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No. 1894283

This thread is to discuss your grievances with gender ideology.

>What is gender ideology?

Foundational to transgenderism, gender ideology is the belief that one’s “internal gender” can contradict one’s biological sex.

Gender ideology operates much like a religious cult. There is no scientific evidence that supports the notion that we have an “internal gender,” and yet doctors now medicalize and sterilize children with “transgender identities” who have been groomed by the cult. Anyone who does not reaffirm these delusions is labelled as a “transphobe” in order to discredit any dissenting voices of the cult.

Relevant threads (these threads are for posting and discussing milk from specific cows only):
>>>/snow/1961046 (current MTF thread)
>>>/snow/1956070 (current FTM thread)

Gender critical in /ot/ resurrection edition!
This thread is a spiritual successor to https://lolcow.farm/2X/, a now hidden board that includes further discussions on this topic.

No. 1894285

Sorry for the repost, I’m a retard and put the subject in the wrong line. Farmhands, please let me know if this is not what cerbmin intended by the recent announcement about creating a thread in /ot/

No. 1894296

Why are we making this thread? Why would we want to advertise the hidden board like this?

No. 1894297

File: 1708387908948.jpeg (432 KB, 828x1099, IMG_2139.jpeg)

yay, finally a discussion thread since apparently we're not allowed to do that in the tim and tif threads.
what kills me is how massive and complete the takeover has been. ten years ago most peoole were laughing at even just asexuals being included. now "lgbtqia+" is the norm everywhere , in the mainstream press, in insitutional and corporate diversity policies.
its very success is telling. the fact that it ws able to take over this fast is because it actually benefits existing power structures and does nothing against the status quo.
and it's been very successful in in defanging both homosexual and feminist liberation movements.
picrel isn't just a meme imo, it's important to examine exactly who pushes this ideology and why it benefits them.

No. 1894298

Please refer to discussions in /meta/ and /2X/ about creating this thread. /2X/ is basically dead anyways and this kind of discussion floods out the actual milk in the trans cow threads

No. 1894303

2x is basically unusable with all the rightwing spergs now. it's barely even feminist anymore, forget about gc

No. 1894311

Yeah I agree it benefits the existing power structure. Liberal political campaigns and organizations needed something new to rally behind after marriage equality was achieved, so they dove head first into gender ideology thinking it was just like gay rights and disregarded all critical thinking and foresight

No. 1894332

It's so crazy that tradthots have taken over 2X, kek. I don't mean to sound like an oldfag but I was here back when PP threads were a thing and rightwing ideology was notoriously mocked and not common at all. Just goes to show how far board culture changed after the former admin banned PP/GC from OT.

No. 1894339

hey, at least there’s no rich white girls here anymore(racebait)

No. 1894345

My intention was to make this thread a separate entity from the gender critical thread in /2X/ by making it less political and more generally applicable, while also offering a more accessible place for similar discussions in /ot/. Here’s a reposted description of gender critical feminism for the newfags and lurkers:

>Gender critical and radical feminism define gender as sociological (feminine/masculine) and sex as biological (female/male). Woman is defined as an adult human female. Radical feminists seek to abolish gender as it is used by patriarchy to oppress women socially, reproductively, and financially. They strive to preserve women's spaces (such as restrooms, locker rooms, and health care providers) and areas of artistic and intellectual expression separate from men.

>Trans ideology posits that one's gender is self-determined based on one's feelings and defines woman as the characteristics and behaviors traditionally ascribed to females by society. Increasingly, transactivists are conflating gender and sex and asserting that a person can self-identify both gender and sex.

>Gender critical feminists strive to maintain the distinction between gender and sex. The conflation of gender and sex erases the biological reality of women, eliminates women-only spaces, and disestablishes women as a protected class. Existing laws and legislation currently being passed around the world allowing for self-identification on legal documents do not differentiate between gender and sex.

>The acronym TERF (Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminism) is used primarily by transactivists and their allies to denigrate radical feminists and other women who express gender critical ideas. Transactivists portray TERFs as violent oppressors by virtue of their ideas alone.

No. 1894358

File: 1708392438671.png (891.36 KB, 1125x1896, it’s child abuse.png)

Good thread, anon.

No. 1894381

Absolutely foul

No. 1894407

i kind of don't like this bc it's implying that being able to breastfeed is what makes you a mother ("the act of nursing a child is fundamental to what it means to be a mother") and i don't like the shame that is putting on mothers who can't breastfeed. however, for trannies to invade on the few aspects of womanhood we have left is just so insidious and they're so right about how harmful this is.

No. 1894411

File: 1708394840589.jpeg (352.54 KB, 828x887, IMG_0540.jpeg)

Sorry for the ovarit screecap kek but I thought this succinctly describes gender ideology through a metaphor about religion

No. 1894415

Less political? Everything about things topic is political

No. 1894420

Fair enough, I could have worded that better. What I meant by “less political” is that I wanted to discourage tradthot vs radfem infighting and derailing in this thread. Just look what happened to /2X/

No. 1894439

File: 1708396224550.png (30.71 KB, 740x453, my nightmare personally.png)

it's crazy how samey all tifs and tims are. i know a tif that models herself off of jesse (breaking bad) and is obsessed with that twink from hades like 10,000 other tifs. i know a tim who's so…blatantly a gay male who hates being homosexual, he's really feminine in the way only a gay man can be, that really gaudy and overwrought type of feminine that's being pushed on women more and more these days – this archetype exists everywhere in timdom, e.g. hunter schanaffer whatever. i dunno, they're all so fucking cookie cutter, and whenever i see one i realize that troonshit really is an offshoot of npcism at large. the tim in particular has admitted to having no unique thoughts of his own kek

imagine having this thought and still thinking your desire to troon out is totes natural and sensible

No. 1894443

This is actually pretty insightful and sad. If only they could take their self-reflection a step further and not base their entire identity around troonism

No. 1894448

for a boring narcissist yeah maybe
if by 'sad' you mean 'pathetic and stupid' then yes
>they, their
it's a male who thinks 'woman' is either itty bitty baby-voiced coquette or vamp. he also has a buffalo bill tier oc he loves to parade around and gets very pissy at gnc women for just existing because they aren't "femme" enough. pls

No. 1894453

Ayrt I thought it was a TIF in picrel, is it bad if I was a bit more sympathetic based on that assumption kek? I used they/their because I was referring to troons in general, I agree with your points tho

No. 1894475

>is it bad if I was a bit more sympathetic based on that assumption kek
oh not at all tbh. i used to be more sympathetic wrt tifs too kek. it's rare in my opinion/from my experience for any of them to reach that level of self-awareness though, normally they're all unique and speshul

No. 1894496

As a bi nonnie I hate how it feels impossible to ever discuss being same sex attracted without troonism inserting itself into the conversation anymore, like it can never really be "I love women and pussy" but has to be "BUT ALSO TRANS WOMEN GENDER IS IRRELEVANT TO BEING BI" and use the word queer about 50 times.

No. 1894520

yeah I’m also bi and this annoys the hell out of me too. if I want a woman, I’ll date a woman. trans “women” are such a mockery of women and they lack every single attribute that makes women attractive (shared experiences, natural feminine figure, female worldview, PUSSY). it’s hilarious to see transbians seethe and try to force us to worship their “girldick” whenever we discuss same-sex attraction. no matter how hard they try to insert themselves, they’ll never experience the beauty of same-sex love with a woman. YWNBAW

No. 1894531

Also bi and I do find it annoying that trannies think they've got more "luck" dating bi women, as if we're the sacrificial lamb of the lgb community.

No. 1894532

File: 1708404191993.png (102.13 KB, 335x284, IDGAF.png)

I am tired of people acting like "transphobia" is even a cancelable offense and we should all be outraged about it, especailly when the person in question has done worse things. It's abhorrent to compare it to racism, antisemitism or even homophobia, forms of discrimism that people have literally been murdered as a result of. I am sick of seeing shit about trans people are dying or geing genocided and more people should hound them about producing proper statistic because they can't. They fetishize actual oppression because they are not content being in the shadows undisturbed. It's funny that the more they try to get acceptance, the more everyone realizes how awful and sick they are, how they've grown from a being perceived as fairly harmless fringe group to one of the most harmful cults to exist.

No. 1894537

the pain i feel whenever i see a woman who shares my interests and seems to be cool with he/they pronouns. makes my goddamn head hurt, please stop trooning out

No. 1894540

it’s fearmongering, plain and simple. they push the “trans genocide” narrative to garner sympathy and punish “wrong-think” so that the handmaidens don’t develop critical thinking skills and realize it’s all lies

No. 1894577

File: 1708411024485.png (62.67 KB, 255x250, 1677696882001.png)

The worst part is that not only are they not an oppressed group, they actively oppress other groups! Transgenderism is fundamentally incompatible with same sex attraction and women's rights and actively harms both groups. I want to scream whenever I see some blatantly misogynistic male or libfem retard lumping transphobia in with homophobia and sexism. YOU ARE THE SEXIST HOMOPHOBES! And there's often a big dash of racism thrown in there too.

No. 1894611

File: 1708415027882.png (158.48 KB, 800x800, 1663026553185.png)

Based. Welcome back to /ot/!

No. 1894647

File: 1708417188907.jpeg (832.5 KB, 1170x1356, IMG_2371.jpeg)

It’s called L community.
Seething comments obviously. Every Gay bar in the UK is effectively a trans space as well. Just let women have this one

No. 1894649

Is this the real silly poo??

No. 1894749

Oh check out the rampant racism and homophobia in the comment section of this. Because they think butches and nonwhite women are identical to men in dresses. How dare lesbians attempt to have their own space that doesn't kiss the ground males walk on? Looks like it's a members only bar, so they will actually be careful to verify people who can come in. Hopefully it can stay afloat and provide a nice sanctuary from predatory men.

No. 1894755

File: 1708427577511.png (41.34 KB, 903x257, Screenshot 2024-02-20 111317.p…)

based, i hope they are able to stay afloat economically though.
also looking through the reddit post i saw comments like picrel, they really think that butch women are gonna get confused for a tranny..by other lesbians…kek

No. 1894766

They can pretend to be blind to sex attributes, but most sane people can tell when a male is skinwalking

No. 1894788

>mostly going to affect cisgender women
Their seething and malding is so transparent. No, the women who created this bar aren't retarded or blind that they can't tell a woman from a man. Butch women are clearly women, and no amount of troony tears can erase or hide that fact. The fuck are they crying about anyway when they sit at home jerking off to porn and role-playing on discord with their fellow tranny discord kittygirls and puppygirls or whatever bullshit titles they come up with? They wouldn't even have the nerve to go to that bar.

No. 1894800

Jesus christ I ain't even defending Illuminaughtii when I say this but they always and I mean ALWAYS go 10x harder on a woman than any other pedo scumbag youtuber that gets cancelled. Like come the fuck on, why are we still talking about her.

No. 1894823

>I am tired of people acting like "transphobia" is even a cancelable offense and we should all be outraged about it
I see it as the satanic panic, it has as much value to me as someone going "that person is possessed by satan to dance to rock music" all I get from it is that the person saying it is insane and delusional in their belief.
I loved that teacher video going around who took a student saying "given that JKR is a transphobe…" and within minutes got him to realize that he was being stupid for assuming she was when he actually agreed with her transphobic tweets. Because in 99% of cases transphobia is just wanting sex based rights for women, not wanting to harm kids, protecting gay people etc. It's rare that anyone actually says "I hate trans people and want them all dead".

No. 1894946

Redditors are so delusional about sexual dimorphism, maybe because they don’t go outside and jack off to heavily filtered photos of trannies online kek. My local lesbian bar has unfortunately been overrun with trannies, but I can spot them in .2 seconds. Anyone can. It’s not hard to tell. They usually stand a good foot taller than anyone else in a room filled with actual women and dress like kinky underaged animu girls despite being adult men with the stubble to prove it. Furthermore, even the early transitioners who also shelled out tens of thousands on plastic surgery and may pass better to the untrained eye are pretty much all gay men and would not be at a lesbian bar. AGP troons never even remotely pass kek. Love to see them seethe!

No. 1894947

File: 1708441175548.png (233.43 KB, 597x745, 1708404199529.png)

I don't like Libs of Tiktok, but how we went from "trans genocide" to "trans terrorism"?

No. 1894952

I don’t agree with Chaya on most things because she’s a tradthot, but how can anyone take TRAs seriously with their blatant fictitious and slanderous reporting? Someone disagrees with you = they must be a murderer?

No. 1894954

First it was a "trans genocide", then a "trans terrorism". What's next? "Trans Palestine state?"

No. 1894956

File: 1708441710166.jpeg (95.53 KB, 777x659, IMG_0542.jpeg)

No. 1894966

File: 1708442100048.gif (2.54 MB, 498x371, bigbird-one-of-these-things-is…)

Holy cow.

No. 1894971

File: 1708442435790.jpeg (31.37 KB, 540x137, IMG_0544.jpeg)

Transgender Activism, colorized

No. 1894981

Kek, I wanna read the unhiged justification for this. But they really can't sympathise unless they self insert, can they? Tho I guess I wouldn't call it sympathy either way.

No. 1894984

jfc… They really want to make an entire war about themselves. Tr00ns and tras love to shoe horn themselves in every situation possible.

No. 1894986

Why are you censoring “troons” here?

No. 1895019

No one is though? Sometimes i just write it like that cuz it's funny.

No. 1895028

Alright just smelled like twitterfag kek

No. 1895031

what is this character? i vaguely remember a “hero protagonist” comic with her there

No. 1895035

its from sillypoo

No. 1895040

she wrote it like m00t

No. 1895084

File: 1708447480477.jpeg (270.77 KB, 1290x2009, IMG_0546.jpeg)

No. 1895092

File: 1708447732523.jpeg (251.24 KB, 1143x2048, IMG_0547.jpeg)

No. 1895095

Disappointed but not surprised

No. 1895116

Gender ideology is sexist at its core. Men and woman both have always had masculine and feminine sides and it assumes you must be one or the other.

No. 1895120

>Sussex NHS trust
Brighton is a tranny hellhole. Glad I got out of there.
A man will straight up post his lactation fetish porn on his socials but will still be allowed to perform this fetish with an actual child and not only malnourish it but potentially poison it with their pill-induced galactorrhea. they don't even have the developed ligaments to sustain the amount of breastfeeding needed for the baby, but it will just enough for them to get off on it. meanwhile women will avoid chemicals and let their nipples turn raw for the health of their child, and are still shamed for it.
what is really retarded though is when gender ideology attempts to change the concept of motherhood, yet still relies on the biological (eg, breastfeeding). I mean, if you were going to be more gender neutral and progressive, you would make bottle feeding more socially acceptable since it's very inclusive. But no, they have to fetishise breastfeeding instead which is not only gross and abusive but impractical. like you say, many women struggle to do it so why are they wasting so much time and energy on promoting it to men? it's stupid and offensive on so many levels.

No. 1895136

I hate the idea of masculine and feminine. It has always been defined by men and they change their opinion on whats feminine and masculine each year.

No. 1895160

yep, even going back to Confucius and the yin-yang principle. yin (feminine) = negative, passive, cold, dark. and this concept of femininity is then projected onto women, in order to complement the lives of men.
it's especially dumb because transvestites will say they "feel more feminine" (or masculine in TIFs cases) but it's not even about feminine and masculine attributes, it's always about clothes and pornified body parts. It's not even like transvestite men are more passive, nurturing or tend to take over the household chores (those sexist ideas of a woman's role still exist but only enforced on actual women, even if those women pretend to be men). there is nothing more "masculine" than taking over spaces that weren't meant for you.

No. 1895211

YES. There is no fucking "feminine" or "masculine", it's simply a label used to describe trends but they mean nothing.
A gay man acting "feminine" is portraying a fully natural variable of MEN, it's an entirely male expression of his manhood - it is masculine. A woman can never act/be like a gay man because she isn't one. A straight woman's attraction to men is never gay, her feminine mannerisms aren't a variation of maleness.

Same with "butch" women, lesbian or not, they're an entirely female way of existing that naturally occurs. A man can't act like a butch woman, because he's a man. It's just so fucking stupid to pretend a man acting like a variable of men, or a woman acting like a variable of women, are suddenly acting like "the opposite sex" instead of just assuming "some men/women act like that" just because they happen to differ from the majority of their groups.

No. 1895223

i disagree. a man enjoying the color pink, playing with barbie dolls, liking fashion, and being homosexual (very extreme example) is feminine, not masculine. you said it yourself, these are labels used to describe (societal) trends. (societal) trends and socialization are not natural. society dictates pink, dolls, fashion, and liking men are feminine traits, so they're feminine.

the thing is that feminine =/= female and masculine =/= male. butch women are masculine females, mtfs are feminine males

No. 1895229

File: 1708455100186.jpeg (117.46 KB, 1148x645, 348C7522-0104-440C-9BD3-7BD3FE…)

I just finished The Eunuch Woman by Germaine Greer and while looking for more information about the author I realized that it was her who said picrel. Such a Stacy.

No. 1895235

File: 1708455468295.jpg (430.79 KB, 959x1209, Screenshot_20240220-125504_Dri…)

I would like to talk about the companies who push + fund gender ideology. This document is from Gilead Sciences, which is known for their HIV drugs. Statistically, transwomen are more likely to have HIV. That isn't a surprise, but it's the justification they use to give generous funding to these organizations. The organizations that Gilead Sciences fund are the same "informed consent" clinics that will prescribe one hormones rather quickly. All over the country, there are small organizations that claim to be charitable, offering free medical care to trannies. Imagine if they could do that for actual women? Anyway, they peddle hormones to people. It's a big fucking scam. I'll provide more documents. We should name the companies involved.

No. 1895236

File: 1708455532007.jpg (595.81 KB, 1080x1980, Screenshot_20240220-125256_Chr…)

They also acknowledge it's unscientific. Kek.

No. 1895261

you are just doing the same thing troons do. The only way to stop with this troon nonsense is to completly get rid of labels like 'feminine/masculine' because parents are trooning their children because the see them as 'feminine' for playing with dolls. Its lunacy.

No. 1895288

No. Males who naturally want to play with dolls and like pink are a natural variation of men and therefor a natural variation of what masculinity is.
What you are saying is that if a woman has a stereotypical masculine feature, let's say broad shoulders, she now has masculine shoulders. Now if an entire race of women (who are on the whole an minority on earth) naturally has broad shoulders, that means an entire race of women are now masculine, by your definition. Are you starting to see how fucked up that sounds? A man is never feminine simply because feminine describes trends in females, so an observed male trend that can only ever happen in men can only be masculine.

No. 1895296

File: 1708458763999.png (326.98 KB, 324x659, sweatermuppet shirts.png)

One of the things I hate most about gender ideology is that activists push medical intervention as if it's no big deal (and yet, they also say that trans people will die without it, because this is a fundamentally hypocritical and contradictory movement). They'll say that questioning your gender is proof of trans-ness, try to "crack the egg" of anyone who is remotely gnc or has ever wondered what it would be like to be the opposite sex, and connect new converts to clinics or distributors that give out hormones like candy with no questions asked. They promote hrt as life-changing, life-saving treatment that literally turns you into the opposite sex, but also insist that it's reversible and something you can experiment with for fun to achieve any desired result on the "spectrum" of sex. They promote surgery as no big deal, saying that no one regrets it (lower regret than knee replacement is the go-to comparison) or has major complications. In fact, trans communities don't even allow criticism of surgery results because it might hurt someone's feelings. Never mind that gangrene and urethral fistulas are probably hurting these people way more.

There's a strong element of toxic positivity in the trans community around medical intervention. They attack anyone who says anything negative about it, and they accuse detransitioners of being fakers and grifters. I think trans activists must have the mentality of crabs in a bucket. They are so miserable that they can now only thrive on dragging others down with them. Misery loves company. So why don't you just try a shot of your friend's testosterone? You never know, you might like it! One of us, one of us!

No. 1895299

NTA but acknowledging that it doesn’t matter how feminine or masculine a butch women is because she’s still a woman regardless is not what troons do. Feminine and masculine are commonly used terms beyond troon bs and they’re not going to disappear overnight

No. 1895302

they should though, it's the only way to stop the troon menace. I am never going to call a woman butch or masculine kek she's still a woman regardless of if she has short hair or not.

No. 1895310

Ayrt as a gnc same-sex attracted woman, it has helped me tremendously to understand that women can have traditionally “masculine” characteristics and still be women in gender and in sex. I struggled with gender dysphoria and even identified briefly as an enby kek. So glad I peaked in time. But “butch lesbian” is not a bad word, it’s powerful imo

No. 1895313

I just think it's useless honestly. And I too almost trooned out thanks to the obssesion people have with labelling things as feminine and masculine. I just think it's really retarded and not necessary, and labelling things is how we ended up with troon shit in the first place. So it's better not to perpetuate it. I genuinely cannot explain how depressed, anxious and isolated i felt during the 10s, because all my ''tomboy'' friends were trooning out and i was seen as the weirdo for being into tradionally masculine things while being comfortable as a woman. It also made me go through a pretty heavy NLOG phase where i hated pink and dolls because they were ''feminine''. What is and isn't feminine is determined by moids at the end, why would i care what they think? I am just a woman with short hair who wears cargo pants, i am not a tomboy or butch, I am just a woman.

No. 1895320

you're a bit dumb and trying to insist x is y so i won't reply to you anymore kek

No. 1895323

what she's saying is right. There is no way to stop troonism without abolishing stupid labels like 'feminine/masculine'. I don't understand how you can be gender critical without acknowledging the core problem. Men are the ones that dictate what is and isn't femine and masculine always, and they are bipolar retards so it changes with every decade. Why would you let men dictate your life like that.

No. 1895329

Good luck getting all of humanity to no longer characterize things as masculine or feminine kek you’re out of touch from reality

No. 1895330

It changes every year. Coding using to be a 'feminine' job during its inception and now its a 'masculine job. Short hair was also seen as a very dainty feminine hairstyle in the 50s and now it's seen as a masculine thing. I won't let moids dictate my life, and neither should you.

No. 1895333

There's a subtype of troons who are called truscum/transmedical and they believe that in order for someone to be trans he or she should have dysphoria about his/her sex. Dysphoria to them is something that is very hard to be defined. They mostly agree that men and women have differences in their brain and someone who is transgender will have the brain more similar to that of the opposite sex. What do you think about this theory? I think that if this was the case, they should simply do brain scans for people. But they're proven to be costly and inaccurate. And I don't think there's as much difference between them as they claim. The studies being done on this kind of topic are ambiguous.

No. 1895334

the meaning changes but the concepts will always exist. you're not going accomplish anything by trying to abolish femininity/masculinity altogether. The average person contextualizes themselves within these concepts so if you want radfeminism to get any traction at all you need to package it in a way the masses understand. Saying "masculinity and femininity don't exist!" is a good way to get yourself dismissed without getting your foot in the door. Some of you spend so much time in these bubbles that you forgot how the real world works.

No. 1895339

>if you want radfeminism to get any traction at all you need to package it in a way the masses understand
That's not the point of radfeminism. It's always been a niche ideology because it's goal is to shake the status quo, not enforce it. Trying to make feminism for retards is how we ended up with ''feminism is for men too uwu'' branch of feminism we have today. Getting rid of labels such as feminine/masculine would also help radfeminism to get rid of the tradthot and neonazi vermins that decided to take it hostage.

No. 1895347

Those labels have nothng to do with gender that society promotes though. Pink used to be considered 'masculine' back in the 50s and now blue is. The labels themselves wont ever go away but the meaning behind them does.

No. 1895349

>They mostly agree that men and women have differences in their brain and someone who is transgender will have the brain more similar to that of the opposite sex. What do you think about this theory?
If this was true, doctors would use brain scans to diagnose gender dysphoria. They don’t do this because it’s not true. Truscums/transmedicalists want to feel more valid than other trannies but they push pseudoscience all the same. I don’t doubt that some troons do feel gender dysphoria, but I personally believe this psychiatric condition is closely related to body dysmorphic disorder and gender-focused OCD. It’s not any indication that a troon actually has an “opposite-sex brain” because that is simply not how biology works.
>The studies being done on this kind of topic are ambiguous.
Liberal academia is currently ideologically captured by the gender ideology movement, so any study that might challenge it can be blacklisted for “transphobia.” However, I do think the tides are changing as transed children continue to sue their doctors for medical malpractice as they grow into sterilized adults. It’ll be interesting to see the research produced about this phenomenon after we overcome this period of mass censorship and reckoning.

No. 1895362

They’re so dumb; it’s a private members bar they’re not screening randos off the street to allow them in, as stoopid as that point is it’s not even relevant

No. 1895364

>Those labels have nothng to do with gender that society promotes though
what world do you live in nonnie kek. Little boys are getting trooned because they play with dolls and little girls are getting trooned out because they play with trucks. And why? because those things are tied to femininity and masculinity. All because moids think playing with dolls is feminine and therefore female. I just think it's insane that everything needs to be labelled, specially when it's so subjective. Men genuinely believe everything a woman does that isnt cooking and cleaning is masculine, so why listen to them and keep perpetuating their ideas and therefore the power they have on women and children?

No. 1895369

File: 1708463047142.jpeg (12.63 KB, 154x206, IMG_1982.jpeg)

It’s pseudoscientific pyschosurgical nonsense like the rest of this bs; may it go the way of its psychosurgical predecessor the lobotomy amen

No. 1895375

The majority of TIMs troon out because they are consumed by their AGP fetish, not because they played with dolls as little boys. I agree that youth transitioning can and does happen, sadly. I also agree that gendered stereotypes are regressive. But I think you’re overstating how much our preconceptions about “masculinity” and “femininity” have driven the modern trans movement. I think it’s usually the AGP adult troons who push for youth transitioning in order to legitimize their movement and distance transgenderism from its fetishistic origins

No. 1895384

Yeah, and their agp fetish is fuelled by those ''sissy'' videos which are'fetishizhing' femininity. If femininity was abolished then sissies wouldn't exist and AGPs would also not exist, because they would not have any form of 'femininity' to fetishize. They only get 'euphoric' when 'skirt spinny' because they get off to the idea of femininity. If we abolish it, they wouldnt troon out because it wouldn't satistfy their fetish.

No. 1895398

I am also bisexual and I've avoided any kind of Pride-related events for the last 10 years because I do not want to be associated with trannies and kinky polyamorous attention-seeking spicy straights. I am attracted to women with vaginas and men with penises, not narcissists with mental illnesses.

In my first year of college (in 2007) I had a crush on, and kissed, an extremely cute short lesbian girl who then told me that she identified as a man. She proceeded to get on testosterone and get her tits cut off the following year. It's all been going downhill since then.

This shit is even more glamorized than eating disorders are in pro-ana communities. And, while it's true that skinny people are promoted as more beautiful, sexy, and just better than non-skinny people by the fashion and entertainment industries, there aren't doctors zealous to give anorexic patients liposuction so that "their outsides can match how they feel on the inside" like the troon doctors handing out hormones and surgery.

No. 1895416

>I am attracted to women with vaginas and men with penises, not narcissists with mental illnesses.
That's where I'm at with my bisexuality, too. Really, it has nothing to do with genitals of either sex, but personality types. Why would anyone want to be with someone who requires a massive amount of coddling and sucks all the air out the room? Hard pass

No. 1895450


I'm straight but I do picture that I have to reject tims "because I don't like women" (more like the mockery of women) and tifs "because I don't like pussies" (no, even if you chopped your tits and have a fake penis, you're still unattractive for me) and that still makes me transphobic. You can't win against these people.

No. 1895452

transmed thinking is "old school transsexual" tier cope. transition has always been bullshit used to further sexist and homophobic aims. this is what Janice Raymond refutes in The Transsexual Empire.

No. 1895542

File: 1708473191812.png (973.98 KB, 1242x2688, IMG_1903.png)

Let’s get this thread started right.

No. 1895548


Question: do you think if these subjective concepts were abolished, male dominion over females would stop?

No. 1895551

My handmaiden ex-friend told me that I was a “genitalia fetishist” when I explained that my bisexuality only includes women with vaginas and men with penises.

No. 1895569

nta but i read this >>1895339 and decided she was a midwit. i think most rfs have had the "omg!! femininity and masculinity don't exist!! we NEED to get rid of it and i am SO hardcore for realizing that!!" before thinking it through and arriving back here >>1895334

No. 1895575

The genital fetish line is so dumb. Tell them to look up the definition of a fetish:
‘a form of sexual desire in which gratification is strongly linked to a particular object or activity or a part of the body other than the sexual organs.

By definition, you cannot have a genital fetish.

No. 1895577

Agreed. Yes, it’s worthwhile to examine how femininity and female gender roles have been used to subjugate and oppress women, but the social perceptions of femininity are always changing yet ever present

No. 1895584

If it’s ever changing it’s not really gender roles that oppress women, is it?

No. 1895592

Why do you even bother? they want change but don't want to put effort into it. Most modern radfems suck because they stick to theory without trying to make an actual meaningful change themselves. It's so easy to not call a woman masculine just for having short hair but they can't even do that, it's too much effort.

No. 1895593

No, ever-changing gender roles doesn’t mean they aren’t oppressive. I actually think the social constructs of femininity and masculinity change in order to preserve patriarchal control of women in an evolving culture. For instance, today women have more political and economic autonomy than ever, but women also get more plastic surgery, wear more make-up, photoshop themselves, and struggle with eating disorders more than ever. These social behaviors are of course enabled by modern technology and medicine, but it’s interesting to think about why women concentrate so much on capital on “improving” their appearances when we have objectively have more social power than ever. It demonstrates the societal pressure put on women to conform to extreme beauty standards for the benefit of men

No. 1895595

NTA but you understand all of those things are to look more 'feminine' right? if women didn't give a shit about labels then they wouldn't get breast implants, botox and wear make-up to appeal to scrotes who think a flat woman without make up and thin lips is too masculine.

No. 1895597

Yes, I understand that. I think you’re completely misunderstanding my point kek

No. 1895598

Then what's your solution, to do nothing? my solution is way more easy than boycotting starbucks by not buying their overpriced coffe or even putting some crappy palestinian flag on a twitter profile. Liteally just stop caring about what men consider is feminine/masculine and live your life. It's that easy.

No. 1895599

Don't argue with the masculinity/femininity sperg. She already shat up other threads with this, she has zero reading comprehension so don't waste your time on her.

No. 1895600

This is why no one takes radfems seriously, they don't want to make any meaningful change. It takes 0 effort to stop calling women with short hair masculine, and it does a great impact on women who might be feeling like they need to troon out because they feel 'masculine'. No one wants to be a 'tomboy' aka another moid fetish.

No. 1895601

I mean I guess my point is women aren’t oppressed because of femininity, and men aren’t oppressive because of masculinity. You’re correct that they adapt to whatever society they’re in but the one constant is male dominance.

No. 1895602

That is not what I’m arguing against. I just wonder why some anons ITT got so triggered about calling butch lesbians “masculine”

No. 1895603

Because you are reinforcing the idea that a women cant have short hair or a type of clothes without being strongly associated with the other gender. It's not hard to understad.

No. 1895604

My argument is this, since it seems difficult for some of you to follow: women don’t have to be feminine and men don’t have to be masculine. These are simply stereotypes and gender roles used to enforce the patriarchy. If we accept masculine women rather than ostracizing them for being different, we would have a lot fewer butch lesbians chopping their tits off and calling themselves male

No. 1895606

what if i dont wanna be labelled as masculine because i dont think i am masculine? and since masculinity and femininity is completly subjective then even if i have short hair a hawaiian tshirt and male jeans i am still feminine.

No. 1895608

I just dont understand how radfems cant understand that some women want to dress freely without being associated to moids? how is that hard to understand. Its gross to be called butch or tomboy just for wearing different clothes, it makes you feel like a fetish rather than a person. Just for wearing clothes. Its insane that so many of you are defending it.

No. 1895609

Anon…just because you don't call yourself masc doesn't mean there aren't women out there who do. Stop applying your hang-ups to women as a whole

No. 1895614

they ar efree to do it but i would never call them that and i am tired of women getting called masc for wearing different clothes its so retarded

No. 1895616

So what? You can’t control how other people perceive you. Troons are obsessed with how other people evaluate their masculinity and femininity. Don’t be like troons. Sorry, it’s not always about your personal feelings

No. 1895617

you dont speak for all women to be honest i know there are tons of women like me that trooned out because of your line of thinking. Being obssesed with masculinity and femininity is still troon behaviour even if you are a supposed 'radfem'

No. 1895619

What line of thinking are you talking about? Stop projecting

No. 1895620

>i dress this way and i dont want it to be associated with moids
>Sorry nonny you are masc whatever you like it or not, wearing hawaiian tshirts is a masculine trait only!!
how is this not troon thinking? is a ''butch/tomboy'' who wears a pink dress for a day still a butch/tomboy or does she get her fetish terminology privileges removed for wearing something '''''feminine'''''.

No. 1895621

I’m sorry my reasoning was completely lost on you, such that you had to misrepresent it into something easier for you comprehend, which wasn’t even what I was said. I’ve learned by lesson about engaging with you kek

No. 1895623

sure, some of you are the same as moids always wanting to label women and turn them into weird fetishes. It's so annoying you cant be female in peace without getting labelled by gender obssesed retards.

No. 1895629

never argue with midwits

No. 1895630

This isn't even midwit level thinking she's a bonafide dimwit

No. 1895631

lol all of this because you are angry someone dared to critique your retarded fetish terms. No wonder so many 'butchs' are trooning out, i would too if my peers just turned me into a fetish like moids do.(infighting/derailing)

No. 1895634

maybe you're right.

No. 1895636

TIL: the words “femininity” and “masculinity” are fetish terms KEK sorry, sorry, let’s go back to ignoring the dimwit

No. 1895639

they are strongly related to sexuality. Why do you think the term ''femme'' and 'butch'' exist? why do you think men have both bimbo and tomboy fetishes? you cant be a non sexualized woman without both scrotes and women sexualizing you

No. 1895644

Now i understand why so many women troon out. Even supposed 'radfems' are obssesed with gender and fetishizing women. This is why there are so many TIFs who troon out and then feel comfortable wearing pink and stuff. It's literally so easy to stop enforcing those disgusting terms perpetuated by moids and start seeing women as persons and not fashionn, nor ''feminine' nor 'masculine' but women. but some of you arent willing to do the effort and this is why so many women and your beloved fetishized 'butches' troon out, because yu dont see them as anything but the clothes they wear.

No. 1895648

The butch/femme labels were developed by working class lesbians in the 40s bar scene to describe fashion, self-perception, relationship dynamics (like who opens the door for the other), etc. Many RFs disliked the idea of this because they felt it replicated heterosexual relationship dynamics, which is a reasonable take, but to argue that they're "fetish terms" makes you sound like you have no idea what you're talking about. Butch/femme was about women defining their own relationships with socially prescribed gender roles and with each other, not ~fetishization~.

No. 1895651

File: 1708480034767.png (387.67 KB, 502x874, IMG_0552.png)


nonna don’t engage the sperg kek

No. 1895654

File: 1708480223942.jpg (229.87 KB, 1011x1464, iceberg.jpg)


No. 1895657

They are fetish terms sorry you dont see it like that. When you say you want to date a butch you are sexualizing them for their perceived masculinity. Same for scrotes into 'tomboys'. Different sides of the same coin.
this is literally proving my point though. This is what obssesing over gendering everything leads to.

No. 1895658

File: 1708480326401.jpeg (137.06 KB, 680x675, IMG_0553.jpeg)

Sorry for the boomer meme but this actually made me kek

No. 1895659

why are 99% of trans women attracted to women still and 99% of trans men are attracted to men still
there is something to uncover here

No. 1895667

Even the Wikipedia article for gender dysphoria now differentiates between "early onset" dysphoria (typically same sex attracted) and "late onset" dysphoria (typically opposite sex attracted). I think once this concept becomes common knowledge, people will start to put the dots together that those heckin valid transbians and trans mlms are just straight people with ugly haircuts.

No. 1895668

No. 1895669

Worrying about his eyes when he probably has linebacker shoulders and a 32’ waist at the very least

No. 1895670

How long do anons think it’ll take? The ideology is so institutionalized but if it shows up like that on the tranny run Wikipedia…

No. 1895673

The entire trend blew up as a way for privileged heterosexual white people to become ‘oppressed’ and therefore have higher social standing in leftist circles

No. 1895677

because straight people make up the majority of the population

No. 1895679

I think it could be a few more years, and I suspect there will always be trannies who can get their synthetic hormones, but the fervor will die down and it might stabilize into being more like it was pre-troon craze. Europe is already pumping the brakes on "gender affirming care" for kids and detransitioners are even reaching normies and forcing them to think twice. Once there are a few more lawsuits and scandals, even the US will have to take a more moderate approach, and then it'll be over. Trannies are already hemorrhaging public support but due to their unrelenting collective autism, they just keep pushing harder and harder. Most normies I know admit they only got on board because Google said so, because universities said so, because Amazon and Facebook and the government said so. These are not people operating from a strong moral place, they just are hand delivered opinions from authority figures and nod along. So the support trannies have is fragile. It can and will vanish quickly.

No. 1895703

Does anyone else wonder if support for women’s rights is going to get thrown out along with troons? A lot of people blame feminists for troonism and basically see it as comeuppance.

No. 1895710

And being trans means "I'm not straight, I'm gay!". Except it doesn't work like that.

No. 1895711

In all likelihood, yes. In the US at least, most of the backlash to gender ideology is from the right wing and of course they dgaf about women’s rights

No. 1895714

Kek the whole infight upthread just feels like one of semantics. Honestly as much as I would like to eliminate the words "masculine" and "feminine" as we now define them, I agree it's a few too many steps ahead for the average normie who does categorise mannerisms/clothes/interests as fairly binary. Unfortunately I think that's where the problem runs into, as the binary nature of how we see sexes and how deeply patriarchal values are woven in our society makes it harder to really dismantle. The way I see it, troons took an already complex web of sexual/gender politics and decided to bunch it up, scrunch it and claim it's fixed. So if we want to unravel anything, we'd first have to undo all the knots that gendies have made in the last 10 years. They've really set us back, and the worst part is they think what they've done has moved us forward.

No. 1895731

Semantics is a great way to distract people from the larger issue. Even if tomorrow it was declared that "gender" as a concept doesn't exist and all humans must shave their heads and wear grey shifts on pain of death the mobile gamete carriers would still try to exploit and parasitise the large gamete carriers.

No. 1895751

I do. A ton of people blame feminist in general as a scapegoat for so much. They lumped troons in because a lot of feminist do help their shitty cause. The entire lgb movement is set back because of all this shit. I am a radfem and a terf, but people think all the twt and tiktok enbies are what all feminists are.

No. 1895754

Bored straight privileged people.

No. 1895794

File: 1708489793988.png (20.12 KB, 522x227, tirf.png)

The worst thing about gender ideology is how it literally makes women stupider, forcing them to take mental detours to not offend the troon-cop in their head.
Gender ideology seeping into the minds of even some so-called 'radfems' is a good example. They will go on and on about how radical and incredibly misandrist they are, only to humiliate themselves for their pet TiMs (it's never for TiFs). Picrel is an indian 'TIRF' kowtowing to Colin (check out the last TiM thread for repulsive proof of his AGP). She lives in India, a notorious hellhole and still calls for a 'gatekeeping' of feminism to please male fetishists living on a different continent, troons who pretty much have nothing in common with her and won't help her cause in any way.
I used to think TIRFs only wanted a get-out-of-jail card to discuss their politics, but it also looks like they're too online, too rich and disconnected from the world around them to really risk anything. TIRFs and TiFs alike are constantly bargaining for a moment of peace, a permission to discuss female matters, not realizing that most troons will always be suspicious and hateful towards their beliefs. Just like how millenial tumblrinas joked about 'male tears' only to become handmaidens when troonism started trending. When will they finally learn?

They will definitely try, and it won't only come from the right. I've seen anti-troon leftist moids relish in the backlash to feminism

No. 1895849

File: 1708492386206.jpeg (374.45 KB, 828x721, IMG_0555.jpeg)

Love it when this happens

No. 1895871

File: 1708494219928.jpg (52.71 KB, 720x718, FB_IMG_1615496191899.jpg)

>waaaah why can't I literally just invent an entire ideology with no basis in science or reality, be publically degenerate, make increasingly absurd demands to be treated like the opposite sex, and steamroll over the rights and safety of women and girls without minor pushback from sane normies unwilling to do extensive mental gymnastics to accommodate my fetish

This is only surprising to them because they live in a reddit tranny echo chamber where even the most mild dissenting opinions get deleted

No. 1895872

kek i’m near tears nona where did you find this

No. 1895882

>The worst thing about gender ideology is how it literally makes women stupider, forcing them to take mental detours to not offend the troon-cop in their head
me watching smart and reasonable women unironically spout and parrot ideas like "the white man brought gender to the world" and "boy love was cool actually (because it was a "third gender" – wakashu)." both of these are actual things i've seen gendies in my circle say btw. completely bonkers how their minds fizzle out whenever gender is brought up.

No. 1895905

File: 1708500023159.jpeg (84.23 KB, 1290x1271, IMG_9413.jpeg)

I don’t like trannies but I don’t like the idea of TIFs being preyed upon by men because they know TIFs are easy to take advantage. I genuinely hate pic related being pushed as some kind of tranny acceptance/ally thing when it’s literally some horny moid trying to get sex from some loser girl who he knows is looking for validation. Even worse that he wants anal because moids always try and pressure that from women anyway but some TIFs delude themselves into thinking that’s what they want because actual gay men do it. It’s all so tiresome. TIFs can be so fucking annoying and pick mes to the max but I can’t help feel protective of them sometimes. (because they’re mentally ill vulnerable women)

No. 1895919

>say you feel protective of them
>also insult them
Imo stuff like this is why TIFs hate and don't trust radfems/GCs. I'm GC too but put yourself in their place for a bit, they see that radfems treat them like dumb kids and the predatory TRAs are nice to them.

No. 1895920

File: 1708501303345.jpg (38.61 KB, 640x290, FWb4WWlWIAAEMuv.jpg)

It's their allegance to nonsense.

No. 1895923

Yeah protective of some of them. Coddling doesn’t help them either.

No. 1895951

There's been a lot of debate about who troons out/starts to support trans ideology. Some insist "they're not the smartest people" while others say "I've noticed these people are often smart and work in academia and such". I've come to realize… both are true, because it's truly an ideology that can capture almost anyone regardless of how intelligent they are, and the reason for that is simply: none of trans ideology's arguments require intelligence or logic, it's all just based on feelings.
Those feelings will then lead the person to whatever argument they'd usually agree with - the more intelligent people will look up heavily biased and incorrect research/studies, argue that "dysphoria is a real medical condition and transition is the only cure" or incorrectly think that because disorders of sexual development exist, that somehow means saying "sex isn't binary" is valid.
And the less intelligent ones will go fully on feelings "he will kill himself if we don't affirm him, how could anyone be so heartless as to not affirm! It's trans genocide to not use pronouns!".

I will say though it's super rare to someone who is intelligent and educated (in the relevant areas) who supports trans ideology. Once you see the dangers of it you can't really unsee them. I think that will be their downfall: A neutral person can be roped into trans ideology OR they can peak. TRA and neutral people can both peak. But a peaked person can't ever be roped into trans ideology or become neutral again. It's all a one way ticket that eventually ends on peakdom if they just keep walking.

No. 1895962

I belive "not the smartest people" work in academia. I honestly can't say any of my profesors who was under 60 was an intelligent person. The minority that had some brains were pervy so that doesn't count. Even now the teachers my age I know.. it's like logic doesn't exist, putting situation into historical context and seeing the bigger perspective doesn't exist… they are so easily influenced by woke shit. They may studied their subject and know their literature, history like a broken record.. but my god the only way they are able to function in society is because they are protected by all the money they're getting. If they had to interract with the plebs they couldn't cope with how normal people are.

No. 1895966

I went to college for a bullshit arts institution BFA and the boomer professor was like “I don’t know about you all but I’m a Fendi girl” (or some bougie brand name I don’t remember, I’m not into that shit). And everyone is just silent because no we as college students are not in fact bougie brand girls. Academics are insanely out of touch.
This was 2018 when gender shite was around like people wearing flags as capes but not taken over quite yet. I don’t even want to think about the retards in charge there now.

No. 1896010

Is this not a moid talking to a tim and changing his approach because said tim has no pussy?

No. 1896078

I've got a masters in biotechnology and my masters project was basically molecular biology I had a trans in my class. I was a mature student. My students all accepted the trans and often they would try to derail the lectures to trans ideology because the scientific facts presented use to upset them. My professor thankfully didn't entertain them and would very quickly shut down their shite. Uni was my first interaction with troons and shit. I was very underwhelmed with the experience I don't know why I expected universities to be pillars of intelligence it's full of cunts that just left highschool kek

No. 1896096

It doesn't help that even a big chunk of women who realize that troons are insane still believe in the boomer dream of gender neutral men in skirts, and that women's rights are dependent on men finally feeling comfortable in skirts for some fucking reason. I have no idea. These are probably the same women who ree about men being entitled, then support polyamory.

No. 1896104

So the ultimate problem is the mobile gamete carriers and their ilk of supporters, kek.

Sentiments have already discussed this throughout this thread but I'd agree with the idea that troonism is by in large an excuse to cast males (the ruling violent class) as a underprivileged victim class to "win" against women again as always through history and cast male control and supremacy again as progressive. TIFs are caught in the crossfire of moid supremacy and are unfortunate victims of the most severe misogyny.

Males are chameleons who will change their shape, ideology and political agenda to suit current sensibilities set by society in order to safeguard their control and/or violence. But the goal always remains the same; to retain complete control over women and continue to terrorize the earth, children, women and animals. It's pretty obvious that gender is biology/biological sex and cannot be erased but gendered expectations are not and this is a great concern for men who want to retain a system of control over women and everything else. Men are so committed to destroying everything they will claim the opposite; that gendered expectations ARE biology and gender or biological sex is not. Pink clothes, skirts, stereotyped feminine bimbo shit, and insidious misogynynistic shit like child rearing is what makes them a woman and that biology is not real. That the forces that cast women as inferior created by men aren't real and that they are inconsequential. However oddly biological sex is real when men are deciding who to rape. When rape subreddits don't have problems distinguishing between women and transwomen(men), biology is suddenly real and trannies are just stupid trannies to be delegated to their smaller tranny fetish subreddit. The women being raped subreddit is only for women being raped. Men know exactly what they're doing but women are by in large too nice, good natured and trusting for their own good. Socialized into utter empathy above all else.

This logic is predictable and falls in line with the ultimate goal of what males want; women to uphold gendered expectations, rights to be eroded for mens victims; children, women, and animals. And the acquisition of all extractable resources in the control of these men so that they can further control, and continue to terrorize their victims indefinitely with no challenge forever. There is no end game to this. As others have said abolishing gender will do nothing. Trying to opt out of rape and violence won't work with rapists and violence mongerers being allowed rights over yours. We have to make up stories about how our oppressors are victims in order to tolerate any of this insanity in the first place. We have to create false narratives that socialization is the reason 50% of the population rapes the other 50%, to excuse violent biology. And you'd have to severely gas light your victims who compose 50% of the worlds population to get them to go along with any of this. So far it's been a pretty successful psyop as all male constructed and benefitting psyops go. As for any of us speaking out about this, if we were to put a face to our words we will be mass gathered and culled on the spot because all that men know and their enablers by extension; are violence. Speaking the truth about gender against the oppressor class will have you killed just as it does in cases of domestic abuse. It's a tale as old as time. Women cannot have a voice because that voice may threaten mens control.

No. 1896106

File: 1708521170142.png (540.25 KB, 956x616, AE7R1l3.png)

I'm kinda torn whether I should this or not, cause this isn't technically troon milk but still something that I feel iffy about, there's this British's kids' school book called "Bill's New Frock." It's about a little boy who one day wakes up as a girl and has to live out the rest of the day in a very exaggerated feminine way. The point of the book is to show how sexism is bad for girls and how children should be free to do whatever they want. That's fine, but it has some weird adaptations. I'm not going to post them because there's no need to post real-life children. However, its TV adaptation and its play adaptation always feature a little boy cross-dressing, and there's a plot point of the kid getting harassed by an older boy. Knowing what we know regarding pedos in the world, it just gives me strong groomer vibes.

No. 1896131

File: 1708523429679.jpg (124.22 KB, 1599x833, jk.JPG)


>Author JK Rowling has donated £70,000 to a feminist group taking their challenge over the legal definition of "woman" in Scotland to the UK's highest court.

>The Harry Potter author, an outspoken supporter of women's rights amid the culture clash with trans rights, pledged £70,000 to the For Women Scotland (FWS) fighting fund after their application for a judicial review decision to the Supreme Court was granted on Friday

>The news provoked an angry backlash from trans activists, with Tom Harlow of Cabaret Against The Hate Crime, posting a rallying call on X and branding FWS "a terf organisation" (trans-exclusionary radical feminist). He shouted out to StonewallUK, LGBTYS, THTORGUK, Scottish Trans, TIE campaign, SwitchboardLGBT, Mermaidsgender and PrideUKORG.

>FWS took the Scottish Government to court in 2021 to challenge its definition of "women" in the Gender Representation on Public Boards (Scotland) Act. The legislation aims to ensure that non-executive members on public boards are at least 50% women, which was defined as those living as women or those who intended to or had already gone through the process of legal gender recognition.

No. 1896190

I’m not familiar with this or its adaptations, but I understand the discomfort solely due to the fact that this is common fetish material for agp pedo troons. Example from this thread >>1895092. Pedophiles will taint the most innocent shit

No. 1896334

>Example from this thread >>1895092. Pedophiles will taint the most innocent shit
what the actual fuck.

No. 1896386

File: 1708534872934.png (249.25 KB, 748x851, 1708222113167.png)

I am feel uncomfortable when we are not about me.mp3

No. 1896406

gotta love that men will go up to bat more for trannies than they do real women kek

No. 1896410

Because TRAs and MRAs are often the same group of moids

No. 1896440

JKR really lives rent free in their tiny brains.

No. 1896442

>"referred to transwomen as blackface actors"
And…they arent wrong. If anything, they are women face actors, same as drag queens, but at least most drag queens know it's a shitty job. Trannies pretend to be women 24/7.

No. 1896447

>"blackface actors"
>"sick, pathetic fucks"
Truth hurts.

No. 1896515

this is awesome. post moar

No. 1896608

File: 1708548118312.jpeg (57.99 KB, 480x360, IMG_0561.jpeg)

No. 1896617

File: 1708548489805.png (290.23 KB, 652x2846, 2024-02-21.png)

I'm using a script on tumblr that changes the dashboard style to the old one and this popped up today kek

No. 1896640

The ongoing tumblr slapfight is insane, though I got a kek out of the Wordpress dudebro having to deal with troons. I can’t believe how many people I follow that keep reblogging about the poor uwu troon abuse.

No. 1896675

About to throw some stones at trannies on tumblr, wish me luck

No. 1896680

How does the site "treat trans women badly"? Troon coomer blogs are everywhere despite being against the nsfw rule and feminist blogs get terminated for beathing.

No. 1896691

where did this myth come about that trans women created everything popular on tumblr??? almost all the trannies are recent twitter and Reddit refugees..
tumblr 'culture' has always focused on how women were using the website, and to me it still seems like it is

No. 1896692

Please refer to >>1896608 to understand troon behavior

No. 1896694

Good luck, anon!!!!

No. 1896695

NHS will happily give people chemicals that fuck them up forever that they plan to keep taking for life but don’t you DARE ask for a benzo you fucking DRUGGIE

No. 1896697

I have mixed feels about academia because it seems like (at least in the US anyway) people can get their PhD as long as they have the money to pay for three degrees and can stay in university instead of working 9-5. I currently have a professor working on a PhD and they are nearly unbearable to talk to, but the class is an easy A as long as students can sit and bear it. I also know someone whose AFAB adult child works as an adjunct professor and while they are very, very book smart they’re also super autistic to the point where they don’t brush their teeth or drive. They likely wouldn’t thrive outside of their University bubble.

No. 1896700

my take is that a lot of ill-equipped adult children who are not prepared to enter the real world and build careers for themselves pursue phds and enter academia in order to procrastinate real life

No. 1896704

I work in a dr's office front desk (not a burger). Today I had a woman tell me her teenage daughter trooned out into a TiF and she got the hospital approval for a name change in the sanitary system. I told her I will need the ID of the minor and the medical paperwork justifying this change because we have to send it to a central office first for approval before we can proceed. She tells me she lost her daughter's ID, I tell her it's not possible without it first and she stormed out like I was a twansphobe for not changing her daughter's name NOW NOW NOW without any kind of bureaucracy.

Ok then, she'll be stuck with her girl name. Kekus maximus

No. 1896708

I really hate all these perverted weeaboo men having a meltdown about tumblr like it’s the trans apocalypse while a fairly normal looking girl, straight A student was beaten to death at a high school for identifying as nonbinary. Scrotes have zero priority except for themselves, even when they identify as women

No. 1896714

File: 1708554020411.png (116.28 KB, 662x556, screencap.png)

do you think the tumblr aidens are about to get a wake-up?

No. 1896722

Aiden realizes there’s no escape from misogyny

No. 1896725

File: 1708555456076.jpeg (909.15 KB, 1179x1775, IMG_2967.jpeg)

is it this girl? seems like a case of a girl being bullied for being awkward or autistic, which autistic people are disproportionately targets of bullying. https://abcnews.go.com/US/oklahoma-death-nonbinary-student-nex-benedict-after-school/story?id=107384625

No. 1896733

File: 1708555811878.jpg (160.14 KB, 720x937, Screenshot_20.jpg)

>Like many parents, Sue Benedict and her husband Walter at times struggled to understand the nuances of Nex’s gender fluidity.

Ms Benedict is Nex’s biological grandmother, and raised them since they were two months old along with her five other children. She formally adopted Nex a few years ago.

No. 1896735

File: 1708555961548.jpg (78.43 KB, 720x407, Screenshot_9865.jpg)

Adding for more context.

No. 1896746

So is there any evidence that her murder had anything to do with being “non-binary” or are trans-activists just jumping at the opportunity to exploit and politicize the death of a child? Because I doubt she was using the boy’s bathroom before the bill, it seems like the author of this article is just throwing that in there even though it’s probably coincidental

No. 1896750

gender shit aside, this is really sad.
but someone being bullied for being non-binary is like someone being bullied for being an emo or not liking their fashion tastes or something. it doesn't translate into a hate crime or oppression, like these journalists badly want it to.

No. 1896762

File: 1708558321748.jpg (56.09 KB, 563x564, tumblr_64490d765f0208f3095b3af…)

uber mega cringe…

No. 1896766

What arguments do nonnas even give against the kind of logic showcased here? I always want to debate GC with others but they always fall back on the "but trans people are killing themselves!" sort of argument.

No. 1896767

File: 1708558915923.png (44.98 KB, 603x391, theaudacity.png)

It was something Magdalen Berns said during her life, so of course it stuck into their damaged brains.

No. 1896768

Imagine being so fragile that being called "they" hurts you. And they claim the fragile are the Terf with the "but my biology!".

No. 1896770

It's misleading to put in the political context and lead people to believe it MUST be due to her being nonbinary. Surely bullying could start at the beginning of the school year for various reasons. In cases like this with minors, information is either not released or released after a long time so it makes them easier to exploit for political aims (like with Brianna Ghey case)

No. 1896785

First of all, it’s a fear-mongering tactic. Please, show me one case where someone actually killed themselves purely because they were “misgendered.” While trans teens do show high rates of suicide ideation, they also have extremely high rates of co-morbid mental illnesses, which is why more and more “youth gender-affirming care” is being rolled back by progressive medical institutions in europe. You don’t treat an anorexia patient by letting them starve themselves, even if that’s what they want. Sometimes, “being kind” is not kind. Finally, you cannot force someone to partake in your delusion. I know what a man and a woman is. We all do, whether we delude ourselves or not. I believe the truth has value, and protecting the freedom to express the truth is paramount

No. 1896786

File: 1708560858826.jpg (138.93 KB, 612x768, uhno.jpg)

They're even claiming that said girl admired the teacher that was fired thanks by LoTT, but then she was killed due bullying? They're not trying anything and the ones dancing over her grave are the TRAs since a new victim will be used for their gain.

No. 1896787

File: 1708560917486.png (184.83 KB, 598x641, uhno2.png)

No. 1896793

I wonder how old the bullying students were. The group that just entered high school in the district I’m from were a nightmare to deal with.

No. 1896882

A teenage girl due to being bullied by being (probably) autistic but all these vultures care about is which agenda of the day they can fit her in. I feel sorry for her parents who have to deal with the loss of a child and are expected to respect "their" pronouns or else get more threats.

How is a female who uses the women's restroom has anything to do with troonies in the girl's bathroom?? I hate these leeches so much.

No. 1897225

Moids don't think women are capable of being funny or interesting so they just assume all the famous tumblr posts from the early 2010s were made by other penis having folx

No. 1897294

Imagine if it turns out she died from direct complications of transition. Like what if she injected testosterone and it caused an organ failure because her body isn't made for it and she was in a weakened state from the fight.

No. 1897311

Good riddance

No. 1897327

If someone threatens to kill themselves, regardless of the cause, the appropriate action would be to get them hospitalized, call the police and ensure they're mentally sane. If the suicide threats are attempted manipulation, going to the hospital will be a punishment they won’t want to repeat. But if they are actually in crisis, it will be a life-saving action.

No. 1897332

It’s far more likely she died from a brain bleed after getting her head slammed onto a bathroom floor multiple times.

No. 1897597

File: 1708620178335.jpeg (720.83 KB, 828x1088, IMG_0581.jpeg)

the novelty of living out your fetish will eventually wear off, every time

No. 1897601

i've heard this before. when a guy is on hrt it makes them "want to be a woman" more, but when/if they stop, that desire goes away. it makes sense as when people get groomed into it and then never leave the rabbit hole of trannydom

No. 1897671

>inb4 "bathroom floor are weapons used against trans people".

No. 1897674

Having a hygienic and easy to clean tiled floor is the women's bathroom is now transphobia.

No. 1897695

File: 1708624189722.jpeg (128.77 KB, 1223x824, GG390CXaYAARWVs.jpeg)

Like if people care about the opinions of straight moids.

No. 1897846

Correct me if I'm wrong, but hasn't LoTT only ever used content posted publicly by others like tiktoks and tweets? Also if anyone else has noticed, now that the news has come out she might have not died from the fight people are saying it's a cover up.

No. 1897853

>Correct me if I'm wrong, but hasn't LoTT only ever used content posted publicly by others like tiktoks and tweets?
LoTT mostly reposts publicly shared troon degeneracy and that’s how she’s rose to notoriety among troons, but she’s now a conservative political commentator as well
>Also if anyone else has noticed, now that the news has come out she might have not died from the fight people are saying it's a cover up.
It’s all about their fucking narrative

No. 1898257

>If femininity was abolished then sissies wouldn't exist and AGPs would also not exist
Sorry but this is retarded. Trannies fetishize whatever is for women, e.g. clothes for women, and it's impossible to "abolish" because as long as women and men are biologically different, there will always be pieces of clothing, products and rituals that are specific to women. We could reduce it to a minimum by forcing the entire population of dressing, acting and grooming themselves as similarly as possible (e.g. everyone with short hair, everyone wearing the same uniform, everyone engaging in the same hobbies equally) but of course that would be dystopian and there would still be things like underwear or period products that would be exclusive to women and that men would fetishize.

No. 1898292

Sorry anon if you're the person I replied to just above, I wanna say that I still do agree with you on this though. It's stupid to associate women who don't fit societys standards regarding clothes with moids. Also I hate how a word that simply means woman (femme) is associated with performing femininity.

Great comment, thanks for sharing anon.

No. 1898413

I stumbled upon this video of a young detrans woman detailing her journey through life about what lead her to becoming trans and then detransing. She doesn't denounce transition itself anywhere in the video and just says people should be more careful about whether they choose to transition or not, but I actually think that was a positive point. It basically makes the video "safe" for ftms to interact with without their terf alarms going off and dismissing all her points. She has a very typical transition story of a girl who just hated being feminine and being perceived as female and decided to run away from it by becoming trans, as well as the trans community selling transition as a cure all to her problem. There's several ftms in the comment section doubting there own reasons for transition because they're the same reasons as a detransitioner, which wouldn't be possible under a video from a terf detrans woman. Many other detrans people are also commenting. I think more of these "neutral" type detrans videos should be made. They'd probably get through to ftms easier than terf stuff and hopefully at least keep them away from medicalization.

No. 1898489

File: 1708675418360.png (852.56 KB, 720x1360, IMG_20240223_020434.png)

Can't believe people are defending this trannoid on Tumblr.

No. 1898523

same. i'm crypto so the posts i've seen on my dash are insane. predstrogen lies about being banned for no reason, photomatt lists all his nsfw side blogs and the tumblr reaction to this is "he's harrassing this poor trans woman across platforms!!" tras in the tags like "what's he trying to say? since when is having sideblogs against the rules?" are they playing dumb or what clearly the point is that he did get banned for posting nsfw which he did across multiple blogs despite claiming it was his selfies that got him banned as if they were nsfw because of transphobia. there's no way a mass peaking wouldn't come from this but then again they seem to be in a mass psychosis. i hope my mutuals who haven't said anything about it see it for what it is. someone posted they thought predstrogen died from this reaction

No. 1898566

Lmao I love that mushrooms helped her love herself and detransition

No. 1898577

That's how they all start out, saying "it wasn't for ME, but trans is still real and valid and could be great for others (please don't attack me)" because the trans community is often all they have and they are relentlessly mean to detransitioners.
Later once they're more comfortable in their peaking and healing they typically denounce all of trans ideology. A lot of troons know this will happen, so they attack any detransitioner even when they're super careful with their words and still trying to affirm trans ideology.

No. 1898579

>It’s far more likely she died from a brain bleed after getting her head slammed onto a bathroom floor multiple times.
Puberty blockers makes your bones weaker though, iirc there was a case study where a puberty blocked young adult in their 20s roughly had the bones of an 80 year old. It's fully possible a normal body (skull in this example) could have taken whatever force but hers was so weak it didn't protect her so it killed her instead. Not saying that is definitely the case (don't even know if she was ever on blockers) but there are a ton of medical stuff like that that could have negatively impacted her that at least indirectly led to her death.

No. 1898594

Come the fuck on

No. 1898597

Agreed. I think there's only 2 real options. It was either a brain bleed that wasn't found out about on time, or she unfortunately did something to herself. Either way, it's horribly sad. And it's honestly disgusting to see people use it for their own agenda when we barely even know what happened.

No. 1898600

I think your take is incredibly stupid but supposedly complications from a trans-related surgery is what killed a contestant from Jeopardy a couple years ago

No. 1898603

Anon what the fuck, you will die if you get your head repeatedly slammed against a bathroom floor puberty blockers or not. Jesus, people dancing on the graves of dead teenagers on either side really take away from their supposed sincere worry of their wellbeing.

No. 1898610

Omg nobody is saying that it didn't affect her, but why would a known complication that happens to every person who gets puberty blockers not affect her too? Being weaker from transition is a real side effect that should be taken into consideration because it makes these kids even more vulnerable. Just like how that troon wrestler did fine against men, but once he was competeing against a woman he broke her fucking skull, becuase women have thinner skulls than men. These are differences that matter. Trans kids having weaker bones matters.

The hospital said she was fine and sent her home. Why didn't they check her properly, why was she being medically negelected to the degree that she died with 24 hours? Or did they check her but didn't account for side effects of transition? Did they check her according to male or female standards? "Oh boys come in with these light head injuries all the time, he'll be fine" not taking into account it was a female, with weaker bones at that?

No. 1898622

Do we even know if she was on any medication? Speculating like this helps nobody. Also nobody looked at her and then assigned male standards be for real.

No. 1898629

No. 1898686

File: 1708697096134.jpg (150.69 KB, 1080x1255, Tumblr_l_198427982801647.jpg)

My god, they are comparing the troon having his porn blog deleted to the holocaust. Those people never had a real problem in their lives

No. 1898723

So in this comparison jewish intellectual work = tranny fetish tumblr blogs. Get fucking real

No. 1898772

I love how in the comments there are TIFs saying "I'm glad you made this video, I'm trans but I always knew I was a boy since I was young, this video just confirms it!" like the point flies over their head

No. 1898779

>Also nobody looked at her and then assigned male standards be for real
have you-
have you heard of trans ideology?
I think it's still a first step for them, a lot of detrans people have said they didn't even know it was an option to detransition until they heard someone talk about it. Just like how they got into being trans by being a cis ally first, it takes a few times of "oh yeah I do/think like that too" before it hits them

No. 1898783

Most likely a brain bleed. The reason they couldn't detect it is because a CT scan is needed and it can kill you in 3 minutes depending on the injury.

No. 1898788

The woman who wrote it probably did it to teach boys what girls go through, but I can definitely see this being twisted in weird ways. I doubt she knew how commonly fetishized this exact transformation scenario is

No. 1898823

She was not medically neglected, it's very difficult to diagnose a brain bleed because the symptoms can be as simple as feeling sleepy, a headache and nausea/vomiting. In order to diagnose it, especially when there's no external injury (and she didn't have any), they need to perform a CT/MRI scan. Her skull could have fractured, causing the bones to cut her brain and cause a hemorrhage that later killed her. But it could have also remained intact, we're just speculating. That thing about osteoporosis, although it could have made her more susceptible, is still not the cause. Judging by her picture, I doubt that her dose of T (if she was prescribed it, even) contributed that much because it seems very low. She doesn't even seem like she takes T from that picture. Nevertheless, that's not the point. The contribution of T to her death can't be longer than 2%. I guess it's like when someone dies from being bitten by a snake and they already had a bit of a cold beforehand, it would have obviously contributed to a lower immune system but it's not what we should focus on right now, is it? And there's no male or female standards for brain bleeding btw.

No. 1898827

obviously, I think that was the intention of the author and I think the book it's self(other then bigger boy harassing him, that felt kinda wierd) my issues are with the play adaptions that always feature boys crossdressing, It reminds me of a clip of a the mother of a "drag child" talking about how often she has to guard her kid from pedophiles who sent inappropriate stuff or show up to his shows, and doesn't thing of the obvious solution of just not having him do sexualized drag.

No. 1898830

Like I don't get it. That dude is clearly a degenerate and porn is banned on Tumblr for the sake of minors. But I guess this tranny's feefees are way more important than whatever kids might see on his disgusting blogs. These are the same people who are adamant about children having their own spaces. If that dude isn't a degen then why is he on Tumblr with multiple gross blogs? He ain't no saint

No. 1898834

Nta but most normies know what sex someone is if they're trans and are just being nice at most.

Anyways the discussion about whether or not she was taking testosterone is retarded and almost just as gross as the TRAs trying to force their narrative. Grown men can be killed by a single punch to the back of the head (do anons forget the old coward punch PSAs or what), a teenage girl having her head slammed onto tile probably could have killed her or given her a traumatic brain injury regardless. At the end of the day, a mentally ill or autistic girl was killed as a result of bullying, it could have happened even if she wasn't non-binary.

No. 1898856

File: 1708710140633.png (39.74 KB, 720x222, IMG_20240223_114235.png)

"I don't know shit but here's some fear mongering"

No. 1898970

File: 1708714722585.jpeg (419.31 KB, 1170x977, 97EC9771-D586-46AD-97D5-5CEAD7…)

The thing that gets me about this whole thing. She started the fight and I don’t see anyone mentioning that. She got between three girls and another Transgender individual who hasn’t been identified and she dumped water on the girls starting the physical altercation, it was in her texts.

No. 1899033

Tumblr nonnas, how many handmaidens do you think will peak by predstrogen/rita and his degenerate circle going mask off? Or are the remaining handmaidens too indoctrinated into the cult? Honestly, unconstrained handmaidenry was one of the reasons why I deleted tumblr year ago. I remember how they would dogpile anyone who didn’t performatively kiss tranny ass every 5 seconds

No. 1899054

>she started the whole thing
that's just cruel. if she was being bullied, she had the right to lash out. nobody deserves to be killed like that. i really hate TRAs trying to turn her into martyrs and GCs who try to paint it out that she somehow took a fault in dying. she was a child ffs

No. 1899108

She started the physical altercation anon, that’s all I meant. She wasn’t randomly jumped by three girls. Also I was taught as most people were
>fight words with words and fists with fists.
You can’t physically attack someone and not expect them to attack back, she didn’t deserve to die and kids shouldn’t be bullied, but lying about the narrative to make her a victim of a random gang attack is also wrong.
>she didn’t deserve to be killed like that
Nowhere did I say she did. Stop projecting and we still don’t have a cause of death or the story. We are are waiting on toxicology and the police have said her death was not related to trauma at this time. My point is exactly the reactionary attitude you have where you’re already assuming facts and refusing to even listen to one’s we have.

No. 1899190

NTA but blaming her for her death just because taking bullying for god knows how long and then lashing back in the mildest physical way possible (poured water on someone) is some actual disgusting low empathy behavior. Who cares if she was some kind of an autistic theybie, she was a teenage girl and a bullying victim who got tired of it. This kind of retarded antagonism is why I left GC spaces years ago, turning dead teenagers into monsters who got what was coming their way just because they were roped into trannyism is repulsive no matter how much you try to "rationalize" it for yourself.

No. 1899263

Never mind, I fact checked and they died from complications from a surgery to alleviate ulcerative colitis. That’s even worse than what I expected.

No. 1899272

File: 1708733795935.jpeg (28.77 KB, 554x554, images - 2024-02-23T210941.676…)

Although it's only in December, this year it will be ten years since Joshua ""leelah"" killed himself and kickstartert the whole "if you don't let your kids transition they will kill themselves. People blamed his death on the parents and sent death threats to them on Facebook, there was a lot of uproar and they even made a law baning conversion Therapy after him. Joshua was clearly a mentally ill gay boy with homophobic parents, and I belived he could have lived if he never made a tumblr. He also died in the most male way possible, by weaponized suicide and traumatized a truck driver for life. Girls who were also on tumblr back, what's your take in this story and how do you think his suicide was a starter to all the bullshit we have today?

No. 1899285

It's really strange because this was actually my first introduction to this ideology outside Jerry Springer and random documentaries on tv. My perception was that mtfs were effeminate gay men who enjoy crossdressing and just took it too far. Joshua was no different, i saw him as nothing more than a troubled gay boy who clearly was very effeminate and was likely at odds with people in his life. Never did i really believe that trooning out would solve anyone's problems, but at the same time, for some reason i actually thought these people were brave for doing whatever they wanted when they could have easily conformed. For this boy, there was no way he could do that, but i feel like me thinking that way about men who turned out to be agps was wild in retrospect, especially since i finally understand that not all troons are tortured gay men. I think it's gross how his death is weaponized because at the end of the day we will never understand what was going through his mind. I think being bullied and having nobody to look out for him is what killed him, not being trans. If his parents are at fault for his death, then tumblr should take some accountability for not trying to make sure that he could find some services in person to take advantage of or actually being a friend to them, they just saw him as a pawn to be used for their agenda, they don't care about him at all.

No. 1899301

I always wondered if he named himself after the Futurama character…

No. 1899364

File: 1708739854890.mp4 (14.81 MB, Surveillance-video-from-inside…)

Police released some surveillance footage of near the scene, obviously not inside the bathroom, on youtube. I went ahead and put it in mp4 format just because.

No. 1899404

It's sad that a little gay boy had intolerant homophobic parents. It's sad that a gay boy felt like if he liked boys, that must mean he's internally a girl. And it's sad for any teenager to kill themself. I remember being on Tumblr at the time of his death, it's kinda nuts how much Tumblr held him up as troon George Floyd. Also, was it because of his death that the messaging on gay rights switched from "It gets better" to "let kids transition or they'll kill themselves"? I bet that Nex's death isn't going to get this kind of traction because nobody cares about women when they die, even if they're TIFs.

No. 1899412

Police interview with Nex at the hospital.

No. 1899423

Having to use a specific pronoun for each person is exhausting. Don't theses people ever get tired of their own bullshit?

No. 1899439

she seems okay, why did she die after this? This case is so confusing.

No. 1899441

I'm still watching but I see the mom using she/her and nex not really caring. Being nb was mostly likely a phase for her, since that's the new goth. I just feel really bad that a socially akward teenager was being bullied and ended up dying by a unseen injury. The best case scenario would be for her bullies to be charged of manslaughter, no simpathy for bullies. I also feel really bad for her parents because it's clearly the mom loved her daughter. I feel disgusted that people are martyring her as some kidn of icon for the cause, when she didnt die because she was "twans". She died because she was bullied. I've seen people saying that that's why troons should be allowed in the women's bathroom so they can be safe from the violent transphobics. I am so tired. She seemed to be such a sweetie, just a kid, with her dreams cut short because of bullying. Rest in peace kid

No. 1899442

I remember being like 13 and was so shocked at him being dead, I was sending him a tumblr asks saying “I was so sorry”. Was also one of the people who messaged his parents on fb asking to please respect him in death, because all he had was “a condition where he ended up being born with a female brain” kekkk, peak truscum era. It’s so fucked that the cult groomed me so bad, I was picking fights with everybody around me if they didn’t prioritize trans people because “they were society’s most vulnerable.” Meanwhile as a girl it was me who couldn’t walk alone at night or even be trusted around male relatives. Somehow never “people with penises”. Interesting. I do believe that if I could get out of it, there’s hope more and more people will peak. I was so deep and constantly made to feel like if I didn’t validate and worship males (now with dresses!TM) I’d be at fault for their death. I was 13 and already given a maternal, coddling role by men. So disgusting.

No. 1899448

In the same way that people with concussions can die if they go to sleep after they are concussed.

No. 1899449

It's all just so sad. It really feels unfair that she died so young.

No. 1899463

So Nex basically started the fight by pouring water on the girls? I don’t think she should have died but I think this could have been avoided had she not assaulted them.

No. 1899464

you people are so fucking gross with your victim blaming ITT. they slammed her head into the ground get real.

No. 1899465

File: 1708745839870.mp4 (11.06 MB, 911 call.MP4)

This has both 911 calls. You'll need to skip a part because it contains the same footage as >>1899364

No. 1899470

The autopsy did say she died from something not trauma related. Still waiting for the results to come back.

No. 1899472

File: 1708746426277.jpg (177.24 KB, 1095x778, talkanddie.JPG)

It's referred to as "Talk and Die syndrome, and here is an explanation.

No. 1899473

Have you ever been bullied? Honest question. Real true and Honest bullying btw

No. 1899474

Yes for being autistic. I never beat up my bullies and ignored them.

No. 1899477

The fight happened at 1pm but she died the next day. This cap says it can last from minutes to an hour.

No. 1899480

Pouring water on someone is not assaulting them. Smashing someone's head into the ground is.

No. 1899484

File: 1708746948567.png (60.69 KB, 855x376, image_2024-02-24_145748702.png)

NTA but there's a reason why there's a 24 hour observation period following head injuries.

No. 1899485

NTA but there are a bunch of things that could’ve happened after the injury, like a subdural hematoma (which can lead to having a seizure or stroke). A person with one of those can seem functioning and suddenly need emergency care.

No. 1899486

For any handmaidens paying attention to the predstrogen drama, I hope it at least plants seeds of doubt that maybe the people they're defending aren't all poor little innocent victims. It seems like a lot of women who peak on tumblr do it by hate-reading radfem/terf blogs, then realizing how reasonable their enemies are and how insane trans activists are. It's hard to ignore reality with all those receipts in your face. I'm hopeful that reading dissenting opinions on this drama will peak some of them at least.

No. 1899489

Unfortunately it is considered assault in the eyes of the law. I almost got charged with it before by pouring water on someone.

No. 1899494

And that’s what’s going to happen when this case goes to court. The girls can say it’s self defense which yes it is. I feel like the media has done an awful job reporting on this story because they said the girls are older (they were a year younger and I’m hearing they were allegedly lgbt as well), bullied Nex for being NB (Nex said it was her clothes).

No. 1899502

Common assault vs aggravated assault with intent to cause grievious bodily harm has very different legal standings. I don't know how American law works but surely you have discretion there? Or are the courts there geniunely that retarded?

No. 1899507

Oh, so they are retarded. Now I get the other anon's perspectives.

No. 1899510

Oklahoma has lots of self defense laws that I’m sure apply to this case. I’m not saying Nex deserved to die or anything I’m just thinking how it’s going to play out in court.

No. 1899515

File: 1708749382557.jpg (137.31 KB, 720x1196, 13116.jpg)

Depends on the state and then the judge. Mine was considered "harmful or offensive touching" due to getting the lady wet but the cop talked the drunk little league parent out of it because the cop reminded the lady he could charge her too for several things.

No. 1899564

File: 1708753760457.mp4 (10.05 MB, ssstwitter.com.mp4)

Clip from twitter with Nex talking about the girls. The girls were freshmen.

No. 1899715

Damn I was close

No. 1899765

File: 1708773754095.mp4 (6.14 MB, 98990Mt57.mp4)

My question is, why is this being heavily promoted by seemingly every progressive group? It's not just about "letting troons do whatever they want" it's about actively wanting kids to be recruited into this degeneracy and that's what ultimately peaked me and when you start going after children, average people will have no option but to choose any sort of political movements that is against it.

No. 1899780

I really hope there isn’t going to be more news like this but the students who are hs freshmen this year are the ones who got the whole brunt of covid/remote learning when they were in grades 5/6. A lot of them don’t have good socialization skills.

No. 1899794

From what I understand they don’t have a history of bullying either. I’m just really bothered by how the media is pushing this agenda. This story is grey not black and white.

No. 1899964

File: 1708791474122.jpg (250.3 KB, 1080x1364, 081749.jpg)

There's already a Wikipedia page on the kid. Is this typical?

No. 1899966

No. Seems like someone who knew them or wanted to use them as some dumb martyr made this.

No. 1899969

They're going to use this to take away more women's rights and support tranny shit, arent they? I feel bad this young teen was killed, but it had nothing to do with tranny shit. May she rest in peace.

No. 1899973

The fact that they had to pass a bill to tell these tumblrtards to use the bathroom of their own sex is pathetic.

Yeah, they are twisting words around to make it seem like the bill and anti tranny stuff was the reason for her death, when it wasn't. It's honestly so disrespectful to her.

No. 1899976

I feel like 90 percent of trannies are just gay men too scared to come out the rest are disgusting pervs who want to invade women only spaces/hit on lesbians.

No. 1899977

Yes, iirc the reason they're also blaming LoTT is because she one time 2+ years ago posted about the school in question. This somehow directly means that the lady is the reason Nex is dead. We saw the same thing happen with Ghey, when surprise surprise, that death horrific as it was, had nothing to do with transphobia. Neither of these two teens deserved to die at such an early age and it's horrible for their family and friends, but the way both of them are instantly used as "told you so!!!!" banners is disgusting.

No. 1899983

I'm honestly more shocked they didnt immediately do a CT/MRI for an injury though. Seems like any head injury immediately gets that care. I'm not from Oklahoma, though

No. 1899984

File: 1708792767533.jpg (472.88 KB, 991x1529, 37489569.jpg)

It's also not good for the youths they so badly want to pretend that they're protecting. Yeah, let's tell the mentally ill teenagers "even though we don't have the full picture, this is definitely a hate crime against people like you."


No. 1899985

This is actually horrifying

No. 1899989

I'm going to blog for a second here because that image genuinely makes me mad. I'm autistic and unfortunately can absolutely be naive at times. Tons of established research has shown those with autism and other disabilities are at a much higher rate of ending up being abused. Those with high functioning autism basically get depression almost always. Yet nobody is fearmongering about it. Nobody is telling a teen that just got diagnosed that "well you're gonna be depressed and suicidal so!". Yet somehow this is acceptable? This is fine? I'm sorry but it really upsets me when so many other groups that often have even higher rates of everything don't get a second of attention from these outlets.

No. 1899991

>in December, this year it will be ten years since Joshua ""leelah"" killed himself
Damn,is it already ten years? Time flies. I still remember him going viral on tumblr and how mad everybody got at tumblr for deleting stuff about him (idk what or why they deleted it). He was clearly just a gay dude who liked feminine stuff and I also do not think that the troon shit started because of him but was more like it was part of the entire sjw oppression olympics that started to pick up in 2013 because suddenly everybody was gay and trans and disabled and idk what else.

No. 1899996

2013 was the year everything started to go wrong too. It was the year I met a tranny (FTM) for the first time in person at a comic/anime con. Shit feels like yesterday

No. 1899998

I remember how disturbing it was to see all these kids draw sparkly fanart of a real boy who killed himself. Tumblr was a really strange place and a perfect breeding grounds for TRAs. I remember that TRAs went through reblogs and posted anonymous messages to people if they had reblogged someone who had been branded as terf. And instead of going "who the fuck are you, fuck off", most of these tumblr kids would be like "gosh I didn't know thanks for telling me I'll delete it"! All while having a very vague idea of what terf meant. It was crazy to see group pressure play out online like that. I was an adult posting non-political fandom stuff so just a bystander.

No. 1900000

File: 1708794630420.jpeg (320.7 KB, 1170x792, IMG_2766.jpeg)

Nope it’s not, also it makes perfect sense if the autopsy hasn’t been released to the public yet because why would it? Everyone is pretending like this faggedy little kid was murdered by the hospital staff or beaten to death by a group of girls when really it’s just another retard who’s committing suicide for attention.

No. 1900002

and ‘Nex’ or whatever her name is literally assaulted the girls first, and admitted to it on camera. I don’t understand why libbiefags love to dispute the evidence as if it was fabricated when it’s right fucking there

No. 1900007

Even the officer said they are placing charges on her for assault.

No. 1900029

The aggressive tinfoiling in this thread about the high schooler is ridiculous, you all sound like a bunch of lost KF users.(infighting)

No. 1900062

I was a bit annoyed that everybody was spamming my dash with this. I had my oldest female friend start to transition at 15 in that time and i was just starting to learn to cope with it. Pronouns and all…yet i couldn't care about this kid. He lived far away and i knew that teens just kill themselves no matter the problem they have.
I think it was for sure one of the biggest things that introduced a lot of kids on tumblr to trans.

No. 1900077

It’s the other way around.

No. 1900094

I wish I was as naive as you, but no. This is verifiably incorrect

No. 1900120

File: 1708804892026.jpg (34.47 KB, 720x225, Screenshot_20240224.jpg)

Supposedly she had a MRI before she left. Here's the article https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/nex-benedict-oklahoma-ossawa-non-binary-b2500209.html. This whole damn thing is a mess because of the stupid she was nonbinary. There's a lot of misinformation going around and of course lots of screaming about trans people which is taking the forefront. It's sickening how much they really don't care. A teenage girl is dead. We won't know until the autopsy but the damage is being done.

No. 1900123

Can we stop talking about the nonbinary tif

No. 1900190

If trannies were mostly HSTS I wouldn't care because they are gay men that get their dick cut off so they can appeal to straight men. While annoying, they aren't a threat to women and children like AGPs.

No. 1900272

File: 1708813397435.png (49 KB, 460x211, Screenshot 2024-02-24 at 22.19…)

the only stats i could find on this were from wikipedia and based on 2015 data. the TIMs who identified as straight are attracted to men only and only make up only 20%. The majority are attracted to women or are bisexual. I think Blanchard also stated it was 60/40 split.
8 years later I'm sure it has become even more dominated by straight men, because the culture has changed. Men used to be ashamed of their transvestism mostly because it was seen as "gay" when they were not. Now that the stigma has been lifted, a lot more AGPs are identifying as lesbians.

No. 1900282

Yeah these statistics are definitely outdated. More AGPs are identifying as trans than ever, and Blanchard even describes pseudo-bisexuality among AGPs in which troons may sleep with men and identify as bi while being primarily heterosexual because taking the “feminine role” during sex fuels their fetish

No. 1900296

But I mean, even based on those old statistics, it still shows it has been mostly straight men for a long time. It's just the media always makes the HSTS the trans darlings, for obvious reasons. Meanwhile, it's the AGP men who are in positions of power, pushing through harmful policies on our society and using loopholes to creep on women and children.

No. 1900611

Aren’t troons just men with slightly different porn habits?

No. 1900615

Where the fuck are you people coming from?

No. 1900617

>Aren’t troons just men

No. 1900620

No. 1900621

So can’t basically any man be compelled to troon out with enough porn and suggestion?

No. 1900622

>>1900611 yeah pretty much

No. 1900625

Yes, and they do for those reasons.

No. 1900630

It's been proven to be true time and time again. Snoop around in their natural habitats and you will see for yourself.

No. 1900634

I feel like people here hate troons because they’re trans, not because they’re men. Like being pornsick rapey degens isn’t unique to troons.

No. 1900636

Many people here love men actually.

No. 1900638

Tell me about it.

No. 1900639

You should hate them for both reasons. I hate troons more than the average man because troons make it actively more difficult to try and surround myself with other women, because there are troons in every community trying to larp as "one of the girls" and you're not even allowed to call them out for the ugly men they are

No. 1900649

We can dislike them for both reasons, retard. It just so happens that trannies are an extra degenerate breed of male

No. 1900651

File: 1708826170364.jpeg (601.66 KB, 2048x2048, AD91CCBB-5366-44C9-BBBB-61D97E…)

I’ve been seeing this mentality more and more. Women adopting styles they swore off but when they associate it with men (eg: long hair, silver jewelry, skirts, makeup) all of a sudden it’s ok and actually cool because “its in a man kind of way” despite them never looking like that.
I’m not sure when this haircut became associated with men, it was the most feminine hair style you could, used to signal “fashionista” characters 10 years ago.

No. 1900657

This type of hairstyle, you see in male kpop idols sometimes. And male anime characters as well. That's probably what she means

No. 1900661

I understand, i meant it’s crazy how the moment something gets associated with men they’ll pick it up after previously discarding it because of “femininity“ or whatever reason they gave in the past. It used to be for very simple reasons (long hair annoying ) not this weird mental gymnastics performance bs

No. 1900665

That’s my point though. They’re not a special kind of male or different breed of male.

No. 1900668

Well, we know the reason for that. Femininity is seen as vapid, so women try to distance themselves from feminine label, if it's removed, the stigma is gone.

No. 1900674

A male who destroys his own life by ruining his marriage, neglecting his kids, and forcing everyone around him to participate in his fetish, lest they be called a “transphobe,” is indeed the worst kind of male. They even get off on invading women’s spaces, which makes it my problem too. They have been completely consumed by the coom. I don’t have a particularly high opinion of males in general, but many men in my life do not live and die for their fetish, and they are respectable people in public (not adult men dressing like underaged anime girls because they’re agp lolicons). Troons are worse. Now fuck off

No. 1900677

>Not my Nigel!
Him too, nona

No. 1900680

I’m a lesbian, nice try though!

No. 1900683

Your dad and brothers and male friends too(infight)

No. 1900684

Nta but normal men mind their own business for the most part, they stay in their male spaces, don't demand to be called women, etc. Troons invade women's spaces and act like they own everything.

No. 1900688

The difference is one clicked on Forcefem Sissy Hypno rather than Abused Asian Asses V6.

No. 1900689

NTA but nona wasn't saying that. Troons are fundamentally worse men in every way possible, and even normal men make me uncomfortable but at least they don't try to skinwalk you and typically don't smell like something died and don't show off their fetish in every single interaction you have with them.

No. 1900690

Troonism is the logical endpoint of inherent male nature. The desire to control and own what is female, the womb envy, the enslavement to their dicks, everything that is present in the "normal" male, simply turned up a notch, is how you get a troon.

No. 1900695

I want to KEK, but it's so sadly true. Men let their entire lives be defined by porn

No. 1900757

File: 1708834071288.jpeg (34.47 KB, 680x409, images (3).jpeg)

The amount of tims in communities of all age games like Minecraft drives me insane. I sincerely wish there were more girls interested in coding and modding but then every she/her is gonna have a trans flag with their wispy falsetto. It's just so bleak they're essentially grooming kids into being tras and troons.

No. 1900835

This smells of troll tbh

No. 1900838

File: 1708842320333.jpg (262.62 KB, 720x1911, 86432457.jpg)

It's going to get worse, isn't it? This sucks that her death is being used to weaponize that boys should be allowed in the girl's bathroom. Weak ass argument perpetrated by perverted men obsessed with infiltrating women's spaces.
Tims are male entitlement on steroids. The bastards know what they are doing trying to do by using another label to cover up their true intentions. Fuck them and their shitty play on words.

No. 1900850

I hate men in general because they’re degenerates, but I hate troons especially because they’re men who go into women’s spaces, such as locker rooms and women’s sports teams, and if women try to complain about it they’re the ones who get kicked out and called bigots.

No. 1901009

File: 1708862732350.png (86.49 KB, 400x697, dagny-texts.png)

The whole issue regarding Dagny is the fact there are narratives being spun which are trying to spur other trannies. The facts are these: she had an isp (guessing it means in-school suspension program and there was talk of vaping situations), she did not know the girls before that week, the girls were freshmen, she does not know the girls' names, the girls were supposedly making fun of her and her friend's laugh and clothing, Dagny and fellow tif were in the bathroom, Dagny decided to do something and she poured water on the girls, the girls respond back, Dagny says fought back and threw one of the girls at the paper towel dispenser, Dagny says the girls got her feet from under her, she said she hit her head and the girls were still attacking, Dagny claims she blacked out as her tif friend tried to join the fight, this all happens in less than 2 minutes before broken up by students and a faculty member, the school did not report incident, the school does not call ambulance, according to texts the other tif is put on the bus to go home, Dagny gets 2 weeks of suspension, her grandmother is called and it is suggested Dagny get checked out by ER, picrel of texts to a family member from Dagny, cops are notified by hospital about the fight, a cop interviews Dagny as shown by body cam, Dagny is released from ER, complains of sore head before going to sleep, next day she collapses on the floor with eyes kind of rolling back in her head breathing shallow and hands posturing and grandmother calls ambulance, grandmother use to be a nurse she told the 911 operator, grandmother lets it be known Dagny is on seroquel and fluoxetine besides the vaping, sadly Dagny dies at the hospital, police claim in the preliminary autopsy that she did not die due to trauma from the fight which would mean that opening up her head showed no signs of trauma that corresponds to injuries related to death by head injuries, the rest of the autopsy is now waiting on results from the toxicology report to see if there was anything in her system which takes a while, and the grandmother is now claiming there is a big cover up and wants her own independent autopsy which is her right.
Words matter. The girls did not respond physically until the water was poured. It was not a premeditated attack. The action of pouring water angered the girls, the girls saw red, and the girls responded. Make no mistake that doesn't mean Dagny deserved to die because water was poured. The media is obviously not giving a shit and purposely giving out bad info like that she was being bullied for months by these girls, who supposedly were older, due to being a gendie. This is nothing new. Lots, not all, of journalists don't give a shit about the truth. It isn't uncommon for them to not publish info based on the fact it ruins their narratives. A great example is Columbine. Despite lots of media members trying to pretend the cops did their jobs it came out later the police had an unsigned warrent for Eric Harris prior to the attack, a year even. Oops. One of the saddest things that came out is that the police just left the bodies there for 24 hours because they were afraid of something being booby trapped which also lead to a teacher who got shot succumbing to his wounds. It was amateur hour that they tried to cover up. I mention this because the media was portraying all of this as the cops having no idea and so heoric when in reality the assholes knew something was up but decided not to do their jobs. That's the power of propaganda as some people still don't realize the warrent part as it came out later. Even with the body cam being out, Harvard hired cyberlaw tranny Caraballo is trying to spin that the cop who visited Dagny wasn't doing his job. Oh btw Caraballo used the wrong pronouns but it's okay when he does it 'cause he a tranny. Caraballo is pushing that Dagny was a target of transphobia and being builled by these older girls for months when this wasn't the case. This is just more added fuel for trannies to scream their the ones being targeted. I fucking hate this whole thing and you damn well know none of this would have gotten the amount of attention it did had Dagny not been nonbinary. Also the obsession that she has to be a perfect victim because otherwise she doesn't deserve sympathy is creepy af. It doesn't lessen the fact or take away that she's dead. She acted impulsively which led to the fight. It's understandable why she did it but according to the law it would be viewed as something punishable which while the officer explained, he said he would follow up and if Dagny wanted to pursue charges, she could as it was her right. He gave her some advice because he's most likely seen it before but he let both Dagny and her grandmother know that decision was still largely Dagny's and he would do what she/grandmother wanted. It's just so fucking annoying that no discussion can be made without being accused of victim blaming. It also doesn't matter that you don't agree with the law nor does being underage suspends what is punishable under the law. At the end of the day this teenage girl is dead and before rushing with pitchforks and branding the girls as murderers (it would most likely imo be considered involuntary manslaughter as it was not their intent to kill her and result of reckless conduct), take a step back and understand there's more going on. Things aren't making sense with what has been released vs propaganda. Everything is getting drowned out in false narratives. To quote a stupid ass meme: you are not immune to propaganda. These things matter and guess what we're already repeating history as mentioned by another anon. I deeply despise the gendie cult for making this into a spectacle. These freaks needed her to be murdered for their cult, y'know twans genocide so let those boys/men in the girls bathroom before they too die, which is downright monstrous. Reminder that the gendie cult does not give a flying fuck if a minor dies as they are gleeful they can use the kid's death as a way to force their narrative.

No. 1902259

i feel this so much, the programming and linux communities really are full of insufferable troons

No. 1902561

File: 1708963760507.jpg (57.22 KB, 1080x694, tumblr_fb0ddd0ba774f9e0b247334…)

considering yourself a victim of genocide while living in the US is insane. transgenderism just seems like mass schizophrenia at this point, no country in the entire world is going to consider you an asylum seeker

No. 1902570

Kek this is so stupid and tone deaf. I am not a politisperg but imagine writing this out while all the Ukraine and Gaza stuff is going on. I can't stand troons and their delusions.

No. 1902629

File: 1708970022222.png (453.67 KB, 672x1180, TonTviolence.png)

They are going to eat each other alive very soon.

No. 1902631

I got into programming really basic shit back in 2003 and it makes me sad how much it's changed. I cant even imagine going into tech now with all the troons

No. 1902653

There's a REAL war going on but trannies still think they're being genocided lmao. They just need to be the center of attention at all times

No. 1902656

Males being males and jealous of actually pretty women. I hope all ftms become terfs eventually.

No. 1902682

Honestly kinda scary to see that lies about the Nex Benedict case got repeated even here, such as "repeatedly having her head slammed into the bathroom floor by her bullies" when she just fell and had her head hit the floor then. Obviously no one here could have known, but the fact that we still trust woke media enough to repeat what they said as if it's true is worrying. I mean what else are they lying about? Everything got so exaggerated, first she was "beaten to death by relentless transphobic bullies" - turns out they didn't even know her. Did they even know she was identifying as trans at all?
And then the actual nurse mom lying about her daughter's meds while she was literally dying on the floor in front of her is so fucking weird too, what the fuck? The 911 operator mentioning cpr and mom going "nah she totally doesn't need that fam" while going on to calmly and accurately describe the symptoms of literally dying. Obviously speculating here, but it seems there is something sus going on with the mom and what drugs she had given to her daughter.

No. 1902686

do you have a good source for the details of what actually happened? im seeing a lot of conflicting versions of it like you said

No. 1902698

Chronically online attention-whoring or legitimate paranoid schizophrenia

No. 1902724

Makes me sad. It's the whole 'if women do it, it's bad and vapid. If men do it, it has meaning.' Like when a dumb ass man puts on makeup or a long skirt, he's suddenly breaking boundaries. So annoying

No. 1902725

I used to work with a 19 year old MTF troon who said he was going to save up to leave the US because it was too violent against trannies and move to the netherlands. I dont know much about the netherlands, but are they especially accepting or trannies there?

No. 1902729

Nex is a nonbinary enbie. typical 16 year old NLOG gen z. I didnt hear about her falling, but she did hit her head and that's what caused the fatal injury. I still don't understand how she didnt get an MRI or Cat scan with a head injury to begin with. I thought that was standard operations. I don't know where the trans shit comes from however

No. 1902734

File: 1708975536548.png (291.83 KB, 697x993, twans is wearing clothes.png)

Gender is when girls wear pants, guise! I'm glad the author didn't pander to these retards. I wonder how many TRA authors and artists peaked when they released their troon characters into the wild and only got endless bitching and death threats back.
Can you imagine how much the before pic made TIMs seethe? Even when she's LARPing as a man with haggard T face she looks more feminine than them under 50 layers of makeup and filters. The endless negging will never stop, I just hope the TIFs will learn to be just as passive aggressive towards the untouchable TIMs with time.

No. 1902757

She got an MRI according to hospital and her prelim autopsy said not trauma related death. What are you talking about?

No. 1902778

I'm nowhere near the US but I can't go on message boards or subreddits to read about local shit anymore since they've been invaded by US trannies talking about 'the genocide' and repeatedly asking if we're magical tranny acceptance land. We're not but people play all pc and pretend like they wouldn't actually have it worse here. Just walking down the street here would be worse for them.

No. 1902809

File: 1708978641520.png (552.13 KB, 1169x1591, IMG_1212.png)

Nex also lied about what happened. Apparently she called the girls the n-word as she dumped water over them.

No. 1902813

File: 1708978834623.png (520.48 KB, 1170x1504, IMG_1213.png)

These are her classmates fyi

No. 1902816

File: 1708978898928.png (542.77 KB, 1169x1569, IMG_1211.png)

No. 1902822

They started the whole "dutch protocol" that transitions children. Europe has been moving away from transing kids tho, I think canada is the most troon friendly country right now

No. 1902824

How long before someone leaks her social media accounts and they're full of weird troon stuff?

No. 1902889

This was already posted lurk moar

No. 1902897

I'm pretty sure there was a follow up study to "the Dutch model" of transitioning kids that stated it was a huge mistake.

No. 1902908

Doesn’t really reflect Dutch society’s view on this whole thing. In Iran the state pressures gay people to transition but doesn’t mean that MTFs are somehow less oppressed than say the US.
Canada, US, and Netherlands are all supportive, he’s delusional

No. 1902909

Same type of idiot to think Joan d'Arc was totally a transman. Not a delusional schizo pick me who would beat up widows and prositutes (Misogyny and delusion she does have in common with TIFs though)

No. 1902973

It's a man

No. 1903120

NTA but I think that anon just replied to the wrong post and is referring to the tif who died

No. 1903843

The only other sources are random poorly written internet comments from alleged students at the school, I don’t know if I believe either side right now. I definitely don’t believe the n word thing

No. 1903886

How is this proof, you can say anything on the internet.

No. 1903891

>she was being a bully and didn’t know those students
>she’s been getting bullied since the start of the school year
>the other girls teamed up on her
>she just fell on the bathroom floor
>the girls shoved her head to the floor
>she called the (all white) girls the n word
>she overdosed
>she had an allergic reaction
>the testosterone she was secretly taking made her so frail falling down caused a fatal TBI
>she was secretly passing around adderall and T with her fellow troon classmates and fucked the dosage

No. 1905138

Always a tragedy when you meet an attractive lesbian and then she introduces herself with she/they pronouns. Self-hating, narcissistic, NLOG behavior

No. 1905160

File: 1709135867310.jpeg (275.13 KB, 1170x818, IMG_3342.jpeg)

Kek, I love her and her snark

No. 1905216

Oh no not the spine out…the standard way of placing books in a bookshelf. Gender specials are so retarded.
And yes JKR has been terve posting like a boss again on twitter.

No. 1905247

I love her. TRA activism is always useless and performative. Fuck is pissing in bottles, lying down with a flag, vandalising public establishments and GASP, god forbid, bending books gonna do? Right, nothing. Because the trans rights movement doesn't even need help.

No. 1905250

It's funny that their biggest most hated enemy is a female beloved kids book author, rather than some currupted evil politician trying to genocide them like they claim

No. 1905326

Alot of them that hate her with a passion admit they were part of the whole
> when I was a poor lil awkward, depressed kid/teen harry potter saved my life. No literally it saved my life!

Then they moved on to saying that finding out about tranny shit online and promptly trooning out saved their life next. That's how flippant they are. Everything is either some life saving, validating, affirming, community creating, beautiful but fucking obsessive all encompassing thing or it induces a rage that's just as obsessive and all encompassing. I swear if some other tempting/cultish social contagion took over tomorrow they'd flip again and lash out at the tranny cope because it'd be bad as soon as they find some new community to be a member of.

No. 1905745

spergy nerd vent
im just upset by how they turned acht into an enby because she uses japanese "boku" and her jp name is kind of gnc. and she was a gendie in the original then that's even worse, im bound to expect it in other games i like

i know splatoon is gendie heaven and it will always take from youth cultures, but it still is one of my comfort games. having canon gendie shit in it is not just upsetting to me but hurtful, i have trauma tied to this crap and now i can't even escape it in a story that is very dear to me

No. 1905999

File: 1709189607312.webm (7.51 MB, -Q3eMw2d1SVsTapl.webm)

these are the people who tweet about "beating up transphobes"

No. 1906015

Mental unwellness I honestly feel sorry that this is clearly a deep-seated underlying issue that she thinks is going to be solved through online rhetoric

No. 1906303

All the ex-Potterhead TRAs I grew up with lied about being bullied for liking HP in school, when in reality they were the ones bullying others. This series may have gotten kids to start reading but most of them never developed reading comprehension or grasped any of the messages in the books.
So after JKR was denounced for wrongthink, most of them switched from “I was the only HP fan at my school and everyone picked on me for it” to “I always knew she was a wrongun and everyone picked on me for being the only kweer”. I’m sure that once the tide fully turns, most of them will be saying they were GC the whole time (and everyone picked on them for it!!). Always alone, always right, always persecuted, despite being part of the mob the whole time.

No. 1906503

lmao i thought she was making a hilarious based satire video, up til the end part

No. 1906818

watching a white tim and an asian tif discuss how unsafe they feel in the us today makes my eye twitch as a black woman omfg nobody is lynching asian women or white bepenised people

No. 1906826

>Femininity is seen as vapid
it is inherently vapid yes
>when a dumb ass man puts on makeup or a long skirt, he's suddenly breaking boundaries.
he is. it's like if a rich person decided to live as a poorfag for a few years. way bigger deal than a poorfag being a poorfag; implicitly, it's all about giving up that male privilege in favor of tools used to oppress women, that's why it's such a big deal (and gendies don't want to admit femininity is bad and actively harmful towards women but you know how gendies are)(baiting)

No. 1906827

I think the thing that always gets me about them crying about being unsafe is that adopting the trans identity will always be a choice. I can't ever take them seriously.

No. 1906858

File: 1709244756463.jpg (963.02 KB, 1226x1634, tumblr_mft6b2T5EM1s1e3tyo1_128…)

>be at uni class
>teacher screens this photograph
>my 150cm tif classmate with an animal crossing water bottle on the table, frilly shirt and laptop full of chibi anime stickers: "Omg they look like ancient funkopops"

No. 1906862

ok but that's the funniest shit ever

No. 1906881

They are unsafe because they are biologically female. Women can be harmed no matter where they go and it doesn't have to be a lynching.

No. 1907079

It’s funny because white “trans women” males are not targeted no matter how you spin it. Their “murder stats” all come from racial minority homosexual prostitutes, and prostitution is a notoriously dangerous field

No. 1907094

Anyone else an artist and despise how much gender ideology has infected art communities? I wish I had artist friends IRL but I feel like it's almost impossible to find other artists who aren't sympathetic towards gender ideology. It's such a plague where I live and I don't think I have the patience to constantly keep up a mask around these types of people nowadays.

No. 1907180

You gotta learn how to sus out the extreme TRA types from the ones that are neutral/just don’t really care that much. You’re gonna have a harder time finding people that are outright gender critical or TERFy because it’s like painting a target on your back. I have a group of artist friends and gender stuff pretty much never comes up because it’s just not something most normal people actually think about.

No. 1907183

yeah, i really despise how gendershit has become something of a personality trait that they can just slap on a normal character for woke points. those he/xe pronouns are basically an accessory.

No. 1909085

Who else is ready to see all the international women's day posts somehow focusing on men? I'm fully expecting it at this point.

Before that it was disabilities, and while that is still happening I feel like people who used to say every character they liked was autistic, are now saying the characters just so happen to be the gender identity they themselves are.

No. 1909090

Can I get a source on this so I can pull it up whenever someone claims troons are murdered en masse? I've heard there are ones that even compare troon murder stats with female murder.
Would also love the ones that shows troon crime rates. Would love to find all these stats myself since I've seen other anons talk about them but my google search skills are boomer level. Would also be handy to have these stats in OP in the next thread perhaps?

No. 1909548

I met this girl awhile back who initially described her self as a "golden retriever chapstick lesbian." She had a tomboy style with long blonde hair, kind of a surfer look, pretty cute, we were flirty at times but kind of lost touch. I just found out she "came out" as trans and started taking T, has a go fund me for top surgery, now has short black hair, wears douchey looking chains, smokes cigarettes, brags about being italian, posts gym selfies saying shes a "swole beefcake" (in reality she is short stocky and overweight) and is now attracted to men. Pouring one out for another beautiful woman who for some reason hated herself so much she would rather become gay tony soprano. WHY

No. 1909586

I still remember that Tumblr-esque cartoon fiasco that used his photo in the background as a poster because "Trans rights".

No. 1909611

This aired last night. It's mostly about detransitioners and how they were failed by the Québec health system. Troons are mad and saying it is a biased investigation (because it is not about them and anyway who cares about detransitioners), some people are peaking and some still believe that it's good for trutrans people. The only TRA is a crazy lady that makes all of them look very dumb. The Youtube autotranslation isn't that bad for anyone who doesn't speak French. A part that might not translate well, is when they mention TPL which is BPD.

No. 1909617

Fuck, that's a loss. Trannies and their social contagion has devastated the tomboy community like crack devastated black communities in 80s.

No. 1909699

Do you guys 2024 will be the year more and more people will peak? It feels like more are waking up and realizing the social damage troons are causing or at least daring to be more verbal about how they feel about trannies with less and less pushback

No. 1910189

I don’t have the link ready atm but a few years ago a TIM wrote a pretty long and informative blog post calling out his own community for misrepresenting South American (Chilean?) TIM prostitute murder/life expectancy stats as general trans murder/life expectancy stats. It was great because TRAs can’t claim this TIM is a TERF. I’ll go looking for it if I have time, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it has been deleted.

No. 1910492

Just realized it's kinda fucked up hearing TIPs say "I've changed my pronouns…" because it translates into "I've browbeaten everyone else around me into playing pretend with me… or I've cut them out of my life."

Like, I have to play pretend with my trans identified coworkers and family member because I don't want to get fired, or start drama with my family. Not because I think you're actually the opposite sex. Like I can see that you're a depressed/mentally ill man/woman trying to LARP in a costume of the opposite sex because you hate yourself. I, too have had times in my life where I've been depressed and hated myself. There's probably a version of me in an alternate universe who got The Bad Ending and went the TIF route. And it's so fucked up that I'm not allowed to talk about this with anyone I know in real life.

No. 1910501

Nonnies, in the next decade to come, who do you think is going to start suing doctors for medical malpractice first? The TIFs who butchered their breasts and arms/tighs in the name of frankenweenies or the TIMs who castrated themselves in the name of coom and now can't coom anymore?

We're living something akin to the era where lobotomy was a widespread treatement considered life-saving. How long till the other shoe drops for post-op trannies?

No. 1910518

I think I love lurking r/detrans because it's like watching people waking up and leaving a cult in real time. I love watching documentaries about leaving cults, like "Escaping Polygamy" and "Going Clear" (about Scientology)and also documentaries about celebrity sex abusers, like Leaving Neverland and Surviving R. Kelly and we're definitely gonna get the most bat shit crazy documentaries from detrans people about leaving transgenderism within the next 10 years.

No. 1910536

TIMs because the ebul doctors took away their one purpose in life and the whole reason they went through transition: the ability to coom. I hope they start suing soon because males speaking out will be the only way people listen, unfortunately.

No. 1910545

Literally every women's day/women's history month post I've seen so far features Trans Wimmin in a "Don't forget our marginalized groups!" section, before like… actual marginalized women such as woc or disabled women. It's so, so tone deaf I'm seriously baffled.

No. 1910551

Just quietly unfollow/unsubscribe to any friends/products/or general social media accounts that post shit like that, and I guarantee your quality of life will go up.

No. 1910558

It's obviously just a personal observation, but I think TiFs are more likely to come forward with a detransition and sue. I think it's mostly because women aren't afraid to admit to being manipulated by social messaging and discuss their "mistakes" (well, as much as you can even attribute personal choices to the very young girls), while I think more TiMs go down with their ships and live in absolute denial rather than admit they were meme'd into destroying their dick.

No. 1910578

I think that it's also easier for women who detransition to get sympathy from peers and in the media, because (as long as they go back to being feminine women and don't continue to wear men's clothes and be butch lesbians) they can spin themselves as poor, unfortunate, confused victims of the Big Bad Patriarchy (which they are!). But men who detransition are less likely to get sympathy because they have to admit that they trooned out because they're a faggot who likes to suck cocks and/or because they're a pervert who gets a boner from wearing a dress.

No. 1910591

Interesting, you're actually right. When the detransition wave comes it may be that it will be more common for TIMs to an hero than to sue and speak out against troonism like some rare (female) detransitioners are doing now.

It's almost ironic considering the fact that for a man, going on estrogen has almost zero noticeable effects on their appearance other than gyno so it would be in theory easier for them to revert back to presenting as man. While for TIFs the effects of testosterone are irreversible. And yet, society might as well make it harder for the former to reintegrate than for the latter.

No. 1910595

i just did onboarding for a university job i got hired for as a student and they asked for my sexual orientation……. is that normal wtf

No. 1910605

Watching different detrans interviews, Tifs tend to actually want to open up and talk about personal regrets, get a bit of introspection going on. Not just bang on about lost body parts for an entire hour. There's more depth, more honesty about their role in it and a balance between telling their own story and linking it to others to reach the people who need to hear it.

TIMs that're sharing their stories, poor me n muh designer vag they promised me that never came to be. They're not talking about their story to reach others. The social aspect and worring about future kids always gets the most fleeting mention in a sea of me me me and my body parts. Imo they'll be the ones to try it. Not to save anyone else or because of the bigger picture. Just because they feel hard done by and their crotch is the centre of their world.

No. 1910631

They do that for jobs nowadays too, it’s fucking wild.

No. 1910633

That is such an inappropriate question wtf

No. 1910640

I think currently it's true because women are the most supportive of detransitioners, of course we have sympathy for other women and hate coomer fetish males.
However I think men won't truly listen until other men speak out, and it will be the male detransed kids who speak about how they can't have an orgasm and men who have had their dicks removed, because men can then contemplate the horror of losing their dick and never having sex or an orgasm (their worst nightmare). And then those men will be listened to more and become the main spokesperson… because they're men and people still love to ignore women.

No. 1910642

Men will be the ones to sue. For the very simple reason that men are A LOT more likely to sue than women in general.

But I also kinda think the first wave won't be troons so much as angry parents of detransed kids, but it will look like the kid is the one doing it.

No. 1910826

maybe its just a california thing? batshit honestly

No. 1910996

Everybody loves to make fun of women with extreme plastic surgery and obvious body dysmorphia, but TIMs can get multiple surgeries, photoshop their photos into oblivion and look unrecognizable in them and no one bats an eye or they eventually pity them if they look too horrifying. And BDD and gender dysphoria are actually not too far off.

No. 1911559

File: 1709576889326.jpeg (352.54 KB, 1170x1259, IMG_2538.jpeg)

They’re so stupid

No. 1911577

Did you watch the one about escaping the twin flames cult? That one is really crazy because they start brainwashing some of the members in the cult telling them that they are either masculine or feminine energy and convincing some that they need to transition to fit that label. Truly insane. Then they have a trans person (tif) in the documentary trying to shout about how this should not be considered proof that transgender is something that can be persuaded or brainwashed into someone even though it is clearly exactly what happens lol

No. 1911631

Be the change you want to see!

No. 1911685

Yes I did watch that documentary. It’s amazing - Netflix is so cucked by trannies that they interviewed these moms whose daughters had been sucked into the cult and then cut off contact with their parents, and even though the documentary made it clear that the daughters were groomed into identifying as TIFs, the producers still forced the moms to call their daughters he/him. The documentary including the Aiden author to word salad about how normal transgenderism is totally not a cult would be like if a documentary about fundamentalist Mormon polygamy included an interview with a regular Church of Later Day Saints member talking about how mainstream Mormonism totally isn’t a cult. It is possible for both things to be cults even if one is less extreme than the other. Fuck Netflix for including that little disclaimer in the credits about how transgenderism totally isn’t a cult, people are gonna be looking back at that disclaimer in 10 years and laughing.

No. 1911693

Wym? There’s nothing more ~queer~ and revolutionary than a masculine presenting male!

No. 1911728

Hoping for an English translation, the machine translation subtitles seem kinda bad

No. 1912013

some pronoun things i've noticed with women online:
>he/theys either a generic wannabe softboi or a surprisingly insightful and intelligent woman who makes my stomach hurt (i hate seeing cool women take the gendie pill). usually single, but i've seen a few that are married. to men, of course lol
>she/theys or "any pronouns!" usually partnered with a male, has only really dated men, but "totes bisexual uwu". otherwise just a normal looking woman
>she/hers are always hyper-feminine. almost always dating a guy, almost always calling herself a "femme" or a bimbo or a milf (never any older than 30), etc.
he/hims seem rare. they/thems are normally fat, ugly, and asian/white, plenty of them claim to be "lesbian" but of course are of the "anime girls and anne hathaway are so pretty! uwu! please look away while i devote 90% of my online presence to making in-depth posts and content about males"

No. 1912042

I agree with most of these observations, but as someone who briefly went by she/they in college (cringe I know), I think I just wanted to fit in with the small but present lesbian/bi community that had all swallowed the gender pill. It seemed like you had to go by she/they if you were gay and gnc, or else you were complacent with the status quo. Very retarded in retrospect, but it seemed synonymous with being a SSA woman at the time

No. 1912123

different anon but adding onto this: he/it TiFs, specifically the breed who are controlling enough to insist upon never being they/themmed, are the worst and most rabid loons of the bunch. usually obsessed with men too. they/its are just edgier they/thems, and i've never seen she/it used by an actual woman.
can confirm. even though i never took the troonpill, i myself went by she/they because i just didn't care about being they/themmed. i feel like so long as they're not throwing a shitfit over people "not using they/them enough", these women are likely to be the most normal of the bunch.

No. 1912161

He/hims are usually tankies, either black (studs irl) or white (anything goes), tend to be "edgy" or at least try, and are hopeless degenerates 99% of the time. Actual autism and furfaggority are almost guaranteed. Also they tend to have religious backgrounds AND actually qualify for religious trauma (no "my parents made me wake up early on sundays" bullshit) if they're on t are prone to roid rage and attention whoreing but if they aren't on anything usually they're too depressed to be actually annoying.
It's either that or irl kikomis that pull some kind of female to mtf to "boymoding". In that case, they're identical to the they/it and "Neo user", that is to say batshit insane.

No. 1912165

I’ve been following Scientology for a while now and it used to be more common for critics and ex-Scientologists to endorse Free Zone or Independent Scientology groups, who are scientologists who practice their ‘religion’ independent of the CoS and usually left due to some kind of personal beef with Church officials, not because they don’t believe in the cult teachings anymore. The existence of these groups also made some critics hesitant to refer to the belief system as a whole as a cult, because hey, here’s these people who aren’t in the CoS but still follow the teachings! Who are we to say this isn’t a religion if it’s helping people? It used to drive me crazy. But lately I’ve been seeing more critics refer to these groups as ‘cult lite’ and portray them as a kind of soft out, for people who want to escape but aren’t ready to drop the whole thing cold turkey, instead of a totally legit religion for people who want a more affordable way to rid themselves of their thetans.
I expect the trans narrative will follow a similar trajectory. Most people aren’t emotionally capable of admitting that they fell for something that was complete bullshit all along. It will probably take decades or however long it takes for the entire current and future generation of ‘trans kids’ to detransition or die out for society as a whole to admit there was never any validity to transgenderism at all.

No. 1912321

>all of those cases being straight women
>he/hims are rare
OT but I remember when there were practically only he/him TIFs, before the nonbinary wave. They/them was almost unheard of. These TIFs were always same-sex leaning bis or lesbians (calling themselves t4t gay men, kek.) Even though it was for all the wrong reasons that SSA women were a part of it, I miss the days when I could see a TIF and know she was 9/10 times a GNC gay woman who would likely grow out of the trans phase in a few years.

No. 1912848

>'tomboy' aka another moid fetish.
you have literal pornsickness b/c wtf? It's just a style?

No. 1913074

File: 1709701422223.png (15.04 KB, 567x145, Screenshot 2024-02-06 172412.p…)

Seeing things like this makes me so sad. Trans shit really is just a cult. The post this was in response to was to a young hispanic girl who was so close to escaping the transcult. I looked through her posts and she is clearly very depressed and has low self-esteem and the trans stuff was making her feel even worse. The whole idea that you need to question your gender, sexuality, identity is dumb to me. Why can't people just be who they are? Not everything about yourself needs to fancy label or fit into a nice box, just do what feels right. I wish i could reach out to her and tell her that, but she would just call me a transphobe.

No. 1913229

white guilt is one hell of a drug
yes, they're already blaming us for low fertility rates and shitty wages

No. 1913239

this is how i feel about "folxs"

No. 1913342

make a burner and just do it

No. 1913382

Pisses me off so much, especially since I am latina myself and gender stuff is so big in that culture. She probably needs help from a GNC woman to be told there's nothing wrong with her. I grew up as a major tomboy and my parents didnt force genderroles on me, but my aunt was super feminine and tried to buy me barbies and makeup when i was 12. I hope this woman will be okay. the trans cult really is a cult

No. 1913388

>Cis people don't think they're trans
That's like saying people without cancer don't believe they could have cancer. Or something. Either way thought policing is extremely harmful to minds. It's like saying someone cannot have a fleeting thought without automatically being put into a category. I've suffered with OCD and it's common to have a thought basically control a part of your life for a few days or so until you realize you've been partially living in a delusion and everything is okay. When I was in OCD groups years ago, a few random women would get stuck on the belief that maybe they could be trans and that's why they feel the way they do, which is false. They just have OCD, that's the end of that, nothing deeper than that.
I'm honestly surprised gender shit has shifted to be so prominent in Latino communities compared to years ago. We've always been known to not be the one to follow the crowd, even to the point of economically we're the demographic less likely to vote and rely on government assistance when in poverty.

No. 1913392

I also have OCD and I’ve noticed a lot of similarities in the symptoms of ROGD and OCD. No reputable medical professional would label someone with HOCD as gay just for their symptoms (HOCD: subtype of OCD where an individual suffers from obsessive thoughts about actually being homosexual even if they are not), and yet that’s what’s being done with people who obsessively think they might be the opposite sex/gender, despite there being no rational or scientific basis for these thoughts (like many OCD-type intrusive thoughts)

No. 1913406

I used to be in an OCD support group and apparently "TOCD" is now a thing and there were some women who had it, which really makes me wonder how professionals are going to try to treat that.

No. 1913422

People seem to have a hard time separating themselves from their labels. A gay person is gay because they’re same sex attracted, not because they slapped a rainbow label on themselves one day. Just the same, someone is female/girl/woman because of their anatomy not because when they were born a doctor slapped a pink label on them and declared them female! This detachment of words from reality is really harming peoples brains. Someone needs to tell these kids the same shit I was told when I was a kid: you are still you regardless of what you like and what you do, liking trucks doesn’t make you a boy, it makes you a girl who likes trucks. Personality and hobbies don’t define sex/gender and to suggest they do is magical thinking. It’s like thinking if you say you’re a neurosurgeon you can do brain surgery, it’s simply not how it works. The label means something about material observable reality, just because you can say “I’m a bird and can fly” doesn’t make it true and believing it does is incredibly damaging and potentially life threatening.

No. 1913444

Why is that so hard for them so get? It's so harmful. Like, I was a woman growing up who loved video games and comic books. It never struck me as 'this is more a boy hobby' I just knew more males were into the hobby. It's so detrimental for women to be told 'this is a boy's job and this is a girl's job' when there is no such thing irl. Hormones and chromosomes separate women and men, not jobs or hobbies. I've been saying it for 8 years now. The trans cult is making it worse for women to just be women who like things. They are not men and never will be.
Same with men who think liking makeup makes them women?? What about the hair and makeup artists since like the 1980s?? men have been the head of fashion bullshit for women for decades– and that's what needs to be called out. It's pure sexism at the end of the day.

No. 1913480

I think so many people struggle with it because they dont get a sense of fulfillment just being themselves. Social media promotes the idea that you’re whatever you label yourself as but reality doesn’t work like that. In reality you can’t just show up with a label and that’s it everyone understands you now. You have to socialize, you have to hone your skills, just having the label on isn’t enough but people don’t want to take the time or they’re too scared to because online is easier, you just say it and BAM it’s reality.
My parents asked me throughout my childhood and adolescence if I thought I was a boy and I would scoff because as a young child I’d been given the language to express “I like it because I’m me!” Kids now are only given the language to express discomfort with themselves because they’re the wrong sex, discomfort stemming from anything else is never addressed or given voice to and often for young girls/women is actively spoken over/ignored. And in young boys/men is downplayed as not a problem, when it’s incredibly destructive for them and people are them.
I wish we could go back to “you like what you like because you’re you” instead of this nonsense that says “because you’re you you have to like this and if you don’t something is wrong with you!” I thought we were done with that.

No. 1913707

>just having the label on isn’t enough but people don’t want to take the time or they’re too scared to because online is easier, you just say it and BAM it’s reality
I used to be into lolita fashion and for as long as I can remember there have been “lolitas at heart” - people who don’t actually wear the fashion but identify as lolitas anyway and insist on being included in the community and even real life meet-ups, jeans and all. Most lolitas thought this was stupid and people often made the same argument, that it’s a descriptor and not an identity, that you have to DO the thing to be considered Someone Who Does The Thing, you can’t just declare yourself something and make it true.
But then trans shit exploded and suddenly these same people were like “Oh you’re male but you identify as female? Well you ARE female then good for you queen!”, often while arguing with a lolita-at-heart in a different tab at the same time. It’s what peaked me, and I’m surprised most of these women haven’t dropped dead from the cognitive dissonance.

No. 1914029

Lolitas used to feel confident enough to kick out creepy men who were obviously displaying signs of being sexual predators but now all a creepy man has to say is “I’m a transgirl uwu my egg just cracked, can you plz help me find cute dresses with poofy petticoats so that my outsides can look like the beautiful woman I feel like inside?” and suddenly lolitas will flock to cater to his fetish. Lolitas are a lost cause, the hobby has become yet another thing that’s been colonized by men.

No. 1914301

An early Women's Day present courtesy of WPATH: https://public.substack.com/p/the-wpath-files

TLDR: leaked documents from WPATH show they're shills and their trans kid recommendations aren't based on science.

No. 1914366

it's so weird, many of us have known about all this for years. this has 0 shock value for me at this point

No. 1914372

I am really curious how this will effect the ongoing lawsuits in the states.

No. 1914456

File: 1709814471420.png (546.77 KB, 1040x587, Screenshot_2024-03-07-13-21-36…)

Spain introduced a new trans law last year that doesn't allow anyone to question someone's gender identity, not even psychologist because that'd be "conversion therapy", and all people have to do to get their gender ID changed is go to the civil registry and say they now identify as the other gender. Obviously everyone with a double digit IQ digit realised men were just gonna use it in their advantage to get access to female only spaces, etc and troons said that there's nooo way that's gonna happen, no one is gonna do that! Now a bunch of men are changing their legal gender to women for the kicks, people on twitter are going insane saying they're breaking the law, not actually rEaL tRaNs PeOpLe, and acting surprised this is even happening when it was more than obvious.
It'd be funny if it was just a bunch of harmless men showing how unfair it is that they don't need to change their appearance whatsoever, not even change their name, and don't have to have any screenings to verify they're actually true trans people. But of course they aren't, because some of them are women beaters changing their legal gender to women so they can't get prosecuted for domestic violence, and getting access to women's only spaces without any issues or else they can scream transphobia.
picrel, one of our very valid and brave trans lesbian female army member, Francisco Javier!

No. 1914515

File: 1709819018622.jpg (Spoiler Image,586.52 KB, 1080x1707, 4chan.jpg)

I wonder if pooners would second guess their identity if they knew how men viewed them.

No. 1914518

Even in the depths of my FtM phase I could easily see how guys could just cynically take advantage of you for free anal.

No. 1914594

Sage for somewhat off-topic sperg but the identifier "boku" is used mostly by boys and tomboyish women. It's a common trope in anime and video games for tomboyish or androgynous female characters to use "boku". A women using boku irl is extremely rare. The fact that the localization team and gendies think this is supposed to be an enby indicator is nothing short of pure retardation. By their logic then characters such as Chi-Chi, Sailor Jupiter, and Ryuuko Matoi are also nonbinary, despite not actually being one. (I'm aware that fandom gendies turn everyone into a tranny, that doesn't make it less stupid.)

No. 1914631

>posts a picture of some hambeast (all while likely complaining about how fat women are)
>demands to take advantage of mentally ill women
>for the sake of putting their dicks in literal poop

Moids are so repulsive

No. 1915113

What the fuck do tifs mean by saying that they want to "love men the way men love men" and not "love men the way women love men". I genuinely don't understand.

No. 1915124

i guess gay love must seem more 'pure' and equal in their eyes. Straight love is basically giving without getting anything in return.

No. 1915151

I always assumed it meant they want to be loved in the way men love each other in BL and fanfiction

No. 1915196

they need to understand 3DPD sucks and will never be like their superior 2D counterparts

No. 1915501

I've been reading/watching criticism of fundies lately, and it pisses me off how much people rely on accusing the fundies of transphobia to prove they're in the wrong. It's always like, 'they're bad people because they're homophobic and transphobic and it causes harm to others', but aligning the two concepts basically guarantees fundies will never see the error of their ways.

Transgenderism is absolute fucking nonsense on every level, it's obvious to any reasonable person no matter what their political or religious beliefs are. It was invented by degenerates, hurts others and themselves, and can't function without other people bowing down to their beliefs and ignoring their own reality. When it's inextricably linked with homosexuality (a logically consistent, naturally occurring phenomenon that doesn't impact others), it's just going to convince fundies that there's no need to examine their beliefs or be more empathetic about either subject. It makes well meaning people with legit criticisms seem like delusional morons and they will get nowhere.

No. 1915534

It’s a combination of reading too much yaoi fanfiction and having an idealized fantasy that love between 2 men is more “equal”, and thinking that being a woman loving a man means you’re a boring basic bitch/brainwashed tradwife who’s gonna be enslaved as some man’s baby maker.

No. 1916256

File: 1709909139403.jpeg (552.56 KB, 2250x3000, il_fullxfull.jpeg)

So, I'm a poet from a non English speaking country and for the past few years, the poetry scene in particular, has been flooded by gender specials and it's become unbearable to participate in any social events related to the field.
I was at a panel alongside a TIF author recently and for the entire duration of the event the lady who lead the panel kept talking about how brave and revolutionary she is for writing about "queer" subjects and how she's rebelling against the system and yada yada yada. Mind you, she wasn't even a popular author as she debuted very recently and was certainly not the first TIF who wrote about how queer and special she is, so it's not like she was trailblazer for other gender specials. I swear there is an epidemic of mediocre masturbatory books about "queerness" coming out and the quality is so low that I'm always in disbelief how anyone could publish it let alone an established, respected publisher (which happens all the time here). Some of the shit that gets awarded here would have never in a million years even been published 10 years ago. Whenever I get invited to an event I pray that they don't try asking me about the brave transgenderinos because I've already had one interviewer try to imply that I might be one of them because I wrote a poem in which I used male gendered verbs… It's insanity.
I live in a conservative country where gay marriage and abortion are illegal but spicy straights are treated like they're the biggest victims and get promoted like crazy! Some of it is just old men who aren't up with the times and think that using they/them pronouns and neutrally gendered verbs (which NOBODY does because it's literally the third neutral "gender" that's only ever used for objects and animals…) is an avant garde writing experiment which is funny sometimes because they treat enbies like they're doing a stage persona and gawk at them which they (enbies) always complain about online lol. I want this to end already, I want to get back to how things were before the gender craze. I can't remember the last time I was excited about going to a panel, especially as a spectator. Nobody fucking talks about poetry there, they talk about how anti-capitalist it is to dye your hair blue and wear pronoun pins and all the established people from the field eat it up! Ffs we don't even have any feminist authors or actually homosexual authors getting published but yes, we're all so progressive giving a platform to nlogs and sex pests (a tim author was exposed for sexually harassing his female peers through instagram dms recently). Art has gone to shit and I feel like I'm being stripped of what I love.

No. 1916262

It means they want love without misogyny. They want a relationship with a man that's the same as a relationship between men, which means being seen as equal, not being objectified or pornified, not being seen as a bangmaid, overall they wish to be admired by a man the way men genuinely admire other men. It's a common sentiment among tifs and even regular women, it's just that tifs delude themselves into thinking that they will be seen as something other than women (aka caretaker/maid/therapist/prostitute/slave in men's eyes) if they chop off their tits and take T.

No. 1916269

Samefag, I know it may be fun to shit on them because yaoi and them looking pathetic, but I think it's just sad. It comes from a place of deep self-hate and it's the result of the rampant misogyny of men. Many heterosexual women (tifs or not) feel like males fucking hate them even if they're dating or married to them, and they would be right because moids have absolutely 0 respect for women. They approach women for sex and children (that they won't raise), but the "romantic" aspects, admiration, respect and empathy are reserved for other men.

No. 1916294

File: 1709912429031.jpg (41.39 KB, 561x561, 1700245755204.jpg)

>I swear there is an epidemic of mediocre masturbatory books about "queerness" coming out and the quality is so low that I'm always in disbelief how anyone could publish it let alone an established, respected publisher
Eugh same here, I'm an aspiring writer but the whole literature scene in my (liberal EUfag) country is so offputting these days that I don't know if I even want to participate. Just last year at least the following has happened:
>two low-quality books by TIM authors (read one out of morbid curiosity, it's textbook AGP with disgusting sex scenes)
>not one but two biographies about two different Somali HSTS TIMS shilled, the only positive thing about this is that behind the scenes they must be seething hard at each other, competing for the same spotlight lmao
>extremely Tumblr-esque fart-huffing autobiographical novel by a 18-year-old TIF who went to the one high school known to be troon central
>an essayist cancelled by leftists and her work removed from an alternative book fair for daring to speak about female-specific issues with biologically accurate terms instead of licking TIMs' asses
>two low-effort "enby" soymoids publishing the shittiest poetry known to man
One of the last mentioned moids also published a fucking masterpiece of a poem where he fantasized of "hanging TERFs by the guts of MRAs" in one of the most highly appreciated literature magazines of my country. It's fucking shitty trying to be creative rn.

No. 1916308

>not one but two biographies about two different Somali HSTS TIMS
Kek wtf? Bleak. Writing is one of those fields where, unlike visual arts, you can't discern skill at a glance, so people of gender flock to it in droves and if the subject matter is trendy then it will be praised. I miss the time when essays and poetry were a niche thing that normies didn't care about. Now everyone caters to the mainstream.

No. 1916314

File: 1709913665806.jpeg (192.76 KB, 1080x1325, IMG_0682.jpeg)

Does anyone have a link to this essay or was it scrubbed from the internet?

No. 1916325

I thought this was a meme hmmm

No. 1916326

It's the first result on google if you search "Masculinity, anime, and gender dysphoria". Zoomers don't even know how to use search engines.

No. 1916346

this may be complete tinfoil but has anyone noticed that they get mORE pro-transactivist videos on Youtube's algorithm recommendations the more that they watch anti-tra content? i actively hide channels that produce this content and ask that they not be recommended, because they're generally a waste of time. but the topics/opinion videos I am willing to watch all the way through are never recommended in my feed again - just opinion pieces opposing them. Is there some kind of censor/filter on recommendations or what?

No. 1916348

Yes, I’ve noticed this too. Unfortunately, despite the best efforts of the algorithm, I’ve never seen anyone un-peak. Like if you’re a TRA and you finally actually read some radfem points > peaking. If you’re GC and you get exposed to TRA retardation > further peaking.

No. 1916366

I think the only way to nab a book deal these days is to go by they/them and speak about being trans kek. It's like that movie where the black guy has to write about hood shit to get his book on the #1 best seller list kek.

No. 1916391

File: 1709919397320.png (64.92 KB, 892x393, IMG_0688.png)

The education system has failed this retard

No. 1916401

it was the opposite for me. a couple months ago i had to stop watching troon critical content because youtube started to only recommend me dumb right wing channels. could it maybe be different for different countries?

No. 1916411

File: 1709920295687.png (23.66 KB, 898x208, what.png)

>detransition grifter
Could anyone fucking explain what they mean by this? Is this another term to denounce detransitioners?

No. 1916416

I think they started pushing small trans channels lately a lot! They just appeard in my recommendations like a month ago and i keep hiding them, but they still appear there. Do you think somebody payed them or is youtube headquaters just so brainwahed they thought its a good idea to promote that?

No. 1916423

A detransition grifter refers to someone who dares to speak up about how they were pressured/groomed/traumatized into becoming trans. Seething trans people think that detransitioners who speak openly about their experience are only doing so for profit or attention - i.e., for the grift. It's the typical tranny crabs-in-a-bucket mentality. Anyone who dares break free will be not just shunned, but villified and harrassed.

No. 1916448

I've noticed that youtube seem to have made a push for more visibility for smaller channels that are even tangibly related to anything you've watched lately (I've noticed they do that once or twice a year when there are too many complaints about only big channels getting seen in the front page recommendations), I don't usually watch troon-related videos but I've gotten A LOT of recommendations for smaller cooking and gaming channels with less than 500 views because that's the content I typically subscribe to/watch. I think it's just an unhappy coincidence for you guys.

No. 1916469

It's probably because 90% of my watched content history is from leftists and the algorithm thinks it's a fluke that i've stumbled onto ~terf propaganda~. but i 100% get what the above poster is saying about suddenly also getting an influx of right-wing grifters because some channels platform truly unhinged political opinions at the times when they are not talking about gender ideology. there is an unfortunate venn diagram between reasonable people going 'wait a second, this doesn't make any sense' and podcasting lunatics who think there's a worldwide illuminati conspiracy to make people trans (bruh people are crazy enough on their own, they don't even need the illicit encouragement).

No. 1916473

but i watch tons of ASMR and i get nothing recommended, but then i watch some gender critical youtubers and get reccomended videos about how Trans magic is the good light magic that saves the world.

No. 1916562

The worst part about that to me is how many things you can point out are dangerous and always extremely sexists. But no the daughter of a fundie liking a post with some dumb boomer tier image going "there's 2 genders!!!" is somehow more important to talk about? Not to mention why are they acting surprised? No it's not good they're homophobic for example, but I'm not exactly shocked people who grew up and live in a fundamental mormon polygamist household aren't promoting gay rights on their instagram.

No. 1917062

That's because most of the lolitas that spoke out against lolitas at heart/sissies left the fashion and everyone still around bends over backwards to be inclusive which now includes those lolitas at heart. Not much cognitive dissonance if everyone is accepted, etc.

No. 1917107

File: 1709952508810.png (403.21 KB, 760x1144, gxIeCge.png)

So Jane Ward is a very stereotypical queer academic who discusses "feminist porn" and the radical aspects of non-heterosexuality. She essentially 'encouraged' her adopted son, Yarrow to transition by initially dressing him in mostly girl's clothes and strongly encouraging him to embrace a transgender identity. He did so for a while, but then he realized it wasn't what he wanted. He asked his mother to allow him to be raised as a boy. She became upset and blamed "cis-hetero-white patriarchy", calling her son a coward for not wanting to confront his true identity. It's incredibly fucked up to read about.

No. 1917110

File: 1709952562935.png (559.25 KB, 887x547, jiLWTKL.png)

mind you this is how she was raising her kid, this wasn't trying to raise him without sexist bullshit, it was basically gaslighting and grooming to hope your child become trans.
here's the full article for anyone wondering

No. 1917336

File: 1709973744612.jpg (195.24 KB, 1079x611, fuckmylifebottomtext.jpg)

Wasn't sure which thread to post this in but just found out a TIF I know irl and have to pretend to be friends with writes a bunch of gross tranny fanfics. Which was already uncomfortable but the blatant AGP fetishizing is unreal. Posting since I often see people claim TIFs aren't as pornrotted as TIMs or aren't as aware of their degeneracy. Idek what you would categorize this as, the level of cognitive dissonance you have to have to write something like this as a female and think its not violating/creepy.

No. 1917375

>AGP Klavier
Oh no. Is this Ace Attorney tranfic?

No. 1917482

I don't have time to repost it all at the moment, but have you guys read the WPATH leak (you can find some of it on KF)? I'm really upset that this isn't more talked about

No. 1917494

TRA have shut it down as right wing religious propaganda and everyone believes them. Everyone takes Erin Reed "debunking" as gospel even if his analysis is dumb and pure cope. Same that happened with Tavistock which has been memory holed at this point. I am losing faith, at least where I live.

No. 1917636

File: 1710000527627.jpeg (422.82 KB, 828x1027, IMG_0698.jpeg)

Perhaps it’s the algorithm, but the first three hits on google for me are all from liberal/leftist news sources, which makes me feel optimistic. It’s obviously not only being talked about in conservative circles

No. 1917640

File: 1710000871182.jpg (Spoiler Image,204.06 KB, 1080x693, awhellnaw.jpg)

Yes, because of course it is.
TIF claims to be a lesbian but is a fujo, and its pretty funny how her fic ratio is multiple 3k+ yaoi fics, plenty with explicit nsfw, and then one measly f/f fic that isnt even over 1k.
Picrel is another excerpt. I won't flood the thread with more sc, but it's crazy to me that I can explain how women are fetishized or why guys who get off on crossdressing are gross, but it doesn't matter. I just don't understand the cognitive disconnect between claiming to be progressive yet seeing no problem with this shit.
It sucks because before this I thought maybe I would have a tiny chance of peaking her if I explained myself, but fetishizing creepy blatantly misogynistic AGP shit is too far gone. I absolutely hate how society is so whipped for troonery that I can't just outright call this out.
Makes me wonder how many other seemingly harmless TIFs are hiding AGP tranny fetishes and its a bit scary, in a cosmic horror kind of way.

No. 1917645

TIFs in my experience have a different porn brainrot than TIMs. I've been in fandom since high school and TIMs tend to watch IRL trap/lesbian/sissy/etc. porn, TIFs are often into kinky fanfic (omegaverse, BDSM, etc.) and sometimes real gay porn. I'm not one of those radfems that thinks fictional stuff is equally bad, but I noticed that TIFs with the worst grasp on reality get equally addicted as "normal" porn addicts do. I left Tumblr but I notice TIFs are becoming equally as porn-addicted as AGPs on there and vocally support them.

I can understand being a lesbian and liking M/M ships, but not writing graphic smut about their dicks and whatnot. If she wrote F/F just as much I'd buy it, but most "lesbian fujos" are like this.

No. 1917650

Don't log in to google and clear cache and cookies after visiting youtube. This disables most of the algorithms ability to recommend videos based on watch history and you will get fresh recommendations based off the video you just watched instead of your long term history. Bonus points for using a VPN.

No. 1917666

Environmental Progress is run by a guy (Michael Shellenberger) who wrote a book shitting on progressive politics and decries "wokeness" all the time, so he's already treated as sort of fringe/right wing and has no sway with liberals or left wingers. Sex Matters is not going to reach anyone who isn't already peaked because the fundamental premise and mission is incompatible with gender ideology. The Economist is fairly centrist, so that's promising. But overall, I don't see this hitting any mainstream outlets or permeating the bubble or shifting the needle at all. Sometimes it does feel pretty hopeless.

No. 1917670

I've also been in fandom spaces for ages, but I suppose I was naive enough to think that since she doesn't talk about nsfw stuff very often that she wasn't a creep. My guess is she just doesn't share with the class because she knows it's weird, but her gendie/tranny peers online are enlightened enough to get it.
Obviously we would still have gendertards even if Tumblr didn't exist, but it's heartbreaking to daydream about a universe where it didn't help trans ideology explode and drag down gender equality and gay acceptance.

No. 1917676

The Economist is owned the Rothschilds and is basically a propaganda outlet. If The Economist is publishing articles that challenge trans ideology, it's about to get bad for troons.

No. 1917688

>Obviously we would still have gendertards even if Tumblr didn't exist, but it's heartbreaking to daydream about a universe where it didn't help trans ideology explode and drag down gender equality and gay acceptance.
When I was on Livejournal, only 1 out of 10 people in a community were trans or "genderqueer", but I never met someone like that in real life and even libfems in the 00s/early 10s could talk about female-specific issues. Now in communities on social media and groups in real life, I can count on one hand how many normal "cis" people are in them. I don't buy the argument that "more people are coming out as trans because we're becoming more accepting now" when both liberals and conservatives have been more sexist and homophobic in the last 15 years.

No. 1917692

I'm really trying not to make fun of this lady too hard but
>gets his thigh rubbed and the feeling goes right to his dick
Is somehow the most female thing I've read in a long time. But of course TIFs are true and honest menz.

No. 1917712

I was a lot more accepting earlier on as a tween when the big push was framing it as a mental disorder and the goal was passing, before I had worked on my own understanding of feminism and gender dynamics etc and realised why it was still wrong. But I was under the false impression that we were all just playing along for their sake, and stupid shit like neopronouns weren't given the time of day. I think a lot of people who grew up while trans stuff was getting pushed more maybe just havent bothered questioning their beliefs, but a part of me is stunned that so many people wholeheartedly believe in it. Add on to that how the goalpost has shifted and become more and more ludicrous over time, I just can't fathom being stupid enough to not say pause. It's gross thinking back and realising the bold faced lies the tranny adults on tumblr were peddling to dorky/gnc teens under the guise of being progressive, preying on their susceptibility to believing stupid shit and wanting to be good people.

No. 1917731

File: 1710007200186.png (690.65 KB, 663x673, Screenshot_3_9_24.png)

I always thought of transgenderism was a symptom more then anything, it's one of the most noticeable but it's just one of many things, it's the end result of extreme porn-addiction, consumerism and dying stages of liberal marker capitalism.

No. 1917743

These people are so creepy. About 99% of trannies and enbies are white yet they insistently portray the community itself as this ~diverse~ melting pot, it's so bizarre and gross, they don't even see us brown people as humans but props to promote their sick agendas

No. 1917809

Agreed, aside for homosexuality, every other queer identity that's popped up in the las decade is a symptom. But I like to think that means eventually it will stabilize again, we are just living in dark ages, there will be renaissance of common sense.

No. 1917835

I have a more cynical view on it, I don't think we'll ever see that sort of golden age of the 80s to the recession, where the West had the highest rates of prosperity and comforts, while also witnessing a decline in conservative elements from society. I believe as the American Empire decline, that most states will develop into more regionally-based conflicts and identities, troonism along with all other queer identities will disappear.

No. 1917850

>most states will develop into more regionally-based conflicts and identities, troonism along with all other queer identities will disappear.
can you explain your reasoning for this?

No. 1917862

I know it feels like the future is bleak, but societies have thrived again after all sort of devastating periods through their history, this won't be the outlier.

No. 1917885

i hate how gendie shit ruined online friendships. it's so difficult to connect with people because everyone has to engage in performative activism and "xy is toootes valid!!!" behavior and when you don't do that, people immediately assume that you are the worst. "the worst" being that you hate troon shit and don't give a fuck about who wants to be valid. every time i feel like i found a space of likeminded women one of them turns out to be a troon lover, comes out as a nonbinary they/themmie or is just insane. the insanity of online people i could deal with before but the other two things happen on the regular and it's just exhausting. i like being on the farm or on radblr but i just want to have friends and not just niche online communities with strangers…

No. 1917910

The only POC I know who buy into the gender stuff are often middle class or above and extremely westernized. White enbies love talking about how "many ~POC~ cultures have third genders and ~white people invented the gender binary~, but nearly every "third gender" I've read about is either for intersex conditions, gay men, or celibate women.

I don't think this shit will last until 2030 at least. More people are snapping, half of the "trans" and "queer" friends I've had in the last decade have detransitioned or peaked in some way. Gender woo will always exist but I think the affirming transition model will be seen in the future the same way we look at lobotomies and bloodletting. It's not going to be cool to make money off of the more capitalism gets worse.

No. 1917976

I hate that there can never just be a gnc character anymore, they always have to be trans, even if they are only gnc in appearance. Half the time they don’t even like said character, they just want to insert their cringey gender ideas on characters they know nothing about. I seriously saw a twitter post saying “Griffith from berserk is a transfemme” is that really a character you want to have in your group???

No. 1917979

Scary thing people I’ve never heard brought up about trans ideology: it’s making the TiFs dumber about their safety. Many think one day they will magically pass as a man and do anything a man can do. I don’t like most TiFs as people but I’m terrified for any poor woman or especially girl who thinks misogyny doesn’t apply to her so she decides to walk home at night alone. It is trying to make other women less aware of their surroundings, less competent to assess danger, it’s horrifying. Yes, it’s a sign of stupidity but this is stupidity also indirectly or directly sanctioned by mainstream western society at this point.

No. 1917987

File: 1710025305338.jpg (315.29 KB, 1080x2193, Screenshot_20240309.jpg)

Double posting to show The Guardian picked up the story. The Guardian is pretty liberal, which is promising, but Hannah Barnes is known to be GC and will likely be discredited. Still, if the NHS is disavowing WPATH based on this, then it does feel like this leak has potential to get bigger and have more repercussions. TRAs are scrambling to discredit it, but the more official bodies give it credence, the weaker their arguments will become. Although, it's also possible it'll just be another piece of evidence for the ~trans genocide~ and perpetual victimhood.

No. 1918011

I feel like I have to walk on eggshells even though I'm arguably a "moderate" on the gender issues. I don't want to be on the GC side of the internet but it's the only space where not believing in TQ+ shit isn't the elephant in the room I don't want people to know about. I get paranoid of reconnecting with online friends I had a decade ago because they drank the "ally" koolaid.

I've been noticing a lot of rapist and/or misogynistic male characters are getting headcanoned as "transfem" which I highkey hope makes people peak. It's telling on themselves.

No. 1918034

>WPATH leak
What's that?

No. 1918055

File: 1710028725533.jpeg (63.96 KB, 750x750, F14EC668-1CCC-49E1-A2BA-32A86B…)

>I've been noticing a lot of rapist and/or misogynistic male characters are getting headcanoned as "transfem" which I highkey hope makes people peak. It's telling on themselves.
There’s also the similar phenomenon of headcanoning violent, creepy, misogynistic men like Charlie Kelly as soft uwu trans bois and it also makes me sick.

No. 1918069

Use google

No. 1918074

♥ this is 4 all the cybergurlz ♥

No. 1918099

Just watched this and came running here to discuss it. Sillypoo, you are so based.
>Notice me sillypoo senpai

No. 1918122

I would murder thousands of men for a sillypoo website where you can create your own little sillypoo creature, dress her with different outfits and interact with other women. It could have a video verification system, that would be hilarious kek.

No. 1918123

File: 1710032949004.png (1.14 MB, 1025x960, detrans.png)

The entire document is a really interesting/insane read but this one is just depressing. There's another pic under this in the doc where they discuss a 16 year old girl who got top surgery and detransed. These medical professionals are trying to justify performing irreversible experimental surgeries on schizophrenics and children with TikTok-induced folie à deux. You have to get consent from every single one of the patient's DID alters if you want to start HRT and apparently stinkditch urethras still excrete semen.

Document: https://static1.squarespace.com/static/56a45d683b0be33df885def6/t/65e64b9e5cbd756da9fbbdfa/1709591479160/Final+WPATH+Report.pdf

No. 1918134


No. 1918160

The way the person writing this forgets to say 'him' by the end of the letter and keeps saying them instead kek.

But yeah that's fucking miserable, how do these quacks live with themselves??

No. 1918229

I don't know if this is the right thread to rant, but I hate how this song about misogyny is being misinterpreted. The song is basically about a woman who wishes she could become a man because of misogyny, but people keep trying to twist the meaning into being "uwu it's about a twans man." I don't understand how you can miss such an obvious meaning so hard.

No. 1918272

I mean it's more part of serious politics, but democracy is the current global world order of liberal market capitalism are ending in front of our very eyes, the world order of America is ending and it will far reaching consequences on our lives and identities. it's happening in Europe, Africa, LatAM and Asia and I think it will only spread.

No. 1918415

samefag, here's an example of what I mean, in Ireland there was a major vote regarding "who can identify as a woman", with most every left-leaning party having the same position as >>1917731 and losing in a landslide.

No. 1918446

tbf the song does come across as "tiffish", the usage of "beautiful boy" feels like an odd choice and the main singer looks like a gender special anyway's.

No. 1918473

nta but attractive men get away with everything lmao pretty privilege is real, but only for men.

No. 1918519

This is absolutely incredible, also nostalgic and creative. I feel inspired and heard. Thanks for being awesome! Total Women Victory

No. 1918520

I mean kinda, but I don't think of a visibly attractive young man/boy when I think of a powerful male figure who gets away with everything. I think of older businessman who would not be considered "preety boys" by any metric.

No. 1918533

men can kill children and women and be mildly above average and women will lust for them, look at dahmer and ted bundy

No. 1918552

and both of them were ugly adult men.

No. 1918577

the bar for men being 'attractive' for most women is very, very low

No. 1918580

alright, but in no realty are they "pretty boys"

No. 1918597

pretty boys arent real all men are fugly

No. 1918674

Same, I’ve honestly given up on trying to make friends online. Every time I meet someone who’s into the same things I am it’s only a matter of time until they start talking about how JKR is evil incarnate or whatever. They’ve all been primed to recognise and reject wrongthink too so there’s no point in trying to get them to question anything. Anything less than full agreement sets off their Suppressive Person TERF alert.

It’s not just TIFs. I’ve known many libfem women who think that being wary around men is hateful/bigoted/ignorant and that “women are just as bad”. I don’t think most of them are even thinking about trans-identified people when they say this. It’s simply become unfashionable to recognise that there are significant physical and behavioural differences between men and women and that men pose a threat to us. And if the man in question is in any way marginalised (mentally ill, homeless, immigrant background or, of course, trans) then you don’t even get to complain about it after he has harmed you. His life is worse than yours, Karen! Stop weaponising your trauma!
Most TIFs I know are t4t or still dating the same guy they were pre-transidentification, and stick to female or all TIF spaces, so hopefully they’re not in any more danger than other women. I do despair for the ones who seek out male spaces, though, and the ones who meet strange men off Grindr. It’s only a matter of time before that goes horrifically wrong.

No. 1919376

i can't help but giggle when gendies try to defend trannyism with "b-but it's been around foreverrr!" so has misogyny, doesn't make it okay, but not like they would care about that anyways. they'll be like "well there were trans people in ancient civilizations!!" yes and some ancient civilizations also practiced human sacrifice, should we bring that back? jesus fuck actual retards, all of them. we'll see trans surgeries portrayed the same as lobotomies in the 50s soon and I can't wait to laugh in their faces

No. 1919398

I hate liberal feminists so much, it's insane. We are never going to progress with this mentality

No. 1919405

I truly hope this bullshit peaks people

No. 1919409

they're not liberal nor feminists, they're a separate movement. They do not stand for women and they lumped up so much bullshit with it that now it doesn't mean anything anymore. They're the Rosy Colored Glasses and Tone Deaf community, I refuse to compare them to anything that speaks for a marginalized group, because they're the most selfish people and with that mentality, you do not stand for anything but for yourself. Narcs.

No. 1919430

Seriously, thank you for saying this. Why do they act like because something has existed a long time, it should be preserved? Do they consider child marriages normal too cuz girls under 15 have been getting married off for centuries?

No. 1919454

it drives me fucking mad. if you brought that up they would disregard it as an invalid point because urm, that's obviously totally different! no, both pertain to misogyny, gender roles and stereotypes, pedophilia and the removal of children's autonomy. they pick and choose what they want to acknowledge. the entirety of the trans movement is based in cherrypicking, it's astounding to me how stupid and ignorant people are.

No. 1919487

I feel like womens and trans issues always need to be seperate. They aren't the same and most women are not okay with men in women spaces.
It's sexist imo because you don't see people fighting for the rights of tifs or trans men at all because they still see them as women.

Most trans women I see are so unsettling and induce fear in me because 99% of the time they just let the coom rot their brains. They don't look like women, they look horrorfying. Like that serial killer who wore the skin of women.

No. 1919490

The vast majority of historical third-genders were eunuch priests or officials and little boys who were raped by adult mem.

No. 1919517

File: 1710102420779.jpg (600.36 KB, 1080x3429, 4092628.jpg)

How are these people real and how are these women dumb enough to be lesbians and scream "lesbians like dick"? Wouldn't that be rape?

No. 1919544

so your definition of power excludes money or the ability to subvert law enforcement or control politics, but it includes the ability to get a few girls to spend a few seconds posting 'that killer is kinda hot lol' on the internet

No. 1919566

I think this is a good introduction to gender-crit thought. Most anti-gender stuff comes from conservative outlets, so it's refreshing to hear this from someone who doesn't throw out women's and lgb rights along with it. I believe that a lot more people would be gender-crit if the movement wasn't rampant with conservatives.

No. 1919576

Genital preference is such a rapey term. Its disgusting and implies you can decide which genitals to be attracted to. Literally straight scrote rhetoric for lesbians.

No. 1919579

>Wouldn't that be rape?
Yes, but they don't care and support it. Gendies unironically believe that sexuality is based on "identity"/pronouns and genitals are irrelevant.

One of my peak moments was a decade ago when so many liberals who supported "no means no" and "people are born gay" turned around and decide that didn't apply to lesbians. I noticed how these "genital preference" posts sounded identical to what rapist straight men said about lesbians, but my "queer" friends were cheering it on. It's so hard for me to care about them anymore when your allyship depends on if you'll let them fuck you.

No. 1919591

File: 1710106725894.png (124.36 KB, 1843x819, redditoverlap.png)

This reads like it was taken from r/actuallesbians, in which case these are not women. There are no real lesbian communities left on Reddit because any lesbian subreddit that doesn't talk about girldick 24/7 is banned. Actually, alright, just checked out every single user here (who didn't have obvious usernames like TransbianMoonGoddess) and they are all transbians except for thelightbehindureyes, who is a suicidal TIF with BPD who was raped by her ex boyfriend and talks about self harming all the time. So.

No. 1919596

>I believe that a lot more people would be gender-crit if the movement wasn't rampant with conservatives.
I don't interact with conservative content and it's not like i actively try to avoid it, all the gc people I see are almost exclusively leftist-adjacent terfs, gay people and detrans victims

No. 1919653

remember when someone posted the overlap with r/yaoi and it was all the ftm subreddits.

No. 1919669

File: 1710109948444.png (73.06 KB, 1080x538, 1000004461.png)

Checked out some troon communities to see what they thought about the WPATH files leak. Didn't find a lot of people talking about it, the ones who are sound like they're in denial and also delusional kek

No. 1919673

Those aren't the people that are the loudest about it IRL though. It's the conservatives that win out platform wise which is why the narrative can be so skewed by dismissing any GC thought as conservative thought.

No. 1919714

File: 1710112577741.png (49.23 KB, 724x653, 2938ry9833rredf5tg.png)

This gave me an idea, picrel

No. 1919721

>not a single yaoi sub
lmao this detroys the pakitard

No. 1919725

File: 1710113009847.png (187.09 KB, 598x529, based.png)

JKR showing that even if she uses the "inclusive" words they want to be used, they would still tear her away.
Although is obvious she did it sarcastically.

No. 1919731

File: 1710113552848.gif (929.41 KB, 245x170, guitar scream.gif)

>two autism subs on the ftm side
When are people going to catch onto the fact that this movement, regardless of what its intentions are, is causing mass sterilization of autistic women?

No. 1919741

>Hannah Barnes
My beloved

No. 1919746

Shh, don't summon her.

No. 1919763


No. 1919781

Or gay characters. Whenever a character is canonically gay, they get an avalanche of troon fanart and fanfic. It strikes me as homophobic, like troons can't fathom the idea of someone being attracted to their own sex, that they must somehow be a butchered member of the opposite sex instead. Or more realistically, they're straight and want to self-insert as a gay character, so they draw that character as a straight woman with zippertits as part of projecting on that character. But do you even enjoy the source material at that point, if the only way you can get enjoyment out of it is to change it until it resembles your own life as much as possible? It's a level of narcissism I just don't understand.

No. 1919788

Most autists aren’t interested in reproduction enough for this to be an end goal for them.

No. 1919797

That still doesn't make it okay that large numbers of them are ostensibly being manipulated into castrating themselves. I'm an autist and I don't plan on having biological children, but that's a choice I'm conscientiously choosing to make. In the case of TiFs, it's a short-sighted tradeoff they impulsively make because they think they can become their husbandos. Imagine permanently losing your ability to have kids or breastfeed because of a retarded phase you had in high school; that's really stripping away a person's ability to make an informed choice on their own behalf.

No. 1919799

nta but we don’t really need more kids…? why do people act like being unable to pop kids out of your vagina is stripping your human rights or something.

No. 1919804

I mean yeah but it’s not some wide eugenic conspiracy (though I think if r9k incels get memed into castrating themselves it’s a net positive)… plus losing your ability to breastfeed isn’t really crippling or anything

No. 1919805

Because the autism nation doesn't have a large enough population already

No. 1919808

Because it is. Reproductive freedom is a human right. The U.S. once tried to sterilize disabled people en-masse and it was a humanitarian nightmare. I don't think the world needs more kids, but that's a decision each person should be allowed to make if they are capable.

Here's a thought: eugenics is bad, actually.

No. 1919810

eugenics is good. think about it: only quality men reproduce-> no low quality men upset about being low quality-> no more trooning out to cope.(infighting bait)

No. 1919812

Women were supposed to be the natural selectors but men got pissy about it gay cunts

No. 1919813

Eugenics is good in theory but will turn out poorly because people can't be 100% objective and will insert their biases into everything. Moids will also have a shitfit

No. 1919816

Not sure why people focus so much on reproduction, cross hormone drugs and procedures such as hysterectomy can have horrible implications on your overall health. It's a huge deal to play with your hormones the way troons do, it leads to serious cardiovascular problems, mood swings, development of allergies and debilitating issues with bone density. Granted, most people, including troons, will reproduce whether or not we like it.
Well, you are still condoning troonery either way even if you intend to use the procedures to hurt them because you are still allowing them to engage in their delusions. Most troons will not get bottom surgery anyways or with the moids, plenty of them troon out after impregnating women. Also, not a single agp is born an agp, it's purely social conditioning.

No. 1919821

It should at least be a condition of NEETbux. Hard to insert bias there. If you're too retarded to be able to support yourself, no one wants you reproducing.

No. 1919829

true, but every male can innately be coom memed into anything so there’s not much point splitting hairs about their particular porn viewing patterns manifest.

No. 1919836

I mean I’d support their delusions if it got them to leave women alone and fuck each other. I would support porn and sex dolls and the millions of other things that are supposed to render women irrelevant any day now. I would support regular male delusions about being unermenschen who don’t need no whamen if that worked. The problem is none of their copes actually work and they’ll never leave women alone because of it. So I’m getting to the root of the issue.

No. 1919851

I'm talking about women anon.

No. 1919854

dw autism is mostly caused by fucked up sperm

No. 1919860

If we sterilized retards neither of you would've been born.

No. 1919862

I was talking about female driven mate selection but honestly if you can get memed into stereilizing yourself then that’s kind of natural selection.

No. 1919978

A bunch of tifs already have kids though

No. 1920150

File: 1710133781042.png (139.65 KB, 541x526, KJ4J31K15435H33663.png)


No. 1920175

File: 1710135441937.png (281.47 KB, 1439x666, y4kYmkO.png)

No. 1920203

The world is still waiting for any type of proof that trannies are dying en masse if they're not also part of a demographic that already has an exponentially high chance to die. So the answer is definitely yes, because those guys aren't even tied to the tracks.

No. 1920417

trans people stop shit talking detrans people for 5 seconds challenge failed yet once again

No. 1920780

You don’t explode if you smoke a pack of cigarettes a day either but that doesn’t mean that shit won’t kill you. They’re so disingenuous.

No. 1920919

File: 1710192212225.png (77.46 KB, 326x612, Screenshot 2024-03-11 at 5.24.…)

Menslib is the "inclusive subreddit for healthy discussion of all men (including trans men) issues". These fools won't last a second in r/MensRights or r/MGTOW

No. 1921123

I'm slowly peaking my classically liberal "be kind" mom and it's so satisfying kek. since I was a little tomboy dyke as a kid, first I told her how I was concerned about the erasure of tomboys and how transgenderism just puts people in more boxes, perpetuating homophobia, such that I might have transitioned myself if I was a kid today. next, I told her how self-id is dangerous for women because creeps can now enter the women's bathrooms as long as they say they're women, despite the "harmless trutrans just wanting to pee" (you gotta peak them slowly). finally, I pointed out how it's mostly autists who transition, so it feels like a eugenics program (an autistic relative of ours recently trooned out, making this point extra salient). now she always sends me articles from liberal media that dare to question gender ideology (she only trusts mainstream liberal media, of course). success, nonnies!

No. 1921149

Yes but that isn't the norm at all

No. 1921152

File: 1710206631110.jpg (457.11 KB, 1080x1108, 1000016507.jpg)

I've seen multiple of these tweets about how if he was a drag queen it would be a totally different story and how it's um, so hypocritical! to not treat this any different. It pisses me the fuck off how blind these retards are. A naked man on stage as a joke is completely different from a misogynistic man who's in full-fledged womanface promoting the ideology that the public mocking of women is tooootally valid and brave. It's a man's natural (albeit built) body for chrissake, I wonder why they have such a problem with seeing a body that hasn't been modified? Oh right…

No. 1921161

dear lord he's repulsive

No. 1921173

>John Cena
>Nice to look at
Say whatever you want but do not try to peddle your ugly man agenda here.
>seeing a body that hasn't been modified
That man's body is pumped full of steroids.

No. 1921185

Lmao knew someone would reply like this. I'm not the first anon you replied to, I think John Cena is nasty and don't think it was an excellent bit. Don't get the misconception that I believe he's 100% natural, what I meant was that he doesn't deviate in a manner of expression that obscures his sex.

No. 1921189

It's funny how all the losers come out of their lonely caves like roaches to make fun of us roided muscle-crackhead enjoyers.
I'm feeding my pig carcinogenic protein dust by the spoonful and he let's me punch him in the jaw because he's too poor to buy his own MEGA BIG-BOY PROTEIN EXTRAVAGANZA CHUM BUCKET from Decathlon. I don't have to worry about when to dump him because his heart will give up on him before I do.
You will be buying diapers for skinnyfat faggot with your own retirement money in a couple decades but MUSCLEPIG will already be six foot under & STILL mogging your faggot even as a skeleton.
Imagine being too scared to drop kick your Nigel becuase he might fucking die. Couldn't be me! Mine is already dying. A heart attack wouldn't be out of the ordinary in an autopsy situation.
Bucktooth Becky's stay seething over the PIG-PUNCHING Stacy. #mindset

No. 1921195

kek, nonna. still agree with >>1921173 tho, he looks like a roided out retard

No. 1921202

its a super old pasta

No. 1921213

It's only a year old.

No. 1921214

>super old

No. 1921224

we have newfags that dont even recognize a year old pasta

No. 1921490

Kids find nakedness hilarious, he's not flashing them his dick, and little kids sure as hell aren't finding him sexy kek. He sure as hell isn't having a "have you seen a naked man before? praise something about me? how does it make you feel?" convo like those kid-drag recorded conversations go

No. 1921943

I think he was also wearing a nude colored slip thing so it's not like he actually flashed anyone. And then he wore a toga.

No. 1921954

What kid is watching the Oscars anyway?

No. 1921955

Nobody lol. Btw they were airing a Harry Potter movie on …NBC I think? during the same time slot as the Oscars.

No. 1921957

God I love J.K

No. 1921958

Not sure if this is the place for this but I'm curious what other nonnies have gone through.
What's the worst thing a tranny has said to you?
I'm curious if I just have bad luck in online spaces or if its a shared experience with all women that dont bend to lick their taints.

No. 1922031

File: 1710264453878.jpeg (614.45 KB, 828x1033, IMG_2914.jpeg)

No. 1922044

I was sexually assaulted by a guy who later changed his gender identity and claimed I couldn't hold the sexual assault against him because it was transphobic to assign the actions of his "dead name" to his current being

No. 1922051

What the fuck? What ended up happening with that nonna?

No. 1922054

belittling my experiences with misogyny because I’m a white women, because everyone knows white moids are the true victims of all bigotry!
based bongland?
I’m sorry, nonna. that sounds horrible. unfortunately, it’s not the first time I’ve heard of something like this happening either

No. 1922056

I dated two bpd troons (yeah I know I should've stopped at the first one but I thought that he was the problem, not the troonism) so I can't remember all the basic insults and accusations, like being a narc, but they worst thing they did, carbon copy of each other despite not being in the same state and not knowing each other, was claiming to be asexual or some kind to sex repulsed wacky identity, assault me in my sleep, wear my underwear and then change gender, claiming that they were going through a rough period of experimenting and "finding themselves." I shit you not, I know it sounds clichey but it's 100% what happened. They got offended when I said that women don't assault people and tried to pull a reverse card on me saying that I assaulted them. The assault on my part? Kisses and hugs in random moments of the day. Apparently I was supposed to ask for permission to touch them because they were feeling dysphoric and didn't like to touch me when I wanted but they were free of fingering me in my sleep. I wish ill and infections on both of them. I went to therapy for both of them and the second one knew me when I was in therapy and after me, he chased other mentally ill girls, sure the male is showing when they target vulnerable girls.

No. 1922080

I moved away, did my best to never see him again. Didn't help most "friends" were on his side. It happened in HS, so I was too scared to go to the police/ didn't understand how that even worked. I'm better off now. No idea where that POS is.

No. 1922094

Troons share so many characteristics with other domestic abusers (narcissism, lack of respect for boundaries, gaslighting, objectifying women). I’m sorry that happened to you, nonna

No. 1922121

I mean, to be a troon means to be completely narcisstic and lacking basic empathy so this is no news. They objectify themselves by turning into their distorted view of women because that's how they see us. They never transition to a basic/normie girl, just porny caricatures or fetishism driven characters. It says a lot.

No. 1922142

>What's the worst thing a tranny has said to you?
Male autist enby said to me that male troon rapists belong in female prisons because they're "women" and therefor at risk in male prisons, and "even if they're rapists this is the way that causes the least overall harm to the least amount of people". I pointed out "cis" men could just lie about being trans and he just came back with "well cis female rapists are in female prisons too". You'll be unsurprised to hear that this guy sexually assaulted me at one point.

No. 1922154

jfc, i'm so sorry. Men are literally doing this to gaslight women. It's so exhausting.

No. 1922166

A guy (let's call him G) wrote a Facebook post threatening to cyberbully me because our mutual friend told G that I thought G was creepy. Later on G trooned out and apologized for threatening to cyberbully me, he claimed that he only did it because he was struggling with his gender identity at the time. G died in his 20s from a blood clot caused by taking estrogen and I'm not sad about it.

No. 1922177

Good for you. I feel like more older women need to be peak as well to get this snowball rolling. Men will always be men

No. 1922287

That I asked to be sexually assaulted because had I not wanted to be assaulted I could have become FtM and they wouldn't hurt me
That you could identify out of being a victim, and he was a victim for being enby
Same mf thought that the world should be like a Mizuryu Kei h-manga unironically so I guess thats where that statement stemmed from

No. 1922303

File: 1710280264454.png (593.08 KB, 1080x1154, Screenshot_20240312-214758-897…)

puberty blockers will no longer be supplied in England (although private clinics may still provide them, not sure) but still great step in the right direction

No. 1922311

I think that people already on them will continue getting their supply, but they won't be allowing new prescriptions. They called it a pause rather than a ban as well.

But yeah, definitely great for the kids who may only appreciate not being allowed to ruin their bodies in a decade or so, but I'm dreading the influx of trannies whinging about being genocided. They're going to feel very vindicated about being oppressed over this.

No. 1922783

File: 1710302903363.jpg (318.08 KB, 1080x1291, 1000016534.jpg)

Picrel, are they genuinely fucking retarded? Not asking to be condescending but out of actual concern. Imagine being chemically castrated as a child by an imcompetent doctor and some twittertards are reducing you to a statistic to prove that the people advocating to NOT deliberately harm children are actually just all worked up over nothing. That's 83 too much for anyone to be comfortable with.

No. 1922800

I don't care if it's 2, no child should be on it. God I had fucking trannies

No. 1922822

File: 1710305390859.png (64.7 KB, 897x563, hmm.png)

If it came out that someone personally sterilized 83 children in the UK, no one would be handwaving away the statistic. Plus, in the US, over 17k minors got on puberty blockers or hormones in just the span of 4 years, so it's not some niche thing that never happens anywhere. Not to mention that despite all the screaming and crying about them being genocided and how we have to be outraged 24/7, their murder rate in the UK is even lower than your average citizen at a whopping 1 per year. But that's not a moral panic, that's a real principled concern, unlike being wary of letting children self-prescribe experimental medication. (source: https://www.channel4.com/news/factcheck/factcheck-how-many-trans-people-murdered-uk)

No. 1923071

About 300 trans people are murdered globally every year. Yes, in total. And yes, that includes the whole entire world. Tell me again what thing is a "moral panic"?

But despite trans ideology being hateful and awful I still personally don't think those people deserved getting murdered, because unlike them I'm not a hateful person who thinks harm done to people is a good thing. To me 1 single child getting unnecessarily harmed by puberty blockers is too many, I strongly believe the ONLY moral number of unnecessarily hurt children is 0.

No. 1923304

the way that majority, if not all of these murders are caused by violent moids (brazil's statistic lmfaoooo) or violent altercations that just happen to kill the trans people involved, outside of altercation BEING ABOUT their transness, such as brianna ghey or nex benedict.

No. 1923314

Oh, well, isn't that great news though? Getting appropriate therapy for only 83 childred to come to accept their body isn't as challenging than it would be to do the same for hundreds or thousands. Unless they actually do mean to say that it's puberty itself that's somehow evil, and not the mental anguish over bodily changes.

I wonder how much stress over not getting pills would young teens even be over if insidiuous fuckers weren't all over social media screaming at them how they need puberty blockers and will suffer otherwise, intentionally setting them up to feel like there's no other hope.

No. 1923352

>Unless they actually do mean to say that it's puberty itself that's somehow evil, and not the mental anguish over bodily changes.
That is what they’re saying, yes. The current narrative is that the mind (with its ‘gender identity’) is normal but the body is wrong, and that trying to get these kids to accept their body as it is is conversion therapy. I’ve seen a few of them refer to their completely normal, healthy and functional sexed bodies as a birth defect. Those are the transmedicalists of course, not the tucutes who love their girldicks. Funny how loving yourself is fine for middle aged AGPs but the distressed children simply must be put on puberty blockers to stunt their physical and mental development, or else!

No. 1923365

I’ve seen plenty of run-of-the-mill adult AGPs and girldick-havers parrot this exact same rhetoric, though. Many are extremely resentful that they didn’t start HRT earlier or receive puberty blockers so that they could have lived out their pedo fantasies of “girlhood.” Of course, it’s all delusion. The pseudoscientific notion that puberty harms young twans “girls” with “feminine souls” is also a political tool for AGPs to hide behind, deflecting the image of obviously degenerate transvestite creeps like themselves. Normies are easily fooled by young and innocent youth who will totally kill themselves if they aren’t mutilated and sterilized by the trans cult. This rhetoric is fundamental to their ideology. If there aren’t “trans kids,” then adult AGPs with ROGD haven’t aksually been internally women their entire lives

No. 1923391

>Unless they actually do mean to say that it's puberty itself that's somehow evil, and not the mental anguish over bodily changes.
That is what they mean, and it's a rhetorical sleight of hand. They often steer the conversation towards, "Does a diabetic child fully understand the consequences of insulin?" or "Can a child with leukemia really consent to chemo?" as a gotcha when people point out a child cannot grasp the repercussions of puberty blockers or HRT. They are depending on the idea that puberty is a health emergency, something potentially lethal on par with fucking cancer, and that children can be trusted to self-diagnose this condition and be met with zero pushback. It's naive at best and obviously evil at worst.

No. 1923431

When I was like 10, my dad, who’s a nurse, told me horror stories about the anorexic girl patients he cared for, and he ended his story by saying “I hope you don’t ever become anorexic, Anon.” For years that fucked me up, and every time I threw up from being sick, or didn’t eat because I was anxious, I was worried that it meant I was becoming anorexic and it was only a matter of time before I was in a hospital bed with a feeding tube. I can’t imagine how much being told “No cis person questions their gender -> if you think you’re trans then you’re trans -> if you’re trans and you don’t transition ASAP you’re going to kill yourself” fucks with mentally ill teenagers.

No. 1923614

File: 1710364541023.png (3.3 MB, 2082x1519, nex.PNG)

Nex Benedict died of suicide. This is why we cannot trust the media especially when this story was initially released.

No. 1923619

I don't doubt for a single second, even without checking other places, they'll say it's because of the transphobic bullying attack (in their eyes because as far as we know that's not what happened)

No. 1923622

They released it this late on purpose so they could immortalize her in the "trans genocide" narrative first, despite the facts

No. 1923623

god imagine being the poor girls who got attacked in the bathroom, blamed for a death, getting harassed by who knows what and now it's ruled as a suicide.

No. 1923645

Huefag here, Brazil's statistics are probably 99% about tranny sex workers. They're quite numerous here and very exposed to violence since they prostitute on the side of highways. By contrast, 1.463 women were killed in Brazil in 2023 just due to the fact of them being women - in Brazil its own crime counted under "feminicide". Tell me trannies who's the most oppressed class again.

No. 1923961

File: 1710382451661.jpg (151.09 KB, 811x910, GIk8LKcWQAEtHxi.jpg)

Autopsy report

No. 1924391

Why did they censor Dagny? Everyone knows her real name lol

No. 1924501

Harvard cyberlaw tranny shared it so I grabbed it. Priorities of trannies kek. Full report will be released on the 27th.

No. 1924783

File: 1710424676470.png (361.82 KB, 603x675, trooninthedungeon.png)

Kek, I can't believe JKR liked this on twitter

No. 1924795

LMAOOOOO even before troonacy became widespread she was already based

No. 1924917

File: 1710434019096.jpeg (95.04 KB, 585x929, 77426504-ED21-44FF-94A0-19CA5C…)


No. 1924995

Kekk but why your screen so dark

No. 1925012

Most effort I’ve ever had to put into reading a screencap for a kek

No. 1925051

Ngl I’m fully on board with the Voldemort is trans theory now. He didn’t just try to get hired at a school under a new name to groom children but also hung out in a girls’ bathroom and murdered the first girl who told him to get out.

No. 1925074

Someone else took the screenshot but when I went to look for the OG post The tranny had already privated his account rip I wish they had gotten a better screen cap because it’s so funny

No. 1925090

File: 1710441983113.png (593.7 KB, 611x1149, 1710420538115183.png)

Oh, this goblin of a man is still around?
Here you go

No. 1925150

I literally won't ever understand troons and handmaidens who opt to they/them anyone who they're unsure about pronouns on, even to people who they're referring to as a third party. I've also seen someone use 'prn' in the place of a pronoun on twitter when qrting because they were afraid of misgendering the op. It just baffles me. Do they really think trannies will explode and die if referred to the "wrong" pronouns a singular time? It just displays arrogance to force everyone to modify their language to please them and projection- you have to be amazingly fragile and narcissistic to be genuinely affected by someone calling you "he" by accident. The obsession with pronouns is fucking crazy. It makes me laugh when they think "misgendering" regular people is such a gotcha, because I thought pronouns don't equal gender? And regular women don't burst into flames if some retarded tranny who can't even order food on their own calls her a "h-h-h-h-he..!". They just move on with their day thinking "wow, what a autist" instead of making a 15 tweet long vent thread crying about it to their coddling echo chamber.

No. 1925183

>Do they really think trannies will explode and die if referred to the "wrong" pronouns a singular time?
No, they fear that they themselves will be cancelled into oblivion if they make one single mistake. It’s what keeps everyone in those spaces towing the line.

No. 1925191

there's so many honestly. having a partner troon out mid relationship and saying i have to be okay with it or else i'm a bigot, being told to kill myself just for respectfully expressing disagreements, that i'm privileged to have a period and be a 'cis' woman (barf), being attacked for saying artists should learn the anatomy differences between males and females, being told i'm so 'feminine' and they wish they were me in a weird skinwalking tone…the list goes on and it's a big part of why i peaked, constantly being told i'm a bigot and all this other retarded shit when i know i'm not and 'listening to trans people' made me crave finding like minded people who don't buy into this shit or at least understand me on some level

No. 1925203

I don't even know why trannies are getting so mad at this (well I do but) what if the Unknown is "genderfluid" or he just "boymodes" sometimes, jeez isn't that a bit transphobic to assume the Unknown isn't a true and honest woman~ And a bit ableist too because of his various deformities.

No. 1925225

It's either NLOGs who need attention or a fawn response so they don't get dogpiled. I don't hold it against them. A lot of the TRAs I follow online are clearly peaking, they've all but stopped posting troon shit and posted quotes by actual women on women's day and point out how a disproportionate amount of violence is committed against women, but they post obligatory 'transwomen are women' posts every so often to keep the executioners at bay.
This is why everyone's peaking, I think. You bend over backwards and they still demand more. The more supportive you are the more they mald that they're not being oppressed and genocided, the less supportive you are the more they scream that they are being oppressed and genocided. Giving them what they want only makes them angry, refusing to interact makes them angry as well. No matter what you do, it's not enough.

No. 1925307

exactly. i really didn't like how my character was constantly questioned and attacked no matter what i did, how nice i was, how much i set aside my own comfort to pander to their bullshit, it was never enough as you said. they paint it as just wanting people to be nice, but the 'being nice' in question is total submission and blindly accepting and agreeing with everything they say, which isn't how kindness works. they seem to believe letting everyone do whatever they want (no matter how stupid or dangerous) makes you a good person automatically. and yes, even if you do that they will still find things to be mad at you about anyways. i've seen some people i know slowly getting peaked as well but a lot of them are still diehard TRAs unfortunately.

No. 1925468

File: 1710463194677.jpeg (208.66 KB, 784x2048, gr3br666uaoc1.jpeg)

Have you nonas seen JKR being called a Holocaust denier? It's so infuriating how they say she's denying the Holocaust when she's simply saying the Holocaust wasn't all about trannies.

It's especially disingenuous and ironic because I guarantee that some of these people are the same ones obsessively condemning 'zionists' aka witch-hunting random Jewish people to see which ones support Palestine and which ones don't so they can publicly crucify them like actual Nazis kek.

No. 1925479

File: 1710463573769.jpeg (181.24 KB, 499x1454, ECD48F61-2905-49F9-9478-75A226…)

>tranny voices DBD character
>didnt know character he’s voicing is a hideous disfigured creature
>trans community up in arms

I dunno I think it’s pretty fitting kek

No. 1925580

any "trans" person targeted by the nazis was targeted for being a gnc homosexual. I can't take any tranny accusations of jkr being a "holocaust denier" seriously when troons themselves are the ultimate holocaust deniers. they invent their own oppression for political gain while diminishing the true horrors of genocide by claiming they're being "genocided" every time they're called the "wrong pronouns" or a doctor refuses to chemically castrate a teenager

No. 1925581

Unfathomably based devs, oh my god

No. 1925729

> disfigured
No way! She’s a brave and stunning women, why can’t serial killer monstrosities be feminine too? Anyway, what’s they’re problem with this? Did they think their character was going to be a little anime girl running around in her panties or something? This design tracks with the rest of the games design so idgi.

No. 1925811

Wow, game developers actually being based for once!

No. 1925815

The funniest thing is that BHVR are huge trans-huggers, they've made a huge stink about addig pride-flags and making characters come out, so it's certainly unintentional. They couldn't predict that troons would look at a hulking, unhuman monstrosity in a pink top and say "IS THAT SUPPOSED TO BE A TRANSWOMAN???"

No. 1925820

File: 1710489259546.jpg (97.1 KB, 1175x658, GIe_MNmXEAAmjoI.jpg)

Turns out that is just a bonus skin, the standard look for the creature is male. Although that is kind of a troon reference on it's own kek

No. 1925843

>No, they fear that they themselves will be cancelled into oblivion if they make one single mistake.
exactly this! people don't use pronouns of of respect, they do it out of fear

No. 1925844

i've seen a lot of backlash from normies (towards trans people trying to paint themselves as holocaust victims) over this, it's so refreshing!

No. 1925848

That is really heartening to hear! The modern concept of trans was decades away in the future at that point in time. The nazis only wanted to kill crossdressing men if they were gay.

No. 1925920

Exactly. Pre-nazi Weimar Germany had something called a transvestite pass, which was a government document essentially saying that certain men were allowed to wear women’s clothing and go by a woman’s name in public. These passed were issued to both gay and straight men. When the nazis came to power they took away the transvestite passes but only sent SOME of the men to camps. Even pro-trans sources admit this. If they were killing these men for being trans (as opposed to being gay) why not kill all of them? Why were “trans lesbians” somehow considered less offensive to the nazis even though by todays standards they are the mostest opressedest kweer minority ever? What could possibly underlie this discrepancy?

I have to wonder how many of these ex pass holders shrugged, put their trousers back on and signed up to join the party to reap the benefits. It wouldn’t surprise me if most of them did, honestly.

No. 1926658

File: 1710538327508.jpg (74.09 KB, 600x589, ugly.jpg)

Got reminded of this Web 1.0 relic and damn, it looks better than 90% of actual trannies

No. 1926666

Kek haven't saw her in years

No. 1926683

Here's a nice video for you both

No. 1927042

File: 1710561313235.mp4 (3.7 MB, 634x720, tumblr_saaokylUI01zwozvl_720.m…)

Thoughts? This shit is annoying

No. 1927086

notice how his personality because so much worse since he trooned out.

No. 1927098

his voice became so pitchy and annoying ewww. also it's funny he became more aggressive as a "girl"

No. 1927171

I mean the original video is retarded and dangerous but his annoying smug voice is even worse, not surprised that an insufferable ugly moid like that would troon

No. 1927225

Didn't happen to me but I still think about when a themlet told my close friend that she was so incredibly lucky to be privileged enough to have gotten cancer that had developed far enough she had to take her entire uterus out because it means "society won't see her as a woman anymore"

No. 1927241

Old content: actual content. New content: IM TRANS!!!!!!!!!!!

No. 1928834

File: 1710695182651.png (2.66 MB, 2616x1958, Frog cow.png)

The artist who posted this is adamant that this is not about troons, but the trannies in the comments are having meltdowns about transphobia so I figured I'd post it.

No. 1928861

File: 1710697473775.jpeg (1.09 MB, 828x1530, IMG_0794.jpeg)

the girls are waking up!!

No. 1928862

lmao, it's like one that law passed of pedophiles being put to death and troons were complaining how would it harras them.

No. 1928864

File: 1710697565195.jpeg (917.9 KB, 828x1544, IMG_0795.jpeg)

of course, as soon as I interacted with that tiktok, I saw this retarded moid speaking over actual women. I hate males so much

No. 1928873

Why is everything race related? I feel like woc get used as a shield against troon criticism way too much

No. 1928877

is this the black version of the "cis straight white male ally"?

No. 1928882

moids love to bring up race to sound woke when they’re really just misogynists
he’s gay which is probably why he’s dickriding for dylan kek

No. 1928885

If they didn’t “exclude woc” they’d just be accused of “co opting WOC struggles” or some shit.

No. 1928890

Noone asked your opinion on womens justified reactions to being mocked, scrote.

No. 1929200

File: 1710713002447.png (3.84 MB, 3752x2564, troon propaganda.png)


hey nonnies i know this is a hate thread but I'm trying to do something good here. i've been reading this webtoon drawn by a TiM for a while (and it's fucking retarded but that's not the point). it has a massive audience of children and the most recent update is selling them a straight up lie about hrt. adult pornbrained agps can go kill themselves but these kids need help.

i wrote a comment and it took me a lot of effort to be nice and come off as non-confronting as possible (i even spoke negatively about being against gender ideology, called TiMs MtFs and put a heart emoji at the end FOR FUCK'S SAKE) because otherwise they won't listen to me.

if you have a webtoon account please leave a like so it gets brought up. idk if it's any use but it's worth it if at least one kid will get doubts and desist


No. 1929235

I don't have a webtoon account but your comments are well-put, nonnie. Outside of being critical of trans, they don't look like something so harsh it would shut down the thinking of a gendie zoomer and throw them into rage mode. Hope the kids see it.

No. 1929304

i was able to find your comment, but i fear it may get buried eventually so well-meaning nonnas might not be able to help. i don't want to give a more obvious clue in your stead to offset this, but i will say sorting by recent helped me personally. that said, i second >>1929235, very well-put. thank you for putting in the time to do this, you never know if it might make a difference.

glad to see this cancerous comic being brought up too. how is the name "i want to be a cute anime girl" of all things not peaking material by itself?

No. 1929306

God reading some of those comments were depressing.

No. 1929307

im this anon and nvm im an idiot who just saw the image cap. my bad. keep up the good work.

No. 1929340

What do you think causes the phenomenon of women trooning out when they're well into adulthood (late 20s or 30s and above)? I mean I can see why teens and very young adults get tricked because they're still retarded and don't know any better, but what's with educated women with already established lives, (sometimes already with a whole family of kids which doesn't make sense if she's dysphoric) suddenly deciding to get this surgery and hormones?

No. 1929344

midlife crises, internalized misogyny, plain old attention seeking, desire for oppression olympics points

No. 1929358

marriage is such a fucking scam, if i got brainwashed all my life to think marriage and having kids is the endgame of life and its all flowery and beautiful yada yada and then got hit with the reality that marriage is only good FOR MEN and that i have to spend my time cooking, cleaning skid marks out of adult and kid underwear and overall sacrificing myself for a moid i would go nuts and troon out too.

No. 1929359

older lesbians can still experience internalized homophobia. i believe grief can be part of it for some people, a few detransitioners i believe mentioned loss as part of what drove them to transition.

No. 1929363

For late 20s and early/mid 30s, it's because they're the younger millennial crowd and still grew up online or spent time in liberal spaces and still have a chance of drink the koolaid as teenagers/early 20s. 35 to pushing 40, there's social clout in being a "queer elder" and having a tragic story about how you "hid from your true self" for decades.

Yeah, I know lesbians in their 30s and they still have a lot of baggage from growing up during the conservative 90s/00s. I've read that gay men with internalized homophobia tend to troon out pretty young (16-24), but lesbians do it a lot older than that (30+).

No. 1929376

Free services maybe? It's less difficult to get hysterectomies if you're a transman and breast reductions/lifts. Personally if I knew my insurance would cover it I'd troon out too for a free breast reduction and hysterectomy with less hassle

No. 1929390

File: 1710732211988.png (256.07 KB, 464x553, socialized to feel.png)

Something i have noticed is that a lot of GC treat TIFs as men, as ironic as that sound. They are incapable of understanding they might have reasons to troon out related to being born and socialized female, like the insane beauty standars, being seen as objects for male consumption since childhood, being socialized to always be on the lookout for men trying to hurt you, being shunned for wanting the freedom men have, etc.
Their mental illess always gets dumbed down to ''they did to be gay animus like in their yaoi'' or ''they did it because they hate women''. Essentially, they are being treated as TIMs. As shallow beings who only trooned out for their selfish porn-induced fantasies and misogyny, and not because they might have any real, genuine mental illness worth of empathizing with. It's almost never seen as what it really is, self harm. They are seen as traitors, undeserving of understanding and empathy. As a GNC woman i get them, being a troon sounds miles easier than being GNC. To this day women going out unshaven is unheard of, seen as gross, while as time passes men become lazier, grosser, unkept, unbothered. Unlike GNC men GNC women don't have a community, they get mocked by both men AND women. Men shun and loathe GNC women, while women kiss the ground scrotes who wear nail polish walk on. The only way for a GNC woman to get some sort of love and understanding is by the act of trooning out.
Sorry for my rant, it just makes me angry when TIFs get treated as men.

No. 1929585

From what I've seen it's a mixed bag? I feel like most GC spaces recognize that a lot of young women latch onto it because of trauma and society's expectations put onto women. But there ARE those that straight up are trying to be just like their yaois. Denying that doesn't help. And if anything a lot of the 'traitor' mentality seems to come from other GNC women if anything else, who feel like they're now considered some sort of flavor of queer because of how GNC = trans has gotten more widespread.

No. 1929654

Yeah. Ultimately adults are responsible for their own actions unless they're being held at gun point, which societal shame or being an outcast or suffering consequences sans death/assault is not. Some are just assholes who choose to throw womens rights under the bus for popularity and are the equivalent of trad pickmes, both choose their retarded position through fear rather than actually cementing our freedom.

No. 1929664

how are these trends excluding "WOC"? some of the most common movie scenes used as examples of "female rage" on tiktok/insta are scenes played by WOC. and how is the whole thing even related to some troon's misogynistic song anyway? retarded woke scrotes should shut the fuck up more often.

hahah always with the self own. im glad the troons themselves pointed out that this comic is applicable to them.

No. 1929715

>Something i have noticed is that a lot of GC treat TIFs as men
Where? In actual GC spaces like ovarit, GC women show a lot of compassion to TIFs and absolutely do not consider them as men. On LC, the MTF and FTM threads are not for deeper discussions, yet in my experience such discussions still do happen fairly often in the FTM thread and everyone seems aware that trooning out is – for women – a self-destructive behavior and coping mechanism for internalized misogyny/homophobia, childhood trauma etc. (I’m talking about women who actually troon out here, not ‘enbies’ and he/they who are otherwise ‘average’ women – for lack of a better word – just hopping on the pronoun and genderspecial trend). The thing is, TIFs’ discourse can be extremely insulting towards women and often implies that women who do not troon out do not know what it is to struggle with beauty standards/femininity, body image, trauma, etc. which is of course completely untrue. So naturally, a lot of anons are rather defensive and sarcastic and will point out how naive/ignorant it is to believe that trooning out allows women to escape misogyny. It does not, and it’s also very selfish. I am genuinely curious as to why you think that trooning out is ‘miles easier’ than being GNC? TIFs are GNC women in the eye of the vast majority (a lot of them aren’t even GNC), and constantly being ‘misgendered’ only seems to add to their pre-existing issues. Unless you get extensive surgery and manage to look male (which is very rare and will lead to health issues), you will not be considered as a man by society, and even then, your past experiences/trauma/internalized misogyny will not magically disappear either, so trooning out is not the secret path to happiness and self-acceptance. Trooning out does give you access to a big, seemingly understanding (online) community, but disagreeing with the majority on anything leads to being cancelled and excluded as fast as you were accepted. Is it really worth it if you have to constantly walk on eggshells and ‘‘‘‘educate yourself’’’’ until you think like everyone else? I don’t think so.

No. 1929833

God this made me kek audibly

Anons will always fight this and claim that this literally never happens and ackshually GC spaces are so welcoming to TIFs but we all know the shit that goes down in places like ovarit and all the reddit clones with a GC sub where conservative mothers and hysteric polilezzies will freak out over a butch lesbian in their bathrooms because as much as they try to deny it they share the trannies' view of gender being about "expression and dynamics" instead of chromosomes and biology. People there will claim to recognize the oppression and subjugation women face and how it affects their desire to escape womanhood, then fake concern over young women being transed on yet for them the perfect cure for troonery isn't to allow women to be as they are but to abandon gender nonconformity altogether. I stopped trusting any GC community once I put two and two together considering the suspicious amount of right wing sympathizing, idealization of motherhood as the peak (and only) female experience and women posting their "glow-ups" from a mousey tomboy to a floral dress wearing tradwifes with a face full of makeup. But bring this up to them and watch them go into damage control descending post by post into admitting that yeah their feminism actually is "trans-exclusionary" and considers TIFs male adjacent, those porn addicted yaoibrain misogynists don't deserve their charity!!!.

No. 1929854

>But there ARE those that straight up are trying to be just like their yaois
That's like believing a TIM wants to be a woman because ''he has a feminine brain uwu''. It's just a cope to hide their real issues. It's funny how all the retards that claim TIFs troon out because of yaoi fail to realize that women in nerdy male spaces like anime are constantly bombarded by female degradation and sexualization. Nowadays being a nerdy girl isnt a scape from sexualization, since nowadays men have a fetish for ''smelly fujos''. Nerdy female spaces arent a safespace like they used to be, men will literally sexualize everything and in the mind of a young woman that's really suffocating.

No. 1929855

File: 1710774169346.png (267.33 KB, 601x759, terfsortinghat.png)

JKR enjoying Harry Potterf memes makes my day.

No. 1929898

Queen JKR

No. 1929914

all the reddit clones I ever found were almost exclusively populated by mgtow-tier males, please do share all those gc websites for women you're talking about, as well as lc anons and ovarit posters collectively shitting on butch lesbians and urging women to embrace gender norms and beauty standards? sounds interesting, i just hope this is not a case of conveniently claiming that any conservative under the sun is totally gc and a terf like tras do.

No. 1929934

File: 1710778511687.png (54.26 KB, 603x576, i am not like other girls i on…)

NTA but you have feminist scholars like Helen Joyce rt NLOG shit like this and putting all the blame on women trooning out on yaoi like its 1980s and she's a boomer blaming satan for her daughter not wanting to wear dresses.

No. 1929951

Haven't fanfiction communities been completely taken over by troonery? It makes sense that Joyce is analysing that. It's also fine to not be into fanfic, you're not an nlog for that wtf.

No. 1929955

Anything and everything that autistic women are into has become troon central, it's not unique to fanfic

No. 1929958

that's not what they're saying, they aren't even being NLOG, just overly smug and looking down on everyone who reads fan-fiction.

No. 1929961

kek did you only read the first sentence? also, she should have tried to talk to both tifs into fanfic and normal women into fanfic instead of talking out of her ass. Maybe if she did proper research she would know yaoi has existed for almost 5 decades and that only now women, and only western american ones, are starting to troon out.

No. 1929967

she not only calls herself an ''untypical female(lmao)'' but also calls fanfic and romance ''estrogen infused eros''

No. 1929974

GCs being so smug and patronizing towards TIFs, who are largely misguided teenage girls and young woman, really isn't helping the cause

No. 1929976

>i just hope this is not a case of conveniently claiming that any conservative under the sun is totally gc and a terf like tras do.
A broken clock is right once a day because just the other day some people on ovarit were openly agreeing with the "Don't say gay" bill because "kids shouldn't be learning about sex!" (the bill banned mentions of homosexuality) and constantly link conservative media sources without an ounce of critical thinking. You can't first be talking about how transgenderism is a new form of conversion therapy (which it is) as one of the reasons to work against it but then turn on gay people when it's convenient for you, nor can you fraternize with conservative tradcaths and be offended when people label you as one of them.

No. 1930018

Many of them dont want to listen, so it's tiresome and annoying. I am not anyone's mom and it isnt a woman's job to help these kinds of people who are massive pick mes and would throw other women under the bus to prove their 'manhood.' Invading majority women space is already a problem dealing with them and men.

No. 1930020

autistic people have ruined so much.

No. 1930036

nta but ofcourse they dont want to listen to people parroting satanic-panic tier nonsense and blaming them for self-harming. If there was a genuine GNC community TIFs could latch onto this wouldn't happen, but sadly they gotta chose between tranny communities that are going to accept them the way they are or boomer GC infested with tradthots that think they are gross for not shaving and wearing makeup.

No. 1930048

You seem upset about older women being GC feminists. Or boomers as you call them. This is the gender ideology hate thread though.

No. 1930059

because boomers are the reason we ended up with girls trooning out, they are the ones inforcing gender stereotypes.

No. 1930066

I found lolcow mid-detransition and tbh it used to be a good middle ground like you seem to be hoping for. TIFS could come for the cows or fandom threads, and get subtly influenced by the cool anons who were a lot like them but figured out their neuroses without harming their bodies. I remember reading manifestos from other detrans/GNC anons who understood why women troon out, and could pick apart the logic with a certain level of empathy that's lost on straight normie terfs who've never had dysphoria and frankly will never fully understand. the detransition and lesbian threads in particular, and reading how autistic nonas dealt with the discomfort of not "performing femininity" properly were a huge influence on me. if this site is really going to tradthot hell (not here enough to notice the trends tbh) that would be really sad

No. 1930081

Yeah, it sadly feels like we are moving into tradthot territory. The FTM thread is filled with anons calling tifs all kinds of degrading shit and refusing to acknowledge misogyny as the reason they troon out, it's sad.

No. 1930093

NTA but tradfags of the GC community are just the flip side of gender ideology believing that short hair and masculine clothing equals male so it's on topic. Different opinion, same conclusion.

Very relatable. I also found Lolcow years ago while teetering on an Aiden identity and the cool gendercrit farmers who patiently explained the holes in gender theory and its ties to misogyny made me peak. If someone dipping her toes in troonery came to this site now and saw all the anons being a repeat of all the crabs who never grew out of their high school mindset of branding insecure depressed tomboys and butch lesbians as ugly NLOGs "thinking they're better than us" who should be shamed into suppressing their internalized misogyny instead of resolving it and put on a pretty dress while posting Breitbart articles she would definitely dig her heels in even more.

No. 1930138

It sucks because the narrative for years has been that the GC community is full of tradthots who will gladly team up with the right wing even to our detriment if it means we can own the trannies, that our dislike for gender ideology comes from a reactionary place of disgust rather than principle, and that we will never accept detransitioners as one of our own beyond tokenifying them. This is usually why TIFs in particular will never even peek beyond the curtain to see what we have to say. It used to be that when they did, they'd see thoughtful, intelligent women proving all these assumptions baseless, or realize it was at the very most a loud-mouthed minority faction. Now, it feels like all those articulate women have started vanishing and being replaced with the caricature that's been used as a bludgeon against GC politics for years. Even if the likes of Matt Walsh "win" this culture war, we will be immediately disposed of because we are just a convenient tool for them to wield. The enemy of our enemy is not our friend.

No. 1930266

nta but it's already been acknowledged there. it's not mentioned as much as before because the thread has new rules that say to only focus on cows.

No. 1930352

File: 1710802105940.jpg (284.82 KB, 1077x1436, X.jpg)

No matter how a tranny dresses, if it's correct or not, it's always embarrassing. All this will do is further highlight how obvious their moid body is. There's no point to following these rules.

No. 1930565

To pretend to be young and hip.

No. 1931035

>she's a boomer blaming satan for her daughter not wanting to wear dresses.
ok so she's clearly lost the plot. i'm not saying that there aren't self-proclaimed feminists who aren't feminist at all, whether that's on the libfem side or on the gc/radfem side. but acting like any online community with a space to mock trannies, or any person mocking trannies, is representative of gc women/"terfs" is disingenuous. anons itt have to understand that virtually everyone on the planet - besides western trannies and their 'allies' - acknowledge that there are two sexes. most people are going to think that trannies are delusional, except most people aren't feminists. so of course there are a lot of people/communities branded gc simply for not believing in tra nonsense but this alone does not equal being gc/pro-women.

it's true that ovarit does not immediately ban anyone who admits to be conservative-leaning, but overall ovarit is progressive, they condemn homophobia and gender norms. gender ideology is much more homophobic and misogynistic at its core, how could a movement erasing sex and sexual orientation be better? the movement is only barely friendly to TIFs if they agree to believe in gender norms to the point of building their entire personality/appearance around it. like, to the point of butchering their own bodies, renouncing their sexual orientation, re-learning how to behave based on their "gender" etc. it is batshit crazy. and it is a vicious circle because the further tras and libfems go in this direction, the more normies are going to turn to conservatism.

No. 1931072

The women (mostly lesbians) I know who trooned out in their late 30’s and 40’s honestly seem very mentally stunted and still think and act like teenagers in many ways. It probably doesn’t help that they’re all very into various fandoms which, at least on the internet, skew very young and are dominated by “queer” shit so they want to fit in. Of course lesbians ought to fall under the LGBTBBQ+ umbrella already but we’ve all seen how that’s going. The L pretty much stands for tlansbian at this point.
They’re heading towards middle age but don’t want to become the dreaded Middle Aged White Woman so hey presto it turns out they’re not women at all! Unfortunately the communities they’re part of look down on white “afabs” who don’t commit to the part by going on T and getting mastectomies and hysterectomies so they’re often pushed in that direction even if they never had body dysphoria before. It’s very culty. They feel like they must prove their devotion to The Cause by cutting bits off themselves.
The only married mom I know who trooned out did so after her husband went full AGP, which is its own special kind of fucked up dynamic. Their kids are going to need a lot of therapy.

TIFs and wannabe tradwives are two sides of the same coin imo. I can understand how they ended up where they are and feel empathy for both while still being irritated and exasperated by their misogyny and readiness to throw the rest of us under the bus. It’s not black and white.

No. 1931158

>Of course lesbians ought to fall under the LGBTBBQ+ umbrella already but we’ve all seen how that’s going. The L pretty much stands for tlansbian at this point.
The alphabet soup really fucking hates actual lesbians in my experience. It's only accepted if you're male or bisexual ("comphet/ace lesbians" who obsess over yaoi and kpop boys). Even when I was a libfem I was quizzed over if I was "one of the good ones"/not a TERF. I almost don't blame lesbians of any age for trooning to escape it, people are more receptive to a "he/they/she nonbinary on T that's attracted to women and other nonbinaries (women)" than a boring "cis" lesbian.

No. 1931229

File: 1710862458422.png (310.92 KB, 1702x888, czz.png)

>fakeboi posts on /tttt/ about making her MtF boyfriend have PIV sex with her
>MtFs get angry and call it rape, say she's a monster, etc
So how come it's not rape when they sperg at lesbians to fuck them or else they're transphobic genital fetishists, but this is?

No. 1931231

its very obviously a moid jacking off to his nasty fantasy of ''raping'' a TIM or some shit, very low effort bait

No. 1931259

Rant: My (UK) therapist today told me that her accrediting body has signed an oath on their whole practising therapists' behalf to do gender affirming therapy. No consent was requested from the therapists under their organisation, and this is a whole organisation with tens of thousands of members. She says if anyone disagrees they can be kicked off and lose their insurance and ability to practise as a therapist. This is so fucked lol. Literal right wing ideology touted as progressive.

Religions started this repressive and regressive "invert theory" trannyshit because it's about social standing, which is also why transracial isnt the same. A homophobic family will be embarrassed to have a gay son but not embarrassed to have a straight daughter who was just mistaken as a gay son, once fixed the family will not be embarrassed by their son anymore. Transracial isn't the same because a white family may see themselves as superior for being white and would not stand to have a "lesser race" family member.

Left wing people vaguely associated trannies with "the more oppressed side" of gay liberation, not really clocking that trans people were gays forcibly fixed (conversion therapy), or gays coping with rejection in a way that would garner social approval from the circles they were once rejected from. This "fight for the most oppressed" mindset then evolved into "trans rights over all other rights!!" instead of doing research into what the gays were liberating themselves from in the first place. The result of this is gays who don't want to be transed (and campaign for other gays not to be transed) are called transphobic and get gaslit with "you not allowing people to transition is conversion therapy!!1!", and straight moids calling themselves trans lesbians are described as the most oppressed compared to actual lesbians because they have two oppressions unlike those "cis white women who are terfy."

Despite being an inherently right wing ideology, transgenderism is now pushed as the most progressive thing in the world. however most female people I've seen use transitioning to be less attractive to predatory moids (like they see it as a get out of female-jail free card despite that not working because men have still raped FTMs), and males are either narcissistic predators identifying into a poor-baby-approved label or "untouchable priest class", or are actually homosexually attracted males whose dads despise them.

Yet therapists are being ordered to encourage this or lose their job about it. Backwards as fuck. It's like the Tavistock Conversion Therapy Centre is shutting down but the freaks behind it have already targeted therapists unrelated to gender shit. She says she knows many therapists who work under the radar against gender ID and risk their jobs to discourage it. I was so relieved but I still hate they have to work under the radar to begin with. Fuuuuuuck. No wonder more kids and adults than ever are trooning out when the therapists are bound by law not to fucking help them.

No. 1931274

File: 1710868983509.jpg (183.6 KB, 1140x641, a003e5e9-dbd1-441b-8369-547afb…)

>Transracial isn't the same because a white family may see themselves as superior for being white and would not stand to have a "lesser race" family member.
Probably not white-to-other race, but the other way around (like they'd be okay with gay son to straight daughter, but not vice versa) Example: For whatever reason, a white family ends up with a biracial child. Child identifies as white, gets "race affirming" procedures. Family now has all white kids, with one who was "mistaken" for only being half white and is now "fixed".
"Transracialising" kids also wouldn't be too far from racist "we're civilizing the savages" logic ala picrel, or the "mejor la raza" mindset in some latin-american cultures. Racists would feel even more superior for "fixing" and "uplifting" other groups, erasing their features, etc.
I agree with your other points, though.

No. 1931275

>literal right wing ideology touted as progressive
I'm not sure I understand what you mean by this being right wing. It's dystopian and authoritarian, but that's never been exclusive to the right. In soviet russia Lysenko had scientists credentials revoked for subscribing to the theory of evolution.
You also call gender ideology an inherently right wing ideology, which I guess I can see since it relies regression back to very strict gender roles, but I'm still curious what exactly you mean by this. Can you elaborate?

No. 1931281

NTARYT, but yea, it’s the gender role stuff. Gender ideology falls into the same trap of thinking femininity = woman masculinity = man, except instead of it just being social roles forced onto specific sexes, now you can “opt out” and “opt into” these social roles. However, they are still very committed to keeping the social roles alive. This is clear as day in the transing of young children, innocuous things like toy preference suddenly become the basis for a transgender identity.

No. 1931437

good points, but you forget the really weird racists that are even racist against other white people they deem as “lesser.” as well as the fact that, for example, the US has a history of calling white-passing people black just because they had a family member down the line that was black. i guess it really depends on the circumstance and where you live

No. 1931503

The one comment mentioning that HRT does not reduce height got down voted, others even said HRT would make you feel "a broader range of emotions" and make your hips bigger. Your intentions were good but its not gonna get anywhere this whole page is a lost cause

No. 1931846

>once fixed the family will not be embarrassed by their son anymore
If people could actually pass as the other sex past the age of 7, sure, but they can't, and having a son that is not only gay but also gender-nonconforming is something that most religious families are ashamed of. We do hear about families (both conservative and "woke") transing their small children based on their interests alone, but we also hear about families rejecting their child's transidentification, especially conservative/homophobic ones like "Leelah"'s family.
>which is also why transracial isnt the same
But it is the same, although less nonsensical (only slightly) because people can actually be mixed race, "pass" as another race, or grow up in a culture/language different than that of their race and thus "identify" with it. A male can only ever have a male experience, even if it is one of a gender-nonconforming male.
>a white family may see themselves as superior for being white and would not stand to have a "lesser race" family member.
A white supremacist family wouldn't accept it, but a white liberal family playing into the oppression olympics would. Why are (younger) people jumping at the chance to mention that they aren't exactly straight or exactly white? To distance themselves from the boring and oppressing class, of course some people larp as a different sexual orientation or race.
>Despite being an inherently right wing ideology
>>1931281 said it very well, not every authoritarian movement is right-wing. The vast majority of religious and/or conservative countries see the TQ+ as yet another example of western deviance and decadence. I think one counter-example that's brought up often is Iran where they trans homosexual people. At the end of the day, the left in the west does promote gender norms and censorship, but in a different way than the right. They do it in a progressive, "anyone can be anything!", "nobody can reject/mock your identity/feelings" kinda way, which ends up hurting the same people - women and gay people.

No. 1932001

File: 1710916714492.jpg (368.99 KB, 1080x2580, troonfics.jpg)

No. 1932006

Why are men so aggressive when women don't want to fuck them? Also…

>Autism Fetish

Kek, how does that even work? "Oooh baby yeah, keep infodumping, don't stop."

No. 1932012

Troon writing non-fiction. Interesting how ~transphobia~ is literally arousing for them. They whine about it only to silence women.

No. 1932058

>but acting like any online community with a space to mock trannies, or any person mocking trannies, is representative of gc women/"terfs" is disingenuous.
Plenty of anons here brand well-meaning pronoun respecter normies as "TRAs" and "handmaidens" too so it goes both ways.

>it's true that ovarit does not immediately ban anyone who admits to be conservative-leaning, but overall ovarit is progressive, they condemn homophobia and gender norms.

Like said, only when it's convenient. Also not banning homophobia in their ranks but just "condemning" it (whatever that means) is accepting it.

>gender ideology is much more homophobic and misogynistic at its core, how could a movement erasing sex and sexual orientation be better?

If it wouldn't be the more appealing option, they wouldn't be a part of it, right? If there's some community telling you that you're a disgusting anomaly for not shaving and having short hair and the other one completely accepting you as you are but calls you a man it's much easier to take up the latter offer.

No. 1932098

File: 1710929120503.jpg (51.13 KB, 436x536, 1591280930235.jpg)

>If there's some community telling you that you're a disgusting anomaly for not shaving and having short hair and the other one completely accepting you as you are but calls you a man it's much easier to take up the latter offer.
Are you seriously implying Ovarit is the former? With such a black-and-white wordview, yes, I can see how some people people would rather go for for trans community hugboxes. A point well made.

No. 1932140

>I'm just writing down what the terfs believe!
>writes 20 chapters of rape and other pornsick garbage
Very thinly veiled excuse and ironically only proving us right kek.

No. 1932242

>If it wouldn't be the more appealing option, they wouldn't be a part of it, right?
Yes, but what is appealing exactly? Let's be intellectually honest here for a sec, calling sexual orientation a "genital preference" (or fetish) and forcing lesbians to accept the girldick is not less homophobic than a poster on ovarit saying that she agrees that sex and relationships should not be brought up in schools. People do not troon out because they see it as the less homophobic and misogynistic option. TRAs obviously prey on teenagers and young adults struggling with body image issues, self-hate or mental illnesses. They're not helping them to "deconstruct" what they've heard and internalized about women and homosexuality. They comfort them in their beliefs/illness (and even scare them with fake suicide and assault rates) and provide girls in particular with a way to get rid of their breasts and self-harm. That's the appeal.

No. 1932260

File: 1710943508707.png (11.84 KB, 225x225, IMG_6575.png)

I saw this on display in the horror section at a Waterstones and I was horrified that they compared the author to Shirley Jackson

No. 1932261

File: 1710943591575.jpeg (908.71 KB, 1147x1625, IMG_6574.jpeg)

No. 1932305

they sure do love the idea of women committing acts of terrorism. is the love interest a secret tranny hater and the MC a tranny? kinda seems to hint at something like that

No. 1932318

Right, bombings are totally women's crimes.

No. 1932338

Nonas, when do you think the mass public is gonna start peaking, and how do you think it'll start happening? I'm so fucking done with this world. It's like they're all brainwashed, it's disgusting and I'm losing hope everyday. My college installed gender neutral bathrooms this year and started asking everyone for their pronouns too, kek. I see an ugly tim at lunchtime and he wears those short plaid pleated anime girl skirts. Barf.

No. 1932388

Those TIFs don't hang around the worst of the worst AGP perverts slobbering on about girldick and cotton ceiling who would rather not consider TIFs people at all because a woman they can't coom to is a useless one and TIFs know it. The traditional kind of GNC woman to TIF person keeps to their own circles with fellow TIFs and have their own dramas and petty infights yet it's the only place where they're accepted as people instead of grotesque failwomen, I'm honestly convinced that most people on this website only learn about tranny community via, as someone so aptly put it, satanic panic tier fearmongering, and don't actually interact with them that much. Your average TIF will say "trans women are women" but most likely doesn't know any (or hates them in secret), sees TERFs as those hysteric conservative-leaning middle aged women with corny "adult human FEMALE!!!!" profile texts and confuse the validation they get from finally having a place filled with similar minded GNC "AFABs" sharing her experiences as "gender euphoria". How do you ever hope to reach these women if you have absolutely no idea of the mindset they have and constantly antagonize them?

No. 1932442

People are peaking, nonna. Look at the Dylan and TIM threads. It's not safe yet to call a TIM 'he', but it's OK to call him out for being a misogynistic pedophile. Most TRAs are women, so the mass peaking you're waiting for will show as a lack of support for troons, not a vocal pushback against troons.
There are other signs to look for. HP merch, swallowtail pride flags, fan art or fic of frequently transed characters as their actual gender, carrds and bios reworded to get rid of the gendie shit, more posts about how gender exploration is normal and valid even if you go back to being cis.
There's less tranny asskissing online. Even if most of the comments on a troon's post are kissing his ass, there are less comments overall, or none at all.
And the best part is that narcissistic AGP men are still lining up to get the chop. They still go out in thigh high boots and fishnet dresses. They still post about how hard it is to be attracted to infants, boo hoo. This is peaking the general public much faster than you can imagine. Your TIM and his animu schoolgirl skirts are doing us all a favor. Every normal person who sees that hulking man wearing fetish clothing around town is going to have a really good think about just how something like that can be legally allowed in a woman's bathroom.

No. 1932463

Honestly, even the newer type of fandom-y TIFs often only hang out with other fandom-y TIFs. I'm always surprised anons here don't seem to realize most of these TIFs only understand TIMs in the abstract because they've never spoken to one. TIF spaces are pretty much self-selectedly female exclusive, and they are full of nerdy women who have been socially maligned since they were children. Their only exposure to anything gencrit is seeing women transvestigate Lady Gaga and hype up Republicans. If you primarily read about TIFs through threads here, it's easy to think that all TIFs are fujos on Grindr who argue for corrective rape, cape for TIMs all day, threaten women online, and push surgeries on confused lesbians, but it just is not really an accurate reflection of reality.
I don't know if there's going to be a mass peaking in the way many anons hope there will be. Like I doubt it's going to ever be okay to go hardline anti-tranny across the board. I suspect many TIFs will continue detransitioning, a lot of young girls are going to keep making memes about how cringe their TIF phases were, and normie women are going to continue being uncomfortable with TIMs being extremely misogynistic. Most reasonable people have a sort of "I don't care what adults do, it's not my business" mentality, but when confronted with the details ("do you think a biological male with a functioning penis should be in a woman's prison," "do you think teenagers are capable of making life altering decisions when they can't even get tattoos") they push back immediately and see it as wrong. So I think the pendulum will swing back until it just becomes out of vogue and niche again. Their death grip on the cultural conversation already seems to be slipping.

No. 1932493

Also I forgot to mention, the copy of the book I looked at it said TERF, not transphobic woman.

No. 1932641

File: 1710963745839.png (584.82 KB, 744x1528, vjaV5ha.png)

No. 1932652

These books always show terfs being violent and male pattern crimes yet you look irl and terf protests are always like 15 middle aged women either sitting on benches or holding up signs outside a library.

No. 1932681

I will never understand this, most TRAs are women but troons will attack and target women first for dumb shit while completely ignoring moids who actually want to murder them. A woman could say "bio woman", not even anything targetted towards them and they will blame her for troon suicides and dox her, moids have actual FB groups where they want to murder trannies in mass and they couldn't care less.

No. 1932707

I'm not sure what you mean by "constant antagonization". Gender critical feminists (and even many conservative-leaning women) are well aware of the hodgepodge of misogyny, homophobia, porn-culture, neurodivergence, social alienation, socialization and what have you when it comes to TIFs, and certainly see them in a more sympathetic light than TIMs. You make it sound like "these girls just need to pray more and get their legs shaved" is some common take in GC discussion.

It's true that the GCs can be patronizing towards TIFs, but that's sort of inevitable when it comes to adults taking concern for troubled young people, especially when those young people are doing something as drastic as seeking surgical mutilation and extraneous hormones. What trans people do themselves is so extreme, it can't be just taken with "it's just a phase, it'll pass" like the fashion fads of the yesteryear. And while Helen Joyce's podcast on fanfic seems to have struck a nerve for some people, you can't just expect the psychologists, academics and sexologists to not look at the culture and art TIFs immerse themselves in and try to make some sense out of it, even if you think their conclusions are wrong.

I'm curious, what approach do you think GC feminists should take when trying to connect with TIFs, because trust me, you aren't the only one who has thought of "let's try understanding their mindset". But it's easier said than done when the whole trans movement is essentially a cult that has been grooming it's victims since they got hold of cellphones under age ten.

No. 1932722

>using a common jewish lastname is antisemetic
Cant make this shit up kek

No. 1932934

>You make it sound like "these girls just need to pray more and get their legs shaved" is some common take in GC discussion.
That's because it is. They might not say it as blatantly as this, but anyone can read between the lines and every now and then they let it slip.

>It's true that the GCs can be patronizing towards TIFs

I don't think the correct word is "patronizing" but precisely the mentioned "antagonizing". People in GC spaces often frame TIFs (and GNC women in general) as NLOGs thinking they're above all other women which is why they present more masculine to differentiate and to feel "more special" to justify their reactionary disgust and hatred of them. It's a tale as old as time, every woman who grew up as a tomboy can relate to being seen this way. Take a peek at the fakeboi thread in /snow/ which is basically filled to the brim with people sharing this exact mentality - the popular opinion there being that TIFs are just porn addicted nlogs who need to get over their internalized misogyny and grow back their hair, everyone trying to bring up the effect of patriarchy and the misogynist society around them gets shot down because "they should just read less yaoi". A lot of farmers upthread were practically dancing on the grave of that one 15-year old nonbinary-identifying girl who apparently killed herself after being beat up by her bullies while accusing TRAs of weaponizing her death. Children committing suicide is always a devastating tragedy, trans or not. If all of this isn't antagonizing then I don't know what is, and it's not just Lolcow either, it's a large part of the "gendercrit" scene on social media.

>I'm curious, what approach do you think GC feminists should take when trying to connect with TIFs, because trust me, you aren't the only one who has thought of "let's try understanding their mindset". But it's easier said than done when the whole trans movement is essentially a cult that has been grooming it's victims since they got hold of cellphones under age ten.

People upthread have already mentioned what peaked them personally and it wasn't screaming and shaming them for being evil gender traitors. They're women who were born and socialized as women, not barely human chimps like men are. You can reason with them by being empathetic and sharing a common ground as women. You probably won't make them detrans or desist at the snap of your fingers because years of culminated trauma isn't undone in one imageboard post but it's a long, gradual process of mutual understanding. If the endgame is to stop transing altogether then that's not going to happen, ever, the genie is out of the bottle and it's not going back. Trying to pretend otherwise is a waste of time. The only thing we can do is to work at the root of the problem i.e. female rights and the abolishing of gender stereotypes.

No. 1933246

it really bothers me particularly when trannies from privileged backgrounds think they're now at the bottom of the food chain for being trans, when it's entirely a choice. they think transphobia is the worst crime and that it should be the first thing to be highlighted when talking about "bad" things someone has done, let's say a internet microcelebrity gets exposed as a bad person, the first assumption people come with is that this person is a transphobe.

i hate seeing trannies talk about "mUh twans genocide!!!11" when you just know they're sitting in their comfortable homes, in a nice area, using the latest phone model and with a supportive family. without the super speshul trans label they would be the oppresor, and they know that, but if they knew better they wouldn't speak over actual minorities victims of discrimination… but that doesn't help them, they just have to be the ultimate victim!

homophobic, sexist, racist jokes are quirky, but when you make a transphobic one you cross the line. many trannies commit crimes, many of these crimes have directly affected actual innocent people, but respect their pronouns or you'll be as bad as them. jkr is the celebrity devil incarnate, she's funding the mass killing of trannies and other minor celebrities supporting her are sooo evil too, but let's ignore actual criminal celebrities because they haven't acknowledged sex is real yet. gay people and black women have to "check your transphobia sweetie, aren't we all the same anyway?"

all of this is nothing new, but i'm so tired. i'm a zoomer and i hate seeing so many of my peers being consumed by this stupid ideology. oh, to still be a clueless ally who thought these were pained people coming to terms with their actual selves.

No. 1933441

File: 1711020837226.png (94.33 KB, 900x869, Screenshot 2024-03-21.png)

i've seen many posts like this lately where tims admit that being trans is a fetish and even being a trans "girl" and disagreeing makes you a transmisogynist. i wonder if it's going to be the next truscum vs. tucute discourse.

No. 1933445

File: 1711022056137.mp4 (2.51 MB, 592x1280, vMUh0BW6PxqUFbvQ.mp4)

TikTok zoomers are getting sick of the tranny shit. It might finally be over soon.

No. 1933449

This and them being against Zionists and Israel is such a massive whitepill to me. I can't wait for the tables to start turning.

No. 1933457

I'm worried about them also turning on homosexuality and other ""woke issues"" though

No. 1933459

Except Alex Consani? Who the fuck is that and why?

No. 1933462

Doubt they'll go that far. The biggest concern is because they're tired of making exceptions for troons to act as crazy as possible with no consequences

No. 1933471

the ones who are already homophobic will stay homophobic, but it's just not the same with trans people who were a creepy dude one day and then wants to see you and your fellow female classmates get undressed in the girls locker room the next day. same with the awkward insecure girl who started roiding out on everyone and now has a weak pedo-stache and bad acne. the others can SEE the mental illness and they feel the direct results of it (esp. girls)

No. 1933472

File: 1711025214264.png (70.04 KB, 197x256, rr3ID6L.png)

skeletroon model that some zoomies love

No. 1933474

And that's why LGBwithoutT needs to start surfacing. I already started saying "LGB people" without including the T saying that it's not the same thing, which is to the very core.

No. 1933486

Why do they like him so much?

What are people's reactions when you say LGB instead of LGBT?

No. 1933487

File: 1711026820175.jpg (33 KB, 1280x816, GJEzmCmXMAAhb4D.jpg)

Mostly don't notice or try to not to, if they ask or try to correct me by saying shit like "Uhm it's LGBT!" I say "I'm talking about sexual orientation, being trans is not one of them and it should be clear" without going much further to the point I don't look weird for them. So far, it has worked. I'm also thinking of printing picrel stickers.

No. 1933491

I hate how there's so much misinformation that tranny propaganda spreads, especially with how men co-opt periods and compare their detrimental side effects with HRT as being the exact same thing as a woman's period. I was reminded about how just a little bit under a decade ago, I saw an article in my college's newspaper regarding trannies and how they were born in the wrong bodies and their minds were closer to the opposite sex. It's all such garbage misinformation, and it's tiring to see.

No. 1933493

That's actually great, nona! I'll be doing this from now on too. It's the least I can do, without full-on revealing how much I despise troonism and getting cancelled as a terf

No. 1933494

they already have.

No. 1933499

>The traditional kind of GNC woman to TIF person keeps to their own circles with fellow TIFs
So you agree, what is appealing to TIFs is being with like-minded people who comfort them in their beliefs. I only brought up the homophobic beliefs of the trans movement as a whole because you (or previous anon) pretended like TIFs compare and interact with both communities and have no choice but to join the TQ ranks because GC women specifically are too homophobic and misogynistic. Mind you, even the perfect GC space wouldn't be able to snap a TIF out of it because at the end of the day, it isn't therapy. Same for women dealing with anorexia or other mental illnesses. No amount of preaching self-acceptance about weight or body hair would be enough. Still, acting like the average teenage girl experiencing dysphoria seeks out or is even exposed to GC spaces before transitioning, and/or transition or do not detrans because of GC/TERFs mocking her short hair and body hair is incredibly dishonest.
>How do you ever hope to reach these women if you have absolutely no idea of the mindset they have and constantly antagonize them?
Audacious of you to say when you keep talking about GC women and spaces and then literally use the fakeboi thread as an example. It does not claim to be a GC, radfem or even feminist space, but a space to discuss "cows" (and yet there are often posts that are very understanding of TIFs e.g. >>1978183 and the surrounding discussion about Ellen Page, to use a recent example. Another example from Ovarit - supposedly calling GNC women anomalies - one of today's top posts is about why women transition and discusses how the movement prays on traumatized teenage girls and lesbians). LC as a whole is not a feminist space and anyone can post anonymously including males. I don't know if you've noticed but outside of threads that are specifically for feminism and debates, anons make fun of all women in very misogynistic ways. Fat women, older women, libfems - why are you expecting things to be different for TIFs? Do you think that other non-TIF/detrans anons are never confronted to posts that are hurtful or ""triggering"" about their own situation or appearance?
>it's not just Lolcow either, it's a large part of the "gendercrit" scene on social media.
It has not been my experience, but I understand that it has been yours. I just want to point though that TIFs can be incredibly misogynistic as well which can lead other women to be defensive or mocking in return. TIFs themselves can also spread the whole "genital preference" thing and other harmful TRAs beliefs. It's not all black or all white on either sides.

No. 1933518

It’s ironic because the notion that troons have “brains closer to the opposite sex” is blatant misinfo based on a famous study from the early 2000s (so it may be considered outdated science now) that found there were similarities between homosexuals’ brains and the opposite sex, but somehow this was extrapolated by the trans movement to claim that twannies akshually have opposite-sex brains (they don’t + most troons today are heterosexuals, like our beloved transbians). Peak transpseudoscience

No. 1933543

Nonas, I need to peak my best friend. What are some things I can tell her that could peak her? I'm thinking of making a list before actually talking to her about it because I'm that person who always blanks in the middle of a conversation and only remembers what I should have actually said hours, or even days later and feel stupid.

No. 1933559

Is this subject coming up a lot in your conversations with her? Cause if she’s not bringing it up at all it’s better to leave it alone. If all she did was use she/they pronounce it honestly could be more about fitting in than genuinely believing in it.

No. 1933564

Not really, but I'm tired of keeping it to myself, because we usually talk to each other about everything and anything. So it feels like I'm deceiving her as crazy as that sounds. She likes Harry Potter so sometimes JKR comes up in our conversations, and I want to say that maybe JKR isn't as bad as people make her out to be but I just bite my tongue.

No. 1933567

Ah, you're using lolcow farms as a blueprint for gender crit discussion. That explains some things.

This is not a feminist site, even if we have some feminist discussion on the side. It's a gossip site dedicated to gawking at people (most of the time women) willfully exposing themselves online. You are not going to get comments up to sensitivity standards. To make this place a fully feminist site you'd have to purge most of the boards here, which ultimately destroys the purpose of the site. Unless you are ok with all the other women being torn down, and think it's just TIFs that should be a "protected class" shielded from criticism, and other troubled women, such as the pro-ana subculture, are a fair game.

And I still think that the idea that the most GC feminists just want to force TIFs into dresses and make them go to church smacks of some "fuck you mom, you'll never understand me, no one understands me but my friends!" way of thinking. Many gender criticals are older women who can very well imagine the damage they could have done to themselves had the trans movement been around in their youth, and most TIFs are young women who think they're the first women ever (as young people always do) to think they don't fit in, who are suffocated by what society expects of women, who wish they could have what boys have, or what they imagine boys to have.

No. 1933624

File: 1711035624264.png (240.42 KB, 597x713, jkrvsincelnews.png)

JK Rowling is now suing an ex super-fan turned deranged TRA for spreading lies about her, her daughter and an unrelated young mother. His twitter handle is Wizardingnews and his real name is Jeff Guillaume.
Has this been discussed elsewhere on the site? There must be milk on this crazy moid.

No. 1933640

I hope she sues his ass and gets even more richer, even if that means getting 2 pennies and a receipt out of his pocket. TRAs have it coming and in front of judges it's not like they can say that this is an act of transphobia. Enough.

No. 1933642

Just bring up things only woman can biologically do. Bring up men invading women's sports and trying to fake periods. Why do men feel the need to pretend they are women? Are women not women suddenly for liking 'masculine' hobbies like cars and baseball? It's all sexism at the end of the day. JKR did nothing wrong

No. 1933643

kek even his family name is a male first name.

No. 1933645

I hope she gets to make this lawsuit work and make it public. Spreading lies and false information is the only thing these insane TRAs can do at this point. fuck em

No. 1933672

File: 1711037120607.png (80.05 KB, 700x679, beside myself after accidental…)

Did you not read all the posts talking about other GC communities like ovarit, radblr and various other social media sites being the same?

>Many gender criticals are older women who can very well imagine the damage they could have done to themselves had the trans movement been around in their youth

Yes, I've seen them. They're the kind who post about how "they were a tomboy but they grew out of it and now they love being a mommy to their precious beautiful god blessed children". The kind of unironical conservative boomer satanic panic behavior in picrel is why nobody takes GC spaces seriously, we all hate trannies here but I wouldn't have a full on documented mental breakdown on an internet forum obsessing over some TIM inside my head like this because I'm not a mentally ill person. People like this make me feel so much second hand embarrassment but also anger because GC spaces are filled with them.

No. 1933696

File: 1711038117798.jpg (111.38 KB, 828x1262, GJJLx28XQAAwz8M.jpg)

The moid in question.

No. 1933722

You have such an absurdly black-and-white view on things. You act like the average women concerned over trans ideology are all consevative stepford wives for having the audacity to have normie shit like "families", followed by "why do I get treated like a misogynist NLOG by these bangmaid tradthot pickme cock-worhipping walking wombs?"

You say you want GC feminists to approach TIFs with sympathy and understanding. WHAT is the right way of doing this? Wanting to understand TIFs, while not expressing enough self-contempt over shit like "having kids", is clearly the wrong way to do it.

What. do. you. want. them. to. do?(infighting/learn2integrate)

No. 1933756

All forms of troonism are rooted in misogyny. Men see women as objects, or want to live on easy mode like 4chan says we do, so they troon. Men want to live their fetish of forcing lesbians into fucking them, so they troon. Women want to escape from sexism and all the baggage and expectations that come with being female, so they troon. Neither group sees women as people. TIFs'll sic their Timmies on the ebil bitches who don't want to be raped in changing rooms but won't dare say a word against the men who openly admit to trawling Grindr for TIFs to gangrape. The more violent TIFs are towards women, the more they see themselves as men, and therefore human.
It's misogyny all the way down.

No. 1933761

If you want people to be more understanding you might want to turn down the contempt you have for older women who do mundane shit like having kids. Just a thought.

No. 1933774

These mofos always hide in dev. Always. Men want to the most power and control, and they know controlling the media and being a weeb dev is where to go.

No. 1933808

He is giving me Mark David Chapman vibes. Chapman was obsessed with the Beatles until he became religious and Lennon said something that he didn't like. He also believed he would take over Lennon's fame by murdering him.
Guillaume is obviously unhinged, became famous because of Rowling's work and was obsessed with it until he joined the modern troon religion and she said something he didn't like. Now he is obsessed with ruining her instead.
I do hope she sues the shit out of him, it sounds like she is preparing to do so. >>1933624

No. 1933830

Nta but she's clearly talking about Christian conservative women who have regressive ideas about women and treat gender nonconformity as a childish phase, not just women who have children. Many TIFs are told they shouldn't troon out on the basis of their fertility and desirability, which is obviously not going to be persuasive to women who are trying to escape the social straitjacket that tells them their value is dependent on being mothers and wives. These types of women do exist and do nominally align themselves with the broader gender critical movement.

No. 1933842

reminds me of another celebrity stalker, he was obsessed with this actress, but decided to kill her when she took some raunchy role in some comedy film, he felt she had dishonored herself and it was his responsibility to kill her.

No. 1933849

It was Rebecca Schaeffer
>Bardo obtained her home address via a detective agency, which in turn tracked it via California Department of Motor Vehicles records. On July 18, 1989, Bardo confronted Schaeffer at her home, angry that she had appeared in a sex scene in the film Scenes from the Class Struggle in Beverly Hills; in his eyes, she had "lost her innocence" and become "another Hollywood whore
>Bardo shot her in the chest. Bardo was later spotted in Tucson wandering around aimlessly in traffic, leading to his arrest.[8]

No. 1933861

why do tims actively seek and interact with people who they label as terfs? i don’t see myself or other women of color go to stormfront to argue with nazis kek. and tims genuinely believe that jk rowling is one, right, so why not avoid her and her content? what is it about tims that make them unable to just ignore people like jk and move on with their day? is it necause they’ve never been told no in their entire life? or do they genuinely believe that spewing sexist agp incel rhetoric under her tweets is some kind of form of activism and that they’ll make a change? or are they simply mentally ill retards?

No. 1933864

It's moid rage. Generally when a woman hates a man she avoids him, when a man hates a woman he obsesses aggressively over her.

No. 1933869

Men see women as support humans; a woman's role is to prop up men and cheer them on. When women don't fulfil that role, they get confused and disappointed. Eventually the confusion and disappointment channels into rage, and men are very bad at handling their emotions in a constructive manner so they act out.

No. 1933879

They do it to "punish" her and put her in her place, like misogynistic men usually do when they're angry. Even though trannies are deluded about many things, I doubt they sincerely see this harassment as a form of activism, I think they're calculated and just pretend to be righteous.

No. 1934247

File: 1711064290842.jpeg (96.66 KB, 1170x441, IMG_2671.jpeg)

There’s a post on one the lesbian subreddits basically complaining about transphobia and jokester left this comment

Yeah just make a subreddit for terfs lol. Side note I love how any small lesbian community starts off as very transphobic, super based of lesbians

No. 1934680

File: 1711098297634.png (667.71 KB, 405x619, 863.png)

I tried discussing "transwomen are women" talking point with ChatGPT for shits and giggles and it's hilariously given a script to suck tranny cock as much as it can (absolute acceptance of gender identity over reality), and I constantly get warnings for possibly harming usage policies lmao. Even if I try to break it down into talking points it looks like picrel meme.
>women deserve to be safe in their paces
>men might attack women in vulnerable female spaces
>yes, it happens
>men have penises
>transwomen have penises
>most often, yes
>"people with penises" shouldn't be in women's spaces
>Safety concerns in public spaces, including changing rooms, are important to address. It's crucial to ensure that everyone feels safe and comfortable in these environments.However, it's also essential to recognize that transgender women are women and have the right to access facilities that align with their gender identity. Barring transgender women from using female spaces can expose them to harassment, discrimination, and even violence.

No. 1934688

that sounds kinda hilarious.

No. 1934689

>Barring transgender women from using female spaces can expose them to harassment, discrimination, and even violence.
And who is that supposed "harassment, discrimination, and even violence" coming from? Is it… penised individuals? Because those are more violent?
Imagine getting somehow sneakily getting chatGPT to peak, that would be funny

No. 1934757

File: 1711108716527.jpg (103.02 KB, 933x952, Eacz1rPXgAAS04S.jpg)

>go make another sub

No. 1934784

You can't get it to peak because it does not think for itself. Its only skill is stringing words together that parse to humans, it doesn't even know the meaning of the word it will say next after the last. It only knows what words might fit together in a cohesive sentence. It is just a language model, not intelligence in any way.

No. 1934796

LOL i'm gonna try that thanks nona

No. 1934800

>She's clearly talking about Christian conservative women who have regressive ideas about women and treat gender nonconformity as a childish phase
So she's not talking about GC women then? Or do you consider porn-addicted male trannies to be feminists just because TRAs claim they are?
>Many TIFs are told they shouldn't troon out on the basis of their fertility and desirability
Not even gonna reply about the claim that GC women are worried about teenage girls being less "desirable" by trooning out, but regarding fertility - the point is that this movement has for consequence the sterilization of gay people primarily (not only girls btw) before they can even consent to it. If you don't think that's an issue that's fine I guess, but don't misrepresent people's concern.

No. 1934805

I worry about this too, and it doesn’t help that all the LGB people I know are publicly very pro-trans and anti-terf. I need to go online to remind myself that sane LGB people exist.

I do the same thing, and generally saying “I’m talking about sexual orientation and not gender, many trans people are straight” keeps people from freaking out at me. It has the added bonus of confusing people who think of all trans people as Extra Gay because even the TRA-approved answer (that some gay men are “straight women” and some straight men are “lesbians”) can help peak people who’ve never even considered that transwomen could be attracted to women. The very existence of transbians shatters what they thought they knew about transgenderism and it’s very satisfying to see it happen in real time.

No. 1934910

update, I tried to debate with it and kept asking to provide studies but it's always "further research is needed to understand this complex and multifaceted human experience" oh my god FUCK OFF
I pointed out the similarities in TRA's and pedophiles rhetoric regarding the ability of children to consent and it told me "not to conflate these two topics because it's harmful and promotes discrimination". and also "while there are some similarities, we should approach these two topics carefully and with consideration of social, cultural and environmental factors" lmao ok

No. 1934921

File: 1711121885164.png (16.3 KB, 598x221, 89572309853208.PNG)

That's basically the current day GC community for you. I don't know why anons are so prepared to die on the hill of denying it, nowadays everyone who openly identifies as "gendercrit" on social media always blames lesbians for "enabling trannies" and homosexuality and gender-nonconformity in general for being a perversion and a slippery slope to further degeneracy and pedophilia. Every time you check the replies for some flavor of this "unpopular opinion but imma just say it trannies are mentally ill" there's a ton of actual white supremacists defending them.

No. 1935081

I'm a bit torn on this - on the one hand I do understand that sterilization of gay and autistic people is a major human rights violation that echos eugenics movements of old, but on the other hand I think the focus on fertility alienates a lot of people who might otherwise agree with GC views. If a GNC woman who doesn't want kids hears people talking about the importance of preserving fertility, that's going to prompt a knee-jerk negative reaction even if the speaker isn't a conservative who thinks women all need to be feminine and be mothers.

Personally, as the sort of woman who probably would have trooned if I'd been born a few years later, hearing about general health consequences like painful vaginal atrophy and incontinence was more effective in convincing me that these treatments are quack medicine.

No. 1935109

>hearing about general health consequences like painful vaginal atrophy and incontinence was more effective in convincing me that these treatments are quack medicine.
Nta and I agree, but this got me thinking that we could try a more holistic approach when discussing fertility, because it isn't just about the ability to have kids. The health of your reproductive system is connected to your general wellbeing, like for example a woman losing her period for no reason usually means there's something wrong that should be addressed if it persists. I think it comes down to figthing the general TRA retardation of seeing ourselves as collections of random body parts that can be cut up and modified without any real consequences.

No. 1935120

As a women who was sure that I didn't want kids in my teens and then changed my mind in my late twenties I wish that the discussion on fertility could be more nuanced and not drenched in conservative Christian rhetoric. I lot of women don't want kids and will never change their mind, but some of us actually do and it is nice to have a choice.

No. 1935152

It's kind of gross to me how obsessed a lot of the online spaces are with saying Nex's very unfortunate death is a conspiracy somehow. It's not like they genuinely care about all the bullied kids around the world who became suicidal. Not to mention we already know Nex had a troubled homelife, which if anything is worse then some bullying at school. Not to mention we don't KNOW if Nex was even particularly badly bullied. I just wish people showed actual compassion instead of using the tragedy as some sort of political pawn.

No. 1935187

File: 1711134127430.jpg (Spoiler Image,188.41 KB, 988x873, neverhappens.jpg)

>tHiS NeVER hAppENS! TERfs aRe trying tO sCarE YOu!!!111!!

No. 1935193

It's gross how a lot of the more conservative sides laugh off her death or don't want any sort of consequences being issued. I'm not a fan of gender snowflakes either but this was a child who died, and whether you think it was a suicide or due to brain injury it should've never happened

No. 1935206

Being GC =/= being a radical feminist, and these conservative women do absolutely call themselves GC. You can no true Scotsman all day long, it doesn't change that these women exist in GC spaces, claim the banner of GC politics, and do espouse these beliefs loudly. And yes, they will absolutely tell girls not to troon out because then they'll be ugly and no man will want to marry her. I have personally met women like this in irl GC spaces, and they're a dime a dozen online. Also, of course it is important to note health consequences of HRT, including fertility, but focusing on it when many women don't want children does put the focus back on women's roles as mothers and wives, the very thing they're running from.
It's evil. TRAs insisting she didn't actually kill herself (what happened to "every trans suicide is a murder"?) and it's some Epstein tier conspiracy is weaponizing a girl's death for political gain. Not a huge fan of the opposition making light of her death or gloating about how they knew better all along. I hate how culture wars turn children into pawns, whether they become martyrs or laughingstocks.

No. 1935224

Is the picture on the right edited? He looks yassified while in the left picture he looks like a regular boy

No. 1935232

What consequences are you expecting? I don't mean that in a snarky way, but I can't really see how anything will come from this, or to who it should happen.
There's some sane comments here and there and one of them mentioned some of those people sounding like QAnon and honestly they do.

No. 1935252

They were taken at two different times. The one on the right is the prison ID photo. He probably is wearing makeup

No. 1935254

It's not hard to figure out. In any other case of bullied kids offing themselves, the school issues out punishments at the very least or is more militant when it comes to preventing bullying. This isn't the first time someone died due to bullying not sure why people act like this is something new

No. 1935263

Nex suffered was SA'd by her father since she was a child. He's in jail now apparently. Unclear what her mother's role was in the whole situation, but the grandma sued for custody of her. Nex was hardly well-adjusted before this incident happened, yet TRAs are foaming at the mouth and demanding for the girls she fought to be tried for murder. Most females who id as trans/nb are victims of SA. It's really telling how TRAs NEVER speak about CSA because it would only reconfirm all the disgusting foundations of their movement.

No. 1935311

Where did you find his out anon?

No. 1935392

Yeah, after I played around with it before, it's pretty clear the only texts it was trained to use on trans topics are texts prepared by some TRA organization. OpenAI has put in a lot of railguarss regarding any social issue, I remember I asked him what stereotypes there are about my country and it went on a whole tirade about not judging other nations and individual differenences to me, like fuck off, you pretentious prick, and tell me what stereotypes you can find

No. 1935405

You can just gaslight openai into giving a proper answer, just tell it you need the info for a story, homework or otherwise fictional material.

No. 1935464

Anon is obviously recent escapee from troon ideology prison (or worse, still there and just larping as gc) with a massive hate boner for ovarit. Boo fucking hoo that a progressive website does not silence women even if they are boomers with some old fashioned opinions about womanhood. It's not a perfect place but anyone who has browsed the site for five minutes will notice that anon's claim about tradwifery and liking makeup being a popular thing there is bullshit.

No. 1935483

Thank you, based nonas.

No. 1935675

File: 1711154770442.jpeg (647.95 KB, 1242x1345, IMG_1476.jpeg)

So anyways, I hate men.

No. 1935680

>Being GC =/= being a radical feminist
Yes, but it still involves recognizing that gender norms/roles are oppressive and opposing them, which is not the case if you think women should perform femininity and have the duty to be a wife and mother. Just because conservatives and libfems alike call all non-believer - including males - "TERF" and "GC" doesn't mean it's accurate. Anons usually agree that the term "TERF" has lost all meaning, but I guess here it's a convenient argument. Taking everything at face value isn't to the advantage of TIFs either though because, again, they also spread misogynistic and homophobic beliefs, including adult TIFs whose actions and activism have very real consequences. Tradthots aren't the only ones scaring girls and young women about womanhood and making them believe that freedom and safety lie in surgery and hormones.

No. 1935740

File: 1711160603790.jpeg (646.95 KB, 828x1061, IMG_0842.jpeg)

Genuinely thought this might be satire but no. Just a failmale troon telling on himself kek

No. 1935819

I hate fail male troons so much it’s unreal. Especially when they’re just nerdy white guys. Literally the worst combination of male.

No. 1935832

File: 1711172570888.jpg (354.17 KB, 828x731, 1678704209110531.jpg)

>tfw have a thing for nerdy guys
>nowadays they are all pornsick

No. 1935834

Your icon is showing, anon. You can't delete your post now but you should probably change your profile pic. If that's you, you're really pretty, BTW.

No. 1935845

i'm in the same boat as you, nona. it's so over.

nta but this video is from twitter and was posted by a tra, of course with a caption that moaned about the comments. i know this because i gleefully downloaded the video too to post it here when i saw it on my tl but the nona you replied to had already beaten me to it kek.

No. 1936034

When people discuss steroid use in women, they make sure to discuss long term effects.
When people discuss testosterone use in TIFs, they say everything is reversible.
Makes you think.

No. 1936041

I have hope, not that people realize their fault but that this whole thing will crash and burn.

No. 1936044

Based picture
The mento illness luv already spread all over the world and changed normies into complacent people and entire governments now accept trannies into the mainstream, thanks america

No. 1936050

File: 1711198534860.png (117.44 KB, 519x777, gender is fashion.png)

Transing your gender is a valid decision, just like getting a regrettable haircut or a shitty tattoo!

No. 1936054

something something crack and black communities something something nerds and estrogen
you're not alone nonny… i feel your pain. i will get crucified for saying this but some of these guys are actually kinda cute - could be, if they weren't coombrained degenerates Т_Т
nothing yummy about rotdogs and rotpockets. ew(T_T)

No. 1936084

people who unironically believe this are incapable of long-term thinking and understanding consequences. they become so enamored with the lie that transitioning will solve all their problems and take away their unhappiness that they never stop to think about all the new problems they will be unnecessarily creating for themselves (and the people around them) by pursuing something that they can never be

No. 1936172

Sometimes not only pornsick, but also fucked up beyond repair because of ideological views.
It's so over for the nerdy/slightly bishounen enjoyers.

No. 1936178

Who wants to have an intact endocrine system and fertility anyways amirite

No. 1936197

Doesn't this directly conflict with trans being your true self? with trans being a non-choice? doesn't this mean trans surgeries and hormones are cosmetic and shouldn't be funded? shouldn't that have many more ethical concerns then over health effects? what does it even mean to be trans then? is it a declaration? a external perception? an aesthetic? this is all off the top of my head lol

No. 1936301

This discourse is basically the Spiderman pointing meme (gay TIMs calling sissy AGPs creeps when both are woman-identified men) but I do wonder where it'll go. The queer/trans community worships the ground TIMs walk on, so its a matter of what "kind" will win.

No. 1936310

>Doesn't this directly conflict with trans being your true self? with trans being a non-choice?
Yes and yes. Everything they ever say contradicts itself but they're groomed into never questioning it. You can literally be like "a boy who likes pink is so clearly a sign that it's actually trans girl, right?" and they'll be like "yes totally!" and you go on "oh but of course liking certain colors have absolutely nothing to do with being trans at all" and they'll still be like "omg yes so true!!!". They do not think or reflect on it at all. It's quite amazing. You can make these poor people believe in anything as long as you call it trans.

No. 1936362

Your description of TiF friend groups is accurate, but there is a caveat. 'socially awkward fandom TiF' and 'AGP apologist' aren't always mutually exclusive. Some will date them, befriend them and pretty much be loyal handmaidens. Even if they do not interact, they will attack women for being uncomfortable, albeit in less disgusting ways than insane Grindr cowish TiFs. I've been around tons of fandom-y TiFs for the better part of a decade and i've noticed they have decent knowledge of GC points. They are terminally online, after all. They might even voice radfem-y opinions but all of that melts away when they have to self-reflect or examine their TiM buddies with a critical eye. I don't think we should antagonize them, especially if they are young but idealizing them and assuming they're all clueless isn't the way.

No. 1936363

Haha, based. I'm hoping so bad the trans delusion will end with younger gen z and gen alpha kids tbh

No. 1936367

The patching up of the flag feels proper. Now we just need to only do rainbow flag. T is not an orientation, it is a mental illness. It should always be, and only be LGB.

No. 1936397

love this flag, hope it makes it big

No. 1936631

File: 1711231374170.jpeg (167.16 KB, 1000x1000, IMG_4753.jpeg)

Why is it socially acceptable for trannies to wear whatever they want in public?

There's this tranny who goes to my gym wearing something like picrel, except he's a wide-bodied 6'2" hunk with linebacker shoulders so it doesn't even fit properly and is stretched within an inch of its life. It's stretched so much that it's almost see-through, and his dick print, ugly pointy nipples, and hairy buttcrack all show through. Plus all the sweat that gets on it and doesn't dry. He looks disgusting and everyone keeps reporting him for being inappropriate yet management won't kick him out for fear of being "transphobic", even releasing a statement online that the gym is a "welcoming space for all genders". Yet if a women dressed even remotely like this, she'd be mocked and harassed and would be kicked out immediately, even if it fit properly.

Why do trannies get special privileges?!??! I'm about to lose it reeeee, it takes every fiber of my being to not record him and post it to TikTok to "name and shame". If I didn't pay $600 for my yearly membership upfront, I would've stopped going already.

At least he's a great weight loss aid. One look at him and I lose my appetite for the rest of the day.

No. 1936643

Jesus christ can you imagine working out in a latex suit? the fucking sweat rash… and there are gyms that don't let women wear a sports bra

No. 1936757

>nowadays everyone who openly identifies as "gendercrit" on social media always blames lesbians
KEK once again women get used as scapegoats for men's behaviour, just this time it's women considered lower on the social ladder. We all know pink haired lesbians make the rules and set laws, if it weren't for them male predators wouldn't exist!!1! Actual retardation.

No. 1936772

Not enouggh people renounce sissy cds as annoying ugly sex pests unfortunately

No. 1937105

File: 1711275302994.jpeg (173.19 KB, 736x1057, 6211BAA3-3864-4666-A33E-7E84DE…)

worst type of TIF

No. 1937110

>wait, real life isn’t like in my yaois?

No. 1937116

you are obsessed

No. 1937136

>Obviously female woman with haggard T face, mascara'd pubestache and no tits swaggers into a public space wearing an unwashed button-up with rainbow flag print and 20 special needs lanyards
>Everyone desperately tries not to make eye contact with the personification of mental illness
>Nobody wants to go near this thing and every interaction is deeply uncomfortable for all parties involved, because she looks and acts like a retard who ate her handler
>Has never been in a competitive or war-like circumstance in her life, immediately assumes that's the only 2 times men are able to be friends, doesn't pick up on the fact that everyone's on edge around her specifically and this affects how they act towards her specifically

No. 1937144

There is camaraderie between men, she's either not seen as a man or seen as the wrong type of man. It's most likely the first one. Most TIFs can be instantly clocked. Even if she is one of those gymbro types, she's probably around 5'2, so men look down on her. But I doubt she is one of those types, sounds like she was a gender conforming woman if she thinks there is camaraderie between women. Being a gnc woman, both men and women treat you worse. Now she's experiencing life as a gnc woman but she's deluded herself into thinking she's experiencing life as a man. Because people don't like her, and she thinks she's a man, that must mean that no one likes men! The alternative is realizing that men have no problems socializing with other men. Which could totally shatter her worldview.

I also find it funny how there are so many posts like this by TIFs but I've never seen a TIM write something like this about women.

No. 1937161

File: 1711281867678.png (61.54 KB, 646x795, sunken cost fallacy is NOT REA…)

It's ebil to say that HRT doesn't work, you need to take it for a decade to get fat enough to pretend it makes any real difference

No. 1937165

File: 1711282130955.png (34.79 KB, 655x440, TIM on TIM violence.png)

Some more gems from this TIM's blog. Not all troons are pedos in public, some of them are pedos in private.

No. 1937168

File: 1711282401035.png (39.71 KB, 645x429, TIMs and some women are people…)

No. 1937186

Watched a reaction video by an older guy (old enough to not be deep into woke culture) talking about the song of an unknown enby artist and he kept struggling to remember to refer to the guy as a "they" instead of "he" while the live chat kept urging him to call him "they" and it just made me cackle: Forcing someone to call you "they" does NOT change one's perception of you! People are so stupid and vapid.

No. 1937256

Spot on. Even her current belief in 'no camaraderie between men outside of war' betrays her gender conformity and egotism. Men will readily display camaraderie in the right context (like male work environments), and she would know that if she had been in manual/'masculine' jobs (which is something that GNC straight women and lesbians are more familiar with).
>I've never seen a TIM write something like this about women.
Oh yes. I've seen TiMs try this but it's very formulaic and reliant ln buzzwords, as if they hadn't put much thought in imagining what it's like to grow up female. Or it's just a device to validate their true and honest feminine socialization

No. 1937297

How come this thread is allowed in ot when others were moved to 2X? Is it because lc has peaked even more and is less afraid of troons attacking the thread or something?

No. 1937302

>Forcing someone to call you "they" does NOT change one's perception of you!
Right and parents keep saying the same! Their kids come home from school and say "this girl goes by he/him", "Tiffany in my class is actually a boy". They still know the truth.

No. 1937321

One time I got kicked out of a Discord because a TIF came in and asked for recommendations for “masc” clothing and I said “Clothing has no gender, you should wear whatever you like c:” Apparently using their own logic is transphobic when it suits them.

No. 1937391

This bothers the shit out of me. My TIF friends always let slip their weirdly gender typical view of clothes and mannerism, despite my attempts to share my own issues with being considered "GNC" for the crime of not being hyperfemme and having some "boy" interests. It's just so retarded, I wish so badly people could look beyond stereotypes and just chill out when it comes to categorizing shit as "masc" or "femme". Not to mention women aren't inherently feminine and men aren't inherently masculine, but they'll nod along with that statement and then act like they can only wear certain fashions if they emphasize how it's part of them being enbies or men now. It's honestly just blatantly insulting since these girls are more feminine than me, if we want to play that game, so what are they saying about me? Do they not see me as a woman?

No. 1937491

File: 1711302069223.png (290.27 KB, 2374x771, male_selfreflection.png)

cap from the MTF thread, as I think it fits this thread better. I don't usually buy into bioessentialism/evolutionary behavior theory like this, but anon makes a compelling argument

No. 1937592

Reads like a radfem schizo armchair blackpill who is either detrans and depre