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No. 444100

Vent about scrots here! Share your experiences with annoying, terrible, worthless men you've encountered. Post screenshots of men being awful. Talk about how you avoid shitty men and why.

-Please do not respond to scrotbait. Taking bait will result in a 3-day ban from /ot/, no appeals.
-No femcel sperging. An example of femcel sperging is 'kill your father to even things out'. Posts in the vein of 'Aileen Wuornos did nothing wrong' 'rapists deserve to die' are allowed.
-No racebaiting as it derails the thread.
-Gender critical discussion goes to >>429238
Previous thread:

No. 444102

File: 1564993082212.png (1.5 MB, 1743x1577, dczftir0uce21.png)


No. 444103

File: 1564993522113.jpg (224.33 KB, 1329x1920, uwtpuu7hbx221.jpg)

MGTOW and incels tinfoil more than conspiracy theorists and all of lolcow and it's sister sites combined

imagine listening to literally anything pertaining to women, and then going on a sperg rampage about how the evil women are going to push men to suicide, laugh about it, fuck chad and use beta providers to obtain things to fuck chad with then go home and fuck their dogs and hit the wall and wonder where all the good men gone

No. 444106

the women on the right look fine to me

No. 444108

Right, and they're probably all in relationships like the vast majority of women who look like them (or worse). Not that relationships are much of a reward for us considering the resentment we garner simply for aging past 25, but women not looking like tv stars isn't actually the revenge fantasy mgtows believe.

No. 444110

File: 1564994432771.jpg (100.27 KB, 1080x671, Screenshot_20190805_113951.jpg)

Everytime I visit the incel forum it's like a living meme, it's like I can predict absolutely everything they're going to post about.

No. 444111

File: 1564994786369.png (1.22 MB, 828x667, dwhy9shh57d31.png)

No. 444112

lol, I have a vibrator and I cum from piv pretty much all the time, how would using a vibrator affect the inside of the vagina? men are so retarded kek I guess we shouldn't expect them to know what a g-spot is

No. 444113

They're so pissed women have different ways of making themselves orgasm without men lmao

They tinfoil about how the evil roasties are upset about being replaced by sex bots, then turn around and sprout unfounded science and blanant lies about how every single female uses a vibrator from 10 (???) And thats why his 2 incher ain't getting anyone off and he's too stupid or lazy to even locate the clit ha

No. 444114

Ah yes, the industrial-grade super-sonic vibrator is all the rage with ten-year-olds. It's what every kid wants to see under the Christmas tree. We all remember collecting them and trading 'em on the playground.

This guy is either trolling or on meth. Possibly both.

No. 444117

File: 1564995736654.jpg (71.69 KB, 640x1039, MvPfCA4_d.jpg)

All women are apparently camgirls now, and squirt is pee

Imagine voluntarily going into a campsite, while claiming to hate women, knowing sex-workers do nasty shit, then getting grossed out and using it as fuel to hate all women because he saw a camgirl lick her squirt fluid lmao

No. 444119

>women do the gross shit men want them to do because it pays (socially and financially)
>men don't want to admit their degeneracy
>well ackyhually she's doing it because she likes it! she wanted it, and I'm giving her what she wants by watching and jerking off to it, women are the real degens!!!!

No. 444120

this scrot is fucking crazy (transager???) but i also thought squirt is pee?

No. 444121

Men hate Sex and The City so much it's hilarious

No. 444123

Squirting is piss though

No. 444128


Yes and no
Squirt is chemically similar to urine but not urine as there are different acids in true "squirt"
But given a lot of the times girls will drink lots of water for clear pee then squirt and literally piss and in some porns they'll pump water into women's vaginas and have them squirt it out
Squirting is real but rare

No. 444140

I used to think 30 was when your life is supposed to be "over" as a woman but now the age has been lowered to 25 it seems? Which is bizarre because at 26 I finally have enough money and time to do all the shit I've ever wanted with my fiancé, and I don't look any different than I did at 21. Better even, since now I can afford a gym membership.

Besides, can men even tell a woman's age past whether she has kids and an extra chin or not? Because from experience I don't think that is the case. They're hilariously bad at it, even.

No. 444144

>16 yo transager, LGBT activist and lolicon

No. 444151

>on a camsite
I wish it was possible to get him banned from Chaturbate for 2 years so he'll reeeee.

No. 444153

I sure hope it isn't.
It's worrying to see someone buying into incel rhetoric at that age, are there men out there that grow out of it or are they doomed forever?

No. 444157

Sex and the city wasn't some female empowerment show, half the women got married and every episode revolved around dating. Scrots do 0 research.

No. 444162

they're a transager though, so 16 is probably 34 in reality

No. 444175

B-b-but they slept around before they got married! Men get triggered simply because satc characters didn't settle down at 19 and enjoyed being single at times.

No. 444178

I've met males who get upset that the woman they've gone on 3 dates with didn't drop everything and settle down with them but also are afraid of commitment and talk to 300 women at once and don't even bother discussing with the woman they want and ask to go steady, and of course in typical male action they just blame women they can't grow the fuck up

No. 444188

CloudFlare stopped providing services to 8chan, small victory.
Now why the hell 4chan allows sexual violence to be posted in their boards? /gif/ always has a thread where men beat the shit out of women during sex. Most of it looks amateur so it's not even the usual "it's professional she consented" bullshit.

No. 444191

>the expectation is a show that, after the first season, was literally written by gay men

God, why can't they fuck one another and leave us alone? Also, the women on the right look fine.

No. 444193

What god forsaken forum is this?

No. 444195


No. 444200

The thing that triggers me the most about the Chad tinfoil is the fact that men are the ones who cheat the majority of the time and don't get half as much shit for it when they do. When a guy cheats and a girl breaks up with them, these types will sperg about how harsh and unfair it is of her. They'll go on about how it's just ~men's nature~, they can't help it, and how the dumb bitch is gonna hit the wall and die forever alone like she deserves. Then when a woman cheats on a man, they say he's a beta cuck if he doesn't want to leave her and she deserves some horrific fate like death or unwanted babies and severe STDs. And if someone points out the double standard, you get that retarded lock/key bullshit that makes no fucking sense.

No. 444203

>if guys are jacking off several times a day to hardcore porn from age 10, is it any wonder they struggle to get hard from real life sexual encounters?

Also, I've never in my entire life known anyone who had a vibe of any kind before 16.

No. 444209

>women are all degenrates because I saw a sex worker lick her pee on a porn site once
>self-indentifies as a lolicon

Allowing males to take up 49% of the population was a mistake.

No. 444210

So many things wrong with this, but I'll just point out what hasn't been mentioned:

Women who do that "nasty" fetish shit, are doing it for their primarily MALE viewers who PAY her to do those things for them in the chat.

Two, piss is clean. Gross, but clean. There's a reason why hikers drink it when no water is available. Bear Grylls. Come on. Fuck.

No. 444211

If he's a virgin and white, prepare for a gunfight

No. 444212

File: 1565014872080.jpg (87.19 KB, 700x1070, 1477831366933.jpg)

No. 444213

Most men can't tell the difference between a 20yo and a 30yo. Because there usually isn't one unless you're addicted to something that rapidly ages you like heroin or work an insanely stressful job while also having kids. If you're childless, take care of yourself somewhat, and don't have tragic genetics, there probably won't be hardpy any difference between what you looked like in your early 20's versus your early 30's.

Men just spew the shit about hitting the wall as a cope to feel less forever alone.

No. 444214

And scrots praise bear gryllis like a God even after he drinks his piss, I swear no matter what they'll look for any reason to hate women

No. 444218

File: 1565016280078.jpeg (522.95 KB, 750x1129, 2F07E860-1EE6-4EB4-8805-93F43B…)

This twitter post and the accompanying article made me sick.

In a time when mass shooters with histories of misogyny are killing dozens of people, and pedophiles are killing girls for not sleeping with them like Bianca Devins…

This person is worried about how men are shamed by their girlfriends and wives for watching trans porn!

There is so much wrong here. So much entitlement. In a world where women are vehemently hated, this trans woman’s #1 issue seems to be protecting men who are caught masturbating to trans women porn…?

I’m just speechless.


No. 444219

You have a right to be mad if you catch your bf jacking off to porn of any kind, its gaslighting and abuse to blame your gf for freaking out when you basically cheated on her.

No. 444221

You’re retarded. It’s not cheating. Women watch porn, too. It’s gaslighting to pretend men and women don’t like to watch naked strangers fucking. Boo boo, you don’t. Try it.

You have a right to question your partners sexuality if it seems like you may not be together for the length of time you expect, because they prefer other genitals.

Do you have to be a dick about it? No. Also, no one in this article was in a loving, stable relationship. They were all seeking out penis. I don’t care what you think that makes you.

No. 444223

Despite them propagating the NPC and 'women are soulless' meme they really are just like NPCs. I've been in discord servers and there is nothing distinguishing any of them, they have no accomplishments or talents, their entire brain is just 4chan threads as a script, you can usually predict what they're going to say, they've done nothing with their lives except play video games and fap. I saw one of them post about the vibrator thing a few weeks ago (they never said it before) and now they're all spouting it as some new cudgel like in your screenshot

Is it surprising women want nothing to do with them? 'Robots' is also inadvertently a correct term for them

No. 444224

If your partner tells you they consider porn to be cheating, which is a perfectly valid position, and you look at it anyway then that is cheating. What kind of crazy gaslighting bullshit can you possibly argue to believe otherwise?

No. 444225

>women watch porn, too
I disagree with that anon saying it's cheating (although if your partner has boundaries about it breaking them is dishonest and shitty) but…have you been using these threads for very long? Being a regular porn watcher isn't exactly popular due to the abuse women experience in the industry and the effect porn addiction has had on young men (and women). Male (and some female) sexuality is easily swayed and prone to escalation.

And this is coming from a horny bitch who used to watch and look at it for hours a day and was Nemu-tier, not an ace prude.

No. 444226

Not OP, but the problem is most porn these days is extreme, and men have become entitled. They can't get hard to their girlfriends they're so desensitized from porn; they actually guilt their girlfriends into doing dangerous shit or changing their appearance through drastic measure like surgery. They often compliment and try to worm their way in to the DMs of their favorite girl on Instagram. There are a few rare exceptions, but let's be honest, men watch porn differently than women. Women do it for enjoyment and seek out their men to fulfill it. Men see their partner as a trophy and rarely put effort into their relationship, as they can fulfill their "urges" online.

No. 444227


God, this. A big epiphany moment for me was realizing how many men I knew had just done nothing all their lives and turned their frustration on the world, and how many women I knew who were just….the exact opposite. Even now, I have a good friend group of grown up nerds, but it's the women who have a self improving streak, who go for runs and learn new skills and organize fun events and ALSO manage life skills like cleaning and cooking the guys just never do. And god, attitude wise, there're so many men who get pissy and cynical and rude about this, and so many women who cultivate optimism and kindness. Not to mention who's punished for what–guys I knew who were dysfunctional could still have friends and have other men cover for them for being shit people, but dysfunctional women are craaaazy sluts.

Realizing that I didn't have to settle for any of these men and that I wasn't afraid of not marrying was such a turning point. If someone comes along, sure, but knowing I don't HAVE to put myself through the straight woman gauntlet of dating, of figuring out "okay what weird porn shit will I have to weather, what basic life skills do you not have, how badly do you handle negative emotions, do you have any goals and anything even resembling a plan to accomplish them" is an amazing feeling.

No. 444232

All these news about shooting sprees and people arguing which one was a leftist and which one right-wing makes me wonder why people can't just accept that the one thing that does connect them all is that they're all men.

No. 444233

yeah, how dare these oppressive evul cis womynz want to date someone faithful? i don't give a fuck what my brother or other men are doing but if my boyfriend is watching tranny porn it's a completely valid reason to drop his ass. i don't want to be with a man who's into dicks, especially tranny dicks. doesn't mean i look down upon him, it just means i'd rather date someone straight.

is it women's fault that men who are into troons get shamed, or is it men's fault? literally just fuck off.

No. 444236

>Cis women
>Trans girls

No. 444237

File: 1565021292346.jpg (285.04 KB, 940x625, barbie-girl-twin-main.jpg)

My first boyfriend was pornsick & had a bimbo fetish. It was very hard to live with knowing someone who supposedly loves you, yet being there as well, despised your entire appearance. Going as far as willing to pay for all surgeries he wanted for me to go through. Before I met him, I was struggling with anorexia, being underweight, though I am still actively recovering. He helped me gain weight, but the real reason he did so was to see if my breast or ass would get bigger. They didn't & he began to sorta resent me for it. This of course made me relapse because I felt like a fat brick & all the effort went to nothing. Now I constanly compare myself to bimbo porn models & at the same time to severely underweight curveless women. I truly believed his intentions with me were kind hearted, until I realized it was all to see how fuckable I could become without him having to waste money on surgery. Men are truly the worst & it's funny I say that because I was a handmaiden before I broke up with him. Slightly ot, but if go to therapy, will it truly help with my body dysmorphia?

No. 444238

That's sad you have such low standards, porn is both abusive to women physically and abusive to the women putting up with it in relationships.

No. 444240

I'm so sorry you went through that, you're not a fetish you're a person and someone who really loves you would enjoy making love to you as the person you actually look like and not the porn star he'd like you to be

No. 444245

Nowadays you join gaming discord servers and see 13yo boys having discussions about their favorite pornstars. This is the norm now.

No. 444246

This article seems straight up like propaganda.

No. 444247

This is why I'm tired of handmaidens screeching on about 'its just people fucking!", if men looked at normal videos of people fucking and enjoying themselves once in a while (and never in place of actual sex) or nudes of a natural woman's body it would be fine but most porn is geared towards fetish and addiction. Men today are developing abusive niche fetishes and growing more and more entitled towards women's bodies while also developing early ED. Porn isn't harmless and anyone who says it is either desperately trying to look like a cool girl or a stupid scrot.

No. 444251

File: 1565023471762.png (636.39 KB, 962x1061, 1561229332502~2.png)

Similar happened to me, I am pear shaped so I have large butt, small boobs, I've had a fuck buddy constantly pressure me into plastic surgery while claiming to want to get serious with me, porns completely melted men's minds to the point where a natural, healthy, unaltered woman's body is considered unattractive to them but that isn't enough, they have to destroy women's self esteem along the way, basically no woman is good enough for men

No. 444255

I went almost what you went through. The guy I was talking to told me repeatedly he didn't want me to change and my body was nice (I was insecure because I'm very waif-like), but would then go one to tell me he wanted me to get a breast augmentation and would repeatedly send me pics of his female friends who had obviously curvier bodies than me and send me the okay sign emoji next to them… lol. He encouraged me to lose weight, so that my waist would appear (I told him you can't change body shape). He then proceeded to get angry when I told him I relapsed into my eating disorder, and was also upset my ass got smaller. He told me he'd never leave me… ghosted me the minute something else came along. At least the trash took itself out.

Therapy is different for everyone; some respond well, others don't. You may also have to browse around for the right therapist and treatment options. I just started going to a CBT group last week, but it has helped immensely. I had been trying different things off and on for over two years prior, and those things did very little.

>I've had a fuck buddy constantly pressure me into plastic surgery while claiming to want to get serious with me
I wonder if we dealt with the same guy, lol

No. 444256

This person needs to know how to write, also it's not exactly helping your movement if you think taunting cis women and insisting all men are into troons and it's somehow women's fault is a good idea and will help gain support of women, it just makes tranny porn seem like a revenge fantasy to get back at the ebul cis wimminz instead of something that you're genuinely attached to and are mentally stable about.

As for why women would get upset over their boyfriend watching tranny porn. The same reason blonde haired girls would get upset if they found out their boyfriend's went out their way to watch tons of ginger porn, the same reason black women would get upset if they found out their boyfriend went out their way to watch tons of white women porn, the same reason why a woman with small breasts would get upset if they found out their boyfriend watched tons of big tiddies porn, etc

It's perfectly healthy and normal to want to feel like your partner is attracted to you and in fact IMO should even be encouraged for women to actively seek men who are attracted to them. If you find out your partner actively goes out of their way to seek porn of that which is completely opposite of them, it makes them feel undesirable therefore is a good reason to drop said partner so the woman can find a man that's happy with her looks and a man can find a tranny or whoever they find more desirable.

No. 444261

at this point, I just assume everything a man says is some kind of projection about something. it honestly makes more sense this way kek

No. 444267


Dad THOT patrols daughter and everyone claps


Shaming your THOT daughter on her social media: Good, savvy. Shaming your masturbating son on his social media: Sick, evil.

No. 444269


Can the trannies take over all the testosteronic homo-sapiens, and we take everyone of these things to Mars and then leave them there in an orgy, and come back to Earth ready to take up global-warming now that violence is eradicated?

No. 444270

File: 1565026413499.jpg (70.65 KB, 707x707, mgveg5facge31.jpg)

Facts are facts.

No. 444271

1.9% of those women are probably troons anyway

No. 444278

TBF most gun related deaths are men's suicides.

The gun sperging I've seen among guys is just stupid. I mean if your an enthusiast or whatever fine but these preppers that stockpile guns are just retarded.

No. 444289

I like how the current gun debate centered around mental illness as a cause, ignores the fact that women have mental illness too. 110 out of 114 mass shootings in the US were committed by men.

These tidbits makes perfect sense to most of us:

"If you look at the motivation that we know about it does seem to be that men handle their catastrophic loss and self esteem worse than women." -Professor David Wilson, a criminologist at Birmingham City University

"Women tend to see violence as a last resort, as a self-defence mechanism. You use violence if you have to, if there's no other way out. Men tend to use violence as an offensive weapon, to show them who's boss. -James Alan Fox, a criminologist at Northeastern University


No. 444291

Mgtows actively cheering on for more women being killed by men. Wonder how long their sub will stay up.

>thot patrol
Cringe. What a weak meme just to say they hate women and yet they jerk off to thots, demanding that women become them

It is and it's sad that women can't even express discomfort at porn or their bf using it. Why is it such a fucking alien concept that women want their SO to be attracted to them. I wonder how big the REEEing would be if porn was banned

No. 444298

I hope CPS gets involved and her parents get charged with something serious. The most horrifying part is how many people cheering it on are probably gonna procreate.

No. 444304

Girls and women are always shamed for having "daddy issues," as if it's their fault somehow that an older adult in their life who was supposed to love and nurture them failed to uphold his responsibilities. Can't watch the video at the moment but I wouldn't be surprised if that guy shaming his daughter turns out to be abusive or a deadbeat of some sort. Girls who engage in risky behavior like this regularly deserve sympathy not shame.

No. 444311

File: 1565031604666.jpg (239.62 KB, 649x679, 214246.jpg)

the mra take on this.

>women are significantly more likely to be the sole perpetrators in infanticide cases

this is true and horrible, but men are also significantly more likely to be the perpetrators of almost every other crime.
>According to the 2011 arrest data from the FBI: Males constituted 98.9% of those arrested for forcible rape, 87.9% of those arrested for robbery, 85.0% of those arrested for burglary, 83.0% of those arrested for arson, 81.7% of those arrested for vandalism, 81.5% of those arrested for motor-vehicle theft, 79.7% of those arrested for offenses against family and children, 77.8% of those arrested for aggravated assault

the original post was talking about mass shootings. mass shootings are currently a serious issue that are almost entirely perpetrated by men. idk how you are going to solve this problem without recognizing this fact. i thought you were so concerned about men's well-being, yet you can't take any criticism on male criminals.

>(not counting abortion)

because abortion is definitely comparable to mass shootings, sure.

No. 444315


The Karen meme to me was at first about anti vaxxers. But it's just starting to really be about any woman who isnt quiet and has to be arrested. Alot of stories on entitledparents sub are fake but it's the same formula. Upset Karen with a young child is being illogical, totally cool and calm dad/husband that is planning on divorcing her and taking her kids away acts as thr savior, Karen gets arrested and goes to prison. The ultimate male fantasy. Use women as breeding cattle, get her arrested after for something and then take her kids.

There isn't even a male equivalent for Karen. Not surprising

So many of mras are pro life only because pregnancy makes women vulnerable and they can take advantage of that. Guarantee if everyone was pro life mras would be whining online about having to be fathers, raising kids and spending their money on them.

No. 444317

The entire comments section are insulting this woman, saying she shouldn't be believed, just because of this video of her screaming. My father used to scream worse than this every day, and push my mother into a wall. She finally had a day where she snapped and looked exactly how this woman is acting in this video before she pushed him off and ran out of the house.
I fucking hate men. As if screaming in retaliation after years of abuse isn't valid. No one knows the whole story, and yet the comments immediately attack her.

No. 444319

I've now seen numerous women worried they were "acting like a Karen" for simply standing up for themselves, I can't stand the Karen meme anymore, there's no surprise that it's lasting a bit longer than other memes.

No. 444320

Same. It’s just another way for people to shame women for standing up for themselves and not just laying down and letting the world fuck them. What’s the male equivalent of a Karen?

No. 444321

Agreed. I can't even understand how someone would think differently.
This reminds me of that turd from a few weeks ago that said girls who end up getting groomed by 4chan pedos at 14+ bring it on themselves and don't deserve sympathy. Everyone pointed out why they were wrong, but they held strong and kept insisting. Shit makes no sense.

No. 444324

Even before I watched this video I knew it was going to involve an abusive male. Scrots is the same.

No. 444326

File: 1565034047491.png (142.13 KB, 841x430, Diseasedmalebrains.png)

I hate male propensity to develop paraphilias like sexual sadism.

No. 444328

A daddict maybbee? Only used for dads and hardly used outside 'childfree' circles.

There isn't really a male equivalent to Karen, one because they want to make fun of women, and two because men are already that bad by design, they don't need a specific haircut or 3 sons, they just need to act like men to be a karen male equivalent.

No. 444330

From an article about one of the first women in the U.S. to sue her ex for uploading revenge porn.
>When my photos were first posted, I filed a police report, and a deputy was assigned to my case. He promised he would protect me. Several months later, he told me my case was closed and asked me out. The relationship didn’t last long. After I left him, he threatened to disseminate more sexually explicit photos that he had found of me from my first relationship.
>When I told a good friend about this ordeal, he said that if he had children, he would not let them near me. My doctor compared my trauma to bad reviews he had once received on Yelp. A professor called me a publicity whore.

No. 444336

Why do we let men take up more than 20% of the free population? Putting the majority in labor camps would improve society in almost every possible way and we wouldn't see almost any of these stories. What an amazing world to fantasize about.

No. 444345

It's true that women are more likely to commit infanticide, but once kids hit a certain age, iirc like 4+? the switch flips and men are far more dangerous to them, far more likely to kill their entire family and themselves since women almost never commit familicide.

When it comes to infanticide, mental illness legitimately is the cause. Not to mention the statistical fact that mothers are left with newborns 99.9% of the time. Meanwhile most mass shooters do NOT have mental illness.
>Serious mental illness has been found to be conclusively present in a minority of mass shootings—only 14.8 percent of all of the mass shootings committed in the U.S., defined as a shooting which injures or kills four or more people, between 1966 and 2015. (Another study focusing on different data collections of generalized “mass murder” from 1949 to 2015 attributes 23 percent of those incidents to the mentally ill.) Studies have also found that those with serious mental illness are responsible for just 4 percent of the incidences of interpersonal violence and less than 1 percent of all gun-related homicides annually in the United States. Generally speaking, people with mental illness are far more likely to be victims of firearm violence than commit it.
>Yet, while most mass shooters in the past 35 years have not been found to have a serious mental illness, nearly all of them do have one thing in common: their sex. Of the 96 mass shootings committed since 1982, all but two were committed by men. (Most of them were white.)

No. 444356

I'm fat and my bf watches BBW and SSBBW porn, and I don't know what to think of it.

No. 444362

>What’s the male equivalent of a Karen?
a John.

No. 444401

File: 1565044898570.jpg (221.69 KB, 1053x685, IMG_20190805_183816.jpg)

Your daily reminder that pleasing your long term moid to prevent him from straying is a meme made up by moids to clown you into investing excessive effort. Moids will cheat even if they're completely happy, women cheat when something is seriously wrong with the relationship.


No. 444403

if you love the rush so much then why did you get married in the first place? being married with a man and being happy is a meme.

No. 444404

Depressing to think you can just be perfect and itll still be like this. Watch mgtows and mras and the rest reee at that. It's always women's fault even when men admit they're happy but still ruin everything because of their own failures (like this guy being selfish) and mid life crisis. Wish redpillwomen would just read these and understand what they're doing is futile.

No. 444405

So he can get free (or in case of 50/50 Dutch mess, he can get PAID) guaranteed sex, genetic offspring, childcare, cooking and cleaning. He has secured a woman and reduced her options by wearing her down with kids and marriage, so she can't really stray. Now he can spin plates and court side chicks who still have some life in them due to not having to dote over a bloodsucking meat dildo full time. The male version of securing the bag is securing the vag.

Alpha fux beta bux is a prime example of male projection. Every male is looking for exactly that - a pick me Dutch Becky to cook and clean and a Stacy to spoil with money and give head to.

No. 444411

marriage is a fucking scam.

No. 444425

File: 1565048518392.png (123.94 KB, 397x447, SPOILER_objectthis.png)


Marriage (especially with children) is entirely useless unless it's with a literal one percenter who pays you for breathing, and I'm not exaggerating. Unless a man is so well off he can make most of the inconveniences of motherhood and wifedom unnoticeable via hired help and fully subsidized health/beauty maintenance, you only lose, lose, lose.

In an income matched or (god fucking forbid) 50/50 marriage you are gaining nothing but loss of long term earnings and other potentially better suitors. You also gain someone to take care of, which ages you. In case with children, you are completely destroying your health and making yourself entirely non-marketable in terms of dating at all. Instead of gaining wealth and security, you are gaining dependents to slave away for for the next (best case scenario) 18 years. Your husband has a green light to cheat. If he's in the same income bracket as you, divorce and child support means absolute jack shit - you'd be making more if you were single and childless. Even if you're not splitting, you're still taking a major L. So why are moids hyping it up? Precisely because they know that there's nothing in it for you. The only way you can find marriage appealing is a) being memed into it or b) wanting children so much that all the losses are worth it. If children are your end goal and you actually need them to feel fulfilled, the option of marriage reaches the status of "maybe okay".

If you do not want children, you have absolute jack shit to gain. Even if you like hetero sex, you can get it without playing house AND trade it for resources. Everything that triggers moids, "hypergamy" and increasing childlessness by choice in particular, makes PERFECT logical sense. The reason why they screech about "the wall" and women needing to lower their standards is because they know that in general, women are better off letting their goods "expire" than settling for someone who isn't a literal billionaire.

Tl;Dr when women gained the legal right to learn their own money, reproduction became moids'only viable (and rapidly evaporating) bargaining chip.

No. 444426

No. 444435

If you don't want children, sure, there's no reason to ever marry. But then just so you know, I'll always consider people that never raise children to be absolute losers. In not passing on the world to children that are half as bright and capable a you are you're basically just taking all the amazing gains other women before you have made, enjoying them for yourself, and then flushing them down the toilet.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 444437

They turn into beta bitch babies when they become husbands/fathers. EVERYONE I know who's in a relationship, the women are in charge. Who the fuck wants to take care of a grown man? The only piece of ''masculinity'' they have left to cling on is MUH BEER!!! they gulp down every single night giving them repulsive bowling ball bellies. Or their ugly ass motorcycles.

No. 444438

Loser in evolutionary sense, maybe. If we consider reproduction as the only metric of success, trailer trash is the pinnacle of achievement and people like da Vinci are absolute shit tier subhumans.

Also, begone scrot.

No. 444440

Imagine wanting to bring a precious, sweet daughter into a world where men exist. Yikes

No. 444442

Imagine being this brainwashed.
>everyone, no exceptions regardless of how incapable they may be as parents, are obligated to contribute to overpopulation and environmental destruction to satisfy their own ego and anon's esteemed opinion by not being a 'loser'

If the world was worth bringing a child into, I'd do it. But fathers are pathetic non contributors, society is geared against mothers, children spell financial ruin most of the time, and I don't owe the world jack shit until it improves conditions for mothers. Thus far the only incentive is to avoid social stigma and insults, pettiness aside it is very telling men have to try and terrify/shame women into accepting motherhood no matter what.

No. 444444

File: 1565050257196.png (3.39 MB, 1152x2048, rTlRa1c.png)

>If children are your end goal and you actually need them to feel fulfilled, the option of marriage reaches the status of "maybe okay".
Not even then. I want children, and I am adopting. There are plenty of kids who need a home. Foster care, volunteering or working with children, and a sperm donor are all options as well.

No. 444448

Men are pro abortion when they want to fuck as many women as possible without having to pay for any children and anti abortion when they found a hole they want to tie down before she escapes.

No. 444452

I've seen a few people make comments about that, but they get drowned out compared to the left/right and white nationalist stuff.

No. 444459

I'm really glad I have friends on my social media feed who fortunately do connect the dots and say something to the effect of it always being white privileged men.

No. 444464

Food for thought: Hypergamy has actually DECREASED TO ALMOST NOTHING since the 1960s. The stats don't lie. Far from the scrot thinking that the sexual revolution and women in the workforce opened the doors to women salivating over the top 20 percent, both have kind of disrupted it because, you know, women are fucking working or engaged in childcare. Their 'trad' grandmas or great grandmas were in all probability marrying up and putting themselves on the meat market endlessly for 'chad' and rejecting chuds more than random art hoes they whine about on on OKCupid.

Then they go on about how this is why we need arranged marriage. But arranged marriage is also a hypergamous system typically done to enhance the wealth and status of the brides family. It's not just femicide that leads places like India to have an excess of leftover men.

Even male hypergamy has decreased. Which is probably why incel scrots obsess over 'High Quality Non Primitives' aka ballerina looking upper class girls (then they lie about it and claim they'd settle down with a 3/10 if it weren't for feminism)

No. 444479

I'm too mentally ill and poor to have a child, and I know that. So I refuse to bring another life into my shit, unlike a lot of people. If that makes me a "loser", I'll gladly wear the title.

No. 444480

If you’re not going to carry and raise that baby for me, I don’t see why I should care how you feel about my childfree life.

No. 444482

go back to facebook becky, nobody cares if you think lowly of women who are actually enjoying their life and doing what they choose and what makes them happy and not shitting out as much children as possible and dealing with screaming,crying, money burning sacks of shit and piss just because somehow in your mind not bringing more children into this cruel world is selfish and "flushing achievements of women down the toliet"

you aren't mentally stable if you think that the only way to enjoy and appreciate life is to have kids, either that or you have no talent so you have to convince yourself shitting out crying children somehow makes you superior to women who actually do something with their lives other than bringing useless children in the world just to overpopulate it more with more useless people taking resources, clogging traffic, making the job field more competitive than it already is, etc

No. 444483

>ballerina looking upper class girls
Not to sound completely autistic, but I posted my pic on 4chan, and the first thing everyone sad is I had the body of a ballerina (I'm fairly thin and athletic). I also attended a private school early in life, and went to trade school, so I have a fairly decent education. I have a good job and a steady income, despite only being 20, am going to college to eventually obtain PhD, and I still got managed to be ghosted by robots back when I was a sad pickme. These were by guys who worked dead end wagie jobs and complained miserably. Real life wasn't much better, minus the misery of a 4chan scrot, men still were entitled and pulled my body apart endlessly. I got ghosted, despite making a massive effort on my appearance, for a girl who had all the qualities this guy said he hated. Safe to say, men lie about everything. I swallowed the pink pill. I'm fucking done.

No. 444485

File: 1565059451879.jpg (168.08 KB, 1440x1738, s8mqaawmooe31.jpg)

No. 444488

Oh god, are those serial killer glasses? I wear those glasses. I think I need to throw them out.

No. 444489

All glasses look the same nowadays. Maybe mix it up and do something weird. Go for classic horn-rimmed or even simply colors to mix it up.

No. 444490

On first glance, they all look like the same person. Weird.

No. 444491

if you told it was the same dude in different lighting I think I'd actually fall for it. They all have the same nose, glasses, sad look, and somehow hairline? The main diff is their chins

No. 444492

File: 1565060719028.jpg (81.76 KB, 768x1278, Connor Betts.jpg)

FYI that's not the Dayton shooter, it's some random guy misidentified at first. Amazingly the actual guy looks even more like the first two than him.

No. 444493

No way. I don't believe it. These must be the same person at different ages or something.

No. 444499

Bearing up a woman is bad unless it’s part of your sexual fantasy, apparently.

No. 444500

They look like the types who would identify as “gamers” too.

No. 444509

Same. I would never want a son because I despise the y chromosome, but I would also never want to curse a daughter with living in this world with all these males I hate. I also just don't want kids in general.

Anyone who has children is either contributing to the human race's male problem or bringing a girl into this horrible world where bad shit practically guaranteed to happen to her.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 444523

Here's the issue though. If you don't have kids yourself many others still will. And those others won't share your beliefs, or your commitment to making a difference. Without the best women having even better daughters the future can only get worse.

No. 444526

You say that like we can't influence others unless we personally raised them, or that teaching our children about our beliefs is an infallible way to create future femininists… There are more ways to reach people than ruining our lives and legally and emotionally binding ourselves to a man forever in the most patriarchy-upholding move ever. Why the fuck should we sacrifice ourselves for such an ineffectual, regressive form of protest?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 444527

Because that's the strategy that works. The tribe with the most kids wins. For every girl you convert at least another ten of them will love and obey their male guardians forever.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 444532


Solution: Give birth to a girl, socialise her as female than turn her into a passable tranny(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 444533

The Daytona shooter wasn't a white supremacist, but he was a violent, misogynistic piece of trash. He made a "kill list" and a "rape list" with the names of various girls/women and the things he wanted to do to them. One woman said that he literally text messaged her telling her that she was on his rape list.
He was also the lead singer of a "pornogrind" band called Menstrual Munchies that put out albums called "Preteen Daughter Pu​$​$​y Slaughter" and "6 Ways of Female Butchery". The album art and lyrics are as lovely as you'd imagine.
A look at their (now-purged) Bandcamp page for anyone curious:
Notice they use a photo of an actual female murder victim for album art and title it "Live Snuff Porn".
In this video of him performing, at 9:16 he says to the audience "Let's take the sexism and homophobia out of pornogrind, am I right?". I have to laugh. Same guy who made a fucking rape list and whose whole gimmick is exploiting women.
Even when they're "leftists" who speak out against sexism, racism, etc this is what men are like.

His bandmate is on full damage control now, deleting everything, acting like he saw it as all "just a joke" and didn't realize how fucked up he was.
>"Creekbaum, who has been writing and recording music under the name Menstrual Munchies for more than five years, says he did it mostly as a joke and now is sickened that Betts apparently took it all seriously.
>“I feel shitty having let him be in the band, doing those lyrics,” Creekbaum said. “Because I know, like, whereas I saw it as a joke — like, ‘Let's play this and we’ll shock some people,’ and then the people that we know laugh — he didn't see it as a joke. He was like, ‘Fuck, yeah. We're gonna do this.’”
>“It's like, Jesus Christ, how much of this was like real life for him?” he said.
"I-I was only producing music, writing lyrics and making album art about killing and raping women using real photos as a JOKE, guys, hehe". Fuck off.

>In a phone interview, Walton, who has booked Menstrual Munchies at that venue, said the pornogrind scene is tight-knit and that he and his friends have been devastated to learn what Betts did. But he doesn’t believe the content of the music contributed in any way to his actions.

>“It's just the music we love, you know, like, it's fun to play. It's energetic and there's nothing else like it. So we play it,” Walton, 29, said. “And then we get people like this, who, you know, are fucking sick in the head, who get into our scene and ended up killing nine people and almost, you know, putting a bad name on our scene. And that's not fair for the rest of us.”

Members of this garbage, cumbrained "community" posting some bullshit tantamount to
>uwu please don't judge us members of this objectively misogynistic genre of grindcore! we are great people!! we need this imagery of women eating feces to COPE!!!!
is peak fucking male.

No. 444537

this sounds like white genocide replacement bullshit. having kids isn't a solution to anything, don't have kids for ideological reasons ffs.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 444539

And like, let's be clear: This guy was a self-proclaimed leftist. He RT'd shit complaining about racism, praised Elizabeth Warren, said he wanted socialism and posted "Kill all fascists". None of them are safe. The /pol/tard Nazis and /r9k/ pedos are just the ones that are open and proud about their nature.
Just…what is it about the fucking Y chromosome?

No. 444542

After reading >>444527 ("tribe"…? "love and obey their male guardians"?) and the clear lack of understanding of this board's etiquette, you're right. These scrotes really think they're smart.
That idiot's thought process while writing that post was:
>Solution: We convince the roasties to breed with us by pretending it aids their pink pill cause! The white genocide problem is solved, the incel problem is solved, and we'll have successfully shackled loyal tradwives who hate other men besides us and will raise non-degenerate daughters who will be wary of all men besides their father!

No. 444543

Im tired of this strange obsession the internet has with shaming others who want kids, tbh. It seems like it all comes from the same people raised in the similar cultures too. If I wasnt born into this world I wouldnt have existed to see other women like me, why do you insist on putting people down who want to see other women like them thrive in the world ?

No. 444546

Stop derailing over whether or not it's right to have kids.

No. 444548

Ironic misogyny racism etc can be funny when it's clear that it's making fun of idiots who would hold such preposterous views, but it seems more and more like it just attracts people who use it to disguise their true views or who aren't in on the joke and really think they're in good company. Even Dave Chapelle decided to leave his show because he noticed actual racists started laughing along to it. I wish people would take this type of stuff more seriously. And yes there are tons of these types on the left too, I see so many of them on twitter doing this but just dismissing any criticism of it as "irony".

No. 444584

ew their bandcamp is fucking creepy. his friends are just trying to cover their asses.

No. 444619

This "music" is just hate speech towards women. It can't be excused when they are celebrating the actual violence in the real porn industry.

No. 444621

I'm so tired of the argument that if pads and tampons shouldn't be taxed then razors for men shouldn't be taxed either. Scrotes have no understanding how the world works.

No. 444649

Pornogrind is legitimately one of the worst genres of music I have ever had the displeasure of hearing. Even being big into extreme music at one point, coming across this piss poor excuse for hardcore years ago made me want to shackle myself to train tracks.

>“Because I know, like, whereas I saw it as a joke — like, ‘Let's play this and we’ll shock some people,’ and then the people that we know laugh — he didn't see it as a joke. He was like, ‘Fuck, yeah. We're gonna do this.’”

Of course misogyny and sexual violence is just a joke to this sheltered fuck. He never has to live with the possibility of being a victim of the type of shit he laughs at. I'm sure the girls Connor harrassed were never under the impression that his "rape list" was a joke.

No. 444656

>get so conditioned to using porn they can't masturbate without it
>"bimbofication" fetish
>dickgirl fetish
>want to "hate fuck" women they dislike
>make up majority of pedophiles

>want to have sex with someone who likes them and cares about their pleasure

Men: "female sexuality is so complicated! it's so hard to understand what gets a woman in the mood! male sexuality is simple!"

No. 444677


Men. Project. EVERYTHING. They also are, in general, hilariously bad with context. Literally every sexist stereotype about women is just shit men do that they say women do.

Things men statistically do way more of than women:
>dominate conversation
>withhold resources for sex (men say wome withhold sex for personal gain, which is caused by women leveraging sexuality and demand for sex to gain access to education/healthcare/money)
>rape/spousal abuse
>abuse/abandon their children

No. 444774

Don't forget how they say we're the overemotional gender when they're the ones who are significantly more likely to kill themselves, commit mass shootings, commit murder over being rejected or cheated on, and just throw tantrums at fucking everything. But women cry during movies and get kinda bitchy before our periods, so we're the psychos.

No. 444778

Isn't it funny how many of these jokester edgelords, actually ended up murdering, raping, and abusing? Or how many 15 yr old virgins made "issa joke" type things, actually ended up going out, buying actual Nazi flags and other paraphernalia, vandalizing places of worship all for one big running joke

Maybe scrots can get their dull edgy joke privileges back is so many of them didn't actually take on the thing they jokes about, it maybe a joke but to a lot of them, there's a level of seriousness behind it and that's concerning

No. 444781

Don't you get it anon? When men kill themselves it's because us evil women made a harsh cruel world for them by not getting on our knees and sucking their dick on command, when women get sad sometimes it's because evil women are overly emotional and should be forced to do nothing but pop out babies and serve men

No. 444833

Not surprised to see him wearing a dress during performances. So much for 'smashing toxic masculinity' or whatever libfem retards believe

No. 444844

taxation is what pays for your education, public transport and medical services, numpty

No. 444846

I didn't know Stefan Molyneux was a farmer.

No. 444850

God their album "art" is just pure… Male. Obsessed with mutilating women's genitalia for God knows what, rape and porn. Nice to know the porn agenda is alive and well.

Shock humor is the weakest form but the one type that all edgy Midwestern sheltered boys cling to because they're too naive and stupid to develop comedic talent. Hope Creekbum at twenty fucking five learns.

Also this gem
>In a phone interview, Walton, who has booked Menstrual Munchies at that venue, said the pornogrind scene is tight-knit and that he and his friends have been devastated to learn what Betts did. But he doesn’t believe the content of the music contributed in any way to his actions.

>“It's just the music we love, you know, like, it's fun to play. It's energetic and there's nothing else like it. So we play it,” Walton, 29, said. “And then we get people like this, who, you know, are fucking sick in the head, who get into our scene and ended up killing nine people and almost, you know, putting a bad name on our scene. And that's not fair for the rest of us.”

Uwu it's just energetic music everyone uwu ignore the blatant violent messages directed towards women and album covers of mutilated vaginas, abused women and children uwu it's just music it's nothing deep uwu

These men interviewed in that vcie article are in their mid to late 20s too retarded to understand music holds influence and shares messages with its listeners.

No. 444871

File: 1565108406470.jpg (694.28 KB, 1280x810, 001951028.jpg)

this is just sad. when will scrotes stop mass murdering people for the most retarded reasons?

No. 444891

Funny that the US scrotes are snuggled up next to the ~"sandnigger"~ (sarcasm, their words, read my context before you ban) terrorists that they shit talk on. All you men are one in the same.

No. 444898

Who will put them in camps?

No. 444899

Other men presumably.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 444961

Anyone else feel like men get a lot of praise for being average human beings? I'm in a (mostly) female online community and the very few males who weren't kicked out for being predators are basically worshipped by all the girls.

No. 444962

this image will be outdated in a week

(thats not a vague threat btw haha you know theres just always something else around the corner)

No. 444985

They really do, hell men get praised for tolerating women ffs, men get praised for not being that bad, women get bashed for not being that good it's ridiculous, being a man is such life on easy mode but they'll never admit it, the bar is set so low for them they literally have to put effort in to fail at life

Even then when they fuck up there's always people like "uwu he deserves to be forgiven"

No. 445018

A 38 year old woman here said her 17 year old daughter has been raised by her mom, because she didn't want to deal with her.
Now this 17 year old is a recluse and a weeb.
You reap what you sow

No. 445024

Some /redpill/ woke bro at my work is like 6'7 and well into the 300 lbs and a grown ass man and is claiming a less than 5 foot 110 lbs teenage girl is physically abusing him because she called him out when he spread rumors about her, he gets support and cried male oppression and pulled the "if the roles were reversed" card because she didn't get fired because there was literally no evidence outside of her just calling him out in front of the supervisor

Why are males such emotional pussies? Whatever happened to ~le stronk gendur~ but have mental breakdowns because a little girl confronted them about bullshit they did lmao

No. 445027

iirc the daughter is 21 not 17

No. 445030

It's always male shooters and men who do mass shooters. there was the shooting in Ohio and Texas recently and i'm so sickened by the fact they happened a day apart.

No. 445033

That's so sad. That's literally his ticket to anything in this life but the soul/Self in his body is weak as shit.

A similar thing happened to a friend of mine. Her male supervisor, who's also an obnoxious flamboyant "heeeey, bitch" type of gay was exploiting one of his younger subordinates to basically be his slave and my friend stood up for her. My friend finally snapped and reported him to their boss when he made snappy comments about her mother.

No. 445043

No, if the roles were reversed she would be getting doxxed and death threats for making false abuse accusations

No. 445051

Hipster racism is still racism after all.

No. 445052

File: 1565135098319.png (2.92 KB, 514x32, wanker.png)

Wish I was shocked, but its just proof no matter their political alignment mens is the same.

No. 445053


>ignorant Americans!


No. 445054

Always thought it was sad that women read erotica because they want the sex to have some emotional component while men would just watch violent pornography because they want to see women humiliated and violated. And any article that brings this up just treats it like it’s a healthy sexual preference and that it’s a natural difference between the sexes.

No. 445058

They get praised a lot for being feminists too which is why men adopt the feminist label to become closer to women and get treated as heroes even though they are super manipulative and shitty towards the women around them.

No. 445328


They say it's just cos men are more 'visual' than women, but the amount of non-bdsm scenes I've seen where the guy will suddenly slap or choke the woman.. I mean there's already violent categories so why is it spilling out into all other categories too? Hard to find non aggressive porn at this point

No. 445384

Finally swallowed the pink pill. After time and time again telling my now ex bf I found it uncomfortable how he saved women's photos on his phone as well as liking a photo of a girl scantily clad who mutually follows him and most likely talked in the past. As well as NEVER complimenting me or making me feel attractive I've finally dumped him realising this is never going to change. Fuck men.

No. 445387

No matter how much it may hurt and no matter how badly you might miss him just remember you did the right thing! It was a fake relationship and he never loved you please remember that if you feel reminded of him. Do you have any girl friends you can talk to? Whatever you do keep busy because men take advantage of us in our most vulnerable moments.

No. 445391

i hope you feel better now anon. you deserve better. i've thought about this a little and i don't know what i would do if i was in a similar situation, it happens so often. i don't know why it's so utopic for men to be expected to abstain from jerking off to other women while they're in a relationship. men lived for thousands of years without porn, you won't die if you stop watching it for your girlfriend's sake. i'd probably have a "be okay with me getting off to other men if you're going to do it yourself" rule or something. but even then i don't like thinking about men i'm not emotionally connected with so i don't know how it would work. i guess i'm just an evil bitch with too high standards.

No. 445418

Bouncing off of this, I hate it when men suddenly complain that "all women want to be slapped and choked nowadays smh I hate that women are masochists" when IT'S YOUR FUCKING FAULT YOU DROOLING RETARD. They watch porn that is made to cater to men, then assume that's how women actually are and hate us for it.
And I swear to god if anyone tries to choke or hurt me at all during sex I'll smash his face in.

No. 445427

File: 1565213704999.png (55.45 KB, 1133x474, 1510787152851.PNG)

No. 445429

Or if a woman is into sensual and gentle stuff she gets picked on for being a boring selfish prude, I've even seen some people say women not letting their boyfriend's indulge in sexual fantasies with them is emotional abuse

They're so confusing, one minute they want all women to be okay with choking, slapping, BDSM, etc, then when they watch so much porn that's what they convince thems women want they cry about how all women should be abused, WGTOW is the only option

No. 445433

Sort of related: My (now ex) boyfriend, told me to quit teasing him when I was just rubbing his back while hugging and got angry. I was confused, he looked at my confusion, and replied "You're always teasing me!" And pointed out the time I pet his hair and grazed my fingers on his cheeks when he was laying in my lap. He wanted to have sex later on that day, and literally just went straight in for it. No kissing, nothing. He got angry when I told him I wasn't feeling it. this was going to be our first time by the way. I ended up in the hospital a week later (I hadn't spoken to him in those 7 days), and he broke up with me over the phone.

Dear men, what the fuck.

No. 445436


I find this thread depressing because barely anyone symathizes with OP and just goes on to say how much they love PIV sex and how oral doesn't fill the same needs. Call me paranoid bit the thread sounds so fucking handmaidenish.

1) Penetrative sex is forced by society as the only real form of sex and that view causes people to have disgusting opinions about lesbian sex like it's "lesser" or like they just need a good dicking (barf) or pushes people into doing anal
2) Some women don't enjoy it and that's perfectly fine, if they are curious they should get their time and pace to explore it and not be shamed by society as freaks and pressured

No. 445446

Where is this from?

I've pretended to be a guy online on and off for years. Related to this guy mentioning getting called emotional just for being female.. When I'm a guy, men think I'm funny. But when I am female, I get weak responses to my humor, ''cringe'', ''women aren't funny'' etc. Noticed the same when other women say funny shit. I do believe men dislike laughing at womens jokes, they shut their ears on purpose.

No. 445454

File: 1565216196741.jpg (102.27 KB, 800x612, IMG_20190807_231648.jpg)

Thanks, I have some girlfriends and I have one that also despises scrotes and eyeing up this thread made me have the power move to break up with him because in most cases it just doesn't get better. One thing that pushed me over the edge was a day after one of our arguments and we calmed down I politely asked if he did delete the photos, in which he got pissed off again and proceeded to say 'I see an issue here, were you raped as a child?' Because of my insecurity. I was absolutely floored and in shock, and then when I had a WARRANTED emotional response and being upset being reminded of being abused (by a man of course) I asked for a hug, in which he replied 'Will that really solve anything though?' Do men really have no empathy even after seeing a women being physically upset over the mention of her past abuse and trauma? I thought men were supposed to be 'protectors' fuck that. Add that with the constant telling of other women being hot, whilst not giving a single nice comment about your appearance yet I see men oggle me (like it means shit anyway, it literally means nothing and repulses me) whilst I'm with him.

Every single relationship I have been in they reel you in and when you become emotionally attached, they treat you like absolute garbage, like you're just a side piece to their personality that only benefits them as they please and when you retaliate and bring up rational points to why you feel down, suddenly you're the crazy over emotional one, yet they respond in anger and instant irrational break ups because you're not spending every waking moment sucking their tic tac dick.

No. 445472

File: 1565218215047.gif (2.71 MB, 350x200, 3838282992.gif)

No. 445475

call me a prude but why is it okay for men to be so open about having involved with prostitution in a society that is so prejudiced against sex workers? i've seen multiple men talking about some escort they fucked in that country and shit and no one thinks this is weird?

No. 445476

Because prostitutes are a means to an end for them. They're not even human to men. They're a walking talking fleshlight.

No. 445479

Imagine if he actually had to live as a woman.

No. 445488

It's not prudish to wonder about that at all. It's horrific that so much vitriol and even often punishment under the law fall on prostituted women and not the Johns, pimps and traffickers who exploit them.

No. 445492

Same, I dated a guy who would never foreplay unless it benefited him (blowjobs, handjobs, etc) he claimed foreplay was a woman's thing, like get a fucking pocket pussy if even attempting to have a mutual emotional connection is too much or too scary for you

No. 445530

What's funny is all these women hailing PIV as some intimate and emotional experience when men don't give a shit about the intimacy and emotions. It's the ultimate cope to be memed into liking something that will most likely either be numb and unsatisfying, or uncomfortable and painful until you stockholm syndrome your body into liking it. And even if you do happen to be the 10% who actually enjoys it and orgasms from it alone, it still has the potential to ruin your life by giving you STDs and making you pregnant if you aren't planning for it (condoms and other BC can still fail).

If women weren't brainwashed into thinking PIV is mandatory in relationships, that they need it to be validated, loved, etc I believe not many women would do it as often.

No. 445533

Oh, and don't forget how most BC is shitty and comes with a myriad of side effects. Most women will destroy their body just so they can keep a guy

No. 445538


pardon my newfaggotry, what sister sites are there?

No. 445558

You seem to be having a really hard time believing that women can enjoy sex..

No. 445561

File: 1565240123162.jpeg (46.92 KB, 806x372, rateyourmusic tiger trap.jpeg)

Scrotes who are into music (along with gamers, of course) are the worst in my experience. They can be so creepy and disrespectful to female musicians. Also fuck bands like Weezer and The Descendents with their shitty misogynistic lyrics.

No. 445564

Agreed and I don't know why vaginal penetration is being treated with the same degenerate tone in anon's post as say, non-natural fetishes that clearly are conditioned.

I agree that penetration shouldn't be held as the gold standard and lorded over other women's heads particularly when they do not like it themselves. But holy shit I'm not a brainwashed handmaiden because I like and get satisfaction from penetrative sex, and prefer it. That's coming from someone whose sex partner does perform oral sex and clitoral stimulation.

One can totally catch STDs from non-penetrative sex anyway so I'm not too sure what anon's on about there.

No. 445565

NTA but while women can enjoy good PIV, our culture's perception of sex is very male centered. Most people would consider the act just penetration and it's over when the guy finishes, the woman is supposed to come from her g-spot being magically hit or she's outta luck.

In western cultures(and others) clitoral stimulation or giving oral to women isn't seen as the default. There was a short period in history when it was believed a woman needs to orgasm in order to concieve, but once that wasn't proven necessary everyone went to not caring.

No. 445570

Not knowing how to read: the post.

There's no mention of sex being problematic.

>Only 25 percent of women are consistently orgasmic during vaginal intercourse.

>This bears repeating: Only one-quarter of women reliably experience orgasm during intercourse—no matter how long it lasts, no matter what size the man's penis, and no matter how the woman feels about the man or the relationship.
>This statistic comes not from just one study but from a comprehensive analysis of 33 studies over the past 80 years by Elisabeth Lloyd in her fascinating book The Case of the Female Orgasm (Harvard University Press).
>Rounding things out: About half of women sometimes have orgasms during intercourse. About 20 percent seldom or ever have orgasms during intercourse. And about 5 percent never have orgasms, period.
>In other words, intercourse is not the key to most women's sexual satisfaction.

The problem is the general perception that women's pleasure isn't the priority in sex, but the man orgasming for the sake of procreation.

No. 445573

Yeah of course I understand that as someone who can only orgasm from clitoral stimulation. However, it's one thing to say that society pushes male oriented sex without considering female pleasure, and quite another to claim that the majority of women who enjoy piv are just brainwashed and it can't genuinely be pleasurable like that other post was inferring.

No. 445574

The whole "loose" meme ruined vaginal sex for me and I just become anxious when anything gets near my vagina, my experiences with men is that I pretty much sexually frustrated them until they cried abuse and left or I left them kek

Congrats men, all these years of making up tall tales of what vaginal sex does made all of y'all end up virgins, hope you're happy

No. 445575

its really weird that the nsa looks through all your shit and yet wont hunt down all these pedophiles. We need some USSR style secret internet police to throw these disgusting potential predators in jail I'm serious.

No. 445579

I noticed the same thing about men. You tell them you need foreplay and it turns into dick sucking and hand jobs and they barely touch you longer than a few minutes. Doesn't make sense, they don't need that extra stimulation like we do. They don't care though, if they ram it in and it hurts a woman what do they care? They've never experience it so they have no empathy. That's what's wrong with scrotes. If they haven't experienced something unpleasant themselves they simply can't imagine or outright don't care about how it is for the person who is suffering. I think it's the root of all male problems.

No. 445583

Honestly, I just find rock tards the most autistic out of all of them. And those indie fags. But I find the Disco, House, Funk, RnB heads really, really cool..

No. 445588

WGTOW is the only solution

No. 445589

Trannies think living as a woman is easier since masculinity has "no value". Not even kidding.

No. 445591

This, or when they act like their nerd and music shit is some sort of confidential "no girls allowed"club, call women fake nerds for proving their interests while literally overdoing their fandoms to the point where they're trying to convince THEMSELVES they like the thing more than they try to convince other people, men just seem more like the pretentious ones when it comes to gaming and rock

When women have interests even if they are very much into it you'll rarely see them go out and blow all their money on action figures, posters, shirts, hats, expansion pack add ons, any convention or event pertaining to it, etc and never shut up to anyone ever about said interests, it's like their entire personality revolves around their hobbies it's pathetic

No. 445593

How the fuck is this a radfem subreddit? Loads of radfem literature criticises PIV being held as the standard even though it prioritises male sexuality over female. Or does nobody on that subreddit actually read radfem theory?

No. 445594

What misogynistic lyrics does Weezer have? Ive only heard 2 of their songs.

No. 445595

Plenty of people on /r/GenderCritical hate trannies more than they are radfems.

No. 445596

Please for the love of athena don't unironically use the term "wgtow". It's cringey as fuck and basically shows women can't come up with anything ourselves and have to copy men's ideas.

No. 445597

ntayrt but how do I reconcile being a woman who enjoys being sexually submissive most of the time? It might have been learned from porn, but idk I usually hate how hateful and aggressive most porn is

Sex with my bf is often mildly rough (painless choking and dirty talk but slapping or violence is a hard no for us). I really get into being dominated by him even though there’s a part of me that feels guilty for playing into the meme of le masochistic slut.

fwiw outside the bedroom he treats me extremely well and I feel very appreciated and taken care of

No. 445598

Why do people do this? I remember erotic asphyxiation being treated as a joke in the early 2000s but now it's mainstream.

No. 445599

Same, please can we come up our own term? Female separatism is fine and communicates the idea just great. Femsep does sound like a cold medicine but MGTOW equally sounds like a bullshit Excel formula so we haven't really got a high bar to beat.

No. 445600

The slight lightheadedness does feel kinda good. And it’s hot to feel like you’re at someone’s mercy.

No. 445604

lil armchair tinfoil but I feel like it's partly (social and in general) media influence (normalization bordering on popularization), partly personal mental issues. I think there's always some deeper meaning to s/m tendencies. Mine competely passed when I got better mentally. It's normalized now so people don't really think about it, but from my own experience and conversations with my girlfriends, I suspect it's just our psyche dealing with shit, sex brings a body and mind relief after all.

No. 445605

I think a lot of women are taught by society and media that being dominated by their partner is where the pleasure in sex comes from.

Do you feel bad about it or hurt? The radfem answer would be that you should change it to respect yourself more but rewiring your brain takes a lot of time.

No. 445607

Don't insult Excel formulas that way anon, they serve us all equally

No. 445609

Porn "normalized" it.

No. 445611

Whenever it's brought up I call it "strangling" rather than "choking". These words mean the same thing, but it's hilarious to see how quickly people realize that's what it is when you say strangling instead of choking. Suddenly it doesn't seem so hot and sexy anymore.

No. 445612

Choking is not mild, anon. There is absolutely no way to do it safely, and this isn't me exaggerating, it's what both medical professionals and BDSM experts will tell you. Every time he "painlessly" chokes you he is endangering your life, even if he doesn't think he is.

Enjoy brain damage if you keep that up.

No. 445620

>shows women can't come up with anything ourselves and have to copy men's ideas
I disagree, I see it as a reaction. If men go their own way, so can women sort of thing. That being said, I do see it as cringe, but WGTOW gets the point across. Most people know what you're talking about. Female Separatism would have to catch on.

No. 445624

No. 445626

I'm into more submissive guys and sometimes they ask me to choke them during sex. I always say no. I'm not ending up in court trying to explain that the dead guy asked me to do it because both of us were too retarded to realize depriving someone of oxygen to the brain kills them.

No. 445627

Disagree here, because everyone can understand what female separatism means, whereas you can't just throw an acronym into the room or sound extra autistic when explaining its etymology.

No. 445644

there's a scrot in the annoying thread losing his mind that someone here said piv sex is seen as the standard.

75% of women dont orgasm from piv, and that is reality. no amount of raging online will change that fact. does it mean women can't ever enjoy piv? no. does it mean men are much, much, much more likely to orgasm from piv than women are, and the vast majority of women won't come from it at all so it's crazy to see it as the most important part of sex? yes it does.

No. 445656

I didn't say women can't physically enjoy sex… That's why I mentioned a subset of women who do because the stars aligned and their bodies are built in a different way from the average woman. I said 10% but it's really more like 20-25%. The matter of fact is that PIV itself does not prioritize the woman's pleasure or orgasm. It's all about the guy's orgasm. So many guys are shamed about not lasting long enough, but that's just because PIV is not conducive to the female orgasm. There are less nerve endings in the inside of the vagina, they are all mostly on the outside (thank god otherwise childbirth would be even worse than it already is). That's why a lot of the time women tend to mention extrinsic factors that make intercourse more bearable, like validation, feeling loved, "intimacy", wanting to please their partner, submission, etc.

I'm just saying the trade-off for women isn't exactly decent. What does the guy get? Guaranteed pleasure and orgasm every time. If you are with a particularly shitty guy he might get an ego boost from it. What does the average women get? Possible discomfort, pain, risk of pregnancy, depending on where you live society might shame you for having sex, so you get guilt on top of that. The average guy (again not all but still a good amount) will also most likely will not engage in decent foreplay or even be romantic about it, and treat you like a disposable fleshlight until it's over. Cool, I guess.

If this was the ideal world where PIV was always pleasurable for both parties and intimate, bonding experience where you get to explore each other bodies it wouldn't be so bad. But obviously PIV is there to facilitate pregnancy and that's why mostly men get the most pleasure and orgasms from it, so what's the point for women engaging in it regularly, or god forbid, having casual sex with scrotes?

No. 445676

True, it's not like PIV is never good, it's just much better when done in a way that is conducive to female pleasure e.g. after orgasm via cunnilingus.

No. 445681

Or we could go really hog wild and start chucking around "female supremacist" and see what happens.

Ya know how things start catching on? By people using it and saying it. How do you think radfem entered discourse? What the other anon says about having to explain an acronym sadly does apply, and while I'm here, I chose "separatism" over "segregation" because the latter implies the expectation or continued existence of the other group, and I'm here to tell you right now I do not give any fucks or dedicate any of my politics to considering or facilitating men being alive

No. 445706

Please keep radfem discussion to the radfem thread, lolcow does not pander to your ideology.

No. 445808

Reading a reddit thread where women say they worry about young women in age-gap relationships and these are the male responses
>Sounds like you see your fellow woman as more like toddlers than actual adults. And men as potential predators. Not a healthy mind-set to have.
>Specifically, can she manipulate back? And if both can play equal game, why does the age matter? All too often I see teen girls selling their selfies (or bathwater) OTI to lecherous creepy older men. Yet she's still a victim.
>I’d argue you’re projecting women’s need for power and control in relationships and their deliberate plotting onto men. Men aren’t plotting to control a younger women via exploiting naïveté , they’re trying to smash that fine young pussy and then see what happens after. Hot sex is the end goal

No. 445820

when man hate rebranded to pink pill, radfem discussion was inevitable.

anyways to be clear, OPs from now on should state this distinction.

this really fucks me up. you may not be trying to be an asshole, but you can still be an asshole jfc.

anyone entering into a power imbalance relationship should absolutely consider if the more powerful one is a potential predator. quite honestly, the way things are, any woman of any age should see the man she wants to get involved with as a potential predator.

No. 445836

Why are men such liars? It's a known fact women will get more attention the younger they claim to be, literally the same exact woman can pretend to be 17 when she's 28 and you know she will be bombarded with messages, if it only mattered how they look then this wouldn't even happen

No. 445839

there's already a radfem thread, it doesn't belong in this thread at all

No. 445840

When I was 18, I dated a man in his 40s. I didn’t see the issue at all, but now that I’m older, I really try to tell the younger women I know NOT to do what I did. He wasn’t blatantly abusive, but the power dynamic did fuck with me long term and I still have a hard time asserting my “equal” status in relationships. Of course when I talk about the dangers of large age gaps, these young women will defend their “relationship” or “preference” fiercely just like I did. It’s so frustrating. Just because the damage done was relatively minor doesn’t mean I wasn’t preyed upon and taken advantage of.

No. 445845

>young women will defend their “relationship” or “preference” fiercely just like I did.
Because they think they're more mature than they really are. Old men tell them they like them because they're "mature for their" age as a way into manipulate them into sex

No. 445846

>young women will defend their “relationship” or “preference” fiercely just like I did.
Because they think they're more mature than they really are. Old men tell them they like them because they're "mature for their" age as a way into manipulate them into sex

No. 445854

What pisses me off the most about age gaps with older men is the ego masturbation they get from deluding themselves that young women are into them because they're physically desirable. When in reality the younger women often see them for their financial security and come from a place of vulnerability.

I wish wherever they went they were reminded that they're actually old and not attractive.

No. 445856

Majority of young women aren't attracted to old men.

No. 445863

That's what I'm saying.

No. 445864

Educated young girls from good homes almost never date outside their social circle or age group. Most of these girls being groomed come from broken homes sadly, their fathers failed them.

No. 445866

Might be, but even those girls in majority aren't attracted to old males.

No. 445867

i'm 18 and the oldest guy i'd date would be 21-22. i can't even relate to men in their late 20s. my only peers who date way older men are my gay friends. idk why but age gaps are very common in gay relationships.

No. 445903

Why do men claim they love confident women and don't care much for looks but turn around and tear down confident women and any flaw a woman can have?

No. 445907

Isn't it amazing how so many men think women having rape fantasies or role playing it with their partner means they want to be raped for real, but will also freak the fuck out at the notion that their fucked up fantasies/porn indicate what they would wanna do IRL, like school girls or incest? The hyposcrisy is astounding.

No. 445917

GC has attracted a weird coalition of bitterly Pink Pill radfems and center left women (who tend to be straight and married).

No. 445923

what does this even mean? There's nothing wrong with being pink pilled or a radfem and they don't automatically make you "bitter". Scrot, leave.

No. 445927

I wasn't saying one group was necessarily worse then the other I'm just stating that's what GC demographics are currently.(then fuck off back to reddit)

No. 445949

Oh my god, this. They insist all women want to be raped and then get butthurt when you think them watching loli porn makes them pedos.

No. 446001

File: 1565344831006.jpg (32.11 KB, 720x708, 1565314023944.jpg)

This just fills me with rage

No. 446002

I honestly just chuckled at this. It seems very bait-y.

No. 446004

>genuinely like gaming and tech
>Want to start streaming
>Literally any female twitch streamer gets harassed to hell and back regardless of if they are sexual or not
I just want to do things I like without being sexualized and harassed is that too much to ask for?

No. 446006

Lots of other women are GC, they just aren't open about it because they don't want to lose their jobs/get assaulted.

No. 446017

>she can get out
It's cute when mental midgets have no idea how properties and deeds work. Nah dude, it means you get out lmao.

No. 446019

>Ever since she had been sold to a madam at 13 years old, customers had promised to help her escape. None had followed through. Over time, their faces began to blur together, so she couldn’t remember exactly who had visited before, or how many men had come by that day. There’s usually one every hour, starting from 9am.
>Like the majority of girls in Mymensingh, Labonni was trafficked into sex work. On the run at 13 years old, she left her six-month-old daughter behind to flee the abusive husband she had been made to marry the year before, in a ceremony that took place on the same day she started her period

We should compile a list of charities and organisations to support.
It's great that we can vent online about men that stare at us on the train or argue about what flavor of feminism this board should cater to, but there's got to be more than that.

No. 446023

>Labonni has also tried to kill herself several times. “I’ll probably try again one day,” she says, sitting on the floor of the concrete cell that passes as a bedroom: her customers’ phone numbers are scratched into the wall. Meanwhile, she cuts herself daily.
God. God must be male.

No. 446058

>“All the girls here are helpless,” he says. “You can’t sell a boy to a brothel, but you can sell a girl because she has monetary value.”

and yet the guardian constantly pushes the idea that sex is irrelevant and that chosen gender is the sole determinant of your status/experience as a woman. i know this isn't the gc thread but it's connected. for fuck's sake, what level of cognitive dissonance are they on? i'm so tired anons

No. 446071


>“For a while, we tied a stone around their necks and threw the bodies in the pond,” Shilpi adds. “But sometimes they floated to the surface, so we had to find land.”

The fact that so many young girl's lives as seen as worthless and just used for monitary and sexual value deeply saddens me. this article really humbled me but also angered me about the state of the world. Shit's unfair.

No. 446091

File: 1565367086844.png (47.5 KB, 745x444, 289757.PNG)

idk who the bitch is, just saw it on my tl and almost sprained my eyes from the eyeroll this and all the thirsty incel comments underneath elicited

No. 446110

>The Bangladesh government estimates that 100,000 women and girls are working in the country’s sex industry and one study reports that less than 10% of those had entered prostitution voluntarily

>“The Bangladeshi police know everything that takes place in the brothels,” says Azharul Islam, programme manager of Rights Jessore, a local non-governmental organisation working to rehabilitate trafficked children working in the sex trade and return them to their families. “The brothel owners are involved in gangs, and our political leaders and law enforcement are involved in those gangs, too.” Corrupt government officials profit by accepting bribes and sexual favours in exchange for turning a blind eye to the abuse.

Absolutely heartbreaking and horrifying, though not the least bit surprising considering how brutally misogynistic and corrupt that culture is.

>Public graveyards aren’t an option: the stigma that surrounds sex workers in Bangladesh forbids their burial in municipal ground. “Here we are shameful, bad women,” says Shilpi. “If a girl kills herself, people say it’s good riddance – it’s just a quicker way for them to get to hell.”

Yeah, it's so evil and tragic how little people give a shit about these girl's lives and even resent them.

No. 446121

No. 446151

why are they always so ugly smfh

No. 446153

They know they're ugly and try to hedge their bets by throwing other women under the bus hoping that men pick them instead.

No. 446155

Men only see surfaces.

Here is an example: "women are privileged over men because a woman can get free drinks at a bar and I can't". Surface level: woman get thing, me no get thing.

Of course, thinking about it even a little more deeply, it occurs to you that much of the time this happens because men are trying to lower women's defenses to coerce them into sex because they don't respect our boundaries. A man can go into a bar and be relatively confident that someone bigger and stronger than him isn't going to try to get him sloppy drunk and date rape him in the back of a car. Thinking beyond the surface level, it doesn't look like women have the privilege in this situation after all.

But: men only see surfaces. "Whatever is most immediately obvious to me MUST be the truth, because I am a man, and my perceptions are infallible. Everything I think and believe is objective by definition. No need to think about it. No need to self-examine."

No. 446159

Men put down women all the time and anytime they get hate for it they get defended and anyone who disagrees with them is quickly labeled a mad bitter crazy feminist, the fact the word feminist alone is extremely stigmatized in Western society disproves any "but but people think men bad and women good"

No. 446208

File: 1565397053405.jpg (45.83 KB, 564x432, f2b871a7abf2ba3867756b04d1414a…)

No. 446217

You know what? Let them fail. Look at China and how they're panicking over their lonely men living with their aging parents uwu problem because they kept killing baby girls. So now the population is too disproportionate. No amount of trafficked women will solve it. They're going to collapse. Bangladesh will probably too. Best we can do is try and save those girls, make them be safe and let the men create and rot in the hell they so desperately want, fuck them all.

No. 446238

File: 1565403387919.jpeg (58.07 KB, 640x419, 1553753862357.jpeg)

What the fuck is it with scrotes and finding IRL violence and animal cruelty entertaining?
Was on twitter and randomly ran into a deranged mutant posting videos of animals being abused and there were tons of men in the comments asking for the full videos or laughing about it.
It was awful and I hate knowing that there are sites out there dedicated to this kind of thing.

No. 446292

What is it with Asian cultures and having the absolute worst treatment of women and children ever? From animated child porn in Japan to killing newborn baby girls in India and gang rapes, wtf is going on in that region?

No. 446302

Men who hire prostitutes should be in prison or on the sex offender registry, full stop. "Sex positive" handmaidens who disagree can suck my ass.

Men cheating on the wives is bad enough. Men cheating with a disease-ridden victim of human trafficking and getting their wives sick is absolutely appalling. It's literally abusing two women at the same time. Most of these brainlets don't realize that whores fucking hate them and only want their money.

Prostitutes are not criminals. The disgusting, disloyal scrotoids that create a demand for prostitution are the real criminals. They're fucking retards that can't just jerk off and see a therapist like normal people. That have to take advantage of women and ruin our lives, like we're fucking commodities.

Also, people who say humans are naturally polyamorous can go the fuck to hell. It makes NO sense for a species that takes 20 years to rear its young to be fucking polyamorous. If you think that we're "biologically incapable" of commitment, then you deserve to spend your life alone.

No. 446304

Manifold different cultures and societies in different development stages. Bit like pointing to something misogynistic that's happened in Britain, Ukraine and Azerbaijan and asking "what the fuck is wrong with Europe?"

Murdering baby girls is a feature of feudal society where physical strength is the only determinate of productivity on the farm. Obviously the one-child policy exacerbated that in a way the CCP didn't predict. China has developed its rural sectors heavily, drawing them into the broader society, so femicide will decline really starkly and almost definitely not be a problem going forwards.

India is more like fundies/nationalists/reactionaries sperging out because of feminism/the rise of women as independent actors in society, see above as per India developing into a industrial capitalist society from feudalism (though India's development is way shittier and uneven with worse effects due to not being a planned economy). Will continue unless progressive forces in India prevail.

Japan's lolicon shit is just fucking perverted evil rich men who can get away with blatantly evil shit because they have money. Same as Epstein and the entire modelling/child actor industry in the West. Will continue until we murder these fuckers.

No. 446310

I've been doing some reading on this and I've heard that the high rate of abortion and infanticide (two separate things just so were clear) of female babies in India is driven by their bullshit dowry system. Basically, if you have a daughter, that also means giving a fuckload of money to her husband's family. Families not wanting to give up their money do everything in their power to avoid having girls, instead of doing the sensible thing and just abandoning their retarded dowry custom.

Normally I try really hard to be respectful of other cultures, but I draw the line at customs involving the abuse/subjugation of women and children.

Also, your bit about rich men really is true. Men who make over 100k a year are more likely to hire prostitutes than men who make less. It's funny that men have constructed this stereotype of women frittering away money at the mall, when wealthy men spend their excess money collecting STDs.

No. 446312

Yeah, me too. I'm from a very backwards and misogynistic background so I think about this a lot. Also: you're right that culture does play a part, it's not purely based on feudalism/capitalism/socialism/whateverism.


Child/teenaged brides have been considered unhealthy and frowned upon in Western culture not even as a modern thing, but a quirk of social attitudes going back to the 12th century.

Whereas for basically the entire rest of the world child brides only became a questioned and declining tradition in the 20th century, and still is a strong tradition and potent cultural/economic force in the 21st century.

I admire countries that have ended this stuff for that though. Almost all Chinese peasant girls were sold to be wives when they were like 13, 18 at the latest (Mao's own family background reflects this) - now that is unthinkable there. Same in the rest of East Asia, and the former communist countries. That's a huge change. It's not easy to force that kind of thing - just look at how aggressive and entrenched it has become elsewhere.

No. 446354

agree with all this 100%

and I'm so fucking tired of hearing about how HuManS ARe NaTUrALly PolYgAmOUs mOnogAMy iS a SoCiAL ConStrUCt ignoring all together that being in a relationship at all in the first place is a social construct, even an open one.

No. 446360

agreed. i'm not a fucking ~~swerf~~ just because i'm critical of sex work. i care about sex workers' safety, my problem is with the customers.

humans are capable of being polygamous and monogamous, but it's the best for society's sake for humans to be monogamous. i genuinely want to know how these men who want to be polygamous are going to be able to take care of dozens of children from different women in today's society.

No. 446401

I hate how 88% of men, who are college aged or so, look at porn. There’s no escaping their ideals. Why am I not attracted to women.

No. 446403

This. I hated when men said shit like "in the middle ages you'd be married already hehe" to 13-year-old me, like no? Not until that long ago people went through puberty in their later teens, if not older, young girls back then looked like and were considered kids. For example, the composer Mendelssohn had to drop out of the boys choir at the age of "only" 17, because his voice broke already. Just imagine 18 or 20-year-old guys still having high voices lol
"Child marriages" only happened between nobles, meaning they only existed on paper, the couple sometimes never met their whole life - and it wasn't a super young girl paired up with an old man either.
As somebody who studied history I hate when people (especially men) try to distort history into the people back then being super cruel and unloving; they weren't that different from us nowadays, parents have always loved and cared for all their kids, meaning for their daughters as well.

No. 446408

men: expect women to look and perform like porn stars and also expect them to be virgin loyal prudes
also men: why do these evul roasties like guys over 6 ft? feminism made women hypergamous..

No. 446409

Not to request too much from you, but do you have a nice succinct source of this? I want to own someone who brings up this shit sometime.

No. 446424

File: 1565441760221.png (622.85 KB, 1113x1600, worthlessmeninnocent.png)

I was reading the manga Innocent Rouge and this made me think of you all.

No. 446425

File: 1565441795145.png (445.23 KB, 1113x1600, U15.png)

No. 446427

File: 1565441914340.png (1.48 MB, 2221x1600, U16.png)

No. 446428

The irony of having that quote over an image of a woman literally sitting atop a pile of her own conquered heads is not lost on me, but >>446424 would make a nice OP image for the next new thread.

No. 446441

File: 1565444349933.jpg (492.82 KB, 875x1741, Screenshot_20190810-080816__01…)

I've seen some posting about how men have no empathy

It's worse than that, they enjoy your suffering. It can be anything from funny to arousing for them. There's no point to showing them articles of girls used as slaves who want to kill themselves, at best they won't care at worst they'll book a flight to southeast Asia.

Pic related, child rape victims struggling with emotional pain is another fetish topic to them.

I also love how they'll defend it with "it's drawn so it doesn't reflect on me personally" when you know good and well they use it as a stand-in for the real thing

No. 446463

basing all men on 4chan is kinda dumb especially rk9 is ,total yearly 4chan users is 250'000 at best

No. 446464

There are way more men than just ones on 4chan who jack off to this kind of hentai though.

No. 446465

Epstein suicided.

No. 446468

File: 1565448441244.jpg (53.9 KB, 1003x317, andnoonewassad.jpg)

I just saw this when i logged onto youtube. good riddance. even though he deserved to be raped to death . Suicide is too good for him

No. 446469

Suicide by hanging while on suicide watch, seems likely

No. 446471

>good riddance
No fuck that. The girls/women who were his victims deserved to have all perpetators made public and sent to trial. His death means a lot of disgusting rich rapists will not face consequences for their crimes. Fuck this piece of shit, hope he rots in hell.

No. 446487

File: 1565452567600.jpg (52.62 KB, 1128x858, ac874a11e797239c8c1ac748eb7d2c…)

I just don't get why men are so keen on blaming the rise of young male virginity on women?
They truly think that using dating apps and spamming women with one liners like "sup" will do the trick, and hope that the numbers game theory will actually work instead of putting any effort into showing some appreciation.

And even then, why is that noteworthy? Why should they be entitled to sex?

Why should women have to have sex?

Anyhow, the male virginity being on the rise keeps reoccurring as a topic on the internet and I'm always pissed to see the typical responses as if women should be obligated to take the v-card of every man out there.

No. 446491

This graph (which I don't fully believe since surveys are meme central you can have say whatever you want with the right selection of variables and filtering) gets thrown around a lot to do with incels on the brink of suicide due to no gf. But I know a lot of men that age who don't care about relationships or trying to get laid, not for any ideological reasons, but because they're complete failure to launch manchildren who just want to sit around their mother's spare bedroom playing video games and jerking off to porn all day and would probably find having a partner way too much effort.

No. 446493

The rise of young male virginity is the result of internet and easy-access porn causing porn addiction that they use in place of real sexual encounters. Internet use replacing social, outdoor, and athletic activities also means there is a generation of young men now with higher numbers than ever of inability to successfully initiate conversations, relationships, and sex. It's insane that these men think it's now the responsibility of girls and women to seek out silent, socially inept weirdos to charitably guide them through the process of wooing and sex.

No. 446494

>B-but Maslow's hierarchy!
That's what they always fall back on.

As for Epstein, there must be many people breathing a sigh of relief now he can't rat on them. It's messed up. I'm not a conspiracy tard, but it's awfully convenient. Don't they literally take every possible item you can use to harm yourself and check on you every 15 mins if you're placed on suicide watch?

No. 446501

Is there a graph for the women? Is female virginity rising too?

No. 446510

I have troubles believing that graph but here's the source, make of it what you will: https://twitter.com/_cingraham/status/1111629177575350279

> But I know a lot of men that age who don't care about relationships or trying to get laid, not for any ideological reasons, but because they're complete failure to launch manchildren

This too is a good point. Why do a lot of people presume that men are desperate and go through some herculean troubles to find a mate to no avail when there's a likelihood of them not bothering at all? And even then, I just don't like the tone of these discussions where women are somehow put to blame.

> It's insane that these men think it's now the responsibility of girls and women to seek out silent, socially inept weirdos to charitably guide them through the process of wooing and sex.

Precisely! What do men want? Most men don't even want a long and stable relationship. They're just mad that they can't get any because a lot of women seem to have dignity and self respect or that we don't risk our lives and get intimate with a social recluse who's unhinged and redpilled and doesn't regard women as equals.

Currently I can't find it, but according to that thread it's 18% for women and 28% for men.

No. 446512

If we have sex with them indiscriminately, we're sluts. If we don't have sex with them and actively only pick the best mates, they screech into eternity.
It becomes about how sex is a "human right" and how unfair it all is. Lmao.

No. 446515

>Currently I can't find it, but according to that thread it's 18% for women and 28% for men.
Well that sounds fishy. Shouldn't the 2 go together?

No. 446521

File: 1565457196506.jpeg (56.73 KB, 1152x860, D205FUnU8AI6FyY.jpg:large.jpeg)

Here's the source:

> Shouldn't the 2 go together?

They should but I don't know. You judge for yourself.

No. 446524

Please, ignore this. This is just for the past year. So that one user was wrong.

No. 446532

My impression is that younger generations are "growing up" more slowly. They drink less or don't drink, don't drive or delay getting their license, delay moving out, get their first jobs at a later age and focus more on school, so it doesn't surprise me if sex is also being delayed. Either way I don't really care if scrotes who hate women don't get their dicks wet. It's funny how when men realize women might also care about looks it causes them to have a mass meltdown and go on mass killings but women have always had this expectation placed on them and mostly just try to comply to the beauty standards.

No. 446533

>Why do a lot of people presume that men are desperate and go through some herculean troubles to find a mate to no avail when there's a likelihood of them not bothering at all?

Many incels even admit that approaching someone within their league isn't worth the risk of rejection, porn, anime, whatever gives them more.

No. 446552

Yeah this makes no sense. The numbers were very close and all of sudden they go crazy.

No. 446560

>They truly think that using dating apps and spamming women with one liners like "sup" will do the trick, and hope that the numbers game theory will actually work instead of putting any effort into showing some appreciation.

Exactly. Just recently my granddad asked me whether guys asked me and my friends out when I told him that I went out the night before and I had to explain to him that this is not how it works anymore. He told me that back then they went up to girls, introduced themselves and then asked for a dance. Just a dance, nothing more. But todays guys expect you to jump straight into their bed without them putting any effort.
And whenever girls complain about this, they'll bring up shit like them being scared of talking to us because of metoo.

No. 446567

It's even more fucked that these videos are on social site where kids spend time. Does twitter even block these accounts/videos? I've seen shit like that on facebook too.
Seriously internet should be censored.

No. 446624

I don't know what's the actual explanation for this, but I really REALLY hope it is somehow related to women getting tired of how shitty men are and choosing female partners instead.

No. 446629

Key is, they self-reported 0. Incels at vidya game forum are having sex but it doesn't count because she's too ugy/want something from him in exchange/likes his personality so it's still doesn't count because it has to be pure physical attraction/some other nonsense. Then after some time they just stop interacting with girls, because they self-identify as incels so much that they're following the rules of incelom. The most active incel is dude in his late 30's who had multiple gf's, tons of one night stands, then for some "unknown" reasons 20 years old girls started rejecting him. Of course it's hypergamy or whatever buzzword of they day is and not the fact that he's crusty and gives off creepy vibes due to thinking about incel ideology and evil femoids 24/7.
Meanwhile dude from uni who has some genetical disease that results in very short height, hunchback and deformed face got marrid to a pretty cute girl. Apparently they're soul mates, in which I can belive because they're both insufferable. He never played video games or watched anime.

No. 446641

File: 1565477369103.jpg (178.38 KB, 564x1866, 9797c39afc94a90065a157f2e6a4c3…)

No. 446642

File: 1565477694731.png (53.07 KB, 354x558, n6en2x8hgef31.png)

>begs for sex to the point where he has to buy sex trafficked women
>shocked when women have flaws and don't look like sex dolls
>gets upset he paid a woman to have sex with him and she didn't do it for free out of personality

No. 446644

>I felt financially abused
ah yes, the man willfully paying to fuck a sex trafficked woman is the one being abused.

No. 446647

>pays for sex with woman who is most likely a trafficking victim
>"i felt financially abused"
I hope this guy ends up killing himself.

No. 446681

Remember: this is the sort of thing that men mean when they claim to be "abused" by women.

No. 446683

On YouTube, I once watched a documentary about homeless women. It was made because, while homeless women are a minority, they face issues that homeless men do not (sexual exploitation, menstrual hygiene, etc.). You know, exactly the same justification that's used to bring attention to male victims of abuse or assault. But did the comments say "Finally! I'm so glad someone is talking about this! Just because they're a minority doesn't make them less important!" I mean, that would be logically consistent, right?

Nope. It was all "But who cares? MEN are the majority!!" It's almost like the real issue is wanting everything to be about men 100% all the time. When women are the majority, it's MEN that really matter and should get the attention. When women are the minority, it's STILL MEN that really matter. The "people don't take men who experience abuse seriously because they're in the minority" argument is just a disingenuous excuse to silence women and redirect the issue to talk about men, yet again. See also: what about MALE circumcision, what about MEN with eating disorders.

No. 446702

I started streaming on Twitch because I'm a NEET and I live in an extremely shit economy/a very small town so my job opportunities are extremely limited plus I'm struggling with severe mental illness. I don't sexualize myself on stream and I don't wear makeup either because I don't have the energy to apply it, English is not my first language and I don't even have a laptop, so I just stream from my phone reading chat and hanging out like most IVR streamers.
Scrotes are crazy I swear, they all pay these streamers to sexualize and objectify themselves and then they complain about them being thots, although they're motivated and enabled by men to be like that. They all watch, fetishize and give money to these submissive type Asian girls that can barely speak English or know a few words at best. I get my chat flooded with trolls, I get called boring and I'm told I provide no content, although I do exactly what the vast majority of other IVR streamers do, sit and talk. I get them making absolutely vile comments on my physical appearance, and on the way I act and on my English, I get called autistic etc. I get called a thot, although I don't sexualize myself in any way.

Today I called them out and told them they're being extremely hypocritical because they literally watch my stream for 3 hours just to call me boring and unentertaining, they sit in my stream for 3 fucking hours and call me boring and uninteresting when they could go watch any other stream from thousands of streamers or just watch a trad type waifu pandering streamer. When I started banning some of them, a bunch started apologizing and saying stuff like "uhh kekeke was just trolling you're more fun than most of the girls on here dont ban pls" and they just started trolling each other into oblivion.

Men are a fucking joke and every field or place that is male dominanted becomes a joke and a way to humiliate and subjugate women and shame those that don't fit their mold of sexual attractiveness, but shame those that want to please them as well. Men were given too many opportunities in this life.
Saged because this was more of a vent/sperg.

No. 446705

It's good you called them out! Scrots are so fucking annoying. Keep streaming.

No. 446714

Yay for calling them out!

Just out of curiosity, do you make money by streaming or is it more just for shits n giggles?

No. 446719

I briefly streamed, and I just banned all typical scrote behaviour on sight. What was left was that other women felt comfortable hanging out in my channel, and I was even called a chill, cozy, feminist stream even though I didn't get political at all. I just treated all flirting/trolling/threats with an immediate ban, iron-fist style. It was nice.

No. 446726

hi fauxre

No. 446738

File: 1565501637313.jpg (251.86 KB, 1186x861, the fuckboy flowchart.jpg)

I watch a streamer called BadBunny who pulls no punches when dealing with the troglodytes that turn up in her chat and calling out the rampant sexism on the site. She made a chart to study the behavior of the creeps who try to harass her. It's surreal how they all follow it to a T. Like they're reading off the same "pathetic shithead" script. Truly the NPC sex.

No. 446769

This chart is hilarious and incredibly based. Good on her.

No. 446804

does anyone else not trust male teachers? I once had this university teacher flirt with me when I was 22. he also flirted with this other girl in the class who was younger than me and he already knew her from somewhere, and they would talk about this one high school that he had subbed at (presumably they knew each other from when she went there, but I don't actually know the details). anyway, he went on to be a full time high school teacher, when you go to the highschool's website he's listed as one of the faculty. I totally think he wants to fuck high school students. I don't trust the motivations of any man who becomes a high school teacher or really any profession dealing with children but maybe I'm just overly cynical.

No. 446828

File: 1565533652704.jpg (557.95 KB, 810x1594, Screenshot_20190811-092445_Red…)

>bloobloo my pregnant wife who stays at home with our 14 month old baby does NOTHING all day!
Why are males like this? I love how he complains about watching his own fucking child at the end of the post. As if it's not also his responsibility.

No. 446829

The thing about the son being desperate for attention is suspicious as fuck, he's a child and his dad just came home, of course he'll want attention from him. Even if his wife actually gives their son her attention all day, he'll still want to do things with his other parent.

That and the fact his wife taking a nap is apparently terrible makes me wonder how much of the post is accurate. For all we know his wife does her chores and parenting all day with TV in the background.

No. 446830

This sort of shit makes me genuinely afraid to have a child with a man. One day my husband will also think that me taking care of a child all day while being pregnant with another is 'doing nothing'

No. 446831

I 100% don’t trust male teachers after my experience, in my sophomore year of high school my English teacher ended up being accused of being inappropriate with students and offering sexual favors in exchange for better grades. He had been my teacher for 2 years, and he even got the call that his wife was in labor during one of my classes…needless to say I wonder how they are doing now. He also was a coach for the girl’s track team, and would be inappropriate with the girls when messaging them. Once he offered to tutor me because of my bad grades in his class, and thinking back to all this, I’m so thankful I didn’t have a ride home or else I just might’ve gone. I’m starting college soon (I’m 20 but getting a late start) and I’m going to be very cautious of the male teachers I get from now on.

No. 446833

How are you anons feeling about father's day?

No. 446853

File: 1565540076584.jpg (7.12 KB, 251x216, 128550632671020110725-22047-52…)

My dad's dead.
But honestly it feels a bit odd celebrating dads like my brother whose wife does 95% of the work and gets about 30% of the recognition.

No. 446865

Nothing wrong with celebrating good parents, no one should feel pressured to celebrate shit parents on that day though.

No. 446867

While I feel like there are some good dads out there, let's face it: It asspats men who only participate in a quarter of childcare-if at that-while they continue to act distant and unavailable the rest of the 364 days of the year.

Tbh I really don't care for mother or father days. Seems like if someone is a good person as well as a parent that it would be recognized naturally, and frequently. While forcing a one-day holiday out of it just gives shitty parents out there a day to feel entitled for just existing, and meanwhile cheapens the involved parents who wish they'd catch a break more often than once a year.

No. 446877

Even though my Dad treats me like crap I still acknowledged it, got him a card and asked if he wanted to do anything together. My grandfather died in January so it’s been a melancholy year for him

No. 446888

Anons, how do you deal with media you generally like but then it shows some blatant sexism and it puts you off?

I think I should read more female authors because I'm frustrated by the things written by men for men dominating media, and even when I really appreciate a writers insight or creativity he goes and ruins it by making extremely poor female characters or doing fanservice scenes for them.

On a side note, as an edgy teen I used to be ok with violence and sexual violence in the media cuz hey, I enjoy seeing male heroes in fantasy tragically suffer and overcome their hardships,it must the the same with men. Oh boy was I wrong (see: how overused sexual violence against women is in something mainstream like GoT).

No. 446898

I don't acknowledge it because my dad is a violent, abusive piece of shit. Even at his best, my dad was cold and uninterested in my brother and I. Every time he had to care for us alone as children, it was like he was a teenager who was begrudgingly babysitting us who hated our guts.
I get really upset when I see good dads interacting with their kids. I watched a video a youtuber made with her dad a few days ago and it made me cry with jealousy.

No. 446926

Doesnt exist as far as I'm concerned. Never met a good dad never had a good dad just an alcoholic asshole who liked to beat his kids and wife so. Cant stand seeing good dads supporting their kids either. I dont speak to my dad since I've moved out a few years ago and never want to.

No. 446943

Same. It's crazy how men will be so adament towards women being only good at housework and child care but then turn around and shit on that. Then they wonder why women don't find it appealing. Like they can't understand why women don't choose to get shit on

No. 446949

Yep, I knew a lady who's husband (in his 40s or 50s when this happened) was known as the "cool teacher" who kids loved when he was working at a school. He later got busted for having CP on his computer.

I'm in university now (stem) and after reading so many terrible stories I also don't really trust male lab PIs or thesis supervisors.

No. 446961

I tend to agree that if someone becomes a stay at home parent, domestic duties like cooking and cleaning should be expected. There are plenty of working mothers who manage to go to their job, come home to cook and clean, and be champions of childcare. I think it's too much.
Rearing is tough but there's no way it occupies every single minute so as to be unable to throw on a crockpot of food or vacuum a floor.

The scrote's mistake is being frustrated by the outcome of having the first child yet being irresponsible enough to have a second. He clearly doesn't enjoy his children and it's sad that he had them.

No. 446993

I have no real proof of this theory, just my own experience, but I wonder if a lot of schools have problems with child abuse and deal with it like the Church does.

(trigger warning:)

I was abused by a male teacher when I was extremely young (single digits, but I don't wanna say exactly, I'll get upset) but he was very good at his job (he was actually my favorite teacher before it happened) and all the school did was transfer him to Canada. I don't think I was the only girl he abused, either.

No. 446995

To be fair to GRRM a lot of the stuff in the books isn't as graphic or doesn't even happen like it does in the show. A lot of it really is just because it's a Home Boobs Office production and they have to run everything through a "gritty, violent and oversexualised" filter.

No. 447007

I somewhat consider myself a radical feminist but in this male ruled world feminism has really only fucked us over. Like in the last century I could have just marry a stupid man and not see him the most of the day and be supported to do whatever I’d want on my free time, now we are expected to work and also take care of the household.
I’m not getting married unless I marry some rich fuck, even ugly broke fags will cheat so I might as well marry rich.

No. 447010

File: 1565565235997.jpg (56.17 KB, 619x432, Untitled.jpg)

It can be about both, genius. That's how prevalent and ingrained misogyny is. Maybe instead of going "Oh, he wasn't a REAL leftist", leftists should call out the shitty sexist men who exist on their side too.

And I say that as a leftist. Hold yourselves accountable.

No. 447012

all modern politics are inherently misogynist tbh. you just choose the better of the evils

No. 447026

What? Holy shit if you think anything was better for women than it is today and will be in the future, you're seriously deluded.

No. 447039

Anon is just lazy.
>w-what?! You mean I have to work to support myself like an ADULT??? Feminism has screwed us over!

No. 447055

In some parts of the left at least, try to have a conversation about their misogyny and racism and they'll just accuse you of identity politics. Yes sometimes idpol goes too far but some of them just take the anti-idpol stance too far and let sexism and racism keep happening. In the US the working class is about 45-50% women and 40% nonwhite so not sure how they plan to attract these people to their movement when they let these forms of bigotry pass.

No. 447061


God I hate how this argument throws abstract thinking out the window. One of these behaviors has a body count and one doesn't, Judith. One of these groups has historically been kept from voting, owning property, getting proper health care, and generally being allowed freedom and safety. OF COURSE men's anger matters more, it's been a danger for literally thousands of years. It's quantifiable. It's in every history book. It's in every economic anaylsis of wealth concentration. This line of thought is the equivalent of "if there were two guys on the moon and one killed the other wouldn't that be fucked" being used to justify never sending two men to the moon.

No. 447064


A teacher at my high school was arrested for trying to have sex with a middle school girl and having a ton of cp. He was the girls. track. coach.

What I dealt w/ most though was male professors in college. In my experience, they tried more shit because ohhh you're both adultsss wow you're so smart I see you as an equalllll blah blah blah. And yet they never seemed to go for women who were actually, literally their equals in age, accomplishment, position, etc.

No. 447066

Back then it was considered perfectly acceptable to hit your wife. You would be expected to slave over a hot stove all day being perpetually pregnant, and still be expected to give sexual release to your husband when he gets home, and if you don't he could beat you. You wouldnt be allowed to work either so you couldn't leave him and support yourself. And he would still probably cheat on you. And then you'd die at 30 from child birth, and your husband would marry a 15 year old.

No. 447067

Um, anon, it was only ever the affluent (just like now) that didn’t have to work, women have ALWAYS had to rear children + work + take care of the home. The only time it was more common was around the 50s and look how well that went for women.

No. 447068

100% this. Especially the dismissals of "idpol" like……..if you don't understand leftist conceptions of domestic labor, women's work, pink collar jobs, etc, you are a fundamentally shitty leftist. What they see as idpol-free leftism doesn't understand that a concept of work that doesn't include women's specific experiences is a concept of work that leaves AT LEAST half of it out. It's fucking dumbed down shit for men who don't want to think complicated thoughts. They just want to be told "oh no you don't have to read marxist feminists it's dirty just read ~pure real leftism~ that pares away the parts that require you to think more deeply, anything that troubles your sense of self is actually dumb and bad."

When you really start learning about woman-led academia and theory, you realize how fucking shallow most men's work is.

No. 447092

File: 1565579057861.png (23.9 KB, 599x184, -2- Judith --Judith-Char- - Tw…)

>claims to be a "Philosophy and psychology enthusiast."
>but posts this about feminism
Because strawmanning and doing no research really convinces people you are smart. Incels always like the brain dead ones.

No. 447094

You have my sympathies anon, I'm sorry you had to experience that.

No. 447111

I feel like its probably at least partly feminism's doing that anti-feminist women are even able to find empowerment in NOT feeling controlled by men and are able to publicly voice their opinions about women being strong, empowered individuals in the first place. But that's just me…

No. 447114

You sure would, my grand grand mother was forced to marry a 30 year old guy at 13 and gave birth to her first child at 16. She was forced to marry because her mother died and the new young replacement didn't want her in the house.

The dreamy tradwife life, oh how feminism has cucked us over.

No. 447131

>women were ladies back in the day when they didn't have rights and were forced to serve a man who could and have abandoned them because said men didn't give a fuck about them
It's crazy how their logic is so fucked up. They don't want women doing anything besides staying at home, because forced to have and raise kids. But would complain that women aren't doing anything important because said housework and childcare is "doing nothing all day" to them too. They don't want women holding jobs but hate that women need things to buy. Etc etc. The children thing is interesting. They make it seem that all men want kids but it's typically men who complain about them, pregnancy, lack of sex due to that and the baby needing shit, child care in general.

No. 447146

When you don't value or respect someone at all, everything they do is somehow woefully inadequate.

No. 447147

If anyone remembers my past thread on my crazy hometown (luckily I don't live there anymore) look up the Howie Leung case. A principal suspended a student for reporting that she witnessed a teacher molesting a student, turns out it was a huge pattern with him all along and many of the staff tried to cover it up and called her a liar.

No. 447154

File: 1565596849268.png (141.78 KB, 649x645, shooting.png)

Most mass killers have a history of misogyny and harassing women. And not just incel types either, a lot of them had issues with domestic violence against their wives or girlfriends. I'm glad this is being talked about and I wish people would take these mens behaviour towards women more seriously but I have very little faith that anything's really going to be done. Too many people just dismissing it as "just being sociopathic" and refusing to admit the unique role of misogyny.


No. 447160

File: 1565598945328.jpg (117.14 KB, 620x413, Pit-Brow-Lasses-from-an-unknow…)

Last century like 1800s or 1900s? Anyway:
>After women were banned from working underground in the mining communities of 19th-century Britain, a new female group emerged on the surface of the Lancashire coal fields. Wearing breeches under rough skirts, thick boots and kerchiefs tied around their heads, the ‘Pit Brow Lasses’ agitated Victorian attitudes about the roles of women and became a social phenomenon…
Ban happened because there was major mine flooding that killed young kids (younger than 10) working there, and people decided to ban kids from working in mines. Women were banned from underground mines because people investigating conditions learned that they were working topless alongside males. Nobody had a problem with women working full times in mines before they learned they were topless.

No. 447161

File: 1565599489111.jpg (32.29 KB, 600x318, split-radium-jaw.og_.jpg)

The Radium Girls were female factory workers who contracted radiation poisoning from painting watch dials with self-luminous paint. Painting was done by women at three different sites in the United States, and the term now applies to the women working at the facilities: the first, a United States Radium factory in Orange, New Jersey, beginning around 1917; the facility at Ottawa, Illinois, beginning in the early 1920s; and a third facility in Waterbury, Connecticut.

The women in each facility had been told the paint was harmless, and subsequently ingested deadly amounts of radium after being instructed to "point" their brushes on their lips in order to give them a fine point; some also painted their fingernails, face and teeth with the glowing substance. The women were instructed to point their brushes because using rags, or a water rinse, caused them to waste too much time and waste too much of the material made from powdered radium, gum arabic and water.

No. 447168

File: 1565600113927.jpg (133.77 KB, 550x407, sovietwomen-11.jpg)

some Soviet pics. I think that myth of happy, glamurous, unemployed stay at home wife was created in 50's upper-class USA because Soviets were showin off working, lower class women as a role models.

No. 447169

File: 1565600230447.jpg (46.83 KB, 512x323, AP4208260283.jpg)

No. 447172

File: 1565600388577.jpg (20.33 KB, 236x358, 86571e98305aa53c35b03d36f839d1…)

As shitty commmie goverment was, they at least recognized that farmer's wifes are working full time and granted them a retirement pension.

No. 447177

east euro women are tough as hell.

No. 447180

my high school music teacher married an ex student of his when she was in her early 20s and he was in his 50s. the "relationship" had clearly been going on for a while. he kept his job and retired in his 60s. There was another male teacher at that school who made a creepy comment about a 14 year old's breasts in front of a whole class of kids. He had a reputation of being a creepy pedo before and after that but I can't remember any other specific incidents. He still works there.
The creepy shit I saw in college wasn't as bad but is still worth mentioning. My course coordinator in college would openly flirt with me, and only me in class. I was the only female student in my year group who wasn't a mature student. Another male teacher on that course wold put both his hands on female students' shoulders while he was standing behind us and looking at our work on the computer screen. I couldn't move while he was touching me, it felt horrible.

No. 447182

Generations of Romanian girls trafficked into Europe's sex industry

No. 447183

Yeah… I don't really like how men have twisted feminism to excuse their rapid decline. So many actually expect and do live off a woman, use her water, eat her food whilst they sit around and play computer games contributing absolutely nothing and some women actually encourage this because ~equality~ yay! the womans working! ~reverse gender roles~ okay but the man isn't doing ANYTHING, if he's not working he should at least do all the housework but they don't even do that. I hate how men have degenerated so rapidly, they definitely aren't what they use to be. They're actually weak, pissbaby faggots. They're decline has been horrific to witness. I know so many young men who leech off their girlfriends. No job, no money, no aspirations whilst the woman is making a career and doing everything. Well, It will be a cold day in hell before I pay mans bills. Actually kill yourselves.

No. 447187

I was just trying to read up on post ww1 culture and so many countries follow this pattern:
>At the end of the war, it soon became clear that the women’s part in the war or resistance efforts would not be rewarded. “Almost all the laws regulating the status of women remained the same, and economic conditions, slow economic development, unresolved national relations and social problems, all contrived to make women the most disenfranchised citizens in the country.”

>Women suffered the most from severe economic conditions. They worked for much less pay than their male counterparts, within factories and domestic service alike. For instance, “in the clothing industry and commercial services, women could expect to make a maximum of 50% of men’s wages.” While only a small number of women actually worked within industry, their conditions were so harsh that they were in strike actions.

>From a political perspective, many women ascribed to the Communist mantra because it “was the only one that called and consistently strove for a political and social equality of women.” Women felt marginalized by religious and conservative ideologies that stressed the importance of the woman as a housewife and mother. The first Conference of Socialist (Communist) Women of 1919 symbolized the growing need that women felt for an entirely new political system. A large number of bourgeois feminists even began to subscribe to the Communist view “that the emancipation of women would depend on the radical transformation of society."

No. 447188

Forgot to mentiom that specific part was about eastern european women, hence the communism mention
>Women became significant members of the National Liberation Movement and participated in all aspects of the anti-fascist resistance. Women occupied positions as fighters and as leaders. Seventy percent of the women fighters were under twenty years of age. They mobilized other women to gather supplies, cared for the sick and wounded, and sustained local economies. Though women proved themselves as politically and economically capable within the Partisan movement, a chauvinistic attitude was maintained.

No. 447192

Watching this video and reading about the sex prisoners in Bangladesh >>446019 is really making me question what I do to make any change for women in this world. Donations to organisations and raising awareness of problems, both local and global, is a good place to start but I don't know if I would ever be able to help directly. It's very easy to feel like an idealistic, progressive person but I have no proof of it.

No. 447193

Why does it seem like older men who pursue women in their early 20s also like underage girls?

No. 447201

They like the young and easy manipulated mindset of younger girls, not their actual looks or anything despite how hard they try to insist it's only how they look,a lot of these dudes tend to be highly manipulative and basically throw as many red flags as possible, guys who like older women tend to be more kind and understanding, my boyfriend has a variety of taste including older women so I definitely feel lucky I won't have to deal with typical scrot behavior of bitching and crying about how I didn't look the same way I did at 18 when I'm 40

No. 447203

This shit gets me. What can women do right? If you have kids and work, you're a bad mother for not taking care of them properly. If you're a stay-at-home mom, you're lazy and leeching off your husband, and we all know cooking, cleaning, and childcare is so easy anyway! Oh, and if you just don't have kids? You're wasting your life and will feel unfulfilled later.

Not even mentioning the physical changes that come from pregnancy and how you're portrayed as undesirable to your husband unless you "get your body back."

Great options.

No. 447214

What men are attracted to when they pursue much younger women is someone they have power over. When a 40-year-old dates an 18-year-old, he is dating someone with much less life experience and who is much more easily manipulated. The same is true of 55-year-old men who dates 25-year-old women, to a lesser degree. A healthy adult wants to date people who are in the same life stage as themselves. A potential partner being naive or inexperienced should be a turnoff. To a healthy person, that signals "child". To a man, it's a turn-on. "Great! A potential abuse victim! Someone without the experience to realize I'm a failure and who'll be impressed by my piddling achievements!"

No. 447216

>guys who like older women tend to be more kind and understanding
This. Sorry to #notmynigel but at first when I first noticed the female characters in movies or tv shows that my boyfriend thought were the most cool or attractive were all confident cougar types I got so upset, because the implication he liked older women meant I looked or acted old myself. I feel like an idiot for how long it took me to unpack how my feelings of self worth were tied up into the expectation that I needed to be a sexy baby bangmaid. Now it seems ridiculous that I was so used to pornsick guys that openly jerked off to lolicon that I thought that a guy who was interested in watching grown female characters with development and history was the weirdo.

I'm sure there will be bad men who prefer confident women too but even so I don't want to ever date anyone who isn't interested in strong female characters ever again, I refuse to ever pander to men who can't stomach their partner being their equal.

No. 447249

my old high school music teacher JUST got arrested for fucking students. it's been an open secret for about 25 years that he'd choose a "girlfriend" and the relationship would last from year 8 through to sixth form, then he'd dump her. buying lingerie, taking her for weekends away, rinse and repeat with a new one. whenever we tried to talk about it to other teachers they'd tell us off for spreading vicious rumours. lol. this fucking place.

No. 447253


I used to be this girl. I get it, but I really just feel sad looking at it. In a lot of ways, it's easier to say "I DON'T FEEL LIKE A VICTIM!!! EVERYTHING'S FINE!!" than to look the world in the eye and admit stuff isn't fair, and it's affected you. Women like this don't get yet that that doesn't make you weak or stupid or crazy or a "professional victim."

Dworkin's "Right Wing Women" is a great book on it. There's some great quote I think of all the time with women like this….it's like, "it is agony to be fully conscious."

No. 447258


Damn anon, I'm gonna be remembering these words for years.

No. 447263

I'm reminded why I don't go on Facebook anymore

I know a guy who's in his early 30s being the butt of jokes of still not having a gf. Guy is like a 4/10 on a good day but wants a 10/10 qt Japanese gf. Said guy is also teased of being a paedo/lolicon and iirc it started with him responding "I want 'em young" that was probably taken out of context. (lbr, probably not)

When FB rolled out that annoying "your friend liked x" feature on the timeline, I saw him following those creepy "aesthetically pleasing asian girls" pages. The comments on those posts are pretty much bobs and vegene. So of course my opinion of him just went lower and with other male friends who I saw following the page too.

10 years ago I clicked with this guy 'coz we were dumb and edgy, a lot of things used to align with us.

No. 447282

Is there any intelligent and mentally stable man that prefers Asian girls?

No. 447297

File: 1565626854711.jpg (132.74 KB, 750x317, 1560630011500.jpg)

No. 447298

Asian man?

No. 447419

True but Asian men aren't mentally stable most of the time, my boyfriend has a friend who speaks like he just walked out of r/asianmasculinity, he would always talk about how much he preferred blondes and ANY time any subject popped up where Asian girls would be involved he would start ranting about how Asian women are all egotistical pretentious whores, on the contrary I knew a guy who was the complete opposite, anytime the conversation about women popped up he would rant about how Asian women are so much better and more traditional and how white women have been brainwashed by evil feminism and -gasp- want careers and to be self reliant

I guess any man who gets obsessive about race to the extent of some men are huge red flags and should be avoided

No. 447458

>As shitty commmie goverment was
Commie government was not shitty, it was better than what came before and better than whats come after.

No. 447460

I'm a romanianon and this isn't news to anybody here. People turn a blind eye to it and the police are complicit.
It doesn't help that most of those girls are gypsies or from the countryside, so they're viewed as less than human.

No. 447467

File: 1565650606965.jpg (121.36 KB, 720x1493, l8zt32gbv2g31.jpg)

>I knew a girl who told me she got drunk outside once
>This somehow means all women are like this and pure evil for not being pure sheltered alcohol avoiders who stay inside and do nothing but read and cook
>God forbid women do anything they like
>Reee avoid women they're evil they're the plague!this woman ruined my life by minding her own business and drinking!! How dare women not follow the specific diet I want!!

Lord, I have yet to see even the worse man haters claim men should be avoided because a man she knew got drunk, what a fucking baby if he can't handle someone getting drunk who's not even around him without spazzing out and demanding all men unite against women. Unbelievable

No. 447469

File: 1565650940171.png (216.87 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-08-13-01-49-33…)


Speaking of which, this happened a couple of weeks ago and it still makes my blood boil. I listened to the audio of the girl's call to the police and cried my eyes out.
There's more info than what's in the article btw, he's suspected to have killed more women and it was found that the police and other local mobsters provided the american army stationed at a base in that city with underage girls, as young as 14.
The best thing about all of these things being talked about in the open in the news is having to see lots of men claiming that this isn't a sexist issue at all, it's just simple corruption

No. 447498

>Shouldn't all men stay away from women, period?

I wish the worthless shits would. It'd make our lives much easier. But nope, "going their own way" means they talk about us and obsess over us all the time, instead of actually trying to improve themselves.

No. 447500

when you realize that these men are only going mgtow because they cant force women to be their houseslaves anymore, it makes sense. Almost every trad forum/community has those mgtows wishing for real ladies to come back into style and serve them their entire lives. But because women are human and want to live a happy life, they're reeeing. Look at how many of them despised that one video of women owning and talking about their male sex doll's. That's the opposite of what they want.

No. 447540

They literally aren't panicking over that though. It's just western media that writes about China's gender gap problem. The difference in population between men and women in China is actually pretty small, it's just that a lot of girls weren't given birth certificates so they aren't counted.
This and the evo-psych men who say that underage women are just naturally more attractive because they're "more fertile" make me so angry.

No. 447546

> shouldn't all men stay away from women, period?

god yes PLEASE we've been asking you this for centuries. any man retarded enough to believe all women want to jump on their sweaty micropeens please stay away

No. 447568

looking for the vid now, any more vids in a similar vein? I love to see butthurt mgtow comments. i know angry men are dangerous and their biggest fear is being laughed at, fuck them. they're self-made comedy as a species.

No. 447570

File: 1565665609307.jpg (56.15 KB, 411x810, tumblr_puowa4A2IH1xuv32wo1_540…)

I know this has been discussed before but I do not know if the screenshot was included. Just a reminder yet again men are scum.

No. 447573

men are murdering young women and taunting parents whos daughters are murdered but everyone is too focused on single moms, #metoo, and men paying for dinner

No. 447631

why do men always have to be contrarians when women give input about themselves

>I don't think having a man is important

men:no no no it's very important or else you'll hit the wall and end up bitter and lonely and wonder where all the good men gone
>I want a man
men:HA! well no man wants you desperate gold digging whore
>I'm pretty
men:no you're an ugly beast! wash your face and do some jumping jacks
>I'm ugly
men:no you're fuckable
>I'm fat
men:no you're thick
>I'm curvy
men:no you're fat
>I want a career
men:you want to die alone

you have to use reverse psych to get them to agree with you on anything really,being blunt is too much for men and they love playing mind games

No. 447640

>I want a child
no you want to steal resources you lazy gold digger
anyway it's because men are retarded and don't know what they want, they need to shit on all women because nothing is ever enough. there is no way to satisfy them, they aren't satisfied with themselves.

No. 447660

File: 1565689536312.jpg (234.76 KB, 651x390, IMG-b563db66516fbbf88d73f0a89e…)

>men are rational beings, society should enforce monogamy

No. 447671

No way this is real

No. 447672

No. 447681


Yep giving up on women somehow means obsessing over women and a woman having a beer in her garden somehow leads him to imagine her 'on a cock carousel'

It's totally not him being perverse

No. 447682


I've seen alot of them describe turning mgtow after divorce and all I can think is thank god women have the option to divorce and they're not stuck like they would've been years ago.

I can imagine most of these ex wives have restraining orders

No. 447713

Rush Limbaugh, Alex Jones, PJW, most hard-core alt-right conspiracy theorist say the most insane shit possible, and those are just the ones who have the fucking balls to say this insane horseshit while showing their full identity, don't even get me started on MGTOW and incel conspiracy theorist who think there's some conspiracy all women are in on and out to get them and milk them of their sperm, money and energy, the disgusting pedos and beastiality fucks on the internet who openly discuss wanting to fuck kids and animals like it's NBD, men who are into worming and get off on the idea of giving random people parasites, how many men openly talk about wanting to murder people and rape women like it's NBD.

Men are absolutely fucking INSANE, I honestly don't know how anyone can possibly take them seriously especially after these complete idiots pretty much exposed themselves by letting off all their vile thoughts and actions for the entire world to see.

Seriously even the most insane things women have ever said doesn't compare to the type of shit you see on deepweb pedophile forums or on MGTOW or incels, hell even just fucking /fit/ is filled with absolute goddamn lunacy.

How people are just ignoring this and insisting women are the crazy ones is beyond me. Even the most insane post of all time on lolcow or PULL or whatever doesn't even hit close to the type of shit you see daily on 4chan, reddit, bodybuilding forums and YouTube, I take that back, every fucking hour. Men are the fucking plague.

No. 447722

Yes. From what I've seen, mens venting is more angry/bitter and they seem to think that doesn't count as emotional venting because they're more aggressive about it.

No. 447724

>Even the most insane post of all time on lolcow or PULL or whatever doesn't even hit close to the type of shit you see daily on 4chan, reddit, bodybuilding forums and YouTube, I take that back, every fucking hour.
This. I consider lolcow to be the ultimate cesspool of toxic femininity and it pales in comparisson to 4chan, reddit, etc. Whenever people say it's the female equivelent to r9k, it enrages me because it's not normalized here to sperg about rape fantasies or celebrate people's deaths because they cheated or led someone on or whatever the fuck they were mad at Bianca Devins for. Yeah, we have a couple of severe crazies like pedochan, but they're not the norm and people usually call them out for being fucking horrible.

No. 447795

There was a stabbing in Sydney from some young man like 25-24 year old, he murdered one woman and injured another woman, no info on motive has come out yet but why do I get the feeling the faggot is going to be some triggered incel whom did it out of some retarded incel rage? he is white or asian.

No. 447801

I’ve seen people on this site (lolcow) day that this thread is a cesspool that they’d never touch but I feel like out of all of the threads on the site, this one is one of my favourite. The other ones predominantly shit on women (do I really care about how many chicken nuggets Pixielocks has eaten or how many cosplays Momo has done this year?) and I find them depressing and boring. This thread on the other hand is really all about shutting on men who genuinely deserve to be shat on a lot more than they normally are. Yet some people think this thread is the epitome of toxic.

The trolls and scrotes that come in make it toxic, but most of the time it’s just showcasing male behaviour and commenting on it in a way that isn’t being a pick-me. Sorry that men suck, I guess.

No. 447824

I noticed people say this about women because we are far more empathetic, internalizing, and introspective than men, so our words seem more involved and engaged, and detailed, which is apparently CRAZY AND BAD unlike ebin detached and projective masculine posting. In fact, its completely absurd and aisine in and in itself, how are WE the crazy ones for being more attuned to those around us and internalizing and processing things more? How are we crazy for being more human?

No. 447914

The female “equivalent” to incels is a single thread on a single site, and you don’t see us posting graphic rape fantasies or stories about how we followed men through a park or came in their food or some shit. The difference is that, at the end of the day, we’re not capable of dehumanizing men the way they’re happy to do to us.

No. 447925

Sorry for the blog but I got re-pink pilled watching a Dave Chapelle Netflix special of all things. He was talking about a book called ‘Pimp: The Story of my Life’ where a former pimp recounts his life and holy shit. A quick quote: "Listen square-ass Bitch, I have never had a whore I couldn't do without. I celebrate, Bitch, when a whore leaves me. It gives some worthy bitch a chance to take her place and be a star. You scurvy Bitch, if I shit in your face, you gotta love it and open your mouth wide."
Also included are stories of older pimps telling them how to control their ‘whores’, by beating them with coat hangers and emotionally manipulating them afterwards by tending to their wounds. It hit me all over again the fucking reality of what it is to be a woman, and how long and terribly our bodies have been exploited by scrots.

No. 447935

Kek, I know exactly which post you're referring to, it gave me a little startle that someone was so open about their pick-me-ness on this here site.

Anyway, I've never met a reasonable woman with life experience who hasn't agreed at their most honest that the planet would be a better place without men, in fact the most perceptive and intelligent men do to.

No. 448002

File: 1565739502634.png (15.53 KB, 1159x138, hhhgbnjnkkl.png)

Was browsing /tv/ and saw this and had to laugh. They are such delusional faggots kek.

No. 448036

File: 1565742526449.jpg (229.11 KB, 760x400, lesbian-goddesses.jpg)

Lord, imagine if a woman said something like

"When I see a woman, I see art, I see patience, I feel a sense of calmness, I see nurture. We as women are meant to conquer the world and make it a better place. We raise children, feed, nurture and care for all things delicate. Without women, this world is nothing. We would collapse without women. Women instill knowledge and health into everyone's mind. Every part of our body is important, we feed, we nurture, we care, we clean, we are strong. We are goddesses, when I see a woman I see a world of interest, the people she's helped and cared for, the lives she has made, her contributions, her decisions, her willpower, her strength, her achievements. her love care. I feel fond respect

I can rarely say the same about men"

men would lose their minds, but only because it's true. Women feed, women nurture, it's in our bodies and brains. if women never existed like men would want us too the world would literally collapse. Women are mostly teachers, mothers, nurses, not to mention the advancements they have made on technology that go unnoticed and are never taught. They're humble. If men want to kill us off because they believe women are useless they can go ahead. Watch civilization collapse.

No. 448050


>My husband and I have been together for ten years and married for seven. Right after we got married, I was diagnosed with sarcoma and had to undergo intense and invasive treatment for almost two years before I was officially cancer free. It was an awful time for us both, but it definitely made us stronger as a couple. Unfortunately, the cancer came back late last year, and we’re going through nearly the exact same turmoil again.

>My husband then said something about how he can’t believe this is happening again. He said he feels so powerless watching me deteriorate and cry to him and not be able to do anything about it. He stopped talking for a bit then said something along of the lines of how it takes him a long time to get used to the way my body changes with the treatments and that he misses elements of my pre-cancer appearance, but then he feels awful and shallow for thinking that away because I didn’t bring this onto myself; he said he feels like a shit husband when he feels this way because while he wants his wife to be sexually attractive, I’m worrying if I’m even going to survive.

At least he feels bad about being a piece of shit male, I guess?

No. 448057

He seems more responsible and self-aware than most men.

Usually men who are really fucking shallow bounce at the first sign of their partners becoming less than ideal. This is the guy's second time with her cancer. It sounds more like he's insecure from a childhood of inconsistencies and being afraid that it's the norm all over again, than it is him not loving his wife for how she looks.

My second inkling that he's better than most men is that he was spilling this to an emotional crisis hotline. Not his bros or a mistress who'd be validating potentially toxic feelings and urging him to leave if he's unhappy.

No. 448058

I love your quote anon, might save it for later readings and print it for decoration purposes within a fancy frame.

No. 448062

it's an emotional manipulation tactic, men think going on about how bad they feel while doing x bad thing while continuing to do x bad thing will help them get away with consequences

if he truly felt bad he would keep it to himself and try to condition himself to love her either way, he just keeps crying, mens willpower is weak

No. 448068

He honestly seems like a decent person, he is genuinely supporting her when she needs him instead of bailing like most men would. I just don't understand about the appearance part, she could possibly die and is extremely unhappy and a major point of sadness for him is that she isn't as attractive as she used to be? What?

No. 448084

i give him props for acknowledging it, at least. we aren't all pure beings who never have shallow or selfish thoughts & beliefs, and he doesn't seem keen on abandoning her. i hope he works it out in therapy and doesn't shame her wife for literally having cancer and it changing her body.

i've read threads of women speaking about coming home to empty houses & being ghosted by their husbands (i'm talking years-of-marriage type of spouses) after they had to get their one or both breasts removed bc of breast cancer. a woman in the thread told a story of her husband not coming to pick her up after her surgery and abandoning her bc she didn't have breasts anymore. many more told the same. some said their husbands cheated on them while they were in treatment. for cancer.

No. 448163

File: 1565758296010.jpg (64.7 KB, 640x882, c7k7dohaz8g31.jpg)

>cheats on girls
>treats them like shit
>is upset their madonna-whore fantasies don't come into play and chad tinfoil about how all girls are sluts
sure seems like a catch

No. 448167

File: 1565758719655.jpg (59.8 KB, 443x1101, ghxb359armm11.jpg)

No. 448182

This is cracking me up, is it for real?
>a healthy 12h of sleep every night

No. 448195

No, no, no, I simply cannot do without my Jeans Trouser and Fixing Of Attachments

No. 448201

It will be hard without a Knicker either. At least we can keep our Nokia Torches.

No. 448213

HAHAHA where is this from?

No. 448288

very male post

No. 448350

I'm sure this isnt real, the real JBP wouldnt make the grammar mistake of saying farther when it should be further

No. 448351

File: 1565779781490.jpg (14.82 KB, 320x320, 1531480777972.jpg)

>No Smiling With Any Boy At All Except Girl

… que?

No. 448368

Aren't both correct?

No. 448372

I males are saing nearly identical monologues to justify that only purpose of woman is to be a submissive wife and stay at home mother of 5. Feminism and women rights are destroying women and robbing them of their true purpose of givng birth and nurturing, women should be forced to get married for their own good etc, etc, you know the drill. It's really common, espcially from good christain boys and conservative married men who pretend they respect their wives.

No. 448430

That post obviously wasn't made by a woman anon.

No. 448431

Men are so tacky and lame wtf. Why would you wash yourself with bacon soap if not for being proud of having fucking poor hygiene sense?

No. 448516

I'm tired of most men being pedophiles. How can some anons date them when they all want to rape 10-year-olds?

No. 448527

File: 1565809144470.jpg (126.86 KB, 1073x1598, 53ifot6ladg31.jpg)

I hate it when I see memes like this and all the replies are 'ha ha women should complement us more' or it becomes a pity party for men and no one says "how about not being a creep when it comes to compliments"

No. 448536

I hate this shit so much. First of all, that's why we don't often compliment random men. They automatically take it as sexual interest. And second, the last thing men need is women stroking their egos even more than we already do.

It's sad how little it takes for a guy to want you, or at least pretend to want you. I was blissfully unaware, up until a few years ago, of how common it was for guys to have practice/placeholder girlfriends. I used to know this guy who dated a girl purely out of horniness/the validation he got from her liking him. He wasn't attracted to her at all and had no problem telling his friends this. He later tried to convince her to have a poly relationship (because of course he did) and you could tell it made her so insecure. They're broken up now, thank god. But I can't imagine the humiliation and betrayal she would feel if she ever found out how he really felt about her in their over a year of dating.

No. 448541

>First of all, that's why we don't often compliment random men. They automatically take it as sexual interest.


Plus what's stopping men from complimenting each other? Why do they expect women to do every single thing for them?

No. 448544

Exactly why I don't want to date at all. I knew a girl whose boyfriend only dated her to get another girl (the one he's really interested in) jealous, so she would end up wanting to date him. The girl didn't fall for that stupid shit, needless to say. This is your average male, how appualing is that? I got so fucking mad when I heard about that, they really don't have a conscience. Imagine how delusional the average guy is, so that so many would partake in that kind of behaviour. They disgust me to no end. Thank God I never had to date to know their true nature. It still bothers me how many people still don't know about it, and end up getting in trouble because of it.

No. 448547

Oh gosh lmao yes

No. 448549

Tell me about it. I hate the fact that most men are interested on cp and want to fuck children. God how i wish they could just die, nobody seems to care but it's sick as fuck. I'd break up with my boyfriend if i ever discovered he likes cp.

No. 448562

I would only call that a "secret" for girls who haven't encountered/been warned about it yet. I had a coworker who complimented a guy's tattoos and arms, and both another female worker and I were put on edge and warned her off doing it again since she thought she was just being friendly. Sure enough, he came in the next day looking for her and got pissed that she wasn't working and we wouldn't hand over any info on her.

No. 448573

File: 1565820403296.jpg (416.33 KB, 1080x1880, Screenshot_20190814-170556_Sma…)

"What if we went back through all the family trees and just pulled those people out that were products of rape and incest? Would there be any population of the world left if we did that?" he said at in Urbandale, Iowa. "Considering all the wars and all the rapes and pillages taken place and whatever happened to culture after society? I know I can't certify that I'm not a part of a product of that."

The Kiron Republican was discussing his defense of not allowing exceptions for rape and incest in the anti-abortion legislation he tried to pass in Congress. Republican leadership had prevented bills he sponsored on banning abortions from advancing through the House, despite GOP support for the measures, King said.

No. 448574


Pro life man in the USA defends no rape and incest exceptions for abortion by claiming that women have been forced to carry their rapists child before in the past. So he and other prolife men think that shouldn't change. They simply cannot look at previous generations of women who were victims of rape and forced pregnancy and think "that's fucked up. That shouldn't continue now"

They just.. truly fucking hate women and their rape them and force them to stay miserable and pregnant agenda is getting more and more blatant.

No. 448575

Do we subscribe to the same news app, anon? Or is it that it's so easy to find news of men being collective trash? I'm honestly surprised there isn't a push for fake news about women doing horrible shit to balance out these true stories of garbage males.

No. 448577

>I'm honestly surprised there isn't a push for fake news about women doing horrible shit to balance out these true stories of garbage males.
There is on places like reddit, women doing bad things gets such a disproportionate amount of upvotes. They are really desperate to think women are just as bad or worse than men, so they'll blatantly promote it any chance they get. Even if what the woman did is only half as bad as what you see men doing 100x more often in the news.

But yeah literally all you have to do is watch/read the news for endless pink pill material. Every time I walk past my parents watching it I'll hear about some woman being raped or murdered.

No. 448580

Yeah it is just too easy to find awful stories about men being absolutely horrific towards women everyday. This fucker especially since hes really out here unironically trying to say that our survival humans should value rape.

Pro life men are just… horrific in general.

No. 448581

this is a lie, almost everytime I try to compliment a guy he gets egotistical and acts ungrateful or blows it off and sees me as someone who is easier for them to manipulate and abuse

No. 448582

how so?

No. 448584

I never said that's what I want women to do, I'm just acknowledging how important women are and have been when it comes to forming civilization, I don't see how pointing out how important women are with creating human life and helping life somehow means I want women to be forced to get married and become slaves. Embrace your biology, don't get offended by it. Women carrying and feeding children doesn't mean they can't have careers, infact I even pointed out women completely made advancements in technology not to mention the teaching and medical field is dominated by women, why would a scrot point that out if he just wanted women to slave? did you even read my post at all?

No. 448637

Stop samefagging. Those are nurturing roles and you're portraying technological advances as an exception. Those things are still allowed for women under patriarchal rule.

Also, women clean…?

No. 448639

samefagging is when you pretend to be someone else, me replying to different posts isn't samefagging
>Those are nurturing roles and you're portraying technological advances as an exception
and medical roles, are you implying there's something wrong with being nurturing?
>Those things are still allowed for women under patriarchal rule.
the anon in the screenshot was mentioning and praising men because of the importance their body alone serves, why can't I praise women for the importance their body serves? Especially after a misogynist claims "ebul ebin could never be important" Breasts make milk and feed babies, wombs carry fetuses, they birth children, help take care and raise them.Every muscle in our body has importance. Again, why can't I praise this without being accused of being male? Just because this was something women are forced to do? there's people who were forced to work that doesn't mean we can't praise working people either, what's the logic behind that?

>Also, women clean…?


also, answer my question, why would a scrot who just wanted to force women to pop out babies praise technology advancements made by women and the career fields women pretty much dominate? your biggest issue is that I praised things women were once forced to do, that makes no sense nor does it make me male.

No. 448646

>Breasts make milk and feed babies, wombs carry fetuses, they birth children, help take care and raise them.
Do our bodies care for and raise children on their own? Why should this be praised as a quality of women when both parents should be involved? You say it's a womanly attribute.
>and medical roles, are you implying there's something wrong with being nurturing?
No, but your initial post paints it as the ultimate goal to strive towards as women. A lot is wrong about that.
You literally praised women for cleaning. Not a good look. It's usually something men say in the content we post in this thread, you might want to be a bit more careful.
>why would a scrot who just wanted to force women to pop out babies praise technology advancements made by women and the career fields women pretty much dominate?
Technology you portrayed as an exception. You mentioned it once while you went over nurturing a hundred times. Men do this to conceal their intentions. "Tell her she's a queen but treat her like a slave" is the motto.
And honestly you dont know shit if you think women dominating low paid fields that somehow magically align with what was open as the only choice for women until recently is a good thing. Another rather testicular belief.
>your biggest issue is that I praised things women were once forced to do, that makes no sense nor does it make me male.
Maybe if they had to be forced instead of choosing it it's not such an innate and wonderful thing worthy of being preached?
Why don't we praise blacks on their historical cotton picking skills while we're at it.

No. 448647

>Why should this be praised as a quality of women when both parents should be involved?
it's something women did for centuries, women usually raise children as well as dominating teaching field and childcare. Acknowledging and praising this isn't saying only women should parent
>You say it's a womanly attribute
women overall are more involved with caring and raising children, again why are you so extremely upset I praised women for being mothers even after acknowledging women who choose different careers and whatnot are still very important?
>No, but your initial post paints it as the ultimate goal to strive towards as women. A lot is wrong about that.
no, you took it out of context. that's your own problem. how is acknowledging different careers and advancements women do "paints being a mother as the ultimate goal for women"?
>You literally praised women for cleaning.
quote me, I tried cntrl + F on clean and didn't even see the word clean until you said it yourself. Please do not put words in my mouth.
>Technology you portrayed as an exception. You mentioned it once while you went over nurturing a hundred times.
I mentioned tech, medical stuff, teaching, childcare, etc. It's you who took it out of context
>"Tell her she's a queen but treat her like a slave" is the motto.
ah yes because women never praise other women for taking care of children, right?
>you dont know shit if you think women dominating low paid fields
medical, tech, music and art are low paying fields? HA
>Why don't we praise blacks on their historical cotton picking skills while we're at it.
comparing slavery to women who choose to become mothers, okay
you sound demented

No. 448652

How the fuck do you admit that women were forced onto certain roles yet get is defensive when its compared to slavery?
>"When I see a woman, I see art,
Copy from original male post
>I see patience, I feel a sense of calmness,
Yes, women must never lose their calm. This is an innate attribute and has nothing to do with being called hysterical or emotional at the slightest hint of emotion. Bravo.
>I see nurture.
>We as women are meant to conquer the world and make it a better place.
Need to nurture the world
>We raise children, feed, nurture and care for all things delicate.
>Without women, this world is nothing. We would collapse without women.
>Women instill knowledge and health into everyone's mind.
Education and nurture
>Every part of our body is important, we feed, we nurture, we care, we clean, we are strong.
Nurture plus clean
>We are goddesses, when I see a woman I see a world of interest, the people she's helped and cared for, the lives she has made, her contributions, her decisions, her willpower, her strength, her achievements. her love care. I feel fond respect
Copy from original male post plus nurture
>Women feed, women nurture, it's in our bodies and brains.
Nurture, also it's in our brains
>if women never existed like men would want us too the world would literally collapse.
I believe it. Someone's gotta birth and nurture those men right?
Women are mostly teachers, mothers, nurses,
This is ok. Something to be praised, not dissected
>not to mention the advancements they have made on technology that go unnoticed and are never taught.
A nice token. No mention of other fields like art or something, just the token ada lovelace Marie curie. I also like how you go from "we" to "they"
>They're humble.
Yes of course, another good innate trait

Seems like your post does skew towards a specific "career" after all.
And answer to this:

"Maybe if they had to be forced instead of choosing it it's not such an innate and wonderful thing worthy of being preached?"

Don't ignore it.

No. 448654

>How the fuck do you admit that women were forced onto certain roles yet get is defensive when its compared to slavery?
because many women want and choose to be mothers, blacks don't choose and want to pick cotton
>Copy from original male post
that was the point…
>Yes, women must never lose their calm. This is an innate attribute and has nothing to do with being called hysterical or emotional at the slightest hint of emotion. Bravo.
how dare I acknowledge women are less violent, nicer, patient and have more likable personalities. the horror.

looks to me like you're just looking to something to rage over, stop wasting my time and get over yourself

No. 448655

If you stop bringing your female nurturer fetish into this thread, sure bro.

No. 448659

sorry me praising women for raising children while praising those who choose to have careers hurts your feelings and makes you think I'm a scrot

oh don't go on pinterest or any mom site either, there might be ebul scrot housewives praising women for being nurturing(derailing)

No. 448666

>You literally praised women for cleaning.

It really seems like the poster you are debating is a woman but you are taking her words too personally. Some scrote probably told you that you are only good for cleaning and cooking and now you are taking her words to mean that that's all we can be good at. That's not how I took it because have you ever lived with a man? They are disgusting pig slobs and never clean after themselves. You might think it's degrading that women are forced to clean but that doesn't change the fact that men are gross as fuck and can't even be bothered to pick up or wipe a counter. I think it's a positive trait that women at least care enough to clean their living space. A man would never bother.

No. 448673


it always makes me laugh when unemployed, uneducated NEETS make tall tales and shit on women who are doing better at life than they can only wish to

No. 448853

File: 1565881624415.jpg (65.07 KB, 1280x720, cursed.jpg)

Does anyone remember that dumb 'googles ideological echo chamber' document. For some stupid reason I just find the document so hilarious. He stated he wrote it after going to a diversity program, he says men and women are different genetically, and he's also a classical liberal. He's feels less like a human and more like an AI trying to replace the a human.

No. 448855

This guy is so bitter that he's ugly, it's hilarious.

Scrots are so dumb over him. If a woman working in nursing said she believed men were just worse at the role because their big dumb genetics made them too violent and angry and didn't give them the needed patience, men would demand her head.

As as aside, the only bad nurse I've ever had was a man who spent the entire time bragging about his Iraq tour. shrugs

No. 448867


I recently saw some similar horrible shit in India about Modi supporters offering bounties for Hindu men to kidnap and force Muslim Kashmir women to marry them and putting out newspaper ads telling single Muslim men to move to Kashmir to get married to the "available" Muslim women.


Oh and in China they're sterilizing the Muslim women they rounded up into re-education camps.


No. 448911

To be fair, Google is a cancer on the world and uses their socially liberal policies to cover up the fact that they're another extremely powerful conglomerate propped up by Republican rule of law.

No. 448913

File: 1565890609028.jpg (109.26 KB, 1024x763, 22ae2d34.jpg)

"I can't find a Manic Pixie Dream Girl to be my therapist and fix my personal problems for me so obviously all women are roastie whores who just want to be a part of Chad's hypergamy harem!"

No. 448929

File: 1565893504159.png (105.9 KB, 500x330, 60975560.png)

>"women should shave everything because hygiene!!"
why doesn't this hygiene logic apply to men hm

No. 448946

The actual reality is a woman does enter his smokey depression aura but it doesn't dissipate and just engulfs her too.

No. 448950


There was a post in (I think) the sex thread on here lately where a woman said her bf who has bad IBS and a very hairy bum wants to be rimmed.. I thought of this

No. 448957

>wants to be rimmed..

Imagine having the fucking NERVE to ask your gf to lick your asshole. I don't care how clean it is. How extremely degrading. I can't imagine that a man who genuinely thinks highly of his gf would even consider asking for that.

No. 448962


It was the diarrhea that he gets several times a week that she said put her off…

How can you have very bad ibs and expect that from a person? How can you view it as acceptable to ask.

I had ibs symptoms in my twenties and kindly told partners that area was just a no go. Couldn't feel sexy about it

No. 448993


this came up on my feed and reading it depressed me re: how differently boys are treated by society beginning with their own mothers and how they're valued compared to girls. thoughts?

>“I don’t need pigtails and pink rooms. I’m happy being the proud mom of two healthy little men,” writer Ashley Wasilenko wrote in a piece for Motherly on why “Being a #boymom is right for me.”

it's just crazy to me that a woman who was once a little girl herself could devalue girls this way.

No. 448994

This more accurately describes their 'trad' great-grandmothers than us

No. 448995

why do males hate birth control so much? it's not exactly some new evil western roastie thing

No. 448999

Because birth control gives women power to decide what we do with our bodies, like not popping out a baby every year. Men despise that.

No. 449002

you'd think men would appreciate not having to father bastards and pay us alimony (another thing they reee about non-stop).

No. 449006

We're not reproducing their seed and it pisses the ones off who don't get many shots in the first place. Kek.

No. 449008

Fuck's sake. You've just described my relationship in one short sentence. Send help please.

No. 449018

>A boy will never ask me to dance
>He will never ask for my phone number
>He won't ever pre-plan a first date for me
>He will never drive to my house and walk out of his car to greet me at the door
>He won't pay for everything on the first date
>He won't try and kiss me after he showed me a fun time
>He doesn't expect me to put out on the first date
Maybe I'm just too much in touch with my feminine side but the 1950's and 1960's dating scene do sound exciting and proper. Maybe its just the simplicity of it.

No. 449021

File: 1565909067065.png (389.18 KB, 862x1407, Single dad confesses awful rea…)

>Single mothers are demonised for years
>Even single fathers insult single mothers calling them derogatory things despite being in the same situation (I know this is mgtow but the sentiment is not rare) and act entitled they are due a "baggage free woman" despite themselves having kids https://www.mgtow.com/forums/topic/should-a-single-father-date-single-mothers/
>Now a situation has arisen where women are flat out refusing to date single fathers because of this reputation and the double standard
>Its gotten to the point dating sites are writing article after article on why women SHOULD date single fathers

I got slightly different results on my phone than the computer but if you google " avoid dating single father"-(also see how the first auto result is "avoid dating single mothers") you will see many articles using the same retoric that was used against dating single mothers now against single fathers, its karma.
FYI not against single parents at all, but I was shocked (guess I shouldnt have been) that scrot parents really seem to hate single mothers and that hatred has come right back on them.

No. 449023

At this point the whole cucking thing must be a fetish to them seeing how much they love thinking about it.

No. 449024

It also means their tactic of rape as control is less effective

No. 449025

>use birth control
"Cock carousel! Slut! Hypergamy!"
>use condom
"But it doesn't feel as good!"
>don't use any contraception, get pregnant
"You just want to trap unsuspecting men into something they don't want to be a part of!"
>raise the child on your own
See >>449021
>have an abortion
"Murderer! Why do you want to kill innocent babies, you evil whore!"
>don't have sex at all
"Cold bitch! I bet your standards are just way too high, spinster! Enjoy being a lonely cat lady!"

No. 449031

Something I've noticed is that scrotoids don't make any sense. They don't even know what the fuck they want.
Some weeks ago I checked out a general on /int/ because I was bored af. An anon posted a pic of Billie Eilish and another one asked why did she dress the way she does. Some faggot replied that it was because muh j00z wanted to destroy femininity and masculinity or something as retarded as that. I bet that if she wore skirts or something they'd say she was a thot or whatever is it that zoomer males call whores. You can't just fucking win, they always will find something to get triggered about.

No. 449034


I've heard she dresses like that to avoid being sexualised. But then if you do that you're 'an ugly dyke bitch' for not wanting their attention..

No. 449035

the phrase "cumbrain" got /v/ so seething they had to wordfilter it to "gamer" lul

No. 449058

Kek seriously? I don't go on /v/ at all but I wouldn't have expected enough female posters that they get called cumbrains often? It's basically a synonym for gamer anyway.

No. 449061

Anyone else here got a son? I'm so scared that the only person I still trust and love in the world is going to end up like all the shithead men out there. It would absolutely kill me. Am I deluding myself to think he'll be the exception? I think he's lovely sincere caring boy but I know every mother thinks that about their kid.

No. 449065

Please whatever you do don't raise him to expect women to clean up after him or tell him he's special. Too many mothers out there baby their boys and they grow up into monsters, dear god I hope I have a daughter.

No. 449074

things weren't always rosy in the past either, the trad lifestyle was just an image the media projected. There were and still are some great men that respect women and pull their weight in relationships (apart from holding stupid doors and generic chivalry) but men still beat their wives, raped, and cheated in the past and they got away with it even more than today.

No. 449080

Girl, you are the help you need. Get out. Feel the sun. Be free.

No. 449083

Ugh, I hate this shit. I'm one of three girls, no boys, and that video…..what the fuck? We were three pretty girly little girls, but the boymom talked like my mom. We fought each other, ran around, climbed trees, made messes, and like, jesus, we weren't even tomboys, we were three little ballerinas who liked barbie and princesses!

I have two real gripes here: 1. girls aren't "less" energentic, messy, whatever, it's just that when they're chaotic they're crazy horrible brats but when boys do it it's "normal" and adorably rambunctious, and 2. the moms I knew who were really into being "boymoms" had the sons that became complete monsters at puberty. Like those were the boys who started middle school and immediately began building their adult senses of self as men out of bullying, sexual harassment/humiliation/assault of the girls around them, and outright cruelty. But their moms, teacher, counselors, whoever, didn't care because teehee boys will be boys and they just learn and behave DIFFERENTLY and if you try to stop them you just don't GET boys, etc etc.

I don't blame the boymoms here, but all I can see is part of the culture that expects jack shit from men and everything from women. I wish people had thought I was adorable when I was wrecking shit and getting dirty and asking lots of questions when I was little.

No. 449084

I get where you're coming from anon, it feels like men don't have even the most basic respect for women, but don't romanticize too much. Remember that the women who grew up with this were also the women who became the second wave because after the romance ended, they were housewives who weren't allowed to have bank accounts without their husband's permission. Lots of wifebeaters started out as charming men who held the door out. Betty Friedan was a nice wife who lived in that era, and she still wrote The Feminine Mystique.

No. 449085

I get the fear anon. But it can be done. You're not deluded. God knows we complain here, and with reason, but remember: Lundy Bancroft exists. It can be done.

I'm not a mom, but I work a job that has me interacting with kids a lot and my two cents….I wish more boys were raised with an understanding of kindness. Just more theory of other minds, you know?

No. 449088

I think so too but they just hate that they can't control women. Bc puts control in the hands of women. They're illogical in that bc prevents kids and child support and all that mess. But they still hate it.

Ive seen single dads whine about being a single parent yet still shit on women who are single moms doing their best in their situation. Then they still whine about those kids of single moms need a male figure in their lives.

Read that article too and a few things.
First he claims that women who give birth have ruined bodies. I pity his partner who had to give birth to his own kid only for him to think that of her. Scrots like him claim how vital fertility is for women, how it's the ONLY thing that's important but when we actually are pregnant and give birth, they despise it. They're obsessed with theoretical, potential fertility but hate the real thing. Pure retardation.

Second he goes on about how awful it is that women focus on kids. Implying that men like him are jealous of kids…. Jealous of a kid who needs to be raised. You know, like what he has to do with his own damn kid.

He needs to remain and die alone and his kid should be raised by someone else who isn't a retard like him

Makes me hope that all those single moms just band together and form some type of safe village community away from vile scrots.

No. 449089

Sorry anon, but you've been buying into the tradfem propaganda and hollywood whitewashing of the 50s and 60s. Men were shitty back then, and they're shitty now.

No. 449097

Its funny he complains about single mothers looks when his face literally looks like a furry mold ridden egg. He's the roosh v of scrot parents.

No. 449227

File: 1565966491446.jpg (230.17 KB, 720x1280, IMG_20190816_082128.jpg)

>REEE if wimmin have jobs they have less time to be baby machines REEEE
Holy shit, the absolute sexism. I'm particularly appalled at the expiration date remark. The whole article is basically just him being asshurt at people (read: women) who don't want kids.

Also, higher up in the article he ostensibly says that white babies are more "quality" than babies from populous Asian countries, so white people NEED to have kids. Wow, racism. Nothing makes me want to throw away 20 years of my life quite like being told there are too many brown people in the world! /s

Anyway, everything in the article can easily be rebutted with "mind your own fucking business."


No. 449231


Talks about periods starting at 14?? I had school friends that were ten and started menstruating, should they have kids straight away before they 'dry up'?

This hits a little too close to people arguing that first period = ready for sex.

14 (or 10) is not maturity and you're not turning infertile by 30

No. 449247

Why doesn't anyone ever talk about men losing their virility as sperm dispensers once they hit 30?

No. 449252

When women who want to have children say 'we aren't ready' it usually either means 1). the scrote with them doesn't want to have children and wants to play video games (nearly every case I've ever seen) or 2). they don't trust the scrote with them to be a good father. And many of the cases of both examples end up with the scrote cheating on the woman and wasting her so-called 'prime fertility' years, or if they have kids, leaving her a single mother. Reddit is full of this shit

Even if women were putting off having children for a career, what does he expect? Social mobility has gone out the window and hypergamy is actually getting rarer and rarer. When the most fecund women want child support and benefits they REEEE about that too. Fertility is dropping like a stone more quickly in places like the UAE and Japan that have little concept of maternity leave

What makes this especially milky is that Mr. Proud Boys writing the article had his children at a pretty advanced paternal age. Oh and his babymomma is an aboriginal American so none of his kids are white. Whether it's WNs, /r/asianmasculinity or hoteps its always the biggest hypocrites shitting on 'their' women

No. 449266

You know why

No. 449269

Same reason we never hear about ageing being a negative thing for men, I mean they only get hotter and smarter… blah blah

No. 449298

Lately by one of our train stations there is always old men with picket signs protesting abortion and contraceptives they scream out about god and going to hell ect. I dont get it, dont these old assholes have anything better to do with their day? What other people do with their bodies is none of their damn business, too many people on this planet to begin with. I wish men would stop trying to violently control our bodies and minds, I cant stand hearing those stories about young women forced to give birth to their rapists kids some of them still being kids themselves. This world is sick.

No. 449300

males: Women are hypergamous whores who are just getting impregnated by chad and making betas pay for the babies while they lazy around and drain men of their money!!! evil women!!!

also males:women are evil cold bitches who waste their fertile years on the career and killing out the population and ruining their lives with birth control!! evil women!!! this is why marriage and child birth rates are dropping!!!

which one is the truth incels?

No. 449301

You guys were so fucking right. There's truly no hope. I thought that I had one of the good ones but he basically told me that we can't be together because I won't abide by living where he wants to live to be his incubator. We're 21 and he's irresponsible as fuck and was in opposition to me (the female) saying, "I want to be secure financially and emotionally if we ever think about having kids because I'm currently 21".

So he basically wanted to end our 2+ year relationship because of unborn children. Now like every other guy he's going to pick off some self-hating, stupid woman who is irrational just like him, and ruin her life by getting her pregnant with no money. The thing is, he was never abusive, he's just stupid and selfish. I wasted 2+ years of my life on this. Men don't deserve women.

No. 449317

incels need to fuck themselves for being so fucking offended over women being into men for their looks. obviously not every single woman's priority is looks but looks do matter, just get over it. why should men get a pass for being ugly when women are constantly getting shit for their looks over and over no matter what? literally no man is getting forced by their wives to get fake abs surgery or get dick lengthening surgery or whatever the fuck, but you have shit ton of men making their wives get plastic surgery. women get shit for having one single feature that doesn't fit into conventional beauty standards. men can get away with being ugly. it's time that women can choose who they want to fuck. suck it up.

No. 449320

Yeah Gavin is retarded. He never goes in on guys who want kids in their older years like 35+ as much despite sperm quality dropping. But he's about shitting on every woman who isn't like him so he'll forget that. He backed away from the Proud Boys after some of them killed people too. Real classy. Then went back to them when the press died down. He preaches white genocide and how white women should be forced as breeding stock (no adoption or fostering for white people obviously! fuck *
those kids) yet married a nonwhite woman that he doesn't acknowledge. I think there was a quote where she was said to have agreed with his hipster liberal ways before but not anymore since he's gone full white national traditionalist. Hope she leaves soon and finds safety elsewhere. These men don't deserve a happy home or kids. God I pity her.

Men aren't capable of learning from the past either by his bs claim. Girls starting menstruation as a child =/= good time to have healthy babies. We know this. We've seen this. Too many fucking girls have died for this bullshit to still be said. But anything to rally the troops behind kicking women out of everything and forcing them back into the home being 100% dependent so when they do fuck up, they know women won't leave them. Then also they'll complain about their wives being dependent too because they hate that.

No. 449322

That's horrible anon. I know I'm going to get shit on for this but if a guy wants children, usually it's a red flag. Chances are he sees you as a means to an end (ie. incubator like you said), and he'll stop giving a shit about you once you pop them out. I know most people will say the purpose of a relationship is to have children but it's a very easy way to get caught in a loveless relationship.

Good thing you got out and saved yourself all the pain and misery that could have followed.

No. 449326

Men: women are ruining society by focusing on their careers instead of getting married and having kids. What happened to traditional feminity

Also men: women have historically leeched off of men because theyre too lazy to work, they just stay at home with the kids all day while men did all the work and fought wars for them

No. 449328

in both scenerios: REEEEEE their lives are easy mode

No. 449337

I used to think about this all the time watching men saying their kid is the most important thing ever and completely ignoring their wife/gf as soon as the kid pops out. Now I wonder how much they shaft those kids by expecting the mother to do all of the child rearing. I know so many women whose husband wanted kids so badly and then completely checked out of parenting them.

Reminds me a bit of a guy I met last year at a party who said his best job title was dad but barely had custody, didn't pay child support, and later moved to another town to shack up with someone new guaranteeing less parenting involved. Like who the fuck does he think he's fooling?

No. 449345

it's funny because usually in the end they don't really care about raising or taking care of the kid in any way. It's just another check off their list of achievements. So many men feel like failures if they don't have a child. Societal pressure will do that.

No. 449347

>if a guy wants children, usually it's a red flag.
I have a feeling the only guy I could be with is an adamantly childfree one. Obviously because I don't want kids, but also because they are some of the few men who actually don't support women being broodmares and seem more interested in having a wife to enjoy life with rather than to be his fertile child bride. It doesn't guarantee they aren't sexist but it does minimize the risk of some major misogynistic attitudes that revolve around our age, ~traditional femininity~, housework/childrearing being women's work, etc.

No. 449351

I have to agree for sure. My boyfriend and I definitely don't want kids, and he treats me very well. He is very kind, loyal, devoted, helps a lot with the housework, is very giving, sexually cares more about pleasing me than getting off.

>~traditional femininity~

Funny thing about this, the other day he saw me shaving and told me "you don't even have to shave, you barely have any hair. If anyone should shave it's me, my leg hair is a forest, it's ugly" Later that day he trimmed most of his body hair which probably took hours (he is extremely hairy). His reasoning was "if you're going through all the trouble I should be attractive for you too." I couldn't imagine a traditional guy ever being ok with doing most of these things. Most guys feel the need to complain if a woman misses a couple of hairs, doesn't do makeup, etc

Can't help but think women who do want kids are kind of fucked, they are for the most part stuck with entitled men who want to use them as an incubator + maid and nanny service + trophy wife. Of course not all but still a good portion. The men I've met who didn't want children and who were also in relationships seemed to be good partners to my friends, I think you are right that they are way less likely to be lazy/entitled. There is a good subset of child-free men who sleep around, just hate women, etc, but the ones in relationships seem to truly care about their partners.

No. 449370

Meh. The guys I've dated who didn't want kids were actually giant manbabies who didn't want the responsibility. I was just a new mommy to them.

It can go either way. It depends on the mentality of the dude in question.

No. 449383

File: 1566001658173.png (460.29 KB, 910x381, c61vk5ml37mz.png)

Men: ew women are so entitled
also men: Women, I demand you feel bad about your anatomy, men I demand you to unite against women because of something that turns me off!

No. 449387

File: 1566002204798.jpg (62.59 KB, 640x741, rript2oi1gg31.jpg)

Imagine the outrage if women told other women to divorce infertile men and find healthy ones and started tinfoiling about how infertile men will hit the wall and become lonely and miserable

men are mental, lacking empathy is a mental illness, if you lack empathy you shouldn't legally be allowed to be in a relationship with women or even touch them

No. 449393


women know to wash their ass so this isn't an issue lol christ

No. 449394

lmao at least upon a search people are having a laugh about this poor negging attempt.
Wonder if he ever figured out that men piss out of their cum hole.

No. 449410

>sees cute girl
>starts laughing hysterically
>why are you laughing anon
>I-I bet her butthole and vagina are close together!! LOL

that's some mental hospital behavior right there

No. 449420

so many guys wanna put their penises inside of our anuses anyways… like that's how much they don't actually, reasonably give a shit about it. this dude is insane.

No. 449426

If he was role-playing Henry the viii I'd give those posts a pass because that's some 16th century shit. But those guys who demand children are usually absent or neglectful fathers, know they will end up alone because their hatred of women overcomes them or have discovered their sperm is slow/too few/bad so they take out their frustration onto women.

No. 449430

File: 1566009786295.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 81.35 KB, 510x680, EBsQwuMUcAAsoqO.jpeg)

Cosplayer girl at Japanese con is upset and has a panic attack because of males swarming her and taking inappropriate shots without her permission. They don't care and continue taking their creepshots. Fuck scrotes.


No. 449434

She isn't just a normal cosplayer but a lewd one. I mean it's still something that shouldn't happen, but it's what happens when you're desperate for attention and pander to the scrotes. If you are known for lewd photoshoots and you walk around parading half-naked in public, of course you're going to get creeped on.

No. 449468

Sorry but cosplayers are fucking stupid.

You see lions on tv consuming red meat. You don't roll yourself in steak juice and try to go make friends with lions.

You see men objectifying, fetishizing, and consuming every modicum of fictional characters on the internet at obsessive levels. Why would you dress like a fictional character and expect respect from socially stunted predators who have exhibited in every way that they think they're entitled to the female body?

It's not news anymore. Quit their bullshit and stop believing that if you're really progressive that it will make the lions go vegetarian.

No. 449479

File: 1566017312917.jpg (88.4 KB, 640x643, 24934775438z.jpg)

Its still not her fault for the way those men are acting?
>If you are known for lewd photoshoots and you walk around parading half-naked in public, of course you're going to get creeped on.
I'd hardly call getting hounded by a bunch of old men with cameras to the point of breaking down just getting "creeped on". Its mind boggling hearing the same rhetoric I hear from misogynistic scrotes on a thread against that exact thing.

Rag on lewd cosplay all you want, but she's not responsible for their behavior, they are. "Only you are responsible for your actions" is literally preschool level interpersonal skills we're talking about here. Also did you even see what she was actually wearing standing up (see pic attached)? Also the reason her skirt is hiked so high in the first picture is because they were trying to take upskirt shots of her.

Please tell me we haven't actually come full circle and are blaming women because, god forbid, we can see their knees or their cleavage or because they post naked pictures online. The fact that she takes and posts nudes should have no bearing on how she's treated as a person. Again, have any opinion you want on girls that post nudes publicly, all I'm saying is that shouldn't require that any of the blame be picked up by her because of the actions of other people.

No. 449484

This is the same as
>she got raped because she dressed like a slut!
Blame scrotes more, if we treat them like animals that act on instinct that means we accept their shitty behavior as a natural thing rather than something that should be changed.

No. 449496

We need a scared straight program but for young girls where former prostitutes, cam girls, and general 'sex workers' talk about their experiences to scare them straight.

No. 449497

You're being obtuse if you think anyplace in that post isn't accounting men for their actions.
These men ARE opportunistic predators.
Stop banking on the supposed barrier of presumed decency from said predators.
This is libfem sex posi logic. Women continue getting assaulted at these conventions because men are unable to control themselves.
What has browbeating about convention consent and treating men like they're all at once capable of doing better actually accomplished for the past decade that this has been passed around? Assault still happens at western conventions. We're not even talking about all the hijinks that goes down in eastern ones.

It doesn't work, so what's the solution? Pretend everything will turn out hunky dory for these girls to prove a point about…us having to believe in men at all costs? I don't think so.

No. 449498

I agree with both of these. Only you are responsible for your actions, what they did was wrong and disgusting. It's not her fault.
At the same time, men don't care about morals and aren't ever going to change. Expecting them to change is as idiotic as reasoning with a wild animal to just 'be nice'. Unfortunately the only solution I can think of that's not victim-blaming or jaded acceptance is mass scrot genocide.

No. 449504

Where at in any part of that post did I ever say I expect decency from predators LOL. Literally all I said was to stop acting like its her fault that men act that way.

No. 449511

Asian countries are fucking horrible for women. India and whatever this other shithole is. Yikes.

No. 449525



This is some "she was asking for it" shit. I don't even know what else to say. This is 100% on the creeps. Let's not pretend like non-cosplayers who haven't taken a lewd photo in their life are safe from being objectified and fetishized.

No. 449526



This is some "she was asking for it" shit. I don't even know what else to say. This is 100% on the creeps. Let's not pretend like non-cosplayers who haven't taken a lewd photo in their life are safe from being objectified and fetishized.

No. 449528

>Let's not pretend like non-cosplayers who haven't taken a lewd photo in their life are safe from being objectified and fetishized.

Not like cosplayers pandering to creeps and validating their retarded attitudes help us any.

No. 449530

Agreed. Also yes I would wager that at a convention wearing more clothes would aid in warding off con creeps.

No. 449536

Obviously the men are at fault for their shitty actions but why feel sympathy for her? She objectifies herself, panders to them, and makes them feel justified in thinking women are sex objects. It backfired on her because nothing good comes out of trying to please these shitty men. Maybe she'll learn her lesson and stop catering to them. It's not misogynist to realize both parties are really fucking dumb.

No. 449538

File: 1566042344901.jpg (599.3 KB, 1080x1708, Screenshot_20190817-064559_Red…)

No. 449539

File: 1566042465195.jpg (152.85 KB, 1080x646, Screenshot_20190817-064811_Red…)

This fucking male.

No. 449540

>Please tell me we haven't actually come full circle and are blaming women because, god forbid, we can see their knees or their cleavage or because they post naked pictures online.
Yes. I've seen some weird stuff on here but now it's completely obvious to me that lolcow """radfems""" are a joke.

No. 449547

Does any other girl here secretly find angry incel guys like this, slightly adorable sometimes? I enjoy talking with them, getting them out of their shell etc. just like in that photo. Maybe because of my intense anxiety, I seem to understand their warped rage and self-hatred projected outwards. I’m just attracted to… “rejected” men

No. 449549

No, theyre ugly, annoying, stinky, weird, untalented. If youre gonna go for rejected guys why not drugged up musicians or dancers idk

No. 449550

Love yourself, absolutely fucking not. Most of them are ugly anyway. Not worth it.

No. 449556

Don't do this shit to yourself, anon. These men are "rejected" by no one but themselves. They fashion their anger out of nothing, they blame others for their flaws and they'll never appreciate any effort you put into helping them. In fact they'll resent you for not magically fixing everything wrong with them.
Keep yourself safe and don't engage mentally unstable men.

No. 449558

File: 1566046104156.jpg (73.95 KB, 1200x836, D6G48WoU0AE5_pB.jpg)

No one pops out of the womb enlightened. When the only skill the world judges you by is your fuckability, that's the skill you're gonna dump all your points into.

It's why the "sex work is eMpOwErInG" sentiment is so actively harmful, because it's all young women who don't know any better getting sucked into it. There's a lot of cognitive dissonance in libfems, a lot of them understand that men are garbage on at least some level, and they want to be respected, but they think they're going to get that by playing directly into mens' hands. They haven't yet figured out that the only winning move is to not play.

Pulling off the veil and seeing the Truth for what it really Is is truly agonising, and not something that can be un-done. A lot of young women are on the verge of that realisation but can feel that subconscious fear. It's human nature to fear pain, and to avoid it. I'm not going to blame her for that. A fool she may be, but those sweaty, decrepit scrotes are the ones who violently ripped the veil off of her, and I feel sympathy for her pain.

You deserve better than that. Just go for regular old quiet, shy/kinda insecure guys if you must. Lowers your odds of being murdered a little bit, at the very least.

No. 449568

Great idea, and in those women only classes we can also teach them that they're fully to blame for anything that happens to them if they engage with men, because they should have known better!

Or we could hold men accountable for their actions and demand that society starts teaching men to treat women as people? I understand your point about needing better transparency of the sex trade but it needs to be aimed at men too, at the end of the day the world is broken and women do get pushed or influenced into this unfair shit all the time even when they know it's a losing game. Setting a precedence to blame cam girls or sex workers for what "they willingly got themselves into" is victim blaming 101

This is the pink pill thread, you can make a burqa thread somewhere else

No. 449570


What's worse though, trying to sit young girls down and warn them about men, or trying to sit men down and teach them empathy only to realise that they fundamentally don't care? You could have Tila Tequila crying in front of a PowerPoint of her infected Bartholin's cysts full of a room of boys and the vast majority would still go home and jerk off to porn that very same evening. Men already feel an innate disgust response after they jizz, and I'm starting to believe that the ones who are most affected by it simply can't handle facing even a brief glimpse of their own inhumanity and troon out to cope, or do the right thing and kill themselves.

It's a shitty, futile choice either way.

No. 449578

File: 1566051907572.gif (5.61 MB, 720x404, and now for something educatio…)

>victim blaming
I'm really sorry that you can't accept this, but as of the present there are no classes to teach anime-obsessed men en masse empathy and respect for women–nevermind as to whether those classes would work in the end. We know that despite efforts to warn, shame, and arrest men for doing this to women, that they continue to sexually harass and assault us.

It's not setting precedent. We're not excusing men by pointing out how women need to protect themselves. Excusing men would be dismissing their behavior while telling a woman that she deserved it. That's not what's happening here despite your insistence on this strawman.
It's not blaming a victim to tell them to not trust men in protecting their wellbeing or pretend like they'll look out for their best interests.
Do you think travel tips on how to not be mugged and assaulted in shady countries is "victim blaming" too? Do you reserve the right to wear flashy shit in poor districts and accept drinks at bars from randoms, because you think this adage about never being the one truly at fault in a crime will protect you preemptively???
You mistake our frustration with misogyny because you won't heed something so OBVIOUS.

And by the way, who do you think would get sexually harassed at an anime convention more: A woman wearing a burka, or the woman wearing the bunny girl suit?
You know bunny girl would get eaten alive.
Animefag men are uncontrollable, self-serving misogynists who are never going to get better because they're consuming media made by the exact men in that video who assaulted the girl.

No. 449582

The problem is that once you start putting the onus on women to just not wear or do certain things, the bar gets higher. It starts at "Don't wear this lewd cosplay", then progresses to more conservative rules until it's "Well…your ankles were showing. What did you expect?" and then "Why were you walking alone in an anime con in broad daylight in public? What did you think would happen? Just don't go out unless you need to. Simple advice".
No matter how many "self-protection" clauses we take upon ourselves, men will continue to target women in general. They go for "lewd cosplayers" most frequently because they're the easiest targets thanks to the "Look what she was wearing. She was clearly asking for this sort of attention, anyway" excuse. Even if she wasn't dressed that way, and no cosplayers in general were, they'd just find whoever is most attractive or naturally has more "sexy" assets (covered up or not) to harass.
When you fuel this scrotoid logic that being female is inherently sexual and an inviting temptation, they believe even more that they're justified.
The only solution is gender segregation, IMO. Cons for female fans, cons for male fans. Maybe "mixed" gender cons should still exist, but with heavy security to block this sort of thing, and a "special" area specifically for those who are okay with such photography.
I wish there was a way to dox the men who tried to take upskirt shots and contact their parents, workplaces, etc. Shame is a heavy deterrrent in Japan, and these scrotes clearly need to be reminded. Their anonymity in numbers needs to be snatched away.

No. 449586

nta but you are using the slippery slope fallacy and its a rather rediculous senario. I think you and the other poster both have valid point though.

No. 449587

>A woman wearing a burka
My country has had a case of women wearing full-coverage swimsuits at the beach (the kind that's basically a burka in a swimsuit material) being attacked by groups of men. You might want to blame islamophobia for it, but they didn't give a shit about the muslim husbands they were with; they attacked the women because that's what men do.
I've also been harrassed when I had my entire body covered up, with only the skin of my face and hands showing. How am I supposed to "protect myself" when I've had disgusting men take creepshots of me when I was entirely covered up? Am I supposed to become a hermit?

I don't disagree with the idea that we should be careful and avoid men/areas that we know to be dangerous (in an ideal, gender segregated world we wouldn't have to), but I can understand the other anon's frustration when no matter how careful we are, this shit still happens. And men still get away with it.

No. 449588

I'm just speaking from what I've seen and experienced. In cultures/societies where women are encouraged to be as conservative as possible, victim-blaming becomes second nature to people.
Even little girls are told that it's their fault for "tempting men" in some contexts.
There is nothing we can do. Hell, even grandmas get sexually harassed (and raped). Are they sluts, too? No. The problem is just men.

No. 449590

I don't agree with the extreme thinking in not protecting yourself but honestly.. women in burqas are sexually assaulted in public just as much as women wearing bikinis. This is statistical, it's been noted hundreds of times in criminology and sociology that sexual assault has no relation to what a woman is wearing. In fact, veiled women are harassed MORE in Egypt.

There is no protection in modesty because you just attract the same person who wants to assault women regardless, a different type of fetishistic scrote or a scrote who thinks that a covered up woman will shut up and enjoy it or not report it because of their conservatism. Have you not seen how weeb creeps fetishise girls who wear wooly sweaters and maxi skirts? I've had one friend who dressed like that be assaulted at a con.

Theft and sexual assault are not done for the same reasons.

To some extent I understand what you are saying but really in the end this can be applied to anything. You can say 'why would a woman go out into a con full of predatory scrotes' but there are many streets which can be said to be full of predatory scrotes, many cafes, many nightclubs, many schools, in the end applying this logic to everything would mean women aren't permitted to go out at all, but in the end most women are more likely to be assaulted by a relative in their own house so that is also a prison. In parts of the West and other places this logic is already applied. This is not a slippery slope.


I think once they saw her face they would've crowded around her and assaulted her anyway. A burqa would've been useful for hiding her face but nothing else but that goes against the point of a con

No. 449591

While I agree with that comparing that to an anime convention is pretty far fetched anon as the circumstances are different.

No. 449592

What makes you say that? It's the same sort of male entitlement, honestly. Like I said, even if no female cosplayers dressed lewdly, it'd eventually become an issue of "Why were you cosplaying at all? You know what male anime fans are like, and all anime girls are all sexualized, regardless of design, so what were you doing?" and possibly concluding at just "Don't go to anime cons". The bar will just get higher and higher.

No. 449593

But you're both missing the context: A burka wearer at an anime convention.

A convention where men are conditioned to harass scantily clad portrayals of their fictional characters versus a woman wearing a burka.

>we're careful but men still harass us

So you throw the baby out with the bathwater and instead go full throttle into pandering to them by making sexually assaulting and disrespect easier for them?
Makes no sense.

In the context of an anime convention, the girls who are wearing ordinary street clothes and non-lewd cosplays are hardly the ones reporting harassment.
It's always the women wearing the skimpy stuff who are the ones who are victims of this behavior. They're the ones getting upshot pictures and secret video recordings of their breasts and asses. They're the ones getting "accidentally" groped in crowds. They're the ones getting solicited by creepy con photographers. And getting their drinks spiked in the hopes they can be suggested to go back to someone's hotel room.

And then if you go on internet forums where these men lurk ie. 4chan, they'll be so bold to tell you that this is the type of woman they target.
Not women in burkas.

And I guess I need to shut up now because apparently bringing this up is baiting a race argument. So I'll quit, but my point still stands.

No. 449594

Firstly, because I have experienced that culture first hand-I have been both to saudi where I was forced to cover up, and I have also been to anime conventions, both are very different experiences.

While I agree again with your male point do I really need to explain the difference between cosplaying a lewd character which has a reputation at an enclosed event which of course other anime fans will know in a convention which is not really a day to day thing-to women just being themselves day to day and getting harassed? Again I want to stress that I do not agree with the cosplayer getting harassed and its sick, but the point the other anon was making that cosplayers who cosplay those characters know or at least must be aware of what reaction they will face compared to women who just wear comfy clothes day to day.I dont know what anime cons you go to but theres not much of that here-(i'm in uk).

I do think your idea of a female only con is pretty good, of course scrots will kick up a fuss but when do they not lol.

No. 449596

File: 1566055188760.jpg (25.08 KB, 480x480, 45796955_506990676506164_25020…)

NTA, but anon, what will you suggest if producers (anime directors, doujinshi artists, etc) start to fetishize burkas and hijabs?
Western scrotes already do it. There's even a much worse Shad picture I've seen going around, but I won't post that here. We already know men have no limits.
If a rash of Japanese women start doing that to avoid or protest sexualization, what makes you think it won't go the way of the bosozoku girls and the way they lengthened their school uniform skirts specifically to put off scrotes who thought the uniform was "sexy" (Hint: It didn't work, men sexualized them anyway for being "hot", "tough" delinquents)?
Dead-ass, I can already see the types of retarded plots they would come up with. "Cute otaku girl who's a famous mangaka and wears burkas at conventions because she's too cute and is scared of male attention, but then her burka falls off and she starts to blush out of embarrassment and what happens next?!?! uwu".

No. 449597

>what will you suggest if producers start to fetishize burkas and hijabs?
I'll believe it when I see it.
But as mentioned: I wouldn't willingly portray a character that men are known to objectify, fetishize, and disrespect. It is known that this happens more with characters who are created to be fanservice for tits and ass.

I just wouldn't do it. I'd do lewd cosplays in my own private shoot, and if men wanna see so bad then I'd make bank monetizing the hell out of those pictures online instead of putting myself at risk and doing it for free at a convention. Fortunately I feel a lot of cosplay girls are turning to this more and more and while they're mocked online for doing it, I completely understand why they're doing it.

No. 449604

>>what will you suggest if producers start to fetishize burkas and hijabs?
>I'll believe it when I see it.


No. 449605

>I wouldn't willingly portray a character that men are known to objectify, fetishize, and disrespect.
Good luck finding any character that hasn't been rule 34'd. When little girls dress up as Pinkie Pie or Dora the Explorer they should they have to consider how many sick degenerates want to fuck their cartoon character first, too?

I think we're all able to acknowledge that dressing up as a 'lewd' character is going to attract people that understand the sexual significance of that character but this went beyond attention. If I put on lipstick I know that it's a 'sexy' thing and some men will probably stare at me, even though I don't agree with it, but I don't expect to be mobbed and upskirted as I cry. She wore a sexy cosplay at a convention and received more than just unwanted attention, she was harassed and surrounded in the exact place where a cosplayer should be safest in public. Saying her clothing consents to harassment is victim blaming, full stop.

No. 449616

Imagine if women did that to a man. I know the comparison doesn't hold because men don't fear women like women fear men, but just imagine it. A dude cosplays a lewd character (shirtless and wearing shorts? already the norm) and women just circle him while he's on the floor and keep taking pictures. Imagine the reaction on reddit. I don't think they'd say he should've covered up or known what he was doing, lol.

No. 449617

Why the fuck is this woman tolerating this at all? I'd be threatening divorce over this shit.

No. 449620

an attractive man dressed sexy being somehow overpowered by a group of thirsty women will be called a fag for being rightfully upset by that. after women, mras and incels hate attractive men who receive female attention. there's no real comparison with these situations.

No. 449621

Fujos used to assault men who'd cosplay characters they shipped; they'd force them to kiss other cosplayers, grope them, stalk them (I'm sure they still do it now, but there was a time when it was a big thing). But even then it'd usually be one or two girls, not entire groups, and cons still reacted to this by banning the paddles with "yaoi" written on them they'd use to spank the cosplayers.

I'm not sure what cons actually do against men being creepy. I know they have big "cosplay is not consent signs", but it's not as if they'll care.

No. 449622

All the men would sexualize it and say they wish they were in his place.

No. 449623

I haven't been to conventions much, but it seems like a lot of the creeps are photographers. Unfortunately, cons can't just ban cameras like they did with yaoi paddles.

No. 449634

The reason why some cosplay girls get mocked online is because they do lewds then scream they get called thots and this is somehow harassment. Thats the only issue I have with that, if you gonna slut it up for men and make that money, then do it, dont cry about it. Case in point : https://www.polygon.com/2018/6/27/17506414/amouranth-twitch-thot-streamer-cosplayer-alinity-backlash

No. 449636

True, betas and cucks be mad at chad yet secretly want to be him.

No. 449640

I personally think it’s retarded when feminists say that we should “teach men not to rape.” Bold to assume that men can “learn” anything. Men will always want to rape, they are born that way, and they will never change.

No. 449647

This is why we should not let men congregate in groups of more than two. See also Cologne New Year's Eve or Party Rican Day Parade attacks

No. 449648

This has been the biggest barrier for me, in trying to figure out libfem vs radfem beliefs. I think most men of age are uselessly unteachable. But, I don't think men are inherently unteachable, it's just by the time they discover porn it's probably too late to use any kind of reason with them. Lundy Bancroft only formed his view after working for thousands of hours with legitimately and objectively abusive men, and before that he was no better than the "women are just as abusive as men" crowds, and he had the added benefit of being old enough to avoid viewing hardcore internet porn in his youth. Today's men seem hopelessly unreachable in comparison.

But it's not totally hopeless. Maybe exposing boys to the hypocrisy of men will help.

No. 449651

There's a TV show in the UK called 'Murderers and their Mothers' it's a series where they look at the backgrounds of serial killers and often serial rapists and child rapists, they basically blame the mother for their sons murders..

They either loved them too much or not enough..

Punished them too much or not enough..

Meanwhile their father walked out on them as a baby.. that's also the mothers fault

So yeah we blame mothers for rape and murder because you can't blame the man

No. 449660

No, anon. They're entitled whiny assholes who will latch onto you and resort to stalking, threats and harassment if you don't put out. It might sound like a cute, romantic savior syndrome idea to ~get the poor boy out of his shell~ but in reality what you see is what you get. A manbaby who treats women like garbage.

What the fuck anon. All my friends who have been harassed by men at anime conventions have been wearing covering clothes or cosplay, the "they were asking for it!" meme is born retarded. Coincidentally most woman hating incels freeze when they see a semi naked woman and often think she's a ruined roastie and not the pure virginal waifu they can have power over. Sexual harassment and rape are not attractive to them because you think the girl is sexy and beautiful, what turns them on is how you can control the girl by making her uncomfortable and helpless. Yes, there are histrionic girls who egg men on and live off the attention they're given by them, but instead of actually sexually harassing them those girls get the other kind of hate because of the madonna/whore complex men often have.

No. 449664

No. 449669

>Sexual harassment and rape are not attractive to them because you think the girl is sexy and beautiful, what turns them on is how you can control the girl by making her uncomfortable and helpless.

And there it fuckin is. Honestly, shout this louder for the people in the back because some of you aren't fucking hearing it yet. If you ever want more proof of how this abusive power dynamic is essential to their very sense of self, look at how they react when you acknowledge even a fairly benign "hey bb ur gorgeous" compliment with an "I know" or even the less cocky "thanks, I think so too". You go from "beautiful" to "fat slut you ain't all that I didn't want you anyway" in less than a blink. They're testing the waters to see how much you hate yourself, as it's an early indicator of how much you'll cower.

No. 449674

Lul, imagine being as insecure as the average man. I doubt any woman would give as much of a shit if the roles were reversed, let alone sit and stare long enough to video tape what some stranger is doing. I can only laugh, because it's so pathetic and self pitying.
These "men" don't need anyone's pity, their already wallowing in their own.

No. 449677

>I have a feeling the only guy I could be with is an adamantly childfree one.

Getting a vasectomy is so fucking easy that if he doesn't want to do it, run. Easy for men to dump their poor childfree gfs because they suddenly decided at 40 that they want to play daddy with a new 20 year old gf.

No. 449692

This is hilarious. Men I know who use tinder swipe right on practically every single women because they're so desperate. Then they send you a retarded pick up line and can't have a decent conversation. Women are so horrible for not wanting to give every man within fifty miles a chance to treat them badly.

No. 449696

Nah that's bullshit. Men in the west still learned that women don't need to cover up and that god doesn't dictate shit anymore; most of them anyway. We're still vulnerable to pushbacks or slow eroding of our rights with TRAs, but it's something.

No. 449700

Eh, there does need to be more "education" about rape, and by that I mean public pressure and open warnings in the form of advertisements and campaigns and such. Men do feel SOME fear of repercussions or aversion to being called a rapist, which is why when surveyed they will all admit to rape/willingness to rape as long as the word rape isn't used. Of course, nobody wants to be arrested and that's enough of a deterrent for many of them. See their response to #metoo?
>bawwwwwww I'm terrified for my life now, I will have to avoid all women in the workplace to avoid being arrested just for looking at them!!
It obviously indicates a guilty conscience but at least they recognize they can't get away with everything.

One thing they need to be taught (aka have drilled into their head enough that they would expect consequences) is that rape isn't just strangers violently assaulting women in back alleys. It's also coercion, sex under the influence, removing condoms midway through sex, literally just a lack of consent etc etc. As long as they know that WE KNOW it's rape, they'll be afraid because they know we can take legal action.

No. 449717

Damn so now we can dress any skimpy way we want while men get more covered and unsexy and pornsickness and hypersexualization exists more than ever? Damn bro.

No. 449725

That's not what I said, but you did propose to just start listening to men on clothing, and eventually personal liberty choices instead of changing the culture like we've done until now. That's retarded. I don't see how supporting sharia law is better than protecting yourself and shaping your community for the better for women.

No. 449728

nta but it's not sharia law to not walk around in really teeny dresses and push up bras. it's not liberating for women to dress in that way. both things need to change. men need to be educated and face accountability for their lecherous and abusive behavior, but also neither men or women need to be sexualized or scantily clad. even if popular culture changes, there are always going to be rogue creeps that get off to people that are scantily clad and will still harm people or women that objectify themselves. it's just not appropriate. people of either sex shouldn't dress in a manner that is inappropriate. sexualizing yourself and sexual material is put on a pedestal anyways and that needs to stop. should we really be shocked that a woman makes it her entire persona to objectify herself to literally an audience of the worst kind of men imaginable, and is mobbed by them as a result? it shouldn't happen, but it seems really insane and ignorant to pretend costhots aren't canoodling with literally the worst men around and there won't be predictable consequences for seeking out and placating literally basically the worst group of men

No. 449734

I do agree with you. The other anon thinks we should let men off the hook because of their rape instincts; I don't agree with that.

No. 449738

I hate how most muslim men are giant hypocrites. They want muslim women to follow all the islamic rules for women while they completely disregard the rules for men. Aside from their female family members, muslim men are actually not allowed to touch women, look at women, chat with women, or even listen to a women's singing. But do you see muslim men following those rules? No way. They hound their wives and sisters over the littlest things while they do whatever the hell they want. And everyone thinks it's okay. "It's how boys and men are" Bullshit

No. 449742

That's just how religious men actoss the board are. Christians are the same way. The bible is very clear that men are to blame for their perverse thoughts, yet Christians typically put the responsibility on women not to "tempt" them.

No. 449743

Tinder anon from a few weeks ago. I messaged various women whose bf's were trying to hook up with me off tinder and 2 of them dumped their bf and thanked me. Just one step closer to shitty men being held accountable.

No. 449753

File: 1566089472133.jpeg (51.74 KB, 720x720, 1553883766149.jpeg)

You're doing god's work, anon.

No. 449756

A few months ago there was a scandal at google where some high-ranking execs were busted for sexually harassing female employees. Myself and some others tweeted these articles @ him

Want to know what Damore had to say about that? crickets

No. 449759

Not all heroes wear capes

No. 449760

File: 1566090884285.gif (67.96 KB, 554x400, 1526245023843.gif)

No. 449784

File: 1566097458324.jpg (39.57 KB, 615x524, 56o0gtr.jpg)

It's almost like most fields obligated women to wear makeup to be employed and in some countries (ie Japan) you're not allowed to not wear it

This creepy thing's hatred of women is almost comical. I don't wanna get too /tinfoil/ but I honestly think he is a plant to convince scrotes to do stupid things. He doesn't even have basic consistency half the time

No. 449785

>but it seems really insane and ignorant to pretend costhots aren't canoodling with literally the worst men around and there won't be predictable consequences for seeking out and placating literally basically the worst group of men
I could argue the exact same thing about women in niqabs

No. 449787

The reason you talk about 25/26 being the age at which women hit “the wall” is because it’s when we start to look like actual adults and can no longer pass for teens or college kids. Men don’t want to date adults. They want to be in a relationship with an obvious power imbalance in their favor. Hence the fetishization of youth.

No. 449790

lol no. i fell in love with two fat drug addicts years ago, but they were dead historical men i just developed an obsession with and read a lot about. Being in an actual relationship with them was described as being nightmarish and impossible

No. 449792

most women in niqabs dont choose to be in niqabs, theyre born into it, but of those that do choose, uh yeah, they're fucking stupid as well? all these dumb women are victims of patriarchy but yeah some choose to do the dumb thing without literally being physically forced bc influence(Derail)

No. 449794

At his age, he needs to leave and take his own advice. Is Stefan even married anymore? I knew of his wife who he had to convince to cut ties with her own family for him. But I think they've seperated?

It's sad too that his audience is full of unironic trad pick-mes because he's convinced them that men created civilization for them so all they have to do is fuck and take care of the kids.

No. 449795

Finally a fucking reasonable answer that isn't "reee victim blaming."

No. 449796

Doesn't JBP say similar things?
Aside from your points, the logic in his base argument is just lacking anyway since so many other things also increase blood flow to the face. Personally, my lips also look redder when I've been sobbing, just worked out, or am having an allergy attack.
And the male equivalent to a flushed face is still a flushed face, not a boner. Last I checked it isn't a fashion statement for women to…have wet crotches, idk.
I don't even wear makeup but I'm defensive lmao.

No. 449809

dump him and find someone who cares about your health

No. 449815

1) there are more lipstick colors than bright red. He's probably seen dozens of women wearing a nude lipstick color and never noticed it. 2) even comparing that to a boner is a retarded false equivalency. I'm not even against being critical of makeup in a feminist context although I wear it occasionally. Are unconventional lipstick colors like blue or purple supposed to simulate death and illness according to this moron?

No. 449827

File: 1566108202602.jpg (37.77 KB, 500x490, tumblr_pvoppoCmrw1u35sbmo2_500…)

The guy is a grade A moron who has been dragged time and time again for his tweets, he really is the poster boy for fedora tippers.

I saw some people mentioning this, would love to confirm if its true no woman deserves to be stuck with such a pathetic whiny pissbaby like stefan molyneux.

No. 449837

Stefan is also a huge anti-semite and yet also a Jew, I think he has huuge mommy issues. He literally tells people to abandon their parents and join his cult all while chastising women for not having babies, specifically white women wtf.

No. 449838

You deserve an award for this, you're subtly pink pilling the masses queen

No. 449839

Women have been FIRED for not wanting to wear high heels or make up at work, but when they complain about it's just "oh you don't want to adhere to the dress code? fuck you lazy bitch"

Yet scrots like Stefan completely ignore this, and just blame women. And also the alt right/incels/pick up artists are the ones who complain about women, usually western women, not being traditionally feminine. If women stopped wearing makeup, high heels etc you just know Stefan and his crew would be the first to tell women that they're lazy for not putting effort into their appearance and that's why they can't attract men.

No. 449844

I need to get this out of my chest, but when I was a kid I fantasized so much about going to America and generally worshipped America (I'm non-American). It was all cringy stuff. But then I saw how men, specifically American men (because I'm always in the English side of the internet) act online and it genuinely shattered every bit of respect I had. Not in a "Triggered feminist" way, but, actual disappointment and settling realization. Men online are so trashy. The respect I had? Gone.

No. 449845

WTF is it with some of the biggest anti-semites being jews themselves?

>implying women won't have anything to do after they become infertile
even if that was true, women can freeze their eggs now, and adoption is a thing.

The guy who retweeted that with his caption restores my faith in men a little, ngl.

No. 449848

Its the men. I'm a Jewish woman and I've always noticed its the men who act like insecure retards, also they have weird relationships with their mums and have a madonna/whore complex.

No. 449853

There's nothing wrong with critiquing Judaism. It's an incredibly fucked up religion.

No. 449854

i used to be a huge weeb like 5 years ago and i would seriously think "wow japanese men are so shy and polite and cute, i'm definitrly going to japan and finding a husband when i grow up!!". then i started to grow up, learned english and started to read more about the true side of the country's sexism, which wasn't that hard to see and i was completely repulsed. all men are shit.

No. 449856

Tbf Japanese men are angels compared to Korean ones. Not that they aren't sexist but Korea is on a whole other level of misogyny.

No. 449859

Stefan Molyneux doesn't critique the religious institution lol, he's just racist/sexist because his mom doesn't love him or something.

No. 449860

they still have animated child porn in convenience stores in Japan, if they sold shit like that here I would start a riot.

No. 449864

Well Jews say they're a race, right?

No. 449865

Don’t forget the teenage girls panties sold in vending machines! They have an entire culture of public groping, people are deluding themselves if they think Japanese men aren’t predators.

No. 449867

I'm getting scrot vibes..

No. 449868

>hating a supremacist religion that gave birth to abrahamic bullshit in general means you're a scrot

Guess I'm a scrot.

No. 449869

bringing up race shit is

No. 449870

Judaism is unique in that it is a religion and an ethnic group.(derailing; racebaiting)

No. 449873

Irony. Men are the ones who start abusing porn at age 12, completely fry their brains to the point where they can't get an erection from anything remotely normal and have to watch incest themed borderline child porn with double penetration and simulated rape just to get aroused, then proceed blame women when they get erectile dysfunction. Then when women have a problem with porn everyone just says it's because we're insecure and porn is the best thing ever for relationships/society and we just need to learn to deal with it.

But god forbid women learn how to pleasure ourselves.

No. 449874

All Abrahamic religions are fucked up anon but that's not the reason people like Stefan hate them don't be dense. This is off-topic so I'm done responding.

No. 449876

Unfortunately I can't find an international mirror for the full version of this documentary from last year: https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p05vb22n/stacey-dooley-investigates-russias-war-on-women

Russia scares me.

No. 449877

you see incels talking about women that have fucked dozens of chads by the age of early twenties but looking at real life, where are all these promiscuous women? even if they were like that it shouldn't be anyone's business but i have definitely met more promiscuous men than women in real life. but incels don't actually know anything about women so i'm not surprised.

No. 449879

This is where I disagree with both incels and feminists: most of us don't want to have sex with lots of guys. It holds absolutely no appeal. Mentally healthy women want sex with someone they love and no one else.

No. 449880

A lot of people believe that Putin is whats standing in the way of Russia becoming more liberal but it's actually the opposite. The alternatives to Putin are all far more virulently nationalistic and conservative. The Russian Communist Party, the LDP and other parties in the Duma are all far, far more conservative than United Russia are:


I don't necessarily disagree with what that Duma MP says in terms of how difficult things are for the kids and how such relationships usually fail, but it's the way she put it.

No. 449883

they hardly exist. men think that because of the porn they watch and most heterosexual porn portrays women as brainless fuck dolls who are always ready to cheat and fuck anyone at the drop of a hat.

I once found this random forum where a guy was asking "why are women so concieted?" he then described being at a book store and said that he saw a mom and a daughter and checked out both of them. then he smiled because of the dilbert comic he was reading, but the mom thought he was smiling about the daughter and said the mom saw him smiling and told her daughter "you're a peach, dear" then said the daughter smiled, like because she thought she was pretty, which was extremely offensive to him. then he said "I've seen the same thing happen on TV". actually using TELEVISION as evidence for how women think.

Bottom line: men can't distinguish between fiction and reality.

also here's the forum if you feel like reading some cancer https://forum.gateworld.net/threads/7777-Why-are-women-so-conceited-A-guys-only-thread-plz

No. 449885

File: 1566118524994.png (19.87 KB, 256x256, kk pondering.png)

How does a human get this far in life without thinking about how the opposite sex works? Or how buttholes work? Also, someone please tell him that the male equivalent to a g-spot (the prostate) is basically IN his butt lmfao.

Anyone who's had to change diapers or who knows someone who's had to change diapers knows the whole front-to-back thing. We HAVE to be really thorough when it comes to butt-hygeine because we risk getting sick if we aren't.

Meanwhile the girl is just wondering how this mentally handicapped person is allowed outside unsupervised.

Based as hell

What the hell feminists are you talking to? The feminist idea of sex isn't "fuck lots of guys" it's "your sex life is no one's business but your own".

No. 449887

Seems like anything more than crippling insecurity is "conceited" to this asshole. As if there's anything inherently wrong with a girl simply thinking of herself as pretty.

No. 449890

Also moms do this stuff all the time, just to make their daughters feel better. I feel like moms are particularly likely to do this if they feel like their daughters have low self-esteem.

My mom is constantly alerting me when she thinks guys are "checking me out". I always take it with a grain of salt, because a person can be glancing at you for any number of reasons.

It doesn't surprise me that this guy doesn't know about this. Men suck at these sorts of social subtleties.

No. 449891

And also

>says women see him smile and think hes smiling about them when he's not

>says woman thinks she's attractive because she smiles

How does he know SHE wasn't smiling about something else? Man logic

No. 449901

There is no such thing as the "triggered feminist XD", anon. Just women getting frustrated after years and years of the same damn thing.

No. 449903

Damn, anon. I was feeling so depressed today and I read this and it was the first thing that made me smile. I'm so glad you were able to save two innocent women from their creep bfs. You deserve gifts and praise.

No. 449908

I saw an askreddit thread recently about "things you didn't know about male anatomy" or something and it was chock full of pathetic comments from men about how it's totally normal for men not to get physically aroused at all during foreplay because it "isn't enough stimulation". I wish I'd screencapped some. Really shows you how broken male sexuality is these days. Apparently nothing aside from frantically tugging their own dicks and penetration is enough to get/stay hard.

No. 449920

>40 long years

Sounds great tbh, I'll enjoy all the gains I made while working so hard for them in the first 40 years of my life. Life in a family with a scrot you gave up everything for sounds sad in comparison.

No. 449937

i've posted about it in other threads before because i'm too embarassed to talk about it to my real life friends, but now i'm glad to say that i got over crushing on an incel. i've done my best to support him on getting out of that mindset but he just doesn't want to help himself. i still feel bad for him but he's in too deep. he lies to his therapist. he says that there is nothing to be fixed because he is angry for valid reasons. he doesn't want to quit his alcoholism. he doesn't want to see women as normal humans. he openly said that he would cheat even if he was in a relationship because "all women are wired to cheat with chads anyway". he doesn't believe that a woman can genuinely find him attractive. he would never trust me no matter what i do.

i honestly don't know what i was expecting. i can't help but think that he could've been a way better person and maybe it would have worked out if he was never involved with the incel community. that community rots loner men's brains, but these men are still capable of individual thought and could be able to see that their rhetoric is nonsense and unhealthy. he is a grown ass man. he should've known better.

No. 449949

Even when a man openly hates women a woman tries to be sympathetic and understanding and he just returns that with more hate. Glad you got over him.

No. 449951

I'm glad you came to your senses, anon.

You seem like a sweet person, and I understand the urge to "fix" somebody who seems like they're "in need". However, relationships aren't about other peoples' needs, and they aren't acts of charity. A healthy relationship is one where little to no "fixing" is necessary, and where one person isn't putting in more emotional labor than the other.

I'm really sorry your friend can't be helped. Sadly, you can't give help to someone who is unwilling to accept it. If this guy is lying to his psychologist, he's beyond the point of no return.

No. 449982

depends anon, my current bf stays hard just from me being naked, other men I've had can't stay hard for shit, it's because porn ruined their expectations for sex

No. 449990

No. 449993

Dude is literally bragging about how in Latin cultures men can walk up to women and pinch their breast but he got offended at the mere thought of a young girl finding herself pretty.

Whats with perverts and sexual deviants getting angry at women in any way, like they project some sick sexuality to them all the time? Its pathetic.

No. 450012

I actually read this article a couple years ago and it's every bit as retarded as I remember. Also, I love how he's essentially saying women shouldn't be dedicated to bettering their financial situation before having kids, yet he's so against any government programs that help poor families feed their children. Do you want women to stop giving a fuck about their careers to pop out babies or do you want people to stop having kids they can't afford? Which one is it? Not that anything above complete idiocy can be expected from Gavin McInnes or right wingers in general.

No. 450023

I'm sorry anon. I had a crush on a self proclaimed "nice guy" all throughout high school who complained girls never liked him. I did; of course I didn't exist to him, lol. He was really angry one of the girls he asked out turned him down on the reason she just wanted to focus on her studies so she could get accepted into a good college. She was very smart, a valedictorian, with a family of doctors, even her older sister has a PhD. You figured this guy would be understanding since he was studying hard to be an aerospace engineer… nope. I found him on instagram recently, and all he follows are the same few male friends from high school, and costhots. The girl in question, is now in university studying to be a doctor, with a whole new social group.

If anything is a pink pill, it's be like her. Be a doctor, not stuck with a guy who will beat his meat to shopped images, and then secretly resent you for not looking like said fake women he feels entitled to.

Semi-related because I'm thinking back on high school: I can't count the guys who insulted me as "jealous" back when I was a low self-esteem teenager, because it made me angry flat girls like Rukia and Sakura were depicted as tomboyish, unlikable bitches, and sweet girls like Orihime were treated like a sex object with no real goals, and then wed off to the main character with no development in their relationship. There's a reason autism males cling to this like flies to shit. This has been said before, but guys that like the animu are best to be avoided.

No. 450026

Reading this shit just depresses me.

I want to hear about good men sometimes too. Was just reading this


>I must write a little letter for the boy if time can be found to be read when he grows up — dearest that you know I cherish no sentimental rubbish about re marriage — when the right man comes to help you in life you ought to be your happy self again.

Made me cry. I know things weren't ideal for women back then, but I feel like in certain ways men have actually become worse in their behavior.

No. 450041

>This has been said before, but guys that like the animu are best to be avoided.
I cannot stress enough how important it is to avoid guys who are obsessed with anime and video games. I think a large part of why so many girls on here are convinced there's no good men in existence is because they misguidedly are going after men with similar hobbies (animu and vidya). I could write an entire essay on the horrific shit I encountered back when I was hellbent on finding a guy who was also into anime and video games, but the teal deer is there's a much higher chance of pornsickness, serious degeneracy (I had a boyfriend who confessed post-break up that he imagined his younger sister every time we had sex as well as a different ex who trooned out after dumping me because he wanted to be the little girl in a DDLG relationship), entitlement to perfection, and just generally treating their girlfriends like shit. Not to mention, the reality is most nerd men are extremely gatekeeper with their interests, especially toward women. Often when you do find a man into the same things, he just quizzes you or acts like your tastes are shit and you're a lesser fan.

After several terrible relationships with nerds, I decided to give normies a chance and my very first try was quite the success. We've been together over five years and he treats me wonderfully, genuinely respects women, and doesn't care for porn or have any fucked up sex fantasies. I cannot recommend normies enough.

No. 450047

File: 1566146325682.jpg (98.65 KB, 650x659, payday_stripper_22.jpg)

>thread on askreddit asking strippers what they really think of the people who go to strip clubs
>excess of men in the comments asking women if they enjoy seeing their customers be horny, if they like the customers, if there's something a customer can do to make them like them

They don't want to fuck you, Dylan. They want your beta boy money.

No. 450051

File: 1566146702103.jpeg (43.09 KB, 780x439, chris-watts-mugshot.jpeg)

i hate men but there's nothing necessarily wrong with guys who like anime or video games. as far as anime it really depends on what kind; any sort of "pandering" anime that focuses on cUtE gIrLs is definitely a warning sign, but plenty of guys are just dudes who like old 90s stuff like dbz or cowboy bebop or whatever. same with video games… most guys play some kind of video game. be it something generic like call of duty or maybe they're into indie stuff. again it depends on what kind. there's gross neckbeard pandering games and there's perfectly fine and normal ones.

there's also an endless plethora of men who appear well-adjusted and normie who end up killing their partners, so.

No. 450055

There's a community on youtube that reposts Shannon watts old facebook vids and blames her for her own murder because she spent too much money and 'was annoying'.. and that would drive any man mad… sickening comments

No. 450056

I feel like any man who spends a significant amount of time online is a red flag.

No. 450057

men are so unbelievably stupid. only a troglodyte would assume that a woman is working in the sex industry because she likes hanging out with meth heads and degenerates that are only interested in waving their pathetic boners at them.
it's about easy money you absolute imbeciles.

Link to thread? I want to laugh at the delusional cavemen

No. 450058

That's why I specified "obsessed" with animu and vidya. There's a world of difference between someone who likes a few series versus someone who watches ten new shows every season and has a bedroom that can easily be mistaken for a gift shop. Guys at that level are likely to be really into hentai, which typically normalizes rape, loli, and incest. They're also more likely to be involved in misogynistic echo chambers like 4chan or to have the 3DPD mindset and feel entitled to a 10/10. Of course there's awful normies too, it's just I feel like one is far more likely to find a decent man in a pool of normies than in a pool of hardcore nerds, as long as you avoid certain red flags like the vocally antifeminist.

No. 450059

How do they justify him killing his two toddler daughters in cold blood? Were they too annoying, too?

Men make no sense with this shit. They want us to marry them and give them children, but then if they want to murder us so they can bang their mistress in peace, we deserved it for marrying them.

No. 450060

Bald men don't even deserve to live. Jesus they need to kill themselves.

No. 450061

kek. Bald men are disgusting. I'd BUY them rope. Just please go.

No. 450062

He also killed his unborn son which they had already named and everything.. there are just as many women in those comments talking about how any man can 'snap' if you nag him enough.. the guy found a mistress and didn't want to pay child support so he killed his wife and three kids

No. 450063

I don't know about the rest of you, but my lips do not magically change color when I'm horny. And what color is he even referring to? Red? Most women I know wear nude or brown shades in the office.

No. 450065

>"i'm involuntarily celibate because NO girl wants to fuck me :( why don't any of them want me?"
>woman shows interest in him
>rejects her if she isn't a 10/10 flawless blackpilled virgin goddess that does everything he wants as if such a girl exists
ratcel logic

No. 450066

Call me strange but when I'm looking at a womans lips it's usually cos I'm listening to her, I manage to not think about random fully dressed womens pussies all day long.. totally the womans fault if you do though

No. 450067

I've seen Jordan Peterson spout the exact same bullshit about makeup's primary function being to simulate signs of female arousal and thus arouse men.

I think it stems from the average man not being able to identify makeup tbh, I've seen men think cake-face women weren't wearing foundation or not being able to spot the most obvious fake lashes. They have no clue what makeup actually looks like on a person and they even get offended when they realise as much (like incels going crazy over before/after pictures of women with/without makeup), so they make up bullshit theories about it to feel smart.

No. 450068

Christ, reminds me of the Laci Peterson case.

Man kills his wife/kids to get out of paying child support?
>but she nagged him!

Women start outing powerful men who sexually assaulted them?
>what a terrifying world for men these days

No. 450073

It's interesting how people will victim blame women for getting raped, but you almost never see men getting victim blamed for being falsely accused of rape. No one is ever like "if you don't want people to accuse you of child molestation, don't be alone around children" or "if you don't want a girl to claim you date raped her, don't go into her house". Not saying men should be blamed in the highly rare instance they're falsely accused, but it highlights yet another double standard between men and women.

No. 450074

Chris told her he wanted a baby and she got pregnant right away (she'd had difficulty conceiving her two girls) She wasn't even half way through the pregnancy when he was off cheating and planning her murder.. his new gf had been googling things like 'anal sex' so obviously killing the wife seemed worth it..

The mistress also googled the laci peterson case and how much money that mistress made off of her book..

No. 450076

They like to make out like fake rape accusations are an insanely common thing too. If you ever mention how few rapes end up with the guy being convicted they immediately turn it into 'but women cry rape all the time' so..

I know women who've been raped and kept it secret all their life, that shit is common

No. 450083

Oh god, I just looked up the murder and of course hoards of trolls are viciously harassing her family.


What I wouldn't give for ISPs to publicly out people who do shit like this. Anyone who harasses the families of murder victims shouldn't have the right to stay anonymous.

No. 450085

I know so many women who were raped and not a single one who was has gone to the police. Most rape victims see a trial as extra trauma and the thought of the attacker being found not guilty is too horrifying to even be worth a trial to them. I'm almost entirely certain that the number of women who actually press charges is a small fraction of those who are assaulted.

No. 450089

Brutally violent rapes by strangers that involve visual injury are more often reported because being badly beaten means people will believe you.. when a family member, boyfriend, friend or guy at a party attacks you and forces it but doesn't beat you black and blue.. you end up with a lifelong secret

No. 450104

I want to throw up reading that. Seeing the picture of those grandchildren smiling made me tear up.

>I had a boyfriend who confessed post-break up that he imagined his younger sister every time we had sex
That is traumatising and I am so fucking sorry.

>Often when you do find a man into the same things, he just quizzes you or acts like your tastes are shit and you're a lesser fan.

I've dealt with this as well, even from guys I wasn't dating, or even really acquainted with very well. I was naturally in the "nerdy" circle, I never really went out of my way looking for a guy into the same things as me, I just happened to like a guy I spent a lot of time with sharing those hobbies.

>there's a much higher chance of pornsickness, serious degeneracy

Speaking of, I'm the OP you were replying to, guy I liked posted a picture on his social media of him at an anime convention, and he was wearing a hentai shirt. It hurts.

>plenty of guys are just dudes who like old 90s stuff like dbz or cowboy bebop or whatever
Dated two of these, one of them refused to get a full time job because he wanted to play COD all day. The other cheated on me. Instead of being obsessed with hentai, he just paid for premium Snaps instead (like over $100 per girl), but he didn't want to help me out when I was in an abusive situation at home even though I needed far less (like a bus ticket)

Fuck males.

No. 450108

Anon, I am sobbing.
Men are most tolerable when they are out of reach and pining for their woman

No. 450110

i think porn-use is a great way to tell which men are a red flag, it says a lot about their online usage. hope this helps you identify red flags in your men, gals. this is all based on a lot of experiences, knowledge and research.

>Probably safe tier

- using it once in a while (like weekly) and just searching "boobs" or "big ass" or going to the most liked "normal" thing on a mainstream site like pornhub, only when sex is not available – fun fact, the average "healthy" porn viewer watches no more than 24 minutes of porn per week

>Yellowflag tier (Depending on usage & how he accesses this content, it can either be "probably safe" or "redflag")

- literotica
- dancing/twerking video
- seemingly vanilla fetishes like foot fetishes, hand fetishes, etc
- uses sfw pics of actresses (adults, of course)
- lesbian porn, milf porn, mmf/ffm porn

>Redflag tier

- not using porn at all (unless he's devoutly religious he's lying to you and erasing his history!)
- jerking off to "vanilla" hentai, ecchi, etc.
- compulsive general porn usage (i.e. even when sex is available)
- porn usage more than once daily
- has to use a sex toy to nut
- he can't get it up or finish without porn
- any interracial shit or trans shit (he's likely a fetishist)
- uses more niche porn tube sites (like motherless)
- knows or recognizes the name of any porn star (besides the mainstream famous ones like sasha grey)
- saves or downloads any pornographic content to his phone or devices
- teen porn (RUN!)
- incest porn
- femdom porn (including chastity shit)
- anything with extremely huge dicks
- a heavy slant towards anal sex in pornography
- cosplay porn

>Castrate him tier

- has a paid subscription to any porn site
- uses 4chan, tumblr, twitter or reddit for porn
- jerks off to lolicon, child porn or any child-related content (including sexualized versions of children's cartoons)
- jerks off to 4chan waifus, child actresses, or any underaged girls
- porn from girls who just turned 18 or look very underaged/ageplay stuff
- any gonzo shit (gangbangs, gaping, facial abuse)
- any fetish shit: hardcore bdsm, bondage, rape, breast expansion, tentacles etc in any medium (3d porn or anime)
- anything with violence against women or women hate, or male supremacist undertones
- only porn with super skinny or super fat women
- sissification porn (this goes without saying)
- amateur porn
- trades porn on 4chan, whatsapp, etc with other guys
- jerks off to instagram "models" (so if he follows them… run!)
- consumes content from patreon girls, cam girls, twitch thots, etc. this includes amateur "ASMRtists" (whether he pays or not, but double redflag if he pays)
- gore (obviously, shouldn't have to say this)
- nudes of ex-gfs
- jerks off to sfw pics of girls he knows
- jerks off to creep shots
- deepfakes
- JAV porn
- saves and organizes his "porn" folder

No. 450112

I agree except
>amateur porn
? please explain

No. 450113

File: 1566153984868.jpg (237.1 KB, 1196x545, vomit.jpg)

checked incels.co to see what the fuck they're up to and this is the first thing i see. what the fuck

No. 450117

Usually this kind of stuff (on porn streaming sites) is revenge porn where the bf uploads it without his gf's knowledge, or a john pays a prostitute and uploads it without her knowledge, etc. It is an ethical redflag to me.

Another class of amateur porn is solo-female performers uploading stuff on their own, most of which tend to be underaged, revenge porn or camgirls.

Men love to claim to watch anime porn because I guess it makes them seem more woke and less pornsick. I would argue that watching a blurry video of a questionably aged, questionably consenting female is a lot worse.

No. 450120

Saw a vid lately of a man sitting in the drivers seat of his car getting a bj while he wears a condom.. showing the womans face as she bobbed up and down, least sexy thing to view, depressing situation for everyone but he's proudly sharing it to PH. God knows if the prostitute knew she was being filmed cos it was all of her face and I doubt she's being paid anywhere near enough to have that shared

Reminds me of men who flash their penis at young women in public and film their reactions as they look disturbed ..

No. 450121

>- only porn with super skinny or super fat women
What if you yourself are super skinny/fat? Then is it still highly problematic?

>- uses 4chan, tumblr, twitter or reddit for porn

What's wrong with using Tumblr for porn as long as it's tame? Personally, I would be far less bothered by vanilla porn off of Tumblr than Porn Hub.

Also, I would extend this list to include regular porn consumption of a type you don't fit. For example, if you're a flat chested white girl and all the porn he looks at involves busty Asian chicks.

No. 450122

So what he's saying is he wants to watch cp AND he wants to murder people

No. 450123

Eh. I'm not with you. I'll go for with a preference for amateur porn anytime. It means he is still looking at normal people doing Real sex and not weird alien boobed bimbo getting a triple anal that could in no way be enjoyable for any of thé party involved.
I'll agree with you that the fact it could be revenge porn but hell, it's a Green flag for me if he's not pornsick enough to get off on two people having consensual and realistic sex.

No. 450124

… I really hope the feds are monitoring that site and putting people like this on a list. This is the kind of person who I genuinely believe is a serious risk to society and might harm someone.

No. 450130

As a tomboy and assumed lesbian in college I was treated like a guy at times, so I got to be present several times when men declared that girls should become legal as soon as there's pubic hair or a first period.. heard it too many times

No. 450131

Back when I watched porn, I only ever watched amateur. Professional porn is so sterile and the woman involved seems to hate it; it also tends to be violent. I'd agree with the uploads of obvious non-consent like prostitutes, but there's also a lot of vanilla couples, and that's what I enjoy watching. Unfortunately you'll never actually know, which is why I stopped.

I also watched super skinny women and/or fat guys. I'm a toothpick that likes bigger dudes, so I like imagining myself. I know there's a lot of guys who take this shit to the extreme and want to starve or overfeed their girlfriends to poor health, which is why I just never share this preference with anyone. Men are just best avoided entirely. It's not worth literally risking my health and potentially my life for scraps of emotional intimacy, and an occasional orgasm, if I'm lucky. Men can turn anything innocent into a toxic obsession. don't be surprised if you meet a guy who manages to ruin vanilla. My mother could tell you all about that, lol.

No. 450132

File: 1566156845999.jpeg (30.49 KB, 628x314, 5bafb9f0250000360037f223.jpeg)

Men should not be allowed, let alone praised, to write fictional lesbian relationships. They ALWAYS come from a fetish standpoint. Women are culturally not allowed to write gay men for fetish reasons, so why are men?

No. 450137


Feels like a lot of roleplay going on with retarded men typing out fantasies of the sexy stripper liking them or thinking they're special.

No. 450138

While I agree with you the type of man you describe is generally not dating. Any 3DPD male is far too afraid of women to ever make an approach and they tend to be fucking repulsive IRL anyway so you aren't in danger of accidentally dating one of these abortions.

No. 450139

Does anyone remember the whole James Deen rape and assault claims and the number of women who came out about putting him on their 'not to work with list' because he ignored the hard limits of porn actresses?

Spotted him still being put in scenes lately, like how brazen can he be to stick around after all that came out?

No. 450141



>self-improvement advice is dumb because it will increase women's standards

>compares it to how the more people win the lottery the less money they get

They will do whatever mental gymnastics it takes to justify making no attempt to self-improve.

No. 450143

File: 1566157355991.jpg (40.31 KB, 421x577, ECM3eHRWwAIdfMT.jpg)

It is good to know that there are women like you out there. Seriously, why do men feel entitled not only to have a gf but other women who are willing to fuck them? Keep up the good work anon!

No. 450147

I didn't know about that, I don't really follow him or mainstream performers, but I googled him and the first thing that came up is:

>Performer James Deen who was barred for three years from popular porn company Evil Angel following a series of sexual assault accusations has recently been reinstated with a lead role in the explicit pornographic documentary film titled Consent—and it’s just as contradictory as it sounds.


I am appalled

No. 450150

Yes! Saving porn is a huge red flag. You'll see guys online being sooo proud because they made the very very difficult step of deleting their porn collection. Or being EXTREMELY upset because their collection got lost.

Especially if he has favorite pornstars/models that he's been following for years. At that point he has formed a form of affection towards her even though they'll deny it.

No. 450152

Sounds like he made rape his USP

No. 450153

This shit freaks me out so fucking much because I went through premature puberty and had pubes at 7 and started my period at 10. Men are so sick.

No. 450154

Some people were sceptical of the claims at first but the gf Stoya and other actresses were hardly going to benefit from rocking the boat like that in the industry, he was very popular at the time and he handled the situation like an absolute pig, he's aged quite a bit and got fatter lately so I almost didn't believe it was him at first

No. 450155

You too, anon? My period came later, but I had pubes ever since I was little. I thought I was just a freak.

No. 450159

I had a friend who started at 10 and 12 seemed average in my friend group, I didn't tell the guys that cos tbh I was in shock and I'm non confrontational

But yeah the moment you bleed you should be game? Oh and as a lesbian I'm likely to agree and not be disgusted by that

No. 450162

I remember seeing girls in my class when we must've been only 8 or 9 years old who had started getting pubic hair already while we were getting changed for swimming lessons once. Thinking back on it now I feel kind of sad for them to have started puberty so early before even leaving elementary school. These same girls (twins) were still playing "witches" with me at that age. Men admitting that they'd have sex with children who are still at an age where they're playing make believe games is fundamentally sick in a way I can't put into words.

No. 450165

Male directors came out to say he ignored both them and the actresses when told to stop being violent in non-violent vanilla porn shoots.. he'd assault them when the camera wasn't rolling too. He raped his gf when he was a man getting more action than 99 percent of the worlds population

I still remember watching this all come out on twitter at the time and male twitter profiles blasting all these actresses for 'jumping on the bandwagon'

Their careers suffered more than his and they knew that would happen

No. 450166

I didn't start puberty til about 14, but I wasn't mentally ready for (and luckily didn't have any) kinda sex stuff until I was 21

Puberty does not mean adult, ready, or interested. It's just pedophiles creating arbitrary boundaries for their pedophilia to try and normalize it

No. 450168

I don't know any girl who even used tampons in their first few years of menstruating cos anything going in there seemed fucking scary at age 11, I certainly wasn't a sexual being for at least a five more years

The average age of first menstruation is younger now than it was a few decades ago, it's estimated to carry on getting younger as kids are carrying more weight and that partly triggers the beginning of menses

No. 450170

Puberty should really be over before you're ready for full on sex, not just beginning

I was actually an adult before I ever masturbated, that was the pace I matured at without any grown man coaxing me along

No. 450176

I feel less alone anons, thank you. I'm 20, but never masturbated. I tried, because I felt pressured to do so, but that didn't last very long. I felt nothing; I'm not very interested. I'm still very romantic, but upon being in several relationships, I realized men were pornsick and didn't really care about me as a person. It was almost impossible to get emotionally close to any of them because I wouldn't put out. The worst part is, if I felt emotionally close, I know I eventually would because I gradually develop those "feelings" over time. I feel them for fictional characters, and for two of my closest guy friends. Both didn't feel the same way and preferred stereotypical stacies (they then complained had nothing in common with them). I KNOW I'd "like" someone, if they'd just be patient enough with me. It's infuriating.

As for men justifying the puberty, "fertile" thing. You're all right, it's just trying to rationalize pedophilia. Girls in Rome were forced to have children at young ages due to high infant mortality rates, some were recorded as young as 12. Their deaths were written by their husbands on their tombstones, "She died a modest wife trying to bare my children."

No. 450182

>What if you yourself are super skinny/fat? Then is it still highly problematic?
well do you care if a man actually likes you for you or because you fulfill his niche fetish?

No. 450183

>"She died a modest wife trying to bare my children."

Bear* as in to carry, anon. Baring children is what the pedos want.

No. 450221

Many many incels are just pedophiles angry that they're going to die without being able to hurt and abuse children. I think incels.co is monitored by I hope it shuts down for good very soon. Fact that open pedophiles are able to congregate, radicalize others, promote and encourage raping and murdering of little girls and women on the surface web that's easily accessible is such a failure.

No. 450231

that's why incels.co and the alikes should be on watchlists. not because the oh so oppressed angry virgins shouldn't have a platform, because they are turning out actual murderers, causing suicidal tendencies, violent tendencies towards women and children, all kinds of fucked up shit.

No. 450244

I got pubic hair and boobs when I was 8/9 and of course the other girls made fun of me every time we went swimming with school. I didn't even learn how babies really were made until over a year later. When I got my period for the first time, my brotger and I still went to the toilet together, thatvs how "innocent" I still was and at first I thought I'm going to die.

Boys have it so much easier, my sister is 14 and her male classmates still look like literal children, they can be carefree for so much longer than girls.

Our doctor back then told my mom that a huge reason for early puberty nowadays is because there are so many antibiotics in meat which causes our bodies to grow and fatten much faster.
That still doesn't explain though, why girls go through it ages before boys do.

Tbf men usually have zero idea at what age girls get their period. I remember that there was a thread on kiwifatms, something about a tranny, and then somebody unironically wrote that stuff about periods shouldn't even be taught to kids as young as just 13. It even got a few upvotes until somebody told him that most girls get it before that age. They're so sheltered, the biggest thing teenage boys need to worry about is shaving the 3 beard hairs they grow.

No. 450247

>preferring skinny women
>niche fetish
It's called having a type. This may shock you, but people can have a specific look they're attracted to, seek partners who fit it, and still love and care about their partner past how they look. It's really not that hard of a concept to grasp.
(Stop derailing.)

No. 450248

For so many of them it's not about "just wanting to be loved for once", they're just upset they don't get participate in something they deem other men can easily do or because they can't easily get somebody to abuse.

No. 450264

>Then is it still highly problematic?
even more because it means he cares more about his fetish than your health

No. 450273

True with being super fat, but you can be super thin without being unhealthy.
(This is OT, stop derailing)

No. 450278

Wouldn’t earlier puberty be because our bodies have to go significantly more changes before they are truly ready to not only conceive, but also carry and birth a child? Not to mention feeding.

No. 450286

depends on what you mean by super thin, usually a healthy BMI with an average amount of body fat is recommended for women, most women aren't able to be in the underweight BMI without starving themselves, being slightly underweight is fine however(OT, stop derailing)

No. 450287

How do you find a guy that's not into video games though? I totally agree with you but I always attract the vidya gamer guys who use shit like Reddit and watch anime and whatnot. Where is the best place to look for a guy in his 20s that isn't obsessed with games and internet culture?

No. 450294

I also had an early onset puberty, I started my period a week after my 9th birthday but I didn't tell anyone, not even my mom, about it (mom found out by accident like 4 months later) because I didn't want to be a 'woman' as there were so many kid things I haven't done and I didn't want to be treated differently. I don't even know where I got and internalised this message but I reckon I wasn't the only one and that's so depressing to think about. happy I didn't get toxic shock syndrome from going thru like 5 periods only using was of toilet paper as protection lol

No. 450295

I met my partner in college. From my anecdotal observations, that seems to be the best way to meet men.

>Tbf men usually have zero idea at what age girls get their period.
This might be legit for some guys whose only exposure is late blooming relatives if even that, but I don't buy it for the bulk of them. Most guys are definitely aware that periods typically start around middle school. Guys thinking it starts older than that are definitely a minority. Where I'm from, the AOC is 16 regardless of age of the older party and I still occasionally hear guys say it should be younger, using the fucked up period logic. It's absolutely sickening.

No. 450296

I want to watch this but piers morgan is one of the worst scrots going and I dont want to waste time on him.

No. 450298

Not the same forum but similar, listen to how they talk about women, its little wonder no one wants them.

No. 450300


You need to chill out. I wasn't talking about your average skinny girl or model-like girl. I was talking about the scary skinny, anorxic porn that some men fetishize. Girls like Ashley from pt/snow, Felice Fawn at her skinniest, etc. Have you seen some of the creepy, fetishistic comments men give them?

I think men who fetishize unhealthy, extreme women are a redflag. It shows me that they are actively seeking vulnerable people to degrade and that they don't get off to normal porn anymore because they've broken their minds. I think someone like this, who goes after a girl who is very skinny, is predatory.

The same goes for bbw porn. I'm not talking about "thicc" girls I'm talking about the unhealthy fetish shit, feeder fetishes etc.

No. 450320

I'm going to be out of college soon and I wasted 2 years on a shitty college boyfriend so I don't know if I agree. I think it depends on where you go to school.

No. 450332

the thing about super skinny girls in porn is that they aren't just skinny adult looking women like runway models, they are usually the petite and underdeveloped looking type, and it's obvious that the porn producers are trying to make them look underage/pubescent/prepubescent. like, lily aldridge and adriana lima are very skinny but they don't look underdeveloped, but you rarely see their type in porn.

No. 450341

File: 1566189857141.jpg (52.23 KB, 570x761, 26231280_10155542591759191_391…)

>but I feel like in certain ways men have actually become worse in their behavior

My gran and I talk about this a lot, actually. She absolutely agrees – while it's nice that women have more options now, are able to open bank accounts, have their own jobs, have more repoductive autonomy, have more support when fleeing family violence, etc etc etc, men have absolutely regressed; they have no respect, are pornsick (she recalled reading about condoms/safe sex with my granddad in a book at the library not long after they got married, which is on the opposite end of the spectrum from salivating over painal) and animalistic, are lazy, and expect women to do all the work and give nothing in return. At least back then men had to, at minimum, pretend to play the part of respectful, kind, family provider and protector (and it seems that on average, more of them did?). She expresses disgust? horror? at the rise of hookup culture, at how women have to put out and risk their bodies before any chance of a serious relationship.

Men seemed to have coped better back when society had more rigid expectations of them? Not to say that women's lib was a mistake, but it seems that now that we've fought for our rights men have sat back and gone 'ok then, you can have those rights, but I'm going to sit back and do fuck all and let you do absolutely everything' out of spite. Now that women have more autonomy out of the home men expect them to do everything there, too, on top of being the ones to do everything at home.

We need to figure out a way to put the fear of god back in men, so they straighten out their act, tbh.

No. 450389

File: 1566204319775.png (25.11 KB, 1049x176, 1507136876413.png)

the incel mod is a fucking necrophile. these people actually exist. safety isn't even guaranteed after you die. i hate everything about this universe

No. 450400

What in fresh hell is this?

I'd prefer my new corpse to be donated to living people who need organs or for scientific research (though I'm scared of it being used for worthless lives like his), not as a wank tool, thanks. Use a fleshlight ya' woman hatin' piece-o-shit. I bet he gets off to the thought of "disrespecting" a dead woman. If it was about sex, he'd hire a prostitute and not go through the trouble of trying to obtain a fucking body. How insane do you have to be? Jesus.

No. 450403

My grandad literally cannot believe that men make jokes about rape these days. In the presence of women too.

All my fictional husbandos are historical figures too lol.

No. 450413

>wants to fuck cold, rotting flesh
>"it has a lot of pros"

What does it have over fucking a living person? And if they're after a fucktoy, what does a corpse have over an actual fucktoy? WHat kind of mental gymnastics does it take to convince yourself that fucking corpses is the way to go? I want to throw up.

No. 450417

File: 1566215496897.jpg (69.41 KB, 564x888, 153332549892.jpg)


Oh anon, this post struck home. I didn't start menstruating nearly as early as you, if anything compared to most of the posters in this thread I started quite late (age 14), but I still remember this feeling of irreversible change I had the day I got my first one. I made myself memorise the date because either due to social programming or fledgling feminist leanings I considered it important, but not in a positive way at all. A mix between neutral and sad, I think. It felt like a loss of something, or just a fundamental, irreversible change, like now my body was going to be marked even more as "woman" and that this would affect how the world treated me in every interaction I had with it. I think I knew deep down that it would likely bring more difficulty and pain than joy.

Speaking of, there's an excellent speech in Fleabag (really good dark comedy series, I recommend you watch it if you haven't) where the main character is talking to an older, financially successful lesbian about how woman are born "with pain built in", as in how from when we're made we have all the parts for some of the most excruciating experiences in life - period cramps, endometriosis, childbirth etc. - just with us already, we don't get a choice about it, whereas men have to invent things like their religious guilt and wars to experience that. For us, it's all internal, and then just as we come to terms with a life spent in pain every 28 days the menopause happens to us and that's shit too. There's a lot of good monologues in Fleabag, and it really stuck with me anyway.

No. 450428

It's odd how a biological function can be so polarizing, isn't it? The troons are eaten up with jealousy and we just hate existing when in the throes of cramps. 14 is pretty late anon. I started at 13, but my periods were extremely irregular to the point that I only had one or two per year for years. It made me feel less womanly or like something was wrong with me, tbh. My gyno never did care when I brought up my concerns, but he was a male, so that explains that. Diagnosed me with amenorrhea, told me not to worry about it, and called it a day.

No. 450429

jeffrey dahmer was a gay necrophile serial killer and i've watched an interview of him. he said that he liked the feeling of having complete control over someone and not having to worry about their needs, what they think. it takes an actual psychopath to think like this. even if you have some weird power fantasy it's still a fucking corpse. a dead body. yeah, a corpse can't feel anything but it's still disgusting. no living person would want that to happen to them.

No. 450431

File: 1566218629100.jpg (415.33 KB, 1044x720, 20190819_053221.jpg)

>TLDR; guy sees a girl he likes working at a local Wendy's. Before working up the courage to ask her out, he proceeds to spend hours looking her up on Facebook. Finds her number and other personal info. Begins texting her hundreds of times from a burner phone number to which she never responds. He continues stalking her at her job, takes pictures of her and sends them. Finally approaches her in person to tell her he's the "admirer" then gets arrested and fined for assaulting her coworker and stalking. His fathers coddles him and pretty much says she must be one of those crazy feminazis if she isn't flattered by the ordeal. Stalker-chan concludes the story with the "it's not you, it's them" cliche to excuse his creepy ass behavior.

Duuuuude, what the fuck is wrong with these guys?? I can't even fathom being this mindboggling thickheaded.

No. 450436

This must be a troll… right?

No. 450437

I wonder how that incel would feel at the thought of a man using his dead body as a fleshlight… Dahmer used to slit open the bodies, pull out their intestines, wrap them around his dick to masturbate with them, he'd take polaroids of the cut open bodies in fancy poses too. Totally normal

No. 450455

File: 1566223073110.jpg (110.11 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

smh, how is this guy an incel?

No. 450461

Just to be clear incels are not ugly most of the time, as they're trying to portray themselves to be in an attempt to gain sympathy for being born ugly into a cruel world that's based around lookism. They are average or above average looking males with mental issues and terrible personalities, they chose the life they are living.
Armchairing but I think that a lot of incels suffer from BPD. They portray themselves as victims but it's actually the other way around, they are very dangerous individuals

No. 450474

File: 1566225768274.jpg (47.86 KB, 540x960, clifford.jpg)

No. 450477

Think you might be right that incels are males with BPD, it's under-diagnosed in men because they are thought to show symptoms differently and of course they don't seek out mental health services

Women with BPD can feel like victims when they are actually reading situations wrong, it's sensitivity and a problem with reading others intentions, that combined with low impulse control creates the tendency to lash out at others..

No. 450479

File: 1566226740593.jpg (1.46 MB, 1903x1470, 009854763283295723501.jpg)

take a look into his brain

No. 450489

I absolutely agree about the BPD. These guys are so shamelessly misogynistic to the point of celebrating when women are harmed or when one of them commits a terrorist attack, yet they still somehow see themselves as victims and don't understand why women don't want them. FFS the guy in >>450479 is literally confessing to rape, advocating FGM, saying he wouldn't be able to enjoy sex if the woman wasn't in pain, and yet still somehow doesn't think his personality has anything to do with why women don't want him. This kind of mindset is totally inline with BPD victim complex.

No. 450491

Why hasn't someone like this contributed to the legendary male suicide rate?

No. 450493

I mean, he's constantly drunk and high so it won't take too long. I've read some of his posts, he is living with his parents and they are paying for all his shit. He doesn't even leave the house without his mother. He said something like "I'd probably kill myself if I had to work".

No. 450496

he needs to find healthier ways to cope with being a incel.

No. 450505

He's 22, so hopefully they won't let him mooch off of them for long and make him get a job soon. Then hopefully he'll follow through on offing himself.

No. 450506

he needs to be locked up. he is a self admitted rapist, potential necrophile and frequently purchases drugs from the dark web, which is illegal in his country.

No. 450512

I'd rather that his drug use increases enough to go over the lethal dose. It's a shame pathetic types like that don't suicide quietly, they have to selfishly involve others for muh glorious revenge.

No. 450539

This is something I have observed but I don't know how to word it very well. Men have this weird obsessive standard when it comes to women that they're attracted to, be it a standard regarding personality or physical appearance. Let's say a guy likes goth girls, he'll drool over any kind of goth girl be it a fake goth girl or not he won't be able to tell the difference because it fits his standard. This is why girls that sell lewds have become so popular and have such large fanbases made out of men, they sexualize themselves but they also play the "nerdy animu fan uwu" card and most of them are not such big anime fans or even half as nerdy as they present themselves to be. This is why a lot of them like traps too because traps have similar interests to them since they're men at core, they don't like traps because they have dicks they like them because they're into the kawaii animu shtick. Men are so easy to meme.
Sage for spergy post

No. 450545

What a crazy fuck. He should seriously consider trooning out. 6 months on estrogen and he can live his life as a transbian in a harem polycule. What could go wrong?

No. 450546

the sad thing is this cumbrain is more likely to get into trouble for scratching cars than raping a drunk woman in turkey. i know my country, the reaction to this would be "but why did she get drunk around men?". car scratchers usually get beat up though.

No. 450548

Sadly, a lot of Turkish parents support their kids for a really long time if they can afford it and by the looks of it his parents can probably afford to give him a decent amount of money since he's affording drugs and all that. I keked at the fact that he's studying English in college, that shows he is obviously a brainlet since getting an English degree in Turkey is so fucking easy and only those that did not study well in school go for that degree since in Turkey it's like a social expectation that you go and get a degree, especially if you come from upper middle class. He's such a whiny little bitch and I'm 100% sure the men around him can't stand him either, his mom cared for him too much and now he became a spoiled psychopath.

I started thinking that when the incel "movement" or call it however you'd like started it was made of actual lonely, depressed, socially excluded guys with social anxiety and they probably didn't hate women too much, they just desired a relationship but felt excluded from society. As time went on the community got bigger and bigger and the ideology they follow ended up being extremely radical (wishing death on all women) and it also attracted men with different mental illnesses than just social anxiety or assburgers, men with hidden god complexes, men with BPD, men with NPD and now those that have minor problems like social anxiety or self esteem issues get sucked into the incel void and get memed into all the incel beliefs and ironically at the end of the day those that have minor issues will end up developing more and more psychological abnormalities from being involved in such a toxic community.

No. 450565

almost everyone in the incel community has severe npd. just because they are always bitching about their looks doesn't mean they are capable of self reflection, they are doing it because it's easier to blame women and features they can't change than blaming their own shitty personalities. someone like knajjd will never be able to look at himself and think "am i doing something wrong? am i the one at fault?", especially considering he has been spoiled by his parents for his entire life. he doesn't have any actual problems other than no one wanting his midget low-t ass. women around him can sense that he is a creep.

No. 450590

I do and I don't give a fuck. They think I'm fetishizing gay men? Good. Men should feel objectified too.

No. 450600

File: 1566241826861.jpeg (689.66 KB, 1242x1857, CCE1ADEA-2D7F-4EEE-9D39-44F8A1…)

This fucking creep basically posted his fucking dating profile on an ana site full of insecure girls. I replied I would never date an anorexic guy and he sounds like he has serious problems he needs to resolve and
HE ADDED ME AS A FRIEND. I feel so fucking violated right now. He sounds like a typical /r9k/ I’m a very nice guy uwu but i find it so creepy that I said I don’t want anything to do with anorexic guys and he adds me as a friend?!
(Note: friends can see when you’re online)

No. 450613

cool girl is hot cool girl is game

No. 450618

read through that guys posts, and really he sounds just like every other ~ana kween~ on mpa, just happens to have a dick. you just clutchin pearls over the fact that there is a man with anorexia in your anorexia space?

No. 450622

I agree with the other anon.
You're completely grasping at straws with the way this pathetic dude fetishizes anorexia while you're on a site dedicated to fetishizing anorexia. Who cares.

No. 450654

I'm currently watching a documentary about men who are looking for brides in the Ukraine and I'm getting pinkpilled all over again
Exhibit A:
>western european women are too emancipated and confident, they only want things, "luxury" (as he even tells his dates…), they're never willing to do the dirty work
>eastern european women are still more traditional - and they're confident (…?)
>one ex turned lesbian, the other cheated on him
>bald, but thinks he's attractive
>40 and chooses girls as young as 23
Exhibit B:
>has a 13-year-old son, let's him look at sexy pics of those women to help chose his new mommy
>is only 166cm, mentioned this 10 times already, totally not insecure
>thinks he doesn't need to dress up for dates
>claims it's for the child, yet mentions "pretty" as her first positive characteristic
>says his date looks haggard and older than in the pics, but spergs about how sexy her tiny feet are, immediately rejects her because of her looks
>both are too autistic to get a conversation at the arranged dates going, only last a couple minutes, forget the names of the women
>some of the brides claim to be teachers etc but pose in underwear, clearly not suspicious or weird, why won't western european women do the same?!

Can somebody explain to me how they manage to complain about western european women not wanting to dress up AND them wanting too much luxury in the same sentence? Which one is it huh?!

No. 450662

Men don't know what the fuck they want which is why their standards change on a dime.
The real insecure ones are afraid of women, imo, so they hone in on stupid shit. I'm sure most of them get a little ego boost for being the ones to reject these women over vapid things while they can carry on being bald, fat, short, saddled with kids, and otherwords undesirable.

Fortunately the big joke that they don't seem to be in on is that none of those women would bother with them if they weren't trying to get out of desperate circumstances. While I'm sad that women have to resort to this pandering, I'm glad most of them wind up getting rid of these creeps once they have everything in order for their new life in a new country.

No. 450688

Docu name? Thought I'd watched all of them. Gotta love when they're ugly as fuck and on top of that have the fucking NERVE to bring these beautiful young women to their shitty small, worn down apartments/houses.

No. 450704

No. 450716

have any of you noticed how men have this self hatred that they project on women? I remember watching that documentary Hot Girls Wanted, and one of the girls who became a porn star didn't tell her dad for a really long time but when she finally told him it turned out he already had known for a long time, and was mad at her for doing porn. the mom didn't tell him, so you have to wonder how he found out. in other words, he watches porn, but is mad at his daughter for doing porn. a lot of men would disown their daughters for doing porn but still masturbate to it, which is like eating meat but disowning your kid for working at a slaughter house. I also read this article once where I guy said he watched porn because he liked certain things in porn (didn't say what they were) but he would never want his wife to do them. it's like they're disgusted by themselves and their own desire but instead of being disgusted by themselves they blame the women. it reminds me of how in most religions if a man gets aroused by a woman it's the woman's fault.

men fucking sicken me (pun not intended)

No. 450770

Lol, thanks for posting this. I found the story on Twitter and some people in the comments were saying it's fake but never gave any proof or reason why.

No. 450855

Well that was a depressingly real read, Though it didn't mention the fact that sex can dry up when you're going through serious illness and of course a few months without sex while she undergoes chemo is just too much.. I've seen it happen

No. 450919

>5’2”, 92 lbs

No. 450922

>mfw I have anorexia and I weigh more than him

No. 450924

That's a good thing because the average woman can easily take his manlet ass down.

No. 450958

>Duuuuude, what the fuck is wrong with these guys??
>His fathers coddles him and pretty much says she must be one of those crazy feminazis if she isn't flattered by the ordeal.
That would be a huge part of the answer.

I've been to this guy's FB before and he's either real or the most elaborate troll I have ever seen. It's years worth of fucked up posts, including admitting to wanting his mom.

No. 451061

no way this person isn't an ftm

No. 451082

File: 1566332880592.jpg (48.13 KB, 626x348, 1428495958904.jpg)

Men are garbage. I have never in my life met a decent human being that is a man. I hope this is okay here since i felt vent and video game thread would be off, but i play red dead 2 online for some months now. Pretty much every single person i meet online is a man, even if they are playing a female character. It's really..exhausting. I got some random who knew a semi okay player to join my session and he kept making sexist jokes, so i called him out and he legit was like 'it's only a joke… just a joke' when i said why his jokes are all sexist things against women, he tried to gaslight me.

I'm so sick of men!! Men who tolerate sexist things that other men do are just as bad. they have NO IDEA what it's like to be a woman in a man's world. I love video games and gaming so much, but it's so frustrating when i want to make actual female friends and it's a sausage fest. i dropped so many players on red dead 2 because they're all shit men in the end who tolerate sexism because it doesnt affect them.

No. 451085

all that sympathy people waste on incels could be spent on the women who need it

No. 451092

gamers are bottom of the barrel

No. 451103

he looked like one to me too but then he opened his mouth.

No. 451104

No, anime watchers are.

No. 451131

they're both trash, but i dont watch anime. i only play games as a hobby/relaxing. I would love to meet more actual female gamers who arent twitch thot attention whores. It just sucks that men are unable to ever be decent and think telling shitty sexist jokes is ever okay

No. 451257

This fucking roach right here is more conventionally attractive than myself and all of my female relatives put together yet he considers himself "the ugliest incel"? Is he fucking serious?

No. 451263

File: 1566371489766.jpg (578.4 KB, 1000x1661, 10064801.jpg)

this retard is such a joke… he thinks he's not white

No. 451265

ah yes, a woman is dying and her body is going through something very intense but the poor mens cant get their dick wet so its okay to leave a sick dying woman you supposed to love

No. 451353

I lost my mother to secondary cancer, she had one breast for years because she never had a reconstruction done (in her 50's she didn't care to get one)

I told my ex that I had considered getting a preventative double mastectomy myself but I was tested for the BCRA? gene and didn't have it, he said he'd leave any woman that had a mastectomy.. this was a man in his 40's, a father etc..

No. 451434

I'm happy he's an ex and that you don't have the BRCA mutation!

No. 451467

He’s 5’2 and 92 lbs so by no means attractive for a man, but he’d make a cute girl lol

No. 451515

I genuinely wish cancer on any man who would leave a woman over a mastectomy.

No. 451519

He's extremely tiny to the point that would be a turn off for most women, but there are definitely a lot of girls who would be extremely into him. Some women are specifically into small men, but incels are hellbent on believing that all women require a minimum of 6'.

No. 451763

Had a crush on a few short dudes in my life and they were all assholes, except for one who was married. One of these short dudes even turned me down when I confessed to him (posted about him in >>450023). That's why I don't take incels seriously when they bitch about height. 99% of the time, short dudes are mean as fuck (as are most men, but at least they try to pretend to be tolerable in public). Napoleon complex is real.

No. 451788

bingo, I'm mommy dom as fuck and would love a short frail boy, too bad most of them are insane assholes who swear up and down no women like them, they're just so fucking focused on being a big bad douche bag and doesn't realize it just doesn't fit them

even small girlish women know if they're submissive they're more likely to attract men because it fits them, tall womanly women who are dominant because they know it fits them, men don't know what fits them and they don't even try

incels need to know their fucking place and it's on the leash

No. 451810

File: 1566429531845.jpeg (40.23 KB, 653x470, F3A91F95-8FDF-4F9A-B2C2-F395E9…)

Manlets are honestly their own worst enemy, they’re like chihuahuas

No. 451812


The last story is good.. But painful. Men hate women, especially pro life men who want to punish all pregnant women with pain.

No. 451841

please, dogs are loyal

No. 451880

Can't speak to them being mean since they were all nice enough, but boy I sure have been rejected by EVERY manlet I've hit on and it's been several. Meanwhile men taller than myself are interested, and it's not even looks since the manlets I chase are essentially mini versions of these men who do like me.

I can only conclude it's men making up the "women care about the man being taller!!1" and it's pure projection. They will only date shorter in reality to feel more masculine.

Overall I hate myself the most for continuing to chase this ideal. Neverending hell when it comes to dating men and I decided to make it worse.

No. 451883

>men don't know what fits them and they don't even try
Men don't want to "fit in." They have a power fantasy; they think all men should be in control of something, whether it be as vast as politics, or a single woman. I'm sure in some regard, being a short man breaks some of the illusion of being in control, especially if you're smaller than a woman. Men have been coddled their whole lives as the "sex that knows best" and their physicality, more robust or "larger" than women, is some representation of that. They probably feel emasculated because they don't live up to this need to appear in control in EVERY single aspect (textbook narcissism 101).

I'm pretty sure the reason the shorter guys I had a thing for weren't into me (and incels into femcels in general), is because they don't actually want a woman. They want to feel desired by higher tier (Stacy) women, because it boosts their ego and status as a masculine male. They don't want companionship; I fell for the meme.

>incels need to know their fucking place and it's on the leash

That's too good for them. They either need to get therapy and try to improve themselves, or get strapped to an electric chair. We all know a good portion of them go off the deep end and either torment women in small ways, humble bragging on the redpill, or they straight up try to shoot down a building.

…and affectionate!

No. 451884

Really similar experience–got it at 14, felt like I was on an ice floe floating away. If I can put it to better words now, with the distance of time, I think I was feeling the pain of knowing that, whether I liked it or not, I was just this fuckhole doll now to so many men in the world, and that there was nothing I could do to persuade them into treating me with respect. And that this was the dominant attitude in the world, and that no one seemed freaked out about it. It felt like having to surrender.

No. 451906

just comes to show how dumb and how much of a hivemind men are
isn't it funny how ALL men want to be dominant, you'll rarely ever find submissive or vanilla men or if you do they're quiet and insecure

go to a group of women you'll find switches, vanilla, dommes, subs, etc, go to a group of men 90% of them will be Doms, 9% will be vanilla, and 1% will be switch if you're lucky, they all have the same hobbies too, ever met a man who wasn't into video games? yeah, and god forbid you ever point this out or else you're an evil bitter old broad, meanwhile men make fun of women for liking makeup, reading, food, exercise, etc and NOBODY ever threatens men with lonliness if they have an issue with harmless hobbies women have

No. 451909

File: 1566446136572.jpg (88.39 KB, 640x946, knrqj51cetg31.jpg)

Men: Asian girls are better than American girls because they're having more babies. Women need to be traditional. So many western women have made themselves infertile by taking the birth control kool aid and making themselves fat, ugly and lesbians.Western women need to focus on having babies and not careers.

These same men:All women have kids no exceptions MGTOW

No. 451919

That's probably a shitpost. Turks are known for pretending to be black on the internet, see that kara boga shit on /int/. Maybe it was a reference to that meme or something. I wouldn't take it at face value.

No. 451920

Sorry if im doing this wrong i have never posted on lolcow. i found this board tonight and i feel vindicated as fuck. I was groomed by a daddy dom on tumblr when i was 17, he was 43 and had 3 daughters under the age of 14 and was married, we ended up meeting a week after i turned 18 to have sex and then and we had a "relationship" for a year where we saw each other like 3 times (long distance abt. 2 hours apart) Idk what to do about it now that i'm an adult and i know he has young girls in his house. I want to fuck up his life so bad but I'm too scared. what do

No. 451930

Tell his wife. You have nothing to lose. And it’s not good for his daughters to be around a pedophile obviously

No. 451942

Wreck his shit anon, let his wife know

but first make sure you are safe and that he can't hurt you.

No. 451951

that posts sounds like larping but he does unironically call himself ethnic even though he's clearly very white passing. makes me think if some of his extreme posts are also larping and he's just trying to cope and be edgy.

No. 452014

File: 1566464419212.gif (485.28 KB, 366x232, lmao2.gif)

>mfw men jerks their dicks off too hard to the point where they aren't able to enjoy sex with women
>mfw this is where all the "vibrators have broke womens vaginas" paranoia came from
>mfw touching a dick too much actually ruins it unlike all the touching vaginas too much ruins them myths
>mfw most of these men are out there blaming women for being loose and them not being able to get off when their dick is just cumbrained

avoid pornsick men like the plague ladies

No. 452017

I want all these men to go live on an island and just fuck each other and make porn with each other. Submissive males are welcome to stay on a case by case basis.

No. 452021

I almost scheduled a work trip (dont really need to take it and anyways I hate traveling) half way across the planet partially because of a scrot and in the last min he says he might not be able to come see me (trip is to Berlin, he lives in Hamburg) because he doesn't know what his work schedule will be. This is the guy who spend the last 4 months telling me repeated how important our meeting together was to him, how I am the most beautiful woman he has ever seen, how much he thinks about me ect. We met one time 3 years ago. My interest is basically only sexual because he is basically my dream skinny model bishonen hookup but fuck I don't want go all the way to germany and be ghosted or some weird awkward one day of hanging out before he needs to go back to hamburg. I have no idea if anything he even says is sincere or a product of an completely unstable personality ( we are in the same industry and other people have told me they had weird experiences with him, work wise, where he seemed really into working together and then just ghosted). Should I just stop talking to him and go on this trip and try to make the best of it, or just cancel in general? I have so much shit I need to do right now I can do at home without going anywhere.

No. 452023

one of you has to ghost first, if you do it you get the power

No. 452039

If the trip is paid for, you should go. Berlin has become a joke to live in, but it's a great place to visit. Don't worry about what he's doing and go enjoy yourself.

No. 452042

Between prone masturbation, "death grip", and porn, they've found a lot of ways to desensitize their dicks.

If you're a woman who has sex with men, you ever notice how 3 out of 5 guys claim to have "anxiety"-related erectile dysfunction these days? It's not anxiety. That's a cope. It's one of the above 3 things (usually porn). They try to push the idea that it's normal to struggle to get an erection at 25, that it's normal not to be able to orgasm during intercourse, that it's normal to need to watch porn during sex, because it would wound their egos to admit they've broken themselves with porn.

The reality is that a healthy man only fails to get an erection when he's tired, stressed, or sick (or has another medical cause for the issue, like being on antidepressants). Men of the current generation are trying to brand normal sexual function as a superhuman impossibility, and sexual dysfunction in men as the "new normal".

No. 452043

I used to use vibrators to a point where I felt a little desensitised, switched back to manual stim and personally find orgasms more fulfilling that way, guys with their porn though.. they fall down the rabbit hole of getting off to more and more 'extreme' forms of porn and eventually can't even manage an erection without seeing a woman tied up with a bucket sized dildo up her ass while they death grip their dick to life

No. 452071

No wonder so many women are becoming lesbians, men can't stay hard during actual sex, they act very unappreciative and ungrateful, they're nitpicky and entitled which could be a cunt dryer, most men don't even bother doing anything to please women either, they refuse to workout, eat healthy, or have proper hygiene, remind me again why women are still fucking men?

No. 452074

I had a pretty unexperienced fuck buddy a few years ago, he'd only fucked one time before we met. He had a couple of 'performance anxiety' moments where he went soft and one of those times he had the nerve to say it was because my hair was short.. which reminded him of a guy..I have a small frame, large chest and he was in my vag so.. come on buddy try a different excuse

No. 452077

I've had a couple guys who just couldn't stay hard while using a condom, even the thinnest of condoms and with all the visual stimulation that a guy could need..

The shock on their face when you tell them you're not willing to have raw sex and that their floppy dick is their problem not mine

No. 452080

I don't know about that. My bf could not remain hard with a condom for even a minute, but he can stay hard for hours without one. I literally started taking the pill for that reason, but I don't really regret it, since I know condoms are not 100% safe and I haven't had any serious side effects. But yeah, not being able to stay hard with a condom doesn't mean they have an erectile issue.

No. 452113

So for the rest of his life all his girlfriends will have to take the pill for him or sex will be impossible, that's honestly pathetic, girl that is not normal

No. 452118

We actually intend to be engaged in a year or two, so there will no future girlfriends. We were also both virgins when we got together so it's not like he had anyone before. I don't see where you come from calling him pathetic.

No. 452120

I really hope more young girls grow up realizing that you don’t need male attention. I hope they grow up realizing women can be kinder and I hope lesbian relationships become as common as gay males are.

Right now it’s not comparable. On “wlw” tinder there is like a handful of women actually seeking other women, the majority is pickmes with their scrotes. Meanwhile gay men have a whole app built around them.

I meet gay men everywhere. At college I met SO many. One lesbian. At work we have 5 gay men (company of 80) no lesbians even though the gendersplit is even.

I feel like women are socialized to pander to guys from an early age, so to teen girls the thought of being a lesbian isn’t socially expedient and thus is cast aside. That mentality and compulsory heterosexuality follows them through the rest of their lives.

Gay men are idolized in society and pop culture while lesbians are othered. I really want more women to become comfortable entering relationships with women. Even the majority of bi women don’t actually date women!

No. 452121

Guys have a preference for sex without condoms but god, condoms wouldn't exist if it was normal for them to do that so consistently

I would very much class him as having erectile issues

No. 452122

How does he have erectile issues if he can stay hard for hours at a time during sex? Condom sex is not natural, it's what we do to avoid STDs and pregnancies.

No. 452123

I listened to this podcast recently about incels and had no idea the movement was actually started by a woman. She quickly got away from it when she saw what was happening but for those interested, it’s a pretty good listen: https://gimletmedia.com/shows/reply-all/76h59o

No. 452124

'condom sex is not natural'

'We actually intend to be engaged in a year or two, so there will no future girlfriends'

Usually don't find this level of naivety on this particular thread ..

No. 452126

I think a good deal of lesbians repress their true sexuality from a young age, go along with what's expected of them.. then by 30 we're sick to death of dating men

No. 452127

I hope that before making serious lifelong decisions you snoop through his phone and computer as best as you can. Including cached data in case he goes incognito to do more illicit things, and myactivity.google if he has a google account.

No. 452129

Anon, it isn't though. Also are you suggesting I am naive for wanting to form a companionship with a man? I get bitterness but this is ridiculous.

I don't think there is something he has to hide from me, we are really open with each other. He is very loyal and caring. He is a submissive guy, I am the dom in the relationship. If I want to see his PC I can just ask him for it and he will let, I just never saw the need? I know what he likes and it's nothing I find an issue with.

No. 452133

I sense a full on porn habit or something else hidden if a virgin couldn't stay hard cos of a condom

Also.. "intending to be engaged" so we'll totally be together forever, yikes

No. 452134

File: 1566483000331.png (56.14 KB, 1251x252, truth.png)

Just saw this on DL

No. 452140

I've had 'companionship' for 20 years before you go derailing with assumptions anon. I see some really naive statements, the same things plenty of women come out with during their first serious relationship etc, That's not an attack

My opinion is it's not normal for condoms to kill boners completely. They wouldn't exist and be widely used if that was so

No. 452143

I'd love to know what percentage of incels are adult men still being housed by their parents, a high percentage

No. 452145

Okay dom/sub dynamics make it even worse. I would check his devices in case. Just trust me on this you don’t want to be shocked when you’re already married to him. Find out who he is now before you get married.

No. 452149

I have to live with a pornsick ex military scrote and it fucking sucks. Occasionally his porn history pops up in the browser I use on the main computer and I see him viewing tranny porn, gay porn, porn involving sleeping women, prostitution porn, teen porn, and porn with so called exotic women. I would find his pornsick bisexuality hilarious if he didnt act like a complete creep with me and do shit like try to watch me naked in the shower when we were alone in the house together one time.

No. 452151

Yes anon, we intend to be together forever, I am not sure why wanting this is a bad thing? he's not some rando, he's the man that completes me and I am the woman that completes him. We will never find anyone else like that and we know it.

he does watch porn, as do I, but not in an addictive way. And as I said, he can remain hard for hours and recover in minutes after ejaculating, he just can't function with condoms.

My apologies if I came as aggressive. I am not saying it's normal, I know most men function fine with them, I am saying it doesn't mean the man has an issue performing in sex if he can't deal with condoms. It could just be like mine, a condom issue, not a penis issue.

Anon come on… I have lived with this man for 2 years, I know who he is. As I said, I can look into his devices if i want because he will let me, I just don't want to. I trust him.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 452155

>Being anywhere near military men
Big nono, same with police. The percentage of fucked up men in these departments is way too high.

No. 452160

This is a live feed of porn searches being made right at this moment. Stay more than 30 seconds and I guarantee you will see something relating to violence and torture.


No. 452161

I would bet money on that he has a girlfriend or recently started hooking up with someone he cares about more than you.

My recommendation is both of these:
Ghost him and visit Berlin anyway.

No. 452163

Jesus christ.

No. 452164

I saw prolapse.. teen pooping.. boy and grandma… tattoo bdsm.. pov death, asian torture soldier, donkey punch, very bloody

lmao wow

No. 452166

Shit like that makes me feel normal.

No. 452173

Internet porn is the latest Pandora's box. To think we've only just experienced its initial impact and its already caused so much damage. It will only get worse.

No. 452174

It might be just my experience, but most girls I met claiming to be lesbians (not even bisexual) were just "afraid of dick". They "magically" discovered sex with a scrote and never went back. Other ones are so much into yaoi and roleplay they think they are gay mem and fuck up their bodies and their lives because they brainwashed themselves into believing it is better for two TiMs to be together rather being happily , openly lesbians.
It upsets me so much and I can't understand why this happens and wish they would stop staining lesbians' reputation by claiming themselves such. And I wish actual lesbians would stop memeing themselves into going troon.

No. 452176

I lived with a man for two years and didn’t bother checking his devices. One day I was using the computer and he forgot to close the browser, had whatsapp for computers open and had been messaging a lot of girls and sexting them. I didn’t suspect anything either. You would be surprised how many variations of this story I’ve heard.

These days it’s easier for scrotes to hide it. Download tinder, play around, add the girls on an off-site app, delete or lock apps when your gf isn’t looking. Stay woke. He has no allegiance to you, just make sure your own bases are covered.

No. 452177

>Yes anon, we intend to be together forever
>he's not some rando
>I have lived with this man for 2 years, I know who he is

Anon, my parents dated for six years, lived with each other for 3. Shortly after they married, my mother told me my dad revealed his true cards and turned out to be an abuser. She told me he didn't reveal any violent tendencies when they were first together; emotional red flags, yes, but nothing extreme as he turned out to be.

>he can remain hard for hours

I hope that's not consecutive, see a doctor if so.

>he does watch porn, as do I, but not in an addictive way

I personally would avoid porn altogether as a pinkpiller because the industry traffics women, and most porn lacks intimacy and can be an early indicator of what is to come later in your relationship. It might seem fine now, but just be a little weary, for your own sake.

No. 452184

I do get what you are saying anon, I really do, it's not like I haven't heard the stories myself. But he is not like that. He is the one who is more infatuated with me if anything. He even turned down an opportunity for a threesome with a friend of mine from uni (I'm bi) because he feared it would affect our relationship. He really is not a scumbag. I know you are trying to help me, but he really is one of the good ones.

Please see the above post, I know these things can happen. But we have been through a lot of things and he has never, not once given me one reason to worry. I would be betraying myself and him if I didn't trust him now. Also, it's not continuous no, it's not like we do penetrative sex for hours, we do other things in between, we just have pretty long sessions.

Don't worry about the porn, we don't watch the fucked up porn that victimizes women, we only watch femdom stuff and not the ones that only cater to the male. We watch what I pick, which is mostly stuff I enjoy watching and he is happy to watch them since I picked them. I know you all are trying to help, but he is a good and obedient bf, he would never turn on me.

No. 452217


I turned it off the moment I saw a search for "Dog pee"

No. 452221

This, 100% of men cheat. The only way to avoid this is obtaining a disabled male (blind or wheelchair bound), although even that isn't a guarantee.

No. 452222

Same but mine was "autopsies of raped women", I don't think I need to see more thanks.

No. 452226

I have a history of cheating on my current partner (its been years I'm 100% faithful now) so even if I did find evidence of cheating it'd be like I deserved it anyhow

No. 452229

This all sounds eerily similar to my first relationship, he was sub too. We were together from 19 and got married after a few years of living together. Three years into the marriage he left one day and literally never explained why. Went from worshipping me and being perfect to being a coward and never offering answers. A decade has passed and I still don't know why a switch in his brain just flipped

It's not that people here are being bitter but it gives you more realistic expectations when women share these stories. I wish an older friend had maybe warned me cos I'm older now and again after years of living with a guy and having no issues the switch flipped overnight.. it's a not so romantic reality. This time the guy had a new gf lined up so at least I got answers

No. 452232

even when I used to watch porn at worst it was pee related I couldn't do the really gross gape or bloody shit that's just vile

No. 452233


No I would have to pay out of pocket for this trip, but I don't think (for a variety of reasons) that he has any kind of girlfriend or even ongoing sexual relationship.

No. 452239

Okay? That's on you though, men cheat on faithful women all the time.
Smells like male bait to get us all to agree with their sentiment of "um all women cheat anyways according to my need for an excuse so yeah I can go fuck 100 other women!"

Anyway the best way to treat relations with men will always be as if they are just another pet. They will never be emotional equals or truly love you and may run away at some point. Don't get too invested.

No. 452240

You can't be serious.

That's not a healthy mindeset anon.

I see what you mean anon. I know that chance exists, but what else can I do than put my trust in him? I would not be able to live a sane life if I always doubted him, I would eventually lose it.

No. 452241

Okay? That's on you though, men cheat on faithful women all the time.
Smells like male bait to get us all to agree with their sentiment of "um all women cheat anyways according to my need for an excuse so yeah I can go fuck 100 other women!"

Anyway the best way to treat relations with men will always be as if they are just another pet. They will never be emotional equals or truly love you and may run away at some point. Don't get too invested.

No. 452242

You can't be serious.

That's not a healthy mindeset anon.

I see what you mean anon. I know that chance exists, but what else can I do than put my trust in him? I would not be able to live a sane life if I always doubted him, I would eventually lose it.

No. 452243

My ex would download messaging apps, text his new girl while at work and delete the app on his way home. He went on weekends away with his 12 year old son and conducted his affair in front of the son.. he left me for the new gf but still initiated sex with me regularly in the last few weeks of our lease when he was meant to be with her

Every now and then he sends me random gifts, probably cos he's afraid I'll seek out the new girl on fb and tell her

No. 452246

Men who are submissive cheat as much as dominant men, if not moreso.

I don’t want to sound like a sperg but the submissive men I’ve seen come across as attention whores and clingy. What happens when you don’t give them enough attention or live up to their expectations of flattery, praise and good feelings…? They cheat. What happens when the honeymoon period is over and they desperately want something more extreme to satisfy their pornsick brain? They cheat. What happens when you show any sign of weakness which puts them off because they see you as nothing more than a vessel to live out their porn fantasies? They cheat!

No. 452247


Mine was "daughter blowjob" followed directly by "with real father"
Barf. Exterminate men.

No. 452248

You can't be serious anon..it sounds more like you're denying women can cheat rather than me excusing men cheating. Maybe I'm just going to leave this conversation about men all being cheaters because my real lived experiences tell a different story. Women have more to be afraid of then cheating.

No. 452250

Anon you seem to confuse subs for bottoms. Bottoms are exactly how you describe, subs are not. A lot of bottoms advertise themselves as subs so I get the confusion, I myself had to deal with a bottom in a previous relationship, so I know what they are like. My bf is an actual sub though, he is nothing like that and no way is he going to do any of these things.

No. 452252

Never say never. People have a stunning ability to masquerade

No. 452254

Ok ok, I am almost certain, better? If shit happens I will be here bitching in a few years don't worry.

No. 452258

Accepting that affairs happen, people walk unexpectedly and engagements end is just reality. I got over my second 'sudden loss' a whole lot quicker cos I wasn't as sheltered at that point in life

You sound just like me when I was with the first guy, it was ridiculous how much my world collapsed when that ended and he couldn't even answer why

No. 452259

I try to follow healthy human dynamics so I don’t know the difference. A sub can still cheat though. Any man can cheat. I’m the anon that contacts girls whose boyfriends I find on tinder. You won’t believe some of the women that get cheated on.

All I’m saying is: just keep an eye open. Just be careful and it doesn’t hurt to check his phone once in a while. Don’t tell him you don’t trust him, but keep a watchful eye because it could happen to you. You’d much rather be packing your bags at 22 than at 32, trust me.

No. 452264

Had a sub cheat on me. We were married and he was was in a fucking chastity device 90percent of the time. I was into everything that he liked sexually so we were seemingly a perfect sexual match. He cheated on me with a vanilla girl

No. 452267

I really appreciate the fact that you are trying to warn me anon and I will take your words to heart, but what can I say, I am really hopefull about the whole thing. I know shit can happen, but what's the point of thinking about it?

Hey, we are pretty healthy. Also yeah I know everyone can, but I still think that subs are the least likely. In any case, thanks for the warning, I will try to keep a part of my mind ready for the worse, but as I answered to the above poster, I really don't see the point of worrying about it. If it happens, it happens.

Jesus that's revolting. How the fuck does that even happen?

No. 452270

Nowadays I don't know any guy who wants to marry the first woman he's ever fucked and stay faithful forever without ever experiencing another pussy.. hell even as a woman I never wanted one dick to be my only experience

No. 452271

then don't get into relationships they're really not worth having if you're always expecting them to cheat

No. 452272

I don't know how long you two are together but around the five year mark is when guys have cheated on me, even when our own sex life was still quite active?

No. 452273

It's been two years. It feels a lot longer though if you know what I mean? Like we've been together for a decade or something. I really doubt he would cheat on me (I won't say never now after what other anons said), our sexual life is perfect for both of us, where is he going to get better?

No. 452275

What? I never said I expect to be cheated on. I screwed around while young, similar to my partner, got it out of my system

No. 452278

don't worry about cheating so much its really not the worst thing that can happen to a woman and not exclusively a male thing either

No. 452280

File: 1566491498379.jpg (320.44 KB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20190822-183034__01…)

It took me only to count of ten. Sick.

No. 452281

I think its fine to give relationships a try because as much as this is a man hate thread not all men are that terrible

No. 452282

I really don't, I believe in him. Also I don't intend to cheat, so what other women do is pretty irrelevant to me lol.

No. 452283

Anon good on you for your service. My ex cheated on his current partner with me, they are all loved up and I can't tell her because the guy knows my address and I saw his vindictive side once we split, we need more women like you

No. 452290

I wish someone had explained the statistical likelihood of my marriage ending back when I chose to marry at 22, we we had only been dating three-ish years and were still in the honeymoon phase

I mean at that age my brain was still developing, he moved back in with his parents one day to live like a teen again, no cheating but people change their minds. He left me with all the bills and became unreachable

No. 452296

Even non-violent anal porn annoys me now that I see the amount of guys who think anal is infinitely more desirable than vaginal sex..

No. 452298

I feel like its a form of self-harm to look at stuff like this, don't rile yourself up too much

No. 452299

Femdom anal is pretty fun. Seeing them getting a taste of their own medicine and squirming legit makes me laugh.

No. 452301

My ex was obsessed with both giving and receiving anal, would never deal with that shit again irl

No. 452304

Found a scene lately where a guy seems really overwhelmed by it and it's a rare scene that I can actually enjoy

No. 452305


My snooping suggestion isn’t only about cheating. You could find worse things while snooping so I highly recommend it either way. Cheating isn’t the only thing to worry about.

No. 452307

These are the best, when it's obvious it's not for their pleasure. Is it against the rules to ask for a share?

I doubt he is into anything illegal anon.

No. 452308

All I’m saying is you never know what gems you can find. I don’t know a single woman who hasn’t been surprised by her partner’s internet usage.

One of the funniest stories I’ve heard is when a friend of mine found her bf on Reddit/r/relationships complaining she had gained weight. Other people find out their partners are into different kinks they originally thought. No one is 100% honest with their partner at 22. It wouldn’t hurt to just check so you’re not getting fucked over.

No. 452309

>worse things
This. A (verified) girl on reddit found CP on her boyfriend's phone.

No. 452310

Has been checking incel communities for a few days out of curiosity and I already feel like my mind is getting rotten. I knew it was going to be bad but I didn't expect it to be that bad. I can't believe these people actually exist. The worst I can think of are the fact that you have multiple incels who have no problem with pedophilia, they want to find the youngest girl possible because they think all women start to fuck dozens of Chads right after puberty. How delusional and disgusting can you be? I hope these pedophiles make their "ropefuel" posts come true.
They are also extremely racist, no wonder they get brushed off as a white supremacist orgy when they are constantly shitting on non-white people.
They unironically post real violent crimes against women as something to celebrate. They always praise Elliot Rodger as some kind of hero.
Some people say they are on the Us gov's watchlist and I hope it's true. It's not some place for antisocial loners to have a community, it's just glorified sexism brushed off as "boo hoo we are so oppressed".

No. 452312

It’s funny to me when women can’t believe their partners are like this.
Even if he’s a “good guy” or whatever, where is the harm in checking? You’re putting yourself at risk being in a relationship… why not check? Nothing is gonna happen if you check. it just sounds like pointless bragging.

No. 452315

Many incels are non-white. They just like to meme about race "black pills".

No. 452319

I hear you anon, but I still respect his privacy too much to do it. Maybe if he gives me a sign or two that something is wrong.

No. 452320

It's funny when women think they have the one bf who is perfect and will never cheat, I mean we all put on different faces depending on whose company we are in. You're going to put on your 'faithful' face around your partner. People keep all sorts of kinks to themselves even when they share others with you

A whole lot of secretly bi men out there too, which is fine except they sneak around on grindr and talk about their wife in their bio

No. 452325

File: 1566494586751.png (515.03 KB, 4768x1620, d9CgbWT.png)

most of them are white though, this is from the incels.me survey. i know its partially a jok