she’ll send her circle to do her dirty work. These people are the problem with the community, but want to shift it to anons (who are really them) on cgl.

Should’ve seen them spurge out on discord. Caps of theirs convo is posted on last thread.

No. 194622

File: 1642961072048.png (87.86 KB, 906x814, 0117FB6E-7FF8-4EFB-ABBE-9A1327…)

Anon said liv is lavender

No. 194624

File: 1642961189571.png (87.17 KB, 907x759, 92740D47-0225-4D94-A7FA-301DE6…)

No. 194626

File: 1642961355690.png (88.47 KB, 1011x823, 7CD99717-324E-421C-9DBA-960A80…)

“Whole thread needs to be nuked”

No. 194627

File: 1642961387311.png (21.18 KB, 275x201, 082D6AA7-61BF-4187-83C8-8C1750…)

No. 194629

File: 1642961509449.png (220.41 KB, 569x841, 79A0DE0D-8779-442B-830E-804B08…)

No. 194630

File: 1642961633874.png (137.49 KB, 530x839, 8F766CFE-085F-4DE9-9B09-3726F5…)

No. 194632

File: 1642961761548.png (71.56 KB, 586x829, BB1CF73C-5E0D-4A1E-A13D-5E96A2…)

No. 194633

File: 1642961871969.png (54.21 KB, 853x401, 34BD9DE0-BF5E-4A77-99E7-C2B1B9…)

No. 194634

>personal info

Kek. What actual personal info of hers has been posted? Her real full name? Address? Phone number? No “personal information” has been posted. Just Reddit screencaps and discord caps, stuff SHE HERSELF posted to the internet in public spaces

No. 194636

And lovelylor follows all 3 making cows collide

No. 194642

lol ok momo, go back to slicing your thighs and posting pictures for attention
>inb4 reeee i'm not momo you're whiteknighting/you're liv reeeeeeee(hi cow)

No. 194645

Not momo, but it derange of you to believe liv saying it’s momo. Liv obvious jealous of momo has gone too far

No. 194646

>hi cow
>b-but nobody else say hi cow!!! only I can do it!!!

We’ve been over this that if it was momo or just one person posting about Liv that farmhands would call them out. But that didn’t happen. What DID happen is that farmhands had to tell Liv and pals to calm the fuck down and stop false reporting every single thing about her. I’m still waiting for someone to post any proof that momo did anything in regards to liv. I have no personal bias in favor of momo so I’d like to see them but it’s been half a year and you retards have yet to post jack shit as proof.

No. 194652

No dog in this race but
>I know 2 of them have done sex work before
Why are whores so mean to their fellow whores for? I swear every thread having to do with a sex work lolcow is mainly fueled by the competition.

No. 194654

Borderline personality disorder

No. 194656

File: 1642967338954.gif (47.47 KB, 258x195, autism lita.gif)

No. 194663

Not wking her but there does seem to be a few people who insist on bringing her up on the same shit that she was originally posted for even though it’s boring as fuck

No. 194665

We have proof that Liv and her friends are shitting up threads and mass reporting them to get nuked; it's a fair assumption that they are fixated on the other girl and are using this as an opportunity to bash her while trying to raise Liv up. There are probably a few salty anons who hate Liv, as they should, and Liv and friends keep clapping back weakly by blaming a random girl for all the hate.

No. 194670

Anon, those caps are from JUNE. The last thread. Unless there's anything new aside from her being fat, no one fucking cares anymore. Find new milk or shut up.

No. 194671

She’s doing milky stuff like crying about DDLG being bad despite being into it. I wish Liv and her WKs would Stop whining about it being a vendetta every time she’s mentioned

No. 194672

She thinks that anyone who posted her has some vendetta when it’s really her being shitty and posting girls on cgl.

No. 194675

Liv can’t run a hate mob on momo if she has no proof. Even if momo was actually the one behind the “vendetta” posting, liv need to find evidence that it is her. Momo probably looking at threads every now and then laughing at bullshit she didn’t do.

No. 194678

Actually, seconding this anon. The sperging about Liv is just boring now. It's old milk. Let it go. It's unhealthy to hang onto a cow like that.

No. 194680

File: 1642977301550.png (20.78 KB, 513x222, 79432f33c99bdf348bb63efeeb0f19…)

In regards to this debacle- FluffykawaiiJo and her friends are nuking threads on cgl talking about her shitty business practises. Not even ones talking about her disgusting witch nose, just how she should have researched better into where she was getting her shoes manufactured. Luckily the archive still keeps it up.
Her comment section is nothing but her white knights flocking to her aid and trying to tell people who said she should have looked into an obvious reseller on aliexpress more that they need to stop being mean and be "nice".

No. 194689

It's been 6 months. Lor/Tylergate dragged on for like a year. People still remember drama from the livejournal days. There are cows that have threads for years. Can you make your wking a little less obvious?

No. 194693

Got hit with a three day ban for saying that it's hella stupid to use a reseller as a manufacturer.

I've got the entire thread screenshotted from before the nuke if anyone thinks I should take the trouble to upload it here. It was nuked, but nothing in the thread was half as bad as what I've seen said about people (Jo included) in the ita thread.

No. 194694

Might as well move the caps here if Jo is going to keep reporting

No. 194695

Any deleted thread Should be achieved btw.
Clicked the link anon >>194680 posted

No. 194696

Jo and her cronies got the thread deleted overnight kek she is backpedalling so fast rn when she was the one to start the drama in the first place

I'm sorry about your weird fatty obsession, not everyone disagreeing without is a WK, I just think it's autistic.

No. 194699

She clearly thought that she would get a lot of support and sympathy because a big bad chinese brand was copying her. When that didn't work out, she didn't want to take accountability for her accusation so she had to try to get it nuked.

No. 194700

you seriously think that we’re obsessing over liv for being a obese whale rather than her retarded behavior? Go off you

No. 194705

Hard to not seem like a WK while defending her when her WKs have been called out by farmhands and you’ve got people saying there’s no new milk despite her milky behavior continuing.

No. 194712

it's really her fault. it's common knowledge lolilolishop is a shitty reseller they have candy rain and bobon21 on there for ridiculous markups. she's either naive or did it on purpose.

No. 194724

Still can't bring myself to care…..

No. 194769

File: 1643040950363.jpeg (642.45 KB, 650x816, 606B3553-AA80-438A-B2A5-0D7DCA…)

Can this trash be the next thread pic. My other suggestion was Brady brunch WK squad

Jo reminds me of bibelot rose here

No. 194818

File: 1643059249513.jpeg (206.03 KB, 960x960, 0BE985A4-539F-4A03-A88A-C5F179…)

International ita day 2022

A day for the itas to combat any criticism from the Lolita community. Date is marked for March 5th, 2022 and will be held on every first Saturday of March.


No. 194819

File: 1643059275507.jpeg (187.26 KB, 960x960, ACDFFA8D-4163-46BA-9963-575FC4…)

No. 194821

File: 1643059372739.jpeg (202.59 KB, 960x960, B9FFDA30-28F2-42CD-BCF3-90FE48…)

No. 194823

File: 1643059447737.jpeg (200.43 KB, 960x960, 4D18852D-33B3-4ED1-8261-B26698…)

This is going to be embarrassing but a field day for CGL ita thread

No. 194827

File: 1643059768403.jpeg (173.51 KB, 828x1087, FA98154F-61A0-41E9-A062-288B78…)

Why not April fools day or halloween?

No. 194828

This sounds like the girlyhoot LACE bullshit 2.0

No. 194831

I hate this shit so much. Experimenting in the fashion is completely fine, it really doesn't matter much if you follow the rules or not as long as you're not trying to make some statement about how cool and edgy and different you are.

This is going to be people with absolutely zero fashion knowledge or taste throwing together whatever other alt or normie shit they have lying around, because everyone else doesn't need a "safe" day to try a coord that might look bad.

No. 194839

The girls running this wear decora, not lolita. It's going to make newbs even more hostile when real lolitas try to steer them in the right direction. This is why we need to gatekeep.

No. 194861

File: 1643091085371.jpeg (362.68 KB, 828x1407, 357A173F-684A-49A1-8A4E-2DFCD7…)

She removed the photos because she applied for a “job”

No. 194872

>All you need is a lolita main piece
Um yikes sounds kind of elitist to me sweaty. Stop gatekeeping the fashion!

No. 194894

she only does this edgy shit because she knows she's ugly and tries to make it intentional,

No. 194963

File: 1643156307669.jpg (45.18 KB, 300x375, confused.jpg)

Genuine question here, I became interested in lolita fashion a couple months ago and I couldn't help but observe this:

Why are so many of you lolitas complete and utter fucking batshit crazy cunts? Like, I have encountered multiple batshit lolitas in the short span of time I've entered this community. What is it about japanese fashion that attracts the most unhinged, psychotic, possessive, deranged, and mentally ill women? I really can't fathom it. I need some sort of explanation here.

No. 194973

>waaaahhhh why is nobody coddling me for wearing shitty coords with a wrinkled blouse!!! Ya’ll are eeeeebil!!!

No. 194977

Why are you proving my point? Who even brought up coords? You're fucking retarded, can the next anon who's actually somewhat reasonable give me a concrete answer?

No. 194982

Japanese alt fashion attracts crazies even in Japan. Wow so shocking that an abnormal, attention grabbing fashion with roots in rejecting social norms attracts the mentally ill.

You’re a fucking moron.

No. 194991

Nah, you're definitely the moron here. To assume anyone who's into alternative fashion and rejects social norms is automatically mentally ill and psychotic like you is extremely absurd. It's like you people can't handle any sort of criticism of your behaviors and hobbies.

No. 194996

I didn’t say “anyone”, I said that it attracts them. Meaning that a good portion would be. Retard.

No. 195004

95% of other lolitas I've met in my life have been normal, well-adjusted people with normal jobs and relatively normal lives outside of how they dress. I think you might just be seeking out crazies OR attracting them.

No. 195028

If there were even half as many crazies in lolita as anon thinks then this thread would actually be active.

No. 195853

Maybe it’s the barriers to entry, but really aside from sissy’s and itas there’s little drama and there’s only skim milk at most times. There’s that Lexi Casibang that sperged out over getting posted in last weeks btb, the continuing drama of FluffyKawaiiJos shoes, and yet Tyler and Lor remain the only real cows, everyone else is just annoying. Even Lor is still on her first thread after 3 years.

No. 196020

File: 1643822298604.jpeg (285.11 KB, 828x1267, 230C0D6F-089B-437D-9570-069FF5…)

We need to cancel jo and her coomer/troon in lolita fetish

No. 196050

she hangs around so many troons, the anons in the mtf thread thought she was a tranny too

No. 196061

Ehhh I don't know about this anon.

Plenty of lolitas are crazy cows, but most are fairly savvy when it comes to internet privacy so much that the drama is localized. The reason for this is because lolita already brings around creeps and weirdos that the majority are guarded. It would take some people on the "inside" of their communities so to speak to expose them to a larger audience, and with that comes greater risk for spilling the tea.
The lolitas posted here are literally public figures in relative terms, or are such narcs that they've spilled their cow guts willingly or made fools of themselves on IGs, discord servers, and places like cgl.

I've been in communities where "no drama" is taken fairly seriously by admins. Back in like 2011ish~ I had a girl corner me at a convention trying to figure out who posted her coord in the ita thread on cgl-and it genuinely wasn't me.

No. 196219

File: 1643932376086.jpeg (88.78 KB, 750x418, 1AA3BFCC-F62B-4AB3-B97C-D4F9BA…)

I feel like there’s been a lot of stupid topic questions being posted in rufflechat. I was surprised they were not all by the same person

No. 196220

File: 1643932410968.jpeg (145.5 KB, 750x622, C01A90B7-B3B2-49C8-9913-B520C5…)

No. 196221

File: 1643932457252.jpeg (115.4 KB, 750x681, 429C4BAA-7479-436F-94E4-EF8E7B…)

They just seem like they’re asking questions hoping to be featured on LWLN

No. 196238

File: 1643942177423.jpeg (124.02 KB, 1125x810, D6A061FF-F55E-4DBD-AB54-B3465B…)

A bunch of people are freaking out about this targeting a sex worker. They're private now but did anyone get caps?

No. 196242

File: 1643947139955.png (2.28 MB, 1242x2208, 7A717A2B-ED1A-4D97-9645-E95A81…)

They were targeting tokimekibunny, who used to be a lolita. Didn’t screen cap any of it but this is still up

No. 196243

File: 1643947247778.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 499.95 KB, 977x748, C04C8A41-863D-4AB5-9DE2-7FC199…)

No. 196246

File: 1643956893517.png (970.03 KB, 1388x869, Screenshot (15).png)

A quick update on Bigot Rose:
She quit lolita to join an MLM and participate in "Fairy-core", Emphasis on the MLM:

No. 196250

File: 1643966035233.jpeg (117.71 KB, 658x642, 7778DE15-F925-4B62-8BFC-67091E…)

I’d always wondered what she was up to now after her scam fallout. If only her book came out successful as the itas throws their money and eat her shit up. This is the legacy she'll be known for in the lolita community

No. 196251

I mean it’s tokimekibunny fault for not creating a second account for her porn shit. She just went and advertised her shit on the same account where Lolitas (especially minors) were following her for lolita content. I hate how girls are so stuck up to this sex work shit. Most girls on average are making pennies and too delusional to see that they’re destroying themselves for men.

No. 196262

Bless you anon. I was wondering what she was up to but didn’t care enough to search for myself.

No. 196266

>Most girls on average are making pennies and too delusional to see that they’re destroying themselves for men.
The OF fad really outed all the insecure pickmes online, literally ruining their life for strange ugly scrote approval

No. 196269

She hasn’t worn lolita in almost a year though

No. 196298

But she didn’t really transition well- she got r3ped, broke up with her chad bf, and immediately jumped into p0rn and started dating a tranny, all while still posting lolita and then suddenly switching it to egirl shit

No. 196306

You don't need to censor your words anon

No. 196308

Her bf isn’t a tranny, just a feminine dude

No. 196324

What does that have to do with lolita though

No. 196332

99% sure they're Trans, but I don't want to give them money on their OF to confirm.

No. 196347

I think she confirmed she's dating a TiF, I'm on her close friends story for some reason too

No. 196372

She posted it to her old lolita account as well as posting about her kinks before becoming an egirl.

Who remembers when she was leading witch hunts on RC about kinksters? Kind of ironic how she became one and flaunted the same shit herself. Rules for thee but not for me.

No. 196388

tbh no one wants to see their SW pics combine with lolita fashion tags on insta. sorry. not on this SW side here. don't connect the two, retard.

No. 196394

You forgot the part where the reason she broke up with her bf because she found anime porn audios and found them more attractive than him kek

No. 196459

That’s right and she dropped that almost instantly haha

No. 196483

File: 1644166133916.jpg (414.26 KB, 1080x1334, Screenshot_20220206-084250_Ins…)

I'm still on that account this is what they posted under it. Knowing tokimekibunny she is lying like usual to be a victim. I'm glad they went after her, a lot of lolitas still follow her and it's weird

No. 196484

File: 1644166948933.jpg (418.45 KB, 1080x1865, Screenshot_20220202-194522_Ins…)

Samefagging but my discord has caps. No caps of original posts description but it said something like she pedobaits and fetishizes east Asians but they don't care she's a furry or swer, I can't remember it all.

No. 196485

File: 1644167141337.jpg (238.26 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20220204-141119_Ins…)

Her followers started attacking both of their accounts

No. 196486

File: 1644167372418.jpg (371.04 KB, 1080x1676, Screenshot_20220203-155951_Ins…)

Tokimeki reposted this too saying this this this

No. 196641

>healthy relationship with their body
yeah, because shooping yourself to make money from cooming scrotes is definitely healthy

No. 197108

File: 1644596771563.jpg (295.12 KB, 1080x1953, 20220211_050548.jpg)

Why does she want to be Asian yet hate us so badly? Jealousy?

No. 197156

>gyaru is blackfishing wahhhhhh

No. 197168

Imagine not knowing what gyaru is when you claim to wear j-fashion and do fox eye make up.

No. 197260

She's back.

No. 197262

Why do this fashion attractis unappealing people

No. 197273

they probably think wearing over the top fancy stuff will hide their ugliness

No. 197283

Most weebs are painfully average. That's kinda how its always been in both jfash and cosplay, the latter typically walk around sans makeup/skincare routine in cat hair ridden graphic shirts and jeans and unkempt hair, looking like shit on a regular basis. Then they cosplay or put on the marie antoinette wig for lolita and some lashes and circle lenses and suddenly they're maybe a 6 or 7. Genuinely not trying to sound scrotey here, but that's what I've noticed growing up in one community while knowing people from the other.

It also doesn't help that a lot of girls in jfash choose hairstyles (the goddamned hime bangs are like a given for every fat white weeb despite it flattering almost no one and that's asians included) which don't frame their face, use circle lenses when they already have 'wider' eyes than the intended market, or are incapable of realizing that as they get older certain things may not look as good on them (if they ever did) compared to years ago. I mean, even Misako looks like a slightly pudgier Magibon in some of her candids because the age is beginning to show.

No. 197415

i believe this could be a girl but how unfortunate can you look geez

No. 197451

File: 1644870614460.jpeg (145.18 KB, 1125x781, 3C6C7ED2-8D5E-40FD-B1FA-32F16F…)

Is this a joke? Her name is lolitadebtcrisis and she calls herself a shopaholic….and needs help funding her dog's surgery? Why would anyone contribute when she blatantly makes a show of wasting money and hoarding clothes? Sell your fucking pile of clothes instead of begging

No. 197465

She must have just changed her name as I was looking at her profile some time last week and it wasn't called that.

No. 197487

File: 1644896343694.jpeg (201.74 KB, 828x1338, A0B31DD7-A977-4A17-A2B2-F05716…)

Lor and he fans complaining about 4chan /CGL . The comments on her IG reel is full of autist

No. 197488

Lor just fuming over people calling her out on the boards for throwing Tyler under the bus. I bet she’s behind the dog piling on Tyler in the threads.

No. 197489

File: 1644897593612.jpeg (199.73 KB, 828x1310, 6A884B25-0AB0-4A33-98DC-F1AFC8…)

Cupcake hime literally harassed Rose nocturnal from the AP sizing drama.

No. 197490

Why did she keep this video up but dirty delete the Devil inspired dress review one?

No. 197491

Gee Lor, if you’re such a lovely who would never go on 4chan, how do you know about the types of lolitas that do???
I think most lolitas look at cgl, they’re just smart enough not to talk about it because everyone will act scandalized about it so as not to be suspected. It’s not even bad anymore, none of these people were around back when it was.

No. 197492

Lol she does try to sell her clothes, no one wants to touch a LM listing like EMERGENCY SURGERY FOR MY DOG that has been relisted 20 times. The poor dog.

No. 197494

She private her apology video too

No. 197495

File: 1644898920426.jpeg (471.63 KB, 828x1313, DBA52E1B-FA8D-469A-9D9A-2CC773…)

She stole this video idea from a girl that starts with Toast and ends with Chan. Lot of TikTok Lolitas as of lately has been throwing their diss on Cgl. Ugly lor is just looking for clout bc, her views are dying and her ex gf canceled her

No. 197496

File: 1644901360314.jpeg (191.96 KB, 733x1305, B38BE968-60E6-4483-B5E4-D949A1…)


These TikTok itas think they so bold too. Everyone in lor comments

No. 197502

File: 1644904953506.jpeg (298.87 KB, 786x993, D9342A99-A5BA-4E5A-A176-ECB01F…)

The state of this community

No. 197503

That’s not her but her tranny lover kek

No. 197526

anon, this isn't a new concept. cgl has always been a topic for external lolitas.

No. 197528

jesus.. talk about out of touch with reality. being in a fantasy world, I'd say is a bit more out of touch than anything else. general consensus doesn't override science, we're not living in the dark ages.(learn2sage)

No. 197579

File: 1644975194498.jpeg (148.63 KB, 828x876, 52AFC5C0-725B-44CD-872C-74C290…)

She went private >>197489

No. 197595

Getting a taste of her own medicine I see.

No. 197616

Kek. she made rose nocturnal go into hiding so, it’s funny how she went private.

No. 197676

hope she stays in private forever so i never have to see her big toe looking ass ever again

No. 197689

File: 1645050333793.jpeg (127.84 KB, 750x440, 37B40ABD-0304-4F3B-BEAA-36193F…)

I guess she’s trying to be the new Tyler just with less flavor

No. 197701

File: 1645056794946.jpeg (563.37 KB, 828x1712, 1B0A0548-68C6-4EE9-A028-3B615C…)

Ok I thought it was a joke but she does look like Peter Griffin here.

No. 197711

between how long she pauses between words and awkwardly looks into the camera like she's having a bm send my sides into orbit

No. 197713

Her hair is so tragic. Cute short hairstyles are possible, wigs exist and she chooses to look like this.

No. 197716

File: 1645063353089.jpeg (493.62 KB, 824x1300, A2B212AE-4BE9-4150-9092-1BEEF5…)

Why does she have followers? This shit just encourages her cancer content

No. 197723

They’re probably bought followers based on those views.
Maybe she’s a “they” and needs to look boyish

No. 197724

>40-60 Views On Her Videos
Hmmm, maths aren't adding up.

No. 197725

They’re probably bought followers based on those views.
Maybe she’s a “they” and needs to look boyish

No. 197727

They look like they're bought. The low engagement is a giveaway. I notice more lolitas on Tiktok and Insta are buying followers. One example off the top of my head besides this girl is rabidsquishy.

No. 197734

File: 1645073148085.jpeg (248.41 KB, 828x1542, E616B4BF-B402-4627-B5CE-6963FA…)

It’s all fake followers. Took a glimpse at her followers and it’s all bots. There’s no way she’s getting cocky all up in TikTok lolitas group chats to be pulling this shit.

Here’s her posting how she was at 10k 2 weeks ago and magically went to 14k

No. 197736

File: 1645073327258.jpeg (178.65 KB, 828x1672, 3681A190-A489-445E-A1B4-9528E4…)

Duplicate bot accounts

No. 197962

It has been confirmed Cupcake bought followers multiple times I am not even surprised.

No. 198028

If that photo came from her private IG account, go fuck yourself

No. 198033

File: 1645280706693.jpeg (386.03 KB, 828x1118, D7B254DF-1EAE-4D6E-8CD2-4CE348…)

Its public retard. People are tired of seeing this shit in tags

No. 198034

File: 1645280780565.jpeg (736.54 KB, 828x988, E8553782-0D91-4D1D-B484-9B8F1C…)

No. 198035

I love how people are canceling tokimeibunny but, are letting troons slide bc of “trans” and “UwU”. At least tokimekibunny left that shit before posting her porn thirst trap

This just proves that this community picks and chooses

No. 198036

how about they enjoy following people who coord well and don’t envelope themselves in a shitstorm of controversy?

No. 198041

lol and you canceled toki

No. 198042

Why do they always show their bulge purposely? In the mtf thread they get off at having their bulge seen throw their boxed bikini

No. 198043

do men show their bulges wearing lolita? no. only sexual deviants and kinksters

No. 198083

Men who wears lolita a just sickos

No. 198098

This guy is revolting idk why so many lolitas follow him and his gf. He admits this is a kink and they just allow it. This is why comms aren't safe anymore, there's no gatekeeping the perverts

No. 198100

He coords well. It’s not surprising that lolitas follow lolitas that coord well

No. 198101

Yeah but they usually rage at sissies if they see one NSFW shit on their profile.

No. 198117

File: 1645340732214.jpeg (286.04 KB, 828x1399, 8495AEC0-4108-462F-90B2-83F3E9…)

Here they go again on Tyler and spreading lor bs

No. 198118

File: 1645340801880.jpeg (286.07 KB, 828x1421, 18503BAE-E35E-42B2-8333-938058…)

No. 198120

File: 1645340975108.jpeg (274.67 KB, 828x1421, 185DCB4F-E03E-48D0-BACE-E9E152…)

Still pushing the Tyler is “anti poc” despite showing no proof and just words thrown out there.

No. 198121

File: 1645341227842.jpeg (305.1 KB, 828x1412, C1E80575-FA55-4972-B9B9-885904…)

No. 198130

i think mintypile also seems to have bought insta followers?

No. 198131

I can almost hear the whiny voice through the text of the one trying to be offended by Tyler's excellent video about why you shouldn't bow down to bullies.

No. 198133

Samefag, also love how they are talking over a POC (the one who says they're from Asia, I assume actually Asian) and invalidating their opinion, while complaining about Tyler apparently invalidating American POC by making a video about standing up to bullies.
Mariah, who appears to be white from her profile image, even straight up gives the user a suggested rephrasing of their own opinion?? to better suit her narrative.
The one commenter Poldy nailed it, it was the social bullying ("canceling") the West do to celebrities and nothing more.

No. 198141

was this thread deleted?

No. 198148

File: 1645364270928.jpeg (130.82 KB, 827x642, FB785BF7-F6E9-436F-8C04-66C42D…)

Yes the thread was removed. OP’s question was fair though on the matter. Not many Lolitas are interested in making longer content anymore and moved to TikTok style of video editing.

No. 198149

File: 1645364971846.jpeg (315.12 KB, 828x1423, 1BD21C83-24D6-40E8-87C0-31AF75…)

I think they’re just mad that someone who is a Poc doesn’t agree with their way of pushing this toxic cancellation bandwagon. As a Poc too, I don’t think Tyler was aggressive and was just misread on the matter with lor’s situation.

No. 198150

File: 1645365083161.jpeg (317.38 KB, 828x1426, 700DCA45-B99F-4BDE-BAA3-183240…)

No. 198151

File: 1645365197690.jpeg (325.62 KB, 828x1416, D910B19D-3231-4685-BF59-055BC6…)

No. 198180

I think it’s stupid that lor and Tyler stopped being friends over Tyler making a video standing up for her friend. If I’m as lor sure I should have probably been mad about her going against my wishes. But after taking a step back I would have been like woo what a great friend who choose to stand up for me when I couldn’t even do that myself.

No. 198209

She asked her not to make the video. If I was trying to make a non issue disappear I'd be pretty pissed off if my friend dragged it back up and publicly made a big deal out of it

No. 198213

Yeah this generation is fucked. No one wants to stick up to cancellation or defend their friends.

No. 198245

>But after taking a step back I would have been like woo what a great friend who choose to stand up for me when I couldn’t even do that myself.
Yes, exactly, she did a great thing imo.

No. 198252

File: 1645459442692.jpeg (190.9 KB, 808x991, EE3389B1-206C-4CB2-9348-AB8810…)

What’s the deal with her? I always see her getting into it with others or raging on another ita. As if these people aren’t doing the exact same shit the boards are doing

No. 198255

File: 1645461251163.jpeg (88.45 KB, 249x307, 4D7B8C85-DA44-4504-9A8D-D2CEB0…)

There is a bullying problem, BUT, don’t they make fun of itas 24/7. They seem to enjoy shitting on other TikTok itas but, get mad at the ita thread. Inb4 I get called a “vendetta” this is just criticism that she cannot take unfortunately.

I’ll never understand TikTok litas seething over one another and fighting with people in comments section. That’s what makes the lolita community look like trash and get people calling Lolitas unhinged elitists whores.

Hate how TikTok litas represents the community now. Wish we can go back to vlogging and unique videos from wardrobe posting and updates. Pearliecute, T cake, jemma, candy carnival, kimbuucha, justine Chantelle, vanilla bear, rose nocturnalia, asami moon, wonderlandlolita, unicorn princess, princess fancypants, Shelby cloud, and more good channels.

No. 198258

Lor should be happy she had a friend like Tyler. The fashion tends to have a lot of backstabbers and jealousy. Tyler honestly stood up for her friend rather than bailing on her. She made sure lor wasn’t bullied into silence and left lolita.

But again, I wish that lor had never met Tyler. Before Lor met Tyler, Tyler’s content was genuinely getting good and had potential. Now with lor pulling Tyler through hell, she has to go full autistic sjw in her newer videos to appeal to lor’s audience cancellation. Tyler seem to be hiding her real personality with a fake one in 2022. I hope she finds herself and feels more comfortable with making videos.

No. 198266

God that green she dyes her hair to is so fucking bad.

No. 198271

oompa loompa ita kek

No. 198272

I get her mixed up with dreamy_pastel_princess for whatever reason.

No. 198275

tiktok represents the youth(and immature) part of the community. the way tiktok works enables this bullying shit because everyone just believes the first thing they hear and bandwagon to be popular. tiktok as a platform is toxic as hell and so it poisons the rest of the community.

No. 198281

This! It sadly comes at a cost

No. 198290

Is this bait?
>real personality
Did you not see tylers old goth blog she so quickly deleted as soon as it was dug up. Her old videos are still up
She's always been a pretentious piece of shit who thinks she's the authority of any niche subculture she's apart of.
She only gained any attention when her channel started because she tried so hard to skinwalk lor and attention seek. Tyler is what made the community and newbies so annoyingly SALTY for the last couple of years. Before they would just do that behind people's backs. She literally encouraged people to openly be cunts to each other and than quote "lolitas are lovely" cause they have somthing to prove. But go off preaching about how sweet and innocent tyler was before evil lor ruined her.

Like if your going to wk So hard don't lie.

No. 198293

> She only gained any attention when her channel started because she tried so hard to skinwalk lor and attention seek. Tyler is what made the community and newbies so annoyingly SALTY for the last couple of years.

The community always had a salt issue even before Tyler came into the picture. You newfag lor tards just keep pounding keys to defend your ita savior

No. 198300

Where did I defend lor.
Tyler took the salt issue and made it so much worse. No one should defend Tyler and if they do its because they're guilty of the same toxic behaviors

No. 198302

Honestly the whole situation was stupid.
Tyler basically poured gasoline on a shit fire

No. 198305

this is extremely obnoxious. also her hair is awful. always.

No. 198308

No shit. All Lolitas are unhinged bitches but you can’t blame just Tyler for this community autism. Lor is also involved in this shit and her fault liking shit that her sjw fans that cannot handle.

No. 198322

>Tyler took the salt issue and made it so much worse.
We get it, you're new.

No. 198330

I have a feeling alot of you saying this weren't around before tyler. But I must just be such an oldfag that I sound new.
Tyler made new lolitas think that in order to be a lolita they have to be bitches.
Before that people who wore lolitas were just bitches by nature.

Now stop the infighting.
Tyler and lor are both stupid and unbearable. So is every lolita.

There is no sides to pick so dont act like you need to defend tyler and anyone who doesnt is in defense of lor.

No. 198336

File: 1645509731014.png (210.58 KB, 640x590, C9C12CA9-8772-45A8-8210-A02565…)

SALT has been around even before Tyler gain an audience in 2016. Early days cgl was nice but, guess who started the ita shaming threads? Who created Behind the bows? Was it Tyler that sparked the bitchy behaviors? Was it deerstalker Lolita crew? Was it lor?

I hope you retards remember when they harassed milkyfawn away from lolita but yes let’s put the salt blame on Tyler,, who’s whole persona is a parody of bitchy elitist lolita.

No. 198338

File: 1645511092113.jpeg (219.81 KB, 828x1727, 833DE50D-BA1D-4911-8C8B-37DD24…)

Deets on merryloli on lacemarket? Apparently this TikTok ita is exposing them. It looks pretty bad for this seller

TikTok: kelsiskye86

No. 198340

this is the cringiest shit i've ever read. even if you're this tilted just play it off. what a sperg. i have PTSD now too.

No. 198347

Stop fucking sperging about things that aren't being said. No one's blaming tyler for why the community sucks. She's being blamed for encouraging it and creating her whole platform based on salt and drama

No. 198351

If no one found her content entertaining, she wouldn't have a platform. You're making her out to be an actual influencer with an agenda instead of a lolita who dgaf posting snarky videos most people wouldn't have the courage to put their name and face to and being awkward with her boyfriend spazzing about dresses. People responded to her content and that's why her platform grew. The community has always been saltier than the dead sea. The archives of behind the bows are literally right there. Maybe do some research before you LARP.

No. 198363

No one is responsible bc most lolitas are batshit.

Can confirm BTB struck more salt back in LJ days

This is a bit too much. Seller is so full of themself

No. 198364

File: 1645538514874.jpeg (247.87 KB, 828x1534, 1AD7040D-8F9C-4B55-8FE3-04288E…)

Cupcake got 15.1k now. Maybe she’ll surpass lovely lor at any day. I give it til May

No. 198367

File: 1645540801206.png (1.32 MB, 1440x866, Screenshot_20220222-083902.png)

Already up to 15.2k in a couple hours. Does she really think noone notices?

No. 198371

She bought a dress that was listed as new and an XL. Dress arrived and it was a small that was obviously used.

She messaged the seller and the seller said that they only carry XL’s and there is no way that they sent her a small. Seller let’s her return it but won’t offer a refund until they get the dress back.

She sends the dress back and Merryloli sent this stupid message. That’s what I picked up from her tiktok video at least

No. 198397

You farmers think anyone gonna call her out on this one?

No. 198401

No bc she's going to bully us out of lolita with her crew :/
just like she did to rose nocturnalia.

No. 198411

kek what army? 15k of bots?

No. 198414

Nonny was being facetious.

No. 198493

File: 1645626606112.png (1.34 MB, 1440x714, Screenshot_20220223-073430.png)

300 more in 24 hours

No. 198502

Anyone got the screenshots of @spoopypants being transphobic?

No. 198513

File: 1645641029408.jpg (228.36 KB, 1080x2400, 1645597808579.jpg)


No. 198520

Is this guy a fetishist/sissy? Not saying she’s not unhinged but I always got weird vibes from this dude.

No. 198524

As annoying as she is
that’s pretty based of her tbh

No. 198525

File: 1645649714159.jpeg (29.82 KB, 275x230, EEB68822-2707-4761-9DC1-7940DA…)

No. 198527

yeah i'm thinking based

No. 198529

The issue isn't sp00py for being a terf, it's whoever held onto this since September and just recently released it to get her kicked from the Seattle comm. Clearly they agreed with the sentiment kek. This guy is definitely a fetishist and they choose him over an actual female…

No. 198531

Can guarantee he's probably on Fetlife as that is a sissy paradise, especially with the Lolita coord look.

No. 198537

But nonny! He's asexual! No man has ever lied to take advantage of women!

No. 198539

Yeah this is definitely someone trying to get her banned. Don’t like her but, why wait months to expose her discord chat? This is clearly someone doing their dirty work on her. I hate her sjw and feminism rants but, let’s not act like this community doesn’t have ssues with creeps.

No. 198540

Did she actually get kicked from her comm over this? That’s BS

No. 198549

No. 198564

Who got the ban caps from comm mods

No. 198578

I'll take a bitchy girl over an ugly moid in a dress any day, he's not even effeminate, just a disgusting fetishist. No woman should ever be kicked from a women's community because she offended a male, that's fucked up.

No. 198580

File: 1645692904224.jpeg (155.39 KB, 960x983, 8F390B12-9707-4522-A851-1EE9C0…)

Men telling women what to do

No. 198582

Have to agree with her here. I wish more women can call this behavior out in the lolita community. Meanwhile, we’re seeing Tyler fake approving this “bearded lolita” nonsense out of the fear of losing her special snowflake fan base who funds her monthly on Patreon. The reason why Tyler is so drunk in her recent videos is because, she can’t force to say half of the dumb sjw shit when sober.

Anyways, I hope the unhinged Terf based lolita sees that there are people in this community who thinks the same but, are scared to say anything bc of being banned.

No. 198583

File: 1645694195764.jpeg (201.87 KB, 828x1340, EA438ED9-5FC8-4903-873B-F1AF80…)

Oh neorococomemes

No. 198584

>>198513 >>198578
OT: This is what the sjw feminists wanted. They’ll say “fuck men” just to go fuck a sick misogynistic troon. They care way more about Male feelings over their own sisters. Men found a loophole to trick women with the transgender shit and it’s working. They love it when women tears each other apart for them and getting off the idea of invading women’s spaces to get their girldick rock hard. Women’s health is thrown to the bottom of the bin while, transgender reassignment surgery is high priority and cost free. Women’s history month, achievements, health, voices, and future will be erased. Those who says anons are being “transphobic” are in denial privileged white feminists who speaks over minorities in arguments and issues. lesbians getting cancelled in the metoo tag from tinder date MTF lying to them and forcing them to suck their girldick is peaktrans.

No. 198585

File: 1645695904439.jpeg (164.95 KB, 822x1265, CDE45F85-448C-4C7F-8844-D17603…)

Are we doing updates for cupcake hime’s followers count now? Will she have 30k before Milky planet MTO announcement is even released?

No. 198587

based radfem-chan

No. 198590

She's mostly inactive? Kek. Is that SJW speak for "I virtue signal when I feel like it and only if it scores me more points with the woke crowd" ?

No. 198594

File: 1645710044402.jpg (1002.3 KB, 1079x1509, Screenshot_20220224-133925_Ins…)

why does this chick shoop her face so hard?? it looks insane

No. 198595

File: 1645710469950.jpg (814.77 KB, 1079x1792, Screenshot_20220224-134258_Ins…)

they don't even look like the same person lmao

No. 198599

File: 1645717137283.jpeg (326.57 KB, 1125x1638, E87B64D6-7191-452A-877B-571386…)


No. 198601

Please no one else respond to this retarded bait… This is old stale milk nona.

The military outfit worn here is green with a red star and is not nazi affiliated. She has worn black military inspired outfits with iron eagles and iron crosses (actual nazi symbols) but DDZ is retarded and wrote "assimilate", she probably believes communism will lead to everyone wearing grey and only having one pair of shoes. Lol

No. 198603

I think its in bad taste because of the current political situation anon

No. 198605

This is why gatekeeping is necessary. The concept of "anyone can wear lolita" needs to die out already.

No. 198606

>mfw he is going to return it for a different size

No. 198607

Christ, she's already at 15.9k. I'm expecting her to be be at 16k by the end of the day and making her "THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE 20K FOLLOWERS" video before mid march.

No. 198609

File: 1645721771942.png (391.11 KB, 1512x1716, E4E97E3C-C93A-4B09-A155-4308C8…)

Stolen from cgl. Why do men try us

No. 198611

File: 1645721807737.png (168.97 KB, 840x1032, 9E0674C1-4DC3-456F-9384-23C279…)

No. 198612

File: 1645721904706.png (432.01 KB, 668x2100, EEE4ECEF-9A9E-44C5-9748-3B2E03…)

No. 198613

File: 1645722000851.png (245.97 KB, 840x932, EA8C5E27-8227-428E-BF41-9A4E76…)

No. 198616

They will always try, the question is why do we allow them into our spaces? That mod is trash, it was obvious from the get-go it was a fetishist. Women, stop giving men the benefit of the doubt in this fashion.

No. 198617

File: 1645722918856.jpeg (846.67 KB, 828x1740, 8C317B9F-B2BB-4A22-ABE2-391629…)

A trash fire event

No. 198618

File: 1645723011082.jpeg (392.57 KB, 828x1472, A1C05F83-BCA3-4B8B-8BBB-A9E7A1…)

No. 198621

File: 1645723110604.jpeg (206.11 KB, 828x1246, 41E3E947-E9CD-42FD-9240-50B262…)

No. 198622

File: 1645723224279.jpeg (243.25 KB, 828x1472, C6D10568-C103-4910-A9C2-4053EE…)

No. 198632

Based mod
Man takes advantage of female socialization and politeness, the movie. Can't believe these girls even replied politely to his crossdressing fetish pics.

No. 198645

We’re at 16k gworls!

No. 198646

I like this coord except for the dumb hat.

No. 198655

The person on the bottom is giving me age player vibes.

No. 198662

what comm's server did this happen in?

No. 198663

someone want to out who she was messaging that they thought was a good idea to break a private conversation out into public for their own beliefs?

Asking because I don't want to run into one of these fuckers. They deserve to also have their identity known for doing this.

No. 198664

must be extreme body dysmorphia. she's way cuter unshooped

No. 198665

Out them anon
I’ll give you brand kek

No. 198666

I don't know it, but I'm surprised Nat isn't making it public

No. 198674

I heard it was her ex girlfriend that went to the mods and leaked information. I’m in the Seattle comm and I’ve never liked the mods, they’re on an insane power trip(sage)

No. 198678

File: 1645754895000.jpeg (273.54 KB, 828x1320, 68721E6F-75F4-4433-829C-F500E2…)

Troon enabler ex did Terf gf dirty

No. 198681

This reminds me of holly ditching and canceling lor

No. 198700

Isn't that a bit fucking invasive and wrong? That basically is completely toxic and retaliatory for anyone to go with an ex outing private messages.

I'm guessing this is because she's gay and her ex is the pro-trans gay. There's seriously 2 types and for good reason, because even a gay friend of mine has had to deal with the guilting troon behaviorisms to date them.(sage)

No. 198705

Can you stupid fucks learn to sage?

No. 198711

anon, do you even know what the fucking purpose of a sage is to begin with? holy christ, it's more than obvious that lolcow is the first experience with sage you've EVER had

No. 198761

she's cute and based i want to be her friend

No. 198782

File: 1645824310987.png (78.85 KB, 776x352, ADF87786-A606-4E8D-8F1D-5817AA…)

No. 198795

File: 1645837865713.jpeg (400.9 KB, 828x1298, 3210CFDC-AF35-417C-BF6A-E37353…)

Neoroccocomemes cancelled nat

No. 198796

File: 1645837940695.jpeg (531.71 KB, 828x1337, 8B71FE0A-9B4D-429A-B43A-28A2CF…)

No. 198799

File: 1645840390571.jpeg (50.58 KB, 224x212, 41305D74-1A60-44B9-BBF0-AD59F4…)


Nat posted this

No. 198801

Neoroccocomemes is trans??

No. 198803

shes a woman pretending to be gender neutral because she's ugly

No. 198806

>"I'm in my little sister's room"
Someone save her

No. 198807

It's a Chinese communist army themed outfit…

No. 198816

Old? She posted it 2 weeks ago and said it was a communism-inspired outfit with the hat being directly from China

No. 198817

File: 1645854755851.jpeg (98.59 KB, 1125x589, B31895DF-8A4D-4B89-9F60-EF5336…)

No. 198826

File: 1645863451705.png (92.85 KB, 1587x342, dN94smf.PNG)

can't prove it hence the sage but just based on
>music prints owned
>poorfag whining
i'm pretty sure these /cgl/ posts were her, talking about bunnii.boy in the top post.
good for her but she's definitely still gc, or at least comfortable with using "questionable and hateful" language kek

No. 198852

Seattle comm is messy

No. 198858

Typical radical leftists.

No. 198859

File: 1645895078360.png (1.24 MB, 1440x640, Screenshot_20220226-110320.png)

No. 198872

File: 1645902419405.png (61.08 KB, 805x368, kk.png)

Since apparently some cunt wanted to report me for vendetta on 4chan.

Blocked out the name and everything, but yes here is more evidence of the crazy bullshit around Nat/Spooky. I'm not going to let this evidence drop on people doing crazy vendetta shit

Admins/mods of this discord server for Babylita HQ also admit to going to 4chan and are obsessively posting about Spooky on 4chan. Isn't that a transphobe place?

No. 198873

wow she just admitted to being a 4channer. that's my screenshot, with the name blurred out. LOL

No. 198874

any meme page that uses it's following to cancel people, you should block. that's not the kind of vitrol you should support

No. 198880

She doesn't even post memes anymore just comes on sometimes to blast people.

No. 198883

File: 1645912263539.png (181.14 KB, 654x634, 1ABA40AB-5C8D-4903-8FAE-6BB7CA…)

No. 198884

Well for starters that’s not anything close to being a gothic coord

No. 198901

File: 1645925729714.jpg (91.89 KB, 640x468, cHGHbKk.jpg)

Anyone know if true? kek imagine being this fucking sloppy

No. 198906

What account are you even talking about

No. 198910

This is @jfashion.watchdog

No. 198919

Why post this if you’re going to censor their account names out. I’m sure cotton_Candy.Hime profile pic was a easy give away but, who the hell is the other person?

No. 198921

File: 1645939832614.png (821.58 KB, 750x1334, D9FCD328-768D-4F12-90BF-C342CC…)

Someone is trying to cancel kaneko because they’re too concerned about their business rather than the war

No. 198922

File: 1645939859264.png (647.89 KB, 750x1334, 2C3B63A7-3F34-448A-8C45-07E009…)

No. 198928

OP here. I didn't censor them, it's from BtB. Idk who the other person is either.

No. 198931

Protesting in Russia is extremely dangerous and far more impactful than this lady reposting some tweets on her story from Germany. I hate people like this.

No. 198939

Military lolita was a mistake

No. 198943

lol this, it’s analogous to the idiots who tried to cancel taobao brands when they didn’t speak out against Xinjiang cotton

I’m amazed at the people protesting in Moscow. What balls

No. 198974

They can't speak out, they're already on Putin's naughty list for other reasons. In their situation, keeping quiet is the only choice when it comes to survival.

No. 198978

File: 1645994153752.png (941.52 KB, 1175x959, Aubrie_Ciolino_-_Copy.png)

No. 198979

File: 1645994286014.jpg (243.39 KB, 1347x920, Aubrie_Ciolino2_-_Copy.JPG)

No. 198980

File: 1645994503895.jpg (279.31 KB, 1002x782, Aubrie_Ciolino3_-_Copy.jpg)

No. 198981

kek at the "art institute" logo. scam school.

No. 198985

Probably all she could get into with her IQ

No. 198990

File: 1646009347948.jpeg (277.08 KB, 828x1291, 4E5238B3-B9F0-4F53-AEC6-081C7C…)

Fatty wants to cancel transphobe

No. 198994

This is just like when neorococomemes tried to cancel someone for not "doing enough" for BLM. Performative bullshit under the guise of "caring about these issues guys!!"

No. 198995

is anyone else uncomfortable with adults trying to mass-"cancel" / punish / excommunicate a minor? obviously no one has to interact with her if they disagree with her actions but it's super weird that adults are engaging in this, especially when she hasn't done anything harmful (like scamming/theft) that genuinely warrants a warning

No. 199011

how will they learn if we don’t cancel them for private messages where they act like teenagers

No. 199015

P00py is in college isnt she ??

No. 199022

You can be a minor in college

No. 199030

No. 199033

File: 1646055897056.png (1.61 MB, 828x1792, IMG_6588.png)

This one is actually worse.

No. 199034

File: 1646057635516.png (4.23 MB, 750x1334, 21F0479F-D6B9-499C-8621-0E90E2…)

What bitches when Kaneko is publicly posting this

No. 199035

can someone who speaks sjw translation this garbage for me?

No. 199036

Kaneko is letting customers know if Paypal is still available as a payment method since they're a business. Lena hates Russians and wants them to shut down their business and starve.

No. 199037


This is actually unhinged. Kaneko literally risking their lives protesting in an autocratic country and this bitch posting comfortably from her home that they're not doing enough and they should suffer and starve for her likely fat ass.

No. 199043

she's 18

No. 199045

I actually think she's 19 going on 20 at this point. But in either case she's not a minor.

No. 199046

Lena is fucking crazy, she is using the fact she is descended from jews as an excuse for telling Kaneko to starve. She is just an american living in Germany, she is so off base here.

No. 199062

that's what i thought. pretty disgusting.

No. 199073

These “virtue signalers” are such garbage people. Do they think they’re going to get popular for being such SJWs

No. 199109

Are you retarded? Because I'm not and I went to college at 16. I can't think of any college that doesn't allow minors.

No. 199125

>Chinese communist army
It makes it even worse tbh. Mao killed more civilians than Hitler or Stalin. Yet it's okay to idolize maoism in the west whilst anything fascism related would cause an uproar. It's not because Mao killed only asian people (instead of european jews) that their deaths do not matter.

No. 199147

>"wE dOn'T giVe A shIt aBoUt ThE WaR"
What a brat

They're just people doing their job, they need money to buy groceries and pay rent like every other business owner. Just because they don't engage in hardcore performative activism, doesn't mean they don't give a shit about what's happening. They're already protesting, and considering the circumstances in russia and the constant risk of getting arrested, protesting even once might in fact be the best they can do. Russians are suffering from the sanctions and their individual consequences, most of them are drowning in guilt and shame over their shitty government. So yes, they're literally also victims (unless they support putin ofc). They're not responsible for the war and it's not their job to make it end. That's the job of those in power.
Pretty sure she's aware of that but wants to shit on their business regardless.

No. 199151

This is what happens when the left eats their own. A tale as old as time.

No. 199175

This. Only crazed nationalists like chinese communism. Even people who claim to love communism turn their noses up. What a disgusting clout chaser. She also clearly has something wrong with her mentally to keep posing like a mannequin in every fucking photo.

No. 199179

It keeps going up. She just said a well known old school dress was a let-down compared to the ugly pretty princess dressup clolita brainrot and is backtracking really hard in her comments

No. 199186

Not surprised, she has absolute shit bottom of the barrel taste.

No. 199190

A free pass for what? Kaneko is trying to ensure their customers can get pay for and receive their items. They're also protesting against the war. What's even the problem here?

No. 199195

File: 1646183082491.jpeg (926.11 KB, 828x1519, D62363BA-E390-4257-8D08-93E078…)

No. 199196

File: 1646183121605.jpeg (377.09 KB, 828x923, E711BA3F-0DF5-4FEE-B7A5-7DDB9C…)

No. 199199

how embarassing

No. 199201

Cupcake Hime isn’t allowed to comment on anything until she fixes her petticoat and learns how to do basic coording

No. 199204

>Old School
Has she looked at her own coords? Her lack of self awareness almost awe inspiring. What does she see when she looks in the mirror at her coords?

No. 199208

when are they going to figure out how to properly lipsync? it looks like he just flaps his gums indiscriminately

No. 199211

no one said they're not allowed, retard. but it's not common. you should probably go back to college.

No. 199226

She is a minor (could be in running start) and to be fair any retard shaming a minor for being uncomfortable with large adult men who probably fetishize the fashion should seriously take a step back. These are natural defenses that women have and you need to understand that this shit is biology to detect danger in men.. Jesus christ, people. Protect the kids in the community.

No. 199228

She’s 18, but I still agree with you, nonny

No. 199235

File: 1646196815634.jpeg (676.95 KB, 828x1019, 19BA1D56-4125-425C-9C95-D3DA81…)

Who wants to watch the itas live? And why tag this bullshit as ILD?

No. 199245

If you're going to make jokes, make sure they're funny for starters. She's backpedaling because nobody cares about her lack of taste.

No. 199248

File: 1646226516217.png (1.24 MB, 1440x613, Screenshot_20220302-070331.png)

1.1K In 4 more days

No. 199276


Barely a budge in her likes too. At least pay for some likes to match up the followers lol

No. 199278

File: 1646245751013.png (550.21 KB, 750x1334, 87932C44-1746-4F43-BFA9-C6DCD1…)

People are just going after every small business. Going after people who aren’t even in Russia or the Ukraine

No. 199281

This is BLM all over again kek.

Also her other alt is @kouyaxkawaii

No. 199290


OT because this wasn't a lolita but I saw someone lambast everyone who wasn't posting Ukraine all the time on their stories. People are sgoing apeshit over who can virtue signal more over a human tragedy, it's disgusting.

No. 199305

Ignoring AAPI hate is fine.
Not sharing about the fall of Kabul and its citizens needing help is okay too.
Not posting to your stories about the crisis in Syria is alright too since that didn't get much coverage.
But not making every post about BLM or Ukraine when they're trending? You're cancelled.

No. 199346

do you think these people even know anything about what's happening in the world if it's not trending on twitter?

No. 199416

Anon, no one cares unless you're a kinkster.

No. 199461

File: 1646416705744.png (408.45 KB, 1440x931, Screenshot_20220304-125648.png)

How you feel about her getting banned nonwithstanding, this is pathetic. She's a lolcow herself, honestly.

No. 199473

Most teenagers act cringe as hell, she's no different. It's not milk.

No. 199476

Shes still an adult, nonny. Her age doesn't stop her from being milky. Calling herself a femcel and relating to the joker is milk. We've laughed at other people who are her age or younger, she gets a pass why?

No. 199482


No. 199483

Fucking read the thread, holy shit.

No. 199488

Her opinion on trannies is pretty based but other than that she's a laughingstock

No. 199528

Good for her for sticking up to this canceling bullshit kek.

No. 199608

Her age isn't excusing her from anything, I'm just saying being cringe isn't milk, it's just normal teenage behavior.


No. 199762

How was ita day, nonas? Was it worth it?

No. 199916

cringey stuff that cows do has always been posted as milk here

No. 201030

File: 1647272960491.jpeg (386.37 KB, 1125x1203, 68FFBE88-ADDD-4F04-868B-5A1568…)

Mintypile blatantly buys followers. As of right now she has 20.9k followers on Instagram despite her coord pics averaging only about 300 likes each.

No. 201033

No she just posts tons of reels. That’s pretty standard for people who post reels constantly, it gets followers quick but little to no engagement.

No. 201123

Seconding this. She gets followers from reels but they're normies who don't comment or like her other content. She doesn't get much engagement from lolitas aside from the SF comm because she dresses like Lor's twin.

No. 201173

Things are so slow that buying followers is milk now? I know she follows, unfollows, and follows people to get their attention. This literal who copying tiktok trends is determined to be e-famous for some reason.

No. 201246

Reels are incredibly broken on Instagram
If you spam post them like she does then you get tons of follows even if instagram doesn’t push out normal photos
I’m sure being part of those Bay Area kei events doesn’t hurt her popularity either(sage your shit)

No. 201512

File: 1647496006374.jpg (399.02 KB, 1080x1017, Screenshot_20220316-224340_Ins…)

As much as I don't want her dog to suffer I'm glad she's gotten so few donations. Just sell some of your wardrobe if you're in such a debt crisis.

No. 201608

Is this the same retard on LM shouting about her dog's eye surgery in all her listings

No. 201634

Yes kek. "lolita debt crisis" but won't sell anything for her dog, just expects others to pay for it.

No. 201781

Wow. I've literally seen her name pop up a few times on the front page because she bought something.
If the situation was that dire you'd think this fool would stop wasting her money on new dresses and pay for her dogs damn surgery.

No. 202561

File: 1647980023851.jpeg (225.82 KB, 828x1515, 3775F77F-0DC2-4101-8996-44889B…)

The TikTok itas got to her?

No. 202569

she’s so unfortunate looking. She always picking her fights with random people on TikTok of all places. Who cares what people on TikTok think about lolita and making 6 reply videos on their comments. Move on

No. 202590

She’s a massive cow, both physically and literally. It’s just that since the initial milk spill about her being a delusional sexworker came out she’s better at filtering what the public sees. It surprises me zero percent to learn she gets into fights with people on TikTok

No. 202597

File: 1647994908796.jpeg (206.59 KB, 827x1215, 7395A5A2-06F5-4C83-B918-F62EA0…)

Unfortunate indeed

No. 202614

She's not that unfortunate, she just needs better styling, aka, not lolita.

No. 202724

Why do her hands look like that?

No. 202821

File: 1648084787230.jpeg (43.45 KB, 198x400, 9F845AC0-B20D-402D-A677-2AD336…)

No. 202827

Get new glasses nonny. Another style won't make an ounce of difference.

No. 202862

Shes built like a hobbit. Literally I think she qualifies as a drawf.

No. 202891


Do y'all hate her only because of her sex work?

No. 202895

This is lolcow people here we hate anyone over anything including just being fat kek

No. 202896

Oh boy, here we go again with the whiteknighting. There’s plenty of other reasons to dislike her, for example her being a hypocrite and insufferable shit stirrer. And being so autistic about reporting posting Reddit screenshots and similar fare as “doxxing” that farmhands had to make several posts telling her to knock it off.

No. 202897

She’s a known drama whore and shit stirrer. No one cares about her sex work.

No. 202902

Maybe she should stop shading people in discord chats and stop thinking she’s above others. She shamed sex workers as if she wasn’t one too

No. 202907

Post the milk anon

No. 202966

File: 1648155095934.jpeg (136.25 KB, 540x960, 14BF080B-83AC-4DA8-B8CB-C6A3C2…)

Fake Japanese name girl is at it again. This girl, sorry, they/them from
My comm is a mess.
She is so easy to anger and is a huge SJW. This was her dream photoshoot. At least shop out the three chins.
It was a mess.

No. 202971

If this is dreamy_pastel_Princess way of shitting up her comm and posting other fat girls to gear the attention away from her then, I got news for you. Not only she post people in the ita thread but, she’s know to be sneaky with it. I occasionally visit Dallas and she is a known drama hungry bitch. She even makes her TikTok group army jump down on anyone who criticizes her

No. 203010

Nice derail attempt

No. 203012

You think she’s the one behind posting cupcakes hime / Erdrich cupcake on all boards? Both are big spurgers when it comes to threads.

No. 203014

Alright I’ll take the bait. Why would it be her. There is 0 evidence

No. 203016

Yes the girl coord is ita but, it’s so funny that you went to her profile (that is set to friends only) and out yourself. Not to mention someone going to comm events page to post her photos on cgl. Liv stop acting like, @Mahou.momo, who you accessed of vendetta posting you and tried to get everyone in Dallas comm to turn on.

No. 203017

Liv hates fatties even though she’s one herself.

No. 203039

If the girl pictured is in the Dallas comm, it certainly would reek of vendetta.

The sex work isn't a factor. It's her arguing with randoms on TikTok, the shopping addiction, the lack of coordination skills, the sad greasy hair, thinking she's a figurehead in the community, the vendetta campaign against momo as well as being a known gull who posts her comm members in the ita threads.

No. 203057

This looks like George Bluth in a bad coord

No. 203099

She’s reporting anons even though she vendettas momo so much

No. 203137

Damn okay I thought it was only because she's "fat" and a "sex worker".

No. 203144

I’m surprised the whole thread is still up and that her discord bffs haven’t mass reported it yet.

No. 203173

Fuck you liv

No. 203187

Yes this ita is in Dallas comm

No. 203199

You should really worry about yourself before dragging someone else for literally no reason. How embarrassing Liv.(hi cow)

No. 203204

If you bothered to read the thread there's plenty of evidence.

No. 203226

Can y’all stfu about liv

No. 203290

These anons seemed to only be bothered about those two things

No. 203297

Seriously its so repetitive the milk isn't even stale anymore. And the amount of hi cowing is obnoxious.

No. 203328

Wouldn’t be surprised if it’s liv posting here. Who cares if someone lurks on threads but, posting how Momo is behind this is dragging the drama. She never apologized for putting momo through hell in last threads, but, thinks she the queen to post other people to boost her ita self esteem.

No. 203370

This is what happens when you bring discord Lolitas into your issues. I feel bad for liv but, this community is a bunch of back stabbers. Whoever is framing liv and momo must be in liv’s discord circle. They accused and banned momo before a discord lolita exposed liv and her friends entire chat. To accuse momo of this nonsense because, momo is a known seagull on cgl is dumb. Again discord Lolitas is drama whores and fucking with liv. Same with the TikTok group

No. 203388

File: 1648318355696.jpeg (612.07 KB, 828x1225, C6C0E40C-3332-4638-8B39-A7D2A1…)

I noticed that they got posted twice recently and it’s definitely someone from Dallas or other Texas comm members in the Dallas lolitas group. Not saying that it’s liv, but it’s a possibility. Dallas comm is really nice and I hate how the reputation is getting ruined with this pettiness. This member barely posts and is super kind. It’s just weird how they are suddenly the target anytime liv is mentioned on some thread. Sure their coord is ita, but their other coords are nice.

No. 203398

sage for offtopicness, but is tyler active in the texas comm? i just feel like there's no way she doesn't post, she lives for drama despite her troon pandering

No. 203399

I don’t think she’s gone to a meet since August/September 2021

No. 203411

Going to assume she’s busy rn. Summer time is when she’s usually active

Tyler may lurk but, I don’t think she’s a unhinged thread poster. She probably have people who shares tea with her.

No. 203420

Kek the Dallas comm is NOT nice. It's full of the same backstabbing and drama as every other comm

No. 203449

File: 1648341723737.png (42.76 KB, 756x302, 5453B572-94EE-4142-94CD-AEEE37…)

Russia takes live journal from us

No. 203462

People were already slowing down on submissions for months

No. 203503

And no one thinks it’s the one Belgian girl who is somehow always involved in drama that gets posted here? She’s in that server and has openly admitted to using this site. But sage for tinfoil(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 203536

Someone with a lot of time on their hands should try archiving the older posts

No. 203540

I mean, we still have lolcow and cgl, right? BTB on LiveJournal was an extra site you’d visit every other Saturday for stale secrets. If an anon wants to resurrect BTB, I’d say Kiwi Farms could be the next place for submissions similar to Behind the Bows, but less anonymous-friendly wanting to reply to secrets. The downside part of using kiwi farms is ryudenki shitting up lolita boards and scrotes.

Tumblr is the worst site to move BTB to in 2022. Just wait until retards flag the page and secrets as bullying. Have fun trying to report shit on Kiwi Farms

No. 203541

Something tells me liv is behind this

No. 203546

File: 1648388032033.jpeg (772.11 KB, 828x989, 32B2D645-8DC9-4CE8-9B7E-06E26F…)

She thinks she’s Milky fawn now

No. 203550

File: 1648390127997.jpeg (49.47 KB, 683x143, FAAFB2FC-AD84-4848-A658-3F8671…)

This was quickly deleted

No. 203552

You know it's a slow day when anons obsess over the Liv and Momo drama again
>inb4 hi cow
you're all so obnoxious this is why this thread is shit

No. 203553

Liv and friends

No. 203559

Dunno who this is but imagine thinking anyone would be jealous of that coord kek. I hate btssb regardless but this all looks absolutely horrible on her orange skin tone

No. 203564

right? she looks like someone dressed up their aunt.

No. 203596

gonna be honest with you, I am not from the dallas comm but the second a comm flips their shit and drama flies over some ita getting their shit posted….

well I have news for you, that is not a good comm and that girl is someone you want to stay far away from if she can't take the concrit of bad coords. not even a bad coord. it's not even FUCKING lolita. It's shit clolita GARBAGE

No. 203602

liv’s projection is posting uglier members. She was so quick to post this fatty again. It’s obviously her

No. 203638

Who? A lot of Belgians come to my comms meets so I’m interested to know who this shit-stirrer is.
(Also you have to type sage in the email field to sage a post, having it in the comment field does nothing.)

Kind of agree. Sure it’s petty and I can understand being upset at the possibility of a person you know posting you to the ita thread, but friends-of-friends is not private at all. With the way many lolitas use Facebook this setting opens you up to dozens if not hundreds of strangers. It’s useless for a comm to get up in arms about this unless they have actual evidence that it was a (specific) comm member.

No. 203645

Here from cgl. Does liv actually spends her parents and sugar daddy money for brand?

No. 203664

It's either her or her discord mates posting the other comm member to deflect. This isn't the ita thread so why post >>202966 here of all places? And the amount of whinging as seen here when she's called out >>203226 >>203552 >>203297 ? Nobody screeched about stale milk when anons kept bringing up Momo for zero reason. Seek help love.

No. 203667

Everytime she’s mentioned in any thread someone always posts someone/something completely unrelated in the middle of it. Just something I’ve noticed

No. 203671

Agree. It makes no sense to why this comm member is suddenly the target and being posted here and not on Cgl ita thread. Liv and her team gets easily defensive on here. What milk does the sjw lolita have besides being a gender special fatty? It only makes liv look bad for fat shaming her comm and being transphobic.

No. 203677

>>203546 >>203671
So, she says she’s not fat while fat shaming others? >>202966

No. 203691

kek, it’s quite funny.

No. 203777

File: 1648477256135.jpeg (149.73 KB, 828x1185, E4662B38-AAE4-412C-B7DC-7630D8…)

Speaking of Texas Lolitas
It looks like Toycyborg finally calls it quits after scamming Lolitas in desperate needs for money. They also came out as he/him and no longer posts lolita. Toycyborg got call out by TikTok cosplay brolita @therealdrlove_88 for stealing his dresses after promising that it would be altered.

No. 203778

File: 1648477332266.jpeg (339.79 KB, 960x1732, 734FED89-906A-46CA-A360-6F4ECE…)

The scammer Instagram still up

No. 203779

File: 1648477471949.jpeg (629.37 KB, 828x1490, 3A1F9B93-3AAB-49D1-B230-DA3DF6…)

Them being tagged for scamming @therealdrlove_88 for taking his dresses

No. 203785

Scamming a fetishist?? Based as fuck

No. 203872

Toycyborg is a landwhale attentionwhore but kek at her for scamming a fetishist.

No. 203884

"I got scammed by another lolita fashionista; she used me for free dresses"- @therealdrlove_88


No. 203886

File: 1648507842539.jpeg (496.4 KB, 828x1539, A586173C-25FD-4FF9-B808-E05369…)

Her E begging gets annoying.
She would dm people to share her fundraisers

No. 203887

File: 1648507906597.jpeg (424.07 KB, 828x1444, ABD6A250-B9C6-4C59-B8DF-5A951F…)

No. 203889

lol therealdrlove is a joke himself. dude tries calling and putting himself in the lgbt community for simply wearing lolita or dresses.

No. 203890

Honestly he’s an idiot if he can’t find a tailor near in his area and has to rely on a very convoluted way to get his stuff altered.

No. 203891

Kek this is too funny

No. 203897

“Wear frills, Do crimes”

No. 203906

Why is this fashion attracting moids likes this?

No. 203908

Good riddance, this site is better for it anyway. At least the mods here do their job unlike the shithole that is /cgl/

No. 203911

Does he have proof to show? He didn’t share screenshots of the dms lol

No. 203919

Seattle comm really banned spoopy/Nat over this dude. >>198513

No. 203956

If she's having such a hard time dealing with her chronic diseases and it's getting so bad she can't work at times, why didn't she ever look into getting proper treatment or disability funds?
I also don't get why lolitas hold on to their wardrobes when emergencies happen, escaping an abusive household (if I were to believe her) seems more important to me than a pile of brand.

No. 203959

I'd rather die than lose all of my brand

No. 203973

fucking kek! based. even if she's trooning out, at least she did 1 thing right before she 41%s

self aware af

No. 203984

holy shit i knew he looked familiar. it's starting to really piss me off that they kicked a teenager out off a woman's fashion because she was mean to a grown ass moid. what happened to "educating" people uwu, oh but it was a girl? she can just choke and die i guess desu!

No. 204000

File: 1648570042646.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1242x1337, 4593A2BE-F70A-426C-B263-0DEF3E…)

The cringe that he’s in public like this, these poor employees

No. 204012

File: 1648573369126.jpeg (225.02 KB, 828x1194, 39CAE01B-A173-49B8-8E6C-7FC148…)

<lolcow and cgl still exists>
These retards

No. 204013

Can someone resurrect a new one. The comments in the rufflechat thread is autism.

No. 204065

I’ll miss the funny memes but it will probably just all migrate to here or /cgl. BTB was already on its way out

No. 204068

One is being made on dreamwidth, just hold tight. I'm sure admin will drop a link here or cgl in the next few weeks.

No. 204098

File: 1648605089791.png (467.98 KB, 847x548, Screenshot_2022-03-29_at_18-19…)

Speaking of this fetishist, if you look at his Instagram he has a history of interacting with minors. He also posts shit like this and claims to be heterosexual while…also being assxual somehow. There's plenty of evidence he's a sexual deviant and is likely in our community specifically to get close to and groom young women.

No. 204099

File: 1648605258014.png (419.65 KB, 952x567, Screenshot_2022-03-29_at_18-52…)

Samefagging to add he fetishizes lesbians as well. Ofc he'd join a fashion community full of lesbians to join, not suspicious at all!

No. 204102

File: 1648605652321.png (606.92 KB, 1069x567, Screenshot 2022-03-29.png)

Yeah it's pretty clear he gets off by dressing as a woman. He's got some kind of autistic fixation with pretending to be Sailor Moon as well.

No. 204108

Ew, men like this who are not even willing to shave and wear makeup should be an automatic ban. It’s clearly a fetish or way to creep on women.

No. 204109

File: 1648609251683.jpg (314.89 KB, 1080x1960, Screenshot_20220330-155949_Ins…)

He's so disgusting wtf

No. 204110

File: 1648610245049.jpeg (421.35 KB, 750x1071, 3EA0D35E-3E33-43FC-A3DC-D2DAC2…)

He’s obviously a creepy weeb fetishist

No. 204112

File: 1648610276275.jpeg (656.47 KB, 750x1029, FDACF188-F985-46BF-ADC9-B87F11…)

No. 204113

File: 1648610386464.jpeg (517.2 KB, 750x1012, 46F665CD-5DB0-4259-B8B0-8EC868…)

No. 204161


Oh darn….now Lolita's who Wana climb the EFamu latter can't make posts about themselves and claim " oh No, big mean bullies out to get me" when it was really those girls posting about themselves all along

No wonder BTB is dead. Everyone kinda caught on to the scamm.

No. 204170

Leave it to lolitas to be surprised that a guy who calls himself "the real Dr. Love" is a raging fetishist.

No. 204183

He left a weird comment on one of my IG posts forever ago and I instantly blocked him. His whole existence reeks of creepy fetishist.

No. 204185

File: 1648651660224.jpeg (24.97 KB, 258x469, BD0C6FC3-D4A5-46C6-9457-A3CE51…)

Kek. Based Nat is waiting on her apology after the fetish predator (@therealdrlove_88) is being exposed

No. 204189


most of these characters are minors no? i thought that was EVIL lol

of course they fucking kicked out a KID for a weeb fetishist with a knack for teen girl characters

No. 204223


No. 204231

File: 1648659649804.jpg (297.6 KB, 1080x1692, Screenshot_20220330-095851_Dis…)

Tbf his real name is Brandon Love. He's thinks being an ER tech is the equivalent of being a nurse or doctor, thus the "doctor" bit.

For extra keks here he is getting rejected creeping on a woman. She obviously doesn't want to be associated with those pet names and he STILL calls her princess. Fucking disgusting.

No. 204259

holy shit that is just pure kink/fetish shit.. this guy is not ok

No. 204260

dear lord I hope this guy is not local to Seattle or this is some fucking weirdo I matched with years ago.

Is he from Seattle?? The name and job is FAR TOO FAMILIAR to me

No. 204263

Yes. He has pictures at pike place on his Instagram. But I think he moved

No. 204265

I am fucking speechless. gals, don't fucking let men on tinder know your hobbies if you belong to any community. this isn't the first one and he fits the profile for height (not into short men)

seriously this is fucking creepy

No. 204266

also he's annoying as shit. I'm glad he's not local anymore and is far fucking away from me if he invaded my hobby after I blocked him. FUCK CREEPY

No. 204271

File: 1648668003041.jpeg (198.11 KB, 750x697, 3274C361-9931-4BF7-9B91-5375F3…)

Incoming dump but he leaves a lot of weird larper comments on CoF. This is just what I collected in the 3 minutes of scrolling

No. 204272

File: 1648668050288.jpeg (118.14 KB, 750x369, ACB971B0-60BE-422B-BB4A-97A080…)

No. 204273

File: 1648668166247.jpeg (215.72 KB, 750x781, 72C3C918-5996-41A2-8D0A-AD2263…)

No. 204274

4chan meme.. not sure why he thought that was appropriate..

No. 204275

File: 1648668208780.jpeg (133.37 KB, 750x615, 5BF84D10-3645-4D5C-8942-FE4E8C…)

End mini dump

No. 204276

He was in the army reserves so he was in Seattle for a while. Now he lives in Midlothian, VA now. He has himself doxxed on his public instagram. Why do these fetishists always post their addresses online? Rosie Bow did the same thing, it's like they do it on purpose.

No. 204278

Does anyone know if he has a LM account?? I want to make sure I don’t accidentally buy or sell to him.

No. 204289

No he’s in the Virginia/ Hampton roads lolita comm

No. 204291

We’re sorry queen <3

No. 204296

File: 1648671183878.jpeg (167.26 KB, 828x931, 215BF451-87C5-4581-87CC-4F1AC9…)

This was him on January 17th
demanding the VA lolita group to room with him

No. 204299

A bit weird… I get a feeling that they don't like him very much.

No. 204325

I don't blame them, it's a horny male they've never met asking to share a room.

No. 204331

File: 1648678714927.png (3.38 MB, 1242x2208, 51EDB88F-ACFD-4C3A-87E3-144351…)

BASED Sp00py dump

No. 204332

File: 1648678747783.png (974.5 KB, 1242x2208, 8C6E62BC-8CF3-408F-8E26-B1A99E…)

No. 204333

File: 1648678884767.png (866.26 KB, 1242x2208, 7F6C6832-4E56-4097-BB5B-426F44…)

No. 204334

File: 1648678981228.png (3.48 MB, 1242x2208, 7E5E2D6C-E122-4041-84C7-284FA3…)

No. 204336

I don't know much about her besides what's itt but these posts are fucking based

No. 204338

aside from the bible bit

No. 204339

pretty sure it was satire with the police bit, I’m choosing to believe so

No. 204340

File: 1648680438926.png (4.2 MB, 1242x2208, 5F1CA3BA-1BD4-485D-96C9-4C8BA0…)

There’s more

No. 204346

BASED it was about fucking time someone publicly spoke about this shit

No. 204348

I feel like sure the guy is creepy, but n you should be more addressing the person who leaked your private chats about being uncomfortable about an adult male that creeps on women - you're quite young and I think that it shouldn't be taken by a grain of salt when our adults in the community are literally in charge of keeping minors and younger kids safe.

the fact we banned someone over them being uncomfortable is really not the right direction we should be going for the youth of our community

No. 204351

You’re an idiot if you think she was only mad about one dude. She was caught posting on terf forums for all people, not just one creepy brolita nobody liked anyways. The proof is just one google search away. Kinda funny how someone who always bitched about people not keeping separate accounts was caught by not keeping separate accounts.


No. 204353

>unsaged comment
>complaining about being a based terf
you in the wrong neighborhood

No. 204354

So what? She’s right about it tho

No. 204355

Where’s Nat’s apology? You owe her one for canceling her nonny

No. 204357

Who cares? Unless she went off on someone at a meetup or something, that’s no reason to ban her. She’s allowed to have opinions, even shitty ones, without getting banned. Likewise, people can choose not to interact with her because she’s shitty. But it seems like she was banned for calling out this gross fetishist and whomever did it does owe her an apology. I’m an adult that’s nowhere near him and he makes me uncomfortable

No. 204360

Dunking on a post by a 16 year old is all you can do? those posts are from 2020 and she said she was 16 at the time. So she's either 17-18 now. why are you trying to cancel a literal fucking teenager?
this is a hobby designed for girls, not you

No. 204362

anon is probably the one that got her banned from her own community. someone's got a pretty big vendetta from Seattle from what I can see

No. 204364

that post was a literal waste of my time to read. is that really the best milk you have on this girl? you really have a vendetta this hard to get her banned(unsaged wk-ing)

No. 204365

considering all the wording is very SJW progressive shit, y'all are killing your own kind you dumb shits.

No. 204380

The Seattle mods in general had it out for her, banning her over this guy was a means to an end. Guess Allyson took a break from sucking troon girldick to come give us stale ass milk. We aren't your personal army, fuck off, she's based for helping out a predator.

No. 204394

Fuck off cunt, this is terf central and I’m happy she outed that creep. This is why comms are shit because retards like you insist on defending scrote predators.

No. 204397

did the retard mod who tagged this have a fucking stroke?

No. 204421

>She was caught posting on terf forums

You are on lolcow.farm, you're gonna need to get a chair because I have something to tell you…

No. 204430

File: 1648731374731.jpeg (420.44 KB, 828x1439, 434F06EE-8AD0-4761-8E7E-9F754B…)

Sorry anons, but here’s more of his sissy shit on our community page.

No. 204432

File: 1648731872218.jpeg (72.88 KB, 828x474, B32FD6E6-0D98-45FE-BF08-380425…)

No. 204433

File: 1648731968677.jpeg (104.54 KB, 828x552, 181B14DE-AA2D-46D7-8146-D3358E…)

No. 204434

File: 1648732083767.jpeg (217.73 KB, 828x1398, 27FBE7DE-D56A-4542-B821-4C97E0…)

Ompf?? What

No. 204435

File: 1648732244802.jpeg (235.74 KB, 828x1412, 288FC23B-FF8A-4773-A1AE-717DC9…)

This is a lolita group…why ball gowns and sissy shit.

No. 204436

File: 1648732303559.jpeg (102.43 KB, 828x747, 0B80532E-35E0-4AE8-8874-61DF71…)

No. 204446

I didn't take that as her seriously promoting the Bible but as throwing that out as an example while saying she doesn't give a fuck which path men choose as long as it isn't entering spaces for women and consuming/promoting pornography

No. 204450

Didn’t jfashion watchdog get canceled after that for attacking sex workers aka tokimekibunny. Sometimes I wonder if it’s neorococomemes running it or these two retards that was posted on BTB. Their backwards feminism is funny and sp00py is based for calling out this pornstick society >>198901

No. 204457

File: 1648739434952.jpeg (109.94 KB, 828x760, 7A05820F-FC31-43A1-8E30-00BAA6…)

They’ve been canceled and yeeted

No. 204458

Getting a feeling that neorococomemes is behind this >>204351
During the whole zoeosaki /hamikami_bear dress situation, she was posting screenshots from cgl and going off in the threads. No surprise neorococomemes / rococoalamode is shitting up again and finding dirt on Nat.

No. 204460

without any backstory or context, I would've just assumed this was someone trying to be a dollar store version of Lady Beard.

No. 204462

A anon pointed these caps already, but the terms match up to this anon >>204351


No. 204477

Jfashion Watchdog/Gtfomyjfash have already been outed as this girl. She's a literal who so I imagine these accounts are to make her feel powerful kek.

No. 204496

No. 204508

No, shes genuinely religious. Kind of a shame, but shes still pretty young

No. 204523

File: 1648754386917.jpeg (42.18 KB, 720x403, A609AF69-1ABF-4CD6-ACB3-FA4067…)

Being a TERF is based as fuck

No. 204570

File: 1648767944153.jpeg (315.73 KB, 1125x1882, E117EC6A-5E09-4526-A782-DDCB2B…)

Everyone looks unhinged here. sp00py looks dumb for being a Bible thumper and posting her personal drama for the world to see. Watchdog looks stupid for ending a friendship over thinking porn is bad.

No. 204572

The state of the one saying you have your own soul searching to do because they are offended that she pointed out porn is ruining sexuality for everyone. Isn't the whole point of Lolita to do whatever you want outside of the expectations of men? Since when is tolerating bearded sissies and being pro-porn part of that?
I'd take the bible thumper in this argument since she's otherwise correct.

No. 204573

Watchdog is probably terrified of being associated with anyone "anti-porn" since she got into hot water for calling out tokimekibunny for being an e-thot.

No. 204580

Sp00py is annoying, but based. It’s a shame that Seattle comm chimped out and went ape shit to ban her over some horny man in VA comm.

No. 204583

File: 1648771644797.png (190.95 KB, 1868x340, reveal yourself.PNG)

wait so was this her???

No. 204587

File: 1648773995808.jpeg (327.4 KB, 750x836, 4350C9B6-EF61-4C48-93B0-415CF3…)

He’s back and looks like he’s got a tik tok

No. 204589

was that deleted? tbh it sounds like it must be her. and I can't imagine being KICKED out of a hobby for and by girls (especially as a fucking teenager) for an obvious coombrained man.

No. 204590

this is someone else, just looked at the tik tok and it doesn't look like brandon

No. 204592

No it’s rosie bows, not Brandon. Both cringe though

No. 204609

Based. inb4 someone says nat homophobic she’s lesbo. Men besides mana and designers, shits up this fashion so much,, especially American men.

No. 204623

This man posted his shitty diapers on Instagram before someone reported it.

No. 204674

I can imagine Tyler wanting to say this, but cancellation is what fears her.

No. 204727

I don’t know, she’s sucked up to bearded men in lolita unprompted before. If she were secretly gc but didn’t want to be cancelled wouldn’t she just stay quiet?

No. 204794


I've wondered about this. I think she rationalizes that being for brolitas is what she truly believes, but I think she probably doesn't actually want to befriend people who look like gross men. Plus, she uses the word sissy, which I've noticed most sj types have moved away from because it's a "trans slur 11!!"

No. 204806

Go woke or go broke

No. 204864

Couldn't be, I remember seeing this like a year ago
still based whoever she was

No. 204916

If anyone was curious what this fatty instigator looked like I found some of her twitch clips



No. 204933

File: 1648927408746.png (765.25 KB, 1021x653, Capture.PNG)

Girl needs to learn how to dress herself

No. 204934

No. 204969

File: 1648942455175.jpeg (265.55 KB, 828x1482, F241F8A9-0579-4517-A8F9-0DF957…)

Didn’t Autumn get banned from Toronto comm for extreme racism and harassment, then blame it on her autism?

No. 204971

File: 1648942820015.png (36.69 KB, 275x104, 38A22DAC-F630-400B-B09A-D64212…)

Thread recap has link to her ban

No. 204973

Yes. It’s wild how many lolitas have blamed blatant racism on autism kek. Autumn isn’t the first one but she’s definitely the most cringe.

No. 205002

Deets on the extreme racism and harassment? I just remember her going on some unhinged rant about fat people dying and the grease they leave behind as they decompose

No. 205048

File: 1648991579802.jpeg (202.41 KB, 827x1438, 2E5C2703-F22E-4783-B398-F7F75A…)

Kek that was quick

No. 205049

File: 1648991622911.jpeg (190.75 KB, 828x1220, C5118E68-BAD0-4A69-A2C3-E64D3F…)

No. 205058

she just looks like she had clolita vomit on her. ita as fuuuuuck

No. 205059

hilarious. personally I don't care about fatties in the community

No. 205060

oh dear lord, how did they meet up? aren't they both in different countries? looks like someone's got a bf

No. 205063

Don’t forget her scrote bf too

No. 205064

They certainly look like twin brothers, kek

No. 205065

no one cares. you realize you're on the farms, right?

No. 205066

File: 1648998229264.jpeg (27.29 KB, 425x120, 3133E105-CE6B-4077-944C-69E674…)

No. 205088

don't cut yourself on that edge.
no one cares but you have to be one spastic retardo to say those things

No. 205108

>fatphobic comments
The racism I understand but fatphobia? LUL c'mon

No. 205144

Nayrt but lol ok fatty.

No. 205166

Her bf's ex was fat so it was pretty clearly targeted at that person, but she was also saying that she loves watching fat people die which is a step further than your average fatphobia.

No. 205204

CGL anons be like..

Did VA comm ban the fetishist yet? If sp00py gets banned then he needs to be banned too for being grossly weird to members.

No. 205259

you must be 18+ to post on this website

No. 205285

anon, you sure are triggered about people thinking fat people look like shit. u do realize where u are rite?

No. 205470

File: 1649179895537.jpg (140.33 KB, 933x673, E-qGZE3WUAAaLyI.jpg)

i still think this piece of art is based and the only people triggered about it were fatties self inserting

No. 205509

And Tyler.

No. 205642

Didn't a fat person make this though?

No. 205668

Fat phobia doesn't exist and i am tired of pretending it does. Kinda like lolita being for everyone. It isn't.

No. 205669

I think it does though, you can be horrified and fear anything really.

No. 205750

That wouldn’t surprise me. Lolitas who complain about fat people in the fashion want them to stop wearing lolita, not be the centre of attention. That picture smacks of self-victimisation.

want them to leave the fashion and

No. 205791

File: 1649340473058.jpg (90.56 KB, 850x1465, __nanami_chiaki_danganronpa_an…)


No. 205988

men aren't allowed to post on this board, Sainte. Learn2sage

No. 206048

fucking kek, therealertechlove posted a video on tiktok saying he's being stalked because he's been outed as a creep. I'm a mobile fag so sage for link only


No. 206051

File: 1649448929073.png (728.38 KB, 600x860, agp123.png)

No. 206060

His voice and the way he talks screams larper to me

No. 206086

late to the thread what did he do?

No. 206087

scroll up, stop asking to be spoonfed

No. 206120

what do the comments say?

the way he talks is so aggressive

No. 206145

File: 1649491696126.jpeg (837.74 KB, 828x1530, 28573F92-598B-4C24-AF37-882C4F…)

No. 206146

File: 1649491795387.jpeg (183.8 KB, 828x318, 00D78F63-4E5D-494E-8F8D-F2362F…)

No. 206147

File: 1649491905388.jpeg (786.7 KB, 828x1520, 0B4DE3C1-E160-45FC-A6DA-42D090…)

No. 206148

File: 1649492002646.jpeg (553.81 KB, 828x1127, AB997732-F3CC-4F70-B059-095E2F…)

No. 206150

File: 1649492167147.jpeg (146.24 KB, 828x1275, 76875A63-2D11-412D-998E-02E74A…)

No. 206151

So is he the one shitting up the cgl board on 4chan?

No. 206153

Notice how not a single lolita has given him ass pats or comforted him. That alone is telling.

He’s not being stalked either so why does he insist he is? He chose to put the fetish shit on his public Instagram. Scrolling back on his feed is not harassing lmao.

No. 206154

I remembered a Tyler thread being made


I’m going to guess that this anon was talking about VA comm bearded chan

No. 206196

“If you think I’m creepy for being in a community full of minors then you’re the real CREEP!”

Classic narcissist DARVO

No. 206198

File: 1649522834965.png (423.22 KB, 864x680, Screenshot_20220409-124105.png)

Yeah he's really a "victim" isn't he, especially when he's on Facebook bragging that people who don't like him are just jealous that he "does their hobby better"

He'd be ita even without the beard. I've seen his coords and they're all costumey sissy shit. The only decent one is the black star one. This is one hell of an attitude to have for someone who is new to the fashion and doesn't care to improve.

No. 206201

File: 1649523008082.jpg (775.05 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20220409_124219.jpg)

More rants. Conveniently leaves out the person he's hating on is a 16 year old girl. But he "understands if he makes you uncomfortable and accepts it."

No. 206210

the reason why he is being picked on is because he lacks social skills and this is obviously more proof that he lacks social skills

I was indifferent about the topic until all these responses. This guy is definitely a creep and should be banned. Fucking shame on mods for letting him exist in our community.

No. 206213

Is this supposed to be a troon or like… what is this thing? Troons would at least shave the beard off, I feel like

No. 206215

not a troon. however he makes his entire image as being a man with a beard into cosplaying females and wearing lolita.

No. 206221

He doesn’t seem to understand that by being a male, he has to work twice as hard to come off as normal, because he’s an intruder in women’s spaces. The fact that he seems to get off on wearing womens clothes while having a beard is not a good sign. The only brolitas that I’ve seen accepted tried to look like women, at least to the point of shaving and wearing makeup. This guy screams fetishist.

No. 206235

"there are children in africa" energy kek. We don't like you cuz you're a predator, Brandon David-Thomas Love of Richmond, VA

yes, grown men interacting almost exclusively with minors is creepy. he has admitted on tiktok that when his group therapy began sorting members by age, he left because he no longer was around younger members. you're a groomer

No. 206434

File: 1649645803277.jpeg (350.37 KB, 828x1628, 419B1C68-7E4B-47AE-8C5C-40CF67…)

He’s panicking and accusing nat of vendetta posting him


No. 206435

File: 1649645861896.jpeg (179.63 KB, 828x1537, BD336D77-37BA-4B67-A1DD-172E0E…)

No. 206462

You must be able to see this guy's ego from outer space, men really think they can enter any hobby community that is majority women and are automatically special for defying norms and need asspats. He should understand that if it weren't for the current climate of the community he would have been rightfully told to gtfo from the start

No. 206468

File: 1649684500833.jpeg (39.46 KB, 828x355, E7B1B032-C6A6-41B4-B2CE-A73965…)

He has not been banned yet

No. 206470

> likes his own posts
He so self centered and idiotic

No. 206471

My god he makes jo and anaïsse >>205049
Less insufferable

No. 206474

DC Lolita's need to step up about this guy. Feels really hush hush cover. They have provided zero evidance of this guy's behavior.
If one is going to say this guy's flashes his dong to an underage girl the comm needs to explane themselves and why he's even still around ?

No. 206489

The DC lolitas comm is full of genderspecials and handmaidens so I doubt any action will be taken. All must submit before the authority of the allmighty dong.

No. 206531

Isn’t he in the Virginia comm? Why aren’t they addressing this at all? DC and Baltimore comms should ban him because of the proximity.

No. 206533

because these crazy fucks will eat eachother alive if they even dare question someone's motives, to them if they question one thing, they need to question everything, it's like the opposite of gatekeeping. it must be so tiring for people to live like this.

No. 206575

File: 1649740915736.jpg (446.06 KB, 1080x1656, Screenshot_20220411-215620_Ins…)

On a similar note, kek that Aubrie Ciolino posted Brandon David-Thomas Love of Richmond, VA for being a creep but is still pissy about Nat. Then says Nat accidently "misgendered" her for using the wrong pronouns…yet proceeds to not honor Nat's. Even if the pronouns in her bio are a joke, these cancel culture freaks always eat their own it's just a matter of time!

No. 206576

File: 1649740967398.jpg (375.5 KB, 1080x1520, Screenshot_20220411-215650_Ins…)

No. 206578

File: 1649740994053.jpg (191.35 KB, 1080x1130, Screenshot_20220411-215707_Ins…)

No. 206590

So now she’s throwing nat under the bus? It’s her fault for posting tokimekibunny and getting backlash for s3xwork shaming not nat fault.

Clearly nat is trolling jfashion.watchdog here kek

No. 206600

We’re really at a point where criticising pornography is considered “horrible”, are we? Let me off the planet

No. 206607


Nat is so based kek

Should have been expected since evrybody is like this now, but jfashion.watchdog is really disappointing. The sheer hypocrisy of acting like being anti-porn is some horrible thing when porn addicts make up the majority of freaks she warns against.

No. 206635

The hypocrisy. Do these fucks realize that pushing your pronouns (beliefs/politics) on someone is nearly the same as pushing your religion on someone? Both are oppressive and controlling, if you don't like it then maybe don't do it yourself?

These fucks are so dumb. It's like they don't take a step back from themselves and look at their own actions, meanwhile criticizing others for their's. It's the same thing.

Ultimately: SJWs will always eat their own. I've been enjoying the show lately, because they've become so divisive that they even hate themselves

No. 206636

how do I join the gender religion?
I would like to oppress people with pronouns

No. 206637

pronouns aren't as bad as this, more like forcing someone to call you a nickname/fake name. the thing that's fucked up is how cult like it all is. they act like they're doing it as rebellion, but you're forced to conform or you get bullied out. you can't be a hypocrite if you're right!

No. 206737

tokimekibunny backlash was really just her 13 year old groomed fans getting triggered their asian fishing waifu was hassled for .2 seconds

No. 206746

>asian fishing
go back

No. 206754

She obviously didn't mean the bible thing that way, she was just telling men to fuck off to whatever they use to cope. Lolitas going out of their way to defend porn will also just make the way jfashion comms are evolving even worse as far as making fetishists feel welcome.

No. 206761

Porn literally rots the brain but these type of people will brand you as a swerf for stating that

No. 206766

Nta, I don't like the term but it's true. Tokimeki is so jealous of Asians it's hilarious she tries so hard to look like one but still just looks like a typical Canadian white girl

No. 206767

that's true but that term generally refers to makeup or styling, which is extremely diminishing and reductive compared to what you're saying.

No. 206782

Libfem is such cancer.

No. 206952

File: 1649896826832.jpeg (127.53 KB, 822x503, 44CA4A75-7094-4C1B-8799-90CBE7…)

This group is crazy. The old men have infected it. I can’t even post the picture because it’s so gross. The amount of people praising him is upsetting. He’s a clear clear sissy too.

No. 206957

Oh no, not the sex work! These women should be ashamed to be shilling men's thoughts and ideas as their own. The only people who benefit (in the short term) from porn and sex work are men. Women, across the world, suffer as a consequence, if not directly with survival sex work and trafficking, then it's by being physically and mentally abused by pornsick scrotes.
Libfem brainwashing is real.

No. 206974

Post and spoiler it please!

No. 207324

File: 1650117534272.jpeg (560.13 KB, 828x1222, E2663939-E253-45A7-B474-55A208…)

No. 207330

File: 1650124545763.jpeg (233.98 KB, 1564x1564, EFE0ADF9-A9C5-4EAA-A504-7FE075…)

Mods still haven’t banned the man.

Stolen from beneath the bows

No. 207332

The replies got deleted kek

No. 207336

wow so rori. ffs. the only excuse i can see for this disgusting fetishist being allowed in any comm is that everyone in that comm is larping as pretty princesses just like he is.

No. 207342

I'm not into lolita myself but lolita friends always referred to sugary carnival as such a highly sought after dress. The disrespect.

No. 207344

It's like a Barbie dress, I'm so confused as to what the sissies think Lolita actually is because it ain't this.

No. 207376

File: 1650160840813.jpeg (138.55 KB, 828x1126, 1FE940E7-F5B7-4C79-AA59-324A64…)

Reminder that VA comm still haven’t removed him.

No. 207377

File: 1650160937703.jpeg (84.2 KB, 828x960, B2E61449-6302-4A69-960F-CEF41E…)

No. 207378

File: 1650161000440.jpeg (128.15 KB, 828x1230, 61BE271D-0283-42CB-B61A-10208E…)

He went out his way to harass nat

No. 207401

This is the first time I’ve seen a sissy with a prom dress fetish. They usually fixate on more toddler-ish clothes.

I suspect he’s not really into lolita but lolita is the closest he’s found to a community where young women get together IRL to wear big fluffy dresses. If there were a prom dress community where people casually hung out in ball gowns at the mall he’d be all over that >>204435

The closest I’m aware of is the historical costuming community, but they expect you to make your own gowns and to at least attempt to be historically accurate. Lolita allows him to buy a $50 Taobao dress and be done with it.
For all the crying about elitism and gatekeeping in the fashion, the lolita community actually has an extremely low bar for entry and acceptance which is why we end up with so many social rejects and obvious fetishists trying to join comms.

He’s making fake accounts to harass her but claims she’s the one obsessed with him. Classic male projection.

No. 207409

File: 1650183923454.png (998.48 KB, 2492x1400, schizo tranny scrote.png)

there is a deranged agp troon who goes by the name of sainte that lurks on here and /cgl/ (he posted in this thread the chiaki picture)
he has been known to harass lolitas on lacemarket via dms and make fake lacemarket listings using stock photos and insanely high prices among other fuckery there (he doesn't actually own any lolita dresses)
pic related from his facebook, he is referring to himself in this post
he also posts on /biz/ usually without his trip/name on but sometimes goes by sainte or alkamei there
I guarantee he adds nonas from the discord thread here along with /cgl/ where he has a discord post up so please be careful and voice verify whenever talking to someone new
saged because I don't know if this counts as milk or not

No. 207412

File: 1650184520703.png (248.12 KB, 1378x615, veggie dildo scrote.png)

pic is one of his /biz/ posts about how he shoves zucchini up his ass
he uses the same images a lot even when he has his name off so it's easy to find his posts in the archives both on /biz/ and /cgl/ - his /biz/ posts are mainly blogposts and weird sexual posts and he gets banned on /cgl/ frequently too
his tumblr name is alchemy-and-gold and mainly consists of underaged anime girls and lolita pics he reblogs
his current discord is Sainte Chiakimei#1777 but I bet he will change this now that I made these posts so if you have that user added please block
anyways just wanted to warn other lolitas avoid this creepy scrote

No. 207417

That address is a mall Nat, that isnt asking where you live. Its like asking if you were at laduree. I wish the Nat posting would stop you are shitting up the thread with your vendetta. We get it, you are "based".

No. 207426

It's dramatic to say he's asking where she lived but it's a weird thing to ask and then just say "teehee I wore a dress in public there once btw", plus giving away a mall address would still out their rough location. Its not really a vendetta if he keeps proving himself to be a creep, regardless of how you feel about Nat even a broken clock is right twice a day.

No. 207427

Ok Brandon

No. 207429

Yeah no an adult man who fetishises you asking which specific branch of a location you were at and trying to soften it by adding that he wore Lolita there once is still creep behavior, sorry about it

No. 207436

he already posted and was swiftly banned by mods.

No. 207440

Is it a stretch? A little, but she was maybe 17 when he asked that from what it looks like, and you don’t ask location specific details of a teen you don’t know. u can’t “hi cow” in here when there’s too many of us lol

No. 207445

File: 1650206121280.jpeg (248.61 KB, 828x1363, 726CB895-446C-4D4A-8B6A-8AE231…)

Leave us alone. Why hasn’t mods banned you yet?

No. 207453


No one in the VA comm is stepping up. Ya'll need to ban together and make a thread with his stuff calling him out.

No. 207462

File: 1650211311977.jpeg (818.38 KB, 828x1621, 4CF457B0-3C50-41F4-8743-0AB37E…)

He harassed a lm seller.

No. 207485

File: 1650222214653.png (665.41 KB, 1146x1094, Screen Shot 2022-04-09 at 1.18…)

Sainte is also obsessed with incest, probably because he wants to unironically have sex with his cousin. Was also part of a pedo minor-grooming discord and only left when he got caught being in there. Really wish he'd get banned from LM and /cgl/

No. 207488

Did someone post this already? Someone voted for Brandon during the Kings County General Election in 2020. For New York State Supreme Court. Weird.

Source: https://vote.nyc/sites/default/files/pdf/election_results/2020/20201103General%20Election/00300700002Kings%20Justice%20of%20the%20Supreme%20Court%202nd%20Judicial%20District%20Recap.pdf

No. 207494

File: 1650225042509.png (198.48 KB, 1318x418, he will never pass.png)

heres him talking about saving up for his tranny surgery since he insits he's totally not a troon (lol)
he also fetishizes lesbian relationships and larps that he is on birth control for his "period"
he's a danger to women and children I hope he remains a shut-in and never joins a comm

No. 207496

First thoughts: I don't know this lolita, I don't know this show or channel, and not only can I not name a single Ariana Grande song, I also have no idea what she looks like.

Halfway: Her explanation of lolita seemed fine. Her outfits are fine. Nobody seemed insulting ala WNTW.

End: "Normal" clothes are dull af. Minimalist looks are hard to pull off for most people, they don't look avant-garde, they just look boring or lazy. That's not the lolita's fault obvi. Thankfully nobody harped too hard on trying to "change" their person.

Final: no drama here.

No. 207501

This is just disturbing

No. 207505

File: 1650229277367.png (1.09 MB, 1000x1060, Screen Shot 2022-04-14 at 1.00…)

here he is posting on his wall a lesbian/yuri manga which happens to also be incest

No. 207506

I posted this on /cgl/ already but if you search olivine in /cgl/ archives or alkamei in /lgbt/ archives he has made posts where he is looking for women to have sex with
he used to namefag as olivine on /cgl/ making these posts
searching olivine in general (not name field) will bring up some old lacemarket drama of him acting like a moron on there and someone also posted what is apparently a photo of him in a lolita dress (warning he is uggo)
he's only trying to be a lolita to prey on girls

No. 207514

I wish I was fucking dead

No. 207517

he was claiming on /cgl/ that >>198599 is his cousin.

No. 207518

KEK. Did he vote for himself? Dude is massively unhinged.

No. 207536

> someone also posted what is apparently a photo of him in a lolita dress (warning he is uggo)
Can you post it here with spoilers?

No. 207539

File: 1650250194901.png (Spoiler Image, 808.83 KB, 475x1159, wtf is this pose.png)

yeah supposedly this is him
he's nowhere near as grotesque as some of the other troons I've seen posting their shit coords
apparently he was in a comm in california at one point and got kicked out but I can't find this photo with reverse image search

No. 207540

Kek this is literally ryudenki / plaque Chan 2.0

No. 207545

File: 1650254098926.png (288.87 KB, 1248x772, Screen Shot 2022-04-17 at 10.5…)

it's always the MtF lesbians who prefer cis girls but cry when they don't want to date "girls" with penises

No. 207548

File: 1650254784549.png (67.14 KB, 2312x226, Screen Shot 2022-04-17 at 11.0…)

sainte dated a minor while being at least 25

No. 207570

File: 1650291923985.jpg (92.6 KB, 850x726, sample-cd0ebc6f9752c13a61c03de…)

That image was made for Saint Kyoko who betrayed us. Lmao

That girl was being really awful about the transaction、anyone here would just be as frustrated and offended with the situation honestly. I meant no harm or harassment

I may be a larper but I'm definitely not a troon.

you should learn to differentiate truetrans(trans) and transtrenders(troons)

I didn't get kicked out of the community, I just knew better to just focus on myself than hang around fakes that adorn "J"

You're really going to believe a fake statement made up by a random anon? Nice

The anon that made that post wasn't even me.
I had haters in those trans discord that would pretend post as me. That literally happened during the cousins saga arc. By the way、
They aren't even blood cousins. For us to use the term cousin was another equivalent as "my homie".
There were so many conflicts with etards autists there that fucked up the server so we forked a new one where we all placed "sainte" in our discord name. Not a cult btw but Anyhow.. I'm not even in those types of servers anymore!!

literally a copy pasta from one of those servers me and my cousins were hated on. I modified it and replace girlfriend with "my cousin"
and changed the name of the person in this paragraph to "kagome"

Yeah its yuri so what? I'm not even into incest.

No. 207571

Sage your shit if you’re going to bump threads

No. 207574

>That girl was being really awful about the transaction
All she did was deny you a sale but you had to go crazy and continuously harass her which is exactly WHY she denied you in the first place because you have a years-long history of doing this to sellers.

No. 207575

Don’t forget the lacemarket mods sided with the seller after months of ignoring shitty Lm listings. They saw what a unhinged man he is and edited his feedbacks on the seller. What a pathetic loon

No. 207576

>Years-long history of doing this to sellers.

What on earth are you talking about!!!

If anything, they've benefited from having me bid on listings. I only bid on items I have high interest in buying to keep. So the theory of me buying to scalp is untrue.

No. 207581

File: 1650296332219.jpg (40.32 KB, 337x511, EX399SpXkAEk_U0.jpg)


I forget that the sellers are also buyers sometimes(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 207582

For the love of god can you sage your troon shit.

No. 207587

Hey man. This shit isn't ok.

Obviously more than Nat thinks this guy is weird/creepy. He has shit social skills, it's bound to happen when he's invading women's spaces. We know what that means 100%. I'm not protecting any aspie autistic male, I'd rather protect my autistic brethren women from men like this.

No. 207599

File: 1650302738340.png (179.27 KB, 1518x588, Screen Shot 2022-04-18 at 12.2…)

you have a 3-year reputation of being unhinged and annoying. Multiple lolita discords I am in have warnings and predator alerts to not deal with you in any way. When you bid on something there is a collective groan from all of us and we all figure out a way to make sure you aren't the winning bid.

I have a dozen or so screenshots of ones just like this or you sperging out on listings not to mention your extremely cringe past profiles, but don't think they're particularly interesting or milky. Hoping someone else will be brave enough to come forward with your pedo discord server grooming screenshots or more information about the minor you dated so we can get you perrmabanned from every lolita community space.

No. 207610

That was the listing that changed everything for me、I was so blessed from that experience. I found it in me a new philosophy that helped me see listings from new prospectives and how I were to proceed with my bids.

You're not going to find any dirt on me because the pedo groomy predatory lies aren't real. Those servers have long been wiped as early as the days of their inception. Plus, I was only a moderator for a month who happened to step down gracefully from modhood and left with my cousins simply because there were better things to do.

I've never dated anyone below 18.

No. 207612

"you won't find any dirt on me because the servers where I groomed minors on have been wiped" is not the flex you think it is, troon

No. 207614


Silly you! one of my role as a mod was to check new members in a vetting channel to make sure if they weren't creeps/pedos/underage. We absolutely made sure those people didn't get through the gates(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 207615

Sage newfag

No. 207621

No. Why would I do that?
So you can hide saged posts?

No. 207622

Since males aren't allowed can we ban that namefag?

No. 207624

Janitors already ban him, but now it’s ban evasion and spam

No. 207630

nta and I know you might find this a surprise, but discord keeps a log on their servers. if you did do anything with an underaged person, I don't think bragging about the situation is smart.

If you did anything with an underaged child, an investigation can be launched and discord would have to be in compliance.

No. 207639

deets nonny. i cant find this on cgl. spoonfeed plz.

No. 207643

what a shame it would be if someone made an anonymous report on Sainte Alkamei (on Facebook) Sainte Chiakimei#1777 and/or Olivine #7393 (oh Discord) Olivine Erlandger (olivineverlandger@gmail.com) through sites like https://www.missingkids.org/gethelpnow/cybertipline or https://childhelphotline.org/(cowtipping is against the rules)

No. 207654

So this is the disgusting moid who never shuts up? Good to know he’s a fugly bastard

No. 207655

File: 1650317772643.jpeg (89.11 KB, 828x589, 24FE6429-8AC1-4B42-A351-CA98F0…)

Kek nonnie my sides! The trans community be massive pedos and it’s even worse in a community like lolita. We need mods to look into this troon and ban him

This needs to be posted in the Mtf thread too bc this is a kick of troonery

No. 207656

lmao the disgusting troon failedmale just can't help getting angry he will never be accepted in female spaces like here and in lolita fashion
ffs surgery won't get rid of that ugly male entitlement, narcissism, and the very male behavior of not listening to women and not respecting our boundaries
I bet he is going to ban evade again to wk himself some more
how has he not been permabanned from lm for his constant lunatic behavior there
will they actually contact discord and look into his logs if we fill out a report? I've reported abuse through these sites before and nothing was done about it

No. 207657

No. 207658

The only person with the power to ban on lacemarket is the Admin who's been MIA since the pandemic started.

No. 207659

File: 1650318068912.jpeg (275.27 KB, 828x1483, 6B3628C4-623B-4746-B92C-F44329…)

Yup that’s him
Same coord he posted on his Facebook

No. 207660

File: 1650318234339.jpeg (288.36 KB, 828x1533, 8EC327DC-6F39-4747-BC69-2D8F10…)

Warning to California, Virginia, Florida, and Tennessee Lolita comms.

Cali was were he resided

No. 207661

File: 1650318327825.png (2.12 MB, 2098x1142, 1650318293853.png)

For someone that brags about how much rare and expensive lolita he owns you sure don't have shit, Sainte. Doesn't own a single blouse.

No. 207662

File: 1650318551340.png (290.79 KB, 2408x608, Screen Shot 2022-04-18 at 4.48…)

"The cousin thing was just a copypasta!" and yet here is more reference to his cousin as well as there being multiple posts of him getting butthurt about being called cousinfucker on cgl.

No. 207663

The Based lolita police going full FBI.

Wait until he 41% himself

No. 207667

it's weird how for every single lolita picture he posts a stock photo and never his own pictures
before I saw his lm purchase history I thought he was a larper because he never posts any actual photos he's taken

No. 207669

File: 1650321371028.jpeg (267.1 KB, 827x1520, 779FE467-3CEC-44A4-B9B9-7ADBCB…)

Confirmed psycho
Definitely into pedo shit with the cousin fucking posting. Inb4 the retard comes in here a say “but but it’s joke copy paste”
Feds don’t side with excuses

No. 207670

File: 1650321467942.jpeg (187.34 KB, 828x1520, 029E3CD5-3813-4C6A-AE68-9DA2F8…)

No. 207678

All I see is fat, ugly, poorfag (actual) women seething because a troon is cuter than they are with more brand and a better wardrobe. Seethe harder uggos.(lame)

No. 207682

yep I was right, looks like he's already ban evading kek
>why do people hate me
he's so close to self awareness - realizes people hate him but can't be bothered to question his own behavior to figure it out

No. 207683

File: 1650324347104.png (719.82 KB, 1164x1360, 74376D62-DB1C-4E2E-9CCD-4833D2…)

No. 207688

You forgot to namefag, Sainte. Enjoy yet another ban.

No. 207694

File: 1650325408632.jpeg (828.36 KB, 2560x2560, 288D51A2-FC40-443A-8C08-8DA478…)

No. 207702

File: 1650328211904.jpeg (141.65 KB, 582x797, 389ADEF8-35E8-48B5-99E0-5E0436…)

So you’ve finally admitted that you’ll never be a actual women

No. 207710

Stop responding to the moid. Even if it's easy to get under his skin, just ignore him.

No. 207719

File: 1650333649434.jpeg (35.85 KB, 828x342, he will never be a woman.jpeg)

No. 207737

Holy shit this is the craziest troon since Lynda

No. 207751

File: 1650344954577.png (956.61 KB, 1286x1004, unprivate you coward.png)

found more accounts from our patron saint of troons
so apparently he has a twitter (saintalkamei) but of course he has it set to private
I wonder what kind of deranged things he's saying there
he's also got a private steam account by the name of alkamei though it looks like he doesn't use it anyways
he has an old tumblr - user arrivingdawn - which only has a few reblogs and he said "my bae" under a gif of some (jfashion?) girl (found because he linked to it on his fb)
there is a soundcloud with the name arrivingdawn that appears to be his but there's only 1 song on it and not really any other activity

No. 207752

File: 1650345325091.png (1.97 MB, 1986x1068, sainte trannoid.png)

found his alt fb too because he was liking his own posts on his main fb account like a retard
the url name is olivine.erlandger and display name is olivine erlandger
he barely posts anything except anime girls and links to songs so there's not much to see

No. 207881

File: 1650399211124.png (59.43 KB, 200x156, 60C4172F-0CA0-4D1B-8B62-08CEE6…)

We need to start exposing men in this community.

No. 207896

File: 1650404754671.jpeg (882.93 KB, 1170x1957, 3EBC793C-9A19-4289-95DE-C5B386…)

>miemuu: I’m studying psychology so I can become a therapist!
>miemuu: Childhood trauma isn’t real. Get over it.

No. 207968

she's right though

No. 208172

File: 1650516715091.jpeg (404.63 KB, 828x1372, 26FBC5CB-B88F-49EE-8667-EE39CB…)

No. 208173

File: 1650516742450.jpeg (278.46 KB, 828x1381, 81E9945E-3F58-48F5-A738-DA96ED…)

The audacity

No. 208267

File: 1650560755466.jpg (407.1 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20220416-171341_Ins…)

Meanwhile he's grooming minors. This chick is in high school.

No. 208271

I hope someone (nicely) explained the necessity of sometimes needing to follow social conventions, such as appropriate dress in the workplace, to this individual. Hurts my spergy heart to see them miss the point.

No. 208289

I’m confused, did she say she was in a specific setting? It sounds like she was just at home having this convo with her brother’s friend

No. 208384


He deleted the comment and left the group, pls can we continue to bully him out of lolita spaces

No. 208394

This is a weird post in itself (please tell me he doesn’t actually have an adopted daughter) but knowing about his bizarre prom fetish makes it 10x worse.

She didn’t say she wears lolita to work, and I don’t think the girl she was arguing with mentioned her job either. It seems she’s just more sensitive to ddlg allegations because she works with kids. I know a fair number of lolitas who work with small children and none of them wear lolita to work because 1) things get messy and 2) they don’t want to weird out the parents. Many of them will occasionally wear lolita pieces for special occasions like Easter when “dressing up” is encouraged, though.

No. 208396

There's no actual relation there afaik, she's just some kid who he's creeping on. This guy is in his 30's, why is he talking to high schoolers at all?? He posted one of her friends to his story as well.

No. 208406

Did he leave or was he kicked? I can’t believe mods haven’t kicked him in cof

No. 208413

CoF mods coddle moids and sissies.

No. 208429

File: 1650637173417.png (286.08 KB, 828x466, IMG_0346.png)

Brandon posted this earlier, what a moron

No. 208431

File: 1650638005657.jpeg (132.39 KB, 1080x893, AD679D88-40AB-4A34-8E77-F934D2…)

No. 208432

>can I press charges against someone for scrolling through my public social media account?
Reminder that this guy voted for himself for Supreme Court KEK

No. 208433

Two people replied to him calling him out. They're still in the group but he isn't. If mods saw it I'm sure they would have been kicked, not him.


No. 208438

I wonder if she has anything to say about this? Brandon outed himself here, and her name isn’t blurred out at the top. Surely he’s done more creepy shit to her.

I keep hearing people say he’s been creepy in their DMs but can anyone buck up and post screenshots.

No. 208440

>a fashion watchlist
Yes, I’m sure the police will take that very seriously.

No. 208441

how about he just leave? we obviously think he's creepy and he says some weird, creepy stuff to people that makes them uncomfortable.

part of boundaries, is understanding what to not do, cross, or talk about and this guy absolutely is oblivious and so everyone is just uncomfortable.

the single fact he's whining all over the place is unhinged and that's already a threat to other women. he can't take that people would be uncomfortable with his presence in a woman space, this is NOT A MALE'S COMMUNITY HELLLLLLLLOOOOOOOO?

like damn this guy is unhinged

No. 208447

File: 1650644009775.jpeg (188.93 KB, 828x941, AF0F83B6-4160-4A92-A6B6-0BBD4F…)

No. 208453

Stay mad Brandon kek

No. 208468

>oh no I can't believe there's consequences for my actions!
>I know, I'll blame it on social awkwardness and continue making women uncomfortable
how about reading the room for once and leave women and minors alone

No. 208471

sage for slight OT but I hate that fucking account she reposted from, they always post weird victim-blamey bullshit
also spoonfeed me please, how'd she get banned from her comm/what'd she get banned for?

No. 208474

Yeah dude by all means alert the authorities to the fact that you, a man in his thirties, actively and consistently seek out and harass teenage girls. I’m sure that will go over great. Surely they’ll be keen to track down and punish every mean teenage girl who’s ever rejected you if you just hand them your harddrive.

>creepy male claiming to be asexual
Put that next to “but officer those teenagers were harassing me!” on the sex pest bingo card.

No. 208479

wait, does he know what a femboy is? he absolutely is not one.. dad bod beard is not fem boy. how retarded is this..

No. 208490

except she's not? childhood trauma shapes all the decisions you make as an adult. it happens during your formative years and therefore is more psychologically damaging than adult trauma. plus, being a child means you can't develop coping methods well, since you have less cotn. and since children rely on others to get the care they need they may not get properly care or even feel the results of the trauma until decades later.

No. 208494

These idiots always claim stalking/doxxing for posting stupid shit publicly. Spoiler alert, your “privacy” is not guaranteed when you openly say or do stupid shit on public forums. It’s not “stalking” if you put the information out yourself.

No. 208496

Then why post your shit for the whole world to see?

No. 208532

Nonnie, can you provide more of Brandon’s spurge postings in the future. This is hilarious

No. 208625

did she finally get fired from BTSSB?

No. 208657

Guys like him are so insufferable. Instead of realizing where he isn't wanted (at least by anyone who isn't being performative,) he just wants to pretend it's everyone else's problem to work out somehow

No. 208695

everyone who's dealt with him personally or in chats deserves an apology for him being such an autistic deflective cunt. people don't have to deal with someone who doesn't respect other's boundaries

No. 208837

File: 1650829007652.jpg (250.12 KB, 1080x1880, Screenshot_20220424-123048_Tik…)

I legitimately don't understand why he has so many followers when he constantly makes creepy statements like this
Is this seriously not a red flag to anyone?

No. 208866

You can’t gatekeep nonna! That’s not the zoomer way! Sissies and perverts shouldn’t be kicked from spaces older lolitas worked so hard to abolish them from uwu

No. 208929

People nowadays are so open-minded their brain has fallen out, and choose to believe that a straight white man who crossdresses is an oppressed minority. They flock to ugly men in dresses because it lets them virtue signal and feel edgy without actually having to question anything or expend effort to help legitimately marginalised people. Bonus points if the guy calls himself trans, but really any man in a skirt will do.

No. 209631

Does anyone know Poochan aka r0ttingdoll's IG. I want to see what she's up to. Plz help nonnies <3

No. 209646

Her thread nonny
She’s still a fat cow


No. 210293

File: 1651420460637.jpeg (205.92 KB, 387x786, 514DC08B-7DE2-48EC-88CF-3B2F11…)

Was Zoe not banned off lace market?

No. 210489

File: 1651509061861.jpeg (768.68 KB, 1125x1293, 4DA7BE3A-EE95-4FF0-9DBA-A65E31…)

the audacity to ask for money to fund a sjw field trip in lolita

No. 210490

is this bitch even lolita? half her closet is gyaru shit.

No. 210550


Sage because it's unrelated but I really hate how much grifting has increased in the last year because "muh lives matter." It's unreal especially when you compare people are in actual financial trouble compared to someone's "lol fund my cruise trip because racism".

No. 210565

She still works there. I saw her when I went to btssb.

>$702 BIN
Does Zoe really think anyone is retarded enough to buy it for that much?

No. 210579

Her old account was made unverified but she made a new account

No. 210580

black people do what they do best. begging for money and not working for it(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 210581

this is so retarded and I pity anyone who is stupid enough to engage with it

No. 210583

Lol of course it’s fucking Amani e-begging

No. 210618

Is she behind the Instagram account with the same name? Didn’t they already have a go fund me in May/June 2020 for a live stream?

No. 210648

Wouldn't this be more suitable as a normie trip about African-American/black history rather than a lolita meetup?

I'm black and sometimes black (specifically American) make me cringe, it's embarrassing that some people go on about oppression and the ye olde slave times ALL THE TIME and try and get benefits from it

No. 210690

Ok Auntie Tom.

No. 210693

you can say this is a stupid idea and not race bait.

besides this being in extreme poor taste seeing as there are COVID gofundme survival funds that haven't even met their goal, isn't this waayy too late to try to get additional funding for?

The indiegogo page says that already are paying for the necessary costs, and that this is to help for those who can't pay for the extra events.

No. 210713


Ayrt, I tried to keep it general because the other example I was thinking of actually involved Asians and I'm Asian.

Generally speaking I just think it's in really poor taste to bring in unrelated hot topics to pay for your vacation or old clothes or whatever.

No. 210720

Rose be like

No. 210730

I said "some" not everyone does it but it's pretty obvious here and I'm so sick of it. People I am very close to even pull the black oppression/race card at work for benefits then laugh about it. It's so wrong and now everyone's scared to "offend" anybody who's black.

Not everyone you replied to were race baiting.

No. 210751

File: 1651613677340.jpeg (379.02 KB, 750x555, 92FD4EE8-C4C4-4E93-A247-7BC42C…)

Are you the girl from Dr.Phil?

No. 210756

Of course an Asian would have a shit opinion on this

No. 210785


Don't you have a GoFundMe to spam on your SM? Time's running out nona.

No. 210790

Do it nonny. As long as people are dumb enough to fall for it, people like Amber will take advantage. May as well cash in while you can too.

No. 210801

You're missing the point sweetheart

No. 210843

>I anecdotally "know" some black people who are assholes so I assume they must all be this way and racism is a big grift and joke they are having at everyone else's expense.

These zesty hot takes are more cringe than a gfm for a trip. People have all sorts of frivolous things crowdfunded, like plastic surgery and other bullshit. You can find it to be in poor taste when ~*there's people dying*~ but no one is forcing you to donate.

No. 210859


I mean you started off well enough but-

>People have all sorts of frivolous things crowdfunded, like plastic surgery and other bullshit.

Do you even know where you are? The farm has been making fun of idiotic gfm's since it was made, it's basically stock milk at this point. If you're going to defend this be a little more subtle.

No. 210894

Not defending the campaign itself. I know exactly where I am which is why it's a shitty thing to post racebait bait. OP knew it was going to bring the racists out. Plenty of events and retreats are fully or partially able to get off the ground because of donations, this is just petty. It's also on indiegogo, not gfm like I originally thought so it's literally the platform for that kind of thing.

No. 210968

I think a lot of (probably non-black) anons in this thread are scared of being called racist so they call actual black people racist when they're speaking up about issues with some individuals within the community.

No. 210973

File: 1651752285942.jpeg (386.42 KB, 1242x1687, A454D754-E5B2-481D-A957-690F5B…)

self identified black person in the thread felt the need to derail and talk about how some black ppl make them cringe + self blogged about their work place, and a self identified asian person decided to bring up national political movements.

> “speaking up about issues with some individuals within the community.”

then talk about the individuals, the indiegogo page, the person who posted it, or any potential milk rather than saying “ugh some black ppl annoy me!!” Quit making it about race, it’s retarded.

true, it is bare minimum a better financial venue.


back on the brandon dumptruck , but jesus how does a 30 some year old maintain that many teen friends without one person batting an eyelash? He started to collab with a 19 yo recently, but he’s known her for awhile, and his “adopted cosplay daughter” is now only 18. interestingly, he comments on all her posts, but she doesn’t interact back with his comments and she doesn’t follow him back.
(still hiding her face because it looks like she’s trying to stay away from him and she’s young)

No. 210974

you're so pressed.