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File: 1654311622593.png (233.01 KB, 372x389, jesse arlo.png)

No. 1548521

Jesse Sullivan is a 31-year-old ftm trans influencer who peer pressured her daughter/cash cow into trooning out too and has now become viral on TikTok. When she isn't being the trans equivalent of a munchie mom, she is taking her underage daughter to Coachella, or going through messy breakups.

>Jesse started testosterone and came out as transgender 2 years ago; up until that point was an openly lesbian influencer

>Jesse got pregnant as a teenager and currently has a 13 year old daughter named Arlo
>She treats her daughter more like a best friend than a child; all of their posts are just the two of them hanging out like friends and neither Arlo nor Jesse seem to have any age-appropriate friendships. Jesse took Arlo to Coachella and drinks with her
>Jesse brags about how her high school boyfriend/baby daddy was still trying to get back together with her until she transitioned
>in 2016 Jesse was in a relationship with this woman Teela, they were planning for a baby and everything then they broke up and a couple years later Jesse came out as trans
>Jesse and Teela raised Arlo really heavily into lgbt politics and were "queer mommy influencers"; according to Jesse, Arlo was identifying as genderfluid at age 7
>recently under the influence of her "trans dad", Arlo has trooned out and is now nonbinary and transmasculine. Jesse is planning to start Arlo on hormones and they talk abt getting top surgery together
>they blew up on TikTok for the gimmick of being a "trans dad with a trans son", regularly pull in 1m+ views per video. they shit out tens of TikToks per week that are all about trans related topics, "trans family topics," "transition goals for me and my kid"
>general cow-worthy presence with constant TikToks, Jesse's cringe "hello fellow kids" thing with her daughter and trying to appeal to teenagers on Tiktok, and the fact she is insanely egotistical and thinks her online activism is "changing the world" in her words
>Jesse and Arlo have gotten some mainstream media attention, including magazine interviews/covers and Jesse is in the documentary "My Transparent Life". She is now launching an acting career and was in a few indie movies and short films
>Jesse is currently in a relationship with Francesca Farago, who was a model on Too Hot To Handle


No. 1548523

File: 1654311694590.png (769.51 KB, 1080x1080, jesseteela.png)

jesse & teela from when they were lesbian influencers

No. 1548524

Already so many blazing red cow flags. This is gonna be interesting

No. 1548525

File: 1654311778617.png (598.13 KB, 1014x887, arlo1.png)

arlo at age 7/8 when they tried to make her a queer kid icon

No. 1548529

File: 1654311941553.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1170x2003, 62D14795-2F0C-4909-8742-8B5ABF…)

So is this supposed to be her daughter? It also looks like she edited one of her childhood photos to make it seem as if she’s cis…that makes you look proud

No. 1548532

more like pedobait. urgh I feel sorry for the kid, then and now!

No. 1548537

File: 1654312200913.jpeg (1.41 MB, 1170x1685, E7CC6A6E-7896-4A0C-B139-4A21D2…)

“Arlo’s” old instagram account

No. 1548538

File: 1654312206331.png (651.1 KB, 931x944, ew.png)

even worse, it feels like she basically encourages random people on tiktok to thirst over her daughter and makes it into a joke. she's vicariously living her youth through arlo and making a ton of money off of it, it's such a weird situation

No. 1548541

So fucking predatory and disgusting but I wouldn’t expect anything less from some crusty dried up attention seeking troon kek

No. 1548543

Fucking vile. To think she’s profiting from all of this makes it even worse.

No. 1548547

File: 1654312651249.png (879.31 KB, 1476x930, euphoria.png)

watching euphoria with all its gratuitous trans sex scenes with your 13 year old is so weird. i get major pedo vibes from this bitch
btw i'm retarded and need to figure out how to embed tiktoks here but i'll upload some of the milky ones soon? unless someone else wants to do it

No. 1548551

File: 1654312840290.png (1.44 MB, 1296x897, coachella.png)


No. 1548554

“Nah we’re able to remember its art not real” I mean yeah Euphoria is a television show so it is simulated for the cameras but it’s contents are based in a very real reality…

No. 1548556

Posing with fucking Nikita Dragon kek what a nightmare

No. 1548565

how is that different from watching like a war movie with a parent? I remember being mortified when sudden sex scenes or nudity or whatever would happen when watching things with my parents, but I dunno, I'm not terribly troubled. I think it's better for a parent to watch shows like Euphoria with their kids than just leave them to it. My mom used to always check out the shows we were into and sometimes she'd get into them HEAVY (this includes teen soaps like Popular and Dawson's Creek)

No. 1548567

In my opinion if you’re watching like Full Metal Jacket with your mom or dad, that’s one thing compared to watching teenagers have sex, deal drugs, get abortions, and be intoxicated 24/7 in a somewhat glamorization of it. For some reason in my mind teenagers being glamorized feels a little bit more unnecessary than adult men or adult women being glamorized but we’re also all used to different things so I don’t expect anyone to feel the exact same as myself.

No. 1548579

It's innapropriate content I fail to see why a 13 year old needs to be watching a show about drugs, rape, full on sex scenes..

No. 1548581

So this mother has been pimping out this girl since she was this tiny and suddenly found a way to make her get more views by making her troon out. Sad stuff
She was super adorable

No. 1548583

This little girl never had a fucking chance. I’m interested in this thread.

No. 1548584

I watched Trainspotting with my parents when I was about 13. Then again, nothing glamorous about that.

No. 1548616

I’ll never be able to understand how these alphabet soup ass troon parents can force their growing children who haven’t even finished puberty into a box of trannyism, where she’ll have no choice but to consume a bunch of pharmaceutical drugs for the rest of her life. Is she that disappointed that she gave birth to a girl?

No. 1548628

Sorry to blog, but these people are eerily similar to a family I knew as a kid—super in your face ~queer~ parents, edgy and age-inappropriate media consumption, the oldest daughter and step-mom are now ftm and the younger daughter isn't far behind. Weird stuff

No. 1548631

Dude poor Arlo, I remember thinking she didn’t stand a chance when she was REALLY young,
I’m sad so much time has passed and she just lives in utter chaos.

No. 1548635

File: 1654324245482.png (2.12 MB, 1242x2208, 4B087F99-80F2-4F14-AA23-2F8732…)


No. 1548686

Carry Slee created a whole series of books and movies about warning teenagers about loverboys (Romeo pimps who coerce girls into prostitution), drugs, eating disorders, rape, suicide and bullying etc. The school would even take the entire class to the cinema to watch these movies. Sheltering teenagers too much only makes them unprepared when they end up in iffy situations.

No. 1548694

File: 1654333915324.webm (791.63 KB, 576x1024, They’re low key flattered.webm)

Title courtesy of Jesse.

No. 1548696

File: 1654334162312.webm (1.43 MB, 576x1024, This is a true story #trans #l…)

Here you go, Nona. I’m sure we have no problem helping you while you learn to archive. Meanwhile, let us know which ones you’d like preserved. I’ve uploaded the two that have been mentioned in the thread so far.

No. 1548698

Context matters, no? I’m sure the way they’re consuming Euphoria et al isn’t as a cautionary tale.

No. 1548702

Sure, but anon didn't say that, she blanketly said
>I fail to see why a 13 year old needs to be watching a show about drugs, rape, full on sex scenes..

No. 1548708

Shit, I remember her from when she was going out with Isaiah Silva, Frances Cobain's ex husband. I saw a picture of her pregnant with Arlo and she had long blonde hair and was very feminine. Wow, didn't know she'd trooned out.

No. 1548713

File: 1654337500526.jpg (19.2 KB, 651x144, js.JPG)

Throwing in her old ask.fm account. Fuck, it's so sad to see how her daughter turned out. At one point she was definitely pushing her towards modelling.

>her own person


No. 1548716

File: 1654337693106.jpg (19.36 KB, 744x159, fluid.JPG)

Soz for spam, but this is telling. Her sexuality is "fluid". Arlo was only about 6 years old here. She was a kind of protype themby.

No. 1548777

This is just someone documenting abusing their child on the internet. I can't even imagine how a parent could even look at this without crying, let alone post it for millions of people

No. 1548778

Carry Slee writes them in age appropriate ways though. They're children's books. You can't compare Euphoria to that.

No. 1548825

this is fucking awful. I cannot comprehend how theres droves of rabid fans on TikTok eating this shit up. This is the type of material that should peak everyone. (also they seem like emotionally incestuous to me)

No. 1548828

6 year olds don't have a sexuality, nevermind a fluid one, stagemom pedos are the worst

No. 1548841

tysm for the caps! that’s disgusting she shouldn’t be talking about a 6 year olds sexuality for any reason. and whoever sent that question is definitely a pedo (is that who she panders to? she has to know who her audience is, right?)

No. 1548871

She has lesbian relations, but to me it seems like at first she was kicking against her family because they were "homophobic", so she acted straight. Then she got pregnant and the father left while she was pregnant, so fuck men. She had a string of girlfriends around the time she came out. It all seems like she was badly damaged and she was reacting to all the shit she went through. Armchair psychology, but it makes sense. It's happened before.

She was massively devoted to Arlo in her posts around the time she gained a massive amount of followers on ask.fm (when it came to light she was Silva's ex and had his kid). Every post would be about how she was her life, how they slept together, how the kid missed her too much when she visited her dad. It really was way OTT the way she spoke about her kid. Yes, mothers think their little daughters are the best humans to be born in the history of the world, but it was way too much.

One of those ask.fm posts is someone asking how she'd react if she started smoking when she was older, because Jesse smokes. She said she knows how smoking damages people but it'd be her choice. Now we see >>1548635

No. 1548927

Can’t wait to see how the unnecessary artificial hormone replacement “therapy” destroys this literal 13 year olds body! Anybody know of any negative side effects to TRT? I google it and all I get is troon propaganda kek

No. 1549032

File: 1654364348346.jpg (721.53 KB, 2862x2772, gr1_lrg.jpg)

>Masculinizing hormone replacement therapy side effects
There are several potential side effects that transgender men may experience as a result of hormone replacement therapy, including the following:
Overproduction of red blood cells
Blood clot in a deep vein or lung
Weight gain
Pelvic pain
Sleep apnea
Abnormal cholesterol levels
High blood pressure
Masculinizing hormone replacement therapy may also increase your risk for type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Source: https://alto.com/blog/post/transgender-hormone-therapy-side-effects

This img might show up really small, but it's the only one I found. Probably get shit loads of ads for testosterone pills on ads now.

No. 1549079

File: 1654368908734.webm (1.17 MB, 576x1024, tiktok1.webm)

tysm nona! i just figured it out lol so i'll be dumping some of the tiktoks here

No. 1549080

File: 1654368940498.webm (2.25 MB, 576x1024, tiktok2.webm)


No. 1549081

File: 1654369101415.webm (2.69 MB, 576x1024, tiktok3.webm)


No. 1549083

File: 1654369207746.webm (1.86 MB, 576x1024, tiktok4.webm)


No. 1549087

File: 1654369314718.webm (3.43 MB, 576x1024, tiktok5.webm)


No. 1549089

File: 1654369446014.webm (2.2 MB, 576x1024, tiktok6.webm)


No. 1549092

File: 1654369558369.webm (1.25 MB, 576x1024, tiktok7.webm)


No. 1549098

These people are so empty and shallow, that poor kid. I hope she runs away and marries a lumberjack, lives in the woods with 5 kids and no wifi or hair dye

No. 1549100

File: 1654369964374.jpeg (336.77 KB, 750x1115, 947E62B3-95FD-4209-8E20-F82D19…)

plus insta posts

No. 1549101

File: 1654370004096.jpeg (652.61 KB, 750x1294, FC1CFC7C-9D9B-404F-A53E-D39CE7…)

No. 1549105

File: 1654370076284.jpeg (403.99 KB, 750x973, 82708BE9-0AC0-474A-9018-E5E4E1…)

No. 1549106

File: 1654370136921.jpeg (658.32 KB, 750x1294, E8C7EA84-7C72-4AC4-9A72-D750FC…)

this is what arlo looked like before jesse trooned her out

No. 1549107

She’s so naturally pretty. Has kind of a Shiloh Jolie-Pitt look, I wonder if she’ll regret it become femme again like she did

No. 1549112

I'm glad Angelina did not pump Shiloh with hormones like Jesse's planning to do with Arlo.

I wonder if teenage rebellion will set in one day and Arlo will form her own opinions. It's hard enough getting brainwashed by your parent since birth, but imagine everyone around you participating in fear of getting cancelled.

No. 1549136

Wait… that caption… is she implying she homeschools her daughter because she's "too pretty" or something? Wtf??

No. 1549139

i fucking HATE this

No. 1549142

Jesse has such a punchable face istg

No. 1549150

Omg as a gay farmer she has been a personal lolcow of mine since right around the Teela episode, I tuned out when she went trans, I never would have thought she’d push it on Arlo like this. The kid is a clear people pleaser and is going to have so many issues when she’s older if she really goes through with this

No. 1549165

It's sad to see that she's following loads of make up accounts on instagram when she was this age. Strange to think how much of an influence her mother had on her in a short space of time.

No. 1549169

I'm so glad someone made a thread on this woman. I've been following her for ages and mentally compiling a thread on her bullshit.

No. 1549176

if you remember more milk or anything please share it!

No. 1549203

i stumbled upon their videos a couple of times on tiktok, im surprised to see them here. I did get a strange vibe from them and that mother has her daughter in almost all of her videos.

No. 1549328

File: 1654383015047.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1170x1770, 611AFB65-FC21-4C52-A88F-63317A…)

So apparently this troon has also taken her child to BLM protests (when she was 11) and is it looks like bragging about allowing her child to be physically injured (if she even actually was, tbh she looks unharmed here)

No. 1549334

File: 1654383141278.jpeg (1.25 MB, 1170x1856, CBD30290-B417-40E2-8A12-15AF72…)

KEK and a really cringey edit made by mommie troonist I found

No. 1549341

No way this faggot and its delusional toad of a mother are native Angelenos, I can tell you that

No. 1549502

i wonder if arlo has her own phone and how monitored it is for jesse to groom her kid to this extent. the women clearly wanted to be like her daughter and didn't want that image tainted by anyone outside of her projection. i wonder if arlo has any friends at all.

also i hate this so much. jesse needs to back off from arlo 24/7, have friends she can be toxic about than her own kid. i wonder how long until arlo finally gets tired from having her own mother breathing down her neck to teach her how to act, think and look.

No. 1549525

File: 1654393051507.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1170x1893, 1EB46117-AF6E-4080-AFCB-49DCFA…)

What the fuck is this even supposed to mean, if Arlo is a they/them? Isn’t their gender no gender?

No. 1549536

> I''m not looking for admiration of our white privilege.
> Posts this
Heartbroken for Arlo. If she’s homeschooled, has such a close relationship with her mom, and has been indoctrinated since such a young age, it will be very difficult for her to free herself because while this is abuse, it’s not what we typically associate with abuse and what’s discussed. Plus all the attention has to feel “validating”. This is a Venus Angelic-ish situation to me.

No. 1549544

File: 1654393930904.jpeg (44.7 KB, 366x245, 1360EBA4-199F-4ED4-961F-F62696…)

No. 1549546

File: 1654394037086.jpeg (823.64 KB, 1170x1741, 24CB425E-F592-4331-8FFC-BEB4AD…)

Wow I did not know there was this much milk between Isaiah and Jessica holy fucking shit?

No. 1549551

ironically this "trans dad" is doing one of the most stereotypically mom-specific abuse behaviors, a-la venus angelic's mom as >>1549536 said. Idk how to concisely describe it but it's like:

>mom isolates daughter from kids her age

>mom treats daughter more like a friend than a child
>mom doesn't let daughter develop own personality or tastes, sticks to her 24/7 to ensure this
>mom exploits daughter online for the attention the mom wishes she could get

yet we're supposed to believe this is a "father" and his "nonbinary" child? This is textbook girlmom behavior.

No. 1549552

File: 1654394402816.jpeg (459.82 KB, 1170x869, 4759F4F0-97DB-4916-A214-2FF232…)

No. 1549563

Just an observation, this woman reminds me of the lesbian couple that drove their adopted children off the cliff after all that fake ass activism they did.

No. 1549568

tiktok is literal brainrot. I can't believe the things I'm reading here. I feel really bad for the poor kid involved.

No. 1549571

>i wonder if arlo has her own phone and how monitored it is
it's pretty weird to me that arlo doesn't have any social media, except the old account for her modeling stuff that jesse managed. she's a 13 year old girl, but she doesn't have accounts of her own or make content except the stuff that appears on her mom's page. but she is plastered all over jesse's page so it's not like her mom doesn't want her face on the internet or something. now you've made me really wonder if jesse doesn't let her have a phone. homeschooled and seemingly spending the entire day making tiktoks with mom - her life must be so dull and monotonous
that's crazy omg i didn't realize they were so connected to courtney love? wtf kek

No. 1549576

File: 1654396026336.png (138.94 KB, 687x751, 1.png)

more coverage of the Jesse/Isaiah/Courtney situation (1/2)

No. 1549577

File: 1654396074286.png (100.35 KB, 657x624, 2.png)

(2/2) jfc poor arlo

No. 1549581

Doesnt this feel exactly like what Marge did to Venus Angelic? It is definitely child abuse, but this somehow feels worse because of the trans agenda.

No. 1549584

This explains how mommie troonist finances continuing to live in Los Angeles despite being seemingly mostly NEET and talentless. That sweet double platinum settlement money from a botched junkie!

No. 1549587

This is one of those threads where the cow herself is entertainingly milky, but the overall vibe is grimy & depressing bc there’s an innocent child subjected to her attention whoring antics.

No. 1549601

I think you did a great job describing it concisely, Nona.
It does to me and I’m glad to see others agree. When I initially brought it up I thought I’d be met with “Venus’ case is worse because her mom was almost (?) pimping her”, which is absolutely sickening. At the same time, think Jesse is just starting to ramp up the grossness.
Yeah, let’s hope Arlo can escape before she’s fucked beyond repair.

No. 1549625

I don’t know how anyone around them can see what Jessica is doing to Arlo and not think that it’s abuse. I have no idea how Isaiah doesn’t have full custody at this point it’s clear that Jessica isn’t mentally capable

No. 1549635

I know it's offtopic but you have to give me a link or something

No. 1549646

No. 1549657

That happened right by where I live, absolutely crazy story and terrible ending for the poor kids

No. 1549711

Frances bought Jesse a house near where she lives with Isaiah so the kids could be near her real dad (not transfer). When she broke up with Silva, she kicked Jesse out of the very fancy house.

There's audio of the Lufti call to Jesse where he calls her a dyke and threatens to kill em.

No. 1549712

*Transdad, not transfer. Good to see autocorrect doesn't recognise the T.

No. 1549914

"protect trans kids" more like protect kids from the trans

No. 1549936

never heard of these people until now but holy fuck, this is really depressing. .

>It's hard enough getting brainwashed by your parent since birth, but imagine everyone around you participating in fear of getting cancelled.

No. 1549956

You’ll need to convert TikToks to a WEBM format

No. 1550136

File: 1654452567119.webm (2.86 MB, 576x1024, tiktok2.webm)

more tiktoks

raising your kid to have a hatred of her extended family because they dont support your delusions is so healthy! good job mommie troonist!

No. 1550139

File: 1654452727702.webm (1.2 MB, 576x1024, tiktok1.webm)

No. 1551081

File: 1654535150212.jpeg (429.07 KB, 750x1264, E316C697-F3AB-48D6-ADAB-6621AA…)

Jesse announced she’s getting top surgery soon. yikes. arlo probably won’t be too far behind

No. 1551111

Sage and excuse the semi-blogpost but me and my friends all watched Skins at age 14-15. I haven't watched euphoria, but it seems like an inferior and heavily LGBT-marketed version of skins kek. I don't understand why teenagers and very young adults are so puritanical about that shit now when I'm pretty sure they themselves consumed plenty of that kind of content when they were that age (or they are that age and do consume it). The issue isn't a parent letting a kid that age watch it, it's a parent watching it with them not like a normal mom into a teen show but as if they're that age themselves.

No. 1551175

Why though? Just to be shirtless in more places? It's not like she got much on her chest now.

No. 1551180

Oh dude this is gonna be a total nightmare if she mutilates that child’s body. I don’t understand how her dad just doesn’t give a shit about any of what’s happening.

No. 1551229

Is it me or does she have lip fillers? They don't move like normal lips and look different in her old pics

No. 1551233

No. 1551234

definitely kek. so masculine!

No. 1551253

So she can show off the scars. They like people to see their breast mutilation scars because it's a STATUS SYMBOL. Look at me, I'm trans. Even though they want to look like men, they want people to know they were (and still are) a woman. Fucking idiots.

No. 1552637

File: 1654648541795.jpeg (478.23 KB, 750x1153, 31C09C8E-0955-4374-84A6-16801A…)

jessica is starting a podcast and teasing a clothing line

No. 1552639

File: 1654648636355.jpeg (312.7 KB, 750x960, C7C8CFD4-840B-4E02-9533-706E3F…)

yeah im sure “arlo” has a lot to do with the decisions here

No. 1552669

The face tattoos confuse me. Sometimes they're there sometimes they're not?

No. 1552673

Why does she feel the need to force her child into being a public figure? This whole wannabe troon momager schtick is too pathetic, realistically it cannot and will not last because Jessica is useless and Arlo is clearly not receiving a basic education.

No. 1552690

Poor Arlo. She looks so checked out, like she subconsciously hates being photographed. It’s no wonder, with her narcissistic mom who values appearances over all else. Jessica has ONLY nurtured the skin deep appearance of her daughter and it shows. There’s no emotional bond, only emotional incest. Look at the type of women Jessica dates and then look at her daughter, how she styles her, and tell me there’s nothing inappropriate going on there. I’m not saying the incest is sexual, but it’s obviously there otherwise. Unfortunately I doubt her hollywood dad is any better and is clearly powerless to Jesse regardless. My only hope in this scenario is that it peaks the population, especially if Arlo is groomed into hrt or surgery. No matter what it’s tragic.

No. 1552701

>Look at the type of women Jessica dates and then look at her daughter, how she styles her, and tell me there’s nothing inappropriate going on there.
I agree with you, but I don't really get this part of what you're saying. The women she's dating seem like very "normie"/IG girl types, going by Francesca Farago. Unless you mean Teela from before she trooned out (in which case, yeah, that is kind of weird)

No. 1552939

It freaks me out how Jessica's relationship with Arlo reminds me of how my own emotionally incestuous mother treated me as a child. I really hope Arlo finds a way to break free from her. Problem is if anyone tries to criticise her parenting Jessica will 100% try to frame it as transphobic in some way, it's the perfect shield due to the taboo nature of being a transphobe and how people will bend over backwards to avoid getting hit with that label.

No. 1553512

>emotionally incestuous
off topic but wow nonna I never found before the word for this type of relationship dynamic

No. 1553761

>peaks the population
we wish this would happen, but i have a feeling people won't realise how fucked it is until/if arlo comes out about it herself, which is extremely unlikely.
it's all very sickening and i absolutely see what you mean by her looking out of it. she really didn't have a hope in hell, poor kid

No. 1553958

File: 1654747220075.jpeg (124.23 KB, 750x478, C30097CC-FD64-4C39-B14A-C88A19…)

> Poor Arlo. She looks so checked out, like she subconsciously hates being photographed.
it looks like jesse’s fans have been noticing this too, this is a comment from her recent post

No. 1554084

File: 1654752233025.jpeg (1.46 MB, 1170x1739, 6F1EC88A-7469-467F-858F-7BE889…)

Is calling CPS considered cowtipping

No. 1554163

Why do I get the feeling that when a TIF does something socially unacceptable like grooming and child abuse and the kid comes out about it it would result in more misogyny (because TIFS are women) and the multitude of TIMS (demographic that get away the same misconduct regularly) would try and oust her from the community while doing jack about the inherent grooming in their community anyways. I also imagine if most detransitioners were male they also wouldn’t get as much flack.

No. 1554402

AYRT, I didn't find the term until last year and I balked at first because of the "incest" part but yeah, it's more common than what I thought.

What the fuck? This is giving Lillee Jean and Laur Trueman vibes. Vicariously living through your child while being vaguely nonce-like about it.

No. 1554425

super OT but does someone here remember the name of a middle eastern lesbian woman who got into an arranged marriage and had a child, and escaped the marriage with her baby, moved to another country (I think USA)? I once saw a short "viral" video of her on youtube, she was semi-butch style, but super gorgeous lesbian mama raising her child. I've been trying to find her cus she is an inspiration.

No. 1554786

File: 1654800209945.png (1.94 MB, 750x1334, FA5DCA44-BED6-4B89-86D2-51E499…)

Not everything you disagree with is transphobia jessica kek if you want to broadcast your life online you should expect responses. Unless Jessica is deleting comments all of the comments on the last post are either overwhelmingly positive or asking if Arlo is okay/saying she looks really down. also is it just me or is it really gross to take a picture with your boxers exposed right by your 13 yr old

No. 1554802

File: 1654800881976.jpeg (707.84 KB, 1170x1668, 9C08CE1E-D060-45B1-9813-DF7AB4…)

Pretty sure Arlo is gonna look back and feel like this was a little more than just “awkward”. God she’s turned her daughter into an autistic boy…

No. 1554812

The pure narc level of having a shirt made for your child that says your life matters and then taking pics of it to post on your own socials, holy shit

No. 1554819

File: 1654801436873.jpeg (875.73 KB, 1170x1847, 119A1A63-124D-4B68-8779-AB1DD9…)

What the genuine fuck are these captions. Like Arlo this Arlo that every other sentence but there aren’t even any posts that Arlo has had the freedom to make or respond to. fucking Munchausens chan on our hands

No. 1554884

>also is it just me or is it really gross to take a picture with your boxers exposed right by your 13 yr old
I don't think it's inappropriate as the boxers aren't the focus, just cringe. Jessica very desperately wants to have that skater boy/e-boy look despite being an adult.

Skipped the awkward phase and went straight to being depressed and potentially traumatised. Great work, "dad"!

No. 1554906

they showed the stylist a picture of the femboy wojack

No. 1554971

wow. she single handedly raised the likelihood of her daughter's suicidal ideation. the milk keeps on coming, but fuck is this depressing. oh man 5 - 10 years from now this kid will have serious problems

No. 1554975

I kek'd.

No. 1555020

File: 1654810986772.jpg (89.57 KB, 1173x703, Capture.JPG)

There's some weird shit in the tagged ig. This is translated from Arabic or something.

No. 1555027

File: 1654811196141.jpg (36.26 KB, 596x772, Capture.JPG)

Is this from TikTok or something? Transdad with real actual man dad and pre troon baby girl.

No. 1555418

Doesn’t make any sense how no one on either side of the family seems to have any kind of problem with this woman trying to change their child’s gender and mutilate her young body with hormone therapy, most likely

No. 1555700

I wonder if maybe they're afraid to speak out. I'm not American but I heard about that father in Canada who got in serious legal shit for not agreeing to his daughter trooning out. California is meant to be a progressive state (at least that's what I hear) so maybe there's stupid tranny "protection" laws for kids that the family doesn't want to run afoul of.

No. 1556553

But this is very obviously documented exploitation

No. 1556570

Not in Los Angeles, baby.

If Jessica allowed Arlo to have her own social media she’s probably hemorrhage followers away from mom. I don’t think J could handle it, she’d be too jealous and would have to face the reality of her age. A big part of Jessica’s motive here seem to be due to arrested development and an unwillingness to accept herself as an aging woman

No. 1562151

File: 1655342660295.webm (9.79 MB, 720x1280, 288850073_2014956012252165_558…)

Jessica's podcast is coming out tomorrow and she just dropped this trailer

No. 1562187

>laughably clockable voice
>”interview with my kid”
>literally literally literally

No. 1562190

Jessica’s entirely personality is the fact that she’s Arlo’s mom. There’s nothing wrong with feeling pride in motherhood, but I personally do think there is something wrong with trying to capitalize off of how “close” you are with your child, and also changing your daughters entire personality to match yours, and also not allowing said child to be in school or have any friends her own age. Was Isaiah given a restraining order against Arlo or something? Why is he not trying to put a stop to this?

No. 1562311

Somehow her voice is jarring and not surprising at all at the same time. This is embarrassing.

No. 1562313

I think he just doesn’t give a fuck about either of them.

No. 1562401

It’s creepy that this child seemingly has no friends her age, no hobbies, no slumber parties, no sports, no normal childhood experiences. She exists as an accessory to her mother’s trans influencer aspirations. Jessica also encourages random adults to interact with her child (“if you could ask Arlo any question, what would it be?”) and jokes about them being mistaken for a couple. They seem unhealthily enmeshed and Jessica seems like a classic stage mom.

No. 1562912

Oh this is going to be awful. I can't wait! On a serious note though, I hope this podcast generates more conversation about Jessica and Arlo's relationship and Arlo's lack of social media and seemingly friends her own age. If wokies notice something's up then they can conjure up a buzzword salad Twitter thread on it and hopefully nudge people into realising that their relationship is actually all kinds of fucked up and Jesse is just a glorified stage mom. Probably won't happen but I hope it will, for Arlo's sake.

No. 1563102

It's out! Does anyone want to watch and summarize? I can do it when i get off work later too
Also the comments calling Arlo a queer inspiration and kissing Jessica's ass are so embarrassing

No. 1563123

Why am I not surprised that it’s this troon

No. 1563248

Ok ladies I listened to it at 1,75x speed and this is what I heard kek:

>video starts with Arlo giving us teleprompter wisdom about how “it’s not a bad thing if someone detransitions”

>Amanda McKenna has apparently been friends with Jessica since Arlo was a baby
>Amanda claims that apparently Jessica and Arlo getting that restraining order settlement and then “being themselves and being happy” inspired her to troon out
>Jessica has apparently always wanted to be a troonfluencer
>corporate jazz music every 5 minutes throughout this hour long video
>topic today: what does it mean to be trans?
>Amanda has never had covid and said that God must love her and Jessica said “God already loves you if you’re trans”…
>”I’m a they because I don’t experience shame”
>’we can transition into a men but that doesn’t mean any of us want to be seen as cis men even though that’s the whole point of gender euphoria’
>i can relate to everyone cause i’m a tranny
>imagine if a cis person woke up in a different body
>what makes you a woman? it’s not the dress
(no cause it’s my vagina)
>”yeah my mom asked me why i need top surgery so i asked her if she’d keep her penis if she had one even though she’s never had one”
>it’s all human even though it requires inhuman intervention
>calling someone by their birth name is like calling someone by their old married last name if they got divorced
>compared being called by the last name of your ex husband who you divorced that abused you is the same trauma reminder as calling someone by their birth name their mom gave them
>kids are just scared to come out that’s why they’re cis
>there’s mostly trans youth but they just don’t know
>a lot of troon fashion talk, nothing milky
>being trans is just about “living authentically”
>compared being trans to getting plastic surgery the same way the kardashians do
>starting listing off steps on how to troon out
>literally just talk about grooming kids into trooning out
>Amanda said she actually stopped taking Testosterone (oh shocker)
>tried to say her hair got curly only after she got off T even though she was literally recognizable on vine for having a huge head of curly brown hair
>you totes sound passing!!1
>Amanda talking about how her mommy issues made her hugely attention seeking and how she’d hang out with random strangers
>Jessica starts talking about how when she first started taking testosterone (as a grown postpartum woman), she thought to herself “people feel this way who are born with testosterone in their system?”
(Which no, mommie troonist. Men who are born with normal hormone levels and never use experimental medicine to try to tweak their appearances into that of another animal do not and physically could not ever feel the same way that a grown woman who’s given birth and probably breastfed would while consuming synthetic testosterone. Your ineptitude isn’t even surprising at this point though.)
>Amanda described that she made her youtube videos in her car as a teenager before she eventually left home and couldn’t go back because she’s a homosexual obviously
>’sometimes i don’t want to have to talk about being trans but i’m trying to use queers as an example for something’ (doesn’t specify what)
>’maybe an abused 12 year old could identify with me as a troon because they’re from an abusive home’
>Amanda claims she doesn’t need the internet to validate her
>Amanda used to be a lesbian and that was her whole identity for literal years but now that she identifies as a man she’s “gay” (meaning she’s heterosexual because she’s a woman)
>we’re saurrrr anti-religion
>Arlo tells Jessica she shouldn’t say she’s anti religion because “religion isn’t just christian and catholic”
>Jessica says she doesn’t care because religion has brought up “so much war”
>’this podcast is so trans dad and his gen z kid’
>Jessica asks Amanda what she wants the population to remember about her and Amanda says she wants to help other people love themselves
>’you guys are healing society’

No. 1563259

has jesse addressed why arlo doesn't have social media? im hoping arlo just doesn't have an interest in it, or maybe is faceless on accounts

No. 1563346

I'm guessing Jesse wants full control of what Arlo supposedly thinks/wants/says.

No. 1563359

Thank u so much nonna! I just started listening myself and Arlo talking about how it's totally great and fine for someone to detransition while Jesse nods is so wild. "What if you want to stop taking testosterone and detransition? Then they do that! it's not a bad thing!" Has Jesse never told her that HRT is irreversible and even if you stop you will still have permanent physical changes and detrimental health effects?

seconding this, and Jesse's whole image is being Arlo's parent. if Arlo had her own accounts where she could fully represent herself then Jesse would lose credibility and followers bc they are only really interesting as a package deal

No. 1563377

Bless you anon. So Arlo doesn't speak at all through the whole interview? I'm skipping through and she's just silently sitting there looking uncomfortable

No. 1563458

She speaks like 4-5 times, she asks the questions and then they talk for like 10-15 minutes and it goes on like that for the whole thing basically. She chimes in maybe once or twice but it’s not a lot and it’s likely scripted “progressivity” from mommie troonist

No. 1564476

>>1562151 omg this poor child looks so unhappy in everything

No. 1564548

She probably hasn't, most of them pretend it's harmless and reversible. You'll see them rolling their eyes at women who got total mastectomies and telling them to just get breast implants, duh.

No. 1564840

>riiight, I love that, like, amazing, so true, right, liiike, I love that, totally, litchrully, right…
I cannot imagine how annoying it would be to have to talk to Jessica on a regular basis. RIP Arlo's lexicon. Also when I switched tabs I could barely tell if it was Amanda or Jessica talking, kek. Frog bois all sound the same.

No. 1570079

new podcast episode dropped, this time jessica interviews her own partner

No. 1570083

File: 1656018410283.png (3.6 MB, 750x1334, 81E56FE7-054B-4DCC-BC49-B0241F…)

also mommie troonist got a face tat. she is really trying to emulate the tiktok eboy aesthetic so much, it’s so pathetic for a 30 year old mother

No. 1570618

That's the girliest fucking thing to get as a face tattoo, kek.

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